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University of Maryland 

Officers of Commencement 

president of the university 
Dr. Wilson Homer Elkins 


Dr. Robert D. Rappleye 


Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr., Vice President for Graduate Studies 

and Research 
Dr. William S. Stone, M.D. Dean, School of Medicine 
Dr. John J. Salley, D.D.S., Dean, School of Dentistry 
Professor William P. Cunningham, Dean, School of Law 
Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 
Dr. Charles Manning, Dean, College of Ai-ts and Sciences 
Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean, College of Business and Public 

Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean, College of Education 
Dr. Robert B. Beckmann, Dean, College of Engineering 
Dr. Marjory Brooks, Dean, College of Home Economics 
Dr. Marion Murphy, Dean, School of Nursing 
Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean, School of Pharmacy 
Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean, College of Physical Education, 

Recreation, and Health 
Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean, University College 

special music 

Mr. Charlton G. Meyer, University Organist 

Mr. Fague K. Springmann, Director, University Choir 


Dr. Paul P. Traver 
Dr. Stewart Gordon 

program coordinators 

Dr. Robert C. Wiley 
Dr. Raymond Thorberg 




Few moments equal the joy, the satisfaction, and the ful- 
fillment of graduation. It is a personal and permanent 
victory, an honor to last a lifetime. To each of you I 
extend my sincere congratulations. 

The time is past when our national interests could be 
served by a few who elected to make their country's affairs 
their own. The complexity of our age and the particular 
burden history has thrust upon us — to preserve freedom 
where it exists and to foster it where it does not — de- 
mands every American hand and every American heart. The 
greatest responsibility falls to those who have the most 
to give. 

I cannot tell you the extent of America's influence in 
shaping the new order of world affairs — though I believe 
it will be gjreat. 

I cannot measure our national ability to abolish ignorance 
and sickness and injustice wherever these ancient enemies 
degrade humanity — though I believe it is limitless. 

I cannot predict that America's future will match and ex- 
ceed the brilliance of her past -- though I believe it 

The answers will not come in my lifetime, but in the future 
— your future. I am confident that you who have proved 
your ability to achieve, to endure, and to win, will serve 
that future with distinction. 


O say can you see, 

—by the dawn's early light, 

What so proudly wc hail'd 

at the fwiliyht's last (/haming 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, 
thro' the perilous fight. 

O'er the ramparts ive watched, 
tcere so gallantly streaming? 

And the rockets' red glare, 
the bombs bursting in air. 

Gave proof thro' the night 

— that oiir flag tvas still there. 

O say docs that Star-Spavgled Banner yet ivave 

O'er the land of the free 
and the home of the brave? 


Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever, 
Throtighout the land. 


, Exercises 



JUNE 8, 1968 

PROCESSIONAL Grand March, from Aida, Verdi 

INVOCATION The Reverend William J. Kane 
Roman Catholic Chaplain 

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM The Star-Spangled Banner, Key. 

Led by Professor Fague K. Springmann 

Secretary of State of Maryland 

Charles P. McCormick, Chairman 
Board of Regents 

musical selections You'll Never Walk Alone 


Battle Hymn of the Republic 
arr. Waring 

Combined University Choral Groups 
Professor Springmann, Conductor 

ADDRESS James B. Reston 

Executive Editor, The New York Times 


President of the University 

THE alma mater Kinney, led by Professor Springmann 


Baptist Chaplain 

RECESSIONAL Overture to Fidelio, 



Honorary Degrees 

Honorary Degrees 

Lincoln Gordon Doctor of Laws 

Dr. Lincoln Gordon, President of The Johns Hopkins University, is a Rhodes 
Scholar who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University and a Doctor 
of Philosophy degree from Oxford University, England. 

Former United States Ambassador to Brazil, and Director of the World Peace 
Foundation, he also served as Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs 
in Washington, D.C. Dr. Gordon was Economic Advisor to the Special Assistant to the 
President during President Truman's administration. During the early 1950's, he was 
Chief of the Mutual Security Agency Mission to the United Kingdom and Minister of 
Economic Affairs in the American Embassy in London. 

Dr. Gordon holds honorary Doctor of Laws degrees from Fairleigh Dickinson Uni- 
versity, Rutgers University and Columbia University. He is a member of numerous pro- 
fessional groups and the author of a number of books on economic and national affairs. 
In addition to his government career, Dr. Gordon was Associate Professor of Business 
and, from 1947 to 1950, Professor of Government and Administration at Harvard 

Maurice R. Hilleman Doctor of Science 

Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman, Executive Director, Virus and Cell Biology Research, 
Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research, West Point, Pennsylvania, is a recipient of 
the Distinguished Civilian Service Award given by the Secretary of Defense. He was 
awarded the Washington Academy of Sciences Award for Scientific Achievement in the 
Biological Sciences in 1958. 

Dr. Hilleman holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Montana State College, a 
Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Chicago, and an honorary degree 
from Montana State University. He is a member of numerous professional organiza- 
tions and has authored or co-authored 21.5 original publications in his field. 

A native of Miles City, Montana, Dr. Hilleman began his distinguished career in 
1942 as an assistant in Bacteriology, Department of Bacteriology and Parasitology, 
University of Chicago. He has served as Chief, Respiratory Virus Research and Diag- 
nostic Sections, Department of Virus and Rickettsial Diseases, Army Medical Service 
Graduate School in Washington, D. C; Chief, Department of Respiratory Diseases, 
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; and Director, Virus and Cell Biology Re- 
search, Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research from 1958-1966. 

Dr. Hilleman is considerd one of the world's foremost virologists and was largely 
responsible for the development of the effective vaccines available today for mumps and 
measles. He was a Visiting Professor at the University of Maryland from 1953 to 1957. 

James Barrett Reston Doctor of Letters 

James Barrett Reston, recently appointed Executive Editor of The New York Times, 
has been accorded national and international recognition for his reportorial ability. 

Among his awards are the 1944 Pulitzer Prize for his news dispatches and inter- 
pretative articles on the Dumbarton Oaks Security Conference and the 1957 Pulitzer 
Prize for National reporting. On three occasions he received the Overseas Press Club 
Awards for interpretation of international news. Mr. Reston also received the George 
Polk Memorial Award for National Reporting in 1954, the University of Missouri Medal 
in 1961, and the J. P. Zenger Award in 1964. 

Born in Clydebank, Scotland, he came to the United States in 1910, and began 
his career on the Springfield Daily Mews (Ohio). He moved to the publicity department 
of The Ohio State University, and, in 1934 became publicity director of the Cincinnati 
Baseball Club. Later, he served as a reporter for the Associated Press in New York 
City and London before joining the Times' London Bureau in 1939. 

In 1941, he returned to the United States to work at the Washington Bureau, spec- 
ializing in diplomatic and foreign affairs, and became head of the Washington Bureau 
in 1953 and associate editor in 1964. 

Mr. Reston holds the degree of Doctor of Letters from Colgate University, Rutgers 
University, Dartmouth College and Brandeis University; the degree of Doctor of Laws 
from New York University, University of Illinois and Boston College; and the degree 
of Doctor of Humane Letters from Kenyon College and Columbia University. 





Candidates will be presented by Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr., Vice President for Graduate 
Studies and Research 

Doctor of Philosophy 
(Department and Thesis Title Indicated) 

Amanda Adelaide Abrams Maryland 

Education: Magic Thinking and Anxiety in Junior College Freshmen. 

Gerald Stanley Abrams ^ Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: A Study of Final States with a KK Pair Produced by 
4.25 BeV/c K Mesons in Hydrogen. 

Erol Akin Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Determination of the Most-Probable Wavelength of 
Neutrons and the Angular Shift 61/ Rotation of the Diffracting Crystal. 

Gloria Lorraine Alvernaz Maryland 

Education: The Relationship between Overt Verbal Attitude Responses toward 
Cheating Behavior, Achievement Needs and Cheating on Test Items. 

Lawrence L. Ames Hawaii 

Psychology: Relative Spectral Sensitivity of the Goldfish {Carassius auratus) 
Obtained with a Discrimination Training Procedure. 

Jane B. Andrus Maryland 

Botany: A Taxonomic and Ecological Survey of Aquatic Phycomycetes in Soils 
Surrounding the Upper Patuxent River Estuary. 

Samuel Angel Maryland 

Horticulture: Relation of Rheological Properties of Pisum sativum L. to Histo- 
logical Changes. 

Robert Warren Atherton Kansas 

Zoology: Effects of Low Level Centrifugation on Erythrocytes, Total Hemoglobin, 
and Electro phoretic Hemoglobin in the Chick Embryo (Gallus gallus). 

Larry Louis AuGSBURGER Maryland 

Pharmacy: "Aerosol" Foams: The Relationship of Bubble Size to Foam Rheology 
and a Preliminary Study of the Rheology of Pressurized Emulsions. 

Joseph Henry Augusta D. C. 

Economics: The Role of Time Deposits in Bank Asset Selection. 

David William Baker Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: Decay of Swirling, Turbulent Flow of Incompressible 
Fluids in Long Pipes. 

R. Balakrishnan Maryland 

Mathematics: Topics in (», k, \)-configurations. 


Physics and Astronomy: Physical Properties and Dynamics of Interplanetary 

Butrus George Basma.ii Maryland 

Mathematics: On Monomial Representations of Finite Groups. 

Louis Anthony Benevento Connecticut 

Physiology: Responses of Single Cells in the Inferior Colliculus and Medial 
Geniculate Body to Dichotic Inputs Which Vary in Time and Intensity. 

Joyce Mary Bergmann Virginia 

History: The Provincial Assemblies of Roman Africa. 

. * As final action cannot always be taken by the time this program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative only, the University reserving the right to withdraw or add names. 

12 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Samuel Berkowitz Maryland 

Psychology: Acquisition and Maintenance of Generalized Imitative Repertoires 
of Profound Retardates with Retarded Peers Functioning as Models and Operant 
Reinforcing Agents. 

Udaya Bhaskara Sarma Bhamidipaty D- C. 

Chemical Engineering: First-Flight Corrections and Second Order Age Theory. 

Tarlochan S. Bhatia Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Final-State Proton Spectroscopy in the Reaction N^* 
(He^, o)Ni3* (p +C12). 

Anil Kumar Bhatnagar ...^ .....India 

Physics and Astronomy: A Study of Supercurrents and Electron Depairing in 
Superconducting Tin Films. 

Shyamalendu Mohan Bose ^. Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Electron Interaction Effects on the Soft X-ray Emission 
Spectrum of Metals. 

Dennis Eugene Breiter Maryland 

Psychology: An Analysis of Deviant Child Behavior in the Home. 

Robert Brown Maryland 

Chemistry: The Synthesis of 0,13-Dichlorostyrenes from Phenyl-{trichloromethyl) 
carbinyl para-Toluenesulfonates, and the Intramolecular Migration of Chlorine 
in the Reaction of Chloroepoxides with Base. 

Ronald Willard Brown Delaware 

Chemical Engineering: Void-Fraction and Mass-Transfer Prediction in Vertical 
Cocurrent Air-Water Flow. 

Roger Basil Buckland ^. Maryland 

Poultry Science: Genetic Differences in the Level of Fumxirase, Aconitase, 
Isocitric Dehydrogenase and Malic Dehydrogenase in Cockerel Sperm and Their 
Relationship to Fertility. 

Frank Timothy Buckley, Jr .Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: An Experimental Investigation of the Drag of Particles 
Accelerating within Particulate Clouds at Transonic Slip Flow Conditions by a 
Light Extinction Technique. 

Edward Raymond Burke New Jersey 

Physics and Astronomy: Propagation of Magnetostatic Spin Waves in Yttrium 
Iron Garnet. 

Richard Ward Burris Pennsylvania 

Physics and Astronomy: A Measurement of Longitudinal Component of Muon 
Polarization in Ku^i, Decay. 

Hugh Desmond Byrne Maryland 

Entomology: The Ovioposition Response of Alfalfa Weevil, Hypera postica 

Orley Brandt Caudill Washington 

Government and Politics: The Inter- American Economic and Social Coiincil: 
Instrument of Peaceful Revolution. 

Helene Carter Cecil Maryland 

Poultry Science: Effects of Estrogen on the Biochemical Composition of the Im- 
mature Chicken Oviduct and the In Vitro Uptake of Tritiated Estradiol by the 
Oviduct of Immature and Laying Chickens. 

YuWAH Chan Pennsylvania 

Chemical Engineering: Permeation of Liquid Cyclohexane-Benzene Mixtures 
Through Low Density Polyethylene Film. 

Ren-Fang Chang Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Measurements of Temporal Correlations in the Elertro- 
magnetic Field Radiated by a Laser in the Threshold Region of Oscillation, 

University of Maryland 1 3 

Carl S. Christensbn, Jk. New York 

Physical Education: An Electromygraphic Study of Four Bi-Articular Muscles 
of the Thigh in College Males During a Static Contraction Task. 

Richard Jerome Cole Maryland 

Botany: Sterol Metabolism in Turbatrix aceti. 

Daniel Martin Corley Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Quasi-Free Scattering of 1 GeV Protons from C'^ and 

James Edward Coursey Maryland 

Education: A Case Study Analysis of Cumulative Pupil Records as Used by 
Elementary School Classroom Teachers. 

Stephen Douglas Cramer Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Momentum Transfer in Simple Fluids for Viscom^tric Flows. 

Joseph Leland Crane Maryland 

Botany: A Taxonomic Study of the Freshwater Hypomycetes of the Northern 
Appalachian Mountains and the Northeastern Coastal Plain. 

John L. Crew, Sr Maryland 

Education: An Investigation of Personality Profile Congruence between Pupil 
and Teacher as a Predictor of Course Achievement. 

Vernon Thomas Crist Pennsylvania 

Physical Education: A Comparison of the Use of the Active Game Learning 
Medium with Developmental-Meaningful and Drill Procedures in Developing 
Concepts for Telling Time at Third Grade Level. 

Jim Michael Cushing Wyoming 

Mathematics: Local Uniqueness for Harmonic Functions Under Nonlinear 
Boundary Conditions. 

Horace Garnett Cutler Maryland 

Botany: Plant Growth Regulators in Ditylenchus dipsaci, Ditylenchus triformis 
and Host Tissues. 

Earl Lee Dachslager Texas 

English: The Literary and Dramatic Traditions of Hamlet: 1623-1709. 

Douglas Wingfield Davis Virginia 

Government and Politics: The Inter- American Defense College: An Assessment 
of Its Activities. 

Hank Davis Maryland 

Psychology: An Experimental Analysis of the CS-US Contingency in Conditioned 

Louis Diamond Maryland 

Pharmacy: Utilization of Changes in Pulmonary Mechanics in the Primary 
Evaluation of Bronchodilator Drugs. 

Michael Thomas Donohue New Jersey 

Chemistry: Synthetic Approaches to Macrocyclic Bis-Dienes. 

Vicente Gonzales Dosado PhOippines 

Agronomy: Drought Tolerance in a Group of Maise Hybrids. 

Gregory M. Dunkel Maryland 

Mathematics: Some Mathematical Models for Population Growth with Lags. 

David William Ebdon Maryland 

Chemistry: A Comparison of Conductance Equations for Symmetrical Elec- 

Elizabeth M. Eikel Maryland 

English: Robert Frost and the Colloquial Tradition in American Poetry. 

14 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Richard M. Elkin New York 

Mathematics: Convergence Theorems for Gauss-Seidel and Other Minimization 

Gloria Lumbera Enriquez Philippines 

Zoology: Physiopathological Changes in the Laboratory Rats Infected with 
Nippostrongylus brasilinesis {Travassos, 191 i). 

Martin Bernard Epstein California 

Physics and Astronomy: A Study of the C^^(p,pa)Be«, C^^ip, 2p)Bii and 
Be9(p, pa)He^ Reactions at 57 MeV. 

\j Gary Erwin Evans Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Piezoelectric Transducers for Microwave Ultrasonics. 

Richard William Feeny Maryland 

Agronomy: Selective Action of Chloroxuron on Soybean and Morningglory. 

Frank Brook Feigert Illinois 

Government and Politics: The Hierarchical Component in a Political Organiza- 
tion: The New York Liberal Party. 

Robert Anthony Ference Pennsylvania 

Chemistry: Tertiary Phosphine Complexes of Rhodium and Iridium. 

Ahmad Haji Firouzabadi Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Propagation of Radio Wanes over Ice with Underlying 
Sea Water. 

Brian John Fitzpatrick New York 

Chemistry: Near Infrared Spectra of Water and Aqueous Solutions. 

Joe Frank Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Broadband Scanning Array. 

Irving Frederick Franks Maryland 

Sociology: Status Group Membership, Group Cohesion, and Self-Esteem: A 
Reinterpr elation of the Stratification Hypothesis. 

ToMAS Lee Fridinger Minnesota 

Chemistry: An Anomalous Neber Rearrangement: Synthesis of a-Imino Ortho 

Gerald Edward Friedman Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: A Zero Field Traveling Wave Powder Maser. 

YORAM Fuchs Israel 

Botany: Stuaies on Production and Mode of Action of Theylene in Plants. 

David Stanley Gadziola Maryland 

English: The Prophet and the Poet: The Relationship of Thomas Carlyle with 
Robert Browning, Alfred Tennyson aiid Arthur Hugh Clough. 

Frank Garland Pennsylvania 

Chemistry: Ultrasonic Absorption Study of Tertiary Butyl Alcohol in Cyclo- 

Helen Sylvia Garson Maryland 

English: The Fallen Woman in American Naturalistic Fiction: From Crane 
to Faulkner. 

James Alton Gatlin Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Development of a Single Digital Control Law for Spin 
Phase Synchronization of a Cartwheel Satellite in a Circular Polar Orbit. 

Louis Andrew Gentile Massachusetts 

Education: An Investigation of the Relationship between the Refleetive-Impulsivity 
Cognitive Dimension and Psycholinguistic Abilities. 

Harry Anthony Gieske Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Electron and Ion Broadening of the Helium Spectral 
Lines X H7i and X 

University of Maryland 1 j 

Harold Eugene Gilreath . Maryland 

Aerospace Engineering: An Investigation of Gaseous Tangential Injection in 
Supersonic Flow. 

James Oliver Glanville Maryland 

Chemistry: The Preparation and Structure of Acetylene Complexes of Platinum. 

William Vance Grant, Jr. Virginia 

Government and Politics: The Emergence of Republican Voting Patterns in 
Presidential Elections in the South. 

Douglas Rowland Hall D. C. 

Foreign Languages: A Structural Analysis of the Fictional Works of Madame 
de La Fayette. 

Marie Elizabeth Hallion Maryland 

Government and Politics: The Right to Counsel in Maryland. 

William Roland Harris Connecticut 

Physics: Elastic Scattering of Protons by C^^. 

Gerhard Friedrich Alexander Heiche Maryland 

Institute for Molecular Physics: Change Exchange and Mobility of Atomic Ions 
in Their Parent Gases. 

James Milton Herrell Maryland 

Psychology: Psychometric Properties of Tests Using Subsequent-Choice Pro- 

Norman Lee Hicks New York 

Economics: Commuter Choice of Transportation Mode: A Case Study of Nassau 
and Suffolk Counties. 

Irwin Sylvan Hirsch New York 

Psychology: Training Mothers in Groups as Reinforcement Therapists for Their 
Own Children. 

WiNAND Karl Hock Pennsylvania 

Botany: Sttidies of the Biodegradation and Mode of Antifungal Action ofCMoroneb 
{1, lt-dichloro-2, 5-dimethoxybenzene). 

Samuel Nelson Holter Pennsylvania 

Chemistry: The Reaction of Phenylarsine Oxides with Phenols and Alcohols. 

Robert Clark Hooper Kansas 

Mathematics: A Study of Topological Abelian Groups Based on Normed Space 

William Anthony Horn Ohio 

Mathematics: Fixed Points Determined by Conditions on the Iterates of a Mapping 
in Banach Space: An Extension of Some Work by F. E. Browder. 

Martha Walling Howard Arizona 

English: The Influence of Plutarch in the Major European Literatures of the 
Eighteenth Century. 

HuEi-Li Huang Taiwan 

Chemical Physics: Theory of Ferromagnetic Domain-wall Mobility in Insulating 

Edith Joan Hunt California 

Education: The Critical Thinking Ability of Teachers and Its Relationship to the 
Teachers' Classroom Verbal Behavior and Perceptions of Teaching Purposes. 

Richard Allan Inciardi Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: The Design and Position Accuracy Analysis of a Satellite- 
based Range and Range Rate Radio Position Location System. 

Stanley Sylvester Jacobs Pennsylvania 

Education: An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship between Selected 
Aspects of Personality and Confidence-Weighting Behaviors. 

KiLLUGUDi Sambamdorthy Jayaraman Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: C'^^iHe^,Be^(,g.s.))Be^{g.s.) Reaction. 

16 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Lawrence Arthur Johnson Maryland 

Animal Science: Quantitative Analysis of Procine Spermatozoa and Seminal 
Plasma Phospholipids and Phospholipid Fatty Acids as Affected by Frequency of 

Lee Roy Johnson Tennessee 

History: Anaries and Aviculture in Ancient Rome. 

Ronald David Jome Iowa 

Microbiology: Consideration of the Use of Substrate-Specific Fluorescent Anti- 
body for Localizing Bacterial Proteninases. 

Stanley Robert Joseph Maryland 

Entomology: Culiseta melanura (Coquillett) on the Eastern Shore of Maryland 

James Horace Justice Texas 

Mathematics: Elements Isometric Under the Gelfand Transform: Applications 
to Hubert Algebras, Group Algebras, Functions Algebras, Projections and Con- 

John George Kaffezakis Kentucky 

Horticulture: Microbiological and Enzyme Studies with Plant Food Materials 
Treated with Gases. 

Bernard Katz New York 

Psychology: Verbal generalization in Process and Reactive Schizophrenia. 

Joel Carl Katzin Michigan 

Physics and Astronomy: Off-Mass Shell Correcations to Pion-Nucleon Scattering 

David James Kaup .Missouri 

Physics: The Klein-Gordon Geon. 

Richard Lee Keiter Maryland 

Chemistry: Tertiary Phosphine Complexes of Planlinum (//) and Palladium {I I). 

Ahmed-Zaki Abdel-aziz Khalil Maryland 

Poultry Science: Effect of Dietary Amino Acid Imbalance in the Chick as In- 
fluenced by Ambient Temperature and Body Composition. 

James Laubach Kichline Maryland 

Economics: Substilutability of Claims at Depositary Institutions. 

Margaret Patricia Kilcawley New York 

Education: Variables Associated with Academic Persistence Among Male Fresh- 
men Students Enrolled in a College of Arts and Sciences. 

-' Mary Ellen Kitler Pennsylvania 

Pharmacy: An Investigation of Various Factors Influencing Drug Transfer in 
an In Vitro Model. 

Sheldon Henry Knorr Maryland 

Education: A Charge Cloud Atomic Model for Junior High School Students. 

Laurence Israel Kopp Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: The Neutron Resonance Absorption Integral of Natural 

John T. A. Koumoulides Tennessee 

History: Cyprus During the Struggle for Greek Independence, 1821-1829. 

Chen-Chi Kuo China 

Physics and Astronomy: Microwave Surface Impedance of Metals in Weak Mag- 
netic Field. (Normal State and Superconducting State). 

Richard Bruce Lakein Maryland 

Mathematics: Quadratic Extensions of Imaginary Quadratic Number Fields. 

Philip Joseph Landon Maryland 

English: Themes of Conversion and Compromise in the Fiction of Thomns Hardy. 

University of Maryland 17 



Michael Alan Lang Maryland 

Zoology: Volume Control in Hypotonic Saline by Muscles of the Blue Crab, 
Callinectes Sapidus Rathbun. 

Jerome Valjean Larson Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: A Cross Correlation Study of the Noise Performance 
of Electrostatically Controlled LaCoste and Romberg Gravimeters. 

Gloria Rakita Leon Maryland 

Psychology: The Observation of Mother-Son Interactions Before and After Rein- 
forcement of Child's Aggresive Behavior. 

Lawrence Elliott Lbvine Maryland 

Mathematics: Self-Similar Solutions of the Equations Governing the Two-Di- 
mensional, Unsteady Motion of a Polytropic Gas. 

James Ralph Lichtenfels , Maryland 

Zoology: Strain Differences in the Morphology and Biology of Nippostrongylus 
brasiliensis (Travassos, 19H). 

Herbert Jerome Lilling New York 

Chemistry: Synthesis of Amino Terminated Polymers. 

Glory Coronado Lleander Philippines 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Preliminary Chemical Investigation of Vernonia 
glauca (L.) Willd. 

Forrest Eugene Logan ; Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: The Glow Discharge Decomposition of Hydrazine in a 
Flow Reactor. 

Stephen C. Lubard ._ Maryland 

Aerospace Engineering: Investigation of Boundary Layer Problems with Phase 
Change in Supersonic Flow. 


Agatino Joseph Maccarrone ./.. New York 

Chemistry: The Synthesis of Hexaphene and Oetaphene. / 

Samaresh C. Maitra Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: A Stationary and Complete, but Unstable, Inhomo- 
geneous Cosmological Solution of Einstein's Equations. 

Marjorie Schooley Malmberg Maryland 

Chemistry: Molecular Interactions in Liquids Deduced from Rayleigh Light 

Denis Davis Manchon, Jr Maryland 

Physics: Thermal Conductivity of Bismuth at Liquid Helium Temperatures. 

Krishna Shankar Manudhane India 

Pharmacy: Studies in Direct Compression and Granulation Friability vnth 
Emphasis on the Role of Sta-Rx 1500R Starch. 

Richard Lawrence Martin Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Limit Cycle Frequency Stabiiization in a Bistable Control 

Richard Alfred Matzner Texas 

Physics: Almost Symmetric Spaces and Gravitational Radiation. 

Patrick Richard. McAllister Maryland 

Chemistry: Trivalent Phosphorus Derivatives of the Group VI B Metal Carbonyls. 

Paul Daniel McCormick Hawaii 

Physics and Astronomy: Optical Radar Measurements of Atmospheric Back- 
scattering (^0 — 100 KM). 

Patricia Jane McLaughlin Maryland 

Zoology: Histochemical Studies on the Stylostome Components and on Feeding, 
Digestion, and Excretion in the Chigger Eutrombicula splendens. 

18 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Aram Mekjian New York 

Physics and Astronomy: Intermediate Structure, Fine Structure and analog 
State Resonances. 

AtniEA Adrias Mercado .....Philippines 

Education: American College Test Assessment of Educational Hierarchies and 
Scholastic Survival at the University of the Philippines. 

William Glenn Meredith Maryland 

Zoology: A Comparative Study of Niche Differentiation in the Crayfishes, Cam- 
barus b^ bartoni (Fabricius) and Orconectes limosus (Rafinesque). 

Myron Howard Miller New York 

Physics and Astronomy: Thermally Insensitive Determinations of Transition 
Probabilities for CI, 01, Nel, AlII, Sil, Sill, PI, PII, SI, SII and CII. 

Richard Wright Miller Maryland 

Dairy Science: A Study of Some Factors Affecting the Utilization of Carotene 
and Vitamin A in the Bovine. 

Gerald Jude Mizejewski Maryland 

Zoology: Autoimmune Activation of the Phagocytic Function in Common En- 
dothelium of the Adult Albino Mouse. 

Abelardo Moncayo-Andrade Maryland 

Foreign Languages: Analisis estilistico de "La hermosiira de Angelica" de 
Lope de Vega. 

Ebenezer Gnanaraj Moses _. India 

Education: Sevenih^day Adventist Secondary School Teacher Certification in the 
United States of America. 

Vadiraja Venkatesa Murthy New York 

Biological Chemistry: Purification and Properties of Tyrosinase from Vibrio 

Joel Muse, Jr. North Carolina 

Chemistry: The Reactions of an Oxygen Analog of Gramine with Compounds 
Containing an Active Hydrogen Atom. 

Sin K. Oh Maryland 

Aerospace Engineering: Non-gray Radiation Effects on Mixing of Non-similar 

John Sigfred Osmundson Oregon 

Physics and Astronomy: An Experimental Study of the Scattering of Laser Light 
from Carbon Dioxide Near the Liquid-Gas Transition Point. 

Charles Franklin Peake Maryland 

Economics: The Monetary Analysis of Henry Thornton and Its Significance in 
the Development of British Monetary Economics. 

Kenneth Edward Peltzer Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Adaptive Filtering of Doppler Data at Low Signal-to- 
Noise Ratios. 

Paul Eugene Peters Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Dynamic Memory Allocation. 

David Parker Rablen New York 

Chemistry: Kinetics of Exchange of Water between the Coordination Sphere of 
the Mono(2,2',2" -terpyridine)nickel{II) ion and the Bulk Solvent by Means of 
Oxygen-17 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Line Broadening. 

Jamshid G. Rasekh Maryland 

Horticulture: The Application of Headspace Gas Liquid Chromatography Tech- 
nique for Measuring Quality of Fresh and Processed Vegetables. 

William A. Renzi Maryland 

History: In the Shadow of the Sword: Italy's Neutrality and Entrance into the 
Great War, 19H-1915. 

University of Maryland 19 

Richard Douglas Rich Maryland 

Chemistry: The Rates of Reaction of Aminopyridines with Benzaldehyde and 
of Pyridine Carboxaldehydes with Aniline. 

Carey Grenfell Rickabaugh Oklahoma 

Government and Politics: The Politicization Function of Agrarian Interest 
Groups: A Case Study of the Bolivian Campesino Sindicatos. 

James Joseph Rickard California 

Physics and Astronomy: Optical and Radio Evidence of Large-Scale Peculiar 
Motions in the Cas-Per Arm. 

Marion LeRon Robbins South Carolina 

Horticulture: Inheritance of Resistance in Tomato (Lycopersicon spp.) to the 
Anlhracnose Pathogen, Collectotrichum coccodes. 

David Milton Robinson Ohio 

Microbiology: Studies on the Kilham Rat Virus and Its 'Nucleic Acid. 

Joseph Victor Rodricks Maryland 

Chemistry: Part I. The Synthesis of Compounds Structurally Related to Afla- 
ioxin Bi and the Isolation and Identification of a New Toxic Metabolite of Asper- 
gillus flavus. Part II. Studies Related to the Synthesis of Unsaturated ^-Lactams. 

Robert James Rosenthal Indiana 

Philosophy: "Conventionalism: Analysis and Critique of a Philosophical Type." 

Edward Barry Saff Florida 

Mathematics: Selected Topics in Interpolation and Approximation by Poly- 
nomials, Rational Functions, and Meromorphic Functions. 

John Frank Samorajczyk Maryland 

Education: Children's Responsiveness to Suggestions during School Entry. 

Gus A. Sayer Pennsylvania 

Physics and Astronomy: Measurement of K2 -P Total Cross Sections at Low 

David Robert Schelling Maryland 

Civil Engineering: Propagated Errors Induced by Step-Integration Solutions 
to Vehicular Induced Highway Bridge Vibrations. 

Lorraine Anne Schlesinger Maryland 

English: Edmund Wilson on American Literature. 

Robert John Schwartz Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Onset of Wind Driven Waves. 

Bassam Zekin Shakhashiri Maryland 

Chemistry: Kinetics of the Reactions between Tris(l,lG-phenathroline)iron{II) 
Ion and the Chlorine-Oxidanis in Aqueous Solution. 

Louis Welles Shapiro Massachusetts 

Mathematics: Group Representations and Algebraic Number Fields. 

Amiel Thomas Sharon Maryland 

Psychology: The Effect of Instructional Conditions in Producing Leniency on 
Two Types of Rating Scales. 

Kensaburo Shinkawa Japan 

History: The Emergence of American "State Capitalism," 1913-191,0. 

Harry Kenneth Shook Maryland 

Education: An Analysis of Certain Characteristics of Rolling Admissions, As 
Distinguished from Block Admissions, As Employed by Western Maryland College. 

Sadegh Siahatgar Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Optical Pumping in Cesium Vapor Cell Using a GaAs 

20 1068 Commencement Exercises 

ViTO Michael Signorile Canada 

Sociology. The Coefficient of Congruence. 

Bruce Frederick Smith ., Illinois 

Physics and Astronomy: Dynamical Relaxation in Galaxy Formation. 

John Newton Smith Maryland 

Agricultural Economics: A Dynamic Model of the Cattle Industry of Argentina. 

Lewis Wilbert Smith Maryland 

Animal Science: The Influence of Particle Size and Lignification upon the Rates 
of Digestion and Passage of Uniformly Labeled Carbon-H Plant Cell Walls in the 

Thomas Scott Smith Pennsylvania 

Physics: The Lyman Series of Ionized Helium in the Extreme Ultraviolet Solar 

Jay Murrie Solomon Maryland 

Mathematics: The Solution of Some Singular Cauchy Problems. 

John Andrew Stamper Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Experimental Study of the Structure of Plasma Shock 
Waves in a Fast 0-Pinch. 

Nancy Hoy Sternberger Maryland 

Biological Chemistry: Studies of Complexes of RNA Polymerase and a DNA. 

Peter Howard Stoloff Maryland 

Psychology: Detection and Scaling of Statistical Differences Between Visual 

William Earl Sweeney, Jr _ Maryland 

Physics: Gamma-Ray Transitions Involving Isobaric-Spin Mixed States in Be*. 

RoulH. Tauran Indonesia 

Education: The Influences of Reading on the Attitudes of Third Graders Toward 

Mansur Tavakoli Maryland 

Horticulture: Quantitative Determination of Apple Cell Wall Polysaccharides 
by Gas Chromatographic Techniques. 

Marvin Hal Taylor Maryland 

Poultry Science: A Study of Various Factors Affecting the Bruising of Broilers. 

Ye-Yung Teng China 

Physics and Astronomy: Plasma Radiation from Metal Grating Surfaces. 

Elizabeth Ann Teuber New York 

Zoology: Membrande Potentials and Ion Distributions in Striated Muscles of 
the Blue Crab, Callinectes Sapidus Rathbun. 

John Allan Thoroughgood Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Binary Liquid Diffusion Coefficient Prediction for Asso- 
ciated and Unassociated Systems. 

William James Tomik New York 

Physical Education: The Effects of Speed, Load, and Repetition of Interval 
Training Bouts on Endurance Performance. 

Herbert Allen Trenchard Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: The Transverse Dielectric Constant of the Degenerate 
Electron Gas. 

Franklin Joseph Tyeryar, Jr Maryland 

Microbiology: Sequential Replication of the Chromosome of Bacillus licheniformis. 

Stephen Virgil Ullom D. C. 

Mathematics: Normal Bases of Ambiguous Ideals as Galois Modules. 

Jack Charles Urban South Carolina 

Chemical Engineering: Studies of Axial Dispersion in Packed Beds at Low 
Reynolds Numbers. 

University of Maryland 2. 1 

James M. Vail Maryland 

Zoology: Relation of Energy Metabolism to Growth and Differentiation in L-cell 
Suspension Cultures. 

Aldona Sinush Vanderlain Maryland 

Education: A Validation of the Factor II Esprit of the Organizational Climate 
Description Questionnaire. 

James Samuel VanNess Maryland 

History: The Maryland Courts in the American Revolution: A Case Study. 

Phillip Gray Vincent Maryland 

Botany: Mechanism of Antifungal Action of 2,1,,5,6-tetrachloroisophthalonitrile. 

C. V. Vishveshwara Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: The Stability of the Schwarzschild Metric. 

Timothy Knight Wagner New York 

Physics and Astronomy: A Study of the Radio Frequency Size Effect in Potassium. 

Susan R. Walen Maryland 

Psychology: Free and Serialized Recall in Children and Adults. 

John B. Wang D. C. 

Foreign Languages: Estudio analitico-sinetico de las poesias originates de fray 
Luis de Leon. 

David Alan Wheatland Maryland 

Chemistry: Tertiary Phosphine Derivatives of the Group VI Metal Carbonyls. 

Frances Jayne White New Jersey 

Education: Observational Learning of Indirect Verbal Behavior Through the 
Medium of Audio-Tapes. 

Ray Addison Williamson Hawaii 

Physics and Astronomy: A Study of Radial Velocities in Diffuse Emission 
Regions Using a Fabry-Perot Interferometer. 

Stephen Winters Maryland 

Psychology: Response Style Correlates of Personality Traits: The Development 
of a Forced-Choice Instrument to Measure Independently Social Desirability and 

Gilbert Wolsky .^ Maryland 

Physics: Analysis of the Cascade Final States from Jf.25 BeV/c K p Interactions. 

Dennis Harold Wood Oregon 

Agricultual Economics: Reducing Policy Conflicts Relevant to Indian Foodgrain 
Output Goals. 

Pamela C. Woodford Maryland 

Microbiology: Characterization of a Virus Isolated from a Case of Human In- 
fectious Hepatitis. 

Hsui-Li Wu Maryland 

Chemical Physics: Evidence for the ^^n—*- ff^IIg Transition in Ni. 

Ellen Davis Yorkb Maryland 

Physics: Critical Fields, Hc2(T) and HcsiT), in Strong Coupling Superconductors. 

Larry Eugene Yost West Virginia 

Agricultural Economics: Population Growth and Rural Education in Buganda: 
A Simulation of a Micro-Socio-Economic System. 

Alexander Joseph Young, Jr. Pennsylvania 

Physical Education: Joe Louis, Symbol 19SS-19i9. 

Victor Kien-Chung Yu Rhode Island 

Physics and Astronomy: On the Nucleon Axial Vector Form Factor. 

Charles Arthur Zuzak Tennessee 

Government and Polities: Developmental Administration: The Role of the Ten- 
nessee State Planning Office, A Case Study. 

22 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Doctor of Education 
(Thesis Title Indicated) 

Alfred Edward Acey Pennsylvania 

Time As a Relevant Variable When Personality Scores Are Used As Predictors of 

B. Betty Antderson Maryland 

Evaluation of a Checklist to Measure Specific Reading Readiness Factors in Be- 
ginning First Grade Pupils. 

Richard Kenneth Barnes Maryland 

The Relationship Among the APHAPES Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor 
Test, the Supervisory Rating, and the Production Index in Evaluating and the 
Production Index in Evaluating Rehabilitation Counselor Performance. 

Andrew William Bakon Maryland 

The Effectiveness of Teaching a Psychomotor Task Via a Teacher Prepared Video- 
tape Recording. 

Douglas Maxwell Bivens, Jr Maryland 

An Investigation of the Relationship of Interaction Processes to Decision Making 
by School Boards. 

Virginia Carolyn Conley Maryland 

A Comparison of the Relative Effectiveness of Four Patterns of Sequencing Instruc- 
tional Content of a Unit in Nursing. 

Margaret Rose Francis India 

Relationships Among School Nurses' Verbal Behavior in Teacher-Nurse Conferences, 
their Knowledge of Principles of Human Development and Attitudes Toward 
Children's Behavior. 

Nevin Richards Frantz, Jr Illinois 

The Identification of Occupational Competencies for a Cluster Concept Program in 
Graphic Arts through the Application of a System Analysis Approach. 

Walter N. Gantt ^ Maryland 

The Diagnosis of Pupil Verbal Response Cues as Indicators of Thinkin^g and 

Clarence Leroy Heyel New Jersey 

An Experimental Comparison of Self-Paced and Group-Paced Auto-Instructional 
Methods of Teaching a Manipulative Skill and Related Cognitive Knowledge in 
Industrial Arts. 

Eugene Harold Hunt Iowa 

An Experimental Study to Determine the Effectiveness of Teaching Economics at 
the Secondary-School Level. 

Richard Lee James D. C. 

A Survey of Teacher Training Programs in Music from the Early Musical Con- 
vention to the Introduction of Four-Year Degree Curricula. 

Joan Mary Kelly Florida 

An Investigation of Home Responsibilities of Girls Enrolled in Ninth Grade Home 
Economics Classes. 

Wilbur Alexander Millard D. C. 

Demographic Characteristics of Educationally Disadvantaged Children from Low- 
Income Urban Families. 

Gene Dwaine Minton Maryland 

A Study of Selected Characteristics of Trade and Industrial Education Teachers 
in the State of Maryland. 

William Braun Moody Delaware 

An Investigation of the Relationship between Fifth-Grade Student and Teacher 
Performance on Selected Tasks Involving Nometric Geometry. 

James Joseph Mooney New York 

An Investigation of Professional Growth of Students Majoring in an Industrial 
Arts Education Program Regarding Selective Professional Elements of Industrial 

University of Maryland 23 

i \ 

Mark Edward Nejako ' Maryland 

A Study of Reported Classroom '. Misbehavior of Junior High School Students in 
Terms of the Variables of Time, Student, and Teacher. 

Richard William O'Donnell ...j Maryland 

Proposed Revision of the Admission to Teacher Education Policy of the University 
of Maryland. 

Thomas James O'Toole Maryland 

The Effect of a Long-Term Functional Articulation Problem on the Language Skills 
of Seventh Grade Boys. 

Charles McDavitt Proctor, Jr Maryland 

An Experimental Study of the Relationship Between Certain Theoretically Postu- 
lated Elements in Classroom Learning and Student Achievement, Grade Distributions, 
and the Incidence of Certain Classroom Activities. 

Thomas Walter Pyles Maryland 

Federally Supported Programs of Education and Their Impact upon and Implica- 
tions for the Organization and Staffing of the Maryland State Department of Edu- 

Gary W. Reighard Pennsylvania 

The Application of a Categorization System of Cognitive Complexity and Verbal 
Behavior to Counselor Trainees in a Counseling Praclicum. 

Sheldon Kenneth Riggs Maryland 

Manifestations of Impulse, Ego, and Superego in Boys Identified for Remedial 
Reading Instruction in a Public School System. 

Max Rosenfeld Maryland 

Classroom Area Per Pupil and Discipline Problems: An Experimental Explora- 
tion of the Relationship of Classroom Size to Pupil Deviant Behavior and Its Man- 
agement by Teachers. 

Mary Cubberley Schanbergbr Maryland 

An Investigation of Interrelationships of Ratings by Classroom Teachers and School 
Psychologists of Selected Physical, Learning, and Behavioral Characteristics of 

Wendell Ross Sheets Florida 

A Study of the Effect of Electronic Data Processing on Organization and Personnel 
in Selected Public School Systems of Maryland. 

Kenneth Francis Stough Pennsylvania 

An Analysis of Selected Factors as Predictors of Success in Vocational Industrial 
Certification Courses. 

Joseph John Tarallo Maryland 

The Relationship between Pre-Principalship Activities of Secondary Principals 
and Teacher Perceptions of Principals' Leadership Behavior. 

Robert Ellis Taylor Indiana 

An Investigation of the Relationship between Psychological Types in the College 
Classroom and the Student Perception of the Teacher and Preferred Teaching Prac- 

Patricia Schertz Wright Maryland 

The Relationship between Stipend Support and Socio-economic Status of Graduate 

24 -Z^fi^ Commencement Exercises 


l^ARAH Sanford Adams Maryland 

\xftEORGE Edwin Alberts Maryland - 

i,^JoHN Charles Allen Georgia 

j^'JuDiTH Grabel Alter New York 

i^Avm A. Ameen Virginia 

l^ James S. Atwell Maryland 

t.-'MARGARET Francis AYLESW0RTH..Mar2/taTid . 

<1- Martha Ann Bair Maryland 

U^ACQUELiNE RiPPS Barsallo Maryland ■ 

V^SONDRA JoYE Battist Maryland 

l^NoRMAN William Bauer Maryland 

\^ Carl Behm, III Maryland 

I' George Edward Bell Maryland 

k — Avrom Bendavid Maryland 

i^George Benke Pennsylvania 

l*-'SusAN Mears Bennett Maryland 

<^ Judith Ann Berenson Massachusetts 

l^ Peter Bermingham New York 

I- Thomas Lee Bichy Maryland 

Roger Hunter Bicksler Virginia 

1^ Abdolhossein Bonakdarpour Maryland 

t' Samuel R. Bradley Washington ^ 

I Carol Baish Brann Maryland. 

^-Ernestine Sachs Brill Maryland 

if Barbara Jane Brooks Maryland 

j^ Donald Andrew Brown Maryland 

U' Earl James Brown Maryland 

( l^SiDNEY Albert John Brown England 

^Allan Charles Brownfeld Virginia 

p-Carole Grace Brownlee D.C. 

t^-^DWiN Stratford Budge Virginia 

t Peter Charles Bunevich Virginia 

^ I- Weldon LeRoy Burden Michigan 

■I^Bruce Kingsbury Byers Maryland 

)(, I- Paul Reed Calderon Wisconsin 

Christopher Sterling Caldwell 

Maryland / 

)^*^Paul Charles Callan Maryland 

Frederick W. Capshaw Maryland 

/^Arlene Mae Carpenter Maryland 

j^Gerald William Carson Maryland 

^Hal Victor Cartwright North Carolina 

l^^ Elizabeth Anne Chapman Michigan 


of Awts 

SaDa Dolhinow Chernick Maryland 

Carolyn Ruth Christensen Maryland 

Barbara Lou Cohen Maryland 

v Robert Alan Cole Maryland 

Samuel Leroy Cole New York 

Ellen Gay Colman New Jersey 

i, Margaret Mary Cook Maryland 

Merriel L. Coon Maryland 

•>- Billy Roy Cooper Texas 

Geraldine Coburn Cox, Maryland 

, Donald Joseph Crowley Virginia 

V Albert John Crull Maryland 

i- James A. Cudney Maryland 

; John Steele Culbertson Maryland 

^ Arthur Bernard Cummings Virgi^iia 

Bruce H. David Illinois 

Janice Gail Davidson Maryland 

DoNZELLE Davis South Carolina 

Barbara Jean de Florio Massachusetts 

f John Raymond Deitrick Massachusetts 

. Victor Eli Delnore Maryland 

kJohn Francis Dillon, Jr Maryland 

-Barbara Jo Dorotics Pennsylvania 

Gene Hoffman Edwards, Jr Maryland 

/^HowARD Charles Ellis Maryland 

t JOHN Kenny Elseroad, Jr Maryland 

i'-WiLLiAM Marvin Ely Connecticut 

- -^ELEN Virginia Elzey Maryland 

! Phyllis Gail Ensor Maryland 

\ Jane Ruth Feldman D.C. 

Robert Olan Felter Maryland 

Joseph Ambrose Feustle, Jr Maryland 

Elisabeth Ann Field New Jersey 

Johanna Yahner Flynn Maryland 

Kay Beatrice Forck Virginia 

U^ichael Stephen Franch Maryland 

1, William Oliver Franz Wisconsin 

Dennis Bruce Freeman New Jersey 

Susan R. Freis Maryland 

Raymond Augustus Frick New York 

' Elaine Bayer Funk Maryland 


University of Maryland 25 

^ Martin George Galvin Maryland 

Robert Edwin Gardner Cabifotnia 

\, Ellen Garvey Massachusetts 

<, \^I3ietmar Generali South Carolina 

• Donald Louis Giadrosich Virginia 

David Reed Goldfield Maryland 

Judith Ann Coxworth Goldman Maryland 

Phyllis Helene Goldman Maryland 

' Stephen Goodell Maryland 

Rosalind Louise Green Maryland 

! Morton Greenberg Maryland 

Daniel Rudd Greenwood Maryland 

Beverly Renee Guterman Virginia 

^^- Margaret Topping Haggerty Maryland 

\ Thomas Mark Hardesty Illinois 

Catherine Marie Hausler Maryland 

Sarah L. Henisey Maryland 

Margaret Ruth Hill D.C. 

^ «<A.NNE Andrbtws Hindman Virginia 

' "-^ames Thomas Hindman Illinois 

Wrwin Hirsch D.C. 

1--R0NA Phyllis Hoffman California 

;<^l/teMMETT Lou Holman Maryland 

t Helen Alice Honsberger Maryland 

V Sandra B. Horowitz Maryland 

I, Genevieve Huber Maryland 

James Charles Hughes D.C. 

Roberta Kay Hughes Maryland 

William Edwin Hutchison Virginia 

•- Martha U. Jachowski Maryland 

v'James Emery Jandrowitz New Jersey 

' Lorraine A. Janus Maryland 

Jeffrey Peter Jensen Maryland 

Patricia M. Jermon Maryland 

Cloyce Herschel Johnston Virginia 

Russel Edward Kacher Maryland 

Jean Carol Kelley Maryland 

Florence Neiman KEhUESSOS... .Maryland 

Harold Richard Kennedy Florida 

U'Pyohng Choon Kim Maryland 

'' ' Benson Jay King Maryland 

George Ralph Kinnear Canada 

Norma Joan Kirwan Maryland 

Carol Joyce Kline Maryland 

Karen Klisch Maryland 

Karine Margaret Koch New York 

Robert John Kopnisky Maryland 

V Marjorie Ann Kopp Maryland 

' Rita Nathalie Kosofsky Maryland 

Nicholas James Kovalakides Maryland 

George Kramer Maryland 

Zdanna Mary Krawciw Pennsylvania 

Thomas Joseph Langan Maryland 

Robert Fellows Larson Maryland 

ILENE Judith Lasher Maryland 

Edmond Jules Le Breton Maryland 

Jack Nelson Lee Maryland 

Pamela Reynolds Lee Maryland 

Aaron Lee Leibel Maryland 

Alessandra Lucia Levenbook Maryland 

RoNNY Weinstein Levi Maryland 

i Charles Ronald Lilley Maryland 

Lay-Giok Lim Singapore 

Diane Haugen Lindamood Maryland 

Wilmer Meredith Wayne Liskey Virginia 

, Norma Rae Long Maryland 

I S. Joseph Louis Maryland 

Thomas E. Lowderbaugh Illinois 

George Wayne Lucier Maryland 

Donna Boatwright Lynch Virginia 

Van Lorin MacCabe California 

Martha Benn Macdonald.. ..Sowt/i Carolina 

Richard John Manasseri New York 

Sidney Alpern Manning Maryland 

John N. Martin Maryland 

Victor Richard Martuza Maryland 

Charles A. Mast South Dakota 

John Allan Mathews Maryland 

Nancy Davidson Mayer Maryland 

Janet Gail McCoy West Virginia 

V Michael Jonathan McCRANN....AreM) York 

Carole Ann McKewin... Maryland 

Michael Roland Menaker New York 

Frank Arthur Mezzullo, Jr Maryland 

Cynthia R. Milkman Maryland 




26 1968 Commencement Exercises 

V Gerald R. Miller Ohio 

I Gerald Harry Monson Virginia 

Betty Nadler Montgomery Maryland 

i. Earl Rex Montgomery Utah 

U-^HOMAS Irwin Monzell Ohio 

I Rita Ann Morgan Maryland 

U-Hegina Anne Muller New York 

i^GB»RGiE Claire Nance Maryland 

U-Carl Ferdinand Nehring, Jr Maryland 

V^ames Gary Nelson Maryland 

t-^ARiON Lawrence Noble Maryland 

•--Matthew Callender O'Brien Maryland 

''Don Parks Olsen Virginia 

David G. Orr Maryland 

Edward Joseph Ortlieb Virginia 

• — Jack Douglas Osman Maryland 

^<^ Joseph Leo Overton Maryland 

^. Earl Richard Page New Jersey 

Charlotte Ann Palmer Mississippi 

Douglas Wilkinson Payne Virginia 

Y' Linda Sacks Perlis Maryland 

•J Franklin James Peterson Mew York 

J Gale Eugene Peterson Iowa 

! John Julian Plosay, Jr Pennsylvania 

UNREST Steve Poliszczuk Maryland 

\/Ruth S. Pollak B.C. 

^Adolphe Andrew Pons, III Maryland 

\J Ruth Elizabeth Port Maryland 

---William Robert Porter Virginia 

4joan McGuire Poultney Maryland 

James Thomas Powell, Jr Maryland 

J Iris Jane Prager Maryland 

Alice Schneider Pritchard Maryland 

Charles Robert Radey Indiana 

John Price Radford England 

(Bernard Raimo, Jr Missouri 

Herman Paul Reisch B.C. 

.J Jhianne Elizabeth Reno Maryland 

Mary Irene Revell Maryland 

f,- Carl Thomas Richards Maryland 

LJulian William Riehl Virginia 

Michael H. Ries Maryland 

U^Harwood Hugo Ritter, II Maryland 

J Eric Otto Rodenbeck ....B.C. 

'^ Ellen Mary Roderick Maryland 

Wayne Harold Rodgers Maryland 

/Robert 0. Rollman Pennsylvania 

t- Joseph Benson Ross B.C. 

Charles Melvin Rossiter, Jr Maryland 

David Stanley Sachs Maryland 

Amy Elizabeth Sakers Maryland 

, Eugene W. Santala California 

Don Patrick Savell Maryland 

John Paul Schied Wisconsin 

Diana M. Schmelzer Virginia 

Sandra V. Scofield Pennsylvania 

Douglas Alan Scott Maryland 

Grace Gwendolyn Scruggs Maryland 

William Charles Sschrist.... Pennsylvania 

I Adele F. Seeff Maryland 

Marilyn B. Semmes Maryland 

George Terry Sharrer Maryland 

Janet Gary Shell Maryland 

^NN Louise Shelton Maryland 

•^Nadine Sielecki-Daubdz Maryland 

Robert John Skarr Maryland 

George William Sloan Maryland 

■ Sylvia Jean Smardo Maryland 

Stephen Vincent Smigocki Maryland 

[ Stanley A. Smith Maryland 

Shirley P. Solomon Maryland 

Steven Spitzer Maryland 

■ Carol Therese Steinhagen Minnesota 

Jenny Ide Steinmetz Maryland 

Judythe a. Stephan West Virginia 

Marie Louise Sterne Virginia 

■ Debra Wehrle Stewart Pennsylvania 

Grace G. Stewart Maryland 

Eugenia Agnes Stoner Ohio 

! Susan Margaret Stoudinger Michigan 

I^-Irene Suboczewski Maryland 

' Marvin Thomas Sundstrom Canada 

Dorothy Mae Svirbely Maryland 


Roy Irving Tennant, Jr Maryland 

■.\ Susan M. Tessem Florida 

\ Harry James Thompson Texas 

John Joseph Tingle New York 

\1 Agnes Solange Torossian Maryland 

^Daniel D. Townsend Maryland 

University of Maryland 27 

A •'Nancy Lee Traubitz Maryland 

■^ j^TUHSUN TSAI China 

Maria Valencia Maryland 

V Susan Mae Van Scoy D.C. 

X uPATRiciA Jean VARNinr New Jersey 

'(jGuttalu Ramachandra Rao Viswanath 


^ Kathleen W. Volz Maryland 

y K Gerald Wolfgang Von MAYER....Maryland 

V Harry Mark Wahl D.C. 

l^RoBERT Waldman Pennsylvania 

Edward S. Wall Maryland 

Frank Corson Warman, III Maryland 

w William Carleton Warken Maine 

/ i^TMONARD Derald Weems Texas 

.■ Sybil Esther Wertheim Maryland 

Thomas Roger Wessbl Maryland 

^Della Silverman Whittaker Maryland 

LeBaron Whittier D.C. 

»<Wesley Otto Willard Maryland 

Jedward Carl Willecke Illinois 

^avid L. Williams Maryland 

. • SHEntYL EiLE^iN Wood Oregon 

> Catharine Isenberg Work Mainland 

(,-Frank Powell Wrightson, III... .Maryland 

.. Carolyn Anderson Wyatt D.C. 

1 FliTER Xenakes Pennsylvania 

V John C. Yurick Pennsylvania 

\ Michael G. Zbak Maryland 

\/Jerome Zuckerman New York 




Master of Science 

\/ilASSAN Sid Ahmed Abu Zeid Sudan 

t^ Linda Mitchell Adams Tennessee 

■ I' Yvonne Letha Adams Maryland 

I- Byong Hyup Ahn Korea 

U David Harold Akey Maryland 

Ubidun Amoke Alabi Nigeria 

J-^Rashid Nouri Al-Hayali Iraq 

L Edwin Lewis Althouse Maryland 

U- Philip Martin Altomare Maryland 

*- John Phillip Angle Maryland 

I Marilyn Jean Aten New York 

i-^David Kelly Auten, III Maryland 

»^ George Lewis Barlow Maryland 

'• Mark Julian Bassett Maryland 

V Robert C. Beal Maryland 

I Bobby Glenn Beaman Maryland 

w- Lansford Charles Bell Maryland 

I. Joseph Peter Bingham Maryland 

u Helen Elizabeth Black Ohio 

y^ Barbara Elizabeth Blaha Ohio 

< Virgilio S. Blanco Mexico 

I Wilson Roberts Bounds Maryland 

William Waltbx Brandenstein, Jr. 


1/Delois Metcalfe Brown Texas 

Georgia Lee Brown Mississippi 

■ 1 Jane Marie Brown Maryland 

1 Patricia Ann Brown Pennsylvania 

' John Peery Bruce Maryland 

William H. Brune Maryland 

^ ; Salvatore a. Bruno Maryland 

'^ I John Patrick Buchanan New Jersey 

^'James Otto Burnett Indiana 

(,JAmes Patterson Burns, Jr Maryland 

■■ Patricia Ann Calico Kentucky 

1 Abigail Jane Cameron Maryland 

Richard D. Caminiti Maryland 

Hector James Cardellino Maryland 

/ I^James Benton Carlton Maryland 

Kathleen Ann Chalfant Maryland 

, Thyagaraja Chandrasekaran India 

Soo Young Chang Korea 

■ Shui Lin Chao Maryland 

Feng-Ling Cheng China 

Grace Harlow Chickadonz Virginia 

Wing You Chong Hawaii 

Edwin Iglehakt Cissel Maryland 

Howard Evans Clark Maryland- 


28 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Gary Petek Clemons Maryland 

Richard Ball Colburn Maryland 

^ Dael Eugene Copeland Maryland 

( t^^HARGARET R. Costa Pennsylvania 

t^ARBARA Ann Coulon Maryland 

j^ETER John Creyke D.C. 

i^^Jeannette Brundick Crouch Maryland 


i^^UDOLPH Theodore Danstedt, Jr. 


f~ ^^ARiE Smith Davidson D.C. 

^^Charlotte Evelyn Davies 

New Hampshire 

"•' k Carole Ann Davis Maryland 

■f. > Donald Keith Day Maryland 

^t-STUART Jay Dearing Maryland 

i^^DiOGENES Rodrigues de Oliveria Brasil 

u^-^Sary Charles DeOms Maryland 

KNancy Harless DiBiase Maryland 

V^'^TMartin Leo Doordan Delaware 

Mary Clare Dougherty Virginia 

David Kent Drown Maryland 

(_ David Lawrence Dubrow Maryland 

'AI'-Edward Paul Dudley Maryland 

i/Brian Eric Dunlap Michigan 

^Betty Mae Easter Missouri 

ixPhyllis Cole Eggert California 

l-'Daniel Earl Eltzroth Ohio 

. (^-Robert Melvin Eppley Maryland 

v- Charles Matthew Erikson ....Pennsylvania 

/., W-DfELORES Watson Estes North Carolina 

^William Raymond Fairchild Maryland 

V^Nancy Fry Fasano New York 

;i ^'Jay Howard Feinberg Maryland. 

>/ John Wenard Fennel, Jr Maryland 

u David Curtis FERRBac Maryland 

-^ James Edgar Ferrell, Jr Maryland 

uWilliam Anthony Fideli Maryland 

L- Ruth E. Foden Illinois 

% [Ronald George Fohs Maryland 

•JJ^Jerhy Wayne Forbes Maryland 

. V j^AMES Gordon Franklin Maryland 

1--^ Richard Vann Frazier, Jr Maryland 

[^Robert A. Frazier Maryland 

t Daniel Martin Fredrick Maryland 

Marvin Frank Friedenberg Maryland 

Geraldine Ashour Fristrom Maryland 

William Michael Gavaghan Maryland 

Linda Danielle Gerson Maryland 

John Carroll Goodpasture Maryland 

Philip Anthony Guarino Maryland 

Robert L. Hails Alabama 

Betty L. Hammack Tennessee 

Nicholas Dale Hanks, II Pennsylvania 

; Alva Ann Hardin South Carolina 

^ , J. Kent Haspert Maryland 

. Calvin R. Hastings Maryland 

.< . Helen Groves Hedrick West Virginia 

I John Leroy Hellman Maryland 

Donna L. Herb New York 

; GusTAVE John Hokenson Maryland 

Carolyn Baker Howell Alabama 

Lorinda C. Hu Maryland 

V Mary Kathryn Hughes Maryland 

Joan Tunnicliffe Hurlock Maryland 

Richard Sommers Hussey Maryland 

>^iFFORD Elton Ky'sniman ....Pennsylvania 

Roy Alan Ickes Maryland 

NORBERT Mathias Jacoby Massachusetts 

Alfred Howard Jansen, Jr Maryland 

Carolyn Joyce Jones Maryland 

Charles R. Jones New York 

Martin Robert Jones Maryland 

Beatrice Jean Kalisch Nebraska 

uGwen Claire Kardatzke Maryland 

Bernard Kaufman Maryland 

Theo Gordon Keith, Jr Maryland 

Julia A. Kerstetter Michigan 

.John Edward Keys, Jr Maryland 

George Fickun Keyser D.C. 

: Charles Monroe Keyserling Maryland 

Robert Ray Kifer Maryland 

Douglas Gordon Kirkpatrick Maryland 

I Alicelee T. Klein Florida 

John Stockton Knox New York 

1,-Nancy Ellen Krauss Maryland 

Janet Elaine Kreider Maryland 

Richard Henry Kronke Maryland 

Virgil G. Kunde Maryland 

Helen Jane Landon.... Maryland 

University of Maryland 29 

-<- ■ Gladys Whipple Langfeldt Maryland 

pi\, June Ellen Lawrence Pennsylvania ■ 

p- Marcia R. Lee D.C. 

\ Ayeliffe Arline Lenihan Maryland 

y James Joseph Linduska Maryland 

V Glenn Ross Linsenmayer Maryland 

.-tf ^ Charles William Lucas, Jr Virginia 

^ Alberto Demetrio Lung Peru 

^ '''BARRY Neal Lutsky Maryland 

V Dale Martin Madison Maryland 

I Donald Richard Marlow Maryland 

V I Charlotte Marie Martin. ...iVortfe Carolina 
^ Hattie Marie Martin Florida 

V Sister Mary Annella Martin. ...Morj/Zawd 
yv Dwayne Clifford Maxwell California 

L Walter Page Mays, Jr Maryland 

I Shirley Corkran McCulley Maryland 

\, Edwin Charles McCullough Maryland 

X V Mary Joan McDonagh Maryland 

. w Dennis William McGuire Maryland 

y I Carolynn Quarles McIlnay Maryland 

v- Florence Levitsky McKeever Maryland 

l Janet A. McMurtray Maryland 

. Hubert Travis MoPherson Maryland 

t William Olden Mercer Maryland 

I David Joseph Meskexl, Jr Maryland 

Nathan John Miller D.C. 

Eva Lee Morton Maryland 

Ruth Ann Murchland Maryland 

I Anita Louise Naiciso Maryland 

( Sogmie Foeng Nee Maryland 

I Margaret Mary Brown Needham 


I. Dennis Edwin Neely California 

' Mary Ellen Neill Maryland 

L Lois Neuman Maryland 

/ Victor Smith Newton Maryland 

^ Ann Vaughan Nicholson.. ..Massoc/ittsetts 

V Melvin Edward Novak Maryland 

V Marianne K. Oskarsson Maryland 

l- Janice Elaine Park Maryland 

V James David Parsons Michigan 

1 Rhoda Mae Peck _ Michigan. 

James Dominic Penab Maryland 

Judith Rey Perez Maryland 

Earl Richard Pfeiffer Maryland 

Robert Rhodes Phillips Maryland 

James Uel Piersall New York 

Ann Margaret Potter Maryland 

' John H. Potter England 

^ Eric Kaiser Pritchard Maryland 

^ Henry Edward Progar, Jr Maryland 

t4.ARRY Council Queen Maryland 

Alan James Ramsbotham, Jr Maryland 

Douglas Warren Reichard Maryland 

Rudolph A. Richards Maryland 

Robert Norman Reidler Maryland 

Donald Kenneth Richer Maryland 

Lyle Gene Riffee Maryland 

Marjorie Sue Robinette Maryland 

Malcolm Fred Ross Maryland 

Norman ALBiaiT Ross D.C. 

Robert Allan Russeu^l Maryland 

' John George Ruta Maryland 

William Edward Ryan Maryland 

Frank P. Saitta Rhode Island 

I Thomas V. Saliga Maryland 

Clara Juanita Sanderson D.C. 

V^RANCESCO M. Sandiford Maryland 

V Arthur Donald Sartwell Maryland 

I Theera Satasuk Thailand 

I Carla Mae Schissel New Jersey 

U Melvin Gerhardt Schnappinger, Jr. 


Bernard Arnold Schneider Maryland 

, Leighton Reeves Scott Illinois 

Robert A. Seefeldt Minnesota 

Frances Gardner Seither Maryland 

Richard Eric Sheads Pennsylvania 

■ Basil Stephen Shephard Maryland 

Charles Martin Shub New Jersey 

Stuart H. Simon Illinois 

Helen Chin Sing Maryland 

Alice Betts Slater Maryland 

Barbara Lois Smith D.C. 

Elaine Wilson Smoot Maryland 

Michael Solarz New York 

"KOLVIW ^ "^^^^ -{ttM-tx^ 

30 1968 Commencement Exercises 

i^Melvin Claude Somers Vermont 

/U'RiCHARD Goodman Sommer. Maryland 

^-TfENNETH Robert Spates Maryland 

/ /Gillian Alice Spencer North Carolina 

•i^JOHN William Staigerwald Maryland 

•^Charles Edward Steerman Maryland 

I Jerome Meyer Stein Maryland 

Sam Steppel Canada 

, Howard Odell Stevens, Jr Maryland 

j^^ALTER Ferdinand Straub Maryland 

i i^FLORA CORNHTLIA Streett Pennsylvania 

^^James H. Sullivan Maryland 

^^andra Joan Sundeen New York 

\r Edward Martin Sweitzer Maryland 

t^MlCHAEL Tapper Maryland 

t^lRWiN Tepper New York 

•'Allan Maxwell Thomas Maryland 

A'Patrick Michael Tobin Netv York 

l,JiIicHAEL Gerard Toner New York 

^ Reginald Allen Traband Maryland 

^ I^Ernestine Goodwin Turner Virginia 

>r(^-BARBARA Spencer Tyler D.C. 

w- Gilbert Michael Ugiansky Maryland 

(^j^ Kathleen Louise Underman Ohio 


Frank Joseph Ventriglio Marylatid 

Charles Eugene Vest Maryland 

Mary-Jo Vinett Marylatvd 

Howard Daniel Wactlar Pennsylvania 

Stephen Talley Walker Maryland 

William Francis Walker Maryland 

Nancy Jane Walter Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Waltz Maryland 

Ralph Edward Webb Maryland 

Cameron Keith Weiffenbach Maryland 

Russell Cornelius Weigel, Jr Maryland 

Susan Olivia Welsh Maryland 

John Douglas Werner Pennsylvania 

Russell Lee Werneth Maryland 

Robert Joseph Werrlein Maryland 

Hugh Daniel Willlams Maryland 

John M. Wilson Pennsylvania 

Walter Maxwi;ll Winant Maryland 

Eliza McCormick Wolff Maryland 

Donna J. Yake Pennsylvania 

Verna May Ye^ger Pennsylvania 

Robert Bruce Young Maryland 

Marilyn Shirley Zeigler Michigan 



Master of Education 

Henrietta C. Abrams Maryland 

Louis Gregory Aceto Connecticut 

Maurice Lee Allison Maryland 

Sally L. B. Alden Maryland 

Rhoda Sue Ambach Maryland 

Bonnie M. Anderson Maryland 

Mary Shoffner Anderson Maryland 

Helene Brannock Anthony Maryland 

Thomas W. Antonielli Maryland 

Charles Milton Arnold Maryland 

Ernestine Arnold Ashby Maryland 

Jean Moore Barnes Maryland 

Alice C. Behre Maryland 

Suzanne Gay Belanga Maryland 

Michael Bender Massachusetts 

Katherine Cox Bennight Maryland 

Francis Joseph Bentz Maryland 

Roberta Leslie Bergman Maryland 

Walthall Madden Berry Maryland 

Lorraine Jeffries Bess D.C. 

Marilyn Carol Ray Bigler Maryland 

Selma D. a. Bird Maryland 

John Henry Bloom, Jr Maryland 

Marilyn Pierce Boesch Maryland 

Samuel Garrett Bossert Maryland 

Ruth C. Brice Maryland 

Patricia Jane Chenoweth Brink 


Ellen French Britton Maryland 

Marjorie Marie Brooks D.C. 

Joan Lucille Brown Maryland 

John Francis Burke Maryland 

Doris Kathryn Burns Maryland 

Clifton Paul Campbell Maryland 

Eileen M. Campbell Maryland 

Mary M. Campbell Maryland 

Robert Irving Candler Maryland 

Edward William Cassidy Maryland 

Vincent F. Catania Maryland 

Selina p. Chasnoff Maryland 

S. Stanley Christy Maryland 

University of Maryland 31 

Charles Carroll Cockrell Maryland 

James Edward Connell Maryland 

Jean E. Cook Maryland 

Geraldine Pegler Cooperman Maryland 

Miriam L. Coppage Maryland 

Carroll James Cyr Maine 

Alice Geraldine Daggett California 

Kenneth Walter Dahlin Maryland 

Albert Samuel Dalby Pennsylvania 

WiLMA F. Daniels Maryland 

Estelle Linda Davis Maryland 

Maxine E. Dean Maryland 

Jane Eagan Densberger Maryland 

Susanne Imlay Dhyse Maryland 

Robert Wilson Dofflemyer Maryland 

Robert Franklin Doster Virginia 

Nancie Jane Doyle Maryland 

Carl V. Dreisbach, Jr Delaware 

James Edward Duckworth, Jr Maryland 

Charles Wesley Easterbrook, Jr. 



Evelyn May Eisen Maryland 

Robert Vaughan Elsberry Maryland 

Sandra Fare Maryland 

Mary Barbara Farrell Maryland 

Denece M. Feldman Maryland 

Drem-a Harvey Fischer D.C. 

Merrill Edgar Fisher Maryland 

Brenda Joanne Foxwell Maryland 

Robert Isaac Frazier Maryland 

Albert George Frech New Jersey 

Eleanor Susan Freeman Maryland 

Dorothy M. Frieders Maryland 

Keith S. Gage Maryland 

Ronald John Gamache Maryland 

Frank O. Gaylord Virginia 

Douglas Preston Gibson Maryland 

Jean Nelms Gilliam Maryland 

Judith Gail Click Maryland 

Nancy Anne Goldsmith New York 

Esther Golovato Maryland 

Albert Clayton Good Maryland 

Beulah Joanna Grant Maine 

Howard Melton Grantham Maryland 

Mary Louise Gray Maryland 

Richard D'Alton Greig Maryland 

Roger Dean Griest Maryland 

Robert Norman Griffin Maryland 

Raymond David Groff Maryland 

Louise Kathryn Grotlisch Maryland 

Hilda Jane Adams Groves Maryland 

Manuel G. Gunne Pennsylvania 

George Harry Habeeb Maryland 

Elizabeth Smith Hall Maryland 

Mary Kathleen Hamilton D.C. 

Paul Edward Harding, Jr Virginia 

Carroll William Harrison Maryland 

John B. Hart California 

Dorothy Ruth HEn)GES Maryland 

David B. Hege Maryland 

James K. Heins Maryland 

Ethelind Wunsch Higgins D.C. 

Leonora D. Hilton ManryUmd 

Mary Frances Hilton Maryland 

Jane Louise Hitt Maryland 

Renee Gross Hoffman Maryland 

Mildred Frances Holt Maryland 

Thomas Richard Howie D.C. 

Jane Frances Hughes Pennsylvania 

William M. Hull, Jr Maryland 

Albert John Huschak Maryland 

Sandra M. Hyman Maryland 

June B. Jackson Maryland 

Susan Blanche Jacobi Maryland 

Thomas Jerome Jensen Maryland 

Hazel Ring Johnson Maryland 

Norman Lee Jones Maryland 

Thomas Howard Jones Maryland 

Margaret Rose Kahler Maryland 

William J. Kahler Maryland 

Carol Sachie Kawasaka Hawaii 

Wilbert Allen King Virginia 

Constance G. Kneessi Maryland 

Melanie Landau Lotcisiana 

Cheryl Ashe Lapin Maryland 

Calvin Lee Lawyer Maryland 

Charles Abram Lesher D.C. 

Catherine M. Liben Maryland 

Virginia Hallock Liddle Maryland 

Elwood L. Loh Maryland 

Lola Ruth Luke Maryland 

Barbara Genevieve Marcinko.. ..Afan/Zajid 

Charles Paul Marzen Maryland 

Jessie Britt Mason D.C. 

Gertrude G. Matloff Maryland 

JiUN Clarissa Matthews Pennsylvania 

Eugene Richard Maxfield Maryland 

Shirley Alford Mayfield Maryland 

Mary Esther McCloy Maryland 

George Carroll McGinty Maryland 

Joyce Clemans McIntyre Maryland 

Marion Claire Mears Maryland 

Martha Ann Merck Georgia 

BARBARA Lee Milbourne Maryland 

jANis Miles Rhode Island 

Ruth Nichols Mink Maryland 

Howard David Mohan D.C. 

Robert William Mowen Maryland 

32 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Mary Elizabeth Myeks Maryland 

Deborah Jackowick Nelson Maryland 

Shirley Ann Nelson New Jersey 

James J. Nolan D.C. 

Sten Allan Douglas NoBDH....iVei« Jersey 

Maryan M. Oakley Maryland 

Betty S. Oberle Maryland 

William Francis Oberle, Jr Maryland 

Madeline W. Oelbaum Maryland 

Catherine Anna Oldham Virginia 

Agnes E. Orban Maryland 

George Parton, III Maryland 

Margaret Maclay Patterson Maryland 

Florence Ethel Pickett New Jersey 

Donald Arthur Poling Maryland 

John McCahan Potter Maryland 

Fannie Virginla Bevans Poulson 


Delma Jo M. Prince Virginia 

Mary Elizabeth Prins Maryland 

Donna Gail Rasinsky Maryland 

Marvin Douglas Reed Maryland 

Rodney Ralph Reed Maryland 

Margene V. Reeder Maryland 

Linda Marjorie Reiff Maryland 


Edward Charles Roberts Maryland 

David Albert Robinson Maryland 

John Michael Rogan Maryland 

Norman Everett Ross Maryland 

Michael Thomas Rota Maryland 

Carol Louise Rothschild Maryland 

Jean Ann Ruddell Maryland 

Maurice M. Sands Maryland 

Judith A. Schaehrer New York 

John R. Schneider Maryland 

William Jacob Shabbaugh, Jr Maryland 

Heiny W. Shippling Maryland 

Mary Jean Shugars D.C. 

Dorothy Elizabeth Siegel Maryland 

Patricia Tayman Smith Maryland 

Charles Smolkin Maryland 

Grace Ewell Spry Maryland 

Carroll Lee Staats Maryland 

Jodellano Johnson Statom D.C. 

Judith King Stephens Maryland 

William Earl Stevens Maryland 

Jay Ernest Stouffer Maryland 

Marilyn Gorschman Taske Maryland 

Stanley H. Tollberg Maryland 

William Compton Tomlinson Maryland 

Garnett Wayne Turner Maryland 

Judith Irene Urban Michigan 

Elizabeth Lucille Walp Maryland 

CORINNE Elizabeth Warder Maryland 

Claire Henrich Washe Maryland 

Geraldine R. Waters Maryland 

Ronald Ernest Webb D.C. 

Ellis Maurice Wendelin Maryland 

Sarah Gluyas Whaley Maryland 

Ronald Jbian Wilcox Maryland 

Arthalia B. Williams D.C. 

Virginia Justine Willoneb Maryland 

Michael Clinton Wilson Maryland 

Norma Atkinson Wimbrow Maryland 

Jean Kagle Wohlfert Maryland 

Myron Vaughn Wotring Maryland 

Anne Lovett Wright Maryland 

John Bernard Young, Jr Maryland 

Rosalie Young New York 

SUNNIE Rosalee Zahler Michigan 

Franklin Anthony ZAS&x.Massachusetts 

Master of Business Administration 

Paul William Allison Virginia 

PAUL Roland Amyot Virginia 

Paul Kent Bailey Virginia 

James P. Bedingfield Maryland 

Robert C. Benecke Maryland 

James Frederick Brusseau D.C. 

George Walter Buckingham, Jr. 


Frank S. Budnick Maryland 

\/Casimir George Burchacki Maryland 

M. Louis Camardo New Jersey 

Ronald Peter CHiLiNGARiAN....A''ew Jersey 

Richard Andrew Ciarlone Connecticut 

Edward T. Collins, Jr Virginia 

Charles Albert Conley Maryland 

Peter Ebmund Daley D.C. 

David Charles Distad California 

Neil Richard Dowling Ohio 

Bruce Edward Driscoll New York 

Robert Dwaine Farley Maryland 

Paul Vincent Farrbll New Jersey 

John Bernard Hawerott Maryland 

Alfred Graf Huber Maryland 

Robert Wesley Johnson Maryland 

Dana M. Judy Maryland 

John Laverne Kmetz Maryland 

Robert C. Lieb Maryland 

William Emilio Mayer Maryland 

Luckett Gardiner Maynard Maryland 

James Patrick McHale Pennsylvania 

University of Maryland 33 

James Thomas Miles Maryland 

Daniel Alfred Mooke Maryland 

Thomas Middleton Mountjoy 


Richard Eric Mueller Michigan 

Charles Hylton Neal North Carolina 

Daniel Franklin Owens Maryland 

Stephen Eugene Rohrbaugh Maryland 

Charles John Rothwell Maryland 

Thomas Francis Ryan, jR...Massachusett9 

Lloyd Victor Seested, Jr Maryland 

Michael Alan Shepard Maryland 

Ward Stanley Sigmond Maryland 

Sidney Martin Sussan Maryland 

Donald Hugh Sweeney Maryland 

Dale Douglas Turner Maryland 

Glenn Ellis Watts, II Maryland 

Gordon D. Wilcox Maryland 

Master of Library Science 

Edith Whaley Andros Maryland 

Marilyn A. Aungst Maryland 

Emily Harding Belall Maryland 

Donna Lee Biai Maryland 

Richard Joseph Blake Maryland 

Frederica Syler Bolce Maryland 

Donald Charles Borton Virginia 

Doreen Carole Buck Virginia 

Anna E. L. Buhr Maryland 

Margaret Milam Clark Maryland 

Margaret H. Conyngham Maryland 

Donald William Corrigan D.C. 

Jean Bell Davis Maryland 

Kathryn Maria King De Mange D.C. 

Barbara Ann DeYoung Michigan 

Dorothy Lillian DocKTERMAN....Afarj/torui 

Arlene T. Drewes Maryland 

Laura Bernice Ericson Maryland 

Mary Ella Fisher Maryland 

F. Frederick Glome, Jr Maryland 

Sylvia S. Goodstein Maryland 

Judith Lynn Grosberg Maryland 

Andrea Morris Gruhl Maryland 

Mary Ann Whitehead Hague 


Stella L. Haisfield Maryland 

James Harold Hamilton Maryland 

Esther S. Herman Maryland 

Elizabeth Conklin Hoke D.C. 

Mary C. Hurrey Maryland 

Helen Judith Jarrell Maryland 

Norma B. Jaskilka Virginia 

Elaine R. Junker Maryland 

Diana M. Kash Maryland 

Birdie Marion Law D.C. 

Elizabeth Willis Lawrence D.C. 

Gene Delano Lazowska Maryland 

Willie James Lee D.C. 

Mary Corinne Lynch Maryland 

Kenneth Clyde Lynn Maryland 

Mary Anne Marshall Virginia 

William Howard Mathews, Jb.... Maryland 

Altheia Hall McAleer Virginia 

Frances Libby McCaffery Maryland 

Gerald Elmer Mhtyer Maryland 

Frederick Thomas Minnick Maryland 

Jean Werner Morgan Maryland 

Mary Reeves Moses Maryland 

Helen Baird Myers Maryland 

GiLDA V. NiMER Maryland 

jEiANNE A. O'CONNELL Maryland 

Geraldine Esther Ostrove Maryland 


Janice Anita Quigley Maryland 

Joy C. Ray Maryland 

Helen Olszewski Reed Maryland 

Michael Lawrence 'Re.hsuxwe.... Maryland 

James David Reuter Maryland 

Clarissa Mary Rowland Virginia 

Judith Shirley Saptlas Maryland 

Carole Elizabeth Shorb Maryland 

Debra Simmons California 

Judith A. Sloan Maryland 

Marjorie E. Smith D.C. 

Fern Rice Solomon Maryland 

Audrey F. Spalding Maryland 

EVERDEA.N V. Summers Maryland 

Edward Supplee Terry Maryland 

Sally Jeannette TnimsTON Maryland 

Beverley Allen Wilschke Maryland 

Ada Lee Woods Maryland 

Regina Bonn Zeisel Maryland 

Marjorie Convery Zipser Maryland 

Helene Maiman Zubkoff Maryland 

Master of Music 

Barbara Louise Atherton Maryland 

\ Serge De Gastyne Virginia 

Irene Miriam Grossman Maryland 

>. Ada J. Lasansky Maryland 

' Joseph Shreiber Maryland 

Abne Steinberg Maryland 

34 J 555 Commencement Exercises 

Master of Social Work 

Gary Peter Balzer Maryland 

Sara Ellen Barnett JVew Jersey 

John J. Barrett Maryland 

Albert Stanley Bekdai^ier.... Pennsylvania 

Joy Oilman Brown Maryland 

Atherton Sinclair Burungham 


Mary Lockett Bush Pennsylvania 

Paula Ranson Buskirk Maryland 

Dorothy Dale Chelus Maine 

Frieda Louise Cronhardt Maryland 

Babette Halle Dalsheimbr Maryland 

Gorman Brent Davis Maryland 

Robert Evan Davis Maryland 

Walter Raleigh Dean, Jr Maryland 

Harriet S. Frenkil Maryland 

Walter Glen Gaumnitz Maryland 

Barbara Anne Gaver Maryland 

Rea L. Ginsberg Maryland 

Gertrude Hellmann Gh^sbvrg.... Maryland 

James Louis Ginsburg Maryland 

Gracie Eleanora Goode Maryland 

Edv^ard Childs Green Maryland 

Renee Eleanor Schneider Greenfeld 


Calvin Roderick Griner Maryland 

Lewis Davidson Hamburger Maryland 

Betty Jean Himeles Maryland 

Monica Cheng Fang Hsu Maryland 

Henry Barrand Hunt, Jr Marylamd 

Leona M. Irsch Maryland 

Ann Bair Kniffin Maryland 

H. Edmund Knipe New Jersey 

Alan Charles Korz Maryland 

Juanita Northington Kydd Maryland 

Sharon Smith Lawson ^.Maryland 

George Clifton Leight Maryland 

Margaret H. Logan Maryland 

Richard Adam Lubinski Maryland 

Dianne Dorothy Mahan Maryland 

Martha John McLaney Maryland 

Brendan Francis Murphy Maryland 

Donald Edward O'Brien Maryland 

Elizabeth Rennert Parker Maryland 

Vincent John Perticone Maryland 

George Peter Poff, Jr Maryland 

Emma V. Ramirez-Cabanellas.. ..Marytond 

Arthur C. Redding, Jr Maryland 

Gladys Louise M. Reisfeld Maryland 

Vivian Forsythe Ripple Maryland 

John Henry Rohe Maryland 

Thomas Aebly Salisbury Maryland 

Judyth Robbins Saypol Maryland 

Francine Schaefper Maryland 

Donna R. Shadle Maryland 

James Beard Slingluff Maryland 

Robert Irving Smith Maryland 

Pauline Miller Stott Maryland 

Wayne Doyle Swartz Maryland 

SALLY Ann Voreacos Maryland 

James Hubert Ward Maryland 

Carol Judith Wechsler New Jersey 

Stanley Ellis Weinstein Maryland 

Louise Ann White Maryland 

Sylvia Marie Whitney Maryland 

LiUAN R. Winer Maryland 

Alice B. Woods Maryland 

James Franklin Workman Maryland 

Allen Joseph Zaretsky Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by William S. Stone, M.D., Dean of the School 

Doctor of 

Samuel Bertram Aluson Maryland 

Willard Pitzer Amoss Maryland 

Richard A. Baum ^...Maryland 

Charles Ralph Bbiamon Virginia 

Sheldon Barry Bearman Maryland 

Michael Wiluam Benensot^.. Pennsylvania 

Barry Alan Blum Maryland 

Morton Barry Blumberg Maryland 

Bruce James Bowen D.C. 


Robert Mark Britton Maryland 

Robert Brull Maryland 

Richard Spencer Buddington Maryland 

John Leo Caldwell. Maryland 

Joseph Francis CAiijAG'BA's..Massachusetts 

Ellis Stanford Caplan Maryland 

Joel Mayer Cherry Marylamd 

Todd Dalton Clopper ....J^ew Jersey 

Elliot Sanford Cohen Maryland 

University of MaryUmd 35 

Franklyn William Colligan Maryland 

Albert Lee Daw Maryland 

Michael John Deegan, Jr. Maryland 

Charles Cannon Edwards Maryland 

Allen Clark Egloff Maryland 

Robert Wilton Fausbl, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Barry Feldman Maryland 

Kenneth Eugene Fligsten Maryland 

Frank Anthony Franklin, Jr. 

New Jersey 

Howard Ronald Friedman Maryland 

John Gordon Frizzera Maryland 

Edwin Cockey Fulton Maryland 

Raymond Gambrill, III Maryland 

Sidney Richard Gehlert, III Marylaiid 

John de Courtenay Gelin Maryland 

Ronald Sheldon Click Maryland 

William N. Goldstein Maryland 

Gerald Ira Green Maryland 

Jack Richard Groover Maryland 

BARRY Sheldon Handwerger Maryland 

Roger Clark Harris Maryland 

Melvin H. Herman, Jr Maryland 

Douglas Boone Hess Pennsylvania 

Stephen LeRoy Hooper Maryland 

I. Robert Horowitz Maryland 

George Frederic Hyman Maryland 

James Gregory Kane, Jr Maryland 

Richard Charles Keech Maryland 

Kirk Arlington Keegan, Jr Maryland 

George McLanahan Knefely, Jr. 

Fredfrick Edwin Knowles, III. ...Maryland 

Carol Lee Koski Maryland 

Frank A. Kuuk Maryland 

Charles Joseph Lancelotta, Jr. .Maryland 

Barry Alan Lazarus Maryland 

Ronald Michael Legum Maryland 

Stanley M. Levenson Maryland 

Gordon Leonard Levin Maryland 

Abraham Abba Litt Maryland 

Raymond Roger Little Maryland 

Philip Littman Maryland 

William Broughton Long, \\l....Maryland 

Carroll Davis Mahoney Maryland 

Stanford Howard Malinow Maryland 

Steven Frederick Manekin Maryland 

Terence Aloysius McGuire Maryland 

Eugene Robinson McNinch, Jr.. .Delaware 

Karl Frederick Mech, Jr Maryland 

Herbert Eugene Mendelsohn Maryland 

Anthony Logan Merlis Maryland 

Kathryn Ann Mikesell D.C. 

Bruce Lawrence Miller Maryland 

Beverlby Jackson Morgan Maryland 

Bert Frederick Morton Maryland 

Allan Curtis Nordgren Kansas 

Thomas Hyatt Norwood Maryland 

Burton Charles Pattee Iowa 

Ronald Stephen Pototsky Maryland 

Carl Gray Quillen New Jersey 

Thomas Vincent Rankin Maryland 

William Arno Reed Maryland 

Joel William Renbaum Maryland 

Merchune Mills Riddlesberger, Jr. 


David Joseph Riley Maryland 

RoRiCK Theodore Rimash JVew York 

Luis Rafael RrvERA-RBrres Puerto Rico 

Norbert H. Roihl New York 

Stephen David Rosenbaum Maryland 

Robert J. Rosensteel Maryland 

Jeffrey Gallant Rosenstock 


Charles Steven Samorodin Maryland 

WALTE31 Charles Schaefer Maryland 

Barry Joel Schlossberg Maryland 

Burton G. Schonfeld Maryland 

Howard Semins J'ennsylvania 

Michael John Shack Maryland 

John Marx Shaw New Jersey 

Ethel Berman Siegal Maryland 

Stuart Henry Spielman Maryland 

John Davis Stafford Maryland 

Wilfred Bryan Staufer Maryland 

Franklin Richard Stuart Maryland 

Stephen Allen Stuppler Maryland 

Alice Susan Tannenbaum Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Turner Maryland 

Jon Michael Valigorsky Pennsylvania 

Pedro J. Vergne-Marini Puerto Rico 

Edward Eugene Volcjak Maryland 

Stanley Robert Weimer Maryland 

James Joseph Welsh Maryland 

Michael Franklin WHiTW0RTH..Afar3/ta.Tui 

Robert Samuel Widmeyer Maryland 

Robert Thomas Williams Maryland 

William Morgan Williams Maryland 

Eugene Willis, Jr Maryland 

Stuart Winakur Maryland 

Stephen Lee Winter Maryland 

Irving Darryl Wolfe Maryland 

Kenneth M. Woodrow New York 

Edward John Young Maryland 

36 1988 Commencement Exercises 


Candidates will be presented by John J. Salley, D.D.S., Dean of the School 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Richard John Ahlfeld Florida 

Mark Victor Barren Florida 

Steven Mark Baum New Jersey 

John S. Blackard Florida 

Melvyn Arnold Blake New Jersey 

Rene Roger Bousquet Rhode Island 

Stephen Marc Brand Maryland 

Daniex Edward Braun Pennsylvania, 

David M. Breyde California 

Patrick Michael Brophy Maryland 

Francis N. Brown Pennsylvania 

Neil Robert Bryson, Jr New Jersey 

Gordon Ellsworth Byers Maryland 

Joseph Philipp Calderazzo Florida 

Frank Benjamin CANCELLiERi..iVew Jersey 

George Thomas Carofino Connecticut 

David Lincoln Cruikshank 


Thomas Edward Denson, Jr Florida 

William Stewart Dillon Maryland 

Richard Donald Doherty New Jersey 

Gerald George Dolgash Pennsylvania 

Beverly Wyly Dunn Maryland 

Joseph Frederick Eckmai^... .Pennsylvania 

Valentine Robert Ferraris New Jersey 

Larry Howard Gandel Maryland 

James Anthony Giglio New Jersey 

Michael Gilbert Maryland 

Michael Charles Goldman New York 

Stephen Alan Goldman Maryland 

Michael Brodt Gromley Maryland 

George Carr Groome Maryland 

Joseph M. Heher New York 

Francis Grant Hill, Jr Maryland 

James R. Hoover Florida 

Michael Horwitz New Jersey 

Arno Carl Huther New Jersey 

Simon Stephen Kapral Connecticut 

Alexander Richard Kassolis Maryland 

Joseph Martin Keefe, Jr Florida 

Steven Lee Krischer Florida 

Lawrence Bruno LAGROTTERiA..Co?ir!ecfzcMt 

Robert Jeffrey Landsman Maryland 

Alan Duncan Lee Massachusetts 

Michael Francis Lepore Connecticut 

Richard Benjamin Leibowitz Florida 

Thomas Russell Levickas Maryland 

Stephen Charles Levin Maryland 

Norman Stephen Levy Maryland 

Lawrence Carl Littman New Jersey 

Patrick Daniel Looney Massachusetts 

Ronald Joseph Marien Florida 

Richard Brooke Massing Maryland 

Thomas Kennedy Mulvihill New York 

Edward Joseph O'Leahy, Jr. 


Gerd Harald Petrich Maryland 

Patrick Henry Pierce Maryland 

Robert Alfred Pollara New Jersey 

Ronald Nathan Porter Florida 

William Edwin Rowe Georgia 

John T. Russeill Maryland 

Guiseppe Peter Santaniello 


Harvey Stephan Satz Florida 

Terry Jon Scammell Maryland 

Allan Joseph Scheiner Maryland 

Robert Arthur Scott New York 

Robert Stephen Seif Maryland 

Leon Chester Sempkowski New Jersey 

Marshall Robert Sherman Maryland 

Michael Joseph Sherwood Maryland 

Norman Smelkinson Maryland 

Richard Welling Snyder Maryland 

Wilfred Joseph St. Cyr.... New Hampshire 
Andrew Joseph Sullivan, Jr.. .Connecticut 

Robert Lawrence Sullivan Maryland 

Raymond Terence SvTEENBnr New York 

Edward Jackson Taggart, Jr Maryland 

William Theodore Theroux 


Gerard Joseph Thibault Massachusetts 

Barry Allan Tracer New York 

Dennis Elliott Uhlfelder Maryland 

Robert Andrew Wachuk Cminecticut 

Richard Joseph Walsh Maryland 

William Halvor Weinkam, Jr Maryland 

Michael Ezra Weintraub Maryland 

Edward Leslie WiDnotiAK... .Massachusetts 

Lawrence Pi-Yang Wong Hong Kong 

Alan Bailey Wood Pennsylvania 

Frederick Nobel Wyman Florida 

Henry Francis Youmatz Connecticut 

University of Maryland 37 


Candidates will be presented by Professor William P. Cunningham, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Laws 

George Arnold Ashman Maryland 

Jay Robert Atkins New Jersey 

R. Stewart Baird, Jr Maryland 

Donald Singer Batt Maryland 

John Wills Beach Pennsylvania 

Thomas Carroll Beach, III Maryland 

Glenn W. Bell Maryland 

Devy Judith Bendit Maryland 

Charles Gerald Bernstein Maryland 

HERBiaiT Better Maryland 

Shelton Marshall Binstock Maryland 

Larry Edward Blum Maryland 

Robert Henry Bouse, Jr Maryland 

Frederick Jerold Brown Maryland 

Walter Taylor Brown Maryland 

Pericles Demetrius Caminis Maryland 

Kenneth Gary Caplan Maryland 

Kenneth Hunter Cermak Maryland 

Camille McCullough Christensen 


Donald Ralph Clark Maryland 

William Watson Collins Maryland 

Michael Owen Connaughton Maryland 

James Whedbee Constable Maryland 

John Printz Corderman MaryUmd 

Joseph Patrick Coyne, Jr Ma/ryland 

Jerry Dean Craig Maryland 

Alexander Lacy Cummings Maryland 

Stewart Russell Darrow Maryland 

Victor Joseph D'Avella Maryland 

Donald Columbus Davis Maryland 

Michael Davis Virginia 

Dennis John Dimsey Maryland 

John Henry Doud, III Maryland 

James P. Doyle Jfew Jersey 

Harold Phiup Dwin Marylamd 

John Frederick Fader, II Maryland 

Stanley Paul Fisher Maryland 

William Thomas Fountain MaryUmd 

JuDSON Paul Garrett, Jr. Maryland 

Richard M. Gottueb J^ew York 

Kenneth B. Gubin New York 

Ronald Yale Gutman Maryland 

James Clifford Haight Maryland 

William Norman Hedbman, 3n..Maryland 

Richard Lazer Hillman Maryland 

Garry Roy Hoffarth Maryland 

Henry Holt Hopkins Maryland 

James L. Hymes, III Maryland 

Edward H. Ichiyama Maryland 

Arnold Edward Jablon Maryland 

Arnold Janofsky Maryland 

John Bennett JoNES-BATEMAN..iVew York 

Aaron C. Kadish Maryland 

Richard Stephen Kahn Maryland 

Marvin S. Kaminetz Maryland 

John MacDonald King Maryland 

Michael J. Klinger Maryland 

Paul Edward Krieger Maryland 

Lynn Richard Kromminga Maryland 

George Eugene Krouse Maryland 

Myron Bernard Kurtzman Maryland 

James Alan Kushner Pennsylvania 

Gerald Harry Lean Maryland 

Arthur Emmett Leitch, Jr Maryland 

Harvey Lempert Maryland 

Louis L. Lesser Maryland 

Thomas Lee Lilly Maryland 

Richard Alan Lisker New Jersey 

Steven Paul Lockman Maryland 

John Clyde Love Maryland 

Nancy McCortney Love Maryland 

George Group Loveless Maryland 

Garland Edward Lowe Maryland 

Margaret Proctor Mahoney Maryland 

John G. McCormick Maryland 

Carroll Keith Meiser Maryland 

Gary Melick Maryland 

Michael A. Mendelson Maryland 

BOOTZ Dee Mercer Maryland 

Michael Alan Meredith Maryland 

Henry Ross Miller Maryland 

William Ronald Mitchell. Maryland 

Joseph Esham Moore Maryland 

J. Raymond Munholland Maryland 

Murray Charles Munshen...„ Maryland 

Edward Herman Myer, III Maryland 

Morris Brown Myerowitz Maryland 

Isaac Mordechai Neuberger Maryland 

Albekt Kane Nicholson Maryland 

Donald Lee Noble Maryland 

James Henry Norris Maryland 

Thomas Joseph O'Connell Maryland 

Stephen Charles Orenstein Maryland 

Marc Stephen Oxman New York 

Edward Thomas Paulis, Jr. Maryland 

Lee Richard Philups Maryland 

Harry Richard Pibt, III Maryland 

38 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Eric Lewis Fleet Maryland 

Charles C. Raley Maryland 

Edward M. Ranier New Jersey 

Alexander Parks Rasin, III Maryland 

David D. Rees Tennessee 

David Louis Reichardt Maryland 

Bond Edward Rhue Maryland 

James Kenneth Robinson Maryland 

Robert Alan Rombro Maryland 

Melvin Rosen Maryland 

Roydell Steven Rosfeld Maryland 

Gerald Gordon Ruark Maryland 

WiLLLAM James Rubin Maryland 

John Nicholas Ruth, Jr Maryland 

Johanna Monica Sabol Maryland 

Leyon Donald Sakey Maryland 

Hugo Gary Santora Maryland 

Daniel Harvey Scherr Maryland 

Lewis Richard Schumann Maryland 

Stanley Martin Schwartz D.C. 

Alfred Ephraim SHPiEGELMAN....Ma.r2/tow(i 
Stephen Ira Siegel Maryland 

David Allen Silberg Maryland 

Monte Martin Simpson Maryland 

Steven Victor Sklar Maryland 

Robert Joel Slomoff Pennsylvania 

James Temple Smith, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Joseph Sohmer Maryland 

Arnold Philip Stein Maryland 

Curtis Wayne Stephens Delaware 

LAvraENCE Roland Sturm Maryland 

Gerald Stephan Susman Maryland 

Edmund Ralph Tassche Maryland 

Satoru Terada Maryland 

Conrad Whiting Varner Maryland 

Charles Francis Wagaman, 3R...Maryland 

William Nelson White Maryland 

Charles Lincoln Wiest, Jr Maryland 

Harry Norman Wilson, Jr Maryland 

Robert Randall Winter Maryland 

Robert Morley Wright Maryland 

Peregrine Wroth Maryland 

Jack N. Zemil Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agricultiire 

Bachelor of Science 

John Charles Badger Maryland 

Richard Francis Barnard Maryland 

Ronald David Bassett Maryland 

WiLLARD Joseph Beale, Jr Maryland 

Roy Erwin Benner Maryland 

Robert Pearson Bewley Maryland 

Richard Alan Biggs Maryland 

Robert Lowery Biggs Maryland 

Donald Heeter Boswell Maryland 

Robert Carroll Brandt Maryland 

Alan L. Brauer Maryland 

Kenneth Gary Canter Maryland 

Richard Edwin Card Maryland 

Jack Gilbert Coffey California 

Robert Eugene Cooper Maryland 

Dennis P. Corbitt Maryland 

Charles Benjamin Cramer, IV Maryland 

Albert Norris Dashiell Maryland 

William Richard DeLauder Maryland 

Nicholas Kominos Demestihas Maryland 

John Bruce Dodson Maryland 

James Marshall Downes Maryland 

Eric Lloyd Eaton Maryland 

Donald Otis Edwards Maryland 

Thomas Carlos Elden Maryland 

Donna M. Salata Ellington Maryland 

Carlton Lee Felty, Jr Maryland 

Michael Marvin Forney Georgia 

Carolyn June Francisco Maryland 

Richard Miles Fusting Maryland 

Hallock Peter Gardiner Maryland 

Steven Guy Gillen Maryland 

Robert Daneker Godwin Maryland 

Wesley Martin Gordon Maryland 

William Gray New York 

Earl Barr Grove, Jr Maryland 

Andrea O'Neill Hallock Maryland 

James Emmett Hannawald Maryland 

James Jay Hartman Maryland 

Ronald Peter Haug Maryland 

Dennis Carroll Hoshall Maryland 

Kenneth Howard Hunt Maryland 

DiLMUS Lyle Jarrett, III Maryland 

Richard William Jones Virginia 

Friedrich Berthold Juhle Maryland 

Ellis Hertz Kaplan Maryland 

Albert James Klavon Maryland 

James Robert Knepley, Jr Maryland 

Dennis M. Krizek Maryland 

Kenneth Gernot Lehnert Maryland 

University of Maryland 39 

Donald Lee Leishear Maryland 

Leah Leisure Maryland 

Larry Gene Lomax Maryland 

Edwin Gregory Mac Ewen Maryland 

Fantaw Makonnen Pennsylvania 

Oryst Mandycz Maryland 

Charles Edgar Mann, IV Maryland 

Dorothy Eggleston Mann Maryland 

Allan Dale Martin Maryland 

William Rowland Maslin, III.... Mary land 

Robert Elmer Measell Maryland 

Thomas Preston Mullinbiaux Maryland 

JoAnn Mullins Maryland 

Terry Lee Noble Maryland 

George L Nzewi New Jersey 

Roy Carl Peterson Georgia 

George Bounds Phillips Maryland 

Harold Bruce Phillips Maryland 

William Jerome Pierce Maryland 

Richard Lansdale Pue Maryland 

GbX)rge Bruce Rampacek Maryland 

Clifford Wayne Ray Maryland 

Philip Lansly Rebert Maryland 

William Lester Rice, Jr Ma/ryland 

John C. Roswell Maryland 

Gary Vincent Schultz Maryland 

Robert Masters Seely, Jr Maryland 

James Lawrence Sherald Maryland 

William Lewis Sickle Maryland 

Thomas Winston Stanton Maryland 

William L. Staton Maryland 

David Earle Steele Maryland 

Norman Crawford Steele Maryland 

Joseph Matthew Steger Maryland 

Daniel Josephus Stevens Maryland 

Blair Winthrop Stiles Maryland 

Michael John Sweeney Maryland 

Grace Irene Terry Maryland 

Dennis C. Unglesbee Maryland 

Alwin Edward Wagener Maryland 

Kenneth Neil Watts Maryland 

Barry Weiss New York 

Claggett McPherson Wheeler, Jr. 

Leonard Horace Worthington, Jr. 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Charles Manning, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Thomas Richard Aaron Massachusetts 

David Henry Aaronson Maryland 

Sophie R. Abramovitz Maryland 

James C. Acton Maryland 

Michael Adler Maryland 

Nina-Maria Elisabeth Ailes Kentucky 

Carol Ann Albert Maryland 

Gayle Ellen Albo California 

William Francis Aldridge Maryland 

Judith Suzanne Alexander Maryland 

William Frederick Alker, 111. ...Maryland 

ToNi Lee Aluisi Maryland 

Robert C. Anderman Maryland 

Allan Willlam Anderson, Jr Maryland 

Beverly Jean Anderson Maryland 

Mary Janet Anderson Maryland 

Rosalind Wayman Anderson Virginia 

Wayne Dennis Andrews Maryland 

Edward Angel Maryland 

Mary Rita Apgar Maryland 

Nancy J. Appel Maryland 

Ronald Jay Arenson Maryland 

James Vincent Arnaiz Maryland 

Charles S. Ash Maryland 

Richard James Ashton Maryland 

40 1968 CoTnmencement Exercises 

Martha Ruth Asner Maryland 

Alan Philippe Auckenthaler. ...Maryiond 

Nancy Sue Auerbach Maryland 

Karen Ruth Austen Maryland 

Jury Azarenko Maryland 

Robley Dean Backus Maryland 

Barbara Jean Bacon Maryland 

Lynette Ann Bailey Virginia 

Elizabeth Anne Bain Maryland 

Arthur Frank Ballant, Jr New Jersey 

Ralph Balser .Maryland 

Carolyn Banks Maryland 

Arthur Brooks Barnes Maryland 

Bruce Michael Barrett Maryland 

Susan Gale Barrett Maryland 

John Henry Catron Barron, Jr. Maryland 

Kate Lee Barron Maryland 

William George Barron, Jb Maryland 

Marilyn B. Bart New Jersey 

Donald J. Bartnik Maryland 

Kenneth Anthony Basile Maryland 

Ann Carolyn Baugh Maryland 

David Clark Baugher Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Baumann Maryland 

Terry L. Baxter Maryland 

Harold Marvin Bebbk Maryland 

John William Beck, Jr Maryland 

Paul David Herman Maryland 

Leslie Ann Bell New Jersey 

Harvey I. Bennett Maryland 

Martin Frederick Bennett Maryland 

Patricia Kay Bennett Maryland 

TOBE Harrison Bens Maryland 

Patricia Ann Benson Maryland 

Jo Lynne Bentz Maryland 

Sharon Hecker Berard Maryland 

Inge Sophie Bergdn Maryland 

Barbara Sue Herman Connecticut 

Martin Jay Berman Maryland 

Richard Lewis Bernardi Maryland 

Judith Barbara Berne Maryland 

Patrick M. Berney Maryland 

Richard Alan Berry Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Best Maryland 

Susan Jane Hianchi Maryland 

Leslie Joan Biberman California 

Louis George Biondi Illinois 

Duncan Judson Hlankinship Ma/ryland 

George Clinton Blase Maryland 

James Lloyd Blauch D.C. 

Ellen Nancy Block Maryland 

Stewart Allen Block Maryland 

Marcia Elinor Blose Maryland 

Patricia M. Hlueford Maryland 

Marianne Katharina Hodden Maryland 

Walter Paul Bodenman Maryland 

Ulrich Paul Boegli Pennsylvania 

Robert Jack Bogdanofp Maryland 

Carole Lynn Bookford Maryland 

John E. Boone Maryland 

Donald Dewitt Boothby, Jr Michigan 

Stephen Bernard Borko Maryland 

Gordon Robert Bottom Maryland 

Margo Bourdosis Maryland 

Robert Ashley Bovee, Jr New York 

Eric Lynn Bower Maryland 

Alan Stuart Bowbhis Ma/ryland 

Douglas Eugene Bowbhis D.C. 

Andrew Gwynn Howie Maryland 

James Douglas Bowling Maryland 

Stanley Edwin Boyd Maryland 

Edward Boyer New Jersey 

James Howard Boyek Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Bradshaw Maryland 

Peter Fredericks Bradt Missouri 

Barbara Ann Brady Maryland 

Stuart Neil Braiterman Maryland 

Robert Samuel Branham Virginia 

Tod Allen Brannan New Jersey 

Zandra Elaine Brees Maryland 

Barbara Ferrante Bricker Maryland 

Richard Carusle Bright Maryland 

Barbara Libby Brill Maryland 

Mark Samuel Britowich Maryland 

LoRA Jane Brock-man Maryland 

Danny Stanley Brooks Maryland 

Kaye Truxton Brooks Maryland 

Robert Walter Broomall Maryland 

Allen Frederick Brown Maryland 

James Leslie Brown D.C. 

William Luzerne Brown, III Maryland 

Anita Frances Brownstb3N Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Bruce Maryland 

Patricia D. Brugger Maryland 

Charles Anthony Hruner Delaware 

Charles Geoffrey Bryce Maryland 

Madeline Lee Bryer Maryland 

Mary Lynn Buckley Maryland 

Emily Lowe Bugg Ma/ryland 

George Allen Burgtorf Maryland 

Michael Patrick Burke Maryland 

Christine W. Burns Maryland 

Lawrence William Burns Maryland 

Joan G. Hurton Maryland 

Thomas James Burton Maryland 

Barbara Anne Husch Germany 

Maureen Dorothy Butler Maryland 

Gerald Byrne Bynan Maryland 

James Vincent Byrne Maryland 

Rachel Cadeaux Maryland 

Richard Gerard Callahan New Jersey 

Brian Robert Campbell Maryland 

Kathleen Marie Campbell Maryland 

Patrick Blair Campbell Maryland 

Richard Lee Canova Maryland 

Ronald Ira Caplan Maryland 

Gregory James Capone Maryland 

Frank B. Caprio Virginia 

Susan Carol Capriotti Maryland 

Carol Ann Caputo New Jersey 

James Allen Cardarelli Maryland 

Sheila Ann Carley Maryland 

Resa Anne Carp Maryland 

Joan Christine Carr Maryland 

Jerry Williams Carter, III Maryland 

Robert Paul Casazza Maryland 

Michael Anthony Casella Maryland 

Denis Patrick Casey New Jersey 

Sheila Mae Cassidy Maryland 

Michael Patric Cawley Maryland 

Diane Elaine Chaffon Maryland 

Tin Suan Chan Maryland 

Mary Anderson Chapman Vermont 

Robert Leo Charamella Delaware 

I*hudng-Mat Nguyen Chau Maryland 

University of Maryland 41 

Stanley Norman Checkoway Maryland 

Judith Anne Cheek Maryland 

Alton James Childers, Jr Maryland 

Wayne Henry Choroszej Maryland 

Carl E. Cheistenson Ohio 

John Harwood Christhilf Maryland 

Paul S. Christian Maryland 

Rai S. Chu Pennsylvania 

Arthur William Ciampa Maryland 

Arthur Albert Cimino New Jersey 

Leif Michael Clark Maryland 

Timothy E. Clarke Maryland 

Leslie Anne Clenny Maryland 

William Stewart Cloud Missouri 

Marjon Atwood Coates Maryland 

Sandra Rose Coburn Maryland 

Leilani Rose Cochran Maryland 

Martha Talbott Cockey Maryland 

Joy Anita Cofer Georgia 

Bettina Callaway Cohen Virginia 

Charles Neil Coleman ^.Maryland 

Margaret Stump Coleman Maryland 

Nicholas Joseph COLLEVECCHio....Jlfar2//aTtd 

Anne Maureen Collins Maryland 

Elizabeth Ireland Combs Maryland 

Patrick Wayne Conner Maryland 

Linda M. Conway Maryland 

Benton Decos Cook Maryland 

Charlotte Eileen Cook Maryland 

Stephen Randolph Cook Maryland 

Lalah Catherine Cooperman Maryland 

William Ernest Coppersmith Maryland 

James Patrick Corcoran New Jersey 

Paul Gerard Corcoran Maryland 

Linda McAusland Council Maryland 

Harold Daniel Courtright Maryland 

Thomas Edward Cozzoli Maryland 

Ann L. Creel ..._ D.C. 

James Vincent Crivella Maryland 

Linda Dale Cummings Maryland 

Cecile Cunningham Maryland 

Bernadette Ann Curry Ma/ryland 

John Avery Curtis, Jr Maryland 

Gregory David Custer Maryland 

Judith L. Dalrymple Maryland 

Mervin H. Daneman Maryland 

Mark Jeffrey Daniel Maryland 

Everett Charles Dann, Jr Maryland 

Alan Edward D'Appolito Maryland 

Barbara Jeanne Daum Maryland 

Gregor Davens Maryland 

LOREN Arlene Davidson Maryland 

M. Elizabeth Davidson Maryland 

Janice Eaton Davies Maryland 

Russell Edward Davies Maryland 

Donn T. Davis Maryland 

John Hamilton Davis Maryland 

Mary Katherine Davis Maryland 

Michael Kent Davis D.C. 

Richmond Timothy Paul Davis California 

Susan Lynn Davis Maryland 

Mary Lois Day Maryland 

Dennis Paul Dean D.C. 

Robert Davis Dean Maryland 

Walter Francis DeHoust New York 

Maria-Elena DelCanto D.C. 

Karen Elizabeth deLexin Maryland 

Elliot Paul DeMatteis New York 

Patricia Ellen Deming Maryland 

Susan Claire Denton Maryland 

David Clement DeRoo Ma/ryland 

Anre Derzavis D.C. 

Joan Kathleen Desmarais Maryland 

Carla May Deutschberger Maryland 

Dennis Martin Devanety Maryland 

Yvonne Maria DeVivo Maryland 

Ellen DeVries Maryland 

Edith Hilde DeYoung Maryland 

Gerald Mark Dicken „ Maryland 

Duncan Ross Dickson Maryland 

Gary Hodge Ditto Maryland 

Walter Randolph Dodson, Jr Maryland 

John Ray Dolen Maryland 

Eugene Dennis Donaldson Maryland 

Mary Patricia Donelan Maryland 

Barbara Joan Donovan Maryland 

Betty Lawson Dooley Maryland 

Linda Colvard Dorian Maryland 

Frances Kathleen Dorothy Maryland 

Janet Douglass Maryland 

Thomas Patrick Dove Maryland 

Richard E. Dowling, Jb Maryland 

Charles Floyd Downs, II Maryland 

Vaughn Fulton Dowsett Maryland 

Phillip Cowdrey Dozier D.C. 

Thomas Edward Draper Maryland 

Jeff M. Dreifuss Maryland 

Marie Drissel Maryland 

Margaret M. Droter Maryland 

Robert Meade Duckman New York 

Ann Kendrick Dudderar Maryland 

James Oliver Duke Maryland 

Richard Michael Dull Pennsylvania 

Robert Charles Dumas Maine 

Doris Dunietz Maryland 

Richard Edward Dunlop Maryland 

David John Dunn Maryland 

Sandra Skid Dunner Maryland 

Joseph Allen Dupras J>.C. 

Ira Michael Dury Maryland 

42 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Jane Aherne Dwyer Maryland 

Robert A. Earhabt Maryland 

George Henry Ebersberger Maryland 

David Snyder Ebersole Maryland 

Jack Edelstein Maryland 

Mary Jo Eheart Maryland 

Roberta Anne Eidman Maryland 

Jeanne Madelaine Elgin Maryland 

Patricia J. Elgin Maryland 

Victor Elhai Maryland 

John H. Elkins Maryland 

Margaret Elise Elkins Maryland 

David Robert Ellis Maryland 

Donna Kay Ellis Maryland 

Stanley Edgar Eluson, Jr D.C. 

Grant Ellsworth Maryland 

Arthur Philip Endues, Jr Maryland 

Roy Lionel Eskow New Jersey 

Richard William Esterly Ohio 

Terrance George Estes Maryland 

Mary Euzabeth Euler Maryland 

Elaine M. Ewing Maryland 

Michael Patrick Fallon Maryland 

Michael Eugene Farr Maryland 

Kevin Patrick Fay Maryland 

Georgette Sylvia Fela Maryland 

Linda Rae Feld Maryland 

Marc Feldman Maryland 

Sandra L. Feldman Maryland 

Ronald E. Fenn Maryland 

Donna Sue Ferjanec New Jersey 

Mary Ellen Ferjo Maryland 

Robin Harper Ferris Maryland 

Jeffery Marvin Fewell Maryland 

John Patrick Fincham Maryland 

Arthur Eliot Findling Maryland 

Robert B. Fine Maryland 

Alan Fink Maryland 

Brian Michael Finley Maryland 

Michael Conrad Finnegan Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Finzel Maryland 

Ann Catherine Fitzmaurice Maryland 

Louisa Flaningam Maryland 

Thomas Carville Fleetwood, Jr. 


Nancy Downin Fleigh Maryland 

Alice Helen Flhschmann Maryland 

Jacqueline Lois Fleming Maryland 

John Ralph Fleming Maryland 

John Francis Fletcher Maryland 

Patricia Anne Flood Maryland 

Thomas Jerry Floyd Maryland 

Jane Ellen Flynn D.C. 

James Vincent Foran Maryland 

John Roland Foran Maryland 

Dorothy Marie Fowler Maryland 

Richard Melville Fowler, Jr Maryland 

Howard Neal Fox Maryland 

Joel G. Fradin Maryland 

Eliot Canter Frank Maryland 

Kenneth Broh Frank Maryland 

Michael Steven Frank Maryland 

Nora Evelyn Kaplan Frank Maryland 

Heather N. Frankle Maryland 

Diane Miriam Franzone Maryland 

Rollin Searle Eraser Maryland 

Carolyn Gloria Frederick Maryland 

Gary Edward Freed Maryland 

Robert Walker Freer Maryland 

Elaine Tina Freifeld Maryland 

Suzanne H. Fribush Maryland 

Howard Lynn Frye Maryland 

William Herbert Furr, III Maryland 

Donna Maria Gado Maryland 

Florence Marie Gallagher D.C. 

Mary Elizabeth Galli Maryland 

Penelope Ann Gallogly Maryland 

Otto Joaquin Garcia D.C. 

Betty Virginia Gardner Maryland 

Mary Louise B. Gauntt Maryland 

Joan Estelle Gayan Maryland 

Arnold Frederick Gebler, III Maryland 

Bonnie H. Gershon Maryland 

Matthew Joseph Gibney, III Maryland 

Gladys D. Gilbert Maryland 

Rachel Edna Gilbert Maryland 

Elaine Ann Ginsberg Maryland 

Sue Ann Glackin Maryland 

Paul Thomas Glasgow Maryland 

Thomas Anthony Glennon Maryland 

Marguerite B. Gleysteen Maryland 

Barbara Jane Goffman Maryland 

Arthur Robert Goldberg Maryland 

Hollace Ava Goldberg Maryland 

Leonard Irving Goldblatt Maryland 

Harrison Seymour Goldman Maryland 

Laura Carole Goldman Maryland 

Jacob Dbems Goldstein Maryland 

Catherine Ann Goodman Virginia 

John Alan Goodman Maryland 

Laura Suzanne Gordon Maryland 

Louis Ira Gordon Maryland 

James Kenney Gorman Maryland 

Tbina Elizbeth Gotkin Maryland 

Vincent Alfred Goudreau, Jr. Maryland 

Marie Antoinette Gozzi Maryland 

George M. Grace Maryland 

University of Maryland 43 

Cheryl P. Grady Maryland 

Carl Robert Gragan Maryland 

Vernon Ralph Gramling Maryland 

Louis Theodore Grant New York 

Inara Gravitis Maryland 

Jane Gray Maryland 

Linda Marie Gray Virginia 

Bette Ann Green Maryland 

Martin Benjamin Greenbaum. ...Marj/iand 

Davia Nancy Greenfeld Maryland 

Joan E. Greenhouse Maryland 

Dora Greenstein Maryland 

Lynn Arline Gregoor Maryland 

Dianne Elizabeth Greyerbiehl Maryland 

Helen Marie Griffin Maryland 

Rodney Alan Grimes Maryland 

George Howard Grinnell Maryland 

Gary C. Grobaker Maryland 

Franklin Charles Grosbayne ....Maryland 

Helene M. Grove Maryland 

Cynthia Ann Grow California 

Sharon Ann Grubb Maryland 

Joseph Lane Gude, Jr Maryland 

Vincent Maurice Guida Maryland 

Michael Peter Gura Maryland 

Saul David Gurney Maryland 

Joyce Carpenter Guy Maryland 

William Edward Hackett Maryland 

Michael Francis Hagan Maryland 

John Franklin Haifley Maryland 

John A. Haigh, Jr Maryland 

Richard Alton Hale Maryland 

Verne Mae Hambuby Maryland 

Robert Wilson Hamilton Maryland 

Judith A. Hammer Maryland 

Stephen Edward Hannestad Maryland 

Donna E. Hansen D.C. 

Roger William Hansen Illinois 

Eugene Herman Harding Maryland 

Cecelia Margaret Hargy Maryland 

Diane L. Harper Maryland 

James Brooke Harper Maryland 

Donald Patrick Harris D.C. 

Sarah Fairfax Harris Maryland 

Stephen Edward Harris Maryland 

Olivia A. Harrison Maryland 

Michael Allen Hasker Maryland 

George Frederick Haskins Maryland 

Donna Lee Hasslinger Maryland 

John Anthony Hauck Maryland 

Gordon J. Hay New York 

Edward Ross Hearn Maryland 

Joseph John Heckel New York 

Margot Kathryn Heggestad Maryland 

David Carl Heinmuller Maryland 

Kathleen Mary Heise Maryland 

Edward Ronald Helman Maryland 

Michael Thomas Hendrickson... .Maryland 

Lois Jean Henninger Maryland 

Barbara Jean Henry D.C. 

Patricia Ann Herbert Maryland 

Nancy Lynn Herchenroeder Maryland 

Joseph Paul Herman Maryland 

Allyn Hertzbach Maryland 

Terry Road Hess Maryland 

Stephanie A. Hetzler Maryland 

Sharon Louise Hewitt Maryland 

Wendy Barbara Heyman New Jersey 

Janette Ellen Hiestand Maryland 

Margaret Ann Higgins Maryland 

Mary Patricla Higgins Maryland 

Howard S. Highkin Maryland 

Lynne Marie Hildebrand D.C. 

Patrick Michael Hilliard Maryland 

Judy Gail Himelfarb Maryland 

Cheryl Jean Hoehl Ohio 

Charles L. Hoffman Maryland 

George Roger Hoffman Maryland 

Cheryl Ann Hogan Maryland 

Redmond James Hogan, Jr New York 

Charles Richard Holliday Maryland 

Carolyn Edith Holstein Maryland 

Ralph Kenneth Holter Maryland 

Virginia Lee Hoover Maryland 

Dale Elaine Hope Maryland 

Howard Joel Horowitz Maryland 

Nancy Jane Horowitz Maryland 

Deanna R. Horwath Maryland 

Suzanne Anderson Hosford Maryland 

Harriet Robbins Hosmeb Maryland 

Paul Martin Hottle Maryland 

Paul Francis Houston Maryland 

Todd McAlister Hubley Maryland 

Kenneth Frederick Huestis Maryland 

Richard Parker Humbert Maryland 

Pamela H. Hunt Maryland 

Lois B. Hurowitz Maryland 

David Frederic Hurst Maryland 

Walter Max Hutchins Maryland 

Sally Laura Hyman New York 

Stanley Martin Hyman Maryland 

Judith C. Ignacio Maryland 

Karyl Lee Ingham Maryland 

Gale Ellen Inoff Maryland 

Walter C. Intlekofer Maryland 

Malcolm John Irving Maryland 

Delbert Lee Jackson Maryland 

Carol Barbara Jacob Maryland 

Mary Ethel Jacocks Maryland 

Allan Stanley Jaffe Maryland 

Barbara Louise Jaffe Maryland 

Robert Ernest Jarboe Maryland 

44 ^^^^ Commencement Exercises 

Rita Jaskowitz Maryland 

Eugene Edward Jenkins Maryland 

JOHNET Alice Jimmyer Maryland 

George Dennis Johnson Maryland 

Stephen Edward Johnson Maryland 

Peter Lawrence Johnston Maryland 

Marva C. M. Jones New Jersey 

Patricia Eileen Jones Virginia 

Thomas Michael Joray Maryland 

Karen Barbara Joseph Maryland 

Barbara Ann Jyachosky Maryland 

Catherine Adele Kadan Maryland 

Linda Joyce Kahl Maryland 

Wolfgang Heinrich Kahler Maryland 

June Fay Kaiser Maryland 

Susan Jean Kaiser Maryland 

Mauna Vogan Kammer Maryland 

Joanna Lisbeth Kaper Maryland 

Jane Robin Kaplan Maryland 

Marjorie Leslie Kaplan Maryland 

Samuel Richard Kaplan Maryland 

Rose Patricia Karr Maryland 

Michael Gary Kassack Maryland 

Jane Hannah Katz Maryland 

Linda Ellen Kaufman Maryland 

Thomas Walton Keech Maryland 

Dimitri a. Kellogg Maryland 

Joanne T. Kelly Maryland 

Mary E. Kenlon Maryland 

Maureen Kenny Maryland 

Marilyn Starr Kessler Maryland 

John Robert Keys Maryland 

Ann Morroway Kidwell Maryland 

Lynn VanderVeer Kidwell Maryland 

Nancy Hoffler Kilby Maryland 

John Louis King Maryland 

Mark Edwin King Maryland 

Stephanie Kirschen Maryland 

Barbara Joyce Kirsh Maryland 

Paul Franklin Kittas New York 

Edmund Andrew Klebe Maryland 

Wallace Kleid Maryland 

Margaret Ruth Klein Maryland 

Theresa Jennie Knaslak Maryland 

Joseph Leonard Knee New York 

Pamela Spooler Knoop Maryland 

MiRlJANA KOCHO Maryland 

Leslie Kogod D.C. 

Charles P. Koliais Maryland 

Valerie Kontos Maryland 

Frederick Singley Koontz Maryland 

Bruce F. Kovens Maryland 

Barbara Jayne Koziarz Maryland 

Mary Margaret Kraff Connecticut 

Paul Richard Krall Maryland 

Richard Edward Kramer Maryland 

Eleanor Kefauveb Krantz Maryland 

Judith Ann Kratz Maryland 

Daniel Patrick Krepp Maryland 

Sheildon Jay Krieger Maryland 

Harold Joseph Kumer Maryland 

Alan Pavis Kurland Maryland 

Paula Helen Kurpeck Maryland 

Ellen Paula Kurtz Maryland 

Adrienne Kathleen Lacey Maryland 

Kenneth Richard La MfLCCmx.... Maryland 

Janet Ann Lambert Maryland 

Carol Ann Lamison Maryland 

Barbara T. Lampe Maryland 

Barbara A. Landreau Maryland 

Kareen Ellen Lang Maryland 

Patrick Albert Langan Maryland 

Stanley Chaitt Langfeld Maryland 

Carol Jean Langrall Maryland 

Karen Joan Lansberg Maryland 

Jeianne Marie LaPerche Maryland 

Michele Lapin Maryland 

Thomas Bradley Larson Maryland 

Joanne La Vay D.C. 

Robert Joseph Lavin Maryland 

Mary Elaine Law Maryland 

Ellen Roberta Lawless Maryland 

Stuart Wellington Layton Maryland 

Frances Gilda Lazerow D.C. 

Leonard F. Leach, Jr Maryland 

John Walter Leimbach, Jr Maryland 

Sonia Margarita Leon Maryland 

CAROLYN Lee Lerner Maryland 

Carol Ann Leverton Maryland 

Howard Hersh Levin Maryland 

Allan Levine Maryland 

Michael I. Levine Maryland 

Dennis Lee Levinson Maryland 

Michael Paul Levock, Jr Maryland 

Janet Beth Levy Maryland 

Sandra Joan Lewis Maryland 

Susan Ridge Lewis Maryland 

Patrick Chi-Ping Liao Maryland 

Marcia Helaine Lieberman Maryland 

Michael Allen Lieberman Maryland 

Pamela Sue Light Maryland 

Florence Towa Ling Maryland 

Myrna G. LippmAN Maryland 

Richard Dennis Lippman Maryland 

Sheldon Jacob Lisbon Maryland 

Patricia Ruth Lister Maryland 

John Saam Loder Maryland 

Merriam Lofgren Maryland 

Kathlyn Guyther Logan Maryland 

Paul Bernard Lohinski Maryland 

Virginia Benson Long Maryland 

Mehnda Anne Lorenz New York 

University of Maryland 45 

William Gushing Lobing Maryland 

Andrew Mark Losikoff Maryland 

Franklin Watson Love, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Anne Loveless Maryland 

Christine Carol Loweth Maryland 

Anna Marie Luecken Maryland 

ViRGiNLA. Mae Luke Maryland 

Max Robert Lum, Jr New Jersey 

Donald Ray Lumpkins D.C. 

Jeffrey Alan Lund Pennsylvania 

Jerald Benson Lurie Maryland 

Carolyn Lee Luttrell Maryland 

Leslie Denise Lytle Maryland 

Arthur Louis MacAdams Ohio 

Sharon Elizabeth Maciolek Maryland 

Allan Joel Macks Maryland 

BARRY Eugene MacMillan Maryland 

Donald Campbell MacVean Maryland 

Pamela Ann Maddocks Maryland 

Bob Lee Magistrelli Pennsylvania 

Joseph James Mahoney Maryland 

Dale Leslie Maizels D.C. 

Henry Thomas Malinowski New York 

Jekry Michael Maluck Maryland 

Robert Frankun Mallonee Maryland 

Michael Ronald Malloy Maryland 

Joyce Emily Mandel Maryland 

Philip Mandel New York 

Allan Louis Mann Maryland 

Jill Mann New York 

Susan Euzabeth Mann Maryland 

Martha Anne Marcellino Maryland 

Morton David Marcus Maryland 

Suzanne Mark Maryland 

Janet MARME^iSTHN Maryland 

Charles Douglas Marquardt Maryland 

George F. Martin Maryland 

John R. Martin Maryland 

William Ripley Martin Maryland 

Gerald Anthony Masiello Maryland 

Robert Edward Masterson Maryland 

Michael Matcho New Jersey 

Sandra Anne Mattox D.C. 

Nancy Ann Maynard Maryland 

Sally Lynn McAbee Maryland 

Wesley Martin McAuley Maryland 

Kevin Francis McCahill Maryland 

WiLLLAM J. McClellan Maryland 

Russell Benson McCloud Maryland 

Judith Ann McClure Maryland 

William James McCoRMACK....Co«wecticMJ 

John Michael McDermott Maryland 

Thomas Henry McDonnell Maryland 

William David McDonnell Maryland 

Michael Gooden McFadden New Jersey 

Thomas Edward McGarry Maryland 

John Bernard McGeehan MaryUmd 

Kathryn Marie McGowan Maryland 

Mary Catherine McKenna Maryland 

Thomas Mehrer McKinley, jR...New York 

Elsie Virginu McKittrick Maryland 

Ian Wishart McLeod Maryland 

Deirdre Katherine McMahon.. ..Marj/to»id 

Patrick Ross McMahon California 

Rosemary Hall McMinn Maryland 

Susan Jeannette McNeill Maryland 

WymArd B. McQuown Maryland 

Susan Lynn Mech Maryland 

Margaret Cynthia Medeiros Maryland 

PAUL Richard Melintz Maryland 

Robert Andrew Melpolder Maryland 

Jeffrey M. Menick Maryland 

Robert Allen Mensh D.C. 

Jo-Ann Mercer Maryland 

Daniel Tatum Merritt, III Maryland 

Shirley Jean Merritt Maryland 

Alan Howard Metro Maryland 

Richard Joseph Meyer JVew York 

Marvin Stewart Meyerhoff Maryland 

Ann Elaine Meyerowitz Maryland 

Kay Belle Michael Maryland 

Christapher C. Michel Maryland 

Patricia Ann Michini Maryland 

Jeffrey David Middleman Maryland 

Charles William Mihle, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Jean Miller Maryland 

Deborah Lee Miller Maryland 

Karen Bruce Miller Maryland 

Martin O'Neill Miller Maryland 

Robert Lawrence Miller D.C. 

Warren E. Miller Maryland 

Wendy Fay Miller Maryland 

Susan Jinx Milliken Maryland 

Carolyn L. Mintz Maryland 

Mark Edward Mitchell Maryland 

Patricla. Ellen Moes New Jersey 

James Paul Monroe Maryland 

Cheryl Ann Montgomery Maryland 

Dorothy Janet Moodie Ohio 

Donna K. Moon Maryland 

James Edward Moore Virginia 

Michael George Moore Maryland 

Michael F. Moran New Jersey 

Catherine Mary Morel Ohio 

Robert Emmett Morris, Jr Maryland 

Michael Oscar Moses Maryland 

Ronald Moskowitz Maryland 

Linda Maier Muegge Maryland 

Susan Madeune Muhly Maryland 

Charles Thomas Mulucan Maryland 

Ralf Multhopp Maryland 

JOSYANE Nicole Murawski Maryland 

46 1^^^ Commencement Exercises 

Barbara Murik Maryland 

Marian Virginia Murphy Maryland 

Mary Jeanne Murphy Maryland 

Grace Ellen Musgrove Maryland 

James Howard Myers Maryland 

Paul Richard Nathan Maryland 

Carl Philip NEa^sON Maryland 

Marc Andrew Nemiroff Maryland 

Raleigh Monette Neville Maryland 

Elliott Stowell Newcomb Maryland 

Geraldine Elizabeth ^EWKiRK..Maryland 

Bari-Ann Newman D.C. 

Frances A. Newman Maryland 

James Harvey Newman Indiana 

Marc Alan Newman Maryland 

Robert Hamilton Nicolls Maryland 

William Christian Nielsen Maryland 

Thomas Claude Nikirk Maryland 

Thomas R. Norris Maryland 

Walter Novak Maryland 

Dolores Alice Novoa Maryland 

Sandra Elsie Nurmi Maryland 

Catherine Ann O'Connell Maryland 

Robert Joseph O'Connell Maryland 

Susan Mary O'Connell Maryland 

Joseph Loren O'Connor Maryland 

Richard Lee Offutt, Jr Florida 

Roy Melvin Ogburn Maryland 

Harvey Lawrence Okun Maryland 

Allen Lee Oliver Maryland 

Patricla Ann Olmer Maryland 

Yvonne Carol Olson Maryland 

Nelson Michael Oneglia Maryland 

Jacquelin Linda O'Neill Maryland 

Carmel Hope Onofrio Georgia 

Kathryn a. Oppido Maryland 

Leonard Jay Orbeck, Jr Maryland 

George Bbennan O'Reilly Maryland 

Gerald Joseph Organt Maryland 

Mary Joan Osantowski Maryland 

Kristin Margaret Osborne Maryland 

Warren Osteb Maryland 

Linda Sue Ostrowsky Maryland 

Marcia Phyllis Overbeck Maryland 

John Randall Owen, Jr Maryland 

Karen Keith Owens Maryland 

Eliezeb Oyola Maryland 

Karen Loretta Palmer Maryland 

William Douglas Panebaker Maryland 

Beverly Adele Pariser Maryland 

Richard Stanley Paritzky Maryland 

Cheryl M. Parker Maryland 

Steven Jonathon Parker Maryland 

Charles Edward Partridge, jR...Maryland 

Peter Palmer Parvis Maryland 

Mariann Louise Patterson Ohio 

Elizabeth Rawls Pavlovsky Maryland 

Daniel Richard Pawlak Maryland 

Marvin I. Pazornick Maryland 

Thomas Wesley Peabce Maryland 

Anne Kluge Pecora ..Maryland 

Maria Pedak Maryland 

Carolyn Wicks Pelosi New Jersey 

Charlotte Ann PENNEFEATHER..Morj/te7id 

Cora Ramsey Pennell Maryland 

William Harold Perry, Jr Maryland 

Susan Jane Petry Maryland 

Ruth Ann Pfeiffer Maryland 

Deanna Louise Phelps Maryland 

Patsy Willene Phillips Maryland 

Carole Ann Phipps Maryland 

Jimmy Floyd Pickett Maryland 

Jame» William Pizzarelle, Jr Maryland 

Emil Pocock Maryland 

Rebecca Polen Maryland 

Howard Albert Pollack Maryland 

Susan P. Pollara New Jersey 

Susan Helen Pollard Maryland 

MARILYN Reid Follow Maryland 

Mary Estelle Porter Maryland 

Ralph Wilson Povters, Jr Maryland 

Van Stuart Powers Maryland 

Winfred Tbexler Root 'PvAtiGE....Maryland 

Pamela Jane Pratt New York 

John Edward Prevae Maryland 

Allyn Susan Prosten D.C. 

Bruce Francis Quade Maryland 

Gerald Waring Queen Maryland 

Kathleen W. Queen Maryland 

Claire Quigley Maryland 

Martin Richard Quinn Maryland 

Mary Josephine Quinn Maryland 

Richard Thornton Race Pennsylvania 

Craig Anderson Radcliff Maryland 

George Callis Raffo Pennsylvania 

George A. Ramick, Jr Maryland 

Pamela L. Randolph West Virginia 

Griffin Lee Ratlby Maryland 

Thomas Jay Raveson Maryland 

Michael John Rawl Maryland 

Wyndham Estes Ray Maryland 

Elizabeth Ayres Reed Maryland 

Thomas H. Reese Maryland 

Ralph Sherman Reinhart Iowa 

June Robson Reinking Maryland 

Barbara Ann Reinmuth Maryland 

William Randolph Reiss New York 

James Kenneth Renshaw Maryland 

Stephen Washington Reynolds. .Virfrmio 

Elena C. Rich Maryland 

Marion Louise 'RicuAsosoti ....Pennsylvania 

University of Maryland 41 

Joseph Wood Richter D.C. 

Lynne Marie Rickey Maryland 

John Norman Riismandel Maryland 

Barbara Gail Rimler Maryland 

Richard Francis Rinaldo Maryland 

Kenneth Pence Rinkeb Maryland 

Christine Anne Roach Maryland 

Anne Therese Roarty D.C. 

Kathleen Anne Roberson Maryland 

Cheryl Anne Robinson Maryland 

Kathleen Jo Robinson Maryland 

Philip Dana Robinson Maryland 

Stephen Michael Robinson Maryland 

Paul Edmund Rockwell Maryland 

Robert Chester Rocms Maryland 

Laurence Andrew Rogers, Jk Maryland 

Donna Maria Roll Maryland 

John Gleason Roper Florida 

Ellen Lynn Rosdol Maryland 

Mary Elbianor Rosen Virginia 

Judith Sharon Rosenbloom Maryland 

Betsy P. Ross Maryland 

David Victor Rossoff Maryland 

Lewis Alan Rothschild Maryland 

DiANN Elaine Rothwell Maryland 

Jacquelyn Marjorie Rouse Maryland 

James Harrison Rowe, Jr Maryland 

Marilyn Louise Rowland Maryland 

Lee Alan Rubenstein Maryland 

Richard J. Rudick Maryland 

Lee Summerpield Rushing, III 

New Jersey 

George Rutkoski Maryland 

Nancy Patricia Rydell Maryland 

Pamela Maureen Sachs Maryland 

Edward D. Sacks Maryland 

Stephen Howard Sacks Maryland 

Ronald Leo Saemann Maryland 

Esther Safran Maryland 

Richard Warren Sage Maryland 

Louise Eleanor St. Cyr Maryland 

David McLellan Sanborn Maryland 

Alfred Thomas Santaniello.. ..Cowneciicttt 
Nicholas David Santaniello.. Cormecticwt 

John J. Santoro Maryland 

Susan Forsyth Sarbacher Maryland 

Sandra Jane Sause Maryland 

Sharon Ann Scerback Maryland 

Linda Marie Schaefer Maryland 

Robert M. Schaller, Jr Maryland 

William Ferdinand Scharnikow 


Rachel Susan Scherl Maryland 

Selene Harriett Scherr Maryland 

Howard Neil Schlag Maryland 

Richard Cullen Schlag Maryland 

Alan Jay Schneider Maryland 

Robert Issac Schneider, iv....Pennsylvania 

Joseph H. Schnitzer Maryland 

Alan Howard Schoem Maryland 

Calvin Blair Scholl Maryland 

William Douglas Schucker Maryland 

Elaine Faye Schulman Maryland 

Gary Dennis Schuman Maryland 

Holly Elizabeth Schwab New York 

Cheryl Ann Schwartz Maryland 

Eric Schwartz Maryland 

Phyllis Lynn Schwartz Maryland 

John Anthony Scire Maryland 

Patricla Bernadette Scott Maryland 

Robert A. Seabold Maryland 

YoLANDA S. Seabold Maryland 

Lee Martin Seabolt Maryland 

Mary Alison Seek Maryland 

John Joseph Seither, II Maryland 

Susan Ellen Seltzer D.C. 

Joel Michael Semuels Maryland 

Samuel Leonard Serio Maryland 

Joan Elsie Sessoms Maryland 

Kathleen Ann Seward Maryland 

Burton Jay Shapiro Maryland 

Howard Joseph Shapiro Maryland 

Avideh S. Shashaani Iran 

Helen Mary Shea Pennsylvania 

Thomas Lloyd Sheehan Virginia 

Stephen Howard Shere Maryland 

Gail Iris Sherman Maryland 

LuciNDA Jane Shipp Maryland 

William Bauer Shoemaker Maryland 

Bruce Alan Sidwell Maryland 

Susan Roberta Siegel Maryland 

Howard Carl Sigler Maryland 

Ratko Ivan Sikovic Maryland 

Octavia Paula Silber Maryland 

Karlette Suzanne Silva Maryland 

Joan Donna Silverstein Maryland 

Susan Joan Simon Maryland 

H. Norman Simpson Maryland 

Diane Sandra Sinay Maryland 

Michael Jeffrey Sindler Maryland 

Theodore Thomas Siomporas Maryland 

Stephen Michael Sklar Maryland 

Allan Gary Slan Maryland 

Donna Gay Small Maryland 

Kay M. Small Maryland 

Patrick F. Small Maryland 

Robert David Smiley Maryland 

David Gordon Smith Maryland 

Diane Kay Smith Maryland 

Michael S. Smith Maryland 

Peter A. Smith Maryland 

Richard Kemper Smith Maryland 

48 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Sandra W. Smith Maryland 

Catherine Garvin Snead Maryland 

Gertrude Lou Snope Maryland 

Stephen Alan Snyder Maryland 

Robert Sokoloff Maryland 

Natalie Dee Solfanelli Pennsylvania 

Beverley Mae Soodak Maryland 

ViCKi Jean Soo Hoo Maryland 

Philip Edmund Soucy Maryland 

Gail Kathryn Souther Maryland 

James Alan Spangenberg Maryland 

George Nelson Sparks Maryland 

Alice Bendet Speizman Maryland 

Patricia B. Spellman Virginia 

Joseph Sperling Maryland 

Ellen Lee Spero Maryland 

Alexandra Gabriele Spitzer Maryland 

Joan Anne Stanne Maryland 

Marilyn Kaye Stein Maryland 

Paul Theodore Stein Maryland 

Sandra Lynn Steinbach Maryland 

Mary Susan Steiner Maryland 

Harvey Benjamin Steinman Maryland 

Barbara K. Steppel Maryland 

Laurie Jean Stevenot Maryland 

Charles E. Stevens Maryland 

William Henry Stevenson, Jr... Maryland 

Dennis W. Stoddard Maryland 

Richard Stoll Maryland 

LAxmALEE Story Maryland 

Michael Joseph Streeks Maryland 

Arthur Joseph Street Maryland 

Constance Lee Stubbs Maryland 

Edward L. Stubbs Maryland 

Franklin Hartley Stubbs Maryland 

Anita Ruth Stuppler Maryland 

James Patrick Sullivan Maryland 

Joyce Lynne Supina Maryland 

Maxine Joy Surosky Maryland 

Richard Michael Suser Maryland 

Jean E. Svirbely Maryland 

Kent Philip Swanson New Jersey 

Vernon Lee Swint Maryland 

Dennis Anthony Sylvia Maryland 

Barry Paltiel Taff Maryland 

Elaine Deirdre Tansey Maryland 

Mark Taube Maryland 

Ann Carroll Taylor Maryland 

Helen Ann Tegnell Maryland 

Dorothy Barbara Tepper Maryland 

Alexandra Grayson THOMPSON..M(irj/tewd 

Dennis Hugh Thompson Maryland 

William Edgar Thoroughgood 

Kenneth Tilles Maryland 

Milton Tipperman Maryland 

Randolph Burch Titus Maryland 

Carol Ann Tomalovitz Maryland 

John Leo Topfer, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Edward Trainum Maryland 

Antoinette Jean Tramposh Maryland 

Thomas George Trimble Maryland 

William Harrison Tbiplett, Jr.. .Maryland 

Gary W. Tucker Massachusetts 

Robert Lawrence Tully New York 

Howard Thurston Uttebback, Jr. 


Abraham Van Der Meulen New York 

Elizabeth Ann VanDuinen Maryland 

Sidney Johnson Venable, III Maryland 

Susan Vernay Maryland 

Charles Thomas Vest Maryland 

Curtis Byron Vickery Maryland 

James Randolph Vinson Maryland 

Patricia Jane Voneiff Maryland 

Virginia Louise Vroblesky Maryland 

Michael Glen Wade Louisiana 

Ruth Lee Wagner Maryland 

Frank Wolf Waikart, III Maryland 

Ellen Marion Walker Maryland 

Ronald William Wall Rhode Island 

Marcia Susan Waller Maryland 

David Allen Walsh Maryland 

James Patrick Walsh Maryland 

Rebecca Van Swearingen Walter 


MARSHA Ann Waltrip Virginia 

Sue Lynn Wanveer Maryland 

Eileen Rosalie Ward Maryland 

Myrna Warhol New Jersey 

Joyce Carole Warner Maryland 

Lynne Barbara Warren Maryland 

Shirley Anne Watson Maryland 

Tyler Gleason Webb Maryland 

Joseph Gene Wechsler Maryland 

Joan Brennan Wehrstedt Maryland 

Ivan Stanley Weinbhi Tennessee 

Kenneth Roger Weiner New York 

Sheryl Diane Weiner Maryland 

Richard Francis Weingroff Maryland 

Alan Marion Weinstein Maryland 

Linda Frann Weinstein Maryland 

Jill Leslie Weiss Maryland 

Shirley Weitzman Maryland 

Charles Wm. Welch Maryland 

Robert Leigh Welch Maryland 

Joseph William Weldon Maryland 

Sandra Lee Wells Maryland 

Leon Irving Wetrogan Maryland 

Robert Bennett Whitmore Maryland 

University of Maryland 49 

Ralph Rohrer Whittakek, III. ...Maryland 

Diane Leona Wicker Maryland 

Judith Lynnb Wilhelm Maryland 

James Richard Wilkins, Jr Virginia 

James Byron Will Maryland 

Allaire Diane Williams Maryland 

Meredith Ann Williams Maryland 

Rebecca Anne Williams Maryland 

Robert Gordon Williamson, Jr.. .Maryland 

INA Susan Wilson Maryland 

Thomas Donald Wilson Maryland 

Wendy Margaret Wilson Maryland 

Charles Jack Winfrey New Jersey 

Judith Ann Winslow Maryland 

Barbara Anne Witczak Maryland 

Cornelia Johanna Witkop Maryland 

James Bernard Witkowski, Jr. 


Mark Ronnie Wolf Maryland 

Margaret Faith Wolfe Maryland 

Gertrude Gail Wolkowitz Maryland 

Sandra Lynne Wood Maryland 

John David Woodend Maryland 

William Gilbert Woodend, Jr.. ...Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Workman Maryland 

William Anthony Yacola, Jb Maryland 

Samuel Mark Yaffe Maryland 

James William Yates Maryland 

James Hugh Yeager Maryland 

Anna Mae Young Maryland 

Lynne Marie Young Maryland 

William Michael Young Maryland 

Joseph Yurfest Maryland 

Sheila M. Yutehi Maryland 

Frank Michael Zappala Maryland 

Bernadette Helen Zaucha Maryland 

Lucretia Dalia Zeikus Maryland 

Steven Alan Zepnick Maryland 

Muriel Helen Zetter Maryland 

Irving Jack Zimmerman Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Eleanor Rae Adair Maryland 

Abdulhosein Navid Adham Maryland 

Aubrey Vernon Alexander Maryland 

James Williamson Allen Maryland 

Ernest Joseph Anastasi, Jr Maryland 

Abraham Aqua Maryland 

Susan Laura Armstrong Maryland 

Steven G. Ashman MaryUyid 

Edward Ernest Aston, IV New Jersey 

Jeian Margaret Austin Maryland 

John Reuben Bair Maryland 

William Edward Barrick.._ Maryland 

WiLUAM T. Bauer Maryland 

Raymond Francis Bayerle Maryland 

James Edward Bechtel Pennsylvania 

Marshall Edward Belaga Maryland 

John Gerald Belt Maryland 

Thomas Lee Bennett Maryland 

Jacob Berezow Maryland 

Terry Norman Bergeb Maryland 

Barry Ronald Berman Maryland 

Anne Lois Bernstein Maryland 

Larry Barton Bilbrough Maryland 

Martha Ann Billmeier Maryland 

Thomas Clyde Billups Maryland 

Michael Mark Blichb» Maryland 

Christopher Edwin Bock Maryland 

John Douglas Boehl Maryland 

William Keith Bott Maryland 

Michael Leo Boyle Maryland 

James Francis Brewer Maryland 

Margaret Anne Bridge Maryland 

Richard Elliott Brodsky Maryland 

Donald Neial Brotman New Jersey 

Velver Jeian Buckson Maryland 

Cheryl Dawn Buffett Maryland 

DuANE Allen Burchick Maryland 

Gerald Michael Burger Maryland 

Gene Theodore Bushey Maryland 

RoBiKT Edward Butcher Virginia 

Richard Leroy Cain, Jr Maryland 

Massimo Guglielmo CANGiANO...J/orj/teTOd 

Richard Vernon Cano New Jersey 

Raimundo Andres CARRicABURU..Marj/te7Mi 

Alfred Joseph Cakson New Jersey 

Jan Stephen Carter Maryland 

William Edward Caswell Maryland 

Gary Robert Catzva Maryland 

Warren William Chamberlain, Jr. 


Stanley Nelson Chase Maryland 

Ilie Chioariu Maryland 

Stephen Brooke Christiansen. JHorj/toJui 

Douglas Walter J. Chubb Maryland 

Miriam Eleanor Cochell Maryland 

Victor Cohen Maryland 

David Charles Coluns Maryland 

Donald Orrin Cordts Maryland 

Bernard C. Cotton, Jb Maryland 

David William Crabill Maryland 

Alfredo Fernando Crespo Maryland 

50 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Lawrence John Crippen Maryland 

Joseph Thomas Crist Maryland 

William Reed Curtis Maryland 

Leslie Sue Danoff Maryland 

Paul Sherdell DAUGHERTY....PeM)is2//i'a?na 

Elaine Rita Davidson D.C. 

Edward Alan Davis Maryland 

Ronald Oliver Dean Maryland 

Thomas J. Devlin Maryland 

William W. Dicus Maryland 

Michael Leonard Di Paula Maryland 

Thomas John Dirnberger Pennsylvania 

Leonard James Dobrowski Maryland 

Michael Joseph Dodd Maryland 

Thomas Lee Dorsey, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Eugene Dye Maryland 

Howard Malcolm Eiserike Maryland 

Harry Charles Engel Maryland 

Larry M. Ettlin Maryland 

William Joseph Evans, Jr D.C. 

Richard Linwood Faircloth Maryland 

Gary Stanley Farr Maryland 

Jane Marie Farrall Maryland 

Ellen Jody Feinglass Maryland 

Marjorie May Feller Maryland 

Alan Richard Figelman Maryland 

John James Filigenzi, Jr Maryland 

Jared Ira Fine Maryland 

Thomas Ernest Fischetti Maryland 

Ralph Thomas Flaherty Maryland 

Arnold Norman Forman Maryland 

Rosann Ricarda Foster Maryland 

Preston Eugene Frallic Maryland 

Nancy Claire Fratianni Maryland 

Mark Irwin Friedman Maryland 

Russell Edward Frizzell Maryland 

Harry Akio Fujiwara Maryland 

William Dennis Funk Maryland 

Darryl Jay Garfinkel Maryland 

Charlotte Sue Gatchell Maryland 

Jean Florence Gawthrop Maryland 

Paulette Dew Geisenkotter Maryland 

Robert E. Gelhard Maryland 

Charles George George Maryland 

James Carver Gingell Maryland 

Ronald Joseph Ginn Maryland 

Nancy Vera Ginsberg Maryland 

Howard Alan Gitelson Maryland 

Howard William Goldberg Maryland 

Marshall Franklin GoLDBERG....Mar!/;aHrf 

Mark Allan Goldstein Maryland 

Stanley Howard Goloskov Maryland 

Marvin Jay Gordon Maryland 

David Elliott Goss Maryland 

Gerald Arthur Gotthardt Maryland 

Karl Rees Green Maryland 

Richard Michael Green Maryland 

Kenneth Leslie Grenell Maryland 

Carol Jean Gresser Maryland 

Gerson Grosfeld Maryland 

Stephen Bruce Grossman Maryland 

John Walter Gruger Maryland 

David Kolk Haggard Maryland 

Norman William Haines, Jr Maryland 

Bruce Louis Haisfield Maryland 

Edward Gottlieb Hampp, III Maryland 

Gary Kent Harding Maryland 

Louis E. Harman, III Maryland 

John Charles Harris Maryland 

John Fillmore Harris Maryland 

Marcella Linda Harris Maryland 

Alphecca Harry Maryland 

William Brandebury Harvey Maryland 

James Daniel Hennessy New York 

David Leslie Henson Maryland 

Alan Joseph Hickey Maine 

Michael Lewis Hill D.C. 

Ann Snow Hobbs Maryland 

Barry Edward Hoffman Maryland 

John A. Homann Maryland 

Tom Stuart Hood New York 

Daniel Hope, III Maryland 

John Russell Horn Maryland 

Robert Michael Hornstein Maryland 

Daniel Paul Horwath Maryland 

Harry Cunningham Hosford Maryland 

Larry Stephan Hotchkiss Maryland 

Charles Douglas Housaman Maryland 

Stanford James Huber Maryland 

Miller Newton Hudson Maryland 

Angela M. Hughes Maryland 

William Andrew Hughes Maryland 

Anna Lydia Husar Maryland 

Rita Johnson Imholz New York 

Richard Oliver Ingles Maryland 

Terence Shethar Irani Maryland 

John Shearer Irwin Maryland 

Fred M. Jacobson Maryland 

Robert Sherman Johnson Virginia 

Thomas Wilson Jones Maryland 

Robert John Julius New Jersey 

Walter George Jung, Jr Maryland 


Mary Lou Kamphaus Maryland 

Kenneth David Kaplan Maryland 

Lawrence Arthur Kaplan Maryland 

George James Kassolis Maryland 

Maurice Katoen Maryland 

Christopher Thomas Kelly Delaware 

Carolyn Enders Kerr Maryland 

University of Maryland 51 

Carroll Jay Keyfauver Maryland 

Simon T. King Maryland 

Nancy Anne Kirchner Maryland 

Walter Kit Maryland 

Jeffrey Samuel Klausner Maryland 

Harvey Warren Klein Maryland 

Kay Ardelle Knight Maryland 

Bruce Eric Koenig Maryland 

James Paul Koermer Maryland 

Arthur M. Korb Maryland 

Melvin Louis Kreithen Maryland 

John Greatrix Lane Maryland 

Robert Alan Langley Maryland 

Christian Hubbard Lantz Maryland 

Dennis Robert Lardent Maryland 

Richard Thomas Lazarus Maryland 

Glenn James Leach Maryland 

Margaret Mary Leahy Maryland 

William Edward Leboe Maryland 

Arthur Michael Lebson Maryland 

Howard Lee Maryland 

Allan Paul Leibowitz Maryland 

Kenneth Robert Levine New York 

Mark Joel LeVine Maryland 

Deborah Joan Levy Maryland 

Robert Alan Lieberman Maryland 

James Edward Linderman ....Pennsylvania 

Jeffrey Steven Lissy Maryland 

Jeffrey Mark Litman Maryland 

Elizabeth Lee Lowe Maryland 

Phyllis Mindel Lowenstein Maryland 

George Wolf Lowy Maryland 

Richard Kirk Lubbes Maryland 

John Herbert Lucas, Jr Maryland 

Jeffrey Alan Luntz Maryland 

Anne Marie Lyons Maryland 

Gary Francis Machado Maryland 

David Lee Madison Maryland 

Margaret Anne Johnston Madison 


Raymond Frederick Mahaffy Maryland 

Robert Vincent Maiden Maryland 

Samuel Xavier Philip Mamolito 


Mary M. Mann Maryland 

Neal L. Mann Ohio 

Richard Emil Marcello Maryland 

Ralph Michael Marcoot Maryland 

W. Peter Marwede Germany 

Joe Edward Maskasky Maryland 

Margaret Ann Maslak B.C. 

Paul Edward Mauck Maryland 

Ralph K. McAllister, Jr Maryland 

Peter Robert McClubkin Maryland 

Patricia Ann McGuire Maryland 

Thomas Michael McHenry Maryland 

James Randall McIntosh Maryland 

Christine Joyce McQuillan Maryland 

John Pressley Meyer Maryland 

Joseph Dominick Miceli Connecticut 

Marilyn Hannah Miller Maryland 

Martha Ann Miller Maryland 

William Reginald Mills Maryland 

Stuart Dennis Milner Maryland 

William Louis Mocarsky Maryland 

John Wayne Molino Maryland 

Thomas F. Monahan Maryland 

Larry Paul Monke Maryland 

Thomas Francis Monteleone Maryland 

SuELLEN Montgomery D.C. 

Victor Montviloff Maryland 

Claudia Eden Weiar Moody Maryland 

Stanley A. Morrison Maryland 

Frederick Ray Mosher Maryland 

Gretchen Ann Murphy Maryland 

Leslie Edward Murray Maryland 

Conrad Ernest Nagle Maryland 

James A. Naiditch Virginia 

Alan Marc Nathan Maryland 

Charles Richard Neach Maryland 

Horst Rudolf Neumann Maryland 

Thomas Glengard Newman Maryland 

Thomas M. Nichols Washington 

Charles Robert Noren Maryland 

Mary Kay O'Bryen Maryland 

Ina S. O'Carroll Maryland 

John Michael O'Day Maryland 

Kenneth Kjetill Oftedal New York 

John Thomas Ohlmacher Maryland 

Michael Francis Oristian Maryland 

Charles Webster Overton Maryland 

Thomas Earl Palmatier Maryland 

Dane Kenton Parker Maryland 

Bruce W. Parkinson Maryland 

Ralph Patrick Pass, III Maryland 

Susan Harms Patterson Maryland 

Bruce Romney Pattison Maryland 

Thomas Michael Payne Maryland 

Michael Rafferty Pelczar Maryland 

Gary Wayne Pfeufer Maryland 

Martin Donald Phillips Maryland 

Dana Richard Pilitt Maryland 

Patricia Ann Plunkert Maryland 

Gordon Powell Maryland 

Susan Gail Pristoop Maryland 

Jane deWeese Puckett Maryland 

Janis Rae Putman Illinois 

Edward Francis Quinn, III Delaivare 

Aleksandras Radzius, Jr Maryland 

William Eddy Randall, Jr Maryland 

Jeffrey Charles Raphael Maryland 

Roger Rath Maryland 

52 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Frances Isabell Reidy Virginia 

Richard Allen Reif Maryland 

John Joseph Reilly Maryland 

David R. Richmond Maryland 

Joan Michele Rinewalt Maryland 

Kenneth Lee Robertson Maryland 

Newton Worthington Rogers ....Maryland 

Randy Jack Rokoff Maryland 

Henry Arnold Romberg, Jr Virginia 

Alan Topping Rosenbloom New Jersey 

David Rosenfeld Maryland 

Boruch Rubinstein Costa Rica 

William L. Ruby Maryland 

Jay Yale Rudo Maryland 

Robert Alan Sacks Maryland 

John Stanley Sadowski New Jersey 

Nicholas Carmello Salafia Maryland 

Robert Allen Sargis Maryland 

Michael Terence Scerba Maryland 

John Schneider, IV Maryland 

Jerry Lee Schreiber Maryland 

Philip John Schroeder Maryland 

Irene Helene Schwartz Maryland 

Dawson Edward Segar, Jr Maryland 

Rhoda Shaller Maryland 

Thomas H. Shawker Maryland 

Joyce Anne Shedlock Maryland 

Elaine Retberg Shetler Maryland 

James Randolph Shilling, Jr Maryland 

Dayle Paige Siepert Maryland 

Maury Morton Silverman Marylaml 

Gary Leonard Simon Maryland 

Judith Lorene Sliger Maryland 

Mary Ann Small Maryland 

Robert Daniel Small Maryland 

Lawrence Alfred Smith, Jr Maryland 

Phil Brownlee Smith Texas 

Ronald- John Smith Maryland 

Susan Gaye Smith Maryland 

Joel Stephen Sommer New Jersey 


Ronald Eugene Sorace Maryland 

Anne Elizabeth Soria Maryland 

Daniel S. Spicer Maryland 

TONi Harshberger Stanton Maryland 

John Francis Stasiewicz, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Tyne Staubly Maryland 

Michael Ramos Stepanovich Maryland 

Richard Ira Sterling Maryland 

David Leland Stevens Maryland 

Jerry Bott Stokes Maryland 

James Monroe Strandquist Maryland 

Eugene Joseph Strasser Maryland 

Susan Rae Stringer Maryland 

Virginia Lee Surles Maryland 

John William Swann Maryland 

Robert Clare Swears Maryland 

Marc J. Tabackman Maryland 

Douglass L. Taylor Maryland 

Joseph Mathew Tessmer, Jr Maryland 

Mary Jane Thomassen Maryland 

John Edward Thornton Maryland 

George Taylor Timberlake, Jr. Maryland 

John Joseph Tobin, Jr Maryland 

Gary Dwain Travers Maryland 

James Kenneth Trumbauer Maryland 

Melvin Essel Tull, Jr Maryland 

Janet Lincoln Urban Maryland 

Valerie Dale Van Holten Maryland 

Dean Lewis Vassar Maryland 

Joseph William Viola Maryland 

Milan Vucin Pennsylvania 

Gregory Vincent Wadden Maryland 

David C. Wallace Maryland 

John Ramsey Warfield New Jersey 

Robert A. Welker New York 

Abigail Booraem Wemple Maryland 

George Samuel Werking, Jr Maryland 

Sharon Marie White Maryland 

William Anderson White Manjland 

Stephanie Hopkins Willey Maryland 

Donald Richard Wilson Maryland 

Gerard Edward Winn Maryland 

Bernadine Joann Wisnieski Maryland 

Nathan Haggard Woodruff, Jr. Maryland 

Robin Lee Woods Maryland 

Lilian Shiao-Yen Wu Maryland 

Kenneth Allan Young, Jr Ohio 

LeRoy James Young, Jr Maryland 

Paul Yurfest Maryland 

Bachelor of Music 

Wade H. Beach Maryland Gustav Joseph Heintze, Jr D.C. 

Mary Jones Ensminger Maryland Regina Marie Searles Maryland 

Della Christine Estes Maryland 

University of Maryland 53 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Barry Louis Aaronson Maryland 

Ibrahim Mohammed Abdullatif Maryland 

Juris Egils Abolins D.C. 

Richard Alfred Absher, Jr Maryland 

James Leon Albin Maryland 

George L. Alexander, Jr Maryland 

Bruce McKay Allan Maryland 

Henry Labre Allen Maryland 

Matthew Paul Amann Maryland 

Michael V. Amatucci Maryland 

Joseph G. Anshel Maryland 

Anthony Aloysius ANTONELLi....Ma)-i//aHrf 

David Alan Appler Maryland 

Benjamin Herman Aquilina New Jersey 

Bruce Jay Arret Maryland 

William H. Ashford Virginia 

Richard Wilmer Ater Maryland 

Ronald Martin Attman Maryland 

Frederick A. Aus Maryland 

Robert C. Auten New Jersey 

Marcie Lynn Avram Maryland 

Donna T. L. Aw Thailand 

Patrick Edward Backus Georgia 

Michael Holmes Badger Maryland 

Robert Roy Baikauskas Maryland 

Robert James Baker Maryland 

David John Baker Maryland 

Eileen Sandra Baker Maryland 

Howard Lee Baker Maryland 

Garnett Caywood Ball, Jr Maryland 

Mark Howard Barker Maryland 

James Scott Barley Maryland 

Robert William Barrett Maryland 

Robert Frederick Barron, Jr Maryland 

Michael J. Barth New Jersey 

Thomas G. Bartolec Pennsylvania 

Gerry Nilsson Bassett Maryland 

Charles William Bastian, Jr. Maryland 

Randall Heath Batson Maryland 

Sabino Peter Battaglia Netv Jersey 

George Calvin Bauersfeld, Jr. Maryland 

Jack Ronald Baumel Maryland 

Richard S. Baumstein New York 

Charles Irvin Beatty Maryland 

Robert Carroll Behn Maryland 

Donald Sherman Beightol D.C. 

Julian Spicer Bell, Jr Maryland 

Patrick J"ames Bell Maryland 

Baruch Bendov Maryland 

James Joseph Benjamin Maryland 

Jacob Meyer Benus Maryland 

Robert Arthur Berman Maryland 

Joseph Peter Berry Maryland 

Garland Bertell Bassford, III Maryland 

Roger Henry Berwanger Maryland 

Charles LeRoy Best Maryland 

James Macgill Bickley Maryland 

Dudley Dovell Biddison Maryland 

Albert William Bilancioni, Jr. Delaware 

Robert Charles Birely Maryland 

Robert Craig Blakey Maryland 

George Henry Bland, Jr Maryland 

Wayne Howard Blauvelt Maryland 

Howard Johnston Bloy, Jr Maryland 

Burton Stuart Blumberg Maryland 

Russell Wilson Boley Maryland 

Charles Alan Bongar, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Stanley Book Pennsylvania 

Stanley Howard Book Maryland 

William Edwin Booth Maryland 

Louis Stevenson Borchers Maryland 

Thomas James Boyle Maryland 

Benjamin Joseph Borzymowski Maryland 

Russell A. Bostrom Maryland 

Joseph Edwin Bowman Maryland 

Charles Robert Boyd Maryland 

Carl Franklin Boyer, Jr Maryland 

Joyce Elizabeth Bradley D.C. 

Donald Owen Brady Maryland 

Norman Joseph Brandt Maryland 

William Lee Bransford Maryland 

Peter D. Braun Maryland 

Paul Breslow New York 

Clifford Roy Bridgford Maryland 

Maxyne Shandel Brill Maryland 

Gerald Alan Brittingham Maryland 

Linda E. Brock Maryland 

Roy C. Brothers Maryland 

David Irvin Brown Maryland 

Richard Dennis Brown Maryland 

Martin Joseph Browne Maryland 

Ross Edwards Bruner California 

Roy Ambrose Bryan, Jr Maryland 

Harry Paul Budesheim Maryland 

Bonnie-Sue Burcham Maryland 

Robert Frank Burnett Maryland 

54 -Z^^^ Commencement Exercises 

Paulette Forlenza Burney Maryland 

Irene E. Busch Maryland 

Walter Louis Busse Maryland 

Michael Alan Butcher Maryland 

Lawrence James Butler Maryland 

James William Bywaters, Jr Maryland 

John Joseph Caha, Jr Maryland 

Lee Wendell Campbell Virginia 

Steven Larry Canter Maryland 

John Robert Cantwell D.C. 

John L. Carberry Maryland 

Anita K. Carpenter Maryland 

Mary Louise Carroll Maryland 

Bruce George Carson Neiv Jersey 

Nicolas M. Cartagena Puerto Rico 

Diane Rogers Casselberry Maryland 

Norman Lacy Caulder Maryland 

Patrick Francis Cavanaugh, Jr. Maryland 

Valentine Mark Cawood D.C. 

Michael Theodore Chaconas Maryland 

DwiGHT Emerson Chadbourn Maryland 

Richard L Chais Maryland 

David R. Chance Maryland 

Gary Stephen Chandler Maryland 

Arthur Frank Chantker Maryland 

Ruth H. Chardon Maryland 

Barry Richard Chernack Maryland 

Rita Jane Chester Maryland 

Robert Lewis Christopher Maryland 

Pauline Constance Chumbris... .Mary/and 

Augustus Caple Clark Maryland 

James Francis Clements Maryland 

Lance Eugene Ciepiela Maryland 

Veronica E. Coates Maryland 

Russell T. Coburn Marxjland 

Charles Edward Cole Maryland 

James F. Coll, Jr D.C. 

John Francis Collins New Jersey 

Frederick Edward Comerford D.C. 

George Wade Compton Maryland 

Erwin Dennis Conley Maryland 

Francis Anthony Contino Maryland 

David Cassilly Cooke Maryland 

Fred Elliott Cooper Pennsylvania 

Jay Gordon Cooper Marylarid 

Norma Frances Cooper Maryland 

Ronald Arthur Cooper Maryland 

Richard Alan Cordiano New York 

Carl Albert Corson, Jr Maryland 

William David Courtright Maryland 

Edwin Slover Crawford Maryland 

Dennis Lane Cregger Maryland 

William Clent Crocker Maryland 

Edward Austin Crooke Maryland 

William Robert Cropper Maryland 

Alan McLane Cruikshank Maryland 

Thomas Bernard Cumiskey, III Maryland 

Linda Kathryn Cummings Maryland 

Timothy James Curley Maryland 

Bertrand Duane Cutright Maryland 

Thomas Eugene Dahl Maryland 

David Patrick Dalton Maryland 

John Joseph Daly Maryland 

Jerry Wade Daniel Maryland 

John Edward Daniels Maryland 

Matthew Michael D'Antuono.. ..Afari/?and 

Linda Anne Davey Maryland 

Mitchell Gerald Davidson Maryland 

Edwin Bruce Davis Maryland 

Eric Stuart Davis Maryland 

James Alan Davis Delaware 

William Richard Davis Neto Jersey 

Robert William Dawson Marxjland 

Mary Elizabeth Debauch Maryland 

Stanley Martin Deitch Maryland 

Gloria Jean Dellavalle Maryland 

Ronald C. Denhardt Maryland 

Anthony Vincent DePaul Maryland 

Mary Ellen DePorter Maryland 

John Stephen Dibbern Maryland 

Clarence Edward Dickerson, III 


Earl Harry Dill, Jr Maryland 

David Ross Dixon Maryland 

Stephen Michael Doilney Maryland 

Raymond Vincent Donaton, Jr. 

New York 

Ralph Nicholas Donofrio Delaware 

Donald Frederick Dorsey Maryland 

Ronald Raymond Dowdy Maryland 

Richard Larry Dreisen Maryland 

Daniel Joseph Driscoll Maryland 

Donald Alfred Drury Maryland 

Donald William Dubel New Jersey 

Mark Jay Dubinsky Maryland 

Gail Albers Duncan Maryland 

William Stewart Dunlap Maryland 

Richard Walter Eder Maryland 

Douglas Malcolm Edwards Maryland 

Howard Daniel Edwards Maryland 

Michael Egan Maryland 

Richard Henry Eibel Maryland 

Edward William Eldridge Maryland 

Bernard Irving Ellenson Maryland 

Robert Craig English Maryland 

William Marshall English, Jr. 


Charles Richard Enis Maryland 

William S. Ennis Maryland 

George J. Erbe, Jr Maryland 

Donald Lee Evans D.C. 

Richard Leslie Fagert Maryland 

University of Maryland 55 

Thomas Francis Farrelly Maryland 

Donald Wayne Faust Maryland 

Charles Joseph Fava Maryland 

Lee Ferdinand Fedner Maryland 

RoBLEY Logan Feland New York 

James Robert Fellows Maryland 

Lawrence Xavier Felter Maryland 

Ralph Leonard Felter Maryland 

Martin M. Ferber Maryland 

Chapin Alexander Ferguson, III 

Robert Edward Ferguson, Jr. 


William Joseph Fern Maryland 

Kenneth L. Firestone Maryland 

Gregory William Fitzgerald ....New York 

Alvin David Flax Maryland 

Jane Christine Fleming Maryland 

John Clarkson Fleming, Jr Maryland 

Allen Edward Flower Maryland 

Kenneth Irving Ford Maryland 

Allen Thurman Foster, III Maryland 

Charles Nicholas Foster Maryland 

Edward Francis Fox Maryland 

Klaus Joseph Franken Maryland 

Michael Daniel Franks Maryland 

Ressa Frazzano Maryland 

Stanley Warren Fredericks D.C. 

Robert Gary Freeman Maryland 

William Ernest Freeman, Jr. Maryland 

Stephen Allen Friedman Maryland 

Howard Frieman Maryland 

Albert Randolph Fritts, Jr Maryland 

Bradley M. Frost Maryland 

Margaret Ann Frost Maryland 

Gerald Howard Gallun Maryland 

Christopher Thomas Ganley Maryland 

Lawrence Waller Gardner, Jr. Maryland 

Fred William Gatlin Maryland 

Andrew James Georgelakos Maryland 

Paul Scott Gerber Maryland 

Nancy Goll Gibbons Maryland 

Stuart Holland Glasco Maryland 

Cody Lee Godman Maryland 

Stanley Joel Goldberg Maryland 

Marc Goldstein Maryland 

Diane Bette Gotkin Maryland 

Alex Atsushi Goto Maryland 

Kenneth Alan Gould Marxjland 

John Edward Grassie Maryland 

Gordon Woodrow Green, Jr Maryland 

James Paul Griffith Maryland 

Remer Will Griner Virginia 

Edward Dawson Grove Maryland 

Bernard Jay Grundy Maryland 

Wayne Frank Guidotti Maryland 

Frederic Michael Guist Pennsylvania 

Paul B. Gunby Maryland 

Dennis Michael Gurtz Maryland 

Alan Carl Gustafson Maryland 

Jennifer Joan Habicht Maryland 

James Franklin Hackler, III Virginia 

Victor Charles Hajduk Maryland 

Sanders Fox Haley Maryland 

Daniel Garvin Hall Maryland 

Thomas Taylor Hare Maryland 

John David Hargett Maryland 

Victor Harjess Maryland 

James Walter Harrison Maryland 

William Stimmel Hart Maryland 

Don Carroll Hathaway Maryland 

Stephen Louis Hatos Maryland 

Douglas Rex Hawley Massachusetts 

Margaret Ann Hazard Maryland 

James Letroy Head Maryland 

Charles Maurice Heany Maryland 

David Mitchell Heard Maryland 

Duane a. Heiler Maryland 

John Carl Heim, Jr New York 

Mary Ellen Henry Maryland 

Raymond Milton Hertz Maryland 

Sharon Louise Higgins Maryland 

James Myron Hill, II Virginia 

Walter LeRoy Hill Maryland 

Don Carroll Hindman Maryland 

Bruce Charles Hinkel Maryland 

Steven Rowe Hipsley Maryland 

Arnold Durward Hitt, III Maryland 

Phillip Harvey Hoey Maryland 

Fred Saul Hoffman Maryland 

Thomas Stanley Holbrook Maryland 

William Pollard Holden Maryland 

Gregg Melvin Hollidge Maryland 

Douglas Richard Hollingsworth 


Richard Mason Holmes Maryland 

Richard Wayne Holmes Maryland 

William Thomas Hoover California 

George Timothy Horman Maryland 

James William Hormes Maryland 

Douglas Mark Horn Maryland 

Joseph Ray Houser, Jr Maryland 

James Hozik Maryland 

Philip Edward Huber Maryland 

Tom Shui-Tung Hui D.C. 

Barbara Elaine Ifshin Maryland 

Alan Lee Isicson Maryland 

Gary Lee Jackson Maryland 

Joseph R. Jackson Maryland 

Larry Delmas Jeeter Maryland 

Henry Dreyer Jeffries Maryland 

56 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Joseph Michael Jengehino, Jr. 

New Jersey 

Jeanne Tillson Johnson Maryland 

Marjorie Eileen Johnson Maryland 

Richard Larry Johnson Maryland 

Ronald LeRoy Johnson Maryland 

William Leonard Johnson, Jr.. .Maryland 

Dennis Michael Jones Washington 

Frederick Lawson Jones Maryland 

Philip Anthony Kahler Maryland 

Robert Edward Kaiss, Jr Maryland 

Gregory Joseph Kaminski Colorado 

Kathleen Ellen Kane Maryland 

Michael Robert Kane Maryland 

Leonard Elliot Katz Maryland 

Bruce Alan Kaufman Maryland 

Steven Kaufman Maryland 

Thomas Stephen Keefe Marylayid 

Alan David Kellam Maryland 

Steven Aaron Kellman Maryland 

John Thomas Kelly, Jr Maryland 

Kathleen Ann Kelly Maryland 

Marilyn Jayne Kemerer Maryland 

Connie J. Kemp Maryland 

Versteal Daniels Kemp Georgia 

Gregory Patrick Kenefick Maryland 

John Lee Kennedy Maryland 

Patrick James Kenny D.C. 

Fenton Jerome Kephart, Jr Maryland 

Peter Keresztes Maryland 

Michael West Kern Maryland 

F. Jerry Keyser Maryland 

Stanley Keyser Maryland 

Richard Edward King Maryland 

John Harold Kirkemo Maryland 

Wayne Clark Kirkman Maryland 

Lee M. Kirkpatrick Maryland 

Ronald George Klaswick Maryland 

Charles Hill Knight, Jr Maryland 

Robert Earl Koehler, Jr Maryland 

Stephen Barry Koenigsberg Maryland 

John C. Kohler., Maryland 

Tony Paul Kominoth Maryland 

Daniel Wayne Konick Maryland 

Joseph John Kopp, Sr Maryland 

Colin David Kowalski Maryland 

Jack Kowitz Maryland 

Christopher Bond Kubelick Maryland 

Dennis Warren Laibson Maryland 

Eric Albert Lampe Maryland 

Robert Eugene Lane Maryland 

Charles Francis Lanman Maryland 

Jan C. Larson Maryland 

William Joseph Lauth Maryland 

Mark Joseph Lavine Maryland 

Thomas Francis Lawler Maryland 

Robert Terry Layton Maryland 

Stephen Allen Lazerow Maryland 

Harry Lebowitz Maryland 

William Stephen Lecompte, jR..Maryland 

Clifford Alan Lee Maryland 

Richard Joseph Leeds Maryland 

William John Lenczycki Maryland 

John Charles Letmate Maryland 

Sandra L. Levin Maryland 

Archie Clifton Lewis, Jr Maryland 

Jerome Montgomery Li D.C. 

Betty Jean Liebersohn Maryland 

William Dennis Liggett Maryland 

Harry Ellis Lipsitz Maryland 

Sigmund Sheldon Lipsitz Maryland 

Roy David Little Maryland 

Stanley Paul Litvinsky Maryland 

Richard P. Litzinger Maryland 

John Brice Long, II Maryland 

Allan Eugene Loomis, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Marion Loughry, III Maryland 

Larry Lowrimore Maryland 

John Samuel Lucas, Jr Maryland 

Christian J. Lund, II Maryland 

Marvin Wolfred Lurie Maryland 

Dennis Roy Luther Maryland 

Michael Kennedy Lyon Maryland 

Donald Richard Lyons Maryland 

Joan Kay Lyons Maryland 

Regis Bernard Lyons Maryland 

Donald Bruce MacDonald Maryland 

Richard Edwin Main Maryland 

Susan Gay Malchodi Maryland 

Leonard Michael Malczewski.. ..Maryland 

Harold Lynn Mallow Maryland 

Leonard Louis Manarin Maryland 

John Peter Manifold Maryland 

Joseph Arthur Mansolillo D.C. 

Walter F. Marciniak Maryland 

Sidney Ottmar Marcus, III Maryland 

Myra Lee Markowitz Maryland 

Mary H. Martin Maryland 

Roger Conant Martino Maryland 

Anthony P. Marzucco Maryland 

William Charles Mason Maryland 

Joel Barry Matesky Maryland 

Douglas Arthur Mathews Maryland 

Milton T. Matthews Nciv Jersey 

Thomas Blaine McCain Maryland 

Robert Edward McConnell Maryland 

William Carey McCoy Maryland 

William Raftery McCullough. ...Marj/^and 
Thomas Douglas«d 

Timothy James McGarry Maryland 

James Robert McGorry Maryland 

Joseph Clarence McInerny Maryland 

University of Maryland 57 

Samuel Walter McKeen Maryland 

Bernard Edward McMahon Maryland 

Kevin Edward McNiff Maryland 

Charles William Meding Maryland 

Gary Jay Meliker Maryland 

Dale Bruce Menard Maryland 

Joseph Guy Meredith Maryland 

Lawrence Philip Merling Maryland 

George Malcolm Merriman, 3^.. .Maryland 

John Edgar Metz Maryland 

Christian C. Meyer, IV Maryland 

Charles Stewart Mezger Maryland 

Andrew Frank Michaels, III Maryland 

Benjamin Cottman Miles Maryland 

Gary Lee Miller Maryland 

Gordon Van Dyke Miller, Jr Vermont 

Jeffrey Richard Miller Maryland 

Richard Michael Miller Maryland 

Richard Ollie Miller Maryland 

Thomas Andrew Miller Maryland 

Stephen Dwight Minnich Maryland 

Daniel Wayne Mitnick Maryland 

Basil Ronald Moir Maryland 

Gene Molovinsky Pennsylvania 

Charles Dennison MoNTGOMERY..Mar2//a«d 

Randall Roland Moore Virginia 

Paul Wesley Moores, Jr Maryland 

Norman Lee Morgenstein Maryland 

Charles Theodore Morison, 3r... Maryland 

Michael David Morris Maryland 

William Carlyle Morrison, Jv.... Maryland 

Claude S. Morse Maryland 

Robert Francis Morse, II Maryland 

Richard Graham Motley Maryland 

James Charles Motsko Maryland 

John Robert Motz, Jr Maryland 

George Kipling Moul Maryland 

Paul Howard Mullan Maryland 

Jeremiah Kyran Murphy New Jersey 

Michael J. Murphy Maryland 

Robert C. Myer Maryland 

William V. Nahm Maryland 

Michael Leigh Nalley Maryland 

Norman Lee Nelson Maryland 

John Anthony Neri D.C. 

Michael Alan Neuhaus New York 

Louis Theodore Neumann, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Wilson Newell Maryland 

Joseph Patrick Newman Maryland 

Robert John Nicholas Maryland 

Philip James Nicholson Maryland 

James Edward Noe, II Maryland 

George Jerome Noppenberger Maryland 

Anthony Francis Norcio Maryland 

H. Benjamin Norman Maryland 

Joseph Alexander Norvell Maryland 

James Louis Novotny Maryland 

Richard Summerfield NUTWELL..Marj/tam(i 

Alice Louise Oberg Maryland 

Larry Dale Ohler Maryland 

Michael Carl Olesker Maryland 

Carl Frederic Olson Virginia 

Donald H. Olson Maryland 

Roger Donovan Olson Maryland 

Gerald Wesley Orndorff Maryland 

Howard Bernard Ostmann Maryland 

Maurice LaFayette Painter Maryland 

Gregory William Palmer Maryland 

John Steven Palmisano Maryland 

Peter William Pantazes Maryland 

Edward Harry Pappas Pennsylvania 

Robert Allan Pariseau Massachusetts 

Robert Miles Parks Maryland 

George A. Parrish Maryland 

Steven Kent Parson Minnesota 

Michael John Patryn Maryland 

Peggy Rae Pavlat Maryland 

Robert Joseph Peden Maryland 

Daniel Alan Peed Maryland 

John Louis Peeke Maryland 

Richard Thomas Pencek Maryland 

B. Raymond Perkins, Jr Maryland 

John Way Perrier Maryland 

Sheila Phyllis Perry Maryland 

John Robert Perrygo Maryland 

Elaine B. Phelps New Jersey 

Peter Brooks Phelps Maryland 

Edward Garbett Pickett, jR....New Jersey 

William Scott Pigg Maryland 

Robert Paul Pincus Maryland 

Jerome Marion Poffel Maryland 

Kermit Rudolph Pope, Jr Maryland 

Mark Jerald Porton Maryland 

Richard Kent Posner Maryland 

Fredrick Leslie Potter Maryland 

Robert Thomas Povenz Maryland 

Ronald Richard Powell Maryland 

William McKelden Powell Maryland 

Michael Catalano Prentiss Alabama 

Raymond Franklin Price, Jr Maryland 

Walter Duquesne Prince Maryland 

Richard David Putman Maryland 

William Gary Quackenbush Maryland 

Thomas Daniel Rabenhorst Maryland 

Ronald John Rakowski Maryland 

Barry Allen Rappaport Maryland 

Joseph Martin Regan, Jr Maryland 

Kathryn Elizabeth Reichel Maryland 

Manfred Josef Reinhard Maryland 

Richard Charles Reinhardt Maryland 

William Henry Reinhardt, III. .Maryland 
Stewart S. Remer Maryland 

58 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Gloria Marie Renaud Maryland 

David Michael Rever Maryland 

Paul H. Rice Maryland 

Glenn Homer Richards, Jr Maryland 

Larry Ira Ricklin Maryland 

Karl Frederick Riesteker, Jr Maryland 

Will Gordon Rinaldi Maryland 

John Eugene Ringsdorf, Jr Maryland 

Jeremiah Charles Riordan Maryland 

Michael F. Rioux Virginia 

Walter Robertson, III Maryland 

Dennis Bram Robinson California 

Jay Elliot Robinson Maryland 

Richard Robert Rocha Maryland 

Roger Galant Rodin D.C. 

Adolph Charles Rohland, Jr Maryland 

John Robert Rollman, III Maryland 

Michael Louis Romeres Maryland 

Arthur Ira Rose New York 

Edward Alexander Rosen Maryland 

Jerrold Rosenberg Maryland 

Jeffrey Barnet Rosenbloom Maryland 

Thomas J. Rossi New York 

Anthony J. Rubino Maryland 

Lauren von Eggers Rudd Maryland 

James Nelson Ryon Maryland 

Ronald Steven Rzeczkow^ski Maryland 

Stephen Howard Sacks Maryland 

Walter Leopold Samet Maryland 

John J. Sari New Jersey 

Francis Guy Saunders Maryland 

Clifford George Scheibach Maryland 

Marvin Terry Schlenoff Maryland 

Paul Tracy Schmitz Maryland 

Charles Wiedt Schneider Maryland 

Maury Carl Schneider Maryland 

Lewis Robert Schnetzka Pennsylvania 

Larry Alan Schott Virginia 

Richard Barry Schulman Maryland 

Harold George Schwab, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Robert Schwartz New York 

Sheila Anne Seaton Maryland 

William Michael Seganish Maryland 

Russell Lee Seifert Maryland 

Robert F. Sellers Maryland 

Richard Shack Maryland 

LoRRiE Alan Shafer Maryland 

Mary Ann Shannon Maryland 

Richard G. Shaw New York 

John Lloyd Sheaffer, III Pennsylvania 

Charles Conaway Shelton Maryland 

Charles Werner Shuffle, Jr Virginia 

Donald Frank Silver Maryland 

Richard Ira Silverman Maryland 

Stephen Ira Silverman Maryland 

Donald Jay Simons Maryland 

LiNWOOD Coard Simpler Maryland 

Linda Lucille Sims Maryland 

Karen Starr Sinclair Maryland 

Larry Ellis Singer Maryland 

Michael David Singer Maryland 

Carl William Slater Maryland 

Creston Martien Smith, III Maryland 

Donald Hugh Smith Maryland 

Jeffry Burt Smith Maryland 

Linda Jean Smith Maryland 

Richard Henry Smith Maryland 

Robert Alfred Smith, III Maryland 

Robert Dee Smith Maryland 

Russell Phillips Smith, III Maryland 

Steven Owen Smith Maryland 

Paul Richard Sobel Maryland 

Stephen Garrett Sonner Maryland 

Richard Park Sorrell, Jr Maryland 

RoDRiGO A. SOTELA Maryland 

Michael Dennis Spencer Oregon 

Richard Allen Spencer Maryland 

James Langford Spies Maryland 

Erle Marshall Stacy, Jr Maryland 

Nicholas Alan Stacy Maryland 

John Alfred Stalfort, II Maryland 

Christian William Stauffer Maryland 

Jess J. Stearn Maryland 

Timothy H. Stearns Virginia 

John Christian Stern Maryland 

Kenneth A. Steuer Maryland 

James Fred Stewart Maryland 

Edward Lewis Stillie Maryland 

Charles Fredrick Stolte, Jr Maryland 

Russell Edwin Strand Maryland 

Paul Edward Streckfus Maryland 

Robert Thomas Stumpff Pennsylvania 

Betsy J. Sugar Maryland 

Edwin Kemper Sullivan, 3^..Pennsylvania 

Michael Allen Sullivan Maryland 

Michael George Sullivan Maryland 

William Gary Sullivan Maryland 

Emanuel Pete Summerfield, Jr.. Maryland 

John Roy Sundergill Maryland 

Robert Gordon Sutherland Maryland 

James Wilson Swindell Maryland 

Norman Ernest Sykes Maryland 

John Thomas Szymkowicz D.C. 

James William Tagert, Jr Maryland 

James N. Talbert Maryland 

Robert Gary Tash D.C. 

Elwath Scott Tawes Maryland 

Lisa Noel Taylor D.C. 

Robert Eugene Taylor, Jr Maryland 

John Terziu, III Maryland 

Calvin VanLear Thomas, Jr Maryland 

Donald Wilfred Thompson Maryland 

University of Maryland 59 

Gary Fritz Thompson New Jersey 

Guy Antonio Toscano Maryland 

John A. Trachy, Jr New Jersey 

Charles Francis Trayers Maryland 

James Acie Tribbitt Maryland 

William Foust Vance Maryland 

Brian Roy VanAtta Maryland 

Carroll Edward Vanik Maryland 

John David Vazzana Maryland 

Luis Velarde Maryland 

Elmon Louis Vernier, Jr Maryland 

Anthony Speros VEaisis Maryland 

John E. Vincent Virginia 

Robert Francis Vogelsang, Jr.. ..Maryland 

Clarence Joseph VonDrehle Maryland 

Ronald Warren Waggoner Maryland 

Donald Kemp Wakefield Maryland 

Leon Walczak Maryland 

Robert Dennis Waldman Maryland 

Joseph V. Walega Maryland 

Fred Albert Walker, Jr Maryland 

Allan Raymond Walls Maryland 

David Earl Walp Maryland 

Sanford Kai Walters Maryland 

Richard Hardy Warfield Maryland 

Harold Jefferson Warner, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Franklin Waters Maryland 

Douglas Alan Weaver Maryland 

Melvin Stanijiy Weinstein Maryland 

Ray James West Maryland 

Douglas Alan Wetzel Maryland 

Steven Allen Whisler Virginia 

David Dreka Widner Maryland 

Harlan Gordon Wilder Washington 

Melvin Frederick Williams, Jr D.C. 

Gary B. Williams New Jersey 

Sue C. Wills Maryland 

LiNDALEE Wilson Maryland 

Leah Ruth Winterling Maryland 

Frederick William Wood, III Maryland 

James Earl Wood Maryland 

William Francis Woods Maryland 

Robert William Worral Maryland 

John MacNair Wright, III Georgia 

Joseph Phillips Wright, Jr Maryland 

Michael Edward Yakimchick. ...Marj/ia-nd 

Dale Carl Yeakel Maryland 

Michael Willard Yourtee Virginia 

Joan Ann Zaciewski Maryland 

Arthur John Zdobysz D.C. 

Robert Howard Zehner Pennsylvania 

Paul Toxey Zeigler Maryland 

Robert HiRSCH Zitin Pennsylvania 

Steven Terry Zweig Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jane Ann Ahern Maryland 

Rae Shelley Amsellem Maryland 

Jeanne Alice Aschenbrenner.. ..Marytond 

Helen H. Backus Maryland 

Deborah Ellen Bass Maryland 

Andrea Marie Bauer Maryland 

Carol Emily Bauer Maryland 

Marian Becker Maryland 

Linda Lee Deuchler Beechener 


Rebecca Ann Beers Maryland 

Paula Bernice Beldock Maryland 

Louis Robert Berlin Maryland 

William Hillary Bessling, 11... .Maryland 

Barbara Jean Betts Pennsylvania 

Pamela Ruth Blau Maryland 

Angele Jacqueline Bledsoe Maryland 

Adrienne Laurel Blicher Maryland 

Nancy Maxine Block Maryland 

Rebecca Ann Blythe Maryland 

Joanne M. Bobus Maryland 

Linda Sue Bohn Maryland 

Cecelia Kim Borofka Maryland 

Julian Paul Boryczewski New Jersey 

Gloria Jean Boyer Maryland 

MARY Catherine Brady Virginia 

ZiGMAS JuRGis Bucevicius Maryland 

Ellen Beth Burg Maryland 

Linda K. Burns Maryland 

Nancy Judith Burtram Maryland 

Rebecca Jayne Caldwell Maryland 

Jeannette Sara Carasso Maryland 

Mary Sue Carlton Maryland 

Alvin Long Cheston Maryland 

Ronald Cohen Maryland 

Thelma Elyse Cohen Maryland 

Judith Fancey Coleman Maryland 

Julian Sale Cox Maryland 

Barbara Ann Crampton Maryland 

Martha Luttrell Dean Maryland 

60 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Noah Benjamin Dize, III Maryland 

Charles J. Doherty Maryland 

Susan Emily Donoughe Maryland 

Martha Jane Doogan Maryland 

Barbara Jo Dubnoff New Jersey 

Andrea Dee Dubow Maryland 

Judith Frances Duvall Maryland 

Daniel Jay Ebert Maryland 

Jane Harvey Edwards Utah 

Gloria Eisenberg Maryland 

Wanna May Ernst Maryland 

Judith Reitman Faber Maryland 

S. Christina Farrera Maryland 

Katherine Parvis Ferris Maryland 

Thomas Burwell Field Maryland 

Bonnie Alice Finn Pennsylvania 

Rhona Marcia Fisher Maryland 

Mary Helen Foote Maryland 

Sara Ellen Foster Maryland 

Lawrence Valentine Ga.ixiogi.y.. Maryland 

Robert IjEE Caring, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Anderson Collins Gay 


Priscilla Grace Geisler Maryland 

Eileen Barbara Gevins Maryland 

Robin Meredith Gillespie Maryland 

William Joseph Godwin, Jr Delaware 

Theresa Mary Goldberg Maryland 

Lynne Barton Graber Maryland 

Howard Alan Gradet Maryland 

Ruth Ellen Grant Maryland 

Mary DeMarzo Green Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Griepenkerl Maryland 

Sheila Neustadt Grossman Maryland 

INA L. Hackerman Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Hall Maryland 

Susan Vera Hamill Maryland 

Elizabeth Newton Harper Maryland 

Elaine Susan Harris Maryland 

Thomas Julius Ludwig Hausmann 


Juliette Haymes Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Haynes Connecticut 

Michael Scott Henry Maryland 

JuANiTA Midgette Hepler Maryland 

Gloria A. Hill Maryland 

Gretchen Ann Howard Illinois 

Rebecca Anne Huber D.C. 

True Alan Hurler Maryland 

Susan Cromer Hudson Maryland 

Helen V. Jacobson D.C. 

Barbara Ann Jahnel D.C. 

Deborah Ann Johnson Maryland 

Diane Linda Johnson Maryland 

Edlea K. Jones Maryland 

Fontaine Carrington Jones Maryland 

Judith Ann Jones Maryland 

Sharon Kay Jones Maryland 

Ann Rbibecca Keller Maryland 

Ellen Wade Kingsley Maryland 

Joseph Fitzhugh Knox Maryland 

Barbara Ann Koerwer Maryland 

Gloria Joan Kozak Maryland 

Carole Joyce Kriesel Maryland 

Cynthia Cornick Lawrence Maryland 

Susan Gail Lebowitz Maryland 

Alice Suzanne Lee Maryland 

Vera Yvonne Leffman Maryland 

Paul Emerson Leiberton Maryland 

Anne Helene Levin Maryland 

Shirley Ann Lifschitz Maryland 

Nancy A. Lipsitz New York 

Danvers Edward Long Maryland 

Sandra Irene Long Maryland 

Lynda Barbara Lord Maryland 

Keith Edward Malkus Maryland 

Demetra Catina Mandis Maryland 

Roberta Jeanne Mapp D.C. 

Susan Helen Martin New York 

Dawn Danette Maurer Maryland 

Nora Cullen McCarthy Maryland 

Margaret Ruth McCauley Maryland 

Nancy Jane McDowell Maryland 

Francine Marie McKenna Maryland 

Sandra Lee Mblad Maryland 

Kay Ferrell Mikula Maryland 

Barbara Helen Miliman Maryland 

Brian Frederick Miller Maryland 

Prances Ann Miller Maryland 

James Todd Miller Maryland 

Karen Lois Miller Maryland 

Susan Marie Minion Maryland 

Jo Ann Mockabee Maryland 

Joan Gail Moosally Maryland 

Dorothy W. Morris Maryland 

Alexa Carpenter MoscARDELLi....7lfarj/;oK4 

Willard Gordon Mouser Maryland 

Edward Elliotte Neese Maryland 

Barry Richard Norkin Maryland 

Bonnie Frances North Maryland 

Michael Edward O'Leary Maryland 

Janet Louise Orban Maryland 

Elizabeth J. Pastis Maryland 

Wayne Vincent Pawlowski. ...ConnecticMt 

Michael Wilson Perrine Maryland 

Pamela Ann Perry California 

Elaine Ellen Piatt Maryland 

Miriam Faye Pittle Maryland 

Mary Jean Ramsey Maryland 

Gayle Aleathea Redmond Maryland 

Robert James Reed Maryland 

Mary Jean Rehmer Maryland 

University of Maryland 6 1 

Marsha Kay Rendely Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Reynolds Maryland 

Judith Carol Richstatter Maryland 

Kathleen Camille Rogers Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Rose Maryland 

George Raymond Rousseau Virginia 

Grace Anne Rowell Maryland 

Naomi Ruth Sabghir Maryland 

Loretta Singer Saff Georgia 

Brenda L. Sandler Maryland 

Judith Ruth Satine Maryland 

Joan Marie Scanlon Maryland 

Barbara Jean Scheible Maryland 

Margaret Alayne Scibek Maryland 

Gus William Sclafani Connecticut 

Marian G. Segal Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Sherman Maryland 

Judith Adrian Siegel Maryland 

Susan Louise Sleeman Maryland 

Maxine Smelkinson Maryland 

Sharon A. Smith Maryland 

Rosemary Wertz Snapp Maryland 

Linda Diane Sobczak Maryland 

Kathleen Conway Southern Florida 

Marsha Harriet Stahler Maryland 

Pamela S. Stratton Maryland 

Susan Phyllis Streeter Pennsylvania 

Frances Lee Sumers Maryland 

Stephen Paul Tarason Maryland 

Kenneth Barry Taubenfeld Maryland 

Dianna Teen Taylor Maryland 

Saundra Anne Temple Maryland 

Christopher Martin Thomas Maryland 

Susan Allen Thompson Maryland 

John Henry Tiehm Maryland 

Alan Richard Tokosch Maryland 

Pamela Jean Tolen Maryland 

Sheila Maureen Tolliver Maryland 

Lois F. Tomkins Maryland 

S. H. Regina Turner Maryland 

Jean Jo Van Sant Maryland 

Thelma Rosalie Wacks Maryland 

Deborah Rae Waldman Maryland 

Mary Rebecca Wallace Maryland 

Janet Anne Ward Maryland 

Faye Fuller Weedman Maryland 

Craig James Weincek Maryland 

James Clifton Welbourne Maryland 

Timothy Francis Welsh Maryland 

Brother Bernard Weston Maryland 

Sandra Joyce White Maryland 

Kathryn Joan Wiener Maryland 

Emma Willner Maryland 

Katherine Elizabeth Winchester 


Karen Ruth Winston Maryland 

Sherlynn Nancy Woolfson Maryland 

Richard Thomas Wright Maryland 

Teddy Rae Yanovich Maryland 

Ilene E. Zetlin Maryland 

Karen Esther Zoll Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Jacqueline Gay Abelman Maryland 

Nina Henriette Abramowitz Maryland 

Phyllis Suzette Adams Maryland 

Matthew Gerard Allnut Maryland 

Jean Carol Almond Maryland 

Judith Margaret Anderson Maryland 

Edward Anthony Andrejak, Jr.. Maryland 

Elena Stephanie Andrys Maryland 

Emily Louise Antin Maryland 

Ralph Edward Apperti Maryland 

William James Arnold New York 

Helene Cokas Athanason Maryland 

Sandra J. Audish Maryland 

Kathleen Keane Babington Maryland 

Barbara Jean Bachtell Maryland 

Carolyn Elaine Bailey Maryland 

Jeanne Carol Bair Pennsylvania 

Arthur DeWitt Baker Maryland 

Janice LY>tN Baker Maryland 

Kenneth Robert Baker Maryland 

Harry Banks Maryland 

Marcia Baraff Maryland 

Arlene Michelle Barkan Maryland 

Eleanor Joyce Barney Maryland 

Elizabeth C. Barton Maryland 

Doris Nadine Bates Maryland 

Karen Ruth Baum Maryland 

Eileen Armstrong Bell Maryland 

Laura Ann Bell Maryland 

Patricia Alice Bell New York 

Sherry Marva Bender Maryland 

Christine Annette Bennett Maryland 

HOLLACE Louise Bergman Maryland 

Richard L. Bergman Maryland 

Judith Berkowitz Maryland 

Susan Berman Maryland 

Caroline Callahan Berry Maryland 

Nancy Sue Best Maryland 

Richard Bruce Billups Maryland 

Constance Larue Billy Maryland 

62 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Martha Louise Bizot Maryland 

Constance Dee Blacksin Maryland 

Joyce Currier Blakely Virginia 

Barbara Ellen Blonder Maryland 

Sandra Ricki Bloom Maryland 

Rochelle E. Blumberg Maryland 

Paula Rae Bogen Maryland 

Susan Jane Bond Maryland 

Donald William Bonnett Maryland 

Thomas Elliott Booth Maryland 

David Richard Bouchard Rhode Island 

Martin Bruce Bowser Maryland 

Karen Louise Bradley Maryland 

Virginia Lee Bradley Maryland 

Judith Ellen Brazee Maryland 

William Brewster Maryland 

Karen Ann Broderick D.C. 

Frances Ruth Brodsky Maryland 

Gail Sondra Brodsky Maryland 

Alexis Bronrott Maryland 

Carol Anne Brooks Maryland 

Gail Goldman Brooks Maryland 

Sandra Brooks Maryland 

Dianne Sharon Brott Maryland 

Donna Esther Browdy Maryland 

Helene Annie Brown Bermuda 

Paul Joseph Brown, Jr Maryland 

Linda Boyer Brundrett Maryland 

Nancy O. Bruns Maryland 

Anastasia Buas Maryland 

John Buchert Pennsylvania 

ViCKi BUCKLAND Maryland 

William Russell Bullivant Maryland 

Ruth Josephine Burdette Marylayid 

Sandra Kay Bushey Maryland 

Virginia Isabelle Buttermore.. ..Marj//a«d 

Shirley Ann Cabral Marylayid 

Joan Leslie Morrell Cagan Maryland 

Carol Marie Caldwell Maryland 

Barbara Jean Capasso Maryland 

Rhoda Florence Capet Maryland 

Arlene Caplan Maryland 

Ilene Caplan Maryland 

Carol Joyce Caponiti Maryland 

Diane Hall Carpenter Maryland 

Carol A. Carr Maryland 

Anita Carol Catzva Maryland 

Margaret Ann Cavanagh Maryland 

Linda Jean Cederberg North Carolma 

Anthony James Cerra Pennsylvania 

Virginia Charlene Chambers.. ..Marj/fanrf 

Thomas John Cichowski Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Clark Maryland 

Paul Linwood Clemmitt Maryland 

James O'Connor Coady Maryland 

Barbara Leola Coleman Maryland 

Tracy Carlisle Coleman, Jr Maryland 

Jean Paige Colenda New York 

Pamela Elaine Collins Maryland 

Ann Davis Connor Maryland 

Prudence R. Corson Maryland 

Margaret Frances Costello Maryland 

Don Charles Walter Craig Maryland 

Charlotte Louise Brake Ckaig.. Maryland 

Karen Holley Craig Marylayid 

Olene C. CriSAfulli Maryland 

Frank Winfield Cronkrite Maryland 

Dorothy Watters Cruz Maryland 

Carole J. Curtis Maryland 

Carol May Custer Marylayid 

Richard Theodore Gulp, Jr Maryland 

Sharon Irene Dann Maryland 

Raymond Perry Danner, II Maryland 

Sharon C. Danner Maryland 

Joe Ronnie Darner Marylayid 

Vivian Darr Maryland 

Dawn Bette Daudelin Maryland 

Virginia Lea David Maryland 

DoREEN Sue Davidson Maryland 

Evelyn Carol Davis Maryland 

Mary Alice Dayton Maryland 

Barbara Gayle Deitz Marylayid 

William Hodges Dempsey, Jr D.C. 

Anna Marion de Nobel Marylayid 

Cheryl Marie DePue Maryland 

Sara Paul DeVane Maryland 

Sherry Anne Dietle Maryland 

Stephen Douglas Divelbiss. .Pf»)(S!y/i'aHia 

William B. Dixon, III Maryland 

Carolyn R. Dodge Maryland 

Eileen Marie Donnellan Maryland 

Mavis Virginia Dornburg Marylayid 

Carolyn T. Downey Maryland 

Kathleen Clare Duck Marylayid 

Barbara Valerie DuCote Maryland 

Jo-Ann Carol Dunn Maryland 

Diane Merle Dvoskin Maryland 

Jane Eagen Earnest Maryland 

Etta E. Eberly Virginia 

Diane Lynn Eggleston Maryland 

Stephany Einstein Maryland 

Elizabeth B. Eisen Maryland 

Judy Marsha Eisenberg Maryland 

Ellen Sue Ellison Maryland 

Myra Esther Epstein Maryland 

Natalie Phyliss Ezrine Maryland 

Alan Edward Fabiszak Maryland 

Bonnie N. Fagan Marylayid 

Katherine V. Paycheck Maryland 

Cheryl J. Fechtelkotter Maryland 

David Barnett Feigin Maryland 

Caroline Feil Maryland 

University of Maryland 63 

Donna Sue Feinblum ..Maryland 

Arlene Beth Feingold D.C. 

RossiE L. Feldman Maryland 

Nancy Ann Fiedler Maryland 

GAYLE Cynthia Finkelstein Maryland 

Marye Stokes Fitchett Maryland 

Ralph Tanner Flanagan Maryland 

Joan Pauline Flayhart Maryland 

Wendy Starr Flegal Maryland 

Marcia Holben Ford Maryland 

Thomas Latimer Ford, III Maryla^id 

Marilyn Louise Fowler Maryland 

Janice Hubert Fradkin Maryland 

Charlotte Suzanne Free Maryland 

Bonnie Faye Freedman Maryland 

Barbara Joan Freer Maryland 

Judith Friedberg Maryland 

Nancy Lea Friedlander Maryland 

GoLDiE Friedman Maryland 

Gerald L. Frushour Maryland 

Pamela Gail Fuller Maryland 

Faye Ruth Funkhouser Maryland 

Marcia Rosalind Gamerman Maryland 

Beverly Garber Maryland 

Lauretta L Gates Maryland 

Kay F. Geller Maryland 

Marguerite Anne Genetti Maryland 

Cheryl Sue Gilbert Maryland 

Barbara Gimble Maryland 

ESTELLE Glaser Maryland 

Suzanne Carol Glazer Maryland 

Marjorie Sharon Goff Maryland 

Diane Gordon Maryland 

Francis F. Grambo, Jr Maryland 

Lenore Ellen Gran Maryland 

Ilene Joanne Granat Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Grayson Maryland 

Joan Blythe Greenbaum New York 

Carol A. Greeson Maryland 

Janet Ellen Griffin Maryland 

Beverly Jane Grim Maryland 

Cristina Luise Grimes Maryland 

Peggy Ann Grunby Maryland 

Jane Margaret Gubisch Maryland 

Linda Carol Habersat Maryland 

Beverly Edna Hall Maryland 

Donald Penn Hall Maryland 

Helen Charlotte Ham D.C. 

Linda Ellen Hammond Maryland 

Esther Carole Hancock Virginia 

Michael Robert Haney Maryland 

John Stanley Hanlon Maryland 

Molly Shan Harness Maryland 

Andrea Susan Harrell Virginia 

Carol R. Harris Virginia 

Katherine Miller Harris Maryland 

Lois Jean Harris Maryland 

Margaret Kristen Harris Maryland 

Janet Richardson Hart Maryland 

Joanne Hart Maryland 

John Paul Havrilak Maryland 

Mary Helen Heath Virginia 

Barbara Helen Heider Maryland 

Louis Heiserman Maryland 

Gloria Forte Henderson Maryland 

Edna N. Henry Maryland 

Kathleen Mae Henry Maryland 

Charles W. Henyon, Jr. Maryland 

Jean Henyon Maryland 

Sally Lou Hess Maryland 

Carol Anita Hilsberg Maryland 

Fay Celeste Hilterbrick Maryland 

Gail Lorraine Hipple Maryland 

Helene Anne Hirsh Maryland 

Margaret Elliott Hitchcock Maryland 

Carole G. Hoch Maryland 

Michelle Hochman Maryland 

Carol Loveless Holden Maryland 

Judith Alonne Hollar Maryland 

Paula Y. Holtan Maryland 

Marjorie Nichols Holzapfel Maryland 

Barbara Anne Homan Maryland 

Joan Nelson Hook Maryland 

John David Horman Maryland 

Barbara Ann Houston Maryland 

Richard Leonard Howard Maryland 

DiANNE Marilyn Uowells.. North Carolina 
Suzanne Marie HowELLS-.A^ort/i Carolina 

Patricia Marian Huhn Maryland 

David Marion Humphreys Maryland 

Mary Antoinette Husman Maryland 

Margaret Jean Hussong Maryland 

Terry Dale Imhoff Maryland 

Thomas Miller Imphong Maryland 

Anne E. Inman Maryland 

Sandra Wise Jackley Maryland 

Elizabeth May Jackson Maryland 

Winnie Faye Jackson Maryland 

Rose Ann Jarboe Maryland 

Lorraine Carol Javier ; Maryland 

Judith Ann Jester Maryland 

Nancy Marguerite Jobe Maryland 

Beverly Anne Johnson Maryland 

DoRLA Faye Johnson Maryland 

Myrtle Lee Johnson Maryland 

Pearl H. Johnson Maryland 

Barbara Anne Jones Maryland 

Dawn M. Patterson Jones Maryland 

Gerry Dwight Jordan Maryland 

Sandra Judith Judman Maryland 

Lorraine Frances Kaufman Maryland 

Jbian Lynn Keller Maryland 

64 -^^^5 Commencement Exercises 

MARGARET Freeman Kelpy Maryland 

Linda Hilary Kbmpner South Carolina 

Charles Frederick KERLEai Maryland 

Gail Patricia Kerstetter Maryland 

Marsha Sue Kessler Maryland 

Carol A. King Maryland 

Barbara Anne Kirk Maryland 

Elaine Lancastb^i KiRKPATRiCK..Ma/-2/ta7i4 
Mary P. Mulville KiRKPATRiCK..Mar2/te»Mi 


Maurice Lee Kirwan Maryland 

Patricia M. Kittock Virginia 

Linda Cutting Kitzmiller Maryland 

Susan Lynn Klarberg New York 

Carole Ann Klase Maryland 

Frances Raye Klatzkin Maryland 

Barbara Ruth Klein Maryland 

Brenda Marcia Klein Maryland 

Stephen Richard Klein Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Klein Maryland 

Agnes Fay Kleinhen Maryland 

Nancy Lee Knauff Maryland 

Ellen Sheila Knitz Maryland 

Linda Sue Kohn Maryland 

Linda Jean Kramer Maryland 

Dorothy A. Krumrein Maryland 

David Arthur Lambert Maryland 

MARY Kathleen Lane Maryland 

Carolyn Louise Lanzillotti Maryland 

Mary Rita Lappin Maryland 

Mary T. Laskey Maryland 

Violet Barbe Leach Maryland 

Bonnie Susan Lean Maryland 

John William Lebold, Jr Maryland 

Thelma E. Lebovic Maryland 

Sandra Jean Lee Maryland 

William Thomas Lee,, Jr Maryland 

Marguerite T. Lehrfeld Maryland 

LAURA R. Lehrman Maryland 

Harry Aron Lerner Maryland 

Joan Kaye Lerner Maryland 

Ellen T. Lessans Maryland 

Sharon Lynn Leventhal Maryland 

Toby Ann Levinson Maryland 

Ruth Michelson Levy Maryland 

Elizabeth Heninger Lewis Maryland 

Leo Emil Lezzer Maryland 

Shirley May Licklider Maryland 

Robyne Ilene Lieberman Maryland 

Sharyn Iris Lief Maryland 

Sylvia Marie Lines Maryland 

Sharon T. Litt Maryland 

Roberta Joy Littman Maryland 

Walter Wayne Litzau Maryland 

Barbara Je:anne Lockwood Maryland 

Barbara Joyce Lodge Maryland 

Renee Lipsic Loeb Maryland 

Ethel Keith Lowe Maryland 

Brian G. Lowery Maryland 

Roberta Joann Luchetti Maryland 

Kathleen Mary Lyons Maryland 

Clare Andrea MacCallum Maryland 

Andrew Lawrence Mac KENZiE..Mar2/;cwid 

Sherry True Mader Maryland 

Hannah B. Mainen Maryland 

Rose Marie Maisti Maryland 

Angelike Xidon Maoury Maryland 

Robert Anthony Marano Maryland 

Lawrence Melvin March Maryland 

Julia F. Marchant Maryland 

Jane Ellen Markin Maryland 

Joseph Thomas Marsden Maryland 

Joan Patton Martin Maryland 

Jo-Ann Marie Martin Maryland 

Sharon Jo Martin Maryland 

Thomas Wayne Maske Maryland 

Edward Donald Mason Maryland 

Emily Regina Massey Florida 

Christine Marie Mastbrook Maryland 

Joan Ann Masterson Maryland 

Esther BsaiNiCE Max Maryland 

Betty Jeian Mayer Maryland 

John Earl McBride Maryland 

Louise Spencer McCarron B.C. 

Barbara Jean McClain Maryland 

Joan L. McClure Maryland 

Michael Dudley McElroy Maryland 

Colleen Consuelo McFARLAND....Mor2/tan<i 

Kathleen McHugh Maryland 

Carol Ann McIntosh Maryland 

Jane de Chantal McKenney Maryland 

Patricia Anne McNelly Maryland 

Francis Clay McNerney Maryland 

John Harold Meeks Florida 

Ellen Posner Mendelson Maryland 

Judy Adams Meredith Maryland 

Jean Louise Messer Maryland 

James Marshall Meyerle Maryland 

Michele Lu Meyerson Maryland 

Marlene Renee Milewsky Maryland 

Karen Ruth Millar California 

Ellen Rae Miller Maryland 

Eugene Gregory Miller Maryland 

Lester Ray Miller Maryland 

Ruth Joyce Miller Maryland 

Shirley Ann Miller Maryland 

Marilyn Pamela Mintzes Maryland 

Barbara Jean Mohr Maryland 

Charles Edward Moore, Jr Maryland 

Shelby Jean Moore Maryland 

John A. Morarre Maryland 

June K. Morgenstern Maryland 

University of Maryland 65 

Harold Warren Morris Maryland 

Marjorie Sue Morton Maryland 

Susan Elaine Mossburg Maryland 

Jo Ann Mullis Maryland 

Thomas A. Murray, Jr New Jersey 

Joyce Audrey Nash Maryland 

Patricia Mae Needle Maryland 

Marcy Neuman Maryland 

Robert Lawrence Noble Maryland 

Marilyn W. Norris Maryland 

Eileen Joyce Nussbaum Maryland 

Ann Frances Oberg Maryland 

Catherine Corinne O'Brien Maryland 

Helen Marie O'Connell Maryland 

Paul Thomas O'Connell Maryland 

Harriet Karen Oksner Maryland 

Martha Freden Olson Virginia 

James William Oliver Maryland 

William Samuel Opdyke, Jr Maryland 

Cecilia Orenberg Maryland 

Carlo Pietro Pacione Maryland 

Sheila C. Pappalardo Maryland 

Charles Edward Pascale Maryland 

Rosemary Theresa Pataky Maryland 

Barbara Jean Payne Maryland 

Susan Gail Pelzer Maryland 

Thomas George Peters Maryland 

William Halford Pierce Maryland 

Priscilla J. PiLSON Maryland 

Carol Frances Plotka Maryland 

Sara Frances Podgur Maryland 

Bessie Sue Podolsky Maryland 

Ellen R. Pokress D.C. 

Frances Louise Polky D.C. 

Audrey Goldseker Polt Maryland 

Linda Dorothy Poppleton Maryland 

Carole June Porter Maryland 

Pamela Gai Potter Maryland 

Samuel Benjamin Powell Maryland 

Antoinette Louise Prince Maryland 

Delbert Alan Proudfoot Maryland 

Caroline Bascom Purdy Maryland 

Jane Ellen Purkins Maryland 

Sharon Wilkinson Quade Maryland 

Leanne Quick Maryland 

Pamela Jo Quidley Maryland 

Patricia Ann Quinn Missouri 

Phyllis S. Ramsey Maryland 

Grace Scull Rand Maryland 

Jeannine C. Rattbhjree Maryland 

Nancy Cheryl Rawlings Maryland 

Rochelle Susan Raych Maryland 

Carrollton EpwARD Reese, Jr Maryland 

Sharon Helene Resnick Maryland 

Sandra D. Rhinehart Maryland 

Jean Spinner Richards Maryland 

Kenneth Gerard Ridenour Maryland 

Katherine Gwendolyn Ridge Virginia 

Donald Francis Ridgeway Maryland 

Susan Gayle Riggle Maryland 

William Eugene Rigler Maryland 

Sharon Kay Risinger Maryland 

Dolores D. Roberson Maryland 

Mary R. Roberts Maryland 

Betsy Jean Robinson Maryland 

Frank Anthony Rocco Maryland 

Joan Dana Romero Maryland 

Barbara Ann Ronald Maryland 

Andrea Sue Rosen New Jersey 

Sherry Mae Rosen Maryland 

Nancy J. Rosenfelder Maryland 

Jane Karen Rosenthal Maryland 

Terry Royce Rothstein Maryland 

Wayne L. Routson Maryland 

Evelyn P. Roy Maryland 

Jeanne Rippon Sagle Maryland 

Joan Ruatto Maryland 

Sheryl Harriet Rubin Maryland 

Pamela Jean Rudden California 

Nadine Iris Rudo Maryland 

Thomas Paul Rumple, Jr Maryland 

Joanne Moler Runkles Maryland 

Judith May Rutkin Florida 

PAUL Clifton Rybon Maryland 

Annette Esther Sachs Maryland 

Ellen Susan Sagal Maryland 

William Benson Salisbury Maryland 

Janet R. Sapp Maryland 

Harriet G. Sapperstein Maryland 

Susan Stuetz Saunders Maryland 

Terry Doreen Saunders Maryland 

Joseph Schek Maryland 

Carole Lyn Schenker Maryland 

Arlene Frances Scherr Maryland 

Joanne Cathy ScHiNDELHEiM....Arew York 
Daniel Norman ScHNEEWEiss....iVew York 

John Charles Schnell Maryland 

James Edward Schoolfield Maryland 

Mary Georgeann Schorr Maryland 

Jean Ann Schuerholz Maryland 

RoNA Kaplan Schultz Maryland 

B. Anne Schwartz Virginia 

Judy Rachelle Schwartz Maryland 

Sheldon Joshua Schwartz Maryland 

Robert Milroy Schwier Maryland 

Nancy Ellen Scott Maryland 

Susan M. Seidenberg Maryland 

Amy Janet Selby Maryland 

Leslie Wolf Seligmann Maryland 

Harriette Ann Settler Maryland. 

Margaret Elizabeth Shade Maryland 

Thomas Howard Shade Maryland 

66 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Earl Jerome Shaub, Jr Pennsylvania 

Bonnie Toba Sheinbaum D.C. 

Ruth Friedman Shilkret Maryland 

Wynne Siegel Maryland 

William Lee Sien Maryland 

Benita Susan Silber Maryland 

Frances Rae Silberman Maryland 

Karen Selma Silverman Maryland 

Nancy Jean Silverman Maryland 

Robert Allen Silverman Maryland 

Barbara Sue Sindler Maryland 

Joseph Paul Skellchock Maryland 

John Sherman Skidmore Maryland 

Geraldine Crockett Slaughter D.C. 

Linda Lee Slifer Maryland 

Beryl B. Sline Maryland 

Herbert Beaman Smith Maryland 

Jerry Lynn Smith Maryland 

Judith A. Smith Maryland 

Susan Lynn Sopher Maryland 

Gloria Thelma Springer Maryland 

Frank Hamilton Spofford Maryland 

Vincent Glenw^ood Spong Maryland 

Sally Louise Stanford Maryland 

Doris Jean Starling Maryland 

Beth Ann St. Clair Pennsylvania 

Pamela Ann Steenerson Maryland 

Carol Lee Steinberg Maryland 

Deborah Ann Stephens Maryland 

Jane Carol Stieber Maryland 

Sue Ellen Stiefel Maryland 

Susie Stinson Maryland 

ViCKi Mae Stokes Maryland 

June Elsie Streckfus Maryland 

Roberta Sandra Strully New York 

Jeffrey Saint John Stuart Maryland 

William Marshall Stukey Maryland 

Frances Leola Suffecool Maryland 

Norman Nelson Sullivan Maryland 

Helene Ruth Swartz Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Tamorria Virginia 

Nancy Anita Taubman Maryland 

Gail Lynne Teitel Maryland 

Jane Ellen Terzick Maryland 

Eileen S. Tesch Maryland 

Jo Ellen Thompson Maryland 

William Murray Thompson Maryland 

Donald Lee Thurman Maryland 

Patricia Ann Tidwell Maryland 

Mary Helen Tillman Maryland 

Rebecca Lee Timmons Maryland 

Patricia M. Trafton Maryland 

William B. Triplett, Jr Maryland 

Richard Eugene Trogold D.C. 

David Lyle Troshinsky Maryland 

Margaret Louise Trout D.C. 

Christine Mary Tsakiris Maryland 

Roland Sterling Turcott Maryland 

Jeanne Y. Umbarger Maryland 

Richard Henry Urban, Jr Maryland 

Carol Susan Valoris Maryland 

Linda Van Grack Maryland 

Sharon Rodin Wagshal Maryland 

Kathryn Lynn Walker Maryland 

Jesse W. Walter, Jr Pennsylvania 

Susi Walter Maryland 

Carol A. Warren Maryland 

Irene Marie Wattenberg Maryland 

Christina S. Webber Maryland 

Charlotte Ann Weese Maryland 

Elaine R. Weinstein Maryland 

Joan Lynn Weiss Maryland 

Rita Sharon Weiss Maryland 

Sue E. Wells Maryland 

Kathleen Frances Welsh Ne%v Jersey 

Susan Carton Wettstein Maryland 

Dorothy Edith Weymouth Maryland 

Joseph Vincfnt Wheatley Maryland 

Ethel White Maryland 

Richard Denwood White, III Maryland 

Salome Scarlett Widener Maryland 

Mary Susan Wierenga Maryland 

Cheryl Hiers Wilhoyte Ohio 

John H. Williams Maryland 

Monica Dian Williams Maryland 

Joyce Rita Wilner Maryland 

Susan Carol Wineburgh Maryland 

Ellen Dana Winston Maryland 

Geri Winter Maryland 

Marian Mason Wise Maryland 

Myra Lenhoff Wolf Maryland 

ViCKi Aline Woodrow Maryland 

Lee William Woods, Jr Maryland 

Ruth Ann Woodward Maryland 

Carol Jo Wool Maryland 

Blanche Dishner Wright Virginia 

Charles Jensen Wright Maryland 

Constance Marian Wright Maryland 

Mary Jane Wright Maryland 

Thomas Howard Yacko Maryland 

George Morris Yates, Jr D.C. 

Barbara Winn Yolken Maryland 

Marguerite A. Yutz New Jersey 

Betty Frances Zebley Maryland 

Jfrrold Lee Zimmerman Maryland 

L. Doris Zimmerman Maryland 

University of Maryland 67 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Robert B. Beckmann, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

William Stephen Adami, Jr Maryland 

Richard David Alberts Maryland 

George Peter Alexander Maryland 

William Francis Alter Maryland 

Charles Henry Amrhine Maryland 

John Donald Andrew, Jr Maryland 

Edward Keith Angerman..... Maryland 

Richard Charles Anthony Maryland 

Richard Thomas Antony Maryland 

James William Arford Maryland 

Richard Michael Armstrong Maryland 

James Douglas Arnoult Maryland 

Elliott Barton Aronson Maryland 

Clifford Larry Bahmer Maryland 

George William Baltz Maryland 

William Frederick Barnard Maryland 

Philip Edgar Barnes, III Maryland 

Thomas Roger Bartholomew Maryland 

John Lyle Bauserman Maryland 

William Rohrman Belfiexd Maryland 

Leonard Roger Benson Maryland 

William Spencer Betts, Jr. Pennsylvania 

James Jackman Bickley Maryland 

Stanley Norman Block Maryland 

Michael Stanley Blusiewicz Maryland 

Peter M. Bochnak Pennsylvania 

William Henry Bohli Maryland 

Bijan Bonakdarpour Maryland 

Arthur Latimer Bond Maryland 

Gary Robert Boxer Virginia 

William George Boyce Rhode Island 

Craig Nelson Boyer Maryland 

Ronald Edgar Bradley Maryland 

Michael D. Brady Maryland 

Donald Enfield Brand Maryland 

Bruce Allen Braunstein Maryland 

David Payton Brown Maryland 

Franklin Odell Brown Maryland 

Robert Meredith Brown, Jr Maryland 

Barry Jay Brownstein Maryland 

Harry Charles Brundick Maryland 

John Michael Buanno New York 

Robert Giles Bucklin Maryland 

Robert Francis Burke Maryland 

Edward Lee Campbell Maryland 

Clifford Howard Campen, Jr Maryland 

Wayne Leon Cannon Maryland 

Ronald Jaynes Carey Maryland 

Maurice Meeden Carter Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Cassizzi Maryland 

RODRIGO G. Castro Maryland 

Michael Fred Cheknikoff D.C. 

William Edward Chicca Maryland 

Victor Hugo Clark Maryland 

Norman Stanley Clerman Maryland 

Edward Archer Coale Maryland 

John Taylor Coax, Jr Pennsylvania 

Edward Augustus Cockey, TV ....Maryland 

Richard Vernon Colliflower Maryland 

Russell Frederick Collins Virginia 

Charles Edward Collison, 111. ...Maryland 

Gerald Rice Copeland Maryland 

Hugh Cropper, III Maryland 

David Conrad Cruze Maryland 

Victor Robert Culver D.C. 

Thomas Philip Darmody Maryland 

Maurizio Emilio DeFina Maryland 

Dorian Albert De Maio Maryland 

James Howard DeOms Maryland 

John Edward Determan Maryland 

James Merle Dewey New York 

Darian Nicholas Diachok Maryland 

Clarke Leroy Diekmann Maryland 

Alan Steven Dorenfeld Maryland 

Harvey Charles Dorney D.C. 

Edward Theodore Dortignac Maryland 

David Edwin Drackley Maryland 

Herbert Lester Drees D.C. 

Francis Allan Duffy Maryland 

Richard Sean Durkin Maryland 

Gordon Daniel Duvall Maryland 

John Clifton Eisberg Maryland 

Charles Robert Ellin Maryland 

Harvey Stuart Epstein Maryland 

Robert Leonard Epstein Maryland 

David Blair Fairbrother Maryland 

Nick A. Farmer Maryland 

Paul Stanley Feldman Maryland 

Robert Lawrence Ferguson, Jr. Maryland 

Jess Britton Ferrill Maryland 

Christian Henry Fink Maryland 

Fredric Philip Finkelstein Maryland 

Jeffrey Edward Firmin Maryland 

Clifford P. Flanagan Maryland 

Richard Donald Foltz Maryland 

James Charles Fonner Maryland 

Elwood Harold Forsht D.C. 

Walter M. Fountain Maryland 

Britt Madison Fox Maryland 

John E. Frazee Maryland 

68 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Richard Nelson Freemire Maryland 

Ronald Everitt Gallo Maryland 

Robert William Garrett Mart/land 

William Edmund Garrett Maryland 

Loyal Earl Gassman Maryland 

John Michael Geary Maryland 

Howard Jerome Gersch Maryland 

Edward Patrick Giblin, Jr Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Gilstad Maryland 

Edward James Gliniecki Maryland 

Lewis Richard Gould Maryland 

John Thomas Greeves Maryland 

Joseph A. Gresko Maryland 

Earl Laurence Grinis Maryland 

Glenn Barry Guard Maryland 

Russell Gay Gullett, Jr Maryland 

Bertrand Terry Gundersen Maryland 

Steve Athas Hagis Maryland 

Alan Barry Hats Maryland 

Arnold Ford Hall Maryland 

Martin Jay Hanna, III Maryland 

Allen Godden Hansen Maryland 

Melvin George Hardy Maryland 

Rodney Allen Harrill Maryland 

Adam John Haspert, Jr Maryland 

Keith Herbert Hawkes, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Orville Hayes, Jr D.C. 

William F. Headridge Maryland 

Dennis Van Heinbuch Maryland 

Ronald Chester Helstowski Maryland 

Harold H. Henegar, Jr D.C. 

William Francis Hermach Maryland 

Robert Patrick Hickey Maryland 

Ashley Hinman Maryland 

John Douglas Horrocks Maryland 

David Alexander Houser Maryland 

Robert Boyd Hoot Maryland 

William Thomas Howarth Maryland 

Robert James Howatt Maryland 

Wayne Lloyd Huffman D.C. 

Charles Theodore Hufnagel, Jr. 


Alan Martin Hymans Connecticut 

Henry Joseph Ingorvate Maryland 

Joseph John Isolato, Jr Marlyand 

Harvey Jacobson Maryland 

George Valentine Johnson, Jr. Maryland 

David Anthony Jones Maryland 

Sidney L. Jones Maryland 

John Edward Kacur Maryland 

William Ellwood Kallas Maryland 

Vasilios G. Karallas Maryland 

Georgios Katsimpiris Maryland 

Cobey Lee Kaufman Maryland 

Ronald Peter Kedzierski Maryland 

John Michael Kelley Maryland 

Joseph Edward Kennedy Maryland 

Jorge Enrique Khayatt Maryland 

Arthur Gordon Killinger Maryland 

Henry Steven Kimmel Maryland 

Ronnie Lee Kinsley Maryland 

Howard Charles Kline, Jr Maryland 

Kurt Doyle Knight Maryland 

Olawale Oyedokun Koleade Nigeria 

Mark Edward Kuklewicz Maryland 

Donald Thomas Langhorne, Sv...Maryland 

Edward Ronald Lara D.C. 

Gerald Fredrick Lash Maryland 

Fayette Mauzy Latham, III Maryland 

Joseph Parran Lawrence, III. ...Maryland 
Warren Edward Lawrence.. ..iJftode Island 

Thomas Franklin Leach Maryland 

John Simpson League, IV Maryland 

Ven Lone Lee Maryland 

Robert Eugene Lentz Maryland 

Stephen L. Liccini Maryland 

Stephen Minis Lightner Maryland 

Michael Stanley Linn D.C. 

Thomas Watkins Lloyd, Jr Maryland 

Jack Robert Lodge Maryland 

Alberto Jesus Lostaunau Maryland 

John Mervin Loxton, Jr Maryland 

Mohammad Maaghoul Maryland 

Christopher Holland Mader Maryland 

Tallman John Mahan, II Maryland 

Francis Terrence Markle Maryland 

Stanley Alan Markle Maryland 

Stanley Joel Marmorstein Maryland 

Alan Lee Martin Maryland 

Raymond Little Mazza Maryland 

Harry Gilbert McCain Maryland 

John William McCormick Maryland. 

Charles Michael McCoy Maryland 

James Ignatius McManus, III. ...Maryland 

Leonard Anthony Melka Maryland 

Vincent Joseph Mendes, Jr Maryland 

John Frederick Merz Maryland 

Charles Anthony Miller Maryland 

Walton Louis Miller, Jr Maryland 

Richard Moore Milstead Maryland 

Jerome John Monar Maryland 

James Cuff Moore Maryland 

Kenneth Morrison Moore Maryland 

Charles R. Moran Maryland 

Joseph Vincent Moskaitis Maryland 

Robert Marlin Mroz Maryland 

Andrew J. Myer, Jr Maryland 

Donald Lynn Myers Maryland 

Christos Louis Nicholson D.C. 

James A. Noble Maryland 

Christopher Edward Nohe Maryland 

Amnon B. Nomis Maryland 

University of Maryland 6y 

Stuart A. Norton Maryland 

Tony J. On D.C. 

George Parkin Ord Maryland 

Thomas Patrick O'Reilly Maryland 

Richard Douglas Osmond Maryland 

Clure H. Owen, Jr New York 

Brayton Oran Paul Maryland 

Edward Lee Pennington Maryland 

Charles Herman Peters Maryland 

Martin Marion Peters Maryland 

Ervin Kent Peterson Califorina 

Asa V. Peugh Maryland 

Robert Dorrington Pierce Maryland 

Walter R. Pierce Pennsylvania 

Robert H. Plank Pennsylvania 

Steven B. Pokotilow New Jersey 

Stanley A. Polk Maryland 


Jorge Portocarrero Maryland 

Milton Fayette Potter, Jr Maryland 

Alvin William Prebula, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Quinn Maryland 

Juan Carlos Ramirez Maryland 

Andrew Edward Ramisch Maryland 

Clarron Earl Render, Jr Maryland 

Robert Russell Rhinehart, Jr.. .Maryland 
Kenneth Stanley Richter, Jr.. .Maryland 

John Edward Ridgley Maryland 

John William Risinger Maryland 

Barry Jay Robbins Maryland 

David Stewart Roberts Maryland 

Hugh Russell Robey Maryland 

Robert Raber Robins Maryland 

Jeffrey Charles Robinson Maryland 

Robert Bruce Rodgers Pennsylvania 

David Lyman Rodman Rhode Island 

Stephen Ira Rome Maryland 

William Francis Rowell, Jr Maryland 

Meyer Louis Ruthenberg Maryland 

Nancy Ann Ryerse Maryland 

Beryl Sachs Maryland 

Fred Elliott Sacks Maryland 

Earl Salvadore Sauer Maryland 

Merle Leroy Saville Maryland 

Charles W. Schwendinger Maryland 

Michael Paul Segal Maryland 

Hassan Ali Seirafi Iran 

Philip Gene Sewell Maryland 

David Lauren Shanks Maryland 

Bernard Joseph Shelley Pennsylvania 

Thomas Berger Shepard Maryland 

Robert Ellis Shipe Maryland 

Sam Silverberg Maryland 

Paul Joseph Smith Maryland 

Lynn Rhodes Snively Maryland 

Stephen C. Snyder Maryland 

Lawrence William Sorace Maryland 

Robert Irvin Speight Maryland 

Barry Roland Springer Maryland 

Allen Wayne Stabler Maryland 

Richard Jean Howard Stepp Maryland 

Timothy Rugh Stormer Maryland 

George Stevens Sunday, Jr Maryland 

Edward Rocco Swinski Maryland 

Lawrence Purcell Talley Maryland 

Hugh Victor Tamassia, Jr Maryland 

Arthur J. Tang Hong Kong 

Emerson Beery Taylor, Jr. 

North Carolina 

John Dennis Taylor Maryland 

Robert Joel Taylor Peyinsylvania 

Robert Stanley Taylor, Jr Maryland 

Michael Gray Terry, Jr Maryland 

William Allen Tesch Maryland 

Claude Eugene Tew Maryland 

Richard James Thomas Maryland 

Anthony Robert Tini Maryland 

Peter Stephen Tinsley Maryland 

Constantine George Tjoumas. ...Marj//and 

Jose Luis Toro Ecuador 

William S. Turetsky Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Ugiansky Maryland 

Gregory James Vella Maryland 

James Paul Vonderhorst Maryland 

Donald A. Vore Maryland 

Frederick Charles WACHTLER....Afar2/?an(i 

Patrick Thomas Ward Maryland 

David Edwin Weatherby Maryland 

Richard Nelson Webb Maryland 

Kent LaRue Webster Pennsylvania 

NiLEs Thomas Welch Maryland 

Lawrence Anthony White Maryland 

Joseph Francis Wible Maryland 

Harold Lee Wierenga Maryland 

Mark Monroe Wilbur Maryland 

Richard Charles Wilkinson Virginia 

Robert Arthur Williams Maryland 

Ronald Allen Wilson Maryland 

Edward Evans Wimbush Maryland 

Victor William Wolynski Maryland 

Thomas Gene Woo Maryland 

Richard Frederick Wyvill Maryland 

Eric Werner Youngquist Maryland 

William David Yri Maryland 

Robert Edward Zimmerman Maryland 

David Michael Zinn Maryland 

70 1968 Commencement Exercises 


Candidates will be presented by Marjory Brooks, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Myrna Ellen Abrams Maryland 

Eileen Frances Adams Maryland 

Sue Carol Adams Maryland 

H. DiANNE Ahalt Maryland 

Karen McDaniel Andrew D.C. 

Nancy Phyllis Athebholt Maryland 

Barbara Mary Barkanic Maryland 

Anita Barton Virginia 

Mary Ann Christine Baylis Maryland 

Carol Ann Belcher Maryland 

Mary Jo Beneke Maryland 

Ellen Virginia Berry Maryland 

Ellen Rae Best Maryland 

Carol Ann Billett Maryland 

Donna Gushing Boettner Maryland 

Carolyn Bond Bowers Maryland 

Jo Ann Boyarsky Maryland 

Nancy Louise Brien Pennsylvania 

Alice May Cable Maryland 

Karolyn Martin Campbell Maryland 

Margaret Kathleen Carroll Maryland 

Rosemarie Catherine CiccoNE....Mar2/toMd 

Judith Ann Clark Maryland 

Donna Jean Clarke Maryland 

Karen Koenig Clearfield Maryland 

Roslyn Jaffe Cohen Maryland 

Kathleen Gayle Cooney Maryland 

Judy Ann Cooper Maryland 

Mary Ellen Bertram Copes Maryland 

Patricia Eileen Courchen Maryland 

Shirley Jelan Cox Maryland 

Edith A. Dabbs Maryland 

Elizabeth A. Dalsted Maryland 

Jacques Alexander DELLAVALLE..Mor?/Zawrf 

Margaret Eleanor Donald D.C. 

Kate Ann Ebbeler Maryland 

Gail Glover Elliott Maryland 

Nancy Margaret Ensor Maryland 

Dale Kathleen Everett Maryland 

Cheryl Ann Federline Maryland 

Anne H. Finegan Maryland 

Elaine Louise Folk Maryland 

Jeanne A. Francis Maryland 

Mary Catherine Franklin Maryland 

Nancy Frey New Jersey 

Gloria Ann Furman Maryland 

Linda Ann Gallant Maryland 

Barbara Rawlins Gasper Maryland 

Brenda Lynn Hahn Maryland 

Judith Ann Hall Maryland 

Roberta Louise Hall Maryland 

Nanci Ellen Hannon Maryland 

Ethne Lee Higginbotham Maryland 

Mary Jane Hoose Maryland 

Diane Marie Hopkins Maryland 

Geraldine Lillian Houck Maryland 

Barbara Jeanne Howard Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Hull Maryland 

Howard Franklin Humphries. ...Marjy/and 

Sharon Louise Husler Maryland 

Gail Maureen Jackson Maryland 

Susan Mary Jarosinski Maryland 

Mary-Helen Kesecker Maryland 

Louise Jeannette Kirby Maryland 

Karen Anne Knabe Maryland 

Cecile Beth Kremer Maryland 

Kathleen Mary Lazun Pennsylvania 

Kathleen Sarah Waugh Leonard 


Dianne F. Liapes Maryland 

Betty Louise Lucey Maryland 

Maureen Elizabeth Malone Maryland 

Mary Phyllis Marsiglia Maryland 

Mary Law McCormick Virginia 

Nancy Louise Monitor Maryland 

Patricia Anne Moody Maryland 

Sandra Kay Moore Maryland 

Helen Elizabeth Morgan Maryland 

Gregory Ralph Mullendore Maryland 

Paulette Roberta Mullinix Virginia 

Linda Sue Nelson Maryland 

Linda Kay Nicholson Maryland 

Mary Helen Osborn Maryland 

Eileen Ann Ott Maryland 

Barbara Susan Paymer Maryland 

Judith Ann Pensell Maryland 

Linda Helen Perkins Maryland 

Sydney Elizabeth Phillips Maryland 

Judith N. Rabenhorst Maryland 

Lorraine Vernon Rackham Maryland 

ViCKi Lee Richard Maryland 

Linda Lanham Roberts Maryland 

Diane Joyce Roby Maryland 

Sandra Sue Rosencrance Maryland 

Bonnie Ray Rundle Maryland 

Ronald Joel Sachs Maryland 

Betty-Mae Lenore Schenkel Maryland 

Susan Margot Schloss Maryland 

TwiLA Irene Sharp Maryland 

Donna Marlene Sherr Maryland 

University of Maryland 7 1 

Jane Ellen Siegel New York 

Mary Carton Simons Maryland 

Marjorie Ruth Marie Sippel Maryland 

TOMMIE D. Smith Maryland 

Michael Lee Smoot Maryland 

Carol Feaster Smullen Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Sommer Maryland 

Cheeri Lou Speck Maryland 

Esther Stein Maryland 

Marjorie Marie Tarbell Maryland 

Marilyn Emelia Trofast Maryland 

Judith Elaine Vaden Maryland 

Merritt Vaughn Maryland 

Michael Edward Vince Maryland 

Roberta Mary Walter Virginia 

Virginia Diane Waltkup Maryland 

Linda Ann Webb Maryland 

Mary Houck West Maryland 

Sherry Anne Whipp Maryland 

Ella Louise White D.C. 

Pauline Kelly White Maryland 

Karen H. Wise Maryland 

Virginia Aline Wise Maryland 

Karen Michaelena Zamites Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Marion Murphy, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Nancy Munro Adams Maryland 

Mary Ann Ames Maryland 

Barbara Eugenie Armiger Maryland 

Laura Annette Badger New York 

Mary Margaret Baker Massachusetts 

Sylvia Lynn Ball Maryland 

Martha Lee Bartol Maryland 

Barbara June Beach Maryland 

Susan Titcomb Beasley Maine 

Janet Christine Beechley Florida 

Verna Josephine Benner Maryland 

Carol Bernstein Maryland 

Philip O. Bertrand, Jr New York 

F. Ann Blasko Maryland 

Karen Bentley Bloomfield Maryland 

Mary Lucille Boland Maryland 

Rachel Zonelle Booth Maryland 

MoNNiE N. Boring Maryland 

Jeanne Ann Bouchard Maryland 

Miriam Sandra Bourbon Maryland 

Brenda Lane Bowers Maryland 

Bonnie Joyce Boykoff Maryland 

Sara Margaret Boyles Maryland 

Carol Elliott Branan Maryland 

Judith Ellen Brown Maryland 

Rahel Jo Ann Burke Oregon 

Ruthella Bussard Maryland 

Rowena Iris Callen Florida 

Anna Mae Campbell Maryland 

Cynthia Flynn Capers Pennsylvania 

Carol Carapezza Maryland 

Margaret Ruth McCorkle Carpenter 


Leslie Dianne Carton Maryland 

Martha Carol Cass Maryland 

Phyllis Ruth Cass Maryland 

Patricia Anne Celly Marykmd 

Karen Lee Chamberlain Virginia 

Amy Yei-Ming Chang Maryland 

Sandra Lou Christensen Pennsylvania 

Frances Evelyn Cook Virginia 

Judith Anne Cooke Maryland 

Christine LaValle Coons Illinois 

Barbara Ann Copenhaver Pennsylvania 

Mary Adele Coulon Maryland 

Violet Ruth Cunningham Maryland 

Janice Lee Darmstead D.C. 

Patricia Antoinette Davies Maryland 

Nancy Joan Dexter California 

Ann Charlene Dinger Pennsylvania 

Carla Elizabeth Dumire Maryland 

Patricia Lynette Dunn Maryland 

Diane Elizabeth DwiNNELLS..New Jersey 

Nada Gerda Ebel Maryland 

Helen May Eckert Maryland 

Sister Mary Anne Eger Maryland 

Carol Lynn Erickson Pennsylvania 

Joanne Faber New York 

Mary Joanne Farrell Maryland 

Shirley Anne Fellabaum Maryland 

Patricia Ann Fink Maryland 

Patricia Ann Fiorello Maryland 

Leianne Fiorentino Virginia 

James Richard Fiser Ohio 

Martha Ann Free Florida 

Sandra Lee Fries Pennsylvania 

Joyce Masako Fujii Maryland 

Cecelia Alene Gardiner Maryland 

Alice Marie Garland Maryland 

Carole Ann Garther Nebraska 

72. 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Katherine Jean Gawrada Texas 

Jacqueline Dale Geelhaar Canal Zone 

Carolyn Brown Gongloff Maryland 

Lynne Marie Goodbread Illinois 

Judith Ann Gooding Maryland 

Kenly Corbin Goonan Pennsylvania 

Loretta Harriet Gossett Maryland 

Emily Judith Gratz Maryland 

Ellen Louise Grauer D.C. 

Nancy Catherine Gray Maryland 

Lena Vincenta Gugliuzza Maryland 

Ann Estelle Gunnett Maryland 

Sharon Lee Gutterman Maryland 

Margaret Mina Haire Maryland 

Karyn Maureen Handegard Maryland 

Edith Ann Hanson Maryland 

Karen Headrick Maryland 

Judith Anne Heintz Maryland 

Patricia Elizabeth Helm Maryland 

Carol Anne Herbert Maryland 

Andrea Jean Heubeck Maryland 

ViCKERY Ann Leslie Holland. ...Maryland 

Carol Ann Holler Illinois 

DiANNE Louise Houser Ohio 

Mary Ann Huber Illinois 

Susan Dirks Huffman Maryland 

Linda Sue Jaeger Maryland 

Constance Joan Johnson Maryland 

JoAnn Victoria Johnson New Jersey 

Lejane W. Johnson Maryland 

Bonnie Lee Kahler Maryland 

Doris Mae Kane Pennsylvania 

Artha Lee Kenison Montana 

Rayna Merphynn Keyser Maryland 

Patricia Ann Kilcullen Maryland 

Ruth Olivia Kobin Maryland 

LiLA Leah Kreibich Wisconsin 

Elizabeth N. K. Krieger Maryland 

Carol Ann Kubeluis Maryland 

Barbara Louise Kula New Hampshire 

Suzanne Marie Labansky.. ..Massachusetts 

Constance Daman Leatherman D.C. 

Susan Gail Leonard Soiith Dakota 

Marie Janet Levine Maryland 

Margaret Ann Lewandowski Maryland 

Kathleen Mary Liberatore Texas 

RosEMARiE Elizabeth Liberators 


Barbara Theresa Lynch Pennsylvania 

Catherine A. Bragunier Lynn. ...Maryknid 

Mary Elaine McCauley Maryland 

Elaine Marie McGilucuddy 


Marilyn Cecilia McGrath Maryland 

Lynne Avis McIntire Maryland 

Jeanne Karen Meyer Michigan 

Joanne Karol Meyer Michigan 

Marie Therese Millet Washington 

Betty Carol Miller Maryland 

Carola Miller Maryland 

Edith Marie Moerschell Maryland 

Susan Ann Montague Maryland 

Nancy Ann Mulder Maryland 

Helen Estelle Murphy Maryland 

Patricia Lee Mutchler Maryland 

Rosemary Mae Nelson Iowa 

Virginia Lynn Nelson Maryland 

Jennifer Diane Newcomer Maryland 

Lynda Ellen Otte Maryland 

Harriet Elsie Palmer Maryland 

Anna Louise Parker Maryland 

Nancy Templeton PASQUALONE..Afari/to?id 

Carol Ann Patterson Maryland 

Nancy Marguerite Vatverson.. California 

jANis Lorraine Pawlowski Montana 

Cheryl Louise Pedersen Colorado 

Dove Della Pilson Maryland 

Jean Caroll Porter Maryland 

Emily Jane Posey Pennsylvania 

Marilyn Ruth Potash Pennsylvania 

Joan Diane Prokop Illinois 

Jacqueline Ruth Ramsburg Maryland 

Margaret Sarah Reed New York 

Pamela Elizabeth Reik Maryland 

Elblanor Margaret Reistetter-.^cw York 

Elaine Marie Ringuette Maryland 

Rosalind Mae Riordan Massachusetts 

Judith Anne Orendorff RiTTER..Marj/tar!<i 

Dorlene Marie Rollo Maryland 

Beverly Kay Rott Maryland 

Karla Ruhe Roskos Maryland 

Patricia Sue Schager Iowa 

SusANNE Karen Shannon Maryland 

Carol J. Sheehan Maryland 

Brenda Rachel Sherr Maryland 

Cynthia Jane Shiver Alabama 

Judith Ann Simons Wisconsin 

Maria Aurora Slater Maryland 

Beverly Ann Smith Marylayid 

Kathleen Ann Smith Ohio 

Mary Teresa Spinelli Arkansas 

EuLA Dobbins Spratley Maryland 

Paula Ruth Srubar Texas 

SANDRA Frances Stabingas. ...Pewrjsj/^Dania 

Madeline Worton Stier Maryland 

Ralph Gregory SYNAKOwsKi..P<'«?!Sj//Danfa 

Linda Berniece Taylor Massachusetts 

Joanne Mary Thrift Maryland 

Jane Allred Tucker Maryland 

Melissa Atkinson Van DERZEE..A/arj//and 
Barbara Binnie Vassar Maryland 

University of Maryland ~] 3 

Nancy Lou Wagner Maryland 

Patricia Ann Warfield Pennsylvania 

Nancy Alice Weaver Maryland 

Rosemary Louise Weber Pennsylvania 

Elaine Kornblum Weiner Maryland 

Janet Alice West Virginia 

Marianne B. Wildes Maryland 

Sandra Louise Winter Maryland 

Virginia Reed Wittig D.C. 

Faith Wittlif Texas 

Elizabeth Anne Wood Maryland 

Margaret Edith Wood Maryland 

Darlene Anne Wynn Ohio 

Geraldine Duston Zeni Maryland 

Joanne Marie Zysk California 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Robert William Adams Maryland 

Charles Marvin Alpert Maryland 

John Howard Balch Maryland 

John Paul Barker, Jr Maryland 

Karen Rosenbluth Blender Maryland 

George Charles Bohle, Jr Maryland 

Steven Saul Cohen Maryland 

Thomas John Dirnberger Pennsylvania 

Wayne Alden Dyke Maryland 

Neil Feldman Maryland 

Murray Philip Ginsberg Maryland 

Daniel Martin Gold Maryland 

Jerrold Jay Golob Maryland 

Robert Charles Griffiths, Jr Maryland 

Arnold Jay Honkofsky Maryland 

Leonard Charles Howard, Jr Maryland 

Lionel Harvey Jacobs Maryland 

James Estel Kenny, Jr Maryland 

Gary Allen Lesser Maryland 

Edward Robert Majchrzak Maryland 

Glenn Wilson Nash Maryland 

JoANN Lynne Neuman Maryland 

Elizabeth Krawiecki NEWC0MB..Marj/te7t<i 

PAUL Russell Pfeiffer Maryland 

Uldis Verners Pironis Maryland 

Charles August Priller Maryland 

John Robert Ricci Maryland 

Larry Joe Rolf Maryland 

William Arthur Samios Maryland 

Earl Thomas Smith Maryland 

Herbert Marshall Sohmer Maryland 

Larry Paul Solomon Maryland 

William Statter Maryland 

Patrick George Welsh Maryland 

Martin William Wolff, Jr Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Larry Wayne Allen Maryland 

Deborah Jane Aultz Maryland 

Bonnie Shirlene Bauman Maryland 

Debbie Marilyn Bernstein Maryland 

Susan A. Bix Maryland 

John Lesley Blackwell Maryland 

Jean Nicolette Blana Maryland 

Richard Louis Blohm Maryland 

Thomas Emery Brown Maryland 

George Joseph Bugyi Maryland 

James Richard Burbage, Jr Maryland 

William Joseph Callaghan Maryland 

74 -Z5^5 Commencement Exercises 

Lynda W. Canfield Maryland 

Robert Andrew Capelle Maryland 

Arthur Edward Carney Maryland 

Genevieve Marie Conway Delaware 

Franklin Thomas Costello, Jr. 

New Jersey 

John Harold Cox Maryland 

Ann Caroline Crowther Maryland 

Jeanne Cecilia Currie Maryland 

Faye Joan Delmore Maryland 

Philip Robert Denkb:vitz Maryland 

Daniel Francis Donahue JVew York 

Ronald Emory Dorsey Maryland 

NlJOLE Ona Dulys Maryland 

Dorothy Jean Whitman Dunbar 


Jesse Alan Ferrell Maryland 

Diana Leilani Ferris Mississippi 

John K. Frank, Jr Maryland 

Robert Allan Frazer Maryland 

Susan Fribush Maryland 

Judith Marsha Gale Maryland 

Linda Ann Gehlert Maryland 

Thomas George George Maryland 

Robert Kenneth Gregory Maryland 

Nancy L. Gustafson Maryland 

Alice Elaine Hall Maryland 

Richard Irving Harrington Maine 

Ronald Ira Heller Maryland 

Joan Mary Henn Maryland 

Franklin Ronald Hepfer Pennsylvania 

Stanley Jerome Hilinski Maryland 

Martha Ann Hinote Maryland 

Gary Thomas Holland Maryland 

Sally Chappell Houlton Maryland 

John Patrick Howe Maryland 

Fred Harold Husman Maryland 

Lester Andrew Jackson, III Maryland 

Susan Nelson Jones Maryland 

Vanie Louise Jones New York 

Mary Joan Kaiserski Maryland 

Ellen Sue Kaplan Maryland 

Robert Charles Karch Pennsylvania 

Judith H. Keck Maryland 

Richard Lee Keck Maryland 

David Alan Keller Maryland 

Donald Eugene Keys Maryland 

Charles Buddy Koester Maryland 

Virginia Anne Kruger Maryland 

Jacqueline Carol Lafleur Maryland 

Cordelia Lampe Laird Maryland 

Margaret Louise Lausch Maryland 

Barbara Jean Lbiase Maryland 

Jane Ellen Lewis Maryland 

Robert Joseph Lewis, Jr Maryland 

Ludwig McClellan Long, II Maryland 

Michael Leonard Lopes Maryland 

Sherry Irene Lovell Maryland 

Alan Edward Lowe Netv York 

Gerald Lee Martin Maryland 

Janeen McCracken Indiana 

Vivian Ann McKibben Maryland 

Stephen Paul Menninger Neiv York 

Margery Beth Meyers Maryland 

Robert James Miller Maryland 

David William Millikan California 

Joseph Morris Minninger Pennsylvania 

Melvin Gary Mintz Maryland 

Robert Franklin Mitchell, III. .Maryland 
Marshall Albert Morningstar, II 


Carl Robert Mortensen New Jersey 

Sally Jo Myers Maryland 

Ronald J. TSTalewak Pennsylvania 

Thomas Joseph Nawrocki Rhode Island 

Alvin Eugene Oaksmith, III Maryland 

Linda Jane Patchen Maryland 

Paul Maynard Phillips Maryland 

Beverly Ann Prophet Maryland 

Thomas Alan Ratchford Maryland 

Gail Lynn Relams Maryland 

Robert Dees Reed Delaware 

Carol Helene Rogers Maryland 

Lynda Susan Rogers Maryland 

Dale Rowland Tompkins, Jr Maryland 

Jeannine Diane Royce Maryland 

Shelley Jo Ruff Maryland 

Marilynn Sue Sampson Maryland 

Dennis Myron Saylor Maryland 

Catherine Jeanne ScA'nlon.. Pennsylvania 

Wayne Arnold Scheiner Maryland 

NANCY Ellen Schnepp Maryland 

Emmett Joseph Schoen, Jr Maryland 

Janis Ann Schroeder Maryland 

Robert Edward Schwartz, Jr Maryland 

Dennis Wayne Sirman Maryland 

Paula Faye Siskind Maryland 

Nina Jean Skavenski D.C. 

Douglas Alton Springer Maryland 

Wendy L. Pauli Squiers Maryland 

Louis Freeman Stickel New Jersey 

James Anderson Tackett Maryland 

Clara Elizabeth Temple California 

Milton Wilbur Thomas Pennsylvania 

Carol Lee Toula Maryland 

Terry Lee Truax Maryland 

Robert Walter Urich Maryland 

Russell Bert White Nciv Jersey 

Florence Maywood Whiteley 


Julia Jane Williams Maryland 

Margaret Ann Zeitler Maryland 

Kenneth Jay Zucker Maryland 

University of Maryland / j 


Candidates will be presented by 

Bachelor of Arts 

David Lee Alderton D.C. 

James Mark Amacher Virginia 

Robert Joseph Baca Maryland 

Doris Wessmann Baldwin Maryland 

Donald Francis Baltunis Illinois 

Janet McCutcheon Barclay Maryland 

George Linn Barnes Maryland 

Joseph Patrick Barney California 

Evelyn Joan Bata Maryland 

Virginia Hoefner Batten Rhode Island 

RALPH A. Beeson Arkansas 

Donald Edward Belfi California 

Ruth Corson Bell Maryland 

Harold Max Bergeson Utah 

Leonard Carnell Black South Carolina 

Donald Leslie Blalock Maryland 

BuRNESS Lee Boles Georgia 

Clair Wilfred Borg Arizona 

Frank Lawrence Boyd, Jr Illinois 

Robert Walker Bradham, Jr Maryland 

Carvin Lee Brown Maryland 

Ursula Barbara Brown Maryland 

Stephen Ayers Buchanan Maryland 

Amon Norman Edward Bumgarner 


Samuel James Bunger Virginia 

Joseph Vincent Buonassissi Virginia 

Thomas George Burkart Maryland 

William Kenneth Burkhart 


Nicholas Butella, Jr Pennsylvania 

Fred August Butts Washington 

Howard Thomas Cain, Jr Illinois 

Robert M. Call Florida 

Alan Lohr Campbell Maryland 

William Walter Campbell Maryland 

Orlin Reece Cantrell Missouri 

John Francis Carey, Jr Massachusetts 

Erik William Carlsson California 

Arthur Joseph Carroll, Jr Maryland 

William F. Carruthers New Mexico 

George Patrick Casely Maryland 

Dorothy DeVille Cavaness Louisiana 

Steve ChABON Pennsylvania 

John Henry Ciccolo Maryland 

Dennis Ramiro Cintron Maryland 

Jerry Cissel Texas 

Donald Ray Clark Oklahoma 

William Howard Clark Maryland 

Richard Gary Clayton Maryland 

Richard Frederick Coak D.C. 

Mason Hopwood Coaldey Maryland 

Constance Louise Coates Maryland 

Laura M. Cochran Maryland 

Alan Dunlap Cole New Jersey 

Milford Travis Conarroe Texas 

Edward Joseph Condolon Maryland 

Clark Leland Congleton Maryland 

Kenneth William Conley.. ..iJ^ode Island 

Melville Doty Conner D.C. 

William George Conroy Maryland 

Francis James Coughlin Maryland 

Ben Henry Cousyn California 

Phillip Richard Crandall New York 

Theodore M. Critchfield Indiana 

Peter Michael Crocco Maryland 

Russell Terry Crockett D.C. 

Chester George Crosby Texas 

Eleanor Rae Cross Maryland 

Theodore Hayne Darby South Carolina 

Luther Odell Davis Maryland 

Roger Bede Davis Maryland 

Joseph Leroy Dean Colorado 

James Leo DeGraff D.C. 

Heu;n M. Delaney Maryland 

Howard Joseph De Lozier New Jersey 

Andrew DiAntonio New York 

James Jerdon Diehl Maryland 

Bernard Edward Dillon Ohio 

Anthony Joseph Dingbaum Maryland 

Charles Emil Dixon, Jr Florida 

Robert Harvey Douglas Maryland 

James Charles Doyle Indiana 

Ann Lynn Dulin Maryland 

Alfred Anthony Dunikoski New York 

Eleanor Hooks Edwards Maryland 

Emil Lee Ehlers Maryland 

Robert Bernard Emery, Jr Oregon 

James Franklin Everett, Jr Maryland 

Robert Verne Falcon Wyoming 

Robert Joseph Faraoni Maryland 

Alfred Gilbert Felix California 

Robert Paul Fitzsimmons Arizona 

John William Flaherty Maryland 

Ronald Solomon Fleisher Minnesota 

Robert Joseph Flick Maryland 

Maryjane C. Flynn Virginia 

Frank Raymond Foust Maryland 

Robert Heyden Franke North Carolina 

Edmund Everrette Eraser Florida 

76 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Robert Leo Frey, Jr D.C. 

Anthony Older Friedman D.C. 

Marvin Allen Gardner Maryland 

Thomas Allen Gary Maryland 

Sharon Virginia Gaydon Missotiri 

Paul Richard Gentille Virginia 

Burton W. Gilmore, Jr California 

Leslie Iris Gilder D.C. 

John B. Ginnetti Pennsylvania 

Hubert Glenzer, Jr Wisconsin 

Leslie J. Greenwood Illinois 

Wilfred Francis Gress California 

George Donald Harry Grim Ohio 

John Allan Grothusen Maryland 

Albert Ray Groves Michigan 

Revere Williams Gurley Maryland 

Jerome Karlo Haberer Maryland 

Charles Frederick Hadel Maryland 

Robert James Haffner Oregon 

George Symmes Haggard Maryland 

Harry James Hall Massachusetts 

William Bryan Hall, Jr Alabama 

Thomas Hamill New Jersey 

Calvin Cole Hancock North Carolina 

Paul Gerard Hannon Virginia 

Edmund Earl Hansen Wisconsin 

William Francis Hardgrove Maryland 

George Addison Harkins Maryland 

Arthur Fort Harman Alabama 

Grace Chappell Haskell.. ..South Carolina 

Warren Page Havens Virginia 

William Ernest Heater Maryland 

Charles Frederick Heffernan..Ncw York 

James Jackson Hembree Georgia 

Joan Therese Hennemeyer Maryland 

Joseph Loren Herbert Maryland 

Samuel Clifton Herrin, Jr Arkansas 

Kaye Arlene Hill Michigan 

Charles Granville Hillen Maryland 

Evan Eugene Hodge Maryland 

Joanne H. Hoffman New York 

Caroline Apalategui Holte Califoryiia 

Robert Brian Holtzman D.C. 

James Brian Hood North Carolina 

William Selden Hopkins, 111. ...Maryland 

DiNA Teresa Hordan Maryland 

Donald Jurney Horton Nevada 

Robert Alan Hoyle Washington 

William Clyde Hubbard Tennessee 

Gerald Eugene Huber Michigan 

Don Roy Huddleston Hawaii 

Larry Alexander Hughes New Jersey 

Wilbur Stephen Hughes Connecticut 

William Thomas Hutchinson.. ATetu Jersey 

Francis Lewis Hutter V Pennsylvania 

Robert Frazer Inness Maryland 

Diane Hammond Iredell Maryland 

Paul Joseph Ireland, Jr Virginia 

William Douglas Jackson California 

Edward Leon Jenks California 

Ingwald Norman Johansen Maryland 

Hayden S. Johnson Kentucky 

Virginia Hart Johnson Maryland 

Donald Edward Jones Connecticut 

James Lyall Jones Maryland 

Nancy Rae Jordan Texas 

WALLACE Peter Joslin North Dakota 

Richard Weidner Kane Penyisylvania 

Stuart Richard Kaplan New York 

Ely Kastenbaum New York 

Henry Harrison Keen Maryland 

John Francis Kenny Kansas 

Fred E. King Texas 

Louis Herman King, Jr Alabama 

David Kirschbaum Pennsylvania 

Walter Adolph Kischefsky Texas 

Edward Ray Kisslak Pennsylvania 

Shirley Elaine Kossler Florida 

Charles Paul Kramer Ohio 

Alan Irwin Lafferman Maryland 

Linda Ann Laffoon Maryland 

Kenneth Raymond Laird New York 

Norman Joseph Lange, Jr Maryland 

Jo Jene Landon Idaho 

Kenneth Herbert Lang, Jr Maryland 

Ralph Andre Lapointe Massachusetts 

Merton Joseph Lassonde Minnesota 

Earl Laws New Mexico 

Norman Russell LaZar Arizona 

Ellis Eric Lee Montana 

James Dale Lehr D.C. 

Ernest Albert Lewis Oregon 

John Joseph Liset Massachusetts 

Dante Alfred Longo Maryland 

Beatrice Newton Loomis Maryland 

William Bruce Love Maryland 

Nelson Leo Macher Maryland 

Bernard James Mackey Maryland 

Charles Robert Madrid Maryland 

GARY Cook Mahan Maryland 

Francis Xavier Mallgrave, jR...Maryland 

Tommy M. Mansfield Louisiana 

Alton Dean Martin Maryland 

Frederick Thomas Martin Maryland 

John LeRoy Martin Maryland 

Charles Edgar Mathews Japan 

Harold Keith Matthes Virginia 

Manuel Mazo, Jr Maryland 

University of Maryland 77 

Donald Louis McDaniel Wisconsin 

Crawford Joins McDonald Maryland 

Walter Nelson McGee Maryland 

Edward F. McGrath Florida 

Patrick M. McGraw Pennsylvania 

Charles Shockey McGuire California 

Florinda Ranney McIlveen Maryland 

John Howard McKnight New Jersey 

Warren Clark McManus, Jr Maryland 

John Wilson McNulty D.C. 

Rodney James Meadows Illinois 

John Freeman Mehlhorn Colorado 

Rocco Daniel Melo Connecticut 

Edgar Grove Merritt Florida 

Bradley Tyler Johnson Mettee, Jr. 


Allen G. Mews Maryland 

Donald Lesessne Miller D.C. 

Rodney J. Miller Virginia 

Peter Michael Minahan Maryland 

Janet Miracle Kentucky 

James Eugene Moore Alabama 

William Robert Morey Florida 

William Henry Morgan Peymsylvania 

Marian Elise Morley Virginia 

Kenneth Chester Morrell New Jersey 

Asa Duke Mullis, Jr Georgia 

James Lawrence Murdoch Maryland 

Eugene Joseph Murphy Massachusetts 

Betty Jeanne Myers Virginia 

Orvis Gideon Myers Virginia 

Paul Douglas Naylor Maryland 

George Clayton Neal Virginia 

James Arthur Nelson Wisconsin 

Alfred John Nemoff Illinois 

James Milton Nifong Virginia 

Clyde Richard Nissley Pennsylvania 

Gerald Todd Nolan Maryland 

Dale T. Ogden Illiyiois 

Gerald Joseph Olek Maryland 

Frank Osegueda Virginia 

Lydia Domert Osterman Neiv Jersey 

Kenneth Lee Overbey Michigan 

August Joseph Panayioto Michigan 

James Darrel Parr California 

Charles Fuller Parvis Maryland 

John Joseph Parzych, Jr Virginia 

James John Passante Maryland 

Ruth Elois Paynter Bermuda 

John Darwin Peck California 

Donald Robert Pennington Kentucky 

John Charles Philips Maryland 

John Robert Phillips Florida 

Maurice Joseph Pierson Rhode Island 

Thelmore Lamar Pitts Virginia 

Edward Richard Polanowski Maryland 

78 1968 Commencement Exercises 

George Arnold Polen Pennsylvania 

Richard Elliott Pope Maryland 

Edward Richard Post Maryland 

Paul Arthur Praria Maryland 

William Printz, Jr Maryland 

Troy Lynn Pritt Maryland 

William Quinn Maryland 

Philip Linsler Reed Maryland 

John Gerrard Reid England 

Richard Dennis Reynolds Missouri 

Philip Cecil Rice, Jr New York 

Frederick Joseph Richardson, III 


John Kenneth Riggs California 

Gerald Neil Robbins New York 

William Thomas Roberson Maryland 

Andrew Robertson Alabama 

Thomas Vibert 'ROBZwvsoti ....Massachusetts 

Roger Garner Rose Maryland 

Earl Joseph Ross Virginia 

Bernard Paul Roswell Maryland 

Clarence Stanley Rowell, Jr Alabama 

Carl Rudow Maryland 

Anthony William Rudzinski 


Josef Karl Ruth North Carolina 

Anne Chard Ryon Maryland 

Richard Constantine SACHLis....Marj/ia«d 

Don Louis Safley Texas 

John William Sampson Tennessee 

Edgar Lynn Sawyer New York 

George Thomas Schaab, Jr. Pennsylvania 

Paul R. Schell New York 

Isabel Wood Schendel Maryland 

Lionel Harry ScHMAHMANN....Arew Jersey 

John Vincent Schobelock Virginia 

Elaine Joan ScHRAOEa? Maryland 

David James Schusler California 

Carolyn Klein Schwartz Maryland 

Harold Edward Schwartz, Jr Maryland 

Libbie Jeanne Brandenburg Shannon 


Raymond Anthony Shapek Illinois 

Joy Elizabeth Shelton North Carolina 

Melanie Sheridan New York 

David Robert Shermer Ohio 

Raymond Walter Shymansky 


Betty Lussier Sicre Maryland 

Donald George Sikora Maryland 

John Joseph Silchia Maryland 

Edwin Palmer Simon Maryland 

Hugh Johnston Sloan, III Ohio 

Richard Ulmer Sloan California 

Donald Philip Smith J).C. 

Edward Nexson Smith Maryland 

Elmer Lewis Smith Maryland 

Harold Snyder Smith Virginia 

Mary Elizabeth Smith Maryland 

Robert Bowmar Snyder Wisconsin 

Frank Sopato Florida 

Bruce Wilbur Sorter Maryland 

Michael Frank Spang California 

Donald Reaves Stallings Tennessee 

Edwin Starr New York 

David Jean Steiger Maryland 

Joan Frances Stern Maryland 

Charles E. Stiles Tennessee 

Donald Maynard Stone California 

Harold Daniel Story B.C. 

Roger Francis Stukey Maryland 

Bradley Rocke Swanson Maryland 

Gene Edward Swearingen Illinois 

Harrold Loyd Tabor Texas 

Charles Warren Taylor Canada 

Cosmo Paul Tenelly Pennsylvania 

Horace Freddy Thomas Tennessee 

John Douglas Tobin Maryland 

Harold Laverne Tramel New York 

Philip Trupp Maryland 

Kenneth Hall Tschantre Maryland 

Robert Elmer Turner Illinois 

James Vallely Canada 

Marjorie Kuhns Vick Maryland 

Max L. Vickery Tennessee 

Leon Vigdor Maryland 

Isaac M. Wade Pennsylvania 

Ellen Haxthausen Wadman California 

Jeremiah Edward Walsh, Jr Maryland 

Norwood L. Warwick Michigan 

Alonzo Bernard Wickers, III. ...California 

Gerald Gregg Whitney Montana 

Thomas Johns Williams Maryland 

Nancy L. Williamson Virginia 

James Francis Wilson Illinois 

James Wendell Wilson Pennsylvania 

Marilyn Wallis Wilson Indiana 

Richard Rath Wingard Maryland 

William Kenneth Winters Maryland 

George Perry Wood Maryland 

Harlan Lillburn Woodruff Okinawa 

James William Woods Louisiana 

Lyle Boyd Wullbrandt Washington 

William Jeff Yates Oklahoma 

Alan Kurt Zacherle Florida 

Bachelor of Science 

David Samuel Bolten Texas 

Frank Leon Bourne, Jr Georgia 

John James Bozek Virginia 

Gerald Brotman Maryland 

Daniel John Burbank Maryland 

William Burt Lehman Texas 

Leslie Louis Buttleman Maryland 

John Henry Cameron Texas 

Constantine C. Caranikas Kansas 

Edward Domonic Carroll Maryland 

Fulvio Joseph Catalog Virginia 

Edward Chmura Virginia 

Donald Theo Clark Oklahoma 

Warren Davis Cornell Tennessee 

Charles Duane Coston Kentucky 

Theodore Edward Curtis Oregon 

Dallas Orion Dawson Virginia 

Donald Dale DeHoff Indiana 

Reyburn Hicks Dennis, Jr Tennessee 

Richard Marx Doerrman Pennsylvania 

John D. Esher Kentucky 

Alfred Vincent Fidrocki Maryland 

Sheldon Foland Florida 

Edward Albert Ford Florida 

Thomas J. Foust B.C. 

John Joseph Gluch, Jr Virginia 

David Rowe Graham Texas 

William Henry Grinnell Maryland 

Francis R. Horn Virginia 

Charles Wesley Houff Maryland 

James Wayne Houtz Kansas 

William Lloyd Irwin Maryland 

Melvin Keith Jack Maryland 

Myles Richard Johnson Pennsylvania 

George Kaden Virginia 

Christopher Raymond Keegan Ohio 

James D. Kelly Maryland 

Joseph A. Kemp Kansas 

Robert Lee Kilpatrick Pennsylvania 

John Frederick Kiser Illinois 

Gaylord Adrian Knapp Michigan 

Waldo Gray Knapp, Jr Nebraska 

Paul Carl Kouchoukos Michigan 

Joseph Richard Kreider Pennsylvania 

John Lamp Virginia 

Marvis Felton Lynes Georgia 

Ivor Stephen MacFarlane, Jr Virginia 

James John Mahan Virginia 

Robert Devine Marion Virginia 

University of Maryland ~] 9 

James Florio McIntosh Texas 

Robert Charlbs Menking Virginia 

Leo John Meyer New York 

Edward Joseph Murphy, Jr. Massachusetts 

George Franklin Nasworthy Virginia 

Nat Rathbun O'Day Washington 

George Earl Pannell Pennsylvania 

Robert P. Pasqualicchio Maryland 

Lynwood Moffatt Pelot, Jr. .Pennsylvania 

Charles Plotkin California 

William Clayton Raposa Virginia 

Jordan Miller Rich Pennsylvania 

Albert LeBert Richey Virginia 

Hartley August Rogers, Jr Texas 

William Glen Roscher New Jersey 

Lewis Argo Routon Georgia 

Gustave Allen Saul Virginia 

Richard Henry Saurer Indiana 

Homer Dale Savage New Jersey 

Peter Paul Schaffer Texas 

Alfred Joseph Schaffer Virginia 

Roger Leo Schenck Rhode Island 

Albert Louis Schiavone New York 

Henry Sullivan Shackelford-.A^pw Jersey 
Clyde Turner Sheffield Georgia 

Robert Junior Sidio Indiana 

James Cyrus Smith West Virginia 

Robert Henri Soucy Rhode Island 

Robert Wyatt Stacks Oklahoma 

Spencer Gregg Stanley, Jr. 

South Carolina 

Donald Frederick Staver Virginia 

Jesse Monroe Strong, Jr Texa^ 

H. L. SwANN, Jr Maryland 

James SiDNBrir Swope Texas 

Charles Pinkney Tesh Virginia 

Peter Thomas Missouri 

Otto R. Tice Illinois 

Eugene Tiddy Virginia 

Allen Lewis Tomlinson New Jersey 

Jerome Allan Trowbridge Virginia 

John Frederic Tunberg Nebraska 

Edward Collins Unger Washington 

Eva Mary Veach Iowa 

William John Wacker Virginia 

John Joseph Walsh Virginia 

Joseph Harry Weeks Washington 

Albert Nicholas Weidhas, Jr Maryland 

Wilbert David Wesse Illinois 

Albert Samuel Yesensky Idaho 



Kenneth A. Basile 
Patrick M. Berney 
Barry J. Brownstein 
Harry C. Brundick 
Edward L. Campbell 
Stanley N. Checkoway 
Norman S. Clerman 
Erwin D. Conley 
Timothy J. Curley 
Ronald O. Dean 
Harvey C. Dorney, Jr. 
Ronald R. Dowdy 
Terrance G. Estes 
Jess B. Ferrill 
William E. Garrett 
Arnold F. Gebler, III 
Matthew J. Gibney, III 
Joseph L. Gude, Jr. 
Douglas R. Hawley 
James M. Hill, II 
Steven R. Hipsley 
David F. Hurst 
James P. Koermer 
Colin D. Kowalski 
Stephen M. Lightner 

Joel B. Matesky 
Timothy J. McGarry 
Daniel T. Merritt, III 
John P. Meyer 
Calude S. Morse 
James H. Newman 
Bruce R. Pattison 
John L. Peeke 
B. Raymond Perkins 
Walter R. Pierce 
Kermit R. Pope, Jr. 
Jeremiah C. Riordan 
John Schneider, IV 
John J. Seither, II 
Barry R. Springer 
Edward L. Stillie 
Richard E. Trogolo 
Donald A. Vore 
Ronald W. Waggoner 
David A. Walsh 
Harlan G. Wilder 
Melvin F. Williams, Jr. 
Michael W. Yourtee 
William D. Yri 

80 1968 Commencement Exercises 


Ernest Anastasi Harold B. Norman 

Thomas E. Brown John A. Scire 

Alan E. Fabiszak Alice B. Speizman 

Arnold D. Hitt, III John T. Symkowitz 

Larry D. Jeeter Vernon L. Swint 

Mary Ann Small 

University of Maryland 8 1 


Academic Honors 



University Gold Medal for Scholarship, Summa Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

David Lincoln Cruikshank 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Lawrence Pi-Yang Wong 

Steven Mark Baum 

John S. Blackard 

Thomas Edward Denson, Jr. 


Graduated With Honor 

George A. Ashman Margaret P. Mahoney 

Robert S. Baird, Jr. Henry R. Miller 

W. Taylor Brown Edward H. Myer, 3rd 

John P. Corderman Eric L. Fleet 

Donald C. Davis Melvin Rosen 

John B. Jones-Bateman William J. Rubin 

Gerald H. Lean David A. Silberg 

Arthur E. Leitch Robert R. Winter 

Steven P. Lockmax Jack N. Zemil 


Certificate of Honor, Summa Cum Laude 

Awarded to 

Bruce Lawrence Miller 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 

Awarded to 

John D. Gelin Michael John Shack 

Barry Sheldon Handwerger Charles Ralph Beamon 

Certificates of Honor, Cum Laude 

Richard S. Buddington Carroll Davis Mahoney 

Joel Mayer Cherry Stephen Allen Stuppler 

Michael John Deegan Irving D. Wolfe 
Douglas Boone Hess 

University of Maryland 8 5 


Gold Medal for General Excellence 
Awarded to 

Leonard Charles Howard, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor 

John Robert Ricci 

Herbert Marshall Sohmer 

Patrick George Welsh 


Candidates for bachelors' degrees are eligible for honors if they have completed 
at least two years of resident work (60 semester hours) at the time of graduation 
with a scholastic average of B or higher. (Computation does not include grades for 
courses taken during the last semester of registration before graduation.) The can- 
didates must also rank in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respective 
colleges. "With high honors" is awarded to the upper tenth of those in each college, 
if they qualify, and "vrith honors" is awarded to the second tenth of those in each 
college, if they qualify. The names of students are listed in order of their rank by 


With High Honors 

Earl Barr Grove, Jr. 
Daniel Josephus Stevens 
Norman Crawford Steele 
Richard William Jones 
James Lawrence Sherald 
George I. Nzewi 
Richard Edwin Card 
William Jerome Pierce 

With Honors 

Kenneth Neil Watts 
Roy Erwin Benner 
Dennis Carroll Hoshall 


With High Honors 

Susan Laura Armstrong 
David R. Richmond 
Alan Marc Nathan 
Joan Christine Carr 
Charles Geoffrey Bryce 

With Honors 

William Louis Mocarsky 
Linda Marie Schaefer 
John Norman Riismandel 
Susan Madeline Muhly 
Jane de Weese Puckett 

86 i968 Commencement Exercises 

With High Honon 

With Honors 

William Edward Caswell 
Susan Gail Pristoop 
Peter Robert McClurkin 
Margaret Anne Bridge 
Bonnie H. Ge21shon 
Alan Philippe Auckenthaler 
Douglas Eugene Bowers 
Karen Barbara Joseph 
Margot Kathryn Heggestad 
Lalah Catherine Cooperman 
Bernadette Helen Zaucha 
Ann Morroway Kidwell 
Ellen Lee Sfero 
Robert Ernest Jarboe 
Donna Kay Ellis 
Suzanne H. Fribush 
Natalie Dee Solfanelu 
Heather N. Franklb 
Kay M. Small 
June Robson Reinking 
Marilyn Hannah Miller 
Nancy Anne Kirchner 
Richard Michael Suser 
Karen Ruth Austen 
Philip John Schroeder 
Gary Robert Catzva 
John Stanley Sadowski 
Laurie Jean Stevenot 
Marvin Jay Gordon 
Bernadine Jo Ann Wisnieski 
Sue Ann Glackin 
Jean E. Svirbelt 
James Byron Will 
Marshall Edward Belaga 
Stewart Allen Block 
John Saam Loder 
Phiup Dana Robinson 
Lilian Shiao-Yen Wu 
HoLLACE Ata Goldberg 
Marjorie May Feller 
Mirijana Kooho 
Sharon Hecker Berard 
James Edward Moore 
James Oliver Duke 
Margaret Faith Wolfe 
Jerry Lee Schreiber 
Helen Ann Tegnell 
Ann Catherine Fitzmauricb 
Margaret Ann Maslak 
Catherine Ann Goodman 
Mary Joan Osantowski 
Nancy Sue Auerbach 
Ann Carolyn Baugh 
Josyane Nicole Murawski 

Edward Francis Quinn, III 
George Frederick Haskins 
Peter Palmer Parvis 
Kaye Truxton Brooks 
Gary Wayne Pfeufer 
Leonard James Dobrowski 
Mary Elizabeth Galu 
Elaine Deirdre Tansey 
Robert Gordon Williamson, Jr. 
Mark Irwin Friedman 
John Charles Harris 
Charlotte Ann Pennefeather 
John Greatrix Lane 
Marsha Ann Waltrip 
Joyce Carpenter Guy 
Richard Parker Humbert 
John Herbert Lucas, Jr. 
Gretchen Ann Murphy 
Anre Derzavis 
Shirley Jean Merritt 
Judith Ann Kratz 
Michael Jeffrey Sindler 
Judith Barbara Berne 
Thomas Michael McHenry 
Dean Lewis Vassar 
Michael Ronald Malloy 
Selene Harriett Scherr 
Matthew Joseph Gibney, III 
Susan Carol Capriotti 
Kenneth Lee Robertson 
Alexandra Crayson Thompson 
Sheila Mae Cassidy 
Bruce F. Kovens 
Ronald Tyne Staubly 
Ralph Sherman Rein hart 
Darryl Jay Garfinkel 
Leslie Denise Lytle 
Thomas J. Devlin 
Leilani Rose Cochran 
Frederick Ray Mosher 
Michael Lewis Hhx 
Barbara T. Lampe 
Carolyn Banks 
Pamela L. Randolph 
Dianne Elizabeth Greyerbiehl 
Charlotte Sue Gatchbll 
Elizabeth Anne Workman 
Christine W. Burns 
Mark Allan Goldstein 
Mary Jane Thomassen 
Eugene Joseph Strasser 
Rhoda Shaller 
Howard Neal Fox 
Emil Pocock 

University of Maryland 87 

With High Honors 

With Honors 

John Fillmore Harris 

Anita Frances Brownstein 

Laura Suzanne Gordon 

Inara Gravitis 

John Michael Oday 

Jerald Benson Lurie 

Alan Edward D'Appolito 

Deborah Joan Levy 

Beverly Adele Pariser 

Ruth Ann Pfeiffer 

Myrna G. Lippman 

Anne Lois Bernstein 

Dennis Robert Lardent 

Jacquelin Linda O'Neill 

Fred M. Jacobson 

Miriam Eleanor Cochell 

Mary Jeanne Murphy 

Gale Ellen Inoff 

Jill Leslie Weiss 

Linda M. Conway 

Susan Rae Stringer 

Stephen Bruce Grossman 

Janice Eaton Davies 

Patricia Ellen Moes 

Lauralee Story 

Arthur Frank Ballant, Jr. 

Melinda Anne Lorenz 

Madeline Lee Bryer 

Dora Greenstein 

Cornelia Johanna Witkop 

Walter Randolph Dodson, Jr. 

Mary Ellen Ferjo 

Kathlyn Guyther Logan 

Patricia Kay Bennett 

Joan Kathleen Desmarais 

Patrick Chi-Ping Liao 

John Francis Stasiewicz, Jr. 

Elizabeth Rawls Pavlovsky 

Judy Gail Himelfarb 

Joseph Allen Dupras 

George Roger Hoffman 

John Edward Prevar 

Susan Vernay 

Joel G. Fradin 

Bruce Louis Haisfield 

Nancy Ann Maynard 

Kenneth Robert Levine 

Ina S. O'Carroll 

Margaret Anne Johnston Madison 

David C. Wallace 

John E. Boone 

Cheryl M. Parker 

Vernon Ralph Gramling 

Marc Andrew Nemirofp 

John Ramsey Warfield 
Patricia Jane Voneiff 
Mary Patricia Higgins 
Michael Rafferty Pelczar 
Robert Andrew Melpolder 
Mary Jo E heart 
Janet Lincoln Urban 
Jill Mann 

Anne Elizabeth Sorla 
Edith Hilde Deyoung 
Harold Marvin Beber 
Dennis Martin Devaney 
Kathleen Mary Heise 
Nora Evelyn Kaplan Frank 
Loren Arlene Davidson 
Bruce W. Parkinson 
Dolores Alice Novoa 
John Gerald Belt 
Jury Azarenko 
Milton Tipperman 
Norman William Haines, Jr. 
Patricia Ann Olmer 
W. Peter Marwede 
Christine Joyce McQuillan 
Jay Yale Rudo 
Richard Francis Rinaldo 


Sharon Elizabeth Maciolek 
Newton Worthington Rogers 
Patrick Ross McMahon 
Linda Ellen Kaufman 
William Stewart Cloud 
Thomas Patrick Dove 
Sue Lynn Wanveer 
David Allen Walsh 
Leif Michael Clark 
James Alan Spangenberg 
Jean Margaret Austin 
Sharon Marie White 
Richard Francis Weingroff 
Sandra Lee Wells 
Nancy Jane Horowitz 
James Bernard Witkowski, Jr. 
Christian Hubbard Lantz 
Franklin Charles Grosbayne 
Kathryn Marie McGowan 
Joe Edward Maskasky 
Susan Lynn Davis 
Charles Richard Neach 
Richard Elliott Brodsky 
Emily Lowe Bugg 
Florence Towa Ling 
Roy Melvin Ogburn 

88 1968 Commencement Exercises 

With High Honors With Honors 

Michael Abler Jane Marie Farrall 

Janet Douglass Alan Fink 

Marion Louise Richardson John Ray Dolen 

Margaret Ann Higgins Karl Rees Green 

Richard Alton Hale Harry Cunningham Hosford 

William Edward Hackett Joseph James Mahoney 

Ralph Patrick Pass, III Edward L. Stubbs 

Dennis Paul Dean Judith Anne Cheek 

Janet Ann Lambert Joseph Sperling 

Eric Schwartz Charles Douglas Marquardt 

Paulette Dew Geisenkotter Phyllis Lynn Schwartz 

Robert B. Fine John Hamilton Davis 

William Anderson White Thomas H. Reese 

Irene Helene Schwartz David Rosenfeld 

Mark Jeffrey Daniel Charles Anthony Bruner 

Patricia D. Brugger 
Paul Edmund Rockwell 
Russell Edward Frizzell 
Pamela Maureen Sachs 
Stuart Neil Braiterman 
Carla May Deutschberger 
Zandra Elaine Brees 
Doris Dunietz 
Olivia A. Harrison 
Eleanor Kefauver Krantz 
Lynne Marie Hildebrand 
Louis E. Harman, III 
Dennis W. Stoddard 

With General Honors 

Susan Laura Armstrong Margaret Ann Maslak 

Alan Philippe Auckenthaler Nancy Ann Maynard 

Anne Lois Bernstein Christine Joyce McQuillan 

Margaret Anne Bridge Alan Marc Nathan 

Emily Lowe Bugg Jerry Lee Schreiber 

Joan Christine Carr Rhoda Shaller 

William Edward Caswell Michael Jeffrey Sindler 

Lalah Catherine Coopeeman Ronald Tyne Staubly 

Sue Ann Glackin Jean E. Svirbely 

Stephen Bruce Grossman Robert Gordon Williamson, Jr. 

Lesue Denise Lytle 

With High Honors in Botany Margaret Anne Bridge 

With High Honors in Chemistry....JERRY Lee Schreiber 

With High Honors in French Ann Carolyn Baugh, Ellen Lee Spero 

With High Honors in German Inara Gravitis 

With High Honors in History Bernadette Helen Zaucha 

With High Honors in Philosophy.... Charles Geoffrey Bryce 

With High Honors in Physics William Edward Caswell, Stephen Bruce 

Grossman, Alan Marc Nathan 
With High Honors in Psychology.. ..Mark Irwin Friedman, Karen Barbara Joseph, 

Jane deWeese Puckett 
With High Honors in Speech Donna Kay Ellis 

University of Maryland 8 9 

With High Honors in Sociology Heather N. Frankel 

With High Honors in Zoology SusAN LAUKA Armstrong 

With Honors in Economics Mark Jeffrey Daniel, Robert Leigh Welch 

With Honors in English Howard Neal Fox, John Edward Prevab 

With Honors in French Ruth Ann Pfeiffer 

With Honors in German Jury Azarenko, Mary Ellen Ferjo 

With Honors in History Douglas Eugene Bowers, Emily Lowe Bugg, 

Susan Carol Capriotti, James Oliver Duke, 

Jane Hannah Katz 

With Honors in Mathematics Ralph Patrick Pass, III, Ronald Eugene Soracb 

With Honors in Microbiology Paulette Dew Geisenkotter 

With Honors in Physics Gary Wayne Pfeufer, David C. Wallace 

With Honors in Psychology Marshall Edward Belaga 

With Honors in Zoology Ann Elizabeth Sorla 


With High Honors 

Robert Earl Koehler, Jr. 
Susan Gay Malchodi 
Richard Thomas Pencek 
Edward Garbett Pickett, Jr. 
James Joseph Benjamin 
Sandra L. Levin 
James MacGill Bickley 
Betty Jean Liebe21sohn 
David Patrick Dalton 
Fredric Michael Guist 
Robert F. Sellers 
Barbara Elaine Ifshin 
Lawrence Waller Gardner, Jr. 
Michael Louis Romeres 
Earl Harry Dill, Jr. 
Joan Ann Zaciewski 
Marcie Lynn Avram 
Elwath Scott Tawes 
Bertrand Duane Outright 
Jacob Meyer Benus 
Robert Deb Smith 
Donald Sherman Beightol 
Lauren Von Eggers Rudd 
Dennis Roy Luther 
Ronald C. Denhardt 
Christian William Stauffer 
William Michael Seganish 
Kathleen Ann Kelly 
Larry Ira Rickun 
Howard Johnston Bloy, Jr. 
Charles Stewart Mezger 
Michael Theodore Chaconas 

90 1968 Commencement Exercises 

With High Honors 

Larry Delmas Jeeter 
Albert Randolph Fritts, Jr. 
Kathryn Elizabeth Reichbi, 
Peggy Rae Pavlat 
Alice Louise Oberg 
Stanley Howard Book 
Edward Austin Crooee 
Douglas Richard Hollingswokth 
Robert Howard Zehner 
Richard Summerfield Nutwell 
William Raptery McCullough 
Leah Ruth Winterling 
Stanley Joel Goldberg 
Klaus Joseph Franken 
Paul Edward Streckfus 
John Brice Long, II 
George Malcolm Merbiman, Jr. 
David John Baker 
Mark Joseph Lavine 
Richard Larry Johnson 
David Mitchell Heard 
Richard Shack 
Eileen Sandra Baker 
Michael Willard Yourtee 
Dale Bruce Menard 


With High Honors 

Edward Elliotte Neese 
Sheila Neustadt Grossman 
Esther Carole Hancock 
Marguerite T. Lehrfeld 
Ruth Ann Woodward 
Robin Meredith Gillespie 
Ina L. Hackerman 
Marilyn W. Norris 
Barbara Valerie Du Cote 
Loretta Singer Saff 
Theresa Mary Goldberg 
Judith Berkowitz 
Nancy Marguerite Jobe 
Barbara Ann Cbampton 
Barbara Gayle Deitz 
Judy Marsha Eisenberg 
Eleanor Joyce Barney 
Sharon Jo Martin 
Faye Fuller Weedman 
Hollace Louise Bergman 
Beverly Edna Hall 
Lynne Barton Graber 

With Honors 

Sherry True Mader 
Gloria Jean Boyer 
Miriam Faye Pittle 
Paula Bernice Beldock 
Eileen S. Tesch 
Audrey Goldseker Polt 
Ellen Wade Kingsley 
Christina S. Webber 
Andrea Dee Du Bow 
Linda K. Burns 
Katherine V. Paycheck 
Marcia Baraff 
Nadine Iris Rudo 
Barbara Sue Sindler 
Constance Marian Wright 
Cheryl Marie Depue 
Barbara Ann Jahnel 
Roland Sterling Turcott 
Carol Frances Plotka 
Leo Emil Lezzer 
Katherine Parvis Ferris 
Sharon T. Litt 

University of Maryland y 1 

With High Honors 

With Honors 

Jean Henyon 
Michelle Hochman 
Susi Walter 
Brenda L. Sandler 
Linda Boyer Brundrett 
Marjorie Nichols Holzapfel 
Dolores D. Roberson 
Mary Jean Rehmer 
Janet Anne Ward 
Barbara Jeanne Lockwood 
Martha Louise Bizot 
Irene Marie Wattenberg 
Jeannette Sara Carasso 
Kathryn Joan Wiener 
Cecelia Kim Borofka 
Rebecca Lee Timmons 
Elizabeth B. Eisen 
Peggy Ann Grunby 
Rebecca Jayne Caldwell 
Katherine Gwendolyn Ridge 
Joan L. McClure 
Linda Ellen Hammond 
RoNA Kaplan Schultz 
DiANNE Sharon Brott 
Sharon Wilkinson Quade 
Gloria Thelma Springer 
Karen Louise Bradley 
Pamela Jean Tolen 
Janice Lynn Bakbhi 
Carol May Custer 
Susan Berman 
Marsha Harriet Stahler 
Roberta Jeanne Mapp 
Thelma Rosalie Wacks 
Juanita Midgette Hepler 
Paula Rae Bogen 
Beth Ann St. Clair 
Ellen Beth Burg 
Anita Carol Catzva 
Sherry Anne Dietle 
True Alan Hubler 
Wynne Siegel 
Evelyn P. Roy 
Barry Richard Norkin 
Judith Fancey Coleman 
Patricia M. Trafton 
Carol R. Harris 
Beverly Jane Grim 
Edlea K. Jones 
Rosemary Theresa Pataky 
Sara Ellen Foster 
Karen Lois Miller 

Laura R. Lehrman 
Mary R. Roberts 
Phyllis S. Ramsey 
Helene Anne Hirsh 
Elizabeth Ann Reynolds 
Emma Willner 
Roberta Joann Luchetti 
Michael Scott Henry 
Joan Nelson Hook 
Nancy A. Lipsitz 
Elaine Ellen Piatt 
Elizabeth Anne Sherman 
Dorothy W. Morris 
Patricia Alice Bell 
Nancy O. Burns 
Lois Jean Harris 
Thomas Howard Shade 
Benita Susan Silber 
Alexis Bronrott 
Marian Becker 
Deborah Rae Waldman 
John H. Williams 
Sharon Helene Resnick 
Carol A. King 
L. Doris Zimmerman 
Jane Harvey Edwards 
Mary Rebecca Wallace 
Sue Ellen Stiefhx 
Mary Susan Wierenga 
Pamela Ruth Blau 
Ellen PosNiaj Mendelson 
ILENE E. Zetlin 
Rosemary Wertz Snapp 
Marsha Sue Kessler 
Joan Patton Martin 
Susan Allen Thompson 
Carole J. Curtis 
Dawn M. Patterson Jones 
June K. Morgenstern 
Jean Ann Schuerholz 
Susan Cromer Hudson 
Marian G. Segal 
Prudence R. Corson 
Richard Henry Urban, Jr. 
Sandra J. Audish 
Barbara Helen Miliman 
Linda Diane Sobczak 
Joan Gail Moosally 
Barbara Ruth Klein 
John A. Morarre 
Joan Ruatto 
Doris Jeian Starung 
Robert Lawrence Noble 

92 1968 Commencement Exercises 


With High Honors 

Nick A. Farmer 
William Spencer Betts, Jr. 
William George Boyce 
Richard Morrb Milstead 
Dorian Albert Demaio 
Howard Jerome Geksch 
Rodney Allen Harrill 
William Francis Hermach 
Barry Roland Springer 
Joseph Parran Lawrence, III 
Robert Leonard Epstein 
Robert Eugene Lentz 
Norman Stanley Clebman 
Carolyn Ann Ugiansky 
Barry Jay Brownstein 
George Parkin Ord 
Stephen Ira Rome 
Hassan Ali Seirafi 
Richard Sean Durkin 
Robert H. Plank 
Christian Henry Fink 
David Edwin Drackley 
Paul Joseph Smith 
Joseph Francis Wible 
Stephen C. Snyder 
Harvey Stuart Epstein 
James Howard Deoms 
David Blair Fairbrotheb 
William F. Headridge 
Joseph Vincent Moskaitis 
Alvin Wlliam Prebula, Jr. 

With Honors 

John Michael Geary 
John Clifton Eisberg 
Charles Edward Collison, III 
Charles Henry Amrhine 
Robert Stanley Taylor, Jr. 
Edward Patrick Gibun, Jr. 
Earl Salvadore Saueb 


With High Honors 

Karen Koenig Clearfield 
Kathleen Gayle Cooney 
Marjorib Ruth Marie Sippbl 
Sherry Anne Whipp 
Roberta Mary Walter 
Jane Ellen Siegel 
Mary Elizabeth Hull 
Carol Feaster Smullen 
Marjorie Marie Tarbell 
Mary Jo Beneke 

With Honors 

Karen Michaelena Zamites 
Ellen Rae Best 
Pauline Kelly White 
Dale Kathleen Everett 
Diane Marie Hopkins 

University of Maryland. 93 


With High Honors 

Jennifer Diane Newcomer 
Mary Adele Coulon 
Constance Joan Johnson 
Marilyn Ruth Potash 
Nancy Alice Weaver 
Barbara Eugenie Armiger 
Phyllis Ruth Cass 
Ruth Olivia Kobin 
Marianne B. Wildes 
Margaret Sarah Reed 
Carole Ann Garther 
Andrea Jean Heubeck 
Rosemary Louise Weber 
Cynthia Flynn Capers 
Loretta Harriet Gossett 
Patricia Ann Fiorello 
LiLA Leah Kreibich 
Carol Ann Kubeluis 

With Honors 

Sandra Frances Stabingas 
Susan Gail Leonard 
Brenda Lane Bowers 
Sister Mary Anne Eger 
Judith Ellen Brown 
Susan Dirks Huffman 
Karen Lee Chamberlain 
Carol Lynn Erickson 
Carol Bernstein 
Rahel Jo Ann Burke 
Martha Carol Cass 
Ann Estelle Gunnett 
Marie Janeji Lhtvine 
Elaine Marie McGillicuddy 
Joan Diane Prokop 
Patricia Antoinette Davies 
Rosemary Mae Nelson 
Mary Ann Ames 
Nada Gerda Ebel 


With High Honors 

Leonard Charles Howard, Jr. 
Herbert Marshall Sohmer 
John Robert Ricci 
Patrick George Welsh 


With High Honors 

Francis Ronald Hoffmann 
Cordelia Lampe Laird 
Ellen Sue Kaplan 
Jacqueline Carol Lafleur 
Robert Edward Schwartz, Jr. 
Joan Mary Henn 
Jean Nicolette Blana 
Nancy L. Gustafson 
Linda Jane Patchen 
Carol Helene Rogers 
Gail Lynn Reams 

With Honors 

Lester Andrew Jackson 
Nijole Ona Dulys 


1968 Commencement Exercises 


With High Honors 

David Robekt Shermeb 


Richard Henry Saurer 
Theodore M. Critchfield 
John Henry Ciccolo 
James Cyrus Smith 
Robert Leo Frey, Jr. 
Francis Lewis V. Hutter 
Hugh Johnston Sloan 
William Selden Hopkins, III 
John Joseph Gluch, Jr. 
Janet McCutcheon Barclay 
Shirley Elaine Kosslek 
Donald Louis McDaniel 
Earl Joseph Ross 
Josef Karl Ruth 
Harlan Lillburn Woodruff 
William Walter Campbell 
Calvin Cole Hancock 
Doris Wessmann Baldwin 
Frank Sopato 
Kenneth Chester Morrell 
Donald Lesessne MiLLEai 
David James Schusler 
William Thomas Hutchinson 
Paul Gerard Hannon 
Charles Frederick Hadel 

With Honors 

Thomas Vibert Robbktson 
WiLLLAM Bruce Love 
Edward Collins Unger 
Richard Constantine Sachlis 
BuRNESs Lee Bolb^s 
Harold Laverne Tramel 
Robert M. Call 
Ely Kastenbaum 
Rocco Daniel Melo 
Albert Lebert Richey 
Maurice Joseph Pierson 
Frank Raymond Foust 


Christopher Raymond Keegan 
Michael Frank Spano 
Raymond Walter Shymansky 
James William Woods 
Gerald Eugene Huber 
Troy Lynn Pritt 
Ronald Solomon Fleisher 
Clair Wilfred Borg 
John Joseph Liset 
William Bryan Hall, Jb. 
William Glen Roscher 
Kenneth Hall Tschantre 
Allen G. Mews 


(Junior Women's Honor Society) 

Susan Armstrong 
Paula Beldock 
Mary Jo Beneke 
Susan Bond 
Marsha Bornt 
Rai Chu 

Kathleen Coonby 
Pat Courchen 
Susan Cromer 
Tina Cunningham 
Tricia Deming 
Barbara J. Dubnoff 
Elaine Ewing 

Sue Ann Glackin 
HOLLACE Goldberg 
Beverly Grim 
Ina Hackerman 
Ellen Kaplan 
Jean Messer 
Sheryl Rubin 
Beth St. Clair 
Linda VanGrack 
Jane Walker 
Connie Wright 
Muriex Zetter 

University of Maryland 95 

Mortar Board 

(The national senior honor society for women, recognizing service, 
leadership and scholarship) 

Paula Beknice Beldock 
Susan Jane Bond 
Kathleen Gayle Ck)ONEY 
Cecile Cunningham 
Barbara Jo Dubnoff 
Sue Ann Glackin 
Hollace Ava Goldberg 
Ina Lynn Hackerman 
Susan Dwight Hudson 

Ellen Sue Kaplan 
Myhna Golda Lippman 
Jean Louise Messer 
Pamela Leigh Randolph 
Beth Ann St. Clair 
Susan Rae Stringer 
Linda Van Grack 
CoNSTA-NCE Marian Wright 

Omicron Delta Kappa 
(Honorary Leadership Fraternity for Men) 

Thomas R. Aaron 

Ira R. Allen 

John Amoss 

John Barron 

H. Randall Belt. 

William Betts 

Charles Edward Beyhmer, Jr. 

Stewart Block 

RoBBaiT Jack Bogdanoff 

William G. Boyce 

Paul A. Buckley, Jr. 

Jerome M. Ceppos 

Dorian A. DeMaio 

Thomas Patrick Dove 

Robert Leonard Epstein 

Roy Lionel Eskow 

Jared Ira Fine 

Robert Fine 

Jerome Aaron Fleischer 

Edwin R. Fry 

William Edward Hackett 

Rodney Harrill 

Michael Thomas Hendrickson 

James Hill 

JEFFRBTif Michael Isnek 
Fred M. Jacobson 
Charles Michael Jaffe 
Sam Kaplan 

Charles Hill Knight, Jr. 
Stephen Barry Koenigsberg 
William A. Landes 
Thomas B. Larson 
Joseph Parran Lawrence, III 
Robert Eugene Lentz 
Howard Metro 
Richard Moore Milstead 
Alan Nathan 
Thomas Michael Nichols 
Ben Nomis 
Barry R. Norkin 
Richard Paritzky 
Thomas Arthur Pavlinic 
Richard Thomas Pencek 
John Prevar 
Carroll Shmitt 
Richard J. Stanton 
Jeffery Wayne Valentine 
John R. Warfield 

Abdulhosein N. Adham 
William B. Agins 
John G. Belt 
John Birmingham 
Stewart A. Block 
Jeffrey C. Blum 
Barry J. Brownstein 

Phi Eta Sigma 
(Men's Freshman Honor Fraternity) 

Charles G. Bryce 
Gary R. Catzva 
Michael J. Caughlin 
Warren W. Chamberlain 
Dennis P. Dean 
Dorian A. DeMaio 
James O. Duke 

96 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Robert L. Epstein 
Stephen D. Etter 
JARED I. Fine 
Darryl J. Garfinkel 
Jacobo R. Gavtlan 
Howard J. Gersch 
William E. Hackett 
Rodney A. HarriLl 
John C. Harris 
Jerry Herbst 
William F. Hermach 
Robert E. Jarboe 
Gary W. Kanegis 
Ronnie L. Kinsley 
Sylvester J. Kline, Jr. 
Robert E. Koehler, Jr. 
Joseph P. Lawrence 
Robert E. Lentz 
Jack R. Lodge 
James M. Martinson 
Charles S. Mezgek 
James E. Moore 

Alan M. Nathan 
Rolf G. Neumann 
George I. Nzewi 
Maynard E. Palmer 
Bruce W. Parkinson 
George H. Parks 
Gary W. Pfeufer 
Robert H. Plank 
John E. Prevar 
Robert F. Radlinski 
Kenneth L. Robertson 
Philip J. Schroedek 
Eric Schwartz 
Hassan A. Seirafi 
Michael L. Shanks 
Maury M. Silverman 
Michael J. Sindler 
Alwin E. Wagener, III 
David C. Wallace 
Evan S. Winston 
Joseph R. Wise, Jr. 

Phi Kappa Phi 

(A national hcmorary fraternity open to honor students, both men 
and women, in all branches of learning) 

Elizabeth Abbey 
Michael Adler 
John 0. Amoss 
Donna Carson Angle 
John Archer 
Nancy Sue Auerbach 
Karen Ruth Austen 
Marcie Lynn Avram 
Janice Lynn Baker 
Arthur Frank Ballant 
Carolyn Banks 
Eleanor Joyce Barney 
Bradley Wiluam Beckek 
Marshall Edward Belaga 
Patricia K. Bennett 
Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Sharon Hecker Berard 
Judith Barbara Berne 
Anne Lois Bernstein 
William Spencer Betts, Jr. 
James Macgill Bickley 
Stewart A. Block 
Paula Rae Bogen 
Robert Wastell Bogley 
Cecelia Kim Borofka 
Brenda Lane Bowers 

William G. Boyce 
Linda K. Boyer 
Karen Louise Bradley 
Margaret Anne Bridge 
Virginia Allyn Broadbeck 
Kaye Truxton Brooks 
Anita F. Brownstein 
Barry Jay Brownstein 
Madeline Lee Bryer 
Jeannette Sara Carasso 
Joan Christine Carr 
William E. Caswell 
Gary Robert Catzva 
Susan Gail Cerveny 
Robert L. Chappell 
Jerry Cissel 
Norman S. Clbrman 
Miriam Eleanor Cochell 
Francis W. Collier 
Robin Raines Collison 
Susan Kay Connell 
Linda Conway 
Sabine R. Conway 
Kathleen G. Cooney 
Lewis N. Corrington 
Mary Adexe Coulon 

University of Maryland 97 

Barbara Ann Crampton 

David P. Dalton 

Mark J. Daniel 

LoREN Arlene Davidson 

Janice Eaton Davies 

Walter James Davis, III 

William J. Davis 

Dennis Paul Dean 

Barbara Je:an deFlorio 

Barbara Gayle Deitz 

Dorian A. DeMaio 

Ronald C. Denhardt 

Donald A. Deppe 

Joan K. Desmarais 

Sherry Anne Dietle 

Leonard Dobrowski 

Walter Randolph Dodson, Jr. 

Margaret E. Donald 

Janet Douglass 

Barbara V. DuCote 

James Ouver Duke 

Michael Alan Duniho 

Joseph Allen Dupras 

Judith Frances Ditvall 

Mary Jo E heart 

Judy Marsha Eisenberg 

Earleen F. Elkins 

Donna K. Ellis 

Robert Leonard Epstein 

Marjorie May Feller 

Robert Burton Fine 

Marlene a. Frazier 

Suzanne H. Fribush 

Nancy Jane Funkhouser 

Brother Robert E. Gabbys, F.S.C 

Lawrence W. Gardner, Jr. 

Jacobo Reyes Gavilan 

Paulette D. Geisenkotter 

Bonnie H. Gershon 

Robin Meredith Gillespie 

Harold E. Gilreath 

Sue Anne Glackin 

Patricia Ann Gobbett 


Marshall Frankun Goldberg 
Theresa Mary Goldberg 
Loretta H. Gossett 
Vernon R. Gramung 
Inara Gravitis 
Dianne H. Greyerbiehl 
Jack Randall Grimm 
Stephen Bruce Grossman 
Earl B. Grove 
Frederic Michael Guist 
Lois M. Gurel 

Ina L. Hackerman 


Carole P. Hancock 
Paul Gerard Hannon 
Eleanor Tomun Hanson 
John Key Harley 
Arthur Fort Harman 
Rodney Allen Harrill 
John Charles Harris 
John Fillmore Harris 
Roy E. Hartz 

Margot Kathryn Heggestad 
Anita E. Henderson 
Jeian Henyon 


William Francis Hermach 
Andrea Jean Heubeck 
Margaret Ann Higgins 
Judy Himelfarb 
Francis Ronald Hoffmann 
Marjorie Nichols HoLZAPPEa. 
William A. Horn 
Leonard C. Howard, Jr. 
Susan C. Hudson 
Barbara Elaine Ifshin 
Gale Ellen Inoff 
Fred M. Jacobson 
Barbara A. Jahnel 
Lorraine A. Janus 
Susan Jerome 
Nancy Marguerite Jobe 
Constance Joan Johnson 
Ronald Cornelius Johnson 
Karen B. Joseph 
Ellen Sue Kaplan 
Nancy Anne Kirchner 
Ruth O. Kobin 
Raymond Kodesch 
Robert E. Koehler, Jr. 
LiLA L. Kreibich 
Mildred Sherk Kreider 
Diane J. Kritt 
Carol Ann Kubeluis 
Roger Cissel Kuhn 
John Greatrix Lane 
Barbara Jeanne Lavbsszo 
Joseph Parran Lawrence 
Lawrence Louis Lehmann 
Robert E. Lentz 
Sandra L. Levin 
Max Joseph Levine 
Deborah J. Levy 
Patrick Chi-Ping Liao 
Betty Jean Liebersohn 
Myrna G. Lippman 

98 i968 Commencement Exercises 

Jerau) Benson Lurie 
Leslie D. Lytle 
Susan Malchodi 
Roberta Jeanne Mapp 
Janet Lavenia Marsh 
Sharon Jo Martin 
Margaret Ann Maslak 
Nancy Ann Maynard 
Douglas McArthur 
Shirley Jean Merritt 
Donald Lesessne Miller 
Marilyn Hannah Miller 
Richard Moore Milstead 
William Crane Morison 
Kenneth C. Morrell 
RosiNA D. Navarrete 
Edward Elliotte Nessb 
W. Richard Neiswender 
Marc Andrew Nem Iroff 
Jennifer Diane Newcomek 
Barry R. Norkin 
Marilyn White Norris 
Ina S. O'Carroll 
John Michael O'Day 
JACQUELIN Linda O'Neill 
Mary Joan Osantowski 
BEVtajLY Adele Pariser 
Nora J. Parker 
Margaret Catherine Parry 
Ralph Patrick Pass, III 
Elizabeth Rawls Pavlovsky 
Richard Thomas Pencek 
Charlotte Ann Pennefeathbr 
Pamela S. Peridier 
Robert Remsen Perkins 
Gary Wayne Pfeufer 
Edward Garbett Pickett, Jr. 
Maurice J. Pierson 
Marilyn Potash 
Ann Margaret Potter 
John Edward Prevar 
Susan Gail Peistoop 
Jane deWeese Puckbtt 
Sharon W. Quade 
Carl E. Rabovsky 
Janet Wirsing Ramsen 
David M. Reaume 
Margaret Sarah Reed 
Mary J. Rehmer 
June Robson Reinking 
Katherine Gwendolyn Ridge 
Eleianor Harllee Ritchie 
Philip Dana Robinson 
Stephen Ira Rome 
Alan Elliott Rosendorf 

Earl J. Ross 
Donna Lavene Rude 
John S. Sadowski 
Linda Marie Schaefer 
Bernard Arnold Schneidbk 
Jerry Lee Schreiber 
Joseph B. Schreiner 
Philip John Schroder 
Eric Schwartz 
Irene Helene Schwartz 
William C. Sechrist 
Kathleen Donnelly Secker 
Elinor Seidel 
Hassan Ali Seirafi 
Frances Gardner Seither 
James Lawrence Sherald 
Kay M. Small 
Jay Murrie Solomon 
Ellen Lee Spero 
Gloria Thelma Springer 
Sandra F. Stabingas 
Patricia M. Stabler 
Marsha Harriet Stahler 
Richard J. Stanton 
Sherry Lynne Stargel 
Lillian Marcus Stark 
Beth Ann St. Clair 
Daniel Josephus Stevens 
Norman Crawford Steele 
Cathy Lunn Stoolman 
Robert Sander Strickland 
Susan Rae Stringer 
Sandra Joan Sundeen 
Barbara Lee Tassone 
George A. Thomas, Jr. 
Charles Richard Thorne 
Paul Patrick Traver 
Yvonne Graham Trout 
Susan Janet Vranicar 
David C. Wallace 
Susi Walter 

Carolyn Ann Peher Waltz 
Irene M. Wattenberg 
Nancy Alice Weaver 
Rosemary Louise Weber 
Jill Leslie Weiss 
Linda Ellen Weitzman 
David Wekchen 
Glendon Warren Wetzel, Jr. 
Sherry Anne Whipp 
William Anderson White 
Daniel F. Whiteford 
Kathryn Joan Wienek 
Judy M. Wilhelmensen 
Melvin H. Williams 

University of Maryland 99 

Gayle Edward Wilson 
Shirley A. Wilson 
Cornelia Johanna Witkop 
William Dewey Wood 

Ruth Anne Woodward 
William R. Wright 
Liuan Shiao-Yen Wu 
Jerome Zuckerman 

Alpha Omega Alpha 

(A National Honorary Medical Society) 

Charles Ralph Beamon, Jr. 

Sheldon Barry Beiarman 

Robert Brull 

Richard Spencer Buddington 

Joel Mayer Cherry 

John deCourtenay Gelin 

Gerald Ira Green 

Barry Sheldon Handwerger 

Douglas Boone Hess 

George Fredric Hyman 

George McLanahan Knefely, Jr. 
Carroll Davis Mahoney 
Kathryn Ann Mikesell 
Bruce Lawrence Miller 
Ronald Stephen Pototsky 
Barry Joel Schlossberg 
Michael Joh Shack 
Ethel Berman Siegal 
Stephen Allen Stuppler 
Irving Darryl Wolfe 

Howard Syd Fadbn 
Andrew Bruce Lipton 
John Richards McCormick 


Warren David McNeely 
William Peter Meseroll 
David Russell Richmond 

Alpha Sigma Lambda 

(National Evening Student Honorary) 

Burness Lee Boles 
William Walter Campbell 
Arthur Joseph Carroll 
John Henry Ciccolo, Jr. 
Jerry Cissbl 
Francis James Coughlin 
Ben Henry Cousyn 
Theodore Martin Critchfield 
Theodore Edward Curtis 
Frank Raymond Foust 
Robert Heyden Franke 
Arthur Forte Harman 
Gerald Eugene Huber 
Donald Louis McDaniel 

Donale Lesessne Miller 
Kenneth Chester Morrell 
Eugene Joseph Murphy 
Maurice Joseph Pierson 
Earl Joseph Ross 
Richard Constantine Sachus 
Richard Henry Saurer 
Hugh Johnston Sloan 
Michael Frank Spano 
Edward Collins Ungek 
John Joseph Walsh 
Harlan Lillburn Woodruff 
James William Woods 

Robert P. Bewley 
Alan L. Brauer 
Kenneth G. Canter 

Alpha Zeta 

(Men's Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

Robert E. Cooper 
John B. Dodson 
James E. Faulkner 

100 1968 Commencement Exercises 

James C. Foor 
Daniel D. Fritz 
Edwin R. Pry 
Larry R. Hirshenson 
Jeffrey A. Luntz 
George B. Rampacek 
Clifford W. Ray 

John C. Roswell 
Ross E. Shaffer 
Ronald N. Spikloser 
Daniel J. Stevens 
Robert L. Wampler 
Gordon B. Ward 

Beta Gamma Sigma 

(Men's and Women's Commerce Honor Society) 


Frank S. Budnick 
Gary F. Bulmash 
Richard S. Giarlone 
Charles A. Conley 
Francis E. Dalton 

James H. Donnelly, Jr. 
W. Michael Seganish 
Sidney M. Sussan 
Donald H. Sweeney 
John H. Wilkin 

Donald S. Beightol 
James J. Benjamin 
Jacob M. Benus 
James M. Bickley 
Stanley H. Book 
Michael T. Chaconas 
Edward A. Crooke 
Bertrand D. Cutright 
Earl H. Dill, Jk. 
Albert R. Fritts 
Kathleen A. Kelly 
RoBEaiT E. Koehler, Jr. 


Sandra L. Levin 
Max J. Levine 
Betty J. Liebersohn 
Susan G. Malchodi 
Charles S. Mezcer 
Richard T. Pencek 
Carl E. Rabovsky 
David M. Reaume 
Robert D. Smith 
Christian W. Stauffer 
Robert S. Strickland 
Elwath S. Tawes 

Eta Beta Rho 

(Honor Society of Hebrew Language and Culture) 

1. Jeffrey Barron 
Harriet A. Bartner 
Lucia Czarney 
Faith G. Eisner 
William S. Gann 
Eva B. Garin 

Gideon Kaufman 
A. Howard Metro 
Richard Paritzky 
Harriet J. Schechter 
Ellen Shapiro 
Eileen S. Yoffe 

Janice L. Baker 
Elbianor J. Barney 
Marcia Baraff 
Paula Beldock 
Laura Bell 
Patricia Bell 
Sherry Bender 

Kappa Delta Pi 

(National Honor Society in Education) 
HoLLACE L. Bergman 


Paula Bogen 
Diane S. Brott 
Linda Brundett 
Rebecca J. Caldwell 
Jeanette Carasso 

University of Maryland 101 

Anita C. Catzva 
Barbara A. Crampton 
Barbara Deitz 
Chekyl DePue 
Sherry Dietle 
Andrea Dubow 
Barbara V. Ducotb 
Etta Ellen Eberly 
Jane H. Edwards 
Elizabeth Eisen 
Judy Eisenberg 
Sara E. Foster 
Lynn B. Graber 
Beverly Hall 
Linda E. Hammond 
Lois J. Harris 
Marjorie Holzapfel 
Joan N. Hook 
Nancy M. Jobe 
Patricia Kittock 
Ellen Knitz 
Mary Lane 

Marguerite T. Lehrfexd 
Sylvia Lines 
Nancy A. Lipsitz 
Sharon Litt 

Roberta Littman 
Barbara L. Lockwood 
Sharon J. Martin 
Roberta J. Mapp 
Edward Neese 
Barry R. Norkin 
Rosemary Pataky 
Mary J. Rehmer 
Evelyn Roy 
Lorretta Saff 
RONA K. Schultz 
Amy J. Selby 
Margaret Shade 
Euzabeth Sherman 
Wynne Siegel 
Gloria Springer 
Linda D. Sobozak 
Beth Ann St. Clair 
Rebecca Timmons 
Pamela Tolen 
Linda VanGrack 
Suzi Walter 
Janet A. Ward 
Emma Willner 
Mary S. Wiernga 
Ruth A. Woodward 

National Collegiate Players 
(National Honorary Dramatics Society) 

Linda Blum 
Robert J. Bogdanoff 
G. Randolph Burnham 
Carl R. Futoran 
Charles Jaffe 
Raymond Lepore 
Gloria Magram 
Barry Norkin 

Ruth Ann Patterson 
Marin Pearson 
Betsy Ross 
Beth Sherman 
Kathleen Turyn 
David N. Ulrich 
y yorkoff 

Omicron Kappa Upsilon 

(Honorary Dental Society) 

Steven Mark Baum 

John S. Blackard 

David Lincoln Cruikshank 

Thomas Edward Denson, Jr. 

Gerald George Dolgash 

Richard Benjamin Leibowitz 

Norman Stephen Levy 
Patrick Daniel Looney 
Allan Joseph Scheiner 
Edward Jackson Taggabt, Jr. 
Lawrence Pi-Yang Wong 

102 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Omicron Nu 

Laxjra Bell 
Mary Jo Benekb 
Ellen Rae Best 
Carol L. Bishop 
Lynn M. Bladen 
Susan J. Bond 
Charlsie H. Brooks 
Phylis a. Burbrink 
Karen K. Clearfield 
Paige C. Colenda 
Kathleen G. Cooney 
Margaret E. Donald 
Dale K. Everett 
Carol A. Feaster 
Lois H. Gurel 
Roberta L. Hall 
Betty A. Hanyok 
Jean W. Henyon 
Diane M. Hopkins 

(National Home Economics Honor Society) 

Patricia C. Huhn 
Mary E. Hull 
Betty E. Keedy 
Barbara Lipscomb 
Deanna a. Love 
Ann Hall Marshall 
Jean W. Minnick 
Marilyn W. Norris 
Katherine G. Ridge 
Jane E. Siegel 
Marjorie M. Sippel 
Linda M. Smith 
R. Doris Stivers 
Marie B. Turner 
Roberta M. Walter 
Mary E. Weirich 
Sherry A. Whipp 
Karen M. Zamites 

The Order of the Coif 
(National Law School Hanoi' Society) 

George A. Ashman 
W. Taylor Brown 
John B. Jones-Bateman 
Cerald H. Lean 
Arthur E. Leitch 
Steven P. Lockman 
Margaret P. Mahoney 

Henry R. Miller 
Edward H. Myer, 
Melvin Rosen 
William J. Rusm 
Robert R. Winter 
Jack N. Zemil 


Phi Alpha Epsilon 

(Physical Education, Recreation, and Health Honor Society) 


Thomas L. Bichy 
Charles D. Harris 
Donald J. Hobart 

Jean N. Blana 
Margaret Boehm 
Marcia E. Datko 
Michele DeCoste 
Nijole O. Dulys 
Kenneth W. Ernst 
Nancy L. Gustafson 
Carol A. Guy 
Lynda J. Gwiazdowski 
Joan M. Henn 

George R. Kinnear 
Peter Kowzun 
James A. Metcalf 


F. Ronald Hoffmann 
Vanie L. Jones 
Ellen S. Kaplan 
Karen E. Kells 
Gregory F. Kuntz 
Jacqueline C. Lafleur 
Cordelia Lampe Laird 
Roberta J. LaSalle 
Jane E. Lewis 
Ludwig M. Long, II 

University of Maryland 103 

Sherry I. Lovell 
GE31AIJ) L. Martin 
David W. Millikan 
Linda J. Patchen 
Pamela S. Peridier 
Gail L. Reams 

Kathryn a. Reichardt 
Carol H. Roge31s 
Tina R. Shapiro 
Marlene F. Sneider 
Sherey-Lynne Stargel 
Brenda J. We^aver 

Phi Alpha Theia 
(National History Honor Society) 

Doris Wessmann Baldwin 
Paul Allen Beighley 
Edwin Bennett, III 
Rosalie Marshall Blaul 
Eileen Susan Bomstein 
Douglas Eugene Bowers 
Ellen B. Burg 
Carolee LaRochelle Danb 
Michel Dominick D'Anna 
Dennis M. Devaney 
Conrad W. Dillon 
James 0. Duke 
Susan Marie Fagerstrom 
Burton Gilmorb, Jr. 
Harry J. Hall 
Richard P. Haixion 
Thomas Wayne Hamilton 
Stephen E. Hannestad 
Elaine S. Harris 
JACQUEUNE Adair House 
Donald G. Housley, Jr. 
Paul J. Ireland, Jr. 
Joanne Kelly 
Laurence Klein 
Frederick Singley Koontz 
Rita Joan Kopit 
Richard N. Lamb 
Susan Paula Leviton 

Gary William Lonergan 

Charles D. Marquardt 

WiLLARD Gordon Mouser 

Edward Nesse 

Marc A. Newman 

Richard G. Perry 

Julie S. Peters 

Kabel C. Petraitis 

Carl Anthony Pfisteb 

Roy Ogburn 

Judy M. Olive 

Brenda L. Sandler 

Ben Schermann 

Eric Schwartz 

Malca Harriet Sternberg 

Ann Carroll Taylor 

Raymond Lawrence Thomas 

Susan Allen Thompson 

William E. Thoroughgood 

Alexander Ralston Trench 

Michael Glen Wade 

Norwood L. Warwick 

Howard Weber 

Glendon Warren Wetzel, Jr. 

June C. Wilson 

Bernadette H. Zaucha 

Ilene E. Zetun 


Jarritus Boyd 

Brewster S. Chamberun, Jr. 
Francis Patrick Dooley 
James J. Dougherty 
James Edgar Guy 
Edward F. Haas, Jr. 
Nancy Slocum Hornick 
Linda Anne Horton 
Nancy Jacobs Johnson 

Ross Middaugh Kimmel 
Howard P. Lowell 
Don Miller 
Stephen L. Mills 
Earl R. Page 
Donald A. Ritchie 
Morris Silverman Solomon 
Terry G. Summons 
George F. Wiluss 

104 ^^^^ Commencement Exercises 

Phi Beta Kappa 

(A National Honorary Society for Arts and Sciences) 


Kaken R. Austen 
Ann Baugh 
Marshall E. Belaga 
Sharon H. Bbjeiard 
Douglas E. Bowers 
Margaret A. Bridge 
Anita F. Brownstein 
Madeune L. Bryer 
Gary R. Catzva 
Susan G. Cerveny 
Miriam E. Cochell 
Janice E. Davis 
Walter R. Dodson 
James 0. Duke 
Donna Ellis 
Marjorib M. Feller 
Bonnie Gershon 
HOLLACE Goldberg 
Catherine A. Goodman 
John Harris 
Gale E. Inofp 
Fred H. Jacobson 
John C. Kirk 
Deborah J. Levy 

Myrna G. Lippman 
John S. Lodek 
Jerald B. Lubie 
Margaret A. Maslak 
Peter McClurkin 
Marilyn H. Miller 
James E. Moore 


John H. O'Day 
Beverly A. Pariser 
Ruth A. Pfeiffer 
Philip D. Robinson 
John S. Sadowski 
Philip J. ScHROEa)ER 
Ellen L. Spero 
Laurie J. Stevenot 
Susan R. Stringer 
Jill L. Weiss 


Bernadine Wisnieski 
Cornelia J. Witkop 
William D. Wood 
Lilian S. Wu 


Robert W. Ashmore 
Paul A. Beighley 
John P. Bischofp 
Donald L. Bradfibh) 
Michael R. Eddy 
Thomas B. Fowler 
Robin D. Gordon 
Carol J. King 
Raymond Kodesch 
Marjobie S. Litwin 
Patricia A. Long 

Virginia Maiorana 
David P. Marwedb 
Harvey Shulman 
Charles A. Sneiderman 
Mary a. Sour wine 
Ronald E. Sweeney 
Bernice R. Tannenbaum 
Charles K. Travers 
Patricia M. White 
Brian J. Winter 

John G. Belt 

Anne Bernstein 
William E. Caswell 
Gary R. Catzva 
Bryant S. Centofanti 
Paul G. Clemens 
Robert L. Epstein 

Pi Mu Epsilon 

(National Mathematics Honorary) 

Ellen J. Feinglass 
Marianne T. Hill 
Paul O. Hong 
Fred Jacobson 
Gail Lange 
roselyn lowenbach 
John W. Molino 

University of Maryland 105 

Bruce W. Parkinson 
Ralph P. Pass, III 
Terri S. Pierce 
Rhoda Shaller 

Sue E. Steifel 
Nancy Wolf 
BUTRUS G. Basmaji 
Alan M. Nathan 

Thomas V. Bolling 

Rho Chi 

(National Honorary Pharmaceutical Society) 
John F. Krause 


AviNASH M. Contractor 
William L. Davies 
Charles A. Fleischer 

Eugene M. Johnson, Jr. 
Emory W. Parsons, Jr. 

Marion Ament 
Joan Cark 
Charlene Crupi 
Maria T. Font 
Bonnie H. Gershon 
Mary Gay Haldeman 
Pamela J. Irving 
Delia K. Lang 
William B. Love 

Sigma Delta Pi 
(Spanish Honorary Society) 

Connie Mesler 
Beverly Pariser 
Maria C. Parlade 
Mary K. Patterson 
Cathy Ryan 
Valerie G. Stanley 
Olivia Suszynski 
Laura Villavicencio 
Barbara Willoughby 

Thomas H. Bell 
William E. Caswell 
Bernard Cotton, Jr. 
Russell Frizzell 
Kenneth Grenell 
Stephen Grossman 
Robert Horn stein 
Robert H. Kidwell 
John G. Lane 
George Lowy 

Sigma Pi Sigma 

(National Physics Honor Society) 

Frederick Mosher 
Alan M. Nathan 
Kenneth Oftedal 
Gary Pfeuffer 
David Rosenfeld 
John J. Schenkel 
John Stasiewicz 
David B. Twitty 
David Wallace 

Barbara E. Armiger 
Carol Bernstein 
Bonnie Baykoff 
Judith E. Brown 

Sigma Theta Tau 
(National Nursing Honor Society) 

Rahel Burke 
Gale Burdsall 
Cynthia Capers 
Karen Lee Chamberlain 

106 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Susan K. Connell 
Patricia A. Davies 
Nada Ebel 

Carol Lynn Erickson 
Patricia A. Fiorello 
Mary Ann Fravell 
Martha Free 
Carole A. Garther 
Gloria Gilbert 
Ann Estelle Gunnett 
Natalie Ann Harling 
Andrea Heubeck 
Constance Joan Johnson 
Joann Johnson 
Ruth 0. Kobin 
Carol Kubeluis 
Darlene Lehr 
Susan G. Leonard 
Mary Janet Levine 
Helen Matyas 
Mary Mack 

Sharon Maury 
Elaine M. McGillicuddy 
Lynne McIntire 
Jeanne K. Meyer 
Joanne K. Meyer 
Dian Rae Meyers 
LaVerne Neiswender 
Rosemary Nelson 
Jennifer Newcomer 
Joan Diane Prokop 
Margaret S. Reed 
Kathleen Smith 
Mildred Ressler 


Sandra Stabingas 
Ralph G. Synakowski 
Barbara Lee Tassone 
Donna Thigpen 
Nancy Weaver 
Rosemary L. Weber 
Marianne Wildes 

George P. Alexander 
G. Ronald Ames 
John 0. Amoss 
Richard T. Antony 
Michael Baer 
William C. Bauer 
Jeffrey E. Beach 
Steven R. Beattie 
James E. Beck 
Ken Betaharon 
William S. Betts 
Janice A. Bilecky 
Richard H. Billings 
Michael R. Bender 
Michael M. Blendy 
William H. Bohli 
William G. Boyce 
Barry J. Brownstein 
Robert G. Buckhn 
Howard J. Callender 
Barry L Cantor 
Joseph A. Cassizzi 
Ronald J. Chase 
KooN S. Chin 
Daniel J. Chwirut 
Norman S. Clerman 
Harry B. Cline 
Charles E. Collison 
Michael A. Combbhiiate 

Tau Beta Pi 

(General Engineering Honor Society) 

Timothy J. Consroe 
Dorian A. De Maio 
James H. Deoms 
Howard F. Deterding 
Linda Dorsey 
David E. Drackley 
Richard S. Durkin 
Norman C. Eckekt 
Stephen P. Edwards 
Harvey S. Epstein 
Robert L. Epstein 
John E. Etheridge 
Blair Fairbrother 
Nick A. Farmer 
Walter M. Fountain 
Charles R. Frolich 
Eric K. Fromm 
Loyal E. Gassman 
Jacabo R. Gavilan 
Mike Geary 
Howard J. Gersh 
Edward P. Giblin 
Ray E. Glass 
Joseph S. Golt 
Dennis Goodman 
James R. Griffiths 
Rodney A. Harrill 
William F. Heiadridge 
Dennis R. Hewitt 

University of Maryland 107 

Earl W. Holtzscheiter 
Edgar G. Jacques 
Richard L. Kuhns 
Joseph P. Lawrence 
Eddy G. Lee 
Lawrence L. Lehmann 
Robert E. Lentz 
Robert A. Leonard 
Steve M. Lightner 
Francis T. Markle 
James K. Mayo 
Brian C. Mertz 
Maria Mejia 
Theodore J. Michalek 
Charles G. Miller 
Richard M. Milstead 
Emmett L. Murphy 
Mark E. Nusbaum 
George P. Ord 
Benjamin L Orvedal 
Maynard E. Palmer 
Robert H. Plank 
Roger D. Porter 

Alvin W. Prebula 
Spencer W. Purdum 
John E. Robinson 
Stephen 1. Rome 
Donald C. Runaldue 
Nancy A. Ryerse 
Earl S. Sauer 
Hassan A. Seirafi 
Paul J. Smith 
Barry R. Springer 
Walter Squillari 
Richard J. Stanton 
Dale F. Swearer 
Alfred J. Szczerbicki 
R. J. Taylor 
Robert S. Taylor 
Charles R. Thorne 
Carolyn Ugiansky 
Mark M. Wilbur 
Ronald A. Wilson 
Joseph R. Wise, Jr. 
Donald P. Yelton 

108 196^ Commencement Exercises 



Special Awards 


The Alpha Omega Award David Lincoln Cruikshank 

The Alumni Association Medal Michael Ezra Weintraub 

The Isaac H. Davis Medal John S. Blackard 

The Herbert Friedberg Memorial Award Steven Mark Baum 

The Timothy O. Hcativole Memorial Award George Thomas Carofino 

The International College of Dentists Award Neil Robert Bryson, Jr. 

The Edgar J. Jacques Memorial Award Lawrence Bruno Lagrotteria 

The Harry E. Kelsey Memorial Award David Lincoln Cruikshank 

The Harry E. Latcham Memorial Medal Francis N. BR0V(fN 

The Alexander H. Paterson Memorial Medal Lawrence Pi-Yang Wong 

The Harry B. Schwartz Award Lawrence Bruno Lagrotteria 

The Sigma Epsilon Delta Memorial Medal David Lincoln Cruikshank 

The Katharine Toomey Award Edward Jackson Taggart, Jr. 


Sam Allen Memorial Prize Herbert Better 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize Steven P. Lockman 

Roger Howell Award W. Taylor Brown 

Samuel S. Levin Prize .John F. Fader, II 

Nu Beta Epsilon Prize Robert M. Wright 

John L. Thomas Prize William J. Rubin 

William Strobel Thomas Prize Steven P. Lockman 

U. S. Law Week Award Monte M. B. Simpson 


Faculty Gold Medal for Outstanding Qualifications for the Practice of Medicine 

John D. Gelin 

Balder Prize for Excellence in Medical Studies BRUCE Lawrence Miller 

Dr. Leonard M. Hummel Medal for Excellence in Internal Medicine 

Edward John Young 

The Robinson Dermatological Atvard John D. Gelin 

Dr. Wayne W. Babcock Prize for Excellence in Surgery..FRAtiKLiN Richard Stuart, Jk. 

Dr. J. Edmund Bradley Pediatric Award Charles Ralph Beamon 

Dr. Milton S. Sacks Memorial Award for Excellence in Medicine and Hematology 

Samuel Bertram Allison 

Dr. Jacob E. Finesinger Prize for Excellence in Psychiatry John D. Gelin 

Student Council Plaques Charles Cannon Edwards, John deCourtenay Gelin, 

James Gregory Kane, Jr., William Broughton Long, III 

Student Council Certificates Charles Cannon Edwards, John deCourtenay Gelin, 

James Gregory Kane, Jr., William Broughton Long, III, Carroll Davis Mahoney 

University of Maryland 111 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumni Association Award to the student 
having the highest average in scholarship. 

Awarded to Baltimore Center — Jennifer Newcomer 

Walter Reed Center — Barbara Tassone 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumni Association Award presented to the 
member of the graduating class who has exhibited leadership in the professional stu- 
dent nursing organization. 

Awarded to Ann Gunnett 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Award to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship. 

Awarded to Constance Johnson 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Award for executive ability. 

Awarded to Jennifer Newcomer 

The Award for Leadership Ability. 

Awarded to Marie Millet 

The Flora Hoffman Tarun Memorial Award for leadership, loyalty, and school 

Awarded to Carol Patterson 

The Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider Award to the nurse who has most consistently 
maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospital 

Awarded to Emily Posey 

The Neuro-Surgical Nursing Prize awarded to the member of the graduating class 

who has shown the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in neuro-surgical nursing. 

Awarded to Constance Johnson 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in the nursing care of surgical 

Awarded to Shirley Fellabaum 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in operating room nursing. 

Awarded to Ruth Kobin 

The Women's Auxiliary Board Award presented to a member of the graduating 
class who has demonstrated outstanding performance in giving professional nursing 
care to patients. 

Awarded to Lynn McIntire 

The Alumni of the Army School of Nursing Award for excellence in clinical 

Awarded to Margaret Reed 


The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity Prize, to a senior student for 
proficiency in pharmacology. 

Awarded to Patrick George Welsh 

112 1968 Commencement Exercises 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize, a gold medal for superior proficiency in 

Awarded to Herbert Marshall Sohmer 

Epsilon Alumnae Chapter, Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority Prize, to a senior stu- 
dent for proficiency in pharmacy administration. 

Awarded to Herbert Marshall Sohmer 

The William Simon Memorial Prize, for superior proficiency in the field of prac- 
tical and analytical chemistry. 

Awarded to Leonard Charles Howard, Jr. 

The Wagner Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Prize, for meritorious academic achieve- 
ment in pharmaceutical jurisprudence. 

Awarded to Uldis Verners Pironis 

The John F. Wannenwetsch Memorial Prize, to a senior student majoring in Gen- 
eral Pharmacy who has exhibited exceptional performance and promise in the practice 
of community pharmacy. 

Awarded to Patrick George Welsh 

The Conrad L. Wich Pharmacognosy Prize, for exceptional work throughout the 
course in pharmacognosy. 

Awarded to William Statter 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize, to the senior student having the 
highest general average throughout the course in practical and dispensing pharmacy. 
Awarded to John Robert Ricci 


. V 

Milton Abramowitz Memorial Prize to a junior or senior student majoring in 
mathematics who has demonstrated superior competence and promise for future de- 
velopment in the field of mathematics and its applications. 

Awarded to Ralph P. Pass 

The ALCOA Foundation Traffic and Transportation Award to an outstanding 
senior student majoring in transportation. 

Awarded to Michael W. Yourtee 

Alpha Chi Sigma Award to the senior majoring in chemistry or chemical engineer- 
ing whose average has been above 3.0 for three and one-half years. 

Awarded to John S. Sadowski 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the senior member of the group who has maintained 
the highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have been in 
attendance in the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to Susan Laura Armstrong 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award to the senior members who have 
maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta Average, 3.50. 
Awarded to: 

Susan Laura Armstrong Joan C. Carr 

Eleanor J. Barney Lalah Conway Cooperman 

Anita F. Brownstein Barbara Ann Crampton 

University of Maryland 113 

Janice E. Davies Nancy Anne Kirchner 

BARBARA G. Deitz Ruth Kobin 

Marjorie M. Feller Mirijana Kocho 

Suzanne H. Fribush Deborah J. Levy 

Bonnie H. Gershon Myrna G. Lippman 

Sue a. Glackin Margaret A. Maslak 

HOLLACE AvA Goldberg Marilyn H. Miller 

Inara Gravitis Jennifer Newcomer 

Sheila Neustadt Grossman Jacqueline L. O'Neill 

Ina L. Hackerman Ruth A. Pfeiffer 

Beverly E. Hall Susan G. Pristoop 

Margot K. Heggestad Nancy Weavbhi 

Michelle Hochman Ruth Ann Woodward 

Karen Joseph Bernadette Connelly Zaucha 

Alpha Zeta Award to the male agricultural student in the freshman class who 
attains the highest average record in academic work. 

Awarded to Harry C. Byrd 

American Association of University Women, College Park, Annual Graduate Prize. 
Awarded to Frances J. Brannon 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Awards. 

Awarded to Neal B. Leatherman for outstanding achievement; 

Norman S. Clerman and Daniel B. Lepore for best 
student branch lecture; and the student chairman 
award to Neal B. Leatherman. 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Scholarship Improvement 
Award is presented to the senior in Aerospace Engineering who has made the greatest 
improvement in scholarship from his junior year to his senior year. 

Awarded to John William Risinger 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Award to the junior member of the Stu- 
dent Chapter who attained the highest over-all scholastic average during the freshman 
and sophomore years. 

Awarded to Linda Dorset 

American Institute of Chemists Award to an outstanding student of the senior 
class selected by the faculty. 

Awarded to Jerry L. Schreiber 

American Society of Civil Engineers' Outstanding Senior Awards. 

Awarded to Edward R. Lara by Maryland Section; 

Rodney A. Harrill by the Chapter 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award to the senior member who con- 
tributed most to the local chapter. 

Awarded to Paul Fleck 

The Appleman-Norton Scholarship Award to a senior major in recognition of excel- 
lence in Botany. 

Awarded to Margaret A. Bridge 

Associated Women Students Awards for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 
Awarded to: 

Mary Jo Beneke Gayle Capazzalo 

Kathy Burke Elaine Ewing 

114 -^5^* Commencement Exercises 

Sara Foster Margie Litwin 

Sue Ann Glackin Sherry Montgomery 

Dora Light Jeanne Pelecanos 

David Arthur Berman Memorial Award to the highest ranking junior in the De- 
partment of Chemical Engineering who is also a member of Tau Beta Pi National 

Awarded to Donald C. Runaldue 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal to the sophomore who has attained the highest 
scholastic average of his class in the College of Engineering. 

Awarded to Howard Huie 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence in 
Hebrew studies. 
Awarded to: 

Faith G. Eisner Aliza L. Parcover 

Debra Gelfeld Ellen L. Schneider 

Pnina Godin DiNah Schwartz 

Lynette Goldberg Nancy R. Schwob 

Sarah T. Harris Joshua S. Wilkenfeld 

Phyllis R. Hyatt Carol S. Wilson 

Allene S. Katz Eileen Yoffe 

Business Education Award of Merit to a student in Business Education in recogni- 
tion of outstanding achievement as a student. 

Awarded to Jane Terzick 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award to the outstanding graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during the last year. 

Awarded to WiNAND HocK 

Bernard L. Crozier Award to the senior in the College of Engineering who, in the 
opinion of the faculty, has made the greatest improvement in scholarship during his 
stay at the University. 

Awarded to Thomas P. O'Reilly 

Delta Delta Delta Award to the sophomore woman with the highest cumulative 

Awarded to Felicia Rasa Giedrys 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who has 
maintained the highest scholastic standing during the entire course of study in business 
administration or economics. 

Awarded to Robert Koehler 

Diamondback Award to the outstanding freshman in the field of communications. 
Awarded to Mary Hurlbut 

The Drake Award to the undergraduate student in chemistry who shows the most 
promise at the end of the sophomore year. 

Awarded to Janna L. Naylor 

The Education Alumni Award to the outstanding senior woman and senior man in 
the College of Education. 

Awarded to Beth Ann St. Clair and Wayne V. Pawlowski 

University of Maryland 115 

Engineering Alumni Chapter Award to a senior for outstanding scholarship and 
service to the College of Engineering and University. 

Awarded to Richard M. Milstead 

English Department Short Fiction Award to the undergraduate or graduate stu- 
dent who has written the best piece of short fiction during the current school year. 
Awarded to JUDY Leivy 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior Award is presented to a senior in Electrical 
Engineering for his outstanding scholastic achievement and service to the society and 

Awarded to Robert L. Epstein 

General Electric Corporation prizes to outstanding first-year graduate students. 

Awarded to In Astronomy: S. Y. LiU 

In Physics: Kwang-Je Kim 

In Astrophysics: Dattakumar Chitke 

General Electric Corporation prizes to outstanding graduate teaching assistants. 

Awarded to In Astronomy: David Gottlieb 

In Physics: Bernard Cellum 
Elizabeth Frisbee 
Paul Keys 
G. Randers-Pehrson 
David Trewett 
Gray Ward 

The James Douglass Goddard Memorial Medal to the male native resident of 
Prince Georges County who makes the highest average in his studies, and who embodies 
the most manly attributes. 

Awarded to Charles Bryce 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the two members of the senior class who 
have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Robert J. Bogdanoff and G. Randolph Burnham 

Hamilton Award to the graduating senior in the College of Engineering who has 
most successfully combined proficiency in his major field of study with achievements — 
either academic, extracurricular, or both — in the social sciences or humanities. 

Awarded to Barry R. Springer 

The Raskins and Sells Foundations, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College 
of Business and Public Administration concentrating in accounting who has demon- 
strated excellent ability in this field of study. 

Awarded to Robert Koehler 

The Home Economics Alumni Award to the student outstanding in application of 
Home Economics in her present living and who shows promise of carrying these into 
her future home and community. 

Awarded to Karen K. Clearfield 

Joe Elbert James Memorial Award to the graduating senior in horticulture on the 
basis of scholarship and promise of future achievement. 

Awarded to James L. Sherald 

116 1 968 Commencevient Exercises 

Journalism Department letter of commendation to outstanding journalism woman. 
Awarded to Virginia Broadbeck 

Maryland-Delaware Press Association Annual Citation to the outstanding senior 
in journalism. 

Awarded to Jerome M. Ceppos 

Maryland Recreation and Parks Society Award to the outstanding senior majoring 
in recreation. 

Awarded to Nancy Gustafson Lipscomb 

Merck Index Award to an outstanding student of the senior class majoring in 

Awarded to John S. Sadowski 

National Society of Fire Protection Engineers Awards to the most outstanding 
senior and the most outstanding sophomore in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to William G. Boyce and Kenneth W. Duncan 

Noxell Corporation Scholarship Award to an undergraduate student in chemistry. 
Awarded to William A. White and Jerry L. Schreiber 

The Omicron Nu Award to the sophomore students in Home Economics who in their 
freshman year achieved the highest grade point average. 

Awarded to Karen Davis and Sharon Davis 

The junior award of the Gamma of Maryland Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa will be 
presented this year to Raymond Kodesch 

The senior award (Leon P. Smith Award) of the Gamma of Maryland Chapter 
will be presented this year to Susan L. Armstrong 

Phi Chi Theta Award to the outstanding graduating senior woman in the College 
of Business and Public Administration on the basis of scholarship, activities and 

Awarded to Sandra Levin 

Phi Sigma Awards for outstanding achievement in the biological sciences to an 
undergraduate student and a graduate student. 

Awarded to Susan Laura Armstrong and Winlan K. Hock 

Pi Delta Epsilon National Medal of Merit Awards to the outstanding junior 
woman and the outstanding junior man for journalism activities. 

Awarded to Hollace Ava Goldberg and Stephen W. Parks 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award for distinguished and dedicated service in the field of 
communications at the University of Maryland. 

Awarded to Edward Sacks 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award for outstanding service to communications in the field of 

Awarded to John W. Dowling 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award for outstanding service to communications in the field of 

Awarded to Alan D. Kellam 

University of Maryland 117 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award for outstanding service to communications in the field of 
editorial journalism. 

Awarded to Robert H. Wishakt 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award for outstanding service to communications in the field of 
periodical journalism. 

Awarded to Lisa N. Taylor 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to the most outstanding sophomore in mechanical engineering 
on the basis of scholastic average and instructors' ratings. 

Awarded to Richard W. Marks and Alan I. Kirschbaum 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award to the senior in mechanical engineering who has 
made the most outstanding contribution to the University. 

Awarded to Richard M. Milstead and William S. Betts, Jr. 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College of Business 
and Public Administration who has majored in Transportation and who has demon- 
strated competence in this field of study. 

Awarded to Philip H. Hoey 

Public Relations Society of America, Baltimore Chapter, Annual Citation to the 
outstanding senior, active in public relations. 

Awarded to SANDERS F. Haley 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the outstanding senior in microbiology. 
Awarded to Mary Jane Thomassen 

The Sigma Chapter, Phi Delta Gamma Award to an outstanding woman who has 
completed the requirements for the doctoral degree. 

Awarded to Betty B. Anderson 

Sigma Delta Chi citation to the outstanding graduating senior male student. 
Awarded to James R. Fellows 

Dr. Leo and Rita Sklar General Honors Award given annually to students for 
excellence in the General Honors Program of the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Awarded to Susan L. Armstrong, Outstanding General Honors 

Student of the Year. 
Margaret Bridge, General Honors Senior of the Year. 
John Paul Bischoff, General Honors Junior of the Year. 
Stephen Farmer, General Honors Sophomore of the Year. 

Reuben G. Steinmeyer Award to the outstanding senior in the Department of 
Government and Politics. 

Awarded to Sue Ann Glackin 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of 
the City of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual 
qualities practically applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to RoY L. ESKOW and Kathleen G. Cooney 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Association Award to the junior in 
the College of Engineering who during his sophomore year has made the greatest im- 
provement in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Richard H. Billings 

Theta Sigma Phi award to outstanding senior journalism woman. 

Awarded to Hollace Goldberg 

118 1968 Commencement Exercises 

The University of Maryland College of Agrciulture Alumni Chapter Senior Award 
presented annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding collegiate accom- 
plishments which typified the model student and contributed significantly toward the 
advancement of the University's College of Agriculture. 

Awarded to Earl Groves 

The University of Maryland College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Chapter Stu- 
dent Award presented annually to an outstanding senior man and woman student 
in the college who have demonstrated outstanding collegiate accomplishments in schol- 
arship, leadership and citizenship. 

Awarded to Bernadette Connelly Zaucha and Charles G. Bryce 

The University of Maryland Business and Public administration Alumni Chapter 
Student Award presented annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding 
achievement in academic and extra-curricular activities. 

Awarded to Robert Earl Koehler 

The University of Maryland College of Education Alumni Chapter Award pre- 
sented annually to the senior male and female students who have demonstrated out- 
standing service toward furthering the highest ideals of education. 

Awarded to Beth Ann St. Clair and Wayne Vincent Pawlowski 

The University of Maryland College of Engineering Alumni Chapter Award pre- 
sented annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship and 
contribution to the College and University through activities and leadership. 

Awarded to Richard M. Milstead 

The University of Maryland Senior Award of the College of Home Economics 
Alumni Chapter presented annually to the student who has demonstrated exceptional 
scholarship, leadership, and service to the college. 

Awarded to Karen K. Clearfield 

The University of Maryland Alumni Association Homecoming Award presented 
annually to the student who has made the greatest contribution to the homecoming 


The University of Maryland Alumni Association Outstanding Student Leader 
Award presented annually to an outstanding senior man and woman student who have 
demonstrated excellence in leadership, citizenship and scholarship. 

Awarded to Elaine Ewing and A. Howard Metro 

The Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award to the graduating senior 
who has maintained the highest scholastic achievement in the field of financial admin- 

Awarded to DOUGLAS R. Hollingsworth 

The Arthur Young and Co. Foundation, Inc., Awards to exceptional senior stu- 
dents concentrating in accounting who are registered in the College of Business and 
Public Administration. 

Awarded to James J. Benjamin, 2Une D. Blackburn, Stanley Book, 

Stanley J. Goldberg, Atsushi Goto, Dennis M. Gurtz, 

Douglas R. Hollingsworth, L. Larry Johnson, James L. Jones, 

Mark J. Lavine, George M. Merriman, Jr., Richard T. Pencek, 

Larry Ricklin, Christian W. Stauffer, E. Scott Tawes 

University of Maryland 119 


Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus 
H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class who, 
during his collegiate career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done 
most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Michael T. Hendrickson 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An award presented annually as a memorial to Sally 
Sterling Byrd, by her children to that girl member of the Senior Class who best 
exemplifies the enduring qualities of the pioneer women. These qualities should typify 
self-dependence, courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, 
willingness to sacrifice for others, strength of character, and those other qualities that 
enable the pioneer woman to play such a fundamental part in the building of the 

Awarded to SuE ANN Glackin 



The Maryland Ring, a memorial to Charles L. Linhardt, Jr., to the Maryland male 
resident who is adjudged the best athlete of the year. 

Awarded to Charles Richard Drescher 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in 
college athletics. 

Awarded to Franklin T. Costello 


The Atlantic Coast Conference Plaque to a senior for excellence in scholarship 
and athletics. 

Awarded to William S. Betts 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current season. 
Awarded to Patrick L. Baker 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to 
the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Franklin T. Costello 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy for the senior who has contributed most 
to the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to William E. Jones 

John T. Bell Swimming Award to the senior letterman who has contributed most 
to swimming. 

Aivarded to David J. Heim 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to Michael Rogosky 

William P. Cole, III, Memorial Lacrosse Award to the outstanding midfielder. 
Awai-ded to CHARLES Leimbach 

The George C. Cook Memorial Scholarship Trophy to a member of the football 
team with the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to Charles Tine 

120 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silber Lacrosse Trophy to the most improved defence man. 
Awarded to Hugh A. Mallon 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the graduating male senior athlete, who during his 
three years of varsity competition, lettered at least once and attained the highest 
over-all scholastic average. 

Awarded to William S. Betts 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award to the most outstanding senior trackman. 
Awarded to Bruce G. Carson 

Jack Faber-Al Heagy Unsung Hero Award, to the player who best exemplifies 
determination, will to win, and pride in accomplishment. 

Awarded to Thomas J. Grau 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to GoBEL W. Kline 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed most 
to wrestling at the University. 

Awarded to James D. Arnoult 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., Swimming Trophy to the senior letterman who has 
contributed most to swimming. 

Awarded to WAYNE V. Pawlowski 

Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 
Awarded to James E. Lavrusky 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service to 
lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to Norman H. Vanderschuyt 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University has 
rendered the greatest service to football. 

Awarded to Louis F. Stickel 

The Robert E. Theofeld Memorial Trophy to the golfer who most nearly exemplifies 
the competitive spirit and strong character of Robert E. Theofeld, a former member 
of the boxing team. 

Awarded to THOMAS C. Medlin 



Mark Harris 
George Manz 
Michael Rogosky 
Donald Smith 



John B. Amoss 
Reuben Beauchamp 
John Jacobs 
David E. Starnes 


Frederick A. Gawlick 
James E. Lavrusky 
John McCamant 
Thomas J. Myslinski 
Anthony A. Santy 
Louis F. Stickel 
Charles J. Tine 
William P. Van Heusen 

John P. Avery 

Charles R. Drescher, III 

William E. Jones 

Patrick L. Baker 
Sabino Battaglia 
Arthur H. Bbzostowski 

Sheldon Michelson, Mgr. Ralph N. Donofrio 


Thomas Bartolec 
Gerald Book 

University of Maryland 121 

James Moore 
Roger Olson 


avind bonde 
Thomas Grau 
Bruce Hinkle 
Steve Lavaute 
Charles Leimbach 
Steve Menninger 
David Mintzer 
Anthony. Stewart 
Steve Ppeiffer 


Raymond J. Buckley 
Michael F. Rioux 
Richard M. Spinella 
Tom M. Stout 


Bruce Alston 
David Dodge 
William Dranginis 
James Hill 
Wayne Pawlowski 
Douglas Springer 


Richard Harrington 
John Scheaffer 


John Amoss 
Reuben Beauchamp 
William Betts 
Herbert Buonviri 
Bruce Carson 

Franklin Costello 
Daniel Donahue 
Wayne Donelon 
Thomas Gagner 
John Jacobs 
Edward Marks 
John Prevar 
David Starnes 
Thomas Thompson 
John Warfield 
Stephen Washburn 


James D. Arnoult 
Keith W. Billotte 
Kent L. Webster 


Michael Baier 
Thomas Bradley 
Philip Corddry 
Daniex Crowley 
Bradley Danforth, Mgr. 
Donald Fierce 
George Fling 
Mark Harris 
Michael Herson 
Lars Hillensland 
Gene Hiser 
James Lavrusky 
George Manz 
Michael Martz 
James Norris 
Michael Rogosky 
Joseph Schlicht 
Joseph Shamburg 
Robert Simpson 
Donald Smith 


John P. Avery 
Charles R. Drescher, III 
William Hetzel 
Rodney Horst 
Julius Johnson 
William E. Jones 
Jon MacDonald 



Sheldon Michelson, Mtjr. 
Thomas Milroy 


John 0. Amoss 
Andrew F. Angevine 
John E. Baker 
Reuben Beauchamp 
John Jacobs 
George F. Minarik, Jr. 
Ernest H. O'Boyle 
Charles J. Shrader 
David E. Starnes 
Richard W. Wich 


Donald Armstrong 
Patrick L. Baker 
Sabino p. Battaglia 
Charles A. Bowman 
Louis E. Bracken 
Michael D. Brant 
Arthur H. Brzostowski 
Richard H. Carlson 
Stephen Ciambor 
Robert Colbert 
Joseph DiOrio 
Ralph N. Donofrio 

Charles E. Drimal, Jr. 
Kenneth B. Dutton 
Paul E. Fitzpatrick 
Henry Gareis 
Frederick A. Gawlick 
John Gebhardt 
Lewis Gertz, Mgr. 
William A. Gillespie 
Michael Grace 
William L. Grant 
Robert M. Imphong 
Robert Haley 
Edwin A. Kane 
Daniel Kecman 
William R. Lovett 
James E. Lavrusky 
John McCamant, Mgr. 
Thomas J. Myslinski 
Bruce W. Olecki 
Ronald E. Pearson 
Thomas A. Plevin 
Anthony A. Santy 
Ralph E. Sonntag 
Louis F. Stickel 
Michael F. Stubljar 
James L. Stull 
Charles J. Tine 
William P. Van Heusen 
Joseph M. Pancza, Mgr. 
John L. Dill 
Wallace Stalnaker 

122 1968 Commencement Exercises 


Gerald Book 
Worth Calfee 
Thomas Medlin 
James Moore 
Michael Micka 
James VandeHey 
Brian Willard 
William Ziobro 
Richard Bartos, Mgr. 


Joe Baker, Mgr. 
AviND E. Bonde 
C. Douglas Carter 
Leonard Casalino 
John W. Daily 
James E. Dietscii 
Michael M. Dreyer 
John B. Ellinger 
Daniel A. Furman 
Fred E. Graham 
Paul Griffin 
Thomas J. Grau 
Jeffrey N. Himmelstein 
Bruce C. Hinkle 
H. Craig Hubbard 
C. Reed Kaestner 
J. David Kiefer 
Stephen L. Lavaute 
Thomas W. Laverty 
Charles T. Leimbach, III 
Richard A. Link 
Stephen E. Lortie 
Hugh A. Mallon, III 
Stephen P. Menninger 
Gregory L. Mingin 
David Mintzer 
Robert D. Moyse 
Walter R. Pettit 
Stephen C. Pfeiffer 
Bruce E. Piccirillo 
Robert R. Rowny 
H. Taylor Stedman, III 
Anthony R. Stewart 
C. Michael Thomas 
Vaughn Topping 
Norman Vander Schuyt 
Robert E. West 


Oscar Ascherl 
Alvaro Bitencourt 

Paul S. Bodner 
Giancarle Brandoni 
Raymond J. Buckley 
Joseph C. Butta 
Robert J. Connor 
Frank G. Delvecchio 
Allen R. Emminizer 
Mario Jelencovich 
Jay B. Lilien 
James G. Richardson 
Michael F. Rioux 
Larry A. Runs 
J. Stephen Salfeety 
Richard M. Spinrlla 
Paul A. Stiehl 
Tom M. Stout 
Ted j. Swieconek 
William J. Walker 
Maurice G. White 
Charles D. Wiemers 
Dave Arnold, Mgr. 


Bruce Alston 
Paul Berigtold 
David Dodge 
Donald Dolce 
Phillip Denkevitz 
David Heim 
William Dranginis 
James Hill 
David Karol 
Jack Levenson 
Drew Marcks 
Victor Meleski 
Steven Meleski 
Wayne Pawlowski 
Joseph Reid 
Robert Rydze 
Joseph Schwartzel 
Donald Shepherd 
Robert Sikorski 
Douglas Springer 


David Bennett 
Ray Buck-Lew 
Richard Harrington 
Fulton Liss 
Nick Makarenko 
John Scheaffer 
William Speckmann 
David Werchen 
John C. McCullough, Mgr. 


John O. Amoss 
John E. Baker 
Reuben F. Beauchamp 
William S. Betts 
Martin L. Brotemarkle 
Herbert M. Buonviri 
James R. Calhoun 
Bruce G. Carson 
Richard A. Cirner 
Franklin T. Costello 
Joseph B. David 
Daniel F. Donahue 
Wayne Donelon 
Charles R. Drescher 
Thomas A. Gagner 
Elliott J. Garrett 
John J. Hanley 
John J. Jacobs 
George A. Lucas 
Edward B. Marks 
James F. Meehan 
Roland E. Merritt 
George F. Minarik 
Michael T. Neff 
Ernest H. O'Boyle 
Eugene P. OKeefe 
Garrett S. Parsons 
John E. Prevar 
David C. Reiss 
Charles J. Shrader 
David E. Starnes 
Thomas T. Thompson 
William H. Tipsword 
John R. Warfield 
Stephen D. Washburn 
James R. Williamson 
George J. Wojtech 


James D. Arnoult 
John R. Baker 
Keith W. Billotte 
Curtis P. Callahan 
John E. Dalgewicz 
Kevin J. Gilead 
Joel L. Haan 
Gobel W. Kline 
Lonnie B. Rutledge, Jr. 

Ralph E. Sonntag 
Robert E. Terrill 
Kent L. Webster 
Howard R. Zachmann 

University of Maryland 123 


Alumni Cup awarded to the Commander of the outstanding flight in the Corps of 

Awarded to Robert C. Ginnett 

Air Force Association Award to the outstanding Senior Cadet in the AFROTC 

Awarded to Barry J. Springer 

Air Force R.O.T.C. Angel Flight Award to the outstanding member of the Air 
Force R.O.T.C. Angel Flight. 

Awarded to Jo Lynne Bentz 

Air Force Times Award to the Senior Cadet at each detachment who has distin- 
guished himself by contributing materially to constructive public attention for the 
Corps of Cadets. 

Aicarded to JesS B. FarrELL 

American Fighter Aces Association Award to the outstanding Senior Cadet in 
the pilot category in each of nine geographical areas of the United States. 

Awarded to Barry J. Springer 

American Legion R.O.T.C. General Military Excellence Gold Medal Award to the 
Senior Cadet demonstrating outstanding qualities in military leadership, discipline and 

Aicarded to Matthew J. Gibney 

American Legion R.O.T.C. Scholastic Gold Medal Award to the Senior Cadet in 
the upper 10% of his class and upper 25'/( of his R.O.T.C. class. 

Aivarded to Norman S. Clerman 

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Award to the outstand- 
ing Senior Cadet majoring in electrical, electronics or communications engineering. 
Aivarded to Barry J. Brownstein 

Arnold Air Society Award to the Professional Officer Course Cadet selected by 
the Arnold Air Society as the cadet who has contributed the most to the advance- 
ment of Air Force R.O.T.C. through activities of the Arnold Air Society. 

Awarded to MICHAEL S. McCrACKEN 

Coblentz Cup to the Commander of the outstanding group in the Corps of Cadets. 
Awarded to Caklos Carlo, Jr. 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Cadet who has displayed out- 
standing leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. 

Awarded to Earl W. HoltzSCHEITER 

Distinguished Air Force R.O.T.C. Cadet Badge to those seniors who possess out- 
standing qualities of leadership and high moral character and who meet the prescribed 
standings in their academic and military studies. 
Awarded to: 

Barry J. Brownstein James H. Newman 

Dorian A. DeMaio Barry J. Springer 

Jess B. Ferrill Jerimiah C. Riordan 

James P. Koermer Harlan G. Wilder 

Stephen M. Lightner 

124 -^565 Commencement Exercises 

General Dynamics Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying outstanding leader- 
ship and scholastic qualities and who has been selected for the Professional Officer 
Course in the pilot category. 

Atvarded to Frank J. Pelz 

Governor's Cup to the Commander of the outstanding squadron in the Corps of 

Awarded to Dewey F. Lockwood, Jr. 

Legion of Valor Bronze Cross of Achievement Award to the outstanding Senior 
Cadet in each of nine geographical areas of the United States. 

Awarded to Barry J. Springer 

National Defense Transportation Association Award to the Senior Cadet demon- 
strating outstanding leadership, academic achievement and aptitude for Air Force 
service as a Transportation Officer. 


PAS Award for Excellence to the Senior Cadet who has academically distin- 
guished himself at the University. 

Awarded to Dorian A. DeMaio 

Reserve Officers Association Gold Medal to the Senior Cadet demonstrating out- 
standing academic achievement and highest officer potential. 

Awarded to David A. WALSH 

Reserve Officers Association Silver Medal to the Junior Cadet demonstrating out- 
standing academic achievement and the highest officer potential. 

Awarded to George M. McVeigh, Jr. 

Society of American Military Engineer Award to the Senior Cadet displaying 
outstanding scholastic achievement and leadership and majoring in the field of en- 

Awarded to BARRY J. Brownstein 

University of Maryland 125 

Ira Allen 

Tony Anthony 

Judy Appel 

Bruce Cohen 

James Day 

Mary Ann Gallagher 



Elaine Ginsberg 
Frank Groff 
John F. Haifley 
John L. Hartge 
Susan Sacks 
Thomas Winder 

Jim Adkins 

Marcie Avram 
Anne Beacham 
Dave Bourdon 
Gene Boyars 
Ilene Caplan 
Mark Carp 
Maureen Clancy 
Cheryl Clark 
Gary Cohen 
Jim Day 
Elaine Eutsler 
Carol Franks 
Maryanne Gallagher 
Bill Gerson 
Mike Gold 
Alan Golden 
Howard Gradet 
Anita Henderson 
Jean Horan 
Mary Hurlbut 



Jeff Isner 
Donald Kerbel 
Robert Korn 
Harold Lalos 
Jonathan Latham 
Paul Levin 
Linda Naylor 
Daniel Peed 
Steve Petranek 
Lynn Petzold 
Cindy Plachta 
Pat Rouzer 
Linda Schevitz 
Art Schwartz 
Mike Snyder 
Jeff Valentine 
Ellen Walker 
Lindalee Wilson 
Leath Winterung 
Tom Winer 
Joan Zaciewski 

Tony Anthony 
Dennis Devaney 
Carol Duke 
Jeanne Harris 
Margie Johnson 


Susie Kaminski 
Sherry Mader 
Dick Rhudy 
Sharon Smith 
Steve Vogel 


Belle Brooks 
Bruce Cohen 
John Dowling 
Ray Ferrara 
Peggy Golden 
Frank Grofp 
John Hartge 
Tom Jackson 

Rick King 
Carol Lamison 
Ted Mintzer 
Edward Sacks 
Susan Sacks 
Kathy Schwartz 
Barbara Wojcik 
Ron Wolfe 

126 1968 Commencement Exercises 


Sigma Alpha Iota Alumnae Award for outstanding musical performance. 
Awarded to Carmen Balthrop 

Sigma Alpha Iota Dean's Honor Award for service and dedication. 

Awarded to Chris Estes 

Sigma Alpha Iota Honor Certificate to the senior with the highest scholastic 

Awarded to Constance Wright 

Sigma Alpha Iota Leadership Award based on personality, student activities, fra- 
ternity service, and scholarship. 

Awarded to Regina Searles 

Sigma Alpha Iota Sword of Honor Awards, for outstanding service to the Chapter 
and to the musical community. 

Awarded to Kathleen Duck, Linda Kitzmiller, and Regina Searles 


Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding band member of the year. 
Awarded to James Turner 

Tau Beta Sigma Award to the outstanding band sorority member of the year. 
Awarded to Paula Bogen 

Director's Award to the Symphony Band member who demonstrated the most im- 
provement in musicianship during the year. 

Awarded to Karen Brumbaugh 

Assistant Director's Award to the outstanding member of the Concert Band. 
Awarded to Craig Radcliff 

Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding freshman band member of the 

Awarded to D. Michael Davis 

Gold Cups presented to members who have served faithfully for four years: 

Richard Berlin Gerhard Harmon Craig Radcliff 

Caroline Bemry Lillian Masser James Turner 

Rebecca Caldwell Charles Moore Alan Witkin 
David Goss 

Gold Keys presented to members who have served faithfully for three years: 

Jane Ayer Alan Huff Susan Russ 

Charles Barker David Katz Gregory Sears 

David Berry Susan Kunkel Gloria Sessums 

Janet Bruns Cynthia Land Ronald Shope 

John Burdette William McCullen Harold Sims 

Carolyn Carmack Charles McLeod David Strebe 

Thomas Czarnecki Rosalie Miller Ronald Wolz 

Israel Herman Ruth Myers Jimmie Worsley 

Brian Herzberger James Reeves Ray Young 

University of Maryland 12/ 

Sweaters presented to members who have served faithfully for two years: 

Judith Anderegg 
Allen Avery 
John Baker 
Ralph Betz 
Paula Bing 
Paula Bogen 
Elizabeth Bruen 
Karen Brumbaugh 
Roger Burdette 
Benedict Burvainis 
Melissa Carr 
Kenneth Carter 
Jeanette Conlon 
Douglas Crowley 
Christopher Davis 
Gary Dinn 
Zavolia Dortch 
Jerry Drake 
Helen Ehrlich 

Brad Feig 
James Ford 
Richard Forman 
Dan Fritz 
Kathy Frye 
Wayne Gaver 
Ronald Golkow 
Mark Goodman 
Mark Grande 
Louis Hart 
George Kipper 
Keith Laurent 
Wayne Miller 
Glenn Mohr 
Carolyn Noel 
Jeffrey Pargament 
Douglas Phillips 
Jean Powers 
Joseph Pratt 

Scott Price 
Carl Ramsey 
Philip Rosenheim 
Laura Savadow 
Robert Schachtek 
David Schlosburg 
Nancy Scott 
Regina Searles 
Alice Stinnett 
John Suit 
Lynne Teal 
Marcia Tew 
Robert Toubman 
Timothy Tressler 
Sharon Woodruff 
Sandra Woodside 
Ellen Yang 
Charles Zimmerman 
Diane Zolnaski 

Monogram Letters presented to members who have 

Marie Hill 
Robert Hirzel 
John King 

Jerry Ackerman 
Anne Annin 
Raymond Boyer 
Jacqueline Brown 
Steve Castrogiovann 
Wendy Chernikoff 
Donald Cohen 
Robert Colcock 
Alan Comulada 
Roberta Davidson 
Michael Davis 
Matthew Dudzinski 
Joan Edwards 
Antonio Fominaya 
Frances Fosbroke 
Jerry Freed 
Miriam Funston 
Kim Gibbons 
Eric Goldenberg 
Howard Green 
Deborah Haas 
Paul Hackner 
Martin Hall 
Nancy Harlow 
William Herbert 
Jane Hildebrand 

Denise Knoller 
Mark Kornmann 
Eric Kuhfahl 
Steve Larrence 
Barbara Lawyer 
William Leader 
Kirk Lehneis 
Marilyn Lewis 
Larry Linton 
Ellen Lodwick 
Lorraine Long 
Kenneth Louden 
John Magee 
Julia Marrero 
Robert Mattes 
David McFadden 
Andrew Melisano 
William Minster 
John Mitchell 
Irva Nachlas 
Donald Newberry 
Clare Nichols 
Malcolm Nichols 

sei-ved faithfully for one year: 

Barbara Nichey 
Ruth Polinsky 
David Pritzker 
Peter Ragusa 
Marc Ricklis 
Lynn Rimmer 
Bruce Rosen 
Eliott Rubinstein 
Emilia Rynarzewski 
Robert Sanders 
Fred Schroeder 
Patricia Shehan 
James Sheldon 
William Shickler 
Jeffrey Silberbb^ig 
David Smith 
Matthew Straus 
Jerry Sturner 
Elaine Venetta 
Joanne Walker 
Gregory Webb 
Wendy Weidler 
Lloyd Weinberg 
David Welkem 
Kenneth Whitmore 

Awards presented to members who have sei-ved faithfully for four years: 
Caroline Berry David Click Donald Lemon 

Martin Fullenbaum 

Frances Klatzkin 

Ellen Spector 

128 1^(>S Commencement Exercises 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for three years: 

Fred Reisman 

David Berry 
Barbara Fisher 

Charles Moore 
Susan Reid 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for two years: 

Elizabeth Abbey 
Richard Berlin 
Paula Bing 
WiLBERT Delaine 

Barbara Freedman 
Karen Kersey 
John Morarre 
Margaret Mullins 

Alan Oresky 
Adina Penney 
John Spicknall 
Sharon Woodruff 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for one year: 

Judy Anderegg 
Stephen Burstein 
Donald Cohen 
Martin Cohen 
Rhonda Frieman 
Wayne Gaver 
Mark Goodman 
Miriam Greenspan 
Martin Hall 

Barbara Hamstrom 
Gerhard Harmon 
Linda Hormes 
Ruth Huber 
Fred Leise 
joella mccutchan 
Clare Nichols 
Norman Nusinov 

Daniel Pearlman 
Nancy Scott 
Ralph Shafer 
Douglas Shear 
Judy Spegele 
Freda Stolwein 
Marcia Tew 
Richard Wolf 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for four or more years: 

Carol Billett 
Christine Estes 
Roberta Hall 
Frederick Huestis 

Linda Kitzmiller 
John McCamant 
Cindi Mederios 
Barbara Miller 

Elena Morreale 
Kathleen Roberson 
Regina Searles 
Anne-Marie Spada 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for three years : 

Carl Balser 
Stanley Checkoway 
Linda Clark 
Carol Ann Engle 
Janie Fields 

Marilyn Gorman 
Cynthia Green 
Judith Herbert 
Georgia Jones 
Dixie Kelly 

Carol Keys 
Marsha Korth 
Gary Mendelson 
Victoria Zuppan 
Gale Younkins 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for two years: 

Natalie Best 
Kathy Bowen 
Chris Cade 
Eileen Coupe 
Harold Dye 
Dawn Fleisher 
Sherri Gardner 

Elissa Gordon 
James Kestler 
Harry McComas 
Grace Miyasaki 
Robert Morgan 
Barbara Moeller 
Mary O'Brien 

Colleen O'Meara 
Ralene Schnider 
Norman Smith 
Barbara Thompson 
Gretchen Ulrich 
Margaret Williams 
Eunice Zippermann 

University of Maryland 129 

Academic Degrees 

Reference: Projections of Educational Statistics to 
1977-78, Office of Education, U. S. Department of 
Health, Education and Welfare, 1964. 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course of study. There are 
more than 1,600 different academic degrees currently conferred by American colleges 
and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the University of Bologrna in 
the middle of the 12th Century. Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was qualified to give instruction to stu- 
dents. The bachelor's or baccalaureate degree indicated only entrance upon a course of 
study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, however, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean successful completion of one level of study preparatory to the 
higher degrees. 

From the continent, the use of academic degrees spread to English universities. 
Harvard University, William and Mary, and Yale followed the British pattern in the 
New World. 


The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year course of study of col- 
legiate grade and is the oldest academic degree used by American institutions of higher 
learning. The degree Bachelor of Arts was first conferred in America in 1642 on nine 
young men, comprising the first graduating class of Harvard College. Yale conferred its 
first Bachelor of Arts in 1702; Princeton in 1748; William and Mary in 1753; Pennsyl- 
vania in 1757; and Columbia in 1758. 

The degree, Bachelor of Science, was awarded to four graduating members of the 
class of 1851 of Harvard University, probably the first to receive this degree from any 
institution. From 1851 to 1905, the degree was conferred only upon students registered 
in the Lawrence Scientific School; after 1905, on students of Harvard, also. 

Almost 678,000 bachelor degrees will be granted in 1968 by American colleges and 

One of the most striking features about the bachelor's degree is the great prolifera- 
tion of some of its simple types. There are records of 27 varieties of Bachelor of Music, 
108 varieties of Bachelor of Arts, and 426 varieties of Bachelor of Science. 


The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon students who have suc- 
cessfully completed one or two years' work in advance of the baccalaureate. A thesis 
and an oral examination are usually required. The word "magister" connected with a 
qualifying phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of honor; but its present 
meaning must be traced to the time of the establishment of the oldest universities. 

* Sometimes designated as the baccalaureate degree, from the Latin baccalaureus from 
baccalaris "under the influence of" and laurus "laurel" used as a designation of honor, 
distinction or fame. 

130 1968 Commencement Exercises 

Regularly organized faculties were not then known as they now exist in the universities. 
The whole circle of academic activity was limited to seven liberal arts, and those who 
received public honors on the completion of their course of studies, for their diligence 
and knowledge, and had already received the degree of baccalaureus (bachelor) were 
called magistri artium (masters of the liberal arts). 

The earned master's degree was first awarded in America by Harvard University 
in 1869. Currently, about 134,700 such degrees are being conferred in 1968. 


This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by ancient Romans to those 
who delivered public lectures on philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 
12th century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men of great learning. It 
was first made an academic title at the University of Bologna, in Italy, which received 
from the Emperor the right of appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The Uni- 
versity of Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, the popes granted the universities the 
right of appointing doctores canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law); and 
when the study of the civil law came to be combined with that of the canon law, the 
title was changed to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of 
theology and medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in theology and law, is 
given beyond the baccalaureate degree, and requires two to five years, the writing of a 
thesis, and the passing of written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents the most advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct types: the professional or practitioners 
degree, and the research degree. The first type represents advanced training for the 
practice of various professions, principally: Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry 
no implication of original research and are classified by the U. S. Office of Education, 
with bachelor's degrees, as the first professional degrees. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as research doctorates representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study usually accompanied by a dissertation which is de- 
signed to be a substantial contribution to existing knowledge on the subject. The most 
important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication of philosophy 
for its holder, but represents advanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. 
It was first awarded in the United States by Yale University in 1861. 

Approximately 21,000 doctor's degrees will be awarded by American colleges in 1968. 

* The Oxford English Dictionary defines a doctor, in the academic sense as, "One, who 
in any faculty or branch of learning, has attained to the highest degree conferred by a 

University of Maryland 131 

The Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic proces- 
sion are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar since 
medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress since 
many of the scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which 
has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 
Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — has its own distinc- 
tive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. 
The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, extending below the knee; the arm 
is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown has a ifull bell- 
shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide 
velvet bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating the general field of 
learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green for medicine, purple 
for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The color 
of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. Below is given a list of department 
or faculty colors. 



Arts, Letters, Humanities 


Business Administration, 

Commercial Science 






Education, Pedagogy 

Light Blue 



Fine Arts, Architecture 




Home Economies 



Dark Crimson 



Library Science 









Public Health 

Physical Education 


Social Service 

Surgical Chiropody 

Theology and Divinity 

Veterinary Sciences 



Silver Gray 





Sage Green 

Golden Yellow 


Nile Green 



The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood are those of the 
college or university which conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may be 
either black or the color of the field of learning. 'The tassel of the doctor's cap may be 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of distinc- 
tive color and design. 

Candidates Seating Plan 

















Arts and Sciences 







of Science) 





. — 


( Bachelor 

Business and 



of Arts) 

Public Admin. 







of Music) 








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