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June Fourth, 1966 
University of Maryland 


President of the University 
Dr. Wilson Homer Elkins 


Dr. Robert D. Rappleye 

Candidates for Degrees Presented by : 

Dr. Ronald Bamford, Dean, The Graduate School 

Dr. William S. Stone, M.D., Dean, School of Medicine 

Dr. John J. Salley, D.D.S., Dean, School of Dentistry 

Professor Willlam P. Cunningham, Dean, School of Law 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

Dr. Charles Manning, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 

Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean, College of Business and Public 

Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean, College of Education 
Professor Russell B. Allen, Acting Dean, College of Engineering 
Mrs. Erna Chapman, Acting Dean, College of Home Economics 
Dr. Florence M. Gipe, Dean, School of Nursing 
Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean, School of Pharmacy 
Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean, College of Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health 
Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean, University College 

Special Music 

Mr. Charlton G. Meyer, University Organist 
Mr. Fague K. Springmann, Director, University Choir 
Dr. Leonard Pearlman, Director, Men's Glee Club and Women's 


Dr. Mary dbVermond 
Dr. Stewart Gordon 

Program Coordinators 

Dr. Paul R. Poppenberger 
Dr. Robert C. Wiley 
Dr. Raymond Thorberg 


O say can you see, 

— hy the dawn's early light, 

What so proudly we hail'd 
at the twilight's last gleaming 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, 
thro' the perilous fight. 

O'er the ramparts we watched, 
were so gallantly streaming? 

And the rockets' red glare, 
the bombs bursting in air. 

Gave proof thro' the night 

— that our flag was still there. 

O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 

O'er the land of the free 
and the home of the brave? 


Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 




The National Anthem 


Musical Selections 


Conferring of Degrees 

The Alma Mater 


Rakoczy March, Berlioz 

"Grand March" from Aida, Verdi 

The Reverend John Jamison 
Baptist Chaplain 
University of Maryland 

The Star-Spangled Banner, Key, led by 
Mr. Fague K. Springmann 

His Excellency J. Millard Tawes 
Governor of Maryland 

Mr. Charles P. McCormick, Chairman 
Board of Regents, University of Maryland 

"Stnke Up The Band" 

The Battle Hymn of the Republic 
arr. Waring 

Combined University Choral Groups 
Mr. Fague K. Springmann, Conductor 

Dr. John A. Hannah 

President, Michigan State University 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 
President of the University 

Kinney, led by Mr. Fague K. Springmann 

The Reverend Wafford K. Smith 
Episcopal Chaplain 
University of Maryland 

"Coronation March" from The Prophet, 

Honorary Degrees 


Ira Gershwin Doctor of Fine Arts 

Ira Gershwin, whose contribution to Of Thee I Sing made him the first lyricist 
to win a Pulitzer Prize, was born in Manhattan. In 1917 he began setting words to 
the tunes of his composer brother, George. In 1924 the Gershwin brothers presented 
their first Broadway score, the hit Lady, Be Good. During the next eleven years this 
team wrote a series of show scores culminating in 1935's Porgy and Bess (lyrics in 
collaboration with librettist DuBose Heyward). From Oh, Kay!, Funny Face, Strike 
Up the Band, Girl Crazy and Of Thee I Sing came "The Man I Love," "Fascinating 

Rhythm," "Someone to Watch over Me, S Wonderful," "Embraceable You," "I Got 

Rhythm" and "Love Is Sweeping the Country." In the 1930s the Gershwins fitted also 
some movies with songs: Shall We Dance, Damsel in Distress and The Goldwyn Follies 
elicited "They Can't Take That Away from Me," "A Foggy Day (in London Town)," 
"Love Walked In" and "Love Is Here to Stay." Years after George Gershwin's death 
in 1937, Ira Gershwin took some of his brother's unpublished tunes and created two 
more film scores. In 1952 the film. An American in Paris, with its all-Gershwin score, 
won an Academy Award as Best Film of the year. 

Besides his brotherly collaborations, Ira Gershwin has always had a separate 
career, writing lyrics for some of the best musical comedy composers of our time. 
Indeed, his first Broadway score was the 1921 hit. Two Little Girls in Blue with music 
by Vincent Youmans. He has worked with Aaron Copland, Arthur Schwartz, Burton 
Lane and Harry Warren. His 1936 Ziegfeld Follies, with music by Vernon Duke, gave 
birth to "I Can't Get Started"; the film, Cover Girl, done with Jerome Kern, evoked 
"Long Ago (and Far Away)"; three scores with Harold Arlen included A Star Is Bom 
and the remembered "Man That Got Away." And of three scores with Kurt Weill, 
one was the legendary Lady in the Dark. 

John Alfred Hannah Doctor of Humane Letters 

Dr. John Alfred Hannah is President of Michigan State University. 

Upon his graduation from Michigan State, Dr. Hannah became a member of the 
faculty, was later appointed secretary to the Board of Trustees and became President 
in 1941. 

President Hannah was the choice of four Presidents of the United States to serve 
in important positions in the Federal government. Dr. Hannah was appointed by President 
Eisenhower to serve as Chairman of the Commission on Civil Rights. He was reappointed 
to this position by President Kennedy and continues in the administration of President 

Dr. Hannah has served as President of the Association of State Universities and 
Land-Grant Colleges and as a member of several committees of the American Council 
on Education. He is an original Trustee of Education and World Affairs, sponsored by 
the Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation. Dr. Hannah is a member of the 
Advisory Committee on African Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, the President's 
Council on Economic Opportunity, the Atlantic Council, the American Assembly and 
other national organizations. 

Katherine Anne Porter Doctor of Humane Letters 

Katherine Anne Porter is an American writer of distinction. Among her chief works 
are fale Horse, Pale Rider; Flowering Judas and Ship of Fools. In 1966, Miss Porter 
received the Pulitzer Prize. 

Born in Indian Creek, Texas, Miss Porter was educated in private schools and from 
1920 to 1937 lived in New York City, Europe and Mexico. Her first book, Flowering 
Judas, a collection of short stories, won immediate acclaim. She has been the recipient 
of Guggenheim Fellowships in 1931 and 1938; the Gold Medal for Literature from the 
Society for the Libraries of New York University; the Emerson-Thoreau Bronze Medal 
of the Academy of Arts and Sciences; and a Ford Foundation grant in literature. 

Miss Porter has been a writer in residence and lecturer at Stanford University, 
writer in residence at the University of Virginia and Glasgow Professor at Washington 
and Lee University. 

Thomas Bourne Turner Doctor of Science 

Thomas Bourne Turner is Dean of the Medical Faculty, School of Medicine, The 
Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Turner has contributed to medical and public health 
journals many papers on infectious diseases, particularly spirochetal diseases and 

Born in Prince Frederick, Maryland, Dr. Turner received the Bachelor of Science 
degree from St. John's College in Annapolis and the degree Doctor of Medicine from the 
University of Maryland. 

At Johns Hopkins, he has served as an instructor, associate in medicine, lecturer. 
Professor of Microbiology and as Dean of the Medical Faculty. He has worked as a staff 
member with the International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation, and as 
Clinical Director of the Jamaica Yaws Commission. In the Office of the Surgeon General, 
U.S. Army, Dr. Turner has served as Chief of the Civil Public Health Division, Chief 
of the Venereal Disease Central Division and Assistant Chief of the Preventative 
Medicine Service. 





Candidates will be presented by Dr. Ronald Bamford, Dean of the School 

Doctor of Philosophy 

(Department and Thesis Title Indicated) 

Sabet Abdou-Sabet New Jersey 

Chemistry: Synthesis of potential radiation-protective compounds: Investigation 
of the synthesis of mercaptomethylamine hydrochloride, the synthesis of alpha-amino 
Bunle salts and related compounds. 

David Abraham Maryland 

Dairy Science: Characterization of the lipids from a mixed population of rumen 

Thomas Kenneth Allan Missouri 

Education: The relationship between supervisory ratings and the personality of 
female student teachers. 

Danny Harrison Allen North Carolina 

Psychology: Some relationships between therapist personality characteristics 
and techniques employed in therapy. 

Darrel Leroy Ashby Maryland 

History: Senator William E. Borah and progressivism in thel920's. 

HUEY V. Auger New Jersey 

Chemistry: Phosphorus excretion in urine, in normal and carcinomatous indi- 

Samir Mohamed Badr El-Din Egypt 

Microbiology: The synthesis and m.icrobiological evaluation of 6-acetoxy-peni- 
cillanic acid and related compounds. 

Otto Call Bassler Kansas 

Education: A comparison of two types of exercises in teaching mathematical 
concepts to prospective elementary school teachers. 

Earl Franklin Becker, Jr Maryland 

Pharmacy: The biochemical characteristics of pseudomonas strains isolated 
primarily from human sources. 

Ralph Leon Belcher Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Intrinsic efficiences and radiation damage in polycry- 
stalline phosphors irradiated with high energy electrons. 

Elliott Berlin Maryland 

Chemistry: Isolation and physico-chemical characterization of a lipoprotein 
fraction from bovine milk. 

David Andrew Blake Maryland 

Pharmacology: The biotransformation of the volatile anesthetic, 2,2,2-trifluoroe- 
thyl vinyl ether (fluroxene, fluoromar®). 

James Douglas Brown Maryland 

Chemistry: Sandwich sample technique for determining secondary X-ray line 
intensities in electron probe microanalysis. 

Florence Clapham Brush Oregon 

Physical Education: Patterns of movement and associated electrical muscle activity 
in college woinen of high and of low motor ability. 

Jerry Warren Canning Oregon 

Philosophy: A logical analysis of criticisms directed at Freudian psychoanalytic 

Donovan Charles Carbaugh Delaware 

Chemical Engineering: The glow discharge decomposition of ammonia. 

12 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Guy Reed Cassell North Carolina 

Agricultural Economics: Influence of hog production density on the size of hog 
slaughtering plants. 

James Otto Cermak Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Turbulent, high Schmidt number, entry-region mass trans- 
fer in annuli. 

Richard Xavier Chase Maryland 

Economics: Trends in poverty incidence and in its rate of reduction for various 
demographic groups: 19U7-1963. 

Franklin Fan-Keung Cheung Hong Kong 

Physics: On the necessity of production amplitudes in quantum field theory. 

Richard Wallace Clancey Ohio 

English: The Augustan Fair-sex debate and the novels of Samuel Richardson. 

Robert Arthur Clark Wisconsin 

Chemistry: Synthesis of aziridine-2-carboxylic acid derivatives and investigation 
of a new method for the synthesis of aziridines. 

Ray M. Conner Maryland 

Microbiology: Effects of valine, leucine, and isoleucine on fly toxin production 
by Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner and related varieties. 

Joseph Probes Copeland Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Film diffusion controlled ion exchange involving a selective 

Andrew Neilson Cothran Kentucky 

American Studies: The little blue hood man and the big American parade: A 
biography of Emanuel Haldeman-Julius. 

Thomas Francis Courtless, Jr Maryland 

Sociology: An analysis of the impact of correctional treatment on committed 
mentally abnormal offenders viewed in terms of an offender typology: The effects 
of exposure to Patuxent institution on socialization levels, institutional adjustment, 
and parole outcome. 

Curtis Albert Cramer Virginia 

Economics: The economics of natural gas pipeline pricing. 

James Robert Cullen Maryland 

Physics: The response of superconductors to longitudinal and transverse waves. 

Walter E. Daniels, Jr Maryland 

Physics: The effect of annealing on the field effect in gold and other metals. 

Guy Richard Decarlo Virginia 

Economics: Forward exchange, interest rates, and short-term capital movements. 

Patrick David Desouza Maryland 

Physics: Baryon-baryon reactions and SUS symmetry. 

Dennis Robert Dunninger Maryland 

Mathematics: Uniqjieness and comparison theorems for harmonic functions under 
boundary conditions. 

Ford Francis Ebner Washington 

Anatomy: Afferent connections to neocortex in the oposum (Didelphis virginiana). 

WiLLLAM Ben Ellis Louisiana 

Chemical Engineering: The mechanism of mass transfer in single oscillating drops 
in extraction systems. 

Irene Berger Fabrikant Maryland 

Microbiology: The influence of prior irradiation on host susceptibility to infection 
with the attenuated E strain of Rickettsia prowazekii. 

William Nichols Fishbein Maryland 

Biochemistry: Enzymatic reactions involving gamma-hydrosybutyrate and gamma- 

University of Maryland. 1 3 

John Raymond Fisher Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: The utilization and effectiveness of linear arrays of neutron 
absorber filled tubes as control rods in water moderated nuclear reactors. 

Richard A. Forman Maryland 

Physics: Nuclear magnetic resonance of nitrogen^H. in potassium azide. 

Isaac Franck Maryland 

Philosophy: The concept of human nature: A philosophical analysis of the corv- 
cept of human nature in the writings of G. W. Allport, S. E. Asch, Erich Fromm, 
A. H. Maslow, and C. R. Rogers. 

Robert Elliott Frickey Maryland 

Sociology: Effects of downward occupational mobility on personal adjustment. 

Bernard A. Fusaro Florida 

Mathematics: On a singular, inhomogeneous Couchy problem with variable coeffi- 

Richard Dean Gilardi Maryland 

Sociology: The analysis of the vibrational behavior of bound polar complexes. 

Robert John Glass Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: A study of the self-excited vibrations of spring supported 
cylinders in a steady fluid stream. 

Donald Selwyn Gochberg Michigan 

English: The poems of Thomas Sprat: A critical edition. 

Narendra Swarup Goel India 

Physics: Denaturation and renaturation of the DNA molecule. 

George Charles Goldbnbaum Maryland 

Physics: Experimental observations of the structure of shock waves in a collision- 
free plasma. 

Abolhassan Moazami Goodarzi Iran 

Sociology: The relationship between urbanism and urban dominance and fertility 
in an urban region. 

Garland Otho Guntbr Pennsylvania 

English: Archetypal patterns in the poetry of Tennyson, 1823-1850. 

Trudy M. Hamby Maryland 

Education: An investigation of the relationship between teacher structuring and 
change in children's creative performance and self-ideal self reports. 

Jerome Jay Hanus Minnesota 

Government and Politics: The writ of certiorari as a political instrument. 

Paul Harris Maryland 

Physics: Phonon spectrum of a shocked solid. 

Robert Nathan Harris Virginia 

Psychology: Multiple significance tests of correlation coefficients in correlation 

Ernest Augustus Harrison Michigan 

Chemistry: /. Attempted synthesis of bridge-head hydrophenanthrenes. II. Re- 
actions of Grignard reagents with 0-dikelones. 

Edward George Henderson Pennsylvania 

Biophysics: Asymmetric properties of frog sartorius muscle cell membrane deduced 
from the interactions of rubidium and potassium ions. 

Lester Larsen Hirst, Jr. West Virginia 

Physics: Ferromagnetic resonance in nickel and iron. 

Edna O. Hokenson Maryland 

Microbiology: Florescent antibody technic and control of nonspecific fluorescence. 

LUKAS Ernest Hoska, Jr Washington 

Government and Politics: Summit diplomacy during World War II: The con- 
ferences at Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam. 

14 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Robert Kremer Howell _. ....Maryland 

Botany: Changes in concentrations of nitrogen and free and bound amino acids in 
alfalfa and pea infected by Ditylenchiis Dipsaci. 

John M. Robin Hutchinson D. C. 

Physics: Alpha-gamma angular correlations in liquid sources. 

WiLLARD Joseph Hutzel Ohio 

Government and Politics: Political clubs in suburbia: A case study of club 
politics in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, Maryland. 

Daniel Morton Hyman Maryland 

Mathematics: Quotient spaces of absolute neighborhood retracts. 

John Arthur Jacobsohn New Jersey 

Government and Politics: A search for a theory of Bolivian nationalism based on 
the writings of Bolivian authors. 

Edward Daniel Jordan Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: An investigation of the effect of mechanically induced 
vibrations on heat transfer rates in a pressurized water system. 

Amin Naif Jurf Maryland 

Physiology: Renal response to electrical stimulation in the septum and diencephalon 
of rabbits. 

Chong Kuk Kim Korea 

Chemical Engineering: Neutron activation analysis of mercury and related radio- 
chemical separations. 

Melvyn Klein New York 

Mathematics: Applications of the transfinite diameter to the theory of conformal 

Joseph E. Kunsman, Jr Maryland 

Dairy Science: Characterization of the lipids from pure cultures of rumen bacteria. 

David Robert Kurtzman Ohio 

Philosophy: Structural properties of normative ethical theories. 

Victor Latorre Aguilar Peru 

Physics: Proton elastic scattering from Carbon-13. 

Victor Richard Lebedoff Tennessee 

History: The development of religious liberty in Canada since the British conquest. 

Chi Yeung Lo Hong Kong 

Mathematics: Singular behavior of the orthogonal polynomial series of several 

Thomas Joseph Lynch Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Data compression with error-control coding for space 

Robert E. Lyons Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: The synthesis of redundant threshold-logic networks. 

Norman Henry Macleod Maryland 

Agronomy: Soil temperature control for field plot studies. 

Eduardo Reyes Magtoto, Jr Philippines 

Chemical Engineering: Fixed-bed adsorption of organic water pollutants. 

Paul James Manchak Maryland 

Industrial Education: An experimental comparison of two methods of teaching a 
perceptual motor task in industrial education. 

Beatriz Margolis Argentina 

Mathematics: Existence, uniqueness, and convergence of successive approxima- 
tions for ordinary and hyperbolic partial differential equations. 

Colin Herbert Marks Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: An investigation of the entrainment of water by a column 
of single bubbles rising in a single file through the water. 

University of Maryland. 1 5 

Keith Winton Marlow Maryland 

Physics: The radioactive decay of Se^^. 

Joseph Andrew Marshall Maryland 

Zoology: The social behavior and role of sound production in Trichopsis viUatus, 
with a comparison to Trichopsis pumilus. 

James Brenner Mathews Maryland 

Psychology: Experimental and organismic factors affecting time estimation in an 
aging population. 

Thomas Hastings Mayor Maryland 

Economics: The sources of decline in the United States capital-output ratio, 

Archie Joseph McAlister Maryland 

Physics: The polar reflection Faraday effect in the silver-gold alloy system. 

Donald Walter McCoy Maryland 

Microbiology: Growth and enterotoxin production of enterotoxigenic staphylococci 
in m^ats. 

Richard Rockwell Minesinger Delaware 

Chemistry: Oxidative photocyclizations of o-terphenyls, polyaryl heterocycles 
and certain related compounds. 

Michael Joseph Moloney D. C. 

Physics: The microwave spectrum of acetyl iodide. 

Ernest Joseph Moncada Maryland 

English : An analysis of James Mabbe's translation of Mateo Alemdn'a 
Guzman de Alfarache. 

Elizabeth Jeian Nelson Maryland 

English: Chesterfield and Voltaire. 

Carol Ann Newman New York 

Psychology: Some aspects of the relationship between identification with parents 
and coping behavior. 

John Henry Nicolai, Jr North Carolina 

Dairy Science: Endocrine effects on isolated pararenal bovine, ovine and porcine 
fat cells. 

John Keith Oddson Canada 

Mathematics : Maximum, principles and Phragmen-Lindelof theorems for 
second order differential equations. 

Samuel Joseph O'Neill Maryland 

Foreign Languages: Psychological-literary techniques in representative contempor- 
ary novels of Mexico. 

Antonio Pagnamenta New Jersey 

Physics: The N-quantum approximation in static models. 

Marie Joan Panico Maryland 

Foreign Languages: Motifs and expression in Octavio Paz: An explication of 
his spoken anthology. 

Padmanabha Reddy Peta California 

Dairy Science: A comparison of pearl millet and sudangrass as pastures for 
lactating dairy cows, with special emphasis on the milk fat. 

Joseph Carmel Pilegge, Jr Maryland 

Government and Politics: The role of federal, state, and local governments in 
planning for selected developmental programs. 

Kenneth Arthltr Pittman Maryland 

Chemistry: Oligopeptide uptake by Bacteroides ruminicola. 

Michael Eugene Pittman Louisiana 

Physics: Calculation of the ground state populations and self-energies in the optical 
pumping of hydrogen and the alkali vapors. 

16 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Robert Theobald Probst Maryland 

Microbiology: Studies on the physiology and nutrition of the oral protozoan 
Trichomonas tenax. 

Cabell Nicholas Pryor, Jr Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Some effects of inter-element correlation and clipping on 
Ike performance of receiving arrays. 

lOANNls PsAROUTHAKis Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: Thermionic energy conversion: Alkaline-earths and 
cesium vapors. 

Richard Howard Puckett Maryland 

Economics: The permanent income-wealth approach to the demand for money: 
Analytical and empirical aspects. 

Jan Raat D. C. 

Aerospace Engineering: O71 time-dependent boundary layers. 

Gareth La VERNE Reed Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Determination of aluminum and cadmium by neutron 
activation of their chelates. 

Morton David Richman Maryland 

Pharmacy: A study vf pressurized foams with emphasis on rheological evaluation. 

Kurt Wetherhold Riegel Maryland 

Astronomy: 21-cm line observations of smaU diameter galactic H II regions. 

FOY Farrell Roberts, Jr Maryland 

Microbiology: Factors affecting bacterial flagella synthesis, regeneration, and 

George Burnet Rogers Maryland 

Agricultural Economics: Economies of scale in plants producing further-processed 
poultry products and resulting impacts. 

Cecil Joseph Rolfe Tennessee 

Economics: The economics of public welfare. 

Charles Robert Roulston Kentucky 

English: Eden and the Lotus-Eaters: A critical study of the South Sea Island 
writings of Frederick O'Brien, James Norman Hall, and Robert Dean Frisbie. 

Jerome Sylvan Rovner ■ Maryland 

Zoology: An analysis of reproductive behavior in the lycosid spider Lycosa rabida 

Pilar GonzAlez Ga Suelto De SAenz Virginia 

Foreign Languages: Exegesis y critica de la estetica de Eugenia d'Ors. 

Walter T. Sand California 

Sociology: Psychosocial factors and the types of sociopathy. 

Kenneth Richard Scott ._. ....Maryland 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: The preparation and antimicrobial properties of 
various i-substituted-i-azacholestanes. 

Jules Paul Seigel New York 

English: Thomas Carlyle and the periodical press: A study in attitudes. 

Peter Serlemitsos Maryland 

Physics: Low-energy electrons and the magnetosphere. 

Stuart M. Shaffer Maryland 

Psychology: Effects of scaling method and personalized instructions on the de- 
tection of letters. 

Serge Michiel Shewchuk D. C. 

History: The Russo-Polish War of 1920. 

Shuang-Yuan Shieh ..Pennsylvania 

Physics: On the impentrable line of singularities of the scattering amplitude in 
potential theory. 

University of Maryland. 1 7 

Vincent George Sigillito Maryland 

Mathematics: A Priori inequalities and interior pointmse bounds for solutions 
of certain paracolic and elliptic partial differential equations. 

Jack Simich Maryland 

Education: Comparative effectiveness of self-instructional methods of learning 
including programed instruction and the correspondence-course technique in classroom 

Richard Bruce Simpson Maryland 

Mathematics: Finite difference methods for two hiharmonic boundary value prob- 

Rodney Francis Smith Maryland 

Microbiology: Mechanism of action of selected synthetic antimicrobial steroids. 

WiLLARD Newell Smith Maryland 

Histology: A comparison of Krebs cycle activity and terminal oxidation in develop- 
ing eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides var. suum. 

Aaron H. Spandorf Connecticut 

Poultry Science: Studies concerned with the amino acid requirements of laying 
hens, with special reference to methionine. 

Jean Elizabeth Spencer Maryland 

Government and Politics: Area and process in local government: An exploration 
of area-process settings and interrelationships as a tentative approach to the develop- 
ment of criteria releveni to the identification and evaluation of techniques for con- 
temporary local government adaptation to urban needs, with particular reference to 
major governmental area-process settings and interrelationships in Maryland. 

John Leonard Stanford Texas 

Physics: An investigation of the Doppler-shifted cyclotron resonance of helicon 
waves as a method of studying Fermi surfaces and its application to aluminum. 

James Dill Startt Kentucky 

History: American editorial opinion of Woodrou- Wilson and the main problems 
of peacemaking in 1919. 

Martin Edward Stein Maryland 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: An approach to the synthesis of aspidospermine and 
the pharmacologyical activity of some aspidospermine analogs. 

Kenneth Reagan Stunkel New Jersey 

History: Indian ideas and Western thought during the Romantic Age: A critical 

Paul Sykes Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Turbulent mass transfer in stirred tanks. 

Owen P. Thomas South Africa 

Dairy Science: Studies to determine the available lysine requirements of chickens 
and the relationship between serum protein level and body composition. 

Richard Claude Thompson Oklahoma 

Chemistry: Chromium(II)-Chlorine Halate Reactions 1) Stoichiometry of the 
reactions between chromiiim{II) and the chlorine halates in aqueous perchloric acid. 
2) The kinetics of the reaction between chromium(II) and chlorate ion in aqueous 
perchloric acid. 

Francis John Tinney New.York 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Synthesis and antimicrobial properties of some 
steroidal amines and amides. 

Vincent C. Truscello Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: The Bremsstrahlung yield from beta emitters. 

Chi Kung Tsao Maryland 

Aerospace Engineering: Plane flow of a radiating gas. 

Ronald Paul Uhlig Maryland 

Physics: A study of neutral hyperon and neutral kaon production in K~-\- p inter- 
actions near the Y* (1 765) resonance. 

18 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

James Saul Vandergraft D. C. 

Mathematics: Partially ordered spaces and Newton's method for convex operators. 

Alummoottl John Varghese India 

Chemistry: Synthesis of potential anticancer penicillins and the synthesis of a 

Angelo Anthony Volpe Maryland 

Chemistry: The synthesis of spiro and related polymers. 

John David Warthen, Jr Maryland 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Synthesis of analogs of ibogaine. 

Donald O. Weitzman Connecticut 

Psychology: The differentiation of precise auditory comparisons in the hu/man: 
A study in auditory discrimination learning. 

John Milton Wells Maryland 

Botany: Southern bean mosaic virus; Preparation of infectious RNA, effect of 
EDTA and Mg** on stability, and effect of cycloheximide on biosynthesis. 

James Ezra Whitman, Jr Pennsylvania 

Microbiology: Purification of Kilham rat virus from infected suckling hamster 
kidney and liver suspensions. 

David OuTCALT Winfrey Virginia 

English: The historical novels of Charles Kingsley. 

Fred Earl Witmer Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Promoting dropurise condensation irith fluorocarbon 
xurfaee agents. 

WiixLAM Holmes Wood, Jr Maryland 

Microbiology: Morphological chemical and immunological studies on the cell 
rvalls of Rickettsia mooseri. 

John Michael Yuhas Maryland 

Zoology: Response of the DBA I2J m^use strain to acute ionizing radiation. 

Doctor of Education 

(Thesis Title Indicated) 

Sidney Blum Maryland 

The value of selected variables in predicting rated success in teaching science. 

Angeline G. Boisen Maryland 

Relationships among the perceptions and expectations held by principals and 
teachers for the organizational climate of elementary schools. 

Martha Madgaline Borlick D. C. 

The effects of a parent group discussion program on parental learnings of unwed, 
expectant Negro adolescent girls from low-income families. 

Rebecca E. Carroll Maryland 

A comparative study of the self-perceptions of fifth-grade boys and girls as learners. 

Guy Chapman ., California. 

An investigation into some aspects of the sense of time as subjectively experienced by 
normal and emotionally disturbed children between the ages of 12 years and Ik^ years. 

Ralph Cecil Daniels Maryland 

A study of the relationship of the area per pupil to the achievement, activities, social 
interaction and participation in discussions of the pupils. 

Jack Atwood Davis D. C. 

An investigation of the relationships among selected variables in family group therapy. 

Preeja Dhunma Thailand 

A study of moral values of two age groups of farm and nonfarm adolescent boys and 
girls in three geographical regions of Thailand. 

University of Maryland. 1 9 

Laura Katherine Evans v........... Texas 

The influence of a definite procedure fur teaching spelling during creative writing on 
reading comprehension, word recognition, and spelling. 

Esther K. Foxe Maryland 

An experimental investigation of the effectiveness of a brief study skills program 
for freshman college chemistry students. 

Laurence Gayheart Goebel Maryland 

An analysis of teacher-pupil interaction when programed instruction materials are 

Mary Elizabeth Goebel Maryland 

A comparison of the relative effectiveness of three types of counseling with high school 

Mary Anne Hall Maryland 

The development and evaluation of a. language experience approach to reading with 
first-grade culturally disadvantaged children. 

James Haywood Harrison Maryland 

A comparison of the value systems of experienced teachers and prospective secondary 
school teachers in inner-city schools. 

Clois Earl Kicklighter Florida 

An exploratory taxonomy based on the common elements of industrial enterprises 
for industrial arts content identification. 

Hal Massey Florida 

A research instrument for measuring the unique contributions of industrial arts to 
the goals of general education. 

Esther Brownell Mills Virginia 

Relationships between psycholinguistic abilities of educable mentally retarded pupils 
and the effectiveness of four instructional approaches in the language arts. 

Edward Hanna Rupp Maryland 

An analysis of certain factors relating to the length of commitment of institutionalized 
male juvenile delinquents. 

Richard G. Stottlemyer Pennsylvania 

Secondary school classroom space requirements — a study to examine relationships 
between gross room area per pupil and academic achievement. 

Edward Willmore Tarr Maryland 

Current piiblic relations programs and practices in fourteen liberal arts colleges. 

Paul Yaffe Maryland 

The role of the school psychologist. 

20 JfSfifi Commencement Exercises. 

Master of Arts 

Jacob Edward Kent Aheens Maryland 

YOUSUF Adeeb Al-Aama Maryland 

Dennis Arthur Alessi Maryland 

Dennis Masato Ambo Michigan 

Frances Williams Anderson Maryland 

Robert Stephen Armstrong Maryland 

Charles Snowden Arthur Maryland 

John Henrique Avila, Jr Maryland 

John Rakestraw Babylon D. C. 

Charles LeBron Ballew Virginia 

Alexander Joseph Basso Maryland 

Dorothy Todd Beall D. C. 

Mitchell Eric Beaven Maryland 

Gregory Joseph Behuniak New York 

BiLLiE Ann Bengtson Maryland 

Lewis Jules Bernhardt New Jersey 

Melvin Arthur Bernstein Maryland 

Allen George Biester New Jersey 

Charles Paul Biggio Louisiana 

Anne Marie Bird New York 

Eileen Mary Bleeg Pennsylvania 

IdaLIA Cordero BobONIS Maryland 

John W. Boening Maryland 

Raymond George Boileau Maryland 

Thea Gilda Braiterman Maryland 

Dennis Eugene Breiter Maryland 

Elwood Lee Bridneb, Jr Maryland 

Vera I. Brown Nebraska 

Joseph Lewis Browne Pennsylvania 

Byron Edward Calame Missouri 

James Richard Carter Maryland 

Florence Christoplos Maryland 

Kathleen Elizabeth Clagett Maryland 

Joe Martin Cleaver Maryland 

Siegfried Martin Clemens Maryland 

James C. Codispoti New York 

Susan DeRenne Coerr Maryland 

Daniel Edward Conway, Jr Maryland 

Richard Nixon Culbertson Michigan 

James Gallatin Gulp Maryland 

Robert Vincent Daigle Maryland 

Robert Earl Dain Pennsylvania 

Norman Francis Danis D. C. 

Freddye Sue Davy D. C. 

Anthony Louis DeBone Pennsylvania 

William Edward Ellis Dei^^rt.... Maryla^id 

Donald Eugene Dembowski New York 

John Charles Dieman Maryland 

James Jackson Dillinger Maryland 

James Lee Dollar Maryland 

Lawrence Earl Dowler Maryland 

Timothy Nichols Doyle -..Indiana 

Barbara P. Edmonds Maryland 

Abdel-Hafez Mohammed Elkordy..?/. A. R. 

Brantley Estes Elliott Pennsylvania 

Eugene Earl Estes Maryland 

Eugene Vincent Farrelly New York 

Anne J. Fischer Maryland 

Thomas James Flanagan.. ..iVortfc Carolina 
Cathleen Bernadette Flannery 

New York 

Robert John Foley New Jersey 

James Henry Forbes, Jr Maryland 

Leticia Tallet Forbes Maryland 

Margaret Crocker Frantz.... Massachusetts 

Paulette French New Hampshire 

Sheila C. Fridovich Maryland 

Richard Paul Fuke Canada 

Jim Calvin Gaddy Washington 

Gregory Omer Gagnon Maryland 

Irwin Frederick GellmaN Maryland 

Elizabeth Gerald North Carolina 

Jay Erb Gernand Maryland 

James Francis Giampaoli Maryland 

Leonard Goldinger D. C. 

Clara Louise Gouin Maryland 

David Graham Grant Maryland 

Sandra Joyce Gurshman Maryland 

Lynda Diane Gutowski New York 

Georgia C. Habicht , Delaware 

Henry George Hahn, II Maryland 

Barbara Ann Hall New York 

Jean Louise Harne Maryland 

Lois Miner Hart South Dakota 

Univ ersity of Maryland. 2 1 

WiLUAM Frederick Haworth... .....Maryland 

Aknost Heidrich D. C. 

Edward Hirsch Pennsylvania 

Ikwin Sylvan Hirsch New York 

James Clarence Holland Maryland 

Rosemary Butler Hopkins Maryland 

Nancy S. Hornick Virginia 

Warren Prentiss Howe Maryland 

Chad Benedict Israel Maryland 

Everett Nelson Israel Massachusetts 

Robert Joseph Janus Maryland 

Sylvia Weaver Jones Maryland 

Marvin Chester Joy Maryland 

James Horace Justice Arkansas 

Alan Isaac Kaplan Maryland 

Akbar Karbassian Iran 

Elaine Phyllis Katz Maryland 

Donald Ambrose Killgallon Maryland 

KwANG Tiek Kim J). C. 

Larry King Maryland 

Regina Marie Klemas Pennsylvania 

George Edwin Knapp, Jr Virginia 

Ira Herbert Kolman Maryland 

Sidney Krome Maryland 

Ruth Elizabeth Kubis West Virginia 

Clyde Victor Kuemmerle, Jr Maryland 

Judith Myrna Kutt Canada 

Jbkry Frank Kuzanek Illinois 

William Charles LaBozetta Maryland 

Ronald Jacob Leach Maryland 

Robert Francis Leahy Maryland 

HoYoung Lee JCorea 

Margaret Whitman Leonard Maryland 

Harvey William Liebergott Maryland 

James Theodore Lindberg Massachusetts 

Robert Alden Love Maryland 

Mason Richard Lowe Maryland 

Jerolyn Ross Lyle Virginia 

Ray Hodgson MacSorley Maryland 

Charles Ignatius Maggio New Y'ork 

Melvyn S. Marcus New York 

Clifford Sigmund Marks Indiana 

Freda Earline Martin Maryland 

Patricia May McDanield Maryland 

Andrew Frederick McDonald Maryland 

William Reynolds McLeod Alabama 

Jacqueline Yvonne McMuRRiAN-Marj/^awd 

Robert Noel McQuay Maryland 

James Alfred Metcalf Maryland 

Eileen Fitz Miles Maryland 

Charlotte Elizabeth Miller D. C. 

Mildred Gearhart Millner 

North Carolina 

Robert Martin Moore Maryland 

Frejjerick Lotharo Morey Maryland 

Alfred Francis Morris, Jr Massachusetts 

Milton Donald Morris D. C. 

Melvyn Mark Muchnik Colorado 

Maria Anna Nazakczuk Minnesota 

Stanton Henry Neumann Pennsylvania 

Anna Julia Noonan Massachusetts 

Jacobeth Novak Maryland 

Perry Donald Oldham, Jr Oklahoma 

Lester Lee Olinger, Jr Maryland 

IVAR Olsen JVeio York 

Abraham Oseroff Maryland 

AiJA OzoLiNS Virginia 

Anthony Francis Palmieri Maryland 

James Richard Parker Maryland 

David Lawrence Paul Virginia 

David Albert Penner Maryland 

George William Pickell Virginia 


Roslyn Rosen Price Maryland 

Oliver Lawrence Putman Illinois 

James Carlton Queen D. C. 

Dan Theodore Radzykewycz Maryland 

John Stevens RAMSEry Maryland 

Robert Bruce Reppa Virginia 

Carol Ruth Richman Maryland 

Sara Louise Ridgway Maryland 

Frank Lawton Robson Maryland 

Meriam L. Rosen J). C. 

Ronald Joel Rosenbleeth J^ew Jersey 

Herbert John Roth Maryland 

Rosalie Holmes Ruegg Maryland 

Robert Otto Ruhling Maryland 

Timothy Jack Runyan Maryland 

22 1966 Commencement Exercises, 

ZUHAIR A. Sakkijha Jordan 

Shirley Ann Salxjanik Maryland 

Ely Sapol Maryland 

William Russell Savage Maryland 

Shadia Maurice Sawiris Egypt 

John Mortimer Scarry New York 

Martin Serle Schugam Maryland 

Carl Heinz Seemann Virginia 

Robert Leonard Sharp Maryland 

Wayne Joseph Sheehan Maryland 

Hallie Dee Sherck Ohio 

Alfred Allyn Shields Maryland 

John Frederick Shiner Maryland 

Alice Mildred Shipley Maryland 

Sylvia Joy Sidwell Maryland 

RONDA Rae Simms Marylayid 

Russell Reavely Simpson Virginia 

Michael Zolman Sincoff Maryland 

Dalton Edward Smart, Jr Maryland 

Fred A. Snyder J'emisylvania 

William Trammell Snyder Maryland 

Anne Marie Southworth Maryland 

Herbert Willard Stephens Florida 

Howard Lawrence Stevens Maryland 

Frederic Leonard Stout Maryland 

Donald Lewis Sudbrink Maryland 

Hugo Sui-Hwan Sun California 

Linda J. Suskin Maryland 

Patricia Elizabeth TATSPAUGH....Afaryfand 

Nicholas John Tavani Maryland 

Neal Dorsey Thigpen Maryland 

Michael Anthony Topper New Jersey 

Emerson Arlin Torbett Alabama 

William Lloyd Traynor Wisconsin 

Jung-Fang Tsai Maryland 

Rita Ann Tutterrow Maryland 

Frank Andrew Wall California 

Daniel Jude Watermeier D. C. 

Jean Dingus Wentworth Maryland 

Olive Carroll Whisler Virginia 

Eleanor McVearry Whitaker....7Vcw York 

James Frederick Williams New York 

Fred H. Williamson, Jr Maryland 

Richard Allen Wilson Maryland 

Elliot Winston New York 

Hermine p. Wire Maryland 

Richard A. Wire Maryland 

David W. Wright Ohio 

Janet Marjorie Wydom Massachusetts 

Mary Lane Yingling Maryland 

ZiTA Zatkin New York 

Delanna Kay Zitterkopf Maryland 

William Eugene Zook Illinois 

Master of Science 

Fatthy M. Adbel-Tawab Maryland 

AucE Josephine Akehurst Maryland 

Erol Akin Turkey 

NoRRis Elliott Allen Maryland 

Judith Heinz Ambrus Maryland 

Judith Sue Anderson Maryland 

James Brooke Arnold Maryland 

James Clifford Ayres Virginia 

Mary Frances Baker Maryland 

Betsy Ann Bampton Maryland 

John David Barnes Maryland 

Roderick Alfred Barr Maryland 

Mary Margaret Baumgardner Maryland 

Shirley Ann Bederman Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Bennett Louisiana 

Philip Gilbert Berman Maryland 

CoLENE R. Bishop Arkatisas 

Sheila Bohun-Chudyniv Maryland 

Kenneth Stanley Bonwit Maryland 

Daniel Philip Boyd Maryland 

Betty Jane Bray Maryland 

Mary Jane Brewer Virginia 

Dorothy Vivian Brode Maryland 


University of Maryland. 2 3 

John Gordon Cairns Maryland 

Helen Caroline Chance Pennsylvania 

Seymour Chernin Nev> York 

Rodger Allan Cliff Maryland 

Theodore Riley Colburn Maryland 

Houston Morgan Cole Maryland 

Richard Jerome Cole Maryland 

Roy Parker Collins Maryland 

John Martin Coon Maryland 

Jack Cooper Maryland 

Marjorie Herdman Cornor Maryland 

James Ewing Cottrell Maryland 

Willard Marshall Cronyn Maryland 

Ronald Malcolm Culpepper Maryland 

Emanuel Steve Curtis Maryland 

James Lawrence Cutcher California 

Horace Garnett Cutler Maryland 

Rebecca Sarah Daniel Maryland 

Vivian Ann Davidson Maryland 

Bernard Francis DeSavage Maryland 

Ralph Edward Dinkle Maryland 

Richard H. Dougherty Maryland 

Marija M. Natkeviciute Duda Maryland 

James Edward Dueweke Maryland 

Margaret Viola Eaton Maryland 

Mary Catherine Edelman Pennsylvania 

Ofelia Mendiola Ela Philippines 

Samy Elsawy Elaasar Maryland 

Donald Louis Esslinger Kansas 

Saka Ali Parahat Egypt 

Deane Eraser Fassett Maryland 

Evelyn Joan Feminella New York 

Robert Philip Fiorindo California 

Michael William Fitzmaurice, Sr. 


Joyce Shore Fletcher Virginia 

Barbara Joan Frazier Virginia 

H. Guy Fugate, Jr Maryland 

Takeshi Fukushima Japan 

Charles Frank Galambos Virginia 

Thomas Fiscus Gatts, Je Maryland 

Gene Allen Gentry Idaho 

Almerigo Giraldi Maryland 

Russell Clock, Jr Maryland 

Marjorie Sue Goldberg Maryland 

Margaret Edna Gray Virginia 

John Jerome Grecsek New York 

Josephine Rita Gretzula Pennsylvania 

Chang Sun Han Korea 

KWANG Soo Han Korea 

Mary B. Hardy Louisiana 

Phyllis June Harrah Maryland 

Jacquelin Hill Harrington Maryland 

Bruce T. Hartmann Maryland 

Joanne Lamb Hayes New York 

Mary Catherine Henderson Alabama 

Neal Hubert Hillerman Maryland 

Beulah H. Hilliard New Jersey 

David Louis Hipkins Virginia 

George David Hitchcock Maryland 

WiNAND Karl Hock Pennsylvania 

Marlene Florence Hockenberry 


Geraldine Hofmann Louisiana 

Donald Martin Horan Maryland 

Rosalind Huang Maryland 

Sheila Hsiou-Wen Huang China 

John William Hummel Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Humphrey Maine 

Mary Ellen Hutchison Maryland 

Richard W. Hyland Maryland 

Ergin K. Igrek Turkey 

Fongee Jeu Texas 

Frances Lucille Jones Pennsylvania 

CiAYTEASE Juico Maryland 

Kenneth Derr Keller Pennsylvania 

Phyllis Eileen Kemp Kansas 

Mohamed Osama Labib Khalifa Egypt 

Abid Mohemed Ali Khazindar 

Saudi Arabia 
Young Ja Kim Korea 

24 19^^ Commencement Exercises. 

Everett Edward King Maryland 


James Emil Klanchar Pennsylvania 

Jacqueline Jeanne Landers Oklahovm 

James Brian Langworthy Maryland 

Reginald Einar Larson Maine 

Charles William Laughlin Iowa 

James Ralph Lichtenfels Maryland 

Maye LilA LieBECK Washington 

James Richard Lindsay New Jersey 

Eddie Floyd Lucero Maryland 

Hugh Bryant Lupien Maryland 

Richard Paul Mageau Connecticut 

Walter George Mann, Jr Maryland 

Marjorie Ford Marugg D. C. 

Fannie Lee May North Carolina 

Daria Cecelia McCabe Maryland 

Catherine Honore McCarrow D. C. 

Rodger John McCormick Pennsylvania 

Donald E. McDonald Pennsylvania 

Donald Michael McKinstry Maryland 

Sylvia Ross McMillan Maryland 

Sister Marie Angela Meighan, R.S.M. 


William Richard Mentzer, Jr Mnryluvd 

Henry Clifton Merchant Virginia 

Priscilla Lee Miles Maryland 

Beth McCallum Moore Maryland 

Hall Lamar Moore, Jr Maryland 

Richard Charles Moore Connecticut 

Sarah Mills Mountjoy Nno York 

Charles Edwin Myers Maryland 

Walter Ronald Nagel Maryland 

Insaf Hassan Nasr Maryland 

Anita M. Nastri Connecticut 

Catherine Lorraine Neel Maryland 

Herbert Franklin Nicholson Maryland 

Perry Erlon Nugent New Hampshire 

John Lawrence O'Brien, Jr Ohio 

PiTAMBAR Padhi Maryland 

Myung SeunG Pai Maryland 

John Raymond Pedersen Maryland 

Eunice Mae Pellissier Louisiana 

Salvador John Peperone Maryland 

Allen Irvin Perlin Maryland 

George A. Peters, IV Maryland 

Richard Wallace Pickering Maryland 

Sylvia L. Pollack Maryland 

Ronald James Polosky Pennsylvania 

Johanna Elizabeth Phay Toque.. ..Florida 

John William Press Maryland 

Joseph Tant Priestley Maryland 

Nancy J. Pritchard Maryland 

Everett John Pyle, Jr Maryland 

Judith Jean Radcliff Maryland 

Allen Benjamin Radcliffe, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Nealy Ragsdale Maryland 

James Chester Raulston Oklahoma 

Richard Selmer Reilly Maryland 

Gerard E. Reinert Pennsylvania 

William Hamilton Renwick, Jr.. .Maryland 

Reginald M. Rhue Maryland 

Jose Manuel Ricardo Virginia 

James Joseph Rickabd Maryland 

Emma Ruth Rohman Neiv York 

Virginia Helen Roll Virginia 

Georgie Conoly Royster Virginia 

Francis Alfred Ryder Maryland 

John Gould St. Clair New York 

Ramesh Chandra Sardana India 

Ruth Caroline Schwalm Maryland 

Joseph Albert Sciulli Maryland 

Helen Marie Seymour Maryland 

Eleanor Grace Shenk Virginia 

Richard Andrew Smith Maryland 

Evelyn Brandt Snyder Pennsylvania 

Joseph Henry Soares, Jr North Carolina 

David George Sobers Maryland 

John Edward Solarski, Jr D. C. 

University of Maryland. 2 5 

John Henry Staehlin Maryland 

John Decker Stark Ohio 

William Kennedy Starkey New Jersey 

Lorelei Virginia Stocker Maryland 

Michael Harmon Stripling Maryland 

James E. Swasey Maine 

Leslie Corzine Taylor D. C. 

Ye-Yung Teng Maryland 

William Watters Thatcher Maryland 

Louise Boone Turner Maryland 

Maria Victoria Madamba Valdes 


David William VonEndt Maryland 

Louis Ronald Wade Maryland 

Robert Jacob Wagner Maryland 

Mildred Stewart Warfield Maryland 

Shirley Vivienne Watkins Maryland 

Robert Michael Weiner Virginia 

Philip Lester Weintraub California 

Clayton Charles Werner Maryland 

Richard Allen Werner North Carolina 

OuiDA Elaine Westney Maryland 

Polly Ann Whitmire Mississippi 

Dale E. Wilkins Maryland 

Virgil Leroy Wilkins West Virginia 

Dennis Francis Wilson Virginia 

Mark Alexander Dexter Wilson 


Adele Ada Wilzack Maryland 

Allen Wilson Wooldridge, Jr.. .New Jersey 

Edwin Albert Woolson Maryland 

Richard Dane Worthington Maryland 

Richard Lee Wynn Maryland 

Monte?- of Education 

Edythe Grant Adams Maryland 

William Merrill Adkins Maryland 

Jean Soden Allen Maryland 

Yvonne M. Allen Maryland 

Barbara McCutchen AvGVSTiiiE..Maryland 

Davisson Thomas Ayers Maryland 

Fred Adrian Baker Maryland 

Thelma L. Baker Maryland 

Helen Barbara Barbour Maryland 

Roger Lincoln Barker Maryland 

Thelma Barbara Weiner Barr Maryland 

Mary Rose Baugh D. C. 

Lydia Mae Beiler Maryland 

Paquita U. Beltran Philippines 

Betty Waldrop Boggild Maryland 

Elizabb^th Ann Boisclair Maryland 

Jerry C. Bonnell Maryland 

Marjorie Jane Brand Maryland 

Donald Charles Brandli Maryland 

Roy Fillmore Burgess, Jr Florida 

Sajida Burney Pakistan 

Meunda Lou Ingrid Callis Maryland 

Kathryn Lee Cappelli Pennsylvania 

Russell Santford Chestnut Maryland 

Beverly B. Clark Maryland 

Edward Alvin Clement D. C. 

Augusta Maude Coates Maryland 

Iris Alfreda Coffman Maryland 

Joel Cohen Maryland 

Alice Barbara Cole Maryland 

William Nicholas Collins Maryland 

William Braden Crumrine, II 


Helen Anne Cummings D.C. 

Stanley Laurence Curtain Maryland 

Grace Roberts Cutter Maryland 

Hallie p. Darnell Tennessee 

Salvatore Nicholas Desimone Maryland 

Mae Ellen Dillon Maryland 

William Edwin DiStefano Maryland 

Jean Lumm Donnell Maryland 

David Dunn, Jr Maryland 

David Downing Duvall Maryland 

Dorothy Helen Edwards Maryland 

Richard John Enderson Maryland 

Mattie Lou Evans Maryland 

William Lewis Evans J^evada 

Ruth Lodge Flack Maryland 

Patricia Miles Flohr Maryland 

James Earle Ford Maryland 

Barbara Rothman Frank Maryland 

Gertrude Newman Friedberg Maryland 

Beverly Loraine Funkhouser Maryland 

Edmund George Geiger Maryland 

26 1^66 Commencement Exercvies. 

Priscilla Mae Gerber Maryland 

Regina Miriam Green Maryland 

Thomas Milton Haislip Maryland 

Elizabeth Garber Hall Maryland 

Helen H. Hall Maryland 

Malcolm Frank Halliday Maryland 

George Moore Haney Maryland 

Pamela Elliot Hanrahan Marylaiid 

Thomas Daniel Harryman Maryland 

LuRA Artamicha Hawkins Maryland 

Barbara Jean Henry Maryland 

Clifton P. Hensler Maryland 

M. Celeste P. Herbert Maryland 

Russell James Heyde, Jr Maryland 

Grace Catherine Hogge Maryland 

Kenneth Frederick Holley Maryland 

Robert Phillip Holmes Maryland 

Rose Anna House Maine 

Anna May Hughes Maryland 

Marie J. Hunycutt Maryland 

Joseph Patrick Indresano.. ..Afassocfcitsetts 

Philip Gary Jackson Maryland 

Clara Carriere Jacobs Maryland 

Gladys Walker Jacobs Maryland 

Martha Barnard Jaquette Maryland 

Ruth Mundis Joseph Maryland 

Michael Philip Kennedy Maryland 

Nancy Lou Kennedy Maryland 

Arlene Marian Kevorkian D. C. 

David Stern Kimmel Maryland 

David Guthrie King Maryland 

Ann Meeth Klingaman Maryland 

Miriam T. Kuskin Maryland 

Theresa B. LaFlammb New York 

Robert E. Laird Maryland 

Jean Douglass Lauderdale Maryland 

Charles G. Lavin Virginia 

James Archie Leary Maryland 

Elizabeth Meitzler Lebherz Maryland 

Cyrenne McCoun Ledford D. C. 

Loretta Victoria Lieske Florida 

John Marion Lietyvtiler Maryland 

Dreama Susan Lodge Maryland 

Rosalie Catherine Maddox Maryland 

Phyllis R. Magrab Maryland 

Daniel Joseph March Maryland 

John Joseph Matarella Maryland 

Robert Lloyd McCleaf Maryland 

James Richard McGann D. C. 

Sandra Ann McInnis D. C. 

Donald Carl McMillen Maryland 

Sara Lee Menzer Maryland 

Constance Ann Meyer Oregon 

Miriam Kauffman Michaelis Maryland 

William Thomas Middleton, III. .Maryland 

Anthony Roth Miller Maryland 

Jean Smith Mills Maryland 

Frank Almon Minton Maryland 

Elizabeth Bogue Monocrusos Maryland 

Clarence Howard Morris Maryland 

Stephen Bernard Morrissey Maryland 

Judith Kay Mountjoy California 

Marion Chandler Mueller Maryland 

Allan Baker Myers Maryland 

Jacob Luther Myers Maryland 

Eleanor Hood Nolley Maryland 

Adelaide Kamni Paul Maryland 

James Walter Peirce Maryland 

Chester Arthur Peregoy, III Maryland 

Carolyn Woods Perry Maryland 

Nicholas John Poulos Maryland 

Idell S. Pugh Maryland 

Grace Raifman Maryland 

Ruth Ann Ramsey Maryland 

Pauline Reitmann Reiber Maryland 

Ernestine Bernice Reid Maryland 

Stanley Oliver Rephann Maryland 

Thomas Fenn Rider Maryland 

Maddress LaForest Riley Maryland 

Mary Alexander Roberts Maryland 

Eddie Le^ Robinette Maryland 

Margaret Woodland Rockwell.. ..Morj/Zand 

Helen K. Rubin Maryland 

Ronald L. Ruffo Maryland 

Herman John Ruoff D. C. 

Lucille Sharps Salisbury Maryland 

Clara Bertice Sargeant Maryland 

Dorothy Conklyn Sauer Maryland 

John Meyers Schaffer Maryland 

Gladys Scher Maryland 

Kenneth Burton Seamon Massachusetts 

Carolyn Joanna Sebukn Maryland 

Nellie Mae Sheen Maryland 

Robert James Shekletski Maryland 

Dorothea Laadt Shellow D. C. 

Mary Bell G. Shepherd D. C. 

Vide V. Shinners Maryland 

George Patrick Shultz Maryland 

Ronald Wayne Shurie Maryland 

Doris Thorner Silverman Maryland 

Laura Gail Singleton North Carolina 

Elizabeth Bomar Smither D. C. 

Nicholas Charles Spinnato Maryland 

University of Maryland. 27 

Kathryn p. Sprouse Maryland 

Richard James Street Maryland 

Norma Weddell Strickland Maryland 

Harvey Earl Strine Maryland 

Patricia Rivers Stromberg Maryland 

Patricia Sanford Strother Virginia 

Barbara McDermand Stumpf Illinois 

Jeremiah Joseph Sullivan Maryland 

Dorothy Cecil Sundstrom Maryland 

Wallace Ernest Swanson Ohio 

Arlie Dale Swecker Maryland 

Elizabeth Cain Swift Maryland 

Mary Isobel Swift Australia 

Mary Louise Theofield Maryland 

Constance Nadine Thomas Maryland 

Maybelle Rodgers Thomas Maryland 

Earl Sylvester Thorne Maryland 

Frank Bernard Tondrick Maryland 

Alfred Topchik Maryland 

Mahlon Marker Trout Maryland 

Louis Anthony Truszkowski Maryland 

Gladys Moore Tyler Maryland 

Catherine Widdowson Vnoyicn... .Maryland 

Alice Lee Wade Maryland 

Paulette Rochelle Wadro Maryland 

Walter Edward Wallace Maryland 

Sheldon Frank Weissmeyer D. C. 

Dorothy Shue Wemple Maryland 

Morris Harry Wexler Maryland 

Janet WicKHAM D. C. 

Susan Margaret Witmer Maryland 

Oliver Braddock Wittig, Jr Maryland 

Lakew Woldetekle Ethiopia 

Katherine Brown Wright Maryland 

Marguerite Gatlin Young Maryland 

Carolyn Majors Zack Maryland 

Henry E. Zimon Maryland 

Master of Business Administration 

Frank Andrew Ambrose Pennsylvania 

William Matthew Bassin Maryland 

Bansi KisheN Bhan Maryland 

Marvin Lawrence Borgelt Minnesota 

Terence A. Brown Maryland 

Wilmer Tomlinson Brown, Jr Maryland 

George David Broyles Ohio 

Charles Edwin Cathey Maryland 

William Austin Dempsey Maryland 

Philip Edward Feeney Massachusetts 

Benito Fernandez, Jr New Jersey 

John Manuel Foschia, Jr Maryland 

Ralph Wylie Frey, III Maryland 

Larry Randolph Goodwin Maryland 

Stanley Hankin Virginia 

Michael Philip Holt Maryland 

Laurence Randall Hootnick Maryland 

Eugene Leo Kilcullen, Jr Pennsylvania 

Michael Ross Lapides Maryland 

Terry Jules Margolis Maryland 

Joseph Guy Mattingly, Jr Kenticcky 

William Gray Mister Maryland 

Kenneth Robert Monroe, Jr Maryland 

Jerome Stuart Persh Maryland 

Louis Isaac Rosen Maryland 

Victoria Sharp Rymer Maryland 

George J. Schill Virginia 

Stuart Edward Sherman Maryland 

Rodney Aron Smith Maryland 

Robert Alan Starr Maryland 

William Haynie Taylor, Jr. 

South Carolina 
Relmond Paul VanDaniker, III. .Maryland 

Oscar Ray Vass Maryland 

William Robert Walker Wisconsin 

Ronald James Webb Maryland 

Kevin Peter Werick New York 

Master of Music 

John Russell Devol New York 

Saralu Covert Diller Colorado 

Margit Emily Lundstrom Maryland 

Dixon Irvine Redditt, Jr Maryland 

Mary Jane Schaeffer Maryland 

28 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Master of Social Work 

Leonard Stanley Adler Maryland 

Katherine Ann Ashcroft Maryland 

John Anthony Avigliano Pennsylvania 

Alda Elizabeth Beach Delaware 

Sally F. Bird Maryland 

Ronald Joseph Blake Maryland 

Walter Franklin Blanton Maryland 

Franklin Delano Chesley D. C. 

William Harvey Clark Ohio 

Jeanne J. Cook Maryland 

Carol Peterson Creelman Maryland 

Stephen Michael Davidson Maryland 

VinODA DeSAI India 

Edward Joseph Durkin Maryland 

Virginia Hellmann Dux Maryland 

William Farnum Eastman Maryland 

Michael Lloyd Goldberg Maryland 

Sheldon Bennett Goldstein Maryland 

Hilda K. Gottlieb Maryland 

William Penn Granger D. C. 

Rosalind Eleanor Griffin Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Hayes Maryland 

Sarah Elizabeth Hicks Maryland 

Nancy Jane Hold Maryland 

Gilda Katz Canada 

Herbert H. Locklear Maryland 

Paul Joseph Lurz Maryland 

James Malcolm MacDonald Maryland 

Arsenath Clark McCollough 


Miriam Rebecca Meltzer Maryland 

Nathan Miller Maryland 

Ralph Joseph Mirarchi Pennsylvania 

Coy Ayer Patrick Maryland 

Marilynn Helen Polk Maryland 

Sara Merle Rackmales Maryland 

Linda Sue Raichlen Maryland 

Audrey Mowrey Robbins Maryland 

James Anthony Ryan Maryland 

Vera Baer Scanland Maryland 

Harriet Sylvia Siscovick Maryland 

Bette Stone Stein Maryland 

Philip Cresson Vail Maryland 

Franchetta Lucretia Wright Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by William S. Stone, M.D., Dean of the School 

Doctor of Medicine 

Leslie Abramowitz Maryland 

Diane Lenore Kornblau Acker. .A^cw York 

James Edward Arnold Maryland 

Richard Henry Bard Maryland 

Robert Bruce Baron Maryland 

Jay Martin Barrash Maryland 

Arnold Saul Blaustein Maryland 

William Robert Bosley Maryland 

Walter Martin Braunohler Maryland 

Sheldon Brotman Maryland 

Philip Panos Brous Maryland 

Mark Jeffrey Brown Maryland 

Wilfred John Brownlow, Jr Illinois 

William Francis Bruther Maryland 

Michael Patrick Buchness Maryland 

Harold Arthur Burnham Maryland 

James Walker Carty, Sr Maryland 

Dana Harrisson Clarke Massachusetts 

Charles Henry Classen, 3y<.... Pennsylvania 
Arthur Cohen Maryland 

Ora Richard Cohen Maryland 

Hammond Charles CaiAjn>is..Massach7(setts 

David Michael Cook West Virginia 

Francis Howard Cost, Jr Maryland 

Robert Joseph Platt Costleigh Oregon 

Henry Spera Crist Pennsylvania 

Philip Bryan Dvoskin Maryland 

Michael Anthony Ellis Maryland 

William D. Ertag New Jersey 

Stuart Lee Fine Maryland 

Richard LeRoy Flax Maryland 

Gary Allan Fleming Pennsylvania 

Dwight Norbert Fortier Maryland 

Joseph Martin France, Jr Maryland 

George Edward Gallahorn Maryland 

Bruce Wayne Gattis Maryland 

S. Bruce Gerber Maryland 

Kenneth Charles Gertsen Maryland 

Richard Salvatore Glass Maryland 

Marshall Colman Goldberg Maryland 

University of Maryland. 2 y 

Donald Emerson Golladay, Jr Maryland 

AUGUSTIN Karl Gombart Maryland 

Dennis Harvey Gordon Utah 

Stephen Frank Gordon Maryland 

John Gary Green Maryland 

Louis Eberhardt Grenzer Maryland 

Dean Harp Griffin Maryland 

Stephen Barry Hameroff Maryland 

Michael J. Haney Maryland 

Irvin Rivers Hanson, Jr Maryland 

William Orville Harrison Oregon 

James Marbury Hawkins, Jk Maryland 

Thomas Michael Hill New York 

Elizabeth Claire Hosick Michigan 

Larry Travis Ingle Maryland 

Franklin Leroy Johnson Maryland 

H. Louden KiRACOFE Maryland 

Raymond Edgar Knowles, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Howard Koenig Maryland 

Kenneth Ralph Koskinen Maryland 

Joel Arnold Krackow Maryland 

Lloyd Irvin Kramer Maryland 

Robert Emanuel Leibowitz New Jersey 

Elmer Charles Long, Jr Maryland 

Stephen Machiz Maryland 

John Hatch Mann New Jersey 

Joseph Baer Marcus Maryland 

William James Marek Maryland 

William Terry Mason Ohio 

Carl Anthony Mattsson Utah 

Jane Gushing McCaffrey Maryland 

Albert Truman Miller Maryland 

Allan Jerome Monfried Maryland 

Stanley Irving Music Maryland 

John Jay Oldroyd Utah 

Barry Edwin Lee Ominsky Maryland 

Carl Joseph Orfuss Maryland 

Carolyn Joan Pass Maryland 

George Stanley Patrick West Virginia 

Gary David Plotnick Maryland 

Samuel Eanet Press Maryland 

Charles Downey Price Maryland 

James Arthur Quinlan, Jr Maryland 

Dudley Allen Raine, Jr Maryland 

Nina Cole Rawlings Maryland 

Richard Henry Reed Maryland 

Ernesto Rivera Rivera Puerto Rico 

Michael Jay Rokoff Maryland 

David Solomon Schwartz Maryland 

Alfred Anthony Serritella Maryland 

Richard David Shuger Maryland 

Donald Joel Siple Maryland 

Kurt Porter Sligar Washington 

Irvin Murray Sopher Maryland 

James Wilson Spence Maryland 

John Edward Steers Maryland 

David Jerome Steinbauer Maryland 

Jack Irwin Stern Connecticut 

Jeffrey Stephan Stier New York 

Robert A. Stram Massachusetts 

Richard Malcolm Susel Maryland 

Beresford Mark Swan Bermuda 

Henry Leonard Trattler Maryland 

Stephan John Wittmann Maryland 

Robert Runyan Young Missotiri 

Stuart Howard Yuspa Maryland 

Andrew Anthony Zalewski Maryland 

James Gregory Zimmerly Pennsylvania 

Sandra Lee Zucker Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by John J. Salley, D.D.S., Dean of the School 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Ronald Hardy Abel Florida 

John C. Baar, Jr Maryland 

Vicente Manuel Batlle Leon. .Puerto Rico 

Michael Allan Baylin Maryland 

Stanley Leonard Becker Maryland 

Paul Mario Bellanca Delaware 

Geoffrey Malcolm Berman Maryland 

Ronald Jacob Berman Maryland 

Frank Joseph Bianca Maryland 

Matthew H. Blunt Florida 

Thomas John Bochenko New Jersey 

Curtis G. Borden Maryland 

Ronald Stanley Branoff Maryland 

Anthony Bravos Maryland 

Robert Easterday Broadrup Maryland 

Mark Richard Bronstein Maryland 

James Francis Casey Connecticut 

Alfred John Coletti Rhode Island 

Thomas Patrick Conaty Delaware 

Paul Phillip Couture Massachusetts 

William Joseph Dehey Massachusetts 

Frank P. Deluca Maryland 

Mario Philip DiSabatino Delaware 

Allan Morton Dworkin Maryland 

30 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Walter Clyde Eanes, Jr Maryland 

Robert Gregory Esquire California 

James Emanuel Farrall Maryland 

Jay Harris Feinstein Maryland 

Leon Edward Felps Maryland 

Donald Joseph Forno Maryland 

Theodore Stuart Freedman Indiana 

Howard Nathan Fruchter New York 

Thomas Howard Gaffney Maryland 

Joseph William Gallagher Maryland 

Stephen Jay Gandel Maryland 

Richard Marion Garlitz Maryland 

Richard Allan Goldman Maryland 

Nicholas F. Graziano New York 

James Phillip Green California 

Jay Charles Green Maryland 

Stephen Arthur Greene New Jersey 

Barry Benjamin Gross Maryland 

Edward George Gutman Maryland 

Lawrence Albert Hall Florida 

Dwight Milton Hazelton, Jr Maryland 

Henry Castle Heim Washington 

Joel Hirschberg New Jersey 

Russell Terrence Horman Maryland 

Charles Edward Hunt Maryland 

John Randolph Iddings West Virginia 

Dennis Robert Johnson Maryland 

Thomas Murray Johnson Maryland 

Harvey Alan Kallins Maryland 

Ned Meyer Kauffman Pennsylvania 

Julius L. Klein Maryland 

Stanley H. Klein Maryland 

Paul Sylvan Kline Florida 

Floyd Frederick Koch New Jersey 

Melvin Frank Kushner Maryland 

David Jerome Lerner Maryland 

Harvey Ronald Levin Florida 

L. Leroy Lovtoie Oregon 

William Joseph Lucey, Jr Rhode Island 

James Leon Magarian California 

Walter John Makoc New Jersey 

Philip Sheldon Markin Maryland 

Charles Harry McCambridge Maryland 

Sheldon Meltzer New Jersey 

Frank Paul Merolla New York 

Jack Earl Neal Maryland 

Vincent Charles Noonan Maryland 

Michael Josephat Oles, Jr Maryland 

Stephen Allen Overbeck Maryland 

Arthur Saxton Parker, Jr Maryland 

JuRATE Elena Palubis Maryland 

Glenn Lamar Paulk, Jr Georgia 

Douglas James Phillips, Jr Florida 

Karl Pick Netherlands Antilles 

David G. Rabinowitz Maryland 

Robert Nathaniel Ragland Maryland 

James David Rawlins, Jr Delaware 

Michael Richard Razzano Florida 

Ronald Michael Reichart Maryland 

Bernard Morris Richmond Maryland 

Bruce Tryon Rogers Connecticut 

Frank John Romeo Maryland 

Robert Allen Rose Maryland 

Mark Mandel Roseman Maryland 

Stewart Paul Rosenberg Maryland 

Jerome Philip Rothstein Florida 

Murray Franklin Sarubin Maryland 

James Walter Schiff Delaware 

Richard Joseph Schoebl Maryland 

Joseph William Schvtenk New York 

Jeffrey Lewis Selznick Maryland 

Walter Joseph Serwatka Massachusetts 

Jules Marvin Sidle Maryland 

Wilbur King Smith Maryland 

Leopold Joe Sollazzo New Jersey 

George John Spedden Maryland 

Ronald Joseph STELLABOTTE....Pc»!?!Si/teanja 

Dennis Michael Thome Maryland 

John Francis Tintle New Jersey 

Raoul Carr Vanden Bosche Maryland 

Salvatore Anthony Vozzella 


Trumer James Wagner Maryland 

Wayne Wilson Wibby Maryland 

John Joseph Widlak Connecticut 

Joel Hillel Wien New Jersey 

George H. Williams, III New Jersey 

Samuel Francis Winsper Rhode Island 

Edward Louis Zak Massachusetts 

Jeffrey Stephen Zaller Maryland 


Candidates \vill be presented by Professor William P. Cunningham, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Laws 

Stanley David Abrams Maryland 

Eugene Arthur Arbaugh Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Aversa, Jr Maryland 

Paul Stephen Beatty New Jersey 

Stanley W. Berglin Maryland 

Allan Lee Bernstein Maryland 

University of Maryland. 3 1 

Jerome M. Bloom Maryland 

Neal David Borden Maryland 

Anthony Ladd Brennan Maryland 

Victor Horace Bridgman, III Maryland 

Daniel A. Bronstein Maryland 

John Thomas Bunyan Maryland 

John Carroll Byrnes Maryland 

Robert Yates Clagett Maryland 

Samuel Elliott Cohan Maryland 

Nancy Ann Coleman Maryland 

Theodore Bernard Cornblatt Maryland 

Eugene Philip Courtney Massachusetts 

James Marion Coveleski Maryland 

Beatrice Mosner Cowen Maryland 

Donald Joseph Crawford Pennsylvania 

Daniel Clifford Crook, III Maryland 

Daniel H. Crowley, Jr Maryland 

Jim L. DeCesare D. C. 

Sheldon Norman Dobres Maryland 

Warren Bird Duckett, Jr Maryland 

Robert Neal Dugan Maryland 

Jeffrey Howard Dunn Maryland 

James F. Durkin, III Maryland 

B. Patricia Parish Dyson Maryland 

Robert Edward Lee Eaton, Jr Maryland 

Lee Finkelstein Maryland 

Rodney Fletcher Maryland 

Philip Omer Foard Maryland 

Roland Wilmer Ford Maryland 

Michael Alvin Freedman Maryland 

Hilmar Louis Fricke Delaware 

Gordon Dunlap Fronk Maryland 

James Mitsuo Furukawa Hawaii 

William Edward Gallagher, Jr.. .Maryland 

Joseph Edward Glass, Sr Maryland 

David Ralph Glickman Maryland 

Herbert Goldman Maryland 

Gary Alan Goldstein New York- 

Richard Walter Graham, III Maryland 

John P. Greenspan Maryland 

Philip Joseph Charles GvEt^ZER.. Maryland 

Edward Hopkins Hammond, Jr Maryland 

Marvin Terry Harmatz Maryland 

John Paul Healy Maryland 

Stanford Donald Hess Maryland 

James Joseph Howard Maryland 

James P. Ingraham Maryland 

Saul Jablon Maryland 

William Warner Kerman Maryland 

Lawrence Leo Kiefer Maryland 

Lawrence Martin Kloze Maryland 

Albert Christian Kolbye, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Lee Lasson Maryland 

Ronald Jay Lipman Maryland 

Thomas Allen Lisle Maryland 

William Scott Little, Sr Maryland 

Sheldon Murray London Maryland 

William Roland MacDonald Maryland 

Andrew Stewart Manning Maryland 

Guy B. Maseritz Maryland 

Alan Durwood Massengill Maryland 

Eugene Douglas Mattison Maryland 

Joseph Francis McBride Maryland 

Kevin John McCarthy Maryland 

Joseph Patrick McMahon Maryland 

Richard Baldwin Moore Maryland 

Stanley Joseph Neuhauser Maryland 

Mary Kathleen O'Ferrall Maryland 

Donald Edward Overton Maryland 

Beatrice C. Pitkin Maryland 

James Earle Plumhoff Maryland 

Bruce Allen Posnak Maryland 

John Gilbert Prendergast, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Jerome Quirk Maryland 

Anthony M. Renaldo Maryland 

Gerald Murray Richman Maryland 

Lewis J. Roberts Connecticut 

Stanley Barry Rohd Maryland 

Marya Anna Rowan Virginia 

Richard Edward Satzman California 

Robert James Schick Maryland 

Stephen Arnold ScHNEEBERGER....Marj/?ar!d 

Robert Worthington Shook Maryland 

Edward James Smith, Jr Maryland 

Leonard J. Sperling Maryland 

Dwight Charles Stone Maryland 

James Dorsey Stone Maryland 

Ronald Eugene Strine Maryland 

Donald Robert Stutman Maryland 

Charles Martin Tatelbaum Maryland 

Daniel O'Connell Tracy, Jr Maryland 

Michael Gene Trainer Maryland 

James Franklin Truitt, Jr Maryland 

Mary Woods Walch Maryland 

Harlan Lee Weiss Maryland 

George Hamilton White Maryland 

James H. Wood, Jr Maryland 

William Thompson Wood Maryland 

Douglas GEOFFRErsf Worrall Maryland 

Richard Stansbury Zahn Maryland 

Otho Brown Zimmer, Jr Maryland 

32 1966 Commencement Exercises. 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Gerald Adam Bange Maryland 

KiRBY Joseph BarGER Maryland 

William Walter Bowers Maryland 

Harry Nelson Burns Maryland 

Robert Thomas Callis D. C. 

Travis Austin Campbell Maryland 

Reginald Bastine Canaday Maryland 

Dale Eugene Churchey Maryland 

Charles Benjamin Coffman Maryland 

Richard Ball Colburn Maryland 

William B. Consolazio Maryland 

Richard Waller Cooper, Jr Maryland 

Richard William Daniel Maryland 

Charles Breckinridge Debnam. ...Marytanrf 

Gary Charles DeOms Maryland 

Martha Dingee Maryland 

Leslie Francis Dix, Jr Maryland 

Diane Kowalski Doll Maryland 

Richard Alvin Edwards Maryland 

Linda Lee Everett Maryland 

Paige Donald Funkhouser, Jr Maryland 

William Francis Ganley Maryland 

Allen Mercer Garst Maryland 

Phillip Gilden Maryland 

Robert Melvin Goldman Maryland 

William George Harris Maryland 

Thomas William Harvey D. C. 

George Edgar Hawker, Jr Maryland 

John Leroy Hellman, Jr Maryland 

Elton Warren Herbert Maryland 

Wayne Marion Holland Maryland 

Richard Henry Hubbard Maryland 

Herbert Franklin Jarrell Maryland 

Ernst Jan Ketel Maryland 

John Dow King Maryland 

Thomas Joynes MacCubbin Maryland 

Charles H. Marshall Maryland 

Wayne Edward Marshall Maryland 

John Allie Messer Maryland 

David Arthur Miller Maryland 

William Lee Morris Maryland 

John Berkman Norris, Jr Maryland 

John Paul O'Mara Maryland 

Thomas Carlton Payne Maryland 

Charles Alton Pearl Maryland 

William Claude Phillips Maryland 

William Hanley Ragsdale Maryland 

Victor Herbert Rieck Maryland 

Susan Anne Riley Maryland 

John Wesley Rinehart Pennsylvania 

Henry Arthur Robitaille Maryland 

Joel David Rosenthal Maryland 

Donald Martin Rothgeb Georgia 

Bernard Arnold Schneider Maryland 

Albert Morris Severtsen Maryland 

Kenneth Robert Smitley Pennsylvania 

Guy Stewart Stanton, Jr Maryland 

Inga Ilse Erika Stellmacher Maryland 

Manya Brooke Stoetzel Maryland 

William D. B. Swezey Virginia 

Gordon Kiyoto Tanaka Hawaii 

Edwin Alec Thomas Maryland 

Barry James Thompson Connecticut 

John Victor Thompson Maryland 

Janet Lee Webster Virginia 

Lawrence Ross Whitney Maryland 

Michael Lee Wiseman Maryland 

Richard Douglas Wootton Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Charles Manning, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Myra Joan Aaron Maryland 

Elaine R. Abbott Maryland 

Christine Carew Abrams Maryland 

Vernon Garner Abrams, Jr Georgia 

Gay Abramson Maryland 

Emery Joseph Adams Marylayid 

Diane Elizabeth Adamson Maryland 

Verna Elise Adamson Maryland 

Joan Ellen Ahrens Maryland 

University of Maryland. 3 3 

DiANNE Alfandre Maryland 

Betty L. Ammerman Maryland 

Diane Marie Amoroso Maryland 

Robert Felix Ampula Maryland 

John Anders Anderson New Jersey 

Kenneth Brian Anderson Maryland 

David William Armstrong Maryland 

Margo Helene Astran Maryland 

Linda Rose Auerbach New York 

Jane Ann Ault Maryland 

Susan Gail Bagwell Maryland 

Charlotte Dulaney Baker Maryland 

Eileen Brown Baltzer Michigan 

Janet Carol Banigan Maryland 

Salvatore Robert Barone New Jersey 

James Edward Barrett Maryland 

Linda Joann Bartoo Maryland 

Frances Kay Baseman Maryland 

Michael D. Bass Maryland 

Judith Musikant Basson Maryland 

Howard Richard Bates Maryland 

Thomas Karl Baxter Maryland 

John Milton Beach Maryland 

Edna Belle Beachum Pennsylvania 

Charles Ronald Beal Maryland 

Harvey Calvert Beavers, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Andrew Becco, Jr Maryland 

Katherine E. Beck Maryland 

Avis Ann Becker Maryland 

Ronald Henry Becker Maryland 

Nancy Meily Beckner Maryland 

Carl Behm, III Maryland 

Ellen Ann Beinert Maryland 

David Harry Bell, Jr Maryland 

Phyllis Epstein Belman Maryland 

John Ralph Bender Maryland 

Judith Ellen Bendich Maryland 

Joseph George Benner Maryland 

John Michael Bennett Maryland 

Michael Ralph Bensimon Maryland 

Anne Harrison Besore Maryland 

Paul Byron Bevard Texas 

Victor Francis Joseph Biringer, III 

New Jersey 

Judy Jean Bishara Maryland 

Betty Lou Bittinger Maryland 

Robert Allan Black D. C. 

Robert Leverne Blauvelt, Jr Maryland 

Linda Irene Blow Maryland 

Helen Dolores Blumberg Maryland 

Elissa Ann Blumenthal Maryland 

Joseph Eugene Boiseau Maryland 

Sheldon Isadore Bolasny D. C. 

Robert Frederick Bories, Jr Maryland 

Stuart Murray Bounds Maryland 

Theodore Clinton Boyer Maryland 

Samuel R. Bradley D. C. 

Diane Marie Bradshaw D. C. 

Gerald Bernard Brahms Maryland 

Arthur Stewart Branch Maryland 

Lou Ella Evalyn Branham Maryland 

Joanne Dee Brewer Maryland 

Beatrice Anne Brickell Maryland 

Richard Paul Bricken Maryland 

Olivia Ann Brickey Maryland 

Donna Lee Bright Maryland 

Rae Broadhurst Maryland 

Marilynn Ilene Brodnick Maryland 

Donald Andrew Brown Maryland 

John Francis Brown Maryland 

Louise Carol Brown Maryland 

Susan Margaret Brown Maryland 

Harvey S. Browne, IV Maryland 

Jeffrey Eric Brownstein Maryland 

Mary Eleanor Brugger Maryland 

Susan Elise Bryan Maryland 

Linda Elyse Bryce Maryland 

A. Julian Brylawski, III Maryland 

Sophia Buas Maryland 

Susan Parker Bubert Maryland 

Robert John Buchanan Maryland 

Barry Keith Buckley Maryland 

Charles Martin Budoff Maryland 

John Thomas Buffington Maryland 

Sue p. Burk Maryland 

Franklyn Norman Burke Maryland 

Michael William Burke Maryland 

Martin Thomas Burkhouse Maryland 

Marvin Robert Burman Maryland 

James Eugene Burns Maryland 

Edward S. Bushong, Jr Maryland 

Daniel William Cagan Maryland 

James Douglas Calder Maryland 

Maria John Callas Maryland 

Steve J. Caminis Maryland 

Mary Joy Campbell Maryland 

Michael Caplan Maryland 

Harold Blaine Caplinger D. C. 

Mary Antoinette Cakgnelli D. C. 

Gail Ruth Carlson Maryland 

34 -?^^ff Commencement Exercises. 

Robin Louise Carter Maryland 

Dacy Virginia Case Maryland 

Charles Francis Cave Maryland 

Dennis Lane Caville Maryland 

Richard Thomas Cecil Maryland 

David Ernest Chaffon Maryland 

Charles Moulton Chamberlin, III 


Ralph H. Chambers Maryland 

Lawrence Walton Chamblee New York 

Paul Eugene Chaney, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Frank Peter Chapman 

New York 

Peiscilla Anne Chapman Maryland 

Abraham N. Charrick Maryland 

Douglas Wendell Cheek Maryland 

James Thomas Chenault Maryland 

Michael William Chilcoat Maryland 

Frederick William Christensen 


Charles Michael Citrenbaum Maryland 

M. Carolyn Clark Maryland 

Margaret Milam Clark Maryland 

Mary Teresa Clark Maryland 

Barbara Jeanne Clayton Maryland 

Janet Alice Clifford Massachusetts 

Ursula Coenen Maryland 

Leslie F. Cohen D. C. 

Paula Ann Cohen Maryland 

Stephen Jay Cohen Maryland 

Robert Alan Cole Maryland 

William Stephenson Cole, Jr Maryland 

Beverly Kay Colona Maryland 

Bernard J. Comeau Maryland 

Paul Joseph Connor, Jr Maryland 

Jeanette Anna Connors Maryland 

John Anton Cook Georgia 

Phyllis Anne Cook Maryland 

Judith Christine Cooke Maryland 

Harriet Carlisle Cooper Maryland 

Lawrence David Coppel Maryland 

Michael Alan Cornfeld Maryland 

David Martin Costello Maryland 

Renee Carol Courtois Maryland 

Kenneth David Coxon Maryland 

Terese Alice Crowley Maryland 

Arthur Lee Culiner Maryland 

Shelley Marie Cullison Maryland 

Ernest Louis Cunningham Maryland 

Phyllis Ruth Dacus Maryland 

Arthur Daidakis Maryland 

Carl Allen Dalton Maryland 

C. Robert Daly Maryland 

John George Daly Maryland 

Eric Marshall Dash Maryland 

Anne Ruth Datres New Jersey 

Clinton William Davie Maryland 

Benjamin Ford Davis Maryland 

Eileen Haavik Davis Maryland 

Sheila Elaine Davis Maryland 

Jerald Stuart Davitz Maryland 

Sue LeGuin Dayton Maryland 

Margaret Louise DeCelle Maryland 

Edward DeFranceschi Maryland 

Frances Kay Dellinger D. C. 

Barbara Voncile DeMont Maryland 

Shirley Kathleen DENCHFiELD....Mar2//ai!rf 

Susan Jane Densberger Maryland 

Patricia A. DeSouza Maryland 

Geoffrey Porter Detmold Maryland 

Michael Robert Deutschman Maryland 

Samuel Enos Dicus, III Maryland 

John Charles Dieman Maryland 

William Danis Dobson Maryland 

Bruce Allen Dollar Maryland 

Rebecca Jean Doman Maryland 

Evelyn A. Donohoe Maryland 

Virginia Lee Dorwart Maryland 

Thomas James Douma California 

Charles James Dowden Maryland 

Kathleen Marie Draper Maryland 

Elizabeth Frances Drydale Maryland 

Richard Armand DuChateau Maryland 

Dennis D. Duffy Maryland 

Michael Paul DuMonceau Maryland 

Robert George Dure Maryland 

Richard G. Economos Virginia 

Martha Ann Edwards Maryland 

Gerald Lawrence Efrom Maryland 

Tanya Lee Eierman Maryland 

Arthur C. Einhorn Maryland 

Robert Hollis Ekleberry, Jr Virginia 

George Robert Elder, Jr Maryland 

Howard Charles Ellis Maryland 

Kathleen F. Engler Maryland 

Jean Carol Erickson Maryland 

Peter Horst Ertel Maryland 

Richard M. Eterginio Connecticut 

Robert Vincent Etzel Maryland 

Paul J. Eubank Maryland 

Omar Dale Evans Maryland 

University of Maryland. 3 5 

GiLLEM Julian Ewell D. C. 

John Marvin Eyler Maryland 

Frances Evelyn Farrington Maryland 

Debbie Lynn Federman Maryland 

David Feigenson Maryland 

Nancy Susan Feinroth Maryland 

Elizabeth A. Ferguson Maryland 

Arlene Naomi Ferris Maryland 

Elisabeth Ann Field New Jersey 

Pearl Darling Fielders, Jr Maryland 

David Michael Fineman Maryland 

Howard Marshall Fink Maryland 

Harvey Bert Firester New York 

Kathleen L. Fish Maryland 

George William Fitch, Jr Pemisylvania 

Janice Lee Flanagan Maryland 

Mario John Florek Colorado 

William Cay Floyd Maryland 

Kathleen Marie Forsythe Maryland 

John Michael Fowler Maryland 

Harry Fox Tennessee 

Mary Paulette Frallic Maryland 

Ralph Eugene France Maryland 

James Robert Francis Maryland 

David Elliott Frank D. C. 

Vivian Dianne Franklin Maryland 

Peter Richard Fredricksen Maryland 

Brant William Free, Jr Maryland 

Susan Lynn Freed Maryland 

Douglas Carlisle Freeler Maryland 

Frederick Gary Freeman Maryland 

Jan Denise Banks Fuchs Maryland 

Robert Daniel Fulghum D. C. 

Richard Wells Fuller Virginia 

Richard Lewis Gaines New Jersey 

Grace Veronica Gallup Maryland 

Kendall Wesley Gambrill Maryland 

Joseph Garonzik Maryland 

Harry Louis Gastley Maryland 

Mary Ellen Gately Maryland 

Lance Collins Gay Maryland 

David Lee Gellman Maryland 

Amrei J. Gerathewohl Maryland 

Linda Christine Gibbs Maryland 

GuYNETH Gibson Delaware 

Phyllis Ann Gimbel Maryland 

William Gordon Giazier.... New Hampshire 

Mary Florence Glenn Maryland 

Lavtoence Arthur Glick Maryland 

Howard Thomas Glines Rhode Island 

John C. Gochenour Maryland 

James Allen Godfrey Maryland 

Stanley Owen Goldberg Maryland 

David Louis Goldfaden Maryland 

Judith E. Goldstein Maryland 

Stephanie Ffrench Golladay Maryland 

Jerry Edward Gonce Maryland 

Gail Ann Good Maryland 

Phillip Edward Goodall Maryland 

Ellen Gordon Maryland 

Susan Theresa Gorsuch Maryland 

Olivia Eileen Greenbaum Maryland 

Roger Everett Greenberg Maryland 

Stephen Warren Greenfield Maryland 

Michael Albert Grieb Maryland 

Samuel Walker Griffith Maryland 

Frances Ann Grizzard Maryland 

Stephen Mark Groark Maryland 

Susan R. Grobman Maryland 

William Vincent Gross Maryland 

Jacqueline Hale Pennsylvania 

Margaret Dudrow Hall Maryland 

Nina Susan Hand Maryland 

Joyce Smith Haney Maryland 

Barbara Cheryl Hankla Maryland 

Diane Lee Hantman Maryland 

Margaret T. Harder Maryland 

Carole Lee Harding Maryland 

Thomas Russell Hardy Maryland 

Michael Brent Hare Maryland 

Caren Lee Harnest Maryland 

Lovett Lee Harrell New York 

AiNSLEE Harris Maryland 

Judith Ann Harris Maryland 

Kathryn Deborah Harris Maryland 

Benjamin Wright Harrison Virginia 

Ellsworth Wayne Harrison Maryland 

Joseph George Harrison, Jr Maryland 

Alan Robert Harvey Pennsylvania 

James Elmer Harvey Maryland 

Richard Norman Harvey Maryland 

Robert Henry Haslinger Maryland 

James Ethelbert Hatcher, 111... .Maryland 

Gretchen Therese Hau Maryland 

Melvin Richard Hayward, Jr Maryland 

Sheila Maria Hennessey Maryland 

Richard Ernest Henrichsen Maryland 

Genie Hershaft Maryland 

Michael E. Hess Maryland 

Robert William Hickey Maryland 

Robert Earl Higdon Maryland 

Raymond Francis Hilliard Maryland 

Ilene Sue Hillman Maryland 

Nancy Ferriter Hindman Maryland 

Alfred Ware Hobelmann Virginia 

Stephanie A. Hodziewich Maryland 

Peter Frederic Hoffman Maryland 

Raymond Carlton Holloway Maryland 

36 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Carol Jane Holmead Maryland 

Cecelia Ann Hooton Maryland 

Michael Andrew Hoovejr Pennsylvania 

Patricia Ann Hopkins Maryland 

Donald Bernard Hordes Maryland 

Irene Ruth Horn Maryland 

Robert Julius Horn Maryland 

James Ronald Horton Maryland 

Alan Gerson Horwitz Maryland 

Thomas Foster Houff Maryland 

Linda Muir House D. C. 

Judith Marla Huber Pennsylvania 

Patrick Raymond Hudson Maryland 

Jacqueline Sue Hufendick Maryland 

James Russell Hughes Maryland 

Sandra Rae Hughes Illinois 

John Charles Hull Maryland 

Leslie Theodore Hunovice Maryland 

Martha Louise Hunt Maryland 

Lauris Butler Hunter Maryland 

Jon Coulson Hur Maryland 

Judith Ann Hurvitz D. C. 

Murray Robert Hyman Maryland 

Ellen Budd Invernizzi Maryland 

Barbara Ann Jackson Maryland 

George M. Jaeger, Jr Maryland 

Marshall Alan Janoff Maryland 

Nancy Louise Jaquith Maryland 

Theodore J. Jaskowitz Maryland 

Glenn E. Jennings Maryland 

Alice Winthrop Johnson Maryland 

Jay Steven Kahan Maryland 

Robert Petrus Wilhelm Ranters 


Stephen David Karr Maryland 

Stephen Zeivel Kaufman Maryland 

Richard Lewis Kautz New Jersey 

Martin Louis Kearney Maryland 

Detlef Peter Jurgen Keckel Maryland 

Shirley Beck Kedes Maryland 

Richard Keller Maryland 

Bruce Alan Kellner Maryland 

Jackie Wayne Kerns Maryland 

Dorothy Allene Kessler Maryland 

Melvin Franklin Key Maryland 

Robert G. Kicherer Maryland 

Arthur Spalding Kidwell, Jr Maryland 

Wesley Earl Kidwell, Jr Maryland 

Margaret Mary Kilby Maryland 

John MacDonald King Maryland 

Bonnie Glover Kirby Maryland 

Diane Gail Kirchenbauer Maryland 

Carol Elizabeth Kirkley Maryland 

Craig Mason Kirkpatrick, Jr Maryland 

Allen Wayne Kirson Maryland 

Peggy Anne Kittle Maryland 

Vicki Sheila Klar Virginia 

Norman L. Klein Maryland 

Carol Dorothy Klotsch Maryland 

Wendy Sue Klotzman Maryland 

Philip James Knapp Maryland 

Charles Howard Koch, Jr Maryland 

Helaine Louise Koenig Maryland 

Michael Edward Koenig Maryland 

Nicholas Koras Maryland 

Gail Judith Korb Maryland 

John Iwan Korz Maryland 

John Stanley Koziol, Jr Maryland 

Charles Edward Krahling Maryland 

Edward J. Krieg Maryland 

Gary L. Krulewitz Maryland 

Donald James Kunkoski Maryland 

Daniel George Kupchyk Maryland 

Walter Edgar Laake, Jr Maryland 

Michael Edward LaBorde Maryland 

Thomas Lachowicz Maryland 

Annette Ehrlich Lakein Maryland 

Barry Burton Laken Maryland 

William M. Lambe Maryland 

William Francis Lamoreaux, Jr. 


Hank Charles Landay Maryland 

Karen M. Lange D. C. 

John Anthony Lapes D. C. 

Albert Joseph LaRose Maryland 

Marjorie Anne Larson Maryland 

Louise Elaine Laska Maryland 

David Lassiter D. C. 

Julius Lazer New York 

John G. Leber Maryland 

Carol M. Lee Maryland 

Paul Robert Lee Maryland 

Alan Maury Lehrman Maryland 

Rhona G. Leibel Maryland 

Judith Rae Leibowitz Maryland 

Michael Anthony Leonhard Maryland 

Ray Franklin Lepore Maryland 

Louis Leopold Lesser Maryland 

Denyse Barrie Levin Maryland 

Ervin Theodore Levin Maryland 

Gary Jay Levin Maryland 

Diane A. Levine Maryland 

DoRAN Jay Levy Maryland 

Shirley Lynn Levy Maryland 

Ruth Sandra Liebergott Maryland 

Carole Jane Lilienfeld Maryland 

University of Maryland. 37 

Henry Joseph Lilly D. C. 

DiANNE Taylor Lindsay Maryland 

Daniel Jay Lipstein Maryland 

Madeline Diane Litman Maryland 

Nancy Jean Little Maryland 

Eugene Robert Littleford Maryland 

Ralph Dixon Logan Maryland 

Victor Lomacky D. C. 

Susan Harriet Loomis Maryland 

Candace Ann Losure Maryland 

John Ellison Loth, Jr Virginia 

Rose Linda Love Maryland 

Karen Ann MacQuesten New Jersey 

John Daniel Mahoney Manjland 

Mary Patricia Mann Maryland 

Robert E. Manning Maryland 

Charles Joseph Mannix Maryland 

William Joseph Maraist, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Marcus Maryland 

Bryan Evan Margolis Maryland 

Paul Frederick Marks Maryland 

John R. Martin D. C. 

Ruth Elizabeth Martin Maryland 

Carol Ann Marx Marylayid 

George A. Massios Maryland 

James Robert Mathews Maryland 

Carol Frances Matthews Marylayid 

Robert William Maurer Ohio 

Sarah Gordon Maury Maryland 

Janet Lynne Mayberry Maryland 

Susan Ann McAllister Maryland 

Kathleen Mary McCahill Maryland 

Ronald Thomas McCall Netv Jersey 

Helen Steele McCausland Maryland 

Janet Cohee McCleary Maryland 

Richard Royden McCleary Maryland 

Robert Francis McCleary Maryland 

Margaret Stroh McComas, II Maryland 

Kenneth Robert McCormick Colorado 

Matthew John McDonald Maryland 

John James McEwan, III Maryland 

Patricia Kathleen McGinty D. C. 

Patricia Ann McGuckian Maryland 

Alice Christine McGurty Maryland 

John Lawrence McIntosh, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Allen McKee Maryland 

Helen McLaughlin Maryland 

Margaret Ann McNulty Maryland 

William Daniels Meara, Jr New York 

Constance Cooper Mech Maryland 

Treva Ann Meisel Maryland 

David Meister Maryland 

William Morgan Melhuish Maryland 

Joan Linda Melnicove Maryland 

Edgar Thomas Merryweather Maryland 

Karen Jeanne Michalec Pennsylvania 

Margot Michel Maryland 

Rina Marilyn Michnoff Maryland 

LoREN John Mickle New York 

Stephen Luskin Miles Maryland 

Cynthia R. Milkman Maryland 

Barbara Sue Miller Maryland 

David Philip Miller Maryland 

James E. Miller, Jr Maryland 

Larry Irwin Miller Maryland 

Lawrence Ray Miller Maryland 

Linda Ray Miller Maryland 

Mary Katherine Miller D. C. 

Merilyn Miller Maryland 

Shirley Ann Miller Maryland 

Susan Patricia Miller Maryland 

Vernon Hooper Miller, Jr Maryland 

Rix Marion Mills Tennessee 

Philip George Milot Maryland 

Michael Kent Minor Maryland 

Joseph Francis Misenko, Jr Kansas 

Stephen Thomas Mitchell Maryland 

Mary Antonina Moien Maryland 

Robert K. Moncure Maryland 

JUDSON Taylor Monroe Maryland 

Mary Eugenia Montgomery Maryland 

Stephen Girard Mood Maryland 

Paulette Moore Maryland 

Catherine Jane Moran Maryland 

Carol Ann Morris Maryland 

Dennis Michael Morrison Maryland 

William Harold Morstein Maryland 

Jacqueline Grace Morton Maryland 

Robert Earle Mottern, Jr Virginia 

Patricia Dee Mullendore Maryland 

Robert Grover Munsey Maryland 

Jane Katherine Munz Maryland 

Valerie Rita Murphy Ecuador 

John Theodore Murtaugh Maryland 

Sandra Jane Myrant Maryland 

Robert Stephen Naftal Maryland 

Frances Bluestone Nebesky Maryland 

Gerald L. Needelman Maryland 

David Matthews Needham Maryland 

Michael Vincent Needham D. C. 

Thomas Herron Neely Virginia 

38 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Maria de Lourdes Negron Maryland 

Eve Ann Neviaser Maryland 

Robert Francis Newkirt Maryland 

Charles Stuart Nicewarner Maryland 

Anne Grace Nicholas Maryland 

Emma Jeanne Bell NiCHOLSON....A'/arj/?awd 

Betsy Moore Nissly Maryland 

Zekiye Tozel Nodjomian Maryland 

Michael Philip Noonberg Maryland 

Diane Marie Norton Maryland 

William Marshall Nullmeyer.. ..Mari/fanrf 

Meryl Nadine Nusbaum Maryland 

Heidi Maria Nuttle Maryland 

William Daniel O'Brien Maryland 

Frederick Merrill O'Connor, Jr. 

New York 

Carol Elaine Okerlund Maryland 

James Louis O'Kunze Maryland 

Richard Edward Olmer Maryland 

James Davis Palmer New York 

Robert Keith Palmer Maryland 

Joan Evelyn Panitz Maryland 

Richard Anthony Parolski Maryland 

Angelo Thomas Patterson Maryland 

Mary Katherine Patterson Maryland 

William Davies Pease Rhode Island 

Loraine Frances Pedolsky Maryland 

Jo Ann Peterson Maryland 

Robert Andrew Peterson Maryland 

Bonnie Jean Pettebone Maryland 

Joseph Edward Pfaff Maryland 

Dorothy Ellis Piper Maryland 

Gloria Maxine Pitzen Maryland 

Ellen Donna Pollak Maryland 

Benjamin Eugene Porto Maryland 

John F. Prusch Maryland 

Nancy Lorraine Pkyce South Carolina 

James Warren Pulliam Maryland 

David Robert Pusey Maryland 

Mary Lois Rachuba Maryland 

Charlotte A. Raines Maryland 

Joseph Emile Ralph New Jersey 

Jack Oliver Raun Maryland 

JUTTA Renate Reed Maryland 

Mary Olive Reinhart Maryland 

Gert Hardy Reintal Maryland 

Marc Harrison Reisner Neio York 

Alice Ann Reynolds Maryland 

Walter Burton Richards Maryland 

Albert Leon Richardson Virginia 

Robert Len Richardson Maryland 

Charlotte Betty Richter Maryland 

George Blackstone Riggin, Jr Maryland 

George Raymond Ritmiller, Jr Maryland 

HarwOOD Hugo Ritter, II Maryland 

Velta Ritums Maryland 

Jon Nelson Roberts Pennsylvania 

Charles Ronald Robinson Ne%u York 

Thomas Dewey Robinson Maryland 

John Edward Robson Maryland 

Barbara Frances Rochow Maryland 

Richard Alan Roepke Maryland 

Vincent Carlton Rogers Maryland 

Ruth A. Rohrer Maryland 

William Ross Roman Maryland 

Susan Sara Ropkin Marijland 

James Douglas Rorer Maryland 

Joan Gutman Rosen Maryland 

Janet Lee Ross Maryland 

Susan Ann Rothenberg Maryland 

Ivan Isaac Rotkovitz Maryland 

Sonya O. Rovin Maryland 

Charles Eric Royer Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Rubenstein D. C. 

Gary G. Rubenstein Maryland 

Alan Ronald Rubin Maryland 

Manuel I. Ruiz Maryland 

Sama Kasim Rusan Maryland 

James Joseph Ryan, Jr Maryland 

Alan Richard Sachs Maryland 

Judith Shirley Saftlas Maryland 

Phillip Louis Sagal Maryland 

Rosalie Rebecca Sager Virginia 

Nasra Ann Sakran Maryland 

Robert D. Salzer Maryland 

Bernard Barry Salzman Maryland 

Eileen Joan Banker Maryland 

Donna Marie Savary Maryland 

M. Janet Beales Sawyer Maryland 

Nancy Lowry Sayre Maryland 

Francine Schaeffer Maryland 

Sharon Irons Schaible Maryland 

Carol Ann Schapiro Maryland 

Gary Allan Schapiro Maryland 

Elizabeth Mary Scheffler Maryland 

Clifford Schein Maryland 

Robert Scherr Maryland 

Keith Charles Schneider Maryland 

Sandra Hartke Schott Maryland 

Marilyn Beth Schuman Maryland 

Gretchen E. Schwarting D. C. 

University of Maryland. 3 9 

Jeremy Ira Schwartz Maryland 

Barbara Anne Scott Virginia 

Nancy Sue Scott Maryland 

Patricia Snyder Seibold Maryland 

Barbara Ellen Seidenberg Maryland 

Barry P. Selig Maryland 

Jo Ann Sencer Maryland 

James Vincent Setta Maryland 

Maha Zekin Shakhashiri Maryland 

Louis J. Shalcosky, Jr Maryland 

George Terry Sharrer Maryland 

Mary Agnes Shearin Maryland 

Carole Ann Shehade Maryland 

Marylin Maude Sherbert Maryland 

Penelope Anne Shields Maryland 

Susan C. Shinderman Maryland 

Jane Elizabeth Shuping Maryland 

Ellendea C. Sidwell Maryland 

Joyce B. Siegel Maryland 

Ellen Carol Siegman Maryland 

Aaron Silberstrom Maryland 

David Michael Simonson Maryland 

Delana Mae Singer Maryland 

Ilene Judith Sinsky Maryland 

John Windust Sixbey Arkansas 

Stratford Basil Skalkos Massachusetts 

Stefan Rogers Skipp Maryland 

Robert Jeffrey Skoblow New Jersey 

Robert Barnett Slatkin Maryland 

Marian Alberta Small Maryland 

Osborn Tucker Smallwood, Jr Maryland 

Charles Duvall Smith Maryland 

Glenn Clyburn Smith Maryland 

Janet Lee Smith Maryland 

Judith Lea Smith New York 

Robert Martin Smith Maryland 

Vernon Randall Smith Maryland 

Martha Lynn Smithson Maryland 

Katharine Elizabeth Snell Maryland 

Jon Dundee Snodgrass Maryland 

Albert Jan Snyder Maryland 

Susan Duke Southmayd Maryland 

Margaret Candace Spellacy Maryland 

Sherry Lee Spence Maryland 

Lawrence Michael Spillan Maryland 

Jordan Marvin Spivok Maryland 

Deana Kay Sponsler D. C. 

Thora Emily Stanwood Maryland 

Catherine S. Steele Maryland 

Helen Louise Stein Maryland 

Stanley Mark Steinberg Maryland 

Edward Abram Steiner Maryland 

Jenny Ide Steinmetz Maryland 

Roger Bruce Sterk Maryland 

Frank Gum Sterrett, Jr D. C. 

J. Perry Stevenson Maryland 

Edward Hubbard Stewart, Jr Maryland 

John Sloan Stewart Pennsylvania 

Eric F. Stoer Maryland 

Nicholas Scott Stoer Maryland 

James Charles Strouse Maryland 

Carol Ann Stup Maryland 

Jacquelyn Elaine Summers Maryland 

Nancy Fay Sutin Maryland 

Stephen Svatik, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Stanley Sweeney Maryland 

Carole Duvall Sweetman Maryland 

Alice Nan Sykes California 

Mary Leeba Tabor Maryland 

Mary Jane Taggart Maryland 

Betsy Allison Tait Maryland 

William Earl Tamblyn, Jr Maryland 

Atwood Barrett Tate Maryland 

Cassandra Allen Taylor Maryland 

William Morris Taylor Maryland 

William Dewitt Teeple Maryland 

George Willett Tenley, Jr Maryland 

William Vincent Thomas Maryland 

M. Carolyn Tobey Maryland 

Sharon Ann Toney Maryland 

Margaret Truntich Maryland 

Eugenia S. Tsimis Maryland 

Franklin Joseph Tudisco Maryland 

Karen Elaine Tulin Florida 

Basil William Tydings Maryland 

David North Ulrich Maryland 

John Allen Underwood Maryland 

Charles Vance Van Hoozer California 

Joseph Anthony Vasta, Jr Maryland 

Todd Kirkpatrick Vaughan D. C. 

Thomas Keith Verzi Virginia 

Kaspar Videnieks Maryland 

Carol Vine Maryland 

Michael Irving Volk Maryland 

David Richard Vreeland Maryland 

Robert Richmond Wagoner Maryland 

Christine Wells Walter Maryland 

Mary Jane Warburton Maryland 

Cynthia Tull Ward Maryland 

Wayne Douglas Ward Maryland 

Matthew Kilmer Wathen Maryland 

Elizabeth R. Watkins Maryland 

Michael Leslie Watson Maryland 

40 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Suzanne Sirota Watts D. C. 

Delancey Webster Virginia 

Marlene Renee Wecker Maryland 

Georgana Louise Weidner Maryland 

Harry Charles Weiskittel Maryland 

Rosalind Gayle Weiss Maryland 

Barbara J. Weller Pennsylvania 

Ken Stewart Welsch Maryland 

Douglas Pelman Wendel Maryland 

William Roland Wermine Maryland 

Beth Millward Wescott Maryland 

Douglas John Whaley Texas 

Charlotte Jeannette White Maryland 

Sharon Lee White Maryland 

Thomas Maynard White Maryland 

Joel Henry Wickens Maryland 

Margrit Johanna Wiebach Maryland 

Esperanza Mejia Wiemann Maryland 

Harris Raymond Wilburn, Jr D. C. 

Adrienne Marie Wilks Maryland 

Raymond Allen Willey Maryland 

Bobby Eugene Williams Maryland 

Diane R. Wilson Maryland 

Robert Mark Twain Wilson Maryland 

James John Wiltshire Maryland 

Robert E. Windrow Maryland 

Craig Thompson Wisotzki Maryland 

Carole Leslie Witt Maryland 

Marilyn L. Witt Maryland 

Carol Lee Wolfson Maryland 

Richard Harvey Wolin Maryland 

Susan Elise Woodard Maryland 

Anne Virginia Wright Maryland 

Donald Rogers Wright Maryland 

Preston Wilburn Wright, III Maryland 

Stuart Richard Yaffe Maryland 

Arthur Paul Young Maryland 

Stephen Allen Young Maryland 

Fredric Paul Younkins Maryland 

Michael Jon Zajic Maryland 

Charles Zeitzoff Maryland 

John Gary Zimmerman Maryland 

Jane R. Zupan Georgia 

Ellen Louise Zurborg Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Elizabeth Ann Abel Connecticut 

Neil Richard Ackerman Maryland 

Saul Joseph Adelman Maryland 

Robert Leroy Appler Maryland 

Robert Reynolds Aquilino Maryland 

Donald Edward Avery Maryland 

Bankard Frederick Baer, Jr Maryland 

Richard Leo Bailey Illinoin 

Thomas Elmer Baldwin Maryland 

Milton Henry Balser Maryland 

Aldis Baltins Maryland 

Robert Craig Baltzer Michigan 

Elwood Eugene Barnes Maryland 

Betty Lee Beck Maryland 

Gary Allen Belaga Maryland 

Howard Israel Benesch Maryland 

Donald Lowell Bennett Maryland 

Betsy Carol Blades Maryland 

Margaret Christine Blomquist. ...Marj/Zanrf 

Richard Alan Bloomfield Maryland 

Carol Lyn Bonas Maryland 

Andrew Patrick Bond Maryland 

Lucille Annette Borgen Maryland 

Ronald Eugene Bost Maryland 

Marcia Bonnie Bromer Maryland 

Mark Richard Bronstein Maryland 

Frederick Alois Brown, Jr Maryland 

Jonathan Gary Brown Maryland 

Richard William Brown Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Brown Maryland 

Greg Burrowes Maryland 

Edward Henry Cahill Maryland 

Conrad Stephen Calley D. C. 

Charles Crawford Canada, Jr Maryland 

Matthew James Canaris Maryland 

John Phillip Carlson Washington 

Harold Marvin Cassell Maryland 

Cherie Mildred Caulk Maryland 

Francis Edward Cecil Maryland 

William G. Chang Maryland 

Jenny Ruth Clagett Maryland 

Joseph S. Clinton Pennsylvania 

Jerome Leonard Cohen Maryland 

William Irvin Cohen Maryland 

University of Maryland. 4 1 

Warren Spencer Colison Maryland 

Patricia Fay Colwell Maryland 

Leo Albert Courtney, III Maryland 

John Coviello Maryland 

DwiGHT Evers Cramer Maryland 

George Herbert Cramer Maryland 

Robert Alan Creller Maryland 

Charles Palmer Croft, Jr Maryland 

Robert Gordon Gumming Maryland 

David Arthur Daniels ...Maryland 

William Ward Davidson, III 

South Carolina 

Marcus John Davis Maryland 

Alan Grafflin Day Maryland 

John Daniel Denney Maryland 

DiNA Denrich Maryland 

Camilla J. Detra Pennsylvania 

Richard Allan DeVoss Maryland 

Herbert Allen Edelstein Maryland 

Stanton Grant Ernst, Jr Maryland 

Isabelle Rachelle Evenchick. ...Mar^/Zawrf 

Larry Eugene Evers Maryland 

Charles Louis Fefferman Maryland 

Jeffrey Steven Feiffer D. C. 

Steven Alan Feig Maryland 

Hugh Luther Fischer, Jr Maryland 

Carolyn Jeanine Fisher Maryland 

Gary Philip Fisher Maryland 

Stanley Albert Fisher Maryland 

Brendan Marshall Fisk New York 

William James Foody Maryland 

Richard Bernard Fowler, II Maryland 

Timothy Robert Fox Maryland 

Alan Jay Friedman D. C. 

Edward Jay Friedman Maryland 

Larry Howard Gandel Maryland 

Valerie Roberta Gandler Maryland 

Andrea R. Gardner Pennsylvania 

Ronald Dean Gardner Maryland 

John William Gareis Maryland 

Kenneth Allen Garrison Maryland 

James Russell Gilbert Maryland 

John Hamilton Gillespie Maryland 

Stephen Alan Goldman Maryland 

Jon Charles Graff Maryland 

Charles Graham Maryland 

Anthony Peter Grasso New Jersey 

Peggy Ellen Green Maryland 

Franklin Henry Gurd Maryland 

Henry Clay Hadaway Maryland 

William David Hakkarinen Maryland 

Nancy Susan Harrison Maryland 

Patricia Morton Hayes Maryland 

James Alan Heffner Maryland 

William R. Heilman Maryland 

Harry John Heise Maryland 

Gary Jay Henkin D. C. 

Joseph Francis Hennessy Maryland 

William Edward Henshaw Maryland 

Christopher Robert Herron Maryland 

Meyer Reuben Heyman Maryland 

John Spencer Hilker Maryland 

Kenneth Michael Hoffman Maryland 

Andrew Arnold Holtan Maryland 

John H. Hottinger Maryland 

John Walter Humphreys Maryland 

Sheila Louise Hunt Maryland 

Dennis Jay Hurwitz Maryland 

Helen Lucretia Hyre Maryland 

Carol Ann Jezorek Maryland 

George Vincent John Maryland 

Susan Ames Johnson Maryland 

James Bennett Johnston Maryland 

Paul Douglas Jung Georgia 

Joseph Patrick Keller Maryland 

Yangja Kim Maryland 

Patricia King Maryland 

Paul Klatsky Maryland 

Thomas Frederick Kline Maryland 

Walter B. Koppel Maryland 

James Andrew Kopper Maryland 

Shirley Kossoy Maryland 

Kenneth Edward Kramer Maryland 

Rasa Justina Kudirka Maryland 

Mary Rose Kupin Maryland 

Paul Wing-Ling Kwan Hong Kong 

Robert Jeffrey Landsman Maryland 

Ira Steven Lapidus New Jersey 

John Oscar Lephardt Maryland 

Norman Stephen Levy Maryland 

Michael Sheldon Liebman Maryland 

Peggy Joan Lindsay Maryland 

James H. Linn, Jr D. C. 

Franklin John Lorincz New Jersey 

William L. Lynn, III Maryland 

Charles Stanley MacConney, Jr. 


Anne Fitzhugh MacLean Maryland 

Barry S. Markman Maryland 

ToBiN Jay Marks Maryland 

42 iP^e Commencement Exercises. 

William Carl Marlow Maryland 

Vernon Edward Martens Maryland 

Carolyn Elizabeth Martin Maryland 

Eleanor G. Martin Maryland 

Kathleen Elizabeth Martin Maryland 

John Paul McCarthy Maryland 

Edward Scott McClellan Maryland 

Thomas Alexander McCullough 


Robert Arnold McDonald Maryland 

Eugene Clifford McKay Maryland 

Jane Ellen Melton Maryland 

Marilyn Joy Merber Maryland 

Ralph A. Meyer, Jr D. C. 

Gabriel John Milanese D. C. 

Harold William Miller, Jr Maryland 

Joel Ivan Miller Maryland 

Michael Stephen Miller Maryland 

Paul Ronald Miller Maryland 

Roy Everett Monsour Maryland 

William Ernest Montgomery Maryland 

Stephen Edward Mudrick Maryland 

P. David Myerowitz Maryland 

Janice Ruth Negler Maryland 

Carolyn Ruth Nielson Maryland 

Carl Eric Nyborg Maryland 

Mary Helen Nygaard Maryland 

John William Nyhan Maryland 

Michael Dennis Okerlund California 

William Lawrence Oppenheim.. ..Marj//anrf 

Gregory Alexander Opresko Maryland 

Joel Lee Parran Maryland 

Timothy Joseph Pavlovsky Maryland 

Harold Jay Pincus Maryland 

John Howard Poehlman Maryland 

Jimmy Lambert Poling Maryland 

Robert Alfred Pollara New Jersey 

Richard Byrd Pollard, Jr Maryla»d 

Jeannette a. Possi Pennsylvania 

Lenora Elaine Powell Maryland 

Ronald Allyn Preston Maryland 

Jeanne Anne Quinlan Maryland 

George L. Reagle Maryland 

Leonard C. Redmond, III Maryland 

Brian George Rennex Maryland 

Pete C. Reynard Maryland 

Herman C. Reynolds Maryland 

John Stafford Rogers, II Maryland 

Donald James Roop, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Marbe Rozanski Maryland 

Ronald Lee Rubin Maryland 

Stephen George Rund Maryland 

George Henry Sampson Maryland 

Harry Fred Sandberg Maryland 

Michael J. Sargis Maryland 

Robert Frank Sarlin Maryland 

Sophia N. Sauer Maryland 

Elizabeth Carole Saunders Maryland 

Frank Bruce Sauter Maryland 

John Leslie Savage, Jr Maryland 

Roy F. Scott Maryland 

Richard Hamilton Conrad Seabrook 


Darlene Anne Shnider Maryland 

Louis Arthur Shpritz Maryland 

John Joseph Shubiak Maryland 

David Bacharach Shuman Maryland 

Martin Jerry Shuman Maryland 

Ronald Arden Sidwell Maryland 

Stephen J. Silver Maryland 

Michael Alan Silverman Maryland 

Walter Atherton Simmons Maryland 

Donald Joel Siple Maryland 

Robert Mark Slesser Maryland 

Raymond Michael Soo Maryland 

Suzanne Spence Maryland 

Thomas B. Stanley, Jr Maryland 

Joyce Serena Staples Maryland 

Alan Zelig Steinberg Maryland 

Howard Franklin Steinhardt.. ..Marj/Zawrf 

Stephanie Jacobs Susman Maryland 

Margaret Ellen Talbert Maryland 

David Tapper Maryland 

Joyce Kay Taylor Maryland 

Kenneth Warren Theil, Jr Maryland 

Paul Jan Thomas Maryland 

Wilbert Olin Thomas, Jr Maryland 

Oliver Howie Thompson Maryland 

Douglas Temple Troop Virginia 

Janet Elizabeth Tulacek Maryland 

John Arthur Winn Upton Maryland 

Joan Maxine Van Horn Maryland 

Garrett Oliver Van Meter, II Maryland 

Joanna Wanda Vincent Maryland 

Charles J. Waechter Maryland 

John Francis Walsh, Jr Maryland 

Richard Joseph Walsh Maryland 

Richard Gene Walter Maryland 

Frank R. Weathersbee Maryland 

Arnold Jerome Weinstein Maryland 

Frederic Weinstein Maryland 

F. Jennings Willey, III Maryland 

Carol Olivia Williams Maryland 

University of Maryland. 43 

Thomas Edward Williamson, Jr. 


Katherine Louise Wilson Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Wolbach Maryland 

David H. Wycherley Maryland 

Fred Larry Yaffe Maryland 

Clyde Dawson Yeomans D. C. 

Greta Dagni York Maryland 

Marcia L. Yuter Maryland 

Donald Eugene Zarefoss Maryland 

Shmuel Ziv Maryland 

Suzanne Roman Zumstein Virginia 

Bachelor of Music 

Anne Hilleary Carter Maryland 

Helen Dale Ferguson Maryland 

Sandra Irene Higginbotham Maryland 

Ray Andrew Miles Maryland 

Marcey Jayne Tobin Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Beverly Ellen Adams Maryland 

Alice Lynne Ahmuty Maryland 

Michael Neal Alfer Maryland 

Anthony Amatucci Maryland 

Frances Fluker Anderson Maryland 

John Steven Anthony Maryland 

Michael Braden Appleby Maryland 

Stanley Houghton Arthur, III. .Maryland 

Millard Philip Aumack New Jersey 

David William Ayersman Maryland 

Edward Chester Babinski New Jersey 

Mary Carolyn Bailey Maryland 

Vaughn Hale Baker Maryland 

Gerry McDonald Baldwin Maryland 

Richard Joseph Baldwin Maryland 

Richard Charles Bandiere Maryland 

Joseph J. Banz, Jr Maryland 

Albert Gary Barnes Maryland 

Sanford Baum Bass Maryland 

Robert Bernard Baxter Michigan 

James Patrick Bedingfield Maryland 

George Perry Beebe Maryland 

Michael Charles Beek Maryland 

Maurice Michael Benesch Maryland 

Steven Joel Bernstein Maryland 

John A. Bertinatti New Jersey 

Robert Eugene Bessio Maryland 

Roland Couet Best Maryland 

Ralph Anthony BiANCANiELLO....Afarj/tan(f 

Rudolf Walter Birnbach Maryland 

Thomas Lane Blair Maryland 

Abdullah M. Blehed Saudi Arabia 

Alan Blumenthal D. C. 

Ronald Howard Bortnick Virginia 

Stuart Robert Bowlus Maryland 

Dorn Kirkley Brasfield Maryland 

John Francis Brennan Maryland 

Calvin Martin Brincefield, Jr Maryland 

Joseph H. Briscoe Maryland 

Richard Henry Brown Pennsylvania 

Thomas Edward BROWNSCOMBE....A/ari//and 

James Frederick Brusseau D. C. 

Miguel S. Buchwald Maryland 

Gary Franklin Bulmash Maryland 

John Albert Burch Maryland 

Reginald Byron Burd Michigan 

Sally Eileen Burke Maryland 

Janesse Iris Burkley Maryland 

Thomas Penn Burroughs Maryland 

Louis E. Bury Maryland 

James Kenneth Calcutt Maryland 

Peter Angelo Calogero Maryland 

Bernard Anthony Calure Maryland 

Robert Vernon Carr, Jr Maryland 

John Thomas Carruthers, Jr Maryland 

44 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Thomas Edward Cakski Maryland 

Kenneth Ward Catterton Maryland 

Michael James Caughlin, Jr Georgia 

Philip Irwin Chait Maryland 

Michael Gary Chatzky Maryland 

Yung Kong Chen Maryland 

Irvin H. ChOR Maryland 

Gayton Joseph Ciccone New Jersey 

Calvin Kermit Clemons Maryland 

Victor Louis Cohen Maryland 

John Douglas Cole Maryland 

Franklin Alexander Combs, Jr.. .Maryland 

John Giles Combs Maryland 

Frederick Joseph Compy Maryland 

Herbert Ellsworth Conklin, Jr. 


Michael Wayne Conley Maryland 

Daniel John Conroy Maryland 

Warren F. Cook Virgiyiia 

Edwin James Cooke Maryland 

Robert Nelson Cooper Maryland 

Roland Baker Cougnet, Jr Maryland 

John H. Crabb Maryland 

Charles H. Grain Maryland 

Jimmy G. Curtis Maryland 

Warren C. Dahl Virginia 

Thomas Vincent D'Amico New Jersey 

Robert Allan Davis Maryland 

Ronald William Davis Maryland 

Patricia Arlene Day Maryland 

Eugene Richard Del Tatto Netv Jersey 

Harold William Diehl, Jr Maryland 

Anthony DiFrancesco Maryland 

Winston Gibson do Carmo D. C. 

Sharon Lee Dodds Maryland 

Charles Henry Dombrowski Maryland 

Ronald Gene Donoway Maryland 

Michael Stephen Dore Maryland 

Bruce Nelson Doyle Maryland 

Anthony Alphonsus Dragunas. .Mar!//a«d 

Sharon Marie Draut Maryland 

Mark James Driscoll Maryland 

Elias John Dudash D. C. 

Wallace Thompson Duncan, Jr D. C. 

Michael Larry Dunn Maryland 

Roy Victor Eales England 

Daniel Howard Eberly Maryland 

Marc Lee Ebersberger Maryland 

John Andrew Eby Pennsylvania 

George Louis Edwards Maryland 

Marvin Egorin Maryland 

David Joseph English D. C. 

Robert Taylor Ennis Maryland 

Lorraine M. Ernst Maryland 

Thomas Roger Ettle Maryland 

Jeffrey Clarke Evans Maryland 

Ronald Hammond Eveson Pennsylvania 

Robert John Ewing Rhode Island 

Michael Lee Field Maryland 

Philip Conrad Fingado New Jersey 

Gary Franklin Florence Maryland 

Eugene C. Fohner Maryland 

James Francis Foley, Jr Maryland 

Sidney Joseph Formanek, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Robert Forno Maryland 

Ronald Lee Foskey Maryland 

Richard Joseph Fox Maryland 

William Cade Gager Maryland 

Henry William Gail Maryland 

Robert Wayne Gardiner Maryland 

Charles Joseph Geis Maryland 

John Marshall Georgi Maryland 

James Holland Gianfagna Maryland 

Stanley Paul Ginsberg Maryland 

James Donald Glenn Maryland 

Edward Michael Goldberg Maryland 

Jeffrey Hill Goldman New York 

Clark Lawrence Goldstein D. C. 

Alina D. Gonzalez Virginia 

Earlen Edythe Goodley New Jersey 

Sandra Lee Goodman Maryland 

Philip Larkin Goodwin Maryland 

Timothy W. Gordon Maryland 

John Joseph Gownley Maryland 

John Joseph Grabenstiein Maryland 

James Melvin Graham, III Maryland 

Claude Edward Gray Maryland 

Carlton Marbury Green Maryland 

Herbert Allen Green Maryland 

James Martin Greenan Maryland 

John Joseph Griffin New Jersey 

Louis Steven Groer Maryland 

James Vincent Guffey Maryland 

Christopher Gunther, Jr Maryland 

Richard Mason Haddaway Maryland 

Fredric Bernard Halle Maryland 

James Christopher Haney Maryland 

Robert Stewart Harden Maryland 

Diane Elizabeth Harker Maryland 

John Parker Harr Maryland 

David M. Harris Maryland 

Joseph Gilbert Harris, Jr Maryland 

Charles Michael Hart Maryland 

University of Maryland. 4 5 

William Bageant Hart Maryland 

James Ronald Hartman Maryland 

James Francis Hartz Maryland 

Arthur John Harvey Maryland 

Carol Anne Hauck D. C. 

Arthur Melvin Havenner Maryland 

Daniel Russel Hawbaker Pennsylvania 

Daniel Francis Hayes, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Patrick Hayes New York 

Robert Edwin Hedges Maryland 

James Lawrie Heinz Maryland 

Robert James Helfrich Maryland 

Kenneth Warren Hemmeter Maryland 

Noah Linn Hendershot Pennsylvania 

Gerard Farrell Hewitt Maryland 

Timothy James Hickey D. C. 

George Washington Higgins, Jr Virginia 

David Lawrence Hill Maryland 

Donald Hillegas Delaware 

Ronald Manson Hintze Maryland 

George Benton Hoddinott Maryland 

Harold Hofmann, Jr Maryland 

Robert Lee Hogan Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Holewinski Maryland 

Carolyn Lee Holmes Maryland 

Robert Bruce Holstein Maryland 

Donald Joseph Holter Maryland 

Richard Bryce Hopkins Maryland 

Raymond Lee Horton Maryland 

Dorothy Marie Howell Maryland 

Robert Copher Howell Maryland 

Charles Trew Huseman Maryland 

John Otto Ingram Maryland 

James Edward Jackson D. C. 

Sherrie Ann Jackson Maryland 

David Charles James Maryland 

Thomas Ennalls Jarrell Maryland 

Peter L. Jarvis New York 

Michael Verne Jennings D. C. 

John Roland Jester Maryland 

Ronald Melvin Johnson Maryland 

Fred Ernest Jones Maryland 

Paul Edward Jones Maryland 

John William Jordon, Jr Maryland 

Leslie James Kania Maryland 

Bernard Louis Kanzler Maryland 

Michele L. Kayne Maryland 

Ethel Bowen Kelley Maryland 

Dennis Joseph Kelly Maryland 

John Joseph Kenny Ohio 

John David Keppel Maryland 

Richard Brian Kierson Maryland 

Phillip Paul Killam Maryland 

Paul Vernon King, Jr Florida 

Matthew Joseph Kinnahan Maryland 

John Douglas Klingerman Maryland 

Albert Charles Kocourek Maryland 

Frank William Konopasek New York 

Barry W. Koppel Maryland 

Alfred Herbert Kreckman, Jb Maryland 

Frank Martin Kuhn Maryland 

Martyn Hubert LaFleur Maryland 

Gary Michael Langer New York 

Edgar Stewart Lanham, Jr Maryland 

James Austin Laur Maryland 

Eleanor Mary Lautebwald Maryland 

Stephen John Laycock Maryland 

Eugene Wayne Legum Maryland 

Mary Patricia Leilich Maryland 

Robert Frederick Lesche New York 

Robert Edward LeSueur Maryland 

James Edgar Lewis Virginia 

Lloyd Howard Lewis Maryland 

Richard Williams Lindley Maryland 

Robert Paulger Linn Maryland 

Henry August Lins Maryland 

David James Lipinski Maryland 

Stephen Paul Lippenholz Maryland 

Robert S. Liskey Maryland 

Alan Kent Lombard Maryland 

Michael Francis Lombardy Maryland 

John Robert Loney Virginia 

Bruce Todd Longsworth Maryland 

William W. Lovelace Maryland 

Robert R. Lyon Maryland 

J. Lawrence MacMillan Maryland 

Judith Ann Mahaffey Maryland 

Ivan Svetdzar Mandukich Neiv York 

Lee Evans Marshall Maryland 

Charles Louis Martin Maryland 

Frederick Joseph Martin Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Martin Maryland 

Nancy Gill Martin Maryland 

William Emilio Mayer Maryland 

Hugh Anthony McAllorum Maryland 

Thomas Bowie McCarty Maryland 

James Bruce McCaslin Pennsylvania 

Henry Harrison McCLANAHAN....Mar2/tawd 

John Walter McClean Maryland 

John Franklin McClellan Maryland 

John David McDermott Maryland 

Walter Thomas McGee Maryland 

Victor Alfred McGonegal Maryland 

John Joseph McGuirk Neiv Jersey 

Patrick Edward McHale Maryland 

46 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Andrew Jackson McIntyre, 3R...Maryland 

Francis Patrick McShane Maryland 

Alexander Sibelios Medina New York 

Richard Marriner Merrill Maryland 

Melvin Henry Meyer Maryland 

Edward M. Meyers Maryland 

James Thomas Miles Maryland 

Charles Burton Miller Maryland 

Robert Clayville Mister Maryland 

Joseph Delano Mitchell Maryland 

James Donald Moberly, Jr Maryland 

Edward Joseph Molesky, Jr Maryland 

Charles Wendell Moore Maryland 

William Arthur Moore, Jr California 

Anthony Joseph Morreale, Jr New York 

Donel Lee Moss Maryland 

Floyd E. Moss New York 

Richard Eric Mueller Missouri 

William Joseph Murphy, Jr Maryland 

Aat Muys Maryland 

Gordon Frederick Nahas Maryland 

Kenneth Edwin Neil Maryland 

Bernard Lethbridge Nichols, Jr. 


Richard William Nieberlein Cohrado 

Jay Harris Nussbaum New York 

Ronald David Oberman Maryland 

Susan Joan O'Brien New York 

James Roderick Olavarria Maryland 

Robert Alan Oliver Maryland 

William Edward Oliver, Jr Maryland 

James Gardiner Owens Maryland 

Robert Michael Parker Maryland 

James William Parmelee Maryland 

James Donald Parr Maryland 

Lana Ann Parresol Maryland 

James Frederick Parton Maryland 

Harry Passer Maryland 

William Berkeley Payne Maryland 

Harry Randolph Pearre Maryland 

Lawrence Fruchtbaum Pearson 

New Jersey 

Pericles George Perikles Maryland 

James Millard Pezzaro Maryland 

Thomas Alvin Pierce Maryland 

John Michael Pinkos Maryland 

Marjorie Ellen Pittman D. C. 

John Edward Pleisse Maryland 

Linda Carol Poe Maryland 

Leonard Hamilton Pomeroy D. C. 

Leo Francis Xavier Prahinski... .Maryland 
Milton Otto Price, Jr Maryland 

Scott George Proudfoot New York 

Robert Lee Pruitt Maryland 

Robert Kelly Purvis Maryland 

William Joseph Purvis, III Maryland 

Thomas Edward Quelet Maryland 

Robert DeWitte Quigley Maryland 

James Wayne Rains Maryland 

Jerry Douglas Ramos Maryland 

Alfred Joseph Ranno Maryland 

George Edward Rayme, Jr Maryland 

Cecil Waters Redmond Maryland 

Margaret Ann Reigle Maryland 

Earl James Reinsch Maryland 

Michaela Preston Richardson. ...Mart/tand 

Lois Arlene Richter Maryland 

Thomas Elmer Righter Maryland 

Pedro Rivera, Jr Maryland 

Robert Stephen Roath Maryland 

Donald Walter Robertson Maryland 

Larry Benton Rock Maryland 

Thomas James Rogers, Jr Virginia 

Stephen Eugene Rohrbaugh Maryland 

Richard Michael Rosen Maryland 

Thomas Malcolm Rosenblatt Maryland 

L Kenneth Rosenthal Maryland 

John Perry Ross Maryland 

Paul Budd Rubin Maryland 

Francis David Ruggeri Maryland 

Jude Stephen Rusnak D. C. 

Harry Carter Russell Virginia 

John Gerald Ryerson Maryland 

Benjamin Franklin Saars Maryland 

Sam Joseph Sablack Maryland 

Carl August Sachs, Jr Maryland 

James Sandy Salkin Maryland 

Nicholas Arthur Samios Maryland 

John Andrew Sample Maryland 

Robert Howard Schnabel Maryland 

Arthur Schneeweiss New York 

Ronald A. Schuck Maryland 

William James Scott D. C. 

John T. Scrivener, Jr Maryland 

Lloyd Victor Seested, Jr Maryland 

Stephen David Semancik Maryland 

James Donald Seybolt, Jr Maryland 

Richard Reagan Shafer Maryland 

Robert W. Shank Maryland 

Martin Allen Sharpless Maryland 

Dawn Elizabeth Sheeler Maryland 

William Horace Shively Maryland 

Martin Joseph Siegel Maryland 

University of Maryland. 47 

Marcus Sircus Maryland 

Gordon Lee Smith Maryland 

Joseph Elwood Smith, Jr Maryland 

Kay Louise Smith Maryland 

Larry Frederick Smith New Jersey 

Samuel Albert Smith Maryland 

Samuel H. Snider Missouri 

Richard Harrison Sothoron, Jr.. .Maryland 

Dennis Lee Sparks Maryland 

John Winn Spencer Maryland 

Stephen Arthur Spero New Jersey 

Paul Alexander Standridge Maryland 

Ronald Brooks Starcher Maryland 

Carl Wayne Starner Maryland 

Joyce Fox Starr Maryland 

Kerry Michael Statz Maryland 

Frederick John Steele New Jersey 

Marcelle M. Stenbakken Maryland 

Edward Telford Stevenson Virginia 

Theodore Wayne Stippich Maryland 

Rosier Edward Strimel, Jr Maryland 

Gilbert Spangler Stroup, Jr Maryland 

Frederick Paige Sullivan Maryland 

Sidney Martin Sussan Maryland 

James Edward Terrill Maryland 

William Perry Thomas, Jr Maryland 

William Thaddeus Thomas Maryland 

James R. Thompson Rhode Island 

Robert Harold Thompson Virginia 

Albert James Tortorella Maryland 

Carl Edward Tretter Maryland 

Richard Eugene Turner Maryland 

John Waldimars Ulis D. C. 

William Francis Utz Maryland 

Juris Arvids Valainis Maryland 

Cynthia Sue Vogelsang Maryland 

Robert L. Wagner Maryland 

Carl Rodger Waldman Maryland 

James Gary Waltermyer Maryland 

Charles L. Ward Maryland 

Roy Christian Warner, Jr Maryland 

Robert Nelson Weatherbee. .Massac/jitsetts 

Robert Leonard Weinblatt Maryland 

Alan Isaac Weiner Maryland 

Stanley Weintraub Maryland 

Curtis Ewins Wheeler Maryland 

Richard David White Maryland 

Selena Diane White Maryland 

Henry Wieland, Jr Maryland 

Michael Leonard Wiener Texas 

James Wayne Williams Maryland 

Gerald Leslie Williamson Maryland 

H. Weber Wilson Maryland 

Bruce Lawrence Wing Maryland 

Richmond S. Wise Delaware 

Joyce Barbara Wolpert Maryland 

Jack Lee Wood Maryland 

Dennis Richard Wraase Maryland 

Charles John Wright Maryland 

Mary Frances Wright Maryland 

Thomas Christian Xander Maryland 

David J. Yanssens Pennsylvania 

George Louis Yungmann Maryland 

Donald James Zelenka Maryland 

Richard Edward Zimmerman, Jr. 


Anne Norbis Zouck Maryland 

Robert Edgar Zukowski Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Philip B. Aaronson Maryland 

Ann White Albus Maryland 

Emily Chesney Allen Maryland 

Marlene Hatch Anderson Maryland 

Mary Ellen Williams Atkinson. .Missojiri 

Patricia Ammons Ball Maryland 

Ronald Anthony Baraloto Maryland 

Ghana Faye Bass Maryland 

Karen Dorothy Bastian New Jersey 

Beverly Ann Bell Maryland 

Bari Irene Bergman Maryland 

Carol Davidson Bixby Marylayid 

Helen Jane Blase Maryland 

Sandra Hannah Blau Maryland 

Linda V. Boyd Maryland 

Margaret Sharon Bricken Maryland 

Mary Lou Brown Maryland 

48 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Barbara Sue Buchman Maryland 

Dolores Roberta Bureau D. C. 

Rosalie Gladys Callahan Maryland 

Arlene Mae Carpenter Maryland 

Gary Lee Clarke Maryland 

Cathleen Marie Clausey Maryland 

Beulah Eileen Buchwalter Cleaver 


Carolyn Ruth Cochrane Maryland 

Doris Cohen Maryland 

Mary M. Creasy Maryland 

Kathryn Ann Crown Maryland 

Albert John Crull Maryland 

Carol S. Cummins Maryland 

Thomas Henry Cuppett Maryland 

Wayne Christopher Davies New Jersey 

CiciLY Ann Davis Maryland 

Richard Cleophas Demers New Jersey 

Melinda Adrianne D'EsMOND....iVew Jersey 

Carolyn Hilliard Dickerman Maryland 

Leonard Howard HotimoTER... .Pennsylvania 

Joanna Kaye Drinkwater Maryland 

Edward James Earley Maryland 

Johanna Sabel Ebaugh Maryland 

Joan C. Edzwald Maryland 

Lena May Elefante Maryland 

Ida Eppley Maryla^id 

Norma Mae Fedder Maryland 

Bruce David Feinberg Maryland 

Robert Olan Felter Maryland 

Patricia Ann Flavin D. C. 

Kathie Lou Francis Maryland 

Ralph Everett Giffin Maryland 

Phyllis Helene Goldman Maryland 

Phyllis Kamerow Gottlieb Maryland 

Margaret Theresa Graham Maryland 

Linda Lou Gregory Maryland 

Pamela Elizabeth Grier Maryland 

V^xviBK Mae Guido New Jersey 

Brian Kerry Gustafson Maryland 

Billie Patricia Hagan Maryland 

John Robert Hamilton Maryland 

Dale Hooper Harrison Maryland 

Linda Ann Herring Maryland 

Charles Wayne Hill Marylarid 

Joanne Marie Hill Maryland 

Paul S. Hinkle, Jr Virginia 

Mary Louise Holtgreve Maryland 

James Joseph Huesman Maryland 

Christine D. Hughes Maryland 

Thomas Herman Hurlock Maryland 

Bernadette Margaret Irwin Maryland 

Ferne Ellen Jacobs Maryland 

Elizabeth Bowen Jenkins Maryland 

Anne Cole Johnston Maryland 

Phala Jean Jordan Maryland 

Maurice Hunter Kesmodel Maryland 

Marilyn Salsbury Kessler Maryland 

Doris A. Kinnunen Maryland 

Marjorie Louise KiRCHGAssNER-.-Marj/Zawd 

Judith Elaine Klein Pennsylvania 

Barbara Seebaldt Knowles 

South Carolina 

Paula Ellen Kramer Maryland 

Robert Theodore Krisch Maryland 

Margaret Holcomb Kuehn Maryland 

Bryna Jacobs Kulla Maryland 

Della K. Lang Maryland 

Karen Eileen Larson Maryland 

Nancy Ellen Larson New Hampshire 

Lawrence Leahy Maryland 

Wilma Jo-Ann Leber Maryland 

William Stanley Lennon, Jr Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Liben Maryland 

David Leon Lindley Maryland 

Linda Carole Lindsay Maryland 

Larry James Lyons Maryland 

Carolyn May MacEwen Maryland 

Mary Margaret Malloy D. C. 

Gretchen Garsen Mann Maryland 

Susan Jean Marsh Maryland 

Mercades Michelle Martin Maryland 

Helen Charles McDowell Maryland 

Sherry Ann McKean Maryland 

Richard Thomas McKnett New Jersey 

Dixie Merryman Maryland 

Diane Lorraine Meyer Maryland 

Richard P. Midgley Maryland 

Betty Rae Miller Maryland 

Sherry Lynn Miller Maryland 

Shirley Genevieve MoNTGOMERY..Ma7-j/ZaJ!d 

Susan Swartz Morrison North Carolina 

Susan Ann Naylor Maryland 

Joan Norwitz Maryland 

Kathleen Anne Park Maryland 

Janet K. F^nn Maryland 

Mary Jean Pillatt Maryland 

Mary Jane Praetorius Maryland 

Caril Elizabeth Price Maryland 

Lucille Acquaviva Price Maryland 

Pamella Sue Prince New York 

Dorothy Montgomery Pritchett 


Linda Anne Quigley Maryland 

Mary Aileen Randolph Maryland 

William Alexander Reid Maryland 

Felix M. Rice Maryland 

University of Maryland. 49 

Janet Ann Robey Maryland 

Richard Hale Robinson Maryland 

Mary Dolores Rohrek Maryland 

Patrice Tucker Roth Maryland 

Rebecca Ann Rozanski Maryland 

Newton Saarinen Massachusetts 

Beverly Anne Schumann Maryland 

Louisa Dowell Scott Maryland 

Judith Ann Selznick Maryland 

Sarah Hart Shafer Maryland 

Sharon Mae Slate Maryland 

Nancy Ann Smelser Maryland 

Janis Lee Smith Maryland 

Linda M. Smith Maryland 

Norman Lee Smith Maryland 

Susan Deborah Spalter Maryland 

Melinda Margaret Stack Maryland 

Alice Ann Staton Maryland 

Sandra B. Sullivan Maryland 

Alexander Ludwik Szczesniakowski 


Frances W. Taylor Maryland 

Judith Ann Terlizzi Maryland 

Janet Katherine Tracy Maryland 

Verna Marie Trinter Maryland 

Jan p. Turley Guatemala 

Linda Lee Uphoff Maryland 

William Edson Van Arnam Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Van Kuyk Maryland 

Barbara B. Vonderhorst Maryland 

Janice Mary Walstad Maryland 

Carol Ann Walter Maryland 

Xenia Iraida Warf Maryland 

Alice Lucille Watts Maryland 

Ethel M. Weichbrod Maryland 

ToBA Ruth Weinberg Maryland 

Eileen Susan Wilansky Maryland 

Leslie Ann Wilcove Maryland 

Margaret Ann Wilson Maryland 

Thomas Woodrow Wilson Maryland 

Barbara Ann Windham Maryland 

Leslie Susan Winner Maryland 

Martha Gladys Winters Maryland 

Paula Wiseman Maryland 

Bjorg Sylvia Wold Maryland 

Sandra M. Wynne Virginia 

Errol Terry Yankelove Maryland 

Ruth Ann Ziehm Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Phyllis Abramowitz Maryland 

Cassie Elizabeth Adler D. C. 

Nora Mairs Alexander Maryland 

June Powell Allen Maryland 

Patricia Howell Allen Maryland 

Shireen Parsons Allen Maryland 

Bernard Augustine Allman, 3k.. .Maryland 

Bernice Donahey Alvey Maryland 

Jean Marion Amarant Maryland 

Sandra Kaye Amos D. C. 

Judith Ann Anders Maryland 

John Sherrill Anderson Maryland 

Pamela Joan Arbuthnot Maryland 

Albert Bartholomew Arrighi 

Rhode Island 

Kathryn Ann Arrowsmith Maryland 

Cathy Bachman Maryland 

Nancye May Baker Maryland 

Rosemary C. Barbour Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne BARNHARDT..Pennsylvania 

Lynda Gayle Bassett Maryland 

Dorothy Bergen Bayles Maryland 

Robert Edwin Beck, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Beckham Maryland 

Mary Katheryn Behrens Maryland 

Sharon Faith Berbert Maryland 

Mary Katherine Biggs Maryland 

Prances Cecilia Bjorlykke Maryland 

Mary Susan Black Maryland 

Rosalind Carol Blackburn Maryland 

Nancy Fishman Bloom Maryland 

Mary L. Bogard D. C. 

Maureen Ida Boskin Maryland 

Kenneth Roulette Bowers Maryland 

Marcia Lynne Bradley Maryland 

Myra Hannah Breskow Maryland 

Noreen Nancy Briguglio Maryland 

Janet Margaret Brown Maryland 

Joyce Chaney Brown Maryland 

Virginia Elizabeth Brown Maryland 

David Ellis Buchoff Maryland 

Frances Beth Bukzin Maryland 

Kathryn Ann Bullington Virginia 

Janet Elizabeth Nicklaus Bush 


Anna Marie Button Maryland 

M. Christel Cady Maryland 

Patricia Ann-Marie C ald well.... Af a ry Zand 

50 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Richard Allen Camp Maryland 

John Randolph Campbell Pennsylvania 

John Vincent Campbell Maryland 

Nancy Antoinette CANNAMUCio-Marj/iond 

Carol Ann Cannon Maryland 

Lucy Irene Canter Maryland 

Anne Goldene Caplan Maryland 

Jeanne Carnevale Maryland 

Julie Ellen Carroll Maryland 

Mary Ellen Cato Maryland 

John P. Chalupsky Maryland 

Denis Owen Chamberlain Maryland 

Elaine Young Chambers Maryland 

Hartwell Fitch Chandler, Jr Maryland 

Joan Burton Charlton Maryland 

Chandra Caye Christiansen California 

Linda Chamness Clark Maryland 

Patricia Ann Clatterbaugh Maryland 

Blanche C. Clifford Maryland 

Eleanor Mary Cloud Maryland 

Toby G. Cobrin Maryland 

Lillian Young Cockrell Maryland 

Patricia Eileen Codd Maryland 

Bernard A. Cohen Maryland 

Hyman Cohen Maryland 

Maejorie Cohen New Jersey 

Patricia Sue Cohen Maryland 

SONIA I. COHN Maryland 

Susan Gilbert Cole Maryland 

Jill Esme Collins Maryland 

Ann Lynn Cooley Maryland 

Ruth M. Cressman Maryland 

Ann Katherine Cummins Maryland 

Carolyn Virginia Curtis Maryland 

Albina Joan Dapkunas Maryland 

Cheryl Sima Davis Maryland 

Janet Elizabeth Davis Maryland 

Margery Gail Davison Maryland 

Charlotte Debuskey Maryland 

Susan Mather Delaney Maryland 

Harry Theodore de Moll Maryland 

Barbara Ann De Palma New Jersey 

Marsha Rae De Pue Maryland 

Valerie Elaine Didden D. C. 

Gloria Jean Dixon Maryland 

Mary Kay Dobronte Virginia 

Christine Lee Douthett Maryland 

Constance Ann Downing Maryland 

Robert Nathaniel Dubin Maryland 

Jeffrey Bartlett Dunbar New York 

Mary Sandra Durm Maryland 

Robin Duvall Maryland 

Frederick William Eierman Maryland 

Linda Jo Epperly Maryland 

Betty Prances Ettbk Virginia 

Sandra Fare Maryland 

A. Norman Feelemyer, Jb Maryland 

Florence Fingerhut Maryland 

Cecilia Marlene Fisher D. C. 

Rodney Lee Flesner Virginia 

Cakolynn Dorothy Floegel Maryland 

Mary Susan Ford Maryland 

E. Gail Forman D. C. 

Patricia Marie Forte Maryland 

Carol Decima Fowler Maryland 

Diane Barbara Frazzano Maryland 

Cheryl Myles Friedman Maryland 

Patricia Ann Friend Maryland 

Norman Henry Froelich Maryland 

Carol Ann Fugitt Maryland 

Susan Weiser Fullenbaum Maryland 

PORTLA Lateiner Garmat Maryland 

Steven Jeffrey Gelfand Maryland 

Leonard Herman Gempp Virginia 

Marie Baldwin Gerhardt Maryland 

Ernestine Gichner D. C. 

John Joseph Gill Maryland 

Judith Ann Gill Maryland 

Allen F. Glagola New Jersey 

Sandra Miriam Gold Maryland 

Jeanne Dickter Goldberg Maryland 

Sherlyn Barbara Goldstein Maryland 

Maureen P. Goldsmith Maryland 

Barbara P. Goltz Maryland 


Edythe Lynne Goodman Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Goodrich Maryland 

Sharyn Gordon Maryland 

Kenneth Paul Grasley Pennsylvania 

Charles Stanley Graves Maryland 

Charles Russell Greasley, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Le:e Gregory Maryland 

Margaret Anne GmTTViw.s.... Massachusetts 

Carole M. Grubman Marylaivd 

Lora Elizabeth Gurney Maryland 

Merle Penny Haber Maryland 

John Frederick Harding Maryland 

Marie Elaine Harding Maryland 

Frederick Albert Hardy Maryland 

Judith Belle Hargett Maryland 

John Harry Harling Maryland 

Susan Jane Hatch Pennsylvania 

Charlotte M. Hayes Maryland 

Barry Norman Heisler Maryland 

John Bashore Henderson Pennsylvania 

Rod a. Hendrick Maryland 

Nancy Arlene Hershberger Maryland 

Ruth Anne Hertzlich Maryland 

Anne Rankin Hill Maryland 

Univ ersity of Maryland . 5 1 

Leonora DiPietro Hilton Maryland 

Hazel Mae Hughes Hinegardnek 


Carol Anne Hinzman Maryland 

Margaret Ann Hopkins Maryland 

Alvey Harp Horine, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Mullen Horton Maryland 

Patricia Adele Howard Maryland 

Elizabeth Ryan Hubbard Maryland 

Curtis Ray Huff Maryland 

Frances Marie Pigeon Hull Maryland 

Thomas E. Jackson Maryland 

Maxine Lynn Jacobson New York 

Mavis Cantril Jansky Maryland 

Susan Claire Johnson Maryland 

Wendy Robinson Johnston Maryland 

Cherry Ann Jones Virginia 

David Ray Jones Maryland 

Carol WiTOVi^SKi Jordan Maryland 

Gwendolyn Kaltman Maryland 

Agnes Sefick Kanasut Maryland 

Eileen Diane Kasin Maryland 

Marie Theresa Kaufman Maryland 

Karen Lee Keating Maryland 

Barbara Jean Keeny Maryland 

Carol Joyce Keith Maryland 

Wayne Douglas Kelley Maryland 

Eileen M. Kelly Maryland 

Sharon Lee Kennedy Maryland 

Eugene Hall Kent D. C. 

Dorothy Jane Keyser Maryland 

John Graham King Maryland 

Rita Elaine Kirby D. C. 

John Roland Kirkpatrick Maryland 

Frederick Anderson Klaburner, Jr. 


Marjorie Sue Kleiman Maryland 

Janet Ken Klink D. C. 

Roberta Joan Klvac Maryland 

Carol A. Knepp Maryland 

Janet Bayleh Koenick Maryland 

Nancy Lou Kotmair Maryland 

Frances Rhea Kraman New York 

Iris Kaila Kramer Maryland 

Karen Lee Kvernvik Maryland 

Lorraine Thomas Laffan Kentucky 

Prances Lorraine Lahman Maryland 

Katherine Hope Landis Maryland 

Linda Carol Lane Maryland 

James Edmund Langschmidt Maryland 

Janet Ruth Lapidus New Jersey 

Rebecca Jeanne Lawton Maryland 

Roxanne Barbara Layton Maryland 

Janet Amy Leadbetter Maryland 

Katherine Gale Leister Maryland 

Marcia Ruth Leon Maryland 

Rosemary Leventhal Maryland 

Sally Shaftel Levine Maryland 

Patricia Paulus Licodo Maryland 

Randolph August LiNDERHOLM....A/arj/tond 

Mary Ellen Locke Virginia 

Peter Reinhold Loercher Maryland 

Barbara Jean Loffler Maryland 

Henry James Lowe Maryland 

George Brian MacMillan Maryland 

Anne Elisabeth Mahoney Maryland 

Esther Mary Mandel Maryland 

Shirley Lewis Mansfield Maryland 

Robert Marder Maryland 

Darlene Ann Markiewicz Maryland 

Marilyn Dee Marshall Maryland 

Theresa Marie Martinelli Maryland 

Joyce W. Mason Maryland 

Beverly Joyce Maston Illinois 

Linden Ann Maxwell Maryland 

Carol Jean May Maryland 

Anthony Paul Mazzucco Maryland 

Glen Anthony McCain Maryland 

Mary Esther McCloy Maryland 

Virginia Warren McClure Maryland 

Dennis Charles McCoy Maryland 

Lynne Marie McDonald Maryland 

Richard Orville McKelvy Maryland 

Kathleen C. McKenna Maryland 

Charles Patrick Meagher Maryland 

Norma Jeian Merricks Maryland 

Elaine Ann Merski Maryland 

Marilyn Susan Merzel Maryland 

Mary Ann Metzdorf Maryland 

Ray Andrew Miles Maryland 

Michael Ann Mills Maryland 

Emmy Lou Moke Maryland 

Sara Powell Molloy Maryland 

Helen Fugitt Moore D. C. 

Paul Edward Morgan Maryland 

Nancy Bonebrake Motter Maryland 

Ann R. Muldawer Pennsylvania 

Richard Wayne Musson Maryland 

NOPPHORN Nanayon Maryland 

Dale Hollander Needelman Maryland 

David Philip Nengel Maryland 

John Patrick Noon South Carolina 

Barbara Jeanne O'Connor Maryland 

Glenn Wayne Oliver Maryland 

Victoria Lee Ordey Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Orr J'ennsylvania 

Regina Ruth Ossen Maryland 

52 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Judith E. Osteen Maryland 


Theodore C. Papaloizos Maryland 

SusANNE Abby Paper Maryland 

Elizabeth Malter Parsons Maryland 

Elaine Naida Pastor Maryland 

Carol Ann Pate Missouri 

Janet Lucille Hallock Pendergraph 


Mary Ault Pettit Maryland 

Bernice Avalin Phillips Maryland 

Nancy Louise Pierce Maryland 

Ransford Edward Pierce Maryland 

Suzanne Pimes Maryland 

Renee Ellen Polakoff Maryland 

Byka Syonne Polansky Maryland 

John Wright Pollock Maryland 

Elizabeth Marie Pope Maryland 

Susanne Popluder Maryland 

Suzanne Charlotte Potzner Maryland 

Paul Ray Prather Maryland 

Mary Louise Prial Maryland 

Lillian Taylor Pruitt Maryland 

Bette Joyce Puckett Maryland 

Janet Louise Quinan Maryland 

Felice G. Radler New Jersey 

Mary Ann Ragland Maryland 

Susan Raine Maryland 

Frances Elaine Rallo Maryland 

Bonnie Mae Rand Pennsylvania 

Leslie Rose Rapkin Maryland 

Herbert Frederick Rau, Jr Maryland 

Charles Frederick Rechner, III 


Elizabeth Curtis Reed Maryland 

Gerald Jordan Reese Maryland 

Rebecca Reese Maryland 

Irene Hesson Reynolds Maryland 

Patricia Catherine RHATiGAN....Marj/tand 

Carolyn Ann Rich Maryland 

Jan Karen Richardson Maryland 

Susan S. Riegel Maryland 

Susan Enger Riley Maryland 

Joanna Louise Ritz Maryland 

Carolee Judith Robey Maryland 

Sue Ann Robinson Maryland 

Edith Vick Robison Maryland 

Carol Joyce Rockwell Maryland 

Ellen Mary Roderick Maryland 

Joan Marsha Rodner Maryland 

Irene Susan Rofsky Maryland 

Philip Raymond Rohleder Maryland 

Charlotte Tawes Ropka Maryland 

Mary Ann Celia Rosenfeld Maryland 

Louise Ann Roth Maryland 

Nancie M. Rothman Maryland 

Bernice Marian Rowley Maryland 

Elayne Jaynb Rubenstein Maryland 

Holly Gilbert Ruhling Maryland 

Mary Carroll Rupprecht MarylanA 

Stephanie Prince Russell Maryland 

Pamela Kate Ryall Maryland 

Edward Joseph Ryan Maryland 

Carol Lee Sachs Maryland 

Linda Ann Sandler Maryland 

Christina Santos D. C. 

Linda Saperstein Maryland 

Ronald Keith Scheydt Maryland 

Nancie Elise Schildwachter Maryland 

Howard Theodore Schlesinger, Jr. 


Ellen Pam Schlimer Maryland 

Sandra Catherine Schlimme Maryland 

Dale Ellen Schneider Maryland 

Susan Ruth Schneider Maryland 

Patricia Lynn Schuebel Maryland 

Richard Brian Schultz Maryland 

Judith Ellen Schuman Maryland 

Judy Ann Schwartzbach D. C. 

Alma C. Schweiger Maryland 

Barbara L. Sclater Maryland 

John Owen Scott Maryland 

Pamela Jane Scott Maryland 

Carol Anne Seabrease Maryland 

Helen Mentoria Seets Maryland 

Marilyn Elizabeth Segall Maryland 

Patricia R. Serber Maryland 

Margaret Slattery Sexton Maryland 

Ann Shachtman Maryland 

Sherry Rae Shapiro Maryland 

Lenore Cunin Shavell Maryland 

Jean Louise Shelly Maryland 

Sandra Lee Sher Maryland 

Alda H. Shipp Maryland 

Sara Hayward Shockley Maryland 

David Samuel Shue Maryland 

Nancy Jean Silva Maryland 

Lynn Ellen Silverman Virginia 

Marilyn Louise Simmons Maryland 

Gregory Scott Simons Maryland 

Marjorie B. Skaist Maryland 

Sunny Tema Slate Maryland 

Sondra Y. Slomka Maryland 

Deborah Ann Smink Maryland 

Betty Ann Smith Maryland 

Margaret Mary Smith Maryland 

James Christian Snyder Maryland 

Norma K. Sobel Maryland 

Bonita Ann Soliday Maryland 

University of Maryland, j 3 

Katharine Dale Speiden Maryland 

Antoinette Mary Sfellerberg... .Maryland 

Carroll Leo Spruill Maryland 

James Albert Stacy Maryland 

Marianne Stant Maryland 

Janet Ann Stello Maryland 

LORENA Belle StOUFFER Maryland 

Charles Walter Strobel Maryland 

Elaine Carol Stumpf Maryland 

June E. Sturm Maryland 

Carol Scott Sullivan Maryland 

Karen Sue Weil Swetlow Maryland 

Helene Bernice Talkin Maryland 

Frances Rose Tarcza Maryland 

Rita Mae Taylor Maryland 

Christina Alcora Temple Maryland 

Margaret Dandridge Terrell D. C. 

Elizabeth Frances Terzigni Maryland 

Darolyn Ruth Thomas Maryland 

Joyce Phyllis Thomas Maryland 

Sandra Lynn Thompson Maryland 

Mary Regina Thumel Maryland 

Geraldine Bernadette ToMSHO....jV/arj/tar!rf 

Lawrence Wayne Townsend Maryland 

June Ellen Toye D. C. 

Bruce Axlen Triplett Maryland 

Rita Kit-Tak Tse Maryland 

Katherine Marie Turner Maryland 

Ethel Freda Vinick Maryland 

Ellen Sue Walderman Maryland 

Susan Danel Waldie Texas 

Margaret J. Warfield Marylayid 

Judith Phyllis Warnekow Maryland 

Kathleen Mary Weaver Maryland 

Helen June Webb Maryland 

Paula S. Weed North Carolina 

Frances Louise Weigel Maryland 

Florence Weiner Maryland 

Barbara Ilene Weinstein Maryland 

Iris Mann Weinstein Maryland 

Jane L. Weitzman Maryland 

John S. Wharton Maryland 

Catherine A. Whelehan Maryland 

Deborah Lee White Maryland 

Sharon Kay Wilhelm Maryland 

Arthur Elwood Willey Maryland 

Albert Nonie Williams, Jr. Maryland 

Michael Andrew Williams Maryland 

Janet Louise Willsie Maryland 

Alice Marjorie Winkler Maryland 

Eithne Margaret Wolf Maryland 

Eileen Ruth Wolff Maryland 

Carole Joyce Wolinsky Maryland 

Sheryl Eileen Wood Maryland 

Judith Angie Woodward Maryland 

Donna Kay Wray Maryland 

Carol Loker Wright Maryland 

Elizabeth Brink Wurzbacher D. C. 

Sarah Ann Wyvill Maryland 

FUMIE YamamotO Maryland 

Edwin Andrew Yaniga Maryland 

Ronald Kent Yingling Maryland 

Frank Edward Zelenka Maryland 

Dorothy Sue Zucco Maryland 

Barbara Joan Zuromski J). C. 


Candidates will be presented by Professor Russell B. Allen, Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Walter Lee Alexander, Jr Maryland 

Earle B. Amey Maryland 

Louis Gerard Amtmann Maryland 

Robert Paul Anderson, Jr Maryland 

George Robert Andrews Maryland 

Stephen Carlton Andrews Maryland 

John Lawrence Arnquist Washington 

Chitr-Woraphat Arthayukti Thailand 

YOURI Feridoon ArzoumanlAN Virginia 

Azizollah Azhdam Maryland 

Stephen Gamble Bacon Maryland 

Jack Louis Baker Maryland 

Kenneth Gerald Bate D. C. 

Frank A. Bauman Maryland 

Merle Edward Bayne Maryland 

Robert Bonine Beale Maryland 

John Richard Belmont New York 

Roger Bendelac Morocco 

Edward Frank Benisek Maryland 

Ronald Leroy Benoit Maryland 

Marc Bensimon Maryland 

John Einar Bergman Maryland 

Allan Bergroos Maryland 

54 i^^^ Commencement Exercises. 

Antonio Salvador Bistrain Maryland 

William Nathaniel Booth, Jr Maryland 

John Michael Boyd Maryland 

Thomas William Brogan Maryland 

Howard Baker Brown Maryland 

Charles Philipp Brundrett Maryland 

Gary Aubrey Burch Maryland 

Iain Stewart Burgess Maryland 

Jack Lee Burns Maryland 

Stephen Parker Byrd Maryland 

Charles Wesley Callan Maryland 

Robert Bruce Campbell Maryland 

Frederic R. Caponiti Maryland 

Robert Franklin Carpenter, III 


Donald Jordan Catterson Maryland 

Walter Ronald Chrysam Maryland 

Yung Shen Chuang Singapore 

Frank A. Cirillo, Jr Maryland 

Norman Preston Clarke Maryland 

Francis Anthony Clifford Maryland 

Ronald Sylvan Cohen Maryland 

James Allen Cole Maryland 

MiCHEAL WilllaM Cole Virginia 

Wiluam Ronald Coleman Virginia 

Thomas Ward Conroy Maryland 

Lawrence William Coombs D. C. 

John Wesley Cooper, III Maryland 

Marvin Richard Crenshaw, Jr Virginia 

Harry Davis Crone, III Maryland 

James Omar Crook Maryland 

Carl Kenneth Crowe Maryland 

Joseph Robert Crupi D. C. 

Gary Lee Curtin Maryland 

Leonard R. Cydylo Maryland 

Howard Andrus DeBisschop.. ..Cormech'cM* 

Louis John Demas Maryland 

Erik John DeWitt Maryland 

Lemoine Vinton Dickinson, Jr.... Maryland 

Edward George Donnelly, Jr Maryland 

David Joseph Dow Maryland 

WiLLLAM Joseph Doyle Pennsylvania 

Richard Andrew Drozd Maryland 

David Clifton Dyer Maryland 

Mark Joel Eberly Maryland 

James Wayland Eheart Maryland 

Raymond Engel Maryland 

Carl Eric Espeland Maryland 

Michael Jeffery Etheridge Maryland 

John Emile Farhood Maryland 

Stanford Edward Fisher, Jr Maryland 

William Grayson Fisher Maryland 

Stanley Allan Fishkind Maryland 

James Vincent Flanigan Maryland 

Billy Gareth Flook Maryland 

Andres A. Fraga Maryland 

Rodney Earl Frederick Maryland 

Virgil Raymond Freeny, Jr Maryland 

Jeffrey Marshall Frby Maryland 

Clyde Barner Garrett Maryland 

Edward Engler Gibbons, III Maryland 

John Joseph Giganti Maryland 

Charles Paul Gilmore Maryland 

Robert Edwin Good Maryland 

David H. Gordon Maryland 

Richard David Gordon Maryland 

John Carlton Grams Maryland 

James Otis Greeson Maryland 

Paul Robert Grepps, III Maryland 

Milton Robert Grimsley, Jr Virginia 

William Fleigh Hammaker Maryland 

Wayne Brian Hammond Maryland 

Gregory Arnold Harrison Maryland 

John Joseph Havrilla Maryland 

Paul Frederick Hawkins Maryland 

George Edward Hemby Maryland 

John Benjamin Henderson, \l....Maryland 

Bruce William Herrick New York 

Robert William Hess Maryland 

Robert Frederick Hill, II Maryland 

Kieffer Hnat Maryland 

James Russell Hoelzer Maryland 

Ernest Eugene Hoffman Maryland 

GusTAVE John Hokenson Maryland 

Robert Curtis Holland Maryland 

Hal Rush Horsburgh Maryland 

Charles Richard Horton Maryland 

Eddy H. Huang Maryland 

George Rogers Hunt Maryland 

Gerald F. Hurt Maryland 

Richard James Hyder Maryland 

Frank Stephen Inman, Jr Maryland 

Henry Sheldon Itkin Maryland 

Robert William Janicki Maryland 

James Archie Jernigan Maryland 

William H. Johnson New Jersey 

Charles Ronald Jones Maryland 

James S. Jones Maryland 

Jan Eugene Kaechele Maryland 

Walter Keir, Jr Maryland 

Howard Alton Kell Maryland 

John Charles Keller New York 

Donald Leander Kelley, Jr Maryland 

James William Kenney Maryland 

John Owen Kenworthy Maryland 

Gilbert Stuart Kimble New Jersey 

University of Maryland, j 5 

Gene William King Maryland 

Howard Ikvin Kingman, Jr D. C. 

Theodore Norris Kirchner D. C. 

Thomas Edward Kooken Maryland 

Warren Lewis Gordon Koontz.... Maryland 

Anthony Kopera Maryland 

George Joseph Kotova Maryland 

Thomas Vincent Kotras Maryland 

Douglas Joseph Koutek Maryland 

Harry Michael Kreitz, Jr Maryland 

Stuart Alexander Kxszuihsky... .Maryland 

Richard G. Lamb Maryland 

William August Leasure, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Vie Mean Lee Maryland 

Raymond Roland LeSage Maryland 

Marc Ronald Levin Maryland 

John George Lieb Maryland 

Efrem Lieber Florida 

Bernard Taylor Liebermann Maryland 

Luis Fernando Llano Colombia 

Jorge Isidro Llansa D. C. 

Vanchai Mahatanankoon Maryland 

Joseph Albert Mallonee Maryland 

Robert E. Mannion, Jr Maryland 

John Victor Marchione Maryland 

David Roy Marshall Maryland 

James St. John Martin Maryland 

Anthony Richard Martucci Maryland 

Lewis Wesley Masters D. C. 

Robert Lee Mattes Maryland 

Ernest Clayton Matthews Maryland 

Philip Murray McCabe Maryland 

Douglas Neil McFadden Maryland 

Russell Talbot McFall Maryland 

James Cecil McGuire Maryland 

John Cornelius McMillan, III. ...Maryland 

Alexander Scott McPhillips D. C. 

Samuel McWilliams Maryland 

George Howard Medicus, III Maryland 

Walter Paul Merski, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Stivers Meyer Maryland 

Edwin Frederick Meyer, III Maryland 

Melvin Charles Mbsan Maryland 

Peter Hanson Michael Maryland 

John Herbert Middlestadt Maryland 

Richard Paul Milbourne Maryland 

William Lee Miles Neiv Jersey 

Gerald Lloyd Miller Maryland 

Samuel Patrick Mirabile Maryland 

Donald Bruce Moltrup Maryland 

William Ross Morrison Maryland 

Lewis Eugene Motteb Maryland 

Gary Michael Mower Maryland 

George William Moxon, III Maryland 

Robert Eugene Munson Maryland 

Leo James Muraro Maryland 

Donald Mack Newberry Maryland 

Melvin Edward Novak Maryland 

Arthur F. Obenschain Maryland 

John Patrick O'Brien Maryland 

Richard Andrew Obrycki Maryland 

Frank Philip Och, Jr Maryland 

Christopher Adesakin Okikiade 


John Allen Oliver Maryland 

Warren Richard Ott Maryland 

Joseph Peter Paff Maryland 

Frank Walter Palulis, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Philip Para Maryland 

John Joseph Park Maryland 

Kenneth Marshall Parsons Maryland 

Frank Pascoe Maryland 

Michael Charles Patrick Maryland 

Edward Louis Peters, Jr Maryland 

James Wright Peterson Maryland 

Richard Henry Phillips Maryland 

Allen Robert Plitt Maryland 

John Harold Plummer Maryland 

Laurin Ellsworth Potter, 3^.. ..Maryland 

James Gilbert Pumphrey Maryland 

Paul William Quinn Pennsylvania 

Raymond Regis Raab Maryland 

Richard Turner Rea Maryland 

Jerome Isaac Rebold Maryland 

Andrew James Recachinas D. C. 

Thomas Francis Redd, Jr Maryland 

Robert Norman Reidler Maryland 

John Rowland Reisinger Maryland 

Edward Lamar Reynolds Maryland 

Robert Vaughan Reynolds Maryland 

Richard Arthur Rice Maryland 

Harry Edward Richardson Maryland 

Donald Kenneth Richer Maryland 

Bruce Clinton Rickard Maryland 

Rodney Wayne Rodgebs Maryland 

Robert Lars Roebuck Maryland 

Joseph Hanway Rouse Maryland 

John Theodore Roussos Maryland 

Dianne Roberta Roux I>. C. 

James Henry Ruddell Maryland 

Joseph A. Sabet New Jersey 

Barry Wilfred Sanders Maryland 

Harry Edward Sanders Maryland 

Arthur Donald Sartwell Maryland 

Benjamin Wayne Sawyer Maryland 

56 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Jasper Jacob Schaible, Jr New Jersey 

John Leopold Schneider, Jr Maryland 

Gary Don Schoenfeld Maryland 

Arthur Jay Schwartz Maryland 

Carl Franklin Seaman Maryland 

Charles Francis Seaton Maryland 

Richard Rinker Shagogue Maryland 

John Albert Shannon Maryland 

Daniel Fahy Sheehan New York 

Richard Michael Sheer Maryland 

Ladd Brady Shell Maryland 

Andrejs SimaniS Maryland 

John Penny Smith Maryland 

George Jerome Snyder, Jr D. C. 

Charles Edward Soellers Maryland 

Robert Edward Spacer Maryland 

Angelo Peter Spagnuolo Maryland 

Kenneth Robert Spates Maryland 

Stephen Rochos Stahl Maryland 

John Bakke Stamberg Maryland 

Carroll William Steele, Jr Maryland 

Gary L. Stringer Maryland 

Atsushi Sugiura Maryland 

George Thomas Suljak Maryland 

Robert Warren Sullivan, Jr Maryland 

Paul Anthony Swinski Maryland 

Carlton Robert Taft Maryland 

Julio Brito Tagle Maryland 

James Max Talcott Maryland 

William Edward Tate Maryland 

Ronald Harold Thomas Maryland 

John Leslie Thompson Maryland 

Leslie Lee Thompson Maryland 

Leland Sandy Tipperman Maryland 

Byron Hin-Leung To Maryland 

Philip G. Townsend Maryland 

ANDRfi Charles Tremper Maryland 

Salvatore Domenico Tropea D. C. 

Raymond Stuart Trout Maryland 

Charles S. Vanek Maryland 

George Hamilton Vaugh D. C. 

Carmine Verna Italy 

William Charles Vesperman Maryland 

William Thomas Walker Maryland 

James Kemper Watson Maryland 

John Morton Watts, Jr New York 

Paul H. Weber Maryland 

Carey Lee Weigel Maryland 

LUDOLPH C. Welanetz Maryland 

Raymond Virgil Welch Maryland 

Jeffrey Dunbar Wharton New Jersey 

Howard Scott Wheatley Maryland 

Thomas George Wheeler Maryland 

Robert Lewis Wiley Maryland 

Joseph Bernard Williams Maryland 

Randolph L. Williams Maryland 

Douglas Arthur Wilmoth Maryland 

Carl Daniel Wise New Jersey 

Sanford Jacob Wolfe Maryland 

William Lee Zadell Maryland 

Paul David Zubritsky Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Erna R. Chapman, Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Phyllis Ruth Affeld Maryland 

Marie Estelle Alder Maryland 

Diane Helen Alexander Maryland 

Thelma Ann Barron Maryland 

Carolyn Jean Beyerle Maryland 

Karen Sweeda Bien Maryland 

Lolita Anne Borzello Maryland 

Beverly Rae Bosvtell Maryland 

Kay Francine Bowers Maryland 

Bonnie Ann Bowling Maryland 

William Edward Brack Maryland 

Claudia Ann Burrell Maryland 

Beverly Butler Virginia 

Frances Sabina Cargnelli D. C. 

Margaret Trebilcock Carpenter 


Anjenette H. Cazier Maryland 

Diane Elizabeth Chase Maryland 

Carol Elizabeth Cheney Maryland 

Margaret Kathleen Church Maryland 

Joy Anne Clune Maryland 

Patricia Hudnall Connelly Maryland 

Norine Elena Conti Virginia 

Katherine Gail Cooper Maryland 

Jane Vallery Davis Maryland 

Jean L. Dick Maryland 

University of Maryland. 57 

Jeanne Louise Downs Maryland 

Lynda Lou Eby Maryland 

Lynn Ann Edgley Maryland 

Diane Yvonne Eversman Maryland 

John Sexton Fenton Maryland 

Sara Ann Flanagan New York 

Paula Diane Floyd Virginia 

Catherine Eugenia Fondren Maryland 

Sharon Volk Freedman Maryland 

Roberta Frances Friedman Maryland 

Barbara Ann Getsinger Connecticut 

Patricia Jo Gorman Virginia 

Shirley Ann Greiner Maryland 

Carol Ann Haenftling Maryland 

Margaret Suzanne Hageage Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Hanson Maryland 

Natalie Carol Hardin Maryland 

Betty Edington Haworth Maryland 

Rita Moira Higgins Maryland 

Carolyn High D. C. 

Janis Carol Hood Maryland 

Selma G. Horwitz Maryland 

Elizabeth Gingell James Maryland 

Judith Ann Johnson Maryland 

Charles Thomas Jones Maryland 

Dianna Karpook Maryland 

Susan Rae Katz D. C. 

Mary Lee Kelly Maryland 

Mary Taylor Kincaid Maryland 

Patricia G. King Maryland 

Frances Scott Lance Maryland 

Susan Waneta LaPatka Maryland 

Dixie Lee Larrimore Maryland 

Diana Cheng-I Lee Maryland 

Carole Jean Lowe Maryland 

Mary Ellen Martin Maryland 

Patricia Gladys McEvoy Maryland 

Wendy Loy Melvin...., Maryland 

Nancy Lee Minardo Maryland 

Barbara Leigh Moats Maryland 

Patricia Ann Murphy Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Mush Maryland 

Susan Barton Norton... Maryland 

Mary Jane Nystrom Maryland 

Carol Ann O'Bryon Maryland 

Betty Grace Perna Virginia 

Frances Dunkle Poling Maryland 

Carolyn Deana Porter Maryland 

CiMON Stanley Psira Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Quigley Maryland 

Janice Barbara Ritterpusch Maryland 

Tammie F. Rubin Maryland 

Gloria Ritterbusch Rund Maryland 

Susan O. Sanzo Maryland 

Judith Kay Schaffer Maryland 

Robert Mark Schatra Connecticut 

Karen Nettye Schneider Maryland 

Carole Ann Schwartz Maryland 

Roberta Seaton Maryland 

Joyce Shackley Virginia 

Marcia Esther Sibley Maryland 

Elda Karen Simons Maryland 

Martha Janis Smallwood Maryland 

Phoebe Jane Hovermale Smith. .Maryland 

Elizabeth Jeanne Spencer Maryland 

Alice Grace Stambaugh Maryland 

Margaret Ann Stevenson New York 

Glenn Masaru Tamanaha Hawaii 

Helen Virginia Tennant Maryland 

Carole Wellman Thomas Maryland 

Patricia Ellen Thomas Maryland 

Barbara Alice Thompson Florida 

Lucy Lea Tolson Maryland 

Helen Susan Townshend Maryland 

Nancy Alice Vansant Maryland 

Joan Dare Ward Maryland 

Cynthia Mekrill Weaver Maryland 

Gayle Louise Weaver Maryland 

WiNNiFRED Joan Weaver Maryland 

James Harold Williams Maryland 

Linda Carol Wilson Maryland 

Laura White Wolf D. C. 

Susan Carey Wright Maryland 

Mary Alicia Wueste Maryland 

Sharon Zarkin Maryland 

Roselaine Zetter Maryland 

Charlotte Helen Zome Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Florence M. Gipe, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Sara Louise Albright Maryland 

Marilyn Louise Allen Maryland 

Lynne Anspacher Maryland 

Marjorie Elizabeth Armour Maryland 

Estrellita Castro Asuncion Maryland 

Patricia Dulin Baker Maryland 

Barbara Ann Baldwin Pennsylvania 

Nancy Carol Baumann Maryland 

58 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Susan Homan Beans Maryland 

Nancy Kromer Belle Maryland 

Sylvia Louise Bettermann 


Pauline Frances Blades Maryland 

Margaret Judith Buser Maryland 

Judith Lynne Butler Maryland 

Nancy Lee Campbell Maryland 

Judith Lee Caskey Maryland 

Sherry Sub Cerniglia Maryland 

Diana Grace Clifford Maryland 

Priscilla Ann Coe Maryland 

Cynthia L. Cole New York 

Susan Michael Connor Maryland 

IvA Lois Gulp Maryland 

Harriette Ann Cuthrell Maryland 

Patricia Catherine Deck Maryland 

Susan Virginia Dorsey Maryland 

Mary Ann Theresa Dreslin Maryland 

Victoria Lynn Duke Maryland 

Linda Margaret Edwards Maryland 

Rosemary Russell Elliott Maryland 

Linda Lee Ellis Maryland 

Linda Louise Engstrom Maryland 

Sara Elizabeth Etchison Maryland 

Gayle Sharon Evans Maryland 

Kathleen Ruth Fahres Maryland 

Jean Eileen Finke Maryland 

Lynn Fischer Maryland 

Linda Danielle Gerson Maryland 

Sue Bishop Goodrich Maryland 

Carol Mary Hale Pennsylvania 

Jacqueline Yvonne Hall Maryland 

Carole Anne Harryman Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Herman Pennsylvania 

Judith Ann Hoar Maryland 

Carol Ann Houston Maryland 

Mildred Elizabeth Isaacs Delaware 

Sara Stanton Jarrett Maryland 

Edith Phillips Johnson Maryland 

Warrene Rae Johnson Virginia 

Patsie Williams Jones Maryland 

Susan Mary Kamerick Maryland 

Susan Phyllis Katz Maryland 

Courtney Ann Kehoe Maryland 

Janice VanDenburg Keitz Virginia 

Agnes Alberta Kemerer Maryland 

Gisele KirSHER Maryland 

Patricia Ann Knights Maryland 

Dorothy C. Knutsen Maryland 

Carole Ann Koenig Maryland 

Barbara Gish Kormann Florida 

Roberta Ware Kuhfuss Maryland 

Kathleen Rena Lavery Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Lee Maryland 

Sharon Hanopole Leiderman Maryland 

Jane Branch Lenderking Maryland 

Mary Jane LeVeck Maryland 

Valerie Anne Lippy Maryland 

Celeste Ann Lombardi New York 

Rosalie N. Lord Maryland 

Carolyn Louise Lusby Maryland 

Patricia Lee MacAuley Maryland 

SoNDRA Kay Marsh Maryland 

Jean H. McConnell Maryland 

Edward Ray McDonald Maryland 

Evelyn Marie McGreal Maryland 

Nancy Claiborne Mears Maryland 

Geraldine Faye Mendelson Maryland 

Diane Sue Merwitz Maryland 

Josephine Virginia Miles Maryland 

Judith Renee Miller Maryland 

Jean Warren Moses Maryland 

Alberta P. Nelson Iowa 

Marian Joan Nicholason Maryland 

Winifred Wester Notes Maryland 

Diane Magdalene O'Donnell D. C. 

Diana Maitland Ogilvie Maryland 

Daniel Joseph O'Neal, III Maryland 

Janis Carole Orleans Maryland 

Claire Louise Payne Maryland 

Nan Kinsey Pue Maryland 

Rose F. Ravita Maryland 

Priscilla Ann Riutort Maryland 

Thelma Harriet Robertson Maryland 

Patricia Teresa Roche Maryland 

Sharon Rosenblatt Saiontz Maryland 

Rosetta F. Sands Maryland 

Frances G. Seither Maryland 

Mae C. Senger Maryland 

Marita S. Silverman D. C. 

Sarah Marie Snyder Pennsylvania 

Demetra Maria Spanos Maryland 

Mary Rose Teramani Maryland 

Carol Ruth Tyler Maryland 

Mary Ellen Van Droof Maryland 

Catherine Antoinette Vitto Maryland 

Mary Jean Ward Maryland 

Carol Antoinette Wike Maryland 

Janice Patricia Wilhelm Maryland 

R. ToNi Winner Maryland 

Penelope Anne Young Maryland 

University of Maryland. 5 9 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Cakolyn Jane Avery Maryland 

John Thomas Berry Maryland 

Barry Louis Bloom Maryland 

Mitchell Alvin Christlan Maryland 

Michael Jay Cohen Maryland 

Anthony Leo Courpas Maryland 

John William Dailey Maryland 

John Allen Donnelly Maryland 

William Henry Edmondson Maryland 

Frederick Eng Maryland 

Sheldon Norman Erdman Maryland 

Charles Alexander Fleischer. ...Afa7T/ta«d 

Roger Glenn Heer Maryland 

Gary Lee Hess Maryland 

Ronald Harvey Hoffman Maryland 

Eugene Malcolm Johnson, Jr. ...Maryland 

Melvin Lessing Maryland 

Ronald Lee Lindenbaum Maryland 

Lawrence L. Martin, Jr Maryland 

Howard Barry Meyer Maryland 

William Carlton Moore Delaware 

Robert Allen Musch Maryland 

Joan Marie Neiner Louisiana 

Jack Howard Pincus Maryland 

Marsha Jane Rayman D. C. 

Jenina Danute Spuras Maryland 

Stanley Bernard TANNEBAUM....Marj//ar!d 

John Marshall Tims Maryland 

David Martin Via Maryland 

Myron Weiner Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Carroll John Andre Maryland 

Boris Larry Bagranoff Maryland 

Charleen Joy Batton Maryland 

Katherine Jane Beard Maryland 

John Nicholas Belitza Maryland 

Thomas Lee Bichy Maryland 

Arthur Kay Bidlb Maryland 

James Francis Black Maryland 

Donald Hirsch Boyer, Jr Maryland 

Merrilea Ellen Brett Maryland 

Gloria Givner Brooks Maryland 

Edward Louis Bury Maryland 

James Gilbert Busick Maryland 

Carol Frances Cessna Maryland 

Ralph Paul Conlin D. C. 

James Reginald Cox Maryland 

Louis Dobies Maryland 

Howard Thomas Doyle New Jersey 

Olaf Alexander Drozdov, Jk.... New Jersey 

Joseph Edward Emerson Maryland 

James William Franklin Maryland 

Judy Ann Freeman Maryland 

Stephen Roth Germeroth Maryland 

James Franklin Gibson Maryland 

Nelson Roome Gibson Maryland 

ViNCENZO James Girardi Pennsylvania 

Deirdre Ann Gleason Maryland 

Wade Hampton Glover, III Maryland 

Connie Faye Goodin Maryland 

Gerald Greenspan New Jersey 

Imogene Haber Maryland 

Robert Jones Hall J). C. 

Charles Dewey Harris Maryland 

Cynthia Louise Harvey Pennsylvania 

Martin John Higgins Maryland 

Sallie M. Holzberg Maryland 

Dorothy Dale Hussong Maryland 

Gary Robert Jackson New Jersey 

Thomas Goodlin Jackson Maryland 

JuBiTH Sandra Jacobs Maryland 

Frances Barbara Jordan Maryland 

Frederick William Joyce Maryland 

Robert John Kopnisky Maryland 

Peter Kowzun New Jersey 

60 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Cecile Morgan Landon Maryland 

David Norman Lemnah Maryland 

Joseph James Lentz, Je Maryland 

James Thomas MacMillan New York 

Thomas Guy Manfredi Maryland 

Steuart George Markley Maryland 

David William Markoe Maryland 

Barbara Ann Miller Maryland 

Marjorie Louise Moeller Maryland 

Jane Lynn Murdoch Maryland 

Ann Louise Murray Maryland 

Kevin Frank O'Brien Maryland 

Beverly Jeian Palmer Maryland 

Sylvia Joy Pasnak Maryland 

Christopher Edward PATTERSON..Marj//and 
Marguerite Helen Patterson. ...Afar^/tond 

Elisabeth Ann Powell Maryland 

Raoul Rebillard Maryland 

Diana J. Richards Maryland 

Ellen Virginia Russell Maryland 

John Thomas Schopield Maryland 

Sherron Louise Sears D. C. 

Glenna Beatrice Sharpe Maryland 

Marlene Frances Shortt Maryland 

Frances Margaret Shull Virginia 

William Edward Siedling Maryland 

Arlene Miriam Silver New Jersey 

Helen Raysor Prickett Simensen 


Cecilia Marie Smith Maryland 

William Benjamin Smith, Jr Maryland 

Betty Ruth Snyder Maryland 

James Christopher Sole Maryland 

Donald Bruce Springer New Jersey 

Harry Ronald Squiers Maryland 

John David Stearns Maryland 

Celeste Rhodes Stein Maryland 

Carol Joan Stevens Louisiana 

Robert George Stolick Pennsylvania 

James W. Sullivan Maryland 

Carol Lynn Taylor Maryland 

George William Todd Maryland 

Edwin Geisbert Trout Maryland 

Janie Lee Urch Maryland 

George Fischer Viereck Virginia 

Donald Carlton Wann Maryland 

David Gordon Warner Maryland 

Christine Jeanne Weller Maryland 

Frances Sharon Welsh Maryland 

Betty Ann White Maryland 

Sharron Lee Witt Maryland 

Douglas Lynn Zier Maryland 

Lynwood Edward Zimmerman 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Donald Ivan Abbott Maryland 

Earle Barnes Abrams Connecticut 

Joseph Abrams Maryland 

Gerald Maurice Adams Nebraska 

Richard Newell Allen Maryland 

Joseph Bruce Ambler Virginia 

Glenn Marion Andrews Ohio 

Warren Leslie Andrews, Jr Missouri 

Fredric Gary Antenberg Maryland 

Stephen Gaetano Antonelli, Jr 


James Bernard Argersinger New York 

Clarence Rodney Armstrong, Jr. 

North Carolina 

George H. Asakawa Hawaii 

Roger F. Ash California 

Benjamin Harrison Ashford, Jr Illinois 

Ralph Patrick Austin Missouri 

Ocedell Barnes D. C. 

Leonard August Bartels Iowa 

Lloyd Gene Bates Maryland 

James Irvin Bauer Maryland 

Arnold Jesse Beatley California 

Wallace Burdette Beebe, Jr Texas 

Clelia Ruth Beech Tennessee 

Gerald Augustine Beierschmitt, Jr. 


James Randolph Bell Maryland 

Doris Lemle Bennett Colorado 

Jaime Almoite Bernal California 

Robert Lewis Berry Wisconsiii 

Wilmer C. Bettinger Maryland 

Millard Emmett BicKHAM....Massachiisetts 
John Allen Bielec Maryland 

Univei'sity of Maryland. 6 1 

Larry Russell Bilby Oklahoma 

Frank Robby Bledsoe Florida 

Robert Keith Bobo Michigan 

Earl LeRoy Boggs New York 

Charles Noel Boling Indiana 

Paul Andrew Boyle Pennsylvania 

Helen Dolores Bridges Maryland 

Clifford Lang Brokaw Louisiana 

Edwin Earl Brooks Michigan 

Rangeley Adair Brown Kentucky 

Verol Floyd Brown North Carolina 

Robert Richard Bryant, Sr Maryland 

Charles Castleman Bulger Maryland 

Richard Francis Xavier BVRKE..New York 

Robert Charles Caddoo Massachusetts 

Leslie James Campbell, Jr Virginia 

Thomas Patrick Campbell Maryland 

James Clement Cantrell Maryland 

William Clarence Carter, Jr Arkansas 

Richard Hawkins Cave North Carolina 

Mary Louise Chamberlain 

New Hampshire 
Brewster Searing Chamberlin, Jr. 


Florence Jean Chaplin Maryland 

Donald Francis Chase Massachusetts 

Paul David Chiaro D. C. 

Manuel Chu Texas 

John Abraham Clary Illinois 

John Joseph Coleman, III New Jersey 

Patrick Edward Coleman Iowa 

Keith Davis Collett Maryland 

James Richard Collier Washington 

Joseph Baker Comstock, Jr California 

Joseph Edward Conklin New York 

John Rockwell Cooper Georgia 

George Walter Covill Maryland 

Billy Ray Cramer Missouri 

James Norman Cupp Virginia 

David Kemp Daffin Maryland 

James Edward Dalton Pennsylvania 

Morton Lewis Danuff Maryland 

Carl Fred Dawson West Virginia 

Beth Marie Decker Maryland 

Dino Del Vecchio Connecticut 

Robert Leo Doherty Illinois 

Timothy Augustine Donahue 


Ellen Mullikin Dudley Maryland 

Robert William Duncan California 

Richard Hugh Dunn Pennsylvania 

Vincent Thomas Durkin Maryland 

Wesley Samdahl Earl Washington 

Irma Hope Eastland Maryland 

Joseph Martin Ebbitt New York 

Ueorge Edwards Texas 

Emil Louis Eggimann New Jersey 

Jane White Eggimann New Jersey 

Wayne Thomas Elder Tennessee 

John Dixon Elliott Virginia 

William Pettigrew Elliott Virginia 

Carrie Jean English Louisiana 

Floyd Gilbert Estridge, Jr Maryland 

Martha Helen Eubank North Carolina 

Eileen Iskrant Faatz Maryland 

Thurston Upchurch Faulkner. ...yirfifraio 

Robert Charles Finders Iowa 

Robert Warren Fish Georgia 

William Gregory Flemming Ohio 

Vernon Gail Fleury Maryland 

Robert Ernest Florence Michigan 

John Eugene Foitik Maryland 

Elizabeth Mary Fessler FLOHR..iVet<; York 
Henry Charles Gerard Fonteyne 


LeRoy Pierce Frank Illinois 

Wayne Eugene Frye Iowa 

Robert Francis Fox Illinois 

Carl Willard Fuller Texas 

Joseph Aloysious Gabriel Ohio 

Peter Edward Galonis Pennsylvania 

Joseph Xavier Gauthier Illinois 

Wilfried Harald Gerling Germany 

Deam Windate Given Maryland 

Paul Donald Glass Minnesota 

Laura E. Godfrey Arkansas 

Leonard A. Gonzales California 

Ada Frances Goodman Maryland 

Edgar Lee Green Virginia 

Ernest Jackson Green D. C. 

Joseph Francis GnEEt^FiEUD... .Pennsylvania 

William Allen Gregory Washington 

Jack William Griffith Iowa 

John Henry Groth Maryland 

Stephen Roger Grove Indiana 

Edmond Albert Russell Gstalter 


Marvin Herbert Haeder New Jersey 

Elsie Pearl Haggard Kentucky 

Paul Richard Hahn Ohio 

Joseph Edward Hall Pennsylvania 

John Evan Halpern Maryland 

Nancy Ann W. Hancock Maryland 

Robert Donald Hanks Louisiana 

Henry David Hannett Virginia 

Charles Wesley Harper Connecticut 

Francis Joseph Hasek New Jersey 

Milton Stanley Hays California 

John Henry Heir Texas 

62 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Richard Stanley Henderson Maryland 

Judith Haag Herzog Wisconsin 

William Alexander Higgins Idaho 

Eddie Jean Hill Massachusetts 

Richard Charles Hill Michigan 

Robert Harry Hilton Ohio 

Harry Devere Hink Florida 

Richard Vernon Hoenes Maryland 

William Louis Hopper Georgia 

Philip D. Horelick Maryland 

David Seth Horner Maryland 

Robert Glen Hughes Texas 

George Thomas Humphreys, Jr. 

West Virginia 
Raymond Elmore Hunniford, Jr. 


David Andrew Hunt Ohio 

Robert Lee Hutchinson Michigan 

John H. Imming Maryland 

Harvie Thomas Ingram Alabama 

Melvin Andrew Jackson New York 

Susan G. Jacobson Maryland 

Joseph Frankun Jenkins Maryland 

Marie Dapelenia Jennings New York 

Donald Wayne Johnson Florida 

Jesse James Johnson Arkansas 

James Moseley Johnston Georgia 

John Frederick Kane Pennslyvania 

Norman L. Keebler Florida 

Ralph Kindred Kemp Ohio 

Francis Swenson Kendall Maryland 

Leonard Newton Kimball South Dakota 

William Dorrance Kimball Virginia 

Frank Kirk Louisiana 

Francis Joseph Kober, Jr Maryland 

Albert Leo Kolkin New York 

Rudolph John Kontner New Jersey 

Robert Donald Koslowsky Arizona 

Nicholas Koss Ohio 

Paul Kozelka D. C. 

George J. Krause Illinois 

Arthur Wayland Krick Ohio 

Robert Warren Krueger Maryland 

Orval Wayne Krumwiede Illinois 

Walter Willi Labitzky Illinois 

Arthur Lewis Lasselle Maine 

William Ulrich Lawrence Michigan 

Mary Lawsine Massachusetts 

Arthur Charles LeClert California 

Joseph Leo, Jr Maryland 

Benjamin Francis Leong Maryland 

Graydon Andrew Lewis Maryland 

Dean Walter Limric Ohio 

William Emil Lindstrom Pennsylvania 

Richard Worthington Loomis Virginia 

Mike Lopez New Mexico 

Alice Lulu Lorenz Maryland 

Raymond Lorenzo, Jr California 

Orlando Peter Loretti Virginia 

Victor James Loughnan New Jersey 

Elva Mary Loun Pennsylvania 

Clifford Louis Lundgren Virginia 

James Herbert Lunn Maryland 

James Michael Lyons Massachusetts 

Charles LeRoy Mackert, Jr Maryland 

Charles C. Macko California 

Nicholas Maravic Pennsylvania 

William Paul Marion Georgia 

Donald John Martin Rhode Island 

Paul Arthur Martin Maryland 

Richard Ward Martin Maryland 

Julius Louis Martinez Maryland 

Norman William Matkin Florida 

James Eugene Mattevi Florida 

Edward Carmine Mattie Connecticut 

Edward Ronald Mazziotta Neiv York 

John Francis McAuliffe Maryland 

Willlam Thomas McBreen New Jersey 

Robert George McCartney New York 

Carl Evert McCoy Oklahoma 

Richard Thayer McCrady Pennsylvania 

Sylvester McCullough New Jersey 

William Charles McGlaun Texas 

Jack A. McGuire Pennsylvania 

Isaac Harding McKiNNEY....Nort/i Carolina 
Michael Joseph McLouGHLiN....iVew Jersey 

James Louis McNulty Texas 

Beth Ann Medland Indiana 

George T. Milonas Mississippi 

Willis Fbedekick Mitckell.... Pennsylvania 

Nelda Perkins Mohr Michigan 

James Irvin Monohon Oregon 

Billy Fred Moore Maryland 

David Grey Moore North Carolina 

Guy Moore California 

Dana Louise Morel New York 

Stephen Harold Morochnick. .CoKwccttcMt 

Franklin E. Morgan Virginia 

John Robert Morris Illinois 

Edward Worcester Morrison New York 

Gerald Edward Mulderig Pennsylvania 

John James Napora Maryland 

Francis W. Nicholas New York 

Thomas Michael Oakes Illinois 

JosE)PH Francis O'Connor New Jersey 

James J. Olney California 

Marcia Graef Olson Wisconsin 

Marvin Leonard Page Wisconsin 

Stanley Lloyd Parker Maryland 

Donald Leroy Peck Nebraska 

University of Maryland. 63 

Raymond Ronald Peck Michigan 

Paulette Pereira Maryland 

Michael Rego Petruzzelli Maryland 

William H. Phillips Maryland 

Walter Merritt Pickard Florida 

Hewlett M. Pickens Kentucky 

George Norman PiiaicE Indiana 

John Randolph Pinkett, III Ohio 

Gottfried Pletzer New Jersey 

Henry Tate Poole, Jr Louisiana 

Robert Jackson Post New Jersey 

Kenneth Douglas Potter Maryland 

JuDiTHE Mae Price New Jersey 

John Julian Proctor Virginia 

John Fortney Purinton D. C. 

Kenneth Puttkamer Oregon 

Charles Joseph Pyryt Pennsylvania 

Hazen Pillsbury Rafuse Delaware 

William M. Rauss Louisiana 

Prentis Robert Ray Texas 

John Russel Reichardt California 

Richard Thomas Rhone Pennsylvania 

William Laurence Richardson 


James Douglas Riegler Wisconsin 

Sharon Lois Mayer Riessen California 

Thomas Gregory Robinson Maryland 

Yvonne Jbian Robinson Louisiana 

Alfred Melvin Rodgers Arkansas 

John Christopher Rogers, Jr New York 

Maxwell William Roman Maryland 

Clarence Henry Romig Maryland 

James Patrick Rooney Maryland 

Leon Rose New York 

Paul J. Rose Maryland 

John Hart Ross New Hampshire 

Robert Jerry Rottman California 

Raymond Vogel Ruebusch Ohio 

Murray Jean Rupe Kentucky 

Robert George Rushforth California 

Evan Russell, Jr Pennsylvania 

Edward Rybak Illinois 

Kathryn Moreland St. Clair Pennsylvania 

Doris Jean Saiontz Maryland 

Paul George Satzinger Massachusetts 

William Edmund Saxe Illinois 

Robert Wallace Saylor D. C. 

John Joseph Scherer Colorado 

Irene M. Schiller California 

Hallman Wayne Schindler Indiana 

Franz Schmucker Maryland 

Russell Benjiman Scholl, Jr Maryland 

John Luther Schuncke Washington 

John Melborn Schwalje Missouri 

William Charles Searcy Virginia 

James M. Sebright Indiana 

Clarence Francis Seidl Pennsylvania 

Richard D. Semmel Pennsylvania 

Charles Edwin Shannon Ohio 

Harrison John Sheridan New York 

John Russell Sheridan Maryland 

Sharon Marie Shillings Oklahoma 

Sidney Tyler Shores, Jr Maryland 

Anthony Edward Sikorski Maryland 

George Nelson Simcox California 

John Charles Simon, Jr Maryland 

Merun Clark Simpson Connecticut 

Henri Lothar Sinasohn California 

Joseph Ellis Skaggs Virginia 

Woodford Marvin Smallwood Ohio 

David James Smith Maryland 

Gregory W. Smith Virginia 

John Ransom Smithson Maryland 

Lester Dean Snyder Illinois 

Martin Kersey Spilman, Sr Virginia 

Nancy Mae Stacer Pennsylvania 

William Floyd Stagg Virginia 

William Joseph Steele New York 

Samuel Clendon Steelman, Jr Virginia 

James William Stemple New Jersey 

Roger Lawrence Stephan Colorado 

James Lawson Stevens, Jr Washington 

John Francis Joseph Stinson Florida 

David Richard Strauss California 

Alfred W. Sutley Connecticut 

Theodore Switty Maryland 

Frank Edward Tarasko California 

Curtis Glen Taylor Mississippi 

Robert Thomas Taylor Maryland 

Russell John Tener Ohio 

John Joseph Testa Pennsylvania 

Russell Gardner Thomas, Jr.. .New Mexico 

George Edward Thommen Maryland 

Dallas Richard Thompson Maryland 

James Russell Thomson Maryland 

William Martin Toohey Wisconsin 

Jose Angel Toro Maryland 

Joseph F. Torres, Jr Colorado 

Juan Manuel Torres California 

Victor Torres Maryland 

Harry Seiki Tsuhako Hawaii 

John Raymond Uher Pennsylvania 

William Edward Valente Pennsylvania 

Clark David Valentiner Florida 

David Edmond Van Amburg Alabama 

James P. Vaughn Ohio 

Salvatore Volpe JVew Jersey 

Isolde M. G. von Zitzewitz Oregon 

Mile Vuynovich Maryland 

Felix Weaver Wade Mississippi 

64 ^^^^ Commencement Exercises. 

Arnold Arbery Wagner Iowa 

Richard William Walker Tennessee 

Daniel Wallace Maryland 

Clarence D. Walter Virginia 

Leonore Edith Walther D. C. 

Charles Franklin Warner Maryland 

George Andrew Watson Virginia 

Kirk Weaver Maryland 

Stanley Ellis Weinstein Maryland 

Constance Elaine Wessells Maryland 

Roy Bohn Wethy Florida 

Jack White Maryland 

Raymond Kiefer Wicker South Carolina 

Alonzo B. Wickers California 

Thomas Lawrence Wickstrom... .CaK/orwia 

Harold W. Wiley Illinois 

Harry Lester Williams California 

Wesley Robert Wilson California 

Victor Martin Winebrenner Maryland 

Norman Earnest Winter Kansas 

Karl John Woelz New Jersey 

Theodorikus C. Woltjer Michigan 

James Faulds Young Florida 

James O. Zellner Pennsylvania 

Emery Jackson Zimmerman 

North Carolina 
Peter Constantine Zuras Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Dean Douglas Abbott Virginia 

Donald Adolph Adam Wiscoyisin 

James Edgar Adams Florida 

Charles Arthur Allard Kansas 

Andrew S. Allen Mississippi 

John Oliver Arnn California 

James Flavian Arsenault Virginia 

Carl Ashline Oklahoma 

William Langworthy Atwater. .Mari/Zajirf 

Richard Kibbe Austin Massachusetts 

Jebson Baker Missotiri 

Richard Blake Baumstark California 

William Arnold Bearden Texas 

Raymond H. Beaty Virginia 

William Julian Beck Virginia 

Joseph P. Blades Ohio 

Munroe Eskel BoersemA Michigan 

Henry Cleveland Bowden, Jr Maryland 

Ralph M. Boyd New York 

Manuel Martin Brito Pennsylvania 

Gradon Terrence Brown New Mexico 

Milton Marshall Brown Arkansas 

Robert F. Bubier Oregon 

Ralph M. Budkovich Arizona 

William Haddock Campbell, Sr Virginia 

Verne William Carey Massachusetts 

Duane Seaman Cason Virginia 

Rupert William Catlin Maryland 

Morrison Early Chamberlin Florida 

Gerald Slater Chapman California 

Westcott Clinton Maryland 

Rennie Charles Coleman, Jr Alabama 

Henry S. Coffua Rhode Island 

Verne P. Craig Maine 

Thomas LeRoy Cunningham Kansas 

Ferd John Curtis Illinois 

David Louis Daub Virginia 

Franklin A. Deese South Carolina 

Raymond Demos Texas 

Roland E. Denby : Maine 

Dale Richard Deniston Virginia 

Vernon Curtis Devan Virginia 

Donald Alan DeVoe New Jersey 

Francis Sylvester Donnell Virginia 

Eugene Gordon Drouillard Virginia 

William Fowler Duncan Virginia 

Conley Howard Dykes Tennessee 

Horace Alexander Eddington, Jr. 


Jerry Spaulding Edwards Virginia 

Roderick Andrus Ekert D. C. 

Arthur Joseph Emerson, Jr. Massachusetts 

James Medric Eubanks Texas 

Willis C. Fay Nebraska 

Charles Dickens Fox Connecticut 

Reuben Jack Frank Illinois 

William Ralph Fedor Virginia 

Kenneth Peter Fischer Neiv York 

James Pierce Fleming Virginia 

George DeWitt Fowler, Jr Maryland 

Joseph James Francis Pennsylvania 

Robert Cary Gardenier New York 

Ralph Vincent Gardner Virginia 

Mario Arthur Garuti Virginia 

Kenneth Barton Glover Kansas 

Thomas Horton Goode Maryland 

RoQUE Gonzales Texas 

Albert Francis Green Massachusetts 

Ruth W. Greenfield Maryland 

Paul Greksa Maryland 

Robert Donald Groszer Maryland 

Alexander Francis Guidotti Illinois 

Harold Carl Haase Michigan 

University of Maryland. 6 5 

William Alonzo Hamm Virginia 

Denis Calvin Hancock New Jersey 

Russell Oliver Harland Massachusetts 

Earl Donovan Harris Texas 

Harry Ashley Haszard Massachusetts 

Walter Louis Helm Michigan 

Horace S. Henline New Mexico 

William Tutt Hensley Maryland 

Raymond Walter Hinck New York 

Albert Romaine Hoffman Virginia 

William John Hojnacki Texas 

Paul Ensley Holt Tennessee 

Harold Charles Hughes New York 

John Cecil Hughes Illinois 

James Williams Hunt New York 

Martin Hurwitz Virginia 

Anthony Ingrisano Virginia 

Warren Harding Jepson Kansas 

John Junius Johnson, Jr Ohio 

Kenneth Lawson Johnson New York 

Philip Ingraham Jones, II Maryland 

Robert McCoy Jones Wisconsin 

Gordon Clifford Jung Virginia 

RoTUi Medford Morris Kellvm... .Maryland 

Robert Aitken Kemp Iowa 

LOYD L. Kenworthy, Jr Indiana 

Kenneth Edward Kester Pennsylvania 

Reubin LeRoy Kingdon, Jr Virginia 

William Derk Kissler Montana 

Alfred Ruprecht Kitts Indiana 

James Joseph Kleckner, Sr California 

John Jacob Koloski North Carolina 

Clifford Calvin Kunkel Nexv Jersey 

Clarence Lawrence Lambing 


Martin Walter Laue Kansas 

Vincent Michael Lazarony Maryland 

Joseph Aaron Levy New York 

Robert Levine Netv York 

Theodore Michael Libershal Maryland 

Laddie Langford Lowe Texas 

Joseph Thomas Maguire Florida 

James Richard Markey California 

Donald Joseph Martell New York 

Paul Warren Martin Wisconsiyi 

Bernard Monroe McClaugherty 

West Virginia 

James Matthew McCoy Virginia 

Robert Adolph Michelson Virginia 

Joseph Neal Miciotto Louisiana 

Joe Douglas Miles California 

Charles Edward Miller Wisconsin 

Bill Milton Mooneyham California 

Irving Clifford Morey Virginia 

John Robert Mourning Illinois 

Frederic Lane Mundy Maryland 

Burl Ernest Muns Maryland 

Orvis Gideon Myers Virginia 

Robert William Myers Washington 

James Adams Nelson Virginia 

Rudolph Mitchell Newman Florida 

Arthur Nikas Massachusetts 

William Arthur Norton Maryland 

Ralph Lee Noyes Vermont 

Herbert Phillip Ohm Massachusetts 

Warren Stillman Olin Florida 

Vincent Irving Olsen New Jersey 

Alfred Palumbo Maryland 

Constantine John Pappadakis Illinois 

Orville LeRoy Parker North Carolina 

Rodney Gustavel Parrish Pennsylvania 

ViTO Santo Redone New York 

Roger Michael Pezzelle North Carolina 

Jesse Geraldus Pickering, III Virginia 

Emile Eugene Pierre, Jr D. C. 

Jack Harlan Post Virginia 

Guy Pronier California 

Carl Ray Provine Oklahoma 

James Robert Ruhr D. C. 

Thomas Blackstone Rachels Florida 

James Leroy Readnour Washington 

Ernest William Rees Maryland 

Thomas William Reeves California 

Ralph Joseph Reich Pennsylvania 

Arnold John Reinikka Montana 

William Otto A. Rhoda Maryland 

Glenn Louis Rieder Wisconsin 

Louis Arthur Rochez, III Georgia 

James Wilson Russell Ohio 

Fred Christy Satterthwaite Ohio 

John Edward Schoon Indiana 

Alfred Woodrow Seidel Pennsylvania 

Andrew Serrell Virginia 

Henry S. Shackelford Maryland 

Andy Shultz Pennsylvania 

James Edward Smith Maryland 

Richard Herbert Smith Virginia 

Malcolm Orien Stallings Indiana 

Glenn Allison Tegge Virginia 

Robert Hajime Terakawa Maryland 

Walter Carl Terry Minnesota 

James Toomey, Jr Maryland 

Robert Joseph Traylor Virginia 

Charles Lewis Tucker New Jersey 

Kenneth Allen Ward Massachusetts 

Ross Holmes Weatherford, Jr Texas 

66 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Jesse Willard Webb Maryland 

Robert Morris Werner Pennsylvania 

Kenneth Henderson White, Jr. 

John Roland Winters Maryland 

Walter Ferdinand Wolff Rhode Island 

Edward Wudarski Maryland 

Albert Sherman Yaggi, Jr D. C. 

Saul Zalaznick New York 

Carl Melvin Zilian Pennsylvania 



George Robert Andrews 
Joseph George Benner 
Robert Allan Black 
John Randolph Campbell 
Harold Blaine Caplinger 
Robert Franklin Carpenter, III 
Robert Vernon Carr, Jr. 
Gary Lee Curtin 
Carl Allen Dalton 
Richard Allan DeVoss 
Peter Horst Ertel 
Stanley Albert Fisher 
James Donald Glenn 
Samuel Walker Griffith 
John Harry Harling 
Timothy James Hickey 
Donald Bernard Hordes 
Charles Ronald Jones 
Frank William Konopasek, III 
George Brian MacMillan 

Robert E. Mannion, Jr. 
Kenneth Robert McCormick 
John Lawrence McIntosh, Jr. 
William Daniels Meara, Jr. 
Rix Marion Mills 
Richard William Nieberlein 
John Allen Oliver 
James Millard Pezzaro 
John Edward Pleisse 
Allen Robert Plitt 
Cecil Waters Redmond 
John Thomas Schofield 
Charles Edward Soellers 
Harry Ronald Squiers 
William D. B. Swezey 
Robert Harold Thompson 
Lawrence Wayne Townsend 
Thomas Keith Verzi 
Harris Raymond Wilburn, Jr. 
John Gary Zimmerman 

University of Maryland. 67 

Academic Honors 



University Gold Medal for Scholarship, Summa Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Michael Allan Baylin 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Raoul Carr VandenBosche 

Robert Allen Rose 

Robert Nathaniel Ragland 

Trumer James Wagner 


Gradxiated With Honor 

Theodore B. Cornblatt Bruce A. Posnak 

Jeffrey H. Dunn Richard E. Satzman 

Herbert Goldman Harlan L. Weiss 

Stanley J. Neuhauser Douglas G. Worrall 


Faculty Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Arnold Saul Blaustein 

Certificate of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Stuart Howard Yuspa 

Certificates of Honor, Cum Laude 

Sandra Lee Zucker Joel Arnold Krackow 

Ronald Howard Koenig Kurt Porter Sligar 

Raymond Edgar Knowles, Jr. Stephen Barry Hameroff 

University of Maryland. 7 1 


Gold Medal for General Excellence 
Awarded to 

Lawrence Leo Martin, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor 

John William Dailey 

Myron Weiner 

Charles Alexander Fleischer 


Candidates for bachelor's degrees are eligible for honors if they have completed 
at least two years of resident work with a scholastic average of B or higher. The 
candidates must also rank in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respec- 
tive colleges. "With high honors" are awarded to the upper tenth of those in each col- 
lege if they qualify, and "with honors" are awarded to the second tenth of those in each 
college if they qualify. The names of students are listed in order of their rank by 


With High Honors 

John Victor Thompson 
Bernard Arnold Schneider 
Herbert Franklin Jarrell 
Ernst Jan Ketel 


With High Honors 

Jerald Stuart Davitz 
Tobin Jay Marks 
Jo Ann Sencer 
Michael Robert Deutschman 
Jenny Ruth Clagett 
David William Armstrong 
Charles Louis Fefferman 
Cynthia R. Milkman 
Mary Leeba Tabor 
Maria de Lourdes Negron 
Christopher Robert Herron 
Carole Jane Lilienfeld 

With Honors 

Linda Elyse Bryce 
Lawrence Arthur Click 
Judith Ann Harris 
Donald Eugene Zarefoss 
James Charles Strouse 
Michael Alan Silverman 
Ronald Eugene Bost 
Carol Vine 
Ronald Dean Gardner 
Eugene Clifford McKay 
Thomas Lachowicz 
Frederic Weinstein 

72 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

With High Honors 

With Honors 

James Bennett Johnston 
David Philip Miller 
David Tapper 
Joseph Garonzik 
Christine Carew Abrams 
Barbara Voncile DeMont 
Sheila Louise Hunt 
Barbara Anne Scott 
Betsy Moore Nissly 
Suzanne Spence 
Cassandra Allen Taylor 
Bonnie Glover Kirby 
Phyllis Anne Cook 
Saul Joseph Adelman 
Joyce Kay Taylor 
Katharine Elizabeth Snell 
Barbara Sue Miller 
Marjorie Anne Larson 
Barbara Ann Jackson 
Donald Bernard Hordes 
William Earl Tamblyn, Jr. 
Caren Lee Harnest 
Raymond Francis Hilliard 
Wendy Sue Klotzman 
John Ellison Loth, Jr. 
Ellen Carol Siegman 
Jeanne Anne Quinlan 
James Allen Godfrey 
Betty L. Ammerman 
Nancy Meily Beckner 
Charlotte A. Raines 
Nancy Louise Jaquith 
Richard Thomas Cecil 
Susan Parker Bubert 
Jane R. Zupan 
Stephen Edward Mudrick 
John Marvin Eyler 
Isabelle Rachelle Evenchick 
Judy Jean Bishara 
Carl Behm, III 
Kendall Wesley Gambrill 
P. David Myerowitz 
Barbara Frances Rochow 
Peggy Ellen Green 
Robert Gordon Gumming 
John Howard Poehlman 
Gert Hardy Reintal 
Robert Hollis Ekleberry, Jr. 
Francis Edward Cecil 
David Robert Pusey 
John William Gareis 
Janice Ruth Negler 
Gail Judith Korb 
Jeffrey Steven Feiffer 

Raymond Stanley Sweeney 
Nancy Jean Little 
Donald Lowell Bennett 
Thomas Alexander McCullough 
Susan Harriet Loomis 
John Hamilton Gillespie 
Michael Paul DuMonceau 
Aldis Baltins 
Louis Arthur Shpritz 
Robert John Buchanan 
Michael Edward LaBorde 
Glenn Clyburn Smith 
Ray Andrew Miles 
Robert Mark Slesser 
Pete C. Reynard 
Barbara Ellen Seidenberg 
Robert Reynolds Aquilino 
Gary Allen Belaga 
Phyllis Epstein Belman 
Norman Stephen Levy 
Thomas Dewey Robinson 
Edward Henry Cahill 
Gary Philip Fisher 
Elizabeth Ann Wolbach 


JUDSON Taylor Monroe 
Anne Fitzhugh MacLean 
Ellendea C. Sidwell 
Velta Ritumas 
Camilla J. Detra 
Rix Marion Mills 
Gary G. Rubenstein 
Elizabeth Anne Rubenstein 
Margaret Milam Clark 
John MacDonald King 
Carol Ann Marx 
Edna Belle Beachum 
Frederick Gary Freeman 
Kenneth Michael Hoffman 
Matthew John McDonald 
Joseph S. Clinton 
Elizabeth Frances Drydale 
Paul Jan Thomas 
Charles Ronald Beal 
John Leslie Savage, Jr. 
Marilyn Beth Schuman 
Jon Dundee Snodgrass 
Judith Marla Huber 
Maria John Callas 
Jane Ann Ault 
Henry Clay Hadaway 
Alice Christine McGurty 

University of Maryland. ~J j 

With High Honors 

Sherry Lea Spence 
Nancy Lorraine Pryce 
Carole Leslie Witt 
Anne Ruth Datres 
Shirley Ann Miller 
Loraine Frances Pedolsky 
Grace Veronica Gallup 
Patricia King 
Nancy Susan Harrison 
Helen Lucretia Hyre 
Edward Hubbard Stewart, Jr. 
Richard Alan Bloomfield 
John Windust Sixbey 
David Martin Costello 
Thomas Edward Williamson, Jr. 
Judith Ellen Bendich 
Michael Stephen Miller 
William Lawrence Oppenheim 
Judith Rae Leibowitz 
Meyer Reuben Heyman 
M. Carolyn Tobey 
Merilyn Miller 
Gretchen Therese Hau 
Helen Dale Ferguson 
Howard Charles Ellis 
Benjamin Wright Harrison 

With Honors 

James Edward Barrett 
Albert Jan Snyder 
Margaret Candace Spellacy 
Christine Wells Walter 
Ellen Gordon 
Carol Lyn Bonas 
DiNA Denrich 
Mary Agnes Shearin 
Kenneth Edward Kramer 
James Robert Mathews 
Arthur Paul Young 
Raymond Carlton Holloway 
Katherine Louise Wilson 
William L. Lynn, III 
Stuart Murray Bounds 
Sheila Elaine Davis 
Frances Kay Dellincer 
Shirley Kossoy 
Marilyn Joy Merber 
Meryl Nadine Nusbaum 
Martin Jerry Shuman 
Catherine S. Steele 
Stephen Svatik, Jr. 

With High Honors in Chemistry James B. Johnston; Tobin J. Marks 

With High Honors in Mathematics Charles L. Fefferman 

With High Honors in Physics Saul J. Adelman; Francis E. Cecil,- 

Charles L. Fefferman,- Stephen E. Mudrick 

With High Honors in Sociology David Costello 

With High Honors in Spanish Maria DeL. Negron 

With High Honors in Zoology John H. Gillespie 

With Honors in Chemistry Jeffrey S. Feiffer; Michael S. Miller 

With Honors in Economics Marjorie A. Larson,- Donald B. Hordes 

With Honors in English Christine C. Abrams,- M. Carolyn Clark; 

Stephen Svatik, Jr. 

With Honors in French Lawrence A. Click 

With Honors in German John E. Loth, Jr. 

With Honors in History John M. Eyler; Carole Jane Lilienfeld; 

Betty L. Ammerman 

With Honors in Mathematics Francis E. Cecil; Thomas E. Williamson 

With Honors in Music Helen D. Ferguson 

With Honors in Psychology Sheila L. Hunt; Helen L. Hyre; Paul D. Myerowitz 

With Honors in Spanish Mary K. Patterson 

With Honors in Zoology Jenny R. Clagett 

74 19^^ Commencement Exercises. 


With High Honors 

Sidney Martin Sussan 
Bruce Lawrence Wing 
Frank Martin Kuhn 
Edward M. Meyers 
James Edgar Lewis 
James Patrick Bedingfield 
Larry Benton Rock 
Gary Franklin Bulmash 
James Donald Moberly, Jr. 
William W. Lovelace 
Joyce Fox Starr 
Anthony DiFrancesco 
MicHAELA Preston Richardson 
Lloyd Howard Lewis 
James Lawrie Heinz 
Lois Arlene Richter 
George Louis Yungmann 
Gerry McDonald Baldwin 
William Bageant Hart 
Robert Nelson Weatherbee 
Mary Elizabeth Martin 
Michael Stephen Dore 
Michael James Caughlin, Jr. 
Eleanor Mary Lauterwald 
Sharon Marie Draut 
Margaret Ann Reigle 
Robert Wayne Gardiner 
Jerry Douglas Ramos 
John Roland Jester 
Floyd E. Moss 
Alfred Joseph Ranno 
John Steven Anthony 

With Honors in Economics J. Lawrence MacMillan 


With High Honors 

Linda M. Smith 
Carol Joyce Rockwell 
Ida Eppley 
Mary L. Bogard 
Sheryl Eileen Wood 
Ann Lynn Cooley 
Florence Fingerhut 
Marilyn Louise Simmons 
Ellen Mary Roderick 
Paula Ellen Kramer 
Mary Esther McCloy 
Diane Barbara Frazzano 

With Honors 

Doris Cohen 
Marjorie Sue Kleiman 
Joanna Louise Ritz 
Deborah Lee White 
Kenneth Paul Grasley 
Louisa Dowell Scott 
Ann R. Muldawer 
Mary Ellen Williams Atkinson 
Elizabeth Brink Wurzbacher 
Katherine Gale Leister 
Janet Ann Stello 
Linden Ann Maxwell 

University of Marylayid. j 5 

With High Honors 

With Honors 

Alice Lucille Watts 

Toby G. Cobrin 

Sue Ann Robinson 

Linda Anne Quigley 

Betty Rae Miller 

Karen Lee Keating 

Albina Joan Dapkunas 

Rita Kit-Tak Tse 

Janet Louise Willsie 

Charlotte Tawes Ropka 

Sunny Tema Slate 

Herbert Frederick Rau, Jr. 

Ruth M. Cressman 

Helen June Webb 

Jeanne Carnevale 

Margaret Theresa Graham 

Ethel M. Weichbrod 

Sherry Rae Shapiro 

Christina Alcora Temple 

Christine D. Hughes 

Ellen Pam Schlimer 

Eileen Susan Wilansky 

Arlene Mae Carpenter 

Leslie Ann Wilcove 

Melinda Adrianne D'Esmond 

Sarah Ann Wyvill 

Janet K. Penn 

Nancy Margaret Bonebrake Motter 

Toba Ruth Weinberg 

Ann Shachtman 

Virginia Warren McClube 

Louise Ann Roth 

Jan Karen Richardson 

Margaret Ann Wilson 

Joyce Chaney Brown 

Albert John Crull 

Elizabeth Mullen Horton 

Barbara Joan Zuromski 

Jan p. Turley 


Shirley Genevieve Montgomery 

Linda Lee Uphoff 

Bette Joyce Puckett 

Mary Sandra Durm 

Sandra Fabb 

Doris A. Kinnunen 

Carolyn May MacEwen 

Margaret Ann Hopkins 

Norma K. Sobel 

Ray Andrew Miles 

Carol Scott Sullivan 

Elizabeth Anne Barnhardt 

Randolph August Linderholm 

Dale Ellen Schneider 

Beverly Joyce Maston 

Joan Burton Charlton 

Renee Ellen Polakoff 

Esther Mary Mandel 

LoRA Elizabeth Gurney 

Marlene Hatch Anderson 

Linda Carol Lane 

Dorothy Bergen Bayles 

Karen Lee Kvernvik 

Mary Lou Brown 

Linda Carole Lindsay 

Barbara Jean Loffler 

Eithne Margaret Wolf 

Robert Edwin Beck, Jr. 

Beverly Anne Schumann 

Johanna Sabel Ebaugh 

Susan Ann Naylor 

Mary Louise Holtgreve 

Marjorie B. Skaist 

Henry James Lowe 

Dorothy Montgomery Pritchett 

Margaret Holcomb Kuehn 

Joan Marsha Rodner 

Robin Duvall 

Paula Wiseman 

Sherry Ann McKean 

Beulah Eileen Buchwalter Cleaver 

Janet Katherine Tracy 

Judith Ann Selznick 

With Honors in Spanish Jan P. Turley 

76 1966 Commencement Exercises. 


With High Honors 

John George Lieb 
John Bakke Stamberg 
James William Kenney 
Howard Andrus DeBisschop 
Warren Lewis Gordon Koontz 
Melvin Edward Novak 
Stephen Gamble Bacon 
Bruce Clinton Richard 
Raymond Virgil Welch 
Joseph Bernard Williams 
Robert Lewis Wiley 
Louis Gerard Amtmann 
Joseph Robert Crupi 
Robert Norman Reidler 
Luis Fernando Llano 
Christopher Adesakin Okikiade 
James Archie Jernigan 
Robert Eugene Munson 
Gustave John Hokenson 
Lewis Wesley Masters 
Frank Pascoe 
Charles Philipp Brundrett 
Marc Ronald Levin 
John Carlton Grams 
Leslie Lee Thompson 
Erik John Dewitt 
Bernard Taylor Liebermann 
Donald Kenneth Richer 
YouRi Feridoon Arzoumanian 
Theodore Norris Kirchner 
Robert Franklin Carpenter, III 

With Honors 

Joseph Hanway Rouse 
George Edward Hemby 
Lawrence William Coombs 
Dianne Roberta Roux 
Arthur Jay Schwartz 


With High Honors 

Susan O. Sanzo 
Thelma Ann Barron 
Shirley Ann Greiner 
Frances Dunkle Poling 
Carole Jean Lowe 
Susan Waneta LaPatka 
Marcia Esther Sibley 
Elizabeth Jeanne Spencer 
Beverly Butler 
WiNNiFRED Joan Weaver 

With Honors 

Kay Francine Bowers 
Paula Diane Floyd 
Carol Ann Haenftling 
Mary Taylor Kincaid 
Anjenette H. Cazier 
Lynn Ann Edgley 
Phyllis Ruth Affeld 
Dixie Lee Larrimore 
Mary Jane Nystrom 
Elizabeth Ann Hanson 

Univ ersity of Maryland. ~] ~J 


With High Honors 

Carolyn Louise Lusby 
Kathleen Ruth Fahres 
Sue Bishop Goodrich 
Marian Joan Nicholason 
Sarah Marie Snyder 
Janice VanDenburg Keitz 
Nancy Carol Baumann 
Daniel Joseph O'Neal, III 
Linda Louise Engstrom 
Barbara Gish Kormann 

With Honors 

Patricia Dulin Baker 
Warrene Rae Johnson 
Barbara Ann Baldwin 
Sherry Sue Cerniglia 
Harriette Ann Cuthrell 


With High Honors 

Lawrence Leo Martin, Jr. 
John William Dailey 
Myron Weiner 


With High Honors 

Merrilea Ellen Brett 
Celeste Rhodes Stein 
Imogene Haber 
Beverly Jean Palmer 
Judith Sandra Jacobs 
Cynthia Louise Harvey 
Carol Lynn Taylor 
Barbara Ann Miller 
Cecilia Marie Smith 
Arthur Kay Bidle 


With High Honors With Honors 

Leonard Newton Kimball 
Edward Rybak 
John Fortney Purinton 
Robert Leo Doherty 
Edward Carmine Mattie 
William Ulrich Lawrence 

Russell Oliver Harland 
Franklin A. Deese 
Leroy Pierce Frank 
Hallman Wayne Schindler 
John Joseph Scherer 
Florence Jean Chaplin 

78 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

With High Honors 

With Honors 

Richard D. Semmel 

Martin Hurwitz 

Mary Lawsine 

James Bernard Argersinger 

Stephen Harold Morochnick 

George Nelson Simcox 

Edward Wudarski 

Marvin Herbert Haeder 

Donald Alan DeVoe 

George Thomas Humphreys, Jr. 

Ralph Patrick Austin 

Charles Noel Boling 

Jane White Eggimann 

John Eugene Foitik 

Beth Marie Decker 

Francis Swenson Kendall 

Donald John Martin 

Victor James Loughnan 

Paulette Pereira 

Irene M. Schiller 

Louis Arthur Rochez, III 

Roderick Andrus Ekert 

William Edmund Saxe 

Joseph Leo, Jr. 

David James Smith 

Wayne Eugene Frye 

John Dixon Elliott 

Marcia Graef Olson 

Irma Hope Eastland 

Irving Clifford Morey 
Munroe Eskel Boersema 
Stephen Roger Grove 
Nancy Ann W. Hancock 
John Abraham Clary 
Robert Glen Hughes 
Ralph M. Boyd 
James Lawson Stevens, Jr. 
Emil Louis Eggimann 
John Frederick Kane 
Ellen Mullikin Dudley 
Constance Elaine Wessells 
Thomas William Reeves 
John Joseph Testa 
William Langworthy Atwater 
Carl Melvin Zilian 
Joseph Edward Conklin 
Alfred Woodrow Seidel 
William Allen Gregory 
Rupert William Catlin 
Robert Donald Hanks 
Richard Charles Hill 
Richard William Walker 
Theodore Switty 
Gerald Slater Chapman 
Charles Edwin Shannon 
James Eugene Mattevi 
William Floyd Stagg 


Betty Ammerman 
Susan Bryan 
Sharon Draut 
Lynn Edgley 
Martha A. Edwards 
Catherine E. Fondren 
Bonnie Carole Fox 
Margaret D. Hall 
Caren Harnest 
Helen Hyre 

(Junior Women's Honor Society) 

Susan Rae Katz 
Betty Jo Horton 
Judy Margolis 
Mary Jane Nystrom 
Joan Quigley 
Sue Ann Robinson 
Nancy Lowry Sayre 
Marcia E. Sibley 
Stephanie J. Susman 
Betsy Allison Tait 

University of Maryland. 7 9 

Mortar Board 

(The natioval senior honor society for ivomen, recognizing service, 
leadership and scholarship) 

Betty L. Ammerman 
Toby Ruth Cobrin 
Sharon Marie Draut 
Lynn Ann Edgley 
Bonnie Carole Fox 
Caren Lee Harnest 
Elizabeth Josephine Horton 
Helen Lucretia Hyre 

Mary Taylor Kincaid 
Mary Jane Nystrom 
Joanna Louise Ritz 
Sue Ann Robinson 
Carol Joyce Rockwell 
Christina A. Temple 
Winnifred Joan Weaver 
Janet Louise Willsie 

Omicron Delta Kappa 
(Honorary Leadership Fraternity for Men) 

Boris Larry Bagranoff 
Terry Baxter 
James Beard 
James P. Bedingfield 
Thomas Bichy 
Neil Brayton 
Jack Clark 
Douglas Cheek 
Michael W. Cole 
Ralph P. Conlin 
David Couchman 
Joseph Crupi 
Michael S. Dore 
Charles L. Fefferman 
Joseph Garonzik 
Timothy Geiger 
Charles Harris 
John Hendrickson 
Miller N. Hudson 
Robert J. Kopnisky 
F. Martin Kuhn 
James B. Johnston 
David L. Klevan 
Warren L. G. Koontz 
Peter Kowzun 
Ray F. Lepore 
John Lieb 

E. Theodore Levin 
Ray a. Miles 
David Miller 
Rix Mills 
Richard Mueller 
Paul D. Myerowitz 
William Nullmeyeb 
Thomas Painter 
Lawrence W. Pearson 
Lawrence Powell 
Paul R. Prather 
Neal Quarles 
Donald Robertson 
Steve Rosen 
Robert Rot heard 
William J. Scott 
Richard Sheer 
David Simonson 
John Slade 
James Somerville 
Kenneth Stiles 
Robert Stonebraker 
David Tapper 
Randall Thompson 
Carl Tretter 
David N. Ulrich 

Phi Eta Sigma 
(Men's Freshman Honor Fraternity) 

Stanley Jay Amernick 
John Wright Archer 
Robert William Ashmore 
Carl Siegfried Balser 
Valentine Richard Bauer 
Paul Allen Beighley 

Marshall Edward Belaga 
William Spencer Betts 
John H. Call 
Barry L Cantor 
William Edward Caswell 
Samuel Michael Chang 

80 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Harry Bruce Cline 
Jeffrey S. Cooper 
Alvin Harold Danenberg 
Robert Ernest Detrich 
John Howard Eaton 
Michael Richard Eddy 
Stephen Perry Edwards 
Richard Ernest Frattali 
Joseph Whitton Gibson 
Robert Richard Glesener 
James Edward Grumbach, Jr. 
Harry Heft 
Dennis Ray Hewitt 
John Newton Hewlett 
Donald George Housley 
Peter Daniel Hruschka 
Jeffrey Michael Isner 
Mark Jacobs 
Charles Michael Jaffe 
David Howard Jones 
George Harry Kaplan 
Raymond Kodesch 
Roger Cissel Kuhn 
Richard Harris Lagor 
YousEF Lalezar-Shemirani 
William Arthur Landes 
Larry F. Lawton 
Max Joseph Levine 
Steven A. Mangiapane 
Karl H. Maragides 
David Paul Marwede 
Joseph Bruce Meehan 

Thomas Arthur Milleson 
Steven Mark Minor 
Frank Paul Mintz 
Gregory O'Connell 


John S. Pantelides 
Robert Truss Peacock 
Donald Lee Peterson 
John Edward Prevar 
Rodney L. Renner 
Richard George Reynolds 
David Neal Shaffer 
Harvey Jay Shulman 
Richard Graham Smead 
Carlton W. Smith, Jr. 
Charles Alan Sneiderman 
Robert Sander Strickland 
Ronald Edward Sweenety 
William Lewis Taylor 
Harvey Miles Tompakov 
Charles Kenneth Travers, Jr. 
Robin Wallace Waldbon 
Michael Stephen Wakchel 
David W. Webb 
Roger A. Weidner 
Robert L. West 
Joseph Donald Wilkinson 
Charles J. Winfrey 
Brian Jay Winter 
Kenneth Neil Wortman 
Michael Anthony Yerkes 

Phi Kappa Phi 

(A national honorary fraternity open to honor students, both men 
and women, in all branches of learning) 

Christine Carew Abrams 
Saul Joseph Adelman 
Albert Francis Ahrenholz 
Lenore Rosalyn Algaze 
Betty L. Ammerman 
Louis Gerard Amtmann 
Stephen Gamble Bacon 
Thelma Ann Barron 
Shirley Ann Bauer 
James Patrick Bedingfield 
Munroe Eskel Boersema 
Susan Parker Bubert 
Gary Franklin Bulmash 
Jeanne Carnevale 
Jenny Ruth Clagett 
Phyllis Anne Cook 

Joseph Robert Crupi 
Robert Gordon Gumming 
Anne Ruth Datres 
Richard Jay De Neale 
Michael Robert Deutschman 
Elien Mullikin Dudley 
Robert Hollis EkleberRy, Jr. 
Robert Fales Eldridge, Jr. 
Isabelle Rachelle Evenchick 
John M. Eyler 
Charles Louis Fefferman 
Paula Diane Floyd 
Kendall Wesley Gambrill 
Ronald Dean Gardner 
James Allen Godfrey 
Peggy Ellen Green 

University of Maryland, o 1 

Shirley Ann Greiner 
Marvin Herbert Haeder 
Carol Ann Haenftling 
Ora Lee Hefner 
Russell Gilman Holton, Jr. 
Donald Bernard Hordes 
Selma G. Horwitz 
Sheila Louise Hunt 
Barbara Ann Jackson 
Nancy Louise Jacquith 
Wendy Sue Klotzman 
Warren Lewis Gordon Koontz 
Gail Judith Korb 
Mary Lawsine 
Judith Rae Leibowitz 
Marc Ronald Levin 
Carole Jane Lilienfeld 
Nancy Jean Little 
Luis Fernando Llano 
Alice Agnes Long 
William W. Lovelace 
Carolyn Louise Lusby 
William Paul Mc Laughlin 
ToBiN Jay Marks 
Lesley Garber Mathews 
David Arnold Miller, II 
Shirley Ann Miller 
Loftin Paul Montgomery 
Stephen Edward Mudrick 
P. David Myerowitz 
Janice Ruth Negler 
Maria deLourdes Negron 
Marian Joan Nicholason 

William Lawrence Oppenheim 
Loraine Frances Pedolsky 
John Howard Poehlman 
Frances Dunkle Poling 
Nancy Lorraine Pryce 
Linda Anne Quigley 
Jeanne Anne Quinlan 
Charlotte Austine Raines 
Herbert P. Rau 
Thomas William Reeves 
Robert Norman Reidler 
Bruce Clinton Rickard 
Louis Arthur Rochez, III 
Larry Benton Rock 
Ellen Mary Roderick 
David Rosenfeld 
Susan Olivia Sanso 
Barbara Anne Scott 
Jo Ann Sencer 
Marcia Esther Sibley 
Marilyn Louise Simmons 
Linda Marie Smith 
Suzanne Spence 
Fred Grant Swafford, Jr. 
Mary Leeba Tabor 
David Tapper 
Joyce Kay Taylor 
David Allen Weidner 
Raymond Virgil Welch 
Janet Louise Willsie 
Vernon Algernon Wilson 
Carole Leslie Witt 
Jane R. Zupan 

Alpha Omega Alpha 

Arnold S. Blaustein 
William Ertag 
Richard L. Flax 
George Gallahorn 
Stephen B. Hameroff 
William Harrison 
Larry Ingle 
Raymond Knowles 

{A Natioval Honorary Medical Society) 

Ronald Koenig 
Joel Krackow 
H. Louden Kiracofe 
Michael Rokoff 
Irvin Sopher 
Kurt P. Sligar 
Stuart H. Yuspa 
Sandra L. Zucker 

o2 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Alpha Zeta 

(Men's Professional Agruiultural Fraternity) 

Louis A. Adorian 
Lee S. Altpeter 
Gerald A. Bange 
Stephen L. Bowen 
Gerald W. Brown 
Charles B. Coffman 
Charles B. Cramer, IV 
John R. Daugherty 
C. Breck Debnam 
Gary C. DeOms 
Makonnen Fantaw 
Michael M. Forney 
Robert D. Godwin 

Earl Grove, Jr. 
Thomas W. Harvey 
Dennis C. Hoshall 
David A. Miller 
George Nzewi 
Allan R. Orrison 
Thomas C. Payne 
Roy C. Peterson 
George B. Phillips 
James L. Sherald 
John B. Solie 
Guy S. Stanton 
Charles B. Streaker 

Beta Gamma Sigma 
(Men's and Women's Commerce Honor Society) 

F. Andrew Ambrose 
Joseph G. Mattingly, Jr. 
William G. Mister 


Jan P. Muczyk 
Kenneth S. Weiner 

Frances F. Anderson 
William P. Becker 
James P. Bedingfield 
Sharon E. Brooks 
Gary F. Bulmash 
Michael J. Caughlin, Jr. 
Anthony DiFrancesco 
Michael S. Dore 
Donald D. Greenawalt 
Betsy B. King 
William W. Lovelace 


Mary E. Martin 
Edward M. Meyers 
James D. Moberly, Jr. 
Margaret A. Reigle 
Richard J. Reinhard 
Lois A. Richter 
Joyce L. Starr 
Sidney M. Sussan 
Robert N. Weatherbee 
Bruce L. Wing 
George L. Yungmann 

Eta Beta Rho 

(Honor Society of Hebrew Language and Culture) 

Tobe H. Bens 
Stewart A. Block 
HoLLACE A. Goldberg 
Miriam F. Lipson 
Lesley G. Mathews 

Franklin S. Perlmutter 
Esther Safran 
Maxene B. Silverman 
Miriam L. Wilkenfeld 
Carol J. Wool 

University of Maryland. 8 3 

Elizabeth Earnhardt 
Robert Beck 
Mary Brown 
Arlene Carpenter 
Joan B. Charlton 
Ann Cooley 
Ruth Cressman 
Robin Duvall 
Sandra Fare 
Bonnie Fox 
Lora Gurney 
Mary Lou Holtgreve 
Marjorie Kleiman 
Linda Lindsay 
Henry Lowe 
Carolyn MacEwen 
Beverly Maston 
Virginia McClure 
Ann Muldawer 
Janet Penn 

Kappa Delta Pi 
(National Honor Society in Education) 

Renee Polakoff 
Joanna Ritz 
Carol Rockwell 
Louise Roth 
Ellen Schlimer 
Carol Seabrease 
Judith Selznick 
Sherry Shapiro 
Sandra Sheb 
Marilyn Simmons 
Norma Sobel 
Janet Stello 
Christina Temple 
Janet Tracy 
Alice Watts 
ToBA Weinberg 
Deborah White 
Janet Willsie 
Margaret Wilson 
Ruth Ziehm 

Stephanie DeCoste 
Judith Fiterman 
June Gaudio 
Susan Hoffman 
David Klevan 

National Collegiate Players 

(National Honorary Dramatics Society) 

Judy Margolis 
Ben Nomis 

Ruth Ann Patterson 
Alan Rafel 
David Ulrich 

Omicron Kappa Upsilon 
(Honorary Deyital Society) 

John C. Baar, Jr. 
Michael Allan Baylin 
Frank Joseph Bianca 
Robert Easterday Broadrup 
William Joseph Dehey 
Stephen Jay Gandel 

Robert Nathaniel Ragland 
Michael Richard Razzano 
Robert Allen Rose 
Jerome Philip Rothstein 
Raoul Carr VandenBosche 
Trumer James Wagner 

Ann Barron 
Doris Betts 
Jeanne Bladen 
Mary Bogard 

Omicron Nu 

(National Home Economics Honor Society) 

Kay Bowers 
Anjanette Cazier 
Albina Dapkunas 
Frances Dunkle 

84 19^^ Commencement Exercises. 

Lynn Edgley 
Carol Elam 
Paula Floyd 
Shirley Greiner 
Carol Haeftling 
Betty Haworth 
Selma Horwitz 
Tay Kincaid 
Susan LaPatka 

Carol Spicer Lowe 
Mary Jane Nystrom 
Susan Robinson 
Marcia Sibley 
Elizabeth Spencer 
Margaret Thompson 
Joan Weaver 
Cheryl Wood 

Stanley J. Neuhauser 
Bruce A. Posnak 

The Order of the Coif 

(National Latv School Honor Society) 

Richard E. Satzman 
Douglas G. Worrall 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 

(Physical Education, Recreation, and Health Honor Society) 


Dennis M. Ambo 
Marion C. Fairey 
Robert F. Leahy 
Alfred F. Morris 

David H. Nielson 
Robert O. Ruhling 
Maurice L. Scott 

Thomas L. Bichy 
Arthur K. Bidle 
James F. Black 
John DePass 
Sharon L. Gibson 
Connie F. Goodin 
Patricia S. Griffin 
Imogene Haber 
Gary R. Jackson 


Marcia F. Lebow 
Barbara A. Millbk 
Sherron L. Sears 
C. Marie Smith 
Karen L. Smith 
Carol L. Taylor 
Clyde S. VanDyke 
Christine J. Weller 
Sharma E. Wright 

Betty Ammerman 
David W. Armstrong 
Nelson Lee Bain 


Richard Paul Brikcen 
Robert John Buchanan 
Margaret B. Buckler 

Phi Alpha Theta 

(National History Honor Society) 


Arlene M. Carpenter 
Barbara V. Demont 
William D. Dobson 
Edward P. Duggan 
Howard Charles Ellis 
William Cay Floyd 
Herman S. Frey 

University of Maryland. 8 5 

Joseph Garonzik 
MicHELE R. Goldman 
James C. Holland 
Joyce Smith Haney 
Barbara Ann Jackson 
Nancy L. Jaquith 
Bruce A. Kellner 
Peter G. Keymas 
Carol D. Klotsch 
Gail Judith Korb 
Melvin E. Lefkowitz 
Carole Jane Lilienfeld 
Susan H. Loomis 
Bruce P. MacNee 
Ruth E. Martin 
Patricia A. McGuckian 

Betty R. Miller 
Loftin Paul Montgomery 
John Fortney Purinton 
David R. Pusey 
William Ross Roman 
Barbara Anne Scott 
Judith Ann Selznick 
David M. Simonson 
Helen W. Smith 
Penny L. Smith 
Raymond S. Sweeney 
Marion G. Taggart 
Mary Jane Taggart 
Daniel E. Tennow 
Paula Wiseman 


Robert B. Bailey 
John A. Bernbaum 
Joan Lee Bryniarski 
Bruce Kingsbury Byers 
Margaret S. Child 
Joyce W. Dixon 
Alice K. Eiss 
Richard H. Eiter 
Vincent J. Falzone 
Ihor Y. Gawdiak 
Irwin Frederick Gellman 

Linda Goedecke 
Terry Warren Good 
Edward Neil Jensen 
Sheldon Kurzweil 
Bernard Saul Lebowitz 
Frank A. Mezzullo, Jr. 
Jay William Randle 
Barry Howakd Rosen 
Lawrence B. Schafman 
Beverly Hall Taylor 
Herbert Zettl 

Phi Beta Kappa 

(A National Honorary Society for Arts and Scienee») 

Frances J. Burke 

John T. Slocomb 


Christine C. Abrams 
Saul J. Adelman 
Betty L. Ammerman 
David Armstrong 
Carla Watson Bouker 
Nadine Cohen Bricker 
Olivia Brickey 
Barry V. Bye 
Francis Cecil 
Jenny Gable Clagett 
Phyllis Cook 
Jerald S. Davitz 

Donald E. Dunphy 
Michael R. Deutschman 
Charles L. Fefferman 
Kenneth B. Folstein 
Robert Eldridge 
Joyce Taylor Gordon 
Carl W. Greifzu, Jr. 
James A. Godfrey 
Caben L. Harnest 
Christopher Herron 
Donald Hordes 
Sheila L. Hunt 

86 i!)66 Commencement Exercises. 

James B. Johnston 
Bonnie Kirby 
Marjorie Larson 
Carole J. Lilienfeld 
James J. Loftus 
John E. Loth 
David P. Miller 
Barbara Sue Miller 
Loftin p. Montgomery 
Stephen Mudrick 
Maria de L. Negron 
Jeanne Bell Nicholson 
Lawrence N. Powell 
Neal H. Quarles 

Jeanne A. Quinlan 
Barbara Rochow 
Barbara Anne Scott 
Katherine Snell 
Suzanne Spence 
Robert K. Stevens 
Larry Strausbaugh 
Robert Stonebrakeb 
Mary L. Tabor 
David Tapper 
Liliane Vaal 
John Burgess Walsh, Jr. 
Alice Jane Zupan 

Rho Chi 

(National Hovorary Phamiacciitical Society) 

David Cohen 


Richard J. DeNeale 

John W. Dailey 

Dick T. K. Fong 

Krishna Shankar Manudhane 



Sigma Pi Sigma 
{National Physics Honor Society) 


Saul J. Adelman 
Donald W. Bennett 
Greg Burrowes 
Charles L. Fefferman 

Steven E. Mudrick 
Brian G. Rennex 
John Joseph Shubiak 

Lester Larson Hirst, Jr. 
Donald Martin Horan 


Richard Wayne Hyland 

University of Maryland. 87 

Sigma Theta Tau 

(National Nursing Honor Society) 

Patricia Baker 
Patricia Beneze 
Helen Black 
Kathryn Bowen 
Dorothy Brewer 
Evelyn Cohelan 
Sherry Collins 
Sherry Cerniglia 
Marie Davidson 
Judith Debrovy 
Janet Donahue 
Linda Engstrom 
Deborah Exler 
Barbara Fink 
Sherrie Fleishman 
Sue Goodrich 
Josephine Gretzula 
Ann Hall 
Melva Hendrix 
M. Joan Holthaus 
Bonnie Horman 
Diana Howard 
Audrey Hughes 
Elizabeth Hughes 
Marian Jameson 
Sara Jabrett 
Warrene Johnson 
Janice Keitz 
Barbara Kormann 

Sara King 

Nancy Krauss 

Rena Lawrence 

Helen McCray 

Clara Marah 

Charlotte Martin 

Sister Mary Annella Martin 

Darrell Martin 

Eva Morton 

Delois Metcalf 

Mary Myers 

Lorraine Neel 

Joan Nicholason 

Ethel Power 

Susan Rohrer 

Betty Roseman 

Penelope Runyan 

Marjorie Sanderson 

Frances Seither 

Violet Swatsell 

Lillian Spencer 

Evelyn Snyder 

Linda Tarb 

Linda Thielz 

Carol Thompson 

Helen Trace 

Arthur Williams 

Judy Wilhelmsen 

Louis Amtmann 
John L. Arnquist 
YOURI F. Arzoumanian 
Stephen G. Bacon 
John Bardlet 
James L. Beard 
H. Randall Bell 
Nathan Bluzer 
James V. Bodycomb 
John M. Boyd 
Charles Brundrett 
Stephen P. Byrd 
Robert F. Carpenter 
Yu Keung Chan 
Yung Shen Chuang 
Frank R. Conner 
Lawrence W. Coombs 

Tau Beta Pi 

(General Engineering Honor Society) 

Gary M. Cooper 
Joseph R. Crupi 
Gary L. Cuktin 
Howard DeBisschop 
Erik J. DeWitt 
Franklyn F. Durilla 
Michael J. Ethebidge 
Robert A. Ewing 
Robert J. Fink 
Andres A. Fraga 
James D. Frew 
John C. Grams 
Edgar M. Greville 
Douglas G. Hall 
William C. Hamer 
Leonard S. Haynes 
George E. Hemby 

88 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

William C. Hermach 
gustavb hokenson 
Eddy H. Huang 
Gerald Hurt 
Robert C. Jensen 
James Jernigan 
Arthur F. Judy 
James W. Kenney 
Theodore N. Kirchner 
Warren L. Koontz 
Thomas V. Kotras 
William A. LEAstmE 
Jong S. Lee 
John C. Lehmann 
March R. Levin 
John G. Lieb 
Bernard T. Lieberman 
Luis F. Llano 
Lewis W. Masters 
Larry R. Markle 
Ray a. Mauch 
Michael M. Minnich 
Robert Munson 
Melvin E. Novak 
Christopher Okikiade 
Thomas J. Painter 
Frank E. Pascoe 
John F. Patrick 

Lawrence M. Paul 
Stephen L. Pendergast 
Michael A. Phillips 
Robert Reidler 
Donald Richer 
Bruce E. Rickard 
Howard G. Rode, Jr. 
Robert L. Rosenblum 
Joseph H. Rouse 
Barry W. Sanders 
Arthur J. Schwartz 
Charles M. Shub 
Harvey E. Soloman 
James A. Somerville 
Kenneth R. Spates 
Harry J. Stacy 
John Stamberg 
James M. Talcott 
William E. Taylor 
Leslie L. Thompson 
Anton J. Urbas 
Robert A. Weinraub 
Raymond V. Welch 
Richard D. Whitney 
Joseph B. Williams 
Charles A. Wobbeking 
Stephen D. York 

Women's Badge : 
Dianne R. Roux 

University of Maryland. 8 9 



Special Awards 


The Alpha Omega Award.... Michael Allan Baylin 

The Alumni Association Medal Jerome Philip Rothstein 

The Herbert Friedberg Memorial Award Leopold Joseph Sollazzo 

The Grayson W. Gaver Memorial Award Robert Nathaniel Raglanu 

The Timothy O. Heatwole Memorial Award .-. Robert Easterday Broadrup 

The International College of Dentists Award James Phillip Green 

The Edgar J. Jacques Memorial Award Robert Easterday Broadrup 

The Harry E. Kelsey Memorial Award Michael Richard Razzano 

The Harry E. Latcham Memorial Medal Jack Earl Neal 

The Harry B. Schwartz Award Michael Richard Razzano 

The Sigma Epsilon Delta Memorial Medal .......i.^ ;....Raoul Carr VandenBosche 

The Katharine Toomey Award ALLAN MORTON DWORKIN 


Sam Allen Memorial Prize Paul S. Beatty 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize Stanley J. Neuhauser 

Roger Howell Award Herbert Goldman 

Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation Prize Jeffrey H. Dunn 

Samuels. Levin Prize Neal D. Borden 

Nu Beta Epsilon Prize Edward J. Smith, Jr. 

John L. Thomas Prize Bruce A. Posnak 

William Strobel Thomas Prize Stanley J. Neuhauser 

U. S. Law Week Award Harlan L. Weiss 


Balder Prize for Excellence in Medical Studies Arnold Saul Blaustein and 

Stuart Howard Yuspa 

Dr. Leonard M. Hummel Medal for Excellence in Internal Medicine....KxmT Porter Sligar 

The Robinson Dermatological Award Irvin Murray Sophek 

Dr. Wayne W. Babcock Prize for Excellence in Surgery Joel Arnold Krackow 

Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Prize for Excellence in Genito-Urinary Surgery 

Albert Truman Miller 

Dr. Milton S. Sacks Memoi~ial Award for Excellence in Medicine and Hematology 

Harry Louden Kiracofb 

Dr. Jacob E. Finesinger Prize for Excellence in Psychiatry... .George Edward Gallahorn 

Student Council Keys Charles Henry Classen, Dwight Norbert Fobtieb, 

Franklin Leroy Johnson, and Richard Malcolm Susel 

Student Council Certificates James Edward Arnold, Charles Henry Classen, 

Dwight Norbert Fortier, Franklin Leroy Johnson, and Richard Malcolm Susel 

University of Maryland . 9 3 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumni Association Award to the student 
having the highest average in scholarship. 

Awa/rded to Carolyn Lusby 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumni Association Award presented to the 
member of the g^raduating class who has exhibited leadership in the professional stu- 
dent nursing organization. 

Awarded to JUDITH MiLLER 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Award to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship. 

Awarded to Kathleen Fahreb 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Award for executive ability. 

Awarded to Gatle Evans 

The Flora Hoffman Tarun Memorial Award for leadership, loyalty, and school 

Awarded to Rosemary Elliott 

The Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider Award to the nurse who has most consistently 
maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospital 

Awarded to Sara Albright 

The Neuro-Surgical Nursing Prize awarded to the member of the graduating class 
who has shown the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in neuro-surgical nursing. 
Awarded to Daniel O'Neal 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proflcency in the nursing care of surgical 

Awarded to Catherine Vitto 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in operating room nursing. 

Awarded to Mary LeVeck Chan 

The Women's Auxiliary Board Award presented to a member of the graduating 
class who has demonstrated outstanding performance in giving professional nursing 
care to patients. 

Awarded to NANCY Bauhan 

The Joyce Simpson Landers Award presented to the member of the graduating class 
who has demonstrated outstanding interest and proficiency in public health nursing. 
Awarded to Vickie Miller Duke 


The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity Prize, to a senior student for 
proficiency in pharmacology. 

Awarded to — SHELDON Norman Erdbjan 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize, a gold medal for superior proficiency in 

Awarded to JOHN WlLUAM Dailby 

94 i^^^ Commencement Exercises. 

The David Fink Memorial Prize, to a senior student for proficiency in the general 
practice of pharmacy. 

Awarded to David Martin Via 

Epsilon Alumnae Chapter, Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority Prize, to a senior student 
for proficiency in pharmacy administration. 

Awarded to David Martin Vu 

The William Simon Memorial Prize, for superior proficiency in the field of practical 
and analytical chemistry. 

Awarded to LAWRENCE Leo Martin, Jr. 

The Wagner Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Prize, for meritorious academic achieve- 
ment in pharmaceutical jurisprudence. 

Awarded to • William Henry Edmondson 

The Conrad L. Wich Pharmacognosy Prize, for exceptional work throughout the 
course in pharmacognosy. 

Awarded to JACK Howard Pincus 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize, to the senior student having the 
highest general average throughout the course in practical and dispensing pharmacy. 
Awarded to Lawrence Leo Martin, Jr. 


Milton Abramowitz Memorial Prize to a junior or senior student majoring in 
mathematics who has demonstrated superior competence and promise for future de- 
velopment in the field of mathematics and its applications. 

Awarded to Charles L. Fefferman 

The ALCOA Foundation Traffic and Transportation Award to an outstanding 
senior student majoring in transportation. 

Awarded to Sidney M. Sussan 

Alpha Chi Sigma Award to the senior majoring in chemistry or chemical engineer- 
ing whose average has been above 3.0 for three and one-half years. 

Awarded to James B. Johnston 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the senior member of the group who has maintained 
the highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have been in 
attendance in the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to Jenny R. Gable Clagett 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award to the senior members who have 
maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta Average, 3.50. 
Awarded to: 

Thelma Ann Barron Carole Jane Lilienfeld Ellen Mary Roderick 

Jenny R. Gable Clagett Frances Ann Dunkle Poling Marilyn Louise Simmons 
Toby R. Gandel Cobrin Jeanne A. Quinlan Mary Leeba Tabor 

Nancy Louise Jaquith Sue Ann Robinson Joyce K. Taylor 

Paula Ellen Kramer Carol Joyce Rockwell Janet Louise Willsie 

University of Maryland. 95 

Alpha Zeta Award to the agricultural student in the freshman class who attains the 
highest average record in academic work. 

Awarded to John R. Carpenter 

American Association of University Women, College Park, Annual Graduate Prize. 
Awarded to Pilar G. SAenz 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Awards. 

Awarded to Gordon F. Cannon for outstanding achievement; 

Carmine Verna for best student branch lecture; 

and the student chairman award to Gordon F. 


American Institute of Chemical Engineers Award to the junior member of the Stu- 
dent Chapter who attained the highest over-all scholastic average during his freshman 
and sophomore years. 

Awarded to THOMAS J. Pozzuou 

American Institute of Chemists Award to an outstanding student of the senior class 
selected by the faculty. 

Awarded to TOBIN J. Marks 

American Society of Civil Engineers' Outstanding Senior Awards. 

Awarded to Richard Strachan by Maryland Section 

and Area Conference ; John Stamberg by 
the Chapter (also highest scholastic aver- 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award to the senior member who con- 
tributed most to the local chapter. 

Awarded to George E. Hemby 

American Society for Testing and Materials membership prize awarded to an engi- 
neering student in recognition of superior scholastic ability and demonstrated interest 
in engineering materials and their evaluation. 

Awarded to JOHN SviTAK 

The Appleman-Norton Scholarship Award to a senior major in recognition of excel- 
lence in Botany. 

Awarded to CAMILLA J. Detra 

Associated Women Students Awards for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 

Awarded to : 

Gretchen Schwarting Edwards Mary Taylor Kincaid 

Carol Lee Foley Karen Elaine Tulin 

Helen Lucretla Hyre Winnifred Joan Wexaver 

David Arthur Berman Memorial Award to the highest ranking junior in the Depart- 
ment of Chemical Engineering who is also a member of Tau Beta Pi National Association. 
Awarded to Stephen D. York 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal to the sophomore who has attained the highest scho- 
lastic average of his class in the College of Engineering. 

Awarded to Dennis Michael Goodman 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence in Hebrew 

Awarded to: 

Fred Biederman Ellis Kaplan Stanley E. Rose 

Stewart A. Block Miriam F. Lipson Carol B. Westreich 

Gloria Eisbnberg Rosa Nachlas Miriam Wilkenfeld 

Barbara A. Horowitz Marcy Neuman Carol J. Wool 

96 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Business Education Award of Merit to a student in Business Education in recognition 
of outstanding achievement as a student. 

Awarded to Barbara Jean Loffler 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award to the outstanding graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during the last year. 

Awarded to HORACE G. CUTLER 

Bernard L. Crozier Award to the senior in the College of Engineering who, in the 
opinion of the faculty, has made the greatest improvement in scholarship during his stay 
at the University. 

Awarded to Marc R. Levin 

The Delmarva Traffic Club Award to a junior student majoring in transportation 
whose residence is on the Maryland Eastern Shore. 

Awarded to James T. McAllister 

Delta Delta Delta Award to the sophomore woman with the highest cumulative 

Awarded to ELIZABETH Anne Jiles 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award to the woman of the graduating class who has 
achieved the highest scholastic average for the entire course. 

Awarded to JENNY RUTH Clagett 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who has main- 
tained the highest scholastic standing during the entire course of study in business 
administration or economics. 

Awarded to Sidney M. Sussan 

The Drake Award to the undergraduate student in chemistry who shows the most 
promise at the end of the sophomore year. 

Awarded to Eugene H. Carver 

The Education Alumni Award to the outstanding senior woman and senior man in 
the College of Education. 

Awarded to Janet Willsie and Wayne Byrd 

English Department Short Fiction Award to the undergraduate or graduate student 
who has written the best piece of short fiction during the current school year. 

Awarded to Cilla Witt 

General Electric Company prize to the outstanding first year graduate student in 
physics and to the outstanding first year graduate student in astronomy. 

Awarded to NiNG Wu AND RICHARD B. Tully 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the two members of the senior class who 
have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Ray F. Lepore AND DAVID N. Ulrich 

Hamilton Award to the graduating senior in the College of Engineering who has most 
successfully combined proficiency in his major field of study with achievements — either 
academic, extracurricular, or both — in the social sciences or humanities. 

Awarded to JOSEPH R. Crupi 

The Haskins and Sells Foundations, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College 
of Business and Public Administration concentrating in accounting who has demonstrated 
excellent ability in this field of study. 

Awarded to James T. Bedingfield 

University of Maryland. 97 

The Home Economics Alumni Award to the student outstanding in application of 
Home Economics in her present living and who shows promise of carrying these into her 
future home and community. 

Awarded to Carole Spicer Lowe 

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Awards, by the Washington section 
and the national office, for active participation in student chapter activities. 

Awarded to George E. Andrews and Eugene T. Zsuffa 

Joe Elbert James Memorial Award to the graduating senior in horticulture on the 
basis of scholarship and promise of future achievement. 

Awarded to Richard D. Wootton 

Leidy Chemical Company Award to an outstanding student majoring in chemistry. 
Awarded to ToBiN J. Marks 

Maryland-Delaware Press Association Annual Citation to the outstanding senior in 

Awarded to Ronald Oberman 

Maryland Recreation and Parks Society Award to an outstanding senior majoring 
in recreation. 

Awarded to Frances Sharon Welsh 

Men's League Certificates, offered for outstanding achievement, character, and serv- 
ice to the University. 
Awarded to : 

A. Bruce Bensetler Charles L. Fefferman R. Albert Parker 

Boris L. Braganoff Timothy F. Geiger William O. Pentecost 

Neil W. Brayton Warren L. Koontz Pericles G. Perikles 

Douglas Cheek F. Martin Kuhn Donald W. Robertson 

William Clark Ray Lepore William J. Scott 

Michael W. Cole Ervin T. Levin David M. Simonson 

Ralph P. Conlin Doran J. Levy Elwood V. Stark 

Charles Dombrowski Robert C. Maddox Eric F. Stoer 

Roy V. Ealhs Christopher Okikiade RichardE. Zimmerman, Jr. 
Thomas Painter 

Men's League Award to the graduating male senior who has done the most for the 
male student body. 

Awarded to David Tapper 

Men's League Award to the male senior who gave the most to sports. 

Awarded to Gary Ward 

Motor Fleet Supervisors Award to a student majoring in transportation in the 
College of Business and Public Administration. 

Awarded to Sanford B. Bass 

National Society of Fire Protection Engineers Awards to the most outstanding senior 
and the most outstanding sophomore in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to Howard A. DeBisschop and Willlam G. Boyce 

Noxema Chemical Company Scholarship Award to an undergraduate student in 

Awarded to James B. Johnston 

The Omicron Nu Award to the sophomore student in Home Economics who in her 
freshman year achieved the highest grade point average. 

Awarded to Marlene A. Bauman 

98 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

The award of the Gamma of Maryland Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa of the University 
of Maryland to the senior whose basic course program has been in liberal studies and 
who has attained the highest cumulative average in liberal courses. 

Awarded to Liliane Vaal 

Phi Chi Theta Award to the outstanding graduating senior woman in the College of 
Business and Public Administration on the basis of scholarship, activities, and leadership. 
Awarded to Margaret Reigle 

Phi Delta Kappa Award to an outstanding man in the graduating class of the College 
of Education. 

Awarded to Robert Beck 

Phi Sigma Awards for outstanding achievement in the biological sciences to an 
undergraduate student and a graduate student. 

Awarded to Helen L. Hyre and Jerome S. Rovner 

Pi Delta Epsilon National Medal of Merit Awards to the outstanding junior woman 
and the outstanding junior man for journalism activities. 

Awarded to Barbara Evans and Jerome M. Ceppos 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award for outstanding service to communications in the field of 

Awarded to Robert M. Duckman 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award for outstanding service to communications in the field of 

Awarded to P. David Myerowitz 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award to the outstanding freshman in the field of communications. 
Awarded to Stephen Parks 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award for outstanding service to communications in the field of 
editorial journalism. 

Awarded to John M. Purnell 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to the most outstanding sophomore in mechanical engineering 
on the basis of scholastic average and instructors' ratings. 

Awarded to Richard M. Milstead 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College of Business 
and Public Administration who has majored in Transportation and who has demonstrated 
competence in this field of study. 

Awarded to Richard W. Linley 

Public Relations Society of America, Baltimore Chapter, Annual Citation to the out- 
standing senior, public relations major. 

Awarded to Robert Helfrich 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the outstanding senior in microbiology. 
Awarded to JOYCE Taylor 

The Sigma Chapter, Phi Delta Gamma Award to an outstanding woman who has 
completed the requirements for the doctoral degree. 

Awarded to Jean Elizabeth Spencer 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of the 
City of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual qualities 
practically applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to Neil W. Brayton and Mary Jane Nystrom 

University of Maryland. 9 9 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Association Award to the junior in the 
College of Engineering who during his sophomore year has made the greatest improve- 
ment in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Lawrence M. Paul 

The Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award to the graduating senior who 
has maintained the highest scholastic achievement in the field of financial administration. 
Awarded to Sidney M. Sussan 

The Arthur Young and Co. Foundation, Inc., Awards to exceptional senior students 
concentrating in accounting who are registered in the College of Business and Public 

Awarded to ANTHONY DiFrancesco, Gary F. Bulmash, George L. Yungmann, 

James L. Heinz, Michael V. Jennings, Margaret A. Reigle 


Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus 
H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class who, during 
his collegiate career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done most for the 
general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to DAVID TAPPER 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An award presented annually as a memorial to Sally 
Sterling Byrd, by her children to that girl member of the Senior Class who best exemplifies 
the enduring qualities of the pioneer women. These qualities should typify self-depend- 
ence, courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, willingness to 
sacrifice for others, strength of character, and those other qualities that enable the pioneer 
woman to play such a fundamental part in the building of the Nation. 

Awarded to Iris J. Esau 



The Maryland Ring, a memorial to Charles L. Linhardt, Jr., to the Maryland male 
resident who is adjudged the best athlete of the year. 

Awarded to George Stem 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in college 

Awarded to Neil Brayton 


The Atlantic Coast Conference Plaque to a senior for excellence in scholarship and 

Awarded to Larry Bagranoff 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current season. 
Awarded to Charles Krahung 

100 1066 Commencement Exercises. 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to the 
squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to DONALD Smith 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to 
the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Gary Ward 

John T. Bell Swimming Award to the senior letterman who has contributed most to 

Awarded to Douglas Springer 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to TOM BiCHY 

William P. Cole, III, Memorial Lacrosse Award to the outstanding midfielder. 
Awarded to Robert P. Newkirk 

The George C. Cook Memorial Scholarship Trophy to a member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to Bruce Springer 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silber Lacrosse Trophy to the most improved defence man. 
Awarded to Walter F. DeHoust 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the graduating male senior athlete, who during his three 
years of varsity competition, lettered at least once and attained the highest over-all 
scholastic average. 

Awarded to Tom Bichy 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award to the most outstanding senior trackman. 
Awarded to Peter Kowzun 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to _ Robert Karch 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed most 
to wrestling at the University. 

Awarded to Olaf Drozdov, Jr. 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., Swimming Trophy to the senior letterman who has con- 
tributed most to swimming. 

Awarded to William Nullmeyer 

Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 
Awarded to Richard Absher 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service to 
lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to JOHN Heim 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University has 
rendered the greatest service to football. 

Awarded to George Stem 

The Robert E. Theofeld Memorial Trophy to the golfer who most nearly exemplifies 
the competitive spirit and strong character of Robert E. Theofeld, a former member of 
the boxing team. 

Awarded to Joseph P. Pugh 

University of Maryland. 101 



Thomas Bichy 

Larry R. Butts 

Stanley Graves 

Noah L. Hendershop, Mgr. 

Michael P. Long 

William E. Siedling 

Christopher Sole 


Neil W. Brayton 
Jackie E. Clark 
J. William Franklin 
Gary V. Ward 
Richmond S. Wise 


Stanley H. Arthur 
Charles D. Harris 


Kenneth F. Ambrusko 
Matthew Arbutina 
Boris L. Bagranoff 
James P. Corcoran 

Nelson Gibson, Mgr. 
Howard F. Humphries 
John J. Kenny 
John D. Klingerman 
Charles E. Krahling 
Bruce Springer 
George L. Stem 
Robert W. Sullivan 


Marshall Fischer 
Kenneth C. Fisher 
Edward Helman 
Robert Newkirk 
Robert Wright 


James M. Dill 
Roy V. Eales 
William E. Oxenham 


William M. Doheny 
John Eyler, Mgr. 
Eric A. Lampe 
James B. McCaslin 

William M. Nullmeyer 
James H. Williams 


Thomas Merryweather 
Leonard Modzelewski 


Stanley Arthur 
George Cramer 
Thomas Finley 
Charles Harris 
Ernest Hearon 
Peter Kowzun 
Henry Nonnenberg 
Donald Smith 
Bruce Springer 
Robert Williams 


Olaf a. Drozdov, Jr. 
John B. Henderson 
Thomas R. Norris 
Thomas J. Schleicher 
Amando Soto, Jr. 



Thomas Bichy 
Paul Breslow 
Larry R. Butts 
Lamar Davis 
Stanley Graves 
Mark S. Harris 
Noah L. Hendershot, Afg^r. 
Danny K. Kerns 
Gerard W. Kremer 
Michael P. Long 
George W. Manz 
Winfred T. Prange 
Peter R. Rawleigh, Mgr. 
Michael J. Rogosky 
Stephen C. Sauve 
Augustus W. Sclafani 

William E. Siedung 
Christopher Sole 
Allan J. Sutyak 


John P. Avery 
Neil W. Brayton 
Jackie Clark 
J. William Franklin 
Richard I. Harrington 
William E. Jones 
James J. McMillen 
Thomas A. Miller, Mgr. 
Gary V. Ward 
Richmond S. Wise 
Gary B. Williams 


John 0. Amoss 
Stanley H. Arthur 
Reuben F. Beauchamp 
David E. Starnes 


Richard A. Absher 
Kenneth F. Ambrusko 
Matthew Arbutina 
Boris L. Bagranoff 
Patrick L. Baker 
Karl K. Bell 
Albert W. Bilancioni 
Bernardo A. Bramson 

102 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

Arthur H. Brzostowski 
Walter Burnotes, Mgr. 
Thomas J. Cichowski 
Robert M. Collins 
Fred E. Cooper 
James P. Corcoran 
Vincent P. Delagrange, Jr. 
Frederick A. Gawlick 
Nelson Gibson, Mgr. 
Edward D. Gunderman 
Howard F. Humphries 
Valentine E. Johnson 
John J. Kenny 
John D. Klingerman 
Charles E. Krahling 
James E. Lavrusky 


Thomas G. Bartolec 
Louis S. Borchers 
David J. Hyduke 
John W. Jakovics 
Roger C. Martino, Mgr. 
Roger D. Olson 
Joseph P. Pugh 
Steven H. Rosen 
Charles H. Sleichter 


Charles L. Blische 
Denis P. Casey 
Jaroslaw Chareczko 
Lamar W. Davis 
James M. Dill 
Roy V. Bales 
Guy M. Fraiture 
Ronald E. Hoch 
Gerold W. Hoffmann 
Ralph K. McAllister 
Aat Muys 

Malcolm R. O'Haver, Jr. 
William E. Oxenham 
Michael F. Rioux 
John Scarano 
Robert M. Schaller, Jr. 
Richard M. Spinella 


Bruce H. Alston 
Charles I. Beatty 
John E. Buchert 

Philip R. Denkevitz 
David R. Dodge 
William F. Dranginis 
John Eyler, Mf^r. 
James M. Hill 
Jackson H. Jordan 
Eric A. Lampe 
James B. McCaslin 
Joseph M. Minninger 
Patrick T. Morgan 
William M. Nullmeyer 
Wayne V. Pawlowski 
Harold B. Phillips 
Neil J. Salkind 
Douglas A. Springer 
Joseph G. Wechsler 
James H. Williams 


Bernardo Bramson 
Richard Davis 
Richard Harrington 
Frank Kready 
Thomas Merryweather 
David Millikan 
Leonard Modzelewski 
John Sheaffer 


James Bickley 
Cary Boxer 
Alfred Caron 
Bruce Carson 
Frank Costello 
Daniel Donahue 
Wayne Donelon 
Richard Drescher 
Richard Dull 
Thomas Gagner 
Ernest Hearon 
George Henry 
Elmore Hunter 
Charles Koester 
Peter Kowzun 
James Lee 
Michael Lockard 
Edward Marks 
Milton Matthews 
Henry Nonnenberg 
Richard Offutt, Mgr. 
John Prevar, Mgr. 
Donald Smith 

Bruce Springer 
David Starnes 
Thomas Thompson 
John Warfield 
Steve Washburn 
Russell White 


James D. Arnoult 
Keith W. Billotte 
Olap a. Drozdov, Jr. 
John B. Henderson 
Stephen S. Hiltabidle 
Robert C. Karch 
Thomas Nichols 
Thomas R. Norris 
Amando Soto, Jr. 
Robert T. Stumpff, Mgr. 
Milton W. Thomas 
Lawrence D. Yocum 


Larry Bagranoff 
Michael Badger 
AVIND E. Bonde 
Gerald F. Bresee 
Thomas Catalan© 
Walter F. DeHoust 
James E. Felter 
Marshall Fischer 
Kenneth C. Fisher 
Thomas J. Grau 
Charles W. Harlan 
John Heim 
Edward Helman 
Donald Himelfarb 
Bruce C. Hinkel 
Richard Koch 
Stephen Lavaute 
Charles T. Leimbach 
Alan E. Lowe 
David L. Mintzer 
Robert Newkirk 
Richard O'Brien 
Alan Pastrana 
Stephen C. Pfeifper 
William J. Sbarra 
Allen Scheffer 
Daniel Schnefweiss 
Anthony R. Stewart 
William F. Thomas, Jr. 
Robert J. Wright 
Joseph Yurfest, Mgr. 

University of Maryland. 103 


Alumni Cup awarded to the Commander of the outstanding flight in the Corps of 

Awarded to Edwakd E. Young, Jr. 

Air Force R.O.T.C. Angel Plight Award to the outstanding member of the Air Force 
R.O.T.C. Angel Flight. 

Awarded to Maky V. HowE 

Air Force Times Award to the Senior Cadet at each detachment who has distin- 
guished himself by contributing materially to constructive public attention for his Cadet 

Awarded to Albert J. Snydek 

Arnold Air Society Award to the Advanced Cadet selected by the Arnold Air Society 
as the Cadet who has contributed the most to the advancement of Air Force R.O.T.C. 
through activities of the Arnold Air Society. 

Awarded to Daniel O. Pyne 

Chicago Tribune Gold R.O.T.C. Awards to the two sophomores who display highest 
leadership and officer potential. 

Awarded to BARRY J. Browstein AND DORLAN A. Demaio 

Chicago Tribune Silver R.O.T.C. Awards to the two freshmen who display outstand- 
ing leadership and officer potential. 

Awarded to Charles I. Spannare and Craig K. Winters, II 

Coblentz Cup to the Commander of the outstanding group in the Corps of Cadets. 
Awarded to GARY A. SMITH 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Cadet who has displayed out- 
standing leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. 

Awarded to Rix M. Mills 

Distinguished Air Force R.O.T.C. Cadet Badge to those seniors who possess outstand- 
ing qualities of leadership and high moral character and who meet the prescribed stand- 
ings in their academic and military studies. 

Awarded to PETER H. Ertel, Rix M. Mills, Jerry G. Persall, 

Robert W. Smith, Albert J. Snyder 

General Dynamics Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying outstanding leadership 
and scholastic qualities and who has been selected for Advanced Air Force R.O.T.C. 

Awarded to Barry R. Springer 

Governor's Cup to the Commander of the outstanding squadron in the Corps of 

Awarded to Ronald M. Hudak 

104 .ZSfifi Commencement Exercises. 

Pershing Rifles Bronze Achievement Awards to the outstanding members. 

Awarded to Thomas J. Blakeney and William G. Kirkpatrick 

Reserve Officers Association Gold Medal to the Senior Cadet demonstrating out- 
standing academic achievement and highest officer potential. 

Awarded to Robert W. Smith 

Reserve Officers Association Silver Medal to the Junior Cadet demonstrating out- 
standing academic achievement and the highest officer potential. 

Awarded to JAMES Lee Yarrison 

Society of American Military Engineers Award to the Junior Cadet displaying 
outstanding scholastic achievement and leadership and majoring in the field of engineer- 

Awarded to Emerson B. Taylor 

University of Maryland. 105 



Barbara Evans 
Stanley Goldberg 
L. Steve Groer 
Anne Gkoer 
John Hendrickson 

Shawn Kehoe 
Robert McDonald 
Nancy Ringgold 
Russell Russo 
Sue Spalter 



Jerome Ceppos 
Henning Christoph 
Gail Conlin 
Mary Jo DeMatteis 
Barry Fishler 
Harry Fox 
Elaine Ginsberg 
Anne Groer 
HoLLACE Goldberg 
Carolyn Holstein 
Jean Inouye 
Sam Kaplan 
Shawn Kehoe 
Mary Ann Kuhn 
Myrna Lippman 

Lee Lougeb 
Robert Malikin 
Robert McDonald 
Nancy Ohlson 
Karl Sanger 
David Simonson 
Marjorie Soloman 
Robert Stonebraker 
Carl Tretter 
Stephanie Valentino 
Carol Vine 
Lawrence Walsh 
Robert Wishart 
Raul Zaritsky 
Joyce Wolpert 


William Ellery Clark 
Louis S. Groer 
Marguerite P. Fuzo 
Doran J. Levy 

Claude S. Morse 
Marcia Scherr 
Joseph R. Trocino 

106 1966 Commencement Exercises. 


Sigma Alpha Iota Alumnae Award for outstanding musical performance. 

Awarded to Barbara Ryland 

Sigma Alpha Iota Dean's Honor Award for service and dedication. 

Awarded to Marjorie Kleiman 

Sigma Alpha Iota Honor Certificate to the senior with the highest scholastic average. 
Awarded to Ellen Schlimer 

Sigma Alpha Iota Leadership Award based on personality, student activities, fra- 
ternity service, and scholarship. 

Awarded to Phoebe Ritt 


Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding band member of the year. 
Awarded to Richard Taylor 

Tau Beta Sigma Award to the outstanding band sorority member of the year. 
Awarded to Dixie Merryman 

Director's Award to the concert band member who demonstrated the most improve- 
ment in musicianship during the year. 

Awarded to Randall Thompson 

Assistant Director's Award to the outstanding member of the Symphonic Band. 
Awarded to Dennis Hewitt 

Gold Cups presented to members who have served faithfully for four years: 
Edward Cahill Dixie Merryman Nancy Sayre 

James Fulcher Paul Prather Paul Thomas 

Donald Hackett James Rorer Richard Zimmerman 

Gold Keys presented to members who have served faithfully for three years: 

Richard Bergman 
YvETTE Counts 
Raymond Danner 
Linda Davis 
Georgia Eppard 
Diane Gilkey 
Carol Hoshall 
Paul Johns 

Robert Landers 
Steven Levine 
Kenneth Miles 
Sterling Murray 
Susan Pelzer 
Ranrford Pierce 
Ralph Shafer 
Norman Sullivan 
William Taylor 

Tina Temple 
Randall Thompson 
Rodell Urban 
Raymond Wheeler 
Louise Williams 
Mary Cain 
Ronald Gardner 
Edward Jendbek 

Sweaters presented 
James Bechtel 
Richard Berlin 
Stewart Block 
Rebecca Caldwell 
Caroline Callahan 
Linda Carroll 
Kenneth Driskill 
Kathleen Duck 
Gary Dwoskin 

to members who have served faithfully for two years: 

Thomas Field 
David Glick 
David Goss 
Emily Gratz 
Jane Gray 
Beverly Hawkins 
Gary Imlay 
Nedenia Johnson 
Philip Kaylor 

Frances Klatzkin 
Daniel Konick 
Richard Lau 
Lillian Masser 
Charles Moore 
Conrad Nagle 
Richard Norton 
Sam Powell 
Sharon Fried 

University of Maryland. 1 07 

Gerhard Harmon 
Thomas Purdin 
Craig Radcliff 
Douglas Rencher 
Betsy Robinson 
Susan Russ 
Jerry Schreiber 

Brian Sherline 
John Sisson 
John Solie 
Dorothy Teppeb 
James Turner 
Klaus Waibel 
Paulette Waters 

Alan Weinstein 
Alan Witkin 
Milton Zahn 
Howard Leavitt 
Carroll Schmitt 
Maury Schneider 

Monogram Letters 
Lawrence Alverson 
Jane Ayer 
John Baker 
Charles Barker 
Raymond Bauman 
Paul Beighley 
David Berry 
Gary Boatman 
Kenneth Boyer 
John Burdette 
Geoffrey Burdge 
Charlotte Burnette 
Thomas Burton 
Barry Cantor 
Carolyn Carmack 
Thomas Czarnecki 
Lawrence Eason 
Paul Eberhart 
Robert Ellis 
Brian Fallon 
Ronald Fischer 
Leslie Gibbons 
Dean Groseclose 
William Henning 
Brian Herzberger 

presented to members who have 
Dennis Hewitt 
David Hudson 
Alan Huff 
Steven Johnston 
Lyman Jordan 
Richard Kolanowski 
Susan Kunkel 
Nancy Lewis 
Judy Light 
Scott Mackley 
Albert Main 
Fred Mahoney 
Kirby McClain 
William McCullen 
Louis Miller 
Rosalie Miller 
Steve Mundy 
Ruth Myers 
Vernon Norris 
NoRRis Orbach 
John Parsons 
Michael Pastelak 
James Reeves 
Donald Reid 
Raymond Ridenour 
William Rigler 

served faithfully for one year : 
Richard Roberson 
Cynthia Robidoux 
Arthur Robinson 
Kaaren Ronningen 
John Schell 
David Schlosburg 
Gregory Sears 
Ronald Short 
Harold Sims 
Richard Simpson 
Karen Smith 
Richakd Smith 
Ivan Soroka 
Carolyn STimcBON 
Davtd Strebe 
Jerald Symonds 
Dorothy Tepper 
John Tesch 
Neil Trossevin 
Ellen Wagenheim 
WiLLLAM Warrington 
Mark Wilson 
Ronald Wolz 
Jimmie Worsley 
Raymond Young 


Award presented to persons who have served faithfully for four years: 
Robert Nehus Joyce Thomas 

Award presented to persons who have served faithfully for three years: 
Raymond Danner Susan Freed Dennis Stone 

William Davis Ronna Kern 

Award presented to persons who have served faithfully for two years : 

Leonore Algaze 
Carol Callahan 
Errol Floyd 
Ronald Friedman 
Martin Fullenbaum 
David Click 

Josh Hatkin 
Beverly Hawkins 
Frances Klatzkin 
Donald Lemon 
Maureen McLain 
Ransford Pierce 
Alan Corbett 

Paul Prather 
Brlan Sherline 
Ellen Spector 
Jane Taylor 
Randall Thompson 
Bobbie Whitehead 

108 1966 Commencement Exercises. 

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Award presented to persons who have served faithfully for one year : 

Emelia Rynarzewski 
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Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for four years : 
Frederick K. Huestis Gerald L. Long 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for three years : 
Michele Highstein David Smith Sharon White 

Charles F. Rechner III Elizabeth Stafford Eileen Wilansky 

David Roffman Robert Stonebraker Carol Jo Wool 

Gold pins presented to members who have served faithfully for two years : 
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University of Maryland. 1 09 

Academic Degrees 

Reference : Projections of Educatiorml Statistics to 
1975-76, Office of Education, U. S. Department of 
Health, Education and Welfare, 1964. 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course of study. There are 
more than 1,600 different academic degrees currently conferred by American colleges and 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the University of Bologna in 
the middle of the 12th Century. Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was qualified to give instruction to stu- 
dents. The bachelor's or baccalaureate degree indicated only entrance upon a course of 
study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, however, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean successful completion of one level of study preparatory to the higher 

From the continent, the use of academic degrees spread to English universities. 
Harvard University, William and Mary, and Yale followed the British pattern in the 
New World. 


The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year course of study of col- 
legiate grade and is the oldest academic degree used by American institutions of higher 
learning. The degree Bachelor of Arts was first conferred in America in 1642 on nine 
young men, comprising the first graduating class of Harvard College. Yale conferred its 
first Bachelor of Arts in 1702; Princeton in 1748; William and Mary in 1753; Pennsyl- 
vania in 1757; and Columbia in 1758. 

The degree. Bachelor of Science, was awarded to four graduating members of the 
class of 1851 of Harvard University, probably the first to receive this degree from any 
institution. From 1851 to 1905, the degree was conferred only upon students registered in 
the Lawrence Scientific School ; after 1905, on students of Harvard, also. 

Almost 540,000 bachelor degrees will be granted in 1966 by American colleges and 

One of the most striking features about the bachelor's degree is the great prolifera- 
tion of some of its simple types. There are records of 27 varieties of Bachelor of Music, 
108 varieties of Bachelor of Arts, and 426 varieties of Bachelor of Science. 


The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon students who have success- 
fully completed one or two years' work in advance of the baccalaureate. A thesis and an 
oral examination are usually required. The word "magister" connected with a qualifying 
phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of honor ; but its present meaning must be 
traced to the time of the establishment of the oldest universities. Regularly organized 

* Sometimes designated as the baccalaureate degree, from the Latin baccalaureua from 
baccalaris "under the influence of" and laums "laurel" used as a designation of honor, 
distinction or fame. 

110 1966 Cemmencement Exercises. 

faculties were not then known as they now exist in the universities. The whole circle of 
academic activity was limited to seven liberal arts, and those who received public honors 
on the completion of their course of studies, for their diligence and knowledge, and had 
already received the degree of baccalaureus (bachelor) were called magistri artium 
(masters of the liberal arts). 

The earned master's degree was first awarded in America by Harvard University in 
in 1869. Currently, about 124,000 such degrees are being conferred in 1966. 


This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by ancient Romans to those who 
delivered public lectures on philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 12th 
century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men of great learning. It was first 
made an academic title at the University of Bologna, in Italy, which received from the 
Emperor the right of appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The University of 
Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, the popes granted the universities the right of appoint- 
ing doctores canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law) ; and when the study of 
the civil law came to be combined with that of the canon law, the title was changed to 
doctor utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of theology and medicine 
followed that of law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in theology and law, is given 
beyond the baccalaureate degree, and requires two to five years, the writing of a thesis, 
and the passing of written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents the most advanced earned degree conferred by Ameri- 
can institutions. There are two distinct types: the professional or practitioners degree, 
and the research degree. The first type i-epresents advanced training for the practice of 
various professions, principally : Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of 
Veterinary Medicine and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no implication of 
original research and are classified by the U. S. Office of Education, with bachelor's de- 
grees, as the first professional degrees. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as research doctorates representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study usually accompanied by a dissertation which is de- 
signed to be a substantial contribution to existing knowledge on the subject. The most im- 
portant of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication of philosophy for 
its holder, but represents advanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. It 
was first awarded in the United States by Yale University in 1861. 

Approximately 17,000 doctor's degrees will be awarded by American colleges in 1966. 

* The Oxford English Dictionary defines a doctor, in the academic sense as, "One, who in 
any faculty or branch of learning, has attained to the highest degree conferred by a 

University of Maryland. Ill 

The Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic proces- 
sion are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar since 
medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress since 
many ot the scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which has 
^'A1® S^^ adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United States. Each 
^t,H L J''%l*'^K''"V^'^''?'■^''^~^^'^']?'°.''' niaster, and doctor— has its own distinctive gown 
and hood. The bachelor s gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The malter's 
fuZ"^. v,^^ ^ir?\''^ narrow, closed sleeve extending below the knee; the arm is passed 
through a sht at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve 
with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide velvet bands. The 
velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating the general field of learning of the wearer, 
for example, blue for philosophy, green for medicine, purple for law. wearer, 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which 

«^f ?^ ^?^u'^^^^^' '^tu^ ^""^ f,''*?"'^lu'^°r l*^^ ^^^^- The doctor's is the largest of the hoods 
l^u \he bachelor s the smallest The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The color of the 
velvet edging indicates the field of learning. Below is given a list of department or faculty 



Arts, Letters, Humanities 


Business Administration, 

Commercial Science 






Education, Pedagogy 

Light Blue 



Fine Arts, Architecture 





Dark Crimson 



Library Science 










Public Health 

Physical Education 


Social Service 

Surgical Chiropody 

Theology and Divinity 

Veterinary Science 



Silver Gray 





Sage Green 

Golden Yellow 


Nile Green 



The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood are those of the college 
or university which conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may be 
either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may be gold. 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of distinctive 
color and design. 

Candidates Seating Plan 

















Arts and Sciences 





of Science) 




Business and 


of Arts 


Public Admin. 


of Music