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1967 Commencement Exercises 


m^ iSi^m 








June Third, 1967 
University of Maryland 


President of the University 
Dr. Wilson Homer Elkins 


Dr. Robert D. Rappleye 

Candidates for Degrees Presented by : 

Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr., Vice President for Graduate Studies 

and Research 
Dr. William S. Stone, M.D. Dean, School of Medicine 
Dr. John J. Salley, D.D.S., Dean, School of Dentistry 
Professor William P. Cunningham, Dean, School of Law 
Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 
Dr. Charles Manning, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 
Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean, College of Business and Public 

Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean, College of Education 
Dr. Robert B. Beckmann, Dean, College of Engineering 
Mrs. Erna Chapman, Acting Dean, College of Home Economics 
Dr. Marion Murphy, Dean, School of Nursing 
Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean, School of Pharmacy 
Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean, College of Physical Education, 

Recreation, and Health 
Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean, University College 

Special Music 

Mr. Charlton G. Meyer, University Organist 

Mr. Fague K. Springmann, Director, University Choir 


Dr. Mary F. Devermond 
Dr. Stewart Gordon 

Program Coordinators 

Dr. Robert C. Wiley 

Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger 




It is a pleasure for me to extend ray best wishes as you 
complete your college education. 

You are graduating into a society in which you will be 
warmly welcomed. Our country has never had so great a 
need for highly educated men and women. Never have young 
Americans moved from the college campus into a world of- 
fering so broad a range of opportunities for individual 
fulfillment and contribution to the welfare of humanity. 

Your generation of students has been distinguished by its 
fresh and vigorous concern for the quality of American 
life and its commitment to American democracy. Perhaps 
the greatest opportunity awaiting you is the challenge 
to make this a life -long commitment. 

Today, Americans from every walk of life are striving 
together to shape a society that can offer a meaningful 
and rewarding life to all its members. Never have so 
many of our countrymen been so deeply dedicated to eradi- 
cating the old evils of ignorance, poverty, and bigotry 
from every comer of the land. 

Through your years of study, you have prepared yourselves 
for positions of leadership in this quest for a better 

I congratulate you, and urge you to take full advantage 
of that opportunity. 



O say can you see, 

— by the dawn's early light, 

What so proudly we hail'd 

at the twilight's last gleaming 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, 
thro' the perilous fight. 

O'er the ramparts we watched, 
were so gallantly streaming? 

And the rockets' red glare, 
the bombs bursting in air. 

Gave proof thro' the night 
— that our flag was still there. 

O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 

O'er the land of the free 
and the home of the brave? 


Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 




The National Anthem 


Musical Selections 


Conferring of Degrees 

The Alma Mater 


Grand March, from Aida, Verdi 
March of the Priests from 
The Magic Flute, Mozart 

The Reverend David Loomis 
United Campus Christian Fellowship 
University of Maryland 

The Star-Spangled Banner, Key, led by 
Mr. Fague K. Springmann 

Mr. Charles P. McCormick, Chairman 
Board of Regents, University of Maryland 

Pilgrims' Chorus from Tannhduser 

Battle Hymn of the Republic 
arr. Waring 

University Choir 

Mr. Fague K. Springmann, Conductor 

His Excellency Spiro T. Agnew 
Governor of Maryland 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 
President of the University 

Kinney, led by Mr. Fague K. Springmann 

The Reverend John Jamison 
Baptist Chaplain 
University of Maryland 

"March" from The Occasional Oratorio, 

»a(esi=r:S J»>»'?" 



Honorary Degrees 


Spiro Theodore Agnew Doctor of Laws 

Spiro Theodore Agnew was inaugurated as Maryland's 55th elected governor on 
January 25, 1967. A lawyer by profession, he served as County Executive of Baltimore 
County for four years immediately prior to his election as governor. 

Born in Baltimore City and educated in its public schools. Governor Agnew studied 
chemistry for three years at The Johns Hopkins University before transferring to the 
University of Baltimore to study law. He passed the Maryland bar examination six 
months before graduating with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1947, despite interrupting 
his education to serve with the Army in World War II as a company commander in the 
European Theater. He also spent a year on active duty during the Korean War. 

Governor Agnew's meteoric rise in state government began with his interest in 
civic and public affairs in suburban Baltimore County, where he served as president 
of the Loch Raven Community Council and worked actively in early efforts for "open 
spaces" legislation and charter "home rule" government. In the late 1950's, he became 
chairman of the County Board of Appeals, leaving this position to win election as 
County Executive. 

Highlights of his administration as County head include passage of a public ac- 
commodations law — one of the first in the nation — and legislation to require park 
and recreational "open spaces" in all new subdivisions. Under Governor Agnew's 
leadership, the County built new schools, opened public kindergartens, improved teacher 
salaries and classroom ratios, reorganized the police bureau, pioneered in community 
college curricula to fill employment gaps in the fields of police work and social services, 
and added hundreds of miles of new water supply and sanitary sewage lines. 

At 48, Governor Agnew is one of youngest governors to lead the State of Maryland 
and is the first American of Greek descent to become chief executive of a State. 

Harold R. W. Benjamin Doctor of Humane Letters 

Dr. Harold R. W. Benjamin, a renowned educator, was dean of the College of 
Education at the University of Maryland from 1939-51. He holds honorary degrees 
from Drake University, Pacific University and Rhode Island College and is a recipient 
of the Medal for Distinguished Service to Education from Newark (New Jersey) 
State College. He also is the author of a score of books. 

After receiving his early education in Wisconsin, Montana and Oregon, Dr. 
Benjamin graduated with highest honors in education from the University of Oregon. 
He received his Ph.D. degree from Stanford University in 1927. 

Dr. Benjamin served as teacher and administrator for ten years in the schools of 
Minnesota and Oregon, as associate professor of education and psychology at Stanford 
University, professor of education and director of the Center for Continuation Study at 
the University of Minnesota, and as dean of the College of Education and Summer 
Quarter and chairman of the department of psychology at the University of Colorado, 
before coming to the University of Maryland. Later, he became chairman of the division 
of social foundations of education and, since 1958, has been professor emeritus of 
education at the George Peabody College for Teachers. 

James Barrett Reston Doctor of Letters 

James Barrett Reston, associate editor of the New York Times Washington 
Bureau, has been accorded national and international recognition for his reportorial 

Twice he has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize: in 1945 for National Correspondent 
and in 1957 for National reporting. On three occasions he has earned the Overseas 
Press Club award for interpretation of international news. Mr. Reston has also received 
the George Polk Memorial Award for National Reporting, the University of Missouri 
Medal in 1961, and the J. P. Zenger Award in 1964. 

Born in Clydebank, Scotland, Mr. Reston came to the United States in 1910. 
Beginning his career on the Springfield (Ohio) Daily News, he moved to the publicity 
department of The Ohio State University and in 1934 became publicity director of the 
Cincinnati Baseball Club. Following this, Mr. Reston served as reporter for the 
Associated Press in New York City and London before joining the Times in 1939. 

Mr. Reston holds B.S. and LL.D. degrees from the University of Illinois; Litt. D. 
degrees from Colgate University, Oberlin College and Rutgers University; LL.D. 
degrees from New York University, Dartmouth College, Boston College and Brandeis 
University; and D.M.L. degrees from Kenyon College, Columbia University and the 
University of Michigan. 





Candidates will be presented by Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr., Vice President for Graduate 
Studies and Research 

Doctor of Philosophy 

(Department and Thesis Title Indicated) 

Ali Ishaq Abdul-Latif Jordan 

Mathematics: Uniqueness of the solution of some hyperbolic boundary value 

Phillip Ben-Zion Abraham Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Calculation of functionals of matrices arising in solid state 
physics and quantum chemistry. 

William Merle Allen Michigan 

Chemistry: The reactions of 1-isochromanyl ether and certain of its analogs 
with compounds containing active hydrogen. 

Yves Jean Alloucherie D. C. 

Physics: Diffusion of heavy ions in the solar corona. 

Patrick Francis Aluotto New Jersey 

Chemistry: The reactivities of alkoxide nucleophiles with phenyl (trichloromethyl) 
carbinol and alkyl bromides. 

Richard Raymond Anderson Maryland 

Botany: Plant ecology of the upper Paluxent River estuary with special reference 
to the effects of thermal pollution on macrophytes. 

Brian Kitfield Annis Florida 

Physics: Thermal diffusion and diffusion in He-^s Kr. 

Eugene Roy Barron Maryland 

Chemistry: Reactions of aryltrichloromethylcarbinols with sulfur and nitrogen 

Leonard Ronald Bednarczyk Maryland 

Legal Medicine: The analytical toxicology of d-propoxyphene. 

John Franklin Bergner, Jr Maryland 

Zoology: The parasites {with emphasis on the Filaria, Macanema formosana) 
and ecology of the Taiwan monkey, Macaca cyclopis. 

Robert Julius Jacob Bianchi Connecticut 

Chemistry: /. Mechanism of the conversion of phenyl (trichloromethyl) carbinol 
to a -methoxyphenylacetic Acid: a stereochemical study. II. A study of the 
oxidation of letraallylmethane. 

Paul Courtney Bossle Louisiana 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: 22-oxacholesterol. 

Walter Edmund Brandt Maryland 

Microbiology: Characterization of arbovirus antibody in mouse ascitic fluid. 

David Homer Brannon California 

Entomology: Systemic insecticides for the control of cattle grubs, Hyperderma 
lineatum (DeVillers) and Hyperderma bovis (L.). 

Richard B. Brian California 

Education: Processes of Mathematics: A definitional development and an experi- 
mental investigation of their relationship to mathematical problem solving behavior. 

John Mervin Bridges Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Experimental determination of transition probabilities 
and stark widths for SI and SII lines. 

Truitt Hicks Brinsfield, Jr Maryland 

Animal Science: Investigations concerning effects of ovarian status on the acute 
inflammatory response in the sheep uterus. 

Kenneth Robert Brown Maryland 

Psychology: Job analysis by multidimensional scaling. 

12 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Richard Wellman Brown Maryland 

Physics: Upper critical field of superconducting tin and lead films disordered due 
to deposition on substrates held at low temperature. 

James Donovan Leicester Byrnes... Florida 

Government and Politics: Bourguibism: An approach to the politics of moderni- 
zation within the focus of the decision-maker. 

Peter G. Cable Connecticut 

Physics: Elestic and charge rearranging differential cross-sections for collisions 
of H* with water molecules. 

Macon Harshaw Capelle Maryland 

Education: Concurrent validation of the Leadership Opinion Questionnaire for 
college student leadership. 

G. Bert Carlson, Jr Maryland 

English: Sherwood Anderson's political mind: The activist years. 

Robert Walter Chandler Maryland 

Microbiology: The nature of accessory factor and its role in the neutralization 
of West Nile virus. 

Gordon Randolph Charlton _ West Virginia 

Physics and Astronomy: The reactions K + p —> S ± + x + (+ x°) near 
1755 MeV. 

Francisco C. Cheng Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Derivative neutron activation and speclrophotometric 
analysis of p-Bromobenzoyltrifluoroacetone Chelates of Fe{II) and Fe (III). 

Archie Joseph Christopherson Ohio 

History: The establishment of Roman government in the Three Gauls. 

Kwo T. Chu Maryland 

Agricultural Economics: An analysis of the rural electric system of the United 

George L. Cohen Maryland 

Chemistry: The identification and characterization of silver (III) species in 
alkaline solution. 

Ronald J. Cohn California 

Physics: The high frequency dielectric constant of the degenerate electron gas. 

Joseph William Cox Maryland 

History: Robert Goodloe Harper: The evolution of a Southern Federalist 

Thomas Robert Cripps Maryland 

History: The lily white Republicans: The Negro, the party, and the South in 
the progressive era. 

Lillian Louise Darago Maryland 

Physiology: Studies on the in Vivo effect of parathyroid extract on oxidative 

John Douglas Davenport South Carolina 

Education: A study of the performance of monozygotic and dizygotic twins and 
siblings on measures of scholastic aptitude, creativity, achievement motivation, 
and academic achievement. 

Edward Francis Davidoff New York 

Chemistry: Phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance studies of phosphines 
and phosphonium salts. 

Albert Joseph Dietz, Jr Maryland 

Pharmacology: The synthesis and pharmacologic evaluation of some 8-alkylthio- 

Laura Lawrence Dittmann Maryland 

Education: A study of social interaction between infant and caretaker in two 
types of day care settings. 

University of Maryland. 1 3 

Edward Keith Dix Wisconsin 

Economics: A study of collective bargaining in the nonferrous metals industry. 

Marshall Gordon Doane New York 

Biophysics: The effects of respiratory inhibitors on the oxidation-reduction state 
of pyridine nucleotides in the giant axon of the squid. 

Thomas Edward Duffy Maryland 

Pharmacology: Alternate glycolytic pathways in developing brain. 

Barbara Healy Edwards D. C. 

Botany: Some aspects of the physiology and nutrition of three aquatic phycomycetes. 

Earleen Feldman Elkins Maryland 

Speech: Perception of consonants in noise with male and female speakers and 

Fred W. Ellersick Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Synchronization of coherent communication systems. 

Yurdanur Akovali Ellis Maryland 

Physics: The first forbidden beta decays in the rare earth region. 

Helmer Arthur Engh Maryland 

Poultry Science: Influence of alkaline phosphatase isozymes on productive traits 
of chickens. 

Alva L. Erisman Maryland 

Agricultural Economics: Potential costs of and benefits from diverting river flow 
for irrigation in the North China Plain. 

Aharon Eviatar New Jersey 

Physics: Scattering of test-particles by waves in plasmas containing suprathermal 
particle populations. 

Robert William Farmer Maryland 

Animal Science: Studies of the time of excretion and identity of adipokinetic activity 
in the urine of sheep and swine. 

James Lawrence Farrell Illinois 

Electrical Engineering: Attitude determination by Kalman Filtering. 

Bernard David Feinberg New Jersey 

Chemistry: The synthesis of ladder polymers containing macrocyclic esters. 

Frederic Joel Feldman Maryland 

Chemistry: Determination of trace amounts of chromium in biological materials. 
I. Electroanalytical Methods II. Atomic Absorption. 

Gilbert Darrel Friend Pennsylvania 

Mathematics: Weak convergence in spaces of vector valued functions. 

Gere Burke Fulton Pennsylvania 

Physical Education: A study of the relationship of body image to selected physical 
abilities: A phenomenological approach to analysis and modification. 

Joseph Carroll Furey Indiana 

Economics: The disintegration of feudalism in England in the thirteenth and 
fourteenth centuries. 

Mary Betty Gibbs Maryland 

Microbiology: Studies in quantitative hemagglulination-inhibition with blood 
group A substances. 

Donald George Gillette Maryland 

Agricultural Economics: An analysis of federal marketing order programs in 
the potato industry. 

Paul Herbert Gluck Maryland 

Psychology: Changes in noncontent aspects of speech as a function of high in- 
tensity white noise. 

Rudolf Eugen Gross Maryland 

Botany: Species stability and the mechanism of toxicity of D-Mannose and certain 
derivatives in the genus Chlorella Beij. 

14 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Manfred W. H. Grotb Kansas 

Government and Politics: A new West German policy toward Eastern Europe. 

Charles Lockett Guyton Mississippi 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of some 
desoxy azasteroids. 

Larry Kent Haines Maryland 

Physics: On the theory of transport coefficients for moderately dense gases. 

Harvey Nutter Hall Maryland 

Education: The effect of review of subordinate learning sets upon the performance 
of a relevant higher order task. 

Robert Meredith Hall, III Pennsylvania 

Education: A study of the relationships hypothesized to exist between the self con- 
cept and both experience and level of adjustment. 

Robert Rigby Hare Tennessee 

English: Charles Brockden Brown's Ormond: The influence of Rousseau, 
Godwin, and Mary Wollstonecraft. 

Robert Nathan Harris Virginia 

Psychology: Multiple significance tests of correlation coefficients in correlation 

Roy Eugene Hartz Maryland 

Chemistry: Pyrolysis of allyl amines. 

Conrad Paul Heins, Jr Maryland 

Civil Engineering: The solution of continuous orthotropic plates on flexible 
supports as applied to bridge structures. 

Charles Linfred Hendb^ison North Carolina 

Chemical Engineering: Heat transfer during vapor condensation in the presence 
of noncondensible gas. 

Eulalia Jarrin HerdOIZA Maryland 

Foreign Languages: La Mujer y su circumstancia en las novelas de Carmen 

Richard Howard Herman Maryland 

Mathematics: On strictly singular operators and related concepts. 

Walter Charles Hernandez, Jr. Louisiana 

Physics and Astronomy: Relativistic descriptions of material sources for gravita- 
tional fields, including elastic materials as sources of asymmetric static fields. 

John Charles Hierholzer Florida 

Microbiology: "A"-antigen variation in pigeon erythrocytes. 

Martin Joseph Higgins Pennsylvania 

Education: A comparison of the effects of extrinate reward on the test performance 
of sixth^grade students of two socio-economic groups. 

Robert H. Horwich Maryland 

Zoology: The ontogeny of social behavior in the gray squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis. 

John Douglas Howard Maryland 

English: The child-hero in the poetry of Blake, Shelley, Byron, Coleridge, and 

Evelyn McClelland Hurlburt Maryland 

Education: An investigation of the effectiveness of radio-tracer techniques for in- 
struction in microbiology. 

Gilbert Lewis Ingram Maryland 

Psychology: Personality variables associated with successful adaptation in two 
vocational environments. 

Richard Allen Isaacson Maryland 

Physics: Gravitational radiation in the limit of high frequency. 

University of Maryland. 1 j 

Thomas Fairfax Johnson D. C. 

Physical Education: Effect of lendoiomy and exercise interventions on the work 
capacity of the tibialis anticus muscle in the intact dog. 

Royal Maurice Jones North Carolina 

Agricultural Economics: The shortrrun economic impact of land reform on feudal 
village irrigated agriculture in Iran. 

Myong Won Kahng Maryland 

Biochemistry: Evaluation of techniques for studies of turnover of adenine ribo- 

Nanette S. Kandel Maryland 

Sociology: Enduring marriages among white and negro residents of low-rent public 

Harold Melvin Kaplan Maryland 

Mathematics: Large-sample tests of expectations in the presence of nuisance 

Robert G. Kieffer D. C. 

Chemistry: Stoichicmielry and kinetics of the disproportionation of chlorous acid. 

Robert Ray Kifer Maryland 

Animal Science: Effect of Menhaden fish oil on flavor and fatty acid deposition 
of swine tissue — analysis by gas-liquid chromatography. 

Robert Charles Kistler Maryland 

Sociology: The university professor and his family: A study of the duality in 

Charles Byron Kohr Pennsylvania 

Physics: Giant resonances in heavy deformed nuclei. 

Gerald Francis Kokoszka Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Magnetic and optical spectra of binuclear copper comr 

John Ronald Kolb North Carolina 

Education: The contributions of an instructional sequence in mathematics related to 
quantitative science exercises in grade five. 

Frederick Austin Kundell New York 

Chemistry: The kinetics of the two and three-step unsymmetrical competitive- 
consecutive, second-order reactions. The kinetics of the alkaline hydrolyses of 
diethyl malate and Iriethyl citrate. 

Jean Tueller Kunz Maryland 

Education: A study of selected characteristics of a group of economically dis- 
advantaged five-year-old children. 

Jambs Robert Kuttler Maryland 

Mathematics: Finite difference approximations for eigenvalues of uniformly 
elliptic operators. 

Gene Earl Laser Maryland 

Economics: International travel in the Canadian Balance of Payments, 19U9-196U. 

Clarence Bronson Lane New York 

Dairy Science: A study of naturally occurring oxygenated animal fatty acids. 

Richard M. Lee Michigan 

Psychology: Transition states in operant responding: multibehavioral analysis. 

Robert Ernest Lemelin Maine 

American Studies Program: Antebellum books of travel and description as social 
and cultural indexes, 1830-1861. 

Robert M. Leve Massachusetts 

Psychology: A behavior modification technique for increasing the verbal rate of 
non-talkative children: Its application and generalization. 

Daniel Leviton D. C. 

Physical Education: The perceptual defense of amateur sports car racing drivers 
and bowlers to death and crash-word stimuli. 

16 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Albert Jordon Leyendbcker New Mexico 

Physics: The proximity effect and electromagnetic response of a clean normaU 
supercondiicting system. 

Ralph Gabriel Lightner Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Hydrogen transport into porous beds of zirconium hydride 
as a mechanism of nuclear reactor control. 

David Scott Loebbaka Indiana 

Physics: Dynamical model of nonleptonic decays and scalar mesons. 

Alan Harold Luther ; Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Induced interactions in degenerate fermion systems. 

Gale Hubert Lyon Maryland 

Agricultural Economics: Economic analysis of marinas in Maryland. 

Clifford Sigmund Marks Maryland 

Psychology: The effects of ambiguity on decision-making behavior in a simulated 
counseling situation. 

Henry Lewis Marks Maryland 

Poultry Science: Selection for egg production in the domestic fowl under 18-hour 
"short days". 

Edwin Ellsworth Maust, Jr Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: New absorbent-refrigerant combinations for air condi- 
tioning absorption refrigeration. 

Vernon William Mayer, Jr Maryland 

Microbiology: Effect of triton WR-1339 on virus-induced Rous Sarcoma tumors 
in chickens and on Rous Sarcoma tumors in cell culture. 

Vincent Cormac McCarthy Maryland 

Zoology: Ixodid ticks {acarina, ixodidae) of West Pakistan. 

Harry Wright McLaughlin .....Maryland 

Mathematics: Inequalities complementary to the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality for 
finite sums of quaternions; refinements of the Cauchy-Schwarz ineqtiality for 
finite sums of real numbers; inequalities concerning ratios and differences of gen- 
eralized means of different order. 

KiSHOR Kalidas Mehta ; Canada 

Chemical Engineering: Thermal neutron capture gamma rays from thulium i'". 

Gunter Hubert Ferdinand Meyer Maryland 

Mathematics: On a general theory of characteristics and the methods of invariant 

Philip Robert Meyers D. C. 

Mathematics: On the converse to the contraction mapping principle. 

John David Milkowski Maryland 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: The synthesis of amino acids designed as inhibitors 
of norepinephrine biosynthesis. 

Eleanor Jane Drake Mitchell Tennessee 

English: The tele-a-tetes and other biography in the Town and Country Magazine, 
1 769-1 796. 

Cyrus George Moazed Maryland 

Physics: Energy and angular correlations for the Be^ {He^, 3d) reaction. 

Marvi Dean Moore South Carolina 

Horticulture: The role of ethylene with respect to maturation and storage of the 

Thomas William Moore Pennsylvania 

Electrical Engineering: Studies of the electrical parameters of the heart as related 
to cardiac resuscitation by electronic stimulus. 

James C. Morakis Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Statistical tests for signal detection. 

University of Maryland. 17 

Leonard Mordfin Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: Torsion creep of circular and non^eircular tubes. 

Joan E. Mover _ Maryland 

Education: A comparative evaluation of selected characteristics of economically 
disadvantaged and economically advantaged kindergarten children. 

David Samuel Myers West Virginia 

Government and Politics: Foreign affairs and the Presidential election of 196 U. 

Jeremiah Dennis Nolan Pennsylvania 

Psychology: Inlradim^nsional and exlradtmensional shifts in abstract and con- 
crete schizophrenics. 

Richard Kelly Oliver Pennsylvania 

Mathematics: Contributions to perturbation theory for linear operators with 
closed range. 

Katsuto Ono Maryland 

Chemistry: A study of some phosphatases and pyrophosphatases. 

Anatoli Onopchenko Pennsylvania 

Chemistry: Pyrolysis of halogen-containing compounds. 

Richard Harry Page New York 

Psychology: Role-playing and dissonance effects under varied conditions of 
pleasantness, payment, and social desirability. 

Stephen J. Palmer Maryland 

Horticulture: Preservation of food of plant origin through controlled gas and solute 

Keith Alfred Parker Maryland 

History: The staple industries and economic development, Canada 18^1-1867. 

Robert Milton Pearlstein Tennessee 

Biophysics: Migration and trapping of excitation quanta in photo-synthetic units. 

Peter Anthony Pella Maryland 

Chemistry: Differential controlled-potential coulomelry utilizing radioactive 

Robert Lee Peters Maryland 

Microbiology: Hemophilus gallinarum: (1) Identification in artificially in- 
fected chickens, and (2) certain aspects of its growth requirements. 

V. F. Pfeffer Virginia 

Mathematics: An integral in topological spaces. 

Charalambos John Phalangas Greece 

Chemical Engineering: Reactive species producted in styrene and poly-ethylene by 
ionizing radiation and hydrogen atoms. 

Gary Wilson Phillips Missouri 

Physics and Astronomy: Energy levels and electromagnetic transitions in N^^ 
from the C'^ {He^, py) N^^ reaction. 

Harold Pollack Delaware 

Chemical Engineering: An investigation of void fraction distributions in vertical 
cocurrent gas-liquid flow. 

L. Frances Pride Maryland 

Education: An experimental study of the effect of an interpersonal nursing ap- 
proach on an adrenal stress index in hospitalized medical patients. 

James Leland Rand Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: An analysis of the split Hopkinson pressure bar. 

Robert Joseph Reilly Maryland 

Civil Engineering: The analysis of results of dynamic tests on three highway 

David Meredith Resnick Maryland 

Speech: Comparison of absolute acoustic impedance measurements between adult 
and pediatric ears. 

18 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Peter Jules Richetta Pennsylvania 

Mathematics: Approximation topologies on operator spaces. 

Gordon Kienzle Kiel Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Concentration of radioactive isotope m environmental 
water measured by underwater gamma spectrometry. 

Lloyd M. Robeson : , , , Indiana 

Chemical Engineering: Transport of butane-ethane mixtures m polyethylene. 

Robert E. Robey ; Pennsylvania 

Microbiology: Studies on the latent nature of the Kilham rat nrus. 

Cecil Joseph Rolfe , , Tennessee 

Economics: The economics of public medicine. 

Michael James Rose, JR ■■■- , , Maryland 

Microbiology: Effect of triton WR-1SS9 on coliphage infection and effect of various 
nonionic surfactants on growth of Escherichia Colt Strain B. 

Howard Arnold Rubin : ■■ ^ __Illinois 

Physics and Astronomy: A study of the low energy elastic scattering of and S 
hyperons in hydrogen. 

Maria Antonia Salgado , ^ ^Maryland 

Foreign Languages: " Espanoles de tres mundos : el arte pohfasetico de las 
'caricaturas liricas' de Juan Ramon Jimenez". 

Benjamin Schneider Maryland 

Psychology: Role behavior, social motives, and task type. 

Stefan Schreier Massachusetts 

Aerospace Engineering: On the flow of non-steady compressible boundary layers 
with variable transport properties. 

Taylor Carver Scott, Jr. -_ - - Florida 

Sociology: A pattern of adjustment for an aged rural population m New Windsor, 

Benito See Philippines 

Chemical Engineering: Fusion behavior of polymer-diluent systems. 

Jyoti a. Shah Maryland 

Physics: A simplified approach to the treatment of neutron-proton correlations. 

Louis Welles Shapiro Massachusetts 

Mathematics: Group representations and algebraic number fields. 

MOHAMED M. Fahim Sharaf . . . U.A.R. 

Agricultural Economics: The dependency problem and the pace of economic develop- 

Zalman Arthur Shavell Maryland 

Economics: Modifications of budgeting procedures and performance measures for 
use by department stores. 

Robert KORTE Simon New York 

Chemistry: The coulometric determination of glucose in serum arsenic m urine. 

Joel Abram Sinsky Maryland 

Physics: A gravitational induction field communications experiment at 1660 cycles 
per second. 

Rodger Franklin Sisca - Maryland 

Histology: Electron microscopic study of human fetal enamel organs. 

James Burton Smathers Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Derivative neutron activation analysis of magnesium. 

W. Wayne Smith Connecticut 

History: The Whig Party in Maryland, 1826, 1856. 

University of Maryland. 1 y 

Howard Martin Staineb Maryland 

Physics: Waves in a plasma in a magnetic field. 

Bert R. Staples _. Maryland 

Chemistry: The kinetics of proton transfer reactions determined by the second 
u'ien effect. 

William Stenger New Jersey 

Mathematics: Inequalities for eigenvalues connected with variational principles. 

Myron Leonard Tapper Canada 

Physics: Consequences of the modified partially conserved axialvector current 
hypothesis in photopion production. 

Welford Dunaway Taylor Virginia 

English: Sherwood Anderson's "Buck Fever": A critical edition. 

Bonnard John Teegarden Maryland 

Physics: A study of low energy galactic cosmic rays from 1961 to 1965. 

John Smith Thach, Jr. Florida 

Psychology: Social reinforcement and diurnal rhythms in baboons. 

Mitchell Arthur Thiel Maryland 

Chemistry: Studies of fluorescence spectra with a miniaturized high pressure cell. 

Vaithilingam Thuraisamy Maryland 

Mathematics: Discrete analogs for mixed boundary value problems of elliptic type. 

Donald Richard Tracey Pennsylvania 

History: Thuringia under the early Weimar Republic, 1919-192i: a study in 
reform and reaction. 

Noble Ransom Usherwood Delaware 

Agronomy: Magnesium availability to plants as affected by soil pH and potassium. 

Carl Kaoru Uyeda Maryland 

Anatomy: Diagnostic evaluation of cells morphologically intermediate between the 
normal and malignant state in cervical cancer detection. 

Sherman Benton Vanaman Tennessee 

Education: Toward a theory of teaching vnth special reference to the acquisition of 
behaviors of a mathematical nature. 

Frederick Elia Varricchio Maine 

Biological Chemistry: Effect of azasteroids on bacteria and oxidative phos- 

Robert Michael Voytas Pennsylvania 

Psychology: Some effects of various comMnations of group and individual par- 
ticipation in creative productivity. 

Bruce Wald Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: The throughput and cost effectiveness of monoprogrammed, 
multiprogrammed, and multiprocessing digital computers. 

Walter Douglas Walkling Maryland 

Pharmacy: Formulation and evaluation of new rectal dosage forms including a 
study of microcrystalline cellulose-carboxymethylcellulose gels as suspension vehicles. 

Carl Hugo Walther D. C. 

Civil Engineering: The interpretation of impact tests. 

Ingrid Bergstrom Weise Maryland 

Education. Guidelines for a supervisory program directed to relating the mathe- 
matics programs of the elementary and junior high school. 

Mary Goodwin Wetzel Maryland 

Zoology: The use of iron-containing stains for the ultrastructural localization of 
intracellular and extracellular mucosubslances. 

Daniel Francis Whiteford Maryland 

History: The American Legion and American Foreign Policy, 1950 to 196S. 

20 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Charles Kenneth Wilber Maryland 

Economics: The Soviet model of economic development: a historical approach with 
a case study of Soviet Central Asia. 

John Bailes Wiseman New Hampshire 

History: Dilemmas of a party out of power: The Democracy, 1901rl912. 

Stanley Wolfowitz New York 

Chemistry: Mechanisms for the thermal decomposition of polyacrylonitrile. 

James T. K. Woo Maryland 

Chemistry: The pyrolysis of methyl esters. 

James Alan Yorke Maryland 

Mathematics: Asymptotic properties of solutions using the second derivative of a 
liapunov function. 

Doctor of Education 

(Thesis Title Indicated) 

Helen Ruth Ackerman Maryland 

The application of verbal behavior analysis to the study of defense mechanisms. I. 
Speech patterns of third and fifth grade children. 

Calvin A. Blatt Maryland 

The relationships between in-service education activities of principals and teacher 
perceptions of principals' leader behavior. 

Esther Snyder Blustein Maryland 

The relationship of sibling position in the family constellation to school behavior 
variables in elementary school children from two-child families. 

Frank Elliott Briley North Carolina 

The development of a technical education program in foundry and patternmaking in 

Peter A. Campanelli Maryland 

The influence of cortical and subcortical lesiions on the mediation of sustained atten- 
tion in children. 

Majid Ibrahim Damah Iraq 

Supervisory practices in the United States suitable for use in the secondary school 
of Iraq. 

Josep Peter Gutkoska Maryland 

The influence of the Supplementary Vocabulary Program on the improvement of 
reading vocabulary. 

Richard Earl Hardy Virginia 

A study of manifest anxiety among blind residential school students using an ex- 
perimental instrument constructed for the blind. 

Harry Crew Hendrickson Maryland 

A study of pupil mobility in the Baltimore City Public Schools with implications 
for Secondary Education. 

John Link Jones Maryland 

Effects of spelling instruction in eighth-grade biological science upon scientific 
spelling, vocabulary, and reading comprehension; general spelling, vocabulary, 
and reading comprehension; science progress, and science achievement. 

Gerald John Kennedy Illinois 

A study of the recruitment and orientation policies and practices for part-time 
instructors in the public junior colleges of Illinois and Maryland. 

University of Maryland. 2. 1 

Aftab Ahmad Khan Pakistan 

A study of child development centers at inatitvMons of higher learning in the United 

You-YuH Kuo Maryland 

A comparative study of creative thinking between delinquent boys and non-delinquent 

Paul Richard Meosky New Jersey 

A study of the relationship of personality to teaching success in industrial arts at 
the secondary school level. 

John Rupekt Neary Maryland 

Differential perception of the leader behavior of secondary school principals. 

Philip Andrew Rhoads Maryland 

Relationship between teacher comments and the performance of slow learners. 

James A. Russell, Jr Virginia 

An investigation into the changes in critical thinking and achievement in electronics 
as the result of exposure of subjects to specific techniques of critical thinking. 

John Maurice Scott D. C. 

Interrelation of impulses, ego, and superego in high anxious and low anxious male 
adolescent delinquents. 

Lewis Winfield Stephens Maryland 

A study of public relations practices in the independent secondary schools in the 
United States. 

John Daniel Webster Virginia 

The attitudes of nonniisabled adolescents toward disabled adolescents. 

Paul Yaffe Maryland 

The role of the school psychologist as perceived by selected school personnel. 

22 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Master of Arts 

Leon Reed Adams Maryland 

Vernon Lucas Albright Ohio 

Adriana G. Aldridge Maryland 

Walter Joseph Aldridge Ohio 

Hikmat Omar Al-Hadithi Iraq 

Naziha Rashid Al-Harithi D. C. 

Marion Louise Ament D. C. 

Shaeeb Atallah Maryland 

Frank Joseph Augustyn Connecticut 

Jennie Garabed Azhderian Maryland 

Carolyn Denise Ball New York 

David Allen Ball New York 

Martha Ashby Barton Virginia 

Darwin L. Beck Maryland 

Julius Wesley Becton, Jr Pennsylvania 

George Benke Pennsylvania 

Lawrence Robert Benson Maryland 

John A. Bernbaum Illinois 

William Frederick Best Maryland 

William Lester Bishop Texas 

Wyatt Herbert Bissett, Jr Maryland 

Charles Ira Black Oregon 

Barbara Frances Bode Maryland 

Jarritus Boyd Maryland 

Sharon R. Boyer Maryland 

Gary Lee Brager Maryland 

Edward William Brakus Maryland 

Robert John Brugger Maryland 

SOEREN Stewart Brynn Michigan 

Josephine Therese Buca Maryland 

Donald William Cairns New York 

Kenneth James Campbell Maryland 

Anthony Joseph Campise Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Carty Virginia 

Henri Joseph Chedid Maryland 

Tyzz Lang Chen Delaware 

James Dukehart Chesney New York 

Napoleon H. Chow Nicaragua 

Carolyn Ruth Christensen Maryland 

Mary Denise Cleary D. C. 

Frank Ronald Cleminson Virginia 

Ruth Marcus Colner Maryland 

RoBBmT Eugene Conley Maryland 

Hubert Austin Connelly Virginia 

James Joseph Connelly Maryland 

James Joseph Corbett New York 

Howard T. Criswell, Jr Pennsylvania 

Robert Paul Crow California 

Santa Palella Crupi Maryland 

Anita Laurie Gushing Maryland 

Charles Aloysius Darby, Jr Maryland 

Eugene S. Davidson Virginia 

David Finch Davis Maryland 

Sidney Robert Davis California 

Frank Edward Doe Virginia 

Francis Patrick Dooley Pennsylvania 

Karen Dorn Maryland 

JONE Rastas Bowd Maryland 

Ann Griffin Driggs Maryland 

Ortensia Gigli Eardley Maryland 

Samuel Ewer Eastman D. C. 

Jon-Eric Eaton Maryland 

Richard Henry Eiter Maryland 

Stephen Paul Erber Maryland 

Thomas Edward Evans Maryland 

Franklin Mitchell Ewing Maryland 

John Julian Eymonerie Maryland 

Frances Graham Fairey North Carolina 

Marion Clyde Fairey North Carolina 

Elizabeth Mouser Fellows Maryland 

Michael Fischetti, Jr Maryland 

Deborah C. Fort D. C. 

Henry Arnold Freedman Maryland 

John Lawrence French, Jr D. C. 

Paulette French New Hampshire 

Anabel Helen Friedman Maryland 

Alice E. Fusillo Maryland 

CiELO Alegre Garcia de Quevedo.. Ma ri/fawrf 

Francis Joseph Garner, II Maryland 

E. Dean Garrett Maryland 

Herbert Lundy Garris Virginia 

William Leslie Geiger Maryland 

Roy B. Gentry, Jr Louisiana 

University of Maryland. 23 

Michael Jolley George Maryland 

Theodore L. Gessner D. C. 

Thomas Alfred Ghormley Virginia 

John Mulhearn Gilchrist, Jr. 

Rhode Island 

Philip John Gilchrist Rhode Island 

Ruth Burtnick Glick Maryland 

Patricia Ann Gobbett Maryland 

James Christopher Gold Maryland 

Gerald Martin Goldhaber.... Massachusetts 

Eugene Wilhelm Goll Maryland 

Nancy James Gossens Virginia 

Cynthia Bickley Green Maryland 

August K. Gribbin, Jr Maryland 

Myron Robert Hafetz Pennsylvania 

Paul H. Hahn Michigan 

Ina Blumberg Hamburger Maryland 

George Michael Hamscher Texas 

Joan Marie Hansen Maryland 

Alvin Dwayne Harkleroad Virginia 

James Gilchrist Hart Pennsylvania 

Milton Reichard Hays Maryland 

Lynn John Hellebust Kansas 

Phyllis F. Herson Maryland 

Evelyn Taylor Hicks Maryland 

Donald James Hobart Maryland 

James Ferguson Hoobler Maryland 

Anthony Charles Hughes England 

Connor Alexander Isgett, Jr. 

South Carolina 

Elton Stanley Jackson Maryland 

Stanley Sylvester Jacobs New York 

Hanna Helaine Jeffreys Maryland 

Chii Shyan Jeng Maryland 

James Francis Jenista, Jr Illinois 

EDV»rARD Neil Jensen Illinois 

Dorothy Rylander Johnson Maryland 

George Cavin Johnson Maryland 

Eleanor S. Jones Maryland 

Ann Cabell Jordan Virginia 

Mary Ellen Joseph Missouri 

Loretta Anne Kane D. C. 

Alan I. Kaplan Maryland 

Shira Tannor Karpati Maryland 

Donald George Kauffman Maryland 

Spencer Rudolf Kopecky New Jersey 

Anthony Joseph«tcMt 

Jane H. Krause Maryland 

March Lee Krotee Maryland 

Burton Kent Kummerovp Maryland 

Richard Alvin Kuntz Maryland 

Richard Andrews Kurzenabe Maryland 

Marcel Adrien Labbe Maryland 

Carol LaVerne Lawson Maryland 

Charlotte Adelaide Leedy D. C. 

Robert Keith Lehto Georgia 

Raymond Gratian LePage Virginia 

Judith S. Levine Maryland 

Diane Haugen Lindamood Maryland 

Marlene Haas London Maryland 

BoNiTA Jean Longerbeam Virginia 

James Alan Lorenzen Maryland 

Nancy Elizabeth Lucas Florida 

Franka Marie Luiggi Maryland 

Nathalie Ren^e Luiggi Maryland 

Erik Sheldon Lunde Maryland 

Clyde Magarelli New Jersey 

John Francis Magnotti, Jr Maryland 

Theodore James Maker Maryland 

Thomas Guy Manfredi, Jr Maryland 

Robert Fleisher Margolies... .Pennsylvania 
Theodore Roosevelt Marshall, Jr. 


James Lee Martin Maryland 

Barry Robert May Michigan 

William Francis McCabe New Jersey 

Sharon Elizabeth McCarthy. .Connecticut 

Robert Francis McCleary Maryland 

Carolyn Daniel McCreesh Maryland 

Richard Bunn McKenzie Virginia 

Evelyn Thring McMichael Maryland 

Robert Joseph McNicholas Virginia 

John Mendelsohn Virginia 

IMRE Meszaros Maryland 

Patricia Kerns Meszaros Maryland 

24 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Edward William Michael New York 

Dennis Lynn Micham Maryland 

Charles Lyman Miller Maryland 

Mona Mitnick Maryland 

Wilner Paul Moon California 

Yves Marie Morvan France 

Hilda Speter Moskowitz Maryland 

Sarah Marie Mumford Maryland 

Judith Gillespie Myers Maryland 

RosiNA Dolores Navarrete Maryland 

Jane Suggs Nelson North Carolina 

Kathleen Genover Nelson Maryland 

Roberta Jean Nichols North Dakota 

Willard Albert Nichols Virginia 

David Harald Nielsen Maryland 

Julie MacLean Nisonger Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Nolan D. C. 

William Otis Nowell, Jr Alabama 

Vincent Andrew Nubel Michigan 

Charles Albert O'Connor, Jr Virginia 

Peter John Ognibene Maryland 

Ellyn Rae Olefsky Maryland 

David Earl Olive Maryland 

Leonard P. Ouver Maryland 

Alan O'Neill Maryland 

Margaret Ann Overath New Jersey 

Rafael David Pagan Virginia 

Harry A. Palaynes Maryland 

William Paley Peirce Maryland 

Alan Irvin Penn Maryland 

Maureen Bland Perrone Maryland 

Richard Harold Potter Maryland 

Edna Agus Povich D. C. 

Louise Philups Predoehl Maryland 

Robert Wayne Preslar North Carolina 

Victor Wright Quale California 

Dean Myers Reily Maryland 

Barbara Joan Reimann Pennsylvania 

Robert Rex Reynolds, Jr Virginia 

Bernard Edward Roache, Jr Maryland 

Robert Barry Rodenhaver Pennsylvania 

Leonard Lester Rosenbaum New York 

Sandra Goody Rosswork Maryland 

John Edward Rouse, Jr South Carolina 

Avner Y. Sachs Maryland 

Harvey Gene Safren Maryland 

Ely Sapol Maryland 

Sarah Jane Sauter Maryland 

Lawrence Bennett Schafman 

New Jersey 

Edward John Schmidt New York 

Thomas Warren Seaman Maryland 

Richard Guy Sedlack Maryland 

Cornelia Carswkll 'Serota Maryland 

Richard Hyman Shachtman Maryland 

Lynda Diane Sherbakoff New York 

Richard James Simensen Maryland 

Katherine Bauer Simms Maryland 

RONDA Rae Simms Maryland 

Robert Roy Sine Pennsylvania 

Gail Loretta Skucas Pennsylvania 

Carl Wayne Smith Maryland 

Helen Wampler Smith Maryland 

Jon D. Snodgrass Maryland 

Mary Sperling Maryland 

Warren Lewis Spry Michigan 

Robert Murry Stackhouse Maryland 

Jerold Cleo Steck Ohio 

William Grant Stepp Kentucky 

Alden Jay Stevens Utah 

MoRELAND Leithold Stevens Maryland 

Debra Wehrle Stewart Pennsylvania 

Peter Howard Stoloff Maryland 

William Warren Stoner Maryland 

Elizabeth Guthrie Strohl Maryland 

Donald Henry Strope Maryland 

James Charles Strouse Maryland 

Darvel Lee Sumner Maryland 

Elizabeth R. Swicord Maryland 

Frank Andrew Szymanski Maryland 

Martha Whitney Tabor Maryland 

MiLENA Taychman Maryland 

University of Maryland. 25 

Diane Marie Thomas Maryland 

George Armstrong Thomas, Jr Virginia 

William Harrison Travis Maryland 

Mary Jo Tudor Virginia 

George Thomas Tussing Maryland 

John D. Twining Maryland 

Robert W. Vanderwarker, Jr New York 

Laura Nunez Villavicencio Maryland 

Anthony William Waddell Maryland 

Mary Ford Waldrop Maryland 

Margaret Lee Walker North Carolina 

Melvin John Warther Maryland 

Bonnie DuVal Waters Maryland 

Robert Joseph Weber Maryland 

Alexander Weiss Maryland 

Adrienne Ableman Whitman Maryland 

Barbara M. Willoughby D. C. 

Marianne Jane Wilpiszewski 

Richard Allan Wojciechowicz 

New Jersey 

Leslie Rosenberg Wolfe Maryland 

Charlotte O'Kelley Woods Maryland 

Harold Burhans Wright New Jersey 

Preston Wilburn Wright, III Maryland 

Patricia L. Wyatt Florida 

Master of Science 

Hassan Sid Ahmed Abu Zeid Sudan 

S. TUFAIL Ahmad India 

John Francis Akerley Maryland 

Louis Stephen Albert Maryland 

Maie Fouad Ali Maryland 

John Carl Alishouse Maryland 

Grealie Anderson Andrews Maryland 

George Addison Ausman, Jr Maryland 

Russell Graham Barlowe Virginia 

Robert William Bartlett Virginia 

Walter Carroll Bay Maryland 

Sara Alene Beck Virginia 

Larry Warren Bell Maryland 

Otis Lamar Bishop Maryland 

Bradley Marvin Black Massachusetts 

Lawrence Howard Block Maryland 

Howard Marshall Bloom Maryland 

Earl Louis Boardman Wyoming 

Andrew William Booth Maryland 

Kathryn Ann Bowen D. C. 

Ann Bowser Florida 

Nancy Rebecca Boyd Maryland 

James Edward Browne Maryland 

Gail Rosalind Burdsall Florida 

Nicholas Edward Burlinson Maryland 

Hope Dolores Butler D. C. 

Domenick Albert BuTTiGLiERi..Arcty Jersey 

Arthur Ree Campbell Alabama 

Robert Franklin Carpenter, III 


Sister Thecla Cassidy Maryland 

Helen Louise Chambers Maryland 

Clara May Charlesworth Maryland 

Abraham Anthony Chen Jamaica 

Premila Maliakal Cherian India 

Phyllis Marie Chickos Virginia 

Beatrice J. Chumley Kentucky 

Paul Roy Claiborne Kentucky 

Robert Alan Cobb Maryland 

Shirley Ann Coggins North Carolina 

Gerald Stanley Cohen Maryland 

Kathleen Patricia Coriell Maryland 

Robert George Cox Maryland 

Oliver Bruce Dale Maryland 

Bobbie Dean Davis Ohio 

Sally Maddren Dawson Maryland 

John Thomas DeBerardinis Connecticut 

Elizabeth Ann Deckert Maryland 

Gloria Mason Diggs Virginia 

26 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Joseph Michael DiPiehiro New York 

Robert Howell Dixon Maryland 

Janet Dean Donohue Massachusetts 

Anthony F. Dorrzapf, Jr Maryland 

Albert Morris Dorsky Maryland 

Linda Yvonne Dove Maryland 

Nathan Kendall Drovv^n Maryland 

Walter Howard Elder Maryland 

James Hansford Elgin, Je Maryland 

Edward Escalante Maryland 

Bette Bonine Paries Virginia 

Sandra Ann Farmer North Ca/rolina 

Robert McNeer Faust Maryland 

John Wenard Fennel, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Paterson Fink New Jersey 

Edgar Henry Fischer Maryland 

Tak-Kuen Fong Maryland 

James Allen Forbes Maryland 

Marguerite Barbara Froeb Maryland 

David William Fulk Maryland 

Dorothy Lee Gamble Maryland 

Stanley A. Gazelle Maryland 

Henry Matthew Gerstenberg Maryland 

Benjamin Yun-wen Giang California 

Harold Eugene Gilreath Maryland 

Donald Albert Glace Maryland 

Patricia Keough Gladu Maryland 

Robert Dale Godfrey Maryland 

H. Keith Goering Kansas 

Sandra Jean Gordon New York 

Griscelda T. Gray Pennsylvania 

Roberta Gamble Gropper Maryland 

Sandra Ann Hageiage Maryland 

Esther L. Hager D. C. 

Ann Elizabeth Hall New York 

Richard Stephen Hammerschlag 


James Philip Harner Maryland 

Arnold Claggett Hawkins Maryland 

Melva Jo Hendrix North Carolina 

Joseph Edward Hennessey Maryland 

Luu Trong Hieu Vietnam 

Robert T. Hill Maryland 

Laban Richard Hodgson Maryland 

Ronald Murray Hopkins Maryland 

Robert Michael Hord Ohio 

Bonnie Marshall Horman Maryland 

Audrey Elizabeth Hughes D. C. 

Elizabeth Mary Hughes Maryland 

Garrett Rhodes Hyde Maryland 

Barbara Joan Idt Nebraska 

Marian Chapin Jameson Virginia 

Edward Cole Jarrell Maryland 

Robert Edward Jenkins Maryland 

Robert Oilman Jenks Michigan 

Mariellen Jones Kansas 

Kathleen Ellen Mae Kaiser Iowa 

John Henry Karwoski Pennsylvania 

Richard Eugene Keating Nebraska 

Jerome Joseph Klement Kentucky 

Ruth Marie Knight Maryland 

Winifred Ruth Knuese Maryland 

Kathleen Mary Kohn Maryland 

Robert Russell Kraeling Maryland 

Wie Han Kwee Indonesia 

Howard Kenneth Lahlum. ...iVortfc Dakota 

EsTRELLA Maria Larrinaga Puerto Rico 

Karin Elizabeth Larsen Maryland 

Mara B. Lauterbach Maryland 

Sally Ann Lawrence Pennsylvania 

Daniel Francis Leary, III Maryland 

George Martin Levin Maryland 

Aline Margaret Limburg Michigan 

Hai-MEN Lo Maryland 

Jaan Alvin Loger Maryland 

James Delbert Long Oklahoma 

George Kenneth Lucey, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Siegmund Madden Virginia 

Clara Arehart Marah Maryland 

Paul Anthony Martino New York 

Helen Matyas New York 

Helen Jester McCray Maryland 

Bruce David McCurdy Maryland 

Evelyn May McElroy Maryland 

Leon Glenn Meiars Maryland 

Stephen Mellman Maryland 

William Richard Mentzer, Jr Maryland 

University of Maryland. 27 

Edward Howes Merritt Connecticut 

Clarence Pierce Miles, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Ann Molicki Maryland 

John Robert Moody Virginia 

Donald Jerome Moore Virginia 

David Pollock Morgan Maryland 

Nancy Ann Muckenhirn Maryland 

Tridib Kumar Mukherjee India 

Esther P. Muller Maryland 

Sara Sue Naragon Indiana 

Son Dink Nguyen Maryland 

Kathryn Elizabeth Nvsbavm... .Maryland 

Hanai Abdehakim Omar Maryland 

Khalil a. Omar Maryland 

Ruth Weiss Parr Maryland 

BiPRA Charan Patnayak India 

Daniel P. Peletier Maryland 

Norman Edgar Pennington, Jr.. .Maryland 

LuiGi Leo Perini Maryland 

Bobby George Perry Arkansas 

Judith Anne Poiley Maryland 

James Leo Pope Maryland 

Jean Marie Pope Maryland 

Joseph Gary Poras Massachusetts 

Khageswar Pradhan India 

Charles Alfred Pryor, Jr Maryland 

RosALYN Miriam Rapfaport Maryland 

Mary Fry Rapson Maryland 

George Edward Reid, Jr Georgia 

Harold Edward Reiley Maryland 

Robert Donald Resau Maryland 

Paul Johnson Roberts Georgia 

Betty Barnhart Roseman Pennsylvania 

Ira Edward Rosenberg New York 

Jack Louis Runyan Ohio 

Penelope Ann Runyan Maryland 

William Paul Russell Maryland 

Dorothy Lois Sabolsice Illinois 

Judith Brown Sanders Missouri 

Ramesh Chandra Sardana India 

George Sardarian Pennsylvania 

Dale Roger Schallhorn Maryland 

Paul Lowell Schuetze Maryland 

Richard Carl Schukraft Maryland 

Kenneth Howard Shapiro New York 

Fuad Sami Simaan Lebanon 

Allan Barnard Simons Maryland 

Jerry William Smith North Carolina 

Paul Orlando Snyder Maryland 

Eleanor Council Southerland D. C. 

Lena Mae Spencer Virginia 

Frances Jean Springett West Virginia 

Patricia Messer Stabler Maryland 

Harold Lewis Steinberg Maryland 

Elizabeth A. Sterndale Maryland 

Michael Francis Sullivan Maryland 

Mary Helen Sunday Pennsylvania 

Charles Alan Sutherland Connecticut 

Rymantas Alfonsas Svotelis Maryland 

Linda Z. Tarr Virginia 

Ruth Elizabeth Taylor Virginia 

Ellis David Thomas Maryland 

lYNGAYAM Ratnaswamy Thomas India 

Carolyn Ann Thoroughgood Maryland 

John Allan Thoroughgood Maryland 

Dorothy Riggins Threadgill Maryland 

Helen D. Trace Maryland 

Marjorie Violet Trendell New York 

Genevieve Therese Tully Virginia 

Carol Ann Turay New York 

Evelyn Pasteur Valentine Maryland 

Marc Simon Van Averbeke Maryland 

Claudette Goulet Varricchio Maine 

Janice Ireland Vathayanon Michigan 


Fernando Villarroel Maryland 

Robert Keller Vincent Louisiana 

Frederick Henry Wagner Maryland 

George Donald Wagner Maryland 

Kohmei Wani Japan 

Steve Washenko Virginia 

Hilma Joan Watjus Maryland 

RoGBai Owen Weiss Maryland 

Arnold G. Weisshaar New York 

28 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Clara Chia-Tsan Whang Maryland 

Wayne Thomas Whitney Maryland 

Richard Donald Widmar Maryland 

John Albert Williams Maryland 

Sister Mary Reginald Wilson. ...Marj/^awrf 

Daniel Ralph Woodman Maine 

Donald Keith Yeomans New York 

Master of Education 

Elwood Franklin Adams Maryland 

Barbara Arlene Ainsworth Maryland 

Henry Lewis Alsobrook Maryland 

John Julian Anderson, Sr Maryland 

Joan Macintosh Angotti Maryland 

Dolores B. Augustus Maryland 

Olga Elizabeth Backus Maryland 

Shirley Jane Baker Maryland 

Clifton Bernard Ball Maryland 

John George Barbers, Jr Maryland 

Doris Kohl Barnes Maryland 

Margaret Dalzell Barnes Maryland 

Ruth Ella Beall Maryland 

William Irvin Beals Virginia 

Ella J. Beattie Maryland 

Gwendolyn Joyce Beckham Texas 

Jack Andrew Berge Maryland 

Frances Nicholson Bingen Maryland 

Eva Altmann Birnbaum Maryland 

Zane B. BolinGER Maryland 

Anne O'Donnell Boroski Maryland 

Marjorie Jane Brand Maryland 

Anne Catherine Bruce Maryland 

Dorothy Lenore Souder Burdette 


Helen Bertha Burns Maryland 

Thelma C. Carr Maryland 

Vera H. Carrington Maryland 

David Leon Celio Connecticut 

SooK Kyung Chung Korea 

William Eugene Clair Maryland 

Ernest Morris Clayton, Jr Maryland 

Joel Cohen Maryland 

Louis Cohen Maryland 

Eugene James Colgan Maryland 

Norman Donald Colvin Virginia 

Lillian Ellen Cooper Rhode Island 

Lucy Watson Coulbourn Maryland 

Joseph Gerard Danek Maryland 

Robert Lee Davis, Jr North Carolina 

Raymond Joseph DeBalso Maryland 

Orville Morrell Deming Maryland 

Michael John DeVita Maryland 

Carl James Donald Maryland 

Mary Jane Edlund Maryland 

Richard George Ehrbaker Maryland 

Carol A. Euston D. C. 

Albina Joan Ewing Maryland 

David Richard Eyler Maryland 

John T. Fecik Maryland 

Luther Weston Fennell Maryland 

Shirley Crist Fink Maryland 

William Frederick Flack New York 

Rosalind Lee Flaggs Maryland 

Anne Newton Foster Maryland 

Oma Ruth Foster Maryland 

Jimmie K. Fowler Maryland 

Clifford E. Fries Maryland 

Lucy Ryan Gaffney Maryland 

Rose T. Garvin Maryland 

Sally Osmond Gilbert Maryland 

Virginia Gist Gray Maryland 

Valerie S. Green D. C. 

Florine Alexandria Greenberg.... Virf^iwia 

Marilyn Mann Greenspan Maryland 

Nahketah B. Gregory Maryland 

Shelvie Leon Griffith Maryland 

Robert John Gunther, Jr Maryland 

Brian Kerry Gustafson Maryland 

Bernice Novich Hantman Maryland 

Robert Edgar Harder Maryland 

Harriet Ann Harris Maryland 

Paul Jewell Harris Maryland 

John Thomas Hart Maryland 

Ann H. Hatfield Maryland 

Richard H. Harvey Pennsylvania 

Mary Auce Hawbecker Maryland 

Jane Marguerite Hayes Maryland 

Mary Lewis Haywood Maryland 

Patricia Elizabeth Herman Maryland 

James Ross Hetrick Maryland 

Suzanne Birch Hickmon Maryland 

Carol Eugene Hicks Illinois 

Robert A. Hill Maryland 

Mildred Elizabeth Kines... .North Carolina 

Caroline Cook Hisey Maryland 

Chantal Ricci Holcombe Maryland 

Mary Jane Howell Maryland 

Sylvia Helen Hudes Maryland 

Joan Saurel Israel Maryland 

Anne Skone Jameson Maryland 

George Arnold Jerman Maryland 

Bernard Ignatius Johnson Maryland 

University of Maryland. Z9 

Betty Smith Johnson Maryland 

LoRETTA Louise Johnston Maryland 

Regina Elizabeth Kalinov/ski... .Maryland 

Martha Eleanor Kayhoe Maryland 

Jean Morris Keefer Maryland 

Marianna Trimble Keene Maryland 

Raymond Edward Koelsch Maryland 

John E. Kovalchick Maryland 

Charlotte W. Kraus Maryland 

Helen Ann Knight Lange Virginia 

James Sheldon Larmore Maryland 

Morris Edwin Lay Maryland 

Marilyn Levy Maryland 

Ethel Gertrude Lewis Maryland 

Walter Glenn Lewis Maryland 

Anna Marie Liske Maryland 

Elizabeth J. Loezos D. C. 

LaNece Pope Lomonte Maryland 

John Richard Malcolm Maryland 

Galen Sanford Marburg Maryland 

Lois M. Martin Maryland 

Joyce M. Martiny D. C. 

Kathleen Griddle Mason Utah 

James Charles Masten Maryland 

Robert Michael Mayr Maryland 

Richard Lee McCarthy Maryland 

William A. McClain Pennsylvania 

Frank Warren MEa)LEY, Jr Maryland 

Arteen Bowers Miller Maryland 

Malvin Price Minton, III Maryland 

Suzanne Marie Moran Ohio 

Herbert Lynn Moretz Maryland 

Joseph Arthur Mott Maryland 

Pearl C. Niedermayer Maryland 

Ronald Emery Nomeland Maryland 

Anne R. Ohlbaum Maryland 

Marshel Ember O'Shields, Jr Virginia 

Robert Edward Owen Maryland 

Roberta Patterson Parker Maryland 

Katherine Patterson D. C. 

Linda Russell Patteson Maryland 

Jeanne Marie Pitzer Maryland 

Joanne Lee Pitzer Maryland 

Charles Lawrence Plaskoj^... .New Jersey 

Harold James Plastas Maryland 

Jeanne Wilson Quill Virginia 

Bonnie Louise Ramey Maryland 

Frederick S. Reinhart Maryland 

William Sander Replane Maryland 

Stuart Glen Richter Maryland 

Tony Ricks, Jr Virginia 

Richard Hale Robinson Maryland 

Stephen Mitchell Rohr Maryland 

Patricia Thorn Rouleau Maryland 

Ruth Sue Ruben Maryland 

Evagene Harrold Ruebush Maryland 

Melvin B. Samuelowitz New York 

Doris Lusby Sanchez Maryland 

David Byron Sanford D. C. 

Frederick Henry Schaub D. C. 

Alan Richard Schmitt Maryland 

Janet Faye Schwartz New Jersey 

Sarah Frances Brown Shannon 


Charlotte Kanes Sheriff Maryland 

Sara Anna Shoemaker Maryland 

Devega Ann Smith Maryland 

JosiE Galloway Smith Maryland 

William Kenneth Smith Maryland 

Richard Dale Spahr Indiana 

Ruth Jean Spearman Maryland 

Bentley W. Stuart, Jr Maryland 

William Stanton Talbott Maryland 

John Lee Tan Philippines 

Chadyeane Elizabeth Taylor Maryland 

Harry Emerson Taylor Ohio 

Vivian Lacroix Tighe Maryland 

Primo Vittorrio Toccafondi Delaware 

David Garfield Townsend Maryland 

Robert Edward Turner Maryland 

William A. Turner, Jr Maryland 

Ethelyn Juliza Twining Maryland 

Joan Marie Ulrich Maryland 

Barbara J. Chamberlin Van Dongen 

New Mexico 

Irma Wagner Maryland 

Robert Jb^iome Walker Maryland 

William T. Weaver Maryland 

William Frederick WEiNSTEiN-.^A/arj/^a/nrf 

Charlotte Leonard Wilder Maryland 

Larry Lamont Williams New York 

Francis Albert Windsor Maryland 

James Lee Winston D. C. 

Oliver Braddock Wittig, Jr Maryland 

Henry Wolpert Maryland 

William Ronald Wood Maryland 

Patrick Ray Wright Maryland 

Wilhelmina Howard Young Maryland 

Dennis Gerard Younger Maryland 

Susan Sklar Zaslav Maryland 

30 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Master of Business Administration 

Vincent Angelo Campitelli, II. .Maryland 

Lawrence Joseph Clarke, Jr Maryland 

Frederick James Cox Maryland 

Edward Robert Cresap Maryland 

John Lester Dashiells, Jr Maryland 

Donald Robert Deutsch Maryland 

Michael Stephen Dore Maryland 

David Joseph English D. C. 

Steven Feldman Massachusetts 

James Ryan Hicks, Jr New Jersey 

Albert Leo Kolkin Maryland 

Peter Madison Magee Maryland 

Joseph John Mahoney Pennsylvania 

Andrew Jackson McIntyre, Jr.. ..Maryland 

Charles Milton McIntyre Maryland 

James D. Moberly, Jr Maryland 

Jan Piotr Muczyk Maryland 

Richard Francis Foist, Jr Pennsylvania 

Harry Edward Richardson Maryland 

Lawrence Smith Richardson Maryland 

Robert Joseph Riley Maryland 

Harry Rimmer Maryland 

Andrew Gerard Schenk, Jr Maryland 

Brian Emery Schutrumpf Maryland 

Louis K. Schwarz, III New Jersey 

Robert Mathew Stimac Maryland 

Richard Mason Storey New Jersey 

Robert Howard Strawser Maryland 

Kenneth S. Weiner Pennsylvania 

Kevin Peter Werick New York 

Richard D. Wilkins New Jersey 

Master of Library Science 

Marjorie Wheeler Barker Maryland 

Martha Gibson Beatty Maryland 

Elicia White Beebe Maryland 

Rebekah Putnam Boyd Maryland 

Olivia Ann Brickey D.C. 

Patricia Florence Brown Maryland 

Hilda June Burcher Virginia 

Helen Howe Cheever Maryland 

Jane DeFoor Christian Maryland 

Nancy Anne Corrigan D.C. 

Richard Harry Elder Maryland 

Nathan Freedman Maryland 

Grace Veronica Gallup Maryland 

Linda Irene Hansen Maryland 

Patricia M. Harris Maryland 

Olivia Q. Hwang Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Irvine Maryland 

Linda Lou Johnson Maryland 

Jane E. Katz Maryland 

ROSLYN Sema Lang Maryland 

Eugene Barry Leiderman Maryland 

Janice White Lessel Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Lewis Maryland 

Bonnie S. Lizer Maryland 

Robert S. Lizer Maryland 

Anne Scott MacLeod Maryland 

Margaret Mary Marchello Maryland 

Marilyn Lee Mathews Maryland 

Elaine H. Munson Maryland 

James Harold Olsen Maryland 

Lanetta Jane Parks Maryland 

Josephine W. Puckett Maryland 

Jutta R. Reed Maryland 

Mari Hess Rhinehart Maryland 

Louise M. Rowles Maryland 

Cynthia C. Ryans Maryland 

Charlotte Schneiderman D.C. 

Bonnie Lou Smith Virginia 

Carolyn F. Smith Maryland 

Frances Stephenson Stambaugh 


Betty Lynn Tate Maryland 

John Edward Vajda Maryland 

Elizabeth R. Warner Maryland 

Seymour Weinstein D.C. 

Meredith Blair Whittier D.C. 

Paul Allen Willis Kentucky 

William Wilson Winters Maryland 

Mary Louise Zaidel Maryland 

University of Maryland, j 1 

Master of Miisic 

Mary Elizabeth Gossage West Virginia 

Irene Miriam Grossman Maryland 

Stephen Keith Johnston Maryland 

Nancy Long Matheny Maryland 

Joseph Molina McCuen Maryland 

Robert John Moore Virginia 

Dorothy Selden Pickard Maryland 

Dianne Davidson Sells Kentucky 

Michael Burr Sells Kentucky 

Alma Stone Williams South Carolina 

John Richard Wolfe Maryland 

Master of Social Work 

Ruth Gloria Bagby Maryland 

Robert Clayton Ball Maryland 

Mary Iliff Benedict Maryland 

Ruth Lydia Blair D.C. 

James William Bridgeford Maryland 

Robert Daniel Cain, Jr Maryland 

Soo Kyeung Chai Maryland 

Wilhelmenia Frances Denby Maryland 

Osman Omar Ebn Amer Libya 

Marre Wilson Folcher Maryland 

Ross NoRRis Ford Pennsylvania 

Richard William Friedman Maryland 

Jessie S. Gertman Maryland 

Letitia Louise Greene Maryland 

Anne Wilkinson Halliwell Maryland 

Bertrell Leonard Hallum D.C. 

HiLLARD Mayer Harrison Maryland 

Charles Louis Hellman Maryland 

Helene Hirschler Maryland 

Grafton Edwin Keeney Maryland 

Barbara Lynette Kier Pennsylvania 

John Henry Kilwein Pennsylvania 

Jane Denaburg Leavey Maryland 

Judith Magidson Wisconsin 

Joan Carole Mahle Virginia 

Lois Wiener Mannes Maryland 

Kathleen Mary Mahninc ....Massachusetts 

Phyllis Green McCardell Maryland 

Janice McGourty McDonald Maryland 

Marjorie Rickman Miller Maryland 

Winifred Neubauer Maryland 

Julia Wilfert Nutt Maryland 

Jeanne M. Oken Maryland 

Dagmar S. Parrish Maryland 

Olga p. Renz! Maryland 

John David Rusinko Maryland 

Margaret M. Sebastian Ohio 

Rosanne Shapiro New York 

Linda E. Siegel Maryland 

Muriel E. Silverstein Maryland 

Harriet Lee Simon Maryland 

SOTizios Stylianos Spiliadis Maryland 

Robert Nelson Stottlemyer Maryland 

William Dennis Thomas Maryland 

Margaret Louise Wagner Maryland 

Jane Lasner Weiner Maryland 

Alice Pearson Williams Maryland 

Rebecca Hor-To Wong Maryland 

Kyoko Yano Delaware 


Candidates will be presented by William S. Stone, M.D., Dean of the School 

Doctor of 

Elizabeth Ann Abel Connecticut 

Stephen Morris Adalman New York 

Joel Barry Alperstein Maryland 

William John Banfield Maryland 

John Albert Bigbee Maryland 

Sandra Lee Blondin Maryland 

William Frank Bloom Maryland 

William Leon Boddie Maryland 

M. Susan Bollinger Maryland 


Donald Stanleigh Bright Maryland 

John Chalmers Butchart Hawaii 

CoLViN Cecil Carter Maryland 

Edward Ralph Cohen Maryland 

Charles Ernest DeFelice Maryland 

Gerard Dominic Dobrzycki Maryland 

Francis Dalton Drake Maryland 

Gilbert Duritz Maryland 

Frances Mary Dyro Maine 

32 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Perry Alan Eagle Maryland 

Gordon Homer Earles Maryland 

Thomas Howard Emory Maryland 

Harris Joseph Feldman Maryland 

Larry Brian Feldman Maryland 

Ira Lincoln Fetterhoff Maryland 

Henry Feuer Maryland 

Eric Michael Fine Maryland 

Robert Orville France Maryland 

Martin Irwin Freed Maryland 

John William Gareis Maryland 

Joseph Samuel Gimbel Maryland 

Allen Stanley Glushakow Maryland 

Joel Henry Goffman Maryland 

Jose Rafael Gracia-Culpeper Maryland 

David Malcolm Hadden Maryland 

James Lawrence Hamby Maryland 

Robert William Hertzog Maryland 

Arthur Michael Hoffman Maryland 

John Joseph Houston, III Maryland 

George Medard Hricko Pennsylvania 

Arthur Lee Hughes Maryland 

John Stephen Ignatowski Maryland 

Jean Marlene Jackson Rhode Island 

Philip Dickson Jones Maryland 

Charles Edward Jordan Maryland 

Michael Aron Kaliner Maryland 

Elisabeth Earle Kandel Maryland 

Eugene Francis Kester Maryland 

James Gerard Konrad Maryland 

Elihu Mark Kraemer New Jersey 

George Anthony Lapes Maryland 

Gary Marc Lattin Maryland 

Michael Morgan Lee Maryland 

Stuart Harvey Lessans Maryland 

Jack R. Lichtenstein Maryland 

Gary Scott Lytle Maryland 

Richard Henry Mack Maryland 

Sheldon Leonard Markowitz Maryland 

Robert James McCaffrey New York 

David Stanley McHold Maryland 

John Milton McIntyre, Jr Maryland 

Louis Winaker Miller Maryland 

Alan Harvey Mitnick Maryland 

Boyd Douglas Myers Maryland 

Fred Ritchie Trew Nelson Maryland 

Donald E. Novicki Maryland 

Thomas Joseph O'Donnell, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Clarence Orlando Maryland 

Edward Benjamin Ostroff Maryland 

Frank Samuel Palmisano, Jr Maryland 

Arnold Zorel Paritzky Maryland 

Howard Leon Pelovitz Maryland 

Bruce William Pfeffer Pennsylvania 

Gerald Michael Pohost Maryland 

Carol Jean Posner Maryland 

Allan Sanford Pristoop Maryland 

Merrill C. Raikes, 3rd Maryland 

Ralph Daniel Reymond Maryland 

John Francis Rogers.; Maryland 

Howard Roy Rosen Maryland 

John Albert Routenberg Maryland 

John Russell Rowell, Jr Maryland 

Marvin Coleman Sachs Maryland 

Jeffrey Allan Samuels Maryland 

Peter Frank Sansone Rhode Island 

Lee Howard Schilling Maryland 

John Calvert Sewell Marylarid 

Michael Louis Sherman Maryland 

Howard Paul Sherr Maryland 

Harold Frederick Shuster Maryland 

Zellman David Skloven Maryland 

John James Smith, III Maryland 

David Michael Snyder Maryland 

Robert Alan Sofferman New Jersey 

Joseph Ira Stapen New York 

John Robert Stephens Maryland 

Kenneth Bernard Stern Maryland 

Michael David Sussman Maryland 

Lawrence Matthew Tierney, Jr. 


Donald Bruce Vogel Maryland 

Stephen Clark Wardlaw Maryland 

Larry Joseph Warner Maryland 

Charles Edward Wendt, Jr. 

South Carolina 

Allan Michael Wexler Maryland 

Gary Norman Wilner Maryland 

Alan Frederick Wolf Maryland 

Ronald William Yakaitis Maryland 

Frank John Zorick Maryland 

University of Maryland. 3 3 


Candidates will be presented by John J. Salley, D.D.S., Dean of the School 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Stuart Bernard Abrams Maryland 

Pierre Benoit Archambavlt... .Connecticut 

Richard Lowell Behan New York 

Bruce Gray Belvin New York 

Ann Bergstresser Pennsylvania 

Geoffrey Malcolm Berman Maryland 

Jay Martin Bernsohn Maryland 

Thomas John Bochenko New Jersey 

Philip Charles Brown Maryland 

Marshall Paul Brownstein Maryland 

Mitchell Jay Bukzin Maryland 

William Frank Bussey, Jr Maryland 

Paul John Chyzus Massachusetts 

Howard William Cu^vsen. ...Massachusetts 

Gary Robert Collins Delaware 

Joseph Paul Commette, Jr.. .Massachusetts 

Paul Phillip Couture Massachusetts 

Earle Stewart Dashiell Maryland 

John Edward Davis Florida 

Daniel Maxwell DeRussy Florida 

Charles Henry DeVries, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Anthony Donahue Maryland 

John Gerald Dunigan California 

Walter Clyde Eanes, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Polk Easmann Maryland 

Stanley Aaron Einhorn Maryland 

Robert Gregory Esquire California 

Lynn Brooks Fader Maryland 

John Nicholas Faniola Connecticut 

Daniel Edward Fielding Maryland 

Roger Alan Fine Maryland 

Maynard Joseph Fox Florida 

Thomas Howard Gaffney D. C. 

David Park Gibson Maryland 

Alan James Gill Maryland 

Edward Roy Gillis Maryland 

Lawrence Sylvester Giordano. ...Df/arcare 

Robert Stuart Gold New Jersey 

Ernest John Grabiec Maryland 

Humphrey Hamilton Greear Florida 

Lawrence Albert Hall Florida 

Edward Louis Halpern Maryland 

James Alan Heffner Maryland 

Alvan Miller Holston, Jr Marijland 

William Roland Houck Maryland 

George Robert Hurley Massachusetts 

Thomas Gregory Hutton Maryland 

David Lee Kaiser Maryland 

Ned Meyer Kauffman Pennsylvania 

Denny Lawrence Kephort Maryland 

David Lawrence Kramer Maryland 

Manus Leroy Krongard Maryland 

John Douglas Lawson, Jr New Jersey 

Stephen Paul Levin Maryland 

Joseph John Lizewski New York 

Wayne Kinney Lopez Maine 

Peter Low New Hampshire 

Gregory Stephen Lukowski Connecticut 

Hart Larry Mager Maryland 

Paul Albert Marchand Florida 

Elona G. Marcy New York 

Edwin Gerard McCarthy New York 

Raymond Vincent McConnell 

Rhode Island 

Thomas Allen McInnes Maryland 

Douglas Milton Mellion Rhode Island 

Harold Robert Mendelson....IV<?s? Virginia 

Sylvan Stuart Mintz Maryland 

Floyd Lee Moore Virginia 

Frederick Gustav Mordan Pennsylvania 

Kenneth Earl Mort Maryland 

Charles Simms Nicholson, 111. ...Maryland 

Jay Joseph Nickel New Jersey 

James Erskine Owens Florida 

Albert Alphonse Parmentier, Jr. 


Arnold Gene Pellegrini Maryland 

Mark Rabin Maryland 

James David Rawlins, Jr Delaware 

Vincent John Rea New Jersey 

Steven L Rindley Florida 

Howard Gene Rosenberg Florida 

Michael Norman Rosenberg Florida 

George Walter Rupprecht, Jr Maryland 

Gary Philipp Schoppert Maryland 

Stuart Alan Schwartz Netv York 

Joseph William Schwenk New York 

Barry James Senior Pennsylvania 

John Paul Sheehe Maryland 

Robert James Soriano New Jersey 

Michael Edwards Starling Maryland 

Michael G. Steinberg New Jersey 

Charles Harvey Stoner Maryland 

John Joseph Sweeney Maryland 

Frederick Louis Teschner, 111... .Maryland 
John Vandenberge Maryland 

34 1067 Commencement Exercises. 

Jack D. Vandermer Pennsylvania 

Andrew H. Vendelis Maryland 

David Hoyland Wands New Jersey 

Darryl Lynd Warner Virginia 

Bruce Allen Winter Maryland 

Gerald Dwaine Woods California 

Robert Allen Zakarin Florida 


Candidates will be presented by Professor William P. Cunningham, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Laws 

Michael Joseph Abromaitis Maryland 

Robert Francis Adams Maryland 

Guy James Avery Maryland 

Stephen David Baer Maryland 

Robert D. Ballard Maryland 

Fred. Franklin Barlow, Jr Maryland 

Howard Gary Bass Maryland 

Theodore Robert Bauer Maryland 

Allen Murray Baumgardner Maryland 

William Schofield Beard Maryland 

Morrie Nelson Becker Pennsylvania 

Robert Joseph Benbrook New Jersey 

Russell Jay Bennett Maryland 

Richard Olaf Berndt Maryland 

Paul Lazenby Betz Maryland 

Samuel T. Brick, Jr Maryland 

H. Ward Brockett Maryland 

Benjamin Louis Cardin Maryland 

David Anthony Carney Maryland 

Anthony Thomas Carozza Maryland 

William Henry Carter Maryland 

Mary Alice Christmas Maryland 

Joseph Patrick Clark Maryland 

Benjamin Sheldon Cohen Maryland 

Norman Cohen Maryland 

Richard Alan Cooper Maryland 

Benjamin Ford Davis Maryland 

Sanford Stanley Donald Maryland 

Mark Dregant Dopkin Maryland 

Elliot Bruce Edley New York 

George Albert Eichhorn, III Maryland 

David George Ellerton Maryland 

Phyllis J. Erlich Maryland 

James Ray Eyler Maryland 

Richmond GEatARD Favrot Maryland 

Ronald Edward Feiner New York 

Monte Fried Maryland 

Stuart Lee Friedel Maryland 

Alan N. Gamse Maryland 

Edgar Hilary Cans Maryland 

Howard Irvin Golden Maryland 

Frank Robert Goldstein Maryland 

Thomas William Ward Haines. ...Mari/Zawd 

James Judge Hanks, Jr D. C. 

Robert Barker Harrison, III Maryland 

George Hanshue Hocker, Jr Maryland 

Russell Terrence Horman Maryland 

H. Sheij)On Howe, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Francis Ireton Maryland 

Walter Francis Jewell Maryland 

Francis Edward Johnson Maryland 

John Robert Johnson Maryland 

Judd Robert Johnson Maryland 

Richard Herckman Jones Maryland 

MiCH.ftEL Martin Kalis Maryland 

William Sommer Kalis Maryland 

Lawrence Myers Katz Maryland 

Richard Clinton Keene Maryland 

Stanley Paul Kops Maryland 

Kathryn Baldwin Levedahl Maryland 

Martin R. Levy Delaware 

Eleanor Jean Lipsitz Maryland 

John Shepherd Mahoney Maryland 

Richard Robert MARCHESiELLO....New York 

Charles Markell, III Maryland 

David J. Markey Maryland 

Thomas Bowie McCarty Maryland 

Edward Peter McGroarty Maryland 

Graydon S. McKee, III Maryland 

John Michael McWilliams Maryland 

John Ernest Metcalf Maryland 

Thomas Vincent Miller, Jr Maryland 

John Millard Morse Maryland 

Philip A. Murphy, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Henry Neuman Maryland 

Philip Everngam Nuttle, Jr Maryland 

Vincent Joseph Pancari New Jersey 

Hesna Johnston Pfeiffer Maryland 

Leslie Jay Polt Maryland 

Allan Barry Rabineau Maryland 

Ronald Gillis Rayne Maryland 

Rodney Rex Rehfeld Maryland 

Barry Dale Richmond Maryland 

University of Maryland, j j 

Josef E. Rosenblatt Maryland 

Alan Lee Rothenberg Maryland 

Richard Fullmer Rothenburg.. ..Marj/to)id 

Millard Steven Rubenstein Maryland 

Anthony William Ryan Maryland 

Alan Richard Sachs Maryland 

Joseph William Sachs Maryland 

YURIKO KODAMA Sata Maryland 

John A. Scardina Maryland 

Jeffrey Roger Schmieler Maryland 

Melvin Leslie Schneider Maryland 

Barry D. Schreiber Maryland 

George Kyren Semerly Maryland 

Stephen Louis Shochet Maryland 

Deane Andrew Shure Maryland 

Noel Gregory Silberberg Maryland 

Robert Moshe Simon Maryland 

Charles D. Smith Maryland 

Milton Richardson Smith, Jr Maryland 

Paul Alan Smith, Sr Maryland 

Albert Russell Snyder Maryland 

Lawrence Stanley Squires Maryland 

Nevett Steele, Jr Maryland 

Edward David Steinman Maryland 

William Curtis Stifler, III Maryland 

George PETEai Stokes Vermont 

Walter Robert Stone Maryland 

Stephen Dennis Taback Maryland 

Stephen Arthur Tarrant Maryland 

Wayne Barrett Tate Maryland 

Owen McDonnell Taylor Maryland 

David William Thompson Maryland 

Arthur William Trump, Jr Maryland 

William Bebout Van Sise Maryland 

Donald Eugene Walters Maryland 

Atlee Willis Wampler, III Maryland 

Samuel Morton Wasserman Maryland 

Charles Lamont Whitham Maryland 

Willie J. Williams Maryland 

Stephen Clark Winter Maryland 

Richard H. Zimmerman Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Thomas George Althen Maryland 

Lee Sterling Altpeter Maryland 

Andrew Armes, Jr Maryland 

Carl Conrad Ay, Jr Maryland 

Gae a. Bennett Virginia 

Leah Pearl Bimblich Maryland 

Charles Marchant Boyles Maryland 

William Ellsworth Brady, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Wayne Brown Maryland 

Thomas Luther Browning Maryland 

Louis Leslie Caperoon Maryland 

Joseph B. Carr Maryland 

Bryant Meginnes Cawley, Jr Maryland 

Ronald L. Cioffi Maryland 

Franklin Leroy Clarke Maryland 

Robert Alfred Collins D. C. 

Ronald John Cominsky Maryland 

Edward Marinus Conklin, 111. ...Maryland 

Patrick Mayes Cooper Maryland 

Marylee E. Cowgill Maryland 

Randolph Sherier Damren D. C. 

Lewis Levering Deitz Maryland 

Robert Stanley DeLauder, Jr Maryland 

Daniel James Devine Maryland 

Dennis LeRoy Dinkel Maryland 

John Walsh Doran Maryland 

Walter Moulden Eiker, Jr Maryland 

Peter David Joesting Ensor Maryland 

Robert John Felsman Maryland 

Thomas McAvoy Fisher Maryland 

Joseph Allen Foster Maryland 

Michael John Gaffney Maryland 

Philip Grayson Garman Maryland 

David Melvin Gee Maryland 

Samuel Carl Graham Maryland 

Gary Stephen Gross Maryland 

Alfred Lawrence Hasel Maryland 

Arthur Henry Herbst Maryland 

John Wilbert Hershberger Maryland 

Edwin Jerome Hevner Maryland 

Marlin Kroh Hoff Maryland 

Terrence William Hoshall Maryland 

Charles Terry Huff Maryland 

Howard Aenoch Jeffries Virginia 

Richard Charles Jenkins Maryland 

Douglas Hex;tor John Maryland 

Richard Gerald Jones Maryland 

Walter Vessels Kelk D. C. 

William Henry Knicely West Virginia 

Raymond Wayne Knowles Maryland 

36 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

David A. Knox Maryland 

Thomas Daniel Kruzic Maryland 

James Vernon Lane Maryland 

William Edwin Leverage, Jr Maryland 

James Weldon Mackley Maryland 

Clemmer B. Marcus Maryland 

Kevin Brendan McCormack Maryland 

William Bell McLaird, III Maryland 

John Justus Meyer, III Maryland 

Charles Edward Miller Maryland 

Ronald Frederick Miller Maryland 

Norman Alexander Mills, Jr Maryland 

Joyce A. Nimmo Maryland 

Edward Lee Noble Maryland 

GnaiALD Knight O'Mara Maryland 

James David Parsons Maryland 

William Thomas Pope Maryland 

Daniel O'Connell Pyne Maryland 

George Wilson Rambo Maryland 

John Carl Rohde Maryland 

Louis Paul Rose, Jr Maryland 

Cornelius Britt Saxe New York 

George Uhlig Schaffer Maryland 

Reginald William Seiders, II 

West Virginia 

Joel Samuel Steel, Jr Maryland 

George Leroy Stem Maryland 

Michael Gordon Stephenson Maryland 

Kenneth Yewell Stiles Maryland 

Charles Bryan Streaker Maryland 

George Jonathan Tompkins Maryland 

John Lee Tucker, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Castle Turner Maryland 

Douglas Allen Valentine Maryland 

Stewart Eugene Walker Maryland 

William Sherrill Watson Maryland 

Steve Allan Westin Maryland 

Earl G. Whitson Virginia 

John William Wildesen West Virginia 

Wayne Edward Wolfersberger Virginia 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Charles Manning, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Charles Edward Aaron Maryland 

Gilbert Luke Abell, Jr Maryland 

Joyce Abell Maryland 

Gail Susan Abrahams Maryland 

Ferne Gerber Abramowitz Maryland 

Jesse Jean Adams Maryland 

Michael Joseph Adams Maryland 

Adrienne Louise Akelaitis New Jersey 

Lorraine M. Alexander Maryland 

Phyllis Laverne Allen Maryland 

Theodore Edward Amsley Maryland 

Mary Lois Amundson Maryland 

Charles Alan Anders Maryland 

David Craig Anderson Maryland 

Eva G. Anderson Maryland 

Mary Doane Anderson Maryland 

Edward Leslie Ansel Maryland 

Gerald Michael Antosh Maryland 

Steven Jeffrey After Maryland 

PiNAR Arcan Turkey 

Martin E. Askin Maryland 

Mary Lee Atkinson Maryland 

Ullrich Fritz Atzbach Maryland 

Michael Dennis Auldridge Maryland 

Lydia Maria Babiak Maryland 

Joseph Virgil Badinelli Maryland 

Palm Anne Baetz Maryland 

Nelson Le^: Bain Connecticut 

Anna M. Bainbridge Maryland 

Edward Charles Baker Maryland 

John Anthony Balchunas New Jersey 

Marian R. Balis Maryland 

Robert Henry Banks Maryland 

Bernard Benedict Barila, III Maryland 

Richard Steven Baritz Maryland 

Brian Evan Barkley New Jersey 

David Gibson Barkley Maryland 

Wendy Baron Maryland 

Barbara L. Barrett Maryland 

Barbara Ann Barron Maryland 

Florence Elaine Barron Maryland 

Marilyn Barrow Maryland 

James Franklin Batka Maryland 

Linda Jo Bauer Maryland 

Albert Franklin Baumann, Sk... Maryland 

Terry Lawrence Baxter Maryland 

Samuel Richard Baylus Maryland 

William Lee Beaver Maryland 

George Stone Beck Maryland 

Margaret Ellen Beck Maryland 

Mary Alice Becka Maryland 

John W. Beebe Maryland 

Leopold Alexander Bee^inink Maryland 

University of Maryland. 37 

Linda Beers Maryland 

Charles Edward Behymer, Jr New York 

Jacob Peter Beiser Maryland 

Kathryn Anne Bell Canada 

Donald David Benjamin Maryland 

Yvonne Suzette Bennett Maryland 

Alan Bruce Bensetler Texas 

Robert Henry Benson Maryland 

Howard Berg Maryland 

Elinor Diane Berger Maryland 

Martin Jay Berman Maryland 

Robert Alton Berry Virginia 

Cheryl Ann Beveridge Oklahoma 

Fred Arnold Biederman Maryland 

Sandra Mary Biester Maryland 

Michelle Therese Bigelow Maryland 

Terry James Billingsley Maryland 

Marcy Beth Birnbaum Maryland 

Susan Marie Blacker Maryland 

Gail Maria Blackmore Maryland 

Carmen Blankinship Maryland 

Gail Anne Block Maryland 

Barbara Lynne Blum Maryland 

Donna Lee Blumenthal Maryland 

George Alfred Bold Maryland 

Barbara Lynn Bonnett Maryland 

Kenneth Francis Boothe Maryland 

Robert Joseph Booze Maryland 

Louis Borbi New Jersey 

Paul L. Hordes Maryland 

William Kilmer Bortz Maryland 

Thomas Grant Boswell Maryland 

Christopher Lewis Bothwell D. C. 

Frances Lee Boulay Maryland 

Barbara Marie Bourgeois Maryland 

Inga Lea Bowden D. C. 

Kristine W. Bowers Maryland 

Martha Alexander Bowman Maryland 

Howard James Boyd Maryland 

Walter Pennfield Boyd Maryland 

Robert North Boyer Maryland 

Theodore Clinton Boyer Maryland 

Diane Frances Boyle D.C. 

Bernard Allen Bramson, Jr Chile 

Gayle Helene BRANOFF Maryland 

Peter Lloyd Woolsey Brathwaite 

Russell Gerald Joyce Breighner 


Margaret Elizabeth Brewer Maryland 

Scott Cockey Brewer Maryland 

James Edward Brick Maryland 

Nadine O. Bricker Maryland 

Sharon Gail Brickman Maryland 

Carol Ann Brill Maryland 

Sandra Deborah Brill Maryland 

Sandra Sue Broadwater Maryland 

Stephen Warner Brockbank Maryland 

Douglas Alan Brodie Maryland 

Susan Reed Broome Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Brough New York 

Billy Joe Brown Maryland 

David Charles Brown Maryland 

Gary L. Brown New Jersey 

Richard Thomas Brown, III Maryland 

SvETLANA Brubaker Maryland 

Barbara Ann Bruns Maryland 

Mamie Edith Bryan Maryland 

Jo-Anne Catherine BucciNNA....A''ew York 
Carl William Buchheister, II. ...Maryland 

Margaret Burr Buckler Maryland 

David Alan Budd Maryland 

Mary Stuart Burbage Maryland 

Michael Robert Burke Maryland 

Nancy Jean Burkert Maryland 

Joseph Stewart Burkle, Jr Maryland 

Janet Marie Burrell Maryland 

Donald Malcolm Burrows Venezuela 

Marianne Louise Cadigan Maryland 

Marguerite Sewell Cahall Maryland 

Cynthia Avary Caldcleugh Texas 

James Roy Caldwell Maryland 

Stephen F. Callaghan Maryland 

David Dandridge Campbell Maryland 

Patrick Blair Campbell Maryland 

Flora M. Cardona Maryland 

Carol Ann Carlin Maryland 

Marilyn Meyer Carp Maryland 

James Jeremiah Carroll Maryland 

Timothy Lampton Carroll Maryland 

George Stephen Chaconas D. C. 

Janice Louise Chadwick Maryla-nd 

Marilyn Elaine Chadwick New York 

Jean Chang Maryland 

Sitheris Vasiliou CHEBlTHES....iVety Jersey 

Angeliki a. Chipouras Maryland 

Linda Bartlett Chitty Maryland 

Andrij Wolodymyr Chornodolsky 


Paul Gabriel Churchill Maryland 

George Patrick Clancy Maryland 

Patrick Joseph Clancy Maryland 

38 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Virginia Marie Clavelli Maryland 

Michael John Cluster Maryland 

Eileen Faye Cohen Maryland 

Henry Roger Cohen D. C. 

Jeffrey Stuart Cohen Maryland 

Joyce Sandra Cohen Maryland 

Leslie Murray Cohen Maryland 

Mark Philip Cohen Maryland 

Edward Seymour Cohn Maryland 

Lewis Beryl Cohn Maryland 

Paul F. Cole Ohio 

Jeffrey Turek Collins Maryland 

John Francis Collins, Jr Maryland 

Irene Muriel Colston Maryland 

Kevin W. Conlon D. C. 

Richard Thompson Conly, Jr. 


Jocelyn Sears CONRADIS Maryland 

David Allen Cook Virginia 

Charles Peter Cooluris Massachusetts 

Virginia Lynne Cooper Maryland 

Warren Lawrence Cooperman. ...Mari//a?!rf 

Susan Estelle Coppage Maryland 

Ai^n Julius Corbett Maryland 

Carolyn Leontine Costley Maryland 

Allen E. Coven Maryland 

Edward Eugene Cowan, Jr Maryland 

Brian Walter Cowman Maryland 

Eileen Frances Cox Maryland 

Susan Laural Cox Maryland 

James Francis Coyle Maryland 

Marjorie Ann Crammer Maryland 

Dorothy A. Crawford Massachusetts 

Mary Jane Cronin Maryland 

J. Michael Crosby Maryland 

Robert Stewart Crum Maryland 

Mary Jane Curran Maryland 

William Henry Curtis Maryland 

Ruth L. Cutting Maryland 

William John Dale, Jr Maryland 

Carl Allen Dalton Maryland 

Nina Frances Daly Maryland 

Marshall Daniels Maryland 

Marsha Danoff Maryland 

Arnold Dennis Dashoff Maryland 

Sandra Lynn Daughton Maryland 

Catherine Michele Davis Maryland 

Constance Elaine Davis Maryland 

James Allen Davis Maryland 

James Gray Davis Maryland 

James Henry Davis Maryland 

Michael Stephen Davis Maryland 

Michael Vernon Davis Maryland 

Peter J. Davis Maryland 

Ursula Inge Davis Maryland 

William Clyde Davis, III Maryland 

George William Dawson Maryland 

Alfred Edward Day Maryland 

Robert Kelly Dean, Jr Maryland 

Stuart S. Deboskey Maryland 

Charles Seymour Decker, III Maryland 

Stephanie A. DeCoste Maryland 

James Joseph Demma Maryland 

Peggy Ellen DePrenda Maryland 

Constance Page DesRoches Maryland 

Herbert Stephen Desind Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Disharoon Maryland 

Frances Barbara Dixon Maryland 

Herzl Reuvan Dobkin Maryland 

Ira Charles Dobren Neiv York 

Lexa Linda Dodds Maryland 

James Wiltshire Donahoe Maryland 

Sharon Anne Dougherty Maryland 

Denis Michael Doyle Maryland 

Ronald Fredrick Drechsler Maryland 

Sally J. Drew Maryland 

Harvey L. Dubin Maryland 

Jacques Henry Dubois Maryland 

Ann Kendrick Dudderar Maryland 

Mary Michael E. Duffy Maryland 

Edward Patrick Duggan Maryland 

Bradley Phipps Dunn New York 

Daniel Thomas Durant Maryland 

Kathryn Lynn Earnest Virginia 

William Albert Eckert Maryland 

Evelyn Page Edmunds Maryland 

Jean Ann Edwards Maryland 

Nancy Ruth Edwards Maryland 

Faye T. Eglin Maryland 

Sheldon William Ehringer, Jr. 

New Jersey 

John Kenneth Ekas Maryland 

Laurie E. Ekstrand Maryland 

John Howard Elder, III Maryland 

Mary-Helen Elder Maryland 

Robert Fales Eldridge, Jr Maryland 

Diane Barbara Ellison Maryland 

Uta Emberger Maryland 

Laurie Jean Emel New Jersey 

Robert Emmet Maryland 

Margaret Jane Erickson Maryland 

Iris Jean Esau Maryland 

Howard Etterman Maryland 

Barbara Anne Evans Maryland 

Susan Melvin Evans Maryland 

Marilynn Joyce Fader Maryland 

Frederick A. Faffley Maryland 

University of Maryland. 39 

Robert Stanton Faidley, Jr Maryland 

Mark Lee Farbman Maryland 

Carol Ann Faulkner Maryland 

Michael Neil Favin Maryland 

Robert Peter Feeney D. C. 

William Bayles Feidt New York 

Jane Ellen Feldman Maryland 

Meredith Ball Felter Maryland 

William Arthur Ferkler Maryland 

Barbara Beatrice Ferrante Maryland 

Pamela Micheal Lee Fetsch Maryland 

Charle F. Fiege Maryland 

Charles Allen Fineblum Maryland 

Carol Rae Fink Maryland 

Roy Finkelstein Maryland 

Thomas Francis Finley, Jr Maryland 

Renate M. Fischetti Maryland 

Annabelle Fisher Maryland 

Robert Edward Fisher Maryland 

Betty Ellen Fishman Maryland 

Judith Marilyn Fiterman Maryland 

Wynne Patricia Fitzgerald Maryland 

William Jackson Flannery, Jr. 

New York 

Constance Van Wyck Fletcher D. C. 

Catherine Louise Fooler Maryland 

John Briscoe Forrest, III Maryland 

Marjorie Hill Fowler Maryland 

Walter Franck Maryland 

Barbara D. Franz Maryland 

John Joseph Frascino Maryland 

Jack Harris Freedman Maryland 

M. Stephen Freedman Maryland 

Sharon Andrea Fried Maryland 

John Michael Friedel Maryland 

Martha Louisa Fringer Maryland 

Sandra Kay Fuller Maryland 

Robert Alan Fusco Virginia 

Phyllis Margaret Fullem Maryland 

Vibeke Fulton Maryland 

Marguerite P. Fuzo New York 

Benjamin Joseph Gallihugh Maryland 

Susan Ellen Cans Maryland 

Robert Edward Garlitz Maryland 

Frank Gardner Gatchell Maryland 

June Carol Gaudio New York 

Natalie A. Gawdiak Maryland 

James R. Geary, III New York 

Wolfgang Heinz Gerdes Maryland 

Robert Campbell Gibes Maryland 

Judith A. Gilbert Maryland 

Patricia Lee Gilmore Maryland 

Albert Irvin Ginsburg Maryland 

Sheridan Lee Gladhill Maryland 

Marcia Harriet Glaser Maryland 

Susan R. Glaser D. C. 

Stephen Gordon Glazer Maryland 

Kathleen Glenn Maryland 

Billie Ann Gloth Maryland 

Bonnie E. Gloth Maryland 

Esther Dinah Goda Maryland 

Valrae Catherine Goglio Maryland 

Betty Jane Goldberg Maryland 

Gerald Goldberg Maryland 

Paula Rachel Goldberg Maryland 

Michele Rosaire Goldman Maryland 

Susan Rita Goldstein Maryland 

Mary Anne Goley Maryland 

William Clinton Good Maryland 

Phillips John Goodenough Maryland 

Earle Arthur Goodrich Massachusetts 

Yanela Goodwin Maryland 

Lawrence David Gorban Maryland 

George Gordon, Jr Maryland 

Roland Allen Gorschboth Maryland 

Barbara Edith Graham New Jersey 

Judy Anne Graham Virginia 

Wilbur Arthur Grahe Maryland 

Armond Anthony Grant D. C. 

Erwin Graudszus Maryland 

James Earl Gray Maryland 

Mark Verne Greathouse Maryland 

David Green Maryland 

Iris S. Green Maryland 

Michael Shaun Green Maryland 

Thersa Bedell Green Maryland 

Thomas Patrick Green Maryland 

Richard Lee Greenberg Maryland 

Katherine Cecelia Gregory Maryland 

Sharon Ann Gresham Maryland 

Ann Marie Griber Maryland 

Philip Thomas Grignon Maryland 

NiKiTA Grigorovich-Babsky Maryland 

Jill Groce Maryland 

Marcy Angela Gross D. C. 

Judith Lee Groves Maryland 

Kenneth Allan Haapala Maryland 

Sandra L. Hackman Maryland 

Genevieve McCeney Hagan Maryland 

Suzanne Marie Haig Maryland 

Dorothy Marie Haight Maryland 

Mary Gay Haldeman Maryland 

Diane Gale Haley Maryland 

William Robert Haley North Carolina 

40 1 967 Commencement Exercises. 

William J. Hallahan, Jr D. C. 

Barbara Lynn Hamilton Pennsylvania 

Kendall Vaughn Hannington.. ..Marj/taiid 

Eugene Joseph Hanratty, III Maryland 

Sarah Hansen Maryland 

James Brooke Harper Maryland 

Glenn Trussell Harrell, Jr Marylayid 

David Israel Harrison Maryland 

Diana Lynn Harry Maryland 

Jill Reice Hartley Maryland 

Kay Fisher Harvey Maryland 

Mary E. Hassman New York 

Alyce Sandra Hasson Maryland 

Virginia Marion Hatcher Illinois 

Beverly Paula Hauss Maryland 

Michael William Headman New Jersey 

Jon Sieck Heckendorf Maryland 

Ernest Logan Heether Maryland 

Robert Paul Heinz Maryland 

Susan Harriet Heller Maryland 

Clarice Annette Henry Maryland 

Mary Virginia Hermann Maryland 

Stephen Ray Herrell Maryland 

Allen Robert Hettleman Maryland 

Michele Highstein Maryland 

Walter Kotz Hill Maryland 

Donald Martin Himelfarb Maryland 

Karen Hindin Maryland 

Betsey Evelyn Hitt Maryland 

Patrick William Hoffman New Jersey 

Susan Terry Hoffman Maryland 

John Michael Holland Maryland 

Marilyn Gail Holland Maryland 

Peter B. Holley Maryland 

Dorothy Louise Holloway Maryland 

Diana Catherine Holmes Maryland 

Arley Holt, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Anne Holton Maryland 

Michael Roger Horwitz Maryland 

Brian Scott Hossbach Maryland 

Mary Pauline Howard California 

Peter Daniel Hruschka Maryland 

Brenda M. Hull Maryland 

Stephany Paige Humpston Maryland 

James Morgan Hunt Maryland 

Sean Daniel Hurley Maryland 

Joseph Ward Hutchinson, Jr Maryland 

Royal Dean Hutchinson Maryland 

Martin Jay Hutt Maryland 

Gary Ralph Imlay Maryland 

Charles Joseph Ippolito, Jr Maryland 

James Russell Isbell Maryland 

Vincent Alan Jackson Maryland 

Marcia Ellen Jacobi Maryland 

Susan Barbara Jacobs Maryland 

Barbara Louise Jacobson Maryland 

Lowell Edwin Jacoby Maryland 

Joyce Tilley James Maryland 

Alice Reed Jamison Maryland 

Lenora Kay Jannell Massachusetts 

Donald Joseph Jarboe Maryland 

Frances Louise Jarboe Maryland 

Peter Paul Jedrzesczak, Jr Maryland 

William Edward Jefferson Maryland 

Mac Dean Jenkins Maryland 

Walter Irving Jenkins Maryland 

Fredi J. Jennings Maryland 

Bernard Phillip Jeweler Maryland 

David Richard Johnson Maryland 

Barbara Lee Johnston Maryland 

Charles Norton Johnston, Jr Maryland 

William Lawrence Johnston Maryland 

Arthur James Jones Maryland 

Carol Ann Jones Maryland 

Mary Gwenyth Jones Maryland 

Dorothy Kay Jordan Maryland 

Maryl Judy Jorgenson New York 

John Brooks Joyner Maryland 

Brian Douglas Judd Massachusetts 

George Francis Jump, Jr Maryland 

Mia Anne Kaar Maryland 

Richard Stephen Kahn Maryland 

Ronald Alvin Karp Maryland 

William Percy Karpa Maryland 

Joseph Colman Katz Maryland 

Lawrence Joseph Keating Maryland 

Jean Emily Keeting Maryland 

Ruth Alice Keeting Maryland 

Richard Lee Keller Maryland 

Sharon Ann Kelley Maryland 

Betty L. Kennedy Maryland 

Marilyn I. KERN Maryland 

Dennis Michael Kerr Maryland 

Carole Ruth Kestler Maryland 

Charles Jay Key Maryland 

John Robert Keys Maryland 

Patrick Michael Kildea, Jr Maryland 

Ross Middaugh Kimmel Maryland 

Susan Rita Kinsey Maryland 

Emery Michael Kiraly Maryland 

Edward Holmes Kirkley, Jr... Maryland 

University of Maryland. 4 1 

TOWNSEND Whiteley Kirkland, Jr. 


Norma Joan Kirwan Maryland 

LiDiA KiTSCHiK Maryland 

Gail Roberta Kleger Maryland 

SiMONE Louise Klemmick Maryla^id 

David L. Klevan New Jersey 

A. Michael Knapp Maryland 

Jack Vinton Knott, Jr Maryland 

Arie Derek Knox Maryland 

Virginia Lynn Koch D.C. 

Dennis Bernard Koolwyk Maryland 

Sally Ann Kornegay Maryland 

Michael Edward Kossak Maryland 

Sally Ann Kraus Maryland 

Richard Howard Kress Maryland 

Walter Daniel Kuhne Maryland 

LuciNDA Kay Kurtz Maryland 

Phyllis S. Laborwit Maryland 

William Emmanuel Lacey, lll....Maryland 

Edward Howard Ladon Maryland 

Robert Alan Lagas California 

Scott Lawrence Lager Maryland 

Robert Jay LaKind New Jersey 

Thomas J. Lalli New Jersey 

Steven Noel Landsman Maryland 

Mary L. Lange Virginia 

Martha Regina Lanigan Maryland 

Mary Anne Lanigan Maryland 


Prudence Ann Laramore D.C. 

Sally Leanor Larson Maryland 

Robert Joseph Lavin Maryland 

Sharyn Elaine Lawson Maryland 

Linda Sue Lazarus Maryland 

Faith M. Leahy Maryland 

Stephen Clark Lechliter Maryland 

Kenneth Alan Lechter Maryland 

Robert H. Leckie New Jersey 

John Clarence LeDoux Maryland 

Jack Nelson Lee Maryland 

Robert Townsend Leet Maryland 

Melvin Emanuel Lefkowitz Maryland 

Peter Leimanis Maryland 

Thomas Lester Leitch, Jr Maryland 

Lynn Clarke Leocha Maryland 

Ann Sue Leonhard Maryland 

Bruce William Lerner New Jersey 

Ronald Lee Lesher Maryland 

Nathan Robert Lessin New Jersey 

Jennifer E. Leven Maryland 

Joel Stephen Leventhal Maryland 

Stanley E. Levin Maryland 

Steven Gregory Levine Maryland 

Laurence Charles Levy Maryland 

Cynthia Miriam Lewis Maryland 

Sharon Kaye Lewis D.C. 

Barbara Ream Libby Maryland 

Mary Lillian Liles D.C. 

Sandra Kay Lindsay D.C. 

Edward Craig Lineburger Maryland 

Elaine Mantua Lipford Maryland 

Nancy Jean Liss Maryland 

Frances S. Locke Maryland 

Elaine Behrns Loda Maryland 

James Joseph Loftus Maryland 

Joanne Long Maryland 

Patricia Ann Long Maryland 

Virginia Benson Long Maryland 

Anne Lee Lougee Maryland 

Bonita Liss Lourie Maryland 

Willis Wert Lovell Maryland 

Emily Ruth Lowenthal Ohio 

Edward Joseph Lucey New Jersey 

John Charles Lyle Maryland 

Richard Peter Lyons Maryland 

Noel Marie Mac Donald Maryland 

Theodore Davis Machen Maryland 

Leland Stanford Macphail, III 


Ellen Gertrude Mahoney Maryland 

Margaret Mary Mahoney Maryland 

Michael Roland Maione Maryland 

Robert Brian Makoff Maryland 

Paul John Mallary Maryland 

Philip Roy Manger Maryland 

Samuel Rogers Mann Maryland 

Margaret Eve Manning Maryland 

Suzanne Mark ..Maryland 

Jill Marlene Markridge Maryland 

Thomas Edward Marshall Maryland 

Bonnie Fay Martin D.C. 

Kenneth Terence Martin New York 

Beverly Ann Mathieu Maryland 

Ruth Eloise Matteson Virginia 

LuDviK Antonin Matyas Ohio 

Judith Ann Masse Maryland 

Ronald Wayne Massie Maryland 

Wanda Lea Maupin Maryland 

Richard Edward May Maryland 

Robin Lynn May Maryland 

Charles Albert Mayer, III Maryland 

Ellen Marsha Mayers Maryland 

Richard Ashby McCann Maryland 

Thomas Francis McCormack, Jr. 


42 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Margaret Ellen McDermott Maryland 

Joyce Linda McGee Netv York 

William Richard McHargue Maryland 

Eleanor McKay Maryland 

Patricia Louise McKay Maryland 

Sheila Marie McLean Maryland 

Kathleen Therese McManus D.C. 

Patricia A. Meehan Maryland 

Julie A. Meier Maryland 

Robert Louis Merbler Maryland 

Mary A. Mette Maryland 

Louis Albert Mezzullo Maryland 

Calvin T. Milans Maryland 

Katherine Cordellia Millar Maryland 

Anita Veronica Miller Maryland 

Charles Edward Miller, Jr Maryland 

Marvin Sidney Miller Manjland 

Linda Inez Millman Maryland 

Morton Howard Mindell Maryland 

Stella Miscoski Maryland 

Dennis L Misler Maryland 

Michael Alan Misler D.C. 

Daniel Arnold Mix Maryland 

John Edward Mix, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Anastazia Monasterski 


Frances Phyllis Monblatt New Jersey 

William Michael Monfried Maryland 

Kenneth Paul Montgomery Maryland 

LOFTiN Paul Montgomery Maryland 

Gilbert James Moore Maryland 

Pamela Susan Moore Maryland 

William Francis Moore, Jr Maryland 

Joel Lee Morgenthau New York 

Jay Ira Morstein Maryland 

Richard Frank Mortimer Maryland 

Doreen Shuamas Maria el-Hajj Moses 


Nancy Clayton Mott D.C. 

James W. Munch Maryland 

Margaret B. Mundell Maryland 

John Raymond Munholland Maryland 

Kay Murphy Maryland 

Mary Ellen Murphy Maryland 

Jack Edward Murray Maryland 

Maureen Murray Maryland 

Joel David Myerberg Maryland 

Michael Eugene Myrtle Maryland 

Gail R. Nachman Maryland 

Robert Jay Neborsky Maryland 

Rafael Negron, Jr Massachusetts 

Renee Carole Nelson Maryland 

Beverly Jean Nestler Maryland 

Carol Ann Neuman Maryland 

Cathleen Jessica Neumann Maryland 

Rolf Gunther Neumann Maryland 

Betty Sue Newman Maryland 

Geraldine H. Nicholas Maryland 

Susan Weiler Noel Maryland 

Gerald Arthur Nolly Delaware 

Thomas P. Nugent Maryland 

Michael John O'Connell Maryland 

Janis Marie O'Connor Maryland 

Eileen M. Oickle Maryland 

William Olivari-Amill Virginia 

Marilyn Thompson Oliver Manjland 

Perry Walter Onion Maryland 

Michael James O'Rourke Maryland 

Marilynne Nora West O'Steen. .Mari//a?id 

Joyce Evelyn Owens Maryland 

Linda Marie Pace Maryland 

Maryvictoria Paglio Maryland 

Alexander N. Panhans D.C. 

Ruth Ann Patterson Maryland 

Philip Marshall Payne Maryland 

Lawrence Ward Pearson Maryland 

David Charles Pecci Maryland 

David Michael Peed Maryland 

Robert Frank Pence Maryland 

Franklin Steven Perlmutter D.C. 

Jerry Gordon Persall Georgia 

Karel C. Petraitis Maryland 

David Beltran Phillips Maryland 

Eileen Ann Piercy Manjland 

Margaret Mary Pittiglio Maryland 

Ellen Sharon Pleet Maryland 

John Howard Pleines Maryland 

Lawrence Martin Polakoff Maryland 

Orest Stephan Poliszczuk Maryland 

Robert Martin Pollock Maryland 

Esther Blanche Potash Maryland 

Frances Veronica Potts Maryland 

Kenneth Davis Powell Maryland 

Lawrence Nelson Powell Maryland 

Jane Elizabeth Powers Maryland 

John Peter Prevas Maryland 

Sandra Anne Pridgeon Maryland 

Rosemary Prince Maryland 

Edwin G. Pritchard, Jr Maryland 

Irene Prytula Maryland 

Robert Selden Purvis D.C. 

Carol Joan Putzel Maryland 

Neal Hubbard Quarles Maryland 

James Daniel Quinn Maryland 

University of Maryland. 43 

Waverly B. Rainey, III Maryland 

Charles Freeman Raduazo Maryland 

Shelah Fae Rappoport Maryland 

William Gray Reece Maryland 

Ronald Chester Reed „ Maryland 

Jacquelyn Anne Reeves Maryland 

Paul William Reeves Maryland 

Marc Albert Rehr Maryland 

John William Reich Maryland 

John Philip Reilly Maryland 

John Markee Renshaw, III Maryland 

Robert Renshaw, Jr Maryland 

Michael Lawrence Kenshav/e. ...Maryland 

Thomas Eugene Reynolds Maryland 

Wayne M. Reznick Maryland 

Patricia Sue Ricci Massachusetts 

Michael Joseph Richardson Maryland 

Lawrence Edward Ries Maryland 

Arthur Ewing Riley, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Rainier Ringgold Maryland 

Carmen Alicia Rivera Georgia 

James Kenneth Robinson Maryland 

Janet C. Robinson Maryland 

William Mathews Robinson, Jr. 


Nancy Louise Rogers Maryland 

Richard Mayfield Rogers Maryland 

Alfred Lawrence Roma Illinois 

Barbara Nancy Rosen Maryland 

Steven Henry Rosen New York 

Louis S. Rosenbach Maryland 

Ellen Rosenberg Maryland 

Laurence Zell Rosenfeld Maryland 

Annette Rosensky Maryland 

Terry Hayden Rosenthal Maryland 

Vivian B. Roslyn Maryland 

Anita Louise Ross Maryland 

Barbara-Jeanne Ross Maryland 

Robert Alan Rothbard Maryland 

Belle R. Rothberg Maryland 

Susan Kelly Roy Maryland 

Michael Steven Rubenstein Maryland 

Stephen Rand Rubin Maryland 

John Philip Rubincam Maryland 

Eileen G. Rubinstein Maryland 

Hannah Elizabeth Rudacille Maryland 

Richard Dunning Rupprecht Maryland 

Judith Gottfried Ruttenberg Maryland 

Joan Marshall Rupp Maryland 

Barbara Mary Ryan Maryland 

Helen Maxine Ryan Maryland 

Patricia Anne Ryan Maryland 

Julia Ellen Ryder Pennsylvania 

Stephen Stuart Sachs Maryland 

Birute Regina Saldukas D.C. 

Cynthia B. Frances Salzman ....Maryland 

Sara Jane Samsel D.C. 

Charles Eastman Sanborn Maryland 

Rosalind M. Sanders Maryland 

Elinor Janet Sandlass Maryland 

Karl William Sanger Maryland 

Marshall Stuart SAPPERSTEiN....Afarj/tand 

Judith Ann Schafer Maryland 

Kathleen Anne Schardt Maryland 

Samuel Stuart Schenker Maryland 

Marcia Scherr Maryland 

Arnold Schlein D.C. 

Margaret Stewart Schmeiser. ...Marj/tend 

Herbert Ernest Schottler Maryland 

Ann Margaret Schreitz Maryland 

Peter R. Schultz New York 

Sandra Lee Schultz Maryland 

Charles Frederick Schwan, III. .Maryland 

Michael Louis Schwartz Maryland 

Kathleen Riley Scott Virginia 

Jo Ryan Seabold Maryland 

Ronald Joseph Sears Maryland 

Irma Deborah Segal Maryland 

Christine Seibold Maryland 

Mara Denise Settler Maryland 

Mary Alice Shannon Maryland 

Joan Barbara Shantz Maryland 

Frank Natale Shapira Maryland 

William Morris Shecter Maryland 

Gary Richards Sheehan Maryland 

Judith Emanuel Sheehan Maryland 

Kathleen Donna Sheehan Maryland 

Marilyn A. Shepperd Maryland 

Mitchell A. Sherr Maryland 

Martha Rhona Shor Maryland 

Mark Melvyn Shulman Maryland 

David Lester Shuman Maryland 

Carol L. Shutt Maryland 

Maxene Betsy Silverman Maryland 

Herbert Truxton Simmons, Jr Maryland 

Donald Singman Maryland 

Rosemary Anne Sisler Maryland 

Katherine Warren Sites Maryland 

Kathleen Victoria Skruch Maryland 

Wayne M. Slaughter New Mexico 

OsBORN Tucker Smallwood, 3v....New York 

Angela Janet Smith Illinois 

Betty Ann Smith Maryland 

Brenda L. Smith Maryland 

44 19^'^ Commencement Exercises. 

Carol Lynn Smith Delaware 

Gary Audric Smith Maryland 

Glenn Clyburn Smith Maryland 

Jane Randolph Smith Maryland 

Margaret Deal Smith Maryland 

Penny L. Smith Maryland 

Sue Frances Smith Maryland 

John Howard Smithson Maryland 

Robert Alan Smolinski Maryland 

Monica Louise Smolka Maryland 

Harry Marsh Sneed Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Snuggs Maryland 

Janee Lee Snuggs Maryland 

Freda Jane Snyder Maryland 

Phillip Snyder Maryland 

Jan W. Solganick Maryland 

Doris Joe Sommer Maryland 

William Wayne Sourwine Maryland 

Laura Maria Sousane Maryland 

Suzanne Rae Sparks Maryland 

Sally Sparrell Maryland 

Thomas Alan Speicher Maryland 

Marjorie M. Spevak Maryland 

Michelle Renee Spicknall Maryland 

Benjamin Hunter Spotts, Jr Maryland 

Roberta M. Springer Virginia 

Helen Melissa Sproesser Maryland 

Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Virginia 

Richard Matchett Stanley Virginia 

Lyle Newton Staples Maryland 

Allan Bernard Stark Maryland 

Allan Leslie Stark Maryland 

Philip Herbert Steele Maryland 

Leslie Alvin Stein Maryland 

Willa Sydney Stern Maryland 

Frederick LeCompte Stevens, Jr. 


Dorothy Jayne Stirn Maryland 

Judith Barbara Stockman New York 

Robert John Stonebraker Maryland 

Sandra Louise Strauss Maryland 

Jacqueline M. Streeks Maryland 

Erwin Homer Stunkel D.C. 

Sandra Louise Styron Maryland 

John Richard Sullivan Maryland 

Catherine Hayes Swick Virginia 

Carolyn Louise Swift Maryland 

Marion Georganna Taggart Maryland 

Elizabeth Schaffer Tamblyn ....Maryland 

Robert James Tanner, Jr Delaware 

John Brian Tansey Maryland 

Gerald Ralph Tarutis Maryland 

Susan E. Tavela Maryland 

John Alexander Tennant California 

Allan Howard Terl Maryland 

Alice Elizabeth Tester Maryland 

Robert Charles Tetro Maryland 

Cheryl Kee Thacker Maryland 

Beatrice Veronica Thayer Maryland 

Marion Therese Thomas Maryland 

Phillip Orville Thomas Maryland 

Janet Ilene Thot Maryland 

Warren Willard Tignor Maryland 

Pamela Lynn Tolson D.C. 

Armand Thomas Tortora, Jr Maryland 

Fred Ernest Trent New Jersey 

Bruce Sheldon Trippe Maryland 

Joseph Robert Trocino New Jersey 

Robert Douglas Tune Maryland 

Karen Lorraine Turnbull Maryland 

Claire Jean Turner Maryland 

John Kroll Turpin New Jersey 

Anne Campbell Ulman Maryland 

RODELL Lyle Urban Maryland 

Paul Marion Vettori Maryland 

Nanette Levine Vincent Maryland 

Dale Marsha Vinicur Maryland 

Karen Louise Volland Maryland 

Lynn Waldorf Maryland 

Jack Stewart Wallach Maryland 

George Rodney Walls Pennsylvania 

Eugene Francis Walsh Maryland 

Craig Thomas Walsworth New Jersey 

Barbara Ogden Walton Virginia 

Rosemary Alden Walton Virginia 

Gary Allen Warner Maryland 

John Richard Warren Maryland 

Rita Wasielewski Maryland 

Douglas John Watson Maryland 

LiLLO J. Way Maryland 

Karen Marlowe Weatherbee Maryland 

Randal Dwight Webster Maryland 

Michael Henry Weichbrod Maryland 

Diane Lee Weihrer Maryland 

Lawrence Edward Weimer Maryland 

Barbara Faye Weinberg Maryland 

RiCKi D. Weinberger Maryland 

Raellen Weinstock Maryland 

Gail Ellen Weiss New York 

Lois Harriet Weiss Pennsylvania 

Ruth Marilyn Weissman Maryland 

Mary Ann Wells Maryland 

Frances L. Welty Maryland 

Mary Ruth Wendel Maryland 

Sharon Lee West Maryland 

Barbara F. White Maryland 

Eleanore White Maryland 

University of Maryland. 45 

Richard P. White Maryland 

Janet Ruth Wieters Maryland 

Melissa Ann Wilder Maryland 

Miriam Leah Wilkenfeld Maryland 

Thomson Chew Willard Maryland 

Laura Elaine Williams Maryland 

Robert Bell Williams Maryland 

Joyce Doreen Williamson Maryland 

Glenn Austin Wilson Maryland 

Howard Hazen Wilson, Jr D.C. 

Joan Wiltbank Maryland 

Walter Edward Windsor Maryland 

Robert N. Winkler Maryland 

Donaileen Clara Winter Maryland 

Chester LeRoy Wolford, Jr.. .Pennsylvania 

Donald Gordon Wood Maryland 

Richard Everett Wood Maryland 

Reesa S. Woolf Maryland 

Sandra Lynn Work Maryland 

Janet Lavinia Workman Maryland 

Karen Louise Yablonski Pennsylvania 

Susan Joy Yager Maryland 

Roger Norman Yarbro Maryland 

James Lee Yarrison Maryland 

Ronald Nelson Young Maryland 

Diane Ellen Zaritsky Maryland 

Marcia Rochelle Zemil Maryland 

Alan Joel Zemsky Maryland 

Rosanne Rosenberg Zeskind D.C. 

Margaret Louise Zimmerman Maryland 

Esther B. Zisman Maryland 

Signe Iona Zitomer Maryland 

Antonia Zorrilla Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

LenORE Rosalyn AlGAZE Maryland 

John T. Allbn Maryland 

Robert Roy Anderson Washington 

Judith Elaine Arnold Maryland 

Martin Herbert Aronson D.C. 

Stephen Paul Atzert Maryland 

Joel Irwin Babchak Maryland 

Martin Robert Babst Maryland 

Richard Hamilton Bair, Jr Maryland 

Alice Jane Baker Virginia 

Carol Ann Baker New Jersey 

Larry Herbert Bank Maryland 

Vera Maria Baranowskyj Maryland 

William Raymond Barger, Jr Maryland 

John Ferdinand Barkley Maryland 

Robert Joseph Bauer Pennsylvania 

Brian Miller Benson, Jr Maryland 

Leslie Adrienne Berkow Maryland 

Sanford Larry Biars Maryland 

John Wayne Bishop Maryland 

Jacqueline Alexis Blondin Maryland 

Richard Edward Bvvmberg.... Pennsylvania 

Emanuel Sol Bobb D.C. 

Robert M. Borkowski Maryland 

Leonard Everett Boswell Maryland 

William Dunbar Boyd, II Maryland 

Dennis Gordon Brave Maryland 

Joseph H. Bredekamp, Jr Maryland 

Charles Philip Brenner Maryland 

Elizabeth Jean Brinker Maryland 

Michael Alan Britton Maryland 

Robert Kenneth Brooke, Jr Maryland 

George Hector Brovillet, Jr Maryland 

Alexander Jay Brucker Maryland 

Leroy Benjamin Buckler Maryland 

Arlene Bunnell Maryland 

Cheryl May Burg Maryland 

Frances Josephine Burke D. C. 

Frederick William Burrows, Jr.. Maryland 

Donna Gail Campbell Maryland 

Jeffrey Donald Caplan Maryland 

Charles Russell Cardany Maryland 

John Victor Caron Maryland 

Ronald Michael Caruso Maryland 

Eugene Arthur Carver Maryland 

Timothy Guy Casey Maryland 

David Hou-Chung Chen Maryland 

LuciEN Louis Clark Maryland 

Kenneth Rogers Clore Maryland 

Daniel Leonard Cohen Maryland 

Edward Eluot Cohen Maryland 

Norman E. Cohen Maryland 

Michael David Cohn Maryland 

Michael Andrew Colb Maryland 

Lois Jean Colison Maryland 

Frank Ellingsworth Coluns, Jr. 


46 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Anthony Joseph Costa New Jersey 

Gregory Marsh Cramer Maryland 

Oneida Mokningstar Cramer Maryland 

Richard Purcell Crane Maryland 

William Joseph Creegan Maryland 

Thomas Irwin Crystal Maryland 

Harry Arnold Curland Maryland 

Edward Alan Davis MarylanA 

Lois Diane Davis Maryland 

Ronald Allyn Davis Virginia 

Michael Joseph DeCosmo New Jersey 

Sheila Rosalie Deitz Maryland 

William Gemmill Dellinger. .Fen?js2/toamto 

Charles Henry DeVries, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Robert DiPersio Maryland 

Sheldon Daniel Diskin Maryland 

Howard Lee Dobres Maryland 

Edward Martin Dougherty Maryland 

Walter Earl Dowling, Jr Maryland 

Michael Victor Edelstein Maryland 

Stuart Leslie Eisman Maryland 

Torvald Henning Ellenes Maryland 

William Dallas Elliott, Jr Maryland 

Robert Thomas Elsberry Maryland 

Harold Harvey Pagan Maryland 

Steven Charles Fagin Maryland 

Robert Wilton Fausel, Jr Maryland 

Maury Joseph Fechter Maryland 

Stuart Alan Feldman Maryland 

Gloria Anne Ferrari Maryland 

Marshall Wesley Fesche Maryland 

Henry Feuer Maryland 

David Aloysius Fields Maryland 

John Patrick Fields Maryland 

Michael Lawrence Fine Maryland 

Dennis Francis Flanagan Maryland 

Conrad Lee Fleck Maryland 

Gerald Bernard Fleming Maryland 

Lawrence Albejit Fleming Maryland 

Carol Lee Foley Pennsylvania 

Alice Ann Foster Maryland 

Michel Susan Foster Maryland 

Maury Lee Fradkin Maryland 

Kent Stafford Frazier Maryland 

Norma Jelan Frazier Maryland 

Steven L. Fritz Maryland 

Steven Howard Futterman Maryland 

Dorothy Anna Gaddis Maryland 

Robert Joseph Galup, Jr Maryland 

Herbert Ellsworth Garrett, Jr. .Maryland 

Abraham Allan Genut Maryland 

John William Gibson Florida 

Nancy Ann Glasgow Maryland 

Catherine Britton Gleason Maryland 

Ronald Sheldon Click Maryland 

Robert Jay Glowitz Maryland 

Gary Daniel Godshalk Maryland 

Paul Eugene Goldhagen Maryland 

Howard Gordon, III Maryland 

Shirley Dean Gordon Maryland 

Edgar Everett Gordy Maryland 

Edward Hoover Gorman, Jr Maryland 

Richard Doyle Grabarck Pennsylvania 

Elliott Jonathan Gray Maryland 

Robert Edward Greenspan Maryland 

George Greenspon Maryland 

Walter Lowell Hagen Maryland 

Joe William Haldeman Maryland 

William F. Harper Maryland 

Joseph Bernard Harris, Jr Maryland 

William Lee Hearn Maryland 

Ernest Carroll Hearon New Jersey 

Anne Marie Heider Maryland 

Theodore Carl Hein Maryland 

Alan Howard Heller Maryland 

Robert Michael Higginbotham.. ..Mart/toiwi 

Andrew Knox Hongell Maryland 

Jeffrey Horlick Maryland 

Carol Ann Horn Maryland 

Eugene Lloyd Horn Maryland 

Sara Linda Hourihan Maryland 

James Raymond Howard, III Maryland 

Paul Francis Hughes Maryland 

David Emerson Hurley Marylamd 

David Joseph Hyduke Maryland 

Jean Elizabeth Inouye Maryland 

Edward William Jendrek Maryland 

Heidi Louise Joos Michigan 

Lee Ann Jori Maryland 

Adil Jubran Kanaan New Jersey 

Alexander Richard Kassolis Maryland 

Martha Peyton Kazlo Maryland 

Shawn Elizabeth Kehoe Maryland 

Daniel Edward Kelleher Maryland 

Carolyn Enders Kerr Maryland 

Joan Madaline Kilsheimer Maryland 

Neil Michael Kirschner New York 

Harold George Klemcke Maryland 

Nancy Lee Knight Maryland 

Elizabeth Clay Kocher D. C. 

Barry Reuel Korb Maryland 

Kathleen Helena Kowal New Jersey 

John Beryl KRAMEai Maryland 

Nathan Israel Kramer Maryland 

Dennis Frank Lacilla Connecticut 

University of Maryland. 47 

John Thomas Langan Maryland 

Gail Laura Lange Maryland 

Robert Morris Lapin North Carolina 

Susan Gayle Larson Maryland 

George Edwin Lauterbach, Jr Maryland 

Murray Leroy Lavenstein Maryland 

James M. Lbxahy Maryland 

George William Leonard, Jr Virginia 

Russell Stanley Leivin Maryland 

Jonathan Foster Lillard New York 

William Robemt Linthicum Maryland 

Marvin Richard Lipford Maryland 

Jack Steven Lissauer Maryland 

Albert Gerald Little Maryland 

Wayne Albert Little Maryland 

Gary A. Loew Maryland 

Michael Eldridge Loftus Maryland 

Thomas Paul Lojacono Maryland 

Jonathan Dunham Longfellov?, Jr. 


William Robert Lusby Maryland 

Donald James Mackenzie Maryland 

Steven Daniel Macht Maryland 

Daniel Truman Malatesta Maryland 

Paul Philip Mallek Maryland 

Walter Lee Maloy Maryland 

Mary Catherine Mansdorfer Maryland 

Marilyn Elizabeth Manser D. C. 

MoNlQUE Faricy Margetis Maryland 

Richard Bowling Marth Maryland 

Michael D. Marvin Maryland 

Richard Brooke Massing Maryland 

Michael Lynn MATTBaiN Maryland 

Patricia E. McClung Pennsylvania 

Johnie James McCoy, Jr D. C. 

Janette Lysher McGaughy Maryland 

Thomas James McGeoy Maryland 

William Ralph McGonigle New Jersey 

James Ashton McKenney Maryland 

James Henry McNamara Maryland 

Patricia Mehlhop New York 

Henry Louis Mb^er New York 

Wolfgang Paul Menzel Maryland 

Alan Lester Meyrowitz Maryland 

Elizabeth McPhee Middleton... .Mary land 

Ernest William Mielke Maryland 

Harold William Miller, Jr Maryland 

Charlotte Jane Misegades Maryland 

Franklin Ward Mitchell, III. ...Maryland 

Gregory Alan Mitchell Maryland 

Jeffrey Raymond Mitchell Maryland 

E. Kenneth Mladinich Maryland 

Thomas Petehi Modelski Maryland 

John P. Molineaux D. C. 

Warren Michael Morganstein.. ..Marj//a«d 

Herbert Leslie Morin, Jr Maryland 

Jeffrey Barry Morrell Maryland 

Douglas Eugene Morrison Maryland 

Paul Leonard Mull, Jr Maryland 

Mark Howard Nachman Maryland 

Robert Gary Nelson Maryland 

Barbara O. Nevins Maryland 

Kerry Frances Noon Maryland 

Ronald Robert Notes Maryland 

Robert Joseph Noveck Connecticut 

George Frederick Obrecht Maryland 

Dennis Michael O'Mailey Maryland 

Laura Elizabeth Owens Maryland 

Pamela Nancy Payne Maryland 

Robert Stephen Pazak D. C. 

Richard Lee Phillippy Maryland 

Kathleen Kramer Phillips Maryland 

Barbara Laura Spilman Piquet D. C. 

Linda M. Poole Pennsylvania 

Richard Robert Porter Maryland 

John Duane Powell Maryland 

Howard Allen Press D. C. 

Norman Purzitsky Maryland 

Michael Allen Raderman Maryland 

Thomas Francis Rafferty Maryland 

Evelyn Reaud Maryland 

Barry Reiss Maryland 

Robert Craig Reynolds Maryland 

Wayne Daniel Richardson Maryland 

Thomas Vincent Rini Maryland 

Francis Elmer Robertson, Jr Maryland 

Donna Helens Robinson New Jersey 

Jeffrey Rayford Robinson Maryland 

Sue Renay Rochkind Maryland 

David Sheldon Roffman Maryland 

Lawrence Paul Russomanno....Nc'u; Jersey 

Charles Steven Samorodin Maryland 

Fredrica Ann Santell Maryland 

Edward Alan Santucci New Jersey 

Walter Charles Schaefer Maryland 

Este:lle Schilling Maryland 

Ute Ilse Schocke Maryland 

Eleanor Jane Skelly Maryland 

Allen Vernon Shirk Maryland 

Joel Nathan Shlian Maryland 

Morton Alger Simmons, Jr Maryland 

Bert Gert Simson Maryland 

Howard Joseph Singer Maryland 

Panayiotis Louis Sitaras Maryland 

Vernon Lee Skinner, Jr Maryland 

48 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Diana Louise Skirven Maryland 

Janice Maureen Suger Maryland 

John Tibbetts Slocomb Maryland 

Robert Michael Slossberg Maryland 

Howard Lawrence Snyder Maryland 

John Victor Staskus Ohio 

Robert Kelly Stevens Maryland 

Larry James Strausbaugh Maryland 

Susan C. Summers D. C. 

Mary Louise Swift Maryland 

Robert Richard Thacker Maryland 

Harriet Louise Tiffany Maryland 

Arthur Morton Tilles Virginia 

Gerald Norman Title Maryland 

Marvin Stanley Towsend Maryland 

Paul Joseph Tribull Maryland 

Alan Turner Maryland 

Dennis Elliott Uhlfelder Maryland 

Liliane Vaal Maryland 

Ray Paul Vanderhook New York 

Klaus Juergen Waibel New Jersey 

Linda Dorothy Wall Pennsylvania 

Barry Michael Walpert Maryland 

Joseph Michael Walsh Maryland 

Fred Wallace Walton Maryland 

Steven Anderson Ward Maryland 

Charles Lloyd Warnick Maryland 

John Gilbert Warnick Maryland 

Glen Earl Webb Maryland 

Susan Jane Wechsler Maryland 

Leo Walter Weil, Jr Maryland 

Robert H. Weinfeld Maryland 

Kenneth Joel Weiss Maryland 

Mark Alexander Weiss Maryland 

Peter Wemple Maryland 

Edwin Earl Whitaker Maryland 

Samuel Mark Wichner Maryland 

Robert Samuel Widmeyer Maryland 

Bernadette Williams Maryland 

Gerald Thomas Williams Maryland 

Terry Edward Williams Maryland 

Patricia Mary Willis Maryland 

LiNNEA Marie Wilmot Maryland 

Judith Ann Wimbush Maryland 

Karen Ann Windmoeller Maryland 

Robert John Winebrenner Maryland 

Douglas Austin Yates Maryland 

Maria Zelinsky Maryland 

Bachelor of Music 

Arthur Borsky Maryland 

Richard Errol Floyd Maryland 

Michael Barry Kitzmiller Maryland 

Sterling Ellis Murray Maryland 

Katherine Nash Redding Maryland 

Dennis Anthony Stone D.C. 

Randall Scott Thompson Maryland 

Alice Bernita Zahniser Maryland 


Cardidates will be presented by Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Joseph Francis Adamo Maryland 

John Wayne Adkins Virginia 

Alfreda Agresti Maryland 

Gibson-Taylor Ahlgren Tennessee 

Alfred Kenneth Akin, Jr Maryland 

George Irvin Altmeyer Ohio 

Kanella B. Anagnostopoulos Maryland 

Lee Stetson Anderson Maryland 

George Milton Andrews Maryland 

Sheryl Jean Andrews Maryland 

Susan Carol Antholz Maryland 

Thomas Woodson Arata D.C. 

Mohamed Saleh Ashur Arabia 

Daniel Edward Austin Maryland 

Guy Robins Ayres, III Maryland 

Wallace Kincaid Bailey, Je Maryland 

James Alexander Baisey Maryland 

Gary Garth Baldwin Maryland 

David Erle Barlow Maryland 

Stephen Joseph Barmash Maryland 

John Bernard Bartkowiak, Jr. ..Maryland 

University of Maryland. 49 

Richard Jerome Bartnik Maryland 

Gerald Bass Maryland 

Joanne Marie Bateman Maryland 

William Paul Becker, Jr Maryland 

John Walter Beckley Maryland 

Wayne Eugene Becraft Maryland 

Mark Edward Behm Maryland 

Allen Remsen Bennett New Jersey 

Douglas Hamilton Benson Maryland 

Serge Horton Benson Maryland 

William Otto Berkis, Jr Maryland 

Douglas Edwin Bielot New York 

Herbert McFarlan Birch, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Gerald Birdwell, III Maryland 

Thomas Lewis Blakeney Maryland 

Jack C. Bliss Maryland 

Robert James Bloch Maryland 

Jack Edward Blomquist Maryland 

Michael Bernard Bloom Maryland 

Terrence Edward Bluett Maryland 

Stephen Landau Blum Maryland 

Lawrence Paul Bocinec Maryland 

Burt Richard Bondy Maryland 

Dole Lee Bonenberger Maryland 

Paul W. Boone, Jr Maryland 

Robert Michael Bosma Maryland 

Charles Edgar Boteler, III Maryland 

Marc Harvey Botzin Maryland 

John Merle Bowlin Maryland 

David Bicknel Bowling Maryland 

Anthony Emmett Bramble Maryland 

Richard Franklin Brodsky Maryland 

Gerald Alan Brittingham Maryland 

Edwin Mayes Brooks Maryland 

Sharon Ellen Brooks Maryland 

Douglas L. Brown Maryland 

Janet M. Brown Maryland 

David Buchanan Maryland 

John Fletcher Bull Maryland 

Forbes Hathaway Burgess, Jr Maryland 

David Fordyce Burnette Maryland 

Walter Henry Burnotes Maryland 

Gary Linwood Burroughs Maryland 

Peter Joseph Burtis Maryland 

Stanley John Bury Maryland 

Francis Edward Bush Maryland 

John Earl Byrne, III Maryland 

Jan Wilhelm Cammermeyer Maryland 

David Ray Campbell Maryland 

Robert Douglas Campbell Maryland 

Anthony Paul Carey Maryland 

Robert Richard Carlsen Maryland 

Alfred Charles Caron Maryland 

Thomas Quiner Carpenter Maryland 

Thomas Robert Carrodus Maryland 

John B. Carroll Maryland 

Dale Franklin Carter Virginia 

Albert John Caselli, Jr Maryland 

Carl John Cash Virginia 

James William Caton Maryland 

James Michael Cayelli Maryland 

Alanna Darlene Chaney Maryland 

Alexander Vladimir Chavrid Maryland 

Nancy H. Chotiner Maryland 

Henning Christoph Maryland 

Timothy J. Christopher Maryland 

Kenneth Alexander Clagett Maryland 

James Robert Clark Maryland 

Bruce Alan Clarke Maryland 

Maureen Ellen Clarke Maryland 

Robert William Cleland, Jr Maryland 

William Thomas Clipper Maryland 

Edward Bryan Clopton, Jr Maryland 

Buster Christian Coakley D.C. 

Mitchell Norman Cohen Maryland 

Sylvia Mollie Cohen Maryland 

Lee Marc Cohn Maryland 

Richard Selby Cole New York 

William Graff Cole D.C. 

Richard Horning Coles Maryland 

Bobby Marlin Collins New Jersey 

Gary Dale Connely Maryland 

Jerry L. Corl Maryland 

Daniel W. Costello Maryland 

Robert Francis Costello, III Maryland 

David Hall Couchman Maryland 

Robert D. Coughlan Virginia 

George Edward Cowperthwaite, Jr. 


Ronald Joseph Crawford Maryland 

William Abner Croll, III Maryland 

Lawrence Anthony Crowley Maryland 

Salathiel F. Cummings, III Maryland 

Elliot Dackman Maryland 

Francis Edmond Dalton Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Davis Maryland 

Ralph Jay Davis, III Maryland 

Robert Lee Davis Maryland 

John Harter Day Maryland 

Robert Clifton Day Maryland 

George Wallace Dean Oregon 

Ronald Alton Decker Maryland 

Mary Jo DeMatteis Maryland 

Dale Everett Dennis Maryland 

Joseph Nicholas DiChiacchio D.C. 

50 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Joseph John DiJanni Maryland 

Robert Thomas Dillon Maryland 

James Lee Ditto Maryland 

William Edward Dobrzykowski. .MarT/tewd 

Edward Thomas Dodd, Jr Connecticut 

Gregson S. Dodge Maryland 

William Michael Doheny Maryland 

Melvin William Donnelly, 3 b.... Mary land 

Edward Matthew Donohue Maryland 

Samuel E. Dowdy Maryland 

Albert Bertram Doyon, Jr Ohio 

Kenly Anne Drummond Maryland 

Patrick Ridgeway Duley Maryland 

Ann Marie Duncan B.C. 

James Daniel Durrett Maryland 

Dennis Alton Dutterer Maryland 

WiLMER Butler Edgell, Jr Maryland 

Kathryn a. Edwards Maryland 

Lana Einschlag Maryland 

Alan Murray Eisenberg Maryland 

Susan Merle Eisenberg Maryland 

Warren Kenneth Eister Maryland 

Richard Elgin Maryland 

John Arnold Elliott Maryland 

Mary-Anne K. Ellis Maryland 

Michael David Epstein D.C. 

Roger Harris Epstein Maryland 

David Cummins Erbe Maryland 

Catherine Cissel Erdman Maryland 

Richard Francis Erickson Maryland 

Alan Barry Ezrine Maryland 

William Wolfe Faber Maryland 

Charles Lewis Falvey, Jr Maryland 

Charles James Farmer Maryland 

Leroy Maxwell Faust D.C. 

John Marshall Faw New Jersey 

Michael Allen Feinstein Florida 

James Edward Brown Felter Maryland 

Michael Robert Ferrara New Jersey 

Eugenia L. Ferraro Maryland 

Paul Michael Fett Maryland 

Robert Paul Fielder Maryland 

Barry Kent Fingerhut Maryland 

Paul Lee Fink Pennsylvania 

James Edgar Firmin Maryland 

Kenneth Carter Fisher Maryland 

John David Flanigan Maryland 

Robert G. Foley Wisconsin 

Frank A. Fondnazio Maryland 

John Edward Foster Maryland 

Roland Ferguson Fowler Maryland 

William Birch Frazier Maryland 

Michael J. Friedman D.C. 

Lawrence Wynn Frisbee Maryland 

David Branch Fuller Maryland 

William Melvin Funk, III California 

Charles Donald Furtney Pennsylvania 

John Milner Garrett Maryland 

Joseph Philipsen Gass Maryland 

Charles Leo Gauthier D.C. 

Paul James Geisler Maryland 

Michael Craig Gelman Maryland 

James Stanley Gibbons Maryland 

Monroe Waldemar Gibbs New York 

William Everett Giffin, Jr Maryland 

John Edward Gnibus Maryland 

David Warren Goettee Maryland 

Aaron Goldberg Maryland 

Charles Stephen Goldberg Maryland 

James Edward Goldsmith, Jr Maryland 

John Harman Golightly Maryland 

John Francis Gossart, Jr Maryland 

George Abram Gottwals Maryland 

John Edward Grambo, Jr Maryland 

Edward Joseph Gramm, Jr Maryland 

James Alexander Grant Maryland 

Edward Mason Graves Maryland 

Ronald Edward Green Maryland 

Sheldon Victor Green Maryland 

Donald Dean Greenawalt, Jr Maryland 

Michael Leib Greenberg Maryland 

Anne Lee Groer Maryland 

Richard Glenn Groseclose Maryland 

Frederick W. Gross Maryland 

Carl Stephen Hackerman Maryland 

Michael Garland Hagan D.C. 

Eric Christian Hallengren Maryland 

John Thomas Hardisty Maryland 

Gerald Carlton Hardwich Maryland 

Charles E. Harne Maryland 

Joyce Lynne Harner Maryland 

Brian Lee Harrington Maryland 

John Wayne Harris New York 

Raymond Ballard Harrison, 3 r... Mary land 

Ronald Hubert Hart Maryland 

William C. Hart Maryland 

Victoria Lorraine Hatter Maryland 

David Gary Haupt Maryland 

John Bernard Hawerott Maryland 

Charles Franklin Haywood D.C. 

Edmund Healy Maryland 

Wayne Lee Heckrotte Maryland 

John Edward Hendrickson, 3v....Maryland 
Paul Gilbert Hendrickson, 3'R...Maryland 

University of Maryland, j 1 

Victor Robert Henschel Maryland 

Aubrey Harding Herndon, Jr Maryland 

George Louis Hester Maryland 

Harvey Michael Hickson Maryland 

Thomas Wendell Hieber Maryland 

Betty June Curzon Hill Virginia 

Otway Berryman Hill Maryland 

Robert Abel Hofford, Jr Maryland 

William Joseph Hogan Maryland 

Robert Boyd Hoke Maryland 

Ronald E. Holsey Maryland 

Charles Allen Holt Maryland 

Thomas William Hopp Maryland 

Thomas Robert Howe Maryland 

James G. Howes Maryland 

Lorraine Johnson Hutchison ....Maryland 

Robert King Isaacson D. C. 

Steven Robert Jacobs Florida 

Owen Waldo James, Jr Maryland 

Paul Douglas Jankovic Maryland 

Stephen Lewis Janofsky Maryland 

John Edward Jarboe Maryland 

Charles E. Johnson Maryland 

Edward Randolph Johnson Maryland 

Joseph Bartholomew Johnson.. ..A/arj//awd 

JuLE Abner Johnson Maryland 

Sheila Sue Johnson Maryland 

John Freeman Jolin Maryland 

Robert D. Jolson Maryland 

David Lloyd Jones Maryland 

Ernest Bruce Jones Maryland 

Robert Lee Jones Maryland 

Arnold Steven Kaffen Maryland 

Vernon Douglass Kalkman, Jr.. .Maryland 

Irwin Melven Karlinsky Maryland 

Drena Gail Kaufman Maryland 

John Bruce Keating Maryland 

James Edward Kelly New Jersey 

John Francis Kennedy Maryland 

Alfred C. Kerrigan Maryland 

Morton Alan Kesler Maryland 

Vernon David Keyser Nebraska 

Ronald Louis Kieckhefer Maryland 

Thomas Chester Kierzkowski ....Afarj/tand 

Joseph Irwin Kimmel Maryland 

Betsy Bates King Virginia 

Joseph King Maryland 

Thomas G. King Maryland 

Benson Klein Maryland 

Stanley Joseph Klimek, Jr Maryland 

John Edward Kloch Maryland 

Michael Anthony Klosek Maryland 

Lee Ayers Knight Maryland 

Michael Howard Komack Maryland 

Walter Lewis Kotchin, Jr Maryland 

Robert Melvin Krakow Maryland 

Vernon Joseph Kral Maryland 

Fred Karl Kramer Maryland 

Fredrick Bowers Kreiser, Jr Maryland 

John James Krieger Maryland 

William Malcolm Kubat Maryland 

Mary Ann Kuhn Maryland 

John Joseph Lacombe, II Maryland 

Douglas Bristol Laing Maryland 

George Edgar Lake D.C. 

Francis W. Lanasa Maryland 

Thomas John Lantz D.C. 

Thomas Richard Lawrence Maryland 

David Cole Laycock Maryland 

Robert Lincoln Laycock Maryland 

James Speros Leanos Maryland 

Aldridge Leroy Lees, Jr Maryland 

Richard Allen Lenet Maryland 

Kenneth Joseph Lentz New Jersey 

Leonard Martin Levy Maryland 

Warren Lee Lewis, II Maryland 

Paul Steven Lissy New Jersey 

Alexander Leon Lloyd Maryland 

Bryan Taft Lloyd, Jr Maryland 

William Orcutt Lockwood Maryland 

Howard P. Logan, Jr Maryland 

John Edward Lomas Maryland 

Larry Franklin Long Maryland 

Michael Loube Maryland 

John Lloyd Lovaas Maryland 

Brian LaMar Lowe Maryland 

David James Lubinski Maryland 

John James Lucas Maryland 

Randall Matthew Lutz Maryland 

James Michael MacDonald Maryland 

Edward Bruce Magee Pennsylvania 

Jeffrey Wexler Malickson Maryland 

Dennis August Mally Maryland 

Jay Arthur Manchester Maryland 

John Joseph Manfreda D.C. 

David Howard Mann Maryland 

Barbara Ellen Marley Maryland 

Frederick Kyle Marlow Maryland 

Francis B. Martin Pennsylvania 

Robert David Martz Pennsylvania 

James Lynn Marvel Maryland 

Nicholas Gray Massey Maryland 

Stephen Charles Mastbrook Maryland 

Doris Lynn Matthews Maryland 

Robert Irvin Matz Maryland 

Ronald Lee Mayer Texas 

James Tingle McAllister Maryland 

52 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Richard Henry McBurrows Michigayi 

Robert Joseph McCarthy Maryland 

Dennis McConnell Virginia 

Frederick Louis McCoy Maryland 

Joseph Benjamin McCvuLOVCn... .Maryland 

George C. McCully Maryland 

Robert Frederic McGuckin Maryland 

Edward David McGuirk New Jersey 

Anne Scott McLaughlin Pennsylvania 

LORACE E. McQueen West Virginia 

Jeffrey Wayne Meetre Maryland 

Elizabeth Durand Meleney Maryland 

Diane M. Mekzenich Maryland 

Samuel Gwyn Mewshaw Maryland 

Barry Kadis Miller Maryland 

Barry William Miller D.C. 

John David Miller Maryland 

Marilyn Wendy Miller Maryland 

Sidney Aaron Miller Maryland 

Peter Robert Milloy Maryland 

Ross Frederick Mills Maryland 

Ronald Allen Minnick Maryland 

Frank Joseph Mischou Maryland 

James Campbell Mitchell Maryland 

Paul Francis Mitchell Maryland 

Raymond Fenwick Monmonier.. ..MaryZand 

Robert Dewar Montagne, Jr Ohio 

Lawuence Lee Moore Maryland 

MacDonell Charles Moore Maryland 

Norman Christian Moore, Jr Maryland 

Robert Howard Moore Maryland 

George Warren Morgan, Jr Maryland 

Patrick Thomas Morgan California 

David Howard Morschauser ....iVew Jersey 
Anthony Peter MoscHETTi....Penns2//vam'a 

Lenore Helen Moskowitz Maryland 

Paul Francis Myatt Massachusetts 

Thomas Gerald Nalley Maryland 

John Charles Nason Maryland 

Lester Philip Needle Maryland 

Susan Rae Neuwirth Maryland 

John H. Newman Maryland 

Mark Eugene Roth Newpher Maryland 

Kenneth Allen Niefeld Maryland 

James Nealon Nock Maryland 

Kenneth Charles Nohe Maryland 

John Boyd Nuckels Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth O'Connell Maryland 

James Nolan O'Donnell Maryland 

Michael L. Oksner Maryland 

Charles Joseph O'Mara Maryland 

David Thomas Painter D.C. 

Herbert Meyer Parcover Maryland 

Bonnie Maree Parkin Maryland 

Mary Jo Anne Parsons Maryland 

Francis Henry Patrick, Jr Virginia 

William F. Patterson, Jr Maryland 

Douglas Allen Patton Maryland 

Michael David Patton Maryland 

Lawrence Richard Pearl Maryland 

Anne R. Penello Maryland 

Donald Francis Pepersack Maryland 

Peter James Perkowski New Jersey 

George Evans Perry, III Maryland 

John Daniel Pfoutz Maryland 

Elliott Joel Pheterson Maryland 

Ivan James Phillips Maryland 

James Russell Pilkinton, Jr Maryland 

Michael Edward Polinchock 


David Gregory Pratt Virginia 

John W. Prial Maryland 

Judith Kay Pritchard Maryland 

Rodney Lee Propps Maryland 

Harold F. X. Purnell Maryland 

John Michael Purnell Maryland 

William Thomas Randall Maryland 

George Edward Reed, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Herman Rehkemper Maryland 

Stephen Hart Reich Indiana 

Richard Conor Reid Maryland 

Herbert George Reines Maryland 

Richard Joseph Reinhard Maryland 

John William Renner Maryland 

Donald Earl Rennie Maryland 

Henry Ellsworth Resch, Jr Maryland 

John Buchanan Richardson, III 


Oliver Lee Ridgely West Virginia 

Will Gordon Rinaldi Maryland 

Thomas L. Roberts Missouri 

David A. Robinson Maryland 

Lawrence T. Robinson D. C. 

Gerard John Roche Maryland 

Robert Donald Rodgers D. C. 

Harry Philip Rohr Maryland 

Anthony Joseph Romersa Maryland 

Melvin Charles Roppelt Maryland 

Joseph Edward Rose Maryland 

Pamela Ann Rose Maryland 

Solomon David Rosen Maryland 

John Douglas Roth Maryland 

Douglas McClain Rotz Washington 

David Randel Rowley Maryland 

Thomas Howard Rowley New Jersey 

John Rothwell Ryan Maryland 

University of Maryland. 53 

Wayne Robert St. John Connecticut 

Frank Vincent Santini Maryland 

John Tripoli Scafone, Jr Maryland 

Nicholas James Schaus Maryland 

Alan David Scherr Maryland 

Kenneth Schifter Maryland 

Ronald Stanley Schimel Maryland 

William Arthur Schleicher New York 

Leslie Jay Schneider Maryland 

Leonard T. Schroeder, III Maryland 

Richard Lee Schuck Ohio 

George Earl Schuebel Maryland 

Leroy Scott, Jr Maryland 

Maria M. Scott Maryland 

Robert Edward Scott, Jr Maryland 

Ronald David Seidel Maryland 

William Schueler Sewell Maryland 

Robert Charles Shafer Maryland 

Alan Harold Shank Maryland 

Marilyn Taylor Shanks Maryland 

Robert Allan Shapiro Maryland 

Joseph L. Shehade Maryland 

James Blair Shelton Maryland 

Richard A. Sherman Maryland 

Douglas Reid Sherwood Maryland 

Lee Barron Shields Maryland 

Ralph Dana Shipler Maryland 

Frederick Rawlings Shoemaker 


Jaime Shujman Maryland 

Gerald Edward Shupp Maryland 

Stephen Alan Silver Maryland 

Prank E. Silvestro Maryland 

Howard Barry Simons Maryland 

John Paul Simpson Maryland 

Gary Allen Singer Maryland 

Thomas Michael Singleton Maryland 

Richard Albert Skalinski Maryland 

Susan Kay Sklar Maryland 

John Frank Slade, III Maryland 

Jeremy Blanchard Small Maryland 

Elizabeth Jean Smith Maryland 

James Gerard Smith Maryland 

Patricia J. Smith New Jersey 

Dale Edward Snyder Maryland 

Marjorie Solomon Maryland 

Max L. Somers Maryland 

James Thomas Spalding Maryland 

Howard Allen Speigel Maryland 

David Theodore Stanford Maryland 

Richard Gary Starr Maryland 

Riley George Steesy Maryland 

Ronald Sigurd Steffensen Maryland 

Donald Kenneth Steil Maryland 

Martin Matthew Stein Maryland 

Walter Robert Stelzer Maryland 

BURRELL Billiard Stewart, Jr Maryland 

Donald Gerard Stoetzer Maryland 

Harvey Mark Stolker Maryland 

James Samuel Stoner Maryland 

Donald Edward Streeter Maryland 

Jesse Charles Strickland, Jr Maryland 

Richard Atwood Sullivan Maryland 

Robert Edwin Summers Maryland 

John Paul Sutton Maryland 

Richard L. Swanson Maryland 

Roy Laurence Swanson D. C. 

Clayton Cole Swears, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Robert Swindells D. C. 

Ronald Wayne Talbert Maryland 

Peter G. Templeton New Jersey 

James Harvey Thompson Maryland 

Stephen Robert Thompson Maryland 

Stephen Irwin Tievy Maryland 

Cynthia Ann Tillman Maryland 

Michael Patrick Towner Maryland 

George Joseph Trakas, Jr Ohio 

Susan Marian Tropin Maryland 

DlEP Ngoc Tu Vietnam 

Richard Douglas Tucker Maryland 

Pete Ernest Tunanidas Maryland 

Ernest Vernon Turnes, Jr Maryland 

Richard Talbert Tyner, Jr.. .Pennsylvania 

Abdul Rahman Ulfat Maryland 

Robert F. Vaccarelli New Jersey 

David Lester Van Asdlen Maryland 

Daniel J. Vantucci Maryland 

Gerald Edward Voglino, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Terrence Wallace Maryland 

Lawrence Joseph Walsh, Jr Maryland 

Gary Vernon Ward D. C. 

Frank Anthony Warner Maryland 

Phyllis Hall Watkins Maryland 

Patrick Stanley Weber Maryland 

William Christopher "Weeden... .Maryland 

Michael William Weidmann Maryland 

Gerald Philip Weintraub Maryland 

Jacqueline Bander Weisblut Maryland 

Barbara Joan Wells Maryland 

54 i5ff7 CommeTicement Exercises. 

John Patton West Maryland 

Richard King Westerlund Maryland 

Gerald Everett Wetzlek Nebraska 

Albert Kent Weymouth, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Ann Wheeler Maryland 

Robert Alan White Maryland 

Ruthannette White Virginia 

Earl Noble Wicks Illinois 

Louis Andrew Wieland, Jr Maryland 

Richard Gordon Wiggers Maryland 

Wayne Dexter Wildes Maryland 

Peter Rex Wilkes Maryland 

Richard Stuart Willen Maryland 

Kathleen Grace Williams Maryland 

Robert Woods Williams, Jr Maryland 

Robert Warren Wimbrow Maryland 

Steven Edward Wishnow Maryland 

Malcolm Harold Wolf Maryland 

Edward Harvey Woolfe Maryland 

Clifford Arnold Yarwood Maryland 

Robert Lamar York, Jr Maryland 

Robert Lee Young Maryland 

Stephen Karl Yovanov Maryland 

Robert Howard Zeiller, Jr Maryland 

William John Ziegler Maryland 

Donald Leslie Zimmerman Maryland 

Juergan Harald Zimmermann Florida 

Donald Emile Zugby Maryland 

Alan Paul Zukerberg Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Karen Ella Anderson Maryland 

Mary Louise Armiger Maryland 

Carolyn M. Ash Maryland 

Babette H. Bacharach Pennsylvania 

Carolyn Elizabeth Baker Maryland 

James Francis Baker Maryland 

James Paul Baker Maryland 

Judy Marsha Bass Maryland 

Barbara Lee Beall Maryland 

Barbara Ellen Benezra Maryland 

Nancy Margaret Benjes Maryland 

Carol Eileen Bennett Maryland 

Lauren Sandee Bennett Maryland 

Martin Lewis Berger Maryland 

Richard Lee Berglund Maryland 

Vincent Albert Bergstrom Maryland 

Eleanor Barbara Berman Maryland 

Eve Henriette Bernstein Maryland 

Roy Eugene Beziat Maryland 

Susan Gail Bisker Maryland 

Barbara Ann Bloom New Jersey 

Josephine Laubheim Bloom Maryland 

Kathryn Louise Boesch Maryland 

Lois Ann Boggan Maryland 

Susan Caroline Bohne Maryland 

Edward H. Boyce, Jr Maryland 

Bonnie Elizabeth Burbank Connecticut 

Anne Russell Burke Maryland 

Kathryn Rosaire Burns Maryland 

Deirdre Butterfield Maryland 

Wayne Cornelius Byrd Maryland 

Judith E. Cadena Maryland 

Rodger Dale Carney Maryland 

Mary Sue Cassell Maryland 

Sandra Rhodes Christopher Maryland 

Anne Chu Tanzania 

Eileen Mackenzie Cissel Maryland 

Carole Ruth Coburn Maryland 

Barbara Lynne Cohen Maryland 

Joan Temple Copenspire Maryland 

Gloria Beatrice Lockett Davidson 


George Dillard Denny, Jr Maryland 

Norman Terry Deutsch Maryland 

SosSE Dirzoukian Maryland 

Katharine Frances Dolan Maryland 

Rolinda Jane Downie Maryland 

Edward Joseph Duffy Maryland 

Cleveland Raymond Duvall Maryland 

Cheryl F. Eberlin Maryland 

Elaine Mildred Embrey Maryland 

Nathan Engle Maryland 

Joyce Iris Epstein Maryland 

Donald Theodore Armacost Fair, Jr. 


Ruth Mary Ferguson Maryland 

Ann Frances Fields Maryland 

Darla Jayne Fishbein Maryland 

Evelyn Lasch Fleming Maryland 

Lynne Margaret Foure Maryland 

James Alvin Fowler Maryland 

University of Maryland. 5 5 

Bonnie Cabole Pox New Jersey 

Sandi L. Frank Maryland 

Carole Ann Garnett Maryland 

Charlene Glass Maryland 

Ellen Janet Glass Maryland 

David Carroll Greek Maryland 

Peggy Ann Grindrod Maryland 

Virginia Ann Guidera Maryland 

Sharon Gay Harper Maryland 

Nadla Lynn Hatwell Maryland 

Irene Healy fennsyivania 

Joseph Ignatius Headman, jR..New Jersey 

Dorothy Ruth Hedges Maryland 

Carolyn Waring Heether Maryland 

Myrna Beth HEiDENBBatG New York 

Mary Imogene Heissekman Maryland 

Ann Louise Herbert New Jersey 

Ann Leigh Herron Maryland 

Sherrill Ruckert Herron Maryland 

Michael Willlam Herzberg Maryland 

Arnita Hicks Maryland 

Daniel Joseph Hogan Maryland 

Martha Penelope Huntington. ...Marj/towd 

Robert Charles Ingwersen Maryland 

Marsha Penn Jacobs Maryland 

Richard Allen James Maryland 

Dorinda Dee Jolles Maryland 

Mary Ann Kahoe Maryland 

Patricla Lynn Kalec Maryland 

Babette Ross Kasmib Maryland 

Madonna Sharon Kelbaugh Maryland 

Catherine Linda Kenney Maryland 

Velva Judith Kern Maryland 

Ann M. Knoblock Maryland 

Susan Euzabeth Kohler Maryland 

Marjory Yvonne Krause D. C. 

Christina Adele Kruse Maryland 

Charlene Mary Kucera Maryland 

Ronald Richard Ladue Maryland 

George Rudolph Lauer, Jr Maryland 

Donald Arden Link Maryland 

Sharon Brooke Linthicum Maryland 

Pearl C. Lipsie Maryland 

Janice Mablene Lissy Maryland 

Fred Henry Lowenbach Maryland 

Robert Charles Maddox Maryland 

William Ferdinand Manns Maryland 

James Marcello, Jr Maryland 

JERIE Penelope Mares Maryland 

Kathryn Anne Marshall Maryland 

Constance Jblannette Mayer Maryland 

Ann Marie McCann Maryland 

Vivian McGhan Maryland 

John David McMahon Maryland 

Lynne Mondell Maryland 

Robert Joseph Mooney, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Ellen Golladay ^oovE.Maryland 

Robert Vance Moore, III Maryland 

Janice Linda Mostow Maryland 

Mary Lee Nelson Maryland 

Joan S. Nevins Maryland 

Mary Katherine Niemeyer Maryland 

Mary Ellen Oberdorf Maryland 

Connie Steinbach Olson Maryland 

Theresa Dale O'Neill Maryland 

Marilyn Lesley Orange Maryland 

John W. O'Shea Maryland 

Gail Ann Patterson Maryland 

Ella Jane Margaret Peebles D.C. 

Linda Miriam Perlov? New Jersey 

Sara D. Pitt Maryland 

Joyce Dolores Praley Maryland 

Maurice Lee Preston, Jr Maryland 

Helen Frances Pynn Maryland 

Susan Faye Raffel Maryland 

Sandra Leonard Ransick Maryland 

Janice Claire Ricalzone D.C. 

Diane Rice Maryland 

Gary Lee Robertson Maryland 

Robert Christopher RouAGiiA. ....Maryland 

Donna Lynne Rothert Maryland 

Michael John Roy Maryland 

Susan Louise Sandford Maryland 

Sue Ann Sausser Maryland 

Judy Danell Scarbrough Maryland 

Charles Victor Schneider Maryland 

Ardene Lurie Schoenfeld Maryland 

Joan Mabjorie Schwartz Maryland 

Leslie Ellen Semel Maryland 

Paul Eugene Shankun, II New Jersey 

Carole Lee Sherman Maryland 

Wayne Lee Shipley Maryland 

Laren Silverman Maryland 

Marlan Sue Siskind Maryland 

Joan Chisholm Smith Maryland 

Mary Dean Sprinkle Maryland 

Dorothy M. Statler Maryland 

Karen Linda Steele Maryland 

Sandra Jeannine Stine Maryland 

Allen Lee Stockett Maryland 

Martin Stuart Sumers Maryland 

George Stanley Thomas, Jr Maryland 

Suzanne Pennell Turner Maryland 

Norma Understein Maryland 

Cabole Ann Upchurch Virginia 

Bonnie Rae Vance Maryland 

56 1967 Commeneement Exercises. 

Mary Joan Wallace Maryland 

Jerry K. Ward Maryland 

Susan Parke Waters Maryland 

David Allen Weidner New York 

Emily Workman Westrick Maryland 

Isabel Elizabeth White Maryland 

Cynthia J. Wiens Maryland 

John James Wilkinson Maryland 

Janet Marie Winemiller Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Barbara Ann Abramowitz Maryland 

Marilyn H. Abrams Maryland 

Aquilla Z. Alaba Maryland 

Patricio E. Albornoz Maryland 

Gerald Arnold Alenius Maryland 

Jane Marie Alexander Maryland 

Stephen Lynn Allman Maryland 

Janice Sue Alvey Maryland 

Walter Ronald Alwine Maryland 

Catherine Scott Ames Maryland 

Susan Jane Anderson Maryland 

Mark Alan Anderson Maryland 

Eileen Sharon Aptaker Maryland 

Nancy Jo Auleta New York 

Susan Molesworth Bair Maryland 

George Doss Baker Maryland 

Phyllis Bank Maryland 

William Eugene Barger Maryland 

Harriet H. Barkan Maryland 

Diana Marie Barker Maryland 

Adelaide Sue Currier Barnes Maryland 

Linda Claire Barth D.C. 

Marsha Ellen Basen Maryland 

Loanne Bateman Maryland 

Raymond Edward Baumann Maryland 

Donna Mae Beach Maryland 

Susan Jane Behm Maryland 

Jennifer Eileen Belgard Maryland 

Elizabeth Ida Benbow Maryland 

Karl Norman Benson Pennsylvania 

Susan Rickey Berg Maryland 

Ann Marie Berger Maryland 

Jon David Bergeron Maryland 

Carol Gail Berman Maryland 

John Norman Berry Maryland 

Lynn Ann Beveridge Maryland 

Lucy Cooper Billings Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Bingham Maryland 

Bella Binstock Maryland 

Carolyn Sue Birely Maryland 

Patricia Louise Bittmann Maryland 

Maxine Harriet Black Maryland 

Carole Ann Blackstock Maryland 

Richard Roy Blanchard Maryland 

Ellen Frances Blanken Maryland 

Martin Glenn Bloom Maryland 

Susan F. Bloom Maryland 

Earl David Blubaugh Maryland 

Carolyn Beatrice Bodkin New Jersey 

Sara Lou M. Bondy Texas 

Gertrude Maria Boruta Maryland 

Margaret Ann Boswell Connecticut 

Cathy Lee Bower Maryland 

Kennard Samuel Brackney Maryland 

DiANNE Florence Bradley D.C. 

Marsha Lynn Brafman Maryland 

Jane Ann Branyan Maryland 

Sharon Ruth Braver Maryland 

Charles Earl Brinkley, Jr Maryland 

Christine P. Brinkley Maryland 

Adele Hume Brodmerkel D.C. 

Elayne Karen Brodsky Maryland 

Michael Ira Brooks Maryland 

Mary Jeanne Brown Maryland 

RosLYN Ann Bruder Maryland 

Merle Elizabeth Bucco Maryland 

Margaret M. Bunty Maryland 

Joseph Bryan Burdette Maryland 

Mary Margaret Burkhouse Maryland 

Elaine Maria Burkley Maryland 

Ellin Jane Cahill Maryland 

Mary Lois Cain Maryland 

Breckenridge Hume Caine, III. ...Maryland 

Mary Agnes Callaway Maryland 

James Camillus Calisto Maryland 

Ilene Kay Caplan Maryland 

Rona M. Carasik Maryland 

Annette Margaret Carbone New Jersey 

Patricia Ann Carpenter Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Carr D. C. 

Nancy Marshall Carruthers Maryland 

Jacki Ellen Carson Maryland 

Georgia Rae Cascio Maryland 

Sylvia Gladys Centa Maryland 

Judith Gail Chalker Maryland 

Jean Katherine Chance Maryland 

Jackie Eugene Clark Ohio 

Linda Marie Chase Maryland 

Janice Adele Christiansen New Jersey 

Susan Elizabeth Clark Maryland 

University of Maryland. 57 

Antonia Marie Clarke Maryland 

Marjorie Lucille Cogar Maryland 

Arlene Lois Cohen Maryland 

Charlene Cohen Maryland 

Ren^E Colner Maryland 

Arnold John Comproni Maryland 

Ellen Nathanson Cook Maryland 

H. Rebecca Cooper Maryland 

Ann Bender Corderman Maryland 

Beverly Ann Corkran Maryland 

YvETTE Laura Counts Maryland 

Judith Anne Cox Maryland 

Robert Michael Cox Maryland 

Patricia Schaffer Crawford Maryland 

Donna Lea Creelman Maryland 

John Ainsworth Cress Maryland 

Heubert Jension Crisman Maryland 

John Douglas Cross, Jr Maryland 

Cathleen Riley Crossfield Maryland 

Deborah D. Culbertson Maryland 

Ann L. Dahlin Maryland 

Patricia Anne Daly Maryland 

David John Daniel Maryland 

Helen Frances Danne Maryland 

Jane Deniel Davis Maryland 

Stephen Marcell Derdeyn Maryland 

Ferdinand John d'Eustachio, Jr. 


Chester Allen DeVore Maryland 

Regina Marian Dickerson Maryland 

Bruce Albin Dishman Maryland 

Martha Marie Doerner Maryland 

Richard Allen Donohue Maryland 

Pamela Jean Drinane Maryland 

Mary Elener Dugan Maryland 

Janet Harrison Dury Maryland 

LORICE Ann Duvall. Maryland 

Judith Dunn Dworkin Maryland 

Christina Henry Ebel Maryland 

Rosalind Einbinder Maryland 

Sandra Lee Ekrem Maryland 

Dana Marie Emmert Maryland 

Katherine T. Endslow Maryland 

Charlotte Epstein Maryland 

Joan Frances Epstein Maryland 

Merle Harriet Epstein Maryland 

Kathleen Anne Erlanger Maryland 

Mary Lee Everett Maryland 

Anne Zelda Farber Maryland 

Marian Toby Feinberg Maryland 

Terri Jan Fenwick Maryland 

Constance Mary Fillah Maryland 

Marilyn Betty Fink Maryland 

Rhona J. Flehinger Maryland 

Barry Gleaton Foy Maryland 

Alda Frances Frascino Maryland 

David Glen Freitag Maryland 

Kathleen Ann Frick Maryland 

Marlene K. Friedman Maryland 

Carolyn Ruth Frye Maryland 

Kimiko Ann Fukuda Maryland 

Arthur Robert Fuller New Jersey 

Audrey L Gaither Maryland 

Marilyn Sue Gaizband Maryland 

Kathryn Monica Gallagher Maryland 

Linda B. Gambrell Maryland 

Joyce Dianne Garner Maryland 

Ralph Hibbert Garreth Pennsylvania 

Martha J. Garrett Maryland 

Robert Francis Geisler Maryland 

Ellen Anne General Maryland 

Joseph Robert Gick Maryland 

Diane Gilkey Maryland 

Lois Leslie Giller Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth GLEAS0N..A/'ew Jersey 

Carol Louise Glover Maryland 

Judith N. Gold New Jersey 

Berna Rae Goldberg Maryland 

Linda Barbara Goldberg D. C. 

Myra Anita Gottleib Maryland 

Pamela Sue Grams Illinois 

RoDGERS Kenyon Greenawalt Maryland 

Kathy Ellen Greenhood Maryland 

Elizabeth A. Greiner Maryland 

Otto John Greul, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Jeanne Grim Maryland 

Sandra Lee Grimm Maryland 

Berta Grossman Maryland 

Walter Brand Grove Maryland 

Phyllis Neill Gryder North Carolina 

Edward Gunde Maryland 

Marlene Kay Gunther Virginia 

Dianne Marie Guppy Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Haas Maryland 

Donald Brannock Hackett Maryland 

Terry Lynne Handloff D. C. 

Joyce Darlene Hardman Maryland 

Diane Pearce Hardwich Maryland 

Patricia Ann Harrison Maryland 

Charles W. Hartley, Jr. Maryland 

Elizabeth L. Harvey Maryland 

William MacArthur Harvey Maryland 

Anne Mallory Hayes Maryland 

Sara Catherine Haynes Maryland 

Mary Sharon Hazard Maryland 

Sandra Lee Heilman Maryland 

58 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Kathleen Marie Hennessey Maryland 

Ilene S. Herstone New Jersey 

Carol Anne Higgins D. C. 

Emily Lynn Hillman Maryland 

Ellen Faye Himelfarb Maryland 

Constance E. Hjertberg Maryland 

Kay Beverly Hober Maryland 

Lynn Marian Hoffenberg Maryland 

Helene Ann Hogan Maryland 

Patricia Nan Holzer New Jersey 

Norma B. Honick Maryland 

Barbara Ann Hornbake Maryland 

Nancy Ellen Horwitz Maryland 

Norma Carol Hoshall Maryland 

Carole Ann Houghton Maryland 

Katherine Mary Howard Maryland 

Carolyn Harrell Hutchinson. ...Marj/tend 

Mary Tarbutton Hynson Maryland 

Judith Elizabeth Iager Maryland 

Stephanie Nina Iovino Pennsylvania 

Carol Duke Isaac Maryland 

JoAnn Woodward Jackson Maryland 

Susan Blanche Jacob: Maryland 

Barbara Diane Jacobson Maryland 

Sandra Elaine Jefferson Maryland 

Elizabeth A. Jiles Pennsylvania 

Caldona Ann Johnson Maryland 

Joan Wells Johnson Maryland 

Judith Alice Johnson Maryland 

Nedenia Lee Johnson Maryland 

Margaret Stabler Johnson Maryland 

John Clark Jones Maryland 

Sandra Elisabeth Jones Maryland 

Thomas Howard Jones Maryland 

Charlene L. Joyce Maryland 

Carol Moskovitz Kalfon Maryland 

Richard Edward Kaminski Maryland 

Michael T. Kanagy Maryland 

Ethel F. Karp Maryland 

Sandra Jean Kaster Maryland 

Barbara Ann Katz Maryland 

Rose Sharon Katz D.C. 

Russell William Keiser Maryland 

Freddie Jean Kelly Rhode Island 

Janet Grey Kemetick Maryland 

Gary Albert Kemp Maryland 

Susan Gail Keren D.C. 

RONNA Lou Kern Maryland 

Marbeth Kathleen Kernan Maryland 

Margaret Lynne Kidder Connecticut 

Sandra Gordon King Maryland 

Nancy G. Kirsch Maryland 

Sandra Louise Knox Maryland 

Meryl Kolevzon New Jersey 

Leslye M. Komitzsky Maryland 

Susan Ann Koopmann Maryland 

Marcia Ann Koplin Maryland 

Shirley Kossoy Maryland 

William George Kramer Maryland 

Carol Suzanne Kruse Maryland 

Carl Ferdinand Kuhne, Jr Maryland 

Carolyn Ward Langer Maryland 

Roberta Sue Lasken Maryland 

Irma Marie Lauster Maryland 

Patricia Margaret Lawrence Maryland 

Paul Frederick Lawrence Maryland 

Carol Ruth Lawson North Carolina 

Kathleen Winkel League Maryland 

Sue Lee Leong Maryland 

Tami F. Lerner Maryland 

Marjorie Sue Levin Maryland 

Barbara Sue Levine Maryland 

Joan Adele Lipsitz Maryland 

Penelope LeRoy Loomis Maryland 

Frances Caroline Lovaas Maryland 

Kathleen E. Lowry Maryland 

Russell Raymond Loy Maryland 

Joan R. Luchinsky Maryland 

Linda Parsons Litovickson Maryland 

Judy Anne Lumpkin Maryland 

Judy E. Luray Maryland 

Carol Chiville Lynn Maryland 

Anthony Sabatino Macerollo ....Maryland 

Jo Ann MacLean Maryland 

Helen L. Madara Maryland 

Dawn Lee Maddox Maryland 

Rhona Melissa Madeoy Maryland 

Florence Evelyn Madsen Maryland 

Harry Kent Magalotti Maryland 

David Paul Mahaffey Maryland 

Steven Brian Manch Maryland 

Sarah Bliss Mandy Maryland 

Joyce Ann Mann Maryland 

Joseph Robert Manuel, III Maryland 

Vivian Marcia Marcuse Maryland 

Joyce Ann Marks Maryland 

Sandra Louise Mastrovito Maryland 

Ruth Penniman Martin Maryland 

Marcia Ann Mathias Maryland 

Janet Louise Maxey Maryland 

Karin Anne Maxim New York 

James Gray Maxwell, Jr. Maryland 

Sharon Lee McIntyre Maryland 

Douglas Elliott McRoy Maryland 

Jessie O. Meese Virginia 

University of Maryland. 59 

Lawrence W. Meiser Maryland 

Carl Edward Mensing, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Agnes Mensing Maryland 

Ronald Peter Meyer Maryland 

Edna Muriel Meyers Maryland 

Gary Warren Miller Maryland 


Nancy Winifred Miller Maryland 

Sheila Bettye Miller Maryland 

BiLLiE Sue Brown Mills Maryland 

Mildred May Smith Mills Maryland 

Robert Elsworth Mills, Jr Maryland 

Arleen Joyce Milner Maryland 

Cheryl Ann Mitchell Maryland 

Marlene Anita Mondshine Maryland 

Judy Cheryl Monfried Maryland 

Miles Lind Moore Maryland 

Patricia Lynn Moore Maryland 

Paul Alfred Morin, Jr D.C. 

Carolyn Elizabeth Morris Maryland 

Maxine Fall Morris Maryland 

Thomas Hervey Munro Maryland 

Deborah Needel Maryland 

Linda Anne Neukam Maryland 

John Joseph Neville Maryland 

Kathleen M. Noffsinger Maryland 

Karen Curtis Norris Maryland 

Janet Engle Ober Maryland 

Jerauld Thomas Oberholtzer Maryland 

Sharon L. O'Connor Maryland 

James Scott Ohlmacher Maryland 

Virginia Lee Olmer Maryland 

Thelma J. OsBORN Maryland 

Gertrude H. Pardoe Maryland 

George Povey Parton, III Maryland 

Vernice Stevenson Paschall D.C. 

Ellen Iris Pass Maryland 

Corene Roberta Patterson Maryland 

Beverly Joan Paul Maryland 

Beverly L. Royer Payne Maryland 

Richard Frank Pecora Maryland 

Elizabeth L. Peplowski Maryland 

Susan Persh Maryland 

Mary Agnes Phelan Maryland 

Janice R. Ping Maryland 

ROSLYN Lee Plotnick Maryland 

Mary Darlene Poole Maryland 

Steven Pories Maryland 

Susan Marie Pound Maryland 

Dorothy Goering Pratt Maryland 

Elizabeth Withers Pritchett ....Maryland 

Carmela Jean Puglisi Maryland 

Sharon Jean Quick D. C. 

Marilyn Esther Quinn Maryland 

Ellen Hope Rappoport Maryland 

Carol Lee Redding Maryland 

James Paul Reger Maryland 

Carolyn Sard Remington Maryland 

Linda Gae Restivo Maryland 

James William Rhodes Maryland 

Carroll Timothy Ridgely Maryland 

Janice W. Rieck Maryland 

Michael Jay Rinis Maryland 

Patricia Ann Rita Maryland 

Phoebe Anne Ritt Maryland 

Celia Boley Robb Maryland 

Martha Carol Roberts Maryland 

Kenneth Thomas Rodda Virginia 

Frances Ellen Rodier Maryland 

Marilyn Lee Roman Maryland 

Rita Carole Rome Maryland 

Leslie Gail Rosen Maryland 

Marlene Rosenberg Maryland 

Cheryl Sue Rosoff Maryland 

Andrea A. Ross Maryland 

Bonnie Sue Rubinstein Maryland 

Sharon Lee Rudden Maryland 

William Robert Ruley Maryland 

Elena Ann Russack Maryland 

Jane E. Sachs Maryland 

Ellen Ruth Saidman Maryland 

Bernard Wallace Samm, Jr Maryland 

Diane Glynn Sandefer Maryland 

Lee F. Sandler Maryland 

Ronald Armand Sarlin Maryland 

Linda Sue Sborofsky Maryland 

Susan Katherine ScHARNiKow....Morj/to7id 

Linda Sue Scheinberg Maryland 

Walter H. Schlegel Maryland 

Caren Joyce Schmidt Maryland 

Judy Lee Schmitt Maryland 

Lois Sandra Schwartz Maryland 

Robert Morton Sclater Maryland 

William Norman Sears, III Maryland 

Carolyn Virginia Seiaton Maryland 

Karen Lee Seganish D. C. 

Margaret Ann Shaffer Maryland 

Betty Shane Maryland 

Mary Lou Shapiro Maryland 

Harry M. Shealey Maryland 

Shonette M. Sheiarer Maryland 

Robert Aaron Sherkey Maryland 

James Denton Shipley Maryland 

Carol Lehman Shupe Maryland 

Cynthia Catherine Siegman Maryland 

Jean Marie Siegrist Maryland 

Patricia Margaret Sievebt Maryland 

Genya Nehh Smetana Maryland 

60 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Jo Ann Smith Maryland 

Richard W. Smith Maryland 

Robert Stanley Smith Maryland 

Robert Wilbur Smith D. C. 

Wayne H. Smith Maryland 

Carolyn Margaret Snyder Maryland 

Ann Lynn Sokol Maryland 

Marsha Ann Sprich Maryland 

Gail Irene Springer Virginia 

Jeannette Vaught Stabler Maryland 

Joanne Staley Maryland 

Stephanie Michelson STANLEY..Marj//amc/ 

Lynn Ruzicka Steelberg Maryland 

Sherry Anne Stein Maryland 

Susan Steinberg Maryland 

Constance E. Stephens Maryland 

Nancy Lee Straight Maryland 

Leslie Merle Streen Maryland 

Ronald Roy Stroito Maryland 

Charles Peter SxmMACEWicz New York 

Frances R. Swanson Maryland 

Sharan J. Sydney Maryland 

Carolyn Anne Tabinski D.C. 

Sandra Anne Tapscott Maryland 

ViCKi Ilene Taylor Maryland 

Phillip Wesley Thomas Maryland 

Fred Arthur Thompson, II Maryland 

Jerome Michael Thompson Maryland 

Judith Ann Thompson Maryland 

Madalene E. Tinsley Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Tobias Maryland 

Patrick Charles Toole Maryland 

Sarah Gilroy Tribble Maryland 

Joyce Annette Triplett Maryland 

Doris Ann Trisler Maryland 

Carol Foster Trunnell Maryland 

Stephen John Turner Maryland 

Carol Ann Turoff Maryland 

Cecilia Anne Vallely Maryland 

Charles Francis Venable, Jr Maryland 

Audrey Ritter Vest Maryland 

Charlotte Anne Wade Maryland 

Opal Lee Wahmhoff Maryland 

Jeffrey Marvin Walder Maryland 

Donald M. Walker Maryland 

Nancy Ann Walker Maryland 

James Tippett Wallace Maryland 

Marianne S. Wannall Maryland 

Barbara Joan Waranch Maryland 

David Ridley Watkins Maryland 

James Russell Watkins Maryland 

Andrea Grigg Weatherby Pennsylvania 

Ann Christine Weber Maryland 

Harriet Marcia Weinberg Maryland 

Herbert S. Weiss Maryland 

Carol Donna Werner Maryland 

Leone Callicott Wertz Maryland 

Raymond Irvin Wheeler Maryland 

Angelica Christine White Maryland 

Francis Murray White, Jr Maryland 

Madeline B. White Maryland 

Bette Jean Whitelock Maryland 

Gail Joan Widom Maryland 

Andrea Marie Wiegard Maryland 

Riley Seth Williamson, III Maryland 

Kathleen Louise Wilson Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Wilson Virginia 

Adrienne Marron Winters Maryland 

Diane Gay Wirschnitzer Maryland 

Sharon Lee Wolfe Maryland 

Phyllis Sydelle Wolfson Maryland 

Mary Lou Wood Maryland 

Bonnie S. Woods Maryland 

Mary Lynn Wright Maryland 

Russell Givens Wright Maryland 

Irene Jeanette Wybenga Maryland 

Janet A. Yarian Maryland 

Ruth Walder Yudkoff Maryland 

Albert Wright Zahniser, HI Maryland 

Jacqueline Zimmerman Maryland 

Gloria Ingrid Zwirn Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Robert B. Beckman, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Nathaniel James Addleman D.C. 

Martin Eric Adler Maryland 

Frank Edward Angier, Jr D.C. 

James Edward Anton Maryland 

Romeo Salvador Arengo Maryland 

John Bash Arford Maryland 

Mehmet Ersin Bacinoglu Virginia 

John Williamson Baicy Maryland 

University of Maryland. 6 1 

Richard Alan Baker Maryland 

Richard Kent Baldauf Maryland 

John Alfred Barolet Maryland 

Jeffrey Michael Barrie Maryland 

Alfred Hazard Barth Maryland 

Allan Austin Beale Maryland 

James Lawrence Beard Maryland 

H. Randall Bell Maryland 

Awald Jarrett Bembe Maryland 

George Stephen Bennett Maryland 

Stephen Michael Bennett... .Pennsylvania 

Arthur Bergantz, III Pennsylvania 

Robert Charles Berner Maryland 

George Arthur Berts Maryland 

James Joseph Bethke Maryland 

John Frederick Betz New Hamsphire 

Douglas Raymond Biehl Maryland 

Nathan Bluzer Maryland 

James V. Bodycomb Maryland 

William Thomas Bottoms Maryland 

Michael Tracy Breen Maryland 

Henry Charles Brisker D.C. 

Bruce Duncan Brooks Maryland 

Walter Tarlton Bryan, Jr Maryland 

Robert James Bryer Maryland 

Stuart Ray Buckingham Maryland 

Oleh a. Bulawka Maryland 

Larry L. Burchett Maryland 

Paul Lee Burns Maryland 

Arturo Bustamante Peru 

David Michael Butler Maryland 

James Samuel Cameron Maryland 

Gordon Fletcher Cannon, Jr Maryland 

Anthony Mario Capizzi Maryland 

Richard T. Carll Maryland 

Yu Keung Chan Hong Kong 

KiEN Cheng Chang Maryland 

Richard Carleton Chesley Maryland 

Marshall T. Chewning, Jr Maryland 

Matthew George Citron Maryland 

Stephen Earl Clark Maryland 

Harley Richard Cleveland Maryland 

Michael Joseph Collins Maryland 

Gary Howard Collison Maryland 

Robert Louis Collura Pennsylvania 

Frank Rolle Connor Maryland 

Julian Hamilton Convey Maryland 

Dennis R. Cook D.C. 

Gary Montgomery Cooper Maryland 

James Edward Cooper Maryland 

James Edward Crawley Maryland 

John Glenn Crowther Pennsylvania 

Victor Robert Culver D.C. 

Joseph Edward Cunningham, Jr. 


Ralph W. Curtis, Jr. Maryland 

Rodney Paul Cwiek Maryland 

David James Davis Maryland 

Elijah Linwood Davis Maryland 

Herbert Francis Day Maryland 

Dick Ardell Decker Pennsylvania 

John Paul Devereaux Maryland 

John Downing, III Maryland 

Kenneth Wilson Duckett Maryland 

Eugene Daniel Dunn, Jr Maryland 

Franklyn Francis Durilla Maryland 

Monte R. Edwards Maryland 

Philip Knox Edwards, III Maryland 

Roger Lynn Eisinger D.C. 

R. Alan Ewing Maryland 

Frederick Coleman Falin, Jr Maryland 

Harry Eugene Faul Maryland 

John Bruce Ferguson Connecticut 

Robert John Fink Maryland 

Timothy Edward Finnegan Maryland 

Walter Fishman Maryland 

Richard Peter Flynn Maryland 

Charles William Formwalt Maryland 

Michael David Fort Maryland 

Arthur Lee Fox Maryland 

James Dennis Frew Maryland 

George Edward Garrison Maryland 

Bruce Norris Geer Maryland 

Timothy Fred Geiger Maryland 

VOLKER Rudolf Geissler Maryland 

Ray Kenneth Gillespie Maryland 

David Richard Gipe Maryland 

Ronald Wesley Given Maryland 

Charles Donald Goines Maryland 

James Arthito Grady Maryland 

WiLiAM Edward Grant D.C. 

Brian Arthur Green Maryland 

Edgar M. Greville Maryland 

John David Grier Pennsylvania 

Douglas W. Guth Mart/land 

Joseph Clarence Gxty Maryland 

Douglas Galloway Hall Maryland 

William Collier Hamer Maryland 

John William Hancher Pennsylvania 

Curtis Buckridge Harris, Jr Maryland 

James Douglas Hartlove Maryland 

Bernard Irwin Hass D.C. 

Robert James Hassett Maryland 

J/CAES Robert Hastings Maryland 

Ronald J. Hatwell Maryland 

David Preston Hayes Maryland 

Bertram Claude Hayner, Jr Maryland 

Leonard Stanley Haynes Maryland 

62 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Robert Floyd Haynes Maryland 

Raymond Franklin Headley Maryland 

Jacob Edmonds Hemingway Maryland 

John Lindsey Jacobus Maryland 

Robert Couper Jensen Maryland 

Roy Forrest Johnson, Jr. Maryland 

Ernest M. Jones West Virginia 

Frederick W. Jones Maryland 

Richard Martin Jones Maryland 

Robert Leonard Jones, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Francis Judy Maryland 

Michael E. Kanowitz Maryland 

Calvin A. Keeney Maryland 

John Charles Kelly Maryland 

John Lewis Kemper, Jr Maryland 

David Earl King Maryland 

William Jackson King, III Maryland 

Frederick Daniel KLUCKHUHN....Mari/;owrf 

John Martin Koper, Jr Maryland 

Wade Edward Krueger Maryland 

Frederick Louis Kuehl Maryland 

Hans Jurgen Kuhr Maryland 

Thomas Arthur KtmzMiLLER Maryland 

Herbert Alan LaFlamme Maryland 

Donald Richard LaMarr Maryland 

Robert Casey Lamb Maryland 

Lewis Edwin Lantz, III Maryland 

Gerard Joseph LaRock Maryland 

Frederick John Lebert Maryland 

Edward Chenghua Lee Maryland 

Henry Chengliu Lee Maryland 

Jong Sung Lee Korea 

Phillip Lee D. C. 

Harry Pierce Lehman Maryland 

John Charles Lehmann Maryland 

Carroll James Leizear Maryland 

James Edward Levin Maryland 

Gerald E. Lingenfelter Pennsylvania 

Ronald William Lowman Maryland 

TUAN Thieu Luong Maryland 

Vincent Charles Lutheran Maryland 

lOHN Henry Mack Maryland 

Raymond E. Mahaffey, Jr Maryland 

Charles Richard Maple Maryland 

Michael Y. Mar Maryland 

Larry Richard Markle Maryland 

Carroll LeRoy Marriott Maryland 

Daniel Seymour Mauck Maryland 

Ray Allen Mauck Maryland 

Rodolph Leonard May, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Eugene McDuffie Maryland 

Edward Joseph McFaul, III Maryland 

Charles Robert McLean Maryland 

Gerald Edward Mehlbaum Maryland 

Leonard Joseph Melhart, Jr Maryland 

Roger Leroy Miller Maryland 

Michael Edgar Minnigh Maryland 

Gary Louis Molino Maryland 

Gregory Paul Monahan D. C. 

Joseph John Moorcones Maryland 

James Anthony Morris Maryland 

Joseph Henry Morris Maryland 

Charles Lewis Morton, II Maryland 

Arthur Emil Muegge Maryland 

Richard Curtis MuNSTERTEiGER....Marj/Za?id 

William Henry Murphy Maryland 

Richard James Musci New York 

John Joseph Nelka Maryland 

David Lloyd Neurauter Maryland 

Robert Steven Neyman Maryland 

James Lawrence Nickle Maryland 

Nicholas Basil Noulas Maryland 

John Charles Obenschain Maryland 

Charles Frederick Obrecht Maryland 

D. Kelly O'Day Maryland 

James Albert Oliff Maryland 

Thomas Jay Painter Maryland 

James Franklin Paradise Maryland 

Edwin Russell Parsons Maryland 

John F. Patrick, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Marc Paul Maryland 

Larry E. Paulick Maryland 

David Francis Peck Maryland 

Stephen Louis Pendergast Maryland 

William O'Brien Pentecost New Jersey 

Peter Gordon Perry Maryland 

William John Peters, Jr Maryland 

Dighton Walter Peugvt, Jr Maryland 

William Daniel Phelps, Jr Maryland 

Michael Allen Phillips Maryland 

James Edward Pickeral Maryland 

Walter David Pittman, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Podberesky Maryland 

Charles Edward Polinger Maryland 

Michael F. Potter Maryland 

Thomas John Pozzuoli Maryland 

Gary Wayne Priebe New York 

James Elwood Rannels Maryland 

John Glenn Robey Maryland 

Howard George Rode, Jr Maryland 

Michael Arnold Rodkey Maryland 

Robert Louis Rosenblum Maryland 

David Pendleton Rosser Maryland 

Walter Karl Rothfuss New York 

David Donald Royston Maryland 

University of Maryland. 63 

Karl Arno Schmuhl Maryland 

James Edgar Sears, Jr Maryland 

Edward William Sebring Maryland 

Eldon Allen Seifert Maryland 

William Henry Sell, Jr Maryland 

Dale Anthony Sherman Maryland 

Leonard James Shiloh Maryland 

Charles M. Shub New Jersey 

Jan Howard Silbaugh Maryland 

Javid Siminou Maryland 

Richard Elbert Sisson Maryland 

Michael Smariga Maryland 

Barry Barton Smith Maryland 

Richard Bryant Smith Pennsylvania 

Harvey Edward Solomon Maryland 

James Andrew Somerville, Jr Maryland 

Fred Everett Springer Maryland 

Harry Judson Stacy Maryland 

Wilson Dodd Stacy Maryland 

Michael E. Stahl Maryland 

Walter Page Stanley Maryland 

Michael Douglas Steer Maryland 

Warren Bruce Steffen Maryland 

David Allen Stewart Maryland 

James H. Stiegler D. C. 

Dallas F. Stokes Maryland 

John Christopher Stokes Maryland 

Richard Anthony Stokken Maryland 

William Milton Stone, Jr Maryland 

Richard Boldt Strachan Maryland 

James W. Strausser Pennsylvania 

Rodney Clayton Stude Maryland 

David Brewer Sullivan Maryland 

Kenneth George Szeliga Maryland 

Edward A. Tancibok Pennsylvania 

Pui Lam Tang Maryland 

Thomas Howard Tate Maryland 

Willlam Edward Taylor Maryland 

Warren Alan Thielz Maryland 

James Robert Thomas, Jr Maryland 

James Edward Thompson Maryland 

Robert Ernest Toth Pennsylvania 

Robert David Trachtenberg Maryland 

Joseph A. Travisano New York 

Robert Bruce Tupper Maryland 

Garland Lee Turner Maryland 

Anton J. Urbas, Jr Maryland 

Philip Christian Van dee GoES..Maryland 

William Frederick Yier, III Maryland 

Frank Reid Wagner Maryland 

James Willlam Walsh Maryland 

Paul John Waltrup Maryland 

James Lawrence Warwick Maryland 

Robert Allen Weinraub Maryland 

Stephen M. Weissberg Maryland 

Harry Joseph Wellens Maryland 

John Michael Wessel Maryland 

Roy Gill White Maryland 

Thomas Wilson White Maryland 

Richard Davis Whitney Maryland 

Darrell Albert Wiles Maryland 

Frank Willlam Wilkins Maryland 

Richard Edmund Winkler Maryland 

Robert George Wishart Maryland 

Charles Adolph Wobbeking, i^... Maryland 

Robert Winfrey Wood Maryland 

Joseph Bernard York Maryland 

Stephen Derryl York Virginia 

Craig W. Young Maryland 

Edward Erwin Young, Jr New Jersey 

Robert Edward Zimmerman Maryland 

Eugene Thomas Zsuffa New York 


Candidates will be presented by Ema R. Chapman, Acting Dean of the College 


Joanne Marguerite Althoff Maryland 

Adeline Ann Balestra Maryland 

ROBYN Gingerich Baugham Maryland 

Joseph William Bernier Maryland 

Bessie J. Berry D. C. 

Jeianne Louise Bladen Maryland 

May Colgate Brewer Maryland 

Janet Sue Brown Maryland 

Sharon Maryeiva Brown Maryland 

of Science 

Patricia Anne Burgess Maryland 

Irene Marie Chaconas Maryland 

Ellen Mary Chambers Maryland 

Edith Poole Chapman Maryland 

Myrna Diane Chasanow Maryland 

Linda Fern Choin Maryland 

Ouida L. Ciotola Maryland 

Barbara Lee Cliff Maryland 

Susan Connelly MaryUmd 

64 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Mary Ellen Connor Maryland 

Lucy Catherine Conti Pennsylvania 

Nancy Lee Crowther Maryland 

Darlene Elizabeth Dague Maryland 

Diane Helen Deacon Maryland 

Judith Anne Draper Maryland 

Diane DuVal Maryland 

Marvorene Byrd Edwards Maryland 

Richard Lewis Eigenbrot New Jersey 

Carol Marie Elam Marylarul 

Mary Kristine Favaloro Maryland 

Sara Ann Flanagan Maryland 

Alice Ann Fleshman Maryland 

Dianne Francies Maryland 

Margaret J. Freeman Maryland 

Nancy Frey New Jersey 

Susan Turner Gerwe Maryland 

Roberta Greenblat Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Grove Maryland 

Glenda Grubbs Maryland 

Rita Diane Hackman Maryland 

May Marie Hart Maryland 

Virginia Kay Hess Pennsylvania 

JONNE Maley Hoffer Pennsylvania 

Lynne T. Hoffman Maryland 

Elsa Mae Hook Maryland 

Geraldine Lillian Houck Maryland 

Carol Hasslinger James Maryland 

Dawn L. Johnson Maryland 

Anna Louise Jones Maryland 

Barbara Frances Kane D. C. 

Mary Anne Kemp Maryland 

Sharon Ann Kirk Maryland 

Barbara Ann Koester Connecticut 

Mary Shannon Lafans Alabama 

Lois Elaine Landvoigt Maryland 

Carol Grace Lapausky Maryland 

Diane Nedra Laudenslager Maryland 

Doris Mai Lilley Maryland 

Ellen C. Linsley Pennsylvania 

Sherry Janice Lipman New Jersey 

Dorothy Jean Long Maryland 

Linda Louise Lyon Maryland 

Scott Campbell MacDonald Maryland 

Carol-Ann Marbury Marlow Maryland 

Mary Katherine McLaughlin. ...Mari/ZaKd 

Sandra Bee McNinch Maryland 

Martha Elizabeth McWiLLiAMs..Mar2/kMd 

Mary Louise Melvin Maryland 

Paula Elaine Miller Maryland 

Janet B. Milliken Pennsylvania 

Carolyn Ann Mills Maryland 

Diana Milton Maryland 

Johanna Marie Murray Maryland 

Susan Marie Neubergek Maryland 

Sharon Elizabeth O'Meara Florida 

Cecilia Ann Opdyke Maryland 

Hans Jorg Orthner Maryland 

Joan Hawkins Pelarah Maryland 

SONDRA Lynne Perry Maryland 

Robert Domenic Pisciotta Maryland 

Anne Evans Powell Maryland 

Martha Walter Preston Maryland 

Dianna Dann Proudfoot Maryland 

Deanna Faye Rebert Maryland 

Linda May Reid Maryland 

Patricia Lee Roach Maryland 

Sandra Sue Rosencrance Maryland 

Theodora Roulis Maryland 

Marjorie Miller Rowe Maryland 

Ronald Joel Sachs Maryland 

Janet Euzabeth Schaffner Maryland 

Melody Lee Schaub Maryland 

Linda Mekedith Schotta Maryland 

Elaine Zana Seely Maryland 

Dale Berna Seligman Maryland 

John Mitchell Sewell Maryland 

Linda Diane Sewell Maryland 

Georgia Alice Shaw Maryland 

Gwenyth Ann Simpson Ma/ryland 

Elaine Margaret Sinclair Maryland 

Mary Margaret Smith Maryland 

Sandra Ann Spencer Maryland 

Carolyn Pauline Stark Maryland 

Marie Merson Swope Maryland 

Nancy Ellen Terry New York 

Jane McIlveen Thimme Maryland 

Margaret Jean Anne Thompson 


Mary Patricia Tyrrell Maryland 

Stephanie Marla Valentino Maryland 

Robert Philip Vogel Maryland 

Lynn Evans Walter Maryland 

Mary Sutton Walton Maryland 

Lynne Mary Weaver New Jersey 

Robert Leonard White Maryland 

Wynelle Wilkins Maryland 

Carolyn Nancy Klassen Wisner 


Iris Jean Young Maryland 

Ellen Euzabeth Zachidny Maryland 

Ros Elaine Zetter Maryland 

University of Maryland. 65 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Marion Murphy, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Sandra Kay Abramson Maryland 

LORENA Barbour Alwine Maryland 

Christine Florence Barnett Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Bell Maryland 

Susan Jane Benbrook Florida 

Patricia Susan Beneze Maryland 

Sherrie Anne Bernsohn Maryland 

Linda Kay Boice Maryland 

Geraldine Patricia Bonsall Maryland 

Patricia Eileen Bonville Pennsylvania 

Catherine Ruth Brady Maryland 

Joanne M. Brinkmann Illinois 

Cecilia Vivian Brundelre Maryland 

RUTHELLA Bussard Maryland 

Elizabeth Mary Callahan Maryland 

Linda Ann Cayton Maryland 

Carol Janet Cherry Maryland 

Donna Elizabeth Chew Maryland 

Janice Maureen Chew New Jersey 

Ranessa Cohen Maryland 

Sherry Ann Collins Maryland 

Karen Jeanne Commerford Maryland 

Sarah Marie Cooper Maryland 

Catherine Elizabeth Craven D.C. 

Carol Davidson Maryland 

Rachel Elen Davis Maryland 

Judith Ellen DeBrovy Maryland 

Elizabeth Fetter Deegan Maryland 

Barbara Elizabeth DeGraw Maryland 

June de Mendonca Maryland 

Carole Anne Dempsey Maryland 

Dana Catherine Den Herder Maryland 

Sharon Kathryn Dimsey Marylayid 

Judith Beryl Dolfman Pennsylvania 

Mary Ellen Drummond Virginia 

Mary Mogie Earle Maryland 

Dorothy Virginia Early Maryland 

Linda Kay Edminster Maryland 

Kathleen Frances Edwards Maryland 

Deborah Exler Maryland 

Dorothy Jean Finn Maryland 

Judith Starks Fitch Maryland 

Dana Virginia Galotta Maryland 

June Carolyn Garner Maryland 

Lillian Rose Gigliotti D. C. 

Evelyn Lutzky Goldberg Maryland 

Linda Lee Gossard Maryland 

Virginia Ann Gossard Maryland 

Donna Dolores Grieves Maryland 

Judith Ann Grove Pennsylvania 

Eva Nichols Grover Maryland 

Karen K. Hall Maryland 

Joan F. Halperin New Jersey 

Anne Tanner Hammerlund Maryland 

Natalie Elizabeth Harman Maryland 

Nellie Elizabeth Harness Maryland 

Ann LaRue Harper Virginia 

Helene Rosalind Raskins Maryland 

Jacklyn a. Hastings Maryland 

Carol Ann Helfrich Maryland 

Sarah Atwater Henry Louisiana 

Paula Judith Hill Maryland 

Diana Lawrence Howard Maryland 

Jo Gail Hunt Pennsylvania 

Lisbeth Ann Jenkins Maryland 

Frances Carol Jodlbauer Maryland 

Judith Ann Jones Maryland 

Theresa Joyce Jordan Maryland 

Sandra Gail King Pennsylvania 

Sara Elizabeth King Maryland 

Suzanne Marie Laibe Illinois 

Sandra Wanette La Patka Maryland 

Darlene Rae Lehr Pennsylvania 

Donna Rae Long Pennsylvania 

Patricia Ann Long Maryland 

Phyllis Adina Margulies Maryland 

Betty Lou Markoe Maryland 

Darrel May Martin Maryland 

Valerie Jo McDonald Maryland 

Esther Anita McGee Maryland 

Ruth Ann McLaren Maryland 

Dian Rae Meyers Maryland 

Jane White Moore Maryland 

Eva Lee Morton Maryland 

Judith Marsha Nathanson Maryland 

Anne Dow Newton Maryland 

Patricia Ann Nichols Pennsylvania 

Judith Ann Oswald Virginia 

Nancy Louise Peck Maryland 

Miriam Edith Peterson Maryland 

Gail Sharon Pomerantz Maryland 

Ethel Varrell Power Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Pratt Maryland 

Penelope P. Prettyman Maryland 

Carole Ann Rafferty Delaware 

Sylvia Ann Ridenour Maryland 

Diane Catherine Ripken Maryland 

Susan Winters Rohrer Maryland 

66 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Mary Diane Ryan Maryland 

Rosalind Marcia Saks Maryland 

Julia Leigh Sandoz D.C. 

Carol Thompson Schiff Maryland 

Diane E. Sergovic Maryland 

Judith Ann Shanklin Maryland 

ESTELLE Ina Silver Maryland 

Janet Karen Simons Maryland 

Susan Carol Snedker Maryland 

Sallyan Julian Sohr Maryland 

Lynn Ellen Spirt Virginia 

Diana Louise Staehle Maryland 

Janet M. Stonek Maryland 

Susan Jeanette Stup Maryland 

Violet Margaret Swatsell Maryland 

Hilda Norman Swift Maryland 

Linda Joyce Thielz Maryland 

Julia Agnes Timm Maryland 

Vera Faye Tobery Maryland 

Margaret Evelyn Trimble New Jersey 

Marilyn Ann Vogt Maryland 

Carol Lois Wagner Maryland 

Roberta Anne West Maryland 

Charlotte Ann Weymouth Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Alvin Michael Blitz Maryland 

Stephen Louis Buckner Maryland 

David Cohen Maryland 

Stephen Thomas David Maryland 

Richard Jay DeNeale Maryland 

Ronald Floyd Dubansky Maryland 

Bernard Aloysius Fischer, III. ...Maryland 
Frederick Martin FRANKENPELD-Marj/tond 

Jerald Allan Freedman Maryland 

Richard Mark Goodman Maryland 

Arnold Fred Grabush Maryland 

Alvin Daniel Groman Maryland 

Carol Jane Hill Maryland 

Barry Allan Hommerbocker Maryland 

Alan Joseph Jaskulski Maryland 

Paul Victor Kovalsky Maryland 

Allan G. Lehman Maryland 

Stanley Brasure McCabe Maryland 

Stephen Needel Maryland 

John Randolph Newcomb, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Arthur Sanford Maryland 

Howard Sherman Maryland 

Henry Richard Stromberger Maryland 

Charles Dorsey Taylor, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Casimir Telak Maryland 

Patrick Edgar Trost Maryland 

Frank James Vykol Maryland 

Marcia Ann Will Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Ramon Acevedo, Jr Maryland 

Matthew Arbutina Pennsylvania 

Margaret Haydon At<.NALL..North Carolina 

Carol Grace Bachman Maryland 

Pamela Georgene Barlous Maryland 

Carla Lee Beck Maryland 

Michael Bershak Maryland 

Angelica Filloramo Biosca Maryland 

Margaret Louise Broadwater Maryland 

Judith Ann Brown Maryland 

Jeffrey Edward BURKHARDT—.iVcw Jersey 

Larry Ray Butts Maryland 

Claudia Ann Cameron Maryland 

Eugene Joseph Castrovillo, Jr. 

New Jersey 

Thomas Catalano New York 

Michael Eugene Cooper Maryland 

Linda Jean Davis Pennsylvania 

John Prioleau De Pass Maryland 

Betty Jean Domingus Maryland 

Judith Ruthann Dopp Maryland 

Michael Warren Dumin Maryland 

University of Maryland. 67 

Frances Jo Edlovitch Maryland 

Michael William Edlund Maryland 

Marlene Kay Elbin Maryland 

Donald Steve Elliott Maryland 

Gaynl Anne Forrest Maryland 

John Henry Gainor Maryland 

John Williams Gamage Maryland 

Lawrence Allen Gibbs Maryland 

Sharon Louise Gibson Maryland 

Patricia Scott Griffin Maryland 

Hugh James Hagert Maryland 

Bonnie Hamilton Hansen Maryland 

Patricia Ann Harmsen Maryland 

JoiE Bourisseau Harper Maryland 

Cynthia Ann Harris Maryland 

Jacqueline Frances Hartert Maryland 

Robert Desmond Hill Maryland 

Ruth Mary Hoglund Maryland 

Becky Jo Householder Maryland 

Robert Leroy Hubscher Maryland 

Sandra Lee Hupp Maryland 

Audrey Beatrice Jonas Maryland 

Luther Milton Jones Maryland 

Susan Joan Katz Maryland 

Beatrice Barbara Keats Maryland 

June Dustin Keibler Maryland 

Kerry Byron Kelpy Maryland 

Mary Suzanne Landrieu New Jersey 

Marcia Faye LeBOW Maryland 

Herbert Stephen Lee, Jr Maryland 

Mary Merrill Linaberry Maryland 

Michael Peter Long Maryland 

Cornella Abrams Luscombe Maryland 

Christopher Albert Maddox Maryland 

William McNamara Magness, Jr. 


James Samuel McCoach Maryland 

Sharon Lee Miller Maryland 

Stefan Noah Miller Maryland 

Wayne Randolph Miller New Jersey 

Leonard James Modzelewski Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Morrison Maryland 

Joseph Francis Murray New Jersey 

Charles Arthur Nethkin Maryland 

Henry James Nonnenberg New Jersey 

William Edward Oxenham Maryland 

Mary Virginia Pepper Maryland 

Sharon Lynn Phillips Maryland 

Taze Howard Proffitt, Jr Maryland 

Robert Joseph Ratcuffe Maryland 

Kenneth Michael Rocco New York 

Patricia Ryan New Jersey 

Thomas John Schleicher Pennsylvania 

Neil Andrew Schwartz New York 

John Richard Shiplette Maryland 

Michael D. Simonds Maryland 

Donald M. Smith Maryland 

Karen Lynn Smith Maryland 

Amando Soto, Jr New Jersey 

Susan Kay Sternberger Maryland 

Susan Chadwick Steuart Maryland 

Charles Michael Sullivan Maryland 

Clyde S. Van Dyke Maryland 

Barbara Sue Watson Maryland 

Anne Benson Weaver Maryland 

Michael Raymond Wing Maryland 

Martha Lou Woodside Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Wrenn, Jr Maryland 

Robert Jarman Wright Maryland 

Sharma Elaine Wright Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Ruby Jeanette Allen Virginia 

Joseph Amato Maryland 

Claire June Anderson Massachusetts 

Roy Anderson Texas 

Donna Carson Angle Michigan 

Henry Elston Apgar, Jr Massachusetts 

Thomas William Arbuckle Maryland 

Barbara Cronkite Arnold Maryland 

Elizabeth Margaret Bailey D.C. 

George Richmond Baker Maryland 

Edwakd Leo Barker D.C. 

Jerald Dean Barnes Texas 

Sandra Camilla Barnes New York 

Kenneth Willlmvi Barrett Kentucky 

Zoltan Laszlo Bary Maryland 

Warren Elliott Bemis Florida 

George David Benton Illinois 

Paula Karen Benton Illinois 

Philiph Italy Berdine Pennsylvania 

George Arnold Bergstrasser D.C. 

68 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Jimmy Foster Berry Maryland 

Robert Joseph Blandford Maryland 

William Charles Boehm Virginia 

Peter Joseph Boerlage Virginia 

Nancy Bond Illinois 

Phyllis Annette Boykins Illinois 

Frances Lee Brady Maryland 

John David Brandon Connecticut 

Hyman David Bregman New York 

Margaret Tirza Brewer Virginia 

George Thomas Brindle Ohio 

Sheldon E. Brink New York 

Robert Francis Brinson Florida 

James Dodge Bristoll California 

Edgar Ray Britt Virginia 

Richard E. Brogdon Florida 

Joan Ida Brooks Maryland 

Donald William Brown Maryland 

Jo Ross Bruner California 

Cornelius Erin Buckley Virginia 

Frank Edward Bullock Pennsylvania 

William Edward Burgin Colorado 

Judith Ellen Burgis Maryland 

John J. Burns Maryland 

James David Butler New York 

James Leroy Butts Maryland 

Robert Charles Caddoo Massachusetts 

Eileen F. Callis Maryland 

Donald Calvert Maryland 

David John Cambridge Iowa 

Edward Francis Campbell.. ..Massachusetts 

Robin Todd Campbell Pennsylvania 

Charles Maurice Carrington ....California 

Rocco P. Casalaspro New Jersey 

James Edward Caswell California 

Robert Louis Cate Maryland 

Robert Lee Chappell Maryland 

Claude George Chatelier Connecticut 

Bella Chen China 

George Chereton New York 

John Anthony Chiovitti New Jersey 

Barbara Cihak Virginia 

Hamilton Ward Clemenson, Jr.. .New York 

Harry Reynolds Coates Maryland 

James A. Cole Pennsylvania 

Francis Wendell Collier ....Massachusetts 

Ernest Williams Colwell Maryland 

Carolyn Langston Craig Alabama 

James Warby Crichton Delaware 

Ronald Kenneth Crockett D.C. 

Vernon Lyle Crow Maryland 

Ronald John Cummings Rhode Island 

William Richard Cummings New York 

David Kemp Daffin Maryland 

RoscOE Elliott Dann, Jr Florida 

William Henry Dashiell Maryland 

Maurice Weldon Daugherty, Jr.. .Maryland 

Morton Ira Davis Maryland 

William Judson Davis New York 

Eileen Louise Davison New Jersey 

Shirley Stahl Day Maryland 

Robert Franklin Deitrich... .Pennsylvania 

Stephen Anton de Kanter Connecticut 

John C. De Labio Maryland 

George de Tarnowsky Maryland 

William Robert De Weese Ohio 

David Perry Dickey Virginia 

Roy Wilson Dickinson Maryland 

Peter Joseph Di Gioia Maryland 

Tommie Lee Dingbaum Maryland 

Douglass Michael Dixon Maryland 

June P. Dohnal Illinois 

Stephen Charles Dondero Florida 

Jerome William Donohue Maryland 

Philip Stephen Doonan Arizona 

William Edward Dorsett Maryland 

James Michael Dugan Virginia 

Michael Alan Duniho Maryland 

Shirley Dunton Maryland 

Joseph Victor Durand Virginia 

James Joseph Durigan New York 

Marcie Jay Earles Colorado 

Kenneth Ray Eaton Maryland 

Herbert Curt Ebeling New York 

Thomas Joseph Eckenrode... .Pennsylvania 

Lloyd James Eisenman Arkansas 

Robert A. Ellsworth Kansas 

J. Patrick Ettien Montana 

Kenneth Curry Facemyer Maryland 

Everett Jacob Fain California 

Don Francis Fair Oklahoma 

Julius Joseph Felber, Jr Maryland 

William David Ferrell Maryland 

Kent Taaffe Ficarra New York 

David Sanford Finch Ohio 

Walter Kent Finlay Ohio 

John David Finn Maryland 

William Paul Fish Pennsylvania 

Myrnie Norton Fisher California 

Thomas Alva Fisher Ohio 

Nancy Lb^ Filkin Illinois 

William Arthur Finke Idaho 

Richard Earl Forman Virginia 

Nicholas Fotiadis Maryland 

David Bailey Freese Maryland 

Alan Jay French Maryland 

University of Maryland. 69 

Margaret Ida Friedrich Michigan 

Edward Louis Galuska Pennsylvania 

James Albert Garner Maryland 

William Seymour Garrison New York 

Brent Allen Gates Washington 

Benjamin Burton Gayle, Jr Texas 

Paul John Ghelev Virginia 

Ralph Duane Gibson Illinois 

John Duncan Gilchrest New York 

Sibyl L. Gillman Maryland 

Vincent John Goebel Kentucky 

Gunta Golts Maryland 

James Henry Gordon, Jr Maryland 

Sally Beachum Grantham Maryland 

Frank H. Grunwald Virginia 

Thomas John Guilfoy Maryland 

Gary Wayne Gunderson Maryland 

Graham Howard Gurney New York 

Alan Wayne Haley Washington 

Irene Zoe Halpern Maryland 

George William Hanna Maryland 

Rubin George Hanson Virginia 

MiTSUO Hara Hawaii 

Almon Thomas Harding, III. ...New Jersey 

John Key Harley Maryland 

Thomas Arthur Hartman Maryland 

Clifford E. Hasenyager Missouri 

Robert Thomas Haugh Pennsylvania 

George Clifford Hay Virginia 

Frances Beman Hayward Maryland 

David Kilgore Head Maryland 

Franklin Joseph Healy Arkansas 

Eugene Richard Heffron Maryland 

Michael Joseph Heiberger Maryland 

Joseph Valentino Hellem, Jr Maryland 

Fred Xavier Hemm D. C. 

Robert Gordon Henderson California 

Marcia C. Hess Maryland 

Roy Virgil Hibbs, Jr Arkansas 

James Hagan Higgins Virginia 

Alex Robert Hildebrand Maryland 

James E. Hill Virginia 

Ronald Charles Hoffman Pennsylvania 

Lester Henry Hohlbein Maryland 

Richard W. Holder New Mexico 

James Patrick Holland Maryland 

Colin Earl Hollinger Virginia 

Thomas Anthony Homan Nebraska 

Robert Layton Howerton Florida 

Charles Edward Hudson Maryland 

Richard John Huff Louisiana 

George Norman Hunter Maryland 

May Cresswell Irwin Virginia 

William James Jacobs California 

George Henry Jennings, Jr Oklahoma 

Joseph Franklin Jewett Ohio 

Bruce Douglas Johnson Maryland 

Wallace Max Johnson Maryland 

William Charles Johnson Maryland 

Donald Mintonye Johnston Florida 

Joseph Ewell Johnston Georgia 

Veronica Theresa Jones Maryland 

Jack Duane Jory Oregon 

John Evangelo Kalives Maryland 

Stanley Karnosky Pennsylvania 

Ronald James Keller Maryland 

Donna Gail Kennedy Massa/:husetts 

Carol Caspar Kesler Virginia 

Leonard John Kiely Texas 

Miles L. Kierson Maryland 

Donald Raymond King Maryland 

Daniel Albert Kirk Maryland 

Gary Joseph Kirkey Maryland 

Betty Muriel Kitsou Bermuda 

Randolph Bentley Knight Maryland 

William Raymond Knopke Virginia 

Darwin Anthony Koppie Iowa 

Albert Richard Kopsick New York 

Jean Dunham Krumm Maryland 

James Giles Kyser, III Virginia 

Kathleen Elaine hABonN... .Pennsylvania 

Ellis Russell Lamb, Jr Virginia 

Newell Nelson Langford Texas 

Ross Jackson Laningham Maryland 

James Richard Lanum, Sr Illinois 

Glenn M. Latham Washington 

Anne Spence Laukaitis Maryland 

James Winston Lee Texas 

Nicholas George Lefas Massachxisetts 

Wellington T. C. Lei China 

Alvin R. Lewitas New York 

Dallas Dewitt Lloyd _ Kentucky 

Shirley Liby Loftus Maryland 

Chester Herman Long Iowa 

DoREEN Audrey Long Maryland 

Thomas Lawrence Long Maryland 

Virgil Jerome Longo Maryland 

Thomas Lopez New Jersey 

Albert Philpott Lovelady Virginia 

Albert Michael Lucas, Jr Colorado 

Earl Luka Tennessee 

Clifford Louis Lundgren Virginia 

Joseph P. Lydon Texas 

John Joseph Lysaght, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Joseph Macey Maryland 

Bruce P. MacNee Pennsylvania 

Herman Sheldon Mandell Maryland 

Edwin Mann Virginia 

70 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Francis Edward Manning, Jr. 

Rhode Island 

Robert Eugene Martin Maryland 

Robert Edward Mathias Penvsylvaiiia 

Richard Louis Mattingly, Jr Maryland 

Edward Ronald Mazziotta New York 

Paul Leonard McDermott Maryland 

Earl Franklin McDonald Maryland 

Mary Louise McFall Maryland 

Star Laurette McGivern Montana 

Hudson Owen McMurtrie Virginia 

Donald Joseph McGraw Maryland 

Christopher Mehiel Maryland 

Robert Roy Meier New York 

Carl G. Miller Illinois 

David Franklin Miller Maryland 

Edison Wainwright Miller Iowa 

Elizabeth Virginia Miller Maryland 

Raymond Nelson Milled: Pennsylvania 

Justus J. Miner North Carolina 

Raymond Nelson Mitchell Maryland 

Regina Marie Mitchell D. C. 

Thomas Cordell Mitchell Maryland 

Robert White Moesker Texas 

Grover Mohr Ohio 

John Anthony Mojecki New York 

Domingo Alves Monteiro Maryland 

John Edward Mooney Maryland 

Archie Evans Moose Virginia 

William Crane Morison Florida 

Robert Franklin Morris Maryland 

James B. Morton Maryland 

Frederick Charles MuRNANE..Afew Jersey 

Franklin Byron Murphy Maine 

Bonnie L. Anderson Myers Maryland 

Guy Robert Nichols, Jr D. C. 

Richard Alva Oliver Ohio 

Karen Jeanne Olson Illinois 

Dominick Onorato Virginia 

Joan Noble Ostheimer Connecticut 

Joseph W. O'Toole Massachusetts 

Richard Edward Park Virginia 

John Frederick Parsons Maryland 

Edward Joseph Perkins Oregon 

Robert Remsen Perkins Maryland 

Henry Edwards Perrrin, II Vermont 

ClJVRENCE Pioth Maryland 

Shirley Gay Pishner West Virginia 

Fred Jambs Pledger Maryland 

Francis Xavier Porrino Maryland 

Glenn Porter Germany 

Roger Allen Prince Michigan 

James Glenn Radcliffe Virginia 

Harold Francis Radley Massachusetts 

Jerry J. Ramsdale Texas 

William Henry Rasch, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Alan Rateau Maryland 

Donald Ray Redman Texas 

Peter Holland Renner New Jersey 

William Richardson California 

Eleanor Harllee Ritchie Maryland 

Charles Avon Roberts Maryland 

Erastus Winn Roberts Georgia 

Masako Nakamoto Roller Hawaii 

James Patrick Rooney Maryland 

Kay Rosenbaum Maryland 

Alfred Rosenberg Maryland 

Brenda Bullock Ruff California 

Elmer Alfred Rutz Montana 

Maxine Vesta Sabol Texas 

Victor Sahadachny New York 

Richard Thomas Sampson Virginia 

Royal J.G. Sams D. C. 

JuTTA Catharine Sanford Ohio 

Bernd Walter Schaumburg Maryland 

Carol Deanna Schilling Maryland 

Gerda Anna Schoenfeld Maryland 

Betty Black Schroeder Alabama 

Wade Gregory Scott Maryland 

William Charles Searcy Virginia 

Frances K. Seidler Maryland 

John Russell Sheridan Maryland 

James William Shugars Maryland 

Camille Phillips Simpson Arkansas 

Frank Simurra, Jr Maryland 

Stephen Sirocky Pennsylvania 

Carl William Skaugen Virginia 

Douglas V. Slagle Kansas 

Alan Roy Smith Virginia 

Eugene H. Smith, Jr Maryland 

Edward James Snisky Maryland 

Alice Cockey Soue Maryland 

Ronald John Soroka Maryland 

Richard David Sowell, Jr Maryland 

Dennis Jerome Spice Maryland 

Martin Kersey Spilman Virginia 

Paul Ronnie Stanley Maryland 

Comfort Kent Starr Minnesota 

John T. Steele Indiana 

George Joseph Sthkn Missouri 

Martin Wiluam Sterner Minnesota 

John Arthur Stockman Virginia 

Thomas Joseph Sullivan Missouri 

Diane Elizabeth Swart Indiana 

Ernest Eugene Tabor Virginia 

James Richard Tammany Florida 

William Darrington Taylor. .Pennsj/Zvonta 

University of Maryland. / 1 

Daniel E. Tennow Maryland 

Mary Beth Thompson Texas 

Robert Lindsay Thomson New York 

Robert Baker Throm Pennsylvania 

Wilfred August Adam Timo Virginia 

Thomas Edward Tomoff Illinois 

Eugene Troutman Kentucky 

Virginia Gail Tubes Maryland 

Richard Theodore Utz Maryland 

Cynthia Wickes Vail Maryland 

James Owen Vernon Illinois 

Ann McClure Vollmer Maryland 

Robert Nelson Waggener Illinois 

James Lewis Wallace Virginia 

Gerald Patrick Walls Maryland 

Michael Gerard Walraven Michigan 

Richard Seibert Ward D. C. 

Kurt Reinhold Waterval Virginia 

John Arden Watkins North Carolina 

Mary A. Watson California 

Wayne Burnell Watson Texas 

Robert Charles Waybright.. Pennsylvania 
Richard Frank Weber Texas 

John Harry Weimer California 

Howard Bearl Welborn Missouri 

James Earl Welker Pennsylvania 

Dwight Milton Wells Florida 

Glendon Warren Wetzel, Jr Virginia 

Frederick Lewis Wheeler Maryland 

Hugh Grant Wheeler Maryland 

Robert Courtney White Massachusetts 

Dennis Allen White Minnesota 

Theodore Lessel White D. C. 

Richard Lee Whittington California 

William D. Williams Ohio 

William Alfred Wilson Maryland 

Harrison Fredrick Wirth Maryland 

Theodorikus C. Woltjer Michigan 

Donald Henry Wong Virginia 

William Charles Woods Maryland 

Paul Woytovich Maryland 

Richard Thomas Yates Maryland 

Robert Anthony Young Texas 

George Michael Yurick Maryland 

Henry Karl Zephir Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

John Ollie Adams Delaware 

Domingo Ignacio Aguilar New York 

William T. Aikin Mississippi 

Bobby Duane Anderson Idaho 

Frederic Earnest ANDERSON....Aretu Jersey 

Norman James Bacon Virginia 

Hugh Cossart Baker Maryland 

Joseph James Balough California 

James Allan Beaubouef Louisiana 

Robert Charles Becker New Jersey 

Jerome Raymond Behnke Wisconsin 

Keith Gordon Bender Maryland 

Maynard Yocum Binge South Carolina 

Richard M. Bradish Virginia 

Robert David Bradshaw Wisconsin 

Robert Luther Bryant, Jr Florida 

Lawrence Edwin Budnick California 

William Parker Bullard New Jersey 

Cleve Julian Burd, Jr Pennsylvania 

Arthur Frank Clark Tennessee 

Rennie Charles Coleman, Jr Alabama 

Eugene Robert Coogan Virginia 

Lewis Nelson Corrington Maryland 

Stephen Walker Curtis Rhode Island 

Raymond Dahlk New York 

Albert Paul Daigle Maine 

Robert Bailey Davidson Illinois 

Ramon F. D'Elosua New Jersey 

William Joseph DeSalvo Maryland 

Richard Donat Desnoyers Connecticut 

Worden Ernest Dixon New Jersey 

Walter William Dorman Maryland 

William Francis Dufault ....Pennsylvania 
Horace Alexander Eddington, Jr. 


Ralph Edwards Tennessee 

Thomas Donaldson Elgen Maryland 

John Joseph Erb, Jr Ohio 

Alfred Henry Erickson Washington 

William Faulk, Jr Virginia 

Odel Preston Ferrell Arkansas 

James Pomeroy Fowler D.C. 

John William Gephart Virginia 

Malvin Franklin Glass Georgia 

James Alvin Godwin California 

Vincent Joseph Gorman Pennsylvania 

Harry Clifton Graham New Jersey 

Irvin Alton Grubbs Michigan 

William Francis Gunn Virginia 

Joe Edward Gwaltney Georgia 

Wallace Murdock Hanes Virginia 

Hajime Hayashi Washington 

Eric Edwin Heinz Maryland 

72 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Glenn Howard Henderson California 

Timothy Allen Hickey Maryland 

Kenneth Richard Hintz Pennsylvania 

John Clifford Hook Virginia 

Howard Calhoun Hooker Tennessee 

Arthur Francis Hudgins Maryland 

Harold Charles Hughes Kentucky 

John Bell Johnson Texas 

Windle Enoa Kirk Virginia 

Owen H. Knox Oregon 

James Talbot Kolb Kentucky 

Daniel Nicholas Koury Massachusetts 

Jack P. Lansford Florida 

Frank Yuen Fo Lee, Jr Hawaii 

Bobby Frank Lowe D.C. 

Richard Victor Lundquist. ...Massac/iwseifs 

Arthur Gilliland Lynn Colorado 

Joseph Thomas Maguire Texas 

John R. Marcello New York 

Leo Joseph Marshall Virginia 

John Paul Mazuchowski Ohio 

John Rutherford McGiffert D.C. 

James Leonard McManus Maryland 

Richard Grover McSwain Kentucky 

Robert Frank Mielke Pennsylvania 

Joe Douglas Miles California 

Dale Leland Miller Minnesota 

Darwin Caye Miller California 

Lewis Miller Pennsylvania 

Luther J. Miller Georgia 

Rezk M. Mohamed New York 

Carl John Morris Virginia 

John Joseph Mossellem, Jr.. .Pennsylvania 

Robert Barton Murphy Tennessee 

Elo Mussetto Virginia 

Thomas Narvaez Texas 

James William Newman Indiana 

Dudley Noel Nichols Texas 

Robert Bernard Olson Virginia 

Charles Persin, Jr D.C. 

Arthur O. Prosser, Jr Georgia 

William Kenneth Ray, Jr Texas 

Clifton E. Reed Massachusetts 

William Elliott Renaud Maryland 

Floyd Revere, Jr Louisiana 

Walton Karl Richardson Virginia 

George Lewis Riviere Alabama 

Joseph Bernard Schreiner Hawaii 

Robert Raphael Sneider Maryland 

Claude Wesley Spencer Maryland 

Guy Edward Stone, Jr Virginia 

Robert Allen Summers New Jersey 

John Charles Thompson Texas 

Joseph Thomson Florida 

Paul Miller Timmerberg Missouri 

James Toomey, Jr Rhode Island 

Harvey Sidney Trewitt, Jr Maryland 

Yvonne Graham Trout Virginia 

Elwood John Waid Arkansas 

Walter James Warner Florida 

Otis Darnell Watts Georgia 

John Moore Weston, Jr Virginia 

John Allen Yeager Maryland 

Louis John Yost, Jr Oregon 

Albert Charles Zimmerman Virginia 



Nathaniel James Addleman 
Lee Sterling Altpeter 
Franklin Edward Angier, Jr. 
Romeo Salvador Arengo 


David Bicknel Bowling 
Stanley John Bury 
Breckenridge Hume Caine, III 
James Roy Caldwell 
Stephen F. Callaghan 
Paul Gabriel Churchill 
David James Davis 
Joseph John DiJanni 

Richard Lewis Eigenbrot 
Robert Foles Eldridge 
Robert Thomas Elsberry 
Richard Francis Erickson 
Leroy Maxwell Faust 
William Arthur Ferkler 
James Edgar Firmin 
John Michael Friedel 
John Henry Gainor 


Robert Paul Heinz 
James G. Howes 
Howard Aenoch Jeffries 

University of Maryland. 7 3 

Emery Michael Kiraly 
Edward Holmes Kirkley, Jr. 
TOWNSEND Whitely Kirtland, Jr. 
William Emmanuel Lacey, III 


Edward Bruce Magee 
William McNamara Magness, Jr. 
Frederick Kyle Marlow 
James Tingle McAllister 
Edward David McGuirk 
John David McMahon 
Anthony Peter Moschetti 
David Lloyd Neurater 
George Povey Parton, III 

Peter James Perkowski 
Edwin G. Pritchard, Jr. 
Daniel O'Connell Pyne 
Leonard T. Schroeder, III 
Frank Natale Shapira 
James Denton Shipley 
Gerald Edward Shupp 
Gary Audric Smith 
Robert Wilbur Smith 
Burrell Billiard Stewart, Jr. 
David Brewer Sullivan 
Robert James Tanner, Jr. 
James Lee Yarrison 
Joseph Bernard York 

74 ^967 Commencement Exercises. 

Academic Honors 



University Gold Medal for Scholarship, SHmma Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Michael Norman Rosenberg 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Darryl Lynd Warner 

James Erskine Owens 

Daniel Edward Fielding 

Ann Bergstresser 


Graduated With Honor 

Benjamin L. Cabdin Philip A. Murphy, Jr. 

Richard A. Cooper Leslie J. Polt 

Benjamin F. Davis Alan L. Rothenberg 

James R. Eyler Alan R. Sachs 

Frank R. Goldstein Milton R. Smith, Jr. 

Michael M. Kalis Walter R. Stone 

Lawrence M. Katz Stephen C. Winter 
Martin R. Levy 
John S. Mahoney 


Faculty Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Joel Henry Goffman 

Certificate of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 

Awarded to 

Robert Orville France 
Robert Alan Sofferman 

Certificates of Honor, Cum Laude 

Elizabeth Ann Abel Zellman David Skloven 

Charles Ernest DeFelice John James Smith, III 

Thomas Joseph O'Donnell 

University of Maryland. // 


Gold Medal for General Excellence 
Awarded to 

David Cohen 

Certificates of Honor 

Richard Jay DeNeale 

Arnold Fred Grabush 

Patrick Edgar Trost 


Candidates for bachelors' degrees are eligible for honors if they have completed 
at least two years of resident work (60 semester hours) at the time of graduation 
with a scholastic average of B or higher. (Computation does not include grades for 
courses taken during the last semester of registration before graduation.) The can- 
didates must also rank in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respective 
colleges. "With high honors" is awarded to the upper tenth of those in each college, 
if they qualify, and "with honors" is awarded to the second tenth of those in each 
college, if they qualify. The names of students are listed in order of their rank by 


With High Honors 

Leah Pearl Bimblich 
Joseph Allen Fostek 
Ronald John Cominsky 
Richard Gerald Jones 
Edward Marinus Conklin, III 
Marylee E. Cowgill 
Charles Edward Miller 

With High Honors in Botany Joseph Allen Foster 


With High Honors With Honors 

Liliane Vaal Marilyn Elizabeth Manser 

Patricia Louise McKay A. Michael Knapp 

Ursula Inge Davis Miriam Leah Wilkenfeld 

Neal Hubbard Quarles Eileen Frances Cox 

LiNNEA Marie Wilmot Billie Ann Gloth 

78 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

With High Honors 

With Honors 

Larry James Strausbaugh 
Gerald Arthur Nolly 
Stephen Gordon Glazer 
Constance Van Wyck Fletcher 
Genevieve McCeney Hagan 
Wolfgang Paul Menzel 
Frances Josephine Burke 
David Allen Cook 
John Anthony Balchunas 
WiLLA Sydney Stern 
Robert Samuel Widmeyer 
Robert Kelly Stevens 
Susan Estelle Coppage 
Robert Thomas Elsberry 
Michael Neil Favin 
John Tibbetts Slocomb 
Ronald Wayne Massie 
Joel Lee Morgenthau 
Ruth Marilyn Weissman 
Robert John Stonebraker 
ViBEKE Fulton 
Eugene Arthur Carver 
Mark Alexander Weiss 
Peter Daniel Hruschka 
Loftin Paul Montgomery 
Martin Robert Babst 
Stephany Paige Humpston 
Elizabeth Clay Kocher 
Lawrence Nelson Powell 
Norma Joan Kirwan 
Harold George Klemcke 
James Joseph Loftus 
Nanette Levine Vincent 
Monique Faricy Margetis 
Nadine O. Bricker 
Janette Lysher McGaughy 
Susan Rita Kinsey 
Edward Leslie Ansel 
Leslie Adrienne Berkow 
Susan Gayle Larson 
William Kilmer Bortz 
Stanley E. Levin 
Maury Lee Fradkin 
Mary E. Hassman 
Suzanne Marie Haig 
Ruth Alice Keeting 
Cheryl Ann Beveridge 
Carol Ann Neuman 
Pamela Susan Moore 
Richard Everett Wood 
Kent Stafford Frazier 
Joyce Tilley James 
Rosemary Prince 

Carole Ruth Kestler 
Esther Blanche Potash 
Thomas P. Nugent 
Beverly Jean Nestler 
Diana Lynn Harry 
Alyce Sandra Hasson 
Belle R. Rothberg 
Frances L. Welty 
James Gray Davis 
Steven Henry Rosen 
Catherine Michele Davis 
Michael John Cluster 
Sally J. Drew 
Lenore Rosalyn Algaze 
Frances Louise Jarboe 
Yanela Goodwin 
Laura Elizabeth Owens 
Marilyn Gail Holland 
Esther B. Zisman 
Gayle Helene Branoff 
Charles Steven Samorodin 
Carol Ann Brill 
Douglas Austin Yates 
Judy Anne Graham 
Ullrich Fritz Atzbach 
Patricia E. McClung 
Harry Marsh Sneed 
Mary Gay Haldeman 
Samuel Stuart Schenker 
George Edwin Lauterbach, Jr. 
Carol Rae Fink 
Robert Jay Glowitz 
Evelyn Page Edmunds 
Bert Gert Simson 
Lowell Edwin Jacoby 
Brian Miller Benson, Jr. 
Michel Susan Foster 
Phyllis S. Labop.wit 
Linda Inez Millman 
Warren Lawrence Cooperman 
Joan Madaline Kilsheimer 
Marsha Danoff 
Frances Barbara Dixon 
Richard Doyle Grabarck 
Lexa Linda Dodds 
Michael Edward Kossak 
Michael D. Marvin 
Mary Stuart Burbage 
Evelyn Reaud 
Nancy Louise Rogers 
Robert Henry Banks 
Robert Michael Higginbotham 
Marilynne Nora West O'Steen 

University of Maryland. / y 

With High Honors 

With Honors 

Richard Thomas Brown, III 
Kenneth Davis Powell 
Margaret Burr Buckler 
Mac Dean Jenkins 
Lawrence David Gorban 
Margaret Deal Smith 
Michelle Therese Bigelow 
Eileen M. Oickle 
Lawrence Ward Pearson 
Edward Patrick Duggan 
Nelson Lee Bain 
George Stone Beck 
Robert Edward Garlitz 
Pamela Nancy Payne 
Michele Highstein 
Pinar Arcan 
Svetlana Brubaker 
Susan Laural Cox 
Shawn Elizabeth Kehoe 
Penny L. Smith 
Oneida Morningstar Cramer 
Louis Albert Mezzullo 
Ricki D. Weinberger 
Heidi Louise Joos 
Mary Gwenyth Jones 
Franklin Steven Perlmutter 
Dorothy Jayne Stirn 
Annette Rosensky 
Adil Jubran Kanaan 
Eleanor McKay 
Robert Fales Eldridge, Jr. 
Iris Jean Esau 
Susan E. Tavela 
Claire Jean Turner 
John T. Allen 
Robert Kelly Dean, Jr. 
Barbara Marie Bourgeois 
Alan Lester Meyrowitz 
Bernadette Williams 
Estelle Schilling 
Gary Daniel Godshalk 
Paul Eugene Goldhagen 
Henry Feuer 
Joseph H. Bredekamp, Jr. 
Helen Maxine Ryan 
Linda M. Poole 
Nancy Lee Knight 
Lawrence Albert Fleming 
Fred Arnold Biederman 
Bruce Sheldon Trippe 
Gail Laura Lange 
Marion Georganna Taggart 

Linda Marie Pace 

Calvin T. Milans 

William Mathews Robinson, Jr. 

Arthur Morton Tilles 

Harriet Louise Tiffany 

Susan Melvin Evans 

Phillip Orville Thomas 

BONITA Liss Lourie 

Katherine Warren Sites 

David Gibson Barkley 

Lawrence Edward Ries 

Betty L. Kennedy 

Leslie Murray Cohen 

Karen Lorraine Turnbull 

Gail Maria Blackmore 

Robert Wilton Fausel, Jr. 

Sheila Rosalie Deitz 

Rosalind M. Sanders 

Kendall Vaughn Hannington 

Alan Joel Zemsky 

Prudence Ann Laramore 

Kathleen Victoria Skruch 

Sue Frances Smith 

Charlotte Jane Misegades 

Marjorie Ann Crammer 

Barbara D. Franz 

Barbara Nancy Rosen 

Peter Lloyd Woolsey Braithwaite 

Patrick Joseph Clancy 

Antonia Zorrilla 

Lois Jean Colison 

Dale Marsha Vinicur 

Barbara Edith Graham 

Judith Elaine Arnold 

Richard Edward May 

Margaret B. Mundell 

Michael Lawrence Fine 

Natalie A. Gawdiak 

Katherine Cecelia Gregory 

Michael Lynn Mattern 

Sheridan Lee Gladhill 

Walter Lowell Hagen 

Frances S. Locke 

Faye T. Eglin 

Linda Jo Bauer 

Donna Helene Robinson 

Marilyn Meyer Carp 

Glenn Clyburn Smith 

Paula Rachel Goldberg 

Michael Lawrence Renshawe 

Neil Michael Kirschner 

Lynn Clarke Leocha 

Fred Wallace Walton 

80 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

With High Honors With Honors 

Barbara Lynn Bonnett Jean Elizabeth Inouye 

Sue Renay Rochkind Gary Audric Smith 

Barbara Ann Bruns Daniel Leonard Cohen 

Barry Reuel Korb Sharon Gail Brickman 

Faith M. Leahy Maxene Betsy Silverman 

Theodore Carl Hein 
Robert Joseph Bauer 
John Gilbert Warnick 
Marilynn Joyce Fader 
Frederick Lecompte Stevens, Jr. 
Karen Ann Windmoeller 
Martha Alexander Bowman 
Alfred Edward Day 

With High Honors in Economics Robert John Stonebraker 

With High Honors in French Susan Rita Kinsey 

With High Honors in German Ursula Inge Davis 

With High Honors in Physics Wolfgang Paul Menzel, Robert Kelly Stevens 

With High Honors in Psychology Frances Josephine Burke, Elizabeth Clay Kocher 

With High Honors in Zoology Liliane Vaal 

With Honors in Astronomy Linda M. Poole 

With Honors in English Pinar Arcan, Constance Van Wyck Fletcher, 

Norma Joan Kirwan 

With Honors in Mathematics Kent Stafford Frazier, Robert Michael 


With Honors in History Edward Patrick Duggan, Michael Neil Favin, 

Royal Dean Hutchinson, Eleanor McKay, 
Lawrence Nelson Powell 

With Honors in Philosophy William Kilmer Bortz 

With Honors in Physics Robert Thomas Elsberry, Gary Daniel Godshalk, 

Paul Eugene Goldhagen, Adil Jubran Kanaan, 
Douglas Austin Yates 

With Honors in Psychology Shelia Rosalie Dietz, Nanette Levine Vincent 

With Honors in Sociology Carol Rae Fink 

With Honors in Spanish Carole Ruth Kestler 

With Honors in Zoology Maury Lee Fradkin, Mark Alexander Weiss 

University of Maryland, o 1 


With High Honors 

Drena Gail Kaufman 
Sharon Ellen Brooks 
Betsy Bates King 
Richard Joseph Reinhard 
John James Krieger 
William Paul Becker, Jr. 
Leslie Jay Schneider 
Morton Alan Kesler 
Donald Dean Green aw alt, Jr. 
Maria M. Scott 
Ivan James Phillips 
Wayne Lee Heckrotte 
Lorraine Johnson Hutchison 
Ernest Bruce Jones 
Randall Matthew Lutz 
Robert Michael Bosma 
Francis Edmond Dalton 
Lenore Helen Moskowitz 
Janet M. Brown 
John Arnold Elliott 
Kathleen Grace Williams 
Marjorie Solomon 
James Alexander Grant 
Frank Anthony Warner 
James Robert Clark 
Lana Einschlag 
Frank Vincent Santini 
Marilyn Wendy Miller 
James Blair Shelton 
David Hall Couchman 
John W. Prial 
Joyce Lynne Harner 
Patrick Thomas Morgan 
Wallace Kincaid Bailey, Jr. 
William Christopher Weeden 
Martin Matthew Stein 
Vernon David Keyser 
Lester Philip Needle 
Warren Lee Lewis, II 
Ernest Vernon Turnes, Jr. 
Robert D. Jolson 
Charles E. Johnson 
Jeffrey Wayne Meetre 
Clayton Cole Swears, Jr. 

82 1967 Commencement Exercises. 


With High Honors 

Elizabeth A. Jiles 
Charlene L. Joyce 
Ruth Walder Yudkoff 
Eileen Mackenzie Cissel 
Allen Lee Stockett 
Diane Gay Wirschnitzer 
Sherrill Ruckert Herron 
Marlene Kay Gunther 


Norma B. Honick 

Lynne Mondell 

Diane Pearce Hardwich 

Janet Louise Maxey 

Evelyn Lasch Fleming 

Mildred May Smith Mills 

Judith N. Gold 

Helen L. Madara 

Joan Adele Lipsitz 

Frances Ellen Rodier 

David Allen Weidner 

Lois Sandra Schw^artz 

Marilyn Lee Roman 

Ann Lynn Sokol 

Kathleen Ann Frick 

Charlene Mary Kucera 

Judy Danell Scarbrough 

Sara D. Pitt 

Connie Steinbach Olson 

Kennard Samuel Brackney 

Pearl C. Lipsie 

Pamela Jean Drinane 

Ethel F. Karp 

Marianne S. Wannall 

Miles Lind Moore 

Sandra Jeannine Stine 

Sandra Elisabeth Jones 

Janice Adele Christiansen 

Lynn Ann Beveridge 

Deborah D. Culbertson 

Gloria Beatrice Lockett Davidson 

Nancy Ellen Horwitz 

Georgia Rae Cascio 

Douglas Elliott McRoy 

James Marcello, Jr. 

Barbara Sue Levine 

Elizabeth L. Harvey 

Celia Boley Robb 

Jacki Ellen Carson 

Sandra Gordon King 

Mary Lou Wood 

Ruth Mary Ferguson 

With Honors 

Josephine Laubheim Bloom 
Florence Evelyn Madsen 
Linda Miriam Perlow 
Madalene E. Tinsley 
Margaret Ann Shaffer 
Alda Frances Frascino 
Babette Ross Kasmir 
Rose Sharon Katz 
Linda B. Gambrell 
James William Rhodes 
Sarah Bliss Mandy 
Marilyn Lesley Orange 
John David McMahon 
Barbara Ann Katz 
David Glen Freitag 
Sandi L. Frank 
Janet Marie Winemiller 
Carol Louise Glover 
Ilene S. Herstone 
Robert Michael Cox 
Marjorie Sue Levin 
Ronald Richard Ladue 
Marcia Ann Koplin 
Mary Louise Armiger 
Marilyn H. Abrams 
Carolyn Elizabeth Morris 
Marlene Rosenberg 
Bonnie Elizabeth Burbank 
Sharon Brooke Linthicum 
Russell Raymond Loy 
Catherine Linda Kbnney 
Gertrude H. Pardoe 
Barbara Lynne Cohen 
Jo Ann MacLean 
Ellen Hope Rappoport 
Ann Marie McCann 
Carolyn Harrell Hutchinson 
Kenneth Thomas Rodda 
Carole Lee Sherman 
Nancy Marshall Carruthers 
Carol Lehman Shupe 
Marsha Penn Jacobs 
Shirley Kossoy 
Rosalind Einbinder 
Marjorie Lucille Cogar 
Andrea Grigg Weatherby 
Jackie Eugene Clark 
Mary Imogens Heisserman 
Velva Judith Kern 
Mary Lynn Wright 

University of Maryland, bj 

With High Honors 

With Honors 

Ellen Janet Glass 
Susan Caroline Bohne 
David John Daniel 
Susan Blanche Jacobi 
Janice Linda Mostow 
Emily Workman Westrick 
Sandra Leonard Ransick 
Lee F. Sandler 
Cheryl F. Eberlin 
Adele Hume Brodmerkel 

Harry M. Shealey 
Anne Chu 
Leslie Merle Streen 
Judith Gail Chalker 
Leslie Ellen Semel 
Michael William Herzberg 
Marjory Yvonne Krause 
Wayne Cornelius Byrd 
Adrienne Marron Winters 
Roberta Sue Lasken 
Vincent Albert Bergstrom 
Sharon L. O'Connor 
Ronald Arm and Sarlin 
Donna Lynne Rothert 


With High Honors 

James Andrew Somerville, Jr. 
James Lawrence Beard 
Stephen Louis Pendergast 
H. Randall Bell 
Bernard Irwin Hass 
Thomas John Pozzuoli 
Michael Edgar Minnich 
Robert Couper Jensen 
Charles Adolph Wobbeking, Jr. 
William Collier Hamer 
John F. Patrick, Jr. 
James V. Bodycomb 
Lawrence Marc Paul 
Charles M. Shub 
Howard George Rode, Jr. 
Robert Allen Weinraub 
Michael Allen Phillips 
Richard Davis Whitney 
Harvey Edward Solomon 
Thomas Jay Painter 
William Edward Grant 
Carroll James Leizear 
Gary Montgomery Cooper 
Yu Keung Chan 
Harry Judson Stacy 
Raymond E. Mahaffey, Jr. 
Leonard Stanley Haynes 
Stephen Derryl York 
Arthur Francis Judy 
Jong Sung Lee 

With Honors 

Robert Louis Rosenblum 
Frank Rolle Connor 
Ray Allen Mauck 
Larry Richard Markle 
R. Alan Ewing 
Michael Douglas Steer 
Nathan Bluzer 
Paul John Waltrup 
William Edward Taylor 
Philip Christian Van Der Goes 
John Alfred Barolet 
Robert David Trachtenberg 
John Charles Lehmann 
Anton J. Ureas, Jr. 
John Williamson Baicy 
Robert John Fink 
Wilson Dodd Stacy 
Edgar M. Greville 
Gary Howard Collison 

84 i^^T" Commencement Exercises. 


With High Honors 

Janet B. Milliken 
Doris Mai Lilley 
Jeanne Louise Bladen 
Mary Sutton Walton 
Carol Marie Elam 
Mary Anne Kemp 
Susan Turner Gerwe 
Linda Louise Lyon 
Dorothy Ann Grove 
Lois Elaine Landvoigt 

With Honors 

Martha Walter Preston 
May Marie Hart 
Patricia Anne Burgess 
Sharon Ann Kirk 


With High Honors 

Ethel V. Power 
Carol A. Rafferty 
Lillian Gigliotti 
Jacqueline A. Hastings 
Sandra LaPatka 
Evelyn L. Goldberg 
Sara E. King 
Darrel M. Martin 
Susan W. Rohrer 

With Honors 

Linda J. Thielz 
Diana L. Howard 
Carol T. Schiff 
Judith E. DeBrovy 
Patricia Beneze 
Darlene R. Lehr 
Patricia A. Long 
Betty Lou Markoe 
Susan Stup 
Sherry A. Collins 


With High Honors 

Richard J. DeNeale 
David Cohen 

With Honors 
Patrick E. Trost 


With High Honors 

Kenneth Michael Rocco 
Marcia Faye Lebow 
Sharon Louise Gibson 
Clyde S. Van Dyke 
Patricia Scott Griffin 
John Prioleau De Pass 
Mary Suzanne Landrieu 

With Honors 

Margaret Haydon Arnall 

University of Maryland. 8 5 


With High Honors 

Sandra Camilla Barnes 
Thomas Donaldson Elgen 
Maxine Vesta Sabol 
Betty Muriel Kitson 
Eileen F. Callis 
Steven Anton de Kanter 
James Edward Caswell 
George Arnold Bergstrasser 
Carol Caspar Kesler 
DOREEN Audrey Long 
Edward Ronald Mazziotta 
Claire June Anderson 
Eileen Louise Davison 
Arthur Frank Clark 
William Charles Boehm 
Colin Earl Hollinger 
Lewis Nelson Corrington 
Daniel E. Tennow 
Shirley Dunton 
Hamilton Ward Clemenson, Jr. 
Albert Richard Kopsick 
Joseph Victor Durand 
Dallas Dewitt Lloyd 
Robert David Bradshaw 
James Lewis Wallace 
Joseph Bernard Schreiner 
Carl G. Miller 
Elmer Alfred Rutz 
Odel Preston Ferrell 
James B. Morton 
Anne Spence Laukaitis 
William Judson Davis 
James Warby Crichton 
James Owen Vernon 
Robert Roy Meier 

With Honors 

Robert Lee Chappell 
Richard Donat Desnoyers 
Dennis Allen White 
Donald Joseph McGraw 
Regina Marie Mitchell 
Leonard John Kiely 
Elizabeth Virginia Miller 
Eleanor Harllee Ritchie 
William Crane Morison 
Rubin George Hanson 
David John Cambridge 
James Richard Tammany 
Glendon Warren Wetzel, Jr. 
Ernest Eugene Tabor 
Jerry J. Ramsdale 
Robert Charles Waybright 
Paul John Ghelev 
Gerda Anna Schoenfeld 
David Sanford Finch 
Howard Calhoun Hooker 
David Kilgore Head 
Michael Joseph Heiberger 
Margaret Tirza Brewer 
Frederick Lewis Wheeler 
John Paul Mazuchowski 
John Rutherford McGiffert 
Robert Remsen Perkins 
Robert Gordon Henderson 
John Key Harley 
Jutta Catharine Sanford 
Michael Alan Duniho 

Lynn Beveridge 
F. Josephine Burke 
Nancy Chotiner 
Susan Coppage 
Shelia Deitz 
Joyce Epstein 
Barbara Evans 
June Gaudio 
Barbara Grim 
ILENE Herstone 
Elizabeth Jiles 
Linda Kahl 



(Junior Women's Honor Society) 

Rose Katz 
Marby Kernan 
Barbara Loveless 
Monique Margetis 
Elizabeth McPhee 
Janet Milliken 
Sheilah Rappoport 
Diana Skirven 
Margaret Smith 
Anne Ulman 
Kathy Seward 

86 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Mortar Board 

(The national senior honor society for women, recognizing service, 
leadership and scholarship) 

Lynn Ann Beveridge 
Gail Maria Blackmore 
Frances Josephine Burke 
Sheila Rosalie Deitz 
Laurie Jean Emel 
Ilene Susan Herstone 
Elizabeth Anne Jiles 
Rose Sharon Katz 

Drena Gail Kaufman 
Elizabeth Hall McPhee 
Theresa Dale O'Neill 
Marilyn Esther Quinn 
Margaret Deal Smith 
Marjorie Janet Solomon 
Anne Campbell Ulman 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

(Honorary Leadership Fraternity for Men) 

Thomas Aaron 
John Amoss 
John Barron 
Terry L. Baxter 
James L. Beard 
Randall Bell 
Brian Benson 
William Betts 
Stewart Block 
James Bodycomb 
Gary Boxer 
Paul Buckley 
Bernardo Bramson 
Jerry Ceppos 
Patrick Clancy 
Cary Cooper 
David Couchman 
Dorian Dimaio 
Robert Ellsberry 
Robert Fine 
Steven Glazer 
Rodney Harrell 
Joe Harrington 
John E. Hendrickson 
James Hill 
Francis Hoffman 
Miller Hudson 
Robert Jensen 
Lowell Jacoby 
Sam Kaplan 
David Klevan 
Robert J. Kopnisky 
Ray Mahaffey 
Thomas Marshall 
Richard May 
Dennis McConnell 
Jay McMillen 

Wolfgang Menzel 
Howard Metro 
Michael Minnich 
Patrick Morgan 
Joel Morganthau 
Richard Mortimer 
Alan Nathan 
Ben Nomis 
Thomas Painter 
Richard Paritzky 
Wayne Pawlowsky 
Lawrence Pearson 
Stephen Pendergast 
Lawrence Powell 
John Prevar 
Neal H. Quarles 
Alan Rafel 
Kenneth Rinker 
Steven H. Rosen 
Robert A. Rothbard 
Robert Scott 
Carroll Shmitt 
John Slade 
John Slocomb 
Gary Smith 
James Somerville 
Barry Springer 
Kenneth Stiles 
Robert Stonebaker 
Larry Strausbaugh 
Allan Teal 
Milton Thomas 
Randall Thompson 
Larry Walsh 
John Warfield 
Mark Weiss 

University of Maryland. 87 

Phi Kappa Phi 

(A national honorary fraternity open to honor students, both men 
and women, in all branches of learning) 

John Thomas Allen 
Lee Sterling Altpeter 
Edward Leslie Ansel 
Pinar Arcan 
Martin Robert Babst 
Neson Lee Bain 
H. Randall Bell 
Leslie Adrienne Berkow 
Cheryl Ann Beveridge 
Lynn Ann Beveridge 
Leah Pearl Bimblich 
Jeanne Louise Bladen 
James V. Bodycomb 
Robert Michael Bosma 
Barbara M. Bourgeois 
Joseph H. Bredenkamp 
Richard Thomas Brown, III 
Barbara Ann Bruns 
Margaret Burr Buckler 
Eugene Arthur Carver 
Cary Montgomery Cooper 
Susan Estelle Coppage 
Eileen F. Cox 
Francis Edmond Dalton 
Alan Edward D'Appolito 
David John Daniel 
Ursula L Davis 
Robert Kelly Dean, Jr. 
Beth Marie Decker 
Anre Derzavis 
Pamela Jean Drinane 
Edward Patrick Duggan 
Shirley Dunton 
Irma Hope Eastland 
Cheryl Faye Eberlin 
Carol Marie Elam 
Thomas Donaldson Elgen 
Robert Thomas Elsberry 
Eileen L Faatz 
Michel Neil Favin 
Ruth Mary Ferguson 
Lawrence A. Fleming 
Frank Foust 
Michel Susan Foster 
Maury Lee Fradkin 
Heather Nash Frankle 
Kent Stafford Frazier 
Paul John Ghelev 
Ellen Janet Glass 
Stephen Gordon Glazer 

Gary Daniel Godshalk 
Judith Norma Gold 
Paul Eugene Goldhagen 
Stanley Harris Goldstein 
Genevieve M. Hagan 
Douglas Galloway Hall 
William C. Hamer 
Diane Pearce Hardwich 
Mary Elizabeth Hassman 
Wayne Lee Heckrotte 
Nancy E. Horwitz 
Peter Daniel Hruschka 
Lorraine Johnson Hutchison 
Joyce T. James 
Robert Couper Jensen 
M. Gwenyth Jones 
Heidi L. Joos 
Ethel F. Karp 
Adil Jubran Kanaan 
Ruth Alice Keeting 
Shawn Elizabeth Kehoe 
Morton Alan Kesler 
Carol Ruth Kestler 
Susan Rita Kinsey 
Norma J. Kirwan 
Harold George Klemcke 
Nancy L. Knight 
Elizabeth Clay Kocher 


George E. Lauterbach, Jr. 
Victor Richard Lebedoff 
Joseph Leo, Jr. 
Barbara Sue Levine 
Doris Mai Lilley 
Dennis McConnell 
Joan Adele Lipsitz 
Florence Madsen 
Marilyn Elizabeth Manser 
Ronald W. Massie 
Edward Carmine Mattie 
Janette Lysher McGaughy 
Donald Joseph McGraw 
Eleanor McKay 
Wolfgang Paul Menzel 
George Malcolm Merriman, Jr. 
Alan Lester Meyrowitz 
Michael Edgar Minnich 
Lynne Mondell 
Joel Lee Morgenthau 
Oneida Carol Morningstar 

88 1067 Commencetnent Exercises. 

Carol Ann Neuman 
Lawrence Marc Paul 
Pamela N. Payne 
Lawrence Ward Pearson 
Stephen L. Pendergast 
Ivan James Phillips 
Michael Allen Phillips 
Linda Margaret Poole 
Kenneth Davis Powell 
Thomas John Pozzuoli 
John Fortney Purinton 
David Earl Raley 
Howard G. Rode, Jr. 
Marilyn Lee Roman 
Helen Maxine Ryan 
Hallman Wayne Schindler 
Leslie Jay Schneider 
Lois Sandra Schwartz 
Charles Martin Shub 
Margaret Deal Smith 
Harvey Edward Solomon 
Anne Elizabeth Soria 
Penny L. Smith 
James Andrew Somerville, Jr. 
William Floyd Stagg 
Christian William Stauffer 

WiLLA Sydney Stern 
Sandra Jeannine Stine 
Dorothy Jayne Stirn 
Robert J. Stonebraker 
Larry James Strausbaugh 
Allen Lee Stockett 
James Ichard Tammany 
Susan Tavela 
William Edward Taylor 
Helen Ann Tegnell 
John Joseph Testa 
Russell Gardner Thomas, Jr. 
Margaret Jean Thompson 
Claire Turner 
Mary L. Walton 
Frank Anthony Warner 
Faye Fuller Weedman 
Robert Allen Weinraub 
Mark Alexander Weiss 
Richard Davis Whitney 
Miriam Leah Wilkenfeld 
Bernadette Mary Williams 
Charles Adolph Wobbeking, Jr. 
Margaret Faith Wolfe 
Richard Everett Wood 

Alpha Omega Alpha 

(A National Honorary Medical Society) 

Elizabeth Ann Abel 
Robert Brull 
Joel Mayer Cherry 
Charles Ernest DeFelice 
Robert Orville France 
Joel Henry Goffman 
Barry Sheldon Handwerger 
Arthur Lee Hughes 
Bruce Lawrence Miller 
Louis Winaker Miller 

Thomas Joseph O'Donnell 
Arnold Zorel Paritzky 
Ronald Stephen Pototsky 
Barry Joel Schlossberg 
Zellman David Skloven 
Robert Alan Sofperman 
Stephen Clark Wardlaw 
Larry Joseph Warner 
Alan Frederick Wolf 

Alpha Sigma Lambda 
(National Evening Student Honorary) 

Sandra Camilla Barnes 
Claire June Anderson 
George Arnold Bergstrasser 
William Charles Boehm 

Robert David Bradshaw 
Margaret Tirza Brewer 
Edgar Ray Britt 
David John Cambridge 

University of Maryland. 89 

James Edward Caswell 
Robert Lee Chappell 
Jerry Cissel 
Arthur Frank Clark 
Hamilton Ward Clemenson, Jr. 
James Warby Crighton 
RoscoE Elliott Dann, Jr. 
Eileen Louise Davison 
Stephen Anton DeKanter 
Richard Donat Desnoyers 
Shirley Dunton 
Joseph Victor Durand 
Thomas Donaldson Elgen 
David Sanford Finch 
Paul John Ghelev 
John Duncan Gilchrest 
Colin Earl Hollinger 
Carol Caspar Kesler 
Betty Muriel Kitson 
Albert Richard Kopsick 
Kathleen Elaine Labohn 

Doreen Audrey Long 
Edward Ronald Mazziotta 
Christopher Mehiel 
Robert Roy Meier 
Carl Gilmour Miller 
John Anthony Mojecki 
William Crane Morison 
Eleanor Harllee Ritchie 
Erastus Winn Roberts 
Brenda Harriet Ruff 
Elmer Alfred Rutz 
Maxine Vesta Sabol 
Frank Sopato 
Daniel Edgar Tennow 
Edward Collins Unger 
James Owen Vernon 
Walter James Warner 
Frederick Lewis Wheeler 
Dennis Allen White 
Richard Lee Whittington 

Daniel J. Donnelly 
John W. Doran 
Donald O. Edwards 
Davis M. Gerwig 
Joshua M. Hatkin 
Edward Herner 
DiLMUS L. Jarrett 
Howard A. Jeffries 
Richard G. Jones 
Laurence E. Meeks 
Charles E. Miller 

Alpha Zeta 

(Men's Professional Agricultural Fratertiity) 

Norman A. Mills 
William F. Moffett 
William J. Pierce 
Michael W. Radebaugh 
James J. Robison 
Thomas G. Sidor 
Frank K. Thomson 
Kenneth N. Watts 
Ralph K. Williamson 
William R. Wright 
Robert D. Zenoble 

Beta Gamma Sigma 

(Men's and Women's Commerce Honor Society) 

William P. Becker 
Robert M. Bosma 
Sharon E. Brooks 
Francis E. Dalton 
James A. Grant 
Lorraine J. Hutchison 
John M. Ivancevich 
Drena G. Kaufman 
Morton A. Kesler 
Robert E. Koehler, Jr. 
Susan Malchodi 

Marilyn W. Miller 
Lenore Moskowitz 
Dennis McConnell 
Richard T. Pencek 
Ivan J. Phillips 
Richard J. Reinhard 
Louis L Rosen 
Leslie J. Schneider 
Maria M. Scott 
William Seganish 
Frank A. Warner 

90 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Eta Beta Rho 

(Honor Society of Hebrew Language and Culture) 

Stephen Berenson 
Deborah L. Casel 
Herzl R. Dobkin 
Vernon R. Gramling 
Bette a. Green 
Barbara A. Horowitz 
Ellis H. Kaplan 
Morton D. Marcus 
Paula A. Miller 

Richard S. Miller 
Rosa Nachlas 
Ellen S. Nochumowitz 
Stanley E. Rose 
David V. Rossoff 
Shira M. Rubenstein 
Roberta S. Sandler 
Alan M. Weinstein 
Carol B. Westreich 

Kappa Delta Pi 

(National Honor Society in Education) 

Ann M. Berger 
Lynn A. Beveridge 
Carole A. Blackstock 
Adele H. Brodmerkel 
Anne Chu 

Deborah D. Culbertson 
Gloria B. Davidson 
Cheryl F. Eberlin 
Sandi L. Frank 
Ellen J. Glass 
Judith N. Gold 
Diane P. Hardwick 
Nancy E. Horwitz 
Barbara A. Katz 
Rose S. Katz 
Freddie J. Kelly 
Marbeth E. Kernon 
Sandra G. King 

Marcia a. Kiplin 
Marjorie S. Levin 
Barbara S. Levine 
Joan A. Lipsitz 
Florence E. Madsen 
Lynne Mondell 
Carolyn E. Morris 
Sharon L. O'Connor 
Linda M. Perlow^ 
Marilyn E. Quinn 
Marilyn L. Roman 
Marlene Rosenberg 
Margaret A. Shaffer 
Carole L. Sherman 
Sandra J. Stine 
Allen L. Stockett 
Andrea G. Weatherby 
Margaret E. Wilson 

Robert J. Bogdanoff 
Evelyn Sue Bothe 
G. Randolph Burnham 
Stephanie DeCoste 
Judith M. Fiterman 
June C. Gaudio 

National Collegiate Players 

(National Honorary Dramatics Society) 

Susan T. Hoffman 
David L. Klevan 
Amnon B. Nomis 
Ruth Ann Patterson 
Alan C. Rafel 
Joanne H. Shea 

University of Maryland, y 1 

Omicron Kappa Upsilon 
(Honorary Dental Society) 

Ann Bergstresser 
Daniel Edward Fielding 
Humphrey Hamilton Greear 
Wayne Kinney Lopez 
Hart Larry Mager 
James Erskine Owens 

Michael Norman Rosenberg 
David Hoyland Wands 
Darryl Lynd Warner 
Bruce Allen Winter 
Robert Allen Zakarin 

Omicron Nu 

(National Home Economics Honor Society) 


Jeanne L. Bladen 
Patricia A. Burgess 
Kathleen G. Cooney 
Carol M. Elam 
Susan T. Gerwe 
Dorothy A. Grove 
Marlene Kay Gunther 
May M. Hart 
Diane L. Johnson 
Mary Ann Kemp 

Sharon Ann Kirk 
Karen A. Koenig 
Lois E. Landvoight 
Doris B. Lilley 
Linda L. Lyon 
Marjorie Sippel 
Margaret J. Thompson 
Mary S. Walton 
Martha Walter 
Sherry Ann Whipp 


Ann Margaret Potter 

Benjamin L. Cardin 
Benjamine F. Davis 
James R. Eyler 
Frank R. Goldstein 
Lawrence M. Katz 
Martin R. Levy 

The Order of the Coif 

(National Law School Honor Society) 

John S. Mahoney 
Leslie J. Polt 
Alan R. Sachs 
Milton R. Smith, Jr. 
Walter R. Stone 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 

(Physical Education, Recreation, and Health Honor Society) 


Thomas L. Bichy 
Stephen P. Erber 
Paul H. Hahn 
Donald J. Hobart 
March L. Krotee 

Barry R. May 
David H. Nielsen 
Edwin G. Trout 
Richard A. Wojciechowicz 

92 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Jean N. Blana 
Linda J. Davis 
John P. DePass 
Judith R. Dopp 
Sharon L. Gibson 
Patricia S. Griffin 
Nancy L. Gustafson 
Joan M. Henn 
Francis R. Hoffman 
Ellen S. Kaplan 


Jacqueline C. LaFleur 
Mary Susan Landrieu 
Marcia F. Lebow 
Jane E. Lewis 
Kenneth M. Rocco 
Marlene F. Sneider 
Sherrylyn Stargel 
Clyde S. VanDyke 
Sharma E. Wright 

Phi Alpha Theta 
(National History Honor Society) 


Michael Adler 
Edward Angel 
John A. Balchunas 
Linda Jo Bauer 
Bradley Biggs 
Frances Lee Boulay 
Peter Brathwaite 
Carol Ann Brill 
James E. Caswell 
Marjorie Ann Crammer 
Alan E. D'Appolito 
Gloria Lockett Davidson 
Bobby B. Dische 
Marilynn Joyce Fader 
Donald T. A. Fair, Jr. 
Michael N. Favin 
Charles Frederick Fiege 
Joel G. Fradin 
Sandi Frank 
Lawrence D. Gorban 
Diana Lynn Harry 
Joseph Valentino Heller, Jr. 
Royal D. Hutchinson 

Frances L. Jarboe 

Alan Kaplan 

Jean E. Keeting 

Ruth Alice Keeting 

Stanley C. Langfeld 

E. Drake Lundell, Jr. 

Eleanor McKay 

John David McMahon 

Linda Marie Pace 

Charlotte Ann Pennefeatheb 

Susan Raffel 

Shelah Fae Rappoport 

Elizabeth Reynolds 

Rosalind M. Sanders 

Sue Ann Sausser 

Gary A. Smith 

Dorothy Stirn 

Bruce Sheldon Trippe 

Max L. Vickery 

Craig Thomas Walsworth 

Cynthia J. Wiens 

Richard Everett Wood 


Lawrence R. Benson 
William L. Brown, III 
Robert J. Brugger 
William B. Buchanan, Jr. 
Robert Irwin Campbell 


Thomas Donaldson Elgen 

David Reed Goldfield 

Eugene W. Goll 

Craig Harle 

Robert Eugene Leipheimek 

Carolyn Daniel McCreesh 

Louis A. Mezzullo 
Charles S. Nicewarner 
Thomas S. O'Quinn 
James R. Parker 
Pamela 0. Rodricks 
Gordon F. Russell 
George William Sloan 
Mary Sperling 
Tommy R. Thompson 
Mary Tudor 
Ernest S. Yaniger 

University of Maryland. 93 

Phi Beta Kappa 

(A National Honorary Society for Arts and Sciences) 

Edward Ansel 
PiNAR Arcan 
Susan L. Armstrong 
Alan P. Auckenthaler 
Martin Babst 
Nelson L. Bain 
John Balchunas 
George Beck 
Leslie Berkow 
Cheryl Beveridge 
Stewart Block 
William Bortz 
Richard Brown 
Charles Bryce 
Margaret Buckler 
Thurston Carleton 
Joan C. Carr 
Eugene Carver 
William Caswell 
Bernadett Connelly 
David A. Cook 
Lalah C. Cooperman 
Susan Coppage 
Susan Cox 
Alan D'Appolito 
Ursula Davis 
Barbara V. DeMont 
Edward P. Duggan 
Robert T. Elsberry 
Michael Favin 
Constance Fletcher 
Maury L. Fradkin 
David Frank 
Heather Frankle 
Kent S. Frazier 
Robert E. Garlitz 
Sue a. Glackin 
Steven Glazer 
Lawrence D. Gorban 
Genevieve Hagan 
Suzanne M. Haig 
Mary Hassman 
Margot Heggestad 
Jerry Herbst 

Peter Hruschka 
Stephany Humpston 
Robert Jarboe 
Mac Jenkins 
Karen B. Joseph 
Adil Kanaan 
Ruth A. Keeting 
Ann M. Kidwell 
Susan R. Kinsey 
Nancy A. Kirchner 
Norma Kirwan 
Harold G. Klemcke 
Elizabeth Kocher 
Mirijana Kocho 
Susan Larson 
Stanley Levin 


Ronald W. Massie 
Kay McDorman 
Janette McGaughy 
Patricia L. McKay 
Wolfgang P. Menzel 
Louis Mezzulo 
Joel Lee Morgenthau 
Alan M. Nathan 
Carol Newman 
Gerald A. Nolly 
Eileen M. Oickle 
Kenneth D. Powell 
Susan Pristoop 
June R. Reinking 
Helen Ryan 
Jerry L. Schreiber 
Margaret D. Smith 
WiLLA S. Stern 
Robert K. Stevens 
Michael Suser 
Jean Svirbely 
Helen Tegnell 
Nanette L. Vincent 
Mark Weiss 
Ruth Weissman 
Alyce J. Wertheimer 
Margaret E. Wood 

Rho Chi 
(National Honorary Pharmaceutical Society) 


Leonard C. Howard, Jr. Herbert M. Sohmer 

John R. Ricci 

94 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Patrick E. Trost 

Clifford E. Hynniman 

Richard Blair, Jr. 
William Caswell 
Bernard Cotton, Jr. 
Robert Elsberry 
Steven Fritz 
Russell Frizzell 
Gary Godshalk 
Paul Goldhagen 
Kenneth Grenell 
Stephen Grossman 
Robert Hornstein 
Adil Kanaan 
George Kaplan 

Sigma Pi Sigma 

(National Physics Honor Society) 


Barry Korb 
George Lowry 
Paul Menzel 
Frederick Mosher 
Alan Nathan 
Kenneth Oftedal 
Gary Pfeufer 
Linda Poole 
David Rosenfeld 
Bert Simson 
John Stasiewicz 
David Wallace 
Douglas Yates 


Erol Akin 
Yves Alloucherie 
Robert Beal 
David Branch 
Julius Brecht 
Shui Lin Chao 
Cecil Chin-Fatt 
Willard Cronyn 
William Davis 
Robert Dixon 
Lester Edelstein 
John Fortna 
John Fowler 
Harry Gieske 
Jack Gleason 
George Goldenbaum 
Bruce Gotwols 
William R. Harris 
Don C. Hines 
Chia-Ren Hu 
Philip T. Huang 
James Kinsey 
Chen Kuo 
Alfred G. Lieberman 

Juan Maldonado 
Denis Manchon 
Alan McCone 
Robert Miller 
Nathan Miller 
John Mullendore 
David Nelson 


James Penar 
Rodney Riddle 


Barrett Ripin 
Alexander Sachs 
Sam Steppel 
William Sweeney 
Paul Szczepanek 
Ye-Yung Ten 
Irwin Tepper 
Ronald Uhlig 
George Waldo 
Bette Winer 
LouvAN Wood 
Donald Yeomans 
Frank Young 

University of Maryland, y j 

Sigma Theta Tau 

(National Nursing Honor Society) 

Marilyn Aten 

Christine Barnett 

Sister Mary Joseph Blaha, S.S.J. 

Patricia Calico 

Abigail Cameron 

Beatrice Chumley 

Lillian Cole 

Barbara A. Coulen 

Charlotte E. Davis 

Ruth Foden 

Nancy B. Fry 

Evelyn Goldberg 

Betty L. Hammack 

Eleanor T. Hanson 

Alva Ann Hardin 

Ann L. Harper 

Jacklyn a. Hastings 

Donna L. Herb 

Barbara Sue Hindson 

Mary Humiston 

Ruth M. Knight 

Mildred Kreider 
June E. Lawrence 
Linda C. Mitchell 
Anita Narciso 
Lois Neuman 
Ann Vaughn Nicholson 
Kathryn Nusbaum 
Phyllis Chickes Patrick 
M. Elizabeth Pickens 
Carole A. Rafferty 
Kathryn Sisk 
Alice B. Slater 
Mary V. Spencer 
Flora C. STREayrr 
Susan J. Stup 
Alice M. Sundberg 
Sandra Sundeen 
Marjorie V. Trendell 
Ernestine G. Turner 
Susan Woolsey 
Verna M. Yeager 

John C. Amoss 
Charles H. Amrhine 
James L. Beard 
Randall H. Bell 
William S. Betts, Jr. 
Nathan Bluzer 
James V. Bodycomb 
William T. Bottoms 
Gary R. Boxer 
William G. Boyce 
Barry J. Brow^nstein 
Joseph A. Cassizzi 
James S. Cameron 
Steve Y. Chan 
Norman S. Clerman 
Gaby H. Collison 
Gary M. Cooper 
Dorian A. De Maio 
James H. Deoms 
John P. Devereaux 
Alan S. Dorenfeld 
David E. Drackley 

Tau Beta Pi 

(General Engineering Honor Society) 

Sean R. Durkin 
John C. Eisberg 
Harvey S. Epstein 
Robert L. Epstein 
Robert A. Evi^ing 
Charles W. Formwalt 
Walter M. Fountain 
James D. Frew 
Michael F. Geary 
Howard J. Gersch 
Edward P. Giblin 
Dennis M. Goodman 
Arnold F. Hall 
Douglas G. Hall 
William C. Hamer 
Rodney A. Harrill 
Robert J. Hassett 
Leonard S. Haynes 
William F. Headridge 
William F. Hermach 
Earl W. Holtzscheiter 
Harvey Jacobson 

96 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Robert C. Jensen 
Arthur F. Judy 
CoBEY L. Kaufman 
Donald T. Langhorne, Jr. 
Joseph P. Lawrence, III 
Fred J. Lebert 
Jong S. Lee 
John C. Lehmann 
Robert E. Lentz 
James E. Levin 
Stephen M., Lightner 
Vincent C. Lutheran 
Raymond E. Mahaffey, Jr. 
Stanley A. Markle 
Gerald E. Mehlbaum 
Richard M. Milstead 
Michael E. Minnich 
Joseph J. Moorcones 
John J. Nelka 
James A. Oliff 
George P. Ord 
Benjamin L Orvedal 
John F. Patrick 
Lawrence M. Paul 
Stephen L. Pendergast 
Michael A. Phillips 

Robert H. Plank 
Szlama Ponczak 
Alvin W. Prebula 
Robert R. Rhinehart 
Stephen L Rome 
Robert L. Rosenblum 
Hassan A. Seirafi 
Javid Siminou 
Barry B. Smith 
Paul J. Smith 
Richard B. Smith 
James A. Somerville, Jr. 
Barry R. Springer 
Fred E. Springer 
Harry J. Stacy 
W. DoDD Stacy 
Richard J. Stanton, Jr. 
Michael D. Steer 
Lawrence C. Tarbell 
Robert D. Trachtenberg 
Philip C. Van Der Goes 
Paul J. Waltrup 
David E. Weatherby 
Robert A. Weinraub 
Frank W. Wilkins 
Charles A. Wobbeking 

University of Maryland. 97 



Special Awards 



The Alpha Omega Award Michael Norman Rosenberg 

The Alumni Association Medal Joseph Paul Commette, Jr. 

The Isaac H. Davis Medal Daniel Edward Fielding 

The Herbert Friedberg Memorial Award David Hoyland Wands 

The Grayson W. Gaver Memorial Award Kenneth Earl Mort 

The Timothy O. Heativole Memorial Award Darryl Lynd Warner 

The International College of Dentists Award Charles Henry DeVries, Jr. 

The Edgar J. Jacques Memorial Award Darryl Lynd Warner 

The Harry E. Kelsey Memorial Award Howard Gene Rosenberg 

The Harry E. Latcham Memorial Medal David Hoyland Wands 

The Alexander H. Paterson Memorial Medal Howard William Clausen 

The Harry B. Schwartz Award Daniel Edward Fielding 

The Sigma Epsilon Delta Memorial Medal Darryl Lynd Warner 

The Katharine Toomey Award John Vandenberge 


Sam Allen Memorial Prize JAMES R. Eyler 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize Frank R. Goldstein 

Roger Howell Award Milton R. Smith, Jr. 

Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation Prize Frank R. Goldstein 

Samuel S. Levin Prize Graydon S. McKee, III 

Nu Beta Epsilon Prize Alan R. Sachs 

John L. Thomas Prize Benjamin L. Cardin 

William Strobel Thomas Prize Frank R. Goldstein 

U. S. Law Week Award Lawrence M. Katz 


Balder Prize for Excellence in Medical Studies Joel Henry Goffman 

Dr. Leonard M. Hummel Medal for Excellence in Internal Medicine 

John Milton McIntyre 

The Robinson Dermatological Award Charles Ernest DeFelice 

Dr. Wayne W. Babcock Prize for Excellence in Surgery David Michael Snyder 

Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Prize for Excellence in Genito-Urinary Surgery 

Gordon Homer Earles 

Dr. Milton S. Sacks Memorial Award for Excellence in Medicine and Hematology 

Michael Morgan Lee 

Dr. Jacob E. Finesinger Prize for Excellence in Psychiatry. ...KEyNETH Bernard Stern 

Student Council Keys Robert Orville France, Elihu Mark Kraemer, 

John Milton McIntyre 

Student Council Certificates Robert Orville France, Elihu Mark Kraemer, 

Robert James McCaffrey, John Milton McIntyre, Joseph Clarence Orlando, 
John Francis Rogers, David Michael Snyder, Lawrence Matthew Tierney, 
Donald Bruce Vogel 

University of Maryland. 101 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumni Association Award to the student 
having the highest average in scholarship. 

Awarded to Ethel V. Power 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumni Association Award presented to the 
member of the graduating class who has exhibited leadership in the professional stu- 
dent nursing organization. 

Awarded to Carolyn Bell 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Award to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship. 

Awarded to SANDRA La PATKA 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Award for executive ability. 

Awarded to SuSAN Rohrer 

The Flora Hoffman Tarun Memorial Award for leadership, loyalty, and school 

Awarded to Darrel Martin 

The Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider Award to the nurse who has most consistently 
maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospital 

Awarded to Patricia Beneze 

The Neuro-Surgical Nursing Prize awarded to the member of the graduating class 

who has shown the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in neuro-surgical nursing. 

Awarded to Karen Hall 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in the nursing care of surgical 

Awarded to Linda Edminster 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in operating room nursing. 

Awarded to Eva Grover 

The Women's Auxiliary Board Award presented to a member of the graduating 
class who has demonstrated outstanding i)erformance in giving professional nursing 
care to patients. 

Awarded to Sherry Collins 


The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity Prize, to a senior student for 
proficiency in pharmacology. 

Awarded to Arnou) Fred Grabush 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize, a gold medal for superior proficiency in 

Awarded to David Cohen 

The David Fink Memorial Prize, to a senior student for proficiency in the general 
practice of pharmacy. 

Awarded to Alvin Daniel Groman 

102 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Epsilon Alumnae Chapter, Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority Prize, to a senior stu- 
dent for proficiency in pharmacy administration. 

Awarded to Alan Joseph Jaskulski 

The Wagner Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Prize, for meritorious academic achieve- 
ment in pharmaceutical jurisprudence. 

Awarded to Stephen Louis Buckner 

The John F. Wannenwetsch Memorial Prize, to a senior student majoring in Gen- 
eral Pharmacy who has exhibited exceptional performance and promise in the practice 
of community pharmacy. 

Awarded to Marcia Ann Will 

The Conrad L. Wich Pharmacognosy Prize, for exceptional work throughout the 
course in pharmacognosy. 

Awarded to Ronald Casimir Telak 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize, to the senior student having the 
highest general average throughout the course in practical and dispensing pharmacy. 
Awarded to Patrick Edgar Trost 


Milton Abramowitz Memorial Prize to a junior or senior student majoring in 
mathematics who has demonstrated superior competence and promise for future de- 
velopment in the field of mathematics and its applications. 

Awarded to Robert M. Higginbotham 

The ALCOA Foundation Traffic and Transportation Award to an outstanding 
senior student majoring in transportation. 

Awarded to Anthony J. Romersa 

Alpha Chi Sigma Award to the senior majoring in chemistry or chemical engineer- 
ing whose average has been above 3.0 for three and one-half years. 

Awarded to Thomas J. Pozzuoli 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the senior member of the group who has maintained 
the highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have been in 
attendance in the institution for the entire time. 


Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award to the senior members who have 
maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta Average, 3.50. 
Awarded to: 

Leslie Adrienne Berkow Elizabeth Clay Kocher 

Jeanne Louise Bladen Susan Gayle Larson 

Sharon Ellen Brooks Monique Faricy Margetis 

Frances Josephine Burke Lynn Mondell 

Susan Estelle Coppage Ann Lynn Sax 

Judith Norma Gold Lois Sandra Schwartz 

Drena Gail Kaufman Margaret Deal Smith 

Ruth Alice Keeting Diane Gay Timin Wirschnitzeb 
Susan Rita Kinsey 

Alpha Zeta Award to the agricultural student in the freshman class who attains 
the highest average record in academic work. 

Awarded to Ronald A. Rinehart 

University of Maryland. 103 

American Association of University Women, College Park, Annual Graduate Prize. 
Awarded to Gloria Leon 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Awards. 

Awarded to Raymond E. Mahaffey, Jr. for outstanding achievement; 

Peter G. Perry & Charles F. Obrecht for best student 
branch lecture; and the student chairman award to Ray- 
mond E. Mahaffey, Jr. 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Award to the junior member of the Stu- 
dent Chapter who attained the highest over-all scholastic average during the freshman 
and sophomore years. 

Awarded to HASSAN A. Seirafi 

American Institute of Chemists Award to an outstanding student of the senior 
class selected by the faculty. 

Awarded to William L. Hearn 

American Society of Civil Engineers' Outstanding Senior Awards. 

Awarded to David P. Hayes by Maryland Section; 

Thomas P. Shepard by Area Confer- 
ence ; Robert D. Trachtenberg by the 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award to the senior member who con- 
tributed most to the local chapter. 

Awarded to E. LiNWOOD Davis 

The Appleman-Norton Scholarship Award to a senior major in recognition of excel- 
lence in Botany. 

Awarded to Joseph A. Foster 

Associated Women Students Awards for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 
Awarded to: 

Nancy M. Benjes Patricia A. Harrison 

Lynn A. Beveridge Mary S. Lafans 

Elizabeth A. Brough Carol L. LAwson 

Virginia L. Cooper Kathy A. Seward 

Barbara Grim Karen L. Turnbull 

David Arthur Berman Memorial Award to the highest ranking junior in the De- 
partment of Chemical Eng^ineering who is also a member of Tau Beta Pi National 

Awarded to Howard J. Gersch 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal to the sophomore who has attained the highest 
scholastic average of his class in the College of Engineering. 

Awarded to James R. Griffiths 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence in 
Hebrew studies. 
Awarded to: 

Harriet Bartner Ellen J. Shapiro 

Herzl R. Dobkin Nancy B. Slonim 

Faye G. Donick Carol B. Westreich 

Faith G. Eisner Eileen S. Yoffe 

Pnina Godin Ruthellen B. Yoshfe 
Stanley E. Rose 

104 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Business Education Award of Merit to a student in Business Education in recogni- 
tion of outstanding achievement as a student. 

Awarded to Nancy M. Carruthers 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award to the outstanding graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during the last year. 

Awarded to Richard J. Cole and Rudolph E. Gross 

Bernard L. Crozier Award to the senior in the College of Engineering who, in the 
opinion of the faculty, has made the greatest improvement in scholarship during his 
stay at the University. 

Awarded to Charles A. Wobbeking 

The Delmarva Traffic Club Award to a junior student majoring in transportation 
whose residence is on the Maryland Eastern Shore. 

Awarded to Douglas Brown 

Delta Delta Delta Award to the sophomore woman with the highest cumulative 

Awarded to Susan Laura Armstrong 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who has 
maintained the highest scholastic standing during the entire course of study in business 
administration or economics. 

Awarded to DENNIS McConnell 

Diamondback Award to the outstanding freshman in the field of communications. 
Awarded to Margaret Hill 

The Drake Award to the undergraduate student in chemistry who shows the most 
promise at the end of the sophomore year. 

Awarded to Jerry L. Schreiber 

The Education Alumni Award to the outstanding senior woman and senior man in 
the College of Education. 

Awarded to Lynn Ann Beveridge and Allen Stockett 

Engineering Alumni Chapter Award to a senior for outstanding scholarship and 
service to the College of Engineering and University. 

Awarded to James A. Sommerville, Jr. 

English Department Short Fiction Award to the undergraduate or graduate stu- 
dent who has written the best piece of short fiction during the current school year. 
Awarded to Edwin A. Williams, III 

General Electric Company prize to the outstanding first year graduate student in 
physics and to the outstanding first year graduate student in astronomy. 

Awarded to D. R. DiVGi AND Dermott Mullan 

The James Douglass Goddard Memorial Medal to the male native resident of 
Prince Georges County who makes the highest average in his studies, and who embodies 
the most manly attributes. 

Awarded to Larry James Strausbaugh 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the two members of the senior class who 
have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Judith M. Fiterman and June C. Gaudio 

Hamilton Award to the graduating senior in the College of Engineering who has 
most successfully combined proficiency in his major field of study with achievements — 
either academic, extracurricular, or both — in the social sciences or humanities. 

Awarded to James L. Beard 

University of Maryland. 105 

The Haskins and Sells Foundations, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College 
of Business and Public Administration concentrating in accounting who has demon- 
strated excellent ability in this field of study. 

Awarded to Drena Kaufman 

The Home Economics Alumni Award to the student outstanding in application of 
Home Economics in her present living and who shows promise of carrying these into 
her future home and community. 

Awarded to MARGARET J. Thompson 

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Awards, by the Washington section 
and the national office, for active participation in student chapter activities. 

Awarded to Roger L. Miller and Eugene T. Zsuffa 

Joe Elbert James Memorial Award to the graduating senior in horticulture on the 
basis of scholarship and promise of future achievement. 

Awarded to Louis P. Rose 

Leidy Chemical Company Award to an outstanding student majoring in chemistry. 
Awarded to Eugene A. Carver 

Marathon Oil Company prizes to outstanding graduate teaching assistants. 

In Astronomy: 

James Fisher Eric Silverberg 

In Physics: 

Bruce Barnett Peter Frisbbe 

John K. Bird Charles Lucas, Jr. 

Seth Coplan Morris Pongratz 

P. S. Desai Leighton Scott 

Ryan Doezema Dean Zollman 

Maryland-Delaware Press Association Annual Citation to the outstanding senior 
in journalism. 

Awarded to John M. Purnell 

Maryland Recreation and Parks Society Award to an outstanding senior majoring 
in recreation. 

Awarded to WAYNE Randolph Millhi 

Motor Fleet Supervisors Award to a student majoring in transportation in the 
College of Business and Public Administration. 

Awarded to Harold Warren and Raymond Price 

National Society of Fire Protection Engineers Awards to the most outstanding 
senior and the most outstanding sophomore in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to James W. Strausser, Jr. and Daniel P. Brogan 

Noxema Chemical Company Scholarship Award to an undergraduate student in 

Awarded to Michel S. Foster and Willlam L. Hearn 

The Omicron Nu Award to the sophomore student in Home Economics who in her 
freshman year achieved the highest grade point average. 

Awarded to Mary E. Weibich 

The junior award of the Gamma of Maryland Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa will be 
presented this year to SuSAN L. ARMSTRONG 

The senior award (Leon P. Smith Award) of the Gamma of Maryland Chapter 
will be presented this year to Gerald A. Nou-Y 

106 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Phi Chi Theta Award to the outstanding graduating senior woman in the College 
of Business and Public Administration on the basis of scholarship, activities and 

Awarded to Drena Kaufman 

Phi Delta Kappa Award to an outstanding man in the graduating class of the 
College of Education. 

Awarded to Ronald Ladue 

Phi Sigma Awards for outstanding achievement in the biological sciences to an 
undergraduate student and a graduate student. 

Awarded to Bernadine J. Wisnieski and Robert H. Horwich 

Pi Delta Epsilon National Medal of Merit Awards to the outstanding junior 
woman and the outstanding junior man for journalism activities. 

Awarded to Judith Siegel and John M. Purnell 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award for distinguished and dedicated service in the field of 
communications at the University of Maryland. 

Awarded to Robert M. Duckman 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award for outstanding service to communications in the field of 

Awarded to Edward Sachs 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award for outstanding service to communications in the field of 

Awarded to Barbara Evans 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award for outstanding service to communications in the field of 
editorial journalism. 

Awarded to JEROME M. Ceppos 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award for outstanding service to communications in the field of 
periodical journalism. 

Awarded to Ken Firestone 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to the most outstanding sophomore in mechanical engineering 
on the basis of scholastic average and instructors' ratings. 


Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award to the senior in mechanical engineering who has 
made the most outstanding contribution to the University. 

Awarded to James L. Beard 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College of Business 
and Public Administration who has majored in Transportation and who has demon- 
strated competence in this field of study. 

Awarded to George Altmeyer 

Public Relations Society of America, Baltimore Chapter, Annual Citation to the 
outstanding senior, active in public relations. 

Awarded to ROBERT G. TasH 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the outstanding senior in microbiology. 
Awarded to Sue Rochkind 

The Sigma Chapter, Phi Delta Gamma Award to an outstanding woman who has 
completed the requirements for the doctoral degree. 

Awarded to Evelyn McClelland Hurlburt 

Reuben G. Steinmeyer Award to the outstanding senior in the Department of 
Government and Politics. 

Awarded to Ruth Marilyn Weissman 

University of Maryland. 10/ 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of 
the City of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual 
qualities practically applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to Gary A. Smith and Mary Lafans 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Association Award to the junior in 
the College of Engineering who during his sophomore year has made the greatest im- 
provement in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Joseph P. Lawrence 

The University of Maryland Alumni Association Outstanding Student Leader 
Award presented annually to an outstanding senior man and woman student who have 
demonstrated excellence in leadership, citizenship and scholarship. 

Awarded to Miller N. Hudson and Mary S. Lafans 

The Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award to the graduating senior 
who has maintained the highest scholastic achievement in the field of financial admin- 

Awarded to Robert M. Bosma 

The Arthur Young and Co. Foundation, Inc., Awards to exceptional senior stu- 
dents concentrating in accounting who are registered in the College of Business and 
Public Administration. 

Awarded James R. Clark, Francis E. Dalton, Morton A. Kesler, 

Marilyn W. Miller, Richard J. Reinhard, Leslie J. Schneider, 

Richard S. Shack, James B. Shelton 


Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus 
H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class who, 
during his collegiate career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done 
most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Miller Hudson 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An award presented annually as a memorial to Sally 
Sterling Byrd, by her children to that girl member of the Senior Class who best 
exemplifies the enduring qualities of the pioneer women. These qualities should typify 
self-dependence, courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, 
willingness to sacrifice for others, strength of character, and those other qualities that 
enable the pioneer woman to play such a fundamental part in the building of the 

Awarded to LYNN Beveridge 



The Maryland Ring, a memorial to Charles L. Linhardt, Jr., to the Maryland male 
resident who is adjudged the best athlete of the year. 

Awarded to Charles Alan Pastrana 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in 
college athletics. 

Awarded to James J. McMillen 

The Atlantic Coast Conference Plaque to a senior for excellence in scholarship 
and athletics. 

Awarded to Steven H. Rosen 

108 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current season. 
Awarded to Bobby M. Collins 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to 
the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Milton T. Matthews 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy for the senior who has contributed most 
to the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to JAMES J. McMlLLEN 

John T. Bell Swimming Award to the senior letterman who has contributed most 
to swimming. 

Awarded to Wayne Pawlowski 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to STEPHEN Sauve 

William P. Cole, III, Memorial Lacrosse Award to the outstanding midfielder. 
Awarded to Bruce Hinkel 

The George C. Cook Memorial Scholarship Trophy to a member of the football 
team with the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to Larry Bagranoff 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silber Lacrosse Trophy to the most improved defence man. 
Awarded to WiLLIAM J. Sbarra 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the graduating male senior athlete, who during his 
three years of varsity competition, lettered at least once and attained the highest 
over-all scholastic average. 

Awarded to Steven H. Rosen 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award to the most outstanding senior trackman. 
Awarded to Richard M. Dull 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to ROBERT Karch 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed most 
to wrestling at the University. 

Awarded to Robert T. Stumpff 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., Swimming Trophy to the senior letterman who has 
contributed most to swimming. 

Awarded to Phillip Denkevitz 

Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 
Awarded to Richard Absher 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service to 
lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to ALAN LowE 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University has 
rendered the greatest service to football. 

Awarded to RICHARD Absher 

The Robert E. Theofeld Memorial Trophy to the golfer who most nearly exemplifies 
the competitive spirit and strong character of Robert E. Theofeld, a former member 
of the boxing team. 

Awarded to Louis S. Borchers 

University of Maryland. 109 


William J. Camera 
Larry Davis 
Robert Reed 
Stephen Sauve 
Augustus W. Sclafani 
Richard Wright 


Michael J. DeCosmo 
Richard I. Harrington 
James J. McMillen 
Thomas A. Miller, Mgr. 
Gary B. Williams 


George Henry 
Charles Koester 
Milton Matthews 


Richard A. Absher 
Bernardo Bramson 
Thomas J. Cichowski 



Bobby M. Collins 
Fred E. Cooper 
Wymard B. McQuown, III 
Charles J. Myrtle 
Milan Vucin 
Robert L. York, Jr. 
Walter Burnotes, Mgr. 


Louis S. Borchers 
Robert Emmet 
David J. Hyduke 
Roger C. Martino 
Lawrence W. Pearson 
Denny B. Robinson 
Steven H. Rosen 


Michael Badger 
Thomas Catalano 
Walter DeHoust 
James Felter 
John Heim 
Donald Himelfarb 
Alan Lowe 
William Sbarra 


Charles I. Beatty 
Phillip Denkevitz 
Patrick T. Morgan 
Harold B. Phillips 
Joseph G. Wechsler 


James Bickley 
Gary Boxer 
Alfred Caron 
Richard Dull 
Elmore Hunter 
Charles Koester 
Howard Kline 
Milton Matthews 
Thomas Nawrocki 
Russell White 


Robert C. Karch 
Robert T. Stumpff, Mgr. 
Milton W. Thomas 


Thomas W. Bradley 
William J. Camera 
Edward Compton 
Daniel C. Crowley 
Larry Davis 
William L. Flynn 
Mark Harris 
John Hetrick 
George Kazmarek 
George Manz 
Robert Reed 
Albert Richards 
Stephen Sauve 
Augustus W. Sclafani 
Donald Smith 
Robert H. Stropp, Jr 



John P. Avery 
Charles R. Drescher, III 
Richard I. Harrington 
Julius L. Johnson 
William E. Jones 
James J. McMillen 
Sheldon Michelson, Mgr. 
Gary B. Williams 


John Amoss 
Reuben Beauchamp 
George Henry 
John Jacobs 
Howard C. Kline 

Charles Koester 
Milton Matthews 
Ernest O'Boyle 
John Prevar, Mgr. 
David Starnes 


Richard A. Absher 
James C. Acton 
William E. Bach 
Patrick L. Baker 
Karl K. Bell 
Bernardo Bramson 
Arthur Brzostowski 
Walter Burnotes, Mgr. 
Richard Carlson 

110 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Ned E. Chappell 
Thomas J. Cichowski 
Bobby M. Collins 
Fred E. Cooper 
Ralph Donofrio 
Frederick A. Gawlick 
Michael Grace 
Edward D. Gunderman 
John Hetrick 
Michael Hoch 
Edwin Kane 
James E. Lavrusky 
Alvin J. Lee 
William R. Lovett 
John McCamant, Mgr. 
Wymard B. McQuown, III 
John Miloszewski 
Carl Mortensen 
Charles J. Myrtle 
Thomas J. Myslinski 
Charles Alan Pastrana 
Ronald E. Pearson 
Thomas A. Plevin 
Anthony A. Santy 
Louis F. Stickel 
William Gary Sullivan, 

Charles J. Tine 
Ernest W. Torain 
John A. Trachy 
William P. VanHeusen 
Larry S. Vince 
Milan Vucin 
Robert L. York, Jr. 


Thomas G. Bartolec 
Louis S. Borchers 
Henri C. dELoziER 
Thomas M. Hanna 
Thomas C. Medlin 
Steven H. Rosen 
Gregory E. Stuhler 


Michael Badger 
Steven Becker 
David Bosley 
Gerald Bresee 
Douglas Carter 
John Daily 
Walter DeHoust 
James Dietsch 

Harvey Gannon 
Thomas Grau 
John Heim 
Donald Himelfarb 
Bruce Hinkel 
Jeffrey Howe 
Stephen Lavaute 
Charles Leimbach 
Alan Lowe 
Hugh Mallon 
David Mintzer 
Michael Pelliccia 
Walter Pettit 
Stephen Pfeiffer 
William Sbarra 
Allen Scheffer 
Anthony Stewart 
Alfred Szczerbicki 
Norman VanderSchuyt 
Joseph Yurfest 
Stanley Zaranski 


Alvaro Bitencourt 
Paul S. Bodner 
Bernardo Bramson 
Raymond J. Buckley 
Denis P. Casey 
Carl R. Clay 
Robert J. Connor 
Joseph M. Cryan 
Bernard A. Dabrowski, Jr. 
Frank G. Delvecchio 
Gordon J. Hay 
James J. King 
Michael F. Rioux 
Richard M. Spinella 
Thomas M. Stout 
RuFus G. Wallace 
Maurice G. White, Jr. 
Thomas Flick, Mgr. 


Bruce H. Alston 
Charles I. Beatty 
Phillip Denkevitz 
David R. Dodge 
William Dranginis 
David L. Fox 
Michael A. Golub 
James M. Hill 
Jackson H. Jordan 

David J. Karol 
Drew Marcks 
James D. Martin 
Victor J. Meleski 
Patrick T. Morgan 
Wayne V. Pawlowski 
Harold B. Phillips 
Joseph C. Schwartzel 
Robert G. Sikorski 
Morris E. Spitzer 
Douglas A. Springer 
Joseph G. Wechsler 
David Heim 


Richard D. Harrington 
Gary M. Kleiner 
B. Frank Kready, III 
David W. Millikan 
John A. Rickman, Mgr. 
John L. Sheaffer, III 
David Werchen 


Reuben F. Beauchamp 
William S. Betts 
James J. Bickley 
Gary R. Boxer 
Herbert M. Buonviri 
Alfred C. Caron 
Bruce G. Carson 
Richard A. Cirner 
Richard L. Clepper 
David D. Delmer 
Daniel F. Donahue 
Wayne Donelon 
Richard M. Dull 
Thomas A. Gagner 
Elmore R. Hunter 
Douglas H. Jones 
Howard C. Kline 
Charles B. Koester 
James W. Lee 
Michael P. Lockard 
Edward B. Marks 
Milton T. Matthews 
James Meehan 
Roland E. Merritt 
Thomas J. Nawrocki 
Ernest H. O'Boyle 
Garrett S. Parsons 
Ted a. Patterson 
John E. Prevar 

University of Maryland. Ill 

Neal R. Socha wrestling Thomas A. Sinibaldi 

DAVID E. STARNES RlLLOTTE ^°''^'*^ '^ ' StUMPFF, Mgr. 


Thomas T. Thompson '^^^^ "• **^**°° MurnM w T«nvA« 


John R. Warfield kobert o. karch 

RUSSELL B. White Gobel W. Kline Randall L. Umberger 

George J. Wojtech Jefferson B. Paxton Lawrence D. Yocum 

Robert W. Yandell David L. Reese HowfARo R. Zachmann 


Alumni Cup awarded to the Commander of the outstanding flight in the Corps of 

Awarded to JaMES F. GREGORY 

Air Force R.O.T.C. Angel Flight Award to the outstanding member of the Air 
Force R.O.T.C. Angel Flight. 


Air Force Times Award to the Senior Cadet at each detachment who has distin- 
guished himself by contributing materially to constructive public attention for his 
Cadet Corps. 

Awarded to GEORGE P. Parton 

American Legion R.O.T.C. General Military Excellence Gold Medal Award to the 
Senior Cadet demonstrating outstanding qualities in military leadership, discipline and 

Awarded to Edward D. McGuirk 

American Legion R.O.T.C. Scholastic Gold Medal Award to the Senior Cadet in 
the upper 10% of his class and upper 25% of his R.O.T.C. class. 

Awarded to Robert T. Elsberry 

Arnold Air Society Award to the Advanced Cadet selected by the Arnold Air 
Society as the Cadet who has contributed the most to the advancement of Air Force 
R.O.T.C. through activities of the Arnold Air Society. 

Awarded to Charles R. Platz 

Coblentz Cup to the Commander of the outstanding group in the Corps of Cadets. 
Awarded to Jess B. Ferrill 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Cadet who has displayed out- 
standing leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. 

Awarded to Emerson B. Taylor 

Distinguished Air Force R.O.T.C. Cadet Badge to those seniors who jKjSsess out- 
standing qualities of leadership and high moral character and who meet the prescribed 
standings in their academic and military studies. 

Awarded to: 

Lee S. Altpeter Frank N. Shapira 

Stanley J. Bury Gary A. Smith 

Stephen F. Callaghan Emerson B. Taylor, Jr. 

Robert T. Elsberry James L. Yarrison 

Rodgers K. Greenawalt Joseph B. York 
Andrew F. Michaels, III 

112 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

General Dynamics Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying outstanding leader- 
ship and scholastic qualities and who has been selected for Advanced Air Force 

Awarded to Gordon W. Ortelli 

Governor's Cup to the Commander of the outstanding squadron in the Corps of 

Awarded to Warner H. Brown 

National Defense Transportation Association Award to the Senior Cadet demon- 
strating outstanding leadership, academic achievement and aptitude for Air Force 
service as a Transportation Officer. 

Awarded to Edward B. MaGee 

PAS Award for Excellence to the outstanding Senior Cadet who has distinguished 
himself in academic, corps and extracurricular activities. 

Awarded to Gary A. Smith 

Reserve Officers Association Gold Medal to the Senior Cadet demonstrating out- 
standing academic achievement and highest officer potential. 

Awarded to James H. Newman 

Reserve Officers Association Silver Medal to the Junior Cadet demonstrating out- 
standing academic achievement and the highest officer potential. 

Awarded to Jess B. Ferrill 

Society of American Military Engineers Award to the Junior Cadet displaying 
outstanding scholastic achievement and leadership and majoring in the field of engineer- 

Awarded to Dorian A. DeMaio 

University of Maryland. 113 



Henning Christoph 
John Dowling 
Barry Fishler 
HoLLACE Goldberg 
Alan Kellam 

Stephen Parks 
Alan Weinberg 
Charlotte Weisse 
Lawrence Werner 
Robert Wish art 


Ira Allen 
Judith Appel 
Burt Blumberg 
Maxyne Brill 
Virginia Broadbeck 
Milton Buckler, II 
Marie Coleman 
Barbara Cox 
Susan Cromer 
Dan Durrett 
Richard Farkas 
James Fellows 
Deborah George 
Margaret Hill 

Barbara Ifshin 
Jean Inouye 
Alan Kellam 
William Kesler 
Douglas McArthur 
Barbara Miller 
Stephen Parks 
John Renner 
Lawrence Ries 
Benita Silber 
Carol Toula 
Ellen Walker 
William Welch 


Eugene Boyars 
Margie Bryant 
Maxine Diamond 
Ken Firestone 
BiJrTY Knapik 
Ellen Kurtz 
Karl Sanger 

Marci Scherr 
Judith Siegel 
Sharon Smith 
Ilene Solomon 
Lisa Taylor 
Leslie Ward 
Barbara Weiner 

114 1967 Commencement Exercises. 


Sigma Alpha Iota Alumnae Award for outstanding musical performance. 
Awarded to Christine Hagen 

Sigma Alpha Iota Dean's Honor Award for sei'vice and dedication. 

Awarded to BETTY Harvey 

Sigma Alpha Iota Honor Certificate to the senior with the highest scholastic 

Awarded to Jane Davis 

Sigma Alpha Iota Leadership Award based on personality, student activities, fra- 
ternity service, and scholarship. 

Awarded to Constance Wright 

Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding senior band member of the year. 


Tau Beta Sigma Award to the outstanding band sorority member of the year. 
Awarded to Linda Davis 

Director's Award to the Symphony Band member who demonstrated the most im- 
provement in musicianship during the year. 

Awarded to DOUGLAS Phillips 

Assistant Director's Award to the outstanding member of the Concert Band. 
Awarded to Kenneth Carter 

Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding freshman band member of the 

Awarded to Christopher Davis 

Gold Cups presented to members who have served faithfully for four years: 

Richard Bergman Susan Pelzer Rodell Urban 

Yvette Counts Ralph Shafer Raymond Wheeler 

Linda Davis Norman Sullivan Louise Williams 

Steven Levine Randall Thompson 

Gold Keys presented to members who have served faithfully for three years: 

Richard Berlin Gary Imlay William Rigler 

Rebecca Caldwell Lowell Jacoby Betsy Robinson 

Caroline Callahan Nedenia Johnson Carroll Shmitt 

Alan Fabiszak Philip Kaylor John Solie 

Thomas Field Howard Leavitt James Turner 

Sharon Fried Lillian Masser Klaus Waibel 

David Guck Charles Moore Alan Weinstein 

David Goss Richard Norton Alan Witkin 

Gerhard Harmon Craig Radcliff Milton Zahn 

Beverly Hawkins Douglas Rencher 

University of Maryland. 115 

Sweaters presented to members who have served faithfully for two years: 

Larry Alverson 
Jane Ayer 
Charles Barker 
David Berry 
Kenneth Boyer 
Janet Bruns 
John Burdette 
Thomas Burton 
Carolyn Carmack 
Thomas Czarnecki 
Kathleen Duck 


Paul Eberhart 
RojAYNE Ellis 
Brian Fallon 
Fred Ferguson 

Bonnie Finn 
Ronald Fischer 
Israel Herman 
Brian Herzberger 
Alan Huff 
David Jacobs 
Lyman Jordan 
David Katz 
Susan Kunkel 
Nancy Lewis 
Judy Light 
Albert Main 
William McCullen 
Charles McLeod 
Gareth Murray 
Ruth Myers 

Vernon Norris 
John Parsons 
James Reeves 
Raymond Ridenour 
Cynthia Robidoux 
Arthur Robinson 
Gregory Sears 
Ronald Shope 
Harold Sims 
David Strebe 
William Warrington 
Ronald Wolz 
Jinnie Worsley 
Ray Young 

Monogram Letters presented to members who have served faithfully for one year: 

Elizabeth Abbey 
Edward Alexander 
Judith Anderegg 
Alan Avery 
Ralph Betz 
Paula Bing 
Paula Bogen 
Neal Bowser 
Elizabeth Bruen 
Karen Brumbaugh 
Roger Burdette 
Benedict Burvainis 
Melissa Carr 
Kenneth Carter 
John Cedarberg 
Jeanette Conlon 
John Corun 
Ralph Crammer 
Douglas Crowley 
Christopher Davis 
Robert Davis 
Raymond Denenberg 
Gary Dinn 
Francis Divilio 
Zavolia Dortch 
Jerry Drake 
Kenneth Driskill 
Helen Ehrlich 
Brian Fallon 
Brad Feig 
James Ford 
Richard Forman 

David Friedman 
Allen Fritz 
Daniel Fritz 
Kathy Frye 
Wayne Gaver 
Ronald Golkow 
Mark Goodman 
Mark Grande 
Louis Hart 
Elizabeth Haymaker 
Robert Jester 
George Kipper 
Keith Laurent 
Kenneth Malinow 
Myron Marmelstein 
Greg Miller 
Wayne Miller 
Glenn Mohr 
Carolyn Noel 
Jeffrey Pargament 
Douglas Phillip 
Jean Powers 
Joseph Pratt 
Scott Price 
Carl Ramsey 
Philip Rassier 
Charles Reinholt 
Rosemary Rockwell 
Philip Rosenheim 
Laura Savadow 
Robert Schachter 
Melvin Schneider 

Nancy Scott 
Regina Searles 
Clyde Shuttleworth 
Joseph Sorge 
Robert St. Clair 
Carl Stewart 
Douglas Stiely 
Alice Stinnett 
Ronald Stokes 
John Suit 
Lynn Teal 
Marcia Tew 
Linda Thompson 
Robert Toubman 
Timothy Tressler 
Lance Trossevin 
John Tyler 
Dale Watson 
Andrew Watt 
Thomas Wells 
Donna Williams 
Paul Wingo 
Christopher Winslow 
Samuel Wise 
Sharon Woodruff 
Sandra Woodside 
Ellen Yang 
Silvio Zavarella 
Charles Zimmerman 
Diane Zolnaski 

116 1967 Commencement Exercises. 


Award presented to persons who have faithfully worked for four years: 
Raymond Banner Wiluam Davis Dennis Stone 

Award presented to persons who have faithfully worked for three years: 

Caroline Callahan 
Errol Floyd 
Martin Fullenbaum 

David Click 
Josh Hatkin 
Beverly Hawkins 

Frances Klatzkin 
Donald Lemon 
Ellen Spector 

Award presented to persons who have faithfully worked for two years: 

Richard Bergman 
David Berry 
Barbara Fisher 

Charles Moore 
Susan Reid 
Fred Reisman 

Marlene Saltzman 
Raymond Wheeler 
JiMMIE Worsley 

Award presented to persons who have served faithfully for one year: 

Elizabeth Abbey 
Richard Berlin 
Paula Bing 
Karen Brumbaugh 
Sharon Calder 
Alan Corbett 
Charlene Davis 
WiLBERT Delaine 
Herbert Dunn 
Stephen Edwards 
Barbara Freedman 
Robert Green 

Deborah Greenberg 
Susan Heindel 
Lyman Jordan 
Karen Kersey 
Margaret Kuipers 
Robert Mannel 
Maureen McLain 
Gregory Miller 
John Morrare 
Margaret Mullins 
Ann Nichols 

Alan Oresky 
Douglas Phillips 
Claudia Robichek 
Walter Samet 
Marsha Seff 
Frederic Singer 
Patricia Skellet 
Linda Thompson 
Marian Wise 
Sharon Woodruff 
Silvio Zavarella 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for five years: 
Frederick K. Huestis Gerald L. Long 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for four years: 
Ruth Natoli David G. Smith 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for three years 

Carol Billett 
Chris Estes 
Gary Grobaker 
Richard Hopkins 

Linda Kitzmiller 
Ben LaGarde 
John McCamant 
Barbara Miller 

Paulette Mullinix 
Kathleen Roberson 
Regina Searles 
Anne Spada 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for two years: 

Virginia Anthony 
Carl Balser 
Linda Clark 
Jane Fields 
Cynthia Greene 

Roberta Hall 
Dixie Kelley 
Carol Keys 
Marsha Korth 
Cynthia Medeiros 

Dennis Monke 
Elena Morreale 
Barbara Newman 
Rochelle Weinkranz 

University of Maryland. 11/ 

Academic Degrees 

Reference: Projections of Educational Statistics to 
1977-78, Office of Education, U. S. Department of 
Health, Education and Welfare, 1964. 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course of study. There are 
more than 1,600 different academic degrees currently conferred by American colleges 
and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the University of Bologna in 
the middle of the 12th Century. Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was qualified to give instruction to stu- 
dents. The bachelor's or baccalaureate degree indicated only entrance upon a course of 
study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, however, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean successful completion of one level of study preparatory to the 
higher degrees. 

From the continent, the use of academic degrees spread to English universities. 
Harvard University, William and Mary, and Yale followed the British pattern in the 
New World. 


The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year course of study of col- 
legiate grade and is the oldest academic degree used by American institutions of higher 
learning. The degree Bachelor of Arts was first conferred in America in 1642 on nine 
young men, comprising the first graduating class of Harvard College. Yale conferred its 
first Bachelor of Arts in 1702; Princeton in 1748; William and Mary in 1753; Pennsyl- 
vania in 1757; and Columbia in 1758. 

The degree. Bachelor of Science, was awarded to four graduating members of the 
class of 1851 of Harvard University, probably the first to receive this degree from any 
institution. From 1851 to 1905, the degree was conferred only upon students registered 
in the Lawrence Scientific School; after 1905, on students of Harvard, also. 

Almost 570,000 bachelor degrees will be granted in 1967 by American colleges and 

One of the most striking features about the bachelor's degree is the great prolifera- 
tion of some of its simple types. There are records of 27 varieties of Bachelor of Music, 
108 varieties of Bachelor of Arts, and 426 varieties of Bachelor of Science. 


The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon students who have suc- 
cessfully completed one or two years' work in advance of the baccalaureate. A thesis 
and an oral examination are usually required. The word "magister" connected with a 
qualifying phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of honor; but its present 
meaning must be traced to the time of the establishment of the oldest universities. 

* Sometimes designated as the baccalaureate degree, from the Latin baccalaureus from 
baccalaris "under the influence of" and laurus "laurel" used as a designation of honor, 
distinction or fame. 

llo 1967 Commencement Exercises. 

Regularly organized faculties were not then known as they now exist in the universities. 
The whole circle of academic activity was limited to seven liberal arts, and those who 
received public honors on the completion of their course of studies, for their diligence 
and knowledge, and had already received the degree of baccalaureus (bachelor) were 
called magistri artium (masters of the liberal arts). 

The earned master's degree was first awarded in America by Harvard University 
in 1869. Currently, about 132,800 such degrees are being conferred in 1967. 


This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by ancient Romans to those 
who delivered public lectures on philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 
12th century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men of great learning. It 
was first made an academic title at the University of Bologna, in Italy, which received 
from the Emperor the right of appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The Uni- 
versity of Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, the popes granted the universities the 
right of appointing doctores canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law); and 
when the study of the civil law came to be combined with that of the canon law, the 
title was changed to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of 
theology and medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in theology and law, is 
given beyond the baccalaureate degree, and requires two to five years, the writing of a 
thesis, and the passing of written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents the most advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct types: the professional or practitioners 
degree, and the research degree. The first type represents advanced training for the 
practice of various professions, principally: Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry 
no implication of original research and are classified by the U. S. Office of Education, 
with bachelor's degrees, as the first professional degrees. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as research doctorates representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study usually accompanied by a dissertation which is de- 
signed to be a substantial contribution to existing knowledge on the subject. The most 
important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication of philosophy 
for its holder, but represents advanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. 
It was first awarded in the United States by Yale Univei"sity in 1861. 

Approximately 18,800 doctor's degrees will be awarded by American colleges in 1967. 

* The Oxford English Dictionary defines a doctor, in the academic sense as, "One, who 
in any faculty or branch of learning, has attained to the highest degree conferred by a 

University of Maryland. 119 

The Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic proces- 
sion are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar since 
medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress since 
many of the scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which 
has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 
Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — has its own distinc- 
tive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. 
The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, extending below the knee; the arm 
is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown has a full bell- 
shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide 
velvet bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating the general field of 
learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green for medicine, purple 
for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The color 
of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. Below is given a list of department 
or faculty colors. 





Arts, Letters, Humanities 




Business Administration, 



Commercial Science 



Silver Gray 









Education, Pedagogy 

Light Blue 





Public Health 


Fine Arts, Architecture 


Physical Education 

Sage Green 




Golden Yellow 

Home Economics 


Social Service 



Dark Crimson 

Surgical Chiropody 

Nile Green 



Theology and Divinity 


Library Science 


Veterinary Sciences 


The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood are those of the 
college or university which conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may be 
either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may be 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of distinc- 
tive color and design. 

Candidates Seating Plan 












( Bachelor 
of Arts) 
of Music) 



Arts and Sciences 


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Business and 
Public Admin.