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CjctivilLes JjuiLoirKjj y^olUcje Jrark 

Saturday, June Fourth - Nineteen Fifty-Five 

,5, 003 


Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never rust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust, 
Remember Howard's warlike thrust. 
And all thy slumb'rers with the just, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

Come to thine own heroic throng, 

That stalks with Liberty along. 

And ring thy dauntless slogan song, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 


say can you see, — by the dawn's early light. 
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight, 
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air. 
Gave proof thro' the night — that our flag was still there. 
O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ? 


The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic 
procession are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the 
scholar since medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesias- 
tical dress since many of the scholars of that period were members of monastic 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes 
which has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the 
United States. Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — 
has its own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its 
long pointed sleeve. The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve extend- 
ing below the knee; the arm is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the 
doctor's gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening 
of this gown is faced with wide velvet bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a 
color indicating the general field of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for 
philosophy, green for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood 
which passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest 
of the hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. 
The color of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. The colors of the silk 
lining exposed in the center of the hood are those of the college or university which 
conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may 
be either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap 
may be gold. 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of 
distinctive color and design. 

^om*KeHCC9HCHt ^%o^^tatH f^S5 


Grand March, from Aida Verdi 

Rigaudon Campra 

Glenn Carow, University Organist 

The University Marshal 
Candidates for Degrees 
The Faculty 
The Presidential Party 


Reverend Alban Maguire, 0. F. M.,Holy Name College, 
Washington, D. C. 

The Star Spangled Banner Key 

The Audience, led by Professor Harlan Randall 


His Excellency, Theodore R. McKeldin, Governor of Maryland 

Hallelujah Chorus, from The Mount of Olives Beethoven 

The University Choirs, Fague K. Springmann, Conductor 

Dr. Vernon W. Lippard, 

Dean of the Yale University School of Medicine 

Maryland, My Maryland Randall 


Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, President, University of Maryland 

Pilgrims' Chorus, from Tannhaiiser Wagner 

The University Choirs 

Colonel Joseph R. Ambrose, Professor of Air Science 


Reverend Alban Maguire, 0. F. M. 


Coronation March, from The Prophet Meyerbeer 

The audience will please remain in place until the academic procession has marched out. 



Doctor of Science 

Doctor of Laws 

Doctor of Letters 

Doctor of Laws 

Doctor of Science 


OTIS GRAFTON ESHAM, Wicomico County 



ROBERT NEWELL STAGG, Worcester County 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Ronald Bamford 
Doctor of Philosophy 

Francis Raymond Adams, Jr Maryland 

Perry Baldwin Alers D. C. 

Leroy Romney AUdredge Maryland 

John Autian Pennsylvania 

Donald R. Bianco Iowa 

Robert Woosley Bishop Maryland 

John Haynes Bowen Pennsylvania 

Fred Harold Brock Maryland 

Marvin Pierce Bryant Maryland 

Ernest Charles Cutchins D. C. 

John Joseph Daly, Jr Delaware 

Ruth Margaret Davis Maryland 

Hendrina Anna de Hondt Netherlands 

Nazmy E. Elehwany Egypt 

Herman Charles EUinghausen, Jr. 


Joe Oliver Elliot D. C. 

John Edwin Endrizzi Texas 

Charles Richard Finch Maryland 

David Firman Maryland 

David Wesson Francis New Jersey 

Donald C. Freeman, Jr Maryland 

William Gasser Pennsylvania 

Armand Joel Gold Maryland 

Floyd Perry Harrison Louisiana 

Paul E. Harrison, Jr Illinois 

Herbert Aaron Hauptman Maryland 

William Mohn Heller Maryland 

Reinhold William Hoffman Maryland 

Robert Leslie Hudson Michigan 

James Nelson Humphrey Maryland 

Thomas Arthur Hussman, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Gilbert Johnson Minnesota 

Carl Kaiser Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Kaiser Maryland 

Leon T. Katchmar Maryland 

Norma Mary Keigler Maryland 

Stanley Phillip Kramer Maryland 

Jack Lasky Maryland 

William Homer Lawrence Arkansas 

George Albert Marlowe, Jr Maryland 

Norton Little Marshall D. C. 

Shawky Elia Maximos Egypt 

Robert B, McComb D. C. 

Robert E. McDowell, Jr Maryland 

Sol Nudelman Maryland 

John Joseph O'Neill Maryland 

James Fletcher Parker, Jr Maryland 

Charles Richard Pfeifer Minnesota 

Ahmed Abdel Meguid Radwan Egypt 

Ibrahim El-Dessouki Rifaat Egypt 

Medhat Hussein Kamel Rushdi Egypt 

Charles H. Schafer Connecticut 

Henry Shenker Virginia 

Jerry Skopek Connecticut 

Tarik Galip Somer Turkey 

Franklin Burton Stewart D. C. 

Jacob Sybenga Netherlands 

Abdul Hussain Sadiq Tuma Iraq 

Gladys Elizabeth Wadsworth Maryland 

Doctor of Education 

George Ellsworth Avery Ohio 

Elizabeth Rowell Duff Ohio 

Jewell P. Haddock California 

Hubert Marion Loy Minnesota 

Julia DeFrance Marshall Maryland 

William Hendy Shephard Maryland 

Donald F. Stanger Maryland 

John Albert Visceglia New Jersey 

Master of Arts 

Mark Hamilton Adams Maryland 

John Scott Albright Virginia 

Mervin Ellsworth Beard New Yoi-k 

William Woodrow Bowden Texas 

James Henry Bramble Maryland 

Selma Moody Brawner Colorado 

Marshall Brement Maryland 

Theodore Bernarr Celmer Virginia 

Matthias Francis Donelan Virginia 

Gloria Lee Engnoth Maryland 

Sally Branch Ingram Geoghegan 


Marvin Gold Illinois 

William Harvey Graham D. C. 

Constance Richards Hartzler Virginia 

Garnet Henry Hess Maryland 

James Hill Maryland 

Charles Eugene Kolb Maryland 

Cobert Duane LeMunyan Maryland 

George Levine Maryland 

Dorothy Mae Major Maryland 

Vincent Joseph McAuliffe New York 

Antoinette Darby McKeever Maryland 

John Mewha Virginia 

Frederick John Meyer Washington 

James Lee Miller Maryland 

Frances Ardella Molesworth Maryland 

Andrew Raymond Molnar Ohio 

Robert Hanson Moore Maryland 

Marjorie Mae Norris Maryland 

Muriel Murphy Olson Minnesota 

Frank Pruden Maryland 

Gerald Vern Rolph, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Leslie Rudolph Maryland 

Naji A. Shukri Iraq 

Hazel Anderson Smith Maryland 

Sister Mary Joseph Smith Maryland 

Frederick Herman Spigler, Jr Maryland 

Aaron William Sulman Pennsylvania 

Joseph Milton Szuleski Maryland 

Metin Tamkoc Turkey 

Morris Tischler Maryland 

Charles Henry Warlick North Carolina 

Mary Margaret Watters Maryland 

Sibylle B. Werner Maryland 

Margaret Owens Wolfe Maryland 

Elizabeth Magalotti Yanchus Maryland 

Master of Science 

Mario Domenico Giulio Aceto 

Rhode Island 

Sidney R. Alexander D. C. 

Hatif Hammoody Al-Jaleel Iraq 

Ma Ama Burma 

Paul Bernard Amstein Maryland 

James Earl Baker Maryland 

Gilbert William Barber, Jr D. C. 

Richard Bassette Maryland 

Lawrence H. Bennett D. C. 

Mohammed Zuhair Bibi Lebanon 

Cecil Blackwell Mississippi 

Walter James Blumberg D. C. 

Jesse Richard Chaves Rhode Island 

Jack Graham Christian Maryland 

Raymond Henry Comyn Maryland 

Edward Ezra Conrad Maryland 

Ray Harold Cornett Maryland 

Norman Czajkowski Maryland 

Robert Judson Davey Maryland 

Maurice Hanford Day Maryland 

Walter Ralph Debler Michigan 

James F. Dillon Pennsylvania 

William Emmert Donaldson D. C. 

Adolph James Engel Maryland 

Harold Morris Finn Virginia 

Stella F. Gergel Ohio 

Sailendra Chandra Ghose India 

Edward James Hayes Maryland 

Joseph Russell Higham, Jr Pennsylvania 

Henry Arthur Highland Maryland 

Lawrence Hoffman D. C. 

Jonah Jerry Jaffe Maryland 

Robert Legard Jones Maryland 

Leo Francis Judge, Jr Maryland 

Norman Halvor Kiess JD. C. 

David George Kissinger Pennsylvania 

Gerald Warner Longanecker Maryland 

Frank Richard Manson Maryland 

Edward Lawrence McCafFery New York 

Claude Gibbons McKee Maryland 

Edwin Justin Mickevicz Maryland 

Hill Montague, III Virginia 

Edmund Francis Murtha Maryland 

Joseph Leiter Newcomer Maryland 

M. L. Anong Nilubol Thailand 

Nihal Kishinchand Notani India 

Richard H. Peery Louisiana 

James Laurence Queen Maryland 

Donald Reiser Virginia 

Dawood M. Rejali Iran 

Ralph Wilson Rowland Maryland 

Thomas Herdman Schutte Pennsylvania 

Edward Carroll Sisler Maryland 

Vincent Joseph Speckhart New Jersey 

Edward Arthur Stahly Illinois 

Anna Mannevillette Sullivan D. C. 

Charles Judd Swartz Maryland 

Bernard Alvin Twigg Maryland 

Ronald E. Walker Maryland 

Robert Hinchman Weaver West Virginia 

Charles Edward White Maryland 

Walter Robertson Wise, Jr Maryland 

Felix Henry Young Maryland 

Master of Education 

Clare Whiteley Bangs Maryland 

Ruth Caldwell Brilhart Maryland 

James Philip Carey D. C. 

Lena Altman Clemmer Maryland 

Marion B. Close Maryland 

Clementine Williams Coleman Florida 

Joseph Birch Colgain Maryland 

Regis Joseph Cunningham Maryland 

William Stanbert Daniels Maryland 

Alma Martha Green Denny Maryland 

Augustine Avelino Diaz Maryland 

Elliott Raphael Epstein Maryland 

Burton Robert Evans Illinois 

Maude Carolyn G. Fields Virginia 

Irving Frederick Franke D, C. 

Marguerite Buckler Gettier Maryland 

Eleanor G. Gifford New Hampshire 

George Gerald Gonyea New York 

Dolores Mabel Gonzalez Maryland 

Ruth Barnett Griggs Maryland 

Francis Joseph Hardman Maryland 

Gene Gray McWilliams Hastings 


John William Heim Maryland 

Rudolph Craver Hines Maryland 

Nelva Otha Hobbs Maryland 

James Everette Holland Maryland 

Lloyd Kydd Hoover Maryland 

Lillian Proser Jablow Maryland 

Shelvy Edgar Johnson, Jr Virginia 

James Anthony Kleman Maryland 

William Gerald Laurich Maryland 

Bessie D. Legg D. C. 

Bess B. Lemmon Maryland 

Donald Traugott Leuschner Maryland 

Harry Levin Maryland 

Virginia P. Lovell D. C. 

Charles Edward Lugar Maryland 

Kenneth Earl Mays Maryland 

Gladys May Milton Maryland 

Carl Edward Mitchell Maryland 

Helen Augusta Rowe Virginia 

Sally LaRue Schwallenberg Maryland 

Mary J. Sedor D. C. 

Lee Harold Smalley Iowa 

Charlotte Hill Spencer D. C. 

Lillian Blanche Stevens Maryland 

Thelis Bowden Stuart Maryland 

Marie Lester Taylor Maryland 

Alvan A. Testoni Maryland 

Clarence Eldred Valentine Maryland 

Susie Virginia WagstaflF Virginia 

Lucille Aurora Wallis Maryland 

Mary Elaine Ward Maryland 

Mildred Holdeman Watson Maryland 

Lewin Albert Wheat Maryland 

Daniel Bixler Wheeler Maryland 

Charles Isaac Wiles, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Lee Wood D. C. 

Master of Business Administration 

Edmond William Bastek Maryland 

Patrick Joseph Cassidy D. C. 

Herbert Morgan Cooper Maryland 

Ghanim F. Fargo Iraq 

A. Gary Hawthorne, Jr D. C. 

Frank Edgar Wright, Jr Maryland 

Master of Foreign Study 

Donald Keith Davis Utah 

Michael Fixler New York 

Martin Joseph Manley Pennsylvania 

Stuart Ramsay McLeod Michigan 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Ray Charles Colton D. C. 

Eugene Jordan Gerberg Maryland 

Paul E. Hochstein New York 

Flora McLaughlin Kearney Louisiana 

Gerald Kessler Maryland 

Bankey Schwar Lall India 

John Joseph Lambe D. C. 

Ch'ung Tai Lu China 

Irwin Walter Rust D. C. 

Herbert Louis Wiser Maryland 

Burris Frederick Husman. 

Doctor of Education 

.Maryland William Dean Manifold. 


Master of 

Robert Kendall Bing North Carolina 

Charles Francis Girard New York 

Beverly Georgine Hoppe D. C. 

Ellen Yu-shu Jen Ohio 

Paul Douglas Johnson Maryland 

Veronica McLaughlin Virginia 

Peter Gerhard Nordlie Virginia 

Marion Virginia Repass D. C. 


Henry Louis Schaffer D. C. 

Roy Leon Singleton D. C. 

Werner Alfred Stange Maryland 

Ruth Yost Stotler Maryland 

Wilfred Ernest Von Mayer Maryland 

Ethel Lillian Young Maryland 

Cecilia Marie Zitkus Maryland 

Master of Science 

Theodore Milton Brooks Maryland 

John Alan Davies D. C. 

Joseph John DiNunno Maryland 

Richard Dana Gaynor Alabama 

Henry Walter Gilbertson, Jr. 


Robert Francis Lucey Massachusetts 

Howard Harvey Morgan Ohio 

Victor E. Prince Maryland 

George Raymond Shaffer Maryland 

Andre Jean Toussaint Maryland 

Master of Education 

Olive Hope Arms Maryland 

Anthony Augustine Auriti D. C. 

Virginia L. Austin Virginia 

Ruth Beatrice Bahlman Maryland 

Alice Sutton Baird Louisiana 

Clair Addison Baum Maryland 

Jean Chaddock Bolch Maryland 

Joseph Michael Britvch Pennsylvania 

Twila Regina Brotemarkle Maryland 

Bessie Cook Brown Georgia 

Jeannette Kaylor Byler Maryland 

Frances Odelle Candler Maryland 

Eloise Gibson Cann Louisiana 

Fannie Theresa Cannada South Carolina 

Joseph Ivey Cline Maryland 

Myrtle Gray Cox Maryland 

Norma Cornnell Day Maryland 

Bartlett Philip Dorr Maryland 

Richard Franklin Douglas Pennsylvania 

Mearns Thomas Fuller Maryland 

Alexander Ganjna Maryland 

Florita Castro Garcia Maryland 

Alice Ann Gates Louisiana 

Jane Eastham Hand Maryland 

Harry Vincent Hanley Maryland 

Glenn Ulysses Hanna Maryland 

Katharyn Elizabeth Harmon Maryland 

Lillian LaVerne Harvey Maryland 

Frances Butt Heltzel Maryland 

Laura Mae Hurt Kentucky 

Eldora E. Keske Wisconsin 

Walter Thomas Krensevage Maryland 

Eva Sims Liem Louisiana 

Parepa Fidelia Linthicum D. C. 

Lloyd Melvin Marshall Maryland 

Mary Waters McGoury Maryland 

William Joseph Middleton Maryland 

Gennette Beggs Nygard Virginia 

Winifred Mayberry O'Leary Connecticut 

Anne Rose Pecukonis Maryland 

Francis Edward Powers Maryland 

Richard B. Reese Maryland 

Joan Mercedes Repp Virginia 

Victor Emanuel Repp Virginia 

Amie Elton Richmond Florida 

Rogene Burney Russell South Carolina 

John A. Schmid, Jr Maryland 

Irving Milton Sheltzer Maryland 

Josephine Lewis Shumate Pennsylvania 

Kathryn Ada Speicher Maryland 

John Galen Thomas Maryland 

Marguerite Aycock Vincent Louisiana 

Cecil Taulbee Wilson Kentucky 

George Keith Witheridge Maryland 

Lloyd Harold Wolf Virginia 

Preston Wintrode Wyand Maryland 

Roger B. Turk. 

Master of Business Administration 
New Jersey 

Patrick Francis O'Mara. 

Master of Foreign Study 



Candidates will be presented by Dean H. Boyd Wylie 
Doctor of Medicine 

John George Albrecht New York 

George Kohler Baer Maryland 

Stanley Paul Balcerzak, Jr Pennsylvania 

James John Ball Maryland 

Robert Maitland Barnett, Jr. 

North Carolina 
Eugenio E. Benitez van Rhyn.... Puerto Rico 

Otto Christian Beyer Maryland 

Norman Blankman Maryland 

Albert Bennett Bradley Maryland 

Philip Craig Brunschwyler....West Virginia 

Foster Lucius BuUard, Jr Florida 

Donald Chisholm Cameron Delaware 

Neal Conrad Capel Utah 

Joseph William Cavallaro Maryland 

Roderick Edward Charles Maryland 

James McClay Close Maryland 

Jonas Cohen Maryland 

Roger Willard Cole Maryland 

Roger Detlef Cornell Maryland 

Thomas Warner Cowan Pennsylvania 

Everard Francis Cox Utah 

Mary Viola Daly Maryland 

Theodore Alvin Dann Maryland 

John Joseph Darrell Maryland 

Thomas Edward Davis Maryland 

Donald Howard Dembo Maryland 

Henry August Diederichs Ohio 

William Dvorine Maryland 

John Albert Engers, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Chalice Eshelman Maryland 

Martin Jerome Feldman Maryland 

James Nelson Frederick West Virginia 

George Hamilton Friskey Maryland 

Charles Barton Galloway Maryland 

John Ross Gauld Maryland 

Vernon Maynard Gelhaus Maryland 

George Edmund GifFord, Jr Maryland 

George Travers Gilmore Maryland 

Julian Robert Goldberg Maryland 

Marvin A. Goldiner Maryland 

Gary Swan Goshorn Maryland 

Daniel B. Harris Maryland 

Alvin Wilfred Hecker Maryland 

Harry Herman Herbst Maryland 

Henry Booth Higman Maryland 

Walter Norman Himmler Maryland 

William Hollister, Jr North Carolina 

Paul Carroll Hudson Maryland 

James Lewis Hughes Maryland 

Alfred Edmund Iwantsch Maryland 

Walter E. James Maryland 

Murray M. Kappelman Maryland 

William Peter Keefe Connecticut 

James Thomas Keegan Connecticut 

Louis Edmund Kimmel, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Denoon King, Jr Maryland 

William Henry Kirby, Jr Maryland 

Yale Lee Klugman Maryland 

Charles Ronald Koons New Jersey 

Morton David Kramer Maryland 

William Frank Krone, Jr New Jersey 

Robert Gregory Lancaster Washington 

Norman Wilbur Lavy Maryland 

Richard Frederick Leighton Maryland 

Ernest Adam Leipold, Jr Maryland 

Anthony A. Lewandowski Maryland 

Frank Walter Longo Connecticut 

Sidney Melbourne Lytton Maryland 

John Peter McGowan New York 

David Beck Mclntyre Maryland 

Jack Harold Mendelson Maryland 

Vincent Stanley Mikoloski, Jr. 


Albert Lee Mooney Maryland 

George Leo Morningstar West Virginia 

Leonard Jack Morse Massachusetts 

Paul Godfrey Mueller Maryland 

James Thomas Murphy North Dakota 

Frank R. D'Anneo Nataro New Jersey 

James Patton Neeley, Jr Utah 

George N. Polls D. C. 

Robert William Poppie North Dakota 

Charles Benton Pratt, III.. ..North Carolina 

Joan Raskin Maryland 

Violet S. Samorodin Maryland 

Albert Morton Sax Maryland 

John Edward Schanberger Maryland 

Robert Garland Shirey West Virginia 

Richard Elwood Small Pennsylvania 

Clovis Marone Snyder Maryland 

Alexander Spock Pennsylvania 

Phillip Gary Staggers West Virginia 

William Norton Sterling D. C. 

Donald Wallace Stewart Maryland 

Joseph Edward Stitcher Maryland 

Karl Edgar Sussman Maryland 

Peter VanBoekel Thorpe Maryland 

Fred Richard Walton Indiana 

Ann Marie Ward New Jersey 

Charles Clark Welling Utah 

Herbert Leonard Yousem Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Myron S. Aisenberg 
Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Carlos Eladio Alfaro Castillo. ...El Salvador 

Victor Lee Andrews, Jr North Carolina 

Arnold Peter Arseneaux Massachusetts 

Simon J. Balchun, Jr Pennsylvania 

Daniel Bartell Maryland 

Harold Robert Beecher Connecticut 

Alfred Edwin Bees Maryland 

Thomas Earl Blumenbach Florida 

Richard Everett Bolyard West Virginia 

George Lawrence Bozzi Connecticut 

Lawrence Ira Brant Florida 

Hunter Ashton Brinker, Jr Maryland 

William Packer Brodie Florida 

Don-Neil Brotman Maryland 

James Carroll Bulger Connecticut 

Robert Clyde Burroughs, Jr. 

North Carolina 

Jerome David Buxbaum Maryland 

Robert Carrel Pennsylvania 

Harold Gordon Cheney, Jr Illinois 

William Dennis Chester Maryland 

Thomas Austin Clary New Yoik 

Lawrence Alvin Clopper, Jr Maryland 

Edward Vincent Comulada Maryland 

William Robert Cotton Florida 

William John Curtis Arizona 

RaymoHd Charles Dilzer New Jersey 

Bernard David Eisenberg Maryland 

Robert Heistand Enterline Pennsylvania 

Charles Richard Farley West Virginia 

Henry William Feindt Maryland 

Arnold Samuel Feldman Maryland 

Mark Lawrence Fine New Jersey 

Norman Earl Solon Gale New Jersey 

John Robert Gallant Maine 

Burton Malcolm Greifer Rhode Island 

Robert Devine Hanley Rhode Island 

Robert Luers Heldrich Maryland 

Sheldon Holen Maryland 

Philip K. Humphreys California 

Richard Warren Hungerford Connecticut 

Leonard Hale Jarvis, Jr West Virginia 

Drexel Marion Johnston, Jr...V/est Virginia 

James Frederick Kast, Jr West Virginia 

Arnold John Kaye Massachusetts 

Harris Jordan Kohn Maryland 

Nicholas Kohut Poland 

Garey Louis Kostens Maryland 

Eli John LaFreniere Rhode Island 

Ronald Murray Lauer New Jersey 

Thaddeus Francis Lenick New Jersey 

James Anthony Liszewski Maryland 

Wallace David Loo New York 

Robert Kwock Tong Look Hawaii 

Joseph Anthony Lucia Now York 

Hervey Arthur Lupien Rhode Island 

John Francis Lynch Maine 

Stanley Macklin Maryland 

Donald Francis Marshall New York 

William Forrest Martin, Jr Maryland 

James Taylor McCarl Maryland 

James Lewis McMillan Mississippi 

Donald Eugene McShane Maryland 

Edward Jay Meredith, Jr Pennsylvania 

Jules Millman Maryland 

Paul Joseph Minehart West Virginia 

Oscar Noroian Massachusetts 

Mary Emma Pate Maryland 

George John Pepper Pennsylvania 

Mitchel Pozega West Virginia 

William Morgan Reed Delaware 

Francis Joseph Reeves Maryland 

Peter Raymond Reiner Florida 

George Daniel Resh, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Earl Ridgeway Arizona 

Luis Alipio Roman Puerto Rico 

Graydon Lee Schreiber Maryland 

Joseph Henry Seipp, Jr Maryland 

Paul Arthur Shapiro Connecticut 

Stanley Raymond Sheft New Jersey 

Harold Lee Silber New Jersey 

Raymond Marvin Simon New Jersey 

Signey Sidney Snyder Maryland 

John Robert Spencer North Carolina 

James Bailey Stewart Florida 

Howard Sylvan Tarabour New Jersey 

Roberto Guy Tassinari Massachusetts 

Martin Taubenfeld Maryland 

Richard Swanson Thornton Florida 

Luis Toro-Albarracin Puerto Rico 

Pasquale Alexander Varanelli... .Connecticut 

William Henry Vinall West Virginia 

Aldona Vizbaraite Germany 

Thomas Elmer Wagner Maryland 

Walton Wayne Weigand D. C. 

Robert Leon Wiener New York 

Hans Richard Wilhelmsen Maryland 

Joseph Francis Williams Connecticut 

Robert Paul Williams Florida 

Edgar Cecil Wilson West Virginia 

John Frederick Wilson West Virginia 

Charles Wissler Virginia 

Nelson Austin Wright, Jr Maryland 

Albert William Zanner, Jr D. C. 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Robert Franklin Mantz, Jr Mississippi 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger Howell 
Certificate of Proficiency 
Earl Laj-ton Carey, Jr Maryland 

Bachelor of Laws 

Andrea Menard Alcarese Maryland 

Charles Jerome Atas Maryland 

Milton Bates Maryland 

Joseph Erie Baumgartner, Jr Maryland 

Gilbeit Stanley Birnbach West Virginia 

William Sylvester Bonnet Maryland 

William Everett Brooke Maryland 

George Theo Canaras Maryland 

Margaret Ann Canter Maryland 

George Robert Carr Maryland 

Gerald Lloyd Chalcraft Illinois 

George M. Chamlin New Jersey 

George Wallace Coleburn Maryland 

Francis Michael Connolly Maryland 

James Carl Cox, Jr Maryland 

Bennett Grain, Jr Maryland 

John Joseph Crawley, Jr New Jersey 

Courtney Hampton Cummings, Jr. 


Helen Conner Ditman Maryland 

Claire L. Dooley Maryland 

Millard Esterson Maryland 

Harold James Finn Maryland 

Irvin Louis Fishbein Maryland 

Norman John Fosler Maryland 

Marvin Lee Frankel Maryland 

Robert Francis Freeze Marj^land 

Stanford Gerald Gann Maryland 

Laurence Ringgold Godey Maryland 

Samuel Alexander Green, Jr Maryland 

William Joseph Hart, Jr Maryland 

Loring Emsley Hawes Maryland 

Robert E. Hess Maryland 

William Curran Higinbothom Maryland 

Clewell Howell, Jr Maryland 

Zell Charles Hurwitz Maryland 

John B. Hutchins Maryland 

Alexander Gray Jones Maryland 

Gerard Henry Kessler Maryland 

Franklin Steele Langford Maryland 

Walter Samuel I^vin Maryland 

Morris Levine Maryland 

Lionell Meridith Lockhart D. C. 

John Alexander Magee, IV Maryland 

Charles Raymond Margolis Maryland 

John Thomas McElroy Maryland 

Harry Robert Melman Maryland 

Woodrow Pershing Moore Maryland 

Charles Ellsworth Moylan, Jr Maryland 

John Edward Mudd Maryland 

Arthur Grant Murphy Maryland 

Joseph Thomas Nissel Maryland 

Benson Israel Offit Maryland 

Leonard Arnold Orman Maryland 

Gayle Joseph Phillips Canada 

Howard Sheldon Pollack Maryland 

Samuel Edward Proctor, Jr Maryland 

Norman Rabineau Maryland 

Christopher James Ray D. C. 

Charles Clayland Rettberg, Jr Maryland 

Robert Earl Robertson Maryland 

Bernard Jerome Sachs Maryland 

Jay Ketcham Secor Maryland 

Lester Herbert Shor Maryland 

Daniel N. Silver Maryland 

Ellwood Arthur Sinsky Maryland 

Anthony Russo Spartana, Jr Maryland 

William Benson Stevenson Maryland 

John Patrick Traynor Maryland 

Bernard Frederick von Ahn Maryland 

Eligius Bernard von Paris Maryland 

Manuel Biggs Wallace West Virginia 

June Lorraine Weiner Maryland 

Robert Edward Wieder Maryland 

Francis Joseph Wieman Maryland 

John Reading Wilson Maryland 

Alvin S. Wolpoff Maryland 

Bachelor of Laws 

W. Norton Beall Maryland 

Francis Brandon Carlon Virginia 

Oscar Mitchell Lemoine, Jr Maryland 

James Sellers Oneto Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Gordon M. Cairns 
Bachelor of Science 

Avrum Nathan Abramowitz Maryland 

Guido J. Alarcon Venezuela 

Mary Jane Apgar New Jersey 

Charles Dorsey Arrington Maryland 

Robert Walter Bender Maryland 

Ralph Leo Brown Maryland 

Reybum Engle Browning Maryland 

David Ford Buckel Maryland 

Obadiah Phillip Cohen Maryland 

Donald Lee Cooke Mai-yland 

Richard Gordon Cover D. C. 

David Gerald Daniel Maryland 

Lucius Forbes Daniels D. C. 

Earl Walter Davis Maryland 

Raymond Keith Dawson Maryland 

Donald Raphael Delauter Maryland 

Robert Patrick Doyle Maryland 

David Daniel Eigenbrode Maryland 

Lloyd Tilghman Emory Maryland 

Harley Parker Evans, Jr D. C. 

James Edgar Ferrell, Jr Maryland 

Donaldson DeVries Frizzell Maryland 

Bernard Lee Grove D. C. 

Frederick Glenn Heffner Pennsylvania 

Conrad Wayne Hemphill Maryland 

Thomas Cranmer Griffith Hodges 


Donald Lee Hoover Maryland 

Woodland Hurtt Maryland 

Russell Loheed Jenkins, Jr Maryland 

Philip Charles Kearney Maryland 

James Marvin Keir Maryland 

Emil Joseph Keller Maryland 

Homer George Kemp Maryland 


Jack Alan Kinner Maryland 

Robert DeWayne Kirk Pennsylvania 

John Daniel Little Pennsylvania 

James Van Cleve Lott Pennsylvania 

Joseph Francis Lynch Maryland 

Robert Phillip Magdeburger Maryland 

Charles William Mays New Jersey 

Daniel Carl Melchior New Jersey 

Klaus Hermann Meyer Massachusetts 

Frederick O'Neill Mitchell Maryland 

Robert Graham Myers Maryland 

James Bernard Naurot Maryland 

Robert Fulton Nicodemus, Jr Maryland 

James Arthur Noppenberger Maryland 

Kennedy Troy Paynter Maryland 

Robert Anthony Raley, Jr D. C. 

Michael John Redgrave Maryland 

Leonard Lake Richins New Jersey 

James Dale Riggleman Maryland 

Kenneth Charles Roche Maryland 

Robert Paul Schmidt Maryland 

Richard Carl Schukraft Maryland 

James Henry Seltzer Maryland 

Royd Raymond Smith Maryland 

Kennard 0. Stephens Maryland 

John Thomas Strong D. C. 

John Edward Suplicki Maryland 

Lee Morrow Tigner D. C. 

Rhoda Anne Walker Maryland 

John Clement Walter Maryland 

John Martin Winters Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Jack Francis Bilyeu West Virginia 

Robert S. Conroy Maryland 

John Buraett Culverhouse, Jr Maryland 

Lionel Kenneth Gamboa. 
John William Tibbets 

.D. C. 
.D. C. 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Leon P. Smith 
Bachelor of Arts 

Richard Meyer Aarons Maryland 

Anthony Albert Abato, Jr Maryland 

Joy Abrams D. C. 

Michael Angelo Altieri Maryland 

John Julian Anderson Maryland 

Larry Clinton Arnett Maryland 

Raymond Clifford Ashley Maryland 

Joseph Jay Askin Maryland 

Ralph Albert Baierl Pennsylvania 

Edward Gerard Baker Maryland 

Patricia Estelle Baker Virginia 

Mary Elizabeth Baluta Pennsylvania 

Helen Bass D. C. 

Barbara Ann Baumann Maryland 

Joyce Ann Bautz Maryland 

Jerome Irvin Baylin Maryland 

George Vincent Bayliss, Jr Maryland 

Gordon Becker Maryland 

Raymond Warner Bellamy, Jr Maryland 

Carol Jean Bender D. C. 

Janet Abell Billig Maryland 

Glenn Arthur Black Maryland 

Ray Lee Blackburn West Virginia 

Diane Kay Blanken D. C. 

Harold Nance Blanton Maryland 

Stuart Irwin Bloom Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Bomberger Maryland 

Janice Marie Brewer Maryland 

Charles Fisher Brown Maryland 

David Chester Brown Connecticut 

Roger Hugh Bugenhagen D. C. 

Alberta Frances Burgdorf Maryland 

Joan Levy Burka D. C. 

Barbara Wiggins Butler D. C. 

Henry Frank Carpentier New Jersey 

Frances Jane Charlow Maryland 

John Baptist Cinotti Maryland 

Anna Beatrice Cole Maryland 

Jared Jules Collard Maryland 

Betty Anne Collins Maryland 

Howard Lee Cook, Jr Maryland 

George Thomas Corrigan Maryland 

Joy Lee Covert Maryland 

Frank Anthony Curcillo New Jersey 

Samuel John Dackawich Colorado 

Frederick Duvall Dallam Maryland 

Dorothy Sylene Davidson D- C. 

Joan Patricia Davidson Connecticut 

Elaine Marie Davies D. C. 

Richard Frank Decker Maryland 

Ray Gary Delphey, Jr C C. 

John Calvin DeWeese Maryland 

Norbert Hans Herman Drews Maryland 

Claude W. Dupre D. C. 

Marguerite Simpson Ellerbe Maryland 

Robert Roy Estep Maryland 

Thomas Nicholls Evans, Jr Maryland 

Donald Allen Everett Maryland 

Lawrence John Faass Maryland 

Joseph Cesar Feghali Massachusetts 

William Ernest Thomas Fischer.. ..Maryland 

Matthew Joseph Flynn New York 

Robert Hundley Fones, Jr D. C. 

George Latimer Fullerton Rhode Island 

James Patrick Garritty Maryland 

John Robert Giffen Maryland 

Joanne Schold Goldsmith Maryland 

Joseph Alexander Goldstein Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Graves Texas 

Stephen Horace Greenspan Maryland 

Richard Allen Hall Maryland 

William Gardner Hamill Maryland 

Barbara Grant Hammond Connecticut 

John Edward Hammond Maryland 

Sarah Baddeley Harmony New Jersey 

Stanley Leroy Harrison Maryland 

Charles Richard Hennick Maryland 


Ronald Newton Hoelzer Maryland 

Margit Lydia Ibach Maryland 

Samuel John Irvine, III Pennsylvania 

Allen Conard Jackson Maryland 

George William Jackson Maryland 

Lewis Roswell Jackson Maryland 

Phyllis Lee Jacobs Maryland 

Billie Ann Jess Maryland 

Emerson Reese Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Bennett Johnson Virginia 

John Turner Joseph D. C. 

Ann Emerson Kahler Maryland 

Milton Kaplan Maryland 

Charles Francis Keffer Pennsylvania 

Ellen May Kehoe New Jersey 

Howard Hanford Kelly, Jr Maryland 

Frank Sewell Kemp Maryland 

James Edward Kenkel Maryland 

Paul Warren Kilbourne D. C. 

William Erwin Kindley Maryland 

Gerald Ney Klauber Maryland 

Wilson Albert Kotchenruther Maryland 

Theodore Anthony Lalos D. C. 

Lawrence Clement Laser Maryland 

Mildred Ann Layton Maryland 

Morris Morton Lebowitz Maryland 

Charles Nicholas Lee Maryland 

Allen Julius Lenovitz Maryland 

Arlene Alice Lesti Virginia 

David Levi Maryland 

Richard Albert Link Connecticut 

Michael Storey Littleton Maryland 

Claud Livingston, III D. C. 

Edward Aloysius Livingstone, Jr. 


Charles Augustus Macatee Virginia 

John Thomas Maloney Maryland 

Esther Shirley Mandelberg Maryland 

James Samuel Marston Maryland 

Mary Katherine McAndrews Maryland 

June Carole McConnell D. C. 

Barbara Ann McDaniel Maryland 

Ronald Fisher McDonald, Jr Maryland 

Paul Jerome McGarvey D. C. 

Mary Virginia Mehring Maryland 

Robert Anderson Meyer Virginia 

Harry B. Miles, Jr Maryland 

Donald Warren Molter Pennsylvania 

Joan Frances Monfort New York 

Jeanne Marie Monk D. C. 

Wayne Harris Morris Maryland 

Jessie Sykes Morrison Maryland 

Nancy Lou Mularkey Maryland 

William Francis Myers Maryland 

George Carey Norris D. C. 

Wilhelmina Orme Maryland 

Marsha Nan Oshrine Maryland 

John Edwin Ostrander New York 

James Kevin Owens D. C. 

James Robert Pace D. C. 

Lawrence Martin Packel D, C. 

Robert Bernard Paris D. C. 

Frank James Parise Maryland 

Donald Robert Peacock Maryland 

Robert Benjamin Pease Maryland 

Thurston Wheeler Perkins New York 

Jane Dalgleish Perley D. C. 

Suzanne Peters Maryland 

Eugene Hines Phifer, Jr D. C. 

Mary Janet Poland Maryland 

Roger McLean Porter Maryland 

John Duncan Powell New Jersey 

Edward Joseph Power Massachusetts 

Clarence Edward Pusey, Jr Maryland 

Thelma Sylvia Racusin Maryland 

Joanne Mary Raeburn Ohio 

Nancy Carter Rankin Maryland 

Martha Glidden Ransopher Virginia 

William Francis Rea, Jr New York 

Elaine Rees Maryland 

Lee Macdonald Robertson Connecticut 

Robert H. Roll Maryland 

Charles Whittier Rollins Maryland 

Mona Natalie Rubenstein Florida 

E. Rosalie Sacco Maryland 

Herbei't Myron Sachs Maryland 

James Russell Saunders Maryland 

Richard Charles Saville Maryland 

Ruth Ellen Schapiro Maryland 

Barbara Anne Scher D. C. 

Carrol Joye Schewe New York 

William Ray Schief Maryland 

Sara Schlafstein Maryland 

Sandra Schneider D. C. 

Robert Engle Schroeder Maryland 

Betty Jane Schultz Illinois 

John A, Schuyler Maryland 

Saul Edward Schwartz Maryland 

Helen Joan Senser Maryland 

Marcia Shapiro D, C. 

Charles Warren Shoemaker Maryland 

Leonard Arnold Siems Maryland 

Marcia Ann Siena Maryland 

Herman Van Clare Sigworth D. C. 

Patricia Marie Smith D. C. 

Richard Ireland Smith D. C. 

Jean Elizabeth Spencer Maryland 

William Albert Spies Maryland 

E. Newton Steely, Jr Maryland 

Carolyn Stelzer Maryland 

Robert B. Surrick Maryland 

William Ralph Swan Maryland 

Rhona Lee Tabor Maryland 

Helen Tangires Maryland 

Harold Edward Teagle D. C. 

Thomas Henry Tilghman Maryland 

Barbara Joan Tolbert D. C. 

Patricia Jean Tolbert D. C. 

William Hamilton Tolson Maryland 

Theodore Bowling Townsend Maryland 

Mary Jo Turner Virginia 

Melvin John Warther Maryland 

Clarita Maxine Watkins Maryland 

Gordon Alvin Weinberg Maryland 

Arthur Charles Weiner D, C. 

Margarette Kenyon Weirich Oklahoma 

Carolyn Cyril Weiss Maryland 

Virginia Caroline Wellborn Maryland 

Morton Werber D. C. 

Regina Mary Wesolowski Maryland 

George Herbert Whitcomb Maryland 

Diana Grace Wickman D. C. 

Nancy Ann Wilkerson Maryland 

Ronald Andrew Willoner Maryland 

Phyllis Jean Wright Maryland 

Ronald David Wynne Maryland 

Harold Steiner Young, Jr D. C. 


Bachelor of Science 

Fernando Andrade Colombia 

Albert Charles Bauer Maryland 

Richard Gordon Berman Maryland 

David Lorenz Brown Maryland 

Thomas Cali New Jersey 

Janis M. Campbell Maryland 

Dennis Peter Carroll, Jr New Jersey 

Marvin Cohen Maryland 

Thomas Melbourne Cook Maryland 

John Douglas Corrick Maryland 

Monroe Joseph Cowan Maryland 

Charles Walker Dawson Maryland 

Joseph Oliver Dean, Jr Maryland 

John Nicholas Diacoyanis Maryland 

Margaret Gottschalk Durgin New York 

Milton Lojing Engnoth Maryland 

Eugene David Eveslage Maryland 

William Franklin Falls, Jr Maryland 

William Grady Franklin Maryland 

Arlene P. Friedman Maryland 

Richard James Fulton Maryland 

James Austin Gates West Virginia 

Allen Sidney Gerber Maryland 

Karl Mathias Green Maryland 

John Richard Hall, Ji- Maryland 

Gary Edward Hayman D. C. 

Charles Frederick Helm, Jr Maryland 

Charles Morgan Henderson Maryland 

Paul Ransome Henson, Jr Maryland 

Philip Lawrence Hilbish, Jr Connecticut 

Kathryn Nell Hughes West Virginia 

Kathryn Irene Iden Maryland 

Russell Nicholas Kawa Pennsylvania 

Nancy Jean Kelly Maryland 

Herbert Lee Kronthal Maryland 

Alvin Edward Lion Maryland 

Charles Raymond Longwell Maryland 

Benjamin Joseph Meleski Connecticut 

Allan Leonard Mendelson D. C. 

Paul Donald Meyer Maryland 

Ernest Byron Milligan Maryland 

Maxine Virginia Moffett Maryland 

Marshall Grant Montgomery. .Pennsylvania 
Robert Bruce Montgomery. ...Pennsylvania 

John Joseph Moretti New Jersey 

Niki Lenora Nations New Mexico 

Helen Selma Naviasky Maryland 

Charles Roger Oppegard Maryland 

Donald Alan Pirie Maryland 

Warren Saul Poland Maryland 

John Joseph Polizzi New Jersey 

Charles Allen Rader Maryland 

Mary Crockett Rose Maryland 

Robert Scheir Maryland 

William Henry Schildroth D. C. 

Lee Irwin Schocket Maryland 

Franklin David Schwartz Maryland 

Morton Walter Shapiro Maryland 

Alexander Maxwell Sloan, Jr. 

West Virginia 

James Russell Snyder, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Waldo Spielman Maryland 

Phyllis Elaine Stopp Maryland 

Myron Francis Sullivan New York 

Fatemeh Taymoorian Iran 

Clifford Francis Thompson D. C. 

James Osmund Varela Maryland 

Frank Joseph Verdecchia Maryland 

Robert DuVal Vest Maryland 

Theodore Ross Walton Maryland 

Donald Collis Weikert D. C. 

Michael Nylund Wildemann Maryland 

William Joseph Willard New Jersey 

Robert Randolph Winkler D. C. 

Richard William Wood Maryland 

Leonard Michael Zullo Maryland 

Bachelor of Arts 

Dorothy Adele Anselmo D. C. 

Charles Jerome Atas Maryland 

Harvey Leroy Betts, Jr Maryland 

John Voorhis Conover, III New Jersey 

Mathias Joseph DeVito New Jersey 

Valerie Freeland Maryland 

Martin Ira Greenberg D. C. 

Donald Elbert Holtzman Maryland 

Robert Lee Karwacki Maryland 

Zalman Abraham Kekst Maryland 

Anthony Manzanares, Jr Maryland 

Cloud Randolph Marshall New York 

William Wightman Richardson, III 


Thomas James Rulis Pennsylvania 

June Lorraine Weiner Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Charles Allan Bartholomew Maryland 

Arthur Henry Berryman Texas 

Gaylord Brooks Maryland 

John Tate Cornelius Maryland 

Alena Elbl 

Leo Blase Schlegel 

Vernon Lee Williams. 

D. C. 

D. C. 




Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Freeman Pyle 
Bachelor of Science 

Kenneth Crawford Atchison D. C. 

Richard W. Averill Michigan 

Joseph Jackson Avis New Jersey 

Robert Eugene Baechtold Virginia 

John Carlyle Baer Virginia 

David Hodge Baker, Jr Ohio 

Archie William Beard Maryland 

Richard Young Bearinger Maryland 

Richard Allen Beckwith Maryland 

Charles Dons Bing-Dons Maryland 

Hilma Robbins Blair Maryland 

Richard Henning Blake Maryland 

Charles Benjamin Bosien, Jr Maryland 

Clyde Edwin Bourke, Jr Maryland 

George William Bowen Virginia 

Charles Murray Boxold Maryland 

James William Boyer Maryland 

Henzo Tino Bozzonetti D. C. 

Fletcher Reid Brande Maryland 

Nancy Elizabeth Brazerol Maryland 

Ronald John Brooks .D. C. 

Donald Lee Brougher Pennsylvania 

Adolph Murray Brueckmann Maryland 

Rinaldo Joseph Bucci Maryland 

Ernest Ralph Bufkin Maryland 

Harvey Tyndal Casbarian, Ji- Maryland 

Donald Davis Casson Maryland 

Charles Jay Ceska, Jr Maryland 

John Perry Chase Maryland 

Adele Chidakel D. C. 

Frank Hume Clark Maryland 

John Anthony Clifford Maryland 

Mary Theresa Colaizzi D. C. 

Robert Edward Comer Maryland 

Wesson Cook, Jr Maryland 

James Lloyd Cooper Virginia 

Jessie Mitchell Cowan Maryland 

John Lester Culp Maryland 

Daniel Joseph Curzon Maryland 

Laurence Vernon Dahlin Maryland 

Richard Burroughs Davis Maryland 

Joseph Vytautas Dedinas Maryland 

James Nicholas Demas Maryland 

Katherine Louise Desmone Maryland 

Alwyn Conrad Dodge Maryland 

Sanford Stanley Donald Maryland 

Robert Burgess Dorsey Maryland 

Robert George Drake Maryland 

Winfield Ware Dudley Maryland 

Neal Joseph Durgin Massachusetts 

Melvyn Donald Ehrlich D. C. 

Frances Theresa Emsweller Maryland 

Jerome Howard Etelson D. C. 

Herbert Franklin Feldman D. C. 

Robert Alden Field New Jei-sey 

Edward Francis Fitzgerald, Jr. 

New Jersey 

Raymond John Foster New Jersey 

Robert Geier Maryland 

Robert Louis Giannetti Maryland 

John Donald Glaser, Jr Maryland 

Barry Simon Glass Maryland 

Lowell Rodman Glazer Maryland 

Norman Joseph Click Maryland 

Ronald Sanford Goldberg D. C. 

Mary Lou Gormley Maryland 

Arlene Gotts D. C. 

Bernard Jene Gross Maryland 

Norman Marc Gurevich Maryland 

John Thomas Haldane Maryland 

John Gerald Hanagan D. C. 

Conway Trott Harding D. C. 

Seth William Harter, Jr Maryland 

Sonya W. Holzweig Maryland 

Marilyn Fayette Howard New York 

Harry Louis Hughes, Jr Maryland 

Elbridge Omar Hurlbut, Jr New York 

James Mack Jacobsen Maryland 

Richard Allen Johnson Maryland 

Howard Gordon Keeley, Jr Maryland 

Paul Edwin Kepler Maryland 

Ambrose Klotz D. C. 

Charles T. Kunkel, Jr Maryland 

Roberta Jeanne M. Lally Pennsylvania 

Phyllis Honour Laser Maryland 

Bernard Edwin Leightheiser, Jr. 


Kenneth Christian Leineweber Maryland 

Wayne Dudley Leizear Maryland 

Marvin Levine D. C. 

Donald Robert Lewis Maryland 

Gerald S. Lilienfield Maryland 

Thomas Arthur Lillis Maryland 

James Joseph Lohr Maryland 

William Oden Long Maryland 

William Bowden Lucas Connecticut 

Drahomira Dagmar Fejfar Luette 


Melvin William Luette. Jr Maryland 

Fred Carl MacSorley Maryland 

Barbara Joan Marshall Maryland 

Andrew Clarence Matusky Maryland 

Robert Pat McGroarty Pennsylvania 

Lee Preston McMindes Pennsylvania 

Mark Joseph Meagher Maryland 

David Cloud Mehring Maryland 

Donald Rodney Mellinger Pennsylvania 

Teddy Toms Mercer Maryland 

John Bernard Miller, Jr Maryland 

Charles Aubrey Moore, Jr Virginia 

Thomas Paul Moran Maryland 

Ralph Bernard Morrow, Jr D. C. 

Elaine Lillie Mulvehal New York 

John C. Naegele Maryland 

Henry Martin Nau, Jr Maryland 

Edward Robert Nida D. C. 

John Edward Noske Maryland 

Benoni Nowland, IV Maryland 

Darwin Bruce Nyman Maryland 

Livingston Philip Otis Maryland 

Bruce Eldridge Packham Maryland 

Alejandro Palau Maryland 

Louis Anthony Palmieri Maryland 

Frank Kenneth Parietti New York 

George Richard Park Maryland 

John Storer Park Maryland 

Henrv Reino Passi Maryland 


Edward Frank Patz Maryland 

William Theodore Paul Maryland 

Robert Emmet Payne Maryland 

Gary Ronald Peake Maryland 

Alvin Jesse Plummer Maryland 

Conrad Strother Posey D. C. 

William Frank Pumphrey Maryland 

Howard Pumpian Maryland 

Terrance L. Ramsay New York 

William Charles Redfern Maryland 

John Randolph Rice Maryland 

William Franklin Richards Maryland 

Philip James Riede New Jersey 

Richard Lewis Ring Maryland 

William Sergio Rori Maryland 

Thomas Jefferson Rothrock Virginia 

Peter George Roushakes D. C. 

Reif Deon Russell Maryland 

Gerald Frederick Ryan D. C. 

William Wilfred Ryan Pennsylvania 

Lila Samuel D. C. 

William Hydrick Sanders South Carolina 

Samuel Anthony Sardinia Maryland 

Harold Benjamin Savage Maryland 

Sheldon Schlossberg D. C. 

Merwyn Schulman Maryland 

Stanley Louis Seligman Maryland 

William H. Settle Maryland 

Philip Rowland Shays, Jr New Jersey 

Helen Joy Shea D. C. 

Francis Peter Shunney Rhode Island 

Harold Irvin Silverman Maryland 

Malcolm Austin Simms, Jr Maryland 

Roy Edmond Singleton Maryland 

Baxter Orton Smith Maryland 

Edward Malcolm Snider Maryland 

Ronald Lee Sollod Maryland 

David Walter Somers, Jr Illinois 

Gloria Faye Souder Maryland 

George Beverly Stephens, Jr Maryland 

Roderick Beebe Sullivan New York 

Donald Whittlesey Swain Massachusetts 

Lawrence Charles Sween Maryland 

Abbie Lawson Terrell Maryland 

Hubert Andrew Thebo, Jr D. C. 

Ralph W. VanKirk Maryland 

John Everette Wagner Maryland 

Beryl Edward Warden, Jr Maryland 

David Eraser Webster D. C. 

John Franklin Weedon, Jr Maryland 

Lewis Harold Weidensaul Pennsylvania 

George Timothy Wells D. C. 

Robert Lee Whitman Maryland 

Major Anderson Williams, Jr Maryland 

Roy Marvin Andrew Williams, II 


Rolland Ora Wills Maryland 

Otto G. Winckelmann, V Venezuela 

K. Edward Winter Maryland 

Albert Gordon Wootton, Jr „Maryland 

Donald Delos Wright, Jr Virginia 

Robert Hanna Yeatman Delaware 

Elton F. Young, Jr Maryland 

Leonard Caesar Younger Maryland 

Robert Israel Zamsky Maryland 

David Irvin Zatz D. C. 

Seymour Zuckerman New York 

Bachelor of Science 

Claud A. Alsop Maryland 

William Hanson Bowen Maryland 

Robert William Busch Maryland 

Paul James Hansen, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Earl Harris, Jr Virginia 

Willard Wendell Jones, Jr Maryland 

Michael John Koll, Jr Maryland 

Frederick William Lewis Maryland 

Paul T. McHenry, Jr Maryland 

Paul Louis Miller Maryland 

Michael Francis Novak Maryland 

Leonard Marcus Reamer Maryland 

Ronald William Rhodes Texas 

Philip Frank Snyder Maryland 

Harry Harant Soghigian D. C. 

Glenn Lester Treiber Maryland 

James McMackin E. Urmann.. Pennsylvania 
Arthur William Wagner D. C. 


Candidates ^vill be presented by Dean Wilbur Devilbiss 
Bachelor of Arts 

Morrine Miller Barnett D. C. 

John Francis Beck Maryland 

Franklin Lloyd Becraft Maryland 

Edna May Brigham Maryland 

Edith Johanna Brill Maryland 

Robert Wilson Buchman Maryland 

William Eugene Clair West Virginia 

Page Joline Cressman Pennsylvania 

Ronald L. Freedman Maryland 

Ann Betty Golden Maryland 

James Patrick Hill Maryland 

Walter Hughes, Jr Maryland 

Donald George Kauffman Maryland 

Joy Charlene Naden Maryland 

Jane Anne Nebel Maryland 

Eleanor Elizabeth Padgett Maryland 

Kathleen Evelyn Patrick Maryland 

Grace Patricia Regus Maryland 

Eleanor Frances Romine Maryland 

Wesley Irving Sauter, Jr Maryland 

Anita Latosca Tunis Maryland 

Minna Fae Weinstein Maryland 

Bruce Hilding White New Jersey 


Bachelor of Science 

Joan Cope Acker Pennsylvania 

Ronald Converse Allen, Jr Massachusetts 

Dolores Lorraine Alpert D. C. 

Mary Ellen Atwell D. C. 

Ruth Travers Bennett Maryland 

Harold Charles Berry Maryland 

Nellie Mitchell Bigwood Maryland 

William Charles Bond Maryland 

Carolyn Wilson Bovi^ie Maryland 

Thomas Henry Breunich Maryland 

Ruth Miriam Brigham Maryland 

Paula Fishman Brodsky Maryland 

Alan David Brown Maryland 

Martha Frances Bruce Maryland 

William Rodman Cadle, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Camp D. C. 

William Canova Maryland 

John Donley Carrigan Maryland 

David William Chalkley Maryland 

Gregory Peter Christy Virginia 

Anna A. Citron Maryland 

Karole Margaret Clunk Maryland 

Temple Marshall Copenspire Maryland 

Ethel Bradley Cox Maryland 

Rose Christine Culotta Maryland 

Marguerite Christinia Davison.... Maryland 

George LaVerne Dietz Pennsylvania 

Margaret Anice Dunkley D. C. 

Loy Arnold Ebersole D. C. 

Lillian Elizabeth Edgeworth Maryland 

Robert Lee Feezer Maryland 

William Alexander Ferguson D. C. 

Elizabeth Bond Fostei- Pennsylvania 

Ellen Dorothea Foster Maryland 

John Arthur Hart Foster Maryland 

Thornton Frederick Thomas Frank, jr. 


Ivan Duane Genuchi D. C. 

Joyce Anne Gill Maryland 

Sarah Elizabeth Glascock Maryland 

Marilyn Esta Gottlieb Maryland 

Doris Virginia Hammond Maryland 

Paul Jewell Harris Maryland 

John George Hines, Jr Maryland 

Lala Eulene Huebner Maryland 

Frances Harriet Hunt Maryland 

Melvin Artz Huyett Pennsylvania 

Norman Murray Irvine Maryland 

Helen Leitch Jarvis Maryland 

Jessie Lee Johnson Maryland 

Eugene Michael Karol Maryland 

Arlene Irma Kay D. C. 

John Joseph Keenan Maryland 

Roslyn Wohlmuth Keene Maryland 

Eleanor Frances Kehoe D. C. 

Joan Mary Kelly New Jersey 

Walter Francis Klima New York 

Barbara Sue Kloze Maryland 

Patricia Jane Lacey Maryland 

Ruth Hannah Lipsitz Maryland 

Robert Merritt Logan, Jr Maryland 

Ocie Levonette Lowe Maryland 

Elizabeth Greenwood Luers Maryland 

Lorraine Theresa Lysack Ohio 

Daniel Markowitz Maryland 

Melvin Edward Marmer Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth McCaslin Maryland 

John Charles Meggers D. C. 

Mary Charlotte Melcher Maryland 

Robert Joseph Messersmith Maryland 

Helen Elizabeth Michel Maryland 

Lolah Harrington Mihm Maryland 

Charles August Moeller Maryland 

John William Moseman Maryland 

Mary Virginia Mullins Maryland 

Phyllis Elaine Myers Maryland 

Leonard Reed Naramore D. C. 

Caroline Avery Nelson Maryland 

Robert Neal Parcells Maryland 

Anna Cecelia Phelps Maryland 

Elizabeth Jane Ramer Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Ray Maryland 

Harold James Rigg D. C. 

Gloria Carroll Riggleman Maryland 

Thomas Wayne Rizer Maryland 

Patricia Ann Robin Mai-yland 

Nicholas Angelo Rossi D. C. 

Lois Eilene Russin D. C. 

John Carl Scarbath Maryland 

Betty Jane Schmick Maryland 

Betty Schreiner New Jersey 

Sondra Schucalter Maryland 

Mark Givler Shaffer, Jr Maryland 

Lola Dryden Shockley Maryland 

Patricia Marian Siegman Maryland 

Irma Betty Silver Maryland 

Florence Mae Simons Maryland 

Gloria Harriet Singer D. C. 

Katherine Green McKenney Smith 


Ann Sue Spector Maryland 

Ruth Marie Stanley Maryland 

Daisy Patrick Steeg Maryland 

Doris Marie Stevens Maryland 

William Austin Stokes, Jr Maryland 

Martha Elizabeth Tacka Maryland 

Cynthia Marie Wanner Maryland 

Elizabeth Vaden Whetzel Maryland 

Ethel Jane Wiederhold Maryland 

Anne Winter Williams Maryland 

Dorothy May Williams Maryland 

Hildreth Marie Wood Delaware 

Bachelor of Arts 

Emily Anne Tilghman.. 

Glenn Paul Blake Maryland 

Ruby Francis Churchill Maryland 



Bachelor of 

Helen Richter Banes Maryland 

Wilfred Arnold Briggs Maryland 

Katherine Louise Chowning Indiana 

Mildred Gray Cobb Maryland 

Clara Virginia Cox Maryland 

Joy Craven Duey Maryland 

Katharine Cowan Erek Maryland 

Clara Carriere Jacobs Maryland 

Eula Marie Johnson Maryland 


Mary Piingle League Maryland 

Marie B. Linton Maryland 

Michael Storey Littleton Maryland 

Daniel Edward Offutt Maryland 

Anna Gladys Simons Pennsylvania 

Ribero Willey Strauss Maryland 

Elizabeth Charlotte Streett Maryland 

Robert A. Wells Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg 
Civil Engineer 
Edgar Thomas Hayman Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

John Balducci Maryland 

Marion Francis Bentz D. C. 

Michael Pemow Berezniak Maryland 

Ernest Berliner D. C. 

Arthur Edwai'd Bonnet, Jr Maryland 

Charles Howard Bradford Maryland 

William Paul Bucher D. C. 

Joseph Allen Burkett D. C. 

Povilas Butkys California 

Frank Repp Caldwell, Jr D. C. 

David Harlow Carpenter Maryland 

William Powell Chamberlin Maryland 

Nathan Woodward Childs Maryland 

John Berry Clark Maryland 

Robert James Colleran New Jersey 

James Joseph Cserr New Jersey 

Emile Joseph Daigle, Jr Maryland 

Richard Lee Davis Maryland 

Max William Dienemann Maryland 

Mohsen Erfan Iran 

Fred George Everett Maryland 

Niels Peter Frandsen D. C. 

Sidney Frank D. C. 

John Ralph Giordano Maryland 

Jacque Earle Goeller Maryland 

Bernard John Gombar Pennsylvania 

Joseph Edwin Gonsalves, Jr Maryland 

Loren Morton Goodman Maryland 

George Williamson Goodwin, III 


Hun Jin Goon Maryland 

Donald Lee Gray Maryland 

Melvin Sylvester Gray, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Lynch Gray Maryland 

Michael Edwin Griffin Maryland 

William Albert Gross, III Maryland 

Paul Alfred Harner Maryland 

Joseph Henry Harrington Maryland 

Hasan Awadallah Hasan Maryland 

John Morton Hayes Maryland 

Charles Clinton Hight Maryland 

Richard Warren Holden Maryland 

Richard Alan Hoover Maryland 

F. Joseph Horan Maryland 

Henry Owens Hubich Maryland 

Dale Hiett Jackson Maryland 

Samuel William Keller D. C. 

Richard Oliver Keyes D. C. 

0. Meredith Keys, Jr Maryland 

William Merle Kline, Jr Maryland 

Robeit George Krebs Maryland 

Norris Jacob Krone, Jr Maryland 

William Frederick Kuehn Maryland 

Donald Alfred Lampe Maryland 

George Franklin Leas Maryland 

Anthony Michael Lizzio New York 

Raymond Howard Lund Maryland 

Harvey Robert Lynn D. C. 

Robert Neville Mackin, Jr Maryland 

George Peter Maggos D. C. 

Peter Harrington Maserick Maryland 

Glenn Lewis Matteson Maryland 

John Hamilton Merrill Maryland 

Edward Franklin Miller D. C. 

Richard Erdman Miller D. C. 

Thomas Samuel Mortimer Maryland 

William Braley Murray Maryland 

Toy Ark Ng Maryland 

Robert Smith Norton, Jr Maryland 

Algird Roman Ostrauskas Maryland 

James Blakeley Owings Texas 

William Prest Parrish Maryland 

Frank Albert Peters D. C. 

Alvin William Pfueller Maryland 

John Puciloski Maryland 

Francis Donald Queen D. C. 

Anthony Retzler Maryland 

Norbert Heinrich Riegelhaupt Maryland 

Roy Leo Roberts, Jr Maryland 

Norman Oliver Robinson, Jr Maryland 

William Bryan Roeca D. C. 

Robert Ernest Rudolph Maryland 

Mark Schweizer, Jr Maryland 

William Stanley Sekscienski.. Pennsylvania 

Ralph Burrows Sheaffer D. C. 

John Martin Steele, Jr Maryland 

Thomas John Sullivan Maryland 

George Harold Sykes D. C. 

John Reed Thayer Virginia 

Edward Roland Updegraff, Jr Maryland 

Theodore Joseph vonRinteln, Jr. 


Walter von Rieck-E Whaley Maryland 

Elmer James White, Jr Maryland 

Harry DeNeal White, Jr D. C. 

William Guinn Woodward Maryland 

Joseph Brewster Workman Maryland 

Ferdinand Augustus Wybenga 




Robert Samuel Senator Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean M. Marie Mount 
Bachelor of Science 

Elizabeth Rice Alexander Maryland 

Jean Margaret Andrews Maryland 

Lesley L. Bopst Maryland 

Jennie Lou Brogdon Maryland 

Amelia Catakis D. C. 

Jane Alice Chandler Maryland 

Gwen Bridenbecker Chapman Maryland 

Judith Margaret Coleman Maryland 

Louise Pierre Connell D. C. 

Louis Henry Cote Maryland 

Peggy Ann Culbertson Maryland 

Ida Frances Curtis Maryland 

Laura Margaret Drew Maryland 

Virginia Lee Dunlap Maryland 

Ann Carol Essex Maryland 

Dorothy Throckmorton Fennell D. C. 

Mary Louise Fortney Fisk Maryland 

Laurel V. Funk Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Gokey Maryland 

Babette Graf Maryland 

Barbara Jean Grant Maryland 

Elizabeth Jane Grant Maryland 

Laurel Valerie Grover California 

Carmen Emilie Guevara Maryland 

Joan Selma Hamburger Maryland 

Prances Aline Harris D. C. 

Carla Ann Heider Maryland 

Mary Geraldine Hemming Maryland 

Diane Doris Henderson Virginia 

Mary Catherine Hessenauer Maryland 

Joan Carol Hinchman New Jersey 

Barbara Longbon Hopkins Maryland 

Patricia L. Fisher Hudson Maryland 

Linda Mae Jelinek D. C. 

Alice Maude Johnson Maryland 

Ellen Marie Johnson D. C. 

Nan Johnson Maryland 

Patricia Joan Kemp Maryland 

Mary Alice Longfellow Maryland 

Helen Louise Louie Marylarfd 

Jean Ann Martin Maryland 

Dorothy Louise Mateer Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann McCord Washington 

Louise Adair McDougal D. C 

Bevnadette Cecilia McKeldin Maryland 

Joseph David Mokos New Jersey 

Joan Kathleen Obaugh Virginia 

Nancy Lou Penniman Maryland 

Joan Webber Rau Maryland 

Marybelle Helen Remsburg Maryland 

Diane Thompson Renshaw Maryland 

Jane Richmond Maryland 

Bette Belle Rittenhouse Maryland 

Rita A. Ryon Maryland 

Deborah Ann Palmer Savage Maryland 

Shirley Joan Stockman Maryland 

Shirley Shawn Stovall Hawaii 

Gail Ricks Summers Maryland 

Nedra Tracy Maryland 

James Louis Walker Maryland 

Amanda Lee Wall Maryland 

Sue Ann Weintraub Maryland 

Barbara Elizabeth Wilken D. C. 

Sherry Lee Williamson Pennsylvania 

Carolyn Dale Wingfield D. C. 

Ann Marie Young Maryland 

Eleanor Frances Young Maryland 

Virginia Estelle Zeigler Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Ruth Evelyn Neighbours Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Colonel Joseph R. Ambrose 
Bachelor of Science 

Evaline May Absalom Ohio 

Fay Glen Adams Virginia 

Paul William Allison Pennsylvania 

Henry John Amen Texas 

Robert F. Amsbury Michigan 

Carroll Raleigh Anderson Florida 

Harry Joseph Andei'son Virginia 

Karl Godfrey Anderson Minnesota 

Frank Willis Angevine Maryland 

James Theodore Babbitt Virginia 

Robert Carithers Bachtell Iowa 

John Frederick Back Virginia 

Basil Charles Balaker Pennsylvania 

Arthur William Banne Maryland 

Paul Winston Barker Kentucky 

Ralph Heywood Barnes Maryland 

Thomas James Barr Florida 

Felix Lawrence Barsanti, Jr California 

James Pinkerton Beckett California 

Walter Wilson Bennett Wyoming 

Howard William Berg Minnesota 

William August Berlin Minnesota 


William Samuel Berry Virginia 

James Harold Boak D. C. 

David Bruce Bogie Michigan 

James Olin Bolick Virginia 

John Henry Bothwell Virginia 

Edward Charles Bouchard Vermont 

Lawrence James Bradley Virginia 

Lewis Lawson Bradley, Jr Texas 

Roy Elmore Brooks Ohio 

William Anthony Bryant Maryland 

John Scott Burgett Illinois 

Arthur Loyola Burke New York 

William Louis Burmester Oregon 

William Joseph Burns Maryland 

Edward James Cadger Virginia 

Ernest Vance Camei-on Oklahoma 

Robert James Cameron South Dakota 

James Milton Campbell Indiana 

William Joseph Campbell Maryland 

George Francis Carey, Jr Massachusetts 

John Lee Carr, Jr Virginia 

James H. Carver Maryland 

William James Cashman Minnesota 

Clarence Joseph Chastang Maryland 

Howard Juel Christensen Iowa 

James Hastie Clark California 

William Marcus Clay Kansas 

James P. Coen Massachusetts 

William David Coffey, Jr Texas 

David Cohen Ohio 

Harold Ernest Collins Kentucky 

Thomas Edward Collins Virginia 

Harold Eugene Cone California 

Lawrence Conques Virginia 

William James Coonly, Jr Texas 

James Hamilton Couch Georgia 

Charles A. Dahmen New York 

John Patrick Daly, Jr Virginia 

Natal Vincent D'Andrea New York 

Ralph Dannettell, Jr Indiana 

John DuBree Danzenbaker Pennsylvania 

Richard Lee Davis Virginia 

Clyde Merritt Decker California 

Roy George DeVecchio Texas 

"R" "H" Dorman Alabama 

Alwine Horning Doyle Virginia 

Alex Victor Drashpil Texas 

Fred Paulson Dyhrmann Nebraska 

Paul Irvin Estep Pennsylvania 

Bryan Evans, Jr D. C. 

Eugene Emerson Evans Illinois 

Carl Joseph Farischon Illinois 

William Lewis Finnie Virginia 

Jean Fitzgerald Virginia 

Edward Lowell Foster Florida 

Keith Dwight Fowble California 

James George Fox South Carolina 

Robert Heyden Franke Maryland 

David Eugene Frederick Maryland 

Robert R, French Illinois 

Henry A. Fuchs New York 

James Daniel Gardner, Jr Texas 

Ralph Rodney Garver, Jr Maryland 

John Albert Gibbons New Yoi-k 

Eli Watson Gibson Michigan 

Harold Burton Gibson, Jr Texas 

Alfred Riley Gill Virginia 

Clarence Richard Glasebrook Illiriois 

George F. Glass Ohio 

Edwin W. Goodfellow, Jr New Jersey 

Eugene Wendell Green Virginia 

Roger Jackson Groseclose California 

Richard Louis Hamilton Texas 

Edwin A. Harper Idaho 

Delphin Randolph Hasty Florida 

Richard Neil Hayton Florida 

Vincent Joseph Hearing Maryland 

Robert John Hennessy New Jersey 

Clifford W. Hieta Illinois 

Harry Douglass Hough, Jr New Jersey 

Edward G. Howard New York 

Robert E. Huber Illinois 

James Dennis Hudson Mississippi 

George Eugene Humphries Florida 

Vern Blythe Hussey Illinois 

Dick Hiroshi Inokuchi Illinois 

Ralph Giles Irish D. C. 

Ewell Duvall Jacobs D. C. 

Robert Frederick Jagitsch Maryland 

William Bernard Jakeway West Virginia 

James Prentiss Jenrette North Carolina 

Leonard L. Johnson Maryland 

Theopolis William Johnson California 

Russell James Jones Michigan 

John Francis Jureka Missouri 

Frank Edward Kadel Georgia 

Robert Leo Kane Michigan 

Bernard Maxwell Kassell Virginia 

Robert Prescott Keller Virginia 

Francis John Kelly Virginia 

Robert Martin Kemp Wisconsin 

Daniel Richard Kifner D. C. 

William Hunter Kincaid Maryland 

Thomas Edward Kirwan Missouri 

William George Kissell Virginia 

John Louis Klingenhagen Virginia 

Harry Jesse Koepp Virginia 

John Vincent Kruthers New Jersey 

Ernest J. Kulik Illinois 

Fred Earl Kyer Virginia 

Frederick F. Lash Pennsylvania 

Arthur Maurice Lehman Ohio 

Bei'tram L. Leslie Massachusetts 

Richard Williams Levardsen Maryland 

Edward Joseph Lodell California 

William Reid Logan, Jr Virginia 

John David Long Virginia 

David King Lyster, Jr Texas 

William Alfred Marsh D. C. 

Jay William Masters Kansas 

William Dunbar Mather Missouri 

Robert Gilbert Matte Florida 

John Thomas Matthews Pennsylvania 

Francis Gerald McCafferty New York 

Karl Patrick McCann California 

Charles Homer McCracken Oklahoma 

Charles Rodney McFadden Washington 

Thomas Harris McGuigan New York 

John Raymond McKee New Jersey 

Knox Bryson McKee, Jr Arkansas 

Charles William McKelvie D. C. 

Anna Margaret McKim Ohio 

Ellis Adrian McLean Alabama 

Leo Meacher California 

Wilbur T. Measley, Jr New Jersey 

Mike Melfa Florida 

Paul Louis Middlebrook Maryland 

Francis Michael Moloney New York 

Silvio A. Monday Ohio 

Eugene Edward Morath, Jr Minnesota 

David Thomas Morgan Pennsylvania 

George Joseph Nandor Pennsylvania 

John Robert Neal Nebraska 

Milton Max Nemky Texas 

Roger William Nestle Michigan 


Earle Barrett Nichols Virginia 

Collon A. Norcross New Jersey 

Windell Derwood Norris Mississippi 

Edward Danby Northrop Virginia 

Robert Herbert Oechsler Maryland 

Willoughby Newton Offley Virginia 

Willard Harris Page Ohio 

Joseph John Paolone New York 

Joseph Samuel Payne Pennsylvania 

Vaughn Welch Peavy Mississippi 

Steve N. Pisanos Maryland 

Ed\vin C. Pittenger, Jr Washington 

Frank Placko Pennsylvania 

Gaylord Lorenza Fletcher Ohio 

Thelma Nevin Politte Ohio 

Gordon Charles Preller Virginia 

Sotiris Philip Psomadakis Virginia 

Edwin Leon Purcelley Arkansas 

William Truman Putnam Arkansas 

Cyril J. Reap Maryland 

Robert Franklin Richardson Virginia 

John Romine Riker New York 

C. Lyle Rishell D. C. 

Wesley Hyle Rodenberger California 

Robert Charles Rogers Texas 

William Troy Rogers, Jr Virginia 

Fernando Sosa Rojo Texas 

Marvin Turner Ross Kansas 

Richard G. Ross New York 

Eugene Paul Sagstetter Ohio 

James Evan Samuel Colorado 

Arvey Charles Sanders Maryland 

Leo Francis Sanders Illinois 

William Ferdinand Schmidt Michigan 

Robert Beach Seidensticker New Jersey 

Robert Eugene Settle California 

William Arthur Shackelford New Jersey 

Irwin Lawrence Shelberg Maryland 

Elbur J. Skeath Florida 

Charles Franklin Smith, Jr Pennsylvania 

Donald Tharpe Smith California 

Delniar Baen Spivey Alabama 

Gregory Quin Stanley New York 

James Edwin Starnes Maryland 

Howell Edward Stevens Alabama 

Robert Christian Stine Virginia 

Thomas Henry Stringer Maryland 

Lee Eugene Stubblefield D. C. 

Hubert Nelson Sturdivant D. C. 

Owen LeRoy Sutherland Maryland 

Harry Elsworth Tabor Virginia 

Harold Emory Taylor Maryland 

Summerfield Moon Taylor, Jr Texas 

Lee Russell Terrell Mississippi 

Alexander A. Terris Michigan 

Leonard S. Thomas Ohio 

William Alvin Tilford Kentucky 

Emanuel Joseph Tinari Maryland 

Robert A. Trenkle Illinois 

Maynard J. Trott Virginia 

George Earl Turnmeyer Maryland 

Edward Newton Van Duyne, III 

New Jersey 

Jo Melvin Van Meter Illinois 

Ralph James Watson Ohio 

Bert Bliss Welch, Jr Louisiana 

Lowell Felix Weyle California 

Thomas Alvin Whelan New Mexico 

William Frederick Willner Kansas 

Joseph Allen Wilmer Maryland 

Lester J. Wittig, Jr Maryland 

Charles R. Wolf, Jr Louisiana 

Jack Alan Wolf D. C. 

William Henry Zierdt, Jr Pennsylvania 

Serafino Salvatore Zungoli New Jersey 

Bachelor of Science 

Robert Allan Ackerly Virginia 

Edward Thomas Baydala Virginia 

Leonard Berlow New Jersey 

William Crittenden Bittick, Jr Virginia 

Donald Dean Brown Maryland 

Richard Gordon Brown, Jr D. C. 

George Emerson Cilley New York 

Gordon Bryan Compton Texas 

Donald Truman Doxey Michigan 

Hubert Kenneth Druhe California 

Claude M. Evans Texas 

Anthony George Federici Indiana 

Theron Carl Fehrenbach Texas 

Jack Bundy Fergerson New York 

Glenn Wesley Frum New Jersey 

Kenneth Marks Fulcher New York 

Ephraim M. Gershater Virginia 

William Ewart Gladstone, Jr Maryland 

William Franklin Goeken Illinois 

Jasper Edward Grantham Mississippi 

Robert Zeno Grimes Virginia 

Edward Daniel Hoover, Jr Virginia 

Robert Huey James Delaware 

Woodrow Walton Jenkins Maryland 

John Sobchuk Kark Virginia 

Thomas Francis Keegan, Jr New Jersey 

Charles William Kelley Virginia 

David Lewis Ohio 

Irvin William Lippman Maryland 

John Mansfield Massachusetts 

Peter Steve Marioles Florida 

John Marrero Maryland 

Andrew John McCambridge Virginia 

Ray Franklin McKissack Oklahoma 

Lester C. Mourer Florida 

Frederick William Myers, Jr Virginia 

William Howard Parkins Virginia 

Charlie Andrew Pennell, Jr Texas 

William Clinton Perkins California 

Frank Silvio Raggio Maryland 

Hasty Wilson Riddle Maryland 

Gordon James Ringer Massachusetts 

Albert Murlin Roebuck Virginia 

Robert Frederick Shelhouse Illinois 

Taylor Smith Virginia 

Harry Charles Sperry Michigan 

Victor Foute Spruill Maryland 

Theodore Homer Stadel Maryland 

Salvatore Ignazio Uzzo Maryland 

Woodrow Wilson Vaughan.. ..North Carolina 

Justin L. Vigdor Virginia 

John Andrew Warren Florida 

Thomas S. Wilson Maryland 

Walter James Wilson Virginia 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Lester M. Fraley 
Bachelor of Science 

Jay Burton Arnold Maryland 

Rita L. Bajkowska Maryland 

John Henry Bloom, Jr Maryland 

Charles Raymond Boxwell, Jr Maryland 

Janet June Buck Maryland 

Agatha Helen Childs Maryland 

Lloyd Kenneth Colteryahn Pennsylvania 

Thomas Edward Cosgrove, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Cottom Pennsylvania 

John Vincent D'Amato Connecticut 

Joan H. Denton D, C. 

Kenneth Wayne Dillon Maryland 

Kathleen Roller Dixon Maryland 

Carl Bardwell Everley New Jersey 

Bernard James Faloney Maryland 

Virginia Elizabeth Fawsett D. C. 

Dorothy Jean Fisher Maryland 

Raymond David Groff Maryland 

Anna Christina Gross Pennsylvania 

Chester Edward Hanulak New Jersey 

Margaret Anna Hogan Maryland 

Harry Windsor Kirk Maryland 

Enid Suzanne Kittredge Maryland 

Kenneth Bruce Koeller New Jersey 

Charles Edward Lattimer Maryland 

Richard Clemens Lentz Maryland 

Philip Levenson Maryland 

Maurice Levin Virginia 

Eve Harriet Levine Maryland 

Mayer Littman Maryland 

Paul William Magtutu Maryland 

William Donald Mclnnis North Carolina 

Richard Theodore McKee Maryland 

William Alfred Merelman Maryland 

Anthony Roth Miller Maryland 

Winston James Miller Maryland 

Joanne Minter Maryland 

Clarence Leslie Rakow, Jr D. C. 

Ada Kathleen Reitz Maryland 

Shirley Yvonne Rowe Maryland 

Vernon Alvin Sevier Maryland 

Paul Richard Simmers Maryland 

Charles Rennie Smith Maryland 

Chester Harold Spittle Virginia 

Barbara Sue Stinson Maryland 

Phillip Glenn Stroup D, C. 

Janet Wanda Vichinsky Pennsylvania 

James Gary Walker South Dakota 

Burke Lester Wilson Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

William Gordon Wiley Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Assistant Dean Stanley J. Drazek 
Bachelor of Arts 

Geoffrey Irwin Butts, Sr Georgia 

Robert Emmett Earle Virginia 

Margaret Thomasson Jennings.... Arkansas 

Joseph Marvin Kemper California 

William Crawford Murdoch, Jr. 


Bachelor of Arts 
Edward George Wasiniak Illinois 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Noel E. Foas 
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Lawrence Maynard Abrams Maryland 

Anda Baikstis Maryland 

Fred Sheldon Barnstein Maryland 

Charles Carl Barone New York 

John Gilbert Boeren Maryland 

Sydney Lanier Burgee, Jr Maryland 

Jean Chow Maryland 

Howard Crystal Maryland 

Donald Jack Dagold Maryland 

Saul David Davidson Maryland 

Thomas Charles Dawson Maryland 

Myron Dobrowolskyj Maryland 

Noel E. Durm Maryland 


James Adrian Edelen Maryland 

John Joseph Engberg Maryland 

Jo Anne Sandbower Enterline Maryland 

Marvin Aaron Friedman Maryland 

Marvin Hersh Goldberg Maryland 

Marvin Gordon Maryland 

Aaron Grebow Maryland 

Gerald Joseph Heilman Maryland 

David HofF Maryland 

Robert Raymond Imbierowicz Maryland 

Basil P. Johns Maryland 

Stanley Bennet Karmiol Maryland 

Burton Lee Katz Maryland 

Demetrios Simos Lambros D. C. 

David Leftin Maryland 

Melvin Levy Maryland 

Max Lewis Mendelsohn Maryland 

Barbara Leigh Miller Maryland 

John Martin Murphy Maryland 

Richard Earl Myers Maryland 

Gerald Lewis Norton Maryland 

James Bryan Ortt Maryland 

Thomas E. Patrick Maryland 

Sheldon Erwin Pollekoff Maryland 

Jules Benge Prag Maryland 

Richard Jerome Pycha Maryland 

Reuben Rosenberg Maryland 

Melvin Norman Rubin Maryland 

Murray Alvin Rubin Maryland 

Kurt L. Sacki Maryland 

William Melvin Satisky Maryland 

Edwin Joseph Schneider Maryland 

Milton Schwartz Maryland 

David Joseph Seff Maryland 

Alan Lee Settler Maryland 

Ramon B. Sienkielewski Maryland 

Robert Edward Snyder Maryland 

Bernard Alfonsus Sulewski Maryland 

Gary Louis Taylor Maryland 

Milton Frederick Toelle Maryland 

Marvin Leonard Venick Maryland 

C. Robert Welsh Maryland 

Edward Benard Williams Maryland 

Martin Irvin Wolfovitz Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Florence M. Gipe 
Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Mary L. Benevicz Maryland 

Georgia Harriett Brown Maryland 

Shirley Anne Brown Maryland 

Judith Anne Conroy Connecticut 

Jane Catherine Eisenhauer Maryland 

Nancy Ann Gocke West Virginia 

Georgia Lois Helmick Maryland 

Ruth Elizabeth Jacobs Maryland 

Pamela Fleming Johnston Maryland 

Jeannine Ann Lanham Maryland 

Susan Denise McCaw New Jersey 

Gracia Helen Somerville Maryland 

Ailene Bolden Younkin Maryland 

Graduate in Nursing 

Alice Ahmuty Maryland 

Josephine Louise Arp Illinois 

Miriam Dolores Brown Maryland 

Janet Mae Burton Maryland 

Penelope Nace Childress Connecticut 

Margaret Boyes Coulter Tennessee 

Frances Eloise Creek Maryland 

Ingrid Helen Davenport New Jersey 

Shirley Ann Eppel Maryland 

Katherine Sheldon Ferrell Maryland 

Antoinette Margaret Gonzalez Maryland 

Elizabeth Mae Harris Maryland 

Gloria Santilli Hawley Maryland 

Georgeanna Hinely D. C. 

Claudette Ann Kautz Maryland 

Gladys Faye Kinna Maryland 

Gladys Ruth Lassiter Georgia 

Audrey Ann Layman Maryland 

Virginia Dolores Lichok Virginia 

Frances Diane McBain Maryland 

Mary Moniodis Maryland 

June Maudine Montgomery Virginia 

Patricia Lee Mullican Maryland 

Frances Sandra Nathanson Maryland 

Niki Lenora Nations New Mexico 

Betty Lucille Nielsen Maryland 

Nellie Grace Pardew Maryland 

Nancy Elizabeth Pickett Maryland 

Ann Taylor Proctor Maryland 

Phyllis Catherine Redifer Maryland 

Anita Susan Roben Maryland 

Abby Schiff Maryland 

Anne Willis Schuck Maryland 

Martha Anne Smith Maryland 

Patricia Elizabeth Smith Maryland 

Betty Lee Smithson Maryland 

Gloria Ellen Spaulding Maryland 

Virginia Dorothy Speer Maryland 

Jacquelyn Pauline Speiser Maryland 

Shirley Mae Ward Maryland 

Suzanne Moss Waterman Maryland 


Anthony Albert Abato, Jr. 
George Henry Albrecht 
Ronald Converse Allen, Jr. 
Michael Angelo Altieri 

Charles J. Atas 
Joseph Jackson Avis 
John Carlyle Baer 
Edward Gerard Baker 


Richard Allen Beckwith 
Alvin M. Benesch 
Mordecai A. Benjamin 
Harvey L. Betts 

Richard Henning Blake 
Harold Nance Blanton 
Charles Murray Boxold 
Charles Raymond Boxwell, 
Thomas Henry Breunich 
Ronald John Brooks 
Donald Lee Brougher 
Alan David Brown 
Ralph Leo Brown 
Reyburn Engle Browning 
Rinaldo J. Bucci 
Robert W. Busch 
William Rodman Cadle, Jr. 
Charles Cahn, II 
Ronald Camp 
William Canova 
David Harlow Carpenter 
Harvey Tyndal Casbarian, 
John Perry Chase 
John Berry Clark 
John Anthony Clifford 
Robert James Colleran 
Lloyd K. Colteryahn 
Robert S. Conroy 
John T. Cornelius 
Thomas E. Cosgrove 
Louis Henry Cote 
Daniel Joseph Curzon 
Frederick Duvall Dallam 
Lucius Forbes Daniels 
Richard Lee Davis 
Richard Frank Decker 
Joseph Vytantas Dedinas 
Donald Raphael Delauter 
Ray Gary Delphey, Jr. 
Kenneth Wayne Dillon 
Sanford Stanley Donald 
Robert Burgess Dorsey 
Robert George Drake 
Harley Parker Evans, Jr. 
Donald Allen Everett 
Carl Bardwell Everley 
Lawrence John Faass 
Bernard J. Faloney 
Herbert Franklin Feldman 
William Ernest Thomas 

Edward Francis Fitzgerald, 
Matthew Joseph Flynn 
Niels Peter Frandsen 
Sidney Frank 

Donaldson DeVries Frizzell 
Ralph Rodney Garver, Jr. 
James Austin Gates 
Lowell Rodman Glazer 
Ronald Sanford Goldberg 
Donald M. Goldstein 
George Williamson 

Goodwin, III 
Bernard John Gombar 
John Sharpe Graham 
Donald Lee Gray 

Martin I. Greenberg 
Michael Edwin Griffin 
Bernard Jene Gross 
William Albert Gross, ITI 
William Gardner Hamill 
Paul J, Hansen 
Chester Edward Hanulak 
Joseph Henry Harrington 
Seth William Harter, Jr. 
Gary Edward Hayman 
Frederick Glen Heffner 
Alfred Hellman 
Charles Richard Hennick 
Charles Clinton Hight 
Philip Lawrence Hilbish 
Ronald Newton Hoelzer 
Donald Lee Hoover 
Richard Alan Hoover 
Harry Louis Hughes, Jr. 
Melvin Artz Huyett 
Allen Conard Jackson 
Dale Hiett Jackson 
James Mack Jacobsen 
Willard W. Jones 
John TuiTier Joseph 
Charles Francis KefFer 
Samuel William Keller 
Howard Hanford Kelly, Jr. 
Clifford M. Kendall 
Paul Edwin Kepler 
Richard Oliver Keyes 
Oscar Meredith Keys, Jr. 
William Erwin Kindley 
William Merle Kline, Jr. 
Michael J. Koll 
Norris Jacob Krone 
Algimantus Jonas Kuprenas 
Holger C. Langmack 
Charles E. Lattimer 
Morris Morton Lebowitz 
Harry J. Lehr 
Bernard Edwin 

Leightheiser, Jr. 
Kenneth Christian 

Richard Clemens Lentz 
Thomas Arthur Lillis 
John Daniel Little 
Mayer Littman 
Anthony Michael Lizzio 
Harvey Robert Lynn 
George Peter Maggos 
Paul William Magtutu 
Daniel Markowitz 
James Samuel Marston 
Peter Harrington Maserick 
Andrew Clarence Matusky 
Robert Pat McGroarty 
Edmond F. McKeown 
Edward C. Mehm 
William A. Merelman 
Robert Joseph Messersmith 
John Bernard Miller, Jr. 
Ernest Byron Milligan 
Donald Warren Molter 

Charles Aubrey Moore, Jr. 
Wayne Harris Morris 
Ralph Bernard Morrow, Jr. 
John Charles Naegele 
Leonard Reed Naramore 
Robert Fulton Nicodemus, 

James Arthur 

Benoni Nowland, IV 
Richard D. O'Brien 
Algird Roman Ostrauskas 
Lawrence Martin Packel 
Louis Anthony Palmieri, Jr. 
Henry Reino Passi 
Gary Ronald Peake 
John Joseph Polizzi 
Roger McLean Porter 
Conrad Strother Posey 
John Duncan Powell 
Edward Joseph Power, Jr. 
George M. Reiley 
Ronald William Rhodes 
Philip James Riede 
Richard Lewis Ring 
William Bryan Roeca, Jr. 
Thomas Jefferson Rothrock 
Lonnie Bruce Rubin 
Robert Ernest Rudolph 
Thomas J. Rulis 
William Hydrick Sanders 
William Roy Schief 
Richard Carl Schukraft 
Vernon Alvin Sevier 
Philip Rowland Shays. Jr. 
Charles Warren Shoemaker 
Richard Ireland Smith 
Ronald Lee Sollod 
William Albert Earl Spies 
Delmar Baen Spivey 
James Edwin Starnes 
George Beverly Stephens, 
Phillip Glenn Stroup 
Lawi-ence Charles Sween 
Lee Morrow Tigner 
Edward Roland Updegraff, 

John Everette Wagner 
Beryl Edward Warden, Jr. 
David Eraser Webster 
Arthur Charles Weiner 
Harry DeNeal White, Jr. 
Robert Lee Whitman 
Major Anderson Williams, 

Rolland Ora Wills 
Joseph Allen Wilmer 
Burke Lester Wilson 
Robert Randolph Winkler 
Jack Alan Wolf 
Albert Gordon Wootton, Jr. 
Donald Delos Wright, Jr. 
Harold Steiner Young 
Robert Israel Zamsky 



The candidates listed below have successfully completed the entire Air Force 
Reserve Officers Training Corps course of instruction prescribed by law and regula- 
tions. Provided they are otherwise qualified, they will be eligible for appointment as 
Second Lieutenants, Reserve of the Air Force, upon completion of the obligated period 
of active service in the Armed Forces prescribed by the Universal Military Training 
and Service Act (Public Law 54, 82nd Congress), unless tendered a commission before 
completion of such obligations. 

Frank Rupp Caldwell, Jr. 
Conrad Wajme Hemphill 

Marlin Albert Kinna 
Richard Lee Loringer 
















Business and 


Special and 












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