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UNiVERSIlY .^^ -r'lr'D 




commencement exercises convened in the william p. cole, jr. student 
s building, June sixth, nineteen hundred and fifty nine, at college park, maryland. degrees 

] from the 


the school of 
the college of 
the college of 
the college of 

the school of 
the college of 
college of 

the school of 

the school oi 
and the 


-VTv OF ^^ 


:xLi&irc::x^e^ ^ 

iSITY OF MARYLAND commencement exercises convened in the william p. cole, jr. student 
IS building, June sixth, nineteen hundred and fifty nine, at college park, maryland. degrees 
d from the graduate school, the school of medicine, the school of dentistry, the school of law, the 
of agriculture, the college of arts and sciences, the college of business and public administration, 
3ge of education, the college of engineering, the college of home economics, the school of nursing, 
)ol of pharmacy, the college of physical education, recreation and health, and the university college. 


Commencement Program 5 

Candidates For Degrees and Diplomas 12 

Honors 45 

Scholastic and Special Awards 57 

Sketches of campus landmarks by Col. James P. Wharton, 
Professor and Head, Department of Art. 

Commencemmt Program 


say can you see, 

— hy the dawn's early light, 

What so proudly tve hail'd 

at the twilight's last gleaming? 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, 
thro' the perilous fight, 

O'er the raviparts we watched, 
were so gallantly streaming? 

And the rockets' red glare, 
the bombs bursting in air, 

Gave proof thro' the night 
— that our flag was still there. 

O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 

O'er the land of the free 
and the home of the brave? 


Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never rust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust. 
Remember Hoivard's warlike thrust. 
And all thy slumb'rers with the just, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

Come to thine own heroic throng. 

That stalks with Liberty along, 

And ring thy dauntless slogan song, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 


Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Commencement Program 1959 




rhe National Anthem 


VLaryland, My Maryland 


Conferring of Degrees 
and Certificates 

rhe Alma Mater 

Commissioning of Officers, 
United States Air Force 
and Marine Corps 



War March from Athalia, Mendelssohn 

The Reverend Mr. Philip Bower, Elias 
Evangelical Lutheran Church, Emmits- 
burg, Maryland 

The Star-Spangled Banner, Key, led by 
Professor Harlan Randall 

Mr. Edward F. Holter, Vice-Chairman, 
Board of Regents, University of Maryland 


His Excellency, 

J. Millard Tawes, Governor of Maryland 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, 
President of the University 


Colonel Robert E. Kendig, Professor of 
Air Science 

The Reverend Mr. Preston L. Peach, 
Mitchellville, Maryland 

Triumphal March from Aida, Verdi 

Special Music by Mr. Charlton G. Meyer, 
University Organist 

"Ae audience will please remain in place until the academic procession has marched out 


Honorary Degrees 




The Honorable J. Millard Tawes 
Governor of the State of Maryland 

The Honorable J. Millard Tawes, Gover- 
nor of the State of Maryland, has an out- 
standing record in business and public 

Born at Crisfield, Maryland in 1894, Gov- 
ernor Tawes attended the public schools of 
Somerset County, Wilmington Conference 
Academy, and Sadler's Bryant and Strat- 
ton Business College. He has engaged in 
special studies in banking and accountancy. 

Governor Tawes has served as Secretary- 
Treasurer of the Crisfield Shipbuilding 
Company, with the Tawes Baking Company, 
and has been actively associated in the 
management of the Tawes-Gibson Lumber 
Company and the Tawes-Gibson Packing 
Company. A director of the Bank of Cris- 
lield, he is now partially retired from all 
business activity. 

Governor Tawes has a long and outstand- 
ing record of public service. He has served 
as Clerk of the Court, Somerset County, 
1930-38; State Comptroller, 1938-47; and 
State Bank Commissioner, 1947-50. He was 
appointed Comptroller in 1950 to fill the 
vacancy caused by the death of The Hon- 
orable James J. Lacy. He was re-elected 
Comptroller in 1950 and again in 1954. 
Last fall, he was elected Governor of the 
State of Maryland. 

Governor Tawes serves \vith the Board 
of Visitors and Governors, Washington Col- 
lege; the Board of Trustees, Wesley Junior 
College; and with the Board of Directors, 
McCready Memorial Hospital. He is a Past 
President of the National Association of 
State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treas- 

John Zimmerman Bowers, M.D. 

Dean, School of Medicine, 
University of Wisconsin 

Dr. Bowers is one of the nation's out- 
standing medical educators. He is Profes- 
sor of Medicine and Dean of the School of 
Medicine, the University of Wisconsin. 

Dr. Bowers received the Bachelor of 
Science degree from Gettysburg College in 
1933; the Doctor of Medicine degree from 
the School of Medicine, University of Mary- 
land in 1938; and the Doctor of Science 
degree from Gettysburg College in 1958. 

Dr. Bowers spent his internship and 
residency at The University Hospital. He 

entered the Medical Corps of the United 
States Navy in 1941, won the Legion of 
Merit (Combat) and the Purple Heart, 
and was discharged in 1945 with the rank 
of Commander. 

During 1945-47, Dr. Bowers practiced 
medicine in the City of Baltimore, and in 
1948 was appointed Assistant Professor, 
Preventive Medicine, The Johns Hopkins 
School of Medicine. From 1950 to 1955, Dr. 
Bowers served as Professor of Radiobi- 
ology. Director of the Radiobiology Labor- 
atory, and Dean of the College of Medicine, 
University of Utah. In 1955 he received 
appointments as Professor of Medicine and 
Dean of the School of Medicine, University 
of Wisconsin. 

Dr. Bowers is presently serving with the 
Advisory Committee on Medicine, W. K. 
Kellogg Foundation; Advisory Board, Bell 
System Science Series; as Medical Advisor, 
International Cooperation Administration; 
as Editor, The Journal of Medical Educa- 
tion. He is a member of the Board of Di- 
rectors, Associated Midwest Universities; 
Board of Visitors, Air University; Council 
on Medical Education and Hospitals, Amer- 
ican Medical Association; also, the Health 
Resources Advisory Committee, Executive 
Office of the President. 

William Littlewood 

Vice President for Equipment Research, 
American Airlines 

Mr. Littlewood is a distinguished engi- 
neer, corporation executive and researcher. 

He has made major contributions to the 
development of a number of widely used 
American commercial air transports: the 
Convair 240, the Douglas DC-3, DC-4, DC- 
6, DC-7, the Lockheed Electra and the Boe- 
ing 707. 

Born in New York City, October 21, 1898, 
Mr. Littlewood received the Mechanical 
Engineering degree from Cornell Univer- 
sity in 1920. 

He served as General Manager, the Fair- 
child Engine and Aircraft Company, 1927- 
30; Chief Engineer, the Aviation Corpora- 
tion of America, 1933; Vice President for 
Engineering, 1937 and Vice President for 
Equipment Research, 1937 to the present. 

Mr. Littlewood was awarded the Wright 
Brothers Medal in 1935 and the Guggen- 
heim Medal in 1958. 

He is the owner and manager of a 400- 
acre farm located on the Eastern Shore of 
Maryland at St. Michael's. 



Doctor of Laws J. Millard Tawes 

Doctor of Science John Zimmerman Bowers 

Doctor of Engineering WILLIAM LiTTLEWOOD 


Muriel Dean Armour, Cecil County 

John Robert Hargreaves, Caroline County 

William Rodenbaugh Powel, Howard County 

Charles Edward Wise, Jr., Baltimore City 





Degrees and Diplomas 

^' ^ 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Ronald Bamford, Dean of the School 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Bahman Amini Iran 

Joseph Meyer Axelrod Maryland 

Esther Katherine Birdsall Maryland 

Laurence Wallace Botimer Maryland 

Raymond Richard Bouche Maryland 

William H. Brown Maryland 

Margaret Joyce Carlson Maryland 

Robert Wayne Carroll Maryland 

Ralph Cecchetti Maryland 

Yung Ping Chen Maryland 

Paul Lawrence Chessin Maryland 

Neri Anthony Clark Maryland 

Edward Lyon Compere, Jr West Virginia 

Joseph Francis Dardano Massachusetts 

Richard R. Dedolph Hawaii 

Paul M. Descouzis Maryland 

Leo Ralph DiLiello Maryland 

Peggy Ann Dixon Maryland 

Bhupendra p. Doctor New York 

Carl Robert Eklund Maryland 

Samuel Elkin Pennsylvania 

Richard Grant Ellsworth Utah 

William Linwood Ensor Maryland 

Alfonso Napalang Eusebio Philippines 

Stavros Fallieros Greece 

Robert Bernard Fox D. C. 

Ronald John Gibbons New York 

Jacob Daniel Goering Maryland 

Henry Goldberg D. C. 

Isadore Goldberg Maryland 

Bernard Francis Grabowski 


Charles Wesley Griffin, III Maryland 

Raghuvir Gupta D. C. 

John David Hensala Oregon 

Donald Cameron Hester D. C. 

Charles Maxwell Hunt Maryland 

John Edward Katon Ohio 

Donald Lee Keister West Virginia 

Bernard Krafchick Maryland 

John Lesser, Jr Maryland 

Charlotte Weiss Mangold Maryland 

Robert David McCarthy Pennsylvania 

Claude Gibbons McKee Maryland 

William Raphael Mehler Maryland 

Gunnar Peter Ohman Maryland 

Matthew Fontaine Maury Osborne 


Jacob Pomerantz Maryland 

Francisco Prats Spain 

Donald Lee Price Maryland 

Stephen Timothy Quigley Ohio 

Herbert Rabin D. C. 

Matthew Joseph Rehak Maryland 

Howard Robert Reiss Maryland 

John Robinson Roark Pennsylvania 

Julian Baker Roebuck North Carolina 

Edward Charles Rosenzweig Maryland 

George Sandoz D. C. 

Andrew Robert Saunders Maryland 

Murray Scheibe California 

Abraham Schwebel Maryland 

Paul Shahinian D. C. 

Robert Merrall Smibert, Il....Connecticut 

Daniel Eli Sonenshine Maryland 

Edward Arthur Stahly Maryland 

Bernard A. Twigg Maryland 

Ronald Elliot Walker Maryland 

Myron Simon Weinberg New York 

Harold Edward Weisberg MaryUind 

Hans J. S. Winkler Maryland 

Doctor of Education 

James Edwin Beasley Maryland 

Garney Lewis Darrin D. C. 

Mary Viola Formwalt de Vermond 


Frederick Luther Dunn, Jr Maryland 

William John Ellena Virginia 

Austin Eugene Gisriel Maryland 

Myrtie Agnes Hunt Minnesota 


Frances M. McKee Minnesota 

Ruth Ina Mills Massachusetts 

Maurice Seymour Nichols Virginia 

Alice Mendham Powell Virginia 

Minnie Loretta Roseberry Arizona 

William Burke Royster South Carolina 

Jennye Faye Schultz D. C. 

Charlotte Seyffer Wisconsin 

Thomas Whitney Strickland Florida 

Frederick Francis Wampler Virginia 

Kenneth Conrad Weisbrod California 

Elizabeth Cecil Wilson D. C. 

Joseph Alexander Wiseman Maryland 

Leonard Woolf Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Valentina Adams Maryland 

Vera Kate Andreasen Maryland 

Elizabeth S. Augenstine Maryland 

Mildred Eleanor Barrett Georgia 

Richard Earl Bergquist New York 

Harold Charles Berry Maryland 

George Robert Blakley Maryland 

Bruce Alexander Bloomfield Oregon 

Ruth Elizabeth Brasher Utah 

Richard Boring Brian Maryland 

Aldine Margaret Bullard Maryland 

Raymond Eugene Chalkley Maryland 

Jack LaVern Cline Maryland 

William Joseph Cochran.... T^esf Virginia 

David Samuel Crockett Ohio 

Arthur Norment Disney, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Ludwig Dorpalen New York 

Dorothy Fay Duffy Maryland 

Bernard Emile Dupuis New Hampshire 

Carolyn Jane Eble D. C. 

Jeanette Joan Filbert Kansas 

Mohamed Hoshi Mohamed Gaber D. C. 

William Morton Gordon Maryland 

Paul Tompkins Hanley Alabama 

Nazira Mohamed Hassan Egypt 

Lester Harry Heller Maryland 

James Parrish Hodges Maryland 

Howard Rolf Hohman Illinois 

John Howard Hunton Maryland 

Janet Aiko Ikeda Hawaii 

Joseph Farjallah Khoury Lebanon 

Frederick Lionel Klein Maryland 

Francis Benjamin Kolbenschlag 


NoRBERT Jack Krieg Maryland 

Alexander William Kubik Maryland 

Norman Lynn Laser D. C. 

Ruth Bernice Link Maryland 

Lois Joy Masket Maryland 

Lois Lorraine Mauldin Georgia 

Jane Elizabeth McCorts Maryland 

Richard Eugene McGill Maryland 

Linda Marie McGranahan D. C. 

Joan Yvonne McKinstry Tennessee 

Donald William McMaster California 

Frederic Thomas Metcalf Maryland 

George Robert Moe New York 

Dudley Greenwood Mook Maryland 

Frank McLester Murphy Virginia 

Earl Henry Palmer Maryland 

Melvin Delmar Palmer Maryland 

Edward Harvey Parkes Maryland 

Martin Leonard Primack Pennsylvania 

Richard Lee Renfield Virginia 

Donald Charles Richter Maryland 

Robert Earl Roberts Maryland 

Thomas Otto Schmitt Maryland 

Irving Bernard Schoenberg Virginia 

Ernest Thomas Schwartz, Jr Maryland 

Phyllis Muriel Scott Australia 

George Macon Shuffer, Jr California 

Bruce Ohlen Sivertsen Virginia 

James Francis Skarbek Maryland 

James Getty Smart Maryland 

Clagett Gordon Smith Michigan 


Conway James Smith Ohio 

Ruth Davidson Smith Virginia 

Elizabeth Ann Snoddy Wisconsin 

Robert Martin Sorensen Maryland 

Kenneth Reagan Stunkel Maryland 

Raymond Thurston Taylor Kentucky 

Melvin Carl Tews Maryland 

Edna Pauline Thomas D. C. 

John Iverson Toland, Jr Maryland 

James Mansel Tube Miaaiaaippi 

Ruth Anne Voth Virginia 

Mary Josephine Walker Maryland 

Richard Alexander Ward Arkansaa 

William King Wardall Hawaii 

Norman John Wise Maryland 

Herbert Maurice Wolf D. C. 

Kenneth Flint Woods Maasachusetta 

Master of Science 

Abid E. Adamjee Pakistan 

Henry Timmons Badger Maryland 

Robert Bento Rhode Island 

Howard Andrew Bladen, Jr Maryland 

Robert Lennis Boord Maryland 

John Joseph Borris New Jersey 

William John Bowen Maryland 

Charlotte Elizabeth Bowuai^.... Mary land 

Ralph Augustus Byrd Maryland 

Ruth Evon Bytheway Delaware 

Lois Claire Carleton Maryland 

Arlyn Charlton Maryland 

Retta Frances Chase Marylarid 

Jean L. Christiaens Belgium 

Maimon Moses Cohen Maryland 

Obadiah Phillip Cohen Maryland 

Clinton Arthur Conant Maine 

Maurice Frederick Crass, llI....Maryland 

Lawrence Harlan Davis Virginia 

Ronald Allan Davis Maryland 

Richard R. Dedolph Hawaii 

Charles Irving Denton Maryland 

Leland Arthur De Pue Maryland 

Francois Albert deWaegh Belgium 

Joseph DiPietro New York 

Lewis Dunbar Dove Maryland 

Herbert Dropkin D. C. 

Donald Busby Dunlap South Carolina 

Walter Ewanus Maryland 

Thomas Wellington Finch Maryland 

Francine LaRue Fuchs Maryland 

Daniel Leedy Garber, Jr Maryland 

CoNCHiTA Esguerra Gi AN zon.... Philippines 

Mary Betty Gibbs Maryland 

Mary Kathryn Goldman Arkansas 

Dennis Patrick Hanley Maryland 

Leonard Newlon Hare Maryland 

George Gibson Harman, Jr D. C. 

Robert Edward Havranek New York 

W. Beazie Hayes Georgia 

John Christopher Uegarty.. Massachusetts 

Donald Richard Heinicke Maryland 

John Matthew Hejl Virginia 

James Burgess Holter Pennsylvania 

John Miller Hyson, Jr Maryland 

John Jellinek D. C. 

Betty Sue Johnson New Jersey 

Ira Katz Maryland 

James Franklin Keeper Maryland 

Owen David Keene Pennsylvania 

Stephen Bird Kistler New York 

Ronald Joseph Komarek Maryland 

Judith Ann Laegeler Illinois 

Helen Wagner LaMotte Maryland 

Spyros a. Lazaris Greece 

Lucy F. Lee Maryland 

Si Duk Lee Korea 

Ralph Carl Leibowitz Maryland 

WiLLARD James Lennox Maryland 

Claire Nobles Lieske Oregon 

Edward C. Lloyd Maryland 

Hbrschel Hare Loomis, Jr Delaware 

OciE Levonnette Lowe Georgia 

Katherine Crockett Lutes Tennessee 

Morton Lutzky New York 

Martin Charles Mathes Maryland 

Ohn Maung Burma 

Ella Dunn McColl North Carolina 

Harry Alvin Menser, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Frances Metcalf Georgia 

Joseph Andrew Meyers, III Maryland 


Thomas Charles Montie Maryland 

Paul Blackmer Morgan Maryland 

Malcolm Sherman Morse Maryland 

Thomas Samuel Mortimer Maryland 

Priscilla Ann Moyer Pennsylvania 

Margaret Anne Murphy Maryland 

Mary Ruth Northrop D. C. 

Tamlin Curtis Olson Indiana 

John Christian Oppelt New Jersey 

Richard Harry Page Maryland 

Vithalbhai Chhotabhai Patel India 

David Allen Power Maryland 

Philip Joseph Provost Connecticut 

Roger Hunt Ratcliffe Maryland 

Austin Thomas Rhoads Maryland 

Allan Charles Barbour Richardson 


Stanley B. Rosen Maryland 

Charles R. Rosenberger, Jr Maryland 

Malcolm Ross Maryland 

Caroline Bracewell Saunders Georgia 

Elsa Christiana Siegert Georgia 

Arthur Dickson Sills Florida 

Marion Emma Simpson Maryland 

Paul Lester Smeal Pennsylvania 

James Cecil Smith, Jr Maryland 

John Newton Smith Maryland 

Terrill Dean Smith Missouri 

Robert Zelefro Spry Maryland 

George Eugene Stembridge Georgia 

Puar Suvanprakorn Thailand 

Arnold Lawrence Sweet D. C. 

Charles Ward Thomas Washington 

Larry F. Thomasson Maryland 

David Goodrich Thompson Maryland 

Denis Daniel Tyrer Maryland 

Edmundo Varela Panama 

Paul John Vasington Connecticut 

Walter Anthony Von Wald, Jr. 


Walborg S. Wayne Virginia 

Ervin Robert Werner, Jr Pennsylvania 

Ronald L. Wigington Virginia 

Phletus Paul Williams, Jr Maryland 

Robert M. Winter New Jersey 

George Daniel Wood Maryland 

Master of Education 

William Earl Amos Virginia 

Adrian Clinton Anderson Maryland 

Charles Raymond Anderson Maryland 

Eugenia Mears Belcher Maryland 

JosiE Cora Benton Arkansas 

Mildred Hammond Black Maine 

James Dayton Blackwell Maryland 

Thomas Stevenson Blair Maryland 

Martha Euse Blankenship Louisiana 

Mildred Virginia Blankenship... .Alabama 

George John Broadwell Vermont 

Maude Duvall Burke Maryland 

Grace Mildred Butcher Maryland 

Theodore Raymond Butcher Maryland 

Emerson Niel Carey Maryland 

Frederick Robert Cialli Maryland 

Philip Joseph Cifizzari Maryland 

Katharine Sheppard Claud D. C. 

Sylvia G. Cohen D. C. 

Don Ashworth Comer Maryland 

fOHN James Darnaby, Jr Maryland 

Beryl L. Davis Maryland 

Louise Ballenger Davis Georgia 

Juliana Uro Domingo Philippines 

John Drigan Maryland 

Peter Joseph Eshmont Maryland 

Minerva King Fair Maryland 

Robert Francis Fey Pennsylvania 

Mildred Lull Forward Maryland 

Wilbur Chester Fox Maryland 

Cyril Frederick Walter Futcher 


Robert Eugene Gamble Tennessee 

Jean R. Gehman Maryland 

Madge Turner Gosnell South Carolina 

Miriam Jean Greenberg Virginia 

James Paterson Hackman Maryland 

Dorothy J. Hamilton Arkansas 

Frank Vincent Herman Maryland 

Emily K. Hill Maryland 

Claude Huntley Hilliard Maryland 


MiLBOURNE Foster Hull Maryland 

Robert Thomas Hutcheson Maryland 

Glen Harvey Jones Maryland 

Timothy Emmanuel Judd Illinois 

Ada E. Judson New Jersey 

Carl Bertram Kallmyer Maryland 

Minnie W. Koblitz Maryland 

Elizabeth Rencher Lane Maryland 

Marie Brandenburg Linton Maryland 

Harriet S. Lourie Maryland 

Selma Eisenberg Lyons Maryland 

ZiGMOND Dominic Maciekowich.. Maryland 

Gordon Alexander Madgwick Maryland 

Dora Mildred Magaha Maryland 

John Edward Maley Maryland 

Anthony George Marchione Maryland 

Richard Eldon McCall Maryland 

Dorothy H, McKinley Maryland 

Bertram LeVerne Merritt Maryland 

June Weber Miller Maryland 

Ellen Maedine Moore Maryland 

Henry Jackson Muller Maryland 

George William Mullins D. C. 

Joseph Patrick Murray Maryland 

Jesse Albert Myers Maryland 

William Wesley O'Connor Maryland 

Cornelius James O^'Dq-h-^eia... Pennsylvania 

Reginald Calvert Orem Maryland 

Robert Duane Overly Pennsylvania 

Margaret Zelma Parker Tennessee 

Roy Edwin Pepper Maryland 

Paul Peter Plevyak Maryland 

William Rollins Porter Maryland 

Ayodhya Prasad Pradhan Nepal 

Alma Holton Rich D. C. 

Edwin Cranston Riggin, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Lillian Riley Maryland 

Orem Elwood Robinson, Jr Maryland 

James Petrie Rouleau Maryland 

Francis Anthony Ruffo Maryland 

Ellen Sleasman Schwartz D. C. 

Rosalind N. Shifrin Maryland 

Rose Carney Shuck Maryland^ 

Wendell C. Silvius West Virginia 

Barbara Holman Smith Maryland 

Maurice Rogers Smith Maryland 

Reginald Howard Standing Maryland 

Albert Thomas Stevens, Jr Maryland 

Clara Frederic Stewart Maryland 

Marie Henrietta Stratmann Maryland 

John Anthony Taddie Pennsylvania 

Bettye Virginia Thomas Louisiana 

Mary Catherine Thompson Maryland 

Lucille Tumey Venafra Virginia 

William Carroll Walsh Maryland 

Fred John Ward Maryland 

David James Washington D. C. 

Tillie Wetter Maryland 

Charles Sawin White Maryland 

Nancy A. Whitney Virginia 

Marian Stone Wright Maryland 

Master of Business Administration 

Alfred Winzig Baldwin Maryland 

Richard Xavier Chase Maryland 

William David Coffey, Jr Texas 

Henry Grady Dorsett, III Maryland 

William Grauley Henderson Virginia 

John Gibson Johnson, Jr Maryland 

George M. Kurian India 

Neil Burton Lukow New York 

William Francis McSpadden Michigan 

Garland Joseph Mears Maryland 

David Besserglick Michaels.. ..A^ew Jersey 

Benjamin Ernest Perry Virginia 

Paul Joseph Post, Jr Massachusetts 

Samuel Povar New York 

Robert Hoover Ratcliff Ohio 

Thomas Eugene Robertson California 

Cecil Joseph Rolfe Maryland 

Michael Edward Ruddy New York 

Robert Ray Seiler Maryland 

James Russell Smith Ohio 

Donald Stout Spaulding Maryland 

Gordon Alexander Thom Canada 

Master of Foreign Study 
Ralph Marcus Boersma Virginia 



Candidates will be presented by William S. Stone, M.D., Dean of the School 

Doctor of Medicine 

David Leavitt Abramson Maryland 

Wolfe N. Adler Maryland 

IsADORE George Ances Maryland 

William Lee Ashburn Maryland 

Gerson Asrael Maryland 

Anthony Carmino BROCCOLL./J/iode Island 

Fred David Brown Florida 

John Francis Cadden, Jr Maryland 

William Nathan Cohen Maryland 

Milton Burns Cole Maryland 

John William Coursey Georgia 

Donald Earle Courts Maryland 

Joseph Leo Darr Maryland 

Robert Joseph Dawson Maryland 

Salvatore Joseph Demarco, III. .Maryland 
William James Ross Dunseath. .Mari/Zand 

James Paul Durkan Maryland 

William Franklin Falls, Jr Maryland 

Francis Edward Farley Maryland 

Gilbert N. Feinberg Maryland 

Stanley Zvi Felsenberg Maryland 

Charles Bryant Fletcher Maryland 

George Cromwell Gallagher... .Cah'/ornia 

Theodore David Gardiner Maryland 

Jon Bennett Glazier Maryland 

Karl Mathias Green Maryland 

Carlton Irwin Halle Maryland 

Franklin Alvan Han AVER..Massachusetts 

Robert Stewart Holt West Virginia 

Roger B. Ingham Tennessee 

Robert Collier Irwin Maryland 

Gilbert Herman Isaacs Maryland 

Robert Truxton James Maryland 

James Patrick Jarboe Maryland 

Arthur Raymond Jasion Maryland 

Arthur Ford Jones, Jr Maryland 

Jorge 0. Just-Viera Puerto Rico 

August Daniel King, Jr Marxjland 

Marvin Manes Kirsh Maryland 

Martin Samuel Kleinman Maryland 

Paul George Koukoulas Maryland 

William Kraut New Jersey 

Richard Collison Lang Maryland 

Donald Ryan Lewis Maryland 

George Needham Lewis, III Maryland 

Jack Covington Lewis Maryland 

Arthur Luban New Jersey 

Charles J. Mailman Maryland 

Ferdinand Gregory Mainolfi Maryland 

Elmer Stewart McKay Pennsylvania 

Donald Reid McWilliams Maryland 

Philip Werner Mercer Maryland 

Jose Oscar Morales Puerto Rico 

Morton Maimon Mower Maryland 

Ralph Donald Natale Maryland 

Joseph Francis Nataro New Jersey 

J. Rollin Otto, Jr Maryland 

Nicholas Anthony Pace New York 

Jose A. Pereyo-Torrellas Puerto Rico 

David Arthur Perras Massachusetts 

Lawrence David Pinkner Maryland 

Arthur Lee PoFFENBATiGEn.... West Virginia 

Mario Joseph Reda, Sr Maryland 

William Edward Rhea, III..W est Virginia 

Herbert Ribner Massachusetts 

Ramon F. Roig, Jr Puerto Rico 

Howard J. Rubenstein New Jersey 

Gerard Lee Russo Maryland 

Carol Edmund Rybczynski Maryland 

Daniel Saul Sax Maryland 

Stanley Sol Schocket Maryland 

John Raymond Schroeder Maryland 

Arthur Allen Serpick Maryland 

Earl Francis Shields, Jr Ohio 

Stanley N, Snyder Maryland 

Harvey Mark Solomon Maryland 

Beverly Jean Stump Ohio 

Robert Johnson Thomas Maryland 

Mervin Lee Trail Maryland 

George Sedding Trotter Florida 

Robert Irvin Varner Maryland 

Hans Richard Wilhelmsen Maryland 

Robert Hence Young, Jr Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Myron S. Aisenberg, D.D.S,, Dean of the School 
Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Kenneth David Bass 

Robert Gene Beckelheimer 

Frederick Blumenthal Florida 

Martin David Breckstein Florida 

West Virginia 


Lawrence A. Brehne New Jersey 

Robert Francis Bristol Rhode Island 

Bayard Allen Buchen Florida 

Robert R. Buckner Georgia 

Barbara Dorothea Bucko Connecticut 

Thomas Calx New Jersey 

John Joseph Cartisano New York 

Gary H. Cohen Maryland 

Robert Ted Conner West Virginia 

Juan Anibal Cuevas Puerto Rico 

Adolph Albert Cura Massachusetts 

Peter Bernard Dal Pozzol Connecticut 

Allan Lee Danoff Maryland 

Eugene Frederick deLonge 

South Carolina 

Joseph Budding Dietz, Jr Delaware 

Frank Anthony Dolle Marrjland 

William Frank Dombbowski Maryland 

James Francis Dooley, Jr Maryland 

William Edward Dowden New York 

Conrad C. Ferlita Florida 

Raymond Alan Flanders New York 

John Morrison Foley Maryland 

James Arthur Fowler, Jr Maryland 

Robert Donald Eraser New York 

Richard Lawrence Fraze Florida 

Larry Joe Frick South Carolina 

Thornwell Jacobs FRiCK....South Carolina 

Orton Dittmar Frisbie Florida 

Ivan Orlo Gardner Maryland 

Billy Wade Gaskill Arkansas 

Frederick Lewis Hodous Maryland 

Francis Kurt Hugelmeyer New York 

Eugene Farley Humphreys California 

James Paul Jabbour Massachusetts 

Calvin Charles Kay Florida 

E. Gerard Keen Connecticut 

Paul Lewis Keener Maryland 

Joseph Krall Maryland 

Jacob Ian Krampf Maryland 

Frank Walter Krause New Jersey 

DoMENic Edward LaPorta Connecticut 

Robert Louis Lee Maryland 

Wallace George Lee Michigan 

Lester Leonard Levin Maryland 

Leslie Herminio Lopez Puerto Rico 

Joseph Paul Lynch Maryland 

Carlos Augusto Machuca Puerto Rico 

Arnold Irwin Malhmood Maryland 

Jose Manuel Martinez-Rivera 

Puerto Rico 
John Kenneth McDonald Mississippi 

Thomas James Meakem, Jr New Jersey 

Thomas E. Miller New Jersey 

Bejinard Lee Morgan West Virginia 

Fabian Morgan North Carolina 

John Worthington Myers Maryland 

Elizabeth Haydee Noa-Gonzalez 

Puerto Rico 
William Barnard O'Connor 

West Virginia 

William Robert Owens North Carolina 

Jeffry Chandler Pennington 

South Carolina 

Charles Kenneth Peters, Jr Maryland 

Gregory Michael Petrakis Connecticut 

George Jackson Phillips, Jr Maryland 

Barry Pickus Maryland 

Donald Alan Pirie Maryland 

George Louis Plassnig Maryland 

Anthony Michael PoLicASTRO..New Jersey 

Joseph Eul Polino Connecticut 

Alben R. Pollack ^.New York 

Joel Pollack New York 

Albert Edward Postal £>. C. 

William Lewis Pralley West Virginia 

John Viering Raese WestVirginia 

William Paul Raimond Maryland 

Burton Alvin Raphael Maryland 

Harold Reuben Ribakow Maryland 

Chester James Richmond, jR...Connecticut 

Matthew Angelo Rocco New Jersey 

Lawrence David Rogers Maryland 

Everett Newton Roush, lIl..West Virginia 

Louis Joseph Ruland, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Richard SAHLEY....West Virginia 

Charles Salerno New Jersey 

Richard Charles Saville Maryland 

David Lee Schofield Florida 

Jerome Schwartz Maryland 

Robert Bernard Silberstein Florida 

Stanley Leonard Silver D. C. 

Francis Vincent Simansky Maryland 

Orlando Louis Skaff West Virginia 

Philip Smith Vermont 

Anthony Sollazzo New Jersey 

James Frederick Sproul Ohio 

John Joseph Stecher New Jersey 

Donald Dietrich Stegman Maryland 

Daniel Joseph Sullivan Rhode Island 

Charles Carroll Swoope, Jr New Jersey 

Arthur Morton Tilles Maryland 

John Louis Varanelli Connecticut 

Francis Anthony Veltre Maryland 

Jorge Vendrell Puerto Rico 


GoRM VON Pultz-Hansen Maryland 

Leonard Clifford Warner, Jr. 


Edgar C. White Maryland 

Thomas Adams Wilson Maryland 

Herbert Sanford YAMPOLSKY....ZVew Jersey 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Roger Howell, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Laws 

Edward Joseph Albert Maryland 

David Ernest Aldridge Maryland 

John Davis Alexander, Jr Maryland 

Donald Clinton Allen Maryland 

Franklin Bruce Applestein Maryland 

Byron Berman Maryland 

John Francis Bianchi New York 

Benjamin Leonard Brown Maryland 

Josef Burton Brown Maryland 

Paul Edward Burke, Jr Maryland 

Joseph John Cain Maryland 

James F. Caldwell Maryland 

Brodnax Cameron, Jr Maryland 

Talbott Denmead Cockey Maryland 

Jay Fred Cohen Maryland 

Irving Frank Cohn Maryland 

Jerome Frank Cohn Maryland 

Stanton Joseph Collins, Jr Maryland 

George Robert Contos Maryland 

Roy Dobson Cromv^^ell Maryland 

Joseph Edward Davis Maryland 

William Francis Dawson, Jr Maryland 

Joseph John De Salvo, Jr Maryland 

Stewart Deutsch Maryland 

Roy Dragonh Maryland 

Douglas Randolph Due Maryland 

Robert Anderson Dunham Maryland 

Charles William Dunn Maryland 

Martin Appell Dyer Maryland 

William Maloy Edgett Maryland 

James B. Eisel Maryland 

John Cole Eldridge Maryland 

Robert William Flockhart New York 

J. John Gasparre New Jersey 

Louis Edward Getlan Maryland 

Stanley A. Gladstone Maryland 

George R. Hall Maryland 

F. David Halpert Maryland 

Wilfred Handler Maryland 

William Burch Harmon Maryland 

Robert Leo Heimert Maryland 

Wilbur Ross Hockersmith Maryland 

Eugene Emil Holmen Maryland 

Conrad Joseph Janish Maryland 

Charles Robert Kase, Jr Delaware 

Nelson Reed Kerr, Jr Maryland 

Richard Nevin Kerr Maryland 

Morton Allen Kesler Maryland 

Ronald LeRoy Lapides Maryland 

William Minifie Levy Maryland 

Robert Numsen Lucke Maryland 

James Herbert Ludlow, Jr Maryland 

Richard E. Marrs Maryland 

Lynn Franklin Meyers Maryland 

Leonard R. Miller Maryland 

Arthur C. Montgomery Maryland 

Joseph Milbert Moran Maryland 

Thomas Peter Moran Maryland 

Joseph Robert Muffolett Maryland 

Maurice John Nelligan, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Patrick Gates Maryland 

Joel Hillary Packing Maryland 

Edward Frank Patz Maryland 

William Julius Pittler Maryland 

Burton Robert Pollack Maryland 

Kenneth E. Prince Maryland 

Howard G. Reamer Maryland 

John Paul Rogers Maryland 

Herbert Lester Rollins Maryland 

Iris Kahn Rosenblatt Maryland 

Sylvan Leonard Rottman Maryland 

Arnold L. Rudo Maryland 

George Edvhn Rullman, Jr Maryland 

John Frank Russell, Jr Pennsylvania 

I. Marshall Seidler Maryland 

Joseph Peter Semasek Pennsylvania 

Edwin Melvin Shagam Maryland 

Russell William Shipley Maryland 

Edgar Lynnford Smith Maryland 

William Thomas Stanley Maryland 

Robert Charles Verderaime Maryland 

Hugh Edward Wagner, Jr Maryland 


Ira Jay Wagonheim Maryland 

Gordon M. Wase Maryland 

Ernest John Weiss, Jr Maryland 

Allan Craven Westcott Maryland 

Blair Harter Wetzel Maryland 

Charles Henry Wheatley, UI....Maryland 

Margaret Maie Wheltle Maryland 

Barry Tevian Whitman Maryland 

John Franklin Wiley Maryland 

JUDSON Rawlings Wood Maryland 

Emil Joseph Yampaglia New Jersey 

Raymond Francis Zinzeleta Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Vernon Allan Bandel Maryland 

Homer Earl Bloss Maryland 

Richard Gibbons Boston Maryland 

Paris Manaford Brickey, Jr D.C. 

Laurence Watson Brown Maryland 

William Harold Choate Maryland 

Charles Webster Coale, Jr Maryland 

Roderick MacLeod Coan Maryland 

James Huntington Comings Maryland 

John David Cooper Maryland 

Clyde Francis Culver Maryland 

William Allen Curry Martjland 

Daniel William Daly, Jr Maryland 

Elmer Eugene Davis Maryland 

James William Dickerson Maryland 

Richard Eldon Dovell Virginia 

William Sherman Ebersole Maryland 

Nazar Sadeldein Elissa Iraq 

Russell Leo Ellis Maryland 

Robert William Farmer Maryland 

William Kenneth Fielder Maryland 

Robert Allan Foster Maryland 

Edgar Henry Harman Maryland 

Robert Thomas Hastie Maryland 

Robert Kremer Howell Maryland 

Robert Gately Keenan Maryland 

Robert R. Kifer Pennsylvania 

William Regis Komlo Maryland 

Joseph Lanza New Jersey 

Charles William Lease Maryland 

Lloyd Bradford Lewis Maryland 

Edward Lipinski D. C. 

Gerald Chester Mallack Maryland 

Thurbie Keith Markoe Maryland 

Margaret Jane Mathis Maryland 

Daniel Anthony Mauser, Jr Maryland 

Frank Edward McDonough Maryland 

Percival Eaton McDowell, jR...Maryland 

Max Wulfsohn McFadden D. C. 

Ronald Thomas Mears Maryland 

Harry Gibson Merryman, Jr Maryland 

Sidney Calvin Miller Maryland 

John Marlow Myers Maryland 

David Murray Osgood Maryland 

Suratep Paripunna Thailand 

Richard Glynn Pugh Maryland 

Donald Albert Quidas Maryland 

David Thomas Rams New Jersey 

Richard Winfred Rayne, Jr Maryland 

Clarence Remsburg Reeder Maryland 

John Horace Reynolds Maryland 

Jon Blake Richardson Maryland 

George Benjamin Roche Maryland 

William Thomas Schlotterbeck, Jr. 


Paul Henry Schwartz, Jr Maryland 

Josef Seidel, Jr Maryland 

Donald Wardwell Shanklin Maryland 

Ruth Barkayi Shechter Israel 

Herbert Lowell Smith Maryland 

Lewis Wilbert Smith Maryland 

William Wright Smith Maryland 

Malcolm Robert Spaulding Virginia 

William Raymond Stevens Maryland 

James Allen Stewart Virginia 

Daniel Reuben Tompkins Maryland 

Reginald Allen Traband Maryland 

Alberts Turks D. C. 

Robert Van Fleet Maryland 

Francisco Jose van Reigersberg D. C. 

Edward Case Vincent Maryland 

Carlton Lee Whaley Maryland 

Glenn Oliver Workman Maryland 

Joan Amelia Zito Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Leon P. Smith, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

James Edward Ammerman Maryland 

Robert Louis Anderson Maryland 

Frederick Applestein Maryland 

William Donovan Arm strong.... Mar j/Zawrf 
Marilyn Deannb Aronow Virginia 


Michael Saul Backenheimer D. C. 

Robert Brooks Bailey Maryland 

Nancy Ward Baldwin Maryland 

Jose Dario Balquin England 

Gwen Barnthouse Maryland 

William Randolph Basham Virginia 

Peggy Anne Behrman Maryland 

William Wallace Belt Maryland 

Barbara Lou Bennett Maryland 

John Adam Bensel Maryland 

Elinor Betty Bergbr Maryland 

Helen Joanna Berlin Maryland 

Steven Clark Bernard Maryland 

Wesley Benson Blackmon Maryland 

William Stanley Blaisdell Maryland 

John Wayne Bludis Maryland 

Howard Irvin Blumberg Maryland 

Ina Sybil Blumberg Maryland 

Donald Alton Boerum Maryland 

John Stanton Boteler Maryland 

Marion Blanche Bowe Maryland 

Elva Ann Boyer Maryland 

Wayne Leo Brady Maryland 

Robert Allen Brawer New Jersey 

Judith Barbara Brenner D. C. 

Michael David Breuer Maryland 

Helen Louise Burch Maryland 

Robert L. Burchett Maryland 

Albert Clifton Burton Maryland 

Linda Caplan Maryland 

Paul Francis Cardaci, Jr Maryland 

Howard Holbert Carrico, Jr Maryland 

Jeanne Harwood Ceranton Maryland 

Gillian Corbett Chadsey Maryland 

Robert Mitchel Chalmers New Jersey 

Walter Joseph Chambers Maryland 

Louis Lee Chaney Maryland 

Buster Christian Coakley Maryland 

Nathan Herbert Cohen Maryland 

Stanley Simon Cohen Maryland 

Anna Colin Collins Maryland 

John Milton Collins, III Maryland 

Barbara Ann Colvin Virginia 

James Walter Coughlin Maryland 

Barbara Anne Covington Maryland 

Joseph William Cox Maryland 

Rodney Vernon Cox, Jr Maryland 

Jeanne Carolyn Coyne Maryland 

George Gibson Cozzens, III D. C. 

Patricia Lee Crane New Jersey 

John Harold Crockett, Jr Maryland 

William Justin Cronin Maryland 

Patricia Sharon Cross Maryland 

Elisabeth Jane Custy Maryland 

Robert Selkirk Dalrymple New York 

Patricia Mary Dalton Maryland 

Susan Tamar Shands Dangel.. ..Afort/Zand 

William Rollins Davie D. C. 

Cynthia Marie Dean Idaho 

Donald Albert Dean D. C. 

Marie Evelyn Dean Maryland 

Anne Lee Decker Virginia 

Maria Alexandra Demakis Virginia 

Irma Elaine Dennison D.C. 

Margo Lucey Denton Maryland 

Lois Theresa Detota Maryland 

Marsha Diener Maryland 

Margaret Lumley Dieterich Maryland 

Anthony Di Perno New York 

Edward Ronald Dobb Maryland 

Humberto Manuel DoMENECH-Ptterto Rico 

Robert Donkis Maryland 

Richard Emerson Donnelly Maryland 

QUENTIN C. Donoghue California 

Benjamin Notes Dorman Maryland 

Carolyn B. Draim California 

Virginia Alexandra Duke Maryland 

Richard Wells Durkee Maryland 

Russell Edward Eddy, Jr Maryland 

John Alexander Effer D. C. 

Sandra Claire Eskin Maryland 

Gerald Richard Ewan Maryland 

Myron Abba Farber Maryland 

Jerome Keller Farrell D. C. 

Alan Irvin Fedder Maryland 

Miriam Annette Feldman D. C. 

Howard Feldstein Maryland 

Charles Elmore Fenton, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Geary Fisher D. C. 

Maitland Kirk Flood Maryland 

Mary Ellen Foster..... Maryland 

Charles Wilson Fowler Maryland 


Stanley Berle Foxman Maryland 

F. Bettina Fragale D. C. 

Alma Joan Frank New Jersey 

Ralph Dorsey Freeny Maryland 

Linda Jean French Maryland 

Charles Christopher FvT'TERER..Maryland 

Patricia Ann Giersch Maryland 

David Lewis Glazer Maryland 

Benjamin Rader GoERTEMiLLER-Mar^/to-nd 

Margaret Lynn Goheen Maryland 

Victor Jacob Goldberg Maryland 

Joel Max Goldstein Maryland 

Elmars Golts New York 

Michael Julian Goodman Maryland 

Mary Lou Gosorn Virginia 

Eileen Kelley Gould Maryland 

James Mathew Gradijan Maryland 

Malcolm Campbell Graham Maryland 

Francis Asbury Griffith Maryland 

Annie Nicole Groven Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Haggerty Maryland 

James Albert Hagy Maryland 

David Graham Halliday, Jr New York 

F. David Halpert Maryland 

Joseph Raymond Hardiman Maryland 

Morris S. Hardy Maryland 

John Timothy Harrington, jR...Maryland 

Frank Patrick Harrison Maryland 

Maurine Knatvold Hayter Maryland 

Michael Donald Healy New York 

Alice Baskerville Heisler Maryland 

Leonard Michael Helfgott Maryland 

Martin William Herbst Maryland 

William Francis Uerlihy.. Massachusetts 

Darrell Dean Herman D. C. 

Jack Morton Herman Maryland 

Barbara Lee Heterick Virginia 

Francis Edward Heuring Maryland 

Virginia Therese Hill Maryland 

Myrna Faupel Hofmann Maryland 

James Clarence Holland Maryland 

Charles Gordon Hollingsworth 


Beth Ann Holmes Maryland 

Marian Wagner Holmes New York 

Douglas Franklin Horne D. C. 

Wayne Crump Hough Maryland 

Donald John Howard Maryland 

Carter Carol Hubbel, Jr Maryland 

Marcia LaVerne Hugghins Maryland 

Robert Ames Hunt, Jr Maryland 

Carol Ruth Isaacson Maryland 

Carolyn Helen Iverson Pennsylvania 

Susan Jean Jabas Maryland 

Julian Isadore Jacobs Maryland 

Lotus Mozelle Jaffe Maryland 

Francis David James Maryland 

Thomas Hall Jessop Maryland 

Joseph Michael Jesuele New Jersey 

Frances Kaye Johnson Maryland 

Jerilyn Ann Jones D. C. 

Albert Josephson Delaware 

Alan Karlin Maryland 

Edward Mayer Kassan Maryland 

Kathleen Mary Kearney Maryland . 

Nicholas Andre Keck Illinois 

Robert Lewis Keeper Maryland 

Kathleen Margaret Kelley Maryland 

Bernard B. Kelly D. C. 

Thomas Francis Kern D. C. 

Thomas Henry King, Jr Maryland 

Charles Vincent Kirchman Maryland 

William Roland Knapp, Jr Maryland 

H. Albert Korn Maryland 

Frank Michael Kratovil Maryland 

Sidney Krome Maryland 

George Krupinsky, Jr Maryland 

Myrna C. Kyte Maryland 

Nicholas Bemis Ladd Maryland 

John Joseph Ladrido D. C. 

Robert Allen Lambert Maryland 

Leona Ann Lawhorn Maryland 

Patricia Lehman Maryland 

Maxwell Arnold Levin Maryland 

Burton Frederick Levy Maryland 

Edwin William Lewin Maryland 

Carl Patrick Lewis, Jr Maryland 

Louis Bertram Lewis New Jersey 

William Bert Lewis Maryland 

Neil Ray Linsenmayer Maryland 

Aija Livins Maryland 

Valentine Myers Lord Maryland 

Kenneth Edmund Lore, Jr Maryland 

Gene Vestel Lott Virginia 

Joan Patricia Ludewig D. C. 

Julie Kirsti Ludwig Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Lusby Maryland 

Elizabeth Barbara LvsTiiAVS....Maryland 

Joan Mary Lynch Maryland 

Heather Frances MACKiNN0N....Mar2/to'nd 

Julian Rudolph Manelli Maryland 

Geraldine Antoinette Marchlinus 


William Edward Martin Pennsylvania 

Wesley Dodge Maxwell Maryland ' 

Donald Kenneth McAskill Maryland 


Dorothy Jean McCarty Maryland 

Carol Jean McCleary Pennsylvania 

David Francis McConnell Maryland 

Michael Tracey McGowan, jR...Maryland 
Raymond Sherman McGreevey 

New Jersey 

Joseph Curtis McIntosh, Jr Maryland 

Ruth Densmore McNally Maryland 

John Charles Donold Meise Maryland 

Phillip Lewis Melvin Maryland 

Betty Sonia Meyers Maryland 

Alfred Edgar Miller Maryland 

Martin Bruce Millison Maryland 

Charles Robert Mock Maryland 

Ronald Charles Monticone Maryland 

Marian Violet Moon Maryland 

Adeline Adams Moore Maryland 

Joseph Chandler Morton Maryland 

Sandra Stack Mueller Maryland 

Dorothy Muir Maryland 

Raymond Holden Mulligan Maryland 

Wallace Irwin Murphy Maryland 

Leo Hess Naughton Maryland 

Janet Laurel Neal D. C. 

Kent Arthur Newlon Maryland 

Richard Theodore Nolker Maryland 

Nancy Norman Maryland 

Gerard Francis O'Brien Maryland 

Ronald Tuttle Osborn Maryland 

Laurence Alan Ottenstein Maryland 

Kenneth French Parsons Maine 

Sheldon M. Peremel Maryland 

Ann Marie I, Perry New Jersey 

Charles Henry Peterson, Jr Maryland 

Robert Denny Phillips Maryland 

Ronald Wilson Plummer Maryland 

Anita Z. Postal Maryland 

Lynn Eilene Potash Maryland 

Richard Joseph Pozecki Maryland 

Donald Edward Praisner Maryland 

Anthony Peter Prizio Connecticut 

Raymond Frederick Quigley, Jr. 


Sonia Betty Racusin Maryland 

William Henry Radcliffe, 3-R...Maryland 

Charles John Rayman Maryland 

Theodore Noel Reichart New York 

Christopher Haven 'Rfiu'e.cke..... Maryland 
Laura Ernabeth Hinkle Rhoads 


Craig Ray Richardson Maryland 

Jeannette Lucille RiCHARDS0N....ytr5'mia 
Lola Bupj)ick Riggs New Jersey 

Orlando Jose Rincon Venezuela 

Adele Corinne Ritchie Maryland 

Clarence Lendon Roark, III Maryland 

Milton Rochkind Maryland 

Daniel C. Roff Maryland 

William Francis Rondano Maryland 

Paul Michael Rosenberg Maryland 

Ivan A. Rosengarden Maryland 

Marilyn Sanders Illinois 

Steve Robert Scheck New Jersey 

Jay Leonard Scheinker Maryland 

Theodore Edward Schimpff Maryland 

Charles Matthew Schneider, Jr. 


Robert Reams Scott Maryland 

Linda Ann Sher Maryland 

Douglas William Simmons Maryland 

Paul Smelkinson Maryland 

Herbert Ramsey Smith Maryland 

Patricia Jean Smith Maryland 

Claire Geraldine Solomon New Jersey 

Helen Norma Sonenshine Maryland 

Alan McKenzie Sonner Maryland 

Georgia Sotos New Jersey 

Mary Lois Sparks Maryland 

Patricia Ann Staggs New Jersey 

Richard Joseph STANDRiDGE..Pennsylvania 

Sandra Jean Stant Maryland 

James William Starboard, Jr Maryland 

Samuel John Sweet Maryland 

George Ellison Swinford Indiana 

Carol Anne Sycle Maryland 

Raymond Noah Tackett Maryland 

Clifford Edwin Taggart, Jr New Jersey 

William Naille Taylor, Jr Washington 

Janice Elizabeth Theen Maryland 

Margaret Aurelia Thomas Maryland 

Shirley Anne THROCKMORTON....MarT/Zan(i 

Paul Louis Torpey Maryland 

Rhona Tossman Maryland 

Donald Tyler Townsend Maryland 

Charles Ba U Burma 

Karen Elizabeth Ulrich Maryland 

Gerta M. H. Urry Maryland 

John Hughes Verchot Massachusetts 

James Paden Vijande Maryland 

William Ellsworth ViNCENT....Mar2/iand 

Anthony Luca Visconti Maryland 

Babette Hope Vogel Maryland 

John Charles Wagner Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Wallace Maryland 

Harry Joseph Walsh New Jersey 

Jerry W. Walters Maryland 

Kerry Dawson Ward Maryland 

Joseph Alton Warfield Maryland 

Frank Victor Waselewski Maryland 

Manfred Joachim Waserman Maryland 

Stephen Marshall Weiss New Jersey 

Suzanne Allen Wellborn Maryland 

Richard Frazier West D. C. 

Stella Mae Wheeler Maryland 

Alfred Alan White Maryland 

John Nelson Whitehead Maryland 

Beverly Randolph Williford.. ..Morj/Zand 

Julian Douglas Wilton Maryland 

Edward Columbus Winslow, Jr. 


John Vance Witherspoon California 

Elaine Ann Wolf Virginia 

Emil Joseph Yampaglia New Jersey 

Michael Paul Zell Maryland 

Stanley Theodore Zenuk Maryland 

Arthur Michael Zettler Maryland 

Edward John Zoski Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Joel Joseph Abramson Maryland 

Emory Raworth Allen Maryland 

Sigmund Allen Amitin Maryland 

Morris Antonelli D. C. 

Patricia Creegan Augustine Maryland 

Robert Montague Beazley Maryland 

Norma Dorothy Berger Pennsylvania 

Thomas Paul Bigbee Maryland 

Robert George Briody Maryland 

Russell Charles Bufalino Maryland 

Gerald Glenn Burns New York 

Milton Herbert Buschman, jR...Maryland 

Stewart Carlyle Bushong Maryland 

Donald Eugene Campbell Maryland 

Harold James Campbell, Jr Maryland 

George Thomas Cherrix Maryland 

David Hing-Kwei Chui China 

Bette Marie Coder Maryland 

Raymond Donald Colburn Maryland 

Frank Costabile New Jersey 

Henry Lee Cote Maryland 

John Michael Coyne Maryland 

John David Cronin WestVirginia 

DoRYNNE Joan Czechowicz 

New Hampshire 

Gene Thomas Danko Pennsylvania 

Thomas Michael Darrigan New York 

Richard Francis Dean Maryland 

William Allan Dear, Jr Maryland 

Robert Ernest Dietel Neiv Jersey 

James Edward Downs Maryland 

John Waring Duey Maryland 

RUTA Elstins Maryland 

Mary Jane Evans Maryland 

Charles H, Everline Maryland 

G. Brooke Farquhar Maryland 

William Bernard Finagin Maryland 

Ronald Lee Frankel Neiv York 

Melvin Miles Friedman Maryland 

Richard Anthony GALLAGHER....Mari/tond 

David Lowell Garrett Maryland 

Jerrold Gilbert Maryland 

Thomas Vincent Gildea Massachusetts 

Carroll Henry Goldberg Maryland 

Margaret Randall Goldsborough 


Herbert Gottlieb Maryland 

Donald Henry Grinder Pennsylvania 

William Herbert Griswold New Jersey 

Donald Scott Haller Maryland 

Kathleen Patricia Hannon Maryland 

Carla Gretchen Harms..„ Maryland 

Claude Alden Harvey Virginia 

Kenneth Glenn Heisler, Jr Maryland 

Peter Morgan Henika D. C. 

Arnold James Hoffman Maryland 

Evelyn Helens Hurston D. C. 

Anne Caveness Ingram Maryland 

Carl Winston Irwin Maryland 

Ronald Howard Israel Maryland 

Herbert Jacobson Maryland 

Donald Irvine Jones New Jersey 

David Syme Kappe D. C. 

Joel Carl Katzin Maryland 

George Theodore Keary Maryland 

Douglas Hobart Keeper Maryland 

Richard John Kelly Maryland 

Hugh Robert Kennedy Maryland 

Charles Christopher Kirk Maryland 

George Andrew Kraft Pennsylvania 

Lauring Anna LaPlanche New York 

Bing Lau Maryland 

Theodore Thatcher Lawshe, III 


Jean Lippy Lawson Maryland 

Mark Alan Levine Maryland 

William Robert Limberis Maryland 

Ernest Louis Madsen Maryland 

Arnold Irwin Malhmood Maryland 

John Hathaway Margeson D. C. 

John Milan Marshall Maryland 

Robert Cameron Mason Maryland 

William Patrick McBride Maryland 

James Franklin McCarter Maryland 

Donald Walter McCoy Maryland 

Terrence Phillip McGovern Maryland 

John Worden McGowan, Jr Maryland 

Sharon Gail McKenzie Maryland 

ViLMA Maria Mecchia Maryland 

Alex Moskios D.C. 

Joseiph Alonzo Nizolek, Jr New York 

James E. Olsson Maryland 

Samuel Oshry Maryland 

Choong Hyun Park Korea 

Max Perim Maryland 

Richard Eden Peterson D. C. 

Robert Lee Pickett Maryland 

Victoria Howie PLASTER....iVorf/i Carolina 

Kent Sparks Price, Jr Maryland 

Paul Jay Price Maryland 

John Manfred Ratino Maryland 

John Albert Reeves Maryland 

Melvin Lee Ritter Maryland 

Jean Roberts Maryland 

Theodore Alamada Rosa D. C. 

Benjamin Barry Rubinstein Maryland 

John Earl Rudisill Maryland 

Peter Paul Ryiz Connecticut 

Harry Stanley Schofer Maryland 

Robert Stanley Siegel Maryland 

JoEllen Byron Simms D. C. 

Cecil Ray Sisler Maryland 

Rodney Francis Smith Maryland 

Louis Edward Snyder, Jr South Carolina 

Gene Barry Solomon Maryland 

Irvin Murray Sopher Maryland 

Louis George Squillante Maryland 

Stanley Merrill Stoller Maryland 

Bernard Stopak D. C. 

Mary Ethel Supplee Maryland 

Paul Irvin Teitelbaum Maryland 

Donald Matthews Tilghman Maryland 

Norton Allen Tucker Maryland 

Lorenzo Stefano Vazzana Maryland 

Linda Ann Weinstbin New Jersey 

Louis Weiss Maryland 

Richard Thomas Weppner Maryland 

Donald Hubert Wessel Maryland 

Mariann Louise Wittstadt Maryland 

Gerald Phillip Wolf D. C. 

Donald Edwin Woolley Maryland 

Edward Anthony YAROSZEWSKi..AfaryZawd 

Bachelor of Miisic 
Marcia Roberts Fox Maryland Gregory William Kosteck Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. J. Freeman Pyle, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Charles Lynn Abel Virginia 

Harry Edward Abrams Maryland 

Robert Gregory Adams Maryland 

Robert William Aitken Maryland 

James Alberts New Jersey 

William Arthur Allen Maryland 

Herbert Paul Andrews Maryland 

John Kyriakos Antholis D. C. 

John Edgar Appel D. C. 

John Arnott New Jersey 

Jerald Wayne Aumen Maryland 

Roger Alexander Austin Maryland 

Joseph Peter Bachman, III Maryland 

Charles Edward Baker Maryland 

Harry Hall Balquist Pennsylvania 

Jerry Marvin Bank Maryland 

John Robert Bauman D. C. 

Charles Ryon Beall D. C. 


George Marion Beckert Maryland 

Georgia Wolfe Bell D. C. 

Delmar Warren Beman, III Maryland 

James Wallace Bequette Maryland 

Donald Eugene Berkheimer Maryland 

Frank John Berrent, Jr Maryland 

John Edwin Blitz Maryland 

Robert Edward Blongiewicz New York 

Peggy Lorraine Blueford Missouri 

Frederick Jacob Bower Maryland 

John Francis Bradley Maryland 

Wilson Carl Brady Maryland 

Carl Austin Brandenburg Maryland 

Vernon Mason Briggs, Jr Maryland 

Maryanne Brown Pennsylvania 

Philip Charles Brown Maryland 

George William Buchman, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Jay Buckley Maryland 

Ralph Lee Butler D. C. 

Robert Earl Byroad Maryland 

Jackie Mills Calloway Maryland 

Benjamin Elwood Cantler Maryland 

Anthony Sebastian Carano Georgia 

Jay Irving Caruthers New Jersey 

Rimas Chesonis Maryland 

Robert Edward Clevely Maryland 

John Richard Coates New York 

John Joseph Cochran Maryland 

Bruce Steele Colvin Virginia 

Carol Ann Colvin Pennsylvania 

William Leo Colvin Maryland 

Hubert Hasten Conley Maryland 

Gerald Leo Cosgrove Maryland 

Richard Lee Coughenour Pennsylvania 

Robert Rochford Couse, Jr Maryland 

David Lee Cox Maryland 

John Wiley Cox Maryland 

Joseph James Culhane Maryland 

George John Dahle Maryland 

William Nicholas Demas Maryland 

Alfred Harry Denenberg Pennsylvania 

Richard Jon Derby Florida 

Wilbur Robert Dilworth New Jersey 

William George Doetzer Maryland 

John Henry Doran Maryland 

Allan Paul Doris Maryland 

John Ernest Dunham Connecticut 

Robert Lee Dunker, Jr Maryland 

Richard John Eastlack D. C. 

Samuel Harold Ebersole, Jr Maryland 

Frank Graham Embree Pennsylvania 

Roland Oscar Erickson D. C. 

Richard Lee Eury Maryland 

George Willlam Walther Ewalt 


Stuart Michael Fedder D. C. 

Leonard Francis Fischer Maryland 

James G. Flynn Maryland 

Judith Estelle Arroyo Foulke 


Thomas Melvin Fox Maryland 

Suzanne Maria Furber Maryland 

Charles Allen Gable Maryland 

Paul Harold Gallagher Maryland 

Roger Hood Geisbert, III Maryland 

Albert Francis Gerdeman Maryland 

William Baker Gerwig Maryland 

Norton Nathaniel Gillette, Jr. 


Gerald Goldberg New Jersey 

Henry H. Goldberg Maryland 

Richard Norton GoLDSTEm... .Pennsylvania 

Ira Dale Good Pennsylvania 

Frank Stuart Gotshall, Jr Maryland 

William Philip Grantlin Maryland 

Marvin Gilbert Grodnitzky.. Maryland 

Stanley Burton Grossman...^ Maryland 

Jack Carson Guthrie D. C. 

Stuart Hack Maryland 

James H. Haley, III Maryland 

Elizabeth Sara Halpert Maryland 

Thomas Dennis Hanlon Pennsylvania 

Tyler Albert Hansen New Jersey 

John Brady Harmon D. C. 

F. William Harrison Maryland 

John Lerlie Harrison Maryland 

Harry McPherson Hart Maryland 

John Phillip Hill Maryland 

Harold Richard Hodgson Maryland 

Robert Leonard Holland California 

John Henry Holmead, III Maryland 

William John Horan D. C. 

William Scott Horan Maryland 

Eugene Lawrence Horowitz Maryland 

Ernest Henry Hosse, III Maryland 

Ralph Merwin Howe, Jr D.C. 

Thomas Louis Huber, Jr J'ennsylvania 

John Frederick Hueter, II Maryland 

Theodore Randolph Huettel Maryland 

Gerard Francis Hurley Maryland 

Archibald Rodney Hyson Maryland 

Stuart H. Joffe Maryland 

David Edward Johnson Maryland 

Raoul King Jones Maryland 

Robert King Jones Maryland 

Alvis Dewey Jordan Maryland 

Hart Turner Joseph D. C. 

Arlen Ruth Kelly Maryland 

Jerome Michael Render New Jersey 

CoRBETT Henry Kerin Maryland 

Joseph Francis King Maryland 

Benjamin Francis Kopet, Jr Maryland 

Benjamin David Krause Maryland 

Robert Wayne Krenek Maryland 

Edmund John Krygier Maryland 

Charles Reuben Kugel Pennsylvania 

Vernon Donald Kurz Virginia 

Larry Richard Lackey Maryland 

June Marguerite Lambe Maryland 

William Joseph Lansinger Maryland 

Edwin Peirce Latimer Maryland 

Richard Terry Lebling Maryland 

Ronald Robert Lee Maryland 

William Martin Lenck Maryland 

Philip James Linaugh Maryland 

Donald David Long Maryland 

William Francis Long Maryland 

Barbara Christine MacDos AU}..Maryland 

Donald Foster Mahaney Maryland 

Charles Howard Mannel, Sr Minnesota 

Don David Markham Maryland 

Christopher Michael May Maryland 

Frederick Eugene McComas, Jr. 


Charles Bernard McCurley Maryland 

Robert Stevenson McEwan Maryland 

Austin Vernon McGee Maryland 

Ronald Joseph McMahon Maryland 

Paul Welcom Melton Maryland 

Leonard Robert Miller Maryland 

Raymond Christian Moffett, Jr. 


Gerald Paul Mondell Maryland 

James Stewart Moore New Jersey 

Robert Ellsworth Moreland Maryland 

Paul Phillip Mulrenin D. C. 

William James Murphy Pennsylvania 

Thomas James Myers Maryland 

David Richard Newman Maryland 

Roger Charles Niles Maryland 

William Richard Nolan D. C. 

Richard Gordon Noll Maryland 

John Finn Norman Maryland 

John Joseph O'Brien Maryland 

Frederick Albert Olverson D. C. 

Peter Russell Owings Maryland 

Virginia Anne Oxley Maryland 

John Joseph Patermaster Maryland 

Nancy Truman Peckham New York 

John Douglas Perkins Maryland 

Warren J. Pfoutz Maryland 

Donald Robert Pickett Maryland 

Herman Davis Piel, Jr Maryland 

Chadwick Buford Pierce D. C. 

Gerald George Pokrinchak New Jersey 

George John Porsch, III Maryland 

Stewart Berry Preston Maryland 

Margaret Grace Price Maryland 

Keith Randolph Proudfoot Maryland 

Angelo Salvatore Puglise D. C. 

Frank Ratka New York 

Lawrence Allan Reba California 

James Earl Recher Maryland 

David Reznick D. C. 

Andrew John Holt Rice Maryland 

Leon Emile Rice Maryland 

Roger Raymond Rice Maryland 

George Gordon Robbins, Jr Maryland 

George Gordon Roberts, Jr Maryland 

Robert Glyn Roberts Maryland 

Louis Victor Roy Maryland 

Ronald Norris Rudick Maryland 

Andrew Robert Rusevlyan D. C. 

Robert Gordon Sampson New Jersey 

Gene Charles Santucci Maryland 

John Albert Scardina Maryland 

Robert Joseph Schoen Maryland 

William Walter Seaton D. C. 

David William Seitz Maryland 

Michael John Sheehan Maryland 

Robert Worthington Shook D. C. 

Arnold Richard Silbiger Maryland 

Eddie Clinton Simmons Maryland 

Henry Edward Sipes Maryland 

Richard Barry Sloan Maryland 

Clarence Beryl Smail, Jr Pennsylvania 

Albert Louis Smith, Jr Maryland 

Edgar Lynnford Smith Maryland 

Fred Dwight Smith Maryland 

George Donald Smith Maryland 

Donald Arthur Snow Maryland 

Ronald Mark Snyder Maryland 

Joseph Amato Sole New Jersey 

Edward Jerome Southwick Maryland 

Stanley Meyer Spiwak Maryland 

Stuart Steiner Maryland 

Raymond Howard Stewart Maryland 

Robert George Stofko Maryland 

Malcolm Macdougall S'tRASGE....Maryland 

Stanley Carroll Strauss Maryland 

Thomas Steinhardt Maryland 

Kenneth Fenby Swingle Maryland 

Marcella Elizabeth Taft Virginia 

John Michael Talbot Maryland 

Harold George Taylor Maryland 


Richard Warren Thompson Maryland 

Kenneth E. Thorpe Delaware 

Dorothy Carolyn Thuma Maryland 

Edward Lee Tiffey Maryland 

WiLLARD Eugene Titlow Maryland 

Jon Paul Tonetti New York 

Richard Grim Twining Pennsylvania 

Thomas Michael Twohey Maryland 

William Austin Tydings Maryland 

Robert Glen Urquhart D. C. 

Nadir Egidio Valle Maryland 

Robert Samuel Van Pelt Maryland 

Monte Bernard Vinson D. C. 

Matthew Richard Walker Maryland 

Ralph C. Ward Pennsylvania 

Joseph Patrick V/arner Maryland 

Gordon M. Wase Maryland 

Donald Raymond \Yasserm an. ...Maryland 

Jerome Joseph Weber Maryland 

Shelby Davis Weingarten Maryland 

John William West, Jr D. C. 

Wesley Roland West Maryland 

James Briant Wiieatley Maryland 

Harold Donald White Maryland 

John Gordon Widener Maryland 

Ralph Leo Wigger Maryland 

Thomas Frank Wilhelm Maryland 

Keith Allen Wilkinson Maryland 

Thomas Chambliss Williams, Jr. 


Richard Gregg Wilroy Maryland 

Richard Lee Wilson Maryland 

William George Wolfe Maryland 

Marshall Allan Yankelevitz.... Mary/and 

Edwin Harley Yeo, III Ohio 

John Edward Young Maryland 

John George Youngman, Jr Maryland 

Jean Tressler Zentz Maryland 

Harold Marvin Zoslow D. C. 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Carole Lynn Barnett Maryland 

Marguerite Amelia Blount Maryland 

Mary Jane Boyd Maryland 

Lita Mae Daniels Maryland 

Dorothy Doris Deming Maryland 

Dolores Eleanor DROBisn....Pennsylvania 

Judith Eberts Maryland 

Gary Richard Eckhart New York 

David A. G. Ferry New Jersey 

Thomas Eugene Florestano Maryland 

Jerry Edward Giles Maryland 

Roberta Jeanne Hoveland Maryland 

Charles Jefferson Husfelt Maryland 

John Richard Janney D.C. 

Joanne Kennerly Maryland 

CiiARLENE Marie Lamb Maryland 

Anne Blaine Lydon Maryland 

Richard Arnold Martin Maryland 

Patricia Ann Maxson Florida 

Beverly Jane May Virginia 

Martin L. McCleary Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Misfeldt Maryland 

Cornelius James O'Donnell Maryland 

James William Richmond Maryland 

Alan Stuart Rosenthal Maryland 

Marlene Brown Siegel Maryland 

Judith Ellen Taggart Maryland 

Martha Lee Thomas D. C. 

Joyce Thelma Tichnell Maryland 

Loraine Allen Warwick Maryland 

Philip Myron Weinstein D. C. 

Ralph Wesi^y Wilson D. C. 

Bachelor of Science 

Ruby Elizabeth Adkins Maryland 

Wayne Eugene Alderton Maryland 

Jane Augustine Allender Maryland 

Joan Virginla. Allender Maryland 

Anne Margaret Arnold Virginia 

Ronald Earl Athey Maryland 

Caralee Kay Barkdoll Maryland 

Stanley Charles Baron Maryland 

Philip Wesley Beard, Jr Maryland 

SaraFran Berlin Maryland 

Hazel Morgan Booth Maryland 

Mary Louise Bourne Maryland 

Sally Katharine Brice Maryland 

Jane Koethen Brough Maryland 

Dona Jean Brown Maryland 

Julia Sothoron Buddington Maryland 

Donald Lee Burgess Maryland 

Ann Dailey Burns Maryland 

Dessie Mae Buser Maryland 

Stanley Bush Maryland 

Lillian Rae Caplan Maryland 

Carol Lucile Carr Maryland 

Joanne Spear Carroll D. C. 

Lorna Geraldine Cayanaugh Maryland 

Emma Theresa Cella Ma/ryland 

Millicent Cierler Maryland 

Dana R. Cisna Maryland 

Eunice Dunton Clark Mart/land 

Grace Victoria Clark Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Coe Virginia 

Rita Rycelle Cohen Maryland 

WiLMA Abagail Combs Maryland 

Ira Samuel Cooper Virginia 

Betty Prince Cove Maryland 

Betty Ann Cox Maryland 

Edward Guy Cox Maryland 

Elizabeth Watkins Davidson. ...Maryland 

Anne Michael Davison Maryland 

Nyna Sue Dement Maryland 

Lewis James Dickerson Maryland 

Marie Luise Dienemann Maryland 

Edwin Ray Dixon D. C. 

Jack Campbell Echard Maryland 

Jean McClure Edwards Maryland 

Lois Irene Erickson Maryland 

Dorothy May Fairchild Maryland 

Patricia Joan Favier Maryland 

George Laird Wheeler Faw Maryland 

James H, Felts, III Tennessee 

Margaret Hoover Fennell Maryland 

Katheryne Fayne Finley Florida 

Richard J. Fortwengler Maryland 

Judith Carol Frederick Maryland 

Lorraine Freedman Maryland 

Joyce Marie Gallagher Maryland 

Roberta Jean Gardner Maryland 

Dorothy Lee Gates Maryland 

Susan Shblton Gessford Maryland 

Dona Mae Gifford Maryland 

Barbara Cook Glaser Maryland 

Ellen May Goeden Maryland 

Esther Golovato Maryland 

Sara Harriet Goodman Maryland 

Homer Bernard Goren Maryland 

Charles Richard Graf Maryland 

DeEstye Modelle Graumann Maryland 

James Arthur Gray, Jr Maryland 

Robert Griffith Pennsylvania 

William Fischer GROVERMANN....Marj/Zand 

William Clifford Grube Maryland 

Deborah Meade Gude Maryland 

Charlotte Gumnit Maryland 

Vera Ream Hall Maryland 

Edgar Nelson Hammerley, Jr Maryland 

Pamela Elliot Hanrahan Maryland 

Frank Hansen Maryland 

Dorothy Overmiller Harkins.. ..MarT/Za«d 

Robert Alexander Harrell Maryland 

Albert Maurice Harris Maryland 

Clifford Malcolm Hartley Maryland 

Theresa B. Haslbeck Maryland 

Florice Caldwell Hay Maryland 

Grace Stevens Helm Maryland 

Leonard Martin Hendricks. Jr.. .Maryland 

Patricia Ann Hensley New Jersey 

William M. Higgins, Jr Maryland 

Marguerite Luers Hill Maryland 

Sara Ann Hoffenberg Maryland 

Carl Edward Hoffman Maryland 

Rosmarie Hohenner Maryland 

Helen Inez Holman Maryland 

Iris Leibowitz Hookman New York 

Phillip Edward Hooks Maryland 

John Joseph Humbert, Ill....Pen7isylvania 

Sharon Syma Iskow Maryland 

Harvey Makoto Iwata Maryland 

Deanna Frances Jaffe New York 

Donald Ellsworth James Maryland 

Elaine Johnson Maryland 

Nettie Janet Johnson Virginia 

Ethel Lynch Jones Maryland 

Wayne Edward Kahmer Maryland 

Ann Marie Keeper Maryland 

Barbara Lois Kelman Maryland 

Mary Ellen Kempers Maryland 

Agnes Catherine Kensinger Maryland 

Thomas Lawson King Maryland 

Barbara E. Klaess New York 

Judith Levin Kline Maryland 

Ruth Daphne Wilson K-i^AVER..Maryland 

Donald Graham Kneller Maryland 

Carol Ina Kornblau New Jersey 

Jose Antonio Krohn Venezuela 

M. Jean Lacey Maryland 

Joseph Lee Lacy Maryland 

Olivia Adelaide Lange Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Langer Maryland 

Anne McNicholas Laster Maryland 

Virginia Lillian Lederhos Maryland 

Kathleen Mae Jean Lee Maryland 

Eva Mae Listman Maryland 

Elaine Phyllis Livingston Maryland 


Edmund Henry Lloyd, Jr D. C. 

Robert Smith Locker New York 

Martin James Loftus Maryland 

Ann Eden Longfellow Maryland 

Charlotte Lee Lucy Maryland 

Elizabeth Helt Luther Maryland 

Daniel Joseph March Maryland 

Jack Bricker Martin Maryland 

Joan Roberta Gay Martin Maryland 

Thomas Mayernik Maryland 

Joseph Calvin McCreary Maryland 

Eleanor Marie McGuiness D. C. 

Helen Pearl Mettlin Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Meyers Maryland 

Leonard Jerome Miller Maryland 

Phyllis Toba Miller Maryland 

Billie Frances Mitzelfelt Maryland 

Harold Elbert Morris Maryland 

Harold Eugene Morris Maryland 

Patricia Ellen Morrison Maryland 

Robert Alan Myers Maryland 

Dale Kenneth NoNNEMACHER...,Mar7/Zand 

LoRENZ Franklin Nowack Maryland 

Emily Suzanne O'Connor Maryland 

Richard William O'Donnell Maryland 

Nancy Eulalee Overton California 

Richard Norman Palmquist Maryland 

Sandra Lee Patterson Maryland 

Patricia Ann Peddy Maryland 

Beatrice Georgla Perskie Maryland 

Calvin Peterson Maryland 

Norman Edmund Peterson, 3R...Maryland 

Preston Henry Phenix D. C. 

Mildred Pearl Pickard Maryland 

Vernon Ellsworth Poole Maryland 

Elma Jean Powell Maryland 

Gail Mendham Powell Virginia 

Gloria Marilyn Pratesi Maryland 

Joanne Ruth Price Maryland 

Claudia Lorraine Rathbone Maryland 

Ruth Ann Rauch D. C. 

Ida Brenneman Reckner Maryland 

Pauline Reitmann Reiber Maryland 

Edwin Thomas Reilly Maryland 

William Boyd Rictor Maryland 

George Lewis Ronk, Jr Maryland 

Harry Elbert Russell Maryland 

Theodore Frederick Rybka Maryland 

Kathryn Virginia Salzman Maryland 

Eva Irene Schaeffer Maryland 

Louis John Sergi Maryland 

Harolbelle T. Sheets Maryland 

Norma Alpert Sherman Maryland 

Elaine Katz Siegel Maryland 

Alice Fay Sisler Maryland 

Marcia Renbaum Skopp Maryland 

Jean Whitney Sloan Maryland 

Frank Macey Speaks, Jr Maryland 

James William Steppe Maryland 

Francis Bruce Stolba Maryland 

Ruth Kathryn Strickland Maryland 

Joyce Wylette Stumpner Maryland 

Eileen Coan Tarkington Maryland 

Carol Jean Thobois D. C. 

Dale Mannakee Thomas Maryland 

Kathryn Lorraine Tuoyivsos... .Maryland 

Dorothy Earhart Tinsley Maryland 

Philip Prevost Townsend Maryland 

Alice DeCaindry Tyler Pennsylvania 

Nancy Sue Walker Maryland 

Robert Gordon Wason D. C. 

Nancy S. Watkins Maryland 

Jeanne Marie Weirich D. C. 

James Hermann Welch Maryland 

Michael Hentze Welch Maryland 

Russell Irvin Wessells Maryland 

Charles D. White, Jr Maryland 

Anthony Wayne Wilkerson Maryland 

Wayman Parker Wilkins, Jr Maryland 

Allan Lee Windle Maryland 

Iris Stuart Windsor Maryland 

Kathryn Louise Woods Maryland 

Jane Workman Ohio 

Judith Zimmerman Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Frederic T. Mavis, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Jerry Lynn Adkins Maryland 

Paul Joseph Alfonsi Maryland 

William Ray Ascherfeld Florida 

Luis Gonzaga Aveleyra D. C. 

Richard David Baechtold Virginia 

Raymond Henry Barg New Jersey 

Charles Marshall Barlow Maryland 

William Allen Barringer Maryland 

Paul Frederick Barry Maryland 

Robert Harold Baumgardner Maryland 

Donald Gary Benfield Maryland 

Eudolph Berg, Jr Maryland 

Philipp Olaf Bergan D. C. 

James Banner Beynon Maryland 

MouNZER BissAT Lebanon 

John Woods Bisset D. C. 

George Hood Blessing Maryland 

I Seymour Bloom Maryland 

John Theodore Bobik New Jersey 

Alton Street Bradford, Jr Maryland 

David Emmitt Brandt Maryland 

Ronald Henry Brierley Maryland 

Donald Brooks Maryland 

Richard Kenard Brown, Jr Maryland 

Frank Timothy Buckley Maryland 

Douglas Warren Burgess Maryland 

Vincent Joseph Caggiano Maryland 

John Maris Capants Maryland 

Donald Francis Chandler Maryland 

FiLMORE Chaiken Maryland 

William Frederick Clark Maryland 

James Leonard Cleveland New York 

John Bertram Coble Maryland 

Alvah O. Conley, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Edwin Connor Pennsylvania 

Robert Scott Couchman Maryland 

Oscar Mays Cromer Maryland 

Anthony John Culotta Maryland 

John Luther Currier, Jr Maryland 

Herbert Silven Darvin Maryland 

Lawrence Clark Davidson..,. Maryland 

Harry Paul Davis Maryland 

Robert Edwin Davis, Jr Maryland 

William Samuel Davis Maryland 

Melvin Joseph Deale Maryland 

Frederick Louis DeBarbieri Maryland 

Alan Roy Deutermann D. C. 

Carmine Vincent Di Camillo D. C. 

James Francis Dray Maryland 

Fred William Ellerman, Jr Maryland 

Harry Samuel Ely, Jr Maryland 

Wilfred Thomas Engelke New York 

John Rider Fairbanks Maryland 

Richard James Feher Maryland 

Norman Feldman Maryland 

James Merritt Fisher Maryland 

James Calvin Fitz Maryland 

Robert Anthony Fitzgerald Maryland 

Frederick S. Flick, Jr Maryland 

Maynard Keith Franklin California 

William Edward Frazier Maryland 

Frank Joseph Freiseis, Jr D. C. 

George Alfred Fritkin Maryland 

Gerald Lee Fuller Maryland 

John William Garner, Jr Pennsylvania 

CORLYS Lee Gillis Maryland 

Russell Clock, Jr Maryland 

Donald Glowacki Maryland 

Kenneth William Goben Maryland 

Wilbur Harry Goldschmidt Maryland 

Wilson Stanley Gorrell Maryland 

Ray Edwin Griffith Maryland 

William Edward Hahn, Jr Maryland 

Michael David Hathaway Maryland 

William Edgar Hayman Maryland 

George Alan Helfrich Maryland 

Joseph Irvin Hemler Maryland 

Donald Ray Henderson Maryland 

Walter Kuhn Herr Pennsylvania 

Richard Paul Hockensmith Maryland 

Benjamin Franklin Hoffman.... Mary land 
Charles Franklin B.ORNBACK....Maryland 

Edward Bailey Howlin, Jr Maryland 

Walter Edward Huber Maryland 

William Hugh Iglehart D. C. 

Charles William James Maryland 

Edward Cole Jarrell Maryland 

Glenn Johnson , Maryland 

Konstanty Kebalka, Jr Maryland 

Edward Tilden Kelbaugh; Jr Maryland 

Jerry Franklin Kirk North Carolina 

Ahto Km New Jersey 

Bernard Klein Maryland 

Joseph John Kociscin Pennsylvania 

Peter Otto Koenig New Jersey 

Emil Eugene Kohler p. c. 

Louis Andrew Koschmeder Maryland 

John Carlton Krimmell Maryland 

Fred Kaull Landon, Jr Maryland 

Harry Joseph Lewald, Jr Maryland 

Richard Allen Liberman Maryland 

Hang Shan Lin d. C. 

Theodore William Lindahl, Jr D. C. 

Robert Edward Lockhart Maryland 

Francis Joseph Logan Maryland 

Edward Lulie, Jr Maryland 

Stanley Stuart MacDougall Maryland 

Edward Lee Mahlstedt Maryland 

Thomas John Malloy Maryland 

Virgil Homer Marsh Maryland 

Richard Lawrence Martin Maryland 

M. Fred Marx, III Maryland 

Frank Walton Masonis Maryland 

Bernard Michael McCarthy Maryland 

James Franklin McConnell Maryland 

Galen George McKenzie Maryland 

Richard Leonard McKisson Maryland 

Thomas Richard McKnight Maryland 

Calvin Ross Menchey Maryland 

William Florence Mess Maryland 

William Henry Meyer Maryland 

Jacques Curtis Miller Maryland 

Robert Louis Mitchell Maryland 

Thomas Edward Moore Maryland 

Thomas Johnson Morgan B.C. 

Anthony Pete Natale Maryland 

Steven Charles Nichols Maryland 

Billy George Niedfeldt Maryland 

Earl Alpheous Noel Maryland 

Thomas Morris N0PPENBERGER..,.Mar2/iand 

Gordon Densmore North Maryland 

Francis Joseph O'Brimski D. C. 

William Earl O'Gara Maryland 

William Seymour Ornett Maryland 

Jacob Williamson Parr Maryland 

Vytautas Juozas Penkiunas Maryland 

Steve Lamont Pernick, Jr Pennsylvania 

Frank Martin Piszkin Maryland 

Roger Leonard Post Maryland 

John Harwood Powers, Jr Maryland 

NiKORN Prachuabmoh Thailand 

Leonard Egbert Prince Maryland 

Thomas Russell Punch California 

James Henry Quigley Maryland 

John Herbert Reisenweber, Jr.. .Maryland 

Rudolph A. Richards Maryland 

Kenneth Franklin Rittase Maryland 

Raymond William Rivera Maryland 

Carl William Rosenbusch, Jr D. C. 

John Byron Rupp Maryland 

Stuart Russell New York 

Thomas Lake Sauter Maryland 

Abel Jacob Savage Maryland 

William Clay Schaefer Maryland 

Lewis Larry Schoen Maryland 

Karl Frederick Schroeder Maryland 

Mark Perry Schultz Maryland 

Joseph Irwin Schwartz Maryland 

Ernest Ford Sharff, II Maryland 

John Hamilton Shepherd, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Robert Shives Maryland 

Lawrence John Simi D. C. 

David Houston Smith New Jersey 

MuRDO John Smith, II Maryland 

Robert Tamlin Smith, Jr Maryland 

Ross Raymond Snider Maryland 

Lester Rexford Snyder Maryland 

Frank James Stankis Maryland 

Francis Clarence STEiNBAUER....Mari/iond 
Benjamin Charles Stevens, Jr. 


Robert Joseph Stewart Maryland \ 

Michael Straus D. C. 

Clifford Morgan Stretmater, III 


Robert M. Sudol New Jersey 

Russell Leonard Swartz, Jr Maryland 

John Richard Swinnerton Maryland 

Paul Sykes Michigan 

Martin Charles Tashgy Maryland 

Frederick Douay Theurer Maryland 

James Arthur Thompson Maryland 

John Arnold Todd Maryland 

Walter Walentin Treski New Jersey 

Howard Caho Turner, Jr Maryland 

Rand Wood Tuttle Maryland 

Saner Utaisen D. C. 

Jack Elliot Van Kinsbergen D. C. 

William Joseph Vansco New Jersey 

Thomas Harold Varley Maryland 

John Gilbert Viner Maryland 

John Cheng Hwai Wang Maryland 

Charles Baker Weaver, Jr Maryland 

John Boyd Webb Maryland 

Jon Paul Weeks Maryland 

John Leslie Wentz Maryland 

Leonard Werber D. C. 

Russell Godfrey West Arizona 

Norman Robert Westfall Maryland 

Paul William Willcoxon D. C. 

Richard Joseph Wirth Maryland 

Harvey Yakowitz Maryland 

Jackson Yeager Maryland 

Eugene Dixon Young Maryland 

Stanley Ronald Zupnik D. C. 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Selma F. Lippeatt, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Arletta Marilyn Beloian Maryland 

Carol Marston Bogert Maryland 

Barbara Katherine Brehm Maryland 

Elaine Elsie Brown Maryland 

Wanda Lea Wilma Brown D.C. 

Sandra Diane Bukowitz Maryland 


Janice Catherine Burns Maryland 

Shirley Lynne Bussard Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Carey Virginia 

Patricia Ann Conner New York 

Francis Murphy Cote Maryland 

Mignon Unbekant Coursen Maryland 

Anna Myrtle Croft Maryland 

Arnita Treva Dell Maryland 

Dolores Dorothy DePierro D. C. 

Elizabeth Harding Dodson Maryland 

Margaret Ellen Duncan California 

Joan Adeline Duvall Maryland 

Jacqueline Luanne Eads Florida 

Barbara Bess Ewen Maryland 

Mary Alice Fitzgerald Maryland 

Mariana Garrett Maryland 

Susan Mary Gumpper Maryland 

Marjorie Ann Hardy Maryland 

Vera Rae Hare Maryland 

Darlene Jane Harnack Maryland 

Jean Louise Harne Maryland 

Raymond Harmon Hays, Jr Maryland 

Anita King Heller Maryland 

Betty Jew D. C. 

Jane Meads Johnston Maryland 

Jean Barry Kane Virginia 

Pauline Louie Khu Maryland 

Rosemary Kirby Maryland 

Jane A. Kistenbroker Maryland 

Louise Kricker Maryland 

Nancy Ann Larrick Maryland 

Barbara Jane Lore Maryland 

Nancy Elizabeth Masoi^... .North Carolina 

Marilyn Hunter Mobley Maryland 

Ruth Ann Mosley D. C. 

Eleanor Janet Munsey D. C. 

Betty Cowne Nagel Maryland 

George ViPond Nyhart Maryland 

Joan Alice Pittman Maryland 

Margaret Mary Plackett Maryland 

Carol Anne Plumhoff Maryland 

Rachel Lucille Remsberg Maryland 

Elizabeth Plummer Sandlin Maryland 

Idelle Myra Shapiro D. C. 

Paula Lynette Sloat Pennsylvania 

Frances Alicia Smith Maryland 

Mary Patricia Smith Maryland 

Martha Lynne Snodgrass D. C. 

Nancy Jean Sweeny Delaware 

Elaine Merithew Titus Maryland 

Arline Marie Treadway Maryland 

Nadyne Josepha Silverman Turner 


Nancy Younger Vaughan Maryland 

Barbara Ann Watt Maryland 

Emily Ann Watt D. C. 

Robyne Carol Willoner Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Florence M. Gipe, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

June Griffith Allison Maryland 

Virginia Sweetman Barnett Maryland 

Doris Ann Baumgardner Maryland 

Mary Miller Boyd Pennsylvania 

Margaret Carolyn Boyle Pennsylvania 

Mary Lou Cornelius Maryland 

Suzanne Fay Dahlin Maryland 

Ivy Wiseman Deakyne Maryland 

Elaine Dorothy Dietz Maryland 

Anne Catherine Ermer Maryland 

RoMAiNE LoRETTA Eyler Maryland 

Marjorie Joan Fedyshyn Netv Jersey 

Gretchen Feldmann Pennsylvania 

Rebecca Ann Fleming Maryland 

Sara Ann Fouse Maryland 

Eleanor Elizabeth Hansen Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Heggy Indiana 

Rosemary Kimmel Hill Maryland 

Shirley Ann Howard Georgia 

Frances Harris Huntley Maryland 

Alicelee Klein Maryland 

Eva R. Krongard Maryland 

Patricia Ann Krupinsky Maryland 

Lucille Bernardine Lindsay D. C. 

Marie Shirley Long Maryland 

Angela Theresa Mattingly Maryland 

Helen Jewel Moseley Maryland 

Sue Anne Mullan Maryland 

Sandra Gay Niland Maryland 

Ellen Emily Paddock Maryland 

Mary Lee Page Maryland 


Valerie Hilda Regardie Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Reynolds Maryland 

Sara Jane Ringgold Maryland 

Margery Ann Rohwedder Maryland 

Mary Louise Russell Maryland 

June Weber Smith Maryland 

Regina Eva Sroka Maryland 

Elizabeth Frances TH0MPS0N....Mar2/iond 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean of the School 
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

John Wilbert Becker Maryland 

Stanley Leonard Becker Maryland 

Charles Joseph Berger, Jr Maryland 

Harry James Brown Maryland 

Vincent de Paul Burkhart Maryland 

Carl Michael Caplan Maryland 

Melvin Chaiet Maryland 

James Earl Grouse Maryland 

Martin Eugene Deming Maryland 

Paul Anthony FLECKENSTEiN....Mari/Zand 

Joseph Stafford Freeman Maryland 

Paul Michael Friedlander Maryland 

Sheldon Allan Friedlander Maryland 

Paul Glenn Gaver, Jr Maryland 

Stanley Lester Goldberg Maryland 

William B. Gray Maryland 

Murray Gerald Greenberg Maryland 

Allen Hanenbaum Maryland 

Donald Charles King Maryland 

Earl Ephraim Klioze Maryland 

Patricia Phyllis Kostos Maryland 

Ellis Levi Maryland 

Barry Elliott Levin Maryland 

Nina Debra Levinsohn Maryland 

William Irving Lottier, Jr Maryland 

Harry Elliott Macks Maryland 

Antoinette Rosalie Malanowski 


Eugenie Wallace Marshall Maryland 

Arnold Jay Neuburger Maryland 

Thomas Milton Gosnell PEi^if.. Maryland 

Larry H. Pozanek Maryland 

William W. Resser Maryland 

David Ronald Richardson Maryland 

William Charles Richmond Maryland 

Herbert Allen Leonard SACHS..Maryland 

Marvin Frederick Saiontz Maryland 

John D. H. Santoni Maryland 

Sorell Lee Schwartz Maryland 

Alfred Howard ScHWARTZMAN....Mart/Zand 

Stanley Harold Sekuler Maryland 

Anthony John Sniadowski Maryland 

Murray Charles Spear Maryland 

John Rushton Thomas Maryland 

Charles Henry Tregoe Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Mary Joan Atkinson Maryland 

Fredric Lee Baker Pennsylvania 

Paul Richard Begansky New York 

John Thurman Bell Virginia 

Edward Hayes Benson Maryland 

Harry Edward Bowman Maryland 

Esther Braverman New York 

Edward Brosnan Burlas Virginia 

Marjorie Carroll Clark Maryland 

Mary Eleanor Cook Maryland 

Kenneth Robert Cooper Maryland 

Edward Raleigh Curley, Jr Maryland 

John Francis Haggerty, Jr Maryland 


Frederick John Hamilto-s... .Pennsylvania 

Richard Allen Hanna Maryland 

Stanley Gordon Kay D. C. 

Frederick G. Kern, Jr Maryland 

George N. Kolarac Pennsylvania 

Donald Joseph Kurtz Maryland 

Ronald Samuel Laneve Pennsylvania 

Robert Walter Laughery Pennsylvania 

George Paul Letto Maryland 

Alice Morgan Love Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Madden, Jr D. C. 

Joseph Caleb Maratta, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Leigh Marshall Maryland 

Wayne Carroll McGinnis Maryland 

John Craig McHugh Pennsylvania 

Steven Milkovich Pennsylvania 

Robert George Moorhead Maryland 

Richard Hodges Morgan Virginia 

DwiGHT Lewis Morris Maryland 

Edward Michael Nickla, Jr New York 

Nancy Jean Nystrom Maryland 

Barbara Louise Peed D. C. 

Austin Dawes Perry New York 

Dewitt Wesley Platt Ohio 

David Lloyd Raffensparger Maryland 

Katherine Davis Ricketts Maryland 

Myra Wykes Rigor Maryland 

James M. Robey Maryland 

Norman Eugene Siegert Maryland 

William John Smith Maryland 

Richard Edmund Szlasa Maryland 

George Thomas Tait Maryland 

Arlene Harris Vincent Maryland 

Henry Frank Weigel New Jersey 

Marylyn a. Varey WESTFRyELT..Maryland 

Richard Allen Wilson Maryland 

Charles Mason Wright Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Young Maryland 


Candidates vdll be presented by Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

John Donn Aiken Maryland 

Walter F. Atwood Maryland 

Robert Simon Bagdikian New York 

James Leo Barnett New York 

Ralph William Bates Illinois 

Robert Ward Bower D. C. 

Gustav Joseph Braun, Jr New York 

Charles Bourbon Brotbeck Virginia 

Reinhard J, Buss California 

Wallace Henry Chadderdon Virginia 

Cooper Clifford Tennessee 

James Stiness Cogswell Connecticut 

John L. Coleman Ohio 

Earl Danka D. C. 

Arthur Daoulas Massachusetts 

James Marshall Davis New Jersey 

Sally B. deWolfee Maryland 

Galen Eugene Franklin Maine 

Robert William Gillette Virginia 

John Henry Gordon California 

Frank Charles Gwozdz Ohio 

Norbert Clark Hay Nebraska 

Vernon Robert Hermanson Iowa 

John Thomas Herren Virginia 

Clyde Robert Johnson Hawaii 

Robert Peter Keller New Jersey 

Albert Elmendorf LoviNGTON....Afar2/Zawd 

Charles Luddeke D. C. 

Charles Everett Marquis Illinois 

Cameron Lawrence McKay Maryland 

George Clifton Morgan New Jersey 

June Wanda Mosher Texas 

Eugene Andrew Nelson New York 

Mac C. Newman Florida 

Richard Herbert Oertel Maine 

Lloyd Gilbert Oliver Maryland 

Robert Lee Paris Maryland 

Jack Hanson Phillabaum Kentucky 

Mildred Ruth Plitt Maryland 

Elvis Elva Potter Missouri 

Wilfred Reid Puckett Georgia 

Thomas Joseph Rademaker Maryland 

Forrest Ithamar Rettgers Virginia 

Russell Willlvm Roberts Pennsylvania 

0. Zeller Robertson, Jr California 

Gerald Rudolph Roys California 

Anthony Andrew Sasso New York 

Ralph Henry Sauer Michigan 

William Edmund Sfrg^sos... .Pennsylvania 

Louis J. Sirkin Maryland 

Jack Richard Sloan Virginia 

Marvin Hamilton Stevens Maine 

WiLDA MozELL Thornhill California 

Inez Angelina Todaro Mississippi 


John Stephen Turton Virginia 

Robert Bauml Vorisek Illinois 

Byron Horton Webb, Jr New York 

Travis Eugene Webb Arkansas 

David Albert Wilson New Jersey 

Adolph Wolff New York 

Clifford Carl Zieske Minnesota 

Clarence Frederick Zingheim Virginia 

Bachelor of Science 

Lester Winfield Abrams Virginia 

Rayford Kennedy Adams, JTt....New Jersey 

George Mason Adkins Texas 

Charles Eugene Ahela.rn New Jersey 

Jack Alvin Albright Virginia 

Louis Orin Alder Idaho 

Herbert Bland Allen Ohio 

Albert Monroe Allison Georgia 

Robert William Anderson Virginia 

John Raby Armstrong Texas 

William Howard Armstrong Oklahoma 

Lindsay Laire Baird, Jr New York 

LoNNiE Phillips Baites Florida 

Joseph Conrad Balazik Pennsylvania 

Kenneth Barker Massachusetts 

Gerald Wanner Barnitz Indiana 

Cleveland Chapin Barry California 

Calvin Gilbert Bass Texas 

Marshall Brent Bass Maryland 

Carl Franklin Baswell Arkansas 

Arnold Winston Beck D. C. 

Noble Leslie Beck Virginia 

Robert John Becker Ohio 

Charles William Bell Minnesota 

Robert Douglas Benedict Virginia 

Lawrence Woods Bengel Texas 

Jack Calvin Berger Oklahoma 

Roy H. Berger Maryland 

James Dean Berry ^Texas 

Walter Paul Betley Massachusetts 

Frederick David Blaine, Jr. 


WooDROw Wilson Blalock Oklahoma 

Owen Blankenship Texas 

William Steen Blount Maryland 

Jay Dean Bogue Virgitna 

Val William Bollwerk Maryland 

Edward Gustave Born New York 

Richard James Boyle Pennsylvania 

Gerald A. Bradley Kansas 

Alan Arnold Brister Pennsylvania 

Arnold Wood Brown New York 

Don D. Brown Florida 

Donald Everett Brown California 

George D. Brown Virginda 

Nelson Ellinger Brown New Jersey 

Robert Cassel Brown New Jersey 

James Patrick Bruce Maryland 

John Dermot Bruen Illinois 

Robert Otto Brugge California 

George Rufus Bryan Maryland 

Earl Leroy Bryant Massachusetts 

James Winston Bryant Oklahoma 

Donald James Buchanan Virginia 

Fitzhugh Lee Buchanan, Jr Virginia 

Thomas Edward Buchanan Maryland 

Joseph Giddings Buel Virginia 

William Homer Burkett Mississippi 

Haven Ralph Burningham Virginia 

William Andress Burt New York 

James David Butler New York 

Jerome Joseph Butler, Jr Virginia 

Bernard Patrick Byrne Maryland 

Larry Andrew Caid Maryland 

Joe Jackson Campbell Louisiana 

William Donaldson Canfield 


Andrew Louis Cappy Maryland 

WiLFORD Brandon Carlisle Arkansas 

Evans Charles Carlson California 

Harold Horton Carmack Tennessee 

Robert Maurice Carroll Iowa 

Joseph Thomas Casey New York 

Emmett Markstein Chandler Alabama 

Frederick Stapleton Chapman 


Roy M. Chapman Tennessee 

John Amby Chevrier California 

Steve John Cibik Pennsylvania 

Alphus Richard Clark Virginia 

Gordon Eugene Clark Connecticut 

Billy Gardner Clifton Kentucky 

Theodore Simpson Coberly Virginia 

James William Cocke Tennessee 

James Farnsworth Coleman Virginia 

Francis Xavier Coiaeto^^:... .Massachusetts 

Ellard John Connors Minnesota 

Charles Ermer Conrad Maryland 

Kenneth Gilson Conrad Illinois 

Gerald Edward Cooke Kansas 


Norman M. Coons New York 

Ralph David Coplan Michigan 

HoDNETT James Copland, Jr Georgia 

Kenneth Lemuel Cowan Maryland 

Charles Ronald Croner Idaho 

Gene Walter Crowell Virginia 

William Edward Daggitt Virginia 

Elvin Dalton Kentucky 

Harley John Daly California 

James Donald Davenport, Jr Virginia 

Joseph Franklin Davis Virginia 

Roy Lee Davis California 

Virginia Ruth Deady New York 

Kermit Edward Dearman Virginia 

John E. Delap Wisconsin 

Albert Francis Dellamano California 

Earl Ruhf Delong Virginia 

Charles William deMoss Virginia 

Harry Junior Dempsey Marylaycd 

Edwin Riley Denny Kentucky 

Harold Leo DeSonier, Jr Oklahoma 

Jack Wilson Dindinger Nebraska 

James Ian Doner, Jr New Mexico 

Metro Michael Doodan Ohio 

John Parker Doswell D. C. 

William Edward T>ovgii^'rty.. Washing ton 

Joseph John Drach Peyinsylvania 

Walter Thomas Drescher D. C. 

Frank Drzymala New York 

Orlo Francis Duker California 

Elton Woodrow Duren Missouri 

Clark Warren Ecton Virginia 

Roger N. Edgington Iowa 

Halbert Channing Eldridge 


Charles Eller Ohio 

Norman Ethelbert Elmore Virginia 

Raymond Eluhow D. C. 

Wallace William Elwood Maryland 

Joseph Edwin Englehardt New Jersey 

Richard Edgar Evers Florida 

Ben Fabian, Jr Illinois 

Earl Halvar Falk Washington 

John T. Farady Massachusetts 

Frank Smedley Farmer California 

Leon Edward Farrell Maryland 

Woodrow E. Faulkner Maryland 

Maurice John Fazlollah Virginia 

Joseph James Feore Virginia 

RosARio Francis Ferrandino Neiv York 

WiLLARD Earl Field North Carolina 

John Will Finck Florida 

Frank Otto Fischer Indiana 

Jules Verne Fish Maryland 

Leo Arthur Fitzgerald Missouri 

Norman Walter Flinn New York 

Charles Walter Flint Virginia 

John Joseph Flynn Massachusetts 

Charles C. Follman D. C. 

Hansford Dayton Ford Virginia 

Robert Thayer Foster Massachusetts 

John Cecil Fralish Virginia 

Melvin William Franck Minnesota 

Marion Walter Fraysur Mississippi 

Allan Robert Fredine Minnesota 

Sumner Freedland Virginia 

Romeo Henry Freer, Jr Maryland 

John Allen Fullerton California 

Charles Patrick GALLAGHER....A/^et(; Jersey/ 

Joseph Gerard Gardiner Maryland 

Harry Gaunt Rhode Island 

Edward Webb Geer, Jr Virginia 

Ralph A. George Pennsylvania 

Everett Paul Gibbs Missouri 

Albert David Gibson Pennsylvania 

Billy P. Gibson North Carolina 

Henry William Gibson Virginia 

George James Ginikowre Florida 

William John Gleason New York 

Franklin John Glunn Virginia 

Edwin Saxby Goepper, Jr Ohio 

RoscoE Harris Goodell Pennsylvania 

William Val Gordon Virginia 

Harley Glendon Grace Iowa 

Frank John Grady Maryland 

Neil James Graham Texas 

WiixiAM Mood Graham Maryland 

Frankula C. Grammos New Hampshire 

John McIver Cranberry, Jr Alabama 

Homer Earl Gray Mississippi 

Dexter Munson Green Virginia 

Walter Earl Greene Illinois 

Paul Emile Grondin Massachusetts 

William Joseph Grundmann California 

Brian Sainsbury Gunderson Virginia 

Otto Emil Haenchen Texas 

Samuel Roy Haggard Arkansas 

Charles Early Hall Mississippi 

Wallace LeRoy Hamilton Montana 

John A. Hancock Virginia 

William Byron Hankee Pennsylvania 

Jack Douglas Hansford Florida 


Richard Frank Hanson Illinois 

Keith Elliott Hanssen California 

Lester Godfrey Harmon Virginia 

Douglas Patrick Harper California 

James Clair Harrington New York 

William Arnold Harris Indiana 

William Sewell Harris Arkansas 

Edmond Phillip Hartsock D. C. 

WiLLARD Cyrus Hatch Washington 

Herbert Henry Hawkins Virginia 

James Anderson Hazelrigs Virginia 

J. C. Heffner, Jr California 

Dale Edward Henderson Virginia 

John D. Henderson Michigan 

Ralph Harrison Herman Arkansas 

Elmer Earl Herron Virginia 

Harry Bartell Hersey, Jr Missouri 

Edward Hersh New York 

Rodney L. Hewitt Pennsylvania 

James Neil Hickok California 

Norman Wayne Hicks Virginia 

John Havington Hightower, iB....Virginia 

John R. Himmelright Oregon 

John Harris Hockensmith Kentucky 

Edgar Franklin Hoffman California 

Lewis Elmer Hollard Virginia 

Harry William Hollowell, Jr Texas 

Miles M. Hoover, Jr Pennsylvania 

WooDROW Carl Hoppe Minnesota 

Harold Edward Howard Texas 

Otto George Hrdlicka Virginia 

Allan William Huet Illinois 

Clyde Edward Hughes South Carolina 

James Ansil Hunt Oklahoma 

Walter Ellsworth Hunt Virginia 

William Woodrow Hunter Iowa 

Paul Aloysious III Maryland 

William George Illston New York 

William Haughey Isaacs Oklahoma 

Charles William Ives Virginia 

Byrot-j Macmillan Jackson, jR...Maryland 

Milton Vaughan Jackson Arkansas 

Morris Alfred Jacobs Texas 

Manning Titcomb jAJ^NELh..Massachusetts 

Frank Johnson Virginia 

James Troy Johnson California 

Harley Norbert Johnstone Illinois 

DoRRiE Edwin Jones Virginia 

Robert Jones Pennsylvania 

Vernon Floyd Jones Virginia 

William Thomas Jones Virginia 

John Henry Judy Missouri 

Francis Melvin Jurgens Missouri 

Taro Katagiri California 

Bernard Bartholomew KELLER.,Net<; York 

Paul Joseph Kelly Maryland 

Harold Richard Kennedy Virginia 

Rodney Strickler Kepley Maryland 

Henry Augustus Kettendorf Virginia 

Richard Harding Kiley Connecticut 

Grover Cleveland King Mississippi 

Paul D. King Arizona 

Robert King, Jr Maryland 

Grover Cleveland KisrLER....Pennsylvania 

Walter Ludwig Klatt, Jr Texas 

Clarence Arie Klaver New Jersey \ 

Carl George Koellner Maryland 

Joseph Koler, Jr Washington 

Alexander Bernard Komoroske 

New Jersey 

Herbert Wallace Kress New Jersey 

Joseph William Krewer - Illinois 

William Charles LaBozetta Maryland 

Robert Loy Lamar Virginia 

Nicholas Thomas hAMPOS....Massachusetts 

John Erwin Lance, Jr Virginia 

Alex Thomas Langston, Jr Maryland 

Roger Philip Larivee Virginia 

Leon Frederick Lavoie Massachusetts 

Cornelius Guy Lee South Dakota 

Henry Emile LeFebvre Maryland 

Raimon William Lehman .Wisconsin 

Alfred Leymer Leidy Virginia 

Charles Collinwood Leneten, Jr. 


Richmond Roy Lewis North Carolina 

John Joseph Leogue New York 

Ralph Ardell Lerch Pennsylvania 

James Lawrence Lillie, Jr Wisconsin 

Charles Keith Lindahl Illinois 

Harry Lindauer Illinois 

Walter Allen Lindsay Virginia 

Phillip John Linn California 

James Keith Linnan Virginia 

John Robert Lipscomb Georgia 

Clifford B. Longest Indiana 

Philip LeRoy Loomis Maryland 

Elward Wiley Lowe Ohio 

James Mendel Lown South Carolina 

George Garland Lucas North Carolina 

William Joseph Lyons WestVirginia 

Howard Arthur MacCord Minnesota 

James Angus Mac Donald Ohio 

James Frank Maori Maryland 

James Bernard Maguire, Jr Virginia 

John Pressly Mann California 

Frank Pectle Manning Maryland 

William Francis Manning California 


Charles Vasile Makginean Virginia 

Roger Thomas Marlin New York 

Roy F. Marsden California 

Samuel Fredrick Martin Washington 

Anthony Masi Rhode Island 

Richard Thomas Mathews California 

Lawrence Paul Mayland Virginia 

Donald Joseph McCaffrey California 

BuFORD Elam McCharen, Jr Maryland 

Arthur F. McConnell, Jr Alabama 

Guy Grant McConnell Kentucky 

OuvER Gene McDonald D. C. 

John Francis McDonnell Virginia 

Edwin Doudna McFarland Georgia 

James Deasy McGough Maryland 

Charles Fitzgerald McKiever D. C. 

Lawrence Robert McKxi\ji,x....Wa8hington 

Robert James McMurray New Jersey 

Arthur John Louis Meether Iowa 

Alvin Leroy Meredith Pennsylvania 

Neol Messerly, Jr Ohio 

Lloyd Donald Michael Maryland 

Eric Otto Alfred Miller, Jr Missouri 

Carl Duke Miner Utah 

Louis Anthony Montalvo Texas 

Andrew Dale Moore Maryland 

Daniel George Moore Illinois 

James Alonzo Moore Virginia 

Oswald Meredith Moore Florida 

George Frank Moraveck Wisconsin 

Earl Graham Morgan Pennsylvania 

James Robert Morgan Virginia 

Joseph Roger Morin Massachusetts 

Eldon William Morris Virginia 

Arthur Santos Moura Massachusetts 

William Hudson Mundhenk Florida 

Daniel Joseph Murphy New York 

James Owen Murphy New York 

James Robert Murphy Maryland 

Victor Earl Myers Mississippi 

Harold Lamar Myron Virginia 

William Delmar Neal Maryland 

Raymond Cay Nelson Georgia 

Benjamin W. Nicholson Louisiana 

Stanley Jones Nixon North Carolina 

Bernard Thomas Nolan Virginia 

Charles J. Norris Maryland 

John C. O'Connor Illinois 

DoRWARD Weston Ogden, Jr Maryland 

Harry Harper Olson Kansas 

David Howard Eugene Opfer Maryland 

George Douglas Overbey Virginia 

Joseph Neal Pamplin Virginia 

Walter Panchison Virginia 

William Christopher Parker, Jr. 

Rhode Island 

DwiGHT Dresser Patch Vermont 

Robert Ray Peebles Texas 

John Anthony Pennett Maryland 

Frank Leslie Perkins Maryland 

James Hiram Perkins Arkansas 

Ralph Douglas Peters Idaho 

James Christian Petersen Montana 

Carl Herbert Peterson Illinois 

George Alonzo Phillips Kansas 

George William Pickell England 

Marvin Elmer Poland Virginia 

John Justin Policastro New Jersey 

Lewis Vincent Posich California 

Francis Boeing Postelle Virginia 

Robert James Proudfoot West Virginia 

Vassil Louis Psilekas Massachusetts 

Walter Bennett Putnam Oklahoma 

Encil Elwood Rains Virginia 

Robert Rambicur Ohio 

Samuel C. Ramsdell Maryland 

Robert Ellwood Rankin Ohio 

William Bennett Ray Texas 

Gerald Vernon Reberry Maryland 

Joseph Salvatore Restifo Ohio 

Jerome Jacob Repsher New Jersey 

Edwin Thomas Rhatigan Virginia 

Frederick William Richards Ohio 

Beverly Risque Virginia 

Harry Wilson Roberts Maryland 

Wagner Halselle ItOBERTS..South Carolina 

Craig George Robertson Michigan 

Michael Francis Robinson Maryland 

William Kenneth Rogers Nebraska 

Howard Elmer Rollison Virginia 

George Holland Ropp, Jr South Carolina 

Carroll Daniel Rowe Maryland 

Maurice Ruderman Maryland 

Robert Hughes Ruick Ohio 

Clair F. Runyan Michigan 

Carl Wesley Sachs Virginia 

John Samila Illinois 

James Orville Sanders Illinois 

Frank Harold Sargent Virginia 

Donald Groat Saunders Maryland 

Eric Joseph Scanlan Samoa 

Frankie Roxie Scariano Colorado 

Stanley Schoengold Maryland 

Uwe-Thorsten Scobel Maryland 

Francis Bequette Scott Pennsylvania 

James Frankun Seals Maryland 


Bert Shaber, Jr Virginia 

Victor Frank Shauklas Pennsylvania 

Charles William Shepard Ohio 

Stanley Carlyle Sherwood Florida 

James Hale Short Washington 

Joseph Bernard Shupe Virginia 

Walter George Silva California 

William Josephus Sims Virginia 

John Roger Siska Ohio 

Richard Edwards Sloan Michigan 

Arnold Paul Smith Florida 

Eben D. Smith Virginia 

Justus Woodard Smith Kentucky 

William Tolar Smith, Jr Florida 

WooDROW Wilson Smith Virginia 

Llewellyn Sobke Oregon 

William Robert Spruill Georgia 

Harry Arthur Stafford Texas 

Robert Frederick Steinkraus Illinois 

John Richard Stevens Maryland 

Marion Crawley Stith Kentucky 

Henry Charles Stone Virginia 

Lewis Cass Street, III Pennsylvania 

Charles Harvey Sullivan Virginia 

David Hoerner Sullivan Maryland 

Walter Edward Sullivan, Jr Virginia 

William Francais Sullivan.. .. New Jerse?/ 

Fred Fukashi Suzukawa California 

Robert Thomas Swanton Michigan 

Peter Sweda Maryland 

William Vincent Tanski Pennsylvania 

Ralph Donald Terpening Mississippi 

Vincent Anthony Territo D. C. 

Melvin Ray Thayer Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Thomas Virginia 

Warren John Thomas D. C. 

William George Thompson Florida 

William Allen Thurston Virginia 

Philip Alan Tilson Maryland 

Ralph Albert Tipton, Jr D.C. 

James Frank Trawick Florida 

Henry McCullough Turner Virginia 

James Sterling Grimes TuRNER....ytVflrmta 

Thomas H. A. Turner, Jr Maryland 

George Ureke Illinois 

Edward Nicalos Usnick Nevada 

Edmund Valdes Texas 

William Daniel Van Buskirk Virginia 

Johnnie Carico Vance, Jr Wisconsin 

Bert A. Vaut, Jr Oklahoma 

Richards Vidmer, Jr New York 

Frank Lee Vito Pennsylvania 

William Gephart Von Platen Virginia 

J. Leroy Walker Utah 

Ray Bennett Wall Virginia 

Michael Leon Wardinski Illinois 

Arlie Gerald Watkinson Colorado 

Junius Adelbert Watlington, Jr. 


EiNAR Watten Virginia 

Wallace Wessel Maryland 

Frederick Jefferson Wesson Arkansas 

Charles Edward Westbrook Alabama 

Howard Arden Westphall Virginia 

Carl Harvey White Kansas 

Robert 0. Whitmore Virginia 

John Garbutt Whittemore Virginia 

Thomas Coke Whitworth, Jr Virginia 

Irving Benjamin Wicker, Jr Maryland 

Gordon Frank Wiebe Colorado 

Anders Olof Wiklund New Jersey 

Andrew Reid Wilcox Pennsylvania 

Walter Ernest Wilkerson Florida 

Curtis L. Willett, Jr South Carolina 

Arthur Franklin Williams Missouri 

Charles Wesley Wilson Pennsylvania 

Donald Clark Wilson Maryland 

Lucien Terrence Winegar Maryland 

Harry Thomas Winkler Illinois 

IviN Monroe Wise Virginia 

Karl Boller Witte Illinois 

William Allen Wolfe Virginia 

William Edward Wood, Jr Maryland 

Robert Malcolm Woodruff Maine 

Harry David Yoder D. C. 

Joseph T. Zielinski Maryland 



John Edgar Appel 
David Sheldon Band 
George Marion Beckert 
Paul Richard Begansky 

John Maris Capants 
John David Cooper 
Rodney Vernon Cox, Jr. 


Richard John Eastlack 
*Gerald Lee Fuller 
*Ira Dale Good 
Donald Scott Haller 
Walter Kuhn Herr 
Carter Caroll Hubbel, Jr. 
David Syme Kappe 
*NiCHOLAs Andre Keck 
Stefan Jay Klauber 
Lloyd Bradford Lewis 
Neil Ray Linsenmayer 
♦Phillip Lewis Melvin 
* Richard Hodges Morgan 
James Robert Murphy 

Thomas Morris Noppenberger 
John Joseph O'Brien 
Austin Dawes Perry 
William Frank Sanford 
Lewis Larry Schoen 
*Edward Jerome Southwick 
Benjamin Charles Stevens, Jr. 
Raymond Noah Tackett 
* Richard Warren Thompson 
*HowARD Caho Turner, Jr. 
John William West, Jr. 
John Gori^on Widener 
Stanley Theodore Zenuk 

Philip C. Brown John C. McHugh 

"Distinguished AFROTC Graduate 















University Gold Medal for Scholarship, Summa Cicm Lanae 
Awarded to 

Charles Carroll Swoope, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Frank Anthony Dolle 
Barbara Dorothea Bucko 

Jerome Schwartz 

GORM VON Pultz-Hanskn 

Matthew Angelo Rocco 


Graduated With Honor 

David E. Aldridge 
Paul E. Burke, Jr. 
Jambs B. Eisel 
John C. Eldridge 

Nelson R. Kerr, Jr. 
Lynn F. Meyers 
John Paul Rogers 
Charles H. Wheatley, III 


Faculty Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

William Franklin Falls, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

William Nathan Cohen 
Jorge Orlando Just-Viera 

Arthur Allen Serpick 
Harvey Mark Solomon 
James Paul Durkan 



Gold Medal for General Excellence 
Awarded to 

Murray Charles Spear 

Certificates of Honor 
Awarded to 

Marvin Frederick Saiontz 

Larry Herbert Pozanek 

Melvin Chaiet 

Candidates for bachelor's degrees are eligible for honors if they have completed 
at least tvsro years of resident w^ork with a scholastic average of B or higher. The 
candidates must also rank in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respec- 
tive colleges. First honors are awarded to the upper tenth of those in each college 
if they qualify, and second honors are awarded to the second tenth of those in each 
college if they qualify. The names of students are listed in order of their rank in 
the graduating class. 


First Honors 

John Horace REryNOLDS William Harold Choate 

Daniel Reuben Tompkins Frank Edw^ard McDonough 

James Huntington Comings Vernon Allan Bandel 

Edgar Henry Harman Clyde Francis Culver 


First Honors Second Honors 

Marion Blanche Bowb Nicholas Andre Keck 

Charles Elmore Fenton, Jr. Linda Jean French 

Judith Barbara Brenner Victoria Howie Plaster 

James Edward Ammerman Heather Frances MacKinnon 

John David Cronin Linda Caplan 

Neil Ray Linsenmayer Joseph Alton Warfield 

Milton Herbert Buschman, Jr. Merry Ellen Foster 

Joseph Raymond Hardiman Anne Caveness Ingram 


First Honors 

Louis Weiss 

Maurine Knatvold Hayter 
Elizabeth Anne Lusby 
John Vance Witherspoon 
Marcia Roberts Fox 
Sidney Krome 
Patricia Mary Dalton 
Robert George Briody 
Ernest Louis Madsbn 
Linda Ann Weinstein 
James Franklin McCarter 
Evelyn Helene Hurston 
Sonia Betty Racusin 
Benjamin Notes Dorman 
John Alexander Effer 
Gene Barry Solomon 
Richard Joseph Standridgb 
Elinor Betty Berger 
Emil Joseph Yampaglia 
Beth Ann Holmes 
Helen Louise Burch 
Barbara Anne Covington 
Susan Jean Jabas 
Walter Joseph Chambers 
Marilyn Deanne Aronow 
John Hughes Verchot 
Patricia Lehman 
Margo Lucey Denton 
John Albert Reeves 
DoRYNNE Joan Czechowicz 
Adele Corinne Ritchie 
Georgia Sotos 
Mary Jane Evans 
Anthony Diperno 
Myrna Faupel Hopmann 

Second Honors 

Joseph William Cox 

JoEllen Byron Simmb 

Howard Holbert Carrico, Jr. 

Joseph Ai,onzo Nizolek 

Darrell Dean Herman 

F. Bettina Fragale 

Paul Michael Rosenberg 

Nancy Ward Baldwin 

Jay Leonard Scheinker 

Frances Kaye Johnson 

Susan Tamar Shands Dangel 

Alfred Alan White 

Betty Sonia Meyers 

Edward John Zoski 

Gregory William Kosteck 

Julie Kirsti Ludwig 

Melvin Miles Friedman 

Patricia Jean Smith 

Ina Sybil Blumberg 

Jean Roberts 

James Paden Vijande 

Carla Gretchen Harms 

Marie Evelyn Dean 

Nancy Norman 

Arnold Irwin Malhmood 

Charles Henry Peterson, Jr. 

Miriam Annette Feldman 

Raymond Frederick Quigley, Jr. 

Alice Baskerville Heisler 


Marsha Diener 

Edward Anthony Yaroszewski 
Frank Victor Waselewski 
Irma Elaine Dennison 
John Milton Collins, III 

With Honors in Literature Robert A. Bravi^r and Burton F. Levy 


James Wallace Bequbtte 
Edwin Harley Yeo 
Charles Allen Gable 
Kenneth Fenby Swingle 
Richard Lee Coughenour 

First Honors 

Carol Ann Colvin 
Margaret Grace Price 
James G. Flynn 
Shelby Davis Weingarten 


First Honors 

John Henry Doban 
George John Dahle 
Elizabeth Sara Halpert 
Angelo Salvatore Puglise 
Robert Lee Dunker 
Georgia Wolfe Bell 

Eonald Robert Lee 
Richard Warren Thompson 
John Richard Coates 
Thomas Melvin Fox 
Nadir Egidio Valle 
Robert William Aitken 


First Honors 

Jeanne Marie Weirich 
M. Jean Lacey 
Ralph Wesley Wilson 
Jane Augustine Allender 
Ruth Ann Rauch 
Marie Luise Dienemann 
Grace Victoria Clark 
Beverly Jane May 
Ida Brenneman Reckner 
Patbicla Joan Favier 
Charles Jefferson HusFEi/r 
Mildred Pearl Pickard 
Nancy Eulalee Overton 

Second Honors 

Richard Arnold Martin 
Kathleen Mae Jean Lee 
Emily Suszanne O'Connor 
Julia Sothoron Buddington 
Sharon Syma Iskow 
Pamela Elliot Hanrahan 
Joan Virginia Allender 
Ann Elizabeth Misfeldt 
Judith Levin Kline 
Roberta Jeanne Hoveland 
Carol Lucile Carr 
Lita Mae Daniels 
Eva Mae Listman 
Pauline Reitmann Reiser 
Robert Alexander Harrell 
Lillian Rae Caplan 
Jane Workman 
Gail Mendham Powell 


First Honors 

Second Honors 

Benjamin Franklin Hoffman 

Robert Scott Couchman 

Carmine Vincent DiCamillo 

Emil Eugene Kohler 

Billy George Niefeldt 

Rudolph Berg, Jr. 

John Carlton Krimmell 

John Woods Bisset 

Ahto Kivi 

Richard Lav^^rence Martin 

Peter Otto Koenig 

Francis Joseph O'Brimski 
Thomas Morris Noppenberger 
Mounzer Bissat 
Leonard Egbert Prince 
Gerald Lee Fuller 
Melvin Joseph Deale 
Thomas Harold Varley 
Robert Harold Baumgardner 
James Leonard Cleveland 


First Honors 

Norman Robert Westfall 
John Hamilton Shepherd, Jr. 
Russell Clock, Jr. 
Seymour Bloom 
John Gilbert Viner 

Francis Clarence Steinbauer 
Harvey Yakowitz 
Norman Feldman 
Edward Cole Jarrell 



First Honors Second Honors 

Carol Marston Bogert 
Nancy Younger Vaughan 
Barbara Bess Ewen 
Jacqueline Luanne Eads 
Mignon Uneekant Coursen 
Arletta Marilyn Beloian 
Ruth Ann Mosley 

Rosemary Kirby 
Carol Anne Plumhoff 
Arnita Treva Dell 
Patricia Ann Conner 
Elaine Merithew Titus 
Jane Meads Johnston 


First Honors 

Barbara Louise Peed 
Katherine Davis Ricketts 
George Thomas Tait 
Alice Morgan Love 
Marylyn a. Varey Westervelt 
Nancy Jean Nystrom 

Second Honors 

John Thurman Bell 


First Honors 

Calvin Gilbert Bass 
Joseph L. White 
Arthur John Louis Meether 
Bernard Thomas Nolan 
Carl Wesley Sachs 
June Wanda Mosher 
Vern R. Hermanson 
William Robert Spruill 
George William Pickell 

Second Honors 

Henry William Gibson 
Norman Walter Flinn 
Mildred Ruth Plitt 
Joseph T. Zielinski 
Frank Otto FiscHiai 
Frederick William Richards 
William John Gleason 
Allan William Huet 
Johnnie Carico Vance 


First Honors 

Gerald Edward Cooke 
Stanley Schoengold 
Llewellyn Sobke 
Gene Walter Crowell 
Alan A. Brister 
Francis Bequette Scott 
Howard Arthur MacCord 
Forrest Ithamar Rettgers 
Eric Joseph Scanlan 

Second Honors 

Wallace Leroy Hamilton 
James Neil Hickock 
John T. Farady 
Robert Ward Bower 
Charles Ronald Croner 
Cooper Clifford 
Robert Rambicur 
Harry Arthur Stafford 
Frederick Stapleton Chapman 
Neil Jambs Graham 
Roger N. Edgington 


AlpJm Lambda Delta 

{Women's Freshman Honor Society) 

Marsha Gail Baum 
Ellen Louise Bubeck 
Patterson Charlotte Carr 
Jacqueline Juanita Carrick 
Lucy Diana Chambers 
Shirley Ann Cowgill 
Karen Diane Dunkin 
Marsha Nan Epstein 
Harriet Ann Ginsburg 
Ronnie Maryln Gross 
Marion Ruth Hartman 
Susan Louise Howard 
Patricia Mary Margaret Hynes 
Karen Jacobsen 
Carol Ann Kahn 
Elaine Phyllis Katz 
Antoinette Eloise Kendall 

Ellen Laura Leibowitz 
Miriam Leah Lichtenstein 
Janice May Montgomery 
Frances Melinda Rohland 
Beverly Elaine Rosenfeld 
Ann Matthews Roush 
Sandra Fay Rubin 
Sydney Lois Sachs 
Lois Elaine Sass 
Sarah Marie Schlesinger 
Elizabeth Ann Seymour 
Barbara Elaine Smith 
Shirley May Somerville 
Charlotte Ann Tate 
Linda Jane Tucker 
Carol Sue Waghelstein 
Judith Ann Wuerfel 
Evelyn Ruth Woolley 

Mortar Board 

(The national senior honor society for women, recognizing service, 
leadership and scholarship) 

Ina Sybil Blumberg 
Dessie Mae Buser 
Bette Marie Coder 
Jacqueline Luanne Eads 
Alice Medora Graves 
Alice Baskerville Heisler 

Arlen Ruth Kelly 
Heather Frances MacKinnon 
Beverly Jane May 
Nancy Jean Nystrom 
Carol Anne Plumhoff 
Katherine Davis Ricketts 
Babettb Hope Vogel 


Omicron Delta Kappa 

(Honorary Leadership Fraternity for Men) 

John Woods Bisset 
John Edwin Blitz 
John Richard Coates 
Bruce Steele Colvin 
Gene Thomas Danko 
Charles Allen Gable 
Francis Asbury Griffith 

Jerome Michael Render 
Calvin Paul Longacre 
Stanley Glen Mazaroff 
John Glen McGeady 
James Robert Murphy 
Richard Hodges Morgan 
Billy George Niedfeldt 
Ronald Wilson Plummer 

George Benjamin Roche 
Robert Charles Sacks 
Lawrence Reed Salmon 
George Thomas Tait 
John Gilbert Viner 
Joseph Alton Warfield 
Robert A. Yellowless, Jr. 

Phi Eta Sigma 

(Men's Freshman Honor Fraternity) 

R. Darwood Beville 
Donovan C. Carbaugh 
Donald L. Cox 
Wayne E. Hart 
Fred S, Herold 
Michael Heimbekg 
Charles G. Hoffman, Jr. 
Guenther W. Lerch 

Phillip Littman 
Robert D. McCleary 
Brian N. Meringoff 
Billy G. Niedfeldt 
Philip R. Peeling 
James F. Putman 
John F. Rogers 
Jerome S. Romer 
Allyn Shields 

H. Leroy Smith, Jr. 
W. Bridges Smith 
Walter B. Stewart 
Milton P. Stombler 
Michael A. Taylor 
Robert G. Towers 
Sanford D, Weinger 
Winfield M. Wetzel 

Phi Kappa Phi 

(A national honorary fraternity open to honor students, both men and women, 
in all branches of learning) 

Mildred E. Barrett 
Ester K. Birdsall 
Charles E. Clark 
William D. Coffey 
Maimon M. Cohen 
Joseph F. Dardano 
Garney L. Darrin 
Mary F. deVermond 
Austin E. Gisriel 
James P. Hodges 


Innis L. Jenkins 
Charlotte M. Kraebel 
Charles N. Lee 
Jen-Hwa Lee 
Claude G. McKee 
Donald W. McMasters 
Dudley S. Mook 
Melvin D. Palmer 
William R. Porter 
Donald L. Price 

Stephen T. Quigley 
Herbert Rabin 
Robert H. Ratcliff 
Howard Robert Reiss 
Frances C. Reynolds 
May M. Rosvtell 
Austin J. Sandoz 
Charlotte Seyffer 
Larry F. Thomasson 

Jane A. Allender 
Joan V. Allender 
James E. Ammerman 
Marilyn D. Aronow 
Arletta M. Belgian 
John W. Bisset 
Seymour D. Bloom 


Marion B. Bo we 
Judith Barbara Brenner 
Melvin Chaiet 
Grace V. Clark 
Carol A. Colvin 
Robert S. Couchman 
Richard L. Coughenour 
Mignon U. Coursen 

Barbara A. Covington 
John D. Cronin 
George J. Dahle 
Marie L. Dienenmann 
Elaine D. Dietz 
John H. Doran 
Jacqueline L. Eads 


John A. Effer 
Barbara B. Ewen 
Patricia J. Favier 
Charles E. Fenton, 
James G. Flynn 
Hansford D. Ford 
Marcia R. Fox 
John A. Fullerton 
Charles A. Gable 
Ralph A. George 
Henry W. Gibson 
Russell Clock, Jr. 
Niel J, Graham 
Joseph R. Hardiman 
Edgar H. Harman 
Beth A. Holmes 
Frances H. Huntley 
Evelyn H. Hurston 
Charles J. Husfelt 
Ahto Kivi 
Peter O. Koenig 
Emil E. Kohler 
John C. Krimmell 
Sidney Krome 

Eva R. Krongard 

Martha J. Lacey 

Kathleen M. Lee 

Jr. Patricia Lehman 

Neil R. Linsenmayer 
Elizabeth A. Lusby 
Heather F. MacKinnon 
Richard A. Martin 
Richard L. Martin 
Beverly J. May 
James J. McCann 
Ruth A. Mosley 
Anne F. Newman 
Billy G. Niedfeld 
Emily S. O'Connor 
Barbara L. Peed 
Charles H. Peterson, Jr. 
Douglas H. Phillips 
Larry H. Pozanek 
Margaret G. Price 
SONIA B. Racusin 
Ruth A. Rauch 
Mary E. Reynolds 

Katherine D. Ricketts 
Sylvia D. Roof 
Carl W. Sachs 
Marvin F. Saiontz 
Eric J. Scanlan 
Jay L. Scheinker 
John H. Shepherd, Jr. 
June W. Smith 
Llewellyn Sobke 
Gene B. Solomon 
Murray C. Spear 
Richard J. Standridge 
George T. Tait 
Daniel R, Tompkins 
Nancy Y. Vaughn 
Shelby D. Weingarten 
Linda A. Weinstein 
Jean M. Weirich 
Louis Weiss 
Norman R. Westfall 
William D. Wight 
John V. Witherspoon 
Edwin H. Yeo, III 


Wolfe N. Adler 
Gerson Asrael 
William N. Cohen 
James P. Durkan 

Alpha Omega Alpha 

{A National Honorary Medical Society) 

William F. Falls, Jr. 
Francis E. Farley 
Robert T. James 
Donald R. McWilliams 

Arthur L. Poffenbarger 
Ramon F, Roig, Jr. 
Gerard L. Russo 
Arthur A. Serpick 
Harvey M. Solomon 

Alpha Zeta 

{Men's Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

Donald Martin Bandel 
David Thomas Buchman 
Charles Wesley Creek 
David Kenyon Denny 
Harry Fred Downey 

George Ernest Eyster William L. Schoeberlein 

Donald Dennis Littleton William Wright Smith 

Richard Wright Miller Fred Carlton Swopb 

George Eugene Murnan Laurence Herman Wessel 

Richard W. Rayne, Jr. William Wallace Wright 

Beta Gamma Sigma 

{Men's and Women's Commerce Honor Society) 

Richard L. Conley 
George J. Dahle 

Elizabeth S. Halpert 
Larry N. Libauer 
Calvin Paul Longacre 

Robert F. Merrick 
Angelo S. Publise 


Omicron Kappa Upsilon 
(Honorary Dental Society) 

Kenneth David Bass 
Barbara Dorothea Bucko 
Frank Anthony Dolle 
Frank Walter Krause 

John Viering Raese 
Matthew Angelo Rocco 
Louis Joseph Ruland, Jr. 
Jerome Schwartz 

Robert Bernard Silberstein 
Charles Carroll Swoope, Jr 
Francis Anthony Veltre 
Jorge Vendrell 
GORM VON Pultz-Hansen 

Omicron Nu 

(National Home Economics Honor Society) 

Jane Allender 
Carol Bogert 
Dessie Buser 
Patricia Conner 
Jacqueline Eads 

Barbara Ewen 
Jane Johnston 
Rosemary Kirby 
Suzanne O'Connor 
Carol Plumhoff 

Elaine Reith 
Brunhilde Seidel 
Barbara Shufelt 
Martha Tatum 
Sandra Warsaw 

Order of the Coif 

(National Law School Honor Society) 

David E. Aldridge 
Paul E. Burke, Jr. 

John C. Eldridge 
Nelson R. Kerr, Jr. 
Lynn F. Meyers 

John Paul Rogers 
Charles H. Wheatley, III 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 

(Physical Education, Recreation, and Health Honor Society) 

Mildred Barrett 
Louis E. Bowers 
Frances Domingos 

Bruce Hutchinson 
Robert J. Janus 
Ronald C. Johnson 

John A. Lucas 

Charles E. Naumann, Jr. 

Leroy C. Skinner 


John T. Bell 
Edward P. Curley 
Barbara G. Dawson 
Fa YE S. Frisbie 
Elizabeth A. Hanley 
June A. Kennard 

Norma Rae Long 
Nancy J. Nystrom 
Austin D. Perry 
Mary Anna Pritchett 
Carol H. Rachelson 
Katherine D. Ricketts 

Donna M. Ringler 
Robert G. Robertson 
Donald E. Santo 
Mersine M. Stavrides 
Ilene Steinberg 
George Thomas Tait 


Rho Chi 

{National Honorary Pharmaceutical Society) 

Stanley Leonard Becker 
Henry Joseph Click 

Ronald Goldner 
Morton David Richman 

Herbert A. L. Sachs 
Martin Chaim Shargel 
John David Warthen, Jr. 

Tau Beta Pi As.sociation 

{General Engineering Honor Society) 

Rudolph Berg, Jr. 
Seth Bonder 
Robert J. Bosw^ell 
David J. Brenner 
Ronald H. Brierley 
Frank T. Buckley 
Vincent J. Caggiano 
Rodney Chatham 
James L. Cleveland 
Oscar M. Cromer 
Emanuel Curtis 
Melvin J. Deale 
Carmine V. DiCamillo 
John R. Fairbanks 
Arnold J. Farstad 
Edgar A. Flaggs, Jr. 


Wilbur H. Goldschmidt 
James P. Goodloe, Jr. 
Edward L. Gruman 
James C. Hagan 
Paul Heffner 
Robert B. Hughes 
William D. Israel 
Daniel W. Kelliher 
Joseph J. Kociscin 
John C. Krimmel 
Donald M, Kupfer 
Jerome V. Larson 
Kenneth J. McAuliffe, 
Thomas R. McBirney 
Donald T. Oakley 

Francis J. O'Brimski 
Vincent R. Pfisterer 
Leonard E. Prince 
William P. Reese 
Warren G. Richards 
William J. Rosen 
Robert C. Sacks 
Stephen B. Shephard 
Ross R. Snider 
Charles R. Somerlock 
Harry W. Stints 
Harry D. Straley 
Raymond D. Ulrick 
Jr.Thomas H. Varley 
Jon p. Weeks 
Paul A. Wright 




Special Awards 


\ i 




The Alumni Association Medal Charles Carroll Swoope, Jr. 

The Isaac H. Davis Memorial Medal Frank Walter Krause 

The Herbert Friedberg Memorial Award Charles Carroll Swoope, Jr. 

The Edgar J. Jacques Memorial Award Chester James Richmond, Jr. 

The Harry E. Kelsey Memorial Award Frank Anthony Dolle 

The Harry E. Latcham Memorial Award Jeffry Chandler Pennington 

The Sigma Epsilon Delta Award Charles Carroll Swoope, Jr. 

The Alexander H. Paterson Memorial Medal Frank Walter Krause 


Sam Allen Memorial Prize Nelson R. Kerr, Jr.. 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize John Paul Rogers 

Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation Prize John Paul Rogers 

Nu Beta Epsilon Prize John D. Alexander, Jr. 

U. S. Law Week Award S. Leonard Rottman 

Samuel S. Levin Prize RoY Dragone 


The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial Prize Robert H. Young, Jr. 

The Dr. Leonard M. Hummel Memorial Award William F. Falls, Jr. 

The Dr. Harry M. Robinson, Sr. Prize Raymond F. Roig, Jr. 

The Margaret Whitaker Prize Jorge Orlando Just-Viera 

Student Council Keys John W. Coursey, William F. Falls, Jr., 

Hans R. Wilhelmsen, Jack C. Lewis, William J. R. Dunseath 


The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity Prize, to a senior student for 
proficiency in pharmacology. 

Awarded to Alfred H. Schwartzman 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize, a gold medal for superior proficiency in 

Awarded to Larry H. Pozanek 

The David Fink Memorial Prize, to a senior student for proficiency in the general 
practice of pharmacy. 

Awarded to Murray C. Spear 

Epsilon Alumnae Chapter, Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority Prize, to a senior stu- 
dent for proficiency in pharmacy administration. 

Awarded to William B. Gray 

The Phi Beta Chapter, Phi Sigma Delta Fraternity Prize, to a member of the 
senior class who has exhibited the most outstanding qualities of character and leader- 
ship during the time spent in college. 

Awarded to Alfred H. Schwartzman 


The William Simon Memorial Prize, for superior proficiency in the field of prac- 
tical and analytical chemistry. 

Awarded to Murray C. Spear 

The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize, for exceptional work 
throughout the course in botany and pharmacognosy. 

Atvarded to Sheldon A. Friedlander 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize, to the senior student having the 

highest general average throughout the course in practical and dispensing pharmacy. 

Awarded to Marvin F. Saiontz 


Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma Award to the senior majoring in chem- 
istry or chemical engineering whose average has been above 3.0 for three and one 
half years. 

Atvarded to Harvey Yakowitz 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the senior member of the group who has main- 
tained the highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have 
been in attendance in the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to Frances Harris Huntley 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award to the senior members who have 
maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta average, 3.50. 
Awarded to: 

Jane Augustine Allender Barbara Bess Ewen 

Judith Barbara Brenner Frances Harris Huntley 

Grace Victoria Clark Martha Jean Lacey 

Marie Luise Dienemann Elizabeth Anne Lusby 

Elaine Dorothy Dietz Beverly Jane May 

Jacqueline Luanne Eads Barbara Louise Peed 

Alpha Zeta Award to the agricultural student in the freshman class who attains 
the highest average record in academic work. 

Atvarded to Harry Fred Downey 

American Association of University Women Annual Graduate Prize. 

Awarded to Charlotte M. Kraebel 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers' Award. 

Awarded to DOUGLAS G. Ryan 

American Institute of Chemists Award for outstanding scholarship in chemistry 
and for high character. 

Awarded to Jean Roberts 

American Institute of Electrical Engineers' Award. 

Awarded to Corlys L. Gillis 

American Public Relations Association, Baltimore Chapter, Annual Citation to 
the outstanding senior, public relations major. 

Awarded to Hart T. Joseph 

American Society of Civil Engineers' Awards. 

Awarded to John G. Viner, Melvin J. Deale, 

James P. Goodloe, Jr. and Jon P. Weeks 


American Society for Metals Award for outstanding attainments in Metallurgy, 
Department of Chemical Engineering. 

Awarded to Dennis Andrew Witmer 

Associated Women Students Awards for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 

Awarded to: 

Patricia Elizabeth Boyles Harriet Ann Husted 

Elizabeth Nixon Conklin Patricia Jane Kanner 

Constance Louise Cornell Gail Elise Kissling 

Patricia Lee Crane Patricia Lea Messer 

Sally Ann Dailey Eleanor Janet Munsey 

Margaret Ellen Duncan Elizabeth Anne Riley 

Alice Baskerville Heisler Martha Louisa Tatum 
Patricia Ann Hensley 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal. 

Awarded to David Coleman Fullarton 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence in 
Hebrew studies. 

Judith L. Berkenbilt Harriet J. Neuman Linda J. Tucker 

Ann C. Broder Barbara L. Seldeen Carol S. Waghelstein 

Linda K. Sobel 

Civil Engineering Honor Society Award to outstanding civil engineering sopho- 

Awarded to Danny Clark King 

Ernie Coblentz Memorial Trophy, oflfered to the most outstanding freshman for 
work done on student publications. 

Awarded to CHARLES Smith 

Bernard L. Crozier Award. 

Awarded to Harvey Yakowitz 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award to the woman member of the graduating class 
who has achieved the highest scholastic average for her entire course. 

Awarded to Barbara Louise Peed 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who has 
maintained the highest scholastic average for the entire four-year course in the Col- 
lege of Business and Public Administration. 

Awarded to James Wallace Bequette 

The Education Alumni Award to the outstanding senior man and senior woman 
in the College of Education. 

Awarded to Nancy Eulalee Overton and Richard Arnold Martin 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal. 

Awarded to JoN Paul Weeks 

Mahlon N. Haines Art Award, offered to the student in the Fine Arts Depart- 
ment for outstanding work in the painting classes. 

Awarded to Howard C. Behrens 


The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the two members of the senior class who 
have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to John Harold Crockett, Jr. and Joseph A. Warfield 

Hamilton Award. 

Awarded to Billy G. Niedfeldt 

The Home Economics Alumni Award to the student outstanding in application of 
Home Economics in her present living and who shows promise of carrying these into 
her future home and community. 

Awarded to Jacqueline Eads 

William H. Hottel Award to the most outstanding senior for work done on student 
publications during his college career. 

Awarded to John E. Blitz 

Institute of Aeronautical Sciences Awards. 

Awarded to Anthony J. Culotta, Thomas P. Kossiaras, 

Francis J. O'Brimsky, Thomas W. Finch 

Institute of Radio Engineers Awards. 

Awarded to Corlys L. Gillis and Robert E. Davis, Jr. 

Machinery's Award for excellence in Machine Design. 

Awarded to John C. Krimmel 

Maryland Motor Truck Association Award to the student majoring in Transpor- 
tation with an interest in motor transportation who has shown in three years of 
training an apparent ability to succeed. 

Awarded to John R. Coates 

Maryland Press Association Annual Citation to the outstanding senior in jour- 

Awarded to John Blitz 

Men's League Certificates, offered for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 

Awarded to: 

Robert B. Bailey Vernon M. Briggs, Jr. Frank Ratka 

Ernest J. Betz Alfred H. Denenberg Rand W. Tuttle 

John E. Blitz Joseph H. Hardiman Joseph A. Warfield 

Charles H. Peterson 

Men's League Trophy to the graduating male senior who has done the most for 
the male student body. 

Awarded to Joseph W. Cox 

Omicron Nu Sorority Medal to the freshman girl in the College of Home Eco- 
nomics who attains the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

A^varded to Mary Annb Edwards 

The award of the Phi Beta Kappa Association of the University of Maryland to 
the graduating senior with the highest cumulative scholastic average whose basic 
course program has been in the liberal studies. 

Awarded to Charles Elmore Fenton, Jr. 

Phi Delta Kappa Award to an outstanding man in the graduating class. 
Awarded to Jack Andrew Berge 

Pi Delta Epsilon National Medal of Merit Awards, offered by the National 
Council of Pi Delta Epsilon to the outstanding senior woman and the outstanding 
senior man. 

Awarded to Frank Ratka and Beverly May 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to outstanding sophomore. 

Awarded to William R. Mentzner 

Pilot Freight Carries, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College of Business 
and Public Administration who has majored in Transportation and who has demon- 
strated competence in this field of study. 

Awarded to Vernon D. Kurz 

Sigma Chi Award to the man in the freshman class who has made the highest 
scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Brian Nils Meringhoff 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society 
of the City of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual 
qualities practically applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to Beverly Jane May and Vernon Briggs 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Award. 

Awarded to Paul Heffner 


Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus 
H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class who, 
during his collegiate career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done 
most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Rand W. Tuttle 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An award presented annually as a memorial to 
Sally Sterling Byrd, by her children to that girl member of the Senior Class who best 
exemplifies the enduring qualities of the pioneer women. These qualities should 
typify self-dependence, courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objec- 
tives, willingness to sacrifice for others, strength of character, and those other quali- 
ties that enabled the pioneer woman to play such a fundamental part in the building 
of the Nation. 

Awarded to Alice Heisler 


The Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy for the senior who has contributed most 
to the squad. 

Awarded to Joel Halleck 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current 

Awarded to Francis Kershner 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to 
the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

AiAmrded to Lawrence Salmon 


Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to Patrick Clarke 

William P. Cole, III, Memorial Lacrosse Award to the outstanding University of 
Maryland Midfielder. 

Awarded to William Waesche 

Joe Deckman - Sam Silber Lacrosse Trophy to the most improved defense man. 
Awarded to Frederick Kern 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award to the most outstanding senior track- 

Awarded to James Starboard 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of the 

Awarded to Richard Van Auken 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed 
most to wrestling at the University. 

Awarded to Carmen Blades 

The Maryland Ring to the Maryland man who is adjudged the best athlete of 
the year. 

Awarded to Richard Reitz 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr. Swimming Trophy to the senior letterman who has 
contributed most to swimming. 

Awarded to John Bell 

Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 
Awarded to Fred Cole 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service to 
lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to Albert Tiedemann 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in 
college athletics. 

Awarded to Thomas Tait 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University 
has rendered the greatest service to football. 

Awarded to Robert Rusevlyan 




Patrick Clarke 
Roy Hurst 
Richard Reitz 


Delmar Beman 
Robert Hogg 


John Bell 
John Ladrido 
Alan Margolis 


Robert Cutler, Mgr. 
Gene Danko 
Joel Halleck 
William Murphy 
Julian Weingarten 


Alfred Beardsley 
Joseph Behrmann 
Fred Cole 
James Hatter 
Francis Kershner 
Ronald Laneve - 
Robert Layman - 
Richard Lewis 
William Martin 
Robert Rusevlyan 
Benjamin Scotti 
William Steppe 


Edward Cox 
John Keating 
Hugh Kennedy 
Frederick Kern 
Richard Moran 
Hilary Rowe, Jr., Mgr. 
Alexander Spellman 
Albert Tiedemann 
William Waesche 


Donald Webster 


John Coates 
Basilio Liacuris 
Daniel Somarriba 
Richard Thompson 
Thomas Vass 


Thomas Beall, Jr. 
Larry Lackey 
Donald Palmer 
Uwe-Thorston Scobel 


George Murnan 
Carl Prigg 
David Rams 
Lawrence Salmon 
James Starboard 
G. Thomas Tait 
Elliott Thompson 


Nicholas Biondi 
Carmine Blades, Mgr. 
Richard Dean 
LeRoy Kennedy 
Raymond Haney 


Joseph Andreone 
John Barrett 
Donald Brown 
Patrick Clarke 
Frank Copper 
Roy Hurst 
Richard King 
George Klinedinst 
Richard Reitz 
Jack Rogers 
Philip Rogers 
Donald Santo 
Richard Taylor 
William Trust 
John Windisch 
Gerald Bechtle 



Allan Bunge 
Gene Danko 
Joel Halleck 
Paul Krukar 
Robert McDonald 
Charles McNeil 
William Murphy 

Cross Country 

Robert Adams 
John Clagett 
Francis Colavita 
Richard Creditor 
Albert Gasser 

Leroy Harvey 
Joseph Palfi 
David Rams 


Edward Becker 
Dale Betty 
Peter Boinis 
Rodney Breedlove 
Everett Cloud 
Fred Cole 
Robert Cole 
Leroy Dietrich 
DwAYNE Fletcher 
John Forbes 
Robert Gallagher 


Joseph Gardi 

Thomas Gunderman 
James Hatter 
James Joyce 
Fred Kern 
Francis Kershner 
Egbert Layman 
William Lazaro 
Richard Lewis 
William Martin 
Edward Nickla 
Robert Rusevlyan 
Richard Scarbath 
Victor Schwartz 
Kurt Schwarz 
Vincent Scott 
Anthony Scotti 
Benjamin Scotti 
Ronald Shaffer 
William Steppe 
Eugene Verardi 


Thomas Bartolec 
Delmar Beman 
William Dudley 
John Grubb 
John Hogg 
Robert Hogg 
John Owen 
Paul Quinn 


William Chambers 
Edward Cox 
Walter Durigg 
Roger Goss 
John Keating 
Hugh Kennedy 
Frederick Kern, Jr. 
Alfred Harden 
Richard Moran 
Clarence Patterson 
William Pugh, Jr. 
Hilary Rowe, Jr., Mgr. 
Richard Scarbath 
Charles Schwartzberg 
Alexander Spellman 
Henry Stansbury 
Francis Thelen 
Albert Tiedemann 

Cleveland Vetter 
William Waesche 
George Waidner, Jr. 


Robert Barto 
John Cain 
John Ebrite 
Thomas Gary 
Nils Larsen 
John Powell 
Donald Webster 


John Axley 
Algirdas Bacanskas 
John Coates 
John Fulton 
Carroll Hess 
Leo Keller 
Cliff Krug 
Frank Lane 
Basilic Liacuris 
William Pflugrad 
Ernesto Ribeiro 
Richard Romine 
Daniel Somarriba 
Richard Thompson 
Gabriel Uricoechea 
Robert Vosswinkel 
John Windisch 
Fred Lehman 
Ian Forest 


Donald Adams 
John Bell 
William Donaldson 
Robert Kohl 
John Ladrido 
Robert Macintosh 
Alan Margolis 
Jon Mills 

Nicholas Paleologos 
Thurlow Park 
Brian Schwartz 
Richard Sinclair 
Paul Sykes 

Michael Vaeth 
Donald Van Hise 


Charles Abelson 
Thomas Beall, Jr. 
Paul Capozello 
Alan Critrenbaum 
Donald Palmer 
Uwe-Thorston Scobel 


Bjorn Andersen 
John Clagett 
Francis Colavita 
Stewart Davis 
John Downing, III 
George Draksler 
Eugene Estes 
Fred Hanson 
William Johnson 
Nicholas Kovalakides 
John Lowndes 
Joseph McDonagh 
Stanley Pitts 
Carl Prigg 
Lawrence Salmon 
David Sidmore, Mgr. 
Wayne Smith 
Jonas Spiegel 
James Starboard 
G. Thomas Tait 
Elliott Thompson 
Donald Whitaker 


James Bailey 
Richard Besnier 
Nicholas Biondi 
Carmine Blades, Mgr. 
Richard Dean 
Raymond Haney 
LeRoy Kennedy 
Anthony Matulonis 
Raymond Osborne 
Richard Van Auken 
Donald Santo 


AFROTC Angel Flight Award to the outstanding member of the AFROTC Angel 

Awarded to Norma Berger 

Air Force Association Silver Medal to the outstanding Advanced AFROTC Cadet 
based on scholastic grade, both general and military, individual characteristics and 
performance at summer camp. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Nicholas A. Keck 

Alumni Cup to the best drilled Flight within the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet 2nd Lt. John C. Cain 

American Legion Award to the Senior Cadet for academic achievement in leader- 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Uwe T. Scobel 

American Legion Post No. 217 Award to the Senior Cadet displaying outstanding 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. David Kappe 

Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association Award to the Senior 
Cadet who has demonstrated outstanding qualities of military leadership, high moral 
character, and definite aptitude for military service. 

Awarded to Cadet Maj. Gerald L. Fuller 

Arnold Air Society Award to the Advanced Cadet selected by the Arnold Air 
Society as the cadet who has contributed the most to the advancement of AFROTC 
through activities of the Arnold Air Society. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Nicholas A. Keck 

Convair Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying outstanding leadership and 
scholastic qualities and who has been selected for Advanced AFROTC in Flying 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. William D. Fletcher 

The Charles M. Dickinson Memorial Plaque to the Junior Cadet who has shown 
leadership ability, outstanding individual characteristics and military bearing. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Randolph S. Cramer 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Cadet who has displayed out- 
standing leadership, scholarship and citizenship. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Richard H. Morgan 

Freshman Division Silver Cup to a Freshman Cadet for outstanding leadership, 
military bearing and aptitude, and desire for military service. 

Awarded to Cadet Ronald E. Shoupb 

Governor's Cup to the best drilled Squadron within the Corps of Cadets. 
Awarded to Cadet Capt. David F. Kolda 

Hamill Memorial Plaque to the Sophomore Cadet excelling in leadership and 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Bruce W. Larson 

William Randolph Hearst Trophy to the AFROTC Rifle Team for outstanding 

Awarded to John C. Cain, Craig C. Hardy, Nils W. Larsen, 

Alan B. Leaman, and Robert B. Steward 

The Glenn L. Martin Award to the Senior Cadet who has attained excellence in 
the field of aeronautical engineering and who has applied for flight training in 
the USAF. 

Awarded to Cadet Maj. Peter Gelkas 

Maryland State Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America Award 
to the Freshman Cadet who has attained the highest overall academic grade during 
the first semester. 

Aivarded to Cadett Peter Van Der Veer 

Military Order of World Wars Award to the outstanding graduate of the NCO 

Aivarded to Cadet Charles W. Buffum 

Pershing- Rifle Company Gold Medal to the most outstanding member of the Per- 
shing Rifles. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Donald R. Whitman 

Pershing Rifle Company Silver Medal to the most outstanding second year basic 
Pershing Rifle Cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. John C. Matthews 

Pershing Rifle Company Bronze Medal to the most outstanding first year basic 
Pershing Rifle Cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet John O. Cotton 

Pershing Rifle Award to the best drilled Cadet of the Corps who is not a member 
of the Pershing Rifle Company. 

Awarded to Cadet Barry S. Knauf 

Pershing Rifle Regimental Medal to a member of the Pershing Rifle Company 
who has been outstanding in service to the organization. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. John Matthews 

George M. Reilly, Jr. Award to the member of the Flight Instruction Program 
showing the most aptitude for flying. 

Aivarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Ira Good 

Reserve Officers Association Medals to the Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman 
Cadet demonstrating outstanding academic achievement in AFROTC. 

Gold Medal awarded to Cadet Capt. Robert J. Zapatoky 

Silver Medal awarded to Cadet Lt. Charles S. Callison 

Bronze Medal awarded to Cadet Lt. John C. Hamel 

Scabbard and Blade Coblentz Memorial Cup to the best drilled Squadron within 
the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Ralph Hamilton 

Secretary of the Air Force Trophy to the team winning the AFROTC National 
Rifle Competition. 

Awarded to Detachment 330, University of Maryland 

Secretary of the Air Force Trophies to the high scoring individuals in the 
AFROTC National Rifle Competition. 

Awarded to Craig C. Hardy and John C. Cain 

Society of American Military Engineers Award of Merit to the senior cadet dis- 
playing outstanding scholastic achievement and leadership and majoring in the field 
of engineering. 

Awarded to Cadet Captain Gerald Lee Fuller 

Sons of the American Revolution Award to the cadet who exhibits in his work a 
high degree of merit with respect to leadership, military bearing, and excellence in his 
academic course of study. 

Aivarded to Lt. Jay M. Land 

Sun Newspaper Award to the best drilled cadet within the Corps. 

Awarded to Cadet Albert W. Small 

Vandenberg Guard Award to the member of Vandenberg Guard displaying out- 
standing leadership. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Urban Lynch 

Band Awards 

Gold Cups presented to persons who have faithfully served four years in the band. 

Richard Hill 
Dorothy McCarty 
James Murphy 

James Nichols 
Larry Nowack 
Nancy Nystrom 

George Roche 
Marilyn Sanders 
Albert Tase 

Gold Keys awarded to persons who have faithfully served three years in the band. 

Gary Benfield 
Donald Binder 
Randolph Cramer 
Peggy DeNeane 
TOKI Endo 

Margaret Foster 
Charles Grandmaison 
Judith Hill 
Jack Hillhouse 
Harriet Husted 

Noble Kelley 
Burton Kester 
Ed Lynch 
William Newell 
Patricia Tatspaugh 

Sweaters awarded to persons who have faithfully served two years in the band. 

Thomas Barry 
Stuart Bresner 
Nelsa Evans 
Howard Fielding 
Pat Hershberger 
Norman Hogan 
John Hunter 

JuANiTA Johnson 
Helen Juten 
Walter McKenzie 
Donald Monroe 
Nancy Morgan 
William Meyers 
Wayne Mulligan 
John Russell 

William Signor 
Orville Slye 
Joan Smoot 
Gary Swink 
Joanne Thom 
Wayne Watkins 
Dennis Winson 

Letters awarded to persons who have faithfully served one year in the band. 

Curtis Anstine 
Pierce Atkins 
John Axley 
Norma Berger 
Harold Blevins 
Michael Board 
Barbara Brown 
Linda Bushnell 
Martin Clearfield 
Jon Clow 
William Cox 
Pat Crane 
Kenneth Dahlin 
Karen Danielson 
Richard Edgar 
Martin Fink 

Sheila Fram 
Richard Friedman 
David Goeller 
Connie Gowen 
Wayne Hart 
Daryl Hawkins 
Anita Hollow ay 
James Jones 
Donna King 
Larry Kneessi 
Scott Koopmann 
George Lapes 
Harriet Love 
Stephen Marinshaw 
David McNeil 
Arthur Miller 

James Morrow 
Richard Mortimer 
Gene Mullinix 
Thomas Myers 
Ralph Penn 
David Peterson 
Norman Prince 
Walter Skruch 
Edward I. Smith 
James Talley 
JURI Tammaru 
Mary Ann Torovsky 
Steven Tretter 
William Wheeler 
Judith Wilburn 
Stephen Winkler 

Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding band member of the year. 
Awarded to Larry Nowack 

Director's Award to the band member who has demonstrated the most improve- 
ment in musicianship during the year. 

Awarded to Richard Mortimer 

Men's Glee Club ' 

Gold Key presented to persons who have faithfully worked for two years or who 
have served as an officer for one year in the Men's Glee Club. 

John Martin 

Dale Nonnemacher 

Richard Palmquist 

Women's Chorus 

Gold Pin presented to persons who have faithfully worked for two years ii 
the chorus. 

Mary Elaine Bryce 

Virginia Windlb 




Frank Allen 
William Cogan 
Paula Dubov 
Bonnie Feldseman 
Joan Griswold 
Leonard Hoyle 
Frank Hunt 
Heather MacKinnon 
"Walter Nakamura 
David Newman 
Joanne Silver 
Harold Taylor 
Ann Woods 

"M" Book 

Hart T. Joseph 
Jerome M. Kender 
Beverly J. May 

Old Line 

William N. Demas 
Paula Dubov 
Nancy H. Guthrie 
Frederick N. Halliday 
Gary A. Phillips 
James F. Wright 


Patricia L. Crane 
Jacqueline L. Eads 
Ruth B. Hull 
Jerome M. Kender 
Beverly J. May 
Katherine D. Rickk 
Thomas P. Seppy 
AuRELiA Thomas 







2 3 














Business and 




Arts and 



The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic pro- 
cession are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar 
since medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress 
since many of the scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which 
has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United 
States. Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — has its 
own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long 
pointed sleeve. The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve extending 
below the knee; the arm is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doc- 
tor's gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of 
this gown is faced with wide velvet bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a 
color indicating the general field of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for 
philosophy, green for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The 
color of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. The colors of the silk lining 
exposed in the center of the hood are those of the college or university which con- 
ferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may 
be either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap 
may be gold. 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of dis- 
tinctive color and design.