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(^ommencemeni O 


University of Maryland 


SATURDAY, MAY 29, 1943 



My country, 'tis of thee, 

Sweet land of liberty, 

Of thee I sing; 

Land where my fathers died! 

Land of the Pilgrims' pride! 

From ev'ry mountain side 

Let freedom ring! 

Our fathers' God, to thee 

Author of liberty. 

To thee we sing! 

Long may our land be bright 

With Freedom's holy light; 

Protect us by thy might, 

Great God, our King. 


say, can you see, — by the dawn's early light. 

What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight, 

O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 

And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air. 

Gave proof thro' the night — ^that our flag was still there. 

O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 


Hail! Alma Mater! Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty, for thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold deep in our hearts we hold, 
Singing thy praise forever, throughout the land. 



The University of Maryland Band 
Directed by Sergeant Otto Siebeneichen 

INVOCATION Rev. Nathaniel C. Acton 

Rector, St. Andrews Church, College Park 

GREETINGS His Excellency, Herbert R. O'Conor 

Governor of Maryland 

GREETINGS Hon. Theodore R. McKeldin 

Mayor, City of Baltimore 

MUSIC — My Maryland Professor Harlan Randall, Soloist 

ADDRESS The Hon. George L. Radcliffe 

United States Senator 

MUSIC — America Attdience 


President H. C. Byrd 


Colonel Robert E. Wysor, Jr. 

MUSIC — The Star Spangled Banner Audience 

BENEDICTION— The Lord's Prayer Mr. Justin Lawrie, Soloist 

RECESSIONAL MARCH— Triumphal Fillmore 

The University of Maryland Band 

Incidental Music by the University of Maryland String Ensemble 
directed by Professor Harlan Randall. 

After the exercises the audience will please remain in place until 
the academic procession has left the Coliseum. 



George L. Radcliffe, Doctor of Laws 

Candidates will be presented by Dean C. 0. Appleman 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Ross Elwood Backenstoss, Jr D. C. 

Richard Henry Barry Pennsylvania 

Cornelia Marie Cotton Maryland 

Carroll Eastburn Cox Maryland 

Julian Coburn Crane Maryland 

John Milton Cross New Jersey 

Guy M. Everett Iowa 

Walter Christian Gakenheimer Maryland 

William Henry Gaub Florida 

William Holland Griggs Missouri 

Walter Judson Haney Maryland 

Robert Isaac Jaffee Illinois 

Charles Jarowski Maryland 

Thomas Morton Little Maryland 

Raymond Irving Longley, Jr,__Connecticut 

John Udell Michaelis California 

Martin Hammond Muma Maryland 

Lloyd Elwin Parks Michigan 

Robert Collom Rand Maryland 

George Bergin Reynard South Carolina 

Roy Schneiter Maryland 

Donald Emerson Shay Pennsylvania 

Robert Edward Thompson Maryland 

George Clarence Vedova Pennsylvania 

Thomas Charles Gordon Wagner D. C. 

Alfred Case Whiton Maryland 

Edmond Grove Young Maryland 

John Ashby Yourtee Virginia 

Bernard Leon Zenitz Maryland 

Master of 

John Conrad Appel Pennsylvania 

Louisa Gardner Dillard Maryland 

Frank John Getty Maryland 

Albert Norman Greenfield Maryland 

Edwin P. Heinrich Maryland 

Kuth Amanda Jehle Maryland 

Edward Nelson MacConomy, Jr Maryland 

Norman Hill Maring Maryland 


Howard Geisler Phillips New York 

Edith Palmer Popenoe Maryland 

Helen Wade Pressley Maryland 

Morris Roseman Maryland 

Cora Dodson Sasscer Maryland 

Walter Henry Schuler D. C. 

Jean Burke Wheeler Maryland 

Master of Science 

Leon Webster Frayer, Jr Maryland 

William Kanode Gautier D. C. 

John Joseph Lander New York 

Joshua Melvin Leise D. C. 

Hazel B. Murray Maryland 

Orr Esrey Reynolds D. C. 

Aaron Wiley Sherwood Maryland 

Charles Alfred Shreeve, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Cantor Temin Maryland 

Ruth Lee Thompson Maryland 

Edith-Jane Wiegand Maryland 

Carroll Christian Woodrow Maryland 

Master of Education 

C. Paul Barnhart Maryland 

Louise Robey Birch D. C. 

Mary Frances Barr Bush D. c! 

Charles Henry Centrum Maryland 

Vernon Brooks Gunther D, C. 

Nellie Griffith Hardell D C 

Sara Horton Florida 

Robert Faust Lesher Maryland 

Daniel Cruzen Link West Virginia 

Ruth Elizabeth Smith Maryland 

Ruth Alberta Wynn D. C. 


Candidates will be presented by Assistant Dean H. 

F. Cotterman 


Nevin Snader Baker Maryland 

Robert Harold Benson Maryland 

Alice Ruth Bentz Maryland 

Paul Curtis Betts Delaware 

Lloyd Carroll Biser Maryland 

*Donald Mitchell Boyd Maryland 

Hartley Douglas Crist Maryland 

*V/illiam Evans Crow Maryland 

*Janies Paul Duke, Jr Maryland 

Richard VanDriel Eck Illinois 

*Irving McKim Gordy, Jr Maryland 

Oliver Richard Carroll Gore, Jr. Maryland 

Sylvan Leonard Handen Maryland 

John Hansen Hoffman Maryland 

Philip Rajanond Hogue Maryland 

Marion Clark Hudson Delaware 

Emory Childress Leffel Maryland 

of Science 

Theodore Leizman Maryland 

John Philip Mattingly Maryland 

Leib McDonald Maryland 

Russell Francis Mizell, Jr Maryland 

Harry Ivan Neuman D. C. 

Robert Lee Nixon, Jr Tennessee 

Nestor Obando Columbia, S. A. 

Gilbert Willard Perry Maryland 

James Murray Prigel Mai-yland 

Norvell Stanley Ralston Maryland 

Kenton Charles Reynolds D. C. 

Charles William St. Clair Maryland 

Eugene Stanley Schlosnagle Maryland 

Irvin Philip Schloss Maryland 

* Charles Philip Seltzer Maryland 

Joseph Miller Shaw Maryland 

Warren Charles Smith Maryland 

First Honors 
James Paul Duke, Jr. 
Irvin Philip Schloss 
Harry Ivan Neuman 
Robert Harold Benson 

Honorable Mention 

Second Honors 
Paul Curtis Betts 
John Hansen Hoffman 
Robert Lee Nixon, Jr. 

Candidates will be presented by Dean L. B. Broughton 


Anna Virginia Auslund Maryland 

Ruth P. Barsky New York 

Mary Joan Bell Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Bond Maryland 

Mary Clare Bonham Maryland 

Norman Irving Broadwater Maryland 

Muriel Frances Brockman Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Brooks D. C. 

Eleanor Alice Bi'oome Maryland 

Slargaret Washington Bro\\Ti Maryland 

Herbert Gabriel Carhart, Jr D. C. 

Berniece Bro^vn Chambers D. C. 

Alexander Slater Clarke D. C. 

Jane Mary Cooper Maryland 

*Robert Vigert Cormack D. C. 

Ann E. Criswell Maryland 

"William Earl Dixon Maryland 

Rose Veronica Doyno New Jersey 

Sidney Tzvie Efross D. C. 

Margaret Ann Engel D. C. 

Garland William Fairbanks Maryland 

Rosadean Flaks Maryland 


John Louis Apuzzio New Jersey 

David Hargis Barker Maryland 

Elmar Bernard Berngartt Maryland 

Raymond Bradshaw, Jr Maryland 

Marguerite Elsie Burr New Jersey 

Robert Francis Byrne Maryland 

George Russell Callender, Jr D. C. 

of Arts 

Elsie May Flom Maryland 

Ellen Frances Gray D. C. 

DagTuar Barbro Hansson Maryland 

Pauline Hardy Maryland 

Bernard M. Hyatt Maryland 

Robert Edward Inman New York 

Dorothea Theresa Kilmain Maryland 

Walter Owen Koehler D. C. 

Nancy Masters Maryland 

Frank Savage Meiwine Maryland 

Muriel Ellen Miller Maryland 

Ruth Morgan New Jersey 

Jeannette Owen Maryland 

Bertha Ann Paterson Maryland 

Dorothy Lee Powell Maryland 

Jacob N. Rothstein Maryland 

Mary Ellen Ruff Maryland 

Kathryn Gertrude Sheely Maryland 

George Ely Suser Maryland 

William Ellsworth Tolley D. C. 

Ruth May Weinstein New York 

Mildred Anita White Maryland 

of Science 

Davis Hall Corkran Maryland 

Harry Kirk Dansereau New Hampshire 

John Murray Dennis Maryland 

Doris Louise Gerwig Maryland 

Eleanor Louise Gordner Pennsylvania 

Albert C. Herrmann Maryland 

Betty Elaine Hoffmaster Maryland 

Diploma will be awarded with certificate of commission. 

Bachelor of bcience — (Continued) 

James Eden Horn Maryland 

Irwin Seymour Jacobs D. C. 

Alexander Palmer Kelly, Jr — N. Carolina 

Catherine Elizabeth Kurzenknabe Penn. 

David Raymond La\vrie Maryland 

Daniel Bair Lemen Maryland 

Charles Teddy Lempke D. C. 

Charles Milton Linthicum Maryland 

Alan Campbell Macpherson D. C. 

Ula Virginia Maxwell West Virginia 

Elizabeth Jane McCauley Maryland 

Alfred Simpson Norton D. C. 

Allen Jay O'Neill Virginia 

Vitale Xavier Paganelli New Jersey 

Kenneth Albert Richer Maryland 

Margaret Eagle Roelke Maryland 

Miriam Elizabeth Stultz Maryland 

Mary Louise Touchet Maryland 

Roy B. Turner, Jr Maryland 

William Fringer Wheeler Maryland 

Frances Danby Williams Maryland 

Charles Randolph Wolfe D. C. 

Janet Eugenia Wyvell Maryland 

Mary Agnes Yeager Maryland 

Honorable Mention 
First Honors Second Honors 

David Hargis Barker Pauline Hardy 

William Ellsworth Tolley Mary Louise Touchet 

Sidney Tzvie Efross Albert C. Herrmann 

Margaret Washington Brown Alan Campbell Macpherson 

Ellen Frances Gray Dagmar Barbro Hansson 

Margaret Eagle Roelke Ann E. Criswell 

Berniece Brown Chambers Anna Virginia Auslund 
Bernard M. Hyatt 

Candidates will be presented by Dean J. F. Pyle 

Bachelor of Science 

*Abraham William Birnbaum Maryland 

Martin Irving Collins Maryland 

James Elmer Degges, Jr D. C. 

*John Jenkins Dobler II Maryland 

Harry Drew Fisher Maryland 

William J. Fulton New Jersey 

Harry Randolph Gordon Maryland 

David Harry Greenberg Maryland 

*Sylvan L. Katz D.C. 

James Nolan Kinsel D. C. 

Thomas Joseph Lanahan, Jr D. C. 

Saul Laniado New York 

Walter Ridgely Longanecker, Jr._Maryland 

*Robert George Mahon D. C. 

Anne Louise Maxwell Maryland 

Robert Morgan Miller D. C. 

John Joseph Murphy, Jr D. C. 

Robert Willms Petzold Maryland 

John Frank Rabai Maryland 

Russell Melvin Rumpf Maryland 

John Reed Scott, Jr Maryland 

Wendell Ellsworth Shawn, Jr Maryland 

Norman Starr Sinclair D. C. 

George Francis Sprott Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

Second Honors 
Wendell Ellsworth Shawn, Jr. 
Robert Willms Petzold Harry Drew Fisher 

John Reed Scott, Jr. 

First Honors 
Robert Morgan Miller 

Candidate will be presented by Dean J. Ben Robinson, Doctor of Dental Surgery 

John B. Zimmerman Pennsylvania 

Candidates will be presented by Acting Dean A. E. Joyal 

Bachelor of Arts 

B. Bernard Cohen Maryland *Harry Jack Mier, Jr Pennsylvania 

Anthony Louis de Christopher New York Samuel William Seidel Maryland 

John Thomas Franey Maryland Mary George Stavropoulos Maryland 

Janet Heggie Maryland Elizabeth Laura Stratmann Maryland 

Lucille Humphreys Maryland Barbara Jane Wagner Maryland 

Glennis Lundberg Kabat Maryland Frank Frederick White, Jr Maryland 

Audrey Betty Levy D. C. 

* Diploma will be awarded with certificate of commission. 


Gladys Marie Beall Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Bouton New York 

Betty Hopkins Callahan Maryland 

Patrick Joseph Carolan New York 

Mildred Virginia Cromwell Maryland 

Mildred Pauline Garvin Maryland 

Francis Gill Maryland 

Anne Ruth Greenwald Maryland 

Frederick William Kaufman Maryland 

Frances Marie Keesee Maryland 

Olive Elizabeth King Maryland 

Parepa Fidelia Linthicum D. C. 

Harriet Ellen Magness Maryland 

Dorothy Mudd Maryland 

of Science 

Willa Lee Ott Maryland 

Edna Irene Peters Maryland 

Patricia Elizabeth Captolia Richards Md. 

Howard Ferdinand Schwarz Maryland 

Evelyn Smith Maryland 

Margaret Stevens Stack Maryland 

Samuel Carl Sterling Maryland 

James Gale Townsend Maryland 

Louise-Marie Umali Maryland 

Clara Gertrude Weller D. C. 

Virginia Jane White Maryland 

Electa Jane Williamson Maryland 

Cynthia Quackenbush Wilmer Maryland 

First Honors 
B. Bernard Cohen 
Edna Irene Peters 

Honorable Mention 

Second Honors 
Parepa Fidelia Linthicum 
Olive Elizabeth King 


Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg 

Bachelor of Science 

Richard Walter Armstrong Maryland Arnold George Rawling Maryland 

Elwood Bates Maryland George Victor Rodgers Maryland 

John Charles Hamilton Maryland Henry Gilbert Thompson Maryland 

Leon Davis Hoffman, Jr Ohio Harry Boss Weaver Maryland 

Robert Newton Just Maryland Leonard Frederick Williams Maryland 

Edmund Frank Magill Maryland Robert Hugh Yeatman Maryland 

First Honors 
Robert Hugh Yeatman 

Honorable Mention 

Second Honors 
Leonard Frederick Williams 

Candidates will be presented by Dean M. M. Mount 

Bachelor of Science 

Shirley Luella Bennett D. C. 

Mary Margaret Bohanan Maryland 

Elizabeth Marie Burke Maryland 

Lois Roberta Davis D. C. 

Mary Jane Dawson D. C. 

Evelyn Mary Foerster D. C. 

Jennette Lucile Giovannoni D. C. 

Doris Marie Green D. C. 

Mary Anne Hunter Maryland 

Louise Allene Jones D. C. 

Velma Jeanne Kepner Maryland 

Myrtle Jean Killingsworth New York 

Mabel Klebold Maryland 

Carlyn Beatrice Lowe Pennsylvania 

Miriam Rose Mednick Virginia 

Ellen C. Notz D. C. 

Jean Murday Persons D. C. 

Nancy Jean Phillips Maryland 

Rosaleen Bernardeth Pifer Maryland 

Margaret Price West Virginia 

Katherine Lucy Rolph Maryland 

Dorothy Alice Rundles D. C. 

Jean Frances Sexton Maryland 

Reta Elizabeth Isele Smith Maryland 

Lora Marie Stauber Maryland 

Doris Mae Thompson Maryland 

Ruth Marie Volland Maryland 

Charlotte Elizabeth Warthen D. C. 

Elizabeth Eileen Wascher New Jersey 

Harriet Titus Whitson New York 

Doris Adele Wood D. C. 

Elizabeth Jean Wood D. C. 

Irene Florence Zaladonis D. C. 

Honorable Mention 
First Honors Second Honors 

Irene Florence Zaladonis Dorothy Alice Rundles 

Jean Murday Persons Eveljii Mary Foerster 

Ellen C. Notz Charlotte Elizabeth Warthen 

Mabel Klebold 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger Howell 

Bachelor of Laws 

Leroy Stanley Applefeld Maryland 

*Margaret Elizabeth Coonan Maryland 

Charles Thomas Dubin Maryland 

Donald Harrison Frye Maryland 

John Silvio Guandolo D. C. 

*Dorothy Eileen Holden Maryland 

Evelyn Marnay LaNeve Maryland 

Eugene Pomeroy Martin, Jr Maryland 

* Francis Edward Rugemer Maryland 

Archibald Leon Russell Maryland 

Samuel Louis Silber Maryland 

George Raymond Stevens Maryland 

Ernest Morris Thompson Maryland 

George Bothwell Watson Maryland 


*George Christian Evering Maryland 

William Larkin Gardner Maryland 

Edward Melvin Seidl Maryland 

*Mary Howard Whaley Maryland 

* With Honor 

Elected to the Order of the Coif 

Dorothy Eileen Holden Francis Edward Rugemer 

Mary Howard Whaley 

Candidates will be presented by Director Annie Crighton 

Graduate in Nursing 

Mary Evelyn Allen North Carolina 

Ethel Webster Beard Maryland 

Irma LeNora Bennington Pennsylvania 

Marguerite Elsie Burr New Jersey 

Florence Estelle Darden North Carolina 

Estelle Neel Davis Maryland 

Perry Ruth Dougher Maryland 

Evelyn Doloris Eselhorst Maryland 

Martha Carroll Fanning Pennsylvania 

Ruth Elizabeth Forsyth Maryland 

Doris Louise Gerwig Maryland 

Eloise Josephine Goode Maryland 

Eleanor Louise Gordner Pennsylvania 

Elizabeth Harlan Maryland 

Phyllis P^^oore Holbrook Ohio 

Miriam Elisabeth Hutchins Maryland 

Betty Mae James Maryland 

Catherine Elizabeth Kurzenknabe Penn. 

Clara Gertrude Lebeck Maryland 

Ula Virginia Maxwell Virginia 

Idona Elizabeth Mehring Maryland 

Ruth M. Misener Maryland 

Shirley Virginia Pratt Maryland 

Thelma Ann Price Pennsylvania 

Margaret Eagle Roelke Maryland 

Rita Dorothy Schwinger Maryland 

Margaret Florence Sellner Maryland 

Elizabeth Jane Smith Pennsylvania 

Miriam Elizabeth Stultz Maryland 

Frances Danby Williams Maryland 


The Janet Hale Memorial Scholarship, given by the University of Maryland 
Nurses' Alumnae Association, to pursue a course in administration, supervisory, or 
public Health work at Teachers College, Columbia University, to the student having 
the highest average in scholarship Doris Louise Gerwig 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship Miriam Elisabeth Hutchins 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Prize 

for the highest average in executive ability Maria Teresa Sagardia 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman Prize for practical nursing and for dis- 
playing the greatest interest and syinpathy for the patients Maria Teresa Sagardia 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Pin and Membership 
in the Association, for practical nursing and executive ability Idona Elizabeth Mehring 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Andrew G. DuMez 

Bachelor of Science 

Leonard Applebaum Maryland 

Albert Julius Blankman Maryland 

Gilbert Morris Carouge Maryland 

James Phillip Cragg, Jr Maryland 

Herbert Ehudin Maryland 

Frederick Robert Haase Maryland 

Alfred Klotzman Maryland 

Beryle Philip Kremer Maryland 

Leo Baden Lathroum, Jr Maryland 

Evelyn Shirley Levin Maryland 

Harold Paul Levin Maryland 

Morton Myers Maryland 

Leonard Rodman Maryland 

Robert Rosenberg Maryland 

in Pharmacy 

Benjamin Scheinin Maryland 

Nathan Schwartz Maryland 

Theodore H. Schwartz Maryland 

Joseph Shear Maryland 

Alvin M. Siegel Maryland 

Alder Irvin Simon Maryland 

Llelvyn M. Sindler Maryland 

Morton Smith Maryland 

Noi-man Sober Maryland 

Sherman Steinberg Maryland 

Hamilton Boyd Wylie, Jr Maryland 

Jack Joseph Yarmosky Maryland 

Benjamin Yevzeroff Marjdand 


Gold Medal for General Excellence Joseph Shear 

The William Simon Memorial Prize for 

Proficiency in Practical Chemistry Morton Smith 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize Sherman Steinberg 

The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Phaimacognosy Prize Gilbert Morris Carouge 

Morton Smith 

Certificates of Honor 
Benjamin Scheinin Beryle Philip Kremer 


Candidates will be presented by Colonel Robert E. Wysor, Jr. 

David Miller Abercrombie, Jr. 
Walter Orrin Allen, Jr. 
Mei-vin William Arps, Jr. 
Stanley Julian Asrael 
Eugene Filippo Baldi 
Burton Lee Bank 
George Wimmel Barnard, Jr. 
Richard Alfred Barr 
Rollison Hall Baxter 
Richard Edwin Berger 
William Spencer Betts 
Herbert Talmadge Beuermann 
Robei't Byron Bird 
Abraham William Birnbaum 
Richard Brown Blackwell 
Daniel Underdown Boothe 
Donald Mitchell Boyd 
Harold Roger Bradshaw 
Thomas Marshall Brandt 
John Augusta Brenner 
Samuel Bernard Burch, Jr. 
William Kirkland Byrd 
Donald Marshall Call, Jr. 
Felix Joseph Cardegna 
Peter John Carroll 
Hilton Lee Carter 
Giles Leonard Chapin 
James Atkins Clark 
Harry Speake Cobey 
Alan Kolker Cohen 
Robert Vigert Cormack 

George Washington Couch, Jr. 

Nelson Roger Cox 

John Yoder Crow 

William Evans Crow 

Louis Culiner 

Clifton Bradford Currin 

Charles Covode Davis, Jr. 

Robert McCloud Davison 

Franklin Richard Day 

J. Kirkwood Decker 

Joseph Murray Decker 

John Edward deKowzan 

Robert Curtis Diehl 

Hugo Gactano DiMichele 

Jack Stanley Dittmar 

John Jenkins Dobler, II 

Edwin Burton Donaldson, Jr. 

Joseph Francis Dougherty 

Oscar Herbert DuBois 

James Paul Duke, Jr. 

William Dykes Dulaney 

Rochester Z. DuTeil 

Roy Stanley Eckert 

Warren Harding Eierman 

James David Engle 

Joseph Robert Esher, Jr. 

Jack Arthur Gaines 

James Joseph Gill 

Olin Chappell Gochenour 

William Gordon 

Irving McKim Gordy, Jr. 


Donald Shaeffer Gross 

Thomas Benjamin Hagerman, Jr. 

James Edward Haines 

J. Oakley Hall 

Robert Spencer Hall 

Herbert Andrew Haller 

Daniel Seitz Harbaugh 

Herbert William Harden 

John Philip Hauswald 

Norvell Hamner Hawkins 

William Paul Helbock 

Bastian Hello 

Robert George Hill, Jr. 

Harvey Hodges Holland, Jr. 

Jaek Witherington Hoskinson 

John Harry Hoyert, Jr. 

Clark Joseph Hudak 

Robert Wanton Ireland 

Robert Chelmers James 

David Fountian Jenkins 

Edward McKenna Johnson, Jr. 

Charles Hudson Jones, Jr. 

Herbert Omar Jones 

Richard Nathan Jones 

Thomas Wesley Jones 

Sylvan L. Katz 

James Alexander Kearney 

Stirling Vincent Kehoe 

Deane Ellington Keith 

Howard Lee Keller 

Edwin Joseph Kelly 

George David Kieffer 

James Gamble Kinsman 

James Wellington Kirkpatrick 

Marvin Joseph Lambert 

Roberts Edwin Latimer, Jr. 

Audley Brooks Leaman 

John Newman Libby 

James Paul Libertini 

John Frederick Loos, Jr. 

Carl Ceroid Luebben 

Arthur Eugene Lundvall 

Alan Campbell Macpherson 

Robert George Mahon 

Lloyd Lowndes Mallonee, Jr. 

Barton Hirst Marshall, Jr. 

Donald Cooper Maxcy 

Edward Dickinson Meares 

Alfred Ben Merendino 

E. Clark Mester 

Harry Jack Mier, Jr. 

John Lawrence Milligan 
Thomas Allison Mont, Jr. 
Charles Acker Morell 
James Casper Myers 
William Wallace Nairn, III 
Anthony Charles Nardo 
John Francis Newman 
George Nick Nikolopoulos 
John Gray Norris 
Byi-on Hopkins Nuttle 
Raymond Merrimen 'Kelly 
Leon Pear 

Charles Wesley Pearce, Jr. 
Mervin Leroy Peterson, Jr. 
George Osbourn Phillips 
Edward Richardson Pierce, Jr. 
Edward McGee Rider 
Andress Owen Ridgway 
Lloyd Wherry Roberts 
Samuel Hamilton Rogers, Jr. 
George Jefferson Ross 
Carroll Louis Rowny 
Julian Roger Sanders 
James Baines Saum 
Charles Philip Seltzer 
Robert Willard Senser 
Benjamin Stump Silver 
John Leonard Slade 
David Maxwell Snyder 
Robert Hoagland Steen 
John Charles Stidman 
Draper Krum Sutcliffe 
William Lupo Tarbert 
Edmond Gilmore Taylor 
Preston William Taylor 
David Dallas Thoma 
John Edward Thomas, Jr. 
Fred Paul Timmerman, Jr. 
Earle Mason Uzzell 
Peter Francis Vial 
Gerard Theodore Warwick 
Roderick Dows Watson, Jr. 
Robert Alden Webster, Jr. 
Ernest Conrad Wegman 
Chester Carlton Westfall, Jr. 
Richard Lee Whelton 
Douglas Jerome Willey 
David Kenelm Winslow 
James Bernard Witkowski 
Myron Leonard Wolfson 
George Gene Younger 


College Park Division 

Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society 

David Hargis Barker 
Paul Curtis Betts 
Bernice Brown Chambers 
James Paul Duke 
William Carl Ebeling, III 

Margaret Towell Goldsmith 
Mary Catherine Kahl 
Margaret Eagle Roelke 
Stanley Herbert Steinberg 
Robert Hugh Yeatman 

Student Medal and Junior Membership, offered by the American Institute of 
Chemists to the member of the senior class who has attained the highest average in 

Awarded to Milton H. vanden Berg 


Service Award, offered by the Staff of the Office of the Dean of Women, in recogni- 
tion of her outstanding service, of her excellent leadership, of her success in bringing 
about a closer relationship among all women students by fostering activities in which 
all could participate. 

Awarded to Bertha Ann Paterson 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who entered the 
University of Maryland as a freshman within three years after graduation from high 
school, and who made the highest scholastic average during the first three semesters. 

Awarded to Margaret Ruth Beattie 

Omicron Nu Sorority Medal, offered to the freshman girl in the College of Home 
Economics who makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Ruth Maurine Lingle 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award, offered to the member of the senior class 
who has done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Frank Savage Mervine 

Mehring Trophy Award for Highest Standing Score in Rifle Competition 

Awarded to Paul Woolever Newgarden 

Mehring Trophy Rifle Competition Award to Individual Showing Greatest Improve- 
ment during the Year. 

Awarded to David Fountian Jenkins 

The George E, Meeks Memorial Trophy Rifle Match 

Awarded to Joseph Murray Decker 

The Hearst Memorial Trophy Rifle Match Awards for First Place 

Awarded to Clifton Bradford Currin, 

Joseph Murray Decker, Ulrich A. Geller, Paul Woolever Newgarden, Walter Hammond 

The National Intercollegiate Postal Match Awards for First Place 

Awarded to James Lockhart Baker, 

Robert Harold Benson, Hilton Lee Carter, James Atkins Clark, Clifton Bradford 
Currin, Joseph Murray Decker, Omus Denitz, Carl Walter Eicker, Thomas Richard 
Hogan, Edwin Jacobsen, David Fountian Jenkins, Dana John Keller, Milton Charles 
Kurtz, Walter Hammond Wessels. 

Trophy offered by Edward Powell to the player who has rendered the greatest 
service to lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to Milton H. vanden Berg