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1964 Commencement Exercise 

University of Mary s lmd 


June Sixth, 1964 
University of Maryland 


President of the University 
Dr. Wilson Homer Elkins 


Dr. Robert D. Rappleye 

Candidates for Degrees Presented by : 

Dr. Ronald Bampord, Dean, The Graduate School 

Dr. William S. Stone, M.D., Dean, School of Medicine 

Dr. John J. Salley, D.D.S., Dean, School of Dentistry 

Professor William P. Cunningham, Dean, School of Law 

DR. Gordon M. Cakns, Dean of Agriculture 

Dr. Charles Manning, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 

Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean, College of Business and Public 

Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean, College of Education 
Dr. Frederic T. Mavis, Dean, College of Engineering 
Dr. Selma F. Lippeatt, Dean, College of Home Economics 
Dr. Florence M. Gipe, Dean, School of Nursing 
Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean, School of Pharmacy 
Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean, College of Physical Education, 

Recreation, and Health 
Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean, University College 

Special Music 

Mr. Charlton G. Meyer, University Organist 

University Choir, Mr. Fague K. Springmann, Director 

Men's Glee Club and Women's Chorus, Mr. Paul P. Traver, Director 


Mr. Stewart L. Gordon 
Mr. Paul P. Traver 

Program Coordinators 

Professor George F. Batka 
Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger 


O say can you see, 

— by the dawn's early light, 

What so proudly we hail'd 

at the twilight's last gleaming? 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, 
thro' the perilous fight, 

O'er the ramparts we watched, 
were so gallantly streaming ? 

And the rockets' red glare, 
the bombs bursting in air, 

Gave proof thro' the night 

— that our flag was still there. 

say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 

O'er the land of the free 
and the home of the brave? 


Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold, 
Singing, thy praise forever, 
Throughout the land. 



The National Anthem 

Musical Selections 


Conferring of Degrees 
and Certificates 

The Alma Mater 

Commissioning of Officers, 
United States Air Force 
and United States Marine 



"March of the Priests" from Athalie, 

The Reverend Mr. Merrill A. Stevens 
Episcopal Chaplain 
University of Maryland 

The Star-Spangled Banner, Key, led by 
Mr. Fague K. Springmann 

The Honorable Thomas B. Finan 
Attorney General of Maryland 

Mr. Charles P. McCormick, Chairman 
Board of Regents, University of Maryland 

Battle Hymn of the Republic 
arr. Waring 

"Thanks Be To God" from Elijah, 

Combined University Choral Groups 
Mr. Fague K. Springmann, Conductor 

Mr. Stuart T. Saunders, Chairman 
Board of the Pennsylvania Railroad 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 
President of the University 

Kinney, led by Mr. Fague K. Springmann 

Colonel Vernon H. Reeves 
Professor of Air Science 

The Reverend Mr. Theodore R. Casper 
Lutheran Chaplain 
University of Maryland 

March from Tannhaiiser, Wagner 

Honorary Degrees 




Emory Hamilton Niles Doctor of Laws 

Judge Emory H. Niles served as Chief Judge of the Supreme Bench of Baltimore 
City from 1954 to 1962. He began his service with that body as Associate Judge in 1938. 
Judge Niles was born in Baltimore in 1892. Johns Hopkins University conferred on him 
the Bachelor of Arts degree in 1913. He studied as a Rhodes Scholar from 1913 to 1916 
at Oxford University, receiving from that school the degrees Bachelor of Arts, Master 
of Arts and Bachelor of Civil Law. He received the Bachelor of Laws degree from the 
University of Maryland in 1917. He was a lecturer at the University from 1925 
to 1956 in the laws of admiralty and evidence. He also lectures on medical juris- 
prudence at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. 

Judge Niles served with the U. S. Army, 1917-1919. He served as Ration Adminis- 
trator and Chairman of the War Price and Rationing Boards of Baltimore City, during 
World War Two. Judge Niles is a member of the American Bar Association, the Balti- 
more City Bar Association, and the Maryland Bar Association and has served in 
executive positions in these bodies. He is now President of the Institute of Judicial 
Administration of New York, and is an Honorary Fellow of Hertford College, Oxford. 

He is the founder and Editor of American Maritime Cases. 

Stuart Thomas Saunders Doctor of Laws 

Stuart Thomas Saunders is Chairman of the Board of the Pennsylvania Railroad 
Company. Born in McDowell, West Virginia in 1909, Mr. Saunders received the Bache- 
lor of Arts degree from Roanoke College in 1930 and the degree Bachelor of Laws from 
the Harvard Law School in 1934. Mr. Saunders practiced law in Washington, D. C. and 
then began service with the Norfolk and Western Railway. In 1958 he became Presi- 
dent of the Company. Last year, Mr. Saunders assumed the responsibilities of the chair- 
manship of the Pennsylvania Railroad. 

Mr. Saunders serves as Director of a number of banks and other companies. He is 
a member of the President's Advisory Committee on Labor-Management Policy; the 
President's Business Committee for the National Cultural Center; and the Virginia 
Museum of Fine Arts; and serves as Trustee for Roanoke College, Hollins College, 
the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges, the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library 
Corporation, and the Foundation for Independent Colleges, Inc., of Pennsylvania. He is 
the recipient of the Salzberg Medal for Distinguished Contributions to Transportation, 
and the Hampton Roads Maritime Association Award for Distinguished Service. 

Stanton Walker Doctor of Engineering 

Stanton Walker is Director of Engineering Emeritus of the National Sand and 
Gravel Association and the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. He contributed 
significantly to the development of concrete technology to its present advanced state. 
Mr. Walker was responsible for the establishment in 1938 of the Joint Research Lab- 
oratory at the University of Maryland, beginning a relationship between the University 
and the two associations unique in engineering. He was also responsible for the estab- 
lishment of the Research Fellowship Foundation which supports study and research 
leading to the master's or doctor's degrees in engineering. Mr. Walker also established 
at the University the Annual Short Course on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates. In 
1962, the National Sand and Gravel Association established in his honor an endowed 
series of lectures. 

Mr. Walker was born in 1894 in Vevay, Indiana. He received the Bachelor of Sci- 
ence degree from the University of Illinois in 1917. He has served as a member of the 
Executive Committee of the American Society for Testing Materials, President of the 
American Concrete Institute, and as a member and Chairman of the Executive Commit- 
tee of the Highway Research Board. 

Ren£ Wellek Doctor of Letters 

Dr. Rene Wellek is Sterling Professor of Comparative Literature and Chairman of 
the Department at Yale University. He is currently President of both the International 
and the American Association of Comparative Literature. Dr. Wellek was author of the 
lead paper, "Philosophy and Postwar American Criticism", appearing in the first issue 
of Comparative Literature Studies, a scholarly journal published by the University of 
Maryland. His principal books are Kant in England, 1931; The Rise of English Literary 
History, 1941; Theory of Literature (with Austin Warren), 1949; A History of Modern 
Criticism, first and second volumes, 1955; Concepts of Criticism, 1963; and Essays on 
Czech Literature, 1963. 

Dr. Wellek was born in Vienna in 1903 and was a Czechoslovak citizen until his 
naturalization as an American citizen in 1946. He received his degree Doctor of Philos- 
ophy from the University of Prague in 1926. He has taught at Princeton University 
and the University of Iowa in this country, and in Czechoslovakia and Great Britain. 
He has been in residence at Yale since 1946. In 1959 Dr. Wellek received the Prize for 
Distinguished Service to Humanistic Scholarship of the American Council of Learned 

Andrew Wyeth Doctor of Fine Arts 

Andrew Wyeth is a distinguished artist who paints in tempera the land and people 
of his country. He was born in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania in 1917 and still resides 
there. Mr. Wyeth 's temperas hang in most of the major American museums: the Met- 
ropolitan Museum of Art, the Modern Museum of Art, the Milwaukee Art Center, the 
Wilmington Society of Fine Arts, the Addison Gallery of American Art, the Toledo 
Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine 
Arts, the William A. Farnsworth Library and Art Museum, the Shelburne Museum, 
the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Wadsworth Atheneum and the Currier 
Gallery of Art. 

Mr. Wyeth was educated by private tutors and by his father, artist Newell Converse 
Wyeth. In 1963, President Kennedy selected Mr. Wyeth as one of the first recipients 
of the Medal of Freedom — the highest American civilian honor. In December of last 
year, President Johnson presented it to him with a citation declaring that "he has in 
the great humanist tradition illuminated and clarified the verities" of life. 


Kenneth A. Clark, Talbot County 
Harry M. McDonald, Baltimore County 

Ruth J. Miller, Harford County 
Charles H. Remsberg, Frederick County 





Candidates will be presented by Dr. Ronald Bamford, Dean of the School 

Doctor of Philosophy 
(Department and Thesis Title Indicated) 

Stanley Aks Maryland 

Physics: A proof thai scattering implies production in quantum field theory. 

Elmer Ebert Anderson Maryland 

Physics: The magnetizations of yttrium and gadolinium iron garnets. 

John Alan Beech Maryland 

Pharmacology: The synthesis and anti-cancer screening activity of some com- 
pounds of theophylline, caffeine and benzimidazole. 

Frederick Stucky Billig Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: A study of combustion in supersonic streams. 

Emmert Foster Bittinger Virginia 

Sociology: Realism and vocational expectations: A study of changes in the 
patterns of vocational expectations and other characteristics of 32,056 seventh through 
twelfth grade boys and a sample of 1,729 boys who selected the ministry in the Wash- 
ington, D. C. metropolitan area with respect to the hypothesis of increasing realism 
with advancing age. 

Derrill Joseph Bordelon Maryland 

Mathematics: Some topics on real orthogonal polynomials in several real variables. 

Ursel Doris Boyd Maryland 

Foreign Languages: Die Funktion des Grolesken als Symbol der Gnade in 
Durrenmatts dramatischem Werk. 

Ralph Albert Bram Maryland 

Entomology: The classification of the Culex subgenus Culex in the New World 
(Diptera: Culicidae). 

Howard Richard Bullock Maryland 

Entomology: A study of hemolymph proteins of insects in relation to melanization 
and natural defense against microorganisms. 

MOON Hwa Cha Maryland 

Physics: Polarization correlation of a and S ° hyperons in the process K~ + p 

> S ° + x; £ ° > a + « 

George Richard Childs Indiana 

Poultry Science: Studies on protein efficiency in the chick and laying hen. 

Soo Bock Choi Korea 

Government and Politics: Political dynamics in Hermit Korea: The rise of 
royal power in the decade of the Taewonkun 186U-187S. 

Carl Edward Coppock Maryland 

Dairy Science: The utilization of metabolizable energy for milk production by 
dairy cows. 

Robert Lee Derbyshire Maryland 

Sociology: Personal identity: An attitude study of American Negro college 

Paul Julien De Schepper Belgium 

Biochemistry: Some aspects of the effect of insulin on protein synthesis 

Robert M. Devlin New York 

Botany: Oxidative enzymes and pathways of glucose metabolism in Chlorella 
pyrenoidosa (Van Niel's strain). 

Alvin David Dinhofer Maryland 

Physics: Localized mode detection by means of the Mossbauer effect. 

12 196U Commencement Exercises. 

Donald T. Disque Maryland 

Microbiology: Studies on the physiology and growth requirements of Bacillus 
anthracis and Bacillus cereus. 

Gilbert Duritz Maryland 

Pharmacology: Pharmacologi: and neurochemical studies of the role of acelaldehyde 
in the actions of elhanol. 

Clinton Ashley Ellefson Wisconsin 

History: The county courts and the provincial court in Maryland, 1733-1763. 

Samuel Thomas Emory, Jr Virginia 

Geography: The economic geography of Clarke and Frederick Counties, Virginia. 

Manuel R. Eugenio Philippines 

Chemical Engineering: The determination of preferred orientation in rolled 
electrical steels using single diffraction of neutrons. 

Huoo-LONG Fann China 

Physics: The polarization of protons from the He 3 {d,p)He* reaction. 


Physics: Phonon effects in superconductors. 

Jeanette Holzapfel Forsyth New Hampshire 

Anatomy: The epididymal fat pad in the mouse: Its response to sex hormones 
and castration. 

William George Giesz Maryland 

Psychology: Psychosexual categories as associated with vocational experience. 

Irwin Lou Goldstein Ohio 

Psychology: The effect of restrictive response subclasses, stimulus complexity, 
and time limitations on observer responses. 

Richard Merton Good Maryland 

Education: The effect of variations in exposure time for different types of visual 
stimuli in paired-associates learning. 

Jose Luis Granda Illinois 

Chemistry: Interaction of ^-lipoproteins with cholesterol. 

Calvin Gerald Green Maryland 

Psychology: The relationship between structural characteristics and acceptance 
of a new function in formal organizations. 

James Royce Griffith Maryland 

Chemistry: Part I. Syntheses and Pyrolyses of N-phenyl-carbamates of tertiary 
alcohols. Part II. Tertiary alcohol carbamate derivatives of amino acids and 

George John Hageage, Jr Maryland 

Microbiology: A cytological study of gliding microorganisms. 

Claire Louise Hammel Maryland 

Biochemistry: Studies on hemoglobin synthesis in avian erythrocytes. 

Henry Winthrop Hurlbutt Maryland 

Zoology: Coexistence in two genera of mites, Veigaia and Asca (Acarina: 

John Irwin Maryland 

Microbiology: Microbial interactions between Staphylococcus aureus and Neisseria 

Iran B. Hassani Jewett Virginia 

English: Kinglake and the English travelogue of the nineteenth century. 

Edward Preston Karlander Maryland 

Botany: The mechanism of the light requirement for heterotrophic growth in 
Chlorella vulgaris Beyerinck. 

Irving Jack Katz D. C. 

Mathematics: On EPr and normal EPr matrices. 

University of Maryland. 1 3 

Ibrahim Shehata Kawashti Egypt 

Animal Science: Some physiological responses of shorn and unshorn sheep to 
different ambient temperatures in the psychometric chamber. 

Thomas Chester Kelly Maryland 

Government and Politics: The Federal Power Commission and the regulation 
of the natural gas industry: A study in environmental inputs. 

Lewis McBurney Knebel Virginia 

Sociology: College placement and college relations: A study of the process of 
occupational development. 

John Edward Lagnese Maryland 

Mathematics: Self-adjoint differential operators of the pure wave type. 

Albert RalphjLandgrebe Maryland 

Chemistry: A study of the aromatic addition compounds of the alkali metals and 
their reactions. 

Luc A. Leplae Italy 

Physics: Surface resistance of superconductors. 

Simon Asher Levin Maryland 

Mathematics: Uniqueness and nonlinearity. 

Charles Leonard Liotta New York 

Chemistry: Solvent effects in the condensation of chloral with aromatic compounds 
and the preparation of optically active p-hydroxy-<x-methoxyphenylacetic acid. 

Terrence Samuel Luce Maryland 

Psychology: Vigilance as a function of stimulus variety and response complexity. 

James Philip Lynch Maryland 

Botany: Metabolic changes associated with the fungitoxic action of phytoacetin. 

Douglas Hugo Maass Maryland 

Chemistry: The Synthesis and rearrangement of selected hydroterphenyls. 

James Salvatore Marchese New Jersey 

Chemistry: The effect of changes in structure of the reactants on the rate of 
enamine formation. 

Richard Eugene Mayer New Jersey 

Chemistry: The contra-thermodynamic isomerizalion of olefins, and the hydro- 
genolysis of allylic acetates. 

Cecil Robert McMillion Maryland 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: The synthesis of spiro-(octa-hydroindolizine-l , 3'- 

Thomas Grason McWilliams, Jr Virginia 

Chemical Engineering: Homoazeotropy in some refrigerant systems. 

Martin Meadows Maryland 

Government and Politics: The managerial society; The political thought of 
Peter F. Drucker. 

Rameshwar P. Misra India 

Geography: Agricultural development in traditional society: A theoretical and 
empirical analysis of processes of agricultural development and change in Lancaster 
County, Pennsylvania. 

Frank D. Moore, III Colorado 

Horticulture: Factors related to heart-leaf disorder of spinach (Spinacia oleracea L. ) 

Joseph Chandler Morton Maryland 

History: Stephen Bordley of colonial Annapolis. 

William Sparrow Murray Maryland 

Entomology: The effect of apholate on the mosquito Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus 

Ronald Fenner Myers Connecticut 

Botany. Organic substances discharged by plant-parasitic nematodes. 

14 1964 Commencement Exercises. 

Joseph Nemarich Maryland 

Physics: Relaxation properties of magnetostatic modes. 

Robert Maurice Nielsen Maryland 

Mathematics: Completions. 

Augustine John Nigro, Jr New Jersey 

English: William Styron and the Adamic tradition. 

Robert Cole O'Connell Maryland 

Microbiology: A study of factors contributing to ividespread contamination of tissue 
cultures with pleuro-pneumonia-like organisms. 

LydenC. O'Day D. C. 

Agricultural Economics: Economic aspects of the production, processing, and 
marketing of snap beans in the four lower Eastern Shore counties of Maryland. 

Goetz Kuno Heinrich Oertel Virginia 

Physics: Spectroscopic measurements on magnetically compressed high temperature 

Martin G. Olsson California 

Physics: A final stale interaction model in the reaction x + N > x, + Xj + 

AT below 1 bev. 

Glenn Wayne Patterson North Carolina 

Botany: Comparative studies of sterols in Chlorella. 

Grace Lee Agnes Picciolo Maryland 

Zoology: Paramylon in two strains of Astasia longa. 

Benjamin G. Rader Montana 

History: The professor as a reformer: Richard T. Ely, 1851,-1953. 

Anasapurapu Srintvasa Rao India 

Physics: Broad-line nuclear magnetic resonance studies of some non-metallic 

Eliezer Rapoport Israel 

Physics: The effect of pressure on diffusion of the chloride ion in solid potassium 

George Eugene Reier Maryland 

Pharmacy: Microcryslalline cellulose in lableting. 

James Dale Riggleman Maryland 

Horticulture: Blossom-end rot of tomatoes as influenced by certain cultural practices. 

Henry James Rokusek Maryland 

Education: An experimental comparison of the relative effectiveness of automated 
lecture-graphic and programmed methods of teaching. 

Marvin Leroy Roush Maryland 

Physics: Neutron time-of-flight spectroscopy. 

Authur William Ruff, Jr Maryland 

Physics: Thermal evaporation from (0001) zinc cleavage surfaces. 

Kadhim N. Salman Iraq 

Pharmacology: Studies on a new anesthetic compound, 2,2-dichloro-l, 1-di- 
fluoroethyl methyl sulfide. 

Arvey Charles Sanders Minnesota 

Microbiology: Interactions of Staphylococcus and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in 
"penicillin-resistant" gonorrhea. 

Natabar Satapathy India 

Animal Science: Some effects of source and level of dietary nitrogen upon feed intake 
and rumen acid production in ruminants. 

Chung-Phing Shim Maryland 

Education: A study of the cumulative effect of four teacher characteristics on the 
achievement of elementary school pupils. 

University of Maryland. 1 5 

Donald George Simons Maryland 

Physics: Polarization of protons from the B l0 (He a ,p)C 12 *(b.J!f3 MeV) reaction. 

James Getty Smart Tennessee 

History: Whitelaw Reid: A biographical study. 

James Cecil Smith, Jr Maryland 

Dairy Science: Effect of hypocalcemia on the calcium concentration of parotid 
saliva of sheep. 

Rex Jackson Snodgrass Virginia 

Physics: Nuclear magnetic resonance of Pb 207 and /n 115 in lead alloys. 

Charles Norman Somers Maryland 

English: Offspring of distress: The orphan in eighteenth century English drama. 

Paul Martin Tocci Maryland 

Biological Chemistry: Some aspects of carnosine and anserine metabolism. 

Evan Harris Walker Alabama 

Physics: Plasma sheath and screening around a stationary charged sphere and a 
rapidly moving charged body. 

Henry Atchinson Walker Maryland 

Education: A study of the effectiveness of Holland's vocational preference inventory 
in identifying academic under-achievers at the college freshman level 

Norman L. Weinberg Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Optimization of a class of delay networks. 

George Morton Weller Kentucky 

Education: Activity and Basal skin conductance in the human neonate. 

Grant Ivins Wilson Montana 

Zoology: Investigations on the pathogenicity and immunology of Dictyocaulus 
filaria in sheep and goats. 

Larman Curtis Wilson D. C. 

Government and Politics: The principle of non-intervention in recent inter- 
American relations: The challenge of anti-democratic regimes. 

Lawrence Arndt Wishner Virginia 

Dairy Science: A comparative study of the monocarbonyl compounds formed during 
deep frying in different fats. 

Jackson C. S. Yang Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: Upper and lower bounds for the torsional rigidity. 

Kunihiko Yano Maryland 

Chemistry: The pyrolysis of halogen-containing compounds. 

John Rufus Young Georgia 

Entomology: Evaluation of factors influencing pesticide deposits on leaf surfaces 
by two leaf printing methods. 

Doctor of Education 
(Thesis Title Indicated) 

Grady Lee Ballard Maryland 

The effect of guiding and motivating questions upon the reading comprehension of 
fourth and fifth grade pupils. 

Lloyd Spencer Bowling, Jr Maryland 

Personality characteristics of veterans with different types of hearing losses. 

16 196U Commencement Exercises. 

Gerald Slike Brinton Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania and Federal aid to education. 

Jason Wishard Brunk, Jr Maryland 

Relational ps between curiosity and certain personal and social variables among four- 
year-old culturally disadvantaged children. 

Richard Rowland Clopper Maryland 

A s'udy of contract correcting as a means of significantly increasing writing and 
English skills. 

Norman A. Cochran Pennsylvania 

The influence of elementary school physical education on selected physical and 
psychological tests. 

Benjamin Paul Ebersole Maryland 

A history of the Maryland Slate Teachers' Association. 

John Karl Fisher Maryland 

An investigation of the relationship between separation by sex of eighth grade students 
and English achievement and self-concept. 

Reta Lillian Graham Maine 

A follow-up study evaluating two speech programs for career officers in the United 
States Women's Army Corps. 

William Alfred Loveless Maryland 

Federal aid and the church-operated college: A case study. 

Charles Blair MacLean, Jr Michigan 

Selected United Stales Government publications as resource materials for industrial 
arts; their selection, value, availability and organization for effective use. 

Angus McDonald, Jr Idaho 

Differences between high ability under-achieving students and high ability achieving 
students in relation to self-concept anxiety and lateral dominance. 

George Raymond Merrill Maryland 

An analysis of prescriptive curriculum legislation for the District of Columbia 
school system, 1886. 

Eugene Vincent Moran Maryland 

An experiment in teaching punctuation. 

David Joshua Rhoads Maryland 

Analysis of goals as perceived by counselors during counseling by means of an elec- 
tronic recording instrument. 

Maurice William Roney Oklahoma 

An analysis of the interrelationship of matlicmatics, science, and technical subject 
matter in selected technical institute curricula. 

Robert L. Sawyer Maryland 

An investica.'ion of the effectiveness of the program recommended by the physical 
scu nee study committee. 

William Hunter Shannon Maryland 

Pullie education in Maryland (1825-1868). 

Wendfi.i. Lloyd Swanson Elinois 

A study of superior practices in graduate industrial education at the master's level. 

Geo.jge Daniel Zepp Pennsylvania 

The improvement of reading and reading-study skills in grades seven and eight 
through English, History, Geography, and Science. 

University of Maryland. 17 

Master of Arts 

Arnold Gerald Abrams Maryland 

William Ernest Akin Maryland 

Billie C. Aldridge Virginia 

Thomas Kenneth Allan Maryland 

Danny Harrison Allen North Carolina 

Garland Olsen Ashley Virginia 

James L. Barnett New York 

George Gray Bell Canada 

William August Berlin D. C. 

George Mauduit Berry, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Louis Biacchi Maryland 

Bruce Ivan Blum Maryland 

Emory Crockett Bogle Maryland 

Henry Coyle Boyce Maryland 

Robert Downer Boyer Maryland 

Orley Brandt Caudill Washington 

Min Sun Cho Illinois 

Lynne Ann Clewell Ohio 

Franklin Edward Court Maryland 

Charles L. Crawford Maryland 


Douglas Wingfield Davis Maryland 


Matilda Delgado Maryland 


Richard Alan Desrochers New Jersey 

Mary Diane Dippold Maryland 

Alex Victor Drashpil Virginia 

James Ward Eisenhauer Maryland 

Mabel M. Elliott Pennsylvania 

John Robert Endriss Virginia 

Paridokht Pari Fesharaki Iran 

Anne Generes Fields Maryland 

Annette Chappell Flower Maryland 

Kathy Karrington Forbes Indiana 

Gail I. Forman Maryland 

Nevin Richards Frantz, Jr Maryland 

Gilbert Darrel Friend Maryland 

George T. Gabriel Massachusetts 

Alfred Darragh Garvin Maryland 

Louis Gelling Virginia 

Kenneth Gerlach Maryland 

Yvan Girardin Canada 

Paul Herbert Gluck Maryland 

Charles Maxson Greenland Maryland 

Andrew Peter Grose ....Maryland 

Romayne Aumiller Hagyard Maryland 

Marie Elizabeth Hallion Maryland 

William Thornley Hamilton Maryland 

James Blair Harris Virginia 

Judith L. Hirsch Maryland 

Ann M. Hisley Maryland 

Anne Watson Holland Maryland 

Sharon Irene Hooper Maryland 

Cephas Donald Hughes Maryland 

Paul Gabriel Imhoff Virginia 

Robert Leo Jones Maine 

Stephen Kappel New York 

Theodore Roberts Kimpton Maryland 

Melvyn Klein Maryland 

Evangelos K. Kourakos Greece 

Leon Kreitman Maryland 

James Robert Kuttler Maryland 

Thomas Eugene Lamb South Dakota 

Merry Nancy Landis Pennsylvania 

Philip Joseph Landon Maryland 

Ronald Samuel Laneve Maryland 

Duane B. Lau Ohio 

Alice Lazar Maryland 

Anne Lenore Leibowitz Maryland 

18 1964 Commencement Exercises. 

German Lemoine Colombia 

Frances S. Lichtenberg D. C. 

Annie Limpa-Amara Thailand 

George Edward Lindamood Maryland 

Charles Luddeke D. C. 

Edith Fiore Luxenberg Florida 

James Brenner Mathews New York 

Barbara Brown Mayo-Wells Maryland 

Ralph Edward McClain Georgia 

Robert Brengel Mercready Virginia 

Gunter Hubert Meyer Maryland 

Jean Margaret Millar D. C. 

William Robert Miller Maryland 

James Howard Morris Ohio 

Leo Joseph Mueller, Jr Maryland 

Alice Madeleine Myers Pennsylvania 

Roderick W. Myers Maryland 

Donald Downs Neilson Virginia 

Carol Ann Nevin Maryland 

Kenneth Wayne Nickoles Maryland 

Michael Roland Nofsinger Ohio 

Michael Francis O'Hear Massachusetts 

Richard Kelly Oliver D. C. 

Susana Maria O'Mara Maryland 

Patricia Ann Ori Pennsylvania 

William Edward Otto Maryland 

Sidney Albert Pearson, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Carol Faulkner Peck. .Maryland 

Juergen Otto Pfitzner Maryland 

Theodore Thomas Pikulsky Maryland 

Lawrence Martin Potash Maryland 

Harris Gordon Prival Maryland 

Donald Algott Read New York 

Howard Martin Rebach Maryland 

Jacques Rebibo Maryland 

William Albert Renzi Maryland 

Wilmer E. Reynolds Virginia 

Hae Wun Rhee Maryland 

Helen Hoglund Roulston Maryland 

Thomas Eugene Rowan Maryland 

Nathan Rubinstein Maryland 

Sharon Marie Ruddell Maryland 

Gordon F. Russell Maryland 

Eugene Paul Sagstetter Ohio 

Jud Burton Samon Nevada 

Thomas Judson Saxon, Jr Texas 

Leo Blase Schlegel Maryland 

Joan McKee Schmidt New Jersey 

James H. Schoedler Pennsylvania 

Robert Gilbert Schonfeld Maryland 

Gilbert Isaac Schrank New York 

Barry Schwartz Virginia 

Margie Ima Carmon Sellers Texas 

Eleanor Joan Sigborn Illinois 

William Ward Sloan California 

Billy Max Smith Japan 

Ellen Jane Smith Maryland 

James William Snively, Jr.. .Pennsylvania 

James Thomas Stadter Maryland 

Roderick Alexander Stamey, Jr Texas 

Sarah Tolson Stram Maryland 

HlROKAZU Takeuchi Japan 

Pathanee Tejagupta Thailand 

Francis Bernard Thomas D. C. 

Robert Calvin Thompson Virginia 

Vernon Arthur Tryon Maryland 

Edward Stanley Tyburski Connecticut 

Norman Paul Uhl Maryland 

John Hughes Verchot D. C. 

Virginia Duke Virden Maryland 

Carol Sue Waghelstein Maryland 

Susan R. Walen Maryland 

Roy Henry Wampler Maryland 

Paul Donald Wasik Maryland 

Walter Joseph Wasik, Jr Maryland 

Leonard Steven Weiss Maryland 

Thomas Coke Whitworth, Jr Virginia 

Wladislaw Woshakiwskyj New Jersey 

Carolyn Ann Wurm Indiana 

Yuen-Chung Yu New York 

Ronald Bernard Zisk Maryland 

University of Maryland. 1 9 

Master of Science 

Geobgeanne Adamy Arizona 

Ataro Adabe Ethiopia 

Patrick Francis Aluotto New Jersey 

Richard Lane Anderson Maryland 

Richard Raymond Anderson Maryland 

Arthur George Andrewes. ...Massachusetts 

Stephen Edgar Asendorf Maryland 

Glenn T. Baird Utah 

Clifford Bruce Baker Maryland 

Andrew Butterfield Bellingham 


William Joseph Benden Maryland 

Israel M. Ben-Sinai Israel 

Henry Joseph Bianco, Jr Maryland 

Winnifred Mullen Biddlecome.. Maryland 

Arthur E. Blake California 

Margaret V. Bounds Virginia 

Bill Boverie Maryland 

Ronald Arthur Brandon Maryland 

Walter Edmund Brandt Maryland 

Philip Samuel Brody D. C. 

Janet Stewart Burchett Maryland 

Raphael David Cahn Maryland 

Janis Marie Campbell Maryland 

Samuel James Caprio Maryland 

Frederick Paul Carlson Washington 

Chao-mei Chen D. C. 

Elaine Gabeett Collins Maryland 

Jimmie Lee Collins Louisiana 

Barbara Rita Costello Maine 

Alfred Edward Couture Massachusetts 

John Richard Cunningham, Jr.. .Maryland 

Harry John Davis Maryland 

William Ernest DeGrafft, Jb Maryland 

Louis Diamond Maryland 

Lois Mabgaret Dirkes Maryland 

Harry Fred Downey Maryland 

David Daniel Eigenbrode Maryland 

Joan Ruth Eitemiller Maryland 

Sister Mary Rebecca Elkins Maryland 

Bonnie Wratchfoed Ellis Maryland 

Romaine Loretta Eyler Maryland 

Robert William Farmer Maryland 

Fredric Joel Feldman Maryland 

Helen Louise Ferguson Kentucky 

Charles Arthur Fisher Maryland 

Ray Shultz Fox Pennsylvania 

Sondra Woodmancy Fox Maryland 

Sarah Isabelle Gaare Maryland 

Elaine Estelle Galeone Maryland 

Barbara Clingman Galm D. C. 

Pateia Padee Gaede Philippines 

Polly Alt Gardenghi Maryland 

Martha Lee Garrison Maryland 

Stuart Glen Gathman Maryland 

Walter J. Glowacki Maryland 

Ethel Lang Graham Maryland 

Rudolph Eugene Gross Maryland 

Gaby Guaedia Maryland 

Janis Jean Heinz Minnesota 

Maey Muntean Hemelt Maryland 

Patricia Sylvia Henry Maryland 

Federico Guillermo Herreeo Costa Rica 

Barbara Jane Herring Maryland 

Mary Jane Hickey Maryland 

Annette Smith Hobgood Arkansas 

William Robert Hoovee Maryland 

Phyllis Rae Hoener Maryland 

Robert H. Horwich New Jersey 

Shirley Ann Howabd Georgia 

Joyce LeFeveb Jacobson Maryland 

Claere Danknee Jaffe Maryland 

Shieley Cavin Johnson Maryland 

Beenice Jones Maryland 

Hewon Kahng £orea 

Carolyn Elizabeth Kalk Maryland 

Joseph Thomas Kammerer Maryland 

Euwadee KANJANASTHITI Thailand 

James Campbell Kemp JNew Jersey 

Richard Keith Kirby Maryland 

Robert Bruce Kirkpatrick Oregon 

Stanley Allan Koch D. C. 

Barry Koh New York 

20 1964. Commencement Exercises. 

Gerald Francis Kokoszka Maryland 

Michael David Koplow Maryland 

Elliot S. Krafsur Maryland 

Donald Alfred Lampe Maryland 

Clarence Bronson Lane New York 

Richard Michael Lane Maryland 

Rena Mae Lawrence Pennsylvania 

Jacqueline Marie LeBlanc New York 

Chungja Lee Korea 

Richard M. Lee Maryland 

Fuk Wing Li Maryland 

Gwendolyn Grady Lightfoot D. C. 

Richard Harrison Love Maryland 

Siu-Kay Luke Maryland 

Gabriel George Luther Maryland 

Ernest Louis Madsen Maryland 

Eduardo Reyes Magtoto, Jr Philippines 

George Jay Malley Maryland 

Edward Covert Mangold Oklahoma 

Archie Joseph McAlister Maryland 

Thomas Richard McKnight Maryland 

Mary Teresa McTague Maryland 

Richard Carl Meininger Maryland 

Lolah Harrington Mihm Maryland 

Zelma A. Millar Maryland 

Earl Beverley Miller Virginia 

Richard Wright Miller Maryland 

Sidney Calvin Miller Maryland 

Helen Jewel Moseley Maryland 

George Joseph Moss, Jr Maryland 

Birgit Erika Mozdzen Maryland 

Mary Lou G. Murphy Maryland 

Margaret Nelda Nathanson Maryland 

Alice Sonja Johnson Naughton D. C. 

Carolyn Sue Newsom South Carolina 

Wharton Albert Nichols Maryland 

John Henry Nicolai, Jr Maryland 

Richard Herman Nixdorf Maryland 

Lindsay Dean Norman, Jr Maryland 

Joy Meding Norton Maryland 

Maidana Knott Nunn Georgia 

Frances Madelynn Oglesby Florida 

Edward Joseph Oscar Maryland 

Anthony Osretkar Maryland 

Rona Chen-Ya Ouyang Maryland 

Suratep Paripunna Thailand 

Chan Mo Park Korea 

Dale Wayne Parrish Maryland 

Joseph Albert Pecar Maryland 

Peter Anthony Pella Maryland 

Donald Oscar Peterson Maryland 

Charles Clarence Philipp Maryland 

Roy Dodson Porter Maryland 

John George Ray, Jr Maryland 

John Edward Riedmaier Wisconsin 

Nicholas John Roberts Connecticut 

Donald Joseph Robinson Maryland 

Joseph Victor Rodricks Massachusetts 

Lucile Frances Lane Roeder Maryland 

Elizabeth Faye Roseman Virginia 

Sonia Sparks Rude Maryland 

Barbara Ann Scheider Georgia 

Marguarite Elizabeth Schellberg 


Peter Serlemitsos Maryland 

Josephine Joan Shank Maryland 

Akira Shirai Maryland 

Walter Simon Maryland 

Dorothy M. Slaton Indiana 

Mabel K. Sterling Maryland 

Morton Stimler Maryland 

Sister Mary Loyola Tanner Maryland 

Louis Hagop Tateosian Maryland 

David Kinsey Taylor Maryland 

John David Termine New York 

Helen Jane Thompson Maryland 

John F. Thompson Maryland 

Willis Robert Thurber Nebraska 

Barry Edward Tossman Maryland 

David Carlaw Trimble Virginia 

Chi Rung Tsao Maryland 

David Martin Tugend Maryland 

Mary Barna Twiner Maryland 

Harry Brenton Uppercue Maryland 

James Montgomery Vail Maryland 

Leo Joseph Veillette Maryland 

Ludivina Asuncion Victoria Maryland 

Kakubhai Madhavji Vora India 

University of Maryland. 2. 1 

Albert Harry Warpield Maryland 

Ruth A. Wasserman New York 

Frances Parsons Waters Maryland 

Roy McLaughlin Waxler D. C. 

James Bardon Webster Ohio 

John Milton Wells Maryland 

David Marvin White Maryland 

James Ezra Whitman Maryland 

Millicent Parker Withrow Maryland 

Stanley Wolfowitz New York 

June Bradlaw Wragg Maryland 

John Michael Yuhas New Jersey 

Master of Education 

Virginia Eleanor White Alford Iowa 

Edward Lawrence Allridge Maryland 

Elena A. Anderson Maryland 

Edna Acuff Arnn D. C. 

Marcele Barelman Nebraska 

William Francis Baxter Massachusetts 

Margaret Croswell Bedsworth. .Mary/awd 

Arthur Clair Beegle Maryland 

Lenore Walter Benderly Maryland 

Sylvia P. Bernstein Maryland 

Ann Roper Berry New Jersey 

James Bruce Binko Maryland 

Kay Archer Bonniwell Maryland 

George David Bressler New York 

Phyllis Aiken Brown Maryland 

Edward Michael Budelis Maryland 

Amon Burgee, III Maryland 

Esther Amsterdam Burt Maryland 

Joseph J. Byrnes Maryland 

George Henry Caple, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Carchedi Maryland 

Lillie Martin Carleton Maryland 

Carl James Casary Maryland 

Anna Abrams Citron Maryland 

Bella G. Cole Maryland 

Charles Richard Collins Maryland 

Helen G. Colton Maryland 

Perry Lee Conley Maryland 

Era P. Cross Maryland 

Linda Ann Crump Maryland 

Clinton Delos Cutright Maryland 

John Louis Daniel Maryland 

Richard Lyle Daniel Maryland 

Mary Kathryn Daniels Maryland 

Fred Morton Dart Maryland 

George Peter Dausch, III Maryland 

Delores Travers Davis D. C. 

William Edward Davis Maryland 

Leila Denenberg D. C. 

Robert Grant Dexter Maryland 

Emilie Sahlin Dodge Maryland 

Frederick C. Donovan Maryland 

Rosa Gloria Dove Maryland 

William Herbert Dusman Maryland 

William Henry Duvall, III Maryland 

Joan Phillips Echavez California 

Dennis Eugene Eckard Maryland 

Alton Roger Enderson Maryland 

Stavroula Artemis Fanos Maryland 

Thaddeus Meade Felton Maryland 

Orlando Alfred Ferruso Maryland 

Paul Sardo Frank, Jr Maryland 

James Fraser, Jr Maryland 

Jeannette Wright Galambos.. Connecticut 

Elizabeth Ann Gallagher Maryland 

Dale Gangawere Maryland 

Lala Huebner Garritty Maryland 

Charles Frederick Gero Maryland 

Thomas Theodore Glancy Maryland 

Norman Gold Maryland 

Dora Labson Goldberg Maryland 

Howard Nathan Hall Maryland 

Martha Lee Hall West Virginia 

Virginia Kilpatrick Harper Maryland 

Robert Alexander Harrell Maryland 

Francis Eugene Harris Maryland 

Dorothy Campbell Henderson.. ..Maryland 

Hilda Durlester Herman Maryland 

Amanda L. Hess D. C. 

Charles LeRoy Highbarger Maryland 

Francis Edward Holliday Maryland 

Fred Wright Hopkins, Jr Maryland 

Walter Hughes, Jr Maryland 

Irene O'Connor Jacobs Maryland 

Alice B. Jaffe Maryland 

Casey Jones Maryland 

Robert Lee Jones Maryland 

Minta Welch Kaler Maryland 

Eleanor Pincus Karpe Maryland 

Arlene Sunny Kessler New York 

Masayuki Kishimoto Okinawa 

22 1964 Commencement Exercises. 

Ann Hoffman Koehler Maryland 

Joseph Lee Lacy Maryland 

Charles Lovinious Lane Maryland 

Del Langdon Maryland 

Louise B. Law Maryland 

Mary Sue Littrell Maryland 

Virginia Mathis Loeb Maryland 

Caroline Beall Long Maryland 

William Joseph Maczis, Jr Maryland 

John Carpenter Maitland, Jr Maryland 

Yvonne HsuFang Mar Maryland 

Ruth Keeney Marsh Maryland 

Virginia Stevens Martin Maryland 

Jean Jones Maykuth Maryland 

Donald Edward McBrien Maryland 

Joseph Patrick McCarthy Maryland 

Jessie Lois McClure Kentucky 

George Thomas McKelvie Maryland 

Nancy Sue McNary D. C. 

Frances Packham McNiece Ohio 

Mary J. Meyer Maryland 

Eleanor Brown Miller Maryland 

George Eugene Miller Maryland 

Catherine Elizabeth Morgan Maryland 

Ronald Earl Mortimer Maryland 

James Gordon Mullins West Virginia 

William Francis Myers Maryland 

Dale Kenneth Nonnemacher Maryland 

Carl A. Oliver Maryland 

William Walter Ortel Maryland 

Harold Osborne Maryland 

Thomas Andrew Pendleton Maryland 

Joyce S. Poling Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Randolph Maryland 

Billy Mack Read Maryland 

Robert Francis Redmond Maryland 

Belle S. Ressler Maryland 

Sylvia Gaither Richardson Maryland 

James Joseph Riley Maryland 

William Aloysius Rogers Maryland 

Eleanor Reiff Ross Maryland 

Ethel Miller Sacks Maryland 

Alan Martin Saval Massachusetts 


Dorothy Anna Schultz Maryland 

Kenneth Earl Seamon Maryland 

George Merle Seaton Maryland 

Evelyn B. Sensenig Pennsylvania 

Grace L. Serrapere Maryland 

Elizabeth Hellyer Sheehan Maryland 

Preston Carson SHELLENBERGER..Mort/tomd 

Glorious Legna Shenton Maryland 

Harriette S. Sherman Maryland 

Jill G. J. Shimer Maryland 

Winona W. Sines Maryland 

Wendell Smith Maryland 

Bettie Ann Spector Maryland 

Kenneth Andrew Swatt Maryland 

Daniel Anthony Terzi Maryland 

Evelyn Caroline Weakley Timberlake 


Ruth H. Tobey Maryland 

Jean S. Tregea Maryland 

Mary Ann Uhlan Maryland 

Mary Ford Waldrop Maryland 

Robert Lee Webster Maryland 

Anita Mae Weinberger Maryland 

William W. Williams Maryland 

Carol Rae Wine D. C. 

Joseph William Wrona Maryland 

David Grant Yingling, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Linthicum Zastrow Maryland 

Margaret Zierdt Maryland 

Master of Business Administration 

David Meredith Ambrose Maryland 

Thomas Andrew Bartolec New Jersey 

Herman Joel Bernstein New York 

Michael Joel Boro New York 

James Arthur Cobbs Maryland 

Paul W. Emery, II Maryland 

Robert J. Gordon Colorado 

Joseph Stephen Gray Maryland 

Dennis Robert Hykes Michigan 

Dean Ellis Leavitt Maryland 

Dietlinde Lehnert Germany 

David Cotter McDaniel Texas 

Pullaiah Moparthy India 

Andrew George Nelson, Jr Maryland 

Robert Qualls Virginia 

Chalya Seetharama Sastry India 

Allen Frank Shapiro Maryland 

Frank Miles White, III Maryland 

University of Maryland. 23 

Master of Music 
William Rouse Hullfish New Jersey Garry Clifford Jerome Maryland 

Master of Social Work 

Paul P. Adler Maryland 

Fred Raymond Goldman Maryland 

Sampson Green Maryland 

George Andrew Gutches, Jr Maryland 

A. Beverly Jones Maryland 

Alan Lawrence Katz Maryland 

Martha Gillespie Leary Maryland 

Dorothy Wachter Lumpkin Maryland 

Rosemary MacEvoy Maryland 

Jane Cullen Mathieu Illinois 

Clare G. McArdle Maryland 

Nancy Elizabeth Opincar Ohio 

Ralph Murray Schley Maryland 

Jacqueline Sandra ScHOENFELD..Afarj/tand 

Gerald Arnold Slot Pennsylvania 

Everett Henry Wilson Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by William S. Stone, M.D., Dean of the School 

Doctor of Medicine 

Sigmund Allen Amitin Maryland 

Michael Nathan Ashman Maryland 

Philip Miller Ashman Maryland 

Charles Henry Asplen Maryland 

Lynn Bradley Baker Maryland 

Larry Becker Maryland 

Mona Steffens Belinic Maryland 

Thomas Paul Bigbee Maryland 

Richard Douglas Biggs, Jr Maryland 

Henry Hubert Bohlman Maryland 

Rima Lois Brauer Maryland 

William Seal Byers Maryland 

Barry Marvin Cohen Maryland 

Miriam Lichtenstein Cohen Maryland 

Gustavo Alberto Colon de Ramery 


John Joseph Conroy Maryland 

Dominic Anthony Culotta Maryland 

William Green Cushard, Jr Maryland 

David Amsbry Dayton Pennsylvania 

William Allan Dear, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Wade deBeck Maryland 

Donald Anthony Deinlein Maryland 

Frank Mariano Detorie Maryland 

Salvatore Robert Donohue Maryland 

Robert Lawrence Doyle Maryland 

Earlie Hill Francis Maryland 

Robert Loring Gingell Maryland 

Simon David Glass Maryland 

Marvin Norman Goldstein Maryland 

Albert Morton Gordon Maryland 

Lee Edwin Gresser Maryland 

Stuart Handwerger Maryland 

Ira Franklin Hartman, ll....West Virginia 

Robert Gunnell Hazard Maryland 

Paul Culverwell Hiley Maryland 

Euclid Howard Jones Maryland 

Rosalind Perlow Kaplan Maryland 

Leeds Edward Katzen Maryland 

Matthew Lewis Kaufman Maryland 

Richard John Kelly Maryland 

Michael Willard KiLCHENSTEiN..Mari/farcrf 

Stanley John Kirchenbauer Maryland 

Mark Evans Krugman New York 

Charles Dudley Lee, Jr Maryland 

Donald Theodore Lewers Maryland 

Daniel Vincent Lindenstruth. .Maryland 

Ruth Elizabeth Luddy Maryland 

John Howard Lutz Maryland 

Edgar Victor McGinley New Jersey 

Milton S. Michaelis Maryland 

Ellen Ann Dagon Millan Maryland 

Joel Sidney Mindel Maryland 

Jo Ann J. Munzner Maryland 

24 196b Commencement Exercises. 

Samuel Muher Maryland 

Raphael Charles Myers, Jr Maryland 

Jacob David Nagel Maryland 

David Monroe Nichols, Jr Maryland 

Neville Pereyo-Torrellas Puerto Rico 

A. Bernard Pleet Maryland 

Thomas Jenks Porter Maryland 

Richard Marvin Protzel New Jersey 

Jose Dulcicio Quinones Maryland 

John Manfred Ratino Maryland 

Charles Evans Reckson Florida 

Jerome Paul Reichmister Maryland 

E. Lee Robbins Maryland 

Barry Norman Rosenbaum Maryland 

Edward Jerome Ruley Maryland 

Marvin Frederick Saiontz Maryland 

Eric Dean Schmitter Maryland 

Allen David Schwartz Maryland 

William Erdman Schwartz Maryland 

Sidney Bernard Seidman Maryland 

Perry Shipley Shelton Maryland 

Richard Gerald Shugarman Maryland 

Lawrence Franklin Solomon. ...Maryland 

Gershon J. Spector Maryland 

Harold Clark Standiford Maryland 

Robert Elmer Stoner Maryland 

Jonathan David Tuerk Maryland 

John Kirlewood Weagly Maryland 

Walter Douglas Weir, III Maryland 

Sherwood Ewell Wilson Maryland 

Donald Michael Wood Maryland 

Arnold Robert Yalam New York 

Marston Alexis Young Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by John J. Salley, D.D.S., Dean of the School 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Charles Bernard Abelson Maryland 

Fred N. Ansel Maryland 

Paul Vincent Beauvais Massachusetts 

Lucien Ernest Benoit Rhode Island 

Donald Lee Bloum Maryland 

William Langton Brice Maryland 

Robert Jack Burt Maryland 

Albert Edward Carlotti, Jr... Rhode Island 

Edgar Harold Chambers Florida 

Stephen Robert Cognata California 

William Clise Colwell Washington 

Ronald Dalin Maryland 

Glenn Boyd Dickerson South Carolina 

Charles Edward Doll, Jr New York 

Robert Lore Early Maryland 

Edward Robert Emerson Maryland 

Barry Elliot Feldman Maryland 

Burton Morton Finifter Maryland 

Robert Pacy Fleishman Maryland 

Robert Paul Fogarty Maryland 

Clark Neamand Foulke Maryland 

Lawrence A. Fox Maryland 

Stanley Berle Foxman Maryland 

Francis Leon Fraser Montana 

Leon Friedman New Jersey 

Richard Anthony Gaudio Connecticut 

Gary Kenneth Gold Maryland 

Ira Norman Goldbach Florida 

Rodney Frank Golden Maryland 

Constantinos X. Govedaros Maryland 

Marion Carter Greear, Jr Florida 

Stephen Michael Grussmark Florida 

Dennis Wright Guard Maryland 

Thomas Kenneth GuGLiELMO....iv"ew Jersey 

John Patrick Hackett New Jersey 

Paul Ronald Hall Maryland 

Joseph G. Handelman Maryland 

Alan Howard Hart Maryland 

Wilberto F. Hernandez Puerto Rico 

Frederick Guy Herrick New Jersey 

Jeffrey Alan Herrman Florida 

Robert William Hilkene New Jersey 

Lawrence Edward Himelfarb Maryland 

Maxwell Patrick Hogan New York 

Carl Winston Irwin Maryland 

John Roedel Jaeger, Jr Maryland 

Ronald James Jonas Washington 

John Joseph Jordan Pennsylvania 

Clifford Harold Jue California 

Robert A. Katz Massachusetts 

University of Maryland. 2 5 

Albert Hiram Klair, Jr Maryland 

Stanley Louis Kolker Maryland 

Neil Woodrow Lamb Maryland 

Harold Bernard Levine Florida 

Daniel Lee Maloof Maryland 

Lorin George Maser D. C. 

Franklin Eugene May Maryland 

Malcolm Lawrence McInnis 


Ian Bertram Miller Maryland 

Walter Merrill Miller Maryland 

David Lawrence Mincey Maryland 

Richard Stephen Nemes Maryland 

Robert Preston Nitzell Maryland 

David Bennett Nuckols Maryland 

Wayne Lance O'Roark Maryland 

Albert Louis Ousborne, Jr Maryland 

Robert P. Padousis Maryland 

John Fairfax Patterson Maryland 

Lance David Petersen Maryland 

Stanley Martin Plies Maryland 

Ernest Alfred Ponce California 

Norman Henry Proulx New Hampshire 

Philip Howard Pushkin Maryland 

Norman Robert Ressin Maryland 

Charles Milton Rosenberg Maryland 

John Nicholas Russo Maryland 

Nicolaus Sakiewicz New Jersey 

John Winthrop Sargent New Jersey 

John Reno Savoia Massachusetts 

James Lawrence Schatz Maryland 

Harvey Frank Simon Maryland 

Douglas Graham Spink, Jr... Massachusetts 

Victor Elliot Spiro Massachusetts 

George Cyril Strong California 

Albert Haywood Swain Maryland 

Herbert Barry Taragin Maryland 

Jerome Bernard Taragin D. C. 

Clinton Dee Taylor Maryland 

Merwin Armel Todd, 3rd Florida 

Charles Edward Toomey, III Maryland 

Warren Kenneth Veith Maryland 

Thomas Francis Walsh .New York 

Francis William Welch, Jr. 


David Lewis White, Jr California 

Theodore Toms Wycall New Jersey 

John Paroy Youngman Florida 


Candidates will be presented by Professor William P. Cunningham, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Laws 

Rafael Abramovitz Maryland 

James H. Anderson, Jr Maryland 

Paul Marshall Anderton Maryland 

Peter Christian Andresen Maryland 

Michael David Applefeld Maryland 

David Harold Black Maryland 

Gerald Marvin Bober Maryland 

Frank Vernon Boozer Maryland 

Arthur Leonard Brill New York 

Gwen Burke Maryland 

Robert Henry Camp Maryland 

Charles Walter Cole, Jr Maryland 

Edward Arthur DeWaters, Jr Maryland 

Robert A. DiCicco Maryland 

Patrick James Brendan Donnelly 


William Gover Duvall Virginia 

John Warren Eberhardt Maryland 

Stewart Ronald Ellison Maryland 

Robert Stephen Fertitta Maryland 

Ronald Philip Fish Maryland 

Eugene Allan Friedman Maryland 

John Henry Garmer Maryland 

Richard Robert Goldberg Maryland 

Stanley Joshua Goldberg Maryland 

Joseph Pierre Gonzalez Maryland 

Edward Patrick Grattan Delaware 

John Harris Gurley Maryland 

Stuart Hack Maryland 

Cornelius David Helfrich Maryland 

Harvey Allen Holzman Maryland 

Gary Huddles Maryland 

Wesley Christian Jockisch Maryland 

Julius Arthur Jodlbauer Maryland 

Adrian Joseph Johnston Maryland 

Z6 1964 Commencement Exercises. 

Peter Joseph Karczewski, Jr Maryland 

David Lin Kauffman Maryland 

John D. Kennedy Maryland 

Malcolm Renard Kitt Maryland 

Thomas Peter Laskaris Delaware 

Allen L. Klein, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Eugene Klein, Jr Maryland 

Stanley David Klein Maryland 

Donald Edgar Koster Maryland 

Margaret Pendleton Long Kostritsky 


Richard Stuart Labovitz Maryland 

George B. Levasseur, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Carl Levin Maryland 

Allan Stuart Levy Maryland 

Bernard David Lipsitz Maryland 

Fred London Maryland 

Douglas Macnab Maryland 

Austin J. McGreal Pennsylvania 

William James McWilliams, Jr. 


Abel Jay Merrill Maryland 

Robert Leo Moran Maryland 

Joseph William Mosmiller Maryland 

Michael John Onifer, Jr Maryland 

Walter Sidney Orlinsky Maryland 

Eugene F. Osborne Maryland 

Leslie Martin Pittler Maryland 

Herbert Paul Press Maryland 

Louis Burton Price Maryland 

Sheila Kleinman Sachs Maryland 

Allen Louis Schwait Maryland 

William Eugene Shiber Maryland 

Arnold R. Silbiger Maryland 

Joel M. Smeyne Maryland 

Gerald Lee Smith Maryland 

William Arthur Snyder, Jr Maryland 

Berryl Alan Speert Maryland 

Paul Joseph Stakem Maryland 

Seymour M. Teach New York 

Joseph Henry Thomas, Jr Maryland 

Morris Topf Maryland 

William Cattell Trimble, Jr Maryland 

H. Rutherford Turnbull, III Maryland 

John Hammond Urner Maryland 

Walter Lewis Williamson Maryland 

Jules Ralph Willen Maryland 

John Fletcher Wilson, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Joseph Wydo Pennsylvania 

William Morris Yoffee Maryland 

Natalie Ruth Zimmerman Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Arthur Montraville Ahalt, Jr.. .Maryland 

Nelson Markley Bortz, Jr Maryland 

Wilson Roberts Bounds Maryland 

George Victor Brinton Pennsylvania 

James Joseph Burns Maryland 

Ralph Leo Buckel, Jr Maryland 

Carroll Winstead Burdette Maryland 

Brent Willard Carlson Maryland 

James Marshall Rowland Clarke 


Horace Garnett Cutler Maryland 

Richmond Lee Downey Maryland 

George Frederick Drew Maryland 

Robert Maddox Dryden Maryland 

Herman Noel Dykes, Jr Maryland 

Charles Joseph Eckenrode Maryland 

Carolyn May Eckhardt Maryland 

James Hansford Elgin, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Alvin Fretz Delaware 

Ruth M. Gantz New Jersey 

Francis Dawes Garrett Georgia 

Linda Jean Graf Maryland 

David Leslie Greene Maryland 

George David Hitchcock Maryland 

Kenneth Lee Holland Maryland 

Larry Leon Howard Maryland 

John William Hummel Maryland 

Mary Ellen Hutchison Maryland 

John Lewis King, Jr Maryland 

Robert Russell Kraeling Maryland 

Charles George Lotz Maryland 

University of Maryland. 27 

Paul August Marques Connecticut 

Donald Michael McKinstry Maryland 

Bryan Joseph Moore Maryland 

David Royden Moore Maryland 

Clifford Benjamin Mowbray, Jr. 


Ralph Gordon Mullinix Maryland 

Howard Gray Murray Maryland 

HoRST R. Niehaus Costa Rica 

William Estep Noble D. C. 

Paul Norris, Jr Maryland 

Harry Wilder Pearson Maryland 

Stephen Sharp Powel Maryland 

Charles Wayne Puffinberger.. ..Maryland 

David John Redgrave Maryland 

David Lewis Resh, Jr Maryland 

William Marion Saathoff Maryland 

Gary Lee Schoonover Maryland 

Wayne Vernon Shaff Maryland 

Glenn W. Shaw Pennsylvania 

Robert Emil Smariga Maryland 

Richard Smith Snader Maryland 

Joseph Henry Soares, Jr Maryland 

Asghar Charbashi Sobhani Maryland 

Francis Eugene Springer Maryland 

David Arthur Stiles Maryland 

Paul Sylvester Stull Maryland 

Charles Howarth Svec Maryland 

Jorge A. Villamizar Colombia 

Charles Henry Wilkins Maryland 

Allen Wilson Wooldridge, Jr J). C. 

Kenneth Charles Ziegler Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Charles Manning, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Laurence Cary Abramson Maryland 

Robert Francis Adams Maryland 

Adriana Garcia Aldridge Maryland 

Thomas Clifford Allder Maryland 

John Harvey Anderson Maryland 

Judith May Anderson Florida 

J. Gordon Arbuckle Maryland 

Francis Arthur Arnold Maryland 

Julia Jean Ash Maryland 

Aaron Robert Asrael Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Aversa, Jr Maryland 

Hrant Kachig Baboyian Maryland 

Barry Bach Maryland 

Robert Stewart Baird, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Louise Baker Maryland 

Rudolph Newman Baker Maryland 

Cary Bruce Barad Maryland 

Stephen Howard Barber Maryland 

Robert Lee Barney Maryland 

Robert Taylor Bartley, Jr D. C. 

David Paul Batten Maryland 

George William Baublitz Maryland 

Myrna Nadine Beal Maryland 

John Summerhayes Beale, Jr. 


George William Beall Maryland 

Rosamond Patricia Beattie.. ..Pennsylvania 

Barbara Osmond Beck Maryland 

Phyllis K. Becker Maryland 

Virginia Lee Bell Maryland 

Paul Dennis Belman Maryland 

Edith Renee Bender Maryland 

Stephen Leighton Bennett Maryland 

Robert Opitz Benson Maryland 

Richard Michael Berman Maryland 

Sanford Z. Berman Maryland 

Peter Bermingham New York 

Lewis Jules Bernhardt Maryland 

Jay Saul Bernstein Maryland 

Patricia M. Bernstein Maryland 

Arthur Roy Bewley Maryland 

James Griffith Blake, Jr D. C. 

Stephen Harvey Blake Maryland 

Charles William Blomquist Maryland 

Carol Kallins Bloom Maryland 

Marilyn Eileen Bloom Maryland 

GuiLLERMO J. Bobonis Maryland 

James Blandford Bohar Maryland 

John Christopher Boinis J). C. 

Rochelle Borow Maryland 

Rhody Alexander Bosley Maryland 

Carol Robin Boucher Maryland 

John Hardin Boulware Maryland 

Elliott Allen Brager Maryland 

28 1964 Commencement Exercises. 

Lois Anne Bkaithwaite Maryland 

Raymond Andrew Brandwein Maryland 

Robert Mark Britton Maryland 

Bonnie Jo Brooke Maryland 

Edward Bruce Brown Maryland 

Frederick Jerold Brown Maryland 

Howard S. Brown Maryland 

James Eugene Forbes Brown Maryland 

Thomas V. Brown Maryland 

John Thomas Bunyan Maryland 

Alison Kathryn Burbage Maryland 

Laurence Hull Burd, Jr Maryland 

Julia Phillips Burroughs. .New Hampshire 

Kathleen Lewis Byers Maryland 

Susan Adams Cairnes Maryland 

Patricia Wynne Callaghan Maryland 

Katrina Margaret Camenzind.../v>k> Jersey 

Carolyn Marie Campbell Maryland 

Michael Edmund Card Maryland 

Howard Lee Cardin Maryland 

Trisha Elaine Case Maryland 

Pauline Janet Casper Maryland 

Lillian Terese Castaldi Maryland 

Francis Lymuel Chamblee, Je Maryland 

Janice Alene Chiville Maryland 

Elizabeth Palmer Christopher. .Maryland 

Antoinette Ciesielski Maryland 

Robert Dunnington Clark Maryland 

David William Clarke Maryland 

Gary L. Clarke Maryland 

John William Clements, Jr Maryland 

Robert Ragan Clough Maryland 

Russell Lee Cobb Maryland 

Marjorie Strode Coffey D. C. 

Carol A. Cohen Maryland 

Carol Ann Cohen Maryland 

Devy J. Cohen Maryland 

Merle Frances Cohen Maryland 

Elsbeth Jan Colby Maryland 

Mary Sue Collins Maryland 

John Joseph Connolly D. C. 

Richard Reginald Cooper Maryland 

Beverly Frances Corbin Maryland 

Mary Martha Costello Maryland 

James Richard Cowles Maryland 

Richard Lewis Cox Maryland 

Brenda Lee Crabbs Maryland 

Ann Medlock Crawford Maryland 

Lewis Henry Croce Maryland 

Anne Sharon Cunningham Maryland 

John Wesley Dale New Jersey 

Carolyn-Jane King Daniels D. C. 

Louise Ruth Davidson Maryland 

Arnold Truman Davis Maryland 

Janet Grace Davis Maryland 

Jeffrey Francis Davis Maryland 

Nancy Jean Davis Maryland 

Stephanie Ann Davis Maryland 

Leah Cathleen Dawson Maryland 

Nancy Kay Day Maryland 

Catherine Elizabeth DEARHOLT..Mar2//and 

Arleen Decker Florida 

Judith Lawson Deemer Pennsylvania 

Margaret Howard deFries Maryland 

Donald Kendall Delaney Maryland 

Virginia Elizabeth DeLoach Maryland 

Julie Kay DeMatteis Maryland 

Venard Taswell Denny Maryland 

Chris S. Derato Maryland 

John Roger Desiderio, Jr D. C. 

Jay J. DlAMANT Maryland 

Walter Avery Dilks, Jr Maryland 

James Jackson Dillinger Maryland 

Emily McAlpine Dinkle Maryland 

Billy Gore Dinsmore Maryland 

Karen Doering Maryland 

Betsy Smith Dolan Maryland 

Patricia Ann Donaldson D. C. 

Dennis Lee Donegan Maryland 

John Francis Donnelly, Jr Maryland 

Marian Drazin D. C. 

Bruce Stephen Dribbon New York 

Ford Wayne Eastman Maryland 

Jon-Eric Eaton Maryland 

John Lee Eavey Maryland 

Vivian Joanne Eckert Maryland 

Evelyn Barbara Edelson Maryland 

Eunice Josephine Edwards Maryland 

Annabelle Katherine Eger Maryland 

Carol Lee Ehrmantraut Maryland 

William Marvin Ely Connecticut 

Robert Douglas Engles Maryland 

Philip Edward Epstein Maryland 

Leslie E. Evans Virginia 

Val R. Fagen Maryland 

Everett Bruce Fainberg Maryland 

Harold Fairman, Jr Maryland 

Harris J. Feldman Maryland 

Howard Stuart Feldman Maryland 

Judith Anne Fenner Maryland 

Andrea May Ferber Maryland 

Valentine Robert Ferraris New Jersey 

Joseph Lee Ferrell Maryland 

Sheila June Fertick Maryland 

Mary Ceora Fessenden Maryland 

University of Maryland. 29 

Joseph Ambrose Feustle, Jr. Maryland 

Myra Abigail Fine Maryland 

Richard Arnold Fine Maryland 

Marlene Finkelstein Maryland 

Paul Finkelstein Maryland 

Malcolm Randall Fobes Maryland 

James Henry Forbes, Jr Maryland 

John Charles Ford Maryland 

Diana Franzusoff Maryland 

Lynne Frazier Maryland 

Helen Henriette Frenkley Maryland 

John Francis Vaughn Gannon. .Maryland 

Nancy Weaver Garnett D. C. 

Theresa R. Garpstas Maryland 

Edward Leigh Gates, Jr Massachusetts 

Irwin Frederick Gellman Maryland 

John Norris Gemmill Maryland 

Dietmar Generali South Carolina 

Brenda Lois George D. C. 

Ann E. German New York 

Kenneth D. Glass Maryland 

Bonnie Lee Glenn Maryland 

Clinton Clair Glenn, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Ann Gobbett Maryland 

Anita Sue Goldbloom Maryland 

Marjory B. Goldman Maryland 

Bernard Irvin Goldstein Maryland 

Frances Sue Goldstein Maryland 

Leonard Richard Goldstein Maryland 

Neil Seth Goldstein Maryland 

Stuart Arthur Goldstein Maryland 

Theodore Frank Gonter Maryland 

David Stephen Goodkind Virginia 

Sharon Lee Gould Maryland 

Carolyn Louise Green Maryland 

Joseph Francis Green Maryland 

Mark Douglas Greene, Jr Maryland 

Simon Greenfeld Maryland 

Fred M. H. Gregory Maryland 

Robert Troth Gribbon Maryland 

Marcia Ann Griffin Maryland 

Robert Elroy Grim Ohio 

Katherine Roberta Grimes Maryland 

Roberta Millar Gross Maryland 

Leonard Jerome Grossman Maryland 

Judith Ellen Grott Maryland 

Isabelle Carol Gruber Maryland 

William Edward Gscheidle Maryland 

Claudia Ann Guidry Maryland 

Robert Stephen Hachtel Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Hagemann Missouri 

James Lee Hahn Maryland 

Constance Mary Haile Maryland 

Barbara Mary Hammond Maryland 

Susan Winslow Hammond Maryland 

James Mathew Hand Maryland 

Andrew Alvin Handy Maryland 

William McAfee Hanna, Jr Maryland 

Linda Irene Hansen Maryland 

Patricia Anne Harding Maryland 

Nancy Jane Hare Maryland 

Marvin Terry Harmatz Maryland 

Margie R. Harris Maryland 

Sandra Lee Harris Colorado 

Donna Catherine Harvey Virginia 

Charles Henry Haven New Jersey 

Dennis Laurence Hayden Maryland 

Sally Jane Heiberger Maryland 

William Goldsborough Helfrich, Jr. 


Michael Gerson Hendler Maryland 

Marcia L. Hersh California 

Howard Alan Hettleman Maryland 

Jene Abel Highstein Maryland 

Francis Grant Hill, Jr Maryland 

Susan Evelyn Hinckley Maryland 

Joel Irwin Hoffman Maryland 

Barry Raymond Hofford Maryland 

Patricia Hogan Maryland 

Stockton Todd Holden Maryland 

John Henry Hollifield, Jr Maryland 

Paula L. Hollins Maryland 

William Dale Hough Maryland 

Marianne Carol Housel Maryland 

Mary Eleanora Howard Maryland 

Thomas Linwood Hranicka Maryland 

Philip Price Hubert Virginia 

Ronald R. Hubka Maryland 

Linda Jane Huntington New York 

Carole Alice Ingalls Maryland 

Sandra Lee Irwin Maryland 

Deborah Ruth Jacobs Maryland 

Marca Linda Jaillite Maryland 

Mary Cecelia Jennings Maryland 

Robert Dep Jew D. C. 

Tillman Davis Johnson Maryland 

Jessica Jones Virginia 

Carolynn Marie Joyce New Jersey 

Gilbert Roger Kaats Maryland 

Richard Charles Kalons Maryland 

Jay Lawrence Kalvan Maryland 

Maureen Kane Kammerer Maryland 

Joan Marilyn Kane New York 

Roberta Marion Kane JVew York 

30 1964 Commencement Exercises. 

Neil Stanley Kaplan Maryland 

Theodore J. Kaufman Maryland 

Dolores Ann Kausch Maryland 

Karnig Michael Kazanjian New Jersey 

Peter Gregory Keffala California 

Elijah Frederick Kelly Maryland 

Teddie Lou Kelly Maryland 

Dorothy R. Keough New York 

Anne Lawrence Kern Maryland 

Vona Reeva Kern Maryland 

George A. Kerrick Maryland 

Kathleen Lenora Kessler Maryland 

Martha Frances Kies Maryland 

Dalene C. King Delaware 

Murray J. Kirshner Maryland 

Barbara Anne Klein Maryland 

Judith Devra Klein Florida 

Dana Litman Kline Maryland 

Carolyn Jane Kluckhuhn Maryland 

Kathleen Theresa Knox Maryland 

Howard Joel Kohn Maryland 

Nicholas C. Kondax Maryland 

Nancy Barbara Konigsberg Maryland 

Tanya Ann Kossiakoff Maryland 

Sheldon Kotzin Maryland 

BARRY R. Krasner Maryland 

Frederick Philip KRAUTWURST....Afarj/Zand 

Theresa Trammell Kreitzer Maryland 

Shirley Michiko Kuge Maryland 

Philip Howard Kuhn Maryland 

James Arthur Lacy Maryland 

Diana Lady Maryland 

Evelyn Christine La Macchia.. ..Marj/Zand 

Mary F. Lasley Maryland 

Philip Anthony Lauro New Jersey 

Karen V. Lavine Maryland 

Ann Learman Maryland 

Elena LeBel Maryland 

Shirley Ann Lee Maryland 

Ronald Michael Legum Maryland 

Patricia Ann Leibowitz Maryland 

Patricia Louise Leist Maryland 

Carole Marsha Levinson Maryland 

Judith Charlotte Levinson Maryland 

Lawrence Donald Levitt Maryland 

Diane Haugen Lindamood Maryland 

David Allan Lingle D. C. 

Melita Clare Link Maryland 

Tadd Alan Linsenmayer Maryland 

Nancy Beth Littman Maryland 

Robert Stuart Litwin Maryland 

Nancy M. Loew Maryland 

Harold Alan Lowe Maryland 

Dorothy Lund Lundgren Maryland 

Kathleen Barbara Lynn Maryland 

Sandra Lou Mader Maryland 

Clyde Magarelli New Jersey 

Michael Patrick Maguire Delaware 

Frank Saverio Marasco New York 

Claire Edna Marcuccio Maryland 

Judith St. Clair Martin Maryland 

Thomas Charles Matthews New Jersey 

Duane Allen McDaniel Maryland 

John Francis McDonnell Maryland 

Margaret Fay McFadden West Virginia 

Thomas Bernard McGee Maryland 

Margaret Ann McKay Maryland 

Patricia Ann McKee Maryland 

Sandy Rae McKenzie Maryland 

Michael James McMahon. ...Massachusetts 

Gerald Martin McManus Maryland 

Evelyn Thring McMichael Maryland 

Janet Rae Meetre Maryland 

Ronald Edwin Meininger Maryland 

Michael Anthony Merrill Maryland 

Frank Gabriel Miceli, Jr Maryland 

Edwin Frederick Miller Maryland 

Lee Marshall Miller Maryland 

Peter Michael Miller Maryland 

Dennis Clayton Mitchell Maryland 

Gerald Frederick Moentmann. ...Maryland 

Lenore Anne Molesky Maryland 

Edward Douglas Montfort New Jersey 

James Raymond Montgomery Maryland 

James Freeland Mood, Jr Maryland 

Kathryn Michele Moore Maryland 

Patricia Joan Morley Maryland 

William Everett Morley Delaware 

Jacqueline Lee Morrison Maryland 

Kerry R. Morrison Maryland 

Robert Allen Moskowitz Maryland 

Robert Charles Mutschler Maryland 

Kenneth Myers Maryland 

Georgie Claire Nance Maryland 

David Donald Nardo Ohio 

Stephen Ressler Neary Maryland 

Jane W. Neilson Maryland 

Michael Paul Nelson Maryland 

Robert Emmett Newell Delaware 

John Hughes Newton Pennsylvania 

Robert Allan Norins Maryland 

Alice Anne Norton Maryland 

University of Maryland, j 1 

Jordan Obertier Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Oliva New York 

Patricia Marie O'Neal Maryland 

Alan O'Neill Maryland 

Brian O'Neill Maryland 

Thomas Eugene Orange Maryland 

Robert M. Oremland Maryland 

Paul Edward Palmer Maryland 

Roberta Joan Panici Maryland 

Charles Roger Patterson New Jersey 

James George Patzwall Maryland 

Philip Jonathan Perkins Maryland 

Stephen Paul Perlstein D. C. 

Rebecca Rosky Perry Maryland 

Charles Timothy Peterson Maryland 

Joan Margaret Pfeiffer Maryland 

Donald Marvin Phillips, Jr Maryland 

Louise P. Phillips Maryland 

Carole Anne Phucas Maryland 

Robert Gerald Pielke Maryland 

Rolland Barry Pincus Maryland 

Charlotte Joan Pinkus Maryland 

William B. Plitt Maryland 

Merle Lee Pokempner Maryland 

Leslie Jay Polt Maryland 

John Adams Quigley Maryland 

George Alfred Rabey, Jr Maryland 

Mary Dolores Radecke Maryland 

Dan Theodore Radzykewycz Maryland 

Shirley M. Rafkind Maryland 

Linda Sue Raichlen Maryland 

Joan Lynn Raith Maryland 

Charles Clarke Raley Maryland 

Judith Barbara Rappaport Maryland 

Phyllis Dolores Rathbun Virginia 

Phyllis Barbara Ratner D. C. 

Jeannette Francoise Rayner Maryland 

James Ronald Read Illinois 

Jeanne Reesdde Maryland 

Margaret Theresa Redoy Maryland 

Sylvia Leibowitz Reisher Maryland 

Rosalie Relleve D. C. 

Charles David Ressin Maryland 

David George Richardson D. C. 

Ronald Ridgley Maryland 

Thomas E. Rigdon, Jr New York 

Sandra Elizabeth Roberts Maryland 

Mary Ann Robertson Maryland 

Wayne Irving Robertson Maryland 

Donald Edward Robinson Maryland 

Arnold Irvin Rome Maryland 

Nancy Myra Rosenberg Maryland 

Joanne Elizabeth Ross Maryland 

Suzanna A. Ross Maryland 

John Hutchins Rosser Maryland 

Alan Lee Rothenberg Maryland 

Mary Ruth Royer Maryland 

KATHRYNE Hope Ruark North Carolina 

Robert Leonard Rudnick Maryland 

Marlene Emily RuppERSBERGER....A/arj/tarerf 

Catherine Margaret Ryan Maryland 

Elizabeth Joanne Ryan New Jersey 

James Lawrence Ryan Maryland 

Katherine T. Ryan Maryland 

Michael S. Ryan Maryland 

Jeremy Sachs Maryland 

Joseph William Sachs Maryland 

Rita Phylliss Sakitt Maryland 

Robert Jeffrey Saks Maryland 

Bernard Jay Salganik Maryland 

Shirley Ann Salganik Maryland 

Mary Anne Sambora Maryland 

Kenneth Bruce Samuels Maryland 

Melanie Samuelson Maryland 

William Russell Savage Maryland 

Jane Kolker Saxton Maryland 

Robert Lawrence Schaub Maryland 

Daniel Paul Schell Maryland 

Barbara Jean Schlotzhauer D. C. 

Jeffrey Roger Schmieler Pennsylvania 

Henry Forbush Schorreck Maryland 

Mary Ellen Schreiber Maryland 

Rosalee P. Schreiber Maryland 

Wilson Gipson Schuerholz Maryland 

Jean Carol Schultheis Maryland 

Eleanor Jane Schwartz Maryland 

Linda Jean Scott Maryland 

JoAnn Scullin New York 

William Anthony Seaby, Jr Maryland 

Theresa Ann Sedinger Maryland 

Sarah Pearl Selig Maryland 

Hulen Ray Selman Texas 

Renee Natalie Seltzer Maryland 

Stanley Peter Sfekas Maryland 

Michael C. Shea, II Maryland 

Paul Winston Sheffler, Jr Illinois 

Thomas E. Sheil Maryland 

Michael Gilbert Sherman Maryland 

Richard Gary Sherman Maryland 

Jeanellen Shdsk Maryland 

Stephen Louis Shochet Maryland 

Joyce Lorraine Short Maryland 

Stephen Ira Siegel Maryland 

Haldi Ruth Silver Maryland 

Stephan Morris Silverman Maryland 

32 196 U Commencement Exercises. 

Stephen Francis Simmes Maryland 

Michael Zolman Sincoff Maryland 

Samuel Harry Sislen Maryland 

PAUL G. Sitkus New Jersey 

Thomas Joseph Slaughter Maryland 

Maky Eleanor Slayton Maryland 

Sylvia Sledge Maryland 

Nancy Ruth Berger Slusher Maryland 

Stephen Vincent Smigocki Maryland 

Beverly Anne Smith New Jersey 

Garland Richard Smith Virginia 

Richard Hilton Smith Virginia 

Sandra Lynn Smith Maryland 

Kathleen Isabel Snow Maryland 

Mark Steven Snowhite Maryland 

Daniel Irwin Snyder Maryland 

Diane S. Sollod Maryland 

Sandra Beverly Sollod Maryland 

Larry Bruce Solomon Maryland 

Judith Ann Soper Maryland 

Claude Richard Spiegel Maryland 

Richard Earl Spieler New York 

Robert Frederick Spillman Maryland 

Susan Carol Spooner Maryland 

Louise J. Stadler D. C. 

Arthur Zanvtlle Steinberg Ohio 

Ira Phil Steinberg New Jersey 

Irene Hanna-Maria Stellmacher 


Russel Lee Stetler Maryland 

William Guy Stevens Maryland 

JOSEPH E. Stickell Maryland 

Marcia Louise Stickle Maryland 

William Curtis Stifler Maryland 

Carlinda Ann Storm Maryland 

Lillian Edna Striegel Maryland 

Victor Alexander Sulin Maryland 

Wesley Eugene Sullivan Maryland 

Susan Jean Swomley Maryland 

Patsy Carol Tanenbaum Maryland 

Ralphine Tarnove Maryland 

Josie Zeman Task Maryland 

Larry Thomas Thackston Maryland 

Julia Vail Thomas Maryland 

Joan Temple Thomason Maryland 

David William Thompson Maryland 

Durke Glynn Thompson Maryland 

Patricia LaVerne Ganley Thompson 


Daniel D. Townsend Kansas 

Weldon Ray Trevethan Maryland 

Susan Catherine Tribbett Virginia 

Jeanne M. Trossevin Maryland 

John Raymond Tydings D. C. 

Susan Lee Upman Maryland 

Margaret Hedy Van Reuth Maryland 

Lucille Wright Van Vliet Maryland 

Kathleen Shea Vaughan Maryland 

Peter Videnieks Maryland 

Armand Villaret Maryland 

Anita J. Vore Maryland 

Penelope Ann Wagaman Maryland 

George Robert Wagner Maryland 

Suzanne Silbert Wagner Maryland 

Orris George Walker, Jr Maryland 

Leslie Minner Walls Maryland 

Nicholas Leonard Wasileski Maryland 

Nathan Harold Wasser Maryland 

Lou Michael Watkins Maryland 

Robert Edwin Watson Maryland 

William Thomas Watson Maryland 

Davidson C Watts Maryland 

Alva Marvin Webb Maryland 

Daniel Howerton Wedderburn.. ..Afarj/Zand 

Kenneth Page Weeden Maryland 

Mary Jo Weinberg Maryland 

Bartholomew J. Weindorfer Maryland 

Ronald Ira Weiner Maryland 

Jay L. Weinstein D. C. 

Rona Phyllis Weintraub Maryland 

James Greer Welsh Maryland 

Victoria Chiringas West Texas 

Frances Louise Wetzel D. C. 

Harold Edward White Maryland 

James L. Whitten D. C. 

Andrea Catherine Widerman Maryland 

Ruth Diane Widmeyer Maryland 

Kathleen O'Connor Wigglesworth 


Daniel Anthony Williams Maryland 

Harry Norman Wilson, Jr Maryland 

John Charles Wilson Maryland 

Laskey Howard Wilson Maryland 

Caroline Ruth Wood D. C. 

Sandra Stewart Wood Maryland 

William George Wood Maryland 

M. Elizabeth Hammett Woodard 


Joan Annette Woodruff Maryland 

Alan Duncan Wycherley Maryland 

Barbara Young Maryland 

Brian Richard Young Virginia 

Robert Adrian Ziepolt Maryland 

Marsha Ann Zlatin Maryland 

John Zubritsky, Jr Maryland 

University of Maryland. 3 3 

Bachelor of Science 

Allan David Akman Maryland 

Norris Elliott Allen Maryland 

Richard W. Alley Virginia 

Linda Claire Anderson Maryland 

Robert Douglas Athey, Jr Maryland 

John Charles Baar, Jr Maryland 

Philip Langham Baker D. C. 

Paul Vincent Barrans Maryland 

Roger Aldworth Beach Maryland 

Donna Elleyne Bedgood Arizona 

Michael Paul Bercu Maryland 

Ronald Jacob Berman Maryland 

Joselle Diane Bernstein Maryland 

Roberta Matthews Bernstein. ...Maryland 

Charles Carvel Bevans, Jr Maryland 

Harry Ric Blacksten Maryland 

Audrey Anne Bowdoin Maryland 

William Langton Brice Maryland 

Stuart Allen Broth Maryland 

Bruce Howard Brown Maryland 

Conrad Elsworth Brown Maryland 

William James Bruchey, Jr Maryland 

Helein Dodd Bullard Maryland 

Natalie Mary Burroughs Maryland 

Dorothy Louise Calary Maryland 

Ellis Stanford Caplan Maryland 

Joseph Francis Carroll D. C. 

Gregory Alton Caswell Maryland 

Vaughn D. Cohan Maryland 

Elliot Sanford Cohen Maryland 

Stanley Allan Cohn Maryland 

James Edward Crook Maryland 

Robert Michael Curnutt Maryland 

Carolyn Anne Curtis Maryland 

Luis John Cuza Maryland 

Rudolph Theodore Danstedt Maryland 

John Henry Dawson Maryland 

Delores Gayle Dennison D. C. 

Bruce Northrup Deppa Maryland 

Donald David Derr Maryland 

LeRoy Richard Dietz, Jr Maryland 

Denis N. Dobosh Pennsylvania 

Albert Irvin Dorfman Maryland 

James John Draize Maryland 

Joel A. Echison Maryland 

Dennis W. Eckes Maryland 

Clayton Darwin Emery Maryland 

John W. Eppes Virginia 

Joseph Benson Esterson Maryland 


Robert McNeer Faust Maryland 

Jay Carl Feinglass Maryland 

Jay Harris Feinstein Maryland 

Neil Turk Feldman Maryland 

Leon Edward Fepelstein Maryland 

Thomas Hiram Finlay Maryland 

James Allen Forbes Maryland 

Samuel Leonard Fox Maryland 

Jeffrey Lee Franklin Maryland 

Jerald Allan Freedman Maryland 

John Gordon Frizzera Maryland 

Robert Thomas Fuchs Maryland 

Forrest Raymond Gabler Maryland 

Raymond Gambrill, 3rd Maryland 

Frederick Knapp Ganjon Maryland 

John William Garten Virginia 

Hugh G. Gauch, Jr Maryland 

Paul Alexander Gerhard Maryland 

Donna Lee Gibbas Maryland 

Clifford Francis Gilbert Maryland 

Eugene Alvin Gilbertson Maryland 

Gerald Durand Glass Maryland 

Arthur Julian Goldberg D. C. 

Richard Allan Goldman Maryland 

David Earl Goldsmith Maryland 

Roy Roddy Goodman Maryland 

Lewis Gerald Gotze Maryland 

Susan Ellen Grace Maryland 

Herbert Leonard Gravitz Maryland 

Gerald Ira Green New York 

JoAnn Gribble Maryland 

Bernard Adolph Gropper Maryland 

Dennis Wright Guard Maryland 

Robert Louis Handwerger Maryland 

William Leroy Harper, Jr Maryland 

Jon Cantrell Harpold Maryland 

Thomas Daryl Hawkins Maryland 

Christian George Hayes Maryland 

Frederick Stephen Herold New York 

Arnold Manfred Herskovic Maryland 

Robert Clifford Hewitt New Jersey 

Milton Hoffman Maryland 

Deane Everett Holt Maryland 

Arthur S. Horn Maryland 

Irvin Robert Horowitz Maryland 

Russell Alfred Howard Maryland 

Susan Louise Howard Maryland 

John Christian Ingangi New York 

Geoffrey Behram Irani Maryland 

Irving LeRoy Jacobs Maryland 

Daniel Hiram Johnson Maryland 

Paul Joseph Kalkowski Maryland 

Michael Herschel Kaplan Maryland 

34 196U Commencement Exercises. 

Eric Robert Katz D. C. 

Morton Irvin Katz Maryland 

Myron Joseph Katzoff Maryland 

William Francis Keatts Maryland 

William Henry Kelsey Maryland 

Arthur Wayne Kendall, Jr Maryland 

William Carroll King Maryland 

Kenneth Joseph Kirchmer Maryland 

Stanley Howard Klein Maryland 

Robert Bruce Klemm Maryland 

Mary Louise Kline Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Knapp New Jersey 

Ira Herbert Kolman Maryland 

Anthony George Komatsoulis. ...Maryland 

Robert Charles Kramp Maryland 

Willard Phillip Kravitz Maryland 

Paul Frank Kunz Maryland 

Melvin Frank Kushner Maryland 

Frank Augustine LaParle Maryland 

Ronald Jacob Leach Maryland 

Phyllis Diane Lefkov Maryland 

Marian Louise Legters Maryland 

David Jerome Lerner Maryland 

Gordon Leonard Levin Maryland 

Stephen Charles Levin Maryland 

Eleanor Jean Lipsitz Maryland 

William Michael Litman Maryland 

Abraham Abba Litt Maryland 

Raymond Roger Little Maryland 

Raymond Clifford Lumb Maryland 

John William Maddox Maryland 

Carroll Davis Mahoney Maryland 

Irene Claire Mainzer Maryland 

Stanford Howard Malinow Maryland 

Mouna Philip Maloof Maryland 

Philip Sheldon Markin Maryland 

Charles Willard Mathews, III.. ..Colorado 

Patrick Richard McAllister Maryland 

Reinhard Wolfgang Menzel Maryland 

Henry Clifton Merchant Virginia 

Gael Tonia Mericle Maryland 

Frederick William Mill Maryland 

William Miller Maryland 

John Arthur Mitzelfelt, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Russell Moses Maryland 

Neal Carol Myers Maryland 

Steven Arnold Nachman Maryland 

Paul William Neal Maryland 

Paul Brinkley Needham, Jr Maryland 

Son Dinh Nguyen Viet-Nam 

Michael Kennedy Nicholson Virginia 

Thomas Francis O'Day Maryland 

Jeffrey Vaughn Odom Maryland 

Stephen Allen Overbeck Maryland 

Jurate Elena Palubis Maryland 

Robert Pasnak Maryland 

Alan Irvin Penn Maryland 

Richard Dudley Porter Maryland 

Sue Ellen Porter Maryland 

John C. Pricci Maryland 

Warren Edward Prince Maryland 

Thomas Francis Radecke, Jr Maryland 

Benjamin Leonard Radinsky Maryland 

Anita Carole Rankin Maryland 

William Arno Reed D. C. 

Leon Reinstein Maryland 

Barbara Lou Reisner Maryland 

Sheila Reiter Florida 

Bernard Morris Richmond Maryland 

Barbara Janz Roche Maryland 

Carole Sue Rodes Maryland 

Frank John Romeo Maryland 

Mark Mandel Roseman Maryland 

Susan Jane Rottman Maryland 

Henry Kenneth Rozeboom Maryland 

Gerald Allen Russ Maryland 

Jesse Jerry Sabo, Jr Maryland 

Alvin Philip Sachs Maryland 

Murray Franklin Sarubin Maryland 

James W. Schiff Delaware 

Stephen Allan Schneider Maryland 

Jeffrey Lewis Selznick Maryland 

Edward Thomas Sennott D. C. 

Patricia Shannon Seyer Maryland 

Marianna York Shore Maryland 

Henry Acton Shouse Maryland 

Kenneth Theodore Shuey, Jr Maryland 

Norman Fred Simenson Maryland 

Nancy Aileen Simmons Maryland 

Sharon Marcella Smith Maryland 

Joel Myron Snyder Maryland 

Regina Margaret Snyder D. C. 

Stephen Nicholas Sovich Maryland 

Diane Katherine Statz Maryland 

John Herbert Stelzer Maryland 

Judith Helen Stirling New York 

Evelyn Louise Stone Maryland 

Charles R. Stumpfel Maryland 

Stephen Allen Stuppler Maryland 

Betty Beckley Styers Maryland 

Mary Christine Svirbely Maryland 

Audrone Maria Svotelis Maryland 

Edward Jackson Taggart, Jr Maryland 

University of Maryland. 3 5 

Alice Susan Tannenbaum Maryland 

Benjamin Adelbert Thorp New York 

Anthony Thomas Tumolo New York 

John A. W. Upton Maryland 

Pieter Wilson Van Der Veer Maryland 

Wilbur Fiske Van Pelt Maryland 

Patricia Dale Vega Maryland 

Robert Lee Vermillion Virginia 

Phillip Gray Vincent Maryland 

Eugene Jeno Volker Maryland 

Trumer James Wagner Maryland 

Terry Douglas Wall Maryland 

Ralph Edward Webb Maryland 

Jean H. Weber Virginia 

Leslie George Weinberg Maryland 

Lowell Barry Weiner Maryland 

Michael Ezra Weintraub Maryland 

David Michael Weiss Pennsylvania 

Dennis William Wertz Maryland 

Emily Bradford Gallup Whitbeck 

William Jennings Wickless, Jr. 


Louis Maddox Wiest, Jr Maryland 

Joan Charlotte Wilkinson Maryland 

William Morgan Williams Maryland 

David Louis Wilson Maryland 

Forrest Joseph Woods, Jr Maryland 

Gordon Wu Maryland 

Jeffrey Stephen Zaller Maryland 

Emilija ZupKUS Maryland 

Bachelor of Music 
Carolyn Jean Coon Maryland Nina Patricia Wheatley Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Russell Taylor Aaronson, Jr Maryland 

Stanley David Abrams Maryland 

Ronald Whiteley Ackroyd Maryland 

Yousuf Adeeb Al-Aama Saudi Arabia 

William Dillon Albrecht Maryland 

Smith White Allnutt, III Maryland 

John Gust Alvanos Maryland 

Henry August Amrhine, Jr Maryland 

John Filmose Anderson Maryland 

Albert Annoni Maryland 

Wayne H. Austin Maryland 

William Arnold Babb Maryland 

Henri J. Bagdadi D. C. 

Charles Ervin Baldwin, III Maryland 

Edward Granville Banks, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Christian Barnes, Jr.. .Maryland 

James Bradford Barrell Maryland 

William N. Bartleson, Jr Maryland 

Henry Anton Bauer, III Maryland 

Wayne Carlton Baumgardner. ...Maryland 

JERRY Melvin Bayne Maryland 

James Carney Beane Maryland 

Lee Scott Beaty Maryland 

Rodney Clark Benchoff Maryland 

Kathleen Gayle Benedick Maryland 

Russell Jay Bennett Maryland 

Jerome Howard Berman Maryland 

Charles Martin Berry Maryland 

Thomas J. Bigelow Maryland 

Howard Paul Blackburn Maryland 

William Carlisle Blair Maryland 

James Christian Bland, III Maryland 

Wayland Lawrence Blowe Maryland 

Annetta Lloyd Bloxham Maryland 

John Michael Bohrer Maryland 

Robert William Bonas Maryland 

Howard Wilbert Borland Maryland 

Ronald Joseph Bradley Maryland 

James Robert Brandenburg Maryland 

36 196U Commencement Exercises. 

Robert Harris Brannen Virginia 

William Baumert Braun, II Virginia 

George Robertson Briscoe, Jr Maryland 

Frederick William Brockman.. ..Maryland 

Judith Elaine Brocksmith Maryland 

Walter Thomas Brown Maryland 

Joseph Stanley Bryk, Jr New York 

W. Wayne Burgan New York 

Sheila R. Burke Maryland 

Sidney Jerry Burns Maryland 

Steven John Butler Maryland 

Donald Thomas Byrne Maryland 

Terry Gavin Cahill Maryland 

James Albert Calderwood Maryland 

George Ronald Caponiti Maryland 

Joan Marie Carey Maryland 

James Frederick Carlson D. C. 

Richard Sinclair Carlson Maryland 

Conrad Gerald Carpenter Maryland 

Paul David Carpenter Maryland 

Douglas Frederick Carroll Maryland 

George Werner Chapman, III Maryland 

Stanley Lee Chatlen Maryland 

John BOYCE Clough Maryland 

Hiram John Coakley Maryland 

Irvin I. Cohen Maryland 

Paul Hooper Coleman Maryland 

Daniel Regis Coll Maryland 

Barry Lee Collier Maryland 

Calvin Lamont Compton, Jr Maryland 

Frank Cummings Cook, III Maryland 

Lawrence Lee Coulby Maryland 

William Walter Crisp, III Maryland 

Helen Susanna Cristofane Maryland 

David Harry Crossan New Jersey 

Rosemary Osborne Crossett Maryland 

Blaine Gary Dando Maryland 

Leroy Stephen Danielczyk Maryland 

Stewart Russell Darrow Maryland 

Donald Baxter Davies Maryland 

Stephen Bennett Davis Maryland 

Hoyte Benson Decker, Jr Maryland 

Dorsey Henri Delavigne, Jr Maryland 

John Vincent Del Vecchio, Jr.. .Maryland 

Robert Jay Denenberg Pennsylvania 

Thomas Patrick Dercola Maryland 

George Louis Doetsch, Jr Maryland 

David Thomas Dorn Maryland 

Jack Edward Doyle New Jersey 

Walter Drobisz Maryland 

Matthew Richard Dunaj, Jr Maryland 

Wade Ellis Dunn Maryland 

Sallie Eaton Maryland 

Charles Edward Eslin Maryland 

John Henry Eurich, IV Maryland 

John Gardiner Evans Maryland 

Kennard Sheldon Fedder Maryland 

Sari Jane Feld New York 

Ronald Edward Fine Maryland 

Bertha Lee Fingerhut Maryland 

Herbert Marshall Fitzgerald Florida 

Joseph Michael Fitzgerald Maryland 

Harry Hillard Fitzkee Pennsylvania 

Raymond Eugene Fleming Maryland 

Angelo Anthony Floria Maryland 

Stephen Joseph Frank, Jr Maryland 

John Francis Franklin, III Tennessee 

Donald S. Franyo Maryland 

Ralph Wylie Frey, III Maryland 

Louis Frank Friedman Maryland 

Roger Worthington Gasser New York 

Gloria Anne Gayle Maryland 

Gene Alen Gerber Maryland 

Sanders Paul Gerson Maryland 

Edward James Gilmore New Jersey 

Edward Rolf Gluck Maryland 

Elmer Russell Gluckhertz D. C. 

Martin Nelson Gorewitz D. C. 

David Perlman Gould Maryland 

James Paul Graf Maryland 

Thomas Prichard Gretz Maryland 

Steven Carlton Haas Connecticut 

Renny Kristian Hagemann D. C. 

Alan Reilly Hamer Maryland 

Woodrow Wilson Hancock, Jr Maryland 

Linda Olea Hannemann Maryland 

Harry James Hansen Maryland 

Albert LeRoy Hassan Pennsylvania 

Stanley William Hearne Maryland 

James Wickham Heinemann Maryland 

Kenneth Richard Heinen Maryland 

Lawrence Arthur Heinze Maryland 

Louis William Helly, Jr Maryland 

Harvey David Heyman Maryland 

Dale Edwin Hodsdon Maryland 

Albert William Hoehn Maryland 

Mary Leonora Hoenes Maryland 

Wayne Stanley Holler Maryland 

Joan Norma Hopkins Maryland 

Mason Richard Hopkins Maryland 

Howard Barry Horowitz D. C. 

Ronald Joseph Hostetler Maryland 

Robert Aldrich Hubbard New Jersey 

University of Maryland. 37 

James Herbert Hull, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Francis Hummel Maryland 

James A. Hunsicker Maryland 

John William Hurt, Jr Maryland 

Carmine Robert Iannacone Connecticut 

Edward S. Ionni Pennsylvania 

Asa Byron Johnson, Jr New Jersey 

Francis Edward Johnson Maryland 

Steven C. Johnson Maryland 

Garnette Shipman Jones Maryland 


William Francis Juska New Jersey 

Jon Manes Karr Maryland 

Bishop Nicklas Kauffman Maryland 

Frances Ann Kenney Maryland 

Gilbert Vosburgh Kibby Vermont 

Walter Allen Kirsch D. C. 

Philip Irvin Klein Maryland 

Ronald Kludzuweit New Jersey 

John Klvac New York 

Louis H. Knapp Maryland 

Franklin Day Kreuzburg D. C. 

Emory Kazimir Kristof, Jr D. C. 

George Eugene Krouse Maryland 

Thomas Richard Krueger New Jersey 

John Francis Kunkel Maryland 

Michael Ross Lapides Maryland 

James Edward Larson Maryland 

Bruce Lauren Laserson Maryland 

Richard Kenneth Lathan New York 

Edward Wayne Lednum Maryland 

William Henry Leibowitz Maryland 

Stephen Arthur Leishman Maryland 

Barbara Levin Maryland 

Joseph Milton Lieberson Maryland 

Roger Charles Lipitz Maryland 

David Jan Lofgren Maryland 

Thomas Dale Lowdermilk Maryland 

Michael Stephen Lowenstein... .Maryland 

Walter Charles Mann Maryland 

Thomas Franklin Marcellino D. C. 

Thomas Michael Marceron Maryland 

Stephen Marenka, Jr Maryland 

Terry Jules Margolis Maryland 

Rex Bruce Marshall Maryland 

Fred Wertz Martin Maryland 

Carol Louise Martz Maryland 

Daniel Smith Maus Maryland 

Richard Joseph Mazzucchelli.. ..Maryland 

John Neal McAusland Maryland 

Jeremiah Michael McCarthy Maryland 

Daniel Hugh McGrath, Jr D. C. 

Kenneth Charles McLeod New Jersey 

David Hyman Menaker Maryland 

John Ernest Metcalf Maryland 

Richard Charles Metzger Maryland 

Ronald George Metzger Maryland 

Kenneth Hammond Michael Maryland 

Donald Lee Miller Maryland 

Thomas Vincent Miller, Jr Maryland 

William Henry Miller Maryland 

William Gray Mister Maryland 

Carolyn Virginia Moore Maryland 

Charles Edmund Morris Maryland 

Teresa Anne Mullikin Maryland 

William Francis Murphy Maryland 

Merle Wallace Nelson Maryland 

Jerome Paul Nettleton Maryland 

Alan Ira Neuman Maryland 

Alvin Mayer Neviaser D. C. 

Charles Calvert Newman Alabama 

William Edward Nichols, Jr Maryland 

Robert A. Nickerson Maryland 

Jane Alice Nightingale Virginia 

Michael Alan Noble Maryland 

James Henry Norris Maryland 

William Henry Norris, Jr Maryland 

Richard Alfred Nyborg Maryland 

William Christopher O'Brien, II 


Laurence Alec Ochsman Maryland 

Ronald Lee Ogens Maryland 

Dennis Edwin O'Neil Maryland 

Claude Hamilton Orndorff, Jr.. .Maryland 

Allan Wayne Owen Maryland 

Edward Alan Paddock Maryland 

Richard Angelo Palumbo New Jersey 

Arnold Ira Paskoff Maryland 

Robert Allen Paul Maryland 

Donald Roy Pereyra J). C. 

Jerome Stuart Persh Maryland 

James Yancy Pigg Maryland 

Carl R. Pikus Ohio 

Marvin Francis Pixton, III Alabama 

Joseph A. Plumer, Jr Maryland 

Lee Cameron Poinier Washington 

Lenwood H. Poole Maryland 

Robert William Potter Maryland 

Harry Russell Potts, Jr Virginia 

Edward Garland QuESENBERRY....A/arj/tomd 

David Gordon Racer Pennsylvania 

Gerald Edward Raftery Maryland 

Ronald Gillis Rayne Maryland 

Patricia Jean Reed Maryland 

Robert Faris Reily, Jr. Maryland 

Ronald Hamilton Renoff Maryland 

Philip Roy Rever Maryland 

38 1964. Commencement Exercises. 

Gray Roper Riddick Maryland 

Peter Charles Rios Velez Maryland 

William Douglas Robbins Virginia 

William George Roberts Maryland 

Roy Richard Robertson, Jr Maryland 

Richard Frederick Roe New York 

Louis Isaac Rosen Maryland 

Richard Fullmer Rothenburg. ...Maryland 

Gilbert Eugene Rude Maryland 

William Campbell Russell, 3r... Maryland 

Barron Sheldon Sacks Maryland 

David SagAl Maryland 

Mary Lee C. St. John Maryland 

John Walter Scarbeck New York 

Michael Lewis Scharf Maryland 

Ronald Alan Schlesinger Maryland 

Duane Oliver Schmidt New Jersey 

Edward John Schneider Pennsylvania 

Ronald Marvin Schwartz Maryland 

John Raphael Seline D. C. 

Warren Francis Sengstack D. C. 

Richard Martin Shure Maryland 

Charles Joseph Shvanda, III Maryland 

Mark Sean Sisk Maryland 

Barbara Ann Skinner Maryland 

Barry Philip Sklar Maryland 

Allan Walter Smith Maryland 

Bruce Roger Smith New Jersey 

Douglass Cunningham Smith. ...Maryland 

Philip Neurath Smith, Jr D. C. 

Rodney Aron Smith Maryland 

Russell Walter Smith, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Stephens Smyles Michigan 

Marshall Lee Snyder Maryland 

Sau Ho Soo Hoo Maryland 

James Durwood Spears Maryland 

Herbert Stuart Spector Maryland 

William Franklin Spence Maryland 

Lawrence Sperling Maryland 

Steven Stadd Maryland 

William Peter Stasiulatis New Jersey 

Edward David Steinman Maryland 

Richard Joseph Stepakop Maryland 

Michael J. Stevenson Pennsylvania 

Sally Ann Stewart Maryland 

David Alan Stine Maryland 

Lawrence G. Stolberg Maryland 

Walter Robert Stone Maryland 

William James Sullivan, II Maryland 

Gerald S. Susman Maryland 

Robert Apsey Sutton Maryland 

Samuel A. Morton Switzenbaum 


Leonard George Szeliga Maryland 

Ernest Monroe Teague Maryland 

Adrian George Teel Maryland 

Andrew Clarence Teter Maryland 

James Oliver Thomas Maryland 

John Eldon Thomas Maryland 

Gerald K. Thompson Maryland 

Joseph Franklin Tragle, III Maryland 

John David Twining Pennsylvania 

Charles M. Upham, III Maryland 

Philip Baglin Velthuis Maryland 

Jerry James Vesely Nebraska 

Carlos Lopez Videla Bolivia 

Alexander James Vouzikas Maryland 

Melvin James Waldron Maryland 

Charles David Wallace Maryland 

Charles Stratton Walsh Maryland 

Joseph Jerome Walsh Maryland 

William Jerome Walsh, Jr Maryland 

Wallace Carlton Walston Maryland 

John Francis Ward Maryland 

William Lynn Warfield Maryland 

Charles Clement Watson Maryland 

Julian Stanley Weinfeld Maryland 

John Wayne Wheeler Maryland 

U. Otto Cameron Wiegand, Jr Maryland 

Ralph L. Wiley Maryland 

William H. Wiley Maryland 

Jonathan Wilkenfeld Maryland 

John Donald Wilson, Jr Maryland 

Ralph David Wilson, Jr Maryland 

Alan Wiseman Maryland 

Lem Foo Woo D. C. 

Edward Winston Woozley Maryland 

David Michael Wyte Maryland 

Jerold Stanley Yuter Maryland 


University of Maryland. 3 9 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Linda Marlene Alligood Maryland 

Anne Atanossian Maryland 

Charles Louis Atkinson Maryland 

Ricki E. Baker Maryland 

Barbara Berger Maryland 

Beverly J. Bird Maryland 

Robert Earl Boyer Maryland 

Sylvia Ann Brittingham Maryland 

Marianne Broth Maryland 

Dolores Jeanne Brown Maryland 

Linda Carole Brown Maryland 

Susan Elisabeth Bunch Maryland 

Patrick Lawrence Byrne Maryland 

Brigitte Elisabeth Carls New York 

Charles Ross Clemmensen Maryland 

James Dennis Cochran Maryland 

Lettie L. Cochran Maryland 

Frances Louise Cockey Maryland 

Billie Doris Cooper Maryland 

Susan Ann Copony Maryland 

Robert Norman Corbin, Jr Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Cover Maryland 

Charlotte Ann Creamer California 

Roy David Critchfield Maryland 

Carol Kent Cronin Maryland 

William Lesley Day Maryland 

Suzann Dorothy DeGhetto Maryland 

Thomas Calvin Dessecker Maryland 

Adrian L. DeWitt Maryland 

Jimmie Harold Dillon Maryland 

Judy Elaine Donahue Virginia 

Charles Eugene Drennen Maryland 

Phyllis Harriet Eisen Maryland 

Jacqueline Ruth Epstein Maryland 

Susan Fleischmann Maryland 

Gloria Hafer Frank Maryland 

Barbara Thiebeau Fustich Maryland 

Selma C. Ganz Maryland 

Lois Florence Gaudio New York 

Patricia Ann Gibson Maryland 

Barbara Glassman Maryland 

Peggy L. Gordon Maryland 

Dalice Darling Grauch Maryland 


Jerry Victor Greenberg Neiv York 

Warren Edward Groomes Maryland 

Elizabeth Smith Hall Maryland 

Eleanor Randall Harman Maryland 

John M. Harman, III Maryland 

Raymond Morgan Harrison, Jr.. .Maryland 

Mary Ann Hauser New York 

Maureen Elizabeth Hayes Maryland 

Stanley Parks Henry Maryland 

Michael Vincent Iserman Maryland 

Camilla Johnson Maryland 

Gail Bickford Johnson Maryland 

Judy S. Jull Maryland 

Dorothea Susan Kellett Maryland 

Spencer Thomas King Maryland 

Charles R. Kitchin New Jersey 

Larry Peter Klipp Maryland 

Donna Carol Kravetz Maryland 

Marilyn Ruth Kurland Maryland 

Leena Marjatta Lassila Minnesota 

Barnard Saul Lebowitz Maryland 

Sharon Barbara Levitov D. C. 

Joan Marie Lindsay Maryland 

Evalyn DeFord Longley Maryland 

Dennis Ephrem Love Maryland 

Betsy Meriwether Low Massachusetts 

Ewella Anne Lum Maryland 

Richard Vernon Manser Maryland 

Ronald Lewis Maunder Pennsylvania 

Elayne B. McCarthy Maryland 

Elizabeth Ethel Mills Maryland 

Nancy Ann Molnar Maryland 

Patricia Ann Moore Maryland 

William Oscar Moore, Jr Maryland 

Sally Jeanette Morris Maryland 

Jessona Morrison Maryland 

Suzanne Noctor Maryland 

Patricia Lee Pardew Maryland 

Mary Holmes Parker Maryland 

Judith Eve Perlzweig Maryland 

Barbara Lee Pillersdorf Maryland 

Frances Elva Pinter Maryland 

Carole Ann Pollitt New Jersey 

Luisa Victoria Porras Maryland 

Barbara Lee Radbill Maryland 

Donald Hunter Ritnour Maryland 

Virginia Ormsby Roeder Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Rothenburg 


40 1 96 J* Commencement Exercises. 

Carolyn Kay Rottman Maryland 

Dorothy Sanger Maryland 

Peter Coffin Sartwell Maryland 

Alfred Ignatius Scileppi Maryland 

Fred James Sentner Pennsylvania 

Beverly Porton Sherman Maryland 

Doris Faye Sligh Maryland 

Dena Marcella Slotsky Maryland 

Charles Smolkin Maryland 

Norma Jean Soward Maryland 

Brenda Horman Spence Maryland 

Robert Francis Stroud New Jersey 

Linda Tannenbaum Maryland 

Gail Georgianna Taylor Maryland 

John David Taylor Virginia 

Jack Edward Thompson Rhode Island 

Lynn Clare Towers Maryland 

Lynda Lee Travers Maryland 

Meredith Ann Turner Maryland 

Joseph Marion Varuola Maryland 

Diane Von Drehle Maryland 

Dorothea Regina Walsh Maryland 

Lorraine D. Wasserman D. C. 

William Edward Weber Maryland 

Judith Sheila Weiner Maryland 

Sandra Jean Weiss Maryland 

Robert Leon Wheatley, Jr Maryland 

Nina Sklarevski Woodward Maryland 

Donald Eugene Zimmerman Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Louise Birch Abell Maryland 

Lillian Spieler Abramowitz Maryland 

Dixie Virginia Absher Maryland 

Nancy Layne Adams Florida 

Sandra Carline Ahalt Maryland 

Mary Haight Allen Maryland 

Susan Gail Altman Maryland 

Shirley R. Anderman Maryland 

Anthony Salvatore Arcilesi Maryland 

Alan Joel Aronson Maryland 

Arthur Roger Bacon Maryland 

Cynthia Carol Bahn Maryland 

Marjorie Elizabeth Baker Maryland 

Ellen Faye Bank Maryland 

Bonnie Olive Barnes Maryland 

Diane Louise Barnes Maryland 

Joan Leslie Barnett Maryland 

Ethel Marie Barton Maryland 

Cynthia Faith Baumann Maryland 

Mary Morrison Baxter Maryland 

Charlotte Emerson Beachum. ...Maryland 

Jacqueline Lee Bennett Maryland 

Wilma Ann Benney Maryland 

Bonnie Clarice Benton Maryland 

Virginia Ann Bigelow Virginia 

Maxine Ellen Blacker Maryland 

Barbara Deborah Bloom Maryland 

Harriet Ann Bloom Maryland 

Marilyn Lee Blumenthal Pennsylvania 

Natalie Boaz Maryland 

Edith Mae Bohlayer Maryland 

Esther Marie Boleyn Maryland 

David Demuth Boon Maryland 

Sylvia Mead Bothe Maryland 

Judith Virginia Bowen Maryland 

Margaret L. Boys Maryland 

Thomas Daniel Bradley Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Bransford Maryland 

Dorothy Anne Nickel Bratt Maryland 

Barbara Adele Bray Maryland 

Rochelle Elaine Bregman Maryland 

Dale Rose Bresnick Maryland 

Jacqueline Vandiver BRiDEWELL..Mari/Zcmd 

Donna Marie Briggs Maryland 

Susan Anne Brill Maryland 

Bonnie Jean Brooks D. C. 

Rosalie Ann Brothers Maryland 

Marilynn Budoff Maryland 

Robert Gordon Burkley, Jr Maryland 

Mary-Margaret Butler Maryland 

Henry E. Carmine, Jr Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Casper Maryland 

Elizabeth Nutwell Catterton. .Maryland 

Lois Elaine Chenworth Maryland 

Syble M. Chubbuck Maryland 

Gregory Marion Ciesielski Maryland 

Carolyn J. Cohen Maryland 

Patricia Ann Colacicco Maryland 

Carol Hurst Cole Maryland 

Dennis George Condie Maryland 

James Richard Cook Maryland 

Wendy Stone Coonin Maryland 

Marsha Rose Cooper Maryland 

Mary Ann Cooper Maryland 

Suzanne Carroll Cooper Maryland 

Sara Coplan Maryland 

Helen Lee Cordts Maryland 

Marie R. Cox Maryland 

Betty Jean Crisp Maryland 

Wendy May Cross Maryland 

Carol Lennon Cuba Maryland 

Robert Prather Cullen Maryland 

University of Maryland. 4 1 

Margie Anne Darhanson D. C. 

Carolyn Ann Davis Maryland 

Carol Ann Dawson Maryland 

Nancy Sharon Decker Maryland 

Judith Augustine Denning Maryland 

Larry Herbert Dennis Florida 

Jane E. Densberger Maryland 

Winifred Maupin Dent Maryland 

Cynthia Diakoulas Maryland 

Lydia Ethel Dieter Maryland 

James Joseph Donald Maryland 

P. MARIA DrEUX Maryland 

George Charles Dryer Maryland 

Malcolm Charles Edelblute Maryland 

Richard Alan Edwards Maryland 

George William Effinger, III Maryland 

Donna Ruth Ellenson Maryland 

Edith Amelia Ellington Maryland 

Merry Lee Engerman Maryland 

Lee Bowen Evans Maryland 

Anne Elizabeth Fahey New Jersey 

Barbara Lynn Feifarek Maryland 

Denece M. Feldman Maryland 

Edna Ruth Ferguson Maryland 

Rose Duane Fischer Delaware 

Barbara Josephine Fischetti Maryland 

Sheila Zukerberg Fishbein Maryland 

Mary Louise Fisher Maryland 

Carl Elliott Fleisher D. C. 

Linda Lee Foltz Maryland 

Armstrong Haslup Forman, II. ...Maryland 

Anitra Lorraine Forwood Maryland 

Christie Ann Foster New Jersey 

Minerva Wilson Freeland Maryland 

Donna Jean Frew Maryland 

Emily May Friedman Maryland 

Frank Lewis Funderburk Maryland 

Adella Ann Furman Maryland 

Carol Jean Garlock Maryland 

Anita Lynne Garrett Maryland 

Carol Logue Gebert Turkey 

Miriam King Gilbert Maryland 

Thomas Frank Gladstone Maryland 

Charles William Glaser New York 

Betty Rae Goldberg Maryland 

Ferne Goldberg D. C. 

Linda Goodman D. C. 

Peter Paschal Green D. C. 

Robert Randolph Greer Maryland 

Carla Gail Grossman Delaware 

Albert Joseph Grubowski Maryland 

Jeanne Marie Hamill Maryland 

Martha Gallatin Hammond Maryland 

Mary Ellen Hammond Maryland 

Larry Russell Hampt Maryland 

Kathryn Louise Hanley Maryland 

Gordon David Hanna Maryland 

John Joseph Hannigan, III New Jersey 

Richard Albert Hanrahan Maryland 

Eileen Francis Harrison Maryland 

Virginia Nye Hart Maryland 

Dede MacGruder Hauck Maryland 

Bertha E. Hauenstein Maryland 

Robert Henry Heller, Jr Maryland 

Janice Ruth Helm Maryland 

Thomas St. Clair Hess Maryland 

Joseph Edward Hicks Virginia 

Martha Jane Hicks Maryland 

Susan Lois Hirsh Maryland 

Laura Lee Hoffer Maryland 

Samuel Ellis Holt, Jr D. C. 

James E. Hopkins Maryland 

Joyce Hornstein Maryland 

Rosalie Chamberlin Houlihan. .Maryland 

Judith Disney Hoyle Maryland 

Catherine Jane Hudson Ohio 

Gordon Conrad Huggins Maryland 

Sharon Patricia Hunter Maryland 

Norma Elizabeth Hurt Maryland 

Anita L. Husen New Jersey 

Judith Sylvia Hyatt Maryland 

Rita Hyman Maryland 

Esther Gertrude Immler Maryland 

Robert Elliott Irby Maryland 

Lois K. Jennings Maryland 

Margarite Smarada Johansson. .Maryland 

George Richard Johnson Maryland 

Charlotte S. Joyce Pennsylvania 

Mary Ann Karchner Maryland 

Catherine Ann Keppel Maryland 

Antoinette Marie Killeri Maryland 


Joanne M. Klein Maryland 

Judith Ann Klein Maryland 

Marilyn Rose Klein New Jersey 

Lu Ann Crook Klotz Maryland 

Constance Gowen Kneessi California 

Margaret Rose Knox Maryland 

H. Paul Koebrugge Maryland 

Barbara Ann Kohlepp Maryland 

Edmund Rutherford Kuser Maryland 

Susan Deborah Kuskin Maryland 

Peter Glenn Ladygo West Virginia 

Diane Priscilla Langdon Maryland 

Ralph B. Lanning Maryland 

Michael Joseph Lapriola Pennsylvania 

Elaine Joan Latoff Maryland 

Jane Helen Lawrie New Jersey 

Joseph Gary Lee Maryland 

Virginia A. Lee Maryland 

James Carroll Leipold Maryland 

42 196 U Commencement Exercises. 

Claire Sue Levins Maryland 

Judith Lanier Lewis Maryland 

Susan Patricia Lewis Maryland 

Betty L. Lindsay Maryland 

Beverly Diane Liptz D. C. 

Linda H. Long Maryland 

Patricia Ann Lotze Maryland 

Mary Ann Shirley Luskey Maryland 

Dolores MacMillan Maryland 

Roger Wallace Mac Williams.. ..Maryland 

Byrd Detrich Mankin Kansas 

John Robert Marcellus, III D. C. 

Gerald James Maslanik Maryland 

Ritchie Benson Mathews Maryland 

Judith A. Matthews Maryland 

Charles Joseph Maxa Maryland 

James Edgar Mayton, Jr Maryland 

Geraldine Mazzie Maryland 

Quay Margaret McBrier Maryland 

Marjorie Anne McClellan Maryland 

Eleanor Mary McCready Maryland 

Elizabeth Mary McDonald Maryland 

William Bryan McFerren, Jr Maryland 

Carolyn Stouffer McIntyre Maryland 

Marsha Rose McNamara Maryland 

Phyllis Ruth Mendel Maryland 

Christy Monroe Merrill Maryland 

Esther Diane Miller Maryland 

Joan Miller Maryland 

Joelle Beth Mininberg Maryland 

Louise Iwalani Minton Maryland 

James S. Mitchell Maryland 

Jewel Gossett Mitchell Maryland 

Margaret L. Mitchell Maryland 

Mary Jane Mitchell Maryland 

Sally W. Mitchell Maryland 

Judith Solins Mitnick Maryland 

Thomas Henry Moffatt D. C. 

Ellen Sue Mogol Maryland 

Burton Percy Moien Maryland 

William Kenneth Moles Maryland 

Jeanne Marie Morgan Massachusetts 

Nanette Joyce Morris Maryland 

Adolph Albert Mryncza Maryland 

Rita Hedwig Muhr Maryland 

Gordon Waldman Muir D. C. 

Douglas Russell Munro Maryland 

James Woodley Murphy Delaware 

Ruby E. Musgrove Maryland 

Bruce Leonard Nale Maryland 

Sharon Kay Nance Maryland 

Martha Jane Niel Maryland 

Emily Ann Novotny Maryland 

Roxy Ann Nowell Maryland 

Charles Dennis Null Maryland 

Richard Gregg Oden Maryland 

C. Judith Paige New York 

Edward Riising Parish Maryland 

Mary Ann Parker Maryland 

Barry Stephen Pasarew Maryland 

Linda Lee Peake Maryland 

Anne Corinne Perkins Maryland 

Philip Earl Pfeiffer, Jr Maryland 

Marilyn Elizabeth Pierce Maryland 

Shelley B. Pinkner Maryland 

Molly Ann Pirrung Maryland 

Joan Rochelle Potter Maryland 

James William Preston Maryland 

Emily Rae Price Maryland 

Mary Ann Putcakulish Maryland 

Faye Eileen Radesky Maryland 

William Francis Raivel Maryland 

Donna Gail Rasinsky Maryland 

Ruth Ann Rathgeber Maryland 

Lou Ann Reid Maryland 

J. Triplett Riley Maryland 

Diane Gertrude Ring Maryland 

Betty Jeanne Roberts Maryland 

Gertrude Wells Robertson Maryland 

Ira C. Robins Maryland 

Donald L. Robinson Maryland 

Evelyn Magaha Roelke Maryland 

George Louis Roemer Maryland 

Carl Otto Rogge Maryland 

Norman Phillip Rosenthal Maryland 

Evelyn Koutsos Ross Maryland 

Marsha Faye Rubin D. C. 

Jean Ann Ruddell Maryland 

Barbara Ann Sanalitro Maryland 

Bernardine Sandler Maryland 

Robert Stuart Scarburgh Maryland 

Rodella M. Schacher Maryland 

Beverly Ann Schaeffer Maryland 

Shirlee Ann Schecter D. C. 

Gwendolyn Margaret Schindler 


Paula Sue Schonberg Maryland 

Diane Harriet Schreiber Maryland 

Elaine Teresa Schwartz Maryland 

Myra Beth Schwartz Maryland 

Sandra Lee Schwartz Maryland 

John Ronald Scifers Pennsylvania 

Carolyn Elizabeth Shallcross. .Maryland 

Goldie Gould Shoemaker Maryland 

Shirley Vernette Shore Maryland 

Joseph Shreiber Maryland 

Carolyn Friedman Siegel Maryland 

Fern Marilyn Siegel Maryland 

Louis Siegrist, III Maryland 

Ann G. Silverberg Maryland 

Gloria Jean Silverstein Maryland 

University of Maryland. 43 

Betty Gene Smith Maryland 

William Donald Smith Maryland 

Barbara Davis Smyles Maryland 

Diane Marie Snyder Maryland 

Miriam Solomon Maryland 

Linda Soule Maryland 

David Zinn Spence Pennsylvania 

Diana Jean Srnka Maryland 

Margaret Wilson Stack Maryland 

Peter John Stallone New York 

Carol Lee Steckman D. C. 

Ellen Gail Stein Maryland 

Susan Marilyn Steinman Maryland 

Roland Angelo Stenta New York 

Janet Waring Stevens Virginia 

Gloria Dianne Stiller Maryland 

Judith Charlene Stover Maryland 

Carolyn Arvida Strickland Maryland 

Margaret Ann Strong Maryland 

Gloria E. Sutherland Maryland 

Hazel Judith Sutphin Maryland 

Merle Lee Tabor Maryland 

Esther K. Taine Maryland 

Sue Ann Taylor Maryland 

Joyce L. Tesch Maryland 

Ernest Thomas, 3rd Maryland 

Mary Ann Torovsky Maryland 

Catherine Carmella Tranchitella 


Frieda S. Ulman Maryland 

Harry Elmer Utz Maryland 

Linda Louise Van LANDiNGHAM..Afan/tand 
Anna Thelma Moffett Vansant 


Howell Bruce Vincent Maryland 

Phyllis Nan Vogelhut Maryland 

Charles Philip Wachsmuth Maryland 

Patricia Ann Walsh D. C. 

Frances C. Washe Virginia 

Linda Lee Waters Maryland 

Bruce Weber New York 

Barbara Marie Weglarski Maryland 

Jacqueline Susan ne Wells Maryland 

Jocelyn E. Weser Maryland 

Georgann Convers Wetherill D. C. 

Jane Rappaport Wexler Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Whelan, Jr Maryland 

Margaret Ann White Maryland 

Sandra Ann Wight Maryland 

James Hooper Williams Maryland 

Michael Clinton Wilson Maryland 

John Richard Wolfe Maryland 

Dianne F. Wood Maryland 

Mary Lynne Wood Maryland 

Richard Grafton Woodard Maryland 

Kay Lan Woodmansee Maryland 

Bette Lynn Wright Maryland 

Jae Marsha Zalis Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Zaprowski New York 

John Zarubaiko Maryland 

Robert Bruce Zeisel Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Frederic T. Mavis, Dean of the College 
Bachelor of Science 

Lawrence Carlisle Abell Maryland 

Woodward Wilson Abrahams, III 


Richard Gordon Algire Maryland 

Richard Rountree Anders Maryland 

Spencer Masami Baba Maryland 

Richard Carter Banning D. C. 

Kenneth Russell Barger Maryland 

Charles Lowe Beall Maryland 

William Robert Beall Maryland 

James Ross Beasley, Jr Maryland 

James Edward Beattie Maryland 

David Lawrence Becker Maryland 

Brendan Joseph Begley Massachusetts 

William C. Bell Maryland 

Robert Harvey Best, Jr Maryland 

Stanley Bialek Maryland 

James Leonard Bierig Maryland 

Rusling Daniel Blackburn Maryland 

Luther Marques Blackwell Maryland 

Robert August Blase Maryland 

Andrew William Booth Maryland 

Gene Carl Bowen Maryland 

Robert Hayden Bowes Maryland 

Ward Allen Brandvein JVew York 

Ronald Melvin Brave Maryland 

44 1964 Commencement Exercises. 

Peter Riberholt Brock Maryland 

Kenneth David Brody Maryland 

Robert Melvin Bromery Maryland 

Phillip Ralph Brooks Maryland 

Vance d'Armond Browne Maryland 

David Joseph Bruening Maryland 

Paul Tracy Bryant Maryland 

Frank Michael Bryn Pennsylvania 

Arthur Herbert Buchman Maryland 

Donald Nicholas Buckner Maryland 

Kenneth Walter Bullivant Maryland 

John E. Burdette Maryland 

Richard Emmet Burke D. C. 

Daniel Howard Burkhardt, ^...Maryland 

John Gordon Cairns Maryland 

Robert Charles Cameron Maryland 

Sergio Cangiano D. C. 

Dennis Patrick Carroll Minnesota 

David Edmond Cartier Maryland 

Edward Kendall Cathell Maryland 

Nicholas Caviris Pennsylvania 

Robert Arthur Cecil Maryland 

Shui Yee Chin D. C. 

Joel Seymour Cohen Maryland 

Victor Cohen Maryland 

Ralph Earl Collins, 3rd Maryland 

Joseph Eugene Colonna Maryland 

Richard Leo Conroy D. C. 

Michael Wesley Costic New Jersey 

Thomas Boyd Coughlin Maryland 

Charles Roy Crocken Maryland 

Gerald Allen Cump Maryland 

Richard Adams Cushwa Maryland 

Oliver Bruce Dale Maryland 

Eugene Herman Doebler Kentucky 

John Arthur Drager Maryland 

David Marlow Drake Maryland 

Frederick Dennis Dreyer Maryland 

Ali Ebrahimi Maryland 

Richard Edgar Eckels Maryland 

James Kenneth Edzwald Pennsylvania 

Roy Lewis Eisenberg Maryland 

Annette Carol Evans Maryland 

Robie L. Faulkner Maryland 

John Wenard Fennel, Jr Maryland 

Walter Paul Fink Maryland 

Edward Marshall Finn Maryland 

Michael William Fitzmaurice D. C. 

Donald Louis Flynn Maryland 

Allen Eugene Ford Maryland 

James Fulton Fox, Jr Maryland 

Richard Vann Frazier, Jr Maryland 

Robert Allan Frazier Maryland 

Marvin Frank Friedenberg Maryland 

Charles Donald Fustich Pennsylvania 

Donel Carl Ganz Maryland 

Harold Eugene Gilreath Maryland 

Robert Dale Godfrey Maryland 

BARRY Goldgeier Maryland 

Larry Randolph Goodwin Maryland 

Clark Cecil Graninger Maryland 

Donald Everett Gray Maryland 

Donald Glover Grimes Maryland 

Philip Nelson Guidry Maryland 

Robert Dale Hahn Pennsylvania 

James Edward Hamilton Maryland 

Philip Walter Hansen Maryland 

William Raymond Hanson Maryland 

Donald Roy Hardesty Maryland 

Michael George Harris Maryland 

Donald Kenneth Hart Maryland 

Charles Wesley Haywood Maryland 

Richard Franklin Heisler, Jr. 


Arthur Francis Hermann, Jr Maryland 

Charles Lamar Hilterbrick Maryland 

Eugene Patrick Hines Maryland 

Charles Arthur Hodge Maryland 

Ernest Layton Hodshon Maryland 

Donald L. Hogans Maryland 

Gary Lee Holloway Maryland 

Owen Carroll Hopkins, Jr Maryland 

Claude Wayne Hubbard Maryland 

George Rene Huber Maryland 

James Thomas Hughes Maryland 

Allan R. Hurwitz D. C. 

Melvyn Howard Hyman Maryland 

Bruce Wayne Jezek Maryland 

Clarence Pearl Jones, Jr Maryland 

Walter McDonald Kahle, II Virginia 

David Harold Kay Maryland 

Robert Wendell Keimel Pennsylvania 

Louie DeMar Keller Maryland 

Carlos Eugene Kemper Maryland 

Douglas Gordon Kirkpatrick Maryland 

Leland Jay Kissinger Maryland 

Kenneth Bruce Klein Maryland 

Keith Robert Klingebiel Maryland 

Laurence Kogon Maryland 

John Wade Koontz Maryland 

William Harry Korab Maryland 

Martin Andrew Kreiss Maryland 

Kenneth John Kuhn Maryland 

John Kenneth Lady Maryland 

Lawrence Richard Laibson Maryland 

Robert Barger Leadbetter, Jr Maryland 

John Andrew League Maryland 

Alan Barry Leaman Maryland 

James Robert Lease Maryland 

University of Maryland. 4 5 

Ivar Leius Maryland 

Charles Gardner Lomas Maryland 

John Maurice Lund Pennsylvania 

Hugh Bryant Lupien Maryland 

Theodore Arthur Lupien, Jr Maryland 

Eugene Mar Maryland 

Charles Michael NLarmelstein.. Mary land 

Standish Marriott Maryland 

John Christian Marvin Maryland 

Thomas Lincoln Matlick Maryland 

David John Matson Maryland 

Attilio Mattera Maryland 

Jerry Paul Maxa Maryland 

Richard Gene Maynard Pennsylvania 

John Richard McCahan Maryland 

Michael Stephen McCormac Maryland 

James Donald McCurdy Maryland 

John Richard McDonough Maryland 

Michael Rudolf Meivers Maryland 

Horst Rudolf Mellenberg D. C. 

John A. Mengers Maryland 

Charles David Miller Maryland 

William Vernon Montague Maryland 

Donald Elmer Mullikin Maryland 

Edward James Murphy Maryland 

Richard Butler Neely Maryland 

Harold Leroy Nelson Maryland 

Vincent Francis Neradka New Jersey 

Robert Neumuller, Jr New Jersey 

Arthur Irwin Neustadt D. C. 

Douglas Fiske Newell Maryland 

James Kenneth Newton Maryland 

David Thomas Nies, Jr Maryland 

Peter Warren Nygard Maryland 

Joseph John O'Neill Maryland 

Carl Herman Onken, Jr Maryland 

George Frederick Orton Maryland 

Lawrence Pennington Patterson 


Kenneth John Paul Maryland 

Robert Carlton Pearson Maryland 

George Alfred Peters Maryland 

Carl Edward Peterson Massachusetts 

Alfred Charles Petruccy Maryland 

James Victor Pierpoint Maryland 

Gerald N. Plotner Maryland 

Arthur Joseph Pokorny, Jr Maryland 

Richard James Polkowski Maryland 

Martin Tobias Pozesky Maryland 

Michael Edward Pue, Jr Maryland 

Carter Sidney Puryear Maryland 

William Ambrose Quade, Jr D. C. 

Richard Raymond Qualey, III. ...Maryland 

Peter Arthur Raetsch Maryland 

Robert Smith Reed, Jr Maryland 

Hamilton Brust Reese, Jr Maryland 

William Bane Rhodes Maryland 

Donald Larry Riggin Maryland 

Stafford W. Ripley New York 

Neil Eugene Roberts Maryland 

Victor David Roberts Maryland 

Lee Spencer Rose Maryland 

Howard N. Rosen Maryland 

Richard Gerald Rothman Maryland 

Richard Thomas Rush Maryland 

Herbert K. Sacks Maryland 

Tommy Medlin Savage Ohio 

Barry Edward Scammell New York 

Robert Wright Schaffer Maryland 

Neil Roger Schulman New York 

Bernard Aloysius Schwartz, Jr. 


Robert John Schwartz Maryland 

Alberto Gomez Serrano Colombia 

Samuel Robert Shank, Jr Colorado 

Allan Martin Shapiro D. C. 

Richard Joseph Skeba New Jersey 

Harry John Skruch Maryland 

David Kees Smith Virginia 

Thomas Ferdinand Smith Maryland 

Eugene Mark Sober Maryland 

Philip Reid Sodergren Maryland 

Wayne Brown Solley Maryland 

Robert Heath Speich, Jr Maryland 

Philip Brumbaugh Spitler Maryland 

John William Staigerwald Maryland 

John Richard Stallone New York 

Donald Christian Stauffer Maryland 

George Stephans New Jersey 

John Walcott Stockard Maryland 

Andrew Daniel Stone Maryland 

James Aubrey Sykes, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Stephen Taylor Maryland 

Eugene Franklin Thomas Maryland 

Nabthong Thongyai Thailand 

Gilbert Michael Ugiansky Maryland 

Andrew Robert Uricheck Maryland 

William Ronald Valdenar Maryland 

Vitas Leo Vasaitis Maryland 

Richard Joseph Vitalone Maine 

James Bernard Walfish Pennsylvania 

Hamilton Gordon Walker, Jr Maryland 

William White Wallace D. C. 

Edmond Walsh Maryland 

Rudolf Robert Walter, III Maryland 

Frederick Earl Warnock Maryland 

Jerry Lee Watson Maryland 

James Joseph Webb Maryland 

Harvey Irvin Weiner Maryland 

Roger Owen Weiss Maryland 

46 196b Commencement Exercises. 

Russell Lee Werneth Maryland 

Wade Perdue Whitener Virginia 

John Duncan Williams Maryland 

Davto Hugh Wilson New York 

William Raymond Wirth Maryland 

Sandy Fulden Woodard Maryland 

James Michael Woodside Maryland 

Larry Lee Wyatt Maryland 

Fay Kwong Yee Maryland 

Samuel Yep Maryland 

Willis Irvin Young Maryland 

Robert Alan Zapor Maryland 

Charles Howard Zenuk Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Selma F. Lippeatt, Dean of the College 
Bachelor of Science 

June Etta Adams Maryland 

Nancy Ellen Albrecht Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Allen D. C. 

Nola Elaine Benedict D. C. 

Abby Marcia Bernstein Maryland 

Jean Lee Bradley Maryland 

Geraldine Marie Case California 

Sandra Ann Cashan New Jersey 

Kathleen Susanna Cheston Maryland 

Katherine Mitchell Clagett Maryland 

Gail Antoinette Coles Maryland 

Patricia Rea Cox Maryland 

Judith M. Deeney Maryland 

Margaret Lee Dickens Maryland 

Martha Teresa Etienne Maryland 

Lynne Harding Evans Maryland 

Mary Lillian Fenwick Maryland 

William Evan Fetterolf Maryland 

Philip Edmond Fisher Maryland 

Sandra Louise Fitch Maryland 

Wendie Wallace Frechette Maryland 

Gail Grace Goodenough Maryland 

Janet Susan Gorham Maryland 

Leah Kay Hamann Maryland 

Sandra Jeanne Haus Maryland 

Beverly Anne Hennegan Maryland 

Jane Elizabeth Homer Florida 

Janet Ann Isaacs Maryland 

Eva M. Jann Maryland 

Joseph Paul Jervis Maryland 

Carole Ann Klimek Maryland 

Lynn Koehneke Maryland 

Patricia Ann Kraus Maryland 

Susan S. Levine New Jersey 

Ruby Elizabeth MacDonnell Maryland 

Ann Doris MacGibbon California 

Ellen Jean Maiorany D. C. 

Georgia Jane Mayer Maryland 

Joyce Ann McCloud Maryland 

Susan Doelman Meyers Maryland 

Claudia Marie Miller D. C. 

Phyliss A. Morgan Maryland 

Anne Wilson Morris Maryland 

Amelia B. Morsell Maryland 

Margaret Louise Nicholson Maryland 

Sue Yu Pai Maryland 

Alicia Lolita Patterson Maryland 

Charlotte Anita Payne Maryland 

Marilyn Elizabeth Pearson D. C. 

Joan Louise Peterson Maryland 

Susan Jacqueline Price Maryland 

Marie Elizabeth Puglisi Maryland 

Martha R. Richardson Maine 

Leslie Ritchey Rieber Maryland 

Elaine Joy Robey Maryland 

Suzanne Carrico Samsel D. C. 

Mary Howard Carol Scales Maryland 

Marilyn Ann Shure Maryland 

Gloria Elaine Smith Maryland 

Judith Ekin Smith Maryland 

Katherine Louise Souder Maryland 

Carolyn Elizabeth Swanson California 

Linda Lee Swartz Maryland 

Patricia Sue Switzer Maryland 

Carole Lee Swoger Maryland 

Jacqueline Larue Thomas Maryland 

JoAnn Elizabeth Thompson Maryland 

Roberta Anne Thumel Maryland 

Lynnallen Walker Maryland 

Sharon Mahoney Walker Maryland 

Nancy Lynn Wantz Ohio 

Jean Weissman Maryland 

Kathleen L. Wester New Jersey 

Barbara Ann Zoda New Jersey 

Carol Ann Zoda New Jersey 

University of Maryland. 47 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Florence M. Gipe, Dean of the School 
Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Grace Creason Alexander Maryland 

Joyce Irene Althoff Pennsylvania 

Elizabeth Gertrude Auldridge.... Man/tend 

Joella Delp Bejvan Maryland 

Shirley Ann Bederman Maryland 

Barbara Jane Boyd Maryland 

BONNIE Britt Maryland 

Abigail Jane Cameron Maryland 

Patsy Ellen Cianelli Maryland 

Patricia Ann Coffman Maryland 

Constance Clark Cooper Maryland 

Maria de Jesus-Cruz Puerto Rico 

Linda Ellen Delosier Maryland 

Karyn Sue Keller Dickson Maryland 

Helen Charlotte Dowgiallo Maryland 

Patricia Anne Downs New Jersey 

Mary Catherine Edelman Pennsylvania 

Rita Clarice Edwards Maryland 

Margaret Adolph Field Maryland 

Mary Anne Flowers Maryland 

Helen Crandall Fowler Maryland 

Roberta Margaret Frank Maryland 

Alberta Lee Fritz Maryland 

Maureen Patricia Gardner D. C. 

Elaine Prince Gerlach Maryland 

Edite Grava Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Harris Maryland 

Sandra Gould Hathaway Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Hall New York 

Rebecca Jane Hays Maryland 

Peggy Edelman Heffner Maryland 

Nancy Lee Heinzenberger Maryland 

Judith Anne Hellmuth Maryland 

Patricia Tamman Hillow Maryland 

Esther Lynnette Hodgson Maryland 

Eileen Carol Horowitz Maryland 

Nancy Ruth Hower Maryland 

Nancy Eve Insley Maryland 

Ethel Carroll Jarboe Maryland 

Brenda Anne Johnson Maryland 

Sharon Margaret Kettells Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Knobloch Maryland 

Janet Elaine Kreider Pennsylvania 

JoEllen Ann Kupin Maryland 

Marilyn Anne Laken Maryland 

Patricia Lee Leather Maryland 

Patricia Ann Lusk Maryland 

Carol Anne Magee D.C. 

Bettijane Mahoney D. C. 

Frances D. Martin Maryland 

Gloria Jeanne McFarland Maryland 

Eileen Louise McIntyre Maryland 

Elizabeth Harriet Murphy D. C. 

Ann Elizabeth Norton Maryland 

Katherine Jean O'Hare Maryland 

Marian June Plank Pennsylvania 

Ann Sargent Reiter Maryland 

Linda Anne Riggin Maryland 

Judith Rosalie Roundy New Jersey 

Cynthia Lorraine Schwartz Maryland 

Laura Elizabeth Sewell Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Sheehe Maryland 

June Sechrist Snyder Pennsylvania 

Marilyn Lee Soltoff D. C. 

Mary Carol Spencer West Virginia 

Louise Margaret Stark Ohio 

Lola Jean Strandquist Maryland 

Joyce Ann Stromberger Maryland 

Carol Ann Taylor Maryland 

Emily Ruth Wagner Maryland 

Linda Sue Walker Maryland 

Carolyn Jane Wescoe Maryland 

Judy Williams Wilhelmsen Maryland 

Barbara Kay Winchell New York 

Mary Ann Yeager Maryland 

Ruth Sara Zeigler Maryland 

Marilyn Adele Znamirowski Maryland 

Sheila Julia Zugay Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean of the School 
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Ronald Edward Del Castilho Maryland Richard L. Wynn.. 

Jerome Newman Maryland 


48 196U Commencement Exercises. 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of the College 
Bachelor of Science 

Ruby Catherine Adams Maryland 

Stephen William Alpert New York 

Edwin Charles Baruch Maryland 

Joanne Marie Benton Maryland 

Robert Charles Boileau Maryland 

Harry Michael Brafmann Maryland 

Leslie Jane Brass Maryland 

Margery A. Bristow Maryland 

Philip Brohawn, Jr Maryland 

Benjamin Edward Brown Maryland 

Carolyn Jean Brown Maryland 

Carolyn Randall Callaway Maryland 

Alan Joseph Christy Maryland 

Richard Clark Corbin Maryland 

Frank Joseph Culkin, Jr Connecticut 

James Stewart Davidson New Jersey 

Robert Burdette Eicher, Jr Maryland 

Frederick Lee Eskew Maryland 

Mary Lee Evans Maryland 

Faith Arleen Ferris Maryland 

David Parker Fleming Connecticut 

Habern William Freeman Maryland 

Helen Mary Gatchell Maryland 

Ronald Floyd Gentry Maryland 

Barbara Harney Graf Maryland 

William Franklin Grey Maryland 

Richard Vincent Guidi New Jersey 

Norman Leroy Hatfield Maryland 

Vivian Jean Hayes Maryland 

John Henry Heister, Jr Maryland 

Thelma Jean Hoffa Maryland 

Mary Youmans Holland Maryland 

Allan Paul Hunt New York 

Martha Ann Hussong Maryland 

Gary William Jankowski New Jersey 

Robert Martin Knight, Jr Maryland 

Kay Ellen Krause Maryland 

Jane Stirling Kroh Maryland 

Jerilynn Louise Laird Pennsylvania 

Eleanor Theresa Mandes D. C. 

M. Loretta McGraw Maryland 

James Alfred Metcalf Maryland 

Sheila Regina Moroose Maryland 

Nancy Ellen Neuber New Jersey 

Carol Grace Nutt Canada 

Robert Alan Oring Maryland 

JoAnn Louise Peterson Maryland 

John Donald Pfeifer Maryland 

Henry Anthony Poniatowski Maryland 

Donald Carl Quesada D. C. 

Thomas Richard Rae Maryland 

William Richard Reed, II Maryland 

Alfred Lee Richardson Maryland 

Robert Otto Ruhling Maryland 

Sandra Horn Ruzicka Maryland 

Harry Jackson Sanders Maryland 

Rachel Ann Scarborough Maryland 

Rodney Wayne Schlegel Maryland 

Elizabeth Louise Simmons D. C. 

Barbara N. S. Snow Maryland 

Irene Mary Stag Maryland 

Richard Cornwell STEVENSON....Aforj/to«d 

Robert Lee Thames, Jr Maryland 

BlLLlE Rae TOMLINSON Maryland 

Karl Lawrence Uttenreither. ...Maryland 

Betty Carole Valiant Maryland 

Vicki Andrea Verbit Maryland 

Arnold Robert Wagenheim Maryland 

Robert Alexander Walker, III. ...Mary land 

Patricia Arlene Walter Virginia 

Ingrid Marita Werner Maryland 

Edna Maude White West Virginia 

Richard LeRoy Young Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Raymond Joseph Adams Massachusetts 

George Edwin Albert Texas 

John Lawrence Albright Virginia 

Alfred Lindbergh Allen Nebraska 

William Sumter Allen, Jr Alabama 

William Lloyd Allie Indiana 

University of Maryland. 49 

William Joseph AMARAL....Netv Hampshire 

Carl Frank Anderson Virginia 

Jack Richard Andrews Wisconsin 

Mark Edward Andrews Arkansas 

Lester Lee Arasmith Missouri 

Raymond Architzel Virginia 

James Armstrong California 

Arnold Alvin Asp Wisconsin 

Howard Fred Aufderheide Nevada 

Irene Messner Bacharach Maryland 

Ernest Lawrence BAiLLARGEON..iVew York 

Donald William Baker Ohio 

Jacob F. Baker Indiana 

Winifred Nelson Baker Maryland 

Arthur Wilson Barker Maryland 

Clarence Adam Barnes, Jr Maryland 

Pat Eugene Barnt California 

Sandro A. Barone New York 

John Edward Barry New York 

Alfred William Barth, Jr Maryland 

Thomas H. Bayless Tennessee 

Marcia McDowell Beal New Jersey 

Robert Burke Beard D. C. 

Bruce Alvin Beckner Virginia 

Michael Paul Belyan Michigan 

Robert John Benoit, Jr Nevada 

James Audemard Beplat Massachusetts 

George William Biernesser, Jr. 


Bradley Biggs New Jersey 

John Junior Birdsell Ohio 

Robert Anton Blakely New Jersey 

David Blanco Indiana 

William Frank Bley Virginia 

Martin D. Bolinger Pennsylvania 

Maurice Paul Brideau Massachusetts 

Jay Edward Broadwell California 

Robert Charles Brown Maryland 

H. G. Buckner California 

Nancy Lee Buel Ohio 

Richard L. Bullington, Jr D. C. 

Everett James Burlando Virginia 

Joseph Paul Burleigh Maryland 

Earl Kenneth Burns Massachusetts 

Clayton E. Burrows Minnesota 

Raymond Edward Butler New York 

John William Cahill Virginia 

Robert Xavier Caldwell Maryland 

William Theodotus Capers, III Texas 



Melvin Wilbert Cassidy Ohio 

John Earl Chadwick New Jersey 

Sidney Y. Chan California 

Robert William Chandler California 

Francis Oberlin Chapelle Michigan 

Chris Chicles Michigan 

John Joseph Chrzanowski. ...Pennsylvania 

Waymon D. Clark Oklahoma 

Carroll Eugene Clutter Illinois 

Charles Kingsbury Colman Nebraska 

John Mitchell Connolly Virginia 

Albert Vincent Conte Maryland 

Ronald Lee Cox Maryland 

Stephen Crane California 

Shirley Jayne Cooper Crawford Illinois 

William L. Cullip, Jr Maryland 

Carl Eugene Cunningham Florida 

Norman Bernard Cyr Connecticut 

Thomas Allen Daffron Florida 

Vaughn Loren DeBoever New Jersey 

Henry Vernon Dempsey, Jr Florida 

James Harold Dickson, Jr Virginia 

Stuart Calvin Dietrich New York 

Donald Charles Dietz Pennsylvania 

Harry Leroy Dill Nebraska 

Leo Joseph Donahue Massachusetts 

Jack Clyde Douglas California 

Allan Frederick Druckrey D. C. 

Vicki Delores Duncan Maryland 

John Pershing Dzamba Virginia 

Henry Willis Easterling, Jr Kentucky 

Samuel Kim Edel Maryland 

George Warren Eden Maryland 

James Sidney Edney Texas 

Robert Ralph Eichelberger Virginia 

David Lawrence Elam California 

Richard H. Elder Maryland 

Marilyn Ellsworth Maryland 

Bruce Emerson California 

Gary Clyde Ertel Florida 

John Julian Eymonerie Maryland 

Richard Walter Fairbanks Maryland 

Lawrence J. Falasca Maryland 

Jon Edward Falck Maryland 

Bette-Ann Falkinburg New York 

Lamar G. Farmer, III North Carolina 

Cynthia Reese Fehl Pennsylvania 

John Ross Fisher Maryland 

Albert J. Floyd, Jr Texas 

Oscar Ford, Jr Georgia 

Robert Ellis Forney Pennsylvania 

Francis Marion Fox, Jr Texas 

Jack Fox New York 

Susanne Dale Fredrikson Virginia 

William Herbert Furr Maryland 

Don S. Gale Virginia 

Charles Patrick Gallagher... JVew Jersey 

50 196b Commencement Exercises. 

George W. Gardner D. C. 

Neal Stanley Gerrish Maine 

Raymond George Gettings Maryland 

David James Gibson Texas 

Eugene Ambrose Ginda Maryland 

Gerard Michael Girone Maryland 

Oliver Dewitt Glasgow California 

Kenneth Alvin Graeb Virginia 

Rex Elmo Greaves Virginia 

Edward Dodds Griswold Alabama 

Nena Georgievna Guilsher Connecticut 

Thomas Herbert Gunn Texas 

Walter L. Hageter, Jr D. C. 

Jimmie Leon Hancock Texas 

James Douglas Hansford D. C. 

Orland Charles Harp Alabama 

Sam Haskins, Jr Georgia 

Andrew Headland, Jr North Dakota 

Thomas Neal Heaton Maryland 

Adrian Hekking Oregon 

Emile Joseph Henault, Jr Maryland 

Harold T. Henson California 

Richard Paul Heuckendorf Iowa 

John Henry Hilderbrand, Jr California 

James Erskine Hill Virginia 

Raymond Charles Hill, II Maryland 

Loyd Ivan Hoenshell Texas 

James Robert Hohl New York 

Joseph John Hotter Massachusetts 

Harold Hoyle Virginia 

Donald Paul Hudenburg Michigan 

Richard Iannucci Maryland 

Richard Ippolito New Jersey 

Donald Forbes Jackson New Jersey 

Roy Barton Jarnagin Maryland 

Richard Frederick Jeffers Maryland 

William Robert Jenness Maryland 

William Jesse Ireland 

Benjamin Washington Johnson 

New Jersey 

Caliph Johnson New York 

Danny Eugene Johnston Pennsylvania 

Harriet Hess Jones Maryland 

Hugh Bethune Jones New Jersey 

Wayne H. Jones Arkansas 

Jack L. Jordan, Sr Tennessee 

Nick Karlow Maryland 

Buryl Crim Kay Texas 

David Irving Kayman Maryland 

James Charles Keenan, Jr Maryland 

Thomas J. Kelly Virginia 

George Emil Kemper Colorado 

Joe Tom Kennington Texas 

Stanley Charles Kettle New York 

Frederick James Kienle California 

Harry Adrian Kinney Virginia 

Wallace Clifford Klackner Indiana 

George Edwin Knapp, Jr Virginia 

Willard Ragnar Krantz Minnesota 

Edward Kray Massachusetts 

John Vincent Kuklinski Pennsylvania 

William Glenn Kunkle New Jersey 

Charles A. Lamanna New York 

Carl Reuben Lambert Ohio 

Walter William Larkins Mississippi 

Peter J. Laska Maryland 

Stanton K. Lee Florida 

Ernest Emil Lehman Utah 

Harry Joseph Lehnhoff New Jersey 

Samuel Leibovitz Maryland 

Elaine Astrin Levin Maryland 

Charles Brown Lingamfelter Virginia 

Lewis Livingston Florida 

Jeanette Marie Lizer Maryland 

James Grover Llewellyn Delaware 

Robert Milton Long Pennsylvania 

Robert Paul Longenecker, Jr California 

Kenneth Roy Lowe Massachusetts 

Donald Eugene Luffy Maryland 

Milton Edwards Lyon New Jersey 

Frank James MacHovec Maryland 

Lawrence H. Macon, Jr California 

Edsel Dean Maddox Arkansas 

Ralph J. Maglione Virginia 

Clarence E. Mahan Ohio 

Michael Joseph Mahler, Jr.. .Pennsylvania 

Joseph Neil Malnerich Washington 

Michael Joseph Malone Virginia 

Carl Dee Mangum North Carolina 

Rolland Earl Marker Virginia 

Gregory William Marshall Florida 

Orville Wells Martin, Jr D. C. 

Warren Harry Martin Kansas 

Emilio Martinez New York 

Bruce James Matheson California 

Richard Henry May Michigan 

Ruth Cotten Mayne Maryland 

Horace Denton McFadden... .North Dakota 

John Richard McFarland California 

William Dennis McGuire Virginia 

Eugene James McIntyre California 

Joseph Melillo New Jersey 

Charles Lincoln Merchant Virginia 

Frederick Earl Miles Ohio 

Marion Russell Miller Iowa 

Ralph Lee Miller, Jr Washington 

Alvah Charles Monshower, Jr Kansas 

Ralph Layton Moore, Jr Maryland 

University of Maryland. 5 1 

Warren Carroll Moore Texas 

William Stang Moore Pennsylvania 

Joel Curtis Munch North Carolina 

Joseph Francis Napoli Maryland 

Arthur Charles Navarra Pennsylvania 

Robert F. Nease Georgia 

James M. Neff Indiana 

William Henry Nelson Florida 

Gary Nemet New York 

Paul Raymond Noblitt D. C. 

Robert Edward Nussey Maryland 

Aloysius Joseph O'Connor Oregon 

Herbert Richard Ogden Pennsylvania 

Joseph David Olander Pennsylvania 

Michael Joseph O'Mahony D. C. 

Robert Wurster Orr California 

Edward Ortega California 

William Richard Osha Maryland 

Viva M. Owens Tennessee 

Gerald Allan Packard New Jersey 

John George Pallo Virginia 

Robert Lewis Parker South Carolina 

Colin Dion Parrish Michigan 

GEORGE Pavlakis Massachusetts 

Tertia Moore Penn New Jersey 

Edward Joseph Perron Michigan 

Leonard Francis Petroni Pennsylvania 

Hiram Edward Pfarr Maryland 

Richard Augustus Phelps New York 

David Milne Phillips Michigan 

Tom Pete Phillips North Carolina 

George Norman Pierce Indiana 

Joyce Elaine Pollock California 

Vada Gear Powers Maryland 

William Harold Price Ohio 

Robert Evans Prince Arkansas 

Murphy A. Pruett California 

Betty Haberer Pugliese Maryland 

Joseph Robert Purcell Pennsylvania 

Clark D. Randall California 

Cecil Harding Rigsby Texas 

Helene S. Ring New Jersey 

Maude Darter Riordan Maryland 

Richard Vincent Riva Connecticut 

Harry David Roach New York 

James Gordon Roberts, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Perry Rockhill Maryland 

Reynaldo Acevedo Rodriguez Missouri 

Earl Bernard Roehm Ohio 

Irvin Willis Rogers California 

Ellis Herman Rosen Maryland 

Zella Rosen Nebraska 

Robert Marshall Rugg California 

Beverly Jean Russell Maryland 

George Michael Ryan Illinois 

Alexander Saduk New Jersey 

Clyde Walter Sautters Virginia 

Vernon C. Scarborough Maryland 

John Herman Scherer Virginia 

Willy Rieser Schlossbach Maryland 

Eldor Henry Schueler Texas 

Jeanne Dawes Schwartz Georgia 

Kathryn Elaine Scott Montana 

James M. Sedberry, Jr Texas 

Carl Heiz Seemann Virginia 

Dale Tilton Shinn Arkansas 

Gerald Ward Shirey Texas 

Robert Harris Sigholtz Virginia 

James Gordon Silliman D. C. 

Theodore Herbert Slate Massachusetts 

George Anthony Smigen Maryland 

John Devere Smith Texas 

Malcolm White Smith D. C. 

Tommie G. Smith ....Illinois 

Ned Conwell Solomon Tennessee 

James Eglinton SoNNEBORN..JFest Virginia 

Richard James Sparks Maryland 

Everett Kencheon Spees Colorado 

Kurt Werner Stabenau Virginia 

Franklin Carr Stack Maryland 


Arden Kurtz Stauffer Maryland 

Robert Louis Stephenson, II Maryland 

William Henry Stokes South Carolina 

John Harve Stone Virginia 

John Clifford Strawhorn Maryland 

Sheldon Lloyd Sutton Illinois 

Sidney M. Swarts Maryland 

Betty Price Swift Alabama 

Bernace Malvin Symm Virginia 

Maurice Joseph Talon Massachusetts 


Joseph Martin Taraska Virginia 

Jean Dupuy Tarbutton Texas 

Gerhardt Bruno Thamm Virginia 

Stefan Eustace Theodore.. ..Massachusetts 

Wilson Eugene Thomas Tennessee 

John Eugene Tullbane Wisconsin 

Wendell Wood Vance California 

John Harper Van Eaton Virginia 

Everett Edward Vetter Vermont 


William Gregorie Wagner Maryland 

Donald Francis Waitt Massachusetts 

Katsushi Edward Wakamiya Hawaii 

James Joseph Walker New York 

Lawrence Alfred Waters Florida 

Norbert Joseph Wayne Michigan 

Bert Harry Webb, Jr Michigan 

52 196 % Commencement Exercises. 

John T. Webb Kansas 

Leo Anthony Webb Missouri 

Willard Eugene Weems Virginia 

William Charles Welsch California 

JoAnn Mueller Wendt Wisconsin 

Jack William Wetzel Maryland 

Roger Grey White Texas 

James Franklin Wiley Missouri 

Mildred W. Wiley Oklahoma 

Marshall Wesley Wilson Illinois 

Edwin C. Woodburn Maryland 

Henry St. Clair Wurthmann, Jr. 


Frank Zagami D. C. 

Arnold Charles Zerivitz Maryland 

Robert George Zerphey Pennsylvania 

Bachelor of Science 

Vincent Anthony Abrignani....ATcw York 

David Gilbert Ackerman Indiana 

Carl Arthur Ackermann Wisconsin 

Walter William Akers Idaho 

Nicholas Vickers Allender, Jr Illinois 

Charles Richard Anderson. .Pennsylvania 

Roland Anderson Minnesota 

Wheeler Martin Anderson 

North Carolina 

Robert E. Andrews California 

Robert Steven Anglin New Jersey 

James Alexander Apffel Virginia 

Franklin Beckley Arnold Connecticut 

Kenneth Burdette Austin Virginia 

Richard Fisher Avery Maryland 

Robert Eugene Babcock Massachtisetts 

Ingvard Bach California 

Otto Clyde Bailey Maine 

Robert Frederick Baker Maryland 

Gabriel Peter Bartholomew California 

William Joseph Bates Virginia 

William Silbert Bates Tennessee 

Charles John Benge Oregon 

Sherman Cox Black Utah 

Frederick Bockelman, Jr Virginia 

Albert Ray Bowman Virginia 

Robert Weston Bradley Pennsylvania 

William C. Bristow, Jr Tennessee 

Arnold E. Brower Connecticut 

Paul Joseph Brown Maine 

Baird Patterson Bryson Oregon 

Charles Joseph Buel Ohio 

Roger A. Bujold California 

Baxter Mangum Bullock.. ..North Carolina 

John Charles Callahan Maine 

John Austin Callanan Virginia 

John Meredith Carr Pennsylvania 

Ray Mason Carson Maryland 

William Everett Caslin Illinois 

Michael Joseph Cerrone, Jr Georgia 

John James Chamblee Alabama 

Sidney Lanier Chavers Florida 

Alain Andre Chevalier Vermont 

Dale Carol Christensen Florida 

Harold Edward Christensen. .Washington 

Keith LaVar Christensen Utah 

Ralph Cipolla, Jr Illinois 

Charles Lee Cline Virginia 

Francis Alexander CLOANiNGER....Vi>£rm?'(i 

Russell Elisha Corey Pennsylvania 

John Ernest Cotten Minnesota 

William Oliver Cottingham, Jr.. .Virginia 

Richard Kennedy Covell Maryland 

Robert G. Culbertson Virginia 

Edward Joseph Daley Texas 

Burt Dall Maryland 

Herman William Dammer New York 

Alvin Dwight Davis California 

Charles Willis Davis Virginia 

Carl Aquila DeLashmet Maryland 

Adrian LeRoy Del Camp Florida 

Richard Phillip DeWitt Florida 

Dean Monroe Dickey Georgia 

Allan Grant Dingwall, Jr. 

New Hampshire 

Darrell Dee Douglas Illinois 

Oscar Drake New York 

James Earle Dundas Virginia 

James J. Egan Maryland 

Norman Eva, Jr D. C. 

Robert Clinton Evans Maryland 

William Myron Everett California 

Bruce Hults Ey Connecticut 

Edward Robert Fallon, Jr Virginia 

Anthony E. Felde Missouri 

Harold Crum Finlayson Massachusetts 

Edward J. Finley Texas 

John Bernard Finnegan California 

Michael Charles Fiorelli Ohio 

Earl Warren Fletcher Georgia 

John Peter Flynn Maryland 

George Manuel Font Puerto Rico 

William Albert Forbes Virginia 

Geoffrey Ralph Ford Virginia 

University of Maryland. 5 3 

Harold David Fortus New York 

William Henry Foster Georgia 

Lester Adley Fowler Texas 

George Walton Franklin Georgia 

Norman J. Fredkin Oregon 

James Elias Freeze Iowa 

Saleem DeWitt Frey California 

Stanton D. Frost Colorado 

William Benjamin Funk Maryland 

Paul Eugene Gardner Maryland 

William Edgar Gardner Virginia 

Herbert James Gavin California 

Wilbur Dean Getz Connecticut 

Robert Eldon Gibson New Jersey 

Orris French Gilmore, Jr New Jersey 

William Franklin Gish Kentucky 

Robert Francis Glancy Virginia 

Asa Parker Gray, Jr Michigan 

Waldo Gerald Gray Maryland 

John R. Green Iowa 

Edmund Francis Gregg, Jr Connecticut 

George Anthony Griffin Maryland 

Sidney Hack Virginia 

Richard Dickran Haig New York 

Wendell Eli Hakala Minnesota 

Norman Ray Haley Missouri 

Tom James Hallinan, Jr Colorado 

Robert Spalding Hamilton Ohio 

Leland Virgil Hamlin Michigan 

Henry Hearn Harper Virginia 

Lawrence Patrick Hart Texas 

Thomas Glendon Harty Minnesota 

Oakes Mildren Hayden Indiana 

Francis Hee Hawaii 

Lynn William Helferd Pennsylvania 

Bernard Joseph Henke Virginia 

Richard Milton Hermann Virginia 

William Wesley Higgins Michigan 

Robert Lincoln Hill Washington 

Edward HmscH Virginia 

Francis Joseph Hoag Texas 

Charles Edwin Hoffman Pennsylvania 

Robert Lee Hoffman Washington 

Clarence R. Holloway, Jr New York 

Milton Horwitz Georgia 

Elmer Ralph Howe, Jr New Jersey 

William Edward Hughes Massachusetts 

Maximilian Imhoff New York 

I. J. Irvin, Jr Texas 

Edward Newell Jenkins Texas 

William Howard Jenkins Alabama 

John Henry Jennette California 

Robert Folmer Jensen Virginia 

John Page Jervey D. C. 

Ernest Walter Johnson New York 

Francis Melcher Johnson Maryland 

James Duncan Johnson, Jr Virginia 

Freeman L. Jones Alabama 

James Eugene Kammerdiener 


Raymond Frederick Kayea, Jr Alabama 

Martin Anthony Kendall New York 

Robert Graham Kessler D. C. 

Peter George Keymas California 

Raymond F. King Ohio 

William Wilson Kirchman Virginia 

Raymond Lewis Kirk New York 

Richard Varick Kissam, Jr Virginia 

William Edward Knight Washington 

Jacques Davis Knox Maryland 

Frank Robert Koethe Oregon 

Joel Lewis Koford Oregon 

Victor R. Kregel Alabama 

Joseph Yoshito Kurata California 

Harvey Martin Ladd Virginia 

George A. Lahey Michigan 

Murray E. Lamb Indiana 

Kenneth Richard Lamison.. ..Pe?tn«j/h;ania 

James Sharrocks Lampe Virginia 

Robert William Leonard Connecticut 

Harry Edward Lesher, Jr Maryland 

Howard Jackson Lewis Florida 

Victor Eugene Lindblom Connecticut 

James Vanburen Little Tennessee 

Robert Allen Longmhje Mississippi 

Morris James Lucree Virginia 

John William Mallory Colorado 

Carl Eugene Mann Maryland 

Lester Perry Mann, Jr Massachusetts 

Louis Hilary Marcotte Louisiana 

Edwin Dallas Marsh North Carolina 

William Paul Martin New York 

Benjamin Maurice Matlick, Jr. 


William Joseph McCabe, Jr Maryland 

Marshall Dickerson McClure Illinois 

Richard Locke McCoy Arkansas 

William Henry McCoy, Jr Maryland 

Elbert Scott McCuskey J). C. 

Michael Arthur McCuskey. Pennsylvania 

Donald McGuire Maryland 

Norman Kenneth McInnis Louisiana 

William Edward McKenney Alaska 

Clifford George McKeon New Jersey 

Walter Allen McKinney California 

Boyce Rhea Meers Kentucky 

Hayden Pegram Mims Worth Carolina 

Joseph C. Minnix New York 

54 1964 Commencement Exercises. 

Sandefer Mitchell Texas 

Wayne Jerde Moe Virginia 

Harry Victor Montague, Jr. 


Ernest Lloyd Moore Kentucky 

Howard Wellington Moshier Michigan 

Irving William Munroe Wisconsin 

Joseph Charles Muzyka Virginia 

Edward Montgomery NEBiNGER....Afarj//cmeZ 

Charles Nolan Nesossis Mississippi 

Boyd Nethercott Virginia 

Robert Burton Nett Georgia 

Kenneth A. Niewoehner Colorado 

Loren D. Noland Missouri 

Stephen Goodwin Olmstead Maryland 

Richard Roscoe Orrick Arkansas 

Gordon Raynesford Otis Connecticut 

Francis Sidney Paine, Jr Virginia 

Roka Doyal Pamperien Maryland 

Henry Lawrence Paquette Virginia 

Joseph Brooks Parker Maryland 

George Berry Patton Alabama 

Robert Edward Payne Indiana 

Cyr Philip Pelletier Maine 

Morris Frank Perugini New Jersey 

Laurence Richard Phillips Indiana 

Katherine Pleasants Maryland 

Frank Stephen Poulos Florida 

Ralph Bart Raperto Maryland 

Munro Anthony Rateau Louisiana 

Maxie O. Redic, Jr Maryland 

Jack Leroy Reed Iowa 

John Daniel Reeve New York 

Waino Remes Michigan 

Norman Harold Rex Maryland 

Clifford Charles Reynolds, Jr Virginia 

Robert Rocco Rich Delaware 

Benjamin Ryan Richards New York 

William Elijah Richards Maryland 

Carlos John Ricketson Maine 

Joseph Bernard Rickman Maryland 

John Jefferson Rimes, Jr Florida 

Edward Sims Rishebarger Pennsylvania 

Harry George Robinson New Jersey 

Edward Frederick Rodriguez Texas 

Charles William Roe New York 

Theodore Roman Pennsylvania 

Danny Lee Romig California 

John Christopher Rose New Mexico 

Charles G. Ross Indiana 

Henry George Roth Ohio 

Howard Rudnick Maryland 

Louis Frederick Rudulph, Jr.. .New Mexico 
John Frank Russell Maryland 

Philip George Saylor Virginia 

Andrew L. Schalbrack Virginia 

Richard Jerome Scherberger Virginia 

Richard Ernst Schneider Texas 

Kurt George Schramm New York 

Paul Joseph Schrinel Ohio 

Morton Semelmaker California 

William Russell Sherron. ...Pennsylvania 

Robert Alton Shiver Tennessee 

Woodrow James SHRAWDER..iVort/i Carolina 

George Edward Siegelman Texas 

Robert Herman Siegrist Maryland 

Maurice Edward Sigmon Florida 

John Boland Sims North Carolina 

Vladimir Walter Skuby New Jersey 

Burton Edwin Slesinger Massachusetts 

Bowen Noel Smith Idaho 

Kenneth Lee Smith Michigan 

Robert David Smith California 

Barre Emmett Smuck Pennsylvania 

Robert Bailey Solomon Maryland 

Joseph Manoel Sousa Massachusetts 

Robert Franklin Spence Virginia 

David Edwin Stenquist Utah 

Willis Edward Stephens Jowa 

James Lawson Stevens, Jr California 

Calvin Arthur Storment Maryland 

Marion Eugene Strange Texas 

Charles E. Sturm Florida 

John Henry Sullivan, Jr Massachusetts 

Joseph Patrick Swanick Arizona 

Kenneth Clay Swisher California 

Thomas Frank Tapman Texas 

William Jesse Taylor, Jr Pennsylvania 

Kenneth Christian Thoeni Maryland 

George Edward Thomes Massachusetts 

John Andrew Todd Georgia 

Jack Winford Tooley Virginia 

John William Torrance Maryland 

Robert Hugh Towell Virginia 

Tommy Park Trexler North Carolina 

Raymond Alexander TROXELL..New Jersey 

Roy Calvin Tucker, Jr Georgia 

Jack Maynard Tumlinson Virginia 

William Perkins Tyler Colorado 

James Newton Varnell Maryland 

Erwin Varns Minnesota 

Martin Charles Voves North Dakota 

James Burroughs Walling, Jr. 


Norman Earl Ward, Jr North Carolina 

Robert Ernest Warner Rhode Island 

James Alfred Watson Virginia 

University of Maryland. 5 5 

Robert Watt Massachusetts 

Seymour T. Weisser Maryland 

Robert Greydon Welch Pennsylvania 

Jerry Gordon Wetherill Virginia 

Jack A. Whitehorn Maryland 

Roy Arthur Whitmire Ohio 

Howard Chase Wiggin Florida 

Gordon Fowler Wilcox California 

Harry Walter Wilkinson D. C. 

William P. Williams Michigan 

Bill Bert Wilson Florida 

Charles Donald Wilson Virginia 

John Marston Wilson Texas 

Willie Clyde Wilson Missouri 

Francis Joseph Winslow Arizona 

Raymond Francis Wisniewski..A/Vm; Jersey 

James David Wixson Florida 

Thomas Chiang Wong Minnesota 

Cyrus Wybrant Wood Virginia 

Alex Nobuo Yorichi Maryland 

Herbert Lee Young Texas 

Robert Shi Young Georgia 

Curtis Joseph Zane Ohio 

Joseph Wildman Zebley, Jr Maryland 



Hrant Kachig Baboyian 
Charles Lowe Beall 
Rodney Clark Benchoff 
Stephen Leighton Bennett 
Thomas John Bigelow 
Rhody Alexander Bosley 
John Hardin Boulware 
Edward Bruce Brown 
Gerald Byrne Bynan 
James Albert Calderwood 
Henry Ellsworth Carmine, Jr. 
William Lesley Day 
John Roger Desiderio, Jr. 
Malcolm Charles Edelblute 
John Henry Eurich, IV 
Lee Bowen Evans 
Joseph Michael Fitzgerald 
John Francis Franklin, III 
John Francis Gannon 
Raymond George Gettings 
Clifford Francis Gilbert 
Thomas Frank Gladstone 
Mark Douglas Greene, Jr. 
Louis William Helly, Jr. 

James Herbert Hull, Jr. 
Thomas Linwood Hranicka 
Robert Dep Jew 
Steven Clive Johnson 
Stephen Arthur Leishman 
Fred Wertz Martin 
James Edgar Mayton, Jr. 
John Richard McDonough 
Richard Butler Neely, Jr. 
Charles Calvert Newman 
Michael Alan Noble 
William James Parker, Jr. 
Charles Roger Patterson 
Dan Theodore Radzykewycz 
Charles Marchant Reeder 
Roy Richard Robertson, Jr. 
Wilson Gipson Schuerholz 
Paul Winston Sheffler, II 
William Guy Stevens 
David Alan Stine 
Victor Alexander Sulin 
Leslie Minner Walls 
Robert Leon Wheatley, Jr. 


Richard Smith Snader 

Francis Lymuel Chamblee, Jr. 
Larry Peter Klipp 

56 196 U Commencement Exercises. 

Academic Honors 



University Gold Medal for Scholarship, Summa Cum Laude 

Awarded to 

Albert Edward Carlotti, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Francis Leon Fraser Clark Neamand Foulke 

Edward Robert Emerson Lucien Ernest Benoit 


Graduated With Honor 

Ronald P. Fish Stanley David Klein 

John H. Gurley Berryl A. Speert 

Harvey A. Holzman Paul J. Stakem 

Adrian J. Johnston H. Rutherford Turnbull, III 


Faculty Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude 

Awarded to 

Charles Henry Asplen 

Certificate of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 

Awarded to 

Richard Douglas Biggs, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor, Cum Laude 

Donald Theodore Lewers Marvin Frederick Saiontz 

Milton Siegfried Michaelis Harold Clark Standiford 

Charles Evans Reckson 

University of Maryland. 6 1 


Gold Medal for General Excellence 

Awarded to 

Richard L. Wynn 


Candidates for bachelor's degrees are eligible for honors if they have completed 
at least two years of resident work with a scholastic average of B or higher. The 
candidates must also rank in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respec- 
tive colleges. "With high honors" are awarded to the upper tenth of those in each col- 
lege if they qualify, and "with honors" are awarded to the second tenth of those in each 
college if they qualify. The names of students are listed in order of their rank by 


With High Honors 

Linda Jean Graf 
Joseph Henry Soares, Jr. 
Ralph Gordon Mullinix 
Charles Wayne Pufpinberger 
Herman Noel Dykes, Jr. 
John William Hummel 


With High Honors 

Judith Charlotte Levinson 
Raymond Clifford Lumb 
Audrey Anne Bowdoin 
Jean H. Weber 
Elizabeth Ann Hagemann 
Hugh Terrance Fahy 
Robert Ragan Clough 
Eunice Josephine Edwards 
Joan Marilyn Kane 
Edward Leigh Gates, Jr. 
Lee Marshall Miller 
Susan Louise Howard 
Alan Irvin Penn 
Sally Ann Robb 

With Honors 

Kathleen Lewis Byers 
Myrna Nadine Beal 
Paul Alexander Gerhard 
Murray Franklin Sarubin 
Alice Susan Tannenbaum 
Geoffrey Behram Irani 
William Russell Savage 
Raymond Roger Little 
Louise P. Phillips 
Carole Sue Rodes 
Daniel Anthony Williams 
Dorothy Lund Lundgren 
Catherine Margaret Ryan 
Catherine Elizabeth Dearholt 

62 1964 Commencement Exercises. 

With High Honors 

With Honors 

Norman Fred Simenson 

Sandra Lynn Smith 

Evelyn Thring McMichael 

Melita Clare Link 

Howard Lee Cardin 

Alison Kathryn Burbage 

Hugh G. Gauch, Jr. 

Barry Raymond Hofford 

Jeanellen Shirk 

Paul Joseph Kalkowski 

Judith Anne Fenner 

Carroll Davis Mahoney 

Henry Forbush Schorreck 

Carolyn Louise Green 

Diane S. Sollod 

Carol Kallins Bloom 

Jesse Jerry Sabo, Jr. 

Eugene Jeno Volker 

Robert Louis Handwerger 

John Henry Hollifield, Jr. 

David Donald Nardo 

Rona Phyllis Weintraub 

Paul Frank Kunz 

Sandy Rae McKenzie 

Ann Medlock Crawford 

Irvin Robert Horowitz 

Jeremy Sachs 

Sylvia Sledge 

Joyce Lorraine Short 

Harold Alan Lowe 

Teddie Lou Kelly 

Neil Turk Feldman 

Leslie George Weinberg 

Charles Carvel Bevans, Jr. 

Constance Mary Haile 

Arnold Truman Davis 

Son Dinh Nguyen 

Eugene Alvin Gilbertson 

Sandra Lee Irwin 

Margaret Theresa Reidy 

Marlene Finkelstein 

Kathryne Hope Ruark 

Robert Francis Adams 

rosalee p. schreiber 

Gilbert Roger Kaats 

William Jennings Wickless, Jr. 

Donald Marvin Phillips, Jr. 

J. Gordon Arbuckle 

Tadd Alan Linsenmayer 

Margaret Ann McKay 

Davidson C. Watts 

Henry Clifton Merchant 

Kathleen O'Connor Wigglesworth 

Gerald Ira Green 
Robert Lee Barney 
Susan Lee Upman 
Thomas Linwood Hranicka 
Eric Robert Katz 
Thomas Joseph Slaughter 
Phyllis Dolores Rathbun 
Lynne Frazier 
Philip Edward Epstein 
Robert Charles Mutschler 
Stephanie Ann Davis 
Kenneth D. Glass 
Jeffrey Lewis Selznick 
Rosalie Relleve 
Claude Richard Spiegel 
Charles David Ressin 
Allan David Akman 
Forrest Raymond Gabler 
Barbara Young 
Thomas Hiram Finlay 
Ralphine Tarnove 
Ann Learman 
Isabelle Carol Gruber 
Patsy Carol Tanenbaum 
Roberta Millar Gross 
Carol A. Cohen 
Helen Henriette Frenkley 
Stanley Howard Klein 
Eleanor Jane Schwartz 
Carolyn Anne Curtis 
Barry Bach 
Sandra Beverly Sollod 
John Hutchins Rosser 
John Summerhayes Beale, Jr. 
Jessica Jones 

Theresa Trammell Kreitzer 
Stephen Allen Stuppler 
Michael S. Ryan 
Charlotte Joan Pinkus 
Harry Ric Blacksten 
Gordon Leonard Levin 
Russell Alfred Howard 
Nancy Barbara Konigsberg 
Dana Litman Kline 
Raymond Andrew Brandwein 
Phyllis Diane Lefkov 
Barbara Jean Schlotzhauer 
Virginia Lee Bell 
Barry R. Krasner 
Elijah Frederick Kelly 
rochelle borow 
Cary Bruce Barad 
David Louis Wilson 
Frederick Stephen Herold 

University of Maryland. 63 

With High Honors 

Patricia Shannon Seyer 
Robert Thomas Fuchs 
Anita Sue Goldbloom 
Ronald R. Hubka 

With Honors 

Arthur Wayne Kendall, Jr. 
Evelyn Christine LaMacchia 
Frances Louise Wetzel 
Leah Cathleen Dawson 
Vona Reeva Kern 
Marian Drazin 
Caroline Ruth Wood 
Kenneth Theodore Shuey, Jr. 
Diane Haugen Lindamood 
Anita Carole Rankin 
Brenda Lois George 
Jeffrey Lee Franklin 
Sandra Lee Harris 
Philip Jonathan Perkins 

With High Honors in Botany Hugh G. Gauch, Jr. 

With High Honors in Chemistry Eugene Volker 

With High Honors in English Judith Levinson 

With High Honors in German LOUISE Stadler 

With High Honors in Mathematics Audrey A. Bowdoin, Robert R. Clough 

With High Honors in Physics Eric R. Katz, Paul F. Kunz, Jesse J. Sabo, Jr. 

With High Honors in Spanish Catherine Ryan, Daniel Williams 

With High Honors in Zoology Neil T. Feldman 

With Honors in Botany Jean H. Weber 

With Honors in Chemistry Robert Fuchs, Patrick McAllister 

With Honors in Economics Robert R. Clough 

With Honors in English Sally Robb, Ronald Hubka, 

Eunice J. Edwards, Davidson C. Watts 

With Honors in French Janice Chiville, Evelyn LaMacchia, Mercedes Ruiz 

With Honors in History Joyce Short 

With Honors in Mathematics... .Paul A. Gerhard, Alan I. Penn, William J. Wickless 

With Honors in Physics David L. Wilson 

With Honors in Psychology Diane Sollod 

With Honors in Spanish Patricia Anne Gobbett, Joan Kane 

With Honors in Zoology Gordon L. Levin, Raymond R. Little, 

Henry C. Merchant, Alice S. Tannenbaum 

64 1964. Commencement Exercises. 


With High Honors 

Rosemary Osborne Crossett 
Judith Elaine Brocksmith 
Rodney Clark Benchoff 
Elmer Russell Gluckhertz 
Gerald K. Thompson 
Leonard George Szeliga 
Charles Stratton Walsh 
Michael Stephen Lowenstein 
Joseph Milton Lieberson 
Daniel Regis Coll 
Ralph L. Wiley 
Lawrence G. Stolberg 
Louis Isaac Rosen 
William Gray Mister 
David Perlman Gould 
Barbara Levin 
Linda Olea Hannemann 
Donald Thomas Byrne 
Calvin Lamont Compton, Jr. 
Yousuf Adeeb Al-Aama 
U. Otto Cameron Wiegand, Jr. 

With Honors in Economics Michael Stephen Lowenstein 


With High Honors 

Samuel Ellis Holt, Jr. 
Ellen Faye Bank 
C. Judith Paige 
Evelyn Koutsos Ross 
Roland Angelo Stenta 
Maxine Ellen Blacker 
Gloria Hafer Frank 
Carol Hurst Cole 
Jean Ann Ruddell 
Mary Elizabeth Casper 
Diane Greenbaum 
evalyn deford longley 
Susan Deborah Kuskin 
Carl Otto Rogge 
Susan Fleischmann 

With Honors 

Linda Lee Foltz 

Elizabeth Nutwell Catterton 

Diane Harriet Schreiber 

Dede MacGruder Hauck 

Barbara Thiebeau Fustich 

Donna Gail Rasinsky 

Sandra Carline Ahalt 

Linda Lee Peake 

Barbara Marie Weglarski 

Geraldine Mazzie 

Dorothy Anne Nickel Bratt 

Joan Miller 

Anne Atanossian 

Gloria Jean Silverstein 

Louise Iwalani Minton 

University of Maryland. 6 5 

With High Honors 

Nancy Sharon Decker 
Judith Solins Mitnick 
Mary Ann Cooper 
Esther K. Taine 
Dorothy Sanger 
Judith Augustine Denning 
Lou Ann Reid 
Barbara Berger 
Sheila Zukerberg Fishbein 
Dorothea Regina Walsh 
Gloria Dianne Stiller 
Carla Gail Grossman 
Sylvia Mead Bothe 
Bernardine Sandler 
Dolores MacMillan 
Denece M. Feldman 
Mary Lynne Wood 
Joyce Hornstein 
Virginia A. Lee 
Brigitte Elisabeth Carls 
Robert Francis Stroud 
William Donald Smith 
Marilyn Lee Blumenthal 
Shirley R. Anderman 

With Honors 

Eleanor Randall Harman 
Gertrude Wells Robertson 
Selma C. Ganz 
Mary Ann Putcakulish 
Susan Anne Brill 
Donna Carol Kravetz 
Elaine Teresa Schwartz 
Linda Lee Waters 
Linda Soule 
Beverly J. Bird 
Rosalie Ann Brothers 
Raymond Morgan Harrison, Jr. 
Phyllis Harriet Eisen 
Marilyn Elizabeth Pierce 
Bonnie Olive Barnes 
Betty Jeanne Roberts 
Carolyn Stouffer McIntyre 
Emily Ann Novotny 
Hazel Judith Sutphin 
Merry Lee Engerman 
Constance Gowen Kneessi 
Harriet Ann Bloom 
Beverly Ann Schaeffer 
Goldie Gould Shoemaker 
Bia Kinsbrunner 
Brenda Horman Spence 
Marsha Rose McNamara 
Mary-Margaret Butler 
Judith Sylvia Hyatt 
Patricia Ann Colacicco 

With Honors in Spanish.. 

.Luisa Victoria Porras 


With High Honors 

Neil Eugene Roberts 
Dennis Patrick Carroll 
Richard Emmet Burke 
Arthur Joseph Pokorny, Jr. 
Kenneth David Brody 
Joseph John O'Neill 
Martin Tobias Pozesky 
James Kenneth Newton 
James Bernard Walfish 
Philip Reid Sodergren 
Donald Roy Hardesty 
Oliver Bruce Dale 
Robert Allan Frazier 
Herbert K. Sacks 

With Honors 

Victor DAvm Roberts 
Donald Louis Flynn 
James Edward Beattie 
Harold Eugene Gilreath 
Gene Carl Bowen 
George Alfred Peters 
William Bane Rhodes 
Walter McDonald Kahle. II 
Robert Dale Godfrey 

66 196U Commencement Exercises. 

With Highest Honors 

Larry Lee Wyatt 
Robert John Schwartz 
Richard Rountree Anders 
James Robert Lease 
Andrew Robert Uricheck 
John Richard Stallone 
John Arthur Drager 
Roger Owen Weiss 
Hugh Bryant Lupien 
Howard N. Rosen 
Gary Lee Hollow ay 
Roy Lewis Eisenberg 


With High Honors 

Nancy Ellen Albrecht 
Geraldine Marie Case 
Gail Antoinette Coles 
Sue Yu Pai 
Lynn Koehneke 
Leah Kay Hamann 
Jean Weissman 
Sharon Mahoney Walker 

With Honors 

Ellen Jean Maiorany 
Patricia Sue Switzer 
Martha Teresa Etienne 
Kathleen Susanna Cheston 
Carol Ann Zoda 
Claudia Marie Miller 
Barbara Ann Zoda 


With High Honors 

Louise Margaret Stark 
Peggy Edelman Heffner 
Constance Clark Cooper 
Eileen Carol Horowitz 
Carol Anne Magee 
Sheila Julia Zugay 
Mary Anne Flowers 

With Honors 

Sharon Margaret Kettells 
Ruth Sara Zeigler 
Carol Ann Taylor 
Bonnie Britt 
Judith Anne Hellmuth 
Ethel Carroll Jarboe 



With High Honors 

Sandra Horn Ruzicka 
William Franklin Grey 

University of Maryland. 67 


With High Honors With Honors 

Joseph Manoel Sousa 

Joseph David Olander 

Morton Semelmaker 

Marion Eugene Strange 

Jacob F. Baker 

George Pavlakis 

Everett Kencheon Spees 

James David Wixson 

Wilbur Dean Getz 

Harry Leroy Dill 

Nick Karlow 

William Lloyd Allie 

Charles A. Lamanna 

Frank Zagami 

Edward John Finley 

Zella Rosen 

Allan Frederick Druckrey 

Howard Jackson Lewis 

Raymond Architzel 

Neal Stanley Gerrish 

Anthony E. Felde 

Shirley Jayne Cooper Crawford 

Lester Perry Mann, Jr. 

Betty Price Swift 

John Earl Chadwick 

Joseph Stewart Coulter 

Wayne H. Jones 

Sidney Lanier Chavers 

Joseph Clarence Minnix 

Francis Oberlin Chapelle 

Waymon D. Clark 

John Frank Russell 

Robert Shi Young 
David Milne Phillips 
Joseph Bernard Schreiner 
William E. Knight 
Sam Haskins, Jr. 
Jack Winford Tooley 
Clarence E. Mahan 
Lester Lee Arasmith 
Oscar Drake 
William Myron Everett 
Roger Grey White 
Nena Georgievna Guilsher 
Marion Russell Miller 
Howard Rudnick 
Robert William Leonard 
Henry Lawrence Paquette 
Allan Grant Dingwall, Jr. 
Herbert Richard Ogden 
Ronald Lee Cox 
Edward Newell Jenkins 
Richard Locke McCoy 
Maximilian Imhoff 
Alfred Lindbergh Axlen 
William Paul Martin 
William Theodotus Capers, III 
Frederick Bockelman, Jr. 
James Robert Hohl 


Alpha Lambda Delta 
(Women's Freshman Honor Society) 

Thelma A. Barron 
Nancy C. Baumann 
Pamela R. Carroll 
Nadine Cohen 
Harriette A. Cuthrell 
Frances A. Dunkle 
Iris J. Esau 


Jenny R. Gable 
Toby R. Gandel 
Paula E. Garfinkle 

Adrienne S. Goldstein 
Shirley A. Greiner 
Helen L. Hyre 
Barbara A. Jackson 
Susan B. Jacobi 
Nancy L. Jaquith 
Ruth A. Keeting 
Patricia King 
Katharine G. Leister 
Carole J. Lilienfeld 
Linda C. Lindsay 

68 196 U Commencement Exercises. 

Elizabeth J. Mullen 
Jeanne A. Quinlan 
Robin Raines 
Sue A. Robinson 
Carol J. Rockwell 
Ellen M. Roderick 
Elizabeth D. Schaffer 
Barbara L. Seim 

Marilyn L. Simmons 
Mary L. Tabor 
Joyce K. Taylor 
Janet L. Webster 
Leslie A. Wilcove 
Janet L. Willsie 
Carole L. Witt 
Elizabeth A. Wolbach 

Barbara L. Atherton 
Janet Bode 
Deena M. Chesler 
Gail A. Clark 
Karen Dorn 
Jane E. Edwards 
Judy E. Pavier 
Bridget A. Forshew 
Judith H. Goldberg 


(Junior Women's Honor Society) 

Dorothy M. Howell 
Dorothy L. Johnson 
Marvene R. McClung 
Patricia A. Missel 
Linda A. Pollack 
Carol I. Taylor 
Susan M. Weeks 
Maria Valencia 

Mortar Board 

(The national senior honor society for women, recognizing service, 
leadership and scholarship) 

Diane J. Baxter 
Barbara Berger 
Bonnie Britt 
Leah C. Dawson 
Martha T. Etiennb 
Judith A. Fenner 
Teddie L. Kelly 
Barbara Levin 

Karen J. McManemin 
Claudia M. Miller 
C. Judith Paige 
Evelyn K. Ross 
Joyce L. Short 
Jean L. Smith 
Rona P. Weintraub 

Barry Bach 
R. Stewart Baird 
Jerry Bayne 
James E. Beattie 
Stephen Bennett 
George Biester 
Rhody A. Bosley 
Hal Brierly 
Kenneth D. Brody 
Richard Burke 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

(Honorary Leadership Fraternity for Men) 

Richard Dougherty 
Donald Dunphy 
John D. Evans 
Paul Gerhard 
Robert C. Gibson 
Leonard R. Goldstein 
William Grey 
Woody Hancock 
Donald Hardesty 
Kenneth Heinen 

University of Maryland. 69 

Emory Kristof 
Gordon Levin 
Dave Nardo 
Leon Reinstein 
Philip Rever 
Neil Roberts 
Hugh Roddin 

John Rodgers 
Allan Shapiro 
Rodney Smith 
Robert Vermillion 
Russell Werneth 
Larry L. Wyatt 

Phi Eta Sigma 
(Men's Freshman Honor Fraternity) 

John T. Allen 
James L. Beard 
Harold M. Beber 
William P. Becker 
H. Randall Bell 
Earl J. Bilbrough 
James L. Blauch 
James V. Bodycomb 
Gary R. Boxer 
Joseph H. Bredekamp, Jr. 
Eugene A. Carver 
Michael V. Edelstein 
Robert T. Elsberry 
Frederick C. Falin 
Charles L. Fefferman 
Robert V. Ford, Jr. 
Maury L. Fradkin 
Stephen G. Glazer 
Paul E. Goldhagen 
Marvin J. Gordon 
William F. Harper 
Kenneth M. Hoffman 
Fred M. Jacobson 
Morton A. Kesler 

Jong S. Lee 
John G. Lieb 
Edward L. McLaughlin 
Michael E. Minnich 
Ernest K. Mladiwich 
Paul D. Myerowitz 
Lawrence W. Pearson 
Stephen L. Pendegast 
Michael A. Phillips 
Neal H. Quarles 
Robert N. Reidler 
Peter A. Schulkin 
John T. Slocomb 
Harry J. Stacy 
Robert J. Stonebraker 
James W. Strausser 
David Tapper 
William E. Taylor 
Leslie L. Thompson 
Mark A. Weiss 
William A. White 
Robert E. Whitely 
Douglas A. Yates 

Phi Kappa Phi 

(A national honorary fraternity open to honor students, both men 
and women, hi all branches of learning) 


William E. Akin 
Robert C. Alexander, III 
Sylvia Bernstein 
Orley Caudill 
Carl E. Coppock 
Frank B. Feigert 
Ann M. Hisley 
Joyce LeFever Jacobson 
Shirley Cavin Johnson 

Hewon Kahng 
Ann H. Koehler 
William S. Murray 
Alice J. Naughton 
Robert Qualls 
Charles R. Roulston 
Thomas J. Saxon, Jr. 
Billy M. Smith 
Frits Van Beek 

70 196 A Commencement Exercises. 


Nancy E. Albrecht 
Ray K. Amundson 
Lester L. Arasmith 
Raymond Architzel 
Thomas P. Barron 
Louis Beck 
Rodney C. Benchoff 
Barbara Berger 
Charles C. Bevans, Jr. 
Maxine E. Blacker 
Marilyn L. Blumenthal 
Audrey A. Bowdoin 
Judith E. Brocksmith 
Kenneth D. Brody 
Barbara J. W. Brooks 
Richard E. Burke 
Joseph P. Burleigh 
Robert I. Carney, Jr. 
Dennis P. Carroll 
Geraldine M. Case 
John E. Chadwick 
Francis O. Chapelle 
Sydney L. Chavers 
Patsy E. Cianelli 
Robert R. C lough 
Gail A. Coles 
Constance C. Cooper 
Richard L. Cysyk 
Oliver B. Dale 
George P. Dausch, III 
John A. Drager 
Clara L. Duncan 
William M. Everett 
Hugh T. Fahy 
Lawrence J. Falasca 
Judith A. Fenner 
Susan Fleischmann 
Mary Anne Flowers 
Robert T. Fuchs 
Hugh G. Gauch, Jr. 
Paul A. Gerhard 
Joseph R. Gordon, Jr. 
Susan D. Gerstel 
Linda Graf 
Carla G. Grossman 
Donald R. Hardesty 
Thomas G. Harty 
Peggy E. Heffner 
Marlene F. Hockenberry 
Barry R. Hofford 
John H. Hollifield 
Joyce Hornstein 
I. Robert Horowitz 
Mercedes R. Iglesias 

Sandra Lee Irwin 
Fulton P. Jeffers 
Joan M. Kane 
Nick Karlow 
Richard F. Kelly 
Teddie Lou Kelly 
Elizabeth K. Kilgus 
Charles R. Kneale 
Lynn Koehneke 
Paul F. Kunz 
Joseph Y. Kurata 
Todette A. LaPrairie 
Peter J. Laska 
Joseph M. Lieberson 
Melita C. Link 
Tadd A. Linsenmayer 
Harold A. Lowe 
Michael S. Lowenstein 
Dorothy L. Lundgren 
Carol A. Magee 
Carroll Mahoney 
Louis G. Mathern, Jr. 
Dolores MacMillan 
Ralph E. McClain 
Margaret A. McKay 
Henry C. Merchant 
Ralph L. Miller, Jr. 
Jan P. Muczyk 
Gwendolyn M. Myers 
James K. Newton 
Michael J. O'Mahony 
Joseph J. O'Neill 
Sue Yu Pai 
George Pavlakis 
Arthur J. Pokorny, Jr. 
Martin T. Pozesky 
Gerald M. Rachanow 
Phyllis D. Rathbun 
Joan A. Reider 
Sally Ann Robb 
Evelyn K. Ross 
Howard Rudnick 
John F. Russell 
Sandra H. Ruzicka 
Catherine M. Ryan 
Jesse J. Sabo, Jr. 
Herbert K. Sacks 
Joseph B. Schreiner 
Robert J. Schwartz 
Carl L. Seidel 
Jeanellen Shirk 
Joyce L. Short 
Norman F. Simenson 
Sylvia Sledge 

University of Maryland. ~] \ 

Sandra L. Smith 
William D. Smith 
Howard M. Smolkin 
Alan B. Snyder 
Joseph H. Soares, Jr. 
Philip R. Sodergren 
Diane S. Sollod 
John R. Stallone 
Louise M. Stark 
Joyce A. Stromberger 
Leonard G. Szeliga 
Barbara R. Thiebeau 
Gerald K. Thompson 

Jack W. Tooley 
Jack M. Tumlinson 
Ronald A. Vail 
Eugene F. Volker 
Davidson C. Watts 
Jean H. Weber 
Rona P. Weintraub 
Roger O. Weiss 
Roger G. White 
Mary L. Wood 
Robert S. Young 
Sheila J. Zugay 


Alpha Omega Alpha 
(A National Honorary Medical Society) 

Charles Henry Asplen 
Richard Douglas Biggs, Jr. 
Robert Lawrence Doyle 
Stuart Handwerger 
Stanley John Kirchenbauer 
Mark Evans Krugman 
Donald Theodore Lewers 
Daniel Vincent Lindenstruth 

Ruth Elizabeth Luddy 
Milton Michaelis 
Albert Bernard Pleet 
Charles Evans Reckson 
Marvin Frederick Saiontz 
Gershon Spector 
Harold Clark Standiford 

Alpha Zeta 

(Men's Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

Roland T. Bowman 
Edwin I. Cissel 
George F. Drew 
Eric L. Eaton 
Donald C. Fretts 
Allen M. Garst 
Carl R. Hahn 
George D. Hitchock 

John W. 
Ernst J. 
James V. 

J. Lynch 
B. Peters 
H. Ragsdale 
M. Saathoff 
F. Walker 

Beta Gamma Sigma 

(Men's and Women's Commerce Honor Society) 


William M. Bassin 

Rodney C. Benchoff 
Judith E. Brocksmith 
Donald T. Byrne 


Daniel R. Coll 
Rosemary O. Crossett 
David P. Gould 

72 196k Commencement Exercises. 

Fulton P. Jeffers 
Michael S. Lowenstein 
Edward M. Meyers 
William H. Miller 
William G. Mister 
Jan P. Muczyk 
Louis I. Rosen 
Albert A. Smith 

Howard M. Smolkin 
Lawrence G. Stolberg 
Leonard G. Szeliga 
Gerald K. Thompson 
Charles S. Walsh 
Ralph L. Wiley 
Natalie A. Yopconka 

Eta Beta Rho 

(Honor Society of Hebrew Language and Culture) 

Philip N. Antokol 
David G. Gottlieb 
David A. Hendelberg 
Howard S. Levy 

Raymond E. Morris 
Stephen D. Shevitz 
Samuel H. Sislen 

Kappa Delta Pi 

(National Honor Society in Education) 

Anne Atanosian 
Ellen F. Bank 
Bonnie 0. Barner 
Rose M. Becker 
Judith R. Beegle 
Maxine E. Blacker 
Harriet A. Bloom 
Marilyn L. Blumenthal 
Mary-Margaret Butler 
Elizabeth M. Casper 
Marilyn R. Chotiner 
Marcia Cohen 
Patricia A. Colacicco 
Carol Cole 
Judith A. Denning 
Merry L. Engerman 
Selma Ganz 
Florence M. Gauvreau 
Marjorie W. Gold 
Sharon L. Goldstein 
Linda L. Gregory 
Eleanor R. Harman 
John C Lang 
Sandra L. Lisogursky 
June M. Long 


Rheda Luntz 
Delores MacMillan 
Maxwell J. Moore 
Patricia Myers 
Sandra L. Myers 
C. Judith Paige 
Linda Pollack 
Lillian K. Prager 
Mary A. Putcakulish 
Barbara Rosen 
Carl W. Sachs 
Bernardine Sandler 
Gloria H. Sari 
Beverly A. Schaeffer 
Sandra L. Settle 
Carolyn Siegel 
Gloria J. Silverstein 
Judith Solins 
Beverly J. Stewart 
Gloria D. Stiller 
Robert F. Stroud 
Hazel J. Sutphin 
Barbara R. Thiebeau 
Dorothea R. Walsh 
Mary L. Wood 

University of Maryland. ~j 3 

Gail Clark 
John C. Ford 
Roberta Kane 
Diana Lady 
Ray Lepore 

National Collegiate Players 

(National Honorary Dramatics Society) 

Merlee Levin 
Carole Levinson 
Maryanne Sambora 
Elliot Tucker 
Mary J. Weinberg 

Omicron Kappa Upsilon 
(Honorary Dental Society) 

Albert Edward Carlotti, Jr. 
Francis Leon Fraser 
Edward Robert Emerson 
Clark Neamand Foulke 
Lucian Ernest Benoit 
William Langton Brice 

Rodney Frank Golden 
Franklin Eugene May 
Wayne Lance O'Roark 
Stanley Martin Plies 
Norman Henry Proulx 
Herbert Barry Taragin 

Nancy Albrecht 
Geraldine Case 
Kathleen Cheston 
Gail Coles 
Martha Etienne 
Judith Lindsay 
Grace Kendall 
Lynn Koehneke 
Ellen Maiorany 
Claudia Miller 

Omicron Nu 

(National Home Economics Honor Society) 

Emily Novotny 
Sue Pai 
Joan Peterson 
Arlene Rosenberg 
Patricia Switzer 
Sharon Walker 
Jean Weissman 
Barbara Zoda 
Carol Zoda 

John H. Gurley 
Adrian J. Johnston 

Order of the Coif 

(National Law School Honor Society) 

Berryl A. Speert 
Paul J. Stakem 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 

(Physical Education, Recreation, and Health Honor Society) 


Barry P. Berube 
Eleanor Bobbitt 
Clint E. Bruess 
Lawrence Q. Hutchins 

Jean Nichols 
William A. Riley 
Bernard P. Walter 
Janet R. Wunderlich 

74 !96i. Commencement Exercises. 


Marcielyn Farris 
Bridget Foreshew 
Michael J. George 
William F. Grey 
Sallie M. Holzberg 
Allan P. Hunt 
Gary R. Jackson 
Robin L. Kessler 
Katherine E. Krause 

Robert M. Knight 
Eleanor T. Mandes 
Robert A. Oring 
Sandra K. Ruzika 
Walter P. Samora 
Elizabeth Simmons 
Cheryl L. Steiner 
Vicki A. Verbit 

Rho Chi 

(National Honorary Pharmaceutical Society) 

Richard L. Cysyk 
Gerald M. Rachanow 


Michael J. Walsh 

Larry L. Augsburger 
Lawrence H. Block 
Charles L. Guyton 


John D. Milkowski 
Clara C. T. Whang 

Verna Brandt 
Mary L. Carl 
Helen Chilson 
Marjorie Claflin 
Joan Clemens 
Elaine Collins 
Marjorie Cornor 
Martha Donelan 
Patricia Donohue 
Eva Drasdo 
Barbara Duska 
Betsy Eells 
Barbara Feigenbaum 
Evelyn Feminella 
Barbara Frazier 
Judith Fromm 
Clarence Gibney 
Ann Gill 
Priscilla Green 
Beverly Gwaltney 
Frances Harrell 
Judith Hellmuth 

Sigma Theta Tau 

(National Nursing Honor Society) 

Louise Hodgson 
Emma Hoeffner 
M. Rebecca Hood 
Carol Jarboe 
Helen Kaufman 
Margaret Keller 
Mary Kellerman 
Diane Matheny 
Daria McCabe 
Evelyn McElroy 
Sister Marie Angela 

Katherine Miller 
Gwendolyn Myers 
Edith Nikel 
Joy Norton 
Zaiga Priede 
Lisa Robinson 
Maxine Roge 
Shirley Scales 
Joyce Scudder 
Wilma Sewell 

University of Maryland. / j 

Patricia Sheyka 
Barbara Shipman 
Virginia Signor 
Bertha Speight 
Nan Stahl 
Claudia Smith 
Constance Staley 
Harriett Thomas 

Antoinette Thompson 
Leone Thompson 
Elliene Todd 
Linda We h ling 
Julia Wendholt 
Mae Ann Wilson 
Carol Wurzell 

Tau Beta Pi 
(General Engineering Honor Society) 

Richard R. Anders 
James E. Beattie 
Robert A. Blase 
Andrew W. Booth 
Gene C. Bowen 
Robert H. Bowes 
Harold M. Brierley 
Kenneth D. Brody 
Vance D. Browne 
Richard E. Burke 
Dennis P. Carroll 
Robert A. Cecil 
Nicholas Cianos 
Bruce Dale 
Daniel K. Denenberg 
Ralph E. Dinkle 
Jack Drager 
Dennis C. Drehmel 
Roy L. Eisenberg 
John W. Fennel 
Donald L. Flynn 
Vann Frazier 
Robert A. Frazier 
Marvin F. Friedenberg 
Harold E. Gilreath 
Robert D. Godfrey 
Donald R. Hardesty 
Gary L. Holloway 
Walter M. Kahle 
Douglas G. Kirkpatrick 
James R. Lease 
Charles M. Marmelstein 
Charles D. Miller 

Arthur I. Neustadt 
James K. Newton 
Joseph J. O'Neill 
Allan E. Pertman 
George A. Peters 
Arthur J. Pokorny 
Richard J. Polkowski 
Martin T. Pozesky 
William P. Proffitt 
Richard W. Radlinski 
Robert S. Reed 
William B. Rhodes 
Neil E. Roberts 
Victor D. Roberts 
Howard N. Rosen 
Kenneth Sacks 
William R. Sangrey 
Robert J. Schwartz 
James R. Snyder 
Philip R. Sodergren 
Philip B. Spitler 
John W. Staigerwald 
John R. Stallone 
Alan D. Stern 
James A. Sykes 
Daniel L. Thomas 
Andrew R. Uricheck 
James B. Walfish 
Roger 0. Weiss 
Robert T. Williams 
James M. Woodside 
Larry L. Wyatt 

76 196 % Commencement Exercises. 



Special Awards 


The Alumni Association Medal Stanley Martin Plies 

The Herbert Friedberg Memorial Award John Patrick Hackett 

The Timothy 0. Heatwole Memorial Award Charles Edward Toomey, III 

The International College of Dentists Award William Langton Brice 

The Edgar J. Jacques Memorial Award Glenn Boyd Dickerson 

The Harry E. Kelsey Memorial Award Stephen Michael Grussmark 

The Harry E. Latcham Memorial Medal John Nicholas Russo 

The Alexander H. Paterson Memorial Medal Albert Edward Carlotti, Jr. 

The Harry B. Schwartz Award Albert Edward Carlotti, Jr. 

The Sigma Epsilon Delta Memorial Medal Herbert Barry Taragin 

The Katharine Toomey Award WAYNE Lance O'ROARK 


Sam Allen Memorial Prize Stanley David Klein 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize John H. Gurley 

Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation Prize Paul J. Stakem 

Nu Beta Epsilon Prize Sheila K. Sachs 

U.S. Law Week Award Adrian J. Johnston 

Samuel S. Levin Prize Sheila K. Sachs 

Roger Howell Award H. Rutherford Turnbull, III 

William Strobel Thomas Prize ,„..PAUL J. STAKEM 

John L. Thomas Prize John H. Gurley 


Balder Prize for Excellence in Medical Studies Charles Henry Asplen 

Dr. Leonard M. Hummel Medal for Excellence in Internal Medicine 

Donald Theodore Lewers 

Dr. Harry M. Robinson, Sr., Prize for Excellence in Dermatology 

Marvin Frederick Saiontz 

Dr. Wayne W. Babcock Prize for Excellence in Surgery Jonathan David Tuerk 

Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Prize for Excellence in Genito -Urinary Surgery 

Charles Evans Reckson 

Medical Book Awards Stuart Handwerger, Ruth Elizabeth Luddy, 

and Robert Elmer Stoner 

Student Council Keys Richard John Kelly and John Manfred Ratino 

Student Council Certificates Henry Hubert Bohlman, William Green Cushard, 

Jr., Richard John Kelly, Albert Bernard Pleet, John Manfred Ratino, 
Marvin Frederick Saiontz, and Eric Dean Schmitter. 

University of Maryland. 8 1 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Award to the student 
having the highest average in scholarship. 

Awarded to Louise Stark 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Award presented to the 
member of the graduating class who has exhibited leadership in the professional stu- 
dent nursing organization. 

Awarded to Karen Keller Dickson 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Award to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship. 

Awarded to Peggy E. Heffner 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Award for executive ability. 

Awarded to Bonnie Britt 

The Flora Hoffman Tarun Memorial Award for leadership, loyalty and school 

Awarded to Katherine O'Hare 

The Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider Award to the nurse who has most consistently 
maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospital 

Awarded to Rebecca Hays 

The Neuro-Surgical Nursing Prize awarded to the member of the graduating class 
who has shown the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in neuro-surgical nursing. 
Awarded to Patricia Downs 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in the nursing care of surgical 

Awarded to Connie Cooper 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in operating room nursing. 

Awarded to Jean Strandquist 

The Women's Auxiliary Board Award presented to a member of the graduating 
class who has demonstrated outstanding performance in giving professional nursing 
care to patients. 

Awarded to Carol Magee 


Milton Abramowitz Memorial Prize to a junior or senior student majoring in 
mathematics who has demonstrated superior competence and promise for future de- 
velopment in the field of mathematics and its applications. 

Awarded to Robert R. Clough 

82 196 U Commencement Exercises. 

The ALCOA Foundation Traffic and Transportation Award to an outstanding 
senior student majoring in transportation. 

Awarded to Stanley L. Chatlen 

Alpha Chi Sigma Award to the senior majoring in chemistry or chemical engineer- 
ing whose average has been above 3.0 for three and one-half years. 

Awarded to Eugene Volker 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the senior member of the group who has maintained 
the highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have been in 
attendance in the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to Evelyn Koutsos Ross 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award to the senior members who have 
maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta Average, 3.50. 
Awarded to : 

Nancy E. Albkecht Joan M. Kane 

Maxine E. Blacker Sally A. Robb 

Alison K. Burbage Evelyn Koutsos Ross 

Nancy S. Decker Jean Ann Ruddell 

Judith A. Fenner Jeanellen Shirk 

Susan Fleischman Louise Stark 

Gloria H. Frank Rona P. Weintraub 

Alpha Zeta Award to the agricultural student in the freshman class who attains 
the highest average record in academic work. 

Awarded to Terry L. Sharer 

American Association of University Women, College Park, Annual Graduate Prize. 
Awarded to Mary Frances Mertz 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Awards. 

Awarded to Harold E. Gilreath for outstanding achieve- 
ment; Richard E. Burke and Roger 0. Weiss 
for best student branch lecture; and the stu- 
dent chairman award to Ward A. Brandvein. 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Award to the junior member of the 
Student Chapter who attained the highest over-all scholastic average during his 
freshman and sophomore years. 

Awarded to Dennis C. Drehmel 

American Institute of Chemists Award to an outstanding student of the senior 
class selected by the faculty. 

Awarded to Eugene Volker 

American Society of Civil Engineers' Awards. 

Awarded to James B. Walfish for highest scholastic 

achievement; Robert H. Best and Clark C. Graninger for best paper present- 
ed at a student branch meeting; and Eugene H. Doebler as outstanding senior 
member of the student chapter. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award to the senior member who con- 
tributed most to the local chapter. 

Awarded to John A. Drager 

The Appleman-Norton Scholarship Award to a senior major in recognition of 
excellence in Botany. 

Awarded to Hugh G. Gauch, Jr. and Jean H. Weber 

University of Maryland. 8 3 

Associated Women Students Awards for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 

Awarded to: 

Jean Buckingham Susan Fraley 

Leah Dawson Barbara Levin 

Martha T. Etienne Claudia Miller 

Judith Favier Susan Odgers 

Judith Fenner Mary Anne Putcakulish 

David Arthur Berman Memorial Award to the highest ranking junior in the 
Department of Chemical Engineering who is also a member of Tau Beta Pi National 

Awarded to Dennis C. Drehmel 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal to the sophomore who has attained the highest 
scholastic average of his class in the College of Engineering. 

Awarded to Thomas Jay Painter 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence in 
Hebrew studies. 

Awarded to: 

Philip N. Antokol Anita C. Rankin 

Phyllis E. Kaminetzky Maxene Silverman 

Alyce S. Lokos Stanley M. Steinberg 

The Borden Award to the Home Economics student, who upon entering her senior 
year, has completed two or more courses in foods and nutrition and has the highest 
scholastic standing of eligible students. 

Awarded to Nancy Albrecht 

Business Education Award of Merit to a student in Business Education in recog- 
nition of outstanding achievement as a student. 

Awarded to Geraldine Mazzie 

Ernie Coblentz Memorial Trophy offered to the most outstanding freshmen for 
work done on student publications. 

Awarded to Edwin Kennedy and Monique Margetis 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award to the outstanding graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during the last year. 

Awarded to Glenn W. Patterson 

Bernard L. Crozier Award to the senior in the College of Engineering who, in 
the opinion of the faculty, has made the greatest improvement in scholarship during 
his stay at the University. 

Awarded to Roger 0. Weips 

Virginia Dare Award to the outstanding student in ice cream manufacturing with 
an overall good standing in dairy. 

Awarded to David L. Resh 

The Delmarva Traffic Club Award to a junior student majoring in transportation 
whose residence is on the Maryland Eastern Shore. 

Awarded to Michael A. Noble 

Delta Delta Delta Award to the sophomore woman with the highest cumulative 

Awarded to Martha Lee Walker 

84 196 U Commencement Exercises. 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award to the women of the graduating class who have 
achieved the highest scholastic average for the entire course. 

Awarded to Audrey A. Bowdoin and Jean H. Weber 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who has 
maintained the highest scholastic standing during the entire course of study in business 
administration or economics. 

Awarded to RODNEY C. Benchoff 

The Drake Award to the undergraduate student in chemistry who shows the most 
promise at the end of the sophomore year. 

Awarded to Detlef Gerlach and Gene P. Daumit 

The Education Alumni Award to the outstanding senior woman and senior man in 
the College of Education. 

Awarded to Mary Lynne Wood and Samuel E. Holt, Jr. 

The James Douglass Goddard Memorial Medal to the male native resident of 
Prince Georges County who makes the highest average in his studies, and who embodies 
the most manly attributes. 

Awarded to Barry R. Hofford 

Mahlon N. Haines Art Award, offered to the student in the Fine Arts Department 
for outstanding work in the painting classes. 

Awarded to Cynthia Bickley 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the two members of the senior class who 
have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Mary Ann Robertson and Mary J. Weinberg 

Hamilton Award to the graduating senior in the College of Engineering who has 
most successfully combined proficiency in his major field of study with achievements — 
either academic, extracurricular, or both — in the social sciences or humanities. 

Awarded to Neil E. Roberts 

The Haskins and Sells Foundations, Inc., Award to the senior student in the Col- 
lege of Business and Public Administration concentrating in accounting who has 
demonstrated excellent ability in this field of study. 

Awarded to Louis I. ROSEN 

The Home Economics Alumni Award to the student outstanding in application of 
Home Economics in her present living and who shows promise of carrying these into 
her future home and community. 

Awarded to Kathleen Cheston 

William H. Hottel Award to the most outstanding senior for work done on student 
publications during his college career. 

Awarded to R. Stewart Baird, Jr. 

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Awards, by the Washington sec- 
tion and the national office, for active participation in student chapter activities. 

Awarded to E. Eugene Hoffman and Peter W. Grant 

Joe Elbert James Memorial Award to the graduating senior in horticulture on the 
basis of scholarship and promise of future achievement. 

Awarded to William E. Noble 

Leidy Chemical Company Award to an outstanding student majoring in chemistry. 
Awarded to Robert T. Fuchs and Eugene Volker 

Marathon Oil Company prize to the outstanding first year graduate students in 
physics and to the outstanding first year graduate student in astronomy. 

Awarded to Chian-Yuan Young and Narendra S. Goel (physics), and 

Bruce F. Smith (astonomy) 

University of Maryland. 8 5 

The Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants Award to a superior 
student in the College of Business and Public Administration who is concentrating in 

Awarded to William H. Miller 

Maryland-Delaware Press Association Annual Citation to the outstanding senior in 

Awarded to Emory Kristof 

Men's League Certificates, offered for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 

Awarded to: 

Allan Akman J. Charles Ford Rex Rader 

Ernest Arizzi Woodrow Hancock Neil E. Roberts 

Barry Bach Al Hassan Jack Ruhs 

Rhody Bosley John Klvac Sheldon Saidman 

Robert R. Clough Emory Kristof William Seaby 

Marshall Dauberman Reginald McNamara Richard Smith 

H. Marshall Fitzgerald Vernon Novak Orris G. Walker 

Paul Palmer 

Men's League Special Award to an outstanding male student for excellence in 
scholarship, character, and student activities. 

Awarded to John Prail 

Men's League Award to the graduating male seniors who have done the most for 
the male student body. 

Awarded to: 

R. Stewart Baird, Jr. Philip R. Rever 

James E. Beattie Rodney A. Smith 

David D. Nardo 

Men's League Award to the male senior who gave the most to sports. 

Awarded to Richard Shiner 

The Motor Fleet Supervisors' Institute Award to a junior student majoring in 
transportation who is interested in motor fleet supervision and management. 

Awarded to William H. Nalley 

National Society of Fire Protection Engineers Awards to the most outstanding 
senior and the most outstanding sophomore in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to Larry L. Wyatt and Howard A. DeBisschop 

The Omicron Nu Award to the sophomore student in Home Economics who in her 
freshman year achieved the highest grade point average. 

Awarded to Thelma Ann Barron and Frances Dunkle 

The award of the Phi Beta Kappa Association of the University of Maryland to the 
graduating senior whose basic course program has been in liberal studies and who has 
attained the highest cumulative average in liberal courses. 

Awarded to Judith C. Levinson 

Phi Chi Theta Award to the outstanding graduating senior woman in the College 
of Business and Public Administration on the basis of scholarship, activities, and 

Awarded to Barbara Levin 

Phi Delta Kappa Award to an outstanding man in the graduating class of the Col- 
lege of Education. 

Awarded to Roland A. Stenta 

86 196 b Commencement Exercises. 

Phi Sigma Awards for outstanding achievement in the biological sciences to an 
undergraduate student and a graduate student. 

Awarded to Hugh G. Gauch, Jr. and Foy F. Roberts 

Pi Delta Epsilon National Medal of Merit Awards to the outstanding senior woman 
and the outstanding senior man for journalism activities. 

Awarded to Marie Howell and Emory Kristof 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to the most outstanding sophomore in mechanical engineering 
on the basis of scholastic average and instructors' ratings. 

Awarded to Bruce C. Rickard 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College of Business 
and Public Administration who has majored in Transportation and who has demon- 
strated competence in this field of study. 

Awarded to Frederick W. Kacher 

Public Relations Society of America, Baltimore Chapter, Annual Citation to the 
outstanding senior, public relations major. 

Awarded to KENNETH R. Heinen 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the outstanding senior in microbiology. 
Awarded to IRENE C. MAINZER 

The Sigma Chapter, Phi Delta Gamma Award to an outstanding woman who has 
completed the requirements for the doctoral degree. 

Awarded to Claire Louise Hammel 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of 
the City of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual 
qualities practically applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to James E. Beattie and Nancy B. Littman 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Association Award to the junior in the 
College of Engineering who during his sophomore year has made the greatest improve- 
ment in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Edward F. Benisek 

The Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award to the graduating senior who 
has maintained the highest scholastic achievement in the field of financial adminis- 

Awarded to Daniel R. Coll 

The Arthur Young and Co. Foundation, Inc., Awards to exceptional senior students 
concentrating in accounting who are registered in the College of Business and Public 

Awarded to Judith E. Brocksmith, David P. Gould, and James M. Sachlis 


Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus 
H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class who, 
during his collegiate career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done 
most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Phillip R. Rever 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An award presented annually as a memorial to 
Sally Sterling Byrd, by her children to that girl member of the Senior Class who best 

University of Maryland. 87 

exemplifies the enduring qualities of the pioneer women. These qualities should typify 
self-dependence, courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, 
willingness to sacrifice for others, strength of character, and those other qualities that 
enable the pioneer woman to play such a fundamental part in the building of the 

Awarded to Teddie Lou Kelly 



The Maryland Ring, a memorial to Charles L. Linhardt, Jr., to the Maryland male 
resident who is adjudged the best athlete of the year. 

Awarded to Ronald Squiers 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in 
college athletics. 

Awarded to Richard E. Shiner 


The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current season. 
Awarded to George L. Stem 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to the 
squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Thomas R. Krueger 

John T. Bell Swimming Award to the senior letterman who has contributed most 
to swimming. 

Awarded to William M. Nullmeyer 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to Asa B. Johnson 

William P. Cole, III, Memorial Lacrosse Award to the outstanding midfielder. 
Awarded to Frederick R. Betz 

The George C. Cook Memorial Scholarship Trophy to a member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to David D. Nardo 

Joe Deckman — Sam Silber Lacrosse Trophy to the most improved defence man. 
Awarded to John T. Schofield 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the graduating male senior athlete, who during his three 
years of varsity competition, lettered at least once and attained the highest over-all 
scholastic average. 

Awarded to David D. Nardo 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award to the most outstanding senior trackman. 

Awarded to Robert L. Vermillion 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of the 

Awarded to Robert J. Kopnisky 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed most 
to wrestling at the University. 

Awarded to Marshall R. Dauberman 

88 196 U Commencement Exercises. 

Charles P. McCormick, Si., Swimming Trophy to the senior letterman who has con- 
tributed most to swimming. 

Awarded to KEVIN H. GlLSON 

Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 
Awarded to Olaf A. Drozdov 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service to 
lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to William A. Pettit 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University has 
rendered the greatest service to football. 

Awarded to ROBERT J. BURTON 

The Robert E. Theofeld Memorial Trophy to the golfer who most nearly exemplifies 
the competitive spirit and strong character of Robert E. Theofeld, a former member of 
the boxing team. 

Awarded to VERNON S. Novak 



Grayson Harmeyer 
Asa Johnson, Jr. 
John Klvac 
John Lund 
Gerald Vezendy 


Joseph Barton 
Scott Ferguson 
Edward Steinman 


Thomas Krueger 


Ernest Arizzi 
Robert Burton 
Eugene Feher 
Joseph Ferrante 
Edward Gilmore 
Norman Hatfield 
David Nardo 
Edward Rog 
Richard Shiner 


Raymond Horne 
Ronald Jamison 

Vernon Novak 
Pedro Rivera 
Michael Rota 
Herbert Rash 
Marc Rash 


John Anderson 
Frederick Betz 
John Heagy 
Spencer King 
Edward Paddock 
William Pettit 
Robert Scheid 
Daniel Snyder 
Harry Wilson 


Peter Gordon 
Roderick Hall, Jr. 
V. Jean Hayes 
Patricia Sanford 
Russell Warye 


Thomas Bowman 
Bruce Jezek 
Frank Marasco 
Ralph Miller 
Henry Oustecky 
John Ruhs 

William Teeple 
Oyton Tertemiz 


Richard Dahl 
Kevin Gilson 
Gerald Jennings 
Michael McMahon 
Ronald Squiers 
Kenneth Wall 


Barry Cleveland 
Gene Gerber 
Thomas Marcellino 


Paul Davis 
Kevin Gilson 
Joseph Hicks 
Thomas Krueger 
John Prettyman 
Walter Samora 
Robert Vermillion 


Marshall Dauberman 
David Ott 
Frank Wikander 

University of Maryland. 8 9 




Thomas Bichy 
DeWayne Bower 
Charles Graves 
Grayson Harmeyer 
Noah Hendershot 
Robert Isaacson 
Asa Johnson, Jr. 
John Klvac 
Jon Kreissig 
Steven Lipman 
Michael Long 
John Lund 
Robert McCarthy 
James Pitt, Jr. 
Joseph Quattrocche 
Barry Rayne 
James Ryan, Jr. 
William Siedling 
James Sole 
Gerald Vezendy 
James Watkins 


Neil Brayton 
Philip Carlson 
Jack Clark 
Michael DeCosmo 
Scott Ferguson 
William Franklin 
Robert Lewis 
Samuel McWilliams 
Richard Mueller 
Edward Steinman 
George Suder 
Gary Ward 
Richmond Wise 


Dennis Duffy- 
Michael George 
Charles Harris 
Markwood Keeney 
Thomas Krueger 
John Prettyman 
Ramsay Thomas 
Donald Wann 


Ronald Adams 
Matthew Arbutina 

Ernest Arizzi 
Boris Bagranoff 
Robert Burton 
Louis Bury 
Leonard Chiaverini 
Thomas Cichowski 
Olaf Drozdov, Jr. 
Eugene Feher 
Joseph Ferrante 
Jerold Fish man 
Edward Gilmore 
Norman Hatfield 
Darryl Hill 
Howard Humphries 
Frederick Joyce 
Ellis Lewis 
Henry Lilly 
Andrew Martin 
Charles Martin 
Albert Melcher 
Emmett Melcher 
Gary Miller 
David Nardo 
Richard Schaefer 
Richard Shiner 
George Stem 
Robert Sullivan, Jr. 


Raymond Horne 
Ronald Jamison 
Frank Herrelko 
Vernon Novak 
Herbert Rash 
Marc Rash 
Pedro RrvERA 
William Schmidt 


John Anderson 
Frederick Betz 
William Buck 
Kenneth Fisher 
Brenden Fisk 
John Heagy 
Edward Helman 
John Kenworthy 
Spencer King 
Allan Kirson 
Henry Knoblock 

Allen Levine 
Robert Newkirk 
Edward Paddock 
William Pettit 
George Rehorn 
Robert Rombro 
Robert Scheed 
John Schofield 
Carl Smith 
Richard Smith 
Daniel Snyder 
Charles Surmacewicz 
Gerard Trosian 
Harry Wilson 
Robert Wright 


Peter Gordon 
Milton Grimsley 
Roderick Hall, Jr. 
V. Jean Hayes 
Charles Johnston 
Jean King 
Robert Marder 
Tom Martin, III 
Donald Poole 
Rex Rader, Jr. 
Patricia Sanford 
W. Lowell Starling 
J. Kay Taylor 
Russell Warye, Jr. 


Mehmet Bacinoglu 
Lee Bernhardt 
Roland Bowman 
Roy Eales 
Roger Hale 
Bruce Jezek 
Eberhard Klein 
Daniel Kupchyk 
Frank Marasco 
Alex Medina 
Ralph Miller, Jr. 
Henry Oustecky 
William Oxenham 
Gerald Pusey 
John Ruhs 
Earl Shaub, Jr. 
William Teeple 

90 196b Commencement Exercises. 

Oyton Tertemiz 
Luis Velarde 
Gabor Zsebo 


Michael Bershak 
Richard Dahl 
William Doheny 
Donald Dunphy 
John Eyler 
James Geary 
Kevin Gilson 
James Green 
John Harding 
Gerald Jennings 
Eric Lampe 
Thomas Manfredi 
James McCaslin 
Michael McMahan 
William Nullmeyer 
Raoul Rebjllard 
Ronald Squieks 
Kenneth Wall 
James Williams 


Vaughn Baker 
James Busick 
Kenneth Chapman 
Barry Cleveland 
Louis Dobies 
Gene Gerber 
Thomas Marcellino 
Thomas Merryweather 
Leonard Modzelewski 
Thomas Stryker 


Edward Bennett 
Edward Bury 
Alfred Caron 
Michael Cole 
Charles Croft 
Olaf Drozdov 
Thomas Pinley 
Michael Gborge 
Ernest Hearon 
Thomas Krueger 
Steven Lamb 
Steuart Markley 

John Prettyman 
George Rambo 
Walter Samora 
Richard Sheer 
Ramsay Thomas 
Oliver Thompson 
Anthony Torrice 
Robert Vermillion 
Donald Wann 


Nelson Aurand 
Samuel Cole, Jr. 
Marshall Dauberman 
Olaf Drozdov 
Timothy Geiger 
Edward Helman 
John Henderson 
Franklin Hepfer 
Robert Kopnisky 
Gary Lander 
Thomas Norris 
David Ott 
Thomas Schleicher 
Frank Wikander 

University of Maryland. 9 1 


AFROTC Angel Flight Award to the outstanding member of the AFROTC Angel 

Awarded to Gail Yano 

Air Force Times Award to the senior cadet at each detachment who has dis- 
tinguished himself by contributing materially to constructive public attention for his 
cadet corps. 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel Paul H. Bragaw 

American Legion Award to the Senior Cadet for academic achievement in leader- 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel Charles C. Newman 

American Legion Post No. 217 Award to the Senior Cadet displaying outstanding 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel Charles K. Markline 

Armed Forces Communications Medal to the senior advanced cadet in recognition 

of outstanding achievement in the field of electronics, communications, or photography. 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel John D. Evans 

Arnold Air Society Award to the Advanced Cadet selected by the Arnold Air 
Society as the cadet who has contributed the most to the advancement of AFROTC 
through activities of the Arnold Air Society. 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel G. Brian MacMillan 

Bethesda Chapter of the Military Order of World Wars Award to the officer of 
the Vandenberg Guard who best exemplifies the ideals of leadership and service within 
the Vandenberg Guard. 

Awarded to Cadet Lawrence W. Townsend 

The Charles M. Dickinson Memorial Plaque to the Junior Cadet who has shown 
leadership ability, outstanding individual characteristics and military bearing. 

Awarded to Cadet Major K. Max Perry 

Chicago Tribune Gold ROTC Awards to the two sophomores who display highest 
leadership and officer potential. 

Awarded to Cadets Albert J. Snyder and Elbridge L. Snapp 

Chicago Tribune Silver ROTC Awards to the two freshmen who display outstand- 
ing leadership and officer potential. 

Awarded to Cadets Douglas A. Yates and Robert F. Thomas 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Cadet who has displayed out- 
standing leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel Rodney C. Benchoff 

Distinguished AFROTC Cadet Badge to those seniors who possess outstanding 
qualities of leadership and high moral character and who meet the prescribed standings 
in their academic and military studies. 

Awarded to Cadet Colonels Rodney C. Benchoff, Paul H. Bragaw, 

John R. Desiderio, John D. Evans, John F. Franklin, Charles C. Newman, 
and Leonard G. Szeliga; Cadet Lt. Colonels Joseph M. Fitzgerald and 
Charles K. Markline; and Cadet Majors Ralph E. Dinkle, Stephen E. 
Harrison, Thomas L. Hranicka, Stephen H. Miller, Michael A. Noble, 
Wilson G. Schuerholz, and David L. Wilson. 

92 196 k Commencement Exercises. 

General Dynamics Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying outstanding leader- 
ship and scholastic qualities and who has been selected for Advanced AFROTC. 

Awarded to Cadet Townsend W. Kirtland 

Glenn L. Martin Award to the outstanding senior cadet who is majoring in Aero- 
nautical Engineering and who has applied for pilot training in the United States Air 

Awarded to Cader Major Ralph M. Lange 

Military Order of World Wars Award, Fort Meade, to the outstanding graduate 
of the Cadet Leadership Academy. 

Awarded to Cadet Paul A. Morin 

Military Science Award to outstanding member of the Scabbard and Blade Society. 
Awarded to Cadet Colonel John D. Evans 

National Commanders Award to the outstanding Pershing Rifleman in the country. 
Awarded to Cadet Colonel James H. Hull, Jr. 

National Defense Transportation Association Award to the senior cadet who 
qualifies for a baccalaureate degree in business administration and eligibility for the 
Air Transportation or Surface Transportation Officer Specialty and who has demon- 
strated outstanding leadership qualities, academic achievement, and aptitude for Air 
Force service. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Colonel Joseph M. Fitzgerald 

Pershing Rifles Regimental Gold Achievement Award to the outstanding member. 
Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Paul W. Sheffler, Jr. 

Pershing Rifles Regimental Silver Achievement Awards to the outstanding members 
of the Pershing Rifles Squadron. 

Awarded to Cadet 2d Lt. William D. Hakkarinen 

Cadet 2d Lt. Joseph B. York 
Cadet 2d Lt. Robert W. Smith 

Reserve Officers Association Senior Award to the outstanding cadet of the Corps 
of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel John F. Franklin 

Reserve Officers Association Gold Medal Award to the outstanding junior in the 
Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet Major Joseph G. Benner 

Reserve Officers Association ribbons for outstanding achievement in AFROTC dur- 
ing the junior year. 

Awarded to Cadet Gary L. Curtin 

Cadet Richard A. DeVoss 
Cadet Charles W. Soellers 
Cadet Lawrence W. Townsend 
Cadet Laurence J. Zimmerman 

Society of American Military Engineers Award to the senior cadet displaying 
outstanding scholastic achievement and leadership and majoring in the field of 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel John D. Evans 

University of Maryland. 9 3 

Society of American Military Engineers Competitive Award to the junior cadet 
displaying outstanding achievement and leadership and majoring in the field of engi- 

Awarded to Cadet Major Gary L. Curtin 

Sons of the American Revolution Award to the cadet who exhibits in his work a 
high degree of r. jrit with respect to leadership, military bearing, and excellence in his 
academic course of study. 

Awarded to Cadet Lawrence W. Pearson 

Vandenberg Guard Award to the member of Vandenberg Guard displaying out- 
standing leadership. 

Awarded to Cadet Albert J. Snyder 

94 1964 Commencement Exercises. 


Sigma Alpha Iota Alumnae Award for outstanding musical performance. 
Awarded to Barbara Atherton and Maxine Black 

Sigma Alpha Iota Dean's Honor Award for service and dedication. 

Awarded to Rita H. Muhr 


Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding band member of the year. 
Awarded to Warren Prince 

Tau Beta Sigma Award to the outstanding band sorority member of the year. 
Awarded to Patricia Cox 

Director's Award to the concert band member who demonstrated the most improve- 
ment in musicianship during the year. 

Awarded to Ann Lewis 

Assistant Director's Award to the outstanding member of the Symphonic Band. 
Awarded to Charles Wobbeking 

Gold Cups presented to members who have served faithfully for four years: 

Carolyn Brown 
Robert Heller 
William Linton 
James Lynn 

Rita Muhr 
Joseph Shreiber 
Walter Skruch 
Norma Lea Smith 

Bruce Weber 
Georgia Windley 
John Wolfe 
Sarah Wooley 

Gold Keys presented to members who have served faithfully for three years: 

Paul Alexander 
Larry Bilbrough 
F. Stoner Clark 
Richard Clow 
JoAnne Coady 
David Cole 
Paul Dwiggins 

Daniel Howell 
Thomas Jackson 
Jean King 
James Kyne 
Carroll Mahoney 
Jeannette Possi 
Warren Prince 

Bruce Robey 
Mary Sanders 
Timothy Snyder 
Duane Tash 
Karen Trebilcock 
Margaret Trebilcock 
William Ward 

Sweaters presented to members who have served faithfully for two years: 

William Barbee 
Stephen Branigan 
Edward Cahill 
Mary Cain 
Carol Chiville 
Cheryl Davis 
Camilla Detra 
Dahl Drenning 
Prances Dunkle 
Ron Eveson 
James Fulcher 
Ronald Gardner 

Donald Hackett 
K. Gale Leister 
L. Ann Lewis 
William Lynn 
William Melhuish 
Dixie Merryman 
William Phelps 
Paul Ray Prather 
John Prettyman 
James Doug Rorer 
Nancy Sayre 
Catherine Scott 

James Shipley 
Darlene Shnider 
Robert Smith 
RrCHARD Sothoron 
Michael Stefanik 
Richard Taylor 
Paul Thomas 
Leslie Thompson 
Dennis Wraase 
Donald Zarefoss 
Richard Zimmerman 

University of Maryland. 9 5 

Monogram Letters presented to members who have served faithfully for one year: 

Daniel Ahalt 
Joseph Ball 
Fred Balsam 
Gerry Bassett 
Charles Behymer 
Richard Bergman 
William Boyd 
Thomas Christopher 
Kenneth Clore 
Yvette Counts 
Raymond Danner 
Linda Davis 
Robert DeLauder 
Marie DeSimone 
Marilyn Desmond 
Ira Dobren 
Georgia Eppard 
Alan Fabiszak 
Sandra Ferguson 
Elaine Folk 
Joseph Foster 
David Fowler 
Marilyn Gassman 
Diane Gilkey 
John Haifley 
Karen Handegard 
James Hart 
James Hastings 
William Wallace Hayes 

Patricia Hertzler 
George Tim Horman 
Carol Hoshall 
Lowell Jacoby 
Edward Jendrek 
Paul Johns 
Nadenia Johnson 
Heidi Joos 
Arnold Kapfen 
John Keys 
David Klevan 
Norman Kraft 
Robert Landers 
Howard Leavitt 
Steven Levine 
Peter Maggitti 
J. B. Mathes 
Judith Manuel 
Andrew Michaels 
Kenneth Miles 
Nancy Miller 
Barbara Moats 
Donna Morton 
Leonard Mull 
Sterling Murray 
Sally Myers 
Thomas Owen 
Toni Petty 
Susan Pelzer 

Peter Phelps 
Ranny Pierce 
Robert Pollock 
Robert Prince 
Jeremiah Riordan 
Abbey Rostov 
Elana Russack 
Eric Savage 
John Schneider 
Robert Sclater 
Ralph Shafer 
Robert Sherman 
Annette Silman 
Timothy Simmons 
Charles Stevens 
Norman Sullivan 
William Taylor 
William Tesch 
Ronald Thomas 
Randall Thompson 
Charles Trader 
Rodell Urban 
Richard West 
Abbey Wemple 
Charlotte Weese 
Raymond Wheeler 
Linda Williams 
Charles Wobbeking 
Margaret Zimmerman 

Award presented to persons who have faithfully worked for four years: 

Carolyn Coon 
Rebecca Jenkins 

Philip Pfeiffer 
Dorothy Pickard 

Judith Wasser 
Georgia Windley 

Award presented to persons who have faithfully worked for three years: 
Donald Johnson Stephanie Marks Rita Muhr 

Award presented to persons who have faithfully worked for two years: 

Stoner Clark 
David Cole 
Charles Margolis 

Mark Nachman 
Richard Taylor 
Joyce Thomas 

Leslie Thompson 
Margaret Wardall 
John Wolfe 

96 196A Commencement Exercises. 


Gold pin presented to persons who have faithfully worked for two years or 
who have served as an officer for one year : 

Kenneth F. Heustis Gerald L. Long Daniel Pyne 

Peter Lawson James Lushine Charles Rechner, III 


Gold pin presented to persons who have faithfully worked for two years or 
who have served as an officer for one year: 

Andrea Ferber Ruth Natoli Louise Roth 

Rebecca Lawton Dominica Repetti Lorena Stauffer 

For general musical excellence: 

Maxine Black Charlotte Hayes Carol Rockwell 

Richard Blanchard Bonnie Mayo 

University of Maryland. 97 

Academic Degrees 

REFERENCE : Academic Degrees, Office 
of Education, U. S. Department of 
Health, Education and Welfare, 1960. 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course of study. There are 
more than 1,600 different academic degrees currently conferred by American colleges 
and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the University of Bologna in 
the middle of the 12th Century. Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was qualified to give instruction to 
students. The bachelor's or baccalaureate degree indicated only entrance upon a course 
of study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, however, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean successful completion of one level of study preparatory to the 
higher degrees. 

From the continent, the use of academic degrees spread to English universities. 
Harvard University, William and Mary, and Yale followed the British pattern in the 
New World. 


The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year course of study of 
collegiate grade and is the oldest academic degree used by American institutions of 
higher learning. The degree Bachelor of Arts was first conferred in America in 1642 on 
nine young men, comprising the first graduating class of Harvard College. Yale 
conferred its first Bachelor of Arts in 1702; Princeton in 1748; William and Mary in 
1753; Pennsylvania in 1757; and Columbia in 1758. 

The degree, Bachelor of Science, was awarded to four graduating members of the 
class of 1851 of Harvard University, probably the first to receive this degree from any 
institution. From 1851 to 1905, the degree was conferred only upon students registered 
in the Lawrence Scientific School; after 1905, on students of Harvard, also. 

Almost 490,000 bachelor degrees will be granted in 1964 by American colleges and 

One of the most striking features about the bachelor's degree is the great 
proliferation of some of its simple types. There are records of 27 varieties of Bachelor 
of Music, 108 varieties of Bachelor of Arts, and 426 varieties of Bachelor of Science. 


The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon students who have 
successfully completed one or two years' work in advance of the baccalaureate. A thesis 
and an oral examination are usually required. The word "magister" connected with a 
qualifying phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of honor; but its present 
meaning must be traced to the time of the establishment of the oldest universities. 

* Sometimes designated as the baccalaureate degree, from the Latin baccalaureus from 
baccalaris "under the influence of" and laurus "laurel" used as a designation of honor, 
distinction or fame. 

98 196J^ Commencement Exercises. 

Regularly organized faculties were not then known as they now exist in the universities. 
The whole circle of academic activity was limited to seven liberal arts, and those who 
received public honors on the completion of their course of studies, for their diligence 
and knowledge, and had already received the degree of baccalaureus (bachelor) were 
called magistri artium (masters of the liberal arts). 

The earned master's degree was first awarded in America by Harvard University 
in 1869. Currently, about 92,400 such degrees are being conferred in 1964. 


This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by ancient Romans to those 
who delivered public lectures on philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 
12th century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men of great learning. It was 
first made an academic title at the University of Bologna, in Italy, which received from 
the Emperor the right of appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The University 
of Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, the popes granted the universities the right 
of appointing doctores canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law) ; and when 
the study of the civil law came to be combined with that of the canon law, the title was 
changed to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of theology and 
medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in theology and law, is 
given beyond the baccalaureate degree, and requires two to five years, the writing of a 
thesis, and the passing of written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents the most advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct types: the professional or practitioners 
degree, and the research degree. The first type represents advanced training for the 
practice of various professions, principally: Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Science, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry 
no implication of original research and are classified by the U. S. Office of Education, 
with bachelor's degrees, as the first professional degrees. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as research doctorates representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study usually accompanied by a dissertation which is 
designed to be a substantial contribution to existing knowledge on the subject. The 
most important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has any implication of 
philosophy for its holder, but represents advanced research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in the United States by Yale University in 1861. 

Approximately 15,000 doctor's degrees will be awarded by American colleges in 

* The Oxford English Dictionary defines a doctor, in the academic sense as, "One, who 
in any faculty or branch of learning, has attained to the highest degree conferred by a 

University of Maryland. 99 

The Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic pro- 
cession are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar 
since medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress 
since many of the scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which 
has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 
Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — has its own dis- 
tinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. 
The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve extending below the knee; the 
arm is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown has a full bell- 
shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide 
velvet bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating the general field of 
learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green for medicine, purple 
for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The color 
of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. Below is given a list of department 
or faculty colors. 





Arts, Letters, Humanities 




Business Administration, 


Silver Gray 

Commercial Science 












Education, Pedagogy 

Light Blue 

Public Health 



Pine Arts, Architecture 



Physical Education 


Social Service 

Sage Green 

Golden Yellow 




Surgical Chiropody 

Nile Green 

Library Science 


Theology and Divinity 




Veterinary Science 


The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood are those of the 
college or university which conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may 
be either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may 
be gold. 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of dis- 
tinctive color and design. 

Candidates Seating Plan 























of Arts) 






of Science) 






Business and 
Public Admin.