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> '". i:.r., 

University of Maryland 
College Park Campus 








174th Commencement 
University of Maryland 
at College Park 
May 11, 1975 

Designed and Produced by 
College Park Publications Office 

Order of 

May 11, 1975 

2:00 p.m. 

Cole Student Activities Building 


Dr. John W. Dorsey 
Acting Chancellor 
College Park Campus 


Dr. Dorsey 


Susan Lynne Morris 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Dorsey 


Dr. Thomas J. Aylward 
Chairman, Department of 
Speech and Dramatic Art 


University Band 
Conductor, Fred Morden 


The Reverend James Downs 
Roman Catholic Chaplain 


Led by 

Leon Fleming 


Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 
President of the University 

Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 
Chairman, Board of Regents 


Battle Hymn of the Republic 
Howe-Steffe (arr. Ringwald) 
University Singers 
and University Band 
conducted by 
Leon Fleming 


Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Led by 

Leon Fleming 


The Reverend Perry Smith III 
Black Ministry Chaplain 

University Band 


Dr. Ronald Berman 

National Endowment 
for the Humanities 

The College Park 
Campus and the 

The Students 

College Park is dedicated to 
young people. The campus gives all 
students the chance to encounter 
new persons, new ideas and new 
interests, all of which they could 
hardly find elsewhere in such vari- 
ety. Students may discover ancient 
Greece for the first time; they try 
their hand at art; or they may use 
a computer to help design a better 
environment for man. 

But whatever they investigate, 
whether it is under a microscope, or 
out in space or within the human 
mind, their experiences sharpen 
their vision and improve their 
judgment. They learn in and out 
of class, by relating to many people 
of their own age and by dealing 
with a cultured faculty. They are 
able, in these many ways, to better 
define their directions and their 

The Faculty 

Men and women of varied person- 
alities and interests instruct our 
students, scholars whose work 
ranges from the study of physical 
forces to the study of man in all his 
complexities. Biologists study the 
properties of poisonous fish in 
the Red Sea while colleagues ex- 
plore the effects of oil on the 
marine environment of the Chesa- 
peake Bay; some professors probe 
the possibilities of life on the 
giant planets while others study 
the environmental causes of 

The Campus 

Located in suburban Maryland 
just nine miles from the Nation's 
Capital, the College Park Campus of- 
fers a diversity of cultural, political 
and scientific resources to its stu- 

The campus is a spacious one of 
1,300 acres. Some of its 228 
Georgian-style buildings overlook 
playing fields, the tree-lined cen- 
tral mall, or rolling lawns, while 
one or two border the few remain- 
ing open fields of grazing land be- 
longing to the university. 

In enrollment, College Park is 
among the 10 largest campuses 
in the country. Undergraduates 
enrolled in fall, 1974 numbered 
over 27,000 and graduate students 
over 7,000 for a total enrollment 
of over 34,000. This year's College 
Park operating budget is 
$119,337,429. The University 
assisted over 7,000 College Park 
students with scholarship aid in 

Undergraduates may choose 
from 85 fields for a major and 
graduate students may choose 
from 66 academic areas. In num- 
ber of doctorates granted annu- 
ally, the university ranks among 
the top thirty in the nation. 


The university had its beginnings 
in 1807 with the establishment in 
Baltimore of the College of Medi- 
cine, an entirely faculty-owned in- 
stitution granting the M.D. degree. 
When its name was changed to the 
University of Maryland five years 
later, it was given power to con- 
fer additional degrees. The first 
dental school in America, the 
Baltimore College of Dental Sur- 
gery, became a part of the university 
in 1840. Subsequently, the uni- 
versity opened schools of pharm- 
acy, law and nursing. 

Under a charter secured by a 
group of Maryland planters, the 
College Park Campus of the uni- 
versity, then called the Maryland 
Agricultural College, opened in 1856 
and became one of the original land- 
grant schools in 1865. After a dis- 
astrous fire in 1912, the state 
acquired control of the College and 
bore the cost of rebuilding. In 1920 
the State took over the faculty- 
owned University in Baltimore, 
merging it with the state-owned 
institution at College Park to form 
the present day University of Mary- 

In 1886 the Delaware Conference 
Academy was founded by the 
Methodist Church in Princess Anne, 
Maryland. The state acquired this 
institution in 1926, making it a 
division of the University of Mary- 
land in 1948. It was made a campus 
of the university system in 1970 
as the University of Maryland East- 
ern Shore (UMES). A new campus 
known as University of Maryland 
Baltimore County (UMBO was 
opened at Catonsville in 1966. 


University libraries include ap- 
proximately 1,400,000 volumes on 
the College Park Campus, 15,200 
subscriptions to periodicals and 
newspapers, plus nearly 750,000 
microform units, as well as many 
slides, film strips, music scores, 
and recordings. The new Under- 
graduate Library has a seating capa- 
city of 4,000 students and is among 
the nation's largest. The library 
features a reading collection of 
5,000 paperbacks and a book capa- 
city of 200,000 volumes. Facilities 
include a quadraphonic concert 
room, color video tape players and 
playback units, enclosed rooms 
equipped with instructor's consoles 
for the use of nonprint media ma- 
terials and wireless stereo headsets 
for tapes of lectures, plays, speeches, 
and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research 
facilities are: a 140 MeV cyclotron; 
a nuclear reactor; scanning electron 
microscopes; subsonic, supersonic 
and hypersonic wind tunnels; an 
electron ring accelerator; a pre- 
cision encoder and pattern recog- 
nition device; a gravitational radi- 
ation detection system including a 
gravimeter on the moon; a quiescent 
plasma device (Q machine); a psy- 
chopharmacology laboratory; 
three retro-reflector arrays on the 
moon; rotating tanks for laboratory 
studies of meteorological phenom- 
ena; Van de Graaff accelerators; a 
laboratory for basic behavioral re- 
search; an assortment of computers; 
the Astronomy Observatory, Cen- 
ter of Materials Research, Institute 
for Fluid Dynamics and Applied 
Mathematics, Institute for Molecu- 
lar Physics, and the Water Re- 
sources Research Center. 

The College Park Campus also 
owns and operates one of the lar- 
gest and most sophisticated long- 
wavelength radio telescopes 
(located in Clark Lake, Calif.) and 
a cosmic ray laboratory (located in 
New Mexico). 

In addition to these research 
opportunities in the biological, 
mathematical and physical sciences, 
research programs in the behavioral 
sciences, social sciences and educa- 
tion exist in many bureaus and in- 
stitutes including; the Bureau of 
Business and Economic Research, 
Bureau of Governmental Research, 
Institute for Child Study, Institute 
for Criminal Justice and Crimin- 
ology and the Institute for Urban 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn 
by the students and faculty in the 
academic procession are of ancient 
origin. They have been the tradi- 
tional costume of the scholar since 
medieval times and probably rep- 
resent an adaptation of the ecclesi- 
astical dress, since many of the 
scholars of that period were mem- 
bers of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission 
in 1893 drafted a uniform code for 
costumes which has since been 
adopted by the majority of colleges 
and universities in the United 

Each of the three academic de- 
grees—bachelor, master, and doctor- 
has its own distinctive gown and 
hood. The bachelor's gown is dis- 
tinguished by its long pointed 
sleeve. The master's gown has a 
longer, narrow, closed sleeve, 
extending below the knee; the arm 
is passed through a slit at the elbow. 
In contrast the doctor's gown has 
a full bell-shaped sleeve with three 
bars of velvet. The opening of this 
gown is faced with wide velvet 
bands. The velvet trim may be 
black or of a color indicating the 
general field of learning of the 
wearer, for example, blue for 
philosophy, green for medicine, 
purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinc- 
tive item of the academic costume 
is the hood which passes around 
the neck and extends down the 
back. The doctor's is the largest of 
the hoods and the bachelor's the 
smallest. The bachelor's hood is 
often omitted. The color of the 
velvet edging indicates the field of 
learning. Below is given a list of 
department or faculty colors. 

Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 
Business Administration, Commer- 
cial Science/Drab 
Education, Pedagogy/Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 
Home Economics/Maroon 
Humanics/Dark Crimson 
Library Science/Lemon 
Nursing/ Apricot 
Oratory /Silver Gray 

Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Scienice/Golden Yellow 
Social Service/Citron 
Surgical Chiropody/Nile Green 
Theology and Divinity /Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining ex- 
posed in the center of the hood are 
those of the college or university 
which conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is 
uniform in design for all degrees. 
The tassel may be either black or 
the color of the field of learning. 
The tassel of the doctor's cap may 
be gold. 

From Europe the use of academic 
degrees spread to English univer- 
sities. Harvard University, William 
and Mary, and Yale followed the 
British pattern in the United States. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the suc- 
cessful completion of a course of 
study. There are more than 1,600 
different academic degrees cur- 
rently conferred by American col- 
leges and universities. 

The first known degree was a 
doctorate conferred by the Univer- 
sity of Bologna in the middle of 
the 12th Century. Originally, the 
doctor's and master's degrees were 
used interchangeably, each indi- 
cating that the holder was qualified 
to give instruction to students. The 
bachelor's or baccalaureate degree 
indicated only entrance upon a 
course of study preparatory to the 
doctorate or mastership. Gradually, 
however, the bachelor's degree 
came to mean successful comple- 
tion of one level of study prepara- 
tory to the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, 
or instructor, applied by ancient 
Romans to those who delivered pub- 
lic lectures on philosophical subjects. 
In the Middle Ages, from the 12th 
century, it came into use as a title of 
honor borne by men of great learn- 
ing. It was first made an academic 
title at the University of Bologna, 
in Italy, which received from the 
emperor the right of appointing 
doctores legum (doctor of laws). 

The University of Paris followed in 
1 145. Soon after, the popes granted 
the universities the right of appoint- 
ing doctors canonum et decretalium 
(teachers of the canon law); and 
when the study of civil law came to 
be combined with that of the canon 
law, the title was changed to doctor 
utrlusque juris (teacher of both 
laws). The faculties of theology and 
medicine followed that of law in 
conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and 
science, and occasionally in theol- 
ogy and law, is given beyond the 
baccalaureate degree, and requires 
two to five years, the writing of a 
thesis, and the passing of written 
and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents 
the most advanced earned degree 
conferred by American institutions. 
There are two distinct types: the 
professional or practitioner's degree 
and the research degree. The first 
type represents advanced training 
for the practice of various profes- 
sions, principally; Doctor of Medi- 
cine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, 
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 
Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharm- 
acy. These degrees carry no impli- 
cation of original research and 
are classified by the U.S. Office of 
Education, with bachelor's degrees, 
as the first professional degrees. 
The University of Maryland 
awarded the first two dental degrees 
in history, on March 9, 1841, and 
invented the name of the degree, 
D.D.S. as well. 

The second type of doctor's de- 
gree is classified as research doctor- 
ates representing prolonged periods 
of advanced study, usually accom- 
panied by a dissertation which is 
designed to be a substantial contri- 
bution to existing knowledge on 
the subject. The most important 
of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, 
no longer has an implication of 
philosophy for its holder, but repre- 
sents advanced research in any of 
the major fields of knowledge. It 
was first awarded in the United 
States by Yale University in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. at the University 
of Maryland was awarded in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an aca- 
demic honor conferred upon stu- 
dents who have successfully 
completed work in advance of the 
baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral 
examination are usually required. 
The word magister connected with 
a qualifying phrase, was used 
among the Romans as a title of 
honor; but its present meaning 
must be traced to the time of the 
establishment of the oldest uni- 
versities. Regularly organized 
faculties were not then known 
as they now exist in the univer- 
sities. The whole circle of aca- 
demic activity was limited to 
seven liberal arts, and those who 
received public honors on the com- 
pletion of their course of studies, 
for their diligence and knowledge, 
and had already received the de- 
gree of baccalaureate (bachelor) 
were called magistri artium (master 
of the liberal arts.) 

In 1920 the new University of 
Maryland awarded its first M.A. 
and M.S. degrees in fields other 
than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
completion of a four-year course of 
study of collegiate grade and is the 
oldest academic degree used by 
American institutions of higher 
learning. The degree Bachelor of 
Arts was first conferred in America 
in 1642 on the first nine graduates 
of Harvard College. 

Maryland Agricultural College, 
which was later to become the Uni- 
versity of Maryland at College Park, 
awarded the first Bachelor of Arts 
and Bachelor of Science degrees 
in 1862. 

College Park Campus 


John W. Dorsey (Acting) 

Vice Chancellor for Academic 

George H. Callcott 

Vice Chancellor for Academic 

Planning and Policy 
Thomas B. Day 

Vice Chancellor for Administrative 

William L. Kendig (Acting) 

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 
William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at 
College Park 

Division of Agricultural and Life 

Francis C. Stark 

Division of Arts and Humanities 
Robert A. Corrlgan 

Division of Behavioral and Social 

Mary F. Berry 

Division of Human and Community 

George J. Funaro 

Division of Mathematical and 

Physical Sciences and 

Joseph M. Marchello 

Deans at College Park 

School of Architecture 
John W. Hill 

College of Agriculture 
Gordon M. Cairns 

College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 

College of Education 
Robert L. Emans 

College of Engineering 
Robert B. Beckmann 

College of Human Ecology 
Elizabeth W. Brabble (Acting) 

College of Journalism 
Ray E. Hiebert 

College of Library and Information 

Margaret E. Chisholm 

College of Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health 
Marvin H. Eyier 

Administrative Dean for Graduate 

David S. Sparks 

Administrative Dean for Summer 

Melvin N. Bernstein 

Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 
Robert E. Shoenberg 

Administrative Dean of Academic 

Services and Facilities 

Central Administration 
of the University 

Wilson H. Elkins 

Vice President for General 

Donald W. O'Connell 

Vice President for Academic Affairs 
R. Lee Hornbake 

Vice President for Graduate Studies 

and Research 
Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. 

Vice President for Agricultural 

Affairs and Legislative Relations 
Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 

Board of Regents 


Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 

Vice Chairman 
Richard W. Case 


B. Herbert Brown 


F. Grove Miller, Jr. 

Assistant Secretary 
Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 

Assistant Treasurer 
L. Mercer Smith 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 
William G. Connelly 
George C. Fry 
Young D. Hance, ex officio 
Edward V. Hurley 
James S. Jacobs 
Hugh A. McMullen 
Joseph D. Tydings 
Emerson C. Walden, M.D. 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, Assoc. 
Dean, College of Agriculture 

Associate Chairman 
Dr. Robert C. Wiley, Professor, 

University Marshal 

Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, Assistant 

Vice Chancellor for Academic 



Dr. Eugene Troth, Professor and 
Chairman, Music 

Committee IVIembers 

Mr. Ulysses S. Glee 
Office of Student Aid 

Mr. James R. Collier, Director, Uni- 
versity Relations (College Park) 

Mr. Robert J. Belter, Assoc. Profes- 
sor, Agricultural and Resource 

Mr. John T. Broadbelt, Deputy to 
Assistant Director, Physical Plant 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean, College 
of Agriculture 

Mr. Jackson W. Wilson, Admissions 
and Registrations 

Mr. John A. Goecker, Director, 
Food Services 

Ms. Joanne Janus, UMporium 

Dr. Conrad B. Link, Professor, 

Dr. George Marx, Professor, 
Counseling and Personnel 

Mr. Elwood Gross, Physical Plant 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, Coach, Athletic 

Mr. Charles Jantho, Director, 
Physical Plant 

Ms. Sue Meleshanko, Health 
Educator, Health Center 

Mr. Alfred J. Hanlon, Assistant 
Director of Athletics 

Mr. Jerrold Witsil, Director, Public 

Mr. L. B. Jankowski, University 

Ronald Berman 

During the past decade there has 
been a growing realization among 
American politicians, educators and 
the public that the United States 
should assume a greater world lead- 
ership role not only in the develop- 
ment of science and technology, but 
in the realm of humanistic knowledge 
as well. Dr. Ronald Berman has ex- 
erted a significant influence in 
guiding Congress and the general 
public toward this greater under- 
standing of the relevance of the 
humanities to the human environ- 
ment. As Chairman of the National 
Endowment for the Humanities, 
Berman has gained sustained fed- 
eral and private support for research 
in the values of humanism and has 
stimulated public dialogue on issues 
of contemporary concern. 

Noted educator. Renaissance 
scholar and authority on contem- 
porary American culture, Berman 
has directed the Endowment since 
1971. During this time it has grown 
from modest government support 
to an organization which currently 
has a budget matching the financial 
levels of the major foundations. 

The National Endowment for the 
Humanities was created by Con- 
gress in 1965 with an appropriation 
of $2.5 million. Under Berman's 
able leadership, its budget has in- 
creased between three hundred to 
four hundred percent, from an an- 
nual appropriation of $24 million 
in 1971 to the present funding of 
$82 million in federal funds as well 
as a substantial amount contributed 
from the private sector. 

He has enlarged its constituency 
from primarily an academic and 
professional emphasis to one ex- 
panding its public programs. While 
encouraging projects to bring 
closer the sciences and humanities, 
he has also supported funding of 
projects in the media, non-academic 
public institutions such as museums 
and libraries, youth grants, and 
special Bicentennial projects. 

Before becoming Chairman of 
the Endowment, Berman was pro- 
fessor of Renaissance Literature at 
the University of California, San 
Diego from 1965 to 1971. 

He taught at Kenyon College from 
1962 until 1965 and before that at 
Columbia University from 1959 to 
1962. He served in the military as 
a naval intelligence officer from 
1952 to 1956. 

Born on December 15, 1930, 
Berman attended Harvard University 
from 1948 to 1952 and received a 
B.A. degree in Social Relations. He 
was awarded a Ph.D. degree in 
English Literature from Yale Uni- 
versity in 1959. During his high 
school years, Berman spent sum- 
mer vacations working at sea, and 
he continued to find time for unique 
work experience while he pursued 
his academic studies. After com- 
pleting his bachelor's degree, he 
went to Alaska to help build the 
Alcan highway. He finished his doc- 
torate in two years and took a job 
in a factory. He was also interested 
in sports, especially track. In high 
school he was eastern seaboard 
champion in the half mile and 600 
yard dash and was winner of inter- 
national competitions including the 
Oxford-Cambridge meet. He has 
also maintained an interest in 
tennis and is a golfing enthusiast. 

A prolific writer of books and 
articles ranging from the Renais- 
sance to the contemporary Ameri- 
can scene, he was an editorial 
associate of the Kenyon Review 
from 1963 to 1970. His most re- 
cent book is America in the Sixties: 
An Intellectual History, 1968. 
Other books include Henry V: A 
Collection of Critical Essays, 1 968, 
A Reader's Guide to Shakespeare's 
Plays, 1965, and Henry King and 
the Seventeenth Century, 1964. 
His works have appeared throughout 
Europe, and he has written many 
articles and essays in Kenyon Re- 
view, the Sewanee Review and the 
New York Times Magazine. 

Berman received a Gold Medal 
for Distinguished Service from Phi 
Beta Kappa in 1974. He is Chair- 
man of the Federal Council on the 
Arts and Humanities and trustee 
of the Woodrow Wilson International 
Center for Scholars and has received 
honorary degrees from George 
Washington University, Saint An- 
selm's College and Hebrew Union 

for Degrees 

May 11, 1975 


The 1975 class roster is com- 
prised of degree candidates from 
the undergraduate and graduate 
programs at the University's Col- 
lege Park Campus. As final action 
cannot always be taken for candi- 
dates by the time this program is 
printed, the list of candidates here 
is tentative only. The university 
reserves the right to withdraw or add 
names. All diplomas will be mailed 
by the Registrations Office. 

Students who have earned their 
degrees from the College of Educa- 
tion may obtain a Statement of 
Certificate Eligibility in the College 
of Education Records Office (Room 
3201 ) today. Other students who 
have completed teacher education 
programs will receive their state- 
ments in the mail (separate from 
the diploma) upon verification of 
required coursework. 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. David S. Sparks, Dean for 
Graduate Studies 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Billie L. Ackerman 

Hearing and Speech Science: 
Measuring Gestural Communica- 
tion in Children: A Developmen- 
tal Study 

James Crocker Adams 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Effect of Intra-group Compati- 
bility on Task-Group Productiv- 

John Henry Adier 

Botany: Studies of Sterol Bio- 
synthesis in Ochromonas mal- 

Erhan Alparslan 

Electrical Engineering: Structure 
of a p-adic Computer 

Peter Gordon Andrews 

Mathematics: Homotopy Mixing 
of Manifolds 

Steven William Anschel 

Zoology: Functional Specificity 
of Vocalizations Elicited by Elec- 
trical Brain Stimulation in the 
Turkey (Meleaqris gallopavo) 

Philip Marshall Aronson 

Mechanical Engineering: An Ex- 
perimental Investigation of 
Cavity Pressure Scaling and Drag 
Coefficients Encountered in 
Water Entry of Vehicles 

Neil Robert Baker 

Microbiology: The Response of 
Mice Infected with Influenza 
Virus to Challenge with Gaffkya 

Robert Howard Barshay 

American Studies: Philip Wylie: 
The Man and His Works 

John Eugene Baughman 

Government and Politics: An 
Investigation of the Impact of 
Civics on the Political Attitudes 
of Adolescents 

Robert Howard Becker 

Astronomy: High Resolution 
Radio Observations of Supernova 

Carol Ann Blimline 

Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: Effects of a Vocational 
Unit on the Exploration of Non- 
traditional Career Options 

Ronald Angelo Bosco 

English: An Edition of Paterna , 
Cotton Mather's Previously Un- 
published Autobiography, Com- 
plete, with Introduction and 

Nancy Burke Boyd 

Human Development: Changes 
in Connotative Meaning, Inferred 
Identification, and Locus of Con- 
trol in an Outpatient Population 
of Adolescent Drug Abusers 

Vivian Stallworth Boyd 

Counseling and Personnel Serv- 
ices: The Linguistic Structure of 
the Self Directed Search: A 
Study in Sex-role Stereotyping 

Michael Leo Boyle 

Counseling and Personnel Serv- 
ices: Effect of Social Reinforce- 
ment under Simulated Test and 
Non-test Conditions on the 
Computational Rate and Ac- 
curacy of Children using either 
the Conventional Algorithm or 
the Hutchings' Low-fatigue 

Frederick Walling Capshaw 
English: Suckling's Poetry: 
Poses, Devices, Variety and Skill 

Suresh Chander 

Aerospace Engineering: The Ex- 
tended Field Method for the 
Natural Frequencies of Thin 

Bradley Lewis Chase 

History: Medical Care for the 
Poor in Mexico City, 1770-1810: 
One Aspect of the Spanish 
Colonial Beneficencia 

Joseph Matthew Cindrich 

Health Education: The Relation- 
ship between Behavioral Charac- 
teristics, Visual Cue Identification 
Capabilities, and Selected Demo- 
graphic Variables and School Bus 
Drivers' Accident Records 

Charles Michael Citrebaum 
Human Development: Spatial 
Visualization, Egocentricity, and 
Field-Dependence in Criminal 
Non-addicts, Drug-free Criminal 
Addicts, and Addicts Maintained 
on Methadone 

Charles A. Cody 

Chemistry: The Vibrational 
Spectroscopy of Some Alkali 
Trihydrogen Selenites 

Patrick Wayne Conner 

English: A Contextual Study of 
the Old English Exeter Book 

Jacqueline Fribush Cooper 

Counseling and Personnel Serv- 
ices: Impact of the Strong- 
Campbell Interest Inventory and 
the Vocational Card Sort on 
Career Salience and Vocational 
Exploration of Women 

Charles Robert Crowe, Jr. 
Engineering Materials: Micro- 
plasticity in Vanadium Single 

Adrian Lorenza DeWitt 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: A Study of the Dif- 
ferences between Teachers' Atti- 
tudes Toward Education, Their 
Perception of their Principal's 
Attitudes Toward Education and 
the School Climate 

Lemoine Vinton Dickinson, Jr. 
Civil Engineering: /4 Factor An- 
alytical Approach for Identifying 
and Solving the Pedestrian 

Duncan Lee Dieterly 

Psychology: /4 Theory of Power 
in Organizations: A Review of 
Literature and Synthesized 

Arthur John Dommen 

Agricultural and Resource Eco- 
nomics: The Process of Produc- 
tion Change in a North Indian 

Gene Victor Elliott 

Human Development: A Descrip- 
tive Study of Characteristics and 
Personality Types of Counselors 
of Runaway Youth 

Neil Emmett Gallagher 

Health Education: Student Inter- 
est, Cognitive Style and Instruc- 
tional Methodology: A Study of 
the Effect of these Variables on 
Short and Long Term Memory of 
Health Education Material 

Harry Clinton Gemberling, Jr. 
Secondary Education: An Analy- 
sis of Several Factors Influencing 
Cognitive Achievement in High 
School Chemistry 

Lydia Jane Tryhnew Goatcher 
Food Science: Repression of 
Vibrio parahaemolyticus b y 
Pseudomonas spp. Isolated from 
Processed Maryland Oysters 
(Crassostrea virginica ). 

Joseph Baxter Goodwin 

Agricultural and Resource Eco- 
nomics: An Analysis of the Ef- 
fect of Price Distortions on the 
Development of the Rice Milling 
Industry in Ghana 

Leslie D. Goodwin 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: A Proposed Model 
for Educational Accountability 

Matthew Guidry 

Recreation: A Study to Develop 
a Model Physical Fitness Program 
for Implementation by Public 
Recreation and Park Departments 

Richard Paul Hallion 

History: Legacy of Flight: The 
Daniel Guggenheim Fund for the 
Promotion of Aeronautics and 
the Formative Era of American 

Robert Warren Haslam 

Physical Education: Frequency 
of Chronic Exercise as a Determi- 
nant of Main Coronary Artery 
Area in Rats 

Alan Russell Hedman 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
The Effect of a Selected Racism 
Training Program on the Verbal 
Behavior of White Teachers 

6 Doctors 

Samuel Thomas Helms, III 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Perceived Person-Environment 
Congruency: A Test of Holland's 
Interaction Hypotheses 

Paul Anthony Herman 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Effect on Enrollment of Com- 
munications with Admitted Stu- 
dents, Their Parents, and Families 

Thomas Nelson Herzog 

Mathematics: Classes of Random 
Binary Sequences and their Set 

Vernon Douglas Hines 

Sociology: Identification, Social 
Influence, and Status Attainment 

William H. Hinkle 

Government and Politics: The 
1965 Reorganization of the 
Social Security Administration: 
A Case Study in Planned Organi- 
zational Change 

Hazel Holton 

Secondary Education: An Inter- 
action Analysis of Supervisory 

Gerald Wayne Hopple 

Government and Politics: Mass 
Belief Systems, Democratic Atti- 
tudes, and Social Class: The Pro- 
test Situational Attitude Scale 

Michael Steven Howard 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
The Effectiveness of an Action 
Training Model (Using Role 
Playing, Doubling, and Role Re- 
versal) in Improving the Facilita- 
tive Interpersonal Functioning 
(Empathy, Respect, and Genuine- 
ness) of Nursing Students with 
Dying Patients 

Daniel Webster Hudgings 

Physics: A Study of Electron 
Beam Characteristics In the Hol- 
low Beam Diode and Cusped 
Magnetic Field of the Maryland 

Thomas Reed Johnson 

History: The City on the Hill: 
Race Relations in Washington, 
D.C., 1865-1885 

Ronald L. Jones, Jr. 

Secondary Education: The Ef- 
fects of Counterattitudinal Role- 
playing upon and the Relation- 
ship of Dogmatism to Attitudes 
toward Non representational 

Gary Edwin Kaiser 

Microbiology: The Effect of En- 
vironmental Factors on the Motil- 
ity of Leptospira interrogans 

Juris G. Kalnins 

Physics: Study of Electron Ring 
Formation and Equilibrium 

Stephen Maxwell Karesh 

Chemistry: Bifunctional Radio- 
labeled Chelates as Tracers of 
Fatty Acids for Myacardial 

Winifred Gleeson Keaney 

English: Governance of England : 
Fifteenth Century Prose Style in 
Sir John Fortescue's Treatise on 
Kingship and Law 

Martha Betene King 

Secondary Education: An Inves- 
tigation of the Effects of Training 
on the Utilization of Varying 
Cognitive Categories of Oral 
Questioning by Cross-age Reading 

Raymond Edward Koelsch 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: The Influence of 
Attitudes and Perceptions on the 
Selection of Secondary School 
Administration as a Career Choice 

Patricia Salz Koskinen 

Elementary Education: An In- 
vestigation of the Effects of 
Cross-Age Tutoring on the Self- 
Concept and Knowledge of 
Word Meaning of Fifth-Grade 
Tutors and their Second-Grade 

David Buckley Kramer 

Mechanical Engineering: Recon- 
struction of Apodized Holograms 

John Kepler Lea 

Secondary Education: Methods 
of Instruction of the Basic or 
only Oral Interpretation of Lit- 
erature Course at the College 
Level: A Descriptive Study 

Louis Richard Levin 

Counseling and Personnel Sen/ices: 
The Effect of Training Method 
and Age of Trainee on Social 
Skills Acquisition 

Louise Roop Linthicum 

Human Development: The Effec- 
tiveness of Instruction to Primi- 
gravida in Caring for their In- 
fants in the Immediate Postpartal 

Louie Jackson Lipp 

Industrial Education: An Inves- 
tigation to Determine if Two 
Methods of Teaching a College 
Level Course in Introductory 
Management, Programmed 
Learning vs. Business Simulation, 
Can be Matched to Student Per- 
sonality Characteristics 

Kevin John Lyons 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: A Study to Deter- 
mine the Relationship between 
the Degree of Program Openness, 
the Attainment of Organizational 
Performance Objectives, and Se- 
lected Demographic Variables as 
Perceived by Teachers in Selected 
Public Elementary Schools 

Raul Torino Mainardi 

Physics: A Measurement of the 
Cosmic Ray Be/B Ratio at En- 
ergies > ^.5 GeV, using a Large 
A rea Proportional-Scin t illation 
Counter Stack 

Steve-Sze Yee Mak 

Chemical Engineering: Experi- 
mental Studies of Electron Trans- 
port Phenomena in the 
AI/AI^Oj/Plasma System 

Myles Maxfield, Jr. 

Economics: Studying Wage 
Changes with a Simulation of 
the Labor Market 

Babette Ross Mayer 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
The Efficacy of Communication 
(Interpersonal) Skills Training 
with Involuntary (Reluctant) 

Judith Mazza 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
The Effect of Antecedent Re- 
sponse Independent-reinforce- 
ment on Response Dependently 
Reinforced Behavior in Pre- 
delinquent Males 

Peggy Jane McCuen 

Microbiology: Fluorescent Anti- 
body Identification of Cariogenic 
Streptococcus mutans 

Linda Cox McNish 

Government and Politics: Federal 
Decentralization Through Region- 
alization: The Case of the United 
States Public Health Service 

John George Milcetich 

Mathematics: Extremal Problems 
in the Class of Close-to-Convex 

Andrew Stuart Milman 

Astronomy: Carbon Monoxide 
Emission from Interstellar Dust 

Edward Charles Mishler 

History: Francis White and the 
Shaping of United States Latin 
American Policy, 1921-1933 

John Dale Mitchell 

Chemistry: Unsymmetrical Bis- 
phosphorus Ligands— Synthesis 
and NMR Studies of Some Phos- 
phinomethylphosphine Sulfides 
and their Derivatives 

Robert Aloysius Morris 

Mathematics: An Enumeration 
of the Orders in Cubic Number 

Judith Newman 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
The Effect of Modeling and 
Model Status on the Verbal Be- 
havior of Drug Addicts in an 

William Michael Nolte 

History: The Irish in Canada, 

Steven B. Oliphant 

Mathematics: Complete Contin- 
uity of Urysohn's Operator and 
Numerical Treatment of the 
Associated Integral Equation of 
the First Kind 

Katherine Helen Packer 

Library and Information Serv- 
ices: Methods Used by Chemists 
and Chemical Engineers in 
Canadian Universities to Main- 
tain Current Awareness with 
Special Reference to the Use of 
SDI Systems 

Osborne Clarence Parchment 

Mathematics: A Well Posed Prob- 
lem for Ultra Hyperbolic Differ- 
ential Operators and Asgeirsson's 
Mean Value Theorem 

Philip Don Perkins 

Entomology: Biosystematics of 
Western Hemisphere Hydraenine 
Aquatic Beetles (Coleoptera: 

Vu Tien Phai 

Mathematics: The Huygens' Be- 
havior of Certain Classes of 
Linear Hyperbolic Differential 

Cecelia Hopkins Porter 

Music: The Rhenish Manifesto: 
"The Free German Rhine" as an 
Expression of German National 
Consciousness in the Romantic 

Doctors 7 

Seymour Albert Potler 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
The Effect of Befiavior Rehearsal 
and Behavior Rehearsal with 
Praise on the Social Interaction 
Behavior of Third Grade Children 

Roamer Edward Predmore 
Engineering Materials: Local 
Atomic Arrangements and Solu- 
tion Strengthening of Ta-Mo and 
Ta-Nb Alloys 

Mary C. Rechenbach 

History: Our Money of Bordeaux: 
A Chapter in Monetary History 

Robert Francis Redmond 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: The Organizational 
Climate and Selected Variables in 
the Relationships between Stu- 
dents and Teachers 

James Booth Reeves, III 
Chemistry: Studies on the 
Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxy- 
kinase from the American Oyster, 
Crassostrea virginica Gmelin 

John Joseph Reilly 

Botany: The Role of Thymine 
Dimers in the Induction of the 
Phytoalexin, Hydroxyphaseollin, 
in Ultraviolet Irradiated Soybean 
Suspension Cultures 

Helen Louvise Renner 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
A Comparison of the Characteris- 
tics and Institutional Perceptions 
of Mature Married Women Per- 
sisters and Non-Persisters at a 
Small, Urban College 

Jerilyn Kay Ribovich 

Elementary Education: First 
Grade Children 's Comprehension 
of Selected Oral Language Syn- 
tax and Its Relationship to Read- 
ing Comprehension 

Donald A. Ritchie 

History: James M. Landis: New 
Deal, Fair Deal, and New Frontier 

Paul Richard Rivera 

Secondary Education: A Study 
of the Development and Imple- 
mentation of the Curriculum 
Innovation World Cultures in the 
Baltimore County, Maryland Pub- 
lic Schools 11968-1973) 

Thomas Edward Robinson 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: The Design of a 
Decision-Making Model for 
Placement of Supplementary 
Staff Personnel in the Montgom- 
ery County (Maryland) Public 
School System 

Richard Murdoch Root 

Mechanical Engineering: Theo- 
retical and Experimental Study 
of the Shock Spectrum of a 
Two-Degree-of-Freedom Non- 
linearity Vibratory System 

Richard Saul Sadowsky 
Psychology: The Effects of 
Structure and Perceived Locus of 
Control on Group Process 

Aphrodite Matsakis Scarato 
Psychology: Sexual Behavior 
and Self-Concept in College 
Women: An Exploratory Study 

Gerald Eugene Scarborough 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: An Investigation of 
Selected Needs of the Transes- 
cent Youth as Identified by 
Middle School Specialists and as 
Perceived by Eighth Grade Stu- 
dents as Being Practiced in 
Selected Rural and Urban Middle 
Schools in Maryland 

Bernard Schermann 

History: General Hans von 
Seeckt: Architect of the Wehr- 

Vernon D. Schinski 

Zoology: Serological Studies of 
Nippostrongylus brasiliensis in 
Relation to the Immunological 
Responses of its Hosts 

Maurice LaRue Scott 

Human Development: The Ef- 
fect of a Physical Developmental 
Program on Self Concept of 
Parents who have Children En- 
rolled in a Children 's Health and 
Physical Developmental Clinic 

Jack David Scudder 

Physics: Fission Driven Acoustic 
Waves in a Uranium Gas Core 

Kishore R. Shah 

Chemistry: Synthesis of Syndio- 
tactic Polypeptides 

Barry Paul Shay 

Electrical Engineering: A Micro- 
programmed Implementation of 
Parallel Program Schemata 

Wayne Joseph Sheehan 

History: The London Prison 
System 1666-c. 1795 

David J. Simons 

Physics: Relativistic Electron 
Precipitation in the Auroral Zone 

Carole W. Singleton 

Secondary Education: Black Thea- 
tre as Cultural Communication: 
An Educative Process 

Shirley Claire Sorensen 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: A Follow-up Study 
of the Chautauque-type Short 
Course for College Teachers in 
Mathematical Modeling for the 
Years 1970-71, 1971-72 and 

Ann Marie Spearing 

Botany: Effects of Low Temper- 
ature on the Autotrophic Metab- 
olism of Chlorella sorokiniana 

Themis P. Speis 

Nuclear Engineering: The Effect 
of Liquid Compressibility and 
Finite Boundary Conditions on 
Vapor Explosions in Spherical 

Charles A. Springer 

Elementary Education: The Ef- 
fects of Varied Sound Treat- 
ments with Ethnographic Films 
in Reducing the Ethnocentricity 
of Upper Elementary School 

Larry Momme Stevens 

Entomology: Simulation and 
Sampling of the Negative Bi- 
nomial Distribution with Special 
Emphasis on the Parameter k. 

Michael Thomas Stieber 

Botany: A Revision of the Genus 
Ichnanthus ( Gramineae ) Based on 
Morphology and Anatomy 

Joseph Suhorsky 

Elementary Education: An In- 
vestigation of the Relationship 
between Undeleted Text Preceding 
a Cloze Test and Cloze Test 

Melissa Jayne Eyerman Sullivan 
Elementary Education: Litera- 
ture Content Retention of Third 
Grade Students Under Condi- 
tions of Film, Sound Filmstrip 
and Teacher- Reading-A-Book 

Janice Mainwaring Swanson 

Human Development: A Descrip- 
tion of the Characteristics of 
Married Males Who Differ in 
Locus of Control, Knowledge of 
Contraception, Selected Social 
Variables and Contraceptive 

Mark Clifford Temte 

Mathematics: The Adams-Novikov 
Spectral Sequence for n,IMZU) 

Donald Wayne Urbancic 

Secondary Education: Group vs. 
Individual Performance in the 
Achievement of the Cognitive 
Objectives of a Genetics Unit in 
High School Biology 

Margaret Dean Vogel 

Counseling and Personnel Serv- 
ices: Maternal Attitude Change 
Toward Self and Child as a Re- 
sult of Training in Behavior 

Hsien Ta Wang 

Physics: 2.2 MeV and 0.51 MeV 
Gamma-ray Line Emissions from 
Solar Flares 

Kenneth Scott Weiner 

Mathematics: Modified Approxi- 
mate Efficiencies for General 
Location Problem 

Hans Hanan Wellisch 

Library and Information Serv- 
ices: The Conversion of Scripts: 
Its Nature, History and Utiliza- 
tion, with Particular Reference to 
Bibliographic Control 

LeDelle Wettengel 

English: Cooper's French Charac- 

Barbara M. Willoughby 

Spanish and Portuguese: El Libra 
de Viajes en la E spans Medieval 

John Edwin Winters 

English: Literary and Social In- 
fluence on the Development of 
the New Realism in London Slum 
Fiction, 1880-1900 

Rosemary Fanti Wolfe 

Secondary Education: An Ex- 
amination of the Effects of 
Teaching a Reading Vocabulary 
upon Writing Vocabulary in 
Student Compositions 

Neville George Ying 

Measurement and Statistics: 
Parallel Measurements as a Func- 
tion of Response Format: An 
Experimental Investigation of 
the Effects of Response Format 
on the Constancy of Variances, 
Covariances, and Group Mean 


8 Doctors 

Nelson Samuel Zahler 

Counseling and Personnel Serv- 
ices: The Effects of Descriptive 
vs. General Praise on a Simple, 
fl/lonotonous Motor Task 

Douglas Irving Zlatin 

Psychology: Member Satisfaction 
and Group Process in Structured 
versus Unstructured Groups with 
Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients 

Dov Zohar 

Psychology: An Active Looking 
Model for Processing of Visual 
Multi Element Displays 

Doctor of Business Administration 

David Joseph English 

Business and Management: The 
Effect of Salesforce Turnover 
on Customer Attitude and Be- 
havior and Resulting Impact on 
the Firm 

James Minor Sachlis 

Business and Management: Busi- 
ness Strategy and the Cost of 

Doctor of Education 

Edna D. Mayronne 

Secondary Education: A Proto- 
type Conceptual Framework for 
Career Education in the Elemen- 
tary School (Monolingual and 

John Thomas McLaughlin 

Human Development: Books as 
Reinforcers: An Investigation of 
their Reinforcing Ability and 
Therapeutic Value 

Gloria Helen Terwilliger 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: A Study of Library- 
College: A Movement for Exper- 
imental and Innovative Learning 
Concepts; Applications and Im- 
plications for Higher Education 

Master of Arts 

Bruce Friend Adams 
Susan Joan Maile Adams 
Cindy Sondik Aron 
Barnes Kimball Baker 
Polyxeni Artemis Bandaloukas- 

Margaret Anderson Barnes 
Thomas Selden Baxter 
Sondra Howell Bechhoefer 
James Virgin Bender, Jr. 
Roman Biliunas 
Beverly Brawley Billingslea 
Elaine Kotell Binder 
Mary Aanstoos Bonner 
Xujati Boonto 
Clinton Harvey Brown 
Oliver Theodore Butler 
Carmen Semper de Caicedo 
Glenn Joseph Caluda 
Mary Catherine Clements 
Robert L. Cody 
Jerome Ward Colley 
Georgiana Elizabeth Compton 
Susan M.M. Condy 
Robert Gregory Cooney 
Janet Lynn Cornfeld 
Kathleen Kamp Costanzi 
Diana Lucia Craig 
Danny James Crawford 
Charles Michael Czarski 
Janet E. Dannemiller 
Andrej Ernest Devko 
Rosemarie DeDonato 
George Elwyn DeHaven 
Gioia E. Diliberto 
Maurice Earl Dill 
Diane Mundinger Dixon 
Andrea Louise Doll 
S. Ernest Dreyer, Jr. 
Marjorie Scovel DuBoff 
Louis William DePuis 
James Michael Edgar 
Pearl Queen Ellerin 
Kathleen Lillian Endres 
Dorothy Esher 
Susan Bard Farber 

Robert Fred Fierstein 
Domenico Gus Firmani 
Constance M. Fitzgerald 
Cecilia M. Fletcher 
Sylvester Raleigh Frazier 
Virginia Dunlop French 
Mark Joel Friedman 
Patricia Anne Friedman 
Carol Sue Fullerton 
Tony Edward Fulton 

Neil Jeremy Gamson 

Kay Ann Gardner 

Jeffrey T. Goetz 

Barbara Felice Green 

Kerry Strand Green 

Albert C. Grippo 

Barbara Helen Gross 

Herman F. Grundmann 

Leon A. Gubala, Jr. 

Nancy Jean Guernsey 

Edward Louis Hamburg 

C. Norman Hanson 

Sheila Rockwood Hanson 

Jill Hardwicke 

Mary Winona Harris 

Sharon Eileen Harris 

Janet Louise Hartley 

John Warner Hartmann 

Stanley Charles Hilinski 

Helen Jo M. Hillman 

Leslie M. Hoak 

Donald Charles Humbertson 

Daniel Joseph Hurley, Jr. 

Janet Lynn Hyman 

Linda Mayberry Jones 

Mary F. Jones 

Jane Wolff Katz 

Caroline E. Keedy 

Emory Maxwell Keith 

Nancy Louise King 

Janice Bialon Kisner 

Alison Ann Klafter 

John Kochan 

Rene Matthew Kollar 

Daniel J. Kozak 

Karen L. Krausen 

Frederick Thomas Kuchar 

Robert Richard Ledbetter 

Mark Edward Levine 

Sandra K. Lindsay 

Cynthia Rae Lohr 

Carolyn F. Males 

Mark A. Mangold 

Aliza G. Marom 

Frank Edward McFadden 

William E. McKinney 

Michael Paul Milillo 

Javier Miyares 

Jean Kauffman Morgan 

Barbara Jean Myers-Marable 

Judith Catherine Nierman 

Michael Andrew O'Connor 

Richard Paul O'Connor 

Michaeleen Clare O'Neil 

Richard Charles Osborn 

William Edward O'Toole III 

William Quayle Parmenter 

Angelo Massimo Picardello 

Roger Dale Pittiglio 

Susan Mai Pollard 

Edward S. Potskowski 

Joseph Breeden Potts 

John Lloyd Preston, Jr. 

Herbert Edward Pritchard 

Anthony D'Avino Provine 

George E. Raley, Jr. 

Thomas McTyeire Sparre Raysor, Jr. 

Michael Joseph Reamy 

Alice Tobey Redder 

Barbara Pilgram Reynolds 

John Samuel Riggleman 

Eugene Stanley Robinson 

Loretta Sih Robinson 

Bernard Charles Rooney 

Maria Teresa Rosen 

Marcia Ellen Rudnick 

Marion Lois Salvagno 

Richard Dean Salvatierra 

Michael Allan Schuyler 

John Michael Sefakis 

Angelika Shalter 
John Joseph Shay, Jr. 
Grace Janelle Sherfy 
Christopher Shipley 
Jay Harry Silverman 
Paul David Slattery 
Carol Hynning Smith 
Marcia Datlow Smith 
Mary Candace Smith 
Mary Helen K. Smith 
Rowland Miles Smith 
Richard Calvin Snittjer 
Bruce Richard Snyder 
Jill Rae Wolfram Soderqvist 
Ricardo Cortez Springs 
Richard John Staples 
Beverly Bennett Statler 
Randolph N. Stauffer 
Martin Matthew Stein 
Roger Dale Stephenson 
Joseph Paul Stone 
Celeste Ann Strahl 
Richard Struyk 
Ronald Eugene Sutcliffe 
David R. Tabish 
Randi Eileen Thompson 
Shirley Lavinia Thomson 
Sharon Frances Hunter Travers 
Margot Palmer Treitel 
Hollister Wooten Trott 
Wanda Sung-Hwa Tseng 
Maria Fonseca Turner 
Linda Simpson Ulfelder 
Frank James Urabeck 
Gerald Neil VanAken 
Sharon Crews Wallace 
Suzanne Walter 
Kathleen Diane Warren 
William Herbert Webb, Jr. 
Joan S. Weinberg 
Lucille Geraldine Weiss 
Elyse Kaplan Werner 
Elvira Marie White 
Robert Rayfield Williams 
Howard Hazen Wilson, Jr. 
Richard Paul Wissing 
Mairit Nordenstreng Woolf 
Evelyn Mittman Wrin 
Mikel L. Wyckoff 
Harriet Susan Yaffee 
William James Zaiser 
Sidra Gruss Zamosky 
Greta D. Zink 

Master of Business Administration 

Kamal Agarwal 
Nicholas Francis Barranca 
Gregory J. Colahan 
Robert Frederick Dadd 
Robert David Dolinsky 
Leiand Lake Gardner 
Jeffrey Irvin Gerson 
Robert Francis Glickert 
William Winslow Glickert 
Thomas Jeremiah Gorman 
Elizabeth Johnston Lawson 
Anna K. Mergen 

Doctors/Masters 9 

Roy Alan Nicholson 
Carol Tola Nitsche 
Joseph Carl Pacifico 
Albin Marten Pfeifer 
Stephen Louis Proia 
Aviva Esther Shulman 
Mark Joseph Silver 

Master of Education 

Carol Ann DeMun Adams 
Lorraine Teresa Addon 
Mark Luis Arenas 
Allen Ridgley Arnold 
Robert L. Arnold 
Lois E. Atchison 
Harriet Ann Bassman 
Carol Ann Beachley 
Maureen Woods Becker 
Allan Edward Bellman 
Carol Ann Besner 
Hanora Morley Blau 
Marilyn R. Block 
Barbara Ellen Blonder 
Marie B. Bracely 
Gloria Maxine Bramble 
Katherine Riley Brewin 
Carolyn Ann Bryant 
Mary B. Gagle 
Kathleen Scanlon Calder 
Susan F. Calvert 
Mano A. Ceaphus 
Mary Jo Cherry 
Silas Eugene Chumley 
Angelo Joseph DiFonzo 
Marguerite Anne Elliott 
Sylvia Arlene Evans 
Francine Iris Fersko 
Charles Darwin Freed 
Arlene Landy Friedland 
Marjorie Louis Kay Gardner 
Marshall Sanford Gerstel 
Elizabeth B. Gibbon 
John Willard Gibson 
Carole Gieck 
Marjorie B. Goldberg 
Mary Elizabeth Gorman 
Robert Charles Gray 
Donald Carl Greimel 
Faye Edna Gubrud 
Janet Kay Hall 
Martha Gamble Hall 
Louise Magrogan Harding 
Kenneth Wallace Hastings, Jr. 
Lynne Austin Heins 
Regina Katherine Heller 
Theresa Ruth Herring 
Louise M. Iskow 
Alice Margaretta Johnson 
Iris Sylvia Judkins 
Constance Ann Junghans 
Srimati Kamala 
Joseph Sidney Kimber 
Walt Eugene Klevinsky 
Thomas Metcalfe Kolar 
Arlene Clarke Kutz 

Leila Griswold Lamb 
John Francis Lane 
Irma S. Lann 
Kathleen Barrett Latham 
Mary-Ellen Scanlon Latino 
Rae Ellen S. Levene 
Martha Jean Looper 
Cynthia Anne Lyons 
Arlene Rosen Malech 
Myra Joyce Marshall 
Sherlynn Nancy Matesky 
Ernestine Matthews 
Anna Mary Mauk 
Susan H. McDonald 
Mary McLaughlin 
Sharon Sue Meiselman 
Philip Lee Mendelson 
Michael Archie Moore 
Rochelle Fran Moskowitz 
Catherine Dabney Munster 
David R. Myers 
Bessye Mariette Ramsey Neal 
Edward R. Neubauer 
Marilyn Gail Nussbaum 
Detley William O'Connor 
Sylvia Lois Paquette 
Rosetta Currie Parker 
Archie O. Patterson 
James Arthur Pope 
Linda Sue Protopsaltis 
David Brooks Reese 
Marion Joan Rosencrans 
William Allen Ross 
Mary Ann Rozanski 
Shirley Susan Santora 
Gail Irene Schimel 
Helen Margaret Schmidt 
Shyrle G. Seidman 
Robert Edward Shea 
Arne Eugene Skaalure 
Shelley Jean Smith 
Elizabeth Bagley Soper 
Pamela A. Splaine 
Susan V. Starr 
Mary Susan Steiner 
Stephen Steinhart 
Paula Jill Stokes 
Judith Ann Strausser 
Rose Mary Swartwood 
JoAnn C. Szczepkowski 
Mary Harrison Taylor 
Patricia Dianne Thomas 
Larry Temple Thornton 
Joel Clayton Tyler 
Eloise Anne Ullman 
Mark Waldman 
Elaine R. Wells 
Emilie Neussinger Welsh 
Michael Andrew Williams 
Robert L. Wistort 
Gail Heil Wolfe II 
Wendy K. Workman 
Margaret Morley Yates 
Andrew Ziencik, Jr. 

Master of Fine Arts 

Margaret Lee Dowel I 
Pedro Jose Ribalta 

Master of Library Science 

Jane Cassidy Anders 
Lorraine Anderson Bentley 
Roberta Gale Bevington 
Patricia Anne Bosma 
Jeanne Gliatto Buckon 
Denise Davis Burch 
John Earl Burgess 
Rebecca Erwin Cawley 
Robert Marshall Crowder III 
Sharon Sue Cummings 
Howard Edwin Curnoles 
Sally Suffern Cuttler 
Susan Deborah Dale 
Linda Dianne Daniels 
Wendy Nan Davis 
Brenda Victoria Dyer 
Carol M. Filipczak 
Janice Lynn Plug 
Sondra H. Gilbert 
David Harold Goldberg 
Katherine Ann Gooley 
Janice Nicholls Goudreau 
Robert Scott Gresehover 
Roger Kendall Haley 
Antonia Z. Haney 
Doris Mae Turner Hayes 
Elizabeth Morris Hickman 
Dorothy M. Hunt 
Michael Philip Hunt 
James H. Jackson 
Robert B. Jones, Jr. 
Tamar Joy Kahn 
Elizabeth Susan Kiehl 
Anne Carbery Fox Kiger 
Sharon Murphy Kissel 
Shirley Struble Knobloch 
George Laki 
Clodagh Millham Lee 
Margaret M. Levchenko 
Gail Hitchcock Lovett 
Muriel Taylor Mackay 
Asra Mamoer 
Rita Joanne Mayer 
Brian Patrick McCabe 
Julianne R. McCauley 
John Francis McGarty 
Richard Jerald McKinney 
Pearl Elizabeth McNamara 
Andrew Frederick Melisano 
Frances Overath Miller 
Valerie Frances Diamond Miller 
Gloria H. Mitchell 
Caroline Serena Nevins 
Alexander Nobleman 
Margaret Jane Olson 
Marilyn Kay Parr 
Lynette Ernestine Parsons 
Elma Glen Post 
Kathleen Sanders Reif 
Judith Hankinson Ricker 
Louise Behlen Riemer 

Alice S. M. Rock 

Patrice Marie Rummerll 

Susan Krentz Rupp 

Linda Ann Sale 

Helen Paulette Schmitt 

Karen Aikman Slater 

Mary Diana Smith 

Joyce Marie Sterling 

Sister Joan Marie Stief 

Leona Perry Stone 

William Charles Strickland 

Gary Francis Suggars 

Joseph Anthony Turkos 

Clara Battle Williams 

Helen M. Williams 

Michael Lawrence Williams 

Kathleen Marian Hallett Winzer 

Carol Lynn Worster 

Loretta Orndorff Yaller 

Susan Elaine Rice Yarger 

Sadie Walton Yette 

Nancy Lee Zimmerman 

Master of Music 

Margot Collins 
June Lilienstein 
Ronald Edward Man 
Mary Mclnnis 
Betty Lou Schmidt 
Gail Maureen Soskel 
Shelley Lynne Weston 

Master of Science 

John Charles Adcock, Jr. 

Philip Alan Arkin 

Abraham Avidor 

William M. Backs 

Gertrude Baffoe 

Robert Baker 

Bruce Donald Baldwin 

Philip Baum 

James Howard Beall 

D. Christine Berry 

Nageshwar Rao Bhaskar 

Ronald Robert Bielen 

Elizabeth Marie Bossong 

Karen Irwin Braunschweiger 

Diane Virginia Brown 

David Allen Bushi 

Donald Richard Cahoon 

Donald Wayne Caldwell 

Jaime Fernando Cardenas-Garcia 

Douglas Edwin Chamberlain 

Robert George Chambers 

Hyo Duck Chang 

Janson Chiousong Chang 

Pei-Lu Petty Chiu 

Charles Matthew Ciany 

Gregory Lynn Clark 

Daniel Colacicco 

Joseph John Copley 

Dale George Coppage 

Richard Cowhig 

David Carleton Curtis 

Sing N. Der 

10 Masters 

Irene Lebaris Diamond 
Allan J. Dietemann 
Dennis Michael Dignan 
Waiter Randolph Dodson, Jr. 
Richard Carroll Doyle 
James Robert Duffy 
Lawrence Steven Eidelsberg 
Evelyn Marie Ernst 
Dennis H. Evans 
Roy Robert Evans 
Herbert Wayne Everett 
Marvin Futrell, Jr. 
John S. Galanalcis 
Harry Stanton Gallarda 
Stephanie Forbes Gallarda 
Donald Jerome Gerson 
William Ronald Gluck 
Mark Joseph Gotay 
Robert Charles Greiner 
Ralph H. Hall, Jr. 
Luther Pearson Hampton III 
Robert D. Hampton 
Humphrey Hill Hardy 
Robert Leroy Harper, Jr. 
William Allen Hiscock 
Richard Ho 
Michael Patrick Horan 
Jeffrey George Hunchar 
Walter Lee Hurley 
Gerald F. Hurt 
Charles Lewis Jaffe 
George Valentine Johnson, Jr. 
Thomas W. Jones 
Lee Scott Joseph 
Ying Kao 

William Thomas Kelley 
Michele Louise Kelly 
Colen Guy Kennell 
David Paul Kokalis 
David Tovia Kramer 
William Franklin Lawrence 
Frederick Townsend Lewis, Jr. 
Thomas Hamilton Lewis V 
Lee Arlow Lindblom 
Thomas Joseph Lutton 
Cheryl Lynn Manger 
Sarjiwan Kumer Mantro 
John Joseph McCarthy, Jr. 
Timothy Patrick McCarty 
Catherine P. McLoughlin 
Richard Gordon McNaughton 
Suzanne Mintz 
Wayne Howard Montag 
Robert Edward Muller, Jr. 
Donald Paul Murphy 
Michael Foxx Newborg 
Don J. Orser 
Michael John Patnode 
John Frank Patrick, Jr. 
Josephine J. Peck 
John Stanley Perrine 
Stuart Clayton Peterson 
William James Phillips 
Allan Bernard Posner 
John Milburn Price III 
Edward Lee Priestas 
Michael Raleigh 
Robert William Reiter, Jr. 
James Brian Restorff 

Kathleen Ann Restorff 
Lynn Wallis Rhoads 
Clifford Conley Rhodes, Jr. 
Gavin Patrick Riordan 
Carl Eugene Robinette 
Kenneth M. Rodde 
Clifford Robert Romme 
Michael Joseph Ruiz 
Robert Charles Sapinkopf 
Sateesh Janardan Satpute 
Jacqueline R. Schmitt 
Eileen Frances Schneider 
Charles Zachary Serpan, Jr. 
John M. Sharockman 
Eugene Timothy Shawaryn, Jr. 
Sofia Diana Siguel 
William A. J. Sippel 
John C. Skilton 
Ronald Edward Spath 
Alvin Mark Star 
Charles Holland Styer 
Roger Collin Sutherland 
Theodore Dahlman Swanson 
Joseph Leonard Tracy, Jr. 
Raymond Stuart Trout 
James Francis Turner 
Robert Frederick Van Dolah 
Nancy Elizabeth Vieira 
Bennie G. Vincent 
David Michael Wainland 
Frank Lawrence Walker 
Dennis Eaton Webb 
Neal W. Welsh 
Robert John Went 
Mark Edmund Wilson 
Richard Joseph Wolski 
Ruf us Woody III 
Atiq Mohammed Yonoszai 
Stephen Michael Younger 
Otis George Zehl, Jr. 


Master of Education 

January 25, 1975 

Lorinda Mae Gaucher 
Billy Joe Hawthorne 
John D. Mooneyham 

College of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Gordon Cairns, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

John Paul Aellen III 

Dennis Anthony Allio 

Jay Scott Angle 

Donald Sedford Armstrong 

Paul Harrison Baker 

Edward Charles Balinsky, Jr. 
•Rachel Lynn Bangert 

Russell John Bateman 

Charles Stewart Bauer 

Richard Karl Bauer 

Melvin Sherwin Beaven 

Donna Arlene Bergman 
tPaul Richard Bitzel 

John Robert Bowman 

Richard Hilton Bradford, Jr. 
t Randal Marshall Bradshaw 
t Deborah Lee Branner 

Kurt Irwin Britner 

Janet R. Broome 

Paula K. Brown 

Gerald Stewart Bunn 
*Harry Ellsworth Burchard, Jr. 

John Robert Burtman 

Michael William Burton 

Carlos Alberto Buzio 

William Stewart Cain 
tCarol Jean Camero 

James Michael Christiansen 

Gregory Arthur Clabaugh 

Mary Eileen Cole 

Vernon Willard Cooper 

George Henderson Corddry 

Jerry Canfield Coulson, Jr. 

Donald Paul Curtis 
tDaniel Robert Deaver 

Donald Michael Denbow 

Raymond Valentine Dobrzykowski 
tWaiter Randolph Dodson, Jr. 

Paul Robert Dougherty, Jr. 

Walter Joseph Drummond, Jr. 

Mary Margaret Ellwanger 

Mark Howard Engelbrecht 

William R. Fisher 

Robert Alan Forrest 

Richard Johnathan Gakner 
*Jill Gerstenfield 

John Thomas Gilbert, Jr. 

Rodolfo Enrique Godoy 

Barbara Claire Goldfield 

Lawrence I Greenfeld 

Christine L. Hailer 

John Steven Handy 

John Peter Hartman 

Jack Lawrence Hetrick 

Dale Andrew Hill 

with honors: t with hinh honors 


tGeorge Joseph Hochmuth II 
Norman Winfield Hooven III 
'Donald Hays Hopson 
Wayne Howard Horner 
'Sherman Wessel Jack 
tBryan Martin Jenkins 
'Jeffrey Steven Jenkins 
tJohn Stephen Jochum 
'Paul Joseph Johnson 
Thomas Ralph Jones 
Janet S. Kaplan 
Nancy Elizabeth Kicherer 
Jeffrey Michael Kline 
William Edward Klingelhofer 
Marilyn Kostolich 
Russell Edwin Lail 
Leo Robert LaSota 
Charles Walker Leyhe 
Joseph Arthur Linthicum 
Cheryl Gemalo Lisiewski 
Pamela Esther Ludwig 
Thomas Alexander Majchrowicz 
Raymond Edwin Manley 
John David Marconi 
'Louis Ercole Martino 
Raymond Charles Massing 
Irene Helen Matusz 
John Herbert McGhee 
tMargaret Rae McKeever 
Marilyn Walker Mead 
Martha Whitehouse Mead 
Stephen Alan Mellington 
Ellen Lee Merwitz 
James Spencer Miller 
Richard Scott Mitchell 
Raymond Gregory Mock 
John Robert Morris 
Arlene Grace Moss 
Lois Maxine Moyer 
'Robert Malcolm Mueller 
John Nave Newcomber III 
Allan Joseph Niederberger 
Mell Anthony O'Donnell 
'Dermott Francis Xavier O'Hagan 
Allen Keller O'Hara 
Mary Susan Patterson 
James Pelura III 

Kenneth Hugh Perry 
Gary Alan Phillips 
tKathryn Laura Pickard 
Peter George Poulos 
Anne M. Powell 

Douglas Lee Powell 
Julia Skavenski Punch 
Jarnes Douglas Radebaugh 
John Sheffield Rentz 

Frank Hallet Rice 

David Reed Richards 

Robert Harry Riley 

Richard Lee Robbins 

Christopher Collins Robinson, Jr. 
'Helen Frances Rogers 

Marie Antoinette Safi 

Betty Lou Schillinger 

Randy Joseph Schmitt 

Adrian Conrad Sclawy 

Lisa Ann Sharp 

David Lea Shepp 

Thomas Charles Siewicki 

Albert Wayne Six 
John Michael Slusser 

tJoanne Marcia Smith 
David Bruce Snyder 
Eleanore Carol Speert 
Mary Ashey Sperling 
Kathleen Joyce Stecher 

t Karen Lee Styles 
Elizabeth Ann Sunden 
Stephen Edward Sussman 
David George Swartz 
Mavis Ruth Swerdel 
Edward Henry Taliaferro III 
Dennis Anthony Thayer 
James Woodfin Thomas 
James Douglas Thompson 
William David Thompson 
Terri L. Tinkham 
Judith Ann Uhl 
Mark Daniel Uhl 
Dianne Kay Walker 
Roy Smith Walls, Jr. 
Jeannette Louise Ward 
Cecil Lincoln Watson, Jr. 
Esmond Philip Whitman 
William Henry Whitman 

'Joel Myles Widder 

'Margot D. Williams 
Lawrence Theoadore Wolfe 
James Kenneth Woodel 
Brian James Woodward 
Robert Earl Yeschek 
James Russell Yowell 

School of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Prof. John Hill, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Arts 

Dawn Stewart Murr 
David Allen Stern 
Edwin Nelson Stretch (Degree 
awarded Dec. 20, 1974) 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Rebecca Boswell 

David Hoagland Copley 
'Dung Huu Dao 

Francis DiCesare 
tRichard Ault Donnally 
'Cynthia Easton-Hafkenschiel 

Edward Hall Jones 

Tami Beth Katz 
'Celia Rae Klein 

Joseph G. Lombardo, Jr. 

David Ralph Meng 

Elijuh Mirochnik 

Jonathan Craig Nehmer 

Ernest L. Peek, Jr. 

Farshid Pegahi 

Matthew Francis Regan, Jr. 

N. Warren Righter 

Keith Leroy Rodgers 

Billy Sahm 

Charles William Schlauch 

Margaret Soo Hoo 
tLois Longley Thibault 

Robert William Unrath 
tGeorge H. Vergine 

Kevin James Weiler 

Jeffrey M. White 

Andrew Robert Winters 

College of Arts 
and Seienees 

Bachelor of Arts 

Paul David Addis 
tLinda J. Allender 

Jane Elizabeth Allshouse 

Carol Lynne Anders 

Jamie-Beth Baer 

Lori Ann Baiter 

Deborah Ann Berman 

Sara Lea Bernson 

Jacqueline Patricia Berry 

Joanrie Bogus 

Michele Colette Bollens 

Jeffrey Owen Bramlett 
'Betsy Steinman Brothers 

Andrea Sue Cherin 
tStephen Howard Chirumbole 
'William Guy Christoforo 

Nelson Thayer Clapp 

Marie Patricia Coleman 

Janet Ann Collins 

Cecelia Marie Corso 

Jeffrey Ira Corwin 
'Barbara Anne Costopoulos 
tSandra Lee Cross 

Rebecca M. Custer 

Glenn Edward Daggs 

Hong Ngoc Thi Dao 

Sharon Patricia DIhosh 

Samuel R. Fales 

Deborah Ruth Feher 
tGrace Lynn Finkle 

Harold Thomas Flanagan, Jr. 

Linda Laycock Floyd 

Michael Barry Flynn 

Robert C. Fowler 

Joseph William Gallagher 

Thomas Francis Gearin 

Gwendolyn Z. Gholson 

Anita Ivonne Gilbert 

Nancy Lea Glaze 

Peter Goldich 

John Michael Goodrum 

Stuart Barry Graber 

Jeanne Margaret Grace 

Michael McAllister Greene 

Diana Susan Greenwald 
tMichael Robert Hardy 

Harry Rosenbrugh Hargis 

Norman Francis Hecht, Jr. 

Steven Elliot Hercenberg 

Maria Joy Herson 

Paulette H. Hodgson 

Kevin Gerard Hogan 

Patricia Ann Hook 
'Nancy Connie Ing 

Ruth Ann Ishmael 

Nancy Louise Jacobson 

Joyce Francine Jelsma 

Roberta Lynn Johnson 

Daniel Walsh Joyce 

Patricia Rae Kastorf 

Virginia Ann Keany 
'Kathleen Anne Kelly 

James Michael Kilgannon 
t Deborah Kmetz 

Leslie Granick Knipling 

Michael G. Livingston 

John Joseph Livornese 

Carol Loftus 

Annamarie Lopez 
'Glenn Thomas MacNaughton 

Carolyn Eloise Martin 
tDorothy Elizabeth Mastin 

Dennis John Matson 
*G. Michael McGinley 

Katie Marie Morse 

Morris Murek 

Kevin Patrick Murray 

Gail Marie Natoli 

Blake Charles Pace 

John Williams Parker 

Nancy Jeanne Peters 

Camilla Elizabeth Phillips 

Kathleen Mary Phillips 

Alexander William Pisciotta 

Karen Sue Pitts 

Neil Alan Plotnick 

Michael Joseph Polley 

Lora Lyn Posin 

Michael Thomas Prin 
tSarah Margaret Pritchard 

Helene Victoria Ramos 
tWarren Scott Richardson 

Elizabeth Buck Rogers 

Carlton Leverett Saunders, Jr. 

James Frederick Saunders 

Helen R. Schlesinger 

James Keith Schools, Jr. 

Ira Robert Seigel 
*Kirk A. Sheppard 

Bernie Smilovitz 

Bonita Jane Smith 

Robert Charles Smith 

Theodore Steen Snodgrass 

Mark Robert Snyder 
'Karen Ann Sorkin 

Raymond Warren Spicer 
'David Joel Slander 

Donald Anthony Stiles 

Andrea L. Tannen 

Drucilla Louise Tanner 

Marilyn Denise Tedeschi 

John Charles Thomas 

Peter Thomas Tracy 

Susan Elizabeth Voisinet 
Kathleen Wall 

Catherine Mary Werner 

Barbara Jean Wilson 

Ronald Wayne William Yarashus 

* with honors; t with high honors 

12 Bachelors 

College of Arts 
and Seienees 

Bachelor of Science 

Jeffrey Edward Almo 
'Vicky Lynn Anderson 
tJohn Matthew Archer 

William Paul Articola 
tDavid Neil Auerbach 

Peter Michel Belanger 
* Bruce Edward Conaway 

Jeffrey Paul Cranska 

Ronald Keith Criss 
*Craig Allen Dickman 

James Leo Dougherty 

Ann Susan Elkins 

John Robert Evans 
tDaniel Scott Finelli 

William Friedman 

Loretta Ann Grezzo 
TJoyce Yudith Gross 
'Ronald Mark Grossman 
tJames Walker Hathorn 

Marc Wesley Herman 

Paul William Holland 

Allen Reeves Jacques 

Judith M. Jones 

James Nicholas Kalonturos 

Daniel Jay Konick 

Timothy Wayne Kremann 
*Paul Mark Lancer 

Eric Ira Land 
t Leonard Allan Larson 

Matthew Charles Leefer 

Rachel Elizabeth Levinson 
tDiana C. Li 

Reginald Bernard Lovelace 

Rosser Lee Mitchell 

Joseph Andrew Nuth III 

Ann Marie O'Lone 

Paul Randall Gravis 
tMichael Thomas Perone 

John Joseph Quinn 

Dennis James Red 
'Steven Michael Reznick 

Jeffrey Albert Rivest 

Ira Marshall Rosenthal 

Lane Kaoru Shimabukuro 

Theodore Taras Sokil 
tGary Edward Stack 

Howard Jeffrey Unger 
'Gwendolyn Mary Wigand 

Bruce Lee Yankow 

College of 
Business and 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rudolph Lamone, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

tGary Richard Abrahams 
Eleanya Azu Akuma 

■ with honors; t with high honors 

Arthur Alexander Alfaro 

Thomas E. Allwine 
tTeresa Marie Aloi 

Raymond Vincent Anderson, Jr. 

Steven Oliver App 
tSteven Ken Arisumi 

Ralph Arosemena 

Robert Abraham Askin 

Bob Dean Atwood 

Richard Allan Augustin 

Michael Albert Bader 
'Darlene Angela Bagby 
•Jerome Stephen Baker 
t Robert Edward Banks 

Patricia Lynn Barber 

Charles G. Barnes 

Robert Nathan Basloe 

Michael Joseph Baumgartner 

Joy Randee Baverman 

Stephen Eugene Beach 

Jerry Dean Beddes 

Christopher Hinson Bell 

Alan Roy Bergo 

Deborah Charlene Black 

Robert Neil Black 

Michael Patrick Blake, Jr. 

Thomas Gerard Blanchard 

Dale Anderson Bowen 

Glenn Raymond Brack 
*Alex Harvey Brager 

Charles Arvell Bray 

Chester Coleman Bunting, Jr. 

John Gary Burch 

Marc Harris Burchman 

Martin Joseph Burke, Jr. 

Craig Alan Burnett 

Steven George Bustin 

Michael Stephen Cain 

Thomas Albert Campana 

Vincent Louis Candida 

Amy Janice Cantor 
tGary D. Cardarelli 

Jackie Brent Carlen 

Gary Lee Carpenter 

James Rufus Carpenter 

Theresa Chan 

Ivy H. Chang 

Mark Edwin Chilcote 

Ira Allen Cohen 

Joseph Charles Cohen 

Gregory S. Cole 

Robert Craig Colerick 
•Thomas Raymond Conlon 

Michael L. Copenheaver 

Karen Anne Corbett 

Mary Farley Crosswhite 

Prisna Crupiti 

Mary Isabel Cusick 

Lawrence Wallace Dabbs 

Mark Anthony Dabkowski 
tWilliam B. Dacier 

David L. Dalkiewicz 

Maureen Janet Dallman 

Benjamin Rene Daniels 

Richard Allan Darsa 

Gregory Nelson Davis 

James Johnstone Dawson II 

Ralph Alan Dawson 
•John Edward Deford III 

Gary Warren Dellinger 

John Field Derbyshire 
tMichael Fred Dickter 

Erik Dilmanian 
tRichard Lee Dineley III 

Thomas Vincent DiSalvo 

Dennis Daniel Doran 
t Howard Lewis Dreizen 

Frederick Martin Dudek 

Steven Howard Duff 
•Deborah Anne Dunfee 

Sherria A. Dunlap 

Stanley John Duran 
tEdward Joseph Durkin 
tDavid William Egli 

Steven Eric Eisenberg 
•Teresa Mary Ellis 

Stephen Frederic Ellisor 

Lawrence Ted Ellman 

Ronald Douglas Endzel 

Richard Scott Englander 

Steven Charles Enterline 
tJane Merle Epstein 

Susan Eileen Epstein 
tBridget Mary Fagan 

Joseph E. Fasulo 

Edward Mark Feldman 

George Philip Feldman 

Michael Jay Feldman 

Robert Paul Ferri 

Bruce Lee Fibich 

Danny Alan Field 
•Judith Finkelstein 

Lawrence Jay Fishman 

David Michael Fleming 

Dennis Bryan Fleming 

Richard Charles Fleming 
•James John Flyzik 

Richard John Ford 

Sally Jean Ford 

Stephen Lee Foulger 

Robert Neal Frumkin 

Edith Cecilia Fuerst 

Philip Bruce Gibson 

Phillip Andrew Giorno 

Lewis Mark Glauberg 

Ariel Hiram Goldchain 

Mark Allan Goldstein 

Michele Barbara Goodman 

Robert Ambrose Gorman 

Steven R. Goyena 

Ronald H. Grafman 

Louise Graves 
•John Francis Green 

Ronald Frank Greenbaum 
•Barry Dean Green berg 

George Joseph Grillo 

Jeffrey Frank Grossman 

Glen Harrison Grubbs 

Timothy F. Hagan 

Chester B. Hall II 

Richard Adolphus Hall 

Walter Henry Hall 

Syed Irfan Hamid 

Walter F. Hannan 
tMichael Peter Harbin 

Michael John Hardesty 

William Alexander Harmon 

Leslie Virginia Hart 

Simon Henry Harvey 

Christopher Wendell Harwood 

Thomas Raymond Haslinger 
•Kevin Joseph Hayes 

Mark Drummond Heatley 

Linda Jo Heggie 

Jonathan Lee Henkel 

Thomas Patrick Hennegan 

Douglas Glenn Hicks 

William Clyde Higgins, Jr. 

James Ronald Hill 

John Donald Hill 

Thomas Howard Hobbs 

John Vincent Hubbard 

Robert Cleveland Hughlett 

Dennis Harold Hunt 

Charles Vesta Hyatt 

Teruo Inoue 

Paul Richard Jablonski 
tDaniel Richardson James 

Oliver Foster Johnson 

Glenn Weldon Jones 

Lorraine Josowitz 

Michael Stephen Kahn 

Kevin Ralph Kane 
t Lawrence David Kaplan 
•Warren David Kaplan 

Edward S. Karl 

Jean Karson 

Alan David Kasmir 

John Randolph Katkish 
tJohn Joseph Keenan 

Richard Robert Keiser 

Robert Lee Kennelly 

Robert Daniel King, Jr. 
*Alan Mark Kleinberg 

Joseph D. Kluchinsky 

Richard Arthur Knapp 

Marlene Sue Koff ler 

Michael Scott Kolbe 

Raymond Nelson Koppal, Jr. 

R. Brad Kovaly 

William Joseph Kroll 

Ronald Jules Kupersmith 

Terry Allen Landis 

James Reese Landolt 

Robert Edward Lange 

Peter Bernard Langevin 

Michael William Law 
•Thomas Eugene Layton 

Joan Ellen Leanos 

John Donald Lears, Jr. 

Richard Alan Lee 

Phylis M. Leech 

Herman Richard Leigh, Jr. 
•John Peter Lerche, Jr. 

Warren Hugh Leslie 

Alice Yung-Pao Ling 

James Michael Littlefield 

Dianne D. Liu 

Steven Douglas Lloyd 
•Rosalind Carol Lorber 

Anne Hsiao-Yen Lu 

James Francis Lusby 

Daniel James Mackie 

Steven Frederick Madeoy 
•Margaret Mary Maguire 
•Frederick Martin Mandir 
t Louis J. Mark 

Lawrence William Markle 

Steven Leon Markulis 

Bachelors K 

Daniel Martino, Jr. 

Martha Helen Mayo 

Robert James Mazurek, Jr. 

Thomas Matthew McCann 
•William Dennis McCarthy, Jr. 

Marc Edward McCracken 

Adele Cecilia McCullough 
tDaniel Raymond McCully 
tKathryn Marie McGeehan 
'Michael Gerard McGinn 

Michael George Memphis 

Robert Chester Miara 

Scott Alan Michaelson 

Mary Louise Middleton 

Louis John Migliorini, Jr. 
•Marilyn Milazzo 
*Gary Lynn Miller 

Richard Lee Miller 

William Edvi/ard Miller 

Harry Spiro Millies 

Richard Paul Minnick 
tScott Paul Moeller 

Arthur Leonard Moer 

John William Montague, Jr. 
tElizabeth Ann Moore 

William Allen Moraniec 

Michael Edward Morin 

Robert Claii Morris 
•Jay Stuart Moskowitz 
•Louis Allan Movitz 

Dennis Tong Moy 

Perry M. Moy 
tMary Margaret Mudd 

Thomas G. Murray 

Carol Hean Nache 

Aundrea Colleen Naylor 

Raymond Allen Neall, Jr. 

Stuart Bruce Neuwelt 

Howard Michael Norwick 

Mark Delmas Nucker 

Francis Brian O'Day 

Craig Gene Olsen 

Stanley George Oshinsky 
tMark Arnold Packer 
•Manuel Alexander Palau 

Brian R. Pauletti 

Doris Ellen Paulis 
•Robert Beasley Perdew, Jr. 

John Alan Peterson 

Krasimira Petkov 

Phillipa Jacquette Phair 
tCecil Darrell Pope 

Stephen Randall Porter 

Charles William Powell, Jr. 

Debra Ann Powell 

Harry Pressman 

Michael A. Protz 

Gerard Alan Pugliese 

Charles A. Puglisi 

Barton Joseph Purvis 

Janice Elaine Pyle 

Roya Rassai 
tGeorge Martin Ray 

Linda Gail Raye 

Dennis J. Raymond 

Amir Hossein Mirabolfath Razavi 

Craig Bruce Reed 

Allan James Raid 

Robert Philip Reisman 

tMarilyn Ruth Rexroad 
Joseph Christopher Reyes 
William Cornelius Richards, Jr. 
Peter Joseph Rieschick 
Richard Chandler Rind 
William Irving Roberts 
Jerome Joseph Robertson 
Jerry L. Robin 

tJack Gregory Rogers 
James Davis Rogers 
Preston Scott Romm 
Duane Hershey Rosenberg 
Mark Barry Rosenfeld 
Avrum Noah Rosenzweig 
Ronald Joseph Rotondi 
Henry Lee Rupprecht 
Joseph Irving Russell, Jr. 

•Jeffrey Wilson Salinger 
Paul Steven Saltzman 
Scott Sarratt 
Alane Elizabeth Schaefer 
Mario Julio Schiavo 
Andrea Elizabeth Seebold 
Linda Marie Seeds 
David John Shade 
Gary Thomas Sherbert 

tSusan Carol Sherwood 
William Alan Simms 
Neil Anthony Sipe 
James Richard Slane 
Eduardo Joaquin Smith 
Harold Calmes Smith III 
John Kennedy Smith 
Robert Warren Smith 

tWilliam Eugene Smith, Jr. 

tMark Lee Smotkin 

tDonald Lawrence Smythe 
Terry L. Snider 
Norman A. Sobin 
Ernest Howard Soderstrom 
Wayne Allen Sody 

tBarry Steven Sparks 

•James Michael Spencer 
Linda Lee Spratling 
Mark William Spungin 
Robert Eugene Squillaro 
Dominick Charles Stasulli 
Jon David Steckler 
Franklin Camalier Sterling 
Frederick Charles Sterling 
Sheldon Alan Stern 
Donald Cornelius Stewart 
Robert W. Stewart 
Robert Alan Story 

•Thomas John Sullivan 
Thomas Patrick Sullivan 
John Leiand Swindler 
Bruce Edward Talbot 

tMichael David Tannenbaum 
Robert Edward Tarbutton 
William Burney Thomas III 
Andrew Ned Thompson 
Paul David Tolstoi 

•Barton Jay Trenk 

tDavid Martin Tucker 
Walter Thomas Urman 
Virginia Lee Vanscoy 
Robert Eugene Wagaman 
Jeffrey G. Wagner 

David Alan Walsh 

Richard A. Wandres, Jr. 
•Dean Eric Warner 
•Ellen Newman Warner 

Joan Patricia Waugh 

Barry Lee West 

Donald Lee West 

Edward F. Westrick 

Robert Lee Whaley III 
tNeil Harper Wheeler, Jr. 

William Henry Whelpley 

Brian Joseph Wiegand 

Winfred C. Wilcoxon 

Richard Francis Wilhelm 

Dennis Paul Williams 

Patrick Joseph Williams 

Thomas Gary Wilson 
•David T. Witte 
tDavid Edward Wittemeier 
•Richard Donald Woltz 

Gavin Edward Wyatt 

Robert Douglas Yabroff 
•Sharon Ruth Yee 
•Robert Elkin Yellon 

Paul Richard Young 
t Roger Edward Young 

Dimitrios A. Zafiris 

Albert Michael Zawodny, Jr. 

Stephen Taylor Zehnder 

Robert Morgan Zimmerman 

College of 
Business and 

Bachelor of Science 

Michael Mark Bartel 

Donald Brent Bavely 

Lawrence David Berg 

Mark Allen Bernstein 

Kirby Max Bowers 

James Boyd Briley, Jr. 

Robert Sanders Burnett 

Andrew John Herndon 

Bruce Hultslander 

Edward A. Lacost 

Donald Clark Leedy 
•David Richard Mathias 
tStuart Alan Metzger 

Miroslaw Boguslaw Miernik 

Stephen Robert Milmoe 
tGary Evans Milne 

Steven Craig Moss 

Carl Nagel III 

Deborah S. Owens 

Ronald William Ritchie 

Carol Ann Rubino 
tPatricia Ann Sarro 

Mark Scarano 

Anthony Joseph Tamburo 

Davis John Tomasin 
•William Derek Updegraff 

Pedro J. Vila 

College of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Emans, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

tLisa Caryn Ackerman 

Ronald Arthur Anderson 

Beverly Anne Aud 

Gary William Augustine 

Jean Ann Balthazar 

Gretchen Helen Beaton 

Annie Bedrossian 
•Cynthia Pappas Benson 

Janet Evelyn Berman 

Helen Louise Bliss 

Wanda Louise Bradley 

Catherine Anne Breedlove 

Paul John Bruening 

Sharon Elizabeth Carr 

Danielle Iris Charig 

Christine Joy Chickillo 

Varda Cohen 
tColleen Una Colburn 

William James Coley 

Kathryn Ann Corbin 

Janet Lorraine DiCarlo 

Gail Marie Duncan 
t Karen Louise Duncan 

Linda Gail Ely 

Eileen Patricia Espey 

Kathleen Rose Fahrner 

Janet Kaye Fein 

Martha A. Feit 

Philip A. Ferraro 

Judith Ellen Fisher 

Pamela Beckjord Forbes 
tCarol Edna Forsythe 

Lorraine Rita Fuchs 

Belinda Grace Galbreath 

Allen Pierre Gall 

Margaret Ward Gamache 

Frances Ann Garrison 

Pamela Susan Genaro 

Debra Lee Gleisberg 

Jill Ann Goodman 
tDale Susan Gordon 

Kathleen Mary Hagen 
tGil Hall 

William Barnes Hall III 

Susan Rochelle Halligan 

Taffye Mathews Hazel 

John William Hendrickson 

Gary Richard Hines 

Margaret Anne Holland 

Frances Ruth Hyman 

Douglas Frank Jacoby 

Janet Faye Kasnett 

Dennis Crossin Keeler 

Joan Rosemary LaCavera 

Astrid R. O. Leeflang 

Denise Yvette Levitine 

Conrad Oscar Link 

Carmen Ann Lipscomb 
tNathan Paul Lipsitz 

14 Bachelors 

* with honors; t with high honors 

Sylvia Marie LoBianco 
Nori Sue Lustig 
Larue Annette MaMare 
Barbara Jean Mantegna 
Debra Faith Markowitz 
Bonnie Dru Martin 
Shirley Jean McAuliffe 
Donna Theresa Mims 

'Patricia Ann Morris 
Robert Alan Mostow 
George Harry Myers, Jr. 

tCarol Howard Newman 

tRichard Phillip Nockett 
William Vincent O'Regan II 

tNelson Kingsley Ormsby 
Joni Wendy Peake 
Nancy Lee Perdue 

tMary Jane Picklo 
Scott Thomas Powell 

tJudith Wendy Pruce 
Margaret Anne Randolph 
Natalie Sandra Rassin 
Sandra Louise Receveur 
Katharine Anne Rechen 
Mary Lucy Reyner 
Dorothy Jane Robinson 
Deborah Ann Rodgers 
Susan Lynn Rosenstock 
Roslyn Neil Rosofsky 
Ellen Jane Ruttenberg 

*P. Laura Sachs 
Bruce Neal Salzman 
Mary Carol Schiller 
Madlyn Sue Schmuckler 
Lydia Virginia Schorr 
Carole Faith Selikowitz 
Sharon Bernice Shapiro 
Alice Lynn Shea 
Diane Judith Shulman 
Linda Diane Smith 

'Barbara Anne Smythe 
Athena Maria Snowden 
Leslie Diane Snyder 
Phyllis Elaine Solomon 

t Roberta Lee Sorensen 
Lynn Anne-Marie Sperl 
Audrey Lisa Spivak 

'Steven P. Steinkraus 
Margaret Jane Stolka 
Rochelle Helene Taberoff 
Maria Valentina Thomas 
Carol Olivia Toms 
Thomas Lawrence Vinson 
Nancy Virginia Volz 
Beverly Braxton Warren 
Karen Lynn Weber 

"Iris Elaine Wernikoff 
Marjorie Lee White 

•D'Ette K. Williams 
Hillary Ann Wilson 
Ronnie Steven Wolff 
Susan Gail Wood 
Paula Lynn Yevzeroff 
Gwendolyn Beth Zunger 

College of 

Bachelor of Science 

Norah Lynn Abrahams 

Janet Adelson 

Benjamin Neal Alpert 
"Shirley Hughes Ancell 
*Ellyn Levine Armstrong 

Barbara Susan Ash 

Honora Aughenbaugh 

Richard Al Avondet 

Reza Azarbel 

Susan Jean Banks 

Donna Lee Barstow 

Margaret Rose Baum 

Wallace Beal, Jr. 

Jonathan Daryl Beard 

Maria Teresa Belmonte 
tCarol Gabriel Bentz 
*Rhoda M. Berez 

Barbara Alice Berg 

Joan Amy Berger 

Bradley Alan Bergmann 

Iris Etta Berman 

Nadine Karen Bernard 

Arlene Sandra Bernstein 

Kathleen Anne Bettinger 

George William Bevins 

Douglas Earl Blanchard 

Ellen Cecelia Blick 

Tressa N. Bock 

Susan Jan Bockhorst 

Celia Gail Boertlein 

Nancy Lynn Bolshow 
* Karen Janine Bond 

Helene Mae Bordenick 

Nancy Elizabeth Boskoff 

Gale Ann Boulden 

Margaret Ann Bowman 

Patricia Marie Boyd 

Robert C. Brager 
t Linda Anne Bray 
•Janice Marie Breslin 
'Laura Ann Brewer 

Karen S. Bricker 

Stephen C. Brown 
tWendy Joan Brown 

Philip Brudner 

Cynthia Woodard Bucci 
'Verna Lora Buchanan 
tSusan Ann Buckley 

Nancy Ann Burkley 

Markey Lynne Bussard 

Victoria Dalleta Bussey 

Polly Ann Cahill 

Gail Harriett Canin 
'Bonnie Ann Caplan 
tRae Lynn Caplan 

Cynthia Claudette Carmlchael 

Robert Steven Cesaro 

Alan Karl Chantker 
'Mary Louise Chapman 

Nancy L. Charamella 

Wendy Ann Chin 

Catherine Ann Clack 

Deborah Jo Clemmons 

Donna L. Clift 

Barbara Ann Cobb 
tRenfie Aviva Cohn 

Diane Frances Colello 

Elsa Helene Conn 

Robert Thomas Consroe 
tMargery Elizabeth Cook 

Valerie Jean Cooks 

Nancy Joyce Crotty 
tSusan Barbara Cytryn 

Mary Ellen Dallavalie 
tDiane Eve Damato 
'Diane W. Danenberg 

Carol A. Danzeisen 
'Rachel Lee Day 
tMarcia Ann Dean 

Barbara Jean Deering 

Mary Ellen Defibaugh 

Ruth Hope Deiu 
*Cary Laughlin Dickter 
'Marcine Joy Dirks 

Robert Duane Dixon 

Susan Dondzila 

Jayme Lynn Dorf 

Anne Clark Dorsch 

James Leroy Dowell, Jr. 

Belinda L. Downs 

Patricia Ann Doyle 

Joanne Dragon 

Robin Jennifer Duame 

Genevieve Anne Duffy 

Kyle Diane Durrett 

Everett Daniel Earnhardt 

Karen Mae Eng 

Gloria Louise Enis 

Cecilia Escobar 

Diane Ellen Evans 

Judith Kay Ewanciw 
'Gloria V. Ezrin 

Sara L. Faeder 
tSara Elizabeth Falconett 
'Rita Joyce Falk 
'Lisa Carthron Farley 

Mary Pauline Filanowski 

Lynne Elizabeth Filigenzi 

Nancy Beth Finstein 
tAmy Jane Fischer 
tEllen Ann Flood 

Gloria Elaine Flood 

Eileen Bridget Foley 

Shirley Ann Ford 

Cynthia Lauren Forman 

Cynthia Lee Foutz 

Barbara Ann French 

Floyd Lee French 
tida Harris Friauf 

Bruce Stephen Fried 

Hillary Beth Fried 
tSandra Lynn Friedman 

Andrea Beth Galinkin 

Patricia Hilary Garmey 

Patricia Ann Garner 

Denise Marion Gatti 
tJeanne Claire Gemmell 

Barbara Messick Gibson 

Roberta Suzanne Gilbertson 

Malcom Karl Gipson 

Kathleen Glumsic 

Elaine Doris Gnatt 

Lynn Diane Goldfarb 

Heidi Miriam Goldsmith 
tLinda Ann Gordon 

Kathleen Ellen Grasz 

Curtis Owens Green, Jr. 

Deborah Anne Green 

Martin Howard Greene 

Robert Barry Grundy 
'Angeline L. Guns 

Chester Gordon Hall III 

Lori Helene Hallen 

Norma Susan Hamburger 

Daniel Jonathan Hammond 
tAnn Suit Hannapel 

Jacqueline Hardy 

Annika Brigitta Hargy 
'Barbara Briggs Harrington 

Sharon Sue Hartley 

Christine Ann Hawkes 

Susan Gail Hayes 

Ann J. Werner Haywood 

Beth Ann Hazel 

Karol Selley Henderson 

Helen Gail Herlich 

William Samuel Hershkowitz 

Judith Joan Hertler 

Mindy Jane Hicks 

Margaret Anne Hildebrandt 

Norma Jean Hoff 

James George Hollis, Jr. 

Thelma Holloway 

Bonnie Holzman 

Judith H. Honey 

Jeanette Marie Honnick 

Netha E. Hopson 
'Linnea M. Henry Horine 

Amy Louise Hornsby 

Margaret Howard 

Carolyn Ann Hynes 

Joe M. laconangelo 

Karen Jane Irvine 

Gail Lynn Isenberg 

Diane Gertrude Ivan 

Katherine Ann James 

James Louis Jenets II 
tRobert John Jenets 

Doris Lynne Johnson 

Irma Elizabeth Johnson 

Joan Deborah Jones 

Mary Ann Jones 

Nancy Wong Jones 

Pamela Joy Kalen 
tStephen R. Kallmyer 

Deborah Ruth Kamp 
'Gloria Ann Kangas 
tBeverly Sue Kaplan 
tGail E. Karlinsky 

Carol Kelly 

Teresa D. Kepler 

Margaret Mary Keys 

Susan Hope Kiken 

Audrey Mae King 

Robert Warren King, Jr. 

Elaine Sandra Kinkade 

Christine Ann Kitlas 

Margo Elizabeth Klemkowski 

Linda Ann Knight 

Barbara Gay Knoepp 
'Carol Lee Kraber 

* with honors; t with high honors 

Bachelors 1! 

Barbara Lynn Kraus 

Bernard Krell 

Louis Christie Kriebel 

Barbara Anne Krieger 

Marlene Amy Kurtz 

Susan Beth Kushel 

Mary Daily Lacy 
"Anthony Vincent Lamartina 

Rhonda Adele Langenstein 

Lynne Barbara Lansman 
tCatherine Irene Larese 
tJanice Paula Latter 
tShirley Laufer 

Nadine Stephanie Lavender 
"Valerie Anne Lavish 

Elizabeth Ann Layne 

Denise Janice Leish 

Joanie Dolores Leieck 

Sharon Mae Lerner 

Pamela Kay Lesher 

Linda Sue Levin 
tSharon Dee Levin 

Ellyn Levine 

Linda Kudlich Lewis 
•Marlon Ray Lewis 

Susan Ann Libbee 

Shelly Eileen Licht 

Sharon Kay Liercke 
tOonna Marene Lisowski 

Rita Marlene Litz 

Jean Lockwood 

Paul Vincent Loeffler 
tKathleen Marie Loewe 

Susan P. Long 

Jeanne Ruth Lonsbury 

Kathleen Roux Macdonald 

Jean Ellen Mack 

Maureen MacLennan 

Donna Susan Magenheim 
tSusan Malligo 

Vickie Marie Martin 

Nancy Gail Martino 

Debra Lynn Matters 

Rieta Latch Maxwell 

Bonita Boltz McElyea 

Christine Marie McKenna 

Patricia Gail McKinney 

Karen Lea Stricklett McMullin 

Martha J. McVeigh 

Lynn Dona Meerkreebs 

Ruth Ann Michael 

Daniel Joseph Michaels 

Alicia Maria Mocca 

Lauren Foster Monroe 

Dianne Mary Montero 

David Walter Montgomery 

Eileen Marie Moore 

Virginia H. Moore 

Colleen Susan Moran 
*John E. Morrow III 

Deborah Jean Moskowitz 

Patricia Elizabeth Mulligan 

Sandra Lee Myers 

J. Michael Nash 
Lucy Hearn Nash 

James Wesley Neighoff 

TPatricia B. Nelson 
llene Gail Nevin 

Anna Lee Nicolaisen 

Jamie Lou Norberg 

16 Bachelors 

Marjorie Hazel Norris 

Dale Raymond O'Brien 

John Carey O'Connell 

Kathleen O'Keefe 

Barbara Dee Oler 

Colleen Elizabeth Oliver 
tDeborah Susan Ollinger 

Karen Lisa Oppenheimer 

Eileen Sue Orlove 

Dale Michael Osef 

Anna Latta Owens 
tBarbara St. Laurent Paiko 

Margaret Catherine Panciera 

Donald James Parker 

Jane Mary Pastore 

Yvette Alexia Payne 

Catherine Elizabeth Pearson 

Judith Anne Pearson 

Helen Allison Pease 

Richard Rea Pfiester 
"Carol Mann Pica 
tAndrea Koren Pinner 
"Angela Amelia Pirrone 

Ann Marie Polits 

Stephanie Joyce Pompar 
"Deborah Port 

Elizabeth Ann Porter 

Anita Lynn Posey 

Alvin D. Potts 
"John Edward Prather 

Linda Susan Pratt 

Deborah Ann Price 

Bess Donna Priftis 

Ellie Diane Priftis 
tDoris Ruth Raffel 
"Mary Julia Rafferty 

Diane Marie Rahnama 

Linda Joyce Rapefe 

Ida Lee Rebalsky 

Marina Reichart 

Lynn Ann Reiter 
"Mary Anne Reiter 

Shelley Ellen Rhodes 

Patricia Val Richie 

Mary Jo Meier Rieckelman 
"Gail Lisa Robbins 

Stanley Francis Rodia, Jr. 

Cherelyn Margaret Rosato 
tWendi Hope Rosenblum 
"Maralyn Theresa Rossi 

Sharon Kaye Rossi 

Jill Thompson Roth 

Sandra Ruth Rothman 

Janet C. Rotner 

Mary Martha Rowe 

Gilda Stephenie Rubio C. 

Christopher Wright Ruigomez 

Mary Kathryn Rykowski 
"Linda Kaye Saathoff 
tPhyllisGail Sabot 

Renee Aileen Safier 

Debra Jeanne Saur 

Charles William Saxman, Jr. 

Judith Ann Scaglione 

Anthony J. Scarselli 

Deborah Alice Schachter 

Shelley Schaps 

Abby Dee Schary 

Donald Edward Scheetz 

Merle Edward Scheibel 

Janet Lynn Scherr 

Susan Beth Scherr 

Scott Phillip Schilling 

Barbara Sue Schlachman 

Pamela Jo Schlatter 

Susan Anne Schmierer 
"Jill Cindy Schneider 

Lois Beth Schreiber 

Victoria Scott 

Mary Annette Seaton 
"Mary Ann Seganish 

Mel Selway 

Patti A. Shafer 

John Harold Shahan 
"Mary Maureen Shanklin 

Marilyn Dee Shapiro 

Diane Marie Shaver 

Juliann Sheridan 
tjanet Loraine Sherlock 

Helen Natasha Sherman 
"Paula Shill 

Stacie Jae Siegel 

Douglas Gene Silvern 

Janet Ellen Singer 

Michael James Small 

Debra Chapman Smith 

Richard Kirk Smith 

Gail Hope Snyder 

Hollie Gale Snyder 
"Janet Laurie Sobell 

Marjory Ellen Some 

Carl Raymond Spada 
"Robin Ronni Spector 

Ann M. Spielman 

Carolyn Tash Stabler 

Joan I. Stark 

Lesley Cyd Statter 

Gayle Page Stevens 

Devin Lee Stover 

Margaret Ann Straub 

Ann Celeste Stultz 

Theresa Marie Stutz 

Ellen J. Sugar 

Louis Elihu Taylor 

Margaret Carolyn Taylor 

Donna Louis Thompson 
"Elizabeth Dee Thompson 
tiris Debra Tiktinsky 

Mark Douglas Todd 

Jeannine Faye Tolbert 

Kathleen Nowell Tomb 

Susan Donoghue Toth 

Helen Marie Turner 

Deborah S. Vail 

Carol Joan Vaughan 

Thomas Barry Vaughan, Jr. 

Judith Lynn Venick 

Sandra M. Wallace 

Carolyn Jane Walsh 
"Kathryn Ruth Walter 
"Joanne Gibbs Wasson 

Katheryn Anna Wasylczuk 
"Vicky Ann Weakley 

Adrienne Lynne Weber 
t Irene L. Weidler 

Paula Beth Weisman 

Beatrice Elizabeth Wells 
"Mary H. Wenger 

Eleanor True Wetherald 

Joseph M. Whelan 

Susan Lee Whetzel 

Deborah Jae White 

Kathleen Louise White 
tMarilyn Louise White 

Kathryn Ellen Whittlesey 

Sharon Bernadette Wiedel 

Margaret Ann Wilcox 

Larry Harold Williamowsky 

Linda Ann Wilson 

Richard Stewart Wilson 

Colette Marie Winnard 

M. Jane K. Wisor 

Gail A. Wolf 

David Umstead Wright III 

Harriet Livingston Wright 

Durinda Yates 

R. Carmen Yates, Jr. 

Lesa Gay Yawn 

Evelyn Sophia Yenias 
"Reuben Martin Yost 

Barbara Barrett Zeidler 

John Paul Zelenka 

Linda Alexandra Zetter 
"Margaret Ann Zitnyar 

College of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Beckmann, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

^/Robert David Aaron /" T |jf\ 

v^Marianne Evans Abercrombie' U>*^aXA/V(J L/ 
vManouchehr Ahdoot 
VA/Villiam Anders Aske 
^Jeffrey Farrell Asner 
i^avid Azhdam 
•'Tiobert Wynne Bailey 
^ames Floyd Bandy, Jr. 
"ACharles Michael Banz 
^hom James Baron 
'^ Michael James Baum 
'ypexer Eric Baum 
'A/lark Albert Benke 
^Maurice Betaharon 
^Tajudeen Bayo Bishi 

'^George Bergmann Blake 

yThomas Harold Boosinger, Jr. 
"^ichael Wayne Bozman 
vi3regory J. Burch 

KJCIaudia Jeanne Burton ' oOO-WS*^ 
''Bob Dale Buschman 
^ouis Peter Butler 
.<iharles F. Canitz 
\<fames Lee Chen 
*Jak Fat Chu 
*»^ill Ruskin Clifton 
VRobert Andrew Crowley 
Tuuii I lung Duu 
^arry Lawrence Davis 

J>hn Lawrence Dawson 
Braid Neal Day 
alter Reece De Rieux 
lomas Gerald DeSimone 
..arl Raymond Deugwillo, Jr. 



' with honors; t with high honors 


/Alan R. Doerr 
vQoseph Gary Donnelly 
VA. Kenton Drury 
l/Cary Duey Dula 
l^ohn Lawrence Dymek 
y Randall Eberly 
/'David Raymond Errera 
(/George Nicholas Fach, Jr. 
^Andree Nicholas Filipov 

Benjamin Robert Fitzpatrick 

Felipe Flores-Amaya 

Stanley Raymond Fox 

Michael Leith French 

Donald Stewart Fry 

Stophon B ruoo Gor l ooh 

James Calvin Glascock 

Michael David Glendening 

Ernesto Gonzalez III 

Lawrence Bennett Goodwin 

Michael Joseph Goss 

Franklin Lawrence Grabowski 

Howard Arthur Grad 
'Steven Levere Grogg 

James Wayne Hall 

Charles Eckman Hammond 
'John McCall Hardcastle 

Michael Patrick Hart 

John Jude Hartranft 
t Richard William Haviland 

Millard Thomas Hennessee 

Douglas C. Herdon 

Ronald Foy Hosea 
'David Michael Humphrey 

Edward Philip Hurley 

David Jay I cove 
"David Bruce Isaksen 

Kenneth Paul Jaworski 
'John Paul Jenkins 
t Robert Norman Jester 

James Richard Jones 

James Joseph Kahl 
tDavid Henry Kalb 

Don S. Kondoleon 
tJames Stanley Kikia 

Richard Earl Lackey 

Dani Lalezar-Shemirani 
tPaul Mark Lancer 

Edward George Landon 

James Yen Lee 
'Eugenio Sergio Machado 

Lawrence Arthur Malchodi 
tJoseph Burton Maloney, Jr. 
'Jeffrey H. Marcus 
'Richard Joseph Marinshaw 

Albert Arlie Martin 
'August Henry Mattheiss 

Timothy Parker McCain 

Robert Wayne Mclntyre 

William E. Millies 

William Harris Mints, Jr. 

William Reid Morgan 

Stephen Harold Nacht 

Stephen Paul Newhouse 

David Kellum Norton 
tYeong Hwan Oh 
tRobert James O'Laughlin 

Thomas Read Ostendorf, Jr. 

Pau l OtatiDian Pu li n i ln i 

John Charles Papuchis 

W illi am Todd Potton — 

* with honors; t with high honors 

John Patrick Peacock 

Richard Wayne Pegg 

Edward Ennio Pellegrino 

Grant Edward Powell, Jr. 

William Henry Prosser III 

Clinton Baird Ramsey 

Nelson Francis Rekos, Jr. 

John Rocco Renzi 

Thomas Vincent Rodante 
'William Louis Lee Russell 

David Robert Sadowski 

J i sieph Ka i n 'i iit l'i OuUum lli 

Mitchell James Sapp 

I l e pb crt W llli om Ceh l iekonmo i or 1 1 1 

Edward Joseph Sheehi 
'Anthony Thomas Shemonski, Jr. 
tDennis James Sherren 

Jeffrey William Shuey 

Brian Edward Smith 
'Dean Hewson Smith 
tHarry Leonard Sponseller 

Larry Stanich 

Richard Thomas Stevick 

Dan C. Svrjcek 

Timothy Edward Sylvester 

JoDc ph r. Ta han 

Thomas Henry Tankersley 

Mo ha n i mae) He g a Ta r a 

Tran Ky Thanh 

Harry Jack Lee Thompson, Jr. 

David Earl Thompson 

Charles Edward Wagner, Jr. 

Otis Eugene Walker 

Joseph John Welkie, Jr. 

Pe<cr Ul l jcn3 Weot 

Mark Lawrence Williams 

James Andrew Wilson 

Halit Irfan Yildirim 

Alfred Attilio Zucchi 

College of 
Human Ecology 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Elizabeth W. Brabble, 
Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Joy Ann Abercrombie 

Karen Louise Alexander 

Beverly Ann Allen 

Susan Fran Amsel 
tBarbara Ann Anastos 
'Martha Jean Andrews 

Donna June Anglemeyer 

Susan L. Ansel 

Mary Eleanor Armstrong 

Barbara Baer 

Kathleen Terry Barr 

Lenora Larson Bennett 

Kathleen M. Bergman 

Martha Jean Ann Black 
'Andrea Jean Blum 

Frances Anne Borchardt 

Michele Elizabeth Brooks 

Joanne Marie Burrows 

Audrey Margaret Byerly 

Suzanne Joyce Caffiaux 

William Maurice Campbell 

Christopher Lawrence Carone 

Anne Elizabeth Carpenter 

Sandra L. Chaillet 

Terri Ellen Chaimson 

Barbara Bell Chandler 

Jo Ann Chin 

Patricia Ann Chiswell 
tTheresa Dorothy Cini 

Dennis King Clancy 

Jo Ann Elizabeth Glower 

Shary Sue Cohen 

Antoinette Victoria Collins 

Deborah Linnae Colvin 

Yolanda Dolores Comegys 

Pamela Conley 

Crystal M. Cooper 

Carol Ann Cording 

Karen Anne Costello 

Nancy Carol Goto 

Elizabeth D. Coulter 
'Angela Maria Crockett 

Lynn Maria Crombie 

Claudia Lea Crossett 

Ann M. Crowell 

Laurie Ann Davis 

Martha Carolyn Davis 

Michelle Lynn Davis 
tKarin M. Dennison 

Emily Marie Dickson 

Dianne Abbott Disharoon 
'Lynn Marie Dixon 
'Nancy Simmons Duggan 

Sylvia H. Dye 

Barbara Elizabeth Eckhardt 

Barry Charles Erdeljon 

Leiia Susan Espil 

Nancy Joyce Evans 

Dorothy Sue Feigenbaum 

Carol Ann Brundige Fettweis 

Elizabeth Maree Filipos 
tJoan Pearl Fort 

Lynne Marie Frank 

Helen Beryl Friedkin 

Mary Ann Fritz 
tMary C. Giammatteo 

Cynthia June Gleich 
'Nancy Ellen Gold 
'Gary Hillel Goldman 

Sharon Ann Goldstraw 

Margaret Cecilia Golibart 
'Susan Diane Goon 

Patricia Ann Gump 

Suzanne J. Guttenberger 
'Harlan Barry Handler 

Hollis Ann Haneke 

Edward Fred Harney 
'Barbara Susan Harshman 

Polly Bryan Havenstein 

Christine Lanette Hein 

Madeline Vikki Heller 

Jane Beck Higgins 

Joann Cramp Hill 
'Cherie Denise Hiner 

Patricia Karen Holahan 

Don Y. T. Hsia 

Patti Ann Hudock 

Gwendolyn Melissia Hughes 
tPaula Dorene Irwin 

tAlicia Lawrence Jarboe 

Carol Michelle Jennings 

Hallie Sutor Johnson 

Nancy Jane Johnson 

Michelle Lois Kaish 
tSusan B. Kamener 

Heyeun Kang 

Pamela F. Kantrowitz 

Beatrice Bartle Kasparek 

Kathryn Ann Kearney 

Judith Ann Keith 

Joan Carol Kendrick 

Carol Marie Kibby 

Leslie Ann Kizner 

Joseph Oscar Kriemelmeyer, Jr. 
'Constance Anna Kruse 
'Carolyn Ann Kuhn 

Rebecca Jane Fisher Kuhn 
tShelley Kurtz 

Patricia Anne La Hood 

Kathleen Foley Leddy 

Janet Ann Leidy 

Mark John Leizear 

Syril Levin 

Kimberly Ann Lewis 

Myron Lionel Lofton 

Christine Knight Lujack 

Terri Sue Lynch 

Marcy Fay Magazine 

Annie Laurie Maier 

Ronald Emil Maletich 

Cynthia Trulson Manz 

Deborah Anne Marshall 
tEllen Carol Maslow 

Janine LaTourette Mays 

Carolyn Jean McClellan 

Mary Jane McCoy 

Carolyn Elizabeth McGhee 

Betty Jean McKay 

Margaret Kim Mears 
tPatricia Melvin 

Beth Maureen Miller 

David Martin Miller 

Kathy Lee Miller 

Mary Catherine Eustis Miller 

Janet Holly Molnick 

Jane Ann Mountain 

Patricia Ann Mussante 

Susan James Nash 

Robin Barbara Noble 
tElise Anne O'Keefe 

Josiane Isnard Osborne 

Carol C. Packer 

Cheryl L. Parker 

Pamela Lynne Parkinson 

Lauren E. M. Peterson 

Ann Ammidon Pierson 
tGail Patrice Poffenberger 

Rebeca Elena Ponte 

Albert T. Powell 

Doug G. Powell 

Francine Hankerson Powell 

Richard Lee Quigley 

Dene Rapp 

Elizabeth Allingham Ray 

Diane Gingrich Reich 
tSusan Wilson Rester 

Eric Charles Rooks 

Pamela Jean Rose 
'Lillian Rosen 

Bachelors 1> 

Deborah Ann Rykken 

Jeanne Carole Schenke 
*Lou Ann Schilling 

Gretchen Ann Schultz 

Angela Erica Screven 
* Linda Louise Shand 

Patricia Ann Shapiro 

Nancy Lee Shook 
'Valerie Ann Shor 

Valerie Ann Shukis 

Allan Siekierka 

Denise Marie Smith 

Betsy Diane Sparks 
tSally Ann Spohn 
'Barbara Jane Stec 

Susan Elizabeth Steely 

Valerie Jean Stewart 

Farah Shannon Stokes 
'Kathleen Louise Strachan 
tAnne Camille Street 

Sue Ellen Strieker 
*Sharan Diann Sutton 

Virginia Louise Tate 

Mary Ellen Taylor 
•Leslie Carolyn Tobias 

Linda Esther Torchinsky 

Joanne Train 

Michael Turow 

Mary Margaret Twohig 

Juliann Sue Vann 

Jennifer Lee Vogelgesang 

Deborah Pauline Weaver 

Rebecca Ann Weildon 

Laura Dee Weinberger 

Amy Joyce Werba 

Mariene Victoria Wesley 

Carol Sue West 

JoAnn White 

Mary Elizabeth White 
TLynne Allen Williams 
tOlinda Ruth Williams 

Mary Louise Wilson 

Sharon Lynn Wolz 

Nina Woo 
tDiane Elizabeth Wynn 

Leslie A. Young 

Deborah S. Ziska 

Nancy Marie Zoeliner 

College of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Ray E. Hiebert, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Joanne P. Alexis 

Niki Jamie Alexis 

Katherine M. Amann 

Allyn Johanna Arnold 

John Albert Bayne 
tMary Joanne Benton 
*Coleen Dee Berry 

Lynn Anne Brown 

Massimo Severino Busetti 

Sarah Susan Carsey 

Maureen Elizabeth Chipman-Cerny 

Colin Joseph Chisholm 

18 Bachelors 

Raylena Church 
tJohn Richard Claycomb 

Patricia Luber Goldman 

Philip Michael Harrison 

Thomas Eugene Herbert 

Caren Lee Hodges 

Philip Joel Jacobs 

Anne Elizabeth Johnson 

Andrea St. George Jones 

Miriam Halley Kane 
tMarcia Beverly Kass 

Kathleen Cheryl Kelly 

Mary Elizabeth Kershaw 

Nancy Aileen Klein 

James Hugh Lamont, Jr. 
*Ruth Gaddis MacLauchlan 

Joanne Magoulas 

Joanne Magollas 

Gregory Michael Mangiapane 

Thomas Paul Mathers 
'John Joseph Mayo 

Eugene Gerald McGuire 

David Alan Miller 

Rhoda Sue Miller 

Karlene Laurel Morrish 

Elizabeth Mary Nicodemus 

Michele L. O'Brien 

EricC. Paddock III 

Magdalene Athanasios Papapostolou 
'Andrew W. Plattner 

James Eugene Pokrandt, Jr. 
t Deborah F. Prager 

Alan Wayne Puffenberger 

Robin Lance Rames 
'Marcia Ann Reitman 

Marjorie Ellen Riordan 

Edward J. Roberts, Jr. 

James R. Roberts 
t Dolores Carter Rose 

Paul Stanley Smith 

Dorothy H. Totz 

Robert Maurice Trimble 

Thomas Dominic Tulli 

Deborah Clogg Weaver 

Patricia Wilens 

Elisa Audrey Zeitlin 

College of 
and Health 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Maryin Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Vincent William Bateman 

Sandra Marie Beall 

Charles Edward Bednarik, Jr. 
tChristopher Joseph Berg 
tMarsha Ann Bienia 

Terese Martha Boswell 
'Richard Rumel Bradley III 
t Barbara Anne Braymer 

Deborah Anne Bruce 

'Madeline Anne Carnevale 

William Dennis Catlin 
'Cheryl Ann Collins 

Mary Kathleen Collins 

Georgia Lee Cordill 

Michael Thomas Danahy 

Joyce Ann Davis 

James Richard de Nobel 

Michael Allen DeSimone 

Laurie Ann Donnelly 

Dale Ray Engberson 

Deborah Ann Ethridge 

Elaine Susan Fox 

Timothy Michael Galloway 

Janet Ruth Goldberg 

Leslie Dee Gordon 

Margaret Louise Green 

Marian Meldrum Greendale 

Barry John Hartwyk 

Anthony Hedlesky 

Dianne Eleanor Hofmann 

Christine Marie Holowej 

Luis Michael Jomidad 
tChristopher Kerry Joyce 

Risa Ellen Katz 

Kevin Rhett Kearns 

Terry Liss Kelly 

Sandra Lynn Kessler 
tChristine Marie Klishis 
'Linda Margaret Kramer 

Elizabeth Ann Kreiter 

Carol Ann Layne 

Vicki Marguerite Loy 

Cheryl Susan McAdams 

Margaret Dawn Murphree 

Gail Rinker Ragan 

Barbara Lee Raposa 

Jackie Michelle Rose 

Eileen Wingrove Rosewag 

Candace Paulene Rouse 
tCarol Elizabeth Rowe 

Hubert Potter Sale 

Carol Ann Schoenwetter 

James Edward Sheehan 

Dennis Lee Sirbaugh 

Karen Irene Skatzes 

Wayne Steven Skelton 
tPamela Anne Steyn 

Patricia Anne Sturdevant 
'Deborah Louise Trovato 

Dale Alan Valentine 

Randolph George Vincent 

Margaret Anne Weismiller 

Robert Blaine Weismiller 

Stephen Wakefield Wescott 
'Mary Margaret Vetter 

Linda Gale Ziegler 

Division of 
Agrieultural and 
Life Seienees 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Francis C. Stark, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Oluwafemi Tajudeen Abudu 

Christine Ann Alderson 
tSusan Deborah Alpert 
tGeorge Joseph Alter 

Joseph Thomas Aqua 

Shaida S. Badiee 

Debbe Lou Baldridge 
'Byron Neal Baldwin 

Betsy Ballard 

Carol A. Balone 

Warren Roger Bank 
tJudith Rose Barger 

Donald Joseph Belanger, Jr. 

Daniel Joseph Bell 

Barbara Beth Berman 

Richard Samuel Bernstein 
'Charlene Kay Bickings 

Bruce Cameron Bidle 
'Neal Edward Blair 

Florian O. Block 

Bruce Richard Boiling 

Thomas Andrew Borkman 

Michael James Borreson 

Dennis Michael Brady 

James Marvin Branan 

Mary Frances Brinker 

Timothy Ronald Brooks 

Kenneth Louis Busch 
'Maria Nenita Calleja 

Cynthia Ann Cambardella 

David Bruce Carroll 

Richard Alan Carroll 

Susan Olevia Cassidy 

Maxine M. Centala 

Donald Charles Christopher 

Larry Clark 

Bronna Tamar Cohen 
t Howard Bruce Cohen 

Linda Ann Cohen 

Robert 0. Conley, Jr. 

Michael Wayne Cook 

Michael Vincent Cox 

Therese Irene Creel 

Mary Cribben 

Joseph Anthony Crimi 
'Michael John Cristy 

Ronald Ernest Daniels 
tFlora Jean Danisi 

Eugene Gordon Dannels 

Linda Lenore Dart 
tDebra L. DeArment 

Joseph Michael DeFelice 

Daniel Thomas Devlin 
'David Lee Diefenderfer 

Alan Jay Dinkin 

Ronald Henry Dorn 
'William N. Dunlap III 

George Donald Easton, Jr. 

John de Camp Elder 

Warren Eugene Eng 

Lynn Ann Englund 

Robert William Esmond 
'Bethany Ann Eubanks 

Janet Eileen Faber 

Michael Dominick Falatico 

Grant Alan Faller 

Abdolreza Farivari 
tSally Dale Faulkner 
'Burt Ira Feldman 

Leslie J. Feldman 
tCharles Neil Fellows 

■ with honors; t with high honors 

Robert Jay Fensterheim 
Marion Ann Filby 
Karen Marne Fischer 
Ursula Flatow 

tEric Jay Fleischer 
Alan Lawrence Freeman 
Nathan Fremd 
Susan Hill Fugate 
Robert Vincent Ginnis 
James Paul Girolami 

tPeter Edward Godfrey 
Paul Michael Goldberg 
Lyndon Keith Goodwin 
Thomas Anthony Grabiak 

•Rebecca Lea Graff 
Lillian Hadjis Gray 
Sanford Harvey Greenberg 
Margaret Anne Greendale 
James Samuel Greenfeld 
Sheldon Berkeley Grove 
John Attila Hamvay 
Steven Douglas Hardy 
Lester Earle Harris III 
Thomas Bernard Haywood 
Beverly Jane Heacock 
Robert John Henrich, Jr. 
David Charles Hetzer 
Karen Louise Hill 
John Thanh Hoang 
Brenda Kaye Hook 
John Harold Horton 
John Wayne Huffman 
Dace Gundega Jagars 
Dennis Charles James 
Jacqueline Adele Janzegers 
Kenneth Alan Jurist 
William Lewis Kausch 
Nancy Louise Keesling 
Steven T. Keirstead 

'Severely Joan Kelsey 
Jamie Lynn Kerr 
Wisam Hashmat Khan 

t Douglas Joseph Killion 
Thomas Joseph Killion 

"Caroline Prout King 
George Chris Kokinos 
David Ira Konicov 
Kay Marie Langenbach 
Jose Antonio Lanio, Jr. 
Linda Lanzafame 

t Richard Alan Lebow 
William LeCalvez 

•Jeffrey Lee 
John Franklin Leedy 

tEsther Marcia Leise 
Francis William Leonard 
Cynthia Alene Lerch 
Elaine E. Levesque 

t Robert Alan Levin 
Joseph Eric Levy 
Jonathan David Libber 
James Roger Lindenmuth 
William Timothy Link 
Orlando Ricardo Lobo 

•William Jeffrey London 
Mark Andrew Looser 

•Timothy James Low 

•Julia Anne Macdonald 
John Charles Maerz, Jr. 
Sharon Patricia Mahoney 

" with honors; t with high honors 

Charles Robert Mainhart 

•Celeste Inez Maiorana 

•Louis Robert Mandris 
Richard Lee Manolio 
Janet Elizabeth Marrichi 
Mona M. Massouda 
Scott Thomas Maurer 
Patricia Ann McCabe 
Brian Roger McDonald 
Mary Carolyn McKay 
Jacqueline Ann Meany 
Larry James Michael 
Ellen Mika 

tSusan Lynne Morris 
Robert Nelson Moses 
Russell Wyman Moy 
William Lawrence Murphy 
James Howard Myers 
Myron Vernon Nicholson 
John William Novak, Jr. 
Karen Beth Nylander 
Antonia Jean Ochinero 
Lati Orekulehin Ojikutu 
Edward Steven Orman 
Robert Neil Ortlani 
Robert Ostericher 
Steven Barry Palder 
Bruce Anderson Parce 
Mark Alan Parkhurst 
William Paul Parmelee 
Gregory Stephen Pavlakis 
Catherine G. Pearson 
William Guy Perry 
John Craig Peterson 
Suzanne Denise Plass 
Victor Michael Plavner 
J. Kevin Poitras 
Jeffrey Nicolas Powers 
Niles Lloyd Primrose 
Albert C. Pritchard 
Francis Joseph Rainey, Jr. 
Michael Edgar Reece 
Gerald Gilbert Reese 
Michael Anthony Resio 
Bonnie Bradley Rich 

tLeah M. Richarts 
Stephen John Rochelle 
Mark Edward Rodgers 
Jeffrey Alan Rosen 
Bradford Alan Ross 
Robert Alan Rovner 
Donald Bruce Rubin 
John Evangelo Samaras 
Jeffrey Mark Sandler 
John Albert Scanland 
Douglas Thomas Scarborough 
Paul John Schaefer 
Marilyn Nadine Scheige 
Margaret Jane Schlundt 
Clare Patricia Schommer 

tJeffrey Alan Schuldenfrei 
Irvin Alan Seff 
Juanita I Serrano 
Sandra Susan Shanks 
Donald Lee Sherry 
Mark Scarborough Shon 
Howard Lee Siegel 
Michael Alan Siegel 

tKaren Patricia Sigel 

•Linda Dianne Simmons 

Douglas Hatcher Sims 

Anthony Lee Sintetos 

Meredith Jane Smith 

Robert Edward Smith 

Raymond Burrows Snowden 

Barbara Helene Sohmer 

Richard Keith Solomon 

Roger Gene Sorensen 
tSteven Lee Sowell 
•Polly M. Steinberg 

Wayne Steven Steinberg 

Jean Ann Strom 

Kevin Christopher Sullivan 

Leonard Richard Svensson 

Guy Holmeade Talbott III 

Raymond Taylor, Jr. 

Robert Charles TIano 

F. Lynn Tidwell 

Philip John Tomaselli, Jr. 

Robert Alafriz Toro 

John William Torres 

Sara A. Traubman 

William Wood Trevarrow 
tThomas Arthur Vincent 
tGail J. Vivino 

Stuart Alan Wahl 

John Michael Walker 

Andrea Elizabeth Waller 

Bailey Barrett Walten 

Edward Joseph Weber 

Alan Jay Weiner 

Robert Bruce Weiner 
'Linda Gail Weinstein 

Richard S. Weinstein 

Michael Emanuel Weisman 

Sarah Weisse West 

Gary Scott Wetreich 

Jeffrey DePass Whall 

David Craig White, Jr. 
•Roberta Pamela Wiener 
•Robert Michael Wilkins 
•Frank Edward Willis 

Wallace E. Willon, Jr. 

Longina Aleksandra Wojciechowska 
•Yael Yokel 
tMichael Francis York 

Dazaree Christine Young 

Gerrlann Zweifach 

Division of Arts 
and Humanities 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Corrigan, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Michelle Marie Abernethy 

Robert Steven Ackerman 

Elizabeth Jo Adieberg 
•Deborah Belle Agus 

Gonzalo Fabian Albornoz 
•L. Patricia Tallman Alexiou 

John Richard Allen 

Laurel Lynn Allen 

Dieter Altmann 

Sheryl A. Amster 

Richard Alan Anderson 
tWilliam Gordon Anderson 

tLouis E. Angelo 
Joan Marie Anzelmo 

Eliot Josef Applestein 

Nancy Hearn Aronson 
t Leslie Atkins 

Sandra Ellen Auman 

Mark Dale Aydelotte 

Karen Varty Babikian 
tEdward Clark Bacon 

Joan Bahnick 

Rex M. Baker 

Ellis Joel Barbacoff 

Catherine Gail Barnes 

Peggy Jo Barr 

Kathleen Collins Barron 

Kim Lee Barron 

Betsy Carol Beall 

Marie J. Beam 
•Kristen Struebing Beazley 

Joy H. Becker 
•Amy Lee Bennett 
•Peter Fripp Bennett 

William Michael Bernhards 

Pilar L. Bernhardt 
tMaura Jill Bernstein 

Lisa Loving Bersbach 

Erika Yvonne Bethmann 

Delia M. Bisgyer 

Franklin John Black 

Carol Morgan Blakeley 
•Sandra Rae Bluett 

Theresa Marie Boehm 

Karin Teresa Bogner 
•Nancy Ellen Boone 

Charles Alexander Borsch 
•Petra Alexa Borzilleri 

Joyce Loraine Bosc 

Margaret Elizabeth Boschen 

John Dwight Bosley 
•Gerald James Boyle 

Claudia Francis Bozick 

Sharon Ann Brandes 

Sally Ann Brandon 

Susan Joan Brill 

Ronald Irving Brooks 

Karen Gail Brown 

Nancy Thomsen Brown 

Owen A. Brown 
•Carol F. Buchman 

James Thoms Bull 

William Edward Bumgardner 

Charlett Ann Robinson Bundy 

Stephen Aaron Burch 
tFelicia Marie Burdick 

Richard Meredith Burgess 

Cynthia Gail Butler 

Sally Elizabeth Cage 

Joseph F. Caliguro 

Nancy Monroe Cambell 

Aileen Campion 
•Bruce Curtis Carson 

Darlene Ann Casses 

Lynn Marie Castle 

Christopher Peter Cavas 

Gabe Michael Chaisson 
tBarbara Anne Chapp 
tFrancine Cheyfitz 
tCarole Linda Chipchin 

Demos Chrissos 

Monica Jean Clark 

Bachelors 1! 

Bryan James Cochran 
Jean Marie Coffman 

•Jennifer Norah Miller Coile 
Bruce Lind Cole 
Jill Johnson Conrad 
Sharon Ann Conroy 
Daniel Charles Consuegra 
James Dean Cooper, Jr. 

tJoseph Coudon Vll 
Gregory Leo Countess 
Karen Michelle Crozier 
Linda Ann Cunabaugh 
Nancy Marie Cunningham 

tJanice Dykstra Currens 
Alice Therese Czecha 
Nancy M. Dailey 
Mitchell Eric Dakelman 
Alan Jay Danker 
Robert William Davis 
Eugene Francis Deems, Jr. 
Emily Louise De Joia 
John Peter Delaney 
Vincent Louis DelBaIzo 
Wendy Guss Dellefield 
John Louis DeMont 
John Francis Diver 
Peter Michael Doherty 
Michael Joseph Dolan 
Jennifer Porter Doney 
William Matthew Donohue 

tMarguerite Suzanne Duck 
Pamela Faye Duenkel 
Nancy Jo Dugan 

tChristine B. Dukes 
Mark Valentine Dyer 
Jeffrey Philip Eaton 
George Economides 
Stephen Joseph Emond 
Mary Sharon English 
Masona Lue Erwin 
Adrian Bruce Evangelist 
Patricia Yasmine Faico 
Patricia Anne Farrell 
John Scott Farrow 
Melanie Jane Kadin Fay 
Aurelia Stana Federighi 
Sharon Hartridge Fettus 
Walter Karl Fillmann 
Anne Lorraine Fineran 
Julie Eve Finver 

*Jean Mildred Fitzgibbon 
Eugene Joseph Fitzpatrick, Jr. 
Michael Francis Flynn 
Elizabeth Ann Foley 
Frank Granston Ford 
Dennis Edward Foster 
Pamela Joyce Fox 
Mariellen T. Franke 

tAlan Benjamin Frankle 
George Charles Franklin 

tMargery Jean Freeman 

*Fran Frieder 
Russell Jay Friedman 
Cecilia M. Friend 
Richard John Frost, Jr. 

*Lisa Funkhouser 
Sophia Galifaro 
Martha Theresa Garcia 
Cheryl Ann Gaspar 
Larry Karl Gassel 

20 Bachelors 

Michael Jay Gerber 
tSareen Ruth Gerson 
'Deborah Kathleen Gerst 
•Nancy Carol Giantomenico 

Robin Anne Gilles 

Deborah Gilliam 

Brenda Giudicelli 
tjonathan Hugh Glenn 

Joan Louise Glotfelty 

Helene Joan Greenberg 

Ralph Burce Greenblatt 

Roban Lee Griffin 

Lawrence Emil Grimes 
tAlan Scott Grodnitzky 

Eleanor Victoria Grover 

Thomas Alfred Guay 

Marie Isabel Guevara 

Alicja Gutman 
•Martha Lewis Hall 

Kevin Michael Hamill 

Richard Allan Hansen 

George P. Haralamos 
tStephen Charles Hardesty 

Elizabeth Rena Hardy 

Mark Andrew Harper 

Marilyn Diane Harris 

Elizabeth Ellen Hartranft 

William F. Hassay, Jr. 

Patricia Lynn Hastings 

Debra Caren Hauptman 
tEileen Beth Hausdorff 

Margaret Ellen Hayden 

Jerry Justin Hayes 

Henry F. Hege 

Richard Donald Heitmann 
tKatherine Ann Herrick 

Karl Randolph Hesse 

Carolyn Frances Hoffman 

Susan Holland 

JoAnn M. Holmes 

Catherine Mary Holzle 

Joleen Ann Horen 
tWendie Avona Hudspeth 

Steven Paul Hulsey 

Leonard Jon Hummel 

Zoe-Ann Patricia Humphreys 
•Joseph Brooks Hunt 

Janice Jo Isolato 

Celia Ann Israeloff 

Julianne E. Ivins 
•Maryanne Davey Jackman 

Marie Alice Jackson 

Mary Christine Jardeleza 

Monica Mae Joda 

Ronald Paul Judish 

Sally Anne Kabisch 

Joanne Kalus 

Kathleen Marie Kane 

James Nicholas Kasson 

Debra Kay 

Alan Jack Kazanjian 
•Katherine M. Kehoe 

Alice Dell Kelley 
•Wendy D. Kersten 

Eileen Kessler 
tNoel Ann Kiley 

Allen Lawrence King 

Mark S. Kingsley 

Robin Kiviat 
tTheodora Rahela Klayman 

Daniel Howard Knapp 

Jeffrey Alan Koeppel 

Kathryn Mary Kogge 

Oleg Kornetchuk 
t David Richard Kosofsky 

Mary Edith Kovach 
tEdwardJohn Kowalski 

David Jeffrey Kuff 

Teresa Ruth LaCamera 

Robert Lynn Lane 

Mark Tyler Laufe 

Pearl A. La Van 

Caria Mary Law 

Seth Thomas Layesman 

Constance Eileen Leacock 

Lenora Deanean Lee 

Michael Frederick Lehman 

Anita Debra Leonard 

Steven Alan Levenson 

Lori Levin 

Claire Ming Li 

Frank Licari, Jr. 

Lisa Present Lichtenstein 

Terry Sue Lindstrand 

Anthony Arthur Lisby 

Madeleine Lorraine Litz 

Mitchell Wood Lock 

Deborah Ann Loftus 

Debra Ann Lowe 

Rondai Lynn Ludwick 

Victor Joseph Lujetic 

Pamela J. Maeda 
tJames Grady Maggio 

Marc Steven Magram 

Kathleen Elizabeth Mahon 
tirma Staza Majer 

Margarita Maloney 
t Karen Ann Maris 

Bertha Hooks Martin 
•Patricia Anne Martin 

Barbara Ilia Mason 

Nancy Marie Mayer 

Joan Lee Mazer 

Dolores Martina McCall 

Patrice Regina McCallum 

Nancy Barbara McCauley 
•CharlesMiller McClain, Jr. 

Karl Frederick McFarland 

Keith Gordon McManus 

Kathy Lee McMartin 

Pamela Ellen McNelia 

Thomas Lee McQuade 

Joyce Ellen Meekins 

Neal J. Meiselman 

Janice Franklin Mergenovich 
tMarilyn M. Merikangas 

Danusia Leah Meson 

Dennis Martin Miller 

Linda Ann Miller 

Robert C. Miller 

Linda Ann Mills 

Alan Carl Milstein 

Matthew Charles Minahan 
•Angel Monfiletto 

Charles Blake Moran, Jr. 

Joseph Brodhead Morris 

Anita Hunton Moss 

Garifallia Athanasiou Mourtoupalas 

William Franklin Mumma, Jr. 

Richard Donald Murphy, Jr. 

Francoise Marie Myrick 

Claudia Joan Nash 

Margaret Nottingham Nemetz 

Jo Ann Niedermayer 

Daniel John Novakoski 

Janet Claire Nuttle 

Kevin Edward O'Connell 

James Dennis O'Connor 
•Katherine I. Ohearn 

Kevin J. O'Rourke 

Deborah Faye Ousley 
tDiane Palmer 

Timothy A. Peckham 

Andrea Lynn Peters 

Chrissellene George Petropoulos 

Martina Picciano 

Anne Dee Pokras 

Marc Joshua Potash 

Janet L. Powell 
tSally A. Presler 

Gwen Maria Pruszkowski 

Steven Banks Pusey 

Laurel Judith Radow 

CarIa Hope Raney 

Deborah Fineblum Raub 

John Paul Ravilious 

Betsy Priscilla Reed 

Helene Carol Resnick 

Kenneth Rodney Richardson 

Richard Louis Rindskopf 

William Alfred Ring, Jr. 

Esther Ann Ritchie 

Patrick Michael Roddy 

Eric Peter Rodenhauser 

Lynn Hilary Rosen 

Nancy Beth Rosenbaum 

Judith Sue Rosenberg 

Mark Cooper Ross 

Linda Ellen Roth 

Arthur L. Rubeor, Jr. 
•Barry L. Rubin 

Michaela Kovar Rubin 

Francis Alfred Ryan 

Glenn Lawrence Sabele 

Debie Denise Saidia 

Lorraine Helene Salk 

Richard Ashby Sattler 

Maxine Nan Schaeffer 

Karen Lenore Schaller 

Barry Clement Schlegel 
tStephen Ray Schlosnagle 

Michael Lee Schneider 

Jay H. Schreider 
tMary Elizabeth Schwartz 

Alice Jeannette Scott 

Lynn D. Sears 
tDeborah Marcia Seidman 
•Ann Elizabeth Seymour 

Allan Martin Shapiro 

Raymond Allan Sheeley 

Israel David Sheinbein 

Christopher Lee Sherren 

Susan Lynn Shulman 

Mary Elizabeth Shultz 

Nancy Ellen Siegel 
•Bradley Alan Silberberg 

Susan Helene Simon 

Cynthia Sirkin 

Barry Stuart Sirkis 

Elizabeth L. Skinner 

■ with honors; t with high honors 

Adeie Francis Slaughter 

Anna Maria Smith 
tDon Cameron Smith 
Janice Stewart Smith 
Jeffrey K. Smith 

Kathryn Lee Smith 
*Sara Beth Bloomer Smith 

Lydia Rebbecca Suzanne Snapp 

Cheryl Eileen Sparks 

William F. Spates II 
Julian N. Spittlehouse 

Harriet C. Stanley 

Barbara Dale Stauber 
tConstance Joan Stearman 

Barbara S. Stevenson 

Eileen Ayre Stinnette 

Elizabeth Louise St. John 

Debra Lynn Stogdale 

Joan Marguerite Stolz 

Dennis Leonard Stone 
"Pamela Jo Story 

Frank Joseph Strasburger 

Sue Ann Strause 

Christopher Douglas Suntum 
"Barbara Ellen Surosky 

Eric William Swartz 

Gregory Brian Talbert 

David Lawrence Talbott 

Christopher Alan Taylor 

Douglas C. Taylor 

Nancy Leigh Taylor 

Shirleeta Taylor 
"Debra June Temple 
"Anita Marie Tercero 

Carol Ida Tester 

Emien Paul Tetlow 

Edward Charles Thier 
"Geraldine Thoma 

Kevin James Thomas 

Marguerite Diane Thomas 

Robert William Thompson 

Suzanne Marie Tobin 

Marilyn Tomsic 

Christopher Andre Toussaint 

Donald Richard Tracey 

Laurence Lee Trail 

Amy Beth Triger 

Dominick David Tringali 
"Cassandra Tsintolas 

Denise Regina Tullier 
"Corinne Vivian Vaill 

Stephen M. Vecchietti 

Alexander Voynitch III 
"Barbara Susan Wahl 

William August Wahl 

Michael Paul Wallas 

Kenneth Wildman Walsh 

Jamie Jill Waters 

Kathy Marie Wathen 
tTrudi Helen Weinberg 
tHarlan Frederick Weisman 

Katherine I. Weston 

John Patrick Whelan 

Deborah Jo Wian 
'Nancy Carolyn Wilfong 
tPeed Saber Wilner 

Robert Jerrold Wine 

Vicky Wynetta Wise 

Mary Louise Witte 

Patricia Marie Wolfe 

* with honors; t with high honors 

Janice M. Wolff 
Esther Margaret Woodworth 
Virginia Mary Woolley 
Myra Lynn Wrenn 
Gerald Wright 
Sandra Lynn Wright 
Karen Marie Wurrn 
Barry Keith Young 
Alicia Zarragoitia 
Deborah Gatz Zuckerman 
Anne Jane Zusy 

Division of Arts 
and Humanities 

Bachelor of Music 

Robert David Almgren 
Craig Douglas Cocharo 
Keith Allan Fleming 
John Clay Ford, Jr. 
Paul Calvin Fraunfelter 
Arthur Charles Helms 
Erin Mary McFadden 
tTerry Harriet Tretter 

Division of 
Hehavioral and 
Soeial Seienees 

Candidates will be presented by 

Dr. Mary Berry, Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

tSuzanne Denise Ackerman 

William Roger Adams 

Stuart Long Alison 

Robert L. Alpert 

Edison Michael Amos 

Margaret Charlene Anderson 

Steven John Anderson 

Joan Marie Antonelli 

Susan Joyce Babecki 

Laurine Beth Baier 

Christina Maria-Ida Balanos 

Patrice Elizabeth Ballinger 

Harry H. Bames, Jr. 

Betty Ann Banks 

Ralph Wayne Barbiere 

Harry H. Barnes, Jr. 
tScott Bryan Baron 

Melinda Ann Barrett 

Paul Weller Barrick 

Louis Marc Barrie 

Arlene Baum 

Edward Cary Bean, Jr. 
tRichard John Bender 
tWayne Ronald Benjamin 

Robert J. Bergin 
"Martha Lou Berkey 

Mark Warren Bernstein 

Regina Smith Belts 

Linda Susan Bishop 

Brad David Bleichner 

Hannah Perkiss Blum 

Richard Alan Boccabella 

John Christian Bonner, Jr. 

Greer C. Bosworth 

Ray Veril Bowers, Jr. 

tKristine Ann Bowser 
Michael Kenneth Boyd 
Joseph George Boyer 
Janet Mary Brawley 
Marcia Lynn Bregman 
Will Olan Brimberry 
Karen Frances Brockway 
Carolyn Dolores Brown 
Darrell Lenn Brown 

"Dorothy Kathleen Brown 
Eric Von Bruner 
Anne Townsend Bull 

tPaul James Burbrink 

tPeter Thomas Burdette 

tPatricia Burke 
Bruce Jeffrey Burkness 
Rebecca Christine Burnett 
Jacqueline Elizabeth Burrell 
Jacqueline Marie Buscher 
Margaret Ann Byrne 
Judith Bluestein Caden 

"Suzanne Mae Callahan 
John Thomas Camarda 
Charles Hyde Camp 

tMarsha Anne Cantor 
Theresa Ann Card 
lleana M. Carmona 
John Edward Carroll 
Alice Anne Cashman 
Barbara Somers Chaconas 
Dennis Albert Chaloux 
John Mason Chandler, Jr. 
Patricia Ann Chappell 
Miles D. Chester 

tAnita Chiera 
Garey Scott Chin 
Louis William Chipouras 
Sandra Theresa Cikk 
Amy Ruth Cohen 

'David Michael Cohen 
David Michael Cohen 
Linda Sue Cohen 
Richard Ellis Collins 
Marjory Ann Connelly 
Roger D. Costin 
Shawn Elizabeth Craw 
Ramiro E. Crespo 
James Timothy Cronin, Jr. 
William Timothy Cross 
David Trenton Crow 
James Dawson Crowne 
Mark Aloysius Cullen 
Cynthia Ann Cummings 
Thomas Hughes Curtin 

tErika Paula Cymbala 
Wayne Timothy Dameron 
Barbara Olive Daughn 
Ann Marie Davenport 
Alan B. Davis 
Calvin Frederick Dawes 
Deborah Anne DeCinque 
Diane B. Defibaugh 
Richard Joseph Dent 
Dennis Anthony D'Eramo 

tNancy Katherine Deshler 
Mark Stephen Devan 
Michael Timothy Devine 
Cynthia Rebecca Dillon 
Douglas Raymond Dix 

Janet Lynn Dixon 

Patricia Watson Dolesh 
"Brian Gerard Donohue 
"Deborah J. Donohue 

Dorothy Theresa Dosh 
"James Michael Dougherty, Jr. 

Deborah Carol Doughton 
Joan L. Dudley 
tJohn Daniel Dunn 

Warren Robert Duplinsky 

Karen Lynn Earl 

Gary Howard Ebert 

David Jones Eddleman, Jr. 

Marie Alice Eger 

Stephen Larry Einbinder 

Charles David Elkins 

Lynn Albert Elkins 

Patricia Ann Elliot 

Thomas Joseph Embree 
"Karen Marlene Eppsteiner 

Lawrence Calvin Ervin 

Steven Leonard Estomin 

Donzella Hughes Evans 

John Howard Evans, Jr. 

Teresa Marilyn Evans 

James A. Fahrman 

Nicholas Ralph Faico, Jr. 

Mindy Cheryl Fast 

Barbara Wendy Feder 

Nona Diane Fekete 

Cheryl Marcy Feldman 

Christopher Vincent Flora 

Marc Perry Fisher 

Stephen Patrick Fitzgerald 

Richard Lloyd Flax 

Archie Wilson Fleming, Jr. 

Andrea Faye Flournoy 
"Thomas Michael Foley 

Louis Enrique Font 

Chauncey Edward Ford 

Patricia Ann Ford 

Sheila Marie Ford 

Lindsey Ann Foster 
'Bruce Elliott Fox 

Lolo Burris Franko 

David Butler Freeman 

Mark E. Freidlin 

Debra Ann Friedman 

Kenneth Jon Friedman 

Deborah Peterson Fuhrer 

Julia Ann Fuller 

Crain Alexander Fyfe 

Pearl Lee Gaister 

Jill Laurie Gallup 
"Jeffrey M. Gambel 

Alvaro Garcia 

Gloria Ann Gedrich 

Edward Sebastian Geldermann 

Theodore Alan Gelletly 

Vernon Michael Gentile 

Audrey Carol Giberman 
"Gary Marshall Gilbert 

Melissa Jane Gilcrest 
tEleanor Karen Giraldi 

Christine Lee Anoskey Glaab 

Cynthia Anne Glass 

Frances T. Gluck 

Gerard Francis Goebeler 
tGary Michael Gold 

Sherrie Lynn Gold 

Bachelors 21 

Anne H. Goldberg 
Lisa Amy Goldberg 
Susan Joye Goodman 
Michael Steven Gordon 
Robert Bruce Gordon 
Rhonda Kay Cordy 
Emilie Anne Grasso 
Gerard Leiand Graves 
Helen Gray 

* Robert Neil Green 
Sharon Ruth Green 
Damon Clark Greer 
Gall A. Grieder 

tJohn Earl Griffith, Jr. 
Christopher Michael Grijalva 
Barbara Lee Gullion 
Madeline M. Gunn 

•Michele Lynn Haddad 
Michael McCeney Hagan 
John Raymond Haley 

*Lydia Hammer 
Lisa Ann Harding 
Michael Wayne Harrigan 
Edward Stuart Harris 
Craig Scott Harrison 

*Nancy Lou Harrison 
Gerald Laurence Hart 
Margaret Ann Heine 
Barbara Laura Helm 
Bradford Laurence Hench 
Patricia Ann Henderson 
Anita Elizabeth Hendrix 
Jerry Thomas Hengemihie 
Frances L. Hennigan 
JoAnn Patricia Henry 
Bruce Alan Herald 
Edward William Herbert 1 1 1 

tGregory Clark Hesterberg 
Barbara Catherine Hickey 
Polly Ann Hickle 
Brian Stuart Hilderman 
Elisa Frederiksen Hillman 
Jamey Merle Hochberg 
Thomas Joseph Hogan 
Taza Marlene Hogue 
Patricia Joan Holahan 
Eugene Charles Holland 
Michael Hollis 

*James Joseph Holmes 

tGail Evans Hornung 
Bruce Steven Horomanski 
John William Howell 
Ruthie M. Hubert 
Glendora Cecelia Hughes 
Vicki Elizabeth Hunter 
Renay Jane Hurwitz 
James Allen Hyatt 
Wilna Caudill Hylton 
Susan Carol Hyman 
Joseph John lacono 
Anne Marie lannone 

*Susan Karen Ski Imus 
William A. Isokait 

tJames Stephen Jacobs 
Steven Mark Jacobs 
Donald Charles Jenkins 
John Walter Johnson 
Josephine Machell Johnson 
Melodie Prince Johnson 

*Thomas E. Johnson, Jr. 

22 Bachelors 

Donald Clifford Jones 
Lawrence Marvin Joy 
John Paul Jubinski 
Elizabeth Lena Julian 
Margaret Susan Kadziel 
Andrew Freeman Kagen 
Thomas Everett Kangas 
Mary Constance Kaplow 
Michael Steven Karbeling 
Gregory Haskell Karlin 
Betsy Kasper 
Wendi Karen Kasten 

* Robin Freda Katlin 

(Degree awarded Dec. 20, 1974) 

* Andrew S. Katz (Degree 

awarded Dec. 20, 1974) 
'Donald Jay Katz (Degree 
awarded Dec. 20, 1974) 

* Lynda Fern Katz 
Fredie Diane Kay 
John V. Kehl 
Patricia Aileen Kerr 
Richard Scott Kessler 
Patricia Diane Kinzhuber 
Barbara Jean Klein 

*Sherrie Lynn Kofsky 

Allen Stanley Kogut 

Myra Beth Koppel 
tBrenda Judith Kornreich 

Clifford Gary Kosoff 

Linda J. Kurtz 

Deborah Lynn Kutcher 

Joaquin Lagos 

Bonnie Janice Laing 

Nikki L. Lanza 

Stephen Karl Larmore 

Merrill Edward Layton 

Susan Lyn Ledman 

Lai gen Lee 

lla Mara Lerner 

Thomas Edward Lester 

Livi S. Levin 

Marci Anne Lewis 

Tai-Yin Liu 

Bruce Ian Lobar 

Stewart Alexander Loeblich 

Sally Ann London 

Rita Frances Lorah 

Robert William Loree 

Timothy Paul Lynch 
"Barbara Susan Macklin 

Marvin Peter Macrides 

Eugenia H. Magafan 

George John Magiros 

Patricia Anne Mallow 
tSherree Lynn Marbley 
'Jeffrey Wayne Marcon 

Jennifer Marie Mason 

Richard Joseph Mayr 

Singleton Beryl McAllister 

Joan Adele McCarthy 

Phyllis Marie McCarthy 
*Carol Anne McCord 

Joan Anken McCoy 

Janice Jamison McDonald 

Sheila Terence McDonough 
'Catherine Ruth McGinty 
*Jane Fennessee McGlade 

Marianne C. McGrath 

Joseph Michael McGuire 

Shiela McKevitt 

Stephen Waterman McLean 

Jeffrey Robert Meyer 

Michele Suzanne Meyer 

Patricia Ann Miley 

Denise Sue Miller 

Jeanette Delores Miller 

Marc Theodor Miller 

Joseph Linwood Mitchell, Jr. 
tMargaret Ann Moose 

Kevin Patrick Morse 

Linda Ann Morton 

Carolyn Elaine Mose 

Thomas J. Mulrenin 

Helene Marie Murphy 

Richard Lee Neubert 

Cathy Jane Newman 
'Donald F. Nicolai 

Patricia Kay Nockett 

Celeste Elizabeth O'Bradovich 
'Edward John O'Connor, Jr. 

Patti Lynn Orrison 
tWendy Dawn Oxiey 

Robert Glenn Packin 
*Roy Eugene Pafenberg, Jr. 

Glen K. Palman 

Georgia B. Papadopoulos 

Aileen Sue Pargament 

Ronald Grey Parrish 

John Anthony Pasqual 

Michele Louise Paynter 

Donald William Peck 

Renee Martha Pelletier 

Ellen Louise Petersen 

Linda S. Petronchak 
'Rita H. Phillips 

Sara Hilliard Polk 

Kenneth Albert Polky 

John Courtney Poole, Jr. 

Marta M. Porcel 

Ann Leslie Poritzky 

Michael Hazelton Post 

Mary Jo Powell 

Roy Edwin Praschil 

Gary Lee Pregi 

Darlene Ann Prytula 

Patrick D. Quigley 

Richard Francis Quinn 

Jila Rabiee 

Anne Murray Randall 

Donna Jean Reinhart 
tSusan Harriet Rendel 
t Barbara Anne Archer Repic 
'Lynn Marie Retter 
tLouise Ann Rhodes 

Evelyn Delores Rice 

Martin Jeffrey Riskam 

Antonio Alphonso Ristaino 

James Barry Roache 
t Richard Jon Robbins 

Glenn Clark Robinson 
'Paul Frank Robinson 

Jimmie Lee Rodgers 

Frances Fay Rogala 

James Patrick Rohan 

Philip Mark Roman 
'Diane G. Rose 
tMarcia Lynn Roseman 

Wendy Jean Rosen 

Karen P. Rosenbaum 

Allan Rosenblatt 
tHarriet Adelle Rosenthal 

Stephen James Rosloff 

Donna Lee Ross 

Elisabeth Rubin 

Gail Paula Rubin 

Lydia Esmeralda Rubio 

Stephen Alva Russ 

Vickie Lee Russ 

Luce Marie Ryan 
tjean M. Sadowsky 

James Allen Sager 
'Maria Gina Salatti 

Stephen E. Saling 

Carol Ann Savitt 

William Grant Saylor 
'Bonnie Rae Schechterman 

Ronnie Lynn Schecter 

Robert James Schissell II 
'Caryl Joy Schneider 

Carolyn Marie Scully 

Zella Sara Shabasson 

Thomas John Shaughnessy 

Patricia Leslie Shaver 
'Charles Robert Shelton IV 

Caryn P. Sherman 

Toby Joy Sherman 

Gary Michael Shuken 

David Brian Silberman 

Jerry Stanley Silver 
'James Frank Simons 

Thomas Theophane Slagle 

Bonnie Marlene Small 

Arthur Leslie Smith 

Donald Edmund Smith 

Linda M. Smola 

Leslie Daryl Smolin 

Richard Stephen Snider 

Steven Lee Snider 

Stephen Joseph Sparks 

Sandra Leigh Speicher 

William Clay Spriggs 

Scott Patterson Stallings 

John Michael Stasulli 

Charles William St. Clair 

Julia Ann Stefanelli 
t Beatrice Marie Stefun 
'Jacquelyn lllsye Stirn 

Barton L. Stringham 
tGary C. Strobel 

Eileen Debbie Stromberg 

Eileen Ann Sullivan 
'Regina Ann Sullivan 

Matthew Oliver Summerlin, Jr. 

Brad Stuart Sures 
tKathryn Mary Szawlewicz 

Laurence Allen Taggart 

Barbara Anne Tate 

Gwynne Lanier Tavel 

Louise Frances Taylor 
'Billie Beth Tepper 

Johanna Michelle Thomas 

Robert Boyd Thomas, Jr. 

Gilbert Dakin Thompson 

Mona-Rae Thompson 

Linda L. Timmons 

Lois Marie Tolbert 

Mary Patricia Tolson 
'Mary Catherine Tolton 

Frank George Tracey 

" with honors; t w/ith high honors 

Antonio Dominick Traina 

Christopher IVlarl< Triolo 

Linda Denise Turner 

Keith D. Uhl 

Carol J. Uhler 

Victor Ukpolo 

James Edgar Utts, Jr. 

Patricia A. Vale 

Judith Frances Valori 

Jeffrey Van Grack 

Eliana Vera 

Nancy P. Veret 

Robert Alan Verner, Jr. 

Mathias Viehmann 

Alan Neal Waghelstein 
•Douglas Orton Waikart 

Maureen Susan Walker 

Judith Anne Ward 

William Andrew Ward, Jr. 

Thomas Marc Weaver 

Thomas Michael Weeks 

Steven Ira Weinberger 

Debra Beth Weinger 
t Daniel Steven Weisberg 

Irwin Everett Weiss 

Fonda Hope Weissberg 

Laurie Jane Weker 

James Herbert Wells III 

Frank Michael Welsh 
*Rochelle Claire Werner 

Nancy Mary Weyandt 

Thomas Anthony Whipple 

Linda Alison White 
*Merion Douglas White 

Louis Paul Willemin 

Deborah Jeanne Willette 

Joseph Emanuel Williams 

Cynthia Lee Wintker 

Patti Marcia Wolfe 

Bonnie Starr Wood 

Edna V. Wright 

Diane Lynn Wyrick 
•Hannah Virginia Yost 

Donna J. Young 

Beth Honey Zulanch 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Richard Lee Aleks 

Michael John Alexander 

Alexander Victor Andreeff 

Man/ Elizabeth Bender 
tLynda Jeanne Birckhead 

David Norman Blaufarb 

Gerald Ray Blose 

Jon Coleman Bluebond 

Debra J. Boltas 

Virginia Leigh Boyes 

Susan Marie Brooke 

David Michael Bugden 

H. Timothy Bunnell 

Paul Sanford Burger 

Richard Harold Burke 
*Paul Carey 

■ with honors; t with high honors 

Theresa Ann Clark 

Michael Alan Cleaves 

John Thomas Corrigan 

Edward Mark Courlang 

Lorraine Regina Cuerou 

Robert Wayne Davis 

George D'Aumale DeBuchananne III 

Seija Marjatta Detweiler 

William L. Dodd 

Michael Francis Dow 

Thomas Patrick Driscoll 

James Allen Dubsky 
•Ronald David Edelman 

Olivia Marie Hale Elkaim 

Richard Hastings Ellis, Jr. 

David Hayes Evans 

Anthony Carl Fazio 
•Mark Frederick Fisher 

Terence Fitzpatrick 

Mary Theresa Flynn 
•Herbert Norman Furst 
•Joan Marie Gorman 

Edward Barney Grant, Jr. 
tFranklin Ronald Grollman 
•Ronald Scott Haley 

Edward Randall Hamas 

Cynthia D. Hampton 

Jean Miriam Harman 

Steven R. Hibbs 

Douglas James Hickman 

Karen Lynn Hoffman 

Ronald Lewis Hoffman 

Raymond Louis Hoffmeister 

Marc Jay Holzman 

Thomas Wayne Hutchinson 
•Michael Richard Hyman 

Leroy M. James 

Richard Michael Jaronski 

Vicki Ruth Jawitz 
•Jan Elise Jenkins 

Dierde Rochelle Johns 

Eric Ray Kaplan 

Oscar Kaufman 

Winfred Gary Leach 

Patricia Ann Leahy 

Harold Arthur Levin 

Mark Steven Lewis 

Thomas Constantinos Loukas 

Thomas Patrick Maloney 
tCarol Anne Mannino 
•Harvey Franklin Mazer 

Robert Edward Mazer 
t Robert Neil McCauley 

Neil Robert McNamara 
tJohn Leslie Michela 

Joel Ripley Miller 
•Michael John Miller 

Michael Joseph Miller 
•Sharon Yvonne Milligan 

Weylin P. Moy 

John Hunter Myers, Jr. 

David A. Nichols 

Roger Eric Nisley 

Mark Louis Panos 

James Ralph Parker, Jr. 

Henry Jiro Parlett 

Mark Gerard Parresol 
t Howard Neil Popkin 

Ronald Alan Posner 

Eileen Marie Pradel 

Vincent Joseph Prestipino 

Glenn Ralph Pritchard 
tCatherine Radecki 

Diana Griffith Ratliff 

Bruce Warren Reisman 

Mary Cecilia Riley 

Steven Barry Robbins 

Susan Carol Rogers 
tDonna J. Ross 
tSaralee Rovner 

Stephen Francis Ryan 

Stanley Thomas Scharry 

Michael Lane Schiavone 

Steven Frank Schiller 

Heide Pauline Schropfer 
•Estelle Kathleen Schumann 

David Gale Seibert, Jr. 

Betsy Hope Shanley 

Lisa Margaret Shanley 

Laura Diane Sheldon 

David Bruce Shuster 
•Anne Elaine Silver 
tGregory Carleton Smith 
tShara Dale Sokol 

Joel David Solberg 
tPhilip Albion Somerset 

Walter Scott Sonntag IV 

Ann Claire Sorensen 

Kathleen Marie Squillace 

Thomas Robert Staubach 
t Kevin Brian St. John 

Nancy Jane Stoller 

Richard J. Sulkovsky 

Christopher Frank Swatta 

Richard Lawrence Taylor 

Shelley Anne Thomas 
tElizabeth Lu Tso 

Candy Kay Urdahl 

Louis John Valenti 

Michael A. Vernon 

Britt Marta Walderhaug 

Barbara Radcliff Wenzler 

Walter John Whalen 

Christopher A. Wilk 

John Wilkinson, Jr. 

Jeffrey Michael Witkin 

James K. Yoshimoto 

Sara Elizabeth Zoller 

Division of 
and Physical 
Sciences and 

Candidates will be presented by 

Dr. Joseph Marchello, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Thomas Bernard Abrams 
•Mark Raymond Adams 
Stephen Jeffrey Adelmann 
Michael Gregory Allen 
David Andrew Allman 
Donna Pauline Alter 

Philip L. Alter 

Eric Alex Amster 

Gary James Aven 

Rafic M. Bachir 

Charles Andrew Bozman 

Mary Ann Brennan 

James Michael Brown 

Timothy Paul Brown 

Janet Lorraine Burkhardt 

Conrad Michael Cardano 
tJames Albert Carpenter 
Patricia Ethel Carter 
Teresa Yuen-Ngor Cheung 
Brian Robert Cole 
Robert Nelson Collier 

•Marie Elizabeth Coluzzi 
Mark Jeffrey Dale 
Anthony Joseph Davis 
Gary Ken Davis 
Thomas Ramiro Diaz 
Patricia Carroll Ennis 

tElaine Lois Epstein 
Roger Alan Fawcett 

•William E. Fink 
Shirley Tina Fleischmann 
Kevin W. Fleming 
H. Thomas Ford 
Charles Michael Fortmann 
Avrum Moshe Friedmann 
Wendy Webb Fuller 

tSue Ann Glass 
Ronald Gray Gochenour 

tRobert N. Goldberg 

tJonathan A. Goldblatt 

tPaul Nicholas Golovin 
Joel Bruce Greenhouse 
John Roxburgh Groom 
Stephen Louis Guentner 
John Richard Gundy 
Ellen Gail Hankin 

tRandall Jay Harris 
Patricia Jean Herchenroeder 
Andrew S. Hiestand 
Frank B. Hobbs 
Mary Gibson Horpel 
Stephen Louis Hughes 
William Steven Hunt 
Frederick N. Hyman 
Ardeshir Grant Irani 
Rosario Mariana Izquierdo 
Bonnie Sue Johnson 
Kathryn Melody Kemp 
Stephen David Kirkpatrick 
Jeanne Louise Kofroth 
Peter Koves 
Barbara Ann Lambird 
William Kevin Larkin 
Debra Ann Levis 
Maria Ling Lin 

•Bruce Lipschultz 
David Dennis Loeffler 
David Wesley Loomis 

•Joyce Iris Mason 
Robert G. May 
Jere Christopher McDonald 

•Kevin Richard McGarvey 
Paul Raymond McMullin 
Catherine Guade Miller 
Joanna Vivian Miller 
R. Philip Miller 

Bachelors 2 

Mark Thomas Mixter 

Jeffrey Lowell Moore 

John F. Morar 

Susan Elizabeth Murphy 

Thomas Aubrey Nelson 

Joseph Andrew Nuth 1 1 1 
tCarl Alexis Peridier 

Michael David Perlberg 

Cheryl Barbara Petty 
*Mary Josephine Pozarek 
tMarc Louis Pushkin 

Bessie Lila Quick 
tWilliam Charles Quinn 

Jean Marie Radoane 

Joseph John Repac 
tJohn Michael Retterer 

Mark William Rodney 

Thomas A. Roman 

John Thomas Romine, Jr. 

Barbara Ann Rosen 
*David Marc Rubenstein 

Joseph Woodrow Seamone 

Thomas Lee Skillman, Jr. 

Rodney Lee Smart 
tStephen C. Spriggs 

Jeffrey Francis Stevenson 

Ann Marie Strickling 

Bruce Edward Sullivan 

Stan A. Swetnam 

S. Nematolah Taghavi 

Scott Lawrence Tillson 

Stuart Frederick Tirsun 

Howard Lee Tischler 

Frederick Davis Van Valkenburg, Jr. 

Alan Edmund Vinciguerra 

Albert P. Wheatley, Jr. 
'Gregory Mark Wilkinson 

Robert Franklin Wood, Jr. 

Susan Bolton Young 

General Studies 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Shoenberg, 
Administrative Dean, 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Beverly I. Aiken 

Sylvia Catherine Allen 
tJane Leslie Alter 

Frederick Joseph Altiere II 

Robert Samuel Ball 
tRia Billet 

Laureen Ann Bolard 

Rosemary M. Breen 

Pamela Joy Brewer 

Daniel Anthony Bungori 

Patricia Mattia Burrell 

Patricia Beth Campbell 

Marty Chambliss 

James William Chaney 

Susan Shu-Huei Chang 

Gloria J. Cherry 

Helen Grant Cobb 

Bonnie Belinda Cohen 

Amy Lois Costello 
Cyrus J. Creveling, Jr. 
Gary Patrick Cronin 
David Townes Dawson 
Mark Julian Roffat Diley 

* Linda Katherine Dorr 
Diane Clark Dunham 
Charles E. Frank 

* Robert S. Gershon 
Deborah Jane Gibson 
Phyllis Susan Gruss 

tMarilyn Emile Halle 
Pamela Jean Harbourt 
Steven D. Hart 

Tyrone Sebastion Alexander Hart 
Shural Elaine Hawkins 
Charley David Hunsberger 
Juanita Claire Jackson 
Mark Jankovitz 

* David R. Knowlton 
Frank William Kopanyi, Jr. 
Thomas Kroll 

Sherwood Foster Lapping, Jr. 

Nancy Kay Leichtling 

Ronald Eugene Lemmon 
tFrancine Beth Levin 

Nancy Lee Levinson 

Alan Joseph Libby 

Stephen Irwin Lynne 
t Fernando Jesus Martinez, Jr. 

Lynda Ann McMahon 

Istvan Mike-Mayer 
t Matthew Jason Moraff 

Edward Francis Mullen, Jr. 

Paul Benjamin Muller 

Eli David Nadel 

William Joseph O'Connor 

Harry Ernest Ohe 

Yoshiko Okajima 

Sergio Manuel Palacio 

Charles Arthur Peto 

Alan Mark Porten 

Mary Patricia Reese 

Alan Joseph Richards 

Frank Joseph Romano, Jr. 

Douglas Edwin Rupp 

Frank Russell 

Joan Tema Sandler 

Kenneth Michael Schroy 

Ken Warren Scott 

Norma Beaumont Shanks 

Mary Ellen Sloan 

John Michael Taylor 
*Carlynn Jean Thompson 

Patrick James Ulam 

June Marilyn Walker 

Sarah Elizabeth Wentzel 
t Karen Lynn White 

Evelyn Seltzer Wilford 
•Stephen Frederick Winner 
tBarry Richard Yinger 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Timothy R. Brooks 

James J. Dawson II 

John L. Demont 

John W. Huffman 

Thomas J. Killion III 

Terry A. Landis 

Jeffrey Meyer 

Richard S. Mitchell 

Scott P. Moeller 

Carl Nagel III 

Raymond A. Neall 

Craig G. Olsen 

John A. Pasqual 

Frank J. Strasburger 

Walter T. Urman 

Frederick D. VanValkenburg Jr. 

William A. Ward Jr. 

24 Bachelors/Commissions 



Candidates for bachelor's degrees 
eligible to graduate "With Honors" 
or "With High Honors" are so in- 
dicated in the alphabetical listings 
by college. These persons are 
eligible for the appropriate desig- 
nation if they have completed at 
least two years of resident work 
(60 semester hours) at the time of 
graduation with a scholastic aver- 
age of B or higher. (Computation 
does not include grades for courses 
taken during the last semester of 
registration before graduation.) 
The candidates must also rank In 
the upper fifth of the graduating 
class in their respective colleges. 
"With High Honors" is awarded to 
the upper tenth of those in each 
college, if they qualify, and "With 
Honors" is awarded to the second 
tenth of those in each college, if 
they qualify. 

General Honors Program 

Suzanne Denise Ackerman 
Susan Deborah Alpert 
Mary Joanne Benton 
Kenneth Louis Busch 
Grace Lynn Finkle 
Catherine Ruth McGinty 
Constance Joan Stearman 
Barbara Susan Wahl 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Botany 
Richard Keith Solomon 

With High Honors in Chemistry 
Rebecca Lea Graff 

With High Honors in French 
Irma Staza Majer 
Sarah Margaret Pritchard 

With High Honors in Government 
and Politics 

Richard John Bender 

James Stephen Jacobs 

Jacquelyn lllsye Stirn 

With High Honors in History 
Karen Michelle Crozier 
Eleanor Victoria Grover 
David Richard Kosofsky 

With High Honors in ^Mathematics 
Jonathan A. Goldblatt 

With High Honors in Physics 
Paul Nicholas Golovin 
Carl A. Peridier 
John Michael Retterer 
Gregory Mark Wilkinson 

With Honors in Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

John Thomas Gilbert, Jr. 

With Honors in Astronomy 
Jean Marie Radoane 
David Marc Rubenstein 

With Honors in Botany 
Jerrold I Davis** 

With Honors in Chemistry 
Neal Edward Blair 
Loretta Ann Grezzo 
Robert Alan Levin 

With Honors in Economics 
Brian Stuart Hilderman 

With Honors in English 
Edward Clark Bacon 
Grace Lynn Finkle 
Jonathan Hugh Glenn 
Michael Robert Hardy 
Barry L. Rubin 
Constance Joan Stearman 

With Honors in German 
Petra Alexa Borzilleri 
Oleg Kornetchuk 

With Honors in Government and 

Mary Joanne Benton 

William Guy Christoforo 

Margaret Ann Moose 

With Honors in History 
Debra Ann Lowe 

With Honors in Mathematics 
Stephen C. Spriggs 

With Honors in Microbiology 
Charles Neil Fellows 

With Honors in the Physical Sciences 
Joanna Vivian Miller 

With Honors in Physics 
Wendy Webb Fuller 
Robert N. Goldberg 
Bruce Lipschultz 

With Honors in Psychology 
Grace Lynn Finkle 
Mark Frederick Fisher 
John Leslie Michela 
Gary C. Strobel 

With Honors in Spanish 
Delia M. Bisgyer 
John Joseph Livornese 

With Honors in Speech and 
Dramatic Art 

Katherine I. O'Hearn 

Patrick Michael Roddy 

With Honors in Textiles and 
Consumer Economics 

Suzanne J. Guttenberger 

Constance Anna Kruse 

Susan Wilson Rester 

With Honors in Zoology 
Esther Marcia Leise 

"Graduated December 20, 1974 

Honor Societies 

Mortar Board 

(The National senior honor society 
for women, recognizing service, lead- 
ership and scholarship.) 

Holly Amos 
Leslie Atkins 
Laura Ellen M. Boggess 
Susan D. Commons 
Margery E. Cook 
Susan B. Cytryn 
Sharon L. Dean 
Mary J. Frost 
Susan K. Imus 
Nancy C. Ing 
Christine M. Klishis 
Constance A. Kruse 
Sharon N. Light 
Eileen M. Moore 
Margaret Ann Moose 
Meredith V. Olds 
Gail Poffenberger 
Gail Remsberg 
Frances F. Rogala 
Barbara H. Sohmer 
Karen A. Sorkin 
Ann W. Zimmerman 

Alpha Kappa Delta 

Alpha of Maryland Chapter 

(National Sociology Honor Society) 

Barbara J 
Brenda J. 
Aileen S. 
Susan H. 
Lynn M. 
Regina A 

L. A. Glaab 
L. Julian 

, Klein 

A. Moose 




. Sullivan 

Alpha Zeta Honorary Fraternity 

Donald S. Armstrong 
Daniel R. Arrington 
Randall M. Bradshaw 
Deborah L. Branner 
James A. Burns 
Bonita E. Conard 
Stephen L. Durham 
Edward J. Forman 
J. Thomas Gilbert 
Thomas L. Hollenshade 
Sherman W. Jack 
John S. Jochum 
Jane S. Katz 
Francine R. Koplin 

Marilyn Kostalich 
Linda A. Laws 
Steven P. Leonti 
John P. Lydon 
Elizabeth L. Moore 
Robert L. Mueller 
Jeffrey D. Myers 
John N. Newcomer 
Allen K. O'Hara 
Michael B. Phillips 
Walter C. Plachta 
Daniel A. Rohrer 
Patrick T. Shanklin 
Joanne M. Smith 
Elizabeth A. Spear 
J. Michael Strickland 
Karen L. Styles 
Thomas Szcepkowski 
Mark Townsend 
Helen J. Takle 
Jody Wallace 
Samuel C. Whelan 
Kenneth G. Wright 

Beta Alpha Psi 

(National scholastic and professional 
honorary fraternity in accounting. 
Members elected on the basis of ex- 
cellence in scholarship and professional 
service from junior and senior stu- 
dents majoring in Accounting in the 
College of Business and Management.) 

December 1974 graduates 

Donna M. Apple 
Michael A. Bell 
Mary A. Cosick 
Sandra R. Gaal 
Linda E. Garrison 
Richard P. Gonzales 
Richard G. Loutsch 
David M. Ratajski 
Barbara I. Roberts 
Timothy S. Sebastian 
Ruth M.SIade 
Steven A. Weisman 
Linda Willard 
Stephen A. Winsor 

May 1975 graduates 

Gary R. Abrahams 
Steven K. Arisumi 
Ralph A. Arosemena 
Jerry D. Beddes 
Alex H. Brager 
Thomas R. Conlon 
Michael A. Downey 
Howard N. Dreizen 

Scholarship Honors/ 
Honor Societies 25 

Jane M. Epstein 
Barry E. Garvin 
IVlichele A. Goodman 
Karen Hacl< 
IVlichael P. Harbin 
John J. Keenan 
Patrick A. Knight 
Eddie A. Lacost 
Tom M. Layton 
Daniel R. McCully 
Stuart J. IVIetzger 
Elizabeth A. Moore 
Craig G. Olsen 
Stanley J. Oshinsky 
Mark R. Packer 
Duane M. Rosenberg 
Mark J. Rosenfeld 
Avrum N. Rosenzweig 
Mark. S. Smotkin 
James E. Spencer 
Howard D. Sumner 
Michael D. Tannenbaum 
David T. Tucker 
David E. Wittemeier 
Richard A. Woltz 

Beta Gamma Sigma 

(National scholastic honorary in 
business administration. Members 
elected from students ranking in the 
upper five percent of their junior 
class or the upper ten percent of 
their senior class in the College of 
Business and Management.) 

December 1 974 graduates 

Robert E. Benefiel 
James L. Bort 
Ridgely E. Boyer 
Robert S. Brown 
Steven Dubin 
Janet L. Farrar 
Alexander A. Hassani 
Richard G. Loutsch 
David R. Rodriguez 
John S. Sybor 
Brian G. West 

May 1975 graduates 
Gary R. Abrahams 
Teresa M. Aloi 
Steven K. Arisumi 
Michael F. Dickter 
Howard L. Dreizen 
David W. Egli 
Jane M. Epstein 
Bridget M. Fagan 
John F. Green 
Michael P. Harbin 
Daniel R. James 
Lawrence D. Kaplan 
John J. Keenan 
John P. Lerche, Jr. 
Rosalind C. Lorber 

Louis J. Mark 
William D. McCarthy 
Daniel R. McCuily 
Michael G. McGinn 
Stuart A. Metzger 
Gary L. Miller 
Gary E. Milne 
Elizabeth A. Moore 
Perry M. Moy 
Mary M. Mudd 
George M. Ray 
Marilyn R. Rexroad 
Susan C. Sherwood 
Mark L. Smotkin 
Barry S. Sparks 
Michael D. Tannenbaum 
Barton J. Trenk 
David M. Tucker 
David E. Wittemeier 

Chi Epsilon 

Gerald Day 
Karl R. Deugwillo, Jr. 
George N. Fach, Jr. 
Donald S. Fry 
Michael J. Goss 
Franklin L. Grabowski 
Steven L. Grogg 
Richard Haviland 
Richard J. Marinshaw 
Brian E. Smith 
Don C. Svrjcek 
Joseph J. Welkie 

Kappa Delta Pi 

(Education Honor Society) 

Lisa C. Ackerman 
Gretchen H. Beaton 
Joan A. Berger 
Janet E. Berman 
Marilyn R. Block 
Karen S. Bricker 
Wendy J. Brown 
Susan A. Buckley 
Sharron E. Carr 
Mary L. Chapman 
Catherine Cleare 
Margery E. Cook 
Susan B. Cytryn 
Diane W. Danenberg 
Rachel L. Day 
Gary L. Dickter 
Joanne Dragon 
Rita J. Falk 
Lisa C. Farley 
Ellen A. Flood 
Andrea B. Galinkin 
Jeanne C. Gemmell 

Lynn D. Goldfarb 
Dale S. Gordon 
Lori H. Hallen 
Ann S. Hannapel 
Sharon S. Hartley 
Christine A. Hawkes 
Taffye M. Hazel 
Margaret A. Holland 
Bonnie Holzman 
Frances R. Hyman 
Stephen R. Kallmyer 
Srimati Kamala 
Gloria A. Kangas 
Beverly S. Kaplan 
Gail E. Karlinsky 
Margo E. Klemkowski 
Marlene A. Kurtz 
Janice P. Latter 
Sharon D. Levin 
Donna M. Lisowski 
Bonnie D. Martin 
Patricia G. McKinney 
Virginia H. Moore 
Patricia A. Morris 
llene G. Nevin 
Richard P. Nockett 
Jamie L. Norberg 
Barbara D. Oler 
Deborah S. Ollinger 
Nancy L. Perdue 
Andrea K. Pinner 
Mary J. Rafferty 
Linda J. Rapee 
Shelley E. Rhodes 
Gail L. Robbins 
Wendi H. Rosenblum 
Jill C. Schneider 
Carole F. Selikowitz 
Patti A. Shafer 
Mary M. Shanklin 
Paula Shill 
Janet L. Sobell 
Robin R. Spector 
Audrey L. Spivak 
Maria V. Thomas 
Iris D. Tiktinsky 
Kathryn R. Walter 
Katheryn A. Wasylczuk 
Karen L. Weber 
Marilyn L. White 
Hillary A. Wilson 
Durinda Yates 
Neville G. Ying 
Margaret A. Zitnyar 
Gwendolyn B. Zunger 

Kappa Tau Alpha 

(Journalism Honor Society) 


Mary Jo Benton 

John Richard Claycomb 

Marcia B. Kass 

John J. Mayo 

Susan L. Bronston 

Adele L. Abrams 
Allyn Johanna Arnold 
Inez E. Connor 
Kenneth R. Crowley 
Brenton D. Grimes 
Susan M. Johnson 
Thomas E. Herbert 
Nancy A. Klein 
Ruth G. MacLauchlan 
Joanne Magoulas 
Eugene H. McGuire 
Andrew W. Plattner 
Deborah F. Prager 
Marcia Ann Reitman 
Delores C. Rose 
Susan A. Silver 
Gad L. Smythe 
Charles A. Stott 
Thomas M. Towsend 
Deborah C. Weaver 
Anne J. Zusy 


Forrest G. Ballard 
Jeannette M. Belliveau 
Colleen M. Corrigan 
Emily E. Jeffers 
Debra S. Kaplan 
Elizabeth M. Nordan 
Mary Ann Righetti 
Marcy R. Swerdlin 

Omega Chi Epsilon 

(Chemical Engineering Honor Society) 

Marianne E. Abercrombie 

Daniel Cobb 

John Deaton 

Michael G. Dobrzykowski 

Martin I. Hoffman 

Joseph Laco 

Paul Lancer 

Charles Kahn 

David H. Kalb 

Harry Kline 

Euginio S. Machado 

Clinton Ramsey 

Mitchell Sapp 

Dennis J. Sherren 

Harry L. Sponseller 

Bob Stevens 

Joseph A. Sufcznski 

26 Honor Societies 

Omicron Delta Epsilon 

(Economics Honor Society) 

Steven Estomin 
Joseph McGuire 
Wayne Dameron 
Marc Kivitz 
William Geiger 


Martin Atkin 
Lawrence Ervin 
John Griffith, Jr. 
Nancy Harrison 
Michael Wallace 
Daniel Weisberg 
Roger Winston 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 

(Physical Education, Recreation and 
Health Honor Society) 

Graduate Students 

Richard B. Cobb 
Nancy R. Crippen 
Diane Davis 
Susan B. Farber 
Dale Marie Harris 
Dale Michael Harris 
Stanley H. Hedrick 
Thomas E. Hooven 
Marjorie L. Leppo 
Eric Vlahov 
Judith C. Young 
William T. Weinberg 

Undergraduate Students 

Mary P. Abel 
Ellen K. Austin 
Barbara J. Seal 
Kendra L. Buckell 
William D. Catlin 
Michael J. Connolly 
Steven H. Devestine 
Catherine L. Formwalt 
Anthony Hedlesky 
Deborah A. Jones 
Donna E. Judge 
Elizabeth A. Kreiter 
Mary K. Kuchta 
Steven Levenson 
Harold V. Macht 
Donald R. Maier 
Susan R. Maletic 
Roberta A. Mead 
Linda J. Murray 
James Notarnicola 
Letty J. Peery 
Beth A. Randall 

Jackie M. Rose 

Ellen R. Sarran 

Carol A. Schoenwetter 

John R. Spinnler 

Michael S. Taylor 

Deborah L. Trovato 

H. Manette VanDeventer 

Eric P. Venit 

Mary T. Yetter 

Phi Alpha Theta 

Paul D. Addis 
Laurel L. Allen 
Priscilla M. Ashton 
Robert James Beatson 
Sara Bernson 
Stephen Bishop 
Carol Morgan Blakeley 
John M. Blanchfield 
Christian Thomas Blemly 
Raymond 0. Blummer III 
Oscar E. Booth III 
Veta V. Boothe 
John Dwight Bosley 
David Edward Bowser 
Mary Jean Brady 
Melvin Louis Brandstetter 
Ann J. Brickfield 
Donna L. Brodsky 
Ronald Irving Brooks 
Doris W. Burgess 
Michael Buscher 
Lee Cho-Lam 
Maryl Elizabeth Cianos 
Walter Clark 
Harold A. Closter 
Michelle Cobbin 
William B. Coleman 
Linda Ann Cunabaugh 
Katherine M. Dagnall 
Marie D'Aguanno 
Richard C. Davidoff 
Richard Dent 
Thomas Michael Dietz 
Craig Donegan 
Juanita D. Eppard 
Earl Norman Evans 
J. Kirkpatrick Flack 
Daniel Louis Frantz 
Dwight Harry Gates 
George R. Greeley 
Evelyn Levow Greenberg 
Paula Habel 
Joseph N. Hickert 
Carl Hinton 
Daniel Eric Hudson 
Hugh D. Hudson, Jr. 
James A. Jolly 
Joseph Anthony Kilbane 
Noel Ann Kiley 
Alridge Leroy Lees, Jr. 

Sharon N. Light 
William Edward Mashburn 
Michael J. Mattie, Jr. 
William John Miller 
Basil Currie Milliken, Jr. 
Kevin Robert Neal 
Nancy L. Oberseider 
Andre R. O'Coin 
Peter F. O'Rourke 
Joseph Fernando Perez 
William T. Powell 
Oksana Prystay 
Janice Susan Raab 
James Wirt Ramsey 
John T. Roche, Jr. 
Vera F. Rollo 
Geraldine Thomas 
William J. Thomas 
Thomas E. Weir, Jr. 
Robert Eugene Wirt 
Gloria Enkler Wolff 
Ronald Anderson 
George Economides 

Phi Beta Kappa 
Gamma Chapter 

7975 Senior Initiates 

Suzanne D. Ackerman 
Sarah R. Agre 
Deborah B. Agus 
John M. Archer 
Leslie Atkins 
Edward C. Bacon 
Wayne R. Benjamin 
Sara L. Bergdolt 
Ria Billit 
Pamela L. Bohrer 
Nancy T. Brown 
Peter T. Burdette 
James A. Carpenter 
William G. Christoforo 
Erika P. Cymbala 
Flora J. Danisi 
Margaret Ann Dunlavey 
Leslie J. Edelhoch 
Bethany A. Eubanks 
Burt Feldman 
Grace L. Finkle 
Alan B. Frankle 
Fran Frieder 
Mary J. Frost 
Sue Ann Glass 
Jonathon H. Glenn 
Gloria M. Gomez 
Rebecca L. Graff 
John E. Griffith 
Joyce Y. Gross 
Steven D. Harrington 
Michael O. Howell 
James S. Jacobs 

Robert B. Johnson 
Susan C. Kaplan 
Beverly J. Kelsey 
Noel A. Kiley 
Ronald M. Grossman 
Eleanor H. Krell 
Esther M. Leise 
Arthur F. Lembke 
Diana C. Li 
Bruce Lipschultz 
Robert W. Loree 
Timothy J. Low 
Karen A. Maris 
Paul H. McAfee 
Robert N. McCauley 
Glenn T. McNaughton 
Katherine E. Meirs 
Joanna V. Miller 
Margaret A. Moose 
Susan L. Morris 
Dianne P. Munley 
Rhonda S. Perlman 
James K. Poitras 
Howard N. Popkin 
Mary J. Pozarek 
Sarah M. Pritchard 
Catherine Radecki 
Leah M. Richarts 
Harriet A. Rosenthal 
Sheri L. Rowen 
Jesse Sandoval 
Louise B. Senzel 
Barbara H. Sohmer 
Shara D. Sokol 
Karen A. Sorkin 
Steven L. Sowell 
Kevin B. St. John 
David J. Stander 
Constance Jr. Stearman 
Beatrice M. Stefun 
Cassandra Tsintolas 
Barbara S. Wahl 
Sue Ann Waterman 
Elizabeth W. Weeks 
Trudi H. Weinberg 
Daniel S. Weisberg 
Harlan F. Weisman 
Michael E. Weisman 
Yael Yokel 

1975 Junior Initiates 

Patricia A. Bradley 
Harriet L. Cohen 
Bonita L. Cullison 
Elaine R. Fors 
Brian C. Lerner 
John J. Looney 
Donald A. Pickering 
Phyllis S. Podolsky 
John C. Schmidt 
Anna C. Smolen 
Gail Stotsky 
Jennifer Trapp 
Barbara T. Trombka 

Honor Societies 27 

1974 Junior Initiates 

Susan Alpert 
George Alter 
David A. Blass 
Maria Calleja 
Carole L. Chipchin 
Stepehn H. Chirumbole 
Eleanor K. Giraldi 
Robert N. Goldberg 
James W. Hathorn 
Jeffrey Schuldenfrei 
Gary C. Strobel 

Phi Kappa Phi 

Lanrewaju Idowu Abiola 
Yoram Adar 
Sherrill Lea Adkins 
Reid Grayson Adier 
Sarah R. Agre 
Robert W. Ahlberg 
Chris W. Alexion 
Vicky Lynn Anderson 
John M. Archer 
Pamela Deane Archer 
Steven Ken Arisumi 
Hugh Armstrong 
Barbara Susan Ash 
Mila Avramovice 
Susan Elizabeth Backstrom 
Edward C. Bacon 
Robert Edward Banks 
John F. Barkley, Jr. 
Scott B. Baron 
Martha Page Beach 
Anita R. Bemis 
David A. Berg 
Martha Lous Berkey 
Richard S. Bertin 
Ria Billet 

Lynda Jeanne Birckhead 
Sheri L. Blatt 
Ruth Louise Bohan 
Bruce Richard Boiling 
Marilyn Ruth Bonebrake 
James W. Borton 
Kristine Ann Bowser 
Randal M. Bradshaw 
Deborah L. Branner 
Betsy K. S. Brothers 
Diane Lynn Brown 
Felicia Maria Burdick 
Linda Towne Cades 
Marcia L. Cain 
Donald W. Caldwell 
Carol Jean Camero 
Deborah Ann Camp 
James Albert Carpenter 
Sharon Elizabeth Carr 
Barbara Carroll 
Bruce Curtis Carson 
Constance Louise Cepko 
Lorie Lynn Chait 
Robert George Chambers 
Linda Susan Chancey 
Georgia T. Chao 
Mary Louise Chapman 

Reed Charles Coble 

Bronna Tamar Cohen 

Faith Pamela Cohen 

Esther Lee Collier 

Inez Elizabeth Connor 

Karl A. Conger 

Margery Elizabeth Cook 

Janet Lynn Cornfeld 

Barbara Anne Costopoulus 

Linda M. Covert 

Caroline Westphal Craig 

Michelle Crepeau 

Ida V. Creque 

Benjamin F. Crew, Jr. 

John William Cullen, Jr. 

Janice Dykstra Currens 

Flora J. Danisi 

Margaret T. Dapra 

Rachel Lee Day 

Debra L. DeArment 

Esther Wein Deitz 

Leslie Anne Dempsey 

Ruth R. Denault 

Sibyl A. Devereux 

Richard Diamond 

Lynette Dickey 

v. Annette Dickinson 

Michael Maria Jacobus Dietvorst 

Richard Lee Dineley I II 

Barbara Elizabeth Disch 

Paget Meryweather Donnelly 

James Leroy Dowell, Jr. 

Marguerite Suzanne Duck 

Christine B. Dukes 

William N. Dunlap 

John Daniel Dunn 

Maryann Bridget Dwyer 

David Wm. Egli 

Robert Michael Eisenberg 

Barbara Eller 

Elaine L. Epstein 

Madeleine K. Errickson 

Bethany A. Eubanks 

Sara L. Faeder 

Sara Elizabeth Falconett 

Roger Alan Fawcett 

Charles N. Fellows 

Mark Frederick Fisher 

Ruth A. Flatow 

Ursula Flatow 

Eric J. Fleischer 

Janice L. Flug 

William L. Ford 

John Francis Forgette 

Elaine Ruth Fors 

Jeffery C. Frazier 

Alan Lawrence Freeman 

Janice Collins Freeny 

Fran Frieder 

Mark Joel Friedman 

Marilyn Gail Frieman 

Carolyn R. Fritz 

Mary J. Frost 

Herbert N. Furst 

Mary Lee Geiger 

Linda S. Geller 

Pamela Susan Genaro 

Rita B. Gernand 

Sareen Ruth Gerson 

Deborah K. Gerst 

Jean E. Gilbert 

Brenda L. Gimenez 

Sue Ann Glass 

Peggie J. Glenn 

Sherrie Lynn Gold 

Robert N. Goldberg 

William Barnett Goodwin 

Joan M. Gorman 

Barbara Felice Green 

Paul R. Green, Jr. 

Benjamin L. Greenberg 

Eleanor Gail Greenwood 

Bruce R. Greisen 

Charles Thomas Grevey 

Loretta Ann Grezzo 

Franklin Ronald Grollman 

Joyce Yudith Gross 

Debra T. Haeder 

Gil Hall 

Martha Lewis Hall 

Marilyn E. Halle 

Seyed Shahab Alddin Hashemi 

James W. Hathorn 

Eileen B. Hausdorff 

Winifred Louise Hayes 

Barbara Ann Heazel 

Mary Jo Heifers 

Pamela L. Higgins 

E. Eileen Hill 

Cherie D. Hiner 

Frank B. Hobbs 

Robert Ingram Hodkinson 

James J. Holmes 

Marc Jay Holzman 

Hong Kijong 

Reginald Alan Huck 

Wendie A. Hudspeth 

Paula Dorene Irwin 

William A. Isokait 

Paula Kay Jackan 

James Stephen Jacobs 

Maryanne Davey Jackman 

Thomas Joseph Jackson 

Daniel Richardson James 

Bor-ren Albert Jeng 

John S. Jochum 

Kathryn Johnson 

Julia E. Kaliszak 

Susan Beth Kamener 

Joseph T. Kanusky 

Beverly Joan Kelsey 

Margaret O. Kemp 

David Stephen Klein 

Linda K. Klein 

Keri Ellen Klotzbuecher 

Rosell Knight 

Brenda J. Kornreich 

Sherrie Lynn Kofsky 

Susan Elizabeth Kosisky 

Edward John Kowalski 

Carolyn E. Kraft 

Mary Kay Kramer 

Karen L. Krausen 

Debbie Ann Krengel 

James Stanley Kukia 

Geraldine Ann Kwong 

Joyce Angela Lardieri 

Ronald L. Larsen 

Steven Brent Laursen 

John James Leary III 

Jeffrey Lee 

John C. Lee 

Esther Marcia Leise 

Brian Craig Lerner 

Edward Earl Leslie 

Robert Alan Levin 

Susan Ann Libbee 

Robert William Loree 

Julia Lake Loughridge 

Tim Low 

Diane C. Lucitt 

Glenn Thomas McNaughton 

Thomas Albert McCarthy, Jr. 

Charles M. McClain, Jr. 

Carol Anne McCord 

Karen Jeanne McGee 

Catherine R. McGinty 

Barbara Susan Macklin 

Dennis G. Malcomson 

Elena Rasines Maldonado 

Jeffree W. Marcon 

Louis J. Mark 

Patricia Anne Martin 

Joyce Iris Mason 

Elizabeth Oddou Mathias 

Stephen David Melkisethian 

Marilyn M. Merikangas 

Paul Duffield Merritt, Jr. 

Lyn L. L. Micklovich 

Robin Aleta Miles 

Francine Miller 

Mary Cynthia Miller 

Marilyn Kay Mitchell 

Angel Monfiletto 

Michael Dean Moore 

Alma Elizabeth Nugent 

Patricia A. Morris 

Susan Lynne Morris 

Patricia G. Mulkey 

Jean Munro 

Dennis J. Murphy 

Burton James Naberhuis, Jr. 

Ruth T. Neal 

Sr. M. Agnese Neumann 

Jamie Lou Norberg 

Katherine I. O'Hearn 

Annick Orrison 

David Ira Otto 

Joseph Oyemade Oyeniya 

Rabindranath Pal 

Cynthia Jean Pearson 

John D. Peck 

James Pelura III 

Mark Kevin Petersen 

Arthur Pezzica 

Donald Albers Pickering 

J. Kevin Poitras 

Sharon Lee Miles dePonce 

Darrell Pope 

Deborah Port 

John Edward Prather 

Dexter Maurice Price 

Frank Robert Principato 

28 Honor Societies 

Mark C. Regan 
Barbara Anne Archer Repic 
Susan Wilson Rester 
Steven Michael Reznick 
Lynn Wallis Rhoads 
Warren Scott Richardson 
Elizabeth A. Riley 
Albert Keith Roach 
Richard Jon Robbins 
Teresa Robinson 
Martin G. Roecker 
Jane Elizabeth Roeger 
Diane G. Rose 
Craig Allan Rosin 
Bradford Alan Ross 
Barry L. Rubin 
Martha Fisher Ryker 
Linda Kaye Saathoff 
Jean M. Sadowsky 
Sherry Linda Safran 
Beverly Davis Sceery 
M. Jean Schaible 
Estelle K. Schumann 
Denise Anne Schwartz 
Mary Elizabeth Schwartz 
Kathryn Lee Seidel 
Susan Carol Sherwood 
Linda Maranda Searcy 
Lawrence Jay Shifreen 
Virgil Lee Shockley 
Howard Ray Shoop 
Jennette Odessa Showell 
Dayna S. Silberman 
Helaine Lynn Silberman 
Joanne Marcia Smith 
Marcia Datlow Smith 
Donald Lawrence Smythe 
Barbara Helene Sohmer 
Sally Ann Spohn 
Stephen C. Spriggs 
Kathleen Marie Squillace 
Aiden George Stanley 
Constance Joan Stearman 
Beatrice Marie Stefun 
Polly M. Steinberg 
Sondra Diamond Steinman 
Thomas J. Stiller 
Jacquelyn Stirn 
Ann Marie Strickling 
Starlit S. Stroker 
Karen Lee Styles 
Suzanne J. Suchard 
Brian Douglas Sullivan 
David R. Tabish 
William Ellsworth Tarr, Jr. 
Barbara Anne Tate 
Debra June Temple 
Billie Beth Tepper 
Nancy Sarah Theeman 
James D. Thompson 
Marian L. Thompson 
Jennifer Trapp 
Thomas Carroll Tulloss 
Paul A. Turner 
Mark Daniel Uhl 
Corinne Vivian Vaill 
Deborah Jean VanTine 

Janice Marie Vaughn 
Gail C. Velguth 
Dolores A. Vissers 
Elizabeth M. Waldo 
James Michael Walsh 
Irene Lois Weidler 
Michael E. Weisman 
Brian Whitman Welch 
Paula Beth Weisman 
Loretta Wertheimer 
Matthew D. Whalen 
Karen Lynn White 
C. Keith Whitelock 
Caryn Eve Wiener 
David G. Willard 
D'Ette K.Williams 
Margot D. Williams 
Hillary Ann Wilson 
Dale Owen Wineholt 
Rebecca K. Wise 
Patricia A. Wood 
Mairit Nordenstreng Woolf 
Diane Elizabeth Wynn 
Yael Yokel 
Michael F. York 
Andrew Thomas Zander 
Frederick G. Zander 
Margaret Zitnyar 
Susan B. Zuckerman 

In Addition: 

Arthur H. Becker 

Jon Coleman Bluebond 

Florence Elizabeth Cameron 

Colleen Una Colburn 

Josephine D. Croucher 

Margaret Lorraine Dembrowicz 

Mary Francis De Mellier 

Julie Ann Lane Elliott 

John Fellows 

Nancy Carol Giantomenico 

Leslie E. Gillis, Jr. 

Gary David Hack 

Karen S. Hewitt 

Joseph N. Hickert 

William Allen Hiscock 

Carol B. Jenner 

Mary A. Karapetian 

Shelley Diane Kaufman 

Franklin James Kolbe 

Catherine I. Larese 

Sheila Lennarz 

Marlon Ray Lewis 

Louise Ann Rhodes 

Dennis Wayne Lockwood 

Jeffrey Peter Lynch 

Patricia Anne McMahon 

Joyce A. Maga 

Peggy Yearwood Mahlstedt 

Susan Malligo 

Barbara Nickel 

Huong Thi O'Connell 

Catherine Elinor O'Connor 

Diane Palmer 

George Earnest Patterson, Jr. 

Mary Frances Patterson 

Katherine J. Pulliam 

Shelley E. Rhodes 

Sheri L. Rowen 

Steven F. Schiller 
Patrick M. Stambaugh 
Marlyn J. Storch 
Shoshana Silver 
Pamela Jo Story 
Paul V. Twining, Jr. 
Barbara Susan Wahl 
Susan Tarken Wenger 
Roberta Pamela Wiener 
Patti Marcia Wolfe 
Reuben Martin Yost 
F. J. Zylwitis 
W. Scott Sonntag IV 
Sheila Ludwick 
Ann R. Laprade 
Judith Hankinson Ricker 

In Addition: 

Jack William Berryman 
Thomas Nolan Black 
Roger Neil Caplan 
Wendy Nan Davis 
Madeleine K. Errickson 
Jean Hildred Fitzgibbon 
Janice M. Goudreau 
Robert Scott Gresehover 
Mollie B. Haines 
M. Patricia Hassen 
Gail Hitchcock Lovett 
Sharon Murphy Kissel 
Kathryn Marie McGeehan 
Perry M. Moy 
Elizabeth Ann Payne 
Mary Lynn Perry 
Martin C. Rabenhorst 
Amitava Raychaudhuri 
Ann Janet Shalowitz 
Leslie Smith 
Priscilla R. Suess 
Joseph Anthony Turkos 
Denise Louise Vandergriff 
Michaele Yetman 

Pi Mu Epsilon 


Sue Ann Glass 
Mathew Koch 
Charles J. Jacklin 
William C. Quinn 


Lisa C. Ackerman 
Linda J. Albert 
Dennis P. Bednar 
Abbie S. Carliner 
James A. Carpenter 
Ernest W. Chesnutis, Jr. 
Elaine L. Epstein 
Debra G. Fetzer 
Jonathan A. Goldblatt 
Joel B. Greenhouse 
Barbara A. Heazel 
Gary E. Home 

Amy L. Hornsby 
Pauline Q. Hwang 
Fred N. Hyman 
Michael Lamb 
Andrew R. Lane 
Tom Langham 
Debbie Levis 
John J. Looney 
Kevin McGarvey 
Patricia G. McKinney 
James T. McMullen 
Sheryl A. Masiello 
Joyce Mason 
Jay A. Miller 
Susan E. Murphy 
Carl A. Peridier 
Mary J. Pozarek 
Marc L. Pushkin 
Gail L. Robbins 
Larry V. Rubinstein 
Gary C. Strobel 
Barbara T. Trombka 
Harlan F. Weisman 
Kathryn R. Goldberg 

Pi Tau Sigma 

Thomas Boosinger 
Thomas Burton 
Douglas Carlson 
David Christiansen 
Clarence Copley 
John W. Gay 
Thomas Goodwin 
David B. Grenier 
Kenneth Hall 
Ralph Harrington 
David M. Humphrey 
Richard Huntington 
Steven Katz 
Gordon Lushbaugh 
Jeffrey Marcus 
William Millios 
Nelson Rekos, Jr. 
John Renzi 
Randy Seifarth 
Robert E. Simonds, Jr. 
Dean Smith 
Mark Spotz 
Charles M. H. Tai 
Charles Turner 
Jacob Lllrich 
Leslie L. Walker 
Curtis R. Watson, Jr. 
Nadine White 
Wayne Wissinger 

Sigma Alpha Omicron 

(Microbiology Honor Society) 

Byron N. Baldwin 
Barbara B. Berman 
Thomas A. Borkman 
Cynthia Cambardella 
Bronna T. Cohen 

Honor Societies 29 

Linda A. Cohen 
Daniel R. Deaver 
Craig A. Dickman 
George D. Easton 
Leslie J. Feldman 
Charles N. Fellows 
Ursula Flatow 
William Friedman 
Paul M. Goldberg 
Ronald M. Grossman 
Allen R. Jacques 
Mona M. Massouda 
Janet E. Marrichi 
James H. Myers 
Karen B. Nylander 
William G. Perry 
Donald B. Rubin 
Jeffrey A. Schuldenfrei 
Mark S. Shon 
Edward J. Weber 
David C. White, Jr. 
Jon R. Wiener 
Longina A. Wojciechowska 
Gerriann Zweifach 

Sigma Pi Sigma 

Carl Alexia Peridier 
John Retterer 
Paul Nicholas Golovin 
Jeffrey David Saffer 
Robert N. Goldberg 
Gary C. Strobel 
Wendy Webb Fuller 

Tau Beta Pi 

(Engineering Honor Society) 

Marianne E. Abercrombie 
John R. Aberg 
James Bandy 
Charles M. Banz 
Samuel W. Carson 
Horace E. Cascio 
Dennis Y, Chan 
Stephen A. Cimperman 
Daniel Cobb 
David Cobb 
Robert Collidge 
Chris A. Collver 
Rick F. Comoglio 
Charles M. Dai 
Gerald N. Day 
Karl R. Deugwillo, Jr. 
Michael J. Devaney 
Michael G. Dobrzykowski 
James P. Drury 
David R. Errera 
Jack D. Fellows 
Andree N. Filipov 
Kenneth E. Gates 
David B. Grenier 
Warren L. Hamilton 
Ralph N. Harrington 
Richard Haviland 
Crew S. Heimer 

Robert L. Higginbotham 
Martin Hoffman 
Kijong Hong 
Richard Huntington 
David Isaksen 
John P. Jenkins 
Michael Jewell 
David H. Kalb 
James Kukia 
Vijay R. Kulkarni 
Ravindra R. Kulkarni 
Paul M. Lancer 
Thomas G. Lovett 
Wingyu Leung 
Sheldon Levine 
Eugenio S. Machado 
Joseph B. Maloney 
Jeffrey H. Marcus 
Richard J. Marinshaw 
Howard M. Markman 
David C. Mascong 
William H. Mints, Jr. 
James P. Moran 
Jan Mossazadeh 
Yeong H. Oh 
Richard L. Powell 
William H. Prekker 
Steven W. Prince 
John T. Roberson 
William Roberts 
Karl Seckel 
Dennis Sherren 
Charles P. Shuster 
Dean H. Smith 
Harry L. Sponseller 
Thomas Stengle 
Martin F. Sterba 
Robert J. Stevens, Jr. 
Joseph A. Sufczynski 
Richard E. Sutermeister 
Richard R. Talbot 
Paul Taltavull 
Robert E. Toense 
John P. Torres 
Richard A. Vickery, Jr. 
Dimitri Vvedensky 
Leslie L. Walker, Jr. 
Joseph J. Welkie, Jr. 
Jerome H. Whelan 
Nadine M. White 
Sheldon Wolk 
Kai Yee 
George E. Young 

Honor Societies 

Academic and 
Special Awards 

Milton Abramowitz Memorial 
Prize to a junior or senior student 
majoring in mathematics who has 
demonstrated superior competence 
and promise for future develop- 
ment in the field of mathematics 
and its applications. 
Awarded to William C. Quinn 

Agricultural Engineering Depart- 
ment's Outstanding Senior Award is 
presented to a student in Agricul- 
tural Engineering on the basis of 
scholastic performance, participa- 
tion in the ASAE National Student 
Branch, and other extra-curricular 
Awarded to Brian M. Jenkins 

American Institute of Architects 
Certificate for Academic Achieve- 
Awarded to Richard A. Donnally 

American Institute of Architects 
Medal for Outstanding Overall Aca- 
demic Achievement. 
Awarded to George H. Vergine 

Aloca Foundation Traffic Schol- 
arship. An award of $700 to an out- 
standing junior student majoring in 
Transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to David R. Rodriguez 
(December 1974 Graduate) 

Allied Chemical Scholarship 
Award is presented to a student in 
Chemical Engineering on the basis 
of intellectual capability, scentific 
ability, breadth of interest, and 
leadership qualities. 
Awarded to Martin I. Hoffman 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to 
the senior member of the group 
who has maintained the highest 
average for the past three and one- 
half years. She must have been in 
attendance in the institution for the 
entire time. 
Awarded to Margaret Dunlavey 

Alpha Rho Chi Medal for Univer- 
sity Services. 
Awarded to Elijuh MIcrochnIk 

Alpha Zeta Medal to the student 
in the College of Agriculture with 
the highest scholastic average at the 
end of his freshman year. 
Awarded to William P. Hayes 

The University of Maryland 
Alumni Association Outstanding 
Student Award presented annually 
to an outstanding senior man and 
woman student who have demon- 
strated excellence in leadership, 
citizenship and scholarship. 
Awarded to Edward J. O'Connor, Jr. 
Karen A. Sorkin 

The University of Maryland Col- 
lege of Education Alumni Chapter 
Award presented annually to the 
senior male and female students 
who have demonstrated outstand- 
ing service toward furthering the 
highest ideals of education. 
Awarded to Margaret A. Randolph 
Reuben M. Yost 

The Alumni-Hamilton Award is 
presented by the Engineering 
Alumni to the graduating senior 
who has most successfully com- 
bined proficiency in his major field 
of study with achievements in the 
social sciences and humanities. 
Awarded to Harry L. Sponseller 

American Association of Univer- 
sity Women, College Park, Annual 
Graduate Prize. 
Awarded to Paula Ann Tosini 
Department of Economics 

American Institute of Aeronau- 
tics and Astronautics Chairman's 
Certificate is presented to the 
branch chairman in recognition of 
service and leadership. 
A warded to 

Herbert W. Schlickenmaier 

American Institute of Aeronau- 
tics and Astronautics Lecture 
Award is presented to a student 
branch member who has presented 
the best technical paper at a branch 

Awarded to Glenn L. Connor 
James D. Lechtrecker 

American Institute of Aeronau- 
tics and Astronautics Outstanding 
Achievement Award is presented to 
the student who has made the most 
outstanding contribution through 
scholarship and service to the stu- 
dent branch. 
Awarded to Herbert Schlickenmaier 

American Institute of Aeronau- 
tics and Astronautics Scholarship 
Improvement Award is presented to 
the senior from Aerospace Engi- 
neering who has made the greatest 
improvement in scholarship from 
his junior to his senior year. 
Awarded to Louis P. Butler 

American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers Award by the National 
Capital Section to an outstanding 
sophomore Chemical Engineering 
Awarded to Peter Golueke 

American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers Award to the junior 
member of the Student Chapter 
who attained the highest over-all 
scholastic average during the fresh- 
man and sophomore years. 
Awarded to David Mascone 

American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers Professional Achievement 
Award by the National Capital Sec- 
tion to an outstanding senior Chem- 
ical Engineering student. 
Awarded to Benjamin Fitzpatrick 

American Institute of Chemists 
Student Award. 
Awarded to Susan L. Morris 

The American Nuclear Society 
Student Chapter Award is pre- 
sented to a Junior in the Nuclear 
Engineering Program at the Univer- 
sity of Maryland, in recognition of 
outstanding scholastic achievement 
and contribution to the student 
Awarded to Nadia J. Dayem 

American Society of Agronomy 
Award to the outstanding senior 
graduating in Agronomy who has 
demonstrated superior scholarship, 
leadership activities and personal 
Awarded to Marilyn B. Devlne 

American Society of Civil Engi- 
neers, Maryland Section Award to a 
student member for outstanding 
service to the chapter and for dem- 
onstrated interests In extra-curricu- 
lar activities. 
Awarded to Claudia J. Burton 

American Society of Civil Engi- 
neers Outstanding Senior Award. 
Awarded to Gerald N. Day 

American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers Award to the senior 
member who contributed most to 
the local chapter. 
Awarded to James W. Hall 

American Society for Testing 
and Materials Student Award is 
given in recognition of the demon- 
strated interest and meritorious 
work in the courses related to the 
activities of the American Society 
for Testing and Materials. 
Awarded to Richard W. Haviland 
Robert N. Jester 

The Appleman-Norton Scholar- 
ship Award to a senior major in 
recognition of excellence in Bot- 
Awarded to Sally D. Faulkner 

Baltimore Sun Scholarship to 
outstanding Journalism students; 
donated by Baltimore Sun News- 
Awarded to Charles Stott 

Stewart Margulies 
Suzan Richmond 

David Arthur Berman Memorial 
Award is presented to the two stu- 
dents majoring in Chemical Engi- 
neering with the highest cumulative 
scholastic average at the end of the 
first semester of their junior year 
who have been elected to Tau Beta 

Awarded to David C. Mascone 
Daniel S. Cobb 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal 
to the sophomore who has attained 
the highest scholastic average of his 
class in the College of Engineering. 
Awarded to Henri D. Bartholmot 
Michael D. Granger 

The Donald T. Bonney Honors 
Award is presented to a student in 
Chemical Engineering for the most 
outstanding contribution to the 
profession as a member of Omega 
Chi Epsilon, the Chemical Engineer- 
ing Honors Society. 
Awarded to Dennis J. Sherren 

Certificate in Afro-American 


Awarded to Karlene L. Morrish 

Glendora Cecelia Hughes 
Frances Ann Garrison 
Jahanna M. Thomas 
Christine Clarke 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An 
award presented annually as a mem- 
orial to Sally Sterling Byrd by her 
children, to that female member of 
the Senior Class who best exempli- 
fies the enduring qualities of the 
model woman. These qualities 
should typify self-dependence, 
courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, 
capacity to achieve objectives, will- 
ingness to sacrifice for others, 
strength of character, and those 
other qualities that enable the 
women of our society to play such 
a fundamental part in the building 
of the Nation. 
Awarded to Margaret A. Moose 

Academic and 
Special Awards 

Citizenship Prize for Men. An 
award presented annually by the 
late President Emeritus H.C. Byrd, 
a graduate of the class of 1908, to 
the member of the senior class who 
during his collegiate career has most 
nearly typified the model citizen, 
and has done most for the general 
advancement of the interests of the 
Awarded to Timothy P. Lynch 

The College of Engineering 
Alumni Chapter Award presented 
annually to the senior who has 
demonstrated outstanding scholar- 
ship and contribution to the Col- 
lege and University through activi- 
ties and leadership. 
Awarded to Joseph B. Maloney, Jr. 

George Corcoran Award 
($750.00 and a plaque) presented 
for teaching and education leader- 
ship at the College Park Campus, 
effective contributions at the na- 
tional level, creative and other 
scholarly activities, directed to 
Electrical Engineering education. 
Awarded to Charles B. Silio 

George Corcoran Award ($250 
and a plaque) presented for achieve- 
ments in electrical engineering to an 
electrical engineering Graduate As- 
Awarded to Osama H. Mowafi 

Ernest N. Cory Scholarship 
Award to an outstanding junior or 
senior recommended by the Agri- 
cultural Sciences, preferably one 
majoring in Entomology or Horti- 
Awarded to Deborah A. Camp 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding graduate 
students in the Department of Bot- 
ony during the last year. 
Awarded to John H. Adier 

CRC Engineering Science 
Achievement Award is presented to 
a junior in the College of Engineer- 
ing for outstanding scholarship, 
leadership, and service. 
Awarded to David C. Masconey 

Dairy Technology Society of 
Maryland and D.C. Scholarship 
Award to students in the Food 
Science Program who have demon- 
strated outstanding competence 
and promise for future develop- 
ment in the dairy and food process- 
ing industry. 
Awarded to Jill W. Gerstenfield 

Raymond V. Dobrzykowski 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food 
Association Scholarship to a stu- 
dent who has shown a versatile 
background and an active interest 
in agronomy and soil fertility work 
deserving of recognition. 
Awarded to Helen J. Takle 

Delmarva Traffic Club Scholar- 
ship. An award of $250 to an 
outstanding junior or senior, prefer- 
ably from the Eastern Shore of 
Maryland, majoring in Transporta- 
tion in the College of Business and 
Awarded to Scott P. Moeller 

Delta Nu Alpha, Chesapeake 
Chapter Scholarship. An award of 
$450 to an outstanding member of 
the University of Maryland chapter 
majoring in Transportation in the 
College of Business and Manage- 

Awarded to William A. Williams, III 
(December 1974 Graduate) 

Delta Sigma Pi (national profes- 
sional fraternity in business and 
commerce) Scholarship Key. 
Awarded to the senior male with 
the highest overall scholastic 
average in the College of Business 
and Management. 
Awarded to Jack G. Rogers 

Distinguished Accounting Stu- 
dent Awards. Awarded by the Uni- 
versity of Maryland chapter of Beta 
Alpha Psi and the accounting fac- 
ulty to the ten senior accounting 
students with the highest scholastic 
average in Accounting in the Col- 
lege of Business and Management. 
Awarded to Gary R. Abrahams 
Steven K. Arisumi 
John J. Keenan 
Donna J. R. Lane 
(December 1974 Graduate) 
Jack G. Rogers 
Timothy P. Sebastian 
(December 1974 Graduate) 
Mark L. Smotkin 
Michael D. Tannenbaum 
Alan S. Waldenberg 
(December 1974 Graduate) 
Rodger E. Young 

The District of Columbia Insti- 
tute of Chemists Student Award is 
presented to a senior majoring in 
Chemical Engineering on the basis 
of demonstrated qualities of leader- 
ship, ability, character, and scholas- 
tic achievement. 
Awarded to Timothy Sylvester 

Electrical Engineering Under- 
graduate Association Award is pre- 
sented to an undergraduate in Elec- 
trical Engineering in recognition of 
outstanding service and leadership. 
Awarded to Alan R. J. Doerr 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding 
Senior Award is presented to a 
senior in Electrical Engineering for 
his outstanding scholastic achieve- 
ment and service to the society and 
Awarded to Alan R. J. Doerr 

Forbes Chocolate Leadership 
Award to a student in the Food 
Service Program to encourage schol- 
arship and future potential in the 
dairy and food processing industry. 
Awarded to William K. Herold 

Lester M. Fraley Honor Award 
to a junior or senior student of 
outstanding character majoring in 
the College of Physical Education, 
Recreation, and Health who has 
demonstrated concern for citizen- 
ship and has shown superior schol- 
arship in the University. 
Awarded to Marsha Carol Finkelstein 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of the 
Maryland State Golf Association to 
three students in Agronomy dis- 
playing academic proficiency, par- 
ticipation in extracurricular activi- 
ties, and who have an active interest 
in golf turf work. 
Awarded to Robert J. Beyer 

Mark I. Schlossberg 

The James Douglass Goddard 
Memorial Medal to a male and 
female student who are native resi- 
dents of Prince George's County 
and have demonstrated outstanding 
scholastic achievements and schol- 
arly attributes. 

Awarded to Linda J. Allender 
Gary Edward Stack 

Robert Half Personnel Account- 
ing and Tax Awards. Two awards of 
$100 each to outstanding students 
majoring in Accounting in the Col- 
lege of Business and Management. 
Awarded to Steven K Arisumi 
Jack G. Rogers 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic 
Award to the two members of the 
senior class who have done the 
most for the advancement of dra- 
matics at the University. 
Awarded to Richard J. Frost 
Allan M. Shapiro 

Haskins and Sells Foundation 
Fellowship Award. An award of 
$3,000 to an outstanding Account- 
ing doctoral student in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Awarded to Margaret Hicks 

William Randolph Hearst Foun- 
dation Awards. 
Awarded to: 
General News 
Andrew Plattner 
Carol Ostrinsky 


Andrew Plattner 

Marcia Kass 

Marcia Kass 

Forest Ballard 

General News 
Paul Bertorelli 
Patricia Wilens 

Investigative Reporting 
Marcy Swerdlin 

Spot News 

Patricia Wilens 


Robin Wfest 

William Randolph Hearst Foun- 
dation Scholarship to an outstand- 
ing Journalism student. 
Awarded to Mary Jo Benton 

Rowan Scarborough 

Robin West 

The Hettinger Award is pre- 
sented by the Maryland Section of 
the American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers to an outstanding senior 
majoring in Chemical Engineering. 
Awarded to 

Marianne E. Abercrombie 

Robert M. Higginbotham Award 
in memory of Robert M. Higgin- 
botham, a compassionate and dedi- 
cated young man, an honors stu- 
dent of mathematics, who lost his 
life in Vietnam, to an outstanding 
junior student majoring in mathe- 
Awarded to Robert B. Johnson 

Department of History Senior 
Award-presented in recognition of 
superior scholastic achievement in 
Awarded to Noel A. Kiley 

The Homeland Garden Club of 
Baltimore award to the student 
with the highest scholastic average 
in Floriculture and Ornamental 
Awarded to George J. Hochmuth, II 

Academic and 
Special Awards 

College of Human Ecology 
Alumni Chapter Award presented 
to an outstanding senior in recogni- 
tion of exceptional scholarship, 
leadership and service in the College 
of Human Ecology. 

Awarded to Angela Crockett 

College of Human Ecology 
Alumni Chapter Certificate of 
Achievement presented as honor- 
able mention to an outstanding 
senior from each remaining depart- 
ment in the College of Human 
A warded to 

Department of Family and 

Community Development 
Claudia Zent 

Department of Textiles and 

Consumer Economics 
Lou Ann Schilling 

Department of Food, Nutrition 

and Institution Administration 
Valerie Ann Shor 

Joe Elbert James Memorial 
Award to the graduating senior in 
horticulture on the basis of scholar- 
ship and promise of future achieve- 
Awarded to George J. Hochmuth, II 

Mary Anne and Frank A. Ken- 
nedy Scholarships to outstanding 
journalism students from the estate 
of Mary Anne and Frank A. Ken- 
Awarded to Brent Jaquet 

Susan Searle 

Vicki Royer 

The John J. Leidy Scholarship 
Awarded to Gary E. Stack 

Lums Restaurant Annual Schol- 
arship Award. An award of $1,000 
to an outstanding student in the 
College of Business and Manage- 
Awarded to Wendy M. Jhabaula 

Charles Manning Prize in Creative 
Awarded to Chrissellene Petropoulos 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of 
Tau Beta Pi Association Award to 
the junior in the College of Engi- 
neering who during his sophomore 
year has made the most significant 
improvement in scholarship over 
that of his freshman year. 
Awarded to Robert B. Collidge 

Mary land-Delaware-D.C. Press 
Association Annual Citation to the 
outstanding senior in journalism. 
Awarded to Andrew Plattner 
Marcia Kass 

Maryland Turfgrass Association 
Scholarship to a student demon- 
strating academic proficiency in 
Agronomy, participation in extra- 
curricular activities, and an active 
interest in commercial turf work. 
Awarded to Charles Fillah 

Montgomery County Press Asso- 
ciation Scholarship to an outstand- 
ing Journalism senior residing in 
Montgomery County. 
Awarded to Elizabeth M. Nordan 

National Capiutal Housewares 
Club Scholarship Aid Funds. Two 
awards of $500 each to outstanding 
students majoring in Marketing in 
the College of Business and Manage- 
Awarded to John D. Jaynes 

Neil H. Wheeler, Jr. 

Noxell Foundation Scholars. 
Awarded to Susan D. Alpert 
Maria Calleja 

The Omega Chi Epsilon Award is 
presented to the member of the Chi 
Chapter who has made the most 
outstanding contribution through 
service and scholarship to the Mary- 
land Chapter. 
Awarded to Marianne E. Abercrombie 

Phi Sigma Phi— national scholas- 
tic honorary sponsored by the Pro- 
peller Club of the United States 
—membership elected form out- 
standing senior members of the 
University of Maryland chapter of 
the Propeller Club majoring in 
Transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to Teresa M. Ellis 

Michael P. McGee 
(graduate student) 

Gordon E. Schults 

(August 1974 graduate) 

Susan Uszerowicz 

(August 1974 graduate) 

Physics and Astronomy Annual 
Awards to Graduate Students for 
Excellence in Teaching, 1973-74 
For Physics 
Awarded to 
James Beall 
Ronald Chase 
Joanne L. Murray 
Michael Ruiz 

For Astronomy 
Awarded to 

Robert N. Cornett 

Physics Annual Award for Out- 
standing First-Year Graduate 
Study, 1973-74 

As Beginning Students; 
A warded to 

Mark Gotay 

James Isenberg 

As advanced First- Year Student 
A warded to 

Amitava Raychaudhurl 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to the most 
outstanding sophomore in mechani- 
cal engineering on the basis of 
scholastic average and instructors' 
Awarded to Michael B. Jewell 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award to 
the senior in mechanical engineer- 
ing who has made the most out- 
standing contribution to the Uni- 
Awarded to Jeffrey Marcus 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc. Schol- 
arship. An award of $500 to an 
outstanding student majoring in 
Transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to Edward F. Westrick 

The Augustus J. Prahl Fellowship 
in German is awarded for scholarly 
achievement to the outstanding 
Graduate Student in German during 
the current year. 
Awarded to Paul Dvorak- 1973 
Gerhard Grieb-1974 
Hannah H. Marks-1975 

Public Relations Society of 
America, Maryland Chapter Award 
to the Outstanding Public Relations 
Awarded to Inez Connor 

Jack B. Sachs Foundation 
Award. An award of $500 in honor 
of the Women's Advertising Club of 
Washington, D.C., to an outstand- 
ing Marketing student in the Col- 
lege of Business and Management 
planning a career in advertising. 
Awarded to Diana S. Greenwald 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron 
Award to the outstanding senior in 
Awarded to Charles W. Fellows 

Sigma Delta Chi Citation for 
Achievement at the University of 
Awarded to Eugene McGuire 

Sigma Delta Chi Jay Jackson 
Awarded to Steven Katsanos 

Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honorary 
Fraternity) Award for Service and 
Excellence in Spanish. 
Awarded to Karen Krausen 

The Leo J. and Rita Sklar 
Awards in General Honors are con- 
ferred on four General Honors stu- 
dents each year, for excellence in 
scholarship and for outstanding 
service to the University and the 
General Honors Program. 
Awarded to Susan R. Alpert 
Grace L. Finkle 
Robert B. Lederer 

Society of Fire Protection Engi- 
neers Outstanding Senior Award to 
the most outstanding senior in the 
Fire Protection Curriculum. 
Awarded to Robert J. O'Laughlin 

Society of Fire Protection Engi- 
neers Outstanding Sophomore 
Award to the most outstanding 
sophomore in the Fire Protection 
Awarded to James A. Milke 

The Society of Professional 
Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, Wash- 
ington Foundation Scholarships. 
Awarded to Patrick W. Breslin 
Marcy R. Swerdlin 

Department of Spanish and 
Portuguese Award for excellents in 
Teaching (Graduate Assistants). 
Awarded to Marielena Kolker 
Karen Krausen 
Kathie L. Williams 

Excellence in Spanish. 
Awarded to Sandra L. Cross 

Reuben G. Steinmeyer I\v<iar6 
presented by the Alpha Zeta Chap- 
ter of Pi Sigma Alpha to the out- 
standing seniors in the Department 
of Government and Politics. 
Awarded to Richard John Bender 
James Stephen Jacobs 

The University of Maryland Col- 
lege of Agriculture Alumni Chapter 
Senior Award presented annually to 
the student who has demonstrated 
outstanding collegiate accomplish- 
ments which typified the model 
student and contributed signifi- 
cantly toward the advancement of 
the University's College of Agricul- 
Awarded to Marilyn B. Devine 

Academic and 
Special Awards 


Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award. An award to 
the outstanding Finance major in 
investments and security analysis in 
the College of Business and Manage- 
Awarded to David W. Egli 

The Homer Ulrich Honors 
Awards, initiated in 1972 to honor 
Professor Homer Ulrich, chairman 
of the Department of Music be- 
tween 1953-1971, are given an- 
nually by competition for under- 
graduate and graduate students in 
each of three musical performance 
areas— piano, voice and instruments. 

William Bloomquist, piano 
Geneva Ealy, voice 
John Bailey, cello 


Carol Buffkins, piano 
William Stevens, voice 
Margot Collins, violin 

Athletie Awards 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophy for the unsung hero of the 
current season. 
Awarded to Frank Russell 

James H. Kehoe Award, to the 
trackman whose dedication to ex- 
cellence most closely exemplifies 
that of Jim Kehoe, one of Mary- 
land's greatest trackmen. 
Awarded to Daniel M. Rincon 

Tom Fields Award, to the most 
important member of the Cross 
Country team based on the qual- 
ities of leadership, dedication to 
excellence, attitude, and personal 
Awarded to Daniel M. Rincon 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy 
to the Maryland student who has 
contributed most to wrestling at 
the University. 
Awarded to John Gibbons 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., 
Swimming Trophy to the senior 
letterman who has contributed 
most to swimming. 
Awarded to Matthew Glenn 

John T. Bell Swimming Award to 
the senior who has contributed 
most to swimming. 
Awarded to James O'Connor 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the 
outstanding senior baseball player. 
Awarded to Kevin Hicks 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Trophy to the best football lineman 
of the year. 
Awarded to Louis E. Carter 

The Andrew M. Cohen Tennis 
Trophy to the member of the 
tennis team who, judged by his 
teammates, contributed the most to 
Awarded to Brian C. Lee 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a member of 
the football team with the highest 
scholastic average. 
Awarded to Albert A. Neville 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 
Trophy to the most outstanding 
wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to Tyrone R. Neal 

The Robert E. Theofeld Mem- 
orial Trophy to the golfer who 
most nearly exemplifies the com- 
petitive spirit and strong character 
of Robert E. Theofeld, former 
member of the boxing team. 
Awarded to Mark Diley 

The Teke Trophy to the student 
who during his four years at the 
University has rendered the greatest 
service to football. 
Awarded to Randy L. White 

University of Maryland Alumni 
Swimming Association Scholar 
Athlete Award to the swimmer who 
has compiled the best combination 
of academic and aquatic record. 
Awarded to James O'Connor 

Gold Awards 

Owen A. Brown 
William D. Hahn 
Thomas J. Roy 

Cross Country 
Daniel M. Rincon 


William M. Bernhards 
Mark A. Cullen 
James A. Sager 
Russell C. Smith 

John M. Alkire 
Robert H. Avellini 
Alan Bloomingdale 
Joseph A. Brancato 
Louis E. Carter 
Guy S. Deitz 
Richard J. Dicaprio 
Benjamin Kinard 
Robert E. Lange 
Douglas E. Lort, Mgr. 
Istvan Mike-Mayer 
Stanley C. Rogers 
Frank J. Romano 
Frank Russell, Jr. 
James J. Santa 
Roderick W. Sharpless 
Kenneth M. Schroy 
Robert E. Smith 
Patrick J. Ulam 
John Vesce 
David G. Visaggio 
Robert E. Wagaman, Mgr. 
Philip Waganheim 
Harry L. Walters 
Randy L. White 
Steven L. Zannoni 

Mark Diley 


Gary M. Ciany 

Patrick G. Cunningham 

Matthew Glenn 
Michael Goodner 
Barry Hartw/yk 
Thomas Killion 
James O'Connor 
Mark Rodgers 

Brian C. 




John M. Boyle 
Owen A. Brown 
Bradley E. Davis 
William D. Hahn 
Maurice M. Howard 
John H. Lucas 
John W. Newsome 
Christopher 0. Patton 
John Pavlos, Mgr. 
Thomas J. Roy 
Steven B. Sheppard 

Cross Country 

Kevin T. Conheeney 
Mitchell E. Dakelman, Mgr. 
Anthony V. Garner 
Peter G. Gleason 
Boyd B. Henry 
Kevin G. McGarry 
Allen C. Naylor, Jr. 
Russell E. Rankin 
Daniel M. Rincon 
Jeffery M. Smith 
Michael T. Wilhelm 


William M. Bernhards 
Nathaniel H. Christopher, Jr. 
Mark A. Cullen 
Gary M. Diamond 
David M. Griffin 
James G. Hankerson 
Howard B. Labow 
James F. Phillips 
Kenneth C. Poyd 
James A. Sager 
Russell C. Smith 
William E. Wenker 


John M. Alkire 
Robert H. Avellini 
Kevin F. Benson 
Alan Bloomingdale 
Joseph A. Brancato 
James A. Brechbiel 
Joseph P. Campbell 
Louis E. Carter 
Michael M. Cielensky 
DAvid P. Conrad 
Daniel DeCarlo 
Guy S. Deitz 
Richard J. DiCaprio 
Paul J. Divito 
William H. Evans 
Ralph E. Fisher 
Edward V. Fulton 
Derick L. Harris 
Kim R. Hoover 
LeRoy D. Hughes 
Richard T. Jennings, II 
Benjamin Kinard 
Marion Koprowski 
Robert E. Lange 


Academic Awards/ 
Athletic Awards 

Douglas E. Lort, Mgr. 
Mark R. Manges 
Istvan Mik9-Mayer 
Michael J. Miller 
John J. Nash 
Eugene F. Ochap 
Robert W. Raba 
Stanley C. Rogers 
Frank J. Romano 
Kenneth D. Roy 
Frank Russell, Jr. 
Earnest M. Salley 
James J. Santa 
Thomas D. Schick 
Richard C. Schmaltz 
Kenneth M. Schroy 
John Schultz 
Roderick W. Sharpless 
George D. Shihda 
Robert E. Smith 
Patrick J. Ulam 
John Vesce 
David G. Visaggio 
Robert E. Wagaman, Mgr. 
Philip Waganheim 
Harry L. Walters 
Randy L. White 
Walter White 
Timothy Wilson 
Joseph E. Younge 
Peter A. Zachary 
Steven L. Zannoni 
John M. Zernhelt 


Robert Boyd 
Mark Diley 
Steve Fellinger 
Steve Lejko 
Mike Pratt 
Roger Simpkins 
Mike Yelovich 


David J. Bartels 
Ercument K. Berilgen 
Gary M. Ciany 
Patrick G. Cunningham 
Michael C. Farrell 
Warren D. Kaplan 
Francis E. Ngoh 
Eric A. Packheiser 
Turgut 0. Pence 
Asim S. Sengun 
Lary B. Sims 
Gonzalo A. Soto 
Larry G. Stern 
Federico E. Winckelmann 


Sid Burkot 
Casey Campbell 
David Crawford 
Thomas Cullinane 
Richard Denise 
Matthew Glenn 
Michael Goodner 
Barry Hartwyk 

Thomas Killion 
Robert Lynes 
Michael McGee 
James O'Connor 
John Pyle 
Anthony Reino 
Steve Schmidt 
Thomas Sheldon 
Scott Shively 
John Wolsh 
Charles Wight 
Thomas Zonarich 
Robert Hassett 


Claude I. England 
Anthony James 
Brian C. Lee 
Larry Lefcort 
Howard Nelson 
John Lucas 
Frederico Winckelmann 


William M. Ellis 
Greg G. Filipos 
Steven D. Hogg 
Kevin T. Johnson 
Tyrone R. Neal 
Timothy M. Rowan 
Bill J. Schoy 
Ronald D. Train 
Scott R. Turkel 
John J. Gibbons 

AFROTC Awards 

The Governor's Cup. Offered 
each year by The Governor of 
Maryland and awarded to the one 
cadet chosen as Cadet of the Year 
from among those who have been 
named as Cadet of the Month dur- 
ing the year. 

Awarded to Andrea Sweetak 

Coblentz Memorial Cup. Pre- 
sented to the Commander of the 
best drilled Flight within the Corps 
of Cadets. 
Awarded to ieiirey R. Meyers 

The Alumni Cup. Presented to 
the Second Semester Air Science 
Senior Cadet who has achieved the 
highest cumulative grade point aver- 
age within the Corp of Cadets, 
while at the same time, demon- 
strating the highest degree of offi- 
cer potential. 
A warded to 
Frederick D. Van Valkenburg 

The Disabled American Veterans 
Trophy. Presented each year to the 
Senior Cadet who has displayed 
outstanding leadership, scholarship 
and citizenship. 
Awarded to Scott P. Moeller 

The George M. Reilley Award. 
Presented to the member of the 
Flight Instruction Program showing 
the highest aptitude for flying as 
demonstrated by his performance 
in the program. 
Awarded to John A. Pasqual 

The American Defense Prepar- 
edness Association Award. Pre- 
sented to the outstanding senior 
cadet who has an academic average 
which places him in the upper half 
of his entire class at the University, 
has received no grade in the ad- 
vanced ROTC courses less than B, 
in the upper 20% of total ROTC 
enrollment at the University of 
Maryland, has participated actively 
in athletics and/or campus activi- 
ties, and has demonstrated out- 
standing leadership qualities. 
Awarded to Raymond A. Neall 

The Air Force Association 
Award. Presented each year to the 
outstanding professional offices 
corp cadet who has excelled in 
Field Training, possesses individual 
leadership characteristics, ranks in 
the upper 10% of his class in the 
University and the upper 5% of his 
ROTC class, and has outstanding 
promotion potential. 
A warded to 
Frederick D. Van Valkenburg 

The American Legion Outstand- 
ing Senior Cadet Award. This award 
is sponsored by the American 
Legion, Department of Maryland 
and is presented to the cadet best 
described as the "Outstanding 
ROTC Senior." 
Awarded to William A. Ward, Jr. 

The American Legion ROTC 
Scholastic Award. Presented each 
year to an outstanding Senior (Gold 
Award) who is in the upper 10% of 
the class in the university and the 
upper 25% of the ROTC class, and 
who has demonstrated high quali- 
ties in military leadership. 
Awarded to Timothy R. Brooks 

The American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Awards. Presented each year to a 
Senior (Gold Award! in the upper 
25% of the ROTC class, demon- 
strating outstanding qualities in 
military leadership, discipline and 
Awarded to Michael P. Aeillo 

The Daughters of the American 
Revolution Award. Presented to the 
Senior Cadet who has demonstrated 
high qualities of dependability, 
good character, adherence to mili- 
tary discipline, and leadership abil- 
Awarded to Clark T. Culp 

The Military Order of World 
Wars Award. Presented to the Aero- 
space Studies cadets recognized as 
the most improved within his year 
Awarded to Craig G. Olsen 

The National Defense Transpor- 
tation Award. Presented to the 
senior cadet whose college major 
potentially qualifies him for duty as 
a Transportation Officer, and who 
also has demonstrated outstanding 
leadership qualities, academic 
achievement, and aptitude for mili- 
tary service. 
Awarded to Scott P. Moeller 

The Reserve Officers Association 
Awards. Presented to the senior 
Cadet (Gold Award) demonstrating 
outstanding academic achievement 
in AFROTC subject matter and 
highest officer potential. 
Awarded to Richard S. Mitchell 

The Tuskegee Airmen, East 
Coast Chapter Award. Presented to 
the cadet who has excelled in lead- 
ership of cadet recruitment activi- 
ties concerned with the four year 
AFROTC program. 
Awarded to William A. Ward, Jr. 

The Professor of Aerospace 
Studies Award. Presented to the 
Senior Cadet who has distinguished 
himself through excellence of lead- 
ership in the Corps of Cadets. 
A warded to 
Frederick D. Van Valkenburg 

The Commandant of Cadets 
Award. Presented to the Senior 
Cadet whose increased officership 
potential has been significantly re- 
flected by his standing among his 
peers and/or in a Cadet Corps ac- 
tivity under his management. 
Awarded to William A. Ward, Jr. 

Athletic Awards/ 
AFROTC Awards 



Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

College of Agriculture 

Dining Hall East, Denton Hall 


Room 1216, H.J. Patterson Hall 

Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Room 1325, Chemistry Building 


Room 1216, H. J. Patterson Hall 

General Biological Sciences 

Refer to Department of Clearance 


Room 0115, H.J. Patterson Hall 

Garden Area 

Room 0128B, Holzapfel Hall in 
case of rain 


Room 0106, Francis Scott Key 


Room 1200, Zoology-Psychol- 
ogy Building 

Division of Arts and Humanities 

School of Architecture 

Auditorium, Architecture Build- 

College of Journalism 

Lobby, Journalism Building 

American Studies 

Room 1111, Woods Hall 

Art Gallery, Tawes Fine Arts 



Room 3215 Foreign Language 


Room 1115, Temporary Class- 
room Building EE 


Tortuga Room, Student Union 

French and Italian 

Room 0105, Foreign Language 

•Scheduled to be held together 

36 Diploma Distribution 

German and Slavic 

Room 3215, Foreign Language 


Room 2119, Francis Scott Key 


Room 1125, Recital Hall, Tawes 
Fine Arts Building 


Room 1 131, Skinner Building 

Spanish and Portuguese 

Room 2215, Foreign Language 

Speech and Dramatic Art 

Theater, Tawes Fine Arts Build- 

Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

College of Business and Manage- 

Room 1101, Tydings Hall 

Afro-American Studies 
Room 0100, Woods Hall 


Room 0113, Woods Hall 


Room 3121, Undergraduate 


Room 1111, Tydings Hall 


Room 2100, Tydings Hall 

Government and Politics 
Room 1108, Tydings Hall 

Hearing and Speech 

Room 2111, Student Union 

Information Systems Management 
Room 2100, Tydings Hall 


Room 1240, Zoology-Psychol- 
ogy Building 


Room 0231, Black and White 
Room, Student Union 

Urban Studies 

Room 221 3, Woods Hall 

Division of Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences and Engineering 

College of Engineering 

Black and Gold Room, New 
Dining Hall 


Room 1412, (Lecture Hall) 
Physics Building 

Computer Science 

Room 3316, Space Sciences 


Rotunda, Mathematics Building 

Physical Sciences 

Room 1412, (Lecture Hall), 
Physics Building 


Room 1412, (Lecture Hall), 
Physics Building 

Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

College of Library and Information 

Room 0108, (Student Lounge), 

Undergraduate Library 

College of Education 

Administration, Supervision and 


Room 1315, Education Build- 

Counseling and Personnel Serv- 

Building 1210, Education 

Early Childhood— Elementary 


Room 1230, Education Build- 

Industrial Education 

Room 1121, Education Building 

Institute for Child Study 

Room 1107, Education Build- 

Measurement and Statistics and 

Social Foundations 

Room 1203, Education Build- 

Secondary Education 

Room 1220, Education Build- 

Special Education 

Room 1240, Education Build- 

College of Human Ecology 

Maryland Room, Marie Mount 

College of Physical Education, Rec- 
reation and Health 
Room 0108, (Small Gym), Cole 
Activities Building 

Office of Undergraduate Studies 

(General Studies) 

Room 1115, Undergraduate Li- 

A Walking Tour Through llio I iiiversil.v 
of Maryland's College Park ( ampus 

There are many interesting educa- 
tional and research facilities on the 
College Park Campus. We have 
selected some of these that you may 
wish to visit along a walking tour. 
These facilities are open on week- 
days from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
You are welcome to tour them at 
your leisure. Other points of 
interest on campus may be toured 
by appointment through the phone 
extension listed after each facility. 
For general information call the 
Student Union Information Center 


78) Regents Drive 

Open to visitors weekdays 8:30 a.m. 
to 4:30 p.m. A schedule of multi- 
denominational services can be ob- 
tained in the North Administration 

BUILDING-(BLDG.83) Regents 

This facility houses the Admissions 
Office of the University; Office of 
the Registrar for grade transcripts 
and commencement information; 
and offices for student financial 

aid, housing, and campus employ- 

(BLDG. 120) Corner of Regents and 
Campus Drives 

Completed in 1972, the library is 
one of the finest in the nation. In 
addition to serving undergraduate 
students, it also houses at the grad- 
uate level the College of Library 
and Information Services. Stop 

Campus Drive 

A new addition to the Student 
Union was completed in 1972. 
You can obtain a building directory 
and schedules of events and activ- 
ities at the information desk in the 
front lobby. Guided tours are 
available to the bowling alleys, 
billiard room, ballroom, cafeterias, 
motion picture theatre, and ex- 

27) Campus Drive 

With a permanent seating capacity 
of 12,500, the Main Auditorium of 
Cole Fieldhouse is used for basket- 
ball games, classes in physical 
education, commencements, con- 
certs, academic testing, track, and 
many other indoor activities. Other 
areas of the building contain small 
gymnasiums, a swimming pool, 
classrooms, faculty offices, a 
ticket booth for athletic events, and 
the Department of Intercollegiate 

(BLDG. 115) Campus Drive 

You are welcome to visit the Art 
Gallery on the first floor. Offices of 
the departments of art, music, 
speech and dramatic art, and hear- 
ing and speech sciences are housed 
in this building. University Theatre 
is also located here, adjacent to 
Parking Lot # 1. 

BUILDING-(BLDG. 8) Campus 

You are invited to walk through 
this facility and view displays of 
student architectural designs and 
the faculty-designed sculpture in 
the West Court. 

Tours by Appointment 

CYCLOTRON, Department of 
Physics and Astronomy. The Cyclo- 
tron is available for touring on Mon- 
days from 10-4 p.m. by prior 
arrangement. (Ext. 4152) 

EDUCATION. The Center of 
Adult Education is a residential con- 
ference facility for continuing edu- 
cation for adults. Tours can be 
arranged by appointment. 

COMPLEX. These new modular 
housing units are a unique innova- 
tion in student housing. (Ext. 

BYRD STADIUM. Football games 
and track and field events are held 
in this stadium which holds 35,000 
spectators. (Ext. 4705) 

contains materials for the use of 
graduate students and faculty. Tours 
can be arranged by appointment. 
(Ext. 4042) 

Open House is held on the 5th and 
20th of each month at 8:30 p.m. 
for the general public. Large groups 
may call for reservations at 
454-3001. (For other information 
call Ext. 3460) 

building on the College Park 
Campus, Rossborough Inn is open 
to the public for lunch from 1 1 :30 
to 1:30 p.m. (Ext. 3940) 

Walking Tour 37 

Cde Fidel I kni^e Scaling 



niaiii entnuiee 
& exits 

Section 1 

Agriculture and Life Sciences 
Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

and Engineering 
Human Ecology 
Physical Education, Recreation and 

General Studies 

Section 2 

Graduate School 



Arts and Humanities 

Section 3 Section 4 

Business and Management Education 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 

38 Cole Field House Seating 










ro ;\o 












1 I 

CO CT\ W M CO r\j 


W -J