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^^>N ^ 




The One Hundred and Sixty-Sixth 






































Fire Protection 

















Bachelor of Science Degrees -Engineering since 1898 6183 + 343<«= 6526 

Graduate Degrees-1971 

















(Agricultural Engineering -no degrees given) 

Order of Exercises 

PRESIDING Dr. Charles E. Bishop 

Chancellor of the College Park Campus 

PROCESSIONAL Fantasy on Fifth Sijmvhony Finals, Beethoven 

INVOCATION The Reverend Joseph M. Smith 

Baptist Chaplain 

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM The Star Spangled Banner, Key 

Led by Mr. Fague Springmann, 
Director, University Choir 

GREETINGS Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 

President of the University 
Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 

Chairman, Board of Regents 


Monologo Di Gerard from Andrea Chenier, U. Giordano 
"A traitor to his country? He wanted to make the world 
a heaven on earth; to teach men with a kiss, an embrace, 
to love all people." 
Mr. Springmann, bass-baritone 

Battle Hymn of the Republic, Arr. Waring 
University Choir and Chamber Chorus, 
Mr. Springmann, Conducting 

ADDRESS Dr. John E. Corbally, Jr. 

President Designate of the University of Illinois 

CONFERRING OF DEGREES Dr. Elkins, Honorary Degrees 

Dr. Bishop, College Park 
Dr. Ray Ehrensberger, Chancellor of University College 

THE ALMA MATER Kinney, Led by Mr. Springmann 

Hail ! Alma Mater ! 
Hail to thee, Maryland 
Steadfast in Loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever, 
Throughout the land. 


The Reverend Robert T. Gribbon 
Episcopalian Chaplain 

RECESSIONAL Overture to Fidelio, Beethoven 



Honorary Degrees 

John E. Corbally, Jr. 

Richard Franko Goldman 

Benjamin Arthur Quarles 

Outstanding university administrator and expert in educational 
finance, Dr. John E. Corbally, Jr., has been designated to become 
thirteenth president of the University of Illinois on September 1, 1971. 
He has served as chancellor and president of Syracuse University 
since September 1, 1969. 

Born in South Bend, Washington on October 14, 1924, Dr. Cor- 
bally received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees 
from the University of Washington, and was avi^arded a Doctor of 
Philosophy degree from the University of California, Berkeley. 

Dr. Corbally joined the education faculty of Ohio State Uni- 
versity in 1955. He was appointed vice president for administration 
in 1964 and vice president for academic affairs and provost of Ohio 
State in 1966. 

Contributor of many articles and reviews to educational journals. 
Dr. Corbally is author of a standard work on educational administra- 
tion. School Finance, 1962. He has also co-authored two textbooks. An 
hitrodvction to Educational Administration, 1958 (with R. F. Camp- 
bell and John A. Ramsever) and Educational Administration: The 
Secondary School, 1961 (with T. J. Jenson and W. F. Staub). 

Dr. Corbally has serv-ed on the boards of many civic and educa- 
tional organizations and is a member of an Advisory Committee of 
the American Council on Education and the Advisory Council on 
Higher Education of the University of the State of New York. 

Richard Franko Goldman, noted conductor, composer, linguist, 
and author, has been president of The Peabody Institute in Baltimore 
since 1969. Composer of chamber music, orchestral scores, piano, 
band, and choral music, he has conducted the renowned Goldman 
Band since 1956. 

Bom in New York City on December 7, 1910, Mr. Goldman re- 
ceived his Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia College and studied 
music extensively in the United States and Europe. 

On the faculty of the Juilliard School of Music from 1947 to 1960, 
he has also served as visiting lecturer and guest conductor at numer- 
ous colleges and universities throughout the United States. 

Frequent contributor of articles to encyclopedias and anthologies, 
Goldman was editor of The Juilliard Revieio from 1953 to 1958 and 
music critic for the Mnsical Quarterly. His books include The Band's 
Music, The Concert Band, The Wind Band: Its Literature and Tech- 
nique, and Harmony in Western Music. He has edited, arranged and 
composed many works for band. 

The recipient of an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters 
from Lehigh University in 1964, Goldman has received commissions 
to compose musical scores from the National Federation of Music 
Clubs, the Juilliard Musical Foundation and the National Band As- 

Dr. Benjamin Arthur Quarles, distinguished educator, editor and 
author of many books on black history, has been professor and head 
of the History Department of Morgan State College since 1953. Before 
coming to Morgan State College, he served as professor of history at 
Dillard University in New Orleans for 14 years. 

Bom in Boston January 23, 1904, Dr. Quarles received his Bach- 
elor of Arts degree at Shaw University in 1931 and his master's and 
doctoral degrees at the University of Wisconsin in 1933 and 1940. 

Dr. Quarles has written widely in the field of black history. His 
books include Frederick Douglass, 1948, The Negro in the Civil War, 
1953, The Negro in the American Revohition, 1961, Lincoln and the 
Negro, 1962, The Negro in the Making of America, 1964 (with L. H. 
Fishel, Jr.), and The Negro American: A Documentary Story, 1967. 

He edited the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass in 1960 
and has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Negro History. 

Dr. Quarles has been chosen for foUowships by the Social Science 
Research Council, Carnegie Corporation and the Rosenwald and Gug- 
genheim Foundations. He is a trustee of the U.S. Capitol Historical 
Society and vice president of the Association for the Study of Negro 
Life and History. 



— t - * — • .Ji 

i k b 





--< 'v' 

- — I ■ 1 —^ 


University of Maryland 

The University of Maryland is a land-grant institution of higher learn- 
ing stressing programs of excellence in teaching, research and service. 

Now in its 164th year, the University is one of the 10 largest uni- 
versities in the nation, with over 41,000 students enrolled in its on-campus 
daytime programs. An additional 54,450 are enrolled in the fiscally self- 
sustaining programs of University College, which maintains centers for 
adult education throughout the State and in 24 foreign countries. The 
teaching and research staff includes more than 6,000 full-time and part- 
time personnel. 

Undergraduate curricula are offered in over 103 fields, master's degrees 
in 64 departments and doctoral degrees in 60 departments. In the num- 
ber of doctorates granted annually, the University ranks among the top 
30 institutions in the nation. 

The University had its beginnings in 1807 with the establishment in 
Baltimore of the College of Medicine, an entirely faculty-owned institution 
granting the M.D. degree. Five years later its name was changed to the 
University of Maryland, and it was given power to confer additional de- 
grees. Subsequently, the University opened a School of Dentistry (1840), 
the first such school in the world, and then added Schools of Pharmacy 
(1871), Law (1882) and Nursing (1889). 

The College Park campus of the University was opened in 1859 as 
the Maryland Agricultural College under a charter secured in 1856 by a 
group of Maryland planters. After a disastrous fire in 1912, the State 
acquired control of the College and bore the costs of rebuilding. In 1920 
the State took over the faculty-owned University in Baltimore, merging 
it with the State-owned institution at College Park to form the present- 
day University of Maryland. 

In 1886 the Delaware Conference Academy was founded by the 
Methodist Church in Princess Anne, Maryland. The institution was 
taken over by the State of Maryland in 1926 and became a division of 
the University of Maryland in 1948. This unit was called Maryland 
State College, and operated autonomously under its own president until 
July 1, 1970, when it became a branch of the University, known as the 
University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. 


Presently located on the College Park campus are the Colleges of 
Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Business and Public Administration, 
Education, Engineering, Home Economics, and Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health; University College; School of Architecture; 
Graduate School; School of Library and Information Services; and Summer 
School. There are also a number of institutes, bureaus and service pro- 
grams. On the Baltimore City campus there are the Schools of Dentistry, 
Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Social Work; the Psychiatric 
Institute; Center for the Study of Trauma; and University Hospital. A third 
campus was opened in 1966 just west of Baltimore City — the University of 
Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). 

The research programs at the University derive their existence and 
vigor from a faculty comprised of internationally recognized scholars and 
scientists. Exceptional research facilities include the Institute for Child 
Study, the National Resources Institute, a laboratory for basic behavioral 
research. Van de Graaff accelerators, an assortment of modern computers, 
a nuclear reactor, wind tunnel, a psycho-pharmacology laboratory, 
laboratory models for meteorological phenomena, and collaborative ar- 
rangements with many nearby government installations. A new, pioneer- 
ing, spiral ridge cyclotron was completed in 1968. In addition, the Uni- 
versity of Maryland is a member of the initial group of 34 universities 
incorporated to manage a new 200 BeV high energy accelerator at Weston, 

University libraries include more than a million volumes on the 
College Park and Baltimore City campuses, plus nearly half a million 
microtexts, slides, film strips, negatives, prints, music scores, and record- 
ings. The University is a regional depository for Federal documents. 
Special collections include the Marylandia, Katherine Anne Porter, Rare 
Book, East Asian, and Health Sciences Historical Collections. 

In recent years the University of Maryland has received national 
recognition in numerous areas. In 1964 it established a chapter of 
Phi Beta Kappa. In 1969 the Association of American Universities elected 
the University to its selective membership. 

In research, scholarship and in the number and quality of its graduates, 
the University is a productive member of the community of great state 

Candidates for Degrees 

The June 1971 Class Roster is comprised of degree candidates from the 
undergraduate schools and the Graduate School at the University's College 
Park campus and from University College since June 1970. As final action 
cannot always be taken for June candidates by the time this program is 
printed, the list of candidates here is tentative only, the University reserv- 
ing the right to withdraw or add names. 

The Graduate School 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. David S. Sparks, Dean for Graduate Studies and 


August 1970 

David Ai.exandek Bain 

Norman Addison Ball 

Roland B. Bartholomew 

James B. Binko 

Wyatt Herbert Bissett 

Ole-Christian Bjerkan 
Terence Campbell 

Gerald Leonard Cessac 
SuNNYUH Shin Chang 

Su-Shing Chen 
Shui-Nee Chow 
Craig Cordes 

Alexander Bernard Costea 

William F. Cowherd 
Roger Dabbah 
JocELYN R. Demos 
Philip J. Doyle 
Mary Ann P. Dubner 

Annabelle E. Ferguson 

William L. Filippone 

Ruth Ann Flint 
Annette C. Flower 
Philip D. Flynn 
Reed Eugene Friend 

Doris Jean Froebe 

John W. Gallinelli 

Anil N. Gandhi 
Karl E. Gettle 

Human Development Education: Time Conception, Self-Concept and Responsibility in 
Seven and Ten Year Old Children of a White, Middle-Class Community 

Electrical Engineering: The Optimum Multi-Proyramming Limit in Timeshared Com- 
puter Systems with Finite Memory 

Science Education: A Study to Determine the Effect of Earth Science Instructional Models 
on the Investigative Teaching Behavior of Experienced Science Teachers 

Curriculum Education: An Experimental Study of the Use of Questions in Learning 
from Written Instructional Materials with Particular Reference to Mathemegenic Behavior 

Human Development Education: An Analysis and Synthesis of the Literature on Love 
and the Creation of a Developmental Model on Love Processes 

Administration Education: Plans, Targets, and Trends in Ethiopian Education 

Human Development Education: Client Perceptions of Psychotherapists: An Analogue 

Chemistry: Spectroscopic Studies of Polywater and Some Inorganic Hydrates 

Human Development Education: Differences in Emphasis on Skills in Programs Di- 
rected toward Children of Varying Socio-economic Levels 

Mathematics: On Remannian Symnebic Spaces of Rank One and Classical Type 

Mathematics: Stability Theory for Ordinary Differential Equations Mathematical Analysis 

Mathematics: The Witt Group and the Equivalence of Fields with Respect to Qtiadratic 

Human Development Education: A Study of a Treatment Designed to Improve Visual/ 
Motor Efficiency and Readiness in Kindergarten Children 

Chemical Engineering: Optimal Process Design in Dynamic, Competitive Environments 

Dairy Science: Sublethal Heat Treatment and Recovery of Psychrophilic Bacteria 

Physics: "The Bethe-Goldstone Equation in a Finite Nucleus" 

Botany: Triparanol Inhibition of Sterol Biosynthesis in Cholorella emersonii 

Counseling Education: Vicarious Reinforcement and Some Personality Factors in Imita- 
tion Learning 

Administration and Supervision Education: Selected Administrative Factors and Guid- 
ance Functions: A Study of Impact of Organization, Staff, and Finance Upon Guidance 

Chemical Engineering: Application of Linear Vector Space Theory for Analysis of Com- 
plex Gamma Spectra 

Entomology: The Staining Reactions of the Hemocytes of Galleria mellonella larvae 

English: The Disguised Prince in English Drama, 1590-1615 

English: The Thought of Francis Jeffrey 

Agricultural Economics: The Use of Wheat for Feed in the European Economics Com- 
munity with Projections to 1975 

Administration and Supervision Education: Effect of Leadership Turnover in Nursing 
upon Jobs Satisfaction and Cohesion of Head Nurses and Registered Staff Nurses 

Industrial Education: An Experimental Study to Determine the Differential Effects of 
Pairing Students by Ability Levels for Cooperative Interaction with Self-Instruction 
Methods Materials Compared with Normal Program Use. 

Chemical Engineering: A Study of Interfacial Areas with and without Chemical Reaction 
in a Bubble Column 

Industrial Arts Education: The Determination and Comparison of the Classroom Verbal 
Behavior of Traditional and Maryland Plan Teachers of Industrial Arts 

*Department and thesis title indicated. 


Jo Graham 

Robert Alan Granger 
David R. Haley 

Henry Louis Harder 
Dennis Francis Hasson 
Joseph E. Hennessey 
James R. Hicks 

Roger G. Hollands 

Frank T. Huang 

Ola David R. Hunderi 

Zafar Iqbal 

Evelyn C. Ireland 

Richard L. Jachowski 
Leonard A. Jonas 
Safa Ibrahim Kanbour 

James L. Kaplan 
Tannous S. Khalil 

Genevieve M. Knight 

Thomas Richard Koch 
Daniel Bernard Krinsley 
WiE Han Kwee 

Rena Mae Lawrence 

MiN Ten Lee 
Betty Wang Li 

Gordon Alexander Madgwick 
Pete Martinez 

Alan Ivins McCone 
Ronald Louis McKeen 

George A. Moo-Young 

Jorge Jesus More 

Milton Donald Morris 

Francis A. Murad 

David L. Nelson 
Thakur Nath Pant 
Linda Plastas 

Early Childhood Education: The Effectiveness of "Thinking Activities" Upon Verbal 
and Non-Verbal Ideational Fluency and Flexibility 

Mechanical Engineering: A Forced Vortex Flow 

Rn-Controllability for Different- 

Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Applied Mathematics: 
ial-Delay Equations 

English: Ovid and the Sentence of the Confessio Amantis 

Chemical Engineering: Scavenging Effect in Solid Solutions of Group V Metals 

Chemistry: Conformational Studies of 2-Aryl-l, 3-propanediols 

Horticulture: Production of Lou- Molecular Weight Volatiles During Ripening of the 
Magness Pear 

Government and Politics: The Impact of Public Employee Union Activity on Local 
Government Administration 

Physics: Ionospheric Parameters Deduced from Langmuir Probe Measurements 

Physics: Reflectance and Absorptance Measurements of the Influence of Surface Structure 
and Impurities on the Optical Properties of some Noble Metels 

Entomology: Metabolism of 0-Ethyl S,S- Dipropyl Phosphorodithioate {MOCAP) in 
Plants, Rats, and Liver Microsomal Systems 

Human Development Education: The Relationship Between Performance in Visual 
Perception and Maladjustment in Elementary School Boys 

Zoology: Agonistic Behavior of the Blue Crab, Callinectes Sapidus Rathbun 

Chemistry: Gas Adsorption Kinetics 

Mechanical Engineering: An Investigation of Thermal Mixing of a Stratified Stream 
Resulting from the Introduction of a Rigid Barrier Normal to the Flow 

Mathematics: Some Results in Stability Theory for Ordinary Differential Equations 

Food Science: Histological and Hislochemical Studies of Sweet Corn (Zea mays L.) Peri- 
carp as Influenced by Maturity and Processing 

Education — Mathematics: The Effect of a Sub-culturally Appropriate Language upon 
Achievement in Mathematical Content 

Chemistry: Polarography of Amino Acids in Dimethylsulfoxide 

Geography: A Geomorphological and Paleoclimatological Study of the Plays of Iran 

Food Science: Recovery of Nutrients from Tomato Cannery Wastes and Vines: Their 
Functional and Nutritional Properties 

Curriculum Education: The Effects of Three Types of Organizing Devices on Academic 

Civil Engineering: The Behavior of a Building Slab System 

Chemistry: The Alkylation of Hetrocycles by Phemylcarbinols and the Etherification of 
Thiophenecarbinols by n-Butyl Alcohol 

Education — English: Charles Dickens — Gadfly for Educational Reform 

Industrial Education: An Experimental Analysis of Perceptual Direction as a Factor in 
Learning a Psychomotor Task 

Physics: Density Perturbations in a Universe of Collisionless Particles 

Mathematics: A Model for Curriculum Construction Through Observations of Students 
Solving Problems in Small Instructional Groups 

Physics: Measurement of the Stark Broadening of the Resonance Lines of Neutral Argon 
and Neon 

Mathematics: A Class of Nonlinear Functions and the Convergence of Gauss-Seidel and 
Newlon-Gauss-Seidel Iterations 

Government and Politics: The Development Process in Soviet Perspective: 
Capitalist Path in Tropical Africa 

The Non- 

Civil Engineering: 

Variable Amplitude Fatigue Behavior of Beams with Welded Cover 

Physics: The Formation of an Electron Ring in a Static Magnetic Field 

Agricultural Economics: The Demand and Supply of Nitrogeneous Fertilizer in Nepal 

Chemistry: The Crystal and Molecular Structures of 5-Phenyl — 2-Imino-i-Thiazolidinone 
and Ethyl 5-Phemyl-2-Imino-Jt-Oxo-l-Imidazolidinecarboximidate 



Erik W. Pottala 
Neal Evan Reid 
Fred M. Rivers 
Lawrence S. Rosen 

Jerome Rubin 

WiLDON Schmidt 
Donald F. Shriner 

Alexander Skavenski 
Robert C. Smith 

Nicholas D. Smythe 

Jay Stanley 

Thomas Steckel 

Penalope a. Storm 

Irene Suboczewski 

John J. Svitak 
Edward M. Sweitzer 
Howard Weinreb 

Joan Roth Weiss 
Jon Edward Williams 

Michael John Williams 

Ann Garry Winslade 
Mollis Roger Yarrington 
Stephen Darryl York 
LOREN Andrew Zaremba 
Dean Alvin Zollman 
Jerome Zuckerman 

Electrical Engineering: An Electronic Model Neuron with Multiple Input Capability 

Physics: Major Shell Mixing in Carbon-12 and Oxygen-16 

History: Francis Ellingwood Abbot: Free Religionist and Cosmic Philosopher 

Biophysics: The Crystal and Molecular Structures of 1, 3-bis (8-theophylline) propane 
and ll-bromoundecanol 

Human Development Education: Change in Self Concept During Institutional Confine- 

Agronomy: Selective Action of Trifluralin in Some Tolerant and Susceptible Species 

Education — Mathematics: An Attempt to Identify Curricular and Instructional Varia- 
tions for Students of Different Ability Levels: An Exploratory Application of Small 
Group Curriculum Development Methods 

Psychology: Mechanism,s Underlying Control of Eye Position in the Dark 

Human Development Education: Self Esteem and the Relationship Between Manifest 
Need of Nurturance and Satisfaction 

Zoology: Ecology and the Behavior of the Agouti {Dasyprocta punctata) and Related 
Species on Barro Colorado Island, Panama 

Sociology: Status Inconsistency and Right Wing Extremism as Specified by Interpersonal 

Contexts: An Empirical Approach 

Chemistry: A Comparison of the Reactions of Alkyl-, Alkenyl-, and Alkynyl (Tri- 
chloromethylyCarbinols with the Reactions of Phenyl — (Trichloromethyl) Carbinol 

Human Development Education: An Investigation of Self-Concept, Race Image, and 
Race Preference in Racial Minority and Majority Childre)i 

Comparative Literature: The Figure of the Artist in Modern Drama from Ibsen to Piran- 

Mechanical Engineering: Solid-Solution Strengthening in the Silver-Gold System 

Botany: Comparative Anatomy and Taxonomy of Ulmaceae 

Human Development Education: A Comparison of the Temporal Perspectives and 
Attitudes Toward Time of Rural and Urban Adolescents 

Zoology: Steroidogensis in the Procine Corpus Luteum 

Psychology: Effects of Interpersonal and Impersonal Praise and Consure on Process and 
Reactive Schizophrenics and Controls Under Response Contingent Conditions 

Vocational Education: The Origin and Development of Croom Vocational High School 
for Disadvantaged Youth with a Follow-up Study of the Students who Entered the School 
in September, 1967 

Philosophy: Visualizing 

American Studies: Isaiah Thomas, Printer 

Chemical Engineering: Dynamic Simulation of Nonlinear Reactor Systems 

Physics: Proton Capture by ^''o 

Physics: Non-Relativistic Hard-Pion Production and the Two-Nucleon Interaction 

Physical Education: Physical Training, Detraining, and Inactivity as Deterrniners of 
Knee Ligamentous Separation Force, Spontaneous Activity, and Body Weight in Adult, 
Male, Albino Rats 

John A. Avila 
Marine J. E. Bates 

Edith M. Blendon 

Jerome R. Bohse 

Leslie C. Brinson 

Salvatore a. Bruno 

January 1971 

Mathematics: Continuation Methods for Nonlinear Equations 

Education-Measurement and Statistics: The Effect of Partial Information Set on Con- 
fidence Weighting Behavior 

History: Venezuela and The United States, 1928-191,8: The Impact of Veneztielan 

Physics: An Experimental Investigation of an Optical Sounding Technique For Atmos- 
pheric Ozone 

Education-Counseling and Personnel Services: Interaction Between Time and Verbal 
Fluency: A Model for Reducing Aggressive Behaviors 

Chemistry: Synthesis of Some Unsymmetrical Tertiary Phosphines and Phosphinous 
Chloride as Possible Procursors to Compounds Containing Multiply Bonded Trivalent 



Christopher S. Caldwell 

TiEH C. Chang 
Robert D. Corsaro 
Theodore S. Creedman 
Maria S. Davidson 

Rudolph E. DePass 
Thomas Dwyer, III 

Marion L. Edwards 
Mostafa M. Emara 
Ira M. Felson 

Charles M. Gilmore 
Raymond W. Hamilton 

Chang S. Han 
Dale W. Harris 
Donald W. Harward 
Gertrude M. Huagan 

Gregory C. Helweg 

Timothy Henry 

Gerald F. Hoff 

David J. Hoffman 

Wen-Tseh Huang 
Murray Itzkowitz 

John Jellinek 
John O. Johnston 
William D. Johnston, III 
Ihab L. Kamel 

Philip B. Kaplan 
Frederick Karls 

Kwang Je Kim 
Jack H. Ladenson 
Sally A. Lawrence 

Donald L. Lloyd 

Marcia Loeb 

John E. Maloney 

Herbert L. Manning 

Donald M. McKinstry 

Mathematics: Rales of Convergence of Approximate Solulions of Parabolic Initial- 
Boundary Vahie Problems 

Physics: Electron Heating Processes iti the Middle Ionosphere 

Chemistry: Ultrasonic Absorption of Acetic Acid Solutions 

History: The Politics of Costa Rica, 1936-191,1, 

Education-Human Development: Participation in a Social Action Program and Change 
in Children's Self-Concepts and Reading Achievement 

Agricultural Economics: A Microanalytical Simidation of the U. S. Economy, 1961-1970 

Mathematics: Partial Differential Equations in Generalized Fischer Spaces for the Hil- 
bert-Schmidt Holomorphy type. 

Mathematics: On the Separation of Variables 

Chemistry: Ultrasonic Absorption Study of e-Caprolactam in Cyclohexane Solution 

Chemical Engineering: Turbulent Flow Drag- Reduction by Dilute Poly (Ethylene Oxide) 
Solutions in Capillary Tubes 

Mechanical Engineering: Thermal Displacements in Copper-Gold Alloys 

Economics: The Public Housing Program in the United States: An Analysis and Evaliui- 


Electrical Engineering: Analysis of Cyclotron-Type Electric Lenses and Effects of Posts 

Chemical Engineering: Bremsstrahlung from Cylindrical Beta Sources 

Philosophy: The Distinction in the Tractatus Between Saying and Showing 

Psychology: The Effect of Various Types of Reinforcement on Conditioning of Infant 

Psychology: The relationship of selected personality characteristics and preferences for 
directive and non-directive therapeutic approaches 

Chemistry: Thermal and Photochemical Reorganization 9,9-Dialkyl-cis-bicyclo (6.2.0) 
nona-2 ,1,,6-trienes and cis-Bicyclo (6.1.0) deca-2,l,,6,-lriene 

Physics: "Band Inversion and the Electrical Properties of Lead-Tin-Selenide Semi- 
conducting Alloys" 

Zoology: The Physiological Effects and Interactions of Trypan Blue and Oxygen in the 
Chick (Callus gallus) 

Physics: Pion-nucleus scattering lengths and sigma Commutator 

Zoology: The Effects of Inter- And Intraspecific Intruders on the Reproductive Behavior 
of the Male Cyprinodon Variegatus (Pisces: Cyprinodontidae) 

Mechanical Engineering: A Lunar Transportation Vehicle 

Dairy Science: Partial Purfication and Bioassay of Bovine Uterine Luteolytic Hormone 

Physics: Collisional Excitation Rate Coefficients in the Beryllium-like Sequence 

Chemical Engineering: Radiation-Induced Grafting of Styrene to Polyethylene and 

Electrical Engineering: On Time-Varying Digital Filters 

Psychology: The Influence of Adults' Success and Risk-Taking Strategies Upon Children's 
Imitative Behavior 

Physics: The Renormalized o-Model 

Chemistry: Coulometric Argentometric Titration of Gulathione and Proteins 

Education-Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: The Effects of a Program, 
Reading Assignment, and Study Guide on Student Performance 

Geography: The Patterns and Problems of Agriculture Withiyi Kent and Northumberland 
Counties, New Brunswick, Canada, 1961-1968 

Zoology: Investigation Into the Physiology of Strobilation in the Chesapeake Bay Sea 
Nettle Chrysaore Quinquecirrha 

Physics: Measurements of the Branching Patio and Form of Interaction for the Beta 
Decay of the Lambda Hyperon 

Microbiology: Classification and Characterization of Two New Acidophilic Bacteria 
from Add Mine Water 

Dairy Science: Nutritional, biochemical, and pathological studies on forestomach-bypass 
and control calves fed a milk replacer diet 



Joseph F. Metz, Jr. 
Raymond P. Morgan, II 

William J. Murin 
John L. Murray 
Becky Myton 

Anna Nemesh 

Mary Nemesh 

James W. Noonan 
John C. Olenick 

Austin D. Perry 

William L. Phillips 

Judith A. Poiley 

Ste\en William Rauch 

Allen R. Rhoads 
Wayne R. Ringlien 

Barrett H. Ripin 
Joseph J. Ritter 
Edgar F. Romberg 
A. Walker Rumble 

Thomas J. Saxon 

Myron I. Scholnick 
Neil W. Seidl 

Malcolm D. Shuster 
Sat Pal Singhal 

Carl Ray Smith 
Louise W. Smith 

Roger Smook 

Marie G. C. Sponsler 

Alan R. Stottlemeyer 

Barbara J. Suter 

Education-Counseling and Personnel Services: A study of the Relationship Between 
Student Eraiuation of Teaching and Selected Faculty Characteristics 

Zoology: Comparative electrophroretic studies on the striped bass, Morone saxatili s, and 
white perch, AT americana , and electrophroretic identification of five populations of 
striped bass in the upper Chesapeake Bay 

Government and Politics: Mass Transit Policy In Washington, D. C: Incremental 
Policy Making and Ghetto Isolation 

Physical Education: Retention of Isometric Endurance and Strength as a Function of 
Length of Training and Detraining 

Zoology: Utilization of Space in Small Mammals u-ith Special Reference to Peromyscus 

Education-Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: A Relationship Between 
Degree of Involvement in Content Material arid the Acquisition of both Incidental and 
Non-Incidental Learning 

Education-Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: An Experiment Study to De- 
termine the Effects of On-The-Job Training Materials versus Traditional Typewriting 
Copy Materials on Speed and Accuracy 

Mathematics — Asymptotic Expressions for Functions of Bounded Boundary Rotation 

Microbiologj^: Mode of action of 2-hydroxy-3-(cyclohexylpropyl)-l,Jf,maphtoquinone of 
Bacillus mageterium 

Physical Education: The Effects of Exercise on Static and Dynamic Bone Strength in 
Male Albino Rats 

Mechanical Engineering: The Influence of grain size on the fatigue properties of low- 
carbon steel and on the tensile and bending properties of 70:30 brass 

Zoology: Passive Transfer of Immunity Against the Nematode Parasite Nippostrongylus 
Brasiliensis {Travossos, 19H) From Mice to Their Offspring 

Mathematics: Nonlinear Programming Methods for Solving Nonlinear Eigenvalue 

Chemistry: A Study of Microsomal Pyrophosphate Phosphohdrolase from Bovine Liver 

Agricultural Economics: Economic Effects of Chilean National Expropriation Policy on 
the Private Commercial Farm Sector, 1961,-1969 

Physics: Experimental Study of the Ballistic Second-Order Plasma Wave Echo 

Chemistry: Studies of the Chemical Reactions of the Diboron Tetrahalides 

Physics: Comparison of the Charge Distribution of the Titanium Isotopes 

History: Rectitude and Reform: Charles J. Bonaparte and the Politics of Gentility, 

Government and Politics: National Security Council; Instrument of Presidential Decision- 

History: The New Deal and Anti-Semitism in America 

Education-Secondary: An Application of a Small Group Instructional Method to Identify 
Some Adaptations of Curriculum and Instruction for Homogeneous Groups 

Physics: Pion Production in Nuclear Collisions 

Physics: Part I: Magnetic Surface States and Impedance Oscillations for Tipped Field 

and General Fermi Surface Geometry Part II: Perturbation Treatment of Strong 

Correlations in Narrow Energy Bands 

Physics: Part I: The Non-Linear Growth of Density Perturbation in a Hot Big Bang 
Cosmx)logy Part II: The Angular Momentum and Binding Energy of Galaxies 

Education-Counseling and Personnel Services: The Effect of an Immediate Client- 
Activated Empathy Measure on Counselor Behavior and it^ Relationship to Other Empathy 

Philosophy: The Paradox of Identity 

Education-Secondary: The Effectiveness of Literary Models in the Teaching of Written 

Physics: An Atialysis of the YKK and >°K*~^tJiree body Final States From Kp inter- 
action at 2.9Ge v/c 

Psychology: The Effect of Three Behavior Modification Techniques of Extinction on 
Repetitive Verbal Behavior (Compulsive Behavior) in Four Psychotic Women 



Ferdinand J. Tramontin 
Robert J. Trevas 
Blanche T. Vessels 

dorothee k. vogt 

Nai-Chi Wang 
Gray Douglas Ward 
Howard G. Weinstein 

Peter M. Williams 

Robert S. Williams 

John M. Wilson 

Richard A. Wire 

Harvey Yakowitz 

Chemical Engineering: Linear Models for Control Design in Muliicomponenl Distillation 

Philosophy: The Ethical Theory of Hastings Rashdall 

Health Education: The Development of a Check List Instrument for Analyzing The Sex 
Education Content of College Health Education Textbooks 

Education- Measurement and Statistics: Extension of the Rasch Model to hte Case of 
Polyshotomously Scored Items 

Economics: A Multistage Linear Programming Model of Transportation 

Physics: Scattering of Laser Light of SOkeV Electrons 

Education-Human Development: Special Classes and Group Therapy: An Evaluation 
of Their Effects on Achievement and Behavior in a Public School Setting 

Chemical Engineering: Pulsed Neutron Measurements in Water Near and Below Room 

Physics: The Effect of Electrostatic Charging on the Normal-Stale Conductivity and Super- 
condxLcting Transition Temperature of Alumium 

Food Science: Quantitative Determination of the Composition of Soybean Samples by 
The Infrared Attenuated Total Reflectance Technique 

History: John M. Clayton and the Search for Order: A Study in Whig Politics and 

Chemical Engineering: Strain Contours in an Individual Grain of Fe-S wt.pct. Si Trans- 
former Sheet 

Sarbeswar Acharya 

David Kelly Auten, III 
• A. Abdul Ahih 

June, 1971 

Physics: A Perturbation-theoretic Study of Oscillations in Spectral Functions: The 
Forward Piou-virtual Photos Scattering Amplitude 

Animal Science: Studies on the Nutritional Value of Tomato Waste Products for Ruminants 

Mi^"h'ini''nl I'^igi'f'oo'-irnj- — De » §lnpm« i i t of A 'ti aloijua ^^c^l^tlr j ^^' i i ir ri Thmi So l ution for Ih t 

Gordon Wallace Bailey 

Robert Elmer Barde 
Lucinda Alice Barrett 
Kurt Bayer 
Harry Andrew Beale 

A. Robert Bell 
George Benke 
Raymond Peter Bissonette 
William D. Blair 
Robert H. Blank 

Ira Block 

William Michael Bobo 

Adisai Bodharamik 

Joseph John Bosik, III 

Jon L. Boyes 

Marvin Alan Brooks 
Genevieve Burgh 

Study i ' f Heat ExchaHgoro by Ekelrioal il ii aiogi ^ 

History: Dry Run for the Hangman; the Varsailles-Leipzig Fiasco 1919-1921: Feeble 
Foreshadow of Nuremberg 

History: The Battle of Midway: A Study in Command 

Poultry Science: The Development of Avian Red Cell Shape 

Economics: A Social Indicator of the Cost of Being Black 

Chemical Engineering: An Analysis of Some Methods of Purification and Physical 
Properties of High-Purity Vanadium 

Comparative Literature: The Harrowing of Hell 

Mathematics: Sidon Sets and the Growth of LP Norms 

Sociology: Interaction Patterns in the Neighborhood Tavern 

Mathematics: Right Noetherian Rings Integral Over Their Centers 

Government and Politics: Voting Turnout in the Border Stules: Political System and 
Environmental Influence on the Presidential Vote 

Chemical Engineering: Radiation-Induced Grafting of Butadiene of Chlorinated Polyethy- 
lene and Poly Gvinyl chloride 

Physical Education: Effects of Alcohol upon Maximum Oxygen Uptake, Lung Ventilation, 
and Heart Rate 

Electricl Engineering: Optimal Signal Detection for Low Frequency Data Transmission 
in the Presence of Non-Oaussian Noise 

Entomology: Metabolism of C-2307 {dimethyl phosphate, ester with 3-hydroxy-N_methoxy- 
N-eethyi-ds-crotonamide) in Rats 

Government and Politics: The Political Adviser (POLAD): The Role of the Diplomatic 
Adviser to Selected United States and North Atlantic Alliance Military Commanders 

Chemistry: The Coulometric Determination of Acid and Alkaline Phosphatases in Serum 

Sociology: Source of Occupational Authority and Change from the Church to Secular 
Occupations: A Study of Ex-Clergymen 



Lee H. Burke 
David Leon Celio 

Soo Young Chang 

Selina p. Chasnoff 

Dennis Chesters 
Roger Andrew Chiarodo 

Richard Evans Cooper 

Thomas Martin Costello 
Mortimer Walker Cushman 

Stephen Odell Dean 

Donald Joseph DelBeato 

Leal Glenn Dickson 

Mary Diane Dippold 
Ryan Edward Doezema 
Nelson F. DuBois 

Michael Da\id Eder 

Daniel Earl Eltzroth 

John Paul Erdman 
David Richard Eyler 

David Howard Ezrow 

Timothy F. Field 

Anabel Helen FIiiedman 
David William Fulk 

SuzAnne Pink Gladstone 
Oliver David Gold 

Frederick Daniel Gray 

Lewis Davidson Hamburger 

Ross D. Harris 
Edward J. Hart 
Kenneth James Himmelstein 
Frank E. Hopkins 

Government and Politics: The Ambassador al Large: A Study in Diplomatic Method 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: A Study of the Efficacy of Several 
Types of Programmed Interpersonal Skills Training in Facilitating Relating Behavior 

Electrical Engineering: System Realization by Parameter Invariance Coordinate Reans- 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: The Effects of Ambiguity Tolerance 
and Observational Learning on the Perceptual Sensitivity of Counselor Trainees 

Astronomy: The Dispersion of Graritational Radiation 

Chemical Engineering: The Cohesive and Elastic Properties of the Cu-Au and Cu-Zn 
Alloy Systems in terms of the Electron Cell Model 

Horticulture: Solution Culture Investigations of the Influence of Managanese, Calcium, 
Boron, and pH oyi Internal Bark Necrosis of Delicious Apple Trees 

Mathematics: The Fundamental Theory of Differential and Integral Equations 

History: Continuing Tradition in America: The Fugitive /Southern Agrarian Resur- 
rection of Neu' Humanist Values 

Physics: Demonstration of Collisionless Interactions Between Counter-streaming Ions 
in a Laser-Produced Plasma Experiment 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: The Effect of One Type of Preinterview 
Verbal Discrimination Training Model on Verbal Behavior in an Interview Setting 

Botany: Inhibition of Sterol Biosynthesis by AY-99ItIf in Chlorella emersonii and Chlorella 

English: LeRoi Jones: Tramp irith Connections 

Physics: Magnetic Field Induced Surface Quantum States in Copper 

Education — Special Education: Selected Relationships between Reading Achievement atid 
Visual Perceptual, Visual Motor, and Inlersensory Integration Abilities in the Second 
and Fourth Grade Population 

Education — Administration, Cirriculum and Supervision: The Effectiveness of the Video- 
tape Recorder with Modeling Versus the Video-tape Recorder without Modeling 

Horticulture: A Study of in vitro Flower Induction by Vernalization in Callus Tissue 

Chemistry: Studies of Substituted Cyclohexadienes and Cyclohexadienyl Anions 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: Realism of Curriculum Choice and its 
Relationship to Community College Freshman Success 

Physics — Insensitirity to Cosmic Rays of the Gravitational Radiation Detector and A Search 
/or-°'s Produced in Spontaneous Fission ofCf'^^'^ 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: The Effects of Sex and Status of Model 
on the Acquisition of Counseling Behaviors by beginning Studetits in Counseling 

English: Perspective: A Study of the Poetic Art of Jonathan Swift 

Animal Science: Effects of Methionine Supplementation on Wool and Body Growth and 
Various Blood Constituents in Niirsing and Weaned Lambs 

Psychology: The Interaction of Verbal and Nonverbal Aggression 

Education — Special Foundations: The Soldiers' Orplians Schools of Pennsylvania (186tt- 

Agricultural Economics — Sweetner Consumption and Utilization Patterns in the United 
States: Past Trends and Relationships, and Prospects to Target Years 1980 and 2000 
A. D. 

Education — Special Foundations: A Study of the Failures and Dilemmas of Part-time 
American Jewish Education and Implications of Elements from Talmudic Schools and 
Educational Camping 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: Generalization From Verbal Condi- 
tioning in a Quasi-Therapy Situation 

Health Education: The Effects of Contrasting Messages on Cancer Control Behavior of 
Females in Lower Socioeconomic Conditions 

Chemical Engineering: Mathematical Models of Cander Cell-Populations as Affected by 

Cytotoxic Drugs 

Economics: Transportation Cost and Industrial Location: An Analysis of the House- 
hold Furniture Industry 



Neil Robert Hopkins 
JuEL Mendelsohn Janis 
Philip Kenneth Jason 
Mae Coleman Johnson 
Mary M. Johnson 

Larry Addison Jones 
Carol Kline Juran 

Stephen Kappel 
Lawrence Robert Kates 
KiYOSHi Kawahito 
Thomas Kelsall 
Ram Krishen Khatri 

Bruce Wilson Knerr 
Cyril Francis Krolick 
Olivier Lafourcade 

Abner Bishamber Lall 

Darryl D. Laramore 

Ronald Jacob Leach 
CHANGioo Lee 
Sylvia Sidwell Leonard 
Robert Alden Love 

Kenneth William Ludlam 
Robert Alfred Luke, Jr. 
Barbara Diggs Lyles 

Dale Madison 

Dorothy Wohrna Martin 

Seisaku Matsuda 
Patrick Leo McKee 
Stephen Mellman 

Patricia Kerns Meszaros 

William Hodges Mobley 

Charles Edward Moore 
Daniel C. Nascimento 
Henry Carmack Nipper 

Andrew Charles Nyce 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: Student Activism and Techniques of 
Persuasive Communication as Related to Selected Personality Variables. 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Effect of A School's Racial Composition on 
the Achievement Test Scores of Black and White Junior High School Students 

English: Meteors of an Hour: The Afterpiece on the London Stage in the Eighteenth 

Education — Elementary Education: An Investigation of the Extent of Standard English 
and Black English Used by Children from Schools of Varying Racial Composition 

Education — Special Education: Role Expectations that Supervisors, Teachers and Ele- 
mentary School Principals have for the Supermsor of Special Classes for Mentally Retarded 

Physics: Stark Profile Measurements for the First Four n-a Lines of Ionized Helium 





The Effects of Subject and Model Sex Imitative Behavior with Sex-Typed 

On the Relationship between Mode of Presentation and Recall of a Serial List 

The Psycho-Physical Identity Thesis 

The Steel Import Problem of the United States and the Japanese Steel Industry 

Physics: Multi-color Photometry of Supergiants and Cepheids 

Electrical Engineering: Stochastic Approximation — Innovations Approach to Optimize 
Kalman Filter Augmented Systems 

Psychology: Memory for Location in Complex Visual Display 

Chemical Engineering: Nuclear Reactor Transient Analysis 

Agricultural Economics: Analysis of Optimal Marketing Strategies for the Poultry In- 
dustry in Delmarva 

Zoology: Spectral Mechanism in Limulus Polythemus in Electro-Physiological and Be- 
havioral Studies 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: A Study of the Effects of Three Methods 
of Presenting Occupational Information on Selected Behaviors of Ninth Grade Students 

Mathematics: On Some Classes of Functions of Bounded Boundary Rotation 

Government and Politics: The Politics of the Korean Minority in Japan 

English: Wit and Judgment: Pope and the Art of Revision 

Education — Secondary: The Development, Field Testing and Evaluation of Three Hier- 
archies of Behaviorally Stated Objectives for the Chemistry Content of a Course of Instruc 
tion in Physical Science for Pre-Service Nursing Students 

Entomology: Feeding Behavior of Six Common Anophelines of West Pakistan 

Sociology: The Institution of Sensitivity Training on the Cultural Island 

Education — Human Development: Familial Ideological Correlates of Authoritarianism 
as Related to Internaliiy in Black Male College Students 

Zoology: Homing Behavior in the Salamander Plethodone Jordani: A Detailed Exami- 
nation of Oriented Movements, Sensory Systems and Cues 

Education — Human Development: The Inner City Black Male High School Student: 
His Self Concept, Academic Achievement, and Occupational Aspirations 

Physics: An Approach to the Broken SU{S) Symmetry Sum Rules 

Philosophy: The Sense Datum in Hallucinatory Seeing 

Electrical Engineering: Propagation of the Second and Fourth Order Coherence Functions 
in a Random Medium 

English: Prolegomena for a Student's Dramatic Edition of Shakespeare, with an Edition 
of A Midsummer Night's Dream 

Psychology: An Inter-organization Test of a Task-Goal Expectancy Model of Work Moti- 
vation and Performance 

Mathematics: Concrete Semispaces and a Question of Klee 

English: Melville's Berkshire World: The Pastoral Influence Upon His Life and Works 

Chemistry: Coulometric Determination of Salicylates in Serum and Separation and 
Titration of Urinary Metabolites 

Mechanical Engineering: The Rate Limiting Step in Plasma Andoization of Aluminum 



Ellen K. O'Brien 
Carmen Lebron de Oliva 

Leon Joel Osterweil 
Gordon D. Patterson 

Otto D. Payton 

Maria Bramtot Penny 

Robert Rhodes Phillips 

John Stevens Ramsey 
Robert Otto Reck 

Ellen Mary Roderick 

Richard Franklin Rosen 

Marvin Rosenstein 
Thomas Eugene Rowan 
Leon Francis Sagan 

Aage Sandqvist 
Mary Ellen Saterlie 

Hermine p. Saunders 
GuRBAx Singh 

Jean Dow Sipe 

Charles William Smith 
Frederick A. Snyder 

Stephen Sousk 

Charles Edward Steerman 
Judith Evelyn Sunley 

Michael Paul Tacey 

John Fulton Taylor 
Roger Sage Teachout 

Zoology: The Ontogeny of Vocalizations of the Bobwhite Colinus virginianus 

Education — Secondary: A Study of the Effectiveness of the Biological Sciences Curriculum 
Study Single Topic Inquiry Films in Improving Selected Abilities in Tenth Grade Biology 

Agricultural and Extension Education: Effect of Teaching Attitudes on Student Occupa- 
tional Success 

Education — Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: Validatioti of Gagne's 
Conditions of Learning for a Portion of A Course in Prosthetics 

Education — Secondary: The Development and Validation of a Process Instrument for 
a Unit of the Physical Science Study Committee Physics Course 

Zoology: Effects of Topography and Previous Social Experience on Selected Aspects of 
Spatial and Social Behavior in the Striped Blenny (Chasmodes bosquianus Lacepede) 

English: Magic and Festivity in Renaissance English Poetry 

Economics: The Regional Economics and Environmental Impacts of the Uranium Mining 
and Milling Industry. 

Education — Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: Administrators' Perceptions 
of Need Fulfillment and Need Satisfaction As a Function of Position Level and School 
System Size 

Education — Secondary: A Comparison of Acquisition Rates and Forgetting Rates For 
Different Performance Classes of Behavioral Objectives 

Chemical Engineering: Electron Depth-Dose Distribution Measurements in Polystyrene 

Education — Secondary: Affective and Cognitive Effects of Behavioral Objectives 

Education — Secondary: The Development and Validation of a Programmed Test for 
Collegiate Remedial Trigonometry 

Astronomy: Lunar Occultations of the Galactic Center Region in HI, OH, and CH^O Lines 

Education — Secondary: Utilization of the Structure of the Disciplines of the Social 
Sciences and History for the Development of a Scheme for a Social Studies Curriculum 

English: Samson Hath Quit Himself Like Samson: A Study of the Treatment Accorded 
Samson Agonistes in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century Reflecting Aesthetic Theory 
and Practice 

Physics: Optical Pumping Studies of Cesium-133: Phase Destruction of Ground State 
Hyperfine Transitions and the Creation of Population Inversions with Gallium Arsenide 

Chemistry: A Comparison of the Effects of Some Hypocholesteremic Compounds on 
Squalene Metabolism in Tetrahymena pyriformis and Rat Liver 

English: A Critical Introduction to Robert Browning's Strafford 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: Financial Assistance in Selected Pennsyl- 
vania Community Colleges and its Relationship to Achievement and Persistence 

Aerospace Engineering: Magnetogasdynamic Interactions of the Solar Wind With Planetary 

Physics: A Study of Negative Parity States of '■''A' Using the i3C(3//e,p)i5JV Reaction 

Mathematics: On the Class Numbers of Totally Imaginary Quadratic Extensions of 
Totally Real Fields 

Electrical Engineering: Optimum Photon Counting Receivers Using Quantum Mechanical 

English: A Search for Eden: Thoreau's Heroic Quest 

Government and Politics: The Transmutation of the Organization of American States: 
An Analysis of the Purpose, Meaning and Impact of the Third Special Inter- American 



Elroy Bernard Thiel 
Don Joseph Torrieri 


Nanette Levine Vincent 

Judith C. Watts 

Richard Frederick Wertheimer, II 
Robert Kendall Whelan 

John Mitchell Williams 

David Glenn Wilson 

Warren Herbert Woolley 
Gerald Alphonse Zerdy 

Government and Politics: The Asian and Pacific Council: Regional Organization in the 
Context of Regional International Politics 

Electrical Engineering: Propagation of Random Electromagnetic Fields 

Electrical Engineering: Residue Codes and Their Applications to Arithmetic Processors 

Institute For Child Study: Children's Pictorial Perception as it Relates to o Visual 
Criterion Task 

Chemistry: Calculation of Group Electronegativities and Correlation of Computed Values 
u-ith Physical and Chemical Properties 

Economics: The Monetary Rewards of Migration Within the United States 

Government and Politics: Decision-Making Processes and Program Goals in Urban 
Renewal: The Cases of Gay Street One and Inner Harbor One in Baltimore, Maryland 

Education — Human Development: Manifest Anxiety and Self-Concept: A Comparison 
of Blind and Sighted Adolescents 

Mathematics: The Time Dependent Linear Transport Equation in a Multi-dimensional 
Parellelepiped With Partially Reflecting Walls 

Physics: Theoretical Studies of Asynchrony in Cell Colonies 

Psychology: The Effects of Information Processing Load on Incidental Retention of 
Recurring Words in Auditory Monitoring Tasks 


Lois Ann Bader 
Donald Allen Bailey 

GiNO Baruffi 

Anna Elizabeth Everett 

Stavroula Artemis Fangs 

John T. Fecik 

James Long Fisher 

Thomas E. Florestano 

Gordon Edgar Hershberger 
John Sheppard Jeffreys 

Beatrice Jean Kalisch 
Sara Jane Little 

August 1970 

Curriculum and Instruction Education: The Effects of ManuscriptrCursive Combinations 
of Instructional Treatments on Spelling Achievement 

Vocational-Industrial Education: A Follow-Up Study of the Vocational Industrial 
Teacher Certification Summer Workshop Programs (1965-1969) at The University of 

Human Development Education: The Effect of Two Types of Summer School Intervention 
On Self-Concept and Academic Achievement of Children of Seasonal and Migrant Workers 

Curriculum Education: Three Different Approaches to Teaching the Concepts of Operating 
Room Nursing Within the Course of Medical-Surgical Nursing 

Music Education: A Study of the Relative Efficiency of Two Methods For Teaching 
Classroom Teachers to Play Chords at the Piano 

Industrial Education: The Identification and Classification of Graphic Communication 

Music Education: The Origin and Development of Public School Music in Baltimore 
to 1870 

Counseling and Personnel Education: The Relationship of College Leadership and Post- 
College Leadership as Measured by the Leadership Opinion Questionaire and a Leadership 

Administration, Supervision and Curriculum Education: Interpersonal Communication 
and Encounter Between the Assistant Principal and Each of His Role Senders 

Counseling and Personnel Education: An Investigation of the Effects of Innovative Edu- 
cational Practices on Pupil-Centeredness of Observed Behaviors and on Learner Outcome 

Human Development Education: An Experiment in the Development of Inactive and 
Predictive Empathy in Nursing Students 

Special Education: An Investigation of the Relationships Between Perceptual- Motar 
Proficiency, Intelligence and Academic Achievement in a Population of Normal Third- 
Grade Children 

♦Department and thesis title indicated. 



Galen Sanford Marburg 
Merrill Mathew Oaks 

Kenvyn Barrett Richards 
Edward L. Root 

William J. Sharbaugh 
Joseph F. Shields 

Human Development Education: The Relnlionship Between Classroom Climate and 
Creative Performance Among Fifth Grade Elementary School Children 

Industrial Education: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Developmental Sequence 
for Teaching an Industrial Education Psychomotor Task to Severely Mentally Retarded 

Industrial Education: A Comparison of Effects of Verbal and Verbal-Manipulative 

Administration and Supervision Education: A Regression Analysis of Selected Variables 
Predicting Academic Success of Full- and Part-time Students at Allegany Community 
College, 1963-1970 

Educational Administration: Behavioral Predictors for the Identification of School Ad- 

Educational Administration: High School Origin As A Variable in Predicting Fresh- 
man Grades for the Purpose of Admission 

Zane B. Bolinger 
Clifton P. Campbell 
James L. Miller 
Benjamin F. Poscover 
Margaret Rockwell 
Robert Schacht 
George W. Smith 

George S. Trotter 
Millie M. Urbish 
Gladys Weaver 

January 1971 

Institute for Child Study: A Study of Children's Responses to Cartoons as Related to 
Intelligence, Sex, Grade-in-School, Age, and Father's Occupation 

Industrial Education: An Analysis of Numerical Control, to Identify and Describe Its 

Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: An Approach for Evaluating the Effect 
Aides Have on Teacher Role and Function and on Performance of Children 

Secondary: Perceptions of the Role of the Secondary School School Science Department 
Chairman of Baltimore County Maryland 

Institute for Child Study: Comparison of Teachers' Ratings of Behaviors of Partially 
Sighted Pupils and their Fully Sighted Peers 

Industrial Education: An Experimental Investigation to Analyze the Effect of Mental 
Practice on the Initial Acquisition of a Motor Skill 

Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum: The Development of an Instrument to 
Record the Interaction Between Teacher and Pupil in the Classroom and the Correlation 
of Certain Factors with Achievement 

Human Development: An Examination of the Difficulties Encountered in Implementing 
Local Advisory Committees for Title I, Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Programs 

Elementary: Development and Evaluation of Multimedia Instruction on Due Process of 
Lair For Sixth-Grade Children 

Human Development: A Study of White Youth and Their Mothers on Tolerance 

Lloyd Eugene Bettis 

Ellen Laubscher Bortz 
Bruce Bailey Burnes 
Fredric Hamilton Busher 
Alan Ross DeOld 
Paul Warren Ferguson 
Linda White Jacobs 

June 1971 

Secondary: Relationships of Classroom Climate, Student and Supervisor Perceptions of 
Instructor Effectiveness, and Student Achievement in a Department of Defense Technical 

Secondary: Electronic Recording Media, Microteaching Self-Critique, and the Questioning 
Behavior of Student Teachers 

Elementary: A Study of the Relationship of Student Talk and Student Achievement 
on the Social Studies Test (Form A) of the STEP TESTS 

Human Development: Self-Social Relationships of Mildly Retarded Elementary Pupils 
to Significant Others 

Industrial: Experimental Study Involving a Comparison of Two Methods of Teaching 
Industrial Concepts 

Counseling and Personnel Services: Authority for Application of the Fourteenth Amend- 
ment to Disciplinary Proceedings in Higher Education 

Special: An Instructional-Learning Model 




Robert Clarence Lieb 
Philip Ernest Meyer 

August 1970 

Business Administration: An Examir.alion of Federal Intermodal Ownership Policy 
Related to Common Carriage in the United States 

Business Administration: An Inquiry Into the Nature Of the Entity Concept And Its 
Implications For Contemporary Accounting Controversies 

Relmond R. Van Daniker, III 

January 1971 

Business Administration: Ah Analysis of the Accounting Questions Disputed in the 
Renegotiation Cases taken to the Tax Court 


LoREN Francis Carrier 

August 1970 

Music: Opera Game No. 1 

Arne Steinberg 

January 1971 

Music: Franz Liszt's Approach to Piano Playing 

Serge de Gastyne 

June 1971 

Music: String Quartet No. 1 

'Department and thesis titles indicated. 



August 28, 1970 


Jonathan Isaac Adlee, Maryland 
Michael Matthew Agunsday, Maryland 
Faruk Ahmet Alatan, Maryland 
HUSSAIN Ali Al-Rawi, Maryland 
Stanley Paul Anderson, Maryland 
Edward John Barkmeyer, Jr., Ohio 
Kathryn GirvAn Beurlen, Maryland 
Sally Scott Borchert, Maryland 
Rhody Alexander Bosley, Maryland 
David K. Bowen, Maryland 
Leigh Guinnee Boyd, Maryland 
Richard Thomas Brown, III, Maryland 
David Ellis Buchoff, Maryland 
Bernadette Ann Budde, Wisconsin 
Olive Anne Burley, Maryland 
Shirley Walton Camp, Virginia 
Eleanor Marion Cannon, Maryland 
Cynthia L. Carangi, Maryland 
Cyril James Carroll, Maryland 
John Thomas Chaney, Maryland 
Rosa Lee Charles, New York 


Thomas Herbert Crook, Maryland 
E. Maria L. Dantoni, Louisiana 
Kyle Franklin Davis, Virginia 
James Rufus Dillon, Maryland 
Peter W. Dorfman, Maryland 
James 0. Doyle, Maryland 
Harvey L. Dubin, Maryland 
Dorothy Whitman Dunbar, Washington 
Francis Bowie Duncan, Maryland 
Carol Emily Dutton, Virginia 
Mary Clark Einbinder, Maryland 
Harold Ellsworth Everung, Jr. Maryland 
Ruth Ann Scott Ference, Missouri 
Marianna Elisabeth Fleming, Maryland 
Stephen Edward Forrer, Maryland 
Kathleen Denise Gaffney, Maryland 
John Frank Gamboa, California 
Susan Elizabeth Garabrant, Neiu Jersey 
Arlene M. Geist, Maryland 
Carol Lynn Ginzburg, New York 
Paula Clare Gluch, Maryland 
John Joseph Grace, Virginia 
Mary Ann Grzenda, Pennsylvania 
Gerilee Gustason, California 
Sandra Carole Hadler, Maryland 
Mary Ellen Hanczor, New Y.ork 
Stephen Vincent Heim, Maryland 
Bbenda Carolyn Holly, Maryland 
Maureen Elizabeth Hurney, Maryland 
Edwin Charles Ihrig, Jr., Maryland 
Paul Lawrence Irwin, Connecticut 
Mayer Mandel Jacobovits, Maryland 
Darla June Johnson, California 
Johnet Jimmyer Kemper, Maryland 
Theodore Gourdin Kershaw, Jr., California 
Tai Hong Kim, Virginia 

Barbara Ann Kirsch, New York 
Don Michael Kurtz, Virginia 
John T. Langan, Maryland 
Frank Armand Latour, Virginia 
Uarlene Mae Lauterbach, Maryland 
George J. Lavery, Maryland 
Leonard Franklin Leach, Jr., Maryland 
Freda Florence Lee, Maryland 
Cynthia Jane Leslie, California 
Robert N. Lieberman, Maryland 
Frank Morales Lugo, Virginia 
James Edward Marshall, Jr., Virginia 
Helen Alexis Martin, Maryland 
Duane C. McBride, Maryland 
Mary Anne Veronica McCarthy, Virginia 
Michael William McKinney, New Jersey 
Stephen Macy Merchant, Maryland 
George L. Miller, Minnesota 
IRMA J. Monclova, Maryland 
Edward Allen Moyer, Maryland 
Philip James Murphy, Maryland 
Lena Anita Nordholm, Maryland 
James Joseph O'Brien, California 
Leon Joel Osterweil, Maryland 
Wayne Emerson Page, Maryland 
E. Raymond Pastor, Maryland 
Christina Lovett Porter, California 
Gert Hardy Reintal, Maryland 
Emory Rhodes Rodgers, Maryland 
Raymond Coy Rogers, Maryland 
Roberta Judith Rosenbaum, Maryland 
Margaret Ann Ross, Maryland 
Maria Alonso Sanchez, Maryland 
Allan Wayne Schaeffer, Maryland 
Robert Stephen Schulman, D. C. 
Robert Burnap Shapiro, Maryland 
Edward Richard Simms, Maryland 
Franklin Nelson Smith, Jr., Maryland 
Joseph Lyle Snyder, Jr., Virginia 
Karen Lynne Soeken, Maryland 
Sheila A. Spector, Maryland 
Jennifer Whitman Spence, Pennsylvania 
Clemmie Howard Strayhorn, Maryland 
Melvin Sears Strohminger, Maryland 
Forrest Emmett Studebaker, Maryland 
Nora Jane Tocus, Maryland 
Cyril Vincent Tondreau, Jr., Maryland 
Robert Glenn Trenary, Minnesota 
Ellen Joan Wallach, Maine 
Ellen Sachie Watanabe, Maryland 
Dwight M. Wells, Neic York 
Nicole Wissman White, Virginia 
Crystal Irene Wilhelm, Maryland 
Bertram Anderson Wolfe, Maryland 
Wescoat S. Wolfe, Maryland 
Reginald Wallace Woolard, Maine 
Susan Linda Yaffe, Maryland 



January 25, 1J>71 


William Albert Tad Archambault, Jr. 

Andrew John Arenth, Maryland 
Gholam Hossein Azarbayejani, Iran 
Ursula Klara Beckert, Maryland 
Sharon H. Berard, Maryland 
ViRGlNiJA Elena Bird, Maryland 
William Charles Boehm, Virginia 
Marcia Janet Bogle, Virginia 
Baiba Bolsaitis, Maryland 
Norman Kent Boyd, Maryland 
Elaine Harriet Brown, Virginia 
William Holton Brown, Maryland 
Emmett Evan Brunson, Kentucky 
Franklyn Norman Burke, Maryland 
Donald Malcolm Burrows, Maryland 
Humberto Ignacio Cardounel, Virginia 
Adelaida M. Castellanos. Maryland 
Fernando Julio Charro, Maryland 
Lee Robert Christian, Maryland 
Janet H. Cohen, Maryland 
Janice Lynn Cooke, Virginia 
Robert Alan Creller, Maryland 
Ilse Margarete De Long, Maryland 
Joseph Angelo DelVecchio, Massachusetts 
Frances Durdock Dickinson, Maryland 
Jean Carol Dietrich, Kentucky 
James Joseph Dowd, New Jersey 
Susan E. Drapkin, Maryland 
Virginia Lou Evans, Maryland 
Robert Flores, Colorado 
Anne Green Fotos, Maryland 
Ronald Earl Foust, Kentucky 
Maureen Louise Frick, Maryland 
William E. Gardner, Virgi7iia 
Ralph Charles Gauer, Virginia 
Gary Eugene Gilliam, Maryland 
Alice Naomi Goodman, Maryland 
Sally R. Griffith, Manjland 
C. Eric Gronbech, Maryland 
William John Grossmillh?, IH, Maryland 
Leonor R. Guillen, Maryland 
Robert Lee Haar, Maryland 
Steven B. Hafen, Maryland 
Ralph Edward Hamil, Virginia 
Robert Joseph Harford, Maryland 
Thomas Edward Harris, New Jersey 
Linda G. Harvey, Maryland 
Catherine Hbhi-ena Hayes, Virginia 
Mark Bruce Hellerman, New York 
John Thomas Hierholzer, Maryland 
Thomas Timings Holme, Jr., Connecticut 
James Ronald Horton, Maryland 
John Joseph Hourihan, Maryland 
Lynne Rose Hurlbut, Virginia 
James W. Hutchison, D. C. 
Barbara A. Johns, Ohio 
Wilbur Lee Johnston, Jr., North Carolina 
Kenneth W. Kagy, Maryland 
Michael James Kelly, Maryland 
Ann M. Kendrick, Pennsylvania 

Robert William Kiger, Maryland 

Bruce Wilson Knerr, Maryland 

William Robert Krause, Maryland 

Ronald Lee Kuipers, Maryland 

Carolyn Murphy Lane, Maryland 

Jon H. Larson, Maryland 

JOWAVA M. Leggett. Louisiana 

J. Michael Leibowitz, Maryland 

Ann St. Clair Lesman, Pennsylvania 

Mercedes M. Lesser, Maryland 

Pierre L. Lupien, Canada 

John Joseph Matejko, Maryland 

Norman R. Maxfield, Virgiyiia 

John Joseph McNamara, Virginia 

Blanche Ann Meier, Maryland 

James W. Milden, Iowa 

Arthur Curtis Miles, Maryland 

Allen R. Miller, Netv York 

William Louis Mocarsky, Maryland 

Vilma Montiel, Maryland 

William Joseph Montwieler, D. C. 

Carlisle Brewer Morrison, D. C. 

JosYANE Nicole Murawski, Maryland 

Lenora Heilig Nast, Maryland 

Richmond Britton Neff, Jr., Texas 

Eric Newhouse, Maryland 

Joseph Lee Nicewarner, Maryland 

Francis W. Nicholas, Maryland 

Richard William Palczynski, Rhode Island 

Marguerite Helen Patterson, Maryland 

Paulette Carnicelli Pidcock, Maryland 

RiCKi Sue Price, Oklahoma 

Janet Gushing Prochazka, Maryland 

Susan Bahn Randers-Pehrson, Maryland 

Bernard Joseph Rauscher, Maryland 

Sharon Stahley Reifsnider, Florida 

Alicia Mae Rodon, Florida 

Phyllis Roos, Virginia 

Lenore R. Salzman, Maryland 

Andrea Marie Sapp, Maryland 

Henry Joseph Schmidt, Jr., Pennsylvania 

Howard Christopher Schweitzer, Maryland 

Gerald Peter Scrosati, Virginia 

Gregory Joseph Segreti, Maryland 

Howard James Selkin, Maryland 

Barbara Claire Shafer, Maryland 

Edward Joseph Shahin, Jr., Maryland 

Olen Dean Sheperd, Maryland 

Bedford J. Silvey, Maryland 

JoAnne Michaele Siry, D. C. 

Carol L Spears, Delaware 

Valerie A. Stanley, Maryland 

Harriet Girault Stegemerten, Virginia 

Mark Edward Tanton, Oklahoma 

Robert Payne Taylor, Maryland 

Mark Clifford Temte, Wisconsin 

Stephen Michael Thaler, Maryland 

Phillip Edwin Thompson, Maryland 

Cecil H. Tickamyer, H, Kansas 

Arthur Howard Trush, Maryland 

Charles Ernest Tychsen, Virginia 



Carol Jane Van Nimmen, D. C. 
Venkateswara Rao China Vellanki, 

Joseph Robert Vorro, Pennsylvania 
Davidson C. Watts, Maryland 

Raymond Kenneth Wills, Maryland 
Laurence Sheldon Woodworth, Maryland 
Richard I. Wool, New York 
Robert K. A. Yaasi, D. C. 
Mark Edward Zeug, Hawaii 

June 5, 1971 


Levern Hamlin Allen, D. C. 
Elizabeth N. Alspaugh, Maryland 
Sekandar Amanolahi-Bahar, Maryland 
Louis Anthony amoroso, New York 
Wendell Lee Anderson, Maryland 
Alan Roy Aronson, Washington 
Mary Jane Bajwa, D. C. 
Michael Harris Baker, Virginia 
Susan Ann Baker, Maryland 
Helen W. Ball, Maryland 
Louis John Bandell, Maryland 
Ronald Milfred Banta, Maryland 
James Clayton Bardwell, Maryland 
Marie Bartlova, Maryland 
Frank John Batavick, Maryland 
Keith Earl Bernard, Maryland 
Francis Joseph Bien, Maryland 
David Nye Bock, Maryland 
Walter George Bolter, Maryland 
Steven L. Botman, Massachusetts 
Royce Willard BrADSHAw, Maryland 
Patricia Braverman, Maryland 
Belle Lucas Brooks, Maryland 
Kathleen Marie Brown, Maryland 
Lynda Wood Brown, Maryland 
Angela Clare Brzostowski, New Jersey 
Francis J. Budelman, Maryland 
Peter Lawrence Bunting, Pennsylvania 
Walter Stuart Bushell, Maryland 
Barbara A. Byers, Virginia 
Ellen Rubin Cades, Maryland 
Thomas Raymond Cary, Maryland 
Robert Earle Clapp, Maryland 
Vicki Kearton Clem, Maryland 
Charles Lee Cline, Virginia 

Zachary Thomas Cohn, Maryland 
Tedford Hugh Cook, Virginia 
Warren Davis Cornell, Tennessee 
Richard Francis Crowley, New Y'ork 
Eugene Francis Daly, Virginia 
Ann Howard Davis, Maryland 
Judith Dietz 

Michael James Donaghue, Illinois 
Alexis Marian Doose, Wisconsin 
William Robert Dowdall, D. C. 
Ferryman Fisher Dubose, Idaho 
Fay Helene Dworkin, Maryland 
William Terry Eastman, Maryland 
William Wallace Edwards, Maryland 
Diane Uger Eisenberg, Maryland 
Thomas Donaldson Elgen, Maryland 
Richard Winston Elliott, Maryland 
ISA N. Engleberg, Maryland 
Roy Lionel Eskow, New Jersey 
Maria T. Festa, Connecticut 
Bruce Michael Fingerhut, Indiana 
Ronald Stewart Fish, Marijland 
Katharine Oriole Ford, Maryland 
Susan Fridy, Maryland 
Adele Friedman, Alabama 
Gloria J. Fruit, Virginia 
Nora Louise Galli, Maryland 
Charles F. Gentile, Maryland 
Stephen Roth Germeroth, Maryland 
Frank Michael Gill, Maryland 
Kenneth M. Gladstone, 7l/ari//a«rf 
James Marion Griffin, California 
Ronald E. Grim, Maryland 
Ann Mansfield Hargrove, Virginia 
Eleanor Frances Heginbotham, Maryland 




Julie Bondanza Helfand, Maryland 
Michael Scott Henry, Maryland 
MiCHELE Harway Herman, D. C. 
Thomas Nelson Herzog, Maryland 
Barbara Jeanne Hetrick, Maryland 
GiNA L. Hirsch, California 
Robert Ingram Hodkinson, Maryland 
Susan Terry Hoffman, Maryland 
Rachelle D. Hollander, Maryland 
Kathleen Anderson Houchens, Maryland 
Patrick Rudolph Hughes, Maryland 
Myles Mendahl Hurwitz, Maryland 
Arnold Edward Jablon, Maryland 
John William Jarboe, Maryland 
David Lewis Jenkins, Maryland 
John Mclean Johnston, Maryland 
Wiley Newell Jones, Louisiana 
RoBEiRT Wood Jordan, Virginia 
Edward Daniel Kelleher, Maryland 
Barbara Dennis Kelly, Maryland 
Barbara Joyce Kirsh, Maryland 
Bastiaan Antonie Knoppers, Maryland 
Louis Kriser, Virgijtia 
Gregory Frank Kuntz, Maryland 
Edward Lakatos, Maryland 
Thomas Peter Lee, Texas 
Dennis William Leitner, Maryland 
SoNiA Margarita Leon, Maryland 
Stephen Henry Leventhal, New Jersey 
Susan Alice Levine, Kansas 
Bette Louise Lewis, Maryland 
Robert Clark Lidston, Maryland 
Jungshiang Lin, Maryland 
Dennis Willard Link, Washington 
Herbert Allan Lipsitz, Maryland 
Gary Westwood Litchfield, D. C. 
Barbara Littlefield, Maryland 
Wayne Paul London, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Long, Maryland 
Lawrence Lynn, D. C. 
Chongin Ma, Maryland 
Janice Viola Macsorley, Maryland 

Charlotte Ann Manning, Maryland 
Richard Charles Mantel, Maryland 
Elizabeth Chadwick Mark, Virginia 
Anne Bliss Mascolino, D. C. 
Beatriz Sarah Maza, Virginia 
Robert Terrill McCarty, Virginia 
Frederick L. McCoy, Maryland 
Joseph Robert McLennan, Maryland 
Ronald Edwin Meiningeir, Maryland 
Gloria Moldow, Maryland 
Dean Ray Montgomery, Maryland 
Peter Quentin Montori, Massachusetts 
William Robert Morey, Virginia 
Arthur Christian Mueller, Maryland 
Robert M. Mulligan, Maryland 
Gregory A. Nenstiel, Pennsylvania 
John Anthony Neri, D. C. 
Karen Sue Neuman, Maryland 
Myra Hariet Nossokoff, South Carolina 
Leonard Jay Orbeck, Maryland 
Linda J. Orr, Maryland 
John George Pappageorge, Michigan 
Thomas Carl Patterson, Pennsylvania 
Marin Pearson, Maryland 
Robert Edward Pearson, Maryland 
James Lanier Perine, Pennsylvania 
Jean Diane Pfleiderer, Maryland 
Christoph E. Plathner, Maryland 
William Vincent Poling, Maryland 
Carol Jelan Polyzoides, Maryland 
Janita Louise Ponze, Maryland 
Mary B. Poppendieck, Maryland 
Janice Marie Pottker, Maryland 
Edward F. Puccinelli, Maryland 
John Dennis Radcliffe, Maryland 
Elizabeth M. Reid, Maryland 
Donna J. Riffer, Virginia 
Carolyn Ely Ritzmann, Maryland 
William Gordon Salmond, Maryland 
Arthur David Salomon, New Jersey 




Edward Spence Sandler. Maryland 
Richard Skinner Sandmeyer, Idaho 
Judith Ruth Satine, Maryland 
Gail Arlene Schechter, Maryland 
Bernard B. Scheps, Virginia 
Ben Schermann, Maryland 
Ross Edward Schipper, Maryland 
Joseph Schneider, Maryland 
Herman Theodore Schroll, Maryland 
Harold Edward Schwartz, Maryland 
Lee Di.mitri Seletzky, Maryland 
Carolyn Harper Seymour, Maryland 
Helen M. Shanks, Maryland 
Roger Alan Shepherd, Maryland 
Susan Jane Shirk, Pennsylvania 
Barbara J. Silver, New York 
Muriel Sirken, D. C. 
Sheldon Sloan, Illinois 
Rodney T. Small, D. C. 
Marguerite D. Stevens, Maryland 
Thomas William Summers, Maryland 
Carolyn Hoover Sung, Maryland 
Raymond Charles Tagge, Maryland 
Joseph Peter Talieri, Maryland 
Agatha Taormina, Maryland 

JuDSON Loren Temple, Montana 
Jeffrey Bennett Tetvis, Maryland 
William John Thomas, Maryland 
Joel Douglas Thomison, Maryland 
Nancy Tirone, Georgia 
Karen Lynn Turetsky, Maryland 
Waldo Luis Valdes-Salvat, Maryland 
Peter Wayne Vanarsdale, Maryland 
Joseph J. Vancavage, Maryland 
Gary L. Vanvelsir, Maryland 
DIONISIO Vio, Marylayid 
William R. Vogtman, Maryland 
Peter John Volkert, Maryland 
Sara Ann Weber, Maryland 
JuANlTA Letetia Wehrle, Pennsylvania 
Andrew S. Weinstein, New Jersey 
Sharon Nancy Willig, Maryland 
Terrence Francis Wilmer, Maryland 
Janet Wirsing Woods, Maryland 
Joyce Ann Young, Maryland 
Joel Norman Zaba, Virginia 
Lynn Marie Zapalski, Maryland 
William Hugh Zietz, Virginia 
Hanoch Michael Zweig, Maryland 

August 28, 1970 


Peter Frank Aller, Maryland 

Donald D. Applegate, New Jersey 

Sari Val Baron, Nebraska 

Ronald John Bauer, Maryland 

Carol Louise Bishop, Hawaii 

William Henry Bohli, Maryland 

Rose Mary Boor, Kansas 

Richard Rudolph Brady, Maryland 

Elaine Marilyn Brandt, Maryland 

Robert Dennis Bruns, Maryland 

Jack Lytle Bufton, Maryland 

John Henderson Caldwell, IV, Maryland 

Robert Nai-Young Chan, California 

Iming Annie Chu, Maryland 

Craig Martin Cook, Maryland 

John James Degnan, IH, Maryland 

Delores Gayle Dennison, Maryland 

Mark Ian Dow, New Jersey 

Terence Scanlon Dowling, Maryland 

Jeffrey Jay Ellison, Maryland 

Frederick C. Ernst, Jr., Maryland 

Arthur Richard Feinberg, Maryland 

Douglas Fyfe Fraser, Connecticut 
Elizabeth F. Frisbee, Maryland 
Ulysses Simpson Glee, Florida 
David Murray Gottlieb, Maryland 
Fred Harry Halvorsen, Maryland 
Martha Anne Heath, Maryland 
Frank Frederick Hertsch, Maryland 
Kenneth James Himmelstein, Maryland 
Kevin Leon Holloway, Maryland 
Bertram Louis Karpel, Maryland 
KOJI Kurimoto, Maryland 
Lawrence Lim-Hay Lam, Maryland 
Robert John Lesniewski, Pennsylvania 
Adam James Lewis, Jr., Maryland 
Mohammad Maaghoul, Maryland 
Robert Campbell MacPhail, Maryland 
Robert Eugene Munson, Maryland 
Marjory Kay Myhill, Maryland 
Oliver Ray Pardo, Marylayid 
Roderick Sotelo Quiroz, Virginia 
Carolyn Caricofe Rabunsky, Maryland 
Robert Smith Reed, Jr., Maryland 



Daniel Lockwood Rumsey, D. C. 
Melvin Isadore Schlesinger, Maryland 
William Lawrence Schummer, Maryland 
Ronald Adrian Schwartz, Maryland 
Robert Dewey Simpkin, Maryland 
Lorenzo Charles Simpson, Virginia 
Abraham Singer, Maryland 
Herbert Way Smathers, Virginia 

Jean Wheeler Smith, D. C. 
John B. Spiker, West Virginia 
James Max Talcott, Maryland 
Seshagiri Rao TammARA, Maryland 
Thomas Andrew Twomey, Maryland 
Dennis Cashell Unglesbee, Maryland 
Carol Ann Vieweg, Maryland 
Tong-Hua Yang, Minnesota 

January 25, 1&71 


Lawrence Carlisle Abell, Maryland 
Narasimharao Venkata Addanki, Maryland 
Chung Hyun Ahn, Korea 
Thomas George Althen, Maryland 
Luther Kersey Barden, Maryland 
Justice Stephen Barton, Jr., Maryland 
Donald LeRoy Bartusek, Maryland 
Anthony Allen Bednarczyk, Maryland 
William Rohrman Belfield, Maryland 
David Nathan Bixler, Maryland 
David S. Bright, Maryland 
Michael Buas, Maryland 
Douglas MacArthur Burch, Virginia 
Marilyn Louise Carlson, Maryland 
John Linward Chasse, Maryland 
Weldon Hawkins Clark, Jr., Maryland 
James Herbert Crouch, California 
Douglas Garrison Danforth, Maryland 
Donald Patrick Doherty, Virginia 
Stephen Linley Dougherty, Maryland 
Marian Frances Eilers, Maryland 
Ronald Hubert Estes, Maryland 
John Gaudet Frink, Maryland 
Arthur Henry Herbst, Maryland 
William Francis Hermach, Maryland 
Andrew Arnold Holtan, Maryland 
Lyndon J. Howlett, Jr., New York 
Katherine Chuan-Kai Hu, Indiana 
Thomas B. Kaiser, Maryland 
Samuel David Kaplan, Maryland 
Rattan Lal Khosa, Maryland 
Robert Martin Kirby, Maryland 
Brenda Dawn Korr, Maryland 
TzoAN Chiang Kuo, Maryland 

Straton Charles Laios, Maryland 
Daniel William Leubecker, III Maryland 
Peter Charles Lichtneh*, Wisconsin 
William F. Litwiller, Maryland 
James Russell MacFall, Maryland 
Harish Narain Mathur, Maryland 
Judith Meaders McGinty, Maryland 
Thomas Albert Mink, Maryland 
Joseph Vincent Moskaitis, Maryland 
Richard Michael Nicholson, Maryland 
Ann Elizabeth Pottala, Marylayid 
John Richard Preston, Maryland 
Whitfield Aaron Russell, Virginia 
Lazaros Vassilios Sakellariou, Maryland 
Paul Samuel Schmitt, Maryland 
Karen Elizabeth Schultz, Maryland 
Arch Chilton Scurlock, Jr., Virginia 
Thomas A. Shavehi, Maryland 
Thomas R. Spacek, Maryland 
Norman Crawford Steele, Maryland 
Aretha M. Stubbs, Maryland 
Francis Charles Szoka, Jr., Maryland 
Pravinkumar B. Tailor, Maryland 
Richard Lee Tinsley, New Jersey 
Anthony Charles Verbalis, Pennsylvania 
Jack Frederick Weaver, Maryland 
Ian Malcolm Wedderspoon, Maryland 
James Shiapin Whang, Taiwan 
Howard Scott Wheatley, Maryland 
Michael Duncan Williams, Neiv York 
Peter Stanley Winokltr, Maryland 
Kenneth Eugene Wisner, Maryland 
Patricia Quing Wong, Maryland 

June 5, 1971 

Abdelkhalik Abdelkarim Abdou, D. C. 
David Payne Anderson, Michigan 
Fred Taylor Arnold, Maryland 
Bruce Edmund Beacham, Maryland 
Lucille Kates Beale, Maryland 
Manuel Gregorio Benavides, Maryland 
Robert John Biegalski, Maryland 

Alvin Lee Bowles, Maryland 
Michael James Caughlin, Maryland 
SURESH Chander, Maryland 
Amar Singh Chawxa, Maryland 
Augustine Yimpan Cheiung, Maryland 




John Godfrey Connell, Delaware 
Thomas Patrick Courtney, Maryland 
Elizabeth Corning Dudley, Maryland 
Clive p. Durose, Maryland 
Mary Monica Duru, Maryland 
David Allan Espeseth, Maryland 
Andrew M. Findlay, Maryland 
Frances W. Fletcher, Virginia 
Lewis Franklin Flora, Maryland 
Edward Harry Glade, Virginia 
Donald Goldman, Maryland 
David Leslie Greene, Maryland 
Warren Lee Hammons, Maryland 
Howard Charles Harclerode, Maryland 
Robert Elden Haresnape, Maryland 
Pauline Johanna Haro, Maryland 
John Joseph Hasson, Maryland 
Sylvia Hendel, Maryland 
Lloyd Omar Henderson, Maryland 
David Raymond Hoekzema, Maryland 
Georgene Curtiss Hunt, Maryland 
Juette L. Jackson, D. C. 
YuenhAn Kan, Maryland 
Ramesh Khatri, Maryland 
Richard W. Kisielewski, Maryland 
Gerald L. Klingaman, Maryland 
Joseph Michael Krupinsky, Maryland 
DomeniCO Lanari, Italy 
Robert Allan Langel, Maryland 
Randolph Kenneth Larsen, Maryland 
Peter Thomas Lassovszky, Maryland 
Carl Edward Lenhoff, Maryland 
Claude Matthews Ligon, Maryland 
George J. Linde, Maryland 
Dean Arthur Logan, Pennsylvania 
Helen Frantz Loper, Maryland 
Robert Thomas Luckritz, Iowa 

Gordon W. MacPherson, Maryland 
Paul John Macuirles, Maryland 
Theodore Norman Maisel, D. C. 
John Malamas, Virginia 
Joseph G. Maley, Maryland 
Richard Lee Mattis, Maryland 
Wilfred Edward Mazur, Maryland 
Gertrude Ann McKee, Maryland 
James Robb McSkimin, New Jersey 
Helen Evelyn Melichar, Maryland 
William Thomas Messick, Maryland 
Miles Compton Miller, Maryland 
Priti M. Monteiro, Maryland 
George Nesterczuk, Maryland 
Diane Downing Neville, Maryland 
Ellen Kathleen O'Brien, Virginia 
Lee Ohringer, Virginia 
Donald James Orser, Maryland 
BiNYORK OuyAng, Maryland 
Young Ho Park, Maryland 
Martin Charles Peckerar, Maryland 
Eric Andrew Peterson. North Carolina 
Pressly Craig Phillips, Maryland 
James Lawrence Redifer, Maryland 
Patricia S. Reichelderfer, Maryland 
John Joseph Reilly, Maryland 
Nancy J. Richardson, Maryland 
Roger Richter, Maryland 
George Benjamin Roche, Maryland 
John Blackwell Rountree, Texas 
Nicholas Alden Salatti, Maryland 
Prasan Kumar Samantaray, Maryland 
Stephen Barrett Segall, Maryland 
Bruce Allen Shapiro, New York 
Prema Amirtham Simon, Maryland 
Vernon Lee Skinner, Maryland 




Timothy J. Sonnenberg, Ohio 
David Wayne Street, Maryland 
James Gibson Stringer, Maryland 
Mary Susan Sutphin, Maryland 
Julie A. Swant, Minnesota 
Eric Steven Tannenbaum, Maryland 
Nina Nichols Thayer, Illinois 
James C. Trondsen, Maryland 

Walter Frank Truszkowski, Maryland 
Eric Lloyd Victor, Maryland 
Norman Andrew^ Whalen, Maryland 
Patricia A. White, D. C. 
Elaine Rose Williams, Ohio 
Carl Daniel Wise, Maryland 
Stephen K. Young, Maryland 
Leona Ludwig Zerby, Maryland 


August 28, 1970 

Ronald Garland Abe, Maryland 
Othel F. Adams, Virginia 
Margaret Mary Babcock, Maryland 
James Chessrun Barber, Minnesota 
Jane Phillips Battle, Alabama 
Linda Conzett Beardslee, Colorado 
David Richard Bennett, Maryland 
Ronald Alan Berk, Maryland 
Jay M. Bernhisel, California 
Oscar Leland Blakey, Jr., D. C. 
Brenda Foxwell Bornt, Maryland 
Carol Gebebt Bowis, Maryland 
Clinton George Bradway, Jr., Maryland 
Ethel Brown Brewington, Maryland 
Jctta Belle Brown, Maryland 
Marianne Karen Carameta, Connecticut 
Richard H. Cabignan, Arkansas 
Virginia R. Chapman, Virginia 
Robert T. Childers, Maryland 
Emidio Cicolini, Maryland 
Thomas Michael Conner, Maryland 
Everett Lee Cook, Maryland 
Bette Sandra Coplan, Maryland 
Josephine Ellen Crane, Maryland 
MarITA Mckenna Danek, Maryland 
Lloyd R. Davis, Maryland 
Dora E. Dean, Ohio 
John Michael Delaini, Maryland 
Mary Emily Dennis, Georgia 
Eleanor Hooks Edwards, Maryland 
Luanne Crozier Erickson, Maryland 
Edward Moody Felegy, Maryland 
James Wallace Fowler, Virginia 
Helens Marie Fredeking, Maryland 
David Glen Freitag, Maryland 
Diane J. Frieman, Maryland 
Charlotte Willson Gagalski, Maryland 
Linda B. Gambrell, Maryland 
Risa Jane Garon, Maryland 
Gail Hindson Garrison, Virginia 
Yvonne Virginia Gehring, California 
Cheryl Lynn Gillette, Maryland 
Selma Annette Goldberg, Maryland 
Phyllis Kamerow Gottlieb, Maryland 
Carol A. Gray, Maryland 

JosBa'HiNE M. Grittie, Maryland 
Ann Euzabeth Hart, New Jersey 
Deborah Ann Helfrich, Maryland 
Joan Gayle Henneman, Michigan 
JOANN M. Holmes, Maryland 
Ernest David Hoover, Maryland 
Katheryn Agnes Hovde, Maryland 
Marcene Annette Huebner, Maryland 
Judith Ann Ingram, Maryland 
Betty Lou Jackson, Maryland 
Judith Hall Jones, Maine 
Thomas Howard Jones, Maryland 
Wallace J. Kahn, Maryland 
Claudia Anne Katz, Illinois 
Marilyn Virginia Keilson, Maryland 
Naomi RraD Keiter, Maryland 
Dorothy Doris Kobe, Maryland 
Charles Francis Laird, Kansas 
Phyllis B. Lamiman, Maryland 
Anne H. Locke, Maryland 
Norma Alberta Loh, Maryland 
.Arthur Mohr Longacre, D. C. 
Helen L. Madara, Maryland 
Marie Mastromarino, New York 
Charles E. Mathews, Michigan 
Pamela Ann McDowell, Maryland 
Jeanne M. McNamara, Maryland 
Jill Knight Menassa, Virginia 
Sharon W. Menton, Maryland 
Frances Ann Miller, Maryland 
Helen Patricia Mullen, New Jersey 
Frances Bair Myatt, Maryland 
Emily Hulsizer Nicodemus, Pennsylvania 
Nancy Jean Peters, Illinois 
Rita Lynne Remsberg, Maryland 
John Frederick Riedesel, Maryland 
Mary Elizabeth Rose, Maryland 
Linda Beck Roth, Maryland 
Rosalind Diane Rubin, Maryland 
Linda Ann Scarpelli, Maryland 
Margaret Shaffer, Schab, Maryland 
David Lee Schmeltzer, Illinois 
Richard B. Schreiner, Maryland 
Sandra Yvonne Seto, Hawaii 
Carol J. Silver, New Jersey 



Forrest Myron Stowe, Texas 
Maryellen p. Stuart, Maryland 
Joseph Paul Stubenhofer, Pennsylvania 
Ronald Ray Sturm, New York 
Manuel Theodore Suarez, Jr., Maryland 
Marie Joan Swing, Maryland 
Stephen Paul Tarason, Maryland 
Lynn Mae Troutman, Maryland 
June Alice Turrell, Connecticut 

Charles Francis Venable, Maryland 
Barbara M. Vignone, Maryland 
Victoria Clark Waidner, Maryland 
Mary W. Wair, Maryland 
Elena D. Wermers, Maryland 
Jay Francis Wiles, Maryland 
Virginia Faye Withington, Maryland 
Naomi Faye Wriston, West Virginia 

January 25, 1&71 


Gail T. Adams, Maryland 
Linda Foxx Ahlstedt, New York 
Doris Crichton Anderson, Maryland 
M. Paul ANTEyroMAso, Maryland 
Avery Franklin Barnett, Maryland 
Carol Ann Bergen, Maryland 
Sandra Waldine Boyer, Maryland 
Kennard Samuel Brackney, Maryland 
James W. Buffington, Maryland 
William Ashworth Burslem, Maryland 
Charles Wayne Carter, Maryland 
Sandra Yudkin Casway, Maryland 
Mary T. Chan, Maryland 
Frances L Clark, Michigan 
Carol Lennon Cuba, Maryland 
Walter James Cuttler, Maryland 
Barbara Anne Danib^l, Maryland 
Theodore Lewis Danish, Maryland 
Irma Polk Deas, Maryland 
Chester Allen DeVore, Maryland 
Josephine W. Disney, Maryland 
Harold Charles Fait, Jr., Maryland 
Ina W. Feldman, Maryland 
Judith L. Ford, California 
Barbara Sue Frank, Maryland 
Thelma Lee Garris, D. C. 
Maurice Curtis Genies, D. C. 
Lucy B. Odom George, Virgin Islands 
Joan Michele Gingell, Maryland 
Sharon Braver Goldstein, Marylayid 
Barbara Joyce Graves, Maryland 
Ruby W. Gunter, Virginia 
Mary Saunders Hande, Maryland 
Theodora Kay Harris, Alabama 
David McGregor Healbtv, Massachtisetts 
Carl Edward Hoffman, Maryland 
James Edward Hopkins, Maryland 
Virginia M. Huntb^i, Maryland 
Edward Francis Johnson, Maryland 
Enid DeVeaux Johnson, D. C. 
Lenora Ruth Johnson, Virginia 
EvoNNE Parker Jones, Maryland 

Audrey Mae Kihnemann, Missouri 
Walter Berkett Knighton, III, 

Irene Koszarek, Wiscoyisin 
George Rudolph Lauer, Jr., Maryland 
Earl Laws, California 
Elizabeth S. Lee, Maryland 
Dave Lefcourt, Maryland 
Barry R. Levin, Maryland 
Gail Roberta Warren Maish, Indiana 
Barbara Lee McCabe, Maryland 
Catherine Ellen McLaughlin, Maryland 
Suzanne P. Miner, Maryland 
John Edward Mooney, Maryland 
ROBiaiT V. Moore, Maryland 
Ross Richard Morcomb, Maryland 
Wade McCoy Morrison, Virginia 
John P. Noon, Maryland 
Charles John O'Donnell, Maryland 
Cynthia S. Picha, California 
Noknoi PramualratANA, Maryland 
Carl Richard Pulliam, Virginia 
Saulo Antonio Rada, Maryland 
Marsha R. Raff, Maryland 
Patricia Kathryn Reilly, Pennsylvania 
A. Ricciardi, Jr., Virginia 
Jesse Thomas Richie, Maryland 
Madelyn K. Schaefer, Maryland 
Conrad Vincent Scurto, Maryland 
Ronald John Smetanick, Maryland 
Betty Cooper Smith, Maryland 
Alice Fay Statler, Maryland 
Margie A. Stoker, Maryland 
Barbara H. Truesdell, Maryland 
Dorothy N. Ushijima, Hawaii 
Mary Bizzelle Vogel, D. C. 
Martha Pollard Ward, Virginia 
Patricia Louise Warren, Maryland 
Takeshi Watanabe, California 
Betty Ann White, Maryland 
Marian Odessa Williams, D. C. 
Annette Zanb-Wacks Zimmern, Maryland 




June 5, 1971 

Belisario Marques Andrade, Maryland 

Rebecca Anne Huss Ashmore, Maryland 

Martha M. Avery, Georgia 

James Paul Baker, Maryland 

Georgia White Bange, Virginia 

Adelaide Sue Currier Barnes, Maryland 

Edwina F^lizabeth Black, Maryland 

David Clarke Bowen, Maryland 

Vivian Stallworth Boyd, APO San Francisco 

Norma Lee Brinsfield, Maryland 

Joseph William Byers, Maryland 

DoMENic Antonio Calabro, D. C. 

Patricia Colacicco Campbell, Maryland 

Charles Edward Carey, Maryland 

Georgia Ann Charuhas, Maryland 

George Joseph Cindrich, Maryland 

Diane S. Colvin, Virginia 

Joan Temple Copenspire, Maryland 

MoNiQUE Claire Coustry, Maryland 

Mary Karen Crowley, Maryland 

Stewart Culkin, D. C. 

Ulus Wayne Dansby, APO San Francisco 

Kathryn Frances Davies, 

APO San Francisco 
Lois M. Davis, Maryland 
Thomas Davis, Maryland 
Susan Jane Koebel Dillehay, Illinois 
Patricia Ann Dove, Maryland 
Carol Ann Dunlap, Maryland 
Shirley Shugart Duvall, Maryland 
Jacqueline Bridewell Eig, Maryland 
Ann Marie Evans, D. C. 
Laura Jeanne Evans, New York 
Marsha Ilene Facktor, Maryland 
Saturnino FeRMIN, Maryland 
Gerald John Fondessy, Maryland 
Janet M. Furman, Maryland 
Karen Sue Furner, Maryland 
Earl Maris Garren, Maryland 
Harry Clinton Gemberling, Maryland 
Clifford John Gladu, Maryland 
Carole Jean Glenn, Maryland 
Ann M. Goldensohn, Maryland 
Iris Z. Goldfinger, Maryland 
Sharon Elaine Gottlieb, Maryland 
Andrea Frances Gowetski, Maryland 
Carmella B. Grant, Maryland 
Ernestine H. Gray, Maryland 
Susan E. Hackett, D. C. 
S. John Haddad, Maryland 

Ralph Alga Hall, Maryland 
Boyd Irvin Heckman, Maryland 
Eunice Arlene Heckman, Maryland 
Edna Henderson, Maryland 
Nancy Gloria Hendler, Maryland 
Amelia Catherine Herlihy, Maryland 
Russell Ward Hitchcock, Virginia 
Louise Sheila Hodin, APO Sayi Francisco 
Helene Ann Hogan, Maryland 
Jack Raymond Hogsten, Maryland 
Rae Trapolino Houghton, Maryland 
Linda Lewis Hughes, Maryland 
Ann Della Husted, Maryland 
Robert Michael Imphong, Maryland 
Sonya Rae Iverson, Maryland 
Barbara Esterman Jacobowitz, Maryland 
Emma June James, Maryland 
Dennis Lee Janko, Maryland 
Glenda Jasen, APO San Francisco 
Roy Samuel Johnson, Maryland 
Mary Ann P. Jones, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Kerlin, Maryland 
Elizabeth S. Kiehl, Virginia 
Judy Schwartzbach Kipnis, Maryland 
Jane E. Koran, Maryland 
Richard Stanley Krafchik, Maryland 
Priscilla Gbiffing KrEBS, Maryland 
Virginia M. Lasap, Maryland 
Katherine Burton L/v/klle, Maryland 
Joan Liljedahl, Maryland 
Robert C. Linton, Virgiiiia 
Suzanne Lipscomb, Maryland 
Constance C. Mair, D. C. 
Stanley Roland Martin, New Jersey 
Charlotte Anne Mason, Maryland 
Marilyn Claire Mathay, Maryland 
Carol Jean McCandless, Maryland 
Annie Mae McElrath, D. C. 
Claudette Devine McGurn, Maryland 
Jean Shaw McHale, Maryland 
Margaret Ellen Melkus, Maryland 
John Robert Meredith, Morj/ZoHrf 
Frances Fulcher Midkiff, Maryland 
Kathleen Lynn Milligan, Maryland 
Marilyn Nugent, Maryland 
Janet Mears Nurick, Maryland 
Esther Veronica Oliger, Maryland 
Thelma J. OsBORN, Maryland 
Garnet Bruce Palmer, Virginia 
Gertrude H. Pardoe, Maryland 




Linda Lou Patton, Maryland 

Alfreddy Pekry, D. C. 

Alexandra Pktalozzi, Maryland 

Donald Iverson Poole, Maryland 

Joan Louise Pore, Maryland 

Juanita Addie Potter, Maryland 

Mary Bea Preston, Maryland 

Margaret Ann Raible, Maryland 

Marylou Randour, Maryland 

Ellen Hope Rappoport, Maryland 

Rita La\t:rne Robinson, Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Sale, Maryland 

Archie Bernard Savage, .IPO San Francisco 

Phyllis Marie Shaffer, Maryland 

Paula Ann Sherin, Massachusetts 

Jeanne Dorothy Shively, 

APO San Francisco 
Beatrice Sklarewitz, Maryland 
Susan Hill Smith, Maryland 
Marcia Rita Solomon, .Vew Jersey 
Anita Marie Solo\'EY, Maryland 
Sara Anne Stacy, Maryland 
Emmanell Parrish Starr, Maryland 
Anne Stanford Stephens, Marijland 
Lionel Lewis Stephens, Maryland 

Ella Mae Stovall, Maryland 
HOROTHY H. Sullivan, Maryland 
Helene Margot Tenner, Maryland 
Freeda Elizabeth Thompson, Maryland 
John Henry Tiehm, Maryland 
Thomas K. Toner, Maryland 
Ruth Myra Uhlmann, D. C. 
Jacquelyn Marie Vawter, Virginia 
Karen Ann Verbeke, Xetc Jersey 
William Patrick Walker, Maryland 
Darlene Louise Ward, Virginia 
Rose M. Ward. APO San Francisco 
Thomas Joseph WatkiNs, Pennsylvania 
Mary Tupper D. Webster, Maryland 
Juliann Mary Weiss, lon-a 
John C. Whitten, Maryland 
Norma McLaughlin Williams, D. C. 
Shirley Kay Wilson, Maryland Marie Wisniewski, Pennsylvania 
Joe Edward Woelke, Oklahoma 
Murray William Wolf, Maryland 
IFONG Joyce Wu, Maryland 
George Morris Yates, D. C. 
William Dean Young, .IPO 5a?! Francisco 




August 28, 1970 

Walter J. Bell, Pennsylvania 
Edward Buck Brinton, Jr., Maryland 
Sharo.n Ellen Brooks, Maryland 
Donald A. Denkhaus, Pennsylvania 
Jeffrey Howard Kamins, Maryland 
Patrick James Kenny, Maryland 
Brian Jeffrey Kols, Maryland 
Philip L. McKee, Florida 

Gail Lynn Pasternack, Maryland 
Robert Ernest Prangley, Maryland 
John Mark Qui.nlivan, Florida 
Frederick .Alvin Ricles, Maryland 
James Fletchor Simpso.n, Xeic York 
John Clement Verdon, Maryland 
William Kinsey Williams, Maryland 

January 25, 1&71 

Robert Hayes Bell, Jr., Maryland 
Uri Brainin, Maryland 
Stephen George Carver, Texas 
John Fra.ncis Cunniffe, Maryland 
Edward John Donohue, Jr., Maryland 
John Sid.ney Durham, Maryland 
Edward Joseph Geckle, Maryland 
William Frederick Grazer, Maryland 
John Henry Linneman, Jr., California 
Lawrence Lovelace, Wisconsin 

Joseph Thomas Maurer, Pennsylvania 
Joh.n Theodore Oleksy, Maryland 
Dale Frederick Olm, Delaware 
Bohdan Yaro PasCHYN, Maryland 
Walter Frederick Spath, Jr., Maryland 
John Fra.ncis Swegel, Maryland 
Ronald Wayne Talbert, Maryland 
Benjamin Collins Whitfield, Maryland 
George William Wright, Maryland 



June 5, 1971 



Walter Mason Ali.en, Maryland 
Michael Stephen Biela, Massachusetts 
James Martin Broan, Virginia 
George Rex Brock, New York 
Daniel F. Chambers, Maryland 
Dennis Ramiro Cintron, Maryland 
Robert Edward Cronin, New York 
George Henry Diacont, Maryland 
Roger Quentin Hoover, Illinois 
Henry Augustus Kettendorf, Virginia 
Thomas James Kolakowski, New Jersey 
Francis B. Kramer, Maryland 
Gary Alan Langbaum, Maryland 

Allan Jay Lazar, New York 
John Grant Malcolm, Maryland 
Harry Edward Mason, Virginia 
Regis Eugene Miller, Maryland 
Edward Anthoney Morash, Massachusetts 
Michael Lee Pardue, Pennsylvania 
Kenneth F. Payne, Virginia 
Martin Jack Phillips, New Jersey 
Robert G. Rader, Maryland 
Donald Keister Simpson, Maryland 
Charles Lee Stambaugh, Maryland 
Alan L. Taragin, Maryland 
James Kemper Watson, Maryland 




August 28, 1970 

Justine Anne Abdul-Baki, Maryland 
Barbara Banister Ames, Maryland 
George Douglas Arnold, D. C. 
Barbara Badger, D. C. 
Ann L. Bay, Maryland 
Nancy Ellen Berth, Connecticut 
Myra Irene Binau, Maryland 
Sherry L. Blakeney, Maryland 
Ethel Mae Bovet, Virginia 
Phoebe Anne Brunner, D. C. 
Nancy Lee Buchanan, Virginia 
Emila Jane Byrne, Connecticut 
Maureen Lee Canick, Maryland 
Annette H. Chappell, Maryland 
William Joseph Coleman, Jr., Virginia 
Becky A. Coney, Virginia 
Janice Mary Driscoll, Maine 
Katherine M. Duff, Maryland 
Anne Brisebois Elliott, Virginia 
Vivian W. Fitzgerald, Maryland 
Mary Lillian Frantz, Maryland 
Harry Lewis Gary, Maryland 
Alan E. Gollihue, Virginia 
Margaret Theresa Graham, Maryland 
Sadie Gkier Grannison, Maryland 
Carol Y. Grier, Maryland 
Mary Helen Heiath, Virginia 
Susan Rhoda Horowitz, Maryland 
Mau-Mei Marie Huang, Maryland 
Shirley S. Jay, Maryland 
James Watt Jeffries, Maryland 
Julie Maru Johnson, Florida 
Ann E. Kenyon, Connecticut 
Diane A. Klein, D. C. 
Judith Ann Kolberg, Maryland 
Annie K. Kronk, Marylayid 
Catherine Jeanette Lenix, D. C. 

Joyce C. Leung, Maryland 
John Dana Levy, Maryland 
Rosa Lie, Maryland 
James Labon Linard, Virginia 
Thelma S. Little, Maryland 
Sylvia B. Mallette, D. C. 
Agnes Liu Mao, Maryland 
Melvin Robert Martini, Maryland 
John Anderson McMillen, Maryland 
Robert James Merikangas, Maryland 
Mildred B. Merrill, California 
Virginia Everline Moore, Maryland 
Shigeru MorizONO, Maryland 
Keith Russell Newsom, Maryland 
Clemence Conklin Perslin, Maryland 
Cicely Jordaine Phippen, Maine 
Marie M. Ringle, Virginia 
Mary Kristine Rogowski, Maryland 
Gail Ross, Maryland 
Majorie Persion Sale, Maryland 
Alice Jane Scott, Connecticut 
Arta Hope Shields, Tennessee 
Robert John Skarr, Maryland 
Elaine F. Sloan, Maryland 
Martha Reeves Spangler, New Jersey 
Patricia S. Szemes, Maryland 
Leonard Alfred Tabor, Jr., Maryland 
Roberta Taherzadeh, California 
Phyllis Carlon Tracer, Connecticut 
Sarah Jane Van Ausdal, Virginia 
Majorie W. Van Buren, Maryland 
Margaret Caughey Warner, Maryland 
ViCKI A. Webb, Virginia 
Mary Wray Whitfield, Maryland 
Isabel Ferguson Wiens, Maryland 
Eva Louisa Worthington, Maryland 


January 25, 1&71 


Patricia Ann Aud, Maryland 
Mary Evexyn Bell, Florida 
Douglas George Campbell, Iowa 
Camille Annette Cannon, D. C. 
Lucia Pennington Cook, California 
Bonnie Jo Dopp, Wisconsin 
Vincent Edward Dougherty, Maryland 
Ann E. Eberly, Maryland 
Priscilla Mae Ernst, Maryland 
Deborah Joy Craning, Maryland 
Helen Marjorie Gryboski, Virginia 
Cheryl Theresa Illigasch, Pennsylvania 
Wayne E. Jackl, Maryland 
Margaret Edith Kane, Virginia 
Wen-min C. Kao, Maryland 
Elise C. Kissman, Maryland 
Carol Louise Knoth, Indiana 
Jane H. Larson, Maryland 
Angela Marie Least, Netv York 
Peter Liebscher, Maryland 

Kathleen Lohman, Maryland 
Patrick F. McIntyre, Virginia 
Susan Wood Nichols, Maryland 
Irene Owens, D. C. 
Susan S. Pence, Maryland 
Regina Laura Robbins, Maryland 
Carolyn May Sauthoff, Maryland 
John George Schaefer, Maryland 
Mark Francis Scully, Maryland 
GiTA Gloria Siegman, Maryland. 
Martin Albert Smith, D. C. 
Esther Moger Stokes, Virginia 
Nancy Taft, Massachusetts 
Barbara E. Taylor, Maryland 
Robert Tarpley Taylor, North Carolina 
Elizabeth Waterman Velke, Virginia 
Priscilla Alden Watson, Maryland 
Richard Thurston West, D. C. 
Robert Lee Wright, D. C. 
Janice Maria Young, Maryland 




June 5, 1971 

Arthur L. Adams, Iowa 

Robert Allan Bier, Maryland 

Elizabeth Gertrude Bishop, Maryland 

Naomi Adelman Borrow, Maryland 

TiNGCHUNG Dick Chen, Maryland 

Eleanor Beatrice Coerr, Virginia 

Marlo Gwynne Comer, Maryland 

Mary Genevieve Chain, D. C. 

Eleanor T. Damewood, Maryland 

Virginia Anne Dorsbtit, Maryland 

Stephen Bruce Dresner, D. C. 

Herman Muni Eisenberg, Maryland 

Lois L. Frost, Maryland 

Nancy E. Gorbics, Maryland 

Molly Jane Haarhoff, Maryland 

Margaret Louise Harper, Maryland 

Catherine Ann Harris, Maryland 

Karen K. Harris, Virginia 

Janet Kuhl Hays, Virginia 

Richard Lee Hearn, Maryland 

Sara Barker Hinnegan, Maryland 

Conrad Charles Hoover, D. C. 

Maryann Semmelman Hornberger, Maryland 

Elizabeth B. Hough, Maryland 

Kathleen Alice Hubbard, Maryland 

Edward Porter Humphrey, Maryland 

Rhoda Hyde, Maryland 

Donna L. Jamison, Pennsylvania 

Patricia Margaret Kelley, Colorado 
Jill M. Kennedy, D. C. 
Mary Margaret Lee, Indiana 
Camille Jeannette Leslie, Maryland 
Beverly Ann Lusey, Maryland 
Margaret Stephens Malboeuf, Maryland 
Juliet K. Markowsky, Maryland 
Frances Kay Moffett, Virginia 
Magraret At Moore, Maryland 
Donald John Oswald, New Jersey 
OswELL Person, Maryland 
Jean Elizabeth Phoenix, D. C. 
Myrtle Postelnek, Maryland 
Frh:derick Roberts Reenstjerna, 

South Carolina 
Anne Chard Ryon, Maryland 
Ronnie Cooper Sacks, Maryland 
Judith Ann Sams, Maryland 
AURELIA Simon, Delaware 
Judy Andrews Stenberg, Maryland 
Alma Elizabeth Stewart, Maryland 
Elizabeth Frances Stoessl, Virginia 
Ann Louise Travis, Connecticut 
Arthur Edward Wade, Maryland 
Constance Turner Walker, Maryland 
Clara S. Williams, Maryland 
Evelyn Briggs Wilson, Maryland 
Gloria H. Woodard, D. C. 


August 28, 1970 

Robert G. McKenzie, Maryland 

June 5, 1971 

Paul Jerald Dallman, Maryland 
Robert George Dure, Connecticut 
Robert Louis Petrella, New Jersey 

Ruth La Porte Sragow, Maryland 

Natalie Deich Ross, Maryland 
Frederick G. Weiser, Nerv York 

College of Agriculture 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

August 28. 1970 

Roger Charles Covey, Maryland 
t J AMES Clarence Foor, Georgia 

tRoNALD Norman Spikloser, Maryland 
Perrie Wilson Water, Jr., Maryland 


January 25, 1971 

William Cleoi-'us Bentley, D. C. 
Howard Alan Bergson, Maryland 
William Joseph Blackert, Jr., Maryland 
Thomas Michael Blessington, Jr., Maryland 
Charles Henry Boyer, Jr., Maryland 
Charles Rodney Buckley, Rhode Island 
Judith Karen Burton, Maryland 
Steven Bennett Caplan, Maryland 
Mary Alice CARBry, Maryland 
Clarence Daniel Chance, Maryland 
Frank Thomas Covey, Maryland 
IBetty Jane Davis, Maryland 
Paul Alan Drazek, Maryland 
Douglas Randolph Dunn, Maryland 
* Nancy Elizabeth Forster, New York 
George Dwight Gorsuch, Maryland 
Andrea O'Neill Hallock, Virghiia 
Rexwell Aubrey Huston, Maryla^id 

June 5, 1971 

Brian Joseph Adelhardt, Maryland 

fJOHN Michael Baines. Maryland 

Philip Baum, Maryland 

William Anthony Beasman, III, Maryland 

Thomas Clifford Benson, Maryland 

Wallace Seward Berg, Jr., Florida 

tCoLiN Randolph Boyd, Maryland 

IHarry Ellsworth Burchard, Jr., Maryland 

Robert B. Butts, Maryland 

Susan Patricia Byrne, Maryland 

Danny Bystrak, Maryland 

Chester Marvin Cissel, Jr., Maryland 

James Elmer Dinger, Maryland 

Robert Justin Dunlavey, Maryland 

Glavis Bernard Edwards, Jr., Maryland 

Robert Raymond Ensor, Maryland 

Robert Edward Fisher, Maryland 

Ralph Leroy Fogwell, Maryland 

John Oscar Francies, III, Maryland 

Earl Millard Garbina, Maryland 

Ronald Joel Garner, Maryland 

Howard T. Green, Maryland 

Alan G. Greenbaum, Maryland 

Larry James Grossnickle, Maryland 

Michael Everly Hemming, Maryland 

Makk S. Henderson, Maryland 

Harry John Herman, Jr., Maryland 

Thomas Lee Hoffman, Maryland 

Thomas John Jensen, Maryland 
Donald Wayne Kurtz, Maryland 
Paul Frederick Meyer, Maryland 
Ronald Pierce Milberg, Maryland 
William Jackson Mills, Maryland 
IEddie Forest Molesworth, Maryland 
Donald Thomas Myers, Maryland 
James P. O'Mara, Maryland 
John Cartier Regnier, Maryland 
James Thomas Roseberry, Pennsylvania 
James Rudolph Scott, Jr., Maryland 
Andrew Quinn Shepherd, Maryland 
Paul Timothy Stanley, Virginia 
Steven Edward Taylor, Maryland 
William Howard Twilley, Maryland 
Yaovamalaya Umpunantana, Thailand 
Thomas Eric Van Dyke, Maryland 
James B. Williams, Jr., Maryland 

David Glenn Howard, Maryland 
James Joseph Hurley, Maryland 
Elizabeth L. Kent, Maryland 
tGEORGE Henry Linthicum, Maryland 
*Philip Thomas Mason, Maryland 
Stephen J. Matthias, Maryland 
Robert Howard McClain, Jr., Maryland 
Joanne Elizabeth McKenna, Maryland 
Richard Louis Moser, Maryland 
tSHARON Mae Mroz, Maryland 
Robert Sean Mullen, Maryland 
Earl Joseph Mummert, II, Florida 
William Joseph Nohejl, New York 
Bernice Esther Palmer, Maryland 
Douglas Lee Park, Maryland 
Stephen Rhein Pittman, Pennsylvania 
tMAX Neel Poffenbarger, Maryland 
Timothy F. Ray, Maryland 
Harry Eugene Rector, Maryland 
David Walter Reger, Maryland 
tANDREW Henry Rimar, Maryland 
Joel Rosen, Maryland 
Steven James Roush, Maryland 
Nolan Phillip Rubin, Maryland 
Tim Lawrence Rutland, Maryland 
Howard Leroy Sellman, III, Maryland 


*with Honors ; twith High Honors 



Grover Warren Sherlin, Maryland 
Anne Elizabeth Shuman. Maryland 
Alan Joel Silverman, Maryland 
GREnoRY Evan Sonberg, Maryland 
Hal Renner Spielman, Maryland 
Kathleene Sterling, Maryland 
Charles Frederick Stewart, Maryland 
Charles George Stoecker, Maryland 
Carol Arita Strommen, Maryland 
John Henry Suit, Maryland 
Kenneth A. Sylvester, Maryland 

Gary Joseph Taylor, Maryland 
James Leo burk Thompson, Maryland 
Willis Francis Thompson, Maryland 
John William Todd, Maryland 
Richard Wayne Trice, Maryland 
Darryl Wayne Walker, Maryland 
Glenn Lawrence Ward. Maryland 
Bruce Duvall Weaver, Maryland 
Harold Milton Windlan, Jr., Maryland 
Gerald Eldon Young, Maryland 




^> •*' 


College of Arts and Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Charles Manning, Dean of the College 


August 28, 1970 

Michael Leon Albro, Maryland 
Carole Ann Alexander, Maryland 
Norman B. Ament, Maryland 
Deborah Lynn Archer, Virghiia 
lYLLIs Hutchin Bache, Maryland 
Mary Kathryn Bailey, Maryland 
Carol Evelyn Baker, Maryland 
Margaret Anne Bannigan, Maryland 
Myo Bathaung, Maryland 
Mary Frances Baublitz, Maryland 
Harvey Brian Berthiaume, Maryland 
fGlSELE A. Bickel, Maryland 
Robert Irving Bierman, New York 
Orval Wayne Bittinger, Maryland 
Mary Elizabeth Blasko, Maryland 
BONNYE S. Bluefeld, Maryland 
Pierre E. Blum, Maryland 
Richard Marc Bossin, Maryland 
George Anderson Braley, Maryland 
Robert Norris Brewer, Illinois 
Bertha Jean Brown, Maryland 
Barbara Ethel Bryant, Maryland 
John Michael Buchanan, Maryland 
tGARY Allen Buie, Maryland 
Thomas Eugene Butt, Maryland 
Maureen Catherine Byrne, Maryland 
Stephen Carl Carey, Virginia 
Leonard Louis Casalino, New York 
Steven Merrill Cass, Massachusetts 
John Harry Cawthorne, Maryland 
* Edward Sheldon Chaid, Maryland 
Rebecca C. Chiavetta, Maryland 
James Erwin Christensen, Maryland 
Paul Edward Clawson, Maryland 
Edward Tuck Colbert, Maryland 
*Carolyn Thien Coleman, Maryland 
Carlyle Vernon Conover, Jr., Maryland 
Christine Dale Cully, Maryland 
Constance Penny Cummings, New Jersey 
Geraldine Daniel, Maryland 
Gregg Winston Dawson, Montana 
Dorothy Anne Degennaro, Maryland 
Sharon B. Dorfman, Maryland 
Toby P. Dress, Maryland 
Richard Allen Dungey, //, Maryland 
Robert Arnold Edlund, Maryland 
Douglas Byron Elliott, Maryland 
*Sarah Ruth Epstein, Maryland 
Barbara Sue Farrar, Maryland 
Richard Hebb Foard, Maryland 
Robert Allen Fox, Maryland 
Judith Bernstein Freedman, Maryland 
Ann Freud, Maryland 
Kent Wesley Gallagher, Maryland 
Gary Stephen Gasparovic, Marxjiand 
Robert Richard German, Maryland 
Joann GeSUMARIA, Maryland 
Ralph Bruce Glickman, Maryland 
Annette Ruth Grabin, Maryland 
Anne Vernon Gravely, Maryland 

Eric Ala Green, Maryland 
fMARTHA Wrenn (Jregg, Virginia 
Jean Ellen Gulyas, Maryland 
Cleveland Clark Hall, Maryland 
Frederick Charles Harris, Maryland 
tGARY .Anthony Haynes, Maryland 
Gabriel J. Hiza, Maryland 
James Butler Hoehn, D. C. 
Linda Jean Hoffman, Maryland 
Donald George Hrdlicka, Maryland 
Wayne Hubbard Hudson, New York 
Donald Charles Humbertson, Maryland 
Janet Lorelle Hunter, Maryland 
Melody Ann Jensen, Maryland 
Victor Allan Jones, Jr., Maryland 
Susan Kable, Maryland 
Nancy L. Kane, Maryland 
Barbara Kessler, New York 
fRlCHARD J. Klein, Maryland 
David N. Kuryk, Maryland 
Sandra Dee Lawton, Maryland 
*Bruce Montgomery Leet, Maryland 
Judith Barbara Levine, Maryland 
Gaby William Link, Maryland 
*William Cabell Lorraine, Maryland 
Sharon Theresa Mader, Maryland 
James William McCauley, Maryland 
*Linda Sharon McGee, Maryland 
Missy Julie Mendell, Maryland 
Paul Herman Menk, III, Maryland 
Raymond Paul Merkin, Pennsylvania 
Sheldon Michelson, Maryland 
Jane Deborah Mitchell, Maryland 
Mary Jane Mudd, Maryland 
Bernice Smith Mudrick, Maryland 
Susan Elizabeth Murphy, Maryland 
Mary Margaret O'Donnell, Maryland 
Darhl Yvonne Outlaw, Maryland 
Alan Barry Perlmeter, Maryland 
Richard C. Pfarr, Maryland 
Michael Andrew Pica, Maryland 
Joseph David Pincus, Maryland 
Anne Winnifred Pogorelskin, Maryland 
Karl Falk Poleman, Maryland 
*William B. Porter, D. C. 
*JOEL K. Postal, Maryland 
Daniel Knight Prater, Maryland 
Martin Stanley Protas, Maryland 
JANA Woodruff Rafferty, Maryland 
Marc Gallant Rasinsky, Maryland 
Gary David Reiner, New York 
Stephen Paul Rice, Marylayid 
Margaret Susan Robbins, Maryland 
Abvin Edward Rosen, Maryland 
Lillian Elizabeth Ross, Virginia 
Leonard Samuel Roth, Maryland 
Kenneth William Ruth, Maryland 
Barbara Joan Saragovitz, D. C. 
MiTA Marcia Schaffer, Maryland 
M. Micheline Schettewi, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 



Linda M. Schonemann, Maryland 
Claire Schwartz, Maryland 
Michael Vincent Scillia, Maryland 
tANITA I. SeLDEEN, Maryland 
Nanette Jeanne Shehab, Maryland 
Diane Harriett Shooman, Maryland 
William Stanley Shusta, Jr.. Maryland 
Kenneth Howard Silver, Maryland 
Susan F. Skeer, Maryland 
Carl Pregartner Smith, Maryland 
IEric James Smith, Maryland 
Warren Albert Smith, Jr., Maryland 
Candyce Homnick Stapen, Maryland 
Mitchell Staude, Maryland 
Harry Shelton Sugg, Jr., Maryland 
Janis L. Tabor, Maryland 

Martin Dennis Taffel, Georgia 
Barbara Elaine Thompson, New Jersey 
Ronald W. Tutt, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Twombly, Maryland 
Kathleen Walsh, Maryland 
KuGENE Charles Wasserman, New York 
Virginia Ruth Wegner, Maryland 
Joan Carol Weisheit, Maryland 
SAND:iA Helaine Wertheim, D. C. 
(;eoffrey Eric Willcher, Maryland 
Robert Earl Wilson, Maryland 
Stephen Roger Wolfe, Maryland 
Roger Lavern Wulff, Maryland 
Karl Narville Wynn, Maryland 
John Arnoldclark Yeo, Maryland 
Iris Rebecca Zeitlin, Maryland 

January 25, 1071 


Jane Day Abb, Maryland 
John Alahouzos, Maryland 
Anthony Daniel Allocca, Maryland 
Andrew F. Angevine, Maryland 
Mary Jennifer Angle, Maryland 
*Ann Marie Arendes, Maryland 
Janice DeVries Aronstei.n, Maryland 
Lilly Avgerinos, Nezv York 
Peter A. Bair, Virginia 
*Diane Virginia Baker, Maryland 
Jeanne Christine Balce. Maryland 
Vincent Timothy Bambrick, Maryland 
Steven Neil Barsky, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Bartolillo, Maryland 
Timothy Preston Beach, Maryland 
tHENRY Edward Becker, in, Maryland 
Cynthia Ero Bell, Maryland 
Douglas Eugene Bell, D. C. 
Edward William Bennett, Netc Jersey 
Robert Barton Berger, Maryland 
Frederick Carl Berh alter, Marylatid 
Nancy Louise Bienia. Maryland 
EVERLY Blacketor, Maryland 
William John Schuyler Blakefield, 

Jill Elizabeth Blomquist, Maryland 
Fred Paul Blumenthal, Maryland 
Nancy Wooding Bonifant, Maryland 
Michael J. Boone, Maryland 
Judith Ruth Bootz, Maryland 
James Richard Boyd, Pennsylvania 
Stephen Ayers Boyer, Maryland 
Jennifer Louise Bradley, Maryland 
Linda May Braun, Maryland 
GEatALDiNE Ann Brenner, Maryland 
Jennings Charles Brinsfield, Maryland 
Joyce Marie Bronson, Marylatid 
John Martin Brophy, Maryland 
John Preston Brucksch, Pennsylvania 
Leslie Virginia Buell, Maryland 
William Patrick Burns, D. C. 
Peter Michael Burtram, Maryland 
Mary Lorna Cahall, Maryland 
William Clark Campbell, H, Maryland 

Barbara Kane Campfield, Maryland 
Jose German Cardenas, Maryland 
Lucy Nina Cargnelli, D. C. 
Richard Edward Carter, Maryland 
Mary Madeline Cator, Maryland 
Ronald William Cavill, Maryland 
Robert Taylor Chandler, Maryland 
Arthur Lee Chaney, Maryland 

Robert Forrester Cissel, Maryland 
James Madison Clark, D. C. 
Stephen Douglas Cloyd, Maryland 
Steven L. Cohen, Maryland 
tTHERESA Stella Cole, Maryland 
Sidney Colen, Maryland 
Edward Francis Connors, III, Maryland 
Mary Kathleen Cook, Maryland 
Richard Lee Corbett, Maryland 
Daniel Raymond Corridon, Marylatid 
Thomas Patrick Costello, Maryland 
Sheron Longley Couch, Maryland 
Walter Charles Crawford, Maryland 
Craig Henry Cromar, Maryland 
Carolyn June Cross, Maryland 
Robert Paul Croch, Jr., Maryland 
Sandra Dean Crowell, Maryland 
Dandridge Crump, Maryland 
Robert Lee Crystal, Maryland 
Robert Thompson Cuff, Jr., Maryland 
Philip Charles Dahan, Maryland 
'James Russell Dailey, Jr., Maryland 
Carolyn Eulalia Damron, Virginia 
Katherine Lowndes Darby, D. C. 

Elaine Toby Davis, Maryland 
Jeffrey Mark Davis, Maryland 
Jordan Butler Davis, Jr., Georgia 
Gary Russell Decker, Maryland 
IKatherine Henriette Deimel, Maryland 
Verrell Leon Dethloff, Jr., Marylatid 
Jose Reginald Dias, Maryland 
Michael Ann Dodson, Maryland 
William Keith Dooley, Maryland 
Christine Marie Doran, California 
Thomas Bruce Downs, Maryland 
fYvoNNE Henriette duBuy, Maryland 


•with Honors : twith High Honors 



Deborah Helen Duffy, Maryland 

Sharon Lauren Dunmore, Maryhmd 

Francis Joseph Eari.ey, Jr., Maiylatnl 

Joseph George Ebner, Maryland 

*Deborah Elizabeth Edmondson, Maryland 

Elizabeth Campbell Edmunds, Maryland 

Jerold Irving Eisner, Maryland 

Laura Elaine Elam, D. C. 

*Jon Owen Ellingson, Maryland 

Florence McSherry Ellman, Maryland 

Peter James Enders, Maryland 

Richard Lee Engel, Maryland 

*Karl Elliot Epstein, Maryland 

Jay Elliott Erdman, Maryland 

Elizabeth Parker Faber, Maryland 

John William Fineran, Jr., Maryland 

Domenic Gus Firmani, Maryland 

Dorothy Linda Fischer, Maryland 

Paul C. Fister, Jr., Maryland 

GwEN H. Fitzgerald, Maryland 

Katherine Ann Fitzpatrick, Maryland 

Nadine Veronica Fizzano, Pennsylvania 

Sharon Francine Fletcher, Maryland 

Leslie John Fossett, Pennsylvania 

Albert Augustus Fox, Jr., Maryland 

Howard Norman Friedman, Maryland 

Mary Linda Gallagher, Maryland 

Leslie Ann Galoon, Maryland 

Charles Thomson Garey, Maryhmd 

jANis Marie Gaskins, D. C. 

Henry C. Gasque, Jr., Maryland 

Leila Susan Gault, Maryland 

Linda Mabel Gaylor, Maryland 

*MiCHELLE Gelkin, Maryland 

IBarbara Dale Gendler, Maryland 

Tania Gerich, Maryland 

Timothy James Geran, Maryland 

tMiCHAEL James Gidding, Maryland 

Helen Nora Gilbreth, Maryland 

Janet Marie Gillis, Maryland 

'Jeffrey Carl Gitomer, Maryland 

tMlCHAEL I. Goldrich, Maryland 

Robert Thomas Gonzales, Maryland 

Grace Eva Goodier, Maryland 

■Elissa Lynne Gordon, Pennsylvaiiia 

Kathleen Judith Gotkin, Maryland 

John Dana Graham, Maryland 

Michael Thomas Graham, Maryland 

Howard J. Grandier, Maryland 

*Cheryl Ann Gregg, Maryland 

Michelle Habersat, Maryland 

*John Jerome Harman, Maryland 

Martin Kevin Hayden, Maryland 

Susan Carroll Heise, Maryland 

Edith Andrea Heller, Maryland 

David Paul Henninger, Maryland 

Mary Deone Herl, Maryland 

Anne Katherine Hershey, Maryland 

Alice Maria Heuser, D. C. 

IMeldon Stonewall Jackson Hollis, Jr., 

D. C. 
Rita Holstein, Maryland 
James Brewster Hopewell, Maryland 
Jack Edward Horowitz, Maryland 

Randall W. Hudgins, Maryland 
Stephanie Jean Illar, Maryland 
Kathleen Ingle, Maryland 
Mary Helen Ives, Maryland 
Joanne Cecilia Jaxtheimer, Maryland 
Ann Campbell Johnson, Texas 
Donald Allen Jones. Maryland 
James Marion Jones, Maryland 
Margaret Anne Jones, Maryland 
Matthew Irving Kahal, Maryland 
Andrew Jay Karten, Maryland 
Stanley Herbert Katz, Maryland 
tSusAN Ruth Katz, Maryland 
*GiDE0N Isaac Kaufman, Maryland 
*M. Karen Kelleher. Maryland 
Martin Joseph Kelly, Maryland 

KatHY M. KENEFICK, Maryland 

Charles Hutton Kennedy, Maryland 
Stephen David Kent, Maryland 
Sue Ellen Ketcham, Maryland 
Clinton Phillip Killin, Gcrnia)iy 
IKaren Norma Kinley, Maryland 
Edward Joseph Klejnowski, Maryland 
Wilbur Clayton Klemm, Jr., Maryland 
Janice Anderson Kluckhuhn, Maryland 
George Melvin Kraft, Jr., Maryland 
Ann Shari Kramer, Maryland 
Robert A. Kramer, Maryland 
Jan Roberta Kressin, D. C. 
Karl Ha.ns Kuckels, Maryland 
James Michael Lacombe, Maryland 
*Frances Lamberts, Maryland 
*William Alfred Lanson, Maryland 
Mervin Wesley Lantz, Maryland 
Margaret Ann Lassuy, Maryland 
Michael Leibovici, Maryland 
Bonnie Lee Lentz, Maryland 
Samuel Mark Levy, Maryland 
Mary Ellen Lewis, Maryland 
Carolyn Julia Libertini, Maryland 
fPATRlClA Ann Linnell, Maryland 
Leah Lipman, Maryland 
Barbara Ellen Long, D. C. 
Suzanne Marie Long, Maryland 
Robert Dale Lucas, Maryland 
Bruce Keyser Lumpkin, Maryland 
Sylvester Lyon, Jr., Maryland 
Rosemary Macchiavelli, Maryland 
Michael Dennis Madden, Maryland 
Kathryn Mae Maiers, Maryland 
Robert Barry Manili, Maryland 
Carolyn L. Marlow, Maryland 
Karlene Annette Martin, Maryland 
tRoBERTA Williams Mattox, Maryland 
Thomas William McClenahan, Xeiv York 
Harry Gough McComas, IV, Maryland 
Robert Warren McGonigle, Maryland 
''Allan Harry Meltzer, Maryland 
George Elie Menassa, Maryland 
Myra Ruth Mermelstein, Maryland 
Meinrad Ann W. Merrill, Massachusetts 
Jack Childs Merriman, Jr., Maryland 
Roberta Jean Messinger, Maryland 
Etta Joan Meyer, Maryland 

*with Honors : twith High Honorg 




Matthew Malverne Michie, Maryland 
Elizabeth Christine Miller, Maryland 
Gerald S. Miller, Maryland 
Larry Miller, Maryland 
tRosEMARY V. Miller, Maryland 
Joseph Anthony Milo, III, Maryland 
Harry Lee Mitchell, Jr., Maryland 
IGeorge Albert Moquin, D. C. 
Rocco Antonio Mobelli, New York 
Leslie Moss, Maryland 
*Mary Anne Mullins, Virginia 
Patricia J. Murphy, Maryland 
Christopher John Murray, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Myers, New Jersey 
Harrison M. Naumann, Maryland 
Linda Ann Noble, Maryland 
Jerome John Ohlert, Maryland 
Charles Grant O'Marr, Maryland 
Robert Joseph O'Neill, in, Maryland 
Iris Muriel Orent, Maryland 
James William Orme, IV, Maryland 
NiKi June Parker, Maryland 
Randolph Michael Patton, Pennsylvania 
Margaret Byrd Payne, Maryland 
Nancy Ann Payton, Maryland 
Bonnie Ellen Pearlman, Maryland 
*James Donald Pembroke, Maryland 
Kathryn Anne Petruccelli, Maryland 
Bruce Edward Piccirillo, Neiv York 
Clara L. Piegols, Maryland 
Joseph Henry Pinto, Maryland 
Susan Barbara Platt, Maryland 
Larry Polen, Maryland 
David Scott Pollock, Maryland 
*Jean Marguerite Pomeroy, Maryland 
Urairat PramualrATAna, Maryland 
*Sally G. Prewitt, Maryland 
Wanda Cynthia Priester, Maryland 
Christine Diane Promutico, Maryland 
Sarah Goodwin Pugh, Maryland 
Patricia Weems Rawlings, Maryland 
Daniel Ward Redlin, North Dakota 
Craig Duvall Reilly, Maryland 
Stephen Alan Richardson, Maryland 
Joseph Wayne Rimar, Maryland 
Robert Lewis Ritter, Maryland 
Terrell N. Roberts, III, Maryland 
Ellen Wells Robertson, Maryland 
Orrin Joseph Rodgers, Maryland 
Joseph Vincent Rohr, Maryland 
Suzanne Jeanne Rosquist, Maryland 
Joel D. Rozner, Massachusetts 
INancy Elaine Rusinko, Maryland 
Sharon Ann Ruth, Maryland 
Robert Henry Rydze, Pennsylvania 
Lawrence Elliot Sabbath, Maryland 
Milton Michael Sasser, Maryland 
Laura Gay Savadow, Maryland 
Sharon Rose Schacht, Maryland 
Kathleen Anne Schaefer, Maryland 
*Janice Beth Schkloven, Maryland 
Elaine Sharon Schooler. Maryland 
Marvin Arthur Schwab, Maryland 
fTRUDi S. Schwab, Maryland 

Richard Albert Schwabting, D. C. 
John Tennyson Schwarz, Maryland 
Wayne Delano Selnick, Maryland 
Ann Elizabeth Sentman, Maryland 
John Nicholas Sfakianos, Maryland 
Stephen Curtis Shannon, Maryland 
Toby Jane Shapiro, Maryland 
Donald Robert Sheppard, Maryland 
Richard Neil Shinberg, Maryland 
David Thomas Shinn, Maryland 
Mark Zalman Shobin, Maryland 
tBARRY Bruce Siegel, Maryland 
Miriam Leslie Siegel, Maryland 
Linda Susan Skotnicki, Maryland 
Bret Sanford Smart, Florida 
"Dorothy Dent Smyth, Maryland 
Roy Henry Scares, Maryland 
Patricia Carmen Soma, Maryland 
ROSRIN D. SornmAni, Thailand 
Alan D'Avesne Spealman, Maryland 
Nancy Jean Stansfield, Maryland 
Henry Taylor Stedman, Maryland 
Roberta Stein, Maryland 
Michael Roger Stern, Maryland 
Ralph Edward Stokes, Rhode Islatid 
Nancy Lynn Styer, California 
Carolyn Chiharu Sugiyama, Maryland 
Penelope S. Sullivan, Maryland 
Karen Alyce Tamzarian, Maryland 
*Lynne Susan Tellis, Maryland 
fSuzANNE Mara Temkin, New Jersey 
Gregory Carlyle Tevis, Maryland 
Charles Anderson Thompson, III, Virginia 
Ronald Lee Thompson, Maryland 
James Patrick Tinney, III, Maryland 
Susan Eileen Todd, Maryland 
Prince Bernard Tolbert, New York 
Thomas Kenneth Toula, Maryland 
Sharon Lee Trainum, Maryland 
Ernest Cale Tyler, Maryland 
Robert Frank Vielhaber, Maryland 
Samuel Elliot Vinicur, Maryland 
Paul Francis Von Essen, Maryland 
Maudeen Brooks Wachter, Maryland 
Richard Leo Wakefield, Maryland 
Robert Gordon Walther, Maryland 
Linda Marcia Warnekow, Maryland 
t Judith Ann Wasserman, Maryland 
Alan David Weinberg, Maryland 
Deborah Ruth Weinstein, Maryland 
Phyllis Sue Weinstein, Maryland 
*Nancy Karen Weir, Maryland 
Nancy Harriet Weiss, New Jersey 
Robert Alan Weitz, New York 
Jeffrey Lee West, Maryland 
Ann Christine Westergard, Maryland 
Judy J. Whitaker, Maryland 
Chris H. White, Maryland 
Linda Diane Whitehead, Maryland 
Donna Regina Williams, D. C. 
Barbara Ann Wilson, Maryland 
David Edward Wilson, Maryland 
Robert Michael Wilson, Maryland 
Richard Allen Wohrman, Maryland 


•with Honors ; twith High Honors 


Martha Lee Wolfe. Maryland 
tJONATHAN Allex Wolin, Marjilaud 
William Edward Worthington, Jr., 

Kathleen Marie Wygant. Maryland 
tJuDlTH Anne Zachai, Maryland 


June 5, 1971 


ZAKI AbDALLA. Maryland 

Angela A. Abrahams-Mitchell, Maryland 

Donald Joseph Abram, Maryland 

Roger Abram, Maryland 

tJERRY Michael .A.ckerman, Maryland 

Michael Ira Addis. Maryland 

Ronald A. Adinolfi, Maryland 

William Stanley Ahalt, Maryland 

Robert Alexander Aird, Maryland 

William E. Aivalikles, Massachusetts 

Lynn M. Albert, Maryland 

Henry Hess Alexander, Jr., Maryland 

Rocco A. Aliberti, Maryland 

Robert Glenn Allen. Maryland 

Susan Jane Allen, Maryland 

Rae Ellen Alperstein. Maryland 

tStefhen Elliot Altman. Maryland 

Melanie W. Anderson, Delatvare 

tSHARON Anderson, Maryland 

Nancy Elizabeth Andrews, South Carolina 

*Camille Marguerite Anselmo, Maryland 

Ross Harold .\rnett. III, Maryland 

tJOANNE Sarah Aronson. Xorth Carolina 

Martin Antolinez Arriola, Maryland 

Peter J. Arthur, Virginia 

Beverly Grace Asaro, Neiv Jersey 

Ann Louise Ashton, Maryland 

tANNE Malory Ausland, Maryland 

George Harris Avgerakis, Neic Jersey 

*Nancy Rae Axelrod. Maryland 

Sheryl Ann Babcock, Maryland 

James Edward Balmer, New Jersey 

Barry Ira Bank, Maryland 

Marjorie June Banks, Maryland 

Barbara Joan Banz, Maryland 

EmILIE F. Barbee, Maryland 

Pamela Ware Barclay, Maryland 

Neil Jesse Bareham, Maryland 

Richard Wendell Barham, Jr., Maryland 

Thomas Nicholas Barresi, Maryland 

John Michael Bartosh, D. C. 

fMiCHELE Margoli.n Basen, Maryland 

Judy Faye Bates, Maryland 

IKatherine Diane Baumgartner, Maryland 

Elda Mirella Bayerle, Maryland 

Richard James Beach, Maryland 

*Claudia Jean Bearinger, Maryland 

Ray Allen Beaser. Maryland 

William Caldwell Beatty, Maryland 

fELissA Leslie Bechkes, Maryland 

Carl Ronald Behrens, Maryland 

Ann Beiser, Maryland 

Charles Michael Belkov, Maryland 

Jay Gordon Bell, Maryland 

Robert Dixon Bell, Maryland 

Pamela Jane Bennett, Connecticut 

Dorothy Lynn Beplat, Massachusetts 
Karl William Bergenstal, Maryland 
Barbara Rae Berk. Maryland 
*Janet Susan Berkowitz, Maryland 
*J0AN Massel Bernstei.n. Maryland 
Mary Cathleen C. Behithiaume, Maryland 
Mark Byron Bevington, Maryland 
Susan J. Birch. Maryland 
Richard Mark Bishow. Maryland 
Steven Alan Blattner, Maryland 
Corey Blechman, Maryland 
Julian Mayer Bloom, Maryland 
Glenn Lawrence Bond, Virginia 
Clarence Everett Bonds, Maryland 
Carol J. Borreson, Maryland 
*Ellen S. Bortman. Maryland 
Nancy Elizabeth Boswell, Maryland 
tPEGGY Ann Bourgeois, Maryland 
Linda Gayle Bowler, Maryland 
Robert William Boyle, Jr., Maryland 
John James Breckenridge. Maryland 
Paul David Breitner. Florida 
Patrick Michael Brennan, Maryland 
Patrick Francis Brennan, Maryland 
Linda Joan Brittain, Xew York 
Leslie Johnnie Brock, Maryland 
Jan Steven Brodie, Maryland 
Paul Ralph Brown, Maryland 
Peter Rawcliffe Brown, Rhode Island 
'Diana Elizabeth Bryan, Pennsylvania 
Timothy Robert Bryan, Maryland 
^Barbara Ann Bugg, Kentucky 
IDiane Dorinda BuGGS, Maryland 
Jane Susan Bullock, Maryland 
Frank Aversa Burkle, Pennsylvania 
Michael M. Burns, Maryland 
Jon Christopher Burton, Maryland 
t Virginia Elizabeth Cadle, Maryland 
William Edward Caffall, Maryland 
Robert Carl Caldwell, Jr.. Maryland 
Worth William Calfee. Virginia 
Louis Roger Calmel. Maryland 
John Joseph Campbell. Maryland 
Mary Agnes Campbell, Maryland 
Nicholas Kent Cannamela, Maryland 
* Judith Ann Cano, New Jersey 
Lynn Marie Cappelli, Maryland 
Andrew Bernard Carpel, Maryland 
Antoinette Carraway, Maryland 
Christina Lee Carroll, Florida 
tJoHN Berwyn Carson, Maryland 
Elizabeth C. Carter, Maryland 
Janet Hamilton Carter, Maryland 
Linda Robertson Casson, Maryland 
Susan Ann Castrilli, New Jersey 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 





Frank Vincent Catano, Maryland 

David Upton Cavey, Maryland 

Glenna Geealtine Centa, Maryland 

Karen Frances Ceolla, Maryland 

ILarry Alan Ceppos, Marijland 

Rick CE'-aro, Maryland 

*Leesa Anne Chais, Maryland 

Dianne Barbara Champo, Maryland 

David Oliver Chapman, Maryland 

tLEA Susan Chartock, Maryland 

fWlLLiAM John Chasko, Jr., Maryland 

tiRis Lee Chepenik, Maryland 

tRANDALL Gupton Childs, Maryland 

Jennie Lee Chin, Maryland 

Elaine Lee Christensen, Maryland 

Crescent Leigh Christianson, Maryland 

John William Clark, in, Ohio 

Patricia Elaine Clarke, Maryland 

Theodore Preston Clarke, Virginia 

Jeffrey Lawrence Clement, Maryland 

Alexander Clifton, D. C. 

Celia Diane Clithero, Maryland 

*JUDITH Anne Clower, Maryland 

Clayton Eugene Cochran, Maryland 

Alan Robert Cohen, Maryland 

'Alan Charles Cohen, Maryland 

Carol Lee Cohen, Maryland 

Cynthia May Cohen, Maryland 

Ira Raymond Cohen, Maryland 

tMartin R. Cohen, Maryland 

Murray Howard Cohen, Florida 

tELlzABETH Watson Cohn, Maryland 

Stephanie Antoinette Colbert, Pennsylvania 

Barbara Ellen Collins, New Jersey 

Ronald Jay Collins, Ohio 

Stephen Lee Comfort, Virginia 

*Robert Bartos Condon, Virginia 

Emily Wells Conrad, D. C. 

Lawrence Duane Converse, Maryland 

"Eileen Hinckley Cook, Pennsylvania 

George Thomas Coumaris, Maryland 

Larry David Cox, Maryland 

Louise R. Cramer, Maryland 

BiLLiE Elizabeth Crawford, Maryland 

Ingrid Marie Crepeau, Maryland 

Howard Lynn Crise, III, Maryland 

Cheryl Ann Cross, Maryland 

Janice Cathleen Crupi, Maryland 

Jennifer Bodine Culver, Maryland 

Nancy Webber Gushing, Maryland 

*Seth Bruce Cutler, Marylayid 

Jack Neely Dalton, Maryland 

Barbara Gene D'Ambrosio. Texas 

Peter Joseph Danko, Virginia 

Ylan Thi Dao, Maryland 

tRosANNE D'Aprile, Maryland 

fMARiE Henry Darne, Maryland 

Kathryn Geneva Davenport, Maryland 

IBrenda Jean Davis, Georgia 

tChristopher Richard Davis, Maryland 

Steven Daniel Davis, Maryland 

Lawrence Gentry Dean, Maryland 

*JoAN DeAnna, New Jersey 

James DeBeer, New Jersey 

Marlene Judith Deckelbaum, Maryland 

Carol Ann Deines, Maryland 

Margarita Maria DeLeon, Maryland 

Robert S. DeMakzo, Maryland 

Judith Elaine Demer, Maryland 

Carol Louise Dempsey, Maryland 

Michael Joseph Denney, Maryland 

Joseph R. Densford, Maryland 

Duane Greenwood Derrick, Jr., Maryland 

Charles Russell DeWitt, Maryland 

Thomas R. Dey, Maryland 

Maxine Laura Diamond, Maryland 

Deborah Poe Diehl, Virginia 

Sandra Jean Dietmer, New York 

Holly Ruth Dinerstein, New Jersey 

Peggy Louise Disney, Virginia 

Deborah G. Ditzler, Maryland 

Ferdinand William Dommel, Jr., Maryland 

■Margaret T. Donnelly, Maryland 

Craig Donoff, Florida 

Nancy L. Dorm an, Maryland 

Joseph James Dougherty, Maryland 

William David Draper, Maryland 

Sharon Drexler, New York 

Joseph Drimer, Maryland 

tMARiE Denise Drumwright, Maryland 

Elise Robin Dubin, Maryland 

IFrances Dubrov, Maryland 

Anna M. Dugan, Maryland 

David Worth Dunton, Maryland 

'Elizabeth T. Duskin, Maryland 

tGARY Carlson Duvall, Maryland 

Susan Gail Dwoskin, Maryland 

Margaret Ann Eacho, Maryland 

tFynette Libby Eaton, Maryland 

Stephen Charles Eaton, Maryland 

Charlotte Anne Eberly, Virginia 

Gilbert Owen Ebner, Maryland 

t.Iames Michael Edgar, Maryland 

Joan Michele Ehrgott, III, D. C. 

Joanne Patricia Eisner, Maryland 

tCAROLYN Lee Elder, Maryland 

Judith Louise Ellin, Maryland 

(Sidney David Elling, Maryland 

Stephen Mark Ellis, Maryland 

Roberta Emanuel, Maryland 

Allen Boyce Eney, Maryland 

Jane Wagner Engel, Maryland 

Lawrence Owen Engle, Maryland 

fDAViD Edward English, Maryland 

Gary Eugene Eshelman, Maryland 

-Dorothy Marie Esher, Maryland 

Carol Barbara Essrick, Maryland 

Edmund Anthony Estes, Maryland 

Deborah Marie Evans, Maryland 

tLois Marie Eves, Maryland 

John Phillip Fairchild, D. C. 

Susan Ellen Fay, Maryland 

Rosemary Frances Faya, Maryland 

Donna C;. Fedebman, Maryland 

Brad Harvey Feig, Maryland 

*SusAN Ann Feindt, Maryland 

Susan Flori Feldman, Maryland 

Albert Louis Feldstein, Maryland 


^with Honors; twith High Honors 



Edward Frederick Feliz, Jr., Maryland 

*Claire Eleanor Fergusson, Manjlaiid 

Charles Anthony Figlia, Mariilnnd 

Harvey Ward Finn, New York 

Nancy Jean Finney, Maryland 

David Charles Firth, California 

*Allen Wilson Fischer, II, Maryland 

Philip Clyde Fischer, Maryland 

fjEFFREY Barry Fisher, Maryland 

fJoHN Carlyle Fisher, Maryland 

tJuDiTH Ann Fisher, Virginia 

William James Fishlinger, New York 

Susan Diane Fissell, Maryland 

Daniel Wilfred Fitzgerald, Maryland 

Julia Ann Flatley, Maryland 

Maureen Frances Flynn, Maryland 

Francis Xavier Foley, Maryland 

Janice Carol Ford, Maryland 

James Alexander Forsyth, Maryland 

Ronald Stephen Fountain, Virginia 

David Louis Fox, Maryland 

Julia Kathleen Fox, Maryland 

*Steven Jay Fox, Maryland 

tSTEVEN Ira Frahm, Maryland 

*Eric Steven Francis, D. C. 

"James Culliford Francis, Maryland 


Harold Glenn Franklin, Maryland 

SwAYNE Randolph Franklin, Georgia 

Carole M. Franks, Maryland 

Elizabeth Margaret Frey, Maryland 

"Jacqueline Fribush, Maryland 

William Gregory Fries, Maryland 

"Dorothy Irene Fritz, Maryland 

•{•Patricia Winslow Funderburk, New Jersey 

Gary David Funkhouser, Maryland 

Gloria Sue Ellen Gacuzana, Maryland 

Judith Cairnes Galbreath, Maryland 

Richard Michael Galitz, Florida 

George Andrew Gallenthin, III, New Jersey 

"George Gabriel Gallo, New York 

HoYT Wilson Galloway, Jr., Maryland 

"Deborah Marie Galvin, Maryland 

Christine Marie Gardner, Maryland 

David Arthur Gardner, Maryland 

fEiLEEN Susan Garner, Maryland 

"Sandra Marie Garrison, Maryland 

tKATHERlNE LAND GeAry, Maryland 

tiRls H. Gelberg, Maryland 

Martha Eleanor Genetti, Massackusetts 

IElizabeth Huber George, Maryland 

Charles Michael Gerardi, Maryland 

Doran Mayer Gerstein, Minnesota 

Barbara Lynn Gewirtz, New York 

Kim George Gibbons, Maryland 

Jerry Ezra Gibson, Maryland 

R03ER Eliot Gibson, Maryland 

ITerry Jean Gillespie, Maryland 

Gordon Martin Glaser, Maryland 

Susan Hurd Glasser, Maryland 

Nancy Carol Glazer, Maryland 

Stanley Irwin Click, Maryland 

Suzanne Jayne Glickstein, New Jersey 

tMARY Anne Gnash, Maryland 
Anthony Calvin Gochar, Maryland 
Dennis Brian Goerges, Maryland 
Harold Robert Goldberg, Maryland 
Lynette Merle Goldberg, Maryland 
Sheldon Harvey Goldberg, Maryland 
Eric Martin Goldenberg, New York 
Carl Elliot Goldhagen, Maryland 
Karen Hermine Goldman, Maryland 
Robert Alexander Goley, Maryland 
Ronald Barry Golkow, Maryland 
Sharon Ann Golliday, Maryland 
Robert Norman Goodenough. Maryland 
Sandra Renee Goodman, Maryland 
Nicholas Joseph Gori, Maryland 
Eugene G. Grady, III, Maryland 
Laura Louise Grady, California 
Robert Alan Grafton, Maryland 
Carol Marie Graham, Neu' York 
Leonard W. Grant, New York 
Richard Holmes Grayson, Maryland 
Alan G. Greenbaum, Maryland 
Nathan Joel Greenbaum, Maryland 
Norman R. Greenberg, Maryland 
Charlotte Emily Greene. Maryland 
Priscilla Ellen Griffith, Maryland 
Thomas Arthur Grove. Maryland 
■(■Janice Meyer Gruendel, Maryland 
Andrea B. Grumbine, Maryland 
"Shelley Rae Grundy, Maryland 
Thomas Eyerly Guth, Maryland 
Ronnetia Marie Hager, Maryland 
Lynne Sendejo Hager, Maryland 
Kathleen Mary Haggerty, Maryland 
Nancy Joanne Haldeman, Maryland 
Vaughn Raymond Hall, Maryland 
William James Halpin. Maryland 
Donald Peron Hamilton, Maryland 
Ileen Inyoung Han, Maryland 
Nancy G. Hand, Maryland 
David Bruce Hanes, Maryland 
Kenneth Dixon Hankins, Maryland 
Wendy Ardrienne Hankoff, Maryland 
Helene Frances Hanley, Maryland 
Thomas Egen Hardy, Maryland 
"Patricia Sue Harger, Maryland 
Joyce Bernice Harms, Maryland 
Bessie Ellen Harris, Virginia 
Elsey Allen Harris, III, North Carolina 
Linda Ruth Harris, Maryland 
Richard Joel Harris, New Jersey 
John Louis Hartge, Jr., Maryland 

Robert Henry Harvey, Jr., Maryland 
Edward McKinley Haugh, Jr., Virginia 
Harry Lowell Hawkins, Jr., Maryland 
Philip Leighton Hays, Maryland 
Raymond George Heagele, Jr., New Jersey 
Michael Timothy Healy, Maryland 
Janet Hartman Hearne. Maryland 
James Robert Hedrick, Maryland 

■William Carl Heimdahl, Maryland 

Darla Jean Heinz, Maryland 

Mark Christopher Helwig, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 




tE. Lamere Hennessee, Maryland 
Linda Espina Henriques, Maryland 
Varice Francis Henry, Jr., Maryland 
Reinhold .John Herberg, Maryland 
Kathleen Ann Herrick, Maryland 
Martin Terry Herson, Maryland 
Thomas Hannes Heston, Maryland 
Barbara .Jeannette Hines, Maryland 
Noreen Elizabeth Hines, Maryland 
Frances Elizabeth Hinkston, Maryland 
Julia Anne Hinman, Xnv Jersey 
Ellen Rose Hinton, Maryland 
Margaret Ellen Hird, Marylatid 
James R. Hodge, Virginia 
ZiTA Mary Hoelke, Florida 
Susan Hogeland, Nebraska 
Anne Regina Hoi.brook, Maryland 
Laurel Sophia Holland, Virginia 
Helen Susan Holman, California 
Stanley Mark Hordes, Mai-yland 
Karl Dieter Horn, New York 
Richard Pullar Horner, Maryland 
William James Howard, Maryland 
Elizabeth Townsend Howe, Maryland 
Raymond Joseph Hrabec, Maryland 
James Charles Hubbard, Maryland 
Roberta Marlene Huber, Maryland 
Lucille Elaine Huddleston, Maryland 
Ernest Delbert Huff, Jr., Maryland 
Janet Elizabeth Hu.nt, Maryland 
Mary Gansevoort Bleecker Hurlbut, 

Carl Fabian Hurwitz, Maryland 
Leslie D. Hutchins, Maryland 
Phyllis Royce Hyatt, Maryland 
Diana Leigh Hy.nson, Maryland 
ViNCE lACONO, Maryland 
Nancy Diane Imlay, Maryland 
Roger Gayrard Jacobs, Maryland 
Michael Steven Jasinski, Maryland 
Eugene Leroy Jeffers, HL Maryland 
Linda Anne Jewell, Maryland 
Ann Laverne Johnson, Maryland 
Katherine Warner Johnson, New Jersey 
Kurt Eric Johnson, Connecticut 
Michael Kent Johnstone, New York 
IRande Kay Joiner, Maryland 
Ralph Warren Jollensten, Jr., Maryland 
*Janet Miller Jordan, Maryland 
Margaret Ellen Jump, Maryland 
tLouiSE Rebecca Jung, Maryland 
Jeanne Carol Kadet, Maryland 
Janet Ruth Kahl, New Jersey 
Barry Irvin Kahn, Maryland 
Valerie A. Kaleyias, Maryland 
Judith Gail Kallman, Neiv Jersey 
Roslyn Kamoroff, Maryland 
Barbara Lynn Kane, Maryland 
Barry Neil Kane, Maryland 
Despina StAVROULA Kaneles, Maryland 
Kenneth Maxwell Kaplan, Maryland 
Ruth Dugoff Kaplan, D. C. 
Susan Gail Kaplan, Maryland 

Deborah Lynne Kassiday, Maryland 
♦Sherry Rae Kaster, Maryland 
Allene Saundra Katz, Maryland 
Michael L. Katz, Florida 
Rita E. Katz, Maryland 
Cindy Louise Katzman, Tennessee 
Bernard Phillip Kelch, Maryland 
Mary Ann Keller, Maryland 
Marsha Ann Kellogg, Maryland 
John Thomas Kennedy, Maryland 
Lynn Denise Kennedy, Maryland 
Marian L. Kennedy, Maryland 
Peggy Lou Kersten, Maryland 
Bonnie Eileen Kessler, Maryland 
Michael Charles Kessler, Maryland 
James William Kidwell, Maryland 
Kathryn Marie Kierzkowski, Maryland 
Robert Wilton King, D. C. 
Sara Rebecca King, Maryland 
Patricia Lee Kirby, Maryland 
Robert Brendan Kirby, Ne^v York 
*Gail E. Kizner, Marylatid 
♦Harriet Susan Klass, Maryland 
Steven Jeffrey Klass, Maryland 
Gary Elliott Klausner, Maryland 
Eileen Rita Klebanoff, Maryland 
♦Veronica Leni Klebinder, Maryland 
Stephen Paul Klett, New York 
Leonard Lee Klompus, Maryland 
Jeffrey Lawrence Knable, Maryland 
Miroslava Z. Knezevic, Maryland 
*J0HN David Kohler, Maryland 
Fern Paula Komenarsky, Maryland 
Richard Allen Kozlow, Maryland 
Jeffrey M. Kraman, New York 
Nancy Louise Krambh*, Maryland 
tBARBARA Byron Krams, Maryland 
Donald Paul Krauss, Maryland 
David Martin Kraut, Maryland 
Kenneth F. Krawczyk, Maryland 
Charles Edward Krick, Maryland 
Sherri Pamela Krieger, Maryland 
tPATRlciA Elaine Kroe, Maryland 
Toni Marie Krucky, Maryland 
*Jane Carolyn Kunze, Maryland 
Michelle Suzanne Kupiec, Maryland 
Suzanne Leddie Kurcias, Maryland 
f Julie Ann Kutish, Maryland 
Victor James Lacerenza, Connecticut 
Stephen Whitlock Lafferty, Maryland 
Kerry Lee Lake, Maryland 
Paul Michael Lally, Maryland 
Bruce Simpson Landsberg, Maryland 
Eugene Anthony Langbehn, Maryland 
Paul Edward Lannon, Maryland 
Helen Zoe Lantz, Maryland 
Robert Vincent Lanzaro, Maryland 
Peter Benedict Lapera, Maryland 
Judy Louise Larman, Maryland 
jBARBARA Mary Lavallee, New York 
fRoNA Gross Laves, Maryland 
Dennis Trice Lawrence, Maryland 
Jessica Griffin Leahy, New York 
fHENRY David Lederman, New York 


*with Honors : fwith High Honors 



Phyllis Glazer Lederman, Maryland 
Joanna Rachel Leefer, Maryland 
Valerie Constance Leet, Maryland 
Frederick Ronald Lehman, Pennsylvania 
Linda Eunice Leibelson, Maryland 
Fred Jon Leiderman, Maryland 
Hallie Lucinda Lemont, California 
ICecILeMarie-HelENE Lescs, Marylayid 
Linda Mathis Lesemann, Maryland 
Cheryl Susan Levin, Maryland 
*Fred Jay Levin, Maryland 
Nancy Paula Levin, Maryland 
Martha Rachel Levine, Maryland 
Leonard Joel Levy, Maryland 
tAlan Howard Lewis, Maryland 
t James Edwin Lewis, Maryland 
Mary-Jo Leyden, Maryland 
*Mary Anne Libby, Maryland 
*Gerald Neil Liebes, New York 
David Michael Lightman, Maryland 
'Patricia Ann Lilek, Maryland 
Michael Rosario Loban, Maryland 
*Ellen LODWICK, Maryland 
flLENE Rhea London, Maryland 
IFrank Edward Long, Maryland 
Gwendolynn Burke Long, Illinois 
Marion Clare Long, D. C. 
Jack Edward Longfellow, A'eu- Jersey 
Harriett Losin, Maryland 
tLexine Davis Lowe, Maryland 
Francis Gerard Ludwig, Maryland 
Jane Winford Luke, Virginia 
Diane Lorraine Luna, Mexico 
*PenelOPE Sue Lutz, Maryland 
David Hamilton Lyons, Maryland 
Irene Nina Lyons, Maryland 
Diana James Maasberg, Maryland 
Katherine Mary Mack, Maryland 
Carla Swanson MacLean, Maryland 
Bonnie Lee MacNeill, New York 
Douglas Mulquin Macrum, Maryland 
Ann Evalyn Magiros, Maryland 
Paula Mae Magrogan, Maryland 
Mary M. MahADY, Pennsylvania 
Cynthia Beth Malament, Neic Jersey 
tTimothy Sims Malcolm, Maryland 
Edward Joseph Malone, Jr., Maryland 
tBoNNiE Doris Mandell, Massachusetts 
*Marian Claudia Mangan, Maryland 
Mark Duane Manning, Maryland 
* Linda L. Marshall, Maryland 
David Harper Martin, Maryland 
Yamile Haydee Martin, Maryland 
Sally Sumida Masaki, Maryland 
'Mark Edward Mason, Maryland 
Paul H. Massey, Maryland 
Madeline Ida Mathews, Maryland 
YOSHIHIRO Matsushima, Hawaii 
Clark Bernard May, Maryland 
Thomas Henry Mayr. Maryland 
Sally Fleming Mays, Maryland 
William Lawrence McAmis, Maryland 
Margaret Elizabeth McCarthy, Maryland 
Thomas Joseph McCarthy, Maryland 
James Lennox McCormack, Maryland 

George Lamaire McDanolds, Maryland 
Thomas Allen McDonald, Maryland 
Thomas P. McGivern, Maryland 
Richard Sheldon McKay, Maryland 
Joseph Charles McKenzie, Maryland 
Donald Bruce McLendon, Maryland 
Catherine Elisabeth McMorrow, Maryland 
Walter Sparks Measday', IV, Maryland 
Randall Ivan Mechem, Connecticut 
*J0HN Roy Medford, Jr., Maryland 
Frederick Valentine Meetre, Maryland 
Natalie Sharon Meinb^j, Maryland 
Michael Alan Meliker, Maryland 
Andrew Frederick Melisano, Maryland 
Richard Gary Meltzer, Maryland 
Norma Je:an Mentzel, Maryland 
Mary Margaret Mercer, Maryland 
Peggy Rea Meyerowitz, Maryland 
Marian Kay Meyers, Maryland 
tHARRlET Tindle Miceli, Maryland 
'Louise Bruce Michaux, Maryland 
Gerald D. Mickle, Maryland 
Noel Joseph Milan, Maryland 
'Susan Teale Milbourne, Maryland 
Christina Todd Miles, Maryland 
Peter Rudolf Milhado, Virginia 
Braunda Hope Miller, Peniisylvania 
Frances Overath Miller, Maryland 
John Hampton Mills, Maryland 
Robert Everett Mills, Maryland 
Victor C. Minich, Maryland 
Carol Ann Mitchel, Maryland 
Bryan David Mitnick, Maryland 
Marsha Leslie Mittelman, Delaware 
Javier Miyares, Maryland 
Ann Theresa Moloney, Maryland 
Edward Patrick Monaghan, Maryland 
Robert Joseph Mondello, D. C. 
'Robert Albert Monks, Maryland 
Gary Eugene Monnier, New Jersey 
Gloria Marie Montgomery, Maryland 
Richard Paul Moore, Maryland 
Consta.nce Ann Moreland, Maryland 
David Michael Morris, Maryland 
Henry G. Morris, Maryland 
Jeffrey G. Morton, Maryland 
Robert Stirling Moser, Maryland 
Shirley Poy Moy, Maryland 
Daniel Shea Muirhead, Maryland 
Benjamin James Mundell, Jr., Maryland 
Lynn Stewart Murphy, Maryland 
Dorothy Ron a Myers, Maryland 
Alex Nacinovich, Maryland 
Barbara Frances Nash, Maryland 
Jay Stuart Nedell, Pennsylvania 
Patricia Ann Neighmond, New Jersey 
Barbara Ann Nesbitt, Maryland 
tLiNDA Thrift Neumaier, Maryland 
*MiCHAL Sharon Neverdon, Maryland 
*Sheila Newman, Maryland 
Carol Jane Nicholson, Maryland 
John Alan Nicolay, Maryland 
Duangmarl Nivasabute, D. C. 
♦Jonathan Middleton Nixon, New York 
Carol Anne Noble, New York 

•with Honors : Iwith High Honors 




Francis Leonard Nolan, Maryland 

Barry Benjamin Novick, D. C. 

Christine Raymond Nunn, Maryland 

Linda Joyce Oakey, Virginia 

Mary Ellen O'Brien, Maryland 

Bret Ira Officer, Maryland 

Karen Lee Olias, Maryland 

'Julia Jean Oliver, Maryland 

Susan Patrica O'Neil, California 

Brian Donald O'Neill, New Jersey 

William Calvert O'Neill, Maryland 

Patrick Duane Onley, Maryland 

Eileen Frances Orner, New Jersey 

John William O'Rourke, Jr., Maryland 

Elizabeth Barrett Ouchterloney, New York 

♦Anthony J. Padua, D. C. 

'Lene Palmer, Maryland 

'Armand Milio Pannone, II, Maryland 

Gerald Gabriel Pantaleo, Jr., Maryland 

David Neil Panzer, New Jersey 

*JoAN Ellen Paper, Maryland 

Carlo Vincent Parcelli, Maryland 

Loretta Brigid Paris, Maryland 

Russell Albert Parker, Maryland 

Robert Collins Parsons, New Jersey 

Joseph Peter Paskoski, Rhode Island 

Bryan Patchan, D. C. 

Margery Elizabeth Patrick, Maryland 

tMlTCHELL Paul, Maryland 

David Alan Paull, Maryland 

fNANCIE Peake, Maryland 

Phyllis Pearl, New Jersey 

Arnold Richard Pearlman, Maryland 

James Anthony Pearo, Jr., Maryland 

Philip Samuel Peel, Jr., Maryland 

tPAMELA Eileen Peksa, Maryland 

'John Lynn Pensinger, Maryland 

Josette Marie Peppard, Massachusetts 

Julie Salter Peters, Maryland 

Karen Joyce Petersen, Maryland 

Richard Walter Peterson, Maryland 

tZELMA Ruth Peterson, D. C. 

Linda Christine Petes, Maryland 

David Michael Petrou, Maryland 

Edward Francis Piellusch, California 

William H. Pietsch, III, Maryland 

Ilsa Jane Pinkson, Maryland 

Sam Andrew Plemmons, Jr., Maryland 

'Linda Lee Poffenberger, Maryland 

fJAN Neeta PolAN, Maryland 

Ruth Polinsky, New< Jersey 

Harding Scott Polk, D. C. 

Wendy Marcia Pollack, Maryland 

James William Pollard, D. C. 

*Karyn Lee Pomerantz, Maryland 

George Vanwyck Pope, III, Maryland 

Cole Porter, Maryland 

George Howard Post, Maryland 

Kathleen Regina Pozarek, Maryland 

Marilyn Ann Preston, Maryland 

Ronald David Price, Maryland 

Deborah White Pridgen, Maryland 

Maria L. Punsoda, Puerto Rico 

fLAURETTE Taylor Quillin, Maryland 

Ellen Rose Quinn, New Jersey 
James Henry Quirk, Massachusetts 
Michael Saul Quitt, Maryland 
Phillip William Raines, Maryland 
tEUGENE Richard Raitt, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Rawlins, Maryland 
Susan Carol Rechen, Maryland 
Ethelda Hawkins Reckling, Maryland 
Frederick Joseph Redmer, Maryland 
'Dana Anne Reed, Maryland 
Patricia Jeanne Reiher, Maryland 
Kevin John Reilly, Maryland 
Vladimir F. Reilly, Maryland 
John Avis Renfroe, III, Maryland 
Dennis Howard Resnick, Neiv Jersey 
Craig Albert Reynolds, Maryland 
Monticello Virginia Reynolds, Maryland 
Thomas Edward Reynolds, New York 
Seema Reznick, Maryland 
Isaac Samuel Rice, Maryland 
tRiCHARD Michael Rice, Maryland 
Steven Niles Rice, Maryland 
Gail Linda Richstone, Maryland 
Sharon Leigh Ridgeway, Maryland 
*Inez Larue Rininger, Maryland 
Rodney Wesley Rippeon, Maryland 
Mario Ruben Rivas, Maryland 
Susan Ilana Robbins, Maryland 
Jean Sprinkle Robertson, Maryland 
Jon F. Robertson, Maryland 
Stuart Jay Robinson, Maryland 
Edgar James Rodgers, II, Maryland 
Lillian Hughes Rodgers, Maryland 
Roberta Terese Rodgers, California 
Mary Maher Rodon, Maryland 
Clara Mae Roe, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Roeder, Maryland 
Betsy Dyer Rogers, Maryland 
John Mark Rogers, New York 
William Thomas Rogers, Virginia 
Particia Ann Rogow, Maryland 
Jeffrey Frazier Rollins, Maryland 
Joyce T. Roman, Maryland 
Irving W. Roogow, Maryland 
Joyce Wilhelmena Roseboro, Maryland 
tEllen Leslie Roseman, Maryland 
Karyl Edith Rosen, Maryland 
♦Steven Rosen, New York 
tEiLEEN K. Rosenberg, Maryland 

Robert David Rosenbloom, Maryland 
Mona Carol Rosendorf, Maryland 
'Barry Jay Rosenthal, Maryland 
'Mark Rosse, Maryland 
Ruth Ellen Rothman, Maryland 
Michael Wayne Roy, Missouri 
Lorraine Mary Royster, Maryland 
Debbie Kay Rubin, Florida 
Lewis Warren Rubin, New Jersey 
Thomas Edward Rubin, New Jersey 
Deborah Anne Rucker, Maryland 
William Ralph Ruiz, Maryland 
Christine Bridget Rusnock, Maryland 
Leslie Virginia Russ, Maryland 
Pamela Joan Russell, Virginia 


•with Honors : twith High Honors 



Kenneth John Rynarzewski, Maryland 
Linda Jean Saaty, Maryland 
HiNDA Freda Sacks, Maryland 
Thomas F. Sadowski, Maryland 
fANiTA Louise Sager, Maryland 
Linda Saha, Maryland 
Stephen George St. John, Ma7-yland 
Joseph Vincent Saitta, Maryland 
Ann Esther Salzman, Maryland 
Linda Ann Samborski, Maryland 
Barbara Elaine Sancewich, Florida 
Robert Woodrow Sanders, Maryland 
Stephanie Marsha Sandler, Maryland 
Joseph S. Sansbury, Maryland 
Anne Elise Sasaki, Maryland 
MiNDY Rose Saslaw, Maryland 
Craig Vann Savage, Maryland 
Stephen Joseph Savage, Maryland 
Neil D. Savitsky, New York 
Patrice Lynne Sayre, New York 
fLlNDA Gail Schelpark, Maryland 
fMARY Detwiler Scheltema, Maryland 
Donna Kay Schebtzer, Maryland 
Beverly Ruth Schiffman, Maryland 
tWiLLiAM P. Schmidt, Maryland 
Friedeman Franklin Schoon, Jr., Virginia 
*Ann Charlotte Schopfer, Washington 
IKatherine Joan Schramm, Florida 
Elley Franklyn Schuster, Maryland 
Raphael Lee Schwartz, Maryland 
Vicky Lucinda Schwartz, Maryland 
Joseph Carl Schwarz, D. C. 
John Potter Scott, Maryland 
Jan Carole Seabold, Maryland 
Cheryl Lynn Seaman, Maryland 
Michael Patrick Sears, Maryland 
Lawrence Victor Seastrum, Jr., Florida 
Anthony Joseph Sedutto, New York 
John Michael Sefakis, Massachusetts 
Nancy Jane Seligman, New York 
Rita Lea Senders, Maryland 
James A. Seret, Maryland 
Susan Merrill Sharp, Maryland 
Richard John Sheehan, Louisiana 
''Clarence M. Sheen, Maryland 
Bernadine Alice Shettle, Maryland 
William James Shickler, Jr., Maryland 
*Ilene Sandra Shlian, Maryland 
Robert Alan Shocket, Maryland 
Charles Joseph Shrader, New York 
tDONNA Bassin Siegel, Maryland 
Daryl Lynn Siegelman, New York 
Norman Frederick Silbee, Maryland 
IJerome Mitchell Silverstein, New York 
fLouis Silverstein, Maryland 
Wayneann Singleton, Maryland 
Martin Roy Sitnick, Maryland 
*Linda Susan Skreptack, Maryland 
Susan Elizabeth Sladen, Maryland 
Mildred Elaine Slowik, Maryland 
Jerome Daniel Smallwood, Maryland 
Anna L Smiechowski, Maryland 
tJAMES Meriwether Smith, Maryland 
James C. Smith, Maryland 

Judith Gordon Smith, Maryland 
Patricia Diane Smith, Maryland 
Rowland Miles Smith, Maryland 
Steven R. Smith, Maryland 
Barbara Jane Snell, Maryland 
Edward Walter Sniadach, Jr., Maryland 
Bruce Richard Snyder, Maryland 
'■'Patrice Fredda Sobin, New Jersey 
'*Alan J. Sobol, New Jersey 
John Paul Soden, Maryland 
James Edward Solarski, New Jersey 
Helen Mae Solomon, Maryland 
Carl Ruben Sosebee, Maryland 
*Dianne Robin Spal, Maryland 
David Gregory Sparks, Maryland 
tKATHLEEN T. Spear, Maryland 
Mary Marcia Spear, Georgia 
Byron Polk Spears, Jr., Maryland 
Richard Allan Spiegel, Maryland 
William T. Spooner, in, Maryland 
Bernard Lee Springer, Maryland 
tJuDiTH Lorraine Stachitas, Maryland 
Richard Gottlieb Stammer, Jr., Maryland 
''Elizabeth Joyce Stanford, Maryland 
Paul Joseph Stanley, New Jersey 
Norman Stuart Stein, Maryland 
'■'Catherine Jessica Stephens, Maryland 
'*David Emerson Stevens, Maryland 
Nancy Stewart, Maryland 
■^Gloria A. Stiller, Maryland 
''Ann Stites, Maryland 
Grant W. Stivers, Maryland 
Emanuel Stock, Maryla7id 
'■'Kathleen Ann Stokes, Maryland 
tRoBERT Noel Stokes, Maryland 
'■'Kimberly Cowan Stone, Maryland 
Richard Anthony Storch, Maryland 
"Gerald Francis Stowell, D. C. 
'•'Louis Jerry Strenger, Virginia 
Linda Ann Stull, Maryland 
Jerold Irwin Sturner, Maryland 
'•'Marie E. Sullivan, Maryland 
Shawn Patrick Sullivan, Florida 
Lance E. Swain, Maryland 
Richard Walton Swain, Jr., Maryland 
Deborah Ann Swaney, Maryland 
Mark David Swartz, Maryland 
Cheryl Elaine Sweeney, Maryland 
Robert E. Sweenety, New York 
fNANCY Jean Swope, Maryland 
Sheldon Bruce Sydney, Maryland 
'*Joan Allyn Sylvester, Maryland 
Alan I. Taback, Maryland 
Diane Marie Taliaferro, Maryland 
Rosalind Tanenbaum, Maryland 
■David Lee Tanner, Maryland 
Robert Matthews Tatum, Maryland 
Sharon Lorraine Taylor, Maryland 
"Barbara Anne Tcherkassky, Maryland 
Michael Alexis Tcherkassky, Maryland 
David Melvin Teeter, Maryland 
Timothy Prater Terrell, Virginia 
Susan Myra Teter, Tennessee 
Linda Anne Thrasher, Maryland 

*with Honors : twith High Honors 




Ann Rachf.L TickAmyeK, Kansas 
^Robert Jeffrey Tillson, New York 
Barbara Alison Timmermans, Maryland 
Carolyn Virginia Torsell, Maryland 
Robert Isadore Toubman, Connecticut 
Charles Eugene Trinite, Maryland 
Stuart Jay Trippe, Maryland 
Joseph Shepard Tullier, Maryland 
Robert Engel Tullner, Maryland 
Christine Tuve, Maryland 
tSTEPHANlE Marie Ulmer, Maryland 
Kathryn Usher, Maryland 
Ellen Mio Uyeno, Maryland 
Danute Marija Vaiciulaitis, Maryland 
Ljubica Valerio, Maryland 
William Jeremiah Vancamp, Maryland 
Elizabeth C. Vanfossen, Maryland 
Charles William Vanscoy, Maryland 
Robert Frederick Varney, Sr., Maryland 
Judith Arnold Vaughan, Maryland 
Sandra K. Vergamini, Maryland 
William Frank Vesely, Maryland 
+ PETER McNaughton Vial, Maryland 
Roberta Schreiber Victor, Florida 
Norbert Edward Vint, Maryland 
Maria Vlahos, D. C. 
Mark Raymond Vogel, Maryland 
tFARREL VogelhUT, Maryland 
Steven Mark Vogelhut, Maryland 
Vaughn Walter Von Bussenius, Maryland 
Dennis Leroy Wade, Maryland 
IElaine Janet Wagner, Maryland 
*Mary Jean Wall, Maryland 
Patrick M. Wallace, Xew Jersey 
•Cynthia Ann Waller, New Jersey 
IGerard Peter Wang, Maryland 
VAUNEn"TE Alexandria Wang, Maryland 
Russell Andrew Wapensky, Virginia 
Isaac Steven Waranch, Maryland 
tJuDiTH Stephanie Waranch, Maryland 
Mark Stephen Warns, Maryland 
fMERRY Elizabeth Warrington, Maryland 
Jacqueline Karol Wassel, Maryland 
Andrew W' att, IV, Maryland 
fNANCY Jane Webb, Maryland 
Jack Henry Weech, Jr., Virginia 
Eileen B. Weinblatt, Maryland 
•Gilbert Bernard Weiner, Maryland 
John Samuel Weiner, Maryland 
Marcia Ellen Weiner, Maryland 
•Gerrie Lynn Weinstein, New- Jersey 
Thomas Edward Weir, Jr., Maryland 
Ellen Marie Weiss, Maryland 

tMarjorie Sims Weiss, Maryland 
Paul Herbert Wells, New Jersey 
Mary Elaine West, Virginia 
tJEAN Ann Westler, Maryland 
*Irene Theresa Whalen, Maryland 
tMARY Lynne Whalen, New Jersey 
Gregory Howard Wheeler, Maryland 
Raymond Bernard Wheeler, Maryland 
Ronald Patrick Whelan, Virginia 
'Linda Jeanne White, Maryland 
Pamela Sue White, Virginia 
'Leslie Ann Whitlinger, Pennsylvania 
James Scott Whitney, Texas 
Beverly Lynn Whitsitt, Texas 
Deborah Ann Wiest, Maryland 
Eric Christopher Wilfong, Maryland 
tSusAN DuPAUL Wilfong, Maryland 
tPATRiCK Marc Wilkinson, New' York 
Janice Helen Williams, Maryland 
Stephen Ralph Williams, Maryland 
Ann R. Wilson, Maryland 
Michael Wilson, Maryland 
William B. Wilson, Maryland 
Marcia Lynn Wiltshire, Maryland 
IRVIN Douglas Winebrenner, Maryland 
Linda Anne Winston, Maryland 
Ronald Charles Winter, Maryland 
Clark Irvin Wise, Maryland 
Leslie Kim Wittwer, Maryland 
Dorothy Lehnert Wolf, Maryland 
James Arthur Wolf, Maryland 
Alemayehu Wondemagegnehu, D. C. 
Carolyn Diana Jane Wong, Maryland 
Shirley Wong, Maryland 
Sherry Louise Woodfield, Maryland 
Debra RoyCE Woolfson, Maryland 
Brian Edward Worth, Maryland 
Craig Gilbert Wowra, Maryland 
Joyce Ann Wright, Maryland 
"John Edward Wylie, Maryland 
Robert David Wyman, Maryland 
Nathaniel Alexander Wynn, III, Maryland 
Michael Howard Yarmosky, Maryland 
Kenneth Anthony Yates, Maryland 
'Judith Erika Yellon, Maryland 
William Earl Yingling, III, Maryland 
Charles Barham Yinkey, Maryland 
Marilyn Elizabeth Yunk, Pennsylvania 
Shawn Christine Zetty, Florida 
James Michael Zimmerman, Maryland 
'Pamela Diane Zirkle, Maryland 
Margaret McLain Zylwitis, Maryland 

August 28, 1970 



Jay Barry Abramson, Maryland 
tRoBERT William Ashmore, Maryland 
Alexander Barbarika, Jr., Maryland 
Charleis Victor Benton, Maryland 
GlANCARLO Brandoni, Maryland 
Michael Joseph Brown, Maryland 

*with Honors ; twith High Honors 

Gregory Gene Byrne, Maryland 

*Marc LorinG ChAIKEN, Maryland 

Waylin Chu, Massachusetts 

Conrad Neil Cooke, Maryland 

Richard C. Cope, Maryland 

Carol Trantham Gallagher, Maryland 



Richard Charles Garrigan, Maryland 
'Robert H. Green, Maryland 
Philip McKim Grill, Maryland 
William Henry Henson, III. Maryland 
Alan Jay Hiller, Maryland 
Stephen Robert Hoffenberg. Maryland 
James Dixson Hospital, Jr., Maryland 
XoRRis Pall Huffington, Maryland 
M. Edward Jaffe. Maryland 
tJacqueline Gisele Jennings, Maryland 
AiNSLiE Wyand Johnson, Maryland 
Ronald Joseph Kammer, Maryland 
John Kevin King. Maryland 
Phillip Bond Kneller. Maryland 
Raymond Kodesch. Maryland 
tLarry F. Lawton, Maryland 
Thomas MacConnell. Maryland 
*JOHN Anthony Maiorana. Maryland 
Louise Marie Manfre, Maryland 
Paul Raymond McLean, Sew Jersey 
Larry Thomas Middleton, Maryland 
Allen Jack Moien. Maryland 

John C. Montie, Maryland 

Mehrangiz Zabolestani Moradi, Maryland 

Phillip Roy Mundy, Maryland 

James Louis Myers, Maryland 

Sandra Than Naing, Maryland 

Terry Joseph Phillips. Maryland 

'Clayton Lee Raab. Maryland 

Brian Keith Reid, Maryland 

Woodrow James Reno. Maryland 

Jay Michael Rosenthal, Maryland 

Jack L. Saba, Maryland 

Michael P. Schantz, Maryland 

IDavid Neal Shaffer, Maryland 

Frank James Sheppard. Maryland 

Thomas Earl Spilman, Maryland 

Yavalak June Utiskul, 

Howard H. Welfeld, 

tBRiAN J. Winter. Maryland 

Lawrence Wolff, Maryland 

Chancy Leon Wood, 

Luther Oman Young, Jr., Maryland 

January 25, UKTl 



Nancy Jo Anderson, Maryland 
Donald Charles Barnett, Maryland 
Stephen Paul Bartels, Maryland 
Stephen .\rnold Bernadyn. Maryland 
Joseph Franklin Bruce. Maryland 
Walter Maxwell Bryant, Maryland 
James Patterson Church. Maryland 
William Lester Clowser. Maryland 
William McCutcheon Congdon, Maryland 
Peter Forbes Grossman, Maryland 
Mary Barbara Curlander, Maryland 
James Edward DeBettencourt. Maryland 
tJanet Lynn Drazek. Maryland 
tDonald Alan Dresner. Xeu- York 
Mary Michael Forlines. Maryland 
*LouiS Fox. Maryland 
Michael C. Frame, Maryland 
Nora Mae French, Maryland 
Thomas Vincent Gaffigan, Maryland 
'William Marshall Gaynor, Maryland 
Craig Elliot Gladstone, Maryland 
'Robert Sterling Graham. Maryland 
Stanley Dominic Hajkowski, Maryland 
Richard Lewis Hargett. Jr.. Maryland 
Louis Thomas Hart. Jr., Maryland 
Robert Ralph Heath, Maryland 
Richard Michael Helfrich, Maryland 
Edwin Allen Helmstetter, Maryland 
*Alicia Carol Hill. California 
Allan Roy Himmelstein. Maryland 
Edward Michael Hirshorn. Maryland 
Michael Bruce Hummel. Maryland 
Joseph G. Iacangelo, Jr.. Maryland 
Teresa Reaud Jareed, Maryland 
tJAMES Thomas Jones, H, Maryland 
Patricia Mary Kbh^ler, Maryland 
Alan Robert Kellogg, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 

Melvin Elliott Klein. Maryland 
Mitchell Knisbacher. Maryland 
Timothy James Knop, Maryland 
George Konstantopoulos, Maryland 
tMary Lou Kramer, Maryland 
*MlNNIE CmENN KuNG, Maryland 
'Gerald R. Lange, Maryland 
Mervin Wesley Lantz, Maryland 
Mary Schminky Laubscher, Maryland 
Dennis K. Lee, D. C. 
'Michael Melvin Lee. Maryland 
Josephine Cropper Lloyd. Maryland 
Christine Dolores Makowske. Maryland 
Barry Thomas Malkin. Maryland 
Gregory Lee Mangum. Maryland 
Miriam C. March. Maryland 
Michele Rae Marcus. Maryland 
Kathleen Ann McKay. Maryland 
Brian E. McNamee. Maryland 
Nancy Eileen Mullins. Maryland 
Sandra Jean Occhipinti, Maryland 
George Rakula Owino, Kenya 
Nicolas Alexandrou Papanicolaou, 

Ellen Mae Passman, Maryland 
Roland Joseph Pearson. Maryland 
William Walter Allen Peterson, Maryland 
Albert Pines, Maryland 
Michael J. Pitroff, Maryland 
Robert Pokras. Maryland 
Frank William Porto, Maryland 
Leslie Anne Raines, Maryland 
Elbert H. Richardson, Jr., Maryland 
Charles Franklin Russ. Maryland 
Barry Alan Saye, Virginia 
Robert Charles Schaaf, Maryland 
Frederick Vail Schaefer, Maryland 



Robert Sherlock Shippen, Maryland 
Nathan Siekierka, Maryland 
Harold Victor Silver, Maryland 
Sandra Lee Sloan, Maryland 
Arthur Zeigler Smith, Maryland 
Joan Louise Sondheimer, Maryland 
Robert Macdonald Stauffer, Maryland 
Maren Stewart, Maryland 
Ellen Mason Swartwout, Maryland 
tRAYMOND Joseph Terry, Maryland 
Jacqueline Eugina Thompson, Maryland 
Edward Leroy Timmerman, Maryland 

J. Allen Turner, Maryland 


William Thomas Waugh, Maryland 
Mary Louise White, Maryland 
Phillip Charles White, Maryland 
Steven Edward Whitman, Washington 
Frederick Neff Wilson, Jr., D. C. 
William Robert Yesbek, Jr., Maryland 
Jacqueline Rhea Young. Maryland 
Julius David Zant, Maryland 
'Carol Jean Zyskowski, New Jersey 

June 5, 1971 


Martin Gary Abel, Maryland 
Marc Herbert Abrams, Maryland 
Philip Ades, New York 
'Lawrence Warren Adler, Maryland 
Ernest Africano, Jr., Maryland 
tWiLLiAM Frazier Aitkenhead, Maryland 
Douglas Calhoun Anderson, Maryland 
Patrick Joseph Anderson, Maryland 
Silvia Angst, Maryland 
Russell Archibald, Maryland 
Mark Meadows Atcherson, Maryland 
Samuel Peter Atsaides, Maryland 
M. Richard Auerbach, A'f m' York 
Richard Joseph August, Maryla7id 
Robert Alan Austin, Wyowing 
Arthur Forney Ayers, Maryland 
Carl Bowman Bailey, Maryland 
Peter L. H. Ball, Maryland 
Theodore Omar Barberry. Jr., Maryland 
'George Daniel Barr, Maryland 
Mary Edwards Barr, Maryland 
Millard Michael Bartlett, Maryland 
Joseph Edward Bayne, Maryland 
Joseph Howard Beard, IH, Maryland 
*Wayne Michael Benseler, Maryland 
IAron Wayne Berkman, Maryland 
fJoHN Francis Biedlingmaier, Maryland 
Michael Kerr Billingslea, Maryland 
tDONALD R. Bissing, Maryland 
Maureen Alice Bitz, Maryland 
Jeffrey Mark Blumenthal, New Jersey 
Naomi K. Boetker, Maryland 
Larry Allan Bohn, Maryland 
t Jonathan David Book, Maryland 
ICharles James Brenton, Jr., Neiv Jersey 
Richard Stanton Brown, Maryland 
fScoTT Alan Brownstein, Maryland 
Stephen Philip Brutscher, Pennsylrania 
Paulette Louise Bryant, Maryland 
Richard Irving Buhrman, Maryland 
Alan Charles Burgoon, Maryland 
Grace E. Burroughs, Maryland 
James Joseph Cadigan, Maryland 
Thurston Pace Carleton, Maryland 
-Rochelle Lynne ChAiken, Maryland 
Daniel Edward Chandler, Maryland 
Gary Edmond Clark, Maryland 
Louis Hirsh Cohen, Maryland 

*Rhonda Nancy Cohen, Maryland 
Stanley Bart Cohen, New Jersey 
Dennis Eugene Coleman, Maryland 
Karl Alan Conger, Maryland 
Raymond Joseph Congour, Maryland 
James Edmund Connor, in, Maryland 
Judith L. Connor, Maryland 
Raymond Emery Cook, Maryland 
Thomas Neil Cooley, Maryland 
Richard Clyde Cope, Maryland 
Arnold Baughman Cornett, Jr., Maryland 
tJuLiE Elizabeth Cosner, Maryland 
Theodore Coulianos, Maryland 
*Christiane Sylvia Cox, Maryland 
Robert A. Cox, Maryland 
Roderick Alan Cox, Maryland 
Ernesto Cuesta, Maryland 
Ronald Francis Culp, Maryland 
tSTEVEN Andrew Curtis, Maryland 
tJosEPH Paul Dallavalle, Maryland 
tRonald Gerald Dalrymple, Maryland 
Robert John Davis, Maryland 
"Virginia M. Davis, Pennsylvania 
fKATHLEEN jEAN Deck, Maryland 
Nick Angelo Demer, Maryland 
Alan Ethan Dezen, Maryland 
'Gregory William Diachenko, Maryland 
■-■■Gilbert Andrew Dick, New York 
*Karl William Diehn, Maryland 
Louis Thomas Divilio, Maryland 
Marilyn Joann Doncarlos, Maryland 
Cynthia Hogan Donnelly, Virginia 
Richard Larry Dotson, Maryland 
Theodore Michael Dougherty, Maryland 
Alfred Ainsley Durham, Maryland 
William Benjamin Durm, IV, Maryland 
tSTEPHEN Kenneth Dyal, Maryland 
*Gerald Ray Edwards, North Carolina 
•fNiCHOLAs Ellyn, New Jersey 
tMARY Huey Wei Fang, Maryland 
tCHRlSTOPHER JoHN Feifarek, Maryland 
June Cecille Ferrari, Maryland 
Steven Frederick Fields, Maryland 
JODY Eleanor Fischer, Maryland 
David George Fisher, Maryland 
Joseph Gunnar Fisher, Maryland 
*Mary Patricia Flaherty, Maryland 
Michael Stuart Forman, Maryland 


•with Honors; twith High Honors 



Howard Frances, Pennsylvania 
Thomas Keith Gallant, Maryland 
Ronald Dean Gill, New Jersey 
Stephen David Goldbloom, Maryland 
Walter Leon Goldenberg, Maryland 
Stanley Ira Goldfarb, Maryland 
Howard David Goldhammer, New Jersey 
Paul Alan Goldstein, Maryland 
Barton Allen Gravatt, Maryland 
Richard Charles Green, Maryland 
Grace Ann Greenberg, New Jersey 
Walter Bert Greenspon, Maryland 
Glenda Lamar Gregg, Maryland 
Rosalind Louise Gross, Maryland 
Richard Valin Grubb, Maryland 
James Douglas Habersat, Maryland 
tCHARLES Stanley Hakkarinen, Maryland 
Margi Anne Harford, Maryland 
Sean Stanley Harty, Maryland 
John Patrick Hassett, Jr., Maryland 
*Dennis Roland Hatfield, Ohio 
*Kenneth Crawford Hayes, Jr., Maryland 
Darvin Lee HeGE, Maryland 
*Kathryn ELIZABBn-H Henck, Virginia 
Deborah Leslie Henderson, Ne^l> York 
Theodore Leonard Hendrickson, Maryland 
Kathleen Louise Hepburn, Maryland 
tDouGLAs Edwin Heritage, Maryland 
tRocHELLE Herman, Maryland 
Robert Hewitt, New York 
Tina Mauree Hight, Maryland 
Robert Ladd Hirzel, Maryland 
'"Charles Francis Hoesch, Maryland 
Henry Jacob Hoffacker, in, Pennsylvania 
Alan Gregory Hollingsworth, Maryland 
*Dennis James Hoover, D. C. 
*Maxine Sandra Hormats, Maryland 
Patricia Ellen Hovaker, Maryland 
Regan Ellis Howard, Maryland 
Allen Shihchun Hsiao, Maryland 
*ESTHER Shih-Ying Hsiao, Maryland 
Linda Carol Huffines, Maryland 
McDowell Duane Hunt, Maryland 
*Charles Theodore Husar, Maryland 
William Joseph Hussong, III, Maryland 
Argin McKay Hutchins, Maryland 
Bradley K. Iarossi, Neiv Jersey 
Theodore Robert Isaacoff, Maryland 
Stephen Bruce Jacobs, Maryland 
Frank Alfred Jaklitsch, Maryland 
* Karen Lea Jay, Maryland 
Mario Jelencovich, Maryland 
Albert J. Johnson, Maryland 
*Robert Warren Kanyuck, Maryland 
fVERNE Henry KAUPP, Maryland 
IDeborah Ann Kent, Maryland 
Robert Frederick Kerns, Maryland 
tMlCHAEL John Keskinen, Maryland 
John Christopher Kezer, Maryland 
Stephen Michael Kimmey, Maryland 
tCAROLYN Ann King, Maryland 
fALLEN William Kirchner, Jr., Maryland 
fELlzABETH Anne Knopfle, Maryland 

Anne Melinda Knox, Marylaiid 
James Ellis Krochmal, Maryland 
Michael Alfred Kugatow, Maryland 
Dennis Jan Kutzer, Maryland 
♦Michael A. Lambert, Nexc York 
William Edwin Lane, Maryland 
Edwin Elmer Langrall, III, Maryland 
*Steven Louis Lansman, New York 
tBRENDA Joyce Latka, Maryland 
IFrances Constance Laucka, Maryland 
Granville Page Lawrence, II, Maryland 
Deborah Sue Layne, Maryland 
Kirk Edel Lehneis, Maryland 
Bernard Joel Lehrhoff, New Jersey 
Michael Stuart Leibelson, Maryland 
Sheldon Levin, Maryland 
Mark Alan Levy, New Jersey 
IMarilyn Judith Lewis, Maryland 
tMiCHAEL Gene Lewis, Maryland 
IRobert Paul Lilly, Maryland 
tJEFFREY Bert Lissauer, New York 
Ronald William Long, Maryland 
Robert Carroll Longford, Maryland 
Robert William Looser, Maryland 
Milton Huiming Louie, Maryland 
tMARY Woodward Lovell, Maryland 
Francis Joseph Lucas, Maryland 
SOREN Lundsager, Maryland 
William Marc Lyerly, Maryland 
*Alma Louise Lynch, Maryland 
tVALERiE Ann Maiorana, Maryland 
"Jean N. Manch, Maryland 
Ronald Dean Mann, Maryland 
tARTHUR Wright Mansfield, Connecticut 
Elizabeth Jean Mattern, Maryland 
tJEAN Bankerd McAulay, Maryland 
Dennis Hain McCallam, Maryland 
Carl Marco Mealo, Maryland 
HucH Michael Mealy, Maryland 
'"Charles Richard Medani, Maryland 
Thomas James Meerholz, Maryland 
Jose Enrique Melendez, Maryland 
tMARK D. Meyerson, Maryland 
John A. Mihok, Maryland 
'^Arnold Stuart Miller, Maryland 
Gerald Wade Miller, Virginia 
James Paul Mishoe, Maryland 
tMiCHAEL Edward Montie, Maryland 
Rhoda Rebecca Morris, Maryland 
Beverly Moy, D. C. 
Peter Mundel, Maryland 
*Marc Glenn Nevin, Maryland 
Jay Ruben Newirth, Maryland 
Barbara Mary Nickey, Maryland 
Claude William Nogay, Maryland 
John Joseph O'Connor, Maryland 
tJoHN Thomas O'Mailey, Maryland 
"Jerome Avrom Paulson, Maryland 
Paul Frederic Pedone, Maryland 
James Albert Pell, Maryland 
Susan Elizabeth Perkins, New Jersey 
Gerald Paul Perman, Maryland 
David Michael Pfau, Maryland 
fBARRY Wayne Philipp, Maryland 

♦with Honors : twith High Honors 




Suzanne Martel Pitts, Maryland 
Joseph Charles Porpiglia, Maryland 
Robert Eliot Primosch, Virginia 
Wendy Elizabeth Quinn, D. C. 
Joseph Matthew Rainey, Maryland 
Courtney James Randecker, Maryland 
fjAMES Allen Reggia, Maryland 
Charles Edward Remmel, Maryland 
Michael Anthony Resio, Maryland 
*James Brian Restorff, Maryland 
Laura Jane Richards, Maryland 
fJuLiA Lee Robinson, Maryland 
Keneth Marvin Rodde, Maryland 
IRandy Allen Roig, Maryland 
Hilda Minerva Rojas, Maryland 
Davis Elliot Rose, Maryland 
Richard David Rose, Maryland 
*R0BERT Harris Rosenfeld, New Jersey 
Stephen Andrew Rosenthal, Maryland 
David Rothkopf, Neiv York 
William Mark Ruh, Maryland 
Mary Barbara Runde, Maryland 
tGARY Bruce Ruppert, Maryland 
Wesley Dean Russell, Maryland 
George Wayman Sadusk, Maryland 

* Lawrence David Sandler, Maryland 
Christopher Mark Scanlon, Maryland 
tSTEPHEN Michael Schneider, Maryland 
fMiCHAEL James Schoelles, Maryland 
IFrederick John Schroeder, Maryland 
Donald John Schuirmann, Maryland 
Richard Parrel Schuman, Maryland 
Robert John Schwanekamp, Maryland 
fSusAN Frances Schwartz, Maryland 
*Richard Kevin Sciambi, Maryland 
Stephen Randall Seaquist, Maryland 

* Gordon Bradford Shea, Maryland 
Jon Aaron Shneidman, California 
Mark Shulman, Maryland 
tRicHARD Michael Silberg, Maryland 
Sara Bar: Silverman, Maryland 
Robert Clerc Simpson, Maryland 
Dan Ray Skowronski, Maryland 
Albert Andrew Smith, in, Maryland 
Larry Elliott Smith, Maryland 
Lloyd Hamlin Smith, Maryland 
Van Doran Smith, Maryland 
Larry Curtis Smythers, Maryland 
Judith Ann Snyderman, Maryland 
fMARLENE Solomon, Maryland 

Stuart Richard Solomon, Maryland 
Patrick Anthony Soo, Maryland 
♦Judith Paula Spegele, Pennsylvania 
'-Nancy Lyon Spruill, Maryland 
Barry Ellis Stadd, Maryland 
Roger William Stead, Netv Jersey 
Jane Anne Steck, Maryland 
Gary Ernest Stefan, Maryland 
Mary M. Stetina, Maryland 
Roger Dale Stone, Maryland 
Sheldon Campbell Sutton, Maryland 
Joseph Fowler Swan, Maryland 
Jeanne Carol Taylor, Maryland 
Michael Brewster Terry, Maryland 
Curtis William Tessman, Maryland 
Renee Tevelow, Maryland 
*Edward Steven Thaler, Maryland 
*William Joseph Thomas, Maryland 
Leo John Tilley, Maryland 
*WiLLiAM Jeffrey Trepp, New York 
Neil Thomas Tucker, Maryland 
IBarbara Lockwood Turner, Maryland 
Joyce Ann Utmar, Maryland 
tCHRiSTEL Maria Van Rooy, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Vorlaufer, Maryland 
David Garth Wagner, Maryland 
fHARRY Ernst Walkup, Jr., Maryland 
tGARY Lee Webb, Maryland 
tANlTA Louise Weber, Pennsylvania 
Christopher Alan Weidig, New Jersey 
Gerald Paul Weiner, Maryland 
Roger William Welker, Maryland 
"Ronald James Wellman, Maryland 
"Richard Jay Wenger, Maryland 
tJoAN Shirley Weszka, Maryland 
Julia Dorothy White, Virginia 
Michael Joseph White, Maryland 
Paul Edward White, Jr., Maryland 
David Gregg Whitworth, Jr., Maryland 
David Lee Williams, Jr., Maryland 
James Michael Willis, Maryland 
BARBARA Jean WinterSON, Maryland 
Barry Erwin Wise, Maryland 
Daryl Bayard Witt, Maryland 
Ronald Roy Wyett, Maryland 
*JOHN Ling Young, Maryland 
'Carol N. Yudkoff, Maryland 
Kenneth Dwight Zachmann, Maryland 
■Joan Renee Zeller, Maryland 

August 28, 1970 

Ruth Ellen Huber, Maryland 

*RosALiE Winkler Trencher, Maryland 


January 25, 1971 

Gary William Dinn, Maryland 
Mark William Hauver, Maryland 

June 5, 1971 

Carmen Arlene Balthrop, Maryland 
Kenneth T. Carter, Texas 


♦with Honors ; twith High Honors 

tJOYNES MacCubbin, Maryland 
*JuNE H. Voraritskul, Thailand 

IDavid Michael Davis, Maryland 
*Linda Terrell Hormes, Maryland 

The College of Business 
and Public Administration 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of the College 


August 28, 1970 

David Hill Adam, Maryland 
Martin Leonard Aiken, Maryland 
Bobby D. Anderson, Maryland 
Charles Walker Anderson, Maryland 
William James Anderson, Maryland 
Joseph Leonard Barnes, Maryland 
Robert Fredric Baylus, Maryland 
Gerald Wayne Beacht, Maryland 
Ralph C. Benna, Maryland 
James Howard Benson, Maryland 
Lawrence Wayne Benton, Maryland 
Stephen Allen Berlew, Maryland 
Bruce Richard Blair, Maryland 
Robert Lee Bodoh, Maryland 
Howard Jaysaul Bomstein, Maryland 
Charles Millard Boone, Jr., Maryland 
Joseph Vernon Bowen, Jr., Maryland 
tJAMES Michael Brooks, Virginia 
James Anthony Burke, Maryland 
fJosEPH Elia Camardese, Jr., Maryland 
fMARSHA Sue CayfORD, Maryland 
fRoY Briand Cowdrey, Jr., Maryland 
Gary Joseph Daniel, Maryland 
Philip Stephen Dubey, Maryland 
Michael Robert Dunlap, Maryland 
John Fletcher Elder, Maryland 
Kenneth Terrell Ellington, Maryland 
Thomas Leonard Engwall, Maryland 
Robert Worthington Faries, Pennsylvania 
Robert Ross Farrell, Jr., Maryland 
James Gary Feldman, Maryland 
Andrew Richard Fenton, Maryland 
Douglas Matthew Ford, Maryland 
Charles Burton Frey, Maryland 
Donald Garofalo, Maryland 
James H. Garrett, Maryland 
Jeffrey Irvin Gerson, Maryland 
fCHARLES Neal Gish, Maryland 
Stephen Knight Gregory, Maryland 
David Wayne Groendyke, Maryland 
James Lawrence Hansen, Maryland 
Murray Adams Hawkins, Jr., Maryland 
■(•Stephen James Heitz, Maryland 
Robert Henry Herbert, Jr., Maryland 
Andrew Mark Hiller, Maryland 
Jeffrey C. Hines, Maryland 
Helena Rhys Hofmann, Maryland 
Thomas Brome Howard, Jr., Maryland 
Henry Craig Hubbard, Maryland 
Jon Philip Hyman, Maryland 
John Allen Jacobs, Maryland 
Carroll Roger Jenkins, Maryland 
Robert Monroe Jones, Maryland 
tWiLLiAM Robert Jones, Maryland 

tYORAM Kafkafi, Maryland 

Edward Yale Kalin, Maryland 

Anthony John Kamerick, Maryland 

Lawrence Ira Kaplan, Maryland 

Robert A. Korn, Maryland 

fMARY Ann Lange, Maryland 

Anthony Murray Largay, Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Marchisotto, Jr., Maryland 

Kenneth Edward Marino, New York 

Gerald Joseph Marion, Virginia 

James Terence McGrath, Maryland 

William Randolph Miles, Jr., Maryland 

John R. Miller, Maryland 

Christopher J. Moran, Jr., North Carolina 

Donald Stewart Mowlds, Maryland 

William James Musick, Maryland 

Joseph L. Nagro, Maryland 

fWiLLiAM Paul Nairn, Maryland 

F. Arthur Nerret, Maryland 

William Martin Obinger, Jr., Maryland 

John Joseph O'Connor, Jr., Maryland 

Val Martin Oday, Maryland 

Elizabeth Adams Panton, Maryland 

fWiLLlAM Carl Paris, Maryland 

Cyril David Pratt, Maryland 

Stephen Michael Rozanski, Maryland 

fHowARD Weston Rush, Jr., Maryland 

James Perry Ruth, Maryland 

Eileen Gail Safro, Maryland 

Joseph Haim Salis, Maryland 

Mark D. Salo, Maryland 

Lewis Fenwick Sawyer, Maryland 

David Bernard Scherr, Jr., Maryland 

tDONALD Noel Sennott, Maryland 

John Henry Seyle, III, Maryland 

Lawrence Alan Seymour, Jr., Maryland 

fDUNSTON M. Skinner, Maryland 

Brian Stanley Specker, Maryland 

Richard Carl Steinberg, Maryland 

Michael Francis Stubljar, Jr., Pennsylvania 

James Lee Stull, Maryland 

John Patrick Sullivan, Maryland 

Wayne L. Turner, Maryland 

David Damon Vanvliet, Connecticut 

Charles Edgar Wainwright, Maryland 

James Woodrow Walters, Maryland 

Steven V. Weber, Maryland 

Gary David Weingroff, Maryland 

Michael Stuart Wenger, Maryland 

William Carlyle Winright, Maryland 

Ronald Mark Wolfe, Maryland 

Stanley Mark Wolfson, Maryland 

Steven Barry Zaritsky, Maryland 

tDoN Michael Zimmerman, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 



January 25, li>71 


Harry Jay Adler, Maryland 

Ronald Leslie Adler, Connecticut 

Douglas Winston Alion, Maryland 

tGeorge Franklin Allen, Maryland 

John Manfred Almacy, Maryland 

Richard M. Alperstein, Maryland 

Robert William Alston, New Jersey 

Marilyn Diane Alva, Maryland 

Carol Aleta Anders, Maryland 

Karen Estelle Argy, Maryland 

Greg Randall Baker, Maryland 

Laurence Charles Baris, Maryland 

Nicholas Francis Barranca, Maryland 

IMarcia Ann Bauer, Maryland 

William Francis Bernschein, Maryland 

Joseph William Bickley, Maryland 

Robert L. Bleakley, Maryland 

Leonard Howard Bloom, Maryland 

Robert Lee Bonifant, Jr., Maryland 

Dianna Lee Boyer, Maryland 

Richard Nielsen Braunstein, Maryland 

Melvin M. Brodsky, Maryland 

Donald Bowden Brooks, Maryland 

Kenneth William Brown, New York 

Paul Mason Brown, Maryland 

Barry Lee Brunstein, Maryland 

Ronald Harvey Buck, Maryland 

Mark Anthony Buckley, Maryland 

John Rodgers Burdette, Maryland 

Alan Jay Burke, Maryland 

Carl H. Burman, Maryland 

Jon Alan Cantor, Maryland 

Robert Joseph Carey, Maryland 

James Michael Centra, Maryland 

William Wilkerson Chambers, in, Maryland 

John Patrick Connolly, New York 

Harold Wilson Corby. Jr., Maryland 

Kenneth Melvin Cox, Maryland 

Robert H. Crawford, Maryland 

Robert Edward Creager, Maryland 

tJAMES Alvin Cunningham, IH, Maryland 

tJAMEs Burl Cunningham, Maryland 

James Patrick Day, Maryland 

John Joseph Denis, Maryland 

Robert Patrick DiSalvo, Maryland 

Francis Joseph Dore, Maryland 

Richard Eugene Drennan, Maryland 

Brian Edward Dullea, Maryland 

Bruce Nathaniel Eckhardt, Maryland 

Alan Bruce Ellzey, Maryland 

tCHARLES David Elmer. Maryland 

Edward Lawrence Escoffier, Maryland 

Fulton Lambert Evans, Maryland 

Edward Foster Everitt, Maryland 

James Frederick Fattibene, Maryland 

Larry Wayne Faulkner, Maryland 

James Wallace Fauquier, Maryland 

Thomas Michael Ferraro. New Jersey 

Jay David Finglass, Maryland 

James C. Fischer, Maryland 

Richard W. Fisher, Maryland 

Thomas Francis Fisher, Maryland 

Michael Joseph Ford, Maryland 
Kim Steven Frick, Maryland 
Kenneth Francis Gallagher, Jr., Maryland 
Roger R. Gardner, Maryland 
Richard Carvel Garner, Maryland 
Steven Allen Gavey, Illinois 
Arnold Stuart Gayle, Maryland 
Frederick Yale Geber, Maryland 
Stephen Michael Gergely, Maryland 
Anthony Edward Gioffre, Maryland 
John S. Gloss, Maryland 
Michael Wayne Golden, Maryland 
Gerald Jay Gordon, Maryland 
Stephen R. Gottsagen, Maryland 
Dana Squires Green, Maryland 
Ragan Eugene Gross. Maryland 
James Ezra Grove. Maryland 
Charles Howard Haas. Maryland 
tPAUL Edgar Haberlein. Maryland 
Stephen Prescott Hall, Maryland 
William Trimble Hall. Maryland 
William James Halterman, Maryland 
fLiNDA Hope Hamblen. Maryland 
William Scott Hanle. Maryland 
Susan Lee Hanna. Maryland 
John H. Hargest, IH, Maryland 
Russell George Harrison, Maryland 
tBernard John Hayden, Jr., Maryland 
Lynwood Harris Henderson, Maryland 
Dennis Earl Hergert, Maryland 
Melvyn Arthur Herman, Maryland 
Thomas M. Hetherington, Maryland 
Hedley WishARD HickeY, Maryland 
tSiDNEY Cecil Hodges, Jr.. Maryland 
Anthony Iver Hoffman. Maryland 
Vernon Robert Hollidge, Jr., Maryland 
Jill Marie Holub, Maryland 
Rodney Paul Horst, Maryland 
Stephen Clay Hough, Maryland 
Michael William Humphries, Maryland 
Ruth Elizabeth Huston. Pennsylvania 
Robert William Ibach, Jr., Maryland 
David D. Israel, Maryland 
Theodore Anthony Iszkiewicz, Maryland 
Louis Edward Jacksits, Maryland 
Larry Joel Jacobs, Maryland 
Mark Daniel Jacobs, Maryland 
Alan Martin Jacobson, Maryland 
Steven Mark Jacoby, Maryland 
Richard M. Jerardi, Maryland 
Clifford Francis Johnson, Jr., Maryland 
Stephen A. Johnson, Maryland 
Patrick Michael Kane, Maryland 
Michael George Kemper, Maryland 
Stephen Charles Kennedy, Maryland 
Walter William Kimmel. Jr., Maryland 
Judith Ann Knight, Maryland 
Edwin Roger Koehneke, Maryland 
Vancelle Elizabeth Koontz, Maryland 
Pedro J. Labourdette, Maryland 
Robert David Lang, Maryland 
Douglas James Larkin, Maryland 


*with Honors ; twith High Honors 



Robert Jeffery Larkin, Maryland 

Kassandra Jane Leach, Maryland 

Robert Hayward Learmouth, Maryland 

Paulette Marks Lebowitz, Maryland 

Jack Roy Levenson, New York 

Mark Levin, Maryland 

Perry Allen Levin, Maryland 

Larry Harvey Levy, Maryland 

Barry Alan Lewis, Maryland 

Michael Lind, Maryland 

Donald Ray Lindsey, Maryland 

tJAMEs Robert Lingebach, Maryland 

harry Franklin Lins, Jr., Maryland 

William Alan Lipford, Maryland 

Michael Francis Lochary, Maryland 

Jack Wayne Loiacono, Maryland 

Stephen Edward Lortie, New York 

Peter Henry Lucas, Virginia 

Edward Dennis Maddox, Maryland 

Larry Douglas Manning, Maryland 


Alan Michael Margolius, D. C. 

Fred Edward Marmarosh, Maryland 

Joyce Penelope Marshall, Maryland 

Susan Ruth Maschkowski, Maryland 

Mark Stepiian Matthews, Maryland 

Warren Preston Maxwell, Maryland 

Robert J. Mayer, Pennsylvania 

David Martin Mazer, Maryland 

Robert William McAllister, Maryland 

G. Edward McEvoy, Maryland 

Thomas Eugene McGuire, Maryland 

Joseph Bernard McKay, III, Maryland 

John Austin McLoud, Maryland 

Harry Meixell, Maryland 

Thomas Waller Meleney, Maryland 

Lawrence Thomas Michaels, Maryland 

Bruce K. Michelson, Maryland 

Calvin Richard Miller, Maryland 

Ralph Irvin Miller, Maryland 

tGAiL Bassin Misler, Maryland 

John Paul Mitchell, Maryland 

Richard Lewis Mohlhenrich, Maryland 

Garrett Francis Mona, Maryland 

fSTEVEN Hugh Mudrick, Maryland 

James C. Myers, Virginia 

Timothy Stephen Claydon Nadell, Maryland 

Matthew Peter Nelson, Jr., Maryland 

William McAllister Norrell, Maryland 

Sefa BAhattin Ocak, Turkey 

Vefahan Ocak, Turkey 

Richard James O'Neill, Maryland 

Larry A. Pace, Maryland 

Michael Joseph Paoletti, Maryland 

Michael Alan Paris, Maryland 

Peter Leo Paulin, Maryland 

Ronald Eugene Pearson, Maryland 

Humberto Oton Pertierra, New York 

Gregory Arnold Pfeiffer, Maryland 

Howard Robert Pinson, Maryland 

Joseph James Poolesny, Maryland 

Howard Jay Postal, Maryland 

Stephen Jay Press, Maryland 

Neil Ira Pritt, Maryland 

Howard Rivell Prouse, Maryland 
David Ray Purdum, Maryland 
Martin Barry Rayman, D. C. 
Denis Patrick Reardon, Pennsylvania 
Harold Egbert Rice, Jr., Maryland 
Michael Earl Rifkind, Maryland 
Mercedes Drain Rintoul, Maryland 
Gary Ronald Roberts, Michigan 
Robert Ralph Robertson, Jr., Maryland 
fTERRY Ray Rogers, Maryland 
Lynn Barbara Ronningen, Maryland 
Ronald David Rosier, Maryland 
James Patton Roth, Maryland 
Kenneth Joseph Rothstein, Maryland 
Richard Dennis Rubin, Maryland 
Lawrence Alan Runs, New York 
William James Ruskell, Jr., Maryland 
Eugene Philip Rutter, Maryland 
Theodore Charles Samaras, Maryland 
Ramon A. Sassani, Maryland 
John Stephen Scarlis, Maryland 
John Timothy Schafer, Maryland 
Charles Lawrence Scher, Maryland 
Stephen Michael Schick, Maryland 
Randall Charles Schmidt, Maryland 
Gary Bernard Schoch, Maryland 
IHarvey Shelley Schochet, Maryland 
Ellis Alfred Scott, Maryland 
Melvin Michael Seidman, Maryland 
David Shavatt, Maryland 
Jay David Sheinfield, Maryland 
Carl 0. Shelton, Jr., Maryland 
Patrick Evanson Sheplee, Maryland 
Robert Michael Shymansky, Maryland 
Jeffrey F. Silverman, Maryland 
George Curtis Simpson, Maryland 
jANisoN Noble Skutch, Maryland 
Bernard John Sledz, Maryland 
Stephen Harold Sleightholm, Maryland 
Francis Edward Smith, III, Maryland 
Thomas Fulton Smith, Maryland 
Gregory William Stamm, Maryland 
Gregory L. Stein, Maryland 
Larry J. Stermer, Pennsylvania 
Paul Arthur Stiehl, New York 
Frederick Andreas Storm, Maryland 
Jeffrey Allan Sweren, Maryland 
Stephen William Sylvia, Maryland 
Lawrence Edward Taubman, Maryland 
Wesley Earle Thawley, Delaware 
Louis Ignatius Thomas, Maryland 
Bruce Allan Thomason, New Jersey 
Charles Erwin Tiedebohl, Maryland 
Albert Anthony Tisone, Jr., Virginia 
Mary Ellen Todd, Maryland 
Gary Lynn Trayer, Maryland 
tJOHN D. Trench, Neiv Jersey 
Karen Jean Trouvat, France 
fEDWARD Harold Tuchman, Maryland 
Rasim Sukru Tugberk, Turkey 
Brent Allen Turner, Jr., Maryland 
fALAN Peter Varhus, Maryland 
Frank David Vezzi, Pennsylvania 
Robert Francis Vit, Maryland 

♦with Honors : twith High Honors 



Edward Louis Vogelman, III, Maryland 
Dennis Thrale Walker, Maryland 
tRussELL James Wallace, Maryland 
Stephen Lester Warner, D. C. 
Peter John Warren, Maryland 
Bruce Allan Watkins, Maryland 
John Douglas Weiss, Maryland 
Mark Allen Weiss, Maryland 
William Marion Weistling, Jr., Maryland 
Colman Langan Wessel, Maryland 
Burtchaell Grubb Wetterau, Maryland 
tJOHN Nicholas Wetzelberger, III, Maryland 

Kenneth Falconer Whitfield, Maryland 
Bernard J. Wilks, Maryland 
Wesley Marcellus Williams, D. C. 
Richard Charles Wolff, Maryland 
Richard Coyle Wolfinger, Maryland 
tCharles Ellsworth Wolfkill, III, 

Arthur Nevin Wynkoop, Maryland 
Richard Vincent Yankowsky, Maryland 
Jeanette Bo-Jean Yee, Maryland 
tTerry Edison Zerwick, Maryland 

June 5, 1971 


Rex Cameron Abercrombie, Maryland 
James Franklin Adair, Maryland 
Barbara Helen Adams, New York 
Gary King Acer, Maryland 
Erwin Stuart Adler, Maryland 
Dale Leon Allen, Maryland 
N'eil Michael Alperstein, Maryland 
tjAMES Michael Altieri, New Jersey 
Frank Anthony Altomare, Jr., Maryland 
Jesse J. Alvarez, Maryland 
Gerhard Amirault, Maryland 
John Raymo.nd Anderson, Maryland 
Jacques Paul Anezin, Maryland 
Harry Robert Annesley, III, Maryland 
Steven Allan Appelbaum, Maryland 
Mark Arthur Arensmeyer, Maryland 
Zorthian Lee Armstrong, Maryland 
Oscar W. Ascherl, Maryland 
fGARY Vahan Avakian, New Jersey 
Robert Babiskin, Maryland 
William Foster Backus, Alabama 
John Lewis Bacon, .\V?<^ Jersey 
Thomas A. Bader, Netc Jersey 
Bryan Reyburn Bailey, Maryland 
Henry Elliott Baker, Maryland 
John Robinso.n Baker, New Jersey 
Carl S. Balser, Maryland 
John Frederick Barker, Maryland 
David Randall Barrett, Maryland 
James Lindgre.n Bass, Maryland 
Jeffrey Bass, Maryland 
Ronald L. Becker, Maryland 
John E. Beckman, Jr., Maryland 
Thomas Haley Beers, Maryland 
Leland Roy Beitel, Maryland 
Thomas Reilly Benedict, Maryland 
Richard Jonathan Bennof, Maryland 
Peter Ralph Birgeles, Jr., Maryland 
William Frederick Bisgood, Maryland 
Ronald Clark Bittner, Maryland 
Jonathan Jay Blacker, Massachusetts 
Barry S. Bleiweis, Maryland 
Ralph Gilbert Blunt, Maryland 
Michael Edward Bohn, Maryland 
Kenneth Bruce Bonnet, Maryland 
Edward Alvin Bortnick, Maryland 
James Franklin Boswell, Jr., Maryland 

Douglas Allen Bowers, Maryland 
Michael Scott Bowler, California 
Harwood Christian Bowman, III, Maryland 
William Jenkins Bracken, Maryland 
Julie A. Brady, Maryland 
David Howard Branham, Maryland 
James Thomas Brannon, III, Maryland 
Steven Daniel Breeskin, Maryland 
Arthur Joseph Brennan, Maryland 
Brian Lawrence Bresnahan, D. C. 
Charles Douglas Bridge, Maryland 
Thomas Marshall Briggs, Maryland 
Robert Alexander Brooker, Maryland 
Jeffrey Philip Brosman, Maryland 
Leslie Brott, Maryland 
tJack Hall Brown. Jr., Maryland 
James Christopher Brown, Maryland 
Samuel Francis Brown, Maryland 
Salvatore Joseph Bruno, Maryland 
Adam Joseph Brzeczko, Maryland 
Russell Lawrence Bucans, Maryland 
James Paul Buckley, Maryland 
Gregory Boyden Burbank, Connecticut 
Dennis Allen Burch, Maryland 
William Stanley Burch, Maryland 
Joseph Thomas Burke, Maryland 
Patrick Michael Burke, Pennsylvania 
Mary Ann Burkart, Maryland 
Marshall Jerome Bush, Maryland 
Marvin Joseph Bush, Maryland 
John Richard Busher, Maryland 
John Larry Byrd, Maryland 
William Kirkland Byrd, Jr., Maryland 
tANN Elizabeth Cady, Maryland 
David Patrick Callahan, Maryland 
Thomas Louis Campbell, Maryland 
Bruce Stuart Canham, Illinois 
Richard Reed Cantrell, Maryland 
Jay Arnold Caplan, Maryland 
Myra Leslie Caplan, Maryland 
Sandi Ray Caplan, Maryland 
Francis John Cardosi, Maryland 
James Edward Carlson, Maryland 
Paul Eric Carter, Maryland 
Ronald Michael Catzva, Maryland 
Robert Paul Chastain, Maryland 
William Tappan Childs, Maryland 


•with Honors : twith High Honors 



Arthur Eugene Clark, III, Maryland 
Bradley V. Clark, Maryland 
Robert Peter Clark, Maryland 
Robert Russell Clay, New Jersey 
William Lewis Clowser, Maryland 
Gregory John Coates, Connecticut 
Andrew Marc Cohen, New York 
Jeffrey Irl Cohen, Maryland 
Richard E. Cohen, Maryland 
William Edgar Cole, Jr., Maryland 
fMicHAEL Lee Cone, Maryland 
John Gourley Conkey, IV, Maryland 
Stephanie Ruth Constantinides, Maryland 
John Daniel Corun, Maryland 
Gary A. Courtois, Maryland 
Donald Ray Cox, Maryland 
Margaret Sharon Cox, Maryland 
Mark Robert Crawford, Maryland 
James Elmer Cross, III, Maryland 
Michael John Crupi, Maryland 
Ofelia Cuesta, Maryland 
tDONNA Marie Cunningham, Maryland 
James Francis Cunningham, Maryland 
JOCELYN Anerea Curley, Maryland 
Edward Robert Dabal, Maryland 
Ronald Leon Daniels, Virginia 
David Stephen Danielson, Maryland 
Russell James Dare, Jr., Maryland 
John Adrian Datcher, Jr., Maryland 
Richard Joseph Davis, Neta Jersey 
Douglas Kenneth Day, Maryland 
Gregory Ernest Delia, Maryland 
Edwin Ivan Delong, Jr., Maryland 
Stephanie Dematatis, Maryland 
Marcia Lauren Desmond, Massachusetts 
Michael Salvatore Dibella, Maryland 
Daniel Joseph Dibenedetto, New Jersey 
tDEBORAH Christine Dietle, Maryland 
Michael Ellsworth Diggs, D. C. 
Tessa Louise Doan, Maryland 
Ronald Edward Doherty, Maryland 
Dennis Patrick Dolan, Maryland 
Robert Allen Doloff, Maryland 
Bernard Arthur Domke, Virginia 
Brian James Donnelly, Maryland 
Thomas Donohue, New Jersey 
Vinton G. Dove, Maryland 
David Edmund Dowall, Pennsiilvania 
James A. Drawe, Maryland 
Robert Steven Driessen, Maryland 
Lawrence Stuart Dubit, D. C. 
William James Dwyer, Maryland 
Richard George Eager, Maryland 
George Dixie Earman, Oklahonia 
John Rowland Eaton, Jr., Maryland 
Edward Joseph Eberling, Maryland 
Jordan Steed Edwards, Maryland 
Mary Catherine Eichelberger, Maryland 
tHARVEY Ellis Eisenberg, Florida 
tCHARLEs Forrest Ellinger, Jr., Maryland 
Paul Franklin Ellisor, Maryland 
David Joseph Endres, Maryland 
William Nelson Ernst, Maryland 

•with Honors; twith High Honora 

John Belmore Eschenburg, Maryland 
Victoria Garrison Estey, D. C. 
Michael Cotton Evans, Rhode Island 
James Milford Everline, Maryland 
Jacqueline Lee Falk, Maryland 
Patrick Raymond Fanning, Maryland 
Richard Edwin Farkas, Maryland 
Mary Ellen Farley, Maryland 
tSusAN Elisabeth Farmer, Maryland 
John James Fayed, Maryland 
Richard J. Feeney, Maryland 
Shelley Feingold, Maryland 
Paul Feinsilver, New Jersey 
Steven Lee Feldman, Maryland 
Sharon Lewis Ferguson, Maryland 
Stuart Keith Field, Maryland 
Regis Albert Finucan, Maryland 
Ronald Elliot Fisch, New Jersey 
Daniel Thomas Flanagan, Iowa 
Howard Charles Fleischer, Maryland 
Frederic Vincent Flower, Maryland 
Steven Henry Flury, Maryland 
Detlev Andreas Foellmer, Maryland 
tJOHN Edward Forbes, Maryland 
Christopher J. Ford, Maryland 
Danny Steven Ford, Maryland 
tJAMEs Leslie Ford, Maryland 
Jeffrey Paul Ford, Maryland 


Charles Robert Foster, Maryland 

Maureen Elizabeth Hogan Foster, Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Fowler, Maryland 

Arthur Martin Fox, Maryland 

James Russell Fox, Maryland 

John Conrad Franke, Maryland 

tRiCHARD Howard Freed, Maryland 

Thomas Jacob Freeman, Maryland 

George Duffy French, Maryland 

Michael Robert Fribush, Maryland 

Michael Brian Fullem, Maryland 

Steven Blair Fuller, Maryland 

John Adams Fullerton, Ohio 

Alfred Charles Fulton, Maryland 

William James Furber, Jr., Pennsylvania 

Leslie Allan Fyock, Maryland 

Harry Bradford Gamble, Jr., Maryland 

Martin L. Garber, Jr., Maryland 

Gary Hale Gardner, Maryland 

Henry Douglass Gareis, Maryland 

Sherry Ann Garland, Maryland 

Michael John Garofano, New Mexico 

Marilyn Alice Garrison, Maryland 

Steven Mark Garver, Maryland 

Richard Ordway Gates, Maryland 

Joseph Edward Geatz, Jr., Maryland 

tMoRRis Steven Gelman, Maryland 

Stephen Allan Gelrud, Maryland 

James Robert George, Maryland 

William Philip Gerald, Jr., Maryland 

Stuart Bruce Gerber, Maryland 

Philip German, Maryland 

Barbara Jean Germenko, Maryland 

Barry Ray Gerskov, Maryland 




fJosEPH Whitton Gibson, Delaware 

Stephen Wayne Gilchrist, Maryland 

Phillip L. Gill, Maryland 

Dennis James Gillen, Ohio 

Ralph Kenneth Gingell, Maryland 

Gordon Bertis Gipe, Maryland 

Robert James Gipe, Maryland 

William Winslow Glickert, Maryland 

William Flint Glidden, Maine 

SuzAN Raye Globus, Maryland 

Erlinda Glorioso, Maryland 

Mark Bernard Gockel, California 

Lynn Helene Goldberg, New York 

Johnson Graham, Pennsylvania 

Roger Martin Grant, Maryland 

John Harmon Graves, II, Maryland 

John Green, Jr., Maryland 

William Alan Green, Maryland 

tMlCHAEL Efrem Greenstein, Maryland 

Linda Jean Gregg, New Jersey 

tPaul Edgar Gresham, Marylavd 

STANLBTi- Robert Grey, New York 

Charles William Grier, Maryland 

Thomas Lee Grillo, Maryland 

Stephen Bernard Groh, Virginia 

tMiCHAEL Robert Gross, Maryland 

ILarry Edward Groves, Maryland 

Charles Stephen Gubisch, Maryland 

Frank Benjamin Guest, III, Maryland 

Fredesvinda Alodia Guime, Maryland 

Peter W. Gulick, Maryland 

Robert Daniel Guthrie, Maryland 

tGary Bart Hall, Maryland 

Theodore Archie Hall, Jr., Maryland 

John Patrick Hamill, Maryland 

Frederic Atherton Hamilton, Jr., Maryland 

Jimmy Ray Hammond, Maryland 

John Hartzell Hammond, Jr., Maryland 

Edward Philip Hanlon, Maryland 

Francis Michael Harris, Jr., Maryland 

Melvin Lawrence Harrison, Maryland 

David Elias Hartle, Maryland 

Janet L. Hartley, Maryland 

William Charles Haskell, D. C. 

Joann Alice Haveland, Maryland 

Gary Hayes, Maryland 

Susan Louise Hayes, Maryland 

Josephine Doris Head, Maryland 

Jane Elizabeth Healy, Maryland 

John Rodney Healy, Maryland 

Robert John Heffner, Maryland 

David Joseph Heim, Jr., Neiv Jersey 

tFRANK Elliott Heller, Maryland 

Keith Wright Henry, Maryland 

fPATRiciA Anne Henry, Minnesota 

Robert Gardner Henry, Jr., Maryland 

Charles Edward Heusser, Maryland 

Mary Ellen Hickey, Maryland 

David Austin Hickman, Maryland 

Larry Dale Higgins, Maryland 

IMax Neil Highstein, Maryland 

Linda Lee Hinch, Maryland 

fMARK Andrew Hirsch, New York 

Carol Ann Hobelmann, Maryland 
Ira Zelig Hochstadt, New York 
IMary Anne Hockman, Maryland 
Evan Larue Hodgens, Maryland 
James Michael Hodges, Maryland 
David Jeffrey Hoexter, Maryland 
Bruce Silver Hoffberger, Maryland 
Arthur John Hoffman, Maryland 
Lawrence John Hoffman, Maryland 
Robert Joseph Holck, Maryland 
James Norman Holzapfel, Maryland 
Thomas Edward Hooven, Maryland 
Jean Marie Horan, Maryland 
William Victor Horvath, Jr., Maryland 
fEDDiE Monroe House, Maryland 
Joseph Timothy Houston, Maryland 
Glenn Louis Howard, Maryland 
Wayne Dee Howard, Maryland 
Robert Edward Howell, Maryland 
Charles Jesse Hull, Jr., Maryland 
Joseph Kenneth Idol, Maryland 
Michielle Melani Inagaki, Maryland 
Thomas Scott Inglesby, Maryland 
Donald E. Inscoe, Maryland 
Lawrence Ira Iskow, Maryland 
tBARBARA Ellen Isrow, Virginia 
Donald Francis Iwancio, Maryland 
Gloria Hong Izumi, Maryland 
Joseph Alford Jackins, Jr., Maryland 
Bonny Linda Jaffe, Maryland 
Carol Geraldine Jannetti, New York 
IPeter Barnard Jaquette, Maryland 
James Robert Jarboe, Maryland 
Paul Franklin Jenkins, Maryland 
Rudolf Paul Jenkins, Maryland 
tDoNALD Philip Johnson, Maryland 
Kendrick Covey Johnson, Maryland 
Ronald Bernard Johnson, Maryland 
Thomas Bernard Johnson, Maryland 
Carolyn Anne Jones, Maryland 
Gregory Wynn Jones, Maryland 
Jeffrey Allan Jones, Maryland 
Brian Douglas Kajutti, Maryland 
IEllne Cheryl Kampinsky, Maryland 
Allen Joel Kaplan, Maryland 
Arnold Steven Kaplan, Maryland 
Robert Jonathan Kaplan, Maryland 
Daniel Kecman, Jr., Pennsylvania 
Ray E. Keech, Jr., New Jersey 
Frederick Martin Kelley, III, Maryland 
Richard Terrence Kelley, Maryland 
Edward John Kelly, Pennsylvania 
Paul Michael Kennedy, Maryland 
Charles D. Kerr, Maryland 
Gerald Harvey Kessler, Maryland 
Robert Bruce Keyser, Maryland 
Jeremiah David Kiefer, Maryland 
Michael Alan King, New York 
Norman B. King, Maryland 
tSteven King, Maryland 
Philip Kirschenbaum, Maryland 
Joseph Arthur Klein, Maryland 
tLiNDA Marie Kleinwachter, Maryland 


*with Honors ; twith High Honors 



William Arthur Kley, Maryland 
Clark Quitman Kline, Jr., Marylainl 
Stacey Paula Kolker, Mari/latid 
James A. Koster, Maryland 
Iris Ellen Kramer, Maryland 
Richard L. Kramer, D. C. 
Jacqueline Carol Kropman, Maryland 
Walter Frank Krysiak, Maryland 
Glenn Francis Kubany, Maryland 
Gregory James Kubany, Pennsylvania 
Mark William Kugler, Maryland 
William Joseph Kurak, Maryland 
tJosEPH Martin Kursch, Jr., Maryland 
Randy Moore Kurtz, Pennsylvatiia 
James Harvey Kutch, Maryland 
Daniel Ale.xander Kwiatkowski, Maryland 
Bruce Martin Lafferman, Maryland 
Michael Edward Langan, Maryland 
Mark Brian Lapidus, Maryland 
Ernest James Lareau, Maryland 
Robert Michael Larkin, Jr., Maryland 
Brian Lavery, Maryland 
Larry Keith Lawson, Maryland 
Carville Benson Leaf, Jr., Maryland 
Gardner Stephen Leclercq. Maryland 
Arnold Don Lee, D. C. 
William Louis Lehmuth, ///, Maryland 
Alan Roy Leifer, Maryland 
Charles Robert Leins, Maryland 
Charles Edward Lerner, Maryland 
IHenry Reich Lesansky, Virginia 
tCAROL MONA LeshiNSKY, Ncw Jersey 
Karen Jean Leventhal, Maryland 
Monica Farrell Levin, D. C. 
Chester Curtis Levine, Maryland 
Steven Robert Lewis, Maryland 
Lawrence Louis Liberatore, Maryland 
Elaine Harriet Linsey, Maryland 
Thomas Alan Litzau, Maryland 
Steven Edwin Lockard, Maryland 
James William Locraft, Jr., Maryland 
John Francis Lopez, Maryland 
tJuDY Lai Lum, D. C. 
Richard Alan MacDowell, New York 
Robert Johnson Mace, Maryland 
James Henly Magee, Maryland 
Carolyn Kaye Maggard, Maryland 
Robert F. Mahnic, Maryland 
James Frederick Mahoney, Jr., Maryland 
Albert Jackson Main, Jr., Maryland 
JOANN MarcerON, Maryland 
tJoHN Charles Markelonis, Maryland 
Robert Richard Markle, Maryland 
John Leroy Marple, Maryland 
Robert Russell Marsh, Maryland 
Lloyd Jeffrey Martin, Illirwis 
Robert William Martin, Maryland 
Patrick Allen Martinez, Maryland 
Gary Richard Maslan, Maryland 
Frank Obrien Mathis, Maryland 
Sewell Ross Matthews, Jr., Maryland 
Peter Anthony Mattia, New Jersey 
James Cameron Mattoon, Maryland 

Christopher George Mayers, Virginia 

Patrick Hermann McAuley, Maryland 

Walter Edward McCabe, Jr., Maryland 

William David McCabe, Maryland 

Robert Stotts McChesney, Maryland 

Robert A. McGregor, Maryland 

Jeffrey Allen McHone, Maryland 

Jerome Shands McKay, Jr., Maryland 

Rudy Vl McKiNNEY, Maryland 

Steven Alan McNamara, Maryland 

William Dennis McRoberts, Maryland 

tDENNis Patton McVeigh, Maryland 

Jerry Howard Mee, D. C. 

Stephen A. Meleski, Maryland 

Gloria Teresa Merritt, Maryland 

Charles Randall Merry, Maryland 

Donald Edward Michael, Maryland 

fDAViD HuLs Miller, Maryland 

Loren Adrian Miller, Maryland 

Vaughan George Miller, Virginia 

William Milton Miller, in, Maryland 

Daniel Gordon Mintz, Maryland 

David Jonathan Montanari, Maryland 

Ken D. Moorefield, Maryland 

Howard N. Moran, Maryland 

fTHOMAs J. Moran, Maryland 

Stewart Sylvan Morick, Maryland 

Thomas Carlin Morris, Maryland 

Stuart Henry Mortimer, Maryland 

Susan Kay Motz, Maryland 

Edward Francis Murphy, Maryland 

Leo Edward Myzick, Maryland 

James Joseph Nagle, Maryland 

Kathy Than Naing, Maryland 

Robert Alex Nannetti, Maryland 

Roger Lewis Neff, Maryland 

John Roger Nelligan, Maryland 

John Stanford Newsome, Maryland 

IKhanh T. Nguyen, Maryland 

Nelson Luther North, Jr., Connecticut 

Martha Nudel, Maryland 

Jose Rodriguez Nunez, Jr., Maryland 

Michael David Nusbaum, Maryland 

Richard Paul Oakes, Maryland 

Kathleen Elizabeth O'Donnell, Maryland 

Bruce Wallace Olecki, Maryland 

John Tracy Oliver, Maryland 

Cecil Wade O'Neal, Jr., Maryland 

John Kenneth O'Neill, New Jersey 

Michael Patsick O'Neill, Maryland 

Norman Lester Oremland, Maryland 

Elmer Eugene Osborn, Maryland 

Lawrence Houston Owens, Jr., Maryland 

Dan Hughes Painter, Texas 

Jefferson David Palmer, Maryland 

Michael James Panos, Maryland 

Gus Theodore Papaloizos, Maryland 

Arthur F. Paras, Maryland 

Alan Arthur Pashkowitz, Maryland 

Neil Edward Peppell, Maryland 

Pablo Danilo Perez, Maryland 

Douglas Edward Peterson, Maryland 

Stanton David Phelps, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 




Sergio Ricardo Pinto, Maryland 

Eileen Sharon Plaine. Maryland 

Wynn Arnold Poole, Maryland 

Peter A. Powell, Maryland 

Martin Corey Powers, Jr., Maryland 

Robert Thomas Powers, Maryland 

William Duane Pratt, Maryland 

John Charles Preston, Maryland 

Roy Harlan Preston, Jr., Maryland 

James Leroy Price, Virginia 

Joseph Ward Proksa, Maryland 

David Michael Pusey, Maryland 

Jeffrey David Raden, Pennsylvania 

tPATRiciA Ann Reed, Maryland 

James William Rei. Maryland 

Donald Wilson Reidy, Maryland 

Stuart Charles Resnick, Maryland 

Dave Revella, Maryland 

Rebecca Mae Reynolds, Maryland 

Stuart Ross Ribakow, Maryland 

Betty Lou Rice, Maryland 

James George Richardson, Maryland 

Haim Rider, Maryland 

Domenic Biagio Rignanese, Rhode Island 

Thomas F. Riley, ^Maryland 

Arlene Lois Robbins, Maryland 

John Joseph Robbins, Maryland 

Carol Ruth Robins, D. C. 

James Charles Robinson, Maryland 

James William Roesner, Maryland 

David Jeffrey Rosenberg, Maryland 

Donald L. Rosenberg, Maryland 

Ronald Eugene Ross, Connecticut 

Bruce Anthony Rossi, Netv Jersey 

Donald Richard Roswell, Maryland 

Michael David Rubin, Maryland 

Jon Earl Rudden, Maryland 

Clement Henry Ruley, Jr.. Maryland 

James Taylor Rupard, Maryland 

Scott Sagman, Maryland 

James Louis Sanders. Maryland 

Perry Lester Sandler, Maryland 

Kathleen Cynthia Santell, Maryland 

George William Sarbacher, III, Maryland 

Brian Martin Savitt, Maryland 

Norman Karl Schafer. Maryland 

Carl Fallin Schaible, Maryland 

Robert Joseph Schappert, III, Maryland 

Barry Joseph Schellhammer, Pennsylvania 

Audrey Jane Scher, Maryland 

H. Robert Scherr, Maryland 

Steven Arthur Schuman, Maryland 

Mark Gary Schwartz, Maryland 

Martin David Schwartz, Maryland 

Melvin Gene Schwartz, Maryland 

Francis Culpeper Scruggs, Jr., Maryland 

Scott Newton Sebring, Maryland 

Mark Allen Seff, Maryland 

Joseph Barry Selby, Maryland 

Carmelo Sergi, Maryland 

Lester David Severe, Maryland 

tMARTiN Lee Severe, Maryland 

Gerald Dwight Shallenberger, Maryland 

IHazel Neuwirth Shapiro, Maryland 

Henry Mario Shavatt, Maryland 
Daniel Patrick Sheridan, Maryland 
Nancy Joan Sheridan, Maryland 
Sujin Shin, Maryland 
Gary Elzey Shockley, Maryland 
tDiane Frances Siemek, Maryland 
Carol Ann Silberg, Maryland 
Arnold Herschel Silver, Delaware 
Larry Ray Silverstein, Maryland 
Stephan William Simms, Maryland 
Samuel Louis Simonovich, Virginia 
Joel Stephen Sittenfeld, Maryland 
Fredrick Warner Sixt, Maryland 
Richard Dennis Sizer, Maryland 
Stephen Dewalt Slifer, Maryland 
John Starr Smeby, Maryland 
Roberta Stewart Smiley, Maryland 
David Murray Smith, Maryland 
Hugh Gregory Smith, Maryland 
Michael Edward Smith, Maryland 
Ronald Francis Smith, Maryland 
Leonard Clair Smyth, Maryland 
Michel Alexander Snitzer, Maryland 


Charles Michael Spalding, Maryland 
Norman Frank Spbx;tor, Maryland 
Stephen Charles Springer, Maryland 
Philip James Statton, Maryland 
John R. Stauss, Maryland 
Michael Alan Stein, Maryland 
Steven Barry Steiner, Maryland 
Edward Clark Stephan, Jr., Maryland 
Janice Maria Stewart, Maryland 
Donald Grant Stires, Maryland 
Dennis Marshall Stokely, Maryland 
Harold Abbott Strauss, Maryland 
Patrick Michael Sullivan, Maryland 
Stephen Douglas Sullivan, Maryland 
William Alexander Sullivan, Delaware 
tWiLLiAM Stuart Sundheim, Maryland 
Alan Gary Suskind, New York 
Chalermkiat SuvanamAs, Maryland 
tL. Britt Swofford, Florida 
Albert Leroy Sykes, Jr., Maryland 
Joan Tang, Maryland 
tDonald Murray Tannenbaum, Maryland 
Jack Drew Teemer, Jr., Maryland 
John Arthur Tesch, Maryland 
Anthony Stanley Thomas, Maryland 
Charles John Thomas, Maryland 
Walter Scott Thomas, Maryland 
William Francis Thomas, Jr., Maryland 
John Washington Thompson, Jr., Maryland 
Steven Robert Thompson, Maryland 
Joseph Indo Tiberi, Maryland 
Richard Burton Tidler, Maryland 
Mark Steven Tiedeman, Maryland 
Andrew Todd Tolley, Maryland 
Anthony George Trantas, Maryland 
Brough Emerson Treffer, Maryland 
Joseph James Trezza, Jr., Netv Jersey 
Kenneth Alan Tribble, Maryland 
Thomas Joseph Trodden, III, D. C. 


*with Honors : twith High Honors 




Thomas Daching Tsai, Maryland 
Joseph Patrick Turner, Jr., Maryland 
Jack Thomas Tyransky, Maryland 
Donald Lee Van Cleve, Maryland 
Sharyn Diane Venit, Maryland 
Sandra Kay Volentine, Maryland 
Charles Edwin Vondrehle, Maryland 
Christine Marie Vonwald, Maryland 
Kenneth Joseph Waldych, Maryland 
tMARY Margaret Walker, Maryland 
John Richard Walsh, Maryland 
Robert Focle Waltz, Maryland 
Lawrence Joseph Warfield, Maryland 
Frank Richard Wasuta, Jr., California 
John Carlisle Waters, Maryland 
Dale Edward Watson, Maryland 
Donald Ray Watson, Maryland 
fMARY KiNSEY Watts, Maryland 
Kenneth R. Wease, Maryland 
Franklin John Weber, Jr., Maryland 
Michael Bernard Weiner, New York 
tGEORGE James Weise, Maryland 
Pamela Lynne Weiss, Maryland 
Lester Alvin Wells, Jr., Maryland 
Michael Clyde Wendt, Maryland 

Joseph William West, Jr., Maryland 
James Lindsley Westcott, Maryland 
Catherine Virginia White, Maryland 
Wayne Paul Whitmore, Maryland 
Paul Talbot Whyte, Maryland 
Newton Edward Wildasin, Maryland 
fNoRMAN Lee Wilder, Maryland 
William H. Wilkerson, IH, Maryland 
George William Wilkinson, Texas 
William Gilbert Williams, IH, Maryland 
John Louis Willow, Maryland 
James Allan Windham, Maryland 
Edward Francis Winkel, D. C. 
Michael Roger Woizesko, Maryland 
Charles Allen Woods, Maryland 
John Stephen Woods, Maryland 
Robert Dennis Worch, Maryland 
Walter Barry Wraga, Maryland 
Donald A. Wynn, Maryland 
Steven Irving Yanovich, Maryland 
Reverdy Francis Yarnall, Maryland 
Christopher A. Young, Pennsylvania 
Nancy Ann Young, Maryland 
Henry Wilson Zecher, Jr., Maryland 
Charles Leroy Zink, Jr., Maryland 
Gerald Frank Zoller, Maryland 

P ■ 

♦with Honors ; twith Hi^b Honors 


College of Education 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Robert F. Carbone, Dean of the College 

August 28, 1970 

Helen Louise Adoff, Georgia 
*Bruce Woodward Barnes, Maryland 
John Cangiano, Maryland 
Nancy Covrett Fox, Maryland 
Susan Ellana Franks, Maryland 
Lynn Carole Hamilton, Maryland 
Alta Jane Harrington, Maryland 
John Paul Herbots, Virginia 
Mary Kendall Longsworth, Maryland 
Patricia Moore Payne, Maryland 

Cynthia Ann Raffety, Maryland 
Edward Clarence Russ, Maryland 
*Sandra Mulac Salvatore, Maryland 
Edith Laidlie Saunders, Georgia 
Steven M. Shaffer, Maryland 
Suzanne Elizabeth Silvers, New Jersey 
Laodice Snyder, Maryland 
Sonja L. Walker, Maryland 
Lewis Douglas Zietz, Maryland 


January 25, 1071 

Myra Jane Alexander, Maryland 
Catherine L. Allen, Maryland 
*JANET G. Bell, Maryland 
Mary Doreen Burke, Maryland 
Jane Bridget Cestone, Maryland 
Georgia Ann Coburn, Maryland 
Barbara Louise Compton, Maryland 
Mary Townley Costello, Maryland 
Nancy Chamberlain Deane, Maryland 
Louise Migneault Denton, Maryland 
Mignon Pendleton W. Derrick, Maryland 
Kathy Lynn DiGennaro, Maryland 
Stephen H. Dolainski, D. C. 
Patrick Daniel Dore, D. C. 
Marilyn Watrous Emanuel, Maryland 
Pamela Gail Ennis, Maryland 
Mary Nell Ford, Maryland 
Susan Adele Frank, Maryland 
fjAY Lynn Friedenberg, Maryland 
fJuDlTH Ann Furash, Maryland 
Ingrid Martha Graff, Maryland 
*Thomas Hugh Harwood, Maryland 
David Bruce Heard, Maryland 
Marie Beckett Hoage, Maryland 
Lois Edith Ingber, North Carolina 
IArlene Elizabeth Jones, Maryland 
Linda Louise Keller, Maryland 
Judith Anne Kreamer, Maryland 

Lawrence Edward Lange, Maryland 
*Marcheta Louise Lawrence, Maryland 
*FORREST Wemple Levely, Maryland 
William Robert Mayhew, Maryland 
Judith Ann McElhone, Maryland 
Anna K. Mergen, Maryland 
•j-Denise Diane Mitchell. Maryland 
Therese Marie Mogensen, Maryland 
Michael Joseph Murnane, D. C. 
Lynnette Ernestine Parsons, Maryland 
Barbara Jo Rephann, Maryland 
Sarah Brooks Raver, Maryland 
Linda Lee Reynolds, Maryland 
Benson M. Rice, Maryland 
Raul N. Rizik, Maryland 
Judith Leslie Rodden, Maryland 


Sandra Ailene Seidel, Maryland 
fLEONORE Jean Slavin, Maryland 
Joette Ruth Stasse, Maryland 
Joan Robin Stumpf, Nciv Jersey 
Jacquelyn Ann Sykes, Maryland 
tAnnick Georgette Takara, Maryland 
Mary Ann Todd, Maryland 
Susan Jean Trilli, Maryland 
SusANNE DORN Weathersby, Maryland 
Ivey Irene West, Maryland 
Annie Mathis Williams, Maryland 
Kathi Zarrabi, Maryland 

June 5, 1971 

Marsha Lynn Ackerman, New York 
Joan Marie Adams, Maryland 
*Peter Alexander Adams, Maryland 
BONITA Joyce Aleks, Maryland 
IHelene Marie Armstrong, Maryland 
Marinell Arnold, Maryland 
tDEBRA Aronson, Maryland 
Deborah Lowman Ballew, Maryland 
ViCKi Lynn Baltimore, Maryland 
Charles Lester Barnhart, Maryland 
Richard Becker, Maryland 

Victoria Lynn Bell, Maryland 
Edwin Jay Beller, Jr., Maryland 
Gale Lynn Berkowitz, Maryland 
Roberta Gail Bevington, Maryland 
Jane Louise Bitting, Maryland 
Marilynn Sandra Block, Maryland 
IMyrna Bock, Maryland 
*Jean Marilyn Boker, Maryland 
Leslie Stafford Booth, New Jersey 
Jacqueline Louise Brown, Maryland 
*Rena Vivian Brown, Maryland 

*with Honors : twith Hiffh Honors 




'•Larry C a plan, Maryland 
Frances Nicole Cariaga, Maryland 
Betty Jean Carroll, Maryland 
Katharine McClellan Carter, Maryland 
*Samuel Parker Chalfant, Jr., Maryland 
*Jeanne Ann Chamberlain, Maryland 
David Tazun Cheng, Maryland 
Kathleen C. Clymer, Virginia 
IArlene Joan Cohen, Maryland 
'Cecelia Anne Coltrane, Maryland 
-Barbara Karen Cope, Maryland 
*Sally Ann Cornell, Maryland 
fjAMES Tyson Cottle, Maryland 
Elda Ivette Cruz, Maryland 
Patricia E. Whitmore Davidson, Maryland 
Veronica Jean Davis, Maryland 
tStanley Currier Day, Jr., Maryland 
Jeffrey Alan Deitchman, Maryland 
Eva Mae Delp, Maryland 
Kathryn Mary Dondero, Maryland 
Cheryl A. Edwards, Maryland 
tBarbara Strasen English, Maryland 
Sharon Epstein, Maryland 
Linda Jeanne Falasca, Maryland 
+DEBORAH Ann Fenn, Maryland 
*Sarah Elizabeth Fields, Maryland 
Susan Jane Fleisher, Pennsylvania 
Roberta Ellen Fleishman, Maryland 
Helene Susan Friedman, Maryland 
Joan Linda Gerwe, Maryland 
Adrian Geurtsen, Maryland 
*Gloria Baublitz GoldfADEN, Maryland 
Frances Sydney Goldstein, Maryland 
Glenn Grant, \ew Jersey 
Harryette Silverman Gudelsky, Maryland 
Philip Albert Guzman, New York 
Barbara Elisabeth Healey, Maryland 
Janet Rose Hersh. Maryland 
Lewis Adam Hess, Maryland 
David Bryan Hill, Maryland 
Lois Ann Hollander, Maryland 
Kathlin Susan Hollar, California 
Betty Jane Holthaus, Maryland 
Sue M. Hopkins, Maryland 
Ronald Hutchinson, Maryland 
Robert Eric Hynes, Maryland 
Carolann T. Imp, New Jersey 
Cathy Jean Ingrassia, Maryland 
Ellen Marie Johnson, Maryland 
Elizabeth Hope Kai.ogris, Maryland 
Michele Helen Kane, Maryland 
Ross Jeffries Kelbaugh, Maryland 
'Rita L. Kipper, Maryland 
Gayle Lynn Klimek, California 
Janice M. Koehler, Maryland 
-Janet Miriam Korb, Maryland 
Linda Mary Kreamer, Maryland 
David Joseph Kulik, Virginia 
tRicHARD Louis Lalime, D. C. 
Jacqueline Joyce Legg, Maryland 
fjANET Robin Leissner, New York 
Arnold Kronman Litman, Maryland 
Nancy Louise Lockard, Maryland 

Elizabeth Dalziel Lockwood, Maryland 
Toby B. Loewy, Maryland 
IMary Ann Lohr, Maryland 
ISherry Ellen London, Maryland 
"Martha Jean Looper, Maryland 
Susan Rebecca Lott, Maryland 
Peter Michael Marcus, Jr., D. C. 
Glenn A. Martin, Maryland 
Michael Joseph Mastrangelo, D. C. 
Jessyna LaTelthia McCree, Maryland 
Deborah Susan, Maryland 
Geraldine Robin Metz, Maryland 
-Sharon Wendy Milstein, Maryland 
Arthur O. Mohagen, Pennsylvania 
Eileen Frances Monaghan, New Jersey 
Irene Pelszynski Murray, Maryland 
Susan Louise Nixon, New Jersey 
tCLAUDiNE Janice Norton, Maryland 
Harvey Fredric Oler, Maryland 
Wendy Faith Oswell, Virginia 
Sherryl Pollack Ottenheimer, Maryland 
'Anita Gretel O wings, Virginia 
Cynthia Ann Parks, California 
tPATRiciA Gale Payne, Maryland 
fWiLLiAM Joseph Picon, Maryland 
-Judith Anne Prange, Maryland 
Mary Paige Pritchard, Virginia 
tSusAN Marilyn Pruce, Maryland 
Nora Margaret Reese, Maryland 
Colleen Annette Regan, Michigan 
Jane Clare Reidy, Maryland 
William Brown Reinckens, Maryland 
''Marsha Jean Rosenberg, Maryland 
*Adrienne Harriet Roth, Maryland 
Patricia Catherine Rounds, Maryland 
Carolyn Linda Rubin, Maryland 
Joyce John Saah, Maryland 
Sherrie Lynn Saber, Maryland 
Janet Somerville Sachs, Virginia 
Susan Armstrong Sanders, Indiana 
Antonino Saraceno, Maryland 
IMarilyn Ruth Sargent, Maryland 
Sharyn Gail Schrier, Maryland 
IAnn Elizabeth Schruben, Maryland 
*Dina Irene Schwartz, Maryland 
Cheryl Ann Scott, Maryland 
*Treva Elizabeth Sears, Maryland 
Shannon Elizabeth Seese, Maryland 
Pamela Rae Shapiro, D. C. 
Lanae Alita Shaw, Maryland 
Jane Ennis Sheehan, Maryland 
Jack Samuel Silver, Maryland 
Gail Elaine Simon, Maryland 
Manfred Wolfgang Smith, Maryland 
James Richard Snyder, Maryland 
Wayne Gary Snyder, Maryland 
Shelley Ann Soich, New Jersey 
'Lewis Cole Stathes, Maryland 
Elisa Joy Steckler, Maryland 
Karen Sue Sulcov, New Jersey 
George Ethan Summers, Jr., Maryland 
'Raymond Arthur Surette, Man/land 
Patricia Joan Suriano, Virginia 
Wallace Alphonse Szumny, Michigan 


•with Honors : twith High Honors 



James Hillary Thibeault, D. C. 
Alyce G. Turner, Mariilattd 
Barbara Susan Unger, Vii-c/inia 
Paola Anne Verduci, Maryland 
Ellen Sue Vincent, Maryland 
MiCAL E. Wagenheim, Maryland 
Glenn Ira Warrick, Virginia 
Calvin Lee Watkins, Maryland 
Marla Weingarten, Maryland 
John Michael Weiskopk, Maryland 
Olivia Kay Wessel, Maryland 

tJoAN Susan Westreich, Maryland 
tLlNDA Loi'isE Wheeler, Maryland 
tBARBARAjANE WhitACRE, Maryland 
Linda Beth Wohlmuth, Maryland 
MARGARET Dianne Woolley, Maryland 
*Carol Harriet Wray, Maryland 
Deborah Elaine Wynn, Maryland 
Raymond John Zawacki, D. C. 
Gretchen Anne Zelenka, Maryland 
Deborah Elizabeth Zemanick, Maryland 


August 28, 1970 

Ronald Melvin Airey, Maryland 
tDlANA Albert, Maryland 
Jennifer Breckenridge Amyx, Maryland 
Mary Ellen Arnold, Maryland 
Jane Keller Baltzley, Maryland 
Denice Elizabeth Barber, Maryland 
*Cheryl Lynn Beller, Maryland 
Margaret Elizabeth Biser, Maryland 
William Walter Bond, Maryland 
Alice M. Bonds, Maryland 
Barbara Lee Braunfeld, Pennsylvania 
*D0NNA Erskine Brigham, Maryland 
Kimberly Ann Brown, Maryland 
Janet Sue Burke, Maryland 
Richard Arthur Casazza, Maryland 
Robert J. Chase, Maryland 
Carol Pamela Christiansen, Maryland 
Kenneth Furzer Clarke, Maryland 
Sally Ann Clemons, Maryland 
Daniel Francis Clune, Maryland 
tROBERTA BaliCH Commisso, Maryland 
Ronald Pierce Contino, Maryland 
Jamie Sue Coursen, Maryland 
Stephenie Leigh Csicsek, Maryland 
tKAREN Jean Davis, Maryland 
John Wallace Dean, Jr., Maryland 
Joan Marilyn D'Imperio, Maryland 
Marsha Ann Eiben, Maryland 
Lawrence Michael Engleman, Maryland 
Clare Ann Erdeky, Maryland 
Paula Lynn Flanagan, Maryland 
Charles Richard Forman, Maryland 
William Olin Foxwell, Maryland 
Carol B. Glasser, Maryland 
*Linda Lee Greene, Maryland 
Lynn Karen Greenstone, Maryland 
Harry Thomas Haywood, Maryland 
Roger Joe Hedden, Maryland 
*Karen Herbst, Maryland 
Elizabeth Lee Hewitt, Maryland 
Peggy Ann Hosey, Maryland 
Daniel Francis Jayjock, Maryland 
Marie Hurlock Jester, Maryland 
*J0HN Kalomeris, Maryland 
Ruth Ellen Kaylor, Florida 
tJANET Lea Kellam, Maryland 
Merrie Saxon Kirker, Maryland 
Janet Marie Koller, Maryland 

Francis Xavier Kozik, Maryland 
MiCHELE Ilene Kremer, Maryland 
Mary Millington Lacey, Maryland 
Anna Elizabeth Lee, D. C. 
Sylvia F. Losikoff, Maryland 
Roger M. Lukens, Maryland 
Cynthia Anne Lyons, Maryland 
Victor Hampton MacSorley, Maryland 
*Jeff Charles McCormick, Maryland 
tMARY Kathleen McNamara, Maryland 
Gerald Miller McVeigh, Maryland 
Janet Marie Miller, Maryland 
William Joseph Niziolek, New Jersey 
Thomas William Noe, Maryland 
Gail Obarzanek, Maryland 
*Mary Christine O'Brien, Maryland 
Christine Oddo, Virginia 
Frances Ann Paga, Maryland 
Dimitrios N. PaleocrAssAs, Maryland 
George Thomas Pierson, Maryland 
Thomas Leslie Poteet, Maryland 
-Suzanne J. Race, Maryland 
Austin Delmar Rippeon, Maryland 
Linda Sherryl Robinson, Maryland 
James Allen Routh, Maryland 
John Denis Runk, Maryland 
Helene Sue Sachs, Maryland 
Kenneth Henry Schmidt, Jr., Maryland 
Nancy Ellen Schutt, Maryland 
Eleanora Gahring Scruggs, Maryland 
Cynthia Louise Sharpe, Maryland 
John Anthony Sharry, New Y'ork 
David Weston Smith, Maryland 
Melanie Mae SteesY, Maryland 
Lorraine Joan Strom, Maryland 
Robert Muir Swartwout, Maryland 
Fay Ellen Symons, Virginia 
George R. Umberger, Maryland 
Sandra Watt, Maryland 
Sandra Madeline Weiserbs, New Jersey 
Gretta Sue Welsh, Maryland 
Margaret Noel Wert, Maryland 
Irene Eakin Wieneke, Maryland 
Carol Lynne Williams, Maryland 
Barbara Lucille Winchester, Maryland 
Larry David Wolf, Maryland 
Sara Jane Zimmerman, Maryland 
*DiANE Marie Zolnaski, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 



January 25, 1&71 


Maryann Elizabeth Albaugh, Maryland 
Lewis Philip Allnutt, III, Maryland 
Judith Johnston Anderson, Maryland 
Betsey Frances Arenberg, Maryland 
Allen Alonzo Avery, Maryland 
William Wallace Banks, Jr., Maryland 
Elizabeth B. Barclay, Maryland 
Ilene Terry Barke, Maryland 
Martin Barnhouser, Maryland 
Caroline Baron, Maryland 
Joyce Baron, Maryland 
Linda Hanson Beaudreault, Maryland 
Charles Albert Belanger, Maryland 
Gwendolyn Madee Betts, Maryland 
tPAULA Chan Bing, Maryland 
Judith Patricia Bladen, Maryland 
Linda K. Borssuck, Maryland 
Linda G. Brantner, Maryland 
*Maureen Anne Breitenberg, Maryland 
IMarjorie Ann Brenner, Maryland 
Linda Kay Brunson, Maryland 
*SUSAN Jane BurBRINK, Maryland 
Linda Ann Burns, Maryland 
Margaret Theresa Campbell, North Carolina 
James Charles Carroll, Maryland 
Rosalie A. Cassou, Maryland 
Mary Linda Chesnik, Maryland 
*Stanley Michael Chop, Maryland 
Stephen Edward Collins, Maryland 
Marsha Ann Craig, Maryland 
fMARiLYN B. Cramer, Maryland 
Virginia Lee Dahl, Maryland 
Robert James Danielson, Maryland 
Richard Thomas Dashiell, Maryland 
Janice Hope Davidoff, New York 
♦Douglas Ledbetter Davidson, Florida 
David Clement DeRoo, Maryland 
Klaus Fritz Diefenbach, Maryland 
Larry N. C. Drake, Maryland 
Maureen Patricia Duggan, Maryland 
Linda Lou Duvall, Maryland 
*Anne Boyd Earle, Maryland 
*Nancy Eileen Eaton, Maryland 
Diana Warfield Elliott, Maryland 
Barbara Lois Eveleigh, Maryland 
Ruth Marion Feller, Maryland 
Carol Anne Fisher, Maryland 
Stephanie Flax, Maryland 
*WiLLiAM Thomas Fowler, Maryland 
♦Beverly Laraine Frazzano, Maryland 
Rochelle Jean Friedland, Maryland 
Ronald Alan Friedman, Maryland 
Larry Martin Garber, Maryland 
tMARjORIE Arrington Garner, Maryland 
Elizabeth Coale Gellner, Maryland 
♦Margaret Bowles Golden, Maryland 
Mark Lee Goldstein, Maryland 
Mark Richard Goodman, Maryla7id 
Margaret McCurdy Gray, Maryland 
Celestinus Alva Green, Jr., Maryland 
Mary Ann Knight Greer, Maryland 

tRiTA Jean Griffin, Maryland 
Stanley Alan Hall, Maryland 
Mary Blanche Harding, Maryland 
Pamela Wade Henderson, Maryland 
Tony Britton Henline, Maryland 
Susan Lynn Hightower, Maryland 
Ann Marie Hiniker, Maryland 
Deborah Lee Hoos, Maryland 
Stephen Francis Hopkins, Maryland 
Kenneth Victor Iserson, Maryland 
Allen Randolph Javins, Maryland 
Sandra Lee Jenista, Maryland 
June Christine Johnson, Virginia 
Richard Joseph Jusko, New Jersey 
Susan Nancy Kandell, New Jersey 
Dixie Abbott Kelley, D. C. 
Joyce Ann Kennedy, Maryland 
Harry Page Kimball, Jr., Maryland 
David Jones King, Maryland 
John Franklin Klossner, Maryland 
Ellen Jane Kohn, Maryland 
Diane Lynne Korn, New York 
June Ann Kotun, Maryland 
Eugenie Marie Kraft, Maryland 
IBarbara Jo Kuppe, Maryland 
Karen Jayne Kuryloski, Maryland 
*Mary Patricia Lason, Maryland 
Sue Ellen Lazarus, Maryland 
Joan Bette Lewis, Maryland 
Janet Elizabeth MacCallum, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Macciocca, Maryland 
Patricia M. Mahady, Maryland 
Bonnie Lynn Manners, Maryland 
Charles Bryan Marcus, Maryland 
Brenda V. Markley, Maryland 
Judy Lea Marks, Maryland 
*Charles Talbot Marshall, Maryland 
tMiCHELLE Diane Marshall, Maryland 
Donna-Marie T. Mattes, Maryland 
Glenn Franklin Mayer, Maryland 
Mary Lynn McCarthy, Maryland 
John Henry McGovern, Maryland 
♦Marilyn Oliver McMillen, Maryland 
Michael Thomas McNerney, Maryland 
Stephanie Harriet Metelits, Maryland 
Rona Kay Middleman, Maryland 
John Anthony Miller, Maryland 
John Houston Mitchell, Maryland 
Glenn Ellis Mohr, Maryland 
♦Margaret Claire Mohr, Maryland 
Dana Edward Moore, Maryland 
Helene Marie Murphy, Maryland 
Eleanor Louise Nash, Maryland 
Janice Elizabeth Negley, Maryland 
Irene E. Neubert, Maryland 
♦Rose Newman, Maryland 
Susan Virginia Nichols, Maryland 
Kathryn Jean Nitka, Maryland 
Pamela Ann Norris, Maryland 
Barbara Lynn Odell, Maryland 
Richard Bruce Oden, Maryland 


•with Honors : twith High Honors 



Linda Marie O'Leary, Maryland 
Nancy Lee Robson Parkison, Mari/lavd 
Patricia Michele Parks, Maryland 
Nicholas Charles Parr, Maryland 
Stephanie Elizabeth Parreco, Maryland 
Donald Edward Patti, Maryland 
Pamela G. Paul, Maryland 
Arthur John Paymer, Maryland 
tHowARD Franklin Payne, Maryland 
Judith Love Peddy, Maryland 
Alice Theresa Peisner, Maryland 
Janet Booher Phillips, Maryland 
tVELMA Eileen Porter, Maryland 
Dianne Louise Prather, Maryland 
tJACQUELlNE Salzberg Rabinow, Maryland 
Lynne Elaine Radcliff, Maryland 
Martin Albert Reich, Maryland 
Anne Wellington Reid, New Jersey 
Susan Carol Reid, Maryland 
La NX Dale Remez, Maryland 
Judith M. Reynolds, Maryland 
Thomas Walker Rhodes, Jr., Maryland 
Virginia Smith Rippeon, Maryland 
Beverly Adina Ritchey, Maryland 
Joyce Ann Rodgers, Maryland 
tSusAN Theresa Roenick, Maryland 
Carol R. Ruddie, Maryland 
Barbara B. Rudich, Maryland 
Patricia Marie Ryan, Maryland 
Carol Sand, Maryland 
tDENNis William Schoepe, Maryland 
Sondra Sue Sealover, Maryland 
James Durwood Seals, Maryland 
fjAMEs Paul Seawell, Texas 
Penny Ann Secord, Maryland 
Linda Jeanne Sheriff, Maryland 
Marlene Susan Siavitz, Maryland 
Larry Allan Sigler, Maryland 
June N. Silverberg, Maryland 
Paul Norman Singer, Maryland 
Robert Allen Siskind, Maryland 
Lna Beth Sklar, Maryland 

Carole Louise Smith, Maryland 

IElizabeth Bagley Soper, Maryland 

Ruth Anne Speli.erberg, Maryland 

Merry Henry Spence, Maryland 

Richard Gary Spinelli, Maryland 

John Spencer Staehle, Maryland 

Edward Stanley Stanis, Virginia 

Althea Jeanne Statham, Maryland 

Ardyce Dee Stevens, Maryland 

Mary Jo Tarallo, Maryland 

*David Edward Taylor, Maryland 

"Thomas Edward Taylor, Maryland 

Marcia J. Tew, D. C. 

Annette Henocque Thelen, Maryland 

Arnold Lee Thomas, Maryland 

Robert Alan Thornton, Jr., Maryland 

Susan F. Tilman, Maryland 

Ronald Wayne Tognocchi, Maryland 

Maureen Ann Traber, Maryland 

NoLA Ann Trusen, Maryland 

Mary Ann Tuma, Maryland 

Linda Hazel Valentich, Maryland 

Barbara Jean Van Fossen, Maryland 

Deborah Vasilakos, Maryland 

Henry George Wachter, Maryland 

Mark Waldman, Maryland 

*J0AN Susan Wallach, New Jersey 

Frances Ann Walters, Maryland 

Dorothy Lee Ward, Maryland 

tLYNNE Elizabeth Wasmuth, Maryland 

Michael Jay Watsky, Maryland 

James Arthur Weinreich, Jr., Maryland 

Marilyn Weseloh, Maryland 

Mary Beth Whiteford, Maryland 

Mitzi Scruggs Wicker, Maryland 

IElissa Rose Wilen, Maryland 

Gail Lager Wirch, Maryland 

fHAROLDENE Fowler Wunder, Sonth Carolina 

Paul Michael Yannuzzi, Maryland 

James P. Yetter, Maryland 

Ray Nelson Young, Maryland 

Sandra Zeitzoff, Maryland 

June 5, 1971 

Ann Michelle Aaron, Maryland 
Catherine Elizabeth Abell, Maryland 
Jeanne Lynn Abramson, Maryland 
Sherrill Ann Absher, Maryland 
IMary Ann Acuff, Virginia 
fSHlRLEY Marie Alderson, Maryland 
Abraham Aryeh Alon, Maryland 
Lois A. Altshuler, Maryland 
Sophia Emanuele Anagnostiadis, Maryland 
Dolores Jean Anderson, Maryland 
tRuTH Lynch Anderson, Maryland 
Sherry-LYNN Andrusia, Maryland 
Nancy Ankeney, Maryland 
Dorothy Anthony, Maryland 
'Cynthia Jean Appel, Maryland 
Frances Theresa Appler, Maryland 
WiLMA Evelyn Arford, Maryland 
Allen Ridgley Arnold, Maryland 

*with Honors : Iwith High Honors 

Rhonda Eve Baer, Maryland 

IMarilyn Balaban, Maryland 

Barbara Ann Bamba, Maryland 

Helen Lee Barnes, Maryland 

Ruth Ann Barnes, Maryland 

Claude Hamilton Barrick, Ul,Maryland 

Andrew Tyrie Barshinger, Maryland 

Nancy Heflin Batease, Maryland 

Ralph Wheeler Baumgardner, Jr., Maryland 

Gale Diane Baylin, Maryland 

Josephine Veronica Bayly, Maryland 

Susan Ann Beavo, Florida 

Diane Marie Beck, Maryland 

Helene Carol Becker, Maryland 

Angella Rea Beckley, Maryland 

Roger Brian Beechener, Maryland 

Helen Maxine Berry, Maryland 




Lynne Barbara Berry, Maryland 
Mary Noel Bettinger, Marylavd 
Janis Martha Bey, Maryland 
Richard Herbert Bigelow, Maryland 
Michael John Blakebrough, Maryland 
INancy Lee Blakeney, Maryland 
Karen Elizabeth Bodkin, Nexv Jersey 
■'Ilene BoGASH, Pennsylvania 
Jennifer Lee Bonebrake, Maryland 
'Elizabeth Anne Boniface, Texas 
Deirdre Ellen Boothby, Florida 
Diana Clare Bopp, Maryland 
Joanna Bort, D. C. 
Carol Bosk, Maryland 
Kathryn Ann Bowen, Maryland 
Marcia Melby Boyd, Maryland 
Thomas Bernard Bradshaw, Jr., Maryland 
Anne Napier Braumbart, Maryland 
Beryl Anne Braunstein, Neu- Jersey 
LOUANN Bress, Maryland 
■Shirley Teresa Brilliant, Maryland 
William Broda, Maryland 
Stanley Ronald Brodsky, Maryland 
Helen Diana Brooks, Maryland 
tAvA Elaine Brown, Maryland 
tEiLEEN Mary Brown, D. C. 
Elisabeth June Brown, Maryland 
Marion Ernest Brown, Maryland 
Roberta J. Brown, Maryland 
Andrea June Browne, Maryland 
Gary Graham Brunt, Maryland 
Cynthia Lynn Bryant, New Jersey 
t Audrey Mae Buck, Maryland 
Deborah Jane Bulkley, Maryland 
Barbara Jenkins Bull, Maryland 
*Patsy Beth Bulmash, Maryland 
*Nancy Jane Burroughs, Maryland 
Deborah Elaine Butler, Maryland 
Melvina Naomi Byrd, Maryland 
Colleen Elizabeth Bystrak, Maryland 
tMARCiA Ellen Caffall, Maryland 
Anne Doris Caiazzo, Neu- Jersey 
Kathy Jane Calkins, Maryland 
ConCETTA Ann CalogerO, Maryland 
Faye Helayne Caplan, Maryland 
Brenda Ann Carmody, Maryland 
Nancy Stewart Chalk, Maryland 
JaroslAW ChAreczko, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Charnell, Maryland 
Janice Mae Chew, Maryland 
Ronald Joseph Ciavolella, Maryland 
Earl E. Clark, Maryland 
*LouiSE B. Clarke, Maryland 
William Raymond Clausen, Maryland 
Nancy Wilton Coale, Maryland 
IElaine Iris Cogan, Maryland 
Bonnie Lynn Cohen, New Jersey 
Maxine Anne Cohen, Maryland 
Patti Frances Collett, Maryland 
Margaret Ann Collins, Maryland 
Susan Jean Collison, Maryland 
Kathleen E. len Conkey, Maryland 
Carolyn Gushing Conley, Maryland 
fCYNTHiA Lee Con ly, Maryland 

*Pamela Alice Connolly, Maryland 
IPatricia Marie Consorti, Maryland 
Sharyn Elaine Consorti, Maryland 
Dale Marie Coran, Maryland 
Mary Patricia Cosby, Maryland 
*Alice Mary Covello, New Jersey 
tJAMES Crittenden, Maryland 
Jamie Patricia Crowne, Maryland 
Connie Marie Crump, Maryland 
John D. Cunningham, Maryland 
Iris Lee Cutler, Maryland 
Theodore Cymek, Maryland 
*Mary Lois Dadin, Maryland 
Timothy Stephen Dahle, Maryland 
Barbara Jo Dalfonzo, Maryland 
Russell Roland Daudelin, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Davenport, Maryland 
Alan Vivian Davis, Maryland 
Brenda Carole Davis, Maryland 
fCATHY Buckwalter Davis, Maryland 
Sharon Rene Davis, Pennsylvania 
Barbara Lynn Davitz, Maryland 
Catherine Marie Dean, Maryland 
tJuDiTH Carol Decker, Maryland 
Donald Paige Delano, Maryland 
"Angela Vivian Delwiche, Maryland 
Rae Anne Dewatteis, Maryland 
Janet F. Dente, New York 
Gail Seto Der, Maryland 
*Mary Dalton Dhein, Maryland 
Judith Ann Doyle, Maryland 
Sr. Diane Dure, Maryland 
Arlene Elizabeth Dubhe, New Jersey 
Claire Reeva Dubinsky, Maryland 
Carole Ann Duke, Maryland 
Michael Joseph Duke, Maryland 
Donna Catherine Duncan, Maryland 
fANNE Godfrey Dupuy, Maryland 
Joyce Ann Durocher, Maryland 
Sondra Lee Durst, Maryland 
Ruth Eileen Eckard, Maryland 
*Claire Ruth Eckert, New Jersey 
Nancy Ellen Edlow, Maryland 
June Law Edmunds, Virginia 
Robert Bruce Filers, Maryland 
Kathryn Rose Elder, Maryland 
fSANDRA Frances Elkin, Maryland 
Jacqueline Elizabeth Ellerbe, Maryland 
Seena F. Engel, Maryland 
Irene E. Engle, Maryland 
fKENDRA Jean English, Maryland 
Tana Ann Esham, Maryland 
George Edward Esterly, Maryland 
Susan Elizabeth Eure, Virginia 
Ruth Nadine Exler, Maryland 
Carole Anne Facas, Maryland 
*Mary Howard Fairlamb, Maryland 
'Helen J. Farb, Maryland 
Celia Susan Feierstein, Maryland 
♦Barbara Jean Feinglass, Maryland 
Judith Reich Feinman, Maryland 
Carol Gail Feldmann, Maryland 
Susan Felts, Maryland 
*Nancy-Jo Kessler Field, Maryland 


♦with Honors ; twith High Honors 



tREBECCA Fink, Maryland 
William Patrick Finnin, Jr., Mainland 
*Kathleen Paula Fones, Marxjlavd 
Robert Peyton Foreman, .Tr., Maryland 
June Lynne Forrest, Maryland 
*Ilene Fox, Maryland 
Judy Sharon Fox, Maryland 
Duane Robert Frantz, Maryland 
Ilene Debora Freed, Maryland 
Dorothy Gisella French, Maryland 
Alan Marshal Friedman, Maryland 
Cheryl Leslie Friedman, Maryland 
SONDRA KAY FritsCHE, Maryland 
Nancy Rose Frye, Maryland 
*Drusilla Clare Fuller, Maryland 
Kathryn S. Funkhouser, Maryland 
Katherine Willa Gable, Maryland 
Joseph Anthony Galante, Jr., New Yoi-k 
tSusAN Elizabeth Garber, Maryland 
* Evelyn L. Garfield, Maryland 
Nancy Pepper Garrus, Maryland 
Debra Ann Gelfeld, Maryland 
Joy Stair George, Maryland 
Donna Sue Gibson, Maryland 
Anthony F. Gioia, Maryland 
John William Gladstone, Maryland 
IAnn Glazer, Maryland 
ILeslie Susan Gnatt, Maryland 
Nancy Lee Golas, Maryland 
Jed Stuart Goldberg, Maryland 
Robyn Ellen Goldsmith, Maryland 
Shari Diane Goodman, Alabama 
Margaret Goebel Goodrich, Maryland 
Christine Maddocks Goon, Maryland 
Sandra Sue Goranson, Maryland 
Jessie Woodfield Gott, Maryland 
tNANCY Carol Gottlieb, Maryland 
Sr. Theresa V. Gottuso, D. C. 
Barbara Louise Grande, Maryland 
Mary Arlene Grande, Maryland 
Faye S. Gray, Maryland 
Jennifer Suzanne Gray, Maryland 
Susan Elizabeth Gray, Maryland 
Janis S. Green, Maryland 
Julia Richards Green, Maryland 
Ellen Gale Greenberg, Virginia 
Linda Karen Greenberg, Maryland 
Margaret Louise Griffith, Maryland 
Helen Karen Grigg, Maryland 
Samuel W. Groeschler, Maryland 
'Linda Elaine Grubbs, Maryland 
Alice L. Grysavage, Maryland 
Jacqueline Ry'An Gude, Maryland 
Joan Gulkasian, New Jersey 
■Gail W. Gustafson, Maryland 
Carolyn Ann Gwaltney, Maryland 
Deborah Carol Haas, New York 
Sandra Louise Haek, Maryland 
tHOLLY Hafer, Maryland 
*Marcia MuIR Hall, Maryland 
Edna Hammerstein, Maryland 
Sybil Ann Hammond, Maryland 
*Karin Solveig Hansen, Massachusetts 
Rebecca Louise Hansen, Maryland 

Karen Sue Harbour, Maryland 
Hope Sitann Harkavy, New Jersey 
fjEAN Ashleigh Harpster, Maryland 
Bonnie Lee Harrell. Maryland 
Irene Ellen Harris, Maryland 
Carol Jaynes Harrison, Maryland 
Rosemary Theresa Hart, Delaware 
Charles Harvey, Maryland 
tHELEN SOOHOO Hayman, Maryland 
Diane Yvette Hayward, D. C. 
Margo Lynn Heald, Maryland 
Harold Everett Henderson, Maryland 
Timothy Lehn Henderson, Maryland 
Diane Carroll Herget, Maryland 
TOBA Helene Hettleman, Maryland 
fMicHELLE Thompson Hetzler, Maryland 
tJEAN C. Hill, Maryland 
Marie Letitia Hill, New Jersey 
Simeon Roland Hill, Jr., Maryland 
Harold Jesse Hilliard, III, Maryland 
tMiRiAM Arlene Hock, Maryland 
*Nancy Lee Hodges, Maryland 
Elizabeth Evelyn Holdsworth, Maryland 
Robin Gayle Honeycutt, Maryland 
Carroll Willard Hughes, New Jersey 
Miriam Elaine Hull, Maryland 
Linda Carol Hurst, Maryland 
*Rae Bette Hurwitz, Maryland 
Susan Virginia Hutchison, Maryland 
IBeth Ann InGBER, Maryland 
Robin Ellen Jacobs, Maryland 
Joyce Ellen Jacobson, Maryland 
Sophie Irene Jacoby, Maryland 
Wanda Kay Jacoby, Maryland 
Cynthia Lee Jenkins, Maryland 
Diane Jenkins, Maryland 
Gwendolyn Ruth Johnson, Maryland 
Jacqueline Ann Johnston, Maryland 
Kathleen Marsha Jones, Maryland 
f Linda Rae Jones, Maryland 
Ronald Allan Jones, Maryland 
Ina Lynn Jordan, Maryland 
Mary Ellen Jordan, Maryland 
*Lynne Kamins, Maryland 
Nora Mary Kammer, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Kane, Maryland 
tJoYCE Susan Karlick, Georgia 
Julie Naomi Kasamatsu, Maryland 
Beverly Deane Kasnetz, Maryland 
tSusAN Reva Katz, Maryland 
*Ann Ellen Katzen, Maryland 
Ellen Wallis Kauffman, Maryland 
tLiNDA Jean Kaufman, Maryland 
Marty J. Kearney, Maryland 
*George Melvin Keefer, Maryland 
*SusAN Keller, Maryland 
Elaine Karen Kelly, Maryland 
Sharon Ann Kempske, Maryland 
Eileen Regina Kenney, Maryland 
ICONSTANCE Marie Kerns, Maryland 
Linda Louise Kerr, Maryland 
Linda Wilson Kessler, Maryland 
Marsha Carol Kessler, New Jersey 
F. Kathleen Kestner, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 




"'Kathleen Ann Kiely, Maryland 
Ann Marie Killeen, Maryland 
Molly Lee Kimble, Maryland 
Elizabeth Ann King, Maryland 
George Allen Kipper, Maryland 
Sharon Lee Kirkpatrick, Maryland 
Raymond Larry Kirsner, Maryland 
Darlene Sherri Klein, Maryland 
Robert Leroy Knight, Maryland 
Lore Lies Knouse, Maryland 
Raymond Mark Kolos, Maryland 
Charles Joseph Konya, Jr., Maryland 
Joseph Stanley Koterwas, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Kovich, Maryland 
Sarah Jayne Kowaleski, Maryland 
Jane Marie Kramer, Maryland 
Nancy Ellen Kriegel, Maryland 
Ellis Franklin Kube, Jr., Maryland 
George Henry Kuehn, Maryland 
Sharon Marie Kurak, Maryland 
Nicholas Kutson, Maryland 
Ronald Charles Laber, Maryland 
Thomas Joseph Labonte, Maryland 
Dana Allen Labossiere, Maryland 
Diane Barbara Lafferman, Maryland 
*Debra Lee Lange, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Lawrence, Maryland 
*Marjorie Gertrude Lawrence, Maryland 
Nancy Lawrence, Maryland 
Constance Lee, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Leer, Maryland 
John Carroll Leister, Maryland 
Marjorie Anne Liard, Maryland 
Christine M. Lieberman, Maryland 
Robert Wayne Liming, Maryland 
Robert Vincent Lindsey, Maryland 
Thomas Legoy Lindsey, D. C. 
Larry Lester Linton, Maryland 
Marcia Ilene Lissauer, Maryland 
fCYNTHlA LiTOFSKY, Maryland 
*LlNDA Marie Londeree, Maryland 
*SusAN Carol Loube, Maryland 
*Kay Barnes Lucas, Maryland 
PietRO Lupo, Maryland 
Gary Geor~e Luttrell, Maryland 
Bonnie Jean MacDonald, Maryland 
Mary Claire Madera, Maryland 
Mary Constance Maguire, Pennsylvania 
*Redge Allan Mahaffey, Maryland 
fjANis Lynn Mandelker, New Ynrk 
Thomas Lee Manger, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Mann, Maryland 
Anna Lang Manning, Maryland 
Deborah Jean Marcus, Pennsylvania 
*Lynne Ilene Markridge, Maryland 
tMARY Ellen MarlAnd, Maryland 
Feth Evelyn Marlow, Maryland 
Marian Marx, Maryland 
Margaret Alice Masse, Maryland 
IAnn Risser Massey, Maryland 
Linda Marie Matthews, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Mattingly, Maryland 
Diane Beth Mayer, New Jersey 
Douglas Chamblin Mayo, Maryland 

Priscilla Jean Mayores, Connecticut 

Linda Margaret McBriety, Maryland 

Patricia Maria McCarthy, Maryland 

James Douglas McCarty, Maryland 

Judith Ann McClanahan, Maryland 

Leo W. McDonald, Maryland 

Susan Louise McElwain, Pennsylvania, 

Susan Marie McGinn, Maryland 

Sharon Carol McKee, Maryland 

Patricia Mehok, Maryland 

Susan Ann Melnicove, Maryland 

Carol Marie Menichelli, Maryland 

Rene C. Meyers, Maryland 

*Jane Ann Mihall, Maryland 

Carol Lois Miller, Maryland 

Cheryl Ann Miller, Maryland 

tJoAN Linda Miller, Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Mohr, Maryland 

Paul Joseph Moorcones, Maryland 

Deborah Jane Morick, Maryland 

Susan Joy Moskovitz, Maryland 

Linda Ann Mott, Maryland 

Thomas Marshall Mountjoy, Jr., Maryland 

Brenda Lee Mulitz, Maryland 

Meredith Ann, Maryland 

Vivian B. Naman, Maryland 

Bonnie Susan Needel, Maryland 

ILeonard Edward Neels, Maryland 

* Ellen Joyce Neihouse, Maryland 
Helene Neufeld, Maryland 
'■'Margaret Quaife Newton, Maryland 
Richard Dwyer Neyhart, Maryland 
Emily Karen Norman, Maryland 
Chyrl L. Norte, Maryland 

George Alfred Nye, Jr., Maryland 
Bonnie Jean O'Day, Maryland 
Frances Patricia O'Hare, Maryland 
tMARSHA Sybil OidiCK, Maryland 
Catherine Mae O'Malley, Maryland 
Alan Robert Oresky, Maryland 
ToNi Claire O'Rourke, Viryinia 
Carole Elizabeth Oswell, Maryland 
Robin Elizabeth Outman, Maryland 
Shelley Merl Oxman, Maryland 
Frances Ruth Page, Maryland 
Nancy Lee Parsons, Virginia 
Susan Carol Pasarew, Maryland 

* Patricia Grace Pataky, Maryland 
Lisa Rochelle Paul, Maryland 
Marilyn Sue Pearl, Maryland 
Marlene PecorA, Maryland 
Charlotte Anita Peede, Maryland 
Nancy Ann Perry, Maryland 
Nancy Anne Peters, Maryland 
fViRGiNiA Ellen Philpot, Maryland 
Beth Paula Pikelny, Virginia 
Diane E. Pilla, New Jersey 
RosLYN Gayle Pleasant, Maryland 
Janet Gail Pohlmann, Maryland 
*lDA Louise PolcAri, Maryland 
Sandra Ann Pollock, D. C. 
Maria E. Poulos, Maryland 
*Carol Jean Poundstone, Maryland 
Dorothy Jean Prince, Maryland 


•with Honors; twith High Honors 



Donna Vaughn Principio, Maryland 
Carole Jane Pszward, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Susan Pusey, Maryland 
Susan Elizabeth Quinn, Maryland 
Linda C. Raden, Pennsylvania 
Patricia Denise Rahill, Maryland 
James Robert Rains, Maryland 
Linda Marie Randall, Maryland 
Nancy Rascovar, Maryland 
Betty Louise Ratliff, Maryland 
"Barbara June Rebach, Maryland 
*Andrea Carolyn Reeves, Maryland 
Joseph William Reid, Pennsylvania 
MONA Celia Remer, Maryland 
Sr. Rita Marie Ricker, Maryland 
Gail Patricia Riggs, Maryland 
Charles Robert Rimpo, Maryland 
Marie Antoinette Rinaldi, Maryland 
MoLLiE Je\nne Rinaldi, Maryland 
Betsy Jacobs Rippeon, Maryland 
tEvELYN Joan Ritter, Maryland 
Barbara Anne Rochow, Maryland 
tEDiTH BiLLOPP Rodman, Maryland 
Shirley Jean Rogers, Maryland 
Nancey Ellen Rose, Maryland 
*Nancy Elizabeth Rose, Maryland 
Julia Brown Rosenberg, Maryland 
Diane Carol Rosenblatt, Maryland 
Andrea L. Rosoff, Maryland 
Gary Sheldon Ross, Maryland 
Deborah Judith Roth, Maryland 
*Katherine Ann Roy, Maryland 
Jackie Lynn Rubenstein, Maryland 
Linda Gail Rubin, Maryland 
Charles Edward Ruppert, Jr., Maryland 
IEdith Bolton Russell, Maryland 
Thomas Rutkoski, Maryland 
Sharon Gail Sachs, Maryland 
Henry John Sadler, Maryland 
♦Margaret Cermak Sadowski, Maryland 
Diane Sisk Sagona, Maryland 
Jacqueline Ina Sallow, Maryland 
Maria Beatrice Salvadore, Maryland 
Pamela Jean Samit, Maryland 
Linda Natalie Sandler, Pennsylvania 
Marianne Camilla Sane, North Carolina 
Leonard Joseph Santacroce, Connecticut 
Doris Elaine Sauble, Maryland 
Linda Jean Sausser, Maryland 
Jo Anne Scanlon, Maryland 
Elaine Mary Scerbo, Maryland 
Beth Susan Schapiro, Virginia 
Merle Starr Schattner, Maryland 
Karen S. Schloss, Maryland 
NoiMA Schreck, Maryland 
Helene Ruth Schreiber, Maryland 
Lynn Meri Sexjal, New York 
RosLYNN Beth Seidenstein, New York 
Patsy Ruth Seigel, Maryland 
Neela M. Seldin, Maryland 
Sandra Beth Selesky, Maryland 
"Helen Joyce Seligmann, Maryland 
Albert Henry Selke, Jr., Maryland 
Theodora A. Serlemitsos, Maryland 

John Crockett Seward, Maryland 
*JANICE Marie Shaffer, Maryland 
Marsha Baum Shaffer, Maryland 
Barbara Jane Shapiro, Maryland 
Margaret Teresa Sheehan, Maryland 
Eugene Henry Sherrod, Maryland 
Eleanor Elizabeth Shook, Maryland 
Ronald Eugene Shope, Maryland 
James A. Shuler, Maryland 
Diane Usher Shultz, Maryland 
"Frances Diane Shumaker, Maryland 
ViNiTA Shuman, Maryland 
Linda Louisa Sierk, Maryland 
Steven Bruce Silvern, Maryland 
IARLENE Debby Silverstein, Maryland 
Richard Thomas Simms, Maryland 
"Adrian Elizabeth Simpson, Maryland 
John William Simpson, Maryland 
Lois Ann Sine, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Singer, Maryland 
tSuSAN Lynn Sislen, Maryland 
Nora Lee Slavin, Maryland 
Cynthia LaMar Smith, Maryland 
Sharon Louise Smith, Maryland 
Susan Diane Smith, Maryland 
Elaine Marie Smoter, Maryland 
Jane Elizabeth Sneddon, New Jersey 
Joan Paula Snider, Maryland 
Constance L. Sommerville, Maryland 
Bettygene SORTE, Maryland 
Patricia Louise Sowers, Maryland 
Peter A. Spellerberg, Maryland 
Madelyn Elizabeth Sperry, Maryland 
Karen Lee Sprintzin, Maryland 
B. Susan Stargell, Maryland 
Bette-Lynn Steiner, Maryland 
"Shelley Ruth Steinhorn, Maryland 
Janet Lynne Sterling, Maryland 
Judith Bee Stern, New Jersey 
Bonnie Linda Sternberg, Maryland 
George Monti Stewart, Jr., Maryland 
Mary L. Stiller, Maryland 
Robert Alan Stirn, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Stitt, Maryland 
Richard Alan Stobaugh, New Jersey 
Freda Teller Stolwein, Maryland 
Christine Anne Strahan, Delaware 
Susanne Strickler, Pennsylvania 
Christina Marie Strobel, Maryland 
tLiNDA Susan Sugarman, Maryland 
ICarolyn Elaine Sullivan, Maryland 
Janet Marie Sullivan, Maryland 
John Patrick Sullivan, Maryland 
Mary Emma Sullivan, Maryland 
"Dianne Evan Summers, Maryland 
Barbara Jean Sutherland, Maryland 
Linda Sue Swerdel, New Jersey 
Cynthia Ann Tabor, Maryland 
Linda Elaine Tarason, Maryland 
•(■Anita Lynn Tauber, Maryland 
RONA Tetervin, Maryland 
Diane Lynnette Theoharis, Maryland 
Patricia E. Thomas, Maryland 
"Gilbert Ross Thompson, Maryland 

•with Honors ; twith High Honors 




Lucia Graham Thompson, Maryland 
tMARGARET Virginia Thompson, Maryland 
Malcolm Thomas Tipton, Maryland 
Marilyn Tishler, Maryland 
Beverly Pearl Tobin, Maryland 
Natalie Tolstoi, Maryland 
John Gerard Toomey, Maryland 
Marsha Noel Toomey, Maryland 
Linda Ruth Trofast, Maryland 
Karen Sue Tyson, Maryland 
Margaret Letitia Ulman, Maryland 
Karen Sue Vanaacken, Maryland 
Petty Jo VanDemark, Maryland 
ViCKl Ann Varoff, Maryland 
.Tames M. Vassar, Maryland 
Gail Louise Vesely, Maryland 
Glo:5IA Anne Voets, Connecticut 
George Albert Wagner, Jr., Maryland 
L nda Cecil Walker, Maryland 
Leslie Wadsworth Wallace, Maryland 
Nicholas Richard Walsh, Nejv Jersey 
Linda Gail Waranch, Maryland 
Kathryn Ann Ward, Maryland 
Carolyn Alden Watson, Maryland 
Deborah Anne Watson, Maryland 
Nancy Lee Watts, Maryland 
Wendy Ellen Weidler, Maryland 
Cheri Lee Weigandt, Maryland 
Lloyd William Weinberg, Maryland 
Heidi Lee Weisbord, Maryland 
*Deborah Cecile Weiser, Maryland 
tCAFOL Diane Weissenberg, Maryland 
Susannah Belle Weitz, Maryland 
Dianne Lynn Wells, Maryland 
■(•Pamela Rae Wels, Maryland 

IElyse Kaplan Werner, Maryland 
Dennis Albert White, Maryland 
Janet Lynne White, Maryland 
IKathleen Clare White, Maryland 
Nellie Theresa Widmayer, Maryland 
IDenise Ann Williams, Maryland 
Janice Alma Williams, Maryland 
Karen Marie Williams, Maryland 
Linda Carroll Williams, Maryland 
Kathryn Ann Willigan, New Jersey 
Ma-jjorie Anne Wilson, Maryland 
Sandra Kay Wilson, Maryland 
Gail English Winslow, Maryland 
*Shirley Ann Wisner, Maryland 
Paula Ann Wolber, Maryland 
Cheryl Lynn Wolff, Maryland 
Diana Lee Wollin, Maryland 
*IVA R. Jean Wood, Maryland 
Karen Elaine Woods, Maryland 
Helen Elizabeth Wright, Maryland 
Robert Bruce Wright, Maryland 
Robin Pelle Wyett, Maryland 
Jaime Claire Wynne, Maryland 
Deborah Christine Yates, Maryland 
tMARiE Theresa Yates, Maryland 
Evelyn Leslie Yeakle, Maryland 
Harriet Wayman Yedlowski, Maryland 
'Margaret Ann Yocum, Maryland 
Beth Sanford Young, Maryland 
Janet Leonard Younkins, Maryland 
Charles A. Yount, Maryland 
fCHRisTiNE Marie Zaiko, Maryland 
Laura Jennie Zancan, Maryland 
Maria Zozulak, Maryland 
Deborah Ruth Zungoli, Maryland 


•with Honors ; twith High Honors 

College of Engineering 



Candidates will be nresented by Dr. Robert B. Beekmann, Dean of the College 

August 28, 1970 

Baris Arkayin, Maryland 

James Thomas Bankert, Maryland 

James Edward Black, Maryland 

Patrick Louis Boyd, Maryland 

Joel Joseph Buschek, New Mexico 

John Albert Chicca, Maryland 

Louise Angelina Chirieleiso'n, Maryland 

Leslie Nathaniel Cross, Maryland 

Albert King Der, Maryland 

Stephen Craig Gulick, Maryland 

fTHOMAs Edward Hammond, Maryland 

Carl Huie, Maryland 
Kenneth Michael Johns, Maryland 
Albert Charles Kreipl, Jr., Maryland 
John Allen Lewis, Maryland 
Edwin Norman Limberger, Maryland 
Thomas Van Martin, Maryland 
Joseph William Paisie, Maryland 
Geoffrey Bradford Smith, Maryland 
*Edgar Lee Sutton, Maryland 
Larry Eugene Wise, Maryland 

January 25, 1&71 


Richard Benjamin Asen, Maryland 
Darryl Marty Attkisson, Virginia 
IMelvin D. Banks, Jr., Maryland 
Stephan John Batchison, Maryland 
Joseph Andrew Behun, Jr., Maryland 
tMiCHAEL Paul Bey, Maryland 
Douglas Rae Brinkley, Maryland 
George Earl Brown, Jr., Maryland 
tJEAN-FRANCis Brun, Maryland 
ICharles Edward Caldwell, Maryland 
t Anthony Joseph Chalkley, Maryland 
Sudhitham Chirathivat, Thailand 
Michael Luis Clar, Maryland 
Chester Francis Clark, Maryland 
Robert Bruce Cooper, Maryland 
James R. Crupi, Maryland 
Robert Dee Culver, Maryland 
Edwin Lewis Cutright, Maryland 
Larry Dean Daniel, Maryland 
Kenneth Alfred Davidson, Maryland 
Dennis Ray Davis, Maryland 
Lamar Waldo Davis, Maryland 
William A. DeLoache, Maryland 
Stephen Mark Dubinsky, Maryland 
Kenneth William Dungan, Pennsylvania 
Dennis Wayne Eckstine, Maryland 
Joseph Lennis Edmonds, Maryland 
Phillip Michael Ebrico, Maryland 
fDONALD Ralph Evick, Maryland 
John Sin-Wei Fang, Maryland 
Ronald Wayne Fischer, Maryland 
Robert Anson Floyd, Jr., Maryland 
Lewis Benedict Gannon, in, Maryland 
IDarrell R. Garrison, Maryland 
Frederick John Gatchell, Maryland 
Joseph John Getz, Maryland 
Christopher Michael Greifzu, Maryland 
Donald Edward Grove, Maryland 
Allen Thomas Grumbine, Jr., Maryland 
Walter Franklin Haislip, Jr., Maryland 
Daniel John Hardisky, Maryland 
Robert Reed Harrison, III, Maryland 
1 \\o■n■^ A ^ O^ Qrecvae, ^ TSl 

•with Honors : twith Hich Hoirars 

Vance York Hum, Maryland 
Douglas Norman Johnson, Maryland 
WiLLARD Henry Jones, Maryland 
Joseph Walter Juras, Maryland 
Thomas Sergeiovitch Kakovitch, Maryland 
Robert Edward Kamosa, Maryland 
*RoNALD Anthony Kaschak, New Y'ork 
William Morris Katz, Maryland 
Joseph Patrick Keane, Jr., Maryland 
Bruce Frederick Keller, Maryland 
NORBERT Leonard Kelly, Maryland 
Herman John Koenig, Jr., Virginia 
Frederick James Kowaleski, Maryland 
Robert George Lange, Maryland 
Robert Eugene Larche, Maryland 
Ernest Seay Lauderdale, Maryland 
Allen Li, Maryland 
Daniel Lim, D. C. 

Carroll Richard Lindsay, Maryland 
tTHOMAS Price Littlepage, Maryland 
David Mac Gregor, New York 
Joel Stuart Magram, Maryland 
Dante S. Marinari, Jr., D. C. 
Robert H. Martirossian, Maryland 
*Patrick Lee McGaha, Maryland 
Kenneth Robert McLauchlan, Maryland 
Thomas Alan Michel, New York 
tRoBERT Millard Mohr, Maryland 
Thomas Cornelius Montgomery, Maryland 
*Douglas Chester Moody, Maryland 
Thomas John Moynahan, Jr., Maryland 
Wayne Garland Norris, Maryland 
Edward Joseph Olenginski, Jr., Maryland 
Ross Andrew Oliver, Maryland 
Albert Evan Owens, Maryland 
Wonkook Park, D. C. 
Robert Paul Patsel, Maryland 
Frank John Pelz, Jr., Maryland 
tJAMES Alan Polson, New York 
Darryl Harlan Porterfield. Maryland 
IMarshall Richard Potter, Maryland 
Gary Albert Powell, Maryland 



John Samuel Prebula, Pennsylvania 
Oliver Scott Price, Maryland 
Michael Eugene Ragan, Rhode Island 
William Francis Robbins, Jr., Maryland 
Philip O'Niel Rodwell, Maryland 
ITheodore Nicholas Saffos, Maryland 
Anthony Joseph Scalone, Maryland 
Jean-Pierre Schonfeld, Maryland 
fDoNALD Lawrence Seckel, Maryland 
Howard Grant Sheldon, Maryland 
Manouchehr Harounzadeh Shirazi, 

Alfred Jabez Simpson, Maryland 
Paul Thomas Smith, Maryland 
David Americus Snook, Maryland 

Ronald Edward Spath, Maryland 
George Steube, Maryland 
Joseph L. Sthahl, Maryland 
Dill W. Tiiompconi Aiaryian t l 
tRiCHARD Paul Thornberry, Maryland 
fALAN Roy Trimble, D. C. 
QuYNH Nguyen Truong, Maryland 
James Michael Urchasko, Maryland 
Daryl Knight Warner, Maryland 
Clarence Elgin Werback, Jr., Maryland 
William Joseph Whelan, Maryland 
Christopher Harvey Winslow, Maryland 
Charles Justin Wright, Maryland 
Seng Young, D. C. 

June 5, 1971 


Brian Gray Alexander, Florida 
*Roger William Antony, Maryland 
♦Stephen Edward Arkin, Maryland 
David Randall Arnold, Maryland 
Gene Francis Arnold, Maryland 
tWALTER David Aughenbaugh, Maryland 
Joseph Anthony Baker, Maryland 
William Edward Ballard, Maryland 
IStephen Jerome Baluch, Maryland 
Paul James Barrett, Maryland 
Ira Joseph Basile, Maryland 
Waltdr Booo Batemam , PonHoylvania 
William Euodud BAUMOAEnTNEit , Maryhn i i 
Donald Maddock Benson, Maryland 
tDAvis Bernstein, Maryland 
Theodore Joseph Berzinski, Maryland 
Richard Aubrey Blankinship, Maryland 
Bernard Joseph Bochenek, Maryland 
John Anthony Bochnowicz, Maryland 
Thomas Frank Bonifant, Maryland 
Michael Paul Bonk, Maryland 
Joseph Joshua Borkoski, Maryland 
Stephen Albert Bosma, Maryland 
John Kevin Bouchard, Rhode Island 
Richard Warren Bowler, Maryland 
Paul Joseph Breslin, Maryland 
Irving Bruce Brown, Maryland 
Richard Hugh Buckholz, Maryland 
David Leonard Buettner, Maryland 
Ronald Louis Burlin, Maryland 
Robert Leroy Burris, Maryland 
Robert Eugene Bushnell, Maryland 
Toby Neal Byrd, Maryland 
Jaime Fernando Cardenas, Maryland 
Robert Lawrence Carey, Maryland 
Charles R. Case, Maryland 
Samuel John Catania, Maryland 
Douglas Edwin Chamberlain, Maryland 
William Francis Chies, Maryland 
Philip Wah Chin, D. C. 
*Anthony Thomas Ciconte, Maryland 
Ronald John Ciecka, Maryland 
George Edward Clark, Maryland 
Paul Douglas Clavio, Maryland 

Lee Stuart Cohen, Maryland 

Eugene Joseph Collins, Maryland 

Philip Ldo Coi i ini»)) Mar^lain d 

Charles Lewis Cornely, Maryland 

*Ernesto Cuesta, Maryland 

Joseph Robert Cunningham, Maryland 

William David Cubrence, Maryland 

Robert Matthew Cutler, Maryland 

tCHARLEs Joseph Daniels, Maryland 

Steven Thomas Darr, Maryland 

Norman Charles Davis, Maryland 

Glenn Patrick Decint, Maryland 

JOSEFINO Pagtalunan Deleon, Virginia 

Roddrt William Demp sb v , Mnryin ti ri - 

Robert F. Denier, New York 

Paul Rene Depercin, D. C. 

Roy Walter Deppa, Maryland 

ALBERTO Alfonso Diaz-German, Maryland 

M ' Ark RuTiiDnroBD Didiil, Mafylan tl 

fGARY Stephen Ditlow, Pennsylvania 

Laurence Locke Doggett, Maryland 

fJOHN Roger Doyle, Maryland 

* Russell Edward Dressell, Maryland 

Dennis Joseph Dunn, Maryland 

*Manuel James Economedes, Maryland 

tCHARLES Henry Eichelberger, Pennsylvania 

Charles Dogan Ellison, Maryland 

Mehrdad Eskandari, Maryland 

Anthony J. Euler, Maryland 

*WooDROW Wilson Ewen, Maryland 

Frank John Fannan, Virginia 

Kenneth Stanley Faulstich, Maryland 

Charles Federman, Maryland 

Raymond Douglas Fbildwick, Maryland 

David Edward Fellin, Maryland 

Andrew A. Ferguson, Maryland 

Robert L. Fix, Marylatid 

Lawrence Francis Flynn, Maryland 

Charles Ernest Frankfort, Maryland 

Harry William Franz, Maryland 

John Richard Freeland, Maryland 

Richard Emery Freudenberger, Maryland 

♦Brad Marshall Friedlander, Maryland 

John Joseph Gallagher, Maryland 


•with Honors ; twith High Honors 




Robert Garciaperez, D. C. 
Robert John Gerring, Virginia 
Charles Ambrose Gettier, Maryland 
Carter Cabell Gibson, Maryland 
Frederic Jeffrey Gordon, Maryland 
tDoNALD Evan Gorelick, Maryland 
Grigor Grigorian, Maryland 
George Christian Gutheim, Maryland 
James Phil Hackbarth, New Jersey 
Mark Franklin Haisfield, Maryland 
Donald William Hanekamp, Maryland 
Robert Wells Hartman, Maryland 
Fred William Hawker, Maryland 
David Allan Healy, Maryland 
Dennis Heinke, New Jersey 
Douglas Frederick Hess, Maryland 
tSOL Heyman, Maryland 
Jay Kenneth Hollingsworth, Maryland 
Theodore H. Hopp, New Jersey 
Richard Albert Huber, Maryland 
Daniel Francis Ichniowski, Maryland 
Charles Edward Jewett, Maryland 
Jesse Marshall Jones, Maryland 
Edward John Kabara, Maryland 
Jan Kaczmarek, Maryland 
Victor Kamantauskas, Maryland 
IAlan Ira Kirschbaum, Maryland 
Jameo Ldolie KiaTLD, Ma r ylanv k 
Dean Thomas Klein, Maryland 
John Lloyd Knox, Maryland 
Harry Walter Korab, Maryland 
Robert Allan Krauss, Maryland 
Kenneth Seymour Kreger, Maryland 
Thomas Brian Kreps, Pennsylvania 
Chhaya Ram Kulkarni , Maryland 
tDAViD YUI LXm, Maryland 
Riley Morgan Lane, Maryland 
Douglas A. Lashmit, Maryland 
Frank Albert Leaf, Maryland 
Michael Francis Lears, Maryland 
fMiCHAEL Allen Lechter, Maryland 
Eddie Lee, Maryland 
Raleigh H. Leef, Maryland 
♦Daniel Robert Lehman, Maryland 
tKALMEN IsSAC LeikAch, Maryland 
Paul Franklin Leiss, Maryland 
Leslie Wellman Lenfest, Maryland 
Richard Lee Lewis, Maryland 
Chi Fong Lin, Maryland 
*Alan Lipschultz, Maryland 
HUNQ Kai Liu, M at- yla i i ii 
Carter Kimball Lord, Maryland 
Michael James Macananny, Maryland 
Michael Joseph Magyar, Maryland 
■ JoiIM JoOEPIl MAII0LT8, Maryland 
Jose F. Maldonadoacosta, Maryland 
Louis Wasfi Mansour, Maryland 
Armen Mardousian, D. C. 
John W. Marshall, Maryland 
Robert Clark Marshall, Maryland 
Francis Augustus Martin, Maryland 
*Gary Ralph Martin, Maryland 
Robert Allan Mattes, Maryland 
Charles Leonard McCulloch, Maryland 
Benjamin Megiddo, D. C. 
DOMINICK Leo Messineo, New Jersey 

Lawrence Francis Milan, Maryland 
Michael Cyril Miller, Maryland 
Michael Edward Miller, Maryland 
David Gail Mongan, Maryland 
JiMMIE Nehman, Maryland 
William Fritz Newton, Maryland 
*DON York Northam, Maryland 
Michael Joseph Oldham, Maryland 
Ronald William Parkhill, Maryland 
Floyd Appling Peede, Maryland 
James Joseph Perkowski, Maryland 
James Mathew Peters, Maryland 
John Michael Pflaum, Maryland 
Kenneth Carl Pluebell, Maryland 
Barber Sinclair Webster Poe, Maryland 
Jesse Alexander Poole, Maryland 
tJoHN Irvin Powell, Maryland 
WiLBERT Eugene Proctor, Maryland 
Charles Richard Rapattoni, Maine 
Glenn Nelson Reid, Maryland 
Walter John Richards, Maryland 
James Edmund Robertshaw, Maryland 
Frank Edward Roscoe, Maine 
George Robert Ryan, Maryland 
Gerald Richard Sancewich, Maryland 
Richard Michael Savage, Maryland 
Michael James Scibinico, Maryland 
Henry Edward Senasack, Maryland 
Harve ¥ Earl Shaver, Mu)ylun f l 
fGERALD Bruce Shipley, Maryland 
t Jeffrey Lyle Silberbebg, Maryland 
Kenneth Michael Skelps, Maryland 
Frank Douglas Slaveter, Maryland 
Kenneth King Sleeman, Maryland 
Edward Thomas Smith, Maryland 
Ernesto Jose Smith, Maryland 
Guv DONAL P Bmi t ii, Maryland 
Teerapoj Sombatpium, Maryland 
Roger Leslie Spangenberg, Maryland 
Allan Harlen Stahl, Maryland 
Leslie Michael Stone, Maryland 
Robert Samuel Storrs, Maryland 
Claude Floyd Stull, Maryland 
Timothy Curtis Swart, Maryland 
IMark Schilling Swatta, Maryland 
Mark Edward Swomley, Maryland 
Jesse Albert Thomas, Maryland 
Bill W. Thompson, Maryland 
Jon Stanford Tinsley, Maryland 
Gerard Stephen Toth, Maryland 
tVicTOR Chock Toy, D. C. 
Paul Chengpong Tseng, Maryland 
*Michael Paul Vaccaro, Virginia 
Oiiarlbs Edward Wagner, Mayylan tk 
tPRANK Lawrence Walker, Maryland 
Brian Dennis Wampler, Maryland 
W. Wesley Wassam, Maryland 
IEllsworth Weatherby, Peymsylvania 
Herman Albert Wefelmeyer, Maryland 
Richard Edmund Wiberg, Maryland 
John Robert Wilson, Maryland 
IThomas Lawrence Wilson, Maryland 
tRiCHARD Joseph Wolski, Maryland 
Henry Payne Worth, Maryland 
Dickey Yee, D. C. 
Shaw Ken Zee, D. C. 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 


College of Home Economics 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Marjory Brooks, Dean of the College 

Aiii?ust 28, 1970 

Kathleen Marie Ault, Pennsylvania 
Marilyn R. Block, Maryland 
Susan Virginia Close, Maryland 
Ellena Curran, Maryland 
Maurice Wayne Dorsey, Maryland 
Margaret Elizabeth Goodier, Maryland 
Suzanne Theresa Itzel, Maryland 

Carol A. Johnson, Maryland 
Deborah A. Merritt, Maryland 
Leslie Ann Scarcia, Maryland 
Anne Webster Small, Maryland 
Ida B. Underwood, Maryland 
ILENE Dale Wolpert, Maryland 
Andrea Carola Wood, Maryland 


January 25, 11)71 

Susan Rochelle Amanuel, Maryland 
Joan Marie Balacek, Maryland 
Frances Michaela Beamer, Maryland 
Marian Pearl Berg, Maryland 
Janice Lee Brimberry, Maryland 
Melody Ann Brodnick, Maryland 
Ann Marie Carr, D. C. 
Darlene Elizabeth Castle, Maryland 
Christine Marie Coates, Maryland 
Maureen Elizabeth Collins, Maryland 
Ronald William Deck, Maryland 
'Rosemary Dougall, Virginia 
Ramona Yvonne Durm, Maryland 
Sandra Olivia Edmunds, Pennsylvania 
Roberta Lee Fein, Maryland 
Carol Jean Frase, Maryland 
IMargaret Elizabeth Frazier, Maryland 
Sandra Alison Gasket, Maryland 
Margo Himes Green, D. C. 
Illona Gayle GriGG, Maryland 
Jo Ann Hake, Pennsylvania 
Rose Anna Heavner, Maryland 
Ilene Heller, Maryland 
fNoRMA Jean Hetrick, Maryland 
Kathleen Fay Hunter, Pennsylvania 

Jeraldine Lee Huss, Maryland 
Elaine Jacobs, Maryland 
Paula Jacobs, Maryland 
Sharon Marie Jeffrey, D. C. 
Paraskevoula Demeter Johnson, Maryland 
Nancy Lee Kimmel, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Klein, Maryland 
PAUL Richard Kratzer, Maryland 
Linnea Louise Kroll, Maryland 
Terry F. Lewis, Maryland 
Mary Ann Loreman, Maryland 
Bonnie Schiessler Magee, Maryland 
Sheila Anne Markham, Maryland 
Jessica Franklin Miller, Maryland 
Carol A. Mussman, Maryland 
Carolyn Elaine Parrish, Maryland 
Jacqueline Rose Rich, D. C. 
Nancy Guest Ries, Maryland 
Constantine Nicholas Saffos, Maryland 
Myra Jean Sandidge, Maryland 
fBoNlTA Anette Saul, Maryland 
Linda Jane Schlossberg, Maryland 
Denni L. Sepe, Maryland 
JoAnne Kellert Siegel, Maryland 
Linda Florence Sutphin, Maryland 

June 5, 1971 

*Mary Louise Abrams, Maryland 
Carol Diane Adams, Maryland 
Penelope Katherine Adams, Maryland 
Barbara Joanne Allen, Virginia 
Anne Cromwell Allnutt, Maryland 
Janice Lynn Alvey, Maryland 
Diana Schwenker Anderson, Maryland 
AstRID Baege, New Jersey 
Carolyn Dale Baldwin, Maryland 
Susan Gayle Barlow, Maryland 
Susan Jane Bartholomew, Maryland 
Nancy Diane Bassler, Maryland 
Wendy Sharon Becker, Maryland 
Sally Eileen Bell, Maryland 
Patti Diane Bennettt, Maryland 
Joan L. Benney, Maryland 

Natalie Joy Best, Maryland 
IGloria Grace Betz, Virginia 
Deborah A. Bidwell, Maryland 
Germana Biondi, Maryland 
Barbara Anne Blair, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Blankenship, Maryland 
■{■Ann Katherine Blevins, Maryland 
■{•Eleanor P. Block, Maryland 
Susan Clara Brion, Maryland 
Ellen Ruth Brobson, Maryland 
Carol Cross Brown, Maryland 
*Carol Lynn Brown, Maryland 
fjACQUELYN Yvonne Brown, Maryland 
Gwendolyn Marie Buchwald, Maryland 
Carlotta Maria Buckley, Maryland 
* Shelley Ceil Butler, Maryland 


•with Honors ; twith High Honors 



Curt Paul Callahan, Pennsylvania 
Ceil Canin, Maryland 
Rita Gail Carton, Maryland 
Ann Alice Chambers, Maryland 
Flora L. Chang, Maryland 
Rebecca Mary Chaski, Maryland 
Wanda Yuan Chin, Maryland 
tPatricia Ann Cislo, Maryland 
Phyllis Marie Clancy, Maryland 
Georgianne Lee Coleman, Maryland 
tPAMELA Ellen Cope, Maryland 
Yvonne Makie Corduan, Virginia 
Peggy Ann Crebs, Maryland 
Joan Francis Crotty, Maryland 
Linda Jean Dash, Maryland 
Barbara Lee Davis, Maryland 
*Maxine Marie Deck, Maryland 
Diane Melanie Diemer, Maryland 
Richard Grant Dove, Maryland 
Bonnie Lee Down, Maryland 
Stephen Kent Duncan, Maryland 
Jessie Deborah Dunleavy, Maryland 
Sharon L. East, Maryland 
Mary Ann Estes, Maryland 
Mary Teresa Fields, Maryland 
jANis Ann Fischer. New York 
tSusAN Elaine Gebhardt, Maryland 
Susan Jane Gerlock, Maryland 
*Carol E. Gill, Maryland 
Charlotte Whitaker Grant, Maryland 
Marcia Claire Greenblatt, Maryland 
Elizabeth Anne Grim, Maryland 
tBeverly Lynn Grodnitzky, Maryland 
Gwendolyn Lee Gunter, Maryland 
*Cynthia Nash Hamilton, Ohio 
Melinda Sue Hanks, Maryland 
Janet Sue Harkins, Maryland 
Dorothy Anne Harr, Maryland 
Marian Frances Harrison, Maryland 
Margaret Leslie Hatchard, Maryland 
Nancy Susan Hathcock, Maryland 
Serelee Jane Heeler, Maryland 
Gordon MacLeod Heimpel, Maryland 
Carol Ann Herron, Maryland 
Susan Woodward Higgins, Maryland 
Sharon Holtzman, Maryland 
Mary Ellen Hope, Maryland 
fSHARON Yiu Hum, Maryland 
tFAYE Marie Hylton, Marylard 
Janet Elizabeth Inches, Maryland 
IMarjorie Elaine Kaifer, Maryland 
Shelly Greynolds Keller, Maryland 
tBARBARA Lamar Kemp, Maryland 
Penelope Lane, Maryland 
Sarah Jane Larkin, Maryland 
Andrea Michele Laukaitis, Maryland 
*Barbara Ruth Lebow, Maryland 
*SUSAN Jean Lutz, Maryland 
Diane Maria Mahon, Maryland 
Virginia Ann Maione, Maryland 
fPATRiciA Susan Martin, Maryland 
Randi Susan Martin, Maryland 

Robert Douglas Mattingly, II, Maryland 
Lynda Marlene McClelland, Maryland 
Margaret Lynn McClung, Maryland 
Carol Anne McCormick, New Jersey 
Jane Colby Merriam, Connecticut 
Beverly Carol Meyer, Maryland 
Eileen Elizabeth Migliore, Maryland 
*Martha Anne Miller, Maryland 
Janice Marie Milliken, Maryland 
♦Janet Carol Morley, New Jersey 
* Karen Leigh Norwood, Maryland 
Kathleen A. Patton, Maryland 
Betty Lynn Payne, Maryland 
Leslie Eve Perlberg, Maryland 
Patricia Ann Peternell, Maryland 
Nancy Lynne Ptacek, Maryland 
Dianne Eileen Rector, New Jersey 
Jean Alison Reisert, Colorado 
IEdward Samuel Riggs, Maryland 
Carol Marie Roe, Maryland 
Pamela Sue Ross, Maryland 
Rodney Scott Rumford, Ohio 
Susan Lorraine Ryan, Maryland 
Theresa Ann Saathoff, Maryland 
Mary Victoria Santry, Maryland 
*Sandra Lois SbOROFSKY, Maryland 
*SusAN Helene Shisler, Maryland 
Judith Carolyn Shumaker, Maryland 
Sue Joan Simon, Maryland 
Jeanne Kimball Simpson, Kansas 
Patricia Daniels Simpson, Maryland 
Patricia Joan Sintetos, Maryland 
Jeanette Louise Smith, Maryland 
tVlRGlNiA Ida Soule, Maryland 
Laurie McCrea. Sprague, Maryland 
Cynthia Jane Steinmetz, Maryland 
Patricia M. Stevens, Maryland 
Mary-Regina MoultON StinER, Maryland 
Alice Virginia Stinnett, Maryland 
Frances Lynn Stokes, Maryland 
Vivian A. Streep, New Jersey 
Barbara Lee Taylor, Maryland 
Carolyn Louise Thomas, Maryland 
Sandra Jeanne Tiley, Maryland 
Kristin Leigh Toothaker, Maryland 
Louise Johanna Trow, Ne^v Jersey 
Dorothy Susan Tuck, Maryland 
Pamela Ann Undehhill, Maryland 
Barbara Totten Unrath, Maryland 
Deborah Ruth Wallace, Maryland 
Susanne Celest Weber, Maryland 
Phyllis Weingart, Maryland 
Tina Adrienne Weinstein, Maryland 
Barbara Ann Weisbord, Maryland 
Jean Carol Wengert, Maryland 
Kathleen Josephine Weymouth, Maryland 
Marysusan Wharton, Maryland 
Mildred Fern White, Maryland 
Keith Arthur Woodside, Maryland 
Pamela Suzanne Wright, Maryland 
Susan J. Wright, Maryland 

'with Honors ; twith Higb Honors 


College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of the College 

August 28, 1970 

Virginia Carole Brogan, D. C. 
Robert Jay Faulkner, Maryland 
tJENNlFER Sue Gayner, New Jersey 
Barbara A. Johnson, Maryland 
Roland Edward Merritt, D. C. 

Kerry Elizabeth O'Sullivan, Maryland 
Alan Dale Preisser, Maryland 
David Edward Smith, Maryland 
Lynette Roma Vawter, Maryland 
tMARY Katrina Roy Waddell, Texas 


January 25, 11)71 

Helen H. Alden, Maryland 
Kenneth Frank Ambrusko, Maryland 
Elaine Marguerite Bailey, Maryland 
Dennis Robert Baker, Massachusetts 
Gordon Bradley Baker, Maryland 
Regina Beth Baker, Maryland 
John Sheldon Barrows, Maryland 
James Richard Calhoun, Indiana 
Stephen Ciambor, Maryland 
Paul Thomas D'Aiutolo, Maryland 
Joseph M. Diorio, New Jersey 
tPaul Carrington Edmunds, Maryland 
Sherrill Doak Ernst, Maryland 
Thomas B. Fink, Maryland 
Paul Edward Fitzpatrick, New York 
tSHERRY Meer Gertz, Maryland 
tGeorge David Hall, Maryland 
Linda E. Herbst, Maryland 
James A. Hinkle, Maryland 
Joseph T. LongO, Pennsylvania 
Sarah Jane Lynn. Maryland 
tMARY Jane Maddox, Maryland 
John Andrew McGovern, New York 
Stanley John Mehosky, New York 

Mary Lynn Mount, Maryland 
Martha Ann Muller, Maryland 
Fredrick P. Nickles, New Jersey 
Charles Francis Parvis, Maryland 
Barbara Dolores Price, Maryland 
BoNiTA Dee Richardson, Maryland 
Beatrice Elsa Roppe, California 
LoNNiE Baker Rutledge, Jr., Maryland 
Karen Sue Ryan, Maryland 
Michael John Schaffer, Maryland 
Phillip Stephen Schreiber, Maryland 
William Fairfax Schwartz, Maryland 
David Michael Sheriff, Maryland 
Raymond Dowe Steckman, Maryland 
Jerome Joseph Svec, Maryland 
James Russell Taylor, Maryland 
Carol Jean Thompson, Maryland 
William Harold Tipsword, Jr., Maryland 
William T. Veith, Jr., Maryland 
Gerald J. Voll, Maryland 
David Harry Whitehill, Pennsylvania 
Lucille Mazza Winston, Maryland 
Michael Joshua Witenstein, Maryland 
William Jay Ziobro, New Jersey 

June 5, 1971 

David George Ambrose, Maryland 
Anne Victoria Annin, Maryland 
Susan Kaye Aumack, New Jersey 
Louise May Barnes, Maryland 
Robert Jackson Bennett, Maryland 
Donald Clayton Berthel, Maryland 
tCAROLYN Mai BettS, Maryland 
David Clarke Bickley, Maryland 
Nancy Kathleen Black, Maryland 
Edmund C. Bowie, Jr., Maryland 
Luciano A. Bucci, New York 
Allan Jack Bunge, New Jersey 
Christine Lee Butterfield, Maryland 
Patricia Anne Ciccone, Maryland 
Robert Donaj-d Colbert, Pennsylvania 
Ronald Clayton Cox, Jr., Maryland 

♦Jacqueline Dee Cullins, Maryland 
Charles Alden Day, Maryland 
John Leroy Dill, D. C. 
Robert Anthony Dyer, Maryland 
Joan Willette Fincutter, Maryland 
Tamara Ellen Gerdts, New Jersey 
Michael Andrew Golub, New York 
Robert Benton Groves, Maryland 
Claire Elizabeth Harrington, Maryland 
John Garry Hayes, Maryland 
John Stanley Hickok, Maryland 
Pamela Jane Hiscox, New York 
Michael James Ingram, Maryland 
Ellen Nadine Jablon, Maryland 
fWiLLA Jean Johnson, Maryland 
Arthur Jackson Johnstone, Maryland 

♦with Honors : twith High Honors 




Doris Marie Kaatz, Maryland 
Glenda Anne King, Maryland 
tFranziska Barbel Liebio, Maryland 
Robert James MacBride, Neic Jersey 
John Anthony Ma?ke, Maryland 
Eugene Francis McCarthy, Jr., Maryland 
Linda Susan McDaniel, Maryland 
Marilyn Ann McNeely, Martyand 
Julie Ann Melvin, Maryland 
Warren Richard Mest, Jr., Maryland 
David Douglas Metcalfe, Maryland 
IMargaret Marie Mitchell, Maryland 
Thomas Vincent Overton, Maryland 
Mary Ann Quarles, Maryland 
David Charles Reiss, Neir Jersey 
J. Stephen Salfeety, Nexv York 

Charles Loren Sample, Maryland 
Philip Reisman Sanders, Maryland 
Stephen Charles Sauve, Maryland 
Brandt Charles Schanberger, Maryland 
Jane Barbara Schnuer, \eiv York 
Joseph Thomas Shamburg, Maryland 
Charlotte Ann Smith, Maryland 
Eunice Renee Sommer, Maryland 
Stephanie Muneen Stenberg, Virginia 
Elvin T. Sutphin, Maryland 
tBARBARA Jill Testa, Maryland 
James Alexander Tomasetti, Maryland 
Edward VanName, Xew York 
Robert Douglas Voegtlin, Maryland 
James Roy Williamson, II, Maryland 
Berkeley Ann Wrobel, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith Hiph Honors 



« -tfrUV. 






fc^r. ^j^Lflj 


' •>• '<'^'-^ 

• . ' 

"^ 'V. 


^^^ ■;•«.-% i , 


X Vv' 




University College 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Dean of the College 



August 28, 1970 

Thomas A. Akamu, Hawaii 

Theodore Apontes 

Domingo Avila 

Ruth Beverage Baylor, Maryland 

James Edwin Booth, Maryland 

Preston Abner Bristow, Alabama 

Thomas Alexander Brodziak, Maryland 

Hubert T. Buelter, Maryland 

John Cecil Burton, Jr., South Carolina 

James Barnard Calvin, Maine 

Martha Virginia Campbell, Maryland 

William Joseph Cavada, Maryland 

Mary Margaret Chandler 

Edward Louis Chrisinger, Virginia 

Samuel Robert Croot, New Jersey 

James Edward Davis, lotva 

Ronald Edward DiMambro, Virginia 

Patrick John Donohue, Maryland 

Harry Philip Dorshaw, New Jersey 

Rosemary Downs, Maryland 

Frances Wilson Dutton, Maryland 

Bettifae Eve Dvorkin, Maryland 

Myra Kathryn Ekas, Maryland 

Karen Sue Esterbauer 

James Wesley Etchison, New York 

George Ralph Pontes, Virginia 

Michael Mac Ford, New York 

Cecil Gerald Foster, Washington 

Larry Olen Hall 

Orville Kenneth Hollenbeck, Missouri 

Richard Edward Hostelley, Maryland 

fNiNA Davis Howland 

Cassida Hughes, Virginia 

*Francis Patrick Hyland, Maryland 

William F. Ingram, Florida 

Roy Clifford Johnk, Maryland 

James Robert Kirby, New Mexico 

Carl Stanley Kusky, Jr., Ohio 

Onalee C. Leach 

LiLBURN Lear Lillard 

Allen Southall Lloyd, Jr., Maryland 

Ernold George Love, Illinois 

fjANE Rucker Lovelace 

Edwin Clark Luna 

Leonard Maley, Virginia 

Jeremiah George Manning, Maryland 
James Michael Marin, Virginia 
Leland Firth Marland, Virginia 
Major Thomas Martin, Virginia 
John Nicholas Mathias, Virginia 
Joseph Lawrence Mickanis, Maryland 
Avon A. Miller, Pennsylvania 
Adrienne Sue Milman, Maryland 
Emma Jean Morgan, Maryland 
Lawrence Daniel O'Neill, Maryland 
James Arthur O'Reilly, Rhode Island 
Frank George Pappas, Maryland 
Francis John Pearson, Virginia 
fMiLTON L. Peek 
Richard Joseph Pidgeon, Virginia 
Alexander John Qatsha, Jr., Maryland 
Frank Joseph Raffaele, Maryland 
Jeanne Athaleen ReVeal, Maryland 
Arnold L. Rothenbuescher, Virginia 
Jennifer Johnson Rouzer 
Jack Franklin Rudy, Maryland 
Thomas Conard Satterthwaite, III, 

Daniel J. Scanlon 
Arlon Blake Sellers 
Spyridoula Smerniotou, Greece 
fEsTiNA C. Stack, Maryland 
James Arnold Streight, Maryland 
Raymond Claude Swindle, Maryland 
Samuel Humbert Sylvester, Pennsylvania 
Kenneth Hamilton Taylor, Maryland 
Benjamin Jackson Thomason, Virginia 
Edwin W. Thomson, Connecticut 
Ernest Wallis Torain, Maryland 
Russell Dean Torwelle, California 
Frank Robert Vidal, Maryland 
Nicholas George Vukson 
Richard Clyde Walker, Jr., Virgiina 
Elwyn J. Warfle, Michigan 
Chalmous Clybe Watford, Michigan 
James Milton Weetman, Florida 
David Logan Welch, California 
Harold Ray White, Tennessee 
Marcus Earl Wynn, Alabama 

January 25, 1971 

Richard Lynn Anderson, Jr., Virginia 
*JOHN Walter Atlee, Jr., Maryland 
Thomas Charles Barile, California 
Roger William Battley, Virginia 
*James L. Beaver, California 
Edward Herman Bechtold, III, Maryland 
Casimir Stephen Bialecki, Virginia 
Francis Xavier Biasi, New York 
Richard Hayse Black, Maryland 
Donald Dean Blevins, Alabama 
*M. Elizabeth Boro, Maryland 

Thurman Lee Bolen, Jr., Texas 
Paul Duane Bookheimer, Maryland 
Joseph Francis Boris, Jr., Maryland 
Henry Gordon Bozeman, Oklahoma 
John Edward Bradley, Missouri 
Donald Ralph Brandt, Virgiyiia 
Arthur Carl Brecelnick, Connecticut 
Richard Lee Bromwell, Maryland 
Kenneth K. Brosk, Pennsylvania 
Donald Robert Brown, Virginia 
Christian Sebastian Brusca, Maryland 

*with Honors ; twith High Honors 




Kenneth James Busic, Maryland 
tArmando Camacho, Maryland 
John Russell Caulk, Maryland 
Jerry Ol:n Cavness, Maryland 
*Cynthia Lea Clawson, Missouri 
Lincoln L. Coffin, Jr., Maryland 
Lewis Howard Cohen, Netv York 
Jefferson Davis Coleman, Jr., Maryland 
tNorman Leslie Wharton Collick, 

Glenn Arthur Compton, Maryland 

McGrady Cordell, Maryland 
William Thomas Craig, Oklahoma 
Maida W. Crocicchia, Maryland 
Derrill Plummer Crosby, Virginia 
'Gary Arthur Cross, Maryland 
Stephen Warren Cummings, Wisconsin 
Benjamin Gustav Cwalina, Maryland 
Victor Henry D'Aprile, Maryland 
IROBERT Daniel DeAngelo, Peniisylvania 
Harry L. DeBusk, Maryland 
♦Barry Walker Dekovic, Maryland 
John Paul Dietlin, Maryland 
Louis Harry Dietz, Maryland 
'Richard Dale Dixon, Maryland 
Bruce Lee Dobbs, Maryland 
Richard James Dolan, New York 
Mark Holden Donaldson, Maryland 
IDaniel Patrick Dorrian, California 
Carlyjane Dunn, Illinois 
John Adam Durany, Virginia 
tARTHUR Blair Eckert, Maryland 
William Louis Enos, Jr., Maryland 
Aurora Fall, Maryland 
James Stephenson Faw, Maryland 
Charles S. Fellers, Ohio 
*Harry Franklin Ferguson, Maryland 
Lawrence Finnegan, Maryland 
Ronald Franklin Fowler, Maryland 
RosLYNN Goldberg, Maryland 
Richard Kaye Greene, California 
Karen Kea Greenwalt, D. C. 
Ruben Ervin Gust, Minnesota 
Robert L. Hahn, Maryland 
Gilbert L. Hardesty, Maryland 
tJAMES John Harney, Maryland 
John Andrew Harter, D. C. 
*Gail Marie Hartjen, New York 
Eunice Morris Haynes, Maryland 
Robert Malcolm Haynes, Maryland 
Charles Dean Heald, Virginia 
Hester Lampert Hill, Missouri 
Marcel Hodak, Maryland 
iRviN Lewis Holland, Washington 
OREST HolOWKA, Michigan 
*Alvie Leroy Howe, Massachusetts 
Calvin Lee Jackson, Maryland 
Paul Harold Jacobson, Maryland 
Roland E. Jalbert, Maine 
Laurence T. James, California 
William A. Johnson, Maryland 
tMARK Edwakd Johnston, Virginia 
tDAviD Lee Jones, Maryland 

Michael William Katz, Missouri 
Philip Thomas Kennedy, Maryland 
James Dwight King, Maryland 
'Robert Wilbur Kirkpatrick, Maryland 
Andreas Klepp-Egge, Maryland 
Stanley Theodore Koch, Maryland 
Ronald Reed Layman, AMaryland 
Gilbert B. Layton, Virginia 
Jean A. Lehenaff, Maryland 
Michael Terrence Lipovac, Iowa 
Robert Earl Little, Pennsylvania 
Billy Gene Love, Maryland 
Michael Sims Lupfer, Virginia 
Michael Glenn Manganello, California 
John Francis Markhorst, Jr., New York 
William Benjamin Marquet, New Jersey 
tSTEPHEN McClure, Maryland 
Jan Day McGilvray, Texas 
Carl E. Milam, Jr., Texas 
fSiGRiD Antonia Miller, Ohio 
tROBERT A. MOE.N, Minnesota 
Patricia Newton Moller, Missouri 
Theodore Neal Montgomery, Maryland 
Norman Arthur Morey, Ncie York 
James Wallace Morgan, Missouri 
Douglas F. Mortl, Maryland 
Robert Dean Moss, Maryland 
Roland Anthony Mumford, Maryland 
Gilbert Charles Murray, Pennsylvania 
Raymond A. Murtha, New York 
Robert William Nance, Maryland 
Evangelos C. Nartis, Greece 
Algia Hearn Nash, Jr., Maryland 
Kenneth Dale Nickalo, Maryland 
Michael Ray Olson, Illinois 
Anne Lamb O'Neil, Connecticut 
♦Augustine Carl Ormrod, Virginia 
♦Theodore Roosevelt Padgett, Maryland 
Samuel William Patellos, Pennsylvania 
Samuel Pesacreta, Virginia 
Richard Haven Peterson, California 
■(•Margaret Carolyn Petts, Maryland 
John Hershel Pitts, Ohio 
Timothy Daniel Pflaum, Maryland 
William Compton Poling, Maryland 
Susan Elizabeth Clinger Puckett, 


Gerard Joseph Quinlan, D. C. 
Arthur Clanton Reaves, Alabama 
Frank John Rezek, Maryland 
James Randle Riley, Ohio 
Angel Luis Rivera-Velazquez, Maryland 
Theodore Robert Rose, Ohio 
'Manfred O. Rothmaier, Maryland 
IMichael James Rubery, Maryland 
Edward A. Sabo, Virginia 
♦Frank Joseph Sanford, Missouri 
♦John Francis Sawyer, Virginia 
tMARY Jane Schatzel, Pennsylvania 
Daniel David Scurti, Maryland 
Patricia Marie Seybolt, Connecticut 
tLester George Shaffer, Maryland 
William Frances Shea, Massachusetts 
fANDREW Albert Sherbine, Maryland 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 



'Howard Grove Shipp, Maryland 
tDoNALD Homer Shuman, Jr., Marj/Jand 
James Albert Siemucha, Mari/latid 
Edward Charles Skarda, Jr., Maryland 
Joseph Warder Small, IV, Maryland 
Henry Cecil Smith, Jr., South Carolina 
Wayne Harry Smith, Pennsylvania 
Robert Paul Snader, Maryland 
*Arleen Frank Sneider, Maryland 
James Edward Snight, Maryland 
Michael Joseph Socorso, Virginia 
Jon Philip Southworth, Maryland 
Robert Livingston Spencer, Maryland 
Paul Sposito, Virginia 
Eugene Vincent Staiger, Maryland 
Paul Charles Stanley, Maryland 
LORis R. Stell, Texas 
*RicHARD Cornelius Stewart, Michigan 
Worth Alfred Sweet, Jr., North Carolina 
*David Howes Swenson, Massachusetts 
*Thadeus Anthony Tanski, D. C. 
tJEROME Alexander Taylor, Sr., India)ia 
Mark Van Thaler, Maryland 

tArthur Richard Thompson, Pennsylvania 
tRoBERT Wayne Tinkle, California 
Ralph Ashworth Travis, Jr., California 
*Myron Norman Vanetsky, Nfw York 
Ralph Anthony Varano, New Y'ork 
Howard Mark Walker, Maryland 
Joseph Clarence Wall, Jr., North Carolina 
David Kuo-Wei Wang, Maryland 
William John Ward, Washington 
John Edward Wasson, Florida 
John R. Wayne, Jr., Maryland 
Margaret Curtiss Weaver, Ohio 
Richard L. Williams, Maryland 
tJ. L. Williamson, Tennessee 
Robert J. Willyard, Illinois 
Henry Grover Winters, New Jersey 
Phillip Howard Wold, Minnesota 
Homer Leon Womack, Alabatna 
Michael Radford Wright, Maryland 
'Eugene Theodore Wugofski, Pennsyh'ania 
Frank Dorsey Young, Texas 
Joseph H. Ziglinski, Virginia 
^'Margaret Mary Zucconi, Maryland 


March 24, 1971 

Richard Franklin Boyle, Neic Hampshire 

John Edward Bussing, Indiana 

Francis T. Carr, lotva 

Leonor Mendez Darby, Califo)-nia 

Miles Edwards, Jr., New Jersey 

*Donald J. EngelhAUPT, California 

IMary Webb Fernandez, South Carolina 

Theodore Gall, California 

tFRANCES Pauline Bluthal Gottlieb, 

Neto York 

Arvle Floyd Hix, Virginia 
INancy P. Kerr, Washington 
John D. Mathey, Ohio 
Philip Edward Rutledge, Utah 
Nancy Rose Toves (Sablan), Guam 
*Barbara Jill Thomas, Massachusetts 
tMouNT Lovell Warren, Florida 
Charles Cornelius Washington, Florida 

June 5, 1971 

Harry Franklin Adkins, Maryland 

Perla Aizenman, Maryland 

Jaime Figueroa Alcocer, Maryland 

Catherine Georgiou Aliferi, Greece 

Robbie Waller Allen, Jr., Virginia 

'Robert J aye Allen. Texas 

•'Robert H. Amos, Ohio 

William Lee Anawalt, Missouri 

Edward Howard Ashby, Maryland 

Maren K. Auerbach, Maryland 

Charles Robert Aughinbaugh, Jr., Maryland 

Charles W. Auvil, Jr., Maryland 

Herbert Waldon Baker, Virginia 

tPENNY Susan Bamforth, Wisconsin 

tSARA Lynn Banks, Oklahoma 

Joseph Hartman Banner, IH, Maryland 

Noel Charles Barbot, Maryland 

William J. Bates, Texas 

Thomas Terry Beach, Maryland 

Joseph Francis Behan, Virginia 

Richard Christopher Bennett, Maine 

ILester Norman Bergum, Virginia 

James Legare Bernhardt, Jr., Maryland 

Robert Stanley Billhimer, Jr., Maryland 

Norton L. Billington, North Dakota 

William Bolding Black, Jr., Maryland 
tJAMES Q. Blimmel, Maryland 
*D0N0VAN Eugene Boyd, Indiana 
James Harold Brakefield, Virginia 
William Joseph Brennan, New Hampshire 
Edward Alton Briggs, Maryland 
James Joel Britt, Maryland 
James William Brooks, Maryland 
Billy C. Brown, Maryland 
David Irving Brown, Maryland 
Kenneth Herbert Brown, Maryland 
Robert Paul Brownfield, Virginia 
Christian Sebastian Brusca, Maryland 
IGeorge Thomas Bunch, Maryland 
Glenn Clement Burdett, Maryland 
Frederick Lincoln Burton, Maryland 
James Robert Callaghan, Pennsylvania 
IEdmund Scott Campbell, Maryland 
James Herbert Carpenter, Maryland 
tJoHN Constantine Carr, Great Britain 
Timothy Gene Carr, Maryland 
*Kevin McDonald Carroll, Maryland 
Cecil James Carter, Maryland 
Leonard Eugene Carter, California 

•with Honors : twith High Honors 




Wayne L. Carty, Maryland 

William Francis Casey, III, Maryland 

Mary Patricia Claffy, Maryland 

Robert Benjamin Clarke, Jr., Virginia 

Patrick Joseph Cline, Jr., New York 

Carl Dezarn Coddington, Jr., Maryland 

James Thomas Colby, Maryland 

John Maurice Collins, Maryland 

*TlMOTHY Collins, Virginia 

Edward Harrison Cope, Virginia 

IMary Elizabeth Crisco, Maryland 

Ellen Jane Cromwell, Maryland 

Robert William Curtis, New Jersey 

Timothy Daniel Daly, Maryland 

Kenneth William Davis, Maryland 

Francisco Delgadoroldan, Puerto Rico 

Theodore Athanasios Demetriou, Greece 

tMuRiEL Mae Diaz, Maryland 

George Christian Diggs, Jr., Florida 

John Leo Dillon, Neiv York 

Donaldson Sloan Dimpsey, North Carolina 

Wayne Allen Doane Maryland 

tLUCIANO Doliani, Italy 

David John Donaldson, Michigan 

Sharon Kay Dooley, Maryland 

Kay L. Dove, Maryland 

'Carol Dodge Drury, Massachusetts 

Alexander Nicholas Dukas, Virginia 

fWiLLiAM Addison Durboraw, Jr., Maryland 

Moses Laverne Easley, Michigan 

*S HELTON Taylor Elks, D. C. 

fMARViN Thomas Englert, Ohio 

Stephen Coleridge Ertz, Maryland 

*Edward Rudolph Ettner, Virginia 

James Miller Fare, Maryland 

William Lee Farrar, Jr., Maryland 

*Clark Fetterman, Virginia 

David Warren Finch, Maryland 

Richard Lee Fisher, Nebraska 

William Stapf Flanagan, Maryland 

Abraham H. Forman, Maryland 

Albert Herman Frank, Maryland 

James Robert Frederickson, Virginia 

Walter Henry Fryc, Massachusetts 

Lawrence Julian Gallagher, Pennsylvania 

INancy Margaret Galyean, North Carolina 

IFrederick William Gerkens, Jr., Maryland 

John Ronald Gilbert, Maryland 

Lincoln John Gilbert, Maryland 

*Lois Byrne Gilbertson, Maryland 

*Clyde Garland Gillespie, Jr., Virginia 

Jack Lamar Gilmer, Maryland 

Elaine Girolami, Maryland 

Garland Mac Gobble, Virginia 

Philip Joseph Goldrick, Maryland 

Lee Goodwin, New Hampshire 

Bernard Lee Gorda, Maryland 

John Mark Gorman, Virginia 

George Bastow Grant, D. C. 

James C. Green, New York 

Robert Leon Griffis, Maryland 

William Herbert Griffiths, Pennsylvania 

Robert Edward Gross, Maryland 

Damianos Zacharias Hadjikokkinos, Greece 

William Robert Hall, Pennsylvania 

James Lee Hammer, Maryland 

*A/ark Handelman, Maryland 

Robert Bruce Harper, Virginia 

Gary Roger Harris, Missouri 

Herman Morris Harris, Virginia 

*Helen Frances Harrison, Nebraska 

James L. Hart, Arizona 

Richard Heckhaus, Maryland 

*Joseph Francis Hogan, Maryland 

Robert Emmett Holloran, Maryland 

Burton Tillman Hopwood, Maryland 

IBert Wilson Hudson, Missouri 

David Daniel Hudson, Virginia 

IKaren Lander Hughes, Ohio 

Mark Eugene Hurlbutt, Maryland 

Frederic David Hyatt, Virginia 

tRoGER Douglas Jackson, Maryland 

Orvel Kenneth Jans, Ohio 

Victor J. Johansen, Maryland 

Johnny Paul Johnson, Arizo7ia 

tCHARLEs Donald Johnston, Texas 

tROBERT Juarez, Illinois 

*Herb H. Kalin, Maryland 

Michael William Katz, Kayisas 

Dewey Willis Keathly, Maryland 

Markwood Eugene Keeney, Maryland 

Stephen Andrew Kexly, Rhode Island 

*J0N Charles King, Maryland 

Frederick Theodore Kirsch, Jr., Maryland 

RosALYN Cranman Kitay, New York 

Thomas Justin Klem, Maryland 

Kenneth Earl Koller, Maryland 

Peter Kondilas, Maryland 

Richard Jerome Kosko, Maryland 

* Frances Scott Krebs, Maryland 

David Joseph Kuchta, Maryland 

Ben Lamberton Lagarde, II, Maryland 

Norman Duane Lauterette, Jr., Virginia 

Paul Robert Lednak, Pennsylvania 

Ivan Harlo Lee, Maryland 

Stephen Harris Levine, Virginia 

Eleanor Gamarsh Lewis, D. C. 

James Walter Lewis, Maryland 

Raymond Vincent Lewis, Maryland 

Wayne G. Lileks, Maryland 

Robert Earl Little 

IVA Marie Livesey, Maryland 

Nancy Lynn Lords, California 

Jane Hazelton Love, Maryland 

Howard Lutz, Ohio 

Thomas S. Lyon, Jr., Maryland 

fWiLLiAM Robert MacDonald, Colorado 

William Russell Madison, Maryland 

James William Magill, Maryland 

Charles Anthony Mallon, Maryland 

Francis Anthony Mannion, Maryland 

*Mark Vali MarangellA, Virginia 

Angel Rafael Marrero, Maryland 

Eileen M. Martin, Maryland 

Ggegory James Matthews, Maryland 

*JAMES William Matthews, New Jersey 

*Helen Evelyn Mauer, Ne%v Jersey 

Charles May, Maryland 

Edward Mcauley, Maryland 

Oris Kenneth McBride, North Carolina 


•with Honors; Twith High Honors 



tJoSEPH Edgar McCants, South Carolina 

Vincent Joseph McCarron, Maryland 

Frederick Burton McCarthy, Maryland 

LOVELL McClanahan, III, Maryland 

ITracy McCleary, Maryland 

tWiLLiAM Walter, Maryland 

tJAN Day McGilvray, Texas 

John James McGrory, Maryland 

*Edward Lewis McIlwain, South Carolina 

Lawrence Ray McLean, Maryland 

John W. Meara, Maryland 

Enrique Martino Mencia, Maryland 

William Henry Menges, Maryland 

Nicholas Albert Messersmith, Maryland 

*DoNALD Eugene Paul Miller, Virginia 

Gary Paul Milleson, Maryland 

fDoN Wallace Minium, CaUfortua 

Norman Arthur Morey, Delaware 

James Wallace Morgan, Missouri 

Nicholas Roland Morganelli, Maryland 

Frank Leroy Morton, Washington 

Robert Lee Mullinax, Ohio 

James Isaac Mundy, Maryland 

Eugene Benedict Murawski, Maryland 

fKARL Myers, Maryland 

Allen Dean Nehman, Maryland 

Lynn Dale Nelson, Maryland 

Franklin George Newhouse, Maryland 

*James Robert Newman, New York 

Arthur L. Newquist, Maryland 

David Ashley Nobles, North Carolina 

Donna Marcus Nordlinger, Maryland 

WiLLARD Davis Normandy, Maryland 

IMary-Jo Nugent, Maryland 

Stanley Gerald Oberst, Missouri 

Joan Marie O'Brien, Maryland 

Mary Frances O'Connell, Maryland 

James Wilson Odgers, Jr., Maryland 

tPAULA KAY Olson, Virginia 

*Nancy Ohlson Parker, Maryland 

Louise Allegretti Pashinian, Illinois 

Thomas A. Pavelin, Arizona 

John Wallace Payne, Maryland 

Walter McDonald Peacock, Maryland 

Donald L. Peck, Maryland 

Richard L. Penn, Jr., Alabama 

Kathryn Susan Peters, Maryland 

Paula Joyce Peters, Maryland 

Richard Leroy Pickard, Texas 

Carl Albert Polvinale, Jr., Maryland 

Edward William Poole, Maryland 

Gretchen Popp, California 

Michael John Porter, Maryland 

IArthur Evans Powell, Georgia 

Charles Robert Powell, Maryland 

Thomas Earle Provost, Maryland 

Algis PuodziunAs, Maryland 

Vassiliki Vicky Raptis, Greece 

William John Redgate, Jr., Maryland 

*Terrence Patrick Regan, Maryland 

*Thomas Gregory Reight, Maryland 

ESTELITA Ferrerreyes Reny, New Hampshire 

James Randle Riley, Ohio 

William Nicholas Robey, Jr., Maryland 

Thomas Baynard Rodgers, Wyoming 
fWiLLiAM Arthur Rogers, Georgia 
Patricia Kay Rose, D. C. 
Robert M. Ross, D. C. 
Richard Alan Rude, Virginia 
Gary W. Ruderman, Maryland 
*Claude Willard Salisbury, California 
*Melvin DewAide Savoie, Maryland 
Bernhard p. W. Scharbius, Texas 
Edward Joseph Schechter, Maryland 
Joseph Howard Schinstock, Virginia 
Melvin Joseph Schlattman, Missouri 
Leon C. Scott, Jr., Illinois 
Cloyd Alan Senn, Maryland 
fPATRiciA Marie Seybolt, Connecticut 
"Robert Werner Shepard, Maryland 
Betty G. Sholl, Virginia 
*William Byard Shortley, Florida 
William John Shrader, New York 
*C. Bruce Sieling, New Jersey 
*Daniel Russell Sierchio, New Jersey 
Thomas Mark Sloane, Maryland 
tBETTY Louise Smith, Mississippi 
'-David Lee Smith, Florida 
Gerald R. Smith, Texas 
Joyce Anne Smith, Maryland 
Ronald Clare Snyder, Maryland 
Margaret Adair Sofio, Massachusetts 
James Ford Spalding, D. C. 
William Joseph Speizman, Maryland 
Thomas Manley Staker, Virginia 
Deborah Dair Stanley, Maryland 
Loris R. Stell, Texas 
Robert Carroll Stevens, Maryland 
Helen Mary Stledgbhi, Virginia 
John Joseph Sullivan, Virginia 
Robert Roeser Sullivan, Maryland 
Charles R. Talbert, Maryland 
Charlie Leslie Tarpley, South Carolina 
Guy Randolph Taylor, Jr., Maryland 
Joseph Albert Thomas, Maryland 
*Wallace Edmund Thomas, Illinois 
Brian Tilbury, Maryland 
tSusAN Katherine Torck, Michigan 
John Clark Townsend, Jr., Maryland 
*Richard Thomas Trundy, Michigan 
Joseph Samuel Trunzo, Maryland 
Paul Wayne Vanhoozer, Virginia 
Thomas A. Varallo, Maryland 
James Joseph Varey, Maryland 
Don Houston Virden, Maryland 
Joan Frances Hussey Walker, Florida 
Holly Joan Wallace, Maryland 
William Patrick Walters, Maryland 
William Dean Watts, Maryland 
Joseph Alfred Webster, Ohio 
fRoNALD Steven Westphal, California 
Roman Joseph Whiting, Maryland 
Paul William Wilkins, Jr., Maryland 
John Frederick Williams, Jr., Maryland 
Thomas John Williams, Maryland 
William Joseph Wilson, Maryland 
Ralph David Wimer, Maryland 
Richard Anthony Winkler, Maryland 

*with Honors ; twith High Honors 



Phillip Howard Wold, Minnesota 
Roy R. Wood. Mariiland 
Fielding Lewis Wright, III, D. C. 
'Phillip Asper Yochem, Jr., Texas 

Lewis Richard Young, New York 
Robert Way-ne Zachidny, Maryland 
tAndrew Zahos, Maryland 
Joseph Robert Zubrod, Maryland 


August 28, 1970 

Richard Manford Baughn 
Peter Pall Borowski, Marylai:d 
Carroll Dayle Briscoe, Oklahoma 
Harold Robert Carney, New York 
Frederick N. Coester, Virginia 
Orville C. Hinz. Maryland 

January 25, liK71 

'Robert E. Adams, Colorado 
William Carroll Barnes, Maryland 
Charles Herndon Brown, Virginia 
tWilliam Yovng Brown, California 
Walter David Hanson. Maine 
John Joseph McCabe. Texas 
William E. McNeil, Oregon 
William H. Mitchell, Maryland 
Glenn Leroy Parmeter, Florida 

March 24, 1971 

Richard J£:an Kleis, Minnesota 

June 5, 1971 

Jack William August, Maryland 
Lester Byron Barnes. Jr.. Virginia 
John Finley Baughman, Jr.. California 
*Louis Addiso.n Bechtold, Texas 
tChakles Joseph Beck, Utah 
Homer Robert Belche. Virginia 
William James Boyd. Texas 
David Day Campbell, Setc Hampshire 
William Vaughn Davis, Illinois 
James William Dillon, Virginia 
James Mills Fielding, Maryland 
*Stanley Max Gilbert, Maryland 
*Richard Paul Haney, Colorado 

Richard Elkin Lewis, California 

Louis James Martin, Ohio 

David Lawhe.nce McCracke.n, Jr., California 

Edwin Ralph Miles, Pennsylvania 

Billy Claude Williams, Maryland 

Leo.nard Joseph Zeller, Maryland 

Leo B. Pessin, California 
John R. Powell, Texas 
Alfred J. Reese, Jr., Pennsylvania 
Lawrence Ralph Smith, Virginia 
Clifford Lee Stewart. Virginia 
Howard Glee Tarrant, Virginia 
*Miller G. White, Jr., Virginia 
George Junior Windish, Maryland 

Robert Wright Krug, New York 

Paul Herman Hansen, Maryland 
Walter David Hanson, Maine 
Carmrid Glaston Hathaway, Maryland 
KiNCHEN Guinea Holley, Jr., Georgia 
David Franklin Keffer, Jr., Maryland 
Eugene Thomas Lyons, Maryland 
Walter Ernest Maki, Nevada 
*Ernest L. Moran, New Jersey 
Robert .\rthur Morin, Maryland 
Glenn Leroy Parmeter, Florida 
Frank Gilbert Richie, D. C. 
Robert Orme Ritts, Virginia 
Donald Edward Ryan, New York 


Second Lieutenants, U. S. Air Force Reserve 

Patrick Joseph Anderson 
Peter John .\rthur 
Robert Alan Austin 
Carl Ronald Behrens 
Robert William Boyle, Jr. 
Paul Joseph Breslin 
William Edward Caffall 
Michael John Crupi 
William Damd Currence 
Harvey Ward Finn 
Steven Ira Frahm 
Gary David Funkhouser 
Joseph Whitton Gibson, III 
John Green, Jr. 
William Alan Green 


'with Honors ; twith High Honors 

Elsey .\llen Harris, III 
Alan Ira Kirschbaum 
Bruce Simpson Landsberg 
Kirk Edel Lehneis 
Michael James Macananny 
Vaughan George Miller 
Floyd Appaling Peede, III 
Joseph William Reid 
Lawrence Victor Seastrum, Jr. 
John Henry Suit 
Mark Edward Swomley 
Timothy Prater Terrell 
David Lee Williams, Jr. 
William James Zaiser 

Academic Honors 

Honors Designations 

Candidates for bachelors' degree eligible to graduate "With Honors" or "With High Honors" are so indicated in the 
alphabetical listings by college. These persons are eligible for the appropriate designation if they have completed at least 
two years of resident work (60 semester hours) at the time of graduation with a scholastic average of B or higher. (Com- 
putation does not include grades for courses taken during the last semester of registration before graduation.) The candi- 
dates must also rank in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respective colleges. "With High Honors" is award- 
ed to the upper tenth of those in each college, if they qualify, and "With Honors" is awarded to the second tenth of those 
in each college, if they qualify. 

General Honors ^^^^^^ brownstein g. Bradford shea 

rROGRAM Jerome Paulson Gary Webb 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Botany Michael G. Lewis, Esther S. Hsiao 

With High Honors in English Susan Wilfong 

With High Honors in French Gisele A. Bickel, Katherine Deimel, Barbara Gendler, George Moquin, 

Judith Wasserman 

With High Honors in German William P. Schmidt 

With High Honors in Mathematics Mark Meyerson 

With High Honors in Physics Randy A. RoiG 

With High Honors in Psychology Jerry Ackerman 

With High Honors in Zoology Aron W. Berkman, Douglas Heritage 

With Honors in Chemistry Lawrence W. Adler, Albert Smith, III 

With Honors in Economics Ross H. Arnett, Steven I. Frahm, Richard H. Freed, David H. Miller, 

Khanh Nguyen, Katherine J. Schramm, Stephen D. Slifer 

With Honors in English John Fisher, Denise Mitchell, Nancie Peake, Elizabeth Stanford, 

David Tanner 

With Honors in Government and Politics Henry R. Lesansky, Brian O'Neil 

With Honors in History Larry D. Cox, Stanley M. Hordes, Grant Stivers 

With Honors in Mathematics Brenda Latka 

With Honors in Music Gary W. Dinn, Joynes MacCubbin, Mark W. Hauver, June H. Voraritskul 

With Honors in Physics William Aitkenhead, Scott Brownstein, Stephen Dyal, Brenda Latka, 

Marilyn Lewis, Robert Kanyuck, James Restorff 

With Honors in Psychology Deborah Ann Kent, Frances C. Laucka, Marlene Solomon, Judith Zachai 

With Honors in Sociology Deborah Galvin 

With Honors in Spanish Diane Buggs 


Honor Societies 

All-University Honorary Societies 

(Jntiior Women's Honor Society) 


Mary Holly Allison 
Ann (Raines) Baboyian 
Mary Jeanne Bahr 
Linda Blatz 
Pat Brewer 
Iris Anne Ebert 
Linda Gehoe 
Sheryl Gibson 
Marian Goldstein 
Lorinda Gottlieb 
Deborah Heyman 
Nancy Jolson 
Elaine Kolker 
Katherine Larner 

Brenda Leftwich 
Elizabeth Ann Liden 
Teresa Owens 
Marjorie Schenk 
Karen Schonberg 
Gloria (Bormel) Segall 
Patricia Simmons 
Lani Smith 
Phyllis Sobo 
Jo-Ann Topel 
Sus\N Wagenheim 
Colleen Wei 
Barbara Weiss 
Ann Williams 

(The national senior honor society for women, 
recognizing service, leadership and scholarship) 

Mortar Board 

Margie Brenner 
Jacquelyn Yvonne Brown 
Claire R. Eckert 
Sandra Elkin 
Barbara Dale Gendler 
Grange Greenberg 
Rebecca Lee Howe 
Sandie Kaufman 
Judith Kathleen Knox 
Sherrie L. Lavine 

Marilyn J. Lewis 
Linda M. Londeree 
Karol Lyn Newman 
Anita G. Owings 
Virginia Ellen Philpot 
Marie E. Sullivan 
Nancy J. Swope 
Gehirie Lynn Weinstein 
Harriet S. Yaffee 

(Honorary Leadership Fraternity for Men) 

Omicron Delta 

David Anthony Agee 

Ross H. Arnett, III 

John Edward Baker 

Richard Augustus Bendall, Jr. 

Jan Berlin 

Michael Arlen Blank 

Vincent M. Brannigan 

Worth William Calfee 

Ernesto Cuesta 

Charles J. Daniels 

Joseph B. David 

Charles Eichelbergehi, Jr. 

Steven Ira Frahm 

Eric Stetven Francis 

Richard Howard Freed 

Charles Thomson Garey 

Darrell Ray Garrison 

Larry James Grossnickle 

James Clarence Hanson 

Dennis R. Hatfield 

Steven Nelson Heller 

Stephen Ray Hood 

James T. Jones 

David M. Kraut 
David M. Lightman 
Roy Lenard Mason 
Richard L. Moser 
George Frank Pappas 
Jerome A. Paulson 
David Victor Petersen 
Bruce Theodore Posneb 
Jeffrey D. Raden 
Robert L. Ritter 
Stuart Jay Robinson 
Randy Roig 
Richard Rubin 
J. Brooks Spector 
Robert N. Stokes 
Karl Stemtzbach 
Peter M. Vial 
Gregory John Walling 
Maurice Sherman Ward 
Ellsworth Weatherby, III 
Gary Lee Webb 
Scott J. Wenner 
R. Charles Woods 



(A natiotial honorary fraternity, open to honor 
students, both men and women, in all branches 
of learning) 

Robert Livingston Beare 
John Henry Buskey 
Thomas B. Day 
Joseph Edward Dellen 
Ray Eldon Hiebert 

Myron O. Lounsbury 

T. Benjamin Massey 
John Runyan Moore 
Paul Routzahn Poffenberger 
John Logan Schutz 


Phi Kappa Phi 

Rene Bernardo Abarcar 
Frank John Batavick 
Gail Zech Barnett 
Michael Bender 


Willis Walter Bixby, Jr. 

Brent Francis Blackwelder 

Robert August Blase 

Kathleen Marie Brown 

Anna Margaret Cain 

HUMBERTO Ignacio Cardounel 

Marilyn Olive Childress 

Mary Hilary Christopher 

Joan Temple Copenspire 

Melanie Sharon Cox 

Augustine Caspar DiGiovanna 

William Gittings Dorsey, Jr. 

David Lawrence Dubrow 

George Henry Gilbert Eisenberg, Jr. 

Renate Margarete Fischetti 

Leslie Gary Fishbone 

Stephen Edward Forrer 

Robert Joseph Gelina 

Ann May Goldensohn 

Jean Max Guieu 

Henry Wendell Heikkinen 
Phyllis Edythe Herson 
Helene Ann Hogan 
Earl W. Holtzscheiter 
Catherine Jane Hudson 
Constance Mary Jensen 
Mae Coleman Johnson 
Maruta Rudzis Karklis 
Stephen K. Keiser 
Ramesh Khatri 
Anne Elizabeth Mills King 
Abraham Donald Lavender 
Therese G. Mackie 
Betty Markoe McBee 
William Harvey McPherson 
Kay Belle Michael 
Adolf Miklavc 
Thelma Jean Osborn 
Marin Pearson 
James Phillip Rausch 
Marilyn Joy Ripin 
Phyllis Macki Shaffer 
Timothy Jay Sonnenberg 
J. David Sullivan 


Mary Ann Acuff 

Peggy Joyce Thomas Agent 

William Stanley Ahalt 

Christine Marie Albrano 

Shirley Marie Alderson 

James Patrick Allen 

David Peter Anderson 

Eloy Areu 

Helene Marie Armstrong 

Debra Aronson 

Walter D. Aughenbaugh 

Daniel Leslie Baker 

Marilyn Balaban 

Gregory Dale Barnes 

Michelle M. Basen 

William Wallace Basham 

HJaiBERT Marc Basik 

Katherine Diane Baumgartner 

Elisa Leslie Bechkes 

Davis Bernstein 

Nancy Lee Blakeney 
Ann Katherine Blevins 
Eleanor Phyllis Block 
Myrna Bock 
Jonathan David Book 
ILENE Bogash 
Peggy Ann Bourgeois 
Brigitte Lilu Bowman 
Brenda M. Brandon 
Ann Jacobsen Brickfield 
Shirley Teresa Brilliant 
Edwin T. Brinkley, Jr. 
Elizabeth June Brown 
AvA Elaine Brown- 
Eileen Mary Brown 
Jacquelyn Y. Brown 
Russell DeAtley Brown 
Sandra Kay Brown 
Robert A. Bruce 
Diane Dorinda Buggs 



Phi Kappa Phi 

Philip Burroughs Burch 

Marcia Ellen Caffall 

Judith Ann Cano 

Robert Derry Catudal 

Samuel Parker Chalfant, Jr. 

Lea S. Chartock 

Karen Marie Chichilla 

Earl Howard Chinnok 

GUDRUN M. Christenson 

Patricia A. Cislo 

Jon H. Clayton 

NoRMON Leslie Wharton Collick 

Patricia Ann (Geise) Comfort 

Michael Lee Cone 

Patricia Marie Consorti 

Kathleen M. Campbell Corbin 

Julie Elizabeth Cosner 

James Tyson Cottle 

Steven Andrew Curtis 

Rosanne D'Aprile 

Robert George Darmody 

Brenda Jean Davis 

Stanley Currier Day, Jr. 

Darlene Frances DeAngelo 

Robert Daniel DeAngelo 

Kathleen J. Deck 

Victor King Der 

Gary Stephen Ditlow 

Kathleen Mary Dodt 

Harry Philip Dorshaw 

Ann Griffith Dreher 

Marie Denise Drumwright 

Karen Kae Dudley 

Gary Carlson Duvall 

Jame^ M. Edgar 

Charles Henry Eichelberger, Jr. 

Marsha Beth Eiserike 

Sidney David Elling 

Diane Kay Evans 

John Raymond Fair 

Mary Huey Wei Fang 

Frederic Thomas Farra 

Barbara Jean Feinglass 

John C. Fisher 

Judith Ann Fisher 

John Edward Flowers 

Steven Ira Frahm 

David Frank 

Richard Howard Freed 

Philip Fribush 

Sandra E. Gammie 

Susan Elizabeth Garber 

Darrell Ray Garrison 

Katherine L. Geary 

Mary Anne Gnash 

Donald Evan Gorelick 

Nancy Carol Gottlieb 

Rita Jean Griffin 

Terry Rix Grimes 

Larry Edward Groves 

Linda Hope Hamblen 

Jean Ashleigh Harpster 

Helen Soo Hoo Hayman 

Donna Marie Heaton 

Dawn Marie Heindel 
Frank Elliott Heller 
Tina Mauree Hight 
Alicia Carol Hill 
Jean C. Hill 
Carol J. Hinton 
Mark Andrew Hirsch 
Terry Jean Hitchens 
Carolyn Marie House 
Nina Davis Howland 
Beth Ann Ingber 
Barbara Ellen Isrow 
Laurence T. James 
Peter Barnard Jaquette 
David L. Jones 
Brian S. Kahntroff 
Linda Jbian Kaufman 
Deborah Ann Kent 
Michael John Keskinen 
Carolyn A. King 
Linda Marie Kleinwachter 
Charles Edward Knight 
Barbara Jo Montgomery Kuppe 
Julie Ann Kutish 
Richard Louis Lalime 
David Yui Lam 
Frances Constance Laucka 
Barbara Mary Lavallee 
Virginia Ida Lawrence 
Roy Alan Lebson 
Henry David Lederman 
Janet R. Leissner 
Charlotte Jane Lepley 
Henry Reich Lesansky 
Cecile Marie;-Helene Lescs 
Anne Winston Letaw 
James E. Lewis 
Robert Paul Lilly 
Patricia Ann Linnell 
Jeffrey Bert Lissauer 
Cynthia Litofsky 
James W. Llufrio 
Sherry Ellen London 
Harry John Loss 
Marsha Nettleton Lougee 
William Robert MacDonald 
Redge Allan Mahaffey 
Vaclav Majer 
Arthur Wright Mansfield 
Carol Fowler Marshburn 
Audrey Mae Martin 
Jean Bankerd McAulay 
William Joseph McCarthy, Jr. 
William Charles McIver 
Rebecca Sue Meese 
Sharon Lynn Michael 
Joan Linda Miller 
Philip Braxton Miller 
Rita Ellen Miller 
Sigrid Antonia Miller 
Elizabeth Susan Mills 
Mary Etta Carroll Mills 
Robert Adolph Moen 
Michael Edward Montie 



Phi Kappa Phi 

Thomas L. Moore 

Robert John Moskaitis 

Yvonne Melanie-Louise Mulder 

Charles Verne Neil 

Nancy Ann Norris 

Susan Woodward Notkins 

Donna Anne Ohlin 

Marsha Sybil Oidick 

Sara Lee Okun 

Anita Gretel O wings 

Patricia Ann Pascale 

Nancie Hannay Patience 

Mitchell Paul 

Howard Franklin Payne 

Nancie Nation Peake 

David Victor Peterson 

Margaret Carolyn F^tts 

Barry Wayne Philipp 

Virginia Ellen Philpot 

Max Neel Poffenbarger 

Jan Polan 

V. Eileen Porter 

John Irvin Powell 

Susan Marilyn Pruce 

Laurette Taylor Quillin 

James Jerome Quigley 

Justine Marie Raczkiewicz 

Eugene Richard Raitt 

Alfred J. Reese, Jr. 

Elaine Joyce Ressin 

Richard Michael Rice 

Edith Billopp Rodman 

Susan Theresa Roenick 

Ellen L. Roseman 

Gary B. Ruppert 

Marilyn R. Sargent 

Carol Ann Schatzman 

Mary D. Scheltema 

Michael J. Schoelles 

Katherine J. Schramm 

Frances Thompson Sellers 

Janice Marie Shaffer 

Julia L. Shulder 

Barry Bruce Siegel 

Jeffrey Lyle Silberberg 

Richard Michael Silberg 

Arlene Debby Silverstein 

Jerome M. Silverstein 

Susan Lynn Sislen 

Leonore Jean Slavin 

Thomas P. E. Smith 

Thomas A. Softley 

William A. Sommerwerck 

Elizabeth B. Soper 

Jean Ann Soto 

Ronald Jack Spector 
Judith Lorraine Stachitas 
Judith Ann Stack 
Brian Robert Stanley 
Norman Berne Starkey 
Sandra Lee Staulcup 
Shelley Ruth Steinhorn 
Robert Noel Stokes 
Judith Vaughan Stone 
Mary Lynne Stracke 
Ronald Arthur Stup 
Pamela T. Stutz 
Linda Susan Sugarman 
Carol Ann Sullivan 
Nancy Jean Swope 
Thadeus Anthony Tanski 
Jerome Alexander Taylor 
Suzanne Mara Temkin 
Raymond J. Terry 
Arthur Richard Thompson 
Margaret Virginia Thompson- 
Ann Rachel Tickamyer 
Benjamin Shiu-Ming Ting 
Robert Wayne Tinkle 
Albert A. Tisone, Jr. 
Victor Chock Toy 
Barbara Lockwood Turner 
William Edward Urquhart 
Judith A. Van Fosson 
Christel M. Van Rooy 
Peter McNaughton Vial 
Elaine Janet Wagner 
Patricia Prosser Wales 
Robert Bruce Wales 
Joan Frances Walker 
Raymond Owen Ward 
Mount Lovell Warren 
Mary Elizabeth Warrington 
Lynne E. Wazmuth 
Gary Lee Webb 
Marjorie Sims Weiss 
Carol Diane Weissenberg 
Elyse Kaplan "Werner 
Deborah Kaye West 
Mary Lynne Whalen 
Linda L. Wheeler 
Barbara Jane Whitacre 
Denise Ann Williams 
Kathryn Celeste Wood 
Susan Roberta Williamson 
Patrick Marc Wilkinson- 
Patricia Knapp Winslow 
Jonathan A. Wolin 
Carol H. Wray 
Marie Theresa Yates 



All-College Honorary Societies 

(National Evening Student Honorary) 

Alpha Sigma Lambda 

Thomas A. F. Akamu 
Zach James Allison 
Constance G. Andre 
Ronald W. Bell 
James J. Boney 
Andrew M. Brasch 
William Joseph Brennan 
Edwin T. Brinkley 
F*RESTON Abner Bristow, Jr. 
David Graham Brownlee 
James Barnard Calvin 
Steven Roger Canfield 
Wendie D. Card 
John C. Carr 
Leo T. Carty 
Walter Chitra 
Cynthia L. Clawson 
Christine F. Courtier, Jr. 
John D. Cox 
Miles R. Daniels 
Robert D. DeAngelo 
Ve^rell L. Dethloff, Jr. 
Muriel Mae Diaz 
Stelios Dogramatzis 
Luciano Doliani 
Peter S. Downing 
Charles J. Ellis 
Larry A. Ellison 
Mary M. Fallon 
Mary Webb Fernandez 
John F. Forgette 
Caral S. Franke 
Nancy M. Galyean 
James B. Gray 
David B. Greene 
Patricia E. Grinnell 
Peter Hertli 
Gary W. Hilburger 

Nina D. Rowland 
Arthur J. C. Keener 
Albert Kizziah, Jr. 
Edward A. Klosterman, Jr. 
Ralpha a. Kuebler 
William L. Lambert, Jr. 
Margareth Lange 
Delane 0. McAllister 
Stephen McClure 
William C. McIver 
Joy J. McKenzie 
Joseph A. Menickelly 
Nancy A. Meredith 
Clifton R. Mitchell 
Patricia Moller 
Constance Moore 
James S. Newman 
Patrick F. O'Connor 
Joan M. Payne 
Dorothy M. Podurgal 
John H. Quinn 
Walter D. Reese 
Karen M. Reilly 
Mary E. Rephlo 
F*EARL Jean Sandberg 
Michael E. Say, Jr. 
Mary Jane Schatzel 
Betty L. Smith 
Ronald W. Suluvan 
Jerome A. Taylor 
Guy D. Thomas 
James B. Thomas 
Arthur R. Thompson 
Terrence M. Truax 
Mount Lovell Warren 
John J. Waugh 
Molly Ku Williamson 
Frank J. Wirdzek 

Alpha Zeta 

(Men's Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

John Benson 
Raymond Bosmans 
Steven A. Dawson 
Robert Dunlavey 
Glavis B. Edwards 
Larry Grossnickle 
James Hanson 
Jeffrey A. Haven ner 
Steve Heller 
David Holland 
John Hunt 
Walter Hurley 
Robert Kravitz 
Philip Mason 

Richard B. Mieremet 
Jason MYEais 
Thomas Nickerson 
William Nohejl 
Thomas Schoebe2«le 
Glenn Shortall 
Gregory Sonberg 
Hal R. Spielman 
Keith Staley 
Clifford E. Stein 
Robert F. Stewart 
Charles Stone 
Theodore P. Streett 
Harvey Yenkinson 



Beta Gamma Sigma 

(Men's and Women's Honor Societj/) 


James F. Brewer 

Donald R. Deutsch 

Richard B. Edelman 

Thomas J. Kolakowski 

John B. Leonard 

Joseph T. Mauer 

Walter F. Spath 

Alan L. Taragin 


James M. Altieri 

Gregory D. Barnes 

Robert D. Catudal 

OzRO D. Covington 

Donna M. Cunningham 

James B. Cunningham 

Susan E. Farmer 

James L. Ford 

Jeffrey D. Ford 

Steven I. Frahm 

Richard H. Frebh) 

Paul E. Gresham 

Michael R. Gross 

Larry E. Groves 

Gary B. Hall 
Robert W. Harris 
Max N. Highstein 
Mark A. Hirsch 
Barbara E. Isrow 
Peter B. Jaquette 
Donald P. Johnson 
Marc B. Kaplan 
Leo C. Kelly 
Linda M. Kleinwachter 
Judy L. Lum 
John C. Markelonis 
Dennis P. McVeigh 
David H. Miller 
Patricia A. Reed 
David L Rosenbloom 
William S. Sandheim 
Diane F. Siemek 
Jan E. Simon 
Albert L. Sykes 
John D. Trench 
Thomas R. Trotter 
George J. Weise 
Michael C. Wendt 
Norman L. Wilder 
Charles E. Wolfkill 
Terry E. Zerwick 

Eta Beta Rho 

(Honor Society of Hebrew Language and 

Jack E. Brodsky 
Ira Cohen 
Elizabeth Colbert 
Kay Goldberg 
Marilyn Goldberg 
Gerald Halfern 
Marsha Lerner 

Judy Rib 
Stuart Robinson 
Robert Rosenfeld 
Steven Shapiro 
Ruth E. Siegel 
Rachel Solomon 
Marilyn Zitomer 

Kappa Delta Pi 

(National Honor Society in Education) 

Cynthia Appel 

Myrna Bock 

Shirley Brilliant 

Barry S. Cohen 

Patrick S. Costello 

Randy Cutler 

Carol Ann DeMun 

Ruth E. Eckard 

June Law Edmunds 

Sharron L. Eror 

Joseph Anthony Galante, Jr. 

Gail Gustafson 

Marcia L. Hall 

Jean A. Harpster 

Helen Soo Hoo Hayman 

Dawn M. Heindel 

Adrienne Kalvan 

Martha Looper 

Kay B. Lucas 

Peter M. Marcua, Jr. 

Mary Ellen Marland 

Carol F. Marsh burn 

James Douglas Miller 
Carole E. Mueller 
Ellen Neilhouse 
Marsha Oidiek 
Patricia Grace Pataky 
Lisa R. Paul 
Nancy A. Perry 
Susan M. Pruce 
Charlotte A. Pryor 
Linda Caplan Raden 
Gail Patricia Riggs 
Nancy Roscovar 
Deborah Roth 
Marianne C. Sane 


Helen Seligman 
Margaret Thompson 
Ann Marie Wylie 
Marie T. Yates 
Christine Zalko 
Raymond Zawacki 



(National Honorary Dramatics Society) 

Richard Bigelow 
T,T /-y „ „„ Michelle Ehrgott 

National Collegiate ^ene holuday 


Julia Kayafas 
David M. Kraut 
Linda Lewis 


Robin Lyttle 
Evan Parker 
Marin Pearson 
John Potthast 
Edward Sanler 
William Westerfield 

Omicron Nu 

(National Home Economics Honor Society) 

Initiated, Fall, 1970 

Alice E. Anderson 
Ann K. Blevins 
Linda Brantner 
Maxine M. Deck 
Carol E. Gill 
Cynthia N. Hamilton 
Pauline J. Haro 
Norma J. Hetrick 
Faye M. Hylton 
Barbara Kemp 
Andrea M. Laukaitis 
Barbara Lebow 
Susan Adams Lutz 
Judith M. McGinty 
M. Suzanne Minor 
Janet Morley 
Maxine Neufeld 
Diane Neville 
Sister Marcella Reddy 
Bonita D. Saul 
Patricia D. Steele 
Patricia J. White 
Gail Wirch 

Initiated, Spring, 1971 

Barbara Allen 
Joanne Beagle 
Gloria G. Betz 

Linda Bohlander 
Regina Breiterman 
Carol Lynn Brown 
Karen Bruns 
Patricia Cislo 
Alice F. Crandall 
Joyce Ebersberger 
Audrey Evans 
Linda Arlene Hartlove 
Ruth B. Kershner 
Eileen Kramer 
Edith W. Laydon 
Ivy P. Lowell 
Patricia Martin 
Dolores Mason 
Martha Anne Miller 
Suzanne L. Pritchard 
Edward Riggs 
Suzanne Rohde 
Shirley B. Sandhaus 
Sandra Sborofsky 
Sandra Shimasaki 
Susan Helene Shisler 
Judith S. Shulman 
Constance K. Stanley 
Jill Stearns 
Frances Stokes 
Janet Richards Thompson 
Karan True 
Catherine Wyatt 
Naomi Yarris 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 

{Physical Education, Recreation, and Health 
Honor Society) 


Joseph Benson 
Mike Brown 
Rankin Cooter 
Linda Farrah 
Lawrence W. Fielding 
Eric Gronbeck 
John L. Ivy, Jr. 
Linda Lee Jones 
Jay T. Kearney 
Maureen Lang 
Edward Levy 
Patricla. Long 

Nancy Lyons 
Tom Patterson 
Robert Penn 
Calvin Peterson 
Francis Rokosz 
Joanne Scholz 
ReNae Sherman 
Marianne Slaughter 
Juris Terauds 
George Wojtech 
Gerry Zentz 
George Kin near 




Susan Aumack 
Mary Ellen Baldwin 
Candice Bender 
Carolyn Betts 
Robin Edwards 
Willa Johnson 
Elizabeth Jane Hargett 
Joan M. Holzberg 
Dorothy Houlditch 
Ellen N. Jablon 
Stephen Kahn 
Franziska Liebig 

Robert Manz 
Margaret Mitchell 
Steve Niemczyk 
Laurel Roth 
Janet Sadowski 
Jane Schnuer 
Ray Steckman 
Barbara Testa 
Janet Vizard 
Nancy Whitney 
Stephen Wilson 
Glenn R. Young 

(National History Honor Society) 

Phi Alpha Theta 

Richard Abramowitz 
Steiven Adleberg 
Samuel M. Barton, Jr. 
Vincent Brannigan 
Rose E. Chartock 
Patrick S. Costello 
Pamela Doong 
Eric Francis 
Ed Galt 
Eric A. Green 
BODIL G. Hallamy 
Susan Hofberg 
Paul E. Humler 
Eileen Inglesby 
Garland C. Koenig 
Thomas LaBonte 

Mark Lapman 
Eleanor G. Lewis 
Lexine Lowe 
Peter Lowry 
Margareth Lange 
P. T. Lawrence 
Tim Mulligan 
Russell Parker 
Mitchell Paul 
David Petersen 
Arthur C. Reaves 
Morey Rothberg 
William Ruiz 
Kay Tamzarian 
Arthur R. Thompson 
Patricia S. Warren 

{A National Honorary Society for Arts and 

Phi Beta Kappa 


Jerry M. Ackerman 
Sharon Anderson 
Anne Ausland 
MiCHELE L. Basen 
Elissa L. Bechkes 
Donald R. Bissing 
Peggy A. Bourgeois 
Scott A. Brownstein 
Virginia E. Cadle 
Lea S. Chartock 
David J. Chitwood 
Joseph P. Dallavalle 
Ronald G. Dalrymple 
Rosanne D'Aprile 
Christopher R. Davis 
Janet L. Drazek 
Donald A. Dresner 
Marie D. Drumwright 
Frances R. Dubrov 
Gary C. Duvall 
James M. Edgar 
Sidney D. Elling 

Joan B. Francis 
Patricia K. Fundehiburk 
Iris Gelberg 
Mary A. Gnash 
Michael Goldrich 
Janice M. Gruendel 
Rochelle Herman 
Frances C. Laucka 
Barbara M. Lavallee 
Henry Lederman 
Robert P. Lilly 
Arthur W. Mansfield 
John R. Miller 
Rosemary V. Miller 
Mitchell Paul 
Pamela E. Peksa 
Jan N. Polan 
Jean B. Pomeboy 
James A. Reggia 
Richard M. Rice 
Ellen Roseman 
Eileen A. Rosenberg 
Gary B. Ruppert 



Anita L. Sager 
Mary D. Scheltema 
Michael J. Schoelles 
Katherine J. Schramm 
Susan F. Schwartz 
Richard M. Silberg 
Jerome Silverstein 
James M. Smith 
Robert N. Stokes 
Suzanne M. Temkin 
Stephanie M. Ulmer 

Christel M. Van Rooy 
Peter M. Vial 
Farrel Vogelhut 
Gerard P. Wang 
Judith Waranch 
Merry E. Warrington 
Nancy Jane Webb 
Anita L. Webek 
Jean A. Westler 
Susan D. Wilfong 

Pi Mu Epsilon 

{National Mathematics Honorary Fraternity) 

Russell D. Brown 
Julie E. Cosner 
Mary H. W. Fang 
Barbara Feinglass 
Thomas W. Hall, Jr. 
Maxine Hormats 
Rae B. Hurwitz 
Minnie C. Kung 
Mark E. Lachtman 
Brenda J. Latka 
Barbara S. LATTERNiai 

Marilyn Lewis 
Barry W. Philipp 
Jeffrey S. Rosen 
Anita L. Sager 
Paul Seawell 
Brian R. Stanley 
Barbara L. Turner 
Joan S. Weska 
Carol N. Yudkoff 
Carol J. Zyskowski 

{Spanish Honorary Fraternity) 

Dr. Arthur C. Parsons 

Marie S. Rentz 

Sigma Delta Pi 


Joyce Candler 
Barbara Linduska 
Darlene Muschette 
Pamela Olson 
Angelo Patterson 
Mary Pattehison 

Paul Seaver 
Jaime Sendra 
George Shivers 
Gladys Zaldivar 
Barbara Zulli 


Ruth Amberg 
Diane Buggs 
Ronald Carrillo 
Emma Jo Castro 
Ernesto Cuesta 
Leda Disbrow 
Sheryl Gregg 
Katherine Kraus 

Karbn Krausen 
Julie Ann Kutish 
Diane Luna 
Mary Motsko 


Ann Verfuerth 
Judy Wasserman 
Marcia Weinberger 

{National Physics Honor Society) 

Sigma Pi Sigma 

Scott Alan Brownstein 
Steven Andrew Curtis 
Charles Daniels 
Stephen Kenneth Dyal 
Robert Warren Kanyuck 
Verne Henry Kaupp 
Michael John Keskinen 
Brenda Joyce Latka 
Marilyn Judity Lewis 

William Marc Lyerly 
Redge Allan Mahaffey 
Howard Regan 
James Brian Restorff 
Julia Less Robinson 
Randy Allen Roig 
Richard Kevin Schiambi 
Ronald James Wellman 


{General Engineering Honor Society) 


Tau Beta Pi 

David P. Anderson 

Roger Antony 

Raul Armenta 

Walter Aughenbaugh 

Gordon Bates 

Eric Bazques 

Timothy Boland 

Sam Bronstein 

Russell Brown 

Rich Bunevitch 

Philip Burch 

Wai-Hung Cheung 

Anthony Ciconte 

Lee Cohen 

Ernesto Cuesta 

Charles Daniels 

Ronald Davis 

Victor Der 

Gary Ditlow 

John R. Doyle 

Russell E. Dressell 

Manuel James Economedes 

Gary Eden 

Charles H. Eichelberger, Jr. 

Woodrow Wilson Ewen 

Frederick T. Farra 

John E. Flowers 

Douglas S. Foote 

Thomas Fowler 

Thomas Stevens George, III 

Richard H. Gordy, Jr. 

Donald Gorelick 

Y. Graff Gil 

Joseph M. Higgins, Jr. 

Michael Hirtle 

David S. Huff 

Donald Johnson 

Alan I. Kirschbaum 
Albin Kuhn 
Henry C. Kung 
David Y. Lam 
Doug Lash m it 
Daniel Lehman 
Leikach Kalmen 
Martin Liebman 
Michael W. Little 
Gary R. Martin 
Michael Milligan 
Reginald Mitchell 
Don Y. Northam 
John E. Phelps 
Jesse Poole 
John L Powell 
Dennis Michael Puglisi 
James Frederick Ripken 
Timothy Walter Sheen 
Jerry Shipley 
Jeffrey Silberberg 
Tom Softley 
Roser L. Spangenberg 
Brian Stanley 
Norman Starkey 
Karl Stertzbach 
R. K. Sundstrom 
Mark Swatta 
Bob Thornberry 
Victor C. Toy 
Maxim Frits Van Norden 
Richard Lee Vogel, Jr. 
Frank L. Walker 
Ted Weatherby 
Steven E. Zalesch 
Nelson Douglas Zeroth 


Academic Honors 

Milton Abramowitz Memorial Prize to a junior or senior student majoring in 
mathematics who has demonstrated superior competence and promise for future 
development in the field of mathematics and its applications. 

Awarded to Thomas W. Hall, Jr. 

The ALCOA Foundation Traffic and Transportation Award to an outstand- 
ing senior student majoring in transportation. 

Aivarded to MICHAEL R. GROSS 

Alpha Chi Sigma Award to the senior majoring in chemistry or chemical 
engineering whose average has been above 3.0 for three and one-half years. 

Awarded to David Y. Lam 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the graduating senior member who has main- 
tained the highest average during her first seven semesters of attendance at the 
University of Maryland. 

Awarded to Mary Fang 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificates to graduating senior members who 
have maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta average of 3.50 or higher for their first 
seven semesters of attendance at the University of Maryland. 

Awarded to: 

Lea Chartock Valerie Maiorana 

Julie Cosnek Nancy Rusinko 

ROSANNE Daprile Anita Sager 

Janet Drazek Kathleen Spear 

Frances Dubrov Mary L. Stracke 

Mary Fang Nancy Swope 

Katherine Geary Suzanne Temkin 

Patricia James Christel Van Rooy 

Susan Katz Anita Weber 
Carolyn King 

Alumni Award to Entering Freshman in Physics or Astronomy. 

Awarded to Gary Ray Scillian 

American Association of University Women, College Park, Annual Graduate 

Awarded to Margaret S. Child 

American Society of Civil Engineers, Maryland Section Award to a student 
member for outstanding service to the chapter and for demonstrated interest in 
extra-curricular activities. 

Awarded to Mark R. Diehl 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Awards. 

Awarded to George R. Ryan 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Scholarship Improve- 
ment Award is presented to the senior in Aerospace Engineering who has made 
the greatest improvement in scholarship from his junior year to his senior year. 

Awarded to Joseph J. Borkoski 



American Institute of Chemical Engineers Award to the junior member of 
the Student Chapter who attained the highest over-all scholastic average during 
the freshman and sophomore years. 

Awarded to Carlton Smith 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Professional Achievement Award 
by the National Capitol Section to an outstanding chemical engineering student. 

Awarded to William F. Newton 

American Institute of Chemists Award to an outstanding Student of the 
senior class selected by the faculty. 

Awarded to James T. Jones 

The American Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation Scholarships to 
outstanding black journalism students. 

Awarded to Edith House, Doris Nicholson 

American Society of Civil Engineers' Outstanding Senior Awards. 

Awarded to Stephen J. Baluch 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award to the senior member 
who contributed most to the local chapter. 

Awarded to Robert S. Kraft and Gerald B. Shipley 

The Appleman-Norton Scholarship Award to a senior major in recognition 
of excellence in Botany. 

Awarded to Michael G. Lewis 

Baltimore Sun Scholarship to oustanding Journalism students donated by 
Baltimore Sun Newspaper. 

Awarded to Gwen Evans, Marie Mastin 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal to the sophomore who has attained the high- 
est scholastic average of his class in the College of Engineering. 

Awarded to Alexander Bruner 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence 
in Hebrew studies. 

Awarded to: 

Judith Alpert Carolyn Reines 

Miriam Baker Ruth E. Siegel 

Marc Bresler Marie Sigler 

Linda Eisenstadt Allan Tischler 

CORIN Eisenstein Debra Wexler 

Wendelin Lipp Marilyn Zitomer 

Business Education Award of Merit to students in Business Education in 
recognition of outstanding achievement as students. 

Awarded to NANCY Frye 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award to the outstanding graduate student 
in the Department of Botany during the last year. 

Awarded to Barry M. Rock, Charles W. Puffinberger 



Bernard L. Crozier Award by the Maryland Association of Engineers to the 
senior in the College of Engineering who has made the greatest improvement in 
scholarship during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to Gerald B. Shipley 

Delmarva Traffic Club, Inc. Award to a student majoring in transportation 
with an excellent record, whose residence is on the eastern shore. 

Awarded to Peter Sutton 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who 
has maintained the highest scholastic standing during the entire course of study 
in business administration or economics. 

Awarded to Larry E. Groves 

Distinguished Accounting Student Award to exceptional senior students con- 
centrating in accounting who are registered in the College of Business and Public 

Awarded to: 

Frederick Flower Michael A. Stein 

Joseph W. Gibson Albert L. Sykes 

Larry E. Groves Michael E. Wendt 

Mark A. Hirsch Charles E. Wolfkill, III 

Mary A. Hockman Terry E. Zerwick 
Mary Ann Lange 

The Drake Award to the undergraduate student in chemistry who shows the 
most promise at the end of the sophomore year. 

Atvarded to Carol E. Nyberg 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior Award is presented to a senior in Elec- 
trical Engineering for his outstanding scholastic achievement and service to the 
society and department. 

Awarded to Michael A. Lechter 

The James Douglass Goddard Memorial Medal to a male and female student 
who are native residents of Prince George's County and have demonstrated out- 
standing scholastic achievements and scholarly attributes. 

Awarded to Joseph Paul Dallavalle and Rosanne D'Aprile 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the two members of the senior class 
who have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to David Krant and Michele Ehrgott 

Alumni-Hamilton Award is presented by the Engineering Alumni and the 
Hamilton Watch Company to the graduating senior who has most successfully 
combined proficiency in his major field of study with achievements in social 
sciences and humanities. 

Awarded to Charles J. Daniels 

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship to an outstanding Journal- 
ism student. 

Awarded to William Hagen, Candace York 



Hettinger Award is presented by the Maryland Section of the American 
Institute of Chemical Engineers to an outstanding undergraduate student of 
Chemical Engineering. 

Aawrded to Robert M. Cutler 

Robert M. Higginbottom Award in memory of Robert M. Higginbottom, a 
compassionate and dedicated young man, an honors student of mathematics, who 
lost his life in Vietnam; to an outstanding junior student majoring in mathe- 

Awarded to Robert A. Fefferman 

Joe Elbert James Memorial Award to the graduating senior in horticulture on 
the basis of scholarship and promise of future achievement. 

Awarded to Philip Baum 

Journalism Department Citations in recognition for outstanding service to 
campus journalism. 

Ajvarded to Daniel DiBenedetto, Nancy Parker, 

David Lightman, Carolyn Jones 

Journalism Department letter of commendation to outstanding journalism 

Awarded to Roberta Smiley 

Maryland-Delaware Press Association Annual Citation to the outstanding 
senior in journalism. 

Awarded to Thomas Moran 

Maryland Recreation and Parks Society Award to the outstanding senior 
majoring in recreation. 

Awarded to Willa Johnson 

Maryland State Veterinary Medical Association Award — An award pre- 
sented annually to the pre-veterinary student who, in the judgement of the fac- 
ulty, has performed in the most acceptable academic fashion. 

Awarded to Harvey L. Yenkinson 

Merck Index Award to an outstanding student of the senior class majoring 
in chemistry. 

Awarded to James T. Jones 

Montgomery County Press Association Scholarship to an outstanding Journ- 
alism senior residing in Montgomery County. 

Awarded to John Jenkins 

Noxell Corporation Scholarship Award to an undergrraduate student in 

Awarded to GREGORY P. DiACHENKO, Lawrence W. Adler 

The Omicron Nu Award to the sophomore student in Home Economics who 
in her freshman year achieved the highest grade point average. 

Awarded to , Joanne Doody 



The junior award of the Gamma of Maryland Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa 
will be presented this year to Deborah K. West 

The senior award (Leon P. Smith Award) of the Gamma of Maryland Chap- 
ter will be presented this year to Joseph P. Dallavalle, James A. Reggia, 

Eileen A. Rosenberg 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to the most outstanding sophomore in mechanical engi- 
neering on the basis of scholastic average and instructors' ratings. 

Awarded to Kevin R. Madigan 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award to the senior in mechanical engineering who 
has made the most outstanding contribution to the University. 

Awarded to Gerald B. Shipley 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College of 
Business and Public Administration who had majored in Transportation and who 
has demonstrated competence in this field of study. 

Awarded to Patrick Burke 

Public Relations Society of America, Baltimore Chapter, Annual Citation to 
the outstanding senior, active in public relations. 

Awarded to Joseph Kursch 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the outstanding senior in microbiology. 
Awarded to Carolyn A. King 

Sigma Delta Chi Foundation of Washington, D. C. Scholarship to an out- 
standing senior journalism student donated by the Maryland Chapter. 

Awarded to Rosemary Beales, Diane Cleemput 

The Sigma Chapter, Phi Delta Gamma Award to an outstanding woman who 
has completed the requirements for the doctoral degree. 

Awarded to Mary Diane Dippold 

Dr. Leo and Rita Sklar General Honors Award given annually to students for 
excellence in the General Honors Program of the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Awarded to: 

Jerome A. Paulson, Outstanding Student in the General Honors Program. 
John R. Miller, Zelma Peterson, Outstanding General Honors Seniors. 
David Petersen, Outstanding General Honors Junior. 
Leslie Gradet, Outstanding General Honors Sophomore. 



Society of Fire Protection Engineers Outstanding Senior Award to the most 
outstanding senior in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to James T. Scott 

Society of Fire Protection Engineers Outstanding Sophomore Award to the 
most outstanding sophomore in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to Stanley G. Budzynski 

Society of American Military Engineers Award to the senior Air Force 
ROTC cadet in the College of Engineering for his outstanding scholastic achieve- 
ment and leadership in Air Science. 

Aivarded to Russell D. Brown 

Reuben G. Steinmeyer Award presented by the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Pi 
Sigma Alpha to the outstanding senior in the Department of Government and 

Awarded to Robert Stokes 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society 
of the City of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of those stu- 
dents who evince in their daily life a spirit of love for and helpfulness to other 
men and women. 

Atvarded to Peter Raimondo, Argin Hutchins and 

Richard Greenhouse 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Association Award to the junior 
in the College of Engineering who during his sophomore year has made the 
greatest improvement in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Nelson D. Zeroth 

The University of Maryland College of Agriculture Alumni Chapter Senior 
Award presented annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding col- 
legiate accomplishments which typified the model student and contributed sig- 
nificantly toward the advancement of the University's College of Agriculture. 

Awarded to Philip T. Mason 

The University of Maryland College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Chapter 
Student Award presented annually to an outstanding senior man and woman 
student in the college who have demonstrated outstanding collegiate accomplish- 
ments in scholarship, leadership and citizenship. 

Awarded to Nancy J. Swope, Randy A. RoiG 

The University of Maryland Business and Public Administration Alumni 
Chapter Student Award presented annually to the student who has demonstrated 
outstanding achievement in academic and extra-curricular activities. 

Awarded to Larry E. Groves 

The University of Maryland College of Education Alumni Chapter Award 
presented annually to the senior male and female students who have demonstrated 
outstanding service toward furthering the highest ideals of education. 

Awarded to Jay L. Friedenberg, Mary A. Grande 

The University of Maryland College of Engineering Alumni Chapter Award 
presented annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship 
and contribution to the College and University through activities and leadership. 

Awarded to Alan I. Kirschbaum 



The University of Maryland Senior Award of the College of Home Economics 
Alumni Chapter presented annually to the student who has demonstrated excep- 
tional scholarship, leadership, and service to the college. 

Awarded to Frances L. Stokes 

The University of Maryland Alumni Association Homecoming Award pre- 
sented annually to the student who has made the greatest contribution to the 
homecoming program. 

Awarded to DiANE E. PiCKARD 

The University of Maryland Alumni Association Outstanding Student Leader 
Award presented annually to an outstanding senior man and woman student who 
have demonstrated excellence in leadership, citizenship and scholarship. 

Awarded to Grace A. Greenberg, Ross H. Arnette 

Scholastic and Special A^vards 


Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeri- 
tus H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class 
who during his collegiate career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and 
has done most of the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Aivarded to Stuart Robinson 

Citizenship Prize for Women — An award presented annually as a memorial 
to Sally Sterling Byrd, by her children, to that female member of the Senior Class 
who best exemplifies the enduring qualities of the model woman. These qualities 
should typify self-dependence, courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to 
achieve objectives, willingness to sacrifice for others, strength of character, and 
those other qualities that enable the women of our society to play such a funda- 
mental part in the building of the Nation. 

Awarded to Gerry Weinstein 


The Maryland Ring, a memorial to Charles L. Linhardt, Jr., to the Maryland 
male resident who is adjudged the best athlete of the year. 

Awarded to ANTHONY E. Greene 


Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best 
in college athletics. 

Awarded to John E. Baker 


The Atlantic Coast Conference Plaque to a senior for excellence in scholar- 
ship and athletics. 

Awarded to Patrick M. Burke 



The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current 

Awarded to Robert J. MacBride 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy for the senior who has contributed most 
to the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Joseph B. David, Jr. 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy for the senior who has contributed 
most to the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Steven Kebeck 

John T. Bell Swimming Award to the senior letterman who has contributed 
most to swimming. 

Awarded to Alexander Yonych 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to James Noeris 

William P. Cole, III, Memorial Lacrosse Award to the outstanding midfielder. 
Awarded to Daniel Furman 

The George C. Cook Memorial Scholarship Trophy to a member of the football 
team with the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to Patrick M. Burke 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silber Lacrosse Trophy to the most improved defense man. 
Awarded to IRA Hochstadt 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the graduating male senior athlete, who during 
his three years of varsity competition, lettered at least once and attained the 
highest overall scholastic average. 

Awarded to Patrick M. Burke 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award to the most outstanding senior 

Awarded to John J. Hanley, Jr. 

Jack Faber-Al Heagy Unsung Hero Award, to the player who best exempli- 
fies determination, vidll to win, and pride in accomplishment. 

Aawrded to Leonard S. Spicer and Charles W. Reilly 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of 
the year. 

Awarded to Richard D. Ragan 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed 
most to wrestling at the University. 

Awarded to Thomas Talbert 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., Swimming Trophy to the senior letterman who 
has contributed most to swimming. 

Awarded to Steven Meleski 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 
Awarded to Guy M. Roberts 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service 
to lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to Thomas Cleaver 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University 
has rendered the greatest service to football. 

Awarded to Peter Mattia 

The Robert E. Theofeld Memorial Trophy to the golfer who most nearly ex- 
emplifies the competitive spirit and strong character of Robert E. Theofeld, a 
former member of the boxing team. 

Awarded to Worth W. Calfee 




Gold Medals 


Michael Chadick 
Robert Clee 
Eugene Collins 
Randy Kurtz 
James Norris 
Patrick Wieman 

Steven Kebeck 


Martin L. Brotemarkle 
Charles J. Shrader 


Patrick M. Burke 
Theodore Becker 
Michael F. Chadick 
John E. Dyer 
William G. Fries 
G. Craig Gienger 
DuANCE C. Graham 
Anthony Green 

Glenn F. Kubany 
Dean F. Landolt 
Robert J. MacBride 
Peter Mattia 
Robert F. Mahnic 
Eric F. Moore 
Leonard J. Santacroce 
Richard Slaninka 
Alvin E. Thomas 


Worth W. Calfee 


Daniel A. Furman 
Ira Hochstadt 
William R. Sampson 


Alex Nacinovich 
Sefa Ocak 
Steve Salfeety 
James Solarski 
Rasim S. Tugberk 


Paul S. Berigtold 
Ronald L. Brillhart 
Steve A. Meleski 
Scott H. Polk 
Kevin P. Kelley 

Andrew Cohen 


John L. Bacon 
John E. Baker 
Edmund C. Bowie 
Joseph B. David, Jr. 
Anthony Greene 
John J. Hanley, Jr. 
Timothy P. Hudson 
Edward J. Kelly 
Perry L. Sandler 
Charles J. Shrader 
Ronald L. Taintor 
James R. Williamson 

Thomas Talbert 



Stanley Anderson 
Michael Chadick 
Robert Cilento 
Robert Clee 
Eugene Collins 
Frank DiCesare 
Robert Gilwee 
Robert Grossman 
Kenneth Knechtal 
Randy Kurtz 
Thomas Law 
David Lombardi 
William Marano 
Harry Martell 
James Norris 
John Petronaci 
John Porter 
David Sauve 
Craig Smith 
Patrick Wieman 



Charles Blank 
Robert Bodell 
Darrell Brown 
Steven Kebeck 
James O'Brien 
Jack Neal 
James Still 
Howard White 
Barry Yates 
Brian Auslander 


Martin L. Brotemarkle 
Albert P. Carey 
Bruce M. Chilcote 
William E. Crane 
James J. Rosen 
Charles J. Shrader 
Russell J. Taintor 
Ronald L. Taintor 
John K. Umbarger 


Clarence H. Barnes 
Theodore Becker 
Raymond Bednar 
Timothy C. Brannan 
Lee C. Branthover 
Timothy F. Brant 
Patrick M. Burke 
Christian B. Cowdrey 
John E. Dyer 
Gerald Erhard 
William G. Fries 
Stephen D. Fromang 
Michael Gaines 
G. Craig Gienger 
Duance C. Graham 
Anthony Greene 
Craig E. Hons 
Ronald N. Kecman 
Harold W. Kelly 
Robert J. MacBride 
Edward R. McManus 
Robert F. Mahnic 
James J. Martell 




Lawrence E. Marshall 
Leonard P. Massie, Jr. 
Peter Mattia 
Thomas L. Miller, Jr. 
Eric F. Moore 
Donald E. Ratliff 
Charles W. Reilly 
Guy M. Roberts 
Leonard J. Santacroce 
Arthur L. Seymore 
Scott M. Shank 
Carl D. Shelton 
Jeffrey E. Shugars 
Richard J. Slaninka 
Raymond P. Soporowski 
Theodore W. Steiner 
Darnell Tate 
Alvin E. Thomas 
James A. Tiesi 
Robert S. Tucker 
James W. Tweedy 
Nicholas Varhall 
James C. Watkins, Jr. 
Ray W. Wethington 
Floyd L. White 
James H. Wyres, Jr. 


Richard Bendall 
Larry Boggs 
George Burns, III 
Worth W. Calfee 
David Howard 
George Marucci 
Gary Mankulish 
Kenneth Peyre-Ferry 
Eric J. Stevenson 


Richard V. Avena 
Richard Bautz 
Gary L. Besosa 
Robert S. Burzo 
Thomas J. Cleaver 
Philip C. Decter 
Steve Demczuk 
David B. Dempsey 
Dennis R. Dorsey 
William L. England 
Daniel A. Furman 
David H. Hallock 
Ira Hochstadt 
Edward L. Hubbard 
John G. Kaestner 
Thomas M. Kelly 
Frederick D. Kramer 

Philip R. Marino 
Douglas R. Mayer 
Eric W. Nachlas 
Paul V. Nowacek 
Robert C. Pennington 
Roger L. Powers 
Charles W. Reilly 
Kevin Rogers 
William R. Sampson 
Leonard S. Spicer 
Jeffrey J. Tessier 
Francis K. Young 


Thomas J. Armenti 
Carl Ashlock 
Kambiz Behbahani 
Peter Hamilton 
Mario Iocco 
Mike Katynsky 
Frank J. Kolodziey 
Eugene F. McCarthy, Jr. 
Pete Milhado 
Alex Nacinovich 
Sefa B. Ocak 
John A. Perrella 
J. Stephen Salfeety 
Melih Sensoy 
Michael J. Sidlack 
Nick Skirka 
James E. Solarski 
George Tarasides 
Rasim S. Tugberk 
William Walker 
Michael J. Wilson 
Ronald Whitelaw 


Barry L. Accornero 
Paul T. Barrett 
Frank Bartle 
Paul S. Berigtold 
Charles W. Berke 
Ronald L. Brillhart 
James R. Clifford 
Donald L. Dolce 
Richard A. Duschl 
Gary L. Goodner 
Jack M. Hardcastle 
Charles L. Hoffman 
Michael Kaiser 
Kevin P. Kelley 
Marvin B. Levenson 
Paul M. McDonald 
Steve A. Meleski 

Kevin Moore 
Robert P. Petrovich 
Scott H. Polk 
Michael K. Rodgers 
Thomas D. Schaeberle 
Gary T. Weber 
Alexander Yonych 


John Beck 
Andrew Cohen 
Neil Paterson 
Gary Silverman 
Eugene Spent 
Howard Unger 
James Wesner 


John L. Bacon 
John E. Baker 
Andris Bilmanis 
Edmund C. Bowie 
Brian Bozzone 
Paul D. Corrigan 
Joseph B. David, Jr. 
Donald J. Fisher 
Russell E. Frame 
Anthony Greene 
John J. Hanley, Jr. 
Timothy P. Hudson 
Keith N. Johnson 
Martin D. Josephs 
Michael F. Permenter 
Perry L. Sandler 
Charleys J. Shrader 
Vincent I. Struble 
Ronald L. Taintor 
John K. Umbarger 
James R. Williamson 
Frank J. Zayac 


John C. Ferrara 
Jack R. Hoffman 
Patrick J. McCall 
George S. Myers 
Steve D. Nickolaus 
Peter G. Pappas 
Richard D. Ragan 
Mark J. Reid 
Robert A. Stovek 
David L. Strauss 
Thomas E. Talbert 



Air Force 
R.O.T.C. Awards 

Air Force Association Award to the outstanding Senior Cadet in the 
AFROTC detachment. 

Atvarded to Timothy P. Terrell 

Air Force R.O.T.C. Angel Flight Award to the outstanding member of the 
Air Force R.O.T.C. Angel Flight. 

Arvarded to Yaroslaw Stawnychy 

Air Force Times Award to the Senior Cadet who has distinguished himself 
by contributing materially to constructive public attention for the Corps of 

Awarded to DAVID A. Agee 

Alumni Cup awarded to the Graduating Senior vdth Highest Cumulative 

Awarded to Timothy P. Terrell 

American Legion R.O.T.C. General Military Excellence Gold Medal Award 
to the Senior Cadet demonstrating outstanding qualities in military leadership, 
discipline and character. 

Awarded to Steven I. Frahm 

American Legion R.O.T.C. Scholastic Gold Medal Award to the Senior Cadet 
in the upper 10% of his class and upper 259^ of his R.O.T.C. class. 

Awarded to Timothy P. Terrell 

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Award to the 
outstanding Senior Cadet majoring in electrical, electronics or communications 

Awarded to Russell D. Brown 

Coblentz Cup to the Commander of the outstanding group in the Corps of 

Awarded to Mark Washabaugh 

Daughters of the American Revolution Award to the senior cadet who has 
demonstrated high qualities of dependability, good character, adherence to mili- 
tary discipline and leadership ability. 

Awarded to John Kreimeyer 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Cadet who has displayed 
outstanding leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. 

Aivarded to Carl R. Behrens 

General Dynamics Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying outstanding 
leadership and scholastic qualities and who has been selected for the Professional 
Officer Course in the pilot category. 

Awarded to GREGORY N. Pinkerton 

Governor's Cup to the Commander of the outstanding squadron in the Corps 
of Cadets. 

Awarded to Thomas A. Aslakson 

PAS Award for Excellence to the Senior Cadet who has distinguished him- 
self through excellence of leadership in the Corps of Cadets. 

Au'arded to Steven L Frahm 

George M. Reiley Award to the member of the Flight Instruction Program 
showing the highest aptitude for flying as demonstrated by his performance in 
the Progrram. 

Aivarded to William Green 

Reserve Officers Association Gold Medal to the Senior Cadet demonstrating 
outstanding academic achievement and highest officer potential. 

Awarded to Steven I. Frahm 

Reserve Officers Association Silver Medal to the Junior Cadet demonstrating 
outstanding academic achievement and the highest officer potential. 

Awarded to George F. Pappas 


Music Awards 


Sigma Alpha Iota Dean's Honor Award for service and dedication. 

Awarded to Linda Hormes 

SigTna Alpha Iota Honor Certificate to the senior with the highest scholastic 

Aivarded to Carol Weissenberg 

Sigma Alpha Iota Leadership Award based on personality, student activities, 
fraternity service, and scholarship. 

Awarded to Charlotte Nelson 

Sigma Alpha Iota Recognition Pins. 

Aumrded to Carmen Balthrop and Eunice Hill 


Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding band fraternity member 
of the year. 

Awarded to Robert Sanders 

Tau Beta Sigma Award to the outstanding band sorority member of the year. 
Awarded to Glenda Fried 

Director's Award to the Symphony Band member who demonstrated the most 
improvement in musicianship during the year. 

Aivarded to Irene Klug 

Assistant Director's Award to the outstanding member of the Concert Band. 
Awarded to Craig Luongo 

Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding freshman band member 
of the year. 

Awarded to JAMES CArey 

Tau Beta Sigma Award to the most outstanding freshman band member 
of the year. 

Awarded to Michele Rocheny 

Certificate presented to members who have successfully participated for 
four or more years: 

Raymond Boyer Howard Green Andrew Melisano 

Michael Davis William Herbert Robert Sanders 

Jack Denny, Jr. Robehit Hirzel Fred Schroeder 

Matthew Dudzinsky Larry Linton David Smith 

Kim Gibbons John Magee Lloyd Weinberg 

Certificate presented to members who have successfully participated for 
three years: 

Henry Amann Glenda Fried Eileen Shaw 

David Anderson Nancy Horten Kathleen Shue 

Thomas Bartolomeo Laura Kadin Joel Strachman 

Jeanne Casey Craig Luongo Stephanie Strebe 

Richard Dalton Kenneth Pargament Paul Thorne 

Bruce Ferguson Elaine Roberts Bruce Wilson 

Carlton Wolfe 



Sweaters presented to members who have successfully participated for 
two years : 

Ruth Aleshire 
Kent Ashcraft 
Rachel Bouton 
Robert Boyar 
Thomas Bramel 
Kathleen Brooks 
Denise Carroll 
Carol Connelly 
Myra Diamond 
Michael Feustle 
Galen Galentine 

Harry Haywood 
Timothy Hirzel 
Lawrence Jaffe 
Alan Jenkins 
Charles Kahn 
Richard Kowal 
Richard Lantz 
Frances McCullough 
Dorothy Messick 
Elizabeth Preston 
Gail Reich 

Steven Rosenheim 
Richard Rowen 
Henry Rubin 
Howard Rubin 
Lawrence Strickling 
Susan Strunk 
William Tench 
William Thomas 
Gerald Wacks 
Kenneth Walton 
John Winslow 
James Wharton 

Mono^am letters presented to members who have successfully participated 
for one year: 

Linda B archers 
Trudy Benton 
Steven Berkowitz 
Arlene Bernstein 
Peter Bjerke 
Dennis Bollinger 
Margith Borror 
Stuart Burg 
Mark Butterfield 
James Carey 
Ronald Carrillo 
Ruth Dayhoff 
Jacqueline Doney 
Anthony Ebersole 
Joanne Elliott 
Robert England 
Julia Felsecker 
Christina Gahs 
Dolores Gill 
Steven Goff 
Paul Golomb 
Donald Gury 
David Hardinv 
Jeffrey Havel 

Bernard Hoffman 
Brian Houser 
Robin Imber 
Philip Jehle 
Barbara Katz 
Stanley Kensky 
David Klein 
Irene Klug 
Michael Krebs 
Dennis Lamarre 
David Lentz 
Gary Letcher 
Michael Lloyd 
Kurt Lucas 
Janice Lupu 
Gary Magram 
Ronald Man 
Gregory Mangiapane 
Roger Mason 
Chris Mauro 
Kenneth McCormick 
Jane McCraney 
Erin McFadden 
John McFarland 

Timothy McManus 
Robert Mellin 
Linda Melvin 
Gregory Meyer 
Jonathan Nehmer 
Robert Newhouse 
Linda Poland 
Kenneth Quick 
Wanda Robinson 
Michele Rocheny 
Steve Saltzgiver 
Shigeki Shoemaker 
Michael Sisk 
William Stenger 
Donald Stewart 
Marlin Strand 
Phillip Symonds 
William Tench 
Steven Theodore 
John Turner 
Mark Walton 
C. George Werner 
Michael Wheeler 
Gordon Williams 
Wanda Wolfe 

Members who have served faithfully for five years : 
Alan Oresky 

Members who have served faithfully for four years : 
Linda Hormes Fred Leise Norman Nusinov 

Members who have served faithfully for three years : 

Ruth Barnes 
Jane Bockenek 

Deborah Brown 
Arthur Perler 



Members who have served faithfully for two years: 

Alice Bailey 
Paul Becker 
Steve Burstein 
Bryna Coonin 
Keith Fleming 

Tom Jones 
Kathleen Krelove 
Jennifer Metelitis 
Dorothy Rich 
Mark Singer 

Margery Swanson 
Bruce Wilson 
Carlton Wolfe 
Stephanie Strebe 

Members who have served faithfully for one year: 

Pamela Nelson 
June Symonds 
Jeffrey Rosen 
Heidi Weintraub 
James Queen 
Bruce Fenderson 
Clifford Bernson 
Margaret Steele 
STirvE Edwards 

Susan Burkwitt 
Cynthia Carmichael 
Mark Gruen 
Mark Stein 
David Woolsey 
Carol Gonzalez 
Richard Hancock 
Julie Felsecker 
Arlene Bernstein 

John Tatum 
Marilyn Lewis 
Robert Tennyson 
John Magee 
Kent Ashcraft 
Dave Smith 
Kenneth Walton 
Ronald Man 
Donald Katz 


Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for four or more 
years : 

Cakl Balser Steve Christie Marilyn Harmon 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for three years: 

Michael Bender 
Alex Clifton 
Marlene Schrier 

Katherine M. Larner 
Patricia Park 
Betty Spada 

Patricia Ann Turner 

Awards presented to members who have served faithfully for two years: 

Randy Albright 
Christopher Armstrong 
Kenneth P. Barnhart 
Kathle:en Fahrner 
Estelle Franklin 
Spencer Gregg 

Barbara Hitchcock 
ViviENNE Hoffman 
Fred Leise 
Mary Motsko 
Elizabeth Plummer 
Sharon L. Roberts 

Susan Safreed 
Beckie Simons 
Sue Ann Staake 
Joanne M. Trostle 
Cheryl L. VonBriesen 


Academic Decrees 

Reference: Academic Degrees, 

Office of Education, U. S. Department of 

Health, Education and Welfare, 1960 










A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course of study. 
There are more than 1,600 different academic degrees currently conferred by 
American colleges and universities. 

The first known degi-ee was a doctorate conferred by the University of 
Bologna in the middle of the 12th Century. Originally, the doctor's and 
master's degrees were used interchangeably, each indicating that the holder 
was qualified to give instruction to students. The bachelor's or baccalaureate 
degree indicated only entrance upon a course of study preparatory to the 
doctorate or mastership. Gradually, however, the bachelor's degree came to 
mean successful completion of one level of study preparatory to the higher 

From the continent, the use of academic degrees spread to English uni- 
versities. Harvard University, William and Mary, and Yale followed the British 
pattern in the New World. 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year course of 
study of collegiate grade and is the oldest academic degree used by American 
institutions of higher learning. The degree Bachelor of Arts was first con- 
ferred in America in 1642 on nine young men, comprising the first graduating 
class of Harvard College. Yale conferred its first Bachelor of Arts in 1702; 
Princeton in 174S; William and Mary in 1753; Pennsylvania in 1757; and 
Columbia in 1758. 

The degree Bachelor of Science, was awarded to four graduating mem- 
bers of the class of 1851 of Harvard University, probably the first to receive 
this degree from any institution. From 1851 to 1905, the degree was con- 
ferred only upon students registered in the Lawrence Scientific School; after 
1905, on students of Harvard, also. 

The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon students who 
have successfully completed one or two years' work in advance of the bac- 
calaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually required. The 
word "magister" connected with a qualifying phrase, was used among the 
Romans as a title of honor; but its present meaning must be traced to the time 
of the establishment of the oldest universities. Regularly organized faculties 
were not then known as they now exist in the universities. The whole circle 
of academic activity was limited to seven liberal arts, and those who received 
public honors on the completion of their course of studies, for their diligence 
and knowledge, and had already received the degree of baccalaureus (bachelor) 
were called magistri artium (master of the liberal arts). 

This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by ancient Romans 
to those who delivered public lectures on philosophical subjects. In the 
Middle Ages, from the 12th century, it came into use as a title of honor borne 
by men of great learning. It was first made an academic title at the Uni- 
versity of Bologna, in Italy, which received from the Emperor the right of 
appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The University of Paris followed 
in 1145. Soon after, the popes granted the universities the right of appoint- 
ing doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law); and when 
the study of the civil law came to be combined with that of the canon law, the 
title was changed to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The facul- 
ties of theology and medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

'Sometimes designated as the baccalaureate degree, from the Latin baccalaureus from bac- 
calaris "under the influence of" and laurus "laurel" used as a designation of honor, distinction, 
or fame. 

fThe Oxford English Dictionary defines a doctor, in the academic sense as, "One, who in any 
faculty or branch of learning, has attained to the highest degree conferred by a university." 


The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in theology 
and law, is given beyond the baccalaureate degree, and requires two to five 
years, the writing of a thesis, and the passing of written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents the most advanced earned degree conferred 
by American institutions. There are two distinct types: the professional or 
practitioners degree, and the research degree. The first type represents ad- 
vanced training for the practice of various professions, principally: Doctor of 
Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 
Juris Doctor, and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no implication 
of original research and are classified by the U. S. Office of Education, with 
bachelor's degrees, as the first professional degrees. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as research doctorates rep- 
resenting prolonged periods of advanced study u.sually accompanied by a dis- 
sertation which is designed to be a substantial contribution to existing knowl- 
edge on the subject. The most important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, 
no longer has an implication of philosophy for its holder, but represents ad- 
vanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. It was first awarded 
in the United States by Yale University in 1861. 

A .r^^ A ^.^^^l .r^ i'^ .t-s.e^-i-m-m*-*^ ^^ REFERENCE: American Universities and Colleges, 

/\C3.QGII11C V>(OStUllie American Council on Education, 1968 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic 
procession are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of 
the scholar since medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the 
ecclesiastical dress since many of the scholars of that period were members of 
monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes 
which has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in 
the United States. Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, 
and doctor— has its own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown 
is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The master's gown has a longer, 
narrow, closed sleeve, extending below the knee; the arm is passed through a 
slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve 
with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide velvet 
bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating the general field 
of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green for medicine, 
purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood 
which passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the 
largest of the hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is 
often omitted. The color of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. 
Below is given a list of department or faculty colors. 
Agriculture Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities White 
Business Administration, 

Commercial Science Drab 

Dentistry Lilac 

Economics Copper 

Education, Pedagogy Light Blue 
Engineering Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture Brown Physical Education Sage Green 

Forestry Russet Science Golden Yellow 

Home Economics Maroon Social Service Citron 

Humanics Dark Crimson Surgical Chiropody Nile Green 

Laws Purple Theology and Divinity Scarlet 

Library Science Lemon Veterinary Sciences Gray 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood are those of 
the college or university which conferred the degree 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The 
tassel may be either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of 
the doctor's cap may be gold. 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of 
distinctive color and design. 









Silver Gray 







Public Health 




Board of Regents and 
Maryland State Board of Agriculture 


Dr. Louis L. Kaplan, Baltimore 


Mr. Richard W. Case, Baltimore 


Mr. B. Herbert Brown, Baltimore 


Mr. Harry H. Nuttle, Denton 


Mrs. Alice H. Morgan, Chevy Chase 


Mr. F. Grove Miller, Jr., North East 

Mrs. Michael J. Deegan, Jr., Seabrook 
Mr. George C. Fry, Cecilton 
Dr. Samuel H. Hoover, Timonium 
Mr. Edward V. Hurley, Baltimore 
Mr. Hugh A. McMullen, Cumberland 
Mr. L. Mercer Smith, Baltimore 
Dr. Emerson C. Walden, Baltimore 

Officers of the University 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, President of the University 

Dr. R. Lee Hornbake, Vice-President for 
Academic Affairs 

Dr. Walter B. Waetjen, Vice-President for 
General Administration 

Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr., Vice-President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Dr. Frank L. Bentz, Jr., Vice-President for 
Agricultural Affairs 

Mr. Robert A. Beach, Jr., Assistant to the 
President for University Relations 

Dr. Charles E. Bishop, Chancellor of the 
College Park Campus 

Dr. Albin 0. KUHN, Chancellor of the 
Baltimore Campuses 

Dr. Ray Ehrensberger, Chancellor of 
University College 

Dr. Archie L. Buffkins, Chancellor of the 
Eastern Shore Campus 

University of Maryland, College Park 

Dr. Charles E. Bishop, Chancellor 

Dr. George H. Callcott, Vice Chancellor 
for Academic Affairs 

Dr. Thomas B. Day, Vice Chancellor 
for Academic Planning and Policy 

Dr. John W. Dorsey, Vice Chancellor 
for Administrative Affairs 

Dr. Joseph F. Metz, Acting Vice Chancellor 
for Student Affairs 

Dr. p. Bertrand Phillips, Special Assistant to 
the Chancellor for Human Relations Programs 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of 
College of Agriculture 

Professor John William Hill, Dean of 
School of Architecture 

Dr. Charles Manning, Dean of 
College of Arts and Sciences 

Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of College of 
Business and Public Administration 

Dr. Robert F. Carbone, Dean of 
College of Education 

Dr. Robert B. Beckmann, Dean of 
College of Engineering 

Dr. Marjory Brooks, Dean of 
College of Home Economics 

Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of College of 

Physical Education, Recreation and Health 

Dr. David S. Sparks, Dean of Graduate Studies 

and Research 
Dr. James W. Liesener (Acting) , Dean of School of 

Library and Information Services 

Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Dean of University College 


Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Robert D. Rappleye, Associate Professor, Botany 


Mr. Charlton G. Meyer, University Organist 

Mr. Fague Springmann, Director, University Choir 


Dr. Stewart Gordon, Professor, Music 
Dr. Paul Traver, Professor, Music 



Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, Associate Dean, College of Agriculture 
Dr. Robert C. Wiley, Professor, Horticulture 


Dr. Thomas J. Aylward, Professor, Speech and 

Dramatic Art Announcing 

Mr. H. Kent Baker, Instructor, Business Administration Ushering 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, Assistant Professor, 

Agricultiiral Economics Platform 

Mr. John T. Broadbelt, Supervisor, Physical Plant 

General Physical Arrangements 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture Guests 

Lt. John Downs, Campus Police Parking 

Mr. Milo C. Knight, Director, Food Services Food 

Dr. Conrad B. Link, Professor, Horticulture Floral Arrangements 

Dr. George L. Marx, Professor and Head, Counseling 

and Personnel Services Faculty 

U. Robert Merikangas, M.D., Director, Health Services First Aid 

Mr. Amos R. Meyer, Associate Professor, Markets Guests 

Mr. John C. Price, Acting Director, 

Office of Public Information Publicity 

Mr. William A. Reith, Physical Plant Platform, Physical Arrangements 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 

Information, Lost and Found 

Mr. William C. Spann, Coordinator, Records and Registrations Program 

Mr. George 0. Weber, Director, Physical Plant Physical Plant 

Mr. Jerrold L. Witsil, Superintendent, Safety and Security Traffic Control 



Candidates Seating Plan 









Business and 
Public Admin. 

Arts & Sciences 


Arts & Sciences 





Distribution of diplomas will be made by college representatives after the commencement program at 
locations specified below. Appropriate identification (I.D. cards for undergraduates, transaction cards for 
graduate students; or other bona fide identification) will be required. Diplomas not picked up by 2:30 p.m. 
June 5, will be mailed as promptly as possible, beginning June 7, by the Office of the Registrar. 

Agriculture — Room 019, Cole Activities Building- 
Arts & Sciences — Small Gym, Cole Activities Building 
Business & Public Administration — Cafeteria, Student Union 

Education — Lobby Education Building (Enter North End Door facing Cole Activities Building) 
Engineering — Room 115 (end corridor). Student Union 
Home Economics — Rooms 002 & 006, Cole Activities Building 
Physical Education, Recreation & Health — Dean's Office, Cole Activities Building 
University College — Room 001, Cole Activities Building 
Graduate School — On Stage, After Ceremony, Cole Activities Building 



























r ■■-' 




.%3'f .J*, 


!: ■u-'* - i 




POJ 700, B71