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(^ommencemeni OxercUes 




Stuaenl Ofcili^liies JjulLoln^j Oolle^e Jrci/tk 

Saturday/ June Ninth - Nineteen Fifty-Six 


O say can you see, — by the dawn's early light, 
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight. 
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air. 
Gave proof thro' the night — that our flag was still there. 
O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 


Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never rust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust. 
Remember Howard's warlike thrust, 
And all thy slumb'rers with the just, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Come to thine own heroic throng, 
That stalks with Liberty along, 
And ring thy dauntless slogan song, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 


Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in Loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 


The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic procession 
are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar since medieval 
times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress since many of the 
scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which has 
since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United States. Each 
of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — has its own distinctive gown 
and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The master's 
gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve extending below the knee; the arm is passed through 
a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve with three bars 
of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide velvet bands. The velvet trim may 
be black or of a color indicating the general field of learning of the wearer, for example, blue 
for philosophy, green for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which passes 
around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the hoods and 
the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The color of the velvet 
edging indicates the field of learning. The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of 
the hood are those of the college or university which conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may be either 
black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may be gold. 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of distinctive 
color and design. 

^^mm€Hce^t€Ht "P^^^n^utt f956 


March from Athalie Mendelssohn 

Charlton G. Meyer, University Organist 
The University Marshal 
Candidates for Degrees 
The Faculty 
The Presidential Party 


The Reverend John G. Lambrides, Veterans Administration Hospital, 
Kecoughtan, Virginia 

The Star Spangled Banner Key 

The Audience, led by Professor Harlan Randall 


His Excellency, Theodore R. McKeldin, Governor of Maryland 
Judge William P. Cole, Jr., Chairman, Board of Regents, 
University of Maryland 

Maryland, My Maryland Randall 

Dr. John William Gardner, 

President, Carnegie Foundation and Carnegie Corporation of 
New York 


Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, President, University of Maryland 

Alma Mater Kinney 

Colonel Joseph R. Ambrose, Professor of Air Science 


The Reverend Herman Monroe Wilson, D.D., 

Asbury Methodist Home, Gaithersburg, Maryland 


Grand March from Aida Verdi 

The audience will please remain in place until the academic procession has marched out. 



Doctor of Laws 

Doctor of Science 


Doctor of Science 

Doctor of Engineering 




JAMES McKENNY WILLIS, Jr., Talbot County 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Ronald Bamford 
Doctor of Philosophy 

Richard Emery Brown New Jersey 

Gordon Henry Bryan Montana 

Harold Horn Bryant Maryland 

William Joseph Campbell D. C. 

Ching Chieh Chang Maryland 

Paul Arthur Crafton D. C. 

Jack Richard Dixon Maryland 

Roger Otto Drummond Maryland 

Andrew Adrian Duncan Maryland 

Richard Egan Maryland 

Homer Rudolph Figler Maryland 

Herman Fleischacker Pennsylvania 

Archer Hamner Futch, Jr North Carolina 

Alva Morgan Golden California 

Meyer Greenberg Maryland 

Donald Greenspan New York 

William Lawrence Haberman Maryland 

Chi-Kang Hsu Washington 

Donald Richard Jacobson Maryland 

Jonah Jaffe Maryland 

Warren Thurston Johnson Maryland 

Mahmoud Abdou Kheireldin Egypt 

Wilson W. Kimbrough, Jr Pennsylvania 

William Arthur Klein Minnesota 

Charles Joseph Kokoski Maryland 

Aaron Kornetsky Massachusetts 

Ann White Kurtz Maryland 

William Burrows Lawson Michigan 

Olin S. Lutes D. C. 

Edward Lawrence McCaflfery Pennsylvania 

James Roland Miller Maryland 

Leonard Lenard Mitnick Pennsylvania 

William Lamon Monson Delaware 

John Francis Muldoon Pennsylvania 

Hillyer Gavin Norment, Jr D. C. 

Philip John Par^ Maryland 

Robert Wayman Rector Maryland 

Max Schreiner, Jr. New Jersey 

Harry Edward Seidel, Jr Maryland 

George Louis Steffens Maryland 

Henry Edgar Swann, Jr Maryland 

Willard Stanley Vaughan, Jr Pennsylvania 

Glenn Dayton Warrick California 

Marvin Stanley Weinstein Maryland 

Robert James Weir, Jr Maryland 

Donald F. Wetherell Maryland 

Doctor of Education 

Edward William Alton Maryland 

Irving Canter Maryland 

Ralph Leonard Duke Texas 

Bernard Semple Fortner D, C. 

Jacob Earl Hershman Maryland 

Hugo Frederick Schunhoff West Virginia 

Carl Dedrick Tatum Louisiana 

Doris Beaumont Yingling Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Hans Stephan Arnold Germany 

Francies Keeney Baldwin Maryland 

Derrill Joseph Bordelon Maryland 

James Edmund Cabin Maryland 

John J. Caulfield Virginia 

Allison Alan Conrad Virginia 

Christopher Dell D. C. 

Margaret Adell Dunn Maryland 

Louis William Ehrlich Maryland 

John Arthur Eilers Maryland 

Friedrich Eisner New York 

William Thomas Elias Indiana 

Eugene David Farace Maryland 

Samira Hasso Fargo Iraq 

John Richard Fernstrom Maryland 

William Chisholm Flannigan New York 

Carolyn Emily Foster Maryland 

Stanley Samuel Gutin Maryland 

William Roy Hamilton, Jr Oklahoma 

Catherine R. Harris D. C. 

Robert Joseph H^nault Maryland 

Hyder Husain India 

John Sobchuk Kark California 

Dorothee Krahn Maryland 

George Franklin Kramer Maryland 

Frederick Donald Laws Maryland 

Willis F. Lewis Virginia 

Ellen Ai-ling Lui China 

Richard Lev,-is Matteson Maryland 

Mary Ellen McGeehan Maryland 

Ruth Jickling McNelly Mar>dand 

Evarice Camile Mire, Jr. Alabama 

Ruth Donovan Nudelman Maryland 

George John Olszewski D. C. 

Raymond Anthony O'Neill Virginia 

Marsha Nan Oshrine Maryland 

Donald Al\in Padden D. C. 

William Ebenezer Perry West Virginia 

Luise Rose Pugh Maryland 

William Howard Pugh Maryland 

Howard Bernard Ruhm D. C. 

Thomas Barton Sprecher Maryland 

Denise Leach Stephenson Maryland 

George Leo Stevens Maryland 

John Brenton Struble Maryland 

Margaret Gould Tyson Maryland 

Edward Hughes Vail Marj-land 

Richard Patrick Walsh Marjdand 

J. W. Way, Jr D. C. 

Ruth Biddison Woodburn Maryland 

Alvin John Thomas Zumbrun Maryland 

Master of Science 

Behruz Ali Azami D. C. 

Wood Powell Anderson Pennsylvania 

Richard Anthony Bafford Maryland 

Richard Allen Boettcher Maryland 

Laurence Wallace Botimer D. C. 

Charles Ray Brown Maryland 

Samuel Joseph Campanella D. C. 

Barbara Jean Castle Maryland 

Elmer Samuel Congdon Connecticut 

Martin Bryan Co\angton, Jr Texas 

John Wimberly Cullens D. C. 

Albert Joseph Daughton Maryland 

Newman deHaas Maryland 

Leo Ralph DiLiello Maryland 

Raymond Carter Elton Maryland 

John N. Fedenia Maryland 

Marion Francis Federline, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Herman Fleisher Maryland 

Raymond A- Galloway Maryland 

John RavTnond Gee, Jr Maryland 

Nick George, Jr Maryland 

Ronald John Gibbons, Jr New York 

Wallace Charles Harding, Jr Maryland 

Harry Hays Harp Maryland 

Paul Chappell Harris Canada 

George Keithley Harrison Maryland 

Donald Raymond Helinski Maryland 

David Skeen Hepler D. C. 

John Roger Hood Maryland 

William Arthur Hook D. C. 

James Barbe Home Maryland 

Francis Gordon Hueter Maryland 

Gordon Lee Jessup, Jr New Mexico 

Donald Lee Keister West Virginia 

Robert John Kokoski Maryland 

Morris William Lindman Maryland 

Wallace Luchuk Maryland 

Robert Sterling March Maryland 

Joseph Charles Mastriani New York 

John James McArtney New Jersey 

Ann Myers Merideth Mar>iand 

Frank Remo Milio Maryland 

Astrid Linnea Molander Sweden 

John Joseph Mostowski D. C. 

Katsuto Ono Hawaii 

Ra^Tnond Selva Potter D. C. 

Richard Allen Rohde New York 

Edward Charles Rosenzweig Maryland 

John Roskos, Jr. Maryland 

Arvey Charles Sanders Maryland 

Adolph Francis Schindler Maryland 

Mar^'in Eugene Senger North Carolina 

Bryan Eugene Shepp Mar>'land 

Clifford Bertram Strang Virginia 

Vernon B. Sultenfuss Mar\'land 

Donald Pierce Tavlor New York 

Earl Gilbert Taylor Maryland 

Uno Teemant Maryland 

Louis Benjamin Weckesser, Jr. Maryland 

Joseph Thomas Whitlaw, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Wolpert New York 

Nathaniel Schmutz Woodhouse Washington 

Master of Education 

Harry Vincent Adams Maryland 

Christine Fay Alderton Maryland 

Kathryn Wolfe Barrans Maryland 

Robert W. Bath Maryland 

Paul Charles Billiet Maryland 

Alfred Bisset, Jr Maryland 

Sallie Huddleston Brown Maryland 

Jean Daly Carbia Maryland 

Harold William Carey Maryland 

Margaret Anne Carey Maryland 

John Francis Cassiday Maryland 

George Alex Cokinos Maryland 

Arthur Oliver Combs Maryland 

Margaret Helen O'Brien Cowen... Pennsylvania 

Betty Jewell Crickard West Virginia 

Margaret Ann Dial Arkansas 

Frank Gurney Edwards Maryland 

Ella Margaret Fazzalari Maryland 

Donald Eugene Foltz Indiana 

Jean Uran Foltz Indiana 

Vivian Lorraine Ford D. C. 

Agnes Marie Fox Maryland 

Alberta Ruth Fulper D. C. 

John Martin Gallik Maryland 

Betty Doris Getz Maryland 

Frances Corkran Hall Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Hassell Maryland 

Samuel David Herman Maryland 

Doqan Salem Hindawi Jordan 

Nelle G. Hodges Maryland 

AHce Anita Holden Maryland 

John Vincent Hrezo Maryland 

Harry Robinson Hughes Maryland 

Robert Ray Hull Maryland 

Martha Anna D. Ingerson Maryland 

Julia Moore Jones Maryland 

Dorothy Samons Kerr New York 

Frederick Richard Keyton Maryland 

Jenny W. Klein Maryland 

Constance Doughty Knies Maryland 

Robert Porter Lewis Maryland 

Ellen Moore Lipski Maryland 

Dolores Scott Lloyd Maryland 

Amy G. Meek Maryland 

Ailene Williams Mohler Maryland 

Thomas Wayne Mulkey Maryland 

Louise Cusick Mullendore Maryland 

M. Edward Nye Maryland 

Marie Theresa O'Donnell Maryland 

Gladstone Frankhn Padgett Maryland 

Clemente Angeles Pangan PhiHppines 

Charles Edward Pease Pennsylvania 

Kenneth Edwards Pickett New Jersey 

Paul Richard Potter Maryland 

Mabel Taylor Price Maryland 

Seymour Reisin New York 

William Edward Richardson Maryland 

Anthony Joseph Rivetti Maryland 

Albert Joseph Sargus Maryland 

Mary Cubberley Schanberger Maryland 

Russell Willard Smith Ohio 

Jennie Levin Spjut Maryland 

David Erwin Stowe Maryland 

Virginia Gayheart Timmons Maryland 

Stephen Dorsey Vermillion, Jr. Maryland 

Malcolm Graham Vinzant, Jr Maryland 

John Richard Walker Maryland 

Euva Jernigan Williams Maryland 

Annie Smith Witheridge Maryland 

Opal Nadine Wotring West Virginia 

Master of Business Administration 

Charles Manson Boynton Maryland Woodrow Walton Jenkins Maryland 

William Alexander CoUinge Maryland Donald Lunn Appleby Sawyer New Jersey 

Adeeb F. Fargo Iraq 

Master of Foreign Study 

Genevieve C. Carroll Florida 

James A. Colaizzo Pennsylvania 

James Anthony Kilker, Jr. Missouri 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Scarvia Bateman Anderson Maryland 

Philip D. BogdonofI, Jr Maryland 

Harvey Lindy Bumgardner North Carolina 

Hansell Flynn Cross Louisiana 

James Peter Economy Michigan 

Louis Nicholas Canada 

W. Edward O'Malley Pennsylvania 

John Popenoe California 

Harold Staras New Jersey 

Russell Paddock Strange Illinois 

Samuel Strauss D. C. 

George Bentley Sweet Maryland 

Frank Daniel Vasington Maryland 

Alfred Viola Maryland 

Joseph Wenograd Maryland 

Philip Damon Wheaton Connecticut 

John Allen Whittenburg Georgia 

Joseph Roy Wiebush Ohio 

Robert Charles Wood Pennsylvania 

Doctor of Edacation 

Fabian Allan Meier Washington Edna Heckman Treasure D. C. 

Russell Spence Ratcliffe Virginia Wilton Henry Wood Maryland 

Stanley Smith Stahl, Jr Wisconsin 

Master of Arts 

Adnan Mohammed Amiem Al Doory D. C. 

Willard Henry Atherly Maryland 

William Francis Benjamin Arizona 

George Betts Massachusetts 

James Berkley Carson Maryland 

Norman Louis Chaudet Virginia 

Ruth Rosemary Engelbrecht New York 

Patsy Coil Gallegos Maryland 

Martha Grimes Maryland 

Frank K. Haszard, Jr Maryland 

Zella Johnson Holbert Maryland 

Carroll Lee Horine Maryland 

Edward Foster James Maryland 

Adolph J. Koenig Pennsylvania 

Donna Jane Kragh Wisconsin 

Jack Libert Maryland 

Elizabeth DeLashmutt McCrackin ..Maryland 

Charles Joseph Miller Louisiana 

William Ray Miller North Carolina 

Ellen Mary Nebel Maryland 

Edsel L. Phillips Virginia 

Joseph Forrest Phillips Maryland 

Arden Bennett Poole Pennsylvania 

Alice Blades Riddleberger Maryland 

Irwin Lawrence Shelberg Maryland 

Edgar Ra^nnond Terry New York 

Catherine Hottel VanSickler Virginia 

Don K. Wiles Nebraska 

Matthew Yarczower New York 

Master of Science 

Khalid Said Bahjat Maryland 

Donald J. Belknap Maryland 

John Holbrook Berbert D. C. 

Charles Allan Borcher Maryland 

Howard Franklin Byers Maryland 

David Charles Costello, Jr Maryland 

Robert Carl Ender New York 

Richard John Ess Maryland 

James Lewis Givens Virginia 

Urs Erwin Hochuli Maryland 

Donald Edmund Hoffman Delaware 

John Winter Hull Maryland 

Hugh Franklin Hunter D. C. 

Richard Alan Jewell Indiana 

Michael Karickhoflf West Virginia 

William Russell Kent, Jr Delaware 

Robert George Mathey Maryland 

John Arthur Meade Maryland 

Stephen Megregian Maryland 

Philip Andrew Ouellette Maryland 

Leona Schmick Perry Maryland 

Paul Eugene Pickert Pennsylvania 

Theodore Rocklage Ploeger Maryland 

Matthew Joseph Rehak Maryland 

Richard Leon Rhoderick Maryland 

Raymond Martin Rhodes New York 

Joseph William Rom Maryland 

Tully Joseph John Speaker New Jersey 

Master of Edacation 

Charles William Appel Maryland 

Reginald Taft Bailey Maryland 

Margaret Jane Beasley Maryland 

Beulah White Beck Maryland 

Nancy Elizabeth Bohart Ohio 

Marvin Walter Boss Iowa 

Maude Veola Bridges South Carolina 

Grace Freidson Brody Maryland 

Hugh Francis Bunnell Maryland 

Frank John Carpentier Wisconsin 

John William Cassell, Jr Michigan 

Oberlin Thomas Chaney Maryland 

Ellen Nesbitt Clark Maryland 

Dwight Oliver Coblentz Maryland 

Joseph Edmund Coe Maryland 

Myra Baker Cordrey Maryland 

Eleanor Andrews Crofoot Maryland 

Eva Foust Darley Maryland 

Bronna Mae Elkins Florida 

Howard Taft Estes Maryland 

Eleanor Linthicum Everhart Maryland 

Rosemary Pope Flannery Massachusetts 

Carmin Oscar Fognano Maryland 

Allan Marion Harrison Maryland 

Maria Elizabeth Hearne Maryland 

George Daniel Heiss Pennsylvania 

James Edward Higgins, Jr Maryland 

Albert Joseph Johnson Maryland 

Eloise Johnson South Carolina 

Harry Clinton Jones Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Jordan Maryland 

Robert Denton Kline Maryland 

Ralph Koontz Maryland 

Henry Albert Krebser Connecticut 

Carville A. Lauenstein Maryland 

Helen Virginia Linthicum Maryland 

Hannah Elizabeth Long Maryland 

Roger William Lynch Maryland 

Nellie Jane Macdonald Maryland 

Maryanne Maloney Maryland 

Stanley R. Meinen Kansas 

George Raymond Merrill New Jersey 

Martha Agnes Allen Miller Louisiana 

Marie Minard Louisiana 

Louise Yeagley Monette Louisiana 

Marian Jane Moore Maryland 

Willard Winfield Moriey Maryland 

Josephia Randall Morselle Maryland 

Fred Wallace Nickerson Maryland 

Ernest Bruce Parry Virginia 

Clara Bronson Perkins Maryland 

Lynn Louis Pesson Louisiana 

Edward Phillips Maryland 

Elsie Jenkins Pohle Maryland 

Leona Eileen Reardon Iowa 

Bessie L. Reindorp Maryland 

Annie Neal Rogers Maryland 

Howard Homer Simms Virginia 

Margaret Adams Stant Maryland 

Kathryn Naylor Taylor D. C. 

Sara Savilla Teiger Maryland 

Douglas Carroll Thomas Maryland 

John Owen Thomas, Sr Maryland 

Mildred Gandy Walker Louisiana 

Roger Lawrence Willis Maryland 

Mary Viola Wiseman Maryland 

Master of Business Administration 

Carroll Daly New York 

John Charles Grimmer Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Kelly Virginia 

James Edwin Burton 

Master of Foreign Study 

New York 


Candidates will be presented by Dean William S. Stone 
Doctor of Medicine 

George Alan Abeshouse Maryland 

John Edward Adams Maryland 

Robert Thomas Adkins Maryland 

Daniel Gilliford Anderson Pennsylvania 

Henry Allen Baer Maryland 

Stephen Barchet Virginia 

Richard Belgrad Maryland 

Frank R. Bellomo New Jersey 

Jerald Home Bennion Utah 

Stanley M. Bialek D. C. 

Morris Larrie Blue Maryland 

Henry Francis Bongardt, Jr Maryland 

Ernest Owen Brown Maryland 

Richard Alvin Burningham California 

James A. Burwell Pennsylvania 

Robert James Byrne Maryland 

Theodore Robert Carski Maryland 

James Castellano, Jr New York 

James McAllister Chase, Jr Delaware 

William Cohen Maryland 

William Coleman Cohen Maryland 

Thomas Herbert Collawn Maryland 

David Lee Davidson Maryland 

Evelyn Trainis de la Vega Maryland 

James Thomas Dorsey Maryland 

John Dent Downing, Jr Maryland 

Ludwig Joseph Eglseder Maryland 

James T. Estes Maryland 

Richard Gilbert Farmer Indiana 

Richard Allen Finegold Pennsylvania 

Giraud Vernam Foster Maryland 

Jorge Alfonso Franco Puerto Rico 

Marshall Franklin Maryland 

Edward David Frohlich Maryland 

Alfred William Grigoleit Maryland 

Josias Henry Hawkins Maryland 

Robert Nelson Headley Maryland 

Neil Carlton Henderson New York 

Webb Sellman Hersperger Maryland 

Lee Hoffman Maryland 

Virgil Roy Hooper West Virginia 

Ralph Turner Hummel Maryland 

Gilbert Earl Hurwitz Maryland 

Betty Irene Ivens Maryland 

Daniel Fulper Johnston Maryland 

Albert Victor Kanner Maryland 

Robert Martin Kaplan Maryland 

Sheppard Gordon Kellam Maryland 

John Edward Kelly, Jr New York 

Charles Herschel King Maryland 

Kenneth Munson Klatt Maryland 

Paul William Knowles Utah 

Elmer Curtis Koller, Jr Maryland 

Bernard Kramer Maryland 

H. Coleman Kramer Maryland 

Scheldon Kress D. C. 

Louis James Lancaster Maryland 

Joseph G. Lanzi Maryland 

Carl Patrick Laughhn West Virginia 

Mathew H. M. Lee Hawaii 

William Arden Lemmert Maryland 

John Breckenridge Littleton Maryland 

William Thomas Lloyd Maryland 

Thomas A. Love Maryland 

Gerald Norton Maggid Maryland 

Robert Joseph Mahon Maryland 

Samuel James Mangus Maryland 

Herbert Miles Marton New York 

Joseph Sheffer McLaughlin Maryland 

Robert Gabriel Muth Maryland 

Richard Ira Myers Pennsylvania 

John Francis Nowell Maryland 

Clark Lamont Osteen Maryland 

David Alan Oursler Maryland 

William Martin Palmer Maryland 

Wilbur Crafts Pickett, Jr Maryland 

Marvin Stanley Piatt Maryland 

Richard Leon Plumb D. C. 

Irvin Paul Pollack Maryland 

G. Edward Reahl, Jr Maryland 

Harold Irvin Rodman Maryland 

Harry Paul Ross Maryland 

Charles Andrew Sanislow, Jr New Jersey 

Gerald David Schuster Maryland 

Roy Otis Shaub Utah 

William Allen Sinton, Jr Maryland 

James William Skaggs, Jr West Virginia 

Paul Vernon Slater West Virginia 

George Thomas Smith West Virginia 

George A. Sowell Maryland 

James Joseph Stovin New York 

Robert George Stuck New York 

Howard Elbert Sturgeon Maryland 

Albert Leroy Trucker, Jr Maryland 

Virginia Harrington Truitt Maryland 

Edwin Warfield Whiteford, Jr. Maryland 

John Zigler Williams Maryland 

Harry Davis Wilson, Jr Maryland 

Robert Lee Wright Ohio 


Candidates will be presented by Dean MjTon S. Aisenberg 
Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Robert James Agresti New Jersey 

Herbert Hidesuke Akamine Hawaii 

Waverley Conway Artz Mississippi 

Edward Jerome Becker D. C. 

Robert John Belliveau New Jersey 

Kenneth Edward Bertram Maryland 

Henry Joseph Bianco, Jr Maryland 

Mario Bonanti Pennsylvania 

Frederick Thomas Brennan Maine 

Stanley L. Brown Maryland 

Morton Alfred Brownstein Virginia 

Bernard Busch New Jersey 

Robert Roscoe Callahan Florida 

Anthony Alain Caputi Rhode Island 

Aaron Jacob Chmar Maryland 

Donald Eugene Cone Maryland 

Frederick Earl Connelly Massachusetts 

Joseph Anthony Corbo New Jersey 

Victor Benjamin Costa New Jersey 

Michael Alexander Costrino Massachusetts 

Donald LeRoy Cramer Delaware 

Remo Angelo Del Rosso Massachusetts 

David Arthur Denisch Maryland 

William Frank Evans, Jr Florida 

Francis Xavier Falivene New Jersey 

Andrew Federico New Jersey 

Fred Seymour Fink Maryland 

Michael Edward Fleming New York 

Jack Lester Frasher South Carolina 

Mar\'in Lewis Friedman Connecticut 

Robert Albert Gagne Connecticut 

Charles Joseph Galiardi New York 

Francis Eugene Gassiraro Massachusetts 

Marvin Bennett Golberg Maryland 

Stanley Barry Goldberg Maryland 

Herbert William Grambow, Jr Maryland 

Herald Donald Green, Jr Pennsylvania 

Armand Shelby Hall Maryland 

Alfred Hamel Rhode Island 

Albert Edward Heimert, III Maryland 

Leonard George Henschel D. C. 

Gene Caryl Hose West Virginia 

Blaine Ellsworth Jarrett West Virginia 

Jerome Philip Jermain Connecticut 

Ralph Stuart Johnson Utah 

Albert Andrew Kapsak Pennsylvania 

Paul S. Keller Maryland 

Edward McCauley Kelly Maryland 

Ralph Lawrence Kercheval West Virginia 

Thomas Frederick Kern Connecticut 

Francis Joseph Kihn Maryland 

Norman Dale Kisamore Maryland 

Eugene Francis Kobylarz New Jersey 

Jerome B. Krachman New Jersey 

Vernon A. Lake South Carolina 

Stuart LaKind New Jersey 

Charles Edward Landry Massachusetts 

Peter Joseph Lapolia Rhode Island 

Kendrick Roger Lawrence Vermont 

Jules Joseph Le\in Maryland 

Walter Joseph Lucas, Jr North Carolina 

Philip Dennis Marano Maryland 

Clayton Swearingen McCarl Maryland 

Carlton Joseph McLeod Rhode Island 

Francis McNulty Massachusetts 

Harry Leroy Mertz, Jr Maryland 

Steven Jay Miller New Jersey 

Dale Roger Moss Marjiand 

Robert Paul Murphy Maryland 

George Herman Nieske Massachusetts 

James Philip Norris Maryland 

Christopher James O'Connell, Jr., 


Ferdinand Frank Pagano New Jersey 

Ra\Tnond Walter Palmer, Jr Mar>iand 

Robert D. Parker West Virginia 

Thomas Henry Paterniti New Jersey 

Donald Pi\Tiick Connecticut 

Jose Ramon Prieto-Hernandez Puerto Rico 

Charles Allen Ridgeway Arizona 

Laurence Ray Rollins West Virginia 

Paul Leon Roxin Maryland 

Richard Andrew Saal Maryland 

Eugene Marcellus Sadd West Virginia 

Herbert Otto Scharpf New Jersey 

Charles August Schlegel, Jr Connecticut 

Arthur SejTnour Schuster Maryland 

Caesar Michael Silvestro New York 

Allie Skib Massachusetts 

Irby Garrion Sorrells Maryland 

Jack Haldane Soutar Florida 

Lloyd Ernest Svennevig Massachusetts 

Warren Edward Thurston Maine 

Joseph Harry Toropilo Connecticut 

Harold Michael Trepp Connecticut 

Gilbert Roland Tronier Utah 

Donald Collis Weikert D. C. 

Anthony John Wickenheiser, Jr Maryland 

Robert James Wilson Maryland 

Byron Crosby Woodside Virginia 

George Dietrich Yent, Jr Maryland 

Gilbert Garland ^Youngblood West Virginia 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Maurice Gerard Lussier New Hampshire James Harvey Stribling, Jr Mississippi 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger Howell 
Certificate of Proficiency 

Walter Dixon Webster Maryland 

Bachelor of Laws 

Richard David Adelberg Maryland 

Abraham Louis Adler Maryland 

Philip Zelman Altfeld Maryland 

Walter Clarence Anderson Maryland 

John Joseph Appel, Jr Maryland 

John Ambrose Blondell Maryland 

Forrest Fulton Bramble, Jr Maryland 

David Don Brodie Maryland 

John Thomas Brooks Maryland 

Lorene Olivia Cephas Maryland 

Edward Owen Clarke, Jr Maryland 

Robert Parlett Conrad, Jr Maryland 

Robert Joseph Cooke Maryland 

C. Daniel Cornish Maryland 

Leonard Irwin Desser Maryland 

Mathias Joseph DeVito Maryland 

Luther Benjamin Ditch, II Maryland 

William OfFutt Doub Maryland 

Delverne Arthur Dressel Maryland 

Frank Simms Dudley, Jr Maryland 

Henry Charles Engel, Jr Maryland 

WilHam James Evans Maryland 

Albert Gerald Fitzgerald Maryland 

James F. Flynn Maryland 

Harry George Folan Maryland 

Bryan Bedout Haddaway Maryland 

Samuel Allyn Hearn Maryland 

Daniel Henry Honemann Maryland 

Hobart Britton Hughes Maryland 

John Augustine Hupfer, Jr Maryland 

Lewis Alan Kann Maryland 

Robert Lee Karwacki Maryland 

Zaiman Abraham Kekst Maryland 

Valentine Anthony Kogler, Jr Maryland 

H. Albert Korn Maryland 

Gerald Kunes Pennsylvania 

Harold Sylvan Levin Maryland 

Jabez Whitford Loane, IV Maryland 

Thomas Hunter Lowe Maryland 

Lois Kleiman Macht Maryland 

Anthony Manzanares, Jr Maryland 

Edward Trail Mathias Maryland 

Edward Charles McAllister Maryland 

Edward Patrick McDermott, III Maryland 

Paul T. McHenry, Jr Maryland 

Allen Adolph Meyer, Jr New York 

Paul Louis Miller Maryland 

Rowland Ashmead Morrow Maryland 

Paul Herbert Naden Maryland 

John Andrew O'Connor, Jr Maryland 

James Francis O'Neill Maryland 

George Rick O'Shea Maryland 

Henry Emslie Parks Maryland 

John Wilson Pfeifer Maryland 

Clarence Edward Pusey, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Jack Robinson Maryland 

Lawrence FVancis Rodowsky Maryland 

Nolan Howard Rogers Maryland 

Edward Dorsey Ellis Rollins, Jr Maryland 

Stanley J. Schapiro Maryland 

Joseph Francis Smith, Jr Maryland 

Cornelius Ferdinand Sybert, Jr Maryland 

Raymond George Thieme, Jr Maryland 

Bruce Edward Tilley Maryland 

J. Melville Townsend Maryland 

Joseph R. B. Tubman Maryland 

John Robert Utermohle Maryland 

Charles Stewart Waesche, Jr Maryland 

Franklyn Joseph Weinberg Maryland 

Richard Douglass Welde Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Wohlgemuth Maryland 

Peter John Woytowitz Maryland 

SejTnour Zuckerman New York 

Bachelor of Laws 

Norma Jewell Jackson Delaware 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Gordon M. Cairns 
Bachelor of Science 

Robert Bowman Adams New York 

Eugene Edgar Ahalt Maryland 

Gilbert Wilkins Allen D. C. 

Richard Howard Andersen D. C. 

George Vincent Arnold Maryland 

Charles Franklin Beck Maryland 

Bruce Ladd Berlage Maryland 

Milton Lyle Blanc Maryland 

Warren Robert Bontoyan Maryland 

Ralph Albert Bram Maryland 

Gene Charles Bures Maryland 

John Linn Carter, Jr Maryland 

Charles Edmund Colledge New Jersey 

Elmer Lewis Cooper Maryland 

Julius J. Csorba Maryland 

William Anthony Cusimano Maryland 

Russell Gilbert Dent Maryland 

Donald Lane Dilg New Jersey 

Robert Lee Downey Maryland 

Robert Francis Drechsler D. C. 

William George Eschmann, II Maryland 

John Burton Fiery New York 

Gustav Henry Frase Maryland 

Pelayo Jos6 Gabalddn Philippines 

John J. Ginn Marylnad 

Woodrow Arthur Greenwood Maryland 

Milton Glenn Hendrix Maryland 

Herbert J. Hochreich D. C. 

S. Amye Hottel Maryland 

Barbara Hunter Georgia 

Vernon Eugene Hussman Maryland 

Haruko Ishiyama Virginia 

John Wallace Jarrett Maryland 

Wendell Gunner Johnson, Jr Spain 

Ronald Allen Jones Maryland 

David Lerian Kuhn Maryland 

Daniel Earl Lindsey Maryland 

Peter St. John Loizeaux Maryland 

Donald Porter Malkemus Maryland 

Donald Ordway Martin Maryland 

Thomas Gibson Mason Maryland 

Thomas Waugh Matthews Maryland 

Lacy Porter McColloch Maryland 

William Harry Miller Maryland 

Robert Lloyd Minor D. C. 

George Michael Palahunik Pennsylvania 

Douglas Milton Parks, Jr Maryland 

James Wilton Peters D. C. 

Leonard Joseph Peterson North Carolina 

Lawrence H. Pullen Maryland 

Ralph Melvin Quinn, Jr Maryland 

George Robert Reiner Maryland 

Hector F. Roux Panama 

Theodore Henry Schaefer, Jr Maryland 

Donald Vincent Schlimme, Jr Maryland 

Hugh Edward Smith Maryland 

Jamas Cecil Smith, Jr Maryland 

Lloyd Duvall Smoot, III Maryland 

Robert Lee Soles Virginia 

Thomas Moore Stabler Maryland 

Richard Ruff Stanfield Maryland 

Calvin Scott Tabler Maryland 

John Alvin Taylor Maryland 

William Lewin Thomas Maryland 

James Louis Thompson Maryland 

Leo Lazarus Tompkins Maryland 

Robert Sparks VanDenburgh Maryland 

Louis Ronald Wade Maryland 

Thomas Milton Webster Maryland 

Richard Sloan Welton West Virginia 

Renick Cunningham Williams... West Virginia 
Robert Lee Wolfes, Jr West Virginia 


Bachelor of Science 

John William Browning, Jr New Jersey 

Carl Edwin Schoening D. C. 

Robert Gabe Smith Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Leon P. Smith 
Bachelor of Arts 

Richard David Adelberg Maryland 

Laurence Irvin Ady Maryland 

Bushrod Warren Allin, Jr Maryland 

Patricia A. Anderson Maryland 

Nancy Jean Antrim Maryland 

James Venceslav Anzulovic, Jr Maryland 

Franklin Bruce Applestein Maryland 

James Ward Armacost Maryland 

Bernice lona Bangle Arnold Colorado 

Katherine Linnie Baine Maryland 

Lucy Anne Baldwin Maryland 

Gertrude Carol Balser Maryland 

June Marie Banachowski D. C. 

Gordon Lorian Barker Maryland 

Gloria Ruth Barnabei Maryland 

Janet Lee Beall Virginia 

Arline Joan Beman Maryland 

John Francis Bianchi New York 

Jane Anne Bissell Maryland 

Maureen Tyner Bland Maryland 

Elaine Kaye Blank Maryland 

Raymond Michael Blank Maryland 


James Eugene Blanton Maryland 

Margaret Legg Boone Maryland 

Allison Scott Boykin Maryland 

Richard Alan Bradley Maryland 

Gordon D. Breighner Pennsylvania 

Lois Christine Broadhurst Maryland 

Elizabeth Jean Brown Maryland 

Leiba Lee Brown D. C. 

Herbert Minetree Brubaker Maryland 

Frederic Morse Bryant, III Maryland 

Leonard Zinnamon Bulman Maryland 

Theodore Aloysius Burns, Jr Maryland 

Jerry Warren Canning Maryland 

Doris Marie Cannon Maryland 

Jerome Francis Xavier Carroll Maryland 

Mason Strother Cartmell, Jr D. C. 

Lynn Corbett Chadsey Maryland 

Carole Rose Chaimson Maryland 

Patricia Ann Chambers Maryland 

Daniel Boone Childs D. C. 

Cathryn Ann Coatney Maryland 

Ruth Florence Cohn Maryland 

Andrew James Colinaitra Connecticut 

Alyce Taylor Conrads Maryland 

Robert Crane Cooke D. C. 

David Benno Cooper Maryland 

Henry Charles Cooper D. C. 

Elaine Roberta Coover Maryland 

Bill Allen Courtney Maryland 

Donald Robert Date Maryland 

Paul Theodore Dauray Rhode Island 

Donald Compton Davis Maryland 

Barbara Ann Dean Maryland 

Keith J. Decker Maryland 

John Edmunds Dickey New York 

Paul Thronton Eckel Maryland 

Ronald Bernard Eckert Maryland 

Elaine Marie Ecsery Maryland 

Daniel James Edwards Maryland 

May Carolyn Edwards Pennsylvania 

Lyla-Norris Erb Maryland 

Norma Jean Evans Maryland 

Barbara Lee Fiock Maryland 

Rajrmond Norman Flror D. C. 

Gary Pace Fisher Maryland 

James Calvin Fitz Maryland 

Thomas Everett Fleming Maryland 

Patricia Jane Flynn Massachusetts 

Ronald Michael Fornatora New York 

James Boyd Frizzell Maryland 

Clayton Marchal Fuller Maryland 

William Ronald Galloway Maryland 

Dolores Mary Gambino New York 

Edward Wallace Gardner New York 

Patricia Jean Garner Maryland 

Charmion Paulette Geer Maryland 

Joseph John Gentile, Jr Maryland 

Shirley Politzer Glass Maryland 

Alan H. Glick Maryland 

Charles Bernard Good, Jr Maryland 

John Benjamin Goodwin Maryland 

Gerald FVancis Gough Maryland 

William Joseph Gough Maryland 

William Boardman Graves New York 

E. Rheda Greenberg Maryland 

Rita Greenberg Maryland 

Roberta Ruth Gribbon Maryland 

Robert Edward Grutzik Maryland 

Natalie R. Gutman Maryland 

Barbara Anne Habley New Jersey 

Carl Hackerman Maryland 

Philip Handwerger Maryland 

John James Haney, Jr New Jersey 

Robert Denis Hanko Pennsylvania 

Mary Dianne Hanrahan Maryland 

Stanley Graham Harrell Maryland 

Thomas Greer Harris, Jr Maryland 

Glenn Bertram Harten Maryland 

William Daniel Hauck Maryland 

William Edgar Hayman Maryland 

Llewellyn Maitland Heigham, Jr Missouri 

Robert Leo Heimert Maryland 

Henry Alfons Heller Maryland 

Dawn Helmer New Jersey 

Loa Ayala Henthorne Maryland 

Robert Bruce Hetherington Maryland 

Quentin Mead Hill Vermont 

Patricia Ann Hodous Maryland 

Lenore Holtzman Maryland 

William Edward Hood, Jr Maryland 

Mary Louise Hostettler Indiana 

Mary LeCompte Howell Maryland 

Robert Charles Hur Maryland 

Martha Anne Jackson Virginia 

Anna Mae Jacquette Maryland 

Annette Epstein Jolles Maryland 

Barbara Anne Jones Maryland 

Irvin Frederick Jones Maryland 

James Benjamin Judd, Jr Maryland 

Robert Warren Keefer Maryland 

Joan Marie Kellerman Maryland 

Thomas Henry Kelley, Jr North CaroHna 

Jacqueljme Hefley King New Jersey 

Robert John Klatt Illinois 

Robert Sheldon Kornspan D. C. 

Charles Krantz Maryland 

Richard Palmer Krauss Maryland 

Paul David Lambrides Maryland 

Edward Whaley Lathan New York 

Robert Vincent Lazzaro Maryland 

Sarajane Lebowitz Maryland 

David Hunter Lockhart D. C. 

Jessica Marguerite Long Maryland 

Charles Lindsay Longest Maryland 

Carl Edwin Lovett, Jr Maryland 

Robert Emmet Lynch, Jr D. C. 

Don Eugene Mattingly Maryland 

Edward Thomas Maxwell, Jr Maryland 

Marilyn Winstead McCall Maryland 

Abby Barnes McCardell Maryland 

Rita Sarah McEvoy Maryland 

Thomas Peyton McGurn D. C. 

John Philip McKee New Jersey 

Albert Ronald Menchine Maryland 

Rhea B. Mermelstein Maryland 

Virginia Th^rese Mezey New York 

Leslie Maxine Millenson Maryland 

James Lower Miller Maryland 

Leonard Allan Monfred Maryland 

Donald Andres Montano Maryland 

Dudley Greenwood Mook Maryland 

Ralph Elmer Moore Maryland 

William Albert Neal Maryland 

Markalee Howard Nestle, Jr Maryland 

Eva Leona Nezin D. C. 


Audrey Patricia Nicoloudis D. C. 

Theodore Jacob Noffsinger, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Jane Noll Pennsylvania 

Norman Bernard Norinsky Maryland 

Robert Lawrence O'Brien Maryland 

Mary Ita O'Connell Maryland 

Kurt F. Oelmann Maryland 

Robert William Palter Maryland 

Glenn Charles Parker Maryland 

Joseph Stanley Paulus Maryland 

Richard Conwell Perdue Maryland 

Floyd Lynn Peterson Maryland 

Judith Wheeler Peterson New Jersey 

Gilbert Eugene Petrina Pennsylvania 

Priscilla Virginia Pilgrim Maryland 

Regina Suzanne Pocalka Maryland 

Joseph Doyle Powell Virginia 

Douglas MacArthur Pratt Maryland 

Sheldon H. Press Maryland 

John Richard Redmon Maryland 

Beverly Ann Reiber New York 

Andrene Isabelle Richardson New York 

Patricia Ann Ridgway Maryland 

Charles Davis Ritter Maryland 

Grace Robinowitz D. C. 

Ronald Sanford Rubbin Maryland 

LeRoy Unsworth Rudasill, Jr Maryland 

Oiva Charles Saari Maryland 

Lyman Sale, Jr Maryland 

Paula Florence Salganik Maryland 

Phyllis Elaine Samuelson Maryland 

Monroe Richard Sandberg Maryland 

John Edward Sandbower, III Maryl-and 

Marlene Sandler D. C. 

Manuel Joseph San Gabino, Jr Maryland 

Merrill Augustus Sauerbrei, Jr New York 

Joanne Gay Schalch Maryland 

Robert Isaac Schneider Maryland 

Frances Maxine Schoenberg D. C. 

Donald Francis Scott Maryland 

Richard Philippe Scott Virginia 

Joan Carol Sheahan Maryland 

Andrew Morris Sherling Maryland 

James Carroll Simms Maryland 

David Barfield Singleton Texas 

John William Sisson, Jr Maryland 

Robert Leach Smith D.C. 

Warren Willis Smith Ohio 

Laurie Sollish Maryland 

Rita Solomowitz Maryland 

Frances Rebecca Sparkman Maryland 

Paul Gordon Stafford New Jersey 

Mary Ellen Starkey Virginia 

Frances Marcia Starr Maryland 

James Garfield Stevens, Jr Maryland 

Beverly Jane Stubbs Maryland 

Carolee Stulman Maryland 

Ina Dale Stulman Maryland 

Samuel Herbert Suls D. C. 

Gerald Sussman Maryland 

Gerald Arthur Swinnerton Maryland 

Loretta Blanche Tardiff Maryland 

Geraldine S. Tate Maryland 

Shirley Ann Thompson D. C. 

Robert Willian Thurston New Jersey 

Max William Tollin Maryland 

Hal Dickson Tray Maryland 

Frank Philip Trocino New Jersey 

Alvin Henry Tucker, Jr Maryland 

John Ivan Tucker Maryland 

Beverly Ann Van Slyke Maryland 

Carolyn Faulkner Varner Maryland 

Grady Alexander Vickers, Jr Maryland 

Carroll T. Villaret Maryland 

Sanford Wachs Maryland 

Samuel James Waddell Florida 

Frank R. Wadleigh Connecticut 

Steven John Wadyka Connecticut 

Patricia Morris Watkins Maryland 

Jack Weiner Maryland 

Joseph Saul Weinstock Maryland 

James Stanley Werking Maryland 

Wendell Donald Wheatley Maryland 

Anne Ruth Wiederhold Maryland 

Priscilla Ann Winter Maryland 

John Elliott Wolcott Massachusetts 

Joanne Baer Wolf Maryland 

Roger Alan Wolff Maryland 

Nancy Carboy Woodall Maryland 

Cecilia Marie Woods Virginia 

John James Wright Maryland 

Joseph William Yuhas New Jersey 

Charles Yumkas Maryland 

Carol Marjorie Zies Maryland 

Charles Edmund Zimmerli Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Joan Nicolai Adams Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Armsworthy Maryland 

Frank Bartko, Jr Maryland 

William George Bartlett Maryland 

George Robert Baumgardner Maryland 

Elliott Morton Berg Maryland 

Howard Andrew Bladen, Jr Maryland 

John Theodore Blair D. C. 

Fredric Ansel Bonnett Maryland 

Alfredo Adolfo Bravo Puerto Rico 

John Joseph Brehm, Jr Marvland 

Arthur Brem D. C. 

Howard Daniel Bronstein Maryland 

Frank Harris Bunker Puerto Rico 

James Richard Burke, Jr Maryland 

Martin Charles Cadmus Maryland 

Raymond Frank Caplan Maryland 

Marjean Lea Cashman Maryland 

Hilda Willis Chu Maryland 

Kathleen R. Cockaday Maryland 

George Elmore Collins Maryland 

William Eugene Colliver Maryland 

Carolyn Baker Cowherd D. C. 

Robert Emmet Cranley, Jr New Jersey 

Aaron Solomon Dann Maryland 

John Ronald Day, Jr. Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann DeMello Maryland 

Larry Grant DeShazer Maryland 

Ronald Lee Diener Maryland 

Joseph Charles DiMarco Pennsylvania 

Savas Fedon Dimitriades D. C. 

Beverly Joy Dobrovolny Maryland 

Jerome Serge Doubroff Maryland 


William Harding Dunn D. C. 

Charles Howard Dyer Maryland 

Williams. Epstein D. C. 

Sherwin Estrin Maryland 

Harold Larry Fishkin Maryland 

James Scott Foulke Maryland 

Edward N. L. Francq Maryland 

Harvey Lee Friedlander Maryland 

Charles Marion Frisbie Maryland 

Lucia Garavito Colombia 

Robert Vernon Garver Maryland 

Bozorg T. Ghazi Iran 

Neil Morton Goldberg Maryland 

Sheldon Goldgeier Maryland 

Robert Gunnell Hazard D. C. 

Abdolah Hendifar Iran 

Patricia Ann Herbert Maryland 

Herbert Donald Hochstein Pennsylvania 

Lawrence Feld Honick Maryland 

Marvin Stanley Hyman Maryland 

Louis Isaacson Maryland 

Gershon Kekst Maryland 

James Jude Kelso Maryland 

Frank Kenneth Kriz, Jr Maryland 

Michael Douglas Kudlick Maryland 

Joseph Mitchell Kunkowski Maryland 

Joanna Lehmann D. C. 

John Frank Lessig Maryland 

Suzanne Levin Maryland 

Mary Lou Luecking Maryland 

William Stewart Massey Maryland 

Gretchen Glick Matthews Maryland 

Joseph Patrick McCann Maryland 

James Elger Miller Maryland 

Eugene David Mindel D. C. 

Leland Scott Morley Maryland 

Robert Stanley Nisson Maryland 

Josephine Shipley Owens Maryland 

Martin Pollinger Marvland 

Michael Donald Potash D. C. 

Burwell Frederick Powell Maryland 

Erwin Stuart RaflFel Maryland 

Shirley Moore Read Maryland 

Jerome McDavid Reed Maryland 

Jude Philip Restivo Maryland 

Lewis Hilliard Richmond Maryland 

Robert Joseph Robl Maryland 

Harold Roll Maryland 

Gilbert Leroy Ruppel, Jr Maryland 

Dawn Lorraine Ryan Maryland 

Sam Taylor Seeley Virginia 

Stanley Morton Sherman Maryland 

Barbara L. Shook Maryland 

Rita Sue Showalter Maryland 

Joseph William Siemiatkoski ...Connecticut 

Emanuel Andrew Skrabek Maryland 

Nicholas Arthur Sloan Maryland 

Alvin Jerome Snyder Maryland 

Paul Eppley Spiegler D. C. 

Nathan Stofberg Maryland 

E. Lawrence Stromberg Maryland 

Robert Lee Sumner Pennsylvania 

Marvin Howard Tawes, Jr Maryland 

James Edgar Taylor, Jr Maryland 

Helen Athan Trandes Maryland 

Gordon Trumbull Trotter D. C. 

Jerald Parks Van Natta D. C. 

James vonBretzel, Jr Maryland 

Anthony Joseph Waligorski, Jr Maryland 

William Todd Ward Maryland 

David Allen Watson Maryland 

Mark Frederick Wildemann West Virginia 

Charles Haddon Williams, Jr D. C. 

William John Williams, Jr Pennsylvania 

Myron Holly Winget, Jr Maryland 

Hans Jurgen Schoepke Winkler Maryland 

James Moon Yee D. C. 

Charles Edward Young Maryland 

Donald Lawrence Young Maryland 

William Karl Young, Jr Virginia 

William Bardwell Zeleny Maryland 

Bachelor of Arts 

Carolyn Ethel Amundson Maryland 

Richard Ray Burgee Maryland 

Marshall Barry Clavir Canada 

John Wesley Downing Maryland 

Anne Otter Evans Maryland 

Bertram Max Goldstein Maryland 

Robert Michael Hyman Maryland 

Joseph Charles Jacobs Maryland 

James Robert Miskelly New Jersey 

Frank Hill Roberts Maryland 

Gilbert Rosenthal Maryland 

John Baker Suby Wisconsin 

Oscar Tunis Maryland 

Arnold Murray Weiner Maryland 

Andrew Charles Yslas Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Yung Yi Chen Maryland 

Robert A. Cialone New Jersey 

Anne Elizabeth Cronin Maryland 

Walter Bertram Gartner Maryland 

Ellis Gilmore MacLeod Maryland 

Martha Louise Neuman Maryland 

John Charles Pentzer Maryland 

Anthony Ronald Picciolo Virginia 



Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Freeman Pyle 
Bachelor of Science 

Lafayette Wallis Alves Virginia 

William Layton Atwell Maryland 

Shirley Anne Bachmann Maryland 

John Anthony Barry Maryland 

Edgar Kenneth Beach Maryland 

Janet Marie Bechtoldt Florida 

George Francis Beck Maryland 

Millicent Roberts Benner D. C. 

Donald Louis Benson Maryland 

George Wa\Tie Berry Maryland 

John Frederick Da\'id Bowersox Maryland 

Audrey Virginia Boyer Maryland 

James Thomas Bray Maryland 

Alvin Jerry Brooks D. C. 

James Anthony Brown, Jr D. C. 

Leroy Browne Maryland 

Everett Burke Bryan Maryland 

Henry Lee Bryant Maryland 

Harold Norman Burdett D. C. 

William Kenneth Burton Maryland 

Norman Eli Busada D. C. 

Bruce Thorn Bygate Maryland 

Frederick William Calhoun Virginia 

Paul Dallas Campbell Maryland 

Leo Martin Cavanaugh, Jr Maryland 

John Elder Cherrix Maryland 

Walter James Clark D. C. 

Sigmond Harold Cohen Maryland 

John Gerald Collins New York 

Stanton Joseph Collins, Jr Maryland 

Robert Donald Cook Maryland 

Yelverton Cowherd, Jr D. C. 

Ralph Wolf Crosby Maryland 

Michael Alex Daskalakis Maryland 

Arlene Virginia Davidson Maryland 

Edgar Neil Da\is Maryland 

Gerald Joseph Davis D. C. 

Max Joseph Dex, Jr Maryland 

EveljTi Louise Diemer Maryland 

Gilbert Donald Diffenderfer Pennsylvania 

David Easton New Jersey 

Richard Philip Emmerling Pennsylvania 

William Knight Espey Maryland 

Robert Eaton Everett D. C. 

Walter Scott Fadeley, Jr Maryland 

Rollin Harry Fagely New Jersey 

Earle Willard Falck Maryland 

George B. Falck Maryland 

Robert Michael Fitzpatrick Maryland 

Samuel Ir\in Forsht, Jr D. C. 

Da\'id Ross Forward Maryland 

William Anthony Foster D. C. 

Donna Rae Dye Erase Maryland 

Thomas James Frazier Maryland 

Richard David Furney Tennessee 

John William Galiardo New Jersey 

Aubrey Willson Gammill Maryland 

Edward Michael Gantt Maryland 

Robert Morris Gillelan Maryland 

Michael John Giocondo New York 

Robert Cottrell Greenwell Maryland 

William Henry Hahn D. C. 

Robert Roy Hall D. C. 

Ronald Charles Hammer Virginia 

Francis Jane Harrison California 

Robert Joel Harrison Maryland 

Walter Hermann Heeley, Jr Maryland 

Or\-ille Robert Heine Maryland 

Chauncey Herzberg, Jr. Maryland 

Albert Benjamin Hill, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Joel Honick D. C. 

Joseph Thomas Horning Pennsylvania 

Bessie May Hughes Maryland 

William H. Huther New Jersey 

Preston Elwood Insley Maryland 

Stanley Janofsky Maryland 

Allen Jerome Jewler Maryland 

Gabriel Jolles D. C. 

Jerome Donald Kay D. C. 

William Shelton Kennedy, Jr Maryland 

Toshio Keta Japan 

Eugene Louis Kibbe, Jr Maryland 

Walter Wilson Kirk, Jr Maryland 

Jerome Morton Kobernick Maryland 

Joseph Carl Kotowski Maryland 

Joseph Edward Kotowski Maryland 

Earl Joseph LaVoie New York 

William Thomas Lawson Connecticut 

King Taylor Leatherbury Maryland 

Leslie Charles Lee Maryland 

James Baker Herr Lefever Maryland 

Barnett Leibowitz Maryland 

Thomas Melvin Lescalleet, Jr Maryland 

Charles Edward Lewis, Jr Maryland 

Barry Wire Linthicum Maryland 

John James Lynch Maryland 

James Joseph Lynskey New Jersey 

William Thomas Matthews, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Frederick McAnallen Maryland 

Joseph Kavanagh McGeady Maryland 

James Thomas McKenzie D. C. 

Gerald Vincent McVey Pennsylvania 

Robert Henry Merson, Jr. Maryland 

Mario Joseph Morando Maryland 

Oscar William Mueller, Jr Maryland 

Allyn Henry Myers, Jr Maryland 

Charles Edwin Nau Maryland 

John Clyde Nichols Maryland 

John Charles Niedermair, Jr D. C. 

Daniel Herman Norwitz Maryland 

Leonard Joseph Nygren Maryland 

James Garesch^ Ord D. C. 

Carmen Ebandjieff Park D. C. 

John B>Ton Patrick Maryland 

Jerry Horsey Payne Maryland 

George Byron Pearce Maryland 

Joseph John Perrone, Jr Maryland 

Richard George Petzold Maryland 

Gabriel Phillips Maryland 

Wilbur Milton Phillips Maryland 

James Wilson Pickett Maryland 

Arnold Hugh Pincus Maryland 

John William Polk D. C. 

Stanley John Polyanski Maryland 

Donald Ray Potter Maryland 


Amelia Eleanor Raila Maryland 

Campbell R. Rankin California 

James Franklin Reider Maryland 

John Bernard Reynolds Maryland 

Donald Kenneth Rice Maryland 

Jay Edwin Ricks Virginia 

Samuel Edward Riddlebarger Maryland 

Robert W. Riegel Maryland 

James Ellsworth Ripple, Jr Maryland 

Richard Melvin Rowell Vermont 

Paul Morris Rubin Maryland 

David Barry Rudow Maryland 

Edward Gerson Sapperstein Maryland 

Robert Leo Schmelzer Delaware 

Jack Martin Schnoll Maryland 

Terrill Francis Schroeder New Jersey 

Irwin Harold Schwartz Maryland 

John Edmil Shinholser D. C. 

Irwin Gerald Sidle Maryland 

John Wilson Simmons Maryland 

Robert Peebles Slaby Maryland 

David Lawrence Smith Pennsylvania 

Dietrich Conrad Smith Maryland 

Eugene Vincent Smith Maryland 

Norman Joseph Snow Maryland 

William Samuel Solomon Maryland 

Philip Nathans Steel, Jr Pennsylvania 

Richard Stein Maryland 

Allen Theodore Sterman D. C. 

Herbert LeRoy Strawsburg, Jr Maryland 

Marilyn Diane Strub Pennsylvania 

Michael Joseph Sullivan Maryland 

William Lee Taylor D. C. 

John George Thomas Pennsylvania 

Hollis Henry Todd Maryland 

Rhona Sue Trattler Maryland 

Fred Tullai, Jr Maryland 

Alexander Wagner Turnbull Maryland 

David Uhlfelder Maryland 

John William Wagner Maryland 

Charles Frederick Wangner Maryland 

Albert M. Wattenberg D. C. 

David Bruce Weisman Maryland 

Robert Orem Whiteley Maryland 

Charles Elliott Wickard Maryland 

Herbert Charles Wickre Maryland 

Lawrence Edward Wilkins Maryland 

Leonard Ewing Wilson Maryland 

Robert Yager New Jersey 

Bachelor of Science 

Gonzalo Enrique Carnevali Venezuela 

Clyde Everett Dickey, III New York 

Jose Maria Hagedorn Philippines 

William Lyons Hanlon Maryland 

Joseph Cole Hill Maryland 

William Edward Holland New Jersey 

Isadore Bernard Katz Maryland 

Frederick William Layman, Jr Maryland 

John Robert Livingstone Maryland 

Warren Eugene Meckley Pennsylvania 

Wolf Werner Merklein Maryland 

William Mcintosh Morris Maryland 

Walter Boyd Murphy Maryland 

Robert Earl O'Briant North Carolina 

Thomas Roberts Paxman Maryland 

Albert Tito Ritondale Maryland 

Theodore Talbot Trice Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Vernon E. Anderson 
Bachelor of Arts 

Ann Rixey Ashbury Maryland 

Joseph Blake Bourne D. C. 

Mary Louise Bowman Maryland 

Evelyn E. Budnick Maryland 

Anastasia Theodora Carlos Ohio 

Janet Ann Davidson Maryland 

Georgene Loretta Dunn New Jersey 

Beverlee Freedman Maryland 

Sue Goldhaber Maryland 

Leonard Goldinger Maryland 

Marjorie Eleanor Hall Maryland 

Paul Gabriel Imhoff Maryland 

Madelyn Elaine Jacobs D. C. 

James Miles Kennedy Maryland 

Patricia King Maryland 

John Richard Merkel Maryland 

Mary Lee Page Maryland 

Robert Andrew Patton New Jersey 

Barbara Ann Powell Maryland 

Irvin Zelig Robinson Maryland 

Lisel Spielman Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Wichie Maryland 

Joan Barbara Zimmet D. C. 

Bachelor of Science 

Jessie Underwood Abbot Maryland 

Susan Jane Aitken Maryland 

Janice Marian Althouse Pennsylvania 

Adele Margaret Ball Connecticut 

Merle Sue Bank Maryland 

Jean Anderson Bates Maryland 

Ann Musette Beers Maryland 

Anne Lindsey Bengel Maryland 

Robert Franklin Benson Maryland 

Etta Ray Black Maryland 


Derwood Belmont Bray North Carolina 

Charles John Brocato Maryland 

Jacquelyn M. Bronson Maryland 

John Fargo Brown California 

Ruth Vickers Brown Maryland 

Barbara Browning D. C. 

Margaret Elizabeth Bullock Maryland 

Harry Spilman Burns Maryland 

Catherine Lee Calhoun Maryland 

Mary Lane Campbell Maryland 

Faye Geraldine Canter D. C. 

Fannie L. Chadakowsky Maryland 

Anita Ruth Chasen D. C. 

Johanna Mabel Cherry Maryland 

Dolores Keith Cohen Maryland 

Leona Banning Corkran Maryland 

Lewis Higbee Corl Maryland 

Natalie Mixon Craven Maryland 

Joseph Bernard Creegan, Jr Maryland 

Carolyn Blanche Creveling D. C. 

Maureen Dale Cullum Maryland 

Sandra Dolores Dahne Maryland 

Lou Ann DarHng Maryland 

Alberta Christie Davis Virginia 

Dorothy Ann Delaney Maryland 

Orville Morrell Deming Maryland 

Maezell Da\as Dickerson Maryland 

Mary Lou Dickerson Maryland 

Barbara Jane Dickie Maryland 

Angela Ward Dondero Maryland 

Sondra Joy Dopkin Maryland 

Mary Ellen Emmans Maryland 

Manuel S. Fram Maryland 

Denise Helen Francis Maryland 

Constance Ann Gibson Maryland 

Harvey Bascomb Gilbert, Jr. D. C. 

Audrey Sandra Golberg Maryland 

Rebecca Willey Goslin Maryland 

Rita Lorraine Greenstone Maryland 

Robert Mason Gunning Maryland 

Nancy Darlene Hall Maryland 

Elizabeth Marie Hellyer D. C. 

William Fauntleroy Henderson Maryland 

Mary Louise Hines Maryland 

Nancy Louise Hogan Maryland 

James William Houck, Jr Maryland 

Elsie Virginia Irvine Maryland 

Shirley Ellen Jacobson Maryland 

L. Marie Karns Maryland 

Martha Eleanor Kayhoe Maryland 

Dorothy Doris Kellam Maryland 

Dorothy Helen Kordes New York 

Helen Wagner LaMotte Maryland 

Ann Gassaway Latimer D. C. 

Herbert Joseph Lawrence Maryland 

Sue Hessel Leavitt Maryland 

Esta Lee Malman Maryland 

Haskell Marrinson D. C. 

Gertrude Nachlas Mayer Maryland 

Sylvia Weatherly Montgomery Maryland 

Ronald Earl Mortimer.. Maryland 

Elaine Virginia Lineback Mumford... .Maryland 

Willard Royal Mumford Maryland 

Lillie Lou Naill Maryland 

Donna Lee Nebinger Maryland 

Catherine Lorraine Neel Maryland 

Joanne Elizabeth Nelson Maryland 

Harry Nichiporuk Maryland 

Abe Oben Maryland 

Mary Lee Parker Maryland 

John Henry Patten Maryland 

Robert Peter Maryland 

Jean Frances Price Louisiana 

Isabelle Roberta RatclifTe Maryland 

Carol Hope Richardson Nev/ Jersey 

Jean Wilmar Roehrle Maryland 

Barbara Pitt Rogers Maryland 

Ann Frances Russell D. C. 

Robert Raymond Sauv^ Massachusetts 

Diane Marie Schindler Maryland 

Carl Stuart Schramm Maryland 

Sarireese Schreiber Maryland 

Virginia Ann Schubert Pennsylvania 

Ethel Jean Schuman Maryland 

Richard Menges Schwartz Maryland 

Richard Lee Scoggins Maryland 

Joan Minnette Shields D. C. 

Thomas Richard Shipley Maryland 

Nancy Gaye Silverman D. C. 

Walton Hastings Smith, Jr Maryland 

Blanche Stark Maryland 

Elizabeth Urban Strawn Maryland 

Ann Warner Stuart Maryland 

Esther P. Turk Maryland 

Edward Atkinson Twining, Jr Pennsylvania 

William Edward Vaughan Maryland 

William Moran Vondersmith, Jr Maryland 

Donna Weber Maryland 

Naomi Marklev Webster Maryland 

Frank Miles White, III Maryland 

Anita Ruth Wilson Maryland 

Robert Avis Woods, Jr D. C. 

Barbara Ann Wright Maryland 

John Hamil Spedden Wright Maryland 

George Wu Connecticut 

Sara Klafter Yudlson Maryland 

Bachelor of Arts 

Andrew Paul Rennie Pennsylvania Edward Joseph Soter 


Bachelor of Science 

Helen Barbara Barbour Maryland 

Phyllis Jane Burton Maryland 

Frances Ellen Campbell Maryland 

Blanche Marie Chaffinch Maryland 

Hattie Atkinson Curry Maryland 

Lenore Efron D. C. 


Gladys Irene Gibbons Maryland 

Charles Granofsky Maryland 

Charles Galaton Haughton New York 

Reginald Long Heath Maryland 

Mary Margaret Mock Jackall Maryland 

Dorothy McLyman Jennewine Maryland 

Florence Starr LeRoy Maryland 

Faith Clift Loveless Maryland 

Vera Catherine McCullough Maryland 

Esther Marie Perry Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Richardson Maryland 

Katherine Young Riggin Maryland 

Zeola Layman Robeson Maryland 

Frances Larrimer Sharp Maryland 

Margaret Chapman Tremearne Maryland 

Zelda Meador Virts Maryland 

Addie Louise Wheeler Maryland 

Roberta T. Wilkerson Maryland 

Gladys Behrens Willis Maryland 

Margaret King Winkler Maryland 

Paul Franklin Wire, Jr Maryland 

Curtis Harwood Wolfe Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg 
Bachelor of Science 

William Lenz Allen, Jr Maryland 

Carl Gilbert Auld Maryland 

Donal Gene Blakley Maryland 

Hubert Harvey Bolick, Jr D. C. 

Frederick Karl Bollhorst Maryland 

Melvin Alex Bronzert Maryland 

Bergen Thomas Brown, Jr Maryland 

Martin Myrl Burdick Maryland 

Richard Allen Castle D. C. 

Yung Ming Chen Maryland 

Thomas Bignall Cook Maryland 

Jules Marvin Coppel Maryland 

Stanley Eugene Corbett Delaware 

Douglas Steward Davis Maryland 

Chris Theodore Demas Maryland 

Bruce C. Duncan Maryland 

John Gilchrist Edwards Maryland 

Walter John Eser, Jr Maryland 

Edgar Hamilton Fallin, III Maryland 

Frank Anthony Fialkowski, Jr Maryland 

Stanley Daniel Fishman D. C. 

John Charles Floyd Maryland 

Lyman Harwood Frasier Maryland 

Gerald Edward Friedman D. C. 

John Frank Garpstas Maryland 

Melvin LeRoy Glaeser Maryland 

James Reid Gouge, Jr Maryland 

Charles Gettman Griffith Maryland 

Samuel Dorsey Griffith, III Maryland 

Salvatore GuUace Maryland 

Peter Hahn Maryland 

Dennis Patrick Hanley Maryland 

Tyler Frank Hartsing, Jr Maryland 

Howard Joseph Hickman, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Hicks Maryland 

John Bill Hom Maryland 

Kenneth Melvin Howard, Jr. Maryland 

John Philip Hudak Maryland 

Herbert Erwin Hunter Maryland 

Charles Otto Johnson New Jersey 

Samuel Jolles Maryland 

Marlin Albert Kinna Maryland 

Lawrence Bernard Kirstein D. C. 

Harold Kiloh Knight Maryland 

Jyri Kork Maryland 

Nelson Chilcoat Kulda Maryland 

John Joseph Lamb Maryland 

Robert Marion Lawrence Maryland 

Richard Alan Lawrie New Jersey 

Wilmer McKinley Lawson, Jr Maryland 

Allan Matthew Lowe D. C. 

Donald Hugh MacDonald, Jr Maryland 

Robert Everett Mallonee Maryland 

Walter Thomas Marable, Jr Maryland 

Ward Robey McElvany Maryland 

James Augustus McGill, Jr Michigan 

James Otho Mclntyre Maryland 

Donald John Miles Maryland 

Marvin Bernard Miller Maryland 

Robert Edgar Miller Maryland 

Philip Knapp Mondon Maryland 

Henry Williams Morgan, III D. C. 

Ronald William Munsie West Virginia 

David Frederick Murray Maryland 

James Allen Nott D. C. 

Robert Douglas O'Hara Maryland 

Lawrence Andrew O'Neill Maryland 

Tunney James Oydna Maryland 

Walter John Petzold Maryland 

Frank Quinn Picha Maryland 

Stanley Thomas Piszkin, Jr Maryland 

George Omelan Radzykewycz Maryland 

Lloyd Arthur Reed Maryland 

Rodney Hutchinson Resta New York 

Clarence Miller Reynolds Maryland 

Bruce Medford Robison Maryland 

Hollis Clinton Ruoff, Jr Maryland 

Martin Segal D. C. 

Gerhard Karl Senula Maryland 

James Allan Shoemaker New Jersey 

Henry Jesse Shumway D, C. 

Robert Francis Simi D. C. 

Richard Andrew Smith Maryland 

Robert Joseph Smith Maryland 

David Byron Spangenberg Maryland 

Gaven Ken Stair D. C. 

Frederick William Stephens Maryland 

Charles Guy Stouffer Maryland 

Jules Paul Sussman Maryland 

Donald Beveridge Taylor Maryland 

Clyde Coalson Tharpe Maryland 

John Charles Tomasello Maryland 

William Elmer Trieschman, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Earl Troxell Maryland 

Marcus Halper Uhler Maryland 

Robert Louis Velebny Maryland 

Donald John Vitale Maryland 

William Capehart Walke, Jr Maryland 

James Patrick Warner Maryland 

George Ronald Weisgerber Maryland 

William Charles Weller West Virginia 

Francisco A. White-George Colombia 

James William Whybrew D. C. 

Wyman Leonard Williams South Carolina 

James Mitchell Willson Maryland 

Edward Carl Wood Maryland 

John Joseph Zabawa Maryland 

Alexander Karel Zweede D. C. 



Leonard Eugene Crogan Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean M. Marie Mount 
Bachelor of Science 

Barbara Elizabeth Baker New York 

Loretta Jane Bickford Maryland 

Evelyn Marie Boyd Texas 

Dorothy Paulette Brobst Maryland 

Anne Carll Brott Maryland 

Eileen Marie Brown Maryland 

Helen Ruth Buckhantz D. C. 

Lynda M. Gaboon Maryland 

Ellen Frances Carson D. C. 

Joan Grace Castelazo Maryland 

Margaret Isabella Childs Maryland 

Joan Evelyn Christianson Maryland 

Donna Lee Cochenour Maryland 

Susan Joy Conlyn Maryland 

Joanne Lee Cooper Maryland 

Marilyn Roberta Cross Ohio 

Barbara Jane Dean Maryland 

Virginia Ellen Dean Maryland 

Nancy Elaine Devilbiss Maryland 

Barbara Ann Dodd Maryland 

Nancy Greenleaf Eliot D. C. 

Ruth Alice Ensor Maryland 

Joan Josephine Faye Connecticut 

Mary Jane Flather D. C. 

Doris Jeanne Frantz Maryland 

Mary Patricia Gleeson D. C. 

Virginia Ruth Gough Maryland 

Nancy Ann Gourley Pennsylvania 

Laura Virginia Gray Maryland 

Constance J. Groff Maryland 

Margaret Mary Hanlon Maryland 

Gail Louise Henderson Maryland 

Virginia Lee HoUoway Maryland 

Patricia Anne Hoover D. C. 

Charlotte Anne Horsmon Maryland 

Betty Anne Jackson Maryland 

Patricia Ann Jarrell Maryland 

Mary Louise Jent Maryland 

Doris Janelle Johnson Maryland 

Nancy Marie Joy New Jersey 

Anna Karavangelos Maryland 

Rita Rogers Kearney Maryland 

Patricia Ann Killingsworth Maryland 

Lois Elaine Knox Maryland 

Caroline Kricker Maryland 

Judith Theresa Lewis Maryland 

Ann E. Lighter Maryland 

Maretta Joan Long Maryland 

Lucille Ann Mance Pennsylvania 

Shirley Ann Matthews Maryland 

Nancy Louise McCauley Maryland 

Eva Frances Mclntire Maryland 

Charles Beyer McKeown Maryland 

Jo Ann McLelland Virginia 

Rosemary Anne Menikheim Maryland 

Nancv Louise Miller Maryland 

Sally Anne Miller D. C. 

Florence Eleanor Mitchell Maryland 

Carolyn Miller MofFett Maryland 

Philip Hugh Morgan Maryland 

Anne Ewald Nefflen Florida 

Janice Jo Peairs Pennsylvania 

Marilyn Ann Prop! Maryland 

Esther Burgett Reid Maryland 

Joyce Landon Riggs Maryland 

Ann Myra Rothenhoefer Maryland 

Mina Louise Schlegel Maryland 

Sandra Lynn Sowder Maryland 

Patricia Ann Sprankle New Jersey 

Barbara Jean Stephens Virginia 

Dorothea Edwina Swiss Maryland 

Vivian Law Thomas Maryland 

Anne Buchanan Thompson Maryland 

Virginia Zo^ Vanous Maryland 

Valerie Ethel Walker Maryland 

Genevieve Cook Watkins D. C. 

Emily Jean Wehrly Virginia 

Patricia Sue Wick New Jersey 

Dorothy Alverta Williams Maryland 

Marjorie Adele Winant Maryland 

Diane Kay Young Michigan 

Bebe Jane Zilber Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Martha Winder Goldsborough Maryland 

Ruth Roberts Hearn Maryland 

Mary Ann Ward Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Colonel Joseph R. Ambrose 
Bachelor of Science 

Archie Sam Adair South Carolina 

Donald Fay Adams Montana 

Ellis Franklin Anderson Virginia 

John G. M. Anderson Maryland 


Norris J. Ansell Massachusetts 

Harold William Athan Virginia 

Paul F. Austin Virginia 

Harold B. Ayres Louisiana 

Leonard Calvin Barney Colorado 

Robert Hilliard Barrow Louisiana 

William W. Berg Indiana 

Robert Luther Berry Virginia 

George Bynoth Bird D. C. 

Roger Roland Bisson Virginia 

Charles William Blyth California 

Casper Ralph Boehm D. C. 

John Franklin Bolt Florida 

Daniel Thor Boone Maryland 

Robert Edwin Booth Virginia 

Charles Ford Boster California 

Edward Lee Boyer D. C. 

Chester George Briner California 

Dwight Marion Brooks Virginia 

David Russell Brown Texas 

Thomas L. Buckingham, Jr Maryland 

Alexander Porter Butterfield Maryland 

Lloyd Rondall Cain Alabama 

Donald Cameron Virginia 

Wallace Horace Cameron Virginia 

Carlos Max Casaus, Jr New Mexico 

Nick Joseph Caste Illinois 

John Stephen Chennault Louisiana 

Chester J. Chojecki Maryland 

John Patrick Clowry Illinois 

Earl J. Cobey New York 

Alford R. Cockrell Texas 

Seymour Irving Colman Maine 

Thomas Davidson Conrad, Jr .D. C. 

James Russell Constantine Virginia 

Thomas Herbert Conway Maryland 

John Douglas Crawford, Jr Virginia 

John C. Crego Virginia 

William Jennings Cribb, Jr Virginia 

John H. Cribbs D. C. 

Marshal Holman Cruse Virginia 

Donald Brent Curtin Maryland 

Cole Major Dailey California 

Robert Paul Daly Virginia 

Ervin Francis Dauenhauer Maryland 

Ellie E. Davenport Maryland 

James Werner Davis Texas 

Orien Graydon Dean, Jr Virginia 

James Virgil DeCoster Maryland 

Kemp Hoy Denning, Jr Tennessee 

Harry Denzel Virginia 

Daniel DeYoung D. C. 

Earl Roger Dickey Florida 

Werner Leird Dickinson Virginia 

John Daniel Dillon, Jr Connecticut 

Edwin Allen Doss Missouri 

Duane Doty Kentucky 

Jesse Martin Doyle Virginia 

John Blanchard DuCote Maryland 

Bernard Emile Dupuis New Hampshire 

Duncan Elihu Duvall Virginia 

Clifford M. Edgar Oklahoma 

Allen Edwards D. C. 

Frank Anthony Eldracher, Jr. California 

Robert Louis Engemann California 

Ivan Leonard Ferguson Virginia 

Lester Ruthven Ferriss, Jr New York 

John M. Finlay, Jr New York 

George Fisher Virginia 

James Robert Fisher Illinois 

Douglas Inmon Fitzgerald Virginia 

Ovid C. Foote, Jr Virginia 

George Kenneth Ford Texas 

Vercy Kelton Fowler Indiana 

Charles Samuel Fraleigh, Jr Ohio 

Calvin Lee Frederick Ohio 

Roy Sylvester Gabryl Virginia 

Richard Charles Gales Virginia 

Lynn Ellis Garner Texas 

John James Geek Florida 

Richard Thomas Giblin Virginia 

Frederick William Giggey Massachusetts 

Theodore Sutton Gochenour Maryland 

Robert Alexander Gorder Arkansas 

Edmond Constantin Gouaze Louisiana 

Clarence Balford Gragg Florida 

Walter Eberhart Griscti Virginia 

Bill Grubert D. C. 

Frank Niles Halm Oregon 

Lee Merrill Hand Utah 

Wyatt Eugene Harper, Jr. Massachusetts 

Clarence Hart Alabama 

Donald LeRoy Hawkes Utah 

Cecil Howard Hayes Virginia 

Patricia Anne Hayes Illinois 

Emil Eric Heller Illinois 

Llewellyn Sherwood Helsley New York 

Bruce Rae Henderson Michigan 

Theodore William Henning Maryland 

Raymond George Hensel Washington 

Otis Ayers Henson Virginia 

Gilbert Richardson Hershey Virginia 

Gerald Thomas Heyboer Michigan 

Garrett Leroy Hill Texas 

Herbert George Hoehl Maryland 

Stanley Robert Hoff Massachusetts 

WilHam Davis Hoffmeyer Maryland 

Dick Meindert Hofman Maryland 

Walton Lewis Hogan, Sr Arkansas 

Ben Lamb Holliday Texas 

Earl Williams Holtzscheiter South Carolina 

Julius Joseph Horn Missouri 

Claude Clyde Horton Maryland 

John Prentiss Huff Virginia 

William C. Jaeck Ohio 

Roy A. Jaynes Nebraska 

Richard Carter Johnston Massachusetts 

Adrian Harold Jones Washington 

Marion Edwin Jones Arkansas 

Robert Helman Kaurin Michigan 

Stephen Thomas Kean Virginia 

Thomas Luther Keheley Indiana 

Minot Keith Indiana 

Curtis Kekoa Virginia 

Floyd Eugene Keller Texas 

John A. Kjellstrom Virginia 

Alexander Kouts New York 

Casmer H. Kozlow New York 

Frank Kusner California 

Edward William Lahr Georgia 

Rayburn Dinion Lancaster Texas 

William Thomas Larkin New Jersey 

Edmund Lauder Maryland 

Thomas Laughlin, Jr Pennsylvania 

John Claude Lee Texas 

Richard Clifford Lehmann Maryland 


William Blair Leonard Pennsylvania 

Joseph Leopold Lepczyk Michigan 

Howard Rex Lickey Maryland 

James Dunaway Long Maryland 

Kenneth Edward MacDougall Maryland 

Mark Wilfrid Magnan Wisconsin 

David Arthur Marcelle New York 

Gerald Lawrence Martin Maryland 

Arnold Norman Martinsen Illinois 

Vincent Elmore Mason Maryland 

William Allen Mather Texas 

Nevin Lee McCartney Missouri 

Hall Breaden McElree Ohio 

John Thomas McKeever New York 

Rodney Dean McKitrick Virginia 

William Harold McWhirk Virginia 

Roy Neal Meachum Maryland 

John David Miles Maryland 

Donald Edward Miller Minnesota 

Joseph McDowell Mitchell Maryland 

John Otto Moench Indiana 

Edward Parmer Monahan Virginia 

Joseph Alexander Moneyhun Maryland 

William Maurice Moore Texas 

George Clifton Morgan New Jersey 

Douglas Kenneth Morton Virginia 

Daryl Blaine Moyer Ohio 

Frank H. Moyer, Jr Michigan 

Robert Prins Muhlbach Virginia 

Frank McLester Murphy New York 

John Vernon Murphy Maryland 

Arnold Peter Murr New York 

Arthur Binney Nash New York 

William Perkins Nash Virginia 

Theodore James Newnam Wisconsin 

Carlos Edward Newton, Jr Virginia 

Niilo Nieminen Maryland 

Joseph Turnbell O'Brien Virginia 

Robert Dean O'Hern Wisconsin 

Michael Ondo Ohio 

John Anthony Orlando Maryland 

Ronald Leo Palmer Maryland 

Alfred Anthony Paradise Pennsylvania 

Daniel Gibson Pardue Florida 

David Paul Parks Missouri 

Clyde C. Parsons Florida 

Edward Chaloner Patterson New Jersey 

Harvey Montgomery Patton Utah 

Charles Edward Pear Illinois 

Jack Grover Penick D. C. 

Benjamin Ernest Perry Virginia 

Charles Floyd Pettit Missouri 

Carthon Paris Phillips Texas 

Edwin Graham Pike Maryland 

Robert Raymond Pitts Maryland 

Thomas Clay Powell North Carolina 

Arthur Dennis Powers Virginia 

George Joseph Pratt Virginia 

Roy Gentry Puckett Virginia 

Earl B. Putnam Florida 

Oscar Herman Rechtschaflfen D. C. 

Eugene P. Reeder Nebraska 

Ferrer Regni Pennsylvania 

Daniel Joseph Renneisen Indiana 

Karl Franklin Robbins Pennsylvania 

William Abbot Robson Maryland 

Ross Frederick Rogers Virginia 

Jon Walter Roggli Tennessee 

William B. Roop Virginia 

Frederick Leon Rowan New Mexico 

Walter Julius Rozamus Virginia 

Raymond Frank Rudell North Carolina 

Robert Alex Rulis Pennsylvania 

Robert Leslie Runkle Kansas 

Charles Clark Russell Oklahoma 

Wilbur Hammond Russell, Jr Virginia 

Louis Frank Russo Maryland 

Wilson Roller Rutherford, Jr Maryland 

Walton Albert Rutledge Texas 

Sam Warren Sacra Kentucky 

Henry John Samborski Massachusetts 

Frank Wayne Schlabs Maryland 

Norman Rulan Schlicher Maryland 

Robert Emmett Schnabel South Dakota 

Robert Kenyon Schubert lUinois 

Charles Wesley Shinnamon Maryland 

Harry F. Sieber, Jr Pennsylvania 

Joseph Robert Sipper D. C. 

John Nick Skimas Washington 

Burtis Dewald Smith Delaware 

James Roy Smith Arkansas 

Lee William Spitler Michigan 

Nick Karl Stanislo Ohio 

David Whelpley Starr Virginia 

Maurice Herbert Strand Pennsylvania 

William Roland Strantz Illinois 

Kent Robbins Stratford Ohio 

Helen Angela Suchocki Connecticut 

James Alexander Sullens Virginia 

James Francis Sullivan, Jr Virginia 

Edward Joseph Sweeney Pennsylvania 

Gene Gilbert Tallau New Jersey 

Lucius Theus Illinois 

Harold Pascoe Grenfell Hill Thomas ...Virginia 

Jerry Vincent Thompson California 

Bascom Eugene Tillotson, Jr.... South Carolina 

Shirly Ray Trumps Maryland 

Elwin Bailey Tudder Virginia 

Earl Bruce Van Blarcom Oklahoma 

Kennard Smith Vandergrift Maryland 

Daniel A. Venor Maryland 

Martin Andrew Verzi New Jersey 

Robert Franklin Walker D. C. 

Gene Allison Walters Kansas 

James Russell Warren Maryland 

John E. Warren Virginia 

Walter Raleigh Washburn, Jr. Illinois 

Wilburn Clarence Weaver Virginia 

Sidney Lawrence Wells New Jersey 

Charles Wenner Maryland 

Stanley Blair West Georgia 

James Lester Whittle, Jr Maryland 

Harry Wilds D. C. 

Thomas Dale Willhoit Virginia 

Vernon Wolfe Windell Maryland 

William Schuyler Wood Connecticut 

Wilbert Tucker Woodson, Jr Virginia 

John Emmett Worlund Washington 

Neill Albert Yarborough Maryland 



Bachelor of Science 

Woodrow A. Abbott Indiana 

Joseph Thomas Barry Connecticut 

Ralph Donald Botten Virginia 

Walter Moore Bridgers Virginia 

William Jack Campbell Maryland 

Alfred Collins Pennsylvania 

Crawford Guinn Coyner Maryland 

H. Ashton Crosby Virginia 

Harold Camille DePuydt Maryland 

Clyde Preston Evely Virginia 

Edward Charles Ganz, Jr Rhode Island 

Emanuel Glickman Alabama 

Henry Alvin Hale Pennsylvania 

James William Hepburn Maryland 

Walter Plato Hooker, Jr Ohio 

Felix H. Jewell Texas 

Evans Kranidas Washington 

Charles Abram Lesher Maryland 

James Barden LeValley Michigan 

George Munroe MacLeod California 

Gilbert Edgar Meyer Nebraska 

James Patrick Mulhall Maryland 

Carl Alvin Pacharzina, Jr Texas 

James Lloyd Peightel Virginia 

Lester M. Peters Maryland 

Redford Morse Rand Maryland 

William George Richardson Virginia 

Charles Anthony Roberts D. C. 

Tom Jesse Sawyer Virginia 

Andrew Francis Scheible, Jr Maryland 

Merrill Hicks Seaman Florida 

John Joseph Shaughnessy Florida 

Walter Shoopinsky New York 

Eugene Jeremy Small Illinois 

Dale Lafean Smith Pennsylvania 

Howard Douglas Stewart D. C. 

Theodore Summers California 

Marquis C. Tatman Indiana 

Elwood Taylor North Carolina 

William Herman Tucker, Jr Virginia 

Wycliffe David Toole, Jr Virginia 

William Lloyd Traynor Virginia 

William Albert Vogel Maryland 

Edwin Melvin Wehrman Maryland 

John Pender Wells Texas 

Albert Grant Whitley Missouri 

Thomas Lee Wilson Pennsylvania 

Leonard Marcus Winter Maryland 

Donald H. Woodyard Oklahoma 

Fred William Young Virginia 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Florence M. Gipe 
Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Sarah May Barnes Maryland 

Lillie May Baxter D. C. 

Patricia Leela Bean Virginia 

Barbara Ann Biehl Maryland 

Nancy Ellen Cahill Maryland 

Caroline Esther Cooper D. C. 

Sarah Ann Downs Maryland 

Joyce Shorb Fletcher D. C. 

Jean Anita Friese Maryland 

Joann Margaret Gesell Maryland 

Evelyn Fuss Heckman Ohio 

Carolyn Louise Ingrick D. C. 

Betty Katherine Krabill Maryland 

Mary Elois Lancaster Maryland 

Barbara Mabel Lape New Jersey 

Joan Elizabeth Mathews New York 

Helen Mildred McFadden Pennsylvania 

Katherine Genevieve McFarland Maryland 

Sonia Marlene Mules Maryland 

Josephine Evelyn Nocke Maryland 

Ann Marie Norfolk Maryland 

Jeanne Goe Orem Maryland 

Kathryn Maxine Pyle Maryland 

Joyce Virginia Simpson Maryland 

Nancy Ruth Skadding D. C. 

Katherine Stoner New Jersey 

Sally Joanne Strott Maryland 

Graduate in Nursing 

Shirley Jane Bramble Maryland 

Mary Helen Branan Maryland 

Charlotte Louise Brown Pennsylvania 

June Eileen Laber Conway Maryland 

Nancy Jane Coram West Virginia 

Patricia Catherine Davidson Maryland 

Frances Harriet Dennis Maryland 

Mary Monica Gormley Maryland 

Miriam Charlotte Graf Maryland 

Lillian Mae Greenfield Maryland 

Emily Watts Griffith Maryland 

June Cole Hardesty Maryland 

Stephanie Hodshon Maryland 

Patricia Michel Huster Maryland 

Mary Rosann Jirecek Maryland 

Patricia Lee Kenealy Maryland 

Lola Lucille McCleaf Pennsylvania 

Dorothy Helen McClure Maryland 

Betty Jean Merryman Maryland 

Freda Beatrice Parker Maryland 

Barbara Louise Pickett Maryland 

Lou Ann Resh Maryland 

Joan Marie Rice Maryland 

Joan Marguerite Root West Virginia 

Doris Jean Rutherford Pennsylvania 

Patricia Ruth Shanahan Maryland 

Eleanor Frances Shearer Maryland 

Nancy Ann Shrop Maryland 


Joan Brentlinger Swezey Delaware 

Helen Hergert Tesher Maryland 

Carolyn Ruth Thomas Maryland 

Judy Mae Williams Maryland 

Shirley Sylvia Wolf Maryland 

Margaret Ann Young Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Noel E. Foss 
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Alfred Abramson Maryland 

William A. Bailone, Jr Maryland 

Curtis Augustus Bowen Maryland 

Marlene Elizabeth Conrad Maryland 

J. William Dietrich Maryland 

M. Lee Dorsey Maryland 

Ralph Engel Maryland 

Irwin B. Epstein Maryland 

Jerome Leonard Fine Maryland 

Sue Brotman Fine Maryland 

Julian Michael Friedman Maryland 

Sheldon Friedman Maryland 

Jack Frieman Maryland 

L William Grossman Maryland 

Douglas Wayne Holtschneider Maryland 

Charles Vincent de Paul Keller, Jr Maryland 

Stanley Albert Klatsky Maryland 

Richard Edward Kraus Maryland 

Herbert Kwash Maryland 

William Henry Leonard North Carolina 

Albert Lichtman Maryland 

Philip Douglas Lindeman Maryland 

Ronald Henry Lowry North Carolina 

Bernard F. Macek Maryland 

Richard August Metz, III Maryland 

Richard Anthony Miller Maryland 

Paul Vincent Niznik Maryland 

Marvin LeRoy Oed Maryland 

Walter F. Oster Maryland 

Herbert Plotkin Maryland 

Richard David Plotkin Maryland 

Thaddeus Paul Pruss Maryland 

Emanuel Richman Maryland 

Howard Earl Rofsky Maryland 

Walter Harlan Sachs Maryland 

Howard Robert Schiff Maryland 

Stuart Shemer Maryland 

Gerald Sherer Maryland 

Gregory John Sophocleus Maryland 

Irving E. Swartz Maryland 

Earl Stanley Waitsman Maryland 

Milton Raymond Watkowski Maryland 

Frank John Wesolowski Maryland 

Robert John Zamecki Maryland 

Santo Angelo Zappulla Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Lester M. Fraley 
Bachelor of Science 

Dreama Uvonne Agee Maryland 

Sophia Jean Brown Maryland 

Charlotte Carol Chenoweth Maryland 

Mary Joyce Cosgrove Maryland 

Leo Joseph Coyne Pennsylvania 

Barbara Houston Culp Maryland 

Eugene Frederick Doane Maryland 

Doris Gloria Dove Maryland 

Jane Dull Freund Maryland 

Morton Greenberg Maryland 

William Earnest Lincoln Groner Maryland 

James Francis Hennessey Maryland 

Evelyn Williams Horsey Maryland 

Stanley Paul Jones Maryland 

Suzanne Lee Karstens Virginia 

Lucile Ann Keen Maryland 

Betty Louise Kelly Maryland 

George Ellis Kley Maryland 

Betty Gail Larsen Maryland 

Joan Marguerite Lucker Maryland 

David Joseph Manguso New York 

Jack Clifford Morgan Maryland 

Leon Marchal Morton D. C. 

Robert Bruce Murray D. C. 

Pearlene Edna Nethken Maryland 

Robert Bradley Peterson Pennsylvania 

Ann Louise Skovira Pennsylvania 

Howard Randolph Trittipoe, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Everett Turner Maryland 

August Rutherford Waibel Maryland 

Charles Edward Wicker Maryland 

Morgan B. Wootten Maryland 

Frank Powell Wrightson, III Maryland 

Anthony Charles Yanchulis Pennsylvania 

Bachelor of Science 

Betty Margaret Blanton Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Associate Dean Stanley J. Drazek 
Bachelor of Arts 

Thomas Ludwig Dorpalen Virginia 

Fred James Gilhuly Washington 

Kevin Denis Harty Virginia 

George Henry Hodges Nebraska 

Joseph Daniel Hughes New York 

Donald Charles Loweth Maryland 

Theodore Paul Metzler Pennsylvania 

Theodore Joseph Palik California 

Harold Lindsey Patton Missouri 

Max Malcholm Rule West Virginia 

William Walter Saunders Connecticut 

Royce Alan Singleton Virginia 

Raymond Theodore Tate, Jr D. C. 

Harold William Taylor Maryland 

Joseph Pilling Rea Welty Pennsylvania 

Alice Winokur California 



William Lenz Allen, Jr. 
Hubert Harvey Bolick, Jr. 
John Frederick D. Bowersox 
Melvin Alex Bronzert 
James Anthony Brown, Jr. 
Leroy Browne 
Martin Myrl Burdick 
Richard Ray Burgee 
Theodore Aloysius Burns, Jr. 
Jerome Francis X. Carroll 
William Powell Chamberlin 
Thomas Bignall Cook 
William Anthony Cusimano 
Sherwin Estrin 
John Charles Floyd 
David Ross Forward 
John Frank Garpstas 
Harvey Bascomb Gilbert, Jr. 
Theodore Sutton Gochenour, 

Charles Bernard Good, Jr. 
Robert Edward Grutzik 
Robert Roy Hall, Jr. 
John James Haney, Jr. 


Robert Leo Heimert 
William Davis Hoffmeyer 
William E. Holland 
Herbert Erwin Hunter 
Robert Charles Hur 
John Wallace Jarrett 
Charles Otto Johnson 
Harry Windsor Kirk 
Nelson Chilcoat Kulda 
Paul David Lambrides 
Robert Marion Lawrence 
John Robert Livingstone 
John Philip McKee 
James Thomas McKenzie 
John David Miles 
Leonard Allan Monfred 
Donald Andres Montano 
Willard Royal Mumford 
John Vernon Murphy 
William Albert Neal 
Tunney J. Oydna 
Ronald Leo Palmer 
John C. Pentzer 

Gilbert Eugene Petrina 
James Wilson Pickett 
Stanley John Polyanski 
Sheldon Harvey Press 
Jay Edwin Ricks 
Samuel Edward Riddlebarger 
Robert Witherspoon Riegel 
Monroe Richard Sandberg 
Merrill Augustus Sauerbrei, Jr. 
Robert Raymond Sauve 
Andrew F. Scheible, Jr. 
Irwin Harold Schwartz 
Andrew Morris Sherling 
James Allan Shoemaker 
Roy Edmond Singleton 
Richard Andrew Smith 
Raymond Joseph Stachowski 
Charles Guy Stouffer 
William Moran Vondersmith, 

Charles Elliott Wickard 
Charles Edward Wicker 
John Hamil Spedden Wright 



Baltimore Division 

University Gold Medal for Scholarship, Summa Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Gilbert Roland Tronier 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 

Awarded to 

Marvin Bennett Golberg Richard Andrew Saal 

Ralph Stuart Johnson Gilbert Garland Youngblood 

Albert Andrew Kapsak t;»^ .j^ 


Graduated With Honor 

Edward O. Clarke, Jr. Lois K. Macht 

Mathias J. DeVito Paul T. McHenry, Jr. 

Lewis A. Kann John A. O'Connor, Jr. 

Lawrence F. Rodowsky 


University Prize Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude 

Awarded to 

Robert Gabrial Muth 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 

Awarded to 

Thomas Herbert Collawn Charles Andrew Sanislow, Jr. 

Carl Patrick Laughlin Edwin Warfield Whiteford, Jr. 

Marvin Stanley Piatt 


Gold Medal for General Excellence 

Awarded to 

Howard Robert Schiff 

Certificates of Honor 
Awarded to 

Sue Brotman Fine I. William Grossman 


College Park Division 

Candidates for bachelor's degrees are eligible for honors if they have completed at least two 
years of resident work with a scholastic average of B or higher. The candidates must also rank 
in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respective colleges. First honors are awarded 
to the upper tenth of those in each college if they qualify, and second honors are awarded to the 
second tenth of those in each college if they qualify. The names of students are listed in order of 
their rank in the graduating class. 


First Honors 

Milton Lyle Blanc 
James Cecil Smith, Jr. 
Elmer Lewis Cooper 
Robert Lee Wolfes, Jr. 
Robert Sparks VanDenburgh 
Herbert J. Hochreich 

Second Honors 

Charles Edmund Colledge 
Richard Sloan Welton 
Donald V. Schlimme, Jr. 
Robert Lee Soles 
John Alvin Taylor 
David Lerian Kuhn 
John Wallace Jarrett 
Peter St. John Loizeaux 


First Honors 

June M. Banachowski 
Philip Handwerger 
E. Rheda Greenberg 
Harvey L. Friedlander 
Hilda W. Chu 
Geraldine S. Tate 
Shirley M. Read 
Leiba L. Brown 
Frances M. Schoenberg 
Beverly J. Dobrovolny 
Rhea B. Mermelstein 
James E. Taylor, Jr. 
Donald C. Davis 
John I. Tucker 
Dolores M. Gambino 
Bill A. Courtney 
Harold L. Fishkin 
James Stanley Werking 
John J. Brehm, Jr. 
Patricia A. Anderson 
James Carroll Simms 
Patricia M. Watkins 
Lyla-Norris Erb 
Walter B. Gartner 
William A. Neal 
Laurie SoUish 
Howard D. Bronstein 
Elizabeth J. Brown 
Neil M. Goldberg 
Josephine Shipley Owens 
Shirley Politzer Glass 
Priscilla V. Pilgrim 
Patricia J. Garner 
William B. Zeleny 
Anne R. Wiederhold 
James V. Anzulovic, Jr. 
Larry G. DeShazer 

Second Honors 
Jerry W. Canning 
Sheldon Goldgeier 
Barbara L. Fiock 
Carole R. Chaimson 
Ellis Gilmore MacLeod 
Elaine R. Coover 
Louis Isaacson 
Michael Douglas Kudlick 
Marlene Sandler 
Carol M. Zies 
Paula Florence Salganik 
Judith W. Peterson 
Raymond N. Firor 
Joan M. Kellerman 
Carroll T. Villaret 
Andrene I. Richardson 
Quentin Mead Hill 
Samuel Herbert Suls 
Gerald Sussman 
Carolee Stulman 
Nancy J. Noll 
Bushrod W. Allin, Jr. 
Yung Yi Chen 
Gilbert Rosenthal 
Elaine M. Ecsery 
Beverly J. Stubbs 
Marvin H. Tawes, Jr. 
Dawn Helmer 
Roger A. Wolff 
Arnold M. Weiner 
Raymond F. Caplan 
Dawn L. Ryan 
Samuel James Waddell 
Dudley G. Mook 
Charles E. Young 
Eugene D. Mindel 
Andrew M. Sherling 

With Honors in French Frank R. Wadleigh 

With Honors in Mathematics William Zeleny 



First Honors 

Wolf Werner Merklein 
John William Wagner 
James W. Pickett 
Charles Elliott Wickard 
John E. Cherrix 
Leslie Charles Lee 
Aubrey Willson Gammill 
Richard G. Petzold 
Michael Joseph Sullivan 
Alexander W. Turnbull 
Amelia Eleanor Raila 
Janet M. Bechtoldt 
James A. Brown, Jr. 
Cbauncey Herzberg, Jr. 
Gonzalo Enrique Carnevali 
Bessie May Hughes 
Francis Jane Harrison 
Stanley John Polyanski 
Herbert Charles Wickre 
George Francis Beck 

Second Honors 

Marilyn Diane Strub 


First Honors 

Anita Ruth Wilson 
John Richard Merkel 
Ann Rixey Ashbury 
Beverlee Freedman 
Ann Frances Russell 
Merle Sue Bank 
Leonard Goldinger 
Abe Oben 

Paul Gabriel Imhoff 
Jean Frances Price 
Constance Ann Gibson 

Second Honors 

Marjorie Eleanor Hall 
Diane Marie Schindler 
Phyllis Jane Burton 
Ronald Earl Mortimer 
Rita Lorraine Greenstone 
Esta Lee Malman 
Jessie Underwood Abbot 
Lillie Lou Naill 
Elizabeth Marie Hellyer 
Audrey Sandra Golberg 
Lisel Spielman 
Natalie M. Craven 
Charles Granofsky 
Helen K. LaMotte 


First Honors 

Stanley D. Fishman 
Jules P. Sussman 
Martin Myrl Burdick 
James Reid Gouge, Jr. 
Gerald E. Friedman 
David F. Murray 
Philip Knapp Mondon 
Jyri Kork 

Lawrence A. O'Neill 
Frank A. Fialkowski, Jr. 
Bergen Thomas Brown, Jr. 

Second Honors 

Tyler F. Hartsing, Jr. 
James William Whybrew 
Stanley T. Piszkin, Jr. 
Dennis Patrick Hanley 
Kenneth M. Howard, Jr. 
Lloyd Arthur Reed 
Henry W. Morgan, III 
Charles Otto Johnson 
James A. McGill, Jr. 


First Honors 

Dorothy A. Williams 
Barbara A. Dodd 
Virginia Lee Holloway 
Ann Myra Rothenhoefer 
Barbara E. Baker 
Maretta Joan Long 
Emily J. Wehrly 
Doris Jeanne Frantz 

Second Honors 

Charles B. McKeown 
Virginia R. Gough 
Martha W. Goldsborough 
Barbara J. Stephens 
Patricia A. Jarrell 
Joyce L. Riggs 
Nancy Ann Gourley 



First Honors 

Edward William Lahr 
William Jack Campbell 
Llewellyn S. Helsley 
Seymour Irving Colman 
William Thomas Larkin 
Theodore William Henning 
Albert Grant Whitley 
David R. Brown 
Alfred Collins 
H. Ashton Crosby 
Elwin Bailey Tudder 
Earl J. Cobey 

Second Honors 

James L. Peightel 
Ellis Franklin Anderson 
John G. M. Anderson 
Donald Edward Miller 
John Claude Lee 
Roy Neal Meachum 
William Harold McWhirk 
David A. Marcelle 
Jon Walter Roggli 
Orien Graydon Dean, Jr. 
Frederick W. Giggey 
Harry Wilds 


First Honors 

Suzanne L. Karstens 
Betty M. Blanton 
Betty G. Larsen 

Second Honors 

Sophia J. Brown 


Doris Aaronson 
Jane Allender 
Barbara Lou Bennett 
Elizabeth Boyd 
Judith Brenner 
Dorynne Czechowicz 
Shelby Davis 
Marie Dienemann 
Elaine Dietz 
Barbara Ewen 

(Women's Freshman Honor Society) 

Gertrude Fox 
Sondra Harrison 
Melda J. Henry 
Roberta Hoveland 
Frances Huntley 
Rosemary Kirby 
Eva Krongard 
Pat Lehman 
Elizabeth Lusby 
Beverly May 

Frances J. McGuire 
Barbara Feed 
Florence Pickett 
Margaret Price 
Adele Ritchie 
Barbara L. Snider 
Dorothy A. Thornthwaite 
Emily Watt 
JoAnn Wolman 
Mary Ann Young 


(The national senior honor society for women, recognizing service, 
leadership and scholarship) 

Patricia I. Callahan 
Katherine B. Duckett 
Carolyn J. Eble 
Joan L. Hubbel 

Mary L. Hudes 
Judith H. Levin 
Billie J. Lore 
Freda E. Martin 

Kate W. Williams 
Betty M. Zucker 


(Honorary Leadership Fraternity for Men) 

Bruce L. Berlage 
Herbert M. Brubaker 
Martin M. Burdick 
Jerome F. Carroll 
John E. Cherrix 
Ralph W. Crosby 
James R. Gauge 
Philip C. Geraci 
Forest D. Gossage 

Alva B. Grimm 
William S. Haney, Jr. 
Dennis P. Hanley 
Gerald E. Hardigen 
Ronald A. Jones 
Roger M. Keith 
Michael G. Landusky 
Thomas M. Lescalleet 
Vincent Palumbo 

Lea W. Pearson 
David B. Rudow 
John E. Sandbower 
Ronald G. Shock 
James C. Smith 
Jules P. Sussman 
Charles E. Wicker 
Herbert C. Wickre 

Thomas E. Beall, Jr. 
Hulon E. Beasley 
John W. Bisset 
David J. Brenner 
Clyde F. Chambers, Jr. 
Robert S. Couchman 
John D. Cronin 
Leonard J. Figelman 
Austin L. Fox 


(Men's Freshman Honor Society) 

Thomas M. Fox 
Charles A. Gable 
August H. Gewicke 
Joseph R. Hardiman 
Jerry F. Kirk 
Norman J. Knorr 
Elliot D. Kocen 
Sidney Krome 
Donald M. Kupfer 

Fred K. Landon, Jr. 
Gerald M. Loper 
Richard L. McKisson 
Douglas G. Ryan 
Thomas L. Sauter 
Jack M. Shartsis 
Daniel R. Tompkins 
George A. Weinkam, Jr. 
George A. Williams 


(A national honorary fraternity open to honor students, both men and women, 
in all branches of learning) 

Richard A. Boetcher 
Richard E. Brown 
Albert J. Daughton 
Roger E. Drummond 
Nick George, Jr. 
Meyer Greenberg 
Stanley S. Gutin 
Donald R. Helinski 


Willis F, Lewis 
James R. Miller 
E. Camille Mire 
George J. Olszewski 
Luise R. Pugh 
William H. Pugh 
Richard A. Rohde 
Hugo F. Schunhoff 

Samuel Strauss 
George R. Strohl 
Donald P. Taylor 
Margaret G. Tyson 
Elizabeth K. Vogely 
Donald F. Wetherell 
Doris B. Yingling 

Ellis F. Anderson 
John G. M. Anderson 
Patricia A. Anderson 
Ann R. Ashbury 
Barbara E. Baker 
Merle S. Bank 
John J. Brehm, Jr. 
David R. Brown 
Elizabeth J. Brown 
Martin M. Burdick 
Jerry W. Canning 
Carole R. Chaimson 
John E. Cherrix 
Hilda W. Chu 
Eari L. Cobey 
Seymour I. Coleman 
Alfred Collins 
Lawrence Conques 
Elmer L. Cooper 
Elaine R. Coover 
Bill A. Courtney 
Donald L. Davis 


Orien G. Dean 
Larry G. DeShazer 
Beverly J. Dobrovolny 
Barbara A. Dodd 
Lyla N. Erb 
Frank A. Fialkowski 
Barbara L. Fiock 
Stanley D. Fishman 
Beverley L. Freedman 
Gerald E. Friedman 
Carol L. Funk 
Dolores Gambino 
C. Ann Gibson 
Frederick W. Giggey 
Shirley P. Glass 
Leonard Goldinger 
James R. Gouge, Jr. 
Esther R. Greenberg 
William I. Grossman 
Virginia L. Halloway 
Philip Handwerger 
Franklyn R. Hayden 

Llewellyn S. Helsley 
Paul G. ImhoflF 
Louis Isaacson 
Jyri Kork 
Betty K. Krabel 
Michael D. KudHck 
Barbara M. Lape 
Leslie C. Lee 
Maretta J. Long 
Ellis G. MacLeod 
Saul J. McGrane 
Roy N. Meachum, Jr. 
John R. Merkel 
Rhea Mermelstein 
Philip K. Mondon 
David T. Morgan 
Theodore E. Mortimer 
David F. Murray 
William A. Neal 
Lawrence A. O'Neill 
Josephine S. Owens 
James L. Peightel 


Richard G. Petzold 
James W. Pickett 
Priscilla V. Pilgrim 
Shirley M. Read 
Ann M. Rothenhofer 
Ann F. Russell 
Paula E. Salganik 
Marlene Sandler 
Howard R. Schiflf 

Frances M. Schoenberg 
James C. Simms 
James C. Smith 
Laurie Sollish 
Jules P. Sussman 
Geraldine S. Tate 
Gilbert R. Tronier 
El win B. Tudder 
John W. Wagner 

Patricia M. Watkins 
James S. Werking 
Charles E. Wickard 
Anne R. Wiederhold 
Dorothy A. Williams 
Anita R. Wilson 
Robert L. Wolfes 
William B. Zeleny 

Richard Belgrad 
Richard Burningham 
James Castellano 
Richard Farmer 
Robert Headley 
Virgil Hooper 


(A National Honorary Medical Society) 

Charles King 
Louis Lancaster 
Carl Laughlin 
Robert Mahon 
Joseph McLaughlin 
Robert Muth 

Richard Myers 
Martin Palmer 
Charles Sanislow, Jr. 
Harry Wilson 

Louis C. Arrington 
MUton L. Blanc 
Andrew Conaway 
Robert L. Downey 
John A. Georg 
James Hannan 
Herbert J. Hochreich 
Vernon E. Hussman 


(Men's Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

Carl Irwin 
Peery Johnston 
Martin R. Jones 
Gerald Loper 
Theodore C. Mintz 
John Moore 
James Moulthrop 
Tamlin C. Olson 
Amos E. Palmer 

James W, Peters 
James L. Pope 
George Reiner 
Paul Schilke 
Norman G. Smith 
Malcolm R. Spaulding 
William L. Thomas 
Robert L. Wolfes, Jr. 

(Men's and Women's Commerce Honor Society) 

Elmer L. Arrington 
Janet M. Bechtoldt 
Robert L. Benner 

Armando J. Forchielli 
Donald E. Hudson 
Robert C. Pearson 

Richard G. Petzold 
Alexander W. TurnbuU 
Carl E. Zavada 

Marvin B. Golberg 
Stanley B. Goldberg 
Herald D. Green, Jr. 
Ralph S. Johnson 


(Honorary Dental Society) 

Albert A. Kapsak 
Vernon A. Lake 
Richard A. Saal 
Caesar M. Silvestro 

Allie Skib 
Joseph H. Toropilo 
Gilbert R. Tronier 
Gilbert G. Youngblood 


Marilyn Anderson 
Barbara Baker 
Julianne Beattie 
Shirley Cross 
Barbara Dodd 
Elizabeth Duncker 

(Women's Home Economics Honor Society) 

Ruth Ensor 
Jeanne Frantz 
Virginia Gough 
Virginia Holloway 
Sibyl Klak 
Maretta Long 
Charles McKeown 

Ann Rothenhoefer 
Virginia Stanley 
Margaret Thompson 
Jean Wehrly 
Dorothy Williams 
Kate Williams 

(National Law School Honor Society) 

Edward O. Clarke, Jr. 
Mathias J. DeVito 

Lewis A. Kann 
Lois K. Macht 

John A. O'Connor, Jr. 
Lawrence F. Rodowsky 


(Men's and Women's Physical Education Honor Society) 

Elizabeth Allan 
Allan Bleich 
Mary J. Cosgrove 
Barbara Culp 

Evelyn Horsey 
George Kley 
Billie J. Lore 

Pearlene Nethken 
Anita Small 
Charles Wicker 
Frank Wrightson 

(National Honorary Pharmaceutical Society) 

Geraldine Austraw 
Raymond Bahr 

Gilbert S. Berman 

Erwin Deitch 
Sue C. Goldman 

Stuart C. Anderson 
John A. Bates 
David A. Berman 
Frank A. FMalkowski 
Thomas W. Finch 
Stanley D. Fishman 
Gerald E. FViedman 
William S. Haney, Jr. 
John R. Harrison 


(General Engineering Honor Society) 

Terrell L. Holliday 
Charles O. Johnson 
Philip K. Mondon 
William J. Moore 
Philip H. Parsons 
Leo W. Pearson 
Charles G. Pettit, IV 
Stanley T. Piszkin, Jr. 
Charles H. Popenoe 

Lloyd A. Reed 
Jeffrey H. Rumbaugh 
Gerard H. Schlimm 
David C. Shirey 
Glenn A. Skaggs 
John W. Talcott, Jr. 
James W. Whybrew 


Baltimore Division 


The Alumni Association Medals Gilbert R. Tronier 

The Isaac H. Davis Memorial Medal Allie Skib 

The Herbert Friedberg Memorial Award Stuart LaKind 

The Edgar J. Jacques Memorial Award Allie Skib 

The Harry E. Kelsey Memorial Award Ralph S. Johnson 

The Harry E. Latcham Memorial Award Joseph H. Toropilo 

The James J. McCormick Award Herbert W. Grambow, Jr. 

The Alexander H. Paterson Memorial Medal Allie Skib 


Sam Allen Memorial Prize Mathias J. DeVito 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize Lawrence F. Rodowsky 

W. Calvin Chesnut Advocacy Award Edward O. Clarke, Jr. 

Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation Prize Lewis A. Kann 

Nu Beta Epsilon Prize Mathias J. DeVito 

U. S. Law Week Award Nolan H. Rogers 


The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial Prize George A. Abeshouse 

The Dr. Leonard M. Hummel Medal and Certificate of 

Proficiency in Internal Medicine Richard I. Myers 

The William D. Wolfe Memorial Prize and Certificate of 

Proficiency in Dermatology John E. Kelly, Jr. 

Student Council Keys James Castellano, Robert Headley, Lament Osteen, and 

Wilbur Pickett 

The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zetz Omega Fraternity Prize Bernard F. Macek 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize Howard R. SchiiT 

The David Fink Memorial Prize Walter F. Oster 

Epsilon Graduate Chapter, Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority 

Prize Irving E. Swartz 

The Beta Chapter, Phi Alpha Fraternity Prize Stanley A. Klatsky 

The William Simon Memorial Prize I. William Grossman 

The^Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize Douglas W. Holtschneider 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize Ralph Engel 

College Park Division 

Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma Award to the graduating senior in chemistry or 
chemical engineering with the highest scholastic standing. 

Awarded to Shirley M. Read 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the senior member of the group who has maintained the 
highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have been in attendance in 
the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to E. Rheda Greenberg 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award to the senior members who have main- 
tained the Alpha Lambda Delta average, 3.50. 
Awarded to: 

Patricia A. Anderson Suzanna L. Karstens 

Hilda W. Chu Rhea B. Mermelstein 

Beverly J. Dobrovolny Josephine S. Owens 

Lyla-Norris Erb Frances M. Schoenberg 

Dolores M. Gambino Dorothy A. Williams 

E. Rheda Greenberg Anita R. Wilson 

Alpha Zeta Award to the agricultural student in the freshman class who attains the 
highest average record in academic work. 

Awarded to John Jarrett 

American Association of University Women Award to the senior girl for scholarship and 
community leadership. 

Awarded to Joan Kellerman 


American Institute of Chemists Award for outstanding scholarship in chemistry and for 
his high character. 

Awarded to Shirley M. Read 

American Society of Civil Engineers Award offered by the Maryland Section of the 
American Society of Civil Engineers to the senior in the Department of Civil Engineering who 
in the opinion of the faculty of the Department, is the outstanding student in his class. 

Awarded to Philip K. Mondon 

Associated Women Students Awards for outstanding achievement, character, and service 
to the University. 
Awarded to: 

Jane Bennett Patricia King 

Patricia Callahan Billie Lore 

Stacey Carlos Gretchen Matthews 

Joan Christianson Barbara Rothman 

Pearl Gold Judith Spencer 

Anna Karavangelos Dottie Williams 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal to the sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic 
average of his class in the College of Engineering. Awarded by Benjamin Berman. 

Awarded to Glenn R. Linsenmayer 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence in Hebrew 

Awarded to: 

Miriam A. Feldman Stanley Z. Steinberg 

Millie Korn Marilyn R. Weidenbaum 

Ernie Coblentz Memorial Trophy, offered to the most outstanding freshman for work 
done on student publications. 

Awarded to Janet Kauffman 

Bernard L. Crozier Award, offered by the Maryland Association of Engineers to the 
senior in the College of Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made the greatest 
improvement in scholarship during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to Walter T. Marable 

Delta Delta Delta Scholarship Award to a woman student selected for her worthiness. 

Awarded to Elaine D. Dietz 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal to the girl who attains the highest average in academic 

work during the first semester of the sophomore year. 

Awarded to Marjorie I. Persion and Marian D. Pumpian 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award to the woman member of the graduating class who has 

achieved the highest scholastic average for her entire course. 

Awarded to E. Rheda Greenberg 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who has maintained 

the highest scholastic average for the entire four-year course in the College of Business and 

Public Administration. 

Awarded to Wolf W. Merklein 

The Education Alumni Award to the outstanding senior man and senior woman in the 

College of Education. 

Awarded to Anita R. Wilson and Paul G. Imhoff 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. Goddard 

James, to the senior from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship and moral 


Awarded to William A. Neal 

Mahlon N. Haines Art Award, offered to the student in the Fine Arts Department for 

outstanding work in the painting classes. 

Awarded to Barbara Fiock 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the man and woman members of the senior class 

who have done most for the advancement of dramati&s at the University. 

Awarded to Rhea B. Mermelstein and David B. Singleton 

The Home Economics Alumni Award to the student outstanding in application of Home 

Economics in her present living and who shows promise of carrying these into her future home 

and community. 

Awarded to Joyce Riggs 

William H. Hottel Award to the most outstanding senior for work done on student publica- 
tions during his college career. 

Awarded to Charles Wickard 


Maryland Press Association Award to the outstanding male journalism graduate of 1956. 

Awarded to Ralph W. Crosby 

Men's League Awards, oflfered for outstanding achievement, character, and service to the 

Awarded to: 

Herbert M. Brubaker David B. Rudow 

Edward M. Gantt John E. Sandbower 

Dale Jarvis Thomas R. Shipley 

Thomas M. Lescalleet, Jr. Irwin G. Sidle 

Thomas C. Morrison Richard Stein 

Men's League Cup to the graduating male senior who has done the most for the male 
student body. 

Awarded to Charles E. Wickard 

Omicron Nu Sorority Medal to the freshman girl in the College of Home Economics 
who attains the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Mary Anne Young 

Epsilon Chapter of Phi Alpha Fraternity Award to the man in the junior class who at- 
tained the highest scholastic average during his first two years at the College Park Colleges of 
the University. 

Awarded to Leonard J. Norry 

Phi Delta Kappa Award to an outstanding man in the graduating class. 

Awarded to Ronald E, Mortimer 

Pi Delta Epsilon National Medal of Merit Awards, offered by the National Council of 
Pi Delta Epsilon to the outstanding senior woman and the outstanding senior man in each 
local Pi Delta Epsilon Chapter. 

Awarded to Allen J. Jewler and E. Carmen Park 

Pi Sigma Alpha Fred Hays Memorial Award, given by an alumnus to the senior in Govern- 
ment and Politics having the highest average in Departmental courses. 

Awarded to John I. Tucker 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the senior student majoring in Bacteriology, for high 
scholarship, character, and leadership. 

Awarded to Josephine S. Owens 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of the City 
of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual qualities practically 
applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to Patricia King and Thomas M. Lescalleet, Jr. 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Award to the junior in the College of Engineer- 
ing who, during his sophomore year, has made the greatest improvement in scholarship over 
that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Charles G. Pettit 


Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus H. C. 
Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class who, during his collegiate 
career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done most for the general advance- 
ment of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Charles E. Wickard 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An award presented annually as a memorial to Sally 
Sterling Byrd, by her children to that girl member of the Senior Class who best exemplifies the 
enduring qualities of the pioneer women. These qualities should typify self-dependence, 
courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, willingness to sacrifice for 
others, strength of character, and those other qualities that enabled the pioneer woman to play 
such a fundamental part in the building of the Nation. 

Awarded to Anna Karavangelos 


Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to William J. Walker 

William P. Cole, III, Memorial Lacrosse Award to the outstanding University of Mary- 
land Midfielder. 

Awarded to James H. Keating, Jr. 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award to the outstanding graduating senior trackman. 
Awarded to Benjamin F. Good 


Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed most to 

wrestling at the University. 

Awarded to Jerome E. Carroll 

The Maryland Ring to the Maryland man who is adjudged the best athlete of the year. 

Awarded to John E. Sandbower 

Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 

Awarded to Michael G. Sandusky 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service to lacrosse 

during the year. 

Awarded to John W. Simmons, Jr. 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in college 


Awarded to Charles E, Wicker 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University has rendered 

the greatest service to football. 

Awarded to Robert Pellegrini 


The gold award is made to those seniors who have completed their eligibility, who have 
won their letter at least one year, and who have been on the squad during the full period of 
eligibility at Maryland. 


Eugene Doane 
James Hennessey 
William Walker 
Robert Weiss 


Robert Kessler 
John Sandbower 


Richard Burgee 
Russell Dennis 
H. Timothy Flynn 
Martin Kaufman 
Da\nd Nusz 
James Parsons 
Robert Pellegrini 
Stanley Polyanski 

Fred Tullai 
Edward Vereb 
William Walker 


Charles Kroneberger 


Salvatore Cavallaro 
Benjamin Goertemiller 
Harry Goudy 
James Keating 
Peter Loizeaux 
Richard Pope 
John Rehme 
John Simmons, Jr. 
August Waibel 
Charles Wicker 


James Freeny, II 
Earle Hart, Jr. 
Thomas Matthews 
George Reiner 
Carroll Reynolds 

Paul Eckel 


Francis Bruno 
Benjamin Good 
Joseph Hemler 
Melvin Schwarz 


Jerome Carroll 



Roy Beauchamp 
Fred Besley 
Stanley Bobb 
Stephen Bolen 
Philip Calder 
Howard Dare 
Eugene Doane 
Clarence Doane 
George Gaffney 
Dewitt Hahn 
Donald Henderson 
James Hennessey 
Jack Johnson 
Andrew McDonald 
William Moore 
Gary Piatt 
John Reynolds 
William Walker 
Robert Weiss 


Nick Davis 
Donald Dunlop 

Robert Hardiman 
Robert Kessler 
James Merna 
Perry Moore 
John Nacincik 
Robert O'Brien 
John Sandbower 
Charles Schaufler 

Cross Country 

Stuart Carlisle 
Benjamin Good 
Burr Grim 
Gerald McGee 
Philip Parisius 
Carl Party 
David Rams 
John West 


WajTie Alderton 
Ronald Athey 
Lynn Beightol 
Richard Bittner 


Richard Burgee 
Eddie Cooke 
Howard Dare 
John Davis 
Nick DeCicco 
Russell Dennis 
Eugene Dyson 
H. Timothy Flynn 
John Fritsch 
Frederick Hamilton 
Donald Healy 
John Healy 
Edward Heuring 
Martin Kaufman 
George Kolarac 
Robert Laughery 
John McVicker 
David Nusz 
James Parsons 
Robert Pellegrini 
Phillip Perlo 
Stanley Polyanski 
Michael Sandusky 
James Skarda 

Thomas Stefl 
Frank Tamburello 
Paul Tonetti 
Fred Tullai 
William Turner 
Edward Vereb 
William Walker 
Jean Waters 
Richard Weber 
Alfred Wharton 


Delmar Beman 
Roger Coonrod 
Charles Kroneberger 
Gerald McFerren 
William McFerren 
George Mock 
Martin Parks 


Ernest Betz 
Stuart Carlisle 
Salvatore Cavallaro 
John Ensor 
Walther Ewalt 
Benjamin Goertemilier 
Harry Goudy 
James Kappler 
James Keating 
Peter Loizeaux 
Richard McNicolas 
Richard Nolker 
Richard Pope 
John Rehme 
Ronald Scheydt 
Robert Scranton 
John Simmons, Jr. 
Leroy Skinner 
James Strott 
Richard Szlasa 
Augustino Tamburello 

Frank Tamburello 
William Waesche 
Frank Walsh 
Charles Wicker 
Gordon Widener 


Richard Brown 
Hartwell Chandler 
Kim Edel 
Margaret Guy 
Saul Honigsberg 
Kenneth Potter 
Linnaeus Savage 
John Schmidt 


Roy Beauchamp 
Michael Finci 
James Freeny, II 
Edward Grund 
Earle Hart, Jr. 
Harry Hunter 
John Jones 
Howard Kramer 
Thomas Matthews 
Andrew McDonald 
Charles Meagher 
Marcel Millet 
Jack Pechter 
George Reiner 
Adrian Remsberg 
Carroll Reynolds 
James Rice 
Ronald Shock 
James Simms 
Leroy Skinner 
Richard Stottler 


Carl Bucks 
Carroll Campbell 
John Dunham 

Paul Eckel 
David Freishtat 
Larry Lackey 
Donnell Schweitzer 
Jackson Yang 


Dennis Abdalla 
Wesley Baynes 
Francis Bruno 
Eddie Cooke 
Lee Duncan 
David Fellows 
Benjamin Good 
Burr Grim 
Joseph Hemler 
George Hogan 
David Leas 
Nicholas Leras 
Edmund Lloyd 
Gerald McGee 
Perry Moore 
Richard Morgan 
Thomas Mueller 
Carl Party 
David Rams 
Steve Scheck 
Melvin Schwarz 
Louis Sergi 
Chester Steckel 


Salustiano Amato 
Jerome Carroll 
Sasha Digges 
Leroy Kennedy 
Charles Kerler 
John McHugh 
Gerald Ogurkis 
Michael Sandusky 
Edward Weather ly 
Joseph Wozunk 


Gold Cups presented to persons who have faithfully served four years in the band. 

Barbara Dickie 
Robert Dreschler 
Fred Froehlich 

Gerald Hammond 
Judy Lewis 

James Noland 
Beverly Stubbs 
Thomas Shipley 

Gold Keys awarded to persons who have faithfully served three years in the band. 

Robert Benner 
Barbara Bolgiano 

Russell Davis 
Joan Hubbel 

Richard Street 
Albert Tase 

Sweaters awarded to persons who have faithfully served two years in the band. 

Sam Adams 
Harvey Beavers 
John Brown 
Shirley Cleaves 

Caroline Cook 
Owens Cornell 
Margie Gates 
Hood Geisbert 
Judy Habich 

Phil Hooks 
Walter Solley 
Roland Swanson 
Jerry VanNatta 


Letters awarded to persons who have faithfully served one year in the band. 

Don Benfield Ernie Hinkle William Patterson 

Leroy Burtner Beryl Jacobson George Roche 

Betty Cooper William Jowers William Rudasill 

Joe Cox Herb Levenstein Marilyn Sanders 

Don Custis Dorothy McCarthy Charles Shafer 

Paul Dauray Dave Matson Jack Shartsis 

Toki Endo James Murphy Paul Weckesser 

William Finagin James Nichols Carl Weidemeyer 

Bruce Herbert James Novotny Don Wessel 

Richard Hill Larry Nowack Steen Westerburg 

Nancy Nystrom 

Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding band member with over two years of 
faithful service. 

Awarded to Elizabeth Cooper 


AFROTC Angel Flight Award to the outstanding member of the AFROTC Angel Flight. 

Awarded to Betty Larsen 

Air Force Association Silver Medal to the outstanding Advanced AFROTC Cadet based 
on scholastic grade, both general and military, individual characteristics and performance at 
summer camp. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Charles O. Johnson 

Alumni Cup to the best drilled Flight within the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet 1st Lt. Thomas A. Neal, Lst Flight, Squadron L 

American Legion Award to the Advanced Senior Cadet for academic achievement in lead- 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. William D. Hoffmeyer 

American Legion Post No. 217 Award to the Senior Advanced Cadet displaying out- 
standing leadership. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Gilbert E. Petrina 

Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association Award to the best Engineering 
student who is in AFROTC. 

Awarded to Cadet Major Richard A. Smith 

Arnold Air Society Award to the Senior Advanced Cadet selected by the Arnold Air 
Society as the cadet who has contributed the most to the advancement of AFROTC through 
activities of the Arnold Air Society. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Joseph M. Zapatocky 

The Baltimore Sun Newspaper Award to the best drilled cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet Leslie C. Waddell 

Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying 
outstanding leadership and scholastic qualities and who has been selected for Advanced 
AFROTC in Flying Category. 

Awarded to Cadet Richard H. Melton 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Advanced Cadet who has displayed 
outstanding leadership, scholarship and citizenship. 

Awarded to Cadet Major Stanley J. Polyanski 

Governor's Cup to the best drilled Squadron within the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Robert Weiss 

Hamill Memorial Plaque to the best Sophomore Cadet excelling in leadership and scholar- 

Awarded to Cadet Theodore R. Mount 

Maryland State Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America Award to the 

Basic Freshman Cadet who has attained the highest overall academic grade during the first 


Awarded to Cadet Paul Burgan 

National Defense Transportation Association Award presented in recognition of leader- 
ship qualities displayed, academic standing, aptitude for military service and meritorious 
achievement. Noteworthy service in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Association. 
Awarded to Cadet Capt. John F. D. Bowersox 


Pershing Rifle Award to the member of the Pershing Rifle Company displaying outstand- 
ing leadership. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Lawrence G. Larkin 

Pershing Riflle Award to the best drilled Cadet in the Corps who is not a member of the 
Pershing Rifles. 

Awarded to Cadet Leslie C. Waddell, 3rd Squadron, 3rd Flight, Squadron S 

Pershing Rifle Regimental Medal to a member of the Pershing Rifle Company who has 
been outstanding in service to the organization. 

Awarded to Cadet 1st Lt. Richard L. Donnelly 

Reserve Officers Association Medals to the top three Senior Cadets demonstrating 
outstanding academic achievement in AFROTC. 

Gold Medal awarded to Cadet Col. Kenneth G. Robinson 

Silver Medal awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Paul D. Lambrides 

Bronze Medal awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Hubert H. Bolick, Jr. 

Reserve Officers Association Ribbons to the seven outstanding juniors and the ten out- 
standing sophomores. 
Awarded to: 

Juniors Sophomores 

William R. Abel Andrew W. Conway 

Mandell Bellmore Alvah O. Conley 

Paul A. Brown Anthony J. Culotta 

Lawrence G. Larkin Harry H. Flickenger 

Charles G. Pettit David Goodman 

George H. Timmerman Kenneth J. Krach 

George D. Wagner Charles R. Madary 

Richard L. Morgan 
Theodore R. Mount 
Ira H. Shapiro 

Scabbard and Blade Coblentz Memorial Cup to the Commanding Officer of the winning 

Squadron in drill competition. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Robert Weiss 

Sons of the American Revolution ROTC Award to the cadet who exhibits in his work a 

high degree of merit with respect to leadership, military bearing, and excellence in his academic 

course of study. 

Awarded to Cadet Glenn R. Linsenmayer 

Vandenberg Guard Award to the member of Vandenberg Guard displaying outstanding 


Awarded to Cadet Capt. Edward L. Niner, Jr. 




Michael H. Blake Barbara Ann Dodd Elizabeth A. DeMello Edward C. Covahey 

Ralph W. Crosby Jane F. Hagerton George C. Goggin Joan J. Faye 

Corinne M. FoDore Allan J. Jewler Stanley W. Hames Patricia A. 

Richard E. Frederick Sandra L. Sowder Killingsworth 

David G. Halliday Thomas M. Lescalleet 

William E. MacDonald Frances M. Schoenberg 

Mary E. Nunn Roger A. Wolff 

Janet G. Oxley 
Samuel E. Riddlebarger 
David S. Taylor 
Richard L. Toth 
Clare 'J. Wootten 























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