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Honorary Degree 

Alexander Heard 

Alexander Heard, Special Advisor to President Nixon on Campus Affairs, 
has been Chancellor of Vanderbilt University since 1963. 

Professor of political science and government official as well as university 
administrator, Dr. Heard has written extensively on southern politics and the 
financing of political campaigns. He has served on the U.S. government Task 
Force on Priorities in Higher Education and the Advisory Commission on 
Intergovernmental Relations. In January, 1972 he became Chairman of the 
Ford Foundation Board. 

As Chancellor of Vanderbilt University for almost ten years, Dr. Heard has 
realized his goal of achieving a significant national future for the university. 
He has expanded the scope of university programs and has been at the fore- 
front in the South in dealing with the nation's racial problems on the university 

Born in Savannah, Georgia on March 14, 1917, Heard attended Columbia 
University where he was awarded the Ph.D. degree in 1951. 

Order of Exercises 


Chancellor of the College Park Campus 

PROCESSIONAL March from Fifth Symphony Finale, Tschaikowsky 


Lutheran Chaplain 

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM The Star Spangled Banner, led by 

Dr. Paul Traver, Director, 
University Glee Clubs 


Chairman, Board of Regents 
President of the University 
Representing Gov. Marvin Mandel 

MUSICAL SELECTIONS Tempus est iocundum 

Veni, veni, venias 

from Carmina Burana — Orff 

The Testament of Freedom — Thompson 

Selections performed by University 

Chamber Chorus with wind and percussion 

from the University Band 


Chancellor, Vanderbilt University 


DR. BISHOP, College Park 

DR. STANLEY J. DRAZEK, University College 


THE ALMA MATER Hail! Alma Mater! 

Hail to thee, Maryland 
Steadfast in Loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold 
Deep in our hearts we hold, 
Singing thy praise forever, 
Throughout the land. 
— led by Dr. Traver 


Presbyterian Chaplain 

RECESSIONAL Finale from The Fourth Symphony, Tschaikowsky 

Diplomas will be mailed to graduates by the Registra- 
tions Office. 

Candidates for Degrees 

The 1972 Class Roster is comprised of degree candidates from the 
undergraduate schools and the Graduate School at the University's College 
Park Campus and University College since August 1971. As final action cannot 
always be taken for January candidates by the time this program is printed, 
the list of candidates here is tentative only, the University reserving the right 
to withdraw or add names. 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. David S. Sparks, Dean for Graduate Studies and Research 

August 27, 1971 

Harold Fred Abeles 

Kermit Correll Bachman, 

Roger Wilson Barnard 

lohn T. Baskin 
Bobby Glenn Beaman 
Steven Joel Becker 

Nancy Jeanne Brown 
Walter Richard Butler 

Jerry Milan Calkins 
Phrosene Elaine Chimiklis 
William Nicholas Collins 

Vincent Daniel Coonahan 
George Rankin Cooter 
Dean Page Currier 
Joseph Robert Currier 
Valerian John Derlega 
Joseph Rogers Dickinson, Jr. 

David Lawrence Dubrow 

George Henry Gilbert Eisenberg, Jr. 

Charles Jeffrey Elstrodt 

Cheng-jin Fan 
James Lewis Farr 

John J. Fearnsides 
Renate Margarete Fischetti 
Harold Fishman 

Geraldine Ashour Fristrom 
Richard F. Fullenbaum 

Brij Lai Gambhir 

Ruth Elizabeth Gattozzi 

Theodore Lee Gessner 

Education — Measurement and Statistics: An Application of the Facet-Factorial Approach to Scale 
Construction in the Development of a Rating Scale lor Clarinet Music Performance. (Oklahoma) 

Dairy Science: A Study of the Aldehydogenic Polar Lipids of a Mixed Rumen Microbial Population. 

Mathematics: Extremal Problems for Univalent Functions Whose Range Contain a Fixed Disk. 

Education — Secondary: The Einstellung Effect in Relation to Mathematics Background. (New York) 

Botany: Comparative Systematic Anatomy of the Parasite Cassytha (Lauraceae). (Maryland) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: A Comparison of Body Altitudes in Women with Masculine 
Vocational Interests and Those with Feminine Vocational Interests. (New York) 

Chemistry: Energy Exchange in H2 -f- He Collisions. (Maryland) 

Chemical Engineering: An Acoustic Technique for the Prompt Detection of Boiling in Nuclear Power 
Reactors. (Washington, D.C.) 

Chemical Engineering: Nonequilibrium CO t Transfer in Tubular Membrane Oxygenators. (Virginia) 

Botany: Light and Calcium Antagonism of Salt Inhibition in Chlorella . (Maryland) 

Education — Human Development: The Relationship Between Improvement in Reading Preparedness 
and Improvement in Self-Concept With Respect to Sex Differences and Rural, Lower-Socio- 
Economic First Crade Students. (Maryland) 

Chemical Engineering: Sorption and Permeation of Hydrocarbon Vapors in Polymers — A Study of the 
N-Butane — Propane — Polyethylene System. (Pennsylvania) 

Physical Education: Effects of Selected Dosages and Absorption Times of dl-Amphetamine Sulfate on 
a Maximal Endurance Task by Adult, Male Wistar Rats. (Maryland) 

Physical Education: An Electromyographic Analysis of the Tripceps Brachii and Anconeus Muscles 
during Isometric Contraction at Varied Positions. (Maryland) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: Relationship of Race-Image of Negro Males of Figure-Ground 
Perception in a Black-White Perceptual Field. (New York) 

Psychology: Social Penetration Processes: The Effects of Acquaintance, Topic Intimacy, and Support 
on Opennes of Nonverbal Behavior. (Maryland) 

Psychology: The Relation Between the Law of Initial Value and the Habituation of Electrodermal and 
Plethysmographic Responses As A Function of the Intensity, Interslimulus Interval, and Novelty of 
Auditory Stimulation. (Maryland) 

Food Science: Effect of Processing Variables on Lipid Extraction and Functional Properties ol Fish 
Protein Concentrate (FPC). (Maryland) 

Microbiology: The Kinetics of the Serum Immunoglobulin Response of Rabbits to the Capsular 
Polysaccharide Antigen of Caffkya tetragena. (New Mexico) 

Horticulture: Some Effects of Supplemental Light and Low Temperatures on Flower Initiation and 
Development in Carnation (DIATHUS CARYOPHLLUS L.) . (Pennsylvania) 

Agronomy: Daillel Crosses Among Maryland Varieties ol Nicotiana Tabacum L (Maryland) 

Psychology: The Effects of Mode of Information Presentation, Response Requirements, and Order ol 
Information Type and Favorability upon Decision Making in a Simulated Selection Interview. 

Electrical Engineering: Minimum-Fuel Attitude Control and Stabilization of An Inertially Oriented 
Space Station. (Washington, D.C.) 

German: Bertolt Brecht: Die Cestaltung Des Dreigroschen-Sloffes in Stuck, Roman und Film. 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Effectiveness of Differential Social Reinforcement Strategies 
in Facilitating Achievement Behavior of Lower Socioeconomic Status, Primary Crade Children. 
(New York) 

Chemistry: Cation Exchange Resins for Separation of Phospholipids. (Maryland) 

Economics: A General Equilibrium Demand Model for Living Marine Resources: An Application of 
General Equilibrium and Common Property Resource Theory to the U.S. Seafood Sector. (Maryland) 

Physics: Pauli Break-Up in Deuteron Reactions. (New York) 

Psychology: The Effect of Person on a Conditioned Emotional Response of Schizophrenic and Normal 
Subjects. (New York) 

Psychology: The judgemental Process in Attribution ol Causality Social and Mental Health Psychology 
— General Psychology. (Washington, D.C.) 

* Department and Thesis Title Indicated 

Michael Shelton Glasgow 
Harold Keith Goering 

Milton Robert Goldsamt 

David Murray Gottlieb 
Jon Charles Graff 

Judith Ann Grenick 

Barbara Harland 
Ronald Earl Harrell 
Velma Eichhorn Harwood 

Bruce Harold Hobler 

James Richard Horst 

Thomas William Houk 
Charlene Drew Jarvis 

Paul Winston Jary 

Sampurno Kadarsan 
Carl Bertram Kallmyer 

Masao Kato 

Theo Gordon Keith, Jr. 

Anna Marie Kralovich 

William Robert Krause 
Claude M. Laperches 

James V. Larsen 
Sotero L. Lasap, Jr. 

Paul Joseph Lavin 

James Philip Lavine 
Gerald A. Leidy 

Roger William Lind 

lames Barr Mason 
Darryl Edgar Matter 

Barbara Brown Mayo-Wells 
James Robert McCaul 

Matthew John McDonald 

George Michael McKay 
Philip Joseph Miller 
Robert James Mullen 
Matthew Callender O'Brien 

Anthony Osretkar 

Zoology: Metabolism ol Fucose-Containing Glycoproteins in the Developing Rat Brain. (Maryland) 

Dairy Science: Comparison ol Analytical Measures ol Heat-damaged Forage with Nitrogen Digesti- 
bility and the Ffiect ol Several Factors on the Relative Susceptibility ol Forages ol Heat Damage. 

Education — Measurement and Statistics: fffects of Scoring Method and Rating Scale Length in Extreme 
Response Style Measurement. (Maryland) 

Astronomy: Abundances of K Giant Stars. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: The Incorporation ol Orlhophosphate into Sphingomyelin, Phosphatidyl Choline and 
Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine in Human Skin Fibroblasts in Culture. (Maryland) 

Education-Counseling and Personnel Services: The Effects ol a Model on Verbal Behavior in Group 
Counseling. (California) 

Dairy Science: Zinc Requirement and Stores. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Girths and the Geometry ol Spheres in Flat Banach Spaces. (Pennsylvania) 

Food Science: The Effects ol Thawing and Heating Methods on Selected Parameters ol Palatability, 
Wholesomeness, and Nutritive Value ol Frozen Prepared Foods. (Virginia) 

Education— Human Development: The Effects ol Relationship Therapy Upon the Functional Level ol 
Institutional Male Retardates. (Maryland) 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: An Analysis ol the Effects ol Alternative Agricultural Policies 
on the Substitution ol Ingredients in the Compound Feed Industry ol the United Kingdom. 

Physics: A Stochastic Model for the Contractile Process in Vertebrate Striated Muscle. (Tennessee) 

Psychology: The Effects ol Lesions in the Optic Tectm and Tectolungal Pathways in Pigeons on the 
Identification and Localization ol Visual Stimuli. (Washington, DC.) 

Education-Administration Supervsion and Curriculum: The Relationship Between lob Satisfaction ol 
High Schoool Principals and Their Vocational Interests as Measured by the Holland Vocational 
Preference Inventory. (New York) 

Zoology: Larval Ixodid Ticks ol Indonesia (Acarina: Ixodidae). (Indonesia) 

Education-Elementary: An Investigation ol the Effect ol a Program of Instruction on the Rate ol 
Development ol the Concept ol Time in Filth-Grade Boys. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: taser Scattering from High Density, Low Temperature Plasmas. (Washington, 

Mechanical Engineering: Finite Difference Solutions ol Steady Laminar Flow Through a Pipe Orifice. 

Education— Institute for Child Study: The Relationship ol Receiving, Recognizing, Distinguishing, 
and Relating in Children's Spatial Visualization. (New Jersey) 

Economics: Evaluating and Forecasting Progress in Racial Integration. (Maryland) 

Chemical Engineering: A Source of Error in the Calculation ol Material Reactivity Worths by Multi- 
group Perturbation Theory. (Belgium) 
Chemical Engineering: Carbon Fiber Structure, Surface, and Surface Treatments. (Utah) 

Agricultural and Extension Education: The Leadership Attitudes of Former National FFA Officers. 

Education— Counseling and Personnel Services: The Use of Anecdotes in Group Counseling with 

Socially Maladjusted Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade Boys. (Maryland) 

Physics: Theoretical Studies in The Three-Nucleon System. (Maryland) 

Education — Special: A Study ol Asynchrony in Auditory and Preprioceptive feedback Processing in 
Elementary-Age "Learning-Disabled" and "Regular-Class" Children. (Pennsylvania) 

Economics: Determinants ol Local Public Expenditures: A Study ol Rhode Island's Thirty-Nine Cities 

and Towns. (Delaware) 
Mechanical Engineering: Finite Element Analysis ol Coupled Irreversible Vector Processes. (Maryland) 

Education — Human Development: An Investigation ol High School Graduate's Achievement Motiva- 
tion and the Prediction ol Community Behavior. (Kansas) 

English: On Anticipation in Beowulf. (Maryland) 

Business Administration: The Direct Maritime Subsidy Program: An Analysis and A Proposal lor 
Change. (Taiwan) 

Psychology: A Multiple Measurement Approach to the Study ol Impulse Control in Children. 

Zoology: Behavior and Ecology ol the Elephant in Southeastern Ceylon. (Canada) 
Chemistry: The Optical Phonon Spectra ol Some Single Crystals. (Maryland) 
Art: Mexico: Sixteenth-Century Dominican Churches and Con-Ventos in Oaxaca. (Maryland) 

English: The Southerner as Cavalier in Antebellum Literature: Beginnings and Growth ol a Myth. 

Botany. Caseous and Other Nitrogen Losses from Cultures ol Chorella. (Maryland) 

Leon )oel Osterweil 

Alan I. Penn 

Susan Lydia North Pitney 

Gary Edward Pittenger 

Richard H. Potter 

Robert Emmett Prince 

Ruth S. Ralph 

Robert Rex Reynolds, Jr. 

Stephen Anthony Rhoades 
Marilyn Joy Ripin 

Ronald Anthony Salerno 

DuMont Kermit Schmidt 

Bernard Arnold Schneider 
John I. Schwarz, Jr. 
Norman Alistair Scott 

Marquis Robert Seidel 
Frances Gardner Seither 

John R. Shannon 

Carol Ann Shearer 

Ashok Kumar Sinha 

lames Edward Skok 

Carol Porter Smith 
lames Warren Smith 
Robert James Smith 

Raymond Earl Spaulding 

Leonard Eugene Stark 

Jennie Elizabeth Steinmetz 

lames Phillips Strong, III 
Woodruff T. Sullivan, III 
Lee Roy Summerlin, II 

James E. Swasey 

Henry John Tamburin 

Shanti Tayal 

Ellis David Thomas 

Ronald Wayne Tillman 

Mathematics: Some Results in Graph Enumeration. (Colorado) 

Mathematics: Normal Matrices With Entries Over an Arbitrary Field of Characteristic #2. (Maryland) 

Microbiology: Paramcodynamic Effects of Biogenic Amines, Blocking Agents, and Related Drugs on 
the Motility of Leptospira interrogans. (Florida) 

Education — Secondary: An Analysis of the Patterns of Verbal Interaction and Their Relationship to 
Self-Reported Satisfaction Ratings and a Measure of Emphatic Accuracy in Selected Secondary 
Student-Teaching Supervisory Conference. (Pennsylvania) 

American Studies: Rural Life in Pipulist America: A Study of Short Fiction as Historical Evidence. 
(Rhode Island) 

Education — Secondary: Application of Selected Social Studies Curriculum Projects and Teaching 
Techniques by Student Teachers in Maryland Secondary Schools. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: The Effects of General Semantics on the Personality Adjustment of Elementary 
School Children. (Maryland) 

Sociology: The Implications of the Social Relationships of a Forestry Protection Agency for Forest 
Life and Conservation: A Methodological Strategy for Theory Development. (Virginia) 

Economics: The Effect of Diversification on Industry Profit Performance. (Maryland) 

Microbiology: The Metabolism of A//cy/benzeme Sulfonates by Pseudomonas lestosteroni Ft-8. 
(New Jersey) 

Zoology: Analysis of Significant Factors in Determining the Actions of Exogenous Non-Oncogenic 
C-Type RNA Viruses on the Chemical Induction of Subcutaneous Tumors in Mice. (Maryland) 

Psychology: The Relationships Among Reported Family History, Difficulty of Role Transition, and 
Academic Achievement for Male Freshmen. (North Carolina) 

Agronomy: Influence of Soil Fertilization on the Nutritive Value of Corn and Alfalfa. (Maryland) 

Music: The Orchestral Music of Samuel Wesley. (Pennsylvania) 

Psychology: The Relationship Between Client Risk Taking, Vicarious Reinforcement and Information 
Seeking Persistence. (Iowa) 

Economics: Effects of Real Estate Taxes on Land Use Changes. (Maryland) 

Edcuation — Human Development: An Investigation of the Predictive Validity of Selected Admission 
Screening Measures Relative to Success in Practical Nursing. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary — A Comparative Study of the Effects of a Student-Determined Sequence and 
a Teacher-Determined Sequence on Student Achievement in Introductory Bookkeeping. (Utah) 

Botany: The Ecology, Taxonomy and Physiology of Some Wood-inhabiting Ascomycetes and Fungi 
Imperfecti Collected from the Patuxent River. (Maryland) 

Physics: Suprethermal Electron Distribution in the lonsphere Under Wave-Particle and Collision 
Interactions. (Maryland) 

Government and Politics: Community Renewal in Prince George's and Montgomery Counties, Mary- 
land: A Study of Community Decision Making. (Maryland) 

English: The journey Motif in the Collected Works of Eudora Welly. (Pennsylvania) 

Dairy Science: Efiect of Level ol Dietary Protein on the Blood Proteins of Dairy Cows. (Maryland) 

Zoology: The Effect of Cobalt on Hydrolase Activity in Kidney and Plasma and Its Relationship to 
Erythropoietin Production II. Structure Activity Relationships ol Several Protein and Polypeptide 
Poteniators of Bradykinin Action on Rat Uterus. (New York) 

Education-Secondary: An Investigation into Two Factors in the Acquisition and Transfer ol Principles 
of College Students in Two Mathematical Settings. (Maryland) 

Chemical Engineering: The Biodegradation of Alkyl Aryl Sulfonates by Pseudomonas testosteroni. 

Psychology: Effects of Preexperimental Associations and Successive Habit Reversals on Discrimination 
Performance. (California) 

Electrical Engineering: Automatic Cloud Mapping. (Maryland) 

Astronomy: Microwave Radiation of Water Vapor in Galactic Sources. (Maryland) 

Education-Secondary: A Feasibility Study of Tutorial Type Computer Assisted Instruction in Selected 
Topics in High School Chemistry. (Georgia) 

Horticulture: Some of the Factors Affecting Leaf Abscission of Greenhouse Azaleas During Storage. 

Chemistry: /. Mechanistic Studies of the Thermal Vinylcylcopropane Cyclopentene Rearrangement. 

II. Photolytic Ring Expansion of Polycyclic B-Lactam 

III. Application of Tris (dipivalomethanato) europium (III) in the Solution of a Structural 
Problem. (Maryland) 

Education-Institute for Child Study: Suggestibility in a State of Crisis. (Virginia) 

Entomology: The Accumulation of Persistence of Nuclear Polyedrosis Virus of the Cabbage Looper, 
Trichoplusia Ni (Hubner), in the Field and the Effect of Soil pH on the Activity of the Virus. 

Botany: Effect of Chloroneb on the Growth and Metabolism of Ustilago maydis. (Kentucky) 


Thomas Theodore Truss 

Michael Tysowsky 

Samuel van Houte 

Garrett Oliver Van Meter, II 

Li-chen Wang 

Bruce Jordan Weiss 

Gordon Samuel Woodward 

Chai Hong Yoo 

Samuel Chien-Sheng Young 

Education — Human Development: The Effects of Focused Videotape Feedback on Changes of Sell- 
Concept in a Group Therapy Setting. (New York) 

Entomology: The Sweet Potato Flea Beetle: Its Subterranean Damage, Ecology, and Control 
(Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). (Utah) 

History: The Freedom at Pompeii. (Iowa) 

Mathematics: Submaximal Function Algebras. (Maryland) 

Physics: A Wide-Cap Spark Chamber Study of the KL— »i» ± +e' + V Decay. (California) 

Psychology: The Development of Cohesiveness in Marathon Croups. (New York) 

Mathematics: Invariant Means and Spectral Synthesis. (Maryland) 

Civil Engineering: Plastic Analysis of Multi-span Horizontally Curved Girders. (Maryland) 

Education — Administration Supervision and Curriculum: Some Effects of Feedback on Communica- 
tion. (Taiwan) 

January 24, 1972 

Rene Bernardo Abarcar 

luan Lauro Aguirre 

Edward Michael Alexander 
Marianne Ellis Alexander 

Clifford Daniel Alper 

Evelyn Esther Ames 

David Mack Atkinson 

Tovah Siegal Besser 

Andrzej Zbyszko Bidzinski 

Stephen B. Bindler 

Phichani Rakvong Bodharamik 
Bernard LeRoy Bogema, )r. 
Martin E. Bookbinder 

Robert Forest Brammer 
Glenwood Cecil Brooks, Jr. 

Charles Moseley Brown 
Joseph L. Browne 

John P. Buchanan 

Robert Vierling Budny 
John Raymond Campbell 

Jerrold I. Casway 

Margaret Smillie Child 
Cecil A. Chin-Fatt 
W Robert Coley III 
Martin David Cooper 
Patricia Anne Cunniff 

Richard DeForest Davis 
Richard Stephen Davis 

Mechanical Engineering: The Effect of Rotatory Inertia, Transverse Shear, and Coupled Torsion on 
the Vibration of Cantilever Beams of Fiber Reinforced Material. (Philippines) 

Physics: Brownian Movement of N Particles: Extensions of the Smoluchowski Equation and the 
Stokes-Einstein Theory of Diffusion. (Mexico) 

Physics: Ultrasonic Attenuation in Pure Niobuim at Low Temperatures. (New York) 

American Studies: The Issues and Politics of the Maryland Constitutional Convention, 1967-1968. 

Education — Secondary: The Influence of Froeble's Mother-Play and Nursery Songs on Kindergarten 
Song Books— 1887-1918 (Maryland) 

Health Education: Selected Consumer Health Practices and Opinions of Older Adults in Whatcom 
County, Washington. (Nevada) 

Government & Politics: The Relationship between Man and Nature: Moral Endorsement and Legal 
Recognition of Environmental Rights. (Maryland) 

Food Science: Changes in Quality and Nutritional Composition of Foods Preserved by Gas Exchange. 

Chemistry: Studies on Carbonic Anhydrase from the Mantle of Crassostrea Virginica (Gmelin). 

Education-Institute for Child Study: Patterns of Conceptual Functioning in Children with Reading 
Disability. (Maryland) 

Electrical Engineering: Interval Arithmetic in Active Network Synthesis. (Thailand) 

Physics: Equilibrium and Stability Theory of Nonneutral Plasmas. (Colorado) 

Government & Politics: Electoral College Reform: A Case Study in Congressional Politics, 1966-1970. 

Mathematics: On Controllability and Observability in Finite Dimensional Systems. (Maryland) 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: The Effects of Occupation on the Measurement of 
Racial Attitudes. (Maryland) 

Physics: The Electronic Spectrum and Structure of He,. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: Historians' Attitudes toward History in Secondary School Social Studies Cur- 
riculum, 1959-1969. (New York) 

Chemistry: The Pyrolysis of Some Organosulfur Compounds and an Investigation of Some Preparative 
Methods for Alkanesulfenyl Chlorides. (Maryland) 

Physics: Consequences of Scale Invariance in Deep-Inelastic Lepton Scattering. (New Jersey) 

Education — Measurement and Statistics: An Evaluation, by use of Monte Carlo Techniques, of Non- 
normality and Nonlinearity on Certain Tests of Nonassociation. (Maryland) 

History: Owen Roe O'Neill: A Study of Gaelic Ireland's Struggle for Survival in the Seventeenth 

Century. (Maryland) 
History: Prelude to Revolution: The Structure of Politics in County Durham, 1678-1688. (Maryland) 
Physics: Enhanced Far Infra-Red Radiation from a Theta Pinch Plasma. (Jamaica) 

Chemistry: The Reactions of Phenyl (Trichloromethyl) Carbinol with Various Nucleophiles. (Maryland) 
Physics: Deuteron Stripping to the Single Particle States of O". (Washington) 

Chemistry: The Kinetics of Hydrolysis of Some Bridgehead- and Bridge- substituted Ester Serivatives 
of Adamanlene (Maryland) 

Education — Administration Supervision & Curriculum: The Relationship of Principal Awareness of the 
Faculty Status System to the School Croup Atmosphere as One Aspect of Leader Behavior. 

Physics: Influence of a DC. Heat Flux on Second Sound Near T . (Connecticut) 

Charles Peter DeNeef, Jr. 
Gary Charles De Oms 
Anthony Constantino Di Cesare 
Nancy Lou Doser 
Jude Obiukwu Duru 
Harvey Arthur Eisen 
Elizabeth Mueller Ellis 
)ohn Kenny Elseroad, Jr. 

Adolph lames Engel 
James Michael Fitzmaurice 

Gail I. Forman 
Meredith Lynn Friedman 

Margaret Neal Fringer 

Richard Thomas Froyen 
Lawrence Stanley Gaines 

Robert Joseph Gelina 

Dominick Anthony Giglio 
Kameswararao Venkata Govindaraju 
Daniel Julius Grant 

Thomas Allen Grigalunas 

Helmut Ewald Grunberg 
Ray Allen Gsell 

Thomas Milton Haislip 

Thomas Edward Harbaugh 
Ronald Harold Harten 

Roger James Hawks II 

James Taylor Henderson 

David Michael Hershfield 
Yau-shian Ho 
Donald James Hobart 

John Earl Hutchison 

Gilbert Serge Jackson 
Henry Bruce Johns 

Rufus C. Jones 

Walter William Jones 

Physics: Experimental Comparison Between Two Magnetically Confined Hot Electron Plasmas. 

Animal Science: A Procedure lor Cecectomy in the Rabbit and the Effect of Cecectomy on the 
Digestive Process and Various Blood Components. (Maryland) 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: Influence of Race on the Acquisition ol Behavior of 
Modeling in a Counseling Situation. (Maryland) 

Physical Education: An Electromyographic Study of Isometric and Isotonic Contraction in the Middle 
Portion of the Deltoid Muscle. (Maryland) 

Agricultural Engineering: Synthesis of Hydrograph Recessions Adjusted for Evapotranspiration Losses. 

Chemical Engineering: Electron Depth-dose Distribution Measurements in Metals and Two-layer 
Slabs. (Maryland). 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Effects of Pictorial Mode upon Children's Spatial Visualiza- 
tion. (Washington, DC.) 

Education — Administration Supervision & Curriculum — The Relationship Between Selected Variables 
Predicting the Academic Success of junior College Transfer Students at the University ol Maryland. 

Chemistry: Differential and Derivative Chronopotentiometry. (Maryland) 

Economics: The Demand for Hospital Services: An Econometric Study of Maryland Counties. 

English: The Life and Works ol Francis Kirkman: A Study in Restoration Publishing. (Maryland) 

Psychology: A Comparison of Behavior Therapies for Test Anxiety with Students Differing on Internal- 
External Locus of Control. (Maryland) 

Physical Education: Changes in Selected Cardiorespiratory Parameters during Periods of Conditioning 
and Deconditioning in Young Adult Females. (Maryland) 

Economics: A Quantitative Model ol the Money-Income Relationship. (North Carolina) 

Psychology: Cognitive Style, Cognitive Appraisal ol a Stressor, and Psychophysiological Reaction to 
Stress. (Maryland) 

Industrial Education: An Analysis of the Inter-Relationships of Selected Psychological Characteristics 
Inherent to Vocational Industrial Teachers. (Maryland) 

Electrical Engineering: The Interaction of Finite Size Beams of Light and Sound. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: The Steady Two-dimensional Flow of a Viscous Fluid. (Maryland) 

Mechanical Engineering: The Interaction ol Moderately Strong Shock Waves with Thick Perforated 
Walls ol Low Porosity. (Maryland) 

Economics: Waste Generation, Waste Management and Natural Resource Use: An Economic Analysis 
ol the Primary Copper Industry. (Maryland) 

Botany: The Pathway of the Dar-Fixation of Carbon in Chlorella. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Synthesis and Physical Properties of Some Monohalogen Derivatives ol Stannane and 
Methylstannane: A Comparative Study ol Direct and Across-space (p-td)ir Bonding Interactions in 
Some Selected Croup IV Compounds. (New York) 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: The Effect of an Orientation Program at a Community 
College on Selected Outcomes. (Maryland) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: A Validation Study of the Maslow Hierarcy of Needs. (Maryland) 

Astronomy: A Study of Neutral Hydrogen Gas Motion Within Spiral Arms and in the Local Region. 

Mechanical Engineering: The Effect of Aerodynamic Forces on the Performance and Handling Qual- 
ities of High-Speed Automobiles. (Maryland) 

Psychology: Competence Threat and Hope in Relation to Self-destructive Behavior: Suicide. 

Geography: An Investigation Into the Frequence of Freeze-Thaw Cycles. (Maryland) 

Civil Engineering: Analysis and Design of Curved Composite Box Girder Bridges. (Virginia) 

Physical Education: A Cinematographic and Electromyographic Analysis ol the Modifications Occur- 
ring During the Acquisition of a Novel Throwing Task. (Maryland) 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: An Analysis of Agricultural Production in Columbia with 
Projections for 1985. (Maryland) 

Chemical Engineering: Surfactant Adsorption onto Porous Media. (New York) 

Psychology: Conceptual Tempo, Perceptual Analysis, and Concept Identification: Overlapping or 
Independent Constructs: (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: A Study ol the Effects of Position Transfer and Negative Instances on the 
Attainment ol Three Simple Conjunctive Concepts in a Mathematical Setting. (Maryland) 

Physics: Calculation and Measurement ol the Stark Broadening Parameters for the Resonance Lines 
of Singly Ionized Calcium and Magnesium. (Maryland) 


Ashok Kumar Kaul 
Christine S. Kerr 

Richard H. Kesel 

John Edward Keys, Jr. 

Gillian Revill Knapp 

Allan Dale Kolbo 

John Andrew Konrady, )r. 
Martin Francis Kovacs, Jr. 

Thomas Joseph Langan 

Robert Alexander Lasken 
John O. Lephardt 

Gerald Michael Lerner 
Joseph Samuel LoCastro 

Barbara Hsiao-Yi Loe 

Elwood Lockert Loh 

Jean Juliet MacCarthy 
Dilip B. Madan 
Thomas Peter Martin 

William A. McClain 

Gerald Duncan McKnight 
Marvin M. Megibow 
Gregory S. Mestanas 

Donald L. Miller 

Paul Rees Mills 

Vincent E. Moncrief 
Donald G. Morin 
Soe-Mie Foeng Nee 
Jerry Okfey Newman 

Yoshihisa OkarSoto 
Arthur Joseph O'Keefe 

Brian Shaemus O'Leary 
Robert Charles Olsen 

Donald Edward Overton 
Norman Purzitsky 
Lee Joyce Richmond 

Miguel Rios, Jr. 
Randy Roberts 

Roland Robert Robinson 

Physics: Processes and Measurements in an Abnormal Negative Glow. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: The Crystal Structure or Trans-Aquobis (8-Amino Quinoline) Zinc (II) Jetrachlorozincate 
(II). (Maryland) 

Geography: The Comparative Morphology ol Inselbergs in Different Environments with Emphasis 
on a Humid Temperate and an Arid Area. (Louisiana) 

Animal Science: Hemicellulose, Cellulose and Starch Digestion in, and the Rate ol Passage ol 
Digesta Through the Stomach, Small Intestine and Large Intestine ol Swine. (Maryland) 

Astronomy: High Frequence Resolution HI Line Observations ol Interstellar Dust Clouds. (Washing- 
ton, D.C.) 

Geography: The Response ol Commercial Agriculture to Urban Impact in the Rural-Urban Fringe ol 
Baltimore City, 1930-1970. (Nebraska) 

Physics: Retardation Effects in Low Energy Atom-Atom Scattering. (California) 

Agronomy: Dhurrin (p-hydroxy-mandelonitrile-B-D-glucoside): An Allelopalh Identified in johnson- 
grass (Sorghum halepense (L.) Rhizome Exudate. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: On the Existence ol not Necessarily Unique Solutions ol Semilinear Hyperbolic 
Systems in Two Independent Variables. (Maryland) 

Physics: The Effects of a Heat Current in Liquid Helium Near T . (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Application ol Fourier Transform Spectroscopy for Gas Chromatograph Effluent Analysis 
and Structural Studies. (New York) 

Physics: Elastic Scattering of Protons by Oxygen Isotopes. (Maryland) 

Psychology: judgments ol Emotional Communication in the Facial-Vocal-Verbal Channels. (Massa- 

Education — Institute for Child Study: 5oc/a/ Adjustment in Relation to Cognitive Process as Expressed 
Speech. (Maryland) 

Education— Secondary: The Effect of Behavioral Objectives on Measures of Learning and Forgetting 
which are a Function ol Time Needed to Reach Criterion in a Learning Program Using Programmed 
Instruction lor Teaching an Algebraic Topic to Below Average Mathematic Students in Senior High 
School. (Maryland ) 

Botany: Effect of Cation Nutrition on Biochemistry ol Chlorella . (Ireland) 
Economics: Competitive Equilibrium, Survival and Social Choice. (Maryland) 

Physical Education: A Comparison of Oxygen-Deficit and Oxygen-Debt in Subjects of High and Low 
Fitness. (Maryland) 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: The Readiness to Transmit Bad News by Male Adoles- 
cent Delinquents as a Function ol Age and Sex ol Both Communicator and Target. (Maryland) 

History: A Party Against Itsell—The Grand Old Party in the New Freedom Era, 7973-1976. (Maryland) 

Psychology: A Psychophysiological Externalization ol Linguistic Processing. (California) 

Education— Counseling and Personnel Services: The Effects of Contingency Contracting in Condition- 
ing More Efficient Study Behavior of Academic Material Among Community Students. (Maryland) 

History: Allred M. Bingham and Common Sense : A Study of Non-Marxian Radicals in the New Deal 
Era. (New Jersey) 

Physical Education: William A. Alcotl, M.D. (1798-1859) Pioneer Reformer in Physical Education. 

Physics: Partially Covariant Quantum Theory ol Gravitation. (Oklahoma) 

Mechanical Engineering: Finite Amplitude Free Surface Waves in Cylindrical Containers. (Maryland) 

Physics: Synchroton Radiation from a Magnetically Confined Hot Electron Plasma. (Arizona) 

Agricultural Engineering: A Study of the Modulus of Elasticity ol Steel Fiber-Reinlorced Concrete 
Composites. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: A New Synthesis of Regular Alternating Copolyamides. (Japan) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Relationship Between Father-Son Closeness-Distance and 
The Reflection-lmpulsivity Cognitive Dimension. (Maryland) 

Psychology: Learning Measures as Predictors ol Task Performance in Two Ethnic Groups. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: A Comparative Study of the Effect of Behavioral Objectives on Class Perform- 
ance and Retention in Physical Science. (New Jersey) 

Civil Engineering: A Variable Response Overland Flow Model. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Two Generator Discrete Free Products. (Canada) 

Education— Institute for Child Study: Reluming and Regular College Age Women at a Community 

College. (Maryland) 
Physics: Electromagnetic Transitions in ,7 Si. (California) 

Psychology: Object-Resource Seeking as a Function ol Incentive, Legitimacy and Alternative Sources. 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: A Search lor a Rationale in the Allocation ol Experiment Sta- 
tion Research Resources. (District of Columbia) 


Florence R. Rosenberg 
Kenneth Jay Rosner 
Timothy Jack Runyan 
Jerome James Ryscavage 

Daniel Santoso 
Ronald Norman Satz 
Charles M. Schneider 

Stephen Barrett Segall 

David Alexander Shaw 

Derek Staughton Singer 

Donald Elvin Snodderly 

Bruce Wilbur Sorter 

Mary Helen Carol Spear 

Sam Steppel 

Barry Sheldon Sternfeld 

Ulrich Strom 

Lester Harold Sullivan 

Catharine Pidcock Thomas 
Dwaine Marshall Thomas 
Pascal Louis Trohanis 

Ching Fu Wang 

Ruth Louise Waynant 

Laskar A. Wechsler 

Ouida E. Westney 

Barry Michael Whitcomb 

Willard T. Witte 
Stephen N. Wolf 
William Ray Wright 

Carl Lemuel Zimmerman 

Sociology: The Seli-Concept in Childhood and Adolescence. (Maryland) 
Psychology: Modality and Age in Concept — Shift Performance. (Virginia) 
History: The English Navy in the Reign of Edward III. (Ohio) 

Education — Administration Supervision & Curriculum: An Investigation ol the Relationship between 
a Set of Economic Concerns and Teacher Withdrawal in the State of Maryland from 1960 to 1970. 

Chemistry: Cerenkov Counting of Beta Emitting Radionuclides (Indonesia) 

History: Federal Indian Policy, 1829-1849. (Tennessee) 

Zoology: Acquired Immunity in Syrian Hamsters Infected with the Nematode Nippostrongylus 

brasiliensis (Travassos, 1914). (Pennsylvania) 
Physics: Interpretation of Signals from a Cylindrical Langmuir Probe in a Streaming Laser-Produced 


Chemistry: A Unique, Self-Standardizing Instrumental System Utilizing Ternary-Level Modulation 
Techniques lor Flame Emission Chemical Analysis. (Illinois) 

Government & Politics: Evaluating Trans-Economic Coals and Objectives in Foreign Assistance: AID 
and the UNDP Compared. (Maryland) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Relation of Teachers' Stated Confidence in Reading Readi- 
ness Tests to Pupil Achievement in Reading. (Maryland) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: An Exploration Into Community Development Through Be- 
havioral Patterns. (Maryland) 

Psychology: Organizational Aspects of Memory in Temporal Labectomy Patients. (Maryland) 

Physics: Time-Dependent Correlations in a Simple Ferromagnetic Model. (Canada) 

Psychology: Operant Conditioning of Reported Auditory and Visual Hallucinations Using Verbal Rein- 
forcement. (Maryland) 

Physics: Electrodynamics of Metals and Semimetals at Far Infrared Laser Frequencies. (Maryland) 

Chemical Engineering: Development and Computational Merits ol a Transport Consistent Diffusion 
Theory. (North Carolina) 

Chemistry: Noise and Noise Suppression in Spectropholometric Systems. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: A Study of the Vibrational Phonon Spectra of Some Molecular Single Crystals. (Maryland) 

Education — Administration Supervision and Curriculum: Audible Multi-Imagery: Information Learn- 
ing and Retention Capabilities. (Maryland) 

Dairy Science: A Chemical-Organoleptic Study of Iron-Fortified Milk and the Biological Availability 
ol the Iron. (Wisconsin) 

Education — Early Childhood: An Investigation of the Relationship between Technique of Testing and 
Oral Reading Performance. (Maryland) 

Mechanical Engineering: An Investigation ol the Load Carrying Capacity of an Oscillating Sleeve 
Bearing When Subjected to a Unidirectional Variable Load. (Maryland) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Comparative Effects of a Croup Discussion Program and a 
Lecture Program on the Sell Concept, Attitudes Toward Pregnancy and Manilest Anxiety ol Unwed, 
Primigravid, Negro Adolescent Girls. (Maryland) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Efiects of Differentially Reinforcing Stimuli on the Learning 
of Arithmetical Concepts via Computer-assisted Instruction. (Maryland) 

Horticulture: The Vegetative Propagation of Pine by Rooting Fascicles. (Florida) 

Physics: Microwave Spectra of Some Symmetric-Top Molecules. (Maryland) 

Agronomy: Pedogenic and Ceomorphic Relationships of Associated Paleudults in Southern Maryland. 

Education — Secondary: An Experimental Study of the Effect on Learning and Forgetting When Stu- 
dents are Informed ol Behavioral Objectives Before or Alter a Unit of Study. (Maryland) 


August 27, 1971 

Lynda Carol Beemer 
Michael Bender 

Henry Joseph Bindel, Jr. 
Polly Hinson Carder 

Education — Secondary: Developmental Changes in the Self-Concepts of Children and Adolescents. 

Education— Industrial Art: An Experiment Using A Visual Method ol Instruction Followed by Imita- 
tion to Teach Selected Industrial Education Psychomotor Tasks to Severely Mentally Retarded 
Males. (Maryland) 

Education — Special: The Relationship of Selected Teacher Characteristics and Student Achievement in 
Biology. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: George Frederick Root, Pioneer Music Educator: His Contributions to Mass 
Instruction in Music. (Maryland) 


Norman Jack Dean 
Clyde Martin Hackler 

Robert Bryant Hanson 

Wilbert Allen King 

Nicholas Joseph Maldari 

Salvatore Donald Marani 

Donald Benson Mills 

T. Temple Tuttle 

Carl Robert Warmdahl 

Ronald Thomas Wright 

Education — Secondary: Guidelines in the Selection of Planetarium Instruments. (Maryland) 

Education — Industrial: An Experimental Study of the Relative Effectiveness of Physical and Mental 
Practice on the Learning and Retention of a Selected Psychomotor Task. (Kentucky) 

Education — Secondary: The Prediction of Achievement in High School Plane Geometry by Spatial 
Orientation-Visualization-Visual Perception Ability. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: The Effects of Video Tape Feedback on the Achievement ol Students in a 
Beginning Conducting Class. (Virginia) 

Education — Secondary: Change in the Self-Concepts of Children Who Are Studied By Teachers In 
A Child Study Program. (New Jersey) 

Education — Human Development: Effects of Methods ol Teaching Reading on Reading Achievement 
and Altitudes Toward Self of Delinquent Boys. (Maryland) 

Education — Human Development: An Exploration ol the Relationship between Television habits, 
Preferences, and Aggression in Sixth-Crade Boys. (Kentucky) 

Education — Secondary: An Analysis and Comparison of Two Modes of County Music Supervision in 
the Public Schools of Maryland. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: An Exploratory Investigation to Determine the Relationship Between a Child's 
Self-concept and Child Rearing Techniques as Formulated by Rudolf Dreikurs. (California) 

Education — Industrial: A Description ol the Patterned Processes of Verbal Interaction That Char- 
acterized Selected Seventh Grade "Maryland Plan" Industrial Arts Classrooms. (Indiana) 

John William Banning 
Nancy Herr Fallen 

James E. Gay 

Kenneth H. Guy, Jr. 

Elliott B. Jaffa 

Oscar Charles Jensen, Jr. 

Annette Izola Lachance 
William Harvey McPherson 
Barbara Ann Pokrinchak 

January 24, 1972 

Institute for Child Study: A Biographical Approach to Leadership Identification. (Maryland) 

Special Education: The Effects ol Certain Physical Anomalies on School Achievement Among Lower 
and Middle Class Children. (Virginia) 

Human Development: The Effect of Teacher Congruency on Attitude Change ol Their Students. 

Industrial Arts: Long Range Planning lor Occupational Programs at the Community Colleges in Mary- 
land. (Maryland) 

Counseling & Personnel: Training Exceptional Children as Behavior Therapists lor Younger Excep- 
tional Children. (Maryland) 

Administration, Supervision & Curriculum: The Precedents in the Development of State Higher Edu- 
cation Association Programs Focusing on the Higher Education Council of the Maryland Slate 
Teachers Association. (Maryland) 

Human Development: A Study ol the Correlation between Humor and Sell Concept in Filth Grade 
Boys and Girls. (New York) 

Industrial Education: An Interpretation ol the Ideas, Philosophy and Contributions ol Frederick Gor- 
don Bonser to the Field of Industrial Arts Education. (Connecticut) 

Early Childhood: An Analysis of Geminate Consonants in Words to Identify Understandings Which 
May Facilitate Correct Spelling. (Maryland) 


August 27, 1971 
Terence Albert Brown Business: Entry Control in the Surface Freight Forwarder Industry. (Maryland) 

January 24, 1972 

James Patrick Bedingfield 
Richard David Gritta 

Business Administration: An Analysis of the Benefit Concept as Contained in the Cost Principles ol 
the Armed Services Procurement Regulations. (Maryland) 

Business Administration: Profitability and Risk in the U.S. Domestic Trunkline Industry: A Case Study 
of Eastern Airlines, 1959-1969. (Ohio) 


Master of Arts 
August 27, 1971 

Louis Anthony Amoroso New York 

Carol Ann Andersen Maryland 

Thomas Leon Anderson Maryland 

Peter Paul Back Maryland 

Eldon Cole Baldwin Maryland 

Marie Bartlova Maryland 

William Robert Bauer Maryland 

Francis Adam Bausch Colorado 

Charles William Bausell, Jr Maryland 

James Russell Behling D. C. 

Ida Jean Belcher Maryland 

Patricia Reagan Bentley Maryland 

John Kirkman Berry North Carolina 

Jean Sharon Berube Maryland 

Michele Germaine Bissonette Maryland 

Laura Ann Bonagura New Jersey 

David Henry Bowman Maryland 

Bettejane Brooks Maryland 

Kathleen Marie Brown Maryland 

Kathryn D. Brown Maryland 

Lita H. Brown Maryland 

Patricia Ann Budelman Maryland 

Marsha Harriet Buxbaum Maryland 

Jane F. Carey Maryland 

Maria Angela Calleja Castro Maryland 

lohn Shaw-Tai Chang Maryland 

Walter Ransom Conley Tennessee 

Janet L. Corson Maryland 

Betty Jane Dashiell Maryland 

Michael Robert Dowhower Pennsylvania 

James Daniel Doyle, Jr Maryland 

David Drueding Pennsylvania 

Edythe Mae Edwards Virginia 

Deborah Ellen Etelson Maryland 

William Walter Farnandis Maryland 

Linda Lou Farrah Pennsylvania 

Neil Anthony Fiore New Jersey 

Kathleen Ann Flood New Jersey 

Thomas Jerry Floyd Virginia 

Irene C. Frum Maryland 

James Robert Gallagher Pennsylvania 

Diane M. Gensheimer Pennsylvania 

Joseph Albert Gill III Oklahoma 

William Vincent Gore Maryland 

Linda LeShay Green Maryland 

Ronald E. Grim Maryland 

Frederick Herbert Gruendel New Jersey 

Anne Lee Gurecki Maryland 

Peter Paul Gyori Germany 

Catherine Lee Haar Maryland 

Judith Anne Hammer Maryland 

Kyu Pyung Han Maryland 

Billy J. Hannon Maryland 

Nancy Ann Hart Maryland 

Reginald Wilson Hebb Maryland 

Jean Ellen Heindel Pennsylvania 

Jean Francois Hennart France 

lohn William Hepfer Maryland 

David M. Hobbs Massachusetts 

Thomas Warren Hoffecker Maryland 

Lee Thomas Holloway Virginia 

Kent Lee Howland New York 

Suzanne Theresa Kacena Virginia 

Gail Karesh Kassan D. C. 

Linda J. Katz Maryland 

Allan Harvey Kaufman Maryland 

Shari B. Kharasch D. C. 

Ross Middaugh Kimmel Maryland 

Jeri Lynn Kluger North Carolina 

Carol Ann Knight Maryland 

Donna Jean Larson Massachusetts 

lonathan L. Latham D. C. 

Diane Marie Leach Maryland 

James Randolph Leonard Maryland 

George Edward Limbaugh Ohio 

Ingrid Frieda Lindemann D. C. 

Joanne Linnerooth Maryland 

Peter Joseph Lowry Maryland 

Kevin John Lyons Maryland 

Dilip B. Madan Maryland 

Robert Willard May Maryland 

Ronald Jerome McCallum Maryland 

Larry R. McCarley Maryland 

Richard M. M. McConnell D. C. 

Joan Ditlow McMahon Maryland 

Juan Antonio Mercado Texas 

Rita Cappon Meshulam Maryland 

Elizabeth Jane Minick Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Mitchell Utah 

Monique Francoise Mitchell D. C. 

William David Monie Maryland 

Sara H. Moniot New Jersey 

William L. Montgomery Maryland 

Margaret Patricia Morgan New Jersey 

Stephen Arthur Moses Maryland 

Janet S. Moss Maryland 

Nancy L. Nelson New Jersey 

Gregory Andrew Nenstiel Pennsylvania 

Sandra G. Nichols Maryland 

Wayne Gregory O'Brien Maryland 


Janet Margaret O'Hearn New Hampshire 

Lorinda S. Orvedal • ■ ■ Maryland 

Donald William Palmer Massachusetts 

Jean Lois Parowski Illinois 

Kay L Parris Maryland 

Patricia Anne Peters New Jersey 

Gary David Plummer Maryland 

Mary Purzycki New Jersey 

Mary Lee Putman New York 

Richard Arnold Quint California 

James Phillip Rausch Maryland 

Marilyn Partridge Rieger Louisiana 

Daniel Roland Ries Pennsylvania 

Ted Egerton Roberts Maryland 

Paul E. Rockwell Maryland 

Patricia B. Rogers Maryland 

Francis Michael Rokosz Pennsylvania 

Thomas Anthony Ronzetti New Jersey 

Elinor Charlotte Rosen Maryland 

Louise Woods Rothrock Massachusetts 

Joseph George Rousseau Michigan 

Daniel Joseph Ryan Maryland 

William John Ryan Maryland 

Sandra Schneider Sallee Maryland 

Raymond J. Sander Virginia 

Janet Snyder Sanders Maryland 

Ben Weldon Shelley Wyoming 

Arline Martel Shnider Florida 

Thomas E. Sides Maryland 

Carole W. Singleton D. C. 

Herbert E. Smetheram Washington 

Charles William Stockett Maryland 

James Richard Tammany Maryland 

Harriet B. Taylor Maryland 

Edwin Abe Tivol Maryland 

Sandra Lynne Truitt Maryland 

William Foust Vance Maryland 

Jean Marie Vanden Bosch New York 

Eugene Joseph Verardi Maryland 

Clair Brown Vickery Virginia 

K. M Vijayalakshmi India 

Elvyra Vodopalas Maryland 

Mary Claire Von Spaeth D. C. 

John Samuel Walker Pennsylvania 

James Edward Waller Maryland 

James Proctor Wells Maryland 

William A. Westerfield Maryland 

Roger Lindsey Williamson Maryland 

Edwin K. Winer Illinois 

Antoinette Sgarlata Wiseman Maryland 

Leonard Joseph Yutkins Maryland 

January 24, 1972 

James Crocker Adams Maryland 

Thomas Lee Adams, Jr South Carolina 

Roy Cecil Allen Virginia 

Hamad Saud Al-Sayari Maryland 

Parviz Aryan-Nejad Maryland 

Herman Joseph Bahr Virginia 

Tyrone Randolph Baines Maryland 

Anthony F. Barilla D. C. 

Barbara G. Barnouin D. C. 

Rita Marie Beach Maryland 

Thomasene Lober Behm Maryland 

Sara Beth Bernanke South Carolina 

David Richard Bohardt D. C. 

Claudia Guidry Brandwein D. C. 

Stewart Lee Burke Maryland 

Harry Frederick Bushar Maryland 

James L. Caverly Massachusetts 

John Robert Church Maryland 

Mary Crawford Clawsey Maryland 

Patrick Albert Condray Maryland 

Kathryn Joy Cuttita Virginia 

Margaret Alice Dandois Virginia 

Janice Hope Davidoff New York 

Peter Paul DeAnna, Jr D. C. 

Robert LeRoy Donaldson, Jr Maryland 

William Edward Dorsett Maryland 

William Robert Dowdall D. C. 

Arlene Ehrlich Maryland 

Lauralyn Bellamy Emig New York 

Walter Francis Everard Maryland 

Donald Sidney Feldscher Maryland 

Jacqueline Lois Fleming Maryland 

Patrick Crittendon Fowler Virginia 

Scott Jay Franz Maryland 

Gregory Edward Fretz Maryland 

Nancy-Jo Scheers Fuller Virginia 

Henry Gabbay New York 

Howard Thomas Glines Maryland 

Arlene Fran Golomb Maryland 

Ronald Price Grimes Maryland 

Mark Randolph Grosbaker Maryland 

James Ivor Gross Maryland 

Sandra Sue Harwell Texas 

David Stephen Helman Maryland 

Gerald Melvin Henson Maryland 

Lynne Rosalie Hersh Virginia 

Robert Ingram Hodkinson Maryland 


Nancy Stowe Inui Maryland 

Andrew Lerner Kahn Connecticut 

Frank D. Keefer Maryland 

Milton Kelenson Maryland 

John Robert Keys Maryland 

Qamar Amtus-Salam Khan Maryland 

Irma Frank Kirchner Maryland 

Naheed Kirmani Maryland 

James Robert Koenig West Virginia 

William George Kolata Wisconsin 

Konrad M. Kressley Maryland 

John Brian Kuebler New Jersey 

Lynne Jane LaBare Indiana 

Julia Carter Lacy Maryland 

Delia Kushner Lang Maryland 

Zandra B. Leibowitz Maryland 

Louis Richard Levin Maryland 

Dennis Willard Link Washington 

Melinda Anne Lorenz Virginia 

Carol Grace Lovell Maryland 

Virginia Lee Lussier New York 

Constance Elaine Lynch Maryland 

Darrell L. Mach Maryland 

Stephen Jay Mahaney West Virginia 

Benjamin Henry Mahoney Maryland 

Carl Eugene Mann Maryland 

Sandra H. Marshburn Maryland 

Patricia Anne McDonald Maryland 

Joan G. McMillan New York 

Linda C. McNish Maryland 

Frances Anne Meisinger Maryland 

William Murray Minton Virginia 

Dennis Ira Misler Maryland 

Keith Laverne Monroe Pennsylvania 

Patrick Munley New Jersey 

Susan Marcy Needleman New York 

Darrell Lloyd Netherton Iowa 

William Francis Oberle, III Maryland 

Daniel Malcolm Oberlin Maryland 

Timothy James O'Connell Maryland 

Barbara Kay O'Donnell Conneticut 

Virginia Lee Olmer Maryland 

Pamela Ann Olson Maryland 

Whiton Stewart Paine Maryland 

Christina G. Papacostas Pennsylvania 

Arthur Ralph Pastore, Jr D. C. 

Patrick Robert Pearson Maryland 

James Albert Peckenpaugh, III Maryland 

Stanley Pecknay Maryland 

Richard Ward Pell Maryland 

Karen Johnson Pfiffner Wisconsin 

Josephine Frances Polomski Pennsylvania 

John Glenn Proctor, Jr D. C. 

Susan K. Radcliffe Maryland 

David Samuel Rasner Pennsylvania 

John Frederick Reiher Delaware 

Thomas Eugene Reynolds Maryland 

Joan Hazel Roberts Maryland 

Stanley Evan Rose Maryland 

Jacob S. Rosenberg New York 

Joe Frank Ryerson Maryland 

Neil Joseph Salkind Maryland 

Gail Arlene Schechter Maryland 

Marilyn Miller Schwartz Maryland 

William John Schwartz New Jersey 

Kathleen M. Sedlak New York 

John Willis Shanley D. C. 

Marilyn Jane Shields Maryland 

Theodore Lavin Signore New York 

John Anthony Skoczlas, Jr Virginia 

Linda Carroll Smith Maryland 

Sherry-Lynne Stargel Maryland 

MaryAnn Stone Maryland 

Michael Richard Stone Maryland 

Ferris Edwin Stovel Maryland 

Ronald Roy Stroud Maryland 

Carol F. Tabler D. C. 

Barry Augustus Teach Maryland 

Gerald A. Terranova Maryland 

William Golden Thomas Virginia 

Esther Pearne Thompson Maryland 

Elizabeth S. Thune Virginia 

Robin Tsai Maryland 

Merritt Eileen Tucker Pennsylvania 

Carmine Michael Valente New York 

Marcella Ann Vitzthum Maryland 

Peter John Volkert Maryland 

Joseph Edgar Wall Maryland 

Elinor Sedam Whitehead Maryland 

Leslie Shaffer Wier Missouri 

Brenda Rose Williams South Carolina 

Mary Anne Williams D. C. 

Richard James Wilson Virginia 

Stephen Thomas Witas Maryland 

Stanley Mark Wolfson Maryland 

Ann Marie Wynne New York 

Lynn Leocha Yarbro Maryland 

Patti Gail Yavit Virginia 

Frank Ripley McDonald Young Maryland 


Master of Science 
August 27, 1971 

Eleanor Rae Adair Maryland 

Stephen Richard Baker New York 

Susan Marie Brewer Pennsylvania 

Dwain Kent Butler Nebraska 

John Bernard Carlson Maryland 

Michael James Caughlin, Jr Maryland 

Kanwal Rattan Choudhary Maryland 

Martha l-Hwa Chu Maryland 

Joseph Earl Clawson, Jr Maryland 

Thomas W. Conroy Maryland 

John Samuel Cornette Maryland 

Joseph Nelson Craig Maryland 

Ronald C. Dobbyn Maryland 

Robert Charles Eckardt Maryland 

William Louis Eichhorn Maryland 

Eleanor Louis Emch Maryland 

David Allan Espeseth Maryland 

Mary May Evans Maryland 

Gary Arthur Ford Maryland 

Eldon Robert Gemmill Pennsylvania 

Richard Bruce Gentile Maryland 

Robert Allan Glass Maryland 

Phiiip Henry Graham Maryland 

Anton Carl Greenwald New York 

Carol Jane Griffin Virginia 

Ethan David Grossman Maryland 

John Paul Gudas Maryland 

Doris Lea Hamilton Maryland 

Howard Charles Harclerode II Maryland 

William Joseph Hinkle Maryland 

William Thomas Hollaway Maryland 

Randolph Kenneth Larsen, Jr Maryland 

Rosalee Browne Leach Maryland 

Edward Vaiden Lee Maryland 

Yuh-Ying Lin Maryland 

Stephen Edwin Linko Virginia 

Dean Arthur Logan Maryland 

Helen Frantz Loper Maryland 

Janet Marie Luhmann Maryland 

Carol Dianne Martin Maryland 

Richard Webster McBryde Maryland 

Thomas Enoch Milhous Pennsylvania 

Charles Lee Miller Maryland 

Andrew S. Milman Maryland 

M. Suzanne Minor California 

Johann Ruth Mitchell Maryland 

Dennis Leroy Mumaugh Maryland 

Joseph Wililam Paisie Maryland 

Joe Robert Penny Maryland 

Gary Wayne Pfeufer Maryland 

George Bruce Rampacek North Carolina 

Timothy Grant Raymond Pennsylvania 

Joanne Murray Richards Maryland 

Boyd F. Robinson, Jr Texas 

Mark Stephen Rosenfeld Maryland 

Prasan Kumar Samantaray Massachusetts 

Cleeretta H. Smiley D. C. 

Richard Bennett Sohn Connecticut 

Toni Lynn Stanton Maryland 

Mary S. Sutphin Maryland 

Lawrence Carroll Tarbell, Jr Maryland 

Paul Vivian Twining, Jr Maryland 

Richard Ardle Weller Maryland 

Gerald Frances Wilber Virginia 

Ronald G. Wolford Maryland 

January 24, 1972 

Duk-Joong Won Maryland 

Robert Paul Abel Maryland 

Roy Edward Anderson Maryland 

Bryan Hunt Ashby Maryland 

Susan Ruth Bard Maryland 

Lawrence S. Biller Maryland 

Donald Louis Bini Maryland 

Maynard Roy Blomquist Maryland 

Barry Bragin Maryland 

Carmin E. Bueso Puerto Rico 

Hilja Saarend Burlingham Virginia 

David Joseph Buscher Maryland 

Dawn Eileen Carlson Wisconsin 

Marc Louis Caroff Maryland 

William Leslie Carroll Maryland 

Robert Dabney Carson Virginia 

Thomas Lee Cauthen Maryland 

Haui-Ping Chang Taiwan 

Lillian Valerie Chokola Virginia 

Anne Maclean Chute Maryland 

John Edward Clayton, Jr South Carolina 

Jerome Edward Collins Maryland 

Michael Anthony Comberiate Maryland 

John Godfrey Connell Maryland 

Stanley Bernard Cooper Maryland 

Philip John Craun Maryland 


Elmo Rodriguez Dario Maryland 

Raju V. S. N. Umapathi Datla Maryland 

Robert Louis Denningham Maryland 

Patricia McKinney Dinkelacker D. C. 

lames M. Douglas Maryland 

Robert Saunders Evans Maryland 

Theordore H. Evers Maryland 

R. Alan Ewing Maryland 

lames Arthur Fein Maryland 

Ronald Myron Friedman Maryland 

Donald Wayne Funkhouser Maryland 

Andre H. Gage Maryland 

James Patrick Gary Maryland 

Timothy Fred Geiger Maryland 

William Ferdinand Gimpel, Jr Maryland 

Arthur George Green Maryland 

Gerald Grossman Virginia 

Daniel )ohn Guzy Maryland 

Miles Jonathan Haven Maryland 

Richard Hecker Maryland 

Robert James Heins Maryland 

Rachelle Sara Heller Maryland 

Joseph L. Higgins New York 

Barbara Dodd Hillerman Maryland 

William Monroe Hinckley Maryland 

Lynnallen Walker Hughes Maryland 

Drew Francis Jackson Massachusetts 

Cheryl T. Johnson Maryland 

Rene Merlin Johnson Maryland 

Mary Frances Jones Maryland 

Sreekumar Kittu Kadavil Maryland 

Bruce R. Keppler New York 

Dona Lee Kern Maryland 

Ruth Ellen Kershner Maryland 

Richard Walter Kisielewski Maryland 

Gee-yin Kwok Maryland 

)ohn Daniel LaBriola Maryland 

Richard Gaylord Leamon Indiana 

Lawrence Louis Lehmann Maryland 

Alfred George Lieberman Maryland 

Supachai Limpisvasti D. C. 

Richard Francis Lynch Maryland 

Jesse Walter Majkowski Maryland 

Basil H. Manns Maryland 

Thomas Edward Mapp Maryland 

Geoffrey Toya Masaki Maryland 

Robert Alan McDaniel Pennsylvania 

Patricia Anne-Marie McGrath New Jersey 

Astrid McHugh Maryland 

Mark Patrick McKinnon Maryland 

Marion Francis Mecklenburg Maryland 

Robert Henry Michels Canada 

David Arthur Miller Maryland 

Robert Thomas Mohr Maryland 

James H. Morrill Maryland 

John Vincent Motta Maryland 

George Joseph Moussally Maryland 

Barbara Ann Muller New York 

Stephen William Mulligan Maryland 

Maxine Marie Neufeld Maryland 

Willis F. Oliphant Maryland 

Thomas William Osterman Maryland 

Michael Thomas Panich Maryland 

Young Ho Park Maryland 

Pete Nicholas Pavlos Virginia 

Peter Gordon Perry Maryland 

Donald Marvin Phillips, Jr Maryland 

James Michael Phillips Maryland 

Dana Richard Pilitt Maryland 

Lee Ann Rouse Poschman Maryland 

William E. Randall Maryland 

Mylabathula Amruta Prasada Rao India 

Michael Stefan Rapport Maryland 

Joseph Alan Reednick Pennsylvania 

John Joseph Reilly Maryland 

Michael Chandos Ridge Virginia 

Michael Jay Roberts Maryland 

Michael Henry Robinson Maryland 

Carolyn Dutky Romano Maryland 

Madeleine S. Rose South Dakota 

Robert W. Rose South Dakota 

John Arthur Scherf South Dakota 

David Joel Schultz Maryland 

Randall Edward Schwab Maryland 

Susan Kessler Schwartz Maryland 

Stephen Barrett Segall Maryland 

Eugene Paul Seifrit Maryland 

Paul Walter Simon Maryland 

Robert Richard Singers Maryland 

Mark Bruce Skane Maryland 

Michael P. Smith Maryland 

Robert J. Smith Maryland 

Thomas David Smith Maryland 

Rogelio Sotela Costa Rica 

Richard Joseph Stanton Maryland 

Robert Kelly Stevens Maryland 

William Edward Strum Maryland 

Thomas Charles Surette Maine 

Thomas Henry Tarcza Maryland 

Susan M. Thompson Maryland 

Harry Crawford Torno Virginia 

Larry B. Tsai Taiwan 


Wae Hai Tung Maryland 

William Edward Underwood, Jr Maryland 

Muralidhara Rao Varanasi Maryland 

Shem O. Wandiga Ohio 

Patrick Anthony Ward Maryland 

John William Warner Maryland 

Robert Anthony Weber Maryland 

Marcia Anne Wheeler Maryland 

David Harry Williams Maryland 

Gerald A. Wilson Maryland 

Mary Helen Young Maryland 

Alexander Zsrechnak Maryland 

John P. Zirbel Maryland 

Master of Education 
August 27, 1971 

Carolina Domenica Ailing D. C. 

Mary Bankert Appier Maryland 

John Clayton Ashton, III Virginia 

Donna Celeste Baer Maryland 

Marylene Janette Baird Maryland 

Harry Banks Maryland 

Irma Sue Bierman D. C. 

Jack Billings Maryland 

Earl David Blubaugh Maryland 

Linda Lane Bogard Maryland 

Allan William Bornkamp New Jersey 

Dorothy Alice Brandt New Mexico 

Dorothy Anne Bratt Maryland 

John Andrew Brennan New Jersey 

Daniel Cornelius Brewington Maryland 

David Lawrence Brilliant Maryland 

Nancy Jane Brooks Delaware 

Francis Eugene Brown Maryland 

Irene Brown Maryland 

Dale Eugene Bubb Pennsylvania 

Gwendolyn F. Bullock Maryland 

Caroll Ann Burns Maryland 

Therese Anita Butler Maryland 

Bernard W. Carlsen Washington 

Jean J. Carter Maryland 

Christine Marie Casey Maryland 

Sharon Lee Chennault California 

Virginia Irene R. Ciccarelli Maryland 

Wilmer Wilfred Cooksey D. C. 

Margery Ellen Coppola Maryland 

Donna G. Cornwell Maryland 

Dorothy Helen Coughlin Maryland 

Eleanor K. Creveling Maryland 

John Joseph Dalton Maryland 

Louise Mason DeLeeuw D. C. 

Joseph Felice DePasquale Maryland 

Clair D. Douthitt Washington 

Colin Kelly Ducolon Vermont 

Herbert L. DuMars Maryland 

Barbara Ann Ellison Pennsylvania 

Laura Jeanne Evans New York 

Louise A. Feldman Maryland 

Rachel Susan Fine Maryland 

Janice T. Franzetti New York 

Stanley Galicki Maryland 

Harry Clinton Gemberling, Jr Maryland 

Sheloy Lazzaro Gigliotti Maryland 

Shirley Siman Grant Maryland 

Lillie Wallace Gray Maryland 

Albert Gutin Maryland 

George Symmes Haggard Maryland 

John Allen Haigh, Jr Maryland 

Betty J. Hall Maryland 

Osna M. Haller Maryland 

Dorothy Eleanor Handley Maryland 

Robert Eugene Hatchel Maryland 

Roberta Rae Hatwell Maryland 

Margaret Walker Hays Maryland 

Jane Ann Heimbecker Maryland 

Donald Ray Herring Maryland 

Joan B. Hildebrand Maryland 

Audrey Elaine Hollidayoke Maryland 

Dina Teresa Hordan Maryland 

Adele Marilyn Igersheim New York 

John Clifton Johnson Virginia 

Marykay Jordan Pennsylvania 

Verna M. Knorr Maryland 

Marsha Gail Kossak Maryland 

Stanley J. Koszela Maryland 

Michael Louis Koza Texas 

Ann Harwick Lewis Maryland 

Patricia Lee Lippert Maryland 

Dennis E. Love Maryland 

Frances Ann Lowell Maryland 

David Livingston MacPherson Maryland 

James Keith Marshall Maryland 

Martha Fortney Marshall Maryland 

Clement Martin Maryland 

Robert Lee Masters Maryland 

Twyla Kay Maxwell Maryland 


Harriett Vivian McClendon North Carolina 

Florence Baltimore McDaniels D. C. 

Marion Virginia McDowell Virginia 

Keither Irwin Miller Maryland 

Sister Mary Louise Morton D. C. 

Darlene Bowden Muschett Maryland 

Sarah Thomas Neale Minnesota 

Victoria M. Neetz APO New York 

Wayne Douglas Norton Maryland 

Helen Marie O'Connell Maryland 

Paul Thomas O'Connell Maryland 

Esther Veronica Oliger Maryland 

Judith Ann Olson Virginia 

lanet Gorfine Oppenheimer Maryland 

William Donald Otis Maryland 

Beverly Adele Pariser Maryland 

Louis Franklin Patch Virginia 

Mary Ault Pettit Maryland 

Marianne S. Pindell Maryland 

Mary Frances Recher Maryland 

Michael Jay Rinis Maryland 

Betty Ann Ritter Maryland 

Randolph Edward Robins Maryland 

Barbara Elaine Rottenberg Maryland 

Patrice Marie Runkel Marylar.d 

Elizabeth Anne Sale Maryland 

James J. Sarnecki Maryland 

Eleanor Berman Saslaw Virginia 

Jane M. Schoen Maryland 

Margaret Frostic Schweitzer Maryland 

Alicia M. Sevec Maryland 

Patricia Joan Severn Maryland 

Sheila Butler Sherwood D. C. 

Mary Margaret Shuck Maryland 

Edward Joseph Sienkilewski, |r Maryland 

Dennis Earl Skofstad Virginia 

Geraldine Wagner Smith Maryland 

Francis William Spanbauer Maryland 

Anne Harrison Spicknall D. C. 

Norman Lewis Stant D. C. 

Marilyn D. Steele Maryland 

Barbara P. Sullivan Maryland 

Martha J. Swinson Maryland 

James Anderson Tackett Maryland 

Ethel Stansbury Thayer Maryland 

Francis Augustus Thomas Maryland 

Donna Dare Thomason New Jersey 

Lynn Clare Towers Maryland 

Philip James Vinci Colorado 

Ann D. Volkman Maryland 

Martha H. Ware Maryland 

Deborah Lee Watts Ohio 

Margaret Elizabeth Wilson Maryland 

Susan June Young Kansas 

January 24, 1972 

Samuel Edward Adams Maryland 

Rudolph Newman Baker Maryland 

Bari Irene Bergman Maryland 

Margery E. Berman Maryland 

Marjorie Sue Bleiweis Maryland 

Shirley E. Block Maryland 

Ronald James Bombick Maryland 

Goswin Young Boner Maryland 

Winfred Cohn Borden Maryland 

David Clarke Bowen Maryland 

Donna Maria Brandt Maryland 

William Kenneth Burkhart Pennsylvania 

Thomas Edward Burton Maryland 

Richard L. Cain, Jr Maryland 

Mary Patricia Cavanaugh Maryland 

Sister Loretto Alphonse Clark Maryland 

Lindsay Edmonds Clendaniel Maryland 

Louella Helen Mead Coale Maryland 

Carolyn Richards Cooper Maryland 

Margaret Lucille Couvillon Maryland 

Bonnie O'Neill Custer Maryland 

Wilbur Leroy Daniels Michigan 

Frank Anthony Del Nuovo New York 

Lorraine De Martini New Jersey 

Caroline Justice Dessouky Maryland 

Myra Carolyn Dick Maryland 

Anne H. Dorworth Maryland 

Elia Robledo Duran California 

Edith Amelia Ellington Maryland 

Robert Hanna Emery Maryland 

Floyd Gilbert Estridge, Jr Maryland 

Susan Sand Fellows Maryland 

Joyce M. Field Maryland 

Karen Lynell Fitzgerald Maryland 

Maureen G. Fitzpatrick Maryland 

James Ray Franks Maryland 

Walter Francis Frazier Maryland 

Florence Warrington Gardner Maryland 

Joan Lynn Gilbert Maryland 

Lawrence Robert Glaser New York 

Theodore Clinton Glenn D. C. 


John Lee Grannis Virginia 

Keither Gilbert Grier Maryland 

John E. Hammond Maryland 

Lana Winifred Harding Maryland 

John Wallace Hebb Maryland 

Paul Anthony Herman Maryland 

Patricia Weicht Heyde Maryland 

Charlotte Elizabeth Hogue Maryland 

Charlotte S. Holter Maryland 

Florence DeWitt Howard Maryland 

Julia Eleanor Howard Virginia 

Michael Vincent Iserman Maryland 

Barbara Esterman Jacobowitz Maryland 

Laurence Edward Jeweler Maryland 

Ronnie Sue Kahn New Jersey 

Peter Henry Kawecki Maryland 

Robert Kraft Kay Maryland 

Martha Peyton Kazlo Maryland 

Richard Leon Krawiec Maryland 

Susana Eva Krivatsy Maryland 

Beth Roberta Lasher Maryland 

Lynda Joyce Leahy Maryland 

Jeannette Marie Lizer Maryland 

Barbara Anne Logan Pennsylvania 

Josephine LeBon Long D. C. 

Evalyn D. Longley Maryland 

Johanna Alexandrina Lucker Maryland 

Corinne M. Manzi Maryland 

Robert Boyd Miller Maryland 

Michael Joseph Mirando Maryland 

Virginia R. Morgan D. C. 

Grace Elizabeth Moyer Maryland 

Gordon Waldman Muir D. C. 

David Holland Muns Maryland 

Richard Wayne Musson Maryland 

Kenneth Edward Nichols Maryland 

Carolyn Joyce Oh| Maryland 

Aurelia D. Parker Maryland 

Barbara O. Penn Maryland 

Christian Petersen Maryland 

Brenda Harriet Peterson New Jersey 

Elean Andrys Pisciotta Maryland 

Kay Francine Poole Maryland 

Elizabeth Louise Principe Maryland 

Robert Francis Quinn Maryland 

Matthew Levern Robinson Maryland 

Jacki Ellen Rockwell Maryland 

Andrea Sue Rosenbaum New York 

Wimer Brinton Sagle, III Maryland 

Marsha E. Sandler Maryland 

Nancy Kirchhoff Schmitt Maryland 

F. Harold Schriver Maryland 

Karen Michele Schwartzbart Maryland 

Katherine Judith Scott Maryland 

Nancy J. Sheedy Maryland 

Paul Merrill Simpson Florida 

James Donald Smyth Maryland 

Peter John Stallone Maryland 

Dories H. Stanley Maryland 

Elaine Hall Staufenberger Maryland 

Carolyn N. Stinson Maryland 

Shirley Brewer Taylor Maryland 

Thomas Edward Tomoff Indiana 

Robert Lee Turner Maryland 

Elsa Merle Tutwiler Maryland 

John William Urbany Maryland 

Joseph Edward Vallely Maryland 

Fredda A. Wagner D. C. 

Carolyn Strang Wakefield Maryland 

Sister Regina Mary Wallace Indiana 

Howard Monroe Watson Indiana 

Jack William Wetzel Maryland 

Orville I. Wilson Maryland 

Lorraine Beth Wodiska Maryland 

Laura Linter Wolf Maryland 

Martha Elizabeth Wright Maryland 

Wendell Taylor Wright Virginia 

Erina Wulwick New York 

Albert Dennis Zay Maryland 

Master of Business Administration 
August 27, 1971 

Thomas Charles Boyd Maryland 

Philip Henri Cappuyns Belgium 

Joseph James Caputo Pennsylvania 

Dana Welcome DeVos Ohio 

George H. Diacont Maryland 

Elwood Harold Forsht Maryland 

James Arthur Haas Ohio 

John Joseph Hannigan Maryland 

Stephen Ross Hodgson Maryland 

Garrett A. Isacco Pennsylvania 

James F. Jordan Maryland 

Dimitri Alexander Kellogg Maryland 

Francis O. Kuroda Maryland 

Randall R. Logue Virginia 

Anthony John Montcalmo Maryland 


Paul Julius Norris Maryland 

Joseph Clare Nothern Kansas 

William J. Romig Maryland 

Phyllis Lynn Scott Kentucky 

Robert Rocco Segesta New York 

Frank Edward Silvestro Maryland 

Steven Keith Solovey Maryland 

James Butterfield Wheatley Virginia 

January 24, 1972 

Murray Altman Maryland 

David Keith Baker Maryland 

Carl O. Buhlman Maryland 

E. Steuart Chaney Maryland 

Lawrence Robert Chernikoff Maryland 

William John Davenport Virginia 

Howard Franklin Deterding Maryland 

Patrick Michael Flanagan Maryland 

Thomas Arthur Hanson Maryland 

Lynwood Harris Henderson Maryland 

David Franklin Hodge, Jr Maryland 

Allan Kaufman Maryand 

Stanley Jay Kotler Maryland 

Duard Alexander Little Delaware 

Wisam Nairn Owais Maryland 

Philip Donald Palermo Connecticut 

Richard M. Pokras New Jersey 

Robert Allen Schiek Virginia 

David B. Shumate Virginia 

Robert L. Sokoloff Maryland 

Michael Francis Spates Maryland 

Marty Robert Stango Maryland 

Robert James Stolba Maryland 

Robert Stiehl Tonsmeire New York 

Morgan Smith Whiteley, Jr Pennsylvania 

Master of Library Science 
August 27, 1971 

Marilyn Ruth Abbott New York 

Duane W. Arenales D. C. 

Bettie Lou Wilson Armitage Canada 

Janet Marie Ashby New York 

Jan Teresa Baranowski Maryland 

Thomas C. Battle D. C. 

Karla Kay Britain Maryland 

Dorothy Schulz Britt Marvland 

Mary E. Brownell Virginia 

Clenna Zoritta Bundy Maryland 

Frances Callan D. C. 

Judith May Canning D. C. 

Julia Frances Carlson Maryland 

Bettie Tillitt Cobb Virginia 

Leighton H. Cumming Virginia 

Linda Susan Davis Maryland 

Roberta Gail Friedman New York 

Courtney Harris Funn Maryland 

lanet Arleen Gaffney Maryland 

Catherine Lester Garrison Maryland 

Jean B. Gerhardt Virginia 

James Earl Giles Michigan 

Phebe Anne Gooding Maryland 

Gabriel John Gorombey Maryland 

Karen Jean Graves Maryland 

Joanna Seaton Greene New Jersey 

Mary Scarborough Hanning New York 

Andrea Eileen Hawkins Missouri 

Patricia B. Heydweiller Maryland 

Charles Ray Hicks Louisiana 

Randolph Edward Hock Maryland 

Elizabeth Jean Holton Maryland 

Lillian Casma Huie Maryland 

Grace Theresa Jenkins Maryland 

Judith Anne Johnson Missouri 

Strephon Hayward Johnson Maryland 

Andrew Clarke Jones Maryland 

Edlea K. Jones Maryland 

Geraldine Foucault Katz Maryland 

Sandra Gordon King Maryland 

Elsie A. Leonard D. C. 

Bronwen Begenau Lewis Virginia 

Juan R. Marreo Georgia 

Cheryl M. Marshall New Jersey 

Howard Doyle Mayfield Maryland 

Anne Woodcock Maynes Maryland 

Ann Penelope McCallum Virginia 

Philippa Cynthia McNeill Maryland 

Anthony Albert Miller, Jr Maryland 

Eve Christine Moon D. C. 

Robert Morris Michigan 

Elayanaya T. Narayanan D. C. 


Pamela Jane Nelson Pennsylvania 

Alfred Nero New York 

Suzanne G. Paul Maryland 

Joyce O'Connor Pelletier Maryland 

Lynne Priestley New York 

Jeffrey Garth Reed Maryland 

Elisabeth Jane Roberts New York 

Sheila Natalie Roos Maryland 

Mary Daughny Roth Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Rouiller Maryland 

Mary Sue Saint Maryland 

Celia Rey Sanchez Florida 

Ethel Luvenia Sands Maryland 

Richard Walter Schoepf Maryland 

Patricia Wallace Stevens Maryland 

Bettina W. Surratt Maryland 

June Deborah Sweeny Maryland 

Sharon Kay Taylor Mississippi 

Bettie Grier Thomas Maryland 

Agate J. Tilmanis D. C. 

Michael J. Tomaski New York 

Susan G. Wartzok Maryland 

Elmira M. Washington Maryland 

Sarah M. White Maryland 

Lorna Christine Wilkie D. C. 

Mary Knipp Wirth New Hampshire 

Evangeline Nicine Woodford Maryland 

Jeanne Carol Yeagle Pennsylvania 

Lena Gayle Mendheim Zahos Florida 

Donna Lee Jamison Virginia 

Carol Frances Johnson Maryland 

Pamela Anderson Kerns North Carolina 

Carl Reed Kessler D. C. 

Olivia Orme Kredel South Carolina 

Lida Lou Larsen Maryland 

Nancy Padgett Lazar D. C. 

Michael Lawrence Levine Maryland 

Nancy T. Levine Maryland 

Winifred Allen Lichtenwalter Virginia 

Rosemary Ralston Merritt Oklahoma 

Katherine Colene Moore Maryland 

Jean Q. Neubauer Virginia 

Carolyn Titus Palmer Virginia 

Fran T. Robson Maryland 

Harriet Evelyn Rotter D. C. 

Ruth Michelle Schroll Maryland 

Michelle Schuster Maryland 

Meredith C. Semones Maryland 

Marian Rucker Shamu D. C. 

Mario Gwynne Sherman North Carolina 

Alice Taylor Spangler D. C. 

Mary Jeanette Stanley Kansas 

Marvin Hamilton Stevens Maine 

Edwin Phillips Sunderland, Jr Maryland 

Brenda R. Swanson D. C. 

Ramola Marilyn Thomas Maryland 

Elaine S. Tsubota Maryland 

Nancy S. Ulrich Maryland 

Christina Maria Teresa Wagner Maryland 

Patricia Moreland Wang Maryland 

Kathleen O'Connor Wigglesworth Maryland 

January 24, 1972 

Ruth R Allen Maryland 

Jan R. Callison Maryland 

Roxane Chadwick Maryland 

Judy Anne Clarke D. C. 

Mary Barbara Comly Maryland 

Georgia Ann Cook Virginia 

John Nathaniel Davenport Virginia 

Wilford Emmitt Devine D. C. 

Doris Beatrice Dunn Maryland 

Joseph Forrest Maryland 

Lottie Goldman Virginia 

Marsha P. Greenhill Virginia 

Isabelle J. Higgins D. C. 

Master of Music 
August 27, 1971 

Wade Hampton Beach, Jr Maryland 

lleana Jeannine Case Maryland 

Marilyn Louise Hall New York 

Robert Louis Petrella New Jersey 

Natalie Deich Ross Maryland 

Ronald George Amos Maryland 

Paul Jerald Dallman Maryland 

Maryen Joan Roberts Herrett Virginia 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 
August 27, 1971 

Gerald J. Edgley, Jr Maryland 

Dennis John Flynn Maryland 

Richard Alvin Greene Maryland 

Susan Jean Hathaway Maryland 

Mark Steven Henderson Maryland 

John Webster Jacobs Pennsylvania 

John Joseph Leber Maryland 

William Robert Lewis, Jr Maryland 

Marilyn Adele Michie Maryland 

Gerald Thomas Mikesell D. C. 

Jeffrey Eliot Nachamkin Maryland 

William Houston Ringler Ohio 

Jonathan David Shaffer Maryland 

Kathleene Sterling Maryland 

John Henry Suit Maryland 

Gaye Lynn Williams Maryland 

January 24, 1972 

Dennis Ray Belloff Maryland 

John William Burns Maryland 

Ray Allen Caple Maryland 

Gudrun M. Christenson Maryland 

Paula Crowley Maryland 

Robert George Darmody Maryland 

Daryl John DeCesare Maryland 

Stephen Luther Durand Maryland 

Essi H. Evans Maryland 

Grace Elizabeth Fielder Maryland 

Rodney Smith Hall Maryland 

John Jerome Hanley, Jr North Carolina 

William Blan Harcum, Jr Maryland 

William Coley Harmeyer Maryland 

Raph Flewellyn Hopkins, III Maryland 

John Henry Kimmons Maryland 

Jean B. Kulla Maryland 

Rosalyn Kam Lin Lum Maryland 

Jerry Marmelstein Maryland 

Mark William McNutt Maryland 

Philip Heard Moerschell Maryland 

William Russell Morgan, III Maryland 

Lawrence William Morton Maryland 

Thomas O'Brien Oyler, Jr Pennsylvania 

Lynda Eileen Priddy Maryland 

Mark Nelson Reynolds Maryland 

Charles Larry Riggs Maryland 

Robert O. Robeson Maryland 

John Linwood Safford Maryland 

Errol Dennis Small Maryland 

Charles Leroy Staines, Jr Maryland 

John Richard Tamburo Maryland 

Jeffrey Lloyd Taylor Maryland 

David Frederick Thayer Maryland 

Carl Hollis Updike Maryland 

William Allen Walker Virginia 

Jordan Best Wheeler, III Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Thomas J. 
Aylward, Interim Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 
August 27, 1971 

Donald Joseph Abram Maryland 

Joel Arsenault Maryland 

Ronald Lee Atherholt Maryland 

James Alan Baker Maryland 

Margaret Frances Ball Maryland 

Stephen Wayne Ballas Maryland 

John M. Bartosh D. C. 

Jill Anne Schroeder Bash Maryland 

Edward Powell Becker Maryland 

Gary Eugene Beckward Maryland 

Carole Jane Bendler Maryland 

James C. Betz Maryland 

James Woodrow Bigbee Maryland 

James Martin Bishop, Jr Maryland 

Linda Lamoreux Blomquist Virginia 

Roland Dexter Blood Maryland 

Janice Louise Bragg Maryland 

Geraldine Genevieve Branson Maryland 

Frances H. Bricker Maryland 

Jan Steven Brodie Maryland 

Diane Sherrie Brooks Maryland 

Mary Jane Brown Virginia 

Susan Murray Brown Pennsylvania 

James Madison Buchanan Maryland 

Charles Martin Butler, Jr Maryland 

Robert Douglas Caldwell Tennessee 

Raymond Emanuel Cantrell, II Maryland 

Frank Carson Carney Maryland 

Arthur Carrington D. C. 

Linda Elizabeth Carter Virginia 

Virginia Lee Caswell Maryland 

Nancy Kent Chambers Louisiana 

Thomas Howard Cifelli New Jersey 

Ladd Gregory Colston D. C. 

Edward Joseph Comly, Jr New York 

Emily Wells Conrad D. C. 

Lawrence Duane Converse Maryland 

Sharon Ruth Courlang Maryland 

Margaret Anne Crecca New Jersey 

Richard Alan Cunningham Maryland 

Floyd Stinson Dameron, Jr Maryland 

Ylan Thi Dao Maryland 

Margaret Mary Demers Maryland 

Holly Ruth Dinerstein New Jersey 

William Leonard Dorer Maryland 

Steven Edward Dubin Maryland 

Steven Henry Dunlap Maryland 

William Addison Eaton Maryland 

Charlotte Anne Eberly Maryland 

Gilbert Owen Ebner Maryland 

Beverly Arlene Eiserer Maryland 

Ross Lee Englehart Maryland 

Pamela Elizabeth Farmer Maryland 

Stephen Richard Fishack Maryland 

Yorke Flynn III Maryland 

Charles L. Ford Maryland 

Patti Robin Freeman Florida 

Samuel David Friend Maryland 

Gregory Alva Galemore Virginia 

George Andrew Gallenthin, III New Jersey 

Wendy Ellen Garner Maryland 

Carin Wynne Geller Maryland 

Doran M. Gerstein Maryland 

Michael Joseph Geschlecht New Jersey 

Stephen Howard Getz Maryland 

Jean Pennington Gibson Tennessee 

Mark Joseph Gill, Jr Maryland 

George Philip Glaser Maryland 

Herschel Gloger Maryland 

Robert Alexander Goley Maryland 

Jerome Larry Golfer Maryland 

Craig Guy Goodman Maryland 

Robert Vernon Grabus Maryland 

Margaret Mary Grambo Maryland 

George Edward Graning Maryland 

Austin Spencer Gregg Connecticut 

John Francis Gribbin Maryland 

Gale Robina Grube Maryland 

Stephen Isaac Gurney Maryland 

Lynne Sendejo Hager Maryland 

Bonnie Ruth Hardie Maryland 

Christopher Barlup Hargrove Maryland 

Frances Ann Hayes Maryland 

Stephen F. Heare Maryland 

Roger Earle Hedges Maryland 

James Stephen Heslin Maryland 

Nancy Jane Hobson Maryland 

Charlotte Thornton Holland Maryland 

Jeannine Ruth Iverson Maryland 

Noel Maria Izon Maryland 

Richard Arthur Jatczak Virginia 

Bruce M. Johnson Maryland 

Carol Lynn Jones Maryland 

Allan Robert Kahan Maryland 

Daniel E. Lambert Maryland 

Earling Joseph Lamp Maryland 

Eugene Anthony Langbehn Maryland 

Linda Marie Lebling Maryland 

Janna Lee Murphy Leepson Virginia 


Mary Jeannette Lentz Maryland 

Joanne Bailey Levin Maryland 

Lana Levy New Jersey 

Elaine Sylvia Lewis West Indies 

Mark N. Lipp Maryland 

Arlene Lishinsky New Jersey 

Judith Ann Lohsen Maryland 

Robert S. Love Maryland 

Donald George Lowry Virginia 

Paul Shearer Malone Maryland 

Linda Marie Marson New Jersey 

Linda C. McCormick Maryland 

Angela Elizabeth McWhirter Maryland 

Constance Leigh Merson Maryland 

Brenton Raymond Miller Maryland 

Chana Miller Maryland 

Wendy Fay Miller Maryland 

Carol Ann Montague Maryland 

James Moore Maryland 

Florence Linda Morten South Carolina 

Linda Cleo Mullins Maryland 

Benjamin James Mundell, Jr Maryland 

Karol Lyn Newman Maryland 

Christopher Mark Newport Virginia 

Robert Lee Nothstein Maryland 

Raymond Bell Palfrey, Jr Maryland 

Lynne Parmelee Maryland 

William Douglas Pitts Maryland 

David Michael Pritzker Maryland 

Alan Eugene Ptak Maryland 

Steven K. Puterbaugh Maryland 

Dianne Margaret Reamy Maryland 

William Marvin Rebert Maryland 

Jane Aelda Recht Pennsylvania 

Colleen Annette Regan Maryland 

Jeanine Cottrelle Reid Maryland 

Richard B. Renacia Nevada 

William VanNess Requa D. C. 

Mary Susan Rice Maryland 

Karen Lemoyne Roberts Maryland 

Sharon Biser Robinson Maryland 

Suzanne Bennett Rogers Maryland 

Marsha Lynn Roman Maryland 

Marthe S. Rosenthal D. C. 

Carol Anne Rowland Maryland 

Jeffrey Scott Rubin Maryland 

Anita Marilyn Sachs Maryland 

Robert Woodrow Sanders Maryland 

Mindy Rose Saslaw Maryland 

Avram J. Saunders Maryland 

Eileen Seeley Schlag Maryland 

Jack M. Schneider New York 

Robin Elaine Schwartz Maryland 

Michael Patrick Sears Maryland 

John Michael Sefakis Massachusetts 

Leon Louis Seidman Maryland 

Nancy J. Seligman New York 

Edward John Sheehan Maryland 

William James Schickler Maryland 

Vivian Yvonne Shire Maryland 

Michael Gordon Simms Maryland 

Richard Jackson Smith Maryland 

Roderick Blair Smith Maryland 

Edward Hal Snyder Georgia 

Carol Ingrid Stahlman Maryland 

Jonathan James Stanley Maryland 

Noreen Mary Stedman Maryland 

Sally Sue Stern New York 

Karen Lang Stevens Maryland 

Robert John Stevenson Illinois 

Suellen Stover Maryland 

Shawn Patrick Sullivan Florida 

T. Gwendolyn Sullivan D. C. 

Jacueline Swanson Maryland 

Sheryl Ann Tharp Maryland 

Gary Lee Thomas Maryland 

Robert Hart Tomlinson Pennsylvania 

Dennis LeRoy Wade Maryland 

Weida Frances Walker Maryland 

Robert Elliot Walsh Maryland 

Elizabeth J. Wascavage Maryland 

Sarah Ellen Weaver Maryland 

Hans Helmut Wegner D. C. 

Douglas John Wells Maryland 

Gary Irving Wright Maryland 

Mary Lou Yopes Maryland 

Francis Albert Young D. C. 

January 24, 1972 

Richard Arnold Abramowitz Maryland 

Angelo Enrique Aguilera Virginia 

Denise Helene Ames New York 

Margaret Rose Anderson Maryland 

Martin Norman Anesgart Maryland 

Mary Ann Arens Maryland 

Marcia Armon Maryland 

Theresa F. Arney Maryland 

Kabir Ahmad Atayee Maryland 

Brian Alan Auslander Maryland 

Miriam Harriet Baker Maryland 

Robert Francis Baldesari Maryland 

Lionel Jesse Bane Maryland 

Jack Allen Barbanel New Jersey 


Stanford Bennett Barouh Maryland 

Patricia D. Barth Maryland 

Mary Pellow Batcher Maryland 

Julia Rose Martha Bay Maryland 

Gilbert Carroll Becker Maryland 

Robert Dixon Bell Maryland 

Paul Stephen Berigtold Maryland 

Steven Alan Berkowitz New Jersey 

Sandra G. Berman Maryland 

Deborah Ellen Berthold Virginia 

Scott Lawrence Bewley Virginia 

Heidi Bea Bialowas New Jersey 

Susan J. Birch Maryland 

Karen Lynn Bishop Maryland 

Bruce David Bitcover Pennsylvania 

Douglas Pierce Black Maryland 

Deborah Marsha Blacker Maryland 

Michael Thomas Blair Maryland 

Linda Sue Blickenstaff Maryland 

Glenn Lawrence Bond Virginia 

Catherine E. Bom Maryland 

Dana Radebaugh Bowdle Maryland 

Brian Stephen Boyd Maryland 

Janet Anne Brewer Maryland 

Ann J. Brickfield Maryland 

Sydney Anne Brookes Maryland 

Hugh Michael Brown Maryland 

Mary Ann Brown Maryland 

James Wallace Bryan, Jr Maryland 

Pamela Beth Bryden Maryland 

Linda Jean Bryson Maryland 

James Elliot Buchanan Maryland 

Paul William Burch Maryland 

Jon Charles Burrell Maryland 

Steven Joseph Burstein Maryland 

Mary Catherine Bushnell Louisiana 

George Callen Maryland 

Penelope J. Caminis Maryland 

Marsha A. Campbell Maryland 

William Francis Campbell Maryland 

Susan B. Cardwell California 

Stephen Keith Carper Maryland 

Ronald Neil Carroll Maryland 

James Edgar Casbarian Maryland 

Elaine Hicks Cassel Virginia 

Maureen Hagan Cavaiola Maryland 

Thomas Ray Chase Maryland 

Ronald Thomas Chmielewski Maryland 

Wayloon Chuang Maryland 

Louis Joseph Churchville, Jr Maryland 

Gary Edmond Clark Maryland 

Richard Lynn Claypoole Maryland 

John George Clements Maryland 

Dallas Roger Collins Maryland 

Kathryn Eugenia Colpitts Maryland 

William Stephen Connery Maryland 

Patrick Francis Conway Maryland 

Larry Harlan Cook Maryland 

Darlene Grace Cooke Maryland 

M. Kelsey Cooke D. C. 

Janice Gail Corwin Maryland 

John I. Cosky Maryland 

Lance C. Couturier Maryland 

Carol B. Crump Maryland 

Norma Ann Cunningham Virginia 

Thomas Franklin Daddario Maryland 

Diane Irene Dalton Maryland 

Rita Anne Daly D. C. 

Dennis Fred Danner Maryland 

Sally Diane Davidson Maryland 

Anthony John D'Avino New Jersey 

Sarah L. Davis Maryland 

Russell Allan Dawson Maryland 

Carol M. Dean Maryland 

William John Dennehy Maryland 

Christopher Pearson Denney Maryland 

Mac Hugh Derry Maryland 

Ricki Ellen Deutsch New York 

Margaret C. Diamond Maryland 

Thomas Owens Dixon, Jr Maryland 

Pamela Jean Donohue Maryland 

Andrew Leon Dory D. C. 

Jamie Leone Drago Maryland 

Dorothee Daniela Drake Maryland 

Robert Abraham Dubanksy Maryland 

Paul Joseph Dunlap Maryland 

Linda S. Durey Maryland 

Martin Timothy Durkin Maryland 

Stephen Mack Earle Maryland 

Joseph George Ebner Maryland 

Maureen Ann Eby Virginia 

James Nelson Eckley, Jr Maryland 

Arnold Mark Edelman Maryland 

Nancy Lynn Ehrgott D. C. 

Diane Patricia Elsnic Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Elzey Maryland 

David Emsellem D. C. 

Peter Engel Maryland 

Patricia Ann Farmer Maryland 

Charles Edward Fawley Maryland 

Alan Laurence Feinberg Maryland 

Jeffrey Stuart Feldman New Jersey 

Stephen Marc Feldman Maryland 


Cheryl Lynn Ferguson Maryland 

David Mitchell Ferguson Maryland 

Earle Norton Ferren Massachusetts 

Carolyn Joyce Fidgeon Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Flanders Maryland 

Frank Angelo Fonte, Jr Maryland 

Anne Cecile Ford Maryland 

Jerrold Stuart Fox Maryland 

Sharon Slesser Fram Maryland 

Roslyn Ann Fredericks Maryland 

Mark Millard Freedman Maryland 

Terry Sarcia Freeman Maryland 

Conrad Dale Fridley Maryland 

Leonard Shervin Friedheim Maryland 

Carol Christine Friedlander Maryland 

Barbara Gene Friedman New Jersey 

Steven Charles Friedman Maryland 

Charlene Frieman Maryland 

Nancy Marie Fusillo Maryland 

Demetrios John Gadonas Virginia 

Peter Dimitriovitch Galitzin Maryland 

Charles Bennett Gammon Maryland 

David Michael Gantz Maryland 

Patricia Anne Gardner Maryland 

William Payne Gaskins, Jr Maryland 

Gregory Thomas Gaura Maryland 

Vincent Genovese D. C. 

Curtis Charles Gibson, Jr Maryland 

Michael Gary Gilden Maryland 

Catherine Hermina Gill Maryland 

Connie Lou Gilliam Maryland 

David Thomas Glasser Maryland 

Sherryl Marshall Gloyd Maryland 

David Ellis Goldstein Maryland 

Marilyn Joyce Goldstein Maryland 

James Timothy Goon Maryland 

David Gordon Maryland 

Polly Ann Gordon Maryland 

Kenneth Robert Granata, Jr Maryland 

Jo Ann Grantham Maryland 

Norman R. Greenberg Maryland 

Richard Irwin Greenblat Maryland 

Karen Lynn Grill New Jersey 

Thomas Eyerly Guth Maryland 

Paul A. Hackner Maryland 

Gerald Allen Halpern Maryland 

Leonard Martin Harris Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Harrison Maryland 

Trudy Hartzell New Jersey 

Edward McKinley Haugh, Jr Virginia 

Ann Marie Haughey Maryland 

Monica Mary Healy Maryland 

Ian Frederic Hellman Maryland 

Craig Winston Hendrix Maryland 

Thomas Oliver Herman Maryland 

Edwin Bruce Herring Maryland 

Patricia Ann Heselton Maryland 

Lawrence William Hirsch New York 

Janis Freda Hochman Maryland 

Kevin Raymond Holecko Maryland 

Daniel Strickland Hope Maryland 

Susan Horowitz Maryland 

Susie A. Horsmon Maryland 

Lewis Wingfield Horton Maryland 

Paul Saunders Hurdel Maryland 

Elaine Naomi Hurwitz Maryland 

Robert Joseph Hysan Maryland 

Judith C. Ignacio Maryland 

Laura Louise Jacobs Maryland 

Michael Howard Jacobs Maryland 

Mark Neal Jacobson New York 

Marie Frances Janios Maryland 

Warren Robert Jason Maryland 

Sharon Marie Johnson Maryland 

Michael Kent Johnstone Maryland 

Margaret Ellen Jump Maryland 

Philip Kagan Maryland 

Philip Stephen Kanter Maryland 

Michael Harvey Kapland New York 

Mark Alan Kaufman Maryland 

Danek Stephen Kaus California 

Barry J. Kazley Maryland 

Janet Mary Kerig Maryland 

Harriet Wright Kidder Maryland 

Barbara Jane Kirkwood Maryland 

Irwin Stuart Kirsch Maryland 

Susan Jane Kitchin Kentucky 

Colleen Welch Klapac Maryland 

Richard Allen Klem Maryland 

Ruth Anne Koenick Maryland 

Yeo-Hee Koh Maryland 

Joseph Charles Kordella, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Doherty Kosiba Maryland 

Karen Marie Kowal Maryland 

John Wells Kramer Maryland 

Deborah B. Kravette Maryland 

Richard Lawrence Kroll Maryland 

Kimberley A. Lambelet New York 

George Charles Lannon Maryland 

Helen Zoe Lantz Maryland 

Laura Lee Lapko Maryland 

Marianne Aimee LaRoche Maryland 

Bonnie Jean Lawson Maryland 


David Jacob Lazar Maryland 

Theresa Engle Leager Maryland 

Beverly S. Lehrer Maryland 

Jeffrey Hay Leisenring Maryland 

Ronald William Lent Maryland 

Anne Winston Letaw Maryland 

Donn Kenneth Levine New Jersey 

Judy Ann Levine Maryland 

Alan H. Lewis Maryland 

David Robert Lisanksy Maryland 

Steven Johnson Littleton Maryland 

Richard Jay Loebl Maryland 

Barbara Jean Longhi Maryland 

Andrea Janice Ludwig Maryland 

Steven Jay Lutsky Maryland 

Helene Sharon Lyons New York 

Judith Nan Macaluso D. C. 

Victoria Jean Maiolo Maryland 

Mya Marcus Maryland 

Vicki Francene Marick Maryland 

Jeffrey Martin Marker Maryland 

Richard Andrew Marr Maryland 

David Harper Martin Maryland 

James R. Martin, Jr Maryland 

Kathleen Rae Martin Maryland 

George Cus Matheos Maryland 

Barbara Ann Maxwell Maryland 

Kathleen Marie McAlinden New Jersey 

Patricia Ann McAuley Maryland 

Carole Lee McBride Maryland 

Jane Hickman McCabe Maryland 

James Michael McCully Maryland 

Kenneth Walter McDaniels Maryland 

Karen Patricia McDonnell Maryland 

Lloyd Howard Reisler McCill Maryland 

Dennis Charles McGrath Maryland 

John Francis McMorrow Maryland 

John James McPherson Maryland 

William Bryce McTurnal Maryland 

Neil V. McVoy Maryland 

Marjorie Ida Merritt North Carolina 

Gary Ardis Merson Maryland 

Juanita Gail Merson Maryland 

Gary Samuel Messina Florida 

Robert Patrick Michaels Maryland 

Wayne Steven Mielczasz Maryland 

Kenneth Steven Miller Maryland 

Sherry Gordon Miller Maryland 

Mark Allen Millman Maryland 

John Hampton Mills, Jr Maryland 

Robert Wayne Minnix Maryland 

Mary Beatrice Minotti Maryland 

Dominick Andrew Mirabile Maryland 

Williedelle Mitchell D. C. 

Dan Anthony Mitrione, Jr Maryland 

Marie Agnes Monaghan Maryland 

Carla Rappaport Moore Maryland 

Marion Louise Morgan Maryland 

Loyd Moroughan Maryland 

Clifford Warren Moy Maryland 

Alan Isaac Munaker Maryland 

Frank Anthony Muscolina New York 

Barbara Frances Nash Maryland 

Bonnie Bolhagen Neubauer Maryland 

Martin McHale Newhouse Maryland 

Carroll Theodore Newman Maryland 

Maybeth Spalding Nix Georgia 

Patrick Bernard Nixon Maryland 

Harry Arthur Nogle Maryland 

Barry Benjamin Novick D. C. 

Joanna Alina Nowakowski Maryland 

Nancy Adair Nowell Maryland 

Andre Roger O'Coin Maryland 

Patricia Ann O'Connell Maryland 

William C. O'Neill Maryland 

Loretta Frances Orndorff Maryland 

Janet Sue Otton Maryland 

Anthony Joseph Padua D. C. 

Jane Dailey Palsgrove Maryland 

Rebecca Elaine Parsley Maryland 

Lila Touba Patt Maryland 

Paul Raymond Pearson Maryland 

Heidi Jeanette Pelot Maryland 

Patricia Dianne Peoples Maryland 

Janice Lynn Pepperman Maryland 

Elizabeth Perry Maryland 

Charles Perticari Maryland 

Linda Ann Peters Maryland 

William Hiram Pietsch, III Maryland 

Roger Dale Pittiglio Maryland 

David James Piatt Pennsylvania 

Harding Scott Polk D. C. 

Margaret Ann Pollard Maryland 

Susan Gale Pomeranz Maryland 

Ann Theresa Potosky D. C. 

Joan Elizabeth Powell Virginia 

Richard Michael Powers Rhode Island 

Arthur Donald Press D. C. 

Thomas LeRoy Priestley Maryland 

Julia Alys Putignani New Jersey 

Terrence Anthony Quill Maryland 


William Lawrence Quinn Maryland 

Patricia A. Rachek Maryland 

John Nelson Ragsdale Maryland 

Peter Howard Raimondo, Jr Pennsylvania 

Jeffrey Keith Raub Maryland 

Victor Reasoner Maryland 

Mariletta ). Reazin Maryland 

Edward Alan Reback Maryland 

Charles Blaine Reece Virginia 

Sharon Eileen Rice Maryland 

Suanne Marie Ritchie Maryland 

Beverly Jean Rivers D. C. 

Catherine Adele Robertson Maryland 

James Roland Robertson Maryland 

Sally Lou Robertson Maryland 

Carl Harris Robinson Pennsylvania 

Hunter Edward Robinson, III Maryland 

James Barry Roche Maryland 

Linda P. Rocklin Maryland 

Bonnie Joyce Rosenthal Maryland 

Louise Judith Rosenthal Maryland 

Harvey Steven Rosenzwog Maryland 

Francisco Rosillo Maryland 

Charles J. Ross, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Lynne Rowny Maryland 

Paul Alban Rukstela Maryland 

John Stephen Rupert Maryland 

Lawrence Edward Rutherford Maryland 

Lauren Deneene Ruttenberg Illinois 

James Albert Sampson Maryland 

Bettina Claire Santoro New Jersey 

G. Michael Scaboo Virginia 

Alan Michael Scherr Maryland 

Stephen Paterson Schmidt Maryland 

Carolyn Jeanne Schmitt Pennsylvania 

Mark Lewis Schuweiler Virginia 

Marcia Rae Scott Maryland 

Walter Marvin Scott, Jr New York 

John Walker Sears Maryland 

Howard Neil Segal Maryland 

Donald Stephen Seidel Maryland 

Madeline Seidner Maryland 

Eileen Marie Selby Maryland 

David Stewart Seltzer Maryland 

William Anthony Shade Maryland 

Judy Lynn Shapiro Maryland 

James Christopher Sheldon Maryland 

Lynn Marie Sheppard Canal Zone 

Lawrence Joseph Sheridan Maryland 

Susan Elise Shipe Maryland 

Christopher Wayne Shipley Maryland 

Ruth E. Siegel Maryland 

Steven Lee Sigafoose Maryland 

Paul Millard Sladen Maryland 

Carol Barbara Smith Maryland 

Douglas L. Smith Virginia 

John Walter Smith Massachusetts 

Leo Francis Smith, |r Maryland 

Robert Travis Smith D. C. 

Wayne William Smith Maryland 

Rachel E. Solomon Maryland 

Harry Lee Sommer Maryland 

Kathryn Teresa Sommer Maryland 

Lynne Baur Southwick Maryland 

Penelope Antoinette Spaldo Maryland 

Henry Fred Spiegler Maryland 

William H. Spitzinger, Jr Maryland 

Susan Joelle Stacy Maryland 

Michael Lee Stein Maryland 

Deana L. Steiner Maryland 

John David Stratton Maryland 

Pamela T. Stutz Maryland 

Suzette Madeline Surkamer Virginia 

Annie Lee Sweet Texas 

Roland Saunders Sweet, II Maryland 

Linda Mary Wysong Teich Maryland 

Gregory Kent Thoben Indiana 

Beverley Kaye Thompson Maryland 

Melissa Carr Thornton Maryland 

Henry Tom New York 

Martin Adam Torre Maryland 

Hortensia Maria Torres Maryland 

Charles Ronald Trueworthy Virginia 

Peter Anthony Tucker Maryland 

Pamela L. Tulyadejanonth Maryland 

Karen Sangster Turner Maryland 

Jean Elizabeth Tuten Maryland 

James Robert Tyrrell Maryland 

Sheldon Curtis Tyrrell Maryland 

Walter Alfred Washington Usedly Maryland 

James Harry Vause Maryland 

Paola Anne Verduci Maryland 

Ann Lynn Verfuerth Maryland 

Daniel Anthony Vernon Maryland 

John William Vessey, III Maryland 

Diane Lee Walden Maryland 

Samuel Warsaw Maryland 

Andrew Watt, IV Maryland 

Bruce Nelson Weart Maryland 

Timothy Allen Weaver Maryland 

Donald B. Webb, Jr Virginia 

Nancy Anne Webb Maryland 


Harold Weber Maryland 

Edward Kenneth Webster Maryland 

Nancy Gail Wechsler Maryland 

Gene Lee Weeks Maryland 

Rodney Michael Weidner Maryland 

Scott Jay Wenner New York 

Martha Joan We*nt Maryland 

Frank Joseph West, Jr Maryland 

Robert Ralph Wharen Maryland 

Randolph Allen Wickers Maryland 

Dianna Devona Wills Maryland 

Mary Ann Wills Maryland 

Ann Sharon Wilner Maryland 

Pamela Jane Wingert Maryland 

Marilyn Gail Witkowski Maryland 

Richard Max Wolf Maryland 

Ronald Mark Wolf Maryland 

Nan H. Wolfe Maryland 

Ling-Ling Woo D. C. 

Heather Anthony Woodman Maryland 

James Friedrich Woods Maryland 

Joanne Carol Woodward Maryland 

Mary Dale Woolston Maryland 

Rosemarie Joan Workman Maryland 

Anthony John Yadouga New Jersey 

Deborah Yorio Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 
August 27, 1971 

Carl Bowman Bailey Maryland 

Maris Baltins Maryland 

Sonya Mori Cohen Georgia 

James George Cook Maryland 

James Michael Dyer Maryland 

Wesley Vincent Forgue New Jersey 

David Allan Foster Maryland 

Ghislaine Renee Frederick Maryland 

Stephen Eugene Fryling Maryland 

Brian Francis Fuller Maryland 

Barbara Ann Garber Virginia 

Louis Gerald Gelrud Maryland 

Paul G. Gessner Maryland 

Rodger Carl Henning Maryland 

William Marvin Herbert Maryland 

William Joseph Hussong Maryland 

John Grant Irving New York 

Rosemary Keene Maryland 

Michael V. Kenlon Maryland 

Jeanne Kostas Maryland 

Stephan Edward Kraft Maryland 

Steven M. Lacher Maryland 

Albert Mang Lum Lai Maryland 

William Donn Mallery Maryland 

Richard Thomas May Maryland 

David John Minor Maryland 

Irva Bernice Nachlas Maryland 

Michael Peter Savage New York 

Henry Louis Schmidt Maryland 

Geoffrey Walter Sohr Maryland 

Howard Marc Swerbilow Maryland 

Leonard Albert Walch Maryland 

David A. Wheeler Maryland 

Yvonne Marie Wilkinson Maryland 

January 24, 1972 

Edward Grant Abramson Maryland 

Theresa M. Bellew Maryland 

Martin Joel Book Maryland 

Michael Joseph Brinley Maryland 

Richard Robert Brush Maryland 

Richard Irving Buhrman Maryland 

Parris M. Caulk Maryland 

Miao Sun Chen D. C. 

Wendy Rose Chernikoff Maryland 

David Michael Clark Maryland 

Arnold B. Cornett Maryland 

Lawrence Joseph Darmody Maryland 

Matthew Joseph Dudzinski Maryland 

Stephen Charles Ebner Maryland 

Helen H. Farrow Maryland 

Arlene Bundschuh Figler New York 

Elizabeth Jane Moran Fisher Maryland 

William Gilmer Flowers Maryland 

Stephen Royal Frary Maryland 

Francine Sara Frome Maryland 

Dennis Stewart Ginsberg Maryland 

Albert Eric Giraldi Maryland 

Alfred Gluecksmann Maryland 

Thomas Alan Goldsborough, III Maryland 

Gary Gondelman Pennsylvania 

Robert Norman Goodenough Maryland 

Thomas White Hall, Jr Maryland 

Charles Keith Harris Maryland 

Robert Verne Hatfield New Jersey 

David Edward Heller Maryland 

Clifford Dale Hendrickson Maryland 

Timothy Scott Hinton Maryland 

Thomas L. Hoffman Maryland 

Linda Mae Hoxie Maryland 

Jennie W. Hsing Maryland 

Benjamin Thomas Hynson, Jr Maryland 

Bruce Harmon Jacobs Maryland 


Lawrence Jay Jaffe New York 

Patricia Louise James Maryland 

Mario Jelencovich Maryland 

Charles Leonard Knupp Maryland 

Jesse Thomas Lee, Jr Maryland 

Eliot Laurence Lieberman Maryland 

Mary Thompson Liebhold Maryland 

Robert Irwin Lightman Maryland 

Janet Patricia Magee Maryland 

Robina Lynn Malpasso Maryland 

Wayne Martin Maryland 

James Patrick Mclntyre Maryland 

John Alan Mihok New Jersey 

Thomas Arthur Milleson Florida 

Barbara Diana Milton Maryland 

James Paul Mishoe Maryland 

Stephen Edward Moring Kansas 

Andrew Charles Myrup Maryland 

Shirley Fumiye Nishino Maryland 

Stefanie Marie Nucci Maryland 

William Thomas Ofenstein Maryland 

James Perdue Oland Maryland 

Angelina Trujillo Oneglia Maryland 

John Joseph Oravec Maryland 

Larry Paul Panebaker Maryland 

Michael Allen Perez Maryland 

Barry Reichert Maryland 

Elaine Anne Roberts Maryland 

Miles Stanton Roberts Maryland 

Robert James Robertson Maryland 

Mitchell Alan Roffer New York 

Bennett Yarrow Ryan, Jr Maryland 

Howard Ira Saiontz Maryland 

Arthur William Schmidt Maryland 

Ann Zenobia Scoles Maryland 

Walter Leslie Seely Maryland 

Frances Caperton Shannon Maryland 

Stanley Shapiro Maryland 

Ronald Roger Shields Maryland 

Michael Joseph Smith Maryland 

Thomas Carl Smith Maryland 

Charles Henry Spaulding Maryland 

Carolyn Lee Staples Maryland 

Jay Craig Starling Maryland 

Philip Bradford Strauss Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Suer Maryland 

Duane George Tash New Jersey 

William Edward Trinter Maryland 

Ricky Lynn Trovinger Maryland 

William Winton Warren, Jr Maryland 

David R. Watterworth Maryland 

James Robert Wedeking Maryland 

Barbara Ann White Maryland 

Joshua Simon Wilkenfeld Maryland 

Thomas lohnson Wingfield Maryland 

Eva Jadwiga Wojciechowska Maryland 

Bachelor of Music 
August 27, 1971 

Marajean B Marvin Maryland 

January 24, 1972 

Eunice Louise Hill Maryland 

Mark Alan Stein Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Donald W. 
O'Connell, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 
August 27, 1971 

Harold Bellou Adams Maryland 

John Harding Ballance, Jr Maryland 

Gregory Dale Carmack Barnes Maryland 

Michael Lynn Bean Maryland 

Leland Roy Beitel Maryland 

Peter Benjamin Buggica Florida 

Michael Joseph Burke Maryland 

John Theodore Campbell, Jr Maryland 

Charles Ralph Chamberlain Maryland 

Timothy Stevens Coursen Maryland 

Ozro Douglas Covington Maryland 

David M. Crane Maryland 

Jocelyn Andrea Curley Maryland 

David John Denning Maryland 

Robert Charles Dorsey Maryland 


David Edmund Dowall Pennsylvania 

Stuart Keith Field Maryland 

James Olsen Fike Maryland 

John Edward Forbes Maryland 

James Louis Frazetti Maryland 

Michael Conrad Fry Maryland 

lohn Gampel Maryland 

Harry B. Gemmell Maryland 

Carlo Cilotte Maryland 

Joe Lamb Grahm Maryland 

Earl Stanley Gronkiewicz Maryland 

Richard Eugene Hastings Maryland 

Susan Louise Hayes Maryland 

Robert John Heffner Maryland 

Les P. Henig Maryland 

Joel Samuel Hertz Maryland 

David Patrick Holcombe Maryland 

John R. Hon Maryland 

James Troy Honeycutt Maryland 

Edward Randolph Jackson, I! Maryland 

Carolyn Anne Jones Maryland 

lames Lee Jordan Maryland 

David Roy Kamauf Maryland 

Gary Howard Kerner Maryland 

Peter Kochmaruk, Jr Massachusetts 

James Nelson Kolakowski Maryland 

Bruce A. Kramer Maryland 

John Meador Kreimeyer Maryland 

Roy Ira Kupersmith Maryland 

James Lawrence Lears, Jr Maryland 

Margaret Lee Maryland 

Michael John Lightman Maryland 

Ronald Jason Link Maryland 

Valentine S. Liu Maryland 

Thomas Bussey Logan Maryland 

Lora L. Mackin Virginia 

Joyce Lynn Marshall Maryland 

Patrick Victor Martino, Jr Maryland 

Christopher George Mayers Virginia 

Wayne Douglas Miller Maryland 

Harvey B. Mills Maryland 

Daniel Gordon Mintz Maryland 

Kenneth Dwight Moorefield Maryland 

Edward Paul Moritz Maryland 

Pete Shields Nelson Maryland 

Nhung Thi Nguyen Maryland 

Terrell Lee Owens Maryland 

Allan Hirsch Paul Maryland 

Barbara Ellen Peregoy Maryland 

Marna Ellen Podonsky Virginia 

David Michael Pusey Maryland 

Charles Frederick Rand Maryland 

Gary Keel Roberson Maryland 

Robert Frederic Rose Maryland 

Webster Ronald Roszell Maryland 

Gary Walter Scott Maryland 

Richard ). Shenos Maryland 

Terry Earl Shumaker Maryland 

Steven Larry Shuster Maryland 

Elena Dianne Silva Maryland 

Samuel Louis Simonovich Virginia 

Steven Fred Sisgold Maryland 

Allan B. Sotzsky Maryland 

Gary Ronald Steger Virginia 

John Marshall Stone Maryland 

Stephen Douglas Sullivan Maryland 

Tomohiro Takasaka Maryland 

Albert Roland Tankersley Maryland 

Neil Edward Tapman Maryland 

Charles Edgar Thomas Maryland 

Stephen Van Nostrand Japan 

Stephen Ernest Wells Maryland 

David Lawrence Wiesman Maryland 

January 24, 1972 

Gerald Leslie Addicott Maryland 

Doyne Clark Ahern Maryland 

Charles Russell Albright, Jr Maryland 

James Patrick Allen Maryland 

Michael Joel Alloy Maryland 

Larry Joe Alverson Maryland 

Mahlon George Anderson Maryland 

Robert James Andrzejewski Maryland 

Louis Irwin Apple Maryland 

Thomas Lee Aslakson Maryland 

Hernan O. Aspiazu Maryland 

Jeffrey Charles Ayers Maryland 

Richard Steven Backus Maryland 

Jerry Lee Baine Maryland 

Joseph Augustus Barrett, Jr New Jersey 

Robert Cota Barrows, Jr Maryland 

Jeffrey Wayne Bass Maryland 

Stephen Ray Baumgardner Maryland 

Joe Park Beatty, Jr Maryland 

John Anthony Becka Maryland 

David Simon Beckerman Maryland 

Joseph Carson Beckley Maryland 

Frederick Rhodes Beer Maryland 

Marshall Charles Benedict Maryland 

Millard Stephan Bennett Maryland 

Edward Arthur Berg Maryland 

Robert John Berkebile Maryland 


Robert Hathaway Berry, Jr Massachusetts 

Lawrence Robert Boer New Jersey 

Frederick John Bohlander, Jr Maryland 

Linda Cathryn Bombino Maryland 

Jessie Louis Bourgeois, Jr Louisiana 

Christopher Claybourne Bowers Maryland 

Thomas Lee Bowman Virginia 

Raymond Lee Boyer Maryland 

Charles Edward Bradley, Jr Maryland 

Stuart Mark Breiterman Maryland 

Charles Craig Bristor Maryland 

Anthony John Brocato, Jr Maryland 

David Bronstein Maryland 

Cary Calvin Brooks Maryland 

Herbert Francis Brooks, Jr Maryland 

Harold Brown Maryland 

Robert Gray Browning Maryland 

Rodney Ellsworth Buckingham Maryland 

John Joseph Buckley Maryland 

Jerrold William Burgoyne Maryland 

Marshall Jerome Bush Maryland 

Ronald Burton Busick Maryland 

Richard Lee Caldwell Maryland 

Robert George Care Maryland 

Arthur Dorrance Casey, Jr Maryland 

Sharon Kathleen Cassidy D. C. 

Clarence Mitchell Chambliss, Jr Maryland 

Bruce Malcolm Chilcote Maryland 

Susan Chin Maryland 

Clifton Colin Chrapaty Maryland 

John Davis Clark Maryland 

Richard Andrew Clark Maryland 

Robert Winston Clemens Maryland 

Gordon James Clifford Maryland 

John David Clifford Maryland 

Donald Brown Coleman, Jr Maryland 

Michael Colen Maryland 

Timothy George Collison Maryland 

Carol Compagnola Maryland 

Robert William Conde Maryland 

Mary Christine Cook Maryland 

John Gary Cornali Maryland 

John Daniel Corun Maryland 

Dennis Lane Cregger Maryland 

Charles Thomas Crichley, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Anthony Crisafulli Maryland 

Ronald William Cross Maryland 

Robert Bruce Cushing Maryland 

Donald Francis Cusic Maryland 

Eugene Joseph Daly Maryland 

Gary Edward Davies Maryland 

James Jay Davis Maryland 

Jay Ritchie Defibaugh Maryland 

Justus Calvert Denner Maryland 

William Edward Dennison, Jr Maryland 

James Mallory Dockstader Pennsylvania 

Sherwood Alexander Dowling Maryland 

Alan Norman Drumheller Maryland 

Richard Thomas Duncan, III Maryland 

Ben Brooke Dyer Maryland 

Donald Calvin Eastridge Maryland 

Greg Wayne Eckel Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Eikenberg, Jr Maryland 

James Byron Elder Maryland 

lohn Barton Ellinger Maryland 

Walter Thomas Engle Maryland 

Glenn Rendal Esham Maryland 

James Martin Evans Maryland 

John G. Evans Maryland 

Ronald William Farhood Maryland 

David Allen Faulkner Maryland 

Dennis Thomas Fean Maryland 

Alan David Feldstein Maryland 

John Byron Finch, Jr Maryland 

Barry Philip Fishier Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Fitzgerald Maryland 

Brian M. Flynn D. C. 

Stephen Allan Flynn Maryland 

Richard Dennis Fogg Maryland 

Christopher John Ford Maryland 

Dean William Frank Maryland 

John Conrad Franke, III Maryland 

Rodger D. Frederick Maryland 

Joseph John Frick Maryland 

Kenneth William Friesner Maryland 

Judith Ann Fusco Texas 

Michael Frank Gaidis Maryland 

Kyriakos Dimitrios Galiatsatos Greece 

Thomas W. Galish Pennsylvania 

Bernard Francis Gallagher, Jr Maryland 

Sherry Ann Garland Maryland 

Thomas Allan Garrett Maryland 

James Joseph Garvey Maryland 

Joseph Alan Gassaway Maryland 

Page Windsor Gaumnitz Maryland 

Frederick Andrew Gawlick Maryland 

John Francis Gebhardt Maryland 

Arthur Stanley Gerson D. C. 

Stephen Wayne Gilchrist Maryland 

Robert Lee Gilka Maryland 

Richard Martin Gjerulff, II Maryland 

Mary Griffin Goodpasture Maryland 


Wayne Blakeney Gordon Maryland 

Bruce Charles Gorman Maryland 

Raymond Allen Grahe Maryland 

James Monroe Grammar Maryland 

Arlee Clayton Green Maryland 

Richard Neil Greenhouse Maryland 

Claude Alvin Gregory, Jr Maryland 

David Coulter Hancock Maryland 

James Saulsbury Hanson Maryland 

John Fenwick Hanson, Jr Maryland 

Andrew Hanzlik Pennsylvania 

Stephen Anders Hard New Jersey 

Robert Wilson Harris Maryland 

Henry Daniel Haslinger Maryland 

Louis E. Henneke Maryland 

Stephen Leslie Herchenroeder Maryland 

Jana Helenka Herman Maryland 

Walter Henry Hermani Maryland 

Vladimir James Hesoun Maryland 

Donald Eugene Hessong Maryland 

Francis J. Hill Maryland 

Robert Langdon Hobson Maryland 

Wayne Richard Holland New York 

Dennis Dunne Horton Maryland 

Roland Eugene Hudgins Maryland 

Timothy P. Hudson Virginia 

Ralph L. Hughes Maryland 

Nancy Kay Hyde Maryland 

Perry Nelson Ives Maryland 

Thomas Sanford Jackman Maryland 

William Robins Jefferson Maryland 

John Anthony Jenkins Maryland 

Allan Douglas Johnson Maryland 

Roland Wynn Johnson Maryland 

Michael Randolph Jones Maryland 

David Lewis Judy Maryland 

Edward Francis Kaminski, Jr Maryland 

Allen Joel Kaplan Maryland 

Marc B. Kaplan Maryland 

Joel Howard Kaye New York 

James Robert Keenan Maryland 

Walter Duncan Kesting Maryland 

David Holmes Ketcham Florida 

James Francis Kielt New Jersey 

Kevin Michael Kimball Maryland 

Arthur John King Maryland 

James Beverly King, II Maryland 

James B. Kissinger Maryland 

Steven Ira Klein Maryland 

Stephen Campbell Kling Maryland 

Edward Joseph Kordula Maryland 

Joseph Gerard Kosojet Maryland 

Brian Richard Kramer Maryland 

Thomas Michael Krawchuk Maryland 

Wesley M. Kremkau Maryland 

Steve Kronzek Pennsylvania 

Barton Kermit Kuhns Maryland 

Richard L. Lage Maryland 

Robert Thomas Lamb Maryland 

Richard Henry Langis Maryland 

Kenneth Andrew Lavish Maryland 

Eugene Duffield Legg, Jr Maryland 

Kathleen A. Leibe Maryland 

Marcia Terry Leventhal Maryland 

Terry Harold Levi Maryland 

Paul Harry Levin Maryland 

Kenneth Michael Levine Maryland 

Larry Alan Linn Maryland 

Paul Martin Logan Virginia 

John Anthony Lollo Maryland 

James Michael Long Texas 

Clara Mae Lovelace Maryland 

Robert Joseph Low, Jr Maryland 

John James Mahoney Maryland 

Albert Jackson Main, Jr Maryland 

Malcolm Gerald Makel Maryland 

Richard Gene Mannion Maryland 

Robert Russel Marsh Maryland 

Andrew N. Martin Maryland 

Bradley Lewis Martin Maryland 

Robert Barbee Maxwell D. C. 

Gary Edward McAdams Maryland 

William David McCabe Maryland 

Kathleen Mary McCormley Maryland 

John J. McDonnell Pennsylvania 

William Frederick Mehler, Jr Maryland 

Michael Herbert Meier Virginia 

William Marshall Meister Maryland 

David Roy Mesard Maryland 

Harry Aloysius Meyers Maryland 

Christine Barbara Mikes Maryland 

David Alan Miller Maryland 

David Huls Miller Maryland 

John Howard Miller D. C. 

Nancy Leigh Miller Maryland 

Barry Alan Minkoff Maryland 

Allen Hearn Mitchell Maryland 

Laurence Franklin Mondorff Maryland 

Winifred Bradford Moore Maryland 

Paul Wesley Moores, Jr Maryland 

William Gibbon Morris Maryland 

James Charles Mosebrook Maryland 

Paul Martin Muhly Maryland 


Fred Garrett Mullich Maryland 

Clifford John Munz Maryland 

Raymond Wells Murphy, Jr Maryland 

Robert Terence Murphy Maryland 

Daniel James Murray Maryland 

Leonard Wayne Myers Maryland 

Robert Leonard Nachman Maryland 

Robert Alex Nannetti Maryland 

Russell Alan Nasteff Maryland 

Charles Franklin Naylor Maryland 

James Thomas Neubauer, Jr Maryland 

Stephen Ivan Newborn Pennsylvania 

Thomas Earl Newkirk Maryland 

Mark Terry Nichols Maryland 

Frederick Wayne Nizer Maryland 

Paul Francis Novick Maryland 

Kevin Robert OBrien Maryland 

Thomas Stephen O'Connor Maryland 

Dennis Charles O'Hara Maryland 

Dennis Alan O'Neil Maryland 

Thomas Warren Parker Maryland 

Karl Michael Penko Maryland 

Warren John Percy New Jersey 

Mark Edward Perkins, III Maryland 

Craig Nelson Perron Maryland 

Peter Agamemnon Perros Maryland 

John Jerry Perruso Maryland 

Thomas Nelson Pessagno Maryland 

Lawrence Joseph Phillips Maryland 

David T. Pierson Maryland 

Martin Metro Pietrowiak Maryland 

Joseph Samuel Pillera Maryland 

Bruce Richard Piringer Maryland 

Anthony Pisciotta Maryland 

Vernon David Pizzi Maryland 

Stephen I. Plevins New Jersey 

Joseph Ralph Pomponio Maryland 

Luis A. Portal, Jr Maryland 

William Stillman Pratt, III Maryland 

Joel Wallace Prescott Maryland 

Michael Frederick Preston Maryland 

Roy Harlan Preston, Jr Maryland 

Carl Henry Rauschenberg, Jr Maryland 

Pamela Jean Raymond Maryland 

Harry Rehl, Jr New York 

James William Rei Maryland 

Murray Carl Reiter, III Maryland 

Keith Kelly Rice Maryland 

Robert Ray Richardson Maryland 

Armand Edward Ridolfi Maryland 

John Joseph Robbins Maryland 

Lawrence Clement Rohan Maryland 

Andrew Robert Rosenberg Maryland 

David Israel Rosenbloom Maryland 

William Hicks Ross, Jr Maryland 

Barbara R. Roth Maryland 

James Lee Rouse Maryland 

Vincent Frank Saccardi, III Maryland 

Howard Kenneth Sacks Maryland 

James Julian Sambataro Maryland 

Donald John Sauer Maryland 

Bobby Lee Savage Virginia 

Brian Martin Savftt Maryland 

Nancy Garland Schoolfield Maryland 

Jack Carl Schroeder Maryland 

Sue Carol Schultz Maryland 

John Richard Schulze Maryland 

Lee Michael Schwab Maryland 

Alvin Benjamin Scolnik Maryland 

David Charles Seibert Maryland 

John Francis Sheahan Maryland 

Ami Dov Sheintal Maryland 

Ronald Edwin Shoupe Maryland 

Kenneth Edward Sickmen D. C. 

Roslyn Tina Silverberg Maryland 

Jan Ellen Simon Maryland 

Murray Arnold Sislen Maryland 

Charles Lee Slagle, Jr Maryland 

Richard Gannon Smith Maryland 

James Richard Smithson Maryland 

Michel Alexander Snitzer Maryland 

Donald Norman Sperling Maryland 

Linda Anne Stark Maryland 

Roger Alan Stillwell Maryland 

Peter Auldan Sutton Maryland 

Steven Rowe Swanson Maryland 

Dave Sunao Taguwa New Jersey 

Michael Montfort Tastet Maryland 

Philip Dana Taylor Maryland 

Richard Hill Taylor Maryland 

Robb Michael Taylor Maryland 

Anthony James Tennaro, Jr New Jersey 

Barbara Kay Terry Maryland 

Anthony S. Thomas Maryland 

Gary Alan Timm Florida 

Earl Ellsworth Trump, Jr Maryland 

Akira Tsuchihashi Japan 

Samuel Elliott Tucker Maryland 

James Edward Vanghel Maryland 

George H. F. Venet Maryland 

Douglas Cole Vivian Maryland 

Nina Grace Voehl Maryland 

John David Voorhees Maryland 


Sharon Ann Wah Maryland 

Steven Danenberg Wallach Maryland 

William Arthur Walsh, Jr Maryland 

Kathleen Marie Weaver Maryland 

Richard McLaughlin Webb Maryland 

Martha Gail Weidhaas Virginia 

Thomas Andrew Westrick, Jr Maryland 

Keith Randall Whitman Maryland 

John McGill Wigginton Maryland 

Ryland Lee Willis Maryland 

Stephen Stayton Woolston Maryland 

Connie Lou Wright Maryland 

Donald Albert Wynn Maryland 

Richard John Zitrick Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Robert F. Carbone, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 
August 27, 1971 

Marsha Lynn Ackerman New York 

David Alyn Adams Maryland 

Helene Marie Armstrong Maryland 

Shirley Thorne Armstrong D. C. 

Christine Anna Beard Maryland 

Douglas N. Box Maryland 

Virginia Ann Brownson Maryland 

Kathleen Nellis Cole Butler Maryland 

Patrick Stephen Costello Maryland 

Magdalena S. Edmonson Maryland 

Pearl Queen Ellerin Maryland 

Robert Randolph Estes, Jr Maryland 

Aleta M. Gadino New Jersey 

Kenneth Gochal Maryland 

Betty Jane Holthaus Maryland 

Eugene Otho Jones, Jr Maryland 

John Paul Kenney Maryland 

Cheryl Lynn Kriss Maryland 

Susan Berry Lujack Maryland 

Margaret Ann Post Maryland 

Susan Jane Redding Maryland 

Michael Rogovsky Maryland 

Susan Gail Schwartz Maryland 

Frances Thompson Sellers Maryland 

Carole Ann Wilson Maryland 

Patricia A. Baldi North Carolina 

Marie Theresa Barr Maryland 

Linda Walker Beach Maryland 

Thomas William Bradley Virginia 

Michael Dennis Carroll Maryland 

Michael Patrick Caruthers Maryland 

Randy George Changuris D. C. 

Andria Michelle Charig New York 

Madeline Beth Cohen Maryland 

Susan Olivia Daniels Maryland 

Susan Ann Dickinson Maryland 

Frederick Christian Dorn, III Maryland 

Sharron Louise Eror Maryland 

Rosemary Felsher Maryland 

Kathleen Ellen Fletcher Maryland 

Raymond Louis Frappolli Maryland 

Lynne Mary Gensor Maryland 

Louise Lyon Ghormley D. C. 

Terry Rix Grimes Maryland 

Frank Warner Hale Virginia 

Marilyn Harmon Maryland 

Joan Lee Hartge Maryland 

Anna R. Hauptman Maryland 

James Bruce Hawley Maryland 

Kenneth Earl Holliday New York 

Karen Lee Hulse Maryland 

Sharon Linda Irvine Maryland 

Carla Harris Johnson Maryland 

Theresa Marie Kauzlarich Iowa 

Mark Jay Kornmann Maryland 

Linda Lie Maryland 

Eric James Long Maryland 

Janet S. Melke Maryland 

Susan Jane Miller Pennsylvania 

Michael Robert Mott Maryland 

Irene Pelszynski Murray Maryland 

Joan Katherine Pahl Maryland 

Daniel Frederick Pearlman Maryland 

Janet Louise Peridier Maryland 

Susan F. Podufaly Connecticut 

Charlotte Ann Pryor Maryland 

Glenn Michael Queen Maryland 

Hertha A. Rada Maryland 

Shelly Mark Radnor Maryland 

Jeanne Flanigan Randle Maryland 

David Gary Rice Maryland 


Jessica Faye Richman Maryland 

Carolyn Sue Rountree Maryland 

Sylvia Santa-Anna Maryland 

Hans-Alfred Schneider Maryland 

Ellen Marilyn Silverstein New Jersey 

Cheryl Marie Taetle Maryland 

Alyce G. Turner Maryland 

Kathryn Van Buskirk Maryland 

Betsey Jane Vielhaber Maryland 

Diane Warshaw Maryland 

Tessell Williams Maryland 

Kathryn Celeste Wood Maryland 

George Hawley Wright Maryland 

Sally Keller Wright Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 
August 27, 1971 

Sally Ellen Adam Maryland 

Abraham A. Alon Maryland 

Martha Guiler Ames Maryland 

Marcella Anne Aucremanne Maryland 

Thomas Ellery Baker Maryland 

Helen Lee Barnes Maryland 

William C. Baugh Maryland 

Ralph W. Baumgardner Maryland 

Jane Elizabeth Behrens Maryland 

Judy Alice Bell Maryland 

Patricia Daniels Bogan Maryland 

James Jefferson Bogard Maryland 

Joan Horkay Bojsza Maryland 

Barbara L. Bowers Maryland 

Beverly W. Bowman Maryland 

Barbara Ann Brady Maryland 

Raymond C. Buchman, Jr Maryland 

Donna jean Byars Maryland 

Donald Grayson Campbell, II Maryland 

Leona Jewell DAnnenberg Maryland 

Maria-Isabel Del Canto Maryland 

William Edward Dempsey Maryland 

William Martin Diegel Maryland 

Martha Sothoron Donovan Maryland 

Seena Fran Engel Maryland 

Edward Flowers Maryland 

Christine Julia Fones Maryland 

Phyllis Joan Forkel Maryland 

Audrey Bernice Funk Maryland 

Christie Anne Getz Maryland 

Isabel Green Godwin Maryland 

Eileen F. Grosshandler Maryland 

David Earl Guetler Maryland 

Sarah Jane Hanthorn Maryland 

Vivian Palma Harriman Maryland 

Margaret Sue Hobbs Maryland 

Linda Holzman Maryland 

Faye Eileen Huckert Maryland 

Lenore M. Humberson Maryland 

Mary Anne Joda Maryland 

Shiela Anne Keigher Maryland 

Ann Celeste Killion Maryland 

Nancy Ellen Kriegel Maryland 

Ronald Charles Laber Maryland 

Eleanor Moon Larrabee Maryland 

Mark Edward Levine Maryland 

Francis P. Mancuso Maryland 

Rita M. Marinello New York 

Beverly Jean Marks Maryland 

John Charles Marshall Maryland 

Kathleen McEwen New Jersey 

Richard Leo Miner, Jr Maryland 

Gloria Dale Montano Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Mutolo Maryland 

Helen M. Norris Maryland 

Frank Emanuel Novotny, Jr Maryland 

Susan Ann Ochfeld Maryland 

Susan Dean Ogletree Maryland 

Mary Alice O'Halloran Maryland 

Alan Robert Oresky Maryland 

Naomi Lynn Parker Maryland 

George Albert Peters Maryland 

Judith Ann Reed Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Richardson Maryland 

Charles Robert Rimpo Maryland 

Anna Marie Robbins Maryland 

Marion Andrea Rourke Maryland 

Carroll David Rowe Maryland 

Harriet Mae Sealfon Maryland 

Sherry Eanet Seiden Maryland 

Cherie Faye Seidman Maryland 

Linda Silvern Maryland 

Steven Bruce Silvern Maryland 

James Michael Spencer Maryland 

Sandra Lee Staulcup Delaware 

Terri S. Tarason Maryland 

Janet Richards Thompson Maryland 

Rosemary Christine Thompson Maryland 

Deborah Susan Tinsley Maryland 

Francesca Elizabeth Tracy Maryland 

Gary Ray Vest Maryland 

John Howard Ware Maryland 

Jo Ann Symanoskie Will Virginia 

Janice Alma Williams Maryland 

Cecille Marlene Winston Maryland 

Robert Gordon Worthington Maryland 


Gerald Charles Yonetz, Jr Maryland 

Saralee H. Zakroff Maryland 

Linda Barbara Zetlin Maryland 

January 24, 1972 

Renee M. Adams Maryland 

David Anthony Agee Maryland 

Grace Margaret Alder Maryland 

Linda Amato Maryland 

Marion Louise Amos Maryland 

Patricia Jane Anbro New York 

Dorothy Louise Anderson Maryland 

Robert Stephen Anderson Maryland 

Claudia Genevieve Arkell Maryland 

Steven Kearney Badeaux Maryland 

Barbara Carol Bahl Maryland 

Melanie Lynne Baltz Maryland 

Andrea Baran New Jersey 

Candace Elise Barnhouser Maryland 

Ann Marie Beard Maryland 

Donald Beck Maryland 

Sherrill Rae Bell Maryland 

Wayne Martz Bell Maryland 

Linda Barbara Berger Maryland 

Barbara Ann Biggs Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Blakely Maryland 

Virginia Oliver BJoomfield Maryland 

Phyllis P. Blosse Maryland 

Yasmin Shanta BoodhooSingh D. C. 

Adrienne Book Maryland 

Lawrence Gilbert Lukens Boyd Maryland 

Sarah L. Brannan Maryland 

Barbara Mae Briggs Maryland 

Barbara Gail Brosman Maryland 

Judith Ellen Menage Brown Maryland 

Mary Irene Brudner Maryland 

Roberta Bryan Maryland 

Susan Buckwalter Maryland 

Verna Louisa Reamy Buczek Maryland 

Barbara Ann Budman Maryland 

Karen Ann Bugg Maryland 

Leslie Ann Burton Maryland 

James Eugene Callahan Maryland 

Sharon Anne Cannon Maryland 

Susan Mary Casper Maryland 

Mary Zabel Caulk Maryland 

David Bryan Chase Maryland 

Margaret Lorraine Clarkson Maryland 

Eileen Anne Cleiman Maryland 

Linda Lee Cleveland Pennsylvania 

Wilma Loretta Coble Maryland 

Barry Scott Cohen Maryland 

Sydney Joan Condray Maryland 

William J. Conlyn, III Maryland 

Daniel Francis Couglin, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Gordon Crews Maryland 

Carolyn Ruth Currey Maryland 

Henry N. Cypress Maryland 

Barbara Ellen Dale Maryland 

Nancy Lee Damberg Maryland 

Michael J. D'Antuono, Jr Maryland 

Arlene M. Darrow Maryland 

Patricia Ann Davis Maryland 

Dennis K. Decker Maryland 

Use E. de la Puente Maryland 

Carol Ann DeMun Maryland 

Robin Lynne DeSirey Iowa 

John Paul DeVos Maryland 

Donald Burchell Dickerson Maryland 

Robert Warren Dickinson Maryland 

Duane L. Dickson Maryland 

Milton John Dorsch Maryland 

Helen Lois Dubick Maryland 

Margo Mary Durand Maryland 

James Cary Dye Maryland 

Virginia Alice Delappe Economos Maryland 

Richard H. Edwards Maryland 

Terrie Lee Eesley Virginia 

Rebecca Esther Eger New Mexico 

Clarence Raymond Embrey, III Maryland 

Diana Ping Fong Eng Maryland 

Olive MacKenzie English Maryland 

Ellen Marian Epstein Maryland 

Mary Margaret Evans Maryland 

James Griffen Everett Maryland 

Patricia Ann Falvey Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Fannon Maryland 

Diane Jean Fasnacht Maryland 

Carol Elaine Fellendorf Maryland 

Bruce Roland Ferguson Maryland 

Jeannine Marie Finnacom Maryland 

Helen Sonia Fitz Maryland 

Theresa Ann Fitzsimmons Maryland 

Carol Ruth Fitzwater Maryland 

Beverly Lucille Fogle Maryland 

Ina Kay Ford Maryland 

Barbara Ann Frid Maryland 

Selma Florence Frieman Maryland 

Cynthia Jean Fritz Maryland 

Frances O'Neill Gallagher Maryland 

Mary Conrad Gallagher Maryland 

David Craig Garner Maryland 

Connie Wright Gassman Maryland 


Gail Howe Gilbert Maryland 

Jacqueline Gill Maryland 

Ruth M. Glaser Maryland 

Elaine Marilyn Glazer Maryland 

Shirley Miriam Goldman Maryland 

James William Gordon, Jr Maryland 

Margaret Ann Gordon Maryland 

Ronald Arthur Gordon Maryland 

Barbara Weinstein Greenfeld Maryland 

Diana Carole Greisman Maryland 

Samuel Warren Groeschler Maryland 

Phyllis Eileen Hagstad Maryland 

Norah Jean Haley Iowa 

Oliver David Hansen Maryland 

Dawn Marie Heindel Pennsylvania 

Mary Sandra Hellman Maryland 

Paul Elliott Herman Maryland 

John A. Hladish, Jr Maryland 

Robert Marshall Hoffman Maryland 

Minnie Doris Jackson D. C. 

Patrice Anne Kaczmarek Maryland 

Barbara Eileen Kaplan Maryland 

Gail Renee Katz Maryland 

Steven Arnold Kebeck Maryland 

Joan Leslie Kenny Maryland 

Elizabeth Kimball Kiefer Maryland 

Mary Frances Kinley West Virginia 

Charles Samuel Kistler Maryland 

Nancy Ruth Knebel Maryland 

Barbara Ann Knight Maryland 

John Walter Knox, Jr Maryland 

Suzanne Margaret Koppelmann Maryland 

Judith Lynn Kornett Maryland 

Marilyn L. Kurt Maryland 

Sara Jane Kurtz Maryland 

Marjorie Frances Lambert Virginia 

Sydney Joseph Lawrence, Jr Maryland 

Robert Bernard Lemaire Maryland 

Sandra Diane Levin Maryland 

Nina Bertha Lindes Maryland 

Sophia Liplewsky Maryland 

Bonnie Merle Lipman Maryland 

Marilyn Jo Lipskind Maryland 

Linda Sue Lipsky South Carolina 

Lynn Denise Little Maryland 

Marsha Nettleton Lougee Maryland 

Michael Lee Lowry Maryland 

Decoursey Clayton Lucas, Jr Maryland 

Gail Elizabeth Macht Maryland 

John Paul Magee Maryland 

Donna Prechtel Magliano Maryland 

Geoffrey Lee Marcus Maryland 

Susan P. Marin Maryland 

Carol Fowler Marshburn Maryland 

Angela Patricia Martino Maryland 

Leslie Jean Mauck Maryland 

Diane Theresa McCleery Maryland 

Richard Paul McDonnell Maryland 

Susan Louise McElwain Pennsylvania 

Shirley Jean McGaha Maryland 

Jeanne Huffman McGinnis Maryland 

Bonnie Jean McGregor Maryland 

Geraldine McKee Maryland 

Marsha Joy Menke Maryland 

Frederick Andrew Messing, Jr Maryland 

Michelle Mickett Maryland 

Christine H. Miller Maryland 

Constance Ann Miller Maryland 

James Douglas Miller Maryland 

Pamela Jean Miller Maryland 

Ronald Miller Maryland 

Elizabeth Susan Mills Maryland 

Kathryn Ann Miner Maryland 

Susan Marie Mirabella New Jersey 

Edward Harrison Mitchell Maryland 

Stephen Phillip Moreland Illinois 

Cheryl Morris Maryland 

Linda Kay Muellen Morris Maryland 

Barbara Susan Ross Morrissette Maryland 

Francine Sue Most Maryland 

Carole Elizabeth Mueller Maryland 

Frederick William Mueller Maryland 

Donna Marie Mullikin Maryland 

Ruth Shayne Naftaly Maryland 

James Michael Nash Maryland 

Anthony Vincent Navarro Maryland 

Sandra C. Naylor Maryland 

Richard Oakley Neel, Jr Oklahoma 

Ellen Joyce Neihouse Maryland 

Charlotte Suzanne Nelson Maryland 

Harry Lewis Neuman, Jr Maryland 

Linda Joan Newkirk D. C. 

Susan Greer Nicholson Maryland 

George Michael Norris Maryland 

Sara Lee Okun Maryland 

Shira E. Oler Maryland 

Gloria Teresa Oliveri Maryland 

Joseph Walter Olszyk Maryland 

Grant Walter Ortel Maryland 

Judith Anne Ostdiek Maryland 

Judith Marie Page Virginia 

Gene Michael Paul Maryland 

Barbara Bell Payne Maryland 


Kaye Louise Lawrence Pelovitz Maryland 

Diane Ellen Pickard New York 

Mary Eileen Pierpoint Maryland 

Aria Rochelle Plattner Maryland 

Cheryl Marie Plotner Maryland 

Robin Elise Pollak Maryland 

Cheryl Lynn Posner Maryland 

Patricia Barbara Rakes Maryland 

Mary Ruth Reagan Maryland 

Monica Lesley Regan Maryland 

William Bruce Reiber Maryland 

Guy Dawson Richardson Maryland 

Judy Ann Rippeon Maryland 

Gail Marie Rixse Maryland 

William Lester Roberts Maryland 

Mary Patricia Roche Maryland 

William Edward Rodgers Maryland 

Elizabeth Kristina Rohver Maryland 

Lance Haden Rose Maryland 

Carol Frances Rosen Maryland 

Ellen Sue Rosenberg Maryland 

Arlene Linda Rothman Maryland 

Evelyn Bernice Sagman Maryland 

Christine C. Salac Pennsylvania 

Faith Janet Schoenfelder Maryland 

Shelley Lynn Seiden Maryland 

Susan Ellen Seidman Pennsylvania 

lames Floyd Shaffer Maryland 

Barbara A. Silberman Maryland 

)ay Harry Silverman Maryland 

William Martin Sinclair Maryland 

Emily Schloss Singer Maryland 

Mary Linda Singleton Maryland 

Rebecca Lynne Sisson Maryland 

Elizabeth Rogers Smith West Virginia 

Evelyn W. Smith Maryland 

May Evelyn Snowden Maryland 

Toby Lynn Solomon Maryland 

Wendy F. Sparrow Virginia 

Joseph Lawrence Spitzer Maryland 

Deborah Lee Spry Maryland 

Betsy Lehman Starr Maryland 

Linda Ann Stevens Maryland 

Carolyn Lenore Stober Maryland 

Charles William Straughan Maryland 

Linda Murphy Strub Maryland 

Deborah Susanne Sudduth Maryland 

Rosemary Ruth Sylwester Maryland 

Lynn Ann Teagle Florida 

Nguyen Van The Maryland 

Robert Eugene Thompson Maryland 

Cheryl Ann Tierney Maryland 

Ralph Glenn Tingler Maryland 

Joseph Stanley Tomczak, II Maryland 

Steve Zvi Topchik Maryland 

Carmela Marie Trivelli D. C. 

Katherine Spangler Tucker Maryland 

Ruth K. Tuve Maryland 

Eloise Anne Ullman Maryland 

Carol Susan Umans D. C. 

John Albert Umberger Maryland 

Carl Joseph Urban Maryland 

Michael Vincent Van Hoomissen Maryland 

Louise Anita Vasilakos Virginia 

Linda Marlene Vettori D. C. 

Jo-anne Barbara Wade Maryland 

Cheryl L. Wagner Maryland 

John William Walstrum Maryland 

Sharman Elizabeth Way Maryland 

Linda Faye Weisberg Maryland 

Bruce Adams Wheeler Maryland 

Carolyn Joan White Maryland 

Kenneth Neal Whitmore Maryland 

Louise H. Whitney D. C. 

Suzanne Watson Wilson Maryland 

Nancy Beth Winters New Jersey 

Ann Marie Wylie Maryland 

Virginia Anne Yates Maryland 

Susan Gay Young Maryland 

Joette Zitwer Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Robert B. Beck- 
mann, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 
August 27, 1971 

Eugene Walter Baker Maryland 

William Eugene Baumgaertner Maryland 

John Earl Bender Maryland 

Dennis John Beran Maryland 

Philip Neal Bolton Maryland 

Russell Balvin Brinsfield Maryland 

Philip Leo Conrad, Jr Maryland 

Giovanni Luigi Coratolo D. C. 


Pr— O 



Frank Michael Faff, Jr Maryland 

Dennis Charles Fee Maryland 

Paul Oonyong Hong Maryland 

David Michael Martin Maryland 

Harvey Earl Shaver Maryland 

Guy Donald Smith, Jr Pennsylvania 

Russell Barkley Sydnor Maryland 

Victor Frank White Maryland 

(V l ^-^ 

C^M January 24, 1972 ^5l^i-~ 

Dav i d Martin A l exander — Maryland 

Dale Holloway Allen Maryland 

Paul Spencer Ander Maryland 

David Peter Anderson Maryland 

Eloy Areu Maryland 

Raul Armenta Maryland 

Robert Kenneth Arvedlund Maryland 

Stuart Marc Auerbach Maryland 

Robert A l an Ayoro Mary l and 

Mark E. Bader Maryland 

Alfred Arthur Banzer Maryland 

Howard Wilson Barnes Maryland 

Walter Ross Bateman, Jr Pennsylvania 

Gordon Arthur Bates Maryland 

Alfred Rohrman Belfield, Jr Maryland 

John Rex Benchoff Maryland 

Stephen Lawrence Berger Maryland 

Eugene J. Bogdan Maryland 

Lamar E. Bortner Pennsylvania 

Carroll Merlin Brown, Jr Maryland 

Russell DeAtley Brown Maryland 

David Lee Bryan Maryland 

Philip Burroughs Burch Maryland 

Alfonso Mario Casalena Maryland 

Ercel Dwight Chewning Maryland 

Michael Joseph Collier Maryland 

Martin Francis Comiskey Florida 

Kenneth Welborn Cook Maryland 

Robert Burnell Dannecker Maryland 

Ronald Harry Davis Maryland 

Victor K. Der Maryland 

Warren Douglas Dunham New York 

Allen Scott Dunstan Maryland 

George F. Eberle Maryland 

James Gary Eden Maryland 

Frederick Ward Eilskov Maryland 

Stephen Earl Evans Maryland 

Joel Steven Faden Maryland 

John Raymond F a i r — Ma r y l and 

David Morris Fleming Maryland 

Charles Aubrey Foley Maryland 

Douglas Scott Foote Maryland 

George Henry Fowler, Jr Maryland 

Cha r les C. T r ank li n — Mary l and 

John Goon Maryland 

Kenneth Allen Goon Delaware 

Richard Henry Gordy, Jr Maryland 

Woodrow Sterling Hancock Maryland 

Christian Helfenbein Maryland 

Char l es Edward H enck — Maryland 

James William Hendricks Maryland 

Michael Neal Herson Maryland 

Paul Joseph Hickey Maryland 

Joseph Martin Higgins, Jr Maryland 

Gary Charles Hill Maryland 

Thomas Aaron Hively Maryland 

John Edward Hoesch Maryland 

Burruss Evans Holloway Maryland 

David Stanley Huff Maryland 

Roger Allen Hutchins Maryland 

Martin Carroll Jackson Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Jackson New Jersey 

John Michael J il lions Maryland 

Jeffrey Lamont Johnson Maryland 

Charles Thomas Karpewicz Maryland 

Parker Wolcott Keen Maryland 

Kevin Patrick Kelley Maryland 

Michael Eugene Kerstetter Pennsylvania 

Miroslav Zivko Knezevic Maryland 

Bayard Sheldon Koch Maryland 

Robert S. Kraft Maryland 

Richard Vincent Krcha Maryland 

Thomas Michael Kuba Maryland 

Albin Owings Kuhn, II Maryland 

Steven Charles Larsen Maryland 

Norbert Gordon Lassahn, Jr Maryland 

Jeffrey Ira Leaf Maryland 

Mart Magi Maryland 

James Edward Maness Maryland 

Daniel W. McCoy Maryland 

Leo Edmund Menestrina Maryland 

Kenneth Bruce Merriken . .' Maryland 

Robert Ray Miley Maryland 

Robert Earl Miller Maryland 

Thomas Patrick Miller Maryland 

Michael Lawrence Milligan Maryland 

Reginald Henry Mitchell, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Lewis Moore Maryland 

Thomas Stillman Moseley Maryland 

Robert Joseph Nalevanko Maryland 


Frank Ronald Netro Maryland 

Jan Moller Nielsen Maryland 

Harvey Mathew Novak Maryland 

David Michael Oliver Maryland 

John Timothy O'Neill Maryland 

Claude Edward Peacock Maryland 

Douglas Alan Pettie Maryland 

Dennis Michael Puglisi Connecticut 

William Dow Rader Maryland 

Robert Edward Reed Maryland 

Allan Leroy Reuschel Maryland 

James Frederick Ripken Maryland 

James Melvin Roberts Maryland 

Philip M. Roebuck Maryland 

Michael Lewis Roepcke Maryland 

James William Russell, Jr Maryland 

Wayne Alvin Sanders Maryland 

James Thomas Scott New Jersey 

R i chard Arthur Scott — Mary l and 

Wayne David Seifert Maryland 

David Lee Shaffer Maryland 

James Adam Simick Maryland 

Michael A. Sinniger New York 

James M. Sinton Maryland 

David Timothy Snyder Maryland 

Glenn Michael Stanley Maryland 

Eugene Phillip Starbuck Maryland 

Karl Stertzback Ohio 

Richard Mahlon Stilwell Maryland 

Matthew Alan Straus Maryland 

Harry Theodore Stumpf Maryland 

Robert Kerry Sundstrom Maryland 

Michael Sylvester Tabisz Maryland 

Robert Joseph Thornberry, Jr Maryland 

Benjamin Shui-Ming Ting Maryland 

Lloyd George Tompkins Maryland 

William Edward Urquhart Maryland 

Michael Joseph Vitacco, Jr Pennsylvania 

Lawrence John Vojik, Jr Maryland 

Timothy Wagner Connecticut 

Alan Bruce Wang Maryland 

Mark Elliot Weber Maryland 

Richard Allen Weichbrod Maryland 

George Milan White Maryland 

Richard Howard Whitt Maryland 

James Dean Wilcox Maryland 

Mark Hal Wolk Maryland 

Philip Francis Zalesak Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Marjory Brooks, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 
August 27, 1971 

Carole Schmid Burton South Dakota 

Sheila Anne Colegrove Maryland 

Bonnie Susan Frank Maryland 

Susan Dunagan Kidd Maryland 

Ell i Kitsoulis D. C. 

Cheryl London Maryland 

Christine Starr Mathiesen Maryland 

Judith Mohler McGlothlin Maryland 

Herlene Gwen Mendelson Maryland 

Rita Elizabeth Miller Maryland 

Fahimeh Mortazavi Iran 

Helen Jane Richards Maryland 

Irene Theresa Waters Maryland 

January 24, 1972 

Robyn Anderson Maryland 

Diane Patricia Beall D. C. 

Marjorie Deck Bedingfield Maryland 

Lorraine Bosley Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Burck Maryland 

Betsy Sorrell Carroll Maryland 

Gail Castleman Maryland 

Penelope Harris Clifton Maryland 

Pamela Ellen Cope Maryland 

Jody Lee Creaser Maryland 

Linda Jane Davidson Maryland 

Janet E. Delbrook Maryland 

Christine Elliott Massachusetts 

Tisa Rebecca Fields D. C. 

Mary Kevin Finegan Maryland 

George Michael Fowler Maryland 

Carol Louise Frederick Maryland 

Vicki Lynn Gadberry Maryland 

Donna Elaine Gallia Maryland 


Annamarie Cilden Maryland 

Leslye Lee Goldberg Maryland 

Laurel Marilyn Gorman Maryland 

Vinetta Ellen Gottschalk Maryland 

Amy Sue Gudelsky Maryland 

Joy Andrea Hahn Maryland 

Gerard Albert Hemming Maryland 

Patricia Marie Hook Maryland 

Eileen K. Jacobs Maryland 

Cynthia Jean Jolly Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Kadlubowski Maryland 

Elizabeth Clark Karcher Pennsylvania 

Janice Lora Katz Maryland 

Linda Ellen Krebs Maryland 

Patricia Ann LaMotte Maryland 

Stephanie Elizabeth Lane Maryland 

Edith Work Laydon Maryland 

Linda Helene Magill Maryland 

Barbara Jean Mahaney Maryland 

Judith Ann McCullough Maryland 

Margaret Tew Miles Maryland 

Gayle Fisher Olszyk Maryland 

Lynne A. Gregory Porpiglia Maryland 

Marlene Ann Shemelynec Maryland 

Janet Elaine Shephard Maryland 

Kathleen Marie Smith Maryland 

Constance Knowles Stanley Connecticut 

Karen Greenberg Sugar Maryland 

Ellen Patricia Sullivan Maryland 

Mary Jane Sullivan Maryland 

Valerie Rona Walk Maryland 

Pepper Daphne Watkins Maryland 

Mary-Louise Whelton Maryland 

Kristine Louise White Maryland 

Patricia Gail Willis Maryland 

Sharon Lee Young Maryland 

Eileen Zellman Pennsylvania 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Marvin H. Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 
August 27, 1971 

James William Aires, II Maryland 

Caroline Anne Ball Maryland 

Melvin Douglas Burwell Maryland 

Gregory Kevin Carroll Maryland 

George Robert Dacey New Jersey 

Gary Eugene Powell Hastings Maryland 

Carol Hubbard Jones Maryland 

Jean Adelaide Larner Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Mahaney Maryland 

Diane Wendy Morris D. C. 

Carol Ann Reeves Maryland 

Lillian E. Riley Maryland 

Stephen Charles Sauve Maryland 

John Theodore Vlachos Maryland 

January 24, 1972 

Dennis Edward Adams Maryland 

John Edward Baker . : Pennsylvania 

Theodore Barila New York 

Candace Rae Bender Maryland 

Keith Ira Bolton Florida 

Barbara Ann Bradford Maryland 

Robert lllingworth Clee Wisconsin 

Steven Brice Cox Maryland 

Michael David Dashiell Maryland 

Deborah Carroll Dietz Maryland 

Rita Ann Fuller Maryland 

Deborah Lee Giauque Maryland 

Charles Monroe Gillikin, Jr Maryland 

Donna Jean Hardy Maryland 

Sara Jane Helfrich Maryland 

Margaret Ann Hoffman Maryland 

Harry Gerald Irving Maryland 

Adrianne Joy Leiderman Maryland 

Anita Marie Marchitelli Maryland 

Marie Margaret McEwen Maryland 

Carole Lee Miller Maryland 

Patricia Kimberly Muller Maryland 

Stephen Joseph Niemczyk New York 

Frank James Pasko, Jr Maryland 

Laurel Elizabeth Roth Maryland 

Ralph Coleman Ruschell Maryland 

LeRoy Jack Schmelyun, Jr Maryland 

Scott M. Shank Pennsylvania 

William Wright Smith Maryland 

Ralph Edward Sonntag Maryland 

James Ronald Spangler Maryland 


Janette Louise Steele Maryland 

Les H. Steinberger New York 

Robert Warren Swanson, Jr Maryland 

Bertha H. Taylor Maryland 

Judy Lynn Tremmel Maryland 

Susan Elaine Vaughan Maryland 

Paul Joseh Vitale Maryland 

Janet Karen Vizard Maryland 

Marie Vondas Maryland 

Nancy H. Whitney Maryland 

Patrick Joseph Wieman Maryland 

Mary Lynn Wise Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, 

Dean of the College 

College Park 

Bachelor of Arts 
August 27, 1971 

George Edward Amrein Maryland 

Maren K. Auerbach Maryland 

Roger Oliver Bair Virginia 

Robert Isma Banks Michigan 

Thomas Terry Beach Maryland 

Robert S. Bedillion Maryland 

James Neil Benson Maryland 

Edmond Lockwood Bouton, III Maryland 

Henry Gordon Bozeman Oklahoma 

Myron John Chrzastek Virginia 

Patrick Raymond Churchville Maryland 

Anderson Edward Clipper New York 

Peter Carroll Cobb Virginia 

Cindy Lou Cooke Virginia 

Sister Toni Anne Craven Maryland 

James Joseph Crow Maryland 

Thomas Everett Curling New York 

Patricia Anne Dawes California 

Gregory Martin Dunn Georgia 

Majid Farhan El-Erris Virginia 

Leroy Robert Fahrney Maryland 

Earl William Flatman New Jersey 

Betty Lee Fox Virginia 

Raymond Louis Garner Maryland 

Bernard Lee Gorda Illinois 

William Robert Hall Pennsylvania 

Jewell Lena Henry Maryland 

K. T. Henry Maryland 

Damaris May Catherine Hodgson Bermuda 

Arthur William Kriegsmann Maryland 

Bruce MacKay Leonard Maryland 

Neil Terry Levitt Maryland 

George Leo Logue Maryland 

Akin Lewis Lowery Virginia 

Richard Allen Lowy Maryland 

Thomas William McClung Maryland 

David Hall McDonald North Carolina 

Michael Edward Mclntire Virginia 

Bobby Kirk Miller Maryland 

Daylard Elliot Minton, III Virginia 

Robert Lee Mullinax Ohio 

Thomas Francis O'Connor Maryland 

Charles Thomas Peckenpaugh Indiana 

E. Grey Persons, Jr Maryland 

John Alva Phillips Illinois 

William Green Plum New York 

Jack Morton Pivowar Maryland 

Kenneth Lee Pusey California 

Stephen Sathmary Pennsylvania 

William Ronald Schmidt Maryland 

William D. Taper Maryland 

Burton Harris Tapper Maryland 

John Randolph Weis Virginia 

Larry Deane Welch Kansas 

Ruth C. West Maryland 

Ethelyn Barbara Wiggins Maryland 

Palmer DeMontforte Wilson Maryland 

Alexander Yenyo Virginia 

January 24, 1972 

Arlene Sheila Allen Maryland 

Morton Arendt, Jr Virginia 

Alfred Lindow Ault Maryland 

Robert Bailey Maryland 

George Wayne Baker Illinois 

Elroy Curtis Banks, Jr Maryland 

Henry C. Bishop Virginia 

Nicholas Perry Brame Maryland 

Norman Lee Branca Maryland 

William C. Brinkley Virginia 

Robert William Brown New Jersey 


Richard Allen Bruha Maryland 

Franklin Richard Bruns, III Maryland 

Margaret E. Bubb Maryland 

John H. Burlingame Maryland 

Kenneth Burlingame Maryland 

Walter Emerson Byard New York 

H. William Byers Maryland 

Kevin Caden Virginia 

Harold Wesley Campbell Maryland 

James Francis Carmody Virginia 

Dennis Fredrick Carroll Maryland 

lames D. Carroll Virginia 

Mary Ewry Carson Maryland 

Paul E. Castle Maryland 

James Eugene Clague Maryland 

Betty Lee Clifford Maryland 

Eleanor G. Condit Virginia 

Gordon A. Crago Maryland 

James Joseph Craig Virginia 

David E. Crooker Massachusetts 

Carole J. Dallman Maryland 

David A. Dannenfelser Maryland 

John Francis Day Illinois 

Paul Kenneth Deehan Massachusetts 

Thomas Domingues, Jr Alabama 

Richard Geary Dompka Maryland 

Howard Vincent Dove, Jr Maryland 

Charles Joseph Dowling Maryland 

lohn J. Durkin New York 

William Russell English Maryland 

Paul Howard Erslev Virginia 

George Harry Estes Maryland 

Walter Earl Farrow Connecticut 

Richard Dorsey Faust Maryland 

Frances L. Feldman Maryland 

Philip Earle Forest Maryland 

Mary Anne French Maryland 

John Wilson Gaff, III Maryland 

Allan L. Gohrband Maryland 

Donald James Gonchar Virginia 

Gerald Smith Gooden Maryland 

John Mark Gorman Virginia 

Juergen Haber Maryland 

James Allen Hague Maryland 

Clifford Joseph Hangarter Maryland 

Joseph Ernest Harper, Jr Maryland 

Richard A. Harrell Maryland 

Kenneth Michael Harrison Maryland 

Paul Lieder Havenstein, Jr Maryland 

Brian Hugh Henning D. C. 

George A. Hermes Maryland 

Dona Duncan Higginbotham Maryland 

Weldon Higgs Virginia 

Edwin Bennett Hoeck, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Ernest Hopkins, III Maryland 

Richard Edgar Horsley, Jr Maryland 

lames Porcher Hubbard Maryland 

Richard Patrick Johnson Maryland 

Robert Carl lohnson Virginia 

Walter Lowell Johnson Maryland 

William Henry Johnson New York 

David M. Jones Maryland 

Ernest Donald Jones Maryland 

William Frederick Kastner Maryland 

Ion Lincoln Kenas Maryland 

Earl Kay Kinter Maryland 

Ralph Albert Kuebler New York 

Roger Lee Kuhns Maryland 

Philibert Adrien LaBonte Massachusetts 

Robert Bobie Lankford Maryland 

Marvin Gene Leerar Virginia 

Joseph Dennis Lenihan Maryland 

Andrew Francis Leso Maryland 

Gerald Edward Lester Maryland 

Paul Joseph Leturgez, Jr Maryland 

Barry Stephen Lewis Maryland 

Wendell R. Lewis Virginia 

Carolyn Frances Males New Jersey 

Richard Eugene Martin Maryland 

Edwin Thomas Matthias Maryland 

William Walter McCollum Maryland 

James Patrick McGovern Maryland 

Paul Edward McGraw, Jr Virginia 

Shelton De McLaurin, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Aloysius Meade Maryland 

William Cyrus Mercer Pennsylvania 

William Stuart Merkin Maryland 

Barbara Rose Meyrowitz Maryland 

Neil A. Michaels Maryland 

Lorenzo Middleton, Jr Maryland 

Arnold Irvin Miller Maryland 

Eunice H. Miller Maryland 

Stephen Andrew Miller Maryland 

Gerald Michael Mitchell Maryland 

Gilbert James Mitchell Maryland 

Nicholas Montanarelli Maryland 

Peggy Joyce M. Mooney Maryland 

Eugene Wallace Mulberry Indiana 

Robert Edwin Musitano Maryland 

George Mychajluk Maryland 

Jose Terlaje Nededog Maryland 

Michael Edward Newman Maryland 


Robert Ferrell Noethe Maryland 

Earl Eugene Nokes, )r Maryland 

Nancy Black Nordquist Rhode Island 

Leonard J. Nunno Maryland 

Charles Katrick O'Brien California 

Terrence Joseph Oliss Maryland 

Peter David O'Neill Virginia 

Kenneth Parker New York 

Charlene Sylvia Pass Maryland 

Michael Lloyd Peterson Maryland 

Nicolo Pfeiffer Maryland 

William Taylor Rachford, Jr Kentucky 

Joseph Fairbanks Radcliffe, III Maryland 

Anuroj Ratanapool Maryland 

William Wayne Rath Maryland 

John Barry Richardson Maryland 

Raymond R. Roache Maryland 

William Mitchell Robeson Maryland 

George Wolff Roecker Maryland 

Ollie Franklin Ross Maryland 

Howell Crawford Sasser Florida 

Sandra Phyllis Schneider Maryland 

Toefilo Caoile Servito Virginia 

Robert Murray Shade Maryland 

Clyde Grover Shaffer Maryland 

Paul Edward Sheehan Indiana 

Neil Robert Sheidler Maryland 

James Curtis Shelton Maryland 

lames William Smith Maryland 

Jerry Charles Smith Maryland 

Robert Crawford Smith Maryland 

Virginia Ann Sniegon Virginia 

Richard John Sooy Maryland 

Jeffrey Neil Stottlemyer Maryland 

Peter Shih-ying Sun Maryland 

William Joseph Sutton Maryland 

Frank Anthony Sypniewski Maryland 

Helga S. Taranto Maryland 

Suntho Teao Maryland 

Diana P. Thomas Pennsylvania 

William Albert Tishey Maryland 

Frederick W. Todd Maryland 

Theresa Anne Tull New Jersey 

Charles Alexander Tunstall Virginia 

John Tyler Turner Maryland 

Linda Benthall Voitk Maryland 

Raymond Louis Walker, Jr Maryland 

J. Jarrett Way Maryland 

Randle Ray Weaver, Jr Maryland 

William Edmund Weizel Maryland 

Bryant Roy Whetstone Maryland 

Maymie DeLeon White Maryland 

Jack Dean Whitehill Maryland 

John Wright Whitworth Maryland 

ludith Ann Young Maryland 

Charles Henry Youngblood Maryland 

August 27, 1971 

William Carroll Adam Texas 

Larry A. Barter Connecticut 

Samuel McKinley Barton, Jr West Virginia 

Anna-Faye Beattie Baumgardner Oklahoma 

James Frank Boushley Wisconsin 

Steven H. Brumm Illinois 

Arnold S. Delatour Germany 

Richard Earl Ebright Maryland 

John Barrington Egan California 

Charles Jerald Ellis New York 

Ralph R. Fedele New York 

John Rossiter Galaska New York 

Robert Doyle Hall California 

Thomas James Hill, II Texas 

Michael Holub Connecticut 

Richard Arthur Houck Texas 

Chester Lee Johnson Maryland 

Danny R. Leadingham Ohio 

James F. Leonard Pennsylvania 

Joel Rex London Florida 

Steven H. Marks New York 

Patrick Henry McCulloch California 

Laura Belle Kemp McGhee Alabama 

Anthony Joseph Molina Illinois 

Claude Walker Moore Tennessee 

lames Wallace Morgan Missouri 

James Henry Neubauer Illinois 

Jaan Otsa New York 

Irene O. Papastratis Illinois 

Joan Marie Payne Virginia 

Fred Emmett Phillips, Jr South Dakota 

Peter Pupshis New York 

Karen Mary Reilly California 

Ksawery Wladyslaw Rogowski Ohio 

William Dale Scott Iowa 

Patricia Marie Seybolt Connecticut 

David Lee Smith Florida 

Kathleen A. Smithson California 

Charles S. Stingel Massachusetts 

Frank Dorsey Young Oregon 


January 24, 1972 

Myron Apilado Illinois 

Anthony Leon Bellotte West Virginia 

Norman E. Bilger Florida 

Allen Ray Brower Minnesota 

Roland Francis Connell New York 

Richard Alan Cox Maryland 

Margita Seweloh Cross Kansas 

Rita Dawn Dalton Pennsylvania 

David John Donaldson Michigan 

Michael Wren Dugan Maryland 

Philip lohn Erickson Washington 

Sonja Charlotte Farrero Germany 

Iris Joy Fox Pennsylvania 

Avon Herbert Garrett Maryland 

Larry Philip Gowens Ohio 

James Elmo Hankins, Jr Oklahoma 

Philip J. Harding Maryland 

Robert Nelson Hogarth New Jersey 

A. Barbara Holle California 

Leeland Erie Jandebeur California 

James Sisler Johnson Mississippi 

Paul Thomas Karpiak New York 

Edward Neil Kesselman New Jersey 

Albert Lawrence Kuhner Pennsylvania 

Herb Clark Lamb Ohio 

George Martin Leda Massachusetts 

Mariarosaria Diane Lorts California 

John Scott Lowry Pennsylvania 

Steven Joseph Lyons Ohio 

Howard Philippe Marks Texas 

Thomas )esse Martin, Jr Texas 

John Paul McCann Florida 

Raymond Patrick Mitchell Illinois 

Frank Donald Monaco New York 

Courtney Jay Morgan New Jersey 

Jack P. Morgan Arkansas 

Jeffrey Herald Nyman California 

Leo Allen Palmer Montana 

James Patterson New York 

Gordon Peek Virginia 

James Randle Riley Ohio 

Thomas Arthur Ruth II Virginia 

Richard Prescott Salmon New Jersey 

Manfred George Sanders California 

Michael Edward Say, Jr Pennsylvania 

Carolyn S. Stoehr Minnesota 

Joseph William Street Montana 

Robert lames Surrette Massachusetts 

Iris Meredith Teperow Georgia 

Nicolas Constantine Tsiros Greece 

John Nicholas Vassil Massachusetts 

John Joseph Waugh Illinois 

John Alan Whelan New York 

David F. Yetman New York 

August 27, 1971 

Willis P. Anderson Maine 

Irene Leonine Barthelemy Illinois 

James C. Green New York 

Kiyomi Kaneshinge Hawaii 

Guy Alton Langston South Carolina 

Sara Katherine Maypole Florida 

Alvin LeRoy Misener Nebraska 

Margery E. Newman Michigan 

Donald Joseph Wiesner New York 

lanaury 24, 1972 

Robert Sidney Adair, III Texas 

Marian Kathleen Burnham Arizona 

Jose M. Bustamante Ohio 

Robert Dean Detwiler Maryland 

William H. Disher New Jersey 

Billy Fay Hunt Tennessee 

Robert Thompson McMahan, Jr Ohio 

lohn Thomas Norris Virginia 

William Edward Tarry Maryland 

Norman Knute Thorpe Oregon 

Patricia Prosser Wales Texas 

Robert Bruce Wales Texas 

Bruce George Warr California 

Leon George Yourgevidge New Jersey 


Bachelor of Science 

August 27, 1971 

Eugene Joseph Benoit Virginia 

Arthur James Cramer Virginia 

William H. Deadwyler, Jr Virginia 

John Edward Haggerty North Carolina 

Albert Foxwell Paul Jones South Carolina 

William Hansel Oakley New Jersey 

Carlo F. Presti Texas 

Laurence Ady Webster, Jr Maryland 

January 24, 1972 

Thomas Franklin Brubaker Maryland 

Victor Joseph Crepeau Virginia 

James Watson Galway, Jr Maryland 


George William Hoppe Virginia Samuel )ay Turnbull, Jr Maryland 

George Kenneth Kitarogers Florida Albert John Wright Idaho 

Harold Robert MacMillan New Jersey HEIDELBERG 

Clyde Foster McClain Virginia August 27, 1971 

Edward John Miller California Thomas Joseph Fitzgerald New York 

Horace James Saldi Maryland Frank Laslie Kimbrough Florida 

Reuben Stanly Sorensen Nebraska George H. Lynn Maine 


Second Lieutenants, U. S. Air Force Reserve 

David Anthony Agee Russell DeAtley Brown 

David Peter Anderson James Michael Long 

Dale Holloway Allen Randolph Allen Wickers 
Thomas Lee Aslakson 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course of study. There are 
more than 1,600 different academic degrees currently conferred by American colleges 
and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the University of Bologna in 
the middle of the 12th Century. Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was qualified to give instruction to 
students. The bachelor's or baccalaureate degree indicated only entrance upon a course 
of study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, however, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean successful completion of one level of study preparatory to the 
higher degrees. 

From the continent, the use of academic degrees spread to English universities. 
Harvard University, William and Mary, and Yale followed the British pattern in the 
New World. 


The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year course of study of 
collegiate grade and is the oldest academic degree used by American institutions of 
higher learning. The degree Bachelor of Arts was first conferred in America in 1642 on 
nine voung men, comprising the first graduating class of Harvard College. Yale con- 
ferred its first Bachelor of Arts in 1702; Princeton in 1748; William and Mary in 1753; 
Pennsylvania in 1757; and Columbia in 1758. 

The degree Bachelor of Science, was awarded to four graduating members of the 
class of 1851 of Harvard University, probably the first to receive this degree from any 
institution. From 1851 to 1905, the degree was conferred only upon students registered 
in the Lawrence Scientific School; after 1905, on students of Harvard, also. 


The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon students who have 
successfully completed one or two years' work in advance of the baccalaureate. A 
thesis and an oral examination are usually required. The word "magister" connected 
with a qualifying phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of honor; but its 
present meaning must be traced to the time of the establishment of the oldest universi- 
ties. Regularly organized faculties were not then known as they now exist in the 
universities. The whole circle of academic activity was limited to seven liberal arts, 
and those who received public honors on the completion of their course of studies, 
for their diligence and knowledge, and had already received the degree of baccalaureus 
(bachelor) were called magistri artium (master of the liberal arts). 


This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by ancient Romans to those 
who delivered public lectures on philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 
12th century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men of great learning. It was 
first made an academic title at the University of Bologna, in Italy, which received from 
the Emperor the right of appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The University of 
Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, the popes granted the universities the right of 
appointing doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law); and when the 
study of the civil law came to be combined with that of the canon law, the title was 
changed to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of theology and 
medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in theology and law, 
is given beyond the baccalaureate degree, and requires two to five years, the writing 
of a thesis, and the passing of written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents the most advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct-types: the professional or practitioners 
degree, and the research degree. The first type represents advanced training for the 
practice of various professions, principally: Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 


degrees carry no implication of original research and are classified by the U.S. Office 
of Education, with bachelor's degrees, as the first professional degrees. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as research doctorates represent- 
ing prolonged periods of advanced study usually accompanied by a dissertation which 
is designed to be a substantial contribution to existing knowledge on the subject. The 
most important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication of 
philosophy for its holder, but represents advanced research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in the United States by Yale University in 1861. 

Reference: Academic Degrees, Office of Educations, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and 
Welfare, 1960. 

•Sometimes designated as the baccalaureate degree, from the Latin bacca/aureus from baccalaris 
"under the influence of" and laurus "laurel" used as a designation of honor, distinction, or fame. 

tThe Oxford English Dictionary defines a doctor, in the academic sense as, "One, who in any 
faculty or branch of learning, has attained to the highest degree conferred by a university." 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic pro- 
cession are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar 
since medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress 
since many of the scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which 
has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 
Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — has its own dis- 
tinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed 
sleeve. The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, extending below the 
knee; the arm is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown has a 
full bell-shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with 
wide velvet bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating the general 
field of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green for medicine, 
purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The color 
of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. Below is given a list of department 
or faculty colors. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science 
Education, Pedagogy 
Fine Arts, Architecture 

Home Economics 
Library Science 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood are those of the 
college or university which conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may be 
either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may be 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of distinc- 
tive color and design. 

Reference: American Universities and Colleges, American Council on Education, 1968. 











Silver Cray 







Light Blue 




Public Health 



Physical Education 

Sage Green 



Golden Yellow 


Social Service 


Dark Crimson 

Surgical Chiropody 

Nile Green 


Theology and Divinity 



Veterinary Sciences 



Board of Regents and Maryland State 
Board of Agriculture 


Dr. Louis L. Kaplan, Baltimore 


Mr. Richard W. Case, Baltimore 


Mr. B. Herbert Brown, Baltimore 


Mr. Harry H. Nuttle, Denton 


Mrs. Alice H. Morgan, Chevy Chase 


Mr. F. Grove Miller, Jr., North East 

Mrs. Michael J. Deegan, Jr., Seabrook 
Mr. George C. Fry, Cecilton 
Mr. Edward V. Hurley, Baltimore 
Mr. Hugh A. McMullen, Cumberland 
Mr. L. Mercer Smith, Baltimore 
Dr. Emerson C. Walden, Columbia 
Dr. Samuel H. Hoover, Timonium 

Officers of the University 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, President of the University 

Dr. R. Lee Hornbake, Vice-President for Academic Affairs 

Dr. Walter B. Waetjen, Vice-President for General Administration 

Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr., Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research 

Dr. Frank L. Bentz, Jr., Vice-President for Agricultural Affairs 

Dr. Charles E. Bishop, Chancellor of the College Park Campus 

Dr. Albin O. Kuhn, Chancellor, Baltimore City Campus 

Dr. Calvin B. T. Lee, Chancellor of the Baltimore County Campus 

Dr. Archie L. Buffkins, Chancellor of the Eastern Shore Campus 

Dr. Ray Ehrensberger, Chancellor of University College 

University of Maryland, College Park 

Dr. Charles E. Bishop, Chancellor 

Dr. Daniel L. Bratton, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 

Dr. George H. Callcott, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

Dr. Thomas B. Day, Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning and Policy 

Dr. John W. Dorsey, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs 

Dr. Thomas Aylward, Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences 

Dr. Robert B. Beckmann, Dean of the College of Engineering 

Dr. Marjory Brooks, Dean of the College of Home Economics 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of the College of Agriculture 

Dr. Robert F. Carbone, Dean of the College of Education 

Dr. Margaret Chisholm, Dean of the School of Library and Information Services 

Dr. Marvin Eyler, Dean of the College of Physical Education, Recreation and 

Professor John William Hill, Dean of the School of Architecture 
Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of the College of Business and Public 

Dr. David Sparks, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research 


Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Robert D. Rappleye, Associate Professor, Botany 


Mr. John Wakefield, Director, Bands 



Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, Assistant Dean, College of Agriculture 
Dr. Robert C. Wiley, Professor, Horticulture 


Mr. Ulysses S. Glee, Office of Student Aid Ushering 

Mr. lames R. Collier, Director, University Relations (College Park) . . . .Publicity 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, Assist. Prof., Agricultural & 

Resource Economics Platform 

Mr. John T. Broadbelt, Supervisor, Physical Plant 

General Physical Arrangements 

Dr. G. M. Cairns, Dean, College of Agriculture Guests 

Mr. J. W. Wilson, Records & Registrations Program 

Mr. Milo C. Knight, Director, Food Services Food 

Dr. Conrad Link, Professor, Horticulture Floral Arrangements 

Dr. George Marx, Professor, Counseling & Personnel Services Faculty 

Dr. U. R. Merikangas, Director, Health Services First Aid 

Mr. Amos R. Meyer, Associate Professor, Markets Guests 

Mr. William Reith Physical Plant Platform, Physical Arrangements 

Mr. D. P. Royal, Asst. Dean, Student Affairs Information, Lost & Found 

Mr. G. O. Weber, Director, Physical Plant Physical Plant 

Mr. Jerrold Witsil, Director, Department of Public Safety Public Safety 

Mr. L. B. Jankowski, Deputy Director, 

Department of Public Safety Traffic Control & Parking 

Candidates Seating Plan 










Business and 
Public Admin. 














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