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J"' ; 


iyommencemenl Oxerclses 






sduaaramjle, (^oileae Jrark 

Saturday, June Fifth - Nineteen Fifty-Four 




Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never rust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust, 
Remember Howard's warlike thrust. 
And all thy slumb'rers with the just, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 

J\ ^^■■^- I hear the distant thunder hum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 
The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Come to thine own heroic throng. 
That stalks with Liberty along. 
And ring thy dauntless plogan song, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 


say can you see, — by the dawn's early light. 
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight, 
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, 
Gave proof thro' the night — that our flag was still there. 
O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 


Candidates for bachelor's degrees are eligible for honors if they have completed 
at least two years of resident work with a scholastic average of B or higher. The 
candidates must also rank in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respec- 
tive colleges. First honors are awarded to the upper tenth of those in each college 
if they qualify and second honors are awarded to the second tenth of those in each 
college if they qualify. The names of students are listed in order of their rank in the 
graduating class. 


The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic 
procession are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the 
scholar since medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesia- 
stical dress since many of the scholars of that period were members of monastic 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes 
which has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the 
United States. Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — 
has its own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its 
long pointed sleeve. The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve extend- 
ing below the knee; the arm is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the 
doctor's gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening 
of this gown is faced with wide velvet bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a 
color indicating the general field of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for 
philosophy, green for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood 
which passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest 
of the hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. 
The color of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. The colors of the silk 
lining exposed in the center of the hood are those of the college or university which 
conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may 
be either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap 
may be gold. 

Certaiij institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of 
distinctive color and design. 

^^mt4K€Hce«9ie*tt 'Pto^n^UK f954 

PPwOCESSIONAL — "Coronation March" from La Propheta Meyerbeer 

United States Air Force Ceremonial Band 
Chief Warrant Officer Lewis L. Anderson, 


Singing lead by Professor Harlan Randall 

INVOCATION Reverend Nathanisl Acton, 

St. Andrew's Church, College Park, Mai-yland 

GREETINGS His Excellency, Theodore R. McKeldin, 

Governor of Maryland 

"PACE PACE MIO DIO" from La Forza del Destino Verdi 

Lee Meredith, Soprano 
Glenn Carow, Organist 

"WHAT PRICE PEACE" Lieutenant General Emmitt O'Donnell, 

Deputy Chief of Staff, Personnel 
Headquarters United States Air Force 



Acting President T. B. Symons 

"I BELIEVE" Drake 

Lee Meredith, Soprano 
Glenn Carow, Organist 

FORCE R.O.T.C Colonel Joseph R. Ambrose 

BENEDICTION Dr. Lester A. Welliver, 

President, Theological Seminary, Westminster, Maryland 

RECESSIONAI^"Grand March" from Aidn Verdi 

United States Air Force Ceremonial Band 

After the exercises, the audience will please remain in place until the 
academic procession has marched out. 



Doctor of Laws 

Doctor of Agriculture 

Doctor of Military Science 

Doctor of Laws 




OSCAR FAY GRIMES, Anne Arundel County 


ALBERT O'NEAL, Allegany County 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Ronald Bamford 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Jack Carlisle Barnes Maryland 

Bruce Franklin Beacher Pennsylvania 

Alfred W. Becker Maryland 

Alden Beecher Bestul D. C. 

Nicholas Charles Bolgiano Maryland 

Marlyn Homer Bortner Pennsylvania 

Leonard S. Brahen Maryland 

Richard Edward Brown Maryland 

Richard James Burke Maryland 

David Jerome Burns Maryland 

Boyd Balford Gary, Jr Maryland 

Merton A. Christensen Maryland 

Howard Garmany Clark Alabama 

Lewis Jesse Clark D. C, 

Frederick Cunliffe Florida 

Frederick Harold Dale Maryland 

Eitel Wolf Dobert Maryland 

Francis Anthony Dolle Maryland 

Mohamed Hilmy Zein El-Abedin El-Gibaly 


Matthew Franklin Ellmore Virginia 

Yehia Mahmoud Ezzat Egypt 

Ian Forbes, Jr Georgia 

Ralph Forman Maryland 

Everett Joseph Frazza Connecticut 

Earl David Giggard Maryland 

Thomas Benjamin Hagler Alabama 

Theodore Louis Heying Maryland 

Norman Arthur Hulme Maryland 

James Farris Jenkins, Jr Maryland 

William Frank Jenkins Mississippi 

William Robert Jenkins Maryland 

J. Mehsen Joseph Ohio 

Mortimer Jacob Kamlet Maryland 

Walter Anthony Konetzka Maryland 

Sitarama Lakshmanan India 

William Allen Lybrand Maryland 

Morton V. Malin D. C. 

Walter Hamilton Martin, Jr Virginia 

Lyle Vernon Mayer Maryland 

John Roberts McGrew Maryland 

Sol A. Mednick Maryland 

Aly A. Morad Egjrpt 

Charles Warner Plummer Massachusetts 

Kenneth E. Price Maryland 

Mary Valedia Reed Maryland 

Charles William Reynolds Alabama 

Roslyn Quinbv Robinson.. ..New Hampshire 

Leo Schubert" D. C. 

Howard Harold Seliger Maryland 

Daniel Shanks Maryland 

Francis Michael Sirotnak Pennsylvania 

Wayne Richard Sorenson Minnesota 

William Hewitt Thomas California 

Nicholas Emery Tonhazy New York 

Joseph Giulio Tuono New York 

Alfovd Leroy Ward Maryland 

Thomas David Watkins, Jr Maryland 

Edward C. Watters Maryland 

Edward Craig Weiss Delaware 

James Earl Whitney Maryland 

Doctor of Education 

Richard Martin Brandt Maryland 

Mary Carolyn Callis Dunlap Maryland 

Lillian Lucile Gore Maryland 

Robert Burton Kindred Maryland 

Amos Nir Israel 

Grace Doris Scott West Virginia 

Master of Arts 

Irwin Altman Maryland 

Ralph Angelo Betancourt New York 

Norman Alfred Cochran Maryland 

Bert B. Cohen D. C. 

Kenneth Leslie Coombs New York 

Frederick Stanley DeMarr Maryland 

Francis Watson Guzak Connecticut 

Mark Hughlin Haller, Jr Maryland 

Katherine Marie Harris Maryland 

Malcolm Hay, Jr D. C. 

Marjorie Patricia Herdt D. C. 

Donald Reiman Jacobs Pennsylvania 

Richard Allan Kalish Ohio 

Benjamin Yee Chieh Koo Maryland 

James David Kranking Maryland 

Colburn Brundidge Lovett Maryland 

Charlotte Weiss Mangold Maryland 

Jewel E. Brooks Mullineaux Maryland 

James Allen Myatt Virginia 

Zelma Perlberg Maryland 

Virginia Gotaas Pinney D. C. 

John Marshall Proctor California 

Franklin Pumphrey Maryland 

William "C" Roper Michigan 

Steven H. Schot Virginia 

Allen Wellington Schultz Maryland 

Gene Oliver Showers D. C. 

Marion Seitz Simmons Maryland 

William Carl Strasser, Jr Maryland 

John Frederick Temple, Jr Maryland 

Hazen David Turner Maryland 

Roy Kenneth Twentey Maryland 

Mary Lillian VanBebber Oklahoma 

Willard Stanley Vaughan, Jr D. C. 

Peggy Jean Whilden D. C. 

Nancy Jane Zeleny Maryland 

Master of Science 

Guenter Rolf Ackermann Michigan 

Lloyd David Anderson Maryland 

Frank Herbert Attix D. C. 

Bernard Bernstein Maryland 

Fernando Biagi New Jersey 

Raymond Richard Bouche Maryland 

Nevin George Brandenburg Maryland 

John Edward Breen Maryland 

Edward Joseph Breyere, Jr Maryland 

Harold Horn Bryant Maryland 

Chawee Bunnag Thailand 

Marvin Joseph ChertkofF Maryland 

Marjorie Ann Christian Maryland 

William Jackson Corbett Georgia 

Leslie Carl Costello Maryland 

Louis Frans M. Cremers Netherlands 

John Lawson Crothers, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Peter Dallow Ohio 

Charles R. Davenport Virginia 

John Myrick Dawson Maryland 

Peggy Ann Dixon Maryland 

Frances Rita Eppley Maryland 

Samuel Louis Fagin Maryland 

Gordon Lee Fogal Maryland 

Virginia Anne France Maryland 

Robert M. Gamson Maryland 

William Clarence Gelsleichter Maryland 

Henry Gerber Maryland 

Wesley Robert Gladhart, Jr Kansas 

Eugene Griffith Maryland 

Tarsis Hernandez New York 

Stuart A. Hoenig Connecticut 

William Joseph Huber New York 

James George Kantzes Maryland 

Eric Klapper California 

Louise Travers Kleh Pennsylvania 

Aaron Koi-netsky Massachusetts 

Evangeline Holladay Kroll D. C. 

James Everett Leggett Maryland 

Glenn Worthington Lewis Maryland 

Glenn Edwin Leydorf Maryland 

Robert Liss Maryland 

Shawky Elia Maximos Egypt 

John Joseph McLaren Massachusetts 

Robert Harvey Miller Maryland 

Leonard Mordfin New York 

John Jacob Nagle Maryland 

Frank Joseph Powlitch D. C. 

Alfred Joseph Pratt New Jersey 

Joseph Peyton Randolph, Jr Maryland 

Richard Holland Raring D. C. 

William Henry Reese, Jr Maryland 

John Arthur Rinebolt Maryland 

Jerome Mitchell Schwarzbach Maryland 

Donald George Simons D. C. 

William Francis Sjoborg, Jr New Jersey 

Willard Dawson Stevenson Maryland 

Dudley Denker Taylor Maryland 

William Myron Tucker D. C. 

Vir Viranjan Singh Tyagi India 

Francis Anthony Veltre Maryland 

Samuel Weiss New York 

Merrill Wilcox Maryland 

Barbara Code Woessner California 

Conrad Erhardt Yunker New Jersey 

Master of Education 

David Hoover Barnes Califoraia 

Gustaf Emanuel Berglund Maryland 

Eileen Margaret Bonner Maryland 

Martha Elizabeth Bowling Maryland 

William Leonard Broomall Maryland 

Katherine Angela Buckley ^ary and 

Doix)thy C. Carew ^^'"^^^^^ 

Jerome Perry Chambers ^^^^^"5 

Elizabeth Clarke S^^^^I^^S 

Cecile B. Colbert S^'^y^"^ 

Mame Dolan Compton Maryland 

Elsie Irene Cox •••• ^hio 

Florence Dillon JJ^^^^""^ 

Howard William Dinwiddie Maryland 

Margaret Richesin Dodder ■•■-•^: ^^ 

Edwin Luke Dunkle Maryland 

Bruce James Dunn Michigan 

Edward Allen Eaddy South Carolina 

Walter Franklin Edwards ^^^^^^^5 

Bertie Florence Fazzalari Maryland 

Constantine Georgiou ^^""^^^^ 

Cornelius Edward Gisriel ^^^^^"5 

Genevieve Haile S^''^^''^ 

Ruth Christine Hare Maryland 

Walter Henry Heiderman, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth LeVerne Hocker "7^^^,''''^ 

Charles Harold Hoover Maryland 

George Francis Horn ^^^^1^"^ 

Charlotte Mohler Hume.... Maryland 

Marguerite Ellen Hydorn Maryland 

Mary Russell Jones Maryland 

John Delbert Kelly Mary and 

Martha Ailene Taylor Knudson....Maryland 

Donald Zentz Koons ^^''yl^"^ 

Joseph Simon Kosisky, Jr ^^^'^1^"^ 

Elliott E. Lapin ^^""yj^^l 

Glenn Sheffler Lesher Maryland 

Evert Chester Lindquist New York 

Wayne Edwin Livingston California 

Nellie Alvirda Lloyd Maryland 

John George Manning Maryland 

Frank Russell McFarland, Jr Maryland 

Edna Emily Miller ;v' i J 

M. Kathryn Morgan Maryland 

Rosalie Mueller "^F^"^^"^ 

Bessie Williamson Parr Maryland 

Betty Muriel Petraitis Maryland 

Donald DeWitt Pierce Maryland 

Ailine Beasley Powell Maryland 

Elizabeth Brown Preston Maryland 

Charles McDavitt Proctor, Jr Maryland 

Edward Hanna Rupp Maryland 

Pauline Schlaile Maryland 

Eveline Dolin Schulman Maryland 

Florence Bone Selby Maryland 

Howard Delphin Smith Maryland 

Stella Payne Spicknall Maryland 

Norman Alan Stern Maryland 

Louise Burch Stuart Maryland 

Mary Aurelia Vaiden Maryland 

Mary Ruth Vanskike Kansas 

Mignon Yvette Velie Maryland 

Sture Verner Westerberg Maryland 

Joseph Edwin Wierman Pennsylvania 

Martha Lyn Williams Maryland 

Master of Business Administration 

Clark Edward Luther Virginia Francis Joseph Milliken., 

Percy Gordon McDaniels, Jr...West Virginia 


Joseph F. Carroll. 

Master of Foreign Study 

.New York Patricia Montgomery Irvin Cooper Ohio 


Doctor of Piiilosophy 

George Henry Arscott Oregon 

Richard Pierce Bates Texas 

Walter R. Beam New Jersey 

Marguerite S. Fogel "■•::'?' .' 

Cecil Gordon Hewes California 

Marlin Books Kreider Pennsylvania 

Johnson Soy Long Ling New York 

George Lynn Romoser Maryland 

Kenneth Thompson Stringer.. ..West Virgmia 
William Bruce Tuemmler Maryland 

Doctor of Education 

Walter Swan Blake, Jr Maryland 

Niceforo E. Espinoza Peru 

Warren R. Evans Maryland 

Luceno L. Quirante Philippines 

Master of Arts 

Donald Heindel Becker Pennsylvania 

John Marion Burnside Virginia 

Richard Wayne Calisch Illinois 

Peter Antony Campanelli Illinois 

Charlene Harding Cumberland Maryland 

William Zave Davidson D. C. 

Louis Delia Valle Maryland 

Elsie Olive Guthrie Maryland 

George Richard Kelly D. C. 

Joseph R. Marches Minnesota 

Virginia Lee McLnckie Maryland 

Harrison Talbot Meserole Maryland 

Allen G. Noble New York 

Joyce Mae Olhoeft D. C. 

Carl Lewis Perian D. C. 

John Gower Root New York 

James Eugene Ryan Maryland 

Robert Joseph Schlueter Missouri 

Hasan Tan Turkey 

Master of Science 

Jorge L. Acosta Puerto Rico 

Lena Lorraine Bodkin West Virginia 

Thomas Leonard Cryer, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Edward Duggan New York 

Nazmy E. Elehwany Egypt 

Edward Enriquez Virginia 

Mary Rockwell Eyler Maryland 

James Ernest Fike West Virginia 

Robert E. Fischell Maryland 

Howard S. Halpem D. C. 

Norma Mary Keigler Maryland 

James Madison Kendall Maryland 

Robert Edward Lyons Virginia 

James Walter Plummer Maryland 

Reuben Proper Maryland 

Willard Newell Smith Maryland 

Carl Melville Russell Maryland 

George Louis Steffens Maryland 

John Versace D. C. 

Donald Royce Joseph White Virginia 

Edward A. Wolflf D. C. 

John Thomas Worthington, III Maryland 

Master of Education 

Lorena Paul Bassler Maryland 

Marjorie Rosalind Bletch Beach. ...Maryland 

Arthur Michael Becker Maryland 

Walter Joseph Boeri New York 

T. Elizabeth Brinsfield Maryland 

Sarah Virginia Brown Maryland 

Barbara Claire Collier Maryland 

Edna H. Conrad Virginia 

Gertrude Abernethy Cordua D. C. 

James Joseph Cox Maryland 

James Mathew Cross Maryland 

Hixie Davidson Louisiana 

George Hiram Ditlow New Jersey 

Elsie May Ecker Maryland 

Miriam Davis Farrar Louisiana 

Thomas William Fleming Maryland 

Harold A. Fulton Maryland 

Veta Mae Garner D. C, 

Jewel Alice Green Mississippi 

Martha Lewis Griffin South Carolina 

Arnold Gustav HaiTns Maryland 

Charles E. Harns, Jr Missouri 

William O. Henline Maryland 

Clay Cassell Katchmar Maryland 

Margaret E. Holloway Maryland 

William James Kimball Wisconsin 

Eugene Lester King Maryland 

James Wingfield King Maryland 

Franklin B. Klase Maryland 

Robert Marshall Leatherman Maryland 

Margaret Louise Lindsay D. C. 

Mary-Louise Schmidt Lomax Maryland 

Rhonwyn Lowry Georgia 

James Michael Malone Connecticut 

Mary-Louise Elizabeth Matassa D. C. 

Jennie Ray Miley South Carolina 

Bruno Albert Paras Virginia 

Floy Wilson Poindexter Louisiana 

Helen Ann Porter Maryland 

Bernard Frank Rhoderick Maryland 

Alice Elizabeth Parke Sayers Maryland 

Donald Henry Severson Iowa 

Henry Titus Shetterly Maryland 

Robert Simms West Virginia 

Dawn McKimmey Stine Maryland 

Margaret Rosanna Stull Maryland 

Naomi Rita Teter Maryland 

Lena Mae Thomas Maryland 

Helen Hubbell Van Dusen California 

Ruth Colburn Weston New Hampshire 

Beatrice Snead Whitener South Carolina 

Elinor George Wilson Florida 

Sara Robinson Wilson South Carolina 

Arthmiine Yancy Louisiana 

Lambert Rohn Zaengle Pennsylvania 

Master of Foreign Study 
George Bennett Wei-k Pennsylvania 



Candidates will be presented by Dean H. Boyd Wylie 
Doctor of Medicine 

Samuel JosephVAbrams Maryland 

Arthur Baitch ..\..\. Maryland 

George Marbry Bai^rnschub, Jr Maryland 

Jean Carol BechtQl4 Maryland 

Anthony A. Bemardd^ Rhode Island 

Dale Rampton Bernts^ Utah 

Edwin H. T. Besson.V,....., Maryland 

Richard Norman Betz.\ Maryland 

Herbert Lee Blumenfeld Maryland 

Stuart Morton Brown Maryland 

Allen Culpeper Bullock, Jr.., Maine 

Mary Kathleen Carney ::rr»j41aryland 

Earl Cohen Maryland 

Jean Marie Coyle Maryland 

Efraln Antonio Defendini Mauras, 

Puerto Rico 

William Francis Doran Pennsylvania 

Arthur George Edwards, Jr Maryland 

Morton J. Ellin Maryland 

Robert Haig Ellis North Dakota 

Theodore Edward Evans Maryland 

Charles Thomas Fitch Maryland 

Otto Norman Forrest, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Herschel Framm Maryland 

Malcolm Felix Freed Maryland 

George Suppes Fritz Maryland 

Richard Lawrence Fruth West Virginia 

George Richard Funkhouser Maryland 

Walter DeLay Gable Maryland 

John Monroe Gerwig, Jr Maryland 

John Edward Gessner Maryland 

Louis Michael Click Maryland 

Ralph S. Goldsmith Maryland 

Robert Bruce Goldstein Maryland 

Jean-Jacques Gunning Maryland 

Kenneth Wayne Halgrimson..North Dakota 

Charles John Hammer, Jr Maryland 

John Frederick Hartman Maryland 

Harold Dewey Harvey Missouri 

William Henry Hatfield Maryland 

James Westcott Hayes Maryland 

William McKendree Headley Maryland 

Robert Calkins Holcombe Illinois 

Edward Warren Hopf Maryland 

William Pierre Houpt Maryland 

Thomas Edward Hunt, Jr West Virginia 

Richard Arvin Jones Maryland 

Rosella Edith Jones Maryland 

Irvin Bernard Kaplan Maryland 

Raymond Bernard Keefe Connecticut 

Thomas Edward Kiester Ohio 

Edward Smith Klohr, Jr Maryland 

Benjamin Franklin Knotts, Jr Florida 

Stanford A. Lavine Pennsylvania 

Herbert Joseph Levin Maryland 

Hilbert Merrill Levine Maryland 

David Alfred Levy Maryland 

David Henry Looff Washington 

Charles Mawhinney, Jr Pennsylvania 

John Jerome McGonigle Massachusetts 

Irwin Harold Moss Maryland 

Charles Herbert Mueller, Jr Maryland 

Eugene Alexander Mueller Ohio 

John Daily Murphy Florida 

Moses LeRoy Nafzinger Maryland 

Beverly Berck Nangle Maryland 

Gerald Francis Nangle Maryland 

Riva Novey Maryland 

Joseph John Noya Maryland 

David Owens Maryland 

Albert Gibson Packard, Jr Maryland 

Albert Pats Maryland 

David Hales Patten Maryland 

Miguel Perez Arzola Puerto Rico 

Morris Rainess Maryland 

Robert Reuel Richard Roberts Maryland 

Milton Schlenoff Maryland 

Jerome Edwin Shapiro Maryland 

Bernai-d Richard Shochet Maryland 

Marshall Albert Simpson Delaware 

James Walter Smyth Maryland 

Thomas John Solon New York 

Thorlief Ludvig Stangebye, Jr., 

North Dakota 

James Herring Teeter Maryland 

Rufus Thames Florida 

Harold William Tracy Maryland 

Henry Rogers Trapnell Maryland 

Ira Nathan Tublin Maryland 

George Harry Wall Maryland 

Harold Robert Weiss Maryland 

Daniel Irvin Welliver Maryland 

William A. Welton, Jr West Virginia 

Kenneth Howard White, Jr Ohio 

Arthur Vance Whittaker Pennsylvania 

William Otto Wild Ohio 

Milton Jack Wohl..„ Maryland 

Robert Earl Yim Nevada 

University Prize Gold Medal 

George Suppes Fritz 

Certificates of Honor 




1. Ralph S. Goldsmith 

2. Albert Gibson Packard, Jr. 

3. David Alfred Levy 

4. Kenneth Howard White, Jr. 

5. Ira Nathan Tublin 


The Doctor A. Bradley Gaither Memorial Prize John Frederick Hartman 

The William D. Wolfe Memorial Prize and Certificate of Proficiency ^^ 

Walter DeLay Gable j^-> 

The Leonard M. Hummel Medal and Certificate of Proficiency in Internal Medicine 

Albert Gibson Packard, Jr. 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Myron S. Aisenberg 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

James Lewis Abbott Maryland 

Ira Jones Adams South Carolina 

James Edward Ainley, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Jackson Allen Maryland 

Albert Adam Bange New Jersey 

Francis Harry Barnard Connecticut 

Adolf Birnbaum Maryland 

Charles Lawrence Brandenburg, Jr., 


Robert Erwin Bricker West Virginia 

Joseph Nelson Brouillette Vermont 

William Albert Bruce West Virginia 

Arnett Lloyd Bryant West Virginia 

Walter Nicholas Buciak New Hampshire 

Albert Augustine Capozzoli, Jr., 

Rhode Island 

Robert Olin Carlisle, Jr South Carolina 

Russell Lind Chapman North Dakota 

Raymond C. K. Chun Hawaii 

Simon Civjan Maryland 

Ronald Edward Collins Pennsylvania 

John Victor Conte Connecticut 

William Burdats Crowl West Virginia 

Louis Robert D'Arezzo Rhode Island 

Hugh Otto deFries Maryland 

Philip Edwin Denu, Jr New Jersey 

John Byrd Ellis Florida 

John Mario Fracasso Connecticut 

William Henry Gaffney, Jr Maryland 

Claude Richard Gaines, Jr Georgia 

Dorsey Edmund Gaines, Jr West Virginia 

Calvin Joseph Gaver Maryland 

Constant J. Georges Virginia 

Donald Rhoades Gorby Pennsylvania 

Walter Granruth, Jr Maryland 

Jack Arden Gray Maryland 

John H. Haddox West Virginia 

Christopher Joseph Hanley, Jr., 

Rhode Island 

Hillard Jennings Hayzlett Maryland 

Leonard Philip Hellerman Connecticut 

Curtis Ray Holmes North Carolina 

Henry Honick, Jr Maryland 

Roger Ernest Houle New Hampshire 

Gaines E. Huey Kentucky 

Ervin Eugene Hunsuck South Carolina 

John Kenna Jennings, Jr D. C. 

Ernest Albert Johnson, Jr Connecticut 

Donald Kaplan Maryland 

Francis Gerald Kirchner Maryland 

Stanley Kogan Maryland 

Hugo Kossoff North Carolina 

Stephen Gabriel Krizan Maryland 

Edmond Riggs Leach, II Maryland 

Eugene Allen Leatherman Maryland 

Robert Benton Litton North Carolina 

Luisa Maria Maldonado Puerto Rico 

Edwin Leo Maxwell D. C. 

Charles Stewart McDowell Florida 

Ira Leon McGill, Jr North Carolina 

Robert Vincent McNamara.... Massachusetts 

Michael C. Meyers Maryland 

George Richard Minnick Maryland 

Richard Albert Mojzer West Virginia 

Wharton Albert Nichols, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Wolfe Paden West Virginia 

Sanford Paskow New Jersey 

Albert Ralph Perrelli Maryland 

Paul Alfred Pettine, Jr Massachusetts 

Orris Robert Pier Massachusetts 

Jack Kile Reynolds Maryland 

John Lawrence Richmond West Virginia 

Louis Paul Rivas Maryland 

John Edward Rosoff New Jersey 

Norton Morris Ross Connecticut 

Maurice Rubenstein Maryland 

Lester Allan Safier New Jersey 

Barbara Ellen Seifert Virginia 

Anthony Joseph Selvaggi Delaware 

Robert Wade Seniff Maryland 

Robert Anthony Smilari New Jersey 

Andrew Morton Smith, Jr Maryland 

Charles William Smith, Jr Maryland 

David Peiffer Suavely Pennsylvania 

Donald Edison Staker West Virginia 

Franklin Emery Stevens, Jr New Jersey 

Kenneth Holbrook Stoll Virginia 

Frank Taylor Stone, Jr Virginia 

Edgar Sweren Maryland 

William Edward Taylor, Jr Georgia 

Raymond Thomas Tefft Florida 

Frederick Kay Tesher Florida 

Samuel Toovy West Virginia 

Eastwood Gibbs Turlington. .North Carolina 

Robert Joseph Tyler Massachusetts 

Herbert Joseph Underbill, Jr.. .Rhode Island 

Joseph James Velky Maryland 

Gilbert Vincent Massachusetts 

Michael Thomas Volatile Maryland 

Frank Hamlet Wall New York 

John Michael Ward New Jersey 

John Thomas Welch West Virginia 

Edward Morris Werfel New Jersey 

Richard Joseph Whelan Rhode Island 

William Frederick White West Virginia 

Nann Alix Wickwire Florida 

William Duane Young Maryland 


Donald Franklin Laird Maryland Charles Cloyd Teets West Virginia 


University Gold Medal for Scholarship C^y6 H /if^->-/y/ 


Nann Alix Wickwire 


Certificates of Honor . ')>^ 

Raymond C. K. Chun 
Herbert Joseph Underhill, Jr. 
John Lawrence Richmond 



4. Eugene Allen Leatherman 

5. Joseph Nelson Brouillette 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger Howell 

Bachelor of Laws 

>^t>aul William Barnett Maryland 

^ Constantine Peter BeLer Maryland 

Shirley S. Bell Maryland 

Rupert Lee Benson, Jr Maryland 

Albert Raymond Bevans, Jr Maryland 

Igors Blosfelds Maryland 

.. Gerald Max Brown D- C. 

V Phillip Bryzman Maryland 

v-'Herbert Burgunder, Jr Maryland 

Frank Bernard Cahn, II Maryland 

'. 7ohn E. Campbell Maryland 

: Sheldon Philip Cohen Maryland 

Terrence Lawrence Comiskey Maryland 

James Joseph Doyle, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Roger Drechsler Maryland 

. Archibald Eccleston, 3rd Maryland 

Gerd W. Ehrlich Maryland 

John Charles Evelius Maryland 

James Foster Fanseen Maryland 

. Donald Eugene Fay Maryland 

' Arnold Fleischmann Maryland 

Paul McConkey Galbreath Maryland 

^ Lynn Clifford Golberg Maryland 

C. Oliver Goldsmith Maryland 

William Osier Goldstein Maryland 

John Clarke Griffin Maryland 

Isidore R. Hankin Maryland 

. Charles Hamilton Harper, Jr Maryland 

Samuel D. Hill Maryland 

Thomas John Holden Maryland 

Malcolm Woods Houston.. ..New Hampshire 
John Paterson Hull Maryland 

■ Fred Morton Isaac Maryland 

. Julius Ruben Israel Maryland 

Nelson Robert Kandel Maryland 

. Joseph Swinney Knapp, III Maryland 

Arthur S. Komori Hawaii 

, Vincent Richard Landau Maryland 

Harvey Melvin Lebowitz Maryland 

Jacques Elmer Leeds Maryland 

Albert Leibowitz Pennsylvania 

Stanley Steven Lesnick Maryland 

Leo Edward Lloyd Maryland 

•With Honor 

' Joseph Anthony Luperini Maryland 

* ' Lloyd Stanley Mailman Maryland 

Hugh A, McMullen Maryland 

Jay Garland McRae, Jr Maryland 

Bernard Joseph Mentzel Maryland 

Leroy Earl Mierley Maryland 

' Stanley Irwin Morstein Maryland 

' ^/T^-ank Gordon Mullins, Jr Maryland 

• - *Edward E. Obstler Maryland 

■ i-"^ack Edward O'Connell Maryland 

i^^'John Francis O'Grady Maryland 

. Albert Y. Old Hawaii 

John Eugene Parsons Maryland 

• George William Henry Pierson.. ..Maryland 
' , William Franklin Pinkerton Maryland 

• Paul William Poehlman Maryland 

• Madeleine Sophie Redditt Pennsylvania 

John B. Reilly Maryland 

Preston Bernard Rowland Maryland 

> , George Levi Russell, Jr Maryland 

Albert Stephen Salkowski Maryland 

Paul Michael Schaefer Maryland 

• Marvin Herbert Schein Maryland 

' ' Allan Crane Sharrett Maryland 

Thomas Shaw Simpkins Maryland 

Mark Alvin Singerman Pennsylvania 

' '-'Gary Wallace Smith Maryland 

J^roy Joseph Snouffer Maryland 

' ^•^'George 0. Sparks, Jr Maryland 

' i^ Christopher MacNair Speed Maryland 

Hersh Stein Maryland 

• ' Robert Lee Stocksdale Maryland 

' :- Gilbert Francis Sti-icker Maryland 

Lewis Castleman Strudwick Maryland 

Claud Lansberry Tease Delaware 

• , Albert Franz Torek Maryland 

• . *William Walsh Maryland 

Lawi-ence Stewart Wescott Maryland 

Clifford Lorraine Wickman, Jr Maryland 

• • Arthur Lindamore Wiley, Jr Maryland 

• « William Thomas Winand, Jr Maryland 

-^y Herbert Joseph Winegar Maryland 


William Howland Hicks Maryland 


Elected to the Order of the Coif 

Edward E. Obstler 

William Walsh 


U. S. Law Week Award Samuel D. Hill 

yr Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize William Walsh 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Gordon M. Cairns 

Bachelor of Science 

Rudolph Francis Adler D. C. 

Francisco Enrique Alfaro El Salvador 

William Potter Anderson Maryland 

Enrique Arango-Olarte Colombia 

James Brooke Arnold Maryland 

Wilbur Louis Athey Maryland 

Thomas Benjamin Baden Maryland 

James Ignatius Baginski Maryland 

Sabra Zilpha Baker Maryland 

John Maurice Barnes Marj'Iand 

Ralph Oliver Barnett, Jr Mar>-land 

Richard Elliot Belins New Jersey 

Arthur Irving Bell, Jr Maryland 

Donald Lee Blamberg Maryland 

Henry Campbell Bourne Maryland 

Paul Benedict Bro-^-n Maryland 

David William Bruning Maryland 

James Wallace Butler Maryland 

Edwin Russell Byerly Maryland 

Virgil Henry Carr, Jr Maryland 

James Joseph Carroll Maryland 

Demosthenes Nickolas Carros Maryland 

Bernhard Bjorn Christophersen D. C. 

Arnold Kenneth Clark Maryland 

Neri Anthony Clark Maryland 

William Chase Coale, Jr Maryland 

Robert Alan Cobb D. C. 

Paul Kieffer Coblentz Marj-land 

William Lee Coney Maryland 

Anthony Nicholas Cruit Maryland 

Wilmer Lewis Dodson Maryland 

Thomas Edward Drechsler Maryland 

Sherod Leaphart Earle, III Maryland 

Llewellyn Edward Elliott Maryland 

George William England, Jr Maryland 

Caroline Anne Esser Nevada 

Frederic Donald Estes Maryland 

Charles Richard Eveland D. C. 

Robert Joseph Fegan Maryland 

Walter Norman Fehr Maryland 

Norman George Fischer Maryland 

John William Ford, Jr Maryland 

Clyde Laubert Frazier Maryland 

Emile Fredrick Fritz New Jersey 

F. John Fulmine Massachusetts 

Clarence Dixon Gaddy, Jr Virginia 

Henry Elias Gerhart Pennsylvania 

Eugene Nathan Gogel Maryland 

James Wilton Goodman Maryland 

Harry Hays Harp Maryland 

Charles Augustus Hatfield, Jr Maryland 

Charles William Hohman, Jr Maryland 

Carroll David House Maryland 

Morley Allan Jull, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Grayson Kaufman Maryland 

Hugh Carter Laine Virginia 

John Nelson Langdon Maryland 

Gerald Raymond Lentz Maryland 

John Motter Lescure, Jr Maryland 

Victor Alexander Leuci New York 

Trent Ronald Lewis Maryland 

Ralph Donald Lindsey Maryland 

Donald Curtis Mack Maryland 

George Jay Malley Maryland 

Donald James McWilliams Maryland 

Edward Oakley Merritt Maryland 

Earl Beverley Miller Maryland 

Thomas David Miller Pennsylvania 

Clarence Alan Moore Maryland 

David Gough Morgan Maryland 

John Robinson Moyer Pennsylvania 

John Joseph Nemethy Maryland 

Richard Daniel O'Brien New York 

Dirick Carl Overhamm New Jersey 

John Allan Phillips Pennsylvania 

Donald Albers Pickering Maryland 

Roy Dodson Porter Maryland 

James Walter Ramsay IVIaryland 

Roy Leo Roberts, Jr Maryland 

Karl Richard Rubach Maryland 

Hector 0. Salinas Nicaragua 

Howard Henry Sanford, Jr Pennsylvania 

Walter John Schafer Maryland 

John Jacob Seibei't Maryland 

Pete Semeniuk Maryland 

Eugene Jerome Sgavicchia New York 


Edward Carroll Sisler Maryland 

J. Bert Smith D. C. 

Charles Townsend Spackman..Pennsylvania 

Robert Zelefro Spry Maryland 

Robert Elmer Stansfield, Jr Maryland 

Robert Earl Theofield Maryland 

Maija Helena Vilums Maryland 

Charles Thomas Weller Maryland 

Lawrence Arndt Wishner New York 

George Daniel Wood Virginia 

Robert Vincent Wray, Jr Maryland 

Floyd Mack Wyatt, Jr Maryland 


James Earl Baker Maryland Edgar Allan Day West Virginia 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Neri Anthony Clark 
Edgar Allan Day 
Trent Ronald I^ewis 
Caroline Anne Esser 
Howard Henry Sanford, Jr. 
Robert Joseph Fegan 
Wilbur Louis Athey 
Ralph Donald Lindsey 
Floyd Mack Wyatt, Jr. 
Llewellyn Edward Elliott 
Maija Helene Vilums 

Second Honors 

Clarence Alan Moore 
Sherod Leaphart Earle, III 
Sabra Zilpha Baker 
James Earl Baker 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Leon P. Smith 

Bachelor of Arts 

Joyce Thomson Abbott Maryland 

Sonia Harriet Abelson Maryland 

George Henry Albrecht Pennsylvania 

Marianne Helen Allen Maryland 

Patricia Waits Allen D. C. 

Dolores Roberta Aluise Maryland 

Robert Bernard Annenberg Maryland 

Eugene Michael Bambauer.... Pennsylvania 

Joseph Leo Barrett Maryland 

Ruth Ellen Bauman Maryland 

Helen Hardt Baxter Maryland 

Mary Frances T. Baxter D. C. 

Mordecai A. Benjamin D. C. 

Barbara Ann Bennett D. C, 

Richard Bee Bland Maryland 

Ellen Key Blunt Maryland 

Katherine Jean Bodmer D. C. 

Ward Boote Maryland 

Weldon L. Boring Maryland 

Thomas Devane Bourdeaux Maryland 

William Martin Bowden Virginia 

David Lee Bowers Maryland 

Lloyd Spencer Bowling Maryland 

Elizabeth Poisal Boxold Maryland 

James Travis Branch Maryland 

Myrna Lois Brantley Maryland 

Barbara Jayne Briggs Maryland 

Ross Elmo Brooks Maryland 

Charles Lloyd Bucy Maryland 

Walter Robert Burkhart Maryland 

Borah Z. Burman Maryland 

Jane Pennington Cahill D. C. 

Bruce A. Carr New York 

Robert Leonard Carrigan Maryland 

James Berkley Carson Maryland 

Sara Louise Carter Virginia 

David Cathcart Chickering Maryland 

Joan Patricia Christopher Maryland 

Barbara Mae Cierler Maryland 

Shirley Emma Clagett D. C. 

John Seth Clark Maryland 

Lloyd T. Clark, Jr Maryland 

Rita Zeasla Cohan D. C. 

Victor Peter Cole Maryland 

Betty Faye Cornblatt Maryland 

Harold Thornton Coss Louisiana 

Hugh Jordan Courtney Maryland 

Phyllis Ann Coyle Maryland 

Carroll D. Crater Maryland 

John Joseph Crawley, Jr New Jersey 

Eleanor Ann Crezee Maryland 

Luann Kathleen Crogan Maryland 

Muriel Ruth Crowson D. C, 

Alan Mace Crystal Maryland 

Darla Lee Cullen Virginia 

Jean Gerdes Danforth Maryland 

Robert Stanley Daszkowski.... Massachusetts 

Nancy Wase Davidoff Maryland 

Suzanne Davidov D. C. 

Louis Aubrey DeCatur D. C. 

Edgar Gustavo deLaski Maryland 

Gloria Wallerstein Derkay D. C. 

Mary Joan Dillon Pennsylvania 

Elizabeth Louise Drake Maryland 

Claire-Ann Michaela Droney D. C. 

Paul Thomas Drummond D. C. 

Shirley Corinne Duffie D. C. 

James Redmond Eakin Maryland 

Ann Streett Edgett Maryland 

Earleen Lenoir Feldman Maryland 


Ward Willard Fetrow, Jr Maryland 

Nicholas Fiermonte Connecticut 

Robert Frederick Fischer Maryland 

Craig Becker Fisher Vir^nia 

Helen Maxine Fogel D. C. 

Jose' Antonio Font Puerto Rico 

June E. Freed Maryland 

Joan Gloria Freehof D. C. 

Sylvia Freeman Maryland 

Renee Cohen Friedman Maryland 

Eli Fritz Maryland 

Roland Joseph Fullem Maryland 

Thelma Weinreb Galkin Maryland 

Pamela Grace Gayaut D. C. 

W. Robert Gleason D. C. 

Donald Maurice Goldstein Vii-ginia 

Percy Edward Goody Maryland 

Marcia Gordon Maryland 

William Harvey Graham D, C. 

Patricia Jane Greeley D. C. 

Frederick Irvin Greenberg Maryland 

Martin Greenberg D. C 

Robert Leroy Greer D. C, 

Earl Thomas Gross Maryland 

Esther Joan Gross Maryland 

John Henry Guender New Jersey 

Alfred Philip G\\'ynn Maryland 

Nancy Lee Hanson Maryland 

Ann Felice Hartsfield Maryland 

Jennifer Hauk Maryland 

George Benton Havens Maryland 

Patricia Anne Hayes Maryland 

Richard Carlton Hayward Maryland 

John Lewis Heinly Maryland 

Pamela Alice Henderson Pennsylvania 

John David Herbert Maryland 

Howard Franklin Herbst, Jr Maryland 

Gilbert Herman Maryland 

Nancy Herring D. C. 

Ruth Louise Herzig Maryland 

June Ann Hillock Maryland 

Gurnie Colon Hobbs, Jr Maryland 

John William Hobson Maryland 

Caroline Spurlock Hogan Virginia 

Elizabeth Ann Houghton D. C. 

Jared Merle Huebel Connecticut 

Nathan B. Hughes, Jr Maryland 

Constance Ann Hutchins Maryland 

Carole Margaret Jarchow Maryland 

Donald Streiman Jewell Maryland 

Kathryn White Johnson Maryland 

Nancy Jane Johnson Maryland 

Wesley Mills Johnson Maryland 

Arthur Cyrus Johnston Maryland 

Stuart Edward Jones, Jr D. C. 

James Joseph Jordan Indiana 

Edith Baila Kammen D. C. 

Marilyn Jeanne Kapplin Maryland 

Arnold Lewis Karp New York 

William Robert Kenty Maryland 

Catherine Frances Kilmurray Maryland 

Joseph James Kirincich New York 

Warren Seymour Komins Maryland 

Thomas Michael Kovalinsky New Jersey 

Carol Jean Kupfer Maryland 

Philip Robert Lamb Maryland 

Holger Christian Langmack, Jr D. C. 

Julian Paul Lawson D. C. 

Wade Rigby Leech D. C. 

Mary Levin Maryland 

Phyllis Stern Levy Maryland 

David Michael Le-wis Maryland 

John Kenny Lewis Maryland 

Joseph H. Lichtenstein Maryland 

Joan Helene Lipman Maryland 

Richard Joseph Loosbrock Maryland 

Robert Thomas Love Pennsylvania 

J?mes Patterson Low D. C. 

Ellen Agnes Lundvall Maryland 

Cora Lurie New York 

Suzanne Ruth Lynch Maryland 

Sally Ann Lynde California 

Lester P?\ul Mackebee Maryland 

Welden Fuller Mackin Virginia 

Polly A. Maher D. C. 

Franklin Bernard Mallory D. C. 

Cecil John Mann Maryland 

Gus George Mantzouris D. C. 

Charles Raymond Margolis Maryland 

John Carroll Mathews Maryland 

Waldemar Matias-Lopez Maryland 

Ann Farrar Mclntyre Delaware 

George Henry McLain Maryland 

Edward Charles Mehm New Jersey 

Harriet Alice IMendels Maryland 

James Valleau Miller Florida 

Jay Howard Monfred Maryland 

Donald E. Moran Maryland 

Elizabeth Harriet Mouser D. C. 

Vernon Wilbur Mules Maryland 

Eva Helga Munz Maryland 

(With Honors in French) 

John Benson Nelson, Jr Maryland 

Robert Cameron New Maryland 

Robert Earle Newcomer Maryland 

Evangelos Theodore Nichols Maryland 

Eugene Robert O'Brien D. C. 

William Gerald O'Brien Massachusetts 

Patrick William O'Donnell D. C. 

Eda Schrader OfFutt Maryland 

William McEnery Offutt Maryland 

Frederic James Oliver, Jr Massachusetts 

Marian Selma Oppenheimer Maryland 

Jeanne Carol Peake Maryland 

Jean Anne Peckham Virginia 

Don Courtney Piper Maryland 

Grosvenor Edward Powell Maryland 

Nancy Lynn Powers Pennsylvania 

Forrest Johnston Prettyman Maryland 

James Henry Quartner Maryland 

Theodore Silkman Repplier, Jr Maryland 

Lynn Paula Ribnitzki D. C. 

Richard Read Rollins Maryland 

Bettie Evans Rossmann Maryland 

Charles Robert Roulston Maryland 

Arnold Irvin Rubinstein D. C. 

Arnold Lee Rudo Maryland 

Paul Edwin Runnion, Jr Maryland 

Alice Manson Scott Maryland 

Ed\\'in Clarke Seaton Maryland 

John Paul Seltzer Maryland 

Dino Eddie Sfreddo Maryland 

Eleanor Sue Shenker Maryland 

Geraldine Ann Sherman Maryland 

Joyce Llewellyn Shermn Maryland 

Daniel Warren Sixbey Arkansas 

Dan Joseph Skubitz D. C. 

Donald Kaye Smith Maryland 

Jean Rowe Smith Maryland 

Robert Samuel Smith D. C. 


Edith Sylvia Stark Maryland 

Muriel Dorothy Sterling Maryland 

Julian Basil Stevens, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Reagan Stunkel D. C. 

Gordon Gaylord Swan Maryland 

Judith Malca Tabak Maryland 

Arlene Frances Tapolow Maryland 

Julian Alpheus Tavenner Maryland 

George Alexander Terrell Maryland 

Lester Groot Thomas Maryland 

John Peyton Torbert D. C. 

Frank Emanuel Trout Maryland 

Constance Marion Turney Maryland 

Bruce Walter Henry Urich Maryland 

Marjorie Fairfax Urner New Jersey 

Chester Rogers Venemann Maryland 

Paul John Wakim South Carolina 

Edward WaiTen Walsh New York 

Richard Warren Waters Maryland 

June Sylvia Weintraub D. C. 

Leonard Steven Weiss Maryland 

Daniel E. Welch New Jersey 

Jennifer Mary Wellborn Maryland 

James M. Wells New York 

John Walter Wenger Maryland 

Regina Victoria Wexler Illinois 

Mary Louise Wilkins D. C. 

Donald Earl Willard, Jr Pennsylvania 

Charles Robert Willsie Missouri 

Regina Lee Wilson Maryland 

Eric Winter Maryland 

Stuart Cavestany WoUy D. C. 

Sally Martha Wulf Maryland 

John Anthony Yeabower Maryland 

Rudolph Henry Yeatman, HI Maryland 

Harvey Alfred Yonce D. C. 

Eileen Marlin Zuriff Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

James Philip Aaron, Jr New Jersey 

-^ohn Edward Adams Maryland 

Joseph Francis Matthew Aloi. ...Connecticut 

Rona Barke Maryland 

Georgianna Catherine Barkman... .Maryland 

Harold G. Bell Washington 

Carolyn Joan Biehn Maryland 

Leroy Clifton Blankenship Maryland 

Eugene Albert Bodmer ...Pennsylvania 

Kermit Patrick Bonovich Maryland 

"■Robert James Byrne Maryland 

William Edgar Carson, Jr New Jersey 

James Castellano, Jr New York 

James McAllister Chase, Jr Delaware 

William Cohen Maryland 

Thomas Herbert Collawn Pennsylvania 

Robert John Cottone Florida 

Martin Richard Crytzer Maryland 

Robert Lee Damm Maryland 

Edward Carroll Delaha Maryland 

Paul Vincent DiGrazia New Jersey 

Leo Ralph DiLiello Maryland 

Richard Kingsley Dineen New York 

Barbara Yates Elgin Maryland 

Evan Blaine Ewan New Jersey 

Robert Lull Forward Maryland 

Walter William Frederick Pennsylvania 

Eugene Stanley Gorski Connecticut 

Charles Paul Grier Maryland 

Anton Grobani Maryland 

John Guerriero New Jersey 

Charles Thomas Hall Maryland 

-Robert Nelson Headley Maryland 

Alfred Hellman Maryland 

-Neil Carlton Henderson New York 

Charlene Raye Hibberd Maryland 

-^^alph Turner Hummel Maryland 

—Gilbert Earl Hurwitz Maryland 

Stanley David Hutt Maryland 

Arnold Chester Johnson Maryland 

David Kimberly, HI Virginia 

"MDharles Herschel King Maryland 

H. Coleman Kramer Maryland 

Edward Carl Kuhl, Jr Maryland 

Frank Leo Lanza New Jersey 

Joyce Christine LeFever Maryland 

Elaine Loree Lewis Maryland 

Benedict Salvatore LiPira Maryland 

Arthur Litofsky Maryland 

Richard Lee Loringer Maryland 

Robert Joseph Mahon Maryland 

Nasr Atieh Mansour Jordan 

Frederick Marchionna D. C. 

Mary Helen Marshall Maryland 

Gerald Francis Murphy Maryland 

;^ohn Francis Nowell Maryland 

James Van Ogle Maryland 

John Goedeke Orth Maryland 

n.Clark Lamont Osteen Maryland 

Ralph Richard Palumbo Connecticut 

Marshall Eldredge Peters Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Peters D. C. 

David Harold Phillips Maryland 

G. Briggs Phillips Maryland 

*JVIarvin Stanley Piatt Maryland 

David Allen Power Maryland 

Bruno Alfred Preli Connecticut 

Simon Morris Pristoop Maryland 

Donald Thomas Reilly, Jr New Jersey 

Catharine Louise Reinhart Maryland 

Henry Edward Richter, Jr Virginia 

Joan Carolyn Ritter Maryland 

Carlos Rivas-Cierra El Salvador 

Julio Cesar Rivera Harraza Puerto Rico 

Allan Flexner Rodgers Maryland 

'^Harry Paul Ross Maryland 

Katharine Floy Seiter Maryland 

■^'-Marvin Lou Shannon Maryland 

Maurice Shapiro D. C. 

Bryan Eugene Shepp Maryland 

George Jung Sing Virginia 

Daviid Wayne Smith Maryland 

- George Thomas Smith West Virginia 

Carol Beattie Taylor Maryland 

William Dale Timmons, Jr Maryland 

John Joseph Vrotacoe, Jr Connecticut 

Zoe Phyllis Weinberg Maryland 

Floyd Lawrence Wergeland, Jr Maryland 

'^•John Zigler Williams Maryland 

Gerald Wohl Maryland 

Eugene Fred Wolfarth D. C. 

Blanche Wong Maryland 




Milton Bates Maryland 

William Everett Brooke Maryland 

George Theo Canaras Maryland 

Joseph Allen Cook Maryland 

Marie Ai'leen Deibert Hawaii 

James Oliver Delevett Maryland 

Marvin Lee Frankel Maryland 

Ruth Diana Goldhaber Maryland 

Nancy Ellen Kahn Maryland 

Nelson Robert Kandel Maryland 

Walter Samuel Levin Maryland 

of Arts 

Lionell Meridith Lockhart Maryland 

Joseph A. Marques New York 

Mark Millard Mayers Maryland 

Leroy Earl Mierley Maryland 

Nancy Catherine Montgomery Maryland 

John Thomas O'Neill D. C. 

Eugene G. Pycha Maryland 

Charles Clayland Rettberg, Jr Maryland 

James Thomas Sabin Maryland 

William Charles Sohr Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Paul Dwaresky New Jersey 

Robert Albert Gagne Connecticut 

Herbert William Grambow, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Jo Kohlhoss Maryland 

Jules Millman Maryland 

Richard Eric Morgan Maryland 

Thomas Oscar Mumper Maryland 

John Dorman Rust Maryland 

Richard Frank Seller Virginia 

David Eaton Stone Maryland 

Edgar Ellis Wallop D. C, 

Charles Paul Wood D. C. 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Marjorie Fairfax Urner 
Joyce Llewellyn Sherwin 
John Zigler Williams 
Eda Schrader OflFutt 
Cora Lurie 

Elizabeth Ann Houghton 
Don Courtney Piper 
James Van Ogle 
Marvin Stanley Piatt 
Kenneth Reagan Stunkel 
Jane Pennington Cahill 
Jennifer Hauk 
Arthur Cyrus Johnston 
Ann Farrar Mclntyre 
Ruth Ellen Bauman 
Richard Bee Bland 
Richard Warren Waters 
Harold G. Bell 
Edith Baila Kammen 
Katharine Floy Seiter 
Gilbert Earl Hurwitz 
Thomas Herbei-t Collawn 
Ralph Hummel 
Elizabeth Harriet Mouser 
Mary Helen Marshall 
Welden Fuller Mackin 
Bettie Evans Rossmann 
Donald Maurice Goldstein 
Eleanor Sue Shenker 
Walter Samuel Levin 
Elizabeth Poisal Boxold 
Charles Clayland Rettberg, Jr. 
Shirley Emma Clagett 
Frank Emanuel Trout 
Barbara Ann Bennett 

Second Honors 

Gloria Wallerstein Derkay 
Joyce Thomson Abbott 
Marvin Lou Shannon 
Katherine Jean Bodmer 
James Redmond Eakin 
Zoe Phyllis Weinberg 
Kathryn White Johnson 
William Harvey Graham 
Grosvenor Edward Powell 
Alfred Philip Gwynn 
William Dale Timmons, Jr, 
Carol Jean Kupfer 
John Francis Nowell 
David Allen Power 
William McEnery Offutt 
Charles Robert Roulston 
Robert Nelson Headley 
Paul John Wakim 
G. Briggs Phillips 
Jean Rowe Smith 
Robert Lull Forward 
Thelma Weinreb Galkin 
George Thomas Smith 
Helen Maxine Fogel 
James Castellano, Jr. 
Rona Barke 
Pamela Grace Gayaut 
Ralph Leo Diliello 
Ellen Agnes Lundvall 
Robert James Byrne 
Regina Victoria Wexler 
Joseph James Kirincich 
Marvin Lee Frankel 
Eileen Marlin Zuriff 
Harry Paul Ross 



Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Freeman Pyle 

Bachelor of Science 

William Atchinson Aiken Virginia 

Sofia S. Aleksandrovs D. C. 

Jane Cartledge Alexander Maryland 

Andrew Peter Arbes Maryland 

Daniel Jay Arris Maryland 

Judith Atkinson D. C. 

Simon Atlas D. C. 

Brian Howe Bailey Maryland 

Symcha Morton Baker Maryland 

John George Ballenger D. C. 

Richard J. Barth New York 

George James Barthel Maryland 

Michael Raphael Battaglini Maryland 

Alvin Maurice Benesch Maryland 

Larry Malcolm Berkow Maryland 

Donald Mason Betz Maryland 

Walter Ignatius Biedzynski Maryland 

John William Biggs Maryland 

Jack Furman Billig Maryland 

Alfred Goodrich Bradley Maryland 

Charles Augustine Brailer Maryland 

Howard Kenneth Brown Maryland 

Allan Davis Burk, Jr Maryland 

Norton Butler D. C. 

Willard Shattuck Cahill New York 

Charles Cahn, II Maryland 

James Darrell Campbell Maryland 

William James Campbell New York 

Edward Poland Camus Maryland 

Donald Marvin Caplan Maryland 

Louis Johnston Carr Maryland 

Gene Alan Castleberry Maryland 

Roswell Webster Chamberlin Maryland 

Richard Miller Chambers Maryland 

William Dickerson Charlton Maryland 

Edward Albert Charron Maryland 

William Keith Clark Maryland 

Robert Aspold Clemens Maryland 

William Alexander CoUinge New York 

John Joseph Collins Maryland 

Henry Louis Collomb Maryland 

Davin Thomas Connelly Pennsylvania 

William Joseph Connelly Virginia 

Herbert Morgan Cooper Maryland 

Joseph William Cover Maryland 

Richard Earl Cox Virginia 

Philip Fehr Cugliotta New Jersey 

John Henry Dammeyer Maryland 

Troy Keith Davis Iowa 

Todd Clayton DeBinder Maryland 

Kenneth Rowland DeJamette Maryland 

Frank Thomas Delauretis Pennsylvania 

Richard Stone Earle Maryland 

Robert Edward Engle Maryland 

Bernard Anthony Enis Maryland 

James Samuel Faulkner D. C. 

James Martin Femiano D. C. 

Clark Seal Fitzhugh, Jr Maryland 

Donald Lloyd Francis Maryland 

Robert Barnes Garner Maryland 

Randolph Lee Gaskell D. C. 

Marvin Harold Geller D. C. 

James Stuart Gibson, Jr Ohio 

Kirk W. Goines Maryland 

H. Frances Goldberg Maryland 

Donald Melvin Goldman Maryland 

Thomas Ries Grabill Maryland 

John Sharpe Graham D. C. 

William Eldridge Graham Maryland 

Myer E. Grossfeld Maryland 

Edward Joseph Gutman Maryland 

Howard Griffith Hall, Jr Maryland 

Robert Lee Harrell Maryland 

Robert Leslie Harshfield D. C. 

Lois Ruth Harvey Pennsylvania 

James Hardy Hathaway Maryland 

Elbert Broker Hawley Maryland 

Mildred Baker Heimer Maryland 

Charles Henry Simpers Heine, Jr D. C. 

George Edward Henkel D. C. 

Edmund Lee Henshaw, Jr Maryland 

Jerome Herbert Hettleman Maryland 

James Clark Hill D, C. 

Raymond Wilson Hoffman New Jersey 

Rodney Brendan Holland Maryland 

John Samuel Hoover D. C. 

William Theodore Hoppe Maryland 

Elmer Edward Horsey Maryland 

George James Hoyle New York 

Jean Happ Hudson Maryland 

Dearl Wayne Huff Delaware 

Arthur Joel Jackson, Jr Virginia 

James Arthur Jerman, Jr Maryland 

Mona Jean Jess Maryland 

Victor Howard Jungk, Jr Maryland 

James Joseph Karitas Maryland 

Jacob Katz Maryland 

Clifford Manford Kendall, Jr Maryland 

Margie Gean Kinsinger Maryland 

William Michael Kirlin Maryland 

Floyd Frederick Koch New Jersey 

Melvin Morris Kolodin D. C. 

Petro George Kosmides Maryland 

Albert Samuel Krause, Jr Maryland 

Stanley Morris Kriel, Jr Maryland 

Carl Henry Krienen, Jr Delaware 

Allen Julian Krowe Virginia 

Albert H. Kumbar Maryland 

Elin Lake Maryland 

Laurence Irving Lamphier, Jr Maryland 

Stephen Swan Langley, III Maryland 

Harry James Lehr, Jr Maryland 

Charles Herbert Lineberry Maryland 

Roger Henry Linscott Maryland 

Edward Elmer Lugenbeel Maryland 

Bennett Ray Lunceford Maryland 

Daniel Bernard Lyons, III Maryland 

William Lee Maddox, Jr Maryland 

Richard William Manning Maryland 

Robert Alan Margulies Maryland 

Robert Dana Mariner, Jr Maryland 

Donald Wayne Marshall D. C. 

Edward Junius Martin D. C. 

John Francis Martin, Jr Maryland 

Charles Kellogg McAlister, Jr Maryland 

David Michael McAllister Maryland 

Albert Roger McConkey Maryland 

Elizabeth Ripley McDaniel Japan 


Alfred William McGeown Maryland 

* Francis J. Mcllvaine Maryland 

Edmond Frank McKeown, Jr D, C. 

Jean L. McPherson Maryland 

Earl Paul Mink D. C. 

Robert Lee Moulden Maryland 

Robert Roger Muller New Jersey 

James Henry Myers Maryland 

John Faris Myers Maryland 

Mary Nesteruk Maryland 

Burton Lawrence Newlander Maryland 

Thomas Edward Newman Maryland 

John Hardin Norton Maryland 

Edward Robert O'Braitis Pennsylvania 

Edward Francis O'Connor Maryland 

Ronald Cyril O'Connor, Jr Maryland 

Kennard James O'Donnell New York 

Bruce Edwin Palmer Maryland 

Richard Charles Parkhurst Maryland 

Mary Catherine Parrigin D. C. 

Arthur Robert Parrish Maryland 

Arnold Pazornik Maryland 

Hance Jacob Pepper Maryland 

Charles A. Philbrick Maryland 

Augustus Darrell Pickens, Jr Maryland 

Jose Antonio Pomar Puerto Rico 

Joseph Raymond Potter, Jr Maryland 

James Anastasio Poulos D. C. 

Richard Paul Prevosto New York 

Philip Albert Recknor Maryland 

Charles Whitfield Reeves Maryland 

James Berryman Riley, Jr Maryland 

William Addison Rogers, IH Maryland 

John David Rohrer, Jr Maryland 

Lonnie Bruce Rubin D. C. 

Sheldon Sandler Maryland 

James McNutt Seward Maryland 

John Robert Shanahan Maryland 

Ivan Jay Shefferman D. C. 

Paul Cameron Shwab New Jersey 

Albert Franklin Simpson Maryland 

Rodney Carl Smith Maryland 

Myra Ann Spectre Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Stachowski Maryland 

Maria Shirley Steele D. C 

Robert Frederick Steinlauf Maryland 

Paul Donald Stout, Jr D. C. 

James Donald Studley, Jr D. C. 

James Garrett Sullivan New Jersey 

George August Suter, Jr New Jersey 

Roland Nagle Thompson Maryland 

Donald Roger Tindal D. C. 

William Raymond Townsend New Jersey 

Richard Calvin Travis Maryland 

Stanley Irvin Trivas Maryland 

Michael Patrick Troiano, Jr D. C. 

Anthony J. Verkey Maryland 

Robert Leo Vogel Maryland 

Ernest George Wade Virginia 

Donald Rae Ward Maryland 

Paul Edward Waring, Jr D. C. 

Grover Cleveland Warneke, Jr D. C. 

Willis Monroe Warren Maryland 

David Deshler Watson Maryland 

Ernest S. Watts Maryland 

Benjamin Weiner Pennsylvania 

Ralph Paul Weingarden Maryland 

Eleanor Ruth Weinstein D. C. 

Gene Tulley West Maryland 

Donald Charles Wheeler Maryland 

Francis Joseph Wieman Maryland 

William Earl Wilkinson Pennsylvania 

Donald Ross Williams D. C. 

Richard Thomas Williams Maryland 

Robert Lee Willoughby Maryland 

Glenn L. Wintrode Maryland 

Gerald Alan Yager D. C. 

Phyllis Dorothy Zelko Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 

Fernando Acevedo Puerto Rico 

Gilbert Stanley Birnbach West Virginia 

Richard Joseph Brohan New York 

William Forman Cornelius New Jersey 

Larry Starr DeVall Maryland 

James Francis Duffy Maryland 

John Chesley Eisele Maryland 

Jack Cowan Eversole Virginia 

John Marshall Friedman D. C. 

Charles James Grande Delaware 

Norman Arthur Heaps D, C. 

William Mather Hubbell New York 

Howard Franklin Lamborn Maryland 

James Harold Lauth Maryland 

Lawrence Robert McNally Maryland 

Michael James Mitchell Pennsylvania 

William Russell Nichols Massachusetts 

Richard Lawrence Ralph Mai-yland 

Richard Gordon Saunders New Jersey 

Raymond Joseph Stankus Pennsylvania 

John Peter Theofield, Jr Maryland 

Earl DeVere Watterson Maryland 

Harry Harold Yost Maryland 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Simon Atlas 
John William Biggs 
Willard Shattuck Cahill 
Richard Charles Parkhurst 
Jean Happ Hudson 
Norton Butler 
John Joseph Collins 
George Edward Henkel 
H. Frances Goldberg 
Gilbert Stanley Birnbach 
Larry Malcolm Berkow 
Margie Gean Kinsinger 
Maria Shirley Steele 
Donald Lloyd Francis 
Lois Ruth Harvey 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Wilbur Devilbiss 

Bachelor of Arts 

Ellen Julius Atlas D. C. 

Nina Louise Ayres Delaware 

Ann Marie Bennett Maryland 

Irma Jean Stevenson Campbell... .Maryland 

Betty Gene Collier Maryland 

Rhoda June Dann Maryland 

Geraldine Mary Del Giomo Maryland 

Jeanine Ruth Eberts Maryland 

Alan Goodsaid Virginia 

Martha Grimes Maryland 

William Guest Maryland 

William Ray Hancock Maryland 

Dorothy Louise Hansel Maryland 

Robert Joseph Henault Maryland 

Judith D. G. Henle Maryland 

Eleanor Ruth Hodgson Maryland 

Edward F. James Maryland 

Lorraine Ann Jorgensen D. C. 

Edward Hamilton Killen, Jr Maryland 

Shirley King Kreinieyer Maryland 

Mary Strickler LaRue Maryland 

Dolores Bringas Lincoln Maryland 

Joan Sussman Lobe Maryland 

John Francis McTighe Maryland 

Leonard Thomas Militello New York 

Mary Kathleen Mills Maryland 

Barbara Louise Paton Virginia 

Max Rabinovitz Maryland 

Virginia Carolyn Reeves Virginia 

Eileen Toba Reinhart Maryland 

Lois Schnydman Maryland 

Marjory Harriet Shapiro Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Shay Maryland 

Alita Fern Sites Maryland 

Donald Elvin Snodderly Maryland 

Frederick Herman Spigler, Jr Maryland 

Donald Richard Tracey Maryland 

James Samuel VanNess Maryland 

Eleanor Arlyle Wood Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Julius William Agnoli Maryland 

James Reford Aldridge Maryland 

Stanley Paul Allen Maryland 

Joyce Elaine Ames Maryland 

Julia Antrim Maryland 

Barbara Helen Bagby Maryland 

Justin Lee Baker Maryland 

Cecile Jones Barnes Maryland 

Mary Esther Bennett Maryland 

Forrest Augustus Berwager, Jr.. .Maryland 
Florence Yantz Best Maryland 

James Dayton Blackwell Maryland 

William Russell Breon Maryland 

Mary Anna Brooke Maryland 

Mary Broumas D. C. 

Glen David Brown, Jr Maryland 

Anita Lee Burkle Maryland 

Dwight S. Caskey Maryland 

Harold Otis Closson, Jr Maryland 

Margei-y Condron Maryland 

Lloyd George Cox Maryland 

Thomas Davis Maryland 


Dorothy May DeHart Maryland 

Terry Ann Del Greco New Jersey 

Robert Lee Derbyshire Maryland 

Teresa Ann DiPaula Maryland 

Paul Morrison Dolby Maryland 

Barbara Jean Dorman Maryland 

William Herbert Dusman Pennsylvania 

Joan Frances Eccles Maryland 

Barbara Ruth Ehrlich D. C. 

Elaine Phyllis Eisenstein Maryland 

Patricia May Elliott Maryland 

Nancy Ann Enf^land Maryland 

Gloria Edith Fenichel D. C. 

Benjamin Francis Fileti Delaware 

Hilde^arde Fling Flanagran Maryland 

Katherine Foote Freeman Maryland 

Ruth Cecelia Frothingham Maryland 

Wanda Lee Gates Virginia 

Mildred N. Glushakow Maryland 

Leonard Goodman Maryland 

Roger Johnson Gould Maryland 

Barbara Elaine Griffin New York 

Constance Elizabeth Hamilton. 


Charlotte Rowe Harbold Maryland 

Irwin Donald Harris Maryland 

Barbara Anne Henry Pennsylvania 

Elsie Elizabeth Hisley Maryland 

Dorothy Jane Hookei- Virginia 

Marilyn Borden Smith Hooper Florida 

Elaine Eileen Hurowitz D. C. 

Gloria Mullinax Isaacson Virginia 

F^-aneis Raymond Isennock Maryland 

Jay Robert Josenh Maryland 

Joseph George Katona Pennsylvania 

Lois Francine Kellner D. C. 

Dorothy Samons Kerr Maryland 

Mary Ann Kifer Maryland 

Fay Janet Kinnamon Maryland 

Anna May Kirby Maryland 

Adrienne Rita Kirstein Maryland 

Rae Suzanne Kline Maryland 

Philip William Kyne Maryland 

Ellen Dorothea Lang Maryland 

Marion Siemens Lankford Maryland 

Edwin Reuben Larson Maryland 

Minnie Rankin Lashley Maryland 

Sonia Millicent Levin Maryland 

Dorothy Elizabeth Lewis Maryland 

Janet E. Lindeman D. C. 

Alfred Whitehead Little Maryland 

Ross D. Lloyd Maryland 

Kathleen MacAloney Wisconsin 

Lorraine Urie Merrick Maryland 

Mary Margaret Moulton Maryland 

Mary Margaret Mueller D. C. 

Jeannette Ann Muir Maryland 

Betty Ann Ogburn Virginia 

Victor Hugo Olmsted Maryland 

Ellen Joan Orman Maryland 

Elva Jean Boutwell Paul D. C. 

Helen Porter Utah 

William Donald Pressman Maryland 

William Kirby Price Maryland 

Evangelo James Priovolos Maryland 

Nancy Pyle Arizona 

Galen Kenneth Stuart Queen Maryland 

Carol Marie Quillen Maryland 

Ligia C. Ramirez Ecuador 

Eugene Francis Rosheger Maryland 

Vincent Anthony Roy Pennsylvania 

Dorothy Deitrich Russell Maryland 

Frieda Gebhardt Schaefer Maryland 

Betty Mae Scherr Maryland 

Marion Shiffer Maryland 

Solomon Snyder Maryland 

Jack Edward Taylor Maryland 

Peggy Jean Topping Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Turner Maryland 

Margaret Gould Tyson Maryland 

Frederick Carl Wagner Maryland 

Bertha Bailey Walker Maryland 

Donna Jean Walters D. C. 

Thomas Albert Ward Maryland 

Mprilyn Viva Webb California 

William J. Weber D. C. 

Paul Edmund Weisengoff Maryland 

Ann Joanne Welsh Maryland 

Frances Ann White Maryland 

Dorothy Gray Willard Maryland 

Evangeline Williams Maryland 

Pearl Mae Williams Maryland 

Sylvia Phyllis Wilner Maryland 

Suzanna Middleton Wilson D. C. 

Joanne Althea Wood Ohio 

John Francis Yesulaitis D. C. 


Elizabeth Anne Livingston Maryland 

Mary Louise Lowery Maryland 

Bachelor of Arts 

Carolyn Lucile Thompson. 


Bachelor of Science 

Joan Whitehurst Bennett D. C. 

Iris Ann Berger Maryland 

Louise Mary Bute Maryland 

Elizabeth Schaeffer Cissel Maryland 

Anna Klaff Emerson Maryland 

Bertie Wheatley Era Maryland 

Marguerite Buckler Gettier Maryland 

Erma Stuart Halliday Maryland 

Helen H. Irwin Maryland 

Lilliam Proser Jablow Maryland 

Tolbert Fike Lawyer Maryland 

Bess B. Lemmon Maryland 

Alice Morgan Love Maryland 

George Raymond Merrill New Jersey 

Mattie Ruth Mezick Maryland 

Dorothy May Moler Maryland 

Mary Agnes Morningstar Maryland 

Ruby Giles Myers Maryland 


Maude Brannock Pritchett Maryland 

Rachael Smith Rickards Maryland 

Cora A. Schultz Maryland 

Nina Buist Smith Maryland 

Georgie Anna Streett Maryland 

Emily Lawson Tilghman Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Frances Ann White 
Dorothy Louise Hansel 
Ellen Julius Atlas 
Mary Margaret Mueller 
Mary Elizabeth Turner 
John Francis Yesulaitis 
Joan Whitehurst Bennett 
Robert Joseph Renault 
Marguerite Buckley Gettier 
Virginia Carolyn Reeves 
Mary Ann Kifer 
William J. Weber 
Lillian Proser Jablow 

Second Honors 

Gloria Mullinax Isaacson 
Solomon Snyder 
Cecile Jones Barnes 
Peggy Jean Topping 
Ann Marie Bennett 
Kathleen MacAloney 
Carolyn Lucile Thompson 
Victor H. Olmsted 
Judith D. G. Henle 
Bettv Gene Collier 
Alfred Whitehead Little 
Nancy Pyle 
Jeanine Ruth Eberts 
Eleanor Ruth Hodgson 



Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg 
Bachelor of Science 

Chailes Henry Asplen Maryland 

George Arthur Bainard Maryland 

William Bass Maryland 

Jack Franklin Beck Maryland 

Charles John Bernhard Maryland 

Otto Julius Blumenstein Maryland 

Robert Olin Bond Maryland 

James Edward Burkett Maryland 

Edward Arthur Burnap, Jr Maryland 

Vincent Norman Cammarata Maryland 

Robert William Camp Maryland 

Thom»s John Capello Maryland 

Andre Louis-France Caradec Maryland 

Ralph Lawrence Cecchetti Maryland 

Alfred Vernon Conner Maryland 

Richard Hale Crompton Maryland 

Roy James Davis Maryland 

Wayne Allen DeMoss Maryland 

Egbert DeVries D. C. 

William E. Drissel D. C. 

Clingman Eugene Emerson Maryland 

Thomas Reese Evans Maryland 

Thomas Dewey Field, Jr Virginia 

William Edward Fischer Maryland 

Norman Daniel Frank Alabama 

Marvin Charles Fuchs Maryland 

John James Gallagher D. C. 

Edson Earle Gardner, Jr Maryland 

John Daniel Gates Maryland 

Anthony Julian Gugliotta New York 

William Byron Haiber D. C. 

Alan Paul Haines Maryland 

Charles Morgan Harman Maryland 

George Boardman Harmon D. C. 

Robert Marvin Haynes Maryland 

William "J" Hess D. C. 

Donald William Hinrichs Maryland 

Richard Allen Hobbs Maryland 

Charles Edward Hodgson Maryland 

James Paul Hoffman Maryland 

John William Hughes Maryland 

Jacob Richard Jacobsen Maryland 

Richard Martin Jansson D. C. 

Robert Francis Jones Maryland 

Sheldon Charles Koellish Maryland 

Basilios Dimitrios Kouroupis Maryland 

Algimantas Jonas Kuprenas D. C. 

Wayne L. Larrick Maryland 

Gerald Warner Longanecker Maryland 

James Simon MacKenzie, Jr Maryland 

Gerald McGovern D. C. 

Marion Burton McVernon Maryland 

Eugene George Michel Maryland 

Lawrence Orndorff Miller Maryland 

Robert Joseph Moffatt Virginia 

Donald Lee Myers Virginia 

Almyer Johnson Neigh New Jersey 

George Francis Neimeyer Maryland 

Alexander McCue Newton D. C. 

Richard Carol Nichols Maryland 

Leo Thomas O'Brien, Jr New Jersey 

Gilbert Wesley Ousley D. C. 

John Howard Park, Jr Maryland 

James Brendan Pettit Maryland 

Richard Jeirimiah Ponds, Jr Maryland 

Harris Gordon Prival Maryland 

Richard D. J. Proctor Maryland 

Robert Edward Quenstedt Maryland 

Charles Theodore Raabe Maryland 

Richard Andrew Remeta New Jersey 

Alfred Edwin Robinson, Jr Maryland 

Edgar Maclin Roby Maryland 

Erich Gottfried Schlaile Maryland 

Robert George Schwartz Maryland 

Hans Donald Schweizer Maryland 

Robert Samuel Senator Maryland 


Richard John Seraphin New Jersey 

LeRoy J. Singleton Virginia 

Raymond Smith Maryland 

Charles Elhvood Smyrk, Jr Maryland 

Ray Spears Sowell Maryland 

Ronald Wesley Spangenberg Maryland 

Jack Star D. C. 

Thomas George Steinmetz Maryland 

Robert Boyd Stephens D. C. 

William Bertram Stitz Maryland 

Horace Fennell Sykes, V Pennsylvania 

Iradj Gajar Tadjbakhsh Iran 

Colin Edward Timmis Maryland 

William Hov.-ard Trogdon Virginia 

Henry Arthur Tucker, Jr D. C. 

Thomas Charles VanVranken Colorado 

William Henry Vieth Maryland 

Frederick David Vogel Maryland 

Charles Edwin Waggner, HI Maryland 

Richard Cosmer Waldron Maryland 

Ronald Gerard Walter New Jersey 

William Coulter Wanbaugh D. C. 

Fred Yates Ward Maryland 

Wallace Jack White Maryland 

Robert Clark Wilson D. C. 

Franklin David Wolffe D. C. 

Elmer Albert Woodin Massachusetts 

Robert Leslie Worrell Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 

Edwin Stephen Meekins Maryland 

James Garnet Peck Maryland 

Albert Sherman Pennsylvania 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Eugene George Michel 
Robert Boyd Stephens 
Charles Edwin Waggner, III 
Jonas Algimantas Kuprenas 
Gerald Warner Longanecker 
Horace Fennell Sykes 
Charles Morgan Harman 
John Howard Park, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented by Dean M. Marie Mount 

Bachelor of Science 

Carolyn Leslye Bailey Maryland 

Mary Edith Baker Maryland 

Frances J. Beury Georgia 

Maril>Ti Jeanne Bruya Maryland 

Marilyn Frances Carey D. C. 

Elizabeth Ann Cave Maryland 

Nancy Lea Clements D. C. 

Patricia Ellen Courtright Virginia 

Julia Anne Daugherty Maryland 

Barbara Elizabeth David Maryland 

Patricia Annette Deary D. C. 

Margaret Estelle Dinkle Maryland 

Mary Anne Evans Pennsylvania 

Marilyn Jacque Fischer New Jersey 

Shirley Adams Fishback Missouri 

Ann Louise Gerkin Maryland 

Beverley Louise Goldberg Maryland 

Janice Lovre Hall Maryland 

Janet Marie Hunter D. C. 

Helen Jackson Maryland 

Elizabeth Edgar Johnson Maryland 

Carolyn EveljTa Jones Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Jones Maryland 

Nancy Lee Joseph Maryland 

Marilyn June Plusch Kragh Maryland 

Lorene Virginia Ladd Maryland 

Patricia Ann Lahey Maryland 

Joanne Levin Maryland 

Patricia Ann LjTich Maryland 

Annette Marie Cecilia Mayea.. Pennsylvania 

Thomas Coleman Mulligan, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Vincent Murphy Maryland 

Lois Mary Pester Maryland 

Alice Marjorie Phillips Maryland 

Katherine Teresa Pinto Maryland 

Jacquelyn Faith Pumell D. C. 

Katherine Louise Reno Maryland 

Elaine Bowen Scott Maryland 

Sara Anna Shoemaker Maryland 

Laurene Merle Smith Maryland 

Shirley Eva Smith Maryland 

Barbara Jean Taylor Maryland 

Barbara Betty Thalman Maryland 

Deirdre Patricia Tiemey Maryland 

Valerie VanDei-werker Maryland 

Mary Lou Vernon Maryland 


Nan Ellin Weinman Maryland 

Jane Jourdan Williams Maryland 

Betty Henrietta Woodard D. C. 

Paula Elaine Zamansky D. C. 


Bachelor of Science 
Anna Belle Fosdick Maryland Jeane Scott Peatross D. C. 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Alice Marjorie Phillips 
Marilyn Frances Carey 
Deirdre Patricia Tierney 
Shirley Eva Smith 
Nancy Lea Clements 
Barbara Jean Taylor 

Second Honors 

Valerie Vanderwerker 
Katherine Teresa Pinto 
Marilyn Jeanne Bruya 
Jacquelyn Faith Pumell 
Laurene Merle Smith 


Candidates will be presented by Colonel Joseph R. Ambrose 

Bachelor of Science 

George William Adams, Jr Texas 

Thomas William Cyril Adams Maryland 

Howard Charles Agne, Jr Ohio 

James J. Albertson South Dakota 

Roy Cecil Allen Virginia 

Oscar Shannon Anderson, Jr, 

North Carolina 

Robert Henry Anderson Maryland 

Clark Milton Avery D. C. 

Max Powell Bailey, Jr Indiana 

William Baily Washington 

Buford Russell Barrett D. C, 

Clifford Frank Baxter D. C. 

George Joseph Biggs Virginia 

Frank James Blankenship Virginia 

George Erwin Blau Virginia 

Howard W. Bollmann Virginia 

Rosewell Page Bowles, Jr Virginia 

Harry Francis Boyle New Jersey 

Ralph Edward Brandel Ohio 

Alfonso Hugh Butera Maryland 

Gordon Wilson Butler Virginia 

Eugene Watson Byrne Virginia 

Edward John Chapin, Jr D. C. 

Charles Dean Chitty, Jr Georgia 

Thomas Howard Claunch Alabama 

Raymond Verl Clifford Virginia 

James Harold Coats Tennessee 

Joseph Stanford Conlin Virginia 

Edmund White Creekmore Virginia 

Felder Wilson Cullum D, C, 

Laurence Edward Curran, Jr Virginia 

Richard Owen Davidson Virginia 

Edward Lowndes Davis, Jr Pennsylvania 

Maurice Stanley Dillingham Florida 

Thomas Joseph Dolan, Jr New Jersey 

Franklyn William Donahue Virginia 

Matthias Francis Donelan Virginia 

Jesse Frank Doubleday Virginia 

Cecil George Doyle Virginia 

Leonard Drazen Virginia 

Leslie Bertram Eadie New York 

Herman Roy Eidem Illinois 

Robert Benjamin Engesser Virginia 

Murl Estes Missouri 

Walter Ray Ewing Illinois 

Gregory Joseph Fitzgerald Maryland 

William A. Foote California 

Jay William Foster Maryland 

Joseph Franke Maryland 

Carl Leroy Frederick, Jr Maryland 

Fred Hari-ison Gage, Jr Florida 

Leroy Marcus Glodell Maryland 

Glenn Winfield Goodman Arkansas 

Franklin Brown Goodspeed Virginia 

Richard Joseph Gorey Massachusetts 

Edward Graham D. C. 

David Fletcher Gray Florida 

Robert John Hagreen Michigan 

Meredith Saffell Hale Maryland 

Charles Milton Hall Tennessee 

Eugene Hammonds Maryland 

Joseph Emeric Hannah Maryland 

Bernard Francis Hannan D. C. 

Harvey James Harris Kentucky 

Douglas Turnbull Harryman Maryland 

Kenneth Garlin Haymaker Virginia 

William Dewey Heier Missouri 

Landis Duane Henderson Michigan 

Boyd Francis Herman Ohio 

Arno P. Herzer New Jersey 

Herbert Roy Hogue D. C. 

Emmett L. Holt Maryland 

Jack O'Quin Horton California 

Fred Samuel Hudson Maryland 

Harry David Hughes Virginia 

Leslie Russell Hunt Ohio 

David Boone Jones California 


Gordon Edward Jones Texas 

John Paul Kelly Virginia 

Othmar Arthur John Kemper Virginia 

Bruce Keirce Kimbel Virginia 

Margaret Aleth Kimpton Virginia 

Charles Eugene Kirkpatrick Virginia 

Albert J. Kirsling Wisconsin 

Richard George Knapp New York 

Robert Walter Koernig Pennsylvania 

James Joseph Kouten New York 

Norbert Jack Krieg Maryland 

Richard E. Kyle D. C. 

James Lake Virginia 

Thomas William Lamb New York 

Ralph Stuart Lamontagne Virginia 

James Joseph Lannon Pennsylvania 

Robert Grady Laster Virginia 

Roland Henry Leisy D, C. 

Roy George Lindquist Illinois 

Earnest Elias Livaditis Illinois 

Terrance Marshall Longacre Virginia 

Ralph Morton Lower Washington 

John Lowman Virginia 

Duncan Henry MacKenzie Ohio 

Edward Francis Mahoney Virginia 

George Donald Malhiot New Jersey 

Walton Chapin Manee New York 

William Harris Marley California 

Harold August Mattson New York 

Henry Donald McGlade Maryland 

Hugh Lee McKinney North Carolina 

Kent Marcus McKusker Iowa 

Robert Edgar McNew Virginia 

James Elmer Merfa Maryland 

Dale J. Metzinger Maryland 

Louie Miller, Jr Virginia 

David Albert Morgan D. C. 

Emerson Eugene Morris Pennsylvania 

Harry James Morrison Virginia 

Jesse Eugene Nettles Virginia 

Peyton Gartrell Nevitt D. C. 

Henry Maurice Nielsen California 

Ellsworth Terrill Nobles Montana 

Francis William O'Brien Virginia 

Wilbern Luther Packett Virginia 

Thomas Francis Pakenham... .Pennsylvania 

Harold Lionel Palmer Virginia 

Simeon Pate, Jr Illinois 

Adrian Henry Perry Maryland 

Edward Casimir Petraitis Maryland 

William David Phears Michigan 

Joseph Forrest Phillips Virginia 

John Andrew Poe Maryland 

Charles Edward Pugh Maryland 

Alexander Johnston Rankin Virginia 

George Maxwell Reiley, Jr D. C. 

Jerome Reiss New York 

Robert Wylie ReLfe D. C. 

William Lewis Rice, Jr Missouri 

Joseph Edward Richstatter Kansas 

Charles Monroe Roberts Texas 

Gerald Graham Robinson California 

Walter M. Robson Illinois 

David Allen Roe Maryland 

Ralph "C" Rosacker Kansas 

Kevin Thomas Ryan, Jr Maryland 

Henry Joseph Ryland Maryland 

Peter Thomas Sadow New York 

James Burton Sanders Texas 

James Boyd Sanford Iowa 

Arthur Andrew Scott D. C. 

Harold Joseph Seeber Illinois 

James Edward Sever Virginia 

Charles Nelson Shane California 

William Franklin Shutt, Jr Texas 

James Benjamin Silman Virginia 

Ray Benjamin Sitton Georgia 

Franklin Eugene Smith Texas 

Theodore Hunter Smith Maryland 

Royal T. Squires D. C. 

Richard Allan Steele Pennsylvania 

Donn Pere Strausbaugh Maryland 

David Hardy Sudderth, Jr Florida 

James Allen Suddeth Georgia 

Francis Ariel Swope Virginia 

Ira D. Sykes, Jr Texas 

Kan Tagami California 

William Mathews Tantum New Jersey 

Richard Edward Tiede Iowa 

Henry Louis Timmermans New York 

William Jack Tipton Virginia 

Albert Anthony Tisone Ohio 

Ralph Reid Todd Pennsylvania 

Paul Alonzo Trees Ohio 

James Mansel Tubb Mississippi 

Thomas Adrian Van Vliet New Jersey 

Robert Donald Vaughn Kansas 

Luster Azil Vickrey, Jr Maryland 

Stonewall Pershing Vintson Alabama 

Charles David Vollmer Virginia 

William James Walker Virginia 

Alan Jay Warshawer Virginia 

Barton Hyer Watson Idaho 

Melvin Simon Weil, Jr Virginia 

Jeffery O'Neal Wellborn Texas 

Edgar Wilkie Wheeler Virginia 

Robert Farrell Wheeler Vi?-ginia 

Vv'illiam Davidson Wight Illinois 

Harry James Williams California 

Henry F. Windmoeller Maryland 

Frederick Joseph Wittlinger Nebraska 

Robert Sparrel Wood Virginia 

William Amos Wood D. C. 

Joseph Lloyd Wosser, Jr California 

Lawi-ence William Wrenn Massachusetts 


Bachelor of Science 

John Joseph Alder Texas 

Kenneth Kermit Anderson Washington 

Glower Franklin Ashley Georgia 

Joseph A. Bailey Tennessee 

Roy Ambrose Bryan Virginia 

Robert Ellis Carlson Iowa 

Douglas Henry Carter Virginia 

Allison Alan Conrad Virginia 

Russell Rooks Curington California 

Murray Edward Davis New York 


Thomas Randall French South Dakota 

Herbert John Gall D. C. 

Edwin J. Giese Kansas 

Gene Guerny Ohio 

Tom Bryson Hembree Virginia 

Harold Richard Johnson D. C. 

Warren Harding Jones Georgia 

Dan George Kadrovach D. C. 

John Michael Lovett Maryland 

Eugene Theodore Malhiot D. C. 

Leonard Peter Marks New York 

Thomas John McGrath Maryland 

Shubal King McMillan, Jr Alabama 

Richard Anthony Naldrett Texas 

John William Nelson D. C. 

James Daniel O'Steen D. C. 

Lawrence Patrick Reynolds Florida 

Edward Southward Robbins Alabama 

Oliver V. Robichaud Maine 

James Otto Rudolph Michigan 

George Truett Settles Texas 

Richard Arthur Sexton Virginia 

Richard Raymond Shoop Virginia 

Joseph Arthur Stenglein Nebraska 

Leslie Roger Stoeber Mississippi 

Edward H. Voorhees Virginia 

J. W. Way, Jr D. C. 

Charles Hamilton Whitledge California 

Robert Gray Wissman Kansas 

Walter Zaharevitz Connecticut 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

James Mansel Tubb 
Ira D. Sykes, Jr. 
Lawi'ence William Wrenn 
Robert Walter Koernig 

Second Honors 

Kenneth Garlin Haymaker 
William Lewis Rice, Jr. 
Albert J. Kirsling 
William Davidson Wight 
Edward Francis Mahoney 
Robert Edgar McNew 
Richard Allan Steele 
Arno P. Herzer 
Russell Rooks Curington 
William Amos Wood 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Lester M. Fraley 

Bachelor of Science 

Frederick J. Adler, Jr D. C. 

John Reber Alderton Maryland 

Donald Paul Baranick Pennsylvania 

William Dean Boyer D. C. 

William Edward Branch, Jr Maryland 

Charles Franklin Bready Maryland 

Nicholas William Bringas Maryland 

George Robert Butler Maryland 

James Hagerman Conner Maryland 

Lillian Rae Davis Maryland 

Ronald Eugene Elwell Maryland 

Betty Ann Fellows Maryland 

Eugene Paul Giuseppe Virginia 

Mary Anne Harryman Maryland 

George Blair Hickman Virginia 

Harry Robert Huffer Maryland 

Wilma Brown Kirchner Maryland 

Phyllis Byrd Knode Maryland 

Norman Frank Koeller New Jersey 

Lynne Hazel Langstroth Massachusetts 

Carol Louise O'Brien Maryland 

Clement Anthony Peterpaul Maryland 

Robert Otto Ricci Rhode Island 

James Steven Robinson Maryland 

Robert Kenneth Rodeffer Maryland 

Mary Clement Rogers Maryland 

Betty Jean Sale Maryland 

Shirley Anne Schwartz Maryland 

Benjamin Shochet Maryland 

Wallace Phillips Smith, Jr Maryland 

Charles Clifford Trexler, Jr Pennsylvania 

Lloyd Foard Umbarger Maryland 

William Edward Vaughan Maryland 

John A. Wallace New Jersey 


Bachelor of Science 

Peter Van Buren Isburgh Maryland 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Mary Clement Rogers 
Charles Franklin Bready 
Betty Jean Sale 
William Edward Branch, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Ray Ehrensberger 

Bachelor of Arts 

Garnet Christian Bromberg.... Pennsylvania John B. Ford Texas 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Noel E. Foss 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Rosalie Greenberg Abrams Maryland 

Marvin Anshell Maryland 

Philip Bogash Maryland 

Stanley Saul Brager Maryland 

Stuart Harmon Brager Maryland 

George James Burke Maryland 

Gilbert Cohen Maryland 

Edward Ellis Coleman, Jr Delaware 

Marvin Lewis Edell New York 

Stanley Zvi Felsenberg Maryland 

Samuel Gelblum Maryland 

Eileen Fedder Goldstein Maryland 

Morton Greenberg Maryland 

David Don Greenfeld Maryland 

Mayer Handelman Maryland 

Donald Raymond Helinski Maryland 

Charles C. T. Henderson Maryland 

Frederick Joseph Henretty Maryland 

Irene Leona Hilinski Maryland 

Dean Ellis Leavitt Maine 

Willard James Lennox Maryland 

Marvin Manes Levenson Maryland 

Daniel Melvin Levin Maryland 

Arnold Isadore Levins Maryland 

Frederick Magaziner Maryland 

John Raymond Mentzer, Jr Maryland 

Stanley Joseph Merwitz Maryland 

Richard John Mutch Pennsylvania 

Herman Prigal Maryland 

David M. Rombro Maryland 

Joseph Vincent Scelsi Maryland 

Stanley Scherr Maryland 

Bernardine Marilyn Schwartz Maryland 

Jerome Settleman Maryland 

Harold G. Sherr Maryland 

Morton I. Silverstein Maryland 

Robert Sidney Sinker D. C. 

I. Barry Statter Maryland 

Joseph Edward Thompson Maryland 

John Harry Weingarten Maryland 

Harry Robert Wille Maryland 

Rudolph Franz Winternitz Maryland 

Jonas Julius Yousem Maryland 

Walter Chester Zajac Maryland 



Gold Medal for General Excellence Stuart Harmon Brager 

The William Simon Memorial Prize Donald Rajmiond Helinski 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize Daniel Melvin Levin 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize Walter Chester Zajac 

The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize Eileen Fedder Goldstein 

The David Fink Memorial Prize Stanley Saul Brager 

The Beta Chapter, Phi Alpha Fraternity Prize Harry Robert Wille 

The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity Prize Frederick Magaziner 

Certificates of Honor 

Daniel Melvin Levin Donald Raymond Helinski 

Walter Chester Zajac 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Florence M. Gipe 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Nancy Patricia Anderson Maryland 

Virginia Lee Franklin Maryland 

Shirley Marie Johns Maryland 

Shirley Mae Jones Maryland 

Hazel I>orothy McLay Maryland 

Katherine Imogene Robinson D, C. 

Betty Lou Shubkagel Maryland 

Ruby Sterling Strack D. C. 

Gloria Alice Teagarden Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Florence M. Gipe 

Graduate in Nursing 

Patricia Leffel Anderson Maryland 

Carol Boehm Austin Maryland 

Marie Doris Bowling Maryland 

Barbara Eileen Burchett Maryland 

Georgia Etta Crawford Maryland 

Patricia Mae Crist Maryland 

Betty Ann Dorfler Maryland 

Ella Startte Elbourne Maryland 

Barbara Yates Elgin Maryland 

Emily Webster Fitzgerald D. C. 

Pamela Stoddard Fleming Maryland 

Bertha Jean Hauver Maryland 

Barbara Carter Herring Maryland 

Muriel Gwendolyn Hewell Maryland 

Charlene Raye Hibberd Maryland 

Nesta Eileen Hine Maryland 

Rose Marie Hines West Virginia 

Stella Kernan West Virginia 

Naomi Snyder Lees Maryland 

Joyce Christine LeFever Maryland 

Elaine Loree Lewis Maryland 

Mildred Marlene MacKenzie Maryland 

Mary Helen Marshall Maryland 

Faye Anita Elsie Parks Maryland 

Marlene Barnes Reid Maryland 

Catharine Louise Reinhart Maryland 

Margaret Ann Richardson Maryland 

Nancy Jane Ricks Maryland 

Joan Carolyn Ritter Maryland 

Verna Joan Ritzmann Maryland 

Gwendolyn Elaine Robertson Maryland 

Katharine Virginia Swint Maryland 

Mary Lee Thompson Maryland 

Jean E. Weller Maryland 

Elaine G. Widman New Jersey 

Demetria Wijangco Philippines 

Alta Fay Willson North Carolina 

Mildred M. Wilson Maryland 

Patricia Ann Wolfe Virginia 

Mary Lee Nations Wolfel Maryland 

Catherine Belle Yingling Maryland 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Prize to the student 
having the highest average in scholarship. 

Awarded to Elaine Grace Widman 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship. 

Awarded to Mary Helen Marshall 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Prize for executive ability. 

Awarded to Muriel Gwendolyn Hewell 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman Prize for practical nursing and for dis- 
playing the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients. 

Awarded to Alta Fay Willson 

The Flora Hoffman Tarun Memorial Prize, awarded for leadership, loyalty, and 
school spirit. 

Awarded to Betty Ann Dorfler 

The Sarah Finkelstein Memorial Prize, awarded to the nurse who has excelled in 

Awarded to Marie Doris Bowling 

The Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider Prize, awarded to the nurse who has consistent- 
ly maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospi- 
tal personnel. 

Awarded to Katherine Imogene Robinson 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Pin and Membership in 
the Association for practical nursing and executive ability, given by the Women's 
Auxiliary Board. 

Awarded to Joyce Christine LeFever 

The J. M. H. Rowland Award, offered to the most proficient nurse in the Obstetric- 
al Department. 

Awarded to Margaret Ann Richardson 

The Dr. Arthur M. Shipley Award, given by Dr. Hugh A. Bailey to the graduates 
who are judged the best technical undergraduates in Operating Room procedures. 

Awarded to — First Award Marlene Barnes Reid 

Second Awards Patricia Ann Wolfe 

Patricia Mae Crist 



George Henry Albrecht 
John Reber Alderton 
James Redford Aldridge 
Robert Bernard Annenberg 
James Ignatius Baginski 
Symcha Morton Baker 
John William Biggs 
James Dayton Blackwell 
Lerov Clifton Blankenship 
Robert Olin Bond 
James Travis Branch 
William Edward Branch, Jr. 
Charles Franklin Bready, Jr. 
Nicholas William Bringas 
Howard Kenneth Brown 
Charles Lloyd Bucy 
Allan Davis Burk, Jr. 
James Edward Burkett 
Edward Arthur Eurnap, Jr. 
Virgil Heni-y Carr, Jr. 
Robert Leonard Can-igan 
David Cathcart Chickering 
Robert Aspold Clemens 
William Chase Coale, Jr. 
John Joseph Collins 
Henry Louis Collomb 
Wayne Lionel Combs 
Davin Thomas Connelly, Jr. 
James Hagennan Conner 
Robert John Cottone 
Joseph William Cover 
Lloyd George Cox 
Richard Earl Cox 
Richard Hale Crompton 
Mace Alan Crystal 
Laurence Edward Cun-an, Jr. 
Louis Aubrey Decatur 
James Oliver Delevett 
Wayne Allen DeMoss 
George William England, Jr. 
Robert Edward Engle 
Bernard Anthony Enis, Jr. 
Donald Francis Erlbeck 
Frederic Donald Estes 
Charles Richard Eveland 
James Samuel Faulkner 
James Martin Femiano 
Robert Frederick Fischer 
William Edward Fischer 

Clark Seal Fitzhugh, Jr. 
Robert Lull Forward 
Xorman Daniel Frank 
Carl Leroy Frederick, Jr. 
Tilarvin Charles Fuchs 
Clarence Dixon Gaddy, Jr. 
John James Gallagher 
.James Stuart Gibson, Jr. 
Donald Melvin Goldman 
Richard Joseph Gorey 
Eugene Stanley Gorski 
John Henry Guender 
James Hardy Hathaway 
George Benton Havens 
John David Herbert 
George Blair Hickman 
Charles William Hohman, Jr 
Elmer Edward Horsey 
Carroll David House 
Fred Samuel Hudson 
Jared Merle Huebel 
James Arthur Jerman, Jr. 
Robert Francis Jones 
Stuart Edward Jones, Jr. 
Jay Robert Joseph 
Morley Allan Jull, Jr. 
Victor Howard Jungk, Jr. 
Joseph George Katona 
William Robert Kenty 
Allen Julian Krowe 
Edward Carl Kuhl Jr. 
Hugh Carter Laine 
Stephen Swan Langley, III 
Robert Grady Laster 
Julian Paul Lawson 
Wade Rigby Leech 
Victor Alexander Leuci 
Gerald Warner Longanecker 
Edward Elmer Lugenbeel 
Donald Curtis Mack 
James Simon MacKenzie. Jr. 
William Lee Maddox, Jr. 
George Jay Malley 
Robert Alan Margulies 
Robert Dana Mariner, Jr. 
William Harris Marley 
Edwai-d Junius Martin 
John Francis Martin, Jr. 
Gerald McGovern 


James Valleau Miller 
Thomas David Miller 
Eari Paul Mink 
Robert Joseph Moffatt 
Donald Eugene Moran 
Robert Roger Muller 
Donald Lee Myers 
James Henry Myers 
Burton Lawrence Xewlander 
Richard Carol Nichols 
George William H. Pierson 
Don Courtney Piper 
David Allen Power 
Forrest Johnston Prettyman 
Richard Paul Prevosto 
William Kirby Price 
. Evangelo James Priovolos 
Charles Edward Pugh 
Charles Theodore Raabe 
James Walter Ramsay 
Philip Albert Recknor 
Donald Thomas Reilly, Jr. 
Richard Andrew Remeta 
Theodore Silkman 

Repplier, Jr. 
Robert Otto Ricci 
James Steven Robinson 
Edgar Maclin Roby 
John David Rohrer, Jr. 
Richard Re-^d Rollins 
Kevin Thomas Ryan, Jr. 
Henry Joseph Ryland 
David Frank Schafer 
John Jacob Seibert 
John Robert Shanahan 
Maurice Shapiro 
Daniel Warren Sixbey 
David Wayne Smith 
Rodney Carl Smith 
Theodore Hunter Smith 
Ronald Wesley Spangenberg 
Royal T. Squires, Jr. 
Robert Frederick Steinlauf 
Robert Boyd Stephens 
Julian Basil Stevens, Jr. 
George August Suter, Jr. 
William Mathews Tantum 
George Alexander Terrell 
Donald Roger Tindal 

Wallace Jack White 
Donald Ross Williams 
Lawrence Arndt Wishner 
Floyd Mack Wyatt, Jr. 
Gerald Alan Yager 
John Anthony Yeabower 

John Peyton Torbert John Joseph Vrotacoe, Jr. 

Charles Clifford Trexler, Jr. Frederick Carl Wagner 
Michael Patrick Troiano, Jr. Thomas Albert Ward 
Henry Arthur Tucker, Jr. David Deshler Watson 
Thomas Charles VanVranken Ralph Paul Weingarden 
Luster Azil Vickrey, Jr. Charles Thomas Weller 

Frederick David Vogel Donald Charles Wheeler 

The candidates listed below have successfully completed the entire Air Force 
Reserve Officers Training Corps course of instruction prescribed by law and regulations. 
Provided they are otherwise qualified, they will be eligible for appointment as Second 
Lieutenants, Reserve of the Air Force, upon completion of the obligated period of active 
service in the Armed Forces prescribed by the Universal Military Training and Service 
Act (Public Law 54, 82nd Congress), unless tendered a commission before completion 
of such obligation 

Gilbert Herman 

Donald William Hinrichs 

Charles Edward Hodgson 

George James Hoyle 

Richard Martin Jansson 

Donald Streiman Jewell 

Arthur Cyrus Johnston 

Jacob Katz 

Floyd Frederick Koch 

Albert Samuel Krause, Jr. 

Carl Henry Krienen, Jr. 

Laurence Irving Lamphier, 

Joseph H. Lichtenstein 

Daniel Bernard Lyons, III 

Franklin Bernard Mallory 

Frederick Marchionna 

John Carroll Mathews 

Francis J. Mcllvaine 

Donald James McWilliams 

Edward Oakley Merritt 

Lawrence Orndorff Miller 

Jay Howard Monfred 

John Robinson Moyer 

Vernon Wilbur Mules 

John Faris Myers 

John Benson Nelson, Jr. 
HONORS, MEDALS, AND PRIZES— College Park Division 
Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society 
Graduate Students 

Stanley Paul Allen 

Daniel Jay Arris 

Simon Atlas 

Glenn Samuel Bachtell 

Forrest Augustus Berwager, 

David Lee Bowers 
Alfred Goodrich Bradley 
David William Bruning 
William James Campbell 
Edward John Chapin, Jr. 
John Seth Clark 
Victor Peter Cole 
Harold Thornton Coss 
Troy Keith Davis 
William E. Drissel 
Sherod Leaphart Earle, III 
Ronald Eugene Elwell 
Craig Becker Fisher 
Marvin Harold Geller 
Henry Elias Gerhart 
Donald Maurice Goldstein 
Percy Edward Goody 
Myer E. Grossfeld 
Edward Joseph Gutman 
William Ray Hancock 
Robert Lee Harrell 

Evangelos Theodore Nichols 
Gilbert Wesley Ousley 
Ralph Richard Palumbo 
Thornton Jenkins Parker, 

Arnold Pazornik 
Donald Albers Pickering 
Jose Antonio Pomar 
Henry Edward Richter, Jr. 
Julio Cesar Rivera Ilarraza 
Robert Kenneth Rodeffer 
Lonnie Bruce Rubin 
Dino Eddie Sfredo 
Ivan Jay Shefferman 
Julian Alpheus Tavenner 
Jack Edward Taylor 
Roland Nagle Thompson 
William Dale Timmons, Jr. 
James Samuel Van Ness 
Ronald Gerard Walter 
Paul Edward Waring, Jr. 
Daniel E. Welch 
Richard Thomas Williams 
Eugene Fred Wolfarth 
Robert Leslie Worrell 

Raymond Richai-d Bouche 
John Marion Burnside 
Richard Wayne Calisch 
Merton A. Christensen 
Bert B. Cohen 
Ray Charles Colton 
Patricia Irvin Cooper 
John MjTick Dawson 
Peggy Ann Dixon 
Eitel Wolf Dobert 
Mary Carolyn Dunlap 
Yehia Mahmoud Ezzat 

Ellen J. Atlas 
Simon Atlas 
Ruth Ellen Bauman 
Ann Marie Bennett 
John William Biggs 
Richard Bee Bland 
Jane Pennington Cahill 
Willard Shattuck Cahill 
Marilyn Frances Carey 
Neri Anthony Clark 
Betty Gene Collier 
Edgar Allan Day 
Caroline Anne Esser 
Marguerite Buckler Gettier 
Dorothy L. Hansel 
Jennifer Hauk 

Ralph Forman 
Earl David Giggard 
Katherine Marie Harris 
Burris Frederick Husman 
William Robert Jenkins 
Mary Russell Jones 
Walter Anthony Konetzka 
Aaron Kornetsky 
Robert Liss 

Colburn Brundidge Lovett 
Clark Edward Luther 
Morton V. Malin 
Jewel E. Brooks Mullineaux 

Robert Joseph Henault 
George Edward Henkel 
Elizabeth Ann Houghton 
Jean Happ Hudson 
Arthur Cyrus Johnston 
Mary Ann Kif er 
Algimantas John Kuprenas 
Trent Ronald Lewis 
Cora Lurie 

Eugene George Michel 
Elizabeth Harriet Mouser 
Marv Margaret Mueller 
Eda Schrader Offutt 
James Van Ogle 
Victor Hugo Olmsted 
Richard Charles Parkhurst 

James Allen Myatt 

Stanley Nobel 

Emma Veronica Ramirez 

Luther James Reid, Jr. 

Leo Schubert 

Francis Michael Sirotnak 

Jerry Skopek 

Edward Arthur Stahly 

William Myron Tucker 

Thomas David Watkins 

Sture Vemer Westerberg 

Alice Marjorie Phillips 
Don Courtney Piper 
Virginia Carolyn Reeves 
Joyce Llewellyn Sherwin 
Robert Boyd Stephens 
Kenneth Reagan Stunkel 
Peggy Jean Topping 
Mary Elizabeth Turner 
M. Fairfax Umer 
Charles Edwin Waggner, III 
Richard Warren Waters 
J. W. Way, Jr. 
William J. Weber 
Prances Ann White 
John F. Yesulaitis 
Walter Zaharevitz 


Citizenship Prize, offered by President H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member 
of the senior class who, during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model 
citizen and who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the 

Awarded to John Francis Martin, Jr. 

The Sally Sterling Byrd Medal, offered by the family of the late Sally Sterling 
Byrd of Crisfield, Maryland, to the woman member of the senior class who best ex- 
emplifies the enduring qualities of the pioneer woman. These qualities should typify 
self-dependence, courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, 
willingness to sacrifice for others, strength of character, and those other qualities that 
enabled the pioneer woman to play such a fundamental part in the building of the 

Awarded to Jeanine Ruth Eberts 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. God- 
dard James, to the senior from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship and 
moral character. 

Awarded to Eugene George Michel 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award, offered to the woman member of the graduating 
class who has achieved the highest scholastic average for her entire course. 

Awarded to Frances Ann White 

Bernard L. Crozier Award, offered by the Maryland Association of Engineers to 
the senior in the College of Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made 
the greatest improvement in scholarship during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to Gerald Warner Longanecker 

American Society of Civil Engineers Award, offered by the Maryland Section of the 
American Society of Civil Engineers to the senior in the Department of Civil Engineer- 
ing who, in the opinion of the faculty of the Department, is the outstanding student 
in his class. 

Awarded to Gerald Warner Longanecker 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of 
the City of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual quali- 
ties practically applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to Frances Ann White and Gerald Warner Longanecker 

Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma Awai'd, to the graduating senior in chemis- 
try or chemical engineering with the highest scholastic standing. 

Awarded to Charles E. Waggner 

bigma Alpha Omicron Award, offered to the senior student majoring in Bacteiio- 
logy, for high scholarship, character, and leadership. 

Awarded to David Allen Power 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award, offered to the senior member of the group who has 
maintained the highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have 
been in attendance in the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to Frances Ann White 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award, offered to the senior members who 
have maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta average, 3.50. 

Awarded to: Jane Cahill, Jennifer Hauk, Elizabeth Houghton, Mary M. Mueller, 
Alice M. Phillips, Virginia C. Reeves, Mary E. Turner, and Frances A. White. 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award, offered to the man and woman members of 
the senior class who have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the Univer- 

Awarded to Jane Pennington Cahill and William Kirby Price 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key, offered to a member of the graduating class who 
has maintained the highest scholastic average for the entire fouz'-year coui'se in the 
College of Business and Public Administration. 

Awarded to Simon Atlas 

American Association of University Women Award to the senior girl for scholar- 
ship and community leadership. 

Awarded to Frances Ann White 

Grange Award, offered by the Maryland State Grange to the senior who has excelled 
in leadership, scholastic attainment, and has contributed meritorious service to the Col- 
lege of Agriculture. 

Awarded to Earl Beverley Miller 


Pi Delta Epsilon Award to the senior who has contributed the most to University 

Awarded to P- James Hansen, Jr. 

Borden Agricultural Scholarship Award. 

Awarded to Neri Anthony Clark 

Borden Home Economics Scholarship Award to the senior in the College of Home 
Economics with the highest scholastic rank. 

Awarded to Alice Marjorie Phillips 

Home Economics Alumni Award to the student who is outstanding in the applica- 
tion of Home Economics in her present living, and who shows promise of carrjring 
these into her future home and community. 

Awarded to Betty Henrietta Woodard 

The Education Alumni Award to the outstanding senior man and senior woman in 
the College of Education. 

Awarded to John Francis Yesulaitis and Eileen T. Reinhart 

Pi Sigma Alpha Fred Hays Memorial Award, given by an alumnus to the senior 
in Government and Politics having the highest average in Departmental courses. 

Awarded to Don Courtney Piper 

Men's League Cup to the graduating male senior who has done the most for the 
male student body. 

Awarded to John Francis Martin, Jr. 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the 
man who typifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to Martin Richard Crytzer 

Trophy offered by Louis W. Berger to the outstanding senior in baseball. 
Awarded to Edward F. Miller 

The Tom Birmingham Memorial Trophy, awarded by Benny and Hotsy Alperstein 
in memory of Tom Birmingham, 1937, to the outstanding member of the boxing team. 
Awarded to Garry Garber 

Dixie Walker Trophy Award for the boxer who shows the most improvement over 
the preceding year. 

Awarded to Leo J. Coyne, Jr. 

The Teke Trophy, offered by the Maryland Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fratern- 
ity to the student who during his four years at the University has rendered the greatest 
service to football. 

Awarded to Bernard J. Faloney 

The Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy, offered by William E. Krouse to the student 
who has contributed most to wrestling while at the University. 

Awarded to Robert Frederick Fischer 

The Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy awarded to the best football lineman of 
the year. 

Awarded to Stanley P. Jones 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award, given in memory of Hermie Evans, class 
of 1940, by his friends to the outstanding graduating senior trackman. 

Awarded to Clarence D. Gaddy, Jr. 

The Governor's Cup, offered to the commander of the best drilled squadron. 
Awarded to Cadet Captain Ronald J. Brooks 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the flight leader of the best drilled flight. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Charles Thomas Weller 

The Reserve Officers' Association Gold Medal for academic achievement. 
Awarded to Cadet Captain Simon Atlas 

The Reserve Officers' Association Silver Medal for academic achievement. 
Awarded to Cadet Lt. Don C. Piper 

The Reserve Officers' Association Bronze Medal for academic achievement. 
Awarded to Cadet Captain Algimantas J. Kuprenas 

Scabbard and Blade Coblentz Memorial Trophy to the Commanding Officer who has 
contributed to his unit. 

Awarded to Cadet Captain Richard M. Jansson 


Armed Forces Communications Medal, offered to the outstanding cadet in elec- 

Awarded to Cadet 1st Lt. Wayne Allen DeMoss 

Disabled American Veterans' Gold Cup Medal, offered to the outstanding Air Force 
R.O.T.C. Cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Royal T. Squires 

American Legion Award for outstanding leadership contribution to the Corps of 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel Delmar B. Spivey 

Glenn L. Martin Aeronautical Engineering Award for academic excellence. 
Awarded to Lt. James Edward Burkett 

Air Force Association Silver Medal for scholastic grades, individual characteristics 
and performance at summer camp. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Robert Lull Forward 

Awards made to other than seniors have been announced in the program for the 
Honors and Awards Assembly. 





















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