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Officers of Commencement 

president of the university 
Dr. Wilson Homer Elkins 


Dr. Robert D. Rappleye 

candidates for degrees presented by: 

Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr., Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research 

William S. Stone, M.D., Dean, School of Medicine 

John J. Salley, D.D.S., Dean, School of Dentistry 

Professor William P. Cunningham, Dean, School of Law 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

Dr. Charles Manning, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 

Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean, College of Business and Public Administration 

Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean, College of Education 

Dr. Robert B. Beckmann, Dean, College of Engineering 

Dr. Marjory Brooks, Dean, College of Home Economics 

Dr. Marion Murphy, Dean, School of Nursing 

Dr. William J. Kinnard, Jr., Dean, School of Pharmacy 

Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean, College of Physical Education, Recreatitm 

and Health 
Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean, University College 

special music 

Mr. Charlton G. Meyer, University Organist 

Mr. Fague K. Springmann, Director, University Choir 


Dr. Mary deVermond Dr. Roy Johnson 

program coordinators 

Dr. Raymond Thorberg Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger 

Dr. Robert C. Wiley 

commencement committee on arrangements 

Dr. Benjamin F. Allen, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Baltimore Campus 

Dr. Thomas J. Aylward, Professor, Speech and Dramatic Art Announcing 

Mr. Robert A. Beach, Jr., Assistant to the President for University Relations 

,, , ™ „ „ Publicity 

MR. John T. Broadbelt, Supervisor, Physical Plant 

General Physical Arrangements 
Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture Guests 

Mr. Karl E. Gettle, Instructor, Industrial Education Ushering 

Prof. A. B. Hamilton, Assistant to the Dean, College of Agriculture Platform 
Dr. James P. Hill, Registrar and Associate Director of Registrations Program 
Mr. Milo C. Knight, Acting Director, Food Services Food 

Dr. Conrad B. Link, Professor, Horticulture Floral Arrangements 

Dr. George L. Marx, Professor and Head, Counseling and Personnel Services 

Lt. Richard W. Mayer, Campus Police Parking 

U. Robert Merikangas, M.D., Assistant Director, Health Services First Aid 

Prof. Amos R. Meyer, Department of Markets Guests 

Lt. John W. O'Brien, Acting Chief, Campus Police Traffic Control 

Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, Assistant Dean, College of Agriculture Coordinator 
Dr. Robert D. Rappleye, Associate Professor, Botany Marshalling 

Mr. William A. Reith, Physical Plant Platform, Physical Arrangements 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 

Information, Lost and Found 
Dr. Raymond Thorberg, Associate Professor, English Chief Coordinator 

Mr. John E. Wakefield, Director of Bands Music 

Mr. George 0. Weber, Director, Physical Plant Physical Vlant 

Dr. Robert C. Wiley, Associate Professor, Horticulture Coordinator 






June 7, 1969 


Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold, 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 


O say can you see, 

— by the dawn's early light. 

What so proudly we hail'd 

at the twilight's last gleaming 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, 
thro' the perilous fight. 

O'er the ramparts we watched, 
were so gallantly streaming? 

And the rockets' red glare, 
the bombs bursting in air. 

Gave proof thro' the night 

— that our flag ivas still there. 

O say does that Star-Spangled Banner 
yet wave 

O'er the land of the free 
and the home of the brave? 

The Commencement Exercises are being broadcast by closed- 
circuit television to the theater and recital hall of the J. Millard 
Tawes Fine Arts Center. 

Luncheon will be served to the graduates and their guests in the 
University dining halls immediately following the Commencement 




Each generation, shaped by forces outside and within it, asks 
the question it must ask. Some generations, concerned with 
the building of a nation, ask "How?" Other generations, 
needing to set priorities for the future, ask "What?" 

Your generation has asked "Why?" 

As Americans we must together ask all of the big questions 
and seek to find answers. How we build a better America, 
what kind of nation we want, why we pursue certain goals 
instead of others -- these are not problems to be faced by 
one generation and ignored by another. All of us must face 

A college education in the humanities and sciences teaches 
us that the real power to deal with these problems comes 
out of the human mind and the human heart. All power 
must be disciplined by trained intelligence and tempered 
by comi)assion. 

Each of you is a center of power. Your professional or social 
or religious or political activity will determine the shape of 
the future of your nation and of the world. 

The question asked by your generation — V/hy? — is one that 
must be answered not only by the quality of your rhetoric but 
by the quality of your lives. It was in your college years 
that we were first made aware of those "people talking without 
speaking, people hearing without listening." 

What you have brought and will continue to bring to American 
life is not the sound of silence, but the sound of a generation 
which will work to ensure that, in the words of William 
Faulkner, " will not merely endure: he will prevail." 











Grand March, from Aida, Verdi 

The Reverend James A. Harrell 
Methodist Chaplain 

The Star-Spangled Banner, Key. 

Led by Professor Fague K. Springmann 

His Excellency Marvin Mandel 
Governor of Maryland 

Charles P. McCormick, Chairman 
Board of Regents 

Onward Ye Peoples 

Battle Hymn of the Republic 
arr. Waring 

Combined University Choral Groups 
Professor Springmann, Conductor 

The Honorable Edmund S. Muskie 
United States Senator from Maine 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 
President of the University 

Kinney, led by Professor Springmann 

The Reverend Robert T. Gribbon 
Assistant Episcopal Chaplain 

The Great Gate of Kiev 


Honorary Degrees 

Honorary Degrees 

John Simmons Barth ^„^^„^ ^^ ^^^^^^^ 

John Simmons Barth, teacher and author, was cited in 1965 as one of the best 
American novelists to emerge in the past twenty years, a judgment awarded him for the 
distinguished mastery of style and technique shown in his first three novels. These 
works— all published before he had reached the age of thirty— are THE FLOATING 
OPERA (a runner-up for the 1956 National Book Award in fiction), THE END OF 
THE ROAD, and THE SOT-WEED FACTOR. Subsequently he has written GILES 
GOAT-BOY, and LOST IN THE FUN HOUSE, the latter nominated for the 1968 
National Book Award. 

Mr. Barth was born in Cambridge, Maryland, and holds the Bachelor of Arts and 
Master of Arts degrees from the Johns Hopkins University. 

Mr. Barth taught in the Department of English at the Pennsylvania State Univer- 
sity from 1953 to 1965. Since 1965 he has been Professor of English at the State 
University of New York at Buffalo. 

MARVIN MANDEL p„^t„^ „/ ^„^^ 

Marvin Mandel was elected the fifty-sixth Governor of Maryland by the Maryland 
General Assembly when they met on January 7, 1969, to pick a successor to Spiro T. 
Agnew, who had resigned the governorship to become Vice President of the United 
States. The governorship was the culmination of 16 years of service in the Maryland 
House of Delegates, six of them as Speaker. 

Governor Mandel, a native of Baltimore, graduated from Baltimore City College 
in 1937, and then took additional undergraduate work at the University of Maryland 
from 1937 to 1939, in preparation for law school. He received his LLB from the 
University of Maryland School of Law in 1942. 

His public career began in 1950 when he became Justice of the Peace in Baltimore 
City and as a member of the Governor's Commission on the Municipal Court for Balti- 
more City. In 1952 he was selected to fill a vacancy in the House of Delegates from 
Baltimore City's Fifth District, a position he was continuously re-elected to until 
becoming Governor. 

In recognition of his legislative acumen he was asked to serve as a member of the 
Executive Committee of the National Conference of State Legislative Leaders. 

As Speaker of the House he commissioned the Eagleton Institute of Pohtical Sci- 
ence of Rutgers University to study ways of modernizing the General Assembly. 
Upon completion of the study he implemented the bulk of their recommendations, 
making Maryland one of the leading states in the reform and modernization of state 

Governor Mandel holds the degree of Doctor of Law from Towson State College. 

Edmund Sixtus Muskie Doctor of Laws 

Edmund Sixtus Muskie, United States Senator from Maine, first entered public 
service in 1946 when he was elected to the Maine House of Representatives where he 
served until 1951. In 1954, and again in 1956, he was elected Governor of Maine, 
becoming the first Democrat to hold the position in twenty years. In 1958, he was 
elected to the U. S. Senate. 

During his second term Senator Muskie was chosen as the Democratic Party 
candidate for Vice President of the United States for the 1968 national elections. 

Senator Muskie's political career has been distinguished by his work in conserva- 
tion and in urban problems. He is the Assistant Majority Whip and Chairman of the 
Committee on Legislative Review and of the Subcommittees on Air and Water Pollu- 
tion, Intergovernmental Relations, and International Finance. 

He became a member of Phi Beta Kappa at Bates College, Lewiston, Maine, where 
he graduated Cum Laude in 1936. In 1939 he received his LLB from Cornell Univer- 
sity Law School. During World War II he served in both the Atlantic and Pacific as 
an Engineering and Deck Officer in the U. S. Navy. 

Senator Muskie holds the degree of Doctor of Law from Bates College, the Uni- 
versity of Maine, Portland University, Baldwin College, Colby College, Lafeyette 
College, Syracuse University, the University of New Brunswick, Boston University, 
John Carroll University, and the University of Notre Dame; the degree of Doctor of 
Civil Law from Middlebury College; and the degree of Doctor of Pubhc Administra- 
tion from Providence College. 

William Sheppard Schmidt Doctor of Laws 

William Sheppard Schmidt has been superintendent of Schools of Prince George's 
County, Maryland, since 1951, during which time he has guided the county's school 
system to the forefront of American public education. 

Mr. Schmidt, a native of Frederick, Maryland, received his B.A. degree from 
Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and his M.A. degree from 
Teachers College, Columbia University. 

Since 1944, when he became Principal of Oxon Hill High School, Mr. Schmidt 
has devoted his life to public education. He has served as President of the Washington 
Area School Study Council, the Maryland Association of Public School Superintendents, 
and the Federal Schoolmen's Club of Washington, D. C. At present, he is President- 
elect of the Maryland Association of Public School Superintendents. 

Mr. Schmidt has received many honors for his dedication to youth and education, 
among them the 1966 "Distinguished Citizen Certificate" from the Governor of Mary- 
land for his work in Special Education, and the Boy Scouts of America's 1967 "Break- 
through for Youth Award." His most recent award was that of "Distinguished Public 
School Administrator" presented on April 30 by the Association of Practitioners of 
Educational Administration of the George Washington University. Mr. Schmidt be- 
came the first non-alumus to be so honored by the University. 


Candidates for Degrees 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr., Vice President for Graduate 
Studies and Research 


August 30, 1968 

(Department and Thesis Title Indicated) 

Fatthy M. Abdel-Tawab Maryland 

Agronomy: Interspecific Hybridization in Five Species of Trifolium L. 

George Eugene Andrykovitch Maryland 

Microbiology: Susceptibility of Neisseria to Bacteriolytic Agents. 

Earl Russell Barnes Maryland 

Mathematics: The Optimal Control of Systems with Distributed Parameters. 

Roger Dean Bengtson Maryland 

Mathematics: The Measurement of Transition Probabilities and Stark Widths 
for C I,F I, Ne I, CI I, CI II, Br I, and Br II. 

Daniel Philip Boyd Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Passivation Studies of the Zinc Electrode in Alkaline 

Gary Lee Brager Maryland 

Education: A Study of the Phenomenon of Experimenter Bias Using Three Types 
of Classroom Tasks. 

Frances Joan Brannon Maryland 

Physical Education: Effects of Three Intensities of Treadmill Training on Body 
Composition, Endurance, Spontaneous Activity and Selected Organ Weights in J 

Young, Male Rats. ^ 

Yale Howard Caplan Maryland 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Alkyltyrosines 
Designed as Tyrosine Hydroxylase Inhibitors. 

Jessica Maguila Castillo Massachusetts 

Botany: Identification of Organic Acids in Ditylenchus triformis and Turbatrii 

Florence Wollman Christoplos Maryland 

Education: Hypothetical Risk Taking Behavior in Tenth and Twelfth Graders. 

Richard Lawrence Cohen Maryland 

Microbiology: Establishment of Diagnostic Bio-chemical Procedures for Use with 
Bacterial L-phase Variants. 

Lewis Henry Croce Minnesota 

History: The Lincoln Administration. 

Leon Andres Cuervo Florida 

Physiology (School of Medicine): Equilibrium and Kinetic Properties of the 
Interaction Between Tetrodotoxin and the Excitable Membrane of the Squid Giant 

Richard H. Davis Texas 

Microbiology: Comparison of Metabolic Characteristics of Virulent and Avirulent 
Neisseria gonorrhoeae Grown in vitro and in Tissue Culture. 

* As final action cannot always be taken by the time this program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative only, the University reserving the right to withdraw or add names. 

12 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Eldridge Burnell Duffee, Jr Maryland 

Government and Politics: The National Slates Rights Party. 

Mary Solveig Espelie Maryland 

Mathematics: Extreme Positive Operators. 

Norman Russell Farrar Virginia 

Speech: Loudness Discomfort Levels in Normal and Pathologic Ears. 

Martin Stanley Fullenbaum Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: The Localized Magnetic Impurity and Spin Correlations. 

Alfred Darragh Garvin Maryland 

Education: The Effect of Confidence Weighting on Variation of the Error of 

Richard Anthony Gleissner Virginia 

History: The Establishment of Royal Government in Maryland: A Study of 
Crouni Policy and Provincial Politics, 1680-1700. 

Lew Wayne Goodwyn Maryland 

Mathematics: Topological Entropy and Expansive Cascades. 

Myron R. Hafetz Pennsylvania 

Psychology: The Effects of Manifest Anxiety , Inhibition of Response Competition, 
and Social Desirability on Transfer in the A-B, A-Br Paradigms. 

Thora Waters Halstead Pennsylvania 

Microbiology: Studies On The Replication Of The Kilham Rat Virus In Rat 
Embryo Cell Cultures. 

Anselm Peter Henderson New York 

Physics and Astronomy: The Large Scale Structure of the Neutral Hydrogen 
in the Galaxy. 

Chia-Ren Hu China 

Physics and Astronomy: The Ratio of Surface to Bulk Nucelation Critical Fields, 
Hc3/Hc2, for Pure Superconductors in the Non-Landau-Ginzburg Region. 

Lois Winston Turpin Hunt Maryland 

Zoology: Investigations Into The Effects of Demeeolcine, Stress, and MS-222 
on The Diurnal Mitotic Rhythm Of The Goldfish Intestinal Epithelial Cells. 

Joseph Donald Jenci Maryland 

Anatomy (School of Medicine): The Influence of Muscle Tone and Other Factors 
in the Regulation of Blood Calcium Levels: Histophysiological Study of the Para- 
thyroid Gland and Ultimobranchial Body (Parafollicular Cells of the Thyroid Gland). 

Kwang Hoon Kim Maryland 

Sociology: The Social Context of Occupational and Educational Mobility Aspira- 
tions of Negro Adolescents. 

Larry King Maryland 

Mathematics: On Slices, Closed Slices and Global Slices in a G-space. 

John Mack Kingsmore Maryland 

Physical Education: The Effect of a Professional Wrestling and Professional 
Basketball Contest upon the Aggressive Tendencies of Male Spectators. 

William Harvey Kirby Maryland 

Education: An Application of Decision Theory to Education. 

Marcel J. Kniedler Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Electron Energy Deposition in Multi-Layered Slabs 
and Cylinders. 

David Alan Larson Maryland 

Economics: An Economic Analysis of the Webb-Pomerene Act. 

William Edward Laukaitis Maryland 

English: Nelson Algren: A Critical Study. 

Joseph Peter Libonati Pennsylvania 

Microbiology (School of Dentistry): Human Serologic Response After Cholera 

University of Maryland 13 

Richard Cameron Lipsey North Carolina 

History: The Impact Of The Evangelicals And The Humanitarians On The Politi- 
cal Situation In South Africa. 

Yung Shen Lu Maryland 

Nuclear Engineering: The Dynamic Response of a Nonlinear Reactor System. 

Richard Paul Mageau Kansas 

Microbiology: Chemical and Innumological Studies on the Virulence Factors of 
Gaffkya tetragena. 

Juan Ramon Maldonado Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Magnetic Field Induced Surface Quantum Slates in 
Superconducting Indium. 

Victor Richard Martuza Maryland 

Education: A Psychometric Analog of the Gambler's Final Bet. 

Robert Auster McGuigan, Jr Illinois 

Mathematics: Near Isometry of Banach Spaces and the Banach-Mazur Distance. 

Alvin Joseph Melveger Maryland 

Chemistry: Laser Excited Raman Spectroscopic Studies of Solids: High Tem- 
perature, High Pressure Phase Transitions And Oriented Single Crystals. 

Edward F. Miller, Jr Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Delayed Initiation Realizations of Sequential Machines. 

Russell Harrison Miller Maryland 

English: The Ethos of Sir Thomas Malory. 

Stuart M. Miller Maryland 

Psychology: Free Associative Prediction of Mediated Learning. 

Tsu-Wei Nee ,^ ^ China 

Physics and Astronomy: Quantum Spectroscopy of the Low Field Oscillations 
of the Surface Impendance. 

Richard Joseph Newcomer Illinois 

Zoology: Blood Protein Variation in Salamanders of the Family Ambystomatidae. 

Robert John Obremski Maryland 

Chemistry: The Vibrational Spectra of High Pressure Solids. 

Raymond B. Otero Maryland 

Microbiology: Competency of Neisseria catarrhalis. 

Richard Arthur Overfield Nebraska 

History: The Loyalists of Maryland During the American Revolution. 

Willie Leonard Payne North Carolina 

Poultry Science: An Investigation of Intestinal Amino Acids as a Method to Deter- 
mine Protein Quality. 

Joseph D. Perez, III Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Unified Shell Model Reaction Theory iti O'*. 

John Lucas Pfaltz Maryland 

Mathematics (Computer Science): Convexity in Graphs. 

Melchior Daniel Powell Maryland 

Government and Politics: Planning and Land-Use Controls: Experience in 
Montgomery and Prince George's Counties. 

Bonnie Jane Reger North Dakota 

Botany: The Significance to the Photosynthetic Mechanism of the Shift in the 
Chlorophyll a to Chlorophyll b Ratio of Chlorella. 

Richard Selmer Reilly Maryland 

Aerospace Engineering: Investigation of the Deformation and Penetration of a 
Turbulent, Subsonic Jet Issuing Transversely into a Uniform, Subsonic Main 

Robert Allen Rhodes Virginia 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry (School of Pharmacy): Approaches to the Synthesis 
of Indole Containing Potentially Active Psychopharmacological Agents. 

14 1969 Commencement Exercises 


Mechanical Engineering: Solid Solution Hardening in Face Centered Cubic 
Binary Alloys. 

Jeffrey Hamilton Rumbaugh Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: An Optimum Threshold for Frequency Measurement in 

Irwin Schochetman Maryland 

Mathematics: Duals of Locally Compact Groups. 

Michael Leslie Senyek, Jr Ohio 

Chemistry: Alicyclic Isomers of the Cresols. 

Richard Hyman Shachtman Maryland 

Mathematics: Stieltjes Stochastic Integrals. 

George Deane Shank Indiana 

Mathematics: Error Bounds for Difference Approximations to Initial-Boundary 
and Mixed Initial-Boundary Value Problems for Parabolic Equations on General 

John Lewis Smith Louisiana 

Microbiology: Motility in Pseudomonas fluorescens with Reference to Survival and 
Negative Chemotaxis. 

Morris Duncan Stanton ..New York 

Psychology: Social Disinhibition Under High-Intensity Wide-Band Noise. 

Mabel K. Sterling Maryland 

Education: The Induction of Different Styles of Interpersonal Perception by 
Manipidalion of the Social Interaction System. 

Lydon James Swartzendruber Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Mossbauer Effect Study of Magnetic Ordering in Copper- 
rich Cu-Ni-Fe Alloys. 

James Aubrey Sykes, Jr Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Condensation Heat Transfer for Vapors of Immiscible 
Liquids Outside Horizontal Copper Tubes. 

Charles Henry Tripp, Jr South Carolina 

Pathology (School of Medicine): The Analytical Toxicology of the Constituents 
of the Yew {Taxus baecata). 

Edward Thomas Turner Maryland 

Physical Education: The Effects of Viewing College Football, Basketball and 
Wrestling on the Elicited Aggressive Responses of Male Spectators. 

Joel Dan West Maryland 

Psychology: The Effects of Experimental Manipulation of Evaluative Feedback 
Upon Self Reports. 

Melvin Hugh Williams Pennsylvania 

Physical Education: The Effect of a Small and Moderate Dose of Alcohol on 
Fatigue Parameters of the Forearm Flexor Muscles. 

Robert Jackson Williams Maryland 

Zoology: The Freezing Resistance of Intertidal Mollusks. 

Elliot Winston Maryland 

Mathematics: A Class of Non-Linear Differential Equations with State De- 
pendent Hereditary Effects. 

Richard Dane Worthington Maryland 

Zoology: Postmetamorphic Changes in the Skeletal System of Ambystoma opacum 
Gravenhosrt {Amphibia, Caudata). 

William Culver Wright Texas 

English: A New Edition of Thomas Wright's The Female Vertuoso's. 

Eugene Munro Zimmerman Maryland 

Microbiology: The Effect of the Non-ionic Surfactant Triton WR-1SS9 on the 
Metabolism of Animal Cell Cultures. 

University of Maryland 1 5 

January 24, 1969 

Ann Lindstrom Abeles Maryland 

Biophysics (School of Medicine): Inhibition of Ion Transport in Frog Muscle 

hy Several Cardiac Active Steroids. I 

Robert Neil Abbersold Pennsylvania 

Physical Education: An Electromyographic Study of Fatigue of the Biceps Brachii, 
Brachioradialis, and Triceps Braehii During Sustained Maximal Voluntary Con- J 

traction. ■ 

Nicolas Percs Ajkay Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium in Ternary Systems. 

Maie Fouad Ali Egypt 

Poultry Science: Correlations Between Embryonic and Post-Natal Weight in - 

Japanese Quail Coturnix Coturnix Japonica. ■ 

Thomas Brooke Ballard Virginia 

Electrical Engineering. Detection of Correlated Binary Symbols in Noise. 

Matthew J. Barrett Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Analysis and Measurements of Neutron Streaming in 

John David Bates New York 

Economics: The Impact of Economic Growth and Development of Spanish 
Agricultural Production. 

Lucius Beebe South Carolina 

Government and Politics: The Foreign Policy of the People's Republic of China 
Toward the Afro-Asian Bloc. 

Donald James Blair Maryland 

Nuclear Engineering: The Reaction Emission Spectrum for Sodium Vapor 
and Chlorine, 2000 to 6500 a- 

Romola R. Bose Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Line-shape of Fluorescence from a Gas Laser. 

William Kennedy Brunot Pennsylvania 

Nuclear Engineering: The Development and Application of a Monte Carlo 
Method for Reactor Safety and Realiability Analysis. 

William James Byron Maryland 

Economics: The Applicability of the Job-Bank Concept to the Washington, D. C. 
Market for Domestic Dayworkers. 

Richard C. Capozza Rhode Island 

Organic Chemistry: Synthesis of a Regular Alternating Copolymer of Glycine 
and DL-Phenylalanine. 

William Carman Chasey, Jr. Mississippi 

Physical Education: An Analysis of Existing and Preferred Student-Teaching 
Programs of Physical Education in InstittHions of Higher Education in the United 

Shlomo Isaac Cohen Israel 

Psychology: An Experimental Analog Derived from Crisis Theory. 

Gerald Edward Cooke Florida 

Government and Politics: News Media Perception and Projection of the Castro 
Rebellion; 1957-1958: Some Image Theme Affects in the Foreign Policy System. 

Paul Joseph De Weer Maryland 

Biophysics (School of Medicine): Factors Affecting Ionic Coupling of the Sodium 
Pump in Squid Giant Axon. 

George Franklin Dick, Jr Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: The Effect of Small Surface Waves on Mass Transfer. 

Michael Barry Einschlag Pennsylvania 

Physics and Astronomy:_ Production ofYL^ Multi-Body Final States (a Four 
Bodies) in i.25 BeV/c K p Interactions. 

16 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Samy E. Elaassar Maryland 

Agricultural Economics: A Study of the Impact of Transportation Costs for 
United States Agricultural Products on United States Agricultural Trade with 
the European Economics Community and Other Countries. 

Donald Alex Gonci Connecticut 

Chemistry: The Separation of Diastereoisomers by Chromatographic Fraction- 
ation; The Resolution of Optical Isomers. 

Guy Goodfellow Maryland 

History: Calvin Coolidge: A Study of Presidential Inaction. 

Jacob Sylvanus Hanker Maryland 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry (School of Pharmacy): Histochemical Demonstration 
of the Induction of Mitochondrial Oxidative Enzymes by the Carcinogens 3,1^- 
Bempyrene and S-Methylcholanthrene 

Donald Joseph Hanrahan Virginia 

Electrical Engineering: A Theoretical and Experimental Study of the AC Losses 
of a High Field Superconductor and the Implications for Power Applications. 

Ronald Marshall Heck Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Hydrogenation of Acetylene in A Bubble Column Slurry 
Reactor (A Study of Catalyst Activity). 

Shu-Jen Huang Taiwan 

Psychology: The Role of Numerical Order in Serial Learning 

PAtn. Vincent Hyer Virginia 

Fluid Dynamics (Physics and Astronomy): SeconA-Order Effects in Rotary 
Tidal Oscillations. 

James Darrell Jensen Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: A Study of Magnetic Field Induced Surface States in 
Metals and Semimetals. 

Wiluam Hugh Johnson Maryland 

French: A Literary Appreciation of Diderot's Salon de 1767. 

Yuen San Lee Maryland 

Horticulture: Measurement, Characterization and Evaluation of Pectinesterase 
in Apple Fruits. 

Carlos J. Lemoinb Colombia 

Mathematics: Fourier Transforms of Homogeneous Distributions. 

German Amaya Lemoinb Colombia 

Mathematics: Existence and Uniqueness Problems for Solutions of the Non- 
Homogeneous Cauchy-Riemann Equation and some Related Equations. 

Philip Richard Lob Washington 

Physiology (School of Medicine): Responses of Single Cells in the Orbitoinsular 
Area of the Cerebral Cortex of the Cat under Chloralose Anesthesia to Auditory 
and Visual Stimuli. 

HieuTrongLuu Vietnam 

Animal Science: The Chemical Composition and Palatability of Ensiled Forages 
as Related to Moisture Content at Time of Ensiling. 

Philip Lungren Mackie Maryland 

Agricultural Economics: The Impact of Economic Development on the Demand 
for Agricultural Products in Spain. 

NiBL Kay Madsen Pennsylvania 

Mathematics: Convergence of Difference Methods for the Linear Transport 

Vincent Roy McDonald Maryland 

Agricultural Engineering: Spatial and Structural Analysis of the Marketing of 
Livestock in Maryland, 1962-1987. 

Francis John Meyer Maryland 

Pharmacology (School of Dentistry): The Synthesis and Pharmacological Evalua- 
tion of some Terephthalanilides and Terephthalamides. 

University of Maryland 17 

TSAM Mo Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Elastic Scattering of Protons from Beryllium 9. 

Tridie Kumar Mukherjee India 

Agricultural Economics: Planning India's Agricultural Exports: A Case Study. 

Peter W. Murphy California 

Physics and Astronomy: Krypton I Line Strengths: Theory and Experiment. 

Robert Alan Myers Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Characterization of Porous Zinc Electrodes. 

Charles Arnold Nelson Colorado 

Physics and Astronomy: SXJ (3)" -Excitation in Baryon Resonances. 

Richard Charles North Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: An Investigation of the Tesla Turbine. 

Dennis John O'Keefb Maryland 

Government and Politics: Decision-Making in the House Committee on the 
District of Columbia. 

Konstantinos Papadopoulos D. C. 

Physics and Astronomy: Brem^strahlung Radiation from Relativistic Plasmas. 

Chan Mo Park Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Axial Dispersion in a Tubular Flow Vessel with Bends. 

BiPRA Charan Patnayak India 

Animal Science: Effects of Intermittent Energy Restrictions on Growth Rate, 
Efficiency and Ruminal Volatile Fatty Acids in Lambs. 

Kurt Crajg Rethwisch Pennsylvania 

Economics: An Economic Analysis of the Mexican System of Developing an 
Automotive Industry and Some Proposed Alternatives. 

Guenter Rudolf Riegler Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: An X-Ray Survey of the Sky From Balloon Altitudes. 

Raphael Jack Salmon Maryland 

Physical Education: An Ecological Approach to Evaluation of Local Health 
Department Preparedness to Cope with Disaster (unth special Reference to Ther- 
monuclear Attack) and a Proposed Instrument for Preparedness Assessment. 

Aristides Tzannetis Serlemitsos Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Thermal Conductimty of Mercury at Liquid Helium 

Fred Ross Shank Texas 

Poultry Science: Studies on the Available Methionine Requirement of Laying 

Hens and the Available Lysine Requirement of Chicks. | 

Janice B. Snook Florida 

Government and Politics: Judicial Philosophy and Judicial Behavior: The Case 
of Mr. Justice Cardozo. 

Joseph H. Soares, Jr Maryland 

Animal Science: A Physiological Study of the Gnotobiotic Ruminant. 

Charles Richard Taylor Florida 

Education: Perceived Role Conflicts of Principals in Residential and t^on- 
Residential Settings. 

Carolyn Ann Thoroughgood Delaware 

Poultry Science: The Involvement of Folacin in the Biosynthesis of Coenzyme 
Qio in the Chick. 

Edward Carroll Trivette Maryland 

Entomology: Caddisflies of the Genus C himarra in Western North America 
and Central America {Trichoptera: Philopotamidae). 

Beth Janice Urban Maryland 

Audiology (Speech): The Masking Effects of Interrupted Tonal Stimuli Upon 
Pure Tones. 

18 1969 Commencement Exercises 


Kakubhai R.ashmi M. Vora India 

Pharmacy: Rheological Considerations in The Formulation and Valve Delivery 
of Pressurized Soap Solutions. 

EsTAL Dalk West Maryland 

Chemistry: The Effect of a Temperature Gradient on Calorimetric Measure- 
ments in Thermochemistry and in Kinetics in Solution. 

Michael W. York West Virginia 

Psychology: Reinforcement of Leadership in Small Groups. 

George P. Yost Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: i-Prong Plus Neutral Vee Production In It.25 BeV/e K p 

H. Jay Zwally Maryland 

Fluid Dynamics (Physics and Astronomy): Single-Electron Capture by Multiply- 
Charged Carbon Ions at Energies below 1^0 kev. 

June 7, 1969 

Harvey Ira Abelson Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: The Behavior of (he Cavity Formed by a Projectile 
Entering the Water Vertically. 

Joseph John Abromaitis Maryland 

Industrial Arts: A Comparison of Creative Abilities as They Relate to Student- 
Teacher Interaction in the Teaching-Learning Process Associated tvith Beginning 
Industrial Arts. 

Neil Richard Ackerman Maryland 

Zoology: The Effects of Hypoxia On the Erythrocytes of The Chick Embryo 
{Gallus Gallus) . 

John Charles Allen Tennessee 

Psychology: The Use of Tactics in a Psychomotor Skill. 

NORRis Elliott Allen Maryland 

Microbiology: A Numerical Taxonomic Analysis of the Bacterial Flora of White 
Perch [Roccus americanus). 

James Venceslav Anzulovic, Jr. Nebraska 

History: The Russian Record of the Winter War, 19S9-19i.O: An Analytical 
Study of Soviet Records of the War with Finland from 30 November 1939 to 12 
March 19ltO. 

MiLLiCENT J. Baggett Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Experimental Test of Time Reversal Invariance in 

Neil Vance Baggett Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: "Experimental Study of the Muonic Decays of Sigma Hy- 

Jean Margaret Baldwin Maryland 

Education: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Self-Esteem, Academic 
Achievement, and Level of Aspiration for a Group of College Students. 

Charles Patrick Barrett Maryland 

Anatomy (School of Medicine): A Study of the Relationships of Intercellular 
Attachments, Coliesiveness, and Pinocytosis in Normal and Malignant Cells. 

Verel Willard Benson Maryland 

Agricultural Economics: Interregional Competition in the Broiler Industry: 
A Computer Simulation Model. 

Richard Francis Bis Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Electrical and Optical Properties of Lead-Tin-Telluride 
Semiconducting Alloys. 

Lawrence Howard Block Maryland 

Pharmacy: Transport Phenomena in Structured Media. 

University of Maryland 1 9 

CouN Charles Bonwick England 

History: "English Radicals and the American Revolution." 

Arthur Jay Bruckheim Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: "Optimum and SuMplimum. Compression of Seconds » 

Order Markov Data." 

Ernest Louis Bundschuh Maryland 

Physical Education: The Effect of Water Immersion at Varying femperatures 
Upon Muscular Fatigue and Recovery of the Forearm Flexor Muscles. 

Lewis Michael Bush Florida 

English: The Genesis of the American Psychological Novel. 

Edward Daniel Bzowski Rhode Island 

Education: A Study to Determine the Influences of Kindergarten, Manual Train- 
ing, Art Education, Sloyd, and Arts and Crafts on the Growth and Development 

of Manual Arts. 

James F. Carolan Canada 

Physics and Astronomy: Gantmakher-Kaner Oscillations and Cyclotron Damping 

of Helicon Waves in Indium. ■ 

Joseph Richard Caspar Connecticut 

Mathematics: Applications of Alternating Direction Methods to Mildly Non- 
linear Problems. 

Cleveland Arvesta Chandler Maryland 

Economics: "Some Aspects of Development Strategies For Counties in Maryland 
Designated and Dedesignated as Redevelopment Areas." 

Osa Danielson Coffey Maryland 

English: The Quartet and the It: A Study of Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria 
Quartet in Relation to the Theories of Georg Groddeck. 

Theodore Riley Colburn Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Neural Models of Single Units in the Cochlear Nucleus. 

Ellen deBeruff Maryland 

Social Foundations in Education: The Prediction of Success in Master's and 
Doctoral Programs. 

Richard Gerald Devlin, Jr Pennsylvania 

Zoology: A Study of the Early Afferent Arc of the Homografl Rejection Reflex. 

John Hugh Dineen Ireland 

Mathematics: Holomorphy Types on a Banach Space. 

Thomas Lawrence Dobbs... South Dakota 

Agricultural Economics: Foodgrain Production Incentives and$Disincentives 
in a North Indian Tahsil. 

Dennis C. Drehmel Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Transient Ionic Diffusion Across a Cellulose^Membrane. 

Ahmed A. Elkady Egypt 

Nuclear Engineering: Studies of Prompt Gamma Rays from Neutron Capture 
in Silicon, Iron, Aluminum, Calcium, Gold, Lead, and Mixtures. 

Forrest Edwin England Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: A Normal made Analysis of a Satellite Employing 
Long Flexible Booms. 

Allan Paul Evans Maryland 

Chemistry: Reactions of Glutamaldehyde and Suceinaldehyde with Compounds 
Containing Replaceable Hydrogen Atoms. 

Lawrence Alan Eyre Florida 

Geography: Geographic Aspects of Population Dynamics in Jamaica. 

David Curtis Ferree _„ Pennsylvania 

Holticulture: Effect of Calcium Placement and Soil Manganese on Internal 
Bark Necrosis of the Delicious Apple Tree. 

20 1969 Commencement Exercises 


Thomas Hiram Finlay Maryland 

Biochemistry (School of Medicine): Kinetic and Strttctural Studies of Hydroxypro- 

Franklin Eugene Fisher Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: The Motion of a Slender Beam Embedded in a Rotating 
Coordinate System. 

Marie Therese Font Maryland 

Spanish and Portuguese: Espacio: Autobiograffa Ifrica de Juan Ramon Jimenez. 

Geirard M. Fourez Maryland 

Physics: Broken SU{3) Sum Rules Derived from the Asymptotic SU{3) Symmetry. 

Richard Evan Fowler Delaware 

Animal Science: Effect of Dietary Protein on Nitrogen Balance, Body Composition 
and Serum Protein of Young Swine and Subsequent Energy Influences on Carcass 

Bernard Fridovich Maryland 

Physics: Selected Water Vapor Line Parameter Measurements with Accurate 
Absorber Thickness Determination. 

Oscar N. Garcia Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Error Codes for Arithmetic and Logical Operations. 

AiDA Goldstein Pennsylvania 

Biochemistry (School of Medicine): Stiidies on the Biosynthesis and Structure of 
Earthworm Cuticle Collagen. 

Myron Gottlieb Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Heat Transfer to Two Phase Fluid-Particle Flow in Tubes. 

Francis Romeo Gouin Maryland 

Horticulture: The Influence of Cultural Practices and Growth Regulators on the 
Overwintering of Container Grown Woody Ornamental Plants. 

KiNSEY Bass Green Maryland 

Secondary Education: Dissonance as a Teaching Strategy. 

Robert Henry Gruber Maryland 

History: Salmon P. Chase and the Politics of Reform. 

Arun Kanti Guha Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Synthesis and Parametric Study of the Optimal Control 
of Second Order Linear Time Invariant Systems with a Parameterized Cost Func- 

John Samuel Haller, Jr Illinois 

History: Science andlAmerican Concepts of Race, 1859-1900. 

Donald Roger Heinle Maryland 

Zoology: Effects of Temperature on the Population Dynamics of Estuarine Cope- 

NORRis Carroll Hekimian Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: A New Form of Indirect Spectrum Analyzer. 

Ernest Norman Hernandez Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Forward Scattering in Dielectric Turbulence. 

Joseph John Higgins Maryland 

Agronomy: Teyhrosia Leaf Development Index of Crop Yield and Bioclimate. 

Fred Wright Hopkins, Jr Maryland 

Education: An Experimental Study of the Effects of Repetitive Compressed 
Speech on Listening Comprehension. 

Cheng-Kuan Hsu Missouri 

Chemical Engineering: Dynamics and Control of Multistage Liquid Extraction. 

Philip Tsung-Fu Huang Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Direct Measurements of Electron Energy Distributions 
in the Daytime Ionosphere. 

University of Maryland 2. 1 

Kenneth Edwin Hyde, Jr New York 

Chemistry: Magnetic and Optical Properties of Some Polynuclear Copper (II) 

Gabrible Irwin Maryland 

German and Slavic Languages: Hans Kaltneker. Verauch einer stilkritischen 

Omar J. Jacomini Maryland 

Electrical Engineering: Super Bandwidth Utilisation in an AntirClvller Radar. 

Ray Mitchell Johns Maryland 

Agricultural Economics: Procedures for Constructing the Agricultural Sectors of 
Input-Output Tables for Regions of the United States — Maryland, An Example. 

John Hermann Kahnert Maryland 

Physical Education: The Relationship of Selected Components of Physical Fitness 
to Physical Fitness Knowlegde and Attitude Expressed Toward Physical Fitness 
of Male College Students. 

George Kalish Maryland 

Mathematics: The Asymptotic Efficiency of the Smirnov Test. 

Melvin Stuart Kaufman Maryland 

Chemistry: Pyrolysis of Silanes. 

Robert E. Knop New Jersey 

Physics and Astronomy: "The Vector-Axial Vector Current Ratio in the Decay 
22"— ►ne— V." 

Richard Michael Lane Pennsylvania 

Zoology: Immunological Differentiation Assayed by the Interactions Among and 
Within Immune Systems. 

Robert Alfred Luke, Jr D. C. 

Sociology: The Social Process of Sensitivity Training. 

Willis Carson Lyons, Jr Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering: Hypersonic Laminar and Turbulent Heat Transfer for 
Slightly Blunted Slender Cones. 

Phyllis R. Magrab Maryland 

Education. Expectation Press Congruence as a Psychological Variable in the 
Prediction of College Adaptation. 

Lloyd Thomas McAtee Maryland 

Zoology: Cytogenetic and Kinetic Effects of a Sublethal Heat Shock on a Hetero- 
ploid Cell Suspension Culture. 

Robert Douglas McCullah California 

Psychology: Prediction of Academic Performance in a U.S.N. Hospital Corps 
Vocational Training Program. 

James Michael McGarrity Maryland 

Chemical Engineering: Cathodoluminesceni Properties of YVO^: Eu. 

Michael Hugh McGlincy Delaware 

Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Applied Mathematics: Uniqueness and Semi- 
Definite Forms. 

Henry Pierre Meyer D. C. 

French and Italian: Voltaire: Philosophe Pacifiste? 

John Hampton Mills Maryland 

Agricultural Economics: An Aggregated View of the Micro-Units in United 
States Egg Marketing. 

Barry Kyler Moritz Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: A Study of the General Relatinstic Dynamics of the 
Klein-Alfven Cosinology. 


Geography: On Choosing Growth Centers and Growth Regions for Economic 
Development: With Special Reference to West Virginia. 

22 1969 Commencement Exercises 

George Jackson Mulkey Georgia 

Poultry Science: The Effects of Gonadal Hormones on Hyperossification in the 
Domestic Fowl. 

BiBGiT Erika Nardell Maryland 

Zoology: A Study of the Thymus and Its Influence on Lipid Metabolism. 

Nils K. Nesheim Norway 

Agricultural Economics: Institutional Changes Affecting the Milk Marketing Sys- 
tems and Practices in the Baltimore Market. 

Margaret Louise Olivier Maryland 

Anatomy (School of Medicine): Isogeneic, Allogeneic and Xenogeneic Trans- 
plantation of a Spontaneous Parotid Gland Tumor Arising in a Mouse of the 
A /Fg Strain. 

David Wear Okme-Johnson Maryland 

Psychology: The Effect of the Response-Shock Contigency on Conditioned Punish- 

Melvin Dblmar Palmer Maryland 

Comparative Literature: Madame D'Aulnoy in England. 

John Patrick Petrali Maryland 

Anatomy (School of Medicine): Subcellular Localization of Antigens by Emmune 
and Cytochemical Techniques in Electron Microscopy: Mitochondria, a Sight of 
Viral Protein Synthesis. 

Edward G. Pita New Jersey 

Mechanical Engineering: Heat and Mass Transfer in Evaporating Sprays. 

Richard Henry Pohle Rhode Island 

Physics and Astronomy: An Experimental Study of Large HeliunirNeon Ring 

James Chester Raulston Oklahoma 

Horticulture: Direct Chromatographic Measurement of Peach Head-Space 
Volatiles as a Rapid, Objective Measurement for Correlation with Maturity and/or 

Ralph Dan Richardson Virginia 

History: Comintern Army: The International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War. 

John Lytle Scales, III Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Investigation of the Residual Defect in Indium Anti- 

Peter Scharnhorst Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: "The Critical Current of Superconducting Tin and 

Glenn Walter Shaw Maryland 

Horticulture: The Effects of Controlled Atmosphere Storage on the Quality and 
Shelf Life of Fresh Strawberries with Special Reference to Boirytis Cinerea and 
Rhizopus Nigricans. 

Gerald "David Slawecki D. C. 

Chemical Engineering: Basic Mechanisms in the Oxide Film Formation of Plasma 
Anodized Aluminum. 

Richard Lee Smith Maryland 

Physics: The Generation, Propagation and Observation of Ultrashort Optical 

Doyle A. Smittlb Washington 

Horticulture: Internal Can Corrosion by Processed Stveet Potatoes as Affected 
by Phenolase Activity and Nitrate Concentration. 

Richard Linger Spencer, Jr Maryland 

Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: An Observational Method for 
Studying the Behavior and the Behavior Settings of Individual Students within 
Elementary Schools. 

Robert Joseph Statz Maryland 

Chemistry: Evidence for the Mechanism of the Thermal Degradation of Poly- 

University of Maryland 23 

Robert Saul Steplbman ...Maryland 

Mathematics: Finite Dimensional Analogues of Variational and Qvasi-Linear 
Elliptic Dirichlet Problems. 

Robert Lee Strautz ; Maryland 

Anatomy (School of Medicine): Studies on the Hereditary-Obese Mice After Im- 
plantation of Pancreatic Islets in Millipore Filter Capsules. 

Hussein Abdelhamid Taha _. U.A.R. 

Chemical Engineering: Rediu:tion of hematite ores in packed beds unth carbon 

Nicholas John Tavani ;.•.. D. C. 

Sociology: Group Size and Frequency of Interaction as Criteria for Differentiating 
Student Participation in Spare-Time Activities. 

Hailan Hummadi Tikriti D. C. 

Food Science: The Metabolism of Vitamin E by the Laetating Dairy Cow in 
Relation to Oxidized Flavor in Milk. 

Ulrich Carl Toensmeyer Pennsylvania 

Agricultural Economics: Interregional Competition in Maryland Produce, Fresh 
Market, Green Beans, Sweet Corn, and Tomatoes. 

Robert John Troy Maryland 

Chemistry: Coulometric Analysis in Biological Systems. 

Joseph Hoang Thanh Tu Virginia 

Physics and Astronomy: Levels of iO/3 from 9j3e(p,do) /S(9e, ^pe(p,'0) 6i,i^ 
9/3e(p,2,) ^Li + Reactions. 

ZiGFRiDAS Vaituzis Connecticut 

Microbiology: Studies on the Relationship of the Cell Wall and Cytoplasmic 
Membrane to the Origin and Function of Baceterial Flagella. 

Robert Ernest Wall Maryland 

Counseling and Personnel Services: Engineering Freshmen Responses to the 
Holland Vocational Preference Inventory and Persistence in the University of r 

Maryland College of Engineering. I 

Frank Corson Warman, III Maryland 

Psychology: A Fading Procedure for Verval Conditioning of Psychiatric Patients. 

Robert Joseph Weber Maryland 

Government and Politics: The Development of United Nation's Peace-Keeping . 

Forces. M 

William Ulrich Weiss Maryland 

Psychology: A Study of Some Characteristics of Individuals Who Remain in an 
Institution for the Aged. 

James Biser Whisker Pennsylvania 

Government and Politics: The Second Amendment: The Right to Keep and 
Bear Arjjis. 

Bette Marcia Winer Maryland 

Physics and Astronomy: Critical Heat Flux in Liquid Helium II Close to the 
Lambda Transition. 

Edwin Albert Woolson ;..-.. Maryland 

Agronomy: The Chemistry and Toxicity of Arsenic in SoU. 

Carolyn Ann Wurm Indiana 

Psychology: An Exploration of Temptation Behavior in Preschool Children: 
It's Measurement and Modification. 

Levon Yeganiantz •. ; — ■: :••—;;■ ^- ^• 

Agricultural Economics: Agricultural Imports of Spain in Relation to its Eco- 
nomic Growth. 

Myung Kun Yiu Maryland 

Government and Politics: Sino-Soviet Rivalry in North Korea Since 195i. 

Leepo Cheng Yu Rhode Island 

Physics and Astronomy: Theory of Denaturation of Copolymeric DNA. 

24 ^^^^ Commencement Exercises 


August 30, 1968 

(Thesis Title Indicated) 

James Edward Andrews, Jr Maryland 

A Content Analysis of Selected Collective Negotiation Agreements for Teachers. 

Hazel Milligan Aslakson Maryland 

The Relationship Between Chronological Age or Body Weight and the Onset of 
Body Temperature Regulation in Premature Infants. 

Theodore James Brown Maryland 

A Study of the Use of Pupil Experimentation and Reading in The Development 
and Retention of Selected Science Principles in the Fifth Grade. 

Robert Madary Davis Maryland 

An Experimental Study Using Work as an Alternative to Words in Effecting Be- 
haviorial Change. 

Charles Howard Flatter Maryland 

Attitude Change Through Reward of Verbal Behavior and Its Relation to Need to 

Alan H. Click Maryland 

The Influence of Humanistic Psychology on American Psychology and Selected 

Wilfred Wallace LisKE Michigan 

The Cloze Procedure for Determining Readability of Encyclopedia Material for 
Elementary School Pupils. 

Gene D. Minton Indiana 

A Study of Selected Characteristics of Trade and Industrial Education Teachers in 
the State of Maryland. 

Franklin B. Pumphrey Maryland 

Relationships Between Teachers' Perceptions of Organizational Climate in Ele- 
mentary Schools and Selected Variables Associated with Piipils. 

Carlo Peter Racamato Washington 

The Relationship of Birth Order to Seeking Counseling. 

Marguerite S. Rankin Maryland 

Teacher Influence and Related Factors in a Teacher Aide Program. 

Donald Thomas Scha6ffer Maryland 

An Investigation into the Differences Between Male and Female Elementary Teachers 
in Their Perceptions of Problems in Pupils. 

William Dean Wargo Ohio 

Attitude Orientations Toward Achievement of Students Preparing to Be Industrial 
Art Teachers. 

January 24, 1969 

Verna E. Bergemann New York 

A Modified Language Experience Approach Versus a Basal Approach to Reading 
with Low Ability Disadvantaged First-Grade Rural and Urban Children. 

John Francis Fanning Virginia 

Effects of Selected Reporting Practices on Reading Achievement, Reading Attitude 
and Anxiety of Below Average Readers in Grades Three Through Six. 

George Timothy Gabriel Maryland 

An Investigation of the Diagnostic Implications of a Symbol Rotation Factor for 
Beginning School Experiences. 

Solomon Gnatt Maryland 

The Effect of Hedonic Experience on Learning Neutral Syllables. 

University of Maryland 25 


Jenny W. Klein Maryland 

Maternal Aililude Changes in Nursery Schools for Menially Retarded Children. 

Beknicb Sandler Maryland 

An Exploration of Counselor Verbal Response As A Function of Client Verbal 
Remark And As A Function Of Counselor Affective Sensitivity. 

Bob R. Stewart Missouri 

The Relationship of Teacher, Supervisor, and Principal Perceptions of Super- 
visory Behavior. 

Mary Elizabeth Tronsue Maryland 

A Study of Relationships of Selected Variables With Shorthand Transcription 

June 7, 1969 

Carl Edwin Anderson D. C. 

A Study of Selected Psycho-Social Correlates of College Student Protesters and 

Charles Raymond Anderson Maryland 

The Effectiveness of a Simulation Learning Game in Teaching Consumer Credit 
to Senior High School Students in Comparison to a Conventional Approach to 

Luther Burse Maryland 

An Experimental A])plication of Subsuming Concepts to Meaningful Verbal Learn- 
ing Terminating wiOi the Performance of Selected Psychomotor Tasks. 

Janet Kaeen Carsetti D. C. 

A Demonstration of the Effectiveness of an Evaluation of an In-Service Program 
in Terms of Changes in Teacher Behavior. 

Alice Emily Castner New Jersey 

Relationship between the Process of Keeping a Journal and Self Esteem Using Six 
Grade Students. 

Thomas Barnes Clapp Maryland 

A Study of Physical Touch as an Enhancement to Student Perseverance. 

Margaret Adell Dunn Marj'land 

The Development of a Supervisory Instrument to Measure Nursing Task Per- 

Brother Carey Garner Maryland 

A Follou>-iip Study of Electronics Terminal Curriculum Studentsand P re-engineering 
Transfer Curriculum Students in Maryland Junior Colleges for Three Entering 
Terms: Fall 196 J,, Spring 1965, and Fall 1965. 

John William Hall ; New York 

A Comparison of Hatpin and Croft's Organiaztional Climates and Likert and 
Likert's Organizational Systems. 

Irving Weymouth Herrick, Jr Maryland 

Basic Industrial Terminology Possessed by Sixth Grade Inner City and Suburban 

Emil H. Hoch New York 

An Experimental Study Comparing Two Methods of Administering a Programmed 

Richard Le Roy Holler Maryland 

A Study of Readability of Selected Tenth-Grade Biology Text Materials. 

Richard Thomas Ingram Pennsj'lvania 

Holland's Typology of Personality in the Predication of Certain Counseling Out- 

Donald Lee Johnson South Carolina 

The Relationships Between Human Relations Training for Educational Adminis- 
trators and Changes in Their Leader Behavior. 

26 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Richard Martin Phillips D. C. 

A Multiple Regression Study of Academic Prediction at Gallaudet College. 

Margaret May Sawin Maryland 

A Study of Sunday Church School Teachers' Personality Characteristics and Atti- 
tudes toward Children. 

Stanley E. Schneider New Jersey 

The Effects of Work and Counseling on Chronic Psychiatric Patients with Differing 
Levels of Ego Strength. 

Howard I. Shull Ohio 

Programmed Instruction: A Comparison of Learning and Retention of Information 
Learned Through the Use of Small Step (Linear) Programmed Instruction and 
Large Step (Branching) Programmed Instruction. 

Ethel Menges Stinchcomb Maryland 

A Study of the A ttiludes of Graduate Nurses Toward the Direct Care of the Terminal- 
ly III Patient. 

Harry Daniel Swbely Pennsylvania 

The Effect of the Male Elementary School Teacher on Children's Self-Concepts. 

Patricia Ann Webster Georgia 

One Component of Teacher Structure as It Relates to the Expression of Sex-Appro- 
priate Choices in Niirsery School Children. 


August 30, 1968 
(Thesis Title Indicated) 

James H. Donnelly, Jr. New York 

An Analysis of the Role of Cultural Forces and Other Selected Variables in Non- 
Domestic Media Selection for Consumer Non-Durahles: An Empirical Study. 

John Michael Ivancevich Illinois 

The American Manager Overseas Representing Large U. S. Industrial Corpora- 
tions: A Study of Selected Staffing Steps and Job Attitudes. 

January 24, 1969 

Marvin A. Jolson Maryland 

A Study of Consumer Attitudes Toward Direct-to-Home Distribution Systems. 

June 7, 1969 

Robert Howard Strawser Pennsylvania 

An Inquiry into the Financial Reporting Practices of Commercial Banks. 

University of Maryland- 27 

August 30, 1968 

ViCKI W. ApplegAte New Jersey 

Suzanne Jeannine AUBUCHON....Afarj/tond 

Louis Baeriswyl, Jr Virginia 

Marc Gautier Baladi Maryland 

Larry G. Baughman Ohio 

Martin Victor Bloom Maryland 

William Baldwin Buchanan, Jr D.C. 

James William Burns Maryland 

Frederick Walling Capshaw Maryland 

Robert Irving Carney, Jr Virginia 

Gerald Arthur Chayt D.C. 

Bruce Alan Clarke Maryland 

Joyce Maxine Clements Maryland 

Henry Thomas Cochran Maryland 

Michael Wayne Conley Maryland 

Winifred Barnes Conley Maryland 

Anthony P. Cory New York 

Dexter Bruce Davis Maryland 

Gayle Branofp Davis Maryland 

Vernon Charles Donnelly Maryland 

Michael Paul Du Monceau Maryland 

Mary Hershfeld Eakin Maryland 

Susan K. Eames D.C. 

Priscilla Ann Ebdon Illinois 

Edward Michael Elias Pennsylvania 

Leonard J. Elter, Jr J'ennsylvania 

Uta Emberger Maryland 

Arline Lois Engel .New York 

Roberta S. Engel J^ew York 

Paul Richard Falconer Maryland 

Rolland Mascot Favre Maryland 

Lawrence W. Fielding New York 

Lalitkumar H. Gadhia Maryland 

Karl Eugene Gettle Maryland 

Terry Traverse Gladfelter Maryland 

Joan Meryl Glehan New Jersey 

John Neal Green Maryland 

Stephen Mark Groark Maryland 

William Grodowitz Virginia 

Beverly Reneb Guterman Virginia 

Frank Edward Hagan Pennsylvania 

Norman Mehlhorn Haller Virginia 

Charles Dewey Harris Maryland 

Jean Elizabeth Hart Maryland 

Joanna S. Hart Maryland 

John David Hess Pennsylvania 

Donald William Hinrichs Maryland 

Colin Earl Hollinger England 

Harold Romo Holzman New York 

Gertrude Myers Hopkins Maryland 

Tadevs Lucian Jakubowski New York 

Martin Kaplan „ New York 

William Jon Kerewsky J).C. \ 

Barbara S. Kirkpatrick Maryland 

Patricia Anne Kirsch Maryland 

Anthony Joseph KozLOWSKi....CormecttcMf 

Barry R. Krasner Maryland 

Sandre Lee Kurtinitis Maryland 

Robert Fellows Larson Maryland 

Joseph James Lentz, Jr Maryland 

Sara Jane Little Texas 

Lawrence Roderick tlixclioiiMsa. Maryland 

Horace Abbott Macintire Virginia 

Brian Andrew March Pennsylvania 

Thomas Peter Martin Jlltnois 

Eugene Kearns MASTRANGELO-ConmeeticMt 

Paul Mazeroff Maryland 

Arlene a. McGarrity Maryland 

Kay B. Michael Maryland 

Everett George Miller, Sr MaryUntd 

James Royer Miller Pennsylvania 

Richard Gibbs Myers JVew Jersey 

Hattie Ann Nalewaja Maryland 

James David Newell Maryland 

Joseph Francis O'Connor New Jersey 

Philip Marshall Payne Maryland 

Richard L. Peterman, Jr New Jersey 

Susan Lydla North Pitney Maryland 

Gertrude Pov^ell D.C. 

Donnelle Louise Quigg Maryland 

Peggy Steiner Ratcheson Maryland 

Paul Richard Ristow New Jersey 

Ellen L. Schahter Maryland 

David Phares Sigler Maryland 

Andres T. Siy J'hilippines 

Ellis Lee Smith Michigan 

Joan Elizabeth Smith Maryland 

Ned Convtell Solomon Tennessee 

Louise Josephine Stadler J).C. 

Michael George Staed Kentucky 

Joan Marlan Stengel New Jersey 

Penelope A. Storm .....Maryland 

Thomas Gilmore Strapp Maryland 

Lowell V. Sturgill Maryland 

Darryl Lee Summers West Virginia 

Becket Lawrence Theis J).C. 

Diana Drummond Tonge Ohio 

Richard Bruce Turen Virginia 

Richard Cornelius Unruh, jR.Maryland 

Nanette Levine Vincent Maryland 

Harry Joseph Wallace, Jr Maryland 

Marsha Wasserman J).C. 

Robert John Willson...„ „ Vermoni 

28 1969 Commencement Exercises 

January 24, 1969 

Charles Edward Abel Maryland 

Doris C. Appleby D.C. 

Howard David Arneson Maryland 

William I. Barton, Jr Virginia 

Shirley Ann Bauer Maryland 

Alan Bertaux Maryland 

John Allen Bielec Maryland 

Emily Susan Bronstein Maryland 

Stuart Murray Bounds Maryland 

Linda W. Case D.C. 

Robert Marshall Clinkscale, Jr. 


Robert Edward Cohen New York 

Sabine Rosemarie Conway Maryland 

Thomas Martin Costello Maryland 

Gail P. Crocker Maryland 

Patricia Anne Curtin Maryland 

Laura Combs Davis Virginia 

URSxn^ Inge Davis Maryland 

Dennis Francis Deriggi New York 

Andrew E. Dinniman Connecticut 

MaryAnn Pollack Dubner Maryland 

Gladys Devera Feldesman Maryland 

Renate M. Fischetti Maryland 

William Cay Floyd Maryland 

Peter Joseph Foley New York 

James Pasquale Foti Maryland 

Robert Edward Gabbys Maryland 

Ruth S. Gainer D.C. 

Robert Anderson Gaines Virginia 

Martin Frederick Gakenheimer 


Michael Edmund Geigeb Maryland 

Stanley Georges Virginia 

Richard Lee Gibson Ohio 

Phyllis Ann Gimbel Maryland 

Kent W. Gibkins Hawaii 

Katherine Smith Goldman Maryland 

Kathryn Bowden Groth Maryland 

Marie Virginia Hahn Maryland 

Mary Virginia Harich Maryland 

Donald Lee Hartman Virginia 

William LeGrand Helton Virginia 

David Roy Henderson Maryland 

Virginia Ruth Hebbald New York 

John Ismert Hincke, Jr Illinois 

Barbara Jane Hochstetler Maryland 

Pamela J. Irving Connecticut 

Shirley Ann John Pennsylvania 

Thomas H. Johnson Maryland 

Nancy Ruth Kane Maryland 

David Kenneth Kehl Maryland 

Albert Stephen Kender Ohio 

June Arianna kennard Maryland 

Joseph Eugene Knott Rhode Island 

Rudolph Carl Roller, Jr California 

Yvonne Katherine Kormann Maryland 

Diane J. Kritt Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Kuder Washington 

Mark Edward Lachtman California 

Milton Howard Lackey Maryland 

John Basil Lenchak Pennsylvania 

Kenneth Clarke Louden Virginia 

Ewing L. Lusk Maryland 

David Lloyd Mallino Maryland 

Paul Joseph Manchey, Jr Virginia 

Anthony Masi Rhode Island 

John Patrick Masterson Maryland 

Patrick L. McKee Colorado 

Michael R. Menaker New York 

Harold Michelson Maryland 

Elizabeth S. Moorhead Maryland 

James Lloyd Moss Virginia 

James W. Noonan Maryland 

Brian Patrick O'Connor Maryland 

Steven B. Oliphant New York 

Gerald Patrick O'Shaughnessy D.C. 

Charles Penrose Patton Pennsylvania 

Sandra Marcia Platt New York 

James Peter Reddick, Jr Colorado 

John Francis Reid, Jr Maryland 

Edward Walter Rice Maryland 

John Ralph Rodman Maryland 

Charles Alfred Roswell, Jr Maryland 

George Jay Rothstein New Jersey 

Bruce Stephen Ruck Maryland 

Max Harvey Sampson Maryland 

Barbara S. Schuetz Maryland 

Kathryn Ann Serapiglia Maryland 

Ronald K. Shepler Maryland 

Robert Earl Smith Maryland 

Katy C. Sun Maryland 

Abdurrahm Ulfat Maryland 

Robert Neal Weidner Maryland 

Henry Stefan Weigel Maryland 

Kenneth Scott Weineb Maryland 

Barry Michael Whitcomb Maryland 

Thomas Bowman White, Jr Virginia 

Gregory Howard Williams Virginia 

Lois Anne Williams Maryland 

John Joseph Zarski Pennsylvania 

Robert Lee Zimmerman Maryland 

University of Maryland 29 

June 7, 1969 

RoBEKT Arthur Albright Maryland 

Theresa Jean Albright Virginia 

Terry S. Allen Maryland 

James Francis Andary Maryland 

David Alexander Andress Florida 

Kenneth Michael Ascoli Maryland 

Elizabeth Maria Regina ATZEnjT 


GoitDON Wallace Bailey Maryland 

Helen Barbara Banister Maryland 

Carolyn Banks Maryland 

Richard Steven Baritz Maryland 

ROSALYN D. Bass Maryland 

Marina J. Bates Maryland 

John Milton Beach Maryland 

Joyce Carolyn Beacham Maryland 

Richard Walter Bethin New York 

Robert H. Blank Maryland 

I*eter Andrew Bracken Maryland 

Marc Alvin Brenner. Maryland 

Beth Johnston Bricker JVew Jersey 

Marie Therese Broussalian Maryland 

Ellen Claire Bungay New York 

Jack Teel Burger Maryland 

Edgar Braddock Butt Maryland 

James Barron Carey, Jr Maryland 

Frederick G. Carty New York 

Brewster Searing Chamberlin, Jr. 


Elizabeth Brabson Chang Maryland 

Bhxle Alan Che.iney Maryland 

Jebry Don CHiaiRlNGTON Pennsylvania 

Allan James Cigler Indiana 

Luisa V. CiNTRON Maryland 

Joseph Gordon Clemons, Jr Georgia 

Frank Fenton Clifford, Jr Florida 

Meryl Margolin Cohen Maryland 

Alice Hegeh)US Cotte Colorado 

Joanne E. Costello Maryland 

Louis Theodore Coulson, III Maryland I 

Donald James Cowan Maryland 

William Francis Cox, Jr Maryland 

Sally Keene Craig Maryland 

William James Dahl Maryland 

Marita McKenna Danek Maryland 

Richard Stanley Davis Maryland 

Ro.nald Marshall Davis Virginia 

Alfred Edward Day North Carolina 

Chester Robert Day Kentucky 

Franklin William Delaney Maryland 

Valerian John Derlega Maryland 

Constance Page DesRoches Maryland 

Joseph Rogers Dickinson, Jr Kentucky 

Charles Doyle Duckworth Virginia 

Martha Mary Durkin Pennsylvania 

Thomas Aloysius Walsh Dwyer, III 


Bruce Roger Elliott Maryland 

Thomas S. Englar, Jr Maryland 

Henry Eugene Ernst Maryland 

Bruce David Feinberg Maryland 

Makie FeiNGOLD Marylamd 

John Pope Fields Maryland 

John Philip Firmin Maryland 

Bonnie M. Ford Pennsylvania 

Betty C. Forden Maryland 

MiLDRja) Forehand Maryland 

Barbara Ann Forrest Maryland 

Patricia Norris Fowle Maryland 

Barry B. Frieman Maryland 

Vibeke L. Fulton Maryland 

Lawrence Stanley Gaines Maryland 

Dianne S. Ganz Maryland 

Eugenia Roop Gartrbxl Maryland 

James Leslie George Maryland 

Michael Joseph Giuffrida Maryland 


30 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Frank Hamilton Godley Maryland 


Judith Mellow Gotterer Maryland 

Arthur Duval Grainger Maryland 

Robert Wesley Grayson Virginia 

Thomas P. Green Maryland 

Robert Neil Greene D.C. 

Shbhiry Lea Gutierrez Maryland 

Walter Lowtell Hagen Maryland 

Mary D. Hahn Maryland 

James Allen Harrell Maryland 

Ronald Earl Harrell Maryland 

Lawrence Patrick Hart Virginia 

Gregory Charles Helweg Maryland 

Sarah Louise Henisey New Jersey 

Dlana Lynn Hestwood Minnesota 

Richard A. Hiewerth Maryland 

Lawrence Melvin Holt Maryland 

Bess L. Hormats Maryland 

Ronald Richard Hubka Maryland 

Finnie E. John Maryland 

Harrison Walton John Maryland 

Faye Gwen Johnson Maryland 

Harriet Savige Johnson Maryland 

Richard Joseph New York 

John Brooks Joyner Maryland 

Frederick Ludwig Karls Maryland 

Wayne Geddes Kay Michigan 

Susan Kazan California 

Jay T. Kearney New York 

Lorraine Fowler Kenyon Maryland 

Barbara D. Kerne Maryland 

Margaret Wilson Kerr Maryland 

Hyoung Yul Kim Korea 

Kent Nevin Kimmel Maryland 

Carolyn Faye Kivowitz New York 

Marinus a. Kip Maryland 

Cassandra Louise Knobloch Louisiana 

Howard Stephen Kossoy Maryland 

Glenn Edward Kramer Maryland 

Jon Frederick Kreissig MaryUmd 

Jeffrey L. Kunkel Pennsylvania 

Thomas Joseph Langan Maryland 

Deana Kay Langer New York 

RadmiLA Lapov Maryland 

Marjorie Fox Larson Maryland 

Frances Gilda Lazerow _ B.C. 

Carl Allen Lee North Dakota 

Joseph Beknard Lee Maryland 

Marjorie West Levenson Maryland 

Marvin J. Levy North Carolina 

Carroll Trine Lisle Maryland 

Richard W. Lombardi Maryland 

Mary Ellen Lyon Maryland 

Frank Michael Magalski Maryland 

Michael Roland Maione Maryland 

Richard A. Mathers Maryland 

Barbara Anne Mattingley Maryland 

Joseph Henry Maurer New York 

Laurel Anthony Mayer Indiana 

Lem Huston McCormack Kentucky 

Jean Frothingham yicX)wilTr... Maryland 

Marie Patricia McMahon Maryland 

Richard Floyd Messalle Maryland 

Robert Duvall Middleton Maryland 

Martin Gary Minter New York 

Joan Litts Monaco Maryland 

Antonio Valdes Montiel Maryland 

James M. Moore Maryland 

Carol Lee Morgan Maryland 

Thomas Austin Morgan Maryland 

Walter Edward Morgan Maryland 

Patricia Anne Morrison Maryland 

Samuel Michael Natale Maryland 

Robert F. Nerney Maryland 

Richard Arthur Niewerth Maryland 

University of Maryland 31 

RosEMARiB NOCTOR Mo/ryland 

DAVID G. Orr Maryland 

Judith R. O'Sullivan Maryland 

Allen Ray Overmyer Maryland 

Osborne C. Parchment Jamaica 

Maria C. Parlade Maryland 

Mary Katherine Patterson Maryland 

Ruth A. Patterson Maryland 

Doris Gladden Pointb:r Maryland 

Arlene K. Polangin Maryland 

Thomas Hague Poston North Carolina 

David Gregory Pratt Virginia 

John P. Prevas Maryland 

Martin Richard Quinn Maryland 

Arthur Robert Rasch Connecticut 

Gordon Reynolds Raveling Maryland 

William August Reader Maryland 

Marc Albert Rehr Maryland 

Virginia Seems Reinhart Maryland 

Howard Willum Reisinger, Jr Virginia 

Allen Earl Rhines Maryland 

Charles Michael Richards Maryland 

Donald A. Ritchie New York 

Anne Therese Roarty D.C. 

Pamela Kay Roblyer Maryland 

Mark Joel Rockman New York 

Lillian D. Rodgers Pennsylvania 

Pamela Olivia Rodricks Maryland 

Thomas Anthony Ronzetti New York 

Joanne Cecilia Rota Maryland 

Solvejg Rozner Maryland 

Ellen Beth Rudolph New York 

Robert Lawrence Russakoff 


Shaun Patrick Ryan Massachusetts 

Mohammed Musa Safa Afghanistan 

Charles Wasdon Scarborough, Jr. 

Esther M. Schiffmann Maryland 

Sarah L. Schmidt D.C. 

Margaret Ellen Schultz Maryland 

Oliver Patrick Scott Maryland 

Caj^;olynne Marie Seeman Maryland 

Gerald Lee Seff Maryland 

Gregory Joseph Segreti Maryland 

Elizabeth May Sherman Maryland 

William Stapler Shields, Jr Maryland 

George Robert Shivers Maryland 

Harry Marsh Sneed Maryland 

Morris Silverman Solomon Illinois 

Janet Elizabeth Sooy Maryland 

Mary Helen Gloss Spear Maryland 

Charles A. Springer Maryland 

Stanley Raymond Spurgeon Maryland 

Edward Hubbard Stewart, Jr Maryland 

Susan Laural Stuart Maryland 

Barbara Joan Suter D.C. 

Stephen Svatik, Jr Maryland 

Barry L. Sysler Maryland 

Jay Robert Shubert Teran New Jersey 

Roy Tesler Maryland 

Ruth Milhausen Truitt Maryland 

ViRDiA K. Van Huss J'lorida 

Frances Hogue Waldron Virginia 

Marsha Ann Waltrip Virginia 

Stephen B. Weiner Maryland 

Ruth Marilyn Weissman Maryland 

Dwight Milton Wells New York 

Robert Morris Werner Virginia 

Edwin Earl Whitaker Maryland 

Joseph Patrick Wildenberg Wisconsin 

Barbara Sue Wilan Maryland 

Harry Stanley Williams D.C. 

Janet Marie Winemiller Maryland 

Gordon Samuel Woodward Maryland 

Richard I. Wool New York 

John B. Wooldridge, Jr Virginia 

Charles Mason Wright Maryland 

32 1969 Commencement Exercises 

August 30, 1968 

Eakle Bartley AmEY, III Maryland 

Tommy Stephen Armstrong Texas 

Chitr-Woraphat Arthayukti Thailand 

PARViz Aryan-Nejad Marylakd 

John Williamson Bajcy California 

Barbara Barnouin D.C. 

Turgut Kemal Bayyurt Turkey 

Joyce Lynette Birdsall Virginia 

Charlsie Harkins Brooks Maryland 

Sophie Ann Brown North Carolina 

Jo-An Campbell New York 

Glenda Joyce Carlile Louisiana 

Phrosene E. CHiMiKLis....Arcw Hampshire 

William Lincoln Davies Maryland 

Lewis Levering Deitz Maryland 

Sheila Marie Dennison Florida 

Anne Claire Donovan D.C. 

James Kenneth Edzwald Maryland 

Michael Leonard Elkins Maryland 

Julie Christina FORTiER..Neiy Hampshire 

Mary Ann Fravel Virginia 

Mihir Kanti Ghosh Oregon 

Aklu Girgre Ethiopia 

Donald Goldman Maryland 

Patricia Anne Grady Florida 

James Carroll Hagan Maryland 

Freddi Anne Hammerschlag Maryland 

Natalie Ann Harling New Hampshire 

Joyce Elaine Heinze New Jersey 

Elizabeth Anne Herman Maryland 

Barbara Sue Hindson Maryland 

Mary Louise Humiston Maryland 

Burton Eugene Hummer Maryland 

Mary-Jo Kahler New York 

Ellen Ann Keiter Iowa 

Nancy Ann Koontz Pennsylvania 

Barbara Agnes Lapinski Connecticut 

Norma Rebecca Leak North Carolina 

Gareth BURAll Lease Maryland 

Edward Paul Leonard Maryland 

Michael Jon Levine New York 

Agnes Helen Lewis Florida 

Barbara Ann Lipscomb Maryland 

Sou-Yang Liu Maryland 

MiLAGROSA Ro Martinez Philippines 

Chuang Maungkaew Thailatid 

Sharon A. Maury West Virginia 

Lois Richardson McFadden Maryland 

Dale Evans McIvor Maryland 

Margaret M. Mearns Maryland 

Verna G. Motley Maryland 

La Verne Berniece NEiswENDER-Marj/tand 

Richard John Orr Pennsylvania 

Carolyn Ann Pratt Maryland 

Ronald Allen Rayburn Maryland 

Joan Ann Reider Pennsylvania 

Rodger Raymond Rodgers California 

Richard James Sandifer Maryland 

Elizabeth Plummer Sandlin D.C. 

Clyde D. Seedle Colorado 

LORETTA Ann Seitz Maryland 

Larry G. Selland North Dakota 

William Trotter Shelton Maryland 

George Jerome Snyder Maryland 

Guy Stewart Stanton, Jr Maryland 

Lillian Marcus Stark New York 

Anthony Andrew Steere, 3k.. .Connecticut 

Robert Doris Stivers Maryland 

Patricia Edith Surowiecki New York 

Donna Sumner 'Vhigv^h.... North Carolina 

Doris Lee Thornton Maryland 

George Jonathan Tompkins Maryland 

Constance Anita Trudeau Florida 

Wallace M. Vog Washington 

Paul John Waltrup Maryland 

Richard R. Weber Maryland 

Emanuel John Weiss Pennsylvayiia 

Betty Ann Whitfield Maryland 

Judy Mae Wilhelmsen Maryland 

Joseph Bernard Williams, Jr Maryland 

Linda Elizabeth Wolfe Florida 

Susan Jane Fawcett WooLSEY-.-Mori/faKd 

Jeanette Ann Wozniak New York 

Shun-ChuNg Wu Maryland 

University of Maryland 33 

January 24, 1969 

Reid Fussell Allen Maryland 

Mary Ann Andb^ison D.C. 

Robert C. Bagley Wisco-nsin 

Sandra LeVane Bellinghoven. ...Firpwija 

Ann Fritz Bennett North Carolina 

Shiraz G. Bhanji Tanzania 

John L. Bielat Maryland 

Carole Ann Blakey Virginia 

Geraldine Patricia Bonsall Maryland 

Carlo Joseph Broglio Maryland 

GHaiALD Wayne Brown Virginia 

JuNious Douglas Brown.. ..iVor</i Carolina 

Felix Arthur Burrows, Jr Illinois 

Evan Paul Chicklis Massachusetts 

Kathryn Margaret Christensen 


Ronald John Cominsky Maryland 

Joyce Williams Copeland Maryland 

Christopher Vanston Crowe.. ..New York 

David Michael Dancer Maryland 

Hart Wilson DeGrafft Maryland 

Mary Kathleen Demeritt Florida 

Leal Glenn Dickson Maryland 

Adolphe J. Edwards D.C. 

Walter Moulden Eiker, Jr Maryland 

Charles Jeffrey Elstrodt.. ..Pf7!Ks;//t?a/n"a 

Mary Elizabeth Faircloth Georgia 

Ira Michael Felsen Maryland 

Edward Michael Firer Connecticut 

Dominick Anthony Giglio Maryland 

Gloria H. Gilbert New York 

Annie Mae Hargett Maryland 

JACQUELYN Thomas Hartley D.C. 

George H. Harrison Maryland 

Sandra Jean Heinrich Texas 

Elton Warren Herbert Mainland 

Rose Ann Hertl Illinois 

William Rickly Hodson Pennsylvania 

Rose Elizabeth Holman New York 

Gilbert Serge Jackson New York 

John Howard Jacobi Maryland 

Leonard A. Jonas Maryland 

Theresa Joyce Jordan Maryland 

Mark Joseph Maryland 

Beatrice Kellet Pennsylvania 

Marie Antoinette Kirwin Maryland 

Hsi-ChiAng Lin Maryland 

Julia Ann Lockard Maryland 

Deanna Alice Love Maryland 

Linda Mae Matthews North Carolina 

Evelyn Marie McGreal Maryland 

Norma Jean Melcolm Soiith Carolina 

34 .Z555 Commencement Exercises 

Carl Ernest Mueller Maryland 

Vincent Francis Neradka Maryland 

William Estep Noble Maryland 

Peter Phillip Ostrowski Maryland 

Chester Robert Peachey Maryland 

Allan Eliash Pertman Maryland 

Helen Jane Powell New York 

Joseph David Price New Jersey 

Javed a. Qureshi Pakistan 

Patricia Ann Reagan New York 

Theodore Rosario Rejimbal, Jr. 

New Hampshire 

Mildred Grace Ressler Pennsylvania 

Roberta Kay Reynolds Maryland 

Marilyn J. Ripin Maryland 

Stuart Neil Ross New Jersey 

Carol Ann Salzberg Maryland 

M. Goretti San Inocencio Puerto Rico 

Shirley M. Scales D.C. 

Carol Ann Shearer Maryland 

Patricia Downs Shelton Maryland 

Georgia Lyles Shief Maryland 

John Lewis Skillman Maryland 

Morton Marshall Smith New York 

Joan Snell Maryland 

Harvey Edward Solomon Maryland 

Sheldon Gerald Solomon Maryland 

Nan Barclay Stahl Virginia 

Louise A. Stebbins Maryland 

Richard Strucko Maryland 

Patrick Tak-Ki Sung Maryland 

Jean Marie Tami New York 

Leslie Lee Thompson Maryland 

Dorothy C. Throneburgh Maryland 

Ronald Wayne Tillman Maryland 

Wen Feng Tseng Tiawan 

Madelyn J. Tunner Maryland 

Marie B. Turner Virginia 

Margaret Carlton Warren 

North Carolina 

Hattie Powell West Virginia 

Helen Straw Whitmore Virginia 

Kenneth David Wilde Maryland 

Cynthia Eiland Willis D.C. 

Margaret Elizabeth Wilson Maryland 

Patience Wilson Connecticut 

Mary Catherine Wistuba Maryland 

WiLLARD Theodore Witte Maryland 

Kenneth Lee Woodall Delaxvare 

Mary M. Woodrow California 

Greta Freeman York Maryland 

Stephen Derryl York Maryland 


June 7, 1969 

Sabir Abdur-Rahman Maryland 

Janet Lee Aencst Maryland 

David W. Amick Virginia 

James Gary Augustson Maryland 

Rajender Auluck Maryland 

Gerald Adam Bange Maryland 

Karen Marie Basralian New Jersey 

Ralph D. Beall Maryland 

Roger David Becker Maryland 

Verel Willard Benson Maryland 

John Christopher Elmer Berends, Jr. 


Richard E. W. Bolin Maryland 

Sydney Delmar Berwacer Maryland 

John Michael Boyd Maryland 

David Joseph Brenner D.C. 

Burton Dennis Bricker Maryland 

Larry Wesley Brown Maryland 

Armando Alexander Chacon Maryland 

Tieh Chun Chang Maryland 

Do Sub Chun Korea 

James Frederick Clark D.C. 

Gary Simpson Cobb Maryland 

Gary Edward Coene New York 

Charles Benjamin Coffman Maryland 

Roberta Margaret Conti Maryland 

Avinash Maganlal Contractor India 

Ernest Tyson Cullen, Jr Maryland 

Marian Aldena Daye Virginia 

Robert Stanley Delauder Maryland 

Helen Caroline Demme Maryland 

Maryanne Theresa Dietrich Virginia 

William Gittings Dorsey, Jr Maryland 

Susan Laffer Douma Maryland 

Gerard Joseph Dunnigan Maryland 

Sister Mariella Dwyer Pennsylvania 

Kenneth Henry Eckels Maryland 

Cecelia Julian na Eggens New York 

Malak Mohammed Elkady U.A.R. 

Mary Louise English Maryland 

William Alexander Falker, Jr.. .Maryland 

Robert John Fink Maryland 

Joy R. Fisher Maryland 

Arnold Frances Pennsylvania 

Eileen O. Franch Maryland 

William Harry Gaiser Maryland 

Thomas Hoyt Gale Maryland 

Clarence Edward Gibney Maryland 

Richard Orr Giorgis Maryland 

Warren Dean Gehle Maryland 

Fernando Gonzales S Columbia 

Ethel Beatrice Grandy Maryland 

Stuart Lamar Hanlein Maryland 

Robert Elden Haresnape Maryland 

Charles Edward Harris Maryland 

Robert James Hassett Maryland 

Helen Garner Hiatt Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Thornthwaite Higgins 


Richard Dean Holdren Michigan 

Kitty A. Hsieh Maryland 

Eddy H. Huang Maryland 

Robert Kalny New York 

Melanie Kambic Pennsylvania 

Gettine Estess Kersh Maryland 

University of Maryland j j 

Robert John Kessler Pennsylvania 

Myong Chui, Kim Korea 

YONG-JiN Kim Korea 

Frank J. Koczot, Jr Maryland 

Anil Kohli Maryland 

Cyril Francis Krolick Maryland 

Fernleaf Richard Kroll Maryland 

Oliver Lafourcade France 

Claude Marie Laperches Maryland 

James Victor Larsen Maryland 

Alvin Jefferson Lee Maryland 

Jong Sung Lee Maryland 

John Edward Lindak Maryland 

Thomas Joynes MacCubbin Maryland 

SURESH Pessumal Makhijani Maryland 

Gwendolyn Ruth Maples Maryland 

Pearl Begelman Marks Maryland 

Juan Carlos Martin Argentina 

Patricia Donohue Marshall Maryland 

John Lewis McClure D.C. 

Terrence Joseph McCreary Maryland 

Thomas Alexander McCullough 


Matthew John McDonald Maryland 

Patricia Ann McGrath Maryland 

Dharitri Misra India 

Sister Theodore Mohl Pennsylvania 

William Ernest Montgomery Maryland 

Mian Muhammad Munir Canada 

Mary Forker Myers Pennsylvania 

David Joseph Nagel Virginia 

Irene Frances Nolte West Virginia 

Russell Ray Norris Maryland 

Herminia Garganta Nudo Maryland 

Wayne Gregory O'Brien Maryland 

Mary O'Dea D.C. 

Anita Goldstein Okrend Maryland 

Gerard Pence Maryland 

Rita June Peters Maryland 

Carrie Lee Pigatt Maryland 

Elizabeth Mildred Pliskoff Maryland 

Ronald Wilson Poinsett, II Maryland 

Teerawat Putamanonda Thailand 

Robert Russell Rhinehart, jR...Maryland 

James Douglas Sawdey Maryland 

Thomas Andrew Shayer Maryland 

JAVID SiMlNOU Maryland 

Gary Joseph Smith Maryland 

William Randolph Smith Virginia 

Philip W. Stashak Maryland 

Michael Douglas Steer Maryland 

Gerard Nordeen Stenbakken Maryland 

Louise L. Stiles Maryland 

Robert K. Stiles Maryland 

Carroll Kenneth STOTTLEMYER..Marj/ta?id 

Mildred Hewatt Tibbs Virginia 

John R. Trax Maryland 

Melvin Douglas Trousdale Maryland 

Mary R. Turner Maryland 

Marian Jean Webster Maryland 

Barbara Lathrop Welsh Connecticut 

Evelyn White Maryland 

Thomas Wilson White Maryland 

Harry Samuel Wieand Maryland 

Jon Edward Williams Maryland 

Ralph Kenneth Williamson Maryland 

Lawrence Wesley Wilson Maryland 

Sheila Rae Wolfson Maryland 

DUK-JOONG Won Maryland 

William Ray Wright Maryland 

Byong W. Yoo Maryland 

36 1969 Coynraencement Exercises 

August 30, 1968 

Dale Arbogast Maryland 

Louisa Evangelisti Axon Maryland 

Ida May Baerg Maryland 

Linda Sue Black Oregon 

Barbara Joan Bolling Maryland 

Audrey Gae Borok Florida 

Robert Lee Brewrink Maryland 

Linda Lee Brittingham Maryland 

John Robert Burch D.C. 

Katharine Talbot CHRiSTisoN....Mar2//aMd 
Alverta Eunice Houston CLOSE..Maryland 

Gehiald David Cohen Maryland 

Lawrence Key Elwood Maryland 

Gloria Rose Evangelistt Maryland 

Diane M. Fowler New York 

Eleanor Susan Freeman Maryland 

Mary Frances Funk Maryland 

Anne Brooks Goodwyn Maryland 

Robert H. Hacker Maryland 

Martha Gallatin Hammond Maryland 

Laurence Lowell Kardman.. Pennsylvania 

Robert Thomas Hayes D.C. 

Carl Richard Heintzelman Maryland 

Joseph Edward Hicks Virginia 

George Donald Higgs Maryland 

Brenda Lutes Holmes Maryland 

Donald William Judy Maryland 

Marilyn Kipness Katzen Maryland 

Betty B. Knight Maryland 

Barbara J. Kramer Maryland 

Alice H. Kushner Maryland 

William Robert Lee Virginia 

Evelyn Ann Blose Lezzer Maryland 

Pearl C. Lipsie Maryland 

Betty Jeanne Lunsford Maryland 

Jean D. Maclay Maryland 

John Jacob Mathena Maryland 

Elizabeth Mary McDonald Maryland 

Alice Lynn McKenzie Maryland 

Rosalynn Kay McKown Maryland 

Barbara Ennis McMahan Maryland 

Eunice Swan Miller Maryland 

Joan Marie Mondics Maryland 

Albert Vincent Mrowka Maryland 

Michael Lawrence Murdock Maryland 

Barbara Ann Nagler Maryland 

Jean Campbell Noel Maryland 

Sandra Otto Maryland 

Sally Rockwell Outman Maryland 

James Wilton Peters Maryland 

Judith Katharine Philippides. .Mar)/?a>!d 

Stanley Anthony Plopa D.C. 

Jean Lummis Prince Maryland 

Charles Patrick F>roctor Maryland 

Mary Ella Randall Maryland 

Margene V. Reeder Maryland 

Kenneth Thomas Rodda Virginia 

Linda R. Rowley New Jersey 

Clare Porter Rozzell Maryland 

James Rubish Maryland 

Beatrice Sager Maryland 

Candido Sanchez Maryland 

William Norman Sears, III Maryland 

Jack Phillip Shilkret Maryland 

Thomas Gray Shipley Maryland 

John Parker Sippel, Jr Maryland 

John Francis Smigo Maryland 

Nancy McK. Smith D.C. 

Nell Lamar Solomon Maryland 

Lydia Robinson Speed Maryland 

Ruth Johnson Spicer Maryland 

Elaine Isabel Strickland Maryland 

Diana De Franceschi Thompson 


Adrienne C. Verrilli New York 

Donald MacGregor Walker Maryland 

Ruth Louise Fisher Wayn ant. .Mary land 

Joy Carol Wilkes Maryland 

Kenneth Wesley Wilson Maryland 

Anne Lovett Wright Maryland 

Michael Yacko Maryland 

Loretta K. Young D.C. 

Ruth Walder Yudkoff Maryland 

John Zarubaiko Maryland 

Gloria Lee Zimmer Maryland 

University of Maryland 37 

January 24, 1969 

John Alan Allspach Maryland 

Louise Stevenson Andersen Maryland 

Bonnie Marie Anderson Maryland 

Anthony Salvatore Arcilesi Maryland 

Babette H. Bacharach Pennsylvania 

Barbara Anne Baluf Maryland 

CARL Sherwood Barham Maryland 

Kialeen Shriver Basham Maryland 

Evelyn Joan Bata Maryland 

Elva G. Batchelor Maryland 

Cecelia C. Beryk Maryland 

Janet Sue Bissett Maryland 

Richard Scott Blair Maryland 

Beulah Bernardik Blinder Maryland 

James Keith Bowers Maryland 

Patricia Jane Chenoweth Brink 


LiLA A. Bunt Maryland 

Julia B. Consuegra Maryland 

TliELMA Crawford Maryland 

Arleen Decker Florida 

Jane Eagan Densberger Maryland 

Mary Freaney Dooley Maryland 

Denece M. Feldman Maryland 

Margaret Hoover Fennell Maryland 

Alfred Frank Florian Maryland 

Edwin Alfred Flower Maryland 

Thelma p. Foreman Maryland 

Sharon McCann Gallinelli Maryland 

Kurt Lowell Gilbert Maryland 

Alda a. Harper Virginia 

William MacArthur Harvey Maryland 

Edna Alice Hoffman Maryland 

Madelyn Matthews Hollis Maryland 

Anne Millham Hoobler Maryland 

Dorothy Beale Hunter Maryland 

Annabell St. Clair Maryland 

Nancy Anthony Lewis Maryland 

Leo Emil Lezzer Maryland 

George Smithson Lloyd Maryland 

Carol Gilbert Main Pennsylvania 

Steve Lloyd Mathis, III Maryland 

Jean C. Matthews Pennsylvania 

Robert Elsworth Mills, Jr Maryland 

Linda S. Podd New Jersey 

Mary Elizabeth Prins Maryland 

Jean Gage Radspieler Maryland 

Thomas A. Rodgers, Jr Indiana 

Gwendolyn Giles Rooks Maryland 

Ruth L. Ross Maryland 

Joan Ruatto Maryland 

DoRSEY Earl Rushing Maryland 

Claire R. Salmond Maryland 

Abigail L. Schaefer New Jersey 

Clara Jane Shepherd Maryland 

Nellie Mae Smith Maryland 

Patricia Eiffert Smith Maryland 

Gerald Edward Stafford Maryland 

Waveline Trout Starnes Maryland 

Patricia Walsh Sweeney Maryland 

Frances Ann Tacy Maryland 

John Ellsworth Virnstein Maryland 

John Christopher Weires Maryland 

Franklin Anthony ZARBA..Massachu8etts 

June 7, 1969 


James Francis Adomanis Maryland 

Margaret M. Alia Maryland 

June Florence Allen Maryland 

Anthony John Anzalone Maryland 

Justin Lee Baker Maryland 

William Andrew Baranick Maryland 

Denny Jack Basham Maryland 

Jean C. BeCKMAN Maryland 

Patricia Mary Berres Maryland 

William Louis Binder Maryland 

Carl Rine Bissett Maryland 

Patricia Riley Bockmiller Maryland 

Rosemary A. Bolte Maryland 

Lisa B. Bordenick Maryland 

Ellen M. Brandt Maryland 

James A. Braswell Maryland 

Earl T. Brown Maryland 

Valerie Georgeann Campbell.. ..A/ari/ta?;^ 

Ruth Marie Christian Maryland 

Gale Heather Christianson Maryland 

Alyce Ann Coppage Maryland 

Eugene Joseph Crediford Virginia 

Leslie Sue D'Alessandro Maryland 

Gloria Beatrice Davidson Maryland 

38 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Julia Perrin Davidson Maryland 

James Floyd Davis Maryland 

MabY Di GennAro Day Maryland 

Beverly Joan Dryden Maryland 

Carolyn S. Eisenberg Maryland 

Frances Payne Evangelist Maryland 

Catharine Stone Frey B.C. 

Joan D. Fyffe Maryland 

Faith R. Goldstein Maryland 

Catherine Coursen Gordon Maryland 

Donald Mason Graham Maryland 

William Harriss Greenhaigh. ...Marj//a?irf 

Donna Gail Gustafson Maryland 

Marvelous Jane Hash Maryland 

John Harold Hayes Maryland 

Stephany Paige Humpston Maryland 

Ruth Young Hutchinson Maryland 

Mary Scott Jones Maryland 

Amien George Joseph, Sr Maryland 

Gvi^ENDOLYN Kaltman Maryland 

Babette Ross Kasmir Maryland 

Lorraine Turner Kellum Maryland 

Wilhelmina Althea Lasley Maryland 

Quentin Roosevelt Lawson Maryland 

James 0. Lohr Maryland 

H. Steven Lutz Maryland 

Martin Paul Majewski Illinois 

Rhoda S. Mantel Maryland 

Douglas Cyril Martin Maryland 

Laura Dykes McClure Maryland 

Joanna Louise McIntyre Maryland 

Robert Clayton McKean Maryland 

Marsha Rose McNamara California 

Betty Jane Mehring Maryland 

Anna Mendelson Maryland 

MiRJA LllSA Muncy California 

Edward Peter Nordberg Maryland 

John F. Odenwald Maryland 

Nancy Ann Parkey Maryland 

George Povey Parton, III Maryland 

Dorothy Charlene Pasco Maryland 

Janice K. Perry Maryland 

Carol Ann Mary Radich New Jersey 

Mary Aileen Randolph Maryland 

Janet Louise Rapp Maryland 

Doris Ellen Robinson Maryland 

Joseph Archibald Shifflette Maryland 

Virginia Geneva Simms Virginia 

Rosalie Yvonne Sisler Maryland 

Ruth Ellen Skolnick Maryland 

Janet R. South Maryland 

Regina Ruth Stark Florida 

Sheila Mae Sweed Wisconsin 

Margaret A. Third Maryland 

Joyce A. Martin Thomas Maryland 

NiEVES A. TOLETE Philippines 

Catherine Allen Vizas Maryland 

Vivian Toba Weiss Maryland 

Dorothy Edith Weymouth Maryland 

Alexzene Haw^kins Williams D.C. 

Jeanne A. Williams Maryland 

Penelope S. Wirth Maryland 

Natalie Wise Woodson Maryland 

August 30, 1968 

John Bradbury Allison Maryland 

Gary Franklin Bulmash Maryland 

Norbert Alfred Heinly California 

Ernest Bruce Jones Florida 

Leslie Edward Madden New York 

Victor Theodore Rykken, Jr Maryland 

Robert Edmond Scotch Maryland 

Ward Stanley Sigmond D.C. 

Jay Aubra Smith, Jr Maryland 

George Milton Springer Maryland 

William Allen Sullivan Pennsylvania 

Gary Lee Tessitore Connecticut 

University of Maryland 39 

January 24, 1969 

Harold Kent Baker Maryland Michael Hildreth Gilbert Maryland 

William Bradford Belcher, Jr. Lawrence Eugene Heindel, Jr. 

Massachusetts Pennsylvania 

Douglas L. Brown Maryland Edward Montgomery Nebinger 

Donald Jackson Clark Maryland Pennsylvania 

Michael Harold Covey Pennsylvania Claude Bernard Owen, Jr Virginia 

Francis Edmond Dalton Maryland WiLLOUGHBY Wright Penney. ...New York 

LOTHAR Fox Maryland John Hilary Shackelford, 3k,.. ..Maryland 

June 7, 1969 

Thomas William Black Maryland 

James Eugene Botsford, Jr Virginia 

George Walter Buckingham, Jr. 


Robert Myron Buys D.C. 

Richard Joseph Corbin Indiana 

Malcolm Kenneth Crist Pennsylvania 

Hunter Deering Echols Maryland 

Meton Porto Gadelha Maryland 

Margarito L. Garcia, Jr Maryland 

Robert Geier Maryland 

James Guerdon Howes Maryland 

Ronald Lee Koons New Jersey 

Edward Thomas Laios D.C. 

Robert Landau New Jersey 

John Daniel Mahoney Maryland 

Kenneth Allen Niefeld Maryland 

Richard Paul O'Neill Maryland 

Richard Paul Ottaviano Maryland 

Robert Michael Parker Maryland 

Michael Charles Raff New Jersey 

William Michael Sexjanish Maryland 

Clayton C. Swears, Jr Maryland 

Rajan Ernest Thomas Maryland 

Jan B. Verschuur Maryland 

John H. Wilkin Maryland 

Elliot Alan Winer Massachusetts 

Gail Thibault Young Maryland 

August 30, 1968 


Esta Lee Albright Maryland 

Nellie Grace Al-Saigh Virginia 

Laurene Madeline Baccala Maryland 

Carolyn P. Brown Maryland 

Jean Durham Busboso Virginia 

Marjorie Ann Crammer Maryland 

Tamas Endre Doszkocs Maryland 

Helen Marie Eckard Maryland 

Joyce Stephens Endo Maryland 

Judith Ellen Erickson Maryland 

Constantine John Gillespie Maryland 

Marija Matich Hughes Maryland 

Linda Clarke Hungerford Maryland 

Barbara Spencer Jackson California 

Donald William Jacobsen New York 

Cherry M. King Maryland 

Jeffery Sherwood King D.C. 

Mary Lawsine Massachusetts 

Frances Shearer Locke Maryland 

Carol Ann Mahoney Virginia 

40 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Martha Moore Makosky Maryland 

Sylvia R. Marshall Maryland 

Kathryn Parkin Martini Maryland 

Mary Painter Mathews Maryland 

Mary A. McCormick Maryland 

Alvin Edward Miller Maryland 

Lois Elaine Moran Maryland 

Helen G. Nordberg Maryland 

Antoinette D. Osmun Maryland 

John Joseph Powers Maryland 

Michael Lawrence RENSHAWE....A/an//a«d 

Edward Charles Sayre Virginia 

Cynthia J. Siehler Maryland 

Julie F. Sorrell D.C. 

Garland Lee Standrod Arkansas 

Joe Ann Blunt Stenstrom Maryland 

Nancy Jo Strouse Maryland 

Paul Louis Torpey Maryland 

Ruth Ann Vajdic Delaware 

Pauline Mildred Wood Maryland 

January 24, 1969 

Jacqueline Frost Austin Kentucky 

Patricia Ellen Berlingeri Maryland 

Janet Brooks D.C. 

Janice Lu Cole Massachusetts 

William Edward Crislip Maryland 

Donna C. Dale Maryland 

Florence K. Foss Maryland 

Timothy Michael Huston Maryland 

Sybille a. Jagusch Maryland 

Dora Kelenson Maryland 

Phebe Kley Kitchell D.C. 

SusANNE Marguerite Kriss Maryland 

Dennis Larry Levi Virginia 

Harriet Zinneman Levy Maryland 

Ellen Patricia Mahar D.C. 

Elizabeth Matthews Meehan. ...Mar?/tond 

Natalia Montviloff Maryland 

Alice R. Nelsen Maryland 

Barbara Chapin Rand Maryland 

Jane H. Rasmussen D.C. 

Rebecca Shaw Ratliff Maryland 

Kathleen Rea Roedder Maryland 

Jacqueline Cook Sanders Maryland 

Edmond John Sawyer Maryland 

Maryann Sheehan Maryland 

Elizabeth Frieda Small Maryland 

Bernice Seybold Smith Maryland 

Martha Brown Spencer Maryland 

Katherine Theresa Stevens D.C. 

Mary L. Sullenberger Maryland 

Arthur Wellington Swarthout 

West Virginia 

Alice Deloris Tinner Maryland 

Isabelle Place Trams Maryland 

John W. Urian Maryland 

Harry Thomas Walker, Jr Maryland 

Susan S. Zaretsky New York 

June 7, 1969 

Sarah Allen Anderson Maryland 

Alexandra S. Arnesen Maryland 

Julian Jacob Bauman, Jr Maryland 

Shirley Joan Bean Maryland 

Ella Haw Blackledge D.C. 

Virginia Sophia Blaske Maryland 

Marvin A. Bond, Jr Maryland 

Lois M. Byrum Virginia 

Sheila Margaret Carney Alabama 

Fannie Z. Catzen Maryland 

Merrily A. Clift Maryland 

Virginia R. Cole Maryland 

Marshall Jean Crawford Maryland 

Martha B. Feldman Maryland 

Mary Lucile Hearn Maryland 

Betty L. Heflin Maryland 

Alan Randolph Heinlein Maryland 

Mary Oliver Hudon Maryland 

Harriet Savige Johnson Maryland 

Audrey Jacqueline Kelly Maryland 

Albert Joseph LaRose Maryland 

Mary Ellen Lentz Maryland 

Nancy C. Lorey Virginia 

Josephine Yen Louie Maryland 

Maceo Edward McCray South Carolina 

Laurie B. Mielke Maryland 

Dorothy Marie Mumford Maryland 

Katheryn K. Murray Maryland 

Kathleen P. O'Sullivan New York 

Amy Pasternak Maryland 

Clifford Henderson Porter Maryland 

Joan Carol Prescott Massachusetts 

Agnes Sharon Rempert Maryland 

Mavis Kerschner Rochen Maryland 

Helen Harrison Rowe Maryland 

JANA Bowerman Sample Maryland 

Mary Theresa Schreiber Maryland 

Frances Harrell Schumacher.. ..Afari//arid 

Bonnie Shelton Shortall Maryland 

Elizabeth Martin Siggins Illinois 

Dorothy Altman Slawsky Maryland 

Sally Jeannette Thurston Maryland 

John Arnold Timour Maryland 

Anne Stewart Titcomb Maryland 

Lucille Wright VanVliet Maryland 

Pauline M. Veverka Maryland 

Ruth Hale Wales Maryland 

Mary M. Wardlow Maryland 

Barbara C. Watson Maryland 

Matilda N. Young Maryland 

University of Maryland 4 1 

August 30, 1968 

John G. Retzer Maryland Randall Scott Thompson Maryland 

June 7, 1969 

Obmond L. Andrew, Jr Maryland Sue Ann Steck Ohio 

Arthur George Green Maryland Frederick G. Weiser Maryland 

August 30, 1968 

Babette Halle Dalsheimer Maryland Orlie Wheatly Reid Maryland 

Donald Edward O'Brien New York Albert SHE^iMAN Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Pokth Maryland Camille Baudot Wheeler Maryland 

January 24, 1969 
Walter Raleigh Dean, Jr Maryland W. Glen Gaumnitz Maryland 


June 7, 1969 

Vivien Auerbach Maryland 

Gloria M. Avrech California 

Arming Rae Balloun Oregon 

Jane Katherine Berkowitz Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Boyle Maryland 

Janet Klein Brown Maryland 

Princess Lucile Brown Maryland 

Shirley Ann Brown Maryland 

Sherman W. Buchanan Penns^jlvania 

Beryl Angleman Bunker Maryland 

Merle Ann Cantor Pennsylvania 

Michael Matthew Cenci Maryland 

Sylvia R. Cohen Maryland 

Richard Thomas Criste Maryland 

Margaret T. Currie Maryland 

Margaret Ann Davis Maryland 

Agnes M. Douglas Maryland 

Sister Mary Anne Eger Maryland 

Rose Mary Evans Kentucky 

Franklin Hawkins Everett, Jr. 


Lynne a. Farbman Maryland 

Stefanie B. Feldman Maryland 

Thomas Michael Fiorello Florida 

Alexander Butler Gates Maryland 

W. Glen Gaumnitz Maryland 

Sharonn Jean Gittelsohn Maryland 

Myrna Davidov Goldberg Maryland 

Steven Philip Gordon New York 

Patricia Dianne Haddad D.C. 

Martha Lynn Haywood North Carolina 

Charles Robert Henderson Maryland 

John Everett Hickey Massachusetts 

Nancy Jane Hyre Pennsylvania 

Cynthia Anne Irons Maryland 

Mary Harper Jones Maryland 

Mary F. Kelly Maryland 

Donald Joseph Klausmeyer Maryland 

William Dungan Lamdin Maryland 

Frederick Levi Maryland 

Allen Jack Levin Maryland 

42 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Patricia S. Littman Maryland 

Claire Elisabeth Loder New York 

Sister Elaine Lowry Maryland 

Wanda McKeag Martin Maryland 

Robert W. Mason Kentucky 

Linda Whiting Melpolder Maryland 

Sara Carolyn Merchant Pennsylvania 

Phyllis Hartzall Merz Maryland 

Margo Lynne Miller Maryland 

Robert Mark Miscavage Maryland 

Carlton Elwood Munson Maryland 

Frank Victor Mussare Maryland 

Diane Owings Newman Maryland 

H. Ward Nicklin West Virginia 

Shirley M. Patt Maryland 

Lyndell Louise Paul Maryland 

Gerald B. Pavloff Maryland 

Sandra Bernice Pelzer Maryland 

Sharon Alleen Penland Maryland 

John Samuel Phillips Pennsylvania 

Miriam Susan Raskin Maryland 

Robert Philip Remet New York 

Ellen Marie Richards Maryland 

James Walter Rixner Maryland 

Phyllis Gavin Robinson B.C. 

Dorothy Lapides Rodbell Maryland 

Frederick Christian Rohlfing, III 


John Windsor Sanborn New York 

Marguerite Davis Scott Texas 

Gretchen Elizabeth Shaffer Maryland 

James Stephen Sheehe, Jr Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Smith Maryland 

Richard Scott Smith Maryland 

Samuel Milton Sollenberger Maryland 

Fred Samuel Souk Maryland 

Joyce HovtfELL Souk Maryland 

Paul Andrew Stinchcomb Oklahoma 

Thomas Charles Voskuhl Maryland 

Robert Joseph Waldman Maryland 

Gladys Mae Weiland Maryland 

Bernard Ralph Welch Texas 

E. Virginia White Maryland 

Irma Rose Whitesman Pennsylvania 

Diane E. Wright Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by William S. Stone, M.D., Dean of the School 

June 7, 1969 

Mark Michael Applefeld Maryland 

Edward Ernest Aston, IV New Jersey 

Donald Martin Baldwin Maryland 

James Otis Ballard, III West Virginia 

Emile Abraham Bendit Maryland 

Barry Bernard Bercu Maryland 

Sanders Harris Berk Maryland 

John Charles Blasko Maryland 

Constance Lynn Boyer Maryland 

Barbara Sue Braitman Maryland 

Roberta Humphreys Braun Maryland 

George Robert Brown Maryland 

Douglas Albert Brownell Maryland 

Stanley Brull Maryland 

Donald William Bryan Utah 

Howard Saul Caplan Maryland 

Edward Allen Carter Maryland 

Elliott Wolf Chideckel Maryland 

Vaughn D. Cohan Maryland 

Paul Joseph Connors Massachusetts 

John Arthur Cooper Maryland 

Jay Stuart Copeland Maryland 

George Andrew Crawford Maryland 

Barry Joseph Crevey Maryland 

University of Maryland 43 

Leonard Dean Cutler Maryland 

Howard Allen Davidov Maryland 

Dennis M. DeLeo Maryland 

Andrew Martin Doyle Maryland 

Harold Atkinson Dunspord Connecticut 

John Albert Eaddy Maryland 

Barbara Seitz Eby Maryland 

Ronald Lee Elson Maryland 

Joseph Benson Esterson Maryland 

Kathryn S. Evers Maryland 

Howard Syd Faden Maryland 

Anthony Frank VAVSTiNZ....Massachusetts 

Richard E. Fisher Maryland 

Daniel Jefferson Freedenburg. Jr. 


Barry Howard Friedman Maryland 

Donna Lee Gibbas Maryland 

Graham Gilmer, III California 

M. Fredrica Godshalk New Jersey 

Samuel David Goldberg Maryland 

Roy R. Goodman Maryland 

Marvin Jay Gordon Maryland 

Phillip M. Green D.C. 

Julieta D. Grosh Pennsylvania 

Hubert Taylor Gurley Maryland 

Jay Garland Harper Maryland 

Robert Alan Helsel Maryland 

Arnold Manfred Herskovic Maryland 

Thomas Michael Herskovic Maryland 

Daniel Meredith Howell Maryland 

Kenneth L. Hull Maryland 

William Douglas Kaplan Maryland 

Mark David Kappelman Maryland 

Reynold Michael Karr, Jr New York 

Ronald A. Katz Maryland 

Lester D. Katzel Maryland 

Felix Lee Kaufman Maryland 

Stanton Coleman Kessler Maryland 

Edward James Kosnik, Jr Maryland 

Donald Warren Krause Connecticut 

Daniel Joseph Ladd Maryland 

Allen William Leadbetter Maryland 

Diana A. Lee Maryland 

Arnold Irving Levinson Maryland 

Andrew Bruce Lipton New York 

Murray Lee Margolis Maryland 

Charles Wade McCluggage Maryland 

Michael Edwakd McCuTCHEON..A'ert) Jersey 
Warren David McNeely Maryland 

William Peter Meseroll Maryland 

Arthur Vincent Milholland Maryland 

Michael Stephen Miller Maryland 

Edwin Eugene Mohler Pennsylvania 

Morgan Morgan Maryland 

Oscar Lee Mullis, Jr Maryland 

Robert Nadol Maryland 

Ronald R. Parks Maryland 

Wayne Howard Parris Maryland 

Malcolm David Paul Maryland 

Frederick Norman Pearson Maryland 

Donald Michael Pfeifer Maryland 

Robert Wayne Phillips Maryland 

Leslie Harrell Pierce, Jr Maryland 

James Smullin Potyka Maryland 

Edward Francis Quinn, III Delaware 

Harris Rabinovich Maryland 

Leon Reinstein Maryland 

Donald Ervin Rice Virginia 

David R. Richmond Maryland 

Polly Benbow Roberts Maryland 

Allan Ira Rubin Maryland 

Jeffrey Dennis Sabloff New Jersey 

Brian Stanley Saunders. ...AfassacAuseits 

Ronald L. Schneider Maryland 

William Winslow Schrank Maryland 

Alan James Segal New York 

John Wade Shaffer Maryland 

Thomas H. Shawker Maryland 

David Michael Shobin Maryland 

Kathryn Skitarelic Maryland 

William Isaac Smulyan Maryland 

David Howard Snyder Maryland 

William Eric Sohr Maryland 

David Allan Solomon Maryland 

Tracy N. Spencer, III WestVirginia 

Mini Anne Stieglitz Maryland 

Robert A. Stolberg-Acosta Puerto Rico 

Kristin Stueber Maryland 

Mark S. Sugar Maryland 

Ellis Turk Maryland 

Lois Wilson Turnbaugh Maryland 

Kenneth Charles Ullman Maryland 

Paul Brown Voelkel Pennsylvania 

Haven Neill Wall, Jr West Virginia 

George Wilmar Wambaugh, Jr Maryland 

David Allen Wike Maryland 

John Wesley Wilson Maryland 

44 1^^^ Commencement Exercises 


Candidates will be presented by John J. Salley, D.D.S., Dean of the School 

June 7, 1969 

Ronald Ellis Askeland Florida 

Marc Francois Auger Massachusetts 

* Raymond Charles Baker, Jr Maryland 

Joel Martin Berg Maryland 

Jack Hutton Bishop, Jr Maryland 

David Bock Connecticut 

Darcey Frank Bohince Pennsylvania 

Paul Allen Bowman Penrisylvania 

Richard Stratton Bradway New Jersey 

Dennis Gordon Brave Maryland 

Charles Philip Brenner Maryland 

John Edward Bullock Maryland 

Edward Paul Byrne Maryland 

James Calbert Campbell Maryland 

James Joseph Campbell, Jr. 


John Erwin Carroll, III Maryland 

A. Durwin H. Chamberlain Maryland 

Ronald Marshal Chaput Rhode Island 

Harry Arnold Curland Maryland 

Charles Anthony D'Amico New York 

Ronald Allyn Davis Virginia 

Walter H. Dickes Maryland 

Bernard John Dormer Pennsylvania 

Michael Colin Duggan Maryland 

Thomas J. Egan Maryland 

Stuart Leslie Eisman Maryland 

David Charles Eklund Maryland 

Edwin Ezrine Maryland 

Peter Hans Facius Florida 

Jay Carl Feinglass Maryland 

Stuart Alan Feldman Maryland 

Lincoln Oling Frank Maryland 

Dominic Michael Gioffre Delaware 

John Joseph Heffron Pennsylvania 

William Edward Henshaw Maryland 

William David Hill, II Maryland 

Robert Alan Jacobson Maryland 

William Francis Killian Maryland 

Richard P. Knotts Delaware 

, Bruce Lavell Lambson Maryland 

Gary Alan Layton Maryland 

Martin Patrick Londergan Delaware 

Anthony Wayne LoVerdi New York 

Steven Daniel Macht Maryland 

William Preston Magee, Jr New Jersey 

Dennis George M.A.j<iKO\iCH... .Pennsylvania 

^ Peter Daniel Maroshek Maryland 

Charles Patterson McCausland, III 


Joseph F. Miele New Jersey 

John Joseph Mitcherling Maryland 

William Webster Mitcherling. .Mari/Zanrf 

John Marvin Moffitt Washington 

Warren Michael MORGANSTEiN..A/ar)/?ond 

Robert Emmet Morris Massachusetts 

Thomas Vincent O'Sullivan, Jr. 


Robert Denis Pellarin Maryland 

John Rogers Porter Maryland 

Robert Nelson Prager Florida 

Thomas David Pulliam Maryland 

Franklin Webster Quillin Florida 

Michael H. Radell Florida 

Theodore Lee Reeder Maryland 

Jeffrey Basil Rizzolo, Jr Rhode Island 

Paul Richard Rockoff Connecticut 

Kenneth Roy Rotman Florida 

Richard Lewis Rubin Florida 

Ramesh Chandra Sardana Maryland 

William Schoolfield Sartorius, Jr. 


Allan Wade Schlesinger Maryland 

Frederick Arthur Schoenbrodt.. Mar;/ /and 

Theodore S. Schwartz Florida 

Robert Twining Scott Maryland 

Denny McLeod Smith South Carolina 

James Gilbert Stefen Maryland 

Melvyn Arthur Steinberg Maryland 

David Norris Taylor, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Norman Title Maryland 

Eugene Andrew Tomosivitch New York 

John True Trefethen Maryland 

David William Trussell Maryland 

John Wayne Tucker Maryland 

Michael John Vallillo Maryland 

Kimball Spencer Wade Maryland 

Charles Ronald Wanner Maryland 

Alfred Burn ham Warren Florida 

Stephen Alan Weiner Maryland 

Bruno Reginald West Connecticut 

Robert John Winebrenner Maryland 

John Arthur Wood, Jr Maryland 

Morton Wood Maryland 

Roland Joseph Zwiebel Connecticut 

University of Maryland 4 5 


Candidates will be presented by Professor William P. Cunningham, Dean of the School 

August 30, 1968 

Richard Lynn Stack Maryland 

January 24, 1969 

David Burke Allen Maryland 

Orrin Jefferson Brown, III Maryland 

Richard John Clark Maryland 

Stanley Saul Fine Maryland 

Charles O. Fisher, Jr Maryland 

Alan Katzen Maryland 

Thomas James Keating, IV Maryland 

Michael David Levine Maryland 

John Edward O'Donnell Maryland 

Robert King Parker Maryland 

Catherine Picard Rosen Maryland 

Benjamin Rosenberg Maryland 

Robert Joseph Ryan Maryland 

Michael Louis Schwartz Maryland 

Ronald Bruce Smith Maryland 

Selig Solomon Maryland 

Harry Charles Spring Maryland 

Charles Edward Stoner Maryland 

Carol Stark Sugar Maryland 

Frank Raymond WEATHERSBEE....iVarj//anrf 

June 7, 1969 

Vincent Anthony Acquisto Maryland 

Avery Alsenstark Maryland 

Jonathan Louis Alpert Maryland 

Philip LeRoy Asplen, Jr Maryland 

Aaron Robert Asrael Maryland 

Charles Gary Atkinson Maryland 

Gene Auville Maryland 

Barry Bach Maryland 

Daniel John Bartolini Maryland 

Roger Kenneth Bosky Maryland 

Reginald Jay Bowman Maryland 

Richard Paul Bricken Maryland 

Irvin Jack Brodsky Maryland 

John Robert Buchleitner Maryland 

Barry Keith Buckley Maryland 

Robert John Busick, III Maryland 

Richard George Butchok Maryland 

Daniel William Cagan Maryland 

Philip Thomas Calder Maryland 

Michael Gary Chatzky Maryland 

E. Robert Chertkof Maryland 

Barry Nelson Chodak Maryland 

Anthony Fromen Christhilf.. ...V/ari//a»rf 

46 1069 Commencement Exercises 

John T. Clark, III Maryland 

Carol Ann Cohen Maryland 

Nathan L. Cohen Maryland 

Ned Murray Cohn Maryland 

Douglas Duff Connah, Jr Maryland 

Michael Jay Cooper New York 

Lawrence David Coppel Maryland 

Frank Setzer Cornelius Maryland 

Terry Monte Crellin Maryland 

Stephen Michael Creskoff Maryland 

Mark J. Daneker Maryland 

Willaim Theodore Decker Maryland 

Thomas Jackson Denson Maryland 

Robert Lee Diaz Ne^l■ Jersey 

Mary Welty Dorison Maryland 

David Lee Dowell Maryland 

Richard Lee Dunn Maryland 

Mareen L. Duvall, Jr Maryland 

James K. Eagan, III Maryland 

Oliver Holmes Easterwood D.C. 

John Charles Eidleman Pennsylvania 

Dennis Martin Ettlin Maryland 

James Allan Forstner Delaware 

Harry Fox Tennessee 

Kenneth Broh Frank Maryland 

LuciAN Mason Furrow, Jr. Maryland 

Harry Louis Gastley Maryland 

John Jacob Ghingher, III Maryland 

Barry Earl Gordon Maryland 

Carlton M.arbury Green Maryland 

Peter Henrik Gunst Maryland 

Donovan McClure Hamm, Jr Oklahoma 

Douglas William Hansen New Jersey 

John P. Harenski Maryland 

Carroll Russell Hebbel Maryland 

Gerard A. Heidrick, Jr Maryland 

Rob Ross Hendrickson Maryland 

Alan Gerson Horwitz Maryland 

Barbara Kerr Howe Maryland 

William Andrew Hrabsky New York 

James Charles Hughes New York 

Steven Allan Irace New York 

Thomas Roth Janes Maryland 

John Bryden Jaske Wisconsin 

Sherman Perry Jones Maryland 

Anton James Sean Keating Maryland 

James Ignatius Keenan, Jr Maryland 

Warren John Krug D.C. 

Barry Burton Laken Maryland 

Gerald Ira Langbaum Maryland 

^ Ervin Theodore Levin Maryland 

Howard Stanley Levy Maryland 

Martin Levy Maryland 

Ronald Stanley Liebman Maryland 

Leonard Marbury Linton, Jr Maryland 

James Francis Lynch New Jersey 

John Francis Lyons Maryland 

James Michael MacDonald Maryland 

James Lotz Mann, Jr Maryland 

Alan William Margin Maryland 

William F. C. Marlow, Jr Maryland 

Robert Howard Mason Maryland 

Stephen Michael Mazoff Maryland 

Edward Joseph McCafferty Maryland 

Richard Royden McCleary Maryland 

David Joseph McDonnell Maryland 

Dennis Con McGonigle Maryland 

Patrick B. McGreevy Maryland 

Thomas Edward McLaughlin.. ..Marj/Zaurf 

Christopher Lee Meacham Maryland 

Stephen Luskin Miles Maryland 

* Edwin Frederick Miller Maryland 

Lance G. Minnich Pennsylvania 

William Harold Morstein Maryland 

John Francis Mudd Maryland 

Joseph Francis Murphy, Jr Maryland 

William Hughes Murphy, Jr Maryland 

Robert S. Naftal Maryland 

Carroll Edward Neesemann Maryland 

Joseph Michael Niland Maryland 

Philip Barton Onderdonk, Jr Maryland 

Martin Ronald Packman New York 

Richard Anthony Parolski Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Peddicord, Jr Maryland 

Bernard George Peter, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Donald Proctor Maryland 

Laurence Bruce Raber Maryland 

Robert Samuel Redding Maryland 

Emily Miller Rody Maryland 

Richard Michael Rosen Maryland 

Richard A. Rosenberg New Jersey 

Joanne Elizabeth Ross Maryland 

Thomas Edgie Russell, III Maryland 

Henry Middleton Rutledge Maryland 

Mercedes C. Samborsky Maryland 

Jeremy Ira Schwartz Maryland 

William James Scott Maryland 

Lee Martin Seabolt Maryland 

David Michael Simonson Maryland 

Michael Samuel Silver Maryland 

James William Sisk, Jr Maryland 

Jess Joseph Smith, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Edward Spath Maryland 

Robert Wesley Stewart Minnesota 

Samuel Clendon Steelman, Jr.. .Maryland 

Eric Fitzhugh Stoer Maryland 

Paul Raymond Stoffer Delaware 

Harold Roger Stokes Maryland 

Jesse Charles Strickland, Jr Maryland 

Judith Konowitz Sykes Maryland 

George Willett Tenley, Jk Maryland 

Douglas Ray Thomas Maryland 

Wade Purcell Thomas, Jr Maryland 

Charles Walter Turnbaugh Maryland 

Harry Alexander Turner, lY ....Maryland 

Michael Irving Volk Maryland 

Robert Richmond Wagoner Maryland 

Bright Kilpatrick Walker Maryland 

Hugh William Ward Maryland 

Peter Joseph Watters Maryland 

Gerald Philip Weintraub Maryland 

Gerald William Winegrad Maryland 

John Joseph Woloszyn New Jersey 

Eugene Zagarella, Jr Maryland 

James Grexjory Zimmerly Maryland 

University of Maryland 47 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

August 30, 1968 

Constance Auditore Maryland 

Stephen Leslie Bowen Maryland 

William Arthur Atkinson Boyd 


Richard Wyckoff Dillon Maryland 

John Robert Downing Maryland 

Joel Eddy Gaver Maryland 

George Roland Gibson, Jr Maryland 

Josh Michael Hatkin Maryland 

Jan Varian Hellman Maryland 

Joseph Hugh Keller, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Preston MuLLiNEAux—.A/arj/fciTid 
Frank Kingsbury Thomson, III. .Maryland 

Dale Sidney Trump Pennsylvania 

Ian Malcolm Wedderspoon Rhodesia 

Robert Charles Wilcox Maryland 

Ralph Kenneth Williamson Maryland 

January 24, 1969 

Robert Lee Brittingham Maryland 

Patrick Michael Burrows Maryland 

Morgan Barry Chute Maryland 

John Raymond Daughehity Maryland 

Thomas A. Gagner Virginia 

Daniel Joseph Goeke, Jr Maryland 

Donald Clifford Hand Maryland 

Stephen Vance Hartman Maryland 

Mark William Hollenbach Maryland 

Dennis Carroll Hoshall Maryland 

Virginia S. Krohnfeldt Maryland 

John Joseph Mank Maryland 

Richard Webster McBryde Maryland 

Phyllis Catherine McCurdy.. ..Mar!//anrf 

Lawrence Erwin Meeks Maryland 

George Rudy Meredith Maryland 

Thomas Murray Murphy Maryland 

William Donald Navratil Maryland 

Pablo Emilio Paz Honduras 

Jay Fletcher Pratt Maryland 

Gordon Brent Price, Jr Maryland 

James Joseph Robison Maryland 

William Charles Russell, III.... Mary land 

Robert Guy Scott Maryland 

Richard Ralph Smith Maryland 

John Bruce Solie Maryland 

Elias Nicholas Souri B.C. 

Stribling Barton Truesdell Maryland 

Edward Clifton Uebel Maryland 

Janice Carolynn White Virginia 

Richard Blakeman Zieg Maryland 

Timothea Ann Zimmermann Maryland 

June 7, 1969 

Justice Stephen Barton Maryland 

Caroline Carter Beane Maryland 

Reuben Francis Beauchamp Maryland 

Alvaro Bitencourt Brazil 

Janet Patricia Calpin Maryland 

James Anthony Dove, Jr Maryland 

Charles Richard Drescher, III. .Maryland 

John Elward Estep Maryland 

James Roland Fisher Maryland 

Lewis Franklin Flora Maryland 

James Richard Franklin Maryland 

48 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Edwin Ransome Fry Maryland 

Joseph Walter Gibson Maryland 

William Frank Grabau Maryland 

William Roy Hahn, Jr Maryland 

Irvin Ellis Herling .Maryland 

Gene Albert Hillegas Maryland 

Roger Elliott Hitchner Neic York 

Darrell Trout Hummer Maryland 

Randall Lee Jackson Maryland 

Wilfred Richardson Jester Marylarid 


Rene Merlin Johnson Maryland 

Tamara Jane Kerr Maryland 

James Mich.ael Kienzler Maryland 

Robert Davis Knapp Maryland 

Charles Joseph Kucera, Jr Maryland 

Roger Cissel Kuhn Maryland 

Thomas Edward Lankford Maryland 

Madeline L. Lovett Maryland 

Edgar Charles Ludwig Maryland 

Vernon Lee Marshall Maryland 

Henry Walton Mason Pennsylvania 

Steven Dana McAfee Maryland 

Kenneth W. McLean Maryland 

Mark Stephen McManus Maryland 

Charles Lawrence Mothershead 


Gerry B. Parcover Maryland 

Bradley Harold Powers Maryland 

Michael Wallace Radebaugh Maryland 

Robert Martin Reinke Maryland 

Ronald Archie Rinehart Maryland 

Larry Gene Robinson Maryland 

Kenneth James Scuvmachv^r.... Maryland 

John Francis Sedlak Maryland 

James Edwin Seidel, Jr Maryland 

Craig Lester Shafer Maryland 

Ross Eugene Shaffer, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Glenn Sidor Maryland 

Robert Gregory Sikorski Connecticut 

RoBEaiT Preston Simpson, II Maryland 

Stephen Paul Stine B.C. 

Howard Jerome Stinefelt Maryland 

Earle Kenneth Stonesifer Maryland 

Jorge Eduardo Velasco Colombia 

Robert Edgar Voorhees Maryland 

John Louis Vordemberge Maryland 

Robin Wallace Waldron Maryland 

Richard Osmond White, Jr Maryland 

Robert Louis Windlan Maryland 

Michael Wise Maryland 

James William Wist, Jr Maryland 

Marion David Wood, Jr Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Charles Manning, Dean of the College 

August 30, 1968 

Marilyn Ellen Alperstein Maryland 

Hiram Edward Andrews Maryland 

Susan Lois Bahn Maryland 

Joan Marion Bender Maryland 

Patricia Ann Benson Maryland 

Alan Charles Berry Kentucky 

Marjorie Dustin BoYNTON....i'e?!ms)/h'a?ria 

RosLYN Joan Brandon Maryland 

Sam Allen Brunetto Maryland 

Larry Wayne Busching Maryland 

Dorothy Lorraine Byers Maryland 

Andrea Faye Carney Louisiana 

Marion Atwood Coates Maryland 

Norman Spencer Craley Maryland 

Michel Dominick D'Anna Maryland 

Margaret Anne Dawson Virginia 

Susan Miller Day Maryland 

Harriet Sara Dickson Maryland 

Margaret Lucille Eckel Maryland 

James Edward Ellis Maryland 

Gail Anne Evans Massachusetts 

Harry Norman Feinberg Maryland 

Gary R. Fernandez New Mexico 

James Patrick Foley, III Maryland 

Joel G. Fradin Maryland 

ToNi Winifred Frankina Maryland 

Robert Walker Freer Maryland 

Marlin Eugene Gardiner Maryland 

Myrna Cheryl Goldie Maryland 

Trina Elizabeth Gotkin Maryland 

George Milton Grace Maryland 

Gayl Heather Gray Maryland 

Judith Ann Griggs Maryland 

Bernard R. Hall Maryland 

Alice F. Hamblin Arizona 

James Allen Hammond Maryland 

Janet Elizabeth Hardin Maryland 

Patricia Ann Harrison Maryland 

Julia Stromsem Healy Maryland 

Roberta Anne Heinmiller Maryland 

University of Maryland 49 

Redmond James Hocan, Jr Maryland 

George Roger Hoffman Maryland 

Suzanne Anderson Hosford Maryland 

William Wachtel Houck Maryland 

Roberta Elizabeth Kaminski.. ..Mar^tojid 

James Dennis Kelly Maryland 

Thomas Earl Kelly Maryland 

Mary Patricia King Maryland 

Lennie Klein Maryland 

Barbara S. Kohan Maryland 

Linda Jean Lawry Maryland 

Jay Alan Leshinsky New Jersey 

Kenneth Robert Levine New York 

Susan Marcia Lbtvy Maryland 

Roland Logan MacDonald, Jr Maryland 

Richard Paul Manekin Maryland 

Daniel Francis Mann, Jr Maryland 

Paul John Markie Maryland 

"Walter Thomas Marshall New Jersey 

Sophia N. Mastros Maryland 

John Michael McDermott Maryland 

Thomas Mehrer McKinley New York 

James Joseph McMillen, Jr. 


Connee Irene Mesler Maryland 

William Reginald Mills, Jr Maryland 

Suzan Weldon Mitchell D.C. 

Lindley Ann Muller California 

Barbara Bickel Nilsson Indiana 

Kristin Margaret Osborne Maryland 

Jennie Dunleavy Palmer Maryland 

Kenneth Bedell Parlaman Maryland 

Carlos T. Penaloza Maryland 

Elizabeth H. Peto Maryland 

Diane Helen Poitras Maryland 


James Edward Rada Maryland , 

William Robert Ray New Jersey 

Jennifer Christine Rein D.C. 

Richard Francis Rinaldo Maryland 

Mark Steven Ross Maryland 

David G. Rozzelle Maryland 

Lee Alan Rubenstein Maryland 

Jeffrey Don Rubin Maryland 

RosLYN Segal Maryland 

Vito Joseph Seskunas Maryland 

Raymond Hilbert Simmons, 3v.... Maryland ^ 

Susan Anne Singleton Maryland 

Joanne Elizabeth Slattery D.C. 

Anne Theodora Smith D.C. 

AsHBY Wade Smith, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Brewer Stone Maryland 

Gordon Randall Strasenburgh, Jr. 


Stephen Arnold Suser Maryland 

Merle Eiko Takeuchi California 

Susan F. Taustin Maryland 

Ronald Maurice Thompson Maryland 

Howard Thurston Utterback, Jr. 


Brian Anthony Vetter Maryland 

Cynthia Louise Wagner Maryland 

Robin A. Wales Maryland 

Ronald Galen Weir Maryland 

Catherine Jameson Wells Maryland ^ 

David Allen Welser Maryland 

Barbara Anne Willlams... .Sout/i Carolina 

Linda Womeldorf .Maryland 

Bruce Marshall Wondersek Maryland 

Dennis Leese Yeagle Maryland 

January 24, 1969 

Walter Hubbard Abbott, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Anderman Maryland 

Ingeborg Ulmer Angiletta Maryland 

Ronald Jay Arenson Maryland 

Barbara Helen Axelrod Maryland 

Eric Lynn Bagranoff Maryland 

Linda Eileen Bailey Maine 

Margaret Josephine Baker Maryland 

Anthony F. Barilla D.C. 

Eric C. BarNett Pennsylvania 

I. Jeffrey Barron Maryland 

Lewis Ronald Bashoor Maryland 

Melvin F. Bexach Maryland 

Victor Rudolph Be^sley Maryland 

James Stephen Becker, Jr Maryland 

John Kyijir Bell Maryland 

Thomas J. Bell, Jr Maryland 

Mary Kathlyn Benson Maryland 

Sheila Marcia Berman Maryland 

ViRGiNijA E. Bird Maryland 

Jeffrey Lance Blake Maryland 

Marlene Clair Blauer Maryland 

Ronald Joseph Bonfilio Massachusetts 

Susan Mary Boniecki Maryland 

W^iLLiAM Harvey Brewster Neu- Jersey 

BARBARA Ferrante BriCKER Maryland 

Charlotte Kay Brooks Maryland 

Klaus-Dieter Willi Brosius Maryland 

Anita Marilyn Brown Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Buckley, 3B...New Jersey 

50 1969 Commencement Exercises 


' Francis Joseph Budelman New York 

G. Randolph Burnham Massachusetts 

Dolores Carle Cahill Maryland 

William Joseph Camera New York 

Eloise Gay CARPENxEaj Maryland 

LARRY Carson Maryland 

Lauren Louise Carter Maryland 

Donald Edward Chamberlin Maryland 

Scott Joseph Chapman Maryland 

Harold Davis Clem Maryland 

► Bruce Alan Clutter Maryland 

Leonard Edward Cohen D.C. 

Zachary Thomas Cohn Massachusetts 

Catherine Mary COMBEaiiATE Maryland 

William George Combs Maryland 

Claude Patrick Connelly Maryland 

Alan Joel Cordover Maryland 

Lysbeth Courtney Maryland 

Patricia Arapage Crane Maryland 

Linda L. Curphety Maryland 

Sally J. Dabbah Maryland 

Nancy Ruth Darnell Maryland 

Ronald Gordon Dawson Maryland 

Michael Marinus Del-Colle Maryland 

Frank Gerard Delvecchio Maryland 

Pierre Lamont Deponai Maryland 

Harold Eugene Dick Maryland 

Thair Lee Dieffenbach Maryland 

* George D. Dobler Maryland 

Patricia Ann Dreyer Maryland 

David Anthony Drye Mwyland 

Ronald O'Neill Durham Maryland 

Michael Richard Duvall D.C. 

Douglas Eugene Dybowski Texas 

Roy Edward Eades Maryland 

Paul Francis Earley Maryland 

John Craig Eccard Maryland 

JiyVN Paula Eger Maryland 

Carol Christensen Ebgenbright 


Gilbert Paul Ermer Maryland 

Paul Rodney Farmer Maryland 

Robert Joseph Ferris, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Robert Fiedler Maryland 

Richard Nelson Filer, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Barden Finch Maryland 

Robert Burton Fine Maryland 

Stephen Edward FiNGERMAN....Afew Jersey 

Elizabeth Edwards Fiore Maryland 

Lois Ilene Fisher Maryland 

Anita Lea Fladell Maryland 

Geneva Carol Flaherty Maryland 

Rosemarie Fleming Maryland 

[ Alfred Fogleman Virginia 

John Forino New York 


Barbara R. Frank Maryland 

Pamela Ann Fredericks Maryland 

Robert Craig Freeman New Jersey 

Wolfdieter Erich Frey Maryland 

Patricia Anne Galiher Maryland 

Jean M. Gallia Maryland 

John Charles Garde Maryland 

Phyllis Ann Gardner Maryland 

Peter Eugene Gately New Jersey 

Valerie Geian Giberman Michigan 

Lois Carol Glanstein Neiv Jersey 

Mona G. Gold Maryland 

Lewis Stanley Goldberg Maryland 

Mark Benjamin Goldfarb Maryland 

Susan Elaine Goldfarb Maryland 

John D. Gordon D.C. 

Linda Anne Grassie Maryland 

Brian Linthicum Gregg Maryland 

Maureen J. Gregg Maryland 

Kenneth Michael Griffin Maryland 

James Ivor Gross Maryland 

Stephen Conrad Grossman Maryland 

Michael G. Gruber Maryland 

Margaret Ann Hafey Maryland 

Kenneth H. Hall Maryland 

Nelson Wolfgang Hallman Maryland 

Sharon A. Hammett Marylatid 

Eugene Herman Harding Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Hardy Maryland 

Jay Harris Maryland 

Carol Ann Harvill Maryland 

Mary Jane Hawkshaw Maryland 

David Madison Healey Maryland 

Carole Ann Hein Maryland 

Daniel Thomas Henry Maryland 

John William Herget Maryland 

John Christopher Hildenbrand, II 


Robert Lee Hill California 

Larry William Hinkle Florida 

Robert Ingram Hodkinson Maryland 

Victoria Adele Hood Neiv York 

Frances White Horle Maryland 

Russell Joseph Horner New Jersey 

Edward Francis Houff Maryland 

Ellen Boyd Huff Maryland 

Angelo L. Iannuzzi Maryland 

Jeffrey Wayne Ibex Maryland 

Hugh C. Irwin Netv Jersey 

Jackie Wayne Jackson Maryland 

Michael William Jankiewicz. ...Marj/fawd 

Robin Rae Jones Maryland 

Paul Edward Kamerick, Jr Maryland 

Annette Lynn Kamerow Maryland 

Catherine Adeline Kane Maryland 

University of Maryland 51 

Eva D. Kane B.C. 

Kenneth George Kantor Maryland 

William Logan Keane Florida 

Doris Beverly Keim Maryland 

Patricia A. Kelley Maryland 

Karl W. Kessler Maryland 

Robert V. Kish New Jersey 

Candice Lynn Koch Maryland 

John Edward Koontz, Jr Maryland 

Shelly Kreitzberg New York 

Elaine Krupen Maryland 

Robert Leland Landers, Jr Florida 

Andrew Joseph Lavoie, Jr Maryland 

Maryann Kaplan Lazer Maryland 

Dorothy Christine Lehmkuhl 

New Jersey 

Jack Bernard Lieblein Maryland 

Honey Bluefeld Litman Maryland 

Paul Jacob Loube Maryland 

Charles Luddeke, Jr Maryland 

James Robert Lusby Maryland 

Michael Mario Lydon Maryland 

Arthur L. MacAdams Ohio 

John Mackie Maryland 

Katherine Ford Magurn Maryland 

Karin Elizabeth Matera Maryland 

Deborah Linda Mazia Maryland 

Linda B. McGeary Maryland 

Helen L. Mealy Maryland 

Kathryn Mary E. Meikrantz.. ..Marj/fajuf 

Cheryl Renee Melomet New York 

Paul Hoyt Messenger Maryland 

Barbara C. Michaels Neto York 

Charles Richard Micklos Maryland 

John Irwin Mitchell Maryland 

Mildred Ann Mosher Maryland 

Patricia Anne Munson Maryland 

Sheila Lynn Myers Maryland 

Margaret Rose Neary Maryland 

Elliott Stowell Newcomb D.C. 

Stephen Joseph Niven, Jr. Maryland 

Theresa L. O'Brien Maryland 

Hugh Timothy O'Connor Maryland 

Judy M. Olive Maryland 

Richard Kelly Ottem Maryland 

Gary L. Owens Maryland 

Kathleen Dolores Paduda Maryland 

Wayne Emerson Page Maryland 

Marilyn Loretta Parks Maryland 

Ted Alexander Patterson Maryland 

Jacquelyn Veronica Payfer Maryland 

Mary E. Petro Maryland 

Frank Eugene Philpot Maryland 

Bolton S. Pierce, Jr Maryland 

Erna I. Plitko Maryland 

Mary L. Porter Maryland m 

Earl Milton Prater, Jb Maryland 

Percy Preston, Jr New Hampshire 

Teri Lea Price Maryland 

Ralph P. Pryor, Jr Maryland 

Christina Anne Reichel Maryland 

John Frederick Reintzell, 3R...Maryland 

Carol Joyce Reisinger Maryland 

Mary Karen Renninger Maryland 

Daniel Paul Reuben Maryland 

Edward Michael Ricci Maryland ;r 

Nancy L. Richards Maryland 

William Milnor Roberts Maryland 

Janet Charlotte Robinson New Jersey 

Mary Eleanor Rosen Virginia 

Lawrence Barry Rosenberg Maryland 

Alfred Rosenbloom Maryland 

George Raymond Rousseau California 

Diana Lee Rowe Maryland 

Mary E. Ryan Maryland 

Donald L. Sabino Maryland 

Jon Gill Safley California 

Despina Nicholas Sapounakis. .Marj/Mnd 

Debbie Sharon Schwartz Maryland 

Larry Elliott Shapiro Maryland 

Edgar Fairbanks Shaw Maryland 

Michael Gibbons Sheehy Maryland 

Ellen R. Silverman Maryland 

Howard R. Sklaw Maryland i^ 

Jacob Winebrenner Slagle, Jr.. .Maryland 

James Allen Smith Maryland 

James C. Smith D.C. 

Jane Winchester Smith Maryland 

Paul McClain Smith California 

Stephen Markey Smith Virginia 

Terry Edward Snyder Maryland 

Randolph Page Spalding Maryland 

Thomas Christopher Spellerberg 


Donna Lynne Stambaugh Maryland 

Elwood Vincent Stark, Jr Maryland 

Laurie Jean Stevenot Maryland 

Mary Blossom Stogsdall Maryland 

Robert Leonard Stone Maryland 

Richard Marc Tettelbaum Maryland 

Stephen Michael Thaler Maryland 

Joan Christine Thayer Maryland 

Claire Arlene Thibault California 

Raymond Lawrence Thomas Maryland 

Robert Thompson Maryland *" 

Carol Linn Thornburg D.C. 

Joachim Rudiger Townsend Maryland 

Richard Willis Trout Michigan 

Margaret Anne Turner Maryland 

Robert Doran Vass Maryland 

52 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Mary Kathleen Walsh Maryland 

Matthew Michael Warner Maryland 

Charles Edgar Warrington Maryland 

Robert Victor Wase Maryland 

Winston Richard WEiLHEiMER....Morj/taKd 
Michael Patrick y^nxiEisi.. Massachusetts 

Wallis Anne Wheeler Maryland 

Vernon Michael Whelan Maryland 

Barbara Ann Wilk Virginia 

Edwin Amos Williams, III Maryland 

Leslie Antone Winter Maryland 

Barbara Wolkstein Maryland 

Ronald Richard Wolz Maryland 

William Dewey Wood Maryland 

Michael Herbert Zeitlin Maryland 

June 7, 1969 

Elaine Rita Abelson Maryland 

Albert Noah Abrams Maryland 

Gary Edward Adams Maryland 

Gregory S. Adams Maryland 

Anne Marie Ahearn Maryland 

George Triffon Alatzas Maryland 

Lynne Maxwell Alcott Maryland 

David Timothy Aldridge Pennsylvania 

Leslie Raymond Anderson Maryland 

Linda W. Anderson Maryland 

Phillip Richard Anderson, jR...Maryland 

William Thomas Anderson Maryland 

Catherine Marie Andreano Maryland 

Carolyn Helen Andrejack New Jersey 

Nancy Marie Andreoli Maryland 

William Nicholas Apollony Maryland 

Ann Marie Arendes Marylayid 

John Thomas Armstrong, III Maryland 

Linda Lee Arnold Maryland 

Arthur Irwin Aron Maryland 

Robert Alan Aserkoff Maryland 

Deirdre Eileen Aukward Maryland 

Mary Barbara Ault Maryland 

Grace Aviles Maryland 

Lawrence Edward Babits Maryland 

Hynda Babkoff Maryland 

Burton Fred Bachrach Maryland 

Barbara A. Baden Maryland 

Arlene G. Bakala Maryland 

Michael Timothy Bannigan Maryland 

John Frank Bantell Maryland 

Kenneth Michael Barnes Marylayid 

Markus I. BARTH Virginia 

Ken Alexander Baskin Maryland 

Gail Samuelson Bass Maryland 

Miriam Bassuk Maryland 

Donna Carolyn Bath Maryland 

Thomas Dominic Battaglia Maryland 

Thomas Lynn Baucom Maryland 

John Robert Beall D.C. 

Linda Margaret Beall Maryland 

Frank William Beans, II Maryland 

Trudie Ann Beard Maryland 

Nancy Dianne Beaston Maryland 

Thomas Earl Beck Maryland 

Marlene Doris Beckman Maryland 

John S. Behrens California 

Paul Allen Beighley Virginia 

Alan William Bell Maryland 

Timothy James Bell Maryland 

Robert Stephen Benedik D.C. 

Anthony Benesch Maryland 

Steven Lee Benjamin Maryland 

Charlene Barbara Bennett Maryland 

Susan Bennett Maryland 

Don Benter Maryland 

Lawrence Faust Berg Maryland 

Sandra Marie Berkeley Maryland 

Richard Allen Berkow Maryland 

Elaine Berkowitz Maryland 

Michele Berlin Maryland 

Judith Marie Bernardi Maryland 

William F. Halsey 'B^«imKVUE,..Maryland 

Claire Paule Bishop Maryland 

Gertrude Barnum Blackwell Maryland 

Michael Francis Blair Maryland 

Harvey Lloyd Bleicher Maryland 

David Lewis Blond Maryland 

Linda Helen Blum Maryland 

Martha Barri Bokee Maryland 

Frederick David Bolton Maryland 

Paul William Boltz Maryland 

Fred Eondroff Maryland 

Patricia Lee Booberg Maryland 

David Eugene Bosley Maryland 

George Stewart Bowden, III Maryland 

Walter Wayne Bowman Maryland 

Donald Lantz Bradfield, II Maryland 

University of Maryland 53 

John Robert Bradford Maryland 

Paul Edward Brager Maryland 

Philip Michael Brandenburg Maryland 

Peggy E. Brannock Maryland 

John Charles Braun Maryland 

Richard Lee Brechbiel Maryland 

Annette Bregman Virginia 

Charles Louis Breiterman Maryland 

Linda Jean Brelsford Maryland 

Anita Cheryl Brennan Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Brennan Maryland 

Claudia Marie Brewster Maryland 

Nancy Jane Broderick Virginia 

Michael Joseph Brophy Maryland 

Stephen William Brown Maryland 

Warner Harrison Brown, Jr Maryland 

Claudia Faye Brubacher Maryland 

Barry Coleman Bryant Maryland 

Linda Ellen Brylawski Maryland 

John Michael Buchanan Maryland 

Anthony Wayne Buckingham.. ..Mari/fanrf 

Louise Marie Budelis Maryland 

Patricia Ray Bunton Maryland 

Kathleen Grace Burke Maryland 

Robert Edward Burke, Jr Maryland 

Prudence Bushnell Maryland 

NoRVAL Edgar Byrd, III Maryland 

John Henry Call, III Maryland 

Bruce Harper Cameron D.C. 

Michael Albert Campi Maryland 

Ann Bamber Canter Maryland 

Emma Lucia Cappelletti Maryland 

Karen Eugenia Carbaugh Maryland 

James Christopher Carlin Maryland 

Cornelius Joseph Carmody Maryland 

Frank Carson Carney Maryland 

Catherine Anne Carr California 

Betty Coleen Carraway Florida 

Nancy Carol Carreira Maryland 

Deborah Lynn Casel Maryland 

Barbara Goetschius Cashion Maryland 

Miguel Angel Cavazos, Jr Maryland 

Pamela Jean Cazier Maryland 

Cynthia Evans Cecil Maryland 

Susan Chaffinch Maryland 

George Markell Chapline, III. ...Maryland 

Jill Eileen Charles Maryland 

Bruce Howard Cherkis Maryland 

Nicholas Joseph Chiantese New Jersey 

Robert Mark Chideckel Maryland 

Andrew James Chishom Georgia 

Merry Arrington Chovan Maryland 

David Michael Churchill Maryland 

Russell Edward Cicero Maryland 

Mary Anne Clancy Maryland 

Linda Leigh Clark Maryland 

Philip Alan Clark Maryland 

John Joseph Cleary Maryland ^ 

Judy Elizabeth Clowser Maryland 

John Purcell Coale Maryland 

Charles Gregory Coburn Maryland 

Stanley Aron Coburn Maryland 

Leonard Edward Cohen D.C. 

Marilyn Samma Cohen Maryland 

Paula Ellen Cohen Maryland 

Robert Henry Colegrove Maryland 

Robin Raines Collison Maryland 

Linda Colsh Maryland 

Avery Dean Comarow Indiana 

Deborah Sue Conklin New York 

Hardy Merrill Cook, III Maryland 

Alfred A. Cooke Maryland 

John Thomas Cooper Maryland 

Sue Ellen Corkran Maryland 

Donald Lester Cosner, Jr Maryland 

Dean Evan Costantinou Maryland 

Tazewell Tucker Cox Virginia 

Jh:an Moreland Cramer D.C. 

Christine Ann Craun Maryland 

Cheryl A. Craver Virginia 

Richard Anderson Creamer Maryland 

Barbara Anne Crews Virginia 

David Pafford Crews Florida 

Robert George Croll Maryland 

June Victoria Croneberger Maryland 

Frank T. Cross Maryland 

Raymond Bruce Crotts Maryland 

Ronald Sherman Cuffie Maryland 

Thomas Barcher Cunniff Maryland 

Diana Monica Gushing Texas 

Leslie Ruth Dalley Maryland 

Judith Law Dalrymple Maryland 

Nancy T. Dalton Maryland 

Carolee LaRochelle Dane Maryland 

Michael Edward Dansicker Maryland 

Susan Clark Datres Hawaii 

54 1969 Commencement Exercises 

I Carolyn Sara Davis Maryland 

Frances Estelle Davis Maryland 

Hillary Mona Davis Maryland 

Karen Sue Davis California 

Mariana Davis Maryland 

Marlin Wayne Davis Pennsylvania 

Charles Marshall Davison, HI.... Virginia 

John Matthew DePue D.C. 

Beth Laurie Dessel Maryland 

Sandra Ann Deterville D.C. 

I Jean Elizabeth Dickson Maryland 

Sue Linda Dickstein Maryland 

Gerald Frederick Diddle, Jr Maryland 

Siegmund Diener New Jersey 

Donna Marie Dilts Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Dimmick, Ill....Maryla7id 

Donald Hayes Dinsmore Maryland 

Robin Zelesnick Dobbs Pennsylvania 

Mary Emmert Dows Maryland 

John William Dowling, Jr Maryland 

James Richard Downing Virginia 

Vaughn Fulton Dowsett Maryland 

Jay L. Drees Maryland 

Benjamin Alvin Drew D.C. 

James Wilson Dryden Maryland 

Patricia Ann Duff Maryland 

John David Duffus, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Graham Duls Maryland 

t Carol Ann Dunn Maryland 

Michel Georges Duques Maryland 

Frances Teresa Durdock Maryland 

Robert Alan Durner Maryland 

Marcene Ellen Edelman Maryland 

Clarissa Ann Edwards Maryland 

Joan Lynne Edwards New York 

Judith F. Eisenberg Maryland 

Nona Louise Ellebre Maryland 

Francis Theodore Elliot, III Maryland 

Marilyn Rita Elprin Maryland 

Joseph Roger Enzor Maryland 

Louis George Ermer, Jr Maryland 

Jane Charlotte Ershkowitz Maryland 

Grace Ethel Evans Maryland 

Thomas John Everitt Maryland 

Anne Korab Faffley Maryland 

Ronald Richard Falter Maryland 

Kennetth Stanley Farkas Maryland 

Pamela Farrell South Carolina 

Georganne Feldt New Jersey 

Barbara Anne Feller Maryland 

Susan Sand Fellows Maryland 

Brian Harvey Ferguson Maryland 

William Royal Ferguson Maryland 

Gloria Jean Ferrara Maryland 

Margaret Jane Fields Maryland 

Joseph Michael Finn Maryland 

Priscilla Gail Fisher Maryland 

Sara Jane Fisher Maryland 

Susan Findling Fleig Maryland 

Richard Lewis Florida Pennsylvania 

Beverly Beckett Flyger Maryland 

Laura Diane Foer Maryland 

Linda Dianne Ford Maryland 

Pamela Mildred Foringer Maryland 

Bernard Joseph Forletta Maryland 

Thomas Benton Fowler Maryland 

Guy M. Fraiture Maryland 

Kathryn French Maryland 

Maureen Louise Frick Maryland 

Joseph Shalom Friedman Maryland 

Sidney Stafford Friedman Maryland 

Amram Frisch Maryland 

Kathe Louise Frisch Maryland 

John E. Fullenkamp Maryland 

Cheryl Jean Funk Maryland 

Nancy Susan Gaby Maryland 

Marion Toulmin Gaines, IV Maryland 

Jennifer Jane Gait D.C. 

Christine Marie Gallant Maryland 

William Samuel Gann Maryland 

Louis Allan Ganna Maryland 

Joseph Eugene Garvey Virginia 

Candace Anita Gasparovic Maryland 

Louis Geller Maryland 

Russell Barllay Gelston Maryland 

Donna Ellen Gertler Maryland 

Michael Ian Gewirtz New York 

Felicia Rasa Giedrys Maryland 

Carol Bernadette Gies Maryland 

Francis Michael Gill Maryland 

Nora Hilary Giller Maryland 

Stephanie Helen Gilliom Maryland 

Marie Lucile Ginnetti Maryland 

Calvin Allan Ginsberg New York 

Stuart Craig Glassman Maryland 

Carole Jean Glenn Maryland 

Barry David Click D.C. 

Janice Marie Glunt Maryland 

Winona Geraldine Goad Maryland 

William Francis Coble Maryland 

Sandra Joan Goggi Maryland 

Edward Scott Gold Maryland 

University of Maryland 55 

MoNA Gave Gold Maryland 

Carolyn Lois Goldberg Virginia 

Esther Rae Goldberg Maryland 

Michael Alan Goldberg Maryland 

Michael Philip Goldenberg Maryland 

Jeffrey I. Goldman Maryland 

Judith Iris Goldscheider Maryland 

Janel Bryna Goldstein D.C. 

Linda M. Goldstein New Jersey 

Linda Sue Goodman Maryland 

Paul Ian Goodovitch New York 

Barbara Ann Goodwin Maryland 

Larry Michael Gordon Maryland 

Robin Diane Gordon Maryland 

Francis John Gorman Maryland 

Cecil Phillip Gough, III Maryland 

Margaret Mary Grabowski Maryland 

Gail Teresa Grant Maryland 

Marc P. Gravelle Maryland 

Marsha Grayson Maryland 

Alan Greenbaum Maryland 

Lawrence Albert Greenfeld Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Grega Maryland 

Glenn David Greisman Maryland 

Gary Alexander Grelli Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Greshko Maryland 

Edward Hammond Griepenkerl.. Afari//and 

William Louis Griever Maryland 

Julie K. Griffith Maryland 

Robert Roy Grimes Maryland 

Jack Randall Grimm Maryland 

Maynard Grossman Maryland 

Charles Ellsworth Groves Maryland 

Donald Stewart Hall Maryland 

Joseph Edward Hall, Jr Maryland 

Natalie Regina Hall Maryland 

Thomas Wayne Hamilton Maryland 

Robin Jeanne Hammond Maryland 

Edna Eileen Hand Maryland 

Jerrold Richard Hanebuth Maryland 

Sondra Harans Maryland 

Donna Lee Hargett Maryland 

Michael Haris Maryland 

Kathryn a. Harmon Maryland 

Carole Christine Harris Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Harrison Maryland 

Susan Lynn Harville Maryland 

Kathleen Patricia Haser Maryland 

Paul Steven Hastmann Maryland 

Karen Hawkesworth Maryland 

Errol Patrick Hawkin New York 

Priscilla Margaret Hayes ' 

New Hampshire 

Walter Joseph Hayes Virginia 

Robert Joseph Hayward Maryland 

Harry Heft Maryland 

Patricia Ann Hegarty Maryland 

David Howard Heggestad Maryland 

Jane Kaye Heinze Maryland 

Michael Joseph Heiss Maryland 

Alan S. Hersh Maryland 

Lois F. Herty Maryland ■ 

Brlan Lee Herzberger Maryland 

Chilla Edith Heuser D.C. 

William Alexander Hewitt Maryland 

John Newton Hewlett Maryland 

Janet Toney Hicks Maryland 

Mary Ellen Hicks Maryland 

William Stevens Hidety Maryland 

Mary Ann Higgins Maryland 

Robert J. Hoage Maryland 

Rebecca Hodges Maryland 

Edward Lee Hoffman Maryland 

Barbara Anne Holland Maryland 

Robert Ernest Holland Maryland 

Carolyn Phyllis HoLLiSTER....Afew Jersey 

Susan Claire Holmes Delaware 

Joan Claire Hornbeck Maryland 

Barbara Ann Horowitz Maryland 

Jacqueline Adair House Maryland 

George Alton Houser, II Maryland 

Leo George Hruska, Jr. Maryland 

Paula Leslie Hudes Maryland 

Alan R. Huff Maryland 

George Milburn Huff, Jr J^ew Jersey 

Sara Jean Hugus Maryland 

Frank Donald Hurst Maryland 

David William Huston Maryland 

William Adam Husztek Maryland 

George Ilinsky Maryland 

William Jaaskelainen, Jr. Maryland 

Diane Lynn Jackson Maryland 

Nancy Ann Jackson Maryland 

Barbara Jeanne Jacobs Maryland 

Donald Frank Jacobs Maryland 

William Floyd Jacobs Maryland 

Stewart Nelson Jaffe .Maryland 

Carollyn Anne James Maryland 

Marc Sarna Janowitz J^ezv Jersey 

Ellen Christine Jenkins Maryland 

INGRID Jensen Maryland 

56 1969 Commencement Exercises 

ELiZABByrH A. Johnson Maryland 

Mary Helen Johnson Maryland 

Cecilia F. Johnston D.C. 

Marc Alan Kagan Maryland 

Marla Beth Kahn Maryland 

Raymond Gerard Kammer, Jr Maryland 

Michael Jesse Kananack New Jersey 

Harvey Aaron Karch Maryland 

Russell David Karpook Maryland 

Bruce Stephen Katz Maryland 

Jane Ellen Katz Maryland 

Steven Alan Kayer Virginia 

Robert E. Kazley Maryland 

Thomas Walton Keech Maryland 

William Alexander Keefer Maryland 

Patricia Anne Keenan Maryland 

Robert Edward Kelley Maryland 

Eileen Veronica Kelliher Maryland 

Denis Martin Kelly Maryland 

Alice Ellen Kennelly Maryland 

Marita H. KeNNihan Maryland 

Alan Summers Kent Maryland 

Kathleen M. Kerchner Pennsylvania 

Cathie Jane Kersten Maryland 

David Luke Kervick New Jersey 

Owen Harry Khatoonian Maryland 

Carol Jeane King Maryland 

Robert Warren King, Jr Maryland 

Philip Lewis Kingry Maryland 

Irene Louise Kipnis Maryland 

Harvey Alan Kirk Maryland 

Robert James Kirkwood, Jr Maryland 

John Christian Kirsch Maryland 

Paige English Kissam New Jersey 

Gail Lynn Kitahara Maryland 

Barry Norman Klein Maryland 

Lawrence Alan Klein Maryland 

Herbert Joseph Klippen Minnesota 

Martin Klitzner Maryland 

Laurence Harwood Knighton Maryland 

David Majlech Kochanski Maryland 

Robert Vincent Koenig Maryland 

Linda Jane Koerber Maryland 

Virginia L. Koontz D.C. 

Morris Koperwas Maryland 

Henry L. T. Koren, Jr D.C. 

Alvin Jacob Kraft Maryland 

Barbara Ann Kreisman Maryland 

Andrew Frederick Krouse Maryland 

Alice Pauline Kuhns Pennsylvania 

Mary Ellen Kurek Maryland 

Shirley Henrietta KuRTZMAN....Morj//an<i 

Michael John Lading Maryland 

Sandra A. Laken Maryland 

Karren LaLonde Maryland 

Richard Neil Lamb Maryland 

William Arthur Landes Maryland 

Eric Robert Lang Maryland 

Jean Ann Langan Maryland 

Jonathan Lane Latham Maryland 

Patricia Anne Lawwill Virginia 

Donna Rae Layton Maryland 

Harvey Lee Maryland 

Robert David Legg Maryland 

Dale Legum Maryland 

Ellen Jane Leiserson Maryland 

Carol Ann Lendosky Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Leonard Maryland 

William R. Leone Maryland 

Linda Ruth Lerner Maryland 

Dennis Chaney Levan D.C. 

Paul Ellis Levin Maryland 

Barbara Jo Levine Maryland 

Norman Stanley Levine Maryland 

Susan Fay Levine Maryland 

Blake C. Lewis Maryland 

Bernard Anthony Li D.C. 

Sarah Liebowitz Maryland 

John A. Liekweg Maryland 

Robert Alan Liftig Connecticut 

Anne Marie Lindebak Wisconsin 

Susan Lee Lipsitz Maryland 

Jacqueline Beatrice Little Maryland 

Pamela Sue Littlewood Maryland 

Marjorie Susan Litwin Maryland 

Ellen Frances Livingston Maryland 

Suzanne Elizabeth Lloyd Maryland 

Gary William Lonergan Massachusetts 

Paul Jacob Loube Maryland 

Ruth Louise Lovelace Maryland 

Alfred George Lowe Maryland 

Beverly Faye Lowenstein Maryland 

Marilyn Rachel Lowney Maryland 

Peter Joseph Lowry Maryland 

Anthony Gulliver Lunde D.C. 

John Henry Lundquist Maryland 

Paula Ann Lunga Maryland 

Theodore Alan Lutins Maryland 

Frank Darryll Mackey Pennsylvania 

Stephen Eugene Maged Maryland 

University of Maryland 57 

Theresa Ann Marue Maryland 

Wolfgang Martin Maier Maryland 

Douglas Irwin Malcom Maryland 

Raymond Anthony Malczewski 


Mary Josephine Mallonee Maryland 

Kathleen Mary Maloney Maryland 

Ellen Marsha Mandel Maryland 

Michael Leo Mangan Virginia 

Charles Bryan Mann Maryland 

Hunter Reece Mann Maryland 

Thomas Kent Marquardt Maryland 

Ellen Mindlin Markman Maryland 

Cheryl Louise Marrow Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Marshall Virginia 

Sandra H. Marshburn Maryland 

Robert Bene^jict Martinez Maryland 

SuzETTE Ann Martinez Maryland 

Linda Jo Maser Maryland 

Nancy Ann Mastellone Maryland 

Paul William Mathwin Virginia 

William Lee Matthews Maryland 

Bonnie Hope Mattingly Maryland 

Gerhard Robert Matzel Maryland 

Patricia Mavity Maryland 

Carol Ann May Maryland 

Beverly Gary Mayne Maryland 

Charles Douglas McArthur D.C. 

Diana Lynn McCann Maryland 

Bruce Barrett McCleery Maryland 

Thomas Judd McCormick Maryland 

Marilyn Jean McGilvrey Maryland 

Robert James McGowan Maryland 

Lynn Ellsworth McGuire Maryland 

Mary Patricia McLaughlin. .PcHHsi/Ziiaiua 

Frances Helen McNulty Maryland 

Louise Marie McVey Maryland 

William Charles Megary Maryland 

Susan Lynn Mehaffey Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Melle D.C. 

Mary Sue Melson Ohio 

Judith Anne Meredith Maryland 

Vincent Christian Messer Maryland 

Karen Elizabeth Metzger Maryland 

Stephen Jeffery Michelsen Maryland 

Bryon Douglas Middlekauff Maryland 

Marylou Middleton Maryland 

Joanne Mieyzwinski Maryland 

Isabelle Marie Mikus D.C. 

William Douglas Miles Maryland 

Anthony Albert Miller, Jr Maryland 

Charles Wallace Miller, Jr Virginia 

Richard Stanley Miller Maryland 

Martin Jay Molk Maryland 

Jo Anne Monaco Maryland 

James Laird Mongelluzzo Maryland 

Catherine Ann Montie Maryland , 

Jerry Edward Moore Maryland I 

Michael William Moore Virginia t 

William Scott Moores Maryland 

Leslie Turpin Morgan Maryland 

Lois Ann Moriarty Maryland 

Brian Michael Morrissey Virginia 

Leland Wilson Mosedale, Jr Maryland 

Mildred Ann Longmore Mosher.. Afarj//and 

Leslie R. Mosner Maryland 

Christina Susan Mueller Maryland 

Paula Clark Mullinix Maryland 

Sharon Marie Munday Maryland 

Mary Burnet Munson Maryland 

Mary Ellen Murphy Maryland 

Sandra Louise Murray California 

Susan Sody Myerberg Maryland 

Paul Francis Myers Maryland 

Judy Doris Mysior Maryland 

Bruce Ian Naylor Virginia 

Larry Jay Needle Maryland * 

Victoria M. Neetz Maryland 

Karen Ladelle Neffinger Maryland 

James Michael Neill Maryland 

Jerome Dennis Neuman Maryland 

Warren Slocum Nichols Maryland 

Alice Nickles Noack Maryland 

Hazel Ann Nobleman Maryland 

Ellen Sue Nochumowitz Maryland 

Albert Willis Northrop Indiana 

Miriam F. Novak Maryland 

Pierre L. Nys Maryland 

Richard E. O'Brien Maryland 

Susan Michele O'Brien Maryland 

Edward David Ohaneson Maryland 

Douglas Kennard O'Hare Maryland 

Louise Anne O'Meara Maryland 

J. Patrick O'Toole Maryland 

Laura Lee Owen Maryland 

John Anthony Palmieri Maryland 

Aliza Parcover Maryland 

William Neil Parham, Jr Maryland 

58 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Patricia Linscott Parke Maryland 

Elizabeth Creighton Parker Maryland 

Allen LeRoy Passman Maryland 

Michael F. Patton Maryland 

Robert Truss Peacock Maryland 

Glenn Edward Pearson, Jr Maryland 

Frances Lynn Peeler Maryland 

Margaret Van der Spiegel Penniman 

Ernesto F. Perez D.C. 

1 Linda Joyce Perdue Maryland 

Richard George Perry Maryland 

Christodoulos Michael Petras 

South Carolina 

Bonnie Damron Philbrick Maryland 

Benjamin Pick Maryland 

Julienne Louise Pineau Maryland 

Patricia Marie Pingitore New Jersey 

Elizabeth Anne Pittard Virginia 

William Vincent Poling Maryland 

Bennett Farley Pollord, Jr Maryland 

Mary Angela PoNTELANDOLFO....iVew Jersey 

Judith Anne Porter Maryland 

Geraldine Posner Maryland 

Roberta Jean Posner Maryland 

John James Powers Maryland 

Caroline Constance Pratt Maryland 

Phillip Aaron Proger Maryland 

' Christine Diane Promutico Maryland 

Carolyn Louise Prugh Maryland 

Alan Craig Rafel Virginia 

Michael Jeffrey Ragland Maryland 

Almuth Herle Rathbun Maryland 

Susan Jane Raymond Maryland 

William Spencer Reece Maryland 

Jean Carol Regal Maryland 

Carolyn Lee Reid Maryland 

Donald Raymond Reid Maryland 

Gary Jay Rhine Maryland 

David Tanner Rhodes Maryland 

Ronald William Richards Maryland 

Susan Jane Richards Maryland 

Arnold Ira Richman Maryland 

Dale Alan Richman Maryland 

Susan Theresa Ricker Maryland 

Ellen Fay Riger Maryland 

Janna Rae Rios Maryland 

Linda Louise Ritchie Maryland 

, Roger Allen Ritchie Virginia 

Aurelia R. Rizzo Maryland 

Leslie Suzanne Roberts Maryland 

Patricia Louise Roberts Maryland 

Maureen Danette Robinson Maryland 

Paul Bruce Rodbell Maryland 

Diane Elizabeth Rodenhaver.. ..Mari/ta?!d 

J. Barry Lee Rogers Maryland 

Mary Carolyn Rocras Maryland 

Suzanne Joan Rogers Maryland 

Kathleen Marilyn Roome Connecticut 

Stanley Evan Rose Maryland 

Mark Victor Rosenker Maryland 

John Patrick Rotolo Maryland 

Michael Jenkins Rouse Maryland 

William Boyd Rowles Maryland 

Steven Mark Rudolph Maryland 

Robin Keating Ruffner Virginia 

Diane Seeger Rumsey Maryland 

Margaret Mary Russell Maryland 

Lucille Maria Russomanno-.-.A^bto Jersey 

William Wade Sabbagh, Jr Maryland 

Sheila Hope Salesky Maryland 

Neil Joseph Salkind Maryland 

Janet Snyder Sanders Maryland 

Joanne Eugenia Sapp Maryland 

Kenneth Mitchell Sapp Georgia 

WiLLARD David Sapp Maryland 

Nanette Sauber Maryland 

Ann Karen Savage Maryland 

Barbara Ann Saxon Maryland 

William Joseph Scanlan Maryland 

Charlotte Nancy Schectehi Maryland 

Eve Baldwin ScHEFFENACKER....Mari/far!d 

Hennie Joan Scheinberg Maryland 

Linda Lee Scher Maryland 

Ben Schermann Maryland 

Katherine Frances Schetz Maryland 

William Morris ScHLOssENBERcMarj/taTi^ 

Frederick John Schmidt Maryland 

Saul Schniderman Maryland 

Joseph Charles Schoenbauer, Jr. 


Victoria H. Schomburg D.C. 

RosANNE Kathleen Schubring. .MQr?/to»id 
John Charles Francis Schumacher 


James Chester Schuyler New Jersey 

Marcella Brown Schuyler Maryland 

Joanne H. Schwartz Maryland 

Rosa Dinah Schwartz Maryland 

Sharon Rita Schwartz Maryland 

Gregory Howard Sears Maryland 

William Charles Sefekar Maryland 

University of Maryland 59 

Sandra E. Seligson Maryland 

Chaklene Yvonne Sellner D.C. 

Phyllis Frances Shantz Maryland 

Jacob Jay Shapiro Maryland 

Rand Evan Shapiro Virginia 

James Dennis Shaw Maryland 

Amelia Shellick Pennsylvania 

Carol Ellen Shepsle Maryland 

Patricia Gwynn Sherline Maryland 

Sue M. Sherry Maryland 

Gail Phoebe Shirey Maryland 

Ronald Eric Shnider Maryland 

David Kenneth Shuffer Maryland 

Karen Leslie Silberman New York 

Kate Eleanor Silverman Maryland 

Joseph Richard Simonik Maryland 

Sharon Louise Simmons Maryland 

Edgar Robert Simpson Maryland 

Harold Verdell Sims, Jr Maryland 

Fredric Lester Singer Maryland 

Janice Anita Singer Maryland 

Shelia Belle Singer Maryland 

David Mark Sinicrope Maryland 

Bridget L. Sisson Maryland 

William Forest Slater Maryland 

Barbara Anne Slavinsky Maryland 

Celeste Meud Smalkin Maryland 

Jacqueline Small Maryland 

Jacqueline Roberta Smetak Maryland 

Betty Cooper Smith Maryland 

Elizabeth Jean Smith D.C. 

John Robert Smith Maryland 

Penelope Lee Smith Maryland 

Philip Allen Smith Maryland 

Mary Jo Smrekar Maryland 

Nancy Ellen Smull Maryland 

ROCHELLE Elizabeth Snee Maryland 

Anne Paula Solotar Maryland 

Marybeth Sorady Maryland 

ROSRIN D. Sornmani Thailand 

Anne-Marie Spada Maryland 

Nadine Gerrie Sparer Maryland 

Melvin Douglas Specht Maryland 

Stanley Allen Spencer Maryland 

Malcolm Francis Spicer, Jr Maryland 

Sally Voyce Spitler Maryland 

Bruce Calvin Spizler Maryland 

Michael A. Sprague Maryland 

Ann Hewitt Stafford Maryland 

Carolyn Grace Stallard Maryland 

John Paul Stanek Maryland 

Cameron Courtney Stearns Maryland 

John Edward Stegman Maryland 

Daniel Jay Stein Maryland 

Linda Terry Stein Maryland 

Martin Stein Maryland 

LiSE S. Steinberg Maryland 

Bernice Steinhardt Maryland 

Sidney Bennett Stephens, III... .Maryland 

Gail Louise Sterk Maryland 

John William Sternberg Maryland 

John Dexter Stevenson New York 

Patricla Ann Stirnweiss Maryland 

Maryann Stone Maryland 

Luisa Cristina Stoughton D.C. 

Thomas Mark Stout New Jersey 

Ferris Edwin Stovel Maryland 

Barbara Lee Stratton Maryland 

David Strebe D.C. 

Arthur Joseph Street Maryland 

Jeffrey E. Streitfeld Maryland 

Robert Howlett Stropp, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Howard Surdin Maryland 

Pamela Elaine Sutkus Maryland 

Robert Keith Sutton, Jr Maryland 

Janet Catherine Swartz Maryland 

Millard Patrick Sweeney Maryland 

Joseph Peter Talieri Massachttsetts 

Jeffrey Randolph Tand Maryland 

Robert Lee Tarkington Maryland 

Sharon A. Tauscher Maryland 

Barbara Elizabeth Taylor Maryland 

Diane Elizabeth Taylor Maryland 

Trena Spaulding Taylor Maryland 

Earl Howard Teeter, Jr Mississippi 

William M. Teppig, Jr Maryland 

Gerald A. Terranova Maryland 

Jeffrey Bennett Tevis Maryland 

John Robert Thielke Maryland 

Shereen Anne Thomas New York 

Gaky Randolph Thompson Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Thompson New York 

Joan Webb Thompson Maryland 

Marjorie Ann Thompson Maryland 

Timothy Douglas Thompson Ohio 

Tefence Hastings Thorn Maryland 

David Henderson Tippets Maryland 

Janet A. Tippett Maryland 

Nora Jane Tocus Maryland 

Brooks Edward Todd Maryland 

60 1969 Commencement Exercises 

John Carl Tomlin Maryland 

David Michael Tralins Maryland 

Harold Jeffrey Tucker Maryland 

Carl Edward Tuerk, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Marjan Turowski Maryland 

Kathleen Ann Turyn New York 

Donald Gregory Tyson, Jr Maryland 

Ellen Babette Ullman Maryland 

Richard Barrett Ulman Maryland 

Charles W. Vail Maryland 

Waldo Luis Valdes Maryland 

Donna Jeanne Vanneman Maryland 

Gregory Lee Van Tassell Maryland 

Lucia Franca Vasaio Maryland 

Josephine Anna Maria Viola.. ..Maryland 

Carmeline Aurora Violette Virginia 

Steven Mark Vogelhut Maryland 

Susan Janet Vranicar Maryland 

Mary L. Wachholz Virginia 

Anne Alden Waitt Maryland 

Larry Edw^ard Walker Maryland 

Janet Wall D.C. 

Sharon Crews Wallace Maryland 

Mary Lenore Waller Maryland 

KAREN M. Ward D.C. 

Ann Teresa Warnock Maryland 

David Keith Warren Oregon 

Bonnie Jeanne Watson Maryland 

Cinta Carmen Watson Maryland 

Donald MacLachlan Watson. ...Maryland 

Sandra Luisa Webb Virginia 

Howard Stephen Weber New York 

John Robert Webster, Jr Maryland 

Carole Lee Weinraub Maryland 

Elaine Myra Weinstein Maryland 

Dennis Lewis Franklin WEiss..Mar2/;aMd 

Emily R. Weiss Maryland 

Marcia Ann Weiss Maryland 

Dale Louise West Maryland 

Charles Arlen Wheeler Maryland 

Georgia Katherine White Maryland 

Mary Irving White Virginia 

Patricia Marie White Maryland 

Mary Keziah Whitehill Maryland 

John Jarrell Whitelaw, Jr Maryland 

George William Wichmann Maryland 

BiLLlE O'Hern Wiest Maryland 

Lee Johnston Wiest, Jr Maryland 

Suzanne Gail Wilner Maryland 

Richard Bartlett Willson Maryland 

Anthony Gregory Wilps Pennsylvania 

Kevin C. Wilson New York 

Shirley A. Wilson Maryland 

Vivienne Mary Wilson Maryland 

Pamela Hall Winters Maryland 

Donna Lynn Witherow Maryland 

Leonard Wojtanowski Maryland 

Robert Alan Wolin Maryland 

Beverly Anne Wood Maryland 

Myra Sue Woorman Maryland 

Harold Brooks Wooten Maryland 

Nancy Daniel Wright Maryland 

Walter Wright, II Maryland 

Edith Ann Wrightson Maryland 

Ronald Lee Yaffe Maryland 

Joan Ellen Yeager Maryland 

Linda Kay Yorkoff Maryland 

Judith Marie Young Maryland 

Paul Gregory Zane Maryland 

Lynn Marie Zapalski Maryland 

Michael A. Zeeler Maryland 

Ruth S. Zeender Maryland 

Kathryn Anna Zeimetz Maryland 

Amalia Zeller Maryland 

James Truman Ziegenfuss, Jr. 


Annette Zane Zimmern Maryland 

Thomas Dale Zumwalt Maryland 

August 30, 1968 

Raymond Francis Bayerle Maryland 

Terry Norman Berger Maryland 

Thomas Clyde Billups Maryland 

William Keith Bott Maryland 

Leo Joel Bourne Maryland 

Richard Allen Boyce Maryland 

Nancy Ellen Briggs New York 

Patricia Ann Bullock Maryland 

Ray Froman Cherry, II Maryland 

DoNN Thomas Davis Maryland 

University of Maryland 6 1 

Jesse Thomas Dunn, Jr Maryland 

Larry M. Ettlin Maryland 

William Joseph Evans, Jr D.C. 

Russell E. Frizzell Maryland 

John W. Gruger Maryland 

Charles Louis Guyker Maryland 

Leroy George Hausler Maryland 

Constantine John KAMiNARis....A/ar3//ajMi 

Jeffrey David Kessler Maryland 

Denis William MacDonald Maryland 

Marvin Barry Miller Maryland 

Chris Alan Moody Maryland ' 

Michael Klyne Pearcy Maryland 

Hugh Everett Peck D.C. 

Willis Johnson Physioc Maryland 

Robert Jerald Rosenberg Maryland 

John Michael Sanzo New York 

June Diane Sawyer Maryland 

Arsen Serengulian Maryland 

Susan Gaye Smith Maryland 

Phillip Gene Tremper Maryland 

John Andrew Wiest Maryland ' 

January 24, 1969 

William Francis Albrecht, 3R..Maryland 

Victor John Atherton Maryland 

Thomas A. Ault Alabama 

Neil Martin Herman Maryland 

Frank Miller Brown Maryland 

Susan Gail Cerveny Maryland 

Ronald Albert Cleaver Maryland 

Elliott Steven Cohen Maryland 

Judith Ann Coker Maryland 

Stephen Joseph Colevas D.C. 

Steven Lee Counts Maryland 

Wilfred Harris Crawford, Jr Maryland 

Robert Eugene Davenport Maryland 

Diane Lynn Deakyne Maryland 

Perry Engler Maryland 

Barbara E. Fisher Maryland 

Ralph Thomas Flaherty Maryland 

Maura Fondrk Maryland 

Charles Francis Gillen Maryland 

Lawrence Michael Goldman Maryland 

Thomas Michael Gormley Maryland 

Barry Marvin Gross Maryland 

Marianne Theresa Hill Maryland 

Gerald Lee Hopkins Maryland 

Larry Stephan Hotchkiss Maryland 

John Thomas Jackson Maryland 

Norma Ann Kaplis Maryland 

Kenneth Casper Kates, Jr Maryland 

Michael Louis Kenefick Maryland 

Susan Helen Kessler Maryland 

Emily O. Kneebone Maryland 

Martin Alan Kranitz Maryland 

Nils Art Lehneis Maryland 

Stephen Keith Lemon D.C. 

Stanley J. Maisel Maryland 

Stephen Justin Mangis Maryland 

Robert Alan McDaniel J'ennsylvania 

Brian Joseph McHugh Maryland 

John Harold Melhuish, Jr Maryland 

Alice M. Nelson Maryland 

John Milton Peddicord Maryland 

Joyce Marie Perrie Maryland 

Robert Alan Perrygo Maryland 

Bruce Harrison Phillips Virginia 

William Albe31T Reese Maryland 

Barclay Hampton Richards Maryland 

Alan Topping Rosenbloom New Jersey 

John James Schenkel Maryland 

Jean Alexander Sharland Maryland 

Robert Arthur Shaw Maryland 

Sheldon Seth Shugarman Maryland 

Sally S. Sonsino New York 

William Richard Stabnow Maryland 

John Alan Stahl Maryland 

Edward Michael Steel Maryland 

Sara Elizabeth Sussan Maryland 

Susan Marie Tertell Maryland 

Quynh Nguyen Truong Maryland 

David Blair Twitty Maryland 

Carole Marie Walsh Maryland 

Edward Michael Wilson Maryland 

Kenneth Neil Wortman Maryland 

Louis Mark Yarmosky Maryland 

John Godfrey Yates, Jr. Maryland 

June 7, 1969 

Sheldon Leonard Abramson New York David Long Allender Maryland 

Hassan Muhieddine Aliah Maryland "William Gregory Alvord Maryland 

Gordon Harold Allen, II Maryland Stanley Jay Amernick Maryland 

62. 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Christine Marlene Anderson. ...Marj/'awd 

William Louis Arends Maryland 

Phillip Alan Arkin Maryland 

Blair Temple Atherton Maryland 

Jane Ellen Ayer B.C. 

Richard William Babst Maryland 

Amy Williams Backus Maryland 

Neil Robert Baker New Jersey 

John Richard Balsavage Virginia 

, GiNA Bari Maryland 

Maurice William Barrett, Jr Maryland 

Bruce Edmund Beacham Maryland 

Sandra L. Beber Maryland 

Fred Sherman Bell, III Maryland 

Thomas Hooker Bell, Jr Maryland 

John Richard Benedict, Jr Maryland 

Fredric Robert Berman Maryland 

Tivadar Caspar Beszterczei Maryland 

Edward Louis Birkmire Maryland 

FREajERiCK Pearson Birks Maryland 

Paul Francis Birrow Maryland 

Carol Ann Blanar Maryland 

Carl Richard Bless Maryland 

Jeffrey Clark Blum Maryland 

Ronald Chronister Boyer Maryland 

Judith L. Bragonje Maryland 

Robtot Howard Braunstein Maryland 

I Martin Lance Brown Maryland 

Terrence Harold Brown Maryland 

Janet Gail Bruns Maryland 

Susan Christine Buchholz Virginia 

Herbert Michael Buonviri Maryland 

Janet H. Byrne Maryland 

Paul George Bystrak Maryland 

Michael Martin Cain Maryland 

Diane Louise Carroll Pennsylvania 

Robert Glenn Castile Maryland 

Jesse Samuel Chandler, Jr Oklahoma 

Samuel Michael Chang Maryland 

William Myron Chelton, Jr Maryland 

James Nicholas Cianos, Jr Maryland 

Ralph Haime Civjan Maryland 

Charles Robert Clark Maryland 

Herbert David Clark Maryland 

Lloyd Edward Clark, Jr Maryland 

Paul Gilbert Eli Clemens Maryland 

Edward Elliot Cohen Maryland 

Gerald Fuson Combs, Jr Maryland 

' William Walter Crawford, Jh... Maryland 

William Walter Creitz Maryland 

Donald Eugene Crook Maryland 

Frank M. CULlen Maryland 

Jill Irene Curran New Jersey 

Mary Rose Daniels Delaware 

Barbara M. Dantzler Maryland 

Christine Prenger Day Maryland 

John Michael DeBoy Maryland 

Charlene Ellen DeDella New Jersey 

John Herman DeJong Maryland 

David Whitehurst Dempsey D.C. 

Daniel Lee Detrick Maryland 

Catherine Ruth DeWitt Maryland 

Charles Ira Dickman Maryland 

Douglas William Dockery Maryland 

William Patrick Dolan Maryland 

Lucinda Dorval Maryland 

Peter Michael Dubinsky Maryland 

Robert Alan Dunnington Maryland 

Edward Navarro Dutton Maryland 

John Brooke Duvall, III Maryland 

Gerald Allen Ebert Maryland 

Michael R. Eddy Maryland 

Muriel Anne Einspruch Maryland 

Mark Zelig Eisen Maryland 

Edward Marston Eisenbrey Maryland 

Michael Sidney Epstein Maryland 

Robert David Farquhar Maryland 

DuANE Marie Faxon Maryland 

Alan Sopher Feikin Maryland 

Fred Shakespeare Ferguson, Jr. 


Carl Marc Fierstein Maryland 

Joseph Larry Fine Maryland 

Jerome Aaron Fleischer Maryland 

Raymond Francis Fleming Maryland 

Susan Eileen Flynn New Jersey 

William Louis Ford Maryland 

John Robert Foster Maryland 

Warren R. Foster, Jr Maryland 

David Peter Frank Maryland 

Ronald Myron Friedman Maryland 

Robert David Gardner New Jersey 

Mary Catherine Gemmell Maryland 

Marilyn Mengle Gibbs Maryland 

Florence Ellen Gilbard Maryland 

Elizabeth Catherine Gladstone 


Steven Henry Glasser Maryland 

Robert Richard Glesener Maryland 

Barry Steven Gold Maryland 

Carla Fay Gore Maryland 

Jed Douglas Gould Maryland 

University of Maryland 63 

Barry Geoffrey Graham Maryland 

Philip Norman Gray Maryland 

William Clark Gray Maryland 

Gloria Dorothy Greenbaum Maryland 

David Allen Greenberg Maryland 

Frances Helen Greenberg New Jersey 

David Jeffrey Greifinger New Jersey 

Steven J. Gross Maryland 

John Thomas Gurney, III Maryland 

Richard Christian Habersat Maryland 

Stephen Everett Hall Maryland 

Anne Elizabeth Hardman Maryland 

Norman R. Hartz Maryland 

Helen W. Hawes Maryland 

David Carroll Henke Maryland 

David Edward Herman Maryland 

Barry Stephan Hillman Maryland 

Mark Charles Himmelheber Maryland 

Martha Ann Hodge Maryland 

HiNDA Barbara Hoffman Maryland 

William Thomas Hollaway Maryland 

Horace Preston Holley, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Larry Horowitz Maryland 

Charles Edward Horton Maryland 

Virginia Rose Huebner Maryland 

Clara Jean Hughes Maryland 

Patricia Browning Hurt Virginia 

William Louis Hurwitz Maryland 

Edwin Charles Ihrig, Jr Maryland 

Carl Otto Iseli Maryland 

Jeffrey Michael Isner Ohio 

Gail Carolyn Jacobs New Jersey 

Mark Jacobs Maryland 

Stephen Howard Jarvis Maryland 

Thomas Louis Jezek Maryland 

Diane Courtney Jones Maryland 

Eleanor Leigh Jones Maryland 

Omar James Jones Maryland 

Stephen Boen Jones Maryland 

Harry Alan Kalish Pennsylvania 

Murray Alvin Kalish iVfw York 

George Harry Kaplan Maryland 

Michael Gabriel Kaplan Maryland 

Jeffrey Alan Karsdon Neiv York 

Robert Douglas Keehn New York 

John Walter Kelsey Maryland 

Kathryn Louise Kennedy Maryland 

Robert Hunter Kidwell Maryland 

Steven Arthur Killion Maryland 

Erich Kim Maryland 

Susan Mohr Kline Maryland 

Luther Little Knight Maryland 

Kristen Marie Koenic Maryland 

William Martin Koenig, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Richard Kory Maryland 

Karol Susan Kosnik Maryland \ 

Chris Anthony Kotzias Maryland 

Marcia Kramer Maryland 

George William Krausb Maryland 

Peter George Kurylas Maryland 

Susan Barbara Landsman Maryland 

Norbert Gordon Lassahn, Jr Maryland 

Michael Joseph Lawrence Maryland 

Laura Jane Leach Maryland 

James Thomas Lee Pennsylvania 

Jenny Lee D.C. 

Thomas Elmer Leitch Maryland 

Eileen Jean Levan Maryland 

Alan Levy Maryland 

Harriet Betty Lewin Maryland 

Nancy Jeanne Lewis Maryland 

Joseph Libercci Maryland 

Dick Light Pennsylvania 

Margaret Anna Lindenmayer... .jl/arj//and 

Joann Turner Long Maryland 

Patricia Ann Long Maryland 

Joseph Michael LoPresti, Jr Maryland 

Larry Robert Lowenthal Maryland 

Richard Stuart Lund Maryland 

Robb^jt Alan Lundgren Maryland j 

John Alexander MacRae Maryland 

Virginia Catherine Maiorana.... Maryland 

Theodore Norman Maisel D.C. 

Joanne Marie Mambretti Texas 

Dennis Richard Manchen New York 

Thomas Edward Mapp Maryland 

George Joseph Markelonis Maryland 

Richard Samuel Marriott Maryland 

Dan Edward Martin Maryland 

James Earl Mathis Maryland 

Barbara Ann McCardell Maryland 

Carolyn Margaret Meier Maryland 

Glen Edmund Mendels Maryland 

Brother Ronald Messineo Maryland 

Terence Victor Milholland Maryland 

Jerome Miller Maryland 

Linda Sue Miller Maryland 

Paula Rachel Miller Maryland 

David Lynn Mintzer Maryland 

Judith Ann Mitchell Maryland 

David Henry Mook Connecticut 

Susan Jane Moore Maryland 

William Franklin Moore Virginia 

Edward Louis Morris Maryland 

64 ^^^^ Commencement Exercises 

Peter Nace Mover „ Maryland 

Patricia Ann Murphy Maryland 

MiCHELE Therese Musgrave Maryland 

Sara L. Myers Maryland 

JANNA Lynn Naylor Maryland 

June Catherine Nelson New Jersey 

Billy David Norwood Maryland 

Mary Margaret Obenschain Maryland 

Jeremy Odhner Pennsylvania 

Richard Wayne Odneal Maryland 

^ David Vernon O'Neal D.C. 

CONSTANTINE JOHN Padussis Maryland 

Donald Joseph Paladino Maryland 

Jeffrey Allen Paper Maryland 

Geoffrey Stephen Parker Maryland 

Edv/ard Ralph Partington Maryland 

John Frank Patinella Maryland 

Robert Alan Paul Maryland 

Thomas Arthur Pavlinic Ohio 

Jeffrey Pearlman Maryland 

Charles Henry Peddicord Maryland 

Mahshid Pegahi Maryland 

Julia Lee Pierce Maryland 

Terri Sue Pierce Maryland 

Gene Burns Pinkard Maryland 

Allen Edvstard Pogach Maryland 

Paul David Porter Maryland 

Howard Ira Pressman Maryland 

( Jeffrey Mark Pukatch Maryland 

Barry Stevan Raskin Maryland 

Henry Colwell Rechen Maryland 

William Francis Reddersen Maryland 

John Ralph Reese Maryland 

James Courtney Reeves, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Reinhardt Maryland 

Woodrow James Reno Maryland 

Daniel Roland Ries Maryland 

Glenn Douglas Rill Maryland 

Thomas William Robinson Maryland 

William Michael Robson Maryland 

Timothy George Roesing Pennsylvania 

Arthur Richard Rosenstock New York 

Edwin Lewis Rogers Maryland 

Joseph Seymour Roth Maryland 

Christine Janet Rossi Maryland 

Eli J. Rubin Massachusetts 

Gregory Charles Rudigier Maryland 

Nancy Carol Rusk Florida 

Joseph Beck Sanford Florida 

* Richard Victor SANsatntY Maryland 

Carmeld Antonio Saraceno Maryland 

Bruce Dwight Sartwell Maryland 

Janet Lynn Scarborough Maryland 

Deborah Lynn Schaaf Maryland 

Harvey Lee Schein Maryland 

Charles Marion SCHWANiNGER-Mary/anrf 

William A. Shapiro New York 

SUMI Shin Maryland 

Herbert Morton Shuer New York 

John Warren Shepperd Maryland 

Harvey Jay Shulman Maryland 

Charles Jerome Shuman Maryland 

Maury M. Silverman Maryland 

Roberta Harriet Silverman Maryland 

Walter David Shutter Pennsylvania 

David Richard Smitpi Maryland 

David Paul Snyder Maryland 

Charles Alan Sneiderman Maryland 

Mary Ann Sourwine Maryland 

Gilbert Soo Hoo Maryland 

Clara Patricia Sperapani Maryland 

Thomas Bernarr Stables, III 

New Jersey 

Douglas W. Stevens, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Ablert Sturm Maryland 

William George Sturm Maryland 

Ira Steven Sumkin New York 

Ronald Edward Sweeney Maryland 

Solomon Mark Swierdsiol Maryland 

Eric H. Swift Maryland 

Ann Marie Szymkowicz Maryland 

Bernice R. Tannenbaum Maryland 

Thomas Milton Teutsch Maryland 

James Larue Thomas Maryland 

Jess Duncan Thompson Arkansas 

Susan Maye Thompson Maryland 

George Gifford Tilton Maryland 

Charles Kenneth Travers, jR...Maryland 
August Valentine Treff, III.... Mary land 

Christine Helen Turner Maryland 

Wasyl Tymiuk Maryland 

Martha Fredrika Urrows Connecticut 

James Todd Vande Hey Virginia 

John Linder Watstein Maryland 

David Wesley Webb Maryland 

Walter Clinton West, Jr D.C. 

John Manning Westgate Maryland 

Lawrence Ernest Wharton Maryland 

Donna Devendorf Whiddon Maryland 

Joseph Donald Wilkinson Maryland 

University of Maryland 65 

David Harry Wilxiams Maryland 

Sally Ann Williams Maryland 

David Lawtience "WiNSLOVif Florida 

Barbara Ann Wirtz Maryland 

Frances Anne Wojcicki Maryland 

Pamela Aird Wilson Maryland 


Frances Quing-Ling Wong Maryland > 

Michael Dennis Wojton Maryland 

Harold Malcolm Wright, II Maryland 

Patricia Ann Youngman Maryland 

Kae Eileen Yingling Maryland 

Ihor Bohdan Zalucky Maryland 

Karl Joseph Zeren Maryland 

August 30, 1968 

Jerry Francis Drake Maryland Eugene A. Rush.. 


January 24, 1969 
Barbara Anne Beach Maryland Rebecca Lou Jenkins Maryland 

June 7, 1969 

Elizabeth Abbey New York 

Marlene McIntyre Baldwin Maryland 

Binnie Syril Braunstein Maryland 

Shin C. Chang Maryland 

Maryen R. Herrett Virginia 

David Raymond Hill Maryland 

Richard Lewis Pollack Maryland 

Stephen C. Siek Ohio 

Mary Christine Wasser Maryland 

Rachael Wasser Maryland 

Alan Martin Witkin Maryland 

Sharon Elise Woodruff Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of the College 

August 30, 1968 

Patrick Hoover Ashmore Maryland 

Stephen Louis Berger Maryland 

Stephen Richard Berkley New York 

Arnold Keith Biscontini Pennsylvania 

Zane D. Blackburn Maryland 

Neal Blinken Maryland 

Lucille B. Bonneb Maryland 

Wayne Allard Bowie Maryland 

Donald Owen Brady Maryland 

Thomas A. Burger Pennsylvania 

Norman Lacy Caulder Maryland 

Allan Stanlhty Chandler Maryland 

Robert Thomas Corzine „ Maryland 

Leonard Raoul Costa Virginia 

Alan McLane Cruikshank Maryland 

Cornelius Davies „ Maryland 

66 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Donna Lee Doellehi Marylaiid 

William Francis Dranginis Maryland 

Richard Bruce Edelman Maryland 

Arne H. Ellgard Maryland 

James Owen Emerson Maryland 

John Michael Erskine Maryland 

James Lawrence Forestell Maryland 

Michael Daniel Franks Maryland 

William McKinley Fuge Maryland 

Robert James Gidick Pennsylvania 

; Stanley Harris Goldstein Maryland 

Bruce William Grewell Maryland 

William Arnold Grimes Maryland 

Victor Charles Hajduk Maryland 

Saul Arthur Halle Maryland 

William Daniel Heebner Maryland 

Sharon Louise Higgins Maryland 

Lawrence Hugh Hohing Maryland 

William Thomas Hoover California 

Thomas Francis Howard Maryland 

John Hozik Maryland 

Arthur Paul Jensen Maryland 

David M. Jones Maryland 

Joseph Alvin Julian Maryland 

Perry Scott Kagen Maryland 

John Michael Kamrad, II Maryland 

Dennis John Kelley Maryland 

William Henry Kern Maryland 

[ Charles H. Kimzey, Jr Maryland 

John Paul Koehler Maryland 

John C. Kohler Maryland 

Michael Franklin LAvraENCE.. ..Marj/towd 

Roger Forrest Lowe Maryland 

John Barrett Lyons Maryland 

Francis Patrick Maguire Maryland 

Charles Patrick McBride Maryland 

John Scott Mehok Maryland 

Timothy Mark Molitor Maryland 

Victor Frederick Mullin Maryland 

Alan Holt Naylor Pennsylvania 

Robert John Nicholas Maryland 

Vernon Raymond Norris D.C. 

Edwin Jerome Orndorff Maryland 

Horace Arrowood Ovten, Jr Maryland 

Michael Francis Park Maryland 

Kenneth Melyin Raynor, Jr Maryland 

Earl Allen Reese Maryland 

Joseph Edward Rose Maryland 

Neil Paul Rosenthal Maryland 

David Arnold Schloss Maryland 

Robert Paul Scott Maryland 

Bradford Dean Sherfey Maryland 

Raymond Clarence Shull, Jr. 


Gene Phillip Siegel Maryland 

Donald Jay Simons Maryland 

Walter Crowe VanNuys, III 


Frank Louis Vettosi Maryland 

Peter Gustav Woltereck Maryland 

Harry Francis Yocum, Jr Maryland 

Judith Lynn Zihlman Maryland 

January 24, 1969 

Dennis Marvin Ackerman Maryland 

Frank R. Adams Maryland 

Miles Edward Allen Maryland 

Walter N. Allen, Jr Maryland 

Richard Scott Alt Maryland 

Charles William Anderson Maryland 

Matthew Paul Anderson Maryland 

George Howard Andrew Maryland 

Martin Victor Appel Maryland 

Marlene Ausmus Maryland 

Howard M. Bailey, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Gregory Bartolec Pennsylvania 

Charles Thomas Baum Maryland 

t Edward Milton Bavis, Jr Maryland 

Bryce Steven Beck New York 

Daniel David Bensimon Maryland 

Stephen Michael Berberich Maryland 

Dudley Dovell Biddison Maryland 

David Walter Bieritz Illinois 

Lawrence Vincent Bifareti Maryland 

Keith Ward Billotte Maryland 

Alan Jay Blum Maryland 

James Andrew Bohn Maryland 

Barbara A. Boring Pennsylvania 

Philip Bosen Maryland 

Brian Terry Bowman Maryland 

Larry Jay Brock Maryland 

Roy C. Brothers Maryland 

Charles Edward Brown Nebraska 

Ronald Giles Bryant Maryland 

Michael Edward Burns Pennsylvania 

Robert Brennan Carter Maryland 

Albert Louis Chollet, Jr Maryland 

Donald Everett Clark Maryland 

Donald Wayne Clark Maryland 

Ronald Michael Clemmer Maryland 

Linda Ann Coates Maryland 

James Adelbert Cole Maryland 

David Swales Collins Maryland 

Perry Gus Constantinides Maryland 

University of Maryland 67 

Chables Roy Cooke Maryland 

Jeffrey Michael Cordua Maryland 

Spero Louis Courtis Maryland 

James I/Iarion Craun, Jr Maryland 

George Irving Chessman Maryland 

John Crosby Maryland 

Bobby Gene Curtis Maryland 

Stephen Edward Dackson Maryland 

Sidney Albert Dalis Maryland 

Ronald King Dietzel Maryland 

David Robert Dodge New Mexico 

Robert G. Dodge Maine 

Harold Joseph Domich, Jr Maryland 

Terrence Lee Donegan Maryland 

Wayne Michael Donelon New Jersey 

James Laurie Doran Maryland 

Steven Joseph Dorr Maryland 

Dennis Allen Doubrofp Maryland 

Wayne Richard Dressler Maryland 

Phyllis Elaine Dunkin Maryland 

William Butler Dunlap, III Maryland 

Thomas Lewis Dunn Maryland 

Travis Jay Dutterer Maryland 

Michael Wayne Duvall Maryland 

Gerald Eugene Ellis Maryland 

Ronald Willlam Farhood Maryland 

Louis Fernheimer Maryland 

Thomas Arthur Fessenden Maryland 

Barry Lazelle Field Virginia 

Dennis Allan Finn Maryland 

William Ellsworth Fletcher... .Morj/?and 

Charles Thomas Frost Maryland 

David George Gabratt Maryland 

Joseph Lawrence Gelmini Maryland 

Lewis Allen Gertz D.C. 

Maury Stephen Getz Maryland 

John George Gierlach Pennsylvania 

James Patrick Gilmore Maryland 

Robert Eber Gipe Maryland 

Harvey Stanley Gold Maryland 

Milton Goldberg Maryland 

Barry Martin Goldfarb Maryland 

Arthur Ronald Gonzales Maryland 

James Preston Gorsuch Maryland 

Gary Hobton Goubeau Maryland 

Thomas John Grau Maryland 

Jon Randolph Green Maryland 

Gary Evan Greer Maryland 

Thomas Orin Griel Maryland 

Albert Candlin Grosvenor, Jr.. .Maryland 

Edward D. Gunderman New Jersey 

Robert Allen Gustafson Maryland 

Richard Brent Gustatus Maryland 

RiCKFORD James Hanner, Jk Maryland 

David Lee Harris Pennsylvania 

Edwin Jerome Harris Maryland i 

Carl Stein Hartman, Jr Maryland 

Hans Friedrich Haupt Maryland 

Joseph Hauser New Jersey 

Joseph Aloysius Hayes Maryland 

Wayne Douglas Heckman Maryland 

Edward Rankin Hege Maryland 

Alan Henry Herbst Maryland 

Ronald Edward Hildebrand Maryland 

Robert Keller Holter Maryland 

Robert Scott Hutchinson Maryland j 

Peter Robert Jachowski Maryland 

Andrew Arvid Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Roy Earl Jones, III Massachusetts 

FoY Edward Justus Indiana 

James H. Kehoe Maryland 

William Henry Kelley, Jr Maryland 

John Dennis Kenyon Maryland 

David Bruce Kerr Maryland 

Paul Thomas Kestler Maryland 

Peter Frederick Kimos Maryland 

JOHAN Andreas Klepp-Egge Maryland 

William Edward Knight Maryland 

Norman Charles Kraft Maryland 

Benjamin F. Kready Pennsylvania 

Constance B. Kuckuda. Maryland 

Charles Richardson ljAi!iv>KcnA....Maryland 

Frank Alexander Lane Maryland 

Stefan Brlaj^ Langsner Maryland ' 

Dennis Carl Leber Maryland 

Mark Gerald Levin Maryland 

Richard James Levy New Jersey 

Robert Louis Liston D.C. 

Paul A. Littlefield Maryland 

James Arthur Long, Jr Maryland 

Sharon E. Lund Maryland 

Gordon Wesley Lusby Maryland 

Frank Rocco Macchiaverna New Jersey 

William Ross Mace, III Maryland 

Ronald Stanley Mack Maryland 

Leonard Michael MALCZEWSKi....Afar3//a7id 

George W. Manz Maryland 

Dennis Eugene Marmer Maryland 

John Joseph Matejko Maryland 

Michael Schark McCracken Maryland 

Lawrence Edward McGough 

Michael Joseph McLaughlin 

Pennsylvania ,( 

William Patrick McNally Maryland 

Michael Edward Meegan Virginia 

Myron E. Melnikoff Maryland 

William Chappell Meyers Maryland 

Robert Frederick Mohre Maryland 

Daniel Frank Morrison Maryland 

68 1969 Commencement Exercises 

RiCHAKD Wayne Mosier Maryland 

Andrew Mutch, II Maryland 

Jerry Michael Navy Wisconsin 

Steven Trowbridge Newby Maryland 

Beauford Scott Oden Maryland 

James Walton Perrie Maryland 

Irvin Edward Perry, Jr Maryland 

Louis Willis Perrygo Maryland 

Joseph Paul Petitta Virginia 

Robert Lewis Pevenstein Maryland 

Donald Munro Philbrick Massachusetts 

Charles Vaughan Pippen, Jr Maryland 

Charles Edward Powers Maryland 

Nicholas Anthony PR0CACciNi..Ma7T/tand 

Nancy Lee Pugh Hawaii 

Michael Thomas Pyles Maryland 

Dennis Quein Maryland 

Paul Bart Radler New Jersey 

Edward George Rahll, Jr Maryland 

John Walter Rea, Jr Maryland 

David Michael Reaume Maryland 

Douglas Maurice Rencher Maryland 

Thomas Patrick Reynolds Maryland 

William Edward Rinehart Maryland 

James Lambert Rintoul, III 


John Albert Ritz, III Maryland 

Stephen Joseph Robbins New York 

Ted Egerton Roberts Maryland 

Charles Joseph Roesle, Jr Maryland 

Michael James Rogosky Maryland 

Samuel D. Rosenfeld Maryland 

John Gilbert Roth Maryland 

Patricia A. Rouzer Maryland 

Talmadge G. Rutledge, Jr Maryland 

John Thomas Salmon Maryland 

Joan Olivia Schneier Maryland 

Dennis John Schulte New Hampshire 

Joseph Schwab Maryland 

Albert John Seivold Maryland 

Kenneth Paul Sevier Maryland 

Walter E. Shade, Jr Maryland 

Charles Lee Sherman Maryland 

Glenn Douglas Shipley Maryland 

Leroy Short, Jr Maryland 

Charles Andrew Sinlock Maryland 

Dennis Harry Smith Maryland 

John Edward Smith Maryland 

William Thomas Smith Maryland 

Richard Martin Spinella Maryland 

Edward Ross Stamper Maryland 

Richard H. Stancliff, Jr Maryland 

Richard Todd Stansbury Maryland 

Richard Lawrence Stefan Maryland 

Robert Frederick Stevens Maryland 

Anthony Ross Stewart Maryland 

William Ferdinand Thompson.. ..Afarj/tond 

Henry Ellsworth Tilman, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Ann Titlow Maryland 

John M. Tuel Maryland 

Robert Alwyn Twynham Maryland 

Lawrence J. Vernon Maryland 

Gonzalo B. Vilarin Maryland 

Henry Lee Vinyard, Jr Maryland 

William Bonaventure WACHTER..Marj//and 

Hamlet Lee Ward Maryland 

Clarence William Watts Ne^v Jersey 

Richard T. Webb Maryland 

Terry William Weller Maryland 

Albert Ronald Wells Maryland 

Dorothy Anne Wells Maryland 

Edward Homer White, III Maryland 

Daniel Drennan Willoth Maryland 

Kenneth John Wirsching Maryland 

Harris Phil Wolfson Maryland 

James Lewis Woodard, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Xiques California 

June 7, 1969 

Robert Christopher Adkins Maryland 

Robert Day Aitcheson Maryland 

Steven Rolph Albersheim Maryland 

Galen James Alessi Maryland 

Bruce H. Alston New Jersey 

Edwin Rumsey Anthony, III Maryland 

John Archer Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Archibald Maryland 

Sanford Kalman Askin Maryland 

James Richard Austin Maryland 

Peter Laurancb Axelrod Maryland 

Maurice Waddington Ayars, Jr. 


Henry Elliott Baker Maryland 

Remigijus Balciunas Maryland 

Stephen Gary Bale Maryland 

David Conley Ballew Maryland 

James Redmond Baltusnik New York 

Samuel McGee Banister Maryland 

David Eugene Barr Maryland 

Gerald Harvey Bass Maryland 

Stephen Louis Bassford Maryland 

University of Maryland 69 

Thomas Carroll»trf 
Charles Howard Beckman.... IVest Virginia 

Robert Alan Bell Maryland 

Larry Joe Benchofp Maryland 

Stephen Eerenson Maryland 

Joseph P. Berry Maryland 

Henry Allen Bessio Maryland 

Robert Howard Bezanson Maryland 

Burton Charles Bice Wisconsin 

Arthur Moore Birch Maryland 

Paul T. Blake Maryland 

Charles Louis Blische, Jr Maryland 

Harry Louis Bloom Maryland 

Richard Ralph Bloxom Maryland 

Robert L. Bodoh Wisconsin 

Robert Reed Booker Maryland 

David Michael Boose Maryland 

Richard Evan Bosley Maryland 

William Lester Bowers, III Maryland 

Eugene Leonard Boyars Maryland 

Kenneth Steven Boyer Maryland 

Thomas Wayne Bradley Maryland 

Roger Dale Braham West Virginia 

Uri Brainin Maryland 

Cathleen Ann Bremerman Maryland 

Donald Arthur Lloyd Brice Maryland 

Kenneth Allan Briers Maryland 

Richard Bryan Brittingham Maryland 

ViRGiNLA Allyn Broadbeck Maryland 

Lawrence Michael Brown New Jersey 

David Hunter Brumpield Maryland 

Bennard Foreman Bruns, Jr Maryland 

Michael Joseph Budlong Maryland 

Howard Gerard Bullinger Maryland 

Linda Gerlach Burch Pennsylvania 

John R. Burdette Maryland 

John Michael Burke Maryland 

Leonard Burton, IV Maryland 

Diane Marie Cadell. Maryland 

Catherine Dorothy Callahan. ...Mary/and 

Charles Robert Cantales Maryland 

Elaine Marie Caponiti Maryland 

Guy Henry Carleton Maryland 

Robert Alden Carlson Maryland 

Mark Bart Carp Maryland 

Edith Christie Carrick Maryland 

Craig Richard Casper Maryland 

Joseph John Casterline Maryland 

Jerome Merle Ceppos Maryland 

Norma Ann Chambers Maryland 

Theodore Tien Hsien Chao Georgia 

John Charles Cheek Maryland 

Manfred Helmut Chemek Maryland 

Donald Melvin Choate Maryland 

Frederick Todd Christopher Maryland 

Constance Yu-Hwa Chung Maryland 

Maureen Ann Clancy Maryland 

Linda Marlan Clark Maryland 

Phyllis Helen Clarice Maryland 

Robert James Cline Maryland 

David Roland Clogg Maryland 

Leonard Vincent Cobb Maryland 

Steven Alan Cohen Maryland 

John Benson Colvin Maryland 

Regina Xavier Combs Maryland 

Sidney Gerald Corbett Maryland 

John Joseph Cordiano Virginia 

George William Cosper Maryland 

James Dempsey Costello Pennsylvania 

Melville B. Cox, Jr Maryland 

Dennis Edwin Crawford Maryland 

John DeAVitt Crawford, II Maryland 

George Raymond Cumbaa Maryland 

Armand Gene Curtis Maryland 

Daniel E. Curtis Maryland 

William Clapp Curtis Maryland 

Stephen J. Cutler Maryland 

David Leonard Cypes Maryland 

Louis Sidney D'Ambrosio Maryland 

Cynthla Ann Davis Virginia 

Harry Phillip Davis Maryland 

James Michael Davis Maryland 

Lavtoence Garnell Davis D.C. 

Mark Orsamus Davis, III Maryland 

Walter James Davis Maryland 

William Richard Davis New Jersey 

LAvniENCE Herman Dawson, jR...Maryland 

Raymond Paul Deakins Maryland 

John DeBone Maryland 

Robert Douglas DeCuir Maryland 

Robert Cooper Deloach, Jr Virginia 

Richard Wilder DeNeane Maryland 

Charles Verne Denney, III Maryland 

Russell Martin Denney Maryland 

Stephen Kerry Db3?ing Maryland 

Judith Frances Deutsch Maryland 

Howard Alan Diener Maryland 

Charles Anthony DiFatta, jR...Maryland 

lAN Dingwall Maryland 

Bruce E. Dodd Maryland 

James Nimmer Dole Maryland 

Robert Edward Donaldson Maryland 

John Allan Dordal Maryland 

George David Douglas Maryland 

Lawuence Edgar Doyle Maryland 

Mark Irvin Dubeck Maryland 

William Butler Dunlap, III Maryland 

Herbert Irvin Dunn Maryland 

Bruce Howard Dwyer Maryland 

70 1969 Commeyicement Exercises 

George Henry Eakin Maryland 

Charles Joseph Ecalono Maryland 

Lewis Terrance Eckhart Maryland 

Daniel Willard Eckman Maryland 

John Michael Edwards United Kingdom 

Larry David Edwards Maryland 

Frank Edward Egger Maryland 

Daniel Albert Eisenhuth New Jersey 

Jan ElIASSEN Maryland 

Stu.ujt Sheldon Ellman New York 

Steven Alex Emanuel Maryland 

Douglas Gorman Erickson Maryland 

James Edwin Ernstedt Maryland 

R0N.4LD Paul Espy Maryland 

James Michael Euler Maryland 

John Craig Ewin Maryland 

Stefan Herbert Falk Maryland 

Yale A. Feldman Maryland 

Thomas Patrick Ferry Maryland 

Barbara Ann Patricia Fiala 


Roy Paul Fisher Maryland 

William Joseph Fisher Maryland 

Nancy Ann Fishkin D.C. 

Harry Theodore Fletcher Maryland 

Steven Wayne Forconi Maryland 

Peter Jay Ford New Jersey 

Jeffrey Louis Foreman Maryland 

James Louis Foster Maryland 

Edmund Michael Fox Maryland 

Bonnie E. Friedman Maryland 

Steven Burt Friedman Maryland 

Carl Robert Futoran Maryland 

Daniel Tison Gallaher Maryland 

Roger Howard Garrett Maryland 

Lynn Mark Garrison Maryland 

Frederick Andrew Gawlick New Jersey 

Arnold Stuart Gayle Maryland 

Albert Donald Gerard Maryland 

Milton Andrew Giltz Maryland 

James Joseph Gitomer Maryland 

Jack Nathan Glazer Maryland 

Paul Joel Gnatt Maryland 

Stanley Burton Goldberg Maryland 

Jerry Robert Goldstein Maryland 

Robert J. Goldstein Maryland 

Allan Hugh Goodman Maryland 

John Murray Goodman Maryland 

Bruce Drew Gordon Maryland 

Lynn Susan Gorman Maryland 

Patricia Elizabeth Gorman Maryland 

William Cleveland Gosnell Maryland 

Thomas Carl Gossage Maryland 

Thomas Alan Gourlay Maryland 

John S. Graham Maryland 

Jack Robert Greenberg Maryland 

Alice Patricia Greenfield Maryland 

Gary C. Greenip Maryland 

Mallie Asa Griffin, III Maryland 

Robert Dennis Grimme Maryland 

Henry Daniel Grube, Jr Maryland 

Julia Kathryn Hack Maryland 

Charles George Hain, Jr Maryland 

David Robert Hanby Maryland 

Donald Joseph Hanlon Maryland 

Robert Brooks Harmon Maryland 

David Lauren Harreld Virginia 

Elwood Franklin Harrison, Jr. 


James Walter Harrison Maryland 

Edward Norman Hart D.C. 

Geoffrey Mitchell HARTSTALL....Mar2/ta7!d 

John Marlin Heater Maryland 

Robert Clark Heird Maryland 

Robert Heller Maryland 

Anita Elizabeth Henderson Maryland 

Desmond Eugene Henley Maryland 

Fred William Henry Maryland 

Alan Stuart Herson Maryland 

Eugene Walter Hiley, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Albert Hines Maryland 

Robert John Hitcho Maryland 

Edmund Michael Hoffmann Maryland 

Donald Frederick H0FFMEYER....Afar2/Za7id 
Christopher William Hohenstein 


Daniel Alan Holst Maryland 

Joan Darby Hosley Maryland 

James William Howard Maryland 

Gary Lawrence Hubbard Maryland 

Robert James Huber, Jr Maryland 

Wayne Allan Hucke Pennsylvania 

Earle Sargent Humphreys Maryland 

David Eugene Hunt Virginia 

Ronald Austin Hurley, Jr Maryland 

John William Hutchison Maryland 

Glen Holmes Jackson Maryland 

Richard Dean Jackson, II Maryland 

William Black Jacober Virginia 

Alan Jacobs Maryland 

Richard Stanton Jacobs Maryland 

Harold William Jaffe Maryland 

Ross Allan Jandorf Maryland 

Ted Alan Jenkins Maryland 

Raymond Harry Jenkinson Maryland 

Gregory Terrance Joliet Maryland 

Douglas Hal Jones Maryland 

University of Maryland 7 1 

DwiGHT Richard Jones Maryland 

Eugene Lawrence Jones Maryland 

Frederick Bernard Jones, Jr New York 

Howard Miles Jones, III Maryland 

Robert James Josephson Maryland 

Charles Vincent Joyce, III Maryland 

Jeffrey Howard Kamins Maryland 

Sue Ann Kaminski Maryland 

Francis Sarsfield Kane Maryland 

Paul Ennis Kanter Maryland 

Enid Merryl Karr Maryland 

Isaac Kaufman Maryland 

Bernard Phillip Kelch Maryland 

Gary Eugene Kelley Florida 

Donald Allan Kerbel Maryland 

Charles Davis Kidd Maryland 

Roy Francis Kilby Maryland 

Nathan Paul Kimpel Maryland 

Ludlow King, III Maryland 

Wayne Clark Kirkman Maryland 

David Charles Kizale Maryland 

Phillip John Korb Maryland 

Franc Xavier Korber Maryland 

Marlene Barbara Korth Maryland 

George Louis Kozar Maryland 

Steven Leslie Kramer Maryland 

Harvey Alan Kravetz Maryland 

Paul Gerard Krichten Maryland 

William Kurinij Maryland 

David Magnus Kyle Maryland 

Gary Alan Langbaum Maryland 

Raymond V. Lanman Maryland 

Kenneth Eugene Larash Maryland 

Stephen Lester LaVaute Spain 

James Francis Layden Ohio 

James Lawrence Lears, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Damien Leppert Maryland 

Gordon H. Lester, Jr Maryland 

Max Joseph Levine Maryland 

Michael Howard Lewis Virginia 

Michael J. Licata Maryland 

George Robert Liebensfeld D.C. 

Dennis Edward Lilly Maryland 

Yee Ching Lim Malaysia 

Richard Eric Linder Maryland 

Norman Emil Lindroth, Jr Maryland 

Richard Anthony Link Maryland 

Fulton P. Liss Maryland 

Dewey F. LOCKWOOD, Jr Maryland 

Donald Keith Long Maryland 

William Glenn Longenecker Maryland 

Samuel Price Longstreet D.C. 

Robert Louse Maryland 

William Russell Lovett Maryland 

Marilyn Ruth Lyman Maryland 

John Warner Lynch Maryland 

Laura Jane MacDonald Maryland 

Henry Paul Madera, III Maryland 

James W. Malin Maryland 

Charles Edward Marks Maryland 

Jeffrey Howard Marks Maryland 

Ronald Lee Marple Maryland 

Thomas Craig Marshall D.C. ' 

Oleg Vadim Mashouri Maryland 

Arthur Chilton Mather, Jr Maryland 

Richard Allen Matlaga New Jersey 

John A. Mavroukakis Maryland 

Glenn Joseph Maynard New York 

Steve Mazur Maryland 

John Roger McCamant Maryland 

Ronald Allen McClellan Maryland 

Richard Lynn McClelland Maryland 

John Joseph McCluskey, Jr. 

Vincent Francis McCormack, Jr. 


NaDean Elaine McCullough Maryland 

Michael Aloysius McGinn Maryland 

Robert Allen McIntire Maryland 

Frank Matthew McIntyre, Jr D.C. 

Robert A. McKean Maryland 

John Philip McKim Maryland 

Robert Charles McLaughlin Maryland 

George Merriam McVeigh, Jr Maryland 

George Peter Mech Maryland 

Barry Meinster Maryland 

Donald H. Mencl Maryland 

Dean Charles Merrill Maryland 

Ralph Christopher Messick Maryland 

Donald Hale Miller Maryland 

Michael Carlyle Mills Maryland 

Larry Wayne Mitscher Maryland 

Thomas Peter Mitten Maryland 

Gerald Alan Moneypenny New Jersey 

Michael Rhoades Morgan Maryland 

Samuel Frank Morgan Maryland 

George Franklin Morris, Jb Maryland 

William Frederick Moss, III Maryland 

Robert Francis Moynihan Maryland 

Robert Dixon Mitlkey Maryland 

Paul Muller, III Maryland, 

Harry A. Murphy New Jersey 

John Michael MimPHY Maryland 

Ronald Edward Murphy Maryland 

Frank Lyle Murray Maryland 

72 1969 Commencement Exercises 

John Kirk Neeley, Jr Maryland 

Walter Richard Neiswender Maryland 

Kenneth Webb Norris Maryland 

John Richard Northrop Delatvare 

Steven Ellis Norwitz Maryland 

Donald James O'Brlan Maryland 

John Timothy O'Brien Maryland 

Robert Michael O'Bryan Maryland 

Henry Joseph Odom Maryland 

Marvin Lee Ogburn Maryland 

Salvatore Julio Olimpio Maryland 

Larry Olgar Olson Maryland 

Thomas Lee Osborne Maryland 

Robert Dudley Osburn, Jr Maryland 

Mark David Ottenheimer Maryland 

Larry Joseph Pagliai Maryland 

JuLUN Nelson Parks, Jr Maryland 

Stephen Wayne Parks Maryland 

Garrett Samuel Parsons Virginia 

Lana Jeanne Pass Maryland 

Charles Bland Patrick Maryland 

William Ernest Pearson Maryland 

John James Pedroline Maryland 

Miguel Penaloza D.C. 

James Bxttler Pennewell, Sr D.C. 

Thomas Alan Joseph Pergola.. ..Marj/towd 

Ronald Joseph Perholtz Maryland 

Robert Field Perkins Maryland 

Makgaret Lee Perron Maryland 

Denise Kathleen Perry Maryland 

John Thomas Petro Maryland 

Stephen Carroll Pfeiffer Maryland 

George Michael Phillips Pennsylvania 

Andrew Louis Pica Maryland 

Cynthia Ann Plachta Maryland 

Thomas Alexander Plevin Maryland 

Malcolm Ludwig Poist Maryland 

Alan Neil Pollin Maryland 

Roger Whitfield Pratt Maryland 

Thomas John Pronti New York 

Phiup Olen Prout, Jr Maryland 

Joyce Ann Prouty Maryland 

Anthony Patrick Puca New York 

John Joseph Puglise Maryland 

Stephen V. Purchase The Netherlands 

Michael Charles Pustilnik Maryland 

Charles Thomas Quinter Maryland 

Carl Edwin Rabovsky Maryland 

Albert Brodell Randall Maryland 

Robert Joseph Rayman Maryland 

Jeremiah John Reiardon Pennsylvania 

John A. Reilly Maryland 

Georgianna Reynolds Maryland 

Mahlon Edward Rhoderick Maryland 

Robyn Jane Richard Maryland 

Michael Howard Richmond Maryland 

Barry George Richter Maryland 

Frederick Alvin Ricles Maryland 

Dennis Orman Rippeon Maryland 

Vincent Andrew Risteter Maryland 

Duncan Ward Ritchie Maryland 

Robert Willlam Rivers Maryland 

Douglas Beedle Roberts Maryland 

William Harry Roelle Maryland 

Claude Aubrey Rogers Maryland 

H. Brent Rogerson Pennsylvania 

David Hilliard Rosen Maryland 

Alan Elliott Rosendorf Maryland 

Louis Joseph Rotondo New Jersey 

Paul Nicholas Sachs Ohio 

James Garland Sakers Maryland 

Stanhope Bayne Salsberg, Jr Maryland 

Steven Rice Salzman Maryland 

Peter Gus Samios Maryland 

James Steven Sandler Maryland 

Howard Marc Saperstein Maryland 

Albert Henry Saunders Maryland 

Robert H. Schapiro Maryland 

Melvyn David Schatz Maryland 

Gerald M. Schechter Maryland 

Lloyd Arthur Schermerhorn Maryland 

Larry Allen Scherr Maryland 

Ronald Morton Scherr Maryland 

Charles L. Schiff Michigan 

Theodore Schindler Florida 

Robert Barry Schulman Maryland 

Marjory Pressler Segal Maryland 

Stephen Joel Shaffer Maryland 

John Anthony Shandrowski Maryland 

Thomas Christopher Shaner Maryland 

William Frederick Sheeley Maryland 

Larry Elliot Shapiro Maryland 

Ronald Stephen Shapiro Maryland 

Jonathan Sheintal Maryland 

Charles Leo Sherman, III Maryland 

Robert S. Sherman Maryland 

Patricia Ann Shilling Maryland 

William Thomas Shockley Maryland 

Kenneth Weaver Shreve Maryland 

Barry Norman Shufeld Maryland 

William Earl Simons Maryland 

Alan Harvey Simmons Maryland 

Patricia Margaret Simmons Maryland 

Suzanne Marie Simpson Maryland 

Michael S. Sitrick Maryland 

Thomas Daniel SKOB0DZiNSKi..Z^ew Jersey 
David G. Smith Maryland 

University of Maryland 73 

Donald Eugene Smith Maryland 

DuANE Allen Smith Maryland 

Richard Pierson Smith New Jersey 

Robert Leon-vrd Smith Delaivare 

Stuart Ira Smith Maryland 

John Duane Snider Virginia 

Benjamin Saul Snyder Maryland 

Robert Samuel Snyder, III Maryland 

Lester Henry Solecki New Jersey 

Celestine Frances Spoden Iowa 

Carole Jeanne Spurrier Maryland 

Gregory Ronald Spurrier Maryland 

Stanley Norman Squillace Maryland 

PooNSOOK Ena Srisawangwat Thailand 

Robert Gore Statler Maryland 

Bernard Francis Stea Maryland 

Michael Steven Steinberg Maryland 

Thomas Howard Stemmer Maryland 

Leonard Alan Stern Maryland 

Albert John Stevens, Jr Pennsylvania 

Michael David Stitely Maryland 

Mark Allen Stone Maryland 

Cathy Lynn Stoolman New Jersey 

Edward Thomas STRAssBERGER....A/ori/;a)id 

Robert Sander Strickland Maryland 

John Marvin Summers, Jr Maryland 

William Sumner Maryland 

Richard William Sutkus Maryland 

Allan John Sutyak Pennsylvania 

G-S-RY Lee Swartz Maryland 

Joseph Franklin Sweeney Maryland 

John Huddleston Tackett Maryland 

Roser Stewart Talmadge Maryland 

Richard Thomas Tamblin Maryland 

Robert Moffat Tayback Maryland 

Joel Leonard Taylor Maryland 

Warren Kenneth Teeple, Jr Maryland 

Estic Dominick Tempesta Maryland 

Leslie Marth Thomas, Jr Maryland 

Luther Cornelius Thomas, Jr D.C. 

Ronald Dale Thompson Maryland 

Karen Sue Tilghman Maryland 

Leon Nelson Timmons, II Maryland 

Gerald F. Todt Maryland 

Edward Thomas Tokar, Jr New Jersey 

Mirko Tomic Virginia 

Joseph Howard Torrence Tennessee 

Richard Ffj:derick Trump Maryland 

Roland Bronson Turner Maryland 

Robert Conrad Ullrich Maryland 

Richard Byron Uskievich Maryland 

Jeffery Wayne Valentine Maryland 

William Proctor Van HEUSEN....Afew York 

John David Vazzana Maryland 

George Thomas Vickery Maryland 

Philip Lawrence Vogel, Jr Maryland 

George B. Vollweiler Maryland 

James Gregory Von Bretzel Maryland 

John Henry Von Dreele Maryland 

Ronald J. Walker Maryland 

George J. Walton Maryland 

Mark Ira Waranch Maryland 

E.vrl Ward Maryland 

Daniel Luther Wakfel Pennsylvania 

George Francis Warner, III Maryland 

William Clay Watkins Maryland 

David R. Webb Maryland 

James Alexander Webb Maryland 

Edward Patrick Webster Maryland 

Roger Farrington Weigle Maryland 

Dennis Howard V/einer Maryland 

Thomas Andrew Weir Maryland 

Dennis Neilson Weiss Maryland 

Earl Samuel Wellschlagee Maryland 

John Alan Wentz Maryland 

Lawrence Bernard Werner Maryland 

John Harold Weyeneth Connecticut 

David Lester Wheeler Maryland 

Lloyd Bennett Wheeler Maryland 

Robert Ennis White Maryland 

Henry Allen Whitehead Maryland 

Guy Raymond Wiebking Maryland 

Lester Weber Wiencke Maryland 

Barbara Jean Wilkins Maryland 

Herman Lee Willis Maryland 

Raymond Orville Willis Maryland 

Jimmy Hugh Wilson Maryland 

Mark Leonard Wilson Maryland 

Michael Edward Wilson Maryland 

Louis Edward Wince Maryland 

Thomas Michael Winer Maryland 

Evan Scott Winston Maryland 

William Marshall Wohl New York 


Ronald Owen Wood Maryland 

Robert Brown Wooderidge, Jr Maryland 

Michael Andrew Xillas Maryland 

Michael Edward Yost Maryland 

Judith Ann Young Maryland 

Paul S. Zappala Maryland 

Roger Emile Zeender Maryland 

Ross Wayne Zellers Maryland 

William P. Zentz Maryland 

J. Howard Zerwitz Maryland 

Robert William Zoller, Jr Maryland 

74 -Z^S^ Commencement Exercises 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean of the College 

August 30, 1968 

RosAilE M. Blaul Maryland 

Patricia Ann Brown Marylaitd 

Mary Sue Carlton Maryland 

Marguerite K. Downing Illinois 

Susan Marie Fagerstrom New York 

Susan Elizabeth Eraser Maryland 

Joseph Francis Gorden Maryland 

La'wrence David Hart Maryland 

Cora Evelyn Herl Virginia 

Fontaine Carrington Jones Maryland 

Iris Livingston Kramer Maryland 

DiNA Barsel Levine Maryland 

Kay Ferrell Mikula Maryland 

Judith Kay Nottingham D.C. 

Keith Maxwell Perky Maryland 

Donna Larene Rude Marylaitd 

Bernakdine Anne Sears Maryland 

Kathleen Dell Skaung Maryland 

Kbisti Ann Talley Maryland 

Robert Michael Tracey Maryland 

Janice Lee Wilder Maryland 

January 24, 1969 

Edwin Bennett, III Maryland 

Dorothy Catherine Berger Maryland 

Bryan Alan Blavatt Maryland 

ROCHELLE Lafferman Bock Marylarid 

Eileen Susan Bomstein Maryland 

Douglas Franklin Bowman, jR...Maryland 

Kathleen Bernice Brinegar Maryland 

Belle Lucas Brooks Maryland 

Marilyn Jaye Burgess Marylaitd 

LAiniA Jean Burstiner Maryland 

Diane Susan Caplan Maryland 

Leslie Ann Carlin New Hampshire 

Gwendolyn Maureena Carraway 


Marilyn Anne DeBord Maryland 

Charles Dahl Drenning Maryland 

Mildred Ruth Etzler Maryland 

Mark Justin Everett Maryland 

Evan Bergman Farkas Maryland 

Thea Fedder Maryland 

Teresa Ann Foran Marylaitd 

Marjorie Ann Forrest Maryland 

Michael Ralph Gabriel Maryland 

John Michael Gabber Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Griffin Maryland 

Douglas LaPrade Jarrard Virginia 

Jans Suzanne Kempers Marylaitd 

Judith Ann Kempers Maryland 

Charlotte V. Kopeck Maryland 

Judith Aileen Lev Maryland 

Ellen Rhoda Levin Maryland 

Maxine Ruth Lichtig Maryland 

Dora R. Light Maryland 

Diane Frances Madera New York 

Patricia Ann McDonald Maryland 

Joanna H. McMahan Virginia 

Joseph Thomas Melanson Maryland 

Lawrence Alan Miller Maryland 

Marion Lynn Mosner Maryland 

Berta Olrita Neuner Maryland 

William Henry Romack Maryland 

Teresa Mary Roth Maryland 

Marilyn Mainville Savage Maryland 

JuDiTii Anne Scales Maryland 

Carol Maria Schleinhege Maryland 

Anne Roberta Schwartz Maryland 

George Plummer Shannon Maryland 

Deborah Sona Silverstein Maryland 

MiCHELE Joy Slonim New Jersey 

David E. Starnes North Carolina 

Gwenn K. Thompson Maryland 

Alexander Ralston Trench New York 

Robert Elliott Watkins, III Maryland 

JoAnn G. Wild Virginia 

Curtis Bruce Willis Maryland 

Victoria Anne Windsor Maryland 

University of Maryland 7 5 

June 7, 1969 

Sam Richard Andelman Maryland 

Mahlenb H. Ashendorf Maryland 

Ilona Jane Barker Maryland 

Marilyn Joyce Barrett Maryland 

Maureen Woods Becker Maryland 

Richard Frank Berlin Maryland 

Ellen Mary Blair Virginia 

Catherine Elizabeth 'BouoviSKY.. Maryland 
Brian Dickerson BRiNKERHOFF....Marj//ond 

Charles S. Brown Maryland 

Jacqueline Patricia Brown Maryland 

Marlene Kay Brussell Maryland 

George Cleveland Burgan, III. ...Maryland 

Lois Marilyn Butcher Maryland 

Katherine Mary Callanan Maryland 

Thomas Jude Cheslick Maryland 

SusANNE Lee Christopher Maryland 

Barbara Jo Christman Maryland 

Kathleen M. Clark Maryland 

Barbara Louise Coffin Maryland 

Terrence Daniel Cohelan Maryland 

Michael Frances Cohen Maryland 

Davene Lee Coutts Maryland 

Arlene Marie Crislip Maryland 

Kathleen Daley Virginia 

Susan Ann Dameron Maryland 

Gale Verne Deitch Maryland 

Laurence Scott Dickter Maryland 

Barbara Lindsey Downie Maryland 

Louise E. Ehrlich Pennsylvania 

Gail Einbinder Maryland 

Faith Gail Eisner Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Elliott Maryland 

Sandra Lee Engelbert Maryland 

Betty Virginia Fahnestock Maryland 

Betty June Fielden Maryland 

Barbara Kolodner Fink Maryland 

Brian Thomas Flower Maryland 

Janna Karen French Virginia 

Charles Wharton Fuller Maryland 

Nancy Jane Funkhouser Maryland 

Mary Jane Gill Maryland 

Mary M. Ginn Maryland 

Linda D. Coins Maryland 

Sondra Mae Goldberg Maryland 

Philip Alvin Goldsmith Maryland 

Marilyn Joan Gordon New Jersey 

Jane Charlton Gray Maryland 

Marilyn Rae Grubman Maryland 

Mary Gerald Grubowski Maryland 

Janet Ann GxraiRS Florida 

Sharon Lee Guertler Maryland 

Donna Marie Hardesty Maryland 

Mary Winona Harris Maryland 

Diana Lynn Henry Maryland 

Stanley Joseph Hodziewich, Jr. 


Candace Anne Holevas Maryland 

Lynda Hollidge Maryland 

Elaine Naomi Hordes Maryland 

Susan Rhoda Horowitz Maryland 

Donald George Housley, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Hulshof Maryland 

Michael Elwood Humphries Maryland 

Janet Agnes Hunter Maryland 

Sallie Middleton Ives Maryland 

Judith Dora Jester Maryland 

Priscilla Ann Judkins Maryland 

Constance Ann Junghans Maryland 

Ruth Marcia Karl D.C. 

Nancy Lynn Keller Maryland 

Rita Joan Kopit Maryland 

Miriam Kupferman Maryland 

Marjorie Lynn Lanham Maryland 

Judith Ann Larrimore Maryland 

Gordon Daniel La^vrence Maryland 

Kenneth Peter Lawson Maryland 

Susan Paula Leviton Maryland 

Ingrid Frieda Lindemann Maryland 

Sandra Christine Lyons Maryland 

Susan Vera Manlove Maryland 

Michael Graham Marsh Maryland 

Janita Louise Mason Maryland 

Gail Patricla Maxwell Maryland 

Mary Sue McClellan Maryland 

David Alexander McFadden Maryland 

Nancy Ann McIlvaine Maryland 

Teresa Ann McKean Maryland 

Melissa Stephanie Middleton. ...Marj/?a7!d 

Donna Haesloop Mitchell Maryland 

Joseph Michael Monaco Maryland 

Linda Marie Monisera Maryland 

Linda Marie Moore MaryloTid 

Linda Jean Morris Maryland 

Karen Juul Morton Maryland 

Emily Ann Murray Maryland 

Linda Marie Mltrray Maryland 

Margaret Dorothy Murray Maryland 

Cynthia Anne Myers Maryland 

Ella Lorraine Nichols Maryland 

76 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Lois Tama Nitzberg Marylaiid 

Patrick Joseph Noone Maryland 

Lynda Louise Norris Maryland 

Jean Deloris Patrick D.C. 

Lynn Rae Patterson Maryland 

Diane Pavlos Maryland 

Lenwood Woodrow Peacock Maryland 

Sarah Jane Pearl Tennessee 

Myka Lynn Peters Maryland 

Barbara Ann Podnos Maryland 

jANis Teresa Polt Maryland 

Thomas Edward Post Virginia 

Marcia Prusinoski Maryland 

James Quinn D.C. 

Janis Lynn Rada Maryland 

Janet Wirsing Ramsen Maryland 

Richard Ray Rattan Maryland 

Marilyn Lee Recknor Maryland 

Miller Stuart Redden, III Maryland 

Sharon Louise Reid Maryland 

Joan Cassell Righter Maryland 

Margaret Dale Roblyer Maryland 

Carol Ann Romano Maryland 

Ruth Ronald Maryland 

Gerrie Linda Rosen Maryland 

Saundra Mildred Rothstein Maryland 

Merry Catherine Sacks Maryland 

Edward Louis Sady Maryland 

Constance Octavia Sandidge Maryland 

Marsha Anita Schneider Maryland 

Janice L. Scott Virginia 

Anita Louise Scroggy Florida 

Marta Anne Sears Virginia 

Kathleen Donnelly Secker Maryland 

Bette Paula Segal New York 

Elizabeth A. Simms Maryland 

Dorothy Eileen Shea Maryland 

Nancy Jo Slemmeb Maryland 

Bruce Robert Slomovitz Maryland 

Barbara Lee Smilski Maryland 

Mary Catherine Smink Maryland 

Eric Simon Solomon Maryland 

James Douglas Sonnebobn Maryland 

Ann Louise Stables Michigan 

Linda Ceil Steinman Maryland 

Barbara Anne Stengle Maryland 

Malca Harriet Sternberg Maryland 

Norman Philip Stinchcomb D.C. 

Anne Theodora Stock Maryland 

Linda Leah Sutton D.C. 

Lorraine S. Tarnove Maryland 

Elizabeth Maureen Tate Maryland 

Sarah Rose Tauber Maryland 

Sandra Marie Taylor Maryland 

Arline Carole Thayer Maryland 

Douglas Thomas Maryland 

James William Turner Maryland 

Dennis Daniel Urban Maryland 

Karyn Lynn Vice Maryland 

DiANNE Marie Waldron Maryland 

Barbara Jean Walker Maryland 

Richard Alan Wall Maryland 

Bonnie Clydesdale Ward Maryland 

Linda Ruth Waters Maryland 

Nancy Lee Watts Maryland 

Carol Elaine Weinberg Maryland 

Jamie B. Welch Maryland 

Carol Barbara Westreich Maryland 

Katherine Douglas Wise Maryland 

Mary Jane Witham Maryland 

Nancy Reiser Wolf Maryland 

Diane Barbara Woods Maryland 

Beverly Anne Yelton Maryland 

Nina Hope Zaslowsky Maryland 

August 30, 1968 

Walter Lawrence Aley Maryland 

William James Arnold Maryland 

Betty Lynne Arvin Maryland 

Myra Sue Baker Maryland 

Richard Lawrence Barber Maryland 

Mary Matilda Barcus Maryland 

Andra Teryl Baylus Maryland 

Richard Merrill Berun Maryland 

Lauretta L. Betterton Maryland 

Pauline Katherine Blair D.C. 

Margaret Mary Brinker Maryland 

James E. Clatterbuck Maryland 

B,\RBARA Jean Meyer Conley Maryland 

Gary William Cuba Maryland 

Sarah Leah Dekelbaum Maryland 

Annie L. Dixon Maryland 

Kathleen Clare Duck Maryland 

Hugh Thomas Ellison, Jb Maryland 

BARRY L. Feldman Maryland 

Marshall Edward Feldman Maryland 

Dorothy Lee Fi^esch Virginia 

Marianne Grace Purey New York 

University of Maryland // 

Patricia Jo Furland Maryland 

Raleigh Melvin Fuqua D.C. 

Judith Lynn Gienger Maryland 

Carl William Gohr, Jr Maryland 

Ruth Emma Graham Maryland 

Robert Charles Gray Maryland 

Richard Elmer Greenfield Maryland 

Eric Shortall Handford Maryland 

Judith Mae Hansing Minnesota 

JoAnn Elizabeth Hartman Virginia 

Israel Gerald Herman Maryland 

Raymelle Phelps Hickey Maryland 

Bruce Robert Hoefuch Maryland 

Edwina Ann Hoffmaster Maryland 

Frederick Jeffrey Hoiler Maryland 

Charles William Holzman, 3r... Maryland 

John Nicholas Huppert, Jr Maryland 

Gordon Fremont Hyatt Pennsylvania 

Jeanne Ellen Ireland Maryland 

Stanley Meyer Ismart Maryland 

Robert Douglas King, III Maryland 

Alice Helen Knox Maryland 

Sara Davis Lylis Vermont 

Jack Machlin Maryland 

Patricia Ann Marvin Maryland 

Robehst L. Masters Maryland 

Edward Thomas McLewee Maryland 

Carol Lee Michael Maryland 

Marlene Renee Milewsky Maryland 

Viola Mae Noffsinger Maryland 

Patricia Ann Otto Maryland 

William Scott Owen, Jr Maryland 

Carol Ann Peter Maryland 

Christine H. Scearce Maryland 

Madelyn Jane Schulten Maryland 

Dorothy Rita Scott Maryland 

Frank Robert Shane Maryland 

Laura Garrettson Smith Maryland 

Mary R. Stankiewicz Maryland 

Carl Conner Stevfart Maryland 

Kathryn Border Sykes Maryland 

Carol Susan Valoris Maryland 

John Joseph Veise Maryland 

John Taylor Wood Maryland 

Mary Kathryn Wright Maryland 

January 24, 1969 

Helen N. Abramowitz Maryland 

Phyllis Lee Adcock Maryland 

Mary Quigley Alexander Maryland 

Charles Albert Algire Maryland 

Rebecca Ruth Applebaum Maryland 

Jorg Auge Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Baggett Maryland 

Janet Mary Bateman Maryland 

Patricia Lynn Bateman Maryland 

Albert Frederick Baumgart Maryland 

Mildred L. Beall Maryland 

James Keith Beaston Maryland 

Carol Ann Beck Maryland 

Arthur Edwards Bennanzar, Jr. 


Gregory Marlin Berbert Maryland 

Nancy Stegman Biggs Maryland 

Marie Pauline Blumenthal Virginia 

Nancy Jean Bohanan Maryland 

Avind Eugene Bonde California 

Susan Gay Booth Maryland 

Mary Kathleen Boyce Maryland 

Betty Lou Broder D.C. 

Barbara Anne Brown Maryland 

Robert Mathieu Bryce Maryland 

Ruth Ellen Buckley Maryland 

Susan L. Burrow Maryland 

Ellen Holly Buttrick Virginia 

Bruce Hall Cain Maryland 

Chari Anne Campbell D.C. 

Arthur Leslie Chenowith Maryland 

Gerald James Choyce Maryland 

Esther Eileen Cohen Maryland 

Susan G. Cohen Florida 

Donna Louise Cole Maryland 

Karen Reine Corneuus Maryland 

Margaret Ann Crowther Maryland 

Catherine W. Dalbke Maryland 

Jann Thomason Dalrymple Maryland 

Carolyn Sue Da\tdson Maryland 

Carol Sue Deckelbaum Maryland 

William B. Dixon, III Maryland 

Kathleen Cribben Elkins Maryland 

Barbara Joy Emerson Maryland 

Martin Kirk Enders Maryland 

Henry Gilbert Estridge Maryland 

Rosalind Ann Etelson Maryland 

Theodore Christine Fedders Maryland 

Leila Barbara Feldman Maryland ^ 

Donald Ray Fooks Maryland 

Barbara Ellen Forman Maryland 

Frieda Bast Frazier Maryland 

Doris Jean Fuli,erton Maryland 

Carolyn Brill Gambrel Maryland 

James Ross Garman Maryland 

Deborah Glazer Gerber Maryland 

7 8 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Jo Ellen Wood German Maryland 

Leslie Anne Gilbert Maryland 

Constance Ann Godfrey Maryland 

Lois Maxine Golden Maryland 

Gloria Haves Goldman Maryland 

Lis Jorgensen Golumeic Maryland 

Eileen Elizabeth Gorman Maryland 

Richard Joseph Graham Maryland 

Bruce Herbert GREENWQQD....Pennsylvania 

Doris Carmelia Gregory Maryland 

Tina Ann Gross Maryland 

Maureen Ruth Haas Maryland 

Richard Lee Hackley Maryland 

Alexander Hajimihalis Maryland 

Ellen Gene Hand Maryland 

David Francis Hare Maryland 

Cathleen Anne Harrison Maryland 

Gerald Donald Haser Maryland 

Robert Elwin Hedden Maryland 

Thelma Venning Herbert Maryland 

Vivien Nina Hertz D.C. 

Sherry Lee Hightower Virginia 

Lucille Louise Hinkel Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Holloway Maryland 

John David Horman Maryland 

Emily Jane Hoveland Maryland 

Gerald Edward How^ard Maryland 

Seneatha Kay Hughes Maryland 

Frederick Paul Hunsicker, Jr. 


Brian Edward Hunt Maryland 

Raymond B. Hutchinson Maine 

Carol Elaine Johansen Maryland 

Joan B. Johnston Maryland 

Sandra J. Judman Maryland 

Elice Christina Keil Maryland 

Carolyn L. Kennedy Maryland 

Sharon D. Kirsch Maryland 

Eric F. Klauda Maryland 

Frances H. Koontz Maryland 

Mary Lou Koudelka Maryland 

Susan Anita Kramer Maryland 

Ruth Ann Lathom Virginia 

Sandra G. Law Maryland 

Paula Leonard Virginia 

Rosemary Lenore Lephardt Maryland 

Bonnie Cyd Lerner Maryland 

Alison Robin Lipitz Maryland 

Clifford Wray Lovelace, Jr Maryland 

John Raymond Lusby, III Maryland 

Marcia Lee Maldeis Maryland 

William Harry Malesh, Jr Maryland 

Rita Maria Mancini California 

Elaine Louise Manfre Maryland 

Joan Claire Mask Maryland 

Susan B. McClay Maryland 

Makie Anita McElroy Maryland 

Mary Virginia McFee Maryland 

Claudette Devine McGurn Maryland 

Paul David Meier Maryland 

Barbara Helen Miliman Maryland 

Fay Esther Miller Maryland 

Sharon Lee Miller Maryland 

Barbara Jean Mister Maryland 

Forrest Allen Moore Maryland 

Sue Everngam Moore Maryland 

Jean Carol Mudd Maryland 

Mary Lynn Munro Rhode Island 

Edward Paul Nawrocki Maryland 

Shirley Ann Nazelrod Maryland 

Alease Owen Nunnally Maryland 

Deanna V. O'Bryan Maryland 

Jean Halliday O'Connor Maryland 

Valerie Irene Parker Maryland 

Linda Weitzman Perl Maryland 

Mary A. Petrini Maryland 

Marion Charlie Pfeferman Maryland 

John Carl Pickeral Maryland 

Susan Gail Press Maryland 

Anne Margulis Radin Maryland 

Charlene Raymond Maryland 

John David Reid Maryland 

Jane H. Reniere Maryland 

Betty Jo W. Richardson Maryland 

Barbara Sue Roberts Maryland 

Ilene Bonnie Roberts Maryland 

Diane B. Rose Maryland 

Lois Rosenkoff Maryland 

Michael Bruce Sassani Maryland 

Susan Nessa Schriber Maryland 

Edward William Schupp Maryland 

Leslie Ellen Schwartz New York 

Ralph D. Shafer New York 

Larry Spencer Shannahan Maryland 

Carroll L. Shmitt Maryland 

Judith C. Siegrist Maryland 

Sherry Simpson Virginia 

Susan Marie Sindall Maryland 

Sharon Elizabeth Smith Maryland 

Susan Deborah Smith Maryland 

Linda Gale Snyder Maryland 

HiNDA Diener Sokolow Maryland 

Roy a. Sparks Maryland 

Gary Kent Sponaugle Maryland 

Elaine S. Storey New York 

Eddy Roger Storo Maryland 

Robert Ray Sturgill Maryland 

Ann Loraine Suskin Maryland 

William Robert Thorn Maryland 

Elizabeth Sue Towner Maryland 

University of Maryland 79 

Joseph Charles Trabert, Jr Maryland 

Brian Ronald Trupin New York 

Carolyn Lee Titrpin Maryland 

Margaret Frances Urbas Maryland 

Rosalyn Clarice Van 'WiNKLE....Maryland 

Helene Iris Wald Maryland 

Laraine Ellen Weidowke Maryland 

Anne P. Weismiller Maryland 

Ann R. Welfeld Maryland 

Joyce Ann Wells Maryland 

Nancy Dona Wells Maryland 

Margaret Oetjen Williams Maryland 

jANis Katherine Wilson Virginia 

Virginia Hughes Wilson Maryland 

Dennis Franklin Wolfe Maryland 

Pauune Adkins Wood Maryland 

Karen Alice Wooley New Jersey 

Jimmie Paul Worsley Maryland 

Meilan Wu Maryland 

Sharon Ann Yevzeroff Maryland 

Milton Frederick Zahn, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Dee Zaslow Maryland 

Douglas W. Zeisel Maryland 

June 7, 1969 

Margo Sue Abraham Maryland 

Leslie Martha Abrams Maryland 

Judith Rae Abramson Maryland 

Donna Jean Achterhof Maryland 

Robin Ann Adams Virginia 

Joyce Ann Alcorn Maryland 

Thomas Lawrence Allen Maryland 

Barbara Brown Atamian Maryland 

Jeanne Marie Aucremanne Maryland 

Susan Kaoru Baba Maryland 

Jon Doyno Bach New Jersey 

Kathleen Bainbridge Maryland 

Harry Thomas Baker Maryland 

Helen P. Balak Maryland 

Dwight Earl Baldwin Maryland 

Loretta Virginia Baldwin Maryland 

Carole Ann Baluta Maryland 

Frances Miriam Baum Maryland 

Karen H. Baumann Maryland 

Bette Louise Beasley Maryland 

Jane Georgia Beck Maryland 

Joan Leresche Beebe Maryland 

Gail Kent Benson Maryland 

Linda Ruth Berg Maryland 

Donna Merle Bildstein Maryland 

Richard Bruce Billups Maryland 

Paul Keyser Blackiston Maryland 

Susan Eileen Blaustein Maryland 

Betty Louise Blum Maryland 

Deborah Arline BLUMENFELD....Mar2/fa7zrf 

Jean Elizabeth Blythe Marylaixd 

Valerie Jeian Boarman Maryland 

Myrna K. Bodner Maryland 

Beverly Faye Bondy Maryland 

Kathy Lynne Boseck Maryland 

Evelyn Boyle Maryland 

Deborah Ann Braun Maryland 

Gloria Mae Britt Maryland 

Susan Mary Brooks Maryland 

Nancy Catherine BROSNiHAN....Marj/ian<i 

Barbara Joyce Brown Maryland 

Eileen Susan Brown Maryland 

Sandra Ann Brown Maryland 

Susan Brown Maryland 

Thomas Andrew Brown Maryland 

Virginia Lee Brown Maryland 

Margaret Jo Bryant Maryland 

Paul Anthony Buckley, Jr. Maryland i 

John James Buczek, Jr Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Budd Maryland 

David Allen Buhrman Maryland 

Kathryn Helen Buonagurio Maryland 

Roger William Burdette, Jr Maryland 

Kathleen Jean Burleson Maryland 

Allison Cochran Burns Maryland 

Judith A. Burns Maryland 

Catherine H. Cahnmann Maryland 

Irene Susan Cain Maryland 

Margaret Zitzewitz CAU)WELL...Maryland 

Marla Nan Caplan Maryland 

Ann Marie T. Catrambone Maryland 

ROUTH Dorsett Chandler Maryland 

Sharon Jane Chevalier New Jersey 

Mary Margaret Ciango Maryland 

Frances Ciesielski Maryland 

Eileen Mary Cirillo Maryland 

Judith Ann Clark Maryland 

Patricia Lee Clark Maryland 

William Joseph Clinton New York 

Nan Lauretta Clydesdale Maryland 

Alice Susan Cohen Maryland 

Harriet Ann Cohen Maryland 

80 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Marcia Gail Cohen Maryland 

Sue-Ellen Cohn Maryland 

Charles E. Cole Maryland 

Nancy Ellen Conklin New York 

Christine Theresa Conrad Maryland 

Susan Anne Conrad Maryland 

Melvin Broaddus Cooke Maryland 

Dora Jean Cooper Maryland 

Margaret Lynn Cooper Maryland 

Judith Esther Costow Maryland 

Lillian P. Couchenour D.C. 

Nona Mae Coulter Maryland 

Rosemarie Covault Maryland 

Kathleen Mary Croake Maryland 

Rowland Collier Cropp..._ Maryland 

Margaret-Anne Cross Maryland 

Susan Bronwyn Crowley D.C. 

Susan Elaine Culver Maryland 

Jane F. Dalgewicz Pennsylvania 

Helen Ann Dannenberg Maryland 

Marsha Davies Maryland 

Barbara Ann Davis Maryland 

Marilyn Claire Davis Maryland 

WiLMA Jean Davisson ^.Maryland 

Sandra Edith Dawson Maryland 

James Michael DeGeorge Maryland 

Margaret Thiebaud DELWicHE....Mari/tond 

Mary Magdalene Dembeck Maryland 

Katheeine Demestihas Maryland 

William Hodges Dempsey, Jk D.C. 

Carole Lea Clark Dickson Maryland 

Elizabeth Sither Dirksen Maryland 

Ellen Kay Dixon Maryland 

Linda Leigh Dixon Maryland 

Jo Helene DomanicO Maryland 

Ilene K. Dopkin Maryland 

Patricia Katherine Downing.. ..Mori/towd 

Deane Lynn Dubansky Maryland 

Kenneth Patrick Dugan Maryland 

Kenneth Ralph Dulabhan Maryland 

Marion Brannon Duncan Alabama 

Susan Louise Dunn Maryland 

Eleanor Frances Dunphy Maryland 

Helen Marjorie Durilia Maryland 

John Howard Eaton Maryland 

Vivien Ruth Edelman Maryland 

Hattie Leah Edelston Maryland 

Jerry Donald Elgin Maryland 

Dana Lloyd Elliott J'ennsylvania 

Map.guerite Anne Elliott Maryland 

Carol Ann Engle Maryland 

Bettye Jo Eubanks Maryland 

Anita Ezrine Maryland 

Jean Printz Fairchild Virginia 

Cherie Ann FAtzinger Maryland 

Judith Ann Federman Maryland 

Dolores Jean Fela Maryland 

Ellen Lois Feldman Maryland 

Joanne Feldstein Maryland 

George Peter Fiackos Maryland 

Joyce Agnes Fiddes Maryland 

Joseph Michael Finke Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Finkelstein Tennessee 

Ellen Taylor Fisher Indiana 

Geraldine Bess Forman Maryland 

Katharine Murray Foster Maryland 

Nancy Fern Frank Maryland 

Mary Gail Fredrick Maryland 

Betty Elaine Fredericks D.C. 

Marlene Elaine Freedman Maryland 

William David Freyman Maryland 

Andrea F. Fried Maryland 

Bruce Lee Frisinger Maryland 

Sydney Ellen Furash Maryland 

Kenneth Maneval Fyhr Maryland 

Laurel June Gafke Maryland 

Harvey John Gannon, Jr Maryland 

Marjorie Louise Kay GAEDNER....Mari/tand 

Patsy J. Gardner Maryland 

Carolyn Swedlund Garis Maryland 

Earl Maris Garren, III Maryland 

David Kraft Gebert Maryland 

Sherry Beth Gellman Maryland 

Kathleen Teresa Gerstner Maryland 

Alice Lee Ghent Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Gibson Maryland 

Mary Susan Gifford Maryland 

Barbara Lee Gilbert Maryland 

Chester Raymond Gilbert Maryland 

Jean Katherine Gilbert Maryland 

Phyllis Ann Gilmore Maryland 

Charles Talbot Gladstone Maryland 

David Morrison Click Maryland 

Pnina Godin D.C. 

Marsha Sandra Gold Maryland 

Dale S. Goldberg Maryland 

Jane Frances Gonter Maryland 

Marilyn Anne Gorman Maryland 

Linda A. Graham Illinois 

Peter Eric Granahan Maryland 

Kenneth A. Greenbaum Maryland 

Tina A. Greenbaum Pennsylvania 

Cynthia Ann Greene D.C. 

James Allen Gregory Maryland 

Carol Marie Grennon Maryland 

John Douglas Grewell Maryland 

Sally Ann Grigsby Maryland 

Barbara Janice Groom Maryland 

University of Maryland 81 

Carol Jeanne Gross Maryland 

James Edward Grumbach, Jr Maryland 

Susan I. Hackerman Maryland 

Brenda Carol Halstead New Jersey 

Constance Jill Hammond Maryland 

James Theodore Hargest Maryland 

Gerhard Theodore Harmon Maryland 

Marsha Lynn Harmon Pennsylvania 

Harriet Ann Harner Maryland 

Elizabeth Archer Harris Maryland 

Joyce Elaine Harris Maryland 

Byron Leigh Harryman Maryland 

Sharon M. Hasson Maryland 

Alice Murphy Hathaway Maryland 

Paula Susan Heimberg Maryland 

Donna Gale Heinbaugh Maryland 

Gail Pamela Henderson Maryland 

Marsha Ann Hensley Maryland 

Sheila Mae Hensley Maryland 

David Howard Herbst Maryland 

Marilyn Sue Hersh Maryland 

Mary Susan Hess Maryland 

Nancy Naudain Hess New Jersey 

Edward Leon Hessong Maryland 

Jane Ellen Hildebrand D.C. 

Michele Ann Hitchner New York 

Louise Ellen Hoch Maryland 

Carole Louise Hock Maryland 

Beverly Anne Hollenbeck Maryland 

Jerry Wayne Holt Maryland 

Jill Ellen Horlick Maryland 

Pamela Louise Horrocks Maryland 

Joan Leigh Howard Connecticut 

Jacqueline Anne Howell Maryland 

Jeanette Huntz Maryland 

Geraldine Shaffer Imbriale Maryland 

Donna Edwina Jackson Maryland 

Norma Jean Jackson Maryland 

Susan Merle Jacobs Maryland 

Elizabeth Humphrey James Maryland 

Kathleen Lofton Jamieson Maryland 

Andrew Mead Janes Maryland 

Marianne Frances Jaevis Maryland 

Linda Carol Jent Maryland 

MacArthur Johns Maryland 

Edward Ijams Johnson Maryland 

Kathleen Marie Johnson Maryland 

Thomas Edwin Johnson Maryland 

Annabelle Jane Jones Maryland 

Carolyn Frances Jones Maryland 

Helen Christine Jones Maryland 

Ellen S. Joyce Maryland 

Carol Truppner Julicher Maryland 

Elena Donna May Jurgela Maryland 

Charles Kachilo, Jr Maryland 

Catherine Ann Kaifer Maryland 

Donnna Lee Kajutti Maryland 

Carole Teresa Kammer Maryland 

Gloria Jean Kane Maryland 

Susan Diane Kaplan Maryland 

Phyllis Rae Karlinsky Maryland 

Toby Ann Katz Maryland 

Arlene Linda Kaufman Maryland 

Karolyn Ann Kellerman Maryland 

Peggy Earlyne Kelley Maryland 

Thomas James Kemp New York 

Elwood Clarence Kerns Maryland 

Wayne Cleveland Key Maryland 

Cauol Susan Keys Maryland 

Karen Mary Kilpatrick Delaware 

Martha Annette KisiELEWSKi....Marj/teud 

Deborah C. Klein Maryland 

Patricia Lee Klinges Pennsylvania 

Sharon Lee Klompus Maryland 

Juliann Kolanowski Maryland 

Carol Anne Koller Maryland 

Yvonne Lucienne Koolhof Maryland 

Jane Elizabeth Kopel Illinois 

Betty Ann Korth Maryland 

Marsha Rae Korth Maryland 

Linda Jane Kronen Maryland 

Martha Irene Krueger Maryland 

Mary Louise Kulawiec Maryland 

Martha Ann Lading Maryland 

Cynthia Robidoux Land Maryland 

Marshall Lee Lane Maryland 

Edwina Roxane Lang Maryland 

Jane H. L-\RS0N Maryland 

Ruth Sullivan Lavigne Maryland 

Frances Barbara Lavine Maryland 

James Edward Lavrusky Pennsylvania 

Emmett Ellsworth Lawson, jR..Maryland 

Carnell Manuel Le.ajss Maryland 

Bonnie Arlene Lebow Maryland 

Roberta S. Leibowitz Maryland 

Nancy Sharon Leopold New Jersey 

Arlene Lessans Maryland 

Ellen Harriet Levin Maryland 

Ronald Lee Lewis Maryland 

Judith Ann Light Maryland 

Lauris Lee Lightfoot Maryland 

Anne G. Ligon Maryland 

Sheila Woodward Linneman Maryland 

Edward Vincent Lockwood Maryland 

Lawrence Lee Logan Maryland 

EsTELA Mat.ia Long D.C. 

Betty Louise Longley Maryland 

Teresa Jo Lovin Maryland 

Shirley Ann Lowdermilk Maryland 

82 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Teresa Ann Lubin Maryland 

Jan William Lucas Maryland 

William Donald Ludke, II Maryland 

Patrice Ann Lydon Maryland 

Carol Diane Lynn Maryland 

Eileen Cardin Mager Maryland 

James Frederick Mancini New York 

Carol Marie Mancusi Maryland 

Ellen Ruth Marcus Maryland 

Janet Leah Marsh Maryland 

Susan Ellen Martin Maryland 

Ruth Palmer Massey Maryland 

Linda Ruth Matisoff Maryland 

Marsha Ann Maupin Maryland 

Carl John McClure Maryland 

Diana Marie McCormick Maryland 

Patricu Lee McCormick Maryland 

Eleanor Cornelia McDermott.. ..Afarj/iand 

Marlene Ann McDonough Maryland 

Linda Ann McMillan Maryland 

Roberta Ann McMullen Maryland 

Stasia Mary McNeil Maryland 

Rachelle S. Meiselman Maryland 

Joseph Mario Mencarini Maryland 

Paulette Josephine MERENDiN0..Mar2/Zond 

Karen G. Merkin New Jersey 

Kathryn Merrell Maryland 

Elaine Barbara Mesavage Maryland 

Margaret Bell Miles Maryland 

Barbara Ann Milker Maryland 

Carole Lynn Miller Maryland 

Cynthia Joan Miller Maryland 

Rosalie Mae Miller Maryland 

Ann Millison Maryland 

Gloria L. Mills Maryland 

Joanne L. Mirabella New Jersey 

Joanne Ruth Mitchell Maryland 

Grace S. Miyasaki Maryland 

Diane Marlene Mohr Maryland 

Kathleen Marie Monahan Maryland 

Pamela Conley Moore Maryland 

Frances Jane Moran Maryland 

Martha Elizabeth Morningstar 


Claire Roberta Moyse Maryland 

Jo-Ann Margaret Mulligan Maryland 

Margaret Mary Mullins Maryland 

Joan Walker Murgatroyd Maryland 

Pamela Ann Murray Maryland 

Shari Lee Murray Maryland 

Sherry Lee Murray Maryland 

Lola Lee Myerberg Maryland 

Linda Marie Myers Maryland 

Arlene Joan Nagel Maryland 

Deena Nelson Maryland 

Sharon Ann Nelson Maryland 

Kathryn Lois Noren Maryland 

Mary E. Normoyle Virginia 

Mary Coleen Nugent Maryland 

Ann Kaufman Odenheimer Maryland 

Bonnie Lynn Orkin Maryland 

Herbert Paul Orland, Jr Maryland 

Terrell Jeanne Orlando Maryland 

Judith Anne Okr Maryland 

Kenneth Raymond Oswald Maryland 

Robert George Ott Maryland 

Patricia Jean Paiste Maryland 

Bonnie Gail Parnes Maryland 

Lynda Ann Pa.tashna Virginia 

Muriel B. Patterson Maryland 

Swiatoslaw Pawliuk Maryland 

Barbara Jean Peacher Maryland 

John Paul Pennington Maryland 

Penny Ellyn Perretz Pennsylvania 

Ann Commerpord Perry Maryland 

Martha Scott Perry North Carolina 

Rebecca Lynn Peterman New Jersey 

SusiN Elizabeth Phillips Maryland 

Doreen Lynn Picon Virginia 

Ella Sue Pinto Maryland 

Helene Fran Plovsky Maryland 

Jan Corinne Polinger Maryland 

Faye Gail Pollack Maryland 

Dorothy Lynn Pollock D.C. 

Rona Sue Polovoy Maryland 

Patricia Kingston Poole Maryland 

Judith Porecki Maryland 

Rochelle Eixice Potash Maryland 

Shirley Lea Powell Maryland 

Noknoi Pramualratana Maryland 

Anita Carol Press Maryland 

KAtherine Theresa FREVATTE....Maryla^id 

Janet Carroll Primus Maryland 

William Combs Pritchard Maryland 

MARisHA Ann Ptak Maryland 

Margaret Ann Puhalla Pennsylvania 

Carol Frances Rabenovets Maryland 

Jeanne Ellen Ralph New Jersey 

Richard Charles Ramsey Maryland 

Alice Jean Ratchford Maryland 

Rebecca Louise Rauch Maryland 

Thelma Carolyn Rechen Maryland 

David Lee Reese Pe'ansylvania 

Norma Ann Regnier Maryland 

Robin Lee Reidt Maryland 

University of Maryland 83 

Mauka B. Reidy Maryland 

Sharon Louise Reinhardt Maryland 

Rita Lynne Remsberg Maryland 

Judith Ann Reppert Maryland 

Ellen Gay Ressin Maryland 

Clara D. Retorick Maryland 

Myra F. Rhode Maryland 

Mary Lou Ricker Maryland 

John Alan Rickman Maryland 

Nancy L. Ridgely Maryland 

Diana Marie Rigg Colorado 

Joseph Patrick Riley Maryland 

Mary Beth Ritchie Maryland 

Louis W. Rixham Maryland 

Arthur Johnson Robinson Maryland 

Patricia Ann Rollins Maryland 

Paul Raymond Romanczyk Maryland 

Jerilyn Rothchild Maryland 

John G. Rothenhoefer Maryland 

Susan Ball Rowland Maryland 

Floryne Gail Rubin Maryland 

Marjorie a. Rubin Maryland 

Phyllis Sue Rubin Maryland 

Diane Ruth Rudden Maryland 

Joy Ann Rumizen Maryland 

Donna Jeanne Russell Maryland 

Emilia Antionette Rynarzewski 


Jane Ford Salzano Maryland 

Gail Mary Sartoris ..Maryland 

Diana Gail Scarborough Maryland 

Robert Bruce Schachter Maryland 

M. Keith Scharenberg Maryland 

Allen Victor Scheffer New York 

Joseph Schek Maryland 

Ann Floam Schlossenberg Maryland 

Judith Lynn Schneider Maryland 

Diane Charlotte Schumchyk Maryland 

Linda Jeanne Schweer Maryland 

Hanna Seidman Maryland 

Raymond Lowell Seim Maryland 

Ellen Claire Sennett Maryland 

Meryl Barbara Shaffer Maryland 

Janice Marie Shannon Maryland 

Recina Marilyn Sharp Maryland 

Linda Sue Sheckler Maryland 

Abbye Gail Sheltzer Maryland 

Lynn Patricia Sherrill Maryland 

Bonnita Ann Shipp Maryland 

Elizabeth Wheeler Shoemaker.. Mari/Zand 

Barbara Paula Shulman Maryland 

Merle Silberstrom Maryland 

Andrea R. Silver New York 

Rodney Karol Silver Maryland 

Susan Diane Silverman Maryland 

Susan Leslie Silverman Maryland 

Patricia Jill Simon Maryland 

Rita Rae Sindler Maryland 

Barbara Sue Sklab Maryland 

Muriel K. Skolnick Maryland 

Connie Eileen Slack Maryland 

Sharon Gillock Slama Virginia 

Elaine Gail Sloan Maryland 

Carol Lynn Smith Maryland 

Mary Lynn Smith Maryland 

Roberta Ella Smith Maryland 

Terence Patrick Smith Maryland 

Judith Lee Snelnick Maryland 

Glena Jean Snyder Maryland 

Barbara Melanie Sobel Maryland 

Margaret Mary Sodeestrom Maryland 

Emily Ruth Sol California 

Goldie L. Sotsky Maryland 

Sandra Ann Sprouse Maryland 

Barbara Anne Stafford Maryland 

Paula Frances Stamper Maryland 

Sherry-Lynne Stargel Maryland 

Kaye Keely Starnes Maryland 

Linda Joy Stedman Maryland 

Luanne Stein Maryland 

ROSCHELL Steinberg Maryland ^ 

Carol Elaine St. John Maryland 

Patricia V. Stock Maryland 

Marsha Jo Stoklosa Maryland 

Charles Henry Sturges, III Maryland 

Miriam Ingrid Straus Maryland 

Estelle Gail Strickman Maryland 

Susan Ruth Stup Maryland 

Manuel Theodore Suarez, Jr Maryland 

Diane Elizabeth Suit Maryland 

Margaret Mary Sullivan Maryland 

Mary Joanice Sullivan Maryland 

William Simon Sullivan Maryland 

Terri Lynne Sultanoff Maryland 

Joan Barbara Sundheim Maryland 

Rochelle Elaine Surosky Marylayid 

Dlana Jean Swartz Delaware 

Cecils Rachele Szafir Maryland 

Ralph Paul Tanner Maryland 

Sandra Ann Tanner Maryland 

Susan Irene Tapper Maryland 

Bonnie Lou Tarbell Maryland i 

Elizabeth Lynn Terry Maryland 

Ann Marie Thomas Maryland 

Carol Ann Thomas Maryland 

Carol Jean Thompson Maryland 

84 ^^^^ Commencement Exercises 

Joan Elizabeth Thompson Maryland 

Margaret Ann Tibbs Virginia 

Franklin Albert Tinney Maryland 

Patricia Riley Tobin Maryland 

Cherie Miriam Tompakov Maryland 

Alice Jean Tompkins Maryland 

Martha Ann Tompkins Maryland 

Wilson Rysanek Toula, Jr Maryland 

Doris Arlene Towne New York 

Kathryn Cordelia Towson Maryland 

Katherine Mary Uglow Florida 

John Robert Van L0NKHUYZEN..Mar2/tew(i 

Lauren Iris Verber Maryland 

Edward Martin Voorhaar Maryland 

Kathryn Jane Vranas Maryland 

Paul Herrick Walker Maryland 

Clyde Brent Walston Maryland 

Susan Walter Minnesota 

Janet Lee Warfield Maryland 

Francine Marilyn Wartow Maryland 

Stanley Alvin Waskiewicz Maryland 

Ann Beeson Waters Maryland 

Sue Ann Waters Maryland 

Virginia Agnes Leister 'W a.ttb.... Maryland 

Ilene M. Weiner Maryland 

Carol Lynn Weinstein Maryland 

Donald E. Welch Maryland 

Raymond Patrick Welch Maryland 

Patricia Mary Welty Maryland 

Marilyn Wenglin Maryland 

Donna Page Whitaker Maryland 

Bonnie Ann White Maryland 

Pamela Ann White Maryland 

Salome Scarlett Widener Maryland 

Sandra Hipp Wiebel Maryland 

Judith Lynn Wilbihi Maryland 

Jeanne Lee Wilder Maryland 

Patricia Kinahan Wilder Maryland 

Kathleen Beth Williams Illinois 

Linda Ann Wishabd Maryland 

Kathleen McDonald Withers.. ..Afarj/tend 

Judith Lynn Wohlmuth Maryland 

Cynthia Sue Wood Maryland 

Lindalee Wood Maryland 

Robert Russell Woods Maryland 

Carol Anderson Worden Maryland 

Anna Eileen Woytowitz Maryland 

Randi Jane Wright Maryland 

Melvin Franklyn Wroten Maryland 

Martha Elizabeth Wueste Maryland 

Christine Susan Yaeger Maryland 

Lois Rebecca Yerman Maryland 

Cynthia Anne Young Virginia 

Rosalind Joyce Yudin Maryland 

Arlette Zinn Maryland 

Elaine Zirkind Maryland 

Linda H. Zolin Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Robert B. Beckmann, Dean of the College 

August 30, 1968 

John O. Amoss Maryland 

Walter Russell Bennett Maryland 

WiLBERT Leonard Boehm Maryland 

William Nelson Brooks Pennsylvania 

Edmond ChAlom Maryland 

David Lawrence Cramer Maryland 

Chongsarit Dhanasobhon Thailand 

Charles Robert Ellin Maryland 

Richard Donald Foltz Maryland 

John David FosTBm Maryland 

Charles Rudolf Frohlich, Jr Maryland 

John William Garner Maryland 

Robekt John Garrison Maryland 

Joseph Samuel Golt, Jr Maryland 

Martin F. Huss Maryland 

Neal Bruce Leatherman Maryland 

Ira Leonard Lerner Maryland 

James Ignatius McManus, 111. ..Maryland 

John H. Moffett Maryland 

William James Moon Maryland 

John Edward Ridgley Maryland 

George Solhan Maryland 

Richard Joseph Stanton, Jr Maryland 

George William VANGiNHOVEN-.Marytend 
Robert Arthur Williams Maryland 

University of Maryland 85 

January 24, 1969 

James Douglas Arnoult Maryland 

Joseph Damian Auer Maryland 

Michael Baer Maryland 

Allen Centennial Bahk, II Maryland 

William C. Bauer Maryland 

Stanley Melvin Beitsch Maryland 

George Chester Belsinger, Jr Maryland 

Edmund Alfred Beres Maryland 

Khodadad Betaharon Maryland 

Willis Walter Bixby Maryland 

Michael Mykon Blendy Maryland 

Kurt Bernhakd Boegli Pennsylvania 

Randolph Walton Bricker, Jr.. .Maryland 

Allen Sylvan Brown Maryland 

Robert J. Brown Maryland 

Timothy Dakel Bryant Maryland 

Bruce Spotswood Campbell, IlL.Maryland 

Charles Joseph Carey Maryland 

John Michael Carey Maryland 

Carlos Carlo, Jr Maryland 

Wayne Gary Carson Virginia 

Wayne Charles Cavanaugh Maryland 

Charles G. Chaconas Maryland 

Everett Jesse Childs, Jr Maryland 

Dennis Anthony Dobry Maryland 

Kenneth Myer Epstein Maryland 

Eric Kay Fromm Maryland 

John William Garner Maryland 

Jacobo RE-i-ES Gavilan Maryland 

Michael Law Gellner Maryland 

Leon Gilden Maryland 

Dennis Michael Goodman Virginia 

Bernard Smeak Graf Maryland 

Robert John Happe Maryland 

Stephen Jewell Hemming California 

John Jeffrey Herder Maryland 

Earl William Holtzscheiter, Jr. 

South Carolina 

Max Wilson Houck Maryland 

David M. Hungerford, Jr Maryland 

Jerald Walter Jacobi Maryland 

Robert Benjamin Johnson Maryland 

Charles Michael Kelly Maryland 

Donald Joseph Kipke Maryland 

Peter Everett Kkause Colorado 

Richard Leroy Kuhns Maryland 

Daniel Benigno Lepore Connecticut 

David Wayne Loudermilk Maryland 

John Mervin Loxton, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Philip Makagos Maryland 

August Herold Mayer Maryland 

Luis Alfonso Mejia Colombia 

Maria T. Mejia Colombia 

Kenneth Dale Merrill Maryland 

Warren D. Mickey Maryland 

Bernard John Mildenberger Maryland H 

Anthony Joseph Miller Maryland 

Charles B. Mitchell Maryland 

Robert Francis Morse, II Maryland 

Raymond Paul Mullikin Maryland 

Joseph Henry Necker, Jb Maryland 

James Louis Nieberlein Maryland 

James Michael O'Connor Maryland 

Benjamin I. Orvedal Maryland 

Maynard Ely Palmer Maryland 

YONG W. Park Korea 

Elv/ood Taylor Parsons Pennsylvania 

Marc Stephen Pearlman Maryland 

Robert James Peers Maryland 

Roger Donald Porter B.C. 

Robert Francis Radlinski Maryland 

Robert Bruce Riedel Maryland 

Robert Clint Rose New Jersey 

Ralph Ernest Ruth, III Maryland * 

Fredric Lee Sachs Maryland 

Wesley Delmar Sage Maryland 

Randy Graham Schneider Virginia 

Glenn H. Schott Maryland 

David Eugene Shackelford Maryland 

Robert Willlam Sibert Maryland 

Craig Spencer Siracusa Maryland 

Vv'illiam Hugh Suder, Jr Maryland 

Charles Richard Thorne B.C. 

Wayne Aston Tocknell Maryland I 

NcuY-EN Thanh Trang Maryland 

Ahmed Bari Usmani Maryland 

Rodney J. Tay^lop. Pennsylvania 

William Ira Whiddon Maryland 

Ernest Bruce Wiessner Maryland 

Daniel Love Wilhelm Maryland 

Joseph Frederick V.'ood Maryland 

Jeffrey Bryant Young Maryland 

John Charles Zsakany, Jr Maryland 

June 7, 1969 

Charles Dolby Aaron, Jr Maryland 

George Ronald Ames Maryland 

William Lloyd Anton, Jr Maryland 

Lewis Jan Baker Maryland 

86 1969 Commencement Exercises 

■ Jeffrey AlLoAn Bassuk Maryland 

Jeffrey Eugene Beach Maryland 

Steven Richard Beattie Maryland 

Donald Frank Bechtold Neiv Jersey 

James Ellsworth Beck Maryland 

Kenneth Gene Behrens Maryland 

John Robert Bell Virginia 

John Franklin Bender Maryland 

Oscar John Benisek Maryland 

Joseph Frank Beran, Jr Maryland 

' Sven Raymond Berglowe, Jr Maryland 

Henry James Bernheimer, III Maryland 

Donald George Bertling Maryland 

Wayne Thomas Bethea Maryland 

Angel P. Bezos Maryland 

Janice Ann Bilecky Maryland 

Richard Howard Billings Maryland 

Robert Michael Blasewitz Maryland 

Richard Gordon Bisker Maryland 

Barry Alan Black Maryland 

Donald William Bogert Maryland 

Ernest William Bond Maryland 

Louis Michael Borowicz, Jr Maryland 

Frank Joseph Bowman, Jr Maryland 

Douglas Colin Branham Maryland 

Michael Francis Brennan Maryland 

Lawrence Donald Bricker, Jr Maryland 

Karl Edwin Briers Maryland 

Michael B. Brock Maryland 

Daniel Philip Brogan New York 

Chewanney Alcesso Brown Maryland 

Milton Buckler, II Maryland 

Stewart Chester Buckler, Jr Maryland 

Bohdan Bulawka Maryland 

John Robert Butler Maryland 

Howard John Callender Maryland 

Barry Ira Cantor Maryland 

Armen Carapetian Maryland 

Brian Alexander Carpenter Maryland 

John Addison Carver Maryland 

Bryant Stewart Centofanti Maryland 

Francis Karl Chaney Maryland 

Robin Earr Chase Maryland 

Joseph Philip Chirieleison, 3v.... Mary land 

Daniel Joseph Chwirut Maryland 

Harold Edward Collins, II Maryland 

Harold Samuel Collinson Maryland 

Michael Anthony CoM^B^Rl\T^.. ..Maryland 

: Timothy John Consroe Maryland 

Thomas Frederick Copsey Maryland 

Arthur Lance Corbin Maryland 

Robert Junior Craig Maryland 

R03ER Graham Cronshey Maryland 

Thomas Michael CzARNECKi..Pen?7sj//-!Jawm 
Harry Samuel Dawson, Jr Maryland 

Edwin Patrick Deckert D.C. 

Charles Ellsworth Delss, Jr Maryland 

Charles Alan Dennis Maryland 

Dale Gregory Dixon Maryland 

Linda Carol Dorsey Maryland 

John William Easter New York 

Charles Norman Eckert Maryland 

Stephen Perry Edv/^ards Maryland 

Vernon Woodrow Edwards Maryland 

Uldis Elstins Maryland 

Charles Reno Engle, III Maryland 

Jo;iN Edward Etheridge Maryland 

John Wendel Evans Maryland 

Emilio Angel Fernandez, Jr Maryland 

Bruce Frederic Field Maryland 

Carl F. Fink Maryland 

Arthur Samuel Flewelling Maryland 

Jerry Lee Foster Maryland 

Raymond James Fox Maryland 

Myer Garnek Maryland 

Ronald C. Gibson Maryland 

George A. Gilliland Maryland 

Robert Earl Gladden Maryland 

Ray Elmo Glass, Jr Maryland 

Leon J. Goldschmidt Maryland 

Ronald W. Gordon Maryland 

Richard Lee Gore Maryland 

Stanley Thomas Gorski Pennsylvania 

Howard Arthur Grad Maryland 

Stephen Henry Graff Maryland 

Charles Arthur Gribaudo Maryland 

James Ronald Griffiths Maryland 

Cl.\ude Henry Gross Maryland 

Frederick John Grozinger New York 

Mark William Hall Maryland 

Michael King Hancock Maryland 

William Edward Hanson Maryland 

Charles Dana Harrah, II Maryland 

Emory Young Harrison Maryland 

Robert Murray Harvey Maryland 

Darryl Lynn Hearn Maryland 

Charles Bernard Hedstrom Maryland 

Richard Lee Helmick Maryland 

Frank Fredrick Hertsch Maryland 

Dieter Hess Maryland 

Dennis Ray Hewitt Maryland 

John R. Hill Maryland 

Edmond Charles Holweck Maryland 

Mauricio Gabriel Horvilleur Maryland 

Raymond Carl Horz, Jr Maryland 

Carl Michael Hudak Maryland 

Serafim Ivask Maryland 

Edouard V. IZAC, III D.C. 

John Joseph Jacobs New York 

Edgar Gehr Jacques, II Maryland 

University of Maryland 87 

Kenneth E. Jenkins Maryland 

Thomas John Jesswein Maryland 

George Thomas Kallarakal Maryland 

James Charles Kane Maryland 

Robert Kenneth Kefauver Maryland 

Robert Warren Kepner, Jr Maryland 

Denis John King Maryland 

Sylvester James Kline, Jr Maryland 

Gerard Peter Knauer Maryland 

Morris Julius Kornblit Maryland 

Ravi C. Krishnan India 

Carl Edvitard Kupfer Maryland 

Charles R. Landis Maryland 

Carl Alfred Larson Maryland 

Susan Jane Lasher Maryland 

Eddy G. Lee Maryland 

KoON Show Lee D.C. 

Lawrence Louis Lehmann Maryland 

Robert Alan Leonard Maryland 

William Paul Levin Maryland 

Stephen Edward Livingston Maryland 

Larry Eugene Longanecker Maryland 

Lynn Selwin Lowry Maryland 

BlENNETH Mark Maillar Maryland 

Joseph Adrian Manchester Maryland 

Edward Bell Marks Virginia 

James Melvin Martinson Maryland 

Francis Xavier Maskol Maryland 

Philip Wayne Matthews Maryland 

Lance Harrison Mayhew Maryland 

James Kesler Mayo, Jr Maryland 

Daniel G. Mays, Jr Maryland 

Harry Burton McAllister Maryland 

Willard Edwin McCarty Maryland 

Charles Harvey Meister Maryland 

Louis Leonard Meomartino Maryland 

Newell Washington Messick, III 


Clifford Allen Metger Maryland 

Theodore John Michalek Maryland 

Charles G. Miller Maryland 

John Marshall Miller Maryland 

Raymond Earle Minter Maryland 

James Edward Molesworth Maryland 

Harvey Roger Moran, Jr Maryland 

Stephen William Mulligan Maryland 

Randall Paul Myers Maryland 

Walter Upshur Nicholas, Jr Maryland 

Edward Jesse Norris Maryland 

Robert Lee Northedge Maryland 

Mark Edward Nusbaum Maryland 

Charles Robert Olsen Maryland 

John Gordon O'Neill Maryland 

Darryl Wayne Palmer Maryland 

Joseph E. Parkany Pennsylvania 

Robert Alan Pattishall Maryland 

John James Pbtrakis Maryland 

William Charles Piccirilu Maryland 

David Marcus Pickett Maryland 

Richard G. Piepoli Maryland 

Clayton Lawrence Pittiguo, Jr. 


Charles Einig Platz Maryland 

Robert Stanley Plue Maryland 

Paul Sigmund Potash Maryland 

Melvin Donax Pottillo, II Maryland 

Juhan Karl Raidma Maryland 

Thomas James Ramisch Maryland 

WiLLUM Lawrence Ramsey Maryland 

Rondall Charles Rector Maryland 

Carl Louis Reichwein Maryland 

Kenneth Donald Remmers Maryland 

Richard George Reynolds Maryland 

Jan Ellis Rhoads Maryland 

Alan Wade Riley Maryland 

Charles William Riley, Jr Maryland 

Michael Barron Riordan Maryland 

David Randolph Rittenhouse Maryland 

William James Ritter, Jr Maryland 

John Lee Ritzmann Maryland 

John Edward Robinson Maryland 

Robert Rosenthal Maryland 

BIichael D. Ruback New York 

Donald Clinton Runaldue Maryland 

Dennis Michael Schneider Maryland 

Howard Lawrence Schriefer Maryland 

Arch Chilton Scurlock, Jr Virginia 

James Richard Seawall, Jr Maryland 

Mohammad Hossein Seirafi Iran 

Bruce Vernon Sewell Maryland 

Edward Michael Shedlock Maryland 

Earl Dennis SHOLLENBERCER.J'ennsj/teanMi 
Joseph Edward Siegmund, III... Mary land 

Mark Bruce Skane Maryland 

Jack Albert Smith Maryland 

James Maitrice Edward SiUiiB.....Maryland 

Lee C. Smith Maryland 

Arnold Lee Solomon Maryland 

Thomas Francis Soya Pennsylvania 

Walter Squillari Maryland 

Barry Lee Stann Virginia 

Robert Allyn Sutton Maryland 

Dale Frederick Swearer Maryland 

Samuel John Taylor Maryland 

Samuel Thomas Thawley Maryland 

Randall Henry Tiedemann Maryland 

George Albert Timberlake, jR..Maryland 

Thomas Leighton Toone, Jr. Maryland 

James Francis Turner Maryland 

David P. VAN Bushkirk New Jersey 

88 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Robert Owen Ward Maryland 

Carlton A. Washburn Maryland 

Dennis Eaton Webb Maryland 

Jeffrey Ira Weisleder Costa Rica 

Mark Vincent Wenzel Maryland 

Alan Scott Weyman Maryland 

Jerald Richard Wheeler Maryland 

Ronald Clarence Willard Maryland 

Hendrik Willems Maryland 

Charles Herman Williams, Jr.. .Maryland 

John Kerr Williams Maryland 

Joseph Robert Wise, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Frank Wolfman Maryland 

Robert Vincent Wray, III Maryland 

Keith Charles Wright Virginia 

Don Phillip Yelton Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Marjory Brooks, Dean of the College 

August 30, 1968 

Mary Ann C. Baylis Maryland 

Mary Ann Burgett Maryland 

Kate Ann Ebbeler Maryland 

ViDA Marilena Finch Maryland 

Ann Michaele Findlay Maryland 

John George Geiger Maryland 

Lois Morse Gurel Maryland 

Ronald Franz Jacoby Maryland 

Carol Jean Lahr Maryland 

Mary Ursula Montbrland Maryland 

Esther Stein Maryland 

Priscilla Wallace Maryland 

Karen Michaelena Zamites Maryland 

January 24, 1969 

Judith Lynn Askren Maryland 

Nancy Jean Auer Maryland 

Marion D. Brown New Jersey 

Mary Patricia Callahan Maryland 

Karen Reinet Dimsdale D.C. 

Helen Lee Fearing Maryland 

Carol Ann Gaffney Maryland 

Gerald Thomas Greeson Maryland 

Etta Susanne Haggerty Maryland 

Pamela Claire Harrell Maryland 

Jane Courtney Herman Maryland 

Sallyann Teresa Kloss Maryland 

Janet Virginia Leach Maryland 

Patricia Ann Lovelace Maryland 

Patricia Jo Martin Maryland 

Linda Sxra: Morgan Maryland 

Nancy Benson Musgrave Maryland 

Betty Ann Newton Massachiisetta 

Kathy Jean O'Brien Maryland 

Alva Joyce Palmer Maryland 

Yolanda Parker Pardo Maryland 

R. Ann Patterson Maryland 

Elaine Paula Reuben Maryland 

John George Schickler, III Maryland 

Janet Anne Schwaez Maryland 

TwiLA I. Sharp Maryland 

Patricia Ann Sines Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Sullivan Maryland 

Kristina Anne Suydam Maryland 

Mai Tammaru Maryland 

Anne Elizabeth Zdobysz Maryland 

June 7, 1969 

Patricia Ann Ackerman Maryland Judith Alvis Bailey Maryland 

Margaret Ann Adorian Maryland Lily Ann Bailey Maryland 

University of Maryland 89 

Valette Eleanor Barekman Maryland 

Sandra Dianne Berry Maryland 

Margaret Hallie Bishop. ...North Carolina 

Lynn Marie Bladen Maryland 

Katherine Susanne Bleil Maryland 

Phylis Ann Burbrink Maryland 

Patricia Susan Burger Maryland 

Helen Sharon Burton Maryland 

B.vrbara Ann Campbell Maryland 

Mary Alice Carey Maryland 

Nancy Ellen Castle Maryland 

Ann Rose Centineo Maryland 

Janice Ann Clark Maryland 

Lizabeth Emili Cline Maryland 

Kathryn Hicks Cook Maryland 

Diane Louise Cross Maryland 

Margaret Ann Crowley Maryland 

Virginia Barron Dawes Maryland 

Jane Reynolds Dean Maryland 

Dianne Marlo DePue Maryland 

Sharon Louise Diehl Maryland 

Carol Dodd New Jersey 

Gay Helene D'Onofrio Maryland 

Katherine Eunice Duncan Maryland 

Susan Lloyd Eidson Maryland 

Susan Nancy Feit Maryland 

Patsy Jean Fowler Maryland 

Beverly Crail Fox Maryland 

Marsha Jane Francis Maryland 

Catherine Ruth Frazier Maryland 

Marjorie Catherine Frey Virginia 

Linda Ann Gallant Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Rosetta Gordon 


Karen Marie Grabenstein Maryland 

Carolyn Anne Green Maryland 

Gay Hanford Grieger Maryland 

Eleanor Marie Grimes Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Hamill Maryland 

Karen Ann Hansen Delaivare 

Lynda M. Hanson Maryland 

Roberta Kathryn Hinds Maryland 

Carol Faye Janowitz Maryland 

Dorothy Annetta Jenkins Maryland 

Steven Ronald Jeweler Maryland 

Janet Lee Jones Maryland 

Joanny Lou Jones Maryland 

Karen Louise Jones Maryland 

Anne Leclercq Keiley Maryland 

John R. Kohles Maryland 

Linda Ingrid Kolstrom Maryland 

Barbara Lee Krouse Maryland 

RoNDA Patricia Land Maryland 

Susan Lias Landau Maryland 

Marsha Sharon Lane Maryland 

Marlene Davna Levin Maryland 

Constance H. Little Maryland 

Linda Jean Lundquist Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Machis Maryland 

Darlene Louise Matejko Maryland 

Barb.\ra Beth McCleary Maryland 

Elizabeth Kathryn McMAHAN....Marj/&ind 

Donna Lee Mitchell Maryland 

Dorothy Ellen Mizgerd Maryland 

Eileen O'Neil Mobley Maryland 

Leslie Ross Morgan Maryland 

Kimberly Gale Neal Maryland 

Carolyn Frances Neely Maryland 

Karon Gene Nelson Maryland 

Donna Jo Newcomb Maryland 

Solveig Joy Paulson Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Pellegrino Nevi Jersey 

Carolyn Julie Perry Maryland 

Bonnie Cheryl Pickett Maryland 

Carol Ann Pinkos Maryland 

Mary Ellen Pinkos Maryland 

Virginia Ann Pszwaro New Jersey 

Marsha Kay Pueucker Maryland 

Carol Ann Pyle Maryland 

Catherine Munro RAVENSCROFT..Afarj/tond 

Sherri Lynn Reisman Maryland 

Connie Rhea Roberts Maryland 

Marcia Lynn Robinson Maryland 

Roberta Gail Rode Maryland 

Brenda Rubin Maryland 

April Antonina Sanalitro Maryland 

Lezlie Schafer Maryland 

Andrea Sharp Maryland 

WiLMA Virginia Shockley Maryland 

LORA LiANNE Silvester Maryland 

Kathleen Margaret Smith Maryland 

Linda Marie Smith Maryland 

Carol Judy Staub Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Stephens Maryland 

Alice Virginia Stinnett Maryland 

Susan D. Templin Maryland 

Connie Louise Thibeau Texas 

Paulette K. Thornhill D.C. 

Alicia Blanch Tucker Maryland 

Elizabeth Faye Turner Maryland 

Rebecca Cox Twining Maryland 

Margaret Mary Wall Maryland 

Susan Muirhead Weiffenbach.. ..Ma?-i/tond 

Sharon Paxil Weinberg Maryland » 

Mary Elizabeth Weirich Maryland 

Sherill Ann Wells Maryland 

Betty E. Willson Maryland 

Carol S. Wright Maryland 

Janet Carol Zabriskie Maryland 

Mary Jane Zavoyna Maryland 

90 1969 Commencement Exercises 


Candidates will be presented by William S. Stone, M.D., Dean of the School 

June 7, 1969 

Bruce Calvin Albright Maryland 

Margaret Ann Boehm Maryland 

John Joseph Carlucci Maryland 

Gail Lynn Carver Massachusetts 

Marcia Ellen Datko Maryland 

Florence Ruth Elkin Maryland 

R. Jinny Goldstein Maryland 

Roberta Jean LaSalle California 

Julane Kay Pynn New York 

Allan Edward Rosenfeld Maryland 

Margaret Ann Schmitt Maryland 

Tina Rochelle Shapiro Maryland 

Gregory Joseph Silva New Jersey 

Carol Jean Spangler Pennsylvania 

Aura Lynn Steele New York 

Karen Jean Unerfusser Pennsylvania 

Eileen Carol Volkmer Maryland 

Howard Kenneth Wagenheim. ...Afarytend 

Brenda Jean Weaver Pennsylvania 

Harry F. Whilden, Jr Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Marion Mxirphy, Dean of the School 

August 30, 1968 

Marie Ethel Anderson Maryland 

Frances D. Barber Marylaivd 

Frances Stinson Bittle Pennsylvania 

Sharon Carter Collins D.C. 

Susan Kay Connell Maryland 

Eugenia Frances Conrad Maryland 

Helen Ruth Mechalske Maryland 

Janet Kraft MiLLEai. Maryland 

Sharon Peirce Reier Maryland 

Nancy Louise Schmidt Maryland 

Barbara Lee Tassone Maryland 

January 24, 1969 

Elsie McDonald Aldridge Maryland 

Martha Theresa Antkowiak Maryland 

Doris Elaine Bessette Rhode Island 

Anna Marie Brock Maryland 

Mary JoAnn Campbell Maryland 

Kathryn Marie Cline Wisconsin 

Rita Claire DeBolt California 

Jeannette Marie Edwards Maryland 

Sandra Louise Freer Maryland 

Nancy Chilton Fuller Maryland 

Elsie Regina Harwell Maryland 

Paulette Carol Haug Maryland 

Regina Marie Haughnby Virginia 

Linda Coleman Haynes Maryland 

Barbara Lee Henegar Maryland 

Diane Elizabeth Jump D.C. 

Barbara Ann Karaway New Jersey 

Carol May Kaufman Maryland 

Eileen Rose Kellaher Maryland 

Betty Jean Knafp Maryland 

Carol Ann Lawson Maryland 

JANET Frances Lee Maryland 

Maxine Magee „ Maryland 

Cynthia Thelma March Maryland 

Lee Ann Masaschi Maryland 

Elaine Sue Maxey Maryland 

Margaret Anne McGreevy Maryland 

Beverly Martin Moore California 

University of Maryland 91 

Beatrice Vose Mooan Pennsylvania 

Peggy LeBeau Morris California 

Margaret Catherine Parry Maryland 

Linda CantWEIX Quimby Maryland 

Karen Marie Richardson Maryland 

Nancy Jane Robertson Maryland 

Carol Ann Schorr Maryland 

Paula Diann Schwartz Kansas 

Patricia Ann Snyder Maryland 

Judy Dune Stewart Maryland 

Margaret Jane Taylor Maryland 

Joanne Faye Volkman Maryland 

Barbara Stone Ward Maryland , 

Lawrence Charles Washington 


Jean Garnett Wiluams D.C. 

Venida Charity Young D.C. 

June 7, 1969 

Nancy Leigh Adams Maryland 

Claudia Louise Albrecht Maryland 

Sandra Michele Alper New York 

Carol Ann Armstrong /owa 

Jill ASHWORTH Maryland 

Mary Kathryn Aydelotte Maryland 

Shirley Ann Beer North Dakota 

Cecile Marie Behneman Maryland 

Georgia Emma Bell Maryland 

Priscilla Lea BennettA Maryland 

Elizabeth C. Bishop Massachiisetts 

Carolyn Sollar Blasdel Texas 

NicKi Leigh Bonner Maryland 

Marianna Bortner Maryland 

Patricia Altenburg BOTHWELL..Mari/?oKd 

Barbara Jean Broyles Maryland 

Kathleen Elizabeth Bruderman 


Linda Joyce Burton Georgia 

Susan Terre Burtram Maryland 

Elizabeth Susan Busch JPennsylvania 

Diana Eyres Caplan Maryland 

Katherine Brooks Carroll Maryland 

Sandra Louise Cawley Maryland 

Donna Jeian Chemsak Maryland 

Paula Ann Chick Maryland 

Linda L. Cloyd Pennsylvania 

Judith Ann Cluchey New York 

Betty Jean Coale Maryland 

Bonnie Lee Collins Maryland 

Linda Sue Coniff Maryland 

Ann Lucille Corley Missouri 

Elizabeth Jeanne Corso Maryland 

Susan Varner Corso Maryland 

Joanne Frances Cranford Maryland 

Rhonalee Davis Maryland 

Shirley Monroe Davis Pennsylvania 

Beverly Anne Dearing Maryland 

Barbara Anne Dein Texas 

Meunda Ruth Dixon Maryland 

Pierrette Charlyne Duggins.. ..Afarj/Zand 

Julia Rose Elmore Pennsylvania 

Betty Jean Erickson Illinois 

Rebecca Katherine Evans Maryland 

Linda Louise Fahrney Maryland 

Sandra Falck Maryland 

Suzanne Jane Faris South Carolina 

Denise Christine Feller Montana 

Michele Mary Fernan New York 

Mary Charlotte FLiNCHBAUGH....yirgrinMi 

Nancy Malcomson Foltyn Maryland 

Eleanor Veronica Frank New Jersey 

Teri Marla Friedman Maryland 

Mildred Mae Glaw Maryland 

Connie Lynn Gooch Maryland ^ 

Jennie Lynn Vogler GooiiWiN....Maryland 

Reba Elena Goslee Maryland 

RoCHELLE Ivy Gysler Montana 

Karen Sue Haase .....Ohio 

Judith Claire Harris Maryland 

Kathleen Ann Hatfield Maryland 

Janice Irene Haynes Michigan 

Lavinia ShOCKLEY Hearn Maryland 

Donna Catherine Herndon Maryland 

Barbara Jean HESsELMAN....Pe7msj//vania 

Elizabeth Almina Hewitt D.C. 

Bette Sue Hill Florida 

Patricia Ann Holshue Montana 

Dena Lou Horton Maryland 

Shirley Claire Hosier California 

Nan Carolyn Howard Maryland 

Elizabeth J. Huebner Maryland 

Anita Gale Humphreys Louisiana 

Joyce Susan Ireland Maryland 

Phyllis Kelly Isaacs Maryland 

Constance Golas Ison Colorado "' 

Barbara Carey Jacobs Maryland 

Helen Dolores Jagiello Virginia 

Martha Emily Jennings Maryland 

Gloria Louise Joachim Maryland 

Louise Elaine Johnson Iowa 

92 1969 Commencement Exercises 

' Joyce LePaula Jones Maryland 

Johnnie Sue Jordan Wisconsin 

Joanne Francis Kane New York 

Susan M. Kauffman Pennsylvania 

Sandra Lynn Killey Texas 

Mary Theresa KLiNGELHOFER....Afarj/tond 

Pamela Jo Koponen Michigan 

Mary Frances Kozbl Maryland 

Martha Jean Lewis Minnesota 

Sandra Greenquist Lindell Virginia 

" Karen Ann Lough Alabama 

Susan C. Low Arizona 

Lavinia Moler Mahoney Maryland 

Ann Marie Malonbty Massachusetts 

Victoria Anne Marchuk Pennsylvania 

Jerry Ann Martin „ .....Indiana 

Veronica Bernadette May Maryland 

Anne Harrison Sloan McGlincy 


Patricia L. McIntire Maryland 

Beverly Jane Meadows Maryland 

Marianne Cecilia Meyer Florida 

Kathleen Jane Michalski Maryland 

Carole Lois Miller Maryland 

Marianne Elizabeth Miller Maryland 

Jennie Ann Moore Maryland 

Diana Marie Mosco Maryland 

Regina Marie Moses Maryland 

' Kathleen Ann Mossing Ohio 

Eileen Faye Nagel Maryland 

Georgia Lyn Narsavage Pennsylvania 

Nancy Davidson Neal Maryland 

Eileen Adler Newburger Maryland 

Madeline Anne Ney Pennsylvania 

Carol Ann Nily Maryland 

Jeanette Paul Olson Maryland 

Nancy Kay Olson Wisconsin 

Claire Oosterhop Indiana 

Patricia J. Ouimette Missouri 

Lynette Jean Paaemann Iowa 

Linda Marie Palmateer Maryland 

Dianne Lee Peckens Michigan 

Corentheis B. Perry Maryland 

Joan Inger Peterson New York 

Gail Elizabeth Prince Maryland 

Sharyn Marie Quirk Maryland 

Carol Lucille Raab Maryland 

Donna Jewell Reid Illinois 

, Toni Tripp Reimer „ Iowa 

Paula Carole Reuter Maryland 

Judy Irene Rhoad Maryland 

Merrily Jane Riha Maryland 

Catherine Anne Roach Maryland 

Linda Jones Roberts Maryland 

Mary Frances Rooney New York 

Jacqueline Eve Rosensteen Maryland 

Bernice Arnitha Ross Maryland 

Elise Marie Roy Massachusetts 

Bette Ann Russ Maryland 

Andrea Joyce Sadey Maryland 

Marion Frances Santry Massachusetts 

Mary Theresa Schlow Maryland 

ViCKi Ann Scott Maryland 

Cheryl Bonita Scrutchings B.C. 

Mary Lillian Shimo Maryland 

Pamela Jeanne Shipley Maryland 

Judith Sloop Maryland 

Gail Suzanne Smith Maryland 

Karen Dale Smith Maryland 

Linda P. Spurgeon Maryland 

Ann Moyer Stapelpeld Pennsylvania 

Margaret Phillips Stevens Maryland 

Dianne Lee Stewart Maryland 

Imogene Stockslager Maryland 

Regina Ann Street Virginia 

Barbara Gilman Sullivan Ohio 

Margarita Maria Suarez Virginia 

Karen Tatum New York 

Patricia Tatum New York 

Paula Jean Taylor Massachusetts 

Sue Ann Thomas Maryland 

Janet Louise Thompson Maryland 

Sharon Louise Thompson Wisconsin 

Barbara Gale Thorne Maryland 

Madelon Annmarie Visintainer 

Katharine Elizabeth WAiiAvs....Maryland 

Maureen Walsh New York 

Pamela P. Watson Maryland 

Kathleen Clements WECHSLER..Maryland 

Joan Weintraub Maryland 

Carol Ann Wenzel Maryland 

Mildred Elizabeth Weri^et.. Massachusetts 

Lynda Anne Whitlow Virginia 

Laura Adella. Whitman Maryland 

Margaret Monson Willums Maryland 

Mary Jan Wire Maryland 

Linda Mary Witcavitch New Jersey 

Mary Ann Yukon Maryland 

Sherry Lannon Zane Maryland 

Jon Stefanie Zimmerman Maryland 

University of Maryland 93 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. William J. Kinnard, Jr., Dean of the School 

January 24, 1969 

Charles B. Hirsch Marylavd 

June 7, 1969 

Joseph Ackman Maryland 

Michael Jay Appel Maryland 

Mary Anne Balcer Maryland 

Charles Alfred Besser, III Maryland 

Harold Jack Block Maryland 

Thomas Vance Bolling Maryland 

William Keith Cooper Maryland 

Clint Richard Crooks Maryland 

James Bernard Gulp, Jr Maryland 

Morrell Charles Delcher Maryland 

Edward Guy Dowling Maryland 

Barry Alan Edelman Maryland 

Robert Bruce Gerstein Maryland 

Paul Grossman New Jersey 

Janice Elaine Hastings Maryland 

Pamela Marie Hill Maryland 

George Lawrence Hogue Maryland 

Leonard Jarkowski, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Lee Kandel Maryland 

Paul Edward Kaniecki Maryland 

Edward George Kern Maryland 

Robert Lee Kestler Maryland 

Stephen Carl Klebrowski Maryland 

John Francis Krause Maryland 

Henry David Leikach Maryland 

Julie Eileen Limric Maryland 

Richard Sylvan Lipov Maryland 

John Michael Motsko, Jr Maryland 

Alphonse Poklis Pennsylvania 

Ralph Earl Roberts, Jr Maryland 

David Howard Rochlin Maryland 

Edward Walter Rosser, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Schneider Maryland 

Jack Marvin Siegel Maryland 

Bonnie Faye Smith Maryland 

Donald Wayne Taylor Maryland 

Charles Francis Trunk Maryland 

Kathleen Lunz Trunk Maryland 

John Charles Yorkilous Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of the College 

August 30, 1968 

Frank John Bonvardo, Jr. J^ew Jersey 

Charles M. Colonnese New York 

Marion Louise Griffin Maryland 

Elmore Roy Hunter D.C. 

Gregory Frank Kuntz New Jersey 

94 ^^^^ Commencement Exercises 

Warren Elizabeth Mitzel Maryland 

Raymond DeWitt Schar, Jr Maryland 

Carol Ann Shaw Maryland 

Janet E. Shinderman Maryland 

Charles John Tine Maryland 

January 24, 1969 

John Paul Avery Ohio 

Patrick Lee Baker Pennsylvania 

Paul Stephen Bodner Neiv Jersey 

Kenneth Berton Brace, Jr Maryland 

Judith Linn Brusseau D.C. 

Arthur Henry Bkzostowski New Jersey 

Bridgett Ree Bunch Maryland 

Nada Maria Diachenko Maryland 

' Nancy Cole Dosch Maryland 

Harold Thomas Elliott Maryland 

Robert Michael Goldstein Maryland 

Mark R. Grobaker Maryland 

Richard David Hargrove Maryland 

Michael Ray Hoch Delaware 

Mitchell Lee Hoffman Maryland 

Francis Ronald Hoffmann Maryland 

Alonzo James Jones Maryland 

William Ernest Jones Maryland 

George Nevin Lipscomb Maryland 

Joan Clarke Martin Maryland 

Bernard Philip O'Rourke Maryland 

Robert A. Powell Maryland 

Jane Paula Ranofsky Maryland 

Joyce Carol Ridgeway Maryland 

Donald Patrick Rushing Maryland 

Laurie Ann Ryan Maryland 

Bonnie Lou Shields Maryland 

M.VP.LENE F. Sneider Maryland 

B. Ellen Sousane Maryland 

Mary Axtell Thomas Maryland 

Thomas Taliaferro Thompson Virginia 

June Andrea Tuozzo Maryland 

William Warren Wagner Maryland 

Edvv^aed Tyrone Walker Maryland 

James D. White, II Maryland 

Michael James Widner Maryland 

June 7, 1969 

Linda Louise Abdow Maryland 

Patricia Lynne Adkins Maryland 

William Sherman Allen, II Maryland 

Linda Esther Baer Maryland 

Jo Ellen Baker Maryland 

Richard James Bartos Maryland 

Ralph Henry Beachley, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Joan Boundford Maryland 

Victor R. Brescia Maryland 

Susan Melinda Brown Maryland 

Paul Edward Callahan Maryland 

Charles Chalk Maryland 

Elizabeth Comee Massachusetts 

David Dean Delmer Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Dougherty Maryland 

Jessica Helaine Forman Maryland 

Linda Lee Fuller Maryland 

Sara Susan Gammon Maryland 

Fred Edward Graham New York 

C. Eric Gronbech New York 

Carol Ann Guy Maryland 

Daniel Barry Hart Maryland 

Linda Margaret Haynes Maryland 

Nancy Elaine Hearn Maryland 

Martha M. Henkel Maryland 

Francis Ronald Hoffmann Maryland 

Robert Edward Lee Hutsler, Jr. 


John William Jarboe Maryland 

Francis M. Jones, Jr Maryland 

Karen Eileen Kells Pennsylvania 

William Lee Kennedy, III Maryland 

George Robert Kirchgassner Maryland 

Linda Ruth Laycock Maryland 

Barry R. Levin Maryland 

Irene Else Lowenstein Maryland 

Diane Frances Lukas Maryland 

Stephen Jay Mahaney Maryland 

Anthony Peter MAzzACCARO..Pennsylvania 

Linda Joan McCollum Maryland 

Hugh Riley McWilliams, Jr Maryland 

Ann Elliott Meyer Virginia 

Olga Miller Maryland 

William Morgan Mitchell New York 

Linda Jean Murray Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Myslinski New York 

Donald Paul Nowaskey Maryland 

John L. O'Brien New Jersey 

Gary Earle Pakulla Maryland 

Terry Thomas Parresol Maryland 

Charles Alan Pastrana Maryland 

iRA Sidney Paul, III Maryland 

Pamela Sue Peridier Maryland 

Roger Dennis Perna Maryland 

George Jerome Petrlik Maryland 

James Edward Pitt Maryland 

University of Maryland 95 

Kathleen Annette Regan Michigan 

Kitty Lane Roberts West Virginia 

Denis Charles Schanberger Maryland 

Sandra Sue Serf Maryland 

James H. Sheldon Maryland 

Joseph Charles Simoldoni New Jersey 

Jack Jerome Slye Maryland 

Douglas Barry Smith Maryland 

Stephen Cloy Smith Maryland 

Susanne Smith Maryland 

Douglas Alton Springer Maryland 

Cynthia Gay Stup Maryland 

Richard Charles Thomas Maryland 

Dennis Carrigan Thrower Maryland 

Stephen Duane Washburn Virginia 

Malcolm Frank Wilkerson, Jr.. Maryland 

Sheila Louise Willlams Maryland 

William Keech Wilson, Jr Maryland 

George Joseph Wojtech New Jersey 

John Richard Wright Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean of the College 

August 30, 1968 

Richard Maleson Alpher Maryland 

Kazuyo Beauchamp Hawaii 

Peter DeWitt Blauvelt Maryland 

Charles Edward Brady Maryland 

Edwin William Chambeujlain, Jr. 


Robert William Clarke Ohio 

Harold Joseph Cross, Jr Maryland 

JuDSON Charles Davis, jR...West Virginia 

Joseph Alexander de Buzna New York 

Cornelio De Ranter, Jr Maryland 

Charles Anthony Demario Maryland 

Edwin Louis Dey Maryland 

Joseph E. Drouin New Hampshire 

Gerald F. Dunaway Maryland 

Lemuel R. Egleston Florida 

John William Ermentrout Virginia 

Jerome Douglas Fallon Maryland 

Charles Dalton Fisher Washington 

James G. Gagnon Kansas 

William Snyder Gosnell Maryland 

James Joseph Hayden California 

Richard Conyers Humphrey Maryland 

Virginia Doolittle HuMPHREY..New York 
Albert Franklin Johnson, jR...Maryland 

Warren Wilfred Kam Hatvaii 

Edward Francis Kapusta Connecticut 

Kenneth Kenichi Kawanami. ...CaZi/orMia 
Patricia Rathbun KitiARD....Massachxisetts 

Paul Michael Kirby Maryland 

John Paul Kupstas Maryland 

Linda Ann Laffoon Maryland 

Peter Boris Lassotovitch Maryland 

Edwin Charles Law Maryland 

Charles E. Lesher Maryland 

Robert Elmer Loehe Virginia 

Stephen Anthony Lord D.C. 

Suzanne Claridy Lyon New York 

Allan Douglas Mac Donald New York 

Andrew Marriock Maryland 

WiLLLAM Allan McManus Minnesota 

John Wilson McNulty D.C. 

Thomas Franklin Melbourn.. ..Cah'/orreia 

Jack Donald Melton Mississippi 

Rosemary Diane Mickle Maryland 

John Lewis Milton Kentucky 

Joseph Jarrell Morris South Carolina 

Robert Dale Nelson J).C. 

Thelmore Lamar Pitts Virginia 

Paul Arthur Praria Maryland 

Frederick Joseph Richardson, III 


WiNNiEFRED S. Sandico Philippines 

John A. Swindlehurst Minnesota 

Billy Howard Thompson Maryland 

Jeanette Glass Tieman New York 

Thomas K. Toner Texas 

Bright Kilpatrick Walker Maryland 

Marion Richard Wheeler Illinois 

Alonzo Bernard Wickers California 

June C. Wilson Maryland 

96 1969 Commencement Exercises 

January 24, 1969 

James Arthur Anderson Texas 

ViTTORiA Marie Barge Maryland 

Charles Frederick Barker D.C. 

George Edwin Barton Virginia 

Charles Vincent Beagan Maryland 

Shirley Ann Bebout Maryland 

Joyce Evelyn Beeson Arkansas 

, Allan Josepji Betag Maryland 

Linda Sue Bishop Washington 

Donald John Brescia Maryland 

Charles Fredric Brewster New Jersey 

Franklin John Buck, Jr Pennsylvania 

Albert Nicholas BuTKOviCH....Arew Jersey 

Ronald Douglas Butler Virginia 

Harris Benjamin Cargill Virginia 

Franklin Herman Case Minnesota 

William James Cell Pennsylvania 

Ralph Samuel Cerney Virginia 

Linda R. Chaklos Pennsylvania 

Paul Alan Childers California 

Samuel Clark, Jr Maine 

Peter Stanton Coe Wisconsiyi 

James King Dashiell Maryland 

Calvin Thornton Durgin, Jr Spain 

William Lewis Evenden Florida 

I Robert Anthony FARiNELLA..Pen7isi/?vonja 

Thomas Joseph Fisher California 

Riley Treadway Folson Virginia 

John Gall Fox Virginia 

Foster French Frazier, Jr Tennessee 

Robert R. Fredlund Maryland 

Kendall Richard Free Maryland 

Drexell Arleiase George Florida 

Fred Rudolf Gittler California 

Selma F. Goldberg Maryland 

Alan Eric Greenfield New Hampshire 

James Bruce Griser Illinois 

Michael Miles Haberer Maryland 

Milton D. Haines Texas 

Roger Howard Hair Michigan 

LoREN Warner Hall Kansas 

Michael Halyshyn Virginia 

Daniel Melford Harris Missouri 

Robert F. Hastings Wisconsin 

James B. Hearne New Hampshire 

Jack Lawrence Hetrick Pennsylvania 

" David Spencer Hoag Virginia 

Ralph Holweck Maryland 

Gerald Joseph Hroblak Maryland 

Lloyd Melvin Jackson Maryland 

William Lewis Jones Virginia 

John Michael Kane Maryland 

Harry Monroe Kemp Virginia 

Jack Lee Kime Indiana 

Earl Benjamin King Maryland 

Joseph Peter Kovacs, Jr New Jersey 

John Charles Lajoye, Jr Maryland 

Stephanie Diane Leigh Kansas 

Helen Fiala Lewis Florida 

Ruby F. Long California 

Donald Malcolm MacLeod Texas 

Marjorie Harrison MACMuRRAY..Mari/tend 

William Fouhy Madden Maryland 

Robert Allen Madsen Maryland 

William Mahan New York 

David William Malinger Maryland 

Arland Reed Marlette Missouri 

Calvin Francis Marquis Maine 

Clarence Ashley Mathews, Jr Illinois 

Daniel Walter Martin Maryland 

Ronald Gene Mattingly Maryland 

Linda Ruth Maier McCaw California 

Mary Zita Mitchell Virginia 

Broniglaw Raymond Mogenis.... Maryland 

Joyce A. Montague Texas 

Roy Harold Moore Maryland 

Winter King Moore, Jr Maryland 

Roy George Moreland, Jr Maryland 

Werner Herman Morlock Florida 

Trevis Moss Florida 

Charles Edward Munderloh, 11. .Maryland 

Dennis Kirk Murphy Virgiyiia 

Jim Masaru Myose California 

Betty S. Nall Florida 

Vinson Foster Nash Virginia 

Chester Joseph Nasiatka California 

Erica Frances Noon D.C. 

Katherine Annabel Coursey Palmer 

Mary lay} d 

Jerry Orville Parrish Alabama 

Paul E. Peacock, III Florida 

Charles Edward Perley, III 


Francis Joseph Phaneuf New York 

Peggy Griffin Finer Mississippi 

John Jackson Platter Maryland 

William Printz Maryland 

Robert Joseph Ray Maryland 

John Francis Reardon Maryland 

Milton LeRoy Redd Texas 

Stephen Alan Renner Maryland 

David Lynn Renshaw Maryland 

William Joel Rhodes D.C. 

James Edwin Rife Pennsylvania 

Antonio Salvador Maryland 

Hans Juergen Schneider Virginia 

University of Maryland 97 

Ronald Raymond Schultz Maryland 

William Joseph Sheridan Illinois 

Bettie Jean Slade Texas 

Edward Smith Virginia 

Harold Snyder Smith Virginia 

Richard Lee Smith New Jersey 

Lawrence Burton Swim Maryland 

Calvin Edwin Taylor Pennsylvania 

Charles Bradford Thomas Illinois 

Hugh Roger Thomas Hawaii 

Lewis Daniel Tillson Mississippi 

William J. Trunkes Virginia 

Josephine May Turnure Virginia 

George Frank Uhl B.C. 

Ernest Peter Vabda Maryland 

Irving Robert Wendt Michigan 

Marvin Jay Wenograd New York 

HoBERT Evens Whitmer Virginia 

Charles Francis Wills Maryland 

Frederick George Winters New Jersey 

Michael R. Woodrow Florida 

William Henry Woolf Virginia 

Charles Lee Young Missouri 

John Otto Yurechko New Jersey 

March 23, 1969 

Leonard A. Bunch Tennessee 

Frederick Cagney Ohio 

Mari E. Cook Indiana 

Angelo G. Covi California 

Richard James Davis Washington 

Marie Elena Griffin South Carolina 

Clarence Walter Kirchoff California 

Robert Mun Sin Lau Hawaii 

Richard Albert Ortega New York 

Harlo Vincent Stanley Colorado 

Booker Thomas Watt, Jr Arizmm 

June 7, 1969 

Conrad Byrl Alexander Maryland 

Floyd Thomas Altimus Oregon 

Harry Nash Anestos Maryland 

William Russell Asher Maryland 

Henry Avalos Florida 

Donald Edward Backer Pennsylvania 

James Clayton Bardwell Pennsylvania 

Robert Charles Barnes Maryland 

Barbara Adele Bass Illinois 

Lawrence Robert BAUERNSHUB....Morj/tond 

Thomas Terry Beach D.C. 

Knox Beatty, Jr Maryland 

Harry Medford Beckwith, Jr Michigan 

Lawrence Philip Bedore Maryland 

William Edward Bell Pennsylvania 

Linda Ann Beller Maryland 

Grace M. Beveridge Maryland 

Robert Samuel Bishop Maryland 

WiNFiELD Wilson Bitting Pennsylvayiia 

Jean Jacques Bouffard New York 

Charles David Bowers Maryland 

George Melville Bradley, Jr Virginia 

Joanne Marie Brown Neiv York 

Yuri Brown New York 

Harold A. Brownell California 

Jayne T. Bruce Virginia 

Curtis Leon Bryant Virginia 

Sydney Charles Bubes Maryland 

98 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Reginald Hamilton Buckelew, III 


Paul Roland Caisse California 

Charles Bernard Campbell Maryland 

James Leroy Carlson Maryland 

Paul Brodie Catterton Arkansas 

Reid Wilkin Chave Virginia 

Frank Howard Clark Maryland 

Samuel Clark, III Massachusetts 

James Bradford Coker Maryland 

Thomas Michael Colegrove New York 

Cosby Alonzo Coleman Louisiana 

William Coley, Jr Maryland 

Richard Lee Cook Maryland 

George Thomas Cotton Virginia 

Bruce Wayne Covell, Jr Michigan 

Edward Thomas Cremmins Maryland 

David Martel Crisp Maryland 

William McLain Curry Virginia 

Robert Allan Daniels Virginia 

Jill Michelle Davis Maryland 

Beverly Jean Day California 

Albert Joseph DeGroote Pennsylvania 

Conrad Wootson Dillon Virginia 

James Ralph Dodge Maryland 

Thomas Bernard Doherty Michigan 

James Avery Donnelly Maryland 

' Arthur Elmkr Dubois Maryland 

Donald E. Duffy New Jersey 

Anthony Duno New York 

William Lee Eckels West Virginia 

Daniel Lance Few New York 

Kenneth Arthur Flavin Virginia 

Victoria L. Forrest New York 

Donald Herbert Forsht Maryland 

Russell Ray Francis Maryland 

Monica Lisbeth Moden FRENCH..New York 

' Raiford Gaffney Gary Maryland 

Michael Joseph Gilbride D.C. 

Kathleen Tobin Graves Maryland 

Bruce Blackwood Greathouse Florida 

William Jay Greene Pennsylvania 

Douglas Drake Guernsey Virginia 

Sidney Saul Haas Maryland 

Robert Krikor Hadjian Washington 

James E. Hagin Nebraska 

Terry R. Hamsley Tennessee 

Ruth Hammond Hancock New Jersey 

Desmond Edward Harding California 

George Parker Harned, Jr Pennsylvania 

Boyd Edward Harris D.C. 

Kathleen Wilhelmina Harrison 


Karl Heinrich Heissner Maryland 

James Russell Helmick Ohio 

* Constance Cooper Hendrickson 


Robert Henry Hetu Colorado 

Roger Quentin Hoover, II Virginia 

John Joseph Houbihan Maryland 

Jerry Edwin Hoyt Maryland 

Dent Robert Hurley Maryland 

Francis G. Hustead California 

Gareth Hyndman New Jersey 

Charles Jerome Insley Florida 

James Roy Ireland California 

David Ronald Jackson California 

Sidney Terrell Kersey Georgia 

Daryl Warren Kimerer Maryland 

Michael Klimetz Florida 

John Harold Klovstad Maryland 

Elaine M. Kuny Maryland 

Harry Lyle Landis Kansas 

James Edward Laslie Maryland 

Linda Marie Leber Maryland 

, Larry Charles Leedy Maryland 

Shirley Leikach Maryland 

Barbara Anderson Lehto Michigan 

Bernard Joseph Levy Virginia 

Patricia Moreland Lewis Maryland 

Thomas Elson Lindsey Virginia 

Michael D. Livingston North Carolina 

Plinio M. Llorens Spain 

Walter Nethery l,0CKV/0OD..Pennsylvania 

Jack Bickley Lucas Maryland 

Frank Morales Lugo Virginia 

Antonio Lupo Maryland 

David Alan Lurz Maryland 

Kenneth William Mabius Pennsylvania 

William E. MAcDONALD....]Vew Hampshire 

Geraldine Magnuson California 

Donald Eugene Markle Maryland 

David Alexander Michael Martin D.C. 

Melvin Robert Martini Maryland 

Louis Michael Maze Pennsylvania 

Robert John McCaffery Maryland 

Donald Rowland McCallis ..Pennsylvania 

Ronald A. McCallum Wisconsin 

Eileen M. McConnell Maryland 

Vernon Le Roy McConnell California 

Joseph Michael Mehegan.. ..Massachusetts 

Henryk Michniak North Carolina 

Jill Diane Miller New York 

Douglas Edward Moen Wisconsin 

John James Moore Maryland 

Diana R. Moreland Florida 

Sidney Charles Morey Maryland 

Ernest Roland Morgan Virginia 

Donald Francis Anthony Mulholland 


Dennis Morgan Murphy Virginia 

Samuel Stephen Murphy Pennsylvania 

Albert Wesley Neal Maryland 

Steadman Pier Nelson Virginia 

Arthur Jay Newman Maryland 

John Aloysius O'Brien New York 

William J. Obright Maryland 

Gerald Thomas O'Guin Illinois 

Marilyn Kay Oines South Dakota 

Rbino Oscar Oksa Maryland 

Nancy Baird Orgell Maryland 

Gary Ronald Orr Maryland 

Walter Raymond Ostrom Iowa 

Richard M. Ott Maryland 

Robert Bowling Parker Maryland 

William Edwin Parker Michigan 

GAIL Ann Parrish New Jersey 

Carl Raymond Parsons California 

Joseph Arthur Payne California 

Lawrence Russell Payne Maryland 

Stanley Eugene Pemberton Maryland 

David Hayes Permar Maryland 

Bobby Lee Poarch North Carolina 

Leonard Walter PoNiATOWSKi....MicWflra.n 

University of Maryland 99 

Daniel Martin Po'WKUXnis..Pennsylvania 

Arthur Leo Prahinski, Jr Maryland 

Linda Fay Pratt Texas 

Roy Randolph Pratt Massachusetts 

Pamella Nielsen Puhrmann Missouri 

John Joseph Purcell, II New York 

Edith Goodman Querido Maryland 

James Innes Randolph Maryland 

James Brannon Reames Maryland 

Proctor Reed, Jr Maryland 

David Rennie D.C. 

Joseph Earl Revell Maryland 

Edgar Louis Richardson D.C. 

Milton Rifkin Maryland 

Donald James Robbins Maryland 

William Kenneth Roberts, 3k.. .Maryland 

Michael Alan Rubin Maryland 

John Henry Ryan, Jr Delaware 

Edmund Lester Sanchez Maryland 

Billy Ray Sanders Alabama 

Marilyn Louise Scarbrough California 

Ivan Scott Maryland 

William David Sellers, Jr. 

North Carolina 

Dalvin Serrin Virginia 

Rex Daniel Shaver Maryland 

Alfred Nathaniel Simmons Maryland 

Robert Stephen Slusser Virginia 

Lois Snyderman Maryland 

Petehj Sorge, Jr D.C. 

Robert John Spivey Maryland 

Alan Gilbert Stephenson Virginia 

Curtis Arthur Stevens Maryland 

Daniel Leonard Stevens Texas 

Robert Ray Stevens D.C. 

Jay Kenneth Stewart Oklahoma 

Donald Eugene Stoltz Maryland 

Arthur Sturm Illinois 

NANCY Ellen Kelley Thesinc. California 


Frank Joseph Tramontana New York 

William Carryl Triplett, II Illinois 

Michael David Tymchak Virginia 

Robert Carroll Van Bvskirk... .California 

David Michael Vitale Pennsylvania 

Joseph Earl Wade Kentucky 

John Wayne Waldron New York 

Carolyn Lillian Walker Maryland 

Edward Spedden Walker Maryland 

Simon Walker New York 

Philip Eugene Walko Maryland 

Constance L. Walsh West Virginia 

Norman Ware Maryland 

LuciAN James Warren Maryland 

JoHANNAH Merle Webster California 

jEntOME Gabriel Welkom Virginia 

Wesley Dean Wells Missouri 

Conrad Nels Wiger Minnesota 

Charles James Winslow Michigan 

Anthony Sylvester Welsbacher 


Dorothy Carmen Whetstone Maryland 

Reber Consuelo Williams Bermuda 

Charles Armbrustehi Wolf, Jr.. ..Maryland 

Sheldon Irving Wollman Maryland 

Michael R. Woodrow Florida 

Neil Young Maryland 

August 30, 1968 

Harold Max Bergeson Utah 

Thomas Scott Berry Virginia 

John Henry Downey, Jr Virginia 

Ray C. Glore Maryland 

Roland Paige Hall Arkansas 

Felix George Millhouse Virginia 

Warren C. Shipp Virginia 

Kenneth Dale Smith Wiscoiisin 

Robert Eugene Stone Florida 

John Leo Sullivan Virginia 

John Donald Thomas Pennsylvania 

January 24, 1969 

Calvin R. Bean Michigan 

Charles Merton Brower Texas 

Thomas A. Cook Virginia 

George Donald Easton Maryland 

Alfred H. Fierke Michigan 

Ernest Rudolph Frazier J).C. 

Forrest Gray Fultz Virginia 

Charles Louis Haefeli North Carolina 

Robert Juuus Hellwig Virginia 

John Bell Johnson Nebraska 

100 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Dayton W. Lierley, Jr Texas 

Glenn Raymond Logan Maryland 

Samuel H. McKenty Virginia 

JOHN Alison Morrison Virginia 

George Sylvester Oliver Idaho 

Harold H. Olsen, Jr Washington 

Albert Joseph Paiste Pennsylvania 

Donald Lawrence Parsons Maryland 

Donald Howard Richardson Maryland 

William Franklin Skidmore Maryland 

Matthew Svilar Maryland 

Leslie Bernhardt Thokesevi.. Pennsylvania 

James Henry Titsworth, Jr Illinois 

Fernand Richard Van LAETHEM..ytrflrinMi 
Gerald Herbert Wright California 

March 23, 1969 

David Howard Weddington North Carolina 

June 7, 1969 

Donald Elmar Avance California 

George Edward Ballwbg, Jr. 


James Michael Bannan Florida 

C. 0. Bell Georgia 

Henry ALsmT Beuke Indiana 

Warren Randall Colville New York 

George McCarty Daniel Texas 

Reginald Deagle Virginia 

'Edward Ples Dunfield Missouri 

Richard Edward Ekstrand Maryland 

Hugh Richard Everly Maryland 

Lloyd Ray Givler Maryland 

Arvid Gordon Grundset Virginia 

Dale Junior Hanks Pennsylvania 

Paul Ernest Hargrave New Jersey 

Gunther E. Hartel Pennsylvania 

DUREii Benner Hartman Virginia 

John Havlik Maryland 

Paul L. Hewett Maryland 

James Elbert Horne Virginia 

Edward F. Keeler Virginia 

Lee Nathaniel Kerson Massachusetts 

Fred Hunter Lange Minnesota 

Harold Edwin Moore Virginia 

James William Muhlbaiesi Virginia 

Berkie Eugene Norman Maryland 

Edward Ober Maryland 

Edward Francis Price Virginia 

ROBEaiT Lawrence Rollier Virginia 

James Phillip Scherck California 

Walter Richardson Scherger Virginia 

John William Schmidtke Minnesota 

Giuseppe Serangeli Virginia 

Louis Stupas Illinois 

John Francis Sullivan Wyoming 

William Kenneth Winters Maryland 

Richard James Womack Virginia 



David Conley Ballew 
Kenneth Steven Boyer 
John Henry Call, III 
Ronald Richard Falter 
Joseph Michael Finn 
Larry Edward Funk 
^Robert Roy Grimes 

Byron Leigh Harryman 
Earl William Holtzscheiteb, Jr. 
James Thomas Lee 
Dewey Feux Lockwood, Jr. 
George Merriam McVeigh, Jr. 
Geoffrey Stephen Parker 
Ira Sidney Paul, III 

University of Maryland 101 

Robert Truss Peacock 
Paul David Porter 
Donald Raymond Reid 
Alan Wade Riley 
Mark Victor Rosenker 
Raymond Lowell Seim 
Bruce Vernon Sewell 
David Kenneth Shuffer 

Richard Pierson Smith 
James Douglas Sonneborn 
Manuel Thedore Suarez, Jr. 
James Todd Vande Hey 
Paul Herrick Walker 
Mark Vincent Wenzel 
Keith Charles Wright 


John Matthew Detue 
James Richard Downing 
Joseph Michael Finke 

Charles Ellsworth Groves 
Robert William Rivers 

102 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Academic Honors 



University Gold Medal for Scholarship, Summa Cum Lauds 
Awarded to 

Robert Twining Scott 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Lauds 
Awarded to 

David Norms Taylor, Jr. 
Ramesh Chandra Sardana 

A. DuRwiN H. Chamberlain 
Theodore S. Schwartz 


Graduated With Honor 

Avery Aisen stark 
Charles G. Atkinson 
Barry Bach 
Philip T. Calder 
Nathan L. Cohen 
Douglas D. Connah, Jr. 
Stephen M. Creskoff 
Mark J. Daneker 
Robert L. Diaz 
Kenneth B. Frank 
LuciAN M. Furrow, Jr. 
John J. Ghingher, III 
Peter H. Gunst 
Donovan M. Hamm, Jr. 

Gerard A. Heidrick, Jr. 
John F. Mudd 
Carroll E. Neesemann 
Philip B. Onderdonk, Jr. 
Emily M. Rody 
Catherine P. Rosen 
Benjamin Rosenberg 
Henry M. Rutledge 
Robert J. Ryan 
Michael L. Schwartz 
William J. Scott 
Thomas E. Spath 
Judith K. Sykes 
John J. Woloszyn 


Certificate of Honor, Summa Cum Lauds 
Awarded to 

William Peter Meseroll 

University of Maryland, 105 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Howard Syd Faden David R. Richmond 

Certifieates of Honor, Cum Laude 

Samuel David Goldberg Arnold Irving Levinson 

Warren David McNeely Edward J. Kosnik 

Mark Michael Applefeld Donald Warren Krause 


Gold Medal for General Excellence 
Awarded to 

Charles Alfred Besser, III 

Certifieates of Honor 

Thomas Vance Bolling 
John Francis Krause 
Clint Richard Crooks 


Candidates for bachelors' degrees are eligrible for honors if they have completed 
at least two years of resident work (60 semester hours) at the time of graduation 
with a scholastic average of B or higher. (Computation does not include grades for 
courses taken during the last semester of registration before graduation.) The can- 
didates must also rank in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respective 
colleges. "With high honors" is awarded to the upper tenth of those in each college, 
if they qualify, and "with honors" is awarded to the second tenth of those in each 
college, if they qualify. The names of students are listed in order of their rank by 


With High Honors With Honors 

Virginia S. Krohnfeldt Madeline L. Lovett 

Rene Merlin Johnson Vernon Lee Marshall 

106 1969 Commencement Exercises 

With High Honors 

With Honors 

Roger Elliott Hitch ner 
John Elward Estep 
Roger Cissel Kuhn 
Ronald Archie Rinehart 
Earle Kenneth Stonesifer 
Edward Clifton Uebel 
Kenneth W. McLean 
Lewis Franklin Flora 
I Ralph Kenneth Williamson 

John Bruce Solie 
Dennis Carroll Hoshall 


With High Honors 

Robert Edward Burke, Jr. 
Robin Raines Collison 
Felicia Rasa Giedrys 
Sharon Louise Simmons 
Charles Alan Sneiderman 
Donald Lantz Bradfield, II 
Charles Kenneth Travers 
Bernice Steinhardt 
I Patricia Marie White 
Paul Allen Beighley 
Michael R. Eddy 
Elizabeth Abbey 
Susan Janet Vranicar 
Susan Barbara Landsman 
Ronald Edward Sweeney 
Barbara Anne Feller 
Robin Diane Gordon 
Patricia Ann Long 
Donald Edward Chamberlin 
Elizabeth Catherine Gladstone 
Carol Jeane King 
Marlene Doris Beckman 
Virginia Catherine Maiorana 
Sue Ellen Cockran 
Thomas Benton Fowler 
Carolyn Margaret Meier 
Earl Howard Teeter, Jr. 
Anita Marilyn Brown 
Harvey Jay Shulman 
Marianne Theresa Hill 
Bernice R. Tannenbaum 
Susan Fellows 
Joanne H. Schwartz 
Mary Karen Renninger 
Marjorie Susan Litwin 
Barry Stevan Raskin 

With Honors 

Lynn Marie Zaplaski 
Joyce Marie Perrie 
Paula Ellen Cohen 
Janice Anita Singer 
Harold Jeffrey Tucker 
Robert Burton Fine 
Joel G. Fradin 
Terri Sue Pierce 
Charles Robert Clark 
William Spencer Reece 
Philip Allen Smith 
Susan Findling Fleig 
Edna Eileen Hand 
Eve Baldwin Scheffenacker 
Sondra Harans 
Helen L. Mealy 
Marilyn Mengle Gibbs 
Beth Laurie Dessel 
Susan Lois Bahn 
George Roger Hoffman 
Ann Hewitt Stafford 
Frances Quing-Ling Wong 
Stanley Evan Rose 
Christine Janet Rossi 
Kathe Louise Frisch 
Susan Betsy Handwerger 
William Clark Gray 
Cornelius Joseph Carmody 
Nanette Sauber 
Thomas Edward Mapp 
Kenneth H. Hall 
David Edward Herman 
Judith Anne Porter 
Stanley Jay Amernick 
Robert Hunter Kidwell 
Prudence Bushnell 

University of Maryland 1 07 

With High Honors 

Jill Irene Cukran 
DuANE Marie Faxon 
Priscilla Margaret Hayes 
Mary Ann Sourwine 
Solomon Mark Swierdsiol 
Miriam Bassuk 
Laurie Jeian Stevenot 
John Herman Dejong 
Nora Jane Tocus 
Shirley A. Wilson 
David Peter Frank 
Christina Susan Mueller 
Janet Snyder Sanders 
Nancy Daniel Wright 
Sheila Marcia Berman 
Willlam Dewey Wood 
Robert Glenn Castile 
Paul Gilbert Eli Clemens 
Joseph Zelig Davids 
Joseph Anthony Reinhardt 
Jane Kaye Heinze 
John Henry Call, III 
Brian Michael Morrissey 
Marybeth Sorady 
Barbara Ann Horowitz 
Elizabeth Anne Pittard 
Susan Gail Cerveny 
Beverly Gary Mayne 
Paula Rachel Miller 
Frank Paul Mintz 
Rachael Wasser 
Joan Lynne Edwards 
Louis Geller 
Joseph Edward Hall, Jr. 
Kenneth Neil Wortman 
Joseph Donald Wilkinson 
Howard Stephen Weber 
Carolee LaRochelle Dane 
Donna Ellen Gertler 
Carol Ann Blanar 
Jacqueline Adair House 
Barbara C. Michaels 
Jeffrey Michael Isner 
Deborah Lynn Casel 
Susan Helen Kessler 
Stewart Nelson Jaffe 
Barbara Ann Wilk 
Barbara Jo Levine 
George Harry Kaplan 
Michael Joseph Brophy 
David Paul Snyder 
Laura Diane Foer 
Patricia Anderman 
Dennis Richard Manchen 
Larry Edward Funk 

With Honors 

Bonnie Damron Philbrick 
William Alexander Hewitt 
Maureen Danette Robinson 
Richard Victor Sansbury 
William Stevens Hidey 
Ann Marie Arendes 
Richard Bartlett Willson 
Michael Dennis Wojton 
Clara Jean Hughes 
Charles Ira Dickman 
Andrew Frederick Krouse 
Richard Christian Habersat 
Janet Gail Bruns 
Karren Lalonde 
John James Powers 
Rochelle Elizabeth Snee 
Kenneth Robert Levine 
Samuel Michael Chang 
Robert Jeuiald Rosenberg 
Ferris Edwin Stovel 
David Harry Williams 
Louise Marie McVey 
August Valentine Treff, III 
Donna Jeanne Vanneman 
Sidney Stafford Friedman 
Martha Ann Hodge 
Michael Phiup Goldenberg 
William Vincent Poling 
Sally S. Sonsino 
John Charles Braun 
Jed Douglas Gould 
Michael Joseph Lawrence 
David Lewis Blond 
John Robert Foster 
William Louis Ford 
Hynda Babkoff 
Maryann Kaplan Lazer 
MicHELE Berlin 
Jay L. Drees 
Edwin Charles Ihrig 
George Markell Chapline, III 
William Jaasklainen, Jr. 
David Long Allender 
Leland Wilson Mosedale, Jr. 
Donna Marie Dilts 
Barbara Ann Kreisman 
John Joseph Cleary 
Arthur Irwin Aron 
Robert Richard Glesener 
James Earl Mathis 
Roger Allen Ritchie 
Christine Marlene Anderson 
Joseph Davidson 
William Arthur Landes 
Carolyn Phylus Hollister 

108 1969 Commencement Exercises 

With High Honors 

David Wesley Webb 
Arlene G. Bakala 
Karen Hawksworth 
JANNA Lynn Naylor 
Grace Ethel Evans 
Marita H. Kennihan 
Carole Lee Weinraub 
John Robert Thielke 
Gary Alexander Grelli 
Linda Colsh 
Trudie Ann Beard 
John Brooke Duvall III 
Carmeline Aurora Violette 
Susan Marie Tertell 
Diane Louise Carroll 
John Edward Duvall 
Barbara Helen Axelrod 
Steven Henry Glasser 
Julia Lee Pierce 
Thomas William Robinson 
Jeffrey Clark Blum 
Murray Alvin Kalish 
Wallis Anne Wheeler 
Marcene Ellen Edelman 
Charles Douglas McArthur 
Susan Lynn Mehaffey 
Gary William Lonergan 

, Robert J. Hoage 

Stanley Aron Coburn 
Joseph Larry Horowitz 
Karen Leslie Silberman 
Erich Kim 

Joanne Marie Mambretti 
David Lawrence Winslow 
Patricia Anne Keenan 
Gregory Howard Sears 
Bernard Anthony Li 
Barbara E. Fisher 
David Richard Smith 
Eileen Jean Levan 
Kae Eileen Tingling 
Horace Preston Holley, Jr. 
Saul Schneiderman 
Norma Ann Kaplis 
Ellen Mindlin Markman 
Carole Ann Hein 
Linda Ruth Lerner 
Gregory Lee Vantassexl 

' Barbara Wolkstein 
Thomas Judd McCormick 
Leslie Ruth Dalley 
Jack Bernard Lieblein 
Carole Jean Glenn 
Barbara Goetschius Cashion 
Grace Aviles 

With Honors 

Mary Katheen Walsh 
Margaret Mary Grabowski 
Rosanne Kathleen Schubring 
Sara Elizabeth Sussan 
Thomas Wayne Hamilton 
Richard Neil Lamb 
Walter Hubbard Abbott, Jr. 
Linda Jane Koerber 
Bridget L. Sisson 
Eva Birgitta Mussachia 
Steven J. Gross 
John Milton Peddicord 
Sara L. Myers 
Lawrence Ernest Wharton 
Almuth Herle Rathbun 
Binnie Syril Braunstein 
William Alexander Keefer 
Stephen Keith Lemon 
Susan Lee Lipsitz 
Ernesto F. Perez 
Roberta Harriet Silverman 
Sharon Elise Woodruff 
Frank T. Cross 
Robert Eugene Davenport 
Linda Louise Ritchie 
Brooks Edward Todd 
Robert Howard Braunstein 
Robert Douglas Keehn 
David Strebe 
Barry David Cohen 
Robin Jeanne Hammond 
Paul George Bystrak 
Linda Joyce Perdue 
Jeffrey Bennett Tevis 
Donald Eugene Crook 
Irene Louise Kipnis 
Michael Alan Goldberg 
Lawrence Albert Greenfeld 
Kathleen M. Kerchner 
Harold Verdell Sims, Jr. 
Pamela Sue Littlewood 
Linda Kay Yorkoff 
Carl Richard Bless 
Mary Ann Higgins 
Daniel Lee Detrick 
Edward Marston Eisenbrey 
David William Huston 
Lise S. Steinberg 
Deborah Linda Mazia 
Carolyn Sara Davis 
Mark Jacobs 

Gertrude Barnum Blackwell 
Paula Ann Lunga 
Amy Williams Backus 
Susan Clark Datres 

University of Maryland 109 

With High Honors 

With Honors 

Ruth S. Zeender 
Mary Keziah Whitehill 
David Michael Churchill 
Walter Clinton West, Jr. 
Marlene Clair Blauer 
Barbara Elizabeth Taylor 

Joan Christine Thayer 
Victoria Ellen Vernon 
Hillary Mona Davis 
Marion Toulmin Gaines, IV 
Louis Mark Yarmosky 
Richard Francis Rinaldo 
Richard Marc Tettelbaum 
Pierre L. Nys 
Harriet Betty Lewin 
Janet Lynn Scarborough 
Valerie Gean Giberman 
Kristen Marie Koenig 
Daniel Roland Ries 

With General Honors 

Paul Gilbert Eli Clemens 
Marion Atwood Coates 
Stanley Aron Coburn 
Barbara E. Fisher 

William Louis Ford 
Robert Hunter Kidwell 
Janet Snyder Sanders 
Bernice R. Tannenbaum 

With High Honors in English Sharon Louise Simmons 

With High Honors in French Barbara Helen Axelrod, Beverly Gary Mayne, 

Pierre L. Nys, Laurie Jean Stevenot 

With High Honors in German Carol Jeane King, John Robert Thielke 

With High Honors in Physics David Peter Frank, George Harry Kaplan 

With High Honors in Psychology.... David Wesley Webb 

With High Honors in Sociology Joseph Edward Hall, Jr., Barbara Ann Horowitz 

With Honors in Chemistry Martha Ann Hodge 

With Honors in Economics David Lewis Blond, Stanley Aron Coburn, 

William Spencer Reece 

With Honors in English Gary Alhjxander Grelli, Edna Eileen Hand, Mary 

Karen Renninger, Nora Jane Tocus 

With Honors in Government John Henry Call, III, Larry Edward Funk, Susan 

and Politics Betsy Handwenger, Alan S. Hersh, Robin Rae 

Jones, Daniel Jay Stein 

With Honors in History Paul Allen Beighley, Paul Gilbert Eli Clemens, 

Carolee LaRochelle Dane 

With Honors in Mathematics Paul Gilbert Eli Clemens, Michael R. Eddy 

With Honors in Music Elizabeth Abbey, Binnie Sybil Braunstein, 

Rachael Wasser 

With Honors in Physics Susan Helen Kessler, David Richard Smith, 

Lawrence Ernest Wharton, Joseph Donald 

With Honors in Psychology Barbara E. Fisher, Thomas Edward Mapp, Eliza- 
beth Anne Pittard 

With Honors in Sociology Marlene Doris Beckman, Marion Atwood Coates, 

Richard Bartlett Willson 

With Honors in Zoology Virginia Catherine Maiorana, Julia Lee Pierce 

110 1969 Commencement Exercises 


With High Honors in Economics.... David M. Reaume 

With High Honors 

David Michael Reaume 
John Huddleston Tackett 
Robert Sander Strickland 
Howard Miles Jones, III 
Max Joseph Levine 
Burton Charles Bice 
Virginia Allyn Broadbeck 
Norma Ann Chambers 
James William Howard 
Michael J. Licata 
Carl Edwin Rabovsky 
Jon Randolph Green 
Larry Elliot Shapiro 
Walter James Davis 
Alan Elliott Rosendorf 
George Merriam McVeigh, Jr. 
Jeffery Wayne Valentine 
Margaret Lee Perron 
Michael Howard Richmond 
John Archer 
Donald Melvin Choate 
Vincent F. McCormack 
Cathy Lynn Stoolman 
Jerry Robert Goldstein 
Zane D. Blackburn 
Douglas Hal Jones 
Robert Moffat Tayback 
Claude Aubrey Rogers 
Patricia Elizabeth Gorman 
Walter Richard Neiswender 
Anita Elizabeth Henderson 
Charles Howard Beckman 
George Peter Mech 
John Allan Dordal 
John Michael Edwards 
Robert Douglas Decuir 
David Glenn Smith 
Guy Raymond Wiebking 

With High Honors 

Louis Fernheimer 
Celestine Francis Spoden 
Carole Jeanne Spurrier 
Jeffrey Howard Kamins 
Duane Allen Smith 
Richard Bruce Edelman 
Philip Bosen 

Horace Arrowood Owen, Jr. 
Stanley Harris Goldstein 
Joseph Aloysius Hayes 
John Paul Koehler 
Douglas Beedle Roberts 
William Thomas Shockley 
Michael Joseph McLaughlin 
Jeffrey Michael Cordua 
Yale A. Feldman 
Charles Vincent Joyce, III 
Louis Edward Wince 
David Michael Boose 
Stephen V. Purchase 
Guy Henry Carleton 
Richard Dean Jackson, II 
Herbert Irvin Dunn 
William Sumner 
Robert Allen McIntire 
Robert H. Schapiro 
Stephen Joseph Robbins 
Donald H. Mencl 
Edward Thomas Tokar, Jr. 
Robert L. Bodoh 
Ross Allan Jandorp 
Richard Evan Bosley 
David Eugene Barr 
Donna Lee Doeller 
Robert Allen Gustafson 
Ronald Morton Scherr 


With Honors in German Barbara Jo Christman, Ingrid Frieda Lindeman 

With High Honors With Honors 

Ingrid Frieda Lindemann Kenneth A. Greenbaum 

Diane Marlene Mohr Carole Teresa Kammer 

University of Maryland ill 

With High Honors 

With Honors 

Rita Lynne Remsberg 
Janet Leah Marsh 
Vivien Ruth Edelman 
Jann Thomason Dalrymple 
Nancy Ann McIlvaine 
Barbara Paula Shulman 
Norma Jean Jackson 
Lois Tama Nitzberg 
Margaret Bell Miles 
Linda Ann Wishard 
James Edward Grumbach, Jr. 
Dora R. Light 
Janet Wirsing Ramsen 
Carol Barbara Westreich 
Martha Irene Krueger 
Susan Rhoda Horowitz 
Nancy Lynn Keller 
Kathryn Helen Buonagurio 
Donald George Housley, Jr. 
Judith Ann Light 
Barbara Janice Groom 
Susan Marie Fagerstrom 
Cecile Rachele Szafir 
Michele Joy Slonim 
Carol Jean Thompson 
Margaret Zitzewitz Caldwb^Jj 
Roberta S. Leibowitz 
Emily Ann Murray 
Eileen Cardin Mage^i 
RONA Sue Polovoy 
Nancy Jane Funkhouseb 
Jane H. Larson 
Mary Elizabeth Budd 
Marcia Prusinoski 
Sherry-Lynne Stargel 
Lenwood Woodrow Peacock 
Donald E. Welch 
Karyn Lynn Vice 
Kathleen Donnelly Seckek 
Nona Mae Coulter 
Susan Paula Leviton 
Barbara Melanie Sobel 
Cherie Miriam Tompakov 
Margaret Thiebaud Delwiche 
Donna Page Whitaker 
Barbara Lindsey Downib 
Louise Ellen Hoch 
Betty June Fielden 
Donna Larene Rude 
Patsy J. Gardner 
Alice Susan Cohen 
Terrell Jeanne Orlando 
Harriet Jane Tindle 

Gail Patricia Maxwexl 

Barbara Anne Stengle 

Betty Louise Blum 

Muriel Skolnick 

Sharon Gillock Slama 

Helen Ann Dannenberc 

Candace Anne Holevas 

Roy a. Sparks 

Helen Christine Jones 

Nancy Naudain Hess 

Marcia Lee Maldeis 

Barbara Anne Brown 

Sandra Ann Brown 

Teresa Jo Lovin 

Deena Nelson 

Pnina Godin 

Diane Elizabeth Suit 

Sandra Edith Dawson 

Helene Fran Plovsky 

Marla Nan Caplan 

Mary Jane Gill 

Sallie Middleton Ives 

Jill Ellen Horlick 

David Allen Buhrman 

Marisha Ann Ptak 

Dorothy Ann Baggett 

Marguerite K. Downing 

Peggy Earlyne Kelley 

Lynn Rae Patterson 

Priscilla Ann Judkins 

Catherine Elizabeth Borowsky 


Donna Gale Heinbaugh 
Anne Roberta Schwartz 
Charles William Holzman, Jr. 
Sandra Ann Sprouse 
Forest Allen Moore 
Elaine Naomi Hordes 
Barbara Jo Christman 
Marsha Sandra Gold 
Raymond Lowell Seim 
Judith Ann Federman 
Kathleen Jean Burleson 
Andrew Mead Janes 
Bonnie Cyd Lernes? 
Susan Anne Conrad 
Robert Charles Gray 
Carroll L. Shmitt 
Sally G. Prewitt 
Alice Jean Tompkins 
Marie Anita McElroy 
Patricia Kinahan Wilder 
Martha Ann Ladino 

112 1969 Commencement Exercises 

With High Honors 

With Honors 


Frances Jane Moran 

Jean Elizabeth Blythe 

Marilyn Jaye Burgess 

Marlene H. Ashendorf 

Edwin Bennett, III 

Ralph Paul Tanner 

AvA Rachelie Bloom 
; Linda Weitzman Perl 

Fay Esther Miller 

Alease Owen Nunnally 

Elizabeth Wheeler Shoemaker 

Bette Louise Beasley 

Linda Carol Jent 

Kathleen Marie Johnson 

Susan Ellen Martin 

Susan Bronwyn Crowley 

Rosalie Mae Miller 

Malca Harriet Sternberg 

Geraldine Shaffer Imbriale 

Karen Reine Cornelius 

Wilma Jean Davisson 

Geraldine Bess Forman 

Rebecca Lynn Peterman 

Virginia Hughes Wilson 

Barbara Jean Meyer Conley 
4 Dale S. Goldberg 

Sydney Ellen Furash 

Susan Diane Kaplan 

Mary M. Ginn 

Janis Lynn Rada 

Deane Lynn Dubansky 

Carol Ann Thomas 

Abbye Gail Sheltzer 

Katharine Murray Foster 

Lawrence Lee Logan 

Marilyn Joyce Barrett 

Gloria L. Mills 

Carol Susan Keys 

Barbara Louise Coffin 

Hattie Leiah Edelston 

Anna Eileen Woytowitz 

Barbara Jean Peacher 

Carol Diane Lynn 

Barbara Ann Podnos 

Sherry Lee Murray 

ALBEaiT Frederick Baumgart 
Annie L. Dixon 
Loretta Virginia Baldwin 
Thelma Carolyn Rechen 
Melissa Stephanie Middleton 
Karen G. Merkin 
Eileen Susan Bomstein 
Routh Dorsett Chandler 
Alice Murphy Hathaway 
Joan B. Johnston 
Diane Frances Madera 
Linda Jean Morris 
Ann Commerford Perry 
Elizabeth Maureen Tate 
Alexander Ralston Trench 
Mary Matilda Barcus 
Margaret Dale Roblyer 
Nancy Reiser Wolf 
Maureen Woods Becker 
Katherine Mary Uglow 
Belle Lucas Brooks 
BARBARA Helen Miliman 
Jean Halliday O'Connor 
Mary Jane Witham 
Richard Frank Berlin 
Marsha Ann Hensley 
Thomas Edwin Johnson 
Frances Barbara Lavine 
Ann p. Weismiller 
Jeanne Lee Wilder 
Eileen Elizabeth Gorman 
Jeanne Marie Aucermanne 
Bonnita Ann Shipp 
Kathryn Lois Noren 
Ellen Kay Dixon 
Marie Pauline Blumenthal 
Tina A. Greenbaum 
Rochelle Lafferman Bock 
Diane Susan Caplan 
Gerald James Choyce 
Ester Eileen Cohen 
Maura B. Reidy 
Phyllis Rae Karlinsky 
Lauris Lee Lightfoot 
Ruth Marcia Karl 
Patricia Riley Tobin 
Carol Ann Romano 
Ann Floam Schlossenberg 
Meryl Barbara Shaffer 

University of Maryland 113 


With High Honors 

Dennis Michael. Goodman 
LAWRENCE Louis Lehmann 
James Ronald Griffiths 
Linda Carol Dorsey 
Richard Howard Billings 
John O. Amoss 
Barry Ira Cantor 
Richard Joseph Stanton, Jr. 
Donald Clinton Runaldue 
KooN Show Lee 
William C. Bauer 
Timothy John Consroe 
Charles Richard Thorne 
Theodore John Michalek 
James Ellsworth Beck 
John Edward Etheridge 
John Edward Robinson 
Ray Elmo Glass 
Charles G. Miller 
Edgar Gehr Jacques, II 
Jacobo Reyes Gavilan 
Dennis Ray Hewitt 
Maynard Ely Palmer 
Robert Allyn Sutton 
Dale Frederick Swearek 
Arthur Lance Corbin 
Janice Ann Bilecky 
Paul Sigmund Potash 
Maria T. Mejia 
George Ronald Ames 
Walter Squillari 
Don Phillip Yelton 
Steven Richard Beattie 
Jeffrey Eugene Beach 
Stephen Perry Edwards 
James Kesler Mayo, Jr. 

With Honors 

Michael Myron Blendy 

Robert Alan Leonard 

Dennis Eaton Webb 

Eddy G. Lee 

Keith Charles Wright 

Mark Edward Nusbaum 

Daniel Joseph Chwirut 

Michael Baer 

Charles Alan Dennis 

John Marshall Miller 

Myer Garnek 

Edmond Charles Holweck 

Charles Norman Eckert 

Earl William Holtzscheiter, Jr. 

Richard Lee Helmick 

William James Ritter, Jr. 

Michael Anthony Comberiate 

Howard John Callender 

Ernest Bruce Wiessner 


With High Honora 

Lois Morse Gurel 
Mary Elizabeth Weirich 
Phylis Ann Burbrink 
Anne Leclerco Keiliy 
Dorothy Annetta Jenkins 
Betty E. Willson 

With Honors 

Beverly Crail Fox 
Kathleen Margaret Smith 

114 ^5^5 Commencement Exercises 

With High Honors 

Lynn Marie Bladen 
Linda Marie Smith 
Karen Michaelena Zamites 
Barbara Lee Krouse 
Marjorie Catherine Frey 
John R. Kohles 
Marsha Sharon Lane 
Donna Jo Newcomb 
Betty Ann Newton 
Patricia Ann Sines 


With High Honors 

Karen Unerfusser 
Brenda Weaver 

With Honors 

Marcia Datko 
Carol Spangler 


With High Honors 

Madelon Visintainer 
Carolyn Blasdel 
Linda Cloyd 
Victoria Marchlik 
Barbara Tassone 
Joanne Kane 
Jennifer Moore 
Priscilla Benetta 
Eileen Newburger 
Marianne Bortner 
Margaret C. Parry 
Bette Sue Hill 
Ann S. McGlincey 
Eleanor Frank 
Johnnie S. Jordan 
Lynda Whitlow 
Nancy L. Adams 
Helen D. Jagiello 
Sue C. Low 
Madeline Ney 
Lynette Paarman 
Susan K. Connell 
Sandra M. Alper 

With Honors 

Rhonalee Davis 
Susan Kauffman 
Linda Palmateer 
Joanne Cranford 
Betty Erickson 
Nancy Malcomson 
Barbara Thorne 
Judy Stewart 
Mary Flinchbaugh 
Merrily Riha 
Sharon Thompson 
Georgia Bell 
Janet H. Thompson 
Regina Moses 
Sandra Greenquist 
Sandra Cawley 
Patricia McIntire 
Cecile Behneman 
Doris Bessette 
Paula Schwartz 
Regina Street 
Sherry L. Zane 
Teri Friedman 
Carol Nily 

University of Maryland 115 


With High Honors 

John Francis Krause 
Thomas Vance Bolling 
Charles Alfred Besser 


With Honors in Physical 

.F. Ronald Hoffman 

With High Honors 

Pamela Sue Peridier 
Olga MiLLEat 

Francis Ronald Hoffman 
Marlene F. Sneider 
Carol Ann Guy 

With High Honors 

John William Jarbob 
Irene Else Lowenstein 
Mark R. Grobaker 
Karen Eileen Kells 
Kathleen Annette Regan 


With High Honors 

Jerome Gabriel Welkom 
Norman Ware 
LuciAN James Warren 
Ruth Hammond Hancock 
John Aloysius O'Brien 
JuDSON Charles Davis, Jr. 
Samuel Clark, III 
Barbara Adele Bass 
Joanne Marie Brown 
Donald Edward Backer 
Charles James Winslow 
Elaine M. Kunz 
Kenneth William Mabius 
William Lewis Evenden 
Sidney Charles Morey 
Arthur Jay Newman 
Donald Lawrence Parsons 
Stephen Alan Renner 
Daniel Walter Martin 
Dalvin Serrin 

With Honors 

Peter Stanton Coe 
Carl Raymond Parsons 
Daniel Martin Powelaitis 
Thomas J. Fisher 
Harlo Vincent Stanley 
Clarence Ashley Mathews, Jr. 
Walter Nethery Lockwood 
Charles Bernard Campbell 
Victoria L. Forrest 
John Henry Ryan, Jr. 
Richard Edward Ekstrand 
James Phillip Scherck 
Louis Michael Maze 
Melvin Robert Martini 
Donald Malcolm Macleod 
Gary Ronald Orr 
Kenneth Arthur Flavin 
William Joel Rhodes 
Anthony Duno 
WiNFiELD Wilson Bitting 

116 1 969 Commencement Exercises 

With High Honors 

Geraldine Magnuson 
Franklin Herman Case 

With Honors 

Robert Samuel Bishop 
Paul Alan Childers 
Irving Robert Wendt 
Calvin Edvi^in Taylor 
David Spencer Hoag 
Earl Benjamin King 
Linda Fay Pratt 
Ernest Roland Morgan 
Warren Randall Colville 
Paul Ernest Hargrave 
Lloyd Melvin Jackson 
Leonard Walter Poniatowski 
Douglas Edward Moen 
George Sylvester Oliver 
Arland Reed Marletter 


(Junior Women's Honor Society) 

Andrea Beth Brown 
Gayle Lucia Capozzalo 
Phyllis Cohen 
Eva Garin 
Janet Gehringer 
Susan P. Geyer 
Marilyn Jager 
Paula R. Katz 
Sandra Beth Leonard 
Hinda Nan Loring 
Judith Lubcher 
Judith K. Knox 
Lynn Reichel 

Deborah Rosen 
Linda Schant 
Nancy Eileen Scott 
Sharon Lee Smith 
Ilene Solomon 
Linda Thompson 
H. Christine Walker 
Kathleen Walsh 
Barbara Jane Whipp 
Mary Elizabeth Williams 
Mary M. Wolfe 
Diana Yingling 

Mortar Board 

(The national senior honor society for women, recognizing service, 
leadership and scholarship) 

Elizabeth Abbey 
Lynn Bladen 
Rosemary M. Brown 
Deborah L. Casel 
Susan Gail Cerveny 
Joan Lynne Edwards 

Laura Diane Foer 
Barbara Ann Kreisman 
Susan P. Leviton 
Dora Light 
Marjorie Litwin 
Carol Diane Lynn 

University of Maryland 117 

Rosalie Mae Miller 
Donna Jo Newcomb 
Barbara Newman 
Julia Lee Pierce 

Caroline Anne Steele 
Cecile Rachele Szafir 
Judith C. Wilson 
Anna Eileen Woytowitz 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

(Honorary Leadership Fraternity for Men) 

Ira R. Allen 
George R. Ames 
Thomas S. Basham 
James E. Beck 
Paul A. Beighley 
Thomas W. Bradley 


Dennis R. Bunty 
Paul A. Buckley 
Barry I. Cantor 
Stanley A. Coburn 
John R. Cournoyer 
Charles M. Jaffe 
William E. Jones 
Russell D. Karfook 
William A. Landes 
Lawrence L. Lehmann 
Max J. Levine 
Steven William McGrath 
Thomas M. Milroy 
William S. MooSes 
Stephen W. Parks 
Thomas A. Pavlinic 
Ronald E. Pearson 

Myron A. Dutterer 
Michael R. Eddy 
Jerome A. Fleischer 
Edwin R. Fry 
Ralph B. Glickman 
Michael S. Gold 
Jerry R. Goldstein 
Dennis M. Goodman 
Jon R. Green 
Roger E. Hitch ner 
William M. Hunt 
Jeffrey M. Isner 
Carl E. Rabovsky 
Robert E. Ritter 
Harvey J. Shulman 
Charles A. Sneiderman 
David E. Starnes 
Robert S. Strickland 
Jeffrey W. Valentine 
Steven Van Grack 
Larry E. Walker 
David Werchen 
A. Steven Wolf 

118 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Phi Kappa Phi 

(A national honorary fraternity open to honor students, both men 
and women, in all branches of learning) 


Neil Richard Ackerman 
John Charles Allen 
James Samuel Atwell 
James Gary Augustson 
Michael Harris Baker 
Stephen R. Bernfeld 
Alan Bertaux 
Ella Haw Blackledge 
Mary Carol Perrott Boren 
Harold Robert Boroson 
Marcia Harris Broxton 
Ernest Louis Bundschuh 
Ellen Claire Bungay 
Prank Nicholis Carricato 
Louis Theodore Coulson 
Ronald Malcolm Culpepper 
Richard S. Davis 
Susan Laffer Douma 
F. Bowie Duncan 
Martha Mary Durkin 
Barbara P. Edmonds 
David Elias 
Alfred Guion Eubanks 
Stavroula a. Fanos 
James Lewis Farr 
Annabelle E. Ferguson 
David Curtis Ferree 
Joy R. Fisher 
Nathan S. Frankle 
ViBEKE Fulton 
Robert Anderson Gaines 
James Risen Gard 
Judith Mellow Gotterer 
Marshall W. Green 
Edward Jack Hart 
Dennis Francis Hasson 
William W. Hellier, Jr. 
Helen Garner Hiatt 
Albert Russell Hoge 
Joseph Henry Huber 
Caroline Lusby Huheey 
Gabriele Irwin 

Gilbert Serge Jackson 
WiLLLAM Hugh Johnson 
Diane Claire Jones 
Gretchen Peper Keene 
Richard H. Kesel 
Daniel Bernard Krinsley 
Edwin N. Ladov 
Susan B. Landsuan 
Frances Gilda Lazerow 
Carol Ann Lindquist 
Franka M. Luiggi 
Nancy J. Lund 
Barbara Louise Magaw 
Jerald Arthur Malin 
Steve Lloyd Mathis III 
Paul Daniel McDermott 
Jean F. McDevitt 
Phyllis Kay Mensh 
Marjorie M. Miller 
Marion Chandler Mueller 
JosYANE Nicole Murawski 
Marion L. Noble 
Mary O'Dea 
Brian S. O'Leary 
Marianne Karin Oskarsson 
Andrew Craig Ostrow 
Christine Louise Parsley 
Robert Wayne Pearson 
Maureen Bland Perrone 
Franklin James Peterson 
Daniel Leonard Pflum 
Martin Quinn 
Gordon Reynolds Raveling 
Howard P. Rawlings 
Agnes S. Rempert 
Edward Lakin Root 
Solvejg Rozner 
JUD B. Samon 
Jana Bowerman Sample 
Sarah Schmidt 
William J. Sharbaugh, Jr. 
Allan Kimbrough Sherman 

University of Maryland 119 

Kathryn Sisk 
Gerald D. Slawecki 
Carl Wayne Smith 
Raymond William Smock 
Mary Helen Spear 
Richard L. Spencer, Jr. 
Jay Stanley 
Leonard Stark 
Arthur Brooke Stephens 
Joanne L. Sternberg 
Barry L. Sysler 
Hussein A. Taha 
Chadyeane E. Taylor 
John Mason Taylor 
Jay Robert Shubert Teran 

Daymon W. Thatch 

John Thomas Tikoian 

Ferdinand John Tramontin 

Ralph Edward Walker 

Louise Fisher Waynant 

Peter Frederick Wiggins 

Richard A. Wilan 

Hugh Daniel Williams 

Peter M. Williams 

Ralph Kenneth Williamson 

John M. Wilson 

Janet Marie Winemiller 

Charles Matthews Woolston 

Stephen Derryl York 


Nancy Leigh Adams 
George Ronald Ames 
Marlene H. Ashendorf 
Dorothy Ann Baggett 
Arlene G. Bakala 
Mary Ellen Baldwin 
Kathryn A. Barnhart 
Jeffrey Eugene Beach 
Bette Louise Beasley 
James Ellsworth Beck 
Marlene Doris Beckman 
Paul Allen Bwghley 
Georgia E. Bell 
Priscilla Lea Bennetta 
Burton C. Bice 
Paula Bing 
Marsha Ellen Bisker 
Lynn Marie Bladen 
Carol A. Blanar 
Carolyn Sollar Blasdel 
AvA Rachelle Bloom 
Ira T. Bloom 
Jeffrey Clark Blum 
Marian NA Bortner 
Charles Edward Brady 
Michael Joseph Brophy 
Anita Marilyn Brown 
Barbara Anne Brown 
Mary Elizabeth Budd 
Kathryn Helen Buonagurio 
Phylis Ann Burbrink 
John Henry Call III 
Barry I. Cantor 
Harris Benjamin Cargill 
Cornelius J. Carmody 
Diane Louise Carroll 
Deborah L. Casel 

Robert Glenn Castile 

Barbara Jo Christman 

David Michael Churchill 

Charles Robert Clark 

Robert W. Clarke 

Paul Gilbert Eli Clemens 

Linda Lou Cloyd 

Stanley Aron Coburn 

Alice Susan Cohen 

Paula Ellen Cohen 

Judith Fancey Coleman 

Linda Colsh 

Ruby Ilene Compton 

Timothy John Consroe 

Sue Ellen Corkran 

Edmund Coulson 

Nona Mae Coulter 

Joanne F. Cranford 

Patricia Ellen Criner 

Jill Irene Curran 

Carolee LaRochelle Dane 

James Dale Davidson 

Rhonalee Davis 

Wilma Jean Davisson 

John Herman DeJong 

Margaret T. Delwiche 

Howard F. Deterding 

John Brooke Duvall III 

Vivien Ruth Edelman 

Joan Lynne Edwards 

Carol Christensen Ergenbright 

John Edward Estep 

Grace E. Evans 

William Lewis Evenden 

Hayward Fakrar 

DuANE Marie Faxon 

Barbara Anne Feller 

120 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Betty June Fielden 
Barbara E. Fisher 
Laura Diane Foer 
Albert A. Folop 
Riley T. Folsom 
Geraldine B. Forman 
Thomas Benton Fowler 
Eleanor V. Frank 
Robert Richard Fredlund 
Eric Kay Fromm 
Larry E. Funk 
Laurel J. Gafke 
Patsy Jo Gardner 
Susan Landsman Garner 
Marcia Ann Geiger 
Louis Geller 
Susan P. Geyer 
Elizabeth T. Gladstone 
Steven Henry Glasser 
Stephen Michael Gleason 
Carole Jean Glenn 
John Joseph Gluch, Jr. 
Susan R. F. Gofp 
Dale S. Goldberg 
Marsha R. Goldman 
Dennis M. Goodman 
Marjorie Lee Gray 
William Clark Gray 
Jon Randolph Green 
Gary Alexander Grelli 
Barbara Janice Groom 
James Edward Grumbach, Jr. 
Carol Ann Guy 
Sondra Harans 
Susan Elizabeth Hardy 
Priscilla Smalley Hayes 
Rosemary P. Heher 
Carole Ann Hein 
Samuel C. Herrin, Jr. 
Dennis R. Hewitt 
Bette Sue Hill 
Marianne T. Hill 
Roger Elliott Hitchner 
Robert J. Hoage 
Louise E. Hoch 
Horace Preston Holley, Jr. 
Joan Nelson Hook 
Barbara Ann Horowitz 
Joseph Larry Horowitz 
Susan R. Horowitz 
Jacqueline Adair House 
Donald G. Housley, Jr. 
James W. Howard 
Janet Louise Hull 
William T. Hutchinson 

Edwin Ihrig, Jr. 

Geraldine Shaffer Imbriale 

Jeffrey Michael Isner 

Edgar G. Jacques II 

Charles Michael Jafpe 

Dorothy Annetta Jenkins 

Linda Carol Jent 

Douglas Michael Johnson 

Rene Merlin Johnson 

Howard M. Jones III 

Robert Douglas Jones 

Robin Rae Jones 

Johnnie Sue Jordan 

Murray A. Kalish 

Joanne F. Kane 

George Harry Kaplan 

Susan M. Kauffman 

Colonel Christopher R. Keegan 

Patricia Anne Keenan 

Anne L. Keiley 

Nancy Lynn Keller 

Susan H. Kessler 

Erich Kim 

Patricia Rathbun Kinard 

Carol Jeane King 

Frederick Knoop, Jr. 

Virginia L. Koontz 

Shirley Elaine Kossler 

Martha L Krueger 

Larry F. Lawton 

Koon Show Lee 

Roberta S. Leibowitz 

Linda Ruth Lerner 

Eileen Jean Levan 

Susan Paula Leviton 

Patricia Gobbett Levno 

Bernard Anthony Li 

Louise L. Liang 

Jack B. Lieblein 

Dora R. Light 

Judith Ann Light 

Ingrid F. Lindemann 

Marjorie S. Litwin 

Gary W. Lonergan 

Patricia A. Long 

Susan Low 

Donald M. MacLeod 

Sherry True Mader 

Robert A. Madsen 

Eileen C. Mager 

Nancy Catherine Malcomson 

Joanne Marie Mambretti 

Dennis Richard Manchen 

Thomas Edward Mapp 

Victoria A. Marchlik 

University of Maryland 121 

Ellen M. Markman 
Arland Reed Marlette 
Beverly Gary Mayne 
Clarence A. Mathews 
Vincent F. McCormack, Jr. 
James M. McCullough 
Anne Sloan McGlincy 
Pamela McMichael 
George Merriam McVeigh, Jr. 
Susan Lynn Mehaffey 
Carolyn M. Meier 
Theodore John Michalek 
Margaret Bell Miles 
Bruce I. Miller 
Olga Miller 
Paula Rachel Miller 
Rosalie Mae Miller 
Diane M. Mohr 
Eddie F. Molesworth 
Jennie A. Moore 
Frances Jane Moran 
William Robert Morey 
Brian Michael Morrissey 
Alexa Carpenter Moscardelu 
Christina Mueller 
Emmett L. Murphy 
Emily S. Murray 
Janna Lynn Naylor 
Eileen A. Newburger 
Lois Tama Nitzberg 
Patricia E. O'Brien 
Lynette Jean Paarmann 
John Sawas Panteudes 
Carl R. Parsons 
Donald L. Parsons 
Carol Mae Paulick 
Margaret Lee Perron 
Jane Sara Peters 
Nancy Christine Pfarr 
Julia Lee Pierce 
Elizabeth A. Pittard 
Rona S. Polovoy 
Lois J. Pontier 
Frances Porton 
Paul A. Praria 
Spencer William Purdum 
Joseph A. Reinhardt 
Rita Lynne Remsberg 
Stephen A. Renner 
H. Neal Reynolds 
William Joel Rhodes 
Philip C. Rice 
Michael H. Richmond 
John Edward Robinson 
William G. Roscher 

Donald C. Runaldue 
Josef Karl Ruth 
Richard C. Sachlis 
Susan Sand Fellows 
Ralene a. Schnider 
Saul Schniderman 
David James Schusler 
Joanne H. Schwartz 
Janice Louise Scott 
Gregory Howard Sears 
Larry Elliot Shapiro 
Marcy Ellen Shayne 
Elliot Abraham Shefrin 
Warren C. Shipp 
Elizabeth Wheeler Shoemaker 
Barbara P. Shulman 
Harvey Jay Shulman 
Sharon Louise Simmons 
MicHELE Joy Slonim 
Patricia Ann Small 
Linda Marie Smith 
Charles Alan Sneiderman 
Dorothy Lee Snoors 
David Paul Snyder 
Barbara Mexanie Sobel 
Susan M. Solie 
Marybeth Sorady 
Mary Ann Sourwine 
Roy a. Sparks 
Malca H. Sternberg 
Joseph Michael Stevenson 
Eugene John Sullivan 
Ronald Edward Sweeney 
Cecile Rachele Szafir 
Alfred Joseph Szczerbicki 
John Huddleston Tackett, II 
Bernice Tannenbaum 
Ralph P. Tanner 
Barbara Elizabeth Taylor 
Calvin E. Taylor 
Kathleen J. Thomas 
Barbara Gale Thorne 
Jeianette Glass Tieman 
Harriet Jane Tindle 
Karla Jane Tipton 
Nora Tocus 

Cherie Miriam Tompakov 
Charles Kenneth Travers, Jr. 
Harold Jeffrey Tucker 
Foteni Tzanis 
Jeffrey Wayne Valentine 
Karyn Lynn Vice 
Carmeline a. Violette 
Madelon Ann Visintainer 
Rachel Wasser 

122 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Irene Marie Wattenbekg 
David Wesley Webb 
Howard S. Weber 
Mary Elizabeth Weirich 
Jerome G. Welkom 
Colonel Irving Robesit Wendt 
Walter C. West, Jr. 
Carol Barbara Westreich 
Donna Page Whitaker 
Patricia Marie White 
Mary Keziah Whitehill 
Lynda Anne Whitlow 

Barbara A. Wilk 
Virginia Hughes Wilson 
David Lawrence Winslow 
Linda A. Wishard 
Barbara Wolkstein 
Kenneth Neil Wortman 
Nancy D. Wright 
Kae Eileen Yingling 
Susan Granet Yocco 


Lynn M. Zapalski 


Alpha Omega Alpha 
(A National Honorary Medical Society) 

Mark Michael Applefeld 
James Otis Ballard, III 
Sanders Harris Be^k 
Constance Lynn Boyer 
Donald William Bryan 
Vaughn Dennis Cohan 
John Arthur Cooper 
Jay Stuart Copeland 
Howard Syd Faden 
Samuel David Goldberg 
Ronald Alan Katz 
Edward James Kosnik 
Donald Warren Krause 
Arnold Irving Levinson 

Andrew Bruce Lipton 
John Richards McCormick 
Warren David McNeely 
William Peter Meseroll 
Robert Wayne Phillips 
James Smullin Potyka 
David Russell Richmond 
Allan Ira Rubin 
Bryan Stanley Saunders 
David Michael Shobin 
William Isaac Smulyan 
Tracy Neil Spencer, III 
John Wesley Wilson 

Alpha Sigma Lambda 
(National Evening Student Honorary) 

William Russell Asher 
Robert Samuel Bishop 
Albert Joseph Boudreiau 
Conrad Wootson Dillon 
Richard Edward Ekstrand 
Melvin Robert Martini 
Sidney Charles Morey 

Arthur Jay Newman 
John Aloysius O'Brien 
William James O'Bright 
John Henry Ryan, Jr. 
Lucian James Warren 


University of Maryland 123 

Alpha Zeta 
(Men's Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

John C. Baxter 
Dale L. Bennett 
Edward B. Breitschwerdt 
Robert S. Brown 
Harry C. Byrd, III 
Barry T. Covington 
Thomas E. Dixon 
Robert R. Ensor 
Timothy E. Fairbrother 
James Faulkner 
James Poor 
Daniel Fritz 
Edwin Fry 
Robert H. George 
Joseph W. Gibson 
Michael Hanna 
Larry Hirschenson 

James F. Hoback 
Henry W. Mason 
Philip T. Mason 
Gary L. Miller 
Richard L. Moser 
Gerry B. Parcover 
Garry L. Perrygo 
Michael Radebaugh 
Thomas J. Rowland, Jr. 
Ross Shaffer 
Thomas Sidor 
Lewis H. Smith, Jr. 
Ronald Spikloser 
William S. Stanley 
Robert Wampler 
Kenneth E. Wrightson, Jr. 

Beta Gamma Sigma 
(Men's and Women's Commerce Honor Society) 

Harold Kent Baker 
Sharon E. BroOJcs 
Frank S. Budnick 
Richard T. Pencek 


W. Michael Seganish 
Christian W. Stauffer 
John H. Wilkin 


Burton Charles Bice 
Jon Randolph Green 
Howard M. Jones, III 
Jeffrey H. Kamins 
George Merriam McVeigh, Jr. 
Max J. Levine 

Carl E. Rabousky 
David M. Reaume 
Michael Howard Richmond 
Robert S. Strickland 
John H. Tackett 

Eta Beta Rho 
(Honor Society of Hebrew Langtiage and Culture) 

Ghana Ann Beiser 
Sharon G. Dorfman 
Debra a. Gelfeld 
Lynette M. Goldberg 
Jack Gordon 
Sarah T. Harris 
Phyllis R. Hyatt 

Michael A. King 
Nancy P. Levin 
Judith Ostrovsky 
Aliza L. Parcover 
Susan G. Pomeranz 
DiNA I. Schwartz 
Joshua S. Wilkenfeld 

1Z4 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Barry B. Siegel 
Robert L. Small 
Steven Vangrack 

Farrel Vogelhut 
Emily Weiss 
Ruthellen B. Yoshpe 

Kappa Delta Pi 

(National Honor Society in Education) 

Jeanne M. Aucremanne 
Dorothy A. Baggett 
Helen P. Balak 
Loretta V. Baldwin 
Bette L. Beasley 
Maureen W. Becker 
Edwin Bennett 
Gregory M. Berbert 
Betty L. Blum 
Marie P. Blumenthal 
RocHELLE L. Bock 
Eileen S. Bomstein 
Catherine Borowsky 
Barbara A. Brown 
Sandra A. Brown 
Kathryn H. Buonagurio 
Kathleen J. Burleson 
Diane S. Caplan 
Marla Caplan 
Alice S. Cohen 
Esther E. Cohen 
Susan A. Conrad 
Nona M. Coulter 
Davene L. Coutts 
Rosemarie Covault 
Susan B. Crowley 
Wilma J. Davisson 
Sandra E. Dawson 
Laurance S. Dickter 
Annie L. Dixon 
Vivian Edelman 
Hattie L. Edelston 
Louise Ehrlick 
Judith A. Federman 
Betty J. Fielden 
Geraldine B. Forman 
Katherine Foster 
Laurel J. Gafke 
Patsy J. Gardner 
Carolyn S. Garis 
Ann Garofalo 
Pnina Godin 
Dale S. Goldberg 
Lois M. Golden 
Marilyn J. Gordon 
Eileen E. Gorman 

Kenneth A. Greenbaum 
Tina A. Greenbaum 
Carol J. Gross 
James E. Grumbach, Jr. 
Alice M. Hathaway 
Donna G. Heinbaugh 
Marsha Hensley 
Nancy N. Hess 
Sherry L. Hightower 
Louise E. Hoch 
Beverly A. Hollenbeck 
Elaine Summer Hordes 
Jill E. Horlick 
Susan R. Horowitz 
Don G. Housley 
Sallie M. Ives 
Norma J. Jackson 
Andrew M. Janes 
Linda C. Jent 
Kathleen M. Johnson 
Helen C. Jones 
Susan D. Kaplan 
Ruth Karl 

Phyllis R. Karlinsky 
Peggy E. Kelley 
Ruth A. Lathom 
Roberta S. Leibowitz 
Bonnie C. Lerner 
Susan P. Leviton 
Dora R. Light 
Ingrid F. Lindemann 
Teresa J. Lovin 
C. Diane Lynn 
Diane F. Madera 
Eileen C. Mager 
Marcia L. Maldeis 
Janet L. Marsh 
Susan E. Martin 
Gail P. Maxwell 
Margaret B. Miles 
Barbara H. Miliman 
Fay E. Miller 
Rosalie M. Miller 
Gloria L. Mills 
Diane M. Mohr 
Linda M. Monisera 

University of Maryland 125 

Pamela C. Moore 
Linda J. Morris 
Joan W. Murgatroyd 
Sherry S. Murray 
Deena Nelson 
Kathryn L. Noren 
Alease O. Nunnally 
Lynn R. Patterson 
Barbara J. Peacher 
Rebecca L. Peterman 
Helene F. Plovsky 
Barbara A. Podnos 


Marcia Prusinoski 
James Quinn 
Janet W. Ramsen 
T. Carolyn Rechen 
Maura B. Reidy 
Rita L. Remsberg 
Jane H. Reniere 
Anne R. Schwartz 
Kathleen D. Secker 
Bonnita a. Shipp 
Elizabeth W. Shoemaker 

Barbara P. Shulman 
Michele J. Slonim 


Sherry L. Stargel 
Barbara A. Stengle 
Carolyn C. Sterling 
Malca H. Sternberg 
Miriam L Straus 
Cecile R. Szafir 
Elizabeth M. Tate 
Elizabeth L. Terry 
Carol J. Thompson 
Harriet J. Tindle 
Cherie Tompakov 
Katherine M. Uglow 
Karyn L. Vice 
JoAnn G. Wild 
Jeanne L. Wilder 
Patricia K. Wilder 
Virginia H. Wilson 
Linda A. Wishard 
Mary J. Witham 
Nancy R. Wolf 
Anna Eileen Woytowitz 

National Collegiate Players 
(National Honorary Dramatics Society) 

Linda Blum 
Christopher B. Cade 
John Cournoyer 
Regina C. Ebeling 
Judith Ann Freeman 
Carl Robert Futoran 
Kaeren Hawkesworth 
Susan Hoffman 

Charles Jaffe 

Michael Madach 
Gloria Magbum 
Marin Pearson 
Alan Rafel 
Lesley Ross 
Kathleen Ann Turyn 
Y. York off 

Omicron Kappa Upsilon 
(Honorary Dental Society) 

Ronald Marshal Chaput 
Peter Hans Facius 
William Francis Killian 
Warren Michael Morganstein 
John Rogers Porter 

Kenneth Roy Rotman 
Robert Twining Scott 
David Norris Taylor, Jr. 
Alfred Burn ham Warren 
Bruno Reginald West 

126 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Omicron Nu 
(National Home Economics Honor Society) 

Karen Basralian Marsha S. Lane 

Lynn M. Bladen Linda Matthews 

Phyllis A. Burbrink Donna Jo Newcomb 

Beverly Fox Linda M. Smith 

MARjoRiE Frey Mary E. Weirich 

Dorothy Annetta Jenkins Betty E. Willson 

Elizabeth Jones Margaret Wilson 

Anne L. Keiley Sheila Wolfson 
Barbara Lee Krause 

The Order of the Coif 

(National Law School Honor Society) 

Avery Aisenstark Gerard A. Heidrick, Jr. 

Charles G. Atkinson John F. Mudd 

Nathan L. Cohen Carroll E. Neesemann 

Douglas D. Connak, Jr. Emily M. Rody 

Robert L. Diaz Catherine P. Rosen 

John J. Ghingher, III Robert J. Ryan 

Peter H. Gunst Michael L. Schwartz 

Donovan M. Hamm, Jr. Judith K. Sykes 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 
(Physical Education, Recreation, and Health Honor Society) 


F. Ronald Hoffman Ellen C. Sousane 

Andrew C. Ostrow Barry L. Sysler 


Jacqueline D. Cullins Irene E. Lowenstein 

Richard B. Cullins Charles E. Maddox 

Carol A. Guy Jane I. Madsen 

George D. Hall Gary E. Pakula 

Linda M. Haynes Pamela S. Peridier 

Phyllis R. Houck Kathleen A. Regan 

Robert E. Hutzler Julie C. Weatherby 

Karen E. Kells Mary E. Williams 

Barry R. Levin Diana L. Yingling 
Barbara D. Levine 

University of Maryland 127 

Phi Alpha Theta 
(National History Honor Society) 


Peter Alexander Adams 
Grace S. Aviles 
Arlene G. Bakala 
William Leslie Beckman 
Joel Lee Berger 
Gertrude B. Blackwell 
William H. Brackney 
George C. Burgan 
Paul G. E. Clemens 
James Joseph Delmont 
Laurence S. DicKTm 
June B. Paris 
Hayward Farrar 
Riley Folsom 
Sidney S. Friedman 
Micheal Philip Goldenberg 
Martha S. Gueron 
Joseph E. Hall, Jr. 
Priscilla Smalley Hayes 
Susan R. Horowitz 
Susan Garcia Hunter 
David William Huston 
Marsha R. Goldman 
William Martin Hunt 
Sallie M. Ives 
Martin V. Jones 
Anthony Joseph Juliano 
Barbara Ann Kreisman 
Roy Labs 

William Arthur Landb;s 
Bernard Anthony Li 
Pamela Sue Littlewood 

William F. Madden 
Donald E. Markle 
Micheal Graham Marsh 
Gail Patricia Maxwell 
Thomas J. McCormick 
David A. McFadden 
Charles Wallace Miller, Jr. 
Richard Stanley Mille^i 
Frank P. Mintz 
Brian M. Morrissey 
Leland W. Mosedale, Jr. 


Robert McDowell Parker, Jr. 
Bonnie D. Philbrick 
Diane C. Richer 
Roger Allen Ritchie 
Laurence A. Rogers, Jr. 
James A. Schondebare 
Leon Louis Seinman 
Bridget Sisson 
Judith Soule 
Ferris Stovel 
Eugene John Sullivan 
Barbara E. Taylor 
Richard M. Tettelbaum 
Claire A. Thibault 
Carmeline Aurora Violette 
Lorna Weissman 
Pamela L. Weller 
Irving Robert Wendt 
Madeline Wolk 
Ruth S. Zeender 


James Allen Auerbach 
Gordon W. Bailey 
Lucia M. Barthes 
Janice Bennett 
Cheryl A. Collier 

Susan Elaine Martin 
John Mendelsohn 
Philip Marshall Payne 
William Charles Weneta 
WiNSLOw Temple Wheeler 

Phi Beta Kappa 
(A National Honorary Society for Arts and Sciences) 


Miriam G. Bassuk 
Trudie a. Beard 
Marlene D. Beckman 

Sheila M. Berman 
Gisele a. Bickel 
Carol Blanar 

128 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Michael J. Brophy 
Anita M. Brown 
Robert E. Burke 
John H. Call 
Deborah L. Casel 
Robert G. Castile 
PAUL G. Clemens 
Linda Colsh 
Sub E. Corkban 
Robin R. Collison 
Patricla K. Cranb 
Linda L. Curphey 
Jill I. Curran 
Carolee L. Dane 
John B. Duvall 
John E. Duvall 
Joan L. Edwards 
Carol C. Ergenbright 
Grace E. Evans 
Duane M. Faxon 
Barbara A. Feller 
Susan S. Fellows 
Laura D. Foer 
Larry E. Funk 
Nora L. Galli 
Louis Geller 
Donna E. Gertler 
Felicia R. Giedrys 
Elizabeth Gladstone 
Stephen M. Gleason 
Marjorie L. Gray 
Gary A. Grelli 
Joseph E. Hall, Jr. 
Priscilla S. Hayes 
Marianne T. Hill 
Barbara A. Horowitz 
Jacquelin a. House 
Jeffrey M. Isner 
INGRID Jensen 
Robin R. Jones 
Murray A. Kalish 
George H. Kaplan 

Marita H. Kennihan 
Susan H. Schwartz 
Susan B. Landsman 
Larry F. Lawton 
Dennis R. Manchen 
Beverly C. Mayne 
Charles D. McAbthub 
Carolyn M. Meier 
Barbara C. Michaels 
PAULA R. Miller 
Frank P. Mintz 
Linda E. Moore 
Brian M. Morrissey 
Christine S. Mueller 
Janna L. Naylor 
Jane S. Peters 
Elizabeth L. Peto 
Elizabeth A. Pittard 
Frances A. Porton 
Barry S. Raskin 
Joseph A. Reinhardt 


Edward M. Ricci 
Eileen R. Scherl 
Karen L. Silberman 
Sharon L. Simmons 
Marybeth Sorady 
Bernice K. Steinhardt 
Eugene J. Sullivan 
Solomon M. Swierdsiol 
John R. Thielke 
Nora J. Tocus 
Susan J. Vranicar 
David W. Webb 
Howard S. Weber 
Carole L. Weinraub 
Barbara A. Wilk 
Joseph D. Wilkinson 
Shirley A. Wilson 
Kenneth N. Wortman 
Nancy D. Wright 


Robert C. Arsenofp 
Christopher R. Davis 
Philip J. Feinsilver 
Martha A. Field 
Robert E. Fullen 
Lucy H. Hu 
Allen W. Kirchner 
Diane M. Lach 

Barbara J. Liles 
Karen A. Menichelu 
George H. Parks 
Victoria A. Psira 
Karen W. Posey 
Howard I. Saiontz 
MiCHABX L. Stadter 
Alan R. Vinitsky 

University of Maryland 129 

Russell D. Brown 
Bryant S. Centofanti 
Linda Cl/^batoni 
Paul G. E. Clemens 
Michael R. Eddy 
Theodore A. Eisenbeeg 
DuANE M. Faxon 
William L. Ford 
Marianne T. Hill 
Paul 0. Hong 
Nancy L. Hurtt 
Marilyn L. Jager 
Eleanor L. Jones 
H. Steven Kanofsky 
Gail E. Kiesel 
Stephen A. Kramer 
Brenda J. Latka 
Ross S. Lenet 

Pi Mu EpsUon 

(National MathematioB Honorary) 

Marilyn J. Lewis 
James E. Mathis 
Stephen H. Mudeick 
Terri S. Pierce 
Jeffrey S. Rosen 
Christine J. Rossi 
Anita L. Sager 
Luke E. Schallingbb 
James P. Sea well 
Marlene S. Siavitz 
Bruce D. Springeb 
Wayne B. Stern 
Arthur W. Stetson, II 
James S. Tdbin 
Jean S. Willis 
David L. Winslow 
A. Stephen Wolf 
Charles M. Zimmerman 

Sandra L. Conkun 
David H. Jones 
Carol M. Paulick 

Rho Chi 
(National Honorary Pharmaceutical Society) 


Dorothy L. Snoops 
Robert L. West 

Charles A. Besser, III 

Alan J. Jaskulski 


Hyo Yong Kim 

Jill Ballesteros 
Anita Brown 
Ronald Criste 
Gregosia Davis 
Marta Diz 
Pedro Entenza 
Susan Sand Fellows 
Jane Fischbeck 
Maria T. Font 
Nora Louise Galli 

Sigma Delta Pi 

(Spanish Honorary Society) 

Mary Gay Haldeman 
Elena M. Hunter 
Katherine Kraus 
JANELLE Rae Larson 
BE^'ERLY Gary Mayne 
James M. McDuffie 
Pamela Susan McMichael 
Rosin A Navarrete 
John A. Raggio, Jr. 
Stanley E. Rose 

130 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Christopher Scheiderer 
George Shivers 
Karen Smith 
Mark Smith 
Norman Smith 

Philip Smith 
Laura Villavicencio 
Judy Wasserman 
Joan S. Westreich 
Barbara Willoughby 

Sigma Pi Sigma 

(Natumal Physics Honor Society) 

Robert Howard Braunstein 
Thomas Hooker Bell, Jr. 
David Peter Frank 
Susan H. Kesslek 
Robert H. Kidwell 
Michael J. Lawrence 
Larry F. Lawton 
William F. Moore 

John W. Shepperd 
John J. Schenkel 
Harvey J. Schulman 
David R. Smith 
Michael P. Smith 
David B. T witty 
James H. Walker 
Joseph D. Wilkinson 

Barbara Adaus 
Nancy Leigh Adams 
Eileen Adler 
Janet Ajbngst 
Sandra Alper 
Barbara E. Baggs 
Kathryn a. Barnhakt 
Cecile M. Behnemen 
Georgia E. Bell 
Carolyn S. Blasdel 
Marianna Bortner 
Bbenda L. Bowers 
Patricia Bugden 
Euzabeth S. Busch 
Sandra Cawley 
Linda Cloyd 
Roberta Frank Conti 
Joanne P. Cranpoih) 
Rhona Lee Davis 
Sister Mariella Dwyer 
Betty Erickson 
Eleanor V. Frank 
Loretta H. Gossett 
Sandra Greenquist 
Carol Newton Harden 
Helen Hiatt 
Betty Sub Hill 
Janet Hull 
John E. Hutton 
Helen Dolores Jagiello 
Johnnie Sue Jordan 

Sigma Theta Tau 

(National Nursing Honor Society) 

Joanne Kane 
Susan M. Kaufman 
Susan Low 
Nancy Malcolmson 
Victoria Marshik 
Anne McGuncy 
Patricia McIntire 
Karen McLaughlin 
Sister Theodore Mohl 
Jeannie Moore 
Regina Moses 
Mary G. Mulqueen 
Madeline Ney 
Mary O'Dea 
Lynettb Paarmann 
Linda M. Palmateer 
Margaret Parry 
Carolyn Ann Pratt 
Dorothea L. Rancourt 
Lois Ross 

Paula Diann Schwartz 
Louise Stebbins 
Regina Street 
Sharon L. Thompson 
Barbara G. Thorne 
Madeu-on a. Visintainer 
Marian Webster 
Lynda Whitlow 
Patience Wilson 
Sherry L. Zane 
Jon S. Zimmerman 

University of Maryland 131 

G. Ronald Ames 
John 0. Amoss 
Michael Baer 
William C. Baueb 
Jeffrey E. Beach 
Steven R. Beattib 
James E. Beck 
Khodadad Bet-Ahakon 
Janice A. Bilecky 
Richard H. Billings 
Howard J. Callendeb 
BARRY I. Cantor 
Daniel J. Chwirut 
Michael A. Comberiatb 
Timothy J. Consrob 
Arthur L. Corbin 
Charles A. Dennis 
Linda C. Dorsey 
C. Norman Eckert 
Stephen P. Edwards 
John E. Etheridge 
Arthur S. Flewellino 
Eric K. Fromm 
Myer Garnek 
Jacobo R. Gavilan 
Ray E. Glass 
Joseph S. Golt 
Dennis M. Goodman 
James R. Griffiths 
Richard L. Helmick 
Dennis R. Hewitt 

Tau Beta Pi 

(General Engineering Honor Society) 

EARL W. Holtzscheiteb 
Edgar G. Jacques 
Richard L. Kuhns 
Eddy G. M. Lee 
KooN S. Lee 


Robert A. Leonard 
James K. Mayo, Jr. 
Theodore J. Michalek 
Charles G. Miller 
John M. Miller 
Mark E. Nusbaum 
Benjamin I. Orvedal 
Maynard E. Palmer 
Roger D. Porter 
Richard G. Reynolds 
William J. Ritter, Jr. 
John E. Robinson 
Donald C. Runaldue 
Arch C. Scurlock, Jr. 
Walter Squillari 
Richard J. Stanton 
Robert A. Sutton 
Dale F. Swearer 
Charles R. Thorne 
Dennis E. Webb 
Ernest B. Wiessner 
Ronald C. Willard 
Joseph R. Wise, Jr. 
Don p. Yelton 

132 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Scholastic and Special Awards 


The Alpha Omega Award J^obert Twining Scott 

The Alumni Association Medal JIobert Twining Scott 

The Isaac H. Davis Medal Bruce Lavell Lambson 

The Herbert Friedberg Memorial Award .Wiluam Preston Magee, Jr, 

The Timothy 0. Heatwole Memorial Award David Norris Taylor, Jr. 

The International College of Dentists Award Joel Martin Berg 

The Edgar J. Jacques Memorial Award David Norris Taylor, Jr. 

The Harry E. Kelsey Memorial Award JIobert Twining Scott 

The Harry E. Latcham Memorial Medal Paul Allen Bowman 

The Alexander H. Paterson Memorial Medal Bruce Lavell Lambson 

The Harry B. Schwartz Award John Rogers Porter 

The Sigma Epsilon Delta Memorial Medal .Charles Phiup Brenner 

The Katharine Toom^y Award Denny McLeod Smith 


Sam Allen Memorial Prize .Donovan M. Hamm, Jr. 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize CARROLL E. Neesemann 

Roger Howell Award John J. Ghingher, III 

Samuel S. Levin Prize Lance G. Minnich 

Nu Beta Epsilon Prize Carroll E. Neesemann 

John L. Thomas Prize Robert J. Ryan 

William Strobel Thomas Prize Avery Aisenstark 

V. S. Law Week Award Joseph F. Murphy, Jr. 


Dr. William Alexander Hammond Prize for Excellence in Neurology 

Andrew Martin Doylb 

Faculty Gold Medal for Outstanding Qualifications for the Practice of Medicine 

William Peter Meseroll 

Balder Prize for Excellence in Medical Studies David R. RICHMOND 

Dr. Leonard M. Hummel Medal for Excellence in Internal Medicine 

Mark Michael Applefeu) 

The Robinson Dermatological Award Leslie Harrell Pierce, Jb. 

Dr. Wayne W. Babcock Prize for Excellence in Surgery.... Edward Francis Quinn, III 

Dr. J. Edmund Bradley Pediatric Award Mark Michael Applefeld 

Dr. Milton S. Sacks Memorial Award for Excellence in Medicine and Hematology 

Tracy Neil Spencer, III 

Dr. Jacob E. Finesinger Prize for Excellence in Psychiatry Harris Rabinovich 

University of Maryland 135 

student Council Plaques William Douglas Kaplan, John Richards McCoemick, 

Barry Bernard Bekcu, Ronald Lee Elson and Michael Edward McCut€heon 

Student Council Certificates William Eric Sohr, Ronald R. Parks and 

Malcolm David Paul i 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumni Association Award to the studoit 
having the highest average in scholarship. 

Awarded to Baltimore Center — Jennie Moore 

Walter Reed Center — Madelon Visintainek 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumni Association Award presented to the 
member of the graduating class who has exhibited leadership in the professional stu- 
dent nursing organization. 

Awarded to Mildred Wernet 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Award to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship. 

Awarded to Eileen Newburger 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Award for executive ability. 

Awarded to JoN Zimmerman 

The Award for Leadership Ability. 

Awarded to Sandra Greenquist 

The Flora Hoffman Tarun Memorial Award for leadership, loyalty, and school 

Awarded to Katherine Wahaus 

The Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider Award to the nurse who has most consistently 
maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospital 

Awarded to NANCY Neal 

The Neuro-Surgical Nursing Prize awarded to the member of the graduating class 

who has shown the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in neuro-surgical nursing. 

Awarded to Beverly Meadows 

The Award for Excellence in neurological nursing. 

Awarded to Linda Palmateer 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in the nursing care of surgical 

Awarded to Mary Jan Wire 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in operating room nursing. 

Awarded to CONNDE GOOCH 

The Woman's Auxiliary Board Award presented to the senior student who has 

demonstrated outstanding performance in giving professional nursing care to patients. 

Awarded to SB. M. Carttas Schlow 

The Alumni of the Army School of Nursing Award for excellence in clinical 

Awarded to Joanne Kane 

136 1969 Commencement Exercises 


The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity Prize, to a senior student for 
proficiency in pharmacology. 

Awarded to Chakles Alfred Besser, III 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize, a gold medal for superior proficiency in 

Awarded to BONNIE Faye SMITH 

Epsilon Alumnae Chapter, Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority Prize, to a senior stu- 
dent for proficiency in pharmacy administration. 

Awarded to Edwaed Walter Rosser, Jb. 

The David Fink Memorial Prize to a senior student for proficiency in the general 
practice of pharmacy. 

Awarded to James Bernard Culp, Jr. 

The William Simon Memorial Prize, for superior proficiency in the field of prac- 
tical and analytical chemistry. 

Awarded to Charles Alfred Besser, m 

The Wagner Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Prize, for meritorious academic achieve- 
ment in pharmaceutical jurisprudence. 

Awarded to Pamela Marie Hill 

The John F. Wannenwetsch Memorial Prize, to a senior student majoring in Gen- 
eral Pharmacy who has exhibited exceptional performance and promise in the practice 
of community pharmacy. 

Awarded to Harold Jack Block 

The Conrad L. Wich Pharmacognosy Prize, for exceptional work throughout the 
course in pharmacognosy. 

Awarded to Charles Alfred Bessek, HI 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize, to the senior student having the 
highest general average throughout the course in practical and dispensing pharmacy. 
Awarded to Thomas Vance Bolling 


Milton Abramowitz Memorial Prize to a junior or senior student majoring in 
mathematics who has demonstrated superior competence and promise for future de- 
velopment in the field of mathematics and its applications. 

Awarded to Michael Eddy 

The ALCOA Foundation TraflSc and Transportation Award to an outstanding 
senior student majoring in transportation. 

Awarded to GXSY R. WiEBKiNfi 

Alpha Chi Sigma Award to the senior majoring in chemistry or chemical engineer- 
ing whose average has been above 3.0 for three and one-half years. 

Awarded to James R. Griffiths 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the senior member of the group who has maintained 
the highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have been in 
attendance in the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to jANET Leah Marsh 

University of Maryland 137 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award to the graduating senior members 
who have at the end of seven semesters maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta Average, 
3.50 or higher. 

Awarded to: 

Marlene Kluger Beckman Virginia Catherine Mairoana 

Carole Ann Blanar Janet Leah Marsh 

Virginia Allyn Broadbeck Nancy Ann McIlvaine 

Deborah Lynn Casel Margaret Bell Miles 

Nona Mae Coulter Paula Rachel Miller 

Jill Irene Curran Jennie Ann Moore 

Carolee LaRochelle Dane Janna Lynn Naylor 

Linda Carol Dorsey Lois Tama Nitzberg 

Vivien Ruth Edelman Pamela Sue Peridier 

Joan Lynne Edwards Janet Wirsing Ramsen 

DuANE Marie Faxon Carolyn Meir Rosenfeld 

Robin Diane Gordon Joanne H. Schwartz 

Karen Hawkesworth Susan Helen Schwartz 

Janet Walker Heinze Barbara P. Shulman 

Carol Jeane King Marybeth Sorady 

Martha Irene Krueger Cecile W. Szapir 

Susan Paula Leviton Susan Janet Vranicar 

Judith Ann Light Mary E. Weirich 

Marjorie Susan Litwin Linda Ann Wishard 

Patricia Ann Long Nancy Daniel Wright 
Eileen Cardin Mager 

Alpha Zeta Award to the male agricultural student in the freshman class who 
attains the highest average record in academic work. 

Awarded to WILLIAM T. HiLL 

Alumni Scholarship in Physics to Senior Physics Major. 

Awarded to David N. Frank 

American Association of University Women, College Park, Annual Graduate Prize. 
Awarded to Margaret R. Gambrill 

American Society of Civil Engineers, Maryland Section Award to a student mem- 
ber for outstanding service to the chapter and for demonstrated interest in extra- 
curricular activities. 

Awarded to Charles R. Englb 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Awards. 

Awarded to Robert J. Craig for outstanding achievement; John 

E. Robinson and Dennis R. Hewitt for best student 
branch lecture; and the student chairman award to 
Robert J. Craig. 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Scholarship Improvement 
Award is presented to the senior in Aerospace Engineering who has made the greatest 
improvement in scholarship from his junior year to his senior year. 

Awarded to Richard L. Helmick 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Award to the junior member of the Stu- 
dent Chapter who attained the highest over-all scholastic average during the freshman 
and sophomore years. 

Awarded to HOWARD Kvm 

138 1969 Commencement Exercises 


American Institute of Chemical Engineers Professional Achievement Award by 
the National Capitol Section to an outstanding chemical engineering student. 

Awarded to Harry B. Cune 

American Institute of Chemists Award to an outstanding student of the senior 
class selected by the faculty. 

Awarded to Janna L. Naylor 

American Society of Civil Engineers Area Conference Award to the chapter mem- 
ber who has made the most significant contribution to the area student chapter 

Awarded to JOEL S. Magram 

American Society of Civil Engineers' Outstanding Senior Awards. 

Awarded to William C. Bauek by the Chapter 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award to the senior member who con- 
tributed most to the local chapter. 

Awarded to C. NORMAN ECKERT 

The Appleman-Norton Scholarship Award to a senior major in recognition of excel- 
lence in Botany. 

Awarded to Gekd Ebeling 

Associated Women Students Awards for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 
Awarded to: 

KA.THY Burke Verna Brown 

Kitty Roberts Joyce Prouty 

Kathy Daley Marlene McDonough 

Nancy Levitas Margie Phipps 

Gayle Capozzalo Joan Edwards 

David Arthur Herman Memorial Award to the highest ranking junior in the De- 
partment of Chemical Engineering who is also a member of Tau Beta Pi National 

Awarded to Howard Huie 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal to the sophomore who has attained the highest 
scholastic average of his class in the College of Engineering. 

Awarded to Eloy Areu and Stephen J. Baluch 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence in 
Hebrew studies. 
Awarded to: 

Jerry M. Ackerman Roselea J. Mann 

Elizabeth A. Colbert Gail D. Mensh 

Beth A. Goldkind Aliza L. Parcover 

Richard h. Grayson Marsha Perman 

Sarah T. Harris Sheila B. Singer 

Phyllis R. Hyatt Harriet B. Star 

Lois E. Ingber Farrel Vogelhut 

Jill E. Jandorf Linda B. Zetlin 

Business Education Award of Merit to a student in Business Education in r«cog7ii- 
tion of outstanding achievement as a student. 

Awarded to Wilma J. Davisson 

University of Maryland 139 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award to the outstanding graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during the last year. 

Awarded to Richakd Hussey and Edwabd Sweitzer 

Bernard L. Crozier Award by the Maryland Association of Engineers to the senior 
fn the College of Engineering who has made the greatest improvement in scholarship 
during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to David W. Fiske 

Delmarva Traffic Club, Inc. Award to a student majoring in transportation with 
an excellent record, whose residence is on the eastern shore. 

Awarded to LEON N. Timmons 

Delta Delta Delta Award to the sophomore woman with the highest cumulative 

Awarded to Penny Anne Jamitz 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who has 
maintained the highest scholastic standing during the entire course of study in business 
administration or economics. 

Awarded to Robert Strickland 

Disting:uished Accoimting Student Award to exceptional senior students concen- 
trating in accounting who are registered in the College of Business and Public 

Awarded to JoN Green, Howakd Jones, Max Levine, 

Vincent McCormack, Carl Rabovsey 

The Drake Award to the undergraduate student in chemistry who shows the most 
promise at the end of the sophomore year. 

Awarded to Ruth M. Fritz 

The Education Alumni Award to the outstanding senior woman and senior man in 
the College of Education. 

Awarded to Rosalie M. Miller and Kenneth Greenbauh 

Engineering Alumni Chapter Award to a senior for outstanding scholarship and 
service to the College of Engineering and University. 

Awarded to G. Ronald Ames 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior Award is presented to a senior in Electrical 
Engineering for his outstanding scholastic achievement and service to the society and 

Awarded to Barry I. Canton 

General Electric Corporation prizes to outstanding first-year g^raduate students in 
Physics and Astronomy. 

Awarded to Beverly Kobre 

The James Douglass Goddard Memorial Medal to the male native resident of 
Prince Georges County who makes the highest average in his studies, and who embodies 
the most manly attributes. 

Awarded to Michael Richard Eddy 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the two members of the senior class who 
have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to „ Linda H. Blum and Karen Hawkswobth 

140 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Hamilton Award by the Hamilton Watch Co. to the graduating senior in the Col- 
lege of Engineering who has most successfully combined proficiency in his major field 
of study with achievements — either academic, extracurricular, or both — in the social 
sciences or humanities. 

Awarded to LAWRENCE L. Lehmann 

The Haskins and Sells Foundations, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College 
of Business and Public Administration concentrating in accounting who has demon- 
strated excellent ability in this field of study. 

Awarded to Robert Strickland 

Hettinger Award is presented by the Maryland Section of the American Institute 
of Chemical Engineers to an outstanding imdergraduate student of Chemical Engi- 

Awarded to Fritz Wtbenga 

The Home Economics Alumni Award to the student outstanding in application of 
Home Economics in her present living and who shows promise of carrying these into 
her future home and community. 

Awarded to Phylis A. BURBRINK 

Joe Elbert James Memorial Award to the graduating senior in horticulture on the 
basis of scholarship and promise of future achievement. 

Awarded to Lewis F. Flora 

Journalism Department letter of commendation to outstanding journalism woman. 
Awarded to Virginia Broadbeck and Anita Henderson 

Leidy Chemical Foundation Fellowship to an undergraduate student in Chemistry. 
Awarded to Martha A. Hodges 

Martin Marietta Corporation prizes to outstanding g^raduate teaching assistants. 
Awarded to^ „ 

In Astronomy: James C. Shuman 
Walter Upson 

In Physics: William L. Carroll 

John A. Konrady 
Adam Lewis 
Michael S. Rapport 

Martin-Marietta Schoarship Awards to Entering Freshman in Physics or Astron- 

First award to ROBERT L. ASH 

Second awards to Robert B. Glover and Janet Webb 

Maryland-Delaware Press Association Annual Citation to the outstanding senior 
in journalism. 

Awarded to Jeff Valentine 

Maryland Recreation and Parks Society Award to the outstanding senior majoring 
in recreation. 

Awarded to Kitty L. Roberts 

Merck Index Award to an outstanding student of the senior class majoring in 

Awarded to Janna L. Naylor 

Noxell Corporation Scholarship Award to an undergraduate student in chemistry. 
Awarded to „ Samuel M. Chang and Janna L. Naylor 

University of Maryland 141 

The Omicron Nu Award to the sophomore students in Home Economics who in their 
freshman year achieved the highest grade point average. 

Awarded to ANN TODD 

The junior award of the Gamma of Maryland Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa will be 
presented this year to Robhkt C. Absenoff 

The senior award (Leon P. Smith Award) of the Gamma of Maryland Chapter 
will be presented this year to ROBiN R. COLLISON 

Phi Chi Theta Award to the outstanding graduating senior woman in the College 
of Business and Public Administi-ation on the basis of scholarship, activities and 

Awarded to PEGGY Kelley 

Phi Sigma Awards for outstanding achievement in the biological sciences to an 
undergraduate student and a graduate student. 

Aimrded to Patricia A. Long and Ralph A. Meyer, Jk. 

Pi Delta Epsilon National Medal of Merit Awards to the outstanding junior 
woman and the outstanding junior man for journalism activities. 

Awarded to Jeff Valentine and Kathy Schwartz 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to the most outstanding sophomore in mechanical engineering 
on the basis of scholastic average and instructors' rating:s. 

Awarded to Darrell R. Garrison 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award to the senior in mechanical engineering who has 
made the most outstanding contribution to the University. 

Awarded to Daniel J. Chwriut 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College of Business 
and Public Administration who has majored in Transportation and who has demon- 
strated competence in this field of study. 

Awarded to WAYNE A. Hucke 

Public Relations Society of America, Baltimore Chapter, Annual Citation to the 
outstanding senior, active in public relations. 

Awarded to Connie Chung 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the outstanding senior in mic^obiologJ^ 
Awarded to Patricia Ann Long 

The Sigma Chapter, Phi Delta Gamma Award to an outstanding woman who has 
completed the requirements for the doctoral degree. 

Awarded to Ingle-Mabie Gabriele Irwin 

Sigma Delta Chi citation to the outstanding graduating senior male student. 
Awarded to Jeff Valentine 

Dr. Leo and Rita Sklar General Honors Award given annually to students for 
excellence in the General Honors Program of the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Paul Gilbert Eli Clemens, Outstanding General Honors 

Student of the Year. 

John Paul Bischoff, General Honors Senior of the Year. 

Robert Arsenoff, General Honors Junior of the Year. 

Randy A. Roig, General Honors Sophomore of the Year. 

142 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Society of Fire Protection Engineers Outstanding Senior Award to the most out- 
standing senior in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to RICHARD P. McCracken 

Society of Fire Protection Engineers Outstanding Sophomore Award to the most 
outstanding sophomore in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to Kenneth S. Faulstich 

Society of American Military Engineers Award to the senior Air Force ROTO 
cadet in the College of Engineering for his outstanding scholastic achievement and 
\ leadership in Air Science. 

Awarded to KEITH C. WRIGHT 

Reuben G. Steinmeyer Award presented by the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Pi Sigma 
Alpha to the outstanding senior in the Department of Government and Politics. 

Awarded to Earl H. Teeter, Jr. 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of 
the City of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual 
qualities practically applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to Myron A. Dutterek and Kathleen G. Burke 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Association Award to the junior in 
the College of Engineering who during his sophomore year has made the greatest im- 
provement in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Richard H. Billings and Robert M. Rast 

Theta Sigma Phi award to outstanding senior journalism woman. 

Awarded to Virginu Broadbeck 

The University of Maryland College of Agrciulture Alumni Chapter Senior Award 
presented annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding collegiate accom- 
plishments which typified the model student and contributed significantly toward the 
advancement of the University's College of Agriculture. 

Awarded to Edwin R. Fry 

The University of Maryland College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Chapter Stu- 
dent Award pre.sented annually to an outstanding senior man and woman student 
in the college who have demonstrated outstanding collegiate accomplishments in schol- 
arship, leadership and citizenship. 

Awarded to Mrs. Robin Coluson and Michael R. Eddy 

The University of Maryland Business and Public administration Alumni Chapter 
Student Award presented annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding 
achievement in academic and extra-curricular activities. 

Awarded to Robert S. Strickland 

The University of Maryland College of Education Alumni Chapter Award pre- 
sented annually to the senior male and female students who have demonstrated out- 
standing service toward furthering the highest ideals of education. 

Awarded to Rosalie M. Miller and Kenneth A. Greenbaum 

The University of Maryland College of Engineering Alumni Chapter Award pre- 
sented annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship and 
contribution to the College and University through activities and leadership. 

Awarded to G- Ronald Ames 

University of Maryland 143 

The University of Maryland Senior Award of the College of Home Economics 
Alumni Chapter presented annually to the student who has demonstrated exceptional 
scholarship, leadership, and service to the college. 

Awarded to Phylis A. Bukbrink 

The University of Maryland Alumni Association Homecoming Award presented 
annually to the student who has made the greatest contribution to the homecoming 

Awarded to Beuce C. Attinger 

The University of Maryland Alumni Association Outstanding Student Leader 
Award presented annually to an outstanding senior man and woman student who have 
demonstrated excellence in leadership, citizenship and scholarship. 

Awarded to Evangeune J. Pelecanos and Edwin R. Fry 

The Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award to the graduating senior 
who has maintained the highest scholastic achievement in the field of financial admin- 

Awarded to Celestrine F. Spoden 


Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus 
H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class who, 
during his collegiate career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done 
most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Vincent R. Ferrara 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An award presented annually as a memorial to Sally 
Sterling Byrd, by her children to that girl member of the Senior Class who best 
exemplifies the enduring qualities of the pioneer women. These qualities should typify 
self-dependence, courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, 
willingness to sacrifice for others, strength of character, and those other qualities that 
enable the pioneer woman to play such a fundamental part in the building of the 

Awarded to Linda A. Lawson 


The Maryland Ring, a memorial to Charles L. Linhardt, Jr., to the Maryland male 
resident who is adjudged the best athlete of the year. 

Awarded to Hugh A. Mallon 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in 
college athletics. 

Awarded to Giancarlo Brandoni, Gobel W. Kline and 

Roland E. Merritt 

144 i^^9 Commencement Exercises 


The Atlantic Coast Conference Plaque to a senior for excellence in scholarship 
land athletics. 

Awarded to William R. Lovett 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current season. 
Awarded to Richard H. Carlson 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to 
the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Roland E. Merritt 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy for the senior who has contributed most 
to the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to JULIUS Johnson 

John T. Bell Swimming Award to the senior letterman who has contributed most 
to swimming. 

Awarded to Gary L. Goodner 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to Robert Simpson 

William P. Cole, III, Memorial Lacrosse Award to the outstanding midfielder. 
Awarded to Bruce Piccirillo 

The George C. Cook Memorial Scholarship Trophy to a member of the football 
team with the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to Ralph H. Friedgen 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silber Lacrosse Trophy to the most impi-oved defence man. 
Awarded to Craig Hubbard 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the graduating male senior athlete, who during his 
three years of varsity competition, lettered at least once and attained the highest 
over-all scholastic average. 

Awarded to David Werchen 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award to the most outstanding senior trackman. 
Atvarded to C. RICHARD DresCHER 

Jack Faber-Al Heagy Unsung Hero Award, to the player who best exemplifies 
determination, will to win, and pride in accomplishment. 

Awarded to Fred Graham 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to Bobel W. Kline 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed most 
to wrestling at the University. 

Awarded to Robert E. Terrill 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., Swimming Trophy to the senior letterman who has 
contributed most to swimming. 

Awarded to David J. Heim 

University of Maryland 145 

Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 
Awarded to Ronald Peak- 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service to 
lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to NoRMAN VanderSchuut 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University has 
rendered the greatest service to football. 

Awarded to William R. Lovett 

The Robert E. Theofeld Memorial Trophy to the golfer who most nearly exemplifies 
the competitive spirit and strong character of Robert E. Theofeld, a former member 
of the boxing team. 

Awarded to William J. Ziobbo 



Edward Compton 
Philip Corddry 
Daniel Crowley 
William Flynn 
Robert Simpson 
Robert Stropp 


Julius Johnson 
Jon MacDonald 


Ernest H. O'Boyle 


Richard H. Carlson 
Ralph H. Friedgen 
Lewis Gertz 
Michael C. Grace 
Robert S. Haley 
Edwin A. Kane 
William R. Lovett 
C. Alan Pastrana 
Ronald E. Pearson 
Thomas A. Plevin 
Ernest W. Torain 
Larry S. Vince 


Richard J. Bartos 
Henri C. dELozier 
Thomas C. Medlin 
James T. Vandehey 


James F. Dietsch 
Fred E. Graham 
H. Craig Hubbard 
Thomas W. Laverty 
Hugh A. Mallon 
Walter R. Pettit 
Robert R. Rowny 
Norman VanderSchuyt 


Alvaro Bitencourt 
Giancarlo Brandoni 
Robert Connor 
Frank Delvecchio 
Mario Jelencovich 
Maurice G. White 


David Heim 
Jackson Jordan 
David Karol 

Victor Meleski 
Joseph Schwartzel 
Robert Sikorski 


Fulton Liss 
David Werchen 


Richard Cirner 
Charles Drescher 
Douglas Jones 
James Meehan 
Roland Merritt 
George Minarik 
Ernest O'Boyle 
Eugene O'Keefe 
Garrett Parsons 
Albert Stevens 
George Wojtech 


John E. Dalgewicz 
Kevin J. Gilead 
Gobel W. Kline 
David L. Reese 
Robert E. Terrill 
Howard R. Zachmann 

146 1969 Commencement Exercises 



Joseph Anarino 
Michael Baier 
James Bottoms 
Robert Glee 
Edward Compton 
Philip Corddry 
Daniel Crowley 
William Flynn 
Gene Hiser 
Thomas Hopkins 
James Lawrence 
iMkhael Martz 
James Norris 
Robert Parker 
Joseph Shamburg 
Robert Simpson 
Robert Stropp 


Brian Auslander, Mgr. 
William M. Hetzel 


JiLius Johnson 
Thomas Milroy 
Rr hard Stobaugh 
William L. Sullivan 
Francis Wiles 
Charles Worthington 


John E. Baker 
Martin L. Brotemarkle 
Ronald H. Buck, Mgr. 
Dominick J. Camero 
Sheldon R. Karlin 
Ernest H. O'Boyle 
: James J. Rosen 
] Charles J. Shrader 
William J. Shrader 
Russell J. Taintor 
George F. Minarik 


John Boston, Mgr. 
Louis E. Bracken 
Michael D. Brant 
(Patrick M. Burke 

Richard H. Carlson 
Michael F. Chadick 
Stephen Ciambor 
Robert D. Colbert 
Bernard P. Demczuk 
John L. Dill 
Joseph DiOrio 
Kenneth B. Dutton 
John E. Dyer 
Paul E. Fitzpatrick 
Ralph H. Friedgen 
Gregory Fries 
Henry D. Gareis 
John C. Gebhardt 
Lewis Gertz, Mgr. 
Michael C. Grace 
William L. Grant 
Anthony E. Greene 
Robert S. Haley 
Charles D. Hoffman 
Edwin A. Kane 
Daniel Kecman, Jr. 
John J. King, III 
Glenn E. Kubany 
Dean F. Landolt 
James L. Lawrence, Jr. 
William R. Lovett 
Peter A. Mattia 
William M. Meister 
Roland Merritt 
Dennis C. O'Hara 
C. Alan Pastrana 
Ronald E. Pearson 
Thomas A. Plevin 
Richard J. Slaninka 
r^lph e. sonntag 
Wallace F. Stalnaker 
Michael F. Stubljar 
Alvin E. Thomas 
Ernest W. Torain 
Gary G. Van Sickler 
Larry S. Vince 


Richard J. Bartos 
Richard A. Bendall, Jr. 
Worth W. Calfee 
Henri C. deLozier 
Thomas M. Hanna 
W. David Howard 
Kenneth B. Peyre-Ferry 

James T. Vandehey 
Brian C. Willard 
Paul A. Young 
William J. Ziobro 


David Ambrose, Mgr. 
Kimball J. Bechtold 
Wayne M. Benseler 
Kenneth BRoyN 
Leonard Casalino 
James E. Dietsch 
Thomas Donohue 
Michael M. Dreyer 
Charles F. Ellinger, Jr. 
John B. Ellinger 
Daniel A. Furman 
Fred E. Graham 
Paul Griffin 
Randall H. Hicks 
H. Craig Hubbard 
Ira Hochstadt 
C. Reed Kaestner 
Jeremiah D. Kiefer 
Thomas W. Laverty 
Stephen E. Lortie 
Hugh A. Mallon 
Thomas W. McClenahan 
Walter R. Pettit 
Bruce E. Piccirillo 
Robert R. Rowny 
Alfred J. Szczerbicki 
Vaughan Topping 
Paul Vitale 
Norman VanderSchuyt 
Robert E. West 


Lee Bernard 
Alvaro Bittencourt 


Robert Connor 
Frank Delvecchio 
Jack Gruszka 
Mario Jelencovich 
Peter Lowry 
Rocco Morelli 
James G. Richardson 
Manuel Romero 

University of Maryland 147 

Larry Ruhs 
Stephen Salfeety 
Friedeman Schoon 
Melih B. Sensoy 
Paul Steihl 
Broughe Treffer 
RuFus G. Wallace 
Maurice G. White 
Richard J. Schultz, Mgr. 


Barry Accornero 
Richard Barr 
Paul Berigtold 
Ronald Brillhart 
Donald Dolce 
Michael Golub 
Gary GooDNEHi 
David Heim 
Charles Hoffman 
Ronald Hoffman 
Jackson Jordan 
Michael Kaiser 
David Karol 
Kevin Kelley, Mgr. 
Jack Levenson 
Paul McDonald 
Steven Meleski 
Victor Meleski 
Scott Polk 
Joseph Reid 
Robert Rydze 
Richard Schaefer 
Joseph Schwartzel 

Robert Sikorski 
Paul Thompson 


Raymond Buck-Lew 
Andrew Cohen 
Donald Hicks 
Neil Paterson 
M. Eugene Speni 
Fulton Liss 
David Werchen 


John L. Bacon 
John E. Baker 
George A. Braley 
Martin L. Brotemarkle 
Tyrone F. Brown 
Marshall J. Bush 
Marvin J. Bush 
James R. Calhoun 
Richard A. Cirner 
Joseph B. David 
Jordan B. Davis 
Charles R. Drescher 
William G. FpiES 
Elliott J. Garrett 
John J. Hanley 
Richard T. Jeffrey, Mgr. 
Ralph H. Jones 
James F. Meehan 
Roland E. Merritt 
George F. Minarik 

Michael T. Neff 
Ernest H. O'Boyle 
Eugene P. O'Keefe 
Garrett S. Parsons 
David C. Reiss 
James J. Rosen 
John H. Schwendy 
Charles J. Shrader 
Thomas R. Smith 
Albert J. Stevens 
Robert M. Strauss 
Russell J. Taintor 
William H. Tipsword 
Charles A. Warner 
James R. Williamson 
George J. Wojtech 


John R. Baker 
Curt P. Callahan 
Kevin J. Gilead 
Joel L. Haan 
Andrew Hanzlik 
Gobel W. Kline 
Gary J. Mulugan 
David L. Reese 
LoNNE B. Rutledge, Jr., 

Ralph E. Sonntag 
Thomas E. Talbert, Jr. 
Robert E. Terrill 
Randall L. Umberger 
Howard R. Zachmann 



148 1969 Commencement Exercises 


Air Force Association Award to the outstanding Senior Cadet in the AFROTC 

Awarded to John H. Call, III 

Air Force R.O.T.C. Angel Flight Award to the outstanding member of the Air 
Force R.O.T.C. Angel Flight. 

Awarded to Nadean McCullough 

Air Force Times Award to the Senior Cadet who has distinguished himself by 
contributing materially to constructive public attention for the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to James D. Sonneborn 

Alumni Cup awarded to the Commander of the outstanding flight in the Corps of 

Awarded to James S. Schaefeb 

American Legion R.O.T.C. General Military Excellence Gold Medal Award to the 
Senior Cadet demonstrating outstanding qualities in military leadership, discipline and 

Awarded to George M. McVeigh, Jr. 

American Legion R.O.T.C. Scholastic Gold Medal Award to the Senior Cadet in 
the upper 10% of his class and upper 25% of his R.O.T.C. class. 

Awarded to John H. Call, III 

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Award to the outstand- 
ing Senior Cadet majoring in electrical, electronics or communications engineering. 
Awarded to KEITH C. Wright 

Arnold Air Society Award to the Professional Officer Course Cadet selected' by 
the Arnold Air Society as the cadet who has contributed the most to the advance- 
ment of Air Force R.O.T.C. through activities of the Arnold Air Society. 

Awarded to Larry E. Funk 

Coblentz Cup to the Commander of the outstanding group in the Corps of Cadets. 
Awarded to Chester A. Wood 

Daughters of the American Revolution Award to the senior cadet who has demon- 
strated high qualities of dependability, good character, adherence to military discipline 
and leadership ability. 

Awarded to Robert C. Ginnett 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Cadet who has displayed out- 
standing leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. 

Awarded to Raymond L. Seim 

Distinguished Air Force R.O.T.C. Cadet Badge to those seniors who possess out- 
standing qualities of leadership and high moral character and who meet the prescribed 
standings in their academic and military studies. 

Awarded to: 

John H. Call, III David K. Shuffer 

Larry E. Funk James D. Sonneborn 

Michael S. McCracken Paul H. Walker 

I Robert T. Peacock Keith C. Wright 

Raymond L. Seim 

University of Maryland 149 

General Dynamics Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying outstanding leader- 
ship and scholastic qualities and who has been selected for the Professional Officer 
Ck)urse in the pilot category. 

Awarded to Robert W. Looser 

Governor's Cup to the Commander of the outstanding squadron in the Corps of 

Awarded to Anthony K. Akin 

PAS Award for Excellence to the Senior Cadet who has distinguished himself 
through excellence of leadership in the Corps of Cadets. 


George M. Reiley Award to the member of the Flight Instruction Program show- 
ing the highest aptitude for flying as demonstrated by his performance in the Program. 
Awarded to Chester A. Wood 

Reserve Officers Association Gold Medal to the Senior Cadet demonstrating out- 
standing academic achievement and highest officer potential. 

Awarded to Labry E. Funk 

Reserve Officers Association Silver Medal to the Junior Cadet demonstrating out- 
standing academic achievement and the highest officer potential. 

Awarded to William D. Currence 

150 1969 Commencement Exercises 



Tom Winer 
Carole Franks 
Linda Naylor 
Ilene Caplan 
Linda Shevitz 
Cheryl Clark 
Leslie Moss 
Manice Walker 
Selena Plotkin 
Harriet Laps 
Sharon McKee 
Linda Guild 
Ellen Winkler 
Shelly Teichman 
Fran Crystal 
Don Kerbel 
Mike Snyder 
JoAnne Finifter 
Andi Bloomfield 
Lynn Baldwin 
Barbara Kane 
Judy Knox 
Cindy Plachta 
Elaine Williams 
Mary Donaldson 
Jim Day 

Maryanne Gallagher 
Steve McKerrow 

Luci Beach 
Carol Duke 
Mark Jacobs 

Steve Purchase 
Steve Patranek 
Dave Bourdon 
Dennis Piper 
Nina Wood 
David Lightmas 
Mike MacNees 
Larry Blonder 
Jeff Isner 
Mark Carp 
Marty Schmidt 
Mary Hurlburt 
Susan Gainen 
Marianne LaRoche 
Anita Henderson 
Jeff Valentine 
Milton Buchler 
Harold Lalos 
Paul Levin 
Larry Miller 
Sherry Jackson 
Carolyn Jones 
Alan Stark 
Joyce Marshall 
Jean Horan 
Allen Lewis 
Thomas Basham 


Dave Morath 


Steve Vogel 

University of Maryland 151 


Sigma Alpha Iota Alumnae Award for outstanding musical performance. 
Awarded to Marsha Korth 

Sigma Alpha Iota Dean's Honor Award for service and dedication. 

Awarded to Binnie Braunstein 

Sigma Alpha Iota Honor Certificate to the senior with the highest scholastic 

Awarded to Carol Keys and Marilyn 

Sigma Alpha Iota Leadership Award based on personality, student activities, fra- 
ternity service, and scholarship. 

Awarded to CAROL KEYS 

Sigma Alpha Iota Sword of Honor Awards, for outstanding service to the Chapter 
and to the musical community. 

Awarded to CAROLYN Carmack, CAROL KEYS and Marsha Korth 



Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding band member of the year. 
Awarded to Alan Witkin 

Tau Beta Sigma Award to the outstanding band sorority member of the year. 
Awarded to Zavolia Dobtch 

Director's- Award to the Symphony Band member who demonstrated the most im- 
provement in musicianship during the year. 

Awarded to JOHN MaGEE 

Assistant Director's Award to the outstanding member of the Concert Band. 
Awarded to Charles McLeod 

Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding freshman band member of the 

Awarded to Henry Amann 

Tau Beta Sigma Award to the most outstanding freshman band member of the 

Arvarded to Stephanie Bunnell 

Certificate presented to members who have served faithfully for four years: 

Janet Bruns Susan Kunkel Gregory Sears 

John Burdette Willlam McCullen Gloria Sessums 

David Click Charles McLeod Ronald Shope 

Brian Herzberger Ruth Myers David Strebe 

Alan Huff James Reeves Ray Young 

Certificate presented to members who have served faithfully for three years: 

Allen Avery Roger Burdette Zavolia Dortch 

Ralph Betz Kenneth Carter Helen Ehrlich 

Paula Bing Jeanette Conlon Brad Feig 

Elizabeth Bruen Christopher Davis Richard Forman 

Karen Brumbaugh Gary Dinn Dan Fritz 

152 1969 Commencement Exercises 

Kathy Frye 
Ronald Golkow 
Mark Goodman 
Mark Grande 
Louis Hart 
George Kipper 
Keith Laurent 

Glenn Mohr 
Jeffrey Pargament 
Joseph Pratt 
Scott Price 
Carl Ramsey 
Philip Rosenheim 
Laura Savadow 

Alice Stinnett 
Lynne Teal 
Marcia Tew 
Sharon Woodruff 
Ellen Yang 
Charles Zimmerman 
Diane Zolnaski 

Sweaters presented to members who have served faithfully for two years: 

Raymond Boyer 
Jacqueline Brown 
Steve Castrogiovanni 
Roberta Davidson 
Michael Davis 
Matthew Dudzinski 
Frances Fosbroke 
Jerry Freed 
Miriam Funston 
Kim Gibbons 
Howard Green 
Deborah Haas 
Nancy Harlow 
William Herbert 
Marie Hill 
Robert Hirzel 

John King 
Denise Knoller 
Mark Kornmann 
Steve Lawrence 
Barbara Lawyer 
William Leader 
Marilyn Lewis 
Larry Linton 
Ellen Lodwick 
Kenneth Louden 
John Magee 
Julia Marrero 
Andrew Melisano 
John Mitchell 
IRVA Nachlas 

Malcolm Nichols 
Barbara Nichey 
Ruth Polinsky 
David Pritzker 
Leslie Roberts 
Emilia Rynarzewski 
Robert Sanders 
Fred Schroeder 
James Sheldon 
Jeffrey Silberberg 
David Smith 
Susan Solie 
Elaine Venetta 
Wendy Weidler 
Lloyd Weinberg 

Monogram Letters presented to members who have served faithfully for one year: 

Henry Amann 
David Anderson 
James Anthenelli 
Ruth Barnes 
Thomas Bartolomew 
Elizabeth Baugh 
Howard Beckler 
Stephanie Bunnell 
Ieanne Casey 
Dbbora Cimokowski 
Paul Clarvoe 
iONNiE Cohen 
3TUART Conway 
Richard Dalton 
roHN Dean 
Paul Dean 

Beverly De Lashmott 
Sruce Dolinka 
Robert Ellis 
Douglas Enfield 
^NNA Marie Etzler 
3RUCE Ferguson 

lenda Fried 
JEFFREY Goldberg 
fEAN Harris 

William Holland 
Argin Hutchins 
Phyllis Jackson 
Lawrence Jaffb 
Cynthia Jenkins 
Janet Jodl 
Thomas Jones 
Laura Kadin 
Stanley Kominic 
Joan Kostenbauder 
Michael Kuykendall 
Kristine Lapp 
Duncan Leet 
Ross Lewchuk 
Craig Luonzo 
Suzanne Lupo 
Albert Maggitti 
Dale Marcks 
Margaret McCarthy 
Patricia McMillan 
Eric Moore 
Thomas Myer 
Stephen Newhouse 
Paul O'Donnell 
Dale Oliff 

Kenneth Pargament 
Michael Peters 
Arthur REicHiaiT 
Jane Reidy 
Elaine Roberts 
Bruce Robertson 
Steven Ruiz 
George Saunders 
Theresa Schmitt 
Stuart Seidner 
Eileen Shaw 
Kathleen Shue 
Virgie Smoot 
John Staehle 
Karla Stefanson 
Joel Strachman 
Paul Thorne 
Steven Twiford 
Kay Waesche 
Elissa Weidow 
Mark Wentworth 
Paul Willet 
Bruce Wilson 
Carlton Wolfe 
Joanne Woodward 

University of Maryland 153 


Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for four years: 
David Berry Susan Reid 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for three years : 

Richard Berun 


Karen Kersey 
Alan Oresky 
Adina Penney 

Barbara Stein 
Sharon Woodruff 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for two years: 

Wayne Gayer 
Mark Goodman 
Linda Hormes 

Fred Leise 
Norman Nusinov 

Ralph Shafer 
Marcia Tew 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for one year: 

Ruth Barnes 
Betsy Baugh 
Jane Bockenek 
Deborah Brown 
Karen Brumbaugh 

Susan Burkwitt 
Nancy Cole 
Marilyn Hall 
Robert Schachter 

John Staehle 
Bonnie Weiner 
Frederick Weiser 
Vera Wilmore 


Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for four or more years : 

Gael Balser 

Cynthia Greene 
Dixie Kelley 

John McCamant 
Elena Morbeale 

Bob Schramm 
Anne-Marie Spada 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for three years : 

Natalie Best 
Butch Dye 
Harry McComas 

Christine O'Brien 
Ralene Schneider 
Barbara Thompson 

Gale Younkins 
Eunice Zipperman 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for two years: 

Charlie Barnhart 
Donna Behnke 
Carol Blum 
Jeff Blumenthal 
Kathy Bowen 
Tom Bradshaw 
Patty Collett 
Kathy Davenport 

Richard Field 
Marilyn Harmon 
Ina Jordan 
Nick Kutson 
Barbara Marcus 
Rene Pubnell 
Carl Reichwein 
Rosemary Rockwell 

Mary Ruth Seibert 
Sara Silverman 
Janice Stewart 
Barbara Stitt 
Wallace Szumny 
Nancy Weiss 
Nellie Widmayer 
Margaret Williams 

154 iSff^ Commencement Exercises 

Academic Degrees 


Reference : Projections of Educational Statistics to 

1977-78, Office of Education, U. S. Department of 

Health, Education and Welfare, 1964. 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course of study. There are 
more than 1,600 different academic degrees currently conferred by American colleges 
and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the University of Bologna in 
the middle of the 12th Century. Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was qualified to give instruction to stu- 
dents. The bachelor's or baccalaureate degree indicated only entrance upon a course of 
study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, however, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean successful completion of one level of study preparatory to the 
higher degrees. 

From the continent, the use of academic degrees spread to English universities. 
Harvard University, William and Mary, and Yale followed the British pattern in the 
New World. 


The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year course of study of col- 
legiate grade and is the oldest academic degree used by American institutions of higher 
learning. The degree Bachelor of Arts was first conferred in America in 1642 on nine 
young men, comprising the first graduating class of Harvard College. Yale confetred its 
first Bachelor of Arts in 1702; Princeton in 1748; William and Mary in 1753; Pennsyl- 
vania in 1757; and Columbia in 1758. 

The degree. Bachelor of Science, was awarded to four gi-aduating members of the 
class of 1851 of Harvard University, probably the first to receive this degree from any 
institution. From 1851 to 1905, the degree was conferred only upon students registered 
in the Lawrence Scientific School; after 1905, on students of Harvard, also. 

Almost 714,000 bachelor degrees will be granted in 1969 by American colleges and 

One of the most striking features about the bachelor's degree is the great prolifera- 
tion of some of its simple types. There are records of 27 varieties of Bachelor of Music, 
108 varieties of Bachelor of Arts, and 426 varieties of Bachelor of Science. 


The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon students who have suc- 
cessfully completed one or two years' work in advance of the baccalaureate. A thesis 
and an oral examination are usually required. The word "magister" connected with a 
qualifying phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of honor; but its present 
meaning must be traced to the time of the establishment of the oldest universities. 

* Sometimes designated as the baccalaureate degree, from the Latin baccalaureus from 
baccalaris "under the influence of" and laurus "laurel" used as a designation of honor, 
j distinction or fame. 

I University of Maryland 155 

Regularly organized faculties were not then known as they now exist in the universities. 
The whole circle of academic activity was limited to seven liberal arts, and those who 
received public honors on the completion of their course of studies, for their diligence 
and knowledge, and had already received the degree of baccalaureus (bachelor) were' 
called magistri artium (masters of the liberal arts). 

The earned master's degree was first awarded in America by Harvard University 
in 1869. Currently, about 180,000 such degrees are being conferred in 1969. 


This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by ancient Romans to those 
who delivered public lectures on philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 
12th century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men of great learning. It 
was first made an academic title at the University of Bologna, in Italy, which received 
from the Emperor the right of appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The Uni- 
versity of Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, the popes granted the universities the 
right of appointing doctores canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law); and 
when the study of the civil law came to be combined with that of the canon law, the 
title was changed to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of 
theology and medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in theology and law, is 
given beyond the baccalaureate degrree, and requires two to five years, the writing of a 
thesis, and thg passing of written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents the most advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct types: the professional or practitioners 
degree, and the research degree. The first type represents advanced training for the 
practice of various professions, principally: Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry 
no implication of original research and are classified by the U. S. Office of Education, 
with bachelor's degrees, as the first professional degrees. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as research doctorates representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study usually accompanied by a dissertation which is de- 
signed to be a substantial contribution to existing knowledge on the subject. The most 
important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication of philosophy 
for its holder, but represents advanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. 
It was first awarded in the United States by Yale University in 1861. 

Approximately 25,100 doctor's degrees will be awarded by American colleges in 

* The Oxford English Dictionary defines a doctor, in the academic sense as, "One, who 
in any faculty or branch of learning, has attained to the highest degree conferred by a 


156 i969 Commencement Exercises 


rhe Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic proces- 
lion are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar since 
nedieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress since 
nany of the scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which 
las since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 
Dach of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — has its own distinc- 
;ive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve, 
rhe master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, extending below the knee ; the arm 
s passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown has a full bell- 
ihaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide 
velvet bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating the general field of 
earning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green for medicine, purple 
or law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which 
)asses around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
loods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The color 
if the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. Below is given a list of department 
T faculty colors. 





Irts, Letters, Humanities 




iusiness Administration, 



Commercial Science 



Silver Gray 









Education, Pedagogry 

Light Blue 





Public Health 


'ine Arts, Architecture 


Physical Education 

Sage Green 




Golden Yellow 

Lome Economics 


Social Service 



Dark Crimson 

Surgical Chiropody 

Nile Green 



Theology and Divinity 


library Science 


Veterinary Sciences 


The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood are those of the 
ollege or university which conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may be 
lither black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may be 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of distinc- 
ive color and desig:n. 

University of Maryland 1 57 

Candidates Seating Plan 












of Arts) 



Arts and Sciences 


of Science) 


of Music) 

Business and 
Public Admin. 









of Science) 



158 1969 Commencement Exercises 








University of Maryland 159 


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