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University of Maryland 

College Park, Maryland 

The One Hundred and Sixty-Fourth 





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One Hundred and Sixty-Fourth 




William P. Cole, Jr., Student Activities Building 

College Park 

June 6, 1970 

Ten O'clock, A.M. 

Board of Regents and 

Maryland State Board of Agriculture 


Mr. Charles P. McCormick, Baltimore 


Mr. George B. Newman, Cumberland 


Mr. B. Herbert Brown, Baltimore 


Mr. Harry H. Nuttle, Denton 


Mrs. Alice H. Morgan, Chevy Chase 


Mr. Richard W. Case, Baltimore 

Mr. Harry A. Boswell, Jr., Hyattsville 

Mr. George C. Fry, Cecilton 

Dr. Louis L. Kaplan, Baltimore 

Dr. William B. Long, M.D., Salisbury 

Mr. F. Grove Miller, Jr., North East 

Officers of Commencement 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 


Dr. Robert D. Rappleye, Associate Professor, Botany 


Mr. Charlton G. Meyer, University Organist 

Mr. Fague Springmann, Director, University Glee Clubs 


Dr. Stewart Gordon, Professor, Music 
Dr. Paul Traver, Professor, Music 



Dr. Raymond Thorberg, Associate Professor, English 

Dr. Robert C. Wiley, Professor, Horticulture 

Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, Associate Dean, College of Agriculture 


Mr. H. Kent Baker, Assistant to the Dean and 

Instructor, Business Administration Ushering 

Mr. Robert A. Beach, Jr., Assistant to the President for 

University Relations Publicity 

Mr. Robert J. Belter, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics Platform 

Mr. John T. Broadbelt, Supervisor, Physical Plant 

General Physical Arrangements 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean, College of Agriculture Guests 

Mr. Arthur B. Hamilton, Assistant, Office of Vice President 

for Agricultural Affairs Platform 

Dr. James P. Hill, Registrar and Associate Director of Registrations Program 

Mr. Milo C. Knight, Director, Food Services Food 

Dr. Conrad B. Link, Professor, Horticulture.... Floral Arrangements 

Dr. George L. Marx, Professor and Head, Counseling and 

Personnel Services Faculty 

Mr. Robert F. McCleary, Instructor, Speech and Dramatic Art Announcing 

U. Robert Merikangas, M.D., Director, Health Services First Aid 

Mr. Amos R. Meyer, Associate Professor, Markets Guests 

Mr. William A. Reith, Physical Plant Platform, Physical Arrangements 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, Supervisor, Motor Vehicle Registration, 

Information, Lost and Found 

Mr. John E. Wakefield, Director of Bands Music 

Mr. George 0. Weber, Director, Physical Plant Physical Plant 

Mr. Jerrold Witsil, Superintendent, Safety and Security Traffic Control 

ulie lAnlversitu of <yvlar\flancl ^^^AtlHrnni ^^/Qssociation 


AREA CODE 301 277-5745 454-4011 RECORDS 454-4013 

Dear Graduate: 

On behalf of the members of the University of 
Maryland Alumni Association, it is my pleasure to welcome 
you as an alumnus and member of our Association. You are 
to be congratulated for the successful accomplishment of 
a goal which represents many long hours of study and 
hard work. 

When you depart from our campus, we hope that 
you will maintain contact with your alma mater through 
the University's Alumni Office and the Alumni Association. 
Please advise the Alumni Office of changes in name and 

As a new graduate, you are given a graduation 
gift from the Alumni Association in the form of a 
complimentary membership for one year. You will receive 
university publications and special notices of alumni 
events . 

With best wishes for every success in your 
future endeavors , it is hoped that you will be an 
enthusiastic alumnus and will keep the Alumni Office 
posted on your progress. 


Order of Exercises 

PROCESSIONAL Fantasy on Fifth Symphony Finals, Beethoven 

INVOCATION - The Reverend William J. Kane 

Roman Catholic Chaplain 

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM The Star-Spangled Banner, Key 

Led by Mr. Fague Springmann, 
Director, University Glee Clubs 

OPENING REMARKS Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 

President of the University 

GREETINGS -Mr. Charles P. McCormick 

Chairman, Board of Regents 

WELCOME H. Russell Knust 

President, University Alumni Association 

REMARKS Stuart J. Robinson 

President, Student Government Association 

MUSICAL SELECTIONS Climb Every Mountain, Rogers and Hammerstein 

Battle Hymn of the Republic, Arr. Waring 
Combined University Choral Groups, 
Mr. Springmann, Conductor 

ADDRESS - Dr. Logan Wilson 

President, American Council on Education 


THE ALMA MATER Kinney, Led by Mr. Springmann 

Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland 
Steadfast in Loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever, 
Throughout the land. 

BENEDICTION The Reverend Wofford K. Smith 

Episcopal Chaplain 

RECESSIONAL Overture to Occasional Oratorio, Handel 

Certificates of congratulations are presented dur- 
ing the Commencement Exercises. Diplomas 
will be distributed immediately thereafter, as 
noted on page 110. 

University of Maryland 

The University of Maryland is a land-grant institution of higher learn- 
ing stressing programs of excellence in teaching, research and service. 

Now in its 163rd year, the University is one of the 10 largest uni- 
versities in the nation, with over 37,000 students enrolled in its on-campus 
daytime programs. An additional 48,000 are enrolled in the fiscally self- 
sustaining programs of University College, which maintains centers for 
adult education throughout the State and in 24 foreign countries. The 
teaching and research staff includes more than 6,000 full-time and part- 
time personnel. 

Undergraduate curricula are offered in over 120 fields, master's degrees 
in 77 departments and doctoral degrees in 74 departments. In the num- 
ber of doctorates granted annually, the University ranks among the top 
30 institutions in the nation. 

The University had its beginnings in 1807 with the establishment in 
Baltimore of the College of Medicine, an entirely faculty-owned institution 
granting the M.D. degree. Five years later its name was changed to the 
University of Maryland, and it was given power to confer additional de- 
grees. Subsequently, the University opened a School of Dentistry (1840), 
the first such school in the world, and then added Schools of Pharmacy 
(1871), Law (1882) and Nursing (1889). 

The College Park campus of the University was opened in 1859 as 
the Maryland Agricultural College under a charter secured in 1856 by a 
group of Maryland planters. After a disastrous fire in 1912, the State 
acquired control of the College and bore the costs of rebuilding. In 1920 
the State took over the faculty-owned University in Baltimore, merging 
it with the State-owned institution at College Park to form the present- 
day University of Maryland. 

In 1886 the Delaware Conference Academy was founded by the 
Methodist Church in Princess Anne, Maryland. The institution was 
taken over by the State of Maryland in 1926 and became a division of 
the University of Maryland in 1948. This unit, now called Maryland 
State College, is autonomous and has its own president. As of July 1, 
1970, it will become a branch of the University, known as the University 
of Maryland, Eastern Shore. 


Presently located on the College Park campus are the Colleges of 
Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Business and Public Administration, 
Education, Engineering, Home Economics, and Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health; University College; School of Architecture; 
Graduate School; School of Library and Information Services; and Summer 
School. There are also a number of institutes, bureaus and service pro- 
grams. On the Baltimore City campus there are the Schools of Dentistry, 
Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Social Work; the Psychiatric 
Institute; Center for the Study of Trauma; and University Hospital. A third 
campus was opened in 1966 just west of Baltimore City — the University of 
Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). 

The research programs at the University derive their existence and 
vigor from a faculty comprised of internationally recognized scholars and 
scientists. Exceptional research facilities include the Institute for Child 
Study, the National Resources Institute, a laboratory for basic behavioral 
research. Van de Graaff accelerators, an assortment of modern computers, 
a nuclear reactor, wind tunnel, a psycho-pharmacology laboratory, 
laboratory models for meteorological phenomena, and collaborative ar- 
rangements with many nearby government installations. A new, pioneer- 
ing, spiral ridge cyclotron was completed in 1968. In addition, the Uni- 
versity of Maryland is a member of the initial group of 34 universities 
incorporated to manage a new 200 BeV high energy accelerator at Weston, 

University libraries include more than a million volumes on the 
College Park and Baltimore City campuses, plus nearly half a million 
microtexts, slides, film strips, negatives, prints, music scores, and record- 
ings. The University is a r-egional depository for Federal documents. 
Special collections include the Marylandia, Katherine Anne Porter, Rare 
Book, East Asian, and Health Sciences Historical Collections. 

In recent years the University of Maryland has received national 
recognition in numerous areas. In 1964 it established a chapter of 
Phi Beta Kappa. In 1969 the Association of American Universities elected 
the University to its selective membership. 

During the 1969-70 school year eight University of Maryland stu- 
dents were selected as Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship designates 
and an additional six won honorable mention. 

In research, scholarship and in the number and quality of its graduates, 
the University is a productive member of the community of great state 

Honorary Degrees 

Julie Andrews 

Singer dancer and actress of unusual range and talent, Julie Andrews 
has brought entertainment of the highest quality to audiences around the 

Miss Andrews made her Broadway debut in 1954, starring in "The 
Boy Friend." She was subsequently cast in the title role of Eliza Doolittle 
in Lerner and Loewe's"My Fair Lady," which holds the record as Broad- 
way's longest running musical. Among her many other memorable roles 
are those of Maria Trapp in the screen version of "The Sound of Music" 
and Queen Guinevere in the stage musical "Camelot." She won an Oscar 
as best actress of 1964 for her performance as the irrepressible flying 
governess in the film "Mary Poppins." 

Miss Andrews has been awarded three Golden Globes by the Foreign 
Press Association — two for best Actress of the Year, and one as World's 
Favorite Actress in 1967. The universal admiration she elicits has been 
attributed by many critics to her unique ability to combine a sense of 
feminine restraint and dignity with an exuberant zest for life. 

Born in Walton-on-Thames, England, Miss Andrews now makes her 
home in Beverly Hills, California, 

Edwin Hays Gott 

Throughout a distinguished career of leadership in industry and 
civic affairs, Edwin Hays Gott has shown himself a man of far-ranging in- 
terests and intense social concern. 

In 1967 Mr. Gott was elected president and chief administrative 
officer of the United States Steel Corporation and in February, 1969, 
he was elected chairman of the Board of Directors and chief executive 

A native of Pittsburgh, he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 
industrial engineering from Lehigh University. Mr. Gott joined U. S. 
Steel in 1937 as an engineer at the Ohio Works, and subsequently rose 
through the corporate ranks. 

His social involvement has extended to programs of national signifi- 
cance in the areas of community development, urban transportation 
and automotive safety. Long active in the Boy Scouts of America, Mr. 
Gott currently serves on the National Executive Board. He is director 
of the United Fund for Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and a trustee 
of the Carnegie-Mellon University and the National Safety Council. 

The Gott family has a proud Maryland heritage dating back to a 
grant of land from Lord Baltimore to Ezekial Gott in 1770. 


John Hope Franklin 

Dr. John Hope Franklin, noted educator, author and one of the 
nation's pre-eminent scholars of the Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 
has been chairman of the Department of History at the University of 
Chicago since 1967. Before coming to the University of Chicago in 1964, 
he served for eight years as chairman of the Department of History at 
Brooklyn College. 

Born in Rentiesville, Oklahoma, Dr. Franklin received his Bachelor 
of Arts degree from Fisk University and his master's and doctoral de- 
grees from Harvard University. 

His many widely known works include Frovi Slavery to Freedom: A 
History of Negro Americans, The Militant South, Reconstruction After the 
Civil War, The Emancipation Proclamation, and The Negro in Twentieth 
Century America (with Isadora Starr). 

Dr. Franklin serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Negro 
History and the Journal of American History. He is a Fellow of the 
American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the chairman of the Board 
of Trustees of Fisk University. 

In addition to the 15 honorary degrees he has received, Dr. 
Franklin has been honored as an Edward Austin Fellow, Rosenwald 
Fellow, Guggenheim Fellow, President's Fellow, Fulbright Professor, 
Pitt Professor of American History and Institutions at Cambridge Uni- 
versity, and currently John Matthews Manly Distinguished Service Pro- 
fessor of History at the University of Chicago. 

Logan Wilson 

Dr. Logan Wilson was elected president of the American Council on 
Education in 1961. Previously, he served as president of the University 
of Texas from 1953 to 1960 and chancellor of that institution the following 

Born in Huntsville, Texas, Dr. Wilson holds a Bachelor of Arts de- 
gree from Sam Houston State College, a master's degree from the Uni- 
versity of Texas, and master's and doctoral degrees from Harvard Uni- 

He was associate professor of sociology at the University of Maryland 
from 1939-41, leaving to become head of the Sociology Department at 
Tulane University. In 1944 he entered university administration as dean 
of Tulane's Newcomb College. 

Dr. Wilson is a steady contributor to the nation's leading literary, 
sociological and educational journals. His books include The Academic 
Man, Sociological Analysis (with William L. Kolb) and The State Uni- 
versity, to which he was contributor and editor. 

Since 1956, he has served as chairman of the Board of Trustees of 
the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. The recipient 
of honorary doctorates from 13 institutions, he was awarded the 
Distinguished Service Medallion of the Association of Texas Colleges and 
Universities in 1966. 


Alfred Guion Eubanks 

Chemical Engineering: Luminescence of Uranium Glasses. (Maryland) 

Carolyn Faekas 

John David Edward Fortna 

Lawrence McCarty Franklin 
James Risen Card 
Robert James Gauntt 
Irvin David Guck 

John Gregory 
Steven Elia Grossman 

Stephen Russell Hilbert 
A. Stewart Holmes 

Robert Walter Huebner 

Gary Wayne Hull 
Kassim Bin Ismail 

Robert Gordon Jaeger 

Mahavir Jain 

Casey Jones 

Edward Trostle Jones 
Ramesh Chand Kapoor 

William Houston Kelly 

Thomas E. Kenney 

Richard Alvin Kuntz 
Edwin Neil Ladov 

James Delbert Long 

Joan Alexander Lorr 

Edna Maye Loveless 

Carolyn Surratt Mackenzie 

Jerald Arthur Malin 

Andrew Joseph McErlean 

James Anthony Medeiros 

Ralph A. Meyer, Jr. 
Joel Irwin Milgram 

English: Of Shrif te and Penance: The Middle English Prose Translation of ihe Manuel 
des^ Pechiez . (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: Measurement of ihe Line Shapes of the Nitrogen II and Carbon 11 
Resonance Multiplets from a Plasma. (Virginia) 

Mathematics: Compact Abelian Transformation Groups. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Homomorphisms of Topological Groups. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: The Axiom of Choice for Collections of Finite Sets. (Maryland) 

Education (Secondary Education): An Investigation of the Effects of ihe Meia-Message 
of Skin Color and Neutral and Affective Language. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: On a Finiieness Condition for Infinitary Languages. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Stability and Asymptotic Behavior of Differential-Delay Equations. 

Mathematics: Numerical Methods for Elliptic Boundary Problems. (New Jersey) 

Agricultural Economics: Market Structure and Conduct and Foodgrain Pricing Efficiency 

in a North Indian Tahsil. (Maryland) 

Education (Human Development Education): Interactions Between Patterns of Individual 
Differences in Sensory Modalities of Students and Methods of Classroom Instruction. 

History: The Prospect for Man in Early American Economic Thought, 1800-1850. (Texas) 

Animal Science: Studies on Body Composition Changes and Energy Accrual in Growing 
Ruminants. (Malaysia) 

Zoology: Competitive Exclusion and Environmental Tolerances in the Distributions of 
Two Species of Salamanders (Genus Plethodon) in Virginia. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: A Study of the (p, pa) and (a, 2a) Reactions in Li^ and Li'' at 
60 MeV. (Canada) 

Education (Human Development Education): The Effects of Participation in Discussions 
of Reasoning in Arguments on Critical Thinking Ability. (Maryland) 

English: Francis Quarles: A Revaluation. (Pennsylvania) 

Chemical Engineering^^ Transient Noneleclrolyiic Diffusion Across a Semipermeable 

Cuprophane MemSfane. (Maryland) 

Economics: Tne Influence of Market Structure on the Profit Performance of Food Manur 
facturing Firms. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Raman Spectra of Selected Molecules Excited by a Low Power HeliumrNeon 
Gas Laser. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Primary Decompositions in Commutative Rings. (New Jersey) 

^•^hemical Engineering: A Study of the Oxygen Isotope Effect in the Radiolysis of Crystal- 
line KNOs. (New Jersey) 

Horticulture: Problems Associated With Production of DirectrSeeded Tomatoes for Mechani- 
cal Harvesting. (Delaware) 

Psychology: The Application of Reinforcement Principles in the Elementary Classroom: 
A Replication and Extension. (Maryland) 

Education (Higher Education): Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Students in 
Eighth Grade English Classes. (Maryland) 

Education (Human Development Education): Motor Inhibition and Capacity for Delay 
of Gratification in Two Classes of Negro Boys. (Maryland) 

The Use of Linguistics in the Analysis of Language Skills of Children. 

Speech and Drama: 

Zoology: Temperature Tolerance and Thyroid Activity of the White Perch, Roccus jMorone) 
americanus . (D. C.) 

Government and Politics: The Politics of Water Resources Development: The Potomac 
Experience. (Massachusetts) 

Zoology: Interactions Between the Parathyroid and Adrenal Glands of the Mouse. (Maryland) 

Education (Elementary): The Relationship Between the Measures of the Reflection- 
Impulsivity Dimension of Cognitive Style and Visual Perception. (Maryland) 



Margaret Adelb Mitzel 
KiNGTSE Cheng Mo 
Dermott Joseph Mullan 
Mehdi Zadeh Namazi 
Bruce Lee Nicholson 
Michael L. O'Carroll 
Bonny Hubert Orndorff 
Joseph Vincent Osterman 
Edward A. Page 
Fredrick Joseph Page 

Richard George Peacock 
Joan McGuire Poultney 
Khageswar Pradhan 
Frederick John Preiss 
James Peter Preslock 
Bryce Craig Redington 

James Harvard Reed 
Joseph Sal Rizzo 

Mahmood Yunis Seyala 

Joseph Connor Sheehan 
Allan Sherman 

Akira Shirai 

Roger Matthew Singer 
Michael George Squires 

Arthur Brooke Stephens 
Alden Jay Stevens 

Horace McElreath Stiles 

Charles Milroy Suter 

Daymon Warren Thatch 

John Iverson Toland, Jr. 

Education (Statistics): An Experimental Study of the Effect of Specific Experiences on 
Tesl-Retest Correlations. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Applications of Projection Operator Method to the Theory of Hydrodynamical 
Equations and to the Theory of Light Scattering by Simple Fluids. (Georgia) 

Physics and Astronomy: The Structure of Hydromagnetic Shocks in Regions of Very 
Low Ionization. (Ireland) 

Physical Education: Critical Teaching Behaviors Influencing Attitude Development of 
Elementary School Children Toward Physical Education. (Iran) 

Microbiology: Host Influence on the Antigenic Composition of the Kilham Rat Virus. 

Physics and Astronomy: Long-Range Electromagnetic Interactions Between Neutral 
Systems. (Maryland) 

Toxicology (School of Medicine): The Significance of Drugs in Victims of Traffic Acci- 
dents. (Virginia) 

Microbiology (School of Medicine): Cell Eiivelope and Antibiotic Sensitivity Studies on 
Rickettsia quintana. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: An Investigation of the Electromagnetic Interaction of Super- 
conductors near Tc Using Transverse Hypersound. (New Jersey) 

Mechanical E ngineering: A Study of Momentum Losses and Heat Transfer Effects in a 
aiiOsomcTleflecled Jet. ' (New York) 

Poultry Science: Quantitative Studies of the Effects of Fat and Biolin on the Requirement 
for Thiamine by the Chick. (Pennsylvania) 

Education (Human Development Education): An Exploration of Possible Relationships 
Between Self Reinforcement, Self-Concept and Performance. (Maryland) 

Dairy Science: Utilization of Ethanol and Its Effect on Fatty Add Patterns in Ruminants. 


Entomology: Bionomics of the Lesser Mealworm A lphitobius Diaperinus {Coleoptera: 
Tenebrionidae). (Delaware) 

Zoology: Hypothalamic Regulation of Synthesis and Secretion of Melanophore Stimidating 
Substances from the Pars Intermedia and Pars Distalis of Rang Pipiens . (Maryland) 

Zoology: Studies on the Life History and Epizootiology of the Protozoan Hepatozoon 
griseisciuri of the Eastern Gray Squirrel Including a Redescription of lis Mite Vector 
Haemogamasus reidi. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Extending Homeomorphisms on the Circle of Pseudo-Arcs. (Florida) 

Education (Human Development Education): Differential Effects of a Child Study Pro- 
gram Upon the Self-Concepts of Elementary School Children. (Maryland) 

Agricultural Economics: An Economic Trend Analysis of Dairy Farms in the Central 
Piedmont Area of Maryland, 1956-1966. (Iraq) 

Sociology: Community Participation in Urban Renewal Planning. (Massachusetts) 

Aerospace Engineering: Investigation into the Breakup of Liquid Sheets and Jets in a 

Supersonic Gas Stream. (Maryland) 

Microbiology (School of Medicine): Serologic Classification of Scricb Typhus Isolates 
from West Pakistan. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Phosphorus Derivatives of Metal Carbonyls. (Maryland) 

English: The Pastoral Novel: Studies in George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, and D. H. Lawrence. 

Mathematics: Convergence of the Residual for Ritz-Galerkin Approximations. (Maryland) 

Government and Politics: Children's Aquisition of Regime Norms in Subcultures of Race 
and Social Class: The Problem of System Maintenance. (Utah) 

Microbiology (School of Dentistry): Characteristics Recommended for Recognition and 
Delineation of "Cariogenic" Streptococci. (Texas) 

Physiology (School of Medicine): Evoked Potential Correlates of the Critical Band. 
(Maryland ) 

Agricultural Economics: The Economic Aspects of Growing and Selective Marketing of 
Christmas Trees in Maryland. (New Yoik) 

Sociology: Inmate Behavior: Interaction, Sentiment, and Activity in a Therapeutic 
Community for Abnormal Offenders. (Maryland) 



Edwakd Thomas Toton 
Frits van Beek 
RoBEaiT Gary Voigt 
Reuben Wiluams 

Bette Maroa Winer 
LouvAN Elbert Wood, Jr. 

NiNG Wu 

Myung Kun Yiu 
Chin Shih Yu 

Chung-Ling Yu 

Gilbert E. Zatkin 

Physics and Astronomy: Mack's Principle and the Scalar-Tensor Theory of Gravity, 

Economics: An Econometric Model of International Trade in Machinery and Equipment. 

Mathematics: Rates of Convergence for Iterative Methods for Non-linear Systems of 
Equations. (Maryland) 

Physical Education: An Analytical Survey Comparing Junior-College Male Transfer 
Students In Physical Education With Native, Other, and Sample Male Students in Selected 
Public Colleges and Universities. (New York) 

Physics and Astronomy: Critical Heat Flux in Liquid Helium II Close to the \-Transition. 

Physics and Astronomy: Chiral Dynamics, SU{S) Symmetry Breaking, and the Ku 
Form Factors; also, A Comparison of Classical andQuantal Predictions for Rescaitering 
Probabilities in S-Body Processes. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: On the Formulation of Local Fields Describing an Infinite 
Tower of Particles. (Maryland) 

Government and Politics: Sino-Soviet Rivalry in North Korea Since 195 k- (Texas) 

Mathematics: On Upper Bounds of Asymptotic Power and Pitman Efficiencies of KoU 
mogorov and Sminwv Tests. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Reflection Principle for Solutions of Elliptic Equations with Analytic 
Coefficients. (Florida) 

Psychology: Effects of Three Compatibility Sets and Two Reinforcers on Verbal Condi- 
tioning and Liking for ihe Experimenter. (Maryland) 

Abdelfattah Mohamed Abd-Alla 

Richard Henry Abrams, Jr. 

Frank Charles Allen 

Loui.s Joseph Baccei 
Bruce Arnold Barnbtt 

Mark Julian Bassett 
Brian Lee Beers 
Marguerite Doris Bloxom 
Vance d'Armond Browne 

Raymond Charles Cavanagh 
Arrigo Cellina 
Teresa Labarta Chaves 

Robert William Christina 

Joel SEYMoim Cohen 

William F. Crevier, Jr. 

Robert Jesse Cunitz 

Wilson H. De Camp, II 

James Ferguson Dickson, Jr. 

Dattaprasad Ramdas Divgi 

January 22, 1970 

Electrical Engineering! Analysis of the Storage Organization for Multiprogrammed 
Computer Hystem. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: Periodic Pulling of the Drift Instability in a Thermal Plasma. 

English: A Critical Edition of Robert Browning's "Bishop Blougram's Apology". (Mary- 

Chemistry: Mechanisms of the Thermal Degradation of Polyethylene. (Connecticut) 

Physics and Astronomy: Measurement of K*p Polarization in Elastic Scattering at 
1.37, 1.1,5, 1.71, and 1.89 GeV/c. (Maryland) 

Horticulture: The Use of Asparagus Monoploids for Inbred Production. (Illinois) 

Physics and Astronomy: Some Aspects of Simple Production Amplitudes. (Texas) 

American Studies: Lafayette as a Tool of American Propaganda. (Maryland) 

Mechanical Engineerin g: Viscous Through Free Molecule Radial Gas Flow. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Difference Equations and Iterative Methods. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Multi-valued Mappings and Multi-valued Flows. (Italy) 

Spanish and Portuguese: Edicion crilica de la Vida de Santo Domingo de Silos de Gonzalo 
de Berceo. (Maryland) 

Physic?l Education: Proprioception as a Basis for the Anticipatory Timing of Motor 
Responses. (New York) 

Mathematics: Absolutely P-Summing, P-Nuclear Operators and Their Conjugates. 

Physics and Astronomy: Laminar Shocks and Other Nonlinear Waves in Warm Plasmas. 


Psychology: Relationship Between Slow Drift and Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements. 

Chemi.stry: Crystal Structures of Some Compounds Related to the Pyrazolin-5-ones. 

Psychology: Some Effects of S'^ Component Duration on Multiple Schedule Performance. 


Physics and Astronomy: Part I: Study of Negative-Parity Baryon Resonances Using 
the Symmetric Quark Model. Part 11: Local Tensor Fields and Generators of the 
Lorentz Group. (India) 



Edna Ann Eltont 
David Euas 

Vincent Joseph Falzone 
James Gordon Franklin 

Gregory Ojier Gagnon 

Glenn C. Gambles 

Margaret R. Gambrill 

Melvin L. Goldstein 

William Lee Gray 

John J. Grecsek 
J. Kent Haspert 

Norma Noel Hauserman 
Florence J. Hicks 
Don Carlos Hines, Jr. 
Robert Leon Hinrichs 
Gerhabt Hoffmeister 
GusTAVE John Hokenson 

Martin George Horak 
Russell Alfred Howard 
Richard Sommers Hussey 

Jaman Sahira Imlan 

Venkat Krishnan Iyer 

Edmund John Jarski 

James Himphreys Kinsey 
Roland Royce Kneece, Jr. 
Sidney Krome 

Jerolyn Ross Lyle 

Bal Mukand Mahajan 

Charles William Manning 
Brian Andrew March 

Cornelius Joseph McCormick 

Thomas Richard McKnight 

Histology and Embryology (School of Dentistry): An Ultrastructural Study of the 
Short-Term Effects of Cortisone on the Mouse Odontoblast. (Maryland) 

Nuclear Engineering: ^ B lanket Fuel Management Optimization of a Liquid Metal Fast 
Breeder tieacior in a Dynamic Environment. (Maryland) 

History: Terence V. Powderly: Mayor and Labor Leader 181t9-1893. (Pennsylvania) 

Pharmaceutical Chemistry (School of Pharmacy): Enzymatic Properties of Trypsin 
Modified with l-Dimethylaminonaphthalene-5-Sulfonyl Chloride. (Pennsylvania) 

History: Public Opinion and the Empire 1855-1885. A Study of the Unofficial Mind 
of Victorian England. (Illinois) 

Economics: "Structural Determinants of Profit Performance in U. S. Manufacturing, 
19i7-1967". (California) 

Microbiology (School of Medicine); The Interaction of Typhus Rickettsiae and Human 

Macrophages. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: Inverse Compton Scattering and Gyro-Synchrotron Emission 
by Fast Electrons in a Cold Plasma. (Maryland) 

Mathematics Educaton: The Effects of an Integrated Learning Sequence on the Acquisition 
and Retention of Mathematics and Science Behaviors in Grade Five. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Ultrasonic Relaxations in Aqueous Lanthanide Solutions. (New York) 

Electrical Engineering: An Electronic System for Testing Artificial Meclmnical Hearts. 

Psychology: The Effects of Fading and Shaping Techniques and Concrete Reinforcement 
on Acquisition of High-Risk Reading Failures. (Maryland) 

Human Development Education: Variables Associated with Participation of a Group oj 
Nonwhite Mothers in a Selected Health Department Birth Control Program. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: The de Haas-van Alphen Effect in Dilute Alloys of Bismuth 
in Lead. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: The Synthesis and Characterization of Sulfur-containing Spiro Polymers. 

German: "Die spanische Diana in Deutschland. Zur Rezeption des Schaferromans im 
17. Jahrhundert". (Maryland) 

Aerospace Engineering: Incompressible Free Turbulent Mixing In Axial Pressure 
Uradients. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Lp Solutions of Non-Linear Hyperbolic Differential Equations. (Maryland) 

Chemical Physics: Ion Densities in the Night Ionosphere. (Maryland) 

Botany: Investigations on Resistance of Wando Pea to The Stem Nematode, Ditylenchus 
Dipsaci. (Maryland) 

Horticulture: Effect of Iron, Zinc, and Calcium on Manganese Accumulation and In- 
ternal Bark Necrosis in Delicious Apple Trees. (Philippines) 

Mechanical Engineering: Short^Range-Order in Gold-Silver Alloys. (India) 

Mechanical Engineering:. D ynamics of Viscous Fluid Oscillations in Hydraulic Lines. 

Physics and Astronomy: A Study of Low Energy Cosmic Rays at 1 A.U. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Approximating Strictly Singular Operators. (Maryland) 

Comparative Literature: A Translation of Die traurigen Geranien and Andere Geschichten 
aus dem Nachlass by Wolfgang Borchert, With a Critical Introduction. (Maryland) 

Government and Politics: The Role of the Military in South Korean Politics. (Korea) 

Economics: Differences in the Occupational Standing of Negroes Among Industries and 
Cities. (D. C.) 

Mechanical Engineering: _ ^Mixing of a Shallow Submerged Turbulent Water Jet With a 
Uiuiescent Utream. (Maryland ) 

Chemistry: Polarography of Vanadyl Sulfate in Dimethylformamide. (Maryland) 

Psychology: Credibility, Sequence, Volition, and Discrepancy as Determinants of Attitude 
Change in a Forced-Compliance Situation. (Pennsylvania) 

Chemistry: Synthesis and Physical Properties of Some Monolialogen Derivatives of 
Methylgermane. (Maryland) 

Mechanical Engineering: Nernst Energy Conversion in Thin Films. (Maryland) 



William R. McLeod 

John Williams Meriwether, Jr. 

Robert Peter Molenda 

Joseph Richard Monforte 

John Robert Moody 
George Gail Neffinger 

Lindsay Dean Norman, Jr. 

Majorie M. Norris 
Paul James Otterson 

Harvey Marvin Rapp 

Frederic Da\id Reisman 
Arnold Lange Rheingold 
Lisa Robinson 

KuNNAT Joseph Sebastian 

Larry Gene Shaver 

Ronald Silbernun 
Eric C. Silberberg 

Richard Cecil Smith 

Richard Alan Staufenberger 
Hampton Eugene Walker 

Yung-Fa Wang 

John Edward Warren, Jr. 

John Woolman Watson 
Russell Cornelius Weigel, Jr. 
John Raymond Wennersten 

Richard Anthony Wilan 

Eleanor Julia Wintercorn 
Edward John Yadlowsky 

Anthony Walter Yankowsky 

Jenny Ruth Zoliman 

Matthew Zoppetti 

History: Parliamentary Elections in the Home Counties, 1713-1715: A Comparative 
Study. (West Virginia) 

Chemical Physics: Determination of the Emission Structure of Active Auroras with a 

Multi-channel Photometer. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Synthesis and Magnetic Resonance Study of Some Organophoa-Phorus Com.- 
pounds. (Illinois) 

Chemistry: Coulometric Titrations of Barbiturates: Application to the Analysis of 
Blood Serum Samples. (New Jersey) 

Chemistry: The Coulometric Determination of Amylase in Serum. (Virginia) 

Business Administration: A Study of the Conceptual and Empirical Procedures for the 
Allocation of General and Administration Costs. (Maryland) 

_Che mical Engineerine: T he Simulation and Statistical Geometry of Random Packing 
and Coverings. (Maryland) 

History: Non-violent Reform in the United Slates, 1860-1886. (Virginia) 

Physics and Astronomy: Some Distribution Theoretic Aspects of Current Algebra. (Mary- 

Institute for Child Study: Investigation of Approach-Avoidance Conflict in High School 
Students. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: The l*Isospin Doublet in C^^. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Halogen Derivatives of Arsenic Organohydrides: An NMR Study. (Virginia) 

Human Development Education: Marijjiana Use in High School Girls: A Psycho- 
Social Case Study. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: Once Subtracted Dispersion Relations, Current Algebra and 
Weak Decays of Hadrons. (India) 

Physical Education: Relative Muscular Endurance Changes in Ipsilaleral and Con- 
tralateral Arms as a Function of Training. (Maryland) 

Microbiology (School of Medicine): Studies of the Antigens of Coxiella burneti. (Louisiana) 

Astronomy: Interplanetary Dust Streams: Observation by Satellites and Lidar. (Mary- 

Physics and Astronomy: Experimental Study of the Decay Spectrum of Ko — ►'Z+x-xo. 


Government and Politics: County-Municipal Relations in Maryland. (Maryland) 

Educational Administration: A Study of Differences in Expressed Values of High School 
Seniors of Selected Secondary Schools. (Maryland) 

Me chanicaL E ngineering: Transient Interaction of an Elastic Cylindrical Shell with a 
Fluid Medium and Underwater Shock Waves. (Maryland) 

Dairy Science: Investigations Concerning Some Effects of Intrauterine Devices and 
Embryos in the Ewe. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: The Li^ («, 2a)d Reaction at 50 to 80 MeV. (Illinois) 

Botany: Mineral Nutrition of Soybeans {Glycine max) . (Maryland) 

History: A Reformer's Odyssey: The Public Career of Parke Godwin of the New York 
Evening Post, 1837-1870. (New York) 

English: The Relation of Logic and Rhetoric to Meaning in Shakespeare's Troilus and 
Cressida . (Maryland) 

Speech and Hearing: "A Group Method of Hearing Aid Evaluation" . (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: Investigation of Low-Frequency Oscillations in a Thermal 
Plasma. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Synthesis and Magnetic Resonance Study of Some Triarylphosphines and 
Their Derivative Compounds. (Pennsylvania) 

Zoology: Electrophysiological Properties of the Nerve Cell Bodies in the Sixth Abdominal 
Ganglion of the Maine Lobster, Homarus Americanu^. (Maryland) 

Industrial Education: A Study to Determine the Growth in Understanding of American 
Industry by Freshmen and Seniors Majoring in Industrial Arts at Selected Teacher 
Education Institutions. (Pennsylvania) 



June 6, 1970 

Betty J. Allen 

Judith H. Ambrus 
Charles F. Beam, Jr. 

Ralph J. Boe 
Henry P. Brehm 
Lowell W., Brooks, Jr. 

Robert F. Carpenter, III 

Gary P. Clemons 
Edward E. Conrad 

Lynn M. Croshaw 

John D. Curtis 
James C. Daniel 
Thomas R. Davis 

Louis A. DeCatur 

Pranav S. Desai 
Claudette a. Diomedi 
Robert R. Dorsch 

Theodore A. Eisenberg 

Maria A. Faust 
Robert M. Faust 

Michael W. Fitzmaurice 

Howard R. Freeman 

Richard Freiman 
Winifred R. Fulk 

William D. Galloway 
Leonard Garside 
James C. Glynn 

Human Development Education: The Relationship Between Drawings by Sixth Grade 
Children and Intelligence, Academic Achievement, and Social and Emotional Adjust- 
ment. (New Jersey) 

Chemistry: The Structure and Transtport Properties of Concentrated Aqueous Elec- 
trolyte Solutions. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: The Synthesis and Preliminary Classification of All-Organic Potyspiroketals. 
The Pyrolysis of Diallyl Ethers and Tetraesters. The Synthesis of Macrocyclic Esters 
Using High Dilution Techniques. Mass Spectra of Tetraesters and Tetraspiroketals. 
(North Carolina) 

Chemistry: The Kinetics of the Carbonic Acid System. (New York) 

Sociology: A Socio-Economic Classification for Selected American Cities. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Linear Programs for the Solution of Discrete Dynamic Programming 
and Markov Renewal Programming Problems. (Maryland) 

Mechanical Engi neeri ng: Transient Response of Semi-Infinite Concentric Cylinders in 
An AcousKc Medium. (M ary 1 an d ) 

Botany: Localization of the site of action of a fungitoxic benomyl derivative. (Maryland) 

■ Nuclear Engineering: Radiation-hiduced Electrical Conductance in Liquid N-Hexane 
and Neohexane. (Maryland) 

Zoology: Quasi-Steady Potentials in the Brain Stem Correlated with the Migration of the 
Traclear Nerve in the Chick Embryo. (Maryland) 

Astronomy: The Modification of the Brown-Shook Method Based on Lie Series. (Maryland) 

History: Peonage in the New South. (Maryland) 

Physical Education: Sport and Exercise in the Lives of Selected Colonial Americans: 
Massachusetts and Virginia, 1700-1775. (Maryland) 

English: Three Aspects of Folklore in Short Popular Fiction of the English Renaissance. 

Physics: Current Algebra, Broken SU{3) Symmetry and Semileptonic Interactions. (India) 

English: Mary Wilkins and the Romance-Novel Tradition. (Ohio) 

Inst, for Mol. Physics: Inter molecular Forces, Gas Hydrates and Gaseous Anesthesia. 

Education-Mathematics: The Integration of Modified Learner-Generated Sequences into 
the Development of a Behaviorally Stated Learning Hierarchy, as Applied in Mathenuitics 
Curricula Construction. (Illinois) 

Microbiology: Effect of Respiratory Inhibitors and Membrance-Active Compounds on 
Bacterial Motility. (Maryland) 

Entomology: Studies of Some In Vitro Reactions of the ^-Endotoxin Produced by Several 
Varieties of Bacillus thuringiensis (Berliner) and Their Application to Standardization 
of Commercial Preparations. (Maryland) 

Electrical Engin eering: Experimental Investigations of Optical Propagation in Atmos- 
pheric Turbulence. (Maryland) 

Electrica l En ginee ring: The Stability and Performance Characteristics of an Earth- 
Oriented Gimbated- Keation- Wheel- Scanner Class of Spacecraft. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Regular Minimal Sets over the Circle and the Ellis Minimal Set. (Maryland) 

Poultry Science: Studies on Various Parameters of Ascaridia galli and Heterakis gallinae 
Infections in Poultry with Special Reference to Lipid Composition. (Maryland) 

David R. Goldfield 
Rosalind N. Green 

Psychology: Stimulus Control in a Two-Choice Discrimination Procedure. (Maryland) 

Nuclear Physics: Particle-Hole Dipole States in Qi^. (California) 

Nuclear Engineering: _ f ast Neutron Spectroscopy. (Maryland) 

History: The Triumph of Politics Over Society: Virginia 1851-1861. (Maryland) 

Speech and Hearing Science: Minimal Linguistic Feature Differences in Phoneme 
Recognition at Various Sensation Levels. (Maryland) 



Gary Max Halter 
Dennis K. Harris 

ALBEaiT Russell Hoge 


Frank T. Huang 

Elena M. Hunter 
Eugene L. Iannotti, Jr. 
Martin A. Janowitz 

Franklyn G. Jenifer 

Robert Kalny 

Christos a. Kapetanakos 

Aram S. Karakashian 

Norman A. Krasnegor 

James B. Lane 

Stephen S. Lane 
James M. Larkin 

Charles J. LaRue, Jr. 
Richard A. Lauffer 

Henry W. Lee 

Barbara F. Lefcowitz 

John W. Lightbody, Jr. 
Carol A. Lindquist 
Jean E. Lokerson 

George Wayne Lucier 

Erik Sheldon Lunde 

Ewing L. Lusk, III 
Theodore J. Maker 
John H. Malloy 

Government and Politics: The Hatch Act Reconsidered. (Texas) 

Chemical Engineering: Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer for Streaming Drops in Viscous 
Continuous Phase Systems. (North Carolina) 

Chemical Engineering: ^ Hydrogenation of Alplia-Methylstyrene in a Trickle-Bed Reactor 
' Employing a Non-Porous Catalyst. (Maryland) 

Aerospace Enginee ring: , A Perturbation Theory of Anisentropic Flow with Non^equili- 
brium Radiative Heat Transfer. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: "Ionospheric Parameters Deduced from Langmuir Probes." 

Spanish and Portuguese: El estoieismo de Angel Ganivet. (Puerto Rico) 

Microbiology: A Study of the Sphingolipids of Bacteroides Ruminicola. (Maryland) 

Psychology: Generalization of Verbal Conditioning in Nonlalkative Hospitalized Persons 
Using Other Hospitalized Persons as Tutors. (New York) 

Botany: Studies on the nature and origin of satellite virus and some of its relationships 
to tobacco necrosis virus. (D. C.) 

Mechanical Engineering: Measurements of the Effect of Suction on Friction and Heat 
Transfer at the Outer Wall of an Annular Turbulent Flow. (New York) 

Physics and Astronomy: Experimental Study of a Magnetically Confined, Unneutralized, 
Electron Plasma. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: Transverse Dielectric Constant of the Alkali Metals. Pennsyl- 

Psychology: The Effects of Telencephalic Lesions on Auditory Discriminations in Pidgeons. 

The Life and Urban Reform Work of Jacob A. Riis. 

History: Bridge to the Other Half: 

Physics and Astronomy: Fermi Surface of Aluminum. (Maryland) 

Education: Political Socialization: A Study of Decision-Making Behavior Among 
Groups of Children. (Maryland) 

Science Education: A Comparative Study of the Skull in the Ciconiiformes. (Maryland) 

Physical Education: Stated Sportsmanship Attitudes of Selected College and University 
Coaches and Faculty Members. (North Carolina) 

Finite Difference Solution of Curved Plates Including Membrane 

Civil Engineering: Finite 
Force tJfJect. (Maryland ) 

English: The Shaping Flame: Self, Nature, and Madtiess in the Poetry of Christopher 
Smart and William Blake. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: Electroexcitation of the C^^ Giant Resonance. (Maryland) 

English: The Prose Fiction of Aphra Behn. (Arkansas) 

Special Education: An Investigation of Visual Perception and the Psycholinguistic Proc- 
ess: The Comparative Performance of First Grade Boys on the Illinois Test of Psycho- 
linguistic Abilities and the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities Adapted for Visual- 
Perceptual Impairment. (.Maryland) 

Entomology: Nature of the Neutral Phosphate Ester Metabolities of Dimethoate and 
Phosphamidon Formed in Rats, Liver Microsomes, and Bean Plants. (Maryland) 

History: The Idea of American Nationalism: A Study in Presidential Campaign Litera- 
ture, 1860-1876. (Wisconsm) 

Mathematics: Homotopy Groups of Spaces of Embeddings. (Kansas) 
Government and Politics: State-County Relations in Maryland. (Maryland) 
Electrical Engi neering: Topics in the Analysis and Implementation of Correlation Tech- 

niques in Narrow-Band Noise Systems at RF Frequencies. (Maryland) 



Harold E. Mare, III 
John Marrero 

Thomas R. Marrero 

James A. Metcalf 

Henry P. Meyer 
David B. Michaels 

Rosina D. Navarrete 

John W. Nbal, Jr. 
Robert L. Nicholls 

Michael F. O'Hear 
William R. Owens 

Latjrence C. Palmer 

Larry H. Peer 

Alton J. Pertuit, Jr. 

Stanley J. Poreda, Jr. 
Daniel W. Pound 
Marvin D. Reed 

Douglas W. Reichard 

Donna M. Reichel 

Sally G. Revoile 

Philip R. Roane, Jr. 

Ellis P. Robinson 

Joseph J. Rocchio 
Evelyn G. Rogers 

Leonard L. Rosenbaum 

Michael B. Rosenzweig 

Ronald C. Rosier 
Gerald Rubin 

Michael P. Ryan, Jr. 

Stephen H. Saperstone 

Chemistry: The Crystal Structure of Methylene Blue, (Maryland) 

Government and Polities: Soil Conservation and Social Change: A Systems Approach. 

Chemical Engineering: G aseotis Diffusion Coefficients. A Comprehensive Critical Evalua- 
tion of Experimental Studies and Correlations of Results. (New York) 

Physical Education: The Effect of Aerobic and Anaerobic Training on Muscle Myoglobin 
Concentration, Selected Hematological Parameters, and Swimming Endurance in Adult 
Male Albino Rats. (Maryland) 

French and Italian: Voltaire: Philosophe Pacifiste? (D. C.) 

Government and Politics: Privileges and Immunities of the International Civil Servant. 

Spanish and Portuguese: Ensayo De Adecuacion Enlre El Tema Y La Metrica En Los 
Sonetos De Quevedo. (Maryland) 

Entomology: A Study of Microctonus aethiops (Nees) a Braconid Parasite of the Alfalfa 

Weevil, H ypera postica , (Gyllenhal). (Maryland) 
History: The Prescriptive Guardian: Parliament and Public Morality, 1830-1880. 


English: The Constant Dream: Coleridge's Vision of Woman and Love. (Maryland) 

Mechanical Engineering: A Theoretical Investigation of the Problem of Preionization in a 
Closed Cycle Magneloplasmadynamic Generator. (Maryland) 

Electrical Engineerin g : Frequency-Phase Acquisition of Coherent Communication Systems. 

Comparative Literature: New Perspectives on the Theory of The Novel in European 
Romanticism. (Georgia) 

Horticulture: The Effects of Vernalization, Heat, Light, and Three Growth Regulators on 
the Easter Lily (Lilium iongiflorum. Thumb). (Louisiana) 

Mathematics: Approximation to Some Rational Functions. (Pennsylvania) 
Government and Politics: Varangian Political Influences on Kievan Rus'. (Alabama) 

Counseling and Personnel (EDUC): The Effects of Operant Conditioning of Study Be- 
havior Among Academically Deficient College Sophomores. (Virginia) 

Chemistry: Thermal Reorganizations of Isopropenylcycloheptatrienes. Studies of Homo- 
conjugation. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Preparation of the Six Isomeric Butadienes Formed From the Dehydration of 
the 3 ,lt-Dimeihyl-3 ,i-hexanediols and a Study of Their Reduction to cis- and trans-3,i- 
Dimethyl-3-hexene. (D. C.) 

Speech and Hearing Science: An Acoustical and Behavioral Analysis of Two Methods of 
Hearing Aid Measurement. (Maryland) 

Microbiology: Studies on Selected Biological and Biochemical Characteristics of Tumor 
and Transformed Cells Induced by Type 12 Adenovirus. (D. C.) 

Chemistry: The Pyrolysis of Chlorine-containing Esters and a Novel Vapor phase Re- 
arrangement. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Reductive Cleavages of Conjugated Cyclopropyl Rings. (Rhode Island) 

English: Sidney The Perfectionist Poet: Changes In Text And Context Of The New 
Arcadia Poems. (New York) 

Psychology: Sex of Subject and Importance of Issue as Determinants of Pre-Test Sensiti- 
zation and'lResistance in Attitude Change. (New York) 

Mathematics: On Weak Solutions of a Mildly Nonlinear Dirichlet Problem and a Finite 
Difference Approximation Scheme. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Generalized Sequence Spaces. (Maryland) 

Hum. Dev. — Education: Reduction of Egocentrism in Chronic Schizophrenic Patients 
as a Function of a Conservation Learning Task. (Pennsylvania) 

Physics and Astronomy: Qualitative Cosmology. Diagrammatic Solutions for Bianchi 
Type IX Universes With Expansion, Rotation, and Shear. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Controllability of Linear Oscillatory Systems Using Positive Controls. 



Kenneth A. Saum 

Howard T. Savage 
Richard P. Schick 

Gerard H. Schlimm 

Nancy D. Seaman 
Richard L. Sebastian 
Josephine A. Simonds 
John M. Smith 

Mary C. Smith 

James W. Snively, Jr. 
Anthony A. Steere, Jr. 

Samuel D. Styer 
Walter L. Sullins 

Neal D. Thigpen 
Ming-Te Tseng 

Dora S. van Wijk 
Kiranchandra M. Vashi 

Fernando Villarroel 
Plato H. Watts, Jr. 

Rosanne Weil-Malherbe 
Edward C. Whitman 

Peter F. Wiggins 
David L. Williams 
Pauline K. Wise 

Frank L. Wiseman, Jr. 
Alan D. Wolfe 
Francis E. Wood 
Jerry P. Wrenn 
Alexander Wulf 
Donald K. Yeomans 

Inst. Molecular Physics: Infrared Electronic Emission Spectrum 0/ Nitrogen and Oxygen 

and the M-'SAu^Xis*!/ System of N2. (Washington, D. C.) 

Physics and Astronomy: Fermi Surface Studies in SnTe. (Maryland) 

Government and Politics: National Emergency Strike Legislation: Proposals Since The 
Taft-Hartley Act. (D. C.) 

Civil En gineerin g: An I nvestigation of The Factors Which Stiffen a Suspension Bridge 
and Their~Effects on Deflections and Grade Changes. (Maryland) 

Psychology: Effect of Adaptation on Photopic Visual Acuity. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: Ultrasonic Study of Superconducting Lead. (Maryland) 

Microbiology: DNA Homology of Lactobacillus . (Maryland) 

Education: Relations Among Behavioral Objectives, Time of Acquisition, and Retention. 

Education: An Experimental Study of the Effects of Visual, Auditory, and Tactile Trans- 
mission of Information Related to One Aspect of a Nursing Procedure. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Bounds on the Complexity of Grammars. (Pennsylvania) 

Horticulture: Studies of an Ethylene Producing Compound, 2-Chloroethylphosphonic Acid, 
and Its Effect On Chrysanthemum Morifolium Ramat, and Antirrhinum Majus L. 

Mathematics: Multivalent Meromorphic Weakly-Starlike Functions. (Pennsylvania) 

Education (Meas. & Stat.): Monte Carlo Sampling Distributions of Internal Consistency 
Reliability Estimates for Tests with Sequentially Dependent and Independent Items. 

Government and Politics: Maryland State Government Administrators: 

A Case Study. 
Civil Engineering: Transient Behavior of Unconfined Aquifers Subject to Local Recharge. 

Tense and Mood 


FVench and Italian: A Study in Thirteenth-Century French Syntax: 
in the Subordinate Clause. (Maryland) 

Civil Engineering : Dynamic Response of Simple-Span Horizontally Curved Highway 
Bridges to Moving' Vehicles. (Pennsylvania) 

»— Chemical Engineering: Gas Transfer to Blood Flowing in Semipermeable Tubes Under 
Steady and Pulsatile Flow Conditions. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Crystal and Molecular Structures of 1-chloro- [2.1 .1 ] bicyclohexane-5-carboxylic 
Acid and 2-{p-bromobenzoyl) - 5-isopropyl- 7-methyl - 8H-azuleno [l,8-bc\ Thiophene. 

French and Italian: La Toxicomanie Litteraire dans la seconde Moitiedu XIXe Siicle. 

Electrical Engineering: Th e Spectral Analysis of Discrete Time Series in Terms of Linear 
Regressive Models. (Maryland) 

—-Nuclear Engineering: Neutron Capture Gamma Ray Studies of Metals, Mixtures, Ores. 
and Marine Samples Using Calif ornium-252. (Maryland) 

Psychology: The Development of Consequences of Models' Responses as Discriminative 
Stimuli for Generalized Imitation. (Maryland) 

Elementary Education: A Comparative Study of Language Proficiency Skills of Ele- 
mentary Pupils Achieving in Congruence with Capacity and Pupils Not Achieving in 
Congruence with Capacity. (Virgmia) 

Chemistry: Physical and Chemical Properties of Pentadienyl Anions In Medium Rings , 
(New York) 

Microbiology: Effects of Nitroakridin 3582 in Bacteria and in Cell Free Systems Derived 
from Bacteria. (Maryland) 

Entomology: A Revision of the Genus Ochihebius in North America (Coleoptera: 
Hydraenidae). (Maryland) 

Physical Education: Videotape Feedback As It Influences Elementary School Children 
in Their Ability to Perform a Motor Task. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: Some Staiistical Mechanical Models for Systems of Long Linear 
Molecides; Application to the Isotropic-Nematic Liquid Crystal Transition. (Maryland) 

Astronomy: Nongravitalional Forces Acting Upon The Motion Of Comet Giacobini- 
Zinner, (New York) 




August 29, 1969 

Richard Denzil Bagster-Collins 

Alfred Bisset 

Frederick Linwood Broadhurst 

William Hanson Buser 
EvART Frantz Cornell 
Dennis James Dunn 
Regina Miriam Green 
George Eugene Miller 
Raphael Minsky 
Frederick E. Sanders 
Aldrige a. Vaillant 

Counseling: The Application of a Kinesthetic Work Modality Program to the Behavioral 
Modification of Chronic Psychiatric Patients. (Maryland) 

Curriculum and Instruction: A Study of the Effectiveness of a Three-Month Training 
Program for Lay Teachers in Primary Schools, Stale of Alagoas, Brazil. (Maryland) 

Industrial Arts: An Investigation into the Changes in Listening Ability and Achievement 
in Technical Drawing as the Result of Exposure of Subjects to Direct Instruction in 
Listening. (North Carolina) 

Curriculum and Instruction: Factors Influencing the Decision to Initiate Cooperative 
Teaching Practices in Selected Maryland School Systems. (Maryland) 

Elementary Education: Observational Learning of Question-Asking Through the Medium 
of Audio-Tapes. (Maryland) 

Rehabilitation Counseling: Adjustment to Spinal Cord Injury in the Rehabilitation 
Hospital Setting. (Maryland) 

Human Development Education: The Relalionship of Nutritional Stales, Performance 
I.Q. and Self Concept in 1,-6 Year Old Inner City Children. (Maryland) 

Curriculum and Instruction: A Computer- Assisted Experiment on the Process of Learning 
and Problem Solving Under the Condition of Goal- Direction. (Maryland) 

Human Development Education: An Investigation Into Children's Conceptualization of 
Proportionality as Expressed in Their Drawings of the Male Human Figure. (Maryland) 

English Education: A Study of the Judgmental Changes of Student Teachers of English 
During Their Professional Education Semester. (Pennsylvania) 

Secondary Education: The Relalionship between Junior College Transfers and Native 
Students in Education at Plymouth State College of the University of New Hampshire. 
(New Hampshire) 

Charlotte Banas 

Lovenger Hamilton Bowden 

Daniel Alfred Burrow 
James Rush Geyer 
Richard C. Helfrich 

Alice A. Holden 

William Charles Johnson 

James William Latham, Jr. 
Julia R. O'Wesney 
Thomas Clinard Shore, Jr. 

John William Westfall 

January 22, 1970 

Elementary Education: Construction and Evaluation of a Program of Recorded Auioin- 
structive Lessons to Improve Ability of Kindergarten Children to Comprehend and Apply 
Oral Directions. (Michigan) 

Human Development Education: The Effectiveness of "Specific Learning Experiences" 
For Improving Language Facility for First Grade Culturally Different Children. (Mary- 

Elementary Education: Summer Tutoring: An Investigation of Older Volunteer Stu- 
dents Tutoring Younger Students in Arithmetic Computation. (California) 

Reading Education: The Cloze Procedure as a Predictor of Comprehension in Secondary 
Social Studies Material. (Pennsylvania) 

Counseling Education: A Composite Criterion of Employability, Its Relationship to 
Intermediate Rehabilitation Outcomes and Client and Case Service Variables for a State 
Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Referral Population. (Maryland) 

Human Development Education: An Evaluation of Change in Attitudes and Interpersonal 
Relationships of Pre-Service Teachers Participating in an Early Childhood Education 
Program. (Maryland) 

Human Development Education: Teachers' Statements of Performance Expectations and 
Their Effects on the Test Performance of High and Low Test Anxious Female College 
Sludeyits. (Maryland) 

Science Education: Factors Associated with the Per Cent of Science Instructional Time 
Spent in Laboratory Investigations in the Maryland Public Secondary Schools. (Maryland) 

Human Development Education: Historical Study of the Progress of Racial Desegregation 
in the Public Schools of Baltimore, Maryland. (Maryland) 

Industrial Education: A Study of Relationships Between the General Aptitude Test 
Battery Scores and Achievement in Selected Industrial Cooperative Training Programs 
in North Carolina. (North Carolina) 

Higher Education: A Case Study of a Categorical Federal Aid. (Maryland) 

Department and Thesis Title Indicated. 



Mildred S. Biedenkapp 
Joel A. Carrington 
Patrick Leo Christoff 


Barry B. Frieman 

Paul H. Hahn 
Gordon E. Hershbbrger 
Stanley I. Jacobson 
Ronald C. Johnson 
Robert P. Miller 

Robert W. Nannay 
John R. Pancella 

Mamie H. Ross 
VrvuN A. Sheridan 
Joseph F. Shields 
George E. Thomas 

Walter I. Weber 

Lewin a. Wheat 
James H. Wirth 

June 6, 1970 

Human Dev. Education: Characteristics and Interests of the Male Educators of the Ele- 
mentary School System of Prince George's County, Maryland. (Maryland) , 

Secondary Education: The Desegregation of Baltimore City Public Schools 1952-1966. 

Couns. & Personnel Serv.: The Relationship Between Attendance at a Summer Orientation 
Program Expectation-Press Congruence, and Selected Behavioral Correlates. (Maryland) 

Elementary Education: A Follow-Up Study of Prescliool and Non-Preschool Pupils in 
Five High Priority Schools. (South Carolina) 

Inst, for Child Study: A Comparison of the Values of Prospective Teachers in Early 
Childhooa Education with the Values of a Criterion Group of Exemplary Teachers of Afro- 
American Urban Poverty Children. (Maryland) 

Inst, for Child Study: An Analysis Of Selected Muscular Strength And Endurance Para- 
meters In Boys Ten, Twelve And Fourteen Years Of Age. (Maryland) 

Educational Admin.: Interpersonal Communication and Encounter Between the Assistant 

Principal and His Role Senders. (Nebraska) 

Human Development Education: Differences Between Elementary and Secondary School 
Teachers in Attitudes and Orientation Toward Children. (Maryland) 

Physical Education: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Specially Designed Apparatus 
to Aid Mentally Retarded Subject in Learning Ball Catching Skills. (Maryland) 

Business Education: A Study of the Implementation of the Vocational Education Act of 
1963 in Business and Office Education in Virginia, with Particular Emphasis on the 
Dissemination of Information by Superintendents and the Administration of Policies by 
State Officials, 1961,-67. (Virginia) 

Industrial Education: The Effectiveness of Teaching a Psychomotor Task via Forward 
and Backward Chaining. (Maryland) 

Science Education: Use of the Taxonomy of Ed ucational Objectives Handbook I : Cognitive 
Domain (Bloom) to Analyze and Describe Standardized and Commercial Tenth Grade 
Biology Examinations. (Maryland) 

Couns. & Personnel Serv.: A Comparison of Programs for Reading Improvement for the 
Intellectually Superior Student. (Maryland) 

Human Development: The Relationship Between The Student's Self Concept As A Learner 
And Two Types Of Independent Study Programs In The Middle School. (Maryland) 

Educational Admin.: High School Origin as a Factor for Predicting Freshman Grades 
for the Purpose of Admission. (Maryland) 

Early Childhood Education: The Influence of Selected Family Background Factors on 
Reading Readiness, Reading Achievement, and Teachers' Rating of Pupils in Grade One. 


Mathematics Education: A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Two Methods of 
Instruction Utilizing Programmed Materials In a College Remedial Mathematics Course. 

Science Education: An Identification of Technical Skills of Science Supervisors and the 
Development of a Science Supervisors' Technical Skills Inventory. (Maryland) 

Early Childhood Educ: Correlates of Reported Changes in Professional Practices of 
Maryland Secondary School Person7iel Who Attended N.D.E.A. Title XI Social Science 
Institutes in 1967 and 1968. (Maryland) 


June 6, 1970 

Richard T. Hise 
Ronald Lessing 
Theodore H. Mattheiss 

Business Admin.: The Relationship of Status Crystallization and Liberalism-Conservatism 
to the Acceptance and Innovation of Durables, Nondurables and Services. (Pennsylvania) Admin.: An Analysis of the Quality Characteristics of Markovian Systems. 

Business Admin.: The Generalized Slack Variable Linear Program. (Maryland) 


August 29, 1969 



Don Dicmann Anderson, Maryland 

RoswiTHA Snay Augusta, D.C. 

Helen Barbara Banister, Maryland 

William Marvin Bates, Maryland 

Ellane Marguerite Beach, Maryland 

Barbara Joan Berd, Delaware 

MiCHELE Alice Betts, Maryland 

Hans George Bickel, Maryland 

Linda Marie Brick, D.C. 

Linda Bryce Brylawski, Maryland 

George Joseph Bugyi, Maryland 

Genevieve L. Burch, Maryland 

Joseph M. Calderon, Maryland 

Richard Carl Carlson, Maryland. 

Bobby G. Carter, D.C. 

Thomas Howard Chapman, Maryland 

William Bernhard Clatanoff, Jr., Maryland 

Roseanne p. Clausen, Maryland 

Robert Byron Coates, Maryland 

Richard Allen Coffman, Pennsylvania 

Saul Cohen, Pennsylvania 

Paul Joseph Connor, Jr., Maryland 

Robert Brandt Cook, Pennsylvania 

Joseph DenARO, Maryland 

Joseph Rogers Dickinson, Jr., Kentucky 

Stephen Peter Dittmann, Jr., Texas 

Marta Ana Diz, Maryland 

Gregory William Doonan, Nevt York 

Alice K. Eiss, Maryland 

Shahim Elihu, California 

Judith Ann Ferguson, Maryland 

Samuel Bernard Fineman, New York 

William Patrick Fitzpatrick, Maryland 

Charles William Fleischman, Maryland 

BARRY Windsor Fowle, Massachusetts 

Kathleen Scott Fovtler, Virginia 

Lawrence Fuss, New York 

Howard Raymond Gabennesch, Maryland 

Lawrence Stanley Gaines, Maryland 

Arthur Allen Gamzon, Maryland 

Marshall Steven Gates, Virginia 

Louis M. Gerber, D.C. 

Vanda K. Giedrys, Maryland 

John M. Gilchrist, Rhode Island 

Ernest Jackson Green, Maryland 

Jane Harriman Hall, Virginia 

Nancy Ann W. Hancock, Maryland 

Elwin Richard Harris, California 

Ross D. Harris, Maryland 

Albert LeRoy Hassan, Pennsylvania 

David Shepherd Herskowitz, Canada 

Gail Susan Himelfarb, Maryland 

BARBARA Knight Holmstrup, Virginia 

Richard Peyton Howard, Maryland 

Joseph Henry Huber, Pennsylvania 

Gerard Paxjl Huve, D.C. 

Sharon Brickman Jaffe, New York 

Faye Harlow Johnson, Maryland 

Dorinda Dee Jolles, Maryland 

Robert Boyd Jones, D.C. 

Ruth L. Jones, Iowa 

Stephen Robert Jones, Indiana 
Laenu Adelilah Karp, Maryland 
Russell Stanley Kifer, Jr., Colorado 
Frederick Mitchell Kopacz, II, 

Hyderali G. Lakhani, Maryland 
Frances Phillips LaMotte, Maryland 
Thomas Joseph Langan, Maryland 
Harold F. Laydon, Maryland 
Robert Eugene Leipheimer, Pennsylvania 
Arley Wallace Levno, Maryland 
Mary Jane Logan, Pennsylvania 
Michael Joseph Madach, Maryland 
Michael Roland Maione, Maryland. 
Robert Earl Martin, Jr., Maryland 
James Robert McCabe, Virginia 
Gerard Edward McCArron, Maryland 
James Melvin McDuffie, North Carolina 
Earl Friant Mellor, Maryland 
Marjobie Mithoff Miller, Maryland 
Stephen Lawrence Mills, Colorado 
Joan Litts Monaco, Maryland 
Lois R. Moses, New York 
Edward Cyril Muggli, Maryland 
Sheila Ann Murphy, Pennsylvania 
Joseph Francis Murray, Maryland 

SAMUEL Michael NATALE, Pennsylvania 

John Nesvig, Maryland 

Benjamin Nistal-Moret, Puerto Rico 

Catherine G. Norton, Maryland 

Michael J. Nugent, Maryland 

Lawrence Grater Nyce, Maryland 

Jo Ann Oberschmidt, Maryland 

Rhoda Frances Orme-Johnson, Mart/land 

Edward J. Ortlieb, Pennsylvania 

Andrew Craig Ostrow, ^etv York 

Nancy Baugh Palmer, Maryland 

Maria C. Parlade, Maryland 

Judith Ellen Peabody, Maryland 

Frederick Richmond Peacock, Maryland 

Robert Wayne Pearson, Maryland 

Bruce Dana Phillips, New York 

Jerri Linn Phillips, Maryland 

Dwight Alexander Porter, Maryland 

Susanna Wesley Purnell, New York 

Ruth Esther Ragatky, Delaware 

Alice Reed Rajchman, New Jersey 

Peter K. Reinhart, Pennsylvania 

Daniel Francis Roos, D.C. 

Stanley Rothenberg, Massachusetts 

Karen Karline Rueter, Illinois 

Robert Roger St. Pierre, Massachusetts 

George Beverly Salmons, II, New Hampshire 

Hans Klaus Salzinger, Maryland 

Margaret B. Schutt, Maryland 

Marquis Robert Seidel, Maryland 

Vernon Alvin Sevier, Maryland 

Joan M. Sherry, Maryland 

Stephen D. Shevitz, Maryland 

Miles Edward Smid, Maryland 

Richard John Smith, Massachusetts 



Thomas Anthony Sottilaro, New Jersey 
Susan Gloria Stewart, Pennsylvania 
Eric Rolf Stkaumanis, Maryland 
Lewis Blair Sykes, Virginia 
Shirley Dunton Symonds, Maryland 
John Thomas Tikoian, Rhode Island 
DALE Rowland Tompkins, Jr., Maryland 
Edwin Geisbert Trout, Maryland 
Robert E. Trow, Maryland 
Judith Marie Turcott, Maryland 
Frank Robert Turk, D.C. 
Kenneth Ray Tyree, Maryland 
Kanella C. Vasiliades, Maryland 

Jean Ketterer Voight, Maryland 
Ralph Edward Walker, Maryland 
John Thomas Webb, Maryland 
Irvin Weintraub, Maryland 
Richard Frederick Wertheimer, II, 

Edwin Earl Whitaker, Maryland 
Kenneth O. Williams, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Willis, Florida 
George Franklin Williss, Maryland 
Marie-Jose Wood, Maryland 
Judith Corbett Young, Virginia 
Leon Robert Young, Maryland 



January 22, 1970 

Virginia Siner Arey, Maryland 
Harvey Edgar Bale, Jr., New Jersey 
JANET McCutcheon BARCLAY, Maryland 
Kurt R. Bayer, Maryland 
Janet Hazen Bigbee, Florida 
Robert Wastell Bogley, Martjland 
Robert Charles Boileau, Maryland 
Suzanne Paula Braun, Virginia 
Lowell Ward Brooks, Jr., Maryland 
Gregory Lee Caucutt, Wisconsin 
Robert William Clarke, Ohio 
Bill Garland Clutter, Maryland 
Lynne Revo Cohen, Maryland 
Robert Andrew Cole, Massachusetts 
Marcia Elaine Coppel, D.C. 
Robert Ernest Cottle, Illiiiois 
Jo Ann Crandall, California 
Dankmar Cuic, Netv York 
Marita McKenna Danek, Maryland 
Joan M. Davies, Maryland 
Joanne Cramer Davis, Marylaiid 
George Acheson Delatush, Jr., Maryland 
Dennis Martin Devaney, Maryland 
Logan R. Doane, Maryland 
William Allan Donnelly, III, Maryland 
Cecilia Frances Dorrow, Maryland 
George H. Douse, Michigan 
Katherine Freida Drew, Maryland 
James Thomas Duffy, Jr., Pennsylvania 
Larry Eugene Eiker, Missouri 
Marion H. Eppes, Maryland 
James Lewis Farr, Georgia 
Bruce Michael Fingerhut, Indiana 
Clarence Oliver Fiske, Pennsylvania 
Beate M. Frank, Germany 
Klaus Joseph Franken, Maryland 
Meredith Lynn Friedman, Maryland 
Richard F. Fullenbaum, Maryland 
Charles H. Gartman, Maryland 
Charles S. Gibson, Jr., Maryland 
Alice Elizabeth Goldsmith, Virginia 
Beatrice Peck Greene, Maryland 
Clarence Henry Greff, Jr., California 
Paul Elmer Harris, Maryland 
Lydia F. Hartsock, Maryland 
Madeline Gail Hayman, Maryland 

Henry W. Herzog, Jr., Maryland 

JAMES Corwin Holland, Maryland 

iRAj HosHI, Maryland 

Raymond Frederick Jabara, New York 

Gilbert Victor Jacobs, Maryland 

George N. Kachigian, Virginia 

Donald Ervin Karr, Maryland 

James Allan Kass, Maryland 

Eugene F. Kelton, Maryland 

Jackie Wayne Kerns, Maryland 

Bruce Roland Knauff, Maryland 

Nancy S. Kneece, Maryland 

Trohoe Sayee Kpargarhai, Liberia 

LoREN Russell Larson, North Dakota 

Ellen Roberta Lawless, Maryland 

Bernard Franklin Leigg, Maryland 

Susan Marcia Levy, Missouri 

Arthur Allen Libby, III, Maryland 

Joel Allen Lieske, North Carolina 

Joseph Samuel LoCastro, Maryland 

WARREN Robert Luckner, Illinois 

George Herbert Mangan, Maryland 

Lois P. Mark, Maryland 

Darrell K. Mattheis, Maryland 

Edmond Anthony McGill, Jr., Pennsylvania 

Herman Joseph Meyen, Virginia 

Alan Lester Meyrowitz, Maryland 

Alfred Edgar Miller, Maryland 

Luther Bonnet Miller, Jr., Maryland 

CARL Duke Miner, Virginia 

William H. Mobley, Maryland 

Thomas Austin Morgan, Maryland 

Terry Herbert Morlan, Maryland 

Serene Tonning Moseson, Maryland 

Mary C. Mullen, Maryland 

Charles R. Newkirk, Nerv York 

JANE Elizabeth Niles, Maryland 

Barbara Bickel Nilsson, Maryland 

Marilyn Marotta Nutter, Virgin Islands 

Lawrence E. Oelschlegel, Pomsylvania 

Lawrence Joseph Ondrejack, Maryland 

Joan Kerns Ostling, New Jersey 

Elizabethann O'Sullivan, D.C. 

Edward P. Parris, Maryland 

Valerie Phillips Parsegian, Maryland 

Janice Lynne Philbrick, Rhode Island 



Saul Pincus, Maryland 
Beverly Elaine Polmar Maryland 
MiCHELiNA Ann Ponticello, New York 
Mary R. Price, Maryland 
John Christopher Ramsey, Maryland 
Joseph Leo Reid, D.C. 
Barbara J. Reiner, Maryland 
Therese Jeanne Rosen, Maryland 
Kenneth Jay Rosner, Maryland 
Charles Arthur Rudy, Maryland 
Doris Warshaw Sands, Maryland 
James W. Schafer, Maryland 
Evelyn Harris Schnider, Maryland 
Ellen Jane Schwartz, D.C. 
Amos Allen Sharpe, Maryland 
Thomas Patrick Stack, D.C. 
Victor Charles Stasio, New York 
Walter Robert Stelzer, Maryland 
Barry Sheldon Sternfeld, Maryland 

Laurie Jean Stevenot, Maryland 
Dale R. Tahtinen, Virginia 
Theophilos E. Terrovitis, Maryland 
Donna Lee Thomas, Maryland 
Milton Tipperman, Maryland 
Franco Triolo, Illinois 
Robert Lynn Turner, Virginia 
Jacqueline Joyce Unger, Greece 
Margaret Smith Vanness, Maryland 
Eric Henry Vieler, Maryland 
Gary Wayne Wahlquist, Arkansas 
Jean Norris Ward, Kentucky 
Leroy Otho Ward, Maryland 
Rollin James Watson, Maryland 
Carol R. Weber, Pennsylvania 
Anne Herndon Wilcox, North Carolina 
Helen Louise Wolfe, Maryland 
Kurt Francis Wolfe, Jr., Maryland 
John Michael Wood, Pennsylvania 
Charles G. Yannacone, Maryland 

June 6, 1970 


Richard Thomas Adams, Maryland 
JAY Douglas Allen, Virginia 
Robert Charles Anderman, Maryland 
Mary Fiumara Andrews, Maryland 
Pinar Arcan, Maryland 
Anne Atanossian, Maryland 
Therese Jane Bailey, D.C. 
Mark John Balas, Maryland 
Paul R. Barrett, New Jersey 
Marie Bartlova, Marylayid 
LORETTA Mauck Bassler, Maryland 
Douglas Ira Battenberg, Maryland 
Thomas Lynn Baucom, Maryland 
Roy Lackey Beavers, Jr., Virginia 
Robert Harold Benner, Maryland 
Matthew J. Bernota, Maryland 
Willis Lee Betts, Virginia 
Sandra Hannah Blau, Maryland 
Patricia Jeannette Bobbitt, Louisiana 
JANELLE Marie Bocchino, Virginia 
Mary Frances Bohardt, D.C. 
Baiba Bolsaitis, Maryland 
N. Ranjan Borra, Maryland 
Douglas Arrington Boyd, Texas 
Robert Forest Brammer, Maryland 
Barbara Freeman Brent, D.C. 
Deborah Anne Bridge, New Jersey 
ISADORE Brodsky, New York 
Klaus-Dieter Willi Brosius, Maryland 
Richard Thomas Brown, III, Maryland 
Ronald G. Brown, Maryland 
Margaret Burr Buckler, Maryland 
Mary Stuart BtmBAGE, Maryland 
Franklyn Norman Burke, Maryland 
BARBARA Anne Busch, Maryland 
Ann Marie Callanan, Maryland 
John George Carberry, Maryland 
Clifford S. Case, Maryland 

Leonard Edward Cave, South Carolina 

Dorothy Dixon Chaney, Maryland 

JOHN Thomas Chaney, Maryland 

Paul David Chiaro, D.C. 

Andrij Wolodymyr Chornodolsky, Maryland 

Charalambos Christoforou, Cyprus 

Stephanie Cole, Maryland 

Patrick Wayne Conner, Maryland 

Janice Lynn Cooke, Virginia 

Michael Eugene Cooper, Maryland 

Peter Michael Crocco, Marylayid 

William Eugene Curry, Pennsylvania 

Donald Pearson Darnell, Virginia 

William Henry Dashiell, Maryland 

Ronald H. Deiter, D.C. 

Gerard F. Devlin, Maryland 

Jean Carol Dietrich, Maryland 

Richard Donald Doorley, Maryland 

Peter William Dorfman, Maryland 

James Joseph Dowd, New Jersey 

Margaret Ann Drum, Maryland 

Jacques Henry Dubois, Maryland 

Paul F. Dvorak, Maryland 

Sophia Adela Dziadura, Virginia 

Ellen Franzen Eisenberg, Maryland 

Nazar Saadeldein El-Issa, Maryland 

Gloria Lynne Epstein, Maryland 

Charles Joseph Errico, D.C. 

Marilyn June Faris, Virginia 

Ivan Leonard Fears, Jr., New York 

Mary Lou Ference, Pennsylvania 

Ruth Ann Ference, Missouri 

Charles Wesley Fields, Maryland 

Ruth Brandon Fishman, Maryland 

Constance Ellen Flesey, New Jersey 

Patricia S. Florestano, Maryland 

John Gordon Foster, Jr., Maryland 




Brant William Free, Jr., Maryland 
Barbara Willsea Freeman, Maryland 
HARRY Lee Friedman, Maryland 
Sherry Anne Friedman, Connecticut 
Norman Horace Frisbie, Louisiana 
William F. Gardner, Jr., Maryland 
Rosanna M. Gilbert, Maryland 
David Gilmartin, Maryland 
Jolyon p. Girard, Maryland 
Eileen Keiley Glancy, Maryland 
Margaret Ann Godwin, New Jersey 
Richard W. Golas, Connecticut 
Susan Elaine Goldfarb, Maryland 
Barabra Diane Goldstein, New York 
Karen Gay Gomes, Maryland 
Maxine Catherine Grace, Maryland 
Inara GRAVITIS, Maryland 
Marian L. Green, Maryland 
Norma Goodwin Greene, Maryland 
Dianne Elizabeth Greyerbiehl, Maryland 
Mary Gay Haldeman, Maryland 
Matthew Hale, Jr., Virginia 
Virginia R. Hall, Maryland 
Stephen Edward Hannestad, Maryland 
Eugene John Harding, New Jersey 
RiVHARD Grant Helfman, Maryland 
Christine M. Helfrich, Maryland 
Eileen M. Henderson, Maryland 
James T. Henderson, Maryland 
Stephanie Ann Herman, Maryland 
David Michael Hershfield, Maryland 
William H. Hoffmann, Virginia 
Nancy Jane Horowitz, Maryland 
Lawrence Michael Horwitz, Maryland 
Edward J. Jasnow, Maryland 
Thomas Francis Jennings, Maryland 
Henry Bruce Johns, Maryland 
James Weldon Johnson, Virginia 
Kathleen Galvin Johnson, Maryland 
William Lampton Jones, D.C. 
Judith Aronson Kahn, Maryland 
OlGIERD Janusz KaliszczAk, Maryland 
Marvin Kasper, Maryland 
Marianne Heft Katz, Maryland 
Dale Kauffman, Maryland 
Sandra Em me Kayser, Maryland 
William Logan Keane, Maryland 
Karin Kellgren, Maryland 
In kie Kim, Maryland 
Se Hwan Kim, Maryland 
William Hunter Kincaid, Maryland 
Doris Carol Kirk, Wyoming 
Bela Kissh, Maryland 
James Richard Klein, Maryland 
Gregory T. Kohles, Maryland 
Robert Joseph Korbach, Maryland 
Shirley Elaine Kossler, Florida 
Walter D. Kuhne, Maryland 
Don Michael Kurtz, Virginia 
Robert David Kurtz, D.C. 
James Joseph Lakso, Maryland 
Dominique Lanchon, D.C. 
Barnard Saul Lebowitz, Maryland 

Josephine Leo, Maryland 

BARBARA E. Lesch, New York 

William Joseph Levering, Pennsylvania 

Barbara Jo Levine, Maryland 

Edward Raymond Levy, New Jersey 

Sarah Belle Lofgren, Maryland 

Paul Ellis Logan, D.C. 

Ralph D. Logan, Maryland 

Albert Edward Lowey-Ball, Maryland 

Marianne S. Lucas, Maryland 

John Charles Martin, Maryland 

Thomas George McCunniff, Virginia 

Adrian Francis McDonald, Jr., Connecticut 

Robert Edmund McDonald, Maryland 

John Condon McGrath, Neiv Jersey 

Jay Stuart Miller, Maryland 

Edward Charles Mishler, Maryland 

George David Model, Maryland 

Steven Merril Moore, California 

Nancy A. Morgan, Maryland 

Elizabeth Kellogg Morse, Maryland 

Jacques Nacson, Maryland 

Frances Bluestone Nebesky, Maryland 

Andros Agathocleous Nicolaides, Cyprus 

Thomas Michael O'Brien, Maryland 

Ann Mary O'Connor, New York 

Eileen Marie Oickle, Maryland 

Leon J. Osterweil, Maryland 

Alvin Barlow Owens, Virginia 

Ali Mohammad Parhizgari, Maryland 

Sally Lister Parker, California 

Kenneth Bedell Parlaman, Maryland 

E. Raymond Pastor, Maryland 

Mary Katherine Patterson, Maryland 

Leslie William Peverall, Virginia 

Charles Michael Pfeifer, Jr., Maryland 

Linda B. Phillips, Maryland 

Esther Mandel Potash, Maryland 

Charles Hallett Potter, H, Maryland 

Elaine Anne Powell, Maryland 

Winfred Trexler Root Prange, Maryland 

John Queralt, D.C. 

Donald Carl Quesada, Maryland 

John Andrew Raggio, Maryland 

Barbara Grady Rainville, Neiv Jersey 

Sandra Leonard Ransick, Maryland 

Robert Otto Reck, Maryland 

Betty Ann Reid, Maryland 

James Earl Reid, Maryland 

Randy Roberts, Maryland 

Susan Robinson, Indiana 

Alicia Mae Rodon, Maryland 

Raymond Coy Rogers, Maryland 

Susan Eileen Romans, Virginia 

Thomas Anthony Ronzetti, New York 

Barbara Glassman Rosenthal, Maryland 

Clarence Stanley Rowell, Jr., Maryland 

Joan M. Rupp, Maryland 

John Roxey Sage, Maryland 

Adrienne Merle Sanza, D.C. 

Robert Scherr, Maryland 

Cynthia Guldi Schiebel, Maryland 

William Kendall Schultz, Maryland 

Beate Annemarie Schulz, Maryland 




Harold Edward Schwartz, Jr., Maryland 

Shirley Jean Schwarz, Maryland 

Maurice LaRue Scott, Maryland 

Sally McKaig Seawright, Maryland 

GREX30RY Joseph Segreti, Maryland 

Elinor Seidel, Maryland 

Eugene Wesley Seitz, Virginia 

Howard James Selkin, Maryland 

Michon Carmeian Semon, Maryland 

Barur Victor Serunian, New York 

Bessie H. Shay, Maryland 

Doris B. Shnider, Maryland 

Anna Ruth Sibert, Maryland 

Donna Dolores Simms, Maryland 

Sydney Hegsted Skidmore, Maryland 

Phyllis S. Skok, Maryland 

Richard Kenneth Slater, New York 

William Frederick Smith, Jr., New York 

Manuchehr Soltani, Maryland 

Grace Suzanne Sonde, Maryland 

Valerie A. Stanley, Maryland 

MARILYN Kruger Steffen, Maryland 

Joanne L. Sternberg, New York 

Ronald Paul Stock, Maryland 

Donald Bennett Strickland, North Carolina 

Margaret Ann Strom, Virginia 

BUDROW Arthur Swartzendruber, Maryland 

Terry Neil Tesar, Maryland 

John Robert Thielke, Maryland 

Gary Dwain Travers, Maryland 

Fred Ernest Trent, New Jersey 

Thomas Carroll Tulloss, Maryland 
Gilbert Monico Valdez, Maryland 
Clyde Stacy Vandyke, Maryland 
Garrett Oliver Van Meter, II, Maryland 
Joan Baritz Van Winter, Maryland 
Robert William Venuti, Massachusetts 
David Richard Vreeland, Maryland 
Mark John Wagenveld, Michigan 
Ronnie Lynn Wagner, Virginia 
Gary Wayne Wahlquist, Arkansas 
William Wallace, Maryland 
Jean Norris Ward, Kentucky 
Rollin James Watson, Maryland 
Joseph T. Werle, Ohio 
Dolly Wade West, Virgi7iia 
Dean P. Westerman, Maryland 
Leon Irving Wetrogan, Maryland 
Elizabeth Castner Wharton, Maryland 
Constance Lindo White, New York 
James Bryon Will, Maryland 
Walter Edward Windsor, Maryland 
Robert Ian Winston, Maryland 
Ann Crowther Witenstein, Maryland 
Wescoat S. Wolfe, Maryland 
Margaret C. Wu, Maryland 
Janine Renee Wynholds, Maryland 
Susan Linda Yaffe, Maryland 
Lynn Leocha Yarbro, Maryland 
Debebow Zelelie, Ethiopia 

August 29, 1969 


Leonard Jay Altschuler, New York 
Charles Henry Amrhine, Maryland 
William Anthony Baity, Maryland 
Jennie Lee Betz, Maryland 
Samuel Elliot Bleecker, New York 
Mary Carol Perrott Boren, D.C. 
MARILYN S. Brayton, Maryland 
Julius James Brecht, Maryland 
NANCY Jeanne Brown, Maryland 
Marcia Harris Broxton, Maryland 
Mewin Hyman Bulmash, Maryland 
Alfred Felix Buonaguro, Maryland 
James Robert Camper, Maryland 
John Patrick Consaga, Maryland 
Mary D. Craig, Texas 
John Knox Cullen, Jr., Louisiana 
Thomas Charles Cunningham, Maryland 
David Samuel Curry, Maryland 
Louise 0. Cutting, Maryland 
Patricia Joan Ellis, Canada 
JOHN carl Foster, Maryland 
Nathan Stanley Frankle, Maryland 
Charles Sheldon Gault, Maryland 
E. Wesley Gifford, Maryland 
Edward William Gold, New York 
RAYMOND M. Guydosh, Peyinsylvauia 
Beverly Ann Gwaltney, D.C. 

RUTHIE Mae Hall, Florida 

Carol Newton Harden, Maryland 

Virginia Reid Ivie, Kentucky 

Helen Elizabeth Jones, Kentucky 

Krishna K. Kalra, New York 

Bonnie Lynn Kloeblen, New Jersey 

Hiroko Kobayashi, Japan 

Lawrence Kobren, Maryland 

Walter Benjamin Koppel, Maryland 

Allan Reid Kuhns, Pennsylvania 

Ruth Carroll Ladenson, Maryland 

James Victor Larsen, Maryland 

Henry Chengliu Lee, Maryland 

James LeRoy Means, Missouri 

Patricia Mehlhop, New York 

Jeanne Belle Miller, Virginia 

John Randolph Miller, Maryland 

Norman Alexander Mills, Jr., Maryland 

Kenneth Arthur Mooney, Maryland 

Robert Enos Morden, Arizona 

John J. Murphy, New York 

James Kenneth Newton, Maryland 

Nancy Alice Norman, Kentucky 

Hanson Henry North, Maryland 

Thakur Nath Pant, Maryland 

Carol Louise Christian Paulis, Maryland 

Vivian Christine Pendleton, Maryland 



Charles Wayne Puffinberger, Maryland 

NASEEM K. Rahman, Maryland 

John Degnan Rayner, Maryland 

Jay Martin Reid, Maryland 

Corene ReindollAR, Maryland 

Robert Russell Rhinehart, Jr., 

North Carolina 
Prasanna Kumar Samal, India 
Byung Chan Son, Korea 
Marilyn G. Stephenson, Virginia 
Barbara Heister Swope, Maryland 
Dwaine Marshall Thomas, Texas 

Marguerite Pike Tinsley, Maryland 
Peter Stephen Tinsley, Maryland 
Don Joseph Torrieri, Maryland 
Sylvester C. Umscheid, Kansas 
W. B. Vanderford, Maryland 
Hsiao-Yung Wang, Maryland 
Larry Allen West, New Mexico 
Louis Maddox Wiest, Jr., Maryland 
Ralph Kenneth Williamson, Maryland 
Lawrence Wesley Wilson, Maryland 
Edwin Alan Wurtz, Maryland 
Chai Hong Yog, Korea 

January 22, 1970 


Thomas Leach Adams, Maryland 

Virginia Ann Aita, Maryland 

Gustavo Max Arnstein, Venezuela 

Barbara S. Barry, Maryland 

B. Loring Beals, Oregon 

James Lawrence Beard, Maryland 

R. Randall Bell, Maryland 

Mary Josephine Benoit, Maryland 

Judy Anne Bergeron, Maryland 

James Jackman Bickley, Maryland 

John Kimberly Bird, Maryland 

Vernon Clarence Bissell, California 

Rachel Zonelle Booth, Maryland 

Barbara R. Brady, Maryland 

John Huston Bbantner, Georgia 

Richard L. Brown, Maryland 

Gloria Brooks Bryan, Virginia 

Doris Ann Caldwell, D.C. 

Margherita Campobassi, Pennsylvania 

Peter George Chapogas, Maryland 

Bonnie Lee Charyszyn, Maryland 

William Edward Chicca, Maryland 

Seth Marshall Coplan, Maryland 

Linda A. Crow, Montana 

Myralin Grace Daniel, North Carolina 

Nenita Y. Davadilla, Philippines 

Ella Elizabeth Derr, Maryland 

Robert Russell Dickson, Virginia 

Augustine Caspar DiGiovanna, Neiv York 

Rodney O. Dillon, Maryland 

Judith Marie Duvall, Maryland 

Nick A. Farmer, Maryland 

Judith Chase Feaster, New Hampshire 

Mary Avellino Finnegan, Mississippi 

Mary Ann Gaffney, Maryland 

Eugenia Mapes Galt, Maryland 

Barbara Ann Gentry, North Carolina 

Beatrice Marie Gillespie, Maryland 

Doris Sandquist Godsey, Pennsylvania 

John P. Govoni, Massachusetts 

John Louis Gugino, Jr., Georgia 

Georgann Louise Guidmore, Maryland 

Lois M. Gurel, Maryland 

Alan Barry Hais, Maryland 

Kyung II Han, Maryland 

Eleanor Tomlin Hanson, Maryland 

Charles Whitfield Harnsberger, Jr., 

Paul Richard Henderson, D.C. 
Mary L Hipp, Georgia 
Dayne Carlton Howell, North Carolina 
Judy Lynn Humphries, West Virginia 
Jo Annalee Irving, Florida 
Margaret Alverda Jackson, Maryland 
Sandra Overdahl Jensen, Illinios 
David Eliot Johnson, Maryland 
Jeanette Ann Jones, Virginia 
George Riland Keller, Maryland 
Elizabeth Ann Kelly, Pennsylvania 
Helen Elizabeth Kelley, Maryland 
Gettine Estess Kersh, Maryland 
Julie Ann Klink, Florida 
Anne A. Koehler, Illinois 
Eunsook T. Koh, Korea 
Anil Kohli, Maryland 
Shirley Ann Stapleton Lewis, California 
Gay Harding Linthicum, Maryland 
Robert Carroll Mallalieu, Maryland 
Helen L. Maule, D.C. 
Ellen Mary McFaul, Maryland 
Charlotte Ann McHenry, Mississippi 
Diana P. Meineke, Maryland 
Carlene Clasper Nelson, Maryland 
Masahiro Niizu, Maryland 
James Frank Novotny, Maryland 
Alphonsus Uroka Okorie, Biafra 
David Ernest Pace, Iowa 
Robert Perl, Maryland 
Susan Blanche Poulsen, Maryland 
Edna Lucille Poyner, D.C. 
George Wilson Rambo, Maryland 
Harold Kalman Rappoport, Maryland 
Phillip Leon Rayford, Maryland 
Martha Ann Redmond, New York 
Robert Alan Reisse, Pennsylvania 
Reginald Lynn Richardson, Louisiana 
Richard Edward Rintz, Michigan 
Barrett Nelson Rock, Maryland 
Edelmiro J. Rodriguez, Puerto Rico 
Louis Clifton Rutledge, Maryland 
Ronald Anthony Salerno, Maryland 
Rosetta Ford Sands, Maryland 
Anne-Marie Theresa Sawyer, Pennsylvania 



Burton Danis Schaber, Maryland 
Ronald Joseph Seaman, Maryland 
Julia Allerd Smith, Maryland 
Robert James Smith, New York 
Irene Allen Southall, Virginia 
Robert Edward Stahl, Maryland 
Daniel C. Stern, Maryland 
Manya Brooke Stoetzel, Maryland 
Kenneth Warren Theil, Maryland 
Abraham Tishman, Maryland 
Alan Lee Toblin, Now York 
Glennon Louis Van Doren, Maryland 

Monserrate Velez, Florida 

Richard Verne Vorheis, Jr., Virginia 

Linda Louise Wadian, Ohio 

Barbara Lathrop Welsh, Connecticut 

Walter Laurence Whitbeck, Maryland 

Gloria Maye Williamson, D.C. 

ToNi Winner, Maryland 

Richard Douglas Wootton, Maryland 

Thelma Power Wortman, Maryland 

Gerald Alphonse Zerdy, Maryland 

June 6, 1970 


Michael Abbamonte, Maryland 
Nancy R. Aller, Maryland 
Paul Harry Arbesman, Maryland 
Ira Lawrence Avrunin, Maryland 
Mehmet Ersin Bacinoglu, Virginia 
Florence Hubbard Bailey, Maryland 
Francis Louis Ballas, Pennsylvania 
John J. Baum, Maryland 
Robert H. Becker, Maryland 
Robert John Biegalski, Maryland 
David Alan Birch, Maryland 
Willis Walter Bixby, Maryland 
David Nathan Bixler, Maryland 
Elaine M. Blyler, Maryland 
Bijan Bonakdarpour, Maryland 
Barry Bragin, New York 
Margaret Elizabeth Brower, Virginia 
Kenneth Vincent Cerreta, New Jersey 
Himmat Singh Chadda, Maryland 
Amar Singh Chawla, Maryland 
Jean I-Jeng Chu, Maryland 
Raymond E. Cook, Maryland 
Louise Putty Cornell, Maryland 
Edwin Alvin Crispin, Maryland 
Sarah Catherine Crooke, Maryland 
Anthony John Culotta, Florida 
Janet Myers Daniel, Kentucky 
John Marshall David, Maryland 
John Michael Davidson, California 
Edward Theodore Dortignac, Maryland 
Dennis Dwight Dow, Maryland 
Richard Lin wood Faircloth, Maryland 
Daniel H. Fishman, Maryland 
John Joseph Giganti, Maryland 
Richard Paul Glasspool, Maryland 
Steven Harvey Gold, Pennsylvania 
Bruce L. Gotwols, Maryland 
Dennis Joseph Grayson, Maryland 
Edgar M. Greville, Maryland 
David Edward Griffith, Maryland 
Georgann Louise Guidmore, Maryland 
Ved Prakash Gupta, India 

James R. Gustafson, Connecticut 

David Frederick Hammond, Maryland 

Allen Godden Hansen, Maryland 

Colin Douglass Hansen, Maryland 

John Wayne Harris, Maryland 

Gregory Arnold Harrison, Maryland 

David R. Hess, Ohio 

David Hirschhorn, Maryland 

Wallace John Hoff, Jr., Maryland 

Earl William Holtzscheiter, Jr., Maryland 

Helene Hatsuno Horimoto, Hawaii 

Katherine Chuan-Kai Hu, Taiwan 

Daniel Webste;r Hudgings, Maryland 

Bruce M. Isaacs, Virginia 

Barbara Ellen Jones, Virginia 

Gretchen Peper Keene, Maryland 

Lillian Rana Kelley, Maryland 

Emmanuel Uzoewulu Kerry, Maryland 

Miles Henry King, III, Virginia 

Herman Henry Klein, Louisiana 

Raymond William Kornbau, Maryland 

Viggo Larsen, Denmark 

Robert Earl Lawson, Texas 

Thomas Roger Lee, Maryland 

Dennis Wesley Lennox, Maryland 

David Preston Lewis, Maryland 

Ching-Tai Lin, Maryland 

William Frederick Litwiller, Maryland 

Yueh-Chu p. Liu, Maryland 

Ralph G. Loffredo, Maryland 

Jonathan Dunham Longfellow, Jr., 

Pui J. Lui, Maryland 
John Oliver Lyles, Texas 
Robert Campbell Macphail, Maryland 
Jean Hollis Weber Mardres, Virginia 
Ann Hall Marshall, Maryland 
Hope M. Martin, Maryland 
Rosalie Ann Mccanner, D.C. 
Richard David McCloy, Pennsylvayiia 
George William McNeill, Maryland 
Prafulla K. Misra, India 




Victor Montviloff, Maryland 

OciE Marie Moore, Virginia 

JOHN Joseph Nelka, Maryland 

Lois Ann Norman, Maryland 

Dennis James O'Brien, Maryland 

BiNYORK Ouyang, Maryland 

Barry G. Pallay, Maryland 

Kenneth Marshall Parsons, Maryland 

Richard Paul Parsons, Maryland 

Eric Andrew Peterson, North Carolina 

Nicholas Frederick Piazzola, Pennsylvania 

CAROLYN CARICOFE Rabunsky, Maryland 

Herbert Francis Righter, Maryland 

Richard Edward Rintz, Michigan 

Carl Edward Rivard, Maryland 

CARLOS RoA M., Columbia 

Robert Bruce Rodgers, Maryland 

Morris James Root, Maryland 

Thomas Andrew Rygg, Maryland 

Nicholas Alden Salatti, Maryland 

Paul Samuel Schmitt, Maryland 

Karen Elizabeth Schultz, Maryland 

Rosetta Willima Seaton, Maryland 

Stephen Barrett Segall, Maryland 

Paul F. Shatto, Maryland 

Thomas Francis Signiski, Maryland 

Prema Amirtham Simon, Maryland 

Lorenzo Charles Simpson, Virginia 

John Carl Solberg, Maryland 

Joseph Angelo Spatola, Maryland 

John Beach Spiker, West Virginia 

Richard C. Steele, Virginia 

Daniel Patrick Stokesberry, Maryland 

Lester Harold Sullivan, North Carolina 

Michael Loren Swaney, Maryland 

David Michael Talbert, South Carolina 

Benson Thomas Taylor, Maryland 

Robert Stanley Taylor, Jr., Maryland 

James K. Trumbauer, Maryland 

Eno Akpan Udosen, Nigeria 

William Edward Underwood, Jr., Maryland 

Stephen Charles Urman, Maryland 

Jane Anderson Wade, Maryland 

Kerry Lee Wagaman, Maryland 

Richard Earl Walters, Maryland 

Frank William Wilkins, Maryland 

Michael Duncan Williams, Maryland 

Nina Stromgren Williams, Maryland 

JAMES Tsao-Lung Yeh, Maryland 

JEFFRY Wen-Hu Yeh, Maryland 

Tieh Lin Yin, Maryland 

Joseph B. Yount, in, Maryland 

Philip John Zell, Florida 

Barbara Hoffman Zimmerman, New Jersey 


August 29, 1969 

Bettie Shockley Altfather, Maryland 

William Theodore Backof, Maryland 

Frank Gerod Baker, Jr., Maryland 

Ruth Esther Bandy, D.C. 

Warren Sherwood Barkley, Maryland 

Hana Jane Barton, Maryland 

CARL JAMES Beckman, Maryland 

Ruth Jan Berg, Maryland 

Louis Robert Berlin, Maryland 

Hyalmar O. Betz, Georgia 

James William Borches, Maryland 

Giles Covin Bragg, Maryland 

Warren E. Brockett, Marxjland 

Don Hugh Buchanan, Maryland 

Eva Mae Bunnell, Pennsylvania 

Irma Jean Stevenson Campbell, Maryland 

Carolyn Witht Cassell, D.C. 

Elizabeth A. Cecil, Maryland 

Patricia Marie Costantino, Maryland 

Albert A. Coviello, Maryland 

Thomas Frank Crowley, Maryland 

Ellen Freeman Datcher, D.C. 

Adrian Lorenza DeWitt, Maryland 

Clara Marquita Despain, Maryland 

NORITA F. Early, D.C. 

Martin J. Eichhorn, Jr., Maryland 

Niles Roger Ellingson, Maryland 

Adele Corinne Ritchie Foschia, Maryland 

Cheryl Ann Foster, Maryland 

Norman Henry Froelich, Maryland 

Deya Joyce Gelini, West Virginia 
LuvENiA A. George, D. C. 
Patricia Kennedy Gernand, Maryland 
Stephen John Ginaitis, Maryland 
Shirley K. Greenwald, Maryland 
Terrance Allen Greenwood, Maryland 
Alice Lazarus Haber, Maryland 
Carol Anne Harrington, Pennsylvania 
Betty Lou Hayes, Maryland 
Susan Kay Hensley, Georgia 
Franklin Leonard Isolato, Maryland 
Sophie J. Jackson, Manjland 
Geraldine D. Kaufman, D.C. 
Pamela Rae Kirkman, Maryland 
Howard Lane Knox, Jr., Maryland 
Charles Lewis Koryda, Virginia 
Richard Eugene Krammes, II, Maryland 
John Marshall Krouse, Maryland 
Anunciacion Viril Lara, Philippines 
Robert E. Long, Maryland 
Jean L. Lowder, Marylayid 
Kathryn Jean Ludwig, Netv Jersey 
Thomas Maxwell, Jr., Maryland 
Dorothy Hand McAndrew, Maryland 
Charles Bernard McGinnis, Jr., Maryland 
Heloise Michelle Metzger, Maryland 
Thomas Eric Miller, Pennsylvania 
Doyle Ray Myers, Maryland 
Patricia Jeanne Nicholson, Maryland 
Gladys P. Page, Maryland 



BARBARA Ann Paskalides, Maryland 
George Pease, Maryland 
Rebecca R. Peders, Maryland 
Raymond Samuel Peters, Maryland 
Helene Neville Poland, Maryland 
Raymond D. Purnell, Maryland 
JANE E. Quinn, Maryland 
David Earl Reitz, Maryland 
David Albert Robinson, Maryland 
Norman Phillip Rosenthal, Maryland 
Glenice Vernae Rugland, Minnesota 
Daniel Francis Saltrick, Maryland 
Ellen Schalkowsky, Maryland 
Raymond R. Schneider, Maryland 
Judith Elaine Schrecengost, Maryland 
Maureen J. Schwartz, Maryland 
Inez Pernita Murdoch Shelton, Maryland 
Sandra Lee Sher, Maryland 
Mary Jean Shugars, D.C. 

Ernest Lee Smith, Maryland 
Faye Louise Spradlin, Maryland 
Kathryn Ann Sullivan, loiva 
Elizabeth Fowler Swanson, Maryland 
Sharon Louise Telleen, Maryland 
Martha Marianna Thomas, Maryland 
John Eugene Tritt, Maryland 
Jane E. Varner, Maryland 
Dorothy Rhine Wangner, Maryland 
Carol Cox Watkins, California 
Edward H alley Weber, Jr., Maryland 
Nancee Gwen Wethy, Maryland 
Anne Loretta Whelan, Maryland 
Ina Lou White, Maryland 
Flora K. Wolf, Maryland 
EsTH-ER Porte Wood, Maryland 
Eugene Worek, Virginia 
Calvin Eugene Wright, Maryland 
Eleanor Hecht Yuspa, Maryland 

January 22, 1970 


Robert T. Adkins, Maryland 
Sharon M. Arkin, Maryland 
Marjorie Musolf Baclawski, Maryland 
Sandra Urda Barrett, Maryland 
Stephen S. Bedi, Maryland 
John Michael Bennett, Maryland 
Julia Ann Bland, Maryland 
Martin Bruce Bowser, Maryland 
Hayward Lee Bright, Maryland 
Larry W. Burton, Maryland 
Virginia A. Chambers, Maryland 
Harry Collier Cole, Maryland 
Jimmie Ellis Cook, Maryland 
Ann Lynn Cooley, Maryland 
Lewis Higbee Corl, Maryland 
Jack Alden Crabill, Maryland 
Frederick Orlander Edwards, Maryland 
Flora G. Eisenberg, Maryland 
Bertha Washington Emory, Maryland 
Sherry Lynn Fears, Michigan 
Roy Nelson Fowler, South Carolina 
Gary Lewis Frey, Maryland 
David Johnson Gammons, Maryland 
Kathryn Burns Garland, Maryland 
Marlene J. Gevarter, Maryland 
David Robert Goodman, Maryland 
Barbara Jeanne Haigh, Maryland 
Dale R. Hall, Maryland 
Michael Wilford Heitz, Maryland 
Donlie Ray Henderson, Virginia 
Mark Dester Hollis, Jr., Maryland 
Bui Thuy Hong, Maryland 
Douglas Graham Keane, California 
Eugene Hall Kent, Maryland 
Caroline Marie King, Maryland 

Marilyn Anne Korbach, Maryland 
Catherine E. Lindenberger, Maryland 
Mary Ann Shirley Luskey, Maryland 
John Edward Maier, Maryland 
Nancy H. McClelland, D.C. 
Nancy Daniels Meyers, Maryland 
Ernesteen Pardee Miller, Maryland 
Raymond R. Minton, Maryland 
Ruth Irmgard Moline, Okinawa 
Margaret A. Mueller, Ohio 
Joyce Alene Murphy, Maryland 
Dorothy Eleanor Beckett Nolan, Utah 
Marilyn Peltz, New York 
Nancy M. Pinson, Maryland 
Ellwood T. Quigg, Maryland 
Jean G. Rauch, Maryland 
MARY L. Rosenberg, Maryland 
Theodore John Roumel, D.C. 
Joan Savage, New Jersey 
Raymond Louis Scopel, Maryland 
Barbara McFadden Sewell, Maryland 
Anna T. Shade, Maryland 
Carol La Point Sheldon, Maryland 
Carole Barbara Sherman, Maryland 
Lillian T. Siegel, Maryland 
Eugenia Oneil Sills, Maryland 
Marsha F. Slucker, New York 
Mary Suzanne Swanson, D.C. 
Genevieve Roemer Travis, Maryland 
David Lyle Troshinsky, Maryland 
Janice Maxwell Uncer, Hawaii 
Patricia Ann Upp, Maryland 
Iris Mann Weinstein, Maryland 
Rose R. Wynn, Maryland 



June 6, 1970 


DoBEEN Kay Abramchik, iVeiy York 
Flora Bolling Adams, Maryland 
MARYANN L. Adams, Maryland 
David Russell Annibal, Maryland 
Bill Santford Ashley, D.C. 
Beverly B. Auckenthaleb, Maryland 
Janie Sitton Beers, Maryland 
Janet Lee Bergman, Maryland 
Jean Hirsh Berman, D.C. 
Mary Esther Boyce, Maryland 
James Abner Brasvi^ell, Maryland 
ZiGMAS JURGIS Bucevicius, Maryland 
Felice Karen Carpenter, Maryland 
Mary B. Chambliss, Maryland 
David Gerard Close, Maryland 
Phyllis Patricia Cochran, Maryland 
Lillian Young Cockrell, Maryland 
Joan Diane Coley, Maryland 
William George Conroy, Maryland 
Charles W. Craft, Maryland 
Winifred Hubert Curry, Maryland 
Walter James Cuttler, Maryland 
Lowman Gillespie Daniels, Maryland 
Dudley Garris Davis, Maryland 
Nancye B. Devier, Virginia 
Maria Diaz, Maryland 
Mary C. Domingue, Maryland 
Vivienne B. Dorsch, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Douglas, Maryland 
Mary E. Dungey, Maryland 
Leroy Durham, Maryland 
Claudine Bloom Eastburn, Maryland 
Carroll Baylor Eddy, Virginia 
Allan Douglas Eisel, Maryland 
Patricia Peters Eliot, D.C. 
Phyllis Hubel Field, Maryland 
Robert Lewis Fisher, Maryland 
Jacalynn Elka Fox, Maryland 
Judith Meyers Fuchs, Maryland 
John D. Furland, Maryland 
Ronald John Gamache, Maryland 
Joan W. Gatewood, Maryland 
Nancy Nicodemus Greenwood, Maryland 
June Lundy Gurley, Maryland 
Mary Cantor Hammer, Maryland 

George William Harman, Maryland 
Judith Tucker Heimbach, Pennsylvania 
Samuel Thomas Helms, III, Maryland 
Frances A. Hendrickson, Maryland 
Gerald Francis Hill, Maryland 
Kuo-Hsiung Ho, Maryland 
Elizabeth B. Holden, Maryland 
Charlotte M. Hoover, Maryland 
Florence DeWitt Howard, Maryland 
Richard Iannucci, Maryland 
Andrew Mead Janes, Maryland 
Elisabeth Wilton Jenkins, Maryland 
Constance Mary Jensen, Maryland 
Alyce Geraldine Jewell, Maryland 
Dorothy S. Jones, Maryland 
Judith Lynn Jones, Maryland 
Martha Betena King, Maryland 
Virginia S. Krohnfeldt, Maryland 
Sharon Alison Kurland, Florida 
Marion B. Lawrence, Maryland 
Marion Jean Lawrence, Maryland 
Mildred Ann Linetty, Maryland 
Patricia Louise Loveless, New York 
Phyllis J. MacWilliams, Maryland 
Elizabeth H. Magagna, Maryland 
Gail Roberta Maish, Maryland 
Willis Joel Mann, Maryland 
Cornelia Kathlyn Marshall, D.C. 
Linda Rosanne McIntosh, Maryland 
Eleanor C. McKissick, Maryland 
Mary Carolyn Meakem, Maryland 
Alexander Nakoi, Virginia 
Bruce Leonard Nale, Maryland 
Jane Dolores Niederberger, Maryland 
nancy Catherine O'Neill, D.C. 
Joseph Carroll Oursler, Jr., Maryland 
Marilyn M. Petersen, Maryland 
Clair Albert Phillips, Maryland 
Judith Lee Pokorni, Maryland 
Anthony John Rash, Maryland 
Ronald Lee Robeson, Sr., Maryland 
Mary Z. Rogers, Maryland 
Nancy Katherine Rorden, Maryland 
Doris Ellen Rottner, New York 
MARY Elise Schwalm, Maryland 




Jane G. Seifert, Maryland 
Linda A. Shevitz, Maryland 
WiLMER Kenneth Shifflett, Maryland 
Neil James Shipman, Maryland 
Kathleen Carlotta Smith, Pennsylvania 
Wayne Harley Smith, Maryland 
John Thomas Smyth, Maryland 
Esther R. Starobin, Maryland 
Dorothy Mae Statler, Maryland 
John Stephanos, Maryland 
Joan Marion Stipetic, Maryland 
Judith Charlene Stover, Maryland 
BARBARA S. Strickler, Maryland 
Marlene Anna Strumsky, Maryland 
Maryellen Perry Stuart, Maryland 
Joyce Corl Swanson, Maryland 

Nancy Elizabeth Taylor, Maryland 

LURA A. Tekesh, Maryland 

Florence Anne Thomas, Maryland 

Luella Kneisly VanNewkirk, Maryland 

Marie Margaret Becker Warner, Maryland 

Dorothy Louise Webb, Maryland 

Steven Malcolm Weinberger, Maryland 

John Henry Werner, Maryland 

Pamela Armstrong Wills, Maryland 

Barbara Jean Wilson, Maryland 

Conni Faye Adams Wojciechowicz, Maryland 

Lois Y. Workman, Maryland 

Ralph William Wyand, Maryland 

Edwin Andrew Yaniga, Maryland 

Evelyn Joan Yunger, Maryland 

Frank Edward Zelenka, Maryland 

August 29, 1969 

David Warren Goettee, Maryland 
Howard Lee Kravitz, New Jersey 

Lee Edward Pittle, Maryland 




January 22, 1970 

Bruce McKay Allan, Maryland 
Richard Morton Caplan, Maryland 
James Arnold Costrell, Maryland 
Ermon Elmo Francis, Maryland 
Harold Daniel Kahn, Maryland 
Joseph James Kunkler, Maryland 
Richard Victor Lundquist, Maryland 
Joseph Stephen Maltese, Maryland 
William Edward Moore, Jr., Ohio 

June 6, 1970 

Richard Tilton Moss, Pennsylvania 
Brooks Ripley Palmer, Maryla^id 
John Christian Roock, Maryland 
PouRAN Shams Soltani, Maryland 
John A. Speicher, Maryland 
Elmon Louis Vernier, Jr., Maryland 
Frank Louis Vettori, Maryland 
Edward Monroe Watkins, Virginia 
Dudley Mack Weathers, Tennessee 

Beach W. Aten, II, Illinois 
James Francis Brewer, Maryland 
Richard Y. Carpenter, New York 
LeRoy Ferguson Coulter, D.C. 
Richard Bruce Edelman, Maryland 
Thomas Michael Fahy, Maryland 
Richard Francis Gibbons, Virginia 
Paul Jackson Giles, Maryland 
Frank Augustus Hamer, Jr., Pennsylvania 
Desmond Eugene Henley, Maryland 
Walter Kuhn Herb, Maryland 
Joseph Dennis Hicks, Maryland 
John Edward Jarboe, Maryland 

Thomas Edwin Johnson, Maryland 
James Lee Kelley, Maryland 
WiLLARD Walter Lindquist, California 
Richard Joseph Little, Maryland 
Donald H. Mencl, Maryland 
Lawrence Philip Merling, Maryland 
Paul Howard Mullan, Maryland 
Brian Allen Poole, Maryland 
Anthony Joseph Romersa, Maryland 
Robert Leonard Smith, Delaware 
Richard Thomas Stratton, Maryland 
Albert Kent Weymouth, Jr., Maryland 



August 29, 1969 

Diane Louise Akers, Maryland 
Carla Suzanne Alexander, West Virginia 
William Scott Allison, Canada 
Elizabeth Harden Anthony, Maryland 
Gayle Appelgate Araghi, Maryland 
Ronald Anthony Baraloto, Maryland 
Courtenay Wright Bass, Virginia 
Judith Joy Bement, Nebraska 
MaryBelle M. Bonnett, Maryland 
Margaret Bossenga, Maryland 
Lynne Elizabeth Bradley, New York 
Margaret E. Cline, Maryland 
Pearl Louise Cooprider, Maryland 
Alice Stevens Cranor, Maryland 
Nancy Ann Currier, D.C. 
Evelyn Hope Daniel, Virgi7iia 
Persis Ann Darling, Maryland 
Josephine Mitchell Dearborn, Virginia 
Elizabeth Anne Fahey, Maryland 
Francis Haven Freeman, Maryland 
Philip Fox Gardner, Maryland 
Suzanne D. Gluck, Virginia 
Karl Rees Green, Maryland 
Pamela Quimby Jensen, D.C. 
Jean Alice Kennedy, Maryland 

Kathryn Putnam Kinzer, Maryland 
Theresa Jennie Knasiak, Ohio 
Anita Lamkin, Maryland 
Ragnhild MaryAnn Lang, Maryland 
Elizabeth B. Lawton, Maryland 
Elaine M. Lipford, Maryland 
Rose P. McIntyre, Maryland 
Janice W. McLean, Maryland 
Alice Marie Miller, Maryland 
Susan Marlene Mower, Maryland 
Margaret Adele Neumann, Maryland 
Barbara Snow Olear, Maryland 
Alice McGinnis Penzo, Maryland 
Vita Nathanson Resnick, Maryland 
Alice Rae Boone Riecks, Maryland 
Velta Ritums, Maryland 
Marie Stein Rosche, Maryland 
Anne Louise Roseberry, Maryland 
Philip Rowland Ross, Maryland 
Cynthia Pilling Rupp, Maryland 
Margaret Ruth Taylor, Maryland 
Vivian S. Templin, Maryland 
Mary Joan Wallace, Maryland 
Dee a. Willmuth, Maryland 
Anne Virginia Wright, Maryland 




January 22, 1970 

William L. Basinski, Maryland 

Ruth Breeze Berry, Maryland 

Charlotte Edna Blalock, D.C. 

Oris Childers Blanchette, D.C. 

Jennie Lou Brogdon, Maryland 

Catherine Ellen Brown, Delaware 

Marianne Ewbank Campbell, North Carolina 

Daphne Gilbert Carter, D.C. 

Ning-Tzyy Chang, Taiwan 

Andrea M. Dyhouse, Maryland 

Margaret Lois Edmundson, Maryland 

Ruth Ann Edwards, Pennsylvania 

Emily Y. Fan, Taiwan 

Katharine A. Helmick, Maryland 

Lisa Fay Hertz, Pennsylvania 

Catheryn Yu Lee, Taiwan 

Hope Cassell Ligon, Maryland 

Constance Anne Moore, Virginia 
Charlotte C. Munster, Virginia 
Adele M. Newburger, Maryland 
George Ingleston Pike, Virginia 
Sylvia D. Pinkett, Maryland 
Ellen Cox Pruitt, Maryland 
Francine Myers Purdom, Maryland 
Ronald Arthur Reinikainen, Maryland 
Linda Carol Roach, Tennessee 
Ruth Neufeld Shelley, Maryland 
Mary Graham Smith, Maryland 
Leona F. Taylor, Maryland 
Richard David Tetreau, Massachusetts 
Jacqueline van de Kamp, Maryland 
James Clifton Welbourne, Maryland 
Mary Hope Wilson, Maryland 
Donald Karl Wittig, Maryland 

June 6, 1970 

Jean Caulwell, Maryland 

Virginia M. Cawley, Maryland 

Carol A. Clark, Maryland 

Naomi Beth Cooper, Maryland 

Doris J. Doran, Maryland 

Rae E. Dubois, Maryland 

Louisa Kay Ecelbarger, Maryland 

Joan Swenson Elbers, Maryland 

Claudia Wehdeking Friend, Maryland 

Kathryn L. Funkhouser, Maryland 

Alma Cofer Glover, D.C. 

Maron Higdon, Maryland 


Judith Mary McLoughlin Hobart, Maryland 

Carolyn Ames Hodina, Maryland 

Ann Shih-An Hsiad, Maryland 

JAY Lawrence Kalvan, Maryland 

Helen Metaxas Koste, Maryland 

Susan E. Kreh, Maryland 

Madeline Mabry Lippman, Maryland 






Thelma Suggs Little, Maryland 
Kay L. Logan, Delaware 
JAYNE T. MacLean, Virginia 
Judith Makaravitz, Virginia 
Richard Byam Martin, Virginia 
Mildred B. Merrill, California 
Mary Parker Morrison, Virginia 
Pamela Anne Noyes, New York 
Gail Adele Olson, Illinois 
Ann Goodhart Perlman, D.C. 
Metra Edite Petersons, Maryland 
Jean F. Reed, Maryland 
Lillian Adelaide Riecke, New York 
Jane H. Rogers, Maryland 
Phyllis Diane Rozman, Maryland 
Stella Maria Sanchez, Maryland 
Mary Margaret Saxon, Pennsylvania 
Judy R. Schneider, Maryland 
Joan Allene Schrader, Pennsylvania 

Mary Alison Seek, Maryland 
Barbara Ghastain Smith, Maryland 
Janet Price Stauss, Maryland 
Sarah L. Stevens, South Carolina 
Jean Ruth Sullivan, Maryland 
Roberta Taherzadeh, Maryland 
Edward Anthony Tappe, II, Maryland 
James Joseph Tilton, Virginia 
Patricia Ann Tonkin, Maryland 
Jean L. Tyson, Maryland 
Vera S. Varadi, Maryland 
Mary Ann Wickwire, Maryland 
Catharine Dix Widler, D.C. 
Gudrun Dorothea Williams, Maryland 
Joan C. Winkler, Maryland 
Mary Elizabeth Wolfe, Virginia 
Mary Kail Wolfe, Maryland 
Nancy Daniel Wright, Maryland 


January 22, 1970 

Carolyn Diane Atkins, Maryland 

June 6, 1970 

Richard Paitl Conant, Virginia 
Paul Jerald Dallman, Maryland 
Patricla P. Friedman, Maryland 
Marilyn Louise Hall, Maryland 

Robert G. McKenzie, Maryland 
Bernard Harold McWilliams, Maryland 
Sharon Guertin Shafer, Virginia 
Ruth LaPorte Sragow, Maryland 


College of Agriculture 

Candidates wil! be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

August 29, 1969 

Robert John Aschenbrenner, Maryland 
ILewis Edward Baer, Maryland 
*JOHN Charles Baxter, Maryland 
Reuben Francis Beauchamp, Maryland 

*William Ferdinand Gimpel, Jr., Maryland 
Anthony Alan Janda, Maryland 
David Steven Klein, Maryland 
Robert Davis Knapp, Maryland 
fMARY Susan Sutphin, Maryland 

January 22, 1970 

Grayson Lance Abbott, Jr., Maryland 
William Christopher Benson, Maryland 
George Howard Burch, Maryland 
Wallace Thomas Campbell, Maryland 
Edward Proctor Coulston, Jr., Maryland 
AftTHUR Parker Dean, Maryland 
Thomas Larry Dietrich, Maryland 
Gerard Raymond Dirscherl, Maryland 
Robert Lynn Ferguson, New Jersey 
Michael Booth Hanna, Maryland 
Bradford Charles Hanson, Maryland 
Richard Gary Holland, Maryland 
Joseph Casimir Hull, New Jersey 

PAUL Franklin Jenkins, Maryland 
Richard Thomas Johnston, Maryland 
William McAllister, III, Maryland 
Carol Cantrell O'Neal, Maryland 
Jorge Alberto Pena-Solano, El Salvado 
Mark Alvin Woods, Maryland 
Ross Roy Rowland, Maryland 
WiLMER Bbinton Sagle, Maryland 
Stanley Edward Schultz, Maryland 
Basil H. Smith, Maryland 
John M. Soloninka, Penjisylvania 
William Lynn Summers, Maryland 
Robert Lee Wampler, Maryland 


June 6, 1970 

Edward Wilson Amory, New Jersey 
Anthony Jay Arnold, Maryland 
Jerome Allen Benesch, Maryland 
Dale Lee Bennett, Florida 
Edward Bealmear Breitschwerdt, Maryland 
Bruce Baker Brendel, Maryland 
John Russell Brooks, Maryland 
♦Robert Stuart Brown, Maryland 
fjAMES Richard Buckler, Maryland 
Steve William Budd-Jack, Maryland 
tHARRY Clifton Byrd, III, Maryland 
Presley Austin Carter, Jr., Maryland 
Wayne Leland Chubb, Maryland 
Barry Truitt Covington, Maryland 
*JOHN W. Craft, Maryland 
Raymond Harold Craft, Florida 
Thomas Edward Dixon, Maryland 
Stewart Edward Doetzer, Maryland 
Ralph William Dutrow, Maryland 
David Bradley Erb, Maryland 
Jeffrey John Fahrman, Maryland 
Timothy Edward Fairbrother, Maryland 
James Edgar Faulkner, Maryland 
JAMES Delp Fielder, Jr., Maryland 
John T. Fitzpatrick, III, D.C. 
* Daniel David Fritz, Maryland 
Robert Gordon Fritz, Maryland 
♦Robert Henzler George, Maryland 
Stephen Morrill Grimm, Maryland 
William Dorsey Handley, Maryland 
Dennis Steyer Hansford, D.C. 
David Donald Hartman, Maryland 
IElizabeth Ann Hein, Maryland 
Larry Robert Hirshenson, New Jersey 
James Francis Hoback, Maryland 
John Hansen Hoffman, Jr., Maryland 
Laurence Douglas Hotton, Maryland 

fRiCHARD Edward King, Maryland 
Darryl Joseph Kosisky, Maryland 
Thomas Bernard Kowalski, Connecticut 
William Robert Kramer, Maryland 
John Thomas Layton, Maryland 
fJosEPH Haddaway Layton, Jr., Maryland 
William Howard Marker, Maryland 
Mario Michael Maura, New York 
Gary Lee Miller, Maryland 
William Ransom Miller, Maryland 
Richard James Morton, Maryland 
*Gary Lee Perrygo, Maryland 
tDouGLAs Edward Peters, Ohio 
Hak Yong Pyo, Korea 
fRiTA Agnes Ridgeway, Maryland 
Margaret Denise Ringuette, Maryland 
fCARL Eugene Robinette, Maryland 
Donald Scott Robitzer, Pennsylvania 
Franklin Alan Rosenstein, Maryland 
Thomas John Rowland, Maryland 
Daniel Edgar Schwaninger, Maryland 
Teri Lynn Schwartz, New York 
*Dennis William Slifer, Maryland 
Lewis Howard Smith, Jr., Maryland 
Joseph Christian Snavely, III, Maryland 
Theodore, Johnson Snell, Maryland 
tRONALD Norman Spikloser, Maryland 
William David Street, Maryland 
Robert Warren Strong, Maryland 
Susan Ora Sweet, Maryland 
Richard James Verfuerth, Maryland 
Gordon Bernard Ward, Jr., Maryland 
Dorothy Louise Wartenberg, Maryland 
Emory Andrews Whittington, Maryland 
Kenneth Eugene Wrightson, Jr., Maryland 


•with Honors; twith High Honors 

College of Arts and Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Charles Manning, Dean of the College 
August 29, 1969 


James Allen Adkins, Maryland 
William Stacey Anderson, Maryland 
Claire Diane Auckenthaler, Ohio 
Malory Campbell Ausland, D.C. 
Jerome Berenholtz, Maryland 
Abe Morton Berg, Maryland 
tJOHN Paul Bischoff, New Jersey 
Morris Shanks Blackistone, Maryland 
Jeanne Elizabeth Bond, Maryland 
Alexander Bortnick, Maryland 
Clinton Wesley Botkin, Maryland 
Stewart Lee Bryant, Maryland 
Joan Estelle Bryce, Maryland 
TONi Marie Bugel, Maryland 
Patricia Ray Bunton, Maryland 
Gerald Richard Bushee, Maryland 
Sheila Ellen Callahan, Pennsylvania 
Susan Ruth Callahan, Maryland 
CAROLYN Ann Carmack, Maryland 
Michael S. Cobb, D.C. 
BARRY D. Cohen, Maryland 
*Brian Cohen, Maryland 
Mary Louise Connolly, Maryland 
Katherine Ann Cooper, Maryland 
Paul Edward Craley, Maryland 
Carol Crandell, Maryland 
Ellen Louise Croft, Maryland 
Neal Ronald Culbertson, Virginia 
Lester L. Darling, Virginia 
Gregory Richard Dent, Maryland 
Francis Nicholas Denvir, Massachusetts 
Louise Annette d'Epagnier, Maryland 
Joseph Gary DiNunno, Maryland 
fGRETA L. Doering, Maryland 
George Saito Dunn, Florida 
Regina Celeste Ebeling, Maryland 
Scott Lionel Ehreke, Maryland 
Michael Peter Farrell, Connecticut 
Rocci Joseph Fisch, Jr., Maryland 
*David Calvert Fix, Maryland 
Ralph Edlef Foelster, Maryland 
Carol W. Fuller, California 
Robert McCloud Fulton, Jr., Pennsylvania 
fNORA Louise Galli, Maryland 
Eileen N. Gary, D.C. 
Camilla Sherwood Gibbons, Maryland 
Jonathan Trumbull Ginn, Maryland 
Deborah Goldstein, Manjland 
Horace Roger Gonzalez, California 
MARGO J. Goodwin, Maryland 
fMARTHA G. GueRON, Marxjland 
tCATHERlNE Lee Haar, Maryland 
Ellen R. Hannon, Maryland 
Nancy Lee Haslinger, Manjland 
*EiLEEN F. Heffernan, Maryland 
Patrick Gilmer Hoffman, Maryland 
Philip Gary Holmes, Maryland 
Ronald Paul Horwitz, Maryland 
*Sally Emith Jorden, Georgia 
Candace M. Kane, Virginia 
Donald Arthur Kaye, Maryland 

Alan Craig Kazdoy, Maryland 
Paul H. Keller, Maryland 
Pauline G. Kells, Maryland 
Suzanne Kelly, Maryland 
Alice Ellen Kennelly, Maryland 
Robert E. Kling, III, Maryland 
Robert Alan Knox, Maryland 
Michael John Kovach, Ohio 
Stephen Howard Kramer, Maryland 
Warren E. Kullberg, Maryland 
Paula Bogel Lantz, Maryland 
David Alan Levin, Maryland 
Stephen Barry Levin, Maryland 
*RosA Lie, Hong Kong 
MARi Jeanne Lovaas, Maryland 
James Harry Magin, Maryland 
SuzETTE Martinez, Maryland 
*Judith Blincoe Martino, Virginia 
Gina K. Massey, Maryland 
Sharon Sue Mather, Maryland 
Nancy Christina Mayer, Maryland 
Diana Merilyn McClelland, Maryland 
Patricia Anne McDonald, Maryland 
Bettie Owen McLeod, D.C. 
Dennis Nichol McSweeny, Maryland 
Robert Barry Merenbloom, Maryland 
Robert Allen Merbithew, Maryland 
Martin Joseph Mesmer, Maryland 
Jerry Leon Millwood, Maryland 
Alexandra Morris, Maryland 
Patricia Jeanne Murphy, Maryland 
Alan Ray Musselman, Marylayid 
*Maida Marie O'Brien, Maryland 
Patricia Ellen Pase, Maryland 
Marin Pearson, Maryland 
fFRANK Lewis Pichini, Jr., Maryland 
Alan John Porter, Maryland 
IFrances Ann Porton, Maryland 
Bruce Jeffrey Price, Maryland 
Donald Edward Purcell, Maryland 
Eric Paul Puryear, Maryland 
Nancy Lee Pyle, Maryland 
Virginia Ann Rogers, Virginia 
Albert Michael Rosen, Maryland 
Burton Allen Rosenberg, Maryland 
Thomas Douglas Ruzicka, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Sachs, New Jersey 
Edward Spence Sandler, Maryland 
Christine Ellen Saunderson, Maryland 
Donald Alan Schaeffer, Jr., Maryland 
*Antonina Scherb, Maryland 
Richard William Schulz, Jr., Maryland 
Susan Ann Shaffer, Maryland 
Sharon Ruth Stebbins, Maryland 
Marie Warfield Stinson, Maryland 
Steven Stosny, Maryland 
fEUGENE John Sullivan, New Jersey 
Frank Victor Tarkington, IH, Maryland 
Nancy Marcia Tatelbaum, Maryland 
Donald Ernest Thompson, Maryland 
Gay Josephine Wainwright, New York 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 



ScsAX Marie Webb, Maryland 
James Proctor Wells, Maryland 
Dune Gail Wilde, \ew Jersey 

Jennie Lee Williams, Maryland 
William Roger Withee, Montana 
Thomas Dale Zumwalt, Maryland 

Januan- 22, 1970 


Susan Marsha Abelson, Maryland 

Leland Martin Aks, Maryland 

William James Alexis, Maryland 

Patricia Diane Altimont, Maryland 

CixiETTE Eleen Amberson, Maryland 

David Campbell Amey, Pennsylvania 

Judith Lee Anderegg, Alaska 

Tiiu Ann Anniko, Maryland 

Donald R. Archer, Maryland 

Susan Holt Atvs'ater, Maryland 

David Leonard Beaumont Bacon, Maryland 

Edward Royland Bailey, Maryland 

Gordon Fred Baker, Maryland 

Thomas Charles Barbuti, New York 

Rita Marie Beach, Maryland 

Sandra Lee Beam, Maryland 

Phillip Edward Bell, Maryland 

Roy Eugene Bennett, Jr., Maryland 

Joel Lee Berger, Maryland 

Anne M. Bernau, Sew Jersey 

Arnold Jay Biorski, Maryland 

Scott Keisteb Birdsong, Maryland 

Richard Sheldon Blackwell, Maryland 

Douglas J. Blankinship, Maryland 

John Blanos, .Veu' Jersey 

Robert Gary Bloomberg, Maryland 

Anne Helen Bohacek, Maryland 

Lynn Denise Bokar, Maryland 

Suzanne Bolton, Maryland 

Terry Eugene Boose, Maryland 

David George Bortz, Maryland 

*Makie Bourne, Maryland 

Linda Sue Brant, Maryland 

MARILYN Bricker, Maryland 

Barbara Terry Brilliant, Maryland 

Valerie Lynne Brose, Maryland 

Vincent dePaux Buhns, Maryland 

Charles Richard Burton, Maryland 

Susan K. BUTKUS, Maryland 

Marian Jane Butts, Maryland 

Judith Littlefield Byrne, Maryland 

William Hall Callahan, Maryland 

Ronald Lee Canter, Maryland 

Lane Easton Carlson, Maryland 

Lee Dorothy Catanese, New Jersey 

John Robert Chutich, Maryland 

Marc Kami Cohen, Maryland 

James Joseph Conrad, Jr., Maryland 

Philip M. Cordry, Maryland 

Wolfgang Corduan, Virginia 

Leonard J. Coster, Jr., Maryland 

Sandra Sue Cotler, Maryland 

Sharon J. Crider, Maryland 

*Darryl John Crockett, Maryland 

Emily A. Cromar, Maryland 

Christine Ann Crovato, Maryland 

John James Curry, Maryland 
Donna Alice Daugherty, D.C. 
Lawrence Gene David, New York 
Henry Dunlop Dawbabn, Jr., Virginia 
Jerome Edward Deise, Maryland 
RoxiE Helen Delemarre, Maryland 
Ernest Raphael DeRosa, Maryland 
Loretta Marie d'Eustachio, Maryland 
Mary Elizabeth DiRende, Maryland 
Cheryl Jenkins Dobbins, Maryland 
Cathy H. Dombrowski, Maryland 
*Geobge Lewis Donkin, Maryland 
Patricia A. Dobtignac, Maryland 
Jane Ann Doutt, Maryland 
Richard John Dovro, Maryland 
PAMELA Anne Drake, Maryland 
John C. DuChez, H, Maryland 
Mary Kathryn DUGGAN, Maryland 
William Jeffrey Dumeyer, Pennsylvania 
Gary Elliott Dwoskin, Maryland 
John Jefferson Dykstba, Maryland 
Anita Jean Eddy, Maryland 
Sylvia Shirley Elhai, Maryland 
Carolyn Ruth Ely, New York 
Linda Jean Erlanger, Maryland 
Warren Rhys Evans, Jr., Maryland 
Linda Catherine Faina, D.C. 
Victor Leslie Farkas, Maryland 
MARY Ellen Fausel, New Jersey 
Gayle L Fine, Maryland 
Lewis Joseph Fleischman, Maryland 
Cheryl Ann Forbes, Maryland 
Charles Vernon Ford, Jr., Maine 
Patricia Ann Froude, Virginia 
Robert Edwin Fullen, Maryland 
Patricia Jane Fulton, Maryland 
John Thomas Censor, Maryland 
Christine Grace Gerhardt, Maryland 
David Gershan, Maryland 
Donna Arlene Gersuk, Maryland 
Douglas Alexander Gibson, Maryland 
Kimberly Harlen Gilbert, Maryland 
Richard Edward Gingher, Maryland 
Charles Wesley Goeke, D.C. 
John Sidney Golden, Maryland 
Philip Robert Goldstein, Maryland 
Meryl Lee Goodman, Maryland 
Jack Gordon, New York 
William D. Grady, Maryland 
Robert J. Greenberg, Maryland 
Margaret Ruth Greer, Maryland 
John Charles Griber, New Jersey 
Robert Kasten Gurin, Maryland 
Timothy Henderson Haley, Maryland 
Robert M. Hall, South Carolina 

*witli Honore : twith High Honors 




Frank William Hammond, Jr., Maryland 
JAMES Edward Hammond, Maryland 
Joan C. Harman, Maryland 
Benjamin Stacy Harris, II, Maryland 
John Orlando Hayden, Maryland 
Richard Allen Helm, Maryland 
Leslie Deane Henderson, Jr., Virginia 
Stuart Joseph Hendin, Maryland 
Lindor Paul Henrickson, Maryland 
Frances M. Herman, Maryland 
Randolph D. Herman, Maryland 
Carol Grace Hickey, Maryland 
David Patrick Hobbs, Maryland 
William Leo Hodges, Jr., Maryland 
Jerry Edward Holmes, Maryland 
William Fletcher Holmes, IV, Maryland 
Lynn Adair Holtje, Maryland 
Carol E. Holzberger, Maryland 
Charles David Hornstein, Maryland 
Richard Allan Houck, Maryland 
Carl Weber Hovermale, Maryland 
Earl Joseph Howard, Maryland 
John McLean Irwin, Maryland 
Charles Michael Jaffe, Maryland 
Kenneth Lynn Jenkins, II, D.C. 
Deborah E. Jennings, Maryland 
Phyllis Ann Jennings, Maryland 
* Susan Joy Jerome, Maryland 
Lawrence Kirk Johnson, Virginia 
Reed Spencer Joiner, Maryland 
Suzanne Theresa Kacena, Virginia 
Maureen Kalet, Maryland 
Frances Jean Kasinof, Maryland 
Ants Kiik, Maryland 
Paul Timothy Kinder, California 
Mary Kathrynn Kirby, Maryland 
Rochelle Marilyn Klaff, Maryland 
Glenn Arnold Kmiec, Maryland 
Helen Dawn Koelle, Maryland 
Louis Kottridge, New Jersey 
Phyllis Gay Kozak, Maryland 
Margaret Diane Langeler, Maryland 
Hilary Catherine Lavergne, Louisiana 
Eren Learman, Maryland 
Jo Anne Leban, Maryland 
Carl Spencer Lee, D.C. 
James Peter Lefever, Maryland 
Patricia Ann LeRoy, Pennsylvania 
Judith Eve Levy, Maryland 
Molly Jean Lewis, Maryland 
Steven Don Lewis, Maryland 
*Peter Liebscher, Maryland 
Martha Sue Livingston, Maryland 
Peter Steen Lunde, Maryland 
Barry Alan Lurie, Maryland 
Michael Alexander Lyons, Maryland 
Nassrine Shams Maaghoul, Maryland 
Jon maxwell MacDonald, Maine 
Francis Edward Maguire, D.C. 
Carmen C. Malm, Maryland 
Ann Lisa Mark, Maryland 
Richard Francis Marmer, Maryland 
Bernard Bruce Marshall, Maryland 
Margaret Ellen Marshall, Maryland 

Cathy Sandler Mason, Maryland 
Jared B. Matesky, Maryland 
Ronald Leonard Matz, Maryland 
Donald Bernard McGlew, Maryland 
Joseph Brady McLellan, Maryland 
Robert William McMahon, Maryland 
Harriet Emilie McNamee, Maryland 
James F. Meehan, Massachusetts 
James Michael Meyer, Maryland 
Jane Osbourne Miller, Maryland 
Frank Paul Mintz, Maryland 
Alan Jeffrey Misler, Maryland 
Yuletta Alicia Mitchell, Maryland 
Marilyn Rae Mood, Maryland 
Melody Susan Mooney, Maryland 
Jeanne R. Moore, Maryland 
Plutus Octavio Josias Moreno, Maryland 
Judith Morgan, Maryland 
Thomas Francis Morrison, Maryland 
Jerry L. Moser, Maryland 
ViCKi Jane Murphy, Maryland 
Agnes Marcella Murray, Maryland 
Joanne Amelia Musselman, Virginia 
Melvin Paul Nelson, Maryland 
Virginia Anne Nelson, Maryland 
Harrison Thomas Neuhauser, Maryland 
Joseph Kurt Neumann, Virginia 
Roger Jeffrey Newman, Maryland 
Arthur Joseph Novotny, Maryland 
Maxwell David Ochs, Maryland 
Eugene Phillips O'Keefe, Maryland 
Robert Timothy O'Keefe, Maryland 
Mary Lee Olson, Maryland 
Gary L. Owens, Maryland 
Lou Lung Pai, Maryland 
Gail Ann Palmer, Maryland 
James Thompson Parker, Maryland 
Robert McDowell Parker, Jr., Maryland 
Patricia Marguerite Parban, Maryland 
Mary Katherine Pass, D.C. 
David I. Paul, Maryland 
Jane Sara Peters, Maryland 
Nancy Jane Peters, D.C. 
Richard L. Peters, Maryland 
William John Peterson, Maryland 
Marilee Ann Pettit, Maryland 
Walter Russell Pettit, New York 
Frank A. Pisciotta, New Jersey 
Rachelle Maurene Pittle, Maryland 
Christine Laura Plumer, Maryland 
Karin Ann Quimby, Pennsylvania 
Renata Louise Ramsburg, Maryland 
Cillie Leah Ravitz, D.C. 
Nancy Jane Reed, Maryland 
Richard Lawrence Reiter, Maryland 
John Richard Rembold, Maryland 
Olivia F. Reusing, Maryland 
Dixie Lee Reynolds, Maryland 
Charles Allen Richard, Maryland 
Raymond Hazen Ridenour, Jr., Maryland 
Helmut Rigg, Maryland 
Robert Ceriel Roberts, Maryland 
Cynthia Anne Rochester, New Jersey 
Michael Shaun Rohan, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 




Carol Michele Rollins, Maryland 
Dennis Joel Rosner, Maryland 
*Grace Lockett Rosner, Maryland 
Patricia Jean Rowland, Maryland 
Edwin Erle Ruane, Maryland 
Barry Michael Rubinstein, Maryland 
Ronald Jay Rudin, New Jersey 
Stephen F. Rynas, Maryland 
Judith Marie Salladin, Maryland 
Gregory Scott Samuels, Maryland 
Robert James Sarkozy, Jr., Maryland 
Barbara June Schachter, Maryland 
Ellen Lee Schnider, Maryland 
Sharon Kay Schultz, Maryland 
Lois M. Schulze, Maryland 
Margaret Diane Scileppi, Maryland 
Linda Louise Sentman, Maryland 
Stephen Bruce Shapiro, Virginia 
*Carol Joan Sharlip, Maryland 
Richard Alan Shelley, Maryland 
James Michael Sheridan, Maryland 
Bonnie Lynne Shevock, Maryland 
Patricia Diane Shively, Maryland 
Joan Donna Silverstein, Maryland 
Lawrence Mark Sinman, Maryland 
John Carroll Sisson, Maryland 
Edward Stanley Sitko, Maryland 
Frank Herbert Small, IV, Maryland 
Edwin Howard Smead, Jr., Maryland 
Harold Irving Smith, Maryland 
Donald Nash Smyles, Maryland 
Carol Jean Sothoron, Maryland 
Suzanne Gale Spector, Neiv York 
Brian Dudley Sprinkle, Maryland 
Judith Elizabeth Stahl, Maryland 
Melvin George Steelberg, Maryland 
Miriam Stein, Maryland 
Barry Jay Steinfelder, Maryland 
Michael Edward Stoll, Maryland 
Carol M. Stracker, New York 
Anita Hazel Strenge, Maryland 
Timothy Francis Sullivan, Maryland 
Vejune Julia Svotelis, Maryland 
Ronald Lawrence Swanson, Maryland 

Jane Tang, Maryland 
William Charles Taylor, Maryland 
Bruce David Thevenot, Louisiana 
David Bruce Thompson, Maryland 
Marian Frances Thompson, Maryland 
Keith Roy Tidman, Maryland 
Rosemary Joan Tofalo, California 
Richard Thomas Topper, Maryland 
Nancy Lee Torchia, Maryland 
Basilios Anthony Trintis, Maryland 
SANDRA Jane Trumpy, Maryland 
Robert Dabney Trussell, Maryland 
Raymond Charles Trythall, Maryland 
Karen D. Turetsky, Maryland 
INGA M. Vayer, Maryland 
Victoria Ellen Vernon, Maryland 
Stephen Vincent Versace, Maryland 
GusTAVE Joseph Wachter, Maryland 
Richard John Wadden, Maryland 
Thomas Tolson Waikart, Maryland 
Rosalie Anne Wake, Minnesota 
Jane Catherine Walburgh, Maryland 
Kevin Bruce Walker, Maryland 
Mary Rita Walsh, Maryland 
Joseph Wasserman, Rhode Island 
Carol Elizabeth Watson, Missouri 
Elaine Lucille Weaver, Ohio 
Jeffrey Lawrence Weiler, Maryland 
Marsha Lee Weisberg, Maryland 
Christine Joyce Westcamp, Maryland 
William A. Westerfield, Maryland 
Susan L. Wiese, Maryland 
Diane Gail Wilde, New Jersey 
Diana Lynn Wilhite, Virginia 
Donald Roland Wilkerson, Maryland 
Stephen Charles Williams, Maryland 
Virginia Edna Wilson, D.C. 
Diane Jean Winingder, Ohio 
George Frank Winingder, Maryland 
Lesley Barbara Winter, Maryland 
Louise Virginia Witherite, Maryland 
Thomas Joseph Yates, Maryland 
Herman Zelkovitz, Maryland 
Margo Zylber, Maryland 

June 6, 1970 

tGAlL Ann Abramowitz, Maryland 
Charles Philip Adamo, Maryland 
fViCTORiA Frances Adams, Maryland 
*Neil Adleberg, Maryland 
Patricia Lee Alexander, Virginia 
Deborah Christine Allen, Maryland 
tPETER Clyde Allen, Maryland 
*LlNDA Allik, Maryland 
Gail Elisabeth Allison, Maryland 
Robert Murray Anderson, Ohio 
Tatiana V. Andreeff, Maryland 
Judith Appel, Maryland 
Thomas Fielding Arnall, Maryland 
fROBERT Curtis Arsenoff, Maryland 
Cynthia Ann Atkinson, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 

Robert John Aumiller, Maryland 
Dianna Dove Austin, Maryland 
Lilly Avgerinos, New York 
John Clifford Axel, Maryland 
IMargaret Ellen Bailey, Maryland 
William Bradford Bailey, Jr., Maryland 
Thomas James Baker, III, Maryland 
tJiLL Geer Ballesteros, Maryland 
Ann Lorraine Barkdoll, Maryland 
Patricia Lee Barnes, Maryland 
Albert Bert Barnhart, Jr., Maryland 
Randolph W. Barr, Maryland 
Patricia Margaret Barrett, New Jersey 
Reginald Arnold Barron, Maryland 
Elexanor Catherine Barry, Maryland 




Michael Dana Bass, Maryland 
Gretchen Louise Baugh, Maryland 
Larry Albert Baum, Maryland 
Robert Anthony Bayne, Maryland 
LuciENNE Marie Beach, Maryland 
fANNE Broughton Beacham, Maryland 
Lausen Jane Bbxauch, Maryland 
Sharron Rae Beckenheimer, Maryland 
Robert James Becker, Maryland 
Mary C. Befacchia, Maryland 
* BARBARA June Behrendt, Maryland 
James William Bellas, Maryland 
Joan Ellen Bellsey, Maryland 
Barbara Diane Benedict, Maryland 
Maria Beata Benedykcinski, Pennsylvania 
Dorothy Beplat, Massachusetts 
♦James Howard Beplat, Massachusetts 
Ernest Andrew Berger, Jr., Maryland 
Richard Gene Berger, Maryland 
Robert John Berkey, Maryland 
William Lee Berlin, Maryland 
John Walter Berquist, Connecticut 
Ralph Ebon Betz, Maryland 
fGlSELE A. Bickel, Maryland 
James C. Biehl, Maryland 
fROGER Allen Biinti, Maryland 
Robert Bierman, New York 
Louis Urban Billing, Jr., Maryland 
fRAYMOND Mark Binderman, Maryland 
Charles Bittinger, in, Virginia 
Robert Giacinto Blackford, Maryland 
*Lynn Diane Blake, Maryland 
Verlynn Anne Blakely, Maryland 
Douglas John Blazer, Maryland 
David Samuel Bliden, Maryland 
Margaret A. Bligh, Maryland 
Virginia Louise Bliven, Maryland 
Samuel Blum, Maryland 
Helene Maxine Blumenthal, Maryland 
Jeffrey Wayne Bolotin, Maryland 
Glenn Lawrence Bond, Virginia 
Alice Marie Booth, Maryland 
Janet S. Borinsky, Maryland 
Barbara Arlene Bowman, D.C. 
Barbara Ann Boyer, Maryland 
Hugh Leonard Boyle, New York 
William Henry Brackney, Maryland 
Jennifer Louise Bradley, Maryland 
*Terence Michael Brady, Maryland 
George Anderson Braley, Maryland 
William John Branch, Maryland 
Eileen Catherine Brannigan, Maryland 
Rochelle Marian Braunstein, Maryland 
Alan Jay Braverman, New Jersey 
John Francis Breitenberg, Maryland 
Margaret Elizabeth Brewer, Maryland 
Robert Norris Brewer, Illinois 
Paul Fredric Brewster, Virginia 
*Rosaleen S. Bridge, Maryland 
Sharon Alice Briley, Virginia 
Neil Allan Britt, Maryland 
Linda Joan Britt ain, Switzerland 
Claude Thomas Brooks, Maryland 

Diane Sherrie Brooks, Maryland 
Cynthia Ann Brown, Maryland 
JAMES Steven Brown, Maryland 
Verna Mae Brown, Maryland 
Leo Edward Bruette, Maryland 
Mary Lillian Bruwer, Maryland 
Anthony Wayne Buckingham, Maryland 
Raymond Buck-Lew, Maryland 
Richard George Buckley, South Carolina 
♦Robert Oliver Burdette, Maryland 
♦Raymond Reid Burgess, Maryland 
Jane Kear Burke, Maryland 
Michael Robert Bubkey, Maryland 
Linda Catherine Buss, Maryland 
Donald Arthur Butler, Maryland 
Margaret Suzanne Buzan, Maryland 
♦Barbara Ann Byers, Virginia 
♦Christopher Brian Cade, Maryland 
fMARGARET Anne Callison, Maryland 
Jane Barbara Cameron, Maryland 
Marlena Christina Campagna, Maryland 
Edward Wilson Campbell, Maryland 
Gayle Lucla CAPozzalo, Maryland 
James Leo Carey, Maryland 
John Lee Carpenter, Maryland 
♦Lawrence John Carroll, Maryland 
Kathleen Casey, Maryland 
Daniel James Cassidy, Maryland 
Patrick Joseph Casula, Maryland 
Ronald William Cavill, Maryland 
Joann Mary Chalfont, Maryland 
James Lansing Chambers, Maryland 
Thorne Woolsey Chambers, Maryland 
Eugenia Lee Chaski, Maryland 
Paula Chiera, Maryland 
Janet Louise Chinn, Maryland 
Kathleen Mary Chiodi, Maryland 
♦Crescent Leigh Christianson, Maryland 
Diane Linn Christie, Maryland 
TONI Paulette Cimino, Virginia 
Nancy Esther Cintron, Maryland 
Barry David Clar, Maryland 
Donald David Clarke, Maryland 
Michele Donna Clayton, Maryland 
Robert Andrew Cleary, Maryland 
fJoAN B. COE, Maryland 
Arthur Nathan Cohen, Maryland 
Eric Cohen, Maryland 
Evelyn Sharon Cohen, Maryland 
Leonard Edward Cohen, Maryland 
Dennis Patrick Cole, Maryland 
Linda Ruth Coleman, Maryland 
Kathryn Eugenia Colpitts, Maryland 
Marie Leslie Coniglio, New Jersey 

Eileen Louise Connolly, Maryland 
Cynthia Jean Conrad, Maryland 
Brenda Lynn Cooper, Maryland 
Glenn Marshal Cooper, Maryland 
Stephen Bruce Corbin, Maryland 
Arleen Yvonne Gorman, Maryland 
Mary Keene Cornelsen, Maryland 
♦Lance Cornelius Couturier, D.C. 
Marlanne Michele Cox, Maryland 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 




Robert John Coyne, Maryland 

Constance Eileen Craig, Maryland 

Bert Riddell Cramer, Maryland 

Sherry Crane, Maryland 

BiLLiE Elizabeth Crawford, Maryland 

David Ray Cromer, Maryland 

Carolyn June Cross, Maryland 

Catharine Rose-Mary Crumlish, Maryland 

Patricia Blas Cruz, Maryland 

Betsy Grace Cunningham, Maryland 

Martin Finbar Curry, Maryland 

PAUL Anthony Cuticchia, Maryland 

Theodora Katrina Cymbala, Maryland 

Allen Walter Dahle, Maryland 

Falline Jeanette Danforth, Maryland 

Salvatore Larry D'Anna, Maryland 

*SuSAN Jane Danz, Maryland 

Cerald John Dardinski, Maryland 

Carole Anne Darowski, Maryland 

Lily Dash, Maryland 

LuciNDA Jo Davey, Pennsylvania 

fJAMES Dale Davidson, Maryland 

Patricia Florence Davies, D.C. 

Gary Davis, Maryland 

Karen Ann Davis, Maryland 

Kerry Richard Dean, Virginia 

Robert Hugh Decker, Maryland 

Alice Waltra Deets, Maryland 

Frances Dorothy Deland, Maryland 

Katherine Ruth Delaney, Maryland 

JACQUELINE ALICE De Leonebus, Maryland 

*Janice Elizabeth Denham, Maryland 

Steven Joseph De Prenda, Maryland 

James Alan Dickerson, Maryland 

LiLYAN N. Dickerson, Maryland 

Douglas William Diehl, Maryland 

Concetta Di-Girolamo, Maryland 

John William Dix, Maryland 

Eileen Genetta Doherty, Maryland 

Lynn M.H. Dolinger, Mar-yland 

George Joseph Donnelly, Maryland 

Phyllis Beth Dorfman, New Jersey 

Zavolia Penza Dortch, Maryland 

Edmund Casmir Dotterweich, Jr., Maryland 

Julia L Douglass, Maryland 

Patricia Mary Dow^d, Maryland 

Charles Richard Downs, Maryland 

PAUL Edward Downs, Maryland 

David Frederick Draper, Maryland 

Eileen Mary Driscoll, Maryland 

Carol Ann DuCharme, Maryland 

John Owen Duguid, Maryland 

*DoNALD RAY Duncan, Maryland 

Michael Francis Dunham, Maryland 

* Audrey Price Dunkleberger, Maryland 

James Sherman Dunn, Maryland 


Kenneth Ray Dunnington, Maryland 

MARY Jane Albright Durham, Maryland 

fJOHN Edward Duvall, Maryland 

Mary Karen Duvall, Maryland 

Deborah Dwornik, Maryland 

Phillip David Eastburn, D.C. 

Daniel Irvin Ebaugh, Maryland 

David Hull Ebaugh, Maryland 

Judy Lynn Ebner, Maryland 

Laura Echavarren, Maryland 

Nancy Lee Edwards, Maryland 

Susan LeRoyce Edwards, Maryland 

Carole Dianne Ehrlich, Maryland 

David Edward Eisner, New Jersey 

Rose Elbaum, Maryland 

Ronald Empleton, New York 

Joseph Anthony Engelbrecht, in., Maryland 

John F. Enkiri, Maryland 

Nino F. Enkiri, Maryland 

*Joseph Julius Erdos, Maryland 

Alicia Bradford Estes, Maryland 

Deborah Ellen Etelson, Maryland 

Gerald Keith EIibank, Maryland 

Thomas Terrance Evans, Maryland 

Paul L. Everett, Maryland 

fBETH Marlene Fabey, Maryland 

*Linda Ann Fabrizio, D.C. 

fSTEPHEN Bradley Fahringer, Texas 

Pamela Leah Falls, Maryland 

fSTEPHEN Alan Farmer, Maryland 

fHAYWARD Farrar, Maryland 

Rene Albert Fecteau, Maryland 

Christine Marie Feher, Maryland 

* Lester Howard Feinberg, Maryland 

Margery Austin Feiss, Maryland 

Aileen Jaye Feldman, D.C. 

Arthur Jeffrey Feldman, New York 

Joan Feuerstein, Maryland 

Clifford Allan Figallo, Maryland 

Andrew R. Fine, Maryland 

Don Leonard Firmani, Maryland 

David P. Fishbein, Maryland 

Mary Theresa Fitzpatrick, Maryland 

Bonnie Jean Flaherty, Maryland 

Michael Collins Flannery, Maryland 

Stuart Marshall Fogel, Maryland 

*Robert Joseph Fogler, Maryland 

Barbara Anne Ford, Maryland 

John Paul Ford, Maryland 

Clifford Ellsworth Forlines, Maryland 

Suzanne Aileen Forshee, Maryland 

David Roy Fort, Maryland 

Lawrence Robert Fox, Maryland 

IMartha Constance Francis, Maryland 

Barbara Mary Frank, Maryland 

Mark David Frankel, Pennsylvania 

KAREN Ann Free, Virginia 

Yvonne Helen Frenkel, Maryland 

fMiKAL Helen Frey, Maryland 

Alan Friedman, Maryland 

David Michael Friedman, New York 

Joseph Lee Friedman, Maryland 

Virginia Prince From, Maryland 

Brian Ken Fujii, Maryland 

Ivan M. Galitzin, Maryland 

Kent Wesley Gallagher, Maryland 

Maryanne Kathleen Gallagher, Maryland 

Sharon Lee Gardner, Maryland 

Craig Steven Garfield, Maryland 

Linda Theresa Garner, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 




David Blair Garrett, Maryland 
Phyllis Elizabeth Gatch, Maryland 
Deborah Dew Geisenkotter, Maryland 
Christopher Geiss Gellner, Maryland 
Charles Michael Gerardi, Maryland 
Ann Lee Gerth, Maryland 
Jo Ann Gesumaria, Maryland 
Sandra Marie Gettings, Maryland 
Thomas Donald Gibbons, Maryland 
William Alan Gillespie, Ohio 
Robert Charles Ginnett, Maryland 
Laura Lee Glicenstein, Maryland 
James Patrick Godhard, Maryland 
fLORNA Jean Gold, Maryland 
Carolyn Lois Goldberg, Pennsylvania 
*Daniel Goldberg, Maryland 
Edward David Goldberg, Maryland 
*Martha B. Goldman, Maryland 
James Howard Goldstein, Connecticut 
Arlene Fran Golomb, Maryland 
Judith Ina Golombeck, Maryland 
*Steven William Gomberg, Maryland 
Grace Eva Goodier, Maryland 
Marc Richard Goodman, Maryland 
Kathryn Elizabeth Gorak, Maryland 
Larry Norman Gordon, Maryland 
Renee Lesley Gordon, Maryland 
*Arthur Wilfred Goulet, Jr., Maryland 
Barbara Jean Grace, Virginia 
Barbara Levy Gradet, Maryland 
Michael Thomas Graham, Maryland 
Elaine Kaye Siegel Granat, Maryland 
Alfred James Grasso, Maryland 
Margaret Lillian Graves, Maryland 
Robert William Gray, Maryland 
Stanley Prichard Gray, Virginia 
Donald Lee Green, Maryland 
Mark Barry Greenblatt, Maryland 
*Margaret Anne Greene, Maryland 
Patricia McCool Greene, D.C. 
Stephen L Greene, Maryland 
fBouKiTZA Barouh Grinberg, Maryland 
fBARBARA Ann Gude, Maryland 
Robert Thomas Guth, Maryland 
Marsha Sue Hadar, Maryland 
John David Haddaway, Maryland 
Frances Mary Hafpner, Maryland 
John W. Hall, Maryland 
*Sandra Rae Hall, Maryland 
Mary Kathleen Hallahan, D.C. 
Richard Paul Hallion, Maryland 
fJOAN Marie Handel, Maryland 
Michael Francis Handy, Maryland 
Anastacia Hangemande, Maryland 
Jeffrey Hannon, Neiv Jersey 
Philip Wayne Harnstrom, Maryland 
Susan Melvena Harrell, D.C. 
Donna Frances Harrilchak, New York 
Benton Neal Harris, III, Maryland 
Frederick Charles Harris, Maryland 
MARK Lawrence Harris, Maryland 
*Sarah Tema Harris, Maryland 

James Anthony Hart, Georgia 
tCAROL Frances Harvey, Maryland 
*Sandra Sue Harwell, Missouri 
Lois A. Hashiguchi, Maryland 
Bruce W. Haupt, Maryland 
Byron Carl Hauser, Maryland 
Michael Alan Hauver, Maryland 
Mark Glen Haviland, New Jersey 
Karen Christine Hayden, Maryland 
*Kathleen Hayes, Maryland 
fGARY Anthony Haynes, Maryland 
Nancy Hecht, Maryland 
Susan Carroll Heise, Maryland 
William Henry Heisserman, Maryland 
Karen Rae Heitkotter, Maryland 
Katherine Ann Helene, Maryland 
Stephen Harold Helfrich, Maryland 
Thomas Michael Heller, Virginia 
Claudia Jean Henderson, Maryland 
Benjamin Irving Hendin, Maryland 
Lynne Rosalie Hersh, Virginia 
Robert Gerard Hessels, Maryland 
William Mathews Hetzel, D.C. 
Alice Maria Heuser, D.C. 
Gemma Maureen Hickey, Maryland 
John Russell Hickey, D.C. 
Randall Harrison Hicks, New York 
fDiANE Sherry Hill, Maryland 
Anthony Earl Hillary, Maryland 
Bernie Elliott Himmelstein, Maryland 
Jeffrey Neal Himmelstein, Maryland 
Linda Jean Hoffman, Maryland 
*Mary Cecelia Holden, Maryland 
Marianne A.E. Holder, Maryland 
♦Barbara Joan Holmes, Maryland 
James Brewster Hopewell, Maryland 
Robert Edward Hopper, Maryland 
Dana Scott Hornig, Maryland 
Eva Beatrice Hornyak, Maryland 
Michael Bennett Horwitz, Maryland 
Arlene C. Howard, Maryland 
Pauline Washburn Hubbard, Maryland 
Randall Winston Hudgins, Maryland 
*Leonard Harold Hughes, Maryland 
Jan J. HULLA, Maryland 
John Kenneth Humble, Maryland 
Sharon Kathleen Humble, Maryland 
John Chandler Hume, Maryland 
Robert Kennedy Humphries, Maryland 
Sandra Ann Hunnicutt, D.C. 
Neila a. Imobersteg, Maryland 
*Gary Louis Ingber, Maryland 
DANIEL Mark Ives, New Hampshire 
Gary Richard Jacobs, Maryland 
Mark Jesse Jacobs, Neiv Jersey 
Karen Frances Jaegerman, Maryland 
fJosEPH J. Jaffa, Maryland 
Susan McDonald Jampoler, Connecticut 
*Kathleen Holland Jennings, Virginia 
William Leigh Jermyn, New York 
Dorothy Lucile Jerrison, Maryland 
Steven Bennett Jervey, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 




Laurence Fleming Johnson, Maryland 
Andrea R. Jonas, Maryland 
Douglas Gary Jones, Maryland 
Jay Edward Jones, Maryland 
Joan Frances Jones, Maryland 
Kevin Douglas Jones, Kansas 
Pamela Louise Jones, Maryland 
Linda Ayars Jordan, Maryland 
Daniel Green Joyce, Jr., Maryland 
Osler Collinson Joyce, U, Maryland 
Brian Judge, Maryland 
Bruce Judge, Maryland 
Susan Kable, Maryland 
Patricia Elizabeth Kadan, Maryland 
Matthew Irving Kahal, Maryland 
♦Margaret Sullivan Kalil, Maryland 
Prances Suzanne Kallinsky, Maryland 
Priscilla Long Kanet, Maryland 
Lynnanne Kanthal, Maryland 

* Eileen Ellen Kassack, Maryland 
Steven Richard Kates, Maryland 
Neil Barry Katz, Maryland 
Paula R. Katz, Maryland 
Gideon L Kaufman, Maryland 
Richard Francis Keller, Maryland 
Kristin A Marie Kelley, Maryland 
Betty Jean Kelly, D.C. 
Michael Phillip Kelly, New York 
Eileen Kennedy, Maryland 

* Ellen C. Kennedy, Maryland 
Gordon Dixon Kennedy, Maryland 
Maureen A. Kennedy, Maryland 
fDONALD Ray Kennon, Maryland 
Jay Ellen Kerig, Maryland 
fKATHRYN Gregory Kerr, Maryland 
HiLKKA Louise Keto, Maryland 
Vance William Kier, Maryland 
MARK Arthur Killian, Maryland 

* BARBARA Susan Kind, Maryland 
James Forrest King, Jr., Maryland 
fNANCY Louise King, Maryland 
Richard William King, Maryland 
Therese Ann Kleinkauf, New York 
Diane Linda Kline, Maryland 
Jerrold Ira Klinger, Maryland 
tANiTA Sue Kolman, New Jersey 
fMARK Frederick Korber, New York 
Janice Anne Branch Koren, Maryland 
*Elena Kornetchuk, Germany 

Luis Castilla Kothe, Maryland 

Ina Middle Kotzin, Maryland 

Barbara Sharon Kramer, Maryland 

IElizabeth Ann Kramer, Maryland 

Joseph John Kramer, New Jersey 

John William Krebs, Jr., Maryland 

Robert Flaxman Kreimeyer, Jr., Maryland 

Michael Lewis Krinsky, Maryland 

Deborah Ann Kruger, Maryland 

Janet Ellen Kumer, Maryland 

Sonia Marie Kundert, Maryland 

Susan A. Kunkel, Maryland 

*M. Jean LaBonte, Maryland 

Mary Catherine La Camera, Maryland 

fDlANE M. Lack, Maryland 

fLHlA MARIE Laflamme, Maryland 
Jeanne Loretta LaHue, Maryland 
Peter Anthony La Lena, Maryland 
Shirley Elaine Lancaster, Maryland 
Alexina Ruth Landry, Maryland 
tCHARLOTTE NELSON Landvoigt, Maryland 
fCALViN D. Lanier, Maryland 
Kristine Ruth Lapp, Pennsylvania 
Jo Ann La Salle, Maryland 
Susan Jane Leadbeater, Maryland 
Carol Bolling Lee, Maryland 
Lilly Ann Lee, Maryland 
*Carol Suzanne Lefkov, Maryland 
Kenneth Edwin Lehnbeuter, Maryland 
Lewis Evart Leibowitz, Maryland 
Walter Brooke Leistbhi, III, Maryland 
Stephen W. Leslie, Maryland 
Gregory Carr Levesque, Maryland 
Robert Levine, Maryland 
Stephan Jay Levine, Maryland 
Stewart Joel Levitas, Maryland 
Samuel Mark Levy, Maryland 
Glorlv Ann Lewis, Maryland 
fLiNDA Loveland Lewis, Maryland 
Pyda Melodie Letwis, Maryland 
Carolyn Sue Liberatore, Maryland 
Gail Susan Libin, Maryland 
fBARBARA June Liles, Missouri 
3iCi Barry Lilien, Maryland 
Lance Henry Lilien, Maryland 
*Jon Keith Lindsay, Texas 
Lloyd Albert Lipkey, Maryland 
Larry Alan Lipman, Maryland 
Laurence Mark Lipman, Maryland 
tLEON Litow, Maryland 
Sharon Lee Lloyd, Maryland 
Cecile Bernice Lo, D.C. 
Anthony Laurence Loban, Maryland 
Thomasene Ann Lober, Maryland 
fCYNTHiA Ellen Lochte, Maryland 
Raemalee Joy Loen, Maryland 
James Francis Lopes, Maryland 
fHiNDA Nan Loring, Pennsylvania 
Linda H. Louie, Maryland 
*Terese Anne Lowe, Maryland 
fELLEN Gabrielle Luciano, Maryland 
Marjolein Anna Lucker, Maryland 
Chris Allen Litdvickson, Maryland 
James Clothier Luker, Virginia 
Bonnie Lutzky, Maryland 
Mary Ellen Macaluso, Maryland 
Sandra Macbain, Maryland 
Nancy Beth Mackowsky, Maryland 
♦PATRICIA Anne Maginnis, Maryland 
Patricia Maguire, D.C. 
Marsha Gail Maloff, Maryland 
Maureen Louise Manglitz, Maryland 
Raymond Allen Mann, Maryland 
Jesse Saul Margulies, Maryland 
Arthur Russell Marshall, Maryland 
David Lee Marstrell, Ohio 
Jack Arnold Martin, Maryland 
Robert John Martin, Jr., Maryland 
fDAviD Paul Marwede, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 




Mary Ann Mathews, Maryland 
DAVID Kim Mayhew, Ohio 
JURATE Maria Mazeika, Maryland 
*Margaret Anne McCaig, Maryland 
Thomas Kirk McCall, Maryland 
Daniel Robert McCarthy, D.C. 
William James McClafferty, Maryland 
William Robert McClellan, Maryland 
fKATHLEEN Denise McCluggage, Maryland 
Howard Bradley McDaniel, Maryland 
Terrence Joseph McDevitt, Maryland 
Elaine Marie McDonough, Maryland 
Michele Anne McDowell, D.C. 
Lawrence Thomas McGovern, Maryland 
William Edward McGrath, New York 
Bonnie Jo McIvor, Maryland 
John Reilly McKenna, Jr., Maryland 
tBARBARA Ruth McLane, Maryland 
Thomas Preston McNamara, Maryland 
*Marilou Meehan, Maryland 
Maureen Katherine Meehan, Maryland 
Sharon Sue Meiselman, Maryland 
Frances Anne Meisinger, New Jersey 
Gary Leon Mendelson, Marylayid 
Mary Deone Mendenhall, Maryland 
IKaren Ann Menichelli, Maryland 
Karen Sue Merriam, Manjland 
Joan Virginia Messick, Maryland 
Maria Michaluk, Maryland 
Gabriel Jean Mildrum, Georgia 
Althea Lynette Miller, D.C. 
Daniel Russell Miller, Maryland 
Howard Philip Miller, Maryland 
Linda Lee Miller, Maryland 
IMary Marshall Miller, Maryland 
Ralph Brinton Mills, III, Maryland 
Thomas William Mills, New York 
Bryan David Mitnick, Maryland 
David Bruce Modesitt, Maryland 
Charles Vernay Molesworth, Jr., Maryland 
Natalie Cohen Monteleone, Maryland 
Fred Barry Moonves, New York 
Daniel Bowen Moore, Maryland 
Katherine Colene Moore, Maryland 
fLiNDA Ester Moore, Maryland 
Dolores Ann Moran, Maryland 
Jessica Gail Morgan, Maryland 
Regina Raye Morgan, D.C. 
Jeffrey Grant Morton, Connecticut 
John Francis Mulligan, Maryland 
fSHiRLEY Wright Mummert, Maryland 
Doris Ellen Munn, Maryland 
fNATALiE Ann Munson, Maryland 
Hartshorn Murphy, Jr., Marylayid 
James Joseph Murphy, Jr., California 
MAUREEN Anne Murphy, Maryland 
Gareth Eugene Murray, Maryland 
fCATHERiNE MARY MuzzY, Maryland 
Michael Hillard Narkin, Maryland 
Michael Charles Needham, Maryland 
Donna Elaine Newby, D.C. 
Kerry Lou Newman, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Newman, Maryland 
Andrew S. Niczewski, Pennsylvania 

Hillary Anne Norinsky, Maryland 

Linda Ann Novak, Maryland 

Sylvia Nudler, Maryland 

Timothy John Nugent, Maryland 

John Patrick O'Brien, Maryland 

Adgie O'Bryant, Jr., D.C. 

Damian Francis O'Connor, Maryland 

Rebecca Payne O'Donnell, Maryland 

fMARjoRiE Ellen Okum, Maryland 

Nigel D. Oliver, Canada 

Ellen Ornoff, Maryland 

Lawrence Edward Orr, III, Illinois 

Ronald J. Paci, D.C. 

Preston Robert Padden, Maryland 

*Anthony Joseph Padua, D.C. 

Tanya Lyn Page, Maryland 

Lee a. Palman, Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Palmer, Maryland 

Irene Marie Pantelides, Maryland 

''Helle Mai Part, New Jersey 

Larkey Dae Payne, Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Peake, Maryland 

Patrick Robert Pearson, Wisconsin 

Glenda Gail Pegues, Tennessee 

Janice Theresa Pellegrini, Maryland 

Raymond Gerald Peloquin, Maryland 

Heidi Jeanette Pelot, Maryland 

fDAViD Allen Pence, Maryland 

Suzanne Marie Peppin, Maryland 

Juliette D. Perry, Marylayid 

*Richard Bruce Peters, Maryland 

fELIZABETH Leffingwell Peto, Maryland 

Jeffrey Edwards Phillips, Maryland 

Bruce Edward Piccirillo, New York 

*WiLLiAM Michel Pierson, Maryland 

William Hiram Pietsch, III, Maryland 

Dennis Wesley Pike, Maryland 

Susan Laura Plante, Maryland 

tMARK J. Policy, Ohio 

Diane Miriam Pollock, Maryland 

Thomas Alexander Pomeroy, Maryland 

Carol Diane Pope, Texas 

James Edward Porterfield, Maryland 

Dietmar Volker Post, Maryland 

Joel K. Postal, Maryland 

John Theodore Potthast, Maryland 

Ronald Marvin Povich, Maryland 

James Lewis Powell, Maryland 

Jean Powers, D.C. 

James D. Prah, Maryland 

Elaine Gail Prentis, Maryland 

William Thomas Preston, Jr., Maryland 

James R. Price, Maryland 

Margaret Dean Price, Maryland 

William Arthur Price, Maryland 

Denise Elaine Pringle, Delaware 

fViCTORiA Alice Psira, Maryland 

CAROL Ann Quesenberry, Maryland 

Melvin Hunt Raff, Maryland 

*LiSA Rubenstein Ragsdale, Marylayid 

Kerry Raines, Maryland 

Linda Diane Rains, Maryland 

Barbara Frances Rambery, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 




*MARK Campion Ramsey, Maryland 
Marc Gallant Rasinsky, Maryland 
fCAROL Ruth Rathburn, Maryland 
Sheryl Margaret Ratick, Maryland 
Thomas Gordon Reamy, Maryland 
Sarah Ruth Rechenbach, Maryland 
Pamela Carol Reed, Maryland 
Douglas William Reeser, Maryland 
John Laurence Reeves, II, Maryland 
Marcia Lee Reiter, Maryland 
William Scherr Renninger, Maryland 
Steven Paul Resnick, Maryland 
David Barry Rhode, Maryland 
Jerry Lynn Richardson, Maryland 
Roy Jonathan Richardson, Maryland 
Richard Alvin Richman, Maryland 
Lawrence Patrick Richer, Maryland 
Catherine Marie Riegger, Maryland 
Donald Andrew Riggs, Maryland 
tJosEPH Tucker Riley, Maryland 
Linda Aurea Rivera, Maryland 
Margaret Susan Robbins, Maryland 
Charles Clifford Roberts, Pennsylvania 
George A. Rodon, Maryland 
Jose Nemesio Rodriguez, Maryland 
Vega Marie Roecker, Maryland 
Susan Blanche Rogers, D.C. 
George Edmund Rohrmann, Jr., Delaware 
George H. Roman, Marxjland 
Candice Didier Rose, Maryland 
Robert H. Rosenbaum, Maryland 
Corinne Alyce Rosenberg, New York 
Cynthia Lee Rosenberger, Maryland 
*Roselea Jacoba Rosenbloom, Maryland 
Kenneth Louis Rosenblum, Maryland 
Robert A. Rosenbush, Maryland 
Ronnie Rae Rosenthal, Maryland 
Steven Rosenthal, Maryland 
Edwin Clarke Ross, Maryland 
James Frank Ross, Maryland 
Eileen Lilly Rosta, New Jersey 
Jacob Braun Roth, Maryland 
Robert Carl Rothstein, Maryland 
Mary Anna Ruksznis, Maryland 
Arthur C. Runyan, II, Maryland 
Frank Biagio Russo, Maryland 
Herbert W. Rutledge, Maryland 
Phyllis Maccubbin Ryan, Virginia 
Denyse Sabagh, Maryland 
Lawrence Elliot Sabbath, Maryland 
Marilyn Harriet Sacks, Maryland 
Suzanne Muriel Sager, Maryland 
Cynthia Ellen Samson, Maryland 
Ethel Luvenia Sands, Maryland 
Robert S. Sauer, Maryland 
Carol Joyce Saunders, Maryland 
Phyllis Ann Scaduto, Maryland 
Cheryl Lee Scarborough, Maryland 
F. Ralph Scheffenacker, Jr., Maryland 
Edward Ray Schenker, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Scheuerman, Maryland 
*William Howard Schlotthober, Jr., 

Stewart Schmalbach, Jr., Marylayid 

Karen Helene Schmitz, Maryland 
fSTEPHEN Michael Schneider, Maryland 
Louise J. Schnitman, Connecticut 
Gary S. Schoenemann, Maryland 
James Arthur Schondebare, Maryland 
Robert Francis Schramm, Jr., Maryland 
Richard Barry Schreibstein, Maryland 
GWENDALYNNE Gaye Schuler, Maryland 
Linda Inez Schulman, Maryland 
Stephen Eric Schuman, Maryland 
Eric Charles Schwartz, Maryland 
Marilyn Elaine Schwartz, Maryland 
Catherine Schwarzkopf, Florida 
*Marjorie Dorothy Seabreeze, Maryland 
Edward Lawrence Sealover, Maryland 
Leon Louis Seidman, Maryland 
Paul F. Selnick, Maryland 
Robert Sempeles, Maryland 
Carole Sfekas, Maryland 
Shahine Shams, Maryland 
*Keith Arnold Shangraw, Jr., 

Mary Ellen Shanklin, Maryland 
Elizabeth Lynn Shaw, Maryland 
Jo Ann Shay, Maryland 
John Joseph Shb^, Maryland 
Marcene Ellen Shear, Maryland 
* Karen Louise Shepard, Maryland 
John Edward Shepherd, Maryland 
Marie Anne Shepherd, Maryland 
*Deborah Julia Sherman, Maryland 
GAIL Harriet Sherman, New Jersey 
Donald Edward Shives, Maryland 
CALVIN Lee Sibley, Maryland 
fHowARD Louis Siegel, Maryland 
fLouis Marc Silber, Maryland 
fBARBARA Lee Simmons, Maryland 
Jean Elizabeth Simmons, Virginia 
Stuart Haston Simms, Texas 
Kenneth Alan Simon, Jr., Maryland 
fjANET Gertrude Simonik, Maryland 
Lee Stuart Simonson, Maryland 
Kathleen Alice Sinclair, Maryland 
fBRUCE Eliot Singer, Maryland 
MARY Frances Sirianne, Virginia 
Arnold N. Sirlin, New York 
Stephen Howard Ross Sirota, Maryland 
Ethelyn Anne Sisk, Maryland 
fCAROLYN Lee Sisler, Maryland 
Helen Annette Sisson, Maryland 
Robert Lee Small, New York 
AiLEEN Smith, Maryland 
David Gordon Smith, Maryland 
David H. Smith, Maryland 
Margaret Alice Smith, New Jersey 
tMARK Israel Smith, Maryland 
Sally Louise Smith, Maryland 
Deborah Ann Snyder, Maryland 
Christine Margaret Solomon, Maryland 
Michael Jay Sommerfield, Massachuetts 
Sandra Lee Sonner, New York 
Mona Jo Soren, Maryland 
Charles Joseph Sorrentino, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 




Joseph Marlin Spelta, Maryland 
tSONJA B. Sperlich, Maryland 
IDeborah Jane Spero, Maryland 
Bruce Edward Spewak, Virginia 
Judith Ann Spinosa, New Jersey 
Michael Irvine S Prague, Maryland 
Jean Myers Sprinkle, Maryland 
fMiCHAEL Lawrence Stadter, Jr., Maryland 
Philip Cornelius Stahl, Maryland 
Sandra Lee Stangil, New Jersey 
Cheryl Ann Stebbins, Maryland 
Raymond George Steiner, Maryland 
Esta Rae Sterling, Maryland 
Barbara Nan Stern, Maryland 
Eileen Lucille Stevens, Virginia 
Robert Joseph Stokes, Maryland 
Ronald William Stokes, Maryland 
Edward Thomas Stolba, Maryland 
Sharon Smith Stoliaroff, Maryland 
IBeverly Jeanne Stolker, Maryland 
Walter Clifton Stone, III, Maryland 
Joseph Francis Struntz, III, Maryland 
Carol Ann Stuart, Maryland 
Martin Stanley Sugar, Maryland 
David Louis Sulhoff, Maryland 
Carol Jean Sullivan, Maryland 
*Gilbert Laurence Sussman, Maryland 
Karl Peter Suthard, Alabama 
Sharon Ann Sutton, Maryland 
Anthony Joseph Sweeney, III, Maryland 
Gary Howard Sweren, Maryland 
David Eric Sykes, Maryland 
Terry Myra Tabackman, Maryland 
Robert Harl Taine, Maryland 
Michael Edward Tallent, Maryland 
Ellen Burke Taltavull, Maryland 
David Frank Tamanini, Pennsylvania 
Patrick Henry Tansey, III, Maryland 
Gerald Herman Taub, Maryland 
Laura Barclay Taylor, Maryland 
Frank Victor Tedesco. New Jersey 
Patricia Anne Tenanty, Maryland 
Christine Tengberg, California 
Thomas Paul Terlizzi, Maryland 
*JANE Karen Thomas, Maryland 
DAVID Regan Thomey, Maryland 
tCARLA Faye Thornton, Maryland 
Terrance Lee Thrasher, Maryland 
Mary Elizabeth Toffolo, Maryland 
Robert Hart Tomlinson, Pennsylvania 
Vaughan Emerson Topping, New York 
Carol Linda Towbin, Maryland 
Philip Henry Trapkin, Maryland 
Mary Sandra Tripe, Maryland 
Anne Dexter Troxler, Maryland 
Therese Lynn Truitt, Maryland 
* Andrea Jane Trupin, New York 
Merritt Eileen Tucker, Pennsylvania 
Thomas Nolan Tucker, Maryland 
Gene Paul Tyler, Maryland 
Virginia Irene Tyson, Maryland 
Mara Umpierre, Virginia 
Louise Alexander Urnis, Maryland 

Gary Stephen Usrey, Virginia 
Steven VanGrack, Maryland 
Frances Jean Van Hoomissen, Maryland 
Kathleen Cecelia Vaughan, Virginia 
Katherine Anne Veazey, Maryland 
Jean G. Venable, Maryland 
♦Virginia Sue Vickers, Maryland 
Jose Ramon Villavicencio, Maryland 
Carolynn Marie Vogel, Maryland 
Christina Maria Teresa Wagner, Maryland 
tCHRisTiNA Elizabeth Walder, Maryland 
Haskell Holt Walker, Maryland 
Helen Christine Walker, Maryland 
Robert Leroy Walker, Maryland 
Robert Gordon Walther, Maryland 
Mary Katherine Wampler, Maryland 
*Barbara Ann Wanek, Maryland 
tSALLY Kent Ward, Maryland 
Virginia Anne Ward, Neiv Jersey 
Sharon Rose Warfield, Maryland 
Margaret Elizabeth Warren, Maryland 
Eugene Charles Wasserman, New York 
Carol Barbara Watts, Maryland 
Sylvia Lynn Wax, Maryland 
Kathryn Ann Weigand, Maryland 
Mark Lawrence Weinberg, Maryland 
Martin Lee Weinrich, Maryland 
Elaine Bernice Weinstein, New Jersey 
*Robert Jed Weinstein, New Jersey 
Richard Mayor Weintbaub, New York 
*Pamela Lynne Weller, Maryland 
'Stephen Harold Weller, Maryland 
Michael Bernard Welsh, Pennsylvania 
Aron Werblow, Maryland 
Sandra Helaine Wertheim, D.C. 
Steven Bryan West, Maryland 
Ralph Robert White, Connecticut 
Stephen Kirby White, Maryland 
Diana Dawn Whitlock, Maryland 
Ann Patricia Wildes, Maryland 
Carmen Christiana Wiles, Maryland 
*SusAN Barbara Willcher, Maryland 
*Philippus Willems, Maryland 
Kenneth John Williams, Maryland 
INA Ruth Wilner, Maryland 
Joan B. Wilson, Maryland 
William Brockway Wilson, Maryland 
Judith Anne Wimmer, Maryland 
*Myrna Jean Winchester, Maryland 
Allen George Windsor, Maryland 
Judith Ann Windsor, Maryland 
Cynthia Wingate, Maryland 
KAREN Lee Winters, Maryland 
Charles Hamilton Wise, Jr., Maryland 
Michael Edward Wolf, Maryland 
RoNA Anne Wolfe, Maryland 
Lawrence B. Wolff, Maryland 
*Madleline Wolk, Pennsylvania 
Thomas Yven Woo, Maryland 
Gary Leonard Woodruff, Maryland 
Sandra Joan Woodside, Maryland 
fMARiAN Hubbert WorthINGTON, Maryland 
June Elizabeth Wright, Maryland 
Steven Donald Wyman, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 




Charles Ernest Yankovich, Maryland 
Charles Barham Yinkey, Maryland 
Susan Helene Yochelson, Maryland 
Eileen Susan Yoffe, Maryland 
tRUTHELLEN Beller Yoshpe, Maryland 
Margaret O. Young, D.C. 
Gerry Darlene Yount, Maryland 

Ann Lynne Yourtee, Virginia 
Barbara Ann Yurfest, Maryland 
fHARRiET GWEN Zalevsky, Maryland 
Dennis Louis Zerbo, New York 
Andrew Frank Zitnay, III, Connecticut 
fjAMES Jay Zufall, Maryland 
*Barbara Ann Zulli, Maryland 


August 29, 1969 

Virgil Lynn Anderson, Maryland 
John Trent Aumiller, Maryland 
Brian Sean Bayly, Maryland 
Valentine Richard Bauer, Maryland 
Susan Delaney Beck, California 
Thomas Lee Bennett, Maryland 
flRA Terry Bloom, Maryland 
Henry Stephen Boyars, Maryland 
fROBERT Leonard Brenner, Maryland 
William Myron Chelton, Jr., Maryland 
*Katie Chiera, Maryland 
Louise Randall Cockey, Maryland 
Victor Cohen, Maryland 
*Jeffrey Stuart Cooper, New Jersey 
*Alvin Harold Danenberg, Maryland 
Robert Ernest Detrich, Maryland 
Stanley Robert Flaggs, Jr., Maryland 
Garfield G. Garner, Jr., Maryland 
Gerald Goodman, Maryland 
fjERRY Herbst, Maryland 
♦Marsha Bornt Horn, Maryland 
fJosEPH Larry Horowitz, Maryland 
Michael Kamoroff, Maryland 
Suzanne McManus Knorr, Maryland 
William Francis Lewis, Maryland 

* Warren Paul Magid, Maryland 

*YvoNNE Joan Markowitz, New York 

Philip Gwynne McCoy, Maryland 

Rita Jean Moy, Maryland 

Norman Frederick Myers, Jr., Maryland 

Patricia P. Myers, Virginia 

Alexander Novak, Maryland 

Alan William Pittle, Ohio 

Frederick John Quarantillo, Maryland 

Rodney Lawrence Renner, Maryland 

John Theodore Roussos, Pennsylvania 

Marlene Ellen Saltzman, Maryland 

fEiLEEN Robin Scherl, Maryland 

William Randolph Schneider, Jr., Maryland 

Howard Charles Schwartz, New Jersey 

John Lee Schwier, Maryland 

Michael Paul Smith, Maryland 

♦Caroline Anne Steele, Maryland 

tJANEE Diane Steinberg, Maryland 

Robert G. Strickland, Georgia 

Michael D. Talbert, Maryland 

Gail Alayne Wagman, Maryland 

Anna Susan Wagner, Maryland 

Marjorie Ann Welker, Maryland 

*JACK Leon Werner, Maryland 

January 22, 1970 

Michael Keith Allen, Maryland 

Ginette L. Artsen, Maryland 

Robert Anthony Banos, Maryland 

Dane Sherman Bauer, Maryland 

George E. Berley, Maryland 

Leonard Archibald Blackshear, Maryland 

Rosalie Weible Bonds, Maryland 

Ronald David Bothe, Maryland 

Dean Happell Brown, Maryland 

Carl William Buonviri, Maryland 

Charles Franklin Carpenter, Jr., Maryland 

John Paul Catchings, Maryland 

James George Chaconas, Maryland 

William McCann Chapin, Jr., Maryland 
William Dennis Cook, Maryland 
Margaret Anna Crean, Maryland 
Gail Leslie Dansky, D.C. 
Robert Gary Dubois, Maryland 
Willa Garner Duff, Maryland 
Caroline Sylvia Erickson, D.C. 
Vincent Raymond Ferrara, Maryland 
Anne Gage Field, D.C. 
Paul Anthony Fiumara, Maryland 
Peter Joseph Fournier, Maryland 
Larry Roy Friedenberg, Maryland 
Peggy Jean Gibson, Maryland 

♦with Honors ; twith High Honors 



Richard Wilbert Greer, Maryland 
William Roy Gregory, Maryland 
Patrick William Harman, Virginia 
William P. Henning, Maryland 
Benjamin Louis Jenkins, Maryland 
JAY Burton Jones, Maryland 
fROBERT Douglas Jones, Maryland 
George James Kassolis, Maryland 
Robert David Katz, Maryland 
Susan Jane Kent, Maryland 
Susan Klara Keresztes, Maryland 
Jeffrey R. Kessler, Maryland 
Charles Byron Korns, III, Pennsylvayiia 
tCELlA A. Kramer, Maryland 
Heidi Kresan, Maryland 
Linda Ann Kuhn, Kansas 
John Daniel Labriola, Maryland 
Ronald Stephen Levine, D.C. 
Diane Lorraine Little, Maryland 
Michael Phillip Lockard, Maryland 
Catherine L. Lutz, Maryland 
John Leonard Lynch, Maryland 
Catherine Ann Maddox, Maryland 
Karl Edwin Miller, Maryland 
Richard Charles Moats, Maryland 
M. YouNOS Mokhtarzada, Maryland 
Robert Louis Nutzman, Maryland 
Gill Douglas Park, New York 

IGeorge H. Parks, Wyoming 

Thomas John Pfau, Maryland 

Rose Catherine Posthumus, Maryland 

Stuart Kelly Price, Maryland 

Robert Devor Prince, Maryland 

Joel Lawrence Rabovsky, Maryland 

Stephen Holmes Robertson, D.C. 

*Gene Coltes Rodgers, Maryland 

Joel E. Rudert, Maryland 

Paul Edward Samuels, Maryland 

Luke Edward Schallinger, Maryland 

Jeanne Marie Schuler, Maryland 

P. Christopher Schwartz, .Maryland 

William Hinton Shackelford, Maryland 

Wendy Share, Maryland 

David Lee Short, Maryland 

Eugene B. Silverman, Maryland 

Linda Mae Smith, Maryland 

Roger d'Avesne Spealman, Maryland 

Hans Peter Staab, Germany 

B. G. Thompson, Maryland 

Valerie Jane Tuthill, Maryland 

Wayne Louis Westphale, Maryland 

Samuel Clement Whelan, Maryland 

Steven Paul Witt, Maryland 

Faye Marie Woods, Maryland 

David Ziskind, Maryland 


June 6, 1970 

Robert Paul Abel, Maryland 
Stanton Gerry Ades, .Maryland 
John H. Adler, Maryland 
Steven Agapis, .Maryland 
Ronald Burleigh Aiken, Maryland 
Patricia Susan Aquilino, Maryland 
Bruce Courtney Attinger, Maryland 
Thomas Azman, Maryland 
Pedro Jose Balawag, Maryland 
Andrew Kenneth Balo, Pennsylvania 
Alexander Barbarika, Jr., Maryland 
Jean Ellen Barbour, West Virginia 
Thomas Lynn Barnes, Maryland 
Leonard Francis Bartos, Jr., Maryland 
fWALTER Barry Basen, .Maryland 
*Edward John Bayne, Maryland 
fMicHAEL Raymond Behre, Maryland 
Sanford Michael Benett, .Maryland 
Charles Nelson Benil, .Maryland 
fRONALD Norman Berzofsky, Maryland 
Susan Morgan Bieri, .Maryland 
Lynn Marie Billingsley, Maryland 
Josefina a. Blavia, D.C. 
Shelby Wayne Blythe, Arizona 
Naomi Kay Boetker, .Maryland 
Gary Andrew Boisen, Maryland 
Ralph Wyatt Bolgiano, .Maryland 
Linda Polachek Borkow, New York 
David Joseph Bova, Maryland 

David W. Bower, Maryland 
Thomas Lee Bowman, .Maryland 
Blair Anthony Boyd, .Maryland 
Charles Eugene Boyer, Virginia 
fSTEPHEN Alan Branning, Maryland 
Gary Howard Breenberg, Neiv York 
tHANS Joachim Breitenlohner, Maryland 
Gary Edward Brobst, Maryland 
Judith Ann Broseker, Maryland 
David Richard Browne, Maryland 
Walter M. Bryant, Maryland 
tW'ENDY A. Budd, Ntw Jersey 
Jesse Clement Bunch, Maryland 
Robert Warren Burke, .Maryland 
Sherry Lou Burkett, Maryland 
Virginia Charlotte Burnett, Maryland 
Barbara Lee Burns, Maryland 
Victor David Burns, Maryland 
George Garrison Buschman, III, Maryland 
fJosEPH Edgar Bush, Jr., Maryland 
Barbara N. Butcher, Maryland 
James Howard Cane, Maryland 
Marc Allan Caplan, Maryland 
Franklin J. Cathell, Maryland 
Michael A. Causey, Maryland 
Priscilla B. Chauvin, Maryland 
Robert Kim Choy, Maryland 
*LlNDA CiABATONl, New Jersey 
Judy Ellen Ciaraldi, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 




Jeri Lynn Coe, Maryland 
BARRY Lee Cohan, Maryland 
David Edward Cohen, Maryland 
SONYA Mori Cohen, Georgia 
Robert Mathias Conrad, Maryland 
Charles Howard Cooper, Maryland 
John Wesley Courtner, Maryland 
Gerard Francis Crecca, New Jersey 
Joanne Crowley, Maryland 
Frank Cuttitta, Jr., Maryland 
John Thomas Dalton, Maryland 
Linda May Dauberman, Pennsylvania 
*Robert Allan Davis, Maryland 
Edward Merril Decter, New Jersey 
Raymond Sandor Denenberg, Maryland 
Robert Michael Dennery, Maryland 
Donald Earl Dennison, Maryland 
James Cuevas Dermody, Maryland 
George Nicholas Diacoyanis, Maryland 
*Patricia Ann Diehl, Maryland 
fEDWARD John Drawbaugh, Maryland 
Harvey N. Dulberg, A'ettJ York 
Harold L. Dye, Jr., Maryland 
*Gerd Ebeling, Maryland 
Joan Patricia Edwards, Maryland 
fSTUART Allen Engel, Maryland 
fRoBERT Alfred English, Maryland 
Edward Charles Farstad, Maryland 
James Archie Fava, Jr., Maryland 
fPHiLiP Joel Feinsilver, Maryland 
Thomas Joseph Fenlon, Maryland 
John Helion Flynn, Maryland 
Jane Elizabeth Ford, D.C. 
* William Terrell Forrester, Maryland 
Judith Anne Franke, Maryland 
Leslie Dean Freedman, Maryland 
Stephen James Friedman, Maryland 
fRuTH Marie Fritz, Ohio 
Carol Trantham Gallagher, Maryland 
James Edward Gann, Maryland 
Jack Reginald Garner, Maryland 
Robert David Gelfeld, D.C. 
MARY Katherine Ghessie, Maryland 
fBoNNiE Ann Glaser, New Jersey 
Stephen Michael Gleason, Maryland 
Karen Joyce Gledhill, Maryland 
Alan Howard Golden, Maryland 
James Stephen Gordon, Maryland 
Stephen Mark Gordon, Maryland 
Richard Scott Graham, Maryland 
fMARJORIE Lee Gray, Maryland 
Letty Melinda Grayson, Maryland 
Robert Hale Green, Maryland 
♦Deborah Lea Greenberg, Virginia 
Bradford Frank Hadnot, Jr., Maryland 
*Charles a. Haile, Maryland 
Stanley Dominic Hajkowski, Maryland 
Samuel Garland Hammer, IH, Maryland 
Gary Leigh Hardegen, Maryland 
Kenneth William Harms, Maryland 
Tamara Lynne Harp, Maryland 
John Respess Harris, Maryland 
William Robert Harris, Maryland 

♦Charles Barry Hatton, Maryland 
Richard Denis Heasty, Maryland 
Jonathan Alexander Heath, Maryland 
♦Kathleen Anne Heffernan, Maryland 
Edward Neil Hennigan, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Henson, Maryland 
Robert Hewitt, Ne%v York 
fBARBARA Lynn Hirshberg, New Jersey 
Edward Michael Hirshorn, Maryland 
Moultrie Lee Hitt, Marylayid 
Emanuel James Hnarakis, Maryland 
Carel Lynn Hoffeditz, Maryland 
♦James Maynard Holcombe, Maryland 
Susan Lynne Holtan, Maryland 
George Sam Houlditch, in, Maryland 
fLuCY Helen Hsueh-Mei Hu, Maryland 
Michael Bruce Hummel, Maryland 
♦Nancy Lee Hurtt, Maryland 
Joseph G. Iacangelo, Jr., Maryland 
Arthur Holmes Imirie, Maryland 
fMARiLYN Louise Jager, Maryland 
Gail Robertson Janes, Maryland 
Christopher David Johnson, Maryland 
George Reuben Jones, Jr., Maryland 
Richard Carl Joslyn, Maryland 
tJoHN Albert Kapp, Maryland 
Alan Robert Kellogg, Maryland 
Gregory B. Kelly, Connecticut 
f Janice Clare Kennedy, Maryland 
fGREGORY Harold Kepler, Maryland 
Frederick Godfrey Kern, IH, Maryland 
Joseph Phillip Kerner, Maryland 
Judith Anne Kertcher, Maryland - 

Daniel Stephen Kiddon, Maryland 
Gail Eldridge Kiesel, Maryland 
Mark Jerome Kleiman, Maryland 
♦Mark Steven Klein, Marylayid 
Phillip Bond Kneller, Maryland 
Maria Koniuchowskys, Maryland 
William Lawrence Kos, Maryland 
Mark Howell Koury, Maryland 
Karl John Kraft, Maryland 
Philip Alexander Krautwurst, Maryland 
Joseph John Kroto, Maryland 
Howard Gary Lanham, Maryland 
♦David Lavine, Maryland 
Marc Irwin Leavey, Maryland 
Nelson Chu Lee, Maryland 
Raymond Jon Lee, Maryland 
fRoss Steven Lenet, Maryland 
James William Lester, Maryland 
Michael Herman Levi, Maryland 
Lisbeth Levy, Maryland 
John Manuel Libert, Maryland 
William Frederick Limpert, Maryland 
Chem J. Listner, New Jersey 
Stephen Herbert Littman, Maryland 
Elaine Elizabeth Lohr, Maryland 
♦Lillian Josephine Love, Maryland 
Linda Mae Lugar, Maryland 
♦Chaim Eliyahu Luria, Maryland 
Reba Pauline Maggitti, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 




Charles Townsend Mahaffey, III, Maryland 
* Kenneth Leslie Malinow, Maryland 
*Hadassah Rochelle Marcus, Maryland 
Jeffrey Stuart Massing, Maryland 
*RosALYN Mazia, Maryland 
Robert Charles McCullough, Maryland 
Charles Robert McDevitt, Maryland 
James Patrick McGill, Maryland 
*Maureen Elizabeth McHale, Maryland 
Terrance Patrick McHugh, Maryland 
Kathleen Ann McKay, Maryland 
James Robert McKee, Maryland 
Paul Raymond McLean, Neiv Jersey 
Barbara Simpson Meighan, Maryland 
Francis Kenneth Melcavage, Maryland 
Andrew Harold Metz, Maryland 
Michael Zalman Metzger, Maryland 
*Stephen Elliot Metzner, Maryland 
Michael Anatole Mezentsoff, Jr., Maryland 
Larry Thomas Middleton, Maryland 
Jay Donald Miller, Maryland 
fJOEL Brian Miller, Maryland 
tSHELDON Dale Milner, Maryland 
*Thomas Miller Milroy, West Virginia 
Linda Susan Mitchell, Maryland 
*Joseph Charles Molino, Ne^v Jersey 
Fee Wah Mon, D.C. 
Nancy Gibbs Morrison, Maryland 
Charles Gordon Morrow, Maryland 
Mary Lucile Moyer, Maryland 
*Richard James Muirhead, Maryland 
Michael Thomas Neff, Maryland 
tViCKi Diane Nelson, Maryland 
tJAMES Michael Nester, Maryland 
Michael Foxx Newborg, New Jersey 
Janey Sue Newhouse, Maryland 
Bernard L. Noeller, Maryland 
Alan Mitchell Non, Maryland 
Stephen Edwin Noren, Maryland 
Thomas Michael Nork, Maryland 
Sheldon Thomas Nutter, Maryland 
fPATRiciA Ellen O'Brien, Maryland 
Martin Louis Okun, D.C. 
Paul A. Ossi, Maryland 

Heghoush Hayasdan Papken Pakhchanian, 

Hubert Bernard Palmer, H, Maryland 
fjEFFREY Mark Pargament, Maryland 
Nora Judith Parker, Maryland 
*RiCKEY Wilson Parker, Virginia 
Stefan Luther Paskell, Maryland 
Roland Joseph Pearson, Maryland 
Frank Steve Peterka, Jr., Maryland 
Nichole Rose Phillips, Maryland 
Elliot Plotkin, Maryland 
fKAREN Worthington Posey, Maryland 
Ronald Harvey Posner, Maryland 
Chris Aemil Pouler, Maryland 
Joseph Francis Pratt, Marylaixd 
David Andrew Prevar, Maryland 
Louis Nathanieal Randall, Maryland 
*JAMES Booth Reeves, III, Maryland 
Charles Virgil Regalia, Maryland 

Brian Keith Reid, Maryland 

Raymond William Reinhardt, Maryland 

Daniel Ripps, Maryland 

Emily Worth Robinson, Maryland 

Clark William Rogers, Maryland 

Jeffrey Ben Rosenberg, Florida 

* Larry Robert Rosenthal, Maryland 
fJAMES Waters Ross, Maryland 
Thomas Alan Rowland, Maryland 
Jon Weldon Rowzie, Maryland 
*David Parry Rubincam, Maryland 
fANN Elizabeth Ruderman, Canada 
JACK L. Saba, Maryland 

Sara A. Sack, Pennsylvania 

IArthur Elliott Salwin, Maryland 

Alan Lewis Sandler, Maryland 

David Steven Sandler, Maryland 

Paul Francis Sarsfield, Maryland 

Sharon Ann Satulla, Maryland 

Michael P. Schantz, Maryland 

*Carol Linda Schaub, Maryland 

Jules Ian Schebr, Maryland 

Barbara Gay Schimpff, Maryland 

Anita Louise Schmidt, Maryland 

John Joseph Schmidt, Maryland 

David Glenn Schulman, Maryland 

Susan Irva Schwartz, Maryland 

Dennis Michael Seabolt, Maryland 

♦Oliver Shanks, Maryland 

*Constance Elizabeth Shannon, Maryland 

Stanley Martin Shapiro, Maryland 

Craig Matthias Sharp, Maryland 

Marc Jay Sheinberg, Maryland 

Frank James Sheppard, Marylatid 

*HARRy Edward Shisler, Maryland 

Charles Irving Shofnos, Maryland 

William Allen Siebenaler, Ohio 

Nathan Siekierka, Maryland 

William E. Singleton, South Carolina 

*MARc Lester Slatkoff, Florida 

Joel B. Smith, D.C. 

Gary Warren Smythers, Maryland 

Melvin Joseph Sobotka, Jr., Maryland 

Susan Marie Sonnenleiter, Morj/toMd 

Glenn Mitchell Spitzer, Maryland 

* Bruce Douglas Springer, Maryland 
Ronald Chris Sroka, Maryland 
Richard Lawrence Stapen, Maryland 
*Arthur William Stetson, II, Maryland 
Barbara San Stevens, Maryland 
tHARRY Stanley Stevens, Maryland 
fJosEPH G. Strozykowski, Maryland 
Lawrence Robert Swink, Maryland 
Barbara Joanna Syska, Maryland 
William Lewis Taylor, Maryland 
John Constantine Themelis, Maryland 
Cathleen Mary Tobin, Maryland 
John Bradshaw Tullner, Maryland 
Michael Morton Veitch, Maryland 
Sara Elaine Venetta, Maryland 
fALAN Robert Vinitsky, Maryland 
Carol June Vitiello, Maryland 
fSTEVEN Alan Vogel, Maryland 
Renate Leoni vom Hofe, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 




Geoffrey vonLimbach, Maryland 
James Harris Walker, Maryland 
William Larry Walker, Maryland 
Rodney Edward Wallace, Maryland 
Patricia Anne Watters, Maryland 
Roger Anthony Weidner, Maryland 
*William Raymond Weisburger, Maryland 
Max Weisfeld, Maryland 
Sidney Deeds Wells, Maryland 
Van Dien Westervelt, Maryland 
fjEAN Sandidge Willis, Marlyand 
Bernard David Wilson, Maryland 
Michael Edward Wilson, Maryland 

William Gregory Wilson, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Winterson, Maryland 
Teddy Albert Wolfe, Maryland 
*Henry Alwyn Wootten, Maryland 
Douglas Arthur Wright, Maryland 
Ellen Kyung Yang, Maryland 
Martin Lee Yankellow, Maryland 
Joseph Chih-Ching Yeh, Maryland 
JEFFRY Steele Young, Maryland 
Marguerite Tien-Yu Young, Maryland 
Charles Mercer Zimmerman, Maryland 
William Richard Zimmerman, Maryland 
SiMiON James Zinreich, Maryland 



August 29, 1969 

Albert Andrew Folop, Maryland 
Wayne Gaver, Maryland 

June 6, 1970 

Samuel David Berry, Maryland 
♦Sharon Lee Garrett, Maryland 

Howard Ross Leavitt, Maryland 
Elizabeth Lingrell McWilliams, Maryland 

*Dennis Lowell Monke, Maryland 
Nancy Sue Scheneman, Maryland 

The College of Business 
and Public Administration 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of the College 


August 29, 1969 

Jennifer Baker Acton, Maryland 
Russell Dale Anderson, Maryland 
fRALPH Douglas Arvin, Maryland 
Gilbert Britt Bates, Maryland 
Richard Charles Bell, Maryland 
Michael Patrick Boland, Maryland 
George Andrew Bottiger, Jr., Maryland 
Edward Buck Brinton, Jr., Maryland 
William Carroll Caldwell, Maryland 
John Anthony Castner, Jr., Maryland 
tMiCHAEL Wellington Cook, Pennsylvania 
James D. Costello, Pennsylvania 
Frank Anthony Crisafulli, Maryland 
Robert Aylmore Cullen, Maryland 
tCHARLES WiLLARD Daggs, III, Maryland 
Harry Phillip Davis, Maryland 
Russell Martin Denney, Maryland 
Gerald W. Dibble, Maryland 
Nancy Jean Dixon, Maryland 
Michael Pierce Dobson, Maryland 
tWiLLiAM Bradford Dudley, Jr., California 
Douglas Gorman Erickson, Maryland 
Barry Lazelle Field, Virginia 

Henry Seiberling Firey, Maryland 
David N. Gates, Virginia 
Alina Maria Grier, Maryland 
Lee Louis Hartman, Maryland 
Alice Ann Hatfield, Maryland 
Randall Sherwood Higgins, Maryland 
Donald Lewis Hintz, Maryland 
Wayne Wesley Hunt, Maryland 
Gene C. Hutcherson, Virginia 
John Crawford James, Maryland 
Jon Edward Johnson, Maryland 
tHowARD Miles Jones, HI, Maryland 
George John Kallis, Maryland 
Paul Ennis Kanter, Maryland 
Robert Charles Kidwell, Maryland 
Steven Robert Kirsh, Maryland 
Michael J. Klein, Maryland 
Robert Thomas Kleinpaste, Maryland 
Richard Lindquist Klug, Delaware 
John Steven Koodrich, Pennsylvania 
Kenneth Walter Kostolecki, New York 
John Francis Kousouris, Marylayid 
Thomas Walter Laverty, New York 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 



Ronald W. Lawler, Maryland 
Frank Leapley, Jr., Maryland 
Thomas W. Lenihan, Maryland 
fMlCHAEL J. Licata, Virginia 
Alton Bruce MacDonald, Maryland 
James Patrick Marshall, Maryland 
Glenn J. Maynard, New York 
James Martin McCullough, Maryland 
Richard Allen McHugh, Maryland 
Thomas Carroll Medlin, Jr., North Carolina 
Frank Walter Metzbower, Maryland 
Burton Alan Mezick, Maryland 
Thomas Augustus Morel, D.C. 
George Franklin Morris, Jr., Maryland 
Richard Glenn Morrison, Maryland 
David Lee Mueller, Maryland 
Cornelius Steve Mulder, Jr., Maryland 
James Joseph Mullican, Maryland 
John Denison Newell, Maryland 
Barbara Rose Oremland, Maryland 
David Stuart Parker, New Jersey 
Virginia Lynn Petzold, Maryland 
Sheldon Mark Pittleman, Neiv York 
Warren Stewart Prentice, Maryland 
Thomas Dewey Quinn, Maryland 
Michael James Raeder, Maryland 
Miles Ira Resnick, Maryland 

Arnold Jay Rottman, Maryland 

John Anderson Ruggles, Maryland 

Herman Charles Sakwa, Maryland 

Lyle Prevost Schill, Jr., Maryland 

Louis Schlosburg, Maryland 

John Robert Schwerin, Maryland 

Jonathan Sheintal, Maryland 

Frank Verner Shelton, Maryland 

Theodore Randolph Sherman, Jr., Maryland 

IThomas Arnold Shivers, Maryland 

Calvin E. Sober, Maryland 

Steven Keith Solovey, Maryland 

Harvey Mark Stolker, Maryland 

Warren Kenneth Teeple, Jr., Maryland 

Ronald Alvin Teeter, New Jersey 

John Dwight Thiel, Maryland 

Cynthia Lee TftowER, Maryland 

Paul Axeworthy Vale, Maryland 

William James Van Dusen, Maryland 

Anthony Speros Versis, Maryland 

Michael Harvey Weinberg, Maryland 

Gary Eugene Weller, Maryland 

fDAviD Werchen, Neiv York 

Calvin Theodore Wetklow, Maryland 

Jay Irving Winer, Maryland 

George William Wright, Maryland 


January 22, 1970 

Anthony Kerry Akin, Maryland 
Russell Murray Aldrich, Jr., Maryland 
Ira Raymond Allen, Maryland 
William Henry Anderson, Netv York 
Ronald Stewart Asbury, Maryland 
William Elwin Bach, New York 
Remigijus Balciunas, Maryland 
Richard Wayne Barrow, Maryland 
Robert Basham, Maryland 
Clarence Wilbur Bathgate, IV, Maryland 
Alan Stanley Beck, Maryland 
Laurence J. Becker, Maryland 
Richard Charles Bergenstein, Maryland 
James Arnold Bergmann, Maryland 
Walter Chester Bialousz, Maryland 
Michael Winford Blevins, Maryland 
Stephen Allan Blum, Maryland 
Charles Lee Boetsch, Maryland 
Roger Alan Bohn, Maryland 
Herbert Paul Book, Pennsylvania 
Thomas Charles Borzilleri, Maryland 
Louis E. Bracken, Pennsylvania 
Michael Joseph Brand, Maryland 
Barbara Brannen, Maryland 
Michael David Brannigan, Maryland 
Jack L. Brenner, Jr., Pennsylvania 
John Brereton Brewer, Maryland 
Thomas Rhyne Brown, Maryland 
Arthur Frederick Brueggeman, Maryland 
Trustle Kendell Bryant, Jr., Maryland 
Robert Joseph Burkland, New York 
Allen Dale Burns, Maryland 

Jeffrey Kenneth Butcher, Maryland 
Glenn Howard Byrd, Maryland 
John Francis Cahoon, Maryland 
Richard A. Cantilena, Maryland 
Ned Robert Chappell, Ohio 
Robert George Childs, Maryland 
William Edward Clark, Jr., Maryland 
David Theodore Coe, Maryland 
Herbert Stanford Cohen, Maryland 
Ronald Louis Collier, Maryland 
Marvin Edward Compton, Alabajna 
Ruby Ilene Compton, Maryland 
Robert Stuart Con nan, Pennsylvania 
Robert Joseph Connor, New York 
William Marvin Cook, Jr., Maryland 
Phillip Charles Cooke, Maryland 
Edmund Coulson, Maryland 
Daniel Ray Crawford, Maryland 
Richard James Crisafulli, Maryland 
Rex Patrick Curran, England 
Michael Richard Curtin, Maryland 
Craig Wright Damron, Maryland 
Richard Samuel Davidson, Maryland 
Linda Davis, Maryland 
Charles Francis Dayball, Maryland 
Henri Carlyle de Lozier, Maryland 
Anthony DiAngelo, Maryland 
Hall Conley Dillon, Maryland 
Ian Dingwall, Maryland 
Alberto Joseph DiPompo, Maryland 
Lawrence Edward Dixon, Maryland 
Rudolph John Dominic, D.C. 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 




John Van N. Dorr, ///, D.C. 
Herman Ray Driver, Maryland 
Daniel Warren Dubansky, Maryland 
Brian Duggan, Connecticut 
Talis Dzenitis, Maryland 
Lawrence Oren Eason, Maryland 
Thomas B. Eckhart, Maryland 
Jeffrey Ward Edwards, Maryland 
Richard Carroll Engleman, Maryland 
Robert Albright Erich, Jr., Maryland 
Donald F. Evans, Maryland 
Wayne Lewis Evelhoch, Maryland 
JAMES Patrick Ewing, Marylayid 
John Walter Ewing, Maryland 
Robert C. Eyer, Pennsylvania 
Joseph Michael Feakes, Maryland 
Michael Jay Pox, Marylayid 
Elinor Adela Francis, Maryland 
Jeffrey E. Frank, Virginia 
Bonnie E. Friedman, Maryland 
Jerry Melvin Friedman, Maryland 
George Peter Frizzell, Maryland 
Michael E. Fulton, Marylayid 
Cheryl Lynne Fuselier, Maryland 
Leland lake Gardner, Maryland 
Leonard Alan Ginn, Maryland 
Edward M. GOWEN, Maryland 
Michael Charles Grace, Maryland 
Roy Joseph Green, Maryland 
Joseph Daniel Gregory, Maryland 
Susan Jane Gremillion, Maryland 
Walter Michael Gretschel, Maryland 
John Gordon Grimes, Virginia 
Roy William Grubbs, Maryland 
Paul Robert Haddaway, Maryland 
Nancy Jane Haeseler, Maryland 
Richard Kyle Hakkarinen, Maryland 
Thomas Wayne Halio, Maryland 
Robert Leroy Hall, Florida 
George A. Halsey, Neiv York 
fBAsiL Emanuel Hangemanole, Marylayid 
James Hans Hansen, Maryland 
Thomas Duane Hansen, Pennsylvania 
Walter Ray Hansen, Maryland 
David Mitchell Hanson, Maryland 
Granville Cook Harrington, Maine 
Richard Dail Harrington, Maryland 
Charles Demmings Harris, Maryland 
Elliott Brooke Harwood, Jr., Marylayid 
Laura Faye Hausdorff, Marylayid 
Eric Mitchel Hayden, Maryland 
Raymond J. Heaney, New York 
DANIEL Charles Hedges, Maryland 
tLlNDA Arlene Hefler, Marylayid 
Ruth Ann Heily, Maryland 
David Albert Heinmuller, Maryland 
Richard Clinton Herrick, Maryland 
Laura Jean Hertzlich, Maryland 
Lee C. Hollis, Jr., Maryland 
Edward Joseph Holton, Maryland 
Gerald Burton Hoover, II, Maryland 
Thomas Ray Hord, Maryland 
Edward Garrett Huller, Maryland 
Robert John Iafrate, New York 

John Bruce Ippolito, Maryland 
Michael K. Janofsky, Maryland 
William Becker Jenkins, Maryland 
Dwight Richard Jones, Maryland 
David Joseph Karol, Peymsylvania 
David Ivan Katz, Maryland 
Michael Griffiths Khoury, Maryland 
Edward Charles Kienzle, Marylayid 
John Russell King, Jr., Maryland 
Steven Klein, New York 
Gary Michael Kleiner, Maryland 
Harry John Koffenberger, Maryland 
Alan Neill Kramer, Maryland 
Bruce Phillip Kyle, D.C. 
Irene Kyriakopoulos, Maryland 
Gregory Lachowicz, Marylayid 
Raymond F. Lackner, Maryland 
Michael Allen Landis, Maryland 
Richard Eric Lane, Maryland 
Arthur George Latterner, Marylayid 
Robert Lee Lawson, Maryland 
James Francis Layden, Ohio 
William Joseph Leeney, Maryland 
Douglas Lee Leftwich, Maryland 
William Jay Levinson, Marylayid 
Ronald Alan Lieberman, Maryland 
John M. Little, Maryland 
Sheila Anne LoCastro, Marylayid 
Stephen Jay Loewinger, Maryland 
Michael Joseph Lusby, Maryland 
TOUFIC Maged, Canada 
Hugh Augustus Mallon, III, Marylayid 
Edward James Maloy, IV, Maryland 
Douglas Margerum, Marylayid 
Robert Paul Marshall, Jr., Maryland 
Charles Leonard Martin, Jr., Maryland 
RoNAN Roy Martin, Maryland 
David Jordan Maryott, Maryland 
James Charles Maxa, Maryland 
Ronald Allen McClellan, Maryland 
Seth Colin McCormick, Marylayid 
Tim C. McIntosh, Maryland 
Robert Henry McKay, Marylayid 
Vincent Richard McKewin, II, Maryland 
Charles David McLeod, Jr., Maryland 
Mary Josephine McMullen, Maryland 
Joseph Bruce Meehan, II, Marylayid 
Robert William Mehler, Maryland 
April Joan Melville, Marylayid 
John Francis Meyers, Marylayid 
Todd Sinclair Middleton, New York 
Stephen Earl Miles, Maryland 
Mark Reid Miller, Maryland 
Susan Elizabeth Miller, Maryland 
Robert Kemp Mish, D.C. 
John Frederick Moeller, Maryland 
Richard F. Moltzon, Maryland 
Denis James Mulligan, Maryland 
Michael Lee Mulligan, Maryland 
Patrick Jay Mulligan, Maryland 
Larry R. Myers, Maryland 
Richard Louis Myers, Jr., Marylayid 
Thomas Francis Nagle, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 




William Van Orden Nahm, Maryland 
Camran Nassiri, Maryland 
tWiLLiAM K. Newman, Virginia 
Edgar Warren North, Maryland 
Michael Joseph O'Connor, Maryland 
Marvin Lee Ogburn, Maryland 
Jeffrey Neil Oppenheim, Maryland 
Charles James Pailthorp, Maryland 
Frank Domenic Pandolfino, Maryland 
Alan Harvey Pasarew, Maryland 
JAAK Pesti, New York 
Robert Joseph Pfaff, Maryland 
Alan Edward Pfiugrad, Maryland 
Mark Benjamin Polsky, Maryland 
Stuart Philip Postow, Maryland 
James Franklin Potter, Virginia 
James A. Poulos, Maryland 
Richard Edward Price, Maryland 
Thomas John Pronti, New York 
James Edwin Ptomey, Jr., Maryland 
John Bernard Pulasky, Jr., Maryland 
David Harland Quesenberry, Maryland 
Daniel Wayne Rabenhorst, Maryland 
James Robert Reigle, Maryland 
Robert George Reynolds, Maryland 
Dennis Karl Richardson, Maryland 
Frank Louis Ripkin, Maryland 
John M. Roche, Maryland 
Melvin Teddy Rosen, New York 
Michael Joseph Rosenberg, Maryland 
John Phillip Rourke, in, Maryland 
Robert Rodgers Rowny, Maryland 
Robert James Royce, Jr., Maryland 
Michael Joseph Runfola, Maryland 
Linda Jane Runyan, Maryland 
Anthony A. Santy, Maryland 
Thomas John Sasso, Ne^v Jersey 
Frank John Schaffer, Maryland 
Alan Donald Schiffman, Rhode Island 
Frederic Alan Schmidt, Maryland 
Louis Edward Schroeder, Maryland 
Kenneth Bruce Schulkin, Maryland 
Joseph Michael Sciacca, Maryland 
Lester Samuel Scott, Maryland 
tSTEVEN Michael Serio, Maryland 
Jeffrey Allen Shapiro, Maryland 
Gary Edward Shipp, Maryland 
Douglas Carl Siegel, Maryland 
Craig Alexander Simmons, Marxjland 
James Michael Simpson, Maryland 
Paul Ashton Smith, Maryland 

Harry Neil Snyder, Maryland 
Wendell Lloyd Snyder, Jr., Maryland 
Catino Louis Sparacino, Maryland 
Charles Lee Stambaugh, Maryland 
Jack Edward Steil, Maryland 
Michael Dickey Stevens, Maryland 
Robert Eugene Stevenson, Maryland 
Anthony Henry Stupi, Jr., Maryland 
David Sims Sudduth, D.C. 
Norman David Sugar, Maryland 
Bernard Joseph Sullivan, Maryland 
Mark Ivan Tarses, Maryland 
Ira Alan Taylor, Maryland 
LARRY Wayne Tedrow, Maryland 
GARY Eaton Thomas, Maryland 
Diana S. Thomas, Maryland 
James Edward Thompson, Maryland 
James Randall Thompson, Maryland 
Robert Norman Tinari, Maryland 
Eugene Anthony Todaro, Maryland 
John Calvert Tolzman, Maryland 
Bruce Ralph Trabb, Pennsylvania 
John Tyson Tregoning, Maryland 
Marcel Turner, Maryland 
James Richard Twark, Maryland 
Edgars Visvaldis Ulis, D.C. 
Norman Henry Vander Schuyt, Jr., 

New York 
Peter Gregory Vazzana, Maryland 
Dennis Ray Veith, Maryland 
Rolando Vicens, Maryland 
Stuart Walman, Maryland 
Verl Randal Ward, Maryland 
David Rothwell Warren, Maryland 
William Hazen Washburn, Maryland 
William Clay Watkins, Maryland 
John Bowie Watson, Maryland 
Gerald C. Wegznek, Maryland 
Dennis Neilson Weiss, Maryland 
John Alan Weitzel, Maryland 
Frederick Harrison Wheeler, III, Maryland 
Duane Everett Wilkes, Maryland 
Chester Allen Wood, Maryland 
Richard Charles Woods, Maryland 
Howard Leslie Wootten, Jr., Maryland 
Kathryn Ann Worcester, Maryland 
James Dantes York, Alabama 
William Augustine Young, D.C. 
Robert Jackson Ziegler, Maryland 

June 6, 1970 

Russell Gordon Abell, New York 
Martin Leonard Aiken, Maryland 
Dennis Blythe Allison, Maryland 
Lewis Lee Amick, Maryland 
Patrick James Amick, Maryland 
Walter Raleigh Anderson, III, Maryland 
Richard George Annas, Maryland 
fMARC Alan Appel, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 

Robert Alan Appelbaum, Maryland 
IAndrew Royce Armstrong, Jr., Maryland 
Dennis James Armstrong, Maryland 
David Dixon Arnold, Maryland 
John Stuart Aufill, Jr., Maryland 
Bruce Campbell Austin, New Jersey 
Kachig Marsout Baboyian, D.C. 
Clifford Talburtt Bagwell, Maryland 




Richard Dale Balcom, Maryland 
Thomas Darby Ball, Maryland 
William Raymond Barrett, Maryland 
tCOLLEEN Frances Barros, Maryland 
Marc Leonard Bass, Maryland 
Roderick Arthur Batease, Maryland 
Karen Denise Baurmash, Maryland 
Robert Dennis Beckman, Maryland 
tROBERT A. Bedingfield, Maryland 
Thomas Haley Beers, Maryland 
Harold Edmund Belcher, Maryland 
IDaniel Joseph Beller, A/ar(//anrf 
Ralph Carl Benna, Maryland 
Alan Kenneth Bennett, Maryland 
Lawrence Wayne Benton, Maryland 
Michael Andrew Berdak, Maryland 
Philip Richard Berman, Maryland 
Charles Edward Bierley, H, Maryland 
Charles Gregory Bishop, Maryland 
Clyde Bernard Blandford, Jr., Maryland 
Robert Harry Bliss, Maryland 
Claude Albert Bogley, Maryland 
Edward Theodore Bonawitz, Maryland 
Nicholas Gary Boniface, Illinois 
Gary James Bosco, Maryland 
Harvey Wonnell Bounds, Jr., Maryland 
Charles A. Bowman, Ohio 
John Adams Boyd, Maryland 
Randolph Dennis Bracey, Maryland 
Lawrence Brager, Maryland 
tSteven William Brand, Maryland 
Michael D. Brant, Maryland 
Cynthia Ann Breitenlohner, Maryland 
Donald George Brobst, Jr., Maryland 
Warner Larry Brockson, Maryland 
Richard George Broden, Maryland 
Clark Edward Brodersen, Maryland 
Steven Martin Brody, New Jersey 
John E. Brookman, Maryland 
Stephen Philip Brooks, Maryland 
Keith Joseph Brown, New York 
Mary James Brown, Maryland 
Richard Lee Brown, Maryland 
John Charles Brucculeiri, Maryland 
Elizabeth Joan Bruen, Colorado 
James Irving Bryant, Maryland 
Barry Stuart Buchoff, Maryland 
Thomas Buckwalter, Virginia 
Jerold Glenn Buhrman, Maryland 
Kenneth Leroy Bupp, Maryland 
JAMES Martin Burgess, Jr., Maryland 
Craig Randolph Burton, Maryland 
tRiCHARD Butler, Massachusetts 
David Joseph Callahan, Maryland 
PATRICK Ernest Callis, Marylaytd 
Cleveland E. Campbell, Maryland 
Sally Jeanette Campen, Maryland 
Dennis Carl Carder, Maryland 
JAMES Carey, Maryland 
Frederick Crawford Cassiday, Maryland 
Edwin Gwynn Casswell, Jr., Maryland 
Edwin Douglas Carton, Maryland 
Thomas J. Castonguay, D.C. 
Aristides Isidoros Cederakis, Maryland 

tPAUL Ralph Celluzzi, Maryland 

Paul Randolph Chester, Maryland 

Richard Ghent Childs, Maryland 

tGARLAND Chow, Maryland 

Richard A. Cirner, New Jersey 

Cheryl Anne Clark, Maryland 

Richard Collins Clark, Maryland 

Sherry Janet Clarke, Maryland 

Robert Allen Coale, Maryland 

James Raymond Cochenour, Jr., Maryland 

David Morris Cohen, Maryland 

Martin Jeffrey Cohen, Maryland 

Stephen J. Cohen, Maryland 

Stephen Edward Cole, Maryland 

Judith Ann Colross, Maryland 

Patrick L. Conroy, Maryland 

Raymond Carlyle Cooksey, Jr., Maryland 

Joyce Elaine Coughenour, Pennsylvania 

Robert McKenzie Craver, Maryland 

Scott MacNeil Crawford, Maryland 

tRoBERT Edward Creager, Maryland 

Arthur Scott Crockett, Jr., Maryland 

ICarl Christian Culler, Maryland 

Dennis Michael Curley, Maryland 

Robert F. Dadd, Maryland 

Freeman Marion Dail, Marylatid 

John William Daily, Maryland 

John William Dale, II, Maryland 

Kenneth Leonard Dalsted, Maryland 

Bradley Frederick Danforth, Rhode Island 

Ronald Emidio D'Angelo, Maryland 

Stephen Mark Dansicker, Maryland 

Charles Elsworth Darling, Florida 

IFrederick Gage Day, Maryland 

Howard Michael Day, Maryland 

James Patrick Day, Maryland 

fMiCHAEL Robert Day, Maryland 

Paul Sibley Day, Maryland 

Robert Lee Dear, Maryland 

Lynn Scott Decker, Maryland 

Ronald Wayne Deener, Maryland 

William Witter Deissler, III, Maryland 

John Andrew Deitz, Maryland 

Michael Joseph DeMarco, Maryland 

John Michael Dempsey, Maryland 

PAUL D. Denchy, Maryland 

tVlRCINIA Der, D.C. 

Richard Paul Derwart, Maryland 

Dale Donald Deuvall, Kansas 

tJANicE Mary Devine, Maryland 

David John Dillon, Florida 

George Mathews Dilts, Maryland 

Richard Dennis Dobrzykowski, Maryland 

Dennis Patrick Dolan, Maryland 

Robert Lee Dolan, Maryland 

Jan Marion Dortignac, Maryland 

David Andrew Douglass, Maryland 

Donald Burke Downing, Jr., Maryland 

fEDWARD Joseph Doyle, Jr., Maryland 

Martin Alban Doyle, Maryland 

Wylie Conway Drake, Maryland 

Charles Edward Drimal, Jr., New York 

Edward Peter Driscoll, Maryland 

Patrick Anthony Duck, Maryland 

*with Honors : twith High Honors 




William Joseph Duignan, Maryland 
Stephen Daunt Dunne, Maryland 
George Gene Dunsten, Maryland 
Jean Clare Eddy, Maryland 
SAMUEL Thomas Edel, Jr., Maryland 
Melinda S. Eden, Maryland 
Lester Woodrow Edwards, Jr., Maryland 
John Fletcher Elder, Maryland 
Abraham El-Gamil, Maryland 
James Ferrell Ellison, Jr., Maryland 
fCLiNTON Andrew Englehart, Maryland 
Scott Eric Erickson, Pennsylvania 
BARRY Spencer Estill, Maryland 
Barbara Kay Etheridge, Maryland 
Ricardo Lawrence Fagnani, Maryland 
Patrick Nicholas Fahey, Maryland 
George Richard Fairfax, Maryland 
William Leon Falck, Maryland 
Gholan-Hossein Farivari, Maryland 
Robert Ross Farrell, Jr., Maryland 
Rosemary Ann Farrell, Maryland 
tFRANK Rosario Fato, D.C. 
Hugh Anthony Feeley, Maryland 
Stephen Mitchell Feeney, New York 
Ira Alan Feit, Maryland 
Anita Lois Feith, New Jersey 
Michael Martin Fenlon, Maryland 
Samuel John Ferraro, Jr., Maryland 
Stephen Lawrence Fickett, Maryland 
William Edward Fiedler, Maryland 
Thomas Wayne Fine, Maryland 
James Francis Finnegan, Jr., Maryland 
Harold Jerome Fischer, Maryland 
Henry Andrew Fischer, Jr., Maryland 
Joseph Robert Flutka, Maryland 
Michael James Fochios, Maryland 
Stephan Wayne Fogleman, Maryland 
Douglas Matthew Ford, Maryland 
Jeffrey Louis Foreman, Maryland 
Steven David Forman, Maryland 
Carolyn Marian Formwalt, Maryland 
Douglas Wayne Fornwald, Maryland 
David Alan Foster, Maryland 
William George Foster, Maryland 
Frederick Michael Frank, Jr., Maryland 
John Kirk Franklin, Maryland 
fJoN Daniel Franklin, Maryland 
Scott Jay Franz, Maryland 
Timothy John French, Maryland 
Sheila Fullenbaum, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Funderburk, Maryland 
Richard Allen Furbish, Maine 
Monica Rose Garbor, Maryland 
Thomas Charles Gallagher, Maryland 
Pamela Rae Gandy, Virginia 
fEARL Grant Garrison, Maryland 
Stephen Joseph Gawrylewski, Illinois 
Arnold Stuart Gayle, Maryland 
J. Mitchell Gayner, New Jersey 
W. Dennis Gilligan, Maryland 
Richard John Giza, Maryland 
Lawrence Robert Glaser, New York 
Gerald Irwin Goldberg, Maryland 
Michael Wayne Golden, Maryland 

Michael Alan Goldenzweig, Maryland 
Bennett Harvey Goldstein, Maryland 
Jeffrey Bruce Gordon, Maryland 
Gary Edward Gosnell, Maryland 
Robert Edward Gossard, Maryland 
tMlCHAEL P. GOUGH, Maryland 
Larry E. Gourley, Maryland 
William Lawson Grant, New Jersey 
Arlee Clayton Green, Maryland 
James Floyd Greene, Maryland 
John L. Greene, Maryland 
Richard Charles Greengold, Maryland 
George Mark Gridley, Maryland 
tRiCHARD William Grimes, Maryland 
Lester Carl Grimm, Maryland 
Richard Brian Groom, Maryland 
Carolyn Frances Gross, Maryland 
Michael V/. Guglis, D.C. 
Augustus F. Guiang, Maryland 
Stephen Milford Gunter, Maryland 
Thomas Edward Hachten, D.C. 
Richard Barry Hammond, Maryland 
tGerald Mark Hankin, Maryland 
Thomas Leo Hannan, Maryland 
Linda Lee Harney, Maryland 
John Edward Harris, Maryland 
tHAROLD E. Hausler, Maryland 
fERlc A. Heefner, Maryland 
DAVID Joseph Heim, Jr., New Jersey 
Thomas Austin Henning, Maryland 
Robert M. Hersh, Maryland 
Harry James Hess, Maryland 
Robert Richard Hickernell, Maryland 
Thomas Edward Hill, Maryland 
Jeffrey C. Hines, Maryland 
Jeffrey Howard Hoders, Neiv Jersey 
David Franklin Hodge, Jr., Maryland 
Helena Rhys Hofmann, Maryland 
Joseph Francis Hograth, Maryland 
Gary Philip Holdefer, Maryland 
Glenn Barry Holland, Neiv York 
Richard Neal Holloway, Maryland 
Glenn Henry Holtje, Maryland 
William Clyde Hoover, Maryland 
Jean Marie Horan, Maryland 
Jeffrey Robert Howe, New York 
Peter Robertson Howe, Maryland 
Henry Craig Hubbard, Maryland 
Ronald Paul Hufendick, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Hughes, New Jersey 
Raymond W. Hughes, Jr., Maryland 
Jon p. Hyman, Maryland 
Gaetano Anthony Incontrera, Maryland 
Richard Steven Isen, Maryland 
Ralph Franklin Ives, III, Maryland 
Mark Daniel Jacobs, Maryland 
Joseph Gerard Janyska, Maryland 
Antonio Dionisio Javonillo, Maryland 
Fl Fl A. Jen, Maryland 
James L. Johnson, Pennsylvania 
Jerry Rudolph Johnson, Maryland 
Larry Lee Johnson, Maryland 
tLAWRENCE Johnson, Maryland 
Lawrence Henry Johnson, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 




Mahlon Arnold Jones, Maryland 

Robert Byron Jones, Maryland 

Richard G. Jordan, Maryland 

Clarke Reed Kaestner, Maryland 

Richard Jones Kahn, Maryland 

Sheldon Arnold Kalish, Maryland 

Allen Joel Kaplan, Maryland 

Paul Irving Kaplan, Maryland 

James Johnston Kappel, Maryland 

Virginia Day Kates, Maryland 

fDoRA Lee Kaufman, Maryland 

Scott M. Kehne, Maryland 

Edwin Randolph Keller, Jr., New Jersey 

Charles Matthew Kelly, Maryland 

Robert Allen Kempler, Maryland 

William Marvin Keneman, Virginia 

fCHARLES Richard Kenney, Maryland 

tM. Ray Kiddy, Maryland 

tJo Ann Kier, Maryland 

Evelyn Conant King, Maryland 

Ruby Evelyn King, Maryland 

Wayne Foster King, Maryland 

William J. Kirschensteiner, Ohio 

Benjamin Lewis Kirson, Maryland 

Richard James Klau, Maryland 

John Quinn Kline, Maryland 

fRlCHARD J. Knapp, Maryland 

Max Kolbauer, New Jersey 

Alan Russell Konkle, Maryland 

Robert William Konze, Maryland 

Robert Allen Korn, Maryland 

James Michael Kovakas, Maryland 

tMARC Andrew Kowalski, Maryland 

Thomas Michael Kreiser, Maryland 

Andronike Kritsings, Maryland 

tRENu Kumar, D.C. 

Jeanie Cking Kung, Maryland 

William David Kurtz, Maryland 

Damon Victor LaBrie, Idaho 

Michael William Lackett, New Jersey 

Joseph Franklin Lackey, Jr., Maryland 

tRiCHARD Harris Lager, Maryland 

James Richard LaGrone, Maryland 

David Landsberg, Maryland 

IRaymond Francis Laverdiere, Maryland 

t Barbara Jo Lawrence, Virginia 

Robert Allen Lawrie, New Jersey 

John William Laws, Maryland 

Harvey Joseph Lebson, Maryland 

Emma Yen Lee, D.C. 

Steven Granvil Lee, Maryland 

Dale Claude Legal, Maryland 

fSTEVEN D. Legum, Maryland 

fj. Bradford Leonard, Maryland 

Thomas Damien Leppert, Maryland 

Stephen Spottswood Leslie, New York 

Richard Jay Lessans, Maryland 

Robert Levin, Maryland 

Diane Susan Levine, Florida 

Alan Harvey Levitas, Maryland 

Sandra B. Lifshutz, D.C. 

Terrence Michael Lijewski, Maryland 

DoMiNiCK Joseph Lijoi, Maryland 

Raymond Lin, Maryland 

William Alan Lipford, Maryland 
Benedict Donald Lipovsky, Jr., Maryland 
Mark Alan Lobar, Maryland 
Maurice Ignatius Long, Jr., Maryland 
William Arthur Longwell, D.C. 
Charles Michael Lord, Maryland 
Barbara Phyllis Lowenstein, Maryland 
William Francis Lueck, Maryland 
tCHRisTiNE Wai Lin Lum, D.C. 
Michael Lupiwok, Maryland 
Patricia M. Macaulay, Virginia 
Brian Dexter MacFarlane, Maryland 
James Michael Macnees, Maryland 
Keith Jon Madsen, Maryland 
Robert Francis Mague, Maryland 
Jeffrey M. Manas, Maryland 
John Lawrence Manley, Maryland 
Constantine John Manolatos, D.C. 
David Robert Margulies, Maryland 
Ivan Michael Markowitz, Maryland 
Daniel Martin, Maryland 
James Edward Martin, Maryland 
Patrick Victor Martino, Jr., Maryland 
Michael Bryan Martz, Virginia 
John Stokes Mathews, New Jersey 
Brooks Leroy Mauldin, Jr., Maryland 
Arthur Dale Mayhle, Maryland 
John William McAuley, Ohio 
Arthur Joseph McGinnis, Maryland 
David Shannon McGrael, Pennsylvania 
Steven William McGrath, Maryland 
Stephen Alan McKerrow, Maryland 
Martin David McLauchlan, Maryland 
Romulus Anthony McLaughlin, Maryland 
Stanley Joseph McLeod, Maryland 
Oliver Glenn McPherson, Maryland 
James George Melon as, Maryland 
Stephen Brandt Meltzer, Maryland 
Frederick Hans Menke, Jr., Maryland 
Kenneth Stuart Mentzel, Maryland 
tCuRTis Leroy Merrick, Maryland 
Thomas Owen Merryman, Maryland 
Stephen Ross Michalec, Maryland 
tVALERiE Ann Milazzo, Maryland 
fBRUCE Ira Miller, Maryland 
Louis Brian Miller, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Miller, Maryland 
Ronald Sterling Miller, Maryland 
Stephen Lewis Miller, Maryland 
Wayne Hamilton Miller, Maryland 
marshal L. Millikan, Maryland 
Michael Ashby Milloy, Maryland 
Frank Leonard Milman, Maryland 
Clive Garry Monjo, Maryland 
fPAUL Ira Moonves, New York 
DWAYNE Ellis Moore, Maryland 
Earl Wilson Moreland, Jr., Maryland 
fLuciLLE Morgan, Maryland 
Michael Rhoades Morgan, Maryland 
Robert Joel Morick, Maryland 
Randall A. Moyer, Maryland 
Joseph Valentine Mudd, Maryland 
Thomas Fabian Mundell, Maryland 
Daniel Henri Murphey, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 




James Philip Murphy, Jr., Maryland 
DAVID Clayton Murray, Maryland 
Charles Joseph Myrtle, Maryland 
Larry M. Naftal, Maryland 
David Maury Naftaly, Maryland 
Joseph Louis Nagro, Maryland 
Herbert Thomas Nelson, Maryland 
Thomas Ellsworth Nelson, Jr., Maryland 
Lawrence James Neubert, Maryland 
Lewis Jon Neuwelt, Maryland 
William McCullough Nichols, Maryland 
Sharon Broderick Nickel, Maryland 
Michael W. Noble, Maryland 
Judith Ann Nolan, Maryland 
William Bechelli Noll, Maryland 
Thomas Andrew Noplock, Maryland 
Bruce William North, Maryland 
PAUL Edward Northam, Mart/land 
Carl Stephen O'Briant, Maryland 
Abraham Samuel Obstbaum, New Jersey 
William Whitelock Oliver, Maryland 
Lawrence Houston Owens, Jr., Maryland 
Charles Francis Paglio, Maryland 
Frank Joseph Palumbo, Maryland 
Joseph Michael Pancza, Jr., Neiv Jersey 
Arthur Faustino Paras, Maryland 
John Shay Parker, Maryland 
Stephen W. Parks, Maryland 
Jerry Lee Parsons, Virginia 
Michael L Pascal, Ne^v Jersey 
Elaine Frances Paul, Maryland 
David William Pear, Maryland 
Ronald Eugene Pearson, Maryland 
William Jonathan Pearson, Maryland 
Barton B. Peeples, Maryland 
Thomas Edward Pelino, Maryland 
RiCARDO Jaime Penaloza, D.C. 
Jill Susan Perlman, Maryland 
Douglas Edward Peterson, Maryland 
Stephen Lynn Petranek, Maryland 
Raymond Leonard Petro, Jr., Maryland 
William Edward Petzold, Maryland 
Frederick Dendy Pevey, Illinois 
Daniel Richardson Pewett, Maryland 
James Conrad Pfarr, Maryland 
Kenneth David Pickeral, Maryland 
Ronald Witt Pilling, Maryland 
Dennis R. Piper, Maryland 
Arnold Stoud Platou, Maryland 
Paul Alan Polinger, Maryland 
GARY Lee Poore, Maryland 
Christopher Lee A.B. Porter, Maryland 
Robert Thomas Porter, Maryland 
Randal Marc Posin, Marijland 
William Jay Posner, Maryland 
Russell Thomas Potee, Jr., Maryland 
Richard Craig Powell, Maryland 
Donald L. Powers, Maryland 
Marvin Eddy Purzitsky, Maryland 
Ethel Harriet Pustilnik, Maryland 
Brenda Joyce Quick, Maryland 
Olga Quintana, Maryland 

Stephen Joseph Raeder, D.C. 
Everett Lee Ramsburg, Maryland 
George Joseph Redifer, Jr., Maryland 
William Francis Reynolds, Jr., Maryland 
Richard Manes Rhudy, Maryland 
Mary Catherine Riedy, Maryland 
George Puffer Riner, Maryland 
Earl Richard Roberts, Maryland 
Craig Fisher Rockey, Maryland 
Raymond Douglas Rockwell, Maryland 
Anne Mardelle Rodgers, Maryland 
David Thomas Rogers, Maryland 
John Hardie Rose, Maryland 
George Everett Ross, Maryland 
Neil Ira Rothstein, Maryland 
Richard Eric Rotner, Maryland 
fSHARON Gail Royal, Maryland 
Richard John iJoYER, Maryland 
Alan von Eggers Rudd, Maryland 
Laurence Eugene Rudolph, Maryland 
fJoHN Francis Rusk, Maryland 
Louis Paul Russo, Maryland 
Linda Leigh Ryals, Maryland 
Donald Edwin Ryan, Jr., Maryland 
William Carey Saddler, Maryland 
Stuart Lee Sagal, Maryland 
Joseph Haim Salis, Maryland 
Rexford Harold Salisbury, III, Maryland 
Mark D. Salo, Maryland 
Joel Harvey Salus, Maryland 
Daniel Leigh Sandler, Maryland 
Robert Barry Sandler, Maryland 
Arlene Gale Sapperstein, Maryland 
Mary Alice Sausser, Maryland 
Larry Ronald Sawyer, Maryland 
Lewis Fenwick Sawyer, Maryland 
fjAMES Simeon Schaefer, Maryland 
Ronald Ralph Schafer, Maryland 
Robert Leigh Scheid, Maryland 
David Bernard Scherr, Jr., Maryland 
William Joseph Schiavone, Maryland 
Joseph William Schlicht, Jr., New Jersey 
Cynthia Jayne Schmick, Maryland 
James William Schmidt, Maryland 
Martha Bailey Schmidt, Jr., Maryland 
Albert Joseph Schramm, New Jersey 
Gary Joseph Schultz, Maryland 
Leslie Stuart Schuman, Maryland 
Joseph Charles Schwartzel, Texas 
Robert Dennis Schweizer, Maryland 
James Daniel Scott, Maryland 
Ethel Lee Scotto, Maryland 
Douglas Paul Sbabrease, Maryland 
Michael Daniels Seaman, Virginia 
Peggy Joy Seigel, Maryland 
Ronald Victor Seilback, Maryland 
Dennis William Seitz, Martjland 
Albert Ellwood Severn, Maryland 
Andrew Campbell Sharp, Maryland 
John Richard Shaw, Maryland 
fVERONlCA MARIE Sheehy, Maryland 
Ronald Paige Shelleman, Maryland 
Deborah Terri Sherman, Maryland 

•with Honors : t with High Honors 




Conrad Vladimir Shewchuk, Maryland 
Sue Kyong Shin, Maryland 
Kenneth Wilmer Shipp, Mississippi 
Howard Frederick Shire, Jr., Maryland 
Barry Lee Silverman, Maryland 
Harriet Candy Simbaliski, Maryland 
Barry Wayne Singleton, Michigan 
Abraham Skurnik, Maryland 
Charles Harry Slingluff, Maryland 
Lloyd Michael Sloan, Maryland 
Stephen P. Slocomb, Maryland 
Gary Lee Smith, Marylayid 
Gerald Cecil Smith, Maryland 
Mary Dudley Smith, Florida 
Shelby Bishop Smith, Maryland 
William Jeter Smith, Maryland 
Ronald Lee Smullen, Maryland 
Mindell Smulowitz, Maryland 
Frank Holt Snapp, Maryland 
James Michael Sniscak, Pennsylvania 
Michael Leonard Snyder, Maryland 
LARRY Bruce Soergel, Maryland 
Glenn Peter Sorensen, Texas 
Michael Joseph Sorrell, New Jersey 
Charles Ivar Spannare, Maryland 
Richard Loren Sparrough, Jr., Maryland 
tMiCHAEL Francis Spates, Maryland 
Michael Glenn Spitzer, Maryland 
Kenneth Mark Sprafkin, Maryland 
Wayne Headley Stack, Maryland 
Rita Theresa Stafurik, Maryland 
JuANiTA E. Stallman, Maryland 
Wallace Francis Stalnaker, Florida 
Gregory William Stamm, Maryland 
William Richard Stanto, Maryland 
Alan Murray Stapleton, Maryland 
Michael Howard Stein, Maryland 
tWiLLiAM Benson Stevenson, Maryland 
Robert James Stolba, Maryland 
Mark William Stromberg, Maryland 
Ira Joel Sugar, Maryland 
Ronald Marc Sukoneck, Maryland 
Donald French Swan, New Jersey 
Peter Francis Tamburello, Maryland 
Glen Alan Tand, Maryland 
David Rollin Tanner, Maryland 
Eugene Kimmel Taylor, Jr., Maryland 
Roger Douglas Taylor, Maryland 
Charles John Tegeler, Maryland 
Nancy Sidbury Thayer, Virginia 
Julia Anne Thebaud, Maryland 
Dale Leslie Thomas, Maryland 
Jack Reeves Thomas, Maryland 
Bruce Allan Thomason, Neiv Jersey 
John Carlisle Thompson, Maryland 
John Merryman Thompson, Maryland 
Robert Lee Thompson, Jr., Maryland 
George Nelson Timney, Maryland 

Jean Marie Tinney, Maryland 
Peggy Wiggins Titus, Maryland 
Wayne L. Turner, Maryland 
Benjamin Harrison Tyler, Jr., Maryland 
Adele Mae Tymeson, Marylayid 
Thomas C. Underwood, III, Maryland 
tKAREN Maria Vandermause, Maryland 
LAWRENCE Richard Van Druff, Maryland 
Stephen Van Nostrand, Japan 
Frederick James Veeder, Maryland 
tRuDOLF Jan Vis, Maryland 
John George Voelker, Jr., Maryland 
Gail E. Vollmer, New Jersey 
Robert Phelps Wade, Jr., Maryland 
Michael Jackson Wall, Maryland 
Bruce Alan Wallick, Maryland 
William Thomas Walsh, III, Maryland 
John Christopher Wannen, Maryland 
Lewis Paul Ward, Maryland 
Bruce Franklyn Warner, Maryland 
Frank Richard Wasuta, Jr., California 
William C. Watkins, Maryland 
Joan S. Weinberg, Maryland 
Barbara Anne Weiner, Maryland 
•fJoHN Nelson Wells, Maryland 
Charles Victor Wendal, Maryland 
Jerome Anthony Wess, Maryland 
Jerry Wayne West, Maryland 
Russell Wayne White, Maryland 
George Michael Whitfield, New Jersey 
Richard Ward Wight, Neiv Jersey 
Frederick Charles Wilcox, D.C. 
Harold Dewees Wildasin, Maryland 
Francis Michael Wiles, Maryland 
Donald Wayne Williams, Maryland 
Gregory Hamilton Willis, Maryland 
Virginia Benton Willis, Maryland 
William Arthur Willis, Maryland 
Gregory George Wills, Maryland 
Joseph Michael Wilson, Maryland 
Ronald Leroy Windsor, Maryland 
Raymon Aloysius Wise, Jr., Maryland 
MiKOLAJ Georgius Wojnowski, Maryland 
Robert Harold Wolf, Maryland 
Lyle Wolinsky, Maryland 
Wendelin Elder Wood, Maryland 
John Gary Yaquiant, Maryland 
Lynn Charles Yarris, Maryland 
Lawrence David Yocum, Maryland 
Sherwin Yoffe, Maryland 
Prayoon Yongsuvimol, Maryland 
Catherine Dorothy Young, Maryland 
Jean Zimmerman, Maryland 
fDoUGLAS L. ZINN, Maryland 
Harlan Keith Zinn, Maryland 
Michael David Ziskind, Maryland 
RiDGELY Thomas Zittle, Maryland 
Joseph Francis Zuraski, Maryland 


•with Honors : twith High Honors 

College of Education 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean of the College 

August 29, 1969 

Paulette Marie Bowman, Maryland 
JANNE Deidra Briggs, Maryland 
Suzanne Gail Busch, Maryland 
John Albert Clay, Maryland 
fLiNDA Dawson, Texas 
Barbara Ann Dunnavant, Maryland 
Jeanette a. Elmore, Maryland 
fjANiCE Ruth Frum, Maryland 
William Leo Gniazdowski, Maryland 
Dablene Kay Grantham, Maryland 
BARBARA Deitrich Hedrick, Maryland 
Carolyn Marlene Heglund, Maryland 
Sharon Dale Holbrook, Maryland 
Luba Oksana Knysh, Maryland 

Margaret Maddox Mona, Maryland 
'*Arthur Donald Neal, Maryland 
Richard Colt Nelson, Maryland 
tJOHN Savvas Pantelides, Maryland 
John Michael Peddicord, Maryland 
Susan Coleman Salah, Maryland 
Robert Littlejohn Simpson, Maryland 
John Wright Stallard, Maryland 
Margaret O'Leary Tevis, Maryland 
Jacquelyn Lee vonDrehle, Maryland 
Joe David Walker, Maryland 
fMiCHAEL Stephen Warchol, Maryland 
Sara Elizabeth Wheeler, Maryland 


January 22, 1970 

Jeanne Beth Barda, Illinois 
Mary Alice Barth, Maryland 
Richard Gerald Baucom, Maryland 
William Leslie Beckman, Maryland 
*Evelyn Mildred Blaufeld, Maryland 
Maureen E. Blische, Maryland 
Ava Rachelle Bloom, Maryland 
Gerald Lee Boarman, Maryland 
Nancy Amanda Bowerman, Massachusetts 
MARTIN Richard Callahan, Maryland 
Ilene Susan Caplan, Maryland 
Karen L. Carter, Maryland 
Janice Marie Charlton, Maryland 
Sharon Lynn Corkran, Maryland 
Belinda Charlene Dix, Maryland 
Robert Wayne Elliott, Maryland 
Kathleen Joy Ewing, Maryland 
Frances Mary Fernandes, Maryland 
Thomas Edward Garrigan, Maryland 
Susan Rhona Gelber, New Jersey 
Susan Rea-Furr Goff, Maryland 
Joan Lee Greenblatt, Maryland 
Thomas Calvin Griffith, Maryland 
Rita Gross, Maryland 
Anne Thomas Johnson, Maryland 
Phyllis Ann Johnson, Maryland 
Miriam G. Keeney, Maryland 

Linda Dianne Krout, Maryland 
Stephen Noel Kulik, Virginia 
Linda Ann Lawson, Maryland 
Elizabeth Julia Locatelli, Maryland 
Gloria Jean MacNees, Maryland 
Gloria Frances Magram, Maryland 
Barry Harlan Maguire, Maryland 
William Harold Mitchell, Maryland 
Robert C. Ness, Maryland 
Kathy Ann Niebo, Maryland 
Wanda Jean Otto, Maryland 
Valerie Ann Pekich, Maryland 
Evangeline Jeanne Pelecanos, Maryland 
Elaine Stolting Perna, Maryland 
Marsha Rita Rydstrom, Maryland 
Mary Ruth Seibert, Maryland 
Ivy M. Shulman, New York 
Laurie Ann Siegel, Maryland 
Wendy Suzanne Sims, New Jersey 
Dudley Graham Skinker, Jr., Maryland 
Cheryl Dawn Maria Spicer, Maryland 
Jane Stewart, Maryland 
Philip Wesley Tawes, Jr., Maryland 
Regina G. Teitelman, Maryland 
Kathleen J. Thomas, Maryland 
John Francis Turner, Maryland 
Beatrice Elaine York, Maryland 
Gale Harley Younkins, Maryland 

June 6, 1970 

Peggy Jean Ashworth, Maryland 

*Shelley Anita Baker, Maryland 

Michele Banyasz, New Jersey 

+BONITA Louise Baranowski, Maryland 

Joanne Barber, Maryland 

Mary Brent Barbour, Maryland 

Walter Michael Bartman, Jr., Pennsylvania 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 

Betty Jane Beall, Maryland 
Barbara Baren Beck, Maryland 
fLois Deena Becker, New Jersey 
Brian Dennis Bellman, Maryland 
Carolyn Jean Bentz, Pennsylvania 
ILeslie Ann Bernstein, Maryland 
*Darlene Charlotte Biggs, Maryland 




♦Joseph Henry Blair, Pennsylvania 
Lynn Reichel Bloom, Maryland 
Thomas Arthur Bogar, Maryland 
Laurel Louise Bowers, Maryland 
Mary Malissa Brady, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Brennan, Maryland 
♦Martha Louise Brewer, Virginia 
fDOROTHY Schulz Britt, Maryland 
Iris Barbara Brodnick, Maryland 
Andrea Elizabeth Brown, Maryland 
Ronald Seth Brown, New York 
Janice Marilyn Burke, Maryland 
Jean Marie Chamberlain, Maryland 
Efstratia Vasiliou Chebithes, New Jersey 
Ann Jennifer Cheslaw, Maryland 
Deborah Leigh Cimokowski, Maryland 
David Earl Compton, Maryland 
♦Jessie Constance Cook, Maryland 
Glenna Sue Coombs, Maryland 
Cynthia Jane Cory, Maryland 
Gail Margaret Courtney, Maryland 
fSARAH Elizabeth Cowgill, Maryland 
Susan Easton Crawford, Maryland 
♦Joan Barbara Critz, Maryland 
Frances Joan Crystal, Maryland 
Karen Ann DeGrange, Maryland 
Lauriann DeLizia, Maryland 
fELlZABETH Alden Denson, Maryland 
Madeline Callis DeVAn, Maryland 
Jeannette Louise Diehl, Maryland 
Carol Lee Dineen, Maryland 
Valerie Ann Dominick, Maryland 
Carolyn Kent Dowdle, D.C. 
John James Dowling, Maryland 
Michael David Driessen, Maryland 
Susan Lyon Duques, Maryland 
•j-Carolyn Marie Ebaugh, Maryland 
♦Cathy Ann Erdeljon, Maryland 
Marie Jeanne Farren, Belgium 
Andrea Susan Fasimpaur, Maryland 
Miriam Leah Feigenson, Maryland 
Marjorie Elinor Fenstermaker, Maryland 
Denise Marion Ferrenz, Maryland 
tJANE OsLER Fischbeck, Maryland 
•f-BARBARA Sue Footer, Maryland 
Frederick K. Ford, Maryland 
Sandra Lynn Ford, Maryland 
tMARY JANE Fuller, Maryland 
Charles Vernon Gable, Jr., Maryland 
fCYNTHiA Gibson Galic, Virginia 
fEvA Belle Garin, Maryland 
♦Janet Gertrude Gehringer, Maryland 
Leslie Ellen Gibberman, Maryland 
fANN Marie Gilman, Maryland 
Robert Harris Ginsbb^g, Maryland 
♦Donna Gail Glickman, Massachusetts 
LuciNDA JEANETTE Glicksman, Marylayid 
Irma Grace Glikman, Maryland 
♦Michael Sheldon Gold, Maryland 
tJuDY Kay Goldberg, South Carolina 
fMARSHA Robin Goldman, Maryland 
Catherine Ann Gounaris, Maryland 
Anne Alayne Graham, Maryland 

Bonnie Sue Graves, Maryland 
Kristine Ann Griffin, Maryland 
fTERRY Rix Grimes, Maryland 
fKAREN Gail GRUBER, Maryland 
Lillian Harvey Hall, Maryland 
Theo Elizabeth Hall, Maryland 
♦Jeanne Marlene Hammond, Maryland 
Elizabeth Bauersfeld Hanson, Maryland 
Sherry Phyllis Hanswirth, New York 
tCAMiLLE Agnes Harrison, Maryland 
Lauretta Jane Hart, Maryland 
tJACQUELiNE Abel Haynes, Maryland 
♦Carole Ann Helferstay, Maryland 
♦Sharon Kurth Henry, Maryland 
Carol Marie Hense, Maryland 
Ann McMaster Hess, Maryland 
Teresa Ann Higgins, Maryland 
fPATRiciA Ellen Hitt, Virginia 
fSusAN Elyse Hofberg, Maryland 
♦Marilyn Joan Holland, Maryland 
Rita Natalie Horowitz, Maryland 
Eileen Sue Howard, Maryland 
Dennis William Imwold, Maryland 
Margaret Teresa Jackson, Maryland 
*Margaret Yvonne Jacques, Maryland 
Susan Carol Jaskulsky, Maryland 
♦Shirley R. Kempl, Maryland 
Carole Snow Keyes, Maryland 
Stephanie K. Krumrein, Maryland 
Mark Howard Kurtz, Maryland 
fjANET Ruth Kwong, Maryland 
fBETTY A. Lallier, Maryland 
fSANDRA Kaye Lambert, Maryland 
RAYMOND Kenneth Lanemann, Maryland 
Cathy Ann Lansdale, Maryland 
Kittemeria Clements Laroux, Maryland 
fjANELLE Rae LARSON, Maryland 
Diana B. Lassahn, Maryland 
Anne Margarbh' Lathrop, Maryland 
Sandra Beth Leonard, Maryland 
♦Jean Pfefferkorn Leslie, Maryland 
George Robert Light, Jr., Maryland 
Annetta C. Luce, Maryland 
PlETRO LUPO, Maryland 
tSYLViA CAMILLE MacGregor, Maryland 
fMARGARET BuTLER MacHale, Maryland 
Eric Roger Madsen, Maryland 
Jerold Dean Marvel, Maryland 
Joanne M. McDonald, Maryland 
Judith Anne McGinn, Maryland 
Carolee Brophy Miller, Maryland 
Marsha Penny Mirman, Maryland 
Henrifer German Morales-Macedo, 

David Karl Morath, Maryland 
fSALLiE YoHN Murphy, Maryland 
fLois Ellen Myers, Maryland 
♦Richard Anthony Nagel, Jr., Maryland 
tSHARYN Elizabeth Neuwirth, Maryland 
Mary Jane Page, Maryland 
Maria Christos Paleologos, Maryland 
Craig Alan Paul, Maryland 
Ramon Preciado, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 




*JUDiTH Linda Prins, Maryland 
Arlyne C. Raffel, Maryland 
Judith Marcia Rapofort, Maryland 
*Sharon Waller Revis, Maryland 
Elaine Ann Rock, Maryland 
Leslie Anne Rockett, Maryland 
Theresa Mary Rose, Maryland 
Rochelle Lee Rosen, Maryland 
Tamara B. Rudo, Maryland 
Basil Sapienza, Maryland 
Stephanie Schaffer, Maryland 
* Linda Dorien Schwartz, Maryland 
fJosEPH Michael Scovitch, Maryland 
Mary Ann Sebring, Maryland 
Beverly Anne Shaeffer, Maryland 
fELiZABETH Lynn Shearer, Maryland 
*CAROL Angela Sheffey, Maryland 
Clyde Edward Shuttleworth, Maryland 
*Freda SilbermiNZ, Maryland 
fDoLOROS Darlene Simpson, Maryland 
Stephen Howard Sirkin, Maryland 
fNoRMAN Sylvester Smith, Jr., Maryland 
Ilene Solomon, Maryland 

Delores Jean Spence, Maryland 
Anne Mary Stevens, Maryland 
Donna Lynn Tabackman, Maryland 
Susan Lois Terborg, Maryland 
tViCTORiA Ellen Thompson, Maryland 
Shirley Ann Thornburg, Maryland 
Jacqueline Iris Tucker, Maryland 
tPOTENl Tzanis, Maryland 
Gregory Lee Van Blargan, Maryland 
* Phyllis Lee Viccellio, Maryland 
Myra Maureen Volk, Maryland 
*Grace Susan Wagner, Maryland 
Jenny Lou Watson, Maryland 
George Wayne, Maryland 
Joyce Annette Weinhold, Pennsylvania 
Rosemary Nye Wells, Maryland 
*Ellen Marie Werner, Maryland 
Linda Sue Williams, Pennsylvania 
Kathleen Anne Wise, Maryland 
George Addison Wood, Maryland 
Diana Lynn Wright, Maryland 
Alice Margaret Yutzy, Maryland 
Mark Stryker Zimmerman, Maryland 

August 29, 1969 


Pamela Kemper Albert, Maryland 
Randall Earl Anderson, Maryland 
Samuel John Angelini, Jr., Maryland 
DAVID Logan Baker, Maryland 
David Bruce Banks, Maryland 
Ann Barber Beckwith, Marylind 
Victoria Hunter Bohar, Maryland 
BARRY Arthur Bosies, Maryland 
Dorothy Stike Boudreaux, Maryland 
Virginia Dize Bowen, Maryland 
Martha Brookman, Maryland 
Susan Elaine Brown, Arizona 
fRosEMARY A. CARLSON, Maryland 
Germaine Chabbott, Maryland 
Diane Bonny Citron, Maryland 
Maureen Catherine Corbett, Maryland 
Lynette Ilene Corrinne, Maryland 
Edward E. Drozdov, New Jersey 
Ramona Elizabeth Echols, Colorado 
Joanne Kress Edwards, Maryland 
tPATRiciA Peters Eliot, D.C. 
Joseph Michael Ferrell, Maryland 
Mary C. Finneran, Maryland 
Margarita S. Flores, Maryland 
Jean Marie Fondren, Maryland 
Gerald Leon Frushour, Virginia 

*Annie M. Garofalo, Maryland 
JANICE Marie Geldermann, Maryland 
Elaine George, D.C. 
Richard Lee Gerwig, Maryland 
Edgar Gjolstad, Maryland 
*Linda Iris Goldberg, Maryland 
MARGARET Rose Gonzales, Maryland 
James Cunningham Greer, Maryland 
John Bennett Gregg, Maryland 
*Donald Carl Greimel, Maryland 
Olga Swann Hamer, Maryland 
Deborah Freier Harmon, Maryland 
Kaye Ellen Harris, Maryland 
Anne M. Hatcher, Maryland 
Leonard J. Heller, Maryland 
Francine Hertzberg, Maryland 
Lee Michael Higgins, Maryland 
Cynthia Lorraine Holler, Maryland 
Elizabeth Ann Hopkins, Maryland 
Patricia Crossfield Howard, Maryland 
Raymond Lane Ihndris, Maryland 
Cecilia Ann Johnson, Maryland 
Linda Lee Johnson, Maryland 
tJOAN Lea Kadesch, Maryland 
Mary-Anne Keslosky, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 



Jeanne Harris Kidder, Virginia 
*EVELYN Elizabeth Kirby, Maryland 
Karen Faye Krieger, Maryland 
♦William King Laird, Maryland 
*ILSA Kawall Leal Ferreira, Brazil 
Charles Frederick Legters, Maryland 
Jennifer Joy Ludke, Maryland 
Rosemary Emma Martin, Maryland 
Edward Donald Mason, Maryland 
Joan Marcia Mazer, Maryland 
Susan Patricia McCamy, Maryland 
Elena Morreale McComas, Maryland 
Daniel Joseph McKenna, Maryland 
Mary Evelyn McMillan, Maryland 
Catherine Todd Meloy, California 
Dorothy Leah Mihokovich, Maryland 
Colleen Patricia Murphy, Maryland 
Karen L. Murry, Maryland 
Hanneke Murs, Maryland 
fSusAN Diane Myler, Maryland 
Stephen Alan Newhouse, Maryland 
Gloria Lee Nutwell, Maryland 
EOLINE Alice Oelschlager, Maryland 
William David Palmer, Jr., New Jersey 
Marcia Starks Phillips, Maryland 

Pamela Joy Posner, Maryland 

"John Paul Randall, H, Maryland 

Edith Marie Ratliff, Maryland 

fCATHERiNE White Rhodes, Maryland 

Patricia Alexis Rimbos, Maryland 

Leslee Anne Roark, Maryland 

Karen Cecile Rosenthal, Maryland 

Mickey Dennis Roskam, Maryland 

-Clarence LeRoy Rowe, Jr., Pennsylvania 

Shira Madlynn Rubenstein, Maryland 

Timothy David Scott, Maryland 

Jewell Ingram Seay, Maryland 

John Elmore Shackelford, Maryland 

*April Jeanne Stanley, Maryland 

"Carolyn Christine Sterling, Florida 

Cecil Margaret Stotesbury, Maryland 

*David R. Tillman, Maryland 

Christine N. Tydings, Maryland 

John Alexander VanDermark, Jr., Maryland 

Ann B. Waters, Maryland 

Barbara Levin Weiner, Texas 

Victor Weinstein, Maryland 

Alice M. Wilkins, Maryland 

Carolyn Inez Winter, Maryland 


January 22, 1970 

Joy Abramson, Maryland 
James Henry Allan, Maryland 
Sarah Ruth Anderson, Maryland 
Dale Thomas Antosh, Maryland 
Susan Fran Asch, Maryland 
Violet Ann Ash, Maryland 
Ruby L. Bailey, Maryland 
John Workman Baldwin, Maryland 
Lynn Baldwin, Maryland 
Alana Elaine Barnette, Maryland 
Joan Ann Barr, Maryland 
Sharon Ann Bateman, Maryland 
Patricia A. Benedict, Maryland 
Marsha Ellen Bisker, Maryland 
Kay Ann Blank, Marylayid 
Lois G. Blanken, Maryland 
Linda Bloom, Maryland 
Joseph Edward Boan, Maryland 
Viki Dorene Bostwick, Maryland 
Janice Charlene Bove, Maryland 
Michael Laird Boyle, Maryland 
John W. Brady, Jr., Maryland 
Thomas Middleton Bresnahan, ///, 

Harry Lewis Britner, Maryland 
Patricia C. Brooks, Maryland 
Elwood Dennis Broughton, Maryland 
Barbara Oslin Brown, Maryland 
Patricia Elaine Brown, Maryland 
Timothy Wayne Brown, Maryland 
Vincent Howard Burns, Maryland 
Paula Susan Burroughs, Maryland 
MARY Ann Burrow, Maryland 
Ellen J. Camhy, Maryland 

Kathryn M. Canavan, Maryland 
Harriette Linda Caplan, Maryland 
Pamela Hoffman Carson, Pennsylvania 
Blanche Christine Carter, Maryland 
Paige Cunneen Carter, Maryland 
Bronwyn a. Case, Maryland 
Linda Lou Cassel, Maryland 
Linda Louise Chaney, Maryland 
William Harlan Chew, Maryland 
Annie May Clark, Maryland 
Richard Gorman Clune, Maryland 
Harriet Frances Cohen, Maryland 
Marlane Rose Cohen, Maryland 
Kaye Conant, Virginia 
Guy L. Conklin, Maryland 
Lowell Arnett Cooper, West Virginia 
CAREN Gaye Crocker, Maryland 
John Edward Dalgewicz, Maryland 
Robert Paul David, D.C. 
Judith Evans Dawson, Maryland 
Klementyna B. Dawson, Maryland 
Yates Marie Deahl, Maryland 
fMlCHELE Decoste, Maryland 
Margaret West Denton, Maryland 
Patricia Galt Dickens, Maryland 
Timothy Joseph DiGennaro, Maryland 
John Cochrane Dodd, Maryland 
Kathleen Marie Donovan, Maryland 
Gray Carlson Dowell, Maryland 
Barbara Ellen Duffey, Maryland 
Nancy Lee Elliott, Maryland 
Norman Edwin Entzian, Maryland 
James Melvin Famous, Maryland 
Christine Marie Fehlner, Maryland 

♦with Honora : twith High Honors 




Judith K. Ferguson, Maryland 
Jo Anne Finifter, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Fischer, Maryland 
Amy Louise Fisher, Maryland 
Robin Lee Flax, Maryland 
Marsha Rhee Frank, Maryland 
Richard Ernest Frattali, Maryland 
Susan Barbara Freed, Maryland 
Robert Thomas Frew, Maryland 
HILDEGARDE Frieman, Maryland 
Joyce N. Frost, Maryland 
Marlene L. Furst, Maryland 
Stanley Galicki, Maryland 
Cynthia Ann Garlock, Maryland 
Diane Maxine Gasser, Maryland 
MARCIA Ann Geigek, Maryland 
Suzanne Michael Gitomer, Maryland 
Paula Maxine Gordon, Maryland 
Jill Ann Goteiner, New Jersey 
Thomas W. Grabowski, Maryland 
Nancy Eyster Graham, Maryland 
Carol Lynn Green, Maryland 
fDoROTHY Dawson Greene, Maryland 
Katharine Nuckols Griffith, Maryland 
Linda Lee Guglielmini, Maryland 
Lynda Joanne Gwiazdowski, Connecticut 
Myra Jean HAhn, Maryland 
James Edward Hamerski, Maryland 
Carole D. Hamilton, Maryland 
CARMEN Cheryl Hardy, D.C. 
Elizabeth Anne Harris, Maryland 
Mary Beth Harris, Virginia 
Daphne Hope Hasty, Maryland 
Joyce Elaine Hayes, Maryland 
Ann L. Heintzelman, Maryland 
Mary Jane Henderson, Maryland 
Edwin Osborne Hering, Jr., Maryland 
Charles W. Hess, Jr., Virginia 
Ralph Vincent Higdon, Maryland 
Diana L. Hohensee, New Jersey 
tSTARLA Welty Hughes, Maryland 
William Michael Huhn, Maryland 
Robert Dennis Hummer, Maryland 
Ronald Hayden Imbriale, Maryland 
Warren Alford James, Neiv York 
Linda L. Jandorf, Maryland 
Geraldine Theresa Jaron, Maryland 
Douglas Michael Johnson, Maryland 
♦Janet Marsh Johnson, Maryland 
Susan Marie Johnston, Maryland 
Kim Howard Jordan, Maryland 
Andrea Joan Kaplan, Maryland 
Kim Helge Kargaard, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Kesslek, Maryland 
Mary Elizabeth Kienzler, Maryland 
Linda Funk King, Maryland 
Tina Suzanne King, Maryland 
Robert Arnold Kirchman, Louisiana 
Barbara R. Klaff, Maryland 
Mary Elizabeth Knapik, Maryland 
Carol Anne Koch, Maryland 
John William Kochowicz, Maryland 
James William Kocur, Maryland 
fLELiA Jean Lamoreaux, Maryland 

Margot Larson, Maryland 

Richard Melvin Lederman, Maryland 

Lynn Rachael Levinson, Maryland 

Benedict Liberatore, Maryland 

Susan Florence Lindbeck, Maryland 

Ann Cole Loeb, Virginia 

Diane Linda Loew, Maryland 

Charles Leslie Logan, Maryland 

Judith Lurcher, Maryland 

Josephine Anne Lucido, Missouri 

Gabriele B. Ludwig, Maryland 

James F. Mancini, New York 

fWlNlFRED M. Manzi, Maryland 

Ira Richard Marshall, Jr., Maryland 

Sandra Lee McClellan, Maryland 

Kathleen Elizabeth McCormac, Maryland 

Sally Fisher McGovern, Maryland 

Pamela Susan McMichael, New Jersey 

Herman Wilson Meador, Virginia 

Gail Mesmer, Maryland 

Henry George Michel, Maryland 

Bonnye Sharon Miller, Maryland 

Cheryl Ann Miller, Maryland 

Phyllis Carol Miller, Maryland 

Rita Louise Miller, Maryland 

Robert Deane Milliken, Maryland 

Alan Dean Moore, Maryland 

Cheryle Lynn Moore, Maryland 

KAREN Ripple Morgan, Maryland 

Kenneth Lyttleton Morgan, Jr., Maryland 

Linda S. Morgan, Maryland 

Dennis Groeger Morse, Maryland 

Nancy L. Mueller, Maryland 

HARRY Tyson Murphy, Jr., Maryland 

James Anthony Murphy, III, Maryland 

Linda Kay Nicholson, Maryland 

Patsy Ann Oakes, Maryland 

Sandy Elaine Okon, Maryland 

Ann Carol Ottenheimer, Maryland 

Elizabeth Rudolph Otto, Maryland 

Patricia Sue Pacheco, Maryland 

John Howard Payne, Maryland 

Robert Lee Pearl, Maryland 

Ferne Arlene Permisohn, Maryland 

Susan R. Petasky, Maryland 

Margaret Eloise Phipps, Maryland 

tLENORE Marie Pilato, Maryland 

Susan Platkin, Maryland 

Wendy Ann Plotkin, Maryland 

Susan Glenna Ponemone, Maryland 

Lois Joyce Pontier, Maryland 

Ruth Molly Price, Maryland 

Mayer David Proser, Maryland 

Robert Paul Redinger, Maryland 

David LeMar Remmert, Maryland 

Laura Joan Rettaliata, Maryland 

Ann Carol Revelle, Virginia 

Sandra Barbara Reznick, D.C. 

Sandra Kathryn Rhodes, Maryland 

James Russell Rice, III, Maryland 

Diane Dailey Richards, Maryland 

* Elizabeth A. Righter, Maryland 

Michele J. Rodgers, Maryland. 

DOREEN Fingerhut Rubin, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 




Frances Miriam Saltzman, Maryland 

Gela Marie Sandidge, Maryland 

Sharron Lee Saperstein, Maryland 

Larry Franklin Scanlon, Maryland 

Ann Morrison Sharpe, Maryland 

William Joseph Shinnick, Maryland 

Linda Ann Shirley, Connecticut 

David Edwin Shkor, Maryland 

Marilyn Stovall Shotwell, North Carolina 

Edward Joseph Sienkilewski, Jr., Maryland 

Byron Bethmann Simms, Maryland 

Nancy E. Sitrick, Maryland 

Mary Katherine Goudie Small, Virginia 

Norman Steffens Smith, Maryland 

Rita Ellen Smith, Maryland 

Linda Ruth Sperling, Maryland 

Raymond Voss Spring, Maryland 

Judith Ann Stecklow, Maryland 

Barbara L. Stein, Maryland 

Anne Stanford Stephens, Maryland 

Mary Frances Stevens, Virginia 

Carole Anne Sullivan, Maryland 

Emily Linda Surwit, Maryland 

Joan Ilene Suskin, Maryland 

Carol Claire Tait, D.C. 

Robert Edmund Terrill, Maryland 

Jeanette Eugenia Ann Teslenko, Maryland 

Barbara Wesley Thompson, Maryland 

Charles Edward Thompson, Maryland 

KARLA Jane Tipton, Maryland 

Sharyn Lynn Title, Maryland 

Lena Ruth Tolley, Maryland 

Charles Havens Tompkins, Maryland 

fJULiA Robbins Travers, Maryland 
Christine Vasilakos, Maryland 
Gary Charles Vessel, Maryland 
Judith Daye Wagner, Maryland 
Linda Susan Waingold, Maryland 
Nancy Faye Walker, Maryland 
Victoria Creech Waterstradt, Maryland 
Anne Eleanore Watson, Maryland 
Peggy Jeanette Weaver, Maryland 
tANNiE Virginia Webb, Maryland 
ROCHELLE Gail Weinkranz, Maryland 
Miriam Weissman, D.C. 
Barbara Jane Whipp, Maryland 
Carol C. White, Maryland 
Gregory Ulman White, Maryland 
Elizabeth W. Whitener, Maryland 
Richard H. Wilby, Maryland 
Roberta Ann Willing, Maryland 
*Gretchen Theodore Wilson, Colorado 
Judith Claire Wilson, Maryland 
Margaret Ann Wilson, Maryland 
Richard Dennis Wilson, Maryland 
MARY McConnell Wolfe, Maryland 
Sylvia Garrett Wolfe, Maryland 
*JUNE D. Wright, Maryland 
Mary Ellen Wyatt, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Yates, Maryland 
Barbara James Young, Maryland 
Stanley Donald Zaranski, Maryland 
Barbara Carol Zdobysz, Maryland 
Constantine Emmanuel Zervos, 

Marsha Diane Zimmerman, Maryland 

June 6, 1970 

Caryn Beth Abramowitz, Maryland 
Diane Faye Addis, Maryland 
Catherine Ann Adelman, Maryland 
Irene Zita Adler, Maryland 
Lesli Ann Adler, Maryland 
Ronald Melvin Airey, Maryland 
* Barbara G. Altman, Maryland 
Jamie Campbell Ament, Maryland 
Lorraine R. Anderson, Maryland 
Julia Jackson Anthony, Maryland 
Mary Ellen Arnold, Pennsylvania 
Carolyn Lucretia Austin, Maryland 
Cynthia Marie Autenrieth, Maryland 
Allen Alonzo Avery, Maryland 
Julia Haines Bacon, Pennsylvania 
Toby Betty Bailin, Maryland 
BARBARA L. Baker, Virginia 
fRALPH E. BAlliet, Maryland 
Betty Marsha Balotin, Maryland 
fPHYLls J. BANISH, Maryland 
Charles Nicholas Barker, Maryland 
Larry Hitchcock Barnes, Maryland 
BONITA Susan Barrash, Maryland 
Claude Hamilton Barrick, in, Maryland 
Margaret Ann Beatty, New Jersey 
*Jill Marilyn Becker, Maryland 

Diane Lois Beddows, Maryland 
Ilene Rae Beitler, Maryland 
*Cheryl Lynn Bellbh*, Maryland 
Judith C. Benedict, Maryland 
fBARBARA Joyce Berdoff, Maryland 
Freida Judith Berg, Maryland 
fJANiCE BOSCHERT Berglowe, Maryland 
Ilene Robin Berkowitz, Maryland 
Karla Berlin, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Bernschein, Maryland 
Sarah Jane Betty, Maryland 
Sharon Rebecca Biser, Maryland 
Diane Rowley Bissell, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Blackhurst, Maryland 
Sheila Diane Blanken, Maryland 
Carol Lee Blankenship, Maryland 
Geraldine Cele Block, D.C. 
Karen Lynn Blumenthal, Maryland 
Daryl M/!RY Bonham, Maryland 
Susan Pordow Bonnett, Maryland 
Susan Frasbhi Bowlus, Maryland 
Claire Rumel Bradley, Maryland 
tCAROL Jean Branyan, Maryland 
Karen Sue Brautigam, Maryland 
Mildred Haile Brelsford, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 




Bette-Lynne Brendel, Maryland 
JANICE Mae Brewer, Maryland 
Alice Emily Briesmaster, Virginia 
Judith Barbara Brody, iVew Jersey 
ROSALYN Bronstein, Maryland 
Anthony Joseph Brooks, Maryland 
Diane Ellen Brooks, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Brown, Maryland 
Rosemary Michelle Brown, Connecticut 
Nancy Lynn Browning, Pennsylvania 
Sue Ellen Browning, Maryland 
Shelle Robin Brudno, New York 
*Karen Rebekah Brumbaugh, Maryland 
*JAMES Harold BRUNS, Maryland 
Thomas Wade Buchanan, Maryland 
Virginia Lee Buchanan, Maryland 
Gary Corbitt Buckingham, Maryland 
Anne-Marie Theresa Buckley, Maryland 
tSHARON Patricia Burcham, Maryland 
*NONA E. Burden, Maryland 
Cheryl Louise Buscher, Maryland 
fDiANE Marie Butt, Maryland 
Cynthia Gail Caparosa, Maryland 
Carolyn Delois Carrington, Maryland 
Caleb Douglas Carter, Maryland 
Marilyn Joyce Cator, Maryland 
David Arthur Cearfoss, Maryland 
Lynda Vernice Champion, Maryland 
fVALERiE W. Chandler, Maryland 
Mary Elizabeth Chase, Maryland 
Shelley Dee Cheslock, Maryland 
Rudolph William Childs, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Choate, Maryland 
Linda Alberta Chubb, Maryland 
Sandra Hildegarde Clevering, Maryland 
Esther Lee Coffee, Maryland 
fPHYLis Barbara Cohen, Maryland 
Linda Anne Colaguori, New Jersey 
Dean Ryon Coleman, Maryland 
tROBERTA Balich Commisso, Maryland 
Carol Ann Consorti, Maryland 
Barbara Smyser Cooke, Maryland 
Bonnie Joyce Copeland, Maryland 
Jeffrey Emerson Craig, Maryland 
Richard Nixon Culbertson, Jr., Virginia 
Joan Marie Gushing, Maryland 
Marilyn Elaine Danley, Maryland 
*Lois Theresa Dantinne, Maryland 
Janice Hope Davidoff, New York 
Roberta Susan Davidson, Maryland 
Mary Cecelia Davies, Maryland 
Kathleen Davis, Maryland 
John Wallace Dean, Jr., Maryland 
Deidre J. Degen, New Jersey 
Raymond Arthur Delwiche, Maryland 
Carol Lynn Dessecker, Maryland 
John Edward DiCamillo, Maryland 
Christine Rose DiCio, Pennsylvania 
fJAMES William Dick, Maryland 
Janet Ellen Dietrich, Maryland 
Lorraine Gardner Dillard, Maryland 
*Shirley Lynne Dodson, Maryland 
Janet Valerie Dolan, Maryland 
Judy Ray Donin, Maryland 

Jane Lillian Dougan, Virginia 
fGRETTA J. Dubois, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Duffy, Maryland 
Myron Alvin Dutterer, Maryland 
♦Bernice B. Easter, Maryland 
Linda Lucille Eaton, Maryland 
Elizabeth Lou Ecton, Maryland 
Robert Stuart Edwards, Maryland 
Helen Louise Ehrlich, Maryland 
Sharon Lynn Einbinder, Maryland 
Gail Renee Eisenberg, Maryland 
fSusAN Barbara Eisenstadt, Maryland 
tNANCY Ruth Elliott, Maryland 
Carolyn Sue Erdmann, Maryland 
Laurie Robyn Ernst, Maryland 
Nancy G. Dorn Esmond, Maryland 
Susan Deborah Falck, Maryland 
fPATRiciA Ann Fedorko, Maryland 
fLiNDA Beth Feinberg, Maryland 
Ruth Marion Feller, Maryland 
Carol Elizabeth Fehigusson, Maryland 
Joseph Richard Ferrara, Maryland 
Richard Stephen Field, Maryland 
Lillian Bonnie Finch, Maryland 
Sheila Marie Findlen, Maryland 
Carla Jean Fisher, Maryland 
Constance Alwine Fitzkee, Maryland 
Paula Lynn Flanagan, Maryland 
Rickey De^ane Fletcher, Maryland 
Brenda Faye Forsbacka, Maryland 
fCAROLYN Cone Foster, Maryland 
Gerald Leon Fowler, Maryland 
*Anthony Donald Fratantuono, Maryland 
Geraldine Marie Frattali, Maryland 
Judith Ann Freeman, Maryland 
Ellen Lisa Friedman, Maryland 
LoRiE Anne Friedman, Virginia 
MARciA Bonnie Frieman, Maryland 
Diane Kimbrough Fries, Maryland 
Judith Evelyn Frizzell, Maryland 
*Jean Louise Galloway, Virginia 
Suzanne Marienoel Garcia, New Jersey 
fDoRis Jean Garrett, Virginia 
fBARBARA S. Gensler, Maryland 
Victoria Marie Gerber, Maryland 
CiNDA Lee Gerwig, Maryland 
Thomas Joseph Getz, Maryland 
tSusAN Patricia Geyer, Maryland 
Elaine Barbara Gilbert, Maryland 
Joyce Elaine Gilds, Maryland 
Sandra Carol Gillette, Maryland 
BONITA GiMBLE, Maryland 
John William Gladstone, Maryland 
MARLENE Glaser, New Jersey 
RUTHELEN Glassman, Maryland 
Miriam Anne Golfer, Maryland 
S. Mark Grande, Maryland 
Melvin Charles Greasletv, Maryland 
Susan Claire Green, Maryland 
Suzanne Nancy Greenfeld, Maryland 
LANCE Everett Greenstreet, Maryland 
Gail Aldrich Gresock, Maryland 
Darius Sherman Gross, Maryland 
William Ray Gross, Jr., Maryland 

♦with Honors ; twith High Honors 




tJoAN Margaret Hadley, Maryland 
Sharon Jean Hagood, Maryland 
MARTIN Ernest Hall, Maryland 
Susan Leigh Hall, Maryland 
Carolyn Helmer Hallein, Maryland 
Karen Lynn Halverstadt, Maryland 
Janet Susan Hamlin, Maryland 
Michael Carl Hansborough, Maryland 
Jane Marie Hansen, Maryland 
Louise Magrogan Harding, Maryland 
David Scott Harper, Maryland 
Mary Lee Hauver, Maryland 
Sharon June Hawk, Virginia 
BARBARA Floyd Hayes, Maryland 
Kathleen Marie Hayes, Wisco7isin 
Harry Thomas Haywood, Maryland 
Mercy Jean Heath, Maryland 
♦Christine Marie Helfrich, Maryland 
Barbara Jeanne Henderson, Maryland 
Diane Carroll Herget, Maryland 
Karen Marie Hidlebaugh, Maryland 
Susan Lynn Hightower, Virginia 
Barbara Currie Hill, Maryland 
Eileen Rudman Himelfarb, Maryland 
Jean Z. Hinchcliffe, Maryland 
BoNNi Sue Hoffman, Maryland 
Elaine Lougene Holland, Maryland 
Jean Ann Holleran, Maryland 
♦Stanley Joseph Hoopengardner, Maryland 
Deborah Howe, California 
SARAH Louise Hyde, Maryland 
Janice Marie Hynson, Maryland 
Robert Michael Imphong, Maryland 
♦Catharine Bell Innes, Maryland 
♦JACKLYN S. Jackson, Maryland 
PATRICIA Ellen Jacobs, Maryland 
fLiNDA Sue Jacobson, Connecticut 
Susan Mae James, Maryland 
fPENNY Anne Jamitz, Maryland 
Phyllis Jaskulsky, Maryland 
JANEEN Leslea JOHNSON, Maryland 
♦Janet Smith Johnson, Maryland 
Cheryl Lynne Josephson, Maryland 
♦Robert K. Jung, Maryland 
Jeanne Karen Kalikow, Maryland 
fPATRiciA Ann Kate, Maryland 
JANICE Linda Katz, Maryland 
Norma Lynn Katz, Maryland 
Jane T. Kefauver, Maryland 
Evelyn Kennedy Kelley, Maryland 
IKaren Anne Kersey, Maryland 
Laurence Abraham Kinzler, Maryland 
Rhona Lea Kleinman, Maryland 
Janice Ellen Klingebiel, Maryland 
Denise Susan Knoller, Maryland 
Louise Carolyn Kolakowski, Maryland 
Carl Dennis Koontz, Maryland 
Francis Xavier Kozik, Maryland 
Walter Leo Kraszewski, Michigan 
♦Judith Lynn Krill, Maryland 
Carole Neisa Krinsky, Maryland 
Roberta Krosin, Maryland 
Jeanette Elnora Krum, Maryland 

Lynn Riley Kuntz, Maryland 
Patricia Catherine Lackey, Maryland 
Edward Allan Laird, Jr., Maryland 
tJoAN Susan Landau, Maryland 
Gail Landsman, Maryland 
♦Gail Beverly Lang, Maryland 
♦Renee Anne Laniado, New Jersey 
Harriet E. Laps, Maryland 
Charles W. Larkin, Jr., Maryland 
tCAROLE Ann Lartz, Maryland 
♦Karen Y. Lauglaug, D.C. 
Lynn Christine Laut, Maryland 
IFrances Vianna Lawrence, Maryland 
Martha Eleanor Lawyer, Maryland 
Sandy Lou Lazab, Maryland 
♦Nina Faith Lebow, Maryland 
Stanley Morris Lebow, Maryland 
♦Anna Elizabeth Lee, Maryland 
Susan E. Lerner, Maryland 
Robert Edward LeVan, Virginia 
fANNETTE Gail Levine, Maryland 
Bess Irene Levine, Maryland 
Diane Ellen Levine, Maryland 
♦Adele Ann Levy, Maryland 
Paula Lewine, Maryland 
♦Judith Wink Libert, Maryland 
tSusAN Ellen Lilien, Maryland 
Molly Clare Linehan, Maryland 
tSusAN Maxwell Lodmell, North Carolina 
Roger Wayne Longley, Maryland 
Virginia Joan Lothrop, Maryland 
♦Golda J. Lucas, Maryland 
♦Margaret Elaine Mackie, Maryland 
Stephen Louis Maltese, Jr., Maryland 
Judith Rosette Mandel, Maryland 
♦Jean Dale Mandil, Maryland 
♦Michele Lynn Margulis, New York 
Jeanne Louise Marks, D.C. 
Linda Frances Marks, Maryland 
Francis Hunt Marlow, Maryland 
♦Donna Kelly Martin, Maryland 
Franklin Roy Martin, Maryland 
KAREN Lou Martinson, Maryland 
Marcia Bea Massey, Maryland 
Glenn Ray Mathias, Jr., Maryland 
Judy Mathwin, Maryland 
Jeffrey Lawrence Mattingly, Maryland 
Dawn M. Mayhew, Maryland 
♦Linda Lorraine Mayhue, Maryland 
Katherine Louise McArtor, Maryland 
Susan Allen McArtor, Virginia 
Mary Elizabeth McAuliffe, Maryland 
Sharan Ellen McCall, Maryland 
William Rutherford McCullen, Maryland 
LAUREL Nell McDowell, Maryland 
Darcy Lynn McElwee, Maryland 
Karen Noella McGovern, Rhode Island 
Karen Ann McHugh, Maryland 
John Lawson McKenzie, Maryland 
Sharon Ann McLaurine, Maryland 
Brenda Ellen McLean, Maryland 
fMARY Kathleen McNamara, Maryland 
♦Judith Ann McQuaid, Maryland 
Mildred C. McVicker, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 




tLouis Archa Meador, Jr., Maryland 
*LlNDA CAROL Meians, Maryland 
Rosemary Lynn Mebs, New Jersey 
Mary Patricia Medvitz, Maryland 
Judy Rona Meinster, Maryland 
Karolyn Sue Melka, Maryland 
Philip Lee Mendelson, Maryland 
Luther Haupt Mensch, Maryland 
Stanley Harold Mehichant, Maryland 
Cynthia Ann Mika, New Jersey 
*Linda Jean Miles, Maryland 
*Barbara Ann Miller, Maryland 
fBoNNiE Miller, Maryland 
Ellen Marsha Mixaer, Maryland 
Melinda Jane Miller, Maryland 
Theresa Miller, Maryland 
Maureen Mirring, Maryland 
Lenora Louise Mitchell, Maryland 
Katherine Ruth Montague, Maryland 
Sally Lee Moore, Maryland 
Helen Bernice Morarre, Maryland 
Nancy Ann Morris, Maryland 
Diane Christine Morrison, Virginia 
Dennis Eugene Mulligan, Maryland 
Janet Murphy, Maryland 
Maralyn Edwards Myers, Maryland 
Ruth Annette Myers, Maryland 
*SiGRiD Anne Nadeiau, Maryland 
Gail Harriet Naiditch, Maryland 
Mark Sumner Nash, Maryland 
tKATHLE^N Goering Naylor, Maryland 
Sally Ann Neuhaus, Maryland 
Robert Henry Newman, Maryland 
Catherine Dell Niller, Maryland 
Jimmy Albert Nolen, Maryland 
Deborah Rachel Nord, Maryland 
Genevieve Corinne Nyborg, Maryland 
Ned H. Oakley, Maryland 
fWiLLiAM Francis Oberle, in, Maryland 
Carol Ann O'Brien, Maryland 
Marjorie L. Ochs, Maryland 
Barbara Joyce Ochsman, Maryland 
Richard Bruce Oden, Marylayid 
fVALERIE Stasik Olen, Maryland 
William Charles Olsen, Jr., Maryland 
Mary Kathleen O'Neill, Maryland 
Mary Patricia O'Sheia, Maryland 
Sally Ottenberg, Pennsylvania 

* Barbara Ann Palmer, Maryland 
Amalia Pappas, Maryland 
Mary K. Pappas, Pennsylvania 
Barbara Hardingham Parisius, Maryland 
Dale Dianne Parks, Maryland 
Deirdre Gyr Patterson, D.C. 

Linda F. Pearl, Maryland 
*Sherry Lee Peerce, Maryland 
Margaret Carey Perkins, Delaware 
Jacqueline Marie Phillips, Maryland 
Trudi Diane Pierce, Maryland 
George Thomas Pierson, Maryland 
Cynthia Sue Pittman, Maryland 

* Diane L Polatnick, Maryland 
John Matthew Polletto, Maryland 
Barbara Louise Ponder, Maryland 

Judith Ann Protas, Maryland 
fPAMELA Ann Prothero, Maryland 
Linda Hiser Purcell, Maryland 
William Richard Rader, Maryland 
Harlane Annette Radler, Florida 
Michael Edward Reiad, Maryland 
Pamela Layne Redd, Maryland 
Robert Frank Redfern, Maryland 
Margaret Jane Reese, Maryland 

* Patricia Carol Reejse, Maryland 
Elizabeth Ann Reeves, Maryland 
James Courtney Reeves, Jr., Maryland 
Dennis Wayne Reich, Maryland 
Sheila Linda Reicher, Maryland 
Jayne G. Reichlyn, Maryland 

Gail Arlene Reilly, Maryland 
Deborah Helene Resnick, Maryland 

* Susan Ellen Ressler, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Rhodes, New Jersey 
*Marion SCHlLLiai Rhodes, Maryland 
Mildred Almira Rhodes, Maryland 
Diane Carol Richer, Maryland 
Michele Paula Richmond, Maryland 
tSANDRA Lee Ricker, Maryland 
ClARITA RickeTTS, Maryland 
Maureen Christina Risley, Maryland 
*Mary Ann Robinson, Maryland 
tRosEMARY Rockwell, Maryland 
Valerie Anne Rogers, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Rollins, Maryland 
John Joseph Romanowski, Maryland 
Diane Mary Ronningen, Maryland 
Joan Marie Rosenberger, Maryland 
Terri Lynn Rosenthal, Maryland 
Linda Hardisty Routenberg, Maryland 
*Marilynn Marsha Ruck, Maryland 
Mary Lee Ruddell, Maryland 
Sandra Vee Rumore, Maryland 
Charles Edward Ruppert, Jr., Maryland 
Joseph A. Ruprecht, Maryland 
Arlene Carol Russell, Maryland 
Marlene Sue Sachs, Maryland 
fRONNAY Sharan Sachs, Maryland 
Susan Barbara Sacks, Maryland 
fCHERRYL Oliver Sage, Maryland 
Sharon Saidman, Maryland 

Cheryl Jeanne Salins, Maryland 
*Marion Lois Salvagno, Maryland 
AlLEEN Nan Samet, Maryland 
Francis George Samoviski, Maryland 
Diane Lynn Sandler, Maryland 
Sheila Christensen Savage, Maryland 
Denise Merle Schilling, New Jersey 
Anne Marguerite Schleicher, Maryland 
Denise Benita Schmidt, Maryland 
fRALENE Avis Schnider, Maryland 
Teresa Nan Schwartz, Maryland 
Edward Bruce Se^rle, Maryland 
Philip Arthur Selby, Maryland 
Nora Kathryn Sheiarer, Maryland 
Margaret Katherine Sheckels, Maryland 
Frances Lynn Sherr, Maryland 
Adrienne Janice Shriner, Maryland 
Harriet Iris Shurkin, Maryland 

♦with Honors ; twith High Honors 




*Marlene Susan Siavitz, Maryland 
Deborah Joan Siegel, Delaware 
Myrna Ellen Silver, Maryland 
Marcia Phyllis Silverman, Maryland 
Mary Carol Simmons, Maryland 
Jane Lancaster Simpson, Maryland 
Judith Ann Singer, Maryland 
Irene V. Siska, Maryland 
Drue Ann Slaughter, Maryland 
Derath Roden Slocomb, Maryland 
Diana Lee Smith, Maryland 
JAN Bame Smith, Virginia 
Leslie Ann Smith, Maryland 
Christine Ann Sneeringer, Maryland 
Milton Stanley Sniegowski, Maryland 
fSusAN Mary Solie, Maryland 
Susan Irene Sornson, Maryland 
Nancy Lee Sorrells, Maryland 
Linda Naylor Spangler, Pennsylvania 
Carolyn Jeannette Spring, Maryland 
Carolyn Jane Springer, Maryland 
Susan Alice Stebbins, Oklahoma 
MARY S. Stephens, Georgia 
Theresia Stern, Maryland 
Susan Lynn Stewart, Pennsylvania 
Karen Valette Stith, Maryland 
fHARRiE Peter Storm, Maryland 
fDiANE Good Stovel, Maryland 
BoNNi Jean Stover, Maryland 
Lorraine Joan Strom, Maryland 
Ann Elaine Stroupe, Maryland 
flRVlNG Studenberg, Maryland 
*Carol F. Summerfield, Maryland 
Charles Roger Sussman, Maryland 
Marion I. Sutton, Maryland 
Joan Frances Sweeney, Maryland 
fANNA SWERDEL, New Jersey 
Maximillian Augustus Swoboda, III, 

Barbara Ann Szymanski, Maryland 
Cecilia Rita Tana, Maryland 
fJULIET Taeko Tanada, Maryland 
*JOYCE Tannenbaum, Maryland 
Arlene L. TAYLOR, Maryland 
IMyrna Diane Taylor, Maryland 
Martha Jean Tayman, Maryland 
Shelley Faye Teichman, Maryland 
James Towles Terrill, Maryland 
Charles Walter Thomas, Maryland 

*Linda Ann Thompson, Maryland 
Patricia Jo Thornton, Maryland 
Anne Roberta Titus, Maryland 
tBARBARA Jo Trenda, Maryland 
Caron Buechler Trout, Massachusetts 
Joel Clayton Tyler, Maryland 
Lloyd Stengle Tyler, III, Maryland 
Richard Joseph Unger, Maryland 


Adrienne Susan Venze, Maryland 
Duke Carlton Vickery, Maryland 
*Nancy Ann Vouglas, New York 
Daniel Allen Wade, Maryland 
John Thomas Wagner, Maryland 
tMARY Katherine Waldon, Maryland 
*Patricia Burdette Walker, Maryland 
Elaine Ruth Wallace, Maryland 
Bonnie Lane Walsh, New Jersey 
Pamela Alice Ward, Maryland 
William Roland Ward, Maryland 
Beverly Paula Warshaw, Maryland 
Lynn Louise Weingarten, Maryland 
tMARiLYN Rhoda Weinstein, Maryland 
Isador Dorian Weiss, Maryland 
Marilyn Judith Weiss, Maryland 
tLORNA Elaine Weissman, Maryland 
MAUREEN Ann Welsh, Maryland 
John Jeffrey White, Maryland 
Wallace Richard White, Maryland 
MARILYN Ann Whittaker, Virginia 
Richard Waldemar Wickman, D.C. 
Charles Paul Williamson, Maryland 
Teresa Ann Willoughby, Maryland 
Carol Janet Wilson, Maryland 
Jo Ann Winkler, Maryland 
Ann Marie Winston, Maryland 
tALAN Steven Wolf, Maryland 
fS KERRY Frances Wolf, Maryland 
Alfred Joseph Wolfson, Sr., Maryland 
Gary Alan Woodward, Maryland 
Mary Joanne Worden, Maryland 
Cheryl Jean Wunder, Maryland 
Linda Reva Fishman Yitzchak, Maryland 
fSusAN GRAnet Yocco, Maryland 
Stephanie Yonych, Maryland 
Merle Honey Yuspa, Maryland 
Eunice Zippermann, Maryland 
Jo Ann Zvares, Maryland 


•with Honors ; twith High Honors 


College of Engineering 

^. X 


Looin-h /v 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Robert B. Beckmann, Dean of the College 

August 29, 1969 

ZORAN Dragoslav Avramovic, Maryland 

Augustine Y. Cheung, China 

Gary Andrews Coggins, Maryland 

Thomas Harvey Crosby, Maryland 

Luke Di Pompo, Maryland 

Charles Metivier Easter, Jr., Maryland 

Jay Greth Foy, Maryland 

IKnut Ivar Kielland Lund, Maryland 

Fulton Francis Loppatto, Maryland 

Lance Harrison Mayhew, Maryland 

fViCTOR Ward Morrel, D.C. 

Robert Stanley Flue, Maryland 

Marc Allan Ressler, Maryland 
William Albert Riall, Maryland 
Jimmy Carson Scott, Maryland 
JAMES Richard Seawell, Jr., Maryland 
William Joseph Sheehan, Nebraska 
Arnold Lee Solomon, Maryland 
Richard Louis Stuart, Maryland 
Donald William Walker, Maryland 
Maurice Gaddy White, Jr., Maryland 
Edward Louis Wienecke, III, Maryland 
Warren Allen Williams, Maryland 
J. Thomas Wolfe, Maryland 


January 22, 1970 

Antonio Altamar de la Rosa, Maryland 

Michael Hartley Baker, Maryland 

Harry Oscar Baughan, Maryland 

Bruce Brian Beall, Maryland 

Eric Martin Berg, Maryland 

Michael Richard Binder, Maryland 

Milton Buchler, \l, Maryland 

Robert J. Bull, Florida 

Geoffrey Lynn Burdge, Maryland 

Thomas James Calomiris, Maryland 

Christopher Burwell Chavasse, D.C. 

Richard A. Clark, Jr., Maryland 

Harry Bruce Cline, Maryland 

Charles Albert Crandell, Maryland 

j tfl iin CounTiUDV OnocuDni M a r^lami 

Daniel Clifford Crowley, Maryland 

Georg William Dahl, Maryland 

John Howard Defibaugh, D.C. 

NiKOS Panteli Deroyiannis, Greece 

Howard Franklin Deterding, Maryland 

Philip Andrew DeVos, Maryland 

Bruce John Duray, Maryland 

William Alan Durvin, Maryland 

John David Edwards, Maryland 

AVNER Engel, Maryland 

William Howard Everard, Virginia 

Mohammad Ali Farhadi, Maryland 

Clifford Douglas Feldwick, Maryland 

fDAviD Warren Fiske, Maryland 

Jerry Lee Foster, Maryland 

Dean Homer Gaugler, Pennsylvania 

Edward Saul Gertler, Maryland 

Guy Gerald Goodwin, Maryland 

Stuart Wiley Gordon, Maryland 

Richard Lee Gore, Maryland 

Harry Joseph Grossman, Jr., Maryland 

James Arthur Hall, Maryland 

Howard Charles Harclerode, H, Maryland 

Louis Michael Israel, Maryland 

Peter J. Kang, Maryland 

William Michael Kanotz, Maryland 

John Willard Keith, Maryland 
Mohammed Fazal Khan, Maryland 
Jacob Kohanzadeh, Iran 
HiLLAR Roman Kollist, Maryland 
Denis Augustine Kozlovsky, Maryland 
Stephen Alan Kramer, Maryland 
Terry Eugene Kridler, Maryland 
YousEF Lalezar-Shemirani, Maryland 
Philip Deitchman Lerch, Maryland 
Joseph Paul Lewandowski, Maryland 
Melvin Dixon Lynard, Maryland 
Timothy Stephen Malinky, Pennsylvania 
Douglas Larry Marcus, Maryland 
WALTER BARKSDALE Markham, Jr., Maryland 
Gerald Edward McCauley, Maryland 
Richard P. McCracken, Pennsylvania 
David Benjamin Merchant, Virginia 
James O'Leary Montgomery, Maryland 
Jorge Morales, D.C. 
Mir Massoud Mortazavi, /row 
Tracy Ellis Mulligan, Maryland 
Robert Miller Nielsen, Maryland 
John Frederick Parsons, Maryland 
Richard Oliver Payne Maryland 
Glenn Jay Perry, Maryland 
Steven M. Pine, Maryland 
Spencer William Purdum, Maryland 
Jehangir Rahman, Pakistan 
Melvin Paul Reiff, Jr., Maryland 
Michael Leroy Reynolds, Maryland 
James Jefferson Ridgell, Maryland 
David Edward Rinker, Maryland 
GARY Richard Rowland, Maryland 
Dana Francis Roxon, Maryland 
Houshang Safaipour, Iran 
Frank Peter Santoni, California 
Frederick Allen Saul, Maryland 
Lester Eugene Scanlan, Maryland 
Robert Cresap Sleeman, Maryland 
Richard Graham Smead, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 





Stuart Paul Smith, Maryland 
David Wayne Street, Maryland 
James Edwin Sundergill, Maryland 
Richard Arnold Szakonyi, Maryland 
Samuel John Taylor, Maryland 
Glenn Douglas Tingle, Maryland 

James Stanley Tobin, Maryland 
Phil Harold Vess, Maryland 
Virgil C. Viliamas, Maryland 
Leslie Arthur Wall, Jr., Maryland 
Patrick A. Ward, Maryland 
Harry Lewis Whibley, Maryland 
Michael Anthony Yerkes, Maryland 



June 6, 1970 

William Norman Abbott, Maryland 
Azizollah Abrishamian, Maryland 
fDAviD George Armstrong, Maryland 
Richard Lee Bailey, Maryland 
Charles Allen Baker, Jr., Maryland 
William Montgomery Baldwin, III, 

George William Baltz, Maryland 
William Augustus Barr, Maryland 
William Jacob Bauer, Maryland 
Richard D. Beckman, Maryland 
Edward Luke Beers, Maryland 
Albert Hausner Behnke, Maryland 
Robert John Bell, New York 
Edmund Frank Bender, Jr., Maryland 
Norman James Bentz, Maryland 
Gurdarshan Singh Bhatti, Maryland 
Louis Richard Biosca, Maryland 
Francis Anthony Bizzoco, Maryland 
Douglas George Bonney, Maryland 
Alvin Lee Bowles, Maryland 
Edward Kriete Budnick, Jr., Maryland 
Dennis Rudolf Bunty, Maryland 
Ernest Enzle Burkh alter, Jr., Maryland 
Charles Norman Butlb^r, Maryland 
William Sidney Caldwell, Maryland 
Parker Olin Chapman Jr., Maryland 
Ronald John Chase, Maryland 
Bennio Euybn Chen, Maryk md- 
Michael Alfred Cole, Maryland 
Joseph Bard Cornelius, III, Maryland 
Robert William Cornelius, Maryland 
John Courtney Crockbk, Maryland 
James Preston Gulp, Maryland 
Robert Dee Culvdr, Maryland 
Alexander Lee Cunningham, Maryland 
Harold Wilt Cunningham, Maryland 
John Russell Curtis, Maryland 
Michael William Davis, Maryland 
James Washington Densford, III, Maryland 
Herman King Der, Maryland 
Frederick Jay Dexter, Maryland 
Jesse Schnepfe Diggs, Maryland 
fTHOMAS Edward Dobry, Maryland 
David Birch Eakin, Maryland 
Edgar Earl East, Jr., Maryland 
Stephen Lawrence Edelman, Maryland 
Carl Eugene Edlund, Maryland 
Thomas Dwight Edwards, Maryland 
JAY Andrew Erwin, Maryland 
Frank Joseph Fabin, Pennsylvania 
David Michael Fabiszak, Maryland 

Faramarz Feizollahi, Maryland 
Victor Joseph Ferrantb, Maryland 
tJAMBS Richard Fillion, Maryland 
Terrell Alan Fisher, Maryland 
Bradford Weieks Fisk, Maryland 
Terrance Joseph Flannery, Maryland 
Geoffrey Lowell Forman, Maryland 
Allen Bruce Forsbacka, Maryland 
Donald Wayne Funkhouser, Maryland 
Creston Orville Garner, Maryland 
fHussEiN Nagy Garrana, Virginia 
Robert Edward Garrett, Maryland 
Clyde Edward Gartley, Jr., Virginia 
Thomas Sherrod GEOnoB, Maryland - 
J e aEPii John Gbt b , Maryland 
George William Gillespie, Maryland 
Benjamin Richard Glover, Maryland 
Gary Dean Greene, Maryland 
PBlLLi r QARY Onooo, Mapylm * d 
Ste p hen Craig Qulick, Maryla nd 
John Alexander Guthmann, Maryland 
fDANIEL John Guzy, Maryland 
Joseph Michael Hacker, Maryland 
George Emil Haddad, Maryland 
Alan Huron Haislup, Maryland 
RALPH Henry Hall, Maryland 
Earl Jackson Hardgrove, Maryland 
Kenneth Wayne Harrington, Maryland 
Phillip Ferrell Harris, Maryland 
fBRUCE L. Havlicsek, Maryland 
John William Haycock, Maryland 
Michael W. Henig, Maryland 
Gaby Lynn Hepler, Maryland 
fCARVEL Edward Holton, Maryland 
Paul Gohvono Honq, Maryland 
€arl IIuie, Maryland 
fHowARD Huie, Maryland 
Richard Wayne Jackson, Maryland 
Paul Seaford Jester, Maryland 
Raymond Edward Kadlubowski, Maryland 
Michael John Kalb, Maryland 
James Charles Kane, Maryland 
tHAL Steven Kanofsky, Maryland 
Howard Kass, Maryland 
Richard Alan Kehs, Maryland 
COLEN Guy Kennell, Maryland 
Larry Franklin Kertcher, Maryland 
fWlLLlAM C. Kirby, Maryland 
fGARY Lee Kistner, Maryland 
tFREDERiCK Knopp, Jr., Maryland 
fRoNALD Edgar Knowles, Maryland 

•with Honors : fwith High Honors 




tGLENN Stuart Kohne, Maryland 
Serge Ronald Krassensky, Maryland 
Michael Leonard Kuszewski, Maryland 
William Franklin Lawrence, Maryland 
Yee Hong Lee, D.C. 
Herbert William Lew, Maryland 
David Ferley Lewis, Maryland 
fCRAWFORD Xavier LopEZ, Maryland 
Chalmers Vinson Loving, Maryland 
PAUL Edwin Luckenbaugh, Maryland 
Alan Edward G. Luehrmann, Maryland 
John Edward Luley, New York 
Edward Craig Lyons, Maryland 
Charles John MacGowan, Maryland 
Patrick Dennis Maloney, Maryland 
Steven Angelo Mangiapane, Maryland 
Satish Mannan, Maryland 
Robert Paul Mannel, Maryland 
Michael Marino, New York 
tRicHARD William Marks, Maryland 
Bernard L. Martinez, Maryland 
Robert H. MARTinoosiAN, Maryla n d 
Gary Lee McCarney, Maryland 

fMARioN Francis Mecklenburg, Maryland 
Edwin Lewis Minnick, Maryland 
Robert Thomas Mohr, Maryland 
Thomas Patrick Morales, D.C. 
Bruce Arnold Morey, Maryland 
IEmmett Lee Murphy, Maryland 
fDARRELL Whitman Neily, Maryland 
Leland Frazier Newcomb, Maryland 
John Clayton Newquist, Maryland 
Robert Alan Nuzzo, Maryland 
Alfred Edward Odachowski, Maryland 
George Francis Ohlmacher, Maryland 
Bdward Joodpii Olbnginoki, Jr., Maryland 
Nbu-son Louis O'Neill, Maryland 
tNORMAN Gerard Paulhus, Jr., Maryland 
Edward Marshall Perdue, Maryland 
Joseph Frank Pizzino, Maryland 
Stephen Martin Plemens, Maryland 
Michael Allan Ports, Maryland 
John P. Rama, Thailand 
tROBERT Morgan Rast, Maryland 
tRoBERT Raymond Reke, Maryland 
fHowARD Neal Reynolds, Maryland 
Lynn D. Reynolds, Maryland 
Thomas Stewart Riddle, Maryland 

Joseph Francis Riehl, Maryland 

Michael David Riley, Maryland 

fMARC J. Rochkind, Maryland 

Bruce Edward Ross, Maryland 

Henry Carroll Ryall, Delaware 

Robert William Ryan, Maryland 

Gary Roy Sander, Maryland 

Theodore Budd Sauselein, Maryland 

Richard Miciiadl Savagd, Maryland 

tWiLLiAM Joseph Schaefer, Jr., Maryland 

fMiCHAEL Henry Scheible, Maryland 

tJOHN Maurice Segelken, Maryland 

Hilmer Hazzard Shackelford, Jr., Maryland 

IElliot a. Shefrin, Maryland 

Arthur Michael Sheridan, Maryland 

tCHARLES Freeman Shupe, Maryland 

John R. Silva, D.C. 

Richard Lee Simmons, Maryland 

Kjiiiudtii Kino Slddmah, M at- yland 

Robert Curtis Smith, Maryland 

Michael Snyder, Maryland 

Ronald George Soltis, D.C. 

Wayne Brian Stern, Maryland 

Walter Henry Stevenson, Maryland 

Donald Louis Stone, Jr., Maryland 

Thomas Peter Straub, Maryland 

fGERALD McClelland Stum, West Virginia 

Timothy Robert Swann, Maryland 

tALFRED Joseph Szczerbicki, Maryland 

Malcolm Vincent Thaden, Jr., Maryland 

Joseph Wayne Tomasello, Maryland 

fDAviD Woodrow Townsend, Maryland 

Henry Chen Tseng, Maryland 

Philip Michel Urian, Maryland 

John Louis Valenta, Maryland 

Gerald H. Walker, Maryland 

Paul Georg Walkowski, Maryland 

Larry Kenneth Wellman, Maryland 

Mark Francis Wendorff, Maryland 

Dan Kent Williams, Maryland 

Joseph John Wirth, Jr., Maryland 

fSAMUEL Paul Wise, IV, Maryland 

Sidney Maurice WdOD, Jr., Maryland 

Frits WybengA, Maryland 

Joseph Ling Young, Maryland 

Mark Victor Ziegler, Maryland 

Ralph Emmanuel Zimmerman, Jr., Marylaytd 

Thomas Lee Zimmerman, Maryland 

Thomas Eugene Zmudzinski, Maryland 



*with Honors ; twith High Honors 


College of Home Economics 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Marjory Brooks, Dean of the College 

August 29, 1969 

David Leo Arel, Maryland 
Geraldine L. Berry, Maryland 
Margot Vollmer Bryer, Maryland 
Mary Elizabeth Corkill, Maryland 
Sandra Lee Dix, Florida 
Gloria Ann Furman, Maryland 
Cynthia H. Holland, Maryland 
Jean McKim King, Maryland 

Ann Parker, Knapp, Maryland 
Constance Collins Neville, Sweden 
Kathleen L. Schwartz, Maryland 
Sharon Sue Sittig, Maryland 
Carol Ann Taylor, Maryland 
Linda Sue Wagaman, Maryland 
Ellen Stanley Witowski, Maryland 
Janet Carol Zabriskie, Maryland 


January 22, 1970 

Beverly L. Barbee, Virginia 
Sandra Ann Bigsby, Maryland 
Kathy Margaret Bloom, Maryland 
Theresa Belote Boaz, Maryland 
Hallee Borssuck, Maryland 
Carol Ann Bunner, Maryland 
Stewart Lee Burke, Maryland 
Caroline Emma Burkhart, Maryland 
TONi Gayle Butler, Maryland 
Karen Rae Coe, Maryland 
Michele Dowden, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Doyle, Maryland 
Mary Lucas Dudley, Maryland 
Janet Ann Eichman, Maryland 
Sheryl Harriet Emanuel, Maryland 
Susan Nancy Feit, Maryland 
Donna Carol Fischer, Maryland 
Patricia Gay Foster, Maryland 

Judith Eve Friedman, D.C. 
Shirley Estelle Grassgreen, Maryland 
Constance Lois Harris, Maryland 
Nancy Gatlin Johnson, Maryland 
Muriel Phyllis Elise Johnson, Maryland 
Nelle Elizabeth Krobath, Maryland 
Nancy Jane Linn, Maryland 
Mary Marlene Matzen, Maryland 
Isabel McCauley, Maryland 
Mary Sue Merritt, Maryland 
Cynthia Druskin Peblis, Maryland 
Gail Michel Reid, Maryland 
Marilyn Horrom Reuther, Maryland 
Jacquelyn May Saas, Maryland 
Susan Carol Shephard, Maryland 
Carolyn Shpur, Maryland 
RosLYN LaVonne Smith, Maryland 
Diana Lynn Spurling, Maryland 

June 6, 1970 

Betty May Allen, Maryland 
Phoebe Denise Allen, Maryland 
*J0ELLE Yvonne Andersen, Maryland 
Marjory Susan Barrow, Maryland 
Cecilia Anne Baumann, Maryland 
Linda Jean Beadle, Maryland 
Jane Ann Benton, Maryland 
*Lois Anne Berg, Maryland 
Natalie S. Berman, Maryland 
Blanche Virginia Birdwell, Maryland 
fSHARON J. Bley, Maryland 
fANDREA Denise Bloomfield, Netv Jersey 
Grace Elizabeth Brizendine, Maryland 
MARY DeRonda Burkhart, Maryland 
Marjorie Ann Campbell, Maryland 
Linda Ann Ciccone, New Jersey 
Patricia Margaret Cierniak, Maryland 
Christine Smith Cieslowski, Maryland 
Maureen Ann Costello, Maryland 
Kris Ann Crane, Delaware 
Camille Louise Crawford, Maryland 
fPATRiciA Ellen Criner, Maryland 

Connie Dee Crossan, Maryland 
Linda Love Culbertson, Pennsylvania 
Jay Crawson Cummings, Maryland 
Vicki Lynn Cummings, Maryland 
Edward William Dacey, Maryland 
Abraham H. Diamond, Maryland 
Constance Marie Doyle, Connecticut 
Mary Catherine Egan, Maryland 
Martha Jean Ellington, Maryland 
Virginia Reynolds Ewald, Maryland 
Myra Gittelle Feldman, Maryland 
C. Jean Florin, Maryland 
Irene Freedland, Ohio 
* Susan Lea Garver, Maryland 
Patricia Mary Germek, Maryland 
Christine Mary Gorham, Maryland 
Martha Margaret Gray, Maryland 
Margaret Claire Grier, Maryland 
Francine BARBARA GROSSMAN, New Jersey 
fNANCY Jean Guggenheim, Marylayid 
E'-^izABETH Lee Gurganus, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 




Cristal Ann Haberkorn, Maryland 
Ellen Grey Hagis, Maryland 
Lydia Kingsbury Hamilton, Maryland 
NANCY Virginia Harris, Maryland 
Janet Ann Hoffmann, Maryland 
Catherine Ann Hohman, Maryland 
Lucinda Anne Holt, New Jersey 
Mary Elizabeth Jenkins, Rhode Island 
Sidney Joseph Kandel, Maryland 
JXrtiiTH Ann Kearns-Preston, Maryland 
Karen B. Kochan, Maryland 
Marla McIntire Kohne, Maryland 
Lexa Lee Koonce, Maryland 
Margie Marie Lee, Maryland 
fNANCY Lee, Maryland 
t Margaret Alois Liden, Maryland 
Regina Anne Lindemann, Maryland 
Rosemary Agnes Long, New Jersey 
Gloria May Malandra, Pennsylvania 
Colleen Jane Mandell, Ohio 
Sheila Anne Markham, Maryland 
Elaine Rose Marocco, Maryland 
Linda Catharine McCron, New York 
Patricu Ann McFarlane, Florida 
Carol Inga Miller, Maryland 
Janice Armstrong Milstead, Maryland 
*Sharon May Moore, Maryland 
*Margaret Virginia Moser, Pennsylvania 
BONITA Louise Nelson, Maryland 
Martha Elizabeth Newpher, Maryland 
Karen Marshal Noonan, Maryland 
Carolyn Lee Norris, Maryland 
Maureen Judith Ordman, Maryland 
Peggy Louise Orr, Maryland 
Adrienne Lenore Parks, Maryland 
Barbara Lynne Peck, Maryland 

fKAREN Leslie Pegler, New York 
Marilyn Elaine Pleet, Maryland 
Louise Annette Pynn, Maryland 
Sandra Lyn Ragan, Maryland 
fBARBARA Jean Reynolds, Maryland 
tBEHJNicE Dickson Riley, Maryland 
Susan Grace Rinehart, Maryland 
Linda Sue Robley, Maryland 
Sheila Trudy Roman, Maryland 
Pamela F. Rosen, Maryland 
Stephen Roth, Maryland 
Sandra Ann Sarbacher, Maryland 
Carolyn Saukel, Maryland 
Linda Jeanne Schevitz, New Jersey 
Jean Regan Schlaudecker, Maryland 
Mary Susan Schweer, Maryland 
fCAROLYN R. Schwiesow, Maryland 
JAN Ellen Silver, Maryland 
Claudia Lee Skinner, Maryland 
Teresa Susan Smith, Maryland 
fLESLiE Paige Smolen, Virginia 
Susan Colby Stewart, Maryland 
SARA Lee Fouche Stone, Maryland 
Janet Marion Strickler, California 
MoiRA Joan Suntum, Maryland 
Julie Ann Talarico, New Jersey 
tANN Todd, Maryland 
Lois Ann Walstad, Maryland 
Constance Arlene Whitaker, Maryland 
Patricia Gail Wilson, Maryland 
* Betsey Louise Wolford, Maryland 
Elsie Louise Wright, Virginia 
Sue Ann Wright, Maryland 
fCAROL Mary Zelinski, Maryland 
MARY Lee Zetter, Maryland 

College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of the College 

August 29, 1969 


William Sherman Allen, II, Maryland 
Richard James Bartos, Maryland 
Robert John Blair, Jr., Maryland 
Pamela Sue Boisvert, Maryland 
Christina Griffin, Delaware 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 

Mark Sherman Harris, Maryland 
Donna Grace Kilmore, Maryland 
Beverly Mary Kohlhepp, Maryland 
Sharon Louise Miller, Maryland 
David Stephen Stofa, Maryland 



January 22, 1970 

JAMES Earl Arnold, Maryland 
Diane Barry Benson, Maryland 
Jay Ernest Burch, Pennsylvania 
William M. Coates, Connecticut 
Robert James Coe, Maryland 
Alan Boyd Comulada, Maryland 
Chester Parker Confer, Maryland 
Joan M. Ditlow, Pennsylvania 
George Winfield Dorr, Maryland 
Joseph Stroup Endslow, Jr., Maryland 
Kenneth William Ernst, Maryland 
Orvis Ward Fletcher, Pennsylvania 
William Leo Flynn, Marylaiid 
Linda Kay Freyman, Maryland 
' Ralph Harry Friedgen, New York 
Kevin John Gilead, Maryland 
Sandra Ann Gullstad, Washington 
Donald Gene Hardesty, Maryland 
George B. Henry, Jr., Virginia 
Ronald Edward Hoch, New Jersey 
William Francis Huey, Maryland 
Lynn Ruth Hupart, New Jersey 
GoBEL W. Kline, Pennsylvayiia 
Wayland Lee Krick, Virginia 
Suzanne Julia Krofchik, Maryland 

Stuart Hudgins Laake, Maryland 
Monika L. Lewis, D.C. 
MARY Louise Mayer, Maryland 
Linda Joyce Mazzarelli, New York 
Victor James Meleski, Connecticut 
Walda Jeanne Mullen, Maryland 
Dennis Vincent Murphy, New York 
Kathleen Lee Pence, Maryland 
Mary Louise Phillips, North Carolina 
Keith Brock Risser, Maryland 
Ronald Victor Rubini, Maryland 
John George Schlaffer, Maryland 
Margaret Ellen Schnaebele, Maryland 
Bruce Edward Smith, Maryland 
Judith Elaine Smith, Maryland 
Canie Brewister Steele, Jr., Maryland 
Chesley Bernard Stokely, Jr., Maryland 
Linda Kay Thomson, Maryland 
Charles Leroy Thorne, III, Maryland 
Frances J. Trupo, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Turkington, Pennsylvania 
Mary Lou Vaden, Maryland 
Larry Steven Vince, Pennsylvania 
Richard Dulaney Wilhelm, Jr., Maryland 
Howard Raymond Zaghmann, Maryland 


June 6, 1970 

Alice Jean Alsop, Maryland 
Renee Murn Baker, Maryland 
Dennis Edward Baldwin, Maryland 
tMARY Ellen Baldwin, D.C. 
DAVID Joseph Bennett, California 
Thomas Charles Boone, Maryland 
Thomas Welton Brown, Maryland 
Thomas William Brown, Maryland 
Louis Donald Chacos, Maryland 
Janet Eileen Crist, Maryland 
Bernard Peter Demczuk, Maryland 
Marian Wasser Denkevitz, Maryland 
Diane Marie Deterding, Maryland 
John Francis Dickson, Maryland 
James Daniel Doyle, Jr., Maryland 
Sandra Joan Evans, D.C. 
Walter Reed Foster, Maryland 
Kathleen Frank, Maryland 
Kathy Gaither, Maryland 
Stephanie Ann Ginsberg, Maryland 
Alan Barry Gross, Maryland 
Judith Broking Gross, Maryland 
Dayle Lynn Habicht, Maryland 
fCHARLES Timothy Hopkins, Maryland 
John Joseph Horstkamp, Maryland 
tPHYLLlS R. HOUCK, Maryland 
Barbara A. Johnson, Maryland 
Linda Annelore Jones, Maryland 
Edwin Arthur Kane, Maryland 

Ronald Gary Kline, Maryland 
DAVID Leahy, Maryland 
Lawrence Alan Levin, Maryland 
fBARBARA Diane Le Vine, Maryland 
Robert Patrick Lord, Massachusetts 
Jennifer Hope Lovell, Maryland 
Charles E. Maddox, Maryland 
Davida Margolis, Maryland 
Marilyn Jo McKay, Virginia 
Gregory Lee Mingin, New York 
Jefferson Boyd Paxton, Pennsylvania 
Jeff P. Pieplow, Maryland 
Jane Carnell Rankin, Maryland 
Marilyn Anne Rodgers, Maryland 
Mark Rutland, Maryland 
John Walter Sauer, Jr., Maryland 
William Arthur Schmidt, Maryland 
Bonnie Grey Shaw, New York 
Karen Sue Sinen, Maryland 
Thomas Allan Sinibaldi, Maryland 
Randall Lloyd Umberger, Maryland 
Malcolm Richard Van Kirk, Maryland 
Robert William Wagner, III, Maryland 
Rufus Gary Wallace, Maryland 
tJuLiE Carol Weatherby, Maryland 
fMARY Elizabeth Williams, New Jersey 
Raymond C. Woitkowski, Massachusetts 
fDlANA Lyn Yingling, Maryland 
Eleanor G. Zimmerman, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 


University College 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean of the College 

August 29, 1969 


Henry Avalos, Florida 
Marilyn Biegel, New York 
Jane Brown Boone, Texas 
John Seabury Chapman Boswell, Virginia 
ASHFIELD Hartman Bozarth, III, Maryland 
Elisabeth Annemarie Brinkley, Texas 
Richard Joseph Brooks, Maryland 
Robert Venton Brown, Oklahoma 
Milton Richard Buls, Jr., Arkansas 
Mario Carrion, Maryland 
Earl Victor Chavis, Maryland 
fFRANCES Helen Chetwynd, D.C. 
Robert Jacob Cordier, Pennsylvania 
Ansel Leon Corley, Oklahoma 
Dorothy Nell Covington, Maryland 
Joseph Gregory Czesnowicz, Maryland 
Robert Evans Denny, Maryland 
Alexander Diatsintos, Greece 
*John L. Dupree, III, New Hampshire 
Thomas William Emery, Missouri 
James Edmond Engstrom, Maryland 
Michael Donald Ferranto, Pemisylvania 
Richard Joseph Ferrara, Maryland 
William Thomas Flahive, New Jersey 
Francis Xavier Frey, Maryland 
Gary Francis Goddard, California 
jAisoN Ira Green, New Jersey 
James Carl Greenfield, Maryland 
Francis Kar Ki Hee, Hawaii 
Gary Elvin High California 
Douglas Francis Hubbard, Virginia 
Morgan Bennett Hunter, Maryland 
* Louis Gaines Jerger, Georgia 
Edward Vandiver Jordan, South Carolina 
John Lyndon Kidder, Maryland 
Charles Evans King, New Jersey 
Arthur Carl Kopkau, III, Maryland 
Ertugrul M. Koprulu, Turkey 
Harold Albert Kraus, Jr., Ohio 
Lania Lucille Lampert, Maryland 

Robert Edward Legg, Maryland 
JAN Franklin Luce, Florida 
Melvin Eugene Marsh, Jr., Oregon 
George Kenneth Merchant, Virginia 
Ernest Wallace Merrow, California 
*Dorothy Leda Messier, Massachusetts 
William Patrick Monko, Maryland 
Elmer Earl Moore, Maryland 
Michael Morano, Massachusetts 
James Alfred Moss, Maryland 
tLouis Ezekiel Musto, New Jersey 
'Elizabeth Jean Nicholson, Texas 
Ann Ilene Patterson, Florida 
Ronald Arthur Perron, Maryland 
* Louis Peterka, Missouri 
Dale Ellis Piper, Maryland 
Thomas Edward Pitts, North Carolina 
Jerome Richard Roth, Florida 
Jerome John Seigel, Virginia 
Rex Daniel Shaver, Maryland 
Dianne Elizabeth Roberts Shepherd, 

North Carolina 
*Mary Frances Sikora, D.C. 
Norman Lee Sinclair, California 
Mary Helen Smith, Maryland 
Nona M. Smith, North Carolina 
Nathan Thomas Southworth, D.C. 
tGEORGE Vassilios Spanos, Greece 
Sheldon Norman Spizz, New York 
Randy Curvin Springer, Maryland 
Locke McKinnon Stuart, Jr., Maryland 
Norma June Studebaker, Maryland 
Natalia Sventitsky, Maryland 
Donald Harvey Taylor, New York 
Robert Paul Theis, Pennsylvania 
Myrna Taylor Thut, Texas 
James Robert Van Den Elzen, Florida 
Glen Russell Wilson, Indiana 
Margaret Louise Wolf, Maryland 
Jurgen Harald Zimmermann, Maryland 

January 22, 1970 

Norbert Hilton Adams, Maryland 
*J0HN Michael Almasie, Pennsylvania 
Francis Alfonso Alonso, Florida 
Donald Paul Amenta, Maryland 
James Russell Anderson, Maryland 
Harry Nash Anestos, Maryland 
Eleanor G. Atkins, Georgia 
tGEORGE Frederick Bareis, Kansas 
*Lois BARKER, Georgia 
Norman W. Bean, Virginia 
Ferris Darrell Bell, Maryland 
Lillian B. Bell, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 

Reagan Jack Bell, California 
Michael Alvin Belt, Maryland 
Elizabeth Wick Bethea, Maryland 
tEuGENE Patrick Biggins, Maryland 
William Arnold Bishop, Maryland 
James Henry Bouldin, Virginia 
Michael Dexter Boyd, Maryland 
Katherine Diane Boyle, Maryland 
James Lee Brown, Louisiana 
Milton Bruckner, Maryland 
James Francis Cahalan, Maryland 
GARY J. Calara, Oregon 
Christopher Charles Canning, Maryland 




Wendie Ellen Card, New York 
♦Basil Warren Carney, Virginia 
William Edward Carson, Virginia 
Lawrence Hughes Caskin, Jr., Connecticut 
John Chaklos, Jr., Pennsylvania 
David Jones Coleridge, Hawaii 
William Aloysius Collison, Jr., Maryland 
Janice Louise Commons, Michigan 
Richard Allan Cox, Virginia 
fROBERT Edward Cronin, Maryland 
James Francis Daly, New York 
Melvin Wayne Davis, California 
Betty Ray De Hart, Florida 
Benjamin Franklin Deitz, Jr., 

West Virginia 
Richard Norbert Doolittle, Missouri 
Michael P. Dorsch, III, Georgia 
Huey Douglas, D.C. 
Michael Paul Dundon, Maryland 
♦Rudolph Donald During, Florida 
Kip Edward Durrin, Virginia 
Bessie Eller Engle, Maryland 
David Roger Enna, Oregon 
RoBEiRT Arnold Farinholt, Maryland 
David Robert Ferguson, Maryland 
Jonathan Fairfield Fitts, Virginia 
Carl George Franke, Virginia 
Richard Douglas Freeman, Maryland 
Arthur R. Friedman, Virginia 
John Robert Garthune, Maryland 
Joseph Patrick Garvey, Connecticut 
David Lee Giddens, Texas 
Paul Jackson Giles, Jr., Virginia 
Jaison Ira Green, New Jersey 
Samuel Lycurgus Grier, Virginia 
Karlheinz F. Gromadecka, Texas 
Philip Leroy Groves, Maryland 
MARY Phillips Hemingway, Maryland 
Walter Roy Hill, Pennsylvania 
Robert Bertram Hole, Jr., New York 
♦Adele Bemus Hope, Maryland 
Robert Hopper, Maryland 
Stanley Dale Hornberger, Maryland 
Floryne E. Howard, Maryland 
CULLEN Thomas Humphrey, Jr., Maryland 
Laszlo Hun, Maryland 
Rodney Thurlow Hylander, Illinois 
Roderick John Isler, Colorado 
William Sylvester Jordan, New York 
Bernard Francis Joy, Jr., Virginia 
Earl Judy, Jr., Maryland 
♦Gabriel Louis Kalski, Maryland 
♦Richard J. Keen, Maryland 
William James King, Massachusetts 
Michael James Klima, Maryland 
William Thomas Levicy, D.C. 
Raymond Joseph Levy, Nebraska 
Dorothy Upman Lewis, Maryland 
3. Roger Lindsey, D.C. 
Walter Grant Littlecott, Maryland 
Henry Van Patten Lockwood, Connecticut 
William Lee Machen, Maryland 
James L. Macher, Maryland 
David Alexander Michael Martin, D.C. 

tJAMES A. Mccarty, Washington 

Jack Clive McKee, Indiana 


Linda Cox McNish, Maryland 

James Alfred Meadows, Maryland 

John Schofield Meneely, Maryland 

James Robert Messner, Maryland 

Minnie Ward Mizelle, North Carolina 

Louis John Monaco, Maryland 

Jack L. Moore, Virginia 

Brian Dennis Mulcahy, Virginia 

t J AMES William Murphy, III, Pennsylvania 

James David Myers, Maryland 

John Thomas Myers, Maryland 

JAY Edward Newland, Maryland 

tRoNALD Eugene Noel, Utah 

Ralph William Parsons, Massachusetts 

Heron Linwood Perry, Ohio 

Ann Christina Peterpaul, Pennsylvania 

George Louis Peters, Maryland 

James Gordon Peura, Virginia 

Peter Michael Philp, Maryland 

fROBERT Kenneth Pierce, Jr., Vermont 

Lois Elizabeth Pittenger, Alaska 

Bert Edwin Porter, Maryland 

Dale Courtland Reetves, Maryland 

Harold Edward Richards, New York 

Michael Dennis Richards, Maryland 

John M. Riley, Virginia 

John Manger Rock, III, Maryland 

Ralph R. Romano, New York 

JAY Patrick Ryan, Virginia 

Mary Antoinette Sallese, Maryland 

Mexquiades Benny Sanchez, Virginia 

fFREDRic Willard SANSON, California 

Victor Rudy Sarabia, Jr., California 

Ender Serif Saylam, D.C. 

Mary Therese Schaumburg, Wisconsin 

Eugene A. Schepker, Maryland 

♦Daniel John Schulte, Texas 

Bernardo Schwartz, D.C. 

Michel Robin Scott, Virginia 

Charles John Semich, Maryland 

Lewis Scott Sharpe, Maryland 

Harry Lewis Sher, Virginia 

Thomas Anthony Siegrist, Maryland 

Rudolf Josef Sikora, Virginia 

fTHOMAS WAYNE Skelton, Indiana 

Maria Johanna Snyder, Pennsylvania 

GUENTER Willi Spohr, Maryland 

John Joseph Stanko, Jr., Pennsylvania 

CosTAS Stathis, Massachusetts 

Susan June Steger, Maryland 

♦STin»HEN Steinhart, Maryland 

fSTEPHEN Edward Stone, Maryland 

Forrest Emmett Studebaker, Maryland 

Paxton James Sullenberger, Maryland 

♦Edwin Avillar Sylvia, Jr., Connecticut 

Robert Logan Thamm, Washington 

♦James John Tsikerdanos, Maryland 

Patricia Ellen Wagner, Maryland 

Patricia Jane Wakely, Ohio 

♦Gertrude Ann Watridge, Kansas 

•with Honors : twith Hi^h Honors 



fALYCE-JoAN Arena Wertheimer, Maryland 
John Francis Westborg, Maryland 
Earl Wieman, Kentucky 
Joe Williams, Jr., Virginia 

Alan Evers Wonhof, Maryland 

Roberta Michele Molyneaux Wray, Georgia 

Robert Wade Zarn, Michigan 

Donald H. Zedler, Wisconsin 

March 25, 1970 

Earl Eugene Books, Pennsylvania 
fDiANA Joyce Defrank, Pennsylvania 
*WiLLiAM Thomas Dudley, Tennessee 
Roy Takashi Harada, Hawaii 
*JosEPH Howard Keenan, New York 
fMARjORiE ANN Mccormick, Texas 
tJAMES S. Morrow, Maryland 

Ralph John Parkinson, Pennsylvania 

*JoHN William Smith, Wisconsi7i 

Bert Watkins, Kentucky 

*DAviD Howard Weddington, Arkansas 

fEARL WiEMAN, Kentucky 

fRoBERTA Michele Molyneaux Wray, 

North Carolina 


June 6, 1970 

* Benjamin A. Acton, Maryland 
fPEGGY Thomas Agent, Mississippi 
Robert I. Albright, Maryland 
Leslie M. Aletxandeb, New York 
Robert K. Allen, Jr., Maryland 
Allen Philip Alsop, Maryland 
Brian Carlin Andrews, Maryland 
Robert Murray Andrews, Maryland 
Samuel Charles Backman, Maryland 
Robert Baiocco, New York 
William Henry Barbee, Jr., Maryland 
Edward Blanchard Barnes, Maryland 
John Patrick Bartolomeo, Maryland 
Harry Medford Beckwith, Jr., Michigan 
Mary Elizabeth Bent, Maryland 
Joseph James Berher, Maryland 
Robert Peter Bertelsen, New Jersey 
Edgar Joseph Bethart, Virginia 
Arthur Hamblin Black, Jr., California 
Lancing Jerome Blank, Virginia 
Samuel Blecker, Maryland 
Julian Marion Bleyer, Maryland 
Carolyn Cole Bloch, Maryland 
Leslie Kern Bond, Maryland 
fWYNONA J. Boren, Maryland 
Charles W. Borgrink, Nebraska 
*J0HN Howard Borleis, Jr., Maryland 
Alvin H. Bowles, Virginia 
Brigitte Lilli Bowman, California 
tRiCHARD Joseph Boyer, California 
Ethel P. Brandt, Maryland 
Ann Helen Bransford, Rhode Island 
Richard Gerard Breault, Maryland 
fEDwiN Turner Brinkley, Jr., 

North Carolina 
Virginia V. Broadhurst, Maryland 
Richard Lee Bbomwell, Maryland 
Robert Bernard Brown, Maryland 
Janice Eileen Browning, Maryland 
Robert Arthur Bruce, Delaware 
Sheila F. Burke, Maryland 
*Charles Stephen Butler, Maryland 
Elford Hugh Caldwell, Jr., Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 

tHowARD F. CAMERON, Maryland 

Gregory Edward Carr, Indiana 

Charles Earl Castle, Jr., Maryland 

Edgars Celtnieks, Maryland 

Joseph Procup Cerny, Virginia 

Grace Golihew Chamberlain, Maryland 

Phillip A. Chavez, D.C. 

fEARL Howard Chinnock, Maryland 

Charles Wesley Choc, Maryland 

Milton Eugene Clare, Kansas 

Eugene Clark, Maryland 

tJON Henry Clayton, Maryland 

Donald William Coble, D.C. 

Anthony George Collis, Canada 

Carl Clifford Comley, Jr., Virginia 

William Patrick Cortney, Ohio 

♦Norma Elaine Coyne, Virginia 

Cecil Johnathan Crawford, Jr., Connecticut 

James Richard Cbefasi, New Jersey 

Thomas Patrick Cronin, Maryland 

*JULio Mendoza Cruz, California 

♦Roland Neil Cullum, Maryland 

Dorothy Powers Cunningham, Virginia 

■j-Betty Kane Curry, Maryland 

♦Robert Bradley Daniels, New Jersey 

William Ward Davis, Jr., Maryland 

♦William Edward Day, Louisiana 

fDARLENE Frances DeAngelo, Pennsylvania 

John Frederick Deatrick, Ohio 

Betty Ray DeHart, Florida 

Robert William Demaris, Maryland 

Nicholas DeMonte, Maryland 

Mark Francis Deturk, Pennsylvania 

John William Dockery, Maryland 

Jebrold William Dohm, Wisconsin 


♦Oswald Doria, New York 
Ann Griffith Dreher, Ohio 
Darwin R. Drewyer, in, Maryland 
♦Donald A. Driscoll, New York 
fKAREN Kae Coy Dudley, Florida 
Charles Logan Dunfee, Maryland 




Bettifae Eve Dvorkin, Maryland 

Ralph Peter Eberle, Virginia 

Sanford Hayes Ensinger, Jr., Maryland 

tMADELElNE PATRICIA Etter, Maryland 

Charles Edward Faughnan, Maryland 

Douglas Theodore Faulkner, Virginia 

Nicholas A. Ferro, New York 

jHARRY JAMES FLOOD, Massachusetts 

George Francis Flynn, Jr., Maryland 

DAVID Saul Fox, Maryland 

Monica Lisbeth Moden French, JVew York 

Whitman Howard Frick, Virginia 

William Bernard Garvey, Jr., Maryland 

Patricia Rae George, Maryland 

Richard Murray Getz, Maryland 

Michael Ginish, Jr., Rhode Island 

Hyman Goldblatt, Maryland 

Norbert Florent Goode, North Carolina 

Edward Gottfried, Maryland 

Thomas Chapman Granger, Maryland 

fGARY LANE Grantham, Maryland 

fWiLLiE Greene, Maryland 

William Henry John Griffin, D.C. 

Doris Douglas Groff, Maryland 

*Gene Berton Grove, Maryland 

Joseph Edward Hall, Maryland 

James L. Halverson, Jr., California 

Jo Ann Naomi Hamburg, Maryland 

Rudy Hanzsek, Jr., Pennsylvania 

*MARIE K. HAppE, Washington 

Wallace S. Harb, Virginia 

Donald Robert Hawley, Maryland 

Harald Haydis, Canada 

Thomas C. Heath, Iowa 

Marshall Leroy Hendrickson, Virginia 

Robert Wilson Herman, Virginia 

Mary Louise Holland, Maryland 

j-Marian de Chazblau Holmes, Maryland 

♦Richard K. Hornbeck, Maryland 

Fred Horowitz, Maryland 

Muriel M. Howard, Virginia 

Norman Lloyd Howard, Maryland 

Judith Porter Howe, D.C. 

Cassida Hughes, Virginia 

Kenneth Hunter, Maryland 

Anthony Michael Induisi, New York 

Carol Lucille Ireland, California 

Parvaz Ishaq, Virginia 

Stanley Anton Jacknewitz, Maryland 

John William Jenkins, Virginia 

Per Rene Jensen, California 

Gordon R. Johnson, Maine 

Jane Ann Johnson, Maryland 

John Rudolph Johnson, South Carolina 

Ronald Theodore Johnson, Illinois 

Shirley Jean Johnson, Illinois 

William A. Johnson, Maryland 

Richard Pryce Jones, Maryland 

Samuel Guy Jones, III, Maryland 

Mollie Sue Kallman, Maryland 

Dennis Peter Kelly, Jr., Virginia 

Evelyn Mae Kirby, Maryland 

James Murray Kirk, New York 

♦Theresa Kobuszewski, Michigan 

George Charles Kondonijakos, New York 
Arden Paul Kosatka, D.C. 

fHENRY Kuhn, New York 

Robert Joseph Kurtz, Illinois 

Carl Stanley Kusky, Jr., Ohio 

William Alexander Landymore, Maryland 

James Timothy Lanigan, Jr., Massachusetts 

Elmer Lee, Maryland 

fCHARLES RAYMOND Leitner, Kentucky 

Steven John Lindsley, Maryland 

Nan Carolyn Lingle, Maryland 

Robert Henry Locke, Maryland 

Thomas C. Lodge, Florida 

James Manning Logan, North Carolina 

Vincent J. Lombardo, Maryland 

* Ron NY K. Looper, Maryland 

Billy Gene Love, Maryland 

Kenneth Lee Lowden, Virginia 

Patrick Richard Lowrey, Pennsylvania 

fPATRiciA Ellen Lund, California 

William Robert MacMullin, Jr., Virginia 

*J0HN Grant Malcolm, Maryland 

Melvin Ronald Mallonee, Maryland 

Robert Nelson Marchant, Maryland 

♦Clement Angelo Marchildon, Maryland 

Jerome Lawrence Martoncik, Virginia 

Byron Lynn Marvin, Florida 

Everett Lane Masterman, Jr., Maine 

Terry L. Matthews, Maryland 
Edwin Thomas Matthias, Maryland 

Catherine Theresa Mattingly, Maryland 

fHAROLD Edward McDonough, Maryland 

John Thomas McGee, Virginia 

Francis X. McGuire, Massachusetts 

William Charles McIver, Florida 

Stanley A. McKay, New Jersey 

♦Russell William McNutt, Washington 

Robert Scott Medin, California 

James John Merz, Maryland 

Clayton William Middlecamp, Pennsylvania 

George W. Milden, Maryland 

Grover Cleveland Miller, Maryland 

John N. Mouzak, Illinois 

fYvoNNE Melanie-Louise Mulder, California 

Robert Michael Mulligan, Maryland 

Lewis Edgar Munzer, Maryland 

♦Francis Murphy, New Jersey 

Charles Edgar Myers, Jr., Maryland 

Edwin Sonnehill Nachlas, Maryland 

tCHARLES Verne Neil, Texas 

Allen Obed Nelson, Maryland 

fHERBERT Richard Newsome, III, Virginia 

Lewis Clark Norman, Maryland 

Lawrence Alan Oberg, Maryland 

Leo J. O'Brien, III, Maryland 

Carlos Michael O'Kieffe, Maryland 

Robert Chipman Olive, Virginia 

Dennis Craig O'Neel, California 

James Benjamin Overton, Virginia 

Philip John Padgett, Missouri 

Dean Richard Paquette, Michigan 


Robert Walker Patton, Ohio 

WALTER Elton Penberthy, Jr., Arizona 

*witb Honors : twith High Honors 




* Ronald Joseph Phillips, Maryland 
George Emory Pierce, Maryland 
Betty Sanders Pietrosewicz, Maryland 
Mary Margaret Pisciotta, Maryland 

* Reuben Podonsky, New York 
Curtis Anthony Prins, Virginia 
Raymond Hall Quenon, Maryland 
James Jerome Quigley, New Jersey 
*Frances Ann Quinn, Ohio 
Charles Henry Raab, Maryland 
JAMES Ronald Ratcliffe, Maryland 
TOMMIE L. Reeves, Tennessee 
fPAULlNE Wolfe Reiher, Virginia 
Emma Jane Schaaf Reilly, Maryland 
James Allyn Reise, New York 
MARY Elizabeth Rephlo, Missouri 
♦Herbert Elisha Reynolds, Virginia 
*Times Lamar Richardson, Texas 
Marcus E. Rindal, Maryland 
*David Eugene Roberts, hidiana 

* Larry Lee Roberts, Michigan 
Arthur George Robson, Maryland 
Berry Morgan Rodeffer, II, Maryland 
William Roderiquez, Jr., Maryland 
fROBERT Frank Roemer, Florida 
Beverly Wyckoff Rosenberg, D.C. 
Hardin Eli Ross, III, Maryland 

Jon Alan Russell, Maryland 
William John Sampar, Maryland 
NABEH J. SARKES, Illinois 
John Patrick Savage, Maryland 
fLAMBERT Raymond Scanlan, Maryland 
*Hanns Claudius Scharff, California 
Philip Lee Scher, Maryland 
Eugene Francis Schramm, Maryland 
IThomas Lee Schwarcz, Texas 
Maurice Sheldon Seigel, Maryland 
Henry P. Seufert, Maryland 
Ivan Eugene Severson, Maryland 
♦Richard Longstreet Shaefer, Tennessee 
Lewis Edward Shell, Maryland 
Samuel Milton Sherman, Maryland 
David Soyei Shiroma, Virginia 
*Daniel Wilson Shoemaker, Jr., 

Frances Ruth Short, Maryland 
Suhail Khalil Shuhaiber, D.C. 
Alan Kent Sibert, Florida 
Charles V. V. Smillie, Jr., Maine 

Alan Ladd Smith, New Jersey 
Carl William Smith, Massachusetts 
David Edward Smith, Maryland 
*DONALD David Smith, Maryland 
James Cleveland Smith, III, Maryland 
John Joseph Smith, II, Maryland 
fTHOMAs Patrick Eugene Smith, Canada 
Allan Jay Snyder, New Jersey 
Walter Raleigh Somerville, Jr., D.C. 
Richard Howard Sopeb, Maine 
James William Squires, Maryland 
Julian K. Stevens, Jr., Maryland 
Michael Herbert Stone, Maryland 
*RONALD Norbert Stueve, Minnesota 
Paul Eugene Stutts, Maryland 
Kay Pratt Swicord, Maryland 
Fielding Slayton Tabb, Maryland 
Gordon Max Taylor, Maryland 
David Terrell, California 
David Togie, Jr., Maryland 
Richard Stuart Trader, New York 
Gerald Francis Trainor, Virginia 
Richard George Tufts, Maryland 
Martin Erwin Turk, Virginia 
fRONALD Edward Valasek, Maryland 
Carl Rodger Waldman, Maryland 
Barton Fellows Walker, III, Maryland 
David G. Walker, Maryland 
Louis Clinton Wampler, Maryland 
Sandra J. Wanner, Ohio 
fRAYMOND Owen Ward, New York 
William Ward, Tennessee 
Anna-Lisa Kristina Warga, Maryland 
Margaret Ann Weger, New Mexico 
Marcy Lee Weisemiller, Florida 
William Edward Welker, Maryland 
Franklin Wertman, Jr., Pennsylvania 
Joseph William West, Maryland 
Richard Joseph Whelan, Virginia 
John Flawn Williams, Jr., South Carolina 
David Womack Wills, Florida 
Kenneth D. Wilson, Oklahoma 
Robert Edward Witthohn, Maryland 
tEvERETTE Michael Woodruff, Arkansas 
Donald Edward Wrede, Maryland 
Edward B. Wright, Virginia 
Robert Elwood Wright, Maryland 
*MORRis 0. Zimmerman, Texas 
Judith P. Zipperer, Maryland 


August 29, 1969 

Alfred John Grigsby, Oklahoma 
Gordon Earl Grossman n, Sr., Hawaii 
Richard K. Jacobs, Pennsylvania 
Kenneth George Kraetzer, New York 

January 22, 1970 

John Anthony Boyle, Virginia 
Ross Rowland Condit, Jr., Virginia 
O. L. Dauphin, Virginia 
Norman Edwards, Virginia 
John H. Gallagher, Maryland 
DOMINICK J. Grandinetti, Georgia, 

•with Honors ; twith Higrh Honors 

Cyril Patrick Metosh, Virginia 
Joseph Wayne Rose, Virginia 
HuGHEY Leonard Weston, Virginia 

IFerdinand Joseph Heider, Virginia 
Jesse Benjamin Hepler, Pennsylvania 
Robert Cottle Laidlaw, Florida 
Darrell Rudolph Large, Virginia 
John Lewis Lee, Jr., Maryland 
George William Mainer, Arkansas 



fLA WHENCE K. Matsuo, Hawaii 
Donald Theodore Miskowich, Maryland 
*Albert Kimsey Mode, North Carolina 
fPiERCE Eugene Mounts, Virginia 
Milton Eugene Nelson, Florida 
fWiLLiAM H. Nichols, Netv York 
Edward Ober, Maryland 

Edward Christopher Quigley, Virginia 
Charles Francis Richelieu, New York 
Lawrence Frank Rodrigues, Washington 
Charles Anthony Schnarr, South Carolina 
Louis Stupas, Illinois 
John Francis Sullivan, Wyoming 

March 25, 1970 

Harvey James Elliott, Maryland 
Paul R. Wholey, Massachusetts 

tWiLLiAM H. Nichols, New York 


June 6, 1970 

Ernest Jackson Baker, Virginia 
Michael Joseph Barbieri, Virginia 
*Theodore Franklin Bartholomew, 

Walter Louis Batzlaff, Jr., Maryland 
♦Stanley Bombyk, Michigan 
Paul Jerry Brownlow, New Mexico 
George Lawrence Bubch, South Carolina 
*Thomas Albert Caton, Pennsylvania 
Edison Martins Cesar, Jr., Hawaii 
Silas Eugene Chumley, Virginia 
♦Bernard Joseph Cler, Indiana 
David C. Dahl, Virginia 
Boyd Lee Dailey, Arizona 
Jack Fairchild, California 
Glenn Wayne Feagin, Alabama 
Paul Gentry, North Carolina 
James Russell Gibbs, Maryland 
Charles Edward Goings, Jr., Maryland 
♦Roger Joseph Grassl, Wisconsiyi 

Richard Adair Hatch, Texas 
Donald Gordon Hursh, Jr., Ohio 
Edward Francis Jansen, Pennsylvania 
♦Bruce A. Johnson, Virginia 
Edwin Stuart King, Maryland 
George Christopher Krolak, Virginia 
fCLiFTON Floyd Light, Comiecticut 
John Joseph Madigan, in, Virginia 
David Lawhence McCracken, Jr., Texas 
fLESTER Ray Mellott, Jr., Pennsylvania 
John Laurence Mulligan, Virginia 
Charles William Nash, Virginia 
Albert Christian Petersen, California 
Jerald Stephen Politzer, Maryland 
IHarry Robert Ripson, Texas 
Frank Joseph Sackton, Virginia 
James Albert Teal, Jr., Virginia 
Joseph Anthony Torsani, Jr., Maryland 
Nick James Tsacrios, Florida 
Joseph Edgar Wall, Virginia 


Second Lieutenants, U. S. Air Force Reserve 

Richard George Annas 

Andrew Royce Armstrong, Jr. 

Kachig Maksout Baboyian 

William Bradford Bailey, Jr. 

William Montgomery Baldwin, Jr. 

D0UGL4S John Blazer 

John Francis Breitenberg 

Anthony Joseph Brooks 

James Martin Burgess, Jr. 

John William Di.x 

Joseph Anthony Engelbrecht, Jr. 

Stephen Lawrence Fickett 

Robert Charles Ginnett 

Robert Kennedy Humphries 

Ralph Franklin Ives, III 

Wiley Newell Jones 

Richard Carl Joslyn 

Daniel Green Joyce, Jr. 

Richard J. Knapp 

Jon Keith Lindsay 

Francis Hunt Marlow 

Arthur Russell Marshall 
Charles Robert McDevitt 
Clive Garry Monjo 
Michael Charles Needham 
Thomas Ellsworth Nelson, Jr. 
Patrick Robert Pearson 
Mark Campion Ramsey 
Earl Richard Roberts 
James Simeon Schaefer 
Stephen Michael Schneider 
Frank Holt Snapp 
Bruce Douglas Springer 
Gordon Bernard Ward, Jr. 
Frederick Charles Wilcox 

Second Lieutenants, U. S. Marine Corps Reserve 

Thomas C. Boone 

Laurel L. Bowers 

David Blair Garrett 

Philip Wayne Harnstrom 

Michael W. Henig 

Michael Tallent 

*with Honors : twith High Honors 


Academic Honors 

Honors Designations 

Candidates for bachelors' degree eligible to graduate "With Honors" or "With High Honors" are so indicated in the alphabetical 
listings by college. These persons are eligible for the appropriate designation if they have completed at least two years of resident work 
(60 semester hours) at the time of graduation with a scholastic average of B or higher. (Computation does not include grades for 
courses taken during the last semester of registration before graduation.) The candidates must also rank in the upper fifth of the 
graduating class in their respective colleges. "With High Honors" is awarded to the upper tenth of those in each college, if they qualify, 
and "With Honors" is awarded to the second tenth of those in each college, if they qualify. 

College of Arts and Sciences 

General Honors Robert C. Arsenoff Marilyn J.4GER 

Program J^mes Davidson Mary M. Miller 

Molly L. Hulse Alan Vinitzky 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Chemistry Arthur E. Salwin 

With High Honors in English Boukitza Grinberg, Mark I. Smith 

With High Honors in FVench Catherine Muzzy 

With High Honors in German Helle-Mai Part 

With High Honors in Government and 
Politics Robert C. Arsenoff 

With High Honors in History Stephen Farmer, Richard Hallion 

With High Honors in Psychology Gail Abramowitz, Barbara Hirshberg, Karen Menichelli 

With Honors in Astronomy Rickey W. Parker 

With Honors in Economics Philippus Willems 

With Honors in English Lance Courturier, Deborah C. Jennings, Mary M. Miller, Marjorie Seabreeze, 

Carol J. Sharlip, Harriet Zalevsky 

With Honors in French John Duvall 

With Honors in German Karen L. Shepard 

With Honors in Government and Politics JoAN B. CoE, Daniel Goldberg 

With Honors in History William Brackney, Hayward Farrar, John Hume, Kathryn Kerr, 

Sarah Rechenbach 

With Honors in Mathematics Philip J. Feinsilver 

With Honors in Music Albert A. Folop, Elizabeth L. McWilliams 

With Honors in Physics David P. Rubincam 

With Honors in Psychology R. Mark Binderman, Karen J. Gledhill, Diane Hill, Marilyn Jager, Janice 

Kennedy, Hinda Loring, Linda Moore, Bruce Singer 

With Honors in Sociology Steve R. Wolfe 

With Honors in Zoology Ronald Berzofsky, Joel Miller, Vicki Nelson, Alan Vinitsky 


Honor Societies 

All-University Honorary Societies 


(Junior Women's Honor Society) 

Gail Abramowitz 
Sherrill Absher 
Erica Berry 
Grace Greenberg 
Beth Grim 
Patricia Grimes 
Cynthia Hamilton 
Becky Lee Howe 
Virginia Lance 
Sherrie Lavine 
Marilyn Lewis 
Susan Louse 

Louise Michaux 
Bonnie Jean Newkirk 
Gail Riggs 
Debbie Rubin 
Patricia Sayre 
Audrey Scher 
Sara Silverman 
Marie E. Sullivan 
Linda Trofast 
Barbara Unger 
JuDi Waranch 
Gerrie Weinstein 

Mortar Board 

[The national senior honor society for women, 
recognizing service, leadership and scholarship) 

Gayle Capozzalo 
Phylis B. Cohen 
Eva Belle Garin 
Janet Gehringer 
Susan P. Geyer 
Diane Hill 
Deborah E. Jennings 
Barbara S. Kind 
HiNDA N. Loring 
Lillian J. Love 

Bonnie Needel 
Barbara Palmer 
Linda Schaub 
Wendy S. Sims 
Susan Solie 
Foteni Tzanis 
Karen M. Vandermause 
Barbara Whipp 
Mary E. Williams 

Omicron Delta 

(Honorary Leadership Fraternity for Men) 

David Anthony Agee 
George Ronald Ames 
David George Armstrong 
Ross Harold Arnett, III 
Jeffrey E. Beach 
Richard Herbert Bigelow 
Raymond M. Binderman 
George Anderson Bra ley 
Edward B. Breitschwerdt 
Dennis R. Bunty 
Christopher B. Cade 
Worth William Calfee 
John Cournoyer 
Barry Truitt Covington 
Ernesto Cuesta 
Charles Joseph Daniels 
Joseph Benjamin David 
Myron Dutterer 
Charles Henry Eichelberger, Jr. 
Hayward Farrar 

Richard S. Field 

STEVEN Ira Frahm 

Ralph B. Glickman 

Michael S. Gold 

David Scott Harper 

Dennis Hatfield 

Stanley Joseph Hoopengardner 

Howard Huie 

William Hunt 

Gideon Kaufman 

Gregory Keler 

Alan I. Kirschbaum 

Ronald Edgar Knowles 

Marc Irwin Leavey 

Lawrence L. Lehmann 

Stephen Leslie 

David Michael Lightman 

Richard W. Marks 

Steven W. McGrath 

Stephen McKerrow 



Thomas M. Milroy 
Richard F. Moltzon 
David Karl Morath 
Richard Louis Mosher 
Richard J. Muirhead 
Darrell Whitman Neily 
Preston Robert Padden 
Jeffrey Mark Pargament 
Jerome A. Paulson 
Stephen Petranek 
Marshall Richard Potter 
Jeffrey David Raden 
Robert M. Rast 
Stuart J. Robinson 
Randy Allen Roig 

John M. Segelken 
Elliot A. Shefrin 
Charles J. Shrader 
Wayne Brian Stern 
Robert N. Stokes, Jr. 
Gilbert L. Sussman 
Alfred J. Szczerbicki 
Randall Umberger 
Steven Van Grack 
Peter M. Vial 
Steven A. Vogel 
Maurice Sherman Ward 
Scott J. Wenner 
A. Steven Wolf 
Richard Charles Wood 

Phi Eta Sigma 

{Men's Freshman Honor Fraternity) 

Andrew R. Armstrong, Jr. 
Robert C. Arsenoff 
Walter D. Aughenbaugh 
Walter B. Basen 
Aron W. Berkman 
Patrick L. Boyd 
Stephen M. Brody 
Jesse C. Bunch 
Harry C. Byrd III 
Robert E. Creager 
Robert M. Dennery 
Stuart A. Engel 
Robert A. English 
Hayward Farrar 
Wesley V. Forgue 
Louis Fox 

Frederick Gatchell 
Donald E. Gorelick 
William M. Herbert 
Sol Heyman 
Howard Huie 
James T. Jones 
Clinton P. Killin 
Alan I. Kirschbaum 
Yui D. Lam 
Joseph H. Layton, Jr. 
Marc I. Leavey 
Stephen D. Legum 

Fred Leise 
Alan Lipschultz 
Irvin E. Luria 
Richard W. Marks 
Stephen E. Metzner 
Bruce I. Miller 
Joel B. MilRir 
Richard J. Muirhead 
Jeffrey M. Pargament 
Michael I. PasC'^l 
Mark J. Policy 
Marshall R. Potter 
Joseph F. Pratt 
Randy A. Roig 
Robert H. Rosenfeld 
Larry R. Rosenthal 
Theodore N. Saffos 
Arthur E. Salwin 
Frederick J. Schroeder 
Elliot A. Shefrin 
Louis M. Silber 
Alan R. Vinitsky 
Steven A. Vogel 
Frank L. Walker 
William R. Weisburger 
Stephen Wolf 
Henry A. Wootten 
James J. Zufall 

Phi Kappa Phi 

(A national honorary fraternity open to honor 

students, both men and women, in all branches of 



Jay Douglas Allen 
Paul R. Barrett 
Willis Lee Betts 
Mary Francis Bohardt 
Leonard Edward Cave 
Roberta L. Clegg 
Nancy Jamison Doser 

Mary Ann Pollack Dubner 
Jacques Henry Dubois 
William Alexander Falkler, Jr. 
Ruth Brandon Fishman 
Agnes Catherine Graham 
Lois Olive Gray 
Ronald Eugene Grim 



Virginia Rosalind Hall 
Allen Godden Hansen 
Stephen Vincent Heim 
Barbara Jeanne Hetrick 
Jeanne B. Janes 
JUEL Mendei-sohn Janis 
RussEL Edward Kacher 
Linda Jean Kline 
Ann Hall Marshall 
John Larry Murray 
Gail Adele Olson 

Richard Harold Potter 

Susan Eileen Romans 
Robert Charles Smith 
Penelope Annabelle Storm 
Irene Suboczewski 
Darryl Lee Summers 
Anne Toni Thomas 
Florence Anne Thomas 
Nanette Levine Vincent 
HoLLis Roger Yarrington 


Gail Ann Abramowitz 
Samuel Elliot Adler 
William F. Aitkenhead 
Thomas A. F. Akamu 
Iyllis Hutchin Bache 
Ralph E. Balliet 
BoNiTA Louise Baranowski 
Marcia Ann Bauer 
Aron Wayne Berkman 
Carolyn Mai Betts 
Michael Paul Bey 
Sharon J. Bley 
Jane Brown Boone 
Gale Robinson Boys 
Hans J. Breitenlohner 
Dorothy Schultz Britt 
Scott Alan Brownstein 
James Richard Buckler 
Barbara A. Byers 
Virginia Lance Cadle 
Anthony Joseph Chalkley 
Theresa Stella Cole 
Sarah Elizabeth Cowgill 
Wanda London Cox 
Craig Henry Cromar 
Robert Edward Cronin 
Ronald Gerald Dalrymple 
Charles Joseph Daniels 
David Michael Davis 
Katherine Henriette Deimel 
Janice Elizabeth Denham 
James William Dick 
Janet Lynn Drazek 
Yvonne Henriette duBuy 
Audrey Price Dunkleberger 
Elizabeth T. Duskin 
Stephen Kenneth Dyal 
Carolyn Marie Ebaugh 
Clinton Andrew Englehart 
Robert Alfred English 
Madeleine Patricia Etter 
Lois Marie Eves 
Jane Osler Fischbeck 
Margaret Elizabeth Frazier 
Harriet Frances Freedman 
Mikal Helen Frey 
Jay Lynn Friedenberg 
Cynthia Gibson Galic 

William Bruce Garner II 
Doris Jean Garrett 
Earl Grant Garrison 
Barbara Dale Gendler 
Michael James Gidding 
LoRONA Jean Gold 
Linda Lee Greene 
Linda Elaine Grubbs 
Nancy Jean Guggenheim 
Cheryl Gutmann 
Daniel John Guzy 
Charles Stanley Hakkarinen 
Elizabeth Anne Harris 
Kathleen Hayes 
E. Lamere Hennessee 
Douglas Edwin Heritage 
Rochelle Herman 
Patricia Ann Heselton 
Billy Fay Hunt 
Nancy Lee Hurtt 
Phyllis Hacken Johnson 
Arlene Elizabeth Jones 
Louise Rebecca Jung 
Marjorie Elaine Kaifer 
Patricia Ann Kate 
Susan Ruth Katz 
Alan Ira Kirschbaum 
Gary Lee Kistner 
Rose Rehert Kushner 
Steven Morris Lacher 
Joseph Vincent LaMonte, Jr. 
Jeffrey Stefan Landes 
Gerald Robert Lange 
Mary Ann Lange 
Brenda Joyce Latka 
Barbara Jo Lawrence 
Mary Jeannette Lentz 
Carole Sue Lessans 
Marilyn Judith Lewis 
Thomas Price Littlepage 
Walter Nethery Lockwood 
Ann Cole Loeb 
Mary Woodward Lovell 
Judith Lubcher 
Sylvia Camille MacGregor 
Mary Ellen Kadel Marland 
David Paul Marwede 
Roberta William Mattox 
Patricia Maute 




Harold Edward McDonough 
Harriet Emile McNamee 
Marilyn Elaine Ginn Mentzer 
Rosemary Veronica Miller 
Cynthia Suee Moen 
Jack LaVern Moore 
Mary Anne Mullins 
Kathleena Mushinski 
Jessica Dingeman Myrabo 
Patricia Ann Ness 
Sharyn Elizabeth Neuwirth 
KiMBERLEY Diane Nopper 
Kathleen Jo Owings 
Helle-Mai Part 
Kathleen Lee Pence 
Douglas Edward Peters 
James Gordon Peura 
Jacqueline Salzberg Rabinow 
David LeMar Remmert 
Danid Eugene Roberts 
Carl Eugene Robinette 
Rosemary Rockwell 
Randy Allen Roig 
Lisa Ann Rubenstein 
Ann Elizabeth Ruderman 
Howard Weston Rush 
Nancy Elaine Rusinko 
Cherryl Oli\er Sage 
Anita Louise Sager 
Laura Sample 
Fredric Willard Sanson 
Stephen Michael Schneider 

Frederick John Schroeder 
Charles Freeman Shupe 
Carolyn Lee Sisler 
Michael Francis Spates 
Mary Anita Spinelli 
Donald Lloyd Spurgeon 
Karl Stertzbach 
Harrie Peter Storm 
Harold Sullivan 
Alan Winston Taylor 
Katherine Winfrey Terrell 
Timothy Prater Terrell 
Michael Henry Thomas 
Charles Francis Thompson 
Linda Varner Thompson 
James John Tsikerdanos 
Ronald Edward V\lasek 
Steven Alan Vogel 
James Willis Vorhies 
Frank Lawrence Walker 
Joan Susan Wallach 
Judith Ann Wasserman 
George Wayne 
Nancy J. Webb 
Anita Louise Weber 
Lorna Elaine Weissman 
Jean Hoder Westler 
Joan Shirley Weszka 
Mary-Jean Whittaker 
Joe N. Williams, Jr. 
Judith Claire Wilson 
Andrea Carole Wood 
Judith Ann Zabel 

All-College Honorary Societies 

Alpha Sigma Lambda 

{National Evening Student Honorary) 
George Frederick Bareis 
Eugene Patrick Biggins 
Larry Randall Bingman 
Jane Brown Boone 
Brigitte L. Bowman 
Robert Arthur Bruce 
Earl Howard Chinnock 
Janice Louise Commons 
Ross R. Condit 
Betty Kane Curry 
Darlene F. DeAngelo 
Michael Eugene Dominquez 
Richard Norbert Doolittle 
Ann Griffith Breher 
Karen Kae Dudley 
William Thomas Dudley 
Bessie Mae Engle 
David R. Enna 
Madeleine P. Etter 
Nicholas Anthony Ferro 
Whitman Howard Frick 
Ferdinand Joseph Heider 
Henry Kuhn 

Charles Raymond Leitner 
OsAKi Masao 
Majorie a. McCormick 
Howard Edward McDonough 
Jack L. Moore 
James S. Morrow 
Yvonne Melaine-Louise Mulder 
James William Murphy, III 
Louis Ezekiel Musto 
Charles Verne Neil 
Robert Kenneth Pierce, Jr. 
James Jerome Quigley 
Charles F. Richelieu 
Harry Robert Ripson 
Robert Frank Roemer 
Frank Joseph Sackton 
Frederick W. Sanson 
Lambert Robert Scanlan 
Thomas Lee Schwarcz 
George Vassilios Spanos 
Patricia Jane Wakely 
Morris O. Zimmerman 



Alpha Zeta 

{Men's Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

Dale Bennett 

William Blackert 

Edward Breitschwerdt 

Robert Brown 

James Buckler 

Harry C. Byrd, III 

Barry Covington 

Thomas Dixon 

Stuart Doetzer 

Robert Dunlavey 

Glavis B. Edwards, Jr. 

Robert Ensor 

Timothy Fairbrother 

James Faulkner 

Daniel Fritz 

Robert George 

James Hanson 

Lawrence Hirschenson 

James Hoback 

John Hunt 
Phillip T. Mason 
Gary Miller 
Richard Moser 
William Nohejl 
Garry Perrygo 
Carl Robinette 
Thomas Rowland 
Nolan Rubin 
Daniel Schwaninger 
J. Glenn Shortall 
Lewis Smith 
L. Keith Staley 
William Staley 
Robert Wampler 
Gordon Ward 
Kenneth Wrightson 
Harvey L. Yenkinson 

(Men's and Women's Commerce Honor Society) 
Bruce M. Allan 
James A. Costrell 

Robert C. Lieb 
Frank L. Vettori 

Beta Gamma Sigma 


Andrew R. Armstrong 

Marcia a. Bauer 

Steven W. Brand 

Richard Butler 

Joseph Camardese 

Paul R. Celluzzi 

Garland Chow 

Michael L. Cone 

Virginia Der 

Clinton Englehart 

Earl G. Garrison 

Joseph W. Gibson 

Leonard A. Ginn 

Richard W. Grimes 

Thomas L. Hannan 

Linda A. Hefler 

Lawrence Johnson 

William R. Jones 

Michael G. Khoury 

Marc A. Kowalski 
Mary A. Lange 
Raymond F. Laverdiere 
Barbara Jo Lawrence 
Steven D. Legum 
Curtis L. Merrick 
Joseph S. Musher 
Karen V. Pincus 
Howard W. Rush 
James S. Schaefer 
Harvey S. Schochet 
Joseph M. Sciacca 
Carlton R. Sherman 
Craig A. Simmons 
DusTON M. Skinner 
Michael F. Spates 
Russell J. Wallace 
Timothy J. Weed 
Joan S. Weinberg 

Eta Beta Rho 

(Honor Society of Hebrew Language and Culture) 

Jerry Ackerman 

Stephen Altman 

Harold Benus 

Mark Berger 

David English 

Claire Eskenazi 

Mark Freedman 

Beth Goldkind 

Richard Grayson 

Jill Jandorf 
Susan Keller 
Deborah Kravette 
Sherri Krieger 
Janet Morrow 
Joan E. Paper 
Isaac Reitberger 
Roselea Rosenbloom 
Ellen Waranch 



Kappa Delta Pi 

(National Honor Society in Education) 

Jeanne L. Abramson 
Sherrill a. Absher 
Susan Asch 
Marilyn Balabau 
Phylis J. Banish 


Jeanne B. Barda 
M. Theresa Barr 
Jill Becker 
Lois Becker 
Judy G. Bell 
Cheryl L. Heller 
Barbara J. Berdorf 
Ilene R. Berkowitz 
Leslie Berstein 
Sara J. Betty 
Sharon R. Biser 
Lynne Bishoff 
Marsha Bisker 
Wyatt Bissett, Jr. 
Joseph Blair 
Nancy L. Blakeney 
Kathy M. Bloom 
Andy Bloomfield 
Ilene Bogash 
Joan M. Boker 
Joanna Bort 
Sarah L. Brannan 
Maureen Breitenberg 
Marjie Brenner 
Shirley Brilliant 
Dorothy S. Britt 
Judy Brody 
AVA E. Brown 
Eileen M. Brown 
Elizabeth J. Brown 
Jackie Brown 
Karen R. Brumbaugh 
Patsy B. Bulmash 
Susan J. Burbrink 
Cheryl L. Bucher 
Faye Caplan 
Harriette L. Caplan 
Samuel Chalfant 
Phylis B. Cohen 
Cecelia A. Coltrane 
Carolyn Conley 
Cynthia Conley 
Patricia Consorti 
Sally A. Cornell 
Alice Covello 
Carol Jean Coyle 
Susan Dashoff 
Elizabeth R. Davidson 
Karen Davis 
Judith C. Decker 
Mary D. Chein 
Jame W. Dick 
Gray Dowell 
Claire R. Eckert 
Elizabeth L. Ecton 
Thedore Eisenberg 
Susan Eisenstadt 

Sandra Elkin 
Nancy Elliott 
Diane P. F. Eng 
Cathy A. Erdlejohn 
Barbara J. Feinglass 
Carol E. Fergusson 
Sarah E. Fields 
Rebecca Fink 
Carol A. Fisher 
Christine J. Fones 
Kathleen P. Fones 
Richard Frattli 
Beverly L. Frazzano 
Jay L. Friedenberg 
Linda Friedman 
Janice Frum 
Jean L. Galloway 
Susan Garber 
Eva Garin 
Doris J. Garrett 
Janet Gehringer 
Marcia Geiger 
Elizabeth George 
Susan Geyer 
Elaine B. Gilbert 
Ann Glazer 
Lucinda J. Glicksman 
Michael Gold 
Judy K. Goldberg 
Beth A. Goldkind 
Myrna Greenberg 
Rita Griffin 
Patricia L. Grimes 
Linda E. Grubbs 
Joan M. Hadley 
Holly Hafer 
Marcia L. Hall 
Jean A. Harpster 
Elizabeth A. Harris 
Jacquelyn Haynes 
Ann L. Heintzelman 
Gordon E. Hershberger 
Stanley J. Hoopengardner 
Margaret Horne 
Rae B. Hurwitz 
Robert E. Hynes 
Catherine B. Innes 
Kenneth V. Iserson 
Sharon L. Jaacks 
Annette Jacobs 
Penny Jamitz 
Caron M. Janko 
Geraldine T. Jaron 
Doug Johnson 
Mae C. Johnson 
Phyllis H. Johnson 
Susan Kandell 
Joyce S. Karlick 
Patricia A. Kate 
Susan R. Katz 
Ann E. Katzen 
Linda Jean Kaufman 
George M. Keeper 



Laine B. Kelly 
Sharon L. Kenney 
Kathleen Kiely 
Rita L. Kipper 
Darlene Klein 
Jonet Korb 
Sharon A. Kurland 
Karen Kuryloski 
Janet R. Kwong 
Martha Ladine 
Betty Lallier 
Gail Lang 
Debra L. Lange 
Renee Lantado 
Carole Lartz 
Barbara Lawrence 
. Marjorie G. Lawrence 
Nancy Lawrence 
Annette Levine 
Cyndy Litofsky 
Susan N. Lodnell 
Toby B. Loewy 
Linda Londeree 
Sherry E. London 
Susan C. Loube 
Judith N. Lubcher 
Sandra C. Lyons 
Sylvia MacGregor 
Elaine Mackie 
Janis L. Mandelker 
Anna L. Manning 


Lynne I. Markridge 
Linda F. Marks 
Mary E. Marland 
WiNiPEG T. Marlowe 
Diane Mayer 
Jeff C. McCormick 
Kathleen McEwen 
Pamela S. McMichael 
Judith A. McQuaid 
Rebecca S. Meese 
Jane Mi hall 
Linda J. Miles 
Joan L. Miller 
Sharon W. Milstein 
Denise Diane Mitchell 
Eileen F. Monaghan 
Janet S. Morrow 
Margaret V. Mosbr 
Richard A. Nagel 
Kathleen Naylor 
Bonnie Needel 
TosE Newman 
Kathryn J. Nitka 
Susan L. Nixon 
Mary C. O'Brien 
Marsha Oidick 
Valerie S. Olen 
Anita G. Owings 
Patricia S. Pacheco 
Norma L. Paper 
Patricia G. Pataky 
Nancy A. Perry 

Jean L. Pfefferkorn 
Virginia E. Philpot 
Terri S. Pierce 
Wendy A. Plotkin 
Rona S. Polovoy 
Lois J. Pontier 
Judith L. Prins 
Pam Prothero 
Jacquelin S. Rabinow 
Cynthia M. Randolph 
Nancy Rascovar 
Sharon E. Ressler 
Sandra L. Ricker 
Elizabeth A. Righter 
Evelyn Ritter 
Edith Rodman 
Diane C. Rosenblatt 
Adrienne H. Roth 
Carol R. Ruddie 
Edith B. Russell 
Frances M. Saltzman 
Beth S. Schapiro 
Merle S. Schattner 
DiNA I. Schwartz 
Linda Schwartz 
James P. Sea well 
Roslynn B. Seidenstein 
Emily L. Shabasson 
Janice M. Shaffer 
Carol A. Sheffey 
M. Teresa Sheehan 
Clyde E. Shuttle worth 
Marlene Siavitz 
Arline Silverstein 
Wendy Sims 
Susan Sisler 
Dudley G. Skinker 
Lenore Jean Slavin 
Elizabeth B. Soper 
Nancy Sorrells 
Patricia Sowers 
Gerald E. Stafford 
Shelley Steinhorn 
Michael Stephans 
Janet L. Sterling 
Mary L. Stiller 
Barbara J. Stitt 
Elaine C. Stolting 
Peggy Summers 
Linda S. Swerdel 
Juliet Tanada 
Victoria Thompson 
Judith D. Wagner 
Joan W\llach 
Linda Waranch 
Michael Warchof 
Lynne Wasmuth 
Louise F. Waynant 
George Wayne 
Mary Tupper Webster 
Marilyn R. Weinstein 
Deborah Weiser 
Carol D. Weissenberg 




Miriam Weissman 
Susannah B. Weitz 
Pamela R. Wels 
Joan S. Westreich 
Barbara J. Whipp 


Teresa A. Willoughby 

Cheryl Wines 
Steven Wolf 
Mary Wolfe 
Carol Wray 
Margaret Yocum 
Diane M. Zolmaski 

(National Honorary/ Dramatics Society) 
Richard Bigelow 

National Collegiate thomas a. bogar 

Christopher Cade 

Players john cournoyer 

Judith Ann Freeman 
Charles Thomson Garey 
Ralph B. Glickman 

David S. Harper 
Susan Hoffman 
David M. Kraut 
Linda Lewis 
Marin Pearson 
Edward Sandler 

Omicron Nu 

(Nnlinnnl Home Economics Honor Society) 

Karen Basralian 

Lois A. Berg 

Andrea Bloomfbld 

Eleanor Block 

Jean Bresley 

Grace Brizendine 

Ava Brown 

Jacquelyn Brown 

Patricia Criner 

Janet Daniel 

Bernice Dickson 

RoseMary Dougall 

Gretta S. Dubois 

Margaret Frazier 

Susan Garver 

Nancy Guggenheim 

Susan Gebhardt 

Sharon Hum 

Elizabeth Jones 

Marjorie Kaifer 

Grbtchen Keene 

Lillian Kelley 
Virginia Lawrence 
Nancy Lee 
Gay Linthicum 
Sharon Moore 
Lois Ann Norman 
Karen Pegler 
Edna L. Poyer 
Barbara Reynolds 
Joanne Richards 
Carolyn Schwiesow 
Aretha Stubbs 
DiANNE Summers 
Ann Todd 
Helen Whitmore 
Betsey Wolford 
Sheila Wilfson 
Andrea Wood 
Carol Zelinski 
Leona Zerby 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 

(Physical Education, Recreation and Heallh 
Honor Society) 

Michael R. Dowhowbr 
Dorothy W. Dunbar 
Ralph H. Friedgen 
Richard W. Golas 

F. Ronald Hoffman 
Edward A. Levy 
Jacques Nacson 




Mary Ellen Baldwin 
Thomas W. Brown 
John F. Dickson 
George D. Hall 
Phyllis R. Houck 
WiLLA Jean Johnson 
Suzanne J. Krofchik 
Barbara D. LeVine 

Jennifer H. Lovell 
M. Jane Maddox 
Jane I. Madsen 
Kathleen L. Pence 
Julie C. Weatherby 
Mary E. Williams 
Diana L. Yingling 

Phi Alpha Theta 

(National History Honor Society) 
George Francis Arnold 
Guy Arnold 
Barbara Bass 
Douglas Blankenship 
Laura Montgomery Boggess 
Richard J. Brinkley 
Claudia Faye Brubacher 
Richard George Buckley 
Larry Alan Ceppos 
Beborah L. Cimokowski 
Jon H. Clayton 
Martin Cohen 
Ellen Cromwell 
Melvin Delgado 
Michael E. P. Dominguez 
Fynnette Eaton 
Lester Howard Feinberg 
June B. Fares 
Sidney Friedman 
Leslie Ellen Gibberman 
JOLYON P. Girard 
Terry R. Grimes 
John Chandler Hume, Jr. 
Janet Lorelle Hunter 
Gideon Kaufman 
Karen Kellbher 
Nancy L. King 
Jeffrey M. Kraman 
James M. Larkin 
Judith B. Levine 
Leonard Joel Levy 
Laurence Lynn 
Charles Joel M \gazine 
Christine T. Mahoney 
Barbara Lucia Maloney 
Raymond Allen Mann 
Jesse Saul Margulies 
Arthur Marshall 

Judith Martino 

Michael Joseph Mastrangelo 

Patricia McArnold 

Richard McEvoy 

James Neinsteil 

Anthony Padua 

Elaine Perna 

William Porter 

Sarah Brooks Raver 

Robert Lee Reynolds 

Stuart Jay Robinson 

Steven Rosen 

David W. Rosenberger 

John Stephen Rupert 


Pamela Satek 
Daniel John Schulte 
Linda Schwartz 
Carol Sheffey 
Marc Jay Sheinberg 
Anna Ruth Silbert 
Freda Silbermans 
Marjorie Joan Sims 
Dudley Skinker 
Martin Stanley Sugar 
Roland S. Sweet, II 
G. Rebecca Sylvester 
Mary Elizabeth Toffolo 
Alfred Tudor 
J. Samuel Walker 
Nicole W. White 
John George Wehrle 
Ann R. Wilson 
Jonathan A. Wolin 
Ruthellen Yoshpe 
Mark Stryker Zimmerman 

Phi Beta Kappa 

(A National Honorary Society for Arts and Sciences) 

Gail A. Abramowitz 
Victoria F. Adams 
Walter B. Basen 
Henry E. Becker 
Ronald N. Berzofsky 
, Roger A. P. Bieri 

Raymond Binderman 
Stephen A. Branning 
Wendy A. Budd 
Joan Coe 
Charlene D. Crupi 
Greta L. Doering 



Edward J. Drawbaugh 

Anita J. Eddy 

Stuart A. Engel 

Robert A. English 

Beth M. Fabey 

Stephen A. Farmer 

Haywakd Farrar 

Ruth M. Fritz 

Meryl L. Goodman 

Jane W. Heinze 

Diane S. Hill 

Barbara L. Hirshberg 

Joseph J. Jaffa 

Marilyn L. Jager 

Jacqueline G. Jennings 

James T. Jones 

John A. Kapp 
Robert Katz 
Donald P. Kennon 
Gregory H. Kepler 
Nancy L. King 
Anita Kolman 
Steven M. Lacher 
Lea M. La Flamme 
Calvin D. Lanier 
Ross S. Lenet 
Molly Lewis 
Leon Litow 
Cynthia E. Lochte 
Judith D. Lonnholm 


Harry J. Loss 

Samuel E. Adler 
Larry A. Ceppos 
Mary H. Fang 
Christoph J. Feifarek 
Barbara D. Gendler 
Susan R. Katz 
Marilyn J. Lewis 
Michael G. Lewis 
Ilene R. London 

Kathleen D. McCluggage 
Joel B. Miller 
Mary M. Miller 
Natalie Munson 
Catherine M. Muzzy 
VicKi D. Nelson 
Marjorie E. Okum 
Jeffrey M. Pargament 
George H. Parks 
Helle-Mai Part 
David A. Pence 
Mark J. Policy 
Julia L. Robinson 
Ann E. Ruderman 
Arthur E. Salwin 
Janet L. Sanders 
Ellen L. Schneider 
Howard L. Siegel 
Louis M. Silber 
Janet G. Simonek 
David P. Snyder 
Deborah J. Spero 
Michael L. Stadter 
Joseph G. Strozykowski 
Raymond J. Terry 
Steven A. Vogel 
Christina E. Walder 
Sally K. Ward 
Marian H. Worthington 
Harriet G. Zalevsky 
James Zufall 

Valeria A. Maiorana 
Mark D. Meyerson 
Randy A. Roig 
Nancy E. Rusinko 
Frederick J. Schroeder 
Pamela L. Stutz 
Nancy J. Swope 
Harry E. Walkup 

Pi Mu Epsilon 

{Naiional Mathematics Honorary) 

Russell D. Brown 

Linda Ciabatoni 

Julie Cosner 

Mary H. W. Fang 

Barbara Feinglass 

Thomas W. Hall 

Maxine Hormats 

Nancy Hurtt 

Rae Hurwitz 

Marilyn L. Jager 

H. Steven Kanofsky 

Gail E. Kiesel 

Stephen A. Kramer 

Minnie C. Kung 

Mark E. Lachtman 

Brenda J. Latka 

Barbara Latterner 

Ross Lenet 

Mar.lyn Lewis 

Susan Loube 
Steven H. Mudrick 
Barry W. Philipp 
Jeffrey S. Rosen 
Anita L. Sager 
Paul Seawell 
Marlene Siavitz 
Bruce Springer 
Brian R. Stanley 
Wayne B. Stern 
Arthur W. Stetson 
James S. Tobin 
Barbara L. Turner 
Jean Weska 
Jean Willis 
A. Steven Wolf 
Carol N. Yudkoff 
Charles M. Zimmerman 
Carol Zyskowski 



Sigma Delta Pi 

(Spanish Honorary Fraternity) 

Maby Stuart Burgage 
Donald M. Burrows 
Adelaida Castellanos 
Teresa L. Chaves 
Louise Crissman 
Ronald Criste 
Marta Diz 
Eugene A. Festa, Jr. 
Joseph Foustle 
Nora Louise Galli 
Leonor Guillen 
Mary Gay Haldeman 
Ann Kendrick 

Sonia Leon 
Jo Ellen Lucchi 
Joanne Mellow 
Adele Mur 


John A. Raggio, Jr. 
Alicia Mae Rodon 
Stanley E. Rose 
Christopher Scheiderer 
BARBARA Dale Sheldon 
Laura Villavicencio 
Barbara Willoughby-McDonald 
John B. Wooldridge, Jr. 


Joyce Candler 
Jane Fischbeck 
Katherinb Kraus 
Dlvne Lach 
Janelle Rae Larson 
Susan Pruce 
Mark Smith 

Norman Smith 
Elaine Strauss 
Judy Wasserman 
Ellen Werner 
Joan S. Westreich 
Barbara Zulu 

Sigma Pi Sigma 

{National Physics Honor Society) 
Scott A. Brownstein 
Franklin J. Cathell 
Richard Scott Graham 
Robert H. Green 

Rickey W. Parker 
Brian K. Reid 
Julia L. Robinson 
Randy A. Roig 

Tau Beta Pi 

{General Engineering Honor Society) 
David George Armstrong 


Michael Hartley Baker 
Michael Richard Binder 
Alvin Lee Bowles 
Thomas James Calomiris 
Ronald John Chase 
Harry Bruce Cline 
Joseph Bard Cornelius 
Howard Franklin Deterding 
Thomas Edward Dobry 
Bruce John Duray 
David Warren Fiske 
Hussein Nagy Garrana 
Daniel John Guzy 
Bruce L. Havlicsek 
Carvel Edward Holton 
Howard Huie 
Michael John Kalb 
Hal Steven Kanofsky 
Knut Ivar Kielland-Lund 
William C. Kirby 
Gary Lee Kistner 
Ronald Edgar Knowles 
Glenn Stuart Kohne 
Stephen Alan Kramer 
Crawford Xavier Lopez 
Timothy Stephen Malinky 

Richard William Marks 
Richard Paul McCracken 
Marion Francis Mecklenburg 
Victor Ward Morrel 
Emmett Lee Murphy 
Darrell Whitman Neily 
Norman Gerard Paulhus 
Spencer William Purdum 
Robert Morgan Rast 
Robert Raymond Reece 
Howard Neal Reynolds 
Michael Leroy Reynolds 
Marc Jeffrey Rochkind 
Lester Eugene Scanlan 
William Joseph Schaefer 
Michael Henry Schbible 
John Maurice Segelken 
Elliot Abraham Shefrin 
Charles Freeman Shupe 
Wayne Brlan Stern 
Walter Henry Stevenson 
Alfred Joseph Szczerbicki 
James Stanley Tobin 
Larry Kenneth Wellman 
Samuel Paul Wise 
Frits Wybenga 
Michael Anthony Yerkes 
Joseph Ling Young 


Academic Honors 

Milton Abramowitz Memorial Prize to a junior or senior student majoring ir 
mathematics who has demonstrated superior competence and promise for future de- 
velopment in the field of mathematics and its applications. 

Awarded to Karen Posey and Philip Feinsilver 

The ALCOA Foundation Trafiic and Transportation Award to an outstanding senior 
student majoring in transportation. 

Awarded to Garland Chow 

Alpha Chi Sigma Award to the senior majoring in chemistry or chemical engineer- 
ing whose average has been above 3.0 for three and one-half years. 

Awarded to Howard Huie 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the graduating senior member who has maintained 
the highest average during her first seven semesters of attendance at the University of 

Awarded to Karen W. Posey 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificates to graduating senior members who have 
maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta average of 3.50 or higher for their first seven 
semesters of attendance at the University of Maryland. 

Awarded to: 
Susan F. Asch 
Marcia a. Bauer 
Paula C. Bing 
Gail Abramowitz Bleach 
Wendy A. Budd 
Phyllis B. Cohen 
Barbara Whipp Covey 
Susan B. Eisenstadt 
Barbara A. Feller 
Ruth M. Fritz 
Susan P. Geyer 
Marsha R. Goldman 
Marjorie L. Gray 
Barbara Hirshberg 
Lucy H. Hu 
Marilyn L. Jager 
Kathryn G. Kerr 
Anita Sue Kolman 
Diane M. Lach 
Dorothy Levi 

Annette G. Levine 
Judith D. Lonnholm 
HiNDA Loring 
Bonnie Miller 
Natalie A. Munson 
Catherine M. Muzzy 
Carol M. Paulick 
Margaret E. Phipps 
Karen Vandermause Pincus 
Karen W. Posey 
Rosemary Rockwell 
Janet G. Simonik 
Deborah J. Spero 
Ann Todd 
FOTENI Tzanis 
Christina E. Walder 
Sally K. Ward 
Starla N. Welty 
Marian H. Worthington 
Ruthellen Yoshpe 

Alpha Zeta Award to the male agricultural student in the freshman class who 
attains the highest average record in academic work. 

Awarded to Harvey L. Yenkinson 

American Association of University Women, College Park, Annual Graduate Prize. 
Awarded to Joan Roth Weiss 

American Society of Civil Engineers, Maryland Section Award to a student mem- 
ber for outstanding service to the chapter and for demonstrated interest in extra-cur- 
ricular activities. 

Awarded to Marion F. Mecklenburg 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Awards. 

Awarded to John C. Newquist for outstanding achievement; Wayne 

B. Stern and Frederick J. Dexter for best student 
branch lecture; and the student chairman award to 
John C. Nevvijuist. 



American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Scholarship Improvement 
Award is presented to the senior in Aerospace Engineering who has made the greatest 
improvement in scholarship from his junior year to his senior year. 

Awarded to Larry K. Wellman 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Award to the junior member of the 
Student Chapter who attained the highest over-all scholastic average during the fresh- 
man and sophomore years. 

Awarded to Yui David Lam 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Professional Achievement Award by 
the National Capitol Section to an outstanding chemical engineering student. 

Awarded to Robert F. Denier 

American Society of Civil Engineers Area Conference Award to the chapter mem- 
ber who has made the most significant contribution to the area student chapter con- 

Awarded to Donald W. Funkhouser 

American Society of Civil Engineers' Outstanding Senior Awards. 

Awarded to Ronald E. Knowles 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award to the senior member who con- 
tributed most to the local chapter. 

Awarded to Walter H. Stevenson 

The Appleman-Norton Scholarship Award to a senior major in recognition of excel- 
lence in Botany. 

Awarded to Virginia C. Burnett 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal to the sophomore who has attained the highest 
scholastic average of his class in the College of Engineering. 

Awarded to Majer Vaclav 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence in 
Hebrew studies. 
Awarded to: 

Elizabeth A. Colbert Jan R. Lilienfield 

Sandra Elkin Irvin E. Luria 

Sydell S. Click David Marwede 

Beth A. Goldkind Alice M. Newman 

Shirley M. Goldman Janet S. Morrow 

Connie Goldstein Arlene C. Ogurick 

Ellen Gordon Roselea M. Rosenbloom 

Susan Green Dina I. Schwartz 

Jill E. Jandorf Edward She4r 

Robin L. Jeweler Ellen J. Waranch 

Susan Keller Sabina Weinstein 

Deborah Kravette James Wylie 

Marsha J. Lerner Marilyn Zitomer 

Business Education Award of Merit to students in Business Education in recognition 
of outstanding achievement as students. 

Awarded to Mary Waldron and James Dick 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award to the outstanding graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during the last year. 

Awarded to J. Phillip Doyle and Carol A. Shearer 

Bernard L. Crozier Award by the Maryland Association of Engineers to the senior 
in the College of Engineering who has made the greatest improvement in scholarship 
during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to Robert M. Rast 

Delmarva Traffic Club, Inc. Award to a student majoring in transportation with 
an excellent record, whose residence is on the eastern shore. 

Awarded to Robert H. Heibert 



Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who has 
maintained the highest scholastic standing during the entire course of study in business 
administration or economics. 

Awarded to J. Bradford Leonard 

Distinguished Accounting Student Award to exceptional senior students concen- 
trating in accounting who are registered in the College of Business and Public Adminis- 

Awarded to EoMiwro Coulson, Clinton Englehart, Melvin Kiddy, 

Marc Kowalski, Sh.\ron Royal, Diana Thomas, 
Timothy Weed. 

The Drake Award to the undergraduate student in chemistry who shows the most 
promise at the end of the sophomore year. 

Awarded to Gregory W. Diachenko 

Engineering Alumni Chapter Award to a senior for outstanding scholarship and 
service to the College of Engineering and University. 

Awarded to Elliot A. Shefrin and Marc J. Rochkind 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior Award is presented to a senior in Electrical 
Engineering for his outstanding scholastic achievement and service to the society and 

Awarded to Robert M. Rast and Elliot A. Shefrin 

General Electric Corporation prizes to outstanding first-year graduate students in 
Physics and Astronomy. 

Awarded to Debajyoti Bhaumik (Physics) and Janet Gasior (Astronomy) 

The James Douglass Goddard Memorial Medal to the male, native resident of 
Prince George's County who makes the highest average in his studies, and who em- 
bodies the most manly attributes. 

Awarded to David P. Marwede 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the two members of the senior class who 
have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Christopher B. Cade and Judith A. Freeman 

Hamilton Award by the Hamilton Watch Co. to the graduating senior in the College 
of Engineering who has most successfully combined proficiency in his major field of 
study with achievements — either academic, e.xtracurricular, or both — in the social 
sciences or humanities. 

Awarded to Howard Huib 

The Haskins and Sells Foundations, Inc., Awarded to the senior student in the 
College of Business and Public Administration concentrating in accounting who has 
demonstrated excellent ability in this field of study. 

Awarded to KiREN V. PiNCUS 

Hettinger Award is presented by the Maryland Section of the American Institute 
of Chemical Engineers to an outstanding undergraduate student of Chemical Engi- 

Awarded to RONALD A. Kaschak 

Robert M. Higginbottom Award in memory of Robert M. Higginbottom, a 
compassionate and dedicated young man, an honors student of mathematics, who lost 
his life in Vietnam; to an outstanding junior student majoring in mathematics. 

Awarded to Mark Meyerson 

Joe Elbert James Memorial Award to the graduating senior in horticulture on the 
basis of scholarship and promise of future achievement. 

Awarded to James R. Buckler 

Journalism Department letter of commendation to outstanding journalism women. 
Awarded to Cheryl Clark 



Leidy Chemical Foundation Fellowship to an undergraduate student in Chemistry. 
Awarded to James A. Ross 

Martin Marietta Corporation prizes to outstanding graduate teaching assistants. 

Awarded to In Astronomy: Andrew Milman 

Allen Karp 
In Physics: Margherita Campobassi 

William Kuperman 
Tor Laankan 
Stephen Wolf 

Alumm Award to Entering Freshman in Physics or Astronomy. 

Awarded to John H. Michener 

Maryland-Delaware Press Association Annual Citation to the outstanding senior 
in journalism. 

A^mrded to James Day 

Maryland Recreation and Parks Society Award to the outstanding senior majoring 
in recreation. 

Awarded to Kenneth W. Ernst 

Maryland State Veterinary Medical Association Award — An award presented 
annually to the pre-veterinary student who, in the judgement of the faculty, has per- 
formed in the most acceptable academic fashion. 

Awarded to William T. Hill 

Noxell Corporation Scholarship Award to an undergraduate student in chemistry. 
Awarded to Arthur E. Salwin and Stuart A. Engel 

The Omicron Nu Award to the sophomore student in Home Economics who in 
her freshman year achieved the highest grade point average. 

Awarded to Karen Brums 

The junior award of the Gamma of Maryland Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa will be 
presented this year to Mary H. Fang 

The senior award (Leon P. Smith Award) of the Gamma of Maryland Chapter 
will be presented this year to Stephen A. Farmer 

Phi Chi Theta Kay Award to the outstanding graduating senior woman in the 
College of Business and Public Administration on the basis of scholarship, activities and 

Awarded to Karen Pincus 

Phi Sigma Awards for outstanding achievement in the biological sciences to an 
undergraduate student and a graduate student. 

Awarded to Ronald N. Berzofsky and Bernard A. Schneider 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to the most outstanding sophomore in mechanical engineering 
on the basis of scholastic average and instructors' ratings. 

Au-arded to Eric 0. Bazqxjes 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award to the senior in mechanical engineering who has 
made the most outstanding contribution to the University. 

Awarded to Walter H. Stevenson 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College of Business 
and Public Administration who had majored in Transportation and who has demon- 
strated competence in this field of study. 

Awarded to LESTER C. Grimm 

Public Relations Society of America, Baltimore Chapter, Annual Citation to the 
outstanding senior, active in public relations. 

Awarded to Richard Knapp 



The Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the outstanding senior in microbiology. 
Awarded to Judith D. Lonnholm 

The Sigma Chapter, Phi Delta Gamma Award to an outstandmg woman who has 
completed the requirements for the doctoral degree. 

Awarded to Genevieve M. Knight 

Dr. Leo and Rita Sklar General Honors Award given annually to students for 
excellence in the General Honors Program of the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Awarded to Robert C. Arsenoff, Outstanding Student in the Gen- 
eral Honors Program 
Alan Vinitsky, Outstanding General Honors Senior 
Jerry Ackerman, Outstanding General Honors Junior 
Paul Anderson Scott, Outstanding General Honors 

Society of Fire Protection Engineers Outstanding Senior Award to the most out- 
standing senior in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to Richard P. Thornberry 

Society of Fire Protection Engineers Outstanding Sophomore Award to the most 
outstanding sophomore in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to Marshall A. Klein 

Society of American Military Engineers Award to the senior Air Force ROTC 
cadet in the College of Engineering for his outstanding scholastic achievement and 
leadership in Air Science. 

Awarded to Alan I. Kirshbaum 

Reuben G. Steinmeyer Award presented by the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Pi Sigma 
Alpha to the outstanding senior in the Department of Government and Politics. 

Awarded to Robert Arsenoff 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of 
the City of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of those students who 
evince in their daily life a spirit of love for and helpfulness to' other men and women. 

Awarded to Paul Mendalsohn, James Day and Diana Yingling 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Association Award to the junior in 
the College of Engineering who during his sophomore year has made the greatest im- 
provement in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Gerald B. Shipley 

The University of Maryland College of Agriculture Alumni Chapter Senior Award 
presented annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding collegiate accom- 
plishments which typified the model student and contributed significantly toward the 
advancement of the University's College of Agriculture. 

Awarded to Edward B. Breitschwerdt 

The University of Maryland College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Chapter Stu- 
dent Award presented annually to an outstanding senior man and woman student 
in the college who have demonstrated outstanding collegiate accomplishments in scholar- 
ship, leadership and citizenship. 

Awarded to Helle Mai Part and Robert Arsenoff 

The University of Maryland Business and Public Administration Alumni Chapter 
Student Award presented annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding 
achievement in academic and extra-curricular activities. 

Awarded to Karen V. PiNCUS 

The University of Maryland College of Education Alumni Chapter Award pre- 
sented annually to the senior male and female students who have demonstrated out- 
standing service toward furthering the highest ideals of education. 

Awarded to Susan Bowman and Anthony Brooks 



The University of Maryland College of Engineering Alumni Chapter Award pre- 
sented annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship and 
contribution to the College and University through activities and leadership. 

Awarded to Eluot A. Shefrin and Marc J. Rochkind 

The University of Maryland Senior Award of the College of Home Economics 
Alumni Chapter presented annually to the student who has demonstrated exceptional 
scholarship, leadership, and service to the college. 

Awarded to Carolyn Schiesow 

The University of Maryland Alumni Association Homecoming Award presented 
annually to the student who has made the greatest contribution to the homecoming 
Awarded to Richard Charles Woods 

The University of Maryland Alumni Association Outstanding Student Leader 
Award presented annually to an outstanding senior man and woman student who have 
demonstrated excellence in leadership, citizenship and scholarship. 

Awarded to Gayle L. Capozzalo and Edward B. Breitschwerdt 

Scholastic and Special Awards 



Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus 
H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class who 
during his collegiate career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done 
most of the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to STEVEN VanGrack 

Citizenship Prize for Women — An award presented annually as a memorial to 
Sally Sterling Byrd, by her children, to that female member of the Senior Class who 
best exemplifies the enduring qualities of the model woman. These qualities should 
typify self-dependence, courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve ob- 
jectives, willingness to sacrifice for others, strength of character, and those other qualities 
that enable the women of our society to play such a fundamental part in the building 
of the Nation. 

Awarded to Mary Eagen 



The Maryland Ring, a memorial to Charles L. Linhardt, Jr., to the Maryland male 
resident who is adjudged the best athlete of the year. 

Awarded to RODNEY HORST 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in 
college athletics. 

Awarded to David C. Reiss 


The Atlantic Coast Conference Plaque to a senior for excellence in scholarship 
and athletics. 

Awarded to THOMAS MiLROY 



The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current season. 
Awarded to Paul E. Fitzpatrick 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to 
the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to MICHAEL T. Neff 

The Alvm L. Aubmoe Basketball Trophy for the senior who has contributed most 
to the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Willlim M. Hetzel 

John T. Bell Swimming Award to the senior letterman who has contributed most 
to swimming. 

Awarded to James R. Clifford 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to Gene T. Hiser 

William P. Cole, III, Memorial Lacrosse Award to the outstanding midfielder. 
Awarded to Reed C. Kaestner 

The George C. Cook Memorial Scholarship Trophy to a member of the football 
team with the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to William Grant and Ralph H. Friedgen 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silber Lacrosse Trophy to the most improved defense man. 
Awarded to Thomas McClenahan 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the graduating male senior athlete, who during his 
three years of varsity competition, lettered at least once and attained the highest over- 
all scholastic average. 

Awarded to Alfred J. Szczerbicki 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award to the most outstanding senior trackman. 
Awarded to Marshall J. Bush 

Jack Faber-Al Heagy Unsung Hero Award, to the player who best exemplifies 
determination, wOl to win, and pride in accomplishment. 

Awarded to Alfred J. Szczerbicki 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of the 

Awarded to CuRT P. Callahan 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed most 
to wrestling at the University. 

Awarded to Randall Umberger 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., Swimming Trophy to the senior letterman who has 
contributed most to swimming. 

Awarded to MICHAEL A. GOLUB 

Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 
Awarded to Peter Mattia 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service to 
lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to C. Douglas Carter and John G. Kaestner 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University has 
rendered the greatest service to football. 

Awarded to KENNETH B. DuTTON 

The Robert E. Theofeld Memorial Trophy to the golfer who most nearly exemplifies 
the competitive spirit and strong character of Robert E. Theofeld, a former member 
of the boxing team. 

Awarded to William J. Ziobro 




Gold Medals 


Gene Hiser 
Thomas Hopkins 
Robert Nuzzo 
Joseph S Hamburg 


William Hetzel 
Rodney Horst 
Thomas Milroy 
Francis M. Wiles 


George P. Minarik 
John P. Herbots 


Michael Brant 
Stephen Ciambor 
Robert D. Colbert 
Bernard P. Demczuk 
John L. Dill 
Kenneth B. Dutton 
Paul E. Fitzpatrick 
Henry D. Gareis 
William A. Gillespie 
Charles Hoffmann 
Daniel Kecman, Jr. 
John J. King, III 
Roland E. Merritt 
Bruce W. Olecki 
Ralph E. Sonntag 

Wallace Stalnaker 
Michael F. Stubuar 
James L. Stull 


Thomas M. Hanna 
William J. Ziobro 


Kenneth W. Brown 
Leonard L. Casalino 
Caleb Douglas Carter 
John W. Daily 
Michael M. Dreyer 
Vaughan E. Topping 
Randall H. Hicks 
Reed C. Kaestner 
Jeremiah D. Kiefer 
Steven E. Lortib 
Thomas W. McClenahan 
Bruce E. Piccirillo 
Alfred J. Szczerbicki 


Les Bernard 
Jack Gordon 
Peter J. Lowry 
Rocco Morelli 
Lawrence A. Runs 
Paul A. Stiehl 



Michael A. Golub 
Robert H. Rydze 
Jack R. Levenson 


David J. Bennett 
Raymond Buck-Lew 


George A. Braley 
Tyrone F. Brown 
Marshall J. Bush 
Marvin J. Bush 
James R. Calhoun 
Jordan Davis 
RALPH H. Jones 
Michael T. Neff 
David C. Reiss 
Robert M. Strauss 
William H. Tipsword 


Curt P. Callahan 
LoNNiE B. Rutledge 
Randall L. Umberger 



Michael Baier 
Michael Chadick 
Robert Clee 
Francis DiCesare 
Robert Grossman 
Gene Hiser 
Thomas Hopkins 
Joseph Janyska 
Kenneth Knechtal 
James Lawrence 
Harry Martell 
James Norris 
Robert Nuzzo 
John Petronaci 
John Porter 
David Sauve 
Joseph Shamburg 
Craig Smith 
Michael Volker 



Charles Blank 
Jerome Flowers 
William Hetzel 
Rodney Horst 
Steven Kebeck 
Thomas Milroy 
James Still 
Francis M. Wiles 


Martin L. Brotemarkle 
Dominick J. Camero 
Albert P. Carey 
William E. Crane 
Sheldon R. Karlin 
George F. Minarik 
James J. Rosen 
John A. Ruckert 

Charles J. Shrader 
James F. Shrader 
William J. Shrader 
Russell J. Taintor 
John K. Umbarger 
John P. Herbots 


Clarence H. Barnes 
Theodore Becker 
Michael D. Brant 
Patrick M. Burke ■ 
Stephen Ciambor 
Robert D. Colbert 
Bernard P. Demczuk 
John L. Dill 
Kenneth B. Dutton 
John E. Dyer 
Paul E. Fitzpatrick 
William G. Fries 



Henry D. Gareis 
William A. Gillespie 
Anthony E. Greene 
James J. Hamley 
Charles Hoffmann 
Daniel Kecman, Jr. 
John J. King, III 
Glenn F. Kubany 
Robert J. MacBride 
Robert F. Mahnic 
Lawrence E. Marshall 
Leonard P. Massie, Jr. 
Peter Mattia 
William M. Meister 
Rol\nd E. Merritt 
Thomas L. Miller, Jr. 
Peter G. Nortz 
Dennis C. O'Hara 
Bruce W. Olecki 
Charles W. Reilly, III 
Guy M. Roberts 
Scott M. Shank 
Jeffrey E. Shugars 
Richard J. Slaninka 
Ralph E. Sonntag 
Raymond P. Soporowski 
Wallace Stalnaker 
Theodore W. Steiner 
Michael F. Stubljar 
James L. Stull 
Alvin E. Thomas 
Gary D. VanSickler 


Richard Bendall 
George Bx^ns, III 
Worth W. Calfee 
Thomas M. Hanna 
W. David Howard 
Wayne E. Jacobs 
Michael J. Nesbit 
Eric J. Stevenson 
Willum J. Ziobro 


Gary Besosa 
Kenneth W. Brown 
Leonard L. Casalino 
Caleb Douglas Carter 
John W. Daily 
Steven Demczuk 
David Dempsey 
Michael M. Dreyer 
Daniel A. Furman 
Thomas P. Goucher 
Randall H. Hicks 

Ira Z. Hochstadt 
Reed C. Kaestner 
John G. Kaestner 
Jeremiah D. Kiefer 
Steven E. Lortie 
Thomas W. McClenahan 
Thomas A. Parker 
Bruce E. Piccirillo 
James Roseberry 
Leonard S. Spicer 
Alfred J. Szczerbicki 
Vaughan E. Topping 
Craig Unruh 
Paul J. Vitale 
Robert E. West 


Les Bernard 
Jaroslaw Chareczko 
Jack Gordon 
Frank J. Kolodziey 
Peter J. Lowry 
William McKay 
Pete Milhado 
Rocco Morelli 
Alex Nacinovich 
Sefa B. Ocak 
Manuel Romero 
Lawrence A. Runs 
J. Stephen Salfeety 
Melih B. Sensoy 
Nicholas Skirka 
James E. Solarski 
Rasim S. Tugberk 
William J. Walker 
RuFUs G. Wallace 


Barry L Accornero 
Antolin j. Alvarez 
Ronald L. Brillhart 
James R. Clifford 
Richard A. Duschl 
Gary L. Goodner 
Michael A. Golub 
Charles L. Hoffman 
Jack R. Levenson 
Marvin B. Levenson 
Paul M. McDonald 
Stephen A. Meleski 
Scott Polk 
Robert H. Rydze 
Thomas D. Schaeberle 

Paul A. Thompson 
Gary T. Weber 
Alexander Yonych, Jr. 
Kevin Kelley 
Paul S. Berigtold 


David J. Bennett 
Raymond Buck-Lew 
Andrew M. Cohen 
Neil R. Paterson 
Gary 0. Silverman 
M. Eugene Speni 


Robert F. Allen 
John L. Bacon 
John E. Baker 
Edmund C. Bowie 
George A. Braley 
Martin L. Brotemarkle 
Tyrone F. Brown 
Marshall J. Bush 
Marvin J. Bush 
James R. Calhoun 
Paul D. Corrigan 
Joseph B. David 
Russell E. Frame 
William G. Fries 
Anthony E. Greene 
John J. Hanley 
Ralph H. Jones 
William MacLachlan 
Michael T. Nefp 
David C. Reiss 
George I. Scheer 
John H. Schwendy 
Edward B. Silverman 
Robert M. Strauss 
Vincent I. Struble 
Russell J. Taintor 
Ronald L. Taintor 

William H. Tipsword 
James R. Williamson 


Robert M. Belott 
Curt P. Callahan 
Gerard V. D'Amore, III 
Edward A. Doebler 
Gary J. Mulligan 
Patrick J. McCall 
Thomas J. Nordland 
Mark J. Reid 
TH0M4S E. Talbert, Jr. 
Patrick J. Twomey 
Randall L. Umberger 
Lonnie B. Rutledgb 



Air Force 
R.O.T.C. Awards 

Air Force Association Award to the outstanding Senior Cadet in the AFROTC 

Awarded to Richard J. Knapp 

Air Force R.O.T.C. Angel Flight Award to the outstanding member of the Air 
Force R.O.T.C. Angel Flight. 


Air Force Times Award to the Senior Cadet who has distinguished himself by 
contributing materially to constructive public attention for the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Richard J. Knapp 

Alumni Cup awarded to the Graduating Senior with Highest Cumulative average. 

Awarded to James S. Schaefer 

American Legion R.O.T.C. General Military Excellence Gold Medal Award to the 
Senior Cadet demonstrating outstanding qualities in military leadership, discipline and 


American Legion R.O.T.C. Scholastic Gold Medal Award to the Senior Cadet in 
the upper 10% of his class and upper 25% of his R.O.T.C. class. 

Awarded to Richard J. Knapp 

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Award to the out- 
standing Senior Cadet majoring in electrical, electronics or communications engineering. 

Awarded to Mark E. SwOMLEY 

Arnold Air Society Medal to the Professional Officer Course Cadet selected by the 
Arnold Air Society as the cadet who has contributed the most to the advancement 
of Air Force R.O.T.C. through activities of the Arnold Air Society. 

Awarded to Kachig M. Baboyian 

Coblentz Cup to the Commander of the outstanding group in the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Kirke E. Lehneis 

Daughters of the American Revolution Award to the senior cadet who has demon- 
strated high qualities of dependability, good character, adherence to military discipline 
and leadership ability. 

Awarded to James S. Schabfer 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Cadet who has displayed out- 
standing leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. 

Awarded to JOHN F. Breitenburg 

Distinguished Air Force R.O.T.C. Cadet Badge to those seniors who possess out- 
standing qualities of leadership and high moral character and who meet the prescribed 
standings in their academic and military studies. 
Awarded to: 

Kachig M. Baboyian Richard J. Knapp 

Joseph A. Engelbrecht, Jr. P^ank M. Marlow 

Ralph F. Ives, III 

General Dynamics Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying outstanding leader- 
ship and scholastic qualities and who has been selected for the Professional Officer 
Course in the pilot category. 

Awarded to William B. Stringer 

Governor's Cup to the Commander of the outstanding squadron in the Corps of 

Awarded to James S. Schaefer 

PAS Award for Excellence to the Senior Cadet who has distinguished himself 
through excellence of leadership in the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Richard J. Knapp 

George M. Reiley Award to the member of the Flight Instruction Program show- 
ing the highest aptitude for flying as demonstrated by his performance in the Program. 
Awarded to John Dix 

Reserve Officers Association Gold Medal to the Senior Cadet demonstrating out- 
standing academic achievement and highest officer potential. 

Awarded to STEVEN M. Schneider 

Reserve Officers Association Silver Medal to the Junior Cadet demonstrating out- 
standing academic achievement and the highest officer potential. 

Awarded to Floyd A. Peede, III 



Sigma Alpha Iota Alumnae Award for outstanding musical performance. 

Awarded to JUNE Voratskil and Rosalie Trencher 

Sigma Alpha Iota Dean's Honor Award for service and dedication. 

Awarded to Sharon Garrett 

Sigma Alpha Iota Honor Certificate to the senior with the highest scholastic average. 
Awarded to Ralene Schnider 

Sigma Alpha Iota Leadership Award based on personality, student activities, fra- 
ternity service, and scholarship. 

Awarded to SuSAN Reid 

Sigma Alpha Iota Recognition Pins. 

Awarded to Frances Frosbrokb, June Forakitskul and Rosalie Trencher 

Sigma Alpha Iota Rose of Honor. 

Awarded to SusAN Reid 

Sigma Alpha Iota Sword of Honor Awards, for outstanding service to the Chapter 
and to the musical community. 

Awarded to Ralene Schnider, Susan Reid and Eunice Zipperman 


Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding band fraternity member of the 

Awarded to James Reeves 

Tau Beta Sigma Award to the outstanding band sorority member of the year. 
Awarded to Denise Knoller 

Music Awards Director's Award to the Symphony Band member who demonstrated the most im- 

provement in musicianship during the year. 

Awarded to Bruce Wilson 

Assistant Director's Award to the outstanding member of the Concert Band. 
Awarded to James Sheldon 

Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding freshman band member of the 

Awarded to Lawrence Strickling 

Tau Beta Sigma Award to the most outstanding freshman band member of the year. 
Awarded to Rachel Bouton 

Certificate presented to members who have served faithfully for four or more years: 

Paula Bing Daniel Fritz Lynne Radcliff 

Elizabeth Bruen Susan Kunkel Philip Rosenheim 

Kenneth Carter George Kipper James Reeves 

Zavolia Dortch William McCullen Laura Savadow 

Helen Ehrlich Keith Laurent Ray Young 

Jeffrey Pargament 

Certificate presented to members to have served faithfully for three years: 

Raymond Boyer Robert Hirzel Irva Nachlas 

Jaqueline Brown Denise Knoller Malcolm Nichols 

Michael Davis Mark Kornmann Barbara Nickey 

Jack Denny, Jr. Stephen Larrance Ruth Polinsky 

Matthev/ Dudzinsky William Leader Robert Sanders 

Kim Gibbons Larry Linton Fred Schroeder 

Howard Green Ellen Lodwick James Sheldon 

Nancy Harlow John Magee David Smith 

William Herbert Andrew Melisano Lloyd Weinberg 

Marie Hill John Mitchell Samuel Wise 



Sweaters presented to members who have served faithfully for two years: 

Henry Amann 
David Anderson 
Ruth Barnes 
Thomas Bartoi.omeo 
Stephanie Bunnell 
Jeanne Casey 
Richard Dalton 
Paul Dean 

Beverly De Lashmutt 
Douglas Enfield 
Bruce Ferguson 

Antonio Pominaya 
Glenda Fried 
Jeffrey Goldberg 
Nancy Horten 
Lawrence Jaffe 
Laura Kadin 
Michael Kuykendall 
Craig Luongo 
Suzanne Lupo 
Dale Marcks 
Stephen Newhouse 
Paul O'Donnell 

Dale Oliff 
Kenneth Pargament 
Elaine Roberts 
Steven Ruiz 
Eileen Shaw 
Kathleen Shue 
John Staehle 
Joel Strachman 
Paul Thorne 
Bruce Wilson 
Carlton Wolfe 

Monogram letters presented to members who have served faithfully for one year: 

Ruth Abrahams 
Kent Ashcraft 
Nadine Asin 
Eugene Bayer 
Karen Bernhards 
Rachel Bouton 
Robert Boyar 
Jean Busack 
Thomas Bramel 
Kathleen Brooks 
Harry Burnett 
Denise Carroll 
Sally Conky 
Carol Connelly 
George Duyer 
Don Elefante 
Michael Feustle 

Karen Fults 
Galen Galentine 
Richard Hancock 
Harry Haywood 
W. Downey Henley 
Timothy Hirzel 
Pamela Hudson 
Dale Johannesen 
Richard Kowal 
Richard Lantz 
Frances McCollough 
Dorothy Messick 
Bruce Miller 
Steven Miller 
Carl Naylor 
Janis Panico 
Robert Petrella 
Michael Petrucelli 
Elizabeth Preston 

Gail Reich 
Steven Rosenheim 
Richard Rowen 
Henry Rubin 
Howard Rubin 
Paul Schmidt 
Ronnie Silberman 
Mark Singer 
Mark Stein 
Lawrence Strickling 
Susan Strunk 
William Tench 
Robert Tennyson 
Kenneth Walton 
John Winslow 
Richard Webster 
James Wharton 
Ronald Wineholt 
Steve Wood 


Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for five years: 
David Berry 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for four years: 
Wilber DeLaine Karen Kersey Adina Penney 

Alan Oresky 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for three years: 
Mark Goodman Linda Hormes Norman Nusinov 

Fred Leise 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for two years: 
Ruth Barnes Deborah Brown John Steahle 

Elisabeth Baugh Karen Brumbaugh Bonnie Weiner 

Jane Bockeneck Marilyn Hall 

Awards presented 
Nadine Asin 
Alice Bailey 
Paul Becker 
Charles Black 
Rachel Bouton 
Stephanie Bunnell 
Steven Burstein 
Ryna Coonin 

to members who have served 
Keith Fleming 
Tom Jones 
Kathleen Krblove 
Wesley Lowe 
Jennifer Metelits 
Dorothy Rich 
Richard Rowan 
Kathleen Shue 

faithfully for one year: 
Mark Singer 
Margery Swanson 
Ann Theriault 
Katherine Werle 
Bruce Wilson 
Sam Wise 
Carlton Wolfe 
Diane Zolnasky 




Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for four or more years: 

Carl Balser 
Natalie Best 
Harold Dye 

Dixie Kelley 
Harry McComas 
Christine O'Brien 
Ralene Schnider 

Robert Schramm 
Barbara Thompson 
Eunice Zippermann 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for three years: 

Charles Barnhart 
Jeff Blumenthal 
Chris Cade 
Patti Collett 
Rick Dotson 
Richard Field 
Elissa Gordon 
Marilyn Harmon 

Ina Jordan 
Patricia Kovich 
Nick Kutson 
Charles Lesher 
Ann Patino 
Reneb Purnell 
Susan Sager 
Sara Silverman 

Doug Smith 
Janice Stewart 
Barbara Stitt 
Wally Szumny 
Nancy Weiss 
Carol Weissenberg 
Joan Westreich 
Nellie Widmayer 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for two years: 

David Agee 
Susan Barkley 
Mike Bender 
James Carr 
Veronica Clise 
Alex Clifton 
Ellen Greenberg 
Thomas Gross 

Linda Kline 
Ron Langevin 
Kathy Larner 
Jessi Lobban 
Joel Mihovich 
Jackie Mintzer 
Frank Molnaur 
Nancy Naden 

Patricia Park 
Kathy Rechen 
Richard Richardson 
Marlene Schrier 
Betty Spada 
Sue Staake 
Lance Trossevin 
Pat Turner 
Colleen Welch 


Academic Degrees 

Reference: Academic Degrees, 

Office of Education, U. S. Department of 

Health, Education and Welfare, 1960. 










A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course of study. 
There are more than 1,600 different academic degrees currently conferred by 
American colleges and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the University of 
Bologna in the middle of the 12th Century. Originally, the doctor's and 
master's degrees were used interchangeably, each indicating that the holder 
was qualified to give instruction to students. The bachelor's or baccalaureate 
degree indicated only entrance upon a course of study preparatory to the 
doctorate or mastership. Gradually, however, the bachelor's degree came to 
mean successful completion of one level of study preparatory to the higher 

From the continent, the use of academic degrees spread to English uni- 
versities. Harvard University, William and Mary, and Yale followed the British 
pattern in the New World. 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year course of 
study of collegiate grade and is the oldest academic degree used by American 
institutions of higher learning. The degree Bachelor of Arts was first con- 
ferred in America in 1642 on nine young men, comprising the first graduating 
class of Harvard College. Yale conferred its first Bachelor of Arts in 1702; 
Princeton in 1748; William and Mary in 1753; Pennsylvania in 1757; and 
Columbia in 1758. 

The degree Bachelor of Science, was awarded to four graduating mem- 
bers of the class of 1851 of Harvard University, probably the first to receive 
this degree from any institution. From 1851 to 1905, the degree was con- 
ferred only upon students registered in the Lawrence Scientific School; after 
1905, on students of Harvard, also. 

The master's degi'ee is an academic honor conferred upon students who 
have successfully completed one or two years' work in advance of the bac- 
calaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually required. The 
word "magister" connected with a qualifying phrase, was used among the 
Romans as a title of honor; but its present meaning must be traced to the time 
of the establishment of the oldest universities. Regularly organized faculties 
were not then known as they now exist in the universities. The whole circle 
of academic activity was limited to seven liberal arts, and those who received 
public honors on the completion of their course of studies, for their diligence 
and knowledge, and had already received the degree of baccalaureus (bachelor) 
were called magistri artium (master of the liberal arts). 

This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by ancient Romans 
to those who delivered public lectures on philosophical subjects. In the 
Middle Ages, from the 12th century, it came into use as a title of honor borne 
by men of great learning. It was first made an academic title at the Uni- 
versity of Bologna, in Italy, which received from the Emperor the right of 
appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The University of Paris followed 
in 1145. Soon after, the popes granted the universities the right of appoint- 
ing doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law); and when 
the study of the civil law came to be combined with that of the canon law, the 
title was changed to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The facul- 
ties of theology and medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

'Sometimes designated as the baccalaureate degree, from the Latin baccalaureus from bac- 
calaris "under the influence of" and laurux "laurel" used as a designation of honor, distinction, 
or fame. 

fThe Oxford English Dictionary defines a doctor, in the academic sense as, "One, who in any 
faculty or branch of learning, has attained to the highest degree conferred by a university." 


The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in theology 
and law, is given beyond the baccalaureate degree, and requires two to five 
years, the wi-iting of a thesis, and the passing of written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree i-epresents the most advanced earned degree conferred 
by American institutions. There are two distinct types: the professional or 
practitioners degree, and the research degree. The first type represents ad- 
vanced training for the practice of various professions, principally: Doctor of 
Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and 
Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no implication of original research 
and are classified by the U. S. Office of Education, with bachelor's degrees, as 
the first professional degrees. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as research doctorates rep- 
resenting prolonged periods of advanced study usually accompanied by a dis- 
sertation which is designed to be a substantial contribution to existing knowl- 
edge on the subject. The most important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, 
no longer has an implication of philosophy for its holder, but represents ad- 
vanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. It was first awarded 
in the United States by Yale University in 1861. 

A .^y-» y4 >-v*-k-» i y-» /^y-vo-^-n ♦-*^ ^^ Reference: American Universities and Colleges, 

/YCaQGnilC V>((JaLUIIlt? American Council on Education, 1968 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic 
procession are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of 
the scholar since medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the 
ecclesiastical dress since many of the scholars of that period were members of 
monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes 
which has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in 
the United States. Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, 
and doctor — has its own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown 
is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The master's gown has a longer, 
narrow, closed sleeve, extending below the knee; the arm is passed through a 
slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve 
with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide velvet 
bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating the general field 
of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, gi-een for medicine, 
purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood 
which passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the 
largest of the hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is 
often omitted. The color of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. 
Below is given a list of department or faculty colors. 
Agriculture Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities White 
Business Administration, 

Commercial Science Drab 

Dentistry Lilac 

Economics Copper 

Education, Pedagogy Light Blue 
Engineering Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture Brown Physical Education Sage Green 

Forestry Russet Science Golden Yellow 

Home Economics Maroon Social Service Citron 

Humanics Dark Crimson Surgical Chiropody Nile Green 

Laws Purple Theology and Divinity Scarlet 

Library Science Lemon Veterinary Sciences Gray 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood are those of 
the college or university which conferred the degree 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The 
tassel may be either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of 
the doctor's cap may be gold. 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of 
distinctive color and design. 









Silver Gray 







Public Health 


Candidates Seating Plan 






















Business and 
Public Admin. 






Distribution of diplomas will be made by college representatives after the commencement program at loca- 
tions specified below. Appropriate identification (I.D. cards for undergraduates, transaction cards for graduate 
students; or other bona fide identification) will be required. Diplomas not picked up by 2:30 p.m. June 6, will 
be mailed as promptly as possible, beginning June 8, by the Office of the Registrar. 

Agriculture Room 19, Cole Activities Building 

Arts and Sciences Small Gym, Cole Activities Building 

Business and Public Administration Room 120, Student Union 

Education Cafeteria, Student Union 

Engineering Foyer, Manager's Office, Student Union 

Home Economics Room 001, Cole Activities Building 

Physical Education, Recreation and Health. Dean's Office, Cole Activities Building 

University College Rooms 2 and 6, Cole Activities Building 

Graduate School On Stage, After Ceremony, Cole Activities Building 

(Caps and gowns may be turned in at the same locations). 






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Baltimore, Md.