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Commencement Program May 1 5, 1 976 


University of Maryland at College Park 

Commenceinent Program May 15, 1976 

University' of Maryland at College Park 

Chartered In 1856. the 
Maryland Agricultural College 
opened its doors to 34 students 
and four professors on October 
6, 1859. Three years later. In 
June 1862, the institution 
awarded its first degrees to 
William B. Sands and Thomas 
Franklin. At the second annual 
Commenccmcnl injunc 1863. 
two more degrees were 
awarded, followed by the 
presentation of four diplomas 
in June 1864. 

The Civil War and 
Reconstruction took their toll 
at the school, however, and 
there were no graduates in 
1865 and 1866. The College was 
advertised as a preparatory 
school for boys over the age of 
twelve who could read and 
write in order to keep the doors 
open, but in September 1866 
the institution was closed due 
to bankruptcy. It reopened as a 
land-grant college in October 
1867 to eleven students and 
five professors. 

The next Commencement was 
held in 1871 for one graduate, 
followed by the awarding of 
diplomas to five students in 
1873. In 1916 the College came 
under the full control of the 
State. Its name was changed to 
Maryland State College, and 
the institution was ready to 
aim beyond its limited rural 
scope to appeal to all citizens as 
an educational institution. 

arsknitr ^grinilttiral College. 


F-riday, J-uune S6th, 1868, 

At 10 o'oloolE« A. M. 



[?> [K^ ^ V [1 [K^ a 

Bf rr s I c! . 

Frkncb Poku > Beranger Hknrt Ubtick Ombskdokk 

M rr « I o. , 

Absalom ». WiUit ^Johk S. Qittisgs, Jr. 


SeAtLTxcvB'roQi.AJHA.roJUi...Epes Sargeant...'W . T. S. Turpih. 

M XT S 1 O. 
British Aqorcssiom.. Fairiek JHemry..Jo»mvA K. Wabvikld. 


Orrkk Rkcitatioh BibU S. D. Hall. 



Bf T7 IS I O. 

Catilinr TO HM Abmt Croly C. H. R. Mbrrick. 

Bf rr ei 1 <i. 
Alfred to his Mjsm KnuvUa E. S. Oaltxrt. 

Bf T7 S I C. 


liOCOMOTiow .,.. William B. Todd, Jr. 

BX T7 S X O. 

Obskrtatiok AMD Valkdiutory C. B. Caltrrt, Jr. 

Bf T7 IS X C 
Bf X7 S 1 O. 

Addrms, by i ..Rev. B. B, Grhwold. 


Today some 4000 stu- 
dents will be awarded 
degrees in more than 200 
fields of intellectual 
study. Each of you de- 
serves special honor for 
having chosen your goal 
and pursued it to success- 
ful completion. We are 
proud of what you have 

We hope that what you 
have learned and, in a 
larger sense, what you 

have become as an indi- 
vidual while associated 
with the University of 
Maryland will serve you 
well as you move on to 
new challenges and great- 
er aspirations. That is the 
most important measure 
of our success as a Uni- 

We hope, too, that you 
will want to maintain 
contact with your Uni- 
versity. It is important 

for us to learn from you 
during the coming years 
how best to serve the stu- 
dents who will follow you 
and how best to serve you 
and the other citizens of 
the community. 

Congratulations and 
every good wish for the 

R. L. Gluckstem 

to the 


Robert L. Gluckstem 


College Park Campus 

Master of Cere- 

Dr. Thomas J. Ay 1 ward 
Chairman, Department of 
Speech and Dramatic Art 


University Symphony 
Band and Chorus featur- 
ing Be Glad Then , Ameri- 

Robert Russell Bennett 
(arr. Morden) 
Conductor, John Wake- 

Introduction of 



The Reverend Elizabeth 


Lutheran Chaplain 


The Reverend Halscy M. 



Old St. Paul's Church 

Baltimore, Maryland 

The AiTational 

University Chorus 
Led by Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 
President of the Uni- 

Dr. B. Herbert Brown 
Chairman, Board of 

Musical Selection 

Battle Hymn of the Re- 

Howe-Steffe (arr. Ring- 

LTniverslty Chorus and 
Symphony Band 
Conductor, Dr. Traver 


His Excellency 

The Honorable Sir Peter 

Ramsbotham KCMG 

The Ambassador to the 

United States from Great 


Conferring of 

Dr. Elkins, Honorary 


Dr. Gluckstem, College 

Park Campus 

Remarks to Grad- 

Gary Allan Prince 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Gluckstem 

The Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and 

Deep in our hearts we 

Singing, thy praise for- 
Throughout the land. 

Led by 
Dr. Traver 


The Reverend A. Robert 

Thoman, S.J. 


St. Ignatius Catholic 


Chapel Point, Maryland 


Universitv Symphony 


Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

Order of 

May 15, 1976 

10 a.m. 

Cole Student Activities 


As guests moved toward the 
banquet tables during the 
Intermission of the holiday ball 
on November 29, 1918, 
someone announced that the 
outside rafters of the main 
building were on fire. The 
crowd rushed through the 
doors and watched the flames 
as boys rounded up fire hoses 
and the Hyattsville fire 
department arrived. As the 
wind began to rise and water 
pressure began to fall, officials 
ordered the fire fighting to stop 
and everyone to empty the 
building of records and 
furniture. Meanwhile, fire- 
fighting equipment was rushed 
out from Washington, but no 
one was at the railroad station 
to unload it. The crowd which 
had been dancing to the music 
of a Washington band earlier in 
the evening, watched as the 
two largest buildings on 
campus crashed to ruins. The 
loss of every dormitory room, 
half the classrooms and offices, 
and most of the College records 
was appraised at 8250,000. 

The Students 

College Park is dedicated to young 
people. The Campus gives all students 
the chance to encounter new persons, 
new ideas and new interests, all of which 
they could hardly find elsewhere in such 
variety. Students may discover ancient 
Greece for the first time; they try their 
hand at art; or they may use a computer 
to help design a better environment for 

But whatever they investigate whether it 
is under a microscope, or out in space or 
within the human mind, their 
experiences sharpen their vision and 
improve their judgment. They learn in 
and out of class, by relating to many 
people of their own age and by dealing 
with a cultured faculty. They are able, in 
these many ways, to better define their 
directions and their goals. 

The Faculty 

The men and women who instruct our 
students at College Park are teachers and 
scholars who bring to the classroom a 
depth of knowledge, experience and 
learning that ranks among the finest of 
any university campus. Their work 
ranges from the study of physical forces 
to the study of man in all his 
complexities. Some scholars are 
searching for practical applications of 
solar energy, discovering new galaxies of 
stars or researching substitute processes 
for pasteurization to increase the shelf 
life of milk, while others are 
administering stress tests to study 
coronary artery disease, debating the 
philosophical beliefs of the founders of 
our nation, or studying the world of black 
Americans at the turn of the centur\'. All 
of them are sharing the results of their 
learning with their students in the 

One way to describe this campus is 
through the interaction of students and 
faculty, but other points of view are 
interesting too. 

The Campus 

Located in suburban Maryland just nine 
miles from the Nation's Capital, the 
College Park Campus offers a diversity of 
cultural, political and scientific 
resources to its students. 

The campus is a spacious one of 1,300 
acres. Some of its 228 Georgian-style 
buildings overlook playing fields, the 
tree-lined central mall, or rolling lawns, 
while one or two border the few 
remaining open fields of grazing land 
belonging to the University. 

In enrollment. College Park is among the 
10 largest campuses in the country. 
Undergraduates enrolled in spring 1976 
numbered over 26,600 and graduate 
students over 7,200 for a total enrollment 
of almost 34,000. This year's College Park 
operating budget is 8131,552,289. The 
University assisted over 7,000 College 
Park students with scholarship aid in 

Students may choose from 71 
undergraduate and 67 graduate 
programs leading to degrees. 

In 1974-75 a total of 5,251 
undergraduate, 1,416 master's and 385 
doctorate degrees were awarded by the 
College Park Campus. In number of 
doctorates granted annually, the 
University ranks among the top thirty in 
the nation. 


The University had it's beginnings in 
1807 with the establishment in 
Baltimore of the College of Medicine, an 
entirely faculty-owned institution 
granting the M.D. degree. When its name 
was changed to the University of 
Maryland five years later, it was given 
power to confer additional degrees. The 
first dental school in America, the 
Baltimore College of Dental Surgen,', 
became a part of the University in 1840. 
Subsequently, the University opened 
schools of pharmacy, law and nursing. 

The College 
Park Cam- 
pus and tlie 

The five-story main building 
known as 'The Barracks'" was 
built on the highest hill (next 
to the present main dining hall) 
In 1858. When the Maryland 
Agricultural College opened a 
year later, quarters were 
available for 104 students and 
at least two faculty members. 
Each of the rooms was 
furnished with two Iron beds 
and two wardrobes, and 
downstairs there were Iron 
tubs for the bathers. There 
were also kitchen facilities, an 
auditorium which doubled as a 
dining room, eight carpeted 
lecture rooms, and a few 
offices. Behind the building a 
machine manufactured gas 
from coal and pumped It to 
light fixtures In every room. 
The building and almost 
everything In It was destroyed 
inthefireof 19ia. 

Under a charter secured by a group of 
Maryland planters in 1856 , the College 
Park Campus of the University, then 
called the Maryland Agricultural College, 
opened in 1859 and became one of the 
original land-grant schools in 1865. After 
a disastrous fire in 1912, the State 
acquired control of the College and bore 
the cost of rebuilding. In 1920 the State 
took over the faculty-owned University 
in Baltimore, merging it with the State- 
owned institution at College Park to form 
the present day University of Maryland. 

In 1886 the Delaware Conference 
Academy was founded by the Methodist 
Church in Princess Anne, Maryland. The 
State acquired this institution in 1926, 
making it a division of the University of 
Maryland in 1948. It was made a Campus 
of the University of Maryland Eastern 
Shore (UMES). A new campus known as 
University of Maryland Baltimore 
Countv (UMBC) was opened at 
Catonsville in 1966. 


University libraries include 
approximately 1,465,000 volumes on the 
College Park Campus, 1 1 ,000 
subscriptions to periodicals and 
newspapers, plus nearly 875,000 
microform units, as well as many slides, 
film strips, music scores, and recordings. 
The Undergraduate Library has a seating 
capacity of 4,000 students and is among 
the nation's largest. Facilities include a 
quadraphonic concert room, color video 
tape players and playback units, 
enclosed rooms equipped with 
instructor's consoles for the use of 
nonprint media materials and wireless 
stereo headsets for tapes of lectures, 
plays, speeches, and music. 

Research Faeilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities 
are: a 140 MeV cyclotron; a nuclear 
reactor; scanning electron microscopes; 
subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic 
wind tunnels; an electron ring 

accelerator; a precision encoder and 
pattern recognition device; a 
gravitational radiation detection system 
including a gravimeter on the moon; 
a quiescent plasma device (Q machine); 
a psychopharmacology laboratory; three 
retro- reflector arrays on the moon; 
rotating tanks for laboratory studies of 
meteorological phenomena; Van de 
Graaff accelerators; a laboratory for 
basic behavioral research; an assortment 
of computers; the Astronomy 
Observatory, Center of Materials 
Research, Institute for Fluid Dynamics 
and Applied Mathematics, Institute for 
Molecular Physics, and the Water 
Resources Research Center. 

The College Park Campus also owns 
and operates one of the largest and most 
sophisticated long wavelength radio 
telescopes (located in Clark Lake, Calif.) 
and a cosmic ray laboratory (located in 
New Mexico). 

In addition to these research 
opportunities in the biological, 
mathematical and physical sciences, 
research programs In the behavioral 
sciences, social sciences and education 
exist in many bureaus and institutes 
including: the Bureau of Business and 
Economic Research, Bureau of 
Educational Research and Field Services, ' 
Bureau of Governmental Research, 
Institute for Child Study, Institute for 
Criminal Justice and Criminology and the 
Institute for Urban Studies. i 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the 
students and faculty in the academic 
procession are of ancient origin. They 
have been the traditional costume of the 
scholar since medieval times and 
probably represent an adaptation of the 
ecclesiastical dress, since many of the 
scholars of that period were members of 
monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 
drafted a uniform code for costumes 

which has since been adopted by the 
majority of colleges and universities in 
the United States. 

Each of the three academic degrees — 
bachelor, master, and doctor — has its 
own distinctive gown and hood. The 
bachelor's gown is distinguished by its 
long pointed sleeve. The master's gown 
has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, 
extending below the knee; the arm is 
passed through a slit at the elbow. In 
contrast, the doctor's gown has a full bell- 
shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. 
The opening of this gown is faced with 
wide velvet bands. The velvet trim may 
be black or of a color indicating the 
general field of learning of the wearer, for 
example, blue for philosophy, green for 
medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of 
the academic costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and extends 
down the back. The doctor's is the largest 
of the hoods and the bachelor's the 
smallest. The bachelor's hood is often 
omitted. The color of the velvet edging 
indicates the field of learning. Below is 
given a list of department or faculty 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Administration, Commercial 

Education, Pedagogy/ Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 
Home Economics/Maroon 
Humanics/Dark Crimson 
Library Science/Lemon 
Nursing/ Apricot 
Oratory/Silver Gray 

Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Service/Citron 
Surgical Chiropody/Nile Green 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in 
the center of the hood are those of the 
college or university which conferred the 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in 
design for all degrees. The tassel may be 
either black or the color of the field of 
learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap 
may be gold. 

From Europe the use of academic degrees 
spread to English universities. Harvard 
University, William and Mary, and Yale 
followed the British pattern in the 
United States. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the sticcessful 
completion of a course of study. There are 
more than 1,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred by American 
colleges and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate 
conferred by the University of Bologna in 
the middle of the 12th Century. 
Originally, the doctor's and master's 
degrees were used interchangeably, each 
Indicating that the holder was qualified 
to give instruction to students. The 
bachelor's or baccalaureate degree 
indicated only entrance upon a course of 
study preparatory to the doctorate or 
mastership. Gradually, however, the 
bachelor's degree came to mean 
successful completion of one level of 
study preparatory to the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, or 
instrixctor, applied by ancient Romans to 
those who delivered public lectures on 
philosophical subjects. In the Middle 

rr ^ 

Built in 1898 at a cost of 
824,000, Morrill Hall Is one of 
the oldest buildings on the 
College Park ('ampus. It was 
named forjustin S. Morrill, 
the Republican congressman 
from Vermont who authored 
the act which established land- 
grant colleges. As a result of 
the act, the Maryland 
Agricultural College received 
8112,504 from the sale of 
210,000 acres of land at 53 1/2 
cents per acre. The act assured 
the eventual success of the 
College by linking it to a 
national system of land-grant 
colleges, providing 
supplementary federal 
appropriations, and tying it to 
the State which guaranteed its 
continued existence. 

Annual Commencement 
ceremonies In the final quarter 
of the 19th centurj' were 
three-day events. The 
governor, legislators, trustees, 
and reporters, as well as 
relatives, attended the 
activities, which began with a 
baccalaureate sermon 
delivered by a Methodist or 
Episcopal bishop on Sunday 
morning. Musical concerts 
were held throughout the 
afternoon, occasionally 
featuring special choirs 
brought out from Washington 
to perform with the College 
glee club. Student orations on 
"Improvement," "Agriculture," 
and similar topics were 
presented on Monday, along 
with military drills and one-act 
plays performed by lower 
classmen. On Tuesday, the 
basement chapel was decorated 
with bunting, flags, evergreens, 
muskets, and swords, and 
diplomas were presented. At 
(he ceremony the governor or 
another dignitary spoke on 
"buckling on armor for the 
battle of life" or "the happy 
rewards of rural living." A 
grand Commencement ball 
climaxed the festivities after 
the graduates and their 
families had dinner at the home 
of the president. 

Ages, from the 12th century, it came into 
use as a title of honor borne by men of 
great learning. It was first made an 
academic title at the University of 
Bologna, in Italy, which received from 
the emperor the right of appointing 
doctores legum (doctor of laws). The 
University of Paris followed in 11 45. 
Soon after, the popes granted the 
universities the right of appointing 
doctors cantmum et decretalium 
(teachers of the canon law); and when the 
study of civil law came to be combined 
with that of the canon law, the title was 
changed to doctor utriusque juris 
(teacher of both laws). The faculties of 
theology and medicine ff)llowcd that of 
law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, 
and occasionally in theology and law, is 
given beyond the baccalaureate degree, 
and requires two to five years, the 
writingof a thesis, and the passing of 
written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents the most 
advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two 
distinct types: the professional or 
practitioner's degree, and the research 
degree. The first type represents 
advanced training for the practice of 
various professions, principally: Doctor 
of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgerj-, 
Doctor of VeterinarA' Medicine, Juris 
Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees carry no implication of original 
research and are classified by the U.S. 
Office of Education, with bachelor's 
degrees, as the first professional degrees. 
The University of Maryland awarded the 
first two dental degrees in history, on 
March 9, 1841, and invented the name of 
the degree, D.D.S, as well. 

The second type of doctor's degree is 
classified as research doctorate 
representing prolonged periods of 
advanced study, usually accompanied by 
a dissertation which is designed to be a 
substantial contribution to existing 
knowledge on the subject. The most 

important of these, the Doctor of 
Philosophy, no longer has an implication 
of philosophy for its holder, but 
represents advanced research in any of 
the major fields of knowledge. It was first 
awarded in the United States by Yale 
University in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded at the 
University of Maryland in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor 
conferred upon students who have 
successfully completed work in advance 
of the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral 
examination are usually required. The 
word magister, connected with a 
qualifying phrase, was used among the 
Romans as a title of honor; but its 
present meaning must be traced to the 
time of the establishment of the oldest 
universities. Regularly organized 
faculties were not then known as they 
now exist in the universities. The whole 
circle of academic activity was limited to 
seven liberal arts, and those who 
received public honors on the completion 
of their course of studies, for their 
diligence and knowledge, and had 
already received the degree of 
baccalaureate (bachelor) were called 
magistri artium (master of the liberal 

In 1920 the new University of Marsdand 
awarded its first M.A. and M.S. degrees 
in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor^ Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
completion of a four-year course of study 
of collegiate grade and is the oldest 
academic degree used by American 
institutions of higher learning. The 
degree Bachelor of Arts was first 
conferred in America in 1642 on the first 
nine graduates of Harvard College. 

Maryland Agricultural College, which 
was later to become the University of 
Maryland College Park, awarded the first 
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science 
degrees in 1862. 


College Park 




Robert L. Gluckstern 

Vice Chancellor for 

Academic Affairs 
George H. Callcott 
Vice Chancellor for 

Academic Planning 

and Policy 
Thomas B. Day 
Vice Chancellor for 

Administrative Affairs 
John W. Dorscy 
Vice Chancellor for 

Student Affairs 
William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at College 

Division of Agricultural 

and Life Sciences 
Francis C. Stark 
Division of Arts and 

Robert A. Corrigan 
Division of Behavioral 

and Social Sciences 
Mary F. Berry 
Division of Human and 

Community Resources 
George J. Funaro 
Division of 

Mathematical and 

Physical Sciences and 

Joseph M. Marchello 

Deans at College 

School of Architecture 
John W. Hill 
College of Agriculture 
Gordon M. Cairns 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 
Robert L. Emans 
College of Engineering 
Robert B. Beckmann 
College of Human 

JohnR. Beaton 
College of Journalism 
Ray E. Hiebert 
College of Library and 

Information Services 
Henry J. Dubester 

College of Physical 

Education, Recreation 

and Health 
Marvin H. Eyler 
Administrative Dean for 

Graduate Studies 
David S. Sparks 
Administrative Dean for 

Summer Programs 
Melvin N. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 

Undergraduate Studies 
Robert E. Shoenberg 


Administration of 
the University 

Wilson H. Elkins 
Vice President for 


Donald W. O'Connell 
Vice President for 

Academic Affairs 
R. Lee Hornbake 
Vice President for 

Graduate Studies and 

Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. 

Vice President for 
Agricultural Affairs 
and Legislative 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 

Board of Regents 


B. Herbert Brown 

Vice Chairman 

Hugh A. McMullcn 


Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 


L. Mercer Smith 

Assistant Secretary 

William G. Connelly 

Assistant Treasurer 

N. Thomas Whittington, 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 
Young D. Hance, ex officio 
Edward V. Hurley 
Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 
A. Paul Moss 
Peter F. O'Malley 
Miss Judith S. Sachwald 
John C. Scarbatli 
Joseph D. Tydings 

Officers of 


Dr. Paid R. Poffenberger, 

Assoc. Dean, College of 


Associate Chairman 

Dr. Robert C. Wiley, 

Professor, Horticulture 

University Marshal 

Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, 

Assistant Vice Chancellor 

for Academic Affairs 


Dr. Eugene Troth, 

Professor and Chairman, 


Committee Members 

Mr. Ulysses S. Glee 

Office of Student Aid 

Patrick J. Hunt, Director, 

University Relations 

(College Park) 

Mr. Robert J. Belter, 

Assoc. Professor, 

Agricultural and Resource 


Mr.JohnT. Broadbclt, 

Super\-isor, Physical Plant 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, 

Dean, College of 


Mr. Jackson W. Wilson, 

Admissions and 


Mr. John A. Goecker, 

Director, Food Scr\'iees 

Ms. Joanne Janus, 


Dr. Conrad B. Link, 

Professor, Horticulture 

Dr. George Marx, 

Professor, Counseling and 

Personnel Service 

Mr. Elwood Gross, 

Physical Plant 

Dr. Doyle P. Royal, Coach, 

Athletic Dept. 

Mr. Charles Jantho, 

Director, Physical Plant 

Mrs. Catherine Banscher, 

Xurse, Health Center 

Mr. Alfred J. Hanlon, 

Assistant Director of 


Lf.R.C. Hedges, 

University Police 

of Iva^vs 
Sir Peter 

Since the first Commencenient 
exercises of the Maryland 
Agricultural College In 1862 
when students William B. 
Sands and Thomas Franklin 
spoke on "Labor" and 
"Education." many people have 
addressed the graduates of this 
institution. General John J. 
Pershing spoke to those 
attending an outdoor ceremony 
is the early 1920's. 

Sir Peter Ramsbotham regards his role 
as British ambassador to the United 
States during the 200th anniversary of 
the separation of those two nations as "a 
special privilege," and he has been taking 
advantage of the oi)iJortnnity presented 
by the Bieentennial to promote Anglo- 
American friendship and cooj)eration as 
he travels throughout the country. 

Recently asked by President Ford 
about British reaction to America's cele- 
bration of it s independence. Sir Peter as- 
sured him with good humor that "we had 
no hard feelings; and we felt no embar- 
rassment in joining the celebration of one 
of our defeats — being so few in our his- 
torv, they were that much more memo- 

In a more serious manner, he likes to 
remind Amcricansof their strong cultu- 
ral ties to his people, arguing that the 
American war for independence was not 
really a social revolution against British 
ways. "You were seeking to claim no 
more." he tells his U.S. audiences, "than 
the liberties and the balance between the 
individual and the state which had 
evolved, painfully, over more than 500 
years of the history of England." 

Sir Peter's appointment as I'.S. ambas- 
sador in 1973 marked the beginning of 
his 26th year as a career diplomat with 
the British Foreign Service. Prior to tak- 
ing up residence at the British embassy 
on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, 
D.C., Sir Peter had served for two years 
as British ambassador to Iran, a position 
which brought him into frequent contact 
with the Shah of Iran. Earlier, as head of 
the Western Organizations and Planning 

Department in Ix)ndon, he played an in- 
strumental role in negotiating (ireat 
Britain's entry into the European Com- 
mon Market. He also spent four years 
during the mid-1950's as Head of Chan- 
eery in the British Delegation to the 
United Nations in New York. 

Born in London on October 8, 1919, Sir 
Peter was educated at Eton and Oxford 
University where he studied modern 
history. After fighting and winning a 
bout with polio during his University 
years, he enlisted as a private in the 
British .\rmy in 1942, retiring from 
military service four years later at the 
rank of Lt. Colonel. His knowledge of the 
French and German languages made him 
a valuable asset to the British Intelli- 
gence Corps during World War II, and he 
served with the Allied Forces in the 
Normandy operations and later in Bel- 
gium, Germany and France. The French 
government awarded him the Croix de 

When in England, Sir Peter and Lady 
Ramsbotham enjoy gardening and bird- 
watching at their 16th-century cottage on 
an estate bordering the River Itchen near 
Winchester. Their family includes two 
sons, a daughter and three grandchil- 

Sir Peter was made a Companion of the 
Order of St. Michael and St. George 
(CMG) in 1964 and a Knight Commander 
of the Order (KCMG) in 1972. 

He is awarded on honorary Doctor of 
Laws from the L'niversitv of Marvland. 


Many of our nation's most influential 
leaders are convinced that food, popula- 
tion, and the environment are interre- 
lated issues which must be dealt with on 
a world-wide basis in the final quarter of 
the twentieth century. Lester R. Brown, 
one of the world's most noted authorities 
on international agricultural and popula- 
tion problems, has been called a tireless 
sounder of world alert to anticipating and 
resolving these crucial concerns on a 
global scale. Founder and President of 
WorldWatch Institute, Brown oversees 
an organization which is an early-warn- 
ing system dedicated to a reflective and 
rational approach to solving critical food, 
population, and environment problems 
before they become full-scale crises. 

In an article in The Futurist in June 
1975, Brown said, "We delude ourselves 
if we think the years ahead will be easy. 
At best they will be traumatic, and they 
could be catastrophic. The crucial ques- 
tion is whether we can create a workable 
order or an increasingly interdependent 
world. This will require of our generation 
a level of leadership, understanding, and 
generosity of spirit that few past genera- 
tions have been called upon to supply." 

Brown's understanding of the interre- 
lated nature of these issues led him to 
organize and become Senior Researcher 
of the WorldWatch Institute in 197*. A 
"think tank" funded by private founda- 
tions, individual contributions, the U.S., 
and U.S. government agencies. World- 
watch is a private non-profit Washington- 
based research organization. 

Before becoming President of World- 
watch, Brown served as Senior Fellow 
with the Overseas Development Council 
from 1969-74. From 1966-69 he was 
Administrator of the International Agri- 
cultural Development Service, an organi- 
zation which is the technical assistance 
arm of the U.S. Department of Agricul- 
ture. Brown entered the Department of 
Agriculture in 1959. He served as an in- 
ternational agricultural economist with 
the Economic Research Service until he 
joined the Secretary of Agriculture's staff 
in 1964 as his advisor on foreign agricul- 
tural policy. 

Cited as a leading authority on world 
food problems while still in his twenties, 
in 1965 he received the Arthur S. Flem- 
ming Award as one of the "Ten Outstand- 
ing Young Men in the Federal Govern- 
ment." In 1966 he was chosen by the U.S. 
Jaycees as one of the "ten Outstanding 
Young Men of America." This honor cited 
his anticipation of the 1965 crop failure 
in India early enough to initiate a mas- 
sive and successful food rescue effort 
which alleviated the crisis and avoided 
famine in India. 

Born on March 28, 1934, in Bridgeton, 
New Jersey, Brown received a degree in 
Agriculture from Rutgers University in 
1955, Agricultural Economics from the 
University of Maryland in 1959 and in 
Public Administration from Harvard 
University in 1962. 

He is author of Man, Land and Food 
(USDA, 1963), Seeds of Change (Praegcr, 
1970), World Without Borders (Random 
House, 1972), In the Human Interest 
(Norton, 1974), and By Bread Alone 
(Praegcr, 1974). His books have been pub- 
lished in a dozen languages and have 
reached a global audience. He is the 
author of numerous articles and has been 
featured in Saturday Review , Foreign 
Affairs , Foreign Policy , Scientific Ameri- 
can , Science , The New York Times , The ~ 
Washington Post , Wall Street Journal , 
Newsweek , and Time . 

Brown is a member of the Council on 
Foreign Relations, the Cosmos Chib, the 
Federation of American Scientists, the 
World Future Society (Washington, D.C.), 
the Society for International Develop- 
ment, Zero Population Growth, and the 
American Economic Association. He 
serves on committees of the National 
Academy of Sciences, has been a Guest 
Scholar at the Aspen Institute, has 
served on the faculty of the Salzburg 
Seminar in American Studies, and de- 
livered the Nobel Symposium address in 
Stockholm in 1974. 

He received a Doctorate of Humane 
Letters from Dickinson College in 1975. 
He is awarded an honorary Doctor of 
Laws from the University of Maryland. 

of La^vs 
Lester R. 

for Degrees 
May 15, 1976 


The Roll and Signatures in 1908 



The 1976 class roster 
is comprised of degree 
candidates from the 
undergraduate and grad- 
uate programs at the 
University's College Park 
Campus. As final action 
cannot always be taken 
for candidates by the 
time this program is 
printed, the list of candi- 
dates here is tentative 
only. The University re- 
serves the right to with- 
draw or add names. .Ml 
diplomas will be mailed 
bv the Registrations 

Students who have 
earned their degrees from 
the College of Education 
may obtain a Statement 
of Certificate Eligibility 
in the College of Edu- 
cation Records Office 
(Room 3201) today. Other 
students who have com- 
pleted teacher education 
programs will receive 
their statements in the 
mail (separate from the 
diploma) upon verifi- 
cation of required course- 

Candidates will be pre- 
sented by Dr. David S. 
Sparks, Dean for Grad- 
uate Studies 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Donatella Abbate 
English: "Selected Poetr>' of 

Thomas Kinsella (Poesie 
Scelte di Thomas Kinsella)" 
edited and translated into 
Italian with an introduction 
in English 

William K. A. Ag\'ei 
Sociology': "The Effects of 
Modernization on Fertility 
in Jamaica" 

Stephen Carl Anderson 
Recreation: ".\ Behavioral 
Learning I lierarchy Devel- 
oped for a Selected Qjurse 
in a Recreation Curriculum" 

.Man .\ubrey Atchley 
Botany: "The Genus 
■Xrrahidaea (Bignoniaceae)" 

Donald Byron Batchclor 
Physics: "Equilibriiun and 
Nonlocal Stability Pro{)er- 
tiesof CollisionlessTheta- 
Pinch Plasmas" 

Barbara Ellen Beard 
Secondary Education: "A 

Comparis<in of Self-Paced, 
Printed Programmed In- 
struction and Self-Paced, 
Multi-Media Programmed 
Instruction in Problem Type- 
writing in the Beginning 
Post-Secondar\' ScIkxjI 

Robert Henry Becker 
Recreation: "Social Carrv'ing 
Capacity of the Savage River 
State Forest: A User Density 

Uzi Imanuel Ben-Ami 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: "The Effects of 
Pre-Treatment Training on 
Certain Intake Inter\'ie\v 
Behaviors of Family Mem- 

Sharon Helene Bob 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: "Parent's Financial 
Support of Their Male and 
Female Children's Post- 
Secondary Education" 

James Alan Borchert 
American Studies: 

"American Mini-Ghettoes: 
Alleys, Alley Dwellings and 
Allev Dwellers in Washing- 
ton, D.C, 1850-1970" 

Himmat Singh Chadda 
Civil Engineering: "Devel- 
opment of a Methodology for 
Predicting Public Trans- 
portation Needs for Small 

Robert Joseph Commisso 
Physics & Astronomy: 

"Plasma Heating and Dyna- 
mics in a Theta-Pinch" 

Ronald Ray Coulson 
Physical Education: "Utility 
of a Value-Expectancy 
Theon,- in Predicting Phys- 
ical Fitness Class Attend- 

K. Farrell Coy 
Secondary Education: 

"A Study of the Student 
Teaching Programs in Music 
of Selected Institutions of 
Higher Education" 

Jacqueline N. Crawley 
Zoolog>': "Si.x-hy- 
droxdopamine Depletion of 
Brain Norepinephrine Low- 
ers Isolation-induced Male 
Mouse Fighting Behavior" 

Otis Patrick Daily 
Microbiology: "Studies on 
Photoreactivation Enzyme 
in Yeast: Levelsofthe 
Enzyme in Wild-type and 
Repair-deficient Yeasts 
and its Absence from Yeast 

Joseph Gerard Danek 
Secondary Education: 

"Institutional Management 
and Litilization of National 
Science Foundation Insti- 
tutional Grants for Science 
at LTniversities and Colleges 
During 1970-74" 

Andrew E. DePristo 
Chemical Physics: "Par- 
titioning and Decoupling 
Approximations for Rota- 
tionally Inelastic Collisions" 



Dennis Francis De Riggi 
Mathematics: "The Struc- 
ture of Co-dimension One 


Anjana P. Desai 
Geography: "The Relative 
Earnings Position of Labor 
Force Out migrating from 
the Ozarks Region of the 
United States 1900- 1970" 

Julia Markus DiFederico 
English: "Under the Mask: 
Studies in the Poetry of 
Robert Browning" 

Marta Ana Diz 
Spanish and Portuguese: 
"Estructura, genero y leccion 
moral del Caballero Cifar " 

Ferial Taha El-Mokadcm 
Electrical Engineering: 
"Theoiy of Subharmonic 
Generatiim with Application 
to Hearing-Aid Circuitry" 

Barbara Ellis Engram 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: "Effects t)f Train- 
ing in Perception of Client 
Nonverbal Expressions on 
Empathic RcsfXinse Skill" 

Jane Riemcr Epperley 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: "Relationship of 
Counselors' Judgments to 
Their Sex, Degree Level, 
Experience, Parental, and 
Marital Status" 

David P. Fago 
Psychology-: "The Effects of 
Client Anxiety and Discrim- 
ination Ability on Client and 
Qnuiselor Empathy Ratings" 

Richard Frank Fernsler 
Institute for Fluid Dy- 
namics and Applied Math: 
"Ionizing Breakdown Waves" 

Roger Wayne Fink 
Human Development: 

"Death as Conceptualized by 

Billy Edward Forisha 
Human Development: 

"The Facilitation of Moral 

Henry Philip Freund 
Institute for Fluid Dy- 
namics and Applied Math: 

"On the Induced Gyro- 
resonant Emission of the 
Ordinarv- and Extraordinan,- 
Modes: Theory and Appli- 

Martin Jerome Gerra, Jr. 
Economics:"A Simulation of 
Oligopolistic Behavior in the 
Brewing Industry" 

William Elliott Gheen 
Economics: "Development 
Banks: Empirical Derivation 
of the Loan Administration 
Cost Curve" 

David Gilmartin 
Economics: "Forecasting 
Prices in an Ininit-Out[)ut 

Robert Joseph Gnidzie jko 
Industrial Education: 

"A Study of Three Work 
Ethics Adhered to by Senior 
High School Students and 
Teachers in One Maryland 

Henry A. Gordon 

Sociology': "Employment of 
Women with Preschool- 
age Children" 

Jean-Max Guieu 
French and Italian: "Le 
Theatre Lvriqued'Einile 

Frank Andrew Hagen 
Physics: "On the Age of Cos- 
mic Rays as Derived from the 
Abundance of ^"^Be" 

Robert Paul Ilarnack 
Meteorology: "Summer Sea- 
son Prediction of Great 
Plains Precipitation" 

Frances H. Harpine 
'Institute for Child Study: 

"The Relationship Between 
Feedback from Coworkers 
and Considerate and Re- 
s|x)nsible Behavior of Xurses 
in Leadership Positions" 

Kattingeri Sheshagiri 
Aerospace Engineering: 

"An Experimental Investiga- 
tion f>f the Near-Wall Region 
of aThree-Dimensional In- 
compressible Turbulent 
Boundary Layer Relaxing in 
a Zero Pressure Gradient" 

Stanley Harris Hcdrick 
Physical Education: 
"Leadership Behavior and 
Organizational Climate as 
Related to Department 

Lcida Ileana Collado Hcrrell 
Human Development: 
Institute for Child Study: 

"An Exi)loration of Affective 
and Cognitive Components 
of Bilingualism" 

Dennis Lee Hilker 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: "The Effects of In- 
creasing Addition Skill on 
Self-Concept in Children" 

Ann Howard 

Psychology: "Intrinsic Moti- 
vation and its Determinants 
as Factors Enhancing the 
Prediction of Job Per- 
formance from Ability" 

Marcene Annette Hucbncr 
Secondary Education: "The 

Effect of Three Listening 
Methods and Two Tempi 
on Musical Attitude of Sixth 
Grade Students" 

Calvin Windell Huey 
Chemistry: "Biotransfor- 
matit)n of Metals" 

Peter Douglas Jackson 
Astronomy: "Galactic Struc- 
ture and Kinematics in 

Thomas Jose ph Jackson 
Civil Engineering: "The 
\'alue of Landsat Data in 
Urban Water Resources Plan- 

George W. Johnson 
Government and Politics: 

"The Political Philosophy 
of Existentialism: Kierke- 
gaard and the Theory' of 

Jenny J. Johnson 
Administration, Super- 
vision, and Curricidum: 

"An P^mpirical Investigation 
of the Interrelationship 
among Six Elements of 
Individualized Instruction" 

Wllmer L. Jones 
Early Childhood/Elemen- 
tary Education: "A Study of 
the Effects of Two IiUerprc- 
tat ions of the Meaning of Di- 
vision on Elcmentar>- School 
Student's Acipiisition of Skill 
With the Algorithm" 



George Yesslcr Jordy 
Secondary Education: 
"Small (jr()H|>-Disc()vcrv Les- 
sons for SSMCIS II and "ill 
With An Explorators- School- 
Based Study of Their Use" 

Bernice Kastner 
Mathematics Education: 

"Apijlicat ions of Mathe- 
matics Formulated for 
Use by Sccondarj- School 

Maynard Eugene Keadle 
Administration. Super- 
vision, and Curricidiun: 
"A Study of the Relationships 
between the Perceptions 
of Teachers of the Orsjan- 
izational Climate and se- 
lected Cognitive and Xon- 
Cognitive Variables Asso- 
ciated with Elementan,- Stu- 

Patricia King 
Early Childhood/Elemen- 
tary Education: "Strategies 
forjudging the \'alidity of 
a Standardized Test to Mea- 
sure a Specific Instructional 

Barry Jay Kirshner 
Clinical Psychology: "The 
Effects of Experimental 
Manipulations of Self- 
Disclosure on Group Co- 

Xeissa Robin Kubel 
Institute for Child Study/ 
Human Development: 
"A Study of Diabetic Chil- 
dren and Locus of Control 

Ashok \"asant Kulkami 
Computer Science: 
"Optimal and Heuristic 
Synthesis of Hierarchical 

J5jzj'sztof Kwiatkowskl 
Physics: "Elastic Scattering 
of 100 MeV Protons from 
Medium and Hea\'y Nuclei" 

12 Doctors 

Stephen L. Law 
Chemistry: "Metals in the 
Aqueous Effluents from 
Municipal Incinerators and 
an Incinerator-Residue 
Processing Plant" 

Dean Tzay-Tsung Lee 
Chemical Engineering: 
"Dynamic and Control of 
Packed Multicom|¥)nent 
Distillation Columns" 

John Francis Lemmer 
Comjiuter Science: 
"Algorithms for Incompletely 
Siiecified Distributions 
in a Generalized Graph 
Model for Medical Diagnosis" 

Sandro Levi 
Mathematics: "The Multi- 
plicative Extension Projierty 
in Banach Algebras" 

Karen Brounstein Lcvitan 
Library and Information 
Services: "Functions of 
Scientific Societies: Views of 
Biomedical Scientists" 

Brenda M. Lichtman 
Physical Education: "The 
Effect of Pre-Task Speed 
Training upon Warm-up 
Decrement and Skill 
Acquisition on the Pursuit 

George Finney Linn 
Human Development: "A 

System for Codifying Teach- 
er Nonverbal Behavior" 

Norman Locksley 
Mathematics Education: 

"The Personalized System of 
Instruction (PSI) in a Univer- 
sity Mathematics Class" 

Kenneth Mitchell Lomax 
Agricultural Engineering: 
"Nitrification with Waste 
Pretreatment on a Closed 
Cycle Catfish Culture 

James R. Mac Fall 
Physics and Astronomy: 
"Iladronic Iron Inelastic 
Cross Sections from 100 to 
2000 GeV and the Qjm- 
position of the Cosmic Rav 
Flux at 2900 m." 

Rcdge .Vllan .NIahaffey 
Physics: "Magnetically- 
Confined Nonneutral Plasma 
Columns: Rigid Rotation, 
Equilibrium Surface En- 
velopes, and Parametric 

Richard Michael Mance 
Physical Education: "An 

E.xamination of a 23-Day 
Theor\' of Biological Timing 
as it Pertains to Motor Per- 
formance and Motor Pro- 

Bette Bondareff Marcus 
In.stitute for Child Study: 
"Self-Disclosure as a Func- 
tion of Attitude Similarity 
and Physical Attractiveness" 

Martin Kenneth McQuage 
Institute for Child Study: 

"A Prop<jsal to Investigate 
the Relationship between 
College Men and Women's 
Perceptual Accuracy of Up- 
per Social Class Status of oth- 
per Social Class Status of 
Others from Photographs of 
their Smiles, and the Gender, 
Social Class Status and 
Certain Measures of Person- 
ality of the Perceivers" 

James Robb McSkimin 
Computer Science: "Tech- 
niques for Employing 
Semantic Information in 
Question - Answering Sys- 

Ronald Frederick Miller 
Animal Science: "Effect of 
Feeding Frequency on Post- 
prandial Plasma and Urine 
Nonprotein Nitrogen, Plasma 
Glucose and Plasma Non- 
esterified Fatty Acids in 
Growing Pigs" 

Mavera Elizabeth 
Secondary Education: 

"A Historical Study of the 
Theories and Methodolog\- of 
Arthur Wesley Dow and 
TlieirContriliution to 
Teacher Training in Art Edu- 

Paul Henri Moreau 
Secondary Education: 

"An Analysis of the Deep 
Cidtural .\spects of Second 
Year College French Texts 
from 1972 to 1976" 

Terry Herbert Morlan 
Economics: "A Long Term 
Model for State and Local 
Government: An Application 
of Micro Data for Forecasting 
Aggregate Expenditures 
and Employment" 

Hilda Sjjeter Moskowitz 
English: "Journey to Com- 
mitment: A Study of Leonard 
Woolfs Edwardian Fiction" 

Dennis James Murphy 
Zoolog)': "The Physiological 
Basis for Freezing Tolerance 
of Intertidal Molluscs" 

Joanne Linda Murray 
Physics and Astronomy: 
"Electrons and Spin Waves in 
Itinerant Ferromagnets" 

Neil Clark Nelson 
History: "Natural Religion 
of the Heart: A Study of 
William Law" 

Malcolm Joseph Norwood 
Administration, Super- 
vision and Curriculum: 

"Comparison of an Inter- 
preted and a Captioned 
Newscast Among Deaf High 
School Graduates and Deaf 
College Graduates" 

Judith O'SuUivan 
Art: "The Art of Winsor Z. 
McCay (1871-1934)" 

Demetrios George 
Government and Politics: 

"The Social and Political 
Implications of Labor Mi- 
gration in Europe: A Re- 
appraisal and Some Policy 

William Monroe Parks 
Chemistry: "Wavelength 
Modulation Techniques 
for the Fluorimetric Ana- 
lysis of Mixtures With( )Tit 

Ruth Janda Paull 
English: "The Plot of a Pil- 
grimage: The Quest as an 
Organizing Pattern in Bun- 
yan's Narrative" 

Alihandro Imbo Plaza 
Chemistry: "Aminomcthyl- 
enephosphinic Acids: Xew 
Potential Chelating Agents" 

Florence Fay Pritchard 
Administration, Super- 
vision, and Curriculum: 

"A Comparison of the Effects 
of Training in Wait-time and 
Training in Questioning 
Behavior of Preser^'ice 

Edward Peter Ragelis 
Chemistry: "The Cyclic 
Mechanism for the Thermal 
Decomposition of 

Susan Bahn 
Psychology-: "The Con- 
gruence of SjX)usal Per- 
ceptions and Marital Satis- 
faction: An Extrapfilation 
of Lcary's Thef)r>- of Inter- 
personal Diagnosis of Per- 

Lauren Anthony Rauber 
Physics: "Inelastic Neutron 
Scattering from the Lattice 
Excitations in Amoqihous 

Mae Alice Turner Reggj- 
Secondary Education: 

"Self-Ccmcept and Race: 
Basis for Reactions to a Short 

Robert Alan Reissc 
Physics and Astronomy: 

"The Effect of Gravitational 
Potential on Atomic Clocks 
as Observed with a Laser 
Pulse Time Transfer System" 

Jose Manuel Rieardo 
Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: "An Analysis of 
the Effects of Alternative 
Agricultural Processing 
Strategies on Colombia 
Economic Development" 

Gary Frederick Rigglns 
Secondary Education: 

"A Comparative Study of the 
Effect of Individualized and 
Grovip-Centcred Instruc- 
tional Methods in Developing 
Performance Competencies 
in Advertising Layout De- 

Sandra Goody Rosswork 
Human Development: 

"Goal Setting: The Effects 
on an Academic Task with 
Var\-ing Magnitudes of In- 

Rasanayagam Rudran 
2k)olog>': "Soci< icc( )logy of 
the Blue Monkeys ( Ccrc(^ pi- 
thecus mitis stuhlmanni) 
of the Kibalc Forest, Uganda" 

Physics and Astronomy: 

"Gravitational Radiation 

Stanley Arnold Sack 
Human Development: 

"The Influence of Dcvclojv 
mental Task Accomplish- 
ment Independent from 
Socioeconomic and Health 
Factors Upon Life Satis- 
faction in Elderly Indivi- 

Duanc A. Schlitter 
Zoology': "Taxonomy, 
Zoogeography and Evolution- 
ar>' Relationships of I lain,- 
Footcd Gcrbils, Gerbillus 
(Gerbillus), of Africa and 
Asia (Mammalia: Rodentia)" 

Kathryn Lee Seidel 
English: "The Southern 
Belle: Her Fall from the 
Pedestal in Fiction of the 
St)uthern Renaissance" 

Margaret Mary Seyford 
Government and Politics: 

"The Legal and Theoretical 
Implications of Pat uxent 
Institution and the Psycho- 
pathic Offender: A Test Case 
for the Therapeutic State" 

Dilip Poonam Shah 
Chemistry: "The Synthesis 
and Characterization of 
Complexes Containing 
Polydentatc Phosphorus- 
Nitrogen Ligandsand 
Tertiary P-Substituted 
Aryl Phosphines" 

Mary Elizabeth Silva 
Administration, Super- 
vision, and Curriculum: 

"The Effect of Orientaticm 
Information on Sjk)uscs' 
Anxiety and Attitude 
Toward Major General Sur- 

John Allen Small 
Chemistry: "An Elemental 
and Morphological Char- 
acterization of the Emissions 
from the Dickerson and 
Chalk Point Coal-Fired 
Power Plants" 

Robert Alan Snyder 
Psychology,-: "Subject Com- 
petence and Role-Position of 
the Stimulus-Person as Mod- 
erators of the Att it ude 
Similarity/Attraction Re- 

Howard Maitland Sorrell 
Physical Education: 
Effects of Vigorous and Xon- 
\'igorous Perceptual Motor 
Training on Academic 
Achievement and Self Con- 
cept of Second and Third 
Grade Children" 

Peter John Stewart 
Secondary Education: "A 

Description of the Cultural 
Com[K)nents of Selected 
Bilingual/Bicult ural Edu- 
cation Programs" 

Philip Ernest Sticha 
Molecular Physics: "Invest- 
igations of Pcriurbative 
Curved Path Computational 
Schemes for the Calculation 
of Hg O-N2 Collision Broad- 

Eric Rolf Straumanis 
Social Foundations: "The 
Idiohumanist Critique of 
Rational Curriculum De- 
velopment: A Philosophical 

Marianne Stevens Suggs 
Secondary Education: 
"Phenonicnological Analysis, 
Art Studio Production, and 
Task Order Effects <m Stu- 
dent Aesthetic Attitude, 
Art Studio Production, 
and Aspective Perception 
of Art Objeet.s" 

M. Estellc TaFoya 
Early Childhood/Elemen- 
tary Education: "Assessing 
Inquin.- Potential in Elemen- 
tary Science Curriculum 

Ronald Keith Tait 
Sociolog>': "Pre-training 
Seh(K)l Variables, Intraining 
School Variables and the 
Adjustment of Training 
Sch(X)l Boys: A Multivariate 



Nancy Elizabeth Taylor 
Early Childhood/Elemen- 
tary Education: "An Investi- 
gation of Children's Aware- 
ness of the Acceptability of 
Selected Grammatical and 
Semantic Structures" 

Edir Carvalho Tenorio 
Botany: "The Subfamily 
Centostecoideac (Gram- 

Frank Jennings Ti pier, III 
Physics and Astronomy: 
"Causality Violation in Gen- 
eral Relativity" 

Paula Ann Tosini 
Economics: "Suggested 
Standards for Official Man- 
agement of Floating Ex- 
change Rates" 

Albert Joseph Turner, Jr. 
Computer Science: 

"Iterative Enhancement: 
A Practical Technique for 
Software Development" 

Nelly M. Urbach 
Institute for Child Study: 

"Some Situational Effects 
on Moral Judgment Mea- 
sured bv a Multiple-choice 

David Kendall Urion 
Secondary Education: 

"The Effects of Differen- 
tiated Rehearsal and Pre- 
sentation Treatments on the 
Acquisition for Immediate 
Recall of Two Six-Step Math- 
ematical Algorithms" 

Gilbert Monico Valdez 
Administration, Super- 
vision and Curriculum: 

"Future Educational Needs- 
Model Development and 

Donald L. Van Dyne 
Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: "Economic 
Feasibility of I leating Mary- 
land Broiler Houses with 
Solar Energy" 

James Russell Van Zandt 
Physics: "Shift Measure- 
ments of the Stark- 
Broadened Ionized Helium 
Lines At 1640 and 1215A" 

Martha J. Vill 
Geography: "Land Tenure, 
Property Ownership, and 
Home Mortgages in the Late 
Ninetccntli Century: A Case 
Study of Baltimore's Ger- 

Marianne Mazarchuk VituUo 
Elementary Education: 

"An Investigation of the 
Relationship Between Audi- 
tory Discrimination, Audi- 
tory Segmentation and First 
Grade Reading Achieve- 

William Dean Vogt 
History: "M\i^h and The 
Primitive Mind: Theories 
and Interpretations of the 
Culture Historical School of 

Barry B. Waas 
Hearing and Speech: 
Sciences: "The Influence 
of the Acoustic Reflex on 
Speech Discrimination Per- 
formance in Middle-Ear 
Muscle Dysfunction" 

Harry Joseph Wallace 
English: "Lifelessness is the 
Only Abnormality": A Study 
of Sex, Marriage and the 
Family in the Novels of 
Carson McCullers" 

Gail Konhaus Walter 
Institute for Child Study: 

"The Relationship Between 
Father-Infant Interaction 
and tlic Rate of Development 
of Two Brachcs of Sensori- 
motor Intelligence in Five to 
Eight Month Old Infants" 

Myer Waxier 
Human Development: "The 
Role of Ambiguity and Am- 
biguity Tolerance in the 
Appreciation of Humor" 

lycon Irving Wetrogan 
Psychology: "Sources of 
Bias in the Measurement of 
Effective Teaching" 

Sarah Gluyas Whaley 
Human Development: "De- 
sign, Evaluation and Appli- 
cation of the Sch(M)l Readi- 
ness Screening Tests for 
LTse in the Kindergarten" 

William Anderson White 
Chemistry: "I. Synthesis of 
Maytansine Analogs. II. 
Synthesis of Side-Chain 
Oxygen Analogs of the 

Lois Crane Williams 
Early Childhood/Elemen- 
tary Education: "Vocab- 
ulary^ Achievement Change 
Over Summer Vacation for 
Third Grade Pupils Entering 
Fourth Grade" 

Ralph Emerson Williams 
Physics and Astronomy: 
"A Direct Measurement 
of the Relativistic Effect of 
the Gravitational Potential 
on the Rates of Atomic 
Clocks Flown in an Aircraft" 

George Linn Wilson 
Microbiology: "In Vitro Re- 
sponse of Human Leukocj'tes 
to Epstein-Barr Virus" 

Gerald Alan Wilson 
Computer Science: "A De- 
scription and Analysis of the 
PAR Technique - An Ap- 
proach for Parallel Inference 
and Parallel Search in Pro- 
blem Solving Systems" 

Allen Edward Winkelmann 
Aerospace Engineering: 
"Experimental Studies of 
a Two and a Three- 
Dimensional Lt)w Speed Tur- 
bulent Boundar%' Layer" 

Charles Matthews Woolston 
Administration, Super- 
vision, and Curriculum: 
"An Analysis of the Altitudes 
toward Collective Bargaining 
of Facvdty at the Maryland 
State Colleges and Selected 
Campuses of the State Uni- 

Naida Maris Yolen 
Zoology: "Visual Discrim- 
ination After Ablation of 
the Caudal Optic Tectum 
in the Goldfish, Carassius 
auratus " 

Annette Wacks Zimmem 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: "Parental Training 
in Behavior Modification: 
Its effects LIpon Parents' 
Attitudes, and the Behavior 
of Their Severely or Pto- 
foimdly Retarded Children" 

Michael Ross Zomlefer 
Electrical Engineering: 

"A Study into the Bio- 
mechanics of the Maximally 
Jumping Cat" 

Doctor of Education 

John R. Schneider 
Administration, Super- 
vision, and Curriculum: 

"An Analysis of the Value of 
Interpreting Student Inform- 
ation for Program Planning" 

14 Doctors 

Robert Xcal Weidncr 
Administration, Super- 
vision, and Curriculum: 
"Utilization of Selected Ad- 
ministrative Concepts by 
Public Sch(M)l Administra- 
tors in the State of Maryland" 

Charles Wesley Williams 
Secondary Education: 
"A Modified Minicourse 
Team-Teaching Approach for 
High School Biolog\" 

Doctor of Business 

William A. Longbrakc 
Business and Management: 

"The Impact of Commercial 
Bank Size and Legal Form 
of Organization on Operating 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Ernest James Brown 
Music: "A Selected An- 
notated Bibliography of 
Solo Music Written for the 
Piano by Black Composers" 

Randall Scott Thompson 
Music: "The Solo Clarinet 
Works of Iain Hamilton" 

Charles Wilkinson 
Timbrell, Jr. 

Music: "Beethoven's Opus 
III: A Study of the Manu- 
script and Printed Sources, 
witli a .New Critical Edition" 

Around 1905 relaxation from 
the mllitarj- discipline often 
included participation in the 
school's glee club or band. 

Graduate School 

Master of Arts 

Mary Elizabeth Abrashoff 
Mar>- Ellen Accvedo 
Marianne Lehr Adams 
Carolyn Leigh Anderson 
Charles Lloyd Anderson 
Jeffrey Craig Anspachcr 
Hugh Armstrong 
Mary Lashley Barcella 
Man.- Frances Beatty 
Ann Kisitiger Billingsley 
Robert Edward Bogucki 
James William Borton 
Burdelle Boyd 
Carol J. Boyer 
Kitty Lea Bradley 
Charles Sheldon Bresler 
Lauren Sue Brew 
Ann J. Brickfield 
Allen Frank Bronstein 
Stephen Paul Adolph Brown 
Carolyn Margaret Bnmo 
Cheryl May Burg 
Nancy Marie Caldwell 
George Callen 
Bany Marc Caplis 
Steven Arthur Carchedi 
Lorraine Wallach Carren 
Barbara Dimlap Chandler 
Muhammad Arshad 

Linda Lin Cheng 
Linda Mee-Yan Cheung 
Barry Arthur Cipra 
Stephen Jay Cx)hen 
Gail Asenath Colahan 
Carl W. Colley 
Barbara Weigel Comoglio 
Michael Concannon 
John Thomas Connolly 
Sanford L. Cook 
Kathleen Jane Cooter 
Maria Christina Corado 
Mar\- Sue Dunstan Cowan 
William Joseph Crowder 
Robert Alan Dahl 
Margaret Watts DeFigard 
Antonette Fortunalo 

Robert Jordan DeNyse 
David Gower Dicks 
George David Dobler 
Craig Donegan 
Elaine M. DuBois 
Elizabeth Wfxxlford Duffy 

Mimi Y. Dimham 
Steven Joseph Dimn 
David M.Dyer 
Margot Sanders Eddy 
Joan Florence Eisenhardt 
John L. Elko 
Gary Michael Elson 
Glenn Edward English 
Carole Anne X. Facas 
Donna Marie Fadden 
Atta Allah Farhoudi 
David A. Felzenberg 
Dianne Elaine Davis Ferriss 
Thomas Gregg Finkbinder 
Xancy Alice Fitzgerald 
Sister Elhelrcda Flannagan 
Donna G. Flynn 
Douglas R. Fonden, Jr. 
Jay Lynn Friedenberg 
Donald Garofalo 
Patricia R. George 
Ir\-in Joseph Gerling 
Deirdre Katren Golash 
Carol B. Golden 
Thomas Patrick Gorman 
Jimmie DannerGorski 
Xancy Gold Greenberg 
Joan Eileen Gregorv'k 
Walter P. Gross 
William Robert Gnmdmann 
Alice Anne Handley 
Herschel Edgar Hansen 
Gail M. Hartjen 
Virginia English Herchert 
Mary Pittas Herschbach 
Herman J. Heydinger 
Jessie Ray Hodge 
Peter Xantze Holmes 
Thomas Gar\- Hostetter 
Lien-Yun Amy Hsi 
Mark Aaron I lubble 
Carole Calano Huggins 
Barbara Jeanne Hunt 
Sandra Isaacs 
Comeliajane Ison 
Rachmil Jacolx)vits 
William John Jauquet 
Henr>- Alston Jeffers, Jr. 
Leon Jenkins 
Barbara Jean Jennings 
Calvin Clarence .Jillson 
Gregory Evan .Jones 
Lois Yvettajones 
Thomas Michael Joray 
Robert John Jucha 
George Peter Kalcyias 
Mary Ann Karapetian 

Dale Alan Katovitch 
Ann Julia Keegan 
Patricia Kenedy-Michael 
Janet Sharon Kennelly 
Charles S. Kenney 
Constance Pittard Kimmerle 
Carol Jean Kitt 
Jerrold Ira Klinger 
Joyce Elaine Kncxlell 
Matthew I. Koch 
Antonette Kruzie 
Lynne Rissman Lantz 
Steven Benjamin Leder 
Hallie L. Lemont 
Edward Earl Leslie 
Walter Richardson Lewis, Jr. 
Patricia Lynn Linden 
Danity Margo Little 
Bruce Ian Lobar 
Harald Lars Lohn 
Christine Man.- Lortie 
Robert Carroll Lowe 
Tamara Tr\kar Lu 
Daniel Keid Lynn, Jr. 
Vaclay Majer 
Ishaq Kondos Malaty 
Margaret Alleva Malsch 
Theodore L. Manckin 
Lillian Jackson Martin 
Jose Luis Martinez 
James Edward May 
William A. Mazejko 
Alexander Miller 
Susannah Armstrong Miller 
Shirley Hayden Mitchell 
Larry Wade Mixon 
Denise Pierrot M(X)re 
Henr>- Jimior M(K)rc 
Tina Ruth Mullins 
Susan Cecelia Xelle 
Diane Eileen Xeuwelt 
George Micliael Xorvell 
Mar>- Helen Xovak 
Christopher Allen Ogilbv 
Kusum U. Uhri 
Paul F. O'Keefc 
Carola Isabella Pcdone 
Suzanne Marie Peppin 
William David Petok 
Phillip Clayton Pfaff 
Rampa Supradist 

Roger Dwayne Pierce 
Virginia Lee Pledger 
Joseph Poracsky 
Betsey Hitt Powell 
Ruthellen Quillen 



Patricia Barbara Rakes 
Elaine Marie Renisburg 
Xaonii Rose Resnick 
Craig Andrew Reynolds 
R. Bruce Ritter 
Pamela Crenieans Robey 
Bettv Dix Rf)binson 
VcraF. Rollo 

Leonor del Carmen Rosales 
Ollie James Rose 
Joseph J. Ruda 
Sandra Lcona Ryder 
Roy Sammarco 
Carolyn Louise Santr>' 
Paula Lewis Scheye 
Antoinette Gail Sebastian 
Gloria Bormel Segall 
Umruay Sae-Hau 
Jo Ann Seymore Sessions 
Deborah Julia Sherman 
Mar>- AnnH. Shultz 
Susan Marie Sikes 
Karen Leslie Silberman 
Shoeshana Silver 
Phillip Oiva Simila 
Marie Jeanette Simmons 
Kay Lucille Plummer Smith 
Ewa Joanna Stanek 
Peter Georg Steese 
Merle Lee Stem 
Jerome Joseph Svec 
Joan Allyn Sylvester 
Ingrid Diane Tauber 
Richard Charles Thomas 
Susanna \. Trautwein 
Carolyn Garrett Travers 
Donald Ray Tripp 
Daniel Nana Twum-Barimah 
Steven Francis Tvardek, Jr. 
Steven Goldsborough Tyler 
Barbara Ann LTiler 
Bracha Barbara L^ngar 
Patrick L. Valentine 
Linda Ester Walder 
Jack Kemmer Walton II 
Rita Sandra Weiss 
Janice Lee Wilder 
Jeffrey Carl Winter 
Valerie Anne Woolston 
William Elliott Yancey 
Naime Conker Yaramanoglu 
Theresa Marie York 
Robert A. Zlockie 

Master of Science 

Ahmed Omran Abdussalam 
Bhaskcr Deo Agar\val 
Lynn NL Amende 
Alice Eugenia Anderscm 
Enrique Angel Juan Astiz 
Louis Chris At lianas 
Greesh Kiunar Baboota 
Henry M. Balin 
Charles Ernest Basner 
Dcnnisjohn Bcchis 
Xonnan A. Beck, Jr. 
Kenneth John Becker 
Jonson Kristian Behel 
Alfred Rohrman Belfield.Jr. 
Linda Ruth Berg 
William H. Boyd, 111 
Stephen B. Broadbent 
Carl Xelson Buck 
Edward Wayne Burke 
Jane Moreland Burns 
Elizabeth Arlene Anderson 

Joaquin CaraballoMogollon 
David James Chadwick 
Joseph Bernard Chalk 
Hwai-Huang Chang 
John Yim-Choy Cheung 
Sheau-Huey Chia 
Everett Jesse Childs, Jr. 
Yu-Ma Chon 
Maria Chr>'sayi 
Barbara Lee Cliff 
Edward Har\-ey Dalton 
Ted McKinley Daniels 
Hurley T. Davis 
Nelson Lee DeGangi 
Marten Leendert denBoer 
Orv'ille Davis Ditman, Jr. 
Cheul Ung Do 
Roger Clark Dower 
Jesse Thomas Dunn, Jr. 
Alfred Lang Elliott 
Michael Henrj' Ficco 
Eddy Jay Forman 
Greg Norman FredericksoH 
George M . Free 
Steven Ken Fukuda 
Jerrold Miles Gans 
Roberta Scott Gardella 
Roger David Gifford 
Marion Baker Glickman 
Mary S. Goddard 

Donald John Greene 
Gwen Mary Grossmiller 
Ali Gungor 

Ccmstancejcan Hardy 
J. Hugh Harmon 
Wilson Francis Harris, Jr. 
("hristinc IIavr>'luk 
Walter John Hayden 
Suzanne Spence Heanm 
William G. Helferich 
Man,- Lenora Hilfiker 
Paul Oonyong I long 
Laura Lynne Hottle 
Powen Hsu 
Bing-Jib Huang 
Paul Eliott Hunter 
Elliot Paul Ilurwitz 
Bradley Garth Hyde 
Frances Alice Jack 
Lawrence E. Jackson 
Glenn Eric Johnson 
George Harr>- Kaplan 
Karl Berg Kauffman 
Judith Ann King 
Robert lA)uis Kirby 
Richard Charles Knipscher 
Hitoshi Komatsu 
Lynne Frances Koob 
Joan Lizbeth Ktilwin 
Miyoung Kim Lee 
Susan Marie Levings 
George Henrs' Linthicum 
David Edward Luddy 
Jerry Lush 
Loren Wayne Lustig 
Macve Manion 
Michael Joseph Manka 
Gerald Philip Maragos 
Gerard Eustace Marandino 
Stephen Ray Martin 
Ray I. McFarland, Jr. 
David Crockford McGaw 
Janice J. Hor\-ath Mcintosh 
James I. McManus, III 
Ronald L. Medford 
Keith Robert Merkel 
Lynne M. Meyer 
Linda Bartlett Miles 
GarA' Lee Miller 
Martin Howard Miller 
Benjamin Molayem 
Robert Elba Montgomery- 
Kevin Joseph Moriarty 
Amanda Day Zeltman Mullcr 
Robert Edward Muller, Jr. 
Thomas Holden Murphy 

Adam Kenji Myers 
Eugene Rcnfro ( )'Br\-an 
Gerald Clark Odland 
Paul Randall Oravis 
Barbara Palmcr-Alleman 
John Gilliss Pcrrs-, Jr. 
John Abel Phillips" 
Joseph Anthonv Pollizzi, III 
DcLois Mitchell Powell 
Bruce Edward Pritchard 
Wimonmard Puangnak 
Scott J. Ravitz 
Marcella Reddy 
Alvin Mark Rehert 
Joseph Garrett Reilly 
Robert William Reiter,Jr. 
O)mcljohn Kigby 
Ronald Lee Rodney 
Randall Charles Rf)ss 
Howard Richard Rosser,Jr. 
Julie Elizabeth Rf)ssmassler 
Lynn Mary Rossmeissl 
Laurel Elizabeth Roth 
Man,' Jack Ruebush 
Inge Gertnid Saenger 
Jeffrey Brian Shaffer 
Patrick Timothy Shanklin 
Jeffrey Masanori Shimada 
Beverly Jean Simmons 
Simon Christian 
Simonson, III 
Thomas Skrovanek 
Jeffrey O. Smith 
Seong Sook Soh 
June Lynne Stanley 
Arthur William Stetson, II 
Cynthia Raye Brown Stevens 
Robert George Stone 
Dorothy Eaddy Stringfellow 
Janvier Young Stnniz 
George F. Sushinsky 
Thomas Francis Sweeney 
Siegreid Werner Teichler 
Dan,'l Mark Tompkins 
Mark William Townsend 
Marie Hewes Tracy 
Williamjoseph Varano 
Lovkas Vlahos 
Dennis Duane Wellnitz 
Neal W. Welsh 
Robert John Went 
Michael Charles WTiite 
Carl Thomas Wilder 
Gaye Lynn Williams 
Kenneth B, Williams 
Frank Leroy Willingham. Jr. 
William Richard Windlc 

16 Masters 

Larn-G. Wright 
Constantine P. Yannouleas 
Kenneth Dwight Zachmann 
Kent Daniel Zimmerman 
John, J. Zingaro 

Master of Education 

Carol Marie Amoia 
Judith Anderson 
Man.' Jane Zavoyna Armanas 
Sydney S. Arzt 
Hava EJanica 
Freidajudith Berg 
Veronica Clise Bohn 
Man,' Theresa Broerman 
Carolyn Elizabeth Bn-ant 
Veronica A. Br\'ant 
Dolores Ann Calisto 
Lai Weng Cheong 
Arthur William Ciampa 
Daniel Everett Clement 
Joanne Marie Cunningham 
George William Daly 
James K. Dashiell 
Caroline Justice Dessouky 
Howard Barry Dicker 
Susan Barbara Dreifuss 
Eleanor Baden Droege 
Bonnie M. Dunn 
Kathleen Cribben Elkins 
Pamela Crane Engle 
Martha Biggs English 
Thomas James Engram 
Joyce Ramona Estridge 
Helen Diana Brooks Evans 
Wendy Lynn Filler 
Mary \'aras Foley 
Lauren R. Friedman 
Lois Paula Gamerman 
Greg Field Gannon 
Joseph Garrett 
Annabelle Lang Gilbert 
Lawrence Robert Glaser 
Amy Greenbaum 
Xina Cecelia Griffith 
Thomas Calvin Griffith 
George Raymond Hall, Jr. 
Valerie Jean Halliwell-Smith 
Elizabeth Payne Hansen 
Jane Ann Mihall Haugh 
Donald Robert flawley 
Jacqueline Abel Haynes 
Nancy Marie Healy 
Betty Rose Hecht 
Adrienne Sanza Hedman 
Ellen Susan Herlich 

Joanne Strickland Hessler 
Gloria Anne Hill 
Thomas Hines 
Evelyn Luise Hirrel 
Frederick Paul 

Hunsicker, Jr. 
Cicily Ann laeangelo 
Helen Lorraine Jacik 
Elearnor Block Johnson 
Richard Douglas Jones 
Maria Buas Karayianis 
CeliaE. Katzel 
Judith Duncan Keller 
Linda Craig Keller 
Dennis John Kennedy 
Celissi Ann DuRant Klugh 
Robert Leroy Knight 
James Eliot Koplin 
Francis Xavier Kozik 
Mary Millington Lacey 
Mcta Lagenverff 
Jonquil Gardner Lanier 
Patricia West Leino 
Kathleen Waugh Leonard 
AlbersyniaR. Levells 
Bernice Lynn Lilly 
Barbara Waite Lloyd 
Judith Osbom Lujan 
Patricia Marian Lynn 
Harn,' Kent Magalotti 
Joseph Thomas Marsden 
Lynn Christine Martin 
Mary Jane Maslyar 
Sandra Kay Me Amis 
Mar\' Rebecca McDade 
Virginia R. McGraw 
Sandra Stone McWhirter 
Richard Lee Miller 
Adina Susan Misher 
Denise Marie Moloney 
Bruce Anthony Mudd 
William A. Xardo 
Pamela Ann Norris 
Aimee Riessa Never 
Judith Gr>'skaOtt 
Temel Pamir 
Elaine Fogel Parks 
Eileen Sue Pensinger 
Janice Lynn Pepperman 
Claudia G. Pessin 
Roland Alan Phelps 
Anne SchlesingerPodell 
Carol Armacost Preston 
Ann R. Rakow 
Alice M. Reinke 
David Remmert 
William Lester Roberts 
Josephine Lilly Robinson 

Juanita McKindra Robinson 
Karen Louise Roe 
Judith Ardd Rowland 
Kay Beverly Sammons 
Jeanne Marie Sandberg 
Catherine Steele Santora 
Linda Gail Schelpark 
Judith Ann Scott ■ 
Robert Scott Sewell 
Kathryn Lucile Shimer 
Marta Luz Sisson de Castro 
Dorothy Horan Skierski 
Bobbie Carole Smith 
Carmen Chen'l Smith 
Rita Ellen Sm'ith 
Mary Roxann Soraci 
Dianajean Smka 
Candace Elaine Stepp 
Catherine Ann Sterling 
Paula Susan Stern 
Judith Wightman Strauff 
Jean S. Taylor 
T. David Taylor 
Janice K. Thomas 
Karen Estelle Thomas 
Shirley Mae Stevenson 

Sophia Joran Torrance 
Caroline Phelan Touchton 
Virginia Alice Towle 
Sylvia Burgee Tyner 
Anita Pandorf VonBokem 
Carrie Gail Walker 
Sandra Schrut Weiswasser 
Nancy Ellwanger White 
Elizabeth W. Whitener 
Diana Hsui-Fang Woo 
Patricia Joan Wright 
Marjorie Hanhauser Zeliff 
Wade Martin Zirkle 

Master of Business 

Robert Mauk Bodell 

William E. Campbell 

John Robert Cannon 

V. V.Chellappa 

James M. Collins 

Richard Wells Constantine 

Jim Chandiram Dadlani 

Douglas Brj'ce Dearie 

Jayne Webster Edge 

Robert Denny Eslinger 

Joseph J. Farley 

James E. Fay 

Frank Joseph Franzak 

Donald Stephen Garvett 
George A. GiKlding, Jr. 
Samuel A. Gray 
Vida Khalvati 
Richard Henry 

Kirchmeyer. Ill 
Jeffrey Clark Kline 
Keith Christian Krantz 
Robert Allen Lebrun 
Donald Andrew Lewis 
James Allan Miles 
Ellen P. Myerberg 
Syed Waseem Abbas Naqvi 
^Iichael Stanley Paukstitus 
Thomas Anthony Phelps 
Helena Sledz Poist 
Paul Jf)seph Quattrone 
Oscar Lyder Rekstcn 
Howard Mark Schilit 
Carlton Rowles Sherman 
Mark Elliot Silver 
Anthony H. Stupi, Jr. 
Laryjay Taylor 
Deborah LaMar Thompson 
Brenda Reed Toan 
Roger D. Vari 
George Herman \'enet 
Thomas Paul Warfield 
George William Wichmann 
IraL. Wilsker 

Master of Music 

Florence Bernhardt 

Larissa Mar^-ann Diachok 
Pamela Chandler Hyson 
Man,' Anne Lewis 
Josephine Ccxjper Lombard 
Elizabeth Wertz 

Jonathan Andre 

Linda Kay McGill 
Marianne Meyers 
Gregory- L. Sisler 

Master of Library 

Debra K. Artino 
Melissa Ann August 
Catherine S. Barbour 
Diane Ledbetter Barlow 
Sara Moses Baum 
Alison McDermid Bcatty 



Barbara Hinton Bragg 

Maureen Malvey Burns 
Ruth Ellen Conrad 

Anita Pideock Cowan 

Steven I larry Dennison 

Earljoseph Dotterweich 

Toby Eisen 

Carolvn I lardv Flowers 

Phyllis MullerFullem 

Juclith A. Furash 

Marjorie A. Garson 

Charlotte Gettes 

Deborah W. Glassman 

Penny A. GoikI 

Cherj'l Louise Gore 

Joanne Louise Graham 

Alice Lougee Hagemeyer 

Kenneth Kay Harmon 

Doris Mae Turner I laves 

Joan Parry Hclde 

Margaret Lydia Higdon 

Susie M. Hines 

Lucia Maria Iloffenberg 

Nancy King I li )lden 

Robin Miller Howlett 

Xina Garofalo Kane 

Shark ne Joy Kranz 

Charlotte G. Lee 

Phyllis Duvall Leventhal 

Linda Ann Linton 

Christine Lundy 
Judith Mcgce Lynn 

Sara Beth MacQueen 

Martha Stephanie McCaffrey 

Amy C. Meisnerc 

Stuart Sigmund Mclnikoff 

Susan S. Merrill 

Naomi Sussman Morse 

Elizabeth BrowderNibley 

Marie K. O'Brien 

Harriet K.Oliver 
Catherine Eileen Parker 

Kathleen Joyce Passmore 
Joyce N. Phillips 
Patricia Larsen Phillips 
Janice J. Powell 
James Paull Robinson 
Joyce Elaine Ryan 
Diane Ellen Salman 
Joanne Marie Schneider 
Sydney Olman Schultz 
Simmona Elizabeth Simmons 
Allen Capel Story 
Linda Trombley Stubbs 
Steven Jay Teich 
Virginia Sue Tibbs 
Evelyn Maria Tillman 
Maria Panganiban Todd 

18 Masters/Bachelors 

Use Vada 

Marilyn H. Van Scyoc 
Catherine NL Wallis 
\'ictoria Young Weincr 
Ir\-in Joseph Weiss 
Kathleen Ann Wertheimer 
Ellen Bechtcl Wilson 
Mary Louise Wilson 
Ilyonjoo Woo 
Deborah Elaine Wvnn 

Master of Fine Arts 

Mitchell John Braumliart 
Claude Michael Buchanan 
Wayl(H)n Chuang 
Jacqueline Simone Cohen 
Scott Richard Fair 
Elizabeth Louise Mackie 
Maria Celeste Maia 

Candidates for 

College of Agricul- 

Candidates will be pre- 
sented by 
Dr. (jordon Cairns, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

James Andrew Adam 
Kehinde Adeduji 
Jorge Alfredo Amy 
Karen Anne Anderson 
§Daniel Richard Arrington, III 
Clifton Joseph Babcock 
Thomas William Bailey, Jr. 
David Brian Barr 
Susan Anita Baylis 
Joanii Blunt Beavers 
Gilbert Louis Becker 
* Patricia Jean Belangcr 
George Edward Beston 
Robin Leslie Bolotsky 
Jonathan Patrick Bowen 
Heinrich Karl Brandt 
Tcrrance Delores Brewer 
John Buccos, III 
Constance Elaine Bunke 
tjames Alan Bums 
Carol Lynn Caflisch 
Donald Lee Campbell 
Katherine Amanda Carroll 
\'irginia Mary Cawley 
Linda Jean Chancellor 
Mary Christine Chapline 
Ann Clark Chrisney 
Robert James Collier 
Margaret Anne Cook 
Gilbert Gallahan Cubbage 
William Jackson Curtis 
Dee Cor\-ette Daniello 
Anne Dolores D'Hoostelaere 
Marjorie Spitz Drilling 
GarA- David Dryden 
Nancy Ann Dunn 
Stephen Lee Durham 
Robert Steven Early 
Wayne lidward Eaton 
David Martin Ehrlich 
Benny Joe Eldridge 
Olufemi Falana 
Khattar Fayad 
Dianne Louise Ferris 

William Van Buren 

Fielder, III 
Laurie Ann Fincher 
Susan Brenda Franey 
Louis L. Fus,sell 
Frank John Galli 
Michael Davison Gallucci 
jerry Lawrence Geisler 
Michael John Gil)lH)ns 
Karon Eileen Glaceiun 
Allen I larding G(X)drich 
Thomas Victor Gottemoller 
Patrick Josci)h Grace 
Sally Elizabeth Griffin 
Michael Alan (inxlin 
*John Frederick Guy 
+ Lin(la Ann I laghigliat 
Donna Sue Hall 
Timolhy Neal Hall 
LisaSargeant Hamilton 
Michael William Harrington 
Walter L. Haydel 
Roger Winston Haynes 
Wesley Neil Hendricks 
Henr\John Hcppt 
Greg Alan Herbert 
William Emer>- Htxior 
Stejihen Murray Holland 
Rosalind Enid Hormats 
Elizabeth Anne Horsey 
Rebecca Florence Howard 
Robert Neal Howlett 
Chen-l Ann Irish 
Marcia Ruth Isenstein 
Donald Leroy Jackson, Jr. 
Stephen L. Jacolev 
Gregorv- Manser Jones 
Robert Calvin Jones 
Karen Elaine Kackley 
David Rex Kalins 
Charles Karat 
Brian Lee Karnofsky 
Deborah Jon Kates 
Joseph Howard King 
John Collier Klein 
+ Margaret Charleen Kline 

George Albert Klischer, III 
§Janet M. Kovach 
James Elmer Kristoff, Jr. 
William Robert Kroll 
Walter Thomas 
Kinienetz, II 
Linda Ann Laws 
John Patrick Lydon 
Janice Lee Lynch 
Gail Ann Malchester 

§ = Summa Cum Laude 
t = Magna Cum Laude 
* = Cum Laude 

Raiana B. Mamoer 

Paul Joseph Mastradone 

Brian Parker Mavs 

Albert RossZ. MeCausland 

Luke Edward MeConncll 

Wayne Kevan Monroe 

Diane S. Moritz 

Scabron Cornelius Morton 

MarA- Elizabeth Moses 

*Dirk Peter Motzkus 

*Jeffrcy Dell Myers 
Charles Henrs- Edward 

Nash, III 
John S. Norton 
Marilyn Jean O'Neill 
Kyung Sook Park 
Michael Harold Philipp 
Jeffrey Steele Phillips 
Miehael Bvrd Phillips 

* Walter Charles Plaehta 
Susan Ruth Piatt 
Kelli Romaine Presnell 
Wayne Robert Price 
Stephen Wayne Pyle 
Enid Rait 

•Michael K.Ratliff 
William George Rauen 
Paul Frederick Reese, Jr. 
Kenneth Daniel Reid 

* Fredrick William Reimers 
Michael Philip Rennie 

tTimothy Lynn Righetti 
David Joseph Ritz 
Gary Randall Robbins 
Timothy Michael Rowan 

tNina Eileen Rovlance 
Paul Daniel Rude 

§Kathleen Susan Russell 
Margaret Jane Russell 
Peter James Sam[X)gna 
Peter William Schmitt 

\ Gary Owen Seidman 
David Lea Shepp 

1 PaulB.Siegel 
Robert Joseph Sinsky 
Gary Richard Slone 
Sara Carter Staples 
Philip John Stapleton 
Abraham David Edwin 

Richard Paul Stone 
Mary Carmel Sullivan 
Carl Kendall Swindell 
Thomas Szczepkowski 

§Helen Jean Takle 

§ = Summa Cum Laude 
t = Magna Cum Laude 
• = Cum Laude 

Vincent DePaul Francis 

Thomas, Jr. 
Joseph Leonard 

Thompson, Jr. 
Candice Grace Tong 
James Harold Uphoff, Jr. 
Mark Van Liuien 
* Bruce LaRue \^asilas 
David Brooks Webster 
Mary Sabina Weglein 
Susan Marie Weimer 
Celeste T. White 
Dennis George Wichelns 
Stanley Everett Wildesen 
Denise Elizabeth Williams 
Michael Stuart Williams 
Sharon x\nn Wilson 
JohnJ. Yancheski,Jr. 
Robert Earl Yeschek 

Chemistry meant only 
"agricultural analyses" to 
College President Henry C. 
Alvord in the late 1890's. when 
he developed the curriculum 
around horticulture, botany, 
and breeding and declared that 
every student would earn the 
agricultural bachelor of 
science degree. 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Candidates will be pre- 
sented by Dr. Francis C. 
Stark, Provost of the Divi- 

Bachelor of Science 

Wendy Aaronson 
Jerry Abramson 
Robert George 

Abromavage, Jr. 
Paul Samuel Adams, Jr. 
Michael Allen Aiken 
Charles Douglas Anglin 

* Michael Robert Ansher 
Joseph Stanley Appelbaum 
Joseph Arlauskas, Jr. 
Carol Louise Auer 
Jeffrey Leigh Aungst 
Mila Avramovic 

Brian Joseph Balin 
§Carl David Brombcrg Banner 
George Albert Bausman, Jr. 
Charles Arthur Beach 
Sandra Maruta Bebris 
Karen M. Becker 

* Robin Bell 
Rae Ann Bellet 
Christopher John Benning 
Sheila Jane Berman 
Scott Harrison Billings 
Joseph David Biondo 
Steven H. Block 

Kevin Randall Bond 
Mark Hugh Borgoyn 
Thomas Bennett Bornstein 
James Beasley Bray 

* Catherine Ann Brennan 
Paul Alan Brilhart 
Adrienne Margaret Brown 
Lyndon Bruce Brown 
Dale May Bukovsky 
Brenton Walter Burger 
Mark Leslie Burney 

Don Gershon Burstyn 
Peter Gerald Bushnell 
Susan Helen Busse 
Katharine Marie Butler 
Joseph L. Camacho 
Talmage Cornell 

Carawan, Jr. 
Gary John Caron 
Gail Anne Carpenter 

tConstance Louise Cepko 
Jean Slumng-( ) Cliang 

tMichael Edward Chansky 
Francis 1 highes Cliapeile 
Charles Chungkuang Chen 
Paul Rogers Cherry 
Emile Ilaim Chreky 
Cecilia Mary Cinotti 

* Harriet Lee Cohen 
Larr\' Cohen 
Michael Philip Cohen 
Sharon Denise Cohen 
William Brent Conipton 
Robert Peter Congedo 
John Thomas Corrigan 
John Alexander Cotsonis 
Charles William Cotta 

* Brian David Crawford 
William Matthew dWngelo 
Glenn Donald Deckert 
Daniel DeHaas 

Lona Dee Dembo 
Francis Alexander DeRito 
Carl William Dieffenbach 
*Gary Lawrence Dier 

* Donna Kirk Dietrich 
Paul William Doetsch 
Gale Edwin Drake 

*Paul Edward Driscoll 
*Mary Elizabeth Dmpieski 
tMargaret Anne Dinilavey 
Paul Gerard Dunne 
Robert H. Eagles 
Gary E. Eddey 
Susanne Klioze Edelson 
John Frank Eyring, III 
Paul Edward Farrell. Jr. 
Faye Jan Feldstein 
Daniel Patrick Ferrick 
tThomasOwen Field, Jr. 
Eli David Finkelstein 
Charles William Finn, Jr. 
Michael Paul Firestone 
Richard Alan Fisher 
Amy Connor Fonner 
Daniel L. Foster 
Dennis G. Foster, Jr. 
George Arnold Foster 
Phyllis Sheila Fox 
AlexisJ. Franzusoff 
Neal Howard Friedman 
Rebecca Lea Friedman 
John Fthenakis 
§ Donna Christine Gardiner 
Grace Kay Gelletly 

Bachelors 1 9 

Richard Michael Gilbert 
Patricia Ann Gillooly 
Flora Ann Gipc 
Nancy Lcc Goklbeck 
Samuel Mvron Gooflman, Jr. 
Rufus Wade Gore, IV 
Tlionias Jackson Gore, 111 
Mecna Kuniari Goswami 
Robert I larolti Gotkin 
Ray Marvin Gottlieb 
Philipjamcs (}rahain 
Man,- Elizabeth Granados 
Lawrence Alan Greenstein 
Gerald James (i rimes 
Samuel ( )liver Grimm, III 
Sheldon Hcrkcley Grove 
Charles James I larris 
Gar>' Thomas Ilellman 
Willard Walstrum 
Ilennemann, 111 
John Richard llitz 

t ,\ I ichae 1 Joseph 1 1< )ff man 
Aleta Ann Ilohn 
Deborah Ann llolman 
CharitaCheryllc Iloyle 
Lynne Coe Huffman 
John Edward I lughes 
Karen Marie llundemer 
Markus Joseph Ilunkeler 
David Oliver Johnson 
Stephen Michael Johnson 
Teresa Diane Jcmes 
Paul J. Kar\-ois 
Christopher William Kemp 
Mark Howarth Kielek 
Paul Edward Kile 

*Janies Craig King, Jr. 
Patricia Vicars King 

*Christinc Lynn Kirkwood 
LuAnn Kay Knowlton 
Simonctta Myriam Koch 
Daniel Jay Konick 
Fred Wilson Koontz 
Ihor Elias Kopka 
Marcia Lynn Koski 
Eric William Kramer 
Ellen Beth Kraus 
Louis Sylvan Kroll 
Niels Lloyd Kromann 
Sheldon Paul Kruger 
Kathryn Cary Kunkel 
Gregory Kurgansky 
Paul M. Larsen 
David Bruce Lauer 
Charles Edward Lee 
Dong S. Lee 

Lawrence Ralph Leggieri 
Daniel Marc Leibert 
LisaJ. Lcidernian 
Rosal Wong Leong 
James Andrew Lipton 
Sharon Elaine Lloyd 
Mary Veronica Loveless 
Marc Joseph Luddy 
Edward Charles 
Lundgren, III 
Frances Ann Maclary 
Christopher Sean Mallery 
Lawrence Milton Mallory 
Tcri Ann Manolio 
Bruce Lawrence Marcus 
Robert Michael Marcus 

tWilliam Henry Martland 
Carolyn Marie Mason 
Thomas Richard Mason 
Robert William Mathews 
EricS. Mathis 
Bettye Joan Matthews 
Sara McAndrew 
Ralph Vincent McAvoy 
Charles Alexander McCrae 
Daniel S. McGunagle 

§James Patrick McKenna 
John Gary Menke 

§Lucy Ann Meoni 
Steve Joseph Mescher 
Stephen Louis Meyer 
Mark Ellis Meyers 
Linda Anne Milchling 
Mark Randolph Mitchell 
Howard Meyer Mitnick, Jr. 
Peter Ashot Mnatzakanian 
John Frederick Moore 
K. Hunter Moore 
Lynda Mary Morris 
Seyed-Ala Mortazavi 
Martha Marie Murphy 
Mary Ann Murphy 
Bryson Charles Myers 
Virginia Lee Myers 
Norajane Nolan 

tRichard Parker Nordan 
Kevin John Nowvkowski 
Forrest Weston Nutter, Jr. 
Harry Andrew Oken 
Clarice Diane Olsen 

* Patricia Ann O'Neil 
Vincent Richard Orgovan, Jr. 
Elizabeth Anne Orleman 
Mark Dallas Ostroff 
David Ira Otto 
Alan Jon Paradis 

* Marcia M. Pargament 
Charles Martin Parlette • 
Joseph Patoka 
Patrick Stephen Paid 
James Lee Pellenbarg 
Maria Elena Pena-Ariet 
LuAnne Pentz 
Elizabeth Marie Pepe 
Solomon Michael Perl 
Denise Candice Ferret 
Donald Abbott Peterson 
Lynn Marie Petronc 
Philij) James Phillips 
Susanne Elise Pickering 
Jeffrey Michael Pilchman 
Lawrence J. Pinto 
Joseph David Postman 
Wendy Buckler Powell 
Eileen Mary Prouty 
Lynn Rogers Reutlinger 
Judith Caryl Richardson 
Alan E. Robbins 
Judith Sue Roberts 
Kenneth .Man Rock 
Murray Wayne Rosenfeld 
Mark Edward Rosenthal 
Richard Barnett Rosse 
Alvin Jerome Roitman 
Beverly Ann Russell 
David i3ruce Ryals 
Eugene Anthony Samba taro 
Sariajean Sandlin 

David Alan Sapperstein 
Gary Stephen Sapperstein 
Ronald David Sehechter 
Victoria Lynn Schenk 
Eric Arnold Schmader 

*John Calvin Schmidt 
David Lee Schreibman 
Kim Douglas Schroader 
Andrea Dale Schwartz 
Evelyn Miriam Schwartz 
Larry Alan Schweinsberg 
Jeanne Marie Schwietz 
Celeste Maria Scire 
J. Cameron Scoleri 
Ann Miller Seaton 
Shelley Geila Shapiro 
Charles Arthur Shartsis 
Susan Maureen Sherren 
George David Shihda 
Nicholasjoseph Simon, III 
Beverly Gail Sklarewitz 

tDawn Elaine Smilek 
Robert Palmer Smith 

* Anna Christine Smolen 
Timothy James Sobota 

* Marc Dennis Sokolow 
Alwyn Frederick Solomon 
Nicholas John Spagnola 
Steven Carl Springer 
Harrie R. Stein 
Lewis Mark Steinberg 

§Rhoda Kay Stevenson 
Dorian Sibley St. Martin 

§Ben Stuart Stombler 
Paul Brian St. Palley 
David Donald Stranz 
I larry George Mark Strauss 
Margaret Sandra Sue 
Phillip Barry Surosky 
Theodore Vincent 

Nicholas W. Tangreti 
Joseph Francis Tassone 
Craig Steven Terkowitz 
Louis Edward Thomas 

SSandra Lois Thomps<m 
Jeffrey Mark Thornley 
Robert Charles Tiano 
James Marvin Tolliver 
Paul Edward Tomassoni 
Isaac Toveg 
John Raymond Towle 
Susan Louise Unger 
John Henry Ursic 
Paul Vangeloff Paul, Jr. 
Robert Lee Virta 
Maribeth Voltin 
Elizabeth Elster Wack 
William Charles Wallace 
Jamie Lyn Walters 
Kevin L. Weber 
Thomas Frank Weidner 
Steven Ir\-ing Weisman 
Nicolette Westphal 
Nellie LaVern Whitaker 
Robert David Whitmore 
Alan Lee Wilder 
Allan R.Will 
Theodore Joseph Wood 
James Robert Wooddell 
Lane Stuart Yago 
Kay Kwang-Ae Yim 
DazareeC. Young 
Gerard Vincent Yu 



§ = Summa Cum Laude 
t = Magna Cum Laude 
• = Cum Laude 

School of 

Candidates will be pre- 
sented bv 

Prof. John Hill, Dean of 
the School 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Bnicc Thompson Arthur 
* Kenneth Henry Backer 

Joseph WiUiam Beagle, Jr. 

Francis Augustus Caesar 

Sari Dillcr 

Shahrokh Etaat 

Sirkkn Liisa Fisher 

Man,' Martha Fowler 

Robert Michael Haekley 

Kenneth Kyo Kajiwara 

Ronald A. Kessler 

Robert Jay Kleinman 

Grcgt)n,' Dean Kosky 

Eric Robert Mandil 

Gary Francis Martinez 

Robert Stacey Mills 

Alene Sherry Mones 

Richard Charles Mullineaux 

Peter Richard Notari 

MarA' Dolores Ossi 
*Jane M. Perkinson 

Donald John Quesenberrv' 

Dennis Ray Reedy 

Faye Karin Ross 

Robert James Royce, Jr. 
§Car<)l Rawstrom Schimpff 
t William Cameron Stratton 

SusatiJ. Wechsler 

Uri Yokel 

Gary Lewis Zackowitz 

College of 

Candidates will be pre- 
sented bv 
Dr. Ray E. Hiebert, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Sharon Hope Baker 
§Elizabeth M. Bateman 

Scott Brian Begab 

Pamela Sue Belcher 
tjeannette Belliveau 

Ernest Edward Bleinberger 

Bruce Wendell Branch 

= Summa Cum Laude 
= Magna Cum Laude 
= Cum Laude 

Patrick W. Brcslin 
Francis L. Carbaugh 
Gordon William Christopher 
+ Colleen Mary Corrigan 
Donna Lucille Danowski 
Man- Catherine Davis 
Anne Marie Ellis 
Robert Holifield Fcldmann 
Gregory' Micheal Fischer 
Elizabeth Anne Flyiin 
Jodie Friedberg 
Charles Lyle Gardner 
Gloria Jean George 
Tony Kim Glaros 

* Stewart Carlisle Gosney 

* Edward Clark Greelegs 
Michele Denise Hall 
Penelope Joan Harms 
Lawrence Daniel Harris 
Valerie Teresa Head 
Susan Lee Herre 

Dale Robert Hushbeck 
Howard Alan Janet 

* Emily Esther Jeffers 
Robin Virginia Jensen 
David McGregor Jones 

§Debra Sue Kaplan 
Susan Dorothy Kopen 
Gary Wayne Koplin 
Eileen Stacy Lederman 
Robin Lynn Leftwich 
Rhonda Amy Lieberman 
Stuart Alan Margulies 
Melissa Sue Merson 
Steven Heggy Mesner 
Diane Ruth Meyers 
Mary Joan Miller 
Richard Allen Miller 
Michael Larry Munshaur 
Robert E. Myers, Jr. 
Michael James Nelson 
Michael Gerard O'Leary 
Erin Mary O'Neill 
Susan Ellen Parker 
Jill Joanne Pollack 
Brian Joseph Porter 
David Thomas Pride 
Michael Harris Quint 
Beverly Fran Ray 
Vincent Lowr>' Rinehart 
Gwendolyn Maxine Roche 
Mary Teresa Sampogna 
Robert Edward Sherbow 
David Austin Simison 
Katherine Elizabeth Skeen 
Rina Lee Smelkinson 
Helaine Robin Suval 
Arthur Peter Walsh 
Ricki Delaine Waters 

Sandra Elaine Watson 
Deborah Caryn West 

* Robin Page West 
Bruce Leon Wolfe 
Benita May Wong 
Michelle Yvonne Young 

Division of Arts 
and Humanities 

Candidates will be pre- 
sented by 

Dr. Robert Corrigan, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Marilyn Kay Abel 
Graceannc Adamo 
James Lewis Adashek 
June Susan Ailin 

§Denise Adcr Andrews 
Dominick V. Anfuso 
Margaret Dolores Armstrong 

*DebraJean Aven 
Louisjames Badini 
Randall Craig Baker 
Steven L. Basdavanos 
Joseph Andrew Basinger 
Janet Bass 

Elizabeth Anne Battistello 
Charles Lynwood Belbin 
Gloria J. Bell 
Adele Paulette Benisti 
Robert Royce Bennett 
Stephen Richard Bennett 
Alanna Kathryn Berger 
Lee Scott Berger 
Randi Beth Berger 
Ercument Kayihan Berilgen 
Thomas Michael Bernard 
Janet Lynn Bernstein 
Don Besden 

Michael William Birkmire 
Magoa Maria Bisgv'cr 
Andrea Gordon Blake 
John David Blumgart 
John Richard Booher 
Oscar Elmer Bcxjth, III 
Veta Vyette Boothe 
Janet Erin Bouton 
Rosalind Jane Bouwsma 
John Leroy Boyd 
David Michael Bozicevich 

t Pamela Anne Bresnahan 
Brenda Brilliant 
Joseph Leo Broderick 
Christopher Philip Brown 

* Loma Tracv Brown 

Thomas Fassett Brown 

Catherine Stearns Brims 

Robert Alan Bryan 

Donald Joseph Bufano 

Duncan Conrad Burgess 

Kathleen Hynes Burns 

Jeanne Leslie Burt(m 

Ralph Peter Caiazzo 

Sally Susanne Callmer 

Albert Joseph Calogero 
§Barbara Jean Calvert 

Richard David Caplan 

Donna Lee Carpenter 

Diane Renee Carriere 

Kathleen Victoria Carroll 

Joseph Bartholomew Casey 

Timothy Alan Cason 

Scott Richard Casto 

Nancy M. Cater 

Ann Hayden Cavanaugh 

Glenn Scott Chase 

Emily Soh-Choo Cheok 

Michael Patrick Christofaro 

Anne Middleton Witt man 

John Stephen Clark 

Thomas Joseph Clark, Jr. 

Laura Anne Clarke 

Katherine Suzanne Clements 

Mar>' Clare Clements 

Joan Ellen Clowes 

Michelle Ann Cobbin 

Mark Stephen Cohen 

Robert Arthur Cohen 

Albert Stillman Coleman, Jr. 

Patricia Ann Combs 

Mary Anthony Compton 

Gayl Ramsay Conrad 

Sandra Kay Cook 

Ellen Lee Coren 

Marj' Rae Costabile 

Daniel Patrick Costello 

Evelyn Diane Cox 

Donna Marie Croft 

Ernest George Crow 

Carol Ann Cuddy 

Elisabeth Lou Cudney 

Linda A. Cunabaugh 

Eduardo Miguel Cunningham 

Michael Louis Curro 
* Edmund Pendleton 
Dandridge, III 

Mercedes Karin Danevic 

Diarist Avon Darden 

Nancy Jean DeMarco 

William Richard Dempsey 

Bachelors 21 

Frank Roger Desiderio, Jr. 
Janet Marie Deyerbcrg 

tThoniasM. Dietz 
Roger Kniglit Dillon 
Kathleen Elaine Dixon 
Kevin Franeis Dolan 
X'ictoris Marian X'iola 

Flizahetli Anne Dondero 
Peter Kevin Donovan 
Leslie Allen Douglas 

*Katherine Elizabeth 
Terranee James Driscoll 

* Christopher Francis 
Xadya Saniih Drury 
Paul French Dudley 
John Richard Dyer 
Joseph Philip Eason 
James Clyde Eeker 
Esther Anne Eger 
Carma F. Eggers 
Marc Barry Elrich 
Stuart B. Eniden 
Jan Kathryn Erkman 
Vincent Forrest Fansler, Jr. 
Elena Alexander Fatiadi 
Juliet Alison Fay 
Jerome Michael Fegan 
Michael Paul Fcldman 
Alan Jay Fendler 
Charles Oliver Ferris 
Elizabeth Lee Finch 
Janet Lee Fink 
Robert Steven Fischer 
Lynn Karen Fliakas 
Lynda Jean Foro 
Kevin Lynicr F.oster 
Sally Marie Foster 
Fred Eugene Futrovsky 
John Kenneth Gardner 
Betty Jean Garland 
Peterjohn Gatti 
David Riordan Gearing 

tCraig Marshall Gendler 
Sarah Gale George 
Christine Gerner 
Gary Roger Gestson 

Robin Anne Gilles 
Jeffrey Marc Ginsberg 
Mario Anthony Giordano 
Susan Joy Glaser 
Matthew Kinard Glenn 
Joseph Vincent Glorioso 
Mark Steven Gochnour 

Franklin Eadie Gtxlfrcy 
Janice Lynn Goldberg 
Jeffrey Xeal Goldberg 
Miles Grant Goldstein 
Stephen Joseph Govern 
Kathleen Helen Grazer 
John Anderson (jreen 
Robert John Greenleaf 
Michael LeoGregoire 
Kathleen Marie Grennon 
Rohan Lee Griffin 
Norman Joel Gross 
Rh( nula Claire Gunner 
Charles F. Guthmann 
Christianne Ilaering 
Robert Lee I lafcr. Ill 
Richard William I lageman 
Elaine Leslie I lancock 
Laurie Anne I lanley 
Alan Stuart Harris 
Thomas Christopher 

Hart maun 
Susatt Marie I Icaly 
Stephen Alan Hein 

* Christopher Lee Hencke 
James Craigon I Icnderson 
Fernando Luis I lerdoiza 
Kaye Herndon 

Rayner Wilson Hesse, Jr. 
James Francis Iliggins 
Douglas Bruce I limelfarb 
Barbara Elizabeth liines 
Richard Douglas Hcxlge 
Sarah Eugenia H(xlgcs 

* Kay Celia Hoffman 
Sarah Dolly Holland 
George William Holmes, .Jr. 
Roger William Hommel 
Bennie Bert Hooks 

Kim Richard Hoover 
Rebecca Elizabeth Hoover 
Allen Conrader Hornseth 
John Simmons Houck 
Deborah Ann Howie 
Mary Amilia Huff 
Mar>- Ellen Hughes 
Steven Paul Hulsey 
Joan Carol Huntley 
Andrea Lynne Hutchins 
John Thomas Hutchinson 
Robert Joseph Ince 
Susan Bradley Itnyre 
Leonard Arthur Jaffe 
Kathleen Ann Jagoe 
Anna D. Jeffers 
Timothy Justin Jelinske 
James Clifford Joda 
Aileen Annette Johnson 

Gail N.Johnson 
Joan Slubbs Johnson 
Pamela Berniccjones 
Richard Orville Jones 
Paid Joseph Joslow 
Daniel W.Joyce 
Jeannette Marie Kadala 
Joseph Thomas Kaelin, Jr. 
Richard F^dward Kane 
Sandrajune Katz 

'Abigail Faith Kaufman 
Kevin Robert Kellar 
Suzanne Kellev 
Amber Dillard'Kelly 
Kathcrine Elizabeth Kelly 
Kenneth David Kendall 
Paul Michael Kernan 
MaPi' Ann Kidwell 

tjonathan Ives Kipnis 
Paula KipiH-'rman 
Elaine Francine Kishter 
Marc Allyn Klitenic 
Marjorie Jo Koch 
Ann Kort 

Susan Maxine Kort 
Nancy I larris Kouzel 
Shirley Kramish 
Rolicrt Harold Kruase 
J. Andrew Charles Kress 
Kathleen Marie Kundert 
Angela Diane Ladson 
Barbara Lambis 
Pam Collier Lance 
Carol Jean Lang 
Kay Allison Langenbeck 

tjoyce Angela Lardieri 
Stephen Mark Laurenzano 
Thomas Martin Lawson 
Dennis Lee 
Joanne Lefter 
Ladyce Pereira Leite 
Joseph Elliott Lerner 
Ina Louise Levine 
Mark Levine 
Martin Joel Levine 
Ross Licausi 
Cynthia Marie Lincoln 
Pegg\' Linden 
Andrea Marie Lister 
James H. Littlejohn 
Paul Jeffrey Littman 

t John Jefferson Looney 
Robert Powers Lord, Jr. 
Andrew David Lyman 
Grace Ellen Lynch 
Mark Steven Lynch 
ArthurJ. Lynn, III 



Charles David Macaulay 
Denise Macklin 
Steven Said Manckin 
Susan Barbara Manos 
Ingibjorg Mantwill 
Lawrence Calvert 

Marquess, Jr. 
Kathleen Marie Marshall 

SMaxineJoy Martell 
Carol Crawford Marvil 
Janet Lee Massey 
Michael A. Mattia 
Katherine .Janet Mavity 
Steven Alan Mazurowski 
Karen Patricia McCaffrey 
Deirdre Kathryn McCall 
Norma, I can McCarty 
Kevin .Neil McCauley 
Felice Ann McEuen 
Lvnn Logan McFadden 

tPatrick Carrell McGrath 
Michael Mark Mclnnis 
Keith Gordon McManus 
John Liam McNally 
Jeffrey Hunter McQuain 
Kathleen Ann McVeigh 
Lynne Frances Melke 
Randi Alanc Mellman 
Ellen Fran Mcltzer 
Joyce Ann Merritt 
Sandra Bruner Meyer 
Joyce Middleton 
John Henn,' Daugherty 

Milbourne, Jr. 
Merr^• Melisa Million 

*Susan Ellen Mills 
E. Jeannette Feronti Moore 

* Vernon Jackson Moore 
Sharon Lee Moran 
Danielle Gwen Morningstar 
Kathleen Ann Morse 
John Moncure Robinson 

Morton, III 
Patricia Anne Mory 
Linda Sue Mullan 
LoiiAnn Miuiitz 
Kathleen Ann Murray 
Thomas Eugene Musumeci 
Kathryn Ann Myers 
Sherry Ann Nagelberg 
Shelley Anne Negin 
Daniel Stuart Newell 
Jeffrey Kyle Nichols 

§ = Summa Cum Laude 
t = Magna Cum Laude 
• = Cum Laude 

Martha Ann Niles 
Sue Bowie Niskanen 
Paul Michael Noga, Jr. 
Marguerite A. Norris 
Daniel James O'Connor 
Dcirdre Anne O'Halloran 
Michael Wayne Orenstein 
Joseph Anthony Otten 
rornelia Femia Overduin 
t'arlottaj. Owens 
Kenneth Bonncll Parcher 
Scott Michael Pariser 
Shirley Rose Parker 
Lynn Frances Past ore 
Lorraine Pecarsky 
Thomas Johnston Perkins 
Suzanne Louise Perlman 

tDana Iladley Perrone 
James Garrett Perry 
Nancy Louise Phelan 
Diana Margaret Phillips 


* Dawn Joy Foley 

* William Jonathan Prather 
Steven Wayne Powell Price 
Jacqueline Ann Proctor 
Jeffrey Saul Puretz 
Douglas E. Ramo 

John Perry Rankin 
Margrcthe Collis Ravnholt 
Robert John Ravmtmd 
§Elfrle(la Mueller Riley 
Harriet Mary Roberts 
Amy Beth Robinson 
Leslie Michelle Rochlin 
Patricia Ann Rogers 
Andrew David Rosenbaum 
Jody G. Rosenblatt 
Harry Rosenstock 
Larr>- Gorbach Rubendall 
Jane Anneken Riiehl 
Sarah Jane Ruiz 
Nancy Elizabeth Rust 
Judith Samala Sachwald 
Bruce H . Salan 
Rona Berl Sam man 
Barbara Ann Sanders 
Robert Louis Sarnoff 
David Michael Satterfield 
Heidi Jo Savage 
Lorraine Margaret Scali 
Joan Sue Schabb 
Sherri L. Schatz 

* Elaine Sue Schmerler 

* Robin Lorraine Schmidt 

Summa Cum Laude 
Magna Cum Laude 
Cum Laude 

Barbara Beth Schulman 
Kathi R. Schulman 
Beverly Anne Schwab 
Stewart J. Seal 
Sandra Alice Sehman 
Cherri Lynn Senders 
James Joseph Scpanski 
Diann M. Sgarrella 
§ Ann Janet Shaknvitz 
Deborah Babs Shankman 
Margaret Anne Sharer 
Gail Mclinda Shaw 
Ivy Lynn Sheffler 

* Richard Duncan Shepherd 
Paul Get)rge Shoemaker 
Lee M. Shpritz 

Susan Merril Silverberg 
Rory Scott Singer 
Lisa M. Sirkis 
Barbara Carol Slaughter 
Janet Lee Slaughter 

§Thomas Paul Slaughter 
Karen M . Slockbower 
Michael Roy Smallwood 

tNancy Montgomery 
Stephen Paul Smigosky, Jr. 
David Brennisen Smith 
David Mitchell Smith 
Henry Scott Smith 
Julio Antonio Solla 
George Henry Spangler 
Holly Eve Spangler 
Janice F. Stanton 
Barbara Gail Steinbach 
DebraF. Sternberg 
Mary Lucinda Stevenson 
Ernest Wayne Stokes 
Irene Oliver Stone 
Theodore Elliot Stone 

* Lenore Kay Strakowsky 
David William Stump 
Barbara Ellen Surosky 
Thomas Edward Sutton 
Joanne Michele Tanker 
Michael Howard Tapager 
Karen E. Taylor 
Phyllis Ann Taylor 
Tresha Lin Taylor 

Alan Anthony Thomas 
William Joseph Thomas 
John R . Thompson 
Kathr>'n Elizabeth 

Michael Joseph Toussaint 
t Kathleen Lucas Trelease 
Mary Ellen Trozzo 

Mark Steven Tudor 
Ann Patricie LTgast 

*Kenney Katherine Unsworth 
Audrey Denise Van Clair 
Louis David Vasselli 
Mary Jean Veigle 
Clare Ann Villanti 
William Victor Wadsworth 
Teresa Lee Waldcn 
Charles Stephen Wallis 
Meryl Eva Warsinger 
Paul Leonard Wedding, Jr. 
Edgar Weiner 
Marsha Beth Weiner 
Lawrence Mark Weisman 
David Paul Westbnxik 
Claire M. Whalen 
Adrienne L. White 
Nora Denise White 
Raymond Allan White 
Virginia Pur\-iance Bonsai 

Kurt Frederick Widmaycr 
James Richard Wilkinson 
Earl Franklin Williams 
James Lynard Williams 
Gerald Bruce Wilson 

t Patrice Marie Wilson 
Henry Alphonso Wise, II 

tElizabeth Ann Wolf 
Katherine Jean Wolfe 
Marie Christine Wong 
William Elliot Wort 
Debra Tamie Yamaki 
Lori Elizabeth Yates 
Janene Dawn Zacharias 
Joseph Allen Zentner 
Samuel James Zubalake 

Bachelor of Music 

Angela Constance Bradford 
Helen Collette Centner 
John Patrick Daly 
Nora Lee Davenport 
Sally Elizabeth Harmon 
P.Josef Matsuki 
Kathleen Frances Trahan 
Harold Thomas Trapkin 
* Henry F. Ward 

Collei^c of ItuKiiicsw 
and Manaji^cinciit 

Candidates will be pre- 
sented by 

Dr. Rudolph Lanione, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Robert F,. Abbott 
Jorge Juan Abud 
Andrew Francis Act on, Jr. 
Scott William .\le.\ander 
Ricky Howard Allainong 
Ronald Edward Almacy 
Michael Lee Amanuel 
Eva Marie .\nderson 
John Scott .'Xiidcrson 
Joseph Leonard Andrews, Jr. 

tGar>' Lee All man 
Cynthia .\nn ■\ugsbiu-ger 
Marilyn Collins Baldwin 
Willie James Barber 
Bruce Dal ton Barnes 
John Arthur Battan, Jr. 
Lawrence Michael Bauer 
Robert Allen Banmaini 
Stephen Fredrick Beach 
James Walter Bcall 
Deborah Elaine Beard 

+ Alan Edward Becke 
Wilson Douglas Bedwell 
Steven Lane Beheler 
Douglas C. Belt 
Larry Eugene Blackburn 
Richard Allen Blaekett 
Gladys Bonita Blair 
Harold Ray Bloom, Jr. 

t Stuart Lee Bloom 
Marquis John Bolton 
Sam Ralph Boone, Jr. 
Frederick Joseph Boos 
Brian Kenneth Boiilier 
Robert Pennington Bowcn 
Glenn E. Boyle 
John Michael Boyle 
John Thomas Brady, Jr. 
Seth Allen Breger 
Richard Keith Brenner 
Mattie Carolyn Brooks 
Kenneth Eric Buch 
Mar\- Ellen Buckley 
Donald Edward Biinn 
Bruce Alexander Burton 
Dennis Elmer Butterwci 
Garv William Butten\ei 

Bachelors 23 

William \'iiiceiit Byrne 
Michclee Camcr 
Sally Ann Cainiihell 
Louis Emen' Cajwralctti 
George Marx Carr 
Josei)li FraneisCarr.Jr. 
Larry Allan Carrier 
.!< iseph Wardri )ff Cart er, J r. 
Daniel Orlando Casco 
X'ivian Labrador Causilla 
William Thomas Cefaratti 
Steven Jeffrey Chad 
Del)ra Sue Chappcr 
Kenneth Sai-Kit Chen 
Stewart David Cherner 
Richard Dean Chester 
Alfreil Chew 
Robert Victor Chioini 
Charles Michael Chwastyk 
Gar\- Michael Ciany 
SRobert Allen Cline 

* Arlene Lois Cohen 
Donald Alan Cooper 
John Paul Corrao 
Robert Douglas Courier 
Robert Ryland Crawford 
Randall Gordon Crow 
Kenneth Nicholas D'Amore 
Daniel Scott Daughhctee 
Jeffrey Wayne Davis 
Michael John Davis 
James Stone DeArmon 
Davi<l Edward Delgado 
Mark De Lodovieo 

David Samuel De Lullo 

t Karen Ann Demeo 
Joseph Edward Dillon 
Charles Joseph Dimarco 

tKenneth Allan Dobson 
Marianne Kay Dolce 
Debra Ann Donnelly 
Daniel Joseph Donoghue 

+James Michael 
Dougherty, Jr. 
Larraine Stella Doyle 
Joanne Marie Dunleavy 
Timothy Lee Duvall 
Shirley Ann Ebelink 
Alan Richard Einhom 
James Harry Epps, II 
Charles Vincent Farrell 

* Christine Kathleen Fasehini 
§ Lawrence E. Feldman 

Robert Jay Feldman 
Scott David Ferguson 
Kathleen Marie Fern 

Janet Faye Ferrell 
Hans Peter Filip 
Albert Thomas Finncll, Jr. 
Ralph Stuart Fisher, III 
Stephen Ivlwood Fisher 
§LindaJoy Flame 
John Robert Foley 
David Richard Frederick 
Fred Ilenn>- Fuller, Jr. 
James Thornton Garber 
Robert Michael Garner 
John Gilbert Gaul 
David Gendal 
George li. Gilbert 
John Andrew Gillespie 

* Daniel Curtis Gilliam 
Dalbert Barry Ginsberg 
James David Gleason 
John Thomas Glorioso 

SMichael Breni Gluckstcrn 
Linda Ellen (ilukenhous 
Patricia Ann Gogarty 
Gary Gold 

Debra Etta Goldlierg 
Stuart E. Goldcnberg 
Barry Alan Goldstein 
Marc Stephen Goldstein 
Gary Ira ( jordon 
Allan Richard Greenl)€rg 
Stephen Miles Greene 
Robert Allen Gruber 

*Mark Steven Gutentag 

+ Karen Helene Hack 
Mark Barron Hantske 

* Lisa Mae Hardy 
Darrell Thomas Hargett 
Mark Fordyce Hart 
Susan Gail Harter 
Leslie Rex Ilatley 
Edwin Lee Llawse 
James Richard Hecht 
Thomas Jordan Heller 
John Bronoel Herbert 
Robert Charles Herzberger 
Robert Thomas Hickman 
David Scott Higbv 

John Weslev HilLJr. 
*Ronald Paul Hill 
Don Leslie Hinshaw 
Howard Ronald Hoffman 
Timothy John Hofmann 
John Timothy Holt 
James Edward Horn 
Lawrence Robert Huber 
Mark Warner Huffman 
George Dale Hughes 

Patrick C. Hume 
Juanita Hunter 
David Ir\ing I lurwitz 
Mary Day Husc 

*Jan Elise Hutch 
Charles I lenry Jacobs, Jr. 
Rita Sue.Iacoby 
I Ian lid Clayton James 
Robert Isaac. landorf 
Irene Barbara Jan iak 
Margary Susan Jewler 
Kos X.Johns 

+ Dean C . Johnstm 
James Francis Johnson 
Richard Alanjohnson 
Patricia A lice Johnston 
Gregory Stephen Jones 
James Michael Jones 
Warren Rodney Jones 
David K)d ward Jordan 
Lyman M.Jordan, III 
Robert David Kashan 

SChristl Margarctc Kasler 
Alan David Kasmir 
Fred Alan Katz 
Miriam Kawin 
Jose|)li Keating 
Daniel ( )wen Kennedy 
Douglas F. Kenny 
Mohammed .\asir Khan 
Ronald Joseph Kipke 
Michael Pao Kiyosaki 
William Richard Knell 
James Thaddeus Kochanski 
Susan Frances Koehler 
Timothy Peter Kruzic 
Brian Scfjtt Kuning 
Steven Allen Lake 
Paula Jean Leadley 

*Ann Lee 

Joanna Christine Lee 
Thomas Grafton Lee 
Mark Douglas Lehner 
Xeil Ira Lehrer 

*Marc Bryan Levin 
Robert Levin 
Charles Davis Levine 
Mark Xeal Levine 
Michael Charles Levy 
PauTXickels Lewis 
Diana Shu-Ping Li 
Kathleen Mary Lieb 
Jeffrey Michael Lindner 
Edward Eugene Linehan, Jr. 
Jane Lo-Ying Liu 
Mark Stephen Loesberg 
Mervl Harris Lombard 



Randal Dean Long 
+ William Loomis 
Gordon Wesley Lusby 
Diane Marie Lynch 
Mary Sue Lynch 
.leromejohn .\lader 
1 homas (ieorgc Magnani 
Brian ("harlcs Mahoncy 
Salvatore William Mancuso 
Steven Paul Manger 
Charles Edward Mannion 
Timmie Rogers Marshall 
Richard A. Martin 
David Charles Mathews 
Mark Dennis McArdle 
Stei)hen Mark McDonald 
Charles Phillip McEvoy 
Kathleen Ann McEvoy 
Robert E. McCiowan 
Joseph Louis Mcfjrath 
Daniel Patrick McGuire 
'Patricia Anne McMahon 
Joan Marie Median 
James R. Messana 
Donald Eugene Meushaw 
Jeffrey Eric Meyerson 
*Stei)hen Michael Mielke 
David Ross MilhoUan 
Jonathan Wavne Miller 
Michael Gerald Miller 
Michael William Miller 
Stephen Douglas Minichuk 
Anne Elizabeth Mitchell 
Walter St, John Mitchell 
William Michael Mohler 
Brian Alexander Moore 
Clifford Thomas Moore 
Mehrnot)sh Mostaan 
tFranklin Charles Moyer 
Thomas Gerard Murray 
*LethaJarrell Xealis 
J. Dennis Xeuman 
Marlin Bnxjks Xewell 
Xicholas John Novak 
Daniel Andrew Xusbaum 
John Francis Offenbacher 
Neal David Olesker 
Patricia O'Neill 
Robert Michael Oursler 
Jong Hyun Paik 
David Sharpless Paxson 
John Ir\en Payne 
Richard Stuart Payne 
Mary Theresa Pedevillano 
Blair Corwin Pence 

§ = Summa Cum Laude 
t = Magna Cum Laude 
* = Cum Laude 

Sharon Lyncttc Peters 
Favc Susan Phillips 
Jeffrey Wade Phillips 
Pamela Marlcne Pinkett 
Frank. Joseph Plata 
James Kichartl Podziniek, Jr. 
Riehani Gilbert Polhemus 
Glenn. lames Polser 
Brnee Michael Poughkecpsic 
Eliot Douglas Marshall 

Powell ' 
Larr\- William Prather 
Claire Susan Prescott 
Stephen Bayard Price 

§Gan,- Allan Prinee 
George Prytula, III 

*KatherineJeannctte Pulliam 
Charles Conrad Kadspinner 
David Keith Reed 
Steve Willard Reggettz 
Warren Steven Reisig 
Rt)bert A. Reiter 
Johnny Gene Reynolds 
VenmieaJ. Richmond 
Joel L. Ringer 
Robert Darr>l Rittcr 
Douglas Eugene Roberts 
James Alexander 

Robertson, Jr. 
James M. Rohrer 

*\'ivian llelene Rongved 
Howard Steven Rosen 
Donald Lee Rosenberg 
Julian Irwin Rosenberg 
Lawrence Neal Rosenblum 
Paul Erie Rosstead 
Steven Paul Rothfield 
Frank David Rothschild 
Thomas Roy Runaldue 
Bradley Steven Rupert 
Ann Marie Russell 

§Man.- Elizabeth Sager 
Burton Arthur Sanquist, Jr. 
James John Santa 
Gary Lee Sapperstein 
Steven Mark Sattel 
Jeffrey Scareia 
Mark Hilton Scheiner 
Stanley Howard Scherr 
Sandra Fallen Schlcigh 

+ Marc Robert Sehneebaum 
Jerry Eugene Schneider 
Sidney Alan Selar 
John Alexander Scruggs, Jr. 

§ = Summa Cum Laude 
t = Magna Cum Laude 
• = Cum Laude 

George Murray Seal, III 
Geoffrey Arthur Seeker 
*Amy E. Seidel 
Nicholas Craig Serino 
Nancy Lorraine Sharp 
Mark Eugene Shaver 

* Neal Allan Shear 
Stephen Marc Shearer 
Ilona Esther Shillman 
Dale Masako Shimoda 
Kenneth Earl Shultz 
Roger Alan Siedel 
Steven B. Siegel 

Ken L. Silverstein 
Stephen Cauley Simmons 
Ellen Wildes Singer 
Christopher Peter Slntetos 
Neil Anthony Sipe 
Elizabeth Anne Slaughter 
David William Smith 
Don Eugene Smith 
James Thomas Smith 
Nancy Betty Jane Solie 
Catherine Marie Spanbauer 
Gregory Paul Stech 
Joann Adrian Steele 
Jennifer R. Sterling 
Richard M. Stevens 
Randall Clark Stevenson 
Ariela Stock 
Mar>- Kay Stone 
Alan Lynn Stremel 
John William Sullivan 
tGail Beverly Sumter 
Alan Mare Surell 
Ronald Vernon Sutherland 

* William Claude Swanner,Jr. 
Ralph Eric Taylor 

*Mark Anthony Terzano 
§James Russell Thomas 
Benjamin Thomas 

Thompson, Jr. 
Anthony Michael Tichncr 
Kevin Andrew Timken 
Andrew EliasTompros 
Harriet Sharon Toney 
I larn,' Jacques Trainor, Jr. 
George Malcolm Trippe 
Ef St ratios De me trios 

James Michael Tuck 
Sandrajean Tucker 
John Neil Turlik 
Margaret Ann Ulam 
Shelley Goldstein Lllanow 
Anthonv Vincent Llleekas 
David H'. Ulevieh 

*Janice Marie Ullman 
Charles Lee Underwood, Jr. 
Edwin Richard Underwood 
Conrad Richard Vanasse 
George Frederick \'ogel 
David Charles Volz 
Robert L. \'on Briesen 
Alan David Waner 
Joseph Calvin Ward 
Penelope Ann Ward 
Lawrence Anthony Waskom 
William Edward Wenker 
Man,' Katherine Widic 
Ase Inger Wijsmuller 
Michael Russell Williams 
Ricky Eugene Williams 
Ronald Kent Wills 
Edward Pierce Wilson, III 
Elijah Lee Wilson, .[r. 
Robert Whalev Wimbrow 
Charles A. Wisniewski 
Debra Mae Wong 
Frederick David WoikI 
Jeffrey Alton Yoinig 

* Roberta Ann Yoimg 
Roger Allen Youngs 
Rickv S. Zuckerman 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social S»ciences 

Candidates will be pre- 
sented by 

Dr. Mary Berry, Provost 
of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Randi Evelyn Aboiid 
Marc Benson Abramowitz 

*Judith Clare Ackerman 
Stuart Richard Adams 
Glendell Louise Adamson 
Jeffrey Frank Addicott 
Michael Kerner Adelson 

*Denise Louise Almond 

tPatrieia Ann Aluisi 
Joseph Gene Amorati 
Daniel Robert Anderson 
Kristijane Ander.son 
Marisol Aponte 
Garv' David Aronstam 
Jesse Leon Ash, III 

Sandra Derree Bacon 
Linda Marie Baker 
Maria Joy Balak 
Andrew Lu Ball 
Gar\' Alan Bank 
Harr\- II. Barnes, Jr. 
Sheila Bass 
Barbara.JoAnn Bassler 
Donald llaldeman 

Baumer, Jr. 
Stephen Linwood Beall 
Victor Norman Behar 
Anne Marie Behneman 
Frank Meade Bell, Jr. 
Cara Courtney Bellassai 
Joan Marie Bellistri 
Deborah Irene Bellsey 
Michael Ral|)h Bennett 
Pamela I laven Berkoviis 
Wendv.Ioycc Berkow 
Donna Terry Bernian 
Lawrence Russell Bern,, Jr. 
Karen Lynette Beverly 
Henley Graden Beyerle 
Roswell Lee Biles 
Barbara Binder 
Conrad Jay Bladcy 

* Annmarie Patricia Blaney 
Robin Renec Bliekenslaff 
Carol Ellen Blinder 
Richard Alan Blitz 
Paul Henrv- Blocher 
Ellen Michelle Bloom 
JanetteM. Bloom 
Gloria Anne Bogat 
Anne Marie Borkowski 
Gaylon Lee Bounds 

*RobertJohn Boxwell 
Roberta Lynne Boykoff 
Steven Matthew Boyland 
Douglas P. Brackley 
Charlottes. Bracy 
Judith Andrea Bradshaw 
Ruth Marilyn Brady 
Ned William Branthover 

+ Roberta Klein Breslow 
Marta Consuelo Brilo 
Judith Christine Bro 
Penelope ( )ra Br<x)ks 
Luke S. Brown 
Sandra Elizabeth Brown 
Thomas Edward Brown, Jr. 
Gonzales Bruce 
Robert Bernard Br>zman 
Amanda Ellen Bull 
Susan Lee Burgemeister 
Donald Edward Burke, Jr. 

Bachelors 25 

Anthony W. Burr 

Patricia Ann Bush 

Rixincv Michael Bush 

My-I'h'i Butcher 

Marlcne Butler 

Joseph John Cameron 

Winifred Elaine Cannon 

Arlenejoy Cantor 

ilowani Benson Caplan 

Koheri Wayne Caplan 

James K. Carlsruh 

Mary Lounles Carman 

Thomas Michael Carney 

Karen Routt Carlan 

Leslee Ann Carpenter 

Mary Ellen Carpenter 

Carolyn Marie Carter 

Ruth Mar\' Casner 

Cheryl Lynn Castner 

Sherr\' Lee Cather 

HyoSook Chai 

Gail Elizabeth Chambers 

Charles Frederick Chester 

Renee ( )livia Childs 

Jin Won ('hoi 

Marcjosejih Ciccarone 

Michael NI. Cielensky 

Mary Louise Clemens 

Dar\'l Lynn Clements 

Michael Lawrence Clenums 

Richard Kenneth Clifton, Jr. 

JanisS. Cohen 

Lawrence Steven Cohen 

Marcia Reznick Cohen 
§Martha Lambert Collier 

Edmund Scott Collins 

Mar>' Agnes Collins 

Peter Allen Ccmfehr 

Cantlice Sue Cooper 

Robert James Corliss 

Sarah Lynne Costlow 

Donna Christine Crable 

Cynthia NL Craig 

Joseph Alexander Craw 

William Jon Crockett 
* Sandra Carol Crouse 

Caren Joyce Culleen 

Man,- Elizabeth Cullen 
+ Bonita Lynne CuUison 

Reginald T. Cureton 

Jean Wayman Daniel 

Jessy Joy Darden 

Irene Helen Davenport 

Rebecca Anne Davis 

Esther Wein Deitz 

Joseph Hunter Delaney 

Kathleen Marie Delaney 
Paid Robert DeMuro 
Paula Marie de Xobel 
T. Jesse Dent, Jr. 

§PauI Robert DeMuro 
Margo Adricnne De \'aughn 
Barr\- Jeffrey Diamond 

SRichard Allen Diamond 
Jeff Mitchell Dier 
James Paul Donahue, .Jr. 
Robert A. Donnally 
Elizabeth Persis Dormady 
Deimis Raymond Dorsett 
Barbara Anne Dorsey 

'Barbara Jean Rytlewski 
Kevin Patrick Dowling 
Stan Thaddcus Dragan 
Thomas Lee Dudley, Jr. 
James William Dulaney,Jr. 
Jacquelyne Louise Diuin 
James Thomas Diuiphy 
Sandra E. DuPree 

*PaulJosei)h Durbin 
John Williamson Dyess 
Marian Leah Eder 
Karl Frederick Edler, III 
Richard Craig Edlow 
Gail Andrea Eisenstadt 
Jerome Ellis 
Paula Lynn Ellis 
Pauline Garber Emenheiser 
Michael Todd linglish 
Harriet Ann Erlick 
Marian Kay Eskin 
Thomas Waller Essig 
Paid Alan Evans 
Kathn.n Ann Fabrizio 
Marjorie Sanner Fagge 
Robin Kay Fairall 
Derek Charles Fay 

§Dorette S. Feit 
Fereidon Feizollahi 
Jerome F. Festa 
KenC. Finkel 
Joyce Lynn Finn 
Lou Ann Fleckenstein 
Mark Joseph Flynn 
Michael James Ford 
Trudy Garrett Foster 
Hazel Agnes Franklin 
Keith S. Franz 
Floyd Samuel French, Jr. 
Raymond Charles Futran 
Florence Catherine Gaines 
Elizabeth Yvonne Gamble 

Michael David Garbus 
Thomas R. Gardner 
Iris Yvonne Garfield 
Eric ( jarfinkel 
Eva Garnek 
Michael Le()n Games 
David R. (iascoyne 
Claudia Sue Gaynor 
Scale Shannon George 
Maiuiel IraGerton 
Ronald Eugene Gilbertson 
Kathleen Rose Gogarty 
Aaron Gold 

Stanley Daniel Goldberg 
Paul Norman Golder 
* Susan R. Golding 
Steven Michael Goldstraw 
Kenneth Michael Goodman 
Hugh Ellis Gordon 
Debra Frances Gould 
Larr\- Ilylton Graham 
Allison Denham Gray 
Joyce V. Gray 
Shelley Jane Green 
Douglas R. Greenbaum 
Barbara Lynn Greene 
Melissa Ann Gregory 
Richard Kevin Griffith 
Susan I lelen Gunn 
Linda Adrianne Hacker 
Charlotte Sue Hafcr 
David Balfour Hall 
Babs Donna Ilanfling 
Donald Scott Harris 
Ronald Lee Harrison 
Steven Paul Ilatlestad 
Joan Leslie I latton 
Cindy Lou Hay man 
\'ivian Tatsuko Hayward 
Paul William Heath 
Richard Thomas 
Hedgpeth, III 
Deborah Marie Hefferly 
Joyce Linda Held 
Randolph Carl Helland 
Margaret Elaine Henry 
Russell Glenn Hess 
Alene Susan Hirsch 
Robin Terry Hirsh 
Elizabeth Chastain Hobba 
Mare Elliott Hoffman 
Clare Barbara H<3gg 
Eugene Charles Holland 
Gregory Roderick Holt 
Stephanie Lynn Hong 

Susan Jill Hopinan 

Helene Marcia Horowitz 

Craig Louis I loyle 

Stej)hen Philip Hughes 

Robert Harn,- Hurt 

Chiquita AltheaCwsar Hutto 

Robin Irene Jefferies 

Karen Lee Johnson 

Chen,-lJ. Jones 

James Arthur Jones, Jr. 

.John Rol)ert Jones 

Megan Col vard Jones 

Carol A.Jordan 

Cheryl Denisejoyner 

Melissa Kahn 

George Joseph 

Charles Si)ero Karadimos 

X'irginia Fillion Karas 

Del)orah Sue Karman 

Dorothy E. Kastorf 

Dennis Michael Kearns 

Pamela Sue Keefcr 
•Cynthia A. Keen 

Man,- Elizabeth Kenney 

Man,- Louise Kei)linger 

Kurt Warren Kershow 

Harvey 1. Keyser 

Carolyn Pennington Kimball 

Daniel Van Kinder,.Jr. 

Gayle P. King 

Randy Lee King 

Catherine Joy Kinnamon 
tMarc Robert Kivitz 

Jeffrey Stuart Kluger 

George Albert Koebke 

Koula Stephanie Korson 

John Anthony Kotch 

Rona Esther Kramer 

Keith Barn,- Krissoff 

Marc Edward Kronson 

Karen Jean Kucera 

Louis Allen Kushner 

Paul Steven Labiner 

Barbara Anne Lansinger 

Stephen Nicholas Lashick 

Richard I. Leaf 

Joseph Francis Leahy, III 

Susan Clair Lee 

Nicholas Apprich Leinbach 
t Laura Katrina Leizear 

Dona Rubin Lenkin 

Robyn Sari Lenrow 
•Richard Carl Leonard 

Rosemary Patricia Le(jnard 

26 Bachelors 

Summa Cum Laudc 
Magna Cum Laude 
Cum Laude 

* Donna L. Lcppo 

Barbara Meredith Levin 

Leslie Jo Levin 

Patricia Ann Levine 

Edward Lawrence Levy 
*Lec Ellen Lewis 

Lawrence Clifford 

Pcr^^• Mark Lindstrom 

Mar>- Elizabeth Little 

Carol Anne Lockman 

Thomas Eugene Lohr 

Alan Haig Loosararian 

Martha Cristina Lopez 

Kenneth Blacker Lourie 

James Younger Loving, Jr. 

Jacqueline Low 

Barbara Ann Lynch 

JocUen Magcnnis 

Elizabeth Kathleen Mahoney 

Steven Lawrence Malkin 

Donna Jean Malmquist 

Jeri Lynn Mandel 

Gar>- Ray Maness 

John Thomas Manger, III 

Dcbra Ann Marcian 

Gail Marcus 

Sylvia Margulies 

Janice Lynn Marks 
t Bruce Paige Martin 

Pamela Anne Martin 

Andrea Primo Masciana, II 

Richard Daniel Maughn 

Man,- Jo Mauvais 

Arlene Teresa Mavol-Silva 

Shirley McAllister 

James McCaulev 

Phyllis McCready 

Joseph G. McCully 

Man.- Bernadette Soubirous 

W.Jean McFadden 

John Francis McGahagan, III 

John McGovem 

Eileen Marie McMullen 

Thomas Jonathan Meacham 

Robert Timothy Meier 

Judy K. Mendenhall 

Joseph Guy Meredith 

Sara Faye Merenblcwm 

Sheila Alexandra Mescal 

Margot Rosemarv- Michalski 

Gary Michael Miller 

Jonathan Edward Miller 

Phvllis Beth Miller 

§ = Summa Cum Laudc 
t = Magna Cum Laude 
• = Cum Laude 

Thomas Michael Miller 
Kenneth Lee Mills 
JoAnne Man.- Milner 
Richard Paul Minor 
Kenneth Robert Moeller 
Michael Herbert Monnette 
Denise Mary Mnntero 
Don Bennett Moon 
Dcbra Lynn Moore 
Arlen Sue Morris 
Leonie Morris 
Patrick Edward Morrison 
Martha Marie Move 
John Vincent dc Paul Munley 
Theresa S. Muri 
Mary Clair Murray 
Paul Fredrick Xapier 
Ann Louise Xathan 
Jane Frances Xathan 
Lisa Karen Xeihof 
Beth Lynn Xeiman 
Charles Patrick Xeimeycr 
Paul Bruce Xewman 
Erik Xewpher 
§Barbara Ann Xichols 
Ganjohn Xicls 
Jeffrey Michael Xon 
Clyde William Xorthrop, Jr. 
Erie Leo Xorton, III 
Stephen Clyde Xtiros 
Edmond James Kelly O'Brien 
Man.- Faye CVBrien 
William Francis O'Brien 
Linda Susan O'Hora 
Karen Ann Olenginski 
William Thomas O'Mara 
Charles Joseph Orlowek 
Samuel Jay Oshinsky 
Rene Pomrampai 

Charles William Paddock 
Stephen Bruce Pallett 
Xancy Ann Parker 
Kathy Sue Pennington 
Michael A. Peters 
Frank William Peterson 
William Melvin Pinckney 
Ronald John Popola 
*Guy H. Posey 
Rita Ellen Povich 
Walter Tyrone Powell 
Janet Shelton Pratt 
William Wesley 

Pretty man, IV 
Carol Price 
Paula Ruth Rabb 
Linda Lee Raedy 
Joan Marie Rafferty 

Robert Allen Ragland 
+Garr\- \'ictor Raim 

Charles Richlcy Raley 

Charles Roger Raley 

Michael Spencer Ralph 

Philii) Carroll Raum 

James Paid Reese 

Gaiy Louis Regotti 

Kathleen Mar>- Reilly 

Robert Stuart Resnicoff 

Delia Louise Ricci 

Michael William Rice 

GarA-John Richards 

Donna Rae Riley 

Paida Ellen Rini 

Jeani Alvarez Ritterman 

Arthur Duane Robbins, Jr. 

Barbara Ann Robinson 

James Michael Robinson 

Trinita Celeste Robinson 

Gail Iris Rocker 

Angelo Rose 

Larr\- Shelley Rosenblum 

Roberta A. Ross 

Debra Ellen Roihstein 

Carla Jeanne Rid)bo 

Linda Renee Rubin 

David Xoel Ruddcll 
Scott Paul Rudow 

John Michael Rundhammer 
Sandrajune Salopek 
Mariana D.J. Santana 
Michael Gregon,- Saulsbun,- 
Susan Marsha Schechter 
Richard Mark Scheer 
Barbara Karen Scheinman 
Richard Glenn Scherr 
Paul Leslie Schlcsinger 
Bruce Edward Schmidt 
Alexander Schneider 
tjoseph Erwin Schuler 
Kevin Charles Schultze 
Ronald Lee Schwartz 
Steven Jay Schwartz 
Warren Jay Schweber 
Brian John Scott 
Ruth Ann Scott 
Teresa Louise Seiliolt 
Bonnie Gale Shantz 
Carol Paula Shapiro 
Anthony Kevin Shea 
Kevin Dale Sheldon 
Antoinette Sherman 
Steven Jeffrey Sherman 
* Rebecca Anne Short ridge 
Suzanne Lynn Siegel 
Jonathan Louis Siems 
Ann Marie Simonini 

Peter Stephen Siokalo 

*Eric Stuart Slatkin 
Richard Wilson Skeman 
Edward Leonard Smith 
Michael. John Smitii 
Regina Smith 
Stewart Dean Smith 
Clifford Bruce Sobin 
Carl Ruben Soscbee 
Ricardo Soto 

+L^rsvda Magdalena Spiegel 
Dale L. Stalbaum 
Chris George Stergiou, Jr. 
Lenore Diane Stevens 
Carole I laslam Stewart 
Russell Goode Stogsdill 
IIarr>-Carl Storm 
William Dewey Straubinger 
Robert A. Stuebi 
Deborah Anne Suclicnski 

*James Louis Suit 

*Rosemary Anne Sullivan 
Thaddeus Wallace Swank, Jr. 
Steven R. Switlick 
Christine \'ictoria Szuba 
Thomas Francis Tannozzini 
Tern.- Michael Taranto 
Marcellous Bernard Taylor 
Anthonv Julius Tedeseo 
Barton Si. Teems 
Darlcnc MaeThoni 
Scott Marshall Thompson 
John Howard Thornton 
Xancy Xorton Tillman 
Xathan Stephen Tolstoi 
Joan Carol Torokhanian 
Shern.- Ellen Trahaii 
Charles Urban Treiler, Jr. 
Richard Benjamin Tumolo 
Stuart Thomas Unger 
Dennis Richard X'aira 
Janet Marie Vitelozzi 
John \'ander Weit 
Donna Wagmati 
Michael Anthony Wagner 

♦Phillip Regan Warf 

♦Phillip Regan Warf 
Irving Wartski 
Hanev Saul Wasserman 
Linda Carol Webster 
Christopher Faulkner 

Amy Iris Weinberger 
Bruce Taylor Weinland 
Jill Kay Weinstein 
Andre Ross Weitzman 
Ilyse Ann Weltchek 

Bachelors 27 

+ David Scot Wcstreicli 

Edward Francis Wheeler 

Lynncttc Annicc Whitt 

Joan Marie Whyie 

William Hopkins Wight 

Koherl Mark Wilansky 

Luann Wilkins 

Alonza Elmer Williams, Jr. 

Barr\- Frederick Williams 

Cassandra Williams 

Sharalyn Maria Williams 
t Bruce Edward Wilson 

Michael Thomas Wilson 

James Michael Wine 

Michael Elliot Winer 

Roger I). Winston 

Philip Gordon Wire 

Margie A. Wolfe 

David Steven Wolff 

Theresa Bemadette Wong 

Slaey Terr\- Wood 

Bemadette Woolford 

Patricia Ann Wright 

Richard Douglas Wurdeman 

Marti Rummel Young 

Donna Lucille Yukna 

Theresa C. Zuraski 

Bachelor of Science 

Gbogboade Andrew Ademiluyi 

March Edwin Andrews 

Clifford Charles Baker 

Patricia Diane Bcall 
* William Bellet 

Gan- Edward Benson 

Deborah Edith Beuehert 

Letniard Kurt Blakley 

Mark Blcssington 

Scott Carter Bonning 

Robert Bruce Bower, Jr. 
§Patricia Ann Bradley 

Duane Maverick Br\ant 
§Andrcw Thomas Buckler, III 
*Arlenc Phyllis Burd 

Thomasjcrome Burns 

Susan Elizabeth Chaney 

David Grayson Clark 

Theresa Ann Clark 
§Margaret Anne Cohen 

Gar\- IL Corliett 
*Janies Raymtmd Council, Jr. 

Michael Owen Crews 

H. Gabriel Dagen 

Michael Patrick Daly 

Gregor\- Decker 

Richard Patterson Denise, Jr. 

28 Bachelors 

Michael James Dickel 
John .\rley Dorn 
Deborah Dean Dougherty 
ElissaGease Drucker 
Steven Ira Dworkin 
+ Kathleen Coiuiolly 
William Harold Ett 
William Donald Fal)ian,Jr. 
Marilyn Ann Fabrizio 

* Marti Ellen Feldman 
Michael Francis Fitzpat rick 

*Jolin Kevin Ford 
Jeffrey Brad Gold 

*Rol)crt I. Goldcnberg 
Laurie Leah Gold rick 
James Sanniel Goldstein 
D(3uglas X( )rman I lall 
Joseph Maurice Hartlove, III 
Mark Alan Heindish 

William Lee Hollingsworth 
James J(>sei)h Kenney 
David Marshall King 
Douglas Bra<iy Kirkpatrick 
Thomas Evert Lee Klenk 
Mindy Ellen Krizman 
Sandra Eileen Krutli 

* Lawrence B. Leikus 
John Gerard Leocha 

SAnneli Moucka Levy 
James An<lrcw Lipton 
Paula Marie Longhi 

§Elizabetli Risen Luke 
Robert Lewis May, II 
James F. Mc.Xiiliy 
Ronald Brian Mock 
Alan David Monath 

+ Michael Dean Moore 
Donna Lee Morris 
Scott Wayne Xutter 
Michael Richard Obcrlin 
Ralph Raymond Olson 
Gary Michael Pasquinelli 
James Joseph Picklo 
Kenneth Douglas Pike 
Joseph Piven 
Richard Whittingham 

William Walter Pretyka, Jr. 
James S. Rcichert 
Janice Eileen Roljcrt 
Bruce Warren Reisman 
Richardjeffrey Rogers 
Andrew Mark Rolnick 
Ronald Rosas 

*Rose Ann Ryba 

*Marjorie Janet Saile 
Jeffrey Boyd Saunders 
Edward ( jcorge Schaeffer 
Frederic Mark Schemmer 

+ Albert Lawrence 
Schmidt, Jr. 
.\rthur Douglas Sehulman 
Michael Louis Schwartz 
Steven Elton Schwemmer 
Daniel Scotti 
Randall Robert Silber 
.Niekolas Peter Silvestri 
Ivan Gary Sirkis 
Keiuielh Craig Si>eneer 
Diana Lee Steward 
Fern Jennifer Stone 

+John Edward Strohmaier 
Richard Jerome Sulkovsky 
Pamcla-Lynne Virginia 
Tayli )r 

*Jeffrcy Lawrence Tepper 
Timothy Xcwton Tressler 
Mary Jane Tolzman 
Deborah A. Trilling 
Tina Marie Tringali 
Jerome Dennis Waltz 
Tia Denise Washington 
Jesse Lee Wright 
Marty Jay Wyman 
James Ken Yoshimolo 
Suzanne Marie Zimmermann 

Collci^c of 

Candidates will be pre- 
sented by 
Dr. Robert Emans, 
Dean of the Gallege 

Bachelor of Arts 

.Nlichael Richard Akman 
Debra Susan Baron 
Henrietta Jean Bentz 
Monica Sue Berger 
Gail Berman 
Alice Dfane Bokinsky 
David Albert Bowman 
Brenda Viola Boyer 
Robert Paul 

Brandenburger, Jr. 
.Xancy Ann Bray 
Xeil Lee BrtKisky 
W . Theresa Brown 

Margaret Elizabeth 

Vilma IrisCardona 

Marika Elizabeth Chioarill 
tjosette Chalimond Clark 
+ Esther K. Cohen 

Bonniejean Coile 

* Elaine Marjorie Cixiperman 
•Mary Alice Counselman 

Craig Irwin Cronin 

* Michael Andrew Denny 
Margo Xolan de Simon 
Laura Yvette Dickey 
Joan Carol Dillon 
Michael W.Dillon 
Christine Angela Dunleavy 
Nancy Allis(m Edelblut 
John Jeffrey Giblx)ns 
Cathy Lynn Goldstein 
Pamela Hannah Gordon 
Antoinette Alyce Guerin 
Andrea Ann I larris 
Michael Lcroy Higgs 
Jessie Anne Hinkle 

Rene Ann Jungers 
Karen J. Kelberman 
Frank Samuel Kessler 
John Knox 
Monika Marianne 

Sher>l Lee Kulberg 
Edward John Larson, Jr. 
Laury Deborah Lear 
t Sheila Chidakel Lev-Tov 
Alan Jay Marks 
Joseph McCloskey 
Cynthia Lea McCrum 

Philip Franklin Xelson 

* Huong Thi O'Connell 
Ray M. Olds 
Steven Harold Parker 
Nancy Karen Peskin 

§Rh(xla Sue Ratner 

Elizabeth Ann Rinn 

Suzanne Eleonite Rose 

Michele Rosenberg 

Marlene Carol Seligmann 

Martha Waterstradt 

Gail Ann Shackelford 
tBeth Rachelle Simcm 

Doric Ann Snider 

Sunnv Gail Wood 

§ = Summa Cum Laude 
t = Magna Cum Laude 
• = Cum Laude 

Bachelor of Science 

Graccannc Adanid 
Tliomas Page Adams 
Linda.Joycc Albert 
Lorcnza Caniillc Alder 
Katliy Lynn Andersen 
Helen Marie Anselmo 
Keri Lynn Ameson 
Janet Patrieia Asbaehcr 
Faye Marlene Augins 
Xadine Ann Baeh 
Ruth Anne Baleoni 
Linda Rae Barnhart 
Judy Merle Baron 
Thomas Kiehard Bassctt 
Mary Lynn Bastian 
Sharon Dolores Bates 
§Marlene Kay Beeker 
Donna Lynn Bcekett 
Barbara I)enise Bender 
+ Barbara Susan Bennett 
David A. Berg 
Deborah Elaine Berg 
Karla Ann Berg 
Karen Sue Bigman 
Miehele Robin Blaustein 
Jennifer Dee Blei 
Reesa Ellen Blivess 
Carol Sandra Bliun 
Karen Lynn Boyarsky 
Kevin Tliomas Brady 
Audrey Fay Bragg 
Rose Branse 
Sherrine Lee Brauning 
Kyler Duane Brcngle 
+ Bonnie Wohl Brieker 
Deborah Dclphine Briscoe 
Patrieia Marie Broekwav 
Clement Hill Brooke, III 
Barbara Judy Brooks 
Melody Renata Brooks 
Lawreiiee Alan Bruce 
Deborah Michael Bruchev 
JoAnn Buey 
Lorraine Joy Buonviri 
Barbara Ann Burroughs 
* Laura Jean Burroughs 
Cassie Down in Burtner 
Xelson Anthony Butler 
Mary Alice Carney 
Darlenc Terry Carver 
Donna Elizabeth Cassell 
+ Loric LynnChait 
Jean Carol Chapman 
Gail Marie Clark 

§ = Summa Cum Laiidc 
t = Magna Cum Laude 
* = Cum Laude 

Mar\- Ann Cogliano 

*DesleyR. Cohen 
Eve-Lynn Cohen 
Janet Ellen Cohen 
Susan \'irginia Cooperman 
Eileen Frances Costello 
Joan Catherine Craven 
Michael John Crevcling 
Belinda Wiley Crisp 
Richard E. Croissant 
Alice Carol Culman 
Kevan Edward Davenport 
Deborah Ellen Davis 
Stephen B. Dawson 

+ Loins Xeil Dcane 
Denise Frances DcLuca 
Xancy Lynn Detkin 
Eva Maria Dicrkes 
Larr\- Meade Dillon 

* Susan Caryl Donnell 
Mary Kathryn Dorr 
Marlene Katherine Douse 
Ann Collins Duffy 
Michael Davit! Duni 

* Elaine Turczyk Edelstein 
Elaine Carol Ehst 
Susan Eileen Eisen 
Amy Ellenberg 

Fran Miehele Ellman 
Cecilia Anne Englert 
Xancy Sue Epstein 
Linda Locke Erbe 

* Vicki Lynne Epstein 
Barbara RiisShi[)herd Evans 
Teresii Ann Evans 

Cher>l Lynn Faber 
Martha Laurel Fay 
Susan Marcia Feinblatt 
Ruth Regina 

Kathleen Anne Finnerty 
Carl Joseph Fishcer 
Sheree Lynn Fischetti 
John Joseph Fotzgerald 
Brenda Clodfelter Fogle 
Audrey Ann Frederick 
Angela Gay Frosio 
Angelica Aleta Gabor 
Donald Garrett 
Elena Rose Gauzza 
Beth Elaine Gelrud 
Susan Allison Gibson 
Barbara Maclntyre Gillespie 
Stephanie Ann Glasgow 
Jill Ann Closer 

X'alerie Maria Glover 
Roberta DebraGoff 
Rhonda Elaine Gordon 
tGwen Gradia 
Karen Joyce Gravitz 
Bennie Wade Green 
Jodinc Joy Greenberg 
Alice Gorin Ground 
Ernesto Sanianiego 

Barbara Diane Haines 
Elizabeth Jean Hamilton 
Cynthia Ann Haney 
Martha Ann Hanlon 
Jern.- Wayne Harkcy 
Diane Loraine Harris 
Jewel Denise Harrison 
* Arlene Virginia Hawkins 
Marie DeSimone Head 
Jorctta Ann Headlee 
Amanda Kay Heatherley 
Richard IraJIecht 
Marilyn Susan Helock 
John Patrick Hencke 
Richard Bruce Hewitt 
tLeslie Ann Hirschfeld 
Rachacl Irene Hoeckner 
Sharon Gail Hoffman 
Susan Xewell Holland 
Karen Marie Hollaway 
Marci Horey 
Jane Men,-1 Horton 
Joseph Drew Howell 
Janet Celeste Howerton 
Judith Eleanor Pindell 

How ton 
Barbara Vistula Toole 

Marv' Amanda Hudson 
Robert Louis Hunt 
Cynthia Claire Hutchins 
Rayma Lou Hyatt 
Kathryn Lorene Ives 
Michael William Jacobson 
Karen Elaine Jaschik 
MarA-Joallen Jenkins 
James William Johns 
Janis Anne Johnson 
* Kathryn Johnson 
Marilyn Brina JoUes 
Timothy CraigJordan 
Rickie Kadet 
Barbara Maria Kahla 
Gabriele Anna Kamelak 
Deborah Judith Kamerow 
Shelley Diane Kaplan 
Karen Anne Keho 

* Wanda Kellum 
Sandra Leah Kennedy 
Stella Marie Kennedy 
Carol Sue Kessler 
Michael Lee Kinzie 
Carla Elizabeth Knapp 
Man,- Kathr>ii Kohler 
Margie Susan Kohn 
Sharn,- Kravitz 
Ilene Rochellc Krieger 
Lynn Lillian Lambdin 
Kenneth Eugene Lambert 
Angela Marie Barletta 

Barbara Jean Lear 
Lida Lcdcrman 
Xell Ann Levay 
Shen,-1 Levin 

Man.- Catherine Liberatore 
Alisa Lynn Liebowitz 
Xt)raJ. Linstrom 
Deborah Joan Loeffler 
* Margaret Anne Mahaney 
Paula Joan MaksymchcKk 
Julie Claire Malcolm 
Richard Warren Marquart 
Denise Ann Marshall 
Robert Joseph Mar>'man 
Lynette Mastro 
Joyce Diane Mattison 
John Oliver Mazcko 
Patricia McAdoo 
Deborah Lynn McAllister 
Kathr>-n Lynn McCaffrey 
Miehele Mar},- MeCuen 
Diane Melocik 
David Michael Meltzer 
Carol Elaine Mercilliott 
* Anna Marie Merendino 
Barbara Anne Michels 
Margie Lee Miller 
Ellen Marsha Mintzer 
Pamela Ann Mixire 
Debra Ellen Morchower 
tRise Morgenstern 
Claudia Ann Morse 
Gale Suzanne Mundy 
Barbara Elizabeth Murray 
Jay Ronald Mutchler 
Donna Dixon Xeradka 
Donald Xelson Xewberry, Jr. 
Arleite Carol Xevvman 
John Augustine Xial 
Donald C. Xicholson 
Carla Ann Xordhoff 
Doris Marie Xorris 
Philip Ben Norwitz 

Bachelors 29 

Elisc Anne Niicci 
Ddiina Siisiin Xushauni 
Xiirccn Palricia O'Hricn 
Sharon E. O'Brien 
Sylvia Ann O'Dell 
Edward Robert Oklesson.Jr. 
Debra Cohen Olcr 
Susan Diane Little Orban 
Xancy Ann Parker 

*CynthiaJean Pearson 
Brendajanc Peck 
Sne A. Pendleton 
Pamela Ann Perazzoli 
William Johnston Pierson 
Anne Elizabeth Pitcaini 
Mareia Dey Powell 
Jaciinelyn Lee Powless 
Clarissa Marie Quaekenlmsh 
Linda Marie Kay 
Trieia Ann Ray 
Xancy Ellen Reed 
Linda Lee Reese 
Patricia Ann Reidy 
Dawn Eileen Reifsnyder 

*Diane Christine Reyno 
Marie Madalena Ricchiuti 
Slieri Esther Richman 
Barbara Louise Riordan 
Marie Ruben Rivas. Ill 
Edgar Ed uardo 

Rivas Miranda 
George William Robinstm 
Sharon Anne Rt)gcrs 
Lani Alyce Rome 

* Norma Susan Romero 
Susan Rosenberg 

+ Katherine Elizsbcth Roser 
Andrea Ross 
Cindy Rothfeder 
JanetSusan Rubin 
Xadine Clara Rudner 
Mar>- Carol Ruth 
Debra Lee Rysdyk 
Ellen May Sachs 
Jane Marsha Sacks 
Laurie Ellen Samuels 
Jcannette Kyoko Yamagata 

Charene Gail Scheepcr 
Paul Bart Schnitman 
Marcie B. Schiwlnick 

* I lolly Suzanne Schulten 
Dcmna Sheree Schwartz 
Jacob Samuel Sclar 
Marlcne Sclar 
Thomas Lee Seifert 

30 Bachelors 

Kathleen Marie Shine 
BarbaraJ. Shivery 
Andrea Belli Shtat man 
Slicryl Lynn Silverman 
Ellen Lee Singer 
David L. Sloan 
■•■Katliryii Susiui Smiih 
Steven Allen Siiiiih 
Susan M. Smith 
Ellen Susiiii Solomon 
Janice Suncrvillc 
Stephen Blake Sorrcll 
Mary Brigman Spiiiola 
X. Kimlnrrly Staiige 
Richard Lowell Stallcr 
Manila Sylvia Sieerc 
Xaoini Frances Sleiiiberg 
Carol Ann Stciiiingcr 
Mary Ellen Stevens 
*i Andrea Ruth St rock 
*!Siisaii Ann Sugariiiaii 
Susan Adclc Susko 
John Joseph Symborski 
Sharon Lee Szymanowski 
I )< iiina Marie Tafuri 
*Snsiui (kirvin Talkingion 
Myrtle Elisc Tanner 
Xancy Carol Tcnnani 
John Joseph Thaler. II 
Andrea Mary Thomas 
Mar>- Beth Thompson 
Siirah Ann Thompson 
Clier\l Kay Toalsttm 
Allison Meg Tucker 
Ann Louise Tudor 
Sally Xan Turner 
Ann Vaden 

Joana Dalia Vaiciulaitis 
Archibald Thomas 

van Xt)rden 
Tibor \'as 

Thomas Barn,- Vaughan, Jr. 
Mirjam Petronella Verdcl 
Marianne Verderosa 
Pamelajane Walker 
*Sharon K.. Walker 
Robert Wallis 

Xancy Elizabeth Waterfield 
Susan Gail Weber 
Michael Suzanne Weinstein 
Stella Weinzimer 
Stacey Lynn Wellens 
Susan Lynne Werner 
Omenda Bynum ^\^leeler 
Barbara Jane While 
David Craig WTiite, Jr. 
Patricia Lorraine WTiite 

Terrie Lynn White 
*Xora .\iin Wliitniorc 
David Guy Willard 
Susan Jean Windsor 
Tern,- B. Winston 
Carol .Ann Wissman 
Janei Ilene Wolovk 
Daniel Frank WchkI 
Kevin Cpton Wright 
Pamela Lee Wright 
Charles Edgar Yauch 
Cathy .\nn Young 
.loscpli Edmund Younge 
.Ian Marie Younkins 
Kalhy .\iiii /Cabchin 

Collcvjc 4»f IlllltlUII 

Candidatcs will be pre- 
sented by 

Dr..Iohn R. Beaton, Dean 
of the College 

Hachclor of Science 

.ludiih .Vbbadessii 

Miiidy Diane .\brams 

."^lercedcs Acevcdo 

RolK-rt Langley Almond, Jr. 

.lacquelyn Amorati 

Holcarin Helena Anthony 

Andrea.Fo .\mold 

Diane Lee .\rnold 

Delfina Art can 

Patricia Suzanne .\tliev 

Deborah Ruth Ball 
•Janet Helen Baltz 

Susan Canil Barber 

Donald Edward Baumgartner 

Shcr>l L. Bennett 

Susan Theresa Borra 

Tercsii Carmela Borzcllo 

Linda Sue Bowman 

Janet Marie Bradford 
+ Kathleen M. Bradley 

Lynn Ann Bradshaw 
* Karen Sue Braudes 

Richardjvevin Brooks 

Kristina Rosanne Bulik 

Mar>- Beth Butta 

Lorin Lee Callis 

Xancy Lynn Cameron 

William Maurice Campbell 

Shirley M.Cantrell 
+CIaudia Jean Carlson 

Marian Thompson Cochran 

Erica Cohen 
(Cynthia Llew Colvin 
Marc Gregory Comptcni 
•Suzanne Louise Connor 
Deborah Beth Courshon 
Diane ."^laric Covell 
Carol X'ardeman Cowic 
Robin DaveniK)rt 
Ivlizabcth E.xa Davis 
Joseph John DiCarlo.Jr. 
.Iinly Dillon 
Debra Irene Dodd 
Gail Eileen Dosik 
Claire Lee Do.\zon 
Cloriiida Marie Duiuie 
Gail Winifred Diinphy 
Roiiiii FeuerEmden 
Patricia .\Iary Erskiiic 
Rcgiiia .\iiiie Evans 
Roberta Lynn Evans 
Cynthia Chor-Kiu Fan 

SElizabcth Wilcox Farrell 
Carol Sue Feinberg 
Stuart Allen Feldmaii 
lUizabeth Mae FincUi 
Karen .\nn Freiman 
Susan Leslie F'unger 
Deborah Anne Garrison 
Robin Debra Gerber 
Mary Allen Germuth 

+ Patricia Anne Gibbons 
Xancy Elizabeth Ginters 
Deborah ParnessGittleson 
Wendy Sue Glass 
Xancy Jean Gorr 
Kimberly Ann Grabiner 
Barbara Ann Graham 
Sherr>Jean Gurien 
Lucinda Smith I lall 
Wendy S. Hamilton 
Karen Elizabeth Hanson 

§Xatalic Wood Hardison 
Joseph Raymond Hauf 
Jane Ellen Hausman 
Elizabeth Louise Havlik 
Lynda Sue Heise 
Ellen Rae Hershberger 
Thomas A. Hibbits 
Jenny Irene Higgins 
Leslie Ellen Hinebavigh 
Jacqueline Michelle Holland 
Elinore Jane Hoyt 
Robin Mareia Hughes 
Sandra Regina Irick 
Carol Taylor Irwin 

§ = Summa Cum Laude 
t = Magna Cum Laude 
* = Cum Laude 

Mary Catherine Ir^vin 
•Liiula Anitajackson 

Linda Lcc Jackson 

Gail Patriciajaffe 

Kathryn Ann. Jenkins 

Jeanne Elizahelh Jones 

Ellen Fran Kandell 

Ann Kapner 

Carolyn Kanfnuni 

Natalee Kaufman 

Debrajoy Kaufman n 

Sheril Eve Kern 

Linda Gail Klein 

Sara J. Lapidus 

Cynthia Laurieclla 
§Theresa Anne Lawrence 

Shirley Kay Lawver 

Beverly Michelle Lee 

Janet Marie Leonberger 

Herrict Susan Levy 

Lawrence I). Lewis 

Caryn Sue Lieberman 

* Robert Charles Lipnick 
Lenore Susan LiPuma 
Charlotte Sandra Litman 
Harry S. Liu 

Karren Cecilc Loeb 
Gloria \'arga Lucas 
Linda Ann Ludcmann 
M. Kathleen Mahone 
Eileen Virginia Maloney 

*Dcbra Jeanne Maness 
John Chester Marshall 
Denise Lynn Marucha 
Vanessa Ann Mason 
Mary Jo McDonough 
Marjorie Anne Mclntire 
Reginold La Kay Moore 
Evelyn Ling Moy 
Mary Ann Mraz 
Sally Ann Myers 
Teresa Marie Xawrot 
Michele K<jbin Nechamkin 
Laura G. Xewell 
Anne Elizabeth Nichols 

tMarv Louise Nichols 
Mary Sue Oakley 
Eileen Terese O'Lone 

* Maureen Theresa O'Rourkc 
Robert Bruce Owen 
Donna Kav Padgett 
Robert M.'Padula 

Jill Louise Parmelee 
Teresa Marie Pasquini 
Barbara Levin Peacock 

§ = Summa Cum Laude 
t = Magna Cum Laude 
• = Cum Laude 

Victoria Marie Perraut 

Carol Ann Pfau 

Rosemarie Sylvia Potoczny 

Stephen Hyde Raymond 

Mary Frances Reedy 

Jean Viney Reusing 

Janet Katherine Richardson 

Alitajoann Robinson 

Elizabeth A. Rollins 

Michele Carole Ro])ple 

Patricia Emily Ryan 

Antonettc Catherine Sablack 

Judith Ann Sass 

Lisa Jane Saulpaugh 

Linda Georgette Saunders 

Theresa Lynn Schumacher 

Nina Cheryl Schuman 
§Ann Elizabctli Sharps 

Karen Marcia Shaughnessy 

Joann Marv Sinianski 
tn.AUyn Smith 

Janet Elizabeth Smith 

Kay Newbrough Smith 

Sharon Ann Smith 

Joan Pamela Sobcl 

Lisa Lynnc Sonimers 

Susan Lin Sorte 

Cheryl Lynne Stanko 

Nancy Ho()c Stewart 

Linda Charlotte Stroup 

Janet Marie Stuntz 

Barbarajean Swartz 

Bruce Craig Swartz 

Charlotte Louise Swartz 

* Claire Lynn Tallcnt 
Sharon Lee Taylor 
Carolyn Elaine Thompson 
Gail Kae Thompson 
Katherine Carol Tifft 
Robin L.Tolkoff 

Mary Stuart Townes 
Arthur Ralph Trivers, Jr. 
Ann ChurTsao 
Alta Elizabeth Wallington 
*Elyse Faith Weber 

* Virginia Marie Wchrle 
Terri Lynn Weinslein 
Christine Ann White 
Gregorv' Scott Whitman 

tStephanie Ann Wiedel 
Joyce Terry Winters 
Deborah Ann Wolf 
Grace Wai Yee Wong 
Jane Melissa Worth 
Judy A. Zangardi 
Lauren DebraZeitlin 

Marymagdalene Yulitla 
§Claudia Diane Zent 
Rosemary Ann Zome 
Stephanie Anne Zukauskas 

Collct;e of Physical 
Recreation and 

Candidates will be pre- 
sented by 
Dr. Marvin Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

* Mary Patricia Abel 
Alayne Robin Abrahams 
Samuel Achtentuch 
Mercedesjoan Baumann 
Ellen Corinne Blaik 
Linda Lee Blankenship 
Barbara Ann Branthover 
Jabe Brazzle, III 
Kcndra Lane Buckel 
Mary Ellen Carruthers 
Albert Carey Caswell 
Elyse Ann Colt 

Vicki L. Grossman 
Barbara Marie Culbert 
Robert Thomas d'Angelo 
Doris Mary Donoghue 
Linda Murray Dragan 
Marsha Carol Finkelstein 
Marguerite Linda Fox 
Frederick Robert Frick.Jr. 

* Beth Gallagher 
Ellen Claire Gick 
Elyse Faye Goldsmith 
Steven Gordon 
Karen Elaine Goshin 
David Wayne Gray 
Edward Theodore Gurka, Jr. 
Diana Olymjiia I laikalis 
Mary Marshall Hallock 
Susan Potter Hendry 
Barriejean Hershkowitz 
Peter Anthony Hiebler 
Brenda Marie Hoelman 
Peggy Ann Hoffmann 

t Deborah Ann Jones 

Kevin Michael Kelly 

Robert Linn Kerth 
tDaniel James Keyes 

Jane Anne Kienker 

Melanie Ellen Kowal 
*Mar\- Kathleen Kuchta 
Alfred Russell Lallaync 
Dorothy Marie Leves<|ue 
Donald \'iclor Maccalluni 
Francine Dale Maites 
+ Susan Rita Maletic 
.James Alford March 
Ellen Elizalieih McCjowan 
K< iberta Anne Mead 
Margaret Anne Milloy 
Mary Louise Milloy 
Hal Bruce Morgan 
Glori Ann Muller 
Roger Philip Murray 
Christopher Provost Pceke 
Martha Hoffman Peeke 

Maryland Stale College first 
opened its doors to women In 
1916. By 1920 there were over 
20 eoeds on campus, and by 
1929 the number had passed 
300. They organized the 
Y.W.C..\., women's debate 
team, and women's government 
association and demanded 
membership in the Y.M.C.V., 
debate team, and student 
government association. 
Women's basketball, track, 
tennis, bowling, swimming, 
and hockey teams were formed, 
and their rifle team 
participated in intercollegiate 
matches throughout the I'niled 

Bachelors 31 

Can.K".. I'hclps 
( jiv^ory LaiKc Prichanl 
Stephen Pclcr Kadov 
Ellen Louise Kapp 
Denise Lorae Kowc 
Karen Elaine Sanders 
James Wilson Sehwali 
Dennis Lee Sirhaugh 
David SlierwcKKl Smith 
*All)eri kieliardSlarek 
Linda M. Swider 
Diane Lynn Tardy 
Miehael Stephen Taylor 
Marlene Kay Tissian 
Bniee Allan L'hlmaiin 
Daisy May Unverzagt 
Erie Paul Venit 
Pliili]) Ira Waganheim 
GaPi- Allan White 
Bonnie Lee Wilkinson 
Rebecca Ann Wright 
Maria Frances Zanelotti 

Collci^c »f 

Candidates will be pre- 
sented by 

Dr. Robert Beckmann, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

tjohn Robert Aberg 
Ramon George Abrainovieh 
Soji A. Adegbenro 
Davo(Kl Adili 
Mehdi Amin-Javaheri 
Timothy Francis Arnold 
Edward A. Axler 
Ronald Jeffrey Baum 
Gan,' Charles Beard 
William Alden Beckley 
David George Bcegle 
Curtis John Bchun 
Craig Lynn Beyler 
Miehaei Edward Bitzel 
Thomasjeffrey Boyd 
David Kirk Brobst 
Kenneth Edward Bush 

tTlnjinas Christopher Butash 
Dennis Jerome Carey 
William Julius Carlson 
Robert Edgar Carroll, Jr. 
Samuel Willis Carson, Jr. 
Xat Chiui-Xan Chang 
Alan Douglas Chiarito 

§Eric Roland Christensen 
♦Robert Benjamin Collidge 

Chris Alan (\illver 

Charles Kirk Cover 

David Laughren Crockett 

Patrick Gerard Cunningham 

Charles Mug-I h mg Dai 

Glenn Thomas Davis 

RichardJ. Deep 

Ismail Nazili Deif 

Thomas DePuy 

Robert Miehael Dore 

Gerald Patrick Dougherty 

William Jose])h Doyle 
tKeith Andrew Duerling 

Miehael Ivugene Dyson 

Dan East on 

Peter Waverly Edwards 

John Steven Eieke 

Rizwan I^lahi 

Jack Dean Fellows 

Steven Lee Ferguson 

Daniel James Fisher 

David Yule Fisher 

Garv Thomas Fisher 

Joel Burr Fowler, II 

Joseph William Fox 

Thomas Paul Gaske 

William Comrie (jibson, Jr. 

leffrey William Gilbert 

Liviu Goldenberg 

* David Barkev Grenier 
Glenn Irwin Grimes 
Stephen L. Guentner 
Conrad Paul Giuizelman 
Bruce Edward I lall 

J< in Frcflerick I lall 
Kenneth Delos Hall, Jr. 

*Warren Lee Hamilton 
Theodore Frederick Hammer 
Robert Hamilton Hannan 
Etigar Andrew Heath 

*Crew Sackett Ilcimcr 
Harold Dean Hicks, Jr. 

§Martin Hoffman 
Craig Robert Holdefer 
Fierbert C. Hopkins, III 
Christopher Leo Hovatter 

* Richard Alan Huntington 
Jeffrey Richard HiUchins 
Douglas Wayne Ingram 
Alfred Larr\- Iseminger, Jr. 
Raymond Francis Italia 
Dennis Charles James 
Edward Paul Jaxtheimer 
Robert Charles Jordan 
Steven Benjamin Katz 

Gary Henry Keller 
Kevin K. Kendryna 
Christopher Karl Kerchncr 
David Perry Klein 
Brian Leslie King 
Robert Michael Kui)e 
\'ijay Ram Kulkarni 
Barry Edward Larkin 
Donald Warren Lechthaler 
Charles Siew-Lcng Leong 
Don Levin 
Alan Josc])!] Libby 
David Ronald Light 
Rol)in Darreil LiM)ney 
John Alfonso Marano 

SDavid Charles Mascone 
Ernest Ludlow Maieer 
Craig lidward Matter 
Stephen Michael McBride 
Gregory Thomas McBrien 
Ralpit Guy McManus, Jr. 
Donald Gircgorv McMican 
John Pfeifle McQuade 
R(Kiney Alan Meyers 
James .\lbcrt Milke 
John Aubrey Moeller 
Lanny Francis Moffett 
Paul Rodney Monday, Jr. 

••■Jan M(K)ssazadeh 
Robert Clark Myers 
Douglas R. Nelson 
Miehael K. Xg 
John Jeremiah O'Connor 
Joseph ( )ktela 
Aluisio Cesar De Oliveira 

Mitchell Alan Polt 
William Harold Prekker 
Steven Walter Prince 
Ernest E. Quintin 
Stephan Phillip Rabai 
Richard Paul Rcekert 
William Michael Roberts 
Garv- Wayne Rohrer 
Thomas Kirk Ross 

'Howard Eric Saltzman 
Daniel Lee Schierer 
Stanley Rudolph 
Todd LoringSchuman 
Karl Wesley Seckel 
Steven Douglas Sharar 
Gregor\- T. Shea 
Raymond Allan Shilinski 
Ricky Lee Sizemore 
Mark Stephen Spotz 
Carroll Lee Slang 

Jeffrey Lynn Steam 
Th( inias I Ian )ld Stcngle 
Martin Francis Sterba 
Richard 1 iamilton 

Stewart. 11 
Pierre Stoermer 
Roman '/.. Stolinski 
Ibrahima Sylla 

*Paul Anthony Taltavull 
Robert L. Thing, Jr. 
Robert luirleToense 
Mark .\lan Turnbidl 
John Meredith \'an Etlen 
lohn limothv X'iolctl 
Leslie Lee Walkcr.Jr. 
Curtis Ray Watson, Jr. 
Louis Matthew Wicklein 
Christoi)her ( )wen Williams 
Dale Garv Wolfe 

+ SheldoniraWolk 
Stephen Francis Wo<k1 
William Alexander Wo<Hi 
Kai Fay Yee 

George E<lwin Young, III 
K( " in ish Zargan iff 
Steven .Xelson Zariman 



.\\ I lu turn of the century 
mechanical engineering 
students still studied 
blacksmlthlng and carpentry, 
and engineering courses were 
disguised under the names of 
"rural roadbulldlng."'"farm 
drainage," and "farm 

§ = Summa Cum Laude 
t = Magna Cum Laude 
* = Cum Laude 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Ent$ineerini| 

Candidates will be pre- 
sented by 

Dr. Joseph Marchello, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Nafsika Angcloy Aravanis 
Paul Thomas narhcTa.Jr. 
Tlionias Louis [?ailh 
Daniel (jiislav I51uni 
Charles Andrew Hoznian 
John W. Brett 
William Briekcnstcin 
Joseph Edward Bryl 

* Peter Francis Burns 
Timothy Lynn Cannon 
Al)l)ie Susan Carliner 
Carl Siijfrid Carlson 
James Nieliolas Cianos, Jr. 
Lura-Lee Colteryahn 
James EwintiCottrell, III 
Stephen William Daly 
Jack Warren Davidoff 
Charles Steven Davidson 
Davidjeffrey Deutseh 
Gary Sheldon Drake 

* Dennis Keith Duke 
James Ray Everitt, Jr. 
Katherinc Louise Farmer 

§Leif Hari Finkel 
Marianne Teresa Finzel 
Matthew Ira Fisher 
Philip Louis Friess 
Dale Stanford Gahersek 
Dean Stanton Gahersek 
Stephen Paul Galfond 

tjohn Frederick Gamache 
Lynne Watkins Garten 

tKathryn Rose Goldberg 
Patrick J. Goiigh 
LconardJ. Green, Jr. 
George Blair Hankins, Jr. 
Mark David Hcilman 
Gary Edward I lorne 
Niche)las Charles I lors-ath 
Michael Joseph Hradsky 
Gary Michael Husack 

* Charles John Jackl in, Jr. 

* Robert By n >n J( )hns( )n , Jr. 
Delorisjeane Joseph 

§ = SummaCum Laude 
t = Magna Cum Laude 
' = Cum Laude 

William John Kennedy 
Thomas Andrew Kessler 
Barbara Ann Lambird 
Derek Christoiihcr Lang 
Sin I L Lee 
Robert Carlton Licht 
Joseph Lee Loiacono 
Donald A. Loomis 

*, John Jefferson Looney 
Cheryl S. Louie 
Janet Lee Louie 
Russell Carroll Lynch, Jr. 
Stephen R. Magill 
Lorraine Jan Malczewski 
Bruce Christopher Manas 
Stephen Exley Mann 
Ilovik Mardirossian 
Sheryl A. Masiello 
James Gordon Mcnke 
John Leo Michaloski 
Wayne Archer Minnin 
Mihran Miranian 
Teresa Marie Myers 
Thomas Theodore Xorthroj) 
Sean Gerard ( )'Brien 

+ SeogIIwan ( )h 
Thomas I). Pace 
Drapher Adholtz Pagan 
Robert Alan Parker 
Gary J. I^asewark 
James Llovd Pennington, Jr. 
William Harold Prekker 

* Wayne David Robinson 
Liician Marian Sadowski 
Gilbert Daniel Sansbury 
Alan Louis Scheinine 
Michael David Schieiner 
Tamara Ann Shapiro 
Davy Hs lao-Wei Shian 
Daniel Edward Shoemaker 
Bernard P. Simon 
Bernard P. Simon 
Mark Stephen Spotz 
Richard Francis Stein 

§ Katharine Louise Stephens 

tGary Calvin Strobcl 
William Armour Struthers 
Richard Wayne Swartz 
Kathryn Patricia Szoka 
John Robert Wallington 
Nancy Dees Watson 
Thomas Glenn Whisenand 
John Joseph Wickliffe, III 
Michael Joseph Wilke 
Mark E. Wilson 
Robert George Woolley 
Pamela Anita Yakely 
Kai Fav Yee 


Candidates will be pre- 
sented by 

Dr. Robert Shoenberg, 
Administrative Dean, 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General 

Allan Paul Amernick 
Richard Emile Edmcmd 

Kathryn Tyndall Barker 
Elizabeth Ann Bavcly 
Alan Duff Bloomingdale 
Deryl Mark Bowie 

* Harriet L. Breitbart 
Robert Charles Brenton 
Constance Lucille 

Cam pane Ha 
Bruce Alan Carter 
Mariana de Lourdes Castro 
Mark Steven Chaikin 
Stephen Michael Clark 
EricM. Cohen 

* Isabel Margaret Commiskey 
Robert Allan Conlon 

* Holly Faith Croyl 
Robert Joseph Deal, Jr. 
Cornelius F. Donahue, III 
Christopher Mark Doyle 
Pamelajean Doyle 
Gloria Sara Eiseman 
Curtis Harold Frambes, Jr. 
Patricia Ann 

Geri Anne Gelbcr 
Ann Marie Genovese 
Therese Marie Gott 
Gary Jon Gracie 
Janet Lynn Granger 
Lee Bernard Green 
James Richard Grigalunas 
Kenneth Edward Grisso 
Elizabeth Ann Gutwald 
Wallace Ives Gwinn 
James Alan Handy 
Catherine Ann Harman 
Marsha Ann Brown Hill 
Richard Wade Hosier 
Paul David Howard 
Edward Scott Jaffe 
Wayne Jearld 
Deejae R.Johnson 
Michael Paul Johnson 
Edward Michael Karsh 

Jane M. Keenan 

Stephanie Anne Kimball 

Benjamin Kinard 

Jan Lynn Krajovic 

Michael S. Larmer 

John Edward Lash 

Stephen Paul Lejko, Jr. 

Jeffrey Clark Levine 

Richard Kenneth Loebelson 

Joyce Elizabeth Mathes 

Eloise Klein McBrier 

Kathleen Marie McCarthy 

Frederick Adams 
McLaughlin, III 

Donald Vincent Miller 

Brian B, Misler 

David L. Montgomery 

Deborah Jean Morauer 

Mary Amanda Norton 

Colleen Margaret Ponton 
*Nina Robin Pulver 

Michael Joseph Rittmeyer 

Evan Justin Rosenberg 

Robert Lee Ruthrauff 

Rosanne Ruvolo 

Francis Joseph San Fellipo 

Linda Carol Schechter 

Donald John Selkirk 

Judith Cheryl Silverman 

Diane Harriet Smith 

Steven Robert Smith 

Rol)ert L. Snyder 

Alberto Soto, Jr. 

Donna Leslie Squires 

Philip Dcjnald Steere 

James Scott Stver 

William A. Tully 

John James Vesce 

David G. Visaggio 
tPatricia R. Wallgren 
tEIlen Rae Waxman 
§ Alexa Faith Wells 

Richard Norman Weyel 

Maggie L. Wheeler 
* Marion K. Zeiger 

Bachelor of Arts 

Sheryl Joan Cohen 
James M. Freeburger 
Jeremy Levine 
Laurie Ellen Mishkin 
Elaine Maria Rey 
Lillian M.Somner 

Bac helor of Science 

§Robert Bruce Lederer 
John Morton Ol man 

Baciielors 33 

Collcf^eof Arts 
an<l Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Marc Lawrence Averbaeli 

William C. Belcher 

Michael. Joseph Brcslin 

Susan Mary Castillo 

John Edwin Coffey 

Robert Lee Dulaney, III 

James Quinkcr Dunsmoor 

William Steven Eckland 
*MarvJoan Frost 

Charles All)crt Iluahes. Ill 

Alan Joseph Iluguley 

Virginia Ann Keany 

Erie 'Conrad Kovacic 

Davidjohn La,Iuett 

John Robert Lopez, Jr. 

Marilyn Jewell Marcos 

Ana Maria Cionzalez 
de Mendoza 

Mercedes ( i< )nzalez 
(ie Mendoza 
tTh(mias William Millet IV 

Mar>- Ann Moffett 

Marion Louise Morgan 

lohn Edward Pluhowski 

William Alfre.lRingJr. 

Thomas Koddam 

Elizabeth Merchant Scalzone 
* David IraSchlesbcrg 

Ernest Jacques Triplctt 

Mary Jo Wilson 

Ralph Lewis Wotnien 

Bachelor of Science 

Mark Richard Albert 

Zoltan Ambrus 

Michael Edwin Belby 

Gary Steven Bert 
+ Morris Isaac Bierman 
*D. Donovan Dietrick, Jr. 

Robert Lee Dulaney, III 

Marsha Anne Hasson 

Stephen Charles Kloeh 

Howard Paul Sathre 

David Lloyd Strauss 

Norma Marie Zuckerman 

Collct|c of Business 
and Public 

Bachelor of Science 

Frantz-Robert Ernsl lirea 
SLinda Sue ("rouse 
William. lohn Deoudes 
Clifton Stephen Desmond 
Bruce Ilultslander 
.^larianne Kantor 
.\ndrew Phillip Klein 
.John Warren Smith, III 

The following names 
were omitted from the 
December 21,1 975 Com- 
mencement Program 

Collet^e of Art.s and 

Bachelor of Arts 

Claude Frank BordcUm 
Charles George Schueller 

Bachelor of Science 

Sharon .\Iarie Curtis 
Jason Stewart Feit 

College of Business 
and Public 

Bachelor of Science 

Teresita L. Saavedra 
Alexander F. Sabur 


Richard E. E. Antaya 
Thomas L. Barth 
Michael M.J. Diet vorst 
Michael L. Games 
John Kotch 
Robert H. Krause 
Walters. Mitchell 
Ralph R.Olson 
Ronald J. Popola 
Alexander Schneider, II 
Daniel E. Shoemaker 
Christopher O. Williams 
Jesse L.Wright, Jr. 

In 1900. 40 years after 
.Maryland Agricultural College 
offered what was probably 
the first entomology course in 
America, Thomas B. Symons 
(second from left) was among 
the entomology students of 
Willis G.Johnson. Symons 
went on to serve as Dean of 
Agriculture and filled the 
position of University 
President between the 
administrations of Harry C. 
Bvrd and Wilson H. Elkins. 

34 Bachelors/Commissions 

Surama Cum Laude 
Magna Cum Laude 
Cum Laude 

Candidates for bachelor's 
degrees who have earned 
honors for scholarship upon 
graduation are indicated in 
the alphabetical listings by 
Division or College. To be 
eligible for consideration for 
such honors a candidate 
must meet the following 
general critera: ( 1 ) have com- 
pleted two years of work at 
the University of Maryland 
(60 semester hours) and (2) 
have a scholastic average of 
B (Grade Point Average of 
3.000) or higher in I'niver- 
sity of Maryland work prior 
to the last semester of regi- 
stration before award of the 

Mav 1976 candidates who 
meet these criteria arc 
shown in the alphabetical 
lists as qualifying, upon 
graduation, for the designa- 
tions "Surama Cum Laudc" 
if they ranked in the top two 
per cent of the candidates in 
their respective Colleges or 
Divisions; "Magna Cum 
Laude", if in the next three 
per cent; or "Cum Laude", 
if in the next five per cent. 

General Honors 

Daniel Gustav Blum 
Pamela Anne Bresnahan 
Judith Christine Bro 
Robert Bruce Lcderer 
Tamara Ann Shapiro 
Elizabeth Elster Wack 


With High Honors in 

Karen M. Becker 
Brian David Crawford 

With High Honors in 

Richard Allen Diamond 
Richard Mark Scheer 

With High Honors in 

Phyllis Sue Podolsky 

With High Honors in 
Government and Politics 

Bruce Paige Martin 

With High Honors in 

Thomas Paul Slaughter 

With High Honors in 

Constance Louise Cepko 
Lawrence Milton Mallorj- 
Dawn Elaine Smilek 

With High Honors in 

Leif Hari Finkel 
Seog Hwan Oh 
Wayne David Robinson 

With High Honors in 
Speech and Dramatic Art 

Denise Ader Andrews 

With Honors in 

Mark Richard Albert 
William Charles Wallace 

With Honors in 

Ronald Lee Schwartz 

With Honors in English 

Katherinc Suzanne Clements 
Maxinejoy Martell 
Barbara Beth Schulman 
Lenore Kay Strakowsky 
Kenney Katherine Unsworth 

With Honors in Gover- 
ment and Politics 

Jeffrey Frank Addicott 
Susan I lelen Gunn 
Karen Jean Kucera 

With Honors in History 

John Kenneth Gardner 
John Jefferson Looney 
Dana I ladley Perrone 

With Honors in Mathe- 

Robert Byron Johnson, Jr. 

With Honors in Physics 

William Brickcnstcin 
John Frederick Gamachc 

* *Robert Tadlock Park 

With Honors in Psy- 

* * Georgia Tze-Ying Chao 

James Andrew Lipton 
Elizabeth Risen Luke 
Joseph Piven 

* * Sandra Beth Mitzner 

With Honors in Speech 
and Dramatic Art 

Ivy Lynn Shcffler 

With Honors in Textiles 
and Consumer Eco- 

Jacquelyn Amorati 
Debra Jeanne Maness 
Denise Lynn Marucha 
Virginia Marie Wehrle 
Jane Melissa Worth 

* * Carol Elizabeth Yopconka 


With Honors in Zoology 

Paul M. Larsen 
•Michael Maria Jacobus 

• 'Graduated December 21, 

Scholarship Honors and 
Honor Societies 35 


Mortar Board 

(The National senior honor 
society for women, recogniz- 
ing service, leadership and 

Patricia .\lnisi 
Mar\- Baldini 
DelK.rah Ball 
Laura Boggess 
Pamela Bresnahan 
Mat tie Br(K)ks 
Constance Cepko 
Lorie Chait 
Marilyn Feuehs 
Patricia Giblxms 
Mar>- K. Kuchia 
Perri Laverson 
Susan Lee 
Therese Leeke 
Harriet Levy 
Sharon Light 
Susan Lowenthal 
Ellen Mintzer 
Lenore Strakowsky 
Helen Jean Takle 
Rebecca Wright 


Anne M. Behneman 
Carol E. Blinder 
Robcna L. Boykoff 
Megan C.Jones 
Donna L. Leppo 
TrinitaC. Robinson 
Brian J. Scott 
Jill K. Weinstein 


Jayne Alenier 
Gayle Andrews 
Daniel Arrington 
Donald Armstrong 
Mark Case Brigham 
Gerald S. Bunn 
James Bums 
Bonita Conard 
Nancy Ann Dunn 
Stephen L. Durham 
Joseph Dymek 
Edward J. Forman 

Thomas Gilbert 
Mary Goddard 
Tliomas Ht)llenshade 
Cheryl Irish 
Sherman W. Jack 
Judith King 
Francine Koplin 
Marilyn Kostolich 
John Lydon 

Christopher L. Martineau 
.\llicrt Ross McCausland 
ElizalK'th M<)<ire 
Jeff rev .\Ivers 
Michael Philliiw 
Walter C.Plachta 
Laura B. Raymond 
Dale Rulxrnstein 
Mary Sehaefer 
Celeste M. Scire 
Tliomas Szczepkowski 
Pat Shanklin 
Elizalx'th Si>ear 
Mark Townsend 
Helen J. Takle 
Jody Wallace 
Samuel Whelan 


(National scholastic and pro- 
fessional honorary frater- 
nity in accounting. Members 
elected on the basis of excel- 
lence in scholarship and 
service from junior and 
senior students majoring in 
accounting in the College of 
Business and Management.) 

August 1975 
Barr}.- E. Gar\-in 

December 1975 
Norman R. Ifcwden 
Joel A. Cohen 
Robert Eckenroth 
Frank G. Edwards III 
Dianne M. Farrington 
Jean H. Hudson 
Roben T. Kern 
Glenn >L Lohrmann 
Mujtaba M. Mirza 
Gary C. Moncarz 
Brian J. Morrison 
MichaelJ. Mosimann 
Edward P. Rudden 
Jacqueline A. Shaw 

Gerald F. Stuart 
Eniesi L. Willanilll 
Georgctta.X. Zanardclli 
Charles L. /Cink.Jr. 

May 1976 

Gary L. Attman 

Stuart L. Bl<H>ni 

Glenn E. Bovlc 

Mary E. Buckley 

Bruce .\. Burton 

Rolxrrt V. Chioini 

Linda S. Crousc 

Clifton S. Desmond 

Kenneth A. Dobson 
James M. Dougherty. Jr. 

Alan R. Einhoni 

Christine K. Faschini 

Lawrence E. Feldman 
Janet F. Fcrrcll 

Allx-rt T. Finnell.Jr. 

Michael B. Glucksteni 

Mark S. Gutcntag 

Karen H. Hack 

Susan G. Ilartcr 
James R. Hccht 
JohnW. Hill. Jr. 
Jan E. 1 lutcli 

RitaS. Jacoby 

Dean C.Johnson 

Patricia .\. Johnston 
Christl M. Ka.sler 
Timothy P. Kruzic 
Ann Lee 

Meryl H. Lomlxird 
William L<M)mis 
Tliomas G. Magnani 
Charles E. .^lannion 
Patricia .\. McMahon 
Franklin C. Mover 
Vivian H. Rongved 
Julian I. Rosenl)crg 
Mary E. Sagcr 
Marc R. Schneebaum 
Amy E. Seidel 
Neal A. Shear 
Christopher P. Sintetos 
James T. Smith 
Jennifer R. Sterling 
Gail B. Sumter 
William C. Swanner. Jr. 
Kevin .\. Timkin 
SandraJ. Tucker 
Charles L. L'nderwood, Jr. 
David C.Volz 
Penelope A. Ward 
Roberta A. Young 

36 Honor Societies 


(National scholastic honor- 
ary in business administra- 
tion. I'ndcrgradnatc mem- 
bers elected from students 
ranking in the upper five 
percent of their junior class 
or the upper ten percent of 
their senior class in the Col- 
lege of Business and Manage- 

Undergraduate Students: 

Augiisi 1975 Gradtiates: 
Thoinasj. Stiller 

December 1975 Graduates: 

Enrique x\velcyra 

Shirley Devaris 

Frank G. Edwards 

Nancy E. Hynes 

Robert Kern 

Jack D. Larson 

Dennis G. Malcomson 


Gary C. Monearz 

Brian J. Morrison 

Jane C. Walder 

Ernest L. Willard 

Dale O. Wineholt 

May 1976 Graduates: 
Gar\' Attman 
Alan Beckc 
Stuart Lee Bloom 
Linda Grouse 
Kenneth Dobson 
Christine Faschini 
Linda Joy Flame 
Mark S. Gutentag 
Karen H. Hack 
Timothy J. Hofman 
Jan E. Hutch 
Dean Johnson 
Mare Levin 
Stephen Mielke 
Gary A. Prince 
Vivian H. Rongved 
Amy E. Seidel 
Neal Shear 
Gail B. Sumter 
William Swanner 
Janice Ullman 
Roberta Young 

Graduate Students: 
August 1975 Graduates: 
Kenneth L. Kraft 

December 1975 Graduates: 

Bettv H. Gav 
Michael F. McGee 
Eleanor G. Wilson 

May 1976 Graduates: 
William Campbell 
Frank L. Franzak 
Donald S. Garvett 
Ellen P. Mvcrberg 
Helena S. Poist 
Carlton R. Sherman 
Anthony H. Stupi 


Chris A. Collver 
Gerald P. Daugherty 
Robert M. Dore 
Keith A. Duerling 
JackD. Fellows 
Daniel J. Fisher 
William C. Gibson, Jr. 
Bruce E. Hall 
Warren L. Hamilton 
Crew S. Heimer 
Christopher L. Hovatter 
Jeffrey R. Hutchins 
Stephen M. McBride 
Donald G. McMican 
John A. Moeller 
Jan Moossazadeh 
Daniel L. Schierer 
George E. Young III 


(Honor Society of Hebrew 
Language and Culture) 

Alysa Dortort 
Gloria Eiseman 
Risa Feingold 
Janet Goldblatt 
Alice Kahm 
Jodi Kassin 
Debra Kotelchuck 
Terri Papiermeister 
Debbie Schwartz 


Barbara Bennett 
Karla Berg 

Karen Bigman 
Michele Blaustein 
Rose Branse 
Jo Ann Buccy 
Lorie Chait 
Alice Culman 
Susan Donnell 
Fran Ellman 
Cecilia Englert 
Nancy Epstein 
Vieki Epstein 
Susan Feinblatt 
Angelica A. Gabor 
Martha Hanlon 
Leslie Hirschfeld 
Sharon Hoffman 
Mark Hubble 
Deborah Kamerow 
Carla Knapp 
Sharry Kravitz 
Ilene Krieger 
Laur>' Lear 
Lida Lederman 
Sheryl Levin 
Alisa Liebowitz 
Barbara Michels 
Ellen Mintzer 
Rise Morgenstem 
Steven Parker 
Nancy Peskin 
Clarissa Quackenbush 
Dawn Reifsnyder 
Debra Rysdyk 
Charene Scheeper 
Donna Schwartz 
Marlene Sclar 
Steven Smith 
Ellen Solomon 
Stephen Sorrell 
Susan Sugarman 
Claire Tallent 
Nancy Tennant 
Allison Tucker 
Ann Tudor 
Archibald van Norden 
Mirjam Verdel 
Sharon Walker 
Nancy Waterfield 
Stella Weinzimer 
Stacey Wellens 
Susan Windsor 
Terry Winston 
Carol Wissman 
Janet Wolock 
Kathy Zabchin 
Annette Zimmem 


(Journalism Honor Society) 


Joan Elizabeth Rodgers 
Linda Anne Ervin 
Gae Elizabeth Morris 
Janice Mary Flynn 
James Alan Crisci 
Frances Miriam Hromulak 
Dorothy Woodward Parlett 
Richard Bennett Schmitt 
DelKirah Ann Ruth 
Michael Patrick Dugan 


Gai Louise SmNthe 
Vincent Lowry Rinehart 
George Everette Brandon 
John Martin Bebris 
Helaine Robin Suval 
Diane Ruth Meyers 
Charles Eugene Bracken 
Pamela Sue Belcher 
David Austin Simison 
Ricki Delaine Waters 
Howard Alan Janet 
Patrick W. Breslin 
Stephanie Ann Verdin 
Stewart Carlisle Gosney 
Margaret G. Kolius 
Robin Page West 
Allen Nathan Dixon III 


(Physical Education, Recrea- 
tioii and Health Honor So- 

Graduate Students 
Stephen Carl Anderson 
Undergraduate Students 
Susan Lynn Abrams 
Margaret G. Butler 
Sharon Lucille Cain 
Marj^ Ellen Carruthers 
Mar>- L. Douglas 
Doris M. Donoghue 
Steven B. Feldman 
Ayne F. Furman 
Robert I. Harris 
Vicky L. Kinney 

Honor Societies 37 

Joel Leslie Klipp 
Virginia M. Lo 
Q)llecn M. b>velett 
Deborah Ann Luongo 
Delx)rahjean Nelson 
Stephen Robert Orwig 
CynlhiaK. Peatross 
Martin Dawson I'eatross 
Rcgina Maria Perrotta 
Ellen Louise Kapp 
Sidney A. Spcetor 
Florence M. Sullivan 
Bonnie L. Wilkinson 


(Gamma Chapter) 

Elected as Juniors 

Patrieia A. Bradley 

Harriet L. Cohen 

Bonita L. Cnllison 

Elaine R. Fors 

Brian C. Lemer 

John J. Looney 

Meredith 01ds(grad. Aug. 


Donald A. Pickering 

Phyllis S.Podolsky 

John C. Schmidt 

Anna C. Smolen 

Gail Stotsky 

Jennifer Trapp 

Barbara T. Tronibka 

Elected as Seniors 

Wendy Aaronson 

Patrieia Ann Aluisi 

Paul Norman Anderson (grad. 

Dec. 1975) 

Mark Benjamin Arev (grad. 

Dec. 1975) 

Dorothy Pfluger Armstrong 

(grad. Dec. 1975) 

Mila Avramovic 

Carl D. B. Banner 

Susan Gitelle Baron (grad. 

Aug. 1975) 

William Bellet 

Gail Berman 

Kim Ann Bernhardt 

Lisa Bilik (grad. Aug. 1975) 

Annmarie Patricia Blaney 

Janette M. Bloom 

David Michael Bozicevich 

Pamela Anne Bresnahan 

Judith Christine Bro 

Arlene Phyllis Burd 
Stephen Crandall Bulterfield 
(grad. Aug. 1975) 
Judy Ching-Huei Chang 
Josette Francoise 

Chalimond Clark 
William E. Connelly (grad. 
Aug. 1975) 

James Raymand Council, Jr. 
Sandra Carol Cranford Crouse 
Marie D'Aguanno 
Michael Maria Jacobus Diet- 
vorst (grad. Dec. 1975) 
Thomas Michael Dietz 
Katherine Elizabeth Douglass 
Elissa Inez Gease Druckcr 
Paul Edward Driscoll 
Chirstopher Francis 

Maureen L. Durkin(grad. 
Dec. 1975) 
Dorettc S. Feit 
Thomas Owen Field, Jr. 
Marilyn Gail Frieman (grad. 
Dec. 1975) 

John Frederick Gamache 
Amy Galli Garland (grad. Dec. 

Grace Kay Gelletly 
Kathryn Rose Goldberg 
Susan R. Golding 
Samuel Oliver Grimm III 
Norman Joel Gross 
Roberta Susan Grossman 
(grad. Dec. 1975) 
Stephen Harold Hamburg 
(grad. Dec. 1975) 
Margaret Eileen Harmsen 
(grad. Dec. 1975) 
Christopher Lee Hencke 
Kay Celia Hoffman 
Michael Joseph Hoffman 
Karen Marie Hundemer 
Charles John Jaeklin, Jr. 
Abigail Faith Kaufman 
Jonathatt IvesKipnis 
Christine Lynn Kirkwood 
Marc Robert Kivitz 
Thomas Martin Lawson 
Charles Edward Lee 
Laura Katrina Leizear 
Michael Benjamin Lichten- 
stein(grad. Dec. 1975) 
Julia Lake Loughridge (grad. 
Aug. 1975) 
Elizabeth Risen Luke 
Teri Ann Manolio 

Lawrence Calvert Marquess, 


Arlene Teresa Mayol-Silva 

Patrick Carrel McGrath 

James Patrick McKenna 

Seog Hwan Oh 

Patricia Ann O'Ncil 

David Ira Otto 

Marcia Mae Pargament 

Jeffrey Michael Pilchman 

Joseph Pivcn 

Wendy Buckler Powell 

William Jonathan Prat her 

lav (lary Prensky (grad. Aug. 


Anne Tliercsa Quinlan (grad. 

Aug. 1975) 

Paula Ruth Rabt) 

Elfrieda Mueller Riley 

Howard Jay Rosenstock (grad. 

Dec. 1975) 

Alvinjcrome Rottman 

Ruth E. Schena(grad. Dec. 


David Ira Schlosberg 

Annjanet Shalowitz 

Dcbra Gail Shalowitz (grad. 

Dec. 1975) 

Tamara Ann Shapiro 

Ann Regina Smith (grad. Aug. 


Alwyn Frederick Solomon 

Katharine Louise Stephens 

Ben Stuart Stombler 

Sandra Lois Thompson 

Joan Carol Torokhanian 

Tina Marie Tringali 

Paul Adrian Turner (grad. 

Dec. 1975) 

Kcnney Katherine Unsworth 

Nancy Rita Walter 

Ellen Rae Waxman 

Alexa Faith Wells 

John Milton Williams (grad. 

Dec. 1975) 

Bruce Edward Wilson 

Elizabeth Ann Wolf 

Lucy Moore Wyatt 

Donna Lucille Yukna 


(International Honor Society 
In History) 

DebraJ. Aven 
Oscar E. Booth 
Veta V. Boothe 

Pamela A. Bresnahan 
Richard D. Caplan 
Mark S. Cohen 
Thomas M. Dietz 
Sally M. Foster 
Laurie A. Hanley 
Eric W. Kramer 
Andrea M. Lister 
JohnJ. L<M)ncy 
Thomas C. Quinn 
Charles J. Orlowek 
Larry G. Rubendall 
David I. Schlosberg 
Thomas P. Slaughter 
Stephen P. Smigosky 
William J. Thomas 


December 1975 Initiates 

Wendy Aaronson 

Robin'W. Abel 

Jeffrey Frank Addicott 

Reajoan Aefsky 

June Susan Ailin 

Emmanuel Abiodun Alayande 

Mark Richard AlVicrt 

Lfniis Phillip Albrecht 

Areve Brachman Alexander 

Denise L. Almond 

Patricia Ann Aluisi 

Kenneth Stanley Anderson 

Paul N. Anderson 

Judith Oak Andraka 

Michael Robert Ansher 

Alan Haymaker Anthony, Jr. 

Robert B. Armbruster 

William W. Austin 

Debbie Aven 

John Winston Bailey 

Ruth Anne Balcom 

Mary Margaret Baldini 

John Joseph Ballantine 

Janet H. Baltz 

William A. Barr, Jr. 

Karen Marie Bartnik 

Laurie Ellen Bassan 

Jacqueline Elaine 

Barbara Gail Beck 
Marlene K. Becker 
Alan Meade Beier 
Barbara Susan Bennett 
Gail Berman 
Deborah Edith Beuchert 
Charles Lee Bevins 
Morris Isaac Bierman 



Honor Societies 

Albert C. Bioiido 
Carol Ellen Blinder 
Stuart Leo Bloom 
Daniel Blum 
Miehacl Clifford Bolduc 
Pamela Sue Bonacei 
Janet Lynn Boudris 
David Miehacl Bf)Zicevich 
John Earl Braaten 
Kathleen M. Bradley 
Edith M. Brandt 
David R. Brani 
Catherine Ann Brennan 
Patriek W. Breslin 
Roberta Klein Breslow 
Pamela Anne Bresnahan 
Phillip L. Brillante 
M. Joseph Brodeur III 
Donald Eugene Brooks 
Andrew Thomas Buckler III 
Kathleen Hynes Bums 
Peter F. Burns 
Susan Helen Busse 
Charles Carl Calfe 
Edward Raymond Cannon 
Richard D. Caplan 
Mary' Lourdes Carman 
Francisco Carrion 
Shelia A. Carter 
Michael Edward Chanskv 
Walter F. Chatham 
Wayne Leland Christison 
Cecilia M. Cinotti 
Josette F. Clark 
Julie A. Clear\' 
Daniel S. Cobb 
Desley Cohen 
Harriet Lee Cohen 
Larry Cohen 
Sharon Denise Cohen 
Terrie Lynn Cole 
Eve Norine Coleman 
Chris Alan CoUver 
Karen Ann Combs 
Karen Joan Concannon 
Suzanne Louise Connor 
Wendy Stone Coonin 
Susan V. Ccwperman 
Deborah F. Coote 
John A. Cotsonis 
James R. Council, Jr. 
John W. Cox, Jr. 
Maureen Guilfoy Cox 
Margaret Ann Creeden 
Bonita Cullison 
Kenneth W. Cumings, Jr. 
Oliver James Cutshaw, Jr. 

Manj- Margaret Dague 
Thomas David Daisly 
Rita Susan Dallavalle 
Camille A. D'Ascoli 
Luther Henn.- Deese, Jr. 
Diane Ruth DeMers 
Michael Andrew Denny 
Nancy Detkin 
Shirley-Anne Devaris 
Janet L. DeVore 
Joanne Dezes 
Robert A. Dietrich 
D. Donovan Dietrick,Jr. 
Thomas Michael Dietz 
James Martin Dodson 
Susan Car>'l Donnell 
Olga Victoria Donovan 
Charles D. Douglas 
Peter Shepherd Downing 
Paul Edward DriscoU 
Mary Elizabeth Drupieski 
Linda M. Duerr 
Frank Gumey Edwards III 
Vicki L. Epstein 
Shohreh Farivari 
Susan M. Feinblatt 
Dorette S. Feit 
Lawrence E. Feldman 
Marti E. Feldman 
Ana M. Fernandez 
Martine Ferretti 
Daniel P. Ferrick 
Marilyn M. Feuchs 
Thomas O. Field, Jr. 
Robert L. Fila 
Janice Anne Finlayson 
Marianne Teresa Finzel 
Linda Joy Flame 
Marian Veronica Fleming 
John Kevin Ford 
Dianne DeVeaux Francis 
Eileen Claire Francis 
John L. French 
Alan GarA' Friedman 
Neal Howard Friedman 
Debra Ann Free 
Kathy Ann Gabrielsen 
Mar\' Ellen Hoagland Gal van 
John Kenneth Gardner 
Paula Christine Gardner 
Amy Galli Garland 
Pamela Ann Gast 
Peter John Gatti 
Grace Kay Gelletly 
Patricia Anne Gibbons 
Richard Michael Gilbert 

Daniel C. Gilliam 
Silvano A. Ginepri 
Sharon Glazer 
Helen Jane Goetsch 
Kathryn R. Goldberg 
Susan R. Golding 
Susi G. Goldschmidt 
Debra Lynne Goldstein 
Linda Fowler Golodner 
Rufus Wade Gore IV 
Dennis J. Grabnegger 
Gwen Gradia 
Philip James Graham 
Charles E. Grantham, Sr. 
Thomas Hardy Greene 
Anne Miriam Greenfeld 
David Barkev Grenier 
Samuel O. Grimm III 
Warren Sterling Groff 
Roberta S. Grossman 
Susan H. Gunn 
John Guy 
Jon L. Gwinn 
Karen H. Hack 
Stephen Harold Hamburg 
Warren Lee Hamilton 
Margaret E. Harmsen 
Nancy Strong Harvey 
Nancy Susan Haskell 
Arlene Virginia Hawkins 
Carleton Scott Hayek 
William John Hazel 
Patrice Lilene Heck 
James Francis Higgins 
Leslie Ann Hirschfeld 
Eileen M. Hodkinson 
Kay C. Hoffman 
Timothy J. Hofmann 
Diane M. Hohman 
Roger Emil Honomichl 
Stephen Edward Hooper 
Gan,' E. Home 
Karen Marie Hundemer 
MarkusJ. Hunkeler 
Richard Alan Huntington 
Rayma L. Hyatt 
Linda Anita Jackson 
Emily Esther Jeffers 
Mar\-J. Jelacic 
Nancy A. Jewell 
James William Johns 
Joyce Marie Johnsfjn 
Barbara C. Jones 
Deborah Ann Jones 
Larry Lee Jones 
Delorisjeane Joseph 

Beth Suzanne Kalman 
Carol Susan Kalz 
Jane S. Katz 
Sondrajune Katz 
Wanda Kellum 
Sally M. Kessinger 
Frank S. Kessler 
Jonathan I. Kipnis 
Sammye S. Klee 
Carla Elizabeth Knapp 
Edward Charles Kohls 
Fred Wilsf)n Koontz 
Samuel Elliott Kf)rb 
Mary B. Kf)mhauser 
Nancy Harris Kouzel 
Jane Ellen Kreger 
Donna Maroa Kromann 
Man,' Kathleen Kuchta 
Joanne Quirk Kuest 
Robin Pitt Kujan 
Debra Jane Kurtz 
SallyJ. Lambcrtson 
Kay Allison Langenbeck 
Stephen Nicholas Lashick 
Angela Marie Latchford 
Deborah Ann Law 
Ann Lee 

Charles Edward Lee 
Joanne Lefter 
Lawrence B. Leikus 
Gail Marie Leitch 
Richard Leonard 
Barbara Meredith Levin 
Deborah Ellen Levine 
Edward L. Le\y 
Mar\in Lee Lewis 
Beverly Ann Lewoc 
Michael B. Lichtenstein 
Iris Ann Lieberman 
Nancy Sue Lipman 
Glenn Meyer Lohrmann 
William Loomis 
John Jefferson Looney 
Janet Lee Louie 
Ellen A. Luchinsky 
Elizabeth Risen Luke 
Nancy Lynn Mahan 
Debra J. Mancss 
Charlotte Ella Manning 
Kathleen M. Mannion 
Teri Manolio 
Maxine Martell 
William H Martland 
L.M. Mashbum III 
Wayne E. Maxwell II 
Arlene T. Mavol 

Honor Societies 39 

Chester Bailey McCoid 
Gan- Maurice McCorkle 
John R. McCoy 
J. Richard McDonough 
Nhircia Kay McGinness 
Daniel S. McGunagle 
Allan Keith McKenzie 
Elizabeth G. McKinney 
Charles A. Meade 
Sherryl Lynn Meier 
Lucy Ann Meoni 
Philip Samuel Mershon 
Thelnia Lee Meyer 
Stephen M. Mielke 
Michael A. Milbum 
David Jacob Miller 
Thomas William Millet IV 
Susan E. Mills 
Sandra Beth Mitzner 
Gary Charles Moncarz 
Jan Moossazadeh 
Dehra Morehower 
Cindy Ann More 
Karen Marie Morris 
Brian J. Morrison 
Evelyn Moy 
Laura G. Munton 
Kathleen F. Murtagh 
Bruce Alan Xagle 
Deborah Xelson 
Barbara A. Nichols 
Mani- Louise Nichols 
Carolyn Elaine Noe 
Donna Susan Nusbaum 
Mary Faye O'Brien 
Seog Hwan Oh 
Patricia A. O'Neil 
Marilyn Jean O'Neill 
Maureen T. O'Rourke 
Regina A. Pare' 
Beverly Jean Parsley 
Christine C. Pearcy 
Ruth Ellen Pearson 
Elizabeth Marie Pepe 
William Francis Persinger 
Lynn Marie Petrone 
Kathleen Shaw Pfeifer 
Jim Picklo 
Marie L. Pinches 
Kenneth F. Pineau 
Ramona M. Piskor 
Anne Elizabeth Piteaim 
Walter C.Plachta 
Phyllis Sue Podolsky 
Dawn Foley 
Janice Beth Pomerantz 

Guy H. Posey 

Sheri Fran Posner 

Elisabeth Postma 

Laura E. Powell 

Wendy Buckler Powell 

Cathy Ann Powers 

Gar\- Allan Prince 

Ellen Mogensen Putnam 

Joan IvOuiseQuinn 

Thomas Charles Quinn 

Arthur T. Rae.Jr. 

Chervl Linn Rassell 

James D. Ratliff 

Michael K. Ratliff 

Howard L. Redmond, Jr. 

Frederick W. Reimcrs 

Inge Renard 

Robert St uart Resnicoff 

Sari \'. Rcvkin 

Diane Christine Reyno 

Calvin A. Rich 

Carl Nelson Riggleman 
John TTiomas Roche, Jr. 

Leslie M. Rochlin 

Lesley Romberger 

Lani Alyee Rome 
Janet Estelle Rones 

Vivian Helene Rongved 

Larry S. Rosenblum 
Irma Rosendahl 
Howard Jay Rosenstoek 
Katherine E. Roser 
Richard Bamett Rosse 
DebraE. Rothstein 
Philip B. Rubens- 
Stacy Ceil Rudin 
Tliomas D. Rufty 
Robert W. Ruliffson 
Charles Joseph Ryan 
Dana Ryan 
Ellen May Sachs 
Mar jorie Janet Saile 
Laurie Jill Saltz 
Rona B. Samman 
John H, Sandfort 
Howard C. Sanner, Jr. 
Judy A. Sass 
Howard Paul Sathre 
Lawrence Carl Schaffer, Jr. 
Edward M. Scheidt 
Ruth Evans Sehena 
Mark C. Schlenker 
Mark A. Sehliehter 
David Ira Schlosberg 
Elaine Sue Schmerler 
Robin Lorraine Schmidt 
Joseph E. Schuler 

Holly S. Schulten 
Karl Wesley Seckel 
Robin L. Semas 
Carrie Susan Sensenbaugh 
Linda L. Shand 
Tamara Ann Shapiro 
Neal Allan Shear 
Ivy Lynn Sheffler 
Benjamin F. Shipley 
Rebecca Anne Shortridge 
Beth R. Simon 
Nancy Kay Simpsf)n 
Leonarda Grace Sisca 
Maria Skargani 
David L. Sloan 
Karen M. SlockVK)wer 
Dawn Elaine Smilek 
Kathryn Susan Smith 
Thelma Colleen Smith 
Anna Christine Smolen 
Timothy James Sorrells 
Nicholas John Spagnola 
Ernst William Spannhake 
Kathleen M. Stahle 
Albert Richard Starck 
Carol Ann Steininger 
Richard John Stenaek 
Sharon Gwynne Steube 
Robert Joseph Stevens, Jr. 
Scott Harold Stewart 
Dorian S. St. Martin 
Bobby R.B.Stone 
Theodore E. Stone 
Gail Stotsky 
Lenore Kay Strakowsky 
Dorothy \'enezky Streett 
James M. Strus 
Gerald Frederick Stuart 
Susan Ann Sugarman 
James Louis Suit 
Gail Beverly Sumter 
William C. Svvanner, Jr. 
Richard Wayne Swartz 
Michelle Ann Swoben 
Thomas Szezepkowski 
Helen Jean Takle 
Claire Lynn Tallent 
Nicholas W. Tangreti 
Jeffrey Alan Tarlow 
Gregon,' Layne Taylor 
Nancy Carol Tennant 
Jeffrey L. Tepper 
Pamela Victoria Thomas 
Nancy Norton Tillman 
Barbara C. Tindall 
Guenter Johann Tisson 

Stanley Paul Tokarz, Jr. 

Joan Carol Torokhanian 

Man*- Stuart Townes 

Tina Marie Tringali 

Ix)uanne Truex 

Kenney Katherine Unsworth 

Archibald Thomas van Norden 

Jean Szckeres \'erlx>s 

William Douglas \'itek 

Elizabeth Elster Wack 

Nancy Carol Waghelstein 

Robert E. Waldchen 

Sharon K. Walker 

Venus Renec Wall 

Phillip R.Warf 

Ellen Rae Waxman 

Elyse Faith Weber 
Jill Kay Weinstein 

David Scot Westreich 

Alan Gerald Whicher 

Barbarajanc White 

Kathleen Veronica WTiite 

Nora Ann Whitmore 
Stephanie Ann Wiedel 
Robert Mark Wilansky 
Audr>'lee M. Williams 
Jf)hn Milton Williams 
Richard S. Williams 
Ora R.Willis, Jr. 
Bruce E. Wilson 
Carol A. Wilson 
Michael Jay Winakur 
David Bruce Winkler 
Shelley L. Wishnow 
Carol Ann Wissman 
Marilyn Johnson Withers 
Bonnie Wohl 
Elizabeth Ann Wolf 
Lucy Conlon Wolf 
Janet I. Wolock 
Choi Jin Won 
Theodore J. Wood 
Ernestine Hodges Wormwood 
Debra Lee Wyvill 
Georgetta Zanardelli 
Susan Kay Zellmer 
Mary Jo Zimbro 

Added Names 
Domenico G. Firmani 
Donald Frank Miller 
Ellen M. Mintzer 
Herbert William White 
Colleen Mary Corrigan 
John Hale Broaddus 
Toni Carol McLeod 

40 Honor Societies 

Philip Gene Kivctt 
Jill Lippman 
Daniel Eric Hudson 
Ldrrainc Milmoc Redpath 
Patricia Ullman Bandak 
F. Anthony McCarthy 
Dianne M. Farrington 
Mark Edward Jacoby 
Gar\- A. Stein 
Will'na Uebrick Pacheli 
William Steven Eckland 
James Martin Dodson 
Carl Nelson Riggleman 
Patric Louis Pepper 
Kevin R. Xeal 
Raymond Earl Eckert 
Judith Gail Ilarshman 
Robert G. Turner 
Kenneth C. Evans 
Ronald Francis Prezio 


May 1976 Initiates 

Jayne C. Alenier 
Gayle Andrews 
Daniel Richard Arrington III 
Gar\- Lee At t man 
Carol Ix)uise Auer 
Mar\-is Vinson Averett 
D. Robert Bailey 
Stephen Lloyd Balderston 
Carl D.B. Banner 
William G. Barish 
Penny Jo Barth 
Elizabeth M. Bateman 
William David Battles. Sr. 
Horace K. Beale 
Alan Edward Becke 
Sharon Ruth Beckler 
Patricia Jean Belanger 
Edward Ira Bennett 
Karla Ann Berg 
Douglas Carl Berger 
Kim Ann Bernhardt 
Dorothy Anne Bezcjld 
Teresa II. Bims 
Monika F. Blake 
Pamela Susan Blizzard 
Gloria Anne Bogat 
Alice Diane Bokinsky 
John F. Booth 
Richard R. Bowers 
C. Allen Bowling 
Rose Branse 

Robert Paul Brcnnan 
Marjorie Ann Bridgham 
Judith Christine Bro 
L. Brtiee Brown 
Loma T. Brown 
Arlene Phyllis Burd 
John Egon Burgess 
Patricia Jean Burk 
Joseph Silver Burman 
James A. Bums 
LauraJean Burroughs 
Thomas Christopher Butash 
Kenneth Edward Butler 
Wayne M. Butler 
Jarrett N. Caltrider 
Samuel S. Calvert III 
Danald David Candell 
Robert Wayne Caplan 
Abbie S. Carliner 
Susannah S. Chang 
Barry M. Chasen 
Theresa K. Chester 
Daryl Lynn Clements 
Arlene L. Cohen 
Esther K. Cohen 
Martha L. Collier 
Richard C. Conant 
Candice Sue Cooper 
Elaine M. Cooperman 
Sandra Carol Crouse 
Charles W.Cruit 
Wanda Victoria Crtmible 
Margaret S. Cunningham 
PatriciaJ. Cunzeman 
Charles Mun-Hong Dai 
Joseph Michael Dees III 
Sharon Lynn de Hf)ff 
Mark Charles DelBianco 
Gloria V. de Seife 
Howard Scott Diamond 
Gary Lawrence Dier 
Donna Kirk Dietrich 
Kenneth Allan Dobson 
Emery James Dokman 
Yi-Chinig Doo 

Katherine Elizabeth Douglass 
Florence Trail Dowling 
Stan Thaddeus Dragan 
Elissa Gease Drucker 
Ann C. Duffy 
Michael Eugene Dyson 
Margit Eads 
Robert H. Eagles, Jr. 
Elizabeth Jackson Echols 

Elaine Turczyk Edelstein 
Elaine Carol Ehst 
Alice II. Emery 
Harriet Ann Erlick 
Louise Erlick 
Anne D. Ettinger 
Rochelle B. Farbstein 
Elizabeth W. Farrell 
Jerome F. Festa 
Eli D. Finkelstein 
Michael J. Ford 
Kenneth L. Fowler, Jr. 
Keith S. Franz 
Gregory James Friedmann 
Angelica A. Gabor 
Wayne Edmund Gaines 
Beth Gallagher 
John Frederick Gamache 
Jose Rodriquez Garcia 
Donna Christine Gardiner 
Eric Garfinkel 
Edward John Gaspredes 
Peter-Bodo Gawenda 
Craig M. Gcndler 
Valerie Ann Giannini 
Suanne M. Gilkey 
Frank L. Giorgilli 
Henry William Gittings 
Kathleen Helen Grazer 
Vickie Greenhouse 
Robert J. Greenleaf 
Edward Felix Gursky 
Randy Jean Haaf 
Charlotte Sue Hafer 
Allen D. Ilamers 
Martha Ann Hanlon 
Natalie W. Hardison 
Lisa Mae Hardy 
Lesley Paula Harrison 
Diane Heller 

Willard W. Hennemann III 
Rosemarv M. Hennessev 
Ronald P'aul Hill 
Naomi Elizabeth Himmel- 
*Jill m'. Himmer 
J. Paul Hobelmann 
Martha Anne H odgins 
Marc Hoffman 
Sharon Gail Hoffman 
Linda Ann Hollenberg 
Jane M. Ilorton 
Elinore J. Ho\-t 
Jan Elise Hutch 
Geoffrey Indrajo 
Sheilla Inugai 

Richard Bruce Isenberg 
Robert R.Jacobs 
Kathleen Ann Jagoe 
Karen Docherty James 
Nonna Lindscyjanzen 
Dean C.Johnson 
Arlene Marie Jones 
Nancy L.Jones 
Rickie Kadet 
Sally Ann Seaver Kaman- 

Phyllis E. Karpe 
Jolin R. Kautz 
Cynthia A. Keen 
Beverly Ray Keene 
Clinton Joseph Kelbel 
Deborah A. Kessler 
Daniel James Keves 
Paul Edward Kile 
Christine L. Kirkwood 
Margaret Charleen Kline 
Francine Rachelle Koplin 
Paul Mark Kratchman 
David Kreisberg 
Rosalie Phillips Lamanna 
Barbara Ann Lambird 
Martha D. Lamboni 
Thomas Martin Lawson 
Dennis A. Leaf 
LouAnn Leary 
Kam H. Lee 
Richard Lee 
Laura K. Leizear 
Eric Gerhardt LePak 
Donna L. Leppo 
Wing-Yu Leung 
Marc Norman Levin 
Patricia A. Levine 
♦Robert H. Levitt 
Anneli Moucka Levy 
Marian T. Lipka 
Joyce L. Ltickard 
Thomas P. Lutz 
Mark Steven Lynch 
Dava L. Mallard 
Donna Jean Malmquist 
Robert L. Mapou 
Patricia Lynn Maniey 
John A. Marshall, Jr. 
Judith Ann Marx 
Joan Whyte Matejceck 
John Mays 
Linda Ann McCain 

Honor Societies 41 

Helen F. McGuire 

Beckyjean McKenzie 

Carol Elaine Mcrcilliott 

Bradley Thomson Miller 

Kim Irene Miller 

Margie Lee Miller 

Hugh Allen Mitchell, Jr. 

Debra Lynn Nkxjrc 

Rise Morgcnstern 

Patricia Anne Mor>' 

Franklin C. Mover 
Jeffrey Dell Myers 

Paul F. Xapier 

Ann L. Xathan 

LisaK. Xeihof 

Richard P. Xordan 

Elise Anne Xiicei 
Sandra Rae Odoms 
Gabriel Afolabi Ojo 
Karen Ann Olenginski 
Stephen Robert Orwig 
Mark Dallas Ostroff 
Paula Kendricka Owens 
Faye B. Oyer 
Stephen Ozanne 
Kenneth Bonnell Pareher 
Shirley Rose Parker 
Janice Marlene Passo 
Lynn F, Pastore 
Robin West-Pauls(3n 
Susan M. Pearce 
Cynthia R. Peatross 
Lorraine Pecarsky 
Marilyn D. Perry 
Rebecca Estelle Peterman 
Anita C. Pinnes 
Joseph Piven 
Margye Alta Precht 
James E. Price 
Megan E. Quinn 
Jams Kevin Qviinn 
Paula Ruth Rabb 
Garn,- Victor Raim 
Rhoda Sue Rattier 
Robert D. Reid 
Robert Bruce Renfrew 
Christine Ann Rice 
Michael W. Rice 
Larn.' Dean Richards 
Timothv L. Righetti 
*CvnthiaA. Rilev 
Eifrieda NL Riley 
Mark Christian Rippeon 
Regina Lynn Robbins 
James Maxwell Roberts 
William Michael Roberts 

Wayne David Robinson 
AlexanderJ. Roganti 
Michael J. Rosenfelder 
Xina Eileen Roylancc 
Sarah J. Ruiz 
Kathleen Susan Russell 
Rose Ann Ryba 
Daninc Anne Rydland 
Harry Thomas Sachs 
Barbara Burroughs Sale 
Joan S. Schabb 
Sherri Schatz 
Barbara Karen Scheinman 
Carol Jo Schleicher 
Paul Leslie Schlesinger 
Andrew Schlosser 
Carol K. Schmidt 
Dale Franklin Schnabel. Jr. 
Alexander Schneider 
Barbara Candelor Schumann 
Donna Sheree Schwartz 
Brian John Scott 
Linda L. Sharp 
Karen Ruth Shawver 
Lynn Marie Sheffery 

Jill Hope Sheinherg 
Ellen Therese Sheridan 
Davy H. Shian 
'Renee Joanne Silver 

Joshua H. Silverman 
Eric Slat kin 
Thomas Paul Slaughter 
Lorraine Miller Smallridge 

H. Allyn Smith 

Man,- Anne Smith 

Michael John Smith 

Julie Robin Solomon 

Raymond E. Somers 

Elizabeth x\nn Spear 

Cheryl Jean Spence 

Martha Sue Stacy 

CherA-1 Van Waes Steel 

Lewis M. Steinberg 

Dennis G. Stewart 

Ben Stuart Stombler 

Jan Thomas Sturm 

Leendert H. Stu\'t 

Jenness H. Suarez 

Deborah Suchenski 

Rosemary Sullivan 

James Allen Swansen 

Debra Tamie Yamaki 

Donna L. Yukna 

Kathy Ann Zabchin 

Claudia Diane Zent 

* Outstanding Juniors 

KathyA. Aldrich 
Xancyjoan Alexander 
Karen D. Ames 
Joseph D. Anderson 
Stephen Carl Anderson 
George R. Bailey 
Vikki Buinuni 
Carol A. Baker 
Mary Koch Barclay 
Ellen Wilson Batzer 
Sandra Lee Bishop 
Claudia Dudley Boycott 
Margaret Ann Bradford 
Handy I) Brandenburg 
Xaoitii W. Brooks 
Anne M. Butler 
Mary Kevin Callahan 
Bonnie Bonitraeger Canning 
Michael David Carlis 
William Edward Carney 
Michael Timothy Collins 

June M. C(K)k 
MaryFran W. Crimone 
Ixjuisc Hughes Curt in 

Ruth Esther Davis 

R. Diwakar 

Peggy J. Evans 

Raymond C. Foster 

Kay Lucille Freeman 

Patricia Tatum Freih<jfer 

Joanna M. Fringer 

Raymond Sloan Garrison 

Carol Ann Gaul 

Charlotte Gettes 

Susanne Reini Glass 

Pentiy A. Good 

Reba E. Goslee 

Robert R. Greenberg 

Patricia Waterman Guth 

Alice L. Hagemeyer 

Denetta Sue Hannan 

Tern,' M. Heisey 

Johanna Hertz 

Myra Hettleman 

Carol Grace Hickey 

Beverly A. Hilton 

Jenefir D. Isbister 

Freda Marilyn Jaffe 


George Peter Kaleyias 

IrisM. Kaplan 

Deanna Datsko Karafiath 

Mary Frances Keen 

Leslie Diane Keiser 

W. Earl Kelly 

Jo Marie Kessler 

Karen Klein 

Jackline Charlette Knable 

Joan Ellen Kub 

N. ZocKuia 

Radmila Lapov 

Caroline Anne LeBlanc 

M. Bernariette Ledden 

Arlene M. Lehrer 

Judy D. Leishman 

Gail L. Lewis 

Lanic S. Lipson 

Xancy B. Lymax 

Frank A. Lovelock III 

Christine Lundy 

Louise M. Ltistig 

Joseph G. Lynch 

Merrill Everett Manke 

Jean Austin Massev 

Martha S. McCaffrey 

Louise M. McCrorie 

Patricia Ellen McEntee 

Helen Lee McMillion 

Yousefi Mehdi 

AmyC. Mcisnere 
Jacqueline M. Melonas 
Jeri Gunod Mendelsohn 

Lynne M. Meyer 

Helen Calvert Miller 
Teresa C. Mulrenin 
Elizabeth Browder Xibley 
Arthur F. Xorth 
Harriet K. Oliver 
Colleen K. 01sr)n 
Susan Lynn Opdyke 
Suzanne Duke Orebaugh 
Jacqueline Ruth Padow 
Yet-Ping Pai 
Marlene A. Palmer 
Barbara Parker 
RvttaM. Penkiimas 
Ann Legan Petrie 
Gwen C. Pigman 
Karen Xancy Potts 
Julie R. Quain 
Alvin M. Rehert 
Sharon Peirce Reier 
Lynn Robinson 
Tamar H. Rotem 
Judith B. Rudolf 
Janet Marie Ryan 
Christine Anlauf Sabatino 
Merle D. Sachs 
Mary Sage 
Suzanne F. Sayle 



Honor Societies 

D. Anne Scanley 
Adrian Richard Scliacfcr 
Bcnianl Samuel Scluichncr 
Linda M. Shai)in) 
Wendy Ruth Slierman 
Linda Shopes 

Mary AngeUi Bonehard Smith 
Susan Holder Squires 
Kathleen >L Srsic 
Candyce Homnick Stapen 
Linda L. Stevens 
Rebeccajane Straw- 
Mays L. Swicord 
Susan Rachel Tomchin 
Sarah I loover Tullis 
Jane M. Vardaro 
Eric Vlahov 

Diana Louise Vogelsong 
Kathryn Downing Wallis 
Linda Wicker Weisburger 
Irv'in Joseph Weiss 
Kathleen Ann Wertheimcr 
Jack W. Wescott 
DelxirahJ. WhitchiU 
Man.- Lou Wilson 
Thomas R. Winters, Jr. 
Anita Hafermann Wood 
Susanne Braun Yokel 
Added Names for Phi Kappa 
Phi Certificates— May 2, 1976 

Karen Docherty James 
Michael Timothy Collins 
Emery James Dokman 
Jackline Charlette Knabel 
Ben Stuart Stoinbler 
Richard C. Conant 
Dale Franklin Schnabel, Jr. 
Norma Lindsey Janzen 
Jose Rodriquez Garcia 
Joseph Michael Dees III 
Monika Marianne Kretz- 

Harold B. Shill 
Samuel S. Calvert III 
John F. B(x)th 
H. Allyn Smith 
Linda Shopes 
Jo Marie Kessler 
Susanne Reim Glass 
Blair P. Hall, Jr. 
Virginia Lea Lucey 
Sam J. Owens 
A. Fredrick Solomon 
Ronald Edward Northcutt 

Noel Michael McCroskey 
Paul Michael Kernan 
Anita Pidcock Cowan 
John Francis Mills 
Ursida Magdalena Spiegel 
Anne Louise Hoppe 


{College of Library and In- 
formation Services) 

Debra Artino 
Mary Barclay 
Alison Beatty 
Sharon Bn )wn 
Anita Cowan 
Diane Cunningham 
Judith Furash 
Charlotte Gcttes 
Penny Good 
Alice Ilagemeyer 
Xancy Holden 
Robin Ilowlett 
Mary Kanach 
Maureen Leshcndok 
Linda Linton 
Christine Lundy 
Merrill Manke 
Martha McCaffrey 
Amy Xeisnere 
Naomi Morse 
Elizabeth Nibley 
Harriet Oliver 
Suzanne Orebaugh 
Catherine Parker 
Joyce Ryan 
Sydney Schultz 
Jeanne Smith 
Mary B. Smith 
Helen Van Scyoc 
Victoria Weiner 
Ir\-in Weiss 
Mary Werner 
Kathleen Wertheimcr 
Ellen Wilson 
Mary Ivouise Wilson 
Virginia Wright 
Deborah Wynn 

August 1975 Graduates 
Jacqueline Barch 
Gwendolyn Buggs 
Claudia Boycott 
Mar>- Jane Cochrane 
June Cook 
Karen Dowling 

Anna Finton 
Raymond Foster 
Linda French 
Beverly Ganilx) 
Susanne Glass 
Terry Heisey 
Johanna Hertz 
Gail Hollander 
Karin Johns 
Delwrah Katz 
Leslie Keiser 
Lucille LcPage 
Virginia Lucy 
Lalla Mangin 
Louise McCrorie 
Adam Mazurek, Jr. 
Helen McMillion 
Julie Quain 
Marx Renninger 
Tamar Rotem 
Harold Shill 
Linda Stevens 
Melissa Trevvett 
Emily Williams 
Diana Vogelsong 
Sarah Tullis 

December 1975 Graduates 

Alice Bevan 

Bonnie Canning 

Sandra Cline 

Jill Coupe 

Jane Cupit 

Julie Diepenbrock 

Anne Farley 

Deborah Freeman 

Viebeke Fulton 

Kathleen Graf 

Jacqueline Jackson 

John Krivak 

Amy Lechter 

Louise Lustig 

Judith McDivitt 

Marlene Palmer 

Ruta Pcnkiunas 

Ellen Penstein 

William Perry. Jr. 

Gwendolyn Pigman 

Karen Potts 

Mary Sage 

Ann Stuart 

Anita Wood 

Mary Ann Phillips 

nv EPSIU>i\ 


John Douglas Antonio 

Norton Leigh Bassett.Jr. 

Dennis P. Bednar 

Peter F. Burns 

Abbie S. Carliner(Sec.) 

Ernest W. Chesnutis(Pres.) 

Evelyn Chew 

Lura-lce Coltcryahii 

Gar\- Comstock 

Yi-chung Doo 

Gary S. Drake 

Dennis K. Duke 

Deborah Elgot 

Phyllis Ann Epstein 

Neel Gearhart 

Kathryn R. Goldberg 

Gary E. Horn 

Gary Husack 

Jean Hwang 

Charles J. Jacklin 

Robert B.Johnson 

Tliomas A. Kessler 

Mathew Koch 

Michael Lamb 

Andrew R. Lane 

Joe Loiaeono 

Janet Louie 

James T. McMullcn 

Shervl Masiello 

Jay A. Miller (V. Pres., Trcs.) 

JuanC. Moreno 

Nancy Moy 

Ann Potosky 

Larry V. Rubinstein 

David N. Speetor 

Richard Swaitz 


(National Honorary Political 
Science Society) 

Dcnise L. Almond 
Sheila Bass 
Annmarie P. Blaney 
Charles F. Chester 
William S. Eekland 
Dorette S. Feit 
Susan R. Golding 
Susan H. Gunn 
Karen J. Kucera 
Paul S. Labincr 
Bruce P. Martin 
Thomas W.Millet IV 

Honor Societies 43 

Michael H. Monnette 
Paul F. Xapicr 
Paul L. Schlcsingcr 
Joseph E. Sehulcr 
Ursula M. Spicijel 
Deborah A. Suehcnski 
Phillip R.Warf 
nonua L. Yukna 


(National scholastic honor- 
ary sponsored by the Pro- 
peller Club of the United 
States — membership elected 
from outstanding senior 
members of the University 
of Maryland chapter major- 
ing in Transportation in the 
College of Business and Man- 

Joseph W. Carter, Jr. 
Jeffrey \V. Phillips 
Joel L. Ringer 


Wendy Aaronson 
Sherrie Alpert 
Mila Avramovic 
Mar>- Baldini 
Brian Balin 
Mar\- Bilmanis 
Brenton Burger 
Donald Burst yn 
Barbara Carroll 
Connie Cepko 
David DuBois 
Francis Dimn 
Robert Fremau 
Grace Gelletly 
Abbie Gerber 
Richard Gonzalez 
Rufus Gore 
Robert Gotkin 
Gloria Gridley 
Paula Grossman 
Heidi Herbst 
John Hitz 
Deborah Holman 
John Jones 
Howard Katz 
Beverly Keene 
Gary Knauer 

Fred Kodesch 
James Kovalesky 
Louis Kroll 
Slieryl Lard 
Charles Lee 
Daniel Liebcrt 
Lawrence Mallory 
Carolyn Mason 
Matthew McCfx)l 
John McCoy 
Anne Orlcman 
Joseph Patoka 
Elizabeth Pepe 
Lvnn Petrolic 
Philip Phillips 
Terri Phipps 
Laurie Post 
Richard Prcscott 
John Routzahn 
Dclxirah Rubin 
Steven Schmidt 
Andrea Schwartz 
Anne Silverman 
Dawn Smilek 
Susan Smith 
Anna Smolen 
Nicholas Spagnola 
Mark Spier 
Harry Strauss 
Lise Weisman 
Nelson Wiegnian 
Ludmila Zawistowich 


Samuel W. Carson 
Steven L. Ferguson 
Thomas H. Stengle 


John Brett 
Leif Finkel 
John F. Gamache 
Barbara Lambird 
Sean O'Brien 
Seog Oh 

Wayne D. Robinson 
Gary Strobel 

Tile frivolous mood of the 
lOaO's was symbolized by 
Mar>land"s May Day festivities, 
when everyone on campus 
turned out to celebrate to the 
rhythmsof the jazz bands. 
Spring queens were selected, 
and coeds danced around the 


Honor Societies 

Milton Abraniowitz Me- 
morial Prize to a junior or 
senior student niajorint; in 
mathematies who has demon- 
strated superior eonipetencc 
and promise for future de- 
velopment in the field of math- 
ematics and its applications. 

Awarded to: 

Robert B.Johnson 

The Aerospace Engineering 
Department's Academic A- 
chicveinent Award is pre- 
sented to the graduating senior 
who has attained the highest 
overall academic average. 
Awarded to: 

Eric R. Christiensen 

Agricultural Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Senior Award is presented to 
a student in Agricultural Engi- 
neering on the basis of scho- 
lastic ])erfonnancc, participa- 
tion in the ASAE National Stu- 
dent Branch, and other extra- 
curricular activities. 
Awarded to: 

Gary T. Fisher 

Alcoa Foundation Traffic 
Scholarship. An award of 
8750 to an outstanding junior 
student majoring in Tratts- 
IX)nation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Joel L. Ringer 

Alpha Zeta Medal to the stu- 
dent in the College of Agricul- 
ture with the highest scholas- 
tic average at the end of his 
freshman year. 
Awarded to: 
Karen M. Beato 
Patrick L. Holden 

The University of Maryland 
Altimni Association OiUstand- 
ing Student Award presented 
annually to an outstanding 
senior man and woman stu- 
dent who have demonstrated 
excellence in leadership, 
citizenship and scholarship. 

Awarded to: 

Patricia A. Aluisi 
Mark C Rosenblum 

The University of Maryland 
Cfillege of Education Aliunni 
Chapter Award presented an- 
nually to the senior male and 
female students who have 
demonstrated outstanding 
service toward furthering the 
highest ideals of education. 
Awarded to: 

Darrell D. Cronkhite 

Wanda Kellum 

The Alumni-Hamilton 
Award is presented by the 
Engineering Alinnni to the 
graduating setiior who has 
most successfully combined 
proficiency in his major field 
of study with achievements in 
tlie social sciences and human- 
Awarded to: 

Robert B. Collidge 

American Association of 
University Women. College 
Park, .\nnual Graduate Prize. 
Awarded to: 

Deborah E. Shaller, 

Master of Arts 

Department of English 

Carolyn D. McCreesh 
Doctor of Philosophy 
Department of History 

,\merican Institute of .\ero- 
nauticsand Astronautics 
Chairman's Certificate is pre- 
sented to the branch chairman 
in recognition of service and 
Awarded to: 

Mitchell A. Polt 

.\nierican Instituteof .\ero- 
naut ics and .\st ronaul ics Out- 
standing .\chie\ement .\ward 
is presented to the student 
who has made the most oiU- 
standing contribution through 
scholarship and .senicc to the 
student branch. 
Awarded to: 

Mitchell A. Polt 

American Institute of .\ero- 
nautics and .\stronautics 
Scholarship Improvement 
.\ward is presented to the 
senior from Aerospace Engi- 
neering who has made the 
greatest improvement in 
scholarship from his jimior to 
his senior year. 
Awarded to: 

Christopher J. Xjenga 

American Institute of Archi- 
tects Certificate for Academic 
.\warded to: 

William C. Stratton 

American Institute of Archi- 
tects Medal for Outstanding 
Overall Academic .\chieve- 
Awarded to: 

Joel L. Ringer 

.\merican Institute of Chem- 
ical Engineers .\ward by the 
Xational Capital Section to an 
outstanding sophomore Chem- 
ical Engineering Student. 
.\warded to: 

Patrick B. Sheehan 

American Institute of Chem- 
ical Engineers Award to the 
jimior member of the Student 
Chapter who attained the 
highest over-all schola.stic 
average during the freshman 
and sophomore years. 
Awarded to: 

Brian W. Wamsley 

and Special 

Academic anti 
Special Awards 


American Institute of Chem- 
ical Engineers Professional 
Achievement Award by the 
National Capital Section loan 
outstandinU senior Chemical 
Engineering student . 
Awarded to: 

David C. Mascone 

American Institute of Chem- 
ists Student Award. 
Awarded to: 
Michael li. Chansky 

American Marketing Asso- 
ciation MetroiH>litan Washing- 
ton, I).C., Chapter Scholar- 
ship. An award of 8500 to an 
outstanding Marketing stu- 
dent in the College of Business 
and ManagemeiU. 
Awarded to: 

Ronald P. Hill 

American Institute of Certi- 
fied Public Accountants 
Scholarship. An award of 
8 1 .000 to an outstanding Ac- 
counting student in the Col- 
lege of Business and Manage- 
Awarded to: 

John VV. Hilljr. 

American Marketing Asso- 
ciation MetroiX)litan Washing- 
ton, D.C., Chapter. An award 
for outstanding Marketing re- 
search papers in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Robert Reisman 

David H. Lindsay 
(graduate student) 

Daniel L. Fulks (tirad- 

uate student) 

William E. Campbell 

(graduate student) 

American Newspaper Pul)- 
lishers Association Foimda- 
tion Scholarship to outstand- 
ing minority students in 

Awarded to: 

(iarland McElveen 
Jesus Rangel 

The American Nuclear So- 
ciety Student Chapter Award 
is j)resentcd to ajimior in the 
Nuclear Engineering Program 
at the University of Maryland, 
in recognition of omstanding 
scholastic achievement and 
contribution to the student 
Awarded to: 

Richard Lee 

American Society of Agron- 
omy Award to the outstanding 
senior graduating in Agrono- 
my who has demonstrated 
superior scholarship, leader- 
ship activities and pers<^nal 
Awarded to: 

Helen Jean Takle 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers, Maryland Section 
Award to a student member 
for outstanding service to the 
chapter and for demonstrated 
interests in extra-curricular 
Awarded to: 

Steven Sharar 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Awarded to: 

Kenneth Gates 

American Society of Me- 
chanical Engineers Award to 
the senior member who con- 
tributed most to the local 
Awarded to: 

Steven B. Katz 

American Society for Test- 
ing and Materials Student 
Award is given in recognition 
of the demonstrated interest 
and meritorious work in the 
courses related to the activ- 
ities of the American Society 
for Testing and Materials. 
Awarded to: 
Karl W.Seckel 
Kieth A. Duerling 

The Appleman-Noiton 
Scholarship Award to a senior 
major in recognition of excel- 
lence in Botany. 
Awarded to: 

Donna C. (iardiner 

The Baltimore Chemical 
Association Scholarship is |)re- 
sented to a Chemical luigi- 
necring student who has 
demonstrated outstanding aca- 
demic achievement and has 
shown j)()lential for leadership 
in his profession. 
Awarded to: 

David C. Mascone 

Baltimore Sun Scholarship 

tooutstandingJf)urnalism stu- 
dents; donated by Baltimore 
Sim Newspaper. 

Awarded to: 

Thercse Daubner 
Saundra Goss 
Thomas Kapsidelis 

David Arthur Berman Me- 
morial Award is presented to 
the two students majoring in 
Chemical Engineering with 
the highest cumulative scho- 
lastic average at the end of the 
first semester of their jiuiior 
year who have been elected to 
Tau Beta Pi. 
Awarded to: 
Judith A. Helsing 
Brian W. Wamslev 

Dinah Berman Memorial 
Medal to the sophomore who 
has attained the highest scho- 
lasiic average of his class in 
the College of luigineering. 
Awarded to: 

\Villiam( . Roth 

The Donald T. Bonney Hon- 
ors Award is presented to a 
student in Chemical Engineer- 
ing for the most oiUstanding 
contribution to the profession 
as a member of Omega Chi 
E|)silon, the Chemical Engi- 
neering I lonors Society. 
Awarded to: 

Martin I. Hoffman 

B'nai BVith Women of 
Prince George's County Book 
Award for Excellence in He- 
brew Studies. 

Awarded to: 

ArleenJ. Block 

Tamar M. Block 

(iloria S. Eiseman 

Resa Feingold 

Lawrence A. Green- 

David L Hurwitz 


Renee C. Levy 

Rebecca S. Liberman 

SandraJ. Sager 

Deborah M. Schwartz 

Katherine W. 

Wendy A. Siegel 

Irene B. Straus 

Janet L. Stroup 

Sheila B. Tamches 

Reva H. Tobert 

Harriet M. Wichin 

Barbara S. Woolf 


Academic and 
Special Awards 

' Citizenship Prize for Wimi- 
cn. An award presented an- 
nually as a memorial to Sally 
Sterling Byrd l)y her cliildren, 
to that female member of the 
Senior Class who best ex- 
em])lifies the enduring qiial- 
itiesof the model woman. 
These qualities should tyjjify 
self-dependenee, eourtesy. 
aggressiveness, modesty, ea- 
pacity to aehievc objeetives, 
willingness to saerifiee for 
others, strength of eharaeter, 
and those other qualities that 
enable the women ol our soci- 
ety to play such a fundamental 
part in the building of the Na- 

Awarded to: 

Mary Joan Frost 

Citizenship Prize for Men. 
An award presented annually 
by the late President Emeritus 
H.C. Byrd, a graduate of the 
class of 1908, to the member 
of the senior class whf) during 
his collegiate career has most 
nearly typified the model citi- 
zen, and has done most for the 
general advancement of the 
interests of the University. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Dietvorst 

Marc Kivitz 

The College of Engineering 
Alumni Chapter Award pre- 
sented annually to the senior 
who has demonstrated out- 
standing scholarship and con- 
tribution to the College and 
University through activities 
and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Martin I. Hoffman 

The General Honors Project 
Awards are conferred on those 
two students whose projects 
are chosen as the best turned 
out in any General Honors 
course during the preceding 

Awarded to: 
Sharon Laskin 
Robert Mapou 

George Corcoran Award 
(8750.00 and a plaque) pre- 
sented for teaching and educa- 
tion leadership at the College 
Park Campus, effective contri- 
butions at the national level, 
creative and other scholarlv 
activities, directed to Elec- 
trical Engineering education. 
Awarded to: 

Steven A. Tretter 

George Corcoran Award 
(8250 and a plaque) presented 
for achievements in electrical 
engineering to an electrical 
engineering Graduate Assis- 
Awarded to: 

Carlos Moura 

Ernest N. Cory Scholarship 
Award to an outstanding 
junior or senior recommended 
by the Agricultural Sciences, 
preferably one majoring in the 
Entomology Department. 
Awarded to: 

George A. Foster 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholar- 
ship Award to the outstanding 
graduate students in the De- 
partment of Botony during the 
last year. 
Awarded to: 

Stephen C. Esser 

The Margaret C. Carthy 
Prize is awarded annually to a 
graduating senior in the Bach- 
elor of General Studies Pro- 
gram. The awardee is chosen 
primarily on the basis of high 
academic average, but the 
selection also takes into ac- 
count obstacles to the comple- 
tion of the program that the 
student may have encountered 
and overcome, as well as the 
creativity with which the stu- 
dent has used the program to 
achieve educational goals. 
Awarded to: 

Alexa Faith Wells 

Dairy Technology Society of 
Maryland and D.C. Scholar- 
ship Award to students in the 
F(kk1 Science Program who 
have demonstrated outstand- 
ing competence and promise 
tor future dcvelo()ment in the 
dairy and food i)rocessing in- 
Awarded to: 

Frederick W. Rcimers 

Delaware-Maryland Plant 
F<K)d Association Scholarship 
to a student who has shown a 
versatile background and an 
active interest in agronomy 
and soil fertility work deserv- 
ing of recogn i t ion . 
Awarded to: 

Jacob Edward Jones 

Dclmarva Traffic Club 
Scholarship. An award of 
8250 to an outstandingjiuii(^)r 
or senior, preferably from the 
Eastern Shore of Maryland, 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Stephen B. Price 

Delta Xu Alpha. Chesapeake 
Chapter Scholarship. An 
awarfl of 8250 to an outstand- 
ing member of the University 
of Maryland chapter majoring 
in Transportation in the Col- 
lege ( )f Business and Manage- 
Awarded to: 

Joann A. Steele 

Delta Sigma Pi (national pro- 
fessional fraternity in business 
and commerce) Scholarship 
Key. Awarded to the senior 
male with the highest overall 
scholastic average in the Col- 
lege of Business and Manage- 
Awarded to: 

Gary A. Prince 

Distinguished Accounting 
Student Awards. Awarded i)v 
the University of Maryland 
chapterof Beta Alpha I'si and 
the accomuing faculty to the 
ten senior accounting students 
with the highest scholastic 
average in Accounting in the 
College of Business and Man- 
Awarded to: 

Gary L. Attman 

Linda S. Croiise 

Frank Ci. Edwards (De- 
cember graduate) 

Michael B. (iluckstern 

John W. Hill, Jr. 

Christl M. Kaslcr 

William Loomis 

Gail B. Sumter 

James R. Thomas 

Georgetta A. Zanar- 
delli (December grad- 

The District of Columbia 
Institute of Chemists Student 
Award is presented to a senior 
majoring in Chemical Engi- 
neering on the basis of demon- 
strated qualities of leadership, 
ability, character, and schola.s- 
tic achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Martin I. Hoffman 

Electrical Engineering Un- 
dergraduate Association 
Award is presented to an un- 
dergraduate in Electrical Engi- 
neering in recognition of out- 
standing service and leader- 
Awarded to: 

■Roman StoHnski 

Eta Kappa Xu Outstanding 
Senior Award is presented to a 
senior in Electrical Engineer- 
ing for his outstanding scho- 
lastic achievement and service 
to the society and department. 
Awarded to: 

Robert ColHdge 

Academic and 
Special Wards 47 

The FMC Corporation 
Scholarship is awarded to a 
student in ("heniical Engineer- 
ing at the end of his junior year 
on the basis of academic per- 
formance, leadership, ser\-ice, 
and financial need. 

Awarded to: 
JimmlcS. Lee 

Forbes Chocolate Leader- 
ship Award to a student in the 
Food Science Program to en- 
courage scholarship and future 
jx)tential in the dairy and food 
processing industry. 

Awarded to: 

Nancy Ann Dunn 

Lester M. Fraley Honor 
Award toa junior or senior 
student of outstanding charac- 
ter majoring in the College of 
Physical Education, Recrea- 
tion, and Health who has 
demonstrated concern for citi- 
zenship and has shown su- 
perior scholarship in the Uni- 

Awarded to: 

Albert R. Starck 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of 
the Mar^-land State Golf Asso- 
ciation to three students in 
Agronomy displaying aca- 
demic proficiency, participa- 
tion in extracurricular activi- 
ties, and who have an active 
interest in golf turf work. 
Awarded to: 

James W. Miller, Jr. 

Stephen W. Potter 

Mark I. Schlossberg 

The James Douglass God- 
dard Memorial Medal to a male 
and female student who are 
native residents of Prince 
George's County and have 
demonstrated outstanding 
scholastic achievements and 
scholarly attributes. 
Awarded to: 

Helen Jean Takle 

James Patrick McKenna 

Robert Half Personnel Ac- 
count ing and Ta.x Awards. 
Tw( ) awards of >< 1 00 each to 
outstanding students majoring 
in Accounting in the College of 
nusinessand Management. 
Awarded to: 

James K. Thomas 

Christl M. Kasler 

The Charles H.Hale Dra- 
matic Award to the two mem- 
bers of the senior class who 
have done the most for the ad- 
vancement of dramatics at the 

Awarded to: 
Kathleen M.Clrcnnon 
Alton Kccd Sasscr 

The P. Arne Hansen Award 
is given to the graduating 
senior designated by the Mi- 
crobiology depart nicnt facull y 
as the outstanding Depart- 
mental Honors student. 
Awarded to: 

Constance Cepko 

Dawn Smilck 

Haskins and Sells Founda- 
tion Fellowshij) Award. An 
award of 83.500 to an out- 
standing Accounting doctoral 
student in the College of Busi- 
ness and Management. 
Awarded to: 

James L. Patton 

William Randolph Hearst 
Foundation Awards. 

Awarded to: 

Thomas Kapsidelis 
Spot Xews 
Ronan Scarborough 

William Randolph Hearst 
Foundation Scholarship to an 
outstandingjoumalism stu- 

Awarded to: 
Jan L. Mohr 
Peter D. Pichaske 
Roland Kldwell 

The Hettinger Award is pre- 
sented by the Maryland Sec- 
tion of the American Insti- 
tute of Chemical Engineers to 
an outstanding senior ma- 
joring in Chemical Engineer- 

Awarded to: 
John W. Mooncy 

Roliert M. Higginbothain 
Award in memory of Roliert 
M. Higginliotham, a compas- 
sionate and dedicated young 
man, an honors student of 
mathematics, who lost his life 
in Vietnam, to an outstanding 
Junior student majoring in 
mal hematics. 
Awarded to: 

Glenn J. Galfond 

.Jidius Hf)fmann Award 
Awarded to: 
Gloria Kightlinger 

The Homeland Garden Club 
of Baltimore award to the stu- 
dent with the highest scholas- 
tic average in Floriculture and 
Ornamental Horticulture. 
Awarded to: 

Deborah A. Camp 

College of Human Ecology 
Alumni Chapter presented 
Recognition Awards to out- 
standing students in each de- 
Awarded to: 
Family and Community 
Development Depart- 

Junior: Leslee Ann Hall 

Senior: Kathrvn Bram- 
ble Willey 

Self-Supporting: Pa- 
tricia Marney 

Returning — Carletta 

Special Departmental 
Award — Michele 

Food, \utrition, and 
Institutional Admini- 

Junior: Ellen Sheridan 

Senior: \atalie Hardi- 

Returning: Mary Ann 

Self-Supporting: Steph- 
anie Zukauskos 

Special Departmental 
Award — Karen 

Textiles and Consumer 
Junior: Marcy Finkel 
Senior: Deborah Ball 
Special Departmental 
Award: Carol Fein- 

Housing and Applied De- 
sign Department 
Junior: Barbara Broad 
Senior: Grace Wong 
Special Departmental 
Awards: Debra Bara- 

Joe Elbert James Memorial 
Award to the graduating 
senior in horticulture on the 
basis of scholarship and prom- 
ise of future achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Deborah A. Camp 

Mary- Anne and Frank A. 
Kennedy Scholarships to out- 
standingjoumalism students 
from the estate of Mary Anne 
and Frank A. Kennedy. 
Awarded to: 

Deborah Ann Ruth 

Robyn S. Quinter 

Shirlev Thomas 


Academic and 
Special Awards 

The John J. Lcidy Schokir- 
Awarded to: 

Donovan Diet rick 

fhc Dr. Alice Love Mem- 
orial Scholarshi]) is awarded to 
the Physical Education niajor 
who best exhibits the equalities 
of scholarship, leadership and 
potential as a physical edu- 

Awarded to: 
Debbie Nelson 

Liinis Restaurant Annual 
Scholarship Award. An award 
of .S 1.000 to an outstanding 
student in the College of Busi- 
ness and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Lawrence J. Gramling 

Charles Manning Prize in 
Creative Arts, initiated in 
1971 to honor the Dean of the 
College of Arts and Sciences, 
1962-71, is awarded each year 
to a graduating senior who has 
done outstanding work in one 
of the creative or performing 

Awarded to: 
Alton Reid Sasser 

The Maryland Beta Chapter 
of fan Beta Pi Associati(m 
Award to the junior in the Col- 
lege of Engineering who dur- 
ing his sophomore year has 
made the most significant im- 
provement in scholarship 
over that of his freshman year. 
Awarded to: 

.John (). Bridgeman 

Press Association Annual Ci- 
tation to the f)utstanding 
senior in journalism. 
Awarded to: 

Marcy Swerdlln 

Patrick Breslin 

Maryland Turfgrass Associ- 
ation Scholarship to a student 
demonstrating academic pro- 
ficiency in Agronomy, partici- 
pation in extracurricidar 
activities, and an active in- 
terest in commercial turf 

Awarded to: 

William J. Whelihan 

Montgomery County Press 
Association Scholarship to an 
outstandingjournalism senior 
residing in Montgomery 

Awarded to: 

George Brandon 

National Capital House- 
wares Club Scholarship Aid 
Funds. Two awards of 8500 
each to outstanding students 
majoring in Marketing in the 
College of Business and Man- 
Awarded to: 
Mark R. Albert 
Eli D. Finkelstein 

The Omega Chi Epsilon 
Award is presented to the 
member of the Chi Chapter 
who has made the most oiu- 
standing contribution through 
service and scholarship the 
Maryland Chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Daniel S. Cobb 

Physics and Astrtmomy An- 
nual Awards to Graduate Stu- 
dents for Excellence in Teach- 
ing, 1974-75 
For Astronomy 
Awarded to: 

Philip E. Angerhofer 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to the 
most outstanding sophomore 
in mechanical engineering on 
the basis of scholastic average 
and instructors' ratings. 

Awarded to: 

Michael F. Clifford 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial 
Award to the senior in me- 
chanical engineering who has 
made the most outstanding 
contribution to the Univer- 
Awarded to: 

Leslie L. Walker, Jr. 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc. 
Scholarship. An award of 
8500 to an oiit standing stu- 
dent majoring in Transpor- 
tation in the College of BuvSi- 
nessand Management. 
Awarded to: 

Joseph W. Carter, Jr. 

The AugustusJ. Prahl Fel- 
lowship in German is awarded 
for scholarly achievement to 
the outstanding Graduate Stu- 
dent in German during the 
current year. 
Awarded to: 

Tamara Lu 

Peter Steesc 

Public Relations Society of 
America, Maryland Chapter 
Award to the Outstanding 
Public Relations Senior. 
Awarded to: 

Debbie Kaplan 

Pam Belcher 

Jack B. Sacks Foundation 
Award. An award of 8500 in 
honor of the Women's Adver- 
tising CluV) of Washington, 
D.C., to an outstanding Mar- 
keting student in the Col- 
lege of Business and Manage- 
ment planning a career in ad- 
Awarded to: 

Anne M. Ellis 

The Salamander Honor So- 
ciety "Robert J. Taylor Aca- 
demic Achievement Award" 
for academic achievement to 
the most outstandingjunior in 
the Fire Protection Curricu- 

Awarded to: 

William P. Wheeler 

Leland E. and Catherine B. 
Scott Award tf) the outstand- 
ing graduate studeni in Ilorli- 

Awarded to: 

Richard D. Wootton 

Tlie Shipleys of Maryland 
Award to the Graduating 
History Major with the Best 
Academic Record. 
Awarded to: 
John Looney 
Thomas Slaughter 

The Sigma Alpha ( )niicron 
Award to the outstanding 
senior in microbiology. 
Awarded to: 

Constance Cepko 

Sigma Delta Chi Citation for 
Achievement at the Univer- 
sity of Maryland. 

Awarded to: 
Pat Breslin 

Sigma Delta Chi Jay Jackson 
Awarded to: 

Robert Fuggetta 

Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish 
Honor Society) Award for 
Awarded to: 

Danusia L. Meson 

The Leo J. and Rita Sklar 
Awards in General Honors are 
conferred on several General 
Honors students each year, 
for excellence in scholarship 
and for outstanding service to 
the University and the General 
Honors Program. 
Awarded to: 

Junior-Senior .V wards 

Barry Goldman 

Judith Marx 


Kevin Schmadel 

Academic and 
Special Awards 


Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Award to the most outstand- 
Award to the most outstand- 
ing senior in the Fire Protec- 
tion Curriculum. 
Awarded to: 

James A. Milke 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers Outstanding Soph- 
omore Award to the most out- 
standing sophomore in the 
Fire Protection Curricuhnn. 

Awarded to: 
Charles L. Gandy 

The Society of Professional 
Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, 
Washington Foundation 
Awarded to: 

Dorothy Parlett 

Margaret KoHus 

Department of Spanish and 
Portuguese Award for excel- 
lence in Teaching (Graduate 
Awarded to: 

Gwynneth De Haven 

Excellence in Spanish . 
Awarded to: 

William J. Prather 

Reuben G. Steinmeyer 
Award presented by the Alpha 
Zeta Chapter of Pi Sigma 
Alpha to the outstanding 
seniors in the Department of 
Government and Politics. 

Awarded to: 
Dorette S. Feit 

The Robert J. Taylor Aca- 
demic Achievement Award is 
presented to the outstanding 
jimior in the Fire Protect if )n 
Curriculum by the Salamander 
Honor Society. 
Awarded to: 

William P. Wheeler 

The University of Maryland 
College of Agriculture Alumni 
Chapter Senior Award pre- 
sented annually to the student 
who has demonstrated out- 
standing collegiate accom- 
I)lishmcnts which typified the 
model student and contributed 
significantly toward the ad- 
vancement of the University's 
College of Agriculture. 
Awarded to: 

Daniel Rohrer 

Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award. An 
award to the out.standing Fi- 
nance major in investments 
and security analysis in the 
College of Business and Man- 
Awarded to: 

LethaJ. Xealis 

The Homer I'lrich Hcmors 
Awards, initiated in 1972 to 
honor Professor Homer Ul- 
rich, chairman of the Depart- 
ment of Music l)et ween 1953- 
1971, are given annually by 
competition for imdergraduate 
and graduate students in each 
of three musical performance 
areas — piano, voice and instru- 
Awarded to: 


Susan Holland 

Eric Himy 

Harold T. Trapkin 


Mary Anne Lewis 

Elizabeth Maison- 

John Bailey 

Larry Wilson-Uniroyal 
Scholarship to an outstanding 
student in Journalism. 
Awarded to: 

Jeanette Peck 

The first official .Maryland 
foot ball team, organized in 
1892, was defeated by scores of 
58-0 and 62-0. The w on-lost 
record over the ne.xt ten years 
was about even, until Harry 
("lifton Byrd entered the 
CoUeiieln 1905 and led teams to 
victory in every sport for the 
next three years. The state- 
wide intercollegiate records he 
set as a baseball pitcher and 
track star were not broken for 
over 50 vears. 

In 1908, Byrd (center) served as 
team captain and graduated 
second In his class. Four years 
later he was appointed coach. 
I'nder his leadership Maryland 
claimed conference or state 
championships in football, 
baseball, basketball, track, 
hockey, and tennis, and 
national championships in 
lacrosse, cross-country 
running, and rifle shooting. 

His Interest in athletics 
continued and in 1933, while 
serving as vice president, he 
designated the Terrapin as the 
I'nlversity mascot. Byrd 
Stadium was completed in 1951 
during his tenure as president 
of the University. Byrd's assets 
were not limited to athletics, 
though, and the growth of the 
University of Maryland from 
the small Maryland State 
College to a major institution of 
higher learning Is largely 
attributed to his 


Academic and 
Special Awards 

The Alvin L. Aiibinoe Foot- 
ball Trophy for the vmsiing 
hero of the current season. 
Awarded to: 

Kim R. Hoover 

James H. Kehoe Award, to 
the trackman whose dedica- 
tion to excellence most closely 
exemplifies that of Jim Kehoe, 
one of Maryland's greatest 
Awarded to: 

NicholasJ. Basciano 

Tom Fields Award, to the 
most important member of the 
Cross Country team based on 
the qualities of leadership, 
dedication to excellence, at- 
titude, and personal achieve- 
Awarded to: 

Jeffrey M. Smith 

Charles Leroy Mackert 
Trophy to the Maryland stu- 
dent who has contributed 
most to wrestling at the Uni- 
Awarded to: 

Greg G. Filipos 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., 
Swimming Trophy to the 
senior letterman who has con- 
tribvited most to swimming. 

Awarded to: 
Charles Wight 

John T, Bell Swimming 
Award to the senior who has 
contributed most to swim- 

Awarded to: 
Paul Kozicki 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Trophy to the best football 
lineman of the year. 
Awarded to: 

John Schultz 

The Andrew M. Cohen Ten- 
nis Trophy to the member of 
the tennis team who, judged 
by his teammates, contributed 
the most to tennis. 
Awarded to: 

John Lucas 

The George C. Cook Me- 
morial Scholarship Trophy to 
a member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Kim R. Hoover 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrest- 
ling Trophy to the most out- 
standing wrestler of the year. 

Awarded to: 
Kevin T.Johnson 

The Robert E. Theofeld 
Memorial Trophy to the golfer 
who most nearly exemplifies 
the competitive spirit and 
strong character of Robert E. 
Theofeld, former member of 
the boxing team. 
Awarded to: 

Mike Pratt 

Roger Simpkins 

The Teke Trophy to the stu- 
dent who during his four years 
at the University has rendered 
the greatest ser\'ice to football. 

Awarded to: 
LeRoy D. Hughes 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy 
offered by the class of 1913 
to the player who has rendered 
the greatest service to lacrosse 
during the year. 
Awarded to: 

Frank Urso 

Mike Farrell 

William P. Cole III Me- 
morial Lacrosse Award of- 
fered by teammates and 
coaches to the outstanding 
University of Maryland mid- 
Awarded to: 

Roger Tuck 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silber La- 
crosse Trophy awarded to the 
most improved defense man. 
Awarded to: 

Mark Bethmann 

Jack Faber-Al Heagy LTn- 
sung Hero Award to the player 
who best exemplified determi- 
nation, will to win, and pride 
in accomplishment. 
Awarded to: 

Bob Brenton 

Dr. Reginald Van Trump 
Truitt Award. Player must be 
a graduating senior. Awarded 
for scholastic attainments and 
team performance. 
Truitt Award to a graduating 
senior for scholastic attain- 
ments and team performance. 
Awarded to: 

Ed Mullen 

Gold Avirards 


John Boyle 
Maurice Howard 
John Lucas 

Cross Country 

John E. Coffey 
Kevin T. Conheeney 


Nathan H. Christopher,Jr. 
David M. Griffin 
James F. Phillips 
William E. Wenker 


Athletic Awards 



Kevin F. Benson 
James A. Brechbiel 
Michael M. Cielensky 
Riehani O. Co/./A 
Daniel M.DcCarlo 
William II. Evans 
Daniel L. Foster 
James B. Franklin 
Kim R. Hoover 
LeRoyD. Hughes 
Richard T.Jennings II 
Marion Koprowski 
Alfred R. I.allayne 
JohnJ. Nash 
James I). Riehey 
George I). Shihda 
JovSeph E. Yoimge 
Peter A. Zachary 
John A. Sehultz 


Steve Lejko 
Mike Pratt 
Roger Simpklns 


Larry Stent 

Fred Winckelmann 


Charles Wight 


John Lucas 
Howard Nelson 
Fredcrico Winckelmann 


Scott R.Turkel 
Kevin T. Johnson 
GregG. Filipos 



Lawrence Boston 
John Boyle 
Bradley Davis 
Lawrence Gibscm 

Maurice Howard 
John Lucas 
Brian Magid 
John Newsomc 
Christopher Patton 
Steven Sheppard 
James Tillman 
John Pavlos. Manager 

Cross Country 

John E. Coffey 
Kevin T. Conheeney 
David D. Coniwell 
Peter G. Gleason 
Anthony V. Gamer 
Gns I-oukas 
Alan J. Naylor 
Russell E. Rankin 
Jeffrey M. Smith 
Glenn A. Greig, Manager 


Paul R. David 
Mark Eisenhardt 
James G. Hankers<jn 
Howard B. Lalxjw 
Kenneth C. Povd 
Michael E. RoViertello 
John E. Simes, Jr. 
Enrico A. Stcfanelli 
Edward B. Wilford IV 
Nathan H. Christoi)her 
David M. Griffin 
James F. Phillips 
William E. Wcnker 


Steve E. Atkins 
Kevin F. Benson 
James A. Brechbiel 
Eric C. Brubaker 
Joseph P. Campbell 
Bradley S. Carr 
Jonathan E. Claiborne 
David P. Conrad 
Richard O. Cozzi 
Daniel M.DeCarlo 
Larry J. Dick 
PauIJ. Divito 
William H. Evans 
Ralph E. Fisher 
Daniel L. Foster 
James B. Franklin 

Edward U. Fulton 
George H. Gart)er,Jr. 
Douglas L. Ilarbcrt 
Kim R. II(K)ver 
LeRoy D. Hughes 
Richard T. Jennings II 
Vincent M. Kinney 
Theodore J. Klaubc 
Marion Koprowski 
Alfrc.lR. Lallavne 
MarkR Manges 
Michael J. Miller 
Scott A. Murphy 
JohnJ. Nash 
Eugene F. Ochap 
Robert W. Raba 
Dean Richards 
James D. Riehey 
Keruiclh I). Rov 
Earnest M.Salley 
John A. Sehultz 
Robert B. Schwartz 
Larrv P. Seder 
Jack'Sharkey III 
George D. Shihda 
Michael G. Sochko 
John D. Stanford 
Charles L.White 
Timothy Wilson 
Kervin D. Wyatt 
Michael S. Yeates 
Joseph E. Younge 
Peter A. Zachary 
John M. Zernhelt 
Michael M. Cielensky 
Jeffrey Martell, Manager 


Robert Boyd 
Mark Curlett 
Steve Fellinger 
James Hamilton 
Richard Hughes 
Steve LeJko 
Mike Pratt 
Steve Smith 
Roger Simpkins 


David J. Bartels 
Michael DiProspero 
Dogan Elverenli 
Daniel M. Gresser 
Kenneth W. Johnson 

Robert J. Kim 
Tony Kondratenko 
Donald J Kraft 
Christopher E. Miller 
Francis Ngoh 
Eric Packheiser 
Jeffrey Poloway 
Alroy Scott 
Gonzalo Soto 
Larry Stern 
Paul Tamberino 
Fred Winckelmann 
Steven Salamony 
Bryan Kittelberger 
Robert St roup. Manager 


Michael Allison 
Sidney Burkot 
Rf)bcrt Hassett 
Paul Kozicki 
Timothy McGough 
Stephen Schmidt 
Thomas Sheldon 
Stephen Shinholser 
Charles Wight 
John Wolsh 
Thomas Zonarich 


Claude England 
John Lucas 
Howard Nelson 
John Olson 
Robert Rosello 
William Ward 
Frederico Winckelmann 


Stephen J. DeAugustino 
GregG. Filipos 
Paul J. Glamp 
JohnT. Har\ey 
Steven K. Heger 
Howard R. Hoffman 
Kevin T. Johnson 
Oscar J. Rodriquez 
Scott R. Turkel 

52 Athletic Awards 



Tlie Governor's Cup. Of- 
fered each year by The Gov- 
ernor of Maryland and 
awarded to the one cadet 
chosen as Cadet of the Year 
from among those who have 
been named as Cadet of the 
Montli during the year. 
Awarded to: 

Mark D. Heilman 

Coblentz Memorial Cup. 
Presented to the Commander 
of the best drilled Flight with- 
in the Corps of Cadets. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Droz 

The Alumni Cup. Presented 
to the Second Semester Air 
Science Senior Cadet who has 
achieved the highest cumula- 
tive grade point average within 
the Corp of Cadets, while at 
the same time, demonstrat- 
ing the highest degree of offi- 
cer potential. 

Awarded to: 

Michael M. Dietvorst 

The Disabled American 
Veterans Trophy. Presented 
each year to the Senior Cadet 
who has displayed outstanding 
leadership, scholarship and 
Awarded to: 

Richard E. E. Antaya 

The George M. Reilley 
Award. Presented to the mem- 
ber of the Flight Instruction 
Program showing the highest 
aptitude for flying as demon- 
strated by his performance in 
the program. 

Awarded to: 

Michael M. Dietvorst 

The American Defense 
Preparedness Association 
Award. Presented to the out- 
standing Senior Cadet who has 
an academic average which 
places him in the upper half 
of his entire class at the Uni- 
versity, has received no grade 
in the advanced ROTC courses 
less than B, in the upper 20% 
of total ROTC enrollment at 
the University of Maryland, 
has participated actively in 
athletics and/or campus activ- 
ities, and has demonstrated 
outstanding leadership qual- 

Awarded to: 
Jesse L. Wright 

The Air Force Association 
Award. Presented each year to 
the outstanding professional 
offices corp cadet who has ex- 
celled in Field Training, pos- 
sesses individual leadership 
characteristics, ranks in the 
upper 10% of his class in the 
University and the upper 5% 
of his ROTC class, and has 
outstanding promotion poten- 

Awarded to: 

Michael M. Dietvorst 

The American Legion Out- 
standing Senior Cadet Award. 
This award is sponsored by the 
American Legion, Department 
of Maryland, and is presented 
to the cadet best described as 
the "Outstanding ROTC 
Awarded to: 

Michael L. Games 

The American Legion ROTC 
Scholastic Award. Presented 
each year to an outstanding 
Senior (Gold Award) who is in 
the upper 10% of the class in 
the LIniversity and the upper 
25% of the ROTC class, and 
who has demonstrated high 
qualities in military leader- 

Awarded to: 
Thomas L. Barth 

The Captain Fred H. Jones 
Award. Presented to the out- 
standing member of the Mary- 
land Honor Guard. 

Awarded to: 

Valerie L. Luster 

The American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Awards. Presented each year 
to a Senior (Gold Award) in the 
upper 25% of the ROTC class, 
demonstrating outstanding 
qualities in military leader- 
ship, discipline and character. 
Awarded to: 

Sharon L. Pfeiffer 

The Daughters of the Ameri- 
can Revolution Award. Pre- 
sented to the Senior Cadet 
who has demonstrated high 
qualities of dependability, 
good character, adherence to 
military discipline, and leader- 
ship ability. 
Awarded to: 

Teresa J. Sours 

Tlie Military Order of World 
Wars Award. Presented to the 
Aerospace Studies cadet 
recognized as the most im- 
proved within his year cate- 
Awarded to: 

Michael L. Games 

The Reserve Officers As- 
sociation Awards. Presented 
to the senior Cadet (Gold 
Award) demonstrating out- 
standing academic achieve- 
ment in AFROTC subject mat- 
ter and highest officer po- 

Awarded to: 
Richard E. E. Antaya 

The Tuskegee Airmen, East 
Coast Chapter Award. Pre- 
sented to the cadet who has 
excelled in academic leader- 
ship in the AFROTC Pro- 

Awarded to: 
James L. Ulveg 

Tlie Professor of Aerospace 
Studies Award. Presented to 
the Senior Cadet who has dis- 
tinguished himself through 
excellence of leadership in the 
Corps of Cadets. 
Awarded to: 

Jesse L. Wright 

The Commandant of Cadets 
Award. Presented to the 
Senior Cadet whose increased 
officership potential has been 
significantly reflected by his 
standing among his peers 
and/or in a Cadet Corps activ- 
ity under his management. 

Awarded to: 
Richard E. E. Antava 

AFROTC Awards 53 

Gray uniforms with high 
collars and U.S. Insignlas and 
Confederate caps were worn by 
students attending Maryland 
.\gricultural College from the 
time the school reopened in 
1867 until 1916. Reveille 
sounded at half past si.x each 
morning, and after prayers and 
breakfast, the cadets stood by 
their beds for inspection. Six 
hours of the day were spent at 
recitations, where professors 
drilled them in a fi.xed body of 
facts. There was an hour of 
military drill every day, and 
students were restricted to 
their rooms for study from 
seven until ten o'clock each 
evening. On special occasions, 
cadets like those in Company .\ 
in 1898 stood at attention on 
the parade ground in front of 
the main building. 


. J i ri» ii - -y 

K<r. -i. 


Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

College of Agriculture 
Dining Hall East 
Denton Hall 

Room 1216, HJ. Patter- 
son Hall 

Chemistry and 
Room 1526, Chemistrj' 

Room 1216, H J. Patter- 
son Hall 

General Biological 

Refer to Department 
of Clearance 

Room0115,HJ. Patter- 
son Hall 

Room 0200, Skinner 

Room 1208, Zoology- 
Psycholog>- Building 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineerini^ 


Rotunda, Mathematics 

Computer Science 

3316 Comp.Sci. Bldg. 
Engineering College 

Cash Contract Room, 

New Hill Din. Hall 
Phvsics & Astronomy 

1410 Physics 
Physical Sciences 

1410 Phvsics 

Di^'ision of Arts and 


0204 Architecture Bldg. 

Lobby, Journalism Bldg. 
American Studies 

1111 Woods Hall 

Art Gallery, Tawes Fine 

Arts Bldg.' 

1113 EE Bldg. 

0118/22/24 Student 


3120 Foreign Lan- 
guages Bldg. 
German ' Russian 

3215 Foreign Lan- 
guages Bldg. 

21 19 Francis Scott Key 


Recital Hall, Tawes Fine 

Arts Bldg. 

1131 Skinner Bldg. 

0220 Foreign Languages 

Speech & Dramatic Art 

Theatre, Tawes Fine 

Arts Bldg. 

Division of Human 
and Community 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 
Cole 0108 
College of Human Ecology 
Maryland Room 
Marie Mount Hall 
College of Education 
Administration, Super- 
vision and Curriculum 

Counseling and Person- 
nel Services 00-1210 
Early Childhood-Ele- 
mentary Education 

Industrial Education 

Institute for Child 
Study 00-1107 
Measurement and Sta- 
tistics 00-1203 
Secondary Education 
00-1220 ' 
Social Foundations 

Special Education 
College of Library and In- 
formation Services 



Diploma Distribution 5o 

nivision of 
ICcliuvioral and 
Social Sciences 

College of Business & 

Room 1101, Tvdings 

Afro-American Studies 

Room 0100, Woods Hall 

Outside of Woods Hall 

weather permitting, 

otherwise, Room 1108, 

Tydings Hall 
Economics Department 

Room 1111, Tvdings 


Room 2100, Tvdings 

Government & Politics 

Under the large tree in 

front of Tydings Hall, 

weather permitting, 

otherwise. Room 1108, 

Tydings Hall 

Hearing & Speech 

Room 21 11, Student 
Union Building 

Information Systems 


Room 2100, Tvdings 


Room 2140, Zoology- 
Psychology Bldg. 


Room 0131, Student 

Criminology' and Law En- 

Room 0109, Under- 
graduate Library 

Institute for Urban 

Room 2213, Woods Hall 

Office of Undergraduate 
Studies 01 10 Under- 
graduate Library (Honors 

Dancing on the campus lawn 
was one of the pasttimesfor 
women attending summer 
school In the early 1930's. 

56 Diploma Distribution 



(BLDG. 78) Regents Drive. Open 
to visitors weekdays 8:30 a.m. 
to 4:30 p.m. A schedule of multi- 
denominational services can 
be obtained in the North Admin- 
istration Bldg. 

BUILDIXG- (BLDG. 83) Regents 
Drive. This facility houses the 
Admissions Office of the I'ni vcr- 
sity; Office of the Registrar for 
graduate transcripts and com- 
mencement information; and 
offices for student financial aid, 
housing, and campus employ- 

RARY- (BLDG. 120) Corner of 
of Regents and Campus Drives. 
Completed in 1972, the library 
Is one of the finest in the nation. 
In addition to serving under- 
graduate students, it also 
houses at the graduate level the 
College of Library and Infor- 
mation Services. 
110) Campus Drive. A new ad- 
dition to the Student L'nion was 
completed in 1972. You can 
obtain a building directory 
and schedules of events and 
activities at the information 
desk in the front lobby. Guided 
tours are available to the 
bowling alleys, billiard room, 
ballroom, cafeterias, motion 
picture theatre, and exhibits. 


27) Campus Drive. With a per- 
manent seating capacity of 
12,500, the Main Auditorium of 
of Cole Fieldhouse is used for 
basketball games, classes in 
physical education, commence- 
ments, concerts, academic 
testing, track, and many other 
indoor activities. Other areas 
of the building contain small 
gymnasiums, a swimming pool, 
classrooms, faculty offices, a 
ticket booth for athletic events, 
and the Department of Inter- 
collegiate Athletics. 


(BLDG. 1 15) Campus Drive. 
You are welcome to visit the 
Art Gallery on the first floor. 
Offices of the departments of 
art, music, speech and dramatic 
art, and hearing and speech 
.sciences arc housed in this 
building. University Theatre is 
also located here, adjacent to 
Parking Lot #1. 
8) Campus Drive. You are in- 
vited to walk through this facil- 
ity and view displays of student 
architectural designs and the 
faculty-designed sculpture in 
the West Court. 

Tours by 

CYCLOTRON, Department of 
Physics and Astronomy. The 
Cyclotron is available for 
touring on Mondays from 10-4 
p.m. bv prior arrangement. 
(Ext. 4152) 

CATION. The Center of Adult 
Education is a residential con- 
ference facility for continuing 
education for adults. Tours can 
be arranged bv appointment. 
COMPLEX. These new modular 
housing units are a unique in- 
novation in student housing. 
(Ext. 4148) 

games and track and field 
events are held in this stadium 
which holds 35,000 spectators. 
(Ext. 4705) 

Keldin contains materials for 
the use of graduate students and 
faculty. Tours can be arranged 
by appointment. (Ext. 4042) 
VATORY. Open House is held 
on the 5th and 20th of each 
month at 8:30 p.m. for the 
general public. Large groups 
mav call for reservations at 
454-300 1 . (For other in- 
formation call Ext. 3460) 
oldest building on the College 
Park Campus, Rossborough Inn 
is open to the public for lunch 
from 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. (Ext. 

A Walking 
the College 
Park Campus 

There are many Interesting 
educational and research 
facilities on the College Park 
Campus. We have selected some 
of these that you may wish to 
visit along a walking tour. 
These facilities arc open on 
weekdays from 8:30 a.m. lo 
4:30 p.m. You are welcome lo 
tour them at your leisure. Other 
points of interest on campus 
may be toured by appointment 
through the phone extension 
listed after each facility. For 
general Information call the 
Student Union Information 
Center (454-2801). 

Walking Tour 57 


Field House 


Section 1 

Agriculture and Life 

Mathenuiticul and 

Physical Sciences and 

Human Ecology 
Physical Education, 

Recreation and 

Undergraduate Studies 

Section 2 

Graduate School 



Arts and Hiunanities 

Section 3 

Business and Manage- 

Behavioral and Social 

Section 4 



main entrance 
& exits 


58 Cole Field House Seating 

Historical notes: 

A Histor y - of the Universit vof 
Maryland , George H. Callcott, 
Mar^dand Historical Society: 
Baltimore, Md.. 1966 

Photo credits: 

Division of Photographic Services, 

Office of University Relations