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MAY 19, 1978 



MAY 19, 1978 

Message to 
the Graduates 

Order of 

We are gathered here today 
to honor some 3,500 graduates 
from more than 200 fields of 
intellectual study. 

You and your families should 
be extremely proud of the 
dedication and perseverence 
each of you has exhibited in 
order to be present here today. 
You selected a goal and stayed 
with it to successful completion. 

The primary purpose of a 
university is to help individuals 
acquire the knowledge and skills 
to be capable of making sound 
judgments and contributing to 
the overall advancement of 
society. In particular, a uni- 
versity must work to create an 
environment conducive to the 
discovery, critical examination, 
preservation and transmission 
of knowledge, wisdom and 
values. Therefore, a university 
must be judged, not only by 
your accomplishments, which 
we honor today, but also by your 
success in working to improve 
the quality of life which ulti- 
mately ensures the survival of 
present and future generations. 

As you embark on a new 
frontier of life, we hope you 
will maintain contact with your 
University. By your past experi- 
ences and valuable suggestions, 
we are best able to discover how 
to improve our service to the 
students who follow you, to the 
citizens of the community, the 
state and the nation. 

Best of luck and every good 
wish for the future. We hope to 
hear from you often. 

May 19, 1978 
2:00 p.m. 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. Robert L. Gluckstern 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Robert F. McCleary 
Lecturer, Department of 
Speech and Dramatic Art 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


The Reverend Wofford K. 


Episcopal Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. B. Herbert Brown 
Chairman, Board of Regents 

Musical Selection 

The Song of Democracy 
Howard Hanson 
University Chorus and 
Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Dr. Traver 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 
President of the University 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Elkins, Honorary Degrees 
Dr. Gluckstern, College Park 

Remarks to Graduates 

Alan Ansher, 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Gluckstern 


The Reverend Gerald Buckner 
Baptist Campus Minister 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

The Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Maryland Victory Song 

Maryland we're all behind you 

Wave high the Black and Gold 

For there is nothing half so 


As to see our men victorious. 

We've got the team, boys 
We've got the steam, boys 
So keep on fighting, don't give 
in M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D 
Maryland will win. 

R. L. Gluckstern 

The College Park 
Campus and 
The University 

The Students 

The College Park Campus 
gives all students the chance to 
encounter new persons, new 
ideas and new interests, all of 
which they could hardly find 
elsewhere in such variety. 
Students may discover ancient 
Greece for the first time; they 
may try their hand at art; or 
they may use a computer to 
help design a better environ- 
ment for man. 

But whatever they investigate, 
whether it is under a microscope 
or out in space, or within the 
human mind, their experiences 
sharpen their vision and im- 
prove their judgment. They 
learn in and out of class, by 
relating to many people of 
their own age and by dealing 
with a cultured faculty. They 
are able, in these many ways, 
to better define their directions 
and their goals. 

The Faculty 

The men and women who 
instruct our students at College 
Park are teachers and scholars 
who bring to the classroom a 
depth of knowledge, experience 
and learning that ranks among 
the finest of any university 
campus. Their work ranges 
from the study of physical 
forces to the study of man in 
all of his complexities. Some 
scholars are searching for 
practical applications of solar 
energy, discovering new galaxies 
of stars or researching substitute 
processes for pasteurization 
to increase the shelf life of 
milk, while others are adminis- 
trating stress tests to study 
coronary artery disease, debating 
the philosophical beliefs of the 

founders of our nation, or 
studying the world of black 
Americans at the turn of the 
century. All of them are 
sharing the results of their 
learning with their students in 
the classroom. 

The Campus 

Located in suburban Maryland 
just nine miles from the Nations 
Capital, the College Park 
Campus offers a diversity of 
cultural, political and scientific 
resources to its students. It is 
in the midst of a great concen- 
tration of research and intel- 
lectual facilities, such as the 
National Institutes of Health, 
the U.S. Department of Agri- 
culture's Beltsville Agricultural 
Research Center, and the 
Smithsonian Institution, all 
within easy commuting distance. 

The campus is a spacious one 
of 1,300 acres. It has 229 major 
buildings, mostly in the 
Georgian style of dark brick 
and stately columns, which 
overlook playing fields, the 
tree-lined central mall, or 
rolling lawns, while one or two 
border the few remaining open 
fields of grazing land belonging 
to the University. 

In enrollment. College Park is 
among the 10 largest campuses 
in the country. Undergraduates 
enrolled in spring 1978 num- 
bered 27,741 and graduate 
students 7,579 for a total spring 
enrollment record of 35,320. 
This year's College Park 
operating budget is $145,519,470. 
The University assisted 
over 8,000 College Park students 
with financial aid in 1977-78. 

Students may choose from 72 
undergraduate and 70 graduate 
programs leading to degrees. 
In 1976-77, a total of 5,322 
undergraduate; 1,362 master's 
and 370 doctorate degrees 
were awarded by the College 
Park Campus. In number of 
doctorates granted annually, 
the University ranks among 
the top 30 in the nation. 


The University had its begin- 
nings in 1807 with the establish- 
ment in Baltimore of the Col- 
lege of Medicine, an entirely 
faculty-owned institution grant- 
ing the M.D. degree. When its 
name was changed to the Uni- 
versity of Maryland five years 
later, it was given power to con- 
fer additional degrees. The first 
dental school in America, the 
Baltimore College of Dental 
Surgery, became a part of the 
University in 1840. 

Subsequently, the University 
opened schools of pharmacy, 
law and nursing. Under a char- 
ter secured by a group of Mary- 
land planters in 1856, the Col- 
lege Park Campus of the Uni- 
versity, then called the Mary- 
land Agricultural College, 
opened in 1859 and became one 
of the original land-grant 
schools in 1865. After a disas- 
trous fire in 1912, the State 
acquired control of the College 
and bore the cost of rebuilding. 
In 1920, the State took over the 
faculty-owned University in 
Baltimore, merging it with the 
State-owned institution at Col- 
lege Park to form the present 
day University of Maryland. 

In 1886, the Delaware Confer- 
ence Academy was founded by 
the Methodist Church in 
Princess Anne, Maryland. The 
State acquired this institution 
in 1926, making it a division 
of the University of Maryland 
in 1948. It was made a campus 
of the University of Maryland 
Eastern Shore (UMES). A new 
campus known as University of 
Maryland Baltimore County 
(UMBO was opened at Catons- 
ville in 1966. 


University libraries include ap- 
proximately 1,231,540 volumes 
on the College Park Campus, 
15,847 subscriptions to peri- 
odicals and newspapers, plus 
over a million microform units, 
including microfilm, slides, film 
strips, music scores and record- 

The Undergraduate Library has 
a seating capacity of 4,000 stu- 
dents and is among the nation's 
largest. Facilities include a 
quadraphonic concert room, 
color video tape players and 
playback units, enclosed rooms 
equipped with instructor's con- 
soles for the use of nonprint 
media materials and wireless 
stereo headsets for tapes of 
lectures, plays, speeches and 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research 
facilities are: a 140 MeV cyclo- 
tron; a nuclear reactor; scan- 
ning electron microscopes; sub- 
sonic, supersonic and hyper- 
sonic wind tunnels; an electron 
ring accelerator; a precision 

encoder and pattern recogni- 
tion device; a gravitational 
radiation detection system, in- 
cluding a gravimeter on the 
moon; a quiescent plasma de- 
vice (Q machine); a psycho- 
pharmacology laboratory; three 
retro-reflector arrays on the 
moon; rotating tanks for lab- 
oratory studies of meteorolog- 
ical phenomena; Van de Graaff 
accelerators; a laboratory for 
basic behavioral research, an 
assortment of computers; the 
Astronomy Observatory Center 
of Materials Research, Institute 
for Fluid Dynamics and Applied 
Mathematics, Institute for 
Molecular Physics, and the 
Water Resources Research Cen- 

The College Park Campus also 
owns and operates one of the 
largest and most sophisticated 
long wavelength radio tele- 
scopes (located in Clark Lake, 
Calif.) and a cosmic ray lab- 
oratory (located in New Mex- 

In addition to these research 
opportunities in the biological, 
mathematical and physical sci- 
ences, research programs in the 
behavioral sciences, social sci- 
ences and education exist in 
many bureaus and institutes in- 
cluding: the Bureau of Business 
and Economic Research, Bureau 
of Educational Research and 
Field Services, Bureau of Gov- 
ernmental Research, Institute 
for Child Study, Institute for 
Criminal Justice and Criminol- 
ogy and the Institute for Urban 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns 
worn by the students and fac- 
ulty in the academic procession 
are of ancient origin. They have 
been the traditional costume of 
the scholar since medieval times 
and probably represent an 
adaptation of the ecclesiastical 
dress, since many of the schol- 
ars of that period were mem- 
bers of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission 
in 1893 drafted a uniform code 
for costumes which has since 
been adopted by the majority of 
colleges and universities in the 
United States. 

Each of the three academic 
degrees— bachelor, master and 
doctor— has its own distinctive 
gown and hood. The bachelor's 
gown is distinguished by its 
long pointed sleeve. The mas- 
ter's gown has a longer, nar- 
row, closed sleeve, extending 
below the knee; the arm is 
passed through a slit at the 
elbow. In contrast, the doctor's 
gown has a full bell-shaped 
sleeve with three bars of velvet. 
The opening of this gown is 
faced with wide velvet bands. 
The velvet trim may be black or 
of a color indicating the gen- 
eral field of learning of the 
wearer, for example, blue for 
philosophy, green for medicine, 
purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinc- 
tive item of the academic cos- 
tume is the hood which passes 
around the neck and extends 
down the back. The doctor's is 
the largest of the hoods and 

the bachelor's the smallest. The 
bachelor's hood is often omitted. 
The color of the velvet edging 
indicates the field of learning. 
Below is given a list of depart- 
ment or faculty colors. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/ 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Education, Pedagogy /Light 

Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 
Home Economics/Maroon 
Humanics/Dark Crimson 
Library Science/Lemon 
Oratory/Silver Gray 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Service/Citron 
Surgical Chiropody/Nile Green 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining 
exposed in the center of the 
hood are those of the college or 
university which conferred the 

The cap or "mortar board" is 
uniform in design for all de- 
grees. The tassel may be either 
black or the color of the field 

of learning. The tassel of the 
doctor's cap may be gold. 

From Europe the use of academ- 
ic degrees spread to English 
universities. Harvard Univer- 
sity, William and Mary and 
Yale followed the British pat- 
tern in the United States. 

Academic Degrees 

The degree is awarded for the 
successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more 
than 1,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred by 
American colleges and univer- 

The first known degree was a 
doctorate conferred by the Uni- 
versity of Bologna (Italy) in 
the middle of the 12th Century. 
Originally, the doctor's and 
master s degrees were used in- 
terchangeably, each indicating 
that the holder was qualified to 
give instruction to students. 
The bachelor's or baccalaureate 
degree indicated only entrance 
upon a course of study pre- 
paratory to the doctorate or 
mastership. Gradually, how- 
ever, the bachelor's degree came 
to mean successful completion 
of one level of study prepara- 
tory to the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, 
or instructor, applied by ancient 
Romans to those who delivered 
public lectures on philosophical 
subjects. In the Middle Ages, 
from the 12th century, it came 
into use as a title of honor 
borne by men of great learning. 
It was first made an academic 

title at the University of Bolo- 
gna, which received from the 
emperor the right of appointing 
doctores legum (doctor of 
laws). The University of Paris 
followed in 1145. Soon after, 
the popes granted the univer- 
sities the right of appointing 
doctors canonum et decretalium 
(teachers of the canon law); 
and when the study of civil law 
came to be combined with that 
of the canon law, the title was 
changed to doctor utriusque 
juris (teacher of both laws). 
The faculties of theology and 
medicine followed that of law 
in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy 
and science, and occasion- 
ally in theology and law, is 
given beyond the bacca- 
laureate degree and requires 
two to five years, the writing 
of a thesis, and the passing of 
written and oral examinations. 
The doctor s degree represents 
the most advanced earned degree 
conferred by American insti- 
tutions. There are two distinct 
types: the professional or 
practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type 
represents advanced training for 
the practice of various pro- 
fessions, principally: Doctor 
of Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine, Juris Doctor and 
Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees carry no implication of 
original research and are 
classified by the U.S. Office 
of Education, with bachelor's 
degrees, as the first professional 
degrees. The University of 
Maryland awarded the first 

two dental degrees in history, on 
March 9, 1841, and invented 
the name of the degree, D.D.S., 
as well. 

The second type of doctor's 
degree is classified as research 
doctorate representing prolonged 
periods of advanced study, 
usually accompanied by a 
dissertation which is designed 
to be a substantial contribution 
to existing knowledge on the 
subject. The most important 
of these, the Doctor of 
Philosophy, no longer has an 
implication of philosophy for its 
holder, but represents advanced 
research in any of the major 
fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United 
States by Yale University 
in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded 
by the University of Maryland 
in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an 
academic honor conferred upon 
students who have successfully 
completed work in advance of 
the baccalaureate. A thesis and 
an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister, 
connected with a qualifying 
phrase, was used among the 
Romans as a title of honor, 
but its present meaning must 
be traced to the time of the 
establishment of the oldest 
universities. Regularly organized 
faculties were not then known 
as they now exist in the uni- 
versities. The whole circle of 
academic activity was limited 
to seven liberal arts, and those 
who received public honors on 

the completion of their course 
of studies, for their diligence 
and knowledge, and had already 
received the degree of bac- 
calaureate (bachelor) were 
called magistri artium (master 
of the liberal arts). 

In 1920, the new University of 
Maryland awarded its first 
MA. and M.S. degrees in 
fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
completion of a four-year 
course of study of collegiate 
grade and is the oldest academic 
degree used by American insti- 
tutions of higher learning. The 
degree Bachelor of Arts was 
first conferred in America in 
1642 on the first nine graduates 
of Harvard College. 

Maryland Agricultural College, 
which was later to become the 
University of Maryland College 
Park, awarded the first Bachelor 
of Arts and Bachelor of Science 
degrees in 1862. 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


Robert L. Gluckstern 
Vice Chancellor for Academic 

Nancie Gonzalez 
Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

John A. Bielec 

Vice Chancellor for Student 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at College Park 

Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Francis C. Stark 
Division of Arts and 

Robert A. Corrigan 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

George J. Funaro 
Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Joseph M. Marchello 

Deans at College Park 

School of Architecture 

John W. Hill 
College of Agriculture 

Gordon M. Cairns 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

Dean C. Corrigan 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

Ray E. Hiebert 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

Keith C. Wright 
College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Marvin H. Eyler 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies (Acting) 

Robert E. Menzer 
Administrative Dean for 
Summer Programs 

Melvin N. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Central Administration 
of the University 


Wilson H. Elkins 
Vice President for General 

Donald W. O'Connell 
Vice President for Academic 

R. Lee Hornbake 
Interim Vice President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Vice President for Agricultural 
Affairs and Legislative 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for 

Robert G. Smith 

Board of Regents 


B. Herbert Brown 
Vice Chairman 

Hugh A. McMullen 

Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 

N. Thomas Whittington, Jr. 
Assistant Secretary 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 
Assistant Treasurer 

John C. Scarbath 

Percy M. Chaimson 
Robert M. Coultas, Jr. 
Ralph W. Frey 
Young D. Hance, ex officio 
A. Paul Moss 
James W. Motsay 
Peter F. O'Malley 
Joseph D. Tydings 
Wilbur G. Valentine 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Robert C. Wiley, 

Professor, Horticulture 
Associate Chairman 

Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, 

Assoc. Dean, College of 

University Marshal 

Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, 

Assistant Vice Chancellor 

for Academic Affairs 

Dr. Eugene W. Troth, 

Professor and Chairman, 

Music Department 
Committee Members 

Dr. Ulysses S. Glee, Director 

Office of Student Aid 

Mr. Patrick J. Hunt, Director 

University Relations 

(College Park) 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, 

Senior Specialist 

Agricultural and Resource 


Mr. Ernie Huff, 

Assistant Director 

Records & Registration 

Mr. John A. Goecker, 

Director, Food Services 

Dr. Conrad B. Link, 

Professor, Horticulture 

Dr. George Marx, 

Professor, Counseling and 

Personnel Service 

Mr. Elwood Gross, 

Physical Plant 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, Coach, 

Athletic Dept. 

Mr. Charles Jantho, 

Director, Physical Plant 

Mrs. Catherine Banscher, 

Nurse, Health Center 

Col. Alfred J. Hanlon, 

Assoc. Director of 


Lt. James W. Shaffer, 

University Police 

Commencement Speaker 
Spring 1978 
Wilson H. Elkins 

Wilson H. Elkins, twenty- 
first president of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland, will 
soon step down from the 
longest and most successful 
administration in the 170- 
year history of the University. 
A Rhodes Scholar who was 
appointed in 1954, Elkins has 
steered the University from 
a turbulent time when ac- 
creditation was in peril to 
its present distinction as 
one of the most respected 
institutions of higher learn- 
ing in the nation. 

His administration has 
been marked by an unceasing 
drive to strengthen academic 
standards despite tremendous 
surges in student enroll- 

College Park Campus 
enrollment during the Elkins 
years has increased from 
just 8,600 students in 1954 to a 
total enrollment of 37,866 
for the fall 1977 semester. At 

the same time, the total en- 
rollment of the University 
system, which now includes 
five campuses, has swelled 
from approximately 15,000 to 
nearly 78,000 students. 

Now one of the ten largest 
universities in the country, 
the University of Maryland 
has also become one of the 
nation's 30 largest Ph.D. 
producing institutions. 

The operating budget of 
the University has jumped 
from $23.3 million, when 
Elkins became chief executive 
officer, to a 1977-78 total 
operating budget of $328.9 
million. Nearly 240 capital 
construction projects 
totalling more than $295 
million were initiated during 
that time. 

Under the native Texan's 
guiding hand, the University 
has developed many academic, 
research and public service 
programs benefiting not only 
state residents, but the 
entire nation, and today it 
ranks among the top 30 re- 
search institutions in the 
United States. It is also 
one of 50 members in the 
prestigious Association of 
American Universities. 

The Elkins' years have not 
been without their share 
of difficulties. "During 
my administration," remarked 
the Texas football Hall of 
Famer upon announcing his 
successor, "the University 
has been scratching, crawl- 

ing, walking, and sometimes 
running to the top." 

Born in 1908, on a farm in 
Medina, Texas, the young 
Elkins simultaneously re- 
ceived B.A. and M.A. degrees 
in 1932 from the University of 

"Bull Elkins, " as the 
school's outstanding quarter- 
back was known, served as 
Student Association presi- 
dent and captain of the 
basketball team. He earned 
eight varsity letters in foot- 
ball, basketball and track 
and was elected to Phi 
Beta Kappa. 

A Rhodes Scholar at 
Oxford University from 
1933 to 1936, Elkins earned a 
doctorate degree for his 
research on British-American 
commercial relations. 

After teaching history at 
the University of Texas for 
two years, Elkins was named 
president of San Angelo 
(Texas) Junior College. 
Beginning in 1949, he guided 
Texas Western College (now 
the University of Texas at 
El Paso) as president until 
his appointment as chief 
executive of the University 
of Maryland. 

President Elkins' out- 
standing accomplishments 
and pioneering spirit will not 
be forgotten when he retires 
on July 1, 1978. 

"Wilson Elkins has been 
a tremendous motivating 
force at the University of 

Maryland for nearly a 
quarter of a century," says 
B. Herbert Brown, chair- 
man of the Board of Regents. 
"Under his strong, 
scholarly guidance, the 
University has prospered 
in size and quality to rank 
with the leading institutions 
of higher learning in this 


Doctor of Fine Arts 

Jim Henson 

Jim Henson's many talents 
have touched the hearts of 
young and old alike. He has 
made Kermit the Frog, 
Piggy, Bert and Ernie and 
Big Bird household names 
across the globe. A designer, 
writer, producer, director, 
performer, and graduate of 
the University of Maryland, 
Henson is best known for 
creating the world- 
famous Muppets. 

Through his Muppets, 
Henson conveys a refreshing 
form of entertainment 
meshed with satiric com- 
ment which bridges the 
generation gap in television 

The unique style of the 
Muppets, as seen by millions 
of people throughout the 
world, has added a new 
dimension to the ancient art 
of puppetry. With his group 
of gifted performers and 
craftsmen, the 41-year-old 

artist is always exploring 
new, untouched areas for 
puppetry by expanding the 
idea of what a Muppet is 
and what a Muppet is capable 
of doing. 

The creator of the puppet 
segments of "Sesame 
Street" invented the term 
"Muppet" over 20 years 
ago to denote his unique 
combination of marionette 
and puppet. 

By using Bert and Ernie, 
Oscar the Grouch, Cookie 
Monster and Big Bird, his 
remarkable efforts in pre- 
school education have won 
for him two Emmy Awards in 
the field of children's 

Born in Greenville, 
Miss, on Sept. 24, 1936, 
Henson moved with his family 
to the Washington area at 
an early age. His avid inter- 
est in the art of puppetry 
was enhanced by joining a 
high school puppet club. 

In 1954, the summer after 
high school graduation, the 
young inventor constructed 
his first puppets and landed 
a job with the NBC television 
station in Washington to 
make appearances with his 
puppets on local shows. 

Upon admission to the 
University of Maryland that 
fall to study acting, staging 
and scenic design, Henson 
continued to make local 
television guest appearances. 

Toward the end of his 

freshman year, the rising 
star was offered a late 
night, five minute television 
show of his own called 
"Sam and Friends." The 
show was an instant hit and 
remained so for eight years, 
winning a local Emmy along 
the way. 

By the time he graduated 
from the University, Henson 
had perfected the unique 
Muppet style. His develop- 
ment of a series of successful 
commercials in the area 
attracted the attention of 
network television in New 

After multiple bookings 
on the "Today" and "To- 
night" shows, Henson 
was offered guest appear- 
ances with his Muppets on 
many television variety 

The Muppets became 
regulars on "The Ed 
Sullivan Show" for five 
seasons and Rowlf the Dog 
became the resident comedian 
on "The Jimmy Dean Show" 
for three seasons. 

"The Muppet Show," 
created in 1976 by Henson As- 
sociates or HA!, is syndicated 
on 126 stations throughout 
the nation and is seen in 41 
other countries. 

Today he is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of Fine 
Arts degree from the Uni- 
versity of Maryland. 


Doctor of Laws 

Mary Stallings Coleman 

Mary Stallings Coleman, 
the first woman elected to 
the Supreme Court of 
Michigan in 1972, has been 
influential in developing 
many innovative programs 
for juvenile welfare. 

She is a firm believer in 
rehabilitation and crime 
prevention and in 1972 es- 
tablished the Youth Ser- 
vices and Resources Bureau 
in Calhoun County, Michigan, 
offering pre-court services 
for children in danger of 
becoming delinquents or 
school drop-outs. 

Serving as judge of the 
Probate and Juvenile Court 
of Battle Creek from 1961 
to 1973, the Texas native has 
had only two decisions ap- 
pealed during her 12-year 

While serving on the 
Probate bench, the 1935 arts 
and sciences graduate of the 
University of Maryland 
pioneered a program of edu- 
cation for underpriviledged 
mothers in an effort to 
curb child abuse. 

Her many programs, de- 
signed to reduce the num- 
bers of youth removed from 
their homes, resulted in 
substantial savings to Cal- 
houn County for child 
care. In 1971 and 1972 this 
amounted to about $100,000 
each year, and a 20 percent 
reduction in felonies. 

Coleman noted that she 
loved her job as Probate 
judge, but often her de- 
cisions forced children to be 
separated from families or 
institutionalized, and this 
deeply troubled her. 

After receiving a law de- 
gree from George Wash- 
ington University, the 
recipient of seven honorary 
degrees went into a suc- 
cessful private law practice 
with her husband, Creighton 
R. Coleman. 

A trustee at Albion College 
since 1971, Coleman believes 
deeply that "more women 
should go into law and 
politics." This conviction is 
manifested in her present 
and past memberships in 
the National Women Lawyers 
Association, the Michigan 
Women Lawyers Association, 
the National Commission 
on International Women's 
Year, the American Association 
of University Women and 
Business & Professional 

The recipient of the award 
as the senior woman con- 
tributing most to the Uni- 
versity of Maryland, she 
served as the first woman 
president of the Michigan 
Probate and Juvenile Court 
Judges Association. In 1973 
she was also the first 
woman to be honored as a 
Distinguished Alumni of the 
University of Maryland. 

The judge has received 
numerous awards for her 
outstanding service to the 
community and her pro- 
fession, including the 
Michigan State University 
Distinguished Citizen Award, 
the Michigan Legislature 
Joint Resolution of Com- 
mendation and the Michigan 
Association of Professions- 
Woman of the Year. 

She has also been honored 
as a Phi Kappa Phi Dis- 
tinguished Member, a Busi- 
ness & Professional Women's 
Distinguished Member and the 
Alpha Omicron Pi (Inter- 
national) Wyman Award 
recipient for outstanding 
service to arts and humani- 

Coleman has lectured at 
various universities, police 
schools and Michigan public 
and private schools. 

Today she is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of Laws 
degree from the University 
of Maryland. 


for Degrees 

MAY 19, 1978 

The 1978 class roster comprises 
degree candidates from the 
undergraduate and graduate 
programs at the University's 
College Park Campus. As final 
action cannot always be taken 
for candidates by the time this 
program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative only. 
The University reserves the 
right to withdraw or adcl 
names. All diplomas not dis- 
tributed by departments and 
colleges today will be mailed 
by the Registrations Office. 

Students who have earned their 
degrees from the College of 
Education may obtain a State- 
ment of Certificate Eligibility 
in the College of Education 
Records Office (Room 3201). 
Other students who have 
completed teacher education 
programs will receive their 
statements in the mail (separate 
from the diploma) upon verifi- 
cation of required coursework. 

Graduate School 

Candidates will he presented by 
Dr. Robert E. Menzer, Acting Dean 
for Graduate Studies. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Leonard Gerald Abram 
English Language and 
Literature: The Eye of Henry 
Adams: Perception in the 

Jonathan I. Adler 

Psychology: Taste Inter- 
actions and Their Methodologi- 
cal Implications. 

Andrew Wilson Allen, Jr. 
Physics: Experimental Ob- 
servations of the Equilibrium 
and Stability of a Non- 
Circular Cross— Section 
Toroidal Plasma. 

Suzi Yamamoto Anderson 
Secondary Education: An 
Investigation of the Effect 
of Syntactic Modification of 
Reading Material on the 
Comprehension of Hearing 
Impaired Students. 

Carolyn L. Anderson-Young 

Psychology: Empathic Develop- 
ment and its Relationship to 
Social Adjustment in Children 
with Socioemotional Prob- 

Nancy Jean Almand Ator 
Psychology: Behavioral 
Effects of Carbon Monoxide. 

David H. Badtke 

Physics: Inclusive Particle 
Production in e + e Inter- 
actions at 6.0 and 7.3 Gev 

Barbara Wesley Baker 

Secondary Education: Black 
Gospel Music Styles, 1942- 
1975: Analysis and Implications 
for Music Education. 

Norma Klein Baker 

Music: The History and the 
Contents of the Segovia 

Joseph Eugene Balog 

Health Education: A Histori- 
cal Review and Philosophical 
Analysis of Alternative Con- 
cepts of Health and Their 
Relationship to Health Edu- 

Linda Farrah Balog 

Health Education: The Effects 
of Exercise on Muscle Tension 
and Subsequent Relaxation 

Chandra Mukherji Basu 

Botany: Chromosome Num- 
bers and Meiotic Studies of 
Offspring from Haploids of 
Capsicum anr^uum L. 

Warren Frederick Beasley 
Secondary Education: The 
Effect of Physical and Mental 
Practice of Psychomotor 
Skills on Chemistry Student 
Laboratory Performance. 

CarlBehm, III 

English Language and 
Literature: The Cultural 
Themes of E.M. Forster 

David Bruce Belzer 

Economics: An Integration of 
Prices, Wages, and Income 
Flows in an Input-Output 
Model of the United States. 

Bonnie Sue Lieberman Berger 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: An Experimental 
Comparison of the Effects of 
Verbal Rote and Verbal 
Explanatory Teaching 
Procedures on Computation 
with Hutchings' Low-Stress 
Algorithm for Subtraction. 

Sharon Gierman Berk 

Microbiology: Transfer of 
Mercury Through an Estuarine 
Microbial Food Web. 

Irene HarrietBlum 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: Evaluation of 
Volunteer Programs. 

Joseph Frederick Bohren 

Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: The Investiga- 
tion and Analysis of Selected 
Aspects of Intergovernmental 
Relations Betweeri County 
School Systems and General 
County Goverrtments in the 
State of Maryland. 

Craig Nelson Boyer 

Physics: Studies of Col- 
lective Ion Acceleration 
Using Intense Relativistic 
Electron Beams. 

Raymond M. Bryant 

Applied Mathematics: The 
Storage Limited Exponential 
Queue and Applications to 
Finite Memory Size Models 
of Computer Systems. 

George Joseph Bugyi 

Physical Education: A Test 
of Henry's Theory of 
Specificity for Muscular 
Endurance Phenomenon. 


Ruth Heaps Burkins 

Special Education: A Pro- 
posed Model of Teaching 
Behavior for Teachirig 
Gifted Students. 

Ravindra Anil Cabraal 
Agricultural Engineering: 
Systems Analysis of the 
Maryland Oyster Fishery. 

Xavier Caicedo Ferrer 

Mathematics: Interpolation, 
Compactness, and Maximality 
in Abstract Logics. 

Donald Wayne Caldwell 
Mechanical Engineering: 
Determination of Linear and 
Non Linear Damping and 
Deteriation in Structures. 

Christine Marie Celata 

Physics :Ci/c/ofron Radiation 
Emission from Tokamak 

Amar Singh Chawla 
Electrical Engineering: 
Electrically Alterable, High 
Density, Nori Volatile Mnos 
Cross-Point Capacitor 

Chi-Shung Cheng 

Meteorology: Diagnostic 
Study of Tropical Cumulus 
Intensity Using a Cellular 
Convention Model. 

Wei-Tau Chiang 

Physics: Measurements of 
the Stark Broadening 
Parameters of Sirigly Ionized 
Silicon Lines from Plasma. 

David Alan Corbin 

History: The Southern West 
Virginia Coal Miners: 1890- 

Paul Francis Creegan, Jr. 

Mathematics: Cotjvergence on 
a Filter and Associated Set 

Steven Andrew Curtis 

Physics: Energetic Particle 
Induced Gyroharmonic 
Emissions in Magnetospheric 

Karen Elaine D'Angelo 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Effect of 
Locating Information by 
Rereading, Reinspection, and 
Underlining on Retrieval of 
Information Both Immediate 
and Over Time. 

Patricia Long Danoff 

Physical Education: A Com- 
parison of the Energy Cost 
and Physiological Response to 
Isometric and Isotonic Exercises 
by Females. 

Apichai Daorai 

Entomology: Bioaccumulation 
of Methyl Parathion in a 
Model Ecosystem. 

Diane Davis 

Physical Education: Attitudes 
of Females Toward Multi- 
dimensional Physical Activity 
as a Function of Achievement 
Motivation, Movement Satis- 
faction, Race, and Socio- 
economic Level. 

Harry Samuel Dawson, Jr. 

Civil Engineering: Analysis of 
the Reversal in the Fatal 
Accident Trend on Maryland 

Real Decoste 

Physics: High Energy Ions in 
Laser-produced Plasmas. 

Nelson Lee DeCangi 

Nuclear Engineering: Order of 
Scattering Calculations. 

Jane Krause DeMouy 
English Language and 
Literature: The Seeds of the 
Pomegranate: A Study of 
Katherine Anne Porter's 

Victor K. Der 

Mechanical Engineering: 
Investigation of Fracture of 
Brittle Non-Metals. 

James Elmer Dinger 

Animal Science: Plasma 
Progestin Levels in Pregnant 
Mares and the Effect of 
Exogenous Progesterone on 
those Levels. 

John Brian Dockstader 

Human Development Edu- 
cation: Locus of Control and 
Achievement Motivation Under 
Conditions of Success and 
Failure in High School 

Brian Joseph Donahue 

Industrial Education: Testing 
of Civilian Air-cooled Radial 
Airplane Engines at the 
National Bureau of Standards, 

Bruce Edward Douglas 
Mechanical Engineering: 
Transverse Vibratory Response 
of Partially Constrained 
Elastic— Viscoelastic— Elastic 

Kenneth Lee Egolf 

Secondary Education: The 
Effects of Two Modes of 
Instruction on Junior High 
School Science Students' 
Abilities to Solve Word 

Mary Mertz Elsen 

English Language and 
Literature: The Child-Figure 
in Hawthorne's Fiction. 

Enrique Nelson Escobar 
Animal Science: Effects of 
Feeding Dimilin (TH6040) 
Upon Reproductive Perfor- 
mance in Sheep and Swine. 

Marilyn Jeanne Essex 

Sociology: Social Determinants 
of Depression Among Single 

George Stotelmyer Everly, Jr. 
Health Education: The Stress 
Specificity Profile as a 
Diagnostic Technique in 
Preventive Medicine. 

Bruce F. Field 

Electrical Engineering: A 
Sampling Approach to the 
Measurement of Low Frequency 

Oma Ruth Foster 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: An Ordered 
Structure of Statements and 
Principles about the Ecology 
of the Chesapeake Bay 
Estuarine Systems for Use in 
the Development of Curricula 
or Courses of Study for Pupils 
of Kitjdergarten through Grade 

William Raymond Fromme 
Civil Engineering: Conceptual 
Framework for Trade-Off 
Analysis of Multiple Airport 


Alice R. Galper 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Relation of 
Children's Death References 
to Grade Level and Attitudes 
Toward the Elderly and the 
Aging Process. 

William Algernon Gardiner, Jr. 
English Language and 
Literature: John Galsworthy's 
Forsyte Fictions: A Recon- 

Marvin Gast 

Geography: A Highway Impact 
Study of Three Towns in 
Panama: A Baseline Analysis. 

Michael Jay Geboy 

Human Development Edu- 
cation: Cognitive Aspects of 
Metaphor Interpretation. 

Jeffrey S. Gishen 

Computer Science: A Method 
for the Formal Derivation of 
Programs and Its Applicability 
to Automatic Program 

Omer Faruk Goktepe 

Nuclear Engineering: Sputtering 
of Metab with Medium 
Energy (KeV range) Ions. 

Albert James Guidry 

Dairy Science: The Effect of 
Local Immunization of the 
Mammary Gland on the 
Levels of IgA, IgGi, IgGz, 
and IgM in the Milk and 
their Effect on Phagocytosis 
and Intracellular and Ex- 
tracellular Kill. 

Latinee Gammellze Gullattee 
Administration, Supervision & 
Curriculum: A Comparison of 
Decision-Making Phenomena 
in Two Public School Systems. 

Stephen Isaac Gurney 
English Language and 
Literature: Browning and 
Keats: the Parallel in the 
Psychology of the Two and 
the Influence of Keats on 

Robert Lee Hannan 

Psychology: Performance as 
a Function of the Interaction 
of Ability, Work Values, and 
Perceived Job Characteristics. 

Vivian E. Harding 

Secondary Education: Question 
Difficulty: An Exploratory 
Study of the Interactions 
Between Teacher Judgment 
and Actual Student Perfor- 
mance on Questions in a 
Recall and a Reinspection 
Testing Situation. 

Lee-Ann Collins Hayek 
Measurement & Statistics: 
Properties of Maximum 
Likelihood Estimators for a 
Class of Probabilistic Models. 

Britt Ingalill Monica Holmstrom 
Human Development Edu- 
cation: An Investigation of 
Mother's Age as Related to 
Expressed Hostility by Off- 

Carol Maredith Hosfeld 
Human Development Edu- 
cation: A Study of Effective- 
ness in Meeting Needs of 
Residents in a Home for the 

Pedro Santiago Hurtado Durand 
Civil Engineering: A Generalized 
Model for a Traffic Volume 
Counting System. 

Barbara Gendler Jacoby 

French and Italian Language 
and Literature: Roger Martin 
du Card's Weltanschauung 
as Disclosed through a Study 
of the Irony in his Works. 

Jane Howard Jasper 

Administration, Supervision, & 
Curriculum: The Relationship 
of Goals and Compliance in 
Public Community Colleges. 

David Robert Jeffrey 

Microbiology: Factors In- 
fluencing the Pathogenicity 
of Nocardia asteroids iVi Mice. 

Elisabeth Wilton Jenkins 
Human Development Edu- 
cation: The Effects of a Course 
in Human Development on 
Nursing Home Residents. 

Alyce Post Jewell 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: Metalinguistic 
Awareness and Conservation: 
Their Relationship, Develop- 
ment, and Use as Predictors 
of Reading Achievemet^t. 

Margaret Noble Kain 

Administration, Supervision, & 
Curriculum: Development of 
Conflict Between a State 
Higher Education Coordinating 
Board and Institutions of 
Higher Education and State 

Basil Saeed Kamel 

Food Science: Effect of Protein 
Concentrate Additives on 
Acceptability Wholesomeness 
and Nutritive Properties of 
Fabricated Foods. 

June Marie Gibble Keeney 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: An Investigation 
of the Effects of Practice Upon 
the Comprehension Recall 
and Locate Skills of Fourth 
and Fifth Grade Children. 

Thomas Gail Kinsey 

Secondary Education: Effects 
of Knowledge on the 
Defensibility Level of Environ- 
mental Attitudes. 

Sally Ann Kneipp 

Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Enhancing the 
Career Development of 
Vocational Rehabilitation 
Clientele Through Job Survival 
Skills Training. 

Eileen Kowler 

Psychology: The Effect of 
Expectations on Slow 
Oculomotor Control. 

Patrick Albert Langan 

Criminal Justice & Criminology 
The Measurement of Robbery 
in Baltimore: A Study of 
Citizen Discretion in the 
Reporting of Noncommercial 
Predatory Robbery to the 
Baltimore City Police Depart- 

Rita Malimit Lautz 

Human Development Edu- 
cation: Crisis Intervention in 
Brief Hospitalizatiort of 
Schizophrenic Patients. 

Thomas B. Lawson, III 
Agricultural Engineering: 
Venturi Design Parameters 
for Air Injection into a Foam 
Fractionation System. 


Robert Michael Lefler 

Computer Science: Chemical 
Structure Elucidation by 
Pattern Analysis of 'H Nuclear 
Magnetic Resonance Spectros- 

Peter Freeman Lemkin 
Computer Science: Bone 
Marrow Smear Image Analysis. 

Majorie Lee Leppo 

Physical Education: Exercise: 
A Facilitator in Returning the 
Body to Homeostasis Following 
Stress as Measured by a Total 
White Blood Cell and 
Eosinophil Count. 

Robert Clark Lidston 
English Language and 
Literature: "A Renaissance 
of Real Power" The Political 
and Social Atmosphere in 
Norman Mailer's Novels. 

Glenn Ross Linsenmayer 
Electrical Engineering: A 
Computer Network Model. 

Barbara Jeanne Grim Littlefield 
Measurement and Statistics: 
The Effect of Corrected for 
Guessing and Partial Informa- 
tion Scoring Procedures, and 
Number of Alternatives on 
Reliability, Validity and Dif- 
ficulty in Multiple Choice 
Test Items. 

Chopo Ma 

Physics: The Impact of Small 
Effects on High Precision 
Interferometric Measurements. 

William A. MacCrehan 

Chemistry: Liquid Chromato- 
graphy with Electrochemical 
Detection for the Speciation 
of Organometals. 

Robert Gail Main 

Administration, Supervision & 
Curriculum: Intentional and 
Incidental Learning Outcomes 
Resulting from the Use of 
Learning Objectives with a 
Selected Audiovisual 

Betty J. Manchak 

Administration, Supervision & 
Curriculum: The Role and 
Function of the Media 
Specialists as Perceived by 
Principals, Teachers, and 
Media Specialists in Secondary 
Schools in Montgomery 
County, Maryland. 

David Charles Marini 

Health Education: An Analysis 
of Individual Response 
Stereotypy, Stress-Prone 
Personality Traits, and 
Menstrual Distress Symptoms. 

Hanna H. Marks 

German Language and 
Literature: Textstruktur and 
Leserrolle. Beobachtungen 
Zu C. F. Myers >]iirg Jenabh. < 

Diane Gensheimer McConnell 
American Studies: Individual 
Progress and Societal Reform: 
A Study of Contradictions 
in the Ideologies of Ralph 
Waldo Emerson and Nathaniel 

Jay Thomas McCrea 

Administration, Supervision, & 
Curriculum: A Study to 
Determine the Feasibility of 
Community Education for the 
Department of Defense 
Atlantic Area Dependent 

Michael Rory McMillan 
Physics: An Experimental 
Investigation of the He"*" 
Co2 Charge Exchange 

Junko Ogawa McWilliams 
Human Development Edu- 
cation: EMG Feedback Train- 
ing and Relaxation Training 
in Alcoholics. 

Edward Dickinson Meares 

Administration, Supervision, & 
Curriculum: The Effects of 
Participation in an Inter- 
national Relations Simulation 
on the Decision Makitjg 
Attitudes of the Participants. 

Richard W. Meisegeier 

Human Development Edu- 
cation: An Exploration of 
Ability to Communicate with 
Parents and Perceived Similarity 
to Parents as Two Determinants 
for the Perception of Parents 
as Influential in the Develop- 
ment of the Occupational 
Goals for Deaf College 

Anthony Joseph Mento 
Psychology: A Laboratory 
Investigation of the Effects of 
Goal Difficulty and Subjective 
Probability of Success on Task 

Hiroshi Mizutani 

Chemistry: A Study of the 
Origin and Evolution of the 
Protein Synthesis System. 

Bekele MoUa 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Relationship of 
the Sub-Scales of the SDS 
and Theoretically Related 
Stereotypes to Holland's 

David Walter Moore 

American Studies: Liberal 
Educators and Liberal Edu- 
cation at Columbia Uni- 
versity 1945-1970. 

Henry Stephen Morse 

Mathematics: Mathemics; 
Complex Analysis; Topics 
in the Theory of Inner 
Functions and Blaschke 

Carlos Mendonca e Moura 
Electrical Engineering: 
Synthesis of Passive Non- 
Linear Circuits. 

Jean L. Muhlbaier 

Chemistry: The Chemistry of 
Precipitation Near the Chalk 
Point Power Plant. 

Elaine M. Murphy 

Human Development Edu- 
cation: The Implementation 
of Population Education: 
Current Status and Needs 
of Educators. 

Yadolah Najafi 

Agricultural & Extension 
Education: Adoption of 
Agricultural Innovations and 
the Use of Information 
Sources and Media in Selected 
Rural Communities in Iran. 

Mary Carol Newmann 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Levo-alpha- 
acetylmethadol and Methadone: 
A Comparison of Affective 
States and Symptomatology. 

Paul E. Nicholas 

Chemistry: Synthesis and 
Reactions of a. Azido 
Sulfides, Sulfoxides, and 


Errol Carl Noel 

Civil Engineering: A Macro- 
scopic Analysis of a Single 
Track Mass Transit Service. 

Richard S. Paritzky 

Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Human Potential 
Seminar Outcomes as 
Measured by the POl and 
Goal Attainment Inventories. 

K. N. Parthasarathy 

Aerospace Engineering: High 
Energy Gasdynamic Lasers. 

Diane Cope Peabody 

Botany: Microspectrophoto- 
metric and Ultrastructural 
Analysis of Nuclear Behavior 
in Armillaria mellea . 

Robert Braynard Peabody 
Zoology: Electrophoretic 
Analysis of Geographic 
Variation and Hybridization 
of Two Appalachian Sala- 
manders, Plethodon jordani 
and Plethodon glutinosus. 

Dennis R. Phillips 

Mathematics: The Existence 
of Determining Equations 
and Their Application to 
Finding Fixed Points of Com- 
pact Operators and Error 
Bounds for Eigenvalue 
Estimates of Compact Linear 

Dana Richard Pilitt 

Entomology: Reactions of 
Adult Aedes aegypt Mosquitoes 
to Selected Sugars, Flowers 
and Fruits Under Laboratory 

Iris Jane Prager-Decker 
Health Education: Arousal 
Reactions to a Media Induced 
Psychosocial Stressor Following 
Muscle Relaxation Training. 

Joseph David Price 

Chemical Engineering: 
Ultrafiltrative Separation of 

Mary Lou Randour 

Human Development Edu- 
cation: Factors Influencing 
Educational and Career 
Orietitation of High School 
Girls and Boys. 

Patricia Flaherty Rathbun 
Sociology: Social Factors in 
the Recreational and Leisure 
Patterns of an Expanding 
Suburban Area. 

Rose Frances Ravita 

Human Development Edu- 
cation: Correlates of Insti- 
tutional Staff Members' 
Attitudes Toward Old People. 

Robert Smith Reed, Jr. 
Mechanical Engineering: 
Measurement of Modal Data 
and the Application to the 
Reduction of Radiated Noise. 

C. Roger Rees 

Physical Education: Inter- 
personal Attraction in College 
Football Teams. 

Ellen C. Roth 

Administration, Supervision & 
Curriculum: Locus of Control 
and the Teaching of Library 
Instruction: A Comparative 

Malcolm Roy Rubinstein 

Psychology: Integrative Test 
Interpretation: The Effects of 
Client Characteristics on 
Career Counseling Outcome. 

Robert Scott Rycroft 
Economics: On-The-]ob 
Training in the Labor Market 
for Young Males. 

Ruth Wexberg Salmon 
Health Education: An As- 
sessment of the Role of 
Coercion in Rehabilitation 
of Drug Abusers: An Ex- 
amination of the Southern 
New Jersey TASC Program. 

Elinor Carol Santor 

Administration, Supervision & 
Curriculum: A Study of 
Faculty Attitudes Toward 
Collective Bargaining as 
Related to Departmental 
Affiliation and Vocational 

Charles Wasdon Scarborough, Jr. 
English Language and 
Literature: The French Con- 
ception of the Southern 
American Writer. 

Thomas Warren Seaman 
Sociology: An Exploration 
of the Systemic Model as a 
Basis for Planning and 
Evaluating Crime Control 

John Harvey Slack 

Zoology: Genes Controlling 
the Expression of a Serum 
Anti-lnulin L Chain Idiotype 
Linked to the Mouse /^ Cj^ 
Complex Locus. 

Mary Jane Smart 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: Competition and 
the Self-Concept of the 
Young Child. 

Mildred Free Smith 

Administration, Supervision & 
Curriculum: Comparison of 
the Reading and Arithmetic 
Progress of Mainstreamed, 
Decertified Educable Mentally 
Retarded Students with Slow 
Learners within the same 

Norman Everett Smith 

Administration, Supervision & 
Curriculum: An Analysis of 
the 1975 Home-Guided 
Summer Reading Project in 
the Baltimore City Public 

Donald Ray Soeken 

Human Development Edu- 
cation: Feedback in Short- 
Term Married Couples Group 

Frederick Paul Stecher 

Mechanical Engineering: A 
Method for Optimizing 
Controlled Blasting Techniques. 

Elosie Loos Styer 

Botany: Electron Microscopy 
of Intranuclear Viruslike 
Particles in Phytophthora 

Thaddeus M. Tadkowski 
Entomology: Fine Structure 
of the Fat Body of Aedes 
aegypti (Dipter: Culicidae) 
During Vitellogenesis. 

Edir Carvalho Tendrio 
Botany; The Subfamily 
Centostecoideae (Gramineae). 

Bernadine Coleman Thomas 
Administration, Supervision & 
Curriculum: A Study of 
Curriculum Approaches in 
Maryland Secondary Schools 

Peggie Spearman Tillman 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Construction 
and Validation of an Affective 
Measure of Maryland Teachers 
Attitudes Toward Main- 


Russell Lawrence Tobias 
Physics: Lunar Surface 
Gravimeter and the Search 
for Cravitatiorjal Radiation. 

Nancy Baker Traubitz 
English Language and 
Literature: "Our Revels Now 
Are Ended": Comic Closure 
in Three American Plays. 

William E. Underwood, Jr. 
Computer Science: Grammar 
and Automata SAodels for the 
Syntax of Displayed Mathe- 
matical Expressions. 

Stephen Vincent Versace 
Health Education: An In- 
vestigation Into the Relation- 
ship of Visual Cue Identifica- 
tion Capability, Behavior and 
the Driving Records of a 
Selected Population. 

Jerry L. Wagner 

Aerospace Engineering: 
Absorption of CO2 Laser 
Radiation in an Slr()—Air 
Boundary Layer Region Around 
a Blunt Body. 

Ellis Albert Wallenberg, III 
Hearing and Speech Sciences: 
A Comparison of Speech 
Discrimination Proficiency in 
Elementary School Age 
Children with Grade Level 
and Below Grade Level Read- 
ing Skills Under Conditions 
of Quiet and Noise and with 
Male and Female Speakers. 

Chang Wan Wang 

Physics: Studies of (a, 2a) 
Reactions Induced by 140 
MeV Alpha Particles. 

Morris Waxier 

Psychology: Effects of 
Lesions of the Telencephalon 
of the Pigeon on the Dis- 
crimination of Patterns with 
Different Kinds of Redundancy. 

Elisabeth Ann Wear 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Construction 
and Validation of a Pre- 
school Food Knowledge Test. 

Matthew Daniel Whalen 

American Studies: "American 
Science, Society, and Civiliza- 
tion in the Age of Energy. ..." 

Thomas Richard Winters, Jr. 
Industrial Education: In- 
dustrial Arts Role Changes 
in the Public High Schools 
of Lancaster County, Penn- 
sylvania Since 1966. 

Glenn Oliver Workman 
Agricultural & Extension 
Education: An Investigation 
of the Differences Between 
Verbal Learning Followed by 
Motor Skill Learning and 
Motor Skill Learning Fol- 
lowed by Verbal Learning. 

Melih Yaramanoglu 

Agricultural Engineering: A 
Distributed Parameter Model 
for Watershed Simulation. 

Orrey Pierce Young 

Zoology: Species Separation 
in a Neotropical Necrophagous 
Scarab Guild. 

Stephen Michael Younger 
Physics: Diagramatic Many- 
Body Perturbation Theory 
Applied to Highly Ionized 
Atoms of the Copper 
Isoelectronic Sequence. 

Robyn S. Zeiger 

Health Education: Gaze 
Aversion as an Unobtrusive 
Measure of Homophobia. 

Stephen Michael Zemyan 
Mathematics: An Extremal 
Area Problem in Conformal 

William C. Zwingelberg 
Secondary Education: A 
Study of Selected Aesthetic 
Relationships Among a 
Sample Population Served 
by Catonsville Community 
College with those Art Works 
Owned by that Population. 

Doctor of Education 

Gary Faxon Bitner 

Secondary Education: Com- 
petency Measures and Modes 
of Feedback as Related to 
Achievement, Retention, and 
Anxiety of Students in a 
College Science Laboratory 

Panda Sapri Kamara 

Administration, Supervision & 
Curriculum: The Relationship 
between Leadership Syles and 
Curricular Oriet^tations of 
Elementary School Teachers. 

Peter Kunle Oyebanji 
Secondary Education: A 
Model of Test Development 
Procedure for Nigerian 
Integrated Science. 

Elwood Arno Padham 

Industrial Education: Two 
Industrial Arts Programs: A 
Comparison of Goals and 
Expected Behaviors with 
Recommendations for an In- 
dustrial Arts Program in 
Maine at the Seventh and 
Eighth Grade Level. 

Mitzi Harrington Parks 
Human Development Edu- 
cation: A Descriptive Study 
of Clinical Pastoral Education 
Programs in Public Residential 
Institutions for the Mentally 

Carolina Villarin Perez 

Secondary Education: The 
Development and Evaluation 
of a Test of Science Processes 
for Use in the Philippines. 

John Andrew Pisarra 

Human Development Edu- 
cation: A Determination of 
the Relationship Between the 
Rate of Suspension and the 
Combination of Student 
Aggressiveness and Selected 
Variables of School Life. 

Doctor of Musical 
Arts Degree 

Carolyn E. Dressier 

Music: Armida Abbandonata 
by George Friedrich Hatidel 
—A Modern Performance 
Edition Prepared According 
to the Principles of Baroque 
Performance Practice. 


Master of Arts 

Geronimo Garcia Abella, III 

Lauren F. Ackerman 

David Abraham William Adleman 

Paul A. Anderson 

Kathleen Ruth Arveson 

Stephen Badrich 

Carl S. Balser 

Kenneth Edwin Beatty 

Robert Mercer Benninghoff 

Bruce Wayne Beye 

Thomas Lewis Blakeney 

Carol Winifred Boorman 

Catherine Ann Brennan 

Edward Oakley Brown 

Gregory Alan Brown 

Robert Alan Burns 

Paula Yewisiak Cannell 

Rachel Ann Carren 

Charles David Chaffee 

Janet Brooks Chalkley 

Daniel W. Chambers 

Kerry Owen McArtor Cipra 

Craig Alexander Clagett 

Cynthia B. Clair 

Michael Lawrence Clemens 

Clayton E. Cochran 

Amy Beth Cohen 

Fran Lori Cohen 

Gary M. Coleman 

Thomasine Leota Coleman 

Catherine Hughes Conly 

Ann Garity Connell 

Norma C. Connolly 

Norman James Constantine, Jr. 

Janet Elizabeth Copeland 

Linda Kay Cox 

Richard J. Cox 

Steven Brice Cox 

Diane Elaine Coy 

Robert James Cressman 

Nancy Carolyn Rath Crippen 

John Garretson Cronin 

Eileen M. Crowley 

Brian Joseph Cushing 

George Teddy Dalziel, Jr. 

Alan David Danz 

Hong Ngoc Dao 

Carolyn Elaine Darne 

Roger Norman Davies 

Barbara Elizabeth Deckert 

Alan John DeGennaro 

James Joseph Delmont, Jr. 

Sarah Austin Denz 

Geraldine Mary De Paoli 

John DePrima 

Linda Frances DeRuvo 

Thomas Joseph deSeve, Jr. 

Michael Alan Diamond 

Daniel Joseph Dougherty, Jr. 

Alan Wayne Dyer 

Linda Laura Edge 

Lynn Emerson 

Sharon Jane Engelking 

Steven Leonard Estomin 

Carol Elizabeth Evans 

Ward Rees Evans 

Jeanna Elise Faucett 

Jo Anne Mae Favors 

Mary Ellen Fediuk 

Robert Lee Feldman 

Raymond Randall Ferreira 

Pamela Joan Finehout 

Charles Robert Fisher 

Dennis C. Florig 

Neal Victor Forman 

Catherine Louise Formwalt 

Judith Wilkie Fowler 

Jerald Israel Freed 

Ann Karlsen Freud 

Gary Gaines 

Gabor Galgo 

William T. Gattie 

Hannah Gershon 

Sareen Ruth Gerson 

Mario Sebastian Gonzalez del Solar 

John Michael Goodrum 

David Gordon 

Lynda Marlyn Greenblatt 

Karen Beth Greenspan 

Jutta Nahrgang Hagner 

Edward James Hamilton 

Edward Vincent Hanlan 

Joseph Donald Harkins 

Lu-Anne Mercedes Harootunian 

Barry John Hartwyk 

Linda Lynch Havlicek 

Deborah D. C. Hefferon 
Joyce Ann Heflin 
Helene Eve Hendricks 
Judith Gordon Herman 
Leonard A. Hickman, Jr. 
Nellie Theresa Hill 
Carolyn Frances Hoffman 
Charles L. Hoffman 
Marion Bowen Hoffman 
Thomas Edward Hooven 
Penelope Lutz Horgan 
Carolyn Lambert Hsu 
Charles Allen Hull 
Charles Jerome Huller 
Susan Carol Jenkins 
John Ashby Jennings 
Barbara Podnos Jeweler 
Bonita A. Johnsen 
Karen Lee Johnson 
Martin John Jolin 
James Randall Kahn 
Susan Barbara Kalla 
Hideo Kaneko 
Jody Lynn Kaye 
Gerard Keating 
Kevin Newell Keegan 
Ann Nottingham Kelsall 
Wesley Michael Kendrick 
Mack A. Kennedy 
Eun Suk Kim 
Kathleen M. King 
Douglas E. Kinney 
Laura Christine Kinsey 
J. Michael Kirchberg, Jr. 
Diane L. Kistler 
Cheryl Ann Kitt 
Bonnie Lynn Klaschka 
Judith Stifel Knapp 
Pamela Joan Kneisel 
Marilyn Goodman Knowles 
Diane R. Koslow 
David Philip Kramer 
Nancy L. Krupnick 
Nona McCalpin Kuhlman 
Mary Lane 
Robert Gerson Lange 
Barbara Anne Lansinger 
Paul Thomas LaPrise 
Catherine Rounds Lawton 

Alan Vern LeBaron 
Arlene Marsha Lehrer 
Gertrude Leibtag 
Aaron Lerner 
Denise Marilyn Lett 
Jerry Lee Lewis 
Helena Light 
John Carl Link 
Donald Roy Lipkin 
Daniel D. Lorello 
Margarethe Lundsager 
Elizabeth Stavrum Lux 
Joyce Neff Magnotto 
Steven Thomas Malanga 
Sally Reynolds Malone 
Ingibjorg Mantwill 
Nina Lynn Finley March 
Judith Beris Markowitz 
Theresa Marron 
Frank David Martin 
Pedro A. Martiz 
Susan Herrell Matejko 
Janet Anne Gerenser May 
Ursula H. K. McAuley 
Karen Patricia McCaffrey 
Suzanne Flick McGilvray 
Jane Fennessee McGlade 
Harold Ivars Mednis 
Jakob Messer 
Janet Holly Miller 
Joseph Edward Miller, Jr. 
Margaret Marie Mitchell 
Roger Emmit Mitchell 
Jane Pickering Moden 
Kenneth Robert Moeller 
Joan Vivian Moore 
Susanne Lynn Moore 
Larry Robert Moran 
Andrea Farbman Morris 
Janis Brooks Mosby 
Eileen McCarthy Mott 
Deborah Stearns Mow 
Weylin P. Moy 
Rose Napper 
Beth Lynn Neiman 
Marsha Susan Nelson 
Harry Lewis Neuman, Jr. 
Anne Waldmon Neumann 
Paul Michael Noga, Jr. 


N. Christian Nogic 
Regis R. Noroski 
Mary Louise O Connell 
Patricia M. O'Reilly 
Tommy Wayne Owen 
Susan Roberta Paisner 
Stephanie Davis Parks 
Jeanne Bernard Pasquariello 
Denise Laverne Patterson 
Patricia Fern Coleman Patton 
Richard Wilson Peach 
Cheryl Miller Peitz 
Raimunda Brito Pereira 
Linda B. Pieplow 
Jeanne Williams Powell 
William Jonathan Prather 
Claude A. Rankin 
Deborah Williams Ransom 
Ralph Duane Raphael 
Barbara Ream 
James Charles Redmond 
Valerie Anne Renner 
Oralndo Ridout, IV 
Curtis Robbins 
Amy Elizabeth Roberts 
Diane Vaughn Roberts 
Lawrence Irwin Rodkin 
Mara A. Rodriguez Lopez 
Jennifer Anne Rogers 
Robin Michael Rogers 
Edwin George Rohde 
Martha Jackson Ross 
Barry L. Rubin 
Craig Blaine Rypma 
Arlene Rabner Sablowsky 
Kevyn Anne Salsburg 
Keith Durand Savard 
Krista Leatherman Schejbal 
Catherine Reese Schwob 
David R. Sebberson 
Edward Seifert 
Ronald William Shafer 
Betsy H. Shanley 
Wendy Hay ward Shaw 
Tina Hirsch Sheller 
Ralph Eugene Shupe, Jr. 
Sharon Joy Siegelbaum 
Bruce Stuart Silver 
Abby Lynn Silverman 

Kathleen Joyce Simmons 
Flora Mendelowitz Singer 
Albert Richard Skane 
John Gray Smale, Jr. 
Robert William Snee, Jr. 
Susan Kaplan Snyder 
Thomas J. Solieri 
Wayne d'Avesne Spealman 
James Richard Spriggs 
Beverly Jane Staab 
Ewa Joanna Stanek 
Yvonne Freund Stapp 
Allan Charles Stevenson 
Leonard Joseph Streckfus, Jr. 
Donald John Stretch 
Frances Croom Suggs 
Diana L. Sullivan 
Deborah Brown Talbot 
Helen Elizabeth Taylor 
Carolyn Jane Tilley 
Mary Frances Tobin 
Thomas LaVaille Totten 
Alice Ruth Trenholme 
Diana Patricia Vance 
Beth Elaine Van Dongen 
Karen McHenry Van Dyk 
Farrel Vogelhut 
Inna Wahl 

Mary Horton Waldron 
Alicia Tracy Walter 
Timothy F. Walton 
Daniel Barack Wasserman 
James Arthur Weaver, Jr. 
Susan Ruth Weiss 
Yvonne Hawk Whitney 
Lynnette Annice Whitt 
Judith Wiener 
Mamie I. Williams 
Serafina Spatola Williams 
Julia Loughridge Wisniewski 
Kenneth Diller Witmer, Jr. 
Joan Allyn Wittan 
Bonnie Starr Wood 
Sharon Elise Woodman 
Darlene Ruth Young 
Karen E. Zuspan 

Master of Science 

Frank Anthony Abbruscato 

David Miller Abercrombie, III 

John W. Allender 

Amanda Jane Anderson 

Mark Phillip Anderson 

Susan Wolff Andrews 

Jay Scott Angle 

Alan Haymaker Anthony, Jr. 

Joseph Stanley Appelbaum 

David Edward Babineau 

Douglas Clinton Bailey 

Robert Gilmer Baker 

Hetty Kadison Balanoff 

John David Barry 

Byron Dov Berman 

Connie Marie Bosma 

Susan C. Boysen 

Robert Edward Bray 

Calvin Brooks 

Janet R. Broome 

Peter Van Kleeck Brown 

Karen Kackley Buczek 

Bruce Howard Budd 

Joseph Edgar Burrow, Jr. 

Carlos Alberto Buzio 

Sharon Lee Garden 

Bryant Meginnes Cawley, Jr. 

Peter Paul Chase 


Stephen Boswell Childs 

Wei-Sen Chu 

Edward Alan Gierke 

Ernest Brockman Coggins, Jr. 

Bradley A. Cohn 

Mark Douglas Conway 

John Michael Damare 

Donald Allen Danald 

Ajit Dandapani 

Freeman L. Daniels 

Patricia N. Daniels 

Tuan H. Dao 

Stowell W. Davison 

Kenneth Warren Deans 

Janet Eileen Delbrook 

John Collis Dell 

Polly Demuth 

Arthur Joseph Dorsey 

Mark J. Drabinski 

Nancy Ann Dunn 

Jo Anne Doody Duvall 

Earl Preston Easton, Jr. 

Rhoda Kay Stevenson Eckert 

Richard McKinley Elliott 

William Joseph Engel 

Lawrence Calvin Ervin 

Michael Harold Evans 

Jed William Fahey 

Jack Dean Fellows 

Andree Nicholas Filipov 

Robert L. Fini 

Bruce Warren Fredrick 

Lilly B. Gardner 

Jamshid Ghanbari 

John Thomas Gilbert, Jr. 

Raj Pal Goel 

Roy Roscoe Gosnell, III 

Gail Barbara Grahn 

Peter Edward Guterl 

Michael Andrew Haag 

Geraldine Chandler Hammond 

Robert James Hanisch 

Judy Susan Hannah 

Richard C. Hansen 

Michael Dana Hendler 

John Richard Hiller 

Mary Kathryn Hodge 

Markus Joseph Hunkeler 

Richard Alan Huntington 

James Cleveland Hyatt 

Geoffrey Indrajo 

Kimiko Ishimoto 

Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer 

Robert Gordon Johnson 

William Bowie Johnson, Jr. 

David Murray Kaetzel, Jr. 

Daryl James Kahl 

Gregory Eugene Kamedulski 

John D. H. Kane 

Jens N. Knutson 

John Ernest Kohl 

Robert W. Koontz 

Ronald Burton Kopelman 

Ramakrishna Kotra 

Kenneth Ray Krack 

Barnett Kramer 

Bruce L. Krebbel 


Sumant Krishnaswamy 

Vincent Leung-Yau Lam 

Stephen Frederick Lange 

Ya-Nien Lee 

Elvvood A. Lepel 

Roman Thaddeus Lewandowski, Jr. 

Dale Rice Lewis 

Ming-Yung Lin 

Keith Wilham Lindler 

Fredric LipschuUz 

Octavio P. Llerena 

Carol Beth Lockshin 

John Lockwood 

David Dennis Loeffler 

Janet Lee Louie 

Edward Carl Luczak 

Sharon Kay Lusk 

Daniel Stuart MacMillan 

Daniel J. Maletic 

Thomas Harry Man 

Stephen Exley Mann 

Thomas Edward Mapp 

Scott C. Marinello 

Viola Frances Mason 

James Upsher McClammer, Jr. 

Harold Wood McDonald, Jr. 

Paul Raymond McMullin 

Ellen Lee Merwitz 

Charles Thomas Mewshaw, Jr. 

James Spencer Miller 

Mark Stephen Miller 

David Carl Millner 

Alain George Minno 

Reginald Henry Mitchell, Jr. 

Karen Lamb Moe 

Wiboonkiet Moleeratanond 

Jacqueline Leatrice Brown Moore 

Patricia Ann Moore 

William C. Moore 

Jan Moossazadeh 

Newlin Thomas Morgan 

David George Morgenthaler 

James Roger Moulton 

Martha MacDonald Meyers 

Marilyn L. Nelson 

Susan Marcia Neufeld 

William Fritz Newton 

Sinh Huy Nguyen 

James Earl Nichols 

Harry Andrew Oken 
Gregory Faulkner Page 
Mary Berry Panneton 
Eugene Theodore Pappas 
Viragchandra Babubhai Patel 
Doris Kathleen Patten 
Kristine Yerkie Patterson 
Shmuel Peleg 

Marianne Geraldine Petrino 
Claibourne McCulloch Phipps 
Wayne Nicholas Polyzou 
Abdul Rashid 
Ryszard Lech Rasinski 
Richard Duane Ray 
Robert R. Raybits 
James Michael Rebel 
Maryanne Reilly 
Alton R. Ricker 
William Michael Roberts 
Linda Robinson 
Lyle Dean Roelofs 
Vildana Rojnica 
Elizabeth Agnes Rollins 
Frank P. Rucky 
Mario Edgard Salazar 
Serafina Santa-Maria 
Pauline Victoria Sealey 
Karl Wesley Seckel 
Scott Edward Setesak 
Monica Rowland Shephard 
Arun Shukla 
Thomas Jay Shutt 
Bruce Alan Sidwell 
Fern Miraim Siegler 
Thomas Charles Siewicki 
Enid Fern Silverman 
Bhupinder Pal Singh 
Thomas Lee Skillman, Jr. 
Jonathan Arthur Sleeper 
Ronald Richard Smoker 
Joy Teitelbaum Solyst 
Jerrell Elwin Stamps 
Gary Clifford Stanton 
Clifford Ernest Stein 
Harrie R. Stein 
Lewis Mark Steinberg 
Seymour David Stern 
Virginia Mallison Stibolt 
Theodore P. Streett 

Shu Ding Sung 
Phillip Wayne Symonds 
Ashok Kumar Syngal 
Dennis Compton Taitt 
John Daniel Takacs 
Mary Louise Tidball 
Gustavo Horacio Tissera 
Linda Carol Toepfer 
Erhan Tolu 
Shou-Min Tsao 
James Scott Ulvestad 
Tiruvidamarudur A. Venka 
William Stewart Wallace 
Steven Charles Ward 
Rita Pelczar Warner 
Bruce Victor Weber 
Glenn Edward Welch 
Robert Edward Werner 
Donna Leigh Whitehead 
Stephanie Ann Wiedel 
William Loam Wilder 
John Rodgers Williamson 
Michael Edward Wilson 
Sheldon Ira Wolk 
Daniel Craig Wright 
James Engler Wydick, Jr. 
Mary Ann Yaconis 
Steven Elliott Zalesch 

Master of Education 

Susan Lujack Allison 
Linda Sue Anthony 
Barbara Jane Back 
Honi Joyce Bamberger 
Carol Ann Margaret Bartus 
Helen Julie Bellew 
Sandra Lee Berry 
David Jones Bishop 
Bernard Brooke Blough 
tramani Catherine Marie Bodenhorn 
Kevin Fernandel Boone 
Stephen D. Boyce 
Joanne Peterson Boykin 
Daniel Wesley Brown 
Leopold Maurice Bugen 
Christine Coyle Caffrey 
Beth Barton Cohen 
Rebecca A. Columbus 
Theresa Anne Condry 
Gerard Frank Consuegra 
Gwendolyn Anne Cooley 
Jane Hildebrand Coulter 
David Leslie Culpepper 
Kilmer Earl Daughton 
Dennis Michael Dugan 
Diane Lynn Dugan 
John Frederick Enkiri 
Martha Gene Esch 
Joyce John Farhat 
Kathleen Wells Farley 
Mary Dwinnell Fish 
Elizabeth Purdy Fotheringham 
John David Freed 
Terese L. Gagnon 
Steven Joseph Garbini 
Roberta Packer Greer 
Jean K. Hager 
Glenda R. Harris 
James Michael Haynie 
Patricia Marian Hays 
Alyce Griffith Hill 
Eslyn Gail Hinmon 
Danielle Marie Houser 
Peter Wayland Hudson, III 
Mary C. Jabara 
Wilfredo Jimenez 
David Elbert Jorio 


Mary Lou Joseph 
Linda Marie Bara Kane 
Rayna Paula Katz 
Ali Abdur-Rahim Khan 
Judith Suzanne Koenig 
Elhs Franklin Kube, Jr. 
Dana Allen LaBossiere 
Anne Pearce Lehman 
Deborah R. Lerman 
Nelson Reed Martin 
Freida Jordan McArthur 
Marie Louise McBride 
David Thomas McCarthy 
Gloria Thompson McKoy 
Ralph Edward Meadows 
Melissa Julie Mendell 
Ann Patton Meyers 
Larry Paul Monke 
Nancy S. Morton 
Janet Murphy 
Linda Pace Naas 
Catherine Elizabeth B. Nelka 
Helen Williams Nolan 
John Richard Nori 
Pamela Shimer O'Brien 
Raymond Albert O'Hara 
Diane DeMott Painter 
Christine Anne Pastor 
Anthony J. Paul 
Linda F. Pearl 
Mary Elizabeth Phillips 
Paula Francine Portnoy 
Rebecca Louise Postol 
Jean P. Raesly 
Kathleen Ann Rellihan 
Kathy Carolyn Riechel 
Linda Ellen Rosen 
Cynthia Alice Kabot Ryland 
Rudolph Patrick Savage, Jr. 
Jack Adalberto Schoendorfer 
John Crockett Seward 
William Anthony Shade 
Adrian Elizabeth Simpson 
Lucy Teresa Smyth 
Ronald Craig Stafford 
Anthony Paul Stanton 
Carmela S. Vito 
Muriel Beverly Washington 
MaryEUen Watkins 

Marilyn Schwartz Weinstein 
Glenelle W. Wetzel 
Anita Marie Wolgast 
Jane Elaine Workinger 
Constantine Emmanuel Zervos 

Master of Business 

Rakesh Bhan 
Daniel Orlando Casco 
Cheryl Gail Cummins 
Roger John Donaldson 
Particia Anne Donoghue 
Gregory K. Evans 
Paul David FitzGerald 
Bruce Joel Gersh 
Richard Lee Gossard 
James Neal Haddow 
Judith Anne Hammer 
Ronald Leon Hand 
Gary Hayes 

Walter Van Buren Holmes 
Wilna Caudill Hylton 
Teresa Emily lannaconi 
Dale Matthew Knain 
Ernest Joshua Lederer 
Bodil Chou Lee 
Donald Arthur Lovell 
Jacqueline Cleary Marro 
Susan Anne Maslar 
Michael Leo Middleton 
Kenneth Wayne Mlynarski 
Charles John Nemphos 
Richard L. Parke 
David Sharpless Paxson 
Tuan Quoc Pham 
Alan Michael Preston 
David S. Putnam 
Thomas Frederick Riggle 
Donna Marie Ritchick 
George J. Ryan 
Mark Hilton Scheiner 
Jerry Eugene Schneider 
Jay Steven Schwartz 
James F. Siegel 
Robin Shirley Sloan 
Leslie Daryl Smolin 
William Kemp Smythe, Jr. 
Dennis D. Steinauer 
Thomas Frederic Taylor 
Michael Joseph Walsh 
Robert Lee Weikel 
Burton L. Zocks 

Master of Music 

Cynthia Ann Corley 
Rosemary Theresa Costa 
Nardina T. Fleming 
Jeffrey Seyler Greiman 
Agnes Rose Mobley 
Richard Alan Slocum 
Kathleen Frances Trahan 


Master of Library Science 

Loretta Marie Kreider Andrews 

Yoko Azuma 

Vicki Osborn Bandy 

Donna Beatley 

Margaret Anne Biller 

H. Jane K. Bossart 

Brian Patrick Brown 

Rosemary Marett Bryan 

Donna Ann Butman 

Maryjane Carbo 

Sheila Marie Connor 

Kathleen Coons Crowe 

Barbara B. Curry 

Billie Lee Darby 

Patrick Daniel Dore 

Jean M. Doyle 

Margo Sue Fonoroff 

Brinley R. Franklin 

Sandra Lee Freund 

Sophia Galifaro 

Joyce Ann Garbarino 

Mark Steven Gochnour 

Susan Joan Grodsky 

Catharine King Hall 

Marion Jerri Ruth Hankins 

Virginia White Hihn 

Judith Ellen Horowitz 

Carol Layton Howie 

Marek Kaszubski 

Steven J. Kover 

Blanche Lee Kregonow 

David Walter Lee 

Daniel D. Lorello 

Kathryn Morgan Lovegrove 

Ellen Arlene Luchinsky 

Cynthia Radcliffe Lunn 

Helen J. G. Mayo 

Patricia Ann Morris 

Ann Rutledge Bell Murphy 

Ann Caroline Newland 

Barbara B. Petty 

Robin Iris Praver 

Kay G. Rader 

Rhoda Sue Ratner 

Janine Ann Reid 

Jill Susan Westover Ruspi 

Susan R. Severynse 

§Summa Cum Laude, iMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Sheryl Long Sinche 
JoAnn E. Spohn 
Kathy May Tewell 
Don Covert Tippman 
Joanne Tobin 
Linda Woodward Vause 
Susan Ann Vlachos 
Erin Angel Walther 
Jane Buckey Wantz 
Catherine Bea Watts 
Patricia Sue Webb 
Susan Wood Wilson 

Master of Fine Arts 

Barbara Shuman Franks 
Christopher Robert Gardner 
Elaine Marcus Langerman 


Master of Education 

January 27, 1978 

Jeffrey Owen Bates 
Jan Pieter De Vries 
Doyle E. Harper 
Harold James Nicholson 
Guy A. Payne 
Elizabeth Lashley Oglesby 
Diana K. Redman 
Beverly June Sanford 
Irma L. Williams 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Gordon Cairns, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Darlene Faye Adams 
Joseph Addison, II 
John Timothy Allen 
Hugh Miller Anderson 
Doris Marie Anselmo 
Pamela Louise Arnold 
Jeffrey Lynn Barnes 
Susan Marie Barnes 
John Cameron Bartkowski 
David Andrew Bauer 
Andrew Jaye Beck 

§Kathy Joanne Bennett 
Thomas John Billak 
Nancy Anne Bird 
James T. Blair 
Donna Marie Bland 
Lee Anne Blank 
Hans Joseph Bleinberger 
Deborah Anne Boos 
David Garfield Bourdon 
Henry Campbell Bourne, Jr. 
Patrick David Bowen 
Eileen Woodruff Boyle 
Rodrigo San Martin Brenes 
Paul Steven Briggs 
Thomas Paul Britschge, II 
Deborah Ruth Brooks 
Myra Brosius 
Kristin Elizabeth Brugger 
Stephen L. Buck 
Patricia Cecilia Burnett 
Wade Foster Butler 
Melissa Jane Cable 

*Amy Ruth Campbell 
John Joseph Cappello 
Steven Michael Carcaterra 
Mary Ann Carroll 


Teresa Mae Chamberlain 
Terry Nelson Chamberlain 
Joyce Howard Christy 
Victoria Ann Ciepiela 
Bruce Armand Coulombe 

gSuzanne L. Covello 
Karen Marie Culp 
David Elliot Davis 
Sandra Gordon Delony 

*Robert Glenn Diamond 
Ellen Robin Dickstein 

»Mary Ellen Diffell 
Jane A. Dowdy 

*Carol Ann Drenkow 
Alan Dubin 

Herman August Dunker, III 
Eve Claire Edelson 
Robert Burton Elder 
Jed Karl Erickson 
Marie Weschler Esher 
Edward H. Farrell 
Karl Reid Fellman 
John Charles Fisher, Jr. 
Valerie Fliakas 
Mark John Flickinger 
Gerald Neil Frishman 
David Conrad Gall 

■f-Eileen Pearl Galmeijer 

*Mark Sennett Garland 
Roy Harry Gauzza 
Pauline R. Gelerstein 
Gerald Lancaster Godfrey 
Joseph Francis Gray 
Karen Lynn Green 
Pandor Harry Hadjy 
Michael L. Hanyok 
Steven Craig Harding 
Donald Mark Hellman 
Paul Douglas Hemmings 
Martin Conner Herring 
Charles Theodore Hobbes 
Donald Wayne Holt 
Brenda Sue Hoover 
Lee Wiley Ingram 
Ormond Bradford Jones 
Mark Alan Judy 
Hrair Kevork Kazanjian 
Michael Conley Keale 
Kathryn L. Kelley 


John K. Kennedy, II 
Gordon Douglas Kirk 
Helena Marie Kordell 
Dolores Pauline Lana 
Madeline Landesman 
Sarah Jean Lane 
Mary Katherine Lanigan 
Steven Werner Laudrille 
Donna Marie Launi 
Daniel Alan Law 

gKathleen Mary Lawless 
Richard Henry Lears 
Lawrence Kent Leasner 
Lydia Roberts Lebowitz 
Paul Arthur Leddy 
Richard Maurice Lefebure 
Kathleen Marie Lilly 

tJohn S. Ling 
Christopher Paul Lockard 
James Robin Lowry 
Elizabeth Marguerite Lundell 
Larry Joseph Malnati 
Richard Jay Maurer 
Karl Daniel Maxfield 

**Kevin Monford Maxwell 
Audrey Marie McCaffrey 
Charles Audie McClelland 
Clayton Ewing McDowell 
Christopher Robert Mclntyre 
Ronald Francis McNally 
Christine Anne McNickle 
Margaret August Meier 
Angela Jayne Meyer 
John Edward Meyer 
Raymond Gerard Miller 
Susan Michelle Mitchell 
Joan Donnelly Moore 
Martha Alyce Moran 
Rebecca Keller Morrison 
Jerome David Myers 
Caren P. Nemec 
*Anita Frances Nolan 
Deborah Ann Norland 
Debi Geneen Nosser 
Catherine Louise Oliver 
William Henry Owens, III 
Steven Michael Pawlikowski 
Stephen Wayne Paxton 
Tamara Aileen Pearce 

Kenneth Christian Poyd Joshua Yurfest 

+ Laura B. Raymond Jean Victoria Zaciewski 

John Cowie Reilly Mark Christopher Zimmermann 

Dwight David Ridenour 
Barbara Elizabeth Rinehart 
James Wiley Roberts 
Christopher A. Rothenberg 
Robin Elise Rubenstein 
Ramona Joan Sammons 
gSandra Sardanelli 
Gary R. Schammel 
Robert Paul Schneck, Jr. 
iBonnie Jane Shank 
Craig Allen Shepherd 
James Martin Simko 
-l-Michael Slott 
Ann Marie Magin Small 
Barbara Macomber Smith 
Jeffrey Brian Smith 
Gene Arthur Solomon 
Kenneth R. Sprankle 
Cheryl Ann Starke 

Elizabeth Lee Steele 

Patricia Ann Stevens 

Thomas Wilson Stevenson 

Walter Frank Stracke 

Allan James Suing 

Amy Lea Sussman 

George Lawrence Sutton 

Frederick Bennett Sylvester 

Mark J. Szemereta 

Charles Peter Trapp 

Yolanda Clare Travland 

Jason Scott Twell 

Victoria Lynn Tyson 

Lynae Kristina Underwood 

John Lewis Vicini 

Sharon Elaine Vinciguerra 

Carl Lewis Wagner, III 

Richard Conway Walsh 

Debra Anne Warfield 

Robert Courtney Weatherholtz 
*James Kenneth Weddle 

Mark Carl Whiteside 

Jeffrey C. Widmayer 
*Duane Arthur Woodburn 
f Norma Smith Woodburn 

Craig Orban Workman 

Leslie Stewart Wright 

•Graduated December 19, 1977 §Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude, *Cum Laude 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Frai}cis C. Stark, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Audria Blanche Acty 

Francisco Alfonso 

Erwin Clyde Allen 

Benjamin Cleveland Amick, III 

Marie Allen Amos 

Jane Louise Angelone 
§Alan Frederic Ansher 
gLinda Marie Arbabi 

Michael Morriss Athanas 

Raymond Ernst Banfer 
§Wayne Leslie Barber 

Benjamin Lawrence Barnes, III 

Patrizia Barone 

Henry Charles Barry 

Vicki Marie Baum 

Dorothy Elizabeth Behr 

Alonzo Milton Bell 

David Paul Berman 

Vivian Lee Hobbs Berzinski 

David Steven Blum 

Bruce Jay Bolten 

D. Daniel Boone 

Michael Maurice Brasseur 

Allen Perry Brodnick 

Michael Wayne Brown 

Ronald Patrick Brown 

William L. Brown 

George Raney Bryant, Jr. 

Maria Angela Bukowski 

Richard Carl Buono 

Karen Jean Burger 

John Henry Burney 

Mark Robert Busch 

Mark Richard Bustin 

Theresa Marie Butler 

David Samuel Buyer 

F. Michael Callahan 

Marianne Huddell Carroll 

Charles Stanley Carter, Jr. 

Carol Louise Casteel 

f Barbara Lynn Chadwick 
Alyse Deborah Chiert 
Christine Chiosi 
Judith Laura Chipchin 
David Barry Chrest 
Wayne Paul Claus 
Scott Gerald Coates 
Robert Michael Cohl 
Charles Joseph Collins 
Maria Elisa Colucciello 
Patrick Timothy Conley 

*Brian Kenneth Cooley 
Cynthia Jo Cooperman 
Howard James Cornish 

gCynthia Lou Costenbader 
Jay Stewart Creekmore 
Robert Walter Dapper 
Pam Davar 
Paul Ray David 
Alvin William Davis 
Alan Lee Dechter 
Lucia deLeiris 
Donna Cecelia Dennis 
Michael Dolen Depue 
Robert Edward Devine, Jr. 
Martin Joel Diamond 
Nicholas DiMaio 

fRobert Kevin Dougherty 
Willard Meredith Douglas 
Thomas Hicks Downs 
Pamela Easton 
Brian Wissler Eaton 
Robert H. Eaton 
Stephen Palmer Eddy 

^Jonathan Scott Elias 
Janice Ann Emery 
John David Ernst 
Kevin Leonard Facchine 
John Mitchell Farah, Jr. 

*Majid Farivari 
Michael Eric Feldman 
Susan Jemison Ferris 
Terrie Ann Fielden 
Michael Joseph Fisher 
Michele Diane Foo 

*Carol Frenick Fowler 
Mark Fox 

Samuel Lyles Freeland, Jr. 
Carol Ann Freeman 

Robert T. Fremeau, Jr. 

Lewis Stanley Friedman 

John Henry Fringer, III 

Roy Davis Furr 

David Edgardo Fuster 

Daniel L. Gallahan 
*Renu Garg 

Joseph John Genovese, Jr. 

Glenn David Gerald 

Robert Anton Gessler 

James Jason Geyer 

John David Gilman 

Gene Robert Glover 

Michael Aaron Gnatt 

Anita Louise Goll 

Steven Walter Gotoff 

A. Michael Gottlieb 

Patricia Ann Grantham 

Jeffrey Glenn Gross 

Shirley Beth Hackman 

John Robert Hammerer 

Donald Fay Hemenway, Jr. 

Jonathan Arn Hemphill 

Marietta Larracas Hidalgo 

Mark Richard Higby 

Patricia Eileen Higgins 

Camille Ann Hill 

Cynthia Hazel Hinman 

Larry Edward Hinman 

Robert B. Hirsh 

Robert Mark Hoerauf 

Peter Craig Hoffman 

Deborah Lynn Holden 

Manuel Holguin 

Kevin J. Hollister 

Rowland Sherwood Holsinger 

Robert Allan Horlick 

Barbara Ann Hurley 

Linda Marie Hurley 

Darlene A. Jackson 

Ronald David Jacobs 
*James Michael Mathew Jochum 

Kent Warren Johnson 

Robert Bruce Johnson 

Robert Lawrence Jonas 

William Herbert Jonas 

Alyson Lela Jones 

Paul Juergensen, II 

Theodore Bernard Junghams 

§5umma Cum Laude, +Magna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Michael Robert Kammerman 

Stephanie Kane 

James Douglas Kearney 

James Franklin Keefer, Jr. 

Robert Melvin Keese 

Scott William Keith 

Jonathan Roy Keller 
*Mark Robert Keller 

Shawn William Kennedy 

Steven Michael Kermisch 

Kathleen Mary Kiddy 

Virginia Carol Kimball 
fRichard Kolodrubetz 

Stephen Jeremy Kominsky 

Joseph Andrew Kozlosky 

Andrew Alan Kramer 

Irvin Bernard Krukenkamp, Jr. 

John Michael Kuchinski 

Randall James Kurth 

Gail Francine Kushner 

Craig Ernest LaBell 
^Jeffrey Allen Lafferman 

Linda Ann Lamb 

Richard Allan Lane 

Michael Peter Lee 

Kerry Brian Leifer 

Daniel Levin 

Jerry Joseph Lewis 

Thomas Stephen Lewis 

Lisa Joan Lilienfield 

Rodney Brent Liller 

Robert Glaser Loeb 

Michael Carlton Long 

Elia Maria Lopez 

Valerie Claire Lowe 

Jack Henry Luckhardt, Jr. 

Stanley Alan Luksenburg 

William Charles Lynch 

Desiree Bryan MacSorley 

Ellen Madar 
gCatherine Edwards Maire 

Sandra Ann Maloney 

Gail Belinda Marriott 

Sandra Lynn Marshall 

Mark George Massey 
*Linda Susan Mathis 

Sherri Louise Maus 

Lieser Milligan Mayo 

Paul Francis McAllister 


Harrison Byington McCawley, III 

Norwood McMahon 

Harold Meckler 

Daniel Edward Meyer 

Frederick William Meyer 

Barbara Ann Miller 

Lynne Faith Miller 
*Paul Richard Miller 

Sara Elizabeth Miller 

Stephanie Edith Miller 

Lloyd George Mitchell 

Stephen Charles Molz 

Jeremiah James Montague, Jr. 

Virginia Ann Morgan 

Barbara Browning Morris 

Michael Scott Morris 

Bruce Bowden Muirhead 

Julian Herbert Nave, II 

Edward Matthew Newman 

Perry Blackshear Newton, III 
•f-Amy Susan Northrop 

Price Bartnik Oden 

Masako Powers Okajima 

Serap Oktay 

Sheryl Lyn Olsen 

Robert Paul Olszewski 

Ruth Hannon Oneson 

Jacob J Orbon, Jr. 

James Otradovec, III 

Fernando Daniel Padilla 
f Andrew Victor Panagos 

John F. Patrick, Jr. 

Peggy Ann Peterson 

Karen Tracy Pitman 

Barry Franklin Pollock 

John Harold Powers 

Grover Benjamin Pumphrey 

Michael J Purdy 

Sharon Anne Randall 

Robert Wesley Redd, Jr. 

David Maximilian Reinitz 

Richard Joseph Reinitz 
'Benjamin Ernest Reshew 

Andrew John Rindos, III 

Karen Louise Ritter 

Veronica Ann Roberts 
f William Peyton Roberts 

Clarence Nathaniel Robinson, Jr. 

Gary Alan Robinson 

Ramona Louise Robinson 
Michele Lynette Rollence 
David Michael Rollins 
Michael William Rommal 
Robert Joseph Rosenthal 

*Thomas Richard Rounds, Jr. 
Kenneth Mark Rudo 
Michael A. Salah 
Robert Bruce Schaefer 
Leslie Joan Schilling 
Benjamin Schneider 
Graig Steven Schneider 
Eric Schwartz 
Howard Stephen Schwartz 
Martin Lee Schwartz 
Alroy Reginald Scott 
Jeffrey Neil Shef ts 
Ronald Lloyd Sherman 
Scott Benjamin Sherr 
Donald Lee Sherry 
Donna Masami Shimoda 
Barbara Sue Shute 
Mary Ann Sienkiewicz 

'Sherry Eileen Singer 
Daniel Thomas Slattery 
Gregory Allen Smith 
Mary Ann Smith 
I. Michael Snyder 
Stephen Lee Snyder 
Paul Alan Solomon 

f Sepehr Soltani 
Simone S. Sommer 
Coleman Jay Spector 
James David Spiegel 
Kimberly Sue Statham 

gPeter David Steinberg 
Mark Walter Stenvall 
Sheryl Sue Sternenberg 
Michael Paul Stevens 

f Alan Thomas Stone 

f Jonathan Eric Surell 

'Michael Gerard Sweeney 
Richard Mark Taylor 
Lori Rae Tolson 
Steven Lee Tonelson 
George Chi-Chen Tong 
Virginia May Torsch 
George Donald Towson 
Bruce Colston Trapnell 

Karan Lynn Truesdell 

Susan R. Turin 

Homer Lee Twigg, III 

Craig Edward Upchurch 

Laurine Rose Van Wie 

Donna Gail Virgil 

Don Alexander Vroblesky 

fWilliam Woukashin Vuitch 
Stephen Robert Wajsgras 
John Eliot Walsh 
Alan S. Warminski 
Don Gregor Wartella 
Robert Kevin Wasserman 

'David Lee Waxman 
John Baker Wheeler, IV 
Charles Levi White, III 
Mark Leonard Wiesner 
James Robert Wigand 
Malcolm Glen Wilkinson 
Charles Dirk Williams 
Alvin Mark Wilson 
Nancy A. Winchester 
Jeffrey Louis Wingenroth 
Dora M. Wolfe 
Richard Scott Wolman 
Edwin Min Wong 

'Kent Benson Woodburn 
Rosalyn Diane Wright 
Amjad Zaman 
Robert Lawrence Zaner 
Amie Sue Zimmerman 
Steven Robert Zunger 

Division of 
Arts and 


Candidates will be presented by 
Prof. John Hill, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Mark Johnathan Aehle 
James Christopher Benjamin 
Paul Frederick Bobick 
Maria Luisa Clarens 
Howard Jay Cooperman 
David Dafner 

tSergio del Castillo 
Michael Vincent DeMaio 
Glenn Clifford Forrest 
R. Wayne Gibson 
Steven Michael Harden 
John Bartlett Hendrickson 
James Howard Keen 
John Edward Kraus 
Richard John Loeschke, Jr. 

'Mark J. Marcinik 
David Michael Miles 
John Thomas Miller, III 
Norman Edward Morin, Jr. 
Susan Young MuUineaux 
Joseph Charles Netherton 
David William Porter, Jr. 
Doris Evelyn Raithel 
George Allen Rixey 
David Richard Robbins 
Monte Jay Rosenberger 
Brenda A. Sanchez 
Donald Joseph Schultz 
Stanley John Sersen 

'William Richard Shoken 
Petros Odysseas Skalkos 
Kenneth Donald Smith 
Neal Ray Sumner, III 
William Edward Tolbert 
Charles Frank Ulrich 
Ravi Samuel Waldon 
Francis Xavier Watkins 

§5umma Cum Laude, tMagna Cum Laudej *Cum Laude 

Michael Andrew Wiencek, Jr. 
gMichael Jay Winakur 
Walter Quing Wong 

Bachelor of Science 

Charles Bruce Boswell 
Ralph Charles Bowman 
Glenn Clifford Forrest 
Eleanor Grace Glover 
Stephen Bradley Griffin 
Brian M. Guthrie 
James Howard Keen 
Joseph Charles Netherton 
§Michael Jay Winakur 
Hal Roy Zaslow 

§5ummd Cum Laude, +Magna Cum Laude, 


Candidates will he presented by 
Dr. Ray E. Hiebert, 
Dean of the College 
Bachelor of Science 

Roger Allan Abram 

Sharon Lynn Akers 

Charles William Benjamin, Jr. 

Donna Rae Blackwell 

Angela Katherine Boykin 

Carol Lee Brice 

Martin Brooks 

Carol Lee Brown 

Clarence Anthony Brown, III 

Humberto Caballero 

Marc H. Caplan 

Susan Lisa Commander 

Lee Somerby Cooke 
'Margaret Mary Coons 

Cynthia Lynn Cushner 

Cynthia Elaine Cusic 

Therese A. Daubner 

Bessie Remona Davis 

Marcia Andrea Defrin 

Susan Lois Desind 

Patrick Umberto Di Chiro 

Patricia Marie Domen 

Lily Ju-Li Dow 

Sharon L. Faina 

Joseph B. Feeks 

Sunil Kumar Freeman 

William Reed French 

Stephen Lawrence Fricker 
gNancy Ellen Friedman 

Julia Patton Gaines 

Matthew F. Galella 

Jeanne Marie Garland 

Rebecca Ann Grier 

Scott Highton 

Judith Ann Hillstrom 

Sue Robin Jacobson 

Yolanda Yvette Johnson 

Robert Edmund Kerin 

Cheryl Denise Keyes 

Ronald Eugene Kidwell, Jr. 

Terry Michael King 

Carl Thomas Kirk 

'Cum Laude 

Timothy Bell Kurkjian 
David Edward Lazarus 
Pilar M. Lersundy 
Robert Paul Lesch 
Kevin Neal Levengood 
David Martin Levitt 
Dawn C. Marcus 
Sabina Anne Mazzanti 
Pamela Jean McGill 
Kathleen Susan Mirin 
Susan Mole 

*Carol Marie Musgrave 
Wanda Lois Mushel 
Michael James Nelson 
Mark Xavier Odum 
Alison Anne O'Neill 
Susan Lorraine Otradovec 
Stephen Allen Parezo 

*Marcy Swerdlin Parker 
Maria Plati 
Sally Carol Marie Prescott 

*Jan Lynn Prince 
Jesiis Jesse Rangel 
Rodney John Reynolds 
Suzan Richmond 
Randall K. Roberts 
Sharon Anne Roberts 
James Terence Roth 
Debra Ann Rowley 

f Deborah Michelle Royster 
David Rubinstein 
Paul Jay Serber 
Edison Dave Sewell 
Marlene Andrea Stein 
Phillip William Swann 
David Lee Tabler 
James Lippincott Thompson 

+ Gail Katherine Thuman 
Mary Margaret Walker 
Charles Michael Walls 
Vicki Lynne Warrenfeltz 
Leslie Adelle Webb 
Steven W. Weinberg 
Gary Alan Weinstein 

gAndrew Carl Weisinger 
David Callahan Westcott 
Jerome John Wilson 

*Pia Marie Winters 
Susan Denise Wood 

Division of Arts 
and Humanities 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Corrigan, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

William Leonard Abbott 

David Louis Abramson 

Shirleeta Cornelia Adams 

Chae H. Ahn 

Rodney Powell Albright 

Larry Robert Alfrey 

Lois Helen Allen 

Betsy Alison Alperin 

Eleanor Amason 

Sharon Angle 

Russel Anthony Arlotta 

Arden Elaine Atkins 
gMary Louise Atwater 

Stefan Michael Aubrey 

Daniel AvRutick 

Sydney Doreen Ayoung 

Deborah Ann Badger 

Gerald James Badgley 

Anna Marie Bagwell 

Katherine Gordon Baird 

Donald Earle Baldauf 
f Linda Dee Banish 

Elizabeth R. Barbiere 

Michael Clark Barrett 

Isobel Bartz 

Daria Basarab 

Terry Lee Bass 

Wayne Andrew Battenberg 

John David Battersby 

Alan Jerold Baverman 

Steve R. Bensinger 

Paula Marie Berard 

Stephanie Berger 

Gail Marcia Berman 

Ruth Elizabeth Berthold 

Margaret Jean Billings 

Deborah Anne Bird 

Brian Nelson Bixler 

Irene Lydia Boehm 

Michael Andrew Boulavsky 

George Nick Bounelis 


Clyde Roland Bowman 
Makrouhie Maggie Boyajian 
Richard Gordon Boyce, Jr. 
Barrett Andrew Braman 
Andrew Stephen Bridge 
Anne Brigham 
Paul Crane Brockway 
Lois Reit Brooks 
Richard Brosnan 
Kimberly Ann Brown 
Bradley Kerr Bryan 
Marianne Bonney Buel 
Linda Marie Burgdorf 
Gregg Paul Burleyson 
Kathleen Patricia Burns 
Margaret Mary Burns 
Linda Jeanne Busch 
Mildred Pascuala Calder6n 
Carolyn Virginia Carbone 
Randall G. Carr 

*Susan Blaine Carr 
Susan L. Casselberry 
Ann Caroline Cech 
Susan Rebecca Chavarria 
Stephanie Sue Cheek 
Philip Randy Cherkas 
Nancy Chernev 
Denise Olivia Cherry 
Gary Arthur Chick 
Deirdre Ann Clarkin 
Glenn Alden Clatworthy 
Alan Stuart Cohen 
Jane Mollis Cohen 
Rena Carmen Coia 
Rosemary Collins 

*Timothy William Collins 
Lisa Mary Conti 

*Sandra Leigh Cook 
William Kenneth Cook 
Osman Myron Corson 

*Charlene Darby Courpas 
John Frederick Cove, Jr. 
Bethany Jo Covington 

gjane Marie Coyle 
Lucille Mara Craft 
Jan Louise Cunningham 
Steven Carroll Dawn 
Michelle Marguerite Dawson 
Karen Michelle Decker 

Augustus deGrazia 

James Mack De La 
gjames Sylvester DeLizia 

Scott Bruce Deneroff 
{Patrick Joseph Dennis 

Teresa Gail Denton 

Delmer Lawrence Desmond 

Mary Catherine Dinan 

Ann Paula Director 

Joan Marie Ditchey 

Moira Elizabeth Doherty 

Sheila Denise Douglas 

Joseph Francis Dowling, III 

Sue Ann Downes 

Julia Ann Doyle 

Vickie Dawn Duea 

Susan Marie Duffy 

JoAnn Marie Dyer 
f Susan Lynn Edquist 

Rachel Louise Eisenhauer 

Kathleen C. Elder 

William Osborne Enderlin 

Joni Elaine Errera 

Mohammad T. G. Eskandari 

Janice Marie Everard 

Mary Kathryn Farrow 
f Robin Finkelstein 

Elissa Marie Bjorlykke Fisher 

Jean Marie Fiumara 

Mindy Joan Fivush 

Anna Christina Liczbinski 

Winifred Alberta Fletcher 

Patricia Jean Foley 

Nancy Lynn Ford 

Douglas Charles Forness 
*Cara L. Forrest 

Cynthia Ann Foust 

Anne Marie Fox 

Brigitte Eileen Fradenburg 

Howard David Friedman 

Michael Leslie Friedson 
*Carl Arne Gabrielsen, Jr. 

Frank Nazih Gangi 

George Herbert Garber, Jr. 

Joseph Jeffrey Garber 

Glenn Thomas Gardner 

Cathy Marie Garofalo 

Stacie Wright Garrity 

Carlos Mario Garza 
Paul Lawrence Gasior 
David Chrest Gellner 
Allyson Fran Gen 
Patricia Mary George 
Robert Frank Gerke 
Hedy Fae Getzik 
Juliet Tina Giamartino 
Diane Amelia Gilbert 
William Robert Glaeser 
John Jared Glauser 
Bennett Paul Goldberg 
Debra Elaine Goldberg 
William Gombash, III 
Belinda Cheryll Goodmark 
Richard Day Gore 
Darrell Andrew Grafton 
Jonathan Whittemore Gray 
Michael Anthony Green 
Sheila Ryan Green 
Abbi Mae Greenfield 
Robert Wayne Griffin 
Thomas Kent Roberts Groff 
Jeffrey Newlin Grubb 
Susan Lynn Gruber 
Volodimir Hajdar 
Anna Garris Hampton 
Laraine Kay Harford 
Sandra Rodgers Harpe 
Malcolm Jeffrey Luis Harper 
Elaine Harrigan 
Donna Kay Harris 
Karen Harris 
Louise H. Hayman 
§Mary Wynne Heiss 
Mark Walter Herlong 
Violeta Larracas Hidalgo 
Virginia Carol Higbie 
Maria Carol Hirsch 
William M. Hitchcock 
Andrew Brett Hoffman 
Thomas Joseph Hoffman 
Virginia Kim Hoggard 
John Lee Hollingshead 
Nancy Marie Holmes 
Hobbs Henry Horak, Jr. 
Susan Therese Hormuth 
Janet Louise Home 
Stephanie Lynn House 


§Christopher KCihne Hughes 

Kenneth Anthony Hughley 

Robert John Hundertmark 

John Dent Hungerford, Jr. 

David Russell Hurt 

Lynn Ellen Hyfantis 

Neal Philip Hyman 

Peter Stephen Ilowitz 

Elspeth Ann Inglis 

Dennis James Ireland 

Richard Arthur Ireland 

Jonathan Dean Isaacs 

David Neil Jackson 

Rita Ann Jameson 

Rosemary Janus 

David Alan Jarman 

Jeanne Patricia Jarvis 

Linda Cecilia Jenious 

Michael Lynn Jewell 
*Jo E. Johnson 

Valerie Gaye Johnson 

Charles Bradley Jones 

Richard Orville Jones 

Lawrence Christian Juel 

Alice Carol Kahm 

Monica Anne Kalanevich 

Deborah Ann Kane 

Jana Bonnie Kaplan 

Margaret Johnston Kappel 

Faith Michele Kates 

Jodie Beth Kaye 

Scott Michael Kaye 

Matthew Joseph Keenan 
fCynthia Louise Keith 

George Joseph Kibler 

Debra Anne Kindervatter 
*Cynthia Ann King 

Linda Baskette King 

Joseph Watson Kinter, III 

Debra Jo Klein 

Scott Sherman Klein 

Edward G. Klimas 
§Zoila Kohler 

Guy Lindsay Kohn 

Daniel Kolak 

Christy Lynn Koontz 

David Scott Kruh 

Harold Leroy Kuhn, Jr. 

David Reid LaFleur 

Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Peter Douglas Lambert 

Donald Foster Leon 
fNanette Dehra Levine 

Susan Jane Levine 

Mark Jay Lewinter 

Stuart David Liebman 

Marijeanne Liederbach 
*Steven Ray Lindsay 

JonatJian Lipnick 

Anne Meryl Litman 

Sherrill Lynn Loeber 

Lisa Anne Long 

Peggy Sue Long 

Vincent Anthony Lopardo 

Mary Ellen Lynch 

Peggy Lynne Lynn 

Moire MacDonald 

Margaret J. MacNemar 

Mary Magoulas 

Maureen Ann Mahlmann 

James E. Malone 

Denise Mary Mangialardi 

Diane Mannario 

Everett Randall Martin 

Rebecca Ann Maus 

Andre Ramon Mavritte 

Christina Ann Mazzanti 
*Mark Disbrow McCurdy 

Aletha Lea McDaniel 

Laura Ann McKeag 

Mark Peter McLane 
§Brian Douglas McLaren 

Judith Marie McShea 

Michele Ann McTighe 

Thomas Alan Mead 

Catherine Gae Mellon 

Suzanne M. Mercury 

Kristin Use Mesa 

John D. Mewshaw 
*Carole Lee Meyers 

Stephen John Michalec 

Mark Richard Milewski 
*Sandra Kay Miller 

Brian Joseph Milmoe 

Kathleen Susan Mirin 

Mary Therese Mitchell 

Deborah Moore 

Dennis Burgess Moore 

James Loomis Moore 

§Summa Cum Laude, tMagna Cum Laude; 

Angeline Herbert Morton 

Deborah Carol Motzno 

William W. MuUin 

Kevin Patrick Murphy 

Lawrence Hite Myers 

Amy S. Nechamkin 

Kenneth Earl Nero 

Janet E. Neumann 

Lynda Caren Neustadter 

Lori Ann Niland 
fMartha L. V. Novas 

Margaret Mary O'Donnell 

Mary Alice O'Donnell 

Mark Xavier Odum 

Brenda Beth Olin 

Renee Michelle Oliver 

Sonia M. Onufrak 

Susan O'Rourke 

Annick C. Orrison 

Jan Marie Ouska 

Rita Ann Packheiser 

Margaret Catherine Pallas 

Constance B. Panhans 

Dianne Jocelyn Patrick 

Mark Turrell Pattie, III 

Sandra Jo Payne 

Susan Clara Payne 

Jane L. Pearlman 

William Peter Pemstein 

Gary Robert Pendleton 

Jeffrey Michael Penn 
*Leslie Johanna Pfund 
*Mary Clare Phelps 

Robert James Phelps 

Frank Anthony Phillips 

Edward Garland Phoebus, III 

Robert Leon Pierson 

Jeanette Anne Plante 

Lincoln Leroy Pope 

Deborah Ann Porter 

Dickinson Prentiss, Jr. 

Ronnie Bruce Prince 

Deborah Proper 

Elizabeth DeRussy Publicover 
f Jarus Kevin Quinn 

Maria Anna Rad 
*Gail Nancy Rauch 

Thomas Ray Reed 

*Cum Laude **Graduated December 19. 1977 

Deborah Anne Reich 

Lynn Carol Reise 

Robin Yvette Renrick 

Donna Jean Rice 

Karen Jenise Richey 

Frank Arthur Riley 

John Steven Ritterpusch 

Curtis Alan Robinson 
*Maria de Loreto Rodriguez 

Bonnie Rae Roles 

Carol Finkelstein Ronis 

Lloyd Benjamin Rose, III 

Susan Robin Rose 

Winstead Rouse 

Joan Susan Rubin 

Samuel Bruce Rubin 

Margaret Mary Runde 

Terrill Ann Rupp 

Paul Scott Rupprecht 

Teresa Deloris Russell 

Nannette Fern Sabele 

Andrew Edward Sabin 

Amy Beth Sacks 

Deborah Anne Safaryn 

Gina Evelyn Sautacroce 

J. Michael Scannell 

Charles Michael Schaffer 

Marlene Annette Schickler 

Susan Woodard Schmuhl 

Craig Steven Schneider 

Marty Schoenleber 
*Theresa Roden-Reynolds Schu 

Linda Joy Schulman 

Kristin Marie Schultze 
*Deborah Mary Schwartz 

Margaret Larraine Scott 

Margaret Ann Scribner 

Anita Nadine Segal 

Richard Roy Selby, IV 

Michael John Semyan 

Barbara Emeline Shankman 

Laura Ruth Shapiro 

Andrea H. Shea 

Jacqueline Wyatt Shelton 

Lori Kay Shelton 

Lawrence David Shor 

Robert Harold Showacre 

Donna Lynn Shulman 

Janet Lynn Sikirica 

Stacey Robin Silverman 

Erica M. Singer 
§A. Bradley Smith 

Carla Jean Smith 

Gregory More Smith 

Kevin Mark Smith 

Michael Ray Smith 
*5usan M. Souder 

Michele Suzanne Soule 
f Jo Ann Spalding 

Beth Ann Sparrow 

Elizabeth T. Spearing 

Jane Ellen Spencer 

Daniel Michael Stancliff 

Karen Elizabeth Stanley 

Tupper Stevens 

Melanie Marie Strachan 

Dorothee Elisabeth Struzyna 

Mark Willett Sullivan 

Anne Marie Sweeney 

Sharon L. Swinburne 

Jacqueline Louise Sykora 

Bonnie Jean Talber 

Diane Coleen Talbot 

Lyle Ernest Tarbell 

Betty Jean Taylor 

Samuel Phillips Thomas 

Torrence Richard Thomas, Jr. 

John Peter Thompson 

Helen M. Tillapaugh 

Juan Francisco Tituana, Jr. 

Reva Helene Tobert 

Bobbie Jo Treadway 

Paul Anthony Trimble 

David Paul Turner 

Christine V. Urban 

Diana Marie Urick 

Elizabeth C. Vail 
**Lauren Nancy Versel 

Bettina Susanne Viehmann 

Nancy Elizabeth Wade 

Ann Frances Wagner 

Jill Christina Wakefield 
+Barbara Louise Waldrop 

Karl Warren 

Chandra Yolan Washington 

Susan Jo Washington 

Cynthia Maria Wattley 

Mark F. Weiner 


*Mindy Roberta Weiss 
Sarah Field Wellborn 
Gary Steven Werner 
Patricia Ann White 
Philip Anthony White 
Sarah Elizabeth White 
Donna Lea Whittlesey 
Marcia E. Wieder 

§John-Dag Wilkinson 
Ellen Marie Willenbecher 
Jeanne LaVonne Williams 
Melissa Piper Williams 
Vera Milli Williams 
Elizabeth Margaret Winter 
Mary Lynne Wintersteller 
Rosemary Anne Wohlers 
Julie Anne Marie WoUam 
David Arthur Wright 
Barbara Yarmas 
Patricia Yeager 
Barbara Ann Yellon 
Joseph W. Yuhas 
Karen Lee Zacharias 
Rocco Eugene Zappone 
Lee Frank Zeldman 
Marcia Rochelle Zuckerman 
Robin Lee Zukas 

Bachelor of Music 

William Kenneth Archer 

William Charles Bloomquist, Jr. 

Steven Dudley Bowen 

Christopher Antonio Brooks 

Lawrence George Johnson 

Karen Sue Lykes 

Philip Steven Mann 

Betty L. Ott 

Jean Deweese Parks 

Deborah Lee Rooks 

Robert Ray Waters 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rudolph Lamone, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

*Robert P. Abdelmaseh 
George Eli Abdow 
Amy Beth Abramowitz 
Gwen Felice Abramowitz 
William Jeffery Abrams 
Michael Edward Adderly 
Samuel Agyeman-Duah 
Sandra Renita Alexander 
James Leonard Alkire 
Christopher B. Allen 
Jill Stephanie Altman 
Ross Edward Altman 
Irwin Ansher 
Susan Mae Apirian 
Christopher Maret Ardoin 
David Jerome Ardoin 
Paul James Argyropoulos 
f Charlotte Crane Armstrong 
Roger Allan Armstrong 
Steven Wayne Attman 
Carolyn Marie Austin 
Jeffrey Lee Axelrod 
f Stanley N. Azebu 
Richard Ehrhardt Barbe, Jr. 
Debra Joy Bargeski 
Donna Marie Barham 
Gregory Warren Barker 
Karen Hein Barry 
Bubaker Mohammed Basamh 
Alan Mark Battersby 
Robert Anthony Beach, Jr. 
Jerald Paul Becker 
Lynn Becker 
David Kenneth Berger 
Lauren Sue Berger 
*Audrey Sue Bergman 
Drew Wayne Bernstein 

Lauran Ilene Berstein 
Kevin Richard Berry 

»Michael David Billig 
William Arthur Bingham, Jr. 
Blair Ernest Blankinship 
Lori Ellen Blumberg 
Jill Anne Boland 
Alex Richard Boniewicz 
Eloise Thomas Bonney 
Michael William Boor 
Elizabeth Ellen Borgert 
Leslie Kim Bos 
Nathan Bosk 
Richard Alan Bowles 
Antoinette Louise Boyd 
Mary Catherine Boyle 
Richard L. Branch 
Michael Wayne Brashears 
Deborah Jean Breck 
Mary Jane Breedlove 
David Wayne Brewrink 
Scott Corbett Brewster 
James Peter Briggs 
Gery Thomas Brooks 

f Blair David Brown 

*Patricia Janelle Brown 
Ronald Lee Bubes 
Dianne Ibello Bull 
Gary Wayne Bull 
Paul Stuart Bunker 
Rosemarie J. Buonomo 

*Lisa Anne Butrum 
David Mark Caibi 
Alan Brian Carey 
Robert John Carman 

*Leonard Russell Caro 
Michael Vernon Carr 

gBarbara Jean Carter 
David Nicholas Catania 
Joseph John Cauceglia 
Marvin Fabian Ceder 
Brian Christian Cesanek 
William Spiro Chaltis 
Carol Tack-Mee Chan 
Wan Tat Chan 
James William Chappie, III 
Daniel James Chilcoat 
David Lawrence Chimera 
Gene Edwin Christensen, Jr. 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Paul Edward Christiansen 

June Ellen Christopher 

Charles Jay Cohen 

Gary Arnold Cohen 

Howard Alan Cohen 

Jeffrey Lee Cohen 

Jeffrey Neil Cohen 
*Charles Lauren Colby 

Jonny Colin 

Stephen Lee Colley 
fVictoria Marie Commins 

John Gilbert Conant 

Carol Cooper 

Larry Ellis Cooper 

Jack B. Corwin 

David John Crawford 

Daniel Aloysius Creeden 

Denise Rose Cunningham 

Mary Anne Curtin 

Margaret Mary Daly 

George Joseph D'Angelo, Jr. 

Susan Diane Danowski 

Francis Howard Davis 

George Carlisle Davis 

Henry Grady Day 

Kaethe Debus 

Catherine Anne Degges 

Cordale Lee DeHaven 

Luis Enrique del Aguila 

Peter James Del Bene 

Carolyn Del Grosso 

Vito A. Dellenoci 

David Henry Delluomo 

Marianela Ramona del Pino 

Grant F. Demeritte 

Jay Lawrence Denburg 

Thomas Joseph Desiderio, Jr. 

Susan Lee De Vos 

Larry J. Dick 

Joseph John Dimaio, Jr. 

Nicholas Benjamin DiSabatino 
§Abida Ghani Diwan 
*Ruth Grover Dixon 

Hoan-Bich Thi Do 
+ Thomas Eugene Dobyns 

Holly Jean Dodson 

Michael Joseph DoUard 

Michael George Donovan 

Patrick Ames Dougherty 

John Matthew Dowling 
Kevin John Duane 
Joseph Edward Duffy 
Judith Ann Easton 
John David Eberhard 
John Christian Eby 
Christopher Edward Ednie 
Charles Look Engel 
Ronald Joseph Ensor 
Howard L. Epstein 
Barbara Ann Esau 
Jack Alan Faer 
Mark John Falcone 
Charles Sidney Faller, III 
Amir Hushang Farazad 
John Norman Farley 
Michael Russ Feigeles 
Corey Ronald Feldman 
Jessica Mary Fennell 
Robert Lawrence Fingles 
Jon Brian Finifter 
Richard David Finstein 
Nancy Marie Fioramonti 
f Debra Ann Fishbein 
fCharles Martin Fisher 
Christopher George Flynn 
Edward William Flynn 
Allen Curtis Forrest 
Ormond Leo Fortier 
Kathryn A. Fountain 
David Alan Fox 
Kenneth Earl Fox 
Peter A. Frandsen 
Scott Andrew Frankel 
Gordon Arthur Franks 
Gary Wayne Frazier 
Ted Alan Freed 
Michael Jay Freiman 
Robert Stuart Friedlander 
Steven Marc Friedman 
jHarold Lawrence Frohman 
Joseph Mark Fuggi 
Francis Xavier Gaegler, III 
Lisa Ann Gardner 
Susan Lee Garner 
Richard Harvey Gellman 
Donald Gerard Gies, Jr. 
Deborah Gill 
Stephen Jay Gindes 

Nancy Jane Gisser 
Peter G. Gleason 
Frank F. Glorioso 
Daniel Joseph Gnall 
Alan B. Goldberg 
Beth Riva Goldberg 
Charles Abraham Goldberg 
Steven Alan Goldenberg 
Joy Beth Goldsmith 
Eric Paul Gomberg 
Nori Anne Goodman 
Pamela Jane Gordon 
Susan Eve Gordon 

§Julie Ann Gosnell 
Glenn Gottdenker 
Lawrence Bruce Gould 
G. Christopher Green 
Steven Lawrence Green 
Richard Lee Greenwald 

*Barbara Greenwood 
Samuel Warren Groeschler 

§Lisa Marti Gross 
Susan L. Guentner 
James David Gusky 
Dean Gregory Gutridge 
Lyla Elizabeth Haga 
James Francis Hagan 
Michael Charles Hamlett 
Robert Francis Hammel 
Katherine Anne Hance 
Earl Christian Hargrove, III 

*Bruce Alan Harvey 
Douglas Taylor Heck 
Christian Herman Heller 

gPaula Henry 
Robert Charles Herbert 
Robert Whitcomb Hessler 
Barbara Jean Myers Hickerson 
Kevin Russel Hickey 
James Charles Hieber 
James William Higgins, Jr. 
Gary Lee Highsmith 

f Sharon Lee Hildenbrandt 
Toni Elizabeth Hill 
Daniel Seth Himelfarb 
John William Hirsch 
*Jean Patricia Hobelmann 
Randall Thomas Hoerauf 
Robert Joseph HoUenshade 

Charles Hatfield Hollis 
Robert Francis Hollister, Jr. 
Glennon Alvin Hollrah 
John E. Holman, III 
David Wright Holmes 
Timothy Gerard Holtz 
Lamar Owen Hopkins 
Richard Dyer Howard 
E. Donald Hughes, II 
William Robert Hunt 
Rosalie Ellen Hurley 
Jo Ann Hyatt 
Michael Wayne Ingle 
Robert Charles Jackson 
Walter B. Jacobs 
Michael Bruce Jansen 
Kim Pean Jew 
Harold Donald Johnson 
Garlynn Janelle Jones 
Michael Charles Jones 
Sandra Joy Judelson 
Susan Marie Judge 

f Stuart Edward Kahane 
Robert Lewis Kalish 
Martin Blane Katz 
Steven Michael Katz 
Carol Beth Kaufmann 
Douglas Scott Kennedy 
Timothy James Kennedy 

*John Robert Kessinger 
Geri Lynn Kessler 
Veronica Mary Kidder 
Susan Marie Kingsley 
Randi Lynne Kirshbaum 
Mark Kenneth Klages 
David Bruce Klein 
Steven Ian Klein 
Lawrence Philip Kline 
Vivienne Klirs 
Mildred R. Kluckman 
Peter William Knapstein 
Marc Edward Knee 
Laurence Ian Koeppel 
Anne P. Kolker 
Susan Ann Krebs 
William Joseph Kropp 

•Laurie Rochelle Kuff 
Susan S. Kung 
Ronald La Rocca 

§Summa Cum Laude: +Magna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 


Jay Robert Lasser 
Berthold James Lauble, Jr. 
Frances Lev Lazar 
Ko-Ren W. Lee 

f Charlotte Powell Ledbetter 
James Lerner 
Robert Ira Lesser 
Michael Charles Levin 
Douglas C. Levitas 
Nel Rae Lewis 
Diane Joyce Lilienfeld 
Joel Thomas Lilly 
Victor Stewart Linell 
Robert Alan Locraft 

|Mark Louis Loepere 
John P. Lotsikas 
Margaret Lee Louie 

§Curtis Hugh Low 
Catherine A. Lozaw 

*Giao K. Luu 
Siu-Fong Ma 
Paul Alan Macdonald 
Laura Jean MacKenzie 
Peter Francis Madonna 
Wayne Leigh Maggin 
Karen Patricia Mahn 
Mark J. Manoff ' 
Steven Robert Mantegna 
Paul David Marbach 
Paul George Marble 
Wayne Carl Markey 
Michael Craig Marmer 
Frank James Martin, III 
Phillip Lynn Martin 
Steven Eugene Martus 
George Paul Mavrikes 
James Peter Mayock 
William Martin McCabe 
Glenn Owen McCalley 
Kathleen Jo McClain 
Edgar Earl McFadden, Jr. 
Harry Garfield McGee, Jr. 
Michael Joseph McGivern 
Paul Bruce McGregor 
Dennis Edward McMillen 
Stanton Witter Mead, II 
Stephen S. Meier 
Bernadette Clair Meloling 
Alan Wayne Mendelsohn 

Gary Merron 
Gene Evan Metzger 
Carol Ann Meyers 
Tracy Lee Meyers 
David Gregg Michaelson 
Claude Henry Miller 
Randolph Paul Miller 
Dean Leon Millman 
Edward Judson Millspaugh 
HoUis Greer Minor 
Richard Mittleman 
John Russell Mohler 
Dennis Patrick Montague 
Jacquelyn Anne Morgan 
Keith Vincent Morgan 
Charles Everett Morris 

*Joel Kent Mostrom 
Timothy John Mulcahy 
Thomas Roy Mullen 

*Marc Henry Nachman 
Arthur David Negrin 

*Ronald Bruce New 
Barbara Ann Nicholaisen 
Vicki Lynn Norman 
Audrey Faye Novak 
Randall Ross Nye 
Linda Gail Ochital 

f Barbara Tews Olson 
Carol Lynn Oren 
Patricia Mary O Shea 
William Steven Oshinsky 
Larry E. Overmyer 
Charles M. Ovis 
Steven Michael Padgett 

*Ray V. Padron 
Polly Beth Page 
Warren John Palmer 

*Nicholas John Panos 

f Scott Edward Parr 
Spyros Stephen Passas 
David Ross Patten 

'Susan Elizabeth Patterson 
Terry Lee Patterson 
Martin Alan Paul 
Ronald David Paul 

§David Charles Peaper, Jr. 
Turgut Omer Pence 
Janet Claire Pendergraph 
Matthew Francis Penniman 

Ronald J. Pennington 
Martin Edward Pine 

gDavid John Piper 
Donna Lynne Pitasky 
Harry Reinis Plucis 
Lawrence Bruce Polan 

tjeffrey David Poloway 
Charles Bryant Postal 
John Payne Powell, Jr. 
Andrew Scott Prince 
George Leonard Prior 
Elliott Bruce Prissman 
Michael David Puhl 
Mark Steven Purisch 

+ David Jeffrey Rabb 
Firouz Rabiee 
Karen Elin Raffensperger 
Donald John Rahn, Jr. 
Sheila Ann Randolph 
Charles Reynolds Rathell, III 
Wendell Walter Raum 
Lynn Susan Rebarber 
Barry Ira Regenstein 
James Edwin Reid, Jr. 
Bruce Ira Reiser 
Michael Remus 
Donald Wesley Rhodes 
Ulysses S. Rhodes 
Sheila Renee Ricks 
Nancy Ridgely-Fullerton 
Millard Winton Robbins, III 
Denise Marie Roberts 
Collette Reva Roeder 
Barbara Ann Rogers 
Paulette Tana Rogers 
Belinda Jane Rose 
Norman Lee Rose 
Craig Brent Rosen 
Peter Scott Rosengard 
Jacklyn Gail Rosenthal 
Leslie David Rosenthal 
Jan Carol Rothman 
Harry Martin Rothstein 
Michael Lee Rottenberg 
Douglas Evan Rowe 
Anthony Eugene Sambataro 
Arlene Robin Sarfin 
Alison P. Sass 
Linda Ann Saylor 

Evan R. Schacht 

f Barbara Schaeffer 
John Joseph Schlick 
Robert Barry Schmidt 

*Neil Evan Schuldenfrei 
Kenneth Barry Schwartz 
Ralph Edward Sears 
Harry Norman Segal 
Valerie Beth Seligson 
Carlos Juan Servera 
Paul Harold Shapero 

gDavid Michael Share 
Paula S. Sharenow 
Patricia White Shaurette 
Warren Edward Shaw 
Matthew D. Sheridan 
Grace Anne Shieh 
Thomas Patrick Shipe 
Douglas James Shook 
Mara Lori Siegel 
Frances Shirley Silber 
Richard Leigh Silverstein 
Mark Thomas Simpson 
Larry C. Singleton 
Susan Ann Sirkin 
Gary Allen Skogebo 
Michael Alan Slavin 
Fara Beth Small 
Paul M. Smeton 
Jerome Timothy Smith 
Richard Gannon Smith 
Marc Franklin Solomon 

'Trudy Marie Solomon 
Jeffery Lawrence Somers 
Kenneth Spearman 
John Daniel Stake 
Michael Robert Stappler 
Bradley Don Statter 
Ellen Laurie Steiger 
Howard Lawrence Stein 
Warren Marshall Stein 
Toni Hope Stern 
Wayne Atlee Stetler 
Clarence Gene Stevens, III 
Raymond George Sfrubin 
Shelby Lua Syckes 
Alan Lewis Tabachnick 
Bagwaina Dena Tarrant 
James Elton Taylor 

§Summd Cum Laude; iMagna Cum Laude, *Cum Laude 

Mark Steven Teitelbaum 

Michael Mark Teitler 

Do Ba Tien 
*Brian Clayton Timken 

Dale W. Tison 

Timothy Edward Titcomb 

Leonard Tober 

Richard Callander Tobin 

Anita Jeanne Toussaint 

Randi Ellen Turkel 

Daniel Alan Turlik 

Katheryn Louise Tyler 

Andrew Webster Tyrie 

Stephen John Ulrich 
*James Lewis Ulvog 

Richard Bryan Umstead 

Paula Celeste Ursini 

John Leonard Valanos 

James Robert Vale 
gElaine Maria Vandermause 

Gregory John Venit 

Michael Joseph Ventura 

Gary Alan Wais 

Michael Robert Wakefield 

John David Walstrum 

Cynthia Mei Wang 

Karen Lee Ward 

Edward Joseph Webb 

Nancy Lee Webster 

John Anthony Weiler 

Alisa Dale Weinberg 

Marjorie Lynn Weinberg 

Richard Craig Weiner 

Howard Brian Weisberg 

Susan Hillary Weisman 

Joseph Michael Welch 
§Robert Keith West 

Thomas Anthony Weymouth 

John Alfred Wheeler, III 

Alvin Reginald White 

Douglas Christopher White 

Marsha Elizabeth White 

Howard Bruce Whitmore 

Kurt Stephen Wilhelm 

Ed Anthony Williams 

Laurey Ann Williams 

Mark Howard Williams 

Timothy Charles Williams 

Philip Edward Winnard 

§Summa Cum Laude, +Magna Cum Laude; 

Charles Franklin Wirth, Jr. 
Susan Deborah Wolfe 
Thomas David Wolfe 
fNancy Evelyn Wolff 
Roger Allan Wolfgang 
Eric Jay Workman 
Catherine Rose Wuerthner 
Kathryn S. Zlotorzynski 
Jonathan Ira Zweig 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Murray Polakoff, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Lee Ann Abato 

Robert Steven Abrahams 

Jan Murray Ackerman 

Jonathan David Ackerman 

Helene Marie Adami 

Elena Marie Albamonte 

Maria Elena Alicea 

Steven Jay Alper 

Lisa Anne Altman 

Benjamin Cleveland Amick, III 

Steven Dennis Angulo 

Stewart A. Anshell 

Deborah Sue Anthony 

Gayle Lynn Appel 

*Janice Kay Armstrong 
Angela Jones Arnett 
Michael Earl Arrington 

fDarlene Marie Atkins 
Beatriz Avila 
Jean Louise Ayars 

f Stephanie Louise Baer 
Brian L. Baker 
John L. Baker 
Kevin James Baker 
Patricia Barnett Balfour 
Charles Ernest Bangert 
Leonard Michael Bargellini 
Ralph Ingersoll Barkley, III 
Kay Lorraine Bartik 
Keith Blair Bartnik 
Douglas E. Bassich 
Ronald Larry Baum 
Christopher Eugene Beach 
Shirley Elicia Beal 
Sally Ann Beardsley 
Michael Foster Beckert 
Mary-Ann Theresa Bell 
Randolph Mesa Benavente 
Fern Elise Bender 

§Wendy Lynn Bengelsdorf 

Cum Laude 

Patricia L. Benner 

Stephen Maxwell Bennet 

Nancy Karen Berger 

Audrey Sue Bergman 

Rhonda Lee Berlin 
*Sara Elizabeth Bernstein 

Gail Denise Betts 

Gail Denise Betts 

Jeanette Elaine Bidle 

Jeffrey Henry Bierer 

Patricia Carole Bierly 

William David Biron 

Edward Joseph Blake, Jr. 

Barbara Anne Bleetstein 
f Branden Scott Blum 

Jonathan Ames Boardman 

Kevin Scott Boettcher 

Stephen Lyle Bond 

Roosevelt Victor Boone, III 

Walter Craig Bostwick 

Dennis Brian Boyle 

Carolyn Ann Brady 

James Hamilton Brandon 

Paula Regina Brawley 

Jeffrey Gerad Breault 

Meredith Maris Breier 

Gail Bonnie Brenner 

Cassandra Hope Brinkley 

Kenneth Bruce Brown 

Lynn Christine Brown 

Michael D. Brown 

Sandra Regine Brown 

Suzy Kathryn Brown 

William Van der Horst Brumby 

Emily Susan Buckley 

David Samuel Burgess 

John Francis Burkart 
t Raymond Joseph Burke 

Tod William Burke 

John Kirby Burkhardt 

Donna Marie Butts 

Calvin Oliver Byrd 

Ronald William Cain, Jr. 

Leslie Ana Cano 

Tamyra Bonae Caple 
gNello Caporossi, III 

Thomas Michael Carbine 

Mary Jane Carrico 

Nancy Jean Carroll 


Claudia Evelyn Carson 
Steven Jay Chansky 
Brenda Cecilia Chase 
Leslie Chiera 
Sharon Marie Cigarski 
Leslee Ann Clark 
Dalerie Patrice Clarke 
Sharon Jane Cleary 
Karen L. Coffin 
Janet Lynn Cohen 
Nancy A. Cohen 
Robin Sue Cohn 
Catherine M. Colandrea 
Veronica Marie Cole 
Theda Kay Collins 
Melinda Lee Collis 
Richard Benjamin Colton 
Roger William Compton 
Theresa Louise Conroy 
Ann Amalia Cook 

*Jody Anne Cook 
Robert Thomas Coonley 
Kevin Charles Cooper 
Jerrold Murray Cooperman 
David Michael Corridon 
Eileen Mary Cosgrove 
Louise Cecilia Costigan 
Priscilla Coston 
Christopher Cotsonis 

gRobert M. Coultas, Jr. 
Cynthia Shearin Creyke 
David Stanley Cross 
Mary Frances Cross 
April Harkins Crusco 
Mary Anne Cullins 
Jamie Cummings 

fJoAnne Evelyn Cusanelli 
Jonathan Victor David 
Barbara Jo Davis 
Gloria Mills Davis 

IKristen Dawson 
Charles Bernard Day 
David Anthony DeCenzo 
Thomas Emery Decker 

f Anne Elise Deggendorf 
Leonard J. Degollado 

f Scott Michael Dennis 

gDavid Chet Denowitz 
Daniel Keith Dering 

Lori Beth Derkay 

Melanie Anne Desmond 

Susan Terry Deutsch 

Jenmaire Dewberry 

Diana Lynn Dietrich 
f Theresa Marie Di Paolo 

James Patrick Donahue 
f Thomas Leo Doran 

Nancy Harriet Dordick 

Joyce Myra Dorn 

Gary Lawrence Dorsey 
*David Scott Dossetter 

Susan Ann Douglas 

Steven Terry Downing 
fTina Lynn Downing 

Michael Dennis Downs 

Michael John Doyle 

Donna Theresa Draize 

Paul J. Dravis 

Rhonda Eileen Drossner 

Renee Marie DuBois 

Daniel Reed Duggan 
*Jerry Sam Dunietz 

Kevin Anthony Dunne 

James Michael Durana 

Suzanne Huntley Duvall 

Joanne Eleanor Eakin 

Stacy Anne Easton 

H. Jay Eckstein 

Stuart Egles 

Marcia Lynn Einziger 
*Marc Richard Emden 

Holland Eugene England, Jr. 

Katherine Ann England 

Joan Marie Englehart 

Hal Jan Epstein 

Robin Bruce Erickson 

Janie F. Fake 

Elizabeth Louise Farmer 

Carlton Edward Farr 

Joseph John Fedorkowicz 

Lisa H. Feldman 

Lisa Ann Felts 

Donna Marie Finn 

Jerome Francis Finn 

Janet Lynn Firshein 

James Pierce Flenner 
*Jonathon Paliau Foerstel 

Elise Lynn Foland 

Normand Gerald Fontaine 
Donna LaRue Ford 
Debra Sue Forman 
Thomas Michael Foster 
Barbara Nell Fouch 
Carol Reginia Frazier 

*Dianne Carol Freedman 
William Allen French 
Karen Lee Frey 
Laurie Anne Friedman 
Mark Edward Friis 
Jay Lee Frye 
Patricia Lee Gaede 
Thomas Regis Gallagher 

*Sandra Lynn Gardiner 
William Aaron Gasn 
Michael Patrick Gately 
Joseph Stephen George 

§Michael Alan Gerber 
Wendy Sue Gerber 
Michael Steven Gerecht 
Kenneth Richmond Gerhart 
Ginger Jane Gerton 
Cindy Gillies 

John David Gindlesberger 
Meridith Blair Glabman 
Harry Mitchell Glazer 

§Scott Jay Click 
Martha Colleen Gogarty 
Marsha Goldstein 
Julia Ann Gragnani 
George Jerome Graves 
Evonne Delores Green 
Mark Samuel Greenberg 
Peter Kutcher Greenberg 
Barclay Adams Greene, III 
Deirdre Michelle Greene 
Tyndall Leigh Greene 
Daniel Morris Greenstein 
Carole Anne Greenwald 
Deborah Lynn Gregory 
Guy Steven Griffith 
Edward Kenneth Gross 
Garry Arthur Ground 
Maryrita Elise Guay 
Karen Shelley Gultz 
Anne Marie Gwinn 
Cynthia Hankin 
Laura Mae Hardgrove 

Paul Alan Hardy 

Diana Louise Harrington 

Phillip Wilbur Harris 

Richard C. Harris 

Barbara Anne Hart 

Rickey Allen Harvey 

Michelline Remona Haynes 

John Andrew Hennigan, Jr. 

John Henry Herman 
§Carol Ann Hess 

Richard Edward Hipkins 

Cheryl Lynn Hockaday 

William Bonner Hocknell 

Lisa Kristine Hoffman 

Steven Douglas Hogg 

Laura Lynn Holum-Hardegen 

Jeff Horowtiz 

Jeri Anita Horton 

Carla Denise Hovaker 
*Robert M. Huber 

Richard Follin Hughes 

Mark Leigh Hummel 

Amy Louise Hunt 

John Lawrence Hunt 

William Robert Hunt 

Edward L. Hunter 

Martha Elizabeth Hurley 

Susan Marie Hurley 

V. Lynn Hurt 

Amanda Beatrice Huston 

Therese Anne Huston 

Shelley Barbara Hyman 

Susan Byrne Ironfield 

Victoria Lea Irwin 
§Richard Edward Israel 

David Tadashi Izumi 

Jacqueline James 

Anthony L. Jenkins 

Patricia Ann Jenkins 

Debra Jo Jennings 

R. T. Jennings, II 

Charles Henry Johnson, Jr. 

Keith James Johnson 

Robert Leonard Johnson 

William Herbert Jonas 

Gale Robin Jones 

William Gerard Jones 

Melvin Sylvester Joppy, Jr. 

Dorinda Gloria Jordan 

§5umma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude, 'Cum Laude 

Wilson H. Elkins: 
Through the Years 




/?// cv:i/ 

Mary lane/ 


Elkins' early years were marked by numerous educational 
and athletic achievements. From his high school days in San 
Antonio, Texas (a), he went on to earn eight varsity letters 
in basketball, football and track at the University of Texas 
(b-d), and later received a doctorate degree from Oxford 
University as a Rhodes Scholar. He is seen relaxing in his 
room at Oxford (e). It is with pride that President Elkins 
congratulates Tom McMillen, Maryland's first Rhodes 
Scholar, in 1973 (f). As president, he was invited to fly an 
ROTC jet trainer at Andrews Air Force Base during his early 
administrative years (g). 


» 'i- 


^ i 

Elkins accepted his first presidency at Texas Western College in 1949 
(h), and was inaugurated as President of the University of Maryland 
in 1955 (i). Notable events during his 24-year tenure include present- 
ing honorary doctorate degrees to Vice President Lyndon Baines 
Johnson (Laws) in 1963 (j), Julie Andrews (Fine Arts) in 1970 (1) 
and Ludwig Erhard, German Chancellor (Laws) in 1965 (m), and 
escorting Queen Elizabeth II of England to a football game as part 
of her American tour (k). 

^ Jieosons 



the /ilinieAiA 



Elkins has encouraged many academic, research and community 
service programs during his leadership at the University. In 1967 
he accepted Katherine Anne Porter's donation of literary memorabilia 
for McKeldin Library (n); in 1969 Glenn Seaborg, AEC chairman, 
and John S. Toll, former physics chairman (and new President of 
UM), helped him dedicate the new University cyclotron (o). On the 
lighter side, Elkins is seen sending Christmas cheer to American 
troops in Vietnam (p), accepting a momento from a local boyscout 
troop (q), enjoying an Alumni Association reception with his wife, 
Vivian (r), and relaxing outdoors with his grandchildren (s). 






M- ' 

dBd doa 

= El 





Robert James Judd 

Majorie Jurist 

Debra Kay Kaetzel 

Ilene Ann Kahn 

Carl Kaiser, Jr. 

Patricia Renee Kalla 

Robert Booth Kaltenbach 

Kenneth Michael Kaluzienski 

Nancy Louise Kassack 
*Martha Carol Katchmar 
*Ronald Byron Katz 
*Shelley Helene Katzen 
fSteven Bruce Kelber 

Winfield Maurice Kelly, Jr. 

Zachary Zorome Kinney 

William Martin Kirby 

David Ray Kitsmiller 

Helene J. Klein 

Lawrence Elliot Klein 

Thomas Harry Klein 

Bruce William Kletz 

Renee M. Klinger 
§Kathryn Louise Kobe 

Anette Marie Koehler 

Debra Shelley Kotelchuck 
*Leonard Chamberlin Kuentz 

Liane Marie Kuhnsman 

Ruth Ilka Kukoff 

Donald G. Kumer 
fRose Marie Kushmeider 

Francis X. Kyle 

Valerie Zyvonne Ladson 

Diana Eleonor Lakner 

Norman Everett Lambert, Jr. 

Curtis Landen 

Stephen Gregory Lane 

Joyce Karen Larrabee 

David M. Lautenberger 

Terry Stuart Lavenstein 

Stuart Paul Lawson 

Leslie Frimet Leader 

April Ching-Tuo Lee 

Paul Edward LeFrancois 

Brenda Jean Leonard 

Phyllis Diane Levine 

Abbe Rebecca Levitt 

Hugh J. Lewis 

Robin Fern Lewis 

Linda Ellen Liebeck 

Amy Joy Lieman 
Michelle Ann Liliestedt 
Gregg Lindner 
Nancy Beth Lite 
Kathryn Elaine Logan 
Susan Dale Loring 
Howard Brian Lowenthal 
Jeffrey Harris Luber 
Barbara Jean Lubin 
Craig Richard Lucas 
Luis Alberto Luna 

*Enid Sharon Luterman 
Michael Frederick Lynch 
Mary Denise MacElrevey 
Mona Catherine Mack 
Cecilia Catherine Mangan 
Rena Marashi 
Douglas Frank Marcian 
Laurence Alan Marder 
Dara Jean Margetich 
Robin Sue Margulis 
Marjory Ellen Marks 
Colleen Cecilia Martin 
William Bradley Mason, Jr. 

f Louise Garrett Mathews 
Elizabeth St. Clair Maury 
Elizabeth Frances McCarthy 
Stephen McCauley 
Thomas Jeffrey McCausland 
Susan McCloskey 
Bruce Reed McCormick 
Patricia Anne McCormick 
Laura Ann McCoy 
Patrice Elizabeth McDonald 
Steve Lyndon McDonald 
John Matthew McEnroe 
Anne Christine McNamara 

'Robert Strange McNeill, Jr. 
Carlos Ignacio Medeiros 
Jeffrey Ellis Meyer 
Susan Marie Meyers 
David Jay Miliman 
Howard Avrum Miliman 
Christiana Elizabeth Miller 
Sheryl Beth Miller 
Mark Carrico Minster 
Donna Mae Moldrup 
Robin Morgan Monroe 
Janice Balinda Moore 

Carol Diane Morgan 

Fredricka Morgenthau 

Julie Christine Moriarty 

Thomas Richard Mroczka 

Gregory S. Mundy 

Edger O. Mufioz 

Sean Francis O'Hagan Murphy 

Jill Beth Narcisenfeld 

Maria-Suzanne Nettles 

David Wayne Neville 

Clyde William Northrop, Jr. 

Ann Marie Nyquist 

John F. Nys 

Brian Joseph Oates 

Kevin Thomas O Connell 

William Daniels O'Donnell 

Linda Fran Olin 

Richard Kurt Oprendek 

Patricia Ellen Orleman 

Eileen Marie O'Rourke 

Theresa Marie Ostazeski 
gSharon Lee Ludwig Panneton 

Valerie Pannucci 

Charles Lee Papirmeister 

Barbara L. Parker 

Betsy Jean Parker 

Peteris Amis Parnickis 

Stephen Mark Pascarella 

Patricia Sue Peoples 

Mark Steven Pernia 

Joyce Toby Perry 

Patricia Mary Petro 

Christopher Frank Phillips 

Maria Christina Pimenta de 

Maria Theresa Pinero-Feldhaus 

Dorothy A. Plachta 

Robert Ronald Poisson 

Edward Ray Poling 

Donald Milloy Pope 

Peter Larsen Porter 

Aileen Ellen Posner 
f Clayton J. Powell, Jr. 

Susan Amy Powell 

William Joseph Powell 
§Shelley Jeanne Price 

Flora Lee Pristoop 

Mark Coffin Prouty 

Pamela Ann Putnam 

Michael Charles Pyles 

Kurt David Rabin 

Debra A. Raffie 

John Franklin Rankin 

Francis Xavier Raskauskas 

Jeffrey G Ray 

Karen Beth Rayman 

Craig Dean Ross Reamsnyder 

Lori Anne Reba 

Rodney Eugene Reed 

Wendell Eugene Reeve, Jr. 

Kenneth John Rehbehn 

Jane Louise Reinoldi 

Patricia Ximena Reque Paz 

Sharon Lynn Rhodes 

Hallie P. Rice, Jr. 

Joseph Francis Richardson, Jr. 

Neil Richmond 

Regina Mary Rickman 

Belinda Rochel Riggs 

Moveta M. Riley 

Frank Mario Rivera, Jr. 
f Nancy Irene Roberts 

Sharon Kay Roberts 

Mary Frances Rogers 

Sam Rogovsky 

Patrick Joseph Rooney 

Frank Harry Rose 

Ronald Allan Rosenblum 

Lynne Frances Rosenbusch 
*Linda Rosenstock 

Harry Ira Rosenthal 

Miles Owen Rosner 

David Charles Ross 

Nancy Lynn Ross 

Robert Francis Rossomondo 

John Edward Roxon 

Stephen Michael Roylance 

Mitchell Rubenstein 

Robert Rubenstein 

Gerald Lee Ruehl 

Kathy Lynn Rush 

Kathye Dianne Rutledge 

Deborah Jean Sammons 

Lynn Bonnie Sassin 

Paul Larry Saval 

Stephen Sawicki, III 

Mark Stephen Scaglione 

Helen Frances Schaible 

§Summa Cum Laude; +Magna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Douglas Wendell Scheffler 
David Michael Schickner 
Gregory C. Schindel 
Charles Edward Scholtz 
Patricia Schoonmaker 
Michael Andre Schreiber 
Eric Jerome Schwartz 
Rodney Burgess Schwartz 
Bryan Woodston Scott 
Deborah Ruth Scott 
James Marshall Scott 
Deborah Ann Sebastian 
Gioele Settembrini, Jr. 
Linda Kells Shaeffer 
Chett Neil Shearer 
Daniel Francis Sheehan 
Carol Arlene Sherman 
Lowell Anthony Sherrod 
Edward Michael Sherry 
Andrew Hunter Shetterly 
William Jeffry Shipp 
David B. Shore 
JoAnne Shreve 
Robert Andrew Siebert 

•)■ Esther Sue Siegel 
Bruce Ray Silverman 
Janelle Antoinette Simms 
Sarah Simms 

*Mary Josephine Simpson 
Ronald Bryan Sindler 
Frederick Lee Sirody 
Douglas Lee Smith 
Karen Michelle Smith 
David Carson Snead 
Mary Louise Snyder 
Amy Lynn Sobel 
Steven Lewis Sokolow 
Risa Jean Sollins 
Stephanie Gayle Spence 
Wayne Willis Spong, Jr. 
Michael Paul Springirth 
John Alan Stahl 
Mark Andrew Starinsky 
John Peter Stathis 
Lisa Robin Stearman 
Richard Keith Steier 
Debra Lee Steinman 
Donald William Steinman 
Barbara Gail Stern 

Russell Wayne Stewart 

Stephen Reese Stiles 
*Sara Carolyn Stone 

Walter Dwight Stone 

Roderick Michael Stotler 

Irene Rose Strausberg 

Mary Margaret Sudassy 

Stephen Christopher Sullivan, II 

John Kevin Susi 
f Richard David Sussman 

M. Kimmet Swerdloff 

Johnny Levern Swinson 

Harry Douglas Tamburo 

Deborah Dee Taylor 

Katherine Ann Taylor 

Donald Thomas Tertell 
*Steven Mark Tevlowitz 

Charlotte Bentch Thomas 

Clark Henry Thomas 

Eula D. Thomas 

Kim Maureen Thomas 

Patrick Robert Thomas 

Sherri Lynn Thompson 

Donald Ray Todd 

Douglas A. Tornese 

James Grant Touhey, Jr. 

Eliska Marie Tretera 
*Michael James Trigonoplos 

Carole Susan Trippe 

Karen Lee Tull 

Mark George Turner 

Patrick D. Turner 

L. Lee Tuthill 

Anthony Conrad Tyler 

Mark Richard Ulander 

Donald Gregory Ulrick 

Michael James Upton 

Kenneth Paul Urtz 

Karen Denise Valentine 

Charles Nelson Vance 

Benjamin Saul Vaughan 
*David Moshe Velder 

Anthony Michael Ventre 

Enrique Miguel Vergara 

Kenneth DuSouchet Vernick 

Pamela Dawn Vest 

Barbara L. Vivino 

Simi Lee Wallick 

John William Watkins, Sr. 

Karen Arlene Weaver 
Roberta Elizabeth Weaver 
Leesa N. Weiss 
Joyce Rochelle Werner 

gFrances L. Wetzel 
W. Donald Wheatley, Jr. 
Charles Wilensky 
Anita Gail Williams 
F. Linelle Williams 
Ira A. Williams 
Charles Milton Willoughby 
George W. Wilson, Jr. 
Karen Yvette Wilson 
Kenneth Perry Wilson 
Richard William Wilson, Jr. 
Bernard Paul Winkelvoss 
Eterna Galeng Winters 
Ann Vera Wixon 
Janet Hilary Wolfson 
Tyrone Wood 
Marc Ian Yalom 
Joseph Timothy Yost 
Christopher W. Young 
Debra Ann Yuhase 
Paul Elliott Zager 
Judith Ellen Zerivitz 
Carroll Joseph Ziegler 

*Steven Mark Ziegler 
Thomas Zonarich 


Bachelor of Science 

James Edward Allen 
lonis Leondrah Applewhite 
Nancy Kay Beller 
Edward Benjamin Berger 
Timothy Joseph Blaser 
Douglas Ray Boyd 
Lauren Allyson Branch 
Maurice Richard Britton 
Brian Irvin Bullock 

'Donald Melvin Carpenter 
Randy Eugene Cassidy 
Su-Mei Ying Chang 
Jay Arthur Cohen 

*Sidney A. Connor 
Dennis Joseph Cronin 

§James B. Crucetti 
Adriann Gulp 

*Freda Sue Curchack 

*James Laurence DiroU 
Ronald Paul Doub 
John Francis Duggan 
Jackie Dunham 
Linda Kay Duyer 
Mark Stephen Fisher 
Linda Lee Fourkiller 
Jason K. Fox 
Sidney John Franke 
Bruce Michael Goldstein 
Luise Anne Gray 
Joan C. Griffin 
Cherlyn Owen Hall 
Robert R. Hartnett 
Beverly Ann Hemphill 
Nancy Ellen Hines 
David P. Jalowsky 
Lois Ann Kasper 

f Thomas David Kight 

*Laurie Ann Klein 
Christopher Scott Koehle 
David Usher Kremnitzer 
Craig Ernest LaBell 
Jeanne M. Lee 
William David Lessne 
Cynthia Janet Levine 
Helen Tinghua Liao 
Robert Wayne Linehan 
David Herbert Linthicum 

§5umma Cum Laude; +Magna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Caren Beth Lipkin 

Michael Robert Lobel 

Ronald Franklin Luxenburg 

Charles Jay Marder 

Capri Allan Martinez 

Jonathan Mazur 
*William McAndrew 

Robert Eugene McKeown 

Deria Nusa Moeis 

Terry Robin Mudrick 
*Patricia Anne O'Hora 

Joseph James Origlio 

Patricia Mary Petro 

Alex J. Podgurski 

Lincoln Leroy Pope 

Katharine Kirby Price 

Blanca Binhita Ranghel 

John Manfred Ratino 

John Charles Reed 

Thomas Mills Reed 

R. Kevin Roberts 

Sandra Helene Rubin 

Jenny Elizabeth Saldi 
*Benjamin Alan Sandler 

Jeffrey Paul Schwartz 

Lisa M. Shanley 

Israel Shualy 
f Eliot Lawrence Siegel 
§Judith C. Stailey 

Lisa Starling 

Kevin Mark Storms 

Katherine Ann Taylor 

Michael Joseph Tolson 
*Margaret Mary Vaughan 

James Randall Wade 

Claire Aline Walton 
*Scott Eric Wassel 

Andrew S, Wasserman 

Vicki Eileen Webb 

Robbin Eston White 

Robert P. White, Jr. 

Scott Michael Whitney 

Robert Craig Wilkinson 

Trina Yvette Willis 

George Henry Wood, Jr. 

Dennis J. Yee 

Louis Albert Yost, IV 

Division of Human 
and Community 


Candidates ivill he presented by 
Dr. Dean Corrigan, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Monica Olga Aja 

Beth-Carol Bardoff 

Naomi Chris Briscoe 

Doreen Marie Brown 

Doreen Marie Byrnes 
f Joan Frances Chaney 

Sandra Cohen 

Dorothea Coss 

Julia Mary Femiano 

Anita Mary Fortune 

Daniel H. Furst 

Emily Hollis Geller 
*Carmen Sofia de Gonzalez 

Paul David Graham 
fCarol Lynn Hamada 

John Frederick Hartge 

Laurie Ann Hartman 

Louise H. Hayman 

Delfina Trinidad Heaton 

Catherine Marie HIolz 

Mary Joy Hubbard 
*Jo E. Johnson 

Tyler Ralph Johnson 

Charlene Catherine Kratz 

Susan Jane Lee 

Lawrence Edward Levine 
*Lynne Judy Levy 

Linda Rosalind Lorber 

Barbara Kay MacMillan 

Janice Elizabeth Christine 

Nancy Jo Marvin 

Jane McGettrick 

William Perry Miller 

Rosa Ileana Mirabile 

Janet Eileen Mulvihill 

Anne L. Reck 

Allen Francis Reed 

Mary Jane Robertson 
Jose Joaquim Alho Silvestre 
Elisabeth Susan Stein 
Lisa Frances Stemmer 
§Magdalena Suarez 
Karen L. Sykes 
Shirley May Tabler 
Deborah Marie Taylor 
Diane Estelle Thompson 
Joseph Douglas Thompson 
Bonnie S. Tyree 
Harry L. Veihmeyer, Jr. 
Carol Lea Wilson 

Bachelor of Science 

Rosanna Yolanda Accame 

Anne Barbara Adams 

Catherine Leah Adams 

Theodore Ahmanson 

Elizabeth Kay Allen 

Wendy Beth Alpern 

Nancy Page Altman 

Gregory Thomas Anascavage 

Marlene Iris Angster 

Jamie Eileen Atherton 

John Whitney Baker 

Susan Melissa Baker 

Debra Ann Barry 

Peter Bay 
gClaire Jean Belford 

Susan Jean Bell 

Sabata Grace Bennett 

Sarah Gay Benzinger 

Robin Gail Berlin 

Marcy Lynne Berman 

Terri-Meg Berman 

Beth Frances Bernstein 
*Roy Russell Besmond 

Angela Ruth Bingham 

Mary Ann Blanchard 

Bryan Edward Borda 

Brooke Elizabeth Bourne 

Susan Cook Bromell 

Melanie A. Brooks 

Becky Ann Brown 

Enrique Ramon Bruguera 

Jennifer Lisa Burgess 

Diane Peri Burka 

Lisa Marie Burroughs 

William James Callan 

Barbara Jean Bowers Campbel 

Diane Ruth Carnahan 

Nancy Lee Carroll 

Leslie Haacke Carson 

Dennis Joseph Cary 
f Beverly Lynn Casto 

Louise Josephine Cattaneo 

Douglas B. Celmer 

Diane Thompson Chaney 

Marc Dester Childs 

Karen Loring Chinatti 

Carol Elena Cladny 

Cheryl Lynn Cohee 
*Hedy Joan Cohen 

Mark Steven Cohn 

Sara Anne Conklin 

Linda May Cook 

Johanna Maria Cortes 

Leslee Marie Courage 

Ruth Ann Crooks 

Yvonne Delores Dangerfield 

Pamela Ann Davis 

JoAnne Carroll Delaha 

Carol Leigh DeVan 

Anke Dill 

Theresa Helen Dillon 

Ilene Brenda Dinnin 

Cynthia J. Disque 

Patricia Nellie Dixon 

Elaine J. D'Onofrio 

Theresa Jane Dooley 

Wendy Sue Dornbush 

Craig Michael Duda 

Donna Lynn Duffer 

JoAn Marie Durkin 
*Charlene Elaine Dwyer 

Richard Bruce Dykes 

Angela Dziduch 

Katherine Joan Edgar 

Cheryl Ruth Eiband 

Florence R. Eiermann 

Rhonda Gail Eller 

Jeanne Louise Embich 

Vicki Margot Erdman 

Judy Lynn Erno 

Jeri Karen Esenstad 

Leona Barbara Ettman 

§5umma Cum Laude; +Magna Cum Laude. 'Cum Laude 


Thomas Charles Evans, III 
Marci Ann Faktorow 

*Patricia Tolley Falk 
Paula Beth Fein 
Robin Feldman 
Bobbie A. Fitzhugh 
Colleen Marie Fitzpatrick 
Anne Barbara Fleck 
Maria T. Young Fletcher 
Linda Percival Foran 
Sharon Joy Forman 
John Kilby Foster, Jr. 
Misae Fox 

Kathleen P. Frederick 
Sandra Jean Fryant 
Joyce Patricia Fuller 
Tina Marie Galeano 
Bonnie M. Gallanter 
Carmela Anne Gallerizzo 
Gregory Eugene Ganssle 

gSusan McCutchen Gardner 
Charles Walter Gasque, III 
Jill Betsy Geller 
Barbara Lynn Giampietro 
Jacquelyn Ann Gillespie 
Teresa Lee Gilstrap 
Linda P. Glumac 
Merion Short Godbout 
Terry Alan Godwin 

§Susan Alyce Goebel 
Ellen Patricia Goodson 
Jan Daryl Greenberg 
Andrew Gary Greene 
Jay Scott Grooman 
Laurie Ellen Gross 
William Albert Groth, HI 
Sally O. Hall 
Chfford L. Hamilton, Jr. 
Lisa Hammer 

*Mary Ellen Handley 
Mary Lucille Hanna 
Paul Raymond Hansen 
Michele Madlyn Harris 
Phyllis Ann Harris 
Hugh Harvey, III 
Christie Lee Hawkes 
Shirley Jean Headley 
Martha Patricia Henley 
Clark Daniel Herman 

§Karen Capell Herring 
gMarcella Ethel Hoff 

Dirk Albert Hoffman 

Nancy Ellen Holland 

Daria Holovac 

Karen Anne Hott 

Rodney Charles Howes 

James Ragsdale Howton, Jr. 

Amy Vernon Hryczaniuk 

Elaine Anne Hudson 

Joanne Marie Hughes 

Dehra Jean Jerabek 

Frances L. Jones 

Jacqueline Elizabeth Jones 
*Keith Richard Jones 

LaVonne Graciela Jones 
fLinda Kephart Jordan 

Nancy Lynn Juillet 

Paul G. Kahla 
*Elvira Eline Elisabeth Kaper 

Kathryn Hope Karp 

Lauri G. B. Katz 

Anna Marie Kavounis 
f Kathleen Virginia Keegan 

Richard Joseph Keegan, Jr. 

Kimberly Ann Kelly 

June Gilvane Kerger 

Garry Michael Kluger 
f Janice May Knoblett 

Robert Martin Kowalski 

Theodore Christopher Krocheski 

Melissa Ann Krumke 

Janice A. Kurzmiller 

Diana Lynn Lambert 

Sandra Lee Lambert 

Debra Lee Langston 

Suzanne Marie LaPointe 

Barbara Susan Lardieri 

Elizabeth Ann LeMieux 

Barbara L. Levin 

Ira Marc Levinrad 

Jamie Fran Levinson 

Wendy Joy Lieberman 

Mindee Helene Litt 

Malinda Joyce Lloyd 

Mae Wells Long 

Jan Kimberly Lyons 

Walter Layne Marlin 

Laurel Ann Marr 

Stephanie Ann Marx 

Roxanne Patricia Matthews 

Julie Koch McCarthy 

Joanne Lee McHocko 

Patricia Ann McNees 

Mary Loubeale Merrick 

Laurie J. Meyer 

James George Michael 
*Marian Michalco 

Ilene Miller 

Shelley Annette Miller 

Joseph Clifton Millner, Jr. 

Victoria Ann Modzel 

Patricia Marie Mogg 

Donna Marie Moluski 

Linda Marie Molz 

John W. Moran 

Roberta Claire Morgan 

Maria Lori Morin 

J. Patrick Morris 

Maxine Morrison 

Charles Louis Moss 

Louis Alan Nagel 

Michele Kanter Needel 

Susan Needle 

Clyde Lee Nelson, III 

Nicki Yvonne Noel 

Margaret Louise Noll 

Ileane Norat 

Shelly Norwick 

Gail Lynn Nusbaum 

Sarah Maureen O Brien 

Mary Emily Pannella 

Cathrine O Hara Pantuso 

Cathy Louise Parker 

Elizabeth Jane Parker 

James K. Pattillo 

Gail Ann Pell 

Marilyn Donna Perry 

Alecia Ann Pierson 

Suzanne Louise Pohlman 
gWilliam Roger Poole 

Susan Lynn Porter 

Donna Ivy Portnoy 

Lynne Victoria Powell 

Charles Richard Presbury, Jr. 

Rene Gonzalo Pulupa 

Margie Ree Quarles 

Kenneth Galen Queen 

Jennifer Quinn 
Donna Lynne Rafferty 
Henry Walter Rapalus, Jr. 
Robert Moses Rappaport 
Ellen May Rathbun 
Amy C. Ravick 
Sheryl Ann Reese 
Tracy Regina Renehan 

jRandi Jean Resnick 
Wendy Beth Resnick 
Karen Ann Richardson 

*Jean Ellen C. Richter 
Katherine Arlene Rodeffer 

*Debra Lynn Rogers 
Janet Ellen Rose 
Sandra Ellen Rosen 
Jane Elizabeth Roudebush 
Sherri Boxer Rubin 
Patricia Marie Ryan 
Rita Villamor Ryerson 
Jerry Salim Sackleh 
Candace Fern Sahm 
Chris Ann Sale 

*Shelley Fern Sarrin 
Laurie Ellen Schaeffer 
Mary Jane Schloss 

f Michelle Yvette Schminky 
Wendy Gail Schneider 
Judith Deborah Schwartz 
Cynthia Ellen Segal 
Deborah Lynne Sellers 

*Bernard Daniel Shapiro 
Carol Ann Sharer 
Kathleen Marie Sherin 
Rae Francine Sherman 
Debra Jayne Shober 
Ruth Ann Shreiber 
Janice Anne Shulman 
Adrienne Lynn Shur 
Mary Ferris Siebert 
Pamela Joan Silver 
Susan Jane Slocum 
Jane Warrington Smith 
Robin Ann Smith 

*Sharon Myra Solomon 
Ellen Myra Spector 
Lynne Anne Spellman 
Elaine Carol Spiro 
Michael Evan Stahly 

§Summd Cum Laude; f Magna Cum Laude. "Cum Laude 

Lori Springer Starr 
*John A. Statler 

Amy Lynn Stein 

Bette Lee Stein 

Debra Lee Stevens 

Saundra Faye Stitz 

Margaret Ladd St. Maxens 

Karen Alyene Stone 

Susan Ann Stotz 

Marta Robin Strom 

Enid Merrill Sush 

Vicky Lee Swope 

Roberta May Tabler 

Denise A. Tanczyn 

Holly Beth Taschman 

Sherry L. Taylor 

William Norman Taylor 

Gail Theilheimer 

Jean Patrice Tremblas 
gSusan Mary Tucker 

Catherine Biggs Twining 

Paul Jeffrey Uth 

Mary Ellen Veon 

Linda Ann Verna 

Janet Lee Vestal 
tChristopher John Vogt 

Marc Lawrence Waffenfeld 

Barbara Sue Wagner 

Teddy Martha Wagner 

Finis Oliver Walker 

Margaret Regina Walsh 

Ye-Yeng Wang 
fAnnie LaRue Wantz 

Shirley Gail Weaver 

Pauline Rosemary Weigle 

Carrie Anne Weiner 
*Elaine Beth Weingarten 

Gary Howard Weinstein 

Elizabeth Ann Westcott 

Laura Ruth Wheatley 

Kathleen Ann Wilcox 

Deborah Elizabeth Williams 

JoAnn Marie Williams 

Elizabeth Ann Wilson 

Patricia Ann Wilson 

Angele Catherine Wolcott 

Douglas Bryant Wolfe 

Cynthia Estella Wood 

L. Gail Wood 

Eugene Wah Yee 
Linda Ann Zeitchik 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. John R. Beaton, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Andrea Lee Alexander 

Holly Lynn Amsel 
*Marla Sue Arbesman 
fSusan Elizabeth Archer 

Joyce Elizabeth Aris 

Mary Ann Bailey 

Lisa Gay Bartolomei 
*Michael Joseph Baumgartner 

Pamela Jean Bear 

Mary Ellen Beck 

Loretta Annette Behr 

Schwanna Jay Bias 

John Davenport Biggs 

Susan Ellen Bischoff 

Robin Carol Blum 

Linda Teresa Bosetti 

Janet Louise Bosley 

Susan Lynn Bowers 

Iris Yvette Bowman 

Barbara Carol Boyd 

Dawn Lee Boyd 

Marguerite Shyvonne Bradley 

Paula Marie Breeden 

Judy Ann Brown 

Kerry Dale Buckel 

Vicki Ann Burroughs 

Maureen Anne Butler 

Jill Elizabeth Buzzi 

Shawn Alee Cappella 

Susan Deborah Carman 

Rosemary Grace Celia 

Deborah Despina Charles 

Deborah Meryl Chasin 

Lauren Marie Cissel 

James Mark Clancy 

Carolyn Mary Clark 

Cindy Merrill Cohen 

Sarah Reiner Collier 

Thomas Rosevelt Collins, Jr. 
•(■Karen Lee Colteryahn 

Susan Eileen Cook 

Claudia Elaine Danner 

Susan Lynn Dapper 

James R. Davis 

Michele Marie d'Epagnier 

Karen Lee Desposito 

Irene Mary Dietrich 

Gail Karen Dooley 

Amy Deborah Dorfman 

Doris Ann Downes 

Evan Sue Drantch 

Dorothy Ann Duvall 
*Barbara June Dye 

Nancy Edelman 

Susan Gayle Edelman 

Iris H. Eisenstat 
*Susan J. Eskite 

MaryLee Barbara Fabula 

Kathleen M. Farah 

Jamie Sue Felper 

Julia Mary Femiano 

Margaret Anne Feustle 

Jan Yolette Flowers 

Debra Ann Fogel 

Patricia Anne Galenski 

Scott Alexander Gamble 

Emily Hollis Geller 

Kay Ann Rohrbaugh Gelletly 

Amy Celia Gilstein 
*Susan Kay Gladden 

Ilene Laurie Glantz 

Susan Jane Glotfelty 

Sanford Alan Glovinsky 
jGladys Faye Godwin 

Karen Lee Goercke 

Wendy Joy Goetz 

Barton Neal Goldstein 

Gail Marie Gorman 

Cheryl Ann Guttenberger 

Jeong M. Ha 

Martha Rose Hardison 

Lauretta Caryn Harmon 

Cary Collins Hatch 

Jean Ann Haynes 

Gale Anne Haywood 

Jeanne Louise Heasty 

Marie Kline Heffelfinger 

§Carol Anne Heitmuller 
*Donna R. Helfand 
»Sherrill Jaye Helferd 

Nancy Ann Herfort 

Robyn Dale Herman 

Susan Eileen Hessler 

Susan Patricia Hixson 
gPatricia Ann Hopkins 

Reva Sue Horowitz 

Barbara Elizabeth Hylander 

Sharon Rose Isaac 

Patricia Ann Jacobus 

Bradly Mark John 

Catherine Ann Johnson 

Michelle Gay Johnson 

Linda M. Kaplan 

Kathy Stephanie Karabetsos 

Marion Heidi Kash 

Jane Lauren Kaufman 

Catherine Anne Kern 
'Janice Irene Kerr 

Debra Sue Kessler 

Rosemary Kidd 

Mary Elizabeth King 

Patricia Kerry King 

Janice J. Kline 

Meryl Lynn Kline 

Eileen Marie Klosky 
gBarbara Ann Kollander 

Caryl Ann Krantzow 

Katherine Andrea Krygier 

Stephen David Kuper 

Lisa Kurlantzick 

Brigitte Louise Marie Laffitte 

Martha Kathleen LaMantia 

Linda Ruth Lansman 

Leslie R. Lefkowitz 

Sherri Irene Lehr 

Nancy Ellen Le Vine 

Susan Bin Liang 

Michele Lieberman 

Teresa Lindsey 

Diane Christine Linthicum 

Rebecca Lorenz 

Nancy Ellen Lustig 

Vickie Leigh Lynch 

Diane T. Macchiavelli 

Dawn Ellen MacLeod 

Deborah Lee Marlin 

§5umma Cum Laude, iMagna Cum Laude: "Cum Laude 


Scott David Martin 
*Ruth Anne Mathieson 
Paula Lorraine Matthews 
Susan Elaine Mazer 
Otto Anthony Mazzoni 
Nancy Ann McCoy 
Elizabeth Anne McGettigan 
Jeanne Elizabeth McMillan 
Judy McNair 

Sarah Yocheved Mendlowitz 
Judith Ann Meredith 
Alberta T. Miller 
Lorelei Jean Miller 
Debra S. Milstein 
Marian Angela Minicone 
Robert Mittleman 
Diane Leslie MoUer 
Kathryn D. Morgan 
Deborah Jean Moses 
Debbie Lynn Moss 
*Susan Ellice Nadel 
f Karen Sue Narode 
Deborah Mary Nash 
Priscilla Ann Nelson 
Amy Rose Newberg 
Barbara Jo Newman 
Ellen R. Nitzberg 
Mary Colleen Noon 
§Mary Carolyn Norris 
JoAnn Minna Nurkin 
Debra Sue Nusbaum 
Harold Ralph Nusbaum 
Jean Marie OConnell 
Mary Patricia O'Donnell 
Joy Susan Ossip 
Karen Lee Owings 
Anne Marie Oxley 
Joanne lone Pappas 

Gale Robin Pearl 

Helen N. Perlberg 

Nancy Phillips 

Sandra Lee Phillips 

Mary Ann Pietragallo 

Marlene Gail Povich 

Carol Ann Propst 
f Anne Marie Pugh 

Jeannette L. Quinn 

Debra L. Quittman 

Nancy Anka Radakovich 


Patricia Ann Ratcliffe 
William Joseph Riegger 
Diana J. Ries 
*Erin L. Ries 
Nancy Ellen Robbins 
Joanne Romm 
Ilene Sue Rose 
Diane Kay Rosenberg 
Sherry J. Rosenberg 
Deborah Dee Rosenberry 
Lynn Beth Rosenthal 
Susan Patricia Roser 
William Leonard Ross, Jr. 
Linda Bachmann Salamone 
Andrea Brooke Sanders 
Charles William Sanders 
Mary Huntt Saur 
Jane Feldman Schachter 
Beth Linda Schlenoff 
Joanne Schwartz 
Carol Ann Scott 
*Kathy Snyder Seifert 
Diana Rene Serbu 
Tauna Lynne Shapiro 
Sharlene Pat Shugarman 
Donna Simonetti 
Randee Lynn Skolnickz 
Bonnie Joy Smith 
Cynthia Lou Smith 
Nancy Jean Smith 
Randi L. Smith 
Richard Louis Smith, III 
Scott Lee Steininger 
Lisa Jo Stone 
Martha Elise Straub 
Bernadette Svrcek 
Barbara Leslie Sweeney 
Carol Sue Taylor 
Brenda D. Testa 
Jutharat Thepsutha 
Lisa Van Tassel 
Vera Valanda Vaughn 
Patricia Christine Vinscavich 
Robert Wesley Waldon 
Myra LaVette Walker 
Susan Rebecca Walker 
Terese Holly Warsinger 
Susan Jane Weiner 
Cindy Ann Weinstein 

Sherri Lee Whitehead 
Rebecca Lyn Wilson 
Sandra Elaine Wilson 
Jeanne Marie Winkler 
Susan Lynne Wintker 
Ilene Sue Wood 
Nancy Del Worrilow 
Teresa Gayle Yablon 
Kathleen Ann Zeamer 
Sandra Jean Zimmerman 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Marvin Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Stephen Eugene Allen 
Nancy Marie Andresen 
Melbourne LeRoy Arbin, III 
Joseph K. Askinasi 
Karen Marie Bangs 
Stephanie La Verne Bassett 

'Elizabeth Jean Bollinger 
Mary Louise Briese 
Daniel J. Broadway 
Diana Marie Brock 
James Melhada Brooks 
Sidney A. Burkot, Jr. 
Cheryl Ann Buttler 
William Francis Byers 
Catherine Ann Cassidy 
Nancy Ann Cataldi 
George Pete Christakos 
Patricia DeLorenzo 

§Mary Carolyn Dixon 
Edna Frances Dotson 
Mary Jeanne Duckworth 
Linda J. Duley 
Betty Lou Dunn 

'Dolores Anne Dunn 
Leasa Monette Estensen 

+ Cindy Joy Ettinger 
Jeffery Blake Ferra 
Marcia Beth Firtag 
Michael Kevin Fitzgerald 
Susan Debra Fribush 
Suzanne Nancy Goldschmidt 
Lisa Ellen Greene 
Brenda Sue Greenspan 
Robert I. Harris 
Douglas James Heagen 
Elizabeth Howard 
Janet Pam Jacobson 
Sherri Fern Kahan 
Robin Lee Katz 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

*Miriann Hester Klein 
Claire Kominic 
Susan Frasier Kreissig 
Philip John Lamhoody 
Virginia May Lo 
Nancy Sara Lynch 
Maria Consuelo Martinez A. 
Mary Carolyne McGowan 
Mary Ellen Mentz 
Veronica Lynn Mickolite 
Jerelyn Sheahan Morrison 
Eugenia Murphy 
Susan O Brien 
Betty Jane OClair 
Anna Elaine Pagi 

§Janis Short Partin 
Carla Nadine Patterson 
Lewis Allan Pearce 
Pamela Jeanne Powell 
Keith George Prather 
Barbara Ann Marie Prescop 
Jocelyn Foard Price 
Sheila Ann Ramsey 
Karen Anelle Remeikis 
Phyllis Elizabeth Rienzo 
January Whitley Robison 
Katherine McLean Rody 

tLorie Ann Rosenthal 
Robin Anne Rosin 

t Alice Jeannette Rouillard 
Michael Stafford Rutland 
Gregg Vincent Scheibel 
Dale Lynn Schooley 
Debra Marie Schwartz 
Lynn E. Schwartz 
Daniel Gerard Scully 
Sara Mae Seligman 
Greggory Allen Sharpe 
Ellen Margaret Shaver 
Michael J. Silverman 

'Patricia Ann Smith 
Susan Robin Soberman 
Lori Beth Stavitsky 
Terri Lynn St. Clair 
Linda Ann Steckbeck 
Susan Anne Stein 
Roland Berneil Talley, Jr. 
Cheryl Lea Thomas 
Richard James Tompkins 

Lynn Marie Wagner 
Mary Claire Walsh 
Morris Jay Wasserman 
Austin William Waters, Jr. 
Ronald David Watkins 
*Fay Ann Woolwine 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George E. Dieter, Jr. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Osama Gomaa Abutaleb 
tjohn William Adolphsen, Jr. 

Arasto Ahdoot 

John A. Alderman 
+ Thomas William Alexion 

Faris Afif Bandak 

Donald Frazier Beard 

Michael Raymond Beauregard 

Robert Carlos Beller 

James Maguire Bender 

Angelo John Bianca 

Jacqueline P. Billingsley 
*Paula L. Boas 
§Kevin Lee Bobart 

Richard Leo Bonnett 

Phillip LeRoy Boyd 

Bruce Alan Bredland 

Louis John Breitenother, Jr. 

Frank James Burgess, Jr. 

Curtis C. L. Chapman, Jr. 

Curtis C. L. Chapman, Jr. 

John Mark Chenoweth 

Michael C. Cheok 

Ernest William Chesnutis, Jr. 

Joseph Yim-Lam Cheung 
fThomas James Chrzanowski 

Richard Christopher Ciocci 

Michael Richard Clark 

Daniel F. Condon 

Michael Wayne Cook 
Alan Wayne Cooke 
David Gregory Cornelius 
Ronald Alan Cox 
John Paul CuUen 

*Samuel Steven Dannaway 
Ronald Theodore DeMuro 
Carl Drafts Donigian 
Mary Eileen Donley 
William Michael Doolan 
Stephen Joseph Dorko 
Corey Eugene Dreyfuss 
Gary William Egerton 
David Melech Ellis 
John Richard Ellis 
Mehdi FarajoUahi 

'Jonathan Frank Feifarek 
Philip Patrick Felten 
Donald Allan Finnegan 
Paul Douglas Flannigan 
Michael Thomas Floyd 
Thomas Christopher Fonner 
Stephen Earl Frank 
Charles Lee Gandy, Jr. 
David Clark Gardner 
Deborah Marie Garr 
Mark Robert Gibson 

'Scott Ira Glixon 

'Gary Paul Gordon 
Thomas Francis Gosnell, Jr. 

'John H. Gott 
Joseph E. Gott 
Frank Rodger Grammer 
Gary Douglas Grise 
Richard Edwin Hanson, Jr. 

gRandall Lee Harrill 
Michael William Harrison 
Joseph Dennis Hegner 
Jerome Leonard Hersl, Jr. 
Andrew Moore Hiester 
Raymond Kenneth Hinkle, Jr. 
Christian U. Hochuli 

'Mark William Hoffman 
Philip Joseph Hoge 
Lee Francis Holeva 
Don Stuart Hutcheson 
John Greer Irwin 
Anthony Ray Janiga 
Deborah A. Joines 

James David Jones 
Mario Enrique Jorquera 
Wilfried Walter Jung 
Edward Edwin Kadala, Jr. 
William David Karl 
David Curtis Keefer 
Tawat Kiatlertpongsa 
John P. Kimball 
Stephen Andrew Kohler 
Bernard Michael Kraus 
John Allen Kupke 
Bruce Norman Land 

+ Robert Hooker Laprade 
Craig Daniel Leaseburge 
Grace M Lee 
Kevin Scott Lee 
Richard Edward Levine 
Hal Larry Levitt 
Craig Tyler Levy 
David Blair Libby 
Hassan Lolavar 
Arlie Don Long, III 
John Jeffrey Macri 
Joanne Magoulas 
John Delaney McClure 
Samuel R. McCuskey, III 

'Keith Allen McFarland 
Ronald Elliott Mclntyre 
Wayne Donald McNemar 
Eric John Meyer 
Frederick William Meyer 
Keith Edward Meyers 
Norman Leslie Miller 
Bijan Moossazadeh 
Richard Byron Morrison 
David John Moss 
Bruce Bernard Mrowca 
Arthur Nakas 
Arshad Nazir 
Douglas Patrick Neary 
Jon Howard Nekritz 
Mark Gregory Nitz 
Robert Peter Okas 
Robert Paul Olszewski 
Babatunde Oguntoyinbo 

Ronald Loyd Overton 
Steven Raymond Parker 
Robert Edward Peikin 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laude 


Gary Lewis Pence 
Michael William Pfarr 
Eugene Lee Pong 
Joseph Kevin Price 
Barry Lynn Proctor 

*John Lawrence Rast 
M. Edward Reider 
Ralph Alan Reiter, II 
John David Reymann 
Dennis Eli Roberts 
Charles Henry Robinson 
Kenneth Miles Romney 
Neil Paul Rossmeissl 

§William Clinton Roth 
Richard Stanford Rothschild 
David E. Rubin 
Bernard Carl Rudell 
Michael Anthony Russo 
Clifton Boyd Ryan 
Phillip Anthony Sabelhaus 
Antone A. Salah 
Jeffrey Dale Sarricks 
David Whitney Saylor 
David Russell Schatzer, Jr. 
Stephen M. Schmidt 
Steven Paul Schneider 
Peter Dekker Scott 
Daryle Michael Seckar 
Holger Olmedo Serrano 
Douglas Rowland Shays 
Patrick Bryan Sheehan 
Robert Ernest Shelley, II 
Michael Hubert Shifler 

§Mark Michael Shores 
Harold L. Siegrist 
Carol Ann Sigler 
John David Sigler 
Charles William Sloane 
James Carrol Smith 
John Volney Smith 
Paul Alan Smith 
Walter Earl Snow 
John Julien Snyder 
Michael Stephen Soper 
David H. Specht 
Gregory Arthur Staggers 
Michael Charles Stein 
Richard Jay Steinberger 
David Allyn Stobaugh 


Alan Conrad Stolarz 

Thomas McQuiston Sykes, Jr. 

Joel Lease Thompson 

Paul S. Thompson 

Mark Brian Tischler 
+ Kenneth Alan Travers 

William Tutko 

Mark Leo Umholtz 

Thomas Henry Vadnais 

Bruce Goodman Van Stratum 

Millard Vernon Vaughn 

Alexander Cesar Vazquez 

Daniel Patrick Walsh 

James Clayton Ward 

Leiand Thomas Warnick 
*Richard Franklin Webb 

Charles Jacob Weber, Jr. 

Mark John Wedel 

Michael Leigh Weiss 

David Nelson Wells 

George Edward Wendal, Jr. 

Lloyd Owen Wenger, Jr. 

Lawrence David White 
f David D. Wilson 

Michael Der Wong 

Wai Tak Wong 

Samuel G. Woods 

Michael Hung Wun 

Mohammad Yamin 

Do Wah Yee 

Cho Woong Yi 

Steven Ira Zweifach 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Joseph Marchello, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Moira Joan Baird 
'Charles L. Bennett 

William Louis Biagi 

Ian Leonard Blumgart 

Matthew Bond 

Rudy G. Bonefas 

Roger Leroy Boose 

Miguel Gerardo Breceda Lapeyre 

Peter James Burgess 

Roger Cohoon Bylasnia 
§Denise Anne Calderone 

Michael B. Canyes 

Andrew Fredrik Carlson 

George J. Chambers 

Daniel Fredric Chernikoff 

Ernest William Chesnutis, Jr. 

Christine Wing Cheung 

Douglas Kirk Christians 

Stephen Mark Chulick 

Nancy Jane D'Ambrosio 

William Aloysius Davis, Jr. 

Eugene Devere Day 

Yi-Bem Doo 

Argyrios Doumas 

Charles Newton Dudley 
§Joyce Leslie Epstein 

William John Fairfax 

Fredric L. Farber 

Gyorgy Fekete 

Susan C. Felix 

James Dominic Fiori 

Matthew Ira Fisher 

Lawrence E. Flynn 
*Glenn Joseph Galfond 

Bruce Evan Gewirz 

Claude William Ginsburg 
f Lenny Richard Gorban 

Conrad Joseph Grant 

Patricia Ann Gregory 

David Bruce Hogan 

Mark Lawrence Jacobs 

John Michael Kenney 

William David Karl 

Lawrence Hilliard Klioze 

Mark Elwood Koepke 

Brian Joseph Kopeck 

Christopher Kostas 

William Ward Krieger 

David John Kruth 
'Howard Joseph Larsen 

Mark Jeffrey Levin 

William Aubrey Linton, Jr. 

Maureen C. Locke 

David William Long 

Johnnye Lee Lopes 

David Alan Marker 

Robert G. May 

Louis Allen Mayo 

Jeannette Laureanne McGorty 

Alan Lee Migdall 
*Juan Carlos Moreno 

Janet Ellen Munson 

Mary Cave Murphree 

Jack James Nuckols 

Mark Allan O'Connell 

Russell Stanley Panneton 

George Bernard Paprotny 

Lambis loannoy Platsis 

Mark Fraser Ramage 
f William Clinton Roth 

Ann Elizabeth Salerno 

James Paul Sapp 

Raymond Charles Schwartz 

Robert Karl Schwenk 

Diane Marie Sevitski 

Bruce Edward Shapiro 
'Richard E. Shapiro 

Frederick Mark Shulman 

Danford Scot Smith 

Douglas Lee Smith 

Glenn Franklin Smith 

Michael Paul Sorando 

Stephen Lawrence Sfauffer 

Malle Anne Tagamets 

Richard James Tedesco 

Robert Brian Tilkin 

Robert Marshall Urick 

Philip Hunter Van Dusen 

§Summa Cum Laude, fMagna Cum Laude, "Cum Laude 

Mark Howard Warshaw 
Robert Edward Webber 
Joanne Marie Weiss 
Richard Bradley Wells 
Gregory Joseph Wilmot 
Michael Lee Wolf 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Shoenberg, 
Administrative Dean, 
Undergraduiite Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Jacquelyn Ann Absher 
Steven Mark Adelson 
Nancy Joy Ahlstrom 
Derek Bruce Albertsen 
Eduardo Cornejo Alzona 
Fredric M. Ashendorf 
Alice Frances Bannigan 
James Duane Bell 
Cynthia Ann Berry 
Darshan Singh Bigelson 
Nancy Bondy 
Joyce Anne Boyden 
Neil Anthony Bradley 
Eric Claude Brubaker 
*Kathleen L. Braubaker 
Kathleen S. Burton 
Katherine Danette Cagley 
Gina Marie Gasale 
Nick E. Caudell 
Jeavonna Lathea Chapman 
Jean Alice Conley 
Richard Allen Cook 
Mark William Curlett 
Michael Anthony Davis 
Katherine F. W. Day 
Elyse Beth Dector 
Turner David DeHart 
Pamela Fink Dixon 
Christopher Brian Donhauser 
Douglas Byron Fine 
Richard Jay Garfinkel 
Paul Geoffrey Gelrud 
Howard Griffith Hall, III 
John James Hartsell, Jr. 
Susan Louise Henderson 
Elizabeth Martha Henze 
William Wesley High 
Margaret Roberta Hill 
Nancy Lee Hock 
Dolores Janet Hylander 

Cathy Elaine Jenks 
Bruce Merrill Kanter 
Matthew Mark Kassir 
Donald Craig Kearney 
Dorothy Helen Statum Knab 
Tony Kondratenko 
Mary Sue Lagana 
Michael S. Larmer 
James Albert Lawless 
Douglas Parker Lee 
Dianne Lefter 
Ruth Ann Lochner 
David Michael Long 
Janet Beth Marchel 

*Bernice Marker 
Louise Virginia Mates 
Vashti Murphy McKenzie 

§Linda Lowe Morris 
Tramar Felicia Murdock 
Margaret Rose O'Brien 
Patricia Anne Perrone 
Scott Merrill Plavner 

§Patricia Zagelmeyer PoUitt 
Eileen Elizabeth Renzi 
Eileen Carney Richards 
Betsy Louise Roberts 
Richard Jay Rosenblatt 
Marcia Marlene Rosenburg 
David B. Sandridge 
Susan Marie Schiaffino 

gMorris Barry Schindler 
Mark Schrecengost 
Lawrence Howard Schwartz 
Edward Neal Shayne 
Steven B. Sheppard 
Carol Adrienne Simmons 
John Lawson Sims, Jr. 
Susan Lee Smilari 
Michael George Sochko 
Eve Kokol 
Bari-Lynn Stein 
Steven Howard Steinberg 
Allan Steinhorn 
Inez Dudley Stone 
Gregory Lovell Talcott 
Norman A. Taylor 
Michael William Thomas 
Susan Ritter Thompson 
Karen Lee Todd 

Ivan Louis Tominack, Jr. 
Anita Louise Venner 
Richard Scott Wain 
Mary Margaret Watkowski 
Ellen Ruth Windle 
Mary Denise Woodard 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jefferson Gilreath Arrington 
*Geoffrey Alan Basik 

Cynthia Jean Brown 

Holly Lynette Carter 

Fred Townley Cauble 

Diane Amy Chen 

Robin Tami Cooperman 

James F. Denny 

Sarah Jackie Dessel 

John Richard Glock 
*Susan Elise Judy 

Shelley Ann Perloe 

Kim Maria Perry 

Judy Lynn Rabin 

Susan Jane Rosborough 
*Sandra Jean Sager 
*Robin Dale Sandler 

Susan Joy Shroder 
+ Joel Arthur Stern 
+ Harriet Michele Wichin 

Bachelor of Science 

Anthony Leroy Bryant 
Howard Steve Freundlich 
Stephen Gerard Heibein 

t Kenneth Hilsbos 
Lisa H. Kornberg 
Peter Andrew Marchetto 
Kenneth Alfred Mathias 
Deborah Lynne McCreary 

tCindy Ilene Mishner 
Deborah Neufeld 
James Graham Northup 
Dorothy Billopp Reitwiesner 
Robert Loring Rice 

§5umma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude, 'Cum Laude 


Certificate in Womens Studies 

Betsy Alperin 
Dorothy De Val 
Martha A. Moran 
Charolett Thomas 
Donna Lee Whittlesey 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Michael C. Barrett 
Kevin S. Boettcher 
Walter C. Bostwick 
Scott C. Brewster 
Naomi C. Briscoe 
Ronald W. Cain, Jr. 
Gary L. Dorsey 
Robert E. Kerin 
Richard A. Lane 
Lynne F. Miller 
Mark A. OConnell 
Larry E. Overmyer 
George B. Paprotny 
Patricia M. Petro 
Pamela A. Putnam 
Ulysses S. Rhodes 
John M. Scannell 
Glenn F. Smith 
Paul A. Smith 
Shelby L. Syckes 
Thomas M. Sykes, Jr. 
Richard J. Tedesco 
Ivan L. Tominack, Jr. 
Karan L. Truesdell 
James L. Ulvog 
Kenneth P. Urtz 
James R. Wade 


gSumma Cum Laude, fMagna Cum Laude, *Cum Laude 


Candidates for bachelor's 
degrees who have earned 
honors for scholarship upon 
graduation are indicated in the 
alphabetical listings by Division 
or College. To be eligible for 
consideration for such honors 
a candidate must meet the 
following general criteria; (1) 
have completed two years of 
work at the University of Mary- 
land (60 semester hours) and (2) 
have a scholastic average of B 
(Grade Point Average of 3.000) 
or higher in University of 
Maryland work prior to the last 
semester of registration before 
award of degree. 

May 1978 candidates who meet 
these criteria are shown in the 
alphabetical lists as qualifying, 
upon graduation, for the 
designations "Summa Cum 
Laude " if they ranked in the top 
two per cent of the candidates in 
their respective Colleges or 
Divisions; "Magna Cum Laude", 
if in the next three per cent; or 
"Cum Laude", if in the next 
five per cent. 

General Honors Program 

Sandra Leigh Cook 
Robert M. Coultas, Jr. 
Lucille Mara Craft 
Scott Michael Dennis 
Thomas Eugene Dobyns 
Conrad Joseph Grant 
Robert Allan Horlick 
Cynthia Ann King 
David Herbert Linthicum 
Marc Henry Nachman 
Serap Oktay 
Clayton J. Powell, Jr. 
David Moshe Velder 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Astronomy 
Charles L. Bennett 

With High Honors in Chemistry 
Alan Thomas Stone 

With High Honors in Economics 
Thomas Leo Doran 

With High Honors in English 
Sandra Kay Miller 

With High Honors in French 
Mary Alice O'Donnell 

With High Hotjors in 
Government and Politics 

Clayton J. Powell, Jr. 

Joseph Timothy Yost 

With Honors in Agricultural 
and Resource Economics 
Michael Slott 

With Honors in Botany 
Paula M. Steiner** 

With Honors in Chemistry 
William Peyton Roberts 
Paul Alan Soloman 

With Honors in Computer 

Danford Scot Smith 

With Honors in Criminology 
Hal Jan Epstein 
Steven Mark Tevlowitz 

With Honors in Criminal Justice 
Rhonda Eileen Drossner 
John Lawrence Hunt 
Mitchell Rubenstein 
Mark Andrew Starinsky 
Michael James Trigonoplos 

With Honors in Economics 
Thomas Charles Davenport 

With Honors in English 
Betsy Alison Alperin 
Aletha Lea McDaniel 
Brian Joseph Milmoe 
Jeanette Anne Plante 
Terrill Ann Rupp 
Deborah Mary Schwartz 

With Honors in French 
Kathleen C. Elder 

With Honors in Goverriment 
and Politics 

Leonard Michael Bargellini 

Stuart Paul Lawson 

Frances L. Wetzel 

With Honors in History 
Mark Walter Herlong 
Susan M. Souder 
John-Dag Wilkinson 

With Honors in Mathematics 
Glenn Joseph Galfond 
Robert Karl Schwenk 

With Honors in Physical Sciences 
Ida Marie Hakkarinen** 

With Honors in Physics 
Mark Elwood Koepke 
Juan Carlos Moreno 
Bruce Edward Shapiro 

With Honors in Psychology 
Charles Jay Marder 
Patricia Anne O'Hora 
David Moshe Velder 
Robbin Eston White 

With Honors in Speech and 
Dramatic Art 

Howard David Friedman 

With Honors in Textiles and 
Consumer Economics 
Lisa Jo Stone 

With Honors in Urban Studies 
Jerry Sam Dunietz 
Michelle Ann Liliestedt 
Gregg Lindner 
David Carson Snead 
Charlotte Bentch Thomas 
Sherri Lynn Thompson 

•Graduated December 19, 1977 




(Agricultural Engineering) 

Gordon Douglas Kirk 



Linda M. Bouton 
Patrick S. Day 
Pamela M. Gray 
Steven A. Mansberg 
Margaret L. Rosthal 
Heidi A. Tundel 

MAY 1978 
Theda K. Collins 
Joyce M. Dorn 
Ginger J. Gerton 
Phyllis D. Levine 
Amy ]. Lieman 
Donna M. Moldrup 
Dorothy A. Plachta 
Aileen E. Posner 



Edgar F. Czarra, III 
Ann M. Dallavalle 
Eve E. Edelson 
Pandor H. Hadjy 
Sharon A. Harrell 
Eleanor C. Hawkins 
Steven Herlich 
Elena Incarnato 
Sherman W. Jack 
Debra L. James 
David W. Jensen 
Jacob E. Jones 
Kathleen Judy 
Dolores P. Lana 
Molly V. Madigan 
Rebecca K. Morrison 
Kathleen L. Naughton 
Karen L. Pearce 
Carol Quimby 
Marian S. Schultz 
Emily Shepard 
Scott R. Stanley 


Christeen Taylor 
Marcia Vandermause 
Kendra J. Vinton 
Patricia L. Wiley 


(Business Management) 


AUGUST 1977 
Bonnie Kalmanson 

Barbara J. Carter 
Janet M. Evans 
Kathleen R. O'Hara 
Scott E. Parr 

MAY 1978 
Michael D. Billig 
Blair D. Brown 
Brian C. Cesanek 
Victoria M. Commins 
Harold L. Frohman 
Richard H. Gellman 
Pamela J. Gordon 
Barbara Greenwood 
Lisa M. Gross 
Bruce A. Harvey 
Christian H. Heller 
Sharon L. Hildenbrandt 
Charles H. HoUis 
E. Stuart Kahane 
John R. Kessinger 
Laurie R. Kuff 
Mark L. Loepere 
Giao K. Luu 
Joel K. Mostrom 
Ray V. Padron 
David R. Patten 
Jeffrey D. Poloway 
Charles B. Postal 
Trudy M. Solomon 


AUGUST 1977 
James T. Campbell 
James D. Causey 
Harvey A. Davis 

Rollanda Sharlin 
Maria C. Stephens 
Valerie A. Zeithaml 

Mary Campas 
Debra A. Leo 
Robert L. Lewis, III 
Dena B. Schneier 

MAY 1978 
Rakesh Bhan 
Daniel O. Casco 
James N. Haddow 
Kenneth Mybrarski 
Robin S. Sloan 
William Smyth, Jr. 


(Civil Engineering) 

Richard Lee Cain 
Brian Stephen Chaillet 
Timothy Coughlin 
Martin Robert Englemann 
Peter Anthony Gallerizzo 
Kathleen Marie Gryctko 
Anthony Morabito 
Anthony Vidal 

MAY 1978 
Paula L. Boas 

Louis John Breitenother, Jr. 
Joseph Yim-Lam Cheung 
David Gregory Cornelius 
Gary Paul Gordon 
Randall Lee Harrill 
Mark William Hoffman 
James David Jones 
Joanne Magoulas 
Michael William Pfarr 
John Lawrence Rast 
David E. Rubin 
Daryle Michael Seckar 
Mark Michael Shores 
David H. Specht 
Michael Charles Stein 
Daniel Patrick Walsh 
James Clayton Ward 

Charles Jacob Weber, Jr. 
Wai Tak Wong 


(Electrical Engineering) 

AUGUST 1977 
James H. Dietz 
Nancy Lan Moy 
Frank Henry Worrell 

Horance Eugene Cascio 
John Joseph Ciccarelli 
Robert Lewis Mapou 
Cathy Ann Merrill 
Dale Edward Newcomb 
Guy Wayne Riffle 
Deborah Lynn Wolfe 

MAY 1978 
Bruce Alan Bredland 
Thomas James Chrzanowski 
Carl Drafts Donigian 
Jonathan Frank Feifarek 
Donald Allan Finnegan 
Scott Ira Glixon 
Deborah A. Joines 
Grace M. Lee 
Arlie Don Long, III 
William Clinton Roth 
John Julien Snyder 
Richard Franklin Webb 



Jane Anne D'Aguanno 
Nancy Beller 
Karen Burger 
David Cowley 
Linda K. Duyer 
David R. Enberg 
Henry Felices 
Cherlyn Hall 
Thomas Hall 
Robert Hartnett 
Dave Kremnitzer 
Richard E. Lacey 
Fred Lim 

Dave Linthicum 
William Lynch 
Perry Pepper 
Lincoln Pope 
James Roberts 
Patrick G. Startt 
Mike Tolson 
Louis Yost 



Marcy Abelson 
Andrea Anderson 
Philip P. Aversa 
Kathleen G. Ball 
Gale Benoff 
Amy Berman 
Jeanne M. Boone 
Sherry Ann Bobrow 
Darlene M. Branges 
Joyce Brodian 
Becky Ann Brown 
Jackilyn Bubes 
Diane Burka 
Barbara Jean Campbell 
Diane Carnahan 
Michael Carter 
Beverly Casto 
Jeffrey Charuhas 
Gail Cherin 
Jill Cohen 
Debra Conti 
Karen Cooper 
Eileen Giuffre Cotton 
Jill Dreizen 
Cheryl Eiband 
Rhonda EUer 
Judith Ellsworth 
Sandra Farrands 
Patricia Ann Foster 
Kathleen Frederick 
Michael Freedman 
Judith Freinberg 
Susan Ginsberg 
Susan Goebel 
Karen Goldstein 
Katherine Graziano 
Kimberly Ground 

Mary Hanna 

Shirley Headley 

Blanca J. Hull 

Les Johnson 

Lori Kale 

Beatrice Kasparek 

Kathryn Kelly 

Mary Ann Kinsella 

Shelley Koch 

Beth Kolodner 

Linda Kopit 

Sharon Korngruen 

Dona Krueger 

Ruth Kurlandsky 

Linda Lacy 

Barbara Langdon 

Marianne Leung 

Lawrence Edward Levine 

Kenneth Lewis 

Maria Libertini 

Mary Jane Loehr 

Lisa Lowe 

Colleen McCollum 

C. R. McKinley-Barnett 

Holly McVeigh 

Jacqueline Ann Miller 

Linda Molz 

Ouida Moore 

Marcia Lee Myers 

Sandra Nee 

Margaret L. Noll 

Gail Nusbaum 

Sharon O'Neil 

Frances O'Reilly 

Jodi Peake 

Patricia Phelan 

Cecilia Phillips 

Susan Porter 

Jennifer Quinn 

Margaret Anne Randolph 

Ellen Rathbun 

Felice Rick 

Ruth Rooney 

Kimberly Ruppersberger 

Elena Saplicki 

Susan Schreiber 

Judy Schwartz 

Joan E. Shinn 

Mary Ferris Siebert 

Bernard D. Shapiro 
Lisa Smith 
Lisa Sodee 
Lisa Stemmer 
Mary Stover 
Magdalena Suarez 
Donna Szuba 
Carol Urbach 
Linda Volk 
Elizabeth Vadnais 
Steven Weng 
Esperanza Wiemann 
Mandy Wolkoff 
Margaret Zebowitz 



Ronald Edward Brackin 
Carol Lee Brice 
Sheryl Sue Cantor 
Susan Lisa Commander 
Margaret Mary Coons 
James Alan Crisci 
Cynthia Elaine Cusic 
Gerald Jay Fischman 
Julia Patton Gaines 
Jeanne Marie Garland 
Gail Glidden Geraghty 
Mary Sherman Geyelin 
Rebecca Ann Grier 
Paul Aaron Herman 
Judith Ann Hillstrom 
Sarah Ann Himebaugh 
Roland Eugene Kidwell, Jr. 
Deborah Ann Kline 
Kevin Neal Levengood 
Elizabeth Christ Lof tus 
Marilyn Milloy 
Judith Ann Moyer 
Carol Marie Musgrave 
Margaret Ann Nagle 
Theresa Lynn Osterman 
Jan Lynn Price 
Suzan Richmond 
Lois Austin Rowe 
Deborah Michell Royster 
Paul jay Serber 

Gail Katherine Thuman 
Leslie Adelle Webb 


(Chemical Engineering) 

John William Mooney 
Stanley Edwin Smith 

MAY 1978 

Michael Raymond Beauregard 

Corey Eugene Dreyfuss 

Andrew Moore Hiester 

Craig Daniel Leaseburge 

Eric John Meyer 

Eugene Lee Pong 

Antone A. Salah 

Patrick Bryan Sheehan 


(Home Economics) 

Susan Archer 
Susan N. Bartell 
Mary Beers 
Marcia Bruce 
Kerry D. Buckel 
Gloria Butz 
Karen Lee Colteryahn 
Marian Cooper 
Irene Mary Dietrich 
Laura Doherty 
Barbara Dye 
Susan G. Edelman 
Mary Lee Fabula 
Mary Ellen Fise 
Carmela A. Gallerizzo 
Gail E. Gebran 
Marcia Goldstein 
Dorothy L. Hampton 
Carol A. Heitmuller 
Sherrill Jaye Helferd 
Nancy A. Herfort 
Susan P. Hixon 
Beatrice K. Kasparek 
Rosette Konick 
Carol L. Kulwich 
Linda R. Lansman 
Michele Lieberman 


Susan Lush 
Barbara Marcowitz 
Ruth A Mathieson 
Sandra McNeill 
Linda Mitchell 
Susan E. Nadel 
Karen S. Narode 
Mary C. Norris 
Mary Colleen Noon 
Joy S. Ossip 
Faith H. Page 
Diana Ries 
Debra J. Rollins 
Beth Schlenoff 
Jill Shestokas 
Margaret L. Solem 
Sophie K. Sparling 
Lori Strasser 
Betty Taylor 
Terese H. Warsinger 
Robin F. Weinberg 
Sherri L. Whitehead 
Rebecca L. Wilson 
Virginia Wolz 
Nancy D. Worrilow 
Caroline E. Wood 
Betty L. Young 
Patricia L. Yopconka 
Christine K. Zerman 


(Physical Education, Recreation, 
and Health) 


Philip Pierre Aversa 
Laura Kay Baker 
Blair Berkowitz 
Barbara Jo Berry 
John Edward Bickley 
Mary Louise Briese 
Deborah E. Carroll 
Cheryl A. Cooke 
Catherine J. David 
Robert Dietch 
Cindy Ettinger 
Carol Euzent 
Norleah A. Fatkin 
Kathleen Faulkner 


Kathy H. Fitzpatrick 
Dorothy Frankel 
Cynthia Lynn Fulton 
Mary Ellen Greenleaf 
Robert Harris 
Nancy Beth Himelfarb 
Ralph Edward Hogan 
Robin L. Katz 
Miriam Klein 
Philip J. Lambooy 
Marianne Leung 
Lynne Gail MacCracken 
Patricia nn McGuigan 
Barbara Lynn Miller 
Elizabeth A. NichoUs 
Susan D. F. Ohgren 
Lisa Palmer 
Janis F. Partin 
Robyn Leigh Peters 
Patricia Lynn Powell 
Barbara A. Prescop 
Sheila A. Ramsey 
Alice J. Rouillard 
Susan Amy Schreiber 
Lynn E. Schwartz 
Mary Claire Senner 
Patricia Jean Shomper 
Michael J. Silverman 
Patricia Ann Smith 
Lori Stavitsky 
Florence M. Sullivan 
Stephen M. Sutton 


Cynthia Anne Alba 
Kent Blumenthal 
Eileen M. Crowley 
Ronald Wayne Deitrick 
Maureen Donnelly 
James H. Dotson, Jr. 
George Eisen 
Raymond R. Ferreira 
Alfred Earl Finch 
Deborah L. Gebhart 
Joyce Ann Heflin 
Larry David Isaacs 
Alex C. Isherwood 
Ikeda Katsunori 
Patricia L. Kaylor 

Mary L. Kehoe 
Michael J. Leitner 
Elizabeth Ann Rankin 
William Robert Raspet 


(international History) 

Alan J. Baverman 
Carl A. Gabrielsen 
Hedy F. Gezik 
Alice C. Kahm 
David S. Kruh 
Mark J. Le Winter 
Mark C. McCurdy 
Gail N. Rauch 
Maria L. Rodriquez 
Nancy E. Wade 
Mindy R. Weiss 


(Liberal Arts) 


Linda Marie Arbabi 
Linda Dee Banish 
Geoffrey Alan Basik 
Allan Jerold Baverman 
Vivian Lee Hobbs Berzinski 
Rudy G. Bonefas 
Linda Anne Bricker 
Bradley Kerr Bryan 
Barbara Lynn Chadwick 
Judith Laura Chipchin 
Jody Anne Cook 
Jane Marie Coyle 
James B. Crucetti 
Susan Terry Deutsch 
Patrick Joseph Dennis 
Allen Nathan Dixon, III 
Roberta Dondes 
Jerry San Dunietz 
Katherine Ann England 
Elizabeth Falloon 
Michael Joseph Fisher 
Cara L. Forrest 
Dianne Carol Freedman 
Carl Arne Gabrielsen, Jr. 
Renu Garg 

Scott J. Glick 

Lonny R. Gorban 

William Francis Greaney 

Zena N. Green 

Ida Marie Hakkarinen 

David Bruce Hogan 

Laura Lynn Holum-Hardegen 

Robert M. Huber 

Jacob Edward Jones 

Michael Robert Kammerman 

James Douglas Kearney 

Laurie Ann Klein 

Rose Marie Kushmeider 

Steven Ray Lindsay 

Karen Therese Litf in 

Jonathan David Lowenthal 

Enid S. Luterman 

Teresa Mary Luther 

Miles Burke Maguire 

Robert Lewis Mapou 

Kimberly Ann Matters 

Mark Disbrow McCurdy 

Barbara Browning Morris 

Thomas A. Nace 

Serap Oktay 

Ruth Hanon Oneson 

Michael Sanford Oring 

Sharon Lee Ludwig Panneton 

Clayton Jerome Powell, Jr. 

Shelley Jeanne Price 

Gail Nancy Rauch 

Linda Rosenstock 

Margaret Lynn Rosthal 

Terrill Ann Rupp 

Rebecca Elmaleh Sachs 

Bruce Edward Shapiro 

Laura Ruth Shapiro 

Andrea H. Shea 

Esther Sue Siegel 

Sherry Eileen Singer 

Audra Bradley Smith 

Susan M. Souder 

John A. Statler 

Alan Thomas Stone 

Dorothee Elisabeth Struzyna 

Jonathan Eric Surell 

Karen Ann Taylor 

Bettina S. Viehmann 

Mindy Roberta Weiss 

Francis L. Wetzel 

Mary Pamela Williams Townsend 

Kent Benson Woodburn 


Philip Edward Arge 

Barry Seth Auherbach 

Julie Josephine Castro 

Paula Louise Crawford 

Mary Elizabeth Deily 

Karen Lynn Ehrlich 

Gerard Clement Higgins 

Lawrence Glenn Kirsch 

Paula Lynne Koval 

Michele Eileen Lane 

Dean Jeffrey Layman 

Alan Robertson Lehman 

Benjamin Eli Levie 

Robert Christopher McNally 

Wendy Joy Miller 

Heather Janet Mitchell 

Sherrie Alison Meyer 

Christopher Michael O'Connor 

Diane Carol O'Neill 

Irene Brenda Strauss 


(Senior and Graduate 


Jonathan David Ackerman 

Alan Frederic Ansher 

Deborah Sue Anthony 

Linda Marie Arbabi 

Darlene Marie Atkins 

Stanley N. Azebu 

Anna Marie Bagwell 

Patrizia Barone 

Geoffrey A. Basik 

Michael Joseph Baumgartner 

Mary J. Beers 

Wendy Lynn Bengelsdorf 

Patricia L. Benner 

Charles L. Bennett 

Kathy J. Bennett 

Audrey Sue Bergman 

Karen Margo Berlin 

Jo Ann Berndt 

Shelly R. Bernstein 
Ruth Berthold 
Vivian Lee Berzinski 
Michael David Billig 
Branden S. Blum 
Rudy Gregory Bonefas 
William L. Boteler, Jr. 
Steven D. Bowen 
Darlene Marie Branges 
Cassandra Hope Brinkley 
Joan Jaye Britt 
Kathleen L. Brubaker 
Theresa A. Burgess 
Jacqueline Sue Burtner 
Richard Douglas Cadle 
Denise Anne Calderone 
Leonard R. Caro 
Jane Carrico 
Nancy Ann Cataldi 
Barbara L. Chadwick 
Ed Chambers, III 
Joan Frances Chaney 
Joseph Y. Cheung 
Judith Laura Chipchin 
Thomas James Chrzanowski 
Glenn Alden Clatworthy 
Janet Lynn Cohen 
Karen Lee Colteryahn 
Beverly M. Coltrin 
Victoria Marie Commins 
Julianne Conley 
Brian K. Cooley 
Denise Couchoud 
Bob Coultas 
Suzanne L. Covello 
Bethany J. Covington 
Shirley Ann H. Cox 
Lucille Mara Craft 
James B. Crucetti 
Freda Curchack 
James T. Cummings, Jr. 
Protagoras Nichlas Cutchis 
Edward M. Davison 
Steven Dawn 
Sergio del Castillo 
James S. Delizia 
Rhonda Ann Denny 
Anne Catherine Desautels 
Susan Terry Deutsch 

Nancy J. Dickinson 
Abida G. Diwan 
Thomas Eugene Dobyns 
Roberta Dondes 
Yi-Ben Doo 
Thomas Leo Doran 
Michael John Durkin 
Charlene E. Dwyer 
Jonathan Scott Elias 
Marc Richard Emden 
Hal Jan Epstein 
Joyce L. Epstein 
Marci Faktorow 
Joan Lynn Fallon 
Elizabeth Falloon 
Edith May-Wei Fang 
Majid Farivari 
Steve Feldman 
Mitchell Fields 
Robin Finkelstein 
Debra Ann Fishbein 
Michael Joseph Fisher 
Conrad J. Flessner, Jr. 
John M. Forsyth 
Carol F. Fowler 
Howard David Friedman 
Harold L. Frohman 
Roy Davis Furr, Jr. 
Thomas P. Gahs 
Eileen Pearl Galmeijer 
Freda G. Gandy 
Sandra Lynn Gardiner 
Susan McCutchen Gardner 
Mark Sennett Garland 
Michael A. Gerber 
Hedy Fae Getzik 
Joan Ruth Glass 
Leslie Dawn Glass 
Scott J. Click 
Scott Ira Glixon 
Michael Aaron Gnatt 
Michael Jeffrey Gold 
Beth Mindy Goldberg 
Marcia Lee Goldstein 
Howard William Gordon 
Conrad Joseph Grant 
Jonathan E. Grant 
Jan Daryl Greenberg 
Jeffrey Gresser 

Jeffrey Glenn Gross 

Lisa Marti Gross 

Melanie Faith Haber 

Deborah Thornton Hall 

Carol Lynn Hamada 

Linda K. Hamer 

Mary Ellen Handley 

Randall Lee Harrill 

Lindsay Harris 

William Dennis Harris 

Janet E. Harrison 

Hugh Harvey, III 

La Verne Fisher Havelka 

Nancy Lori Hawvermale 

Cynthia Ann Heil 

Maria Elena Heinrich 

Carol Anne Heitmuller 

Donna R. Helfand 

Susan Ellen Helfman 

Christian H. Heller 

Douglas Lester Hendricks 

Paula Henry 

Carol Ann Hess 

Sahron Lee Hildenbrandt 

Linda Ann Hill 

Robert Mark Hoerauf 

Marcella Ethel Hoff 

Holly A. Hoffman 

Laura Lynn Holum-Hardegen 

Patricia A. Hopkins 

Robert A. Horlick 

Martha Elisabeth Howard 

Robert M. Huber 

Joanne Marie Hughes 

Elena Incarnate 

Richard E. Israel 

Elliots. Itkin 

Sanford Bruce Jaffe 

Douglas Ruebin Jeffery 

Alyson Lela Jones 

Gail Elizabeth Jones 

Jacob Edward Jones 

sheila D. Josephowitz 

Mary Teresa Kahler 

Rondalyn Shirlette Kane 

Elvira E. E. Kaper 

Martha Carol Katchmar 

Ronald Byron Katz 

James Douglas Kearney 


Kathleen V. Keegan 

Steven B. Kelber 

Marta J. Kempa 

John Robert Kessinger 

Debra A. Kindervatter 

Cynthia Ann King 

Kirk J. King 

Laurie Ann Klein 

Miriam Hester Klein 

Janice M. Knoblett 

Robert Michael Knox 

Kathryn Kobe 

Zoila Kohler 

Richard J. Kolodrubetz 

Rosette Konick 

Martha Willard Finch Kozlosky 

Andrew Alan Kramer 

Elizabeth Ann Kranack 

Irvin Bernard Krukenkamp, Jr. 

Leonard Chamberlin Kuentz 

Laurie Rochelle Kuff 

Rose Marie Kushmeider 

Jeffrey Allen Lafferman 

Alan L. Lang 

Suzanne M. LaPointe 

David Everton Lashley 

Kathleen M. Lawless 

Nanette Debra Leyine 

Richard F. Lewis 

John Sing-Yee Ling 

Mark Louis Loepere 

Elizabeth Christine Lof tus 

Michael Carlton Long 

Robert Craig Long 

Thersa Mary Luther 

Giao K. Luu 

Karen Sue Lykes 

Hugh P. Mackrell 

Steve Marchitelli 

David A. Marker 

Laurel Ann Marr 

Gail Belinda Marriott 

Osvaldo J. Martinez 

Louise Garrett Mathews 

Linda Susan Mathis 

Kimberly Ann Matters 

Douglas R. McAdoo 

Mary Kathleen McFalls 

Maureen McManus 


Roberts. McNeill, Jr. 
Michael Gene Metz 
Sheryl A. Metzner 
Marian Michalco 
Carole Beth Miller 
Ramona K. Mitchell 
Carole Lee Meyers 
Carol Diane Morgan 
Barbara Browning Morris 
Michael Scott Morris 
Marc Henry Nachman 
Susan Ellice Nadel 
Christopher Eric Needham 
Susan Needle 
Mary Carolyn Norris 
Amy Susan Northrop 
Judith Ann Norvell 
Mary Alice O'Donnell 
Theodore Alan Offit 
Jacqueline Oken 
Serap Oktay 
Linda Fran Olin 
Lois V. Olund 
Ruth Hannon Oneson 
Michael Sanford Oring 
Edward Philip Oseroff 
Elizabeth B. Pattison 
Araxi Paul 
Robert Stanley Perry 
Leslie Johanna Pfund 
David J. Piper 
Jeffrey David Poloway 
Michele Hope Popkin 
Clayton J. Powell, Jr. 
Pamela Jean Powell 
Marianne C. Prather 
Jan Lynn Prince 
Sumie Edagawa Putman 
Mark Eraser Ramage 
Gail N. Rauch 
Randa Polly Rayburn 
Laura B. Raymond 
Debbie Reich 
Lois Ann Reinstein 
Benjamin E. Reshew 
Randi Jean Resnick 
Karen Jenise Richey 
Erin Lee Ries 
Guy Wayne Riffle 

Pamela Dawn Rosenberg 
Linda Rosenstock 
William Clinton Roth 
Deborah Michelle Royster 
David Steven Rubin 
Rebecca Elmaleh Sachs 
Ralph Thomas Salvagno 
Benjamin Alan Sandler 
Paul Larry Saval 
Michelle Yvette Schminky 
Martin Lee Schwartz 
Susan Jean Searle 
Gioele Settembrini, Jr. 
Suzanne Shamanski 
Barbara Emeline Shankman 
Laura R. Shapiro 
Debra Ellen Sheinbach 
Cheryl Jane Sherwood 
Fred B. Shoken 
Mark Michael Shores 
Mary Josephine Simpson 
Sherry Eileen Singer 
Michael Slott 
Patricia Ann Smith 
Sharon M. Solomon 
Simone S. Sommer 
Susan M. Souder 
Jo Ann Spalding 
Beth Ann Sparrow 
Deborah Ann Speicher 
Deborah Karen Staffin 
Debra Lee Steinman 
Janet H. Strasburg 
Lorri Beth Strasser 
Magdalena Suarez 
Greta Luise Summersett 
Johathan E. Surell 
Enid Merrill Sush 
Richard D. Sussman 
Sharon L. Swinburne 
Mark Andrew Symborski 
Shirley May Tabler 
Steven M. Tevlowitz 
George John Theodorakos 
Michael James Trigonoplos 
Susan Mary Tucker 
David Velder 
Lauren Versel 
Bettina Susanne Viehmann 

Christopher J. Vogt 
Friedrich Josef von Bun 
James Patrick Wade 
Barbara Louise Waldrop 
Cecelia Faye Wang 
Annie LaRue Wantz 
David Lee Waxman 
Susan M. Webster 
Carrie Anne Weiner 
Elaine Beth Weingarten 
Andrew Carl Weisinger 
Mindy Roberta Weiss 
Robert K. West 
John Baker Wheeler, IV 
Harriet Michele Wichin 
James R. Wigand 
John-Dag Wilkinson 
Dorothy Jeanne Williams 
Karyn Gale Willis 
Frances Rion Willocks 
Adelaide Mei-ling Wong 
Kent Benson Woodburn 
Nelda Jane Young 
Margaret Susan Zeas 
Steven M. Ziegler 
Gary B. Zimberg 
Amie Sue Zimmerman 
Marcia R. Zuckerman 

MAY 1978 
Paul P. Adams 
Philip E. Agre 
Larry Robert Alfrey 
Charlotte Crane Armstrong 
Mary Louise Atwater 
Philip Pierre Aversa 
Stephanie L. Baer 
Paul D. Bailor 
Ralph Ingersoll Barkley, III 
Alan Jerold Baverman 
*Diane L. Bloom 
Paula L. Boas 
Lois Reit Brooks 
Kimberly A. Brown 
Maria Angela Bukowski 
Gregory William Burge 
Emelia Anna Burt 
Lisa Anne Butrum 
Kim Kathleen Callison 

^Graduate Student **Outstanding Junior 

Nello Caporossi, III 
*H. F. Carlson 

Susan Blaine Carr 

Barbara Jean Carter 

Susan L. Casselberry 

Alan Chow 

Alvin Chow 

Scott Harvey Clearwater 

Deborah J. Coffin 

Tim W. Collins 

Maria Elisa Colucciello 

Debra Ann Conti 

Sandra Leigh Cook 

Susan E. Cook 

Margaret M. Coons 

Charlene Darby Courpas 

Cynthia Shearin Creyke 

Teresa A. Cunningham 

Leslie Joan Czubek 

Ann Marie Dallavalle 

Laraine Danes 

Jonathan Felini David 

Barbara Jo Davis 

Kristen Dawson 

Allyn W. Delwiche 

Yit Shyuan Der 

Robert G. Diamond 
*Nancy O'Neil Montgomer 

Theresa M. DiPaolo 

Ruth G. Dixon 

Tina L. Downing 

Julia A. Doyle 

Janet Lee Drumwright 

Jerry Sam Dunietz 

Dolores Anne Dunn 

Lewis Clem Dutrow 

Barbara J. Dye 

Katherine Ann England 

Joni E. Errera 

Patricia ToUey Falk 

Francis W. Farley 

Elizabeth Louise Farmer 

Michael Eric Feldman 

Charles Martin Fisher 

Dianne Carol Freedman 

Susan Maurine Freeland 

Orit Frenkel 

Carl A. Gabrielsen, Jr. 

*Graduate Student *'Ou 

Joseph J. Genovese, Jr. 

Teresa Lee Gils trap 

Allison Glasgow 

G. Faye Godwin 

Susan Alyce Goebel 
»Loyal M. Goff 

Lonny R. Gorban 

Gary Paul Gordon 

Julie Ann Gosnell 

John H. Gott 

Sheila Ryan Green 

Kathryn Sheets Gregory 

Bruce Alan Harvey 

Eleanor C. Hawkins 

David P. Henninger 

Bradley Scott Hibbs 

Melissa Hinds 

Jerry R. Hodge 

David B. Hogan 

Adelheid Hohenstein 

Robert Spruill Holland 
■*Mary Hough 

John L. Hunt 

Edward L. Hunter 

Jonathan Dean Isaacs 

Ronald David Jacobs 

Cheryl D. James 

Rita Ann Jameson 

Wayne Charles Jones 

Linda Kephart Jordan 

Paul Juergensen 

Stuart Edward Kahane 

Bonnie Kalmanson 

Michael Robert Kammerman 

Barbara Hastings Kane 

Cynthia Anne Kelley 

Michael P. Kelley 
*Bonnie Lynn Klaschka 

Mark E. Koepke 

Barbara Ann KoUander 
*Keith Edmund Kolodgie 

William W. Krieger 

Mau T. Kugelman 

Kathleen Kaye Kulenguski 

Debra L. Laser 

Sharon V. Laskin 

Stuart Paul Lawson 

William David Lessne 

Michelle Ann Liliestedt 

Robert Wayne Linehan 
David H. Linthicum 
*Dorothy Spleth Linthicum 
Nancy Beth Lite 
Susan Maclnnis 
Patricia Ann Maher 
Bernice Marker 
Sandra L. Marshall 
William McAndrew 
Steven Gerard McCully 
Mark D. McCurdy 
Douglas Frank McGarvey 
Maureen Anne McGowan 
Jeffery L. Miles 
Marilyn MiUoy 
Ira R. Milner 
Mary Therese Mitchell 
Victoria A. Modzel 
Madeline Elaine Morrow 
Judith A. Moyer 
Karen Sue Narode 
Jeanne Louise Nelson 
Ronald B. New 
Margaret Mary Nichols 
William K. Nuttle 
Denis W. O'Connor 
Thomas E. Oelschlaeger 
Michael O'Hara 
Barbara Tews Olson 
Diane Carol O'Neill 
Lisa A. Palmer 

Sharon Lee Ludwig Panneton 
Regina Lucia Parrucci 
Janis Short Partin 
David Charles Reaper, Jr. 
Joyce Toby Perry 
Mary Clare Phelps 
Edward G. Phoebus, III 
Barry F. Pollock 
William Roger Poole 
Charlotte W. Powell 
Patricia Lynne Powell 
Anne Marie Pugh 
Karla Rabin 
Sheila A. Ramsey 
Elinor Reamer 
Eric J. Rechen 
Kathie Gearhart Reed 
Jean Ellen C. Richter 

John Richard Riley 
Toby Ritterholf 
Nancy Irene Roberts 
Debra Lynn Rogers 
Lorie Ann Rosenthal 
Alice J. Rouillard 
Thomas Richard Rounds, Jr. 
Sharon L. Rhodes 
Sherri B. Rubin 
Sandra Jean Sager 
Daniel J. Sandhaus 
Elena Rachelle Saplicki 
Sandra Sardanelli 
Kimberly Ann Sargent 
Morris Barry Schindler 
Patricia Schoonmaker 
Neil Evan Schuldenf rei 
David Jay Schunter 
Deborah Mary Schwartz 
John Phillip Senko 
Richard T. Shaffer 
Steven Nathaniel Shaffer 
Lori Kay Shelton 
Janet Marie Sherwood 
Stephen Orman Shifflett 
Joan Shinn 
Janice Anne Shulman 
Kevin Mark Smith 
Judith C. Stailey 
Richard Keith Steier 
Peter David Steinberg 
Margaret Ladd St. Maxens 
M. Elizabeth Stotler 
Deborah Jo Stricklett 
Gloria J. Switalski 
Edward John Szymanski, Jr. 
Marianne Tanabe-Bosshard 
Debra G. Taylor 
Eilene Resendes Telles 
Charlotte Bentch Thomas 
Gail Thuman 
Brian Clayton Timken 
Kenneth A. Travers 
Suzanne UUsperger 
Carol Undank 
Brenda Elise VanLunen 
S. Lorraine deLong Vargot 
Margaret Mary Vaughan 
William W. Vuitch 

tstanding Junior 


Robin F. Weinberg 
Kathleen Marie Welsh 
George Edward Wendal, Jr. 
Steven Weng 
James Michael Whybrew 
Pia Marie Winters 
Nancy Evelyn Wolff 
Fay Ann Woolwine 
*Susan Ravvson Zacur 
Donald Kenneth Zielger 


(Political Science) 

Nello Caporossi, III 
Janet Cohen 
Judy Cook 
Mark R. Emden 
Katherine A. England 
Jonathon P. Foerstel 
Michael A. Gerber 
Scott J. Glick 
Richard L. Harris 
Richard E. Israel 
Ronald B. Katz 
Leonard C. Kuentz 
Stuart P. Lawson 
Enid 5. Luterman 
Clayton J. Powell, Jr. 
Sharon L. Rhodes 
Neil Richmond 
Paul L. Saval 
Esther S. Siegel 
John P. Stathis 
Richard K. Steier 
L. Lee Tuthill 
Francis L. Wetzel 
Steven M. Ziegler 


(Floriculture and Ornamental 


Eileen D. Boyle 

Jean Gabrielle Burdick 

Sandra L. DeLony 

Carol A. Drenkow 

Patricia M. Greene 


Joyd Arlene Higgins 
Michael S. HoUins 
Kathleen K. Kulenguski 
Sherry Diane Madison 
Patricia A. Magruder 
Karen Mesinger 
Angela Jayne Meyer 
Raymond G. Miller 
Rebecca Moy 
Caren P. Nemec 
Anita F. Nolan 
Karen Lynn Pearce 
David Alan Richardson 
Scott Jon Rykiel 
Sandra Sardanelli 


Paulette M. Bockman 

Debora R. Brooks 

Myra Brosius 

Claire Louise Brunton 

Teresa Mae Chamberlain 

Keith G. Cook 

Thomasa S. de Los Reyes 

Kevin Fabula 

John D. Griffin 

Daniel A. Law 

Herawati Mamoer 

Joyce E. Pelletier 

Karen M. Reeve 

Catherine Nancy Richardson 

Michael T. Shacklette 

Susan M. Stern 

Edwin Gwynn Summers, Jr. 

Amy Lea Sussman 

Huong Lan Trinh 

Rita Warner 

Ruth Ann Weyel 

Clarence Roy Wirick 



Rayna Barroll 

Peter Bay 
Alan Chow 
Alvin Chow 
Barbara A. Girdler 
Leslie Dawn Glass 

Hugh Harvey, III 
Elvira E. E. Kaper 
Cynthia Louise Keith 
Karen Sue Lykes 
Charlotte Nelson 
Martha L. V. Novas 
Richard Nathan Rolls 
Othel Wayne Smith 
Thomas E. Silliman 
Linda Pruitt Stutzenberger 
Kathleen Frances Trahan 
Rosemary Frattle Webster 
Thomas A. Wilsbach 



Philip Agre 
Elizabeth Allen 
Douglas J. Antonio 
Janet Barth 
Margaret Beard 
Ella Bronstein 
Denise Calderone 
Sean Chang 
Evelyn Chew 
Freda Curchack 
Scott Dennis 
Yi-Ben Doo 
Joyce Epstein 
Edith Fang 
Robert L. Fini 
Patricia A. Fong 
Neal Freedman 
Glenn J. Galfond 
Scott I. Glixon 
Lonny Gorban 
Marie A. Hall 
Mark A. Heintzelman 
Andrew Hsiao 
Geoffrey Indrajo 
Vicki L. Koser 
Robert Laprade 
Dean Layman 
Gail Leaseburge 
Elizabeth Litkowski 
Janet Louie 
David Marker 
Eugene Pong 

Cheryl A. Quigley 
Mark Ramage 
William Clinton Roth 
Bryn Scharff 
Enid Silverman 
Quang Trinh 
Susan M. Tucker 
Brenda Van Lunen 
Daniel Waillman 
Robert Webber 
Ronald Weintraub 
Joanne M. Weiss 
Jacqueline A. Wood 


(National Scholastic honorary 
by the Propeller Club of the 
United States. Membership is 
elected from outstanding senior 
members of the University of 
Maryland chapter of the Propeller 
Club majoring in Transportation 
in the College of Business and 

Eleanor S. Futrell (August 1977) 

Diana L. Gowen (December 


Peter W. Knapstein 

Robert P. Abdelmaseh 


(Mechanical Engineering) 


Joseph Dortwegt 

Bruce Edward Drakopel 

Michael R. Fallin 

Thomas Paul Gahs 

Byrd Crawford Hennessee 

Lawrence Eugene McGowan, Jr. 

Paul Andrew Shipley 

MAY 1978 

David Melech Ellis 

Ernest William Chesnutis, Jr. 

Richard Christopher Ciocci 

John Paul CuUen 

Keith Allen McFarland 

*Graduate Student **Outstanding Junior 

Keith Edward Meyers 

Joseph Kevin Price 

Michael Anthony Russo 

Jeffrey Dale Sarricks 

John David Sigler 

Bruce Goodman Van Stratum 


(fire Protection Engineering) 

Philip Joseph DiNenno 
David McClure Drury 
Ronald Harrison Lee 

MAY 1978 
John A. Alderman 
Robert Carlos Beller 
Samuel Steven Dannaway 
Philip Patrick Felten 
Charles Lee Gandy, Jr. 
Wilfried Walter Jung 


(Women's Music) 

Cynthia Keith 



Alonzo M. Bell 
Jo Ann Berndt 
Christine Chiosi 
Jacqueline Coberly 
Cindy Costenbader 
John W. Cox, Jr. 
Robert T. Fremeau, Jr. 
Jonathan Grant 
Jeffrey G. Gross 
Beth Hackman 
Doug Hendricks 
Robert Horlick 
Alyson Jones 
Barbara Lewis 
Jerry Lewis 
Hank Lockman 
Gail Belinda Marriott 
Sandra Marshall 
Michael Morris 

Marianne Petrino 
Ronald Sakamoto 
Mary Ann Sienkiewicz 
Simone Sommer 
Nancy Wagner 
John Wheeler 


(Aerospace Engineering) 

John W. Adolphsen 
David A. Frostbutter 
Thomas M. Sykes 
Mark Tischler 
Michael L. Weiss 



Charles Leonard Bennett 
Rudy Gregory Bonefas 
Argyrios Doumas 
Conrad Joseph Grant 
Claude William Ginsburg 
John Michael Kenney 
Mark Elwood Koepke 
Juan Carlos Moreno 
Bruce Edward Shapiro 



AUGUST 1977 

Mark Christian Rippeon 

Frank Henry Worrell 

Richard Lee Cain 
Horace Eugene Cascio 
John Joseph Ciccarelli 
Michael Francis Clifford 
Joseph Dortwegt 
Michael R. Fallin 
Thomas Paul Gahs 
Peter Anthony Gallerizzo 
John William Mooney 
Anthony Morabito 
Bruce Parian Semple 
Paul Andrew Shipley 
Deborah Lynn Wolfe 

MAY 1978 

John William Adolphsen, Jr. 
Thomas William Alexion 
Paula L. Boas 
Kevin Lee Bobart 
Louis John Breitenother, Jr. 
Joseph Yim-Lam Cheung 
Thomas James Chrzanowski 
Samuel Steven Dannaway 
Carl Drafts Donigian 
Corey Eugene Dreyfuss 
David Melech Ellis 
Jonathan Frank Feifarek 
Scott Ira Glixon 
Gary Paul Gordon 
Randall Lee Harrill 
Joseph Dennis Hegner 
Andrew Moore Hiester 
Mark William Hoffman 
James David Jones 
Robert Hooker Laprade 
Craig Daniel Leaseburge 
Keith Allen McFarland 
Keith Edward Meyers 
Norman Leslie Miller 
Michael William Pfarr 
Eugene Lee Pong 
Barry Lynn Proctor 
John Lawrence Rast 
William Clinton Roth 
David E. Rubin 
Jeffrey Dale Sarricks 
Patrick Bryan Sheehan 
Mark Michael Shores 
John Julien Snyder 
Michael Charles Stein 
Thomas McQuiston Sykes, Jr. 
Mark Brian Tischler 
Bruce Goodman Van Stratum 
Daniel Patrick Walsh 
Richard Franklin Webb 
Charles Jacob Weber, Jr. 
Michael Leigh Weiss 
George Edward Wendal, Jr. 
David D. Wilson 
Wai Tak Wong 


Academic and 
Special Awards 

A. S. Abell Company 
Foundation Scholarships of 
$500 each to outstanding 
Journalism students, donated 
by the Baltimore Sun News- 
Awarded to: 
Debra L. Bubb 
Joseph Louis Raeder 
Janet Maxine Anderson 
Stacia Evans Cunningham 

Milton Abramowitz Memorial 
Prize to a junior or senior 
student majoring in mathema- 
tics who has demonstrated 
superior competence and 
promise for future development 
in the field of mathematics and 
its applications. 
Awarded to: 

Glenn Joseph Calfond 

Aerospace Engineering Depart- 
ments Academic Achievement 
Award is presented to the 
graduating senior in the Depart- 
ment of Aerospace Engineering 
who has attained the highest 
overall academic average. 
Awarded to: 

John W. Adolphsen, Jr. 

The Agricultural Alumni Award 
is presented to a senior who 
during his or her college career 
contributed most toward the 
advancement of the College of 
Awarded to: 

Emely E. Merchant 

Agricultural Engineering Depart- 
ment's Outstanding Senior 
Award is presented to a senior 
in Agriculture Engineering on 
the basis of scholastic perfor- 
mance, participation in the 
ASAE National Student Branch, 
and other extracurricular activi- 

Awarded to: 
Gordon D. Kirk 

Alcoa Foundation Scholarship 
Awards of $750 are given to 
outstanding students majoring 
in mechanical engineering, civil 
engineering, electrical engi- 
neering and fire protection 
Awarded to: 

Robert C. Beller 

James M. Thompson 

James R. Beller 

Alcoa Foundation Traffic 
Scholarship. An award of $750 
to an outstanding junior student 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Robert P. Abdelmaseh 

The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is 
awarded annually by the Alpha 
Rho Chi fraternity for architec- 
ture and the allied professions 
to a graduating student of 
architecture who has made a 
distinctive contribution to school 
life, embodying the ideals of 
professional service and leader- 

Awarded to: 
Brenda Sanchez 

Alpha Zeta Medal to the stu- 
dent in the College of Agriculture 
with the highest scholastic 
average at the end of his/her 
freshman year. 
Awarded to: 

Amy C. Miliman 

The AIA Certificate is awarded 
annually by the American Insti- 
tute of Architects to a graduating 
student of Architecture for 
academic achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Sergio Del Castillo 

The AIA Medal is awarded 
annually by the American 
Institute of Architects to a 
graduating student of Architec- 
ture for outstanding overall 
academic achievement. 
Awarded to: 
Mike Winakur 

American Institute of Aero- 
nautics and Astronautics 
Chairman's Certificate is pre- 
sented to the branch chairman 
in recognition of service and 
Awarded to: 

Michael L. Weiss 

American Institute of Aero- 
nautics and Astronautics Out- 
standing Achievement Award is 
presented to the student who has 
made the most outstanding con- 
tribution through scholarship 
and service to the student 
Awarded to: 

Michael L. Weiss 

American Institute of Aero- 
nautics and Astronautics 
Scholarship Improvement 
Award is presented to the 
senior in Aerospace Engineering 
who has made the greatest im- 
provement in scholarship from 
the junior year to the senior 
Awarded to: 

Raymond K. Hinkel, Jr. 

American Society for Testing 
and Materials Student Award is 
given in recognition of the 
demonstrated interest and 
meritorious work in the courses 
related to the activities of the 
American Society for Testing 
and Materials. 
Awarded to: 

Paula L. Boas 

John L. Rast 

American Society of Agricul- 
tural Engineer's Student Honor 
Award is presented by the 
national society in recognition 
of conspicuous student activity. 
Awarded to: 

Joel L. Thompson 

American Society of Agronomy 
Award to the outstanding 
senior graduating in Agronomy 
who has demonstrated superior 
scholarship, leadership activities 
and personal traits. 
Awarded to: 
Jacob E. Jones 


American Society of Civil 
Engineers Maryland Section 
Award is presented to a student 
member for outstanding service 
to the chapter and for demon- 
strated interest in extra- 
curricular activities. 
Awarded to: 

Charles E. Ball, III 
Jacqueline P. Billingsley 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Award is presented to a senior 
member for outstanding scho- 
lastic attainment and for signifi- 
cant service to the chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Mark W. Hoffman 

Anne Arundel County Volunteer 
Firemen's Association Grant. 
This tuition and fees grant is 
awarded to a student who will 
enroll in the Department of 
Fire Protection Engineering. This 
award is normally for four years. 
Awarded to: 
Christopher A. Blades 

Award for Excellence in the 
Study of Spanish. 
Awarded to: 
Theresa Schu 

Awards for Excellence in Teach- 
ing Spanish. 
Awarded to: 

Carol Buchman 

Robert Snee 

The Baltimore Chemical As- 
sociation Scholarship is pre- 
sented to a Chemical Engineer- 
ing student who has demonstrated 
outstanding academic achieve- 
ment and has shown potential 
for leadership in the profession. 
Awarded to: 

Craig D. Leaseburge 

Baltimore County Volunteer 
Firemen's Association Grant. 
This tuition and fees grant is 
awarded to a student who will 
enroll in Fire Protection Engineer- 
ing. This award is normally for 
four years. 
Awarded to: 

Evan E. Stauffer, Jr. 

David C. Martini 

David W. Snyder 

Duane Rehmeyer 

Baltimore Panhellenic Associa- 
tion Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 
Janet Bosley 

The Margaret C. Carthy Prize 
is awarded annually to the 
graduating General Studies 
student who most exemplifies 
the goals of scholarship, cre- 
ativity in program design, and 
commitment to the goals of 
General Studies. 
Awarded to: 

Morris Schindler 

Citizenship Prize for Men. An 
award presented annually by 
the late President Emeritus 
H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the 
class of 1908, to the member of 
the class who during his collegiate 
career has most nearly typified 
the model citizen, and has done 
most for the general advance- 
ment of the interests of the 
Awarded to: 
Clayton Powell 

Citizenship Prize for Women. 
An award presented annually 
as a memorial to Sally Sterling 
Byrd by her children, to that 
female member of the Senior 
Class who best exemplifies the 
enduring qualities of the model 
woman. These qualities should 
typify self-dependence, courtesy, 
aggressiveness, modesty, 
capacity to achieve objectives, 
willingness to sacrifice for 
others, strength of character, 
and those other qualities that 
enable the women of our 
society to play such a fundamental 
part in the building of the 
Awarded to: 

Deborah Neufeld 

College of Human Ecology 
Alumni Chapter presented 
Recognition Awards to out- 
standing students in each 
Awarded to: 

Department of Family and 
Community Development 
Outstanding Senior: 
Andrea Alexander 
Self Supporting: 

Susan Glotfelty 
Special Department Award: 
Susan Ellice Nadel 
Department of Foods, 
Nutrition, and Institution 

Outstanding Senior: 

Elizabeth White 
Self Supporting: 

Ira Milner 
Special Department Award: 
Mary C. Norris 
Department of Housing and 
Applied Design 

Outstanding Senior: 

Patricia A. Hopkins 
Special Department Award: 
John Marigliano 
Department of Textiles and 
Consumer Economics 
Outstanding Senior: 

Carol Heitmuller 
Self Supporting: 

Cheryl Cuttenberger 

Ernest N. Cory Scholarship 
Award to an outstanding 
junior or senior recommended 
by the Agricultural Sciences, 
preferably one majoring in the 
Entomology Department. 
Awarded to: 

Laurine R. Van Wie 


Dean's Award is presented to a 
student chosen by the Dean of 
the College of Engineering. The 
criteria for the selection are at 
the Dean's discretion and may 
vary from year to year. 
Awarded to: 

Mark M. Shores 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food 
Association Scholarship to a 
student who has shown a 
versatile background and an 
active interest in agronomy and 
soil fertility work deserving of 
Awarded to: 
John T. Cann 

Delmarva Traffic Club Scholar- 
ship. An award of $500 to an 
outstanding junior or senior 
student, preferably from the 
Eastern Shore of Maryland, 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

George R. Lord, Jr. 

Delta Nu Alpha, Chesapeake 
Chapter No. 23 Scholarship. 
An award of $300 to an out- 
standing member of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland chapter 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Robin R. Askins 

Delta Nu Alpha, Washington 
Chapter No. 84 Scholarship. An 
award of $450 to an outstanding 
member of the University of 
Maryland chapter majoring in 
Transportation in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

John P. Lotsikas 

Delta Sigma Pi (national pro- 
fessional fraternity in business 
and commerce) Scholarship 
Key. Awarded to the senior with 
the highest overall scholastic 
average in the College of Busi- 
ness and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Barbara Jean Carter 

The District of Columbia Insti- 
tute of Chemists Student Award 
is presented to a senior majoring 
in Chemical Engineering on 
the basis of demonstrated 
qualities of leadership, ability, 
character, and scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Corey E. Dreyfuss 

Engineering Alumni College 
Service Award is presented to 
a senior in the College of 
Engineering for outstanding 
scholarship and service to the 
College of Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Randall L. Harrill 

Engineering Alumni Student 
Achievement Award is presented 
by the Engineering Alumni to 
the graduating senior who has 
most successfully combined 
proficiency in the student's 
major field of study with 
achievements in the social 
sciences and humanities. 
Awarded to: 

William C. Roth 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding 
Senior Award is presented to a 
senior in Electrical Engineering 
for outstanding scholastic 
achievement and service to the 
society and department. 
Awarded to: 

William C. Roth 

Factory Mutual Awards. 
Scholarship awards for dis- 
tinguished academic achievement 
in Fire Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Philip J. DiNenno 

Ronald H. Lee 

David M. Drury 

David A. Stobauth 

Sharon M. Istvan 

Fred K. Walker, Jr. 

William E. Koffel, Jr. 

The Frank J. Fee, Jr. Award. 
A memorial award sponsored by 
the National Fire Protection 
Association with a full scholar- 
ship to an outstanding student 
selected by the faculty of the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Awarded to: 

John R. Cochrane 

Financial Executives Institute, 
Baltimore Chapter Award. An 
award to the outstanding senior 
student in Accounting and 
Finance in the College of Busi- 
ness and Management. 
Awarded to: 
Blair D. Brown 

Lester M. Fraley Honor Award 
to a junior or senior student of 
outstanding character majoring 
in the College of Physical 
Education, Recreation, and 
Health who has demonstrated 
concern for citizenship and has 
shown superior scholarship in 
the University. 
Awarded to: 

Cynlhis Lynn Fulton 

Frederick News-Post Scholarship 
of $300 to an outstanding 
Journalism student who is a 
resident of Frederick or Carroll 
Awarded to: 

Rebecca J. Maurer 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of the 
Maryland State Golf Association 
to students in Agronomy dis- 
playing academic proficiency, 
participation in extra-curricular 
activities, and who have an 
active interest in golf turf work. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas Coda 

James W. Miller, Jr. 

Carolyn Nader 

Donald K. Ziegler 


The James Douglass Goddard 
Memorial Medal to a male and 
female student who are native 
residents of Prince George's 
County and have demonstrated 
outstanding scholastic achieve- 
ments and scholarly attributes. 
Awarded to: 

Susan Mary Tucker 

Richard Edward Israel 

The Charles B Hale Dramatic 
Award to the two members of 
the senior class who have done 
the most for the advancement 
of dramatics at the University. 
Awarded to: 

Jonathon Lipnick 

Mary Lynne Winlersteller 

The P. Arne Hansen Memorial 
Award is given to the outstanding 
senior in Departmental Honors 
in Microbiology. 
Awarded to: 

Douglas L. Hendricks 

Haskins and Sells Foundation 
Fellowship Award. An award 
of $3,500 to an outstanding 
doctoral student in Accounting 
in the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
Susan A. Lynn 

William Randolph Hearst 
Foundation Writing Awards for 
excellence in newspaper writing, 
and photojournalism. 
Awarded to: 

Roland E. Kidwell, Jr. 

Bruce Frieland (2) 

Billie Schnabel 

Suzan Richmond 

John Matthew McEnroe 

Margaret A. Nagle 

William Randolph Hearst 
Journalism Scholarships of 
$500 each to outstanding 
Journalism students; donated by 
the News-American. 
Awarded to; 

Marilyn Milloy 

Robert G. Fuggetta 

Robert Patrick Doherty 

Susan Jean Fornof f 

Mark Edward Holt 

Judith A. Moyer 

William Paul Lombardi 

Susan J. Reinsel 

Robert M. Higginbotham 
Award in memory of Robert M. 
Higginbotham, a compassionate 
and dedicated young man, an 
honors student of mathematics, 
who lost his life in Vietnam, to 
an outstanding junior student 
majoring in mathematics. 
Awarded to: 

Eric Irwin Kuritzky 

Linda Holm Memorial Scholar- 
ship of $1,000 to an outstanding 
Journalism student who is a 
resident of Montgomery County; 
donated by the Montgomery 
County Press Association. 
Awarded to: 
Vicki Ann Cox 

The Homeland Garden Club 
of Baltimore award to the student 
with the highest scholastic 
average in the Floriculture and 
Ornamental Horticulture option 
in Horticulture. 
Awarded to: 

Sandra Sardanelli 

Jay Jackson Scholarship of 

$100 to an outstanding Journalism 

student; donated by the Society 

of Professional Journalists, 

Sigma Delta Chi, Maryland 


Awarded to: 

George Van Daniker 

The Joe Elbert James Memorial 
Award. A gold watch annually 
awarded to the graduating 
senior in horticulture on basis 
of scholarship and promise of 
future achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Janet C. Remmers 

Johnson and Higgins Scholar- 
ship Award. Awarded to an 
outstanding student in Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 
Philip P. Felton 

Journalism Scholarships 

Deborah S. Marciniak 

Leslie Ann Yeager 

Rebecca J. Maurer 

Susan J. Greenblatt 

Debra Lynn Turner 

Kappa Kappa Gamma Award 
for the initiate to Omicron Nu 
with the highest average. 
Awarded to: 

Elizabeth Parenteau 

The Professor C. R. Karp Award 
is in memory of Carol R. Karp, 
a professor of mathematics at 
College Park and one of the 
pioneers in the field of infinitary 
logic. It is awarded to an under- 
graduate student who has shown 
excellence in mathematics and 
the philosophy of mathematics. 
Awarded to: 

Lonny Richard Gorban 

Robert Karl Schwenk 

Mary Anne and Frank A. 
Kennedy Journalism Scholar- 
ships of $500 each to outstand- 
ing J(Surnalism students. 
Awarded to: 

John J. Kuchno 

Richard Burke 

Cynthia A. Merke 

Donna L. Rae 

Ruth Marshall 

Kathi J. Rowzie 

Ladies Auxiliary to The Mary- 
land State Firemen's Association 
Grant. This $750 grant is 
awarded to an outstanding high 
school graduate who will enroll 
in Fire Protection Engineering. 
The award is normally available 
for four years. 
Awarded to: 

Charles L. Gandy, Jr. 

The Dr. Alice Love Memorial 
Scholarship is awarded to the 
Physical Education major who 
best exhibits the qualifies of 
scholarship, leadership and 
potential as a physical educator. 
Awarded to: 
Janet M. Muir 


Charles Manning Prize in 
Creative Arts, initiated in 1971 
to honor the Dean of the Col- 
lege of Arts and Sciences, 
1962-71, is awarded each year 
to a graduating senior who has 
done outstanding work in one 
of the creative or performing 

Awarded to: 
James Maher 

Marsh and McLennan Scholar- 
ship Grant. Awarded to an 
outstanding junior or senior 
Fire Protection Engineering 
Awarded to: 

John A. Alderman 

Maryland Chambers of Com- 
merce Public Affairs Scholarship 
Program. A program tuition 
scholarship to an outstanding 
Maryland resident student enter- 
ing the MBA program in the 
College of Business and Manage- 

Awarded to: 
Wayne Jordan 

Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press 
Association Outstanding 
Senior to an outstanding senior 
in the College of Journalism. 
Awarded to: 

Roland E. Kidwell, Jr. 

Maryland State Firemen's As- 
sociation Grant. A tuition and 
fees scholarship is awarded an- 
nually to an outstanding high 
school student who enrolls in 
Fire Protection Engineering. 
This scholarship is for four 
Awarded to: 

Samuel R. Anderson 

Matthew B. Cole 

Laurence E. Fisher 

Steven L. Poole 

The Isabel McDonald Memorial 
Award is given to a deserving 
graduate student in Micro- 
Awarded to: 
Sharon F. Berk 

Mechanical Engineering Depart- 
ment's Academic Achievement 
Awarded to: 

William J. Schroeder 

George R. Merrill, Jr. Memorial 
Scholarship. Friends of former 
professor George R. Merrill, Jr. 
have established this endowed 
scholarship fund to benefit 
students in Industrial Education. 
Awarded to: 
Jeffrey A. Trent 

Montgomery County Press 
Association Scholarship of 
$1,000 to an outstanding 
Journalism student who is a 
resident of Montgomery 
Awarded to: 

Theresa Lynn Osterman 

Montgomery Journal Scholar- 
ship of $500 to an outstanding 
Journalism student who is a 
resident of Montgomery County. 
Awarded to: 

Melanie Thompson (Rome) 

The Andrew J. Moyer Memorial 
Award is given to a deserving 
graduate student in Micro- 
Awarded to: 

Barbara A. McCardell 

Omicron Delta Kappa Leader 
of the Year. 
Awarded to: 
Clayton Powell 

Outstanding Graduate Woman 
Award is presented by Phi 
Delta Gamma, Sigma Chapter. 
Awarded to: 
Alice R. Galper 

Outstanding Journalism Grad- 
uate Citation for academic and 
professional excellence in 
Journalism; awarded by the 
Society of Professional Journal- 
ists, Sigma Delta Chi. 
Awarded to: 

Jeanne Marie Garland 

Parker Shirling Turfgrass 
Scholarship of the Maryland 
Turfgrass Association to a 
student demonstrating academic 
proficiency in Agronomy, 
participation in extracurricular 
activities, and an active interest 
in commercial turf work. 
Awarded to: 

Michael J. Boyd, III 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award 
is presented to the senior in 
Mechanical Engineering who 
has made the most outstanding 
contribution to the University. 
Awarded to: 

Jeffrey D. Sarricks 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding 
Sophomore Award. 
Awarded to: 
Amy Rovelstad 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., 
Scholarship. An award of $500 
to an outstanding student major- 
ing in Transportation in the 
College of Business and Manage- 
Awarded to: 

Diana L. Gowen 

The Augustus J. Prahl Fellow- 
ship in German is awarded for 
scholarly achievement to the 
outstanding Graduate Student 
in German during the current 
Awarded to: 

Alice Kennington 

Prince George's County 
Volunteer Firemen's Association 
Grant. An annual tuition and 
fees scholarship is awarded 
to an outstanding high school 
student who enrolls in Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Samuel S. Dannaway 

William C. Aceto 


Prince George's Journal Scholar- 
ship of $500 to an outstanding 
Journalism student who is a 
resident of Prince George's 
Awarded to: 

Margaret Ann Nagle 

Leiand E. and Catherine B. 
Scott Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in Horti- 
Awarded to: 

Jerry M. Williams 

The Shipleys of Maryland 
Award to the Graduating 
History Major with the Best 
Academic Record. 
Awarded to: 

John-Dag Wilkinson 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron 
Award is given to the outstanding 
senior in Microbiology. 
Awarded to: 

Cynthia L. Costenbader 

The Leo J. and Rita Sklar 
Award in General Honors is 
conferred on the outstanding 
General Honors student of 
the year, for excellence in 
scholarship and for outstanding 
service to the University and the 
General Honors Program. 
Awarded to: 

Benjamin A. Sandler 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers Outstanding 
Sophomore Award to the most 
outstanding sophomore in Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Sharon M. Istvan 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Award to the most outstanding 
senior in Fire Protection 
Awarded to: 

Samuel S. Dannaway 

Reuben G. Steinmeyer Scholar- 
ship Award. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Sanford Oring 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship 
Fund. An award of $250 to an 
outstanding student majoring 
in Transportation in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Azvarded to: 

Edward D. Hughes, II 

The Robert J. Taylor Academic 
Achievement Award is presented 
to the outstanding junior in 
Fire Protection Engineering by 
the Salamander Honor Society. 
Awarded to: 

William E. Koffel, Jr. 

Theatre Patron Association 


Awarded to: 

Jonathan Lipnick 

Richard Inguanti 

Dan Wagner 

Undergraduate Award for Excel- 
lence in History. 
Awarded to: 
Mindy Weiss 

The University of Maryland 
Alumni Association-Inter- 
national Outstanding Student 
Award presented annually 
to an outstanding senior man 
and woman student who have 
demonstrated excellence in 
leadership, citizenship and 
Awarded to: 

Robert M. Coultas, Jr. 

Audrey Bergman 

The University of Maryland 
College of Education Alumni 
Chapter Award presented 
annually to the senior male 
and female students who have 
demonstrated outstanding 
service toward furthering the 
highest ideals of education. 
Awarded to: 

Keith Richard Jones 
Carmela Ann Gallerizzo 

Who's Who Among Students 
in American Universities and 

Linda Marie Arbabi 
Vivian Lee Berzinski 
Kathleen F. Blackwood 
Linda ]. Busch 
Melissa Cable 
David W. Chilcoat 
Joe Child 

Thomas Chrzanowski 
Bonnie Clemon, Jr. 
Robert Coultas 
Yvonne Dangerfield 
Rosemary L. Demouy 
Renee Dubois 
Kevin Dunne 
Elizabeth Farmer 
Scott J. Click 
Howard W. Gordon 

Michael Green 

Anne C. Huette 

Raymond Jenkins 

Joan A. Johnston 

Ronald Katz 

James D. Kearney 

Cheryl D. Keyes 

Zachary Z. Kinney 

Kevin Levengood 

Dave Linthicum 

Karen S. Lykes 

Luis A. Luna 

Thomas J. McCausland 

Patrice McDonald 

Anne M. Oxley 

Barry L. Polisar 

Clayton J. Powell, Jr. 

Deborah A. Reich 

Robert F. Rossomondo 

Benjamin Sandler 

Paul L. Saval 

Katherine W. Schwartzberg 

Laura R. Shapiro 

Debra E. Sheinbach 

Mark M. Shores 

Gail R. Smelkinson 

Deborah K. Staffin 

Magdalena Suarez 

Steve Weinberg 

Wamahdri Williams 

George W. Wilson, Jr. 

Samuel M. Witten 

Joseph P. Yost 



University of Maryland 
Alumni Swimming Association 
Scholar Athlete Award to the 
swimmer who has complied 
the best combination of aca- 
demic and aquatic records 
Awarded to: 

George Carpouzis 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to 
the most valuable football 

Awarded to: 
Ted Klaube 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track 
Trophy to the senior who has 
contributed most to the squad 
during the time he was on the 

Awarded to: 
Brian Melly 

Halbert K. Evans Award to 
the most outstanding senior 
Awarded to: 

Manny Rosenberg 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the 
outstanding senior baseball 
Awarded to: 

Michael Brashears 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophy for the unsung hero 
of the current season. 
Awarded to: 
Donald Rhoads 

James H. Kehoe Award, to 
the trackman whose dedication 
to excellence most closely 
exemplifies that of Jim Kehoe, 
one of Maryland's greatest 

Awarded to: 

Doug Richardson 

Tom Fields Award, to the most 
important member of the 
Cross Country team based on 
the qualities of leadership, 
dedication to excellence, attitude, 
and personal achievement. 
Awarded to: 
David Cornwell 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy 
to the Maryland student who 
has contributed most to 
wrestling at the University. 
Awarded to: 

David P. Snyder 

Charles P. McCormick, 5r., 
Swimming Trophy to the 
senior letterman who has con- 
tributed most to swimming. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas Sheldon 

John T. Bell Swimming Award 
to the senior who has con- 
tributed most to swimming. 
Awarded to: 

George Carpouzis 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Trophy to the outstanding 
offensive back of the year. 
Awarded to: 

George Scott 

Charles White 

The Andrew M. Cohen Tennis 
Trophy to the member of the 
tennis team who, judged by his 
teammates, contributed the 
most to tennis. 
Awarded to: 
Claude England 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a 
member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Jonathan E. Claiborne 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 
Trophy to the most outstanding 
wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to: 

Kevin L. Colabucci 

The Robert E. Theofeld Memo- 
rial Trophy to the golfer who 
most nearly exemplifies the 
competitive spirit and strong 
character of Robert E. Theo- 
feld, former member of the 
boxing team. 
Awarded to: 
Steve Sellinger 



Lawrence Boston 

Cross Country 

Jonathan W. Lott 
Mark R. Milewski 
Michael T. Wilhelm 


Kenneth Poyd 


Bradley S. Carr 
Jonathan E. Claiborne 
Larry J. Dick 
John L. Douglas 
James P. Ford 
George H. Garber, Jr. 
James F. Hagan 
Douglas L. Harbert 
Vincent M. Kinney 
Theodore J. Klaube 
Mark R. Manges 

Peter A. Marchetto 
Jeffrey S. Martell 
Clyde L. Nelson 
Glenn J. Nick 
Michael J. Pelanda 
Donald W. Rhodes 
Earnest M. Salley 
Larry P. Seder 
Michael G. Sachko 
John D. Stanford 
Kenneth Watson 
Charles L. White, III 
Michael S. Yeates 


Minnet D. Elverenli 
Jeffrey D. Poloway 
Donald J. Kraft 
Eric A. Packheiser 
Henry A. Lockman 


Tom Sheldon 


Scott Kidd 
Claude England 


David P. Snyder 



John Bilney 
Lawrence Boston 
William Bryant 
Larry Gibson 
Ernest Graham 
Anthony Hunter 
Albert King 
Gregory Manning 
Robert Hart 
William Eric Shrader 
Shawn Farrell 
Jeffrey Hathaway 

Cross Country 

Joseph A. Belyea 
David D. Cornwell 
James D. Hage 
Jonathan W. Lott 
David B. Sandridge 
Christopher J. Turner 
Michael T. Wilhelm 
Mark R. Milewski 


Daniel Basso 
Scott Dickman 
Mark Eisenhardt 
Francis Ferdinand 
Albert Hodge 
Lawrence Hurwitz 
Mark Meudt 
Guy Moore 
Kenneth Poyd 
Neal Seiden 
Peter Loats 
Walter May 


Steve E. Atkins 
Thomas E. Burgess 
Lloyd E. Burruss, Jr. 
Bruce Bryom 
Keith M. Calta 
Bradley S. Carr 
Glenn C. Chamberlain 
Jonathan E. Claiborne 
Scott Collins 
Larry J. Dick 
Donald E. Dotter 
John L. Douglas 
Frank M. Dudish 
James P. Ford 
Edward J. Gall 
George H. Garber, Jr. 
James F. Hagan 
Douglas L. Harbert 
Charles A. Johnson 
Vincent M. Kinney 
Theodore J. Klaube 
Steven J. Koziol 
Ralph L. Lary 
Edward Loncar 

Alvin D. Maddox 
Mark R. Manges 
Peter A. Marchetto 
Brian F. Matera 
Joseph M. Muffler 
Glenn J. Nick 
Neal Olkewicz 
Bruce A. Palmer 
Michael J. Pelanda 
Donald W. Rhodes 
N. Dean Richards 
Earnest M. Salley 
George C. Scott 
Larry P. Seder 
James K. Shaffer 
Eric S. Sievers 
Michael A. Simon 
Michael G. Sochko 
John D. Stanford 
Larry P. Stewart 
James M. Ulam 
Marlin H. VanHorn 
Christopher J. Ward 
Kenneth Watson 
Charles L. White, III 
Michael S. Yeates 
Jeffrey S. Martell 
Clyde L. Nelson, Jr. 
Joseph MacKenzie 
Keith Prather 


Scott R. Boddery 
David Dorozinsky 
Claude I. England 
Scott C. Finkbeiner 
Larry C. Howell 
Craig A. Jackson 
Kenneth W. Johnson 
Robert J. Kim 
Bryan K. Kittelberger 
Donald J. Kraft 
Henry A. Lockman 
Kenan S. McCoy 
Ronald D. McKeever 
Christopher E. Miller 
Christopher T. Orsborne 
Eric A. Packheiser 
Steven B. Testoff 


Michael Allison 
Joe Black 
Greg Blasic 
George Carpouzis 
John Cunningham 
Michael Dew 
Crail Gordon 
William Kaarid 
Timothy McGough 
Robert J. Schlecht 
Tom Sheldon 
Steve Shinholser 
William Skelley 
John Verdin 
John Wolsh 


Juan Boveda 
Nausher Madan 
Claude England 
Scott Kidd 
John Olson 
Robert Weise 


Jeff W. Armstrong 
Kevin L. Colabucci 
Mike J. Ingram 
Robert M. Mcllvaine 
Michael D. Meko 
Robert Nolan 
Brian A. Statum 
Robert B. Tunstall 
Lloyd H. Umberger 




The Alumni Cup. Presented 
to the Second Semester Air 
Science Senior Cadet who has 
achieved the highest cumula- 
tive grade point average within 
the Corp of Cadets, while at 
the same time, demonstrating 
the highest degree of officer 
Awarded to: 
Paul Bailor 

The Disabled American 
Veterans Trophy. Presented 
each year to the Senior Cadet 
who has displayed outstanding 
leadership, scholarship and 
Awarded to: 
Karan Truesdell 

The George M. Reilley Award. 
Presented to the member of 
the Flight Instruction Program 
showing the highest aptitude 
for flying as demonstrated by 
his performance in the program. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Scannell 

The American Defense Pre- 
paredness Association Award. 
Presented to the outstanding 
Senior Cadet who has an 
academic average which places 
him in the upper half of his 
entire class at the University, 
he received no grade in the 
advanced ROTC courses less 
than B, in the upper 20% of total 
ROTC enrollment at the 
University of Maryland, has 
participated actively in athletics 
and/or campus activities, and 
has demonstrated outstanding 
leadership qualities. 
Awarded to: 
Pamela Putnam 

The Air Force Association 
Award. Presented each year to 
the outstanding professional 
offices corp cadet who has 
excelled in Field Training, pos- 
sesses individual leadership 
characteristics, ranks in the 
upper 10% of his class in the 
University and the upper 5% 
of his ROTC class, and has 
outstanding promotion potential 
Awarded to: 
James Ulvog 

The American Legion Out- 
standing Senior Cadet Award. 
This award is sponsored by the 
American Legion, Department 
of Maryland, and is presented 
to the cadet best described as 
the "Outstanding ROTC 
Awarded to: 

Richard Tedesco 

The American Legion ROTC 
Scholastic Award. Presented 
each year to an outstanding 
Senior (Gold Award) who is in 
the upper 10% of the class in 
the University and the upper 
25% of the ROTC class, and 
who has demonstrated high 
qualities in military leadership. 
Awarded to: 
Richard Lane 

The American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Awards. Presented each year to 
a Senior (Gold Award) in the 
upper 25% of the ROTC class, 
demonstrating outstanding 
qualities in military leadership, 
discipline and character. 
Awarded to: 
Larry Overmyer 

The Daughters of the American 
Revolution Award. Presented 
to the Senior Cadet who has 
demonstrated high qualities of 
dependability, good character, 
adherence to military discipline, 
and leadership ability. 
Awarded to: 
Gary Dorsey 

The Military Order of World 
Wars Award. Presented to the 
Aerospace Studies cadet recog- 
nized as the most improved 
within his year category. 
Awarded to: 

Kevin Boettcher 

The Reserve Officers Associa- 
tion Awards. Presented to the 
senior Cadet (Gold Award) 
demonstrating outstanding 
academic achievement in 
AFROTC subject matter and 
highest officer potential. 
Awarded to: 
James Wade 

Society of American Military 
Engineers ROTC Award. Cadet 
selected for this national award 
is recognized as one of 20 
outstanding AFROTC senior 
cadets pursuing an engineering 
curriculum. Award recognizes 
outstanding academic per- 
formance and professional 
officer potential. 
Cadet nominated: 
Thomas Sykes 

Armed Forces Communications 
and Electronics Association 
Award. Presented to recognize 
an outstanding professional 
officer corps cadet who is 
pursuing a course of technical 
studies in this area and who 
also shows a definite aptitude 
for military service. 
Awarded to: 

Mark O'Connell 

Covernor's Cup. 
Awarded to: 
Glenn Smith 

Commandant of Cadets Award. 
Awarded to: 

Larry Overmyer 

Professor of Aerospace 
Studies Award. 
Awarded to: 

Robert Ramsey, III 

AFROTC Leadership Awards. 
Awarded to: 

Joyce Habina 

Scott Brewster 

Kenneth Urtz 

Ulysses Rhodes 

Adrian Vroegindewey 

AFROTC Superior Performance 


Awarded to: 

Patricia Petro 

Douglas French 

George Patrotny 

Janette Davis 

Thomas Cecchettini 



Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

College of Agriculture 
2111 Student Union 

1216 H. J. 
Patterson Hall 

Chemistry & Biochemistry 
1407 Chemistry 


1318 Symons Hall 

0113 H. J. 
Patterson Hall 


2113 Skinner Hall 


1200 Zoology- 
Psychology Building 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

College of Engineering 

Rooms 1150 & 1160 

Student Union Grand 

Computer Science 

3316 Computer Science 


Rotunda, Glenn L. 

Martin Bldg. 
Physics &. Astronomy 

1410 Physics Bldg. 
Physical Sciences 

1410 Physics Bldg. 

Division of Arts and 

School of Architecture 
0204 Architecture Bldg. 

College of Journalism 
Lobby, Journalism Bldg. 

American Studies 

2130 Taliaferro Hall 

Main Concourse, Art- 
Sociology Bldg. 
Classical Languages 

4203 Foreign Languages 

Comparative Literature 

4203 Foreign Languages 

1115 EE Bldg. 

Tortuga Room, Student 


3120 Foreign Languages 

German & Russian 

3215 Foreign Languages 


2119 Francis Scott Key 


Recital Hall, 1125 Tawes 

Fine Arts Bldg. 

1131 Skinner Hall 

0220 Foreign Languages 

Speech & Dramatic Art/ 
Radio, Television & Film 

North Loggia, Tawes 

Fine Arts Bldg. 

Bad weather: Room 0300 


Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation and 

0108 Cole Field House 
College of Library and 
Information Services 
4114 Undergraduate 
College of Human 

Colony Ballroom, Student 
College of Education 
Education Building 


Supervision and 

Curriculum, Room 1107 

Counseling and 

Personnel Services, 


Early Childhood- 
Elementary Education, 


Industrial Education, 


Institute for Child 

Study, 3304 

Measurement & 

Statistics, 1203 

Secondary Education, 


Social Foundations, 


Special Education, 1240 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

College of Business and 

1101 Tydings Hall 
Afro-American Studies 

1128 Woods Hall 

0104 Woods Hall 
Criminology and Law 

0109 Undergraduate 


1111 Tydings Hall 

2100 Tydings Hall 
Government and Politics 

1108, Tydings Hall 
Hearing and Speech 

1154 Tawes Fine Arts 

Information Systems 

2100 Tydings Hall 

1240 Zoology- 
Psychology Bldg. 

Third Floor Lobby, 

Art-Sociology Bldg. 
Urban Studies 

2102 Woods Hall 

Undergraduate Studies 
General &. Individual 

0108 Undergraduate 


A Walking Tour 

through the 

College Park Campus 

There are many interesting 
educational and research 
facilities on the College Park 
Campus. We have selected some 
of these that you may wish to 
visit along a walking tour. 
These facilities are open on 
weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 
4:30 p.m. You are welcome to 
tour them at your leisure. 
Other points of interest on 
campus may be toured by 
appointment through the 
phone extension listed after 
each facility. For general 
information, call the Student 
Union Information Center 


(BLDG. 78) Regents Drive. 
Open to visitors weekdays 8:30 
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A schedule 
of multidenominational serv- 
ices can be obtained in the 
North Administration Bldg. 

Regents Drive. This facility 
houses the Admissions Office 
of the University; Office of the 
Registrar for graduate trans- 
scripts and commencement 
information; and offices for 
student financial aid, housing, 
and campus employment. 

BRARY-(BLDG. 120) Corner 
of Regents and Campus Drives. 
Completed in 1972, the library 
is one of the finest in the 
nation. In addition to serving 
undergraduate students, it also 
houses at the graduate level 

the College of Library and 
Information Services. 

110) Campus Drive. A new 
addition to the Student Union 
was completed in 1972. You 
can obtain a building directory 
and schedules of events and 
activities at the information 
desk in the front lobby. Guided 
tours are available to the 
bowling alleys, billiard room, 
ballroom, cafeterias, motion 
picture theatre, and exhibits. 

(BLDG. 27) Campus Drive. 
With a permanent seating 
capacity of 12,500, the Main 
Auditorium of Cole Fieldhouse 
is used for basketball games, 
classes in physical education, 
commencements, concerts, 
academic testing, track, and 
many other indoor activities. 
Other areas of the building 
contain small gymnasiums, a 
swimming pool, classrooms, 
faculty offices, a ticket booth 
for athletic events, and the 
Department of Intercollegiate 

TER-(BLDG. 115) Campus 
Drive. You are welcome to visit 
the Art Gallery on the first 
floor. Offices of the depart- 
ments of art, music, speech 
and dramatic art, and hearing 
and speech sciences are 
housed in this building. Uni- 
versity Theatre is also located 
here, adjacent to Parking Lot 

Campus Drive. You are invited 
to walk through this facility 
and view displays of student 
architectural designs and the 
faculty-designed sculpture in 
the West Court. 

Tours by 

CYCLOTRON, Department of 
Physics and Astronomy. The 
Cyclotron is available for 
touring on Mondays from 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by prior 
arrangement. (Ext. 4152) 

CATION. The Center of 
Adult Education is a residential 

conference facility for con- 
tinuing education for adults. 
Tours can be arranged by 
calling 779-5100. 

Keldin contains materials for 
the use of graduate students 
and faculty. Tours can be 
arranged by appointment. 
(Ext. 4042) 

games and track and field 
events are held in this stadium 
which holds 35,000 spectators, 
(Ext. 4705) 

TORY. Open House is held on 
the 5th and 20th of each month 
at 8:30 p.m. for the general 
public Large groups may call 
for reservations at 454-3001. 
(For other information call 
Ext. 3460) 

oldest building on the College 
Park Campus, Rossborough 
Inn is open to the public for 
lunch from 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. 
(Ext. 3940) 


Cole Field House 

Section 1: 

Agricultural and Life 

Arts and Humanities 

Section 2: 

Graduate School 


Business and Management 

Section 3: 

Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health 
Human Ecology 
Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Section 4: 

Undergraduate Studies 

Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences and Engineering 


main entrance 

& exits 


College Park Parents Association 


The Graduates and Parents 

of the 

Class of 1978 

and wishes them 

continued success