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JUN 24^957 




Convened at 9:4-5 A.M. 

Saturday, June 8, 1957 

Tin CoU Student Activities Building 



Commencement Program 
Candidates For Degrees and Diplomas 

Honors 39 
Scholastic and Special Awards 51 

Commencement Program 


say can you see, — by the dawn's early light, 
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight, 
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, 
Gave proof thro' the night — that our flag was still there. 
O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 


Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never rust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust, 
Remember Howard's warlike thrust, 
And all thy slumb'rers with the just, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

Come to thine own heroic throng, 

That stalks with Liberty along, 

And ring thy dauntless slogan song, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 


Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold, 
Singing, thy praise forever, 
Throughout the land. 


The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic pro- 
cession are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar 
since medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress 
since many of the scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which 
has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 
Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — has its own dis- 
tinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed 
sleeve. The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve extending below the 
knee; the arm is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown 
has a full bell-shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown 
is faced with wide velvet bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating 
the general field of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green 
for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The 
color of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. The colors of the silk lining 
exposed in the center of the hood are those of the college or university which con- 
ferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may 
be either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap 
may be gold. 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of dis- 
tinctive color and design. 

Commencement Program 1957 


Coronation March from The Prophet Meyerbeer 

Charlton G. Meyer, University Organist 
The University Marshal 
Candidates for Degrees 
The Faculty 
The Presidential Party 


The Reverend Father Alban Maguire, O.F.M., Holy Name College, 
Washington, D. C. 

The Star Spangled Banner.. Key 

The Audience, led by Professor Harlan Randall 


His Excellency, Theodore R. McKeldin, Governor of Maryland 

Mr. Charles P. McCormick, Sr., Chairman, Board of Regents, 
University of Maryland 

Maryland, My Maryland Randall 


Dr. George Keith Funston, 

President, New York Stock Exchange 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, President, University of Maryland 

Alma Mater Kinney 

Colonel Robert E. Kendig, Professor of Air Science 


The Reverend Mr. Leslie F. Weber, Chaplain, 
The Lutheran Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland 


Triumphal March from Aida Verdi 

The audience will please remain in place until the academic procession has marched out. 




Degrees and Diplomas 



Degrees arid Diplomas 


Doctor of Laws .....George Keith Funston 

Doctor of Science _ Albert Elias Goldstein 

Doctor of Letters Arthur Oncken Lovejoy 


Olin Staats Davis, Sr., Kent County 

Helen Pearce, Baltimore County 

Albert Garfield Rolfe, Sr., Montgomery County 

Francis Ridgely Todd, Wicomico County 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Ronald Bamford 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Moustafa Kamal Abo-El-Dahab Egypt Ida Petursdottir Bjornsson Iceland 

Esam El-Din Mahmoud Ahmed Egypt Phyllis Holt Bogner Maryland 

Robert Lealand Anstey Massachusetts Romald Edward Bowles Maryland 

Robert Barclay, Jr New Jersey Edward Joseph Breyere, Jr Maryland 

Donald Frederick Bent Massachusetts Carl LeRoy Butler Colorado 

Charles Norman Bird Minnesota Clifton Bob Clark Maryland 

Gordon Marston Clark Massachusetts 

John Fulmer Clark Maryland 

Walter Anthony Connell Delaware 

Leslie Carl Costello Maryland 

John Myrick Dawson New Jersey 

Walter Williams Deshler Maryland 

William Emmert Donaldson. .Rhode Island 

Kenneth Merrill Downes Virginia 

Margaret Berry Downs Maryland 

Dick Duffey Maryland 

Paul Daniel Ellner New York 

Frank Durrell Enck Pennsylvania 

Abdul Fattah Fakhoury Jordan 

Adeeb Fargo Iraq 

Richard Lee Glasser Maryland 

John Charles Goossens Illinois 

John Patrick Henderson Pennsylvania 

Henry A. Highland Georgia 

Ying-chen Hwang New Jersey 

Harold Vernon Jordan, Jr Maryland 

Peter Jurtshuk, Jr New York 

Theodore Spiros Kallelis Rhode Island 

James George Kantzes Maryland 

Theodore Katz Maryland 

M. Roberta Keiter Maryland 

David George Kissinger Maryland 

James Henry Kraakevik Maryland 

Harry Peter Kroitor New York 

Marion Rosslyn Larsen Maryland 

Joseph Ogden Legg Maryland 

H. Melvin Lieberstein California 

Howard William Lull Pennsylvania 

Paul Mazur New Jersey 

Rosemary Thorndike McGinnies 


John J. McNeill D. C. 

Robert Harvey Miller Maryland 

William Alden Moats Iowa 

Floyd Edmond Naylor Oklahoma 

Robert Howard Newcomb Virginia 

Ruth Gallert Newman Maryland 

Howard Spencer Potter Pennyslvania 

Phil B. Price Maryland 

Luther James Reid, Jr Maryland 

Rip George Rice Maryland 

Charles Alfred Roberts, Jr California 

Joseph Hansbro Ross Michigan 

Frederick Bengston Rowe Virginia 

Rudolph Alrud Schroeder Maryland 

John J. Sciarra New York 

Alan Jay Simmons Maryland 

Anson Donald Solem Maryland 

Mark Joseph Stanek New Jersey 

George Albert Stevens Maryland 

Wolfgang Paul Strassmann Virginia 

George Ralph Strohl, Jr Maryland 

James Henry Turner Maryland 

Bryce C. Walton California 

William Edward Waters, Jr Maryland 

Elmer George Worthley Maryland 

Doctor of Education 

Blanche Lucile Bowie Maryland 

Regina Isabelle Fitzgerald Maryland 

Nathan Neubert Jaffa Maryland 

Gregory Joseph Mann Maryland 

Carl Mauro Maryland 

Eveline D. Schulman Maryland 

Richard Warren Seltzer Maryland 

William C. Van Newkirk Maryland 

Willis Hall White Maryland 

Robert Gordon Williamson Maryland 

Hamdi Younis D. C. 

Master of Arts 

Elizabeth Hislop Allan Maryland 

Ali Hussain Al-Shalash Iraq 

Abdul Amir Amin Iraq 

Alexander William Astin Maryland 

James Thoburn Bard Maryland 

E. Rheda Becker Maryland 

Louise Boughter Bennett Maryland 

Bernard Gerald Berenson Maryland 

Mona Jean Bias Ohio 

Richard William Blake, Jr Michigan 


Irving John Casey New York 

Maliakal Eapen Cherian India 

Frank Marbury Clagett Maryland 

Alan George Coulter Maryland 

Mary B. Curran D. C. 

Cecil George Doyle Virginia 

Earleen Lenoir Elkins Maryland 

Frank Carroll Fellows, Jr Maryland 

Charles Carroll Fishburne Tennessee 

Ethel Loan Garrison Maryland 

George Gerald Go n yea New York 

John Alfred Gwynn Maryland 

Billy Dean Hanlin Maryland 

Marion Louise Hartlein Maryland 

Gerald George Herdman Maryland 

James William Hillis Nebraska 

Leon David Horowitz Maryland 

Evalyn K. S. Inn Hawaii 

Joseph Frederick Kenkel Maryland 

Simon Richard Kraft Maryland 

Serena Jane Lake Maryland 

Robert Edward Lana New Jersey 

Robert Fillison Latham Maryland 

Jen-Hwa Lee Maryland 

David Michael Lewis Delaware 

Doralee M. Lewis Maryland 

Maren Lockwood Maryland 

Irving Lowens Maryland 

Welden Fuller Mackin Maryland 

James Francis Marran Illinois 

Peter Harrington Maserick Maryland 

Rita Sarah McEvoy Maryland 

Richard Wilson McHugh New York 

Harry Roy Merrens England 

Beatrice R. Metalitz Maryland 

Walter Otto Moeller Maryland 

Jacqueline Zelko Morris Maryland 

Elizabeth Jean Nelson Maryland 

Theodore Joseph Palik Virginia 

Samuel Hanson Patterson Maryland 

Susan Loeserman Reid Maryland 

L. Duane Saltzgaver Maryland 

Robert Isaac Schneider Maryland 

Clayton Albright Shepherd Maryland 

James Carroll Simms Maryland 

Ina Dale Stulman Maryland 

John Grantham Timberlake, Jr. 

West Virginia 

Constance Marion Turney Maryland 

Vlassios Thomas Valassis Maryland 

Minna Fae Weinstein Maryland 

James Stanley Werking Maryland 

Wesley Carlton Wilson Maryland 

David 0. Winfrey West Virginia 

Joanna Mackenzie Wood Maryland 

Ruth Robbins Woolsey Maryland 

Master of Science 

Keister Nicholas Adams Maryland 

Alex Getchell Alexander Washington 

Catherine Elizabeth Althoff.. Maryland 

Robert Underwood Ayres Maryland 

John Lucas Baldwin, Jr Maryland 

Edward Evans Beasley Maryland 

Donald Lee Blamberg Maryland 

Milton Lyle Blanc Maryland 

Sol Daniel Breeskin Maryland 

Georgia Harriett Brown Maryland 

William H. Brown Washington 

William Graham Carpenter 

West Virginia 

Norma H. Compton Virginia 

Thomas Melbourne Cook Maryland 

Bradner Wood Coursen Maryland 

Mary Angela Cummiskey New York 

Joseph Hanna Dagher Maryland 

Salah El-Din Darhouse Egypt 

John Angus Davidson Maryland 

Jesus Antonio Davila Puerto Rico 

Richard Wallace de Nobel Maryland 


Philip Ben Dwoskin Maryland 

James Shuler Evans New York 

Turhan Hifzi Evcimen Turkey 

Juanita Delyene Franklin Maryland 

Robert Lee- Frohmuth Virginia 

Maurice Gertel Massachusetts 

Harold Calhoun Gibson Maryland 

Richard Oliver Gifford Delaware 

William Raymond Godwin Maryland 

Eugene NathaN Gogel Maryland 

Leon Jack Greenbaum, Jr D. C. 

Robert T. Hall Maryland 

Thomas James Henneberry Maryland 

Woodland Hurtt Maryland 

Morton Richard Kagan Ohio 

Silas Katz Virginia 

Philip Charles Kearney Maryland 

Eric Bun Chiong Khu Philippines 

Arthur Spalding Kidwell Maryland 

Wallace Grover Kistler, Jr Virginia 

Theodore Kranzler D. C. 

Dean Ellis Leavitt Maryland 

Phillip Julian Levine Rhode Island 

Trent Ronald Lewis Michigan 

Louis F. Libelo, Jr New York 

James Aylmer Mallin Maryland 

Parviz Merat Iran 

Paul Rex Miller Maryland 

Frank Joe On D. C. 

Hubert Kimberly Poole Maryland 

Samuel Raber New York 

Neville Karunasena Rajapaksa D. C. 

Irving D. Richmond Maryland 

Edward Joseph Robel Maryland 

Radcliffe Wheeler Roberson Delaware 

B. Russell Robertson Maryland 

Aaron Zed Robinson, Jr Maryland 

Herbert Schriftman Maryland 

William Edward Shephard Maryland 

Robert Merrall Smibert, II Connecticut 

Ejvind Sondergaard Denmark 

Inger Ragnhild Sondergaard Denmark 

John Albert Speicher Kansas 

Daniel Stern D. C. 

Herbert Park Stutts Maryland 

Robert Victor Travis Maryland 

Vincent Edwin Vaughan Canada 

John Michael Venditti Maryland 

Myron Simon Weinberg Maryland 

Master of Education 

Sister Athanasius Aherne Maryland 

Sydney Joseph Baker Maryland 

Robert Lanson Barron Maryland 

Edward Stanley Beach, Jr Maryland 

Lee Morrett Beall Maryland 

Rosemary Margaret Beckman.. ..Maryland 

Leonard Leroy Bernhardt Maryland 

Shirley M. Bernhardt Maryland 

Douglas Maxwell Bivens Maryland 

Charles H. Blochberger Maryland 

Dorothy Carson Bower Maryland 

Ruth Miles Brazzil Louisiana 

William Albert Brotemarkle, Jr. 


Theodore James Brown Maryland 

Jeanne Hartmond Bruce Virginia 

Cover Scherer Brunt Maryland 

Lilyan Leola Burrell Maryland 

David Abbott Byus Maryland 

Ruth Garrison Campbell.. ..South Carolina 

Ruth Dixon Cannon D. C. 

Charles Augustine Chapple, Jr. 


Daniel Franklin Chase, Jr Maryland 

Mary George Cheros South Carolina 

Elizabeth Collison Clark Maryland 

Dora Thelma Cooksey Louisiana 

Clifton Stanford Crockett Maryland 

Rose Culotta Davis Maryland 

Augustus Bernard Dean Maryland 

Alan Leslie Dodd Maryland 

Jack Walter Earnshaw Maryland 


Evelyn Edwards Maryland 

Lionel Middleton Edwards Maryland 

Marion Winifred EsPENscHADE..Marj//cmd 

June Everett Maryland 

Miriam Edyth Farwell Maryland 

Dorothy May Fischer Maryland 

Harold Freeman Maryland 

Elizabeth Gambill Gaither Maryland 

Stanley Eugene Gaub Maryland 

Janie Hale Gentry Virginia 

Penick Gentry Virginia 

Mary Kathryn Gerdeman Maryland 

Eugene Edward Gilhooly Maryland 

Shirley T. Goodrich Maryland 

Herbert H. Gorin Maryland 

Royce Levi Goslee Maryland 

Mary Ella Grove West Virginia 

Irene Ford Hamric Alabama 

Charles Boyce Hathorn Maryland 

Louise P. Hemp Maryland 

Jerry David Hicks, Jr Maryland 

Rodger Hough Hicks Virginia 

Homer Scott Higgins Maryland 

Richard Edward Hohing Maryland 

Charles Edward Worthington Hook 


Joseph Thomas Howard Maryland 

John Jackson Hull Maryland 

Gloria Mullinax Isaacson Virginia 

Barbara Jane Jackson Maryland 

Franklin J. Jackson D. C. 

Tirso J. Jamandre, Jr Philippines 

Bruce Edward Johnson D. C. 

William T. R. Jones Maryland 

Joseph Ted Katusz Maryland 

Maynard Eugene Keadle Maryland 

Dora Funari Kennedy Maryland 

Robert Eugene Keys Maryland 

Frances Louise Lammert Maryland 

Dolores Veronica Lancaster Maryland 

Norma Louise Leonard Maryland 

Dorothy Einstein Liss Maryland 

Duane Evan Loewenstein Maryland 

Albert Gerald Maltz D. C. 

Mary Jervies Martin Maryland 

Mary Kathryn Martin Maryland 

Cleo Mae Maxson D. C. 

Josephine Dolores Merendino.. ..Maryland 

Lorraine Urie Merrick Maryland 

Jane Lucille Merry New York 

Gustava Louise Miller Maryland 

Norman Christian Mindrum Maryland 

Eugene Patrick Moran Maryland 

Merl David Myers Maryland 

Emmie Nelson Illinois 

Howard Lincoln NEWHOVSE..Pennsylvania 

Louise Minter Odell Maryland 

Allan Morton Ostrow D. C. 

Rebecca Jenkins Parrott Maryland 

Margaret Powell Payne Maryland 

Thomasena Hughes Peterson 

South Carolina 

James Archibald Phillips, Jr Maryland 

Esther Mae Pike Maryland 

Joshua Milton Potter Maryland 

Frederick Joseph Procopio, Jr Maryland 

Sidney Fletcher Proctor Virginia 

Helen Virginia Purinton Virginia 

Calvin Gilbert Rankin Maryland 

Thomas Knefely Rettew Maryland 

Philip Andrew Rhoads Maryland 

John Charles Sansone Maryland 

Mary Irene Scally Maryland 

Mary Dey Schaal Louisiana 

James Edward Schallmo Maryland 

John Emerson Seebold Maryland 

Edna Mae Seltzer Maryland 

Lawrence Seymour Selwyn Maryland 

Albert Joseph Sgro Maryland 

Ina W. Shields Maryland 

Elmer Walter Shifflett, Jr Maryland 

Eleanor Brill Smith D. C. 

Guy Raymond Smith Maryland 

Anthony Francis Sobleskie Maryland 

Samuel Sokolow Maryland 

William Charles Sonnenberg.. ..Maryland 

Edward Martin Spath, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Williams Spencer... .Maryland 

James William Spitznas Maryland 

Clara Beattie Stauffer Maryland 

Angelina Stephanos D. C. 

Joseph Jeremiah Sullivan Maryland 

Janice Joy Swan Maryland 

Marie White Thomas Maryland 

Margaret Greene Tierney Mart/land 

Rolland Viti Maryland 

Suzanne Joy F. Waters D. C. 

Howard M. Willson Montana 

Rose Joan Zwickl New Jersey 


Master of Business Administration 

Sami Tawfic Akrawi Iraq 

Lloyd John Barnes Maryland 

William Jennings Cribb, Jr Virginia 

Franklyn William Donahue Virginia 

Fred Paulson Dyhrmann Nebraska 

Yousif Aziz Fargo Iraq 

Herbert Fellman D. C. 

Leon Grabowsky New Jersey 

Elbridge Omar Hurlbut, Jr Maryland 

John Francis Kuemmerle Minnesota 

Lynne Jay Lundberg New York 

Richard Henshall Miller.. ..Pennsylvania 

Elliot Naide Pennsylvania 

Edwin Graham Pike Wisconsin 

Vira Pitrachat Thailand 

Ira Jack Rees Virginia 

Richard Blake RoBERTSON..A/or£/i Carolina 

Reif Deon Russell Maryland 

Albert Anthony Tisone Virginia 

John Hawkes Traband Maryland 

Reginald Theodore Weber New York 

Sidney Lawrence Wells Maryland 

Robert Yager Maryland 

Jerry Joseph Zavadil D. C. 

Master of Foreign Study 
John Richard Henninger New Jersey 


Candidates will be presented by Dean William S. Stone 

Doctor of Medicine 

Stuart Joel Abrahams Maryland 

Emil Emanuel Aftandilian Iran 

Charles Allen New Jersey 

Marvin Shield Arons Connecticut 

Selina Gloria Balco Maryland 

Bernard N. Bathon Maryland 

James Leonard Beeby Maryland 

Ronald Richard Berger Maryland 

Paul Bormel Maryland 

James Kostas BouzouKis..A/ew Hampshire 

Herbert E. Brooks Maryland 

Donald Louis Bucy Maryland 

John Thomas Bulkeley Maryland 

Mary Cecelia Burchell Massachusetts 

Harvey Rudolph Butt, Jr Maryland 

Anthony James Calciano Connecticut 

Ronald Ross Cameron Maryland 

Robert Anthony Carlin New Jersey 

Marvin Cohen Maryland 

John Vincent Conway Delaware 

Joseph Oliver Dean, Jr Maryland 

Milton Loring Engnoth Maryland 

Arthur Dale Ericsson Florida 

Marvin Allen Feldstein Maryland 

Vincent James Fiocco, Jr New York 

Mary Stang Furth Maryland 

Sebastian John Gallo Connecticut 

Nicolas Antonio Garcia, III.. ..Puerto Rico 
Donald William Gauthier 

New Hampshire 

Allen Sidney Gerber Maryland 

Verne Ephraim Gilbert California 

Loretta Ann Kurz Gilmore Maryland 

Eldon Benorr Hamblin Arizona 

John Henry Hammann Maryland 

Anthony Francis Hammond, Jr. 

New Jersey 

Paul Katsuto Hanashiro Hawaii 

Charles Morgan Henderson Maryland 

Harold Jack Hettleman Maryland 

Robert Othello Hickman Utah 

Richard K. B. Ho Hawaii 

Wilfred Ferber Holdefer, Jr Maryland 

Carl Jelenko, III Maryland 

Norman Paul Jones Maryland 

Edwin Louis Kahan Maryland 


William Frank Kennedy, Jr Maine 

Leonard Louis Kogan Maryland 

Herbert Lee Kronthal Maryland 

Donald Tyson Lansinger Maryland 

David Poole Largey Pennsylvania 

James Preston Laster Maryland 

Joseph Chorpening Laughlin 

West Virginia 

George Alvin Lentz, Jr Maryland 

Sidney Isaac Lerner Maryland 

Richard Leonard Levin Maryland 

Peter Paul Lynch Massachusetts 

Francis John Macek, Jr Maryland 

Fred Henry Mehlhop New York 

Frederick Moomau West Virginia 

Paul Aloysius Mullan New Jersey 

Herbert Harvey Nasdor Maryland 

Theodore Thaddeus Niznik, jR...Maryland 
Francisco Enrique Oliveras-Armstrong 

Puerto Rico 

Charles Roger Oppegard Maryland 

Frederick William Plugge, IV D. C. 

Warren Saul Poland Maryland 

Jose G. Quinones Puerto Rico 

Donald Wilson Rairigh Maryland 

John Joseph Raleigh New York 

Louis Leroy Randall Maryland 

William Joseph Rappoport Maryland 

Richard Charney Reba Maryland 

Marion Charles Restivo Maryland 

George Wright Rever Maryland 

Lynn Bennion Robinson Utah 

Morton Schmukler Maryland 

Lee Irwin Schocket Maryland 

Franklin David Schwartz Maryland 

Morton Walter Shapiro Maryland 

George Patrick Shaw Michigan 

Walter Morgan Shaw Ohio 

Leroy Shear Maryland 

Howard Sheldon Siegel Ohio 

William Arthur Simmons 

West Virginia 
Kenneth Franklin Spence, Jr.. .Maryland 

Maitland G. Spencer, Jr Utah 

Max Jay Spencer Idaho 

Landon Clarke Stout, Jr Maryland 

James Grant Stringham Utah 

Nevins Woodcock Todd, Jr Maryland 

Michael Saron Trupp Maryland 

Harvey Ira Wilner New York 

Ray Austin Wilson Pennsylvania 

Virginia Elizabeth Young Maryland 

Leonard Michael Zullo Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Myron S. Aisenberg 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Norman Stanley Alpher D. C. 

William Milton P>ARBUSH....IFest Virginia 

Robert Lehman Bartlett Maryland 

Robert Vincent Bates Maryland 

Eugene Arthur Beliveau. ...Massachusetts 

Daniel Willis Benton Utah 

William Frederick Bishop Maryland 

John Frederick Black New Jersey 

Louis Blum Pennsylvania 

William George Buchanan Neiv Jersey 

Vito Dominic Buonomano, Jr. 

Rhode Island 

James Ambrose Butler, Jr New York 

Richard Ernest Cabana Neiv Jersey 

Hubert Thomas Chandler.. ..West Virginia 

Robert Lee Childs Pennsylvania 

Bernie Odell Coberly Maryland 

Neil Cohen Florida 

William Eugene Colliver Maryland 

Joseph Andre Croteau Massachusetts 

Bertrand Saul Dann Maryland 

Urban Bernard DeCosta Rhode Island 

Frederick Bertrand Delorme Vermont 

John Joseph DeMartin Connecticut 

Robert Edward DeMartin Connecticut 

John Henry Dempsey West Virginia 

Elliott Howard Dickler Maryland 

Seymour Bernard FiNGERHOOD.JVew; Jersey 

Karl Josef Foose West Virginia 

William Grady Franklin Maryland 


Paul Edward Freed Maryland 

Joseph Patrick Garvey Rhode Island 

Roy Frank Gherardi New York 

George William Greco Maryland 

Ray Evan Griffin Vermont 

Jimmy Ray Hager West Virginia 

Walter Burnell Hall Massachusetts 

Raymond Donald Haslam Pennsylvania 

Paul Emmet Higgins Maryland 

Thomas Kent Ingram Virginia 

Gerald Marshall Isbell, Jr Maryland 

William McDonald Johnson Florida 

William Ignatius Keene New Jersey 

John Poist Keffer, Jr New Jersey 

James Van Lieu Kiser West Virginia 

Fred Herman Andreas Koeniger 

New York 
Kenneth Joseph Langfield 

George Albert Lippard, Jr. 

South Carolina 

Donald Bruce Lurie Maryland 

John Joseph Martielli Florida 

Dennis Laurent Maud New York 

Jerry Wayne Medlock Texas 

Ernest Charles Merkel, Jr Maryland 

Eugene Joseph Messer Massachusetts 

Joe Harvey Miller, Jr Maryland 

John Charles Miller, Jr D. C. 

John George Mueller Oklahoma 

Raymond Elliot Mullaney.. Massachusetts 

N. Joseph Nassif West Virginia 

M. Paul Nestor Mam/land 

Thomas Francis Owens Pennsylvania 

Rafael Angel Pagan-Colon. ...Puerto Rico 

Roy Christopher Page South Carolina 

Orie Nicholas Passarelli New Jersey 

William Russell Patteson 

West Virginia 

Peter Pecoraro, Jr Rhode Island 

John Vincent Puleo Rhode Island 

Joseph Rapuano, Jr New Jersey 

Clyde Eugene Reed West Virginia 

Angelo Michael Repole New Jersey 

Vernon Delaney Rodeffer.... Pennsylvania 

William Henry Ruppert, Jr Maryland 

Charles Benjamin Rushford, Jr. 

West Virginia 

Herbert Henry Rust Maryland 

Francis John Salvato New Jersey 

Alvin Robert Sayers Vermont 

Abraham Schachter Connecticut 

Albert Seymore Schaffer Maryland 

Pall Kenneth Schick Connecticut 

Harry Edwin Semler, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Israel Shevenell Maine 

Carl S. Singer Maryland 

Robert John Stag Maryland 

Thomas Dodds Stokes, Jr.. .North Carolina 

Alan Stoler Florida 

John Malcomb Stribling Florida 

James Richard Sullivan Maryland 

Carl Anthony Tomosivitch New York 

Joel Jacob Ulanet New Jersey 

John David Vachon West Virginia 

John Wilson Vargo West Virginia 

Hans Kvamme Varmer Maryland 

Frank Joseph Verdecchia Maryland 

Richard Howard Warren New Jersey 

George William Waxter, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Fowler Whiteside Florida 

Frederick Brown Williams 

South Carolina 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger Howell 

Bachelor of Laws 

James Elwood Armstrong, IlI....Maryland Pail Adam Bender Maryland 

Harold Hersh Balser Maryland Robert Louis Berger. Maryland 

Nathan Beitsch Maryland Gordon Morris Betz Maryland 


Leonard Bloom Maryland 

Lowell Reed Bowen Maryland 

Eugene Robert Briggeman Maryland 

Charles William Broomfield Maryland 

David Martin Buffington Maryland 

Richard Ray Burgee Maryland 

Richard Foster Cadigan Maryland 

Philip A. Camponeschi Maryland 

Robert Emmett Carney, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Maxwell Carson, Jr Maryland 

Paul James Cockrell Maryland 

Edward George Comery New York 

Henry Lee Conway, Jr Maryland 

Richard L. Cover Maryland 

Michael Jenkins Cromwell, Jr. 


Patrick McEvoy Cromwell Maryland 

John Joseph Dempsey Maryland 

David Joseph Downey Maryland 

Carl Anderson Durkee Maryland 

Merton Francis Filkins Maryland 

Christopher Henry Foreman Maryland 

Nicholas James Fotos Maryland 

Carl Lobe Friedler Maryland 

Robert James Gerstung Maryland 

Alvin Nathan Geser Maryland 

Harold I. Glaser Maryland 

Bertram Max Goldstein Maryland 

Vincent Rauth Groh Maryland 

Edward Joseph Gutman Maryland 

Elwood Emerick Hauver Maryland 

William Hoffman Maryland 

W. Wylie Hopkins, Jr Maryland 

Robert Michael Hyman Maryland 

Frank Ianno Virginia 

Joseph Charles Jacobs Maryland 

Rosemary Holmes Usher JoxES..Maryland 

Stanley Wolfe Kantor Maryland 

Samuel Freeland Kenney Maryland 

Elaine Worley Kerr Maryland 

Lee Klavans Maryland 

O'Neal Wilson Roger Maryland 

John Spalding Lalley Maryland 

Donald Cutler Lee Maryland 

Raymond Samuel Lippens Maryland 

Carl John Lorenz, Jr Maryland 

Archibald Ernest MacKay Maryland 

Donald Edward Manger Maryland 

Edward Thomas Maxwell, Jr Maryland 

Allison Lyman Maynard Florida 

James Metcalf McDowell Maryland 

Kobert James McKay Maryland 

Daniel Francis McMullen, jR...Maryland 

Hugh Allen Meade, Jr Maryland 

Urban John Monahan Maryland 

John Love Moring, Jr Maryland 

Joan Notre Dame Morrison Maryland 

Maxwell Herschel Mund Maryland 

Francis Key Murray, Jr Maryland 

Michael Joseph Muth Maryland 

Herbert B. Mutter Maryland 

Joseph John O'Keefe, Jr Maryland 

Robert Urie Patterson, Jr Maryland 

James Daniel Peacock Maryland 

Hill Dawson Penniman Maryland 

Roger Duffey Redden Maryland 

Gilbert Rosenthal Maryland 

Thomas Michael Schifanelli.. ..Maryland 

Herbert Allen Seidman Maryland 

Stanley Louis Seligman Maryland 

Richard Roland Sigmon Maryland 

Ronald Michael Smullian Maryland 

David Richard Stambaugh Maryland 

Frederick Steinmann Maryland 

Herbert Philip Suskind D. C. 

Thomas Henry Tilghman Maryland 

John William Treuth, Jr Maryland 

Glenn Wilbur Trimmer Maryland 

John Clifford Vaeth, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Eugene Wedekind Maryland 

Arnold Murray Weiner Maryland 

Russell Jerome White Maryland 

Gerard William Wittstadt Maryland 

Ernest Davis Young Maryland 

Charles Yumkas Maryland 

Certificate of Proficiency 
Clare Mary Doehler Pennsylvania 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Gordon M. Cairns 

Bachelor of Science 

Robert Ritter Baile Maryland 

Ronald William Bamford Maryland 

Roy Vernon Beauchamp Maryland 

Ernest Joseph Benson Maryland 

Fred Wilson Besley Maryland 

Gilbert Obie Bowling Maryland 

James Douglas Brice Maryland 

Frank Jude Burke Maryland 

Donald Howard Burkett Maryland 

James Spalding Coale Maryland 

Donald George Colbeck Maryland 

Frank Edward Cooper D. C. 

Joseph Francis Costante Connecticut 

Kenneth C. Cropper Maryland 

Charles Geller Daugherty Maryland 

Theodore Arthur Dinsmore, Jn...Maryland 

Lewis Dunbar Dove Maryland 

Francis McCleary Dreessen Maryland 

John Henderson Ensor Maryland 

Adbul Hussain Foroobar D. C. 

Lawrence Robert Fouchs Virginia 

James Brian Fountain Maryland 

John August Georg Maryland 

Norman Cline Glaze Maryland 

Benjamin Franklin Good Maryland 

Robert Wallace Grant D. C. 

Richard LeRoy Hall Maryland 

Charles Wells Harris Maryland 

Peyton B. Hinkle Pennsylvania 

John Albert Hutchins, Jr Maryland 

Martin Robert Jones Maryland 

John Edmund Kalie Pennsylvania 

Howard Ballman Kramer Maryland 

Gilbert James Leacock Maryland 

John Henry Lloyd, Jr Maryland 

John E. MacBride Maryland 

Theodore Charles Mintz Maryland 

John Brindell Moore Maryland 

Charles Bruce Morley Maryland 

John Beek Mott Maryland 

Tamlin Curtis Olson Maryland 

Robert Leroy Parker Maryland 

James Leo Pope Maryland 

Thomas Tyler Potterfield Maryland 

Arthur Fred Press, Jr Maryland 

Robert Samuel Quick Maryland 

Walter Elmer Raum Maryland 

Adrian McCardell Remsberg Maryland 

Linnaeus Baker Savage D. C. 

Paul Joseph Schilke D. C. 

Frederic Haines Stillwagen 


Clyde William Triplett, Jr D. C. 

Jorge Enrique Villalobos Panama 

Chi Wang Maryland 

John Paul Warfield Maryland 

John Peter Wilbur Maryland 

Carl Andrew Winfield, Jr Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Leon P. Smith 

Bachelor of Arts 

Daniel Francis Abeel Maryland 

Adrienne Frances Ableman D. C. 

Lary Lyn Acker Maryland 

Robert J. Adams Maryland 

Thomas Frank Aidala Maryland 

Carolyn Jane Allen Maryland 

Judith Allen D. C. 

Mary Ann Allison Maryland 

Parvin Merat Amini Iran 

Wallace Lawrence Amundson. .Maryland 
Nancy-Byrne Austin Maryland 


Henry Wallace Bahmer Maryland 

Alvin Sidney Baraff D. C. 

Patricia Ann Barkley Maryland 

Rollin M. Bell, Jr Maryland 

Frederick Stewart Berg Maryland 

Donald Edmund Berger Maryland 

Joseph Enoch Bernhardt Maryland 

Arthur Lee Bernstein Maryland 

William J. Biggins, Jr D. C. 

Walter Lewis Blanchard Maryland 

Milton Blazek New York 

Gail Blum Maryland 

Stanley Bobb D. C. 

Paul Oliver Bond D. C. 

Richard Bourne Maryland 

Elizabeth Brounley Bowen 

West Virginia 

Jerome Neal Bowers Maryland 

Marvin Edward Brave Maryland 

Harrison S. Brink, Jr Maryland 

James Stewart Brinsfield, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Edgar Brown Maryland 

John Raymond Buffington Maryland 

Barbara Ruth Burns Maryland 

Clayton Benjamin Burton Maryland 

Joan Hubbel Burton Maryland 

Elizabeth Mouzon Bvtterfield.. Maryland 

Robert P. Calhoun New York 

Patricia Irene Callahan Maryland 

Joseph Eugene Campbell New Jersey 

Robert Soong Ching Maryland 

Richard Paul Churchville Maryland 

Robert Eugene Clark Maryland 

Morgan Edward Clippinger Maryland 

Johnny Adonis Cocoros Maryland 

Elvon Harvey Cohen Maryland 

Patricia Lee Colton Virginia 

William I. Connolly Maryland 

Ernest A. Conrads Maryland 

Paula Floyd Cooke Maryland 

Victor Lawrence Crawford Maryland 

Cornelia Rector Creveling D. C. 

Virginia Smith Cronin D. C. 

John Allen Crowl Maryland 

Andrew John Dallstream Illinois 

Daniel Joseph Davidson Maryland 

Mary Alice Davis Marxjland 

Richard Graham Davis, Jr Maryland 

James Michael Dean Pennsylvania 

Barbara Leigh Denton Maryland 

Patricia Carol Dodge Maryland 

William Barr Doster, Jr Maryland 

Valentin Diaz Dulay Maryland 

Jox Charles DuMond Pennsylvania 

Edward Franklin Ebert, Jr Maryland 

Carolyn Jane Eble D. C. 

Earle William Eisenman Maryland 

William W. Eitemiller Maryland 

George Wyatt Evans Maryland 

George Cornelius Faller, Jr Tennessee 

Robert Emmett Farnell, III Maryland 

Harry Paul Feihe Maryland 

David Barry Fellows Maryland 

Frances Loretta Ferris Maryland 

Beatrice Goldsmith Fiks Maryland 

Merton Francis Filkins Maryland 

Marian Hamilton Fischer D. C. 

Linda Zeva Fishman Maryland 

Ronda Lee FlSTE Maryland 

Corinne Margaret FoDore Maryland 

Rae Merle Fradkin Maryland 

Rebecca Fraley Maryland 

Carl Lobe Friedler Maryland 

Judith Levin Ganz Maryland 

Howard Stark Geer, Jr Maryland 

Louis Edward Getlan Maryland 

Lois-Ann Getz Maryland 

George Parashos Giavasis Maryland 

Patrick Joseph Gibbons Maryland 

Dominico Joseph Gioioso Maryland 

Darrow Glaser Maryland 

Andrew Thomas Gleeson Maryland 

Martin Jay Goldberg Maryland 

Morton Norman Goldstein D. C. 

Forest Donald Gossage Maryland 

Rosemarie Phyllis Grace Maryland 

Louis Robert Granger D. C. 

Robert Joseph Gunther Maryland 

F. Roger Hagan, Jr Maryland 

Jane Frances Hagerton Maryland 

Ronald Aubrey Hall Maryland 

William Carvel Hall Maryland 

Stanford Edgar Hamburger Maryland 

Elizabeth E. Hanauer Maryland 

Vincent Brooks Hanrahan Maryland 

Charles Mitchell Hanson Maryland 

Marvin Wallace Happel Maryland 

Emily Ann Harding Maryland 

Earle Vallier Hart, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Eugene TIxrtdxge.?;... .Pennsylvania 

James Murtagh Hays D. C. 

Ned J. Heeter Maryland 

Louis Stephen Hess Maryland 

James Parrish Hodges Maryland 

Julia Jeanne Hoke Maryland 

Victor Holm Maryland 

Ruth Glick Holofcener Maryland 

Nancy Jane Holt Maryland 

Patricia Ann Harne Hulsey Maryland 

Patricia Mavis Jenkins Manjland 

Daniel Bramlet Johnson, Jr Maryland 


Walter William Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Robert Lee Kanagy Maryland 

Sandra Lee Kaufman Maryland 

Roger Montgomery Keith Delaware 

John Frederick Klar, Jr Virginia 

Nancy Jean Knott Pennsylvania 

Denis Anthony Knox France 

D. J. KOLON Maryland 

Harold William Korol D. C. 

David Herman Krickler Maryland 

Arthur William Kupfer Maryland 

Carol Ellen Lake Maryland 

Marybeth Serverson Lange Maryland 

Dorothy Lapides Maryland 

Lawrence Gerard Larkin Maryland 

J. A. Leo Lemay Maryland 

Sylvia Lesser Maryland 

Ann Virginia Lethbridge Maryland 

James Richard Leutze Maryland 

Sally Rubin Levin Maryland 

Sheldon William Levine D. C. 

Sharon Nannette Love Maryland 

John Hardin Lowe Maryland 

Rosemary Virginia Lynn Maryland 

Lawrence Lee Maddox Maryland 

Margaret Jean Madison Maryland 

Shirley Anne Lusby MAGHESS....Oklahoma 

Joseph H. Mahoney Maryland 

James Lee Martin Maryland 

Bernard Herman Masters Maryland 

Beverly Max Maryland 

Saul John McGrane Maryland 

ANNE McMAHAN Maryland 

Judith Phyllis Meyers Maryland 

James Albert Miller Maryland 

Robert Anthony Milli Maryland 

Martin Marion Mrozinski Maryland 

Gaile Eugenia Mulrenin Maryland 

Brian Thomas Murphy New Jersey 

James Lee Murphy D. C. 

Theodore Charles Myers D. C. 

Leonard Jules Norry Maryland 

Steve Gunner Oberg New York 

Stanley Richard O'Day Maryland 

Anne Teresa O'Donnell New York 

Lester Lee Olinger, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Samuel Orenstein....Ncw York 

Norman Royal Paddock Virginia 

Melvin Delmar Palmer Maryland 

Hanna Helaine Petrushansky D. C. 

Theodore Polydoroff Maryland 

Howard G. Reamer Maryland 

Raymond Cecil Renneberger, Jr D. C. 

Doris Evelyn Rettew Virginia 

Charles P. Revoile New Jersey 

Carroll Whitelock Reynolds, Jr. 


Karen Rietz Pennsylvania 

Robert Earl Roberts Maryland 

Lois Goodstein Robins Maryland 

Norma Ilene Rosofsky Maryland 

Eleanor Russ D. C. 

James Charles Russell Pennsylvania 

Harry Monroe Ryan, Jr. Maryland 

Owen Edward Ryan Maryland 

Ellen Ruth Sherman Schaffer 


Jerald Stanley Scheinberg Maryland 

Marvin Edward Schlosser D. C. 

James Robert Schneck Maryland 

Edith Cecile Shaffer Maryland 

Lionel Malcolm Shapiro Maryland 

Ruth Antonia Shipman Maryland 

Ronald Glen Shock Maryland 

Herbert Martin Simpson Maryland 

Robert Howard Singer Maryland 

Glory Anne Slone Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Smith Maryland 

Robert Francis Smith Maryland 

Dennis Truman Snyder Maryland 

Charles William Spates, Jr Maryland 

Judith Elaine Spencer Maryland 

Bartus Comegys Spicer, Jr. Maryland 

James Dill Startt Maryland 

Nancy Ann Stone Maryland 

John Grayson Stringer Maryland 

James Francis Sullivan Maryland 

Jeremiah Joseph Sullivan D. C. 

Marilyn Miller Swafford Maryland 

Gale Wilma Tallevast Maryland 

Kenneth Robert Tash D. C. 

Cecil F. Tate Maryland 

Alberta Rose Tawney Maryland 

Paul Bailey Taylor Maryland 

Fred Thomas Teal, Jr Maryland 

Charles Edward Tegges Maryland 

Jane Kirwan Thiemeyer Maryland 

Forrest Wales Thomas Maryland 

Glenn Wilbur Trimmer Maryland 

Bozhana Joan Trost D. C. 

Vivian Lee Turner Maryland 

Richard Albert Uhler Maryland 

Jacobus A. J. VanderBunt Maryland 

Richard Clark Van SPLiNTER.JVe-u> Jersey 

Jill Anna Vasilyk New Jersey 

Jose Juan Vergara Maryland 


Gerald Wolfgang Von Mayer.... Mary land 

Edgar Hilton Wade Maryland 

John William Wagner Maryland 

William James Walker Pennsylvania 

Ronald Bowles Waller California 

Donald Michael Weber Maryland 

Marilyn Ruth Weidenbaum Maryland 

Gloria Weigel Maryland 

William F. Weinstein Maryland 

Robert Earl Weiss Virginia 

Alfred James Wharton Pennsylvania 

Anne Calhoun Whipple New York 

Paul Lincoln White Maryland 

Barry Tevian Whitman Maryland 

Ruth Emily Widmer Maryland 

Robert Edward Wilhelm Maryland 

Leona Ann Wirth Illinois 

Gerard William Wittstadt Maryland 

David Howard Wolfe Maryland 

Thomas Louis Yaccarino New Jersey 

Albert Alfred Yasbec Maryland 

Nicolas Adams Zindler Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Isadore George Ances Maryland 

John Ralph Apel Maryland 

Gerson Asrael Maryland 

Nelson Collins Baker, II Maryland 

Harvey Baylin Maryland 

David Nathan Bixler Maryland 

William John Bowen Maryland 

Robert Carey Braunberg Maryland 

John Nelson Browell, Jr Maryland 

Hugh Brown Maryland 

Harvey Rudolph Butt, Jr Maryland 

Thomas J. Cavanaugh Maryland 

James John Cerda Maryland 

Moon Hwa Cha Maryland, 

James Carroll Chaney Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Cook Maryland 

Maurice Frederick Crass, III.... Mary land 

Lawrence Keene Creswell Maryland 

Allan Lee Danoff Maryland 

George McMillan Darrow, Jr Maryland 

Robert Joseph Dawson Maryland 

William Joseph DEVANNEY....i?/ioc£e Island 
Eileen Margaret T>v?onT..New Hampshire 

Diane Louise Evans Maryland 

Richard Arnold Foer Maryland 

Clark Neamand Foulke Maryland 

James Arthur Fowler, Jr Maryland 

Malcolm Lawrence Friedman. ...Mary land 

Carol Louise Funk Maryland 

Jon Bennett Glazier Maryland 

Jerome David Goldberg Maryland 

Richard James Goldberg Maryland 

Laurence Joseph Hagerty Maryland 

Jane Ann Hessenauer Maryland 

Kin Lincoln Hung D. C. 

Gilbert Herman Isaacs Maryland 

James Patrick Jarboe Maryland 

Arthur Raymond Jasion Maryland 

Arthur Ford Jones, Jr Maryland 

Edward Clement Jones, Jr Maryland 

Richard Milford Juten D. C. 

Leon Katz Maryland 

Edward Michael Kelleher Maryland 

August Daniel King, Jr Maryland 

Martin Samuel Kleinman Maryland 

Michael Edward Kolakowski, Jr. 


Ronald Lee Krome Maryland 

Charles Harry Kroneberger Maryland 

Richard Collison Lang Maryland 

Domenic Edward LaPorta Connecticut 

Alvin G. Lazen Maryland 

Wallace George Lee Michigan 

Melvin Leon Maryland 

Donald Ryan Lewis Maryland 

Jack Covington Lewis Maryland 

Esmond Cyril Lyons, Jr Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth MAcKiNTOSH....Aforj/iand 

Richard Madison Marrone Maryland 

Bernard Jerome McManus Maryland 

Donald Reid McWilliams Maryland 

Virginia M. Miles Maryland 

Barbara Ann Miller Pennsylvania 

David George Miller Maryland 

Gerald Allen Miller Maryland 

Everett Alan Moretti New Jersey 

Joseph Francis Nataro New Jersey 

Loretta Reynolds Newby Maryland 

Richard Arthur Norton Maryland 

Thomas Rutter O'Rourk, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Sue Padgett Maryland 

Evelyn Parent Maryland 

John Clarence Parker Maryland 

Walter Carl Pfaender, Jr Maryland 

Donald Edward Power Maryland 

Haynes Monroe Pridgen, Jr Maryland 


Roland Williams Purnell Maryland 

Burton Alvin Raphael Maryland 

Carolyn Faye Reed Maryland 

Edward Leo Reilly Maryland 

Austin Thomas Rhoads Maryland 

Lawrence David Rogers Maryland 

Ronald Rosen Maryland 

Ralph Leon Rosnow Maryland 

David N. Rudo Maryland 

James H. Saylor Pennsylvania 

William Rhyner Schindler Maryland 

Anthony Peter Schmid Massachusetts 

Stanley Sol Schocket Maryland 

Erwin Maxwell Segal D. C. 

Robert Stephen Seif Maryland 

Arthur Allen Serpick Maryland 

John Joseph Sharer Maryland 

Ronald Kent Shepler Maryland 

Paul John Sniegoski Maryland 

Stanley N. Snyder Maryland 

Robert Martin Sorensen Maryland 

Milton Star D. C. 

George Ernest Thomas Stebbing D. C. 

Edith Helen Stimson D. C. 

Jane Ross Swan Maryland 

John Harvey Swann Maryland 

Lois Ridout Taylor Maryland 

Sarah Ann Tolson Maryland 

Barbara Ann Traynor Maryland 

Robert Irvin Varner Maryland 

Gorm von Pultz-Hansen Florida 

Peter Vrahiotes D. C. 

Arthur Horace Wear Maryland 

Leland David Whitelock, Jr Maryland 

Howard William Whitlock, Jr. ..Maryland 

Robert Jacob Wilbert New York 

John Rufus Young Florida 


Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Freeman Pyle 

Bachelor of Science 

Robert Kingsley Abernethy Maryland 

John Russell Amick Maryland 

Martin Robin April D. C. 

Elmer Lee Arrington Maryland 

Frank Robert Bailey Maryland 

Alexander Joseph Basso Maryland 

Walter Nelson Beauchamp Maryland 

Theodore Jordan Becker Maryland 

John West Belt, Jr Maryland 

Robert Lee Benner New Jersey 

Willard Harrison Bennett, Jr.. .Maryland 

James Louis Best D. C. 

William Theodore Biggs Maryland 

Walter Louis Bohorfoush Maryland 

Walter Kain Boileau Maryland 

Eugene Joseph Borders Maryland 

Burton Harris Boroff Maryland 

Henry Coyle Boyce Maryland 

Edward George Boyer Maryland 

Robert Eugene Brady Maryland 

Algot Lawrence Brant Neiv York 

Cecil Owen Braun California 

Otis Lee Brown, Jr Maryland 

Paul Alexander Brown Maryland 

Thomas Burrowes, Jr Maryland 

Edwin Abell Butler Maryland 

Charles W. Buttermore Maryland 

Joseph Vincent Byrne D. C. 

Constance Ann Cairns Maryland 

Philip Thomas Calder Maryland 

Donald Paul Callahan Maryland 

Carl Olaf Carlson Maryland 

Francis Edgar Cheatle D. C. 

Donald Eugene Clark Maryland 

William Russell Coates D. C. 

Howard Lyle Conkey Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Cooper New York 

Charles Robert Copeland, Jr Maryland 

Richard Eddie Craig Maryland 

Mary Gorham Creveling Louisiana 

Joseph Theodore Crown, Jr Maryland 

Raymond George Curtiss Maryland 

Howard Warfield Dare Maryland 

John James Davis Maryland 

Pinkney Lee Davis, Jr Maryland 

Russell Samuel Davis Maryland 


Robert Louis De Piro New Jersey 

Gerard Dominic Dobrzycki Maryland 

Minor David Donnell Maryland 

Katherine Bowie Duckett Maryland 

Robert H. Dunn Maryland 

Richard Earl Dyer D. C. 

Barbara Ann Dyson Maryland 

John Alfred Eichler Maryland 

Walker Cree Eliason Maryland 

Gerald Julian Eskin Maryland 

Anthony Charles Esposito Maryland 

Donald Joseph Eury Maryland 

John Isaac Feeny New Jersey 

Michael Finci Maryland 

William Frederick Finley.... Pennsylvania 

William Russell Fiste Maryland 

Edmond Jean Fontaine Fitzpatrick 


Philip Daniel Fitzpatrick Maryland 

Hugh Timothy Flynn Maryland 

Armando John Forchielli Maryland 

Ronald Bernell Fountaine Virginia 

Robert J. Franco Pennyslvania 

Richard Elmer Frederick Maryland 

Jesse Alvin Friedman Maryland 

Jack Franklin Fultz Maryland 

Peter Gajewski D. C. 

David Edward Ganley New York 

Donald A. Gardner Maryland 

John Newton Gentry Pennsylvania 

Paul John Gillis Maryland 

Peter James Gillis Maryland 

William Temple Gladmon Maryland 

Robert Spencer Gleason Maryland 

George Clay Goggin Maryland 

Louis Gorin D. C. 

John Murray Gornall Maryland 

Harry Chester Goudy, Jr Maryland 

Francis Joseph Gough D. C. 

Frank Daniel Grayuski Pennsylvania 

Philip William Green Maryland 

Alok Guha Maryland 

Roberta Elaine Haber D. C. 

Robert Atherton Hall New York 

Alan Robert Halpern Maryland 

John Wilfred Ham Maryland 

Louis Fred Hansen Maryland 

Joel Ansell Harmatz Maryland 

Richard John Harrington Maryland 

David Stanley Harris Maryland 

George Heller Harrison Maryland 

Arthur Clinton Harrold Maryland 

John Joseph Healy New York 

Walter Frederick Heid Pennsylvania 

E. Joan Heilman Maryland 

Ludwig Otto Heilmeier D. C. 

Richard Joseph Herbst Maryland 

Edward Francis Heymann Maryland 

Arthur William Hiban Maryland 

Ralph Eugene Hicks Pennsylvania 

Marvin Hirsh D. C. 

Merlyn Thomas Hoar Maryland 

Donald Lee Hogans Maryland 

T. Vernon Hoggard Maryland 

Tollie Commodore Holtzclaw, III 


Donald Brooks Horner Maryland 

Henry H. Houck Maryland 

Donald Eugene Hudson Maryland 

Richard Harmon Huffman Maryland 

Winfried Horst Hundert Maryland 

Frank Donald Jakubik Maryland 

Dale Jarvis Maryland 

Marilyn Frances Jarvis D. C. 

Ejner James Johnson New York 

Randolph Glenn Johnson D. C. 

Louis Allan Joseph Maryland 

William Leo Jowers Maryland 

John Walter Kaley Maryland 

Alan Ivan Kay D. C. 

William Richard Kennerly, Jr. 


James Joseph Kilgallen D. C. 

Max B. Kiltz Maryland 

Janice Lorna Kinsler New Jersey 

James W. Kirk Maryland 

Warren David Klawans Maryland 

Richard Charles Knott New York 

Joseph Irvin Kunkel Maryland 

Harry Raymond Landon Maryland 

Harold Vincent Lauth, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Patrick Lawless, Jr Maryland 

Dennis Le Blanc New Jersey 

Constantine John LlAKOS Maryland 

John Charles Litchfield D. C. 

Frederick Theodore Litz, Jr Maryland 

Albert Joseph Lochte, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Luke Lockwood Maryland 

Marvin Ray Long Maryland 

William Allen Long Maryland 

J. Carl Longenecker Pennsylvania 

William Eugene MacDonald Maryland 

Charles Boyd Madary Maryland 

Ernest Larry Marion Maryland 

Victor Peter Markuski Connecticut 

Robert Sherod Marlowe Maryland 

Robert Alan Marshall Maryland 

Russell Ephraim Marshall, Jr. 

Francis Adam McAuliffe Maryland 


Francis Levi McKee Mississippi 

Charles Edward McKenna Maryland 

Jerry Davis McPike Maryland 

George Stanley Meleski New York 

James Edward Merna New York 

Michael Sanford Miller Virginia 

Robert Earle Miller D. C. 

Silas Allen Miller Maryland 

James William Mitchell D. C. 

Robert John Moeller Iowa 

Robert Leary Morris D. C. 

Charles Francis Mullaney, i v.... Mary land 

Walter Francis Mulligan, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Jeremiah Healey Mullin 

New Jersey 

James S. Murphy, III Maryland 

Thomas Augustus Neal Maryland 

Peter Philip Nilles Maryland 

Jack Emil Novotny Maryland 

James Harry O'Brian Maryland 

Clarence Michael OppENHEiM....A/ar?/Jand 

John Joseph O'Reilly D. C. 

Robert William Ottobre Maryland 

John Allen Owens Maryland 

Yutaka Ozumi Japan 

Robert Howard Parrish D. C. 

Richard Charles Patton D. C. 

Robert Charles Pearson Maryland 

Abraham Samuel Penn Maryland 

John Arthur Peterson Maryland 

Frederick Joseph Petrella, jR...Maryland 

Aumphai Phuangthong D. C. 

Robert Martin Plackett Maryland 

Raymond Anthony Plant Maryland 

James August Plitt, Jr Maryland 

Harold Pollin D. C. 

Joseph John Ponzo New Jersey 

Richard Alan Pope Maryland 

Joseph Francis Puglise Maryland 

William Joseph Redman Maryland 

Billie Joe Redmond Maryland 

Donald Clarence Reichart Maryland 

John Carl Reinhard Maryland 

Alden Calvin Richards Maryland 

Merle Wisner Richman New Jersey 

James Colvert Robertson D. C. 

William Elwood Robertson D. C. 

John Norton Robinson Maryland 

Kenneth Griffin Robinson, ll....Maryland 

Marshall Clayton Roop, Jr Maryland 

Joel Bruce Rosenstein D. C. 

Frank Wilbur Ruark Maryland 

Michael Edward Ruddy New York 

James Michael Russo, Jr Connecticut 

Harold Aram Sakayan D. C. 

Samuel Robert Saks D. C. 

Eugene Teague Sawyer Maryland 

Malcolm Manning ScHLOSSBERcMarj/Jand 

James Loomis Schoocraft Maryland 

Sarah D. Scott Maryland 

Milfred Emerson Sears Maryland 

Dennis William Sheehan New Jersey 

Frank Wallace Sheppard Maryland 

Ralph Ames Shinn, Jr Maryland 

John Carol Shipley Maryland 

John Henry Showalter Maryland 

Frederick Hosley Sigmon, Jr Maryland 

Ralph Silverman D. C. 

Harold Edward Simpson New Jersey 

Roger Leigh Slattery Maryland 

William Greenwood SLiNGLUFF..Mari/tand 

Donald Montgomery Smith Maryland 

James Merril Smith D. C. 

Ernest Andrew Snyder Maryland 

Richard C. Sommer Maryland 

Edward Jerome Speer Maryland 

George Harvey Spriggs, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Andrew Strassner Maryland 

Ronald Herbert Stubin Maryland 

Bert Randolph Sugar D. C. 

Benson Daniel Suls Maryland 

Herbert Philip Suskind D. C. 

Edwin Van Dyke Tack Maryland 

Johanne Elizabeth T alley. .Pennsylvania 

Norman Henry Taylor Maryland 

Charles Brosius Thomas Maryland 

Robert Daniel Thompson Virginia 

Warren Elliott Thompson Maryland 

Julius Warren Tolson D. C. 

Richard Lee Toth Virginia 

John Joseph Travieso Maryland 

Kenneth Edward Truffer Maryland 

Kathleen Ann Tyrrell Maryland 

Dino Aloysius Vinciguerra D. C. 

Lawrence James Wallace New Jersey 

Wille Kate Waters Maryland 

Carol Elizabeth Wheeler Maryland 

Lewis Wilbur Whitaker New Jersey 

Peter Colin White Virginia 

Richard Lea White Maryland 

Ernest Friend Wissel Virginia 

Jesse Paine Wolcott, Jr Maryland 

Thomas J. Wright Maryland 

Kenneth Gerard Yorke Maryland 

John Rodney Young, Jr D. C. 

Carl Edward Zavada Pennsylvania 

Marvin Zimmerman Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Vernon E. Anderson 

Bachelor of Arts 

Janet Ann Bode New Jersey 

Ann Frances Bucher D. C. 

Bernard Joseph Burns, Jr Maryland 

Dorothy Irene Byers Virginia 

Marilyn n Weitz Cohen D. C. 

Norma L. Cooper Maryland 

Charlotte Austin Davis Maryland 

John Joseph Dawson, Jr Maryland 

William Edward FLEiscHMANN.-AfaryZcmd 

Mary Barbara Ford Maryland 

Morton Greenberg Maryland 

Bernard Edward Guerin Michigan 

Betty Clarissa Howard Maryland 

Etta Goldstein Levine Maryland 

Laurence Raymond Matthews.. ..Maryland 
Robert Bruce McCaw Neiv York 

Gerald Francis McGee Maryland 

Gertrude Kathleen Meisel Maryland 

Sandra Elaine Mernick Maryland 

Alice Lee Norris Maryland 

Mary E. Nunn Virginia 

Joseph Vincent Osterman, Jr Maryland 

Michael Paul Patchan, Jr Maryland 

William Edwin Riggin, III Maryland 

William Aloysius Rogers Maryland 

Sally Swingler Maryland 

Sylvia Ann Tackett Maryland 

Jean Macy Talbott Maryland 

Carol Ruthe Trotman New Jersey 

Joseph William Wrona New Jersey 

Kenneth George Yeager Maryland 

Betty Merle Zucker Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

George William Acree, II Maryland 

Mary Malas Aiello Maryland 

Harriet Phyllis Alexander Maryland 

Charles Raymond Anderson Maryland 

Sophia Ann Andrews Maryland 

Mary Anton Maryland 

Anne Eastman Arthur Maryland 

W. Theodore Ashley Maryland 

Wesley Evans Baynes, Jr Maryland 

James Pomeroy Benfer D. C. 

Kathryn Anne Berry Maryland 

Chester Miles Blackford, Jr Maryland 

Elke D. Blum Maryland 

Ada Grey Bowling Maryland 

Esther Naomi Statum Brooks.. ..Maryland 

Marcia Ann Buehler Maryland 

Dorothy Kirk Burkhart Maryland 

Mabel Irene Butz Maryland 

Jane Margaret Carney New Jersey 

Julia Burroughs Carr Maryland 

Bessye Elizabeth Carroll Maryland 

Carl J. Cavallaro New Jersey 

Virginia Faye Christensen Maryland 

Mary Jane Church Maryland 

Mildred B. Clishiam Maryland 

Barbara M. Cohen Maryland 

Eleanor Lea Cohen Virginia 

Harriet Helen Cole Maryland 

Katherine Jean Cross Canal Zone 

Marilyn Gloria Dagurt Maryland 

Joanne Deane Maryland 

Virginia Maxine DeLoe Maryland 

Joan Alyce DeTurk Maryland 

Emilie Hanna Dodge Maryland 

William Bernard Dorn Maryland 

Jane Lee Downs Maryland 

Joan Dorman Essex Maryland 

Frances Ethel Evangelist D. C. 

Johanna Hauptman Fields Maryland 

Sally Watson Fischer Maryland 

Robert Lewis Fisher Maryland 

Cecilia Cochran FLEiscHMANN..Mari/fci7itf 

Francis Bennett Frampton Maryland 

Jean N. Frank Maryland 

Lynette Friedman Mississippi 

Thomas Warren Fugate Maryland 

JOAN GADDY Maryland 

Nancy Ruth Gessner Maryland 


Dorothy Rosen Ginsburg Maryland 

Rita Anne Giovannetti Maryland 

Iris Glick Maryland 

Harrison C. Golway, Jr Maryland 

Ruth Ann Green Maryland 

Julia Joan Hammett D. C. 

Gerald Clifton Hammond Maryland 

Gail-Rowe Harbold Maryland 

Charlotte Hopkins Hardesty.. ..Maryland 

Suzanne Joan Hasel Maryland 

Retta Frances Hastings Maryland 

Alice Maurine Higginbotham... .Maryland 

Emma Elizabeth Hipp Maryland 

Ruth G. Hochman Maryland 

Carolyn Holen Maryland 

Mary Lee Howenstine „ D. C. 

Mary Lee Hudes Maryland 

Gertrude Virginia Hughes Maryland 

Diane Noel Hunter Connecticut 

Thelma Pauline Hurley Maryland 

Judith Adler Hyatt Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Inwood Pennsylvania 

Genevieve M. Jordan Maryland 

John Stanley Kelleher Maryland 

Benno Carl Kernekin Maryland 

Ernest Clarke Kessell, Jr Maryland 

Susan Sessions Klippert Maryland 

Michael Komesaruk Maryland 

Nancy Anne Kratovil Maryland 

Iris Diane Krieger Maryland 

William McKinley Kroll, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Ann Labovitz Maryland 

Katharine Gilbert Lacher Maryland 

Gertrude B. Lain Maryland 

Leone Armacost LaMotte Maryland 

Pauline Lovas Leedy Maryland 

Vivian A. Lerman D. C. 

Helene Sandra Levin ..Maryland 

Barbara Ellen Levine Maryland 

Barbara Ruth Levitas Maryland 

Eric Henry Levy Maryland 

Alfred William Liedtke Maryland 

Charles Gardner Lomas Maryland 

Charles Russell Long Maryland 

Robert Alfred Lord Maryland 

Charlotte E. Loughery D. C. 

Craig Herbert Lundberg Maryland 

Howland Cullum Lutz, Jr Maryland 

John Raymond Lynch Ohio 

Elsie Ottman Mahannah Maryland 

Paul James Manchak Maryland 

John Schumann Mann D. C. 

Helen Josephine Marschat Maryland 

Ethelyn Laird Marshall Maryland 

James Cecil Martin Maryland 

Mary Jane Martin Maryland 

Dana Mason Michigan 

William Creveling Mauger Maryland 

Harold L. McCloskey Maryland 

Antoinette Marie McConnell D. C. 

Barrett Lee McKown D. C. 

Joyce Mindel Maryland 

Florence Hiser Monson Maryland 

Helen Ruth Moore Maryland 

Marilyn Elizabeth Morgan Maryland 

Mary Emily Murray Maryland 

Ann Barbara Nachman D. C. 

Irma Sue Nasdor Maryland 

Silvi Nielander Maryland 

Carol Moore Nine Maryland 

Frances Naomi Osgood Maryland 

Robert Logan Paxton New York 

Helene Coplan Penn Maryland 

Marjorie Irene Persion Maryland 

August William Peters, Jr Maryland 

Wretha Kline Petersen Maryland 

Janet Faye Phillips Maryland 

Shirley Marie Phillips Maryland 

Madeline Walker Poist Maryland 

Arnold Morton Potler Maryland 

Jackie Ruth Puschett Maryland 

John Anthony Rehme, Jr Maryland 

George Becker Reimer Maryland 

Frances Cornelia Reynolds Maryland 

Charles Edward Robbins Alabama 

Alfred Charles Rogan Maryland 

Jane H. Rogers Maryland 

Carole H. Rosenberg Maryland 

Arthur Frederick Ruff, Jr Maryland 

Howell Edwin Russell Maryland 

Robert Russo Maryland 

Howard Mays Ryan Maryland 

Carolyn Florence Saffran Maryland 

Eleanor Lynn Salmon D. C. 

Shanedel Sandberg Texas 

Doris Belle Schlein Maryland 

Catherine Jean Scott Maryland 

Betty Joyce Sellman Maryland 

Gerald Robert Shirley Massachusetts 

Shirley Margaret Shugart Maryland 

Sheila Silverman Maryland 

Winona W. Sines Maryland 

Dorothy H. Smith Maryland 

Gaye Todd Smith Maryland 

Robert M. Smith Maryland 

Ann Sappington Smithers Maryland 

John Howard Snyder Maryland 

Sandra Jean Solomon Maryland 

Charles Humbird Sommerkamp.. Maryland 
Catherine Barbara Stafford Maryland 


Barbara Grace Stark Maryland 

Lincoln Haldor Steigerwalt Maryland 

Marilyn Mae Storus Maryland 

Evelyn Jean Suddatii Maryland 

Betty Yeiko Taira D. C. 

Linda Ruth Talkin Maryland 

Emily Matilda Taylor Maryland 

Jean Cecilia Thomas Maryland 

Margaret Mary Tillman Maryland 

George Ronald Trageser Maryland 

Ruth Ann Trice Maryland 

Nancy N. Trotter California 

Eleanor Bruehl Turnbaugh Maryland 

Dora L. von Limbach Maryland 

Charles Samuel Walters Maryland 

May Price Walton Maryland 

Nancy Lee Walton Maryland 

Jane Starr Ward Maryland 

Sara Elizabeth Welsh Maryland 

Helen Mae Wheatley Maryland 

Mary Kathryn White Maryland 

Marian Elizabeth Wilkins Virginia 

Beverly June Younger Virginia 

Joseph Martin Zapotocky New Jersey 

Audra Geneva Zinn Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Acting Dean George F. Corcoran 

Bachelor of Science 

Joseph Simon Allulis, Jr Maryland 

Stuart Curtis Anderson Minnesota 

James Richard Austin Maryland 

James Douglas Bailey D. C. 

John Anthony Bates Puerto Rico 

George Thomas Behm Maryland 

Mandell Bellmore D. C. 

Saul Henry Bernstein D. C. 

Morton Knowles Blanchard 


Galt Suter Bowen D. C. 

Fred Albert Bowers Maryland 

William Warren Bowles Maryland 

William Brzozowski Maryland 

George Alfred Burch Maryland 

Donald Eldon Carruth Maryland 

Robert Vincent Clery Maryland 

Alvin Irving Cohen Maryland 

Dennis Lynwood Collier Maryland 

Lawrence Ray Collison Maryland 

George Francis Corbin Maryland 

Lyndon Sheridan Cox Ohio 

Charles William Crickman D. C. 

Robert Lester Crump Maryland 

Russell Hughes Davis D. C. 

Philip Clark Dickinson Maryland 

Savas Fedon Dimitriades D. C. 

John L. Ditman Maryland 

Braxton Minor Dunn Maryland 

Joan Terrett Earle Maryland 

Ralph Irvin Elliott Maryland 

Robert William Elliott Maryland 

William George Eschmann, II.... Mary land 

Brownlow Joseph Fadden Maryland 

Mahmoud Fakhoury Maryland 

Rodney Louis Faller Maryland 

Thomas Wellington Finch Maryland 

Paul David Fisher Connecticut 

James Patrick Fitzgerald Maryland 

Gilbert Marvin Fleisher D. C. 

Hugh Cloyes Fletcher Maryland 

John Edward Foster Maryland 

Harry Clifford Funk Maryland 

Francis Edward Gerber New York 

Hassan Jamil Ghandour New Jersey 

Marvin David Ginsberg Maryland 

Robert Bayard Goodloe Maryland 

Stanley Gunson Green D. C. 

Gordon Lee Greenspun Maryland 

David Paul Halper Maryland 

John Patrick Ham Maryland 

William Samuel Haney, Jr Maryland 

John Roland Harrison Maryland 

William Cope Headrick Maryland 

William Key Herold D. C. 

Howard Hopkins Hicks Maryland 


Lawrence Robertshaw HovrER..Maryland 

Warner Henry Hord, Jr Maryland 

Paul Christoffer Hovgard New Jersey 

Shui Tong Hui D. C. 

Sheldon Isaacson Maryland 

Robert E. Karns Maryland 

Janice Darlene Kelly Maryland 

Buford Kurtz Kennedy Maryland 

John Junior Klein Maryland 

George Bohdan Klos Ohio 

Vincent Leo Knaggs Maryland 

Lawrence Kobren Maryland 

Carl Fred Koch Maryland 

William Duvall LaBanz Maryland 

Eduardo Jose Leon Venezuela 

Thomas Martin Li D. C. 

Donald Thomas Loeblein Maryland 

Stephen H. Lubore D. C. 

Ronald James Lynn New Jersey 

Ronald Stephen Maloney Maryland 

Paul Moses Manoukian D. C. 

Charles Firman Mansur Maryland 

Melvin Marion Martin Maryland 

Edwin Ellsworth Maust, Jr Maryland 

Michael Blaalid McCordic Maryland 

Cicero Alfredo Leal Mendes Brazil 

Stephen Alan Mixsell Maryland 

William Joseph Moore Maryland 

Patrick Thomas Moran Maryland 

Edward Seitz Shumaker Morrison 


Frederick Schad Mueller, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Daniel Murphy, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Raymond Neikirk Maryland 

Jimmy Lee Noland Idaho 

Stephen Ming Pai Maryland 

Nelson Warren Paine Maryland 

Jack Sterling Parezo D. C. 

Philip Henry Parsons Maryland 

John Pavlides D. C. 

Leo Ward Pearson Maryland 

Charles Godfrey Pettit, IV Maryland 

James Elliott Phenix Maryland 

William Duncan Piper Maryland 

Charles Holcomb Popenoe Maryland 

Augustus Richard Price, Jr Maryland 

Robert Paul Quigley Maryland 

Joe Avelardo Reyes, Jr Maryland 

Lee Gerson Rubenstein Maryland 

Jeffrey H. Rumbaugh D. C. 

Romie Lee Scarbro Maryland 

William John Scheffel Maryland 

Leonard Frederick Schenkel, Jr. 


Willem Jan Scheres D. C. 

Gerard Henry Schlimm Maryland 

William Robert Scibilia New York 

Thomas Edward Selep Pennsylvania 

David Coble Shirey Maryland 

Robert Reynold Shuck Maryland 

Lewis Daniel Silvers, Jr D. C. 

Stanley Wine Simmons Maryland 

Alfred Jabez Simpson, III Maryland 

Glenn Austin Skaggs D. C. 

James Thomas Skarda Maryland 

Kazys Kestutis Skirpa D. C. 

Gordon Hubert Souder Maryland 

Louis Albert Spittel, Jr Maryland 

Raymond John Spitznas Maryland 

Norman Leroy Stack, Jr Maryland 

Eugene August Stallings Maryland 

Arnold Philip Stein Maryland 

Richard Husted Stottler, jR.....Maryland 

John Wallace Talcott, Jr. Maryland 

Richard Lloyd Taylor Maryland 

John Speridon Theon Maryland 

Richard John Thomas Maryland 

George Harry Timmerman Maryland 

Emerick William Toth Maryland 

John Hamilton Treadway Maryland 

John Alexander Tussing, Jr Maryland 

Eugene Warren Tyler Maryland 

John Michael Uzick Pennsylvania 

Roy Van Wolfe, Jr Maryland 

Edmundo Varela Panama 

Jose Ramon Vendrell Puerto Rico 

George Donald Wagner Maryland 

William Wahlquist Maryland 

John Eaton Waldo, Jr Maryland 

Edgar Lee Warden Virginia 

Schuyler Clark Wardrip Virginia 

Richard Byron Ware Virginia 

William Marshall White D. C. 

Donald K. Willim D. C. 

David Arthur Wineman Maryland 

Orin Darby Winn Maryland 

Samuel Arthur Wood, Jr Virginia 

Donald Irvin Wright D. C. 

Joseph Anthony Yienger Maryland 

John Joseph Zamostny Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Acting: Dean Florance B. King: 

Bachelor of Science 

Marilyn Jeanne Anderson. ...Pennsylvania 

Julianne Helen Beattie New York 

Mary Eleanor Blackhall Maryland 

Charlene Delano Briggs Maryland 

Marian Virginia Briscoe Maryland 

Barbara Janet Brown D. C. 

Dorothy Jones Burdick Maryland 

Ann Marie Caylor Maryland 

Shirley Mildred Cross Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Duncker D. C. 

Kathryn Christine Embree Maryland 

Ethel Jeanne Gardner Maryland 

Audrey Glazer Maryland 

Mary Anne Goodyear D. C. 

Charlotte Louise Graham Maryland 

Margaret Clare Gross New York 

Helen Frances Hale Maryland 

Jeanne Ann Hauck Maryland 

Mary Catherine Hawes West Virginia 

Susan Clare Holt Wisconsin 

Barbara Headlee Houck Maryland 

Mary Dorothy Karlsson Maryland 

Johanna Kerr Maryland 

Barbara Anne Ketelsen Maryland 

Sibyl Ann Klak Maryland 

Kathleen Dean Krueger Pennsylvania 

Delores Faye Larson Maryland 

Janet W. Lee Maryland 

Marie Eleanor Mattingly D. C. 

Mary Ellen McMahon D. C. 

Marion Joanne Miller Maryland 

Nancy Lee Moore Maryland 

Patricia Kay Mowbray Maryland 

Janet Tate Mulligan Maryland 

Genevieve Ellen Mumford Ecuador 

Patricia Ann Myers Maryland 

Virginia Ruth Orser Maryland 

Phyllis Ann Osborn Maryland 

Carolyn Pendergast Pardue Maryland 

Manie Cecilia Pfefferkorn Maryland 

Duane Phillips Maryland 

Franklin Newman Preston Maryland 

Betty Lee Rhoderick Maryland 

Lu Weber Rice Maryland 

Sarah Elizabeth Rigg Pennsylvania 

Diann Marie Rolfe Maryland 

Joyce Paddon Schaefer Maryland 

Leoma Naughton Seltzer Maryland 

Darrilyn Jeanne Sigley California 

Sara Jane Harris Smith Maryland 

Kay Maria Snyder Maryland 

Mildred Virginia Stanley Maryland 

Janet Keene Steinmiller Maryland 

Nancy Belle Stevens Maryland 

Suzanne Taylor Maryland 

Margaret Ellen Thompson D. C. 

Nancy Anne Vickers Maryland 

Sarah R. Wall Maryland 

Anna Elizabeth Waltermyer.. ..Maryland 

Margot Ellen Wear Maryland 

Guy Siniker Widner Maryland 

Jacquelyn Ann Williams Virginia 

Kate Weaver Williams Michigan 

Frances Jane Winget D. C. 

Joy Ruth Wohlfarth Maryland 

Tiieda Caryl York Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Colonel James Regan, Jr. 

Bachelor of Science 

Julian Ray Abernathy, Jr Virginia 

James D. Adams Virginia 

George Adler Virginia 

John Keith Aikin Texan 

James Joseph Ainsworth Rhode Island 

Arthur Everett Allen Massachusetts 


Selig Alterman Maryland 

Michael E. Alvarado Montana 

John B. Anderson D. C. 

William Alonzo Anderson Virginia 

Delmar Wallace Atchison Kansas 

John Herbert Bailey Maryland 

Frederick Vincent Banse-Fay Georgia 

Earle H. Barber Alabama 

Arthur Louis Barnes Texas 

William Stanislaus Beck Missouri 

Edgar Jacob Becker Virginia 

Henry S. Beer New York 

Thomas Lewis Bell New York 

Alfred Clark Bigum Colorado 

Roberts Homer Billingsley.. Pennsylvania 

John Ross Blackhall Maryland 

Arthur R. Blackwelder, Jr Texas 

Don Howard Blanchard California 

Howard Lamb Blanford Virginia 

George Marvin Blankenbeckler 


Raymond Roland Bleau Massachusetts 

Charles David Block Louisiana 

Franklin Patrick Boeckman Nebraska 

Michael P. Bogda, Jr Connecticut 

George Washington Bone, Jr Georgia 

Marius Grillo Brambilla, Jr D. C. 

John William Breehl Ohio 

Linden Owings Bricker Missouri 

William Leslie Brinson Georgia 

Joseph Francis Brittain Missouri 

Rex L. Brouillard Kansas 

Daniel Douglas Brown D. C. 

Joseph William Brown Virginia 

Luther Adolphus Brown, Jr Maryland 

Robert Charles Bruce Maryland 

Walter Matthew Brudzinski Illinois 

Arnold Charles Brunner Maryland 

William Percy Brunson Arkansas 

Dee Curtis Buchanan Virginia 

Joseph Charles Burgio New York 

William R. Burnett South Carolina 

Thomas Matthew Burton. ...Pennsylvania 

William Entwistle Burton Virginia 

Emil Frank Bushek New York 

Neal Archie Byrd Massachusetts 

Amilcar R. Calero Puerto Rico 

Salvadore Richard Campisano Ohio 

William Beverly Canning Nebraska 

George Houston Carlton Texas 

Newton Irving Carpenter.. ..Massachusetts 
Theodore Chester Chlapowski 


George Arthur Clark, Jr California 

James Stewart Clarke Virginia 

Leo Cohen Maryland 

Earle Mark Cole Maryland 

John Medard Cole South Dakota 

Frederick Collington Illinois 

George James Colter, Jr California 

Dan Napolien Herbert Conley D. C. 

Hubert Austin Connelly Virginia 

Arthur Conradi, Jr California 

Robert Paul Cook Maryland 

Raymond Kenneth Cooke Virginia 

John Franklin Cooper Virginia 

Ogle Brown Cope Maryland 

Charles Vernon Corder Maryland 

Amel Lavaine Cox Ohio 

Charles D. Craig, Jr Pennsylvania 

Arthur Van Voorhis Crego Maryland 

Joe Bill Crownover Virginia 

Rudolph Paul Czaja New York 

Gerhard Czerner D. C. 

John A. Daeley North Dakota 

John Gregory Dailey D. C. 

Jino Joseph D'ALESSANDRO..Massacftwse«s 

Elmer R. Daniels, Jr Ohio 

David Murray Davis D. C. 

Robert Jackson Davis New Jersey 

Thomas McMillan Davis Maryland 

Gumo Joseph DeGenaro Connecticut 

Robert Curtis Diehl Maryland 

Melvin Woodard Dize Virginia 

William Louis Dodge Maryland 

Otis James Doty Oklahoma 

Charles Westley Dunn Ohio 

Elswin Porter Dunn Virginia 

Andrew Dutkanych Connecticut 

L. A. Dye, Jr Oklahoma 

Robert Frederick Edwards Virginia 

Paul Francis Graham Egan Virginia 

Frederick Lloyd Eismeier Maryland 

August Victor Ellis New York 

Elman K. Ellsworth Utah 

Anthony Mathias EnGEi,s....South Dakota 

Ernest O. Ewan Texas 

Irving Ira Farber California 

James George Fasone New York 

Louis Frank Felder Wisconsin 

Raymond Joseph Fening Ohio 

Jack Vernon Ferguson Virginia 

Thomas Gibson Fields Virginia 

David Francis Finnegan Michigan 

Maurice Frank Finnegan Texas 

Martin David Fishel, Jr Oklahoma 

Carleton Edward Fisher Maine 

Paul Albert FitzGerald Kansas 

James John Flaggert, Jr Michigan 

Maxwell Flapan Virginia 


Jerry Francis Flicek Minnesota 

Joseph Anthony Fontana Florida 

Virgil Clayton Fordham Georgia 

LeEoy Tetzlaff Frey Illinois 

Wayne Eugene Frye Iowa 

Arthur S. Garr Pennsylvania 

Harry Anthony Garrison Michigan 

Aubrey Sylvester Gaskins Maryland 

Walter Stephen Gasparovic Maryland 

Flourenz Lenin Giannarelli Maryland 

William Charles Gierisch California 

Raymond Gilchrist, Jr Virginia 

Matthew Ginalick Illinois 

Ernest Belter Glynn Virginia 

Ralph Rene Godwin Ohio 

Gilbert Ferrer Gonzales Arizona 

Harry Edgar Grafton Mississippi 

James Andrew Graham Maryland 

Charles W. Green Virginia 

Thomas Francis Griffin, Jr Illinois 

Harold Francis Griffith Michigan 

Robert Anthony Grookett Neiv Jersey 

Wayne Glasgow Grooms Ohio 

Lester Grossman Maryland 

Roy Elmer Gudith California 

Thomas F. Guidera Virginia 

William Charles Hafer Maryland 

Joseph Henry Hairston D. C. 

Luther Leon Halbrook Maryland 

Doyce Hamilton Arkansas 

Norman Lester Hamm California 

Walter C. Hamner Virginia 

Chester Herman Hancock Virginia 

Dona Roberta Harbison New York 

Paul Thorpe Haughey, Jr D. C. 

Ernest Felix Hauser Maryland 

Harold Thomas Heady Illinois 

John Leonard Helms New Jersey 

Harold Francis Henry, Jr New Jersey 

Forrest Emory Hight Maryland 

Paul Henry Hildebrand Virginia 

Milton Lones Hinshaw Tennessee 

Brack Weaver Hobbs Kentucky 

William Boyce Hodges Virginia 

Frank E. Hollar Virginia 

David E. Honadle Virginia 

Delbert Honchul Kentucky 

Robert Cliff Hutchinson, Jr Maryland 

Casimir Francis Hybki, Jr Illinois 

Donald Willis Hyler Illinois 

Harold Emerald Ivey Arizona 

Bennett Lee Jackson Virginia 

Gary Paul Jani D. C. 

Donald Lewis Jenkins Virginia 

Dan Harding Johnson Missouri 

Morris Wilbur Jones Indiana 

William Cloyde Jones Pennsylvania 

Norman Eugene Jorgensen Maryland 

Roy Kaminske California 

Eldeen Henry Kauffman Iowa 

William Walstrum Kavanaugh, Jr. 


Avery Kay California 

John William Keegan Maryland 

John Bernard Kelley Virginia 

Emery Elam Kellstrom Connecticut 

Reed Trenton King Maryland 

Warren C. Kohlman, Jr Washington 

Arnold Kohn New York 

Herbert J. Kolodner New Jersey 

Emil Leon Konopnicki Maryland 

Milton Koren Virginia 

Eugene John Kritter, Jr Virginia 

Hartwell Charles Lancaster 


Paul L. Landry Louisiana 

Rosa Turner Lawton South Carolina 

James Monroe Lee California 

Paul Albert Lemarie, Jr Virginia 

William Philip Lemme Indiana 

Jack Keaton Lewis Indiana 

Anthony William LiEBECK....Pennsylvania 

Frank Edward Loftus Massachusetts 

Harlan James Long Virginia 

Robert Burr Lovingfoss Illinois 

Charles Bertram Lowden Virginia 

Victor Lumovich Virginia 

George Robert Lynn Maryland 

William Gordon MacLean, Jr Virginia 

George Leonard Madara D. C. 

Charles Ignatius Maggio Virginia 

James Hampton Magill Virginia 

Aaron D. Maier New York 

John E. Maier Maryland 

Dominic Paul Mainieri New Jersey 

Edwin F. Malone Florida 

George Lewis Marshall New York 

John Duane Mattie Delaware 

Rudolph Leonard Mattson Virginia 

Gilbert Eugene Mayeux Virginia 

Ray Nolan McCall Texas 

Dwight Howard McCracken D. C. 

Walter Stark McCracken Maryland 

Thomas Stuart McFarland, jR...Michigan 

Horace Stephen McGahee Georgia 

Howard Ogle McGillin Pennsylvania 

Charles Thomas McGrath.. ..Pennsylvania 
Charles Hubert McMillan Texas 


Daniel Paul McNerney...JVcw Hampshire 

John Darval Medwed North Carolina 

Anthony Louis Merlo D. C. 

Melvin Messer Virginia 

Warren Hugo Metzner Virginia 

Peter William Mirras Virginia 

Vance Fitzgerald Mitchell Virginia 

Wyatt James Mitchell Missouri 

Teruo Miyagishima California 

George Molnar Texas 

Tom Togo Momii Colorado 

Robert Scales Montgomery, Jn...Maryland 

Percy Alpha Monty New Hampshire 

George William Mosall Alabama 

Lester Lloyd Mounic Louisiana 

James Patrick Muldoon Wisconsin 

Thomas Joseph Mullin New York 

Walter Richard Murray Louisiana 

James Mac Myers Indiana 

Frederic Emil Neumeyer California 

John Charles Newman Maryland 

Joseph Carlyle Newton Maryland 

Edward Leo Niner, Jr Maryland 

Manford Carroll Njust Texas 

Patrick Theodore Nolan Virginia 

Grover Cleveland Oakley, Jr Maryland 

Frank Leo O'Brien, Jr Illinois 

Luis G. Oliver Michigan 

James 0. O'Neal Virginia 

Willard Richard Ortenburger Virginia 

James Martin Oswalt Pennsylvania 

Carl Addison Paige Virginia 

Harold Lloyd Parsons Illinois 

John Edward Pasch D. C. 

David William Passell Kansas 

Earl Joseph Patin Louisiana 

Emanuel Paul Peters Pennsylvania 

Clifford H. Pohl, Jr Virginia 

Louis Walker Powers Michigan 

Ernest Elijah Price Maryland 

Louis Joseph Prost Virginia 

Melvin Earl Qualls Virginia 

Robert Hoover Ratcliff Maryland 

Earl Frank Rectanus Virginia 

Daniel Eugene Redington Ohio 

Daniel Reuther, Jr Florida 

Henry Osceola Richards Florida 

Eugene Rinaldi Pennsylvania 

Joe Ripley Texas 

Lawrence Dell Robinson Utah 

Joseph Aloysius Roman Pennsylvania 

Domenic Rosa Connecticut 

Robert Harlan Rostamo Texas 

Edward Frederick Rudowske Michigan 

Judson Hall Ruth North Carolina 

James William Ryan Illinois 

James John Samalik Michigan 

Philip Sansone New York 

Hugh Hicks Sargent D. C. 

Wittmer Ira Schleh Virginia 

Joseph William Searcy Alabama 

Arthur Marsden Sears Maryland 

Stephen Sedora Virginia 

Curtis Stanley Seebaldt Virginia 

Byrd Sergent Virginia 

James Alvin Shannon D. C. 

Robert G. Shepherd Oregon 

Walter L. Sheppard, Jr Montana 

George Macon Shuffer, Jr. California 

Charles Yandell Shultz, Jr Virginia 

Henry Caraway Simmons Virginia 

Thomas Auburn Sims Mississippi 

Kathryn Claire Singer Pennsylvania 

Robert Frederick Sladek, Sr D. C. 

Daniel Claude Smith Virginia 

Leslie Albert Smith Idaho 

Ralph Lindley Smith Virginia 

Jacques Fred Snyder Maryland 

Frank James Socky Virginia 

Robert Edwin Solliday Pennsylvania 

Harry Arthur Sommer. South Dakota 

Charles Olds Spencer Texas 

Elmer E. Springer, Jr Pennsylvania 

James Francis Stakem, Jr D. C. 

Billie D. Starkey Virginia 

John Leger Stewart Virginia 

Albert W. Stockell Maryland 

Marsh Patrick Stockton. ...North Carolina 

Robekt Noel Stokes Maryland 

Thomas Laverne Stovall Maryland 

Sherman Roy Strand Florida 

William Fred Streit Maryland 

James Madison Stribling Virginia 

Edward Martin Strobel Maryland 

Henry Suerstedt Virginia 

Harry Glenn Summers, Jr Ohio 

Lloyd Earl Sunderland Pennsylvania 

William K. Sutton Maryland 

Richard Taylor Taliaferro California. 

Abe Martin Thompson D. C. 

Pershing Tousley Iowa 

Robert Edward Trapp Wisconsin 

Thomas Theodore Tulipane. Virginia 

Silas Gibbs Upchurch Maryland 

Ralph Marvin Ux Ohio 

Tauno Ensio Valimaki Massachusetts 

Paul L. Van Cleef Kansas 

Hugh M. Vanderwalt Florida 

Charles Bruce van Pelt Michigan 

Blaine Owen Vogt Oregon 


Thomas Meredith Waitt D. C. 

Stanley Carl Waldner Maryland 

Alexander Stuart Walker, Jr Texas 

Ingvar Axel Wallace Maryland 

Roy Earl Waller Virginia 

Edward Lowery Walls, Jr Missouri 

Sherman Preston Wantz Georgia 

Arthur Joseph Ward Connecticut 

William King Wardall Virginia 

Edward George Wasiniak Illinois 

Wayne Wesley Watkins Virginia 

William R. Watkins, Jr Ohio 

Arthur Thomas Weaver Florida 

Norman Stanley Wells New York 

Thomas G. A. Welsh South Dakota 

Lowrie Welton D. C. 

LeBaron Whittier Massachusetts 

Vernon Eugene Wickman Maryland 

David J. Willoughby Tennessee 

Noel Franklin Windsor California 

William Daniel Wise, Jr Pennsylvania 

William Henry Wise, Sr Alabama 

Ray Daniel Wolf California 

Herbert Eric Wolff Virginia 

Roy Lee Wood Louisiana 

Thomas D. Wood Colorado 

Royal Yates Virginia 

Leon Ralph Yost Oklahoma 

George Edward Zawasky Virginia 

Merle Milton Zeine Illinois 

Robert Edward Zimmerman New York 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Florence M. Gipe 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Irene Rita Abraham New York 

Joan Meyer Arbegast Maryland 

Louise McAlister Blauyelt Maryland 

Arta Lee Bowen Maryland 

Margaret Mae Bradburn Maryland 

Rhea Whaley Brocato Maryland 

Miriam Dolores Brown Maryland 

Joseph L. Clark Maryland 

Beverly Etta Clow Maryland 

Charlotte Eleanor Culp Maryland 

Khrista McKenzie Dinges Maryland 

Barbara Lois Duvall Maryland 

Charlotte Elizabeth Duvall Maryland 

Valda Berzins Emerson Maryland 

Marcia Green Eschmann Maryland 

Adrienne Maria Gerard Maryland 

Stella Sue Goldsmith Maryland 

Karmela Grabecki Maryland 

Mary Louise Gunning Maryland 

Edna Carolyn Hackett Maryland 

Sue Emma Harman Maryland 

Sallie Mabel Hipp Maryland 

Janet Adeline Judkins Maryland 

Nancy Lee Kirk Maryland 

Barbara Mary Klinedinst.. ..Pennsylvania 

Joanne Carroll Kreh Maryland 

SONDRA Jean Lee Maryland 

Jane Morris Maryland 

Betty- Marie O'Hern Maryland 

Anne Morrow Owings Maryland 

Edna Ruth Payne Maryland 

Barbara Anne Peterson Pennsylvania 

Doris Mae Powell Maryland 

Elizabeth Logan Roelke Maryland 

Janis Ida Schuler Maryland 

Roberta Maryland Settle Maryland 

Joyce Lippincott Smith New Jersey 

Dorothy Louise Stein Maryland 

Margaret Anne Stephens Maryland 

Mary Emma Stevens Virginia 

Iva Earlene Jones Stevenson... .A/a ryland 

Patricia Ann Thayer Virginia 

Maxine Ray Wachter West Virginia 

Joan Eleanor White Maryland 

Mary Siu Mei Wu D. C. 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Noel E. Foss 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Arthur Murray Abrams Maryland 

Bernard Anoff Maryland 

Geraldine Leonore Austraw Maryland 

Raymond Donald Bahr Maryland 

Anthony Edwin Balcerzak Maryland 

Sheldon Saul Barke Maryland 

Irwin Stanley Barshack Maryland 

Frank Kelly Bell Maryland 

Gilbert Samuel Berman Maryland 

Joseph Victor Brazius Maryland 

Myer Bronstein Maryland 

Gerald Neuman Brunson Maryland 

Jack Ronald Cohen Maryland 

Arnold Lee Davidov Maryland 

Erwin Deitch Maryland 

Leon Patrick Dougherty Maryland 

James Dolan Edwards Maryland 

Donald Brainard Elliott, Jr Maryland 

James Timothy Geraghty Maryland 

Owen James Gilliece Maryland 

Herman Glassband Maryland 

Leonard Goldberg Maryland 

Sue Carolyn Goldman Maryland 

Stanley Paul Golob Maryland 

Lee Herbert Gradman Maryland 

Richard E. Greenberg Maryland 

Thomas Johnson Hayman Maryland 

Carl L. Heifetz Maryland 

Charles Edward Hesson Maryland 

Bernard Philip Heyman Maryland 

James Elmer Hodges Maryland 

Robert Joseph Kabik Maryland 

George Riland Keller Maryland 

Sidney Levenson Maryland 

Arthur Irvin Levin Maryland 

Norman Lee Levin Maryland 

Robert Weldon Mahoney Maryland 

Robert Victor Mercer Maryland 

Wilson Edward Meighoff Maryland 

Edwin Pertnoy Maryland 

Wilbur Joseph Pessagno Maryland 

Howard Pollack Maryland 

Sanford Lawrence RosENBLOOM..Mar?/Jcmd 

Martin Roth Maryland 

Sidney Bernard Seidman Maryland 

Sidney Shein Maryland 

Miriam Ray Sherman Maryland 

Arnold Siegel Maryland 

Harold H. Siegel Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Suter Maryland 

Donald Allan Ullman Maryland 

Frederick Henry Wagner Maryland 

Donald Roy Young Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Lester M. Fraley 

Bachelor of Science 

Carol Wilsie Adams Maryland 

Sheila Jean Bryden Maryland 

Georgia Claire Claxton Maryland 

Harriet Green Compe Virginia 

Robert Carson Dalzell, Jr Virginia 

Annette M. Dapp Maryland 

Robert Wadsworth Dean Maryland 

Walter Detweiler Pennsylvania 

Dorothy Marie Donovan Maryland 

David Kenard Finkelstein Maryland 

Mary Marie Gerber West Virginia 

Dewitt Fletcher Hahn Maryland 


Harry Wayne Hunter Maryland 

Elizabeth Ellen Ives Maryland 

Eleanor Frances Janiszewski ...Maryland 

James Henry Keating, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Jean Kemp Maryland 

Warren Williamson Kershow... .Maryland 

Lonnie Lee Kisner, Jr Maryland 

Steve Louis Kolumban Pennsylvania 

John W. Leitch Maryland 

Billie Jean Lore Maryland 

Mary Louise Lucas Maryland 

Victoria Ann Lucas Maryland 

Freda Earline Martin Maryland 

Harry William McFarland Maryland 

Gorton Haddaway McWilliams, Jr. 


John Max Merricks Maryland 

Francis Robert Morgan Maryland 

David Allen Nusz Maryland 

James Louis Parsons D. C. 

Urban Tilden Peters Kentucky 

Margaret Trundle Powell Maryland 

Juliana Quinn Maryland 

Catherine Anne Reed Florida 

Michael George Sandusky New Jersey 

Joan Lee Scott Maryland 

Edward Louis Sinsky D. C. 

Glenn Everett Thompson Maryland 

Jean Brannon Waters Maryland 

John Francis Weiciecoskie Maryland 

Leon Louis Zolet Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Associate Dean Stanley J. Drazek 

Bachelor of Arts 

Eugene B. Abrams California 

Thomas Porter Bartleson, Jr Virginia 

George John Beyer, Jr Virginia 

Charles E. Bill West Virginia 

Melvin M. Burnett Virginia 

Sophia Adela Dziadura Virginia 

Henry Einstein New York 

George Charles Elder New York 

Marcus Farbenblum New York 

Walter Ross Greenlaw Massachusetts 

Arnold Edward Howard Michigan 

Kenneth Charles Jones New York 

Walter Stephen Kaczyx sKi..Pennsylvania 

Whitney Keys Maryland 

David Kelso King, England 

Elmer Carl Laedtke Virginia 

Frank Boddie Lain France 

William G. Leischner Virginia 

Richard Allen Levi Illinois 

Kenneth Hill Littlepage. ...Pennsylvania 

James Fortune McGlone New Jersey 

Armando Miramon California 

John Thomas O'Connor Wisconsin 

Thomas Joseph O'Neill Illinois 

Thomas Harold Russ Texas 

Wolf Wilhelm Schmoekel Maryland 

Maxwell Harry Selman Massachusetts 

Murray Sentner New York 

Paul Lindsey Spargo Connecticut 

Alexander Nicholas Unger.. Pennsylvania 

Jean Louis-Francis Wader Maryland 

Tommy L. Weatherall France 

Edward Arthur Wilcox Virginia 

Raymond John Williams Maryland 

Albert Henry Winselman New York 




George W. Acree, II 
John A. Bates 
Mandell Bellmore 
John W. Belt, Jr. 
Saul H. Bernstein 
Walter L. Bohorfoush 
Walter K. Boileau 
Cecil 0. Braun 
■'Paul A. Brown 
George A. Burch 
Clayton B. Burton 
Philip T. Calder 
*Charles V. Corder, Jr. 
Joseph T. Crown, Jr. 
Raymond G. Curtiss 
Robert C. Dalzell, Jr. 
Richard G. Davis, Jr. 
William B. Dorn 
Richard E. Dyer 
Rodney L. Faller 

David B. Fellows 
Michael Finci 
Paul D. Fisher 
George P. Giavasis 
Benjamin F. Good 
John P. Ham 
Robert B. Hetherington 
Peyton B. Hinkle 
Warner H. Hord, Jr. 
William L. Jowers 
Richard M. Juten 
James H. Keating, Jr. 
Lawrence Kobren 
William D. Labanz 
*Lawrence G. Larkin 
James R. Leutze 
Lawrence L. Lockwood 
Marvin R. Long 
Jay C. Longenecker 
Ronald J. Lynn 

John E. MacBride 
Charles B. Madary 
Charles F. Mansur 
Thomas A. Neal 
Jack S. Parezo 
Robert L. Parker 
*Charles G. Pettit, IV 
Kenneth G. Robinson, II 
Howard M. Ryan 
Ronald K. Shepler 
John S. Theon 
George H. Timmerman 
Emerick W. Toth 
John H. Treadway 
Jacobus A. J. VanderBunt, 

George D. Wagner 
Robert E. Weiss 
Paul L. White, Jr. 
Joseph M. Zapotocky 

Distinguished AFROTC Graduate 





University Gold Medal for Scholarship, Summa Cum Laud* 
Awarded to 

Roy Christopher Page 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Robert Lehman Bartlett Ernest Charles Merkel, Jr. 

Robert Edward DeMartin James Richard Sullivan 

George William Greco 


Graduated With Honor 

Leonard Bloom Herbert A. Seidman 

Lowell R. Bowen Arnold M. Weiner 

Christopher H. Foreman Charles Yumkas 
James D. Peacock 


University Prize Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Franklin David Schwartz 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Donald Louis Bucy William Joseph Rappoport 

Ronald Ross Cameron Morton Schmukler 

Donald Wilson Rairigh Virginia Elizabeth Young 



Gold Medal for General Excellence 
Awarded to 

Raymond Donald Bahr 

Certificates of Honor 
Awarded to 

Geraldine Leonore Austraw 

Gilbert Samuel Berman 

Erwin Deitch 


Candidates for bachelor's degrees are eligible for honors if they have completed at least two 
years of resident work with a scholastic average of B or higher. The candidates must also rank 
in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respective colleges. First honors are awarded 
to the upper tenth of those in each college if they qualify, and second honors are awarded to the 
second tenth of those in each college if they qualify. The names of students are listed in order of 
their rank in the graduating class. 


First Honors 

Martin Robert Jones 
Benjamin Franklin Good 
Theodore Charles Mintz 
Tamlin Curtis Olson 
Donald Howard Burkett 
Thomas Tyler Potterfield 


First Honors Second Honors 

Leonard Jules Norry Gerson Asrael 

Patricia Mavis Jenkins Saul John McGrane 

Leon Katz Mary Elizabeth Mackintosh 

Diane Louise Evans Lois-Ann Getz 

Roger Montgomery Keith Moon Hwa Cha 

Jon Bennett Glazier Ann Elizabeth Cook 


Richard Bourne 
Jane Frances Hagerton 
Morgan Edward Clippinger 
Carol Louise Funk 
Gilbert Herman Isaacs 
Ellen Ruth S. Schaffer 
Joan Hubbel Burton 
Harvey R. Butt, Jr. 
Carolyn Faye Reed 
Gerald Eugene Hartdagen 
Cecil F. Tate 
Lawrence Gerard Larkin 
Ronda Lee Fiste 
Karen Rietz 

Robert Emmett Farnell, III 
Arthur Allen Serpick 
Anthony Peter Schmid 
Melvin Leon 
Beatrice Goldsmith Fiks 
Sandra Lee Kaufman 
Nicolas Adams Zindler 
Donald Edward Power 
Judith Phyllis Meyers 
Theodore Ch.arles Myers 
Anne Calhoun Whipple 
Linda Zeva Fishman 
Robert Irvin Varner 
James Carroll Chaney 

Dennis Truman Snyder 
Adrienne Frances Ableman 
Eleanor Russ 
Beverly S. Max 
Melvin Delmar Palmer 
Carolyn Jane Eble 
Rebecca Fraley 
Margaret Jean Madison 
Robert Joseph Dawson 
Howard William Whitlock, Jr. 
Jack Covington Lewis 
George Ernest Thomas Stebbing 
Fred Thomas Teal, Jr. 
Stanley Sol Schocket 
Donald Reid McWilliams 
Patricia Irene Callahan 
Edward Franklin Ebert, Jr. 
Alvin G. Lazen 
Steve Gunner Oberg 
Marvin E. Brave 
Mary Ann Allison 
James John Cerda 
Kin Lincoln Hung 
Allan L. Danoff 
August Daniel King, Jr. 
Robert Soong Ching 
Erwin Maxwell Segal 
Marilyn Ruth Weidenbaum 
Patrick Joseph Gibbons 

With Honors in English 

With Special Honors in Literature 

Robert Eugene Clark 
Marcia Ann Buehler 


First Honors 

Robert Charles Pearson 
Donald Eugene Hudson 
Elmer Lee Arrington 
Robert Daniel Thompson 
Lewis Wilbur Whitaker 
Carl E. Zavada 
John Newton Gentry 
John Norton Robinson 
Armando John Forchielli 
Raymond Anthony Plant 
Robert Lee Benner 
Benson Daniel Suls 
Philip Thomas C alder 

Second Honors 

Katherine Bowie Duckett 
Milfred Emerson Sears 
Robert J. Franco 
Sarah D. Scott 
Max B. Kiltz 
Robert Leary Morris 
Louis Allan Joseph 
Louis Fred Hansen 
Paul Alexander Brown 
Roberta Elaine Haber 


Joel Bruce Rosenstein 
James August Plitt, Jr. 
Frederick Hosley Sigmon, Jr. 
Russell Samuel Davis 
Ejner James Johnson 
John J. O'Reilly 
Ralph Silverman 
Robert Kingsley Abernethy 
Carol Elizabeth Wheeler 
Alexander Joseph Basso 
Paul John Gillis 
Mary Gorham Creveling 
Dennis William Sheehan 
Francis Adam McAuliffe 


First Honors 

Marjorie Irene Persion 
Betty Merle Zucker 
Marilynn Weitz Cohen 
Harriet Phyllis Alexander 
Etta Goldstein Levine 
Joseph Vincent Osterman, Jr. 
Kenneth George Yeager 
Jane H. Rogers 
August William Peters, Jr. 
Charlotte E. Loughery 
Charles Raymond Anderson 
Jane Starr Ward 
Shirley Margaret Shugart 
James Cecil Martin 
Alfred William Liedtke 

Second Honors 

Alice Lee Norris 
Rita Anne Giovannetti 
Robert Lewis Fisher 
Janet Ann Bode 
Marilyn Mae Storus 
Norma L. Cooper 
Lawrence Raymond Matthews 
W. Theodore Ashley 
Marian Elizabeth Wilkins 
Sandra Jean Solomon 
Retta Frances Hastings 
Barbara M. Cohen 
Carol Ruthe Trotman 
Sara Elizabeth Welsh 


First Honors 

William Samuel Haney, Jr. 
Leo Ward Pearson 
Thomas Wellington Finch 
Charles Holcomb Popenoe 
Stanley Gunson Green 
Charles Godfrey Pettit, IV 
Gerard Henry Schlimm 
Jeffrey H. Rumbaugh 
Stuart Curtis Anderson 
John Anthony Bates 
John Wallace Talcott, Jr. 
John Eaton Waldo, Jr. 
Edmundo Varela 
Philip Henry Parsons 
George Harry Timmerman 
Richard Husted Stottler, Jr. 

Second Honors 

Samuel Arthur Wood, Jr. 

David Coble Shirey 

Stephen Ming Pai 

Buford Kurtz Kennedy 

Janice Darlene Kelly 

Richard Lloyd Taylor 

Galt Suter Bowen 

James Richard Austin 

Edward Seitz Shumaker Morrison 

William Joseph Moore 

William Cope Headrick 



First Honors 

Kate W. Williams 
Carolyn P. Pardue 
Margaret Ellen Thompson 
Mildred Virginia Stanley 
Julianne Helen Beattie 
Marion J. Miller 
Marilyn Jeanne Anderson 

Second Honors 

Shirley Mildred Cross 
Elizabeth Ann Duncker 
Kathleen Dean Krueger 
Sibyl Ann Klak 


First Honors 

Daniel Eugene Redington 
John Darval Medwed 
Earl Joseph Patin 
Neal Archie Byrd 
Edward G. Wasiniak 
Blaine Owen Vogt 
Edward Martin Strobel 
Paul Henry Hildebrand 
Dominic Paul Mainieri 

Second Honors 

Henry Osceola Richarde 
Emil Frank Bushek 
William Charles Hafer 
Lloyd Earl Sunderland 
Edgar Jacob Becker 
Harry Glenn Summers 
Joseph Francis Brittain 
William Percy Brunson 
Norman Lester Hamm 
George Arthur Clark, Jr. 
Howard Ogle McGillin 
Robert Edward Trapp 
James D. Adams 
Herbert J. Kolodner 



First Honors 

Margaret Trundle Powell 
Freda Earline Martin 
Eleanor Frances Janiszewski 
Urban Tilden Peters 
Billie Jean Lore 

Second Honors 

Annette M. Dapp 
Dorothy Marie Donovan 
Mary Louise Lucas 


First Honors 

Arnold Edward Howard 

Murray Sentner 

Wolf Wilhelm Schmoekel 

Second Honors 

Thomas H. Russ 

Jean Louis Francis Wader 



Stephany Andersen 
Barbara A. Barth 
Josephine E. Booth 
Elizabeth N. Conklin 
Constance L. Cornell 
Joyce Cox 
Sally A. Dailey 
C. Eileen Dalton 
Helen C. Dayhoff 
Arnita T. Dell 

Alpha Lavibda Delta 
{Women's Freshman Honor Society) 

Margaret Bonnie Feldesman 

Judy Fine 

Margaret Louise Foster 

Barbara A. Green 

Diane M. Hamilton 

Judy Kahn 

Ruth Kanow 

Rhetta King 

Gail Kissling 

Eugenia Maye Likens 

Florence Molnick 

Arlene F. Naylor 
Judith Purnell 
Patricia A. Royer 
Ruth A. Ranch 
Carol Lynn Sanders 
Judy Schneidman 
C. Sandra Shafritz 
Virginia Louise Smith 
Jacqueline E. Spencer 
Bette Marie Thot 

Mortar Board 

(The national senior honor society for women, recognizing service, 
leadership and scholarship) 

Joan Adams 
Carol Hillary Bowie 
Elsa Carlson 
Patricia Duvall 

Margaret Jane Gates 
Pearl Joan Gold 
Alice Morgan Love 
Jean Carolyn Mace 

Johanna Bach Martin 
Janet Shipley 
Nancy Anne Stevens 
Elizabeth Spangler 

Omicron Delta Kappa 
[Honorary Leadership Fraternity for Men) 

John Edward Allen 
Stuart Curtin Anderson 
Richard Bourne 
Harrison Steck Brink, Jr. 
Philip Thomas C alder 
Howard Warfield Dare, Jr. 
Benjamin Notes Dorman 
John Wesley Dorsey, Jr. 
Jon Charles DuMond 
Thomas Wellington Finch 

Paul David Fisher 
Peter James Gillis 
John Joseph Healy 
Terrell LeRoy Holliday 
Victor Holm 
Howard Beryl Miller 
Robert Anthony Milli 
Perry Clay Moore 
Robert Charles Pearson 

Charles Holcomb Popenoe 
Edward Leo Reilly 
Adrian McCardell Remsberg 
Carroll Whitelock 

Reynolds, Jr. 
Gerard Henry Schlimm 
Richard Husted Stottler, Jr. 
Richard Lee Toth 
John Eaton Waldo 
Richard Stevenson Watt 
George Aloysius Weinkam.Jr. 

John Anthony Bates 
David Gray Crittenden 
Carmine Vincent Di Camillo 
Chester Clark Dobson, Jr. 
Benjamin N. Dorman 
Matthew LeRoy Harris 

Phi Eta Sigma 
(Men's Freshman Honor Society) 

Robert Bond Hughes 
Bernard Kaufman 
Ronald Lewis Keener 
Kenneth James McAuliffe, Jr. 
Richard A. Newman 
Donald Tracy Oakley 

Alvin Daniel Oscar 
John Frederick Riedesel 
Anthony Joseph Rudgers, Jr. 
Mitchell Carl Sollod 
Louis Albert Spittel, Jr. 
Paul Allen Wright 


Phi Kappa Phi 

(A national honorary fraternity open to honor students, both men and women, 
in all branches of learning) 

Richard W. Blake 
William J. Cribb, Jr. 
Philip C. Geraci 
Ronald J. Gibbons 
Jamie E. Godfrey 
Guy F. Goodfellow 


Charles W. Griffin, III 
Warren F. Hale 
Thomas W. Hall 
Silas Katz 
Dora F. Kennedy 
Benjamin F. Love 

Harrison T. Meserole 
Theodore J. Palik 
Edwin G. Pike 
Irving B. Schoenberg 
Gerald L. Shadel 
Alan J. Simmons 

Adrienne F. Ableman 
Selig Altman 
Harriet P. Alexander 
Charles R. Anderson 
Stuart C. Anderson 
W. Theodore Ashley 
John A. Bates 
Robert L. Benner 
Richard Bourne 
Emil F. Bushek 
Philip T. Calder 
James C. Chaney 
Morgan E. Clippinger 
Marilyn W. Cohen 
Ann E. Cook 
Norma Z. Cooper 
Mary A. Davis 
Russell S. Davis 
Emilie H. Dodge 
Benjamin N. Dorman 
Valda Emerson 
Diane L. Evans 
Marcus Farbenblum 
Robert E. Farnell, III 
Beatrice G. Fiks 
Thomas W. Finch 
Robert L. Fisher 
Armando J. Forchielli 
John N. Gentry 
Lois-Ann Getz 
Rita A. Giovanetti 
Benjamin F. Good 
Stanley G. Green 


Thomas F. Guidera 
Thomas C. Hafer 
William S. Haney 
Jane E. Hagerton 
Gerald E. Hartdagen 
Arnold E. Howard 
Joan L. Hubbel 
Patricia M. Jenkins 
Martin R. Jones 
Sandra L. Kaufman 
Leon Katz 
Rodger M. Keith 
Laurence G. Larkin 
Etta S. Levine 
Charlotte Lougherty 
Mary Lucas 
Mary E. Mackintosh 
Freda E. Martin 
James C. Martin 
Laurence R. Matthews 
Judith P. Meyers 
Alice L. Norris 
Leonard J. Norry 
Joseph V. Osterman 
Carolyn P. Pardue 
Leo W. Pearson 
Robert E. Pearson 
Marjorie I. Persion 
Charles G. Pettit 
James C. Plitt 
Charles H. Popenoe 
Margaret T. Powell 
Donald E. Power 
Carolyn F. Reed 

Arlys J. Reitz 
Karen Rietz 
John N. Robinson 
Jane H. Rodgers 
Jeffrey H. Rumbaugh 
Eleanor Russ 
Anthony P. Schmid 
Gerard H. Schlimm 
Wolfe W. Schmoekel 
Janice I. Schuler 
Maxwell H. Selman 
Ellen R. Sherman 
Shirley M. Shugart 
Frederick H. Sigmon 
Sandra J. Solomon 
M. Virginia Stanley 
Marilyn M. Storus 
John W. Talcott, Jr. 
Cecil F. Tate 
Fred T. Teal 
Margaret E. Thompson 
Silas G. Upchurch 
Jean L. F. Wader 
Anne C. Whipple 
Lewis W. Whitaker 
Marian E. Wilkins 
Ann L. Williams 
Kate W. Williams 
Herbert F. Wolff 
Mary Wu 

Kenneth G. Yeager 
Nicholas A. Zindler 
Betty M. Zucker 



Alpha Omega Alpha 

(A National Honorary Medical Society) 

Stuart Abrahams 
James Bouzoukis 
Jack Bulkeley 
Ronald Cameron 
Charles Henderson 

Robert Hickman 
Donald Lansinger 
George Lentz 
Fred Plugge 
Donald Rairigh 

Lou Randall 
William Rappaport 
Frank Schwartz 
Nevins Todd 
Virginia Young 

Alpha Zeta 
(Men's Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

Robert R. Baile 
Vernon A. Bandel 
Walter C. Bay 
Robert A. Berry, Jr. 
Fred W. Besley 
Donald H. Burkett 
Richard A. Cecil 
Robert S. Chandler 
W. Harold Choate 
Ronald A. Cline 
James S. Coale 
Clyde F. Culver 

James W. Dickerson 
William S. Ebersole 
Richard L. Hall 
Martin J. Hanna, III 
Edgar H. Harman 
Guy L. Haviland, Jr. 
John A. Hutchins, Jr. 
John E. Kalie 
Robert R. Kifer 
Bertram A. King 
Howard B. Kramer 
Gilbert J. Leacock 
William W. M artel 

George S. W. Marvin 
James R. McCrumb 
Anthony Osretkar 
Thomas T. Potterfield 
Walter E. Raum 
Adrian M. Remsberg 
John H. Reynolds 
George B. Roche 
David W. Scott 
Lewis W. Smith 
William B. Street 
John Wilbur 

Beta Gamma Sigma 
(Men's and Women's Commerce Honor Society) 

Robert K. Abernathy 
James W. Bequette 
Philip T. Calder 
Russell S. Davis 
Walter C. Eanes 
Carl A. Fretts 

Edward W. Hutley 
Carroll J. Kite 
Raymond A. Plant 
James A. Plitt, Jr. 
John N. Robinson 

Joel B. Rosenstein 
Ralph Silverman 
Daniel Suls 
Robert A. Thompson 
George A. Weinkam, Jr. 
Lewis W. Whitaker 

Omicron Kappa Upsilon 
(Honorary Dental Society) 

Robert Lehman Bartlett 
Robert Edward DeMartin 
Roy Frank Gherardi 
George William Greco 

Walter Burnell Hall 
Kenneth Joseph Langfield 
Ernest Charles Merkel, Jr. 
Rafael Angel Pagan-Colon 

Roy Christopher Page 
William Henry Ruppert, Jr. 
Charles Benjamin Rushford, 

James Richard Sullivan 

Marilyn Anderson 
julianne beattie 
Shirley Corkran 
Shirley Cross 
Elizabeth Duncker 
Mary Lou Holt 
Nancy Houston 

Omicron Nu 
(National Home Economics Honor Society) 

Sibyl Klack 
Kathleen Krueger 
Marian Miller 
Martha Mueller 
Genevieve Mumford 
Carolyn Pardue 

Sara Jane Smith 
Virginia Stanley 
Nancy Sweeny 
Jane Downs Taylor 
Wanda Waddell 
Kate Williams 
Bonnie Wilson 

Order of the Coif 

(National Law School Honor Society) 

Leonard Bloom 
Lowell R. Bowen 

Christopher H. Foreman 
James D. Peacock 
Herbert A. Seidman 

Arnold M. Weiner 
Charles Yumkas 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 
(Men's and Women's Physical Education Honor Society) 

Lois Barber 
Raymond Chalkley 
Florence Clapham 
Frank Fellows 


Della Grauel 
Dorothy Hamberg 
Thomas Hoffecker 
Rajinder Keith 
Nancy Kidd 

Charles Kujawa 
Donald Schuessler 
Kenneth Turner 
Alan Willner 

Alan Bleich 
Annette Dapp 
Dorothy Donovan 
Gerald French 
Marilyn Goetz 
Charles Ison 
Eleanor Janiszewski 


Warren Kershow 

Alice Love 

Mary Lucas 

Billie Lore Mackenzie 

Freda Martin 

Joseph Montgomery 

Perry Moore 
James Parsons 
Urban Peters 
Margaret Powell 
Joan Scott 
Norman Siegert 
Marilyn Varey 

Rho Chi 

{National Honorary Pharmaceutical Society) 

Geraldine Austraw 
Raymond Bahr 
Harry Bass 
Gilbert S. Berman 
William Clinger 

Gerald Cohen 
Erwin Deitch 
Conrad Dorn 
Melvin Friedman 
Sue C. Goldman 

Herbert Oster 
George Reier 
Michael Rodell 
Miles St. John 
Walter Sultan 


Edward F. Adams 
James R. Austin 
James D. Bailey 
Galt S. Bowen 
Don R. Boyle 
William Brzozowski 
John B. Capell 
George F. Corbin 
Lyndon S. Cox 
Braxton M. Dunn 
Stanley G. Green 
William C. Headrick 
Walter K. Herr 

Tau Beta Pi — Association 
(General Engineering Honor Society) 

Buford K. Kennedy 
Glenn R. Linsenmayer 
Roy D. Mannon 
Leo Charles Miller 
Edward S. S. Morrison 
Theodore R. Mount 
Donald L. Murphy 
Stephen M. Pai 
Philip J. Parisius 
John R. Potter 
Robert C. Shuppert 
Vincent G. Sigillito 
Jack R. Spear 
Donald H. Spencer 

Raymond J. Spitznas 
Sanford S. Sternstein 
Richard H. Stottler 
Ralph E. Tabler 
Richard L. Taylor 
George H. Timmerman 
Emerick W. Toth 
Raffi M. Turian 
Edmundo Varela 
John E. Waldo 
Melvin C. Watkins 
Benjamin O. Werle 
Samuel A. Wood, Jr. 




Special Awards 



The Alumni Association Medals John George Mueller 

The Isaac H. Davis Memorial Medal Alan Stoler 

The Herbert Friedberg Memorial Award Richard Howard Warren 

The Edgar J. Jacques Memorial Award Jimmy Ray Hager 

The Harry E. Kelsey Memorial Award William Henry Ruppert, Jr. 

The Harry E. Latcham Memorial Award Ray Evan Griffin 

The James J. McCormick Award John Frederick Black 

The Alexander H. Paterson Memorial Medal William Milton Barbush 


Sam Allen Memorial Prize Lowell R. Bowen 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize Arnold M. Weiner 

W. Calvin Chesnut Advocacy Award Christopher H. Foreman 

Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation Prize Russell J. White 

Nu Beta Epsilon Prize Roger D. Redden 

U. S. Law Week Award Arnold M. Weiner 

Samuel S. Levin Prize Stanley L. Seligman 


The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial Prize Paul Bormel 

The Dr. Leonard M. Hummel Medal and Certificate of 

Proficiency in Internal Medicine Donald Wilson Rairigh 

The William D. Wolfe Memorial Prize and Certificate of 

Proficiency in Dermatology Robert Othello Hickman 

Student Council Keys Donald Bucy, Jack Bulkeley, Joseph Laughlin, Paul Mullan 


The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity Prize, to a senior student for proficiency 
in pharmacology. 

Awarded to Miriam Ray Sherman 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize, a gold medal for superior proficiency in pharmacy. 
Awarded to Wilson Edward Neighoff 

The David Fink Memorial Prize, to a senior student for proficiency in the general practice 
of pharmacy. 

Awarded to Arthur Irvin Levin 

Epsilon Graduate Chapter, Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority Prize, to a senior student for 
proficiency in pharmacy administration. 

Awarded to Donald Brainard Elliott, Jr. 

The Beta Chapter, Phi Alpha Fraternity Prize, to a member of the senior class who has 
exhibited the most outstanding qualities of character and leadership during the time spent 
in college. 

Awarded to Richard E. Greenberg 


The William Simon Memorial Prize, for superior proficiency in the field of practical and 
analytical chemistry. 

Awarded to Raymond Donald Bahr 

The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize, for exceptional work throughout 
the course in botany and pharmacognosy. 

Awarded to Donald Brainard Elliott, Jr. 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize, to the senior student having the highest 
general average throughout the course in practical and dispensing pharmacy. 

Awarded to Raymond Donald Bahr 


Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma Award to the senior majoring in chemistry or 
chemical engineering whose average has been above 3.0 for three and one half years. 

Awarded to Howard W. Whitlock 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the senior member of the group who has maintained the 
highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have been in attendance in 
the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to Marjorie Irene Persion 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award to the senior members who have main- 
tained the Alpha Lambda Delta average, 3.50. 
Awarded to: 

Rhonda Lee Fiste Carolyn Faye Reed 

Jane Frances Hagerton Jane H. Rogers 

Sandra Lee Kaufman Ellen Ruth Sherman Schaffer 

Etta Goldstein Levine Jane Starr Ward 

Marjorie Irene Persion Kate Weaver Williams 

Betty Merle Zucker 

Alpha Zeta Award to the agricultural student in the freshman class who attains the 
highest average record in academic work. 

Awarded to Daniel Tompkins 

American Association of University Woman Award to the senior girl for scholarship and 
community leadership. 

Awarded to Carolyn Jane Eble 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Award offered to a junior in the Department 
of Chemical Engineering who has attained the highest scholastic overall average in his fresh- 
man and sophomore years and is also a member of the local Student Chapter. 

Awarded to Sanford S. Sternstein 

American Institute of Chemists Award for outstanding scholarship in chemistry and 
for his high character. 

Awarded to Howard W. Whitlock 

American Society of Civil Engineers Award. Junior membership in the Society offered 
by the Maryland Section of the Society to the senior in the Department of Civil Engineering 
who has the highest scholastic standing. 

Awarded to Gerard H. Schlimm 

Associated Women Students Awards for outstanding achievement, character, and service 
to the University. 
Awarded to: 

Joan Adams Alice Love 

Anne Cannon Johanna Martin 

Elsa Carlson Marty Mueller 

Mickey Ellis Mary Lou Smith 

Anne Green Nancy Stevens 


David Arthur Berman Memorial Award offered by the family of David Arthur Berman 
to the highest ranking junior in the Department of Chemical Engineering. 

Awarded to Vincent G. Sigillito 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal to the sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic 
average of his class in the College of Engineering. Awarded by Benjamin Berman. 

Awarded to Benjamin Franklin Hoffman 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence in Hebrew 

Awarded to: 

Ruth S. Blum Sylvia Lesser 

Myles F. Friedman Paul M. Rosenberg 

Ernie Coblentz Memorial Trophy, offered to the most outstanding freshman for work 
done on student publications. 

Awarded to Carol Applestein 

Bernard L. Crozier Award, offered by the Maryland Association of Engineers to the 
senior in the College of Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made the greatest 
improvement in scholarship during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to William S. Haney, Jr. 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal to the girl who attains the highest average in academic 
work during the first semester of the sophomore year. 

Awarded to Martha Jean Lacey 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award to the woman member of the graduating class who has 
achieved the highest scholastic average for her entire course. 

Awarded to Marjorie Irene Persion 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who has main- 
tained the highest scholastic average for the entire four-year course in the College of Business 
and Public Administration. 

Awarded to Robert Charles Pearson 

The Education Alumni Award to the outstanding senior man and senior woman in the 
College of Education. 

Awarded to Marjorie Irene Persion and Joseph V. Osterman 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. Goddard 
James, to the senior from Prince Georges County for excellence in scholarship and moral 

Awarded to Richard Bourne 

Mahlon N. Haines Art Award, offered to the student in the Fine Arts Department for 
outstanding work in the painting classes. 

Awarded to Phyliss B. Heflin 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the man and woman members of the senior 
class who have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Janet A. Bode and Forrest D. Gossage 

Hamilton Award offered by the Hamilton Watch Company to the graduating senior in 
the College of Engineering who has most successfully combined proficiency in his major field 
of study with achievements — either academic, extra-curricular, or both — in the social sciences 
or humanities. 

Awarded to William S. Haney, Jr. 

The Home Economics Alumni Award to the student outstanding in application of Home 
Economics in her present living and who shows promise of carrying these into her future home 
and community. 

Awarded to Sibyl Klack 


William H. Hottel Award to the most outstanding senior for work done on student publi- 
cations during his college career. 

Awarded to Roger Keith 

Maryland Motor Truck Association Award to the student majoring in Transportation 
with an interest in motor transportation who has shown in three years of training an apparent 
ability to succeed. 

Awarded to William Fiste 

Maryland Press Association Award to the outstanding male journalism graduate of 1957. 
Awarded to Ejner Johnson 

Men's League Awards, offered for outstanding achievement, character, and service to the 

Awarded to: 

John R. Buffington Edward L. Reilly 

George C. Faller Adrian M. Remsberg 

Gerald E. Hartdagen Michael G. Sandusky 

Roger M. Keith Bert R. Sugar 

Robert C. Pearson Richard L. Toth 

Men's League Cup to the graduating male senior who has done the most for the male 
student body. 

Awarded to Jon C. DuMond 

Omicron Nu Sorority Medal to the freshman girl in the College of Home Economics 
who attains the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Eugenia Maye Likens 

The award of the Phi Beta Kappa Association of the University of Maryland to the 
graduating senior with the highest cumulative scholastic average whose basic course program 
has been in the liberal studies. 

Awarded to Leonard Jules Norry 

Phi Delta Kappa Award to an outstanding man in the graduating class. 

Awarded to Charles R. Anderson 

Pi Delta Epsilon National Medal of Merit Awards, offered by the National Council of 
Pi Delta Epsilon to the outstanding senior "woman and the outstanding senior man in each 
local Pi Delta Epsilon Chapter. 

Awarded to Richard Toth and Willie Kate Waters 

Pilot Freight Carries, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College of Business and 
Public Administration who has majored in Transportation and who has demonstrated com- 
petence in this field of study. 

Awarded to Paul A. Brown 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of the 
City of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual qualities prac- 
tically applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to Kate Weaver Williams and Edward L. Reilly 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Award to the junior in the College of Engineer- 
ing who, during his sophomore year, has made the greatest improvement in scholarship over 
that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Glenn R. Linsenmayer 



Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus H. 
C. Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class who, during his 
collegiate career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done most for the general 
advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to John R. Buffington 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An award presented annually as a memorial to Sally 
Sterling Byrd, by her children to that girl member of the Senior Class who best exemplifies 
the enduring qualities of the pioneer women. These qualities should typify self-dependence, 
courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, willingness to sacrifice for 
others, strength of character, and those other qualities that enabled the pioneer woman to 
play such a fundamental part in the building of the Nation. 

Awarded to Patricia Irene Callahan 


The Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to the 

Awarded to Robert O'Brien 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current season. 
Awarded to Alfred Wharton 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to the 
squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Carl Party 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to Howard Dare 

William P. Cole, III, Memorial Lacrosse Award to the outstanding University of Mary- 
land Midfielder. 

Awarded to Ernest Betz 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed most to 
wrestling at the University. 

Awarded to John McHugh 

The Maryland Ring to the Maryland man who is adjudged the best athlete of the year. 
Awarded to James Kappler 

Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 
Awarded to Alfred Wharton 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service to lacrosse 
during the year. 

Awarded to Leroy Skinner 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in college 

Awarded to Burr Grim 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University has rendered 
the greatest service to football. 

Awarded to Michael Sandusky 




Roy Beauchamp 
Stanley Bobb 
Stephen Bolen 
Howard Dare 
Jack Doane 
John Johnson 


Robert Hardiman 
Robert O'Brien 


John Davis 
Herbert Hoffman 
George Kolarac 
Michael Sandusky 

Thomas Selep 
James Skarda 
Jean Waters 
Alfred Wharton 


Roger Coonrod 
George Mock 
Robert Moran 
Martin Parks 


Michael Finci 
Harry Hunter 
Howard Kramer 
Adrian Remsberg 
Richard Stottler 
Charles Wicker 


David Freishtat 
Donald Kammerer 


Dennis Abdalla 
Wesley Baynes 
Burr Grim 
George Hogan 
David Leas 
Edmund Lloyd 
Carl Party 


William Kelley 
John McHugh 
Rodney Norris 
Michael Sandusky 



Walter Aley 
Norman Beres 
Roy Beauchamp 
Stanley Bobb 
Stephen Bolen 
Robert Carr 
Howard Dare 
Howard Doane 
Bernard Garner 
Frederick Gebhardt 
Donald Henderson 
Erich Hintze 
James Hodges 
John J. Johnson 
Richard Maxwell 
Andrew McDonald 
Robert Moorehead 
Richard Reitz 
Carl Rosenbusch 
Joel Rubenstein, Mgr. 
Gary Platt, Mgr. 


Nick Davis 
Joel Halleck 

Robert Hardiman 
Wayne McGinnis 
Perry Moore 
William Murphy 
John Nacincik 
Robert O'Brien 
Julian Weingarten 
Robert Ladd, Mgr. 

Cross Country 

Charles Fleming 
Fred Hanson 
Henry Huntt 
Carl Party 
Dave Rams 
William Wagner 
John West 


Wayne Alderton 
Ronald Athey 
Alfred Beardsley 
George Burgly 
Fred Cole 
John Davis 
Nicholas DeCicco 
John Fritsch 
Fred Hamilton 

James Hatter 
Ralph Hawkins 
Donald Healy 
John Healy 
Edward Heuring 
Herbert Hoffman 
Ted Kershner 
Charles Kichman 
George Kolarac 
William Komlo 
Robert Layman 
Richard Lewis 
Wilbur Main 
Michael Sandusky 
Ben Scotti 
Thomas Selep 
James Skarda 
Thomas Stefl 
Robert Suchy 
Paul Tonetti 
William Turner 
Jean Waters 
Alfred Wharton 
Robert Rusevlyan 
James Steppe 
Fred Petrella 
Ronald Laneve 
Barry Goldberg, Mgr. 





Roger Coonrod 
Harry Elwell 
Robert Hogg 
Richard Mason 
Gerald McFerren 
George Mock 
Martin Parks 


Ernest Betz 
Richard Britt 
Stuart Carlisle 
Thomas Church 
Edward Cox 
James Kappler 
John Keating 
Theodore Kyte 
Alfred Marden 
Lawrence McLean 
Richard McNicholas 
Richard Nolker 
Robert Nolker 
Ronald Scheydt 
Leroy Skinner 
Alexander Spellman 
Richard Szlasa 
augustino tamburello 
Albert Tiedemann 
William Vanous 
J. Gordon Widener 
Benjamin Sheppard, Mgr. 


James Brown 
Hartwell Chandler 
Kim Edel 
Donald Ehrhardt 
Margaret Guy 
Saul Honigsberg 
Roger Hower 
George Ljndsey 
Everett Moone 
Henry Stromberg 
Donald Webster 
Howard Yolken 

Roy Beauchamp 
Robert Bell 
Luis Carreno 
Taras Charchalis 
John Coates 
Michael Finci 
Charles Ford 
Edward Grund 
Harry Hunter 
Edward Knight 
Howard Kramer 
Basilio Liacuris 
Andrew McDonald 
Harold Norton 
Leo Pasini 
Adrian Remsberg 
James Rice 
James Simms 
Leroy Skinner 
Daniel Somarriba 
Richard Stottler 
Richard Thompson 
Thomas Vass 
Charles Wicker 


William Ascherfeld 
John Bell 
Thomas Carter 
Richard Colwell 
Joseph Dickey 
Gustav Fern, Mgr. 
George Lucey 
Richard Reckson 
William Shields 


Carl Bucks 
Douglas Dixon 
humberto domenech 
John Dunham 
David Freishtat 
Donald Kammerer 
Jackson Yang 

Wesley Baynes 
Edward Cooke 
Lee Duncan 
Charles Fleming 
Burr Grim 
Fred Hanson 
George Hogan 
Dave Leas 
Nicholas Leras 
Edmund Lloyd 
Perry Moore 
Carl Party 
Larry Salmon 
Steve Scheck 
Louis Sergi 
James Starboard 
Chester Steckel 
Stanley Strauss 
Tommy Tait 
Elliott Thompson 
William Wagner 
Leo Balsamo, Mgr. 


Salustiano Amato 
Nicholas Biondi 
Richard Dean 
Joseph Dougherty 
Raymond Haney 
William Kelley, Mgr. 
LeRoy Kennedy 
Clifton Mathews 
John McHugh 
Jack Norrie 
Rodney Norris 
Michael Sandusky 
Anthony Toston 



Gold Cups presented to persons who have faithfully served four years in the band. 
Joan Burton 

Gold Keys awarded to persons who have faithfully served three years in the band. 

Sam Adams 
Harvey Beavers 
John Brown 

Gary Clendenin 
Caroline Cook 
Len Cleveland 
Marjorie Gates 

Hood Geisbert 
Pat Metz 
Roland Swanson 

Sweaters awarded to persons who have faithfully served two years in the band. 

Gary Benfield 
Leroy Burtner 
Joe Cox 
Gene Elliot 
Toki Endo 
William Finagin 
Richard Hill 
Ernie Hinkle 

Beryl Jacobson 
Herb Levenstein 
Edward Lynch 
Dorothy McCarty 
Jerry Matthews 
Jim Murphy 
James Nichols 

James Novotny 
Larry Nowack 
Nancy Nystrom 
William Patterson 
George Roche 
Marilyn Sanders 
Jack Shartsis 
Donald Wessel 

Letters awarded to persons who have faithfully served one year in the band. 

Doris Baumgardner 
Arthur Bennazar 
Donald Binder 
Howard Boyer 
Charles Brown 
Tom Cherrix 
Marjorie Clark 
Randolph Cramer 
Fred Ctibor 
Peggy DeNeane 
James DeShazer 
Brian Dietz 
Charles Dunn 
Margaret Foster 
Viola Furman 

William Gardner 
Sarah Gibbons 
Charles Grandmaison 
Morris Hardy 
Judy Hill 
John Hillhouse 
Don Howard 
Harriet Husted 
Ronald Johnson 
Helen Juten 
Noble Kelly 
Burt Kester 
Demorest Knapp 
William Krueger 

Tom Lank 
Robert Mackenzie 
Dana Mason 
Richard Moore 
William Newell 
Michael Okerlund 
Duane Phillips 
Jeannette Rudy 
Fred Sessions 
Harold Simpson 
Phyllis Snyder 
Patricia Tatspaugh 
Ed Timmons 
Gregory Walters 
Wayne Watkins 
Perry Wilkinson 

Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding band member with over two years of 
faithful service. 

Awarded to Gary Clendenin 


AFROTC Angel Flight Award to the outstanding member of the AFROTC Angel Flight. 
Awarded to Sibyl Klak 

Air Force Association Silver Medal to the outstanding Advanced AFROTC Cadet based 
on scholastic grade, both general and military, individual characteristics and performance at 
summer camp. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Paul A. Brown 


Alumni Cup to the best drilled Flight within the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Richard G. Reid, 2nd Flight, Squadron H 

American Legion Award to the Senior Cadet for academic achievement in leadership. 
Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Charles V. Corder 

American Legion Post No. 217 Award to the Senior Cadet displaying outstanding leader- 

Awarded to Cadet Maj. Lawrence W. Larkin 

Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association Award to the Senior Cadet 
who has demonstrated outstanding qualities of military leadership, high moral character, and 
definite aptitude for military service. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Charles G. Pettit 

Arnold Air Society Award to the Advanced Cadet selected by the Arnold Air Society 
as the cadet who has contributed the most to the advancement of AFROTC through activities 
of the Arnold Air Society. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. W. F. Nesbitt 

The Baltimore Sun Newspaper Award to the best drilled cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet James M. Fisher, H Squadron 

Consolidated Vultee Corporation Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying outstanding 
leadership and scholastic qualities and who has been selected for Advanced AFROTC in 
Flying Category. 

Awarded to Cadet Neil R. Linsenmayer 

The Charles H. Dickinson Memorial Plaque to the Junior Cadet who has shown leader- 
ship ability, outstanding individual characteristics and military bearing. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Thomas D. Scanlon 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Cadet who has displayed out- 
standing leadership, scholarship and citizenship. 

Awarded to Cadet Maj. Richard S. Watt 

Governor's Cup to the best drilled Squadron within the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Commander, O Squadron 

Hamill Memorial Plaque to the Sophomore Cadet excelling in leadership and scholarship. 
Awarded to Cadet John W. Bissett 

The Glenn L. Martin Award to the Senior Cadet who has attained excellence in the field 
of aeronautical engineering and who has applied for flight training in the USAF. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. John S. Theon 

Maryland State Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America Award to the 

Freshman Cadet who has attained the highest overall academic grade during the first semester. 

Awarded to Cadet David G. Crittenden 

National Defense Transportation Association Award presented in recognition of leader- 
ship qualities displayed, academic standing, aptitude for military service and meritorious 
achievement. Noteworthy service in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Association. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Paul A. Brown 

Pershing Rifle Company Gold Medal to the most outstanding member of the Pershing 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Howard C. Turner 

Pershing Rifle Company Silver Medal to the most outstanding second year basic Persh- 
ing Rifle Cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Ronald L. Ellis 


Pershing Rifle Company Bronze Medal to the most outstanding first year basic Pershing 
Rifle Cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet Jay E. Epley 

Pershing Rifle Award to the best drilled Cadet of the Corps who is not a member of the 
Pershing Rifle Company. 

Awarded to Cadet James M. Fisher, H Squadron 

Pershing Rifle Regimental Medal to a member of the Pershing Rifle Company who has 
been outstanding in service to the organization. 

Awarded to Cadet Richard W. Single 

Reserve Officers Association Medals to the Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman Cadet 
demonstrating outstanding academic achievement in AFROTC. 

Gold Medal awarded to Cadet Capt. William F. Nesbitt 

Silver Medal awarded to Cadet Edgar H. Harmon 

Bronze Medal awarded to Cadet Paul A. Wright 

Scabbard and Blade Coblentz Memorial Cup to the best drilled Squadron within the 
Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Commander, O Squadron 

Sons of the American Revolution Award to the cadet who exhibits in his work a high 
degree of merit with respect to leadership, military bearing, and excellence in his academic 
course of study. 

Awarded to Cadet Duncan G. Critchfield 

Vandenberg Guard Award to the member of Vandenberg Guard displaying outstanding 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Anthony J. Culotta 




Frank Ratka 
William Demas 
Dorothy Rettew 
Joan Heilman 
Rosemary Kirby 
Patricia Crane 
John Blitz 
John Zane 
Charles Rayman 
Kate Waters 
Elizabeth Brown 
Carole Bowie 
Richard Gossom 
Anne Langer 
William Long 

"M" Book 

Kate Waters 
Cynthia Sowder 
Glory Ann Slone 

Old Line 

David Halliday 
Margaret Gates 
John Stringer 


Tom Morgan 
Patricia Callahan 
Jane Eble 
Jerry Jewler 
Herb Andrews 
Bill Long 
Roger Keith 

Special Awards: 

John Gornall, outstanding columnist 
Charles Knight, outstanding reporter 






















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Special and 












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