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University of Maryland CcHnmencement Program 

College Park May 18, 1979 


University of Maryland 
College Park 

Commencement Program 
May 18, 1979 


- V 

Message to 
the Graduates 

We are gathered here today 
to honor some 3,800 graduates 
from more than 200 fields of 
intellectual study. 

You and your families should 
be extremely proud of the 
dedication and perseverance 
each of you has exhibited in 
order to be present here today. 
You selected a goal and stayed 
with it to successful 
completion. Congratulations. 

The primarv' purpose of a 
university is to help individuals 
acquire the knowledge and 
skills to be capable of making 
sound judgments and 
contributing to the overall 
advancement of society. In 
particular, a university must 
work to create an environment 
conducive to the discovery, 
critical examination, 
preservation and transmission 
of knowledge, wisdom and 
values. Therefore, a university 
must be judged, not only by 
your accomplishments, which 
we honor today, but also by 
your success in working to 
improve the quality of life 
which ultimately ensures the 
survival of present and future 

As you embark on a new 
frontier of life, we hope you 
will maintain contact with your 
University. By your past 
experiences and valuable 
suggesHons, we are best able to 
discover how to improve our 
service to the students who 
follow you, to the citizens of 
the community, the state and 
the nation. 

Best of luck and every good 
wish for the future. We hope to 
hear from you often. 

R. L. Gluckstern 

Order of 

May 18, 1979 
2:00 p.m. 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. Robert L. Gluckstern 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Robert F. McCleary 
Assistant Professor 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


Rev. Robert Burdette 
United Campus 
Ministry Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. John S. Toll 


University of Maryland 

Dr. B. Herbert Brown 
Chairman, Board of Regents 

Musical Selection 

The Storm Is Passing Over 
Donald Vales 
University Gospel Choir 
Conductor, Mr. Richard 


Jane Cahill Pfeiffer 
Chairman of the Board, 
National Broadcasting Company 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Toll, Honorary Degrees 
Dr. Gluckstern 

Remarks to Graduates 

Alan and Alvin Chow 
Graduating Seniors 
Dr. Gluckstern 


Alankara das Brahmacari 
Hare Krishna Chaplain 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

The Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Maryland Victory Song 

Maryland we're all behind you 

Wave high the Black and Gold 

For there is nothing half so 


As to see our men victorious. 

We've got the team, boys 

We've got the steam, boys 

So keep on fighting, don't give 

in M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D 

Maryland will win. 

The College Park 
Campus and 
The University 

The Students 

The College Park Campus gives 
all students the chance to 
encounter new persons, new 
ideas and new interests, all of 
which thev could hardly find 
elsewhere in such variety. 
Students may discover ancient 
Greece for the first time; they 
may try their hand at art, or 
they may use a computer to 
help design a better 
environment for man. 
But whatever they investigate, 
whether it be under a 
microscope or out in space or 
v\ithin the human mind, their 
experiences sharpen their 
vision and improve their 
judgment. Thev learn in and 
out of class, by relating to 
many people of their own age 
and by dealing with a cultured 
faculty. They are able, in these 
many ways, to better define 
their directions and their goals. 

The Faculty 

The men and women who 
instruct our students at College 
Park are teachers and scholars 
who bring to the classroom a 
depth of knowledge, experience 
and learning that ranks among 
the finest of any university 
campus. Their work ranges 
from the study of physical 
forces to the study of man in all 
of his complexities. Some 
scholars are searching for 
practical applications of solar 
energy, discovering new 
galaxies of stars or researching 
substitute processes for 
pasteurization to increase the 
shelf life of milk, while others 
are administrating stress tests 
to study coronary artery 
disease, debating the 

philosophical beliefs of the 
founders of our nation, or 
studying the world of black 
Americans at the turn of the 
centurv. All of them are 
sharing the results of their 
learning with their students in 
the classroom. 

The Campus 

Located in suburban Maryland 
just nine miles from the 
nation's capital, the College 
Park Campus offers a diversity 
of cultural, polirical and 
scientific resources to its 
students. It is in the midst of a 
great concentration of research 
and intellectual facilities, such 
as the National Institutes of 
Health, the U.S. Department of 
Agriculture's Beltsville 
Agricultural Research Center, 
and the Smithsonian 
Institution, all within easy 
commuting distance. 

The campus is a spacious one 
of 1,300 acres. It has 229 major 
buildings, mostly in the 
Georgian style of dark brick 
and stately columns, which 
overlook pla\ing fields, the 
tree-lined central mall, or 
rolling lawns, while a few 
border the remaining open 
fields of grazing land belonging 
to the University. 

In enrollment. College Park is 
among the 10 largest campuses 
in the countrv. Undergraduates 
enrolled in spring 1979 
numbered 27,643, and graduate 
students, 7,098 for a total 
enrollment of 34,741. This 
vear's College Park operating 
budget is $158,089,145. The 
Universitv assisted over 8,000 
College Park students with 
financial aid in 1978-79. 

Students may choose from 72 
undergraduate and 70 graduate 
programs leading to degrees. In 
1977-78, a total of 5,481 
undergraduate, 1,268 master's 
and 334 doctorate degrees were 
awarded by the College Park 
Campus. In the number of 
doctorates granted annually, 
the University ranks among the 
top 30 in the nation. 


The University had its 
beginnings in 1807 with the 
establishment in Baltimore of 
the College of Medicine, an 
enhrely faculty-owned 
institution granting the M.D. 
degree. When its name was 
changed to the University of 
Maryland five years later, it 
was given power to confer 
additional degrees. The first 
dental school in America, the 
Baltimore College of Dental 
Surgery, became a part of the 
University in 1840. 

Subsequently, the University 
opened schools of pharmacy, 
law and nursing. Under a 
charter secured by a group of 
Marvland planters in 1856, the 
College Park Campus of the 
University, then called the 
Marvland Agricultural College, 
opened in 1859 and became one 
of the original land-grant 
schools in 1865. After a 
disastrous fire in 1912, the State 
acquired control of the College 
and bore the cost of rebuilding. 
In 1920, the State took over the 
faculty-owned University in 
Baltimore, merging it with the 
State-owned institution at 
College Park to form the 
present-day University of 

In 1886, the Delaware 
Conference Academy was 
founded bv the Methodist 
Church in Princess Anne, 
Maryland. The State acquired 
this institution in 1948. It was 
made a campus of the 
University in 1970, and is 
known as the University of 
Maryland Eastern Shore 
(UMES). A new campus known 
as University of Maryland 
Baltimore County (UMBC) was 
opened at Catonsville in 1966. 


University libraries include 
approximately 1,283,200 
volumes on the College Park 
Campus, 16,645 subscriptions 
to periodicals and newspapers, 
plus over a million microform 

The Undergraduate Library has 
a seating capacity of 4,000 
students and is among the 
nation's largest. Facilities 
include a quadraphonic concert 
room, color video-tape players 
and plavback units, enclosed 
rooms equipped with 
instructor's consoles for the use 
of nonprint media materials, 
and wireless stereo headsets for 
tapes of lectures, plays, 
speeches and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research 
facilities are a 140 MeV 
cyclotron; a nuclear reactor; 
scanning electron microscopes; 
subsonic, supersonic and 
hypersonic wind tunnels; an 
electron ring accelerator; a 
precision encoder and pattern 
recognition device; a 
gravitational radiation detection 
system, including a gravimeter 

on the moon; a quiescent 
plasma device (Q machine); a 
laboratory; three retro-retlector 
arrays on the moon; rotating 
tanks for laboratory studies of 
meteorological phenomena; 
Van de Graaff accelerators; a 
laboratory for basic behavioral 
research; an assortment of 
computers; the Astronomv 
Observatory Center of Materials 
Research; the Institute for Fluid 
Dynamics and Applied 
Mathematics; the Institute for 
Molecular Physics; and the 
Water Resources Research 

The College Park Campus also 
owns and operates one of the 
largest and most sophisticated 
long wavelength radio 
telescopes (located in Clark 
Lake, Calif. ) and a cosmic ray 
laboratory (located in New 

In addition to these research 
opportunities in the biological, 
mathematical and physical 
sciences, research programs in 
the behavioral sciences, social 
sciences and education exist in 
many bureaus and institutes 
including the Bureau of 
Business and Economic 
Research, the Bureau of 
Educational Research and Field 
Services, the Bureau of 
Governmental Research, the 
Institute for Child Study, the 
Institute for Criminal Justice 
and Criminology, and the 
Institute for Urban Studies. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and growns 
worn bv the students and 

faculty in the academic 
procession are of ancient origin. 
They have been the traditional 
costume of the scholar since 
medieval times and probablv 
represent an adaptation of the 
ecclesiastical dress since manv 
of the scholars of that period 
were members of monasHc 

An intercollegiate commission 
in 1893 drafted a uniform code 
for costumes which has since 
been adopted by the majority 
of colleges and universities in 
the United States. 

Each of the three academic 
degrees — bachelor, master 
and doctor — has its own 
distinctive gown and hood. The 
bachelor's gown is 
distinguished bv its long 
pointed sleeve. The master's 
gown has a longer, narrow, 
closed sleeve, extending below 
the knee; the arm is passed 
through a slit at the elbow. In 
contrast, the doctor's gown has 
a full bell-shaped sleeve with 
three bars of velvet. The 
opening of this gown is faced 
with wide velvet bands. The 
velvet trim may be black or of a 
color indicating the general 
field of learning of the wearer, 
for example, blue for 
philosophy, green for medicine, 
purple for law. 

The most colorful and 
distinctive item of the academic 
costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and 
extends down the back. The 
doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the 
smallest. The bachelor's hood is 
often omitted. The color of the 

velvet edging indicates the field 
of learning. Below is given a 
list of department or faculty 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Admmistration, 

Commercial Science Drab 
Dentistry Lilac 
Education, Pedagogy Light Blue 
Engineering Orange 
Fine Arts, Architecture Brown 
Home Economics Maroon 
Laws Purple 
Library Science Lemon 
Medicine Green 
Nursing Apricot 
Oratory Silver Gray 
Pharmacy Olive 
Philanthropy "Rose 
Philosophy Blue 
Public Health Salmon 
Physical Education Sage Green 
Science'Golden Yellow 
Social Service Citron 
Surgical Chiropody Nile Green 
Theology and Divinity Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences Gray 

The colors of the silk lining 
expcised in the center of the 
hood are those of the college or 
university which conferred the 

The cap or "mortar board" is 
uniform in design for all 
degrees. The tassel may be 
either black or the color of the 
field of learning. The tassel of 
the doctor's cap may be gold. 

From Europe the use of 
academic degrees spread to 
English universities. Harvard 
University, the College of 

William and Mary, and Yale 
University followed the British 
pattern in the United States. 

Academic Degrees 

The degree is awarded for the 
successful complehon of a 
course of study. There are more 
than 1,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred by 
American colleges and 

The first known degree was a 
doctorate conferred bv the 
University of Bologna Qtaly) in 
the middle of the 12th Century. 
Originally, the doctor's and 
master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each 
indicating that the holder was 
qualified to give instruction to 
students. The bachelor's or 
baccalaureate degree indicated 
only entrance upon a course of 
study preparatory to the 
doctorate or mastership. 
Gradually, however, the 
bachelor's degree came to mean 
successful completion of one 
level of study preparatory to 
the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, 
or instructor, applied by 
ancient Romans to those who 
delivered public lectures on 
philosophical subjects. In the 
Middle Ages, from the 12th 
century, it came into use as a 
title of honor borne by men of 
great learning. It was first made 
an academic title at the 
University of Bologna, which 
received from the emperor the 
right of appointing doctores 
legum (doctor of laws). The 
University of Paris followed in 

1145. Soon after, the popes 
granted the universities the 
right of appointing doctors 
canonum et decretalium 
(teachers of the canon law), 
and when the study of civil law 
came to be combined with that 
of the canon law, the title was 
changed to doctor utriusque 
juris (teacher of both laws). The 
faculties of theology and 
medicine followed that of law 
in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy 
and science, and occasionally in 
theology and law, is given 
beyond the baccalaureate 
degree and requires two to five 
years of study, the writing of a 
thesis, and the passing of 
written and oral examinations. 
The doctor's degree represents 
the most advanced earned 
degree conferred by American 
institutions. There are two 
distinct types: the professional 
or practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type 
represents advanced training 
for the practice of various 
professions, principally Doctor 
of Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine, Juris Doctor and 
Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees carry no implication of 
original research and are 
classified by the U.S. Office of 
Education, with bachelor's 
degrees, as the first 
professional degrees. The 
University of Maryland 
awarded the first two dental 
degrees in history, on March 9, 
1841, and invented the name of 
the degree, D.D.S., as well. 

The second type of doctor's 
degree is classified as the 

research doctorate representing 
prolonged periods of advanced 
study, usually accompanied by 
a dissertation which is designed 
to be a substantial contribution 
to existing knowledge on the 
subject. The most important of 
these, the Doctor of 
Philosophy, no longer has an 
implication of philosophy for its 
holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the 
major fields of knowledge. It 
was first awarded in the United 
States by Yale University in 

The first Ph.D. was awarded by 
the University of Maryland in 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an 
academic honor conferred upon 
students who have successfully 
completed work in advance of 
the baccalaureate. A thesis and 
an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister, 
connected with a qualifying 
phrase, was used among the 
Romans as a title of honor, but 
its present meaning must be 
traced to the hme of the 
establishment of the oldest 
universities. Regularly 
organized facilities were not 
then known as they now exist 
in the universities. The whole 
circle of academic activity was 
limited to seven liberal arts, 
and those who received public 
honors on the completion of 
their courses of studies, for 
their diligence and knowledge, 
and had already received the 
degree of baccalaureate 
(bachelor) were called magistri 
artium (master of the liberal 

In 1920, the new University of 
Maryland awarded its first 
M.A. and M.S. degrees in 
fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree 
represents completion of a 
four-vear course of study of 
collegiate grade and is the 
oldest academic degree used by 
American institutions of higher 
learning. The degree. Bachelor 
of Arts, was first conferred in 
America in 1642 on the first 
nine graduates of Har\'ard 

Maryland Agricultural College, 
which was later to become the 
University of Maryland College 
Park, awarded the first 
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor 
of Science degrees in 1862. 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


Robert L. Gluckstern 

Vice Chancellor for 
Academic Affairs 

Nancie L. Gonzalez 
Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

Darryl W. Bierly 
Vice Chancellor for 
Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at College Park 

Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Francis C. Stark 
Division of Arts and 

Robert A. Corrigan 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 

Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

George J. Funaro 
Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Frank J. Kerr (Acting) 

Deans of College Park 

School of Architecture 
John W. Hill 

College of Agriculture 

Francis C. Stark (Interim) 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

Dean C. Corrigan 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

Ray E. Hiebert 
College of Libranj and 
Information Services 

Kieth C. Wright 
College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Marvin H. Eyler 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies 

Robert E. Menzer (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for 
Summer Programs 

Melvin Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Central Administration 
of the University 


John S. Toll 
Executive Vice President 

Albin O. Kuhn (Acting) 
Vice President for General 

Donald W. O'Connell 

Vice Presidctit for Acndonic 

R. Lee Hornbake 
Interim Vice President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Vice President for Agricultural 
Affairs and Legislative Relations 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for 
Unwcrsitf/ Development 

Robert G. Smith 

Board of Regents 


B. Herbert Brown 
Via' Chairman 

Hugh A. McMuUen 

Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 

N. Thomas Whittington, Jr. 
Assistant Secretary/ 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 
Assistant Treasurer 

John C. Scarbath 

Wayne A. Cawley, Jr., 
ex officio 

Percy M. Chaimson 

Ralph W. Frey 

A. Paul Moss 

Peter F. O'Malley 

Jeffrey J. Silver 

Joseph D. Tydings 

Wilbur G. Valentine 

Samuel M. Witten 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, 
Associate Dean 
College of Agriculture 

Associate Chairman 
Dr. Robert C. Wiley, 
Professor, Horticulture 

Universiti/ Marshal 

Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, 
Assistant Vice Chancellor- 
Academic Affairs 


Dr. Eugene W. Troth, 

Professor, Chairman, 

Music Department 
Committee Members 

Dr. Ulysses S. Glee, 

Office of Student Aid 

Mr. Patrick J. Hunt, Director, 

University Relations (CP) 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, 

Principal Specialist, 

Agricultural & Resource 


Mr. Ernest Huff, 

Assistant Director, 

Records & Registrations 

Mr. John A. Goecker, 


Food Services 

Dr. Conrad B. Link, 



Dr. George Marx, 


Counseling & Personnel 


Mr. Elwood Gross, 

Physical Plant 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, 


Athletic Department 

Mrs. Frances Cane, 


Health Center 

Mr. William Fry, 

Assistant Director, 


Mrs. Jo Ann M. Janus, 

Book Store 

Lt. James W. Shaffer, 

University Police 

Mr. Charles Jantho, 


Physical Plant 


Doctor of Letters 

and Commencement Speaker 

Jane Cahill Pfeiffer 

As Chairman of the National 
Broadcasting Company, Jane 
Cahill Pfeiffer is the highest 
ranking woman in 
broadcasting. The 1954 
University of Maryland 
graduate has been called one of 
the most talented female 
executives in the country and 
perhaps the most powerful 
woman in America by the Los 
Angeles Times. 

Pfeiffer took the reins as the 
second in command at NBC 
last October, in addition to 
becoming a director of its 
parent company, RCA 
Corporation. At NBC, the 
46-year-old executive, who is in 
charge of government relations, 
legal affairs and employee 
relations, also has an active role 
in news policy making and 
corporate planning. 

After receiving a degree in 
speech and dramatic arts from 
the University, Pfeiffer joined 
IBM in 1955 as a systems 
engineering trainee. She was 
quickh' promoted to a number 
of division management 
positions, including IBM site 
manager in Bermuda where she 
coordinated the corporation's 
computer programming and 
engineering efforts for the 
NASA computer complex. 

Taking a year's leave of 
absence from IBM in 1966, 
Pfeiffer became the first woman 
White House Fellow, working 
in the office of Robert C. 
Weaver, then Secretary of 
Housing and Urban Affairs. 
She subsequently ser\'ed as a 
member of the President's 
Commission on White House 

In 1972 Pfeiffer became vice 
president for communicarions 
and government relations at 
IBM, in charge of ad\ertising, 
promotion and internal 
communications. Through this 
position, the 1975 UM 
Distinguished Alumna brought 
IBM into television as a major 
sponsor of public affairs 

Pfeiffer's 20-year career with 
IBM, which included two years 
as secretary of the corporation's 
policy-making committee, won 
her a national reputation as a 
highly successful business 

In 1976 President Carter 
asked the administrative and 
computer expert to become the 
first woman cabinet member, 
but she turned him down for 
family and medical reasons. 

After leaving IBM earlier that 
year, Pfeiffer became an 
independent consultant to such 
major companies as RCA as 
well as many educational 
instituticins. She ser\'ed in this 
capacity until named Chairman 
of NBC last fall. 

A native of Washington, 
D. C, Pfeiffer currently serves 
as a director of The Bache 
Group, Chesebrough-Ponds, 
Inc., International Paper Co., 
and J. C. Penney Co. She has 
also been acrive in numerous 
public interest organizations, 
presidential commissions, 
and various high-level 
committees. The UM graduate 
is a trustee of the University of 
Notre Dame, The Catholic 
University of America, the 
Kettering Foundation, and the 
Rockefeller Foundation, as well 
as a member of the Board of 
Governors of the American Red 
Cross and the Council on 
Foreign Relations. 

As a UM student, Pfeiffer 
served as a member of the 
Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi 
Honor Society, the University 
Theatre, Kappa Kappa Gamma 
sororitv, and the National 
Collegiate Players, as well as 
associate editor of the Terrapin, 
the Old Line, and the M Book. 

Her academic and theatrical 
talents won her the Charles B. 
Hale Drama Award and 
recognition in Who's Who in 
American Universities and 

Today she is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of Humane 
Letters degree from the 
University of Maryland. 

Doctor of Science 
Charles L. Fefferman 

When asked to name his most 
brilliant student during his 
manv \ears as a mathematics 
professor at the University of 
Maryland, James Hummel 
instantly comments, "Charlie 
Fefferman, of course!" 

Charles L. Fefferman, 
mathematics professor at 
Princeton University, is known 
as one of the world's 
outstanding professors in the 
field of classical analysis, and 
when he was 22, as the 
youngest full professor in the 
United States. 

Hummel first became 
acquainted with Fefferman 
when his parents, Arthur and 
Liselott Fefferman, found it 
difficult to provide sufficient 
educational stimulation to 
satisfy their son's educational 
interest. Thev asked Hummel to 
provide special tutoring for 
their 10-year-old, who had 
already zipped through one of 
his father's difficult calculus 

After meeting with Hummel 
periodically over two summers, 
in 1961 Fefferman enrolled in 
his first university class — a 
sophomore-level honors 
mathematics course. The next 
year while still attending junior 
high school, he took Hummel's 
advanced calculus course and a 
physics class. "At 12, he was 
equal to the best undergrad 
math student in the 
department," recalls Hummel. 

The boy wonder in math 
received help from UM 
professors in cutting enrollment 
red tape. At that time a student 
had to be a high school 
graduate or have passed an 
equivalency test and had to be 

21 to take the test. He became a 
full-time UM student in 1963 at 
the age of 13. 

Shortly after enrolling at the 
University, Fefferman began to 
take graduate level courses. He 
was named to Phi Beta Kappa 
and published his first scholarly 
work at age 16. Hummel 
remembers a student in one 
calculus course asking, "You 
know that little kid who sits up 
front? Are we supposed to 
understand the questions he 
asks during class?" 

In 1966 the math whiz 
became one of the youngest 
UM graduates when at the age 
of 17 he received a joint 
bachelor of science degree in 
mathematics and physics, three 
years after becoming a full-time 
college student. 

The UM graduate then 
ventured to Princeton where he 
earned a Ph.D. in 1969 with 
such honors as a Woodrow 
Wilson Fellowship, a National 
Science Foundation Fellowship, 
and a Princeton National 

Born on April 18, 1949, 
Fefferman attracted national 
attention in 1971 when, at the 
age of 22, he was named 
professor at the University of 
Chicago, making him the 
youngest full professor at any 
U. S. college or university. 
Once again, Fefferman gained 
this status when he returned to 
Princeton in 1974 as the 
youngest professor in the 
history of the 228-year-old 

Fefferman has earned 
numerous honors since his 
early years at the University of 
Maryland. The latest, and 

perhaps the most notable, came 
last summer when he was 
awarded the Fields Medal, the 
mathematician's equivalent to 
the Nobel Prize in Science and 
the most prestigious award a 
mathematician may receive. 

He was awarded the Fields 
Medal for his innovations in 
classical analysis that have 
opened new areas of study in 
the interface of harmonic 
analysis, complex analysis, and 
differential equations. "His 
work is dominated by an 
uncanny insight into the correct 
generalizations to high 
dimensions of 

lower-dimensional theorems; 
this led Fefferman to the 
solutions of many problems 
long thought to be unsolvable," 
cites the 1979 Encyclopedia 
Britannica Book of the Year. 

Fefferman received the first 
Alan T. Waterman Award 
given by the National Science 

Foundation in 1976 for "his 
excellence as a teacher and 
outstanding ability as a 
researcher, and his exceptional 
promise for significant future 
development." In addition to 
the medal, the Silver Spring, 
Md. native was awarded 
$50,000 a year for three years to 
continue his advanced 
mathematical research. 

The 30-year-old professor 
was also awarded the Alfred P. 
Sloan Foundation Fellowship in 
1970, a NATO Postdoctoral 
Fellowship in 1971, the Salem 
Prize for Outstanding Research 
by a Fourier Analyst Under the 
Age of 30 in 1971, as well as an 
election to the American 
Academy of Sciences in 1972, 
and the National Academy of 
Sciences this spring. 

Today he is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of Science 
degree from the University of 

Doctor of Letters 
E. Brooke Lee 

E. Brooke Lee's unique vision 
and dynamic leadership in 
Montgomery County politics 
and government during the 
vital years of tremendous 
growth and expansion within 
the State of Maryland has 
helped to mold the county into 
one ot the most prosperous in 
the nation. 

Under Lee's guidance, the 
Montgomery County 
government invested heavilv 
during the 1920's and 1930's in 
schools, roads, parks, 
sanitation, and police. Under 
his leadership during these 
critical years of growth, the 
county became noted for the 
high quality of its services, 
attracting a high proportion of 
professional families to settle in 
a county known nationwide as 
one of the most desirable in 
which to live. 

Born in Washington, D. C. 
on Oct. 23, 1892, Lee attended 

Princeton University for one 
year and then interrupted his 
education to work in the office 
of his father, U. S. Senator 
Blair Lee. Shortly thereafter, 
the young Lee attended George 
Washington Universitv Law 
School at night and graduated 
with a law degree in 1917. 

He served in the American 
infantry during World War I, 
and was decorated several 
times for heroism and 
leadership, receiving the 
American Distinguished Service 
Cross, the Silver Star Citation, 
the French Croix de Guerre, 
and the Belgian Order of 
Leopold Award. 

Returning to the U. S., Lee 
was elected Comptroller of the 
Maryland Treasury and was 
subsequently appointed 
Secretary of State of Maryland 
in 1923. 

In 1926 he was elected to the 
Maryland General Assembly, 

representing Montgomery 

As speaker of the House of 
Delegates from 1928 to 1931, 
Lee introduced and supported 
legislation which created the 
Maryland-National Capital 
Park and Planning 
Commission, the first program 
in the Maryland counties to 
oversee zoning, land use, and 
general and community 

The father of former Acting 
Governor Blair Lee, 111, Lee 
was Vice-Chairman and Park 
Commissioner of the MNCPPC 
from 1942-48. During his term, 
all of the stream valleys 
extending from Montgomery 
County into the District of 
Columbia were preserved in 
the county park system. In 
addition, the Park Commission 
inaugurated the first public 
recreation program for 
Montgomery County. 

Serving as a member of the 
University of Maryland Board 
of Regents from 1927 to 1935, 
Lee stronglv supported a large 
and expansive building 
program for the University 
which included a new 
administration building, two 
new women's dormitories, H. 
J. Patterson Hall, an improved 
dining hall, as well as other 
buildings on the College Park 

In addition, Lee was elected 
to the Democratic State Central 
Committee for Montgomery 
County, and later served as its 
chairman. During his term from 
1921 to 1946, Montgomery 
County built all the highways 

now connecting Washington to 
the ctiunty and most of the 
highways between the 
suburban communities and the 
agricultural sections of the 

Lee's influence as chairman 
also helped Montgomery 
County to increase teachers' 
salaries in the public schools to 
the levels then paid to D. C. 
teachers. The county also built 
a series of modern school 
buildings with gymnasiums, 
assembly halls, and cafeterias. 

"Lee deserves the principal 
legislative credit for the 
enactment of the Maryland 
State Teachers Pension and for 
being among the group of 
Maryland officials who moved 
public education in the State 
into the 20th century," said 
Thomas G. Pullen, former State 
Superintendent of Education, 
speaking at Lee's 80th birthday 
party in 1972. 

Instrumental in developing 
the city of Silver Spring on the 
site of the old family 
plantation, the 86-year-oId land 
developer has in more recent 
years raised registered Polled 
Hereford cattle and grain on 
several Montgomery, Frederick, 
and Howard County farms. 

In addition to farming, Lee 
now serves as president of 
several apartment corporations 
in Silver Spring and of a 
number of other Maryland 
corporations which develop 
local shopping and industrial 

Today he is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of Humane 
Letters degree from the 
University of Maryland. 



for Degrees 

May 18, 1979 

The 1979 class roster comprises 
degree candidates from the 
undergraduate and graduate 
programs at the University's 
College Park Campus. As final 
action cannot always be taken for 
candidates by the time this 
program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative only. 
The University reserves the right 
to withdraw or add names. All 
diplomas not distributed by 
departments and colleges today 
will mailed by the Registrations 

Students who have earned their 
degrees from the College of 
Education may obtain a 
Statement of Certificate Eligibility 
in the College of Education 
Records Office (Room 3201). 
Other students who have 
completed teacher education 
programs will receive their 
statements in the mail (separate 
from the diploma) upon 
verification of required 

Graduate School 

Candidates mil be presented by 

Dr. Robert E. Menzer, 

Acting Dean for Graduate Studies 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Hassan Sid Ahmed Abu Zeid 
Agricultural & Resource 
Economics: Problems of 
Marketing Sudan's Cotton. 

Ebenezer Winston Agudu 
Poultry Science: An Evaluation 
of Cassava (Manihot esculenta 
Crantz) as a Dietary Ingredient 
for Chicks. 

Narendra Ahuja 

Computer Science: Mosaic 
Models for Image Analysis and 

Iris Blanche Ailin-Pyzik 
Chemistry: Chemical Alteration 
of Marine Basaltic Glasses. 

Elizabeth Ann Albert 

Art: The Frescoes in the Refectory 
at Pomposa. 

Lawrence Robert Allen 

Recreation: The Development 
and Comparison of Leisure 
Typologies for College Students. 

Elizabeth Norton Alspaugh 
English: The Formation of Lionel 
Trilling's Moral Dialectic: A 
Study of His Fiction and 
Criticism, 1939-1955. 

Lynn Meridith Amende 
Zoology: The Relationship 
between Membrane Associated 
Particles and Membrane 

Charles Walter Ash 

Physical Education: The 

Relationship Betioeen Stroke 
Volume, Heart Rate and Oxygen 
Uptake at Various Workloads on 
the Treadmill. 

Charles Richard Baffi 

Health Education: Tlie Influence 
of Sex-Role Identification on 
College Males Performance in 
Achici'ement and Self-Disclosure 

Judith Hiltner Bair 

English: The Newspaper Verse of 
Philip Frcneau: An Edition and 
Bibliographical Survey. 

Paul Benjamin Baker 
Entomology: Methods of 
Selection for Hain/ Chinch Bug 
( BUssus leucopterus hirtus ) 
Resistance m Cool Season 

James Howard Beall 
Physics: On the Physical 
Environment in Galactic Nuclei. 

Robert Joseph Becker 
Meteorology: A Global 
Distribution of the Sources and 
Sinks of Radiant Energy. 

Nancy H. Bennett 
Social Foundations of 
Education: Relationship and 
Power: The Foundation for 
Effective Advising m a Graduate 
School of Social Work. 

Marilyn R. Berman 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: A Comparative 
Study of Job Satisfaction and Rote 
Conflict in Men and Women, Full 
and Part-Time Faculty at the 
University of Maryland, College 
Park Campus. 

Patsy Baker Blackshear 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: The Comparative 
Effectiveness of Peer Nomination 
and Teacher Nomination in the 
Identification of the Urban Area 
Academically Gifted Primary 

Nan Booth 

Agricultural & Extension 
Education: Resource Utilization 
and Learning Patterns of Low 
Income Urban Adults. 

Nathaniel William Branson 
Government & Politics: An 
hwestigation of the Effects of 
Work on the Families of Black, 
Female Registrants in the 
Baltimore City WIN Program: A 
Pilot Study. 

Nellie Margaret Bugbee 

Psychology: Behavioral Effects 
Following Lesions of the Nucleus 
Spiriforniis Lateralis in the Pigeon 
( Columba livia) . 

Glenn R. Bugh 

History: The Athenian Cavalry 
in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries 


Lee Aubrey Burcham 

Geography: A Geographic 
Analysis of Population Migration 
and Settlement Patterns m 
Northeast Thailand 1947-1972. 

Barbara Elisabeth Timm Busby 
Microbiology: A Study of the 
IgC Subclass Specificity arid 
Antibody-mediated Suppression of 
the Immune Response to Type III 
Pneumococcal Polysaccharide, 
With and Without its 
Modification by 

Virginia Marie Buxton 

Psychology: Evaluation of a 
Police Training Program Using 
Process and Outcome Criteria. 

Gregory D. Carey 
Biochemistry: Synthesis of the 
Myelin Basic Proteins. 

Christine Hardy Carrington 
Psychology: A Comparison of 
Cognitive and Affective Therapy 
in Treating Depression in Black 

Michael Almy Channing 
Chemistry: Cyclohexaamylose 
Substrate Binding. 

Christine Ann Courtois 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: A Study of Variables 
Affecting Incest Victim Response. 

Marita McKenna Danek 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Rehabilitation 
Outcomes and Caseload 
Management as a Function of 
Counselor Expertise in Hearing 

Jannette Lake Dates 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: The Relationship 
of Demographic Variables and 
Racial Attitudes to Adolescent 
Perceptions of Black Television 

Ada Romaine Davis 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: A Study of the 
Relationships betioeen Satisfaction 
u'lth Rewards, Personality Styles, 
and Degree of Assertiveness, and 
Attitudes Toward Collective 
Bargaining Among Five Groups of 

John James Degnan III 
Physics: Physical Processes 
Affecting the Performance of High 
Power, Frequency Doubled, Short 
Pulse Laser Systems: Analysis, 
Simulation, and Experiment . 

Tamas E. Doszkocs 
Library & Information 
Services: An Associative 
Interactive Dictionari/ (AID) for 
Online Searching. 

Edward Martin Dougherty 
Microbiology: Temporality of 
DNA, RNA, and Protein ' 
Synthesis of a Nuclear 
Polyhedrosis Virus of Autographa 
californira During Its Infection 
Cycle m the TN-368 Cell Line. 

Charles Robert Dyer 

Computer Science: Augmented 
Cellular Automata for Image 

Joan Mary Eifert 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: A Cross-cultural 
Study of the Relationship between 
Parental Concepts of Schools and 
Their Attitudes Towards Schools. 

R. Warren Eisenhower 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: An Analysis of 
Selected Arbitration Aioards 
Dealing zvith Teacher Performance 

Joel Roger Friedman 

Psychology: Outcome Evaluation 
of a Mental Health Mobile Crisis 
Unit: Diversion from the judicial 
Commitment System. 

Mark Joseph Gotay 

Physics: Presyniplcctic Manifolds, 
Geometric Constraint Theory and 
the Dirac-Bergmann Theory of 

Marian Lee Friedman Greenblatt 
Secondary Education: The 

Effectiveness of Political Cartoons 
in Stimulating Critical 
Thinking-Reading by High School 
Social Studies Students. 

Robin Howard Grieves 
Economics: The Demand for 
Consumer Durables. 

Henry George Hahn 

English: The Rake Reformed: A 
Literary History of the Recent 
Critical Fortunes of Henry 
Fielding xoith a Guide to 

Carol Louise Hill Hall 

Comparative Literature: Henry 
Fuseli and the Formation of the 
Aesthetics of William Blake: A 
Study of Fuseli as a Transmitter 
of Ideas of Winckehnann, 
Rousseau, and Lavater to Blake. 

Freddi A. Hammerschlag 
Botany: Plant Genetics. 

Barbara Jeanne Hetrick 

Sociology: Men and Woman from 
Single-Earner and Dual-Earner 
Households: Some Objective and 
Subjective Correlates. 

Rosalyn M. Hirsch 
Human Development 
Education: Some Correlates of 
Ego Development in Children: An 
Application of Loeiunger's 

William Allen Hiscock 
Physics: Black Holes and Cosmic 

Terence Allan Hoagwood 
English: Prophecy and the 
Philosophy of Mind in the Poetry 
of Blake and Shelley. 

Harold Romo Holzman 
Criminal Justice and 
Criminology: The Persistent 
Offender and the Concept of 
Professional Criminality. 

James Henderson Irby 
Physics: Obsen'ation and 
Interpretation of Magnetic Field 
Line Reconnection and Tearing in 
a Theta Pinch. 

Larry David Isaacs 
Physical Education: The Effects 
of Ball Size, Ball Color and 
Preferred Color on the Catching 
Ability of 7 and 8 Year Old Boys 
and Girls. 


Leslie Shigemitsu Isaki 

Microbiology: Studies on the 
Production and Gejwtics of the 
Thermostable Direct Heniolifsiti of 
Vibrio parahaem oly ticu s . 

Alice Anne Handley Isaksen 
Counseling & Personnel 
Ser\'ices: An Exploratory 
Statistical Evaluation of the 
Vwariousi Direct Achiei^ement 

James Allen Isenberg 

Physics: Initial Value Problem of 
General Relativity. 

Leslie Moore Jadin 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: A Study of the Effect of 
Assertion Training on Telephone 
Counselor's Performance Levels on 
Measures of Technical 
Effectiveness, In terpersonal 
Process Skills, and Assertiveness. 

Bor-ren Albert Jeng 

Electrical Engineering: Read 
Only Memory Optimization for 
Microprogrammed Digital 

John Lamar Johnson 
Physics: Evaluation and 
Application of an Intensified CCD 
Array Photometer for 
Astronomical Observations. 

Leslye Doreen Johnson 

Binrhemistry: In Vivo Expression 
of the Genome of a Defective 
Interfering Particle of Vesicular 
Stomatitis Virus. 

Isaac Kairey 

Psychology: Evaluating the 
Effectiveness of Relationship 
Group Therapy in an Elementary 
School Setting. 

Patricia Louise Kaylor 
Physical Education: The Effect 
of the Transfer Tasks Position in a 
Rapid Linear Positioning Task. 

Kay Monaghan Knickrehm 
Government & Politics: The 
Nezv England Town Meeting: A 
Participatory Mediating 

Marielena Zelaya Kolker 
Spanish Language and 
Literature: Literatura Americana 
de los Transterrados Espanoles de 

Gregory S. Kowalczyk 

Chemistry; Concentrations and 
Sources of Trace Elements on 
Washington, D.C. Area 
Atmospheric Particles. 

James Brian Lederer 
Human Development 
Education: An Ivestigation of the 
Relationship betzveen a Selected 
Critical Thinking Skill and 
Selected Predictors for Gifted, 
Middle School Transescents. 

Ayeliffe Arline Hildegarde Lenihan 
Human Development 
Education: A Profile of Rural 
Elderly Women: An Assessment of 
Human Functioning and Available 

Theodore Ralph Lundquist 
Physics: The Ionization and 
Neutralization of Sputtered 

Victoria M. Lyons 

Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Vicarious Learning as 
Related to an Experimental 
Measure of Responsiveness to 

Richard Harold Lytle 
Library- & Information 
Services: An Analysis of 
Performance of Traditional vs. 
In-Depth Indexing in Retrieval of 
Documents from Archives. 

Barry David Mangum 
Recreation: A Study of 
Communication and Cooperation 
between Education Administrators 
and Board Members and 
Recreation 'Park Administrators 
and Board Members Participating 
in the Maryland School 
Community Centers Program. 

Paul Anthony Marionni 

Astronomy: Studies of Planetary 
Nebulae Relei'ant to Aspects of 
Mass Loss and Convective Mixing 
in Nebular Progenitors. 

Charles Ronald Lilley 
History: Tsiang Ting-fu; 
Bet-ween Tico Cultures: 


George Francis Lowe 

Computer Science: Heuristic 

Approaches to the Decomposition 
of Sparse Matrices. 

Susan Nelson McCabe 
Human Development 
EducaHon: The Effect of Infant 
Behamor, Infant Sex, and 
Prenatal Education on Maternal 
Satisfaction with Breast Feeding. 

Dennis Damian McDonald 
Library & Information 
Services: Identification of 
Value-Related Attributes of 
Scientific and Technical Journals 
as Perceived by journal Authors, 
Readers, and Subscribers. 

Mary Catherine McKenna 

Nutritional Sciences: The Effects 
of Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency 
on Brain Development. 

Daniel Roderick McLeod 
Psychology: Effects of 
d-amphetamine on Rates of 
Key-peckmg by Pigeons Exposed 
to Isolated I'S. Alternating 
Interresponse-time Schedules of 
Food Presentation. 

Page Putnam Miller 

Histor)': The Evolving Role of 
Women in the Presbyterian 
Church in the Early Nineteenth 

Richard John Montgomery 
Secondary Education: The 
Relative Effectiveness of Three 
Levels of Realism in Illustrations 
on the Achiei'ement of College 
Biology Students in a Self-paced 
Instructional Program. 

Richard A. Moore 

Art: Le Corbusier and the 
mecanicjue spirituelle : An 
Investigation into Le Corbusier's 
Architectural SymboUsm and Its 
Background in Beau-Arts AesiiU- 

Doris Byron Morgan 
Human Development 
Education: The Effect of 
Experience on Marital 
Satisfaction: A Test of the 
Contingency Model. 

Poh Hua Ng 

Physics: Warm Plasma Effects on 
Drift Cyclotron Loss Cone Mode. 

Stanley C. Oaks, Jr. 

Microbiology: Development of a 
Plaque Reduction Assay for 
Studying Antigenic Relationships 
of Cloned Strains of Rickettsia 
tsutsugamushi . 


All Ogut 

Chemical Engineering: Scale-up 
of Oxygen Transfer into 
Neu'tonian and Non-Newtonian 
Fluids in Stirred Tank Reactors. 

Nicolas Alexandrou Papanicolaou 
Electrical Engineering: A 
Monolithic Surface Acoustic Wave 
Charge Transfer Dei'ice. 

Mary Elizabeth Paterra 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Effects of 
Confirmation of Answers upon 
Comprehension in Reading. 

Iris Pearlman 

Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Efficiency in Test 
Performance as a Function of 
Activity Leirl and Time of Day. 

John Douglas Peck 

Zoology: Short-Loop Feedback 
Regulation of Luteinizing 
Hormone Secretion in the Female 

Neil D. Pennington 
Music: Santiago de Murcia's 
Passacalles y ohras de guitarra por 
todos los tonos naturales y 
aciden tales (1732): Background, 
Transcription, and Commentary . 

Joseph John Popovich, Jr. 
Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: An Analysis of 
the Relationship betiveen 
Educational Attainment and 
E.xpenditures at Community 
Colleges and job Benefits Accruing 
to Former Students. 

Emilv Victoria Porter 
Chemistry: Purification and 
Proparties of Glucokinase and 
Fructokinase from Oral 

Michael Mario Primiani 
Entomology: Etliological 
Significance of Compounds 
Comprising the Female Sex 
Pheromone of Heliothis zea and 
Helio th is vi rescens . 

Gerhard Randers-Pehrson 
Physics: R-Matrix Approach to 
Isospin Mixing m Beryllium-8. 

Elizabeth Anne DeSalvo Rankin 
Health Education: The 
Relationship of Clianging 
Self-Estecm and Weight Reduction 
Among Obese Females. 

Janice Elaine Richardson 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: The Identification 
of Activities Influencing Faculty 
Participation m an Instructional 
Improvement within the Division 
of Human and Community 
Resources, Unii'ersity of 
Maryland, College Park, 

Margaret Doughty Rogers 

Special Education: The Effects of 
Micro-Counseling Training Upon 
Preprofessional Special Educators 
m their Interactions with Parents 
of Handicapped Children. 

Edward Joseph Roke 
Human Development 
Education: Parental Correlates of 
Cooperative Behavior in Young 

George Steven Rossano 

Astronomy: The Morphology of 
the Monoceros II and Cepheus TV 
Star Formation Regions. 

Glenn Morris Rosvval 

Physical Education: The Effects 
of a Children's Developmental 
Play Program on the 
Self-Conayt, Risk-Takmg, and 
Motor Proficiency of Exceptional 

Joan Lillian Rothstein 
Human Development 
Education: The Government of 
the United States and the Young 

Jorge Francisco Ruiz A. 
Social Foundations of 
Education: Primary and 
Secondary Colombian Histor\/ 
Textbooks, 1951-1976: A Study 
of Selected Historical Content. 

Ruth Helen Wexberg Salmon 
Health Education: /4h 

Assessment of the Role of 
Coercion in Rehabilitation of Drug 
Abusers: An Examination of the 
Southern Neiv jersey TASC 

Jud Samon 

History: Sagebrush Falstaff: A 
Biographical Sketch of James 
Warren Nye 

Ronald L. Schaefer 

Horticulture: Influence of Water 
Stress on the Growth and 
Development of Capsicum 
annuum L. 

Judy D'Amico Schafer 

Hearing & Speech Science: The 
Effect of a Coactiz'ating Stimulus 
on the Acoustic Reflex Threshold 
and Suprathreshold Reflex Decay. 

Joan Elizabeth Scott 
Secondary Education: 

Presentation Rates and Immediate 
Reconstruction of Mathematical 
Materials in Adult Population. 

Adele F. Seeff 

English: Charles Kean's King 
Lear and the Aesthetics of 

Kathryn Ellen Serock 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: An Analysis of the 
Portrayal of the Elderly m 
Television Commercials Viewed by 

Vernon Alvin Sevier 
Physical Education: An 
Administrative Study of the 
Effects of Aerobic Dancing on 
Selected Physical Fitness and 
Personality Variables. 

Ann Louise Shelton 

Health Education: The Effects of 
a Two Week Orientation on Life 
Satisfaction and Selected Affective 
Responses and Health Behaviors 
of Neiv Elderly Admissions to 
Nursing Homes. 

Rameshwar P. Sinha 

Astronomy: Kinematics of HI 
near the Galactic Center. 

Susan Port Snyder 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Effect of a 
Descriptive Introduction to the 
TSOD Obsen'ation Instrument on 
Elementary Science Methods 
Student's Ability to Use 
Inductivellndirect Teaching 

Mary Emilie Spencer 
Human Development 
Education: The General 
Well-Being of Rural Elderly 
Blacks: A Descriptive Study. 


Pamela Ann Splaine 
Social Foundations of 
Education: Identification of 
Characteristics that Contribute to 
the Success of Returning Women 

Ted D. Spring 

Secondary Education: A 
Compmrison of a Student- 
Directed, Competency-Based 
Instructional Approach and 
Teacher- Directed, Conventional 
Instructional Approach to the 
Teaching of Touch Typeioriting, 
Straight-Copy and Problem 
Materials, at the Two-Year 
College Level: An Experimental 

Candyce Homnick Stapen 
English: Women's Little 
Magazines, 1870-1920. 

Roberta N. Stearns 

Secondary Education: A 
Comparison of Self-Paced 
Multimedia Programmed 
Instruction and Self-Paced Printed 
Programmed Instruction in 
Beginning Typeionting. 

Maureen Sullam Stone 
Hearing & Speech Science: 
Manifestations of Rhythm and 
Stress in Physiological 
Measurements of jaw Activity in 

Robert Clarence Sutton 

Physical Education: Research 
Productivity of the Ph.D. 
in Physical Education. 

Marianne Tamulevich 

Psychology: Empathy and Locus 
of Control in Normal and 
Emotionally Disturbed Children. 

Amie Godman Tannenbaum 
French Language and 
Literature: Toward an Edition of 
Pierre Bayle's Conimentaire 

Richard O. Taubald 
Social Foundations of 
Education: The Organization for 
Economic Cooperation and 
Development and Its Interest m 
Education. 1948-1971. 

Bonnie Wilson TenPas 

Secondary Education: A Study 
of the Essential Components and 
Operations of Stateicide 
Vocational Home Economics 
Curriculum Development Projects 
in Maryland. 

Bernadine Coleman Thomas 
Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: A Study of 
Curriculum Development 
Procedures in Maryland 1960-75. 

Deborah VanVechten 
Physics: Details of Temperature 
Dependence of the 
Superconducting Transition in 
thin films. 

Gabriella Anne Varga 

Animal Science: Utilization of 
Non-protein Nitrogen by 
Continuous in vitro Cultures of 
Rummal Micro-organisms. 

Dorothy Owen Waugaman 
Agricultural & Extension 
Education: Effectiveness of 
Voluntary Citizen Advocacy 
Activities as Perceived by 
Members of the North Carolina 
General Assembly. 

Jack Frederick Weaver 

Civil Engineering: Sorption of 
Cadmium on Kaolinite and Silica 
in the Presence of some Organic 
and Inorganic Ligands. 

Jeffrey Ernest Wieselthier 

Electrical Engineering: A Neiv 
Class of Multi-Access Protocols 
for Packet Communication Over a 
Satellite Channel - The 
Interleaved Frame Flush-Out 

Theodore Halbert Wilson 111 
Human Development 
Education: Modeling and 
Imaginative Play: Potential 
Facilitators of Verbal Creativity m 
Middle Childhood. 

Scott Charles Wittelsberger 
Chemistry: Isolation of DNA 
Transcribed During Outgrowth of 
B. rereus T Spores by the 
Isolation of Hybrids Formed 
between RNA and DNA Fixed in 

Bertram Anderson Wolfe 
Economics: Optimal User 
Changes in an Urban 
Transportation System. 

Barbara Louise Wood 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Factors related to Client 
Satisfaction with Counseling. 

Lillian Parker Wright 

Secondary Education: The 

Effect of Microteachmg Utilizing 
Feedback and Models on the 
Development of Questioning 

Philip Barry Yasskin 

Physics: Fibre Bundle Gauge 
Theories and Metric-Connection 
Theories of Gravity. 

David Stephen Youngs 
Chemistry: The Role of the 
Paramagnetic Term in 
Determining Magnetic 
SusceptibiUties of Organic 
Molecules; Chemistry of 

Doctor of Education 

Rose Wells Bulovv 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: A Design for 
Improving the Interpersonal 
Competence of Secondary School 
Teachers in a Metropolitan Area. 

Dennis James Martin 
Industrial Education: A 
Follow-Up Study of the 
Participants of the 
Vocational-Industrial Teacher 
Certification Workshop Programs 
(1965-1975) at the University of 

Dorothy Charlene Pasco 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: The Comparison 
of Two Different Intennezoing 
Techniques as a Method for 
Teacher Selection. 

Doctor of Business 

Alan Edward Grimshaw 

Business & Management: An 

Empirical Examination of the 
Relationship between Small 
Business Failure Rates' and 
Macroeconomic Conditions. 

Joseph Guy Mattingly, Jr. 
Business & Management: The 
Effect of Entry Control on Growth 
Efficiency and Public Interest of 
Interstate Motor Contract Carriers 
of Prop^erty. 

Edward Anthoney Morash 
Business & Management: 
Household Goods Carrier 
Systems: Control of Member 
Agents and Owner Operators. 

Susan Rawson Zacur 

Business & Management: 
Strike Analysis: A Study of Two 
Strikes by Registered Nurses 
Working in Non-Profit Hospitals 
with Implications for Effective 
Labor Relations. 



Master of Arts 

Joan Angelo Adams 
Paul Lawrence Adams 
Melina Ali 
David William Allen 
Barbara White Bardt 
Anne Marie Behneman 
John David Blumgart, Jr. 
Edward B. Boorstein 
Candace Saunders Brace 
Lynne Elizabeth Bradley 
Peter Robert Cahill 
Nancy Ann Campbell 
Elaine A. Cannarella 
Mark L. Casner 
Ariane Sophie Chargueraud 
Colette Claude 
Michael Lawrence Clemons 
Judith Cochran 
Robert Andrew Collinge 
Bernice LaVerne Collins 
Ronald George Colton 
Robert Anthony Connolly 
Joseph Francis Conrad 
Edward Peter Cooney 
Arlene Esther Coopersmith 
Dennis Michael Couture 
Linda Kay Schneider Cox 
Nancy Rath Crippen 
Brian Joseph Cushing 
George Teddy Dalziel, Jr. 
Sara M. Danziger 
Debra Lynne Davis 
James Joseph Delmont, Jr. 
Barry Lee Dennis 
John DePrima 
Sue Linda Dickstein 
Robert J. DiDonato 
Janet Wynn DiStefano 
Olenka Kurylas Dobczanska 
Pamela Jean Eaton 
Ann I. Edwards 
Maurene Willette Epps 
Jeanna Elise Faucett 
Mary Ellen Fediuk 
Kathleen Cooper Fein 
Marilvn Zitomer Fine 
Patricia McGuire Fisher 
Philip Charles Fisher 

Susan Foster Fleisig 
Elizabeth Ann Fones-Wolf 
Kenneth Alan Fones-Wolf 
Neal Victor Forman 
Catherine Louise Formwalt 
Barbara Mary Frank 
Jeffrey Scott Frankel 
Dana Elise Friedman 
Gary Gaines 
Richard Pierre Gareau 
Phillip Edward Goodall 
Patrice Lynette Gordon 
William Francis Griffiths 
Florence Louise Grigsby 
John Mark Grossman 
Michael Scott Hamada 
Robert Alan Handy 
Jeptha Winslow Harris 
Gary Richard Hattal 
Gloria Forte Henderson 
Merrilyne Ann Hendrickson 
John Garman Hertzler, Jr. 
Thomas N. Hodges 
Libbv Ann Kaplan 
Glenda Marshall Keel 
Mary L. Kehoe 
Joyce Selsky Kersner 

Christine Kiebuzinska 
Jan Ellen Kleiman 

Lawrence Alan Klein 

Robert Chier Kramer 

Edward L. Kunz 

James Michael Lacko 

Josefina Aballi Lago 

Rashmi Lai 

Cecile Shure Landrum 

Derek Christopher Lang 

M. Susan Lautenbach 

Antonia Patrizio Levinson 

Christina Emily Bemko Littlefield 

Susan Longwell 

Barbara Ann Lvnch 

Mark Edmund Mallett 

Patricia Honora Mann 

Charles Robert Manor 

Michael John March 

Nina Lynn Finley March 

Arthur E. Marcotte 

Jose Barroso Silveno Marques 

Joan Mary Marzitelli 

Janet Hollv McCabe 

Richard Frederick Measell 

Monica Medina 

Cindy Robin Menditch 

Arthur Anthony Joseph Miller 

Cherry Ann Mitchell 

Shirley Hayden Mitchell 

Frederick E. Mosher 

John William Mothersole 

Andrea Ellen Nash 

Carolyn Anita Nelson 

Jane Marie O'Brien 

Joseph Daniel O'Connell, Jr. 

Roli Maiden Okome 

Joel Henry Oleinik 

Frank Joseph Palumbo, Jr. 

Rosemarie Parks 

Richard Wilson Peach 

Lucy V. Peebles 

Richard Whittingham Plummer 

Yvonne Melanie Poser 

Scott Thomas Powell 

Thomas Eugene Prince 

Barbara Ann Quinnell 

John Paul Reichard 

Clara Pinzon de Ricur 

John Walter Roberts 

Lois Dosik Rothman 

Bertha Satterfield 

Carol Baker Schaake 

Jill Ann Schanbacher 

Robert James Schissell, II 

Kathleen C. Schmidt 

Susan Schou 

Peter Karl Schwarz 

Nancy Mildred Setzer 

Larry A. Sigler 

Lawrence Edward Silver 

Gary Jusdn Sipps 

Elizabeth Ann Sobol 

Jason Alan Sobol 

Floyd Rudolph Spears 

Philip Spilberg 

Greig M. Stewart 

Robert Philip Stoker 

Paul Joseph Sullivan 

Richard Thompson 

Natalie Feuerstein Thorpe 

Sherry E. Trahan 
Charles E. Triplett 
Kevin Bruce Urick 
D. Geneva Waddell 
Norman Douglas Wagoner 
Reba Ann Walkling 
Sonja Hall Watson 
Jean Marie Webb 
Dagmar Marion Weber 
Linda D. Weber 
Use Wilkerson 
Elizabeth Susan Willink 
Anne Dunkin Willis 
Joan Allyn Wittan 
Leonard John Witz 
Cynthia Carol Wood 
Roslyn Rhunette Wright 
Richard Sheldon Yorgey, Jr. 
Robert Alton Yost 
Venus Fave Young 


Master of Science 

Kehinde Adeduji 

David Warren Affens 

Thomas William Alexion 

John Wesley Allender 

Pojanaporn Arjunaka 

Jeffrey Farrell Asner 

Gholamhossein Azaritin 

Ava Jean Baker 

Deepika Batra 

Robert Glenn Bellinger 

Roy Erwin Benner 

William Henry Bennett 

Earl E. Bitely 

Marjorie Anne Blitz 

Joanne Marie Bordelon 

Haden Joseph Bourg, Jr. 

Mary Ann Brennan 

Eleanor Elizabeth Brown 

Don G. Burstyn 

Samuel Willis Carson, Jr. 

Laura Fay Casswell 

James Larkin Casterline, Jr. 

Ku Cheng 

Stephen B. Childs 

Michael Pi-Chi Chow 

Larry Owen Claypool 

Ernest Brockman Coggins, Jr. 

Judith L. Connor 

D. Annetta Cook 

Ajit Dandapani 

Patricia N. Daniels 

Michael John David 

Randall Mitchell Day 

Joyce Michelle Deal 

Janet Eileen Delbrook 

Paul Gerard Dunne 

Susan Deswik Dyszel 

Roger Lee Easton, Jr. 

Sandra Lorraine Ellis 

Frank N. Elmore, Jr. 

David Raymond Errera 

Ross Webb Erwin 

Thomas Edward Fenstermacher 

Robert Louis Fini 

Shirley Tina Fleischmann 

Karl Freburger 

Bruce Warren Fredrick 

Debra Gene Fry 

Mark I. Gardner 

Shiva Nand Garg 

Louis Frederick Giles, III 

Sally Ann Gingras 

Steven Paul Gingras 

Helen R. Luloff Goddard 

Laura Christine Goodhand 

Brian Steven Groveman 

Karin Lin Harter 

Timothy Floyd Henricks 

Barbara Joan Herbst 

Judith Leaman Hoback 

Jeffrey Paul Hobelmann 

Richard Scott Holmes 

Stephen Morris Hopkins 

Peter Donald Hrycak 

Chien-Cheng Hu 

Allen Robert Hynes 

Gary Allen Johnson 

Terry Leigh Jones 

Judith Tobi Karpen 

William Lewis Kausch 

William Albert Keim 

Zainal Mohd. Kharib 

Michael Arthur Kilpatrick 

Tadashi Kotake 

Ravindra Ram Kulkarni 

Donna Gail Kulla 

Carletta B. LaChapelle 

Jeffrey Rolf Lapides 

Michael Francis Lears 

Steve Monroe Lewis 

Chao-Hsuan Li 

Yih Ling 

Thomas Pasquale Longo 

Michael R. Lucas 

Emmanuel Adedolapo Lufadeju 

Sharon Kay Lusk 

Richard William Magnani 

Margaret Hundley Maring 

Mark Roy Mathias 

Christine Starr Mathiesen 

August Henry Mattheiss, III 

Maryalice McCullough 

Ellen Lee Merwitz 

George Michael Meyer 

Jody Beth Meyers 

Mark William Miller 

John Aubrey Moeller 

Mark Brian Morris 

Larry Edward Newman 

William Fritz Newton 

Ronald Arthur Nilsen 

Jan Alan Nobel 

Mary-Anne Ost 

David James Osterhout 

James Otto 

peter paul panvon, jr. 

Virag B. Patel ' 

Barbara Ann Pelle 

James Harry Popa 

Mary Helen Pope 

Kenneth Jerome Porter 

Marshall Richard Potter 

Ray Allen Price 

Carol Javnes Reiss 

Michael Paul Ressler 

Alton Raymond Ricker 

Dennis Eli Roberts 

David Arthur Rodrigue 

Robert James Rouse 

Margo Krinner Rubel 

Lillian Hildebrandt Rummel 

Thomas Rush, III 

Ann M. Ruth 

Julia Lee Robinson Saba 

Alberto Carlo Sadun 

Mehmet Ali Sahin 

Mario Edgard Salazar 

Timothy John Schmidt 

Raymond Donald Semlitsch 

George Nato Serafino 

Michael Lynn Shrader 

James Aubrey Smailes 

Glen Jon Smith 

Debera Susan Solis 

Richard William Steeg 

Spiro E. Stefanou 

David Geoffrey Stork 

Jack Strigberger 

Patrick Sullivan 

Haw-Chang Sun 

Ingrid Margarethe Sunzenauer 

Stephen Arthur Sutton 

David George Swartz 

Thomas Anthony Swyden 

Thomas Ray Taylor 

Richard Overton Thomasson 
Robert Harold Tierney 
John Wayne Toigo 
Charles Ronald Turner 
Allan Joseph Tylka 
Carlos J. Villafuerte P. 
Cynthia Ann Walczak 
William Stewart Wallace 
Jeffrey Herrmann Walther 
Ronald James Wellman 
Linda Hope Wells 
Jon Scott Wesick 
Jon Richard Wiener 
Marcella G. Wilding 
Edith C. Williams 
John Rodgers Williamson 
K. Eric Wolfe 
Adam Francis Zahorchak 
Mitri Habib Zaidan 


Master of Education 

John Robert Anderson 
Ronald Arthur Anderson 
William Lester Anderson 
Lisa Angerhofer 
Linda Sue Anthony 
Betsey Frances Arenberg 
David Taylor Baird 
Francis Marion Baranson 
Eric O. Bargar 
Carol McCormick Batty 
Christine Louise Bernt 
Patricia M. Bindrim 
Lawrence Bricker 
Elizabeth Mclnnis Browne 
Michael Joseph Bucci 
Glenda Darlene Calhoun 
David Brvan Chase 
Carolyn Beth Cohen 
Cynthia Sayer Collins 
Mary Jo Comer 
Elizabeth Finder Crawford 
Stephen W. Crescenze 
Joyce Sutton Cuffley 
Michael Joseph D'Antuono, Jr. 
John Wallace Dean, Jr. 
Sandra G. Diachenko 
Elaine M. DiAiso 
Michael Patrick Dolim 
Janine Vegiard Eisold 
Julia Susan Eklund 
Sylvia Hewitt Eliot 
Marsha Louise Faringer 
Kathleen Wells Farley 
Julianne K. Ferris 
Cathey Blake Foelber 
Geraldine Maureen Frazier 
Rosemarie Fuchs 
Lynda Anne Gainor 
Allen Lee Gay 
Lorraine Amy Glaser 
Cathy Lynn Goldstein 
Norma L. Graber 
Elaine Marie Harar 
Zetta Vannoy Hart 
Brendan James Hedges 
Darryl Quinn Henry 
Margaret Louise Henry 

Jane Chapman Hobbs 
William Mayhew Hocking 
Linda Turney Hoekstra 
Alicia LaVerne Jensen 
Mary Ann Johnson 
Karen Ann Keigher 
Linda L. Kerr 
Mary Ellen Kiss 
Jean Hay Langston 
Frances Vianna Lawrence 
Carolyn Buck Leahy 
Patricia Worcester Lore 
Edward M. Magin 
Linda Kay Mahonev 
Catherine Mary Malinowski 
Deborah Stacy Mangel 
Elizabeth Clark McCready 
Nancy McMahon-Cox 
Deborah D. Moore 
Kim Ann Moore 
Laura Shuler Moore 
Christina Marie Morehouse 
Linda Sue Morgan 
Jolly Minor Morton 
Sherrill Rae Neale 
Flora Pritchard Nicholas 
Gloria Ivette Norat 
Mar)' June Newton 
Jamie Lou Norberg 
Karen Hannemann Otis 
Christine Anne Pastor 
Deborah Lynn Peaco 
Lauretta Susan Peterson 
Susan Porter 

Douglas Dominique Pruett 
MaryRuth Reis 
Marie Somers Reytar 
Virginia Lee Rhodes 
Charles Ronald Richardson 
Carol Ann Richmond 
Paul Stanley Riger 
Patti S. Rivkin 
Eileen M. Kelly Rodriguez 
Joanne Layton Ruckert 
June Lenore Russell 
Leonard Joseph Santacroce 
Treva E. Sears 
Clare Elaine Seeker 
Robert Van Lear Sharp 

Trevella R. Shriver 
Kenneth Lee Smith 
Margaret Bennett Sothoron 
Pamela Hope Spitz 
Gayle Marie Suit 
Michael Clark Taliaferro 
Gregory John Timm 
Frances Eileen Tompkins 
Kenny Virgilio 
Mary Ellen Watkins 
Paula Seifert Wendi 
Sadie P. White 
Irene Anna Williams 
Nancy Louise Witherell 
Linda Kay Wolf 
Maria Alfrelita Wolfing 
Helaine M. Zinaman 

Master of Business 

Ramamoorthi Anandakrishnan 

Willaim James Anderson 

Anita Pinnes Beier 

Gerald Rav Blose 

Jimmy Wayne Bradley 

Douglas M. Brooks 

Doris Ann Chew 

Henry Cushman Copeland 

H. Gabriel Dagen 

Harriet Ann Erlick 

Richard S. Fineman 

Joanne Foltz 

Richard Shaw Francis 

Janet Goktepe 

Diana Lee Gowen 

Hursley Morton Grant 

Nils Christian Griswold 

Linda Gail Halterman 

Stephen Lester Hennigan 

Walter Van Buren Holmes 

Albert Stephen Homiak 

Harold M. Horowitz 

Cem A. Karabekir 

Thomas Richard Kelley 

Jeanne E. B. Krips 

Phoebe Maxwell Liddle 

Jeffrey Waddell Lindsey 

Kathleen Welsh McEvoy 

James Michael McHenry, Jr. 

Joyce Wright Morton 

Paul R. Murphy, Jr. 

Kevin George Quinn 

Alan Joseph Rezza 

Debra Joan Robinson 

Kenneth Scott Rosenberg 

Mark Phillip Rubin 

Jose Miguel Salaverria 

Jo Ann Samuels 

Claudia Perkins Schechter 

Robert Michael Schoenhaut 

Barbara L. Serafin 

William Lacy Shaw 

Daniel Albert-Levkis Simenauer 

Alexis M. Stefani 

Clara Hue Tan 

Jeffrey Elton Turner 



William N. Tyson 
WaiChoi Vajanapornsand 
Hector Raul Velazquez 
Steven Mark Wasser 
Michael Andrew Webber 
Brian Grayson West 
George Alan Wilson 
Harry L. Wolfe 
John William ZoUdan 

Master of Music 

Susan Neal Ginn 
Bruce Harold HaU 
Paul Clifford Newport 
Mary Beth Parrotta 
Michael L. Pinkerton 
Kathy Kessler Price 
Janet H. Robertson 
Robin Kimm Wong 

Master of Library Science 

Jane Patrice Atwell 
Bonnie Jean Baker 
Robert Charles Baker 
John David Blumgart, Jr. 
Bonnie Jean Brune 
Brenda Brown Clark 
Roberta Susan Cohen 
Janet Riley Colburn 
Mary Elizabeth Crisco 
Frances McDaniels Day 
Helen M. Delaney 
Trudie Louise Dolezah 
Dale Everette 
Kathrvn A. Fabrizio 
Ruby Belinda Graham 
Barbara Jane Grzejka 
Nancy Spence Haile 
Donna J. Hickling 
Mary Linda Iglehart 
Susan Clapp Jamison 
Barbara Gail Kaufman 
Denise Catron Kirzinger 
Barbara Moore Koehler 
Debra Lee Lange 
Lois Ann Leasure 
Mary Ann Loebe 
Kathryn Morgan Lovegrove 
Sue Shaul Mathias 

Josephine Frances McCarthy 
Kathleen Elizabeth Meushaw 
Susan Elizabeth Wiest Miles 
Omar Pancoast, III 
Kathryn Ann Park 
Linda R. Patteson 
Elizabeth Ann Payne 
Sandra Lee Powers 
Marsha Fisher Rabb 
Ronald A. Rader 
Sheila Anita Richard 
Joan Settle Robison 
Linda Maranda Searcy 
Eva Weigl Shankman 
Peter Allen Sidney 
James Elton Stewart 
Kathleen Emily Tice 
Cecilia Gugu Vilakazi 
Vivian Joan West 
Karen Lvnne Wester 
Katherine Isabel Weston 
Anne Crist Whitaker 
Roslyn Rhunette Wright 

Master of Fine Arts 

Sandra Wright Bracken 
Karen Gail Brown 
Davy Harrison Davenport 
Mary Annella Frank 
Gary Roger Gestson 
Barry Evan Gordon 
A-Young Henriksen 
Sharon Eta Isralow 
Robert Sanabria 
Raymond Vincent Szmajda 
Lesley Lynn Weichsel 
Yuriko Fujita Yamaguchi 


Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, 
Associate Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Nicholas John George Ackermann 

John Brian Almquist 

Garv Lee Angell 

Dennis Jav Axhne 

Jaime Hernando Ayalde 

John William Baeza 

Nancy Louise Bauman 

Richard Alan Beardmore 
tAndrea Clare Bestul 

Jeffrey Todd Black 
§Ed\vard Cutler Blau 

Patricia Ann Boyd 

William Wilson Bover, Jr. 

Jennifer Anne Bramlett 

David Spaulding Brookes 

Walter Eggleston Buck, HI 

Constance Marie Caffes 

Mark Charles Canfield 

Merton Earle Canter 

Kathleen Renee Carter 

Linda Malone Chappell 

John Franklin Christmas, Jr. 

Thomas M. Coda 

Mary Janet Conley 

Rock Henrv Crum 

Vincent Michael Cullen 
tWiUiam Mutch Curtis, IV 
tAnn Mane Dallavalle 

Bradford Langston Decker 

I. Stanley DeGroote, Jr. 

Michael Patrick Delman 
*Allyn William Delvviche 

Robert James De Stefano 
§Ruth Lee Dix 

Mary Frances Donaldson 

Cecile Teresa Dornev 

Charles David Ebersole 
Christopher Brian Evans 
Gregory Allyn E\'ans 
Harry Scales Evans 
Kevin Thomas Fabula 
Ferevdoun Farhati 
Michael Wayne Fink 
Marnev Ruth Finkle 
Jacqueline Ann Ford 
J. A. Forkkio, Jr. 
Richard Arnold Freeman 
■John Thomas Gann 
Virginia Lee Gaum 
Marcel George Gavrelis 
Jean Leslie Giles 
Erica Leslie Glasener 
Richard Grinberg 
Helene Marie Gude 
Lisa Haber 
Margaret M. Harman 
Robert Michael Hartranft 
Doreen Anne Hawkins 
Glen E. Hayes 
Julia Claire Hayner 
Alex James Heppner 
Marlene Frances Homa 
Christopher John Humphrey 
Frank Anthon\' H\mes 
Marian Elyanni Izquierdo 
William Capers James, III 
David Wavne Jones 
Marilyn Diane Jones 
James Ross Kahler 
Gary Conrad Kaplan 
Anna Karpovich 
Joyce Naomi Knoblett 
Mary Ellen Koles 
Anthony Joseph Kosiba, Jr. 
George August Kramer, III 
Robert Anthony Kreft, Jr. 
Patricia Ann Conrad Lawrey 
Jeffrey Paul Lesneski 
Peter Frank Lublin 
Earl Cyrus Lud\' 
Stephen VVa\ne Mackison 
Joseph Bernard Maffucci 
Patricia Jean Maloney 
Christine Gloria Mann 
Nicholas Marathon 

Marcia Joan Margolis 
Laurence Verien Martick 
John Carlo Marziani 
David Lee Mason 
Francis G. Masson 

'Michael Joseph McChesney 
Nicholas McDonough 
Kathryn Anne McKim 
Dawn Patricia McLane 
Kathleen Mahrt McMahan 
Susan Claire Measell 
Neil Ranney Meiners 

tLorenzo A. Mejia 
Paul Wayne Meyer, Jr. 
Boyd John Michael, III 
E. Breen Miller 
Hilary Danise Miller 
James Wells Miller, Jr. 
Valerie Cranfield Mills 
Elizabeth Page Minshew 
Kenneth Wayne Moser 
Barbara Anne Munch 
Charles A. Murphy 

*Carolyn S. Nader 

*Marsha Namoski 
Roger B. W. Neal 
Stephen Paul Neas 
Mary Colleen Neuhold 
Elizabeth Pearsall Noyes 
Patti Ann Olsavsky 
Kyle David Olsen 
Joann Olszewski 
George Robert Orndorff, Jr. 
Kumar Anthony Peries 
Christine Ann Peterson 
Nancy Ann Pfeil 
Linda Sue Pickholtz 

* Christopher John Pope 
Mark Christopher Puma 
Peter John Rakowsky 
Jacqueline K. Y. Lee Ralya 
Karen Michelle Reeve 
Vaughan Michael Reeves 

* Molly Madigan Rehbehn 
Thomas Graham Reich 
Wayne Jeffrey Reynolds 
John D. Rivenbark 
Barbara Rosoff 
Richard Thomas Rowe 

Joann Lee Rvtter 

Michael Thomas Shacklette 

Tracy Lore Shaffer 
*Janet Marie Sherwood 

Lisa Carol Shriver 

Michael Johnson Shufelt 

Jonathan R. Simon 

Mary Craig Skinner 

W. Kent Slowinski 

Danita Marie Smith 

Jay Gregory Smith 

Michele B. Smith 

Roberta Lynn Sprague 

Susan Myra Stern 

Joyce Lynn Stifler 

Jackie Lynn Strotman 
tGloria Jean Switalski 

Lloyd Cecil Taylor, Jr. 

James Albert Thaxter 

Chester Andrew Tippet 

Karen Lee Towie 

Christian Tuccinardi 

Kim Edward Turska 

Jeanne Lauren Via 

Elizabeth Anne Waldron 

Marv-Margaret Theresa Walls 

Jeffre\- Thomas Waters 

Linda Anne Watts 

Harriet Ann West 

Elizabeth Jane Wiley 

Harry Stafford Williams 

Katharine Ann Wilson 
'Jacqueline Ann Wood 

Robert Benjamin Wood, Jr. 

Priscilla Ga\le Woolley 

Taylor Ballard Yewell 

Donald Kenneth Ziegler 

Craig Scott Zinter 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Candidates will he presented by 
Dr. Francis C. Stark, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Monica Lynn Agree 
Ricardo E. Allen 
Esther Jo Asaki 
Donald Francis Asher, Jr. 

tBarrv Seth Auerbach 
David Earl Ball 
E. Carl Balton, Jr. 
Warren SJierwood Barkley, 11 

* Michael George Barrett 
Robert Louis Battan 
Herbert Baylor, Jr. 
Jean Elaine Beagle 
Patrick Timothy Bell 
Richard Lynn Benyak 
Barnett R. Bernstein 
Robert Thomas Berzonsky 
Beatriz G. Bhathal 
Richard Dominic Bianco 
Michael William Bordelon 
Charles Michael Boyd 

*Peter George Brassard 
Geri Breidenthal 
David Wayne Brickey 
Robert Edward Briggs 
Margo Kay Brilliant 
James Lydian Brock 
William Ervin Brown 

tValerie Gwenn Burgis 
Mary Adrienne Burke 

*Emelia Anna Burt 
Claudette Rae Campbell 
Lugo Ligia Isaura Cashion 
Glenn Charles Chamberlain 
Edford Olaf Chambers, 111 
Katherine Kuang-Chu Chang 
Phillip McLean ChrisHe 
Arnold James Church 
Thomas L. Ciandella 
Patrick Stephen Cieplak 
Valeria Ludmilla Cizewski 


Barbara Robin dayman 
Michael E. Coan 
Karen Lee Coates 
Jacqueline Sue Coberly 
Patrick Timothy Conley 
Steven Francis Conover 
Elizabeth Marie Corfman 
Paula L. Crawford 
Diane Catherine Cruz 
Steven Donald Cubbedge 
Peter S. Cullen 
Ellen Theresa Czeh 
Lawrence Bruce Daniel 
Jean Raymond Dauphin 
Iris Jayne Davis 

* Kevin Eugene Davis 

* Elizabeth Joan Debelius 
Stephen William Dejter, Jr. 
Jean Laura del CasHUo 
Winston Russel deMonsabert, 
Michael Phillip de Rosa 
Mary Ann Devlin 

Steven Hunt Diener 

Carol Joan Dieter 

Daniel Patrick Dodgen 

James Martin Dodson 

Cecelia Louise Donovan 

Lan Dang Duckett 

Luat Dang Duckett 
tPaul Joseph Dugan 

Deborah Laverne Dunn 

Daniel James Dyke 

Leonard Charles Dyott 

Barry Allen Edelberg 

Mark Frederic Eisenberg 

Olga Eisenberg 

Greg Webster Esham 
tFrancis William Farley 

Terri Lynn Federhne 

Mary Anne Fischer 

Edward Farrell Fisher 

Douglas Carl Fitzpatrick 
*Erwin Leonard Fleisher 

Richard John Francovitch 

Neil Barry Friedman 

Daniel Walter Fronc 

Susan Ann Gaffney 

Joseph Fred Gamson 

Janet L. Gandy 

§Patrida Elaine Ganey 
Christian Michael Glombik 
Bruce Alan Goldberg 
'Robert Leonard Goldberg 
Lindsay Ira Golden 
Ken Evan Goldstein 
Chester Bernell Good 
Paul Basil Goodsaid 
Peter Lawrence Gray 
N. Lynn Graybeal 
Lowell Jay Greenberg 
Ronald Terry Greene 
Gail Ann Griffin 
Janet Wendy Gross 
Johnnie Dunbar Gross 
Deborah June Harney 
Kim Haupt 
§Richard Michael Haupt 
Ricky Cornell Hayes 
Jr. Ira Lander Helms, 111 
William Edgar Helsel 
Theodore Earl Hillary 
Kim-Chi Thi Hoang 
Ellen Marian Hoffman 
Michael John Hofmeister 
James Melvin Holley, Jr. 
*Karl Hoover 
Janine Estelle Hughes 
Brett Fenhagen Hunt 
Anna Lucia lacangelo 
Sujatha Venkata Ivatury 
Carl Anthony Jackson 
Helen A. Jackson 
Brad C. Jaeger 
Mitchell Leslie Jaffe 
Mark Christopher Jenkins 
Ann Alease Jerkins 
Renita Ann Johnson 
Scott Charles Jones 
Kathleen Joseph 
Evelyn Elizabeth Justus 
David B. Kagan 
Robert David Kahn 
Christopher Jay Kiddy 
Jin Gwan Kim 
Robert James Kim 
Thomas Edward Kingsley 
Molly Ann Kinsinger 
Douglas Elwood Kline 

Andrew Kopec 
Kenneth Anthony Kopher 
Mark Jeffrey Kowal 
tNancy Patricia Krall 
Esther Kramarsky 
George August Kramer, 111 
Christina Marie Kreins 
John Michael Kuchinski 
Martin Howard Kuner 
Kathryn Cary Kunkel 
Michael Dennis Kuruc 
Craig Steven Laufer 
§Steye Laverson 
Susan Marie Lawrence 
Jay Stuart LeBow 
Albert Lee 
Michael Allan Lee 
Soo Gil Lee 
Dianna Lynn Lenick 
Ellen Sue Levinson 
Rodney Brent Liller 
Lee Win Liu 

Mitchell Alan Luchansky 
Eric Jay Lunchick 
Kathleen Lenore Lutrell 
Phillip Herrmann Manger 
Marjorie Marks 
James Joseph Marshall 
Jean Lillian McCarthy 
Joseph Harrington McCarthy 
Vickie Lynn McDonald 
Barbara Alyce McGrath 
Diane Elizabeth Melone 
Julie Janice Metz 
Marjory Anne Mier 
John Robert Mildenberger 
Robert Louis Miles 
David Carl Miller 
James Franklin Miller 
Kathleen Montgomery 
Julie Ann Moore 
David Peter Moran 
Jeff Stanley Morrill 
Susan Elizabeth Mulroney 
Janet Lynn Munro 
Robert Arthur Myers 
Judd Douglas Nathanson 
Barbara Naylor 
Nadine Lynn Nivera 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

tChristopher Michael O'Connor 

Erin Claire O'Doherty 

Nicholas Olejnik 

Barbara Ruth Oyster 

Joanne Marie Page 

Yung ]ee Park 

Steen Erik Pedersen 

David Allen Pinsky 

Robert Nelson Potter 

Alyssa Ann Mezebish Powers 

Patricia Maureen Procell 

Claudia Louise Proctor 

Luis Rafael Ramos 

Randall Steven Recka 

Audrev Alice Reid 

Robert W. Reise 

William Charles Rhea, Jr. 

Michael Edward Robertello 

Jeffrey Scott Rovner 

Marc Ir\ing Rubin 

Robert James Ruschell, Jr. 

Marie Louise Sabonis 
*Ronald Noboru Sakamoto 

Roberta Ann Samelson 

James Dominic San Antonio 

Marlene Anne Sathre 

Jeffrey Douglas Schein 

Philip Leon Schneider 

Carrie Minda Schram 

Berta Louise Schreiber 

Nancy Lynn Schuster 

Timothy Corbett Schuster 

Melissa Beth Schwab 

Susan Marie Sears 

Nancy Elizabeth Selby 

Steven Nathaniel Shaffer 
*Debra Ellen Sheinbach 

Brice Covington Showell 
*\Villiam Eric Shrader 

Mark Glenn Shupe 

Stuart Brian Sibel 

James Randall Sides 

Danette Anne Sigmon 

Todd Jay Singer 

Anthonv John Siscosky 

Lawrence Hsung-Yi Siu 

Michael Alan Sless 
tKevin Lee Snyder 

John D. Soileau, Jr. 

Christine Myungsook Son 

Cynthia Ellen Sorrell 

John E. Starrett, Jr. 
*Mindy Beth Statter 

Gregorv Harold Steiger 

Marv Diana Stemple 

Kevin Lee Stockton 

Jeffrey Lynn Strachan 

Jeffrey Keith Streicher 

Dana Stringham 

Alan Jav Summerfield 
§Richard Tobin Surosky 
§Michael Anthony Sylva 

Mark Andrew S\mborski 

Mark Keith Terrill 

Donald Frederick Thompson 

William Richard Thompson 

Michael Wellington Todd 

Mary Kathrsn Tomaselli 

Ronnie Chein Toy 

James Michael Tracy 

Brian van Emmerik 

S. Lorraine deLong Vargot 

William Hendrick Vaughan, Jr. 

Thomas Leo Vicini 

Dana Anne Virvan 

Steven Gregorv Wabnitz 

Kishena Chandiram Wadhwani 

Bernard Philippe Waitzenegger 

Leatha Mae Walden 
•Mark Allan Walker 

Michael James Walker 

Diane Lillian Walter 

Karen Fay Warburton 

Alan S. Warminski 

Stephen Carroll Warner 

Francis Luther Waterhouse 
"Kevin Michael Weaver 

Jane M. Weisemann 

Roy David Welker 

Elizabeth Ann Wetherell 

Charles Levi White, 111 
tjay Whitman 

Jane Almena Williams 

Debra J. WUls 

Nancy Lynne Wilson 

Carol Ann Wolff 

Susan Camille Wolski 

Betty Marion Wurtsbaugh 

Joseph Edward Yakupkovic 
Jane Frances Zivalich 
Steven Richard Zvla 

Division of 
Arts and 


Candidates ii'ill be presented by 
Prof. John Hill. 
Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Kathrvn Howes Barth 
Clifford Martin Bates 
Susan Diane Bauer 
Roseanne Beattie 
Clyde Mowrey Berger, 111 
Steven Boyd Bower 
Lynne Ellen Brenneman 
Timothy Brooks Carlin 
Herbert F. Carlson 
Bradford Chandler Cary 
William Timothy Cooper 
tjames T. Cummings, jr. 
April Leilani Eberly 
Marc Lawrence Ettelstein 
Robert Paul Finn 
William Arthur Fox 
Douglas Brent Frederick 
Robert Walter Gorman 

* Thomas Hardy Greene 
Janet E. Harrison 

§Harvey Hughes Heyser, 111 
Thomas Berrett Johnson 
Justine McClung Kingham 
E. Randolph Kuser 
William Philip Mallari 
James Stewart McDonald 
Luther Deck Miller, 111 

* Robert Donathan Moll 
Barbara Annette Mullenex 
John G. Oberdorf 
DuRvard Wells Potter, Jr. 
Man,' Rae Reader 
Mahmood Saniie 

Jill Suzanne Schick 
tjames Allen Smith 
Gary David Steiner 
John Robert Thompson 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Douglas Charles Tilley 
Jane Estelle Treacy 
Mary Randall Wagner 
Chih-Chien Wang 

Bachelor of Science 

Ralph Charles Bowman 
Christopher Andrew Czeh 
Marc Lawrence Ettelstein 
Douglas Brent Frederick 
David James Giza 
Thomas Franklin Hess, III 
Luther Deck Miller, III 


Candidates will be pncscntcd by 
Dr. L. John Martin, 
Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Leslie Ann Adams 
Carrie M. Adier 
David Lawrence Alff 
Patrick Gerard Anastasi 
Robert Delgar Appel 
Jane Elizabeth Bancroft 
Sherry Andrea Beckman 
Mark George Bialczak 
Lawrence Stuart Brenner 
Marc Stephen Brodcr 
Teresa Anne Brumback 

*Debra Lynn Bubb 
Richard Christopher Burke 
Gisele Marie Byrd 
Charlotte Ann Caldara 

*Rita Marie Cannavo 
Leslie Nell Cauley 
Grace Courtney Clarke 
Wyman Lee Colona, Jr. 
Man,' Margaret Corcoran 
Effie Moore Cottman 
Paul S. Courson, III 
Vicki Ann Cox 
Jay Heyward Creech 

*Jeanne Marie Cummings 
Mark Jeffrey Davis 
Lynda del Castillo 
Robert Patrick Doherty 
Jan Stuart Ehrman 
Stacia Evans 
Pamela R. Fallows 
Elizabeth Fasone 
Robert Allan Finlayson 
Gerald Jay Fischman 
Arthur Michael Flax 

§Susan Jean Fornoff 
Linda Kay Fowlie 
Pete P. Fragoyannis 
Wendy Ellen Frank 
Mindy A. Franklin 
Deborah Ann Fratta 

Pamela Friedberg 

Joan Robin Garber 

Alan Kingslev Geis 

Lori Beth Goldin 

Joseph Harry Graham, Jr. 

Julia Denise Graves 

Nancy Ellen Grund 

Howard A. Hirsch 

Elizabeth Jovce Hochberg 

Elizabeth Mar\- Hughes 

Sally Byrne Ironficid 

Susan Jacobson 

Michelle Y. Johnson 

Valeria D. Jones 
*Lisa Joy 
•Mitchell Andrew Karman 

Lori J. Keesey 

Deborah Ann Kline 

Barbara Zoe Krupnick 
§John Joseph Kuchno 

Charles Gordon Kuhn 

Andrea Carol Lamb 

Susan Jo Lanci 

Marc Brian Lazernik 

Jane Elizabeth Leonard 
§Elizabeth Christine Loftus 

William Paul Lombardi, Jr. 

Judith Lynn 

Ruth Anne Marshall 

James Martin Masseron, Jr. 

Robin Lynn Matanin 

Rebecca Jean Maurer 

Nancy Jo Mawritz 

Martin Edward McCaffery 

Kimberly Ann McCoy 
tCynthia Ann Merke 

Melissa Ann Montefiore 

Mark Kevin Moore 

Richard Abel Morstein 

Raymond Gerard Mullady 

Edward David Murphy 

James Cipriano Nero 
*Thomas E. Nicoletti 

Stephen Allen Parezo 

Belinda Lee Parker 

Angeline M. Perkins 

Janet Faye Pheabus 

Donna Lynn Rae 

Cindy S. Rector 

Susan Jane Reinsel 

tSharon Ruth Rosen 
Ricki Paula Rosenfeld 
Patricia Catherine Ryan 
Sandra Fern Schadoff 
Norman Eric Scherstrom 
Paula Marlynn Schuster 
John Joseph Seng 

tBert Howard Shayte 
Carolyn Paterson Shipe 
Eileen Ann Sikirica 
Susan Marie Skelley 
Kathleen Lynn Skidmore 
Jennifer Lore Smith 
Mary Lee Sprague 
Mary Ann Stuart 
Fred Rinehart Sypher 
Vicki Lee Tanner 
Gregory Alden TenEyck 
Mark J. Tischler 
Deborah Kay Tolley 
Julia Newcomb Totman 
George VanDaniker 
Gary G. Van Winkle, Jr. 
Victoria Ann Vaughan 
Meryl A. Vinitsky 
Edward Joseph Ware 
Ronald Gerard Watts 
Cathleen L. Wilcox 
Leslie Ann Yeager 
Rebecca Lee Zimm 
Toni Louise Zimmerwoman 
Therese Louise Zwerski 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert A. Corrigan, 
Proivst of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Ahron Deutsch Abraham 

Mary Ellene Adkins 

Dana Sue Adler 

Suzanne K. Adler 

Luis Henn,' Aguilar 

Charles Theodore Alexander, Jr. 

Harry- Clay Allen, ]r. 
'Vicki Ellen Alpern 

Mark Tetsuo Arisumi 
tGail Lynn Armstrong 

William Michael Armstrong 

Jean Katherine Aurnhammer 

Betty Ann Avery 

Kathleen Grace Aylvvard 

Barbara J. Bailey 

Farley K. Banks 

Barbara Ann Barry 

Maryann C. Bastnagel 

Denise M. Battistone 

Jane Kerr Baxter 

Stephanie Ann Beddovvs 

John Kyler Bell 

Melissa Colleen Bell 

Nancv J. Bell 

William Stuart Bell 

Sylvia Maria Benitez 

Suzanne Martin Benson 

John Frederick Besanko 

Ann Marie Bianco 

Robert John Bixby 

Brian Nelson Bixler 

Mary Lynn Bixler 

Rita Frances Blacker 

Jodine Robin Bloom 

Bernard Peter Bogdan, Jr. 

Nancy Jean Bond 

Carol Michele Bosies 

Anita Maria Brienza 

Craig C. Bronzert 

Kim Nannette Brown 

Patricia Anne Brown 

Delia Anne Burke 

Susan Marie Therese Butta 
Richard Foster Cadigan 

tRobert Edward Cahill, Jr. 
Lee Ann Cain 

§Barbara Anne Calure 
Steven Matthew Caplan 
Laura Ann Carlisle 
Miriam Ruth Carmen 
Paul Branch Cederborg 
Godeva Latz Cerrelli 
Suzanne Cheavens 
Harriette Susan Chidel 
Hsiao Hsien Chu 
Tova Fran Churgin 
Bruce Robinett Clark 
Robert Lindsay Clendaniel 
Lawrence Alvin Clopper, III 
Lillian Elizabeth Cogswell 
Marlene Debra Cohen 

*Marybeth Carlson Colbert 
Thomas Paul Condrin 
James John Consoli 
Peter L. Conti, Jr. 
Kevin Wayne Coombs 
Cathi Lynn Coppel 
Thomas James Cordell 
Melissa Anne Cossum 
Joan Elizabeth Costello 

'Eileen Sara Cowel 
Pamela Denise Crawford 
Barbara Ann Crisci 
James A. Crisci 
Terese Critzer 
Jay Steven Cronk 
Kimberly Ann Crosby 
Maria Dinora Cruz 
Daniel Jogues Curry 
Louise Mary D'Angona 
Beatrice Jean Daniels 
Susan Winfree Darcey 
Joan Lucille Davis 
Myron Carroll Davis 
Jan Robyn Davison 
John E. Dawson, Jr. 

(two degrees) 
Carla Fletis Dees 
Barbara Davidson Deitzer 
John Mackay Depenbrock 
Lvnn Therese De Pont 

Grace Hannah Depp 

tTheresa M. DiPaolo 
Nancy Lynn Dobrow 
Ann Bridget Dougherty 
Susan Michelle Dougherty 
Eric Marc Drattell 
Carol Jean Dufresne 
Thomas Joseph Dunlavey 
Geraldine Joan Dunnigan 
Bunthan Fang 
Edward Hobart Earle 
Gary Stephen Ellis 
Joan Mary Erdesky 
Joseph Mario Fabiano 
Irina Alexander Fatiadi 
Susan Wienckowski Feil 
Mitchell Alan Fields 
Alan Lee Fink 

"Paul Matthew Fink 
Lisa Ann Fitzsimmons 
Timothy Edward Flanery 
Mary Joanna Fleming 
Walter Winfred Fountain 
Kathleen Mary Frank 
Janice Marie Freed 
Yvonne Marie Freer 
Thalia Jane Funt 
Marlena Irene Gallop 
Jennifer Garrett 
John Bernard Gar\ey 
Eileen Dee Geier 
Mark Charles Gellner 
Fritz Edward Gerald 
Donald Edward Gerrety 
Nancv Jill Gershenfeld 

tMark'c. Glander 
Barbara Gail Golden 
Mindy Susan Goldstein 
Scott Bruce Goldstein 
Betty F. Gordon 
Sheri Jo Gottlieb 

'Patricia Ann Graham 
Elizabeth W. Gray 
Meryl L. Green 
Barbara Greenberg 
William Mitchell Greenblatt 
Linda Maria Holmes Gross 
Stephen Kraft Grossman 
Earl Maurice Hairston 

Bruce Theodore Hakim 
Nancy Holcombe Hall 
Daniel Christopher Hamby 
Donald Coleman Hammack 
John E. Hardy, Jr. 
Richard Bruce Hargan 
Gayle Teresa Harreld 
Geoffrey Eric Harrison 
Marilyn Anne Havev 
Sharon Faye Heneson 
John Conrad Henken 
John Anderson Hennessy 
George C. Heon 
Victoria Margaret Herman 
Devona Ann Hill 
Jayna Lynne Hill 
Heather Luma Hilmy 
tAimee Eva Himmelman 
tjudith Ellen Hittman 
John Mason Hodges 
Bruce Robert Hoffman 
Robert Lee Hollman 
Diana Marie Hon 
Mark Holden Hoots 
Sherylyn Howard 
Richard Stephen Inguanti 
Lidia Pauline Innella 
Glenn I. Isaacson 
Cheryl Dawn James 
Stephen Hughlett Johnson 
Robert L. Jolles 
Alan Burgess Jones 
Jeffrey Alan Jones 
Susan Rae Josephson 
Joyce Marie Kahl 
Meryl Lea Kahle 
Carolyn Ann Kaiss 
Julie Eileen Kamerow 
Barry S. Katz 
'Michael Patrick Kelley 
Kathleen Jayne Kelly 
Michael Gayhart Kent 
Joanne Stivers Kephart 
Kathryn Louise Kershow 
Jonathan Bruce Kimball 
Lisa Kimmelman 
Matthew James King 
' Sharon Marlene King 
'Steven Thomas King 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagra Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 


Andrew B. Klein 

Bradford Kimberley Klein 

Scott Mitchell Kleinberg 

Mark William Koczak 

Clayton Kiyoshi Kodama 

Anita Phyllis Konick 

Lisa S. Korman 

C. Marie Korn 

Joyce Beth Korn 

Lois Ann Kornstein 
tAudrey Rhona Korotkin 

Amy Feme Korsen 

Felice Stacy Koza 

Lilian Lydia Kozar 

Eric Scott Kracov 

Audrey Kay Kroah 

Cynthia L. Kuhn 

Lisa Carol Lamolinara 

Debra Lynne Laser 

John Daniel Latendresse 

Louise Lawrence 

Donald McKenrick Leavitt 

Miriam Fran Lefkowitz 

Althea Koustenis Leifer 

Sally Jane Lentzner 

Lindsey Lee Lester 

Patricia jean Lester 

Randolph Howard Lieberman 

James Mark Liggett 
tElizabeth Christine Loftus 

Elston Warren Lomax 

David Alan Lopatin 

Susan Scott Lovejoy 

Michael John Luby 

Sheila Mary Ludewig 

Sally Ann Magee 

Jean Ann Magladry 

Martin Philip Maier 

Daniel Edward Malawista 

Gwenn Ellen Marley 

Eleanor M. Mask 

David Michael Mays 

Rosemay Lee McCabe 

Darrell Leigh McDiarmid 

Brenda June Mclntire 

Heidrun Linda McLain 

Mitchell Neil Melkin 

Stephanie Lynn Melnicove 

Jeff M. Meltzer 

tSherrie Alison Meyer 
Larry Perry Michael 
Katheryn Curtis Michaels 
Ann Elizabeth Mikesell 
Christine Marie Milam 
Janice Jean Milasuk 
Rodney Eric Miller 

§Wendy J. Miller 
Xavier Hilario Miranda 
Denise Lucinda Montgomery 
Nancy Bramley Moody 
Sam Frank Morina, Jr. 
Beverly Ann Morse 
William Keats Moseley 
Peggy Ann Moulton 

tDeborah Louise Moyer 
Rosemarie Catherine Mudrock 
Molly Lawrence Mullen 
Deborah Anne Murray 
Daniel William Nelson 
Brenda Lee Nemec 
Laura Terese Norden 
Barbara Jane Novack 
Jane Mary O'Callaghan 

"Lauren Marie O'Connell 
Gail Mary O'Connor 
Timothy D. O'Hare 
Sheila Ann O'Heney 
James Aloysius O'Leary 
Patrick Joseph O'Leary 
Nathaniel Ray Orlowek 
Robert Anthony Osborne 
John Thomas Overholser 
Linda Sue Paine 
Virginia Lee Palmer 
Barbara Ann Patterson 
Sharon Lynne Paul 
Ljudmila Milij Petrovic 
Robert James Phelps 
Doris Pileggi 
Murray Pinczuk 
Viveca Pinero 
Barbara Lesley Pittle 
Herbert Arthur Poe 
Karen Anne Pollen 
Julia Anne Pomeroy 
Eleanor Frances Porter 
Nancy Robin Postal 
Michael Arthur Pulver 

Michael Kenneth Pumphrey 

Erminia R. Quinn 
•Randall Wayne Quinn 

Jackwelyn Ruth Raley 

Sharon Lorraine Ramirez 

Carole Ann Rawlings 

James Magruder Rea, Jr. 

Lawrence Betanct)urt Redmond 

Holly David Reed, III 

April Sharon Reitman 

Steven Lee Reitman 

Sandra Alice Rhodes 
'Cynthia Louise Riemer 

James Ira Roberts 

Alison Rose Rooney 

Cynthia Lee Rosenberger 

Lori Susan Ross 

Leland Paul Rotter 

James Philip Sager 

Karen Sarro 

Mary lanni Scherstrom 

Jill Suzanne Schick 

Stephanie Ann Schmidt 

Cindy Sue Schiffman 

Carl A. Schoenberger 

Martin Schoenleber 

Jeremy Stone Schuhmann 

James Keith Scroggins 

Alan Russell Sea 
§Patrice McDermott Secrist 

Julia Christina Sibley 

William Frederick Silverman 

Candace Ellen Slobodnik 

Sally Burr Small 

Jada Vanessa Smith 

Velveetta Marie Somerville 

Karen Rene Starker 

Douglas W. Stewart 

Linda Ann Stewart 

Mark Everett Stille 

Michele Kimberly Stollmeyer 

Roger James Sullivan 

Robert Wayne Swanner 
§Kevin J. Swanson 

Alan David Symonds 

Witold K. Syski 
§Susan Tibolla 

Alan Steven Tilles 

June Charlotte Timko 

Rhonda Lee Tipton 

Cecilia del Pilar Tituana 

Robert Anthony Tobin 

Joan Elizabeth Travers 

Paul Anthony Trimble 

Ellen Murrell Tudisco 

Nancy Lee Tyson 

Christine V. Urban 
§Leo Bruno Vadala 
*S. Lorraine deLong Vargot 

Tulio Patricio Vera 

Nancy Ann Villa-Real 

Alexander Eugene von Brand 

Eugene Pacelli Vricella 

Daniel MacLean Wagner 
* Nancy Ann Walsh 

Rose Marie Walsh 

Allison Claire Ward 

David Howard Warner 
•Patricia Katherine Watts 

Sandra Lou Webb 

Stephen Charles Wecker 

Carol Ann Wheeler 
•Eileen Maria White 

Elizabeth Jane White 

Mark Christopher White 

Charles W. Whittington 

Ellen Marie Willenbecher 

Keith Francis Williams 

Leslie Gwenevere WiUiamson 

Althea Maria Wilton 

Ann Louise Winkler 

Susan Monroe WoUam 

Alan Arthur Wonneberger 

Nina Elizabeth Yablon 

Anthony Charles Yanchulis, III 

Ruth Sophia Zelenka 

Vicki Jean Zell 
•Laurie Ann Zerkin 

Neonila Lidia Zynjuk 

Bachelor of Music 

Wendi Suzanne Allen 

Brian Gary Bennett 
§Alan Chow 
§Alvin Chow 

Susan Joanna Coggins 

Michael Stephen Hagye 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Joseph Jay Mclntyre 
'Joseph Charles Morin 
tPaul Lawrence Nahay 
Kenneth Barton Priebe 
Gregory Alan Robertson 
Richard Nathan Rolls 
Raymond Allan White 
Susan Elisabeth Wright 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rudolph P. Lamone, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Ronald Gene Abell 

Paul Alan Abramson 

Cheryl Kay Addison 

Craig Douglas Adler 
§Donn William Ahearn 

John Seth Aldridge, Jr. 

James Crofton Allen 

Chiaka Julie Amadi 

John Dewey Anderson 

Gary David Applestein 
'Elijah Durham Armstrong, 111 
tMargaret Rebecca Ayanian 

David Azus 

Donovan Glenn Bachtell 

Matthew Howard Bailin 

Jay Charles Balkan 
tDavid Carl Banter 

Judith Danielle Bankier 

Moris Sam Bardach 

James Robert Barker, Jr. 

David K. Barnett 

Brent Zachary Baron 

Charlene Marie Barrett 

Angel Batlas 

Mark Anthony Bautista 

Geoffrey Paul Bean 

Cindy B. Beller 

Paul James Bergdolt 

Glen Warren Berger 

Peter Apollon Berges 

Barbara Lynn Berkowitz 

Denise Starr Berman 

Wahid Bakhsh Bhayo 

Robert Louis Biciocchi 
tAlbert Joseph Bidwick, III 

Carol Jane Blizard 

Gordon Randolph Boardway 

Cynthia Lucille Boatman 
'Steven Robert Bonacci 

Jeanne Marie Bowman 

Christopher Taylor Boyd 

Ira Paul Brachfeld 

Michael Ray Brady 

Douglas E. Brand 

Debora Ellen Bray 

Randy David Brehne 

Norman Kensdal Brooks, Jr. 

Robert Carlton Brothers, Jr. 

Angela Cassandra Brown 

Keith Brennison Brown 

Anthony Caffrey Browne 

Michael Andrew Brownlee 

Lawrence Robert Budd 
(two degrees) 

Barbara A. Buehler 

Caryn Ann Bukiet 

Timothy John Burick 

Deborah Lynn Byrd 

Rochelle Calcote 

Richard Eaton Cann 

Frank Gabriel Caporaletti, Jr. 
tGeorge Andrew Carras 

Raymond Allen Carter 

David Wayne Cash 

David Henry Cassel 

Seth A. Caternor 

Christian Moore Cavell 

Donald Richard Cervantes 
'Michael George Chaconas 

Kung-Ling Chang 

Joel Bruce Chazen 

Teresina Hui-Wan Chen 

Virginia Lee Cheung 
§Jeffrey Wayne Church 

Cynthia Ann Ciardi 

Patti-Jo Citko 

Michael Barry Citron 
'Lee Alan Clair 

Michael Reuben Clark 

Stephen Howard Clark 

Susan Marie Clark 

Thomas Alan Clark 

James Alan Cleveland 

Thomas Robert Clocker 

Craig Andrew Coburn 

Joseph Charles Cohen 

§Kenneth Evan Cohen 
Rochelle Susan Cohen 
Jonathan Roy Miller Coile 
James Webster Collins 
Thomas Collins 
W. Clark Colhns 
Herschel Milton Conaway 
James Patrick Coniff 
Kevin Edward Connelly 
Alfred J. Consoli 
Robert Bruce Corley . 
James Patrick Coughlin 
Paul Miles Cowan 
Ronald Ray Crosby 
Barry Allan Culman 
Cheryl Anne Curley 
Tanya Regina Curtis 
Mark Joseph Cutler 
Jay A. Dackman 
William Gilbert Damare 
James Stuart Daniel 

'William E. Danielson 
Mark Gary Davidowitz 
Arieh Davis 
Jeffrey Evan Davis 
Jeffry Alan Davis 
John Royster Davis, 111 
Thomas Peter Davis 
John Charles Degenhard 
Karen Kay Degges 
Stanley Der 

tYit Shyuan Der 
Philip John Deugwillo 
Sharon L. Devin 
Donna Jean Dickey 
Deborah Ann Diehlmann 
Stephen Brice Dieudonne' 
Suzanne Marie DiLeo 
Richard A. Dimaio 
James Douglas DiVirgilio 
Michael Henry Donnelly 
William Austin Donohue 
Terry David Donovan 
Robert F. Dooley, Jr. 
Gayle Lorraine Dorsey 
Thomas Arthur Dover 
Robert Lewis Driver 
Mitchell Neal Dwoskin 
Jayne C. Earisman 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Debra Sue Eddy 

David Marshall Edwards 
*Nazar Alan Egelanian 

Lee Jay Eidelberg 

Barry L. Elm 

Janet Lynn Emminger 

James Patrick Emmons 

James Neal Essick 

Robert Karl Everett 

Behzad Farhatsabet 

Gregor\' Scott Fasick 

Martin Samuel Fass 

Ilene Lisa Feldberg 

Gary Anne Fichtner 

Scott Michael Fields 
*Joy Mary Finglass 

Michael Jay Finifter 

Scott Noell Fischer 

Patrick M. Fisher 

Debra Joan Fishman 

Maureen Anne Fitzpatrick 

Lorraine E. Fixler 

Joseph Albi Flaherty 

Charles Frederick Flamand, Jr. 

Stephen Albert Florian 

John James Foster, III 

Robert E. Fox, II 

John Rodney Eraser 

Jeffrey John Frederick 

Deborah Ann Freed 

Barry Mitchell Freedman 

Kim Marie French 

Joel A. Friedman 

Mark Hou'ard Friedman 

Mohammad R. A. Frooshani 

John Kamil Fry 

Robert Rock Fryar 

Patricia Anne Funari 

Mark Edward Futrovsky 

Michael Jacob Gaister 
tDouglas Jay Gasworth 

Howard H. Gavin 

Neil Joseph Gentry 

Michael College Gibney 

Martin Francis Gill 

George Benton Gilhs, III 

Patrick J, Gilsdorf 

Christopher Howard Gist 
Robin Sakow Gittleson 

Sheldon David Gittleson 
Salvator Anthony Glorioso 
Dolores Victoria Glozer 
William Bruce Goad 
Maureen Deirdre Goge 

'David Goldfarb 
Steven Goldman 
Warren Robert Goldman 
Steven Neil Goldmeier 
David Alan Goldner 
Alan Charles Gordon 
Douglas Clifton Gorsuch 
Glenn Gottdenker 
Kelly Scott Gould 
Gail Victoria Gray 
David Scott Greenberg 

* Edward Paul Grigalus, Jr. 
David Leo Grille 
Eric Paul Gronbeck 

§Carol Cernugel Hagan 
Stephen Alton Haight 
Matthew Thomas Haley 
Denise Carol Hall 
Steven Arthur Hankoff 
Gary Franklin Hann 
James Michael Hannan 
Steven Dana Hansen 
Pamela DiAnne Harden 
Nicoletti Harris 
William Scott Harris 
William Whitmarsh Harris, III 
Jeff Robert Harrison 
Kevin Francis Hassett 
Kevin Albert Haussmann 
Brian A. Hawkins 
Alan Douglas Haynes 
Devorah Leslie Hecht 
Michael Arthur Helfand 
Susan Renee Heneson 
George S. Himmons 
Susan Marie Hirka 
Robert Glenn Hisaoka 
Cathy A. Hockfield 

*Joseph B. Hoffman 
Nancy Ina Hoglund 
Reinhard William Holman 
Michael Hankins Holt 
Richard Millard Hood 
Paul L. Horneman 

Craig Jeffrey Horowitz 

Carol Ann Howard 
* Elaine Joyce Howard 

Patricia Ann Hughes 

Robert John Humiston 

Ted Nikolaus Hunkeler 

Mary Katherine Hunt 

Jonathan Joseph Imber 

Bruce John Irons 

Sima Jabbour 
'Bradley Warren Jacobs 

Shelley Ann Jacobs 

Debra Ann Johnson 
*Lina Dyanne Johnson 

Russell L. Johnson, Jr. 

Donald Lee Jones 

James Donald Jones, Jr. 

John Benedict Joy, III 

Lawrence Robert Judge 
'Paul Juergensen, II 

Keith Warren Kaplan 

Neil Maurice Kaplan 

Gary B. Karr 

Bruce Edward Kashan 

David Ezra Kassel 

Alan Gordon Katz 

Andrew E. Katz 

Karen Beth Katz 

Donna Kay Keesling 

Thomas Charles Kelly 

Lynn Nancy Kenny 

Michael Ellis Joseph Kerdock 

Leslie Anne Kern 

James William Kibbe, Jr. 

Henry Jonathan Kimble 

Bryan K. Kittelberger 

Paul Warren Klein 

Basil Klosteridis 

Kurt August Knoblach 

Nettie S. Koeppel 

Kenneth Wayne Korotky 

Karen Sue Koslow 

* Stuart Lee Kramer 
Miriam Anne Kranton 
Daniel Eric Kremnitzer 

* Charles Richard Krengel 
Lawrence Joseph Kuhn 
James A. Lacerenza 

*AIan Lee Lang 

Lori Beth Lang 

Harry Martin Laspino 
§Stephen Arthur Latter 

Frederick Edward Laudwein 

Thomas Aubrey Lawrence, Jr. 

Amy Yeuk-Lan Lee 

Robert Alan Lefcort 

Cheryl Sue Lefkowitz 

Paula Gayle Lehman 

Susan Debra Lehrhaupt 
tMiles Randy Lichtman 

Lauren Felicite Liebrecht 

Paula Louisa Liebrecht 

Nancy J. Lindberg 

Jeffrey Wayne Linker 

Janis Lynn Linkov 

Hal Lippman 

Eleanor Ann Litwin 

Philip Bryan Livingston 
*Karen M. Lombardi 

Patricia Diane Lonergan 

Kevin Joseph Looney 

Nickola Marie Loope 

Nancy Ann Looser 

Alison Rima Lorber 

George Robert Lord, Jr. 

Stephen Davis Lowe 

David Bryan Lowman 
'Anthony C. Lyddane 

Kathleen Madeline Lyons 

Willard Monroe Mabry, Jr. 

William Colin MacDonald 
tSandra Lynn MacEwen 

James Francis Mack, Jr. 
tSusan L. Mackie 

Philip E. MacNeill 

Thomas John Madden 

Richard Franklin Madle 

Donald William Magee 

Mark Robert Magnuson 

Howard Craig Maltz 

George Bartel Mank 

George Petros Marafatsos 

Thomas Somerville Marchant, Jr 

Joseph Andrew Marchowsky 

Wendy Beth Margolis 

Zell Richard Margolis 

Donald K. Marshall 

James Ravmon Martelo 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Hugh Timothy Martin 

Joseph Lav\rence Martin 

Maria Lynn Martin 

John Andrew Martino 
"Steven G. Masengale 

John Keith Mason 

Mark Jeffrey Max 

Jeffrey Arthur May 

Sandv Derwin McArthur 

Kathleen Donna McCabe 

Jeanne Marie McDonnell 

Robert Wetherald McDowell 

Christopher L. McGowan 

Thomas Michael McGuigan 

Alice Veronica McKenna 
tBarbara Anne McKenna 

Thomas Andrew McKissick, Jr. 

Julie Anne McLean 
'Roberta A. McMaster 

Mary Carol McMican 

Paul A. L. Meissner 

Stanley Leonard Merson 

Walter Howard Messick 

David Jay Meyrowitz 

Michael Wesley Middleton 

Dwight Andrew Mikulis 
+Fran Ellen Miller 

Kevin Joseph Miller 

Michael Scott Miller 

Monica Lee Miller 

Paul Rex Miller 

Thomas Bicknell Mitchell 

Kathryn Jean Monroe 

Mary Eva Moorad 

Lynne Marie Mooty 
tjoseph Michael Muffler 

Janice Muller 

Pamela Lynn Munson 
§ Diane Grace Musser 

Florence May Myers 
§Richard Craig Naden 

Steven Paul Nassau 

Allen Clark Naylor, Jr. 
tChristopher Eric Needham 

Debra Lynn Nelson 

Craig H. Neuman 

Stacy Friend Newman 

Edward Robert Ney 

Robert Edward Nolan 

Richard LeRoy Norem 
M. Gail Donaldson Norris 
Nancy Jo Norton 
Richard Nudelman 
Michael Francis O'Connell 
Jorge Manterola Ojeda 
Marsha Sue Olson 
tKevin Patrick O'Malley 
Sheila Helene O'Neill' 
Catherine Mary Pace 
Winsome Joan Palmer 
Joel Emanuel Panitz 
Spiro Misto Papagjika 
Marc Edward Paradise 
Robert Scott Parker 
David Ross Patten 
Donna Jean Patterson 
David Grant Paxton 
Peter Paul Payenski 
Franklin Martin Peltzer 
Kevin Thomas Pence 
James R. Pettit 
Frederick Timothy Phelan 
Lisa Marie Pierce 
Raymond Porchea 
'Kenneth Boyd Porter 
•Joseph M. Post 
Patricia L. Potter 
Timothy Joseph Power 
Edward B. Pray 
Thomas Prendki 
Sherry Eaton Prowell 
George Panagiotou Psillos 
Malinda Darleen Pugh 
Robert William Raba 
Elizabeth Ann Rafferty 
Lawrence Mark Raigrodski 
Gary Nelson Rainforth 
Scott Randolph Ratliff 
Jacqueline Lucille Raymo 
Jennifer Genyse Rea 
Nora Maria Rebosio 
Laura Grace Reed 
Jeffrey Warren Reedy 
Joanne Mary Reidy 
Isaac Reitberger 
David Lee Reiter 
Debbie Joy Rendel 
§Vicki Joan Rettig 

Daniel Michael Reznikov 

Laurence Matthew Rice 

Robin Lynn Richek 

Gary Harold Richey 

James William Ridgway 

Mitchell A. Rieders 

John Richard Riley 

Andre Gerard Ristaino 

Robert M. Rivera 

Morgan Jeffrey Robbins 

Ronald David Robins 

John C. Roldan 

Carmelo Roman-Quinones, Jr. 

Debora Ann Romero 

Kathleen Barbara Ronan 

Sharon Lynne Rosen 

Todd C. Rosenthal 

Amy Beth Rothbard 

Donna Joan Rothberg 

Russell Alan Rothstein 

Dorothy Judith Rowe 

Laura Beth Rubin 

Thomas West Ruff 
§Kathleen Marie Russell 

Scott Russell 

Paul Gerard Rutledge 

William Anthony Ryan 

Lynn Robin Sagal 

Scott Alan Saltzman 

John Francis Santry 
*Lynn Susan Sawdye 
*John Anthony Schiavone 

Christopher Robin Schneeweiss 

Judith Patricia Schram 

Amy B. Schwartz 

John Wilfred Schwartz 

Melanie Ann Shagen 

Barry J. Shapiro 

Stuart S. Shef 

Julia Shepps 

H. Randall Shoemaker 

Kathy Shore 

Jeffrey Siegel 

Cathy Lynn Siewert 
tAlan Richard Silver 

Kenneth B. Silver 

Howard Jay Silverman 

Michael Allan Simon 

Michele Alice Skalka 

Jack Manning Smith 

Mary Margaret Smith 
•Raymond Douglas Smith 

Spener Treadwell Snedecor, 111 

Lisa Gay Snyder 

Vicki Lynn Sobel 

Susan Marie Sondheimer 

John Nicholas Sousane 

John E. Spierenburg 

Jay L. Spitz 

John L. Stallings, III 

Kathy Naomi Steele 
tKim Denise Steele 
*Scott Adam Steinberg 

Gregory Gene Stergar 

Terence E. Stifter 

Glenn Evan Stoff 

James L. Stout 
tDavid M. Sweet 

Kenneth Bruce Tabach 

Ellen Marcey Tabershaw 

Kathleen Kaoru Takemoto 

Sieng Tan 

Ronald Clinton Tarlaian 

Debra Jane Teach 

Richard Scott Tempchin 

Valerie Carol Thornton 

Richard J. Tierney, Jr. 

Terry Lynn Tilles 

Janet Kaye Timken 

Vivian Toussaint 

Khanh Trang 

Charles A. Treney 

Jeffrey Alan Trice 

Aaron Turner 

Larry Donnell Turner 

James Michael Ulam 

Timothy James Ulam 

Richard Dean Underwood 

Melanie Beall Valcourt 

Mark Anthony Vendemia 

Charles E. Venners 

Alaura Ronde Vidi 

Carl George Virgin 

Bradley Michael Voight 

Diane Elizabeth Volchko 

Gary Chin Wah 
•Allan L. Waters 

Bryant George Waters 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Alan S. Weiner 
Gary Lee Weiner 
Marlene Debra Weiner 
Richard Ivan Weintraub 
Deborah Miriam Weiser 
Diana Linda Weiss 
Daniel Joseph Werthamer 
Leon William Westcott 
Paul Brent Wexler 
Mark Christopher Whipple 
Alvin Reginald White 

§Sally F. Whitney 
Gail Ann Wiesner 

§Janice Lee Williams 
Paula Jean Wills 
John Stephen Wojtowicz 
Robert Mark Wolin 
Robin M. Wolman 
Martin Ken Woorman 
Robert Dana Wright 
Effie Xenos 

§Richard Evan Yoffee 
Francis Michael Zaberer 
Theodore Zaleski, 111 


Candidates will he presented by 
Dr. Murray E. Polakoff, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Michael Howard Abrams 

Lester Anthony Douglas Adams 

Robert Webster Adams 

Ndukwu Kevin Agbaegbu 

Mark Michael Albergo 

Christopher Robin Allen 

Robin Allen 

Joanne Marie Amorosi 

Robert Daniel Anbinder 

Rebecca Beth Apatoff 

Michael Stewart Archer 

Walter Asmuth, 111 

Steven T. Atwell 

Robert Fern Aurand 

Gerald Steven Austin 

Brenda Sue Bailey 

Robert John Baker 
'Angela Poole Baldwin 

Pao Lin Ball 

Richard Edward Ballard 

Andrea Bea Barnett 
§Ralph U. Barreira 

Joan Marie Barron 

Craig Paul Bass 

Lauren Jo Batsleer 

Ellen Kathryn Bean 

Diane L. Beck 

Katherine Elizabeth Beckner 

Stephanie Ann Beddows 

Jamie Lynn Bellin 

George J. Bender 

Susan Ellen Berkowitz 

Bruce Alan Berlinsky 

Jean Marie Berney 
tWilliam David Berry 

Bertha David Allen 

Kevin Hansford Beverly 

Darrell Keith Bishop 

Marie Anita Bissonnette 

Kerry Mark Blackman 

Paul Andrew Blomgren 
Ellen Blume 

Jonathan Ames Boardman 
Barry Edward Bogage 
Beth Susan Bortman 
Steven Macmath Bowman 
Terence Dean Branzelle 
Laurel Brassington 
Scott David Britt 
Marilyn Marta Brody 
Aaron Sanford Brown 
Stephanie H. Brown 
Gordan James Brumback 
Michael Joe Bruner 
Pisnu Bua-Iam 
Janice Diane Buckner 
Eric Paul Burgdorf 
Patricia Louise Burkness 
David F. Burrelli 
Eileen M. Butz 
Gregory Cabbagestalk 
Marissa Sipin Cagampan 
Mark Alexander Camasta 
Salvador Orlando Canas 
Cheryl Denise Cantrell 
Elizabeth Irene Carleton 
Graham John Carlson 
James Valentine Carnaggio, Jr. 
John Joseph Castellano 
Lynn Kimberly Caudle 
William Robert Chambers 
James Alfred Chance 
Keith Chernikoff 
Donald Joseph Gray Chiarella 
Aneise Elissa Childress 
Christine Marie Chimera 
Diane Martha Christ 
Sally Jean Christian 
Luther Maurice Clark 
Matthew Daley Clark 
Michael Craig Clatts 
Mark David Clookie 
Kenneth William Cobleigh 
Linda Carol Coffey 
Amy Renee' Cohen 
Joy Laurie Cohen 
Roberta Lee Cohen 
tSharon Ann Cohen 
Stuart Lee Collier 

Mary Ellen Connelly 

John Nelson Converse 

Andrea Elizabeth Cooperstein 

John Dalton Coursey, Jr. 

Darlene Anne Covill 

Ronald Patrick Cox 
*James Emmett Croker, Jr. 

Mary Louise Crosby 

Darryl P. Crystal 
'Leslie Joan Czubek 

Louis Peter D'Antuono, III 

Ann Jacob Danzi 

Connie Jo Davis 

Joanne Davis 

Patricia Lynn Davis 

Robin Marie Davis 

Robin Kathlyn Dawson 
§Mary Elizabeth Deily 

Ileana Milagros De Jesus 

David Henry Dellinger 

Lowell David Denning 

Thomas Kevin Depenbrock 
'Ronald Steven Deutsch 

Robert Joseph Devlin 

Basil George Dezes 

Teresa Lynne Dick 

Patricia Ann Dickey 

Elisa Ann Denny 

Marci Ann Dobal 

Jennifer Theresa Dogan 

Jean Anne Donaldson 

Mindy Lynne Donchin 

Patricia Donnelly 

Steve Marshall Donovan 

James Daniel Dorsett 
§John Patrick Dougan 

Arnold J. Draiman 

Maura Ellen Dyer 

Bruce Carl Eddy 

Richard Joseph Eidlin 
'Steven Louis Einig 

Mark Eisenhardt 

Laura Jeanne Elliott 

Michael Daniel Elliott 

James William Emery 

Bruce Douglas Ensor 

Jean C. K. Epps 
tTherese Marie Erskine 

David Alan Espie, III 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Gail Humphries Ewing 

Deborah Ann Farinholt 

Rex Anthony Faw 

Steven Wayne Feigenbaum 

Neal Aaron Feinberg 

Merle Barbara Feldbaum 

Barbara Julia Feldman 

Nancy Ann Femiano 

James Frederick Ferguson 
'Barbara June Ferrenz 

Curtis Lee Filler 

Michael Jay Finifter 

Alan Lee Fink 

Clyde B. Finley 

Maurya Anne Finn 

William Edwin Flanders 

Mark Joseph Flynn 

Edlef John Foelster 
* Nancy J. Fogg 

William Ellis Foster 
*John Neil Fox, Jr. 

Carol Lynn Foye 

Michael Jamie Francus 

Neil Howard Frater 

Charles Nielsen Frederiksen 

Orit Frenkel 

Barbara Lynn Frisa 

Judith Bella Frost 

Michael Christopher Fuchs 

Robert G. Fuggetta 

Mary Ann Furgala 

Judith Ann Gaffriey 

Brian Leslie Galuardi 

Richard Mark Garber 

Glenn Jay Garrett 

Johnny Ray Garza 

Samuel Gerard Gatling 

Barby Lynn Geffner 
§Marguerite Ann Gerhardt 

Patricia Ann Gibson 

Teresa Ann Gilchrist 

Dale Stephen Gilstrap 

Leo Albert Glunk, Jr. 

Jeffrey Edward Gold 

Gail Susan Goldberg 

Lawrence Stuart Goldberg 

Carol A. Goldman 

Nina G. Goldsmith 

Barbara Gomez 

Joel Michael Goodman 
Lawrence Michael Gordon 
Richard Evan Gorinson 

"Paula Elizabeth Gottemoller 
Geoffrey Paul Grambo 
Jeffrey John Granick 
Francis Anthony Granito, Jr. 
George Jerome Graves 

tThomas Joseph Greco 
Evonne Delores Green 

*Lyle Lyndon Green 
Lonnie Mark Greenblatt 
Robin Dallas Greene 
William Randall Greer 
Jayne Randi Grobman 
Mark Guidera 
Scott Leigh Gunnison 
Gail Ann Gunod 
Richard Jay Hackerman 
Kathleen Alice Hahn 
Joseph A. Haik, III 
Martin Jay Hamburg 
Albert Louis Hamel 
Joan Marie Hanlon 
James Leander Harlee 
William Francis Harman 
James S. Harner 
Othello Harris 
Megan Hart 
Julia Anne Harvell 
Joyce Maria Hendler 
Teresa Marie Hendrick 
Gerald Sawyer Heppes 
William Mark Herlich 
Catherine Anne Hession 
Robin Merle Hettleman 

§Gerard Clement Higgins 
Linda Cheryl Hill 
Melissa Hinds 
Thomas Joseph Hittinger 
Steven Haber HotT>erg 
Karen Diane Hoffman 
Michael Peter Holland 
Ellen Margaret Hoppe 
Patricia Marie Horton 
Robert Lawrence Houck, Jr. 
Kathleen Anne Howard 
Clifford Edwin Howe 
Anne Wright Huguenin 

Audrey Marie Hundertmark 

Stephen Giffin Hunt 

Debra Ann Hurtt 

Sheri Ann Inkeles 

Suzanne F. Israel 

Susan Mary Jablonski 

Donald Jackson, Jr. 

Philip Senan Jackson 

RaeCarole Jackson 

Calvin Bruce Jacobson, Jr. 

Julia Patricia Jennings 

Milton Dale Jernigan, 11 

Martin R. Jirgal 

Terry Alan Jodrie 

Cathleen Rae Johnson 

Sue Marie Johnson 

Toni Ilene Johnson 

Dona Elizabeth Jones 

Gale Robin Jones 

Robert Owen Jones, Jr. 

Theresa Earlene Jones 

Patrick Allen Jordan 

Ellen Beth Kagen 
'Nancy Sue Kahaner 

Celia Marie Kane 

Howard Benjamin Katz 
'Howard Mark Kaufer 
'Howard Wayne Kaufman 

Jack Paul Kaufman 

Philip Barry Kaufman 

Todd Charles Kazlow 

John Sanford Kearns 
' Michael Todd Kelley 

Doane L. Kelly 

Michael Vernon Kelsey 

Terry Denise Keyes 

Carol Marie Kibby 

Bruce Alan Kibler 

David Hyunjoo Kim 

Debra Ilene Kinberg 

Cheryl Denise King 

Arthur Hiram Kiracofe, III 

Michele Jacquelyne Kirby 

Lilian Romero Kirkham 

Colleen Marie Kirley 
'Lawrence Glenn Kirsch 

Lisa Ann Kirshtein 

Patricia Robin Klausner 

Margaret Mary Klein 

§Susan Joy Klein 
Thomas Ernst Klett 
Joan Marie Kline 
James Eric Klinger 
Renee Meryl Klinger 

*Caren Knobler 
Eleanor Jacobson Knott 
Ann Harvey Koegel 
Sheri Helene Kominsky 
Michael Bruce Koplow 
Steven J. Koziol 
Catherine Susan Krips 
Michael Allen Kyriss 
Diane Marie Laddbush 
Brandt David Laird 
Laura Gail Lambright 
Andrea Jean Landolt 

'Michelle Eileen Lane 
Raymond Michael Lauletti 
Cynthia Lee 

tAlan Robertson Lehman 

•Jeffrey Bruce Lehrer 
Nancy Beth Lemrow 
Karin Frances Leonard 
Susan Dawn Levenstein 
Susan Arlene Levesque 
Kevin A. Levi 
Richard Scott Levick 
Mark Barry Levin 
Ann M. Levine 
Karen Beth Levine 
Lissa Ann Le Vine 
Joann M. Levy 

tjoan Hilary Lewis 
Pamela Lynn Lewis 

tSusan Nan Lichtenstein 
Joel Andrew Lichvar 
Timothy Paul Lighter 
Elizabeth Elaine Likowski 
James Robert Littleton, Jr. 
Donna Lynn Livingston 
Philip Bryan Livingston 
David Jeffrey Loreck 
Felecia Hortences Love 
Scott Kenneth Lubell 
Cynthia Rene'e Lucas 
Matthew Neil Lupsha 
Lillian Lurie 
Ly Luu 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Diane Sherry Lynne 

Nancy Jean Lytle 

jane Ellen Madle 

Louis Neil Magazzu 

Diane Jeannette Maisonpierre 

Susan Lvnne Malen 
•Gail Ellen Mandell 
§Marisa Ann Mansueti 

William Thomas Marcoux, Jr. 

Gerald Christopher Markel 

Becky Sue Marshall 

Dawn Eileen Martin 

Mario Vicente' Martinez 

Sharon Ann Mascetti 

Rochelle Martha Mason 

Karen Lynn Mattingly 

Larry McCall 

Therese Mary McCarthy 
"Kathy Marie McCarty 

Matthew McCauley 

Julie Anne McClanahan 

Michael Patrick McDaniei 

Douglas Lee McFee, Jr. 
*Henrv Donald McGlade, Jr. 

Timothy Patrick McGough 

Kathleen Bridget McGovern 

Richard M. McMillan-Neider 

Katrina Lee McNair 
tRobert Christopher McNally 

Brian Ross McNeely 

James Clifford Mengel 

Dennis Richard Mieike 

Andrew Nivison Miller 

Brian S. Miller 

Evelyn Miller 
tSteven Todd Miller 

Wayne Anthony Miller 
§Scott Dexter Millirons 

Mary Margaret Milne 

Lisa Ann Minnella 

Phyllis Lee Mintz 

J. Heather Mitchell 

Michelle Mocca 

Ann Elizabeth Mooney 

Michael Allen Moore 

Linda Susan Moran 
tRosemary Morley 

Christopher Moscarello 

Peter Anthony Moscker 


Thomas Richard Mroczka 
John Vincent de Paul Munley, Jr. 
Sean Francis O'Hagen Murphy 
LaVallia Viquita Murry 
John V\ . Naas 
Elizabeth Rita Nadeau 
Jerome P. Nataro 
Nadene Ann Nessel 
Nancy Jane Neuburger 
Cynthia Newton 
David Glyn Nixon 
Velna Lesa Noblitt 
John Anthony Norris 
Moira Barden Notargiacomo 
Judith Penni Novinsky 
Thomas Allen Nunemaker 
Deborah Anne O'Connor 
Kevin Michael O'Grady 
Maureen Elizabeth O'Keefe 
Patricia Diane Okoneski 
Barbara Edith Oliner 
Diana K. Oliver 
Neal Olkewicz 
Anthony Thomas Origlio, Jr. 
William Daniel Ormsby 
John Russell Osburn 
Anne Marie Oxlev 
Amber Lola Ozbey 
Peter C. Perkins 
Arthur Glenn Perry, Jr. 
David Willard Petersen 
Michael Joseph Peterson 
Leah Picus 
Larr\- Ray Pippenger 
Arona L. Pistiner 
Leigh S. PoUet 
Vicki Sue Post 
Charles Michael Powell 
tDouglas Alan Powell 
Kathryn Jean Powell 
Joseph Gerard Pratt 
Michelle Prebilic 
Robert Glenn Presler 
David Michael Pronchick 
Guoda Marija Puzinauskas 
Sandra Van Gavree Radcliffe 
Cheryl Leigh Radow 
Gerald Lewis Raga, Jr. 
Vicki Lynn Rapoport 

Eric J. Rechen 

Kathleen Ann Reilly 

Linda Jo Reiter 

Tamar Rhode 

Dawn Maria Richards 

Douglass Byers Richardson 

Bolinda R. Riggs 

Lou Robin Wang Risso 

Greg Harris Rize 

Jayne Nan Roberman 

Christine Amber Roll 

Kathryn Anne Rooney 

Susan Rita Rosenfeld 

Cynthia Sue Rosenstein 

Deborah Rosenstein 

Susan M. Ross 

Jason Phillip Roth 

Marcus Jacob Rottman 

Steven J. Rottman 

Clara Raymond Rourke 

Teresa Ann Routzahn 

George John Roy, 111 
tDavid Steven Rubin 

Saundra Michele Rucker 

Leonard Martin Ryan 

Jeanne Elizabeth Ryder 
*John Peter Sabonis, Jr. 

Hildy Beth Sachs 

Mika Sakai 

Carl Richard Salzano 

Daphne Chris Samaras 

Jose Rafael Santiago 

Kenneth Edward Sassaman, Jr. 

Barry Wayne Sawtelle 

Michael David Saxton 

Deborah Ann Scannell 

Robert Kagner Schapiro 

Bobbi Ilene Schimmel 

Robert Gordon Schnaible 
§Erika Schneyer 
*Janet Wanda Schultz 

Anita Beth Schwartz 

Rodney Burgess Schwartz 

Paul Francis Scodari 

Anne-Marie Scott 

Pamela Westin Scott 

Josie Ann Seidman 

Steven Kenneth Seigel 
§John Phillip Senko 

* Miriam Elena Serafini 

Joan Marie Shapiro 

John Gould Shaw 

Anthony Michael Shore 

Linda Ellen Shuster 

Ray William Sickles 
•Alex M. Siegel 

Jean Marsha Silverman 

Robert Steven Silverstein 

David Albert Simenauer 

Michael Keith Simms 

Robert David Simon 

Marc Kerry Sloane 

Patricia Denise Small 

Barry Patrick Smith 

Michael Bernard Smith 

Mindy Ann Smith 

Timothy Michael Smith 

Jerry Isadore Smulowitz 

David Paul Snyder 

Jeffrey Richard Snyder 

Michael Cutis Snyder 

William Marc Sollod 
tSteven Allen Solomon 

Michael Welling Souder 

Michael Lewis Sowell 

Harry Miller Speake, Jr. 

Bernard Michael Spence, Jr. 

Lauren Joy Spiro 

Lawrence M. Sprague 

Adeen Leigh Steckman 

Lee Harvey Steinberg 

Amato Anthony Stellato 

Arthur Donald St. Germain 

Michele Louise Stolar 

Cedric Michael Stroud 

Susan Lynn Styer 

Kathryn Elaine Sullivan 

Joseph Peter Suntum 

Arlene Patrice Swann 

Dawna Louise Swartz 

Donald Kunkel Sykes, Jr. 

Carol Louise Tantum 

Despina Panagiotou Taratsides 

Bruce Eraser Taub 

Neal Gary Tavin 

Ira Saul Taylor 

Jarvia Lynn Taylor 

Marlene Terrell 

§5umma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Diann Regina Thomas 
Glenford Eugene Thompson 
Jeffrey Wayne Thompson 
Tia Rochelle Thompson 
Julia Lynn Thorne 
Christopher Lee Thornton 
Penelope A. Thrasher 
Ellen Carol Tiemann 
Janet Grace Tobias 
Lisa Melanie Tobin 
John Michael Toohey 
James Edward Troeschel 
Paul Michael Troeschel 
Barnes Patrick Turner 
Roger Gavin Turner 
George William Uzzle, III 
Joseph John Valochovic 
Eleanor Anne Stone Vandegrift 
Larry Edward Volz 
Michael George Voucas 
Frances Elizabeth Walbert 
Marc Victor Waldman 
Kathleen Marie Walls 
Joan Marie Walsh 
Laura Jean Waters 
Jeffrey Lewis Watkins 
Helene Jan Weinberger 
Michelle Lynne Weiss 
Wendy Ellen Weiss 
Lisa Cari Weitz 
Nancy Marlene Wertheimer 
Lera Rita Marie West 
Donald Edgar Weyback 
Janet Ann Whitmore 
A. E. WUliams, Jr. 
Dwight Morgan Williams 
Karen Jaye Williams 
Celia Grace Wilson 
tSamuel M. Witten 
Michele Lee Woelfel 
Nancy Susan Wohl 
James Edward Wolf 
Leslie Ann Wolk 
Mark David Woodward 
Francois Suotepo Toe Wurah 
Scott Gray Wyne 
Roderick Hugh Yeh 
Linda Marie Young 
Janis Ann Zink 

Cynthia Kaye Zorn 
Bachelor of Science 

George Philip Albamonte 

* Thomas David Albright 
Jolie Ancel 

Edwin Jay Beller, III 
Alan Russell Billings 
Peter Viggo Blaes 
Martha Ellen Bowen 
Brooks Xavier Bragunier 
Kimberly Ann Brandenburg 
Keith Gordon Burgess 
HoUy G. Byer 

tjulie Josephine Castro 
Teresa Y. Cheung 
Donald Wayne Clavio 
Gary Jackson Cooper 
Susan Armour Coulston 
Carolyn Jean Craig 
Kimberley Ann Cramer 
Mitchell Franklin Curtis, II 
Patrick J. Dawson 

*Yit Shyuan Der 
Robert Michael Dorsey 
Joan Renee Driessen 

tLudwig Joseph Eglseder, III 

*Marcie Lynn Eppel 
Tommy Gene Evans 
Thomas Sal Fazio 
Jeanette Winn Figueroa 

*Paul Thomas Fischmann 
Michele Ida Gelboin 
Steven Patrick Gigliotti 
Charles Richard Gossard 
M. Gary Greenbaum 
Patrick Michael Gregory 
Daniel Haberman 
WUliam Francis Hagye 
Claire Eileen Hammerbacher 
Mark Francis Higgins 
Ellen Margaret Hoppe 
Elizabeth Ann Hull 
Eric Bennett IngersoU 

tMelissa F. Jaffe 
Edward Francis Johnson 

* Michael Patrick Kelley 
tScott Aubrey Kerby 

William Louis King 

Ronald Paul Kleiman 

Sandra Eileen Kruth 

Marjorie Sue Levin 

Sharon Kay Ludwig 

Thomas Victor Martin 

Edward H. McKenney 

Mark Irving Messer 
§Margaret Lynn Moyer 

Alexander Michael Moyseenko 

Kathy Denise Murray 

Bradley J. Olson 

Nelson Neil Owens 

Gregory George Prakas 

Howard Eugene Rubin 

Michael Sarkissian 

Lisa Margaret Shanley 

Susan Lynn Sheck 

Gregory Dean Smith 
* Frank Mark Sturniolo 

Walter Van Summers 

Perin Delano Tinsley 

Robert Henry Tretler 

Richard Franklin Tusing 

George Daniel Uhl 

Teresa Louise Walsh 

Earl Ward 

Kathryn Kostin Weston 

Roy Lamont Williams 

Kevin Lynn Wilson 

James Daniel Windon 

Marleen Karen Winer 

David Warren Wolf 
*Mark Wayne Wuori 

Division of Human 
and Community 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Dean C. Corrigan, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

M'hamed Benkreira 

Nadia Olha Bodnaruk 

Carolyn Susan Campbell 

Michael David Carter 

Frelencia Cauthen 

Susan Angelina Corioni 

Ana Margarita Davey 

Barbara Lynn Davis 
•Betty Isabel Nieto de Edgell 

Michael Bruce Freedman 
§Liuda Ruta GalinaiHs 

Janice Ilene Gelfand 

Patrick Wayne Gourley 

Kathleen Marie Kane 
*Therese Marie Kane 

Sharon Korngruen 

Kenneth A. Krintz 

John Daniel Leary 

Robert Eugene Lester 

Letty A. Limbach 

Angela Lomangino 

Leslie A. Lyding 

Deborah Anne Mallonee 

Ronald S. Martin 

Laura Marie McPherson 

Lynne Douglas MUIer 

Evelyn Carol Patten 

Mary Jane Pflug 

Allen Francis Reed 

Ruth Camalier Sterling 

Timothy Kennedy St. Maxens 

J. Swantkowski 

Alexandria Michaels Terzian 

John Michael Tomaselli 

Elizabeth Ann Vadnais 

Karen Ruth Velander 

Charles Arthur Walkinshaw 

Kristine Parker Webb 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Bachelor of Science 

Marcy Lynn Abelson 

Joan Bahry Abernethy 

Andrev\ Steve Adams 

Robert C. Ahrendts 
§Patricia Jeanne Allen 

Cynthia Louise Boyer Amirault 

Beth W. Anders 

Andrea Lynn Bergmann Anderson 

Juanita Williams Armbrister 

Jami Ellen Ashendorf 

Kathleen G. Ball 

Barbara Ann Barillaro 

Bernadette Curtin Bechta 
tjudith Cooper Beman 

Jerry Ted Benchoff 

Robert Gerard Berkheimer 

Stanley Carl Berlin 

Amy Berman 

Pamela Jean Birch 

Paula Margery Borinsky 

Patricia Ann Bounds 

Mary Louise Brennan 

Marshall Barry Brookstein 

Marcia Rachael Brotman 

Laurel Eve Brown 

Connie Buas 

Jackilyn Michele Bubes 

Geoffrey Ralph Casey 

Annette Marie Cavey 

Cynthia Lucille Clark 

Tanya Chenese Clark 

David Paul Clash 

Zayna SherrUl Cline 

Jill B. Cohen 

Barbara Beth Connor 
tDebra Ann Conti 

Karen Beth Cooper 

Leona Marie Coratolo 

Audrey McGrann Cranford 

Lcrretta Marie Yenik Czahor 

Samuel James DaU, Jr. 

Pocahontas Davis 

Debra Ann Dayhoff 

Robbe Lynn De Baun 

Charles Michael Deise, Jr. 

Ruth Ellen de La Viez 

Cynthia Ellen Denney 

Jane Lucile Dixon 

Barbara Elizabeth Dougherty 
•JUl Carol Dreizen 

Helen Erin Dunleavy 

Robert James Durbin 

Lewis Clem Dutrow 
*Judith Margaret Ellsworth 

Sandra B. Farrands 

Susan Katharine Felder 

Ruth Aron Feldman 

Sarina Miriam Fellers 

Harriet Fishbein 

Lynne Marie Frank 
*Judith Rose Freinberg 

Lianne Friedman 

Janet Sue Friese 

Karen Anne Fuss 

Christime Marie Gavin 

Thomas Michael Gebert 

Susan Janet Ginsberg 

Barbara Ann Girdler 

* Leslie Dawn Glass 
tPaula Porter Glendinning 

Karen Ann Goldstein 
§Lori Roehll Goodridge 
Deborah L. Goodwin 
Marcy Diane Gottlieb 
Katherine Mary Graziano 
Mark V\ illiam Green 
Deborah Ann Gulas 
Wendy Faye Guralnick 
Steven Glen Hackett 
Sandra Gail Hartley 
Janet Louise Harvey 
Sheryl Jo Hauer 
Alice Ellen Heim 
Mary Ann Helget 
Jeanne Ellen Herbert 
Johnnye Yvette Hicks 
Linda Anne Hicks 
Debby Marleen Hillman 

* Jerry Ronald Hodge 
Judith Anne Hoffman 
Susan Elizabeth Holcombe 
John Lee Hollingshead 
Roberta L. Holthaus 
Regina C. Honeychuck 
Maureen Elizabeth Housley 
Joyce Elaine Hudson 

Cynthia Doreen Janey 

Joan Elizabeth Jason 
*Wanda Lynn Jenkins 

AUyson Jaye Johnson 

Leslie Gene Johnson 

Ronald Edward Johnson 

Stephen Francis Johnson 

Corinne Sandra Jones 

Catherine Sue Kemper 

Audrey M. Kennett 

Erin Marie Kilcullen 

Nancy Jane Kleinfield 

Barbara Joy Klukowski 

Lisa Koehl 
+Beth Marcey Kolodner 

Harriet Barbara Kopen 

Linda Beth Kopit 

Karen Beth Krissoff 

Thomas L. Kuster 

Alan Michael Laten 

Paul James Lavin 

Heidi Lyn Lennard 

Sherri Ann Levin 

Beverly Phvliis Levine 

Maria Theresa Libertini 

Donna Louise Liff 

Deboarh Kay Logan 

Linda-Lee E. Lopitz 

Janice Elaine Lorch 
tLisa Rachelle Lowe 

Sheri Jayne Lowe 
§Susan Maclnnis 

Janet Marie Magaw 

Merridyth Mandel 

Renee Sue Margolies 

Sherri E. Markle 

Shirley Shepard Markowitz 

Margaret Eileen Marney 

Patrice Ann Marple 

Raymond Thomas May 

Jodi Sue Mayer 

George Randall Mclntyre 

HoUy Colleen McMUlion 

Kevin J. Mell 

Charlene Kay Messer 

Jan E. Miller- Vogel 

V. Gale Mitchell 
* Cindy Ilene Model 

Joseph Michael Morris 

Barbara Louise Muehling 

Timothy Patrick Murphy 

Robert Ian Murray 

Sandra Jean Nee 

Lynn Dee Neff 

Roy Francis Niederberger 

Doris Baker Niland 

Sharon Ann O'Neil 

Ann McGregor Orens 

Joyce Lynn Packer 
* Susan Deborah Green Padgett 

Lawrence Elliott Palmer 

Melinda Ann Palumbo 

Pamela Ann Peck 

Nora Sari Quaiz 

Vincent Irving Quirk 

Janis Paula Rafael 

Margaret Myers Rast 

Frank James Reedy 

George Andrew Reese 

Carol Ann Rentz 

Robert William Reynolds 

Marian Louise Richardson 

Felice Beth Rick 

Beverly Dixon Ricker 

Joan Marie Rothgeb 

Rosita Lajuan Roy 

Kimberly Schwinn Ruppersberger 

Nancy Marie Salatto 

Elena Rachelle Saplicki 

Stephanie S. Saylor 

John Vito Scalera 

Christine Hunt Schelble 

Beth Alise Schneider 

Robert Francis Segreti 

Wendy Joyce Seidman 
tCheri Lynne Sheridan 

Daniel Paul Shirko 

Debra Amy Shor 

Danette Anne Sigmon 

Randi Robin Silvers 

Christopher John Sinderson 

Mark Alexander Slepitza 

Gail Elizabeth Smith 
tLisa Rebecca Smith 

Debra Lynn Solomon 

Melody Elizabeth Spicknall 

Pamela Anne Spriggs 

Hollis Paulette Spund 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Hope Maria Stambaugh 

Theresa Marie Stano 

Sharon Rose Steiner 

Connie Ann Stevanus 

James Stokes 

Elmer Ray Streeter, Jr. 

Sheri Ann Stutsky 

Joseph Belton Sutphin 

Anton Nicholas Suttora, Jr. 

Susan L. Sweer 

Elizabeth Ann Taseff 

Judith Ann Taylor 

Stacey Lynn Tessler 

Zena Ann Thelwell 

Kimberly Susan Van Riper Tiller 

William Charles Tompkins 

Cindy Ann Townsley 

Frances Dorothea Travers 

Carol Sue Urbach 

Pamela Lyn Van Hassent 

John E. Vermette 

Dorothy Louise Walls 

Elena Lori Weill 

Betsy Ann Bloom Weiner 

Mindy Ruth Weinstein 

Wayne Clark Wiley 

Evelyn Louise Wilson 

Kenneth Dale Wilson 

Tumetta Denise Wright 

llene Betsy Yaffe 

Rebecca Susan Zaleski 

Blossom Ann Zell 


Candidates ivill be presented by 
Dr. John R. Beaton, 
Dean of the Collge 

Bachelor of Science 

Cynthia Parry Abbott 
Mark Auman Abraham 
Jamie Lynn Adams 
Joan Frances Aiken 
Jo Ann Albanese 
Barbara Lee Anderson 
Carol Ann Arnold 
Anne Frances Asencio 
Ernest V. Ashby 
Robin Lynn Baldecchi 
Pamela Christine Atkinson 
Ann Henry Baldwin 
Deborah Lee Barger 
April Dawn Barnes 
Jennifer Rose Basile 
Julie Carol Becker 
Thomas Stuart Berg 
Gail Ruth Berman 

* Sally Ross Berman 
Amy Ellen Bishop 
Dorothy Ann Blocklin 

tAngela Martha Blorstad 
Tracey Ann Bobkier 
Virginia Carol Booze 
Judith E. Bradshaw 
Frederick Addison Brown 
Sarah Elizabeth Brown 

* Susan Patricia Brown 
Sherry Beth Buckler 
Ann O'Dell Bucklew 
Susan Campbell Burdette 
Shelley Ann Callmer 
Wesley Simpson Ann Carter 
Rhonda Hope Chesler 
Gloria Chiantella 

Nancy Karen Chodosh 
Ellen Jo Cohen 
Amy Avis Corpening 
Roberta S. Coyle 
Melissa Jeanne Crawford 
Margaret Ellen Crowell 

MyrtieMae Cummins 
Jefferson Ragnar Curtis 
Tuan Huu Dao 
Deborah Kay Daugherty 
Cara Jan Deoul 
Margaret Ann De Young 
Kathleen Marie DiMeglio 
Eugene Richard Doering, Jr. 

* Laura Elizabeth Doherty 
Diane Imelda Dua 
Sharon Ann Duffy 
Janet Carolyn Eberhardt 
Brenda Marie Ebron 
April Candace Eisen 
William Henry Evans 
Marsha Sue Blair Farmer 
Pamela Joan Fayette 
Robin Amy Feidelman 
Lynne Sharon Feld 
Teresa L. Fillauer 
Sharon Gail Finkle 
Deborah Ann Fleishman 

* Leslie Gail Forgosh 
Denise Michelle Galante 
Lynne Doris Gaudreau 
Amy Susan Germain 
Susan Gitlin 

Joseph Michael Goldscher 
Paula Judith Goodman 
Judith Paula Gottfried 
Nancy Linda Gravitz 
fCarol Ann Green 
Debra Faye Greenberg 
Ellen Carey Griffin 
Paula Renee Gross 
Melissa Marietta Guiler 
Joanne Marie Halbardier 
Robin Anita Hanauer 
Donna D. Harris 
Michele Ann Hartman 
Judy J. Headley 
Carol Louise Heisler 
Jane Cynthia Hines 
Barbara Ellen Hodgins 
Victoria Anne Hook 
Anne Lou Hoppenstein 
Muriel Frances Howell 
Lynn Cary Hubbard 
Deborah Sue Hudson 

Jacqueline LaVerne Hunter 

Donna Melynda Hutt 

Barbara Susan Jablons 

Lisa Dianne Johanknecht 

Deborah Anne Johnson 

Edgar Henri Johnson 

Cynthia Ann Kahl 

Lorri Ann Kantor 

Maureen Ann Kavanagh 

Teresa Jenay Kelsey 

Gail Honey Kessler 

Patricia Kerry King 

Helene Maria Kipperman 

Celia Kobitz 

Elie Fan Kongsombornwach 

Marianne Elizabeth Koontz 

Cynthia Jane Krauszer 

Nancy L. Kuriskin 

Bridget Kurosky 

Kathleen LaBrode 

Valerie Ruth Lagueux 

Barbara Helen Lang 

Sharon Lynn Lanham 

Laura Jo Levin 

Madalene Rose Lima 

Virginia Katharine Lock 

Deborah Lynn Lockwood 

Georgeanna Lotz 

Orit Lowy 

Leslie Ann Lyons 
tjoan Taylor MacNab 

Cynthia Tucker Magazine 

Edith Ursula Saskia Makariw 

Armineh Anetta Mangassarian 

Paula Anne Markiewicz 

Joan Caren Markowitz 

Linda Gale Mason 

Sandra Carol Mason 
•Maureen Joyce McCauley 

Steven Brent McGehee 

Karen Lee McLeish 

Ira Jay Mensh 

Cindy Lee Metzger 

Melissa Ann Milkovich 

Tina Beth Morgenstein 

Penelope Parnell Morris 

Jaleh Movassaghi 

Susan Marie Moyer 

Rose Marie Murrav 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Vivian C. Narine 

Heather Anne Neil 

Cathleen Ann Nevins 
§Elaina Carson Newport 

Pamela Ann Noyes 

Pongpan Nuntasri 

Brian James O'Tousa 

AnneMarie Oxley 

Gloria D. Paladines 

Robert Jeffrey Palmisano 
§Maria Panagos 

Thomas Nicholas Papadopoulos 
"Elizabeth Anne Parenteau 

Shinja Park 

Robin Ray Parrish 

Nancy Kathryn Patrick 

Shelly Meg Peiken 

Lee-Ann Pelletier 
§Cher\'l Arlene Pepmeier 

Sharon Louise Plain 

Parvin Pooya 

Shellee Ellen Price 

Karen Jane Ready 

Tiia-Mai Redditt 

Cheryl Traci Redman 

John Joseph Reilly 

Donna Jean Reinsel 

Barbara Ellen Resnick 

Deborah Kay Richmon 

Nancy Gail Richmond 

Marie Teresa Rogers 

Zahra Roghani 
tLisa Ann Romano 

Joel Anthony Rossignuolo 

Steven Daryl Rovner 
"Madeline Rowan 

Jacquelyn Frona Rudd 

Karen Shelby Sack 

Dolores M. Salmon 

Sheryl Beth Samuels 

Mary I. Sarandria 

Linda Gail Schaffer 
"Famah Dorothea Sells 

Lori-Jill Seltzer 

Wanda Jean Shanklin 

Margery Ruth Shapiro 

Judith Susan Skversky 

Ann Aileen Slivka 

LaVatar Gay Smalls 

Gail Robin Smelkinson 
Marcia D. Smiles 
Mary Annis Smiraglia 
Diane Denise Smith 
Donna Jean Smith 
Janet Barbara Smith 
Karen Patricia Smith 
Dinah Rose Snyder 
Sophie Kubota Sparling 
Jeanne Marie Spear 
Ronna Spector 
Diane Lynn Spencer 
Helene Phyllis Spickler 

"Barbara Lee Stahl 
Elise Jay Stedman 
Robin P. Sterling 
Jungpil Sul 
Susan Swantkowski 
Jody Jay Sweeney 
Becky Rachel Thomas 
Jacqueline Thompson 
Nancy Jane Tobias 
Michael Francis Tobin 
Bonnie Wagman 

"Patricia Anne Walker 
James Joseph Walsh 
Richard Anthony Warr 
Richard Shannon Wheeler 

§Lori Ellen Wilder 
Joanne Marie Wille 
Angela D. Williams 
Cynthia Denise Williams 

tLi'sa Ann Wilt 
Linda Beryl Witkin 
Sandra Marie Wolfgang 
Carol Sue Wolin 

tVirginia Rae Wolz 
Margaret May Woo 
Deborah Ruby Wustner 

"Kathleen Mary York 
Kimberly Lynn Younker 
JUl Inez Zorn 


Candidates wtll he presented by 
Dr. Man'hi H. Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Ricardo E. Allen 

Alan lr\\ in Alper 

Thomas Anthony Anzelmo 

Carey Philip Apple 
tBarbara Jane Barrett 

Edward Thomas Sebastian Barrett 

Linda Arneson Barron 

Bradley David Beyer 

David Keith Bowers 

James Cameron Brown 

John Michael Butler 

John Robert Byrd, Jr. 

Patrick Daniel Callan 

Jon Michael Casey 

Stephen E. Cianciulli 

Stephanie Cines 

Gregory Bennett Clarke 

Raquel F. S. Coello 

Susan Critchfield 

Richard Anthony Czapski 

Karen Ellen DiManna 
§Linda Stuart Dixon 

Maureen Casey Dunn 

Lori Sue Dvoskin 

Nancy Louise Ehlers 

Beth Pamela Evans 

Patricia Ferguson 

Patti Ann Fluke 

Frances Gale Foster 

Karen Sue Foster 

Donna Ellen Fraleigh 
tCynthia Lynn Fulton 

Tamatha Joy Gannon 

Timothy Robert Garner 
"Nancy Carole Glass 
"Norma Wyllis Goodwin 

Lu Ann Grogan 

Jeffrey Harbeson 

Jane Wendy Harkaway 

Frank Harold Hartig 
Robert Thomas Hassett 
Kathleen Marie Herring 
Sharon Anne Holtschneider 
Kathy Lee Howitt 
Rachel Judith Kahn 
Maryanne Kane 
Mary Ross Karsch 
Ann Rutledge Keesling 

"Cynthia Anne Kelley 
Karen Annette Knapp 
Randi Maria Kouzel 
Susan Elizabeth Landau 
Carole Lanigan 
John Robert Leach, Jr. 
Jr. "Marianne Leung 

Paula joAnn Lisowski 
Cynthia Lonce 
MaryAnn Lyons 
Sylvester Carl Mathis 
Patricia Gail McCready 
Stephen Edward McCuUen 
Lenore Carol McMullen 
Julie L. Meriwether 
Phyllis Ellen Metzger 
Patricia M. Miller 
Darryl R. Moyers 
Ophelia Murphy 
Lillian Carol Murray 
Patricia Jean Nagel 
Lena Maria Natale 
Nina Dale Pabarcius 
Jo Anne Pendry 
Roger Dean Posey 
Phyllis Ellen Posner 
Ian Bogusz Pyka 
Ellen Sue Rab 
Sharon Anne Randall 
Nancy Ann Rhodes 
John Charles Riina 
Laura Beth Rosnov 

tjoanne Sail 

§Kimberly Ann Sargent 

tSusan Amy Schreiber 
Michael Lynn Simmons 
Kimberlea Kellie Smith 
Julia Kathryn Soderstrom 
David Murray Solomon 
Mary Elizabeth Stack 


tiSumma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Carol Ann Stambach 
Cecilia Ann Tighe 
James Louis Timm 
Leon Christian Via, III 
John David Walsh, Jr. 
Scott Hamilton Waters 
Mary Christine Wichtendahl 
Joyce Louise Woody 
Kim Sherry Wright 
M. Diane Zola 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George E. Dieter, jr. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Michael Louis Aident 
Fereydoon Alipanah-Jahroudi 
Willie Frank Althammer 
Robert B. Ambler 
Zoltan Ambrus 
Wayne Stephen Arczynski 
Mohammad Hossein M. Ardekani 
David Wayne Arnold 
Ramiro Arrazola 
Juan Fernando Arregui 
Nicholas Artim 
Donald Wayne Ausherman 
Massoud Aziz-Lavi 
Daniel Logan BaUey 
Bahram Behnami 
Dale Lee Belschner 
David Abraham Belsky 
Lawrence Edward Beram 
Lucien Elie Biron 
Timothy Arthur Bond 
Carolyn McAdoo Bouazouni 
William Howard Boyd 
Byron Lee Briese 
Brian Jeffery Brown 
Lawrence Anthony Buck 
Peter Keenan Buckley 
Nancy Pertowski Buschman 
Gary Martin Callahan 
Allan P. Caplan 
Kenneth Robert Carman 
§Michael Brian Carroll 
Ernesto Amansec Cerezo 
Steve Ching-Wen Chin 
Jino Choi 

William George Choporis 
Christopher Abbott Cline 
John Roth Cochrane 

Linda Sue Cohen 

John Joseph Cooke 

Neil P. Cornwell 

John Wilmer Craig 

Jonathan Walkley Cummings, II 

Mark Steven Curtis 
tProtagoras Nicholas Cutchis 

Louis D. DeMaio 

Stephen Earl de Simon 

Michael J. DiFilippantonio 

Lori Anne Diggins 

Louis Di Stefano 

Kenneth William Donaldson 

Sanford Huntington Duryee 

Jeffrey James Earl 

Paul Ryan Eberhardt 

Robert Lee Ehrhardt 

Coby Lee Emshwiller 

Peter Keith Engstrom 

Fred Faridazar 

Lawrence Guy Fess 

Francis Michael Feustle 
tMitchell Alan Fishbein 

Laurence Eugene Fisher 

Gregory Gray Fitzsimons 

Judson A. Fox 

William Charles Frazer 

Debra L. Fries 
§Thomas Paul Fusco 

Stephen Francis Gallogly 

F. Blakiston Gambrill, 111 

Mark Thomas Gee 

Stephen Carl Gerwin 

John Murray Gesswein 

Behrouz Ghavidel 

Jeffrey Alan Gitlin 

Charles A. Glasser 

Godofredo Gerardo Goicochea 

William Michael Golding 

Michael H. Gowland 

Ramon F. Granados 

Robert Cary Gray 

Jeffrey Howard Grey 

Philip Andrew Gribaudo 

Steven Gregory Gunter 

Daniel Arthur Habel 

David Eric Hall 

William Rogers Hamilton, 111 

Hooshang Harooni 

Charles Francis Harris 

Syed Rizwan Hasan 

Sherry Ann Haven 

Richard James Hill 

George Denman Hill 

Maung Tin Hlaing 

Kim-Chi Thi Hoang 
*Minh-Tho Hoang 

Alverton Washington Holness 

Robert Clarence Hook, Jr. 

Scott Maine Howard 

Dennis Allan Huber 
* Thomas Hubin 

Michael Scott Hudson 

John Michael lacangelo 

Sharon M. Istvan 

Michael Benedict Jacober 

Osama Yousef Jalajel 

Raymond Edward James 
§Thomas Andrew Jochum 

Joseph Edward Joeckel 

Courtney Dorsey Johnson 
tWayne Charles Jones 

Minna Louise Joseph 

Kurosh Kafie 

Bahram Kamdjou 

Ricardo A. Katz 

Brad Alan Kauffman 

Kent Edward Kaufman 

Kenneth Donald Keene, Jr. 

Robert William Keiser 

Richard Allison Kendall 

Arthur Leslie Kenney, III 

Vinod Maneklal Khatri 

Hong Chong Kim 

Joseph Tae-Won Kim 
•David Michael Kissel 
•William Eugene Koffel, Jr. 

David Paul Kouchoukos 

James Basilios Kouroupis 

Richard Alan Krinsky 

Brian Charles Lauman 

Francis Michael Laurenzano 

Harry King Lee 

Steve J. Lee 

Tin Yau Lee 

Joel Harris Leifer 
'Gregory Scott Lepak 

Stephen Owen Leslie 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Joseph William Levesque, III 

Richard Irving Lokey 

Michael Edward Loman 

Jonathan William Lott 

Lawrence Burton Ludwig 

Mark Edward Lynch 

Bruce Alan MacFarlane 

Brian Scott MacMillan 

Kenneth Barry Maggin 

Daniel James Magoon 

Michael Roger Makowski 

Daniel Jehuda Mandl 

Glen Mann 

William David Mau 

John William McBride 

Keith Kent McDaniel 

Joanne Marie McGinley 

Lawrence J. McGinty 

Patrick McGrath 

Gerald Ray McHenry 

Brian Joseph McMenamin 

Policarpio Guevarra Mijares, J 

Michael Robert Mikesh 
tChristopher Edward Miller 

Edward Joseph Miller, Jr. 

Manuel Selvester Miranda 
§Sharon Kay Mishler 

John Carl Moniz 

John Chryston Moody, Jr. 

David Alan Moore 
tThomas Edward Moore 

Alfred Moosakhanian 

Jesus Robert Mora 

Willi NastoU 

Francis Ekiti Ngoh 

Sam Martin NUson 

Christopher Alan Nitz 

Jeffrey Lee Novak 

Jaredi-Ombati Nyamweya 
* Abraham Varias Ortega 
§Jae Yun Park 

Matthew Carlson Parker 

Denise Candice Ferret 

Robert Morgan Peters, 11 
» Richard Elliott Preston 

Vicki Lynn Prince 

Carol Ann Pritzlaff 

Paul Reed Quillen 

Miguel Jose Ramos 

Jerome Anthony Ranalli 
Timothy Joseph Ray 

* Keith Gerard Regan 
Duane Lynn Rehmeyer 
Robert Joseph Reuter 
Ahmad Rezaiyan-Nojani 

* David Marshall Rib 
Gregory Clinton Rice 
Mark Stephen Rice 
Marc John Riley 
Douglas Kenneth Roberts 
Thomas Sebastian Rotella 
Dennis Paul Roth 
David Irving Safferman 
Philip Jay Samson 
Ralph John Sathre 
Robert Lee Scharmann, Jr. 
Bruce Ronald Schehlein 
David Jay Schunter 

Iris Bonnie Schwab 
Jan Scopel 
Lloyd Stuart Seto 
Tocld Allen Shaw 
Edward Michael Shedlock 
Paul James Shirron 

* Charles John Sienkiewicz 
Gary Michael Silverio 
Walter Lee Smith 
Jeanne Sigrid Sokol 

* David Spiegelthal 
Evan Edgar Stauffer, Jr. 
Charles Robert Stockman 
Brian Stanley Stolarz 
Steven Shui Sun 

Barry Andrew Suskind 
David Wayne Swenson 
Stuart Bailey Taub 
Steven Carey Taylor 
Pham Trong Thang 
William Harold Thurber 
Laurence Michael Torreyson 
Danh Cong Tran 
John Anthony Trimmer 
Daniel S. Tuchler 
Nagarjuna Vadlamudi 
David Angelo Verrelli 

* David Mark Verven 
Mark Charles Vogel 

David Matthew Walencewicz 

James Byron Walter 
§Martin David Walther 
Abraham Warshavsky 
Thomas Gordon Webb 
"Norman Dwight Welch 
Michael Owen Welsh 
Ralph P. Wheeler, Jr. 
James Michael W hite 
Raymond Lee Wilcher, Jr. 
Gary Lee Wilhide 
Michael J. Wilke 
Stephen Dwight Wiman 
Frederic Keith Wine 
Russell Clinton Wolfe, Jr. 
Jon Nelson Woodfield 
Victor Fea Wun 
Peter Douglas Wylie 
David Matthew Yancich 
Joseph Jacob Yavulla, Jr. 
Ulysses S. Yee 
Albert Yourshalimi 
George Peter Yutchishen 
Benjamin Zabludowski 
Abdou Camille Zarife 


Candidates will he presented by 

Dr. Frank j. Kerr, 

Acting Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Laurel Chambers Abraham 
tPhilip Edward Agre 

Elizabeth Mary Allen 

Richard L. Amster 
§Norman Charles Bartelt 

Michael Duane Bongiovanni 

Roger Leroy Boose 

Susan Ann Bouchard 

Ella Sue Bronstein 

Robert Herrold Brooks 

Sidney Marvin Broude 

Eleanor Lee Callahan 

Patricia Anne Campbell 

Steven Charles Chandler 

Scott Harvey Clearwater 
'Michael Edward Corbett 

Mark Lyman Salvatore Corrallo 

Patrick Vito Costanza 
tProtagoras Nicholas Cutchis 

James Edward Danaher 

Joseph Hamilton Dietz 

Brian Anthony DiMarco 

Nancy Lynn Dolen 

Catherine Rose Duran 

Michael David Dykton 
tKrista Lee Eyler 

Linda Karen Firtag 

Carl Robin Fosler 
*Neal Irwin Freedman 

Russell Warren Garrett 

Deborah Dawn Gay 

David Alan Gershfeld 

Jonathan Louis Gershfeld 

David U. Gervasio 

Daniel Webb Gillman 

Joan Constance Ginnis 

Waren Kevin Gladden 

Daniel Paul Grobani 

Joseph Lee Heater 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

S. Lee Henry 
DuWayne Phil Heupel 
James Emmett Hines 
Aliye Niliifer Hisim 
Steven Eugene Hofmann 
Andrew Hsiao 
Philipp Lynn Hulcher 
Jane Marie Jaworski 
July Ann Jolly 
Suresh Varghese Joshua 
Wendy Ulrich Kennard 
Susan Louise Kerner 
Robert Earl King 
David Harvey Kitzmiller 
Tamar Sema Krichevsky 
William Ward Krieger 
Ava Jean Kushner 
Linda Catherine Landis 
tDean Jeffrey Layman 
Richard Anton Lewis 
Richard Glen Looney 
Claude Elliott Magnuson 
Steven Michael Maletzky 

* Thomas Patrick Maxwell 

* Michael Mazurek 
'Sean Robert McCorkle 

Rosemary McGinnis 

Theodore Edward Meyer 

Terry Lynn Michael 

Lee Ann Miller 

David Brian Nelson 

Steven Ralph Newman 

Tamara Ostroff 

Jae Kyong Pak 

Stephen Patrick Palm 

Bernard Harold Penney 

John David Peregoy 
'Michael Joel Pomerantz 

David Bowman Porter 

Martin Richard Prahl 

Massoumeh Roghani 
§Karen Lee Sangren 

Paul Gregory Savchuck 

James Moeller Schombert, Jr. 

Melanie Sue Schwartz 

Mary Jane Scott 

John Robert Sell 

Donna Lee Sherman 

Steve Alan Silverman 

Brian Marshall Simmons 
John Lee Smilko 
Richard Eric Spellman 
Michael Edwin Spohn 
John Perkins Stanley 
Jon G. Sweeten 
Regina Valerie Sylto 
Carl William Symborski 
Ju-Wei Tang 
Craig Evan Trivelpiece 
Gary Jay Tuthill 
Brenda Elise VanLunen 
Ronnie Rex Watson 
Ronald Mark Weintraub 
Victor Cameron Welch 
William Andrew White 
George Peter Yutchishen 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert E. Slioenberg, 
Administrative Dean, 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Anthony Albert Abato, 111 
Lawrence Samuel Abramson 
Linda Marie Amiss 
Kim Michael Angeli 
Timothy Craig Ballard, Jr. 
Russell Fredric Berg 
Simon Richard Bernstein 
James Ray Bilney 
Edward Donald Blackburn 
Susan Elizabeth Branzell 
Howard Simon Brodie 
Patricia Lynn Brown 
Richard Jerome Cairo 
Keith Michael Calta 
Jeanne Victoria Cangianelli 
Gerard Michael Carey 
Sofia Christine Carnicelli 
Joseph Robert Castiglione 
Rose Marie Ceresa 
David Joel Chaney 
Susan Fay Chill 
Denni Johnson Clagett 
Suzanne Leslie Clark 
Eleanor Jean Cleary 
Michael Warren Clouser 
Rose Maria Cunningham 
Christine E. Cusato 
Teresa J. Edge 
Richard Batlan Epstein 

'Margaret Inez Federighi 
Bruce Mitchell Feldman 
Stephen Michael Fellinger 
Patricia Ann Fisher 

§Regina Louise Fitzpatrick 
James Patrick Ford 
Vickie Jo Fuller 
Mark Minor George 
Kenneth Paul Gerald 
H. Russell Goodrich, Jr. 
Gail Grosman 

John Luther Harmison 
Martha Virginia Hartley 
Richard George Harville 
Edward Byron Hayden 
Lori Gene Himmelfarb 

tRobert Spruill Holland 
Sarah Lee Huffman 
Margaret Anne Janney 
Marion McKinley Jones 
Karen Marie Kane 
Linda Beth Kaplan 
Anne Merryman Klinefelter 
Cindy Robin Kramer 
Rhonda Beth Kushlin 
Carolyn Anne Leadley 
Cathleen Teddy Lubis 
Kathleen Marie Lundregan 
Judith Ann Margolit 
Nelson E. Marsh 
Diane Beth Mashkes 
Patrick J. McCormick, Jr. 
Dedra A. McQueen 
Ronald E. Mickley 
Joy Antoinette Miller 
Michael James Miller 
Linda Lark Mitchell 
Thomas Joseph Moran 
Roxanne Marie Morris 
Maria Jean Moskowitz 

§David Christopher Mullen 
Lisa Marjorie Neustadter 
Jacqueline D. Neville 
Catherine Victoria Norton 
Susan Rene' Owen 
Clifford Perlow 
Ellen Leigh Perry 
Wilson Harris Phipps 
Janice Marjorie Pomeroy 
Gail Lynn Prensky 
Joseph Michael Reges 
Jerilynn Reid 
Susan Rice 
Lisa Ruth Rosen 
Patricia Anne Rosenbluth 
Robert Welsh Russell, Jr. 
Gail Robin Sacher 
Stephen Anthony Sachs 
Barbara Lynn Sandak 
Susan Marie Sanders 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Karl Robert Schmitt 
Robert William Scilacci 
Jodi Septoff 
Karen Sue Shapin 
Ernest Anthony Shipley 
Saralie Ann Sielschott 
Robert Neal Simon 
Laura Gayle Slavin 
Terry Dean Snell 
Ronald Spates 
Kirk Neal Spencer 
Rosalind Deloris Spruell 
James T. Stanford, Jr. 
Mindy Pamela Stein 
Gregory P. Sullivan 
Gary Scott Surosky 
Debra Lynn Symonds 
tEdward John Szymanski, Jr. 
Regina Ann Terrill 
Wilma Marie Toftler 
John James Trainor, Jr. 
Andrew McAllister Trettin 
Mary Bannigan Vargo 
James Joseph von Rinteln 
Esther Wasser 
Harold R. Weisbaum 
Mary Theresa Weisgerber 
Ronald Gene Wexler 
Stephen Philip Vickers 
Barbara Roanne Wheeler 
Edward Burke Wilford, IV 
Maureen Ellen Williamson 
Sidney J. Wolf 
Nancy Debra Yaffe 
Janis Ann Yaskovich 
Christine McCuUough Zeglin 

Bachelor of Arts 

Joan Carol Cayton 
James Alan Diepenbrock 
Roberta Ann Dunlap 
Holland Eugene England, Jr. 
§Mary Bettina Garbern 
Mary Bullard Gibson 
Susan L. Grunthal 
Kenneth Norman HoUies 
Mary Elena Langrill 
Elizabeth Brand McKee 
Claire' Campbell McMillan-Neider 

Debrah W. Miller 

Nancy Anne Mullins 

Nancy Ellen Rauch 

Joanne R. Roseman 

Gary Bruce Rosenthal 
tKatherine Weiss Schwartzberg 

Jenifer Szawlewicz 
tLois Barbara Valladares 

Thomas Wayne Vassar 

Kathleen Marie Walls 

Arthur Dixon Webster 

Bachelor of Science 

Gretchen Elizabeth Apgar 
Judith Ann Guy 
Michael Francis Halligan 
Susan deLean Hayes 
Dale Wendell Kyle 
Jeffrey Earl Leppo 
Dinah Naranja Martin 
*Janet Ann McAndrews 
Stephanie Lynne Morris 
James Joseph Parcelli 
Mary Frances Roessler 
Bruce Allen Surosky 


Alan Iruin Alper 
Denni Johnson Clagett 
Nancy Lynn Dolen 
Roberta Ann Dunlap 
Cathleen Teddy Lubis 
Jackwelvn Ruth Raley 
Joanne R. Roseman 
Susan M. Ross 
Pamela Westin Scott 
Patrice McDermott Secrist 
Victoria Lee Tanner 
Vicki Lynn Prince 
Anne-Marie Scott 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Frederick Altiere, 111 
Farley K. Banks 
Edward D. Blackburn 
Eleanor L. Callahan 
Steve C. Chin 
Ana M. Davey 
Michael P. Delman 
AUyn N. Delwiche 
Mar)' A. Furgala 
Chrisrian M. Glombik 
Leo A. Glunk, Jr. 
Albert L. Hamel 
Duwayne P. Heupel 
Steven E. Hofmann 
Patrick A. Jordan 
Molly A. Kinsinger 
Brandt D. Laird 
Kathleen B. McGovern 
Wayne A. Miller 
Patti A. Olsavsky 
David M. Pronchick 
William C. Rhea, jr. 
Jose R. Santiago 
Timothy M. Smith 
William H. Thurber 
James D. Windon 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Candidates for bachelor's 
degrees who have earned 
honors of scholarship upon 
graduation are indicated in the 
alphabetical listings of Division 
or College. To be eligible for 
consideration for such honors a 
candidate must meet the 
following general criteria: (1) 
have completed two years of 
work at the University of 
Marvland (60 semester hours) 
and (2) have a scholastic 
average of B (Grade Point 
Average of 3.000) or higher in 
University of Maryland work 
prior to the last semester of 
registration before award of 

May 1979 candidates who meet 
these criteria are shown in the 
alphabetical lists as qualifying, 
upon graduation, for the 
designations "Summa Cum 
Laude," if they ranked in the 
top two per cent of the 
candidates in their respective 
Colleges or Divisions; "Magna 
Cum Laude," if in the next 
three per cent; or "Cum 
Laude," if in the next five per 

General Honors Program 

Ahron Deutsch Abraham 

Susan Ann Bouchard 

Armelle Jacqueline Franqoise Clark* 

James Emmett Croker, Jr. 

Jean Laura del Castillo 

Jean Marie Kvedar** 

Sharon Valerie Laskin*' 

Lloyd George Mitchell, Jr.** 

Cynthia Louise Riemer 

Samuel M. Witten 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Chemistry 
Francis William Farley 

With High Honors in Economics 
Mary Elizabeth Deily 

With High Honors in English 
Sharon Valerie Laskin** 
Wendy J. Miller 
Randall Wayne Quinn 

With High Honors in French 
Lauren Marie O'Connell 

With High Honors in History 
Kevin J. Swanson 

With High Honors in Physics 
Toren Finkel 

With Honors m Agricultural 
and Resource Economics 
Lorenzo A. Mejia 

With Honors in Chcmistri/ 
Barry Seth Auerbach 
Steven Donald Cubbedge 
Barbara Naylor 
Steen Erik Pedersen 
Bruno Pompeo Petruccelli 
Lawrence Hsung-Yi Siu 
Richard Tobin Surosky 

Witli Honors in Criminal justice 
Robert Daniel Anbinder 
Matthew Daley Clark 
Kenneth William Cobleigh 
James Edward Troeschel 
Paul Micheal Troeschel 

With Honors in Economics 
James Emmett Croker, Jr. 
Bradley Warren Jacobs 
Rosemary Morley 

With Honors in English 
Grace Hannah Depp 
Patricia Ann Graham 
Sherrie Alison Meyer 
Catherine Elaine Normandy* 
Carole Ann Rawlings 
Paul Anthony Trimble 

Witli Honors in French 
Sandra Lou Webb 

With Honors in Government 

and Politics 

Robin Merle Hettleman 
Lawrence Glenn Kirsch 
Susan Joy Klein 

With Honors in Histor\f 

Marybeth Carlson Colbert 
Bruce Robert Hoffman 
Meryl Lea Kahle 
Steven Thomas King 

With Honors in Mathematics 
Philip Edward Agre 

With Honors in Microbiology 
Jacqueline Sue Coberlv 
Ronald Noboru Sakamoto 

With Honors in Physics 
Scott Harvey Clearwater 

With Honors in Psychology 
Peter Viggo Blaes 
Joan Renee Driessen 
Marcie Lynn Eppel 
Eric Bennett Ingersoll 
Alan Robertson Lehman 
Howard Eugene Rubin 
Lauren Joy Spiro 
Frank Mark Sturniolo 

With Honors in Textiles 
and Consumer Economics 
Ellen Jo Cohen 
Mary 1. Sarandria 
Famah Dorothea Sells 

With Honors in Urban Studies 
Michael Howard Abrams 
Charles Nielsen Frederiksen 
Jeffrey Wayne Thompson 

** Graduated December 18, 1978 




(Agricultural Engineering) 

Michael B. Smith 
Anthony J. Subrizi 
Chin-Shing Lin 
Soung Hong Moon 
Russell B. Brinsfield 
Louis E. Carr 
Martin D. Walther 



FALL 1978 
Susan M. Farber 
Beverly R- Miller 
Barbara G. Weichert 
Joan Caren Weiss 
Barbara Sue Woolf 

SPRING 1979 
Robin D. Allen 
Linda C. Coffey 
Teresa L. Dick 
Gail A. Gunod 
Sue M. Johnson 
Lisa A. Kirshtein 
Ann M. Levine 
Gail E. Mandell 
Kathy M. McCarty 
Timothy P. McGough 
Patricia D. Okoneski 
Arona L. Pistiner 
Mika Sakai 
Erika Schneyer 
Miriam E. Serafini 
Jean M. Silverman 



AUGUST 1978 
Timothy A. Grace 
Charles L. Hurtt 
Bonnie Kalmanson 
William P. Martyniuk 
Paul E. Muellner 
Ann T. Nguyen 
Denis O'Connor 

Florence M. Serpi 
Dorothy J. Williams 

Paul M. Christoforo 
Teresa A. Cummingham 
Robert Del Riego 
James Domanico 
Timothy S. Dotson 
George C. Frazier 
Scott H. Galinn 
Joyce Locher Hoffman 
Bruce C. Hunt 
Steve R. Gracie 
Robert E. Jacobson 
Michael T. Liebel 
Robert C. Lilja 
Doug F. McGarvey 
Kathleen R. O'Hara 
Diana M. Patrick 
Walter C. Pennington 
Michael B. Sikora 
Jane F. Teachum 
Tom M. Wheatley 

MAY 1979 
Elijah D. Armstrong 
Margaret R. Ayanian 
Glen W. Berger 
Steve R. Bonacci 
Doug E. Brand 
Debbie E. Bray 
David W. Cash 
Christopher M. Cavell 
Virginia L. Cheung 
Jeffery W. Church 
Mark G. Davidowitz 
John C. Degenhard 
Ilene L. Feldberg 
Joy M. Finglass 
Michael J. Finifter 
Scott Fischer 
Doug J. GasH'orth 
Patrick J. Gilsdorf 
David Goldfarb 
Carol A. Hagan 
Matthew T. Haley 
Robert G. Hisaoka 
Elaine J. Howard 
Ken W. Korotky 

Charles R. Krengel 
Steven A. Latter 
Miles R. Lichtman 
Karen M. Lombardi 
David B. Lovvman 
Anthonv C. Lyydane 
Sandy L. MacEwen 
Susan L. Macki 
Joseph A. Marchowsky 
Donald K. Marshall 
Joseph L. Marrin 
Steven G. Masengale 
Mark J. Max 
Jeffrey A. May 
Robert W. McDowell 
Fran E. Miller 
Richard C. Naden 
Marsha S. Olson 
Kevin P. O'Malley 
Larry M. Raigrodski 
Vicki J. Rettig 
Lynn S. Sawdye 
Bennett Schwartz 
Alan R. Silver 
Kim D. Steele 
Ken B. Tabach 
Melanie B. Valcourt 
Alan L. Water 
Alan S. Weiner 


(Business Administration) 

AUGUST 1978 
Bonnie Kalmanson 
Sandra J. Whitehead 
Dorothy J. Williams 

Janis L. Brown 
Teresa A. Cummingham 
George C. Frazier 
Michael J. Harrington 
Bruce C. Hunt 
Michael T. Leibel 
Barbara J. Lum 
Steven G. McCully 
Thomas E. Oelschlager 
Kathleen R. O'Hara 

MAY 1979 
Donn W. Ahearn 
Elijah D. Armstrong 
Margaret R. Ayanian 
David C. Banter 
Albert J. Bidwick 
Steven R. Bonacci 
George A. Carras 
David W. Cash 
William E. Danielson 
Jeffrey A. Davis 
Debra S. Eddy 
Nazar A. Egelanian 
Douglas J. Gasworth 
David Goldfarb 
Joseph B. Hoffman 
Elaine J. Howard 
Bradley W. Jacobs 
Paul Juergensen, II 
Karen M. Lombardi 
Sandra J. MacEwen 
Steven G. Masengale 
Barbara A. McKenna 
Roberta A. McMaster 
Fran E. Miller 
Joseph M. Muffler 
Diane G. Musser 
Christopher Needham 
Kenneth B. Porter 
Joseph M. Post 
Vickie J. Rettig 
Kathleen M. Russell 
Cathy L. Siewert 
Raymond D. Smith 
Kim D. Steele 
Scott A. Steinberg 
Sally F. Whitney 
Janice L. Williams 
Richard E. Yoffee 


(Hebrew Language and Literature) 

Caria Becker 
Judith Cohen 
Steven Kerbel 
Michele Lane 
Robin Levin 
Rivka Liberman 
Bahman Moussazadeh 


Sandra Nebb 
Robin Needle 
Sara Organic 
Gregg Orlik 
Moira Potash 
Tova Radler 
Paul Renbaum 
James Scharff 
Melanie Schwartz 
Aviva Shapiro 



David L. Alff 
Donna L. Arbogast 
David S. Bedell 
Debra J. Bubb 
Rita M. Cannavo 
Angela Carbo 
Vicki Cox 
Jay Creech 
Jeanne Cummings 
Ellen Dahut 
Robert Doherty 
Mary Ann Edwards 
Janet Faour 
Susan Fornoff 
Linda Fowlie 
Wendy E. Frank 
Terri Franklin 
Alan Geis 
Gail Geraghty 
Mary S. Geyelin 
Mark E. Holt 
Lisa Joy 

Mitchell Karman 
Lori Ktjesey 
Deborah Kline 
John Kuchno 
Cynthia Lang 
Cathy Laws 
Elizabeth Loftus 
William Lombardi 
Marlis McCollum 
Cynthia Merke 
Diane Meyers 

Raymond Mullady 
Thomas Nicolleti 
Janet Pheabus 
Donna Rae 
Joseph Raeder 
Susan Reinsel 
Sharon Rosen 
Kathi Rowzie 
Timothy Sayles 
Nancy Scales 
Bert Shayte 
Mary Stephens 
Mary Ann Stuart 
Vicki L. Tanner 
John M. Thompson 


(Scholarship and Lcadcrsliip) 

Dana Sue Adler 
Barry S. Auerbach 
Valerie Burgis 
Stephen M. Caplan 
Miriam Carmen 
Julie J. Castro 
Patricia Chappell 
Darryl P. Crystal 
Ronald Deutsch 
Luat Duckcott 
Michael Finitter 
Patrick M. Fisher 
Michael J. Francus 
Orit Frenkel 
Dawn L. Gillas 
Christopher Hayes 
Susan Hayes 
Aimee Himmelman 
Jack Kaufman 
Lori Keesey 
J. HeatherMitchell 
Kathleen A. Neill 
Susan J. Reinsel 
Donald Schmidt 
Terry Lynn Schwartz 
William Eric Schrader 
Lauren Spiro 
Vicki Tanner 
Samuel Witten 
Jane Zivalich 


(National Leadership) 

Dana Adler 
Maryann Bastnagel 
Steven Caplan 
Glenn Chamberlain 
Darryl Crystal 
James Chance 
Michael Finifter 
John Eraser 
Orit Frenkel 
Cynthia Fulton 
Tamatha Gannon 
Richarti Inguanti 
Donald Jackson 
Jack Kaufman 
Lawrence Kirsch 
Philip Livingston 
Elizabeth Loftus 
Louis Magazzu 
Lenore McMullen 
Heather Mitchell 
Stephanie Morns 
Joesph Muffler 
Paul Nahay 
Leigh Pollet 
Christopher Needham 
Aarona Pistiner 
Randall Ratliff 
Susan Reinsel 
Arthur St. Germain 
Amy Schreiber 
Philip Schneider 
Eric Shrader 
Gail Smelkinson 
Christopher Ward 
Samuel Witten 
Jane Zivalich 

(Howe Economics) 

Minnie F. Oring 

MAY 1979 

Barbara Lee Anderson 
Sally Ross Berman 
Angela Martha Blorstad 

Susan P. Brown 
Ellen Jo Cohen 
Laura Doherty 
Paula Judith Goodman 
Nancy Linda Gravitz 
Carol Ann Green 
Joan Taylor MacNab 
Cheryl A. Pepmier 
Deborah Kay Richmon 
Marie Teresa Rogers 
Famah Dorothea Sells 
Lori Ellen Wilder 
Lisa Ann Wilt 
Kathleen Mary York 


(Physical Educational, Recreation 
and Health) 

Evelyn A. Anderson 
Thomas Bachinski 
Christina J. Barnett 
Patricia A. Byrnes 
John Bercaw 
George Bryant 
Donna Calcote 
Diane Chester 
Carol L. Claflin 
Gregory B. Clarke 
Dariene D. Dabbs 
David Depp 
Linda Dixon 
Lori Dvoskin 
Beth Evans 
Laurel A. Fogarty 
Shelley R. Garfield 
Nancy Glass 
Caren S. Goldsmith 
Kimberly Hamilton 
Regina M. Handel 
Claire Hanlein 
James S. Haskell 
Cynthia E. Henesy 
Tammy L. Hiel 
Susan L. Hopman 
Beverly L. Johnson 
Patricia Kavanagh 
Ruth Loube 
Elizabeth P. Mann 


Michelle Mantegna 
Patricia McCready 
Deborah L. McGee 
Elizabeth N. McKenchnie 
Kathleen M. McLaughlin 
Leonore McMulIen 
Sharon A. Meyer 
Michele H. Palenbaum 
Nanc\' Poliachik 
Elizabeth P. Pollack 
Carol P. Quigley 
Sharon Randall 
Carol Reeser 
Kimberly Sargent 
Lola Skolnik 
Kathleen D. Smith 
Toni Snvder 

David Solomon 

Mark Staver 

Janice Tarica 

Carin J. Thall 

Susan Trefry 

Zoe Vette 

Kim Visco 

Robin C. Vivian 

Jane Wannan 


Virginia E. Adams 

Roger J. Allen 

Elizabeth A. Alden 

Brenda A. Bolay 

Mark Cameron 

Michael Concannon 

David Enzler 

Deborah Giauque 

Robbin L. Harris 

Joy Humphrey 

Thomas Jandovitz 

Patricia A. Leppert 

Margaret McEntee 

Freeman Miller 

Melody P. Noland 

Regis Noroski 
Nancy M. O'Hara 
Svea A. Paabo 
Daniel T. Rice 
Robin A. Rosin 
Linda C. Santoro 
Nancy L. Struna 


Elizabeth K. Tanner 
Maria T. Waters 
Llovd Zimet 


(Liberal Arts) 

Phillip Edward Agre* 

Monica Lvnn Agree 

Barrv Seth Auerbach* 

Michael Maurice Blank 

Joan Jaye Britt 

Valerie Gwenn Burgis 

Julie Josephine Castro* 

Armelle Jacqueline Francoise Clark 

Sidney Allen Connor 

Paula Louise Crawford* 

James Emmett Croker, Jr. 

Leslie Joan Czubek 

Laraine Danes 

Naomi Carol Woolf Davis 

Elizabeth Joan Debelius 

Mary Elizabeth Deily* 

Grace Hannah Depp 

Anne Catherine Desautels 

Karen Lvnn Ehrlich* 

Francis William Farley 

Allan Lee Fink 

Kathleen Ellen Finn 

Regina Louise Fitzpatrick 

Erwin Leonard Fleisher 

Orit Frenkel 

Neil Barrv- Friedman 

Patricia Elaine Ganey 

Marcia Jean Gartrell 

Michele Ida Gelboin 

Mark Christian Glander 

Robert Leonard Goldberg 

Barbara Gail Golden 

Gerard Clement Higgins* 

Aimee Eva Himmelman 

Judith Ellen Hittman 

Adelheid Kupka Hohenstein 

Karl Henry Hoover 

Brett Fenhagen Hunt 

Carl Anthony Jackson 

Janet Lee Jones 

Mervi Lea Kahle 

Matthew James King 

Sharon Marlene King 

Lawrence Glenn Kirsch* 
Andv Kliman 
Paula L. Koval* 
Eric Scott Kracov 
Michele Eileen Lane* 
Marv Denise Lashbaugh 
Dean Jeffrey Layman* 
Alan Robertson Lehman* 
Jeffrev Bruce Lehrer 
Benjamin E. Levi* 
Barbara S. Lewis 
Rosemarv Lee McCabe 
Kath\' Marie McCarty 
Henry Donald McGlade, Jr. 
Robert Christopher McNally* 
Lorenzo A. Mejia 
Sherrie Alison Meyer* 

DaMd Charles Mielke 

Allan Ja\' Mindel 

Wend\' jov Miller* 

J. Heather Mitchell* 

David Christopher Mullen 

Christopher Eric Needham 

Catherine Elaine Normandy 

Lauren Marie O'Connell 

Christopher Michael O'Connor* 

Diane Carol O'Neill* 

Carol Ann Papish 

Michael Joel Pomerantz 

Randall Wayne Quinn 

Audrey Alice Reid 

Daniel Jay Sandhaus 

Karen Lee Sangren 

Barry Wayne Sawtelle 

Steven Kenneth Seigel 

Miriam Elena Serafini 

Erika Schneyer 

Janet Wanda Schultz 

Anva Shevchenko-Mason 

William Eric Shrader 

John Phillip Senko 

Isolde Zephvrina Spiegel 

Mindy Beth'Statter 

Irene Brenda Straus* 

Kevin James Swanson 

Ellen Aviva Sweet 

Gloria Jean Switalski 

Regina Valerie Sylto 

Christeen Erin Tavlor 

Susan Tibolla 
James Glen Titus 
Robert Anthonv Tobin 
Natasha K. Truran 
Samuel Marc Witten 
Wayne Alan Wright 



FALL 1978 
Thomas Albright 
Elizabeth Allen 
Susan E. Allison-Tolan 
Vicki Alpern 
Antoinette Alsheimer 
Richard Amster 
Michael Stewart Archer 
Eli Argon 
Jeanne M. Arlotta 
Gail L. Armstrong 
Margaret Rebecca Ayanian 
David Banfer 
Ann Elizabeth Barclay 
Sharon Leigh Barger 
Ralph U. Barreira 
Linda Diane Barrett 
Michael G. Barrett 
Denise M. Battistone 
David P. Bell 
William David Berry 
Albert Joseph Bidwick, III 
Kerr\' Mark Blackman 
Richard E. Blankenship 
Jodine Robin Bloom 
Angela M. Blorstad 
Patricia J. Bolin 
Shirlev Mae Bourguignon 
Peter George Brassard 
Valerie Gwenn Burgis 
Patricia Louise Burkness 
Richard Hay Buxton 
Barbara A. Calure 
Theresa A. Cancro 
Steven Matthew Caplan 
George Andrew Carras 
Kathleen R. Carter 
Michal George Chaconas 
Steven Charles Chandler 
Lee Alan Clair 

* asterisk denotes members elected as juniors in 1978 

ElayneG. Ciift 
Jacqueline S. Coberly 
Laura J. Colcord 
Keith Glynn Cook 
Michael Edward Corbett 
Eileen S. Cowel 
Karl T. Craton 
Paula L. Crawford 
Margery Jane Crites 
James Emmett Croker, Jr. 
Ann Jacob Danzi 
Kevin Eugene Davis 
Elizabeth Joan Debelius 
Mary Elizabeth Deily 
Thomasa S. de Los Reyes 
Ronald S. Deutsch 
Jill Carol Dreizen 
Robert James Durbin 
Bruce Carl Eddy 
Betty Isabel Nieto de Edgell 
Nazer Alan Egelanian 
Steven L. Einig 
Mark F. Eisenberg 
Marcie Lynn Eppel 
Marjorie E. Epple 
Krista Lee Eyler 
Joseph Mario Fabiano 
Margaret Inez Federighi 
Laura Marie Fike 
Alan Fink 
Paul Matthew Fink 
Mitchell Alan Fishbein 
Edward F. Fisher 
Erwin Fleisher 
Mary Joanna Fleming 
Henry D. Floyd, Jr. 
John Neil Fox, Jr. 
George C. Frazier 
Neal 1. Freedam 
Judith Rose Freinberg 
Alan M. Friedman 
Neil Barry Friedman 
Daniel Walter Fronic 
Kathleen Rita Frost 
Mary BetHna Garbern 
Marcia J. Gartrell 
Douglas Jay Gasworth 
Charles J. Gay 
Nancy C. Glass 

Barbara Gail Golden 
Barry Allen Goldfarb 
Karen Ann Goldstein 
Arthur P. Gonsalves 
Cynthia Goodenough-Lang 
Patricia Anne Graham 
Katherine M. Graziano 
Thomas J. Greco 
Susan D. Green 
Martha Wrenn Gregg 
Daniel Grobani 
Cathy Anne Gugliotta 
Roberta Zipper Gunod 
Richard Jay Hackerman 
Carol Hagan 
Sharon Hayes Hagan 
Michael Stephen Hagye 
Sheryl J. Hauer 
Kim Haupt 
Richard M. Haupt 
Alice Ellen Heim 
Mary Ann Helget 
Deborah Rose Hereford 
Wendy Jo Himes 
Jean Lillian Hoffman 
Lenora A. Holland 
Elaine Joyce Howard 
Sarah Lee Huffman 
Jeffrey Hull 
Bruce Conard Hunt 
Melissa F. Jaffe 
Eric Michael James 
Wanda Lynn Jenkins 
Merrie L. Jensen 
Ann Alease Jerkins 
Thomas Jochum 
Judy Jonason Johnson 
Lina Dyanne Johnson 
Christopher C. Judy 
Nancy S. Kahaner 
Meryl Lea Kahle 
Therese M. Kane 
Amy Joan Kantor 
Mitchell Andrew Karman 
Howard Mark Kaufer 
Catherine Sue Kemper 
Sally B. Kera 
Sharon Marlene King 
Steven Thomas King 

Lawrence G. Kirsch 
Susan Joy Klein 
Joyce N. Knoblett 
Beth Marcey Kolodner 
Linda Beth Kopit 
Audrey Thc)na Kcirotkin 
Eric Kracov 
Nancy Patricia Krall 
Stuart Lee Kramer 
Dean Andrew Krimmel 
John Joseph Kuchno 
Donal William Kunaniec 
Alan Robertson Lehman 
Jeffrey B. Lehrer 
Lindsey Lee Lester 
Joan Hilary Lewis 
Maria T. Libertini 
Miles R. Lichtman 
Toni S. Lifshotz 
Lisa Rachelle Lowe 
Sheri Jayne Lowe 
Mitchell Alan Luchansky 
Eric Jay Lunchick 
Lillian Lurie 
Ly Luu 

Anthony C. Lyddane 
Claude E. Magnuson 
CoUen Mahoney 
Gail Ellen Mandell 
Charles Jay Marder 
Cynthia Lynn Martin 
Patricia A. Mathias 
Mathy Marie McCarty 
Sandra McCawley 
Marlis Carol McCollum 
Sean R. McCorkle 
Margaret E. McFadden 
Laura Nance Mcintosh 
Roberta A. McMasfer 
Christina M. McMullen 
Rosa Menkes 
Sherree Alison Meyer 
Fran E. Miller 
Mary Gayle Miller 
Steven T. Miller 
Wendy J. Miller 
J. Heather Mitchell 
Janet L. Mitchell 
Shelby F. Mitchell 

Jeffrey D. Mollerick 

Rosemary Morley 

Steve Z. Morris 

Deborah Louise Moyer 

Michael Edward Mueller 

Joseph M. Muffler 

Donald Arthur Munford 

Marsha Namoski 

Sandra Jean Nee 

Nadine Lynn Nivera 

Lauren Marie O'Connell 

Christopher M. O'Conner 

Minnie F. Oring 

John Russell Osburn 

Theresa Lynn Osterman 

Carol A. Papish 

Elizabeth A. Parenteau 

Leslie G. Parsons 

Diana Patrick 

Rhona Sue Paul 

Jodi Lorraine Peake 

Cheryl A. Pepmeier 

Julie B. Pitts 

Angela Poole Baldwin 

Patricia Foster Porter 

Richard E. Preston 

Randall W. Quinn 

Jackwelyn R. Raley 

Gary R. Ratcliff 

Randi F. Reichel 

Catherine Nancy Richardson 

Cynthia Louise Riemer 

Sharon Ruth Rosen 

John Peter Ross 

Kimberly S. Ruppersberger 

John Peter Sabonis, Jr. 

Ronald N. Sakamoto 

Karen Lee Sangren 

Marlene A. Sathre 

Lynn Susan Sawdye 

Cathy A. Schneider 

Janet W. Schultz 

Amy B. Schwartz 

Terry Lynn Schwartz 

Katherine Weiss Schwartzberg 

Famah Dorothea Sells 

Mary Muehlmann Sesso 

Dina Eve Sheinman 

Patrick John Sheriden 


Alex M. Siegel 
Sheila Dale Simpson 
Karyn G. Skidmore 
John Walter Smith 
Stephanie Bursenus Smith 
Valerie Ann Smith 
Steven Allen Solomon 
Isolde Zephyrina Spiegel 
Lynn Stanton 
Mindv Beth Statter 
Kim Denise Steele 
Irene Brenda Straus 
Anthonv Subrizi 
Jungpil Sul 
George Sullivan 
Richard T. Surosky 
Grace Elizabeth Swan 
Ellen Aviva Sweet 
Jeff Sweet 

Regina Valerie Sylto 
Richard M. Tabor 
Pham Trong Thang 
Susan Tibolla 
Natasha Kurinij Truran 
Elizabeth Ann Vadnais 
Lois B. Valladares 
Ingrid Jovce Van Hessen 

Donna CasSandra Lee Walton 

Catherine Sue Teresa Wang 

Allan L. Waters 

Patricia Katherine Watts 

Barbara Gail Weichert 

Christine L. Weisiger 

Michelle Lynne Weiss 

Steven M. W'elp 

Kim Steven West 

Ruth A. Weyel 

Jay Whitman 

Lori Ellen Wilder 

Lisa Ann Wilt 

James E. Wolf 

Robert Alan Wolfe, Jr. 

Susan Camille Wolski 

Virginia Rae Wolz 

Kendrick Wong 

Edward P. Wood, Jr. 

Jacqueline Ann Wood 

Namomi Carol Woolf 

Wayne Alan Wright 

Kathleen M. York 
Vicki Jean Zell 
Christine K. Zeman 
Cynthia Kaye Zorn 


SPRING 1979 

Paul D. Addis 

Monica Lynn Agree 

Donn William Ahearn 

Elizabeth Ann Albert" 

Janet G. Aldrich 

Deborah A. Allen 

Patricia Jeanne Allen 

Roger J. Allen" 

Russell B. Allen""* 

Nancy Leigh Anders 

Evelyn A. Anderson 

Martha S. Anderson** 

Donna Layton Arbogast 

Nina Zahavi Argon 

Kathleen Asbacher 

Janet L. Athey 

Barrv Seth Auerbach 

Robert H. August 

Abdejlil Aved** 

Richard Allan Baker" 

Elizabeth K. Balcher-Kubiczek" 

Maxine L. Barish 

Joanne Susan Bassan 

Stephen Michael Beaslev** 

Ina S. Bechhoefer** 

Betty Beckley-Styers** 

Brenda Lee Beitzell 

Sondra Rae Belveal 

Judith Copper Beman 

Brian Gary Bennett 

Marjorie J. Bennett 

Ira Alan Benzion 

John Clark Bergstrom 

Sally Ross Berman 

Andrea Clare Bestul 

Christine Bierce 

Edward Bird** 

Lynn Marcie Birken 

Bruce H. Biskin** 

Bernard P. Bogdan, Jr. 

Maryanne Bozarth Bongiovani* 

Edward B. Boorstein** 

Michael W. Borges 

Ruth Borsos 

Philip Andrew Boycan 

Sandra Wright Bracken** 

Louise Marie Brophy 

Gordon Michael Brown 

Bonnie J. Brune** 

Thelma J. Bryan** 

Elmo L. Bumgarner 

Elisa Delores Campos 

Jeffrev M. Carolla 

Michael D. Carter 

Mark L. Casner** 

Kenneth James Gathers 

Erna R. Chapman***** 

David Mark Charvonia** 

Wendv Louise Child** 

Zayne Sherrill Cline 

Carmivah Cohen 

Jean Cohen** 

Michael Allen Cohen 

Dennis Michael Couture** 

Gretchen Carole Crabill 

Darryl P. Crystal 

Agnes Walsh Cuddihy** 

Diane L. Cunningham** 

Karen L. Cvr 

Julie Nasser Daberkow** 

Rebecca Lynne Darnell 

Janice L. Davidson" 

Kathryn Ann Davis 

William Wescott Davis** 

Fr. Michael Pierre De Bleecker* 

Lynn Therese DePont 

Grace Hannah Depp 

Kathy Holmes Dexter** 

Basil G. Dezes 

Christine S. Dillon 

Laura E. Dohertv 

Stanley J. Drazek*"" 

Janet C. Eberhardt 

Larrv B. Edelstein 

Elinor Eden** 

Marv Ann Edwards 

Barbara L. Effron** 

Caroline Keith Ehlers** 

Ursula M. Ehrhardt" 

Wilson H. Elkins***" 

Barbara Anastos Elliott** 

Ravmonde Emsellem 

Kathleen Wells Farley** 

Thomas Edward Fenstermacher** 

Barbara J. Ferrenz 

Dennis K. Fitzgerald** 

Regina Fitzpatrick 

Kathleen M. Flvnn 

Leslie Gail Forgosh 

Brian K. Foster 

Michael Jamie Francus 

Paul Henry Franz 

Ethan J. Friedman 

Judy Lynne Friz** 

Cvnthia Lvnn Fulton 

Edith Y. Furst 

Sarolta E. Fury 

Susan Ann Gaffney 

Patricia Elaine Ganev 

Christiane Gangi 

Deborah Garfinkel 

Lindsay R. Garland 

Gene Meredith Garner 

Dawn Marie Gifford 

Dale Stephen Gilstrap 

Arfuro Rafael Giron** 

Allen Jay Goldberg" 

Lori Roehll Goodridge 

Matthew S. Goodwin 

Norma Wyllis Goodwin 

Paula Elizabeth Gottemoller 

Robert W. Gorman 

Samuel Gorovitz**** 

Robert Eugen Gover, Jr. 

Lee Perdval Grant**** 

Carol Ann Green 

Lonnie Mark Greenblatt 

Jean Gaumnitz Gruber** 

Elizabeth G. Haberman 

Carolvn Rae Hack 

Richard A. Hale 

Chester Gordon Hall, III** 

Timothv G. Halverson** 

Patricia' B. Hans** 

Jeffrey John Harding 

Ann D. Harris** 

David Lincoln Harris 

Gerald Gregory Hartshorn** 

Anne Harvey 


Delores S. Harvey** 
Kevin Michael Hassett 
Albin L. Hawkins 
W. John Havden** 
Jeffrey R. Hayes** 
Lynne Binder Hazard** 
Julie Kathrvn Heath 
Frederick J. Hebdon** 
Patricia Plaza Heeney** 
Paul J. Heldenbrand 
Maryen Herrett** 
Richard Eugen Hess, 
Linda Anna Hicks 
Joan Martin Hildebrand** 
Regina Marv Hildwine** 
Aimee Himmelman 
Judith Ellen Hittman 
William M. Hocking** 
Robert Ravmond Hoehn** 

Linda Christine Hoelk 

Mark Edward Hoffman 

Diane S. Horowitz 

Mary Ellen Hoy** 

Andrew Hsiao 

Robert Yu-Jen Hsiao 

Brett Fenhagen Hunt 

Gerard Felix lacangelo 

Natalia Maria Iwaskiw 

F. Alice Jack*** 

Thomas S. Jaffee 

Thomas Charles Jedrey 

Allyson Jaye Johnson 

Beverly Whitehead Johnson 

Cheryl E. Johnson 

Joseph R. Johson, Jr. 

Frederick Lawson Jones** 

Lisa Joy 

Marion J. Jovce 

Patricia Anne Joyce** 

David J. Kahan 

Joseph Anthony Kaiser, Jr. 

Elizabeth Hoffman Kaminsky 

Carolyn L. Karcher** 

Andrew T. Kaufman 

Sharon P. Keefe 

Willard G. Keller 

Kathleen Patricia Kephart 

Majduddin Khairy** 

William Kilpatrick** 

Gail L. King 

Matthew James King 

Amna Kirmani 

Stephen Michael Kitsoulis 

James R. Klima 

Marv Koles 

Marielena Kolker** 

Kathleen M. Krivak 

Michele Kuruc 

Norman C. Laffer***** 

Laura Gail Lambright 

Debra Lee Lange** 

David Gerard LaRoche 

Stephen A. Latter 

Paul James Lavin 

Debi Kuhas Lederer** 

James Brian Lederer** 

Florence Jones Leonard** 

Susan R. Levi 

Antonia Patrizio Levinson** 

Joann M. Lew 

H. A. Li** 

Helena Light** 

Cheryl Virginia Liss 

Constance A. Locraft** 

Mary Jane Loehr 

Karen M. Lombardi 

Deborah Fletcher Longino 

Scott Lubell 

Lvnn Merrill Ludmer 

Sock-Foon Chew MacDougall** 

Sandra L. MacEwen 

Elizabeth Kimball MacLean** 

Patricia J. Madara 

Jane Ellen Madie 

Louis Neil Magazzu 

Edward M. Magin** 

Carol B. Maher 

Marisa Ann Mansueti 

Margaret Hundlev Maring** 

Margaret A. Marconi 

Daniel Marder 

Shirley S. Markowitz 

Deborah Marie Marks 

Becky Sue Marshall 

Robert H. Martin, Jr.** 

Virginia E. Martin 

Margaret Ann Maruca 

Perry Lee Masden 

Pamela Mavo 
Barbara A. McCardell** 
David H. McCuUoh** 
Margaret Aurelia McEntee* 
Kathi McGann 
Barbara Anne McKenna 
Lorenzo A. Mejia 
Susan Leigh Merrill 
Jody Beth Meyers** 
Mona Michaels** 
David C. Mielke 
Diana Brigitte Miller 
Harris L. Miller** 
Sally Ann Miller 
Scott Dexter Millirons 
Mary Margaret Milne 
Allan Jay Mindel 
Susan C. Minfz 
Julie Ann Moore 
D. T. Morgan, ]r.***»» 
Arlen Morris-Doran** 
Kenneth Robert Morrow 
Beverly Ann Morse 
Raymond G. Mullady 
Helen Burke Mullin** 
Diane G. Musser 
Lethe A. Myers** 
Paul Lawrence Nahay 
Philip J. Napier 
Clifford Leon Nelson**** 
Marva Nesbit-Jett** 
Leslie Ann Noon 
Patricia A. O'Brien 
Sharon O'Neil 
Jon David Ozment 
Yung J. Park 
Sally Lister Parker** 
Martha Jo Wagner Paris 
Anna Beth Payne** 
Diana Otvlia Perkins 
Christine Phelan 
Tsai-yun Phillips 
Dianna Marie Pierce** 
John Portz***** 
Sixta T. Pret 
James W. Pritchett 
Suan M. Provost 
Michael Arthur Pulver 
Melvin H. Raff** 

Meredith S. Ramsay 
Esther M. Ratner 
Michael J. Raupp** 
Jeffrey L. Rhody 
Clzire A. Rockwell 
Charlene Lynch Rogers** 
Marie Teresa Rogers 
Susan Rosenthal 
Margaret Ann Ross** 
Howard Rovelstad***** 
Madeline Rowan 
Kathrvn Michele Rowe 
Marsha Schochet Ruck 
Carol Baker Schaake 
Ira Steven Sachs 
Kathleen Salopek** 
Anastasia Savvas Samaras** 
Robert Sanabria** 
Julian J. Sanchez 
Martin Serle Schugam** 
Jeremy S. Schuhmann 
Beate'A. Schulz** 
Nancy Lynn Schuster 
William A. Scally, 111** 
Timothy Sears 
Robyn Lesley Seaton 
Steven K. Seigel 
Nancy Mildred Setzer** 
Nancy L. Sevitski 
Jacquelyn Shackleford 
Deborah Julia Sherman** 
Patricia J. Shomper 
Martin Jay Shuham 
Julia C. Sibley 
Jean Marsha Silverman 
Ellen M. Sirkis** 
Gerald J. Siu 

Donald Ravmond Skinner 
Francine Smith 
Kathleen Dale Smith 
Ravmond Douglas Smith 
Rosalind B. Smith** 
W. Leland Smith 
Shirley Claire Sorensen*** 
Stephen Lowell Spector 
Dianne Jean Stiles** 
Kevin James Swanson 
David M. Sweet 
Preston A. Sweet 


Elizabeth Sabina SztuT* 

Elizabeth Kay Tanner" 

Victoria L. Tanner 

Patricia A. Teleska 

Marie Jeanne Temple 

Gerald J. Tesauro' 

David C. Theison" 

Gray B. Thompson (Sp.78) 

Michael Wellington Todd 

Russell S. Travers" 

Susan P. Trefrv 

Paul Michael fully 

Marcia Maria Vandermause* 

William D. Vanko 

David M. Van Wie* 

John M. Vanyur** 

Louise F. Wachsmuth 

David B. Waghelstein 

Daniel MacLean Wagner 

Christopher D. Wagnon 

Marianne Walch 

Mark Allan Walker 

John Rogers Wallace 

Beverly A. Watts 
Jodi Beth Weinstein 

Carolvn Fales Wesner 

Thomas Staffeld Wheeler 

Amv Lea Whihng 

lanice L. Williams 

Mary S. Willis 

Janith llene Winkler 

Kenneth D. Witmer, Jr." 

Caroline E. Wood 

Teresa S. Woodsum 

Valerie A. Woolston"* 

Elizabeth U. Zang 

Valarie Ann Zeithaml** 

Robin Laura Zimelman 

Jan M. Zimmerman 

Mindy Ann Zitner** 

Carol A. Zuckerman 

Dorothy J. Zukor" 

Outstanding juniors 

Graduate students 





(Floriculture and Ornamental 

FALL 1978 

Nancy Louise Bauman 

Barbara Burch 

Ruth Lee Dix 

Karen E. Englund 

Helene Gude 

Marv E. Koles 

John Koster 

Virginia Carol Moller Licala 

Susan C. Measell 

Nancy A. Pfeil 

Christopher J. Pope 

Wanda Johnson Privot 

Jacqueline K. Y. Lee Ralya 

Stephen O. Shifflett 

Joyce L. Stifler 

Deborah Stricklett 

Jeffrey T. Waters 

SPRING 1979 
Carol Ann Auer 
Carol E. Belz 
Marcia 1. Biber 
Mark C. Canfield 
Carla Alberta Faustini 
Pauline Jones Fratantoni 
Lori J. Graunke 
Joan F. Kennedy 
Patricia A. Lawrey 
Linda L. Mansell 
Kimberly D. Mason 
Nancy J. Meinecke 
Laura Michel 
Thomas H. Miller 
Martin M. Moskowitz 
Thomas L. Mroz, Jr. 
Janet Louise Mummert 
Robin B. Powichroski 
Walter Kent Slovvinski 
Neil Alan Weinstein 
Stephen Joseph Whittaker 



Denise Battistone 

Stanley Orin Cornett 
Gar\' Dinn 
James Holloway 
Marjorie Huffman Lee 
Elizabeth Maisonpierre 
Paul Nahay 
Susan Wagner 


iPotitical Science) 

Ralph U. Barreira 
David H. Boul 
Steven L. Einig 
Merle B. Feldbaum 
Michael J. Francus 
Lonne Greenblatt 
Linda C. Hill 
Julie P. Jennings 
Howard Kaufer 
Jeff Krasney* 
Jeffrey B. Lehrer 
Matthew N. Lupsha 
Robert C. McNally 
Scott D. Millirons 
Linda S. Mittyng 
Thomas Nunemaker 
Samuel M. Wittens 


(College of Business and 

Elizabeth M. Dobson 
Brian A. Hawkins 
Donald W. Magee 
Ellen M. Tabershaw 
Gail A. Wiesner 



Jolie Ancel 
William D. Berry 
Kimberly Brandenburg 
Julie J. Castro 
Susan A. Coulston 
Mindy L. Donchin 
Nancy J. Fogg 

M. Gary Greenbaum 
Thomas J. Hittinger 
Eric B. Ingersoll 
Melissa F. Jaffe 
Cynthia Lee 
Alan R. Lehman 
Lisa A. Le Vine 
Joann M. Levy 
Sharon K. Ludwig 
Diane J. Maisonpierre 
Thomas V. Martin 
Larry Mc Call 
Susan C. Mintz 
John W. Naas 
Michelle Prebilic 
Howard E. Rubin 
Jeanne E. Ryder 
Josie A. Seidman 
Alex M. Siegel 
Marc K. Sloane 
Lauren J. Spiro 
Lee H. Steinberg 
Jarvia L. Taylor 
Kathryn Kostin Weston 
Mark W. Wuori 


(Fire Protection Engineering) 

John R. Cochrane 
Laurence E. Fisher 
David W. Frable 
Richard J. Hild 
Sharon M. Istvan 
WiUiam E. Koffel, Jr. 
Joseph W. Levesque 
David A. Moore 
David W. Owen 
Duane L. Rehmeyer 
David M. Walencewicz 
Kim S. West 



Michael Sylva 

Paula Crawford 
Laurie Del Castillo 
Susan Gaffney 


Dec. 1978 

Allen Mirdal 
Kathleen Frost 
Ilsa Gonzalez 
Robbin Pollack 
Stuart Sibil 

Michael Schuarzenberg 
Jackie Coberlv 
Ronald Sakamoto 



Norman C. Bartelt 
Scott H. Clearwater 
Toren Finkel 
John D. Perego\' 


Academic and 
Special Awards 

A. S. Abell Company 
Foundation Scholarships of 
$500 each to outstanding 
Journalism students; donated 
by the Baltimore Sun 
Au'ardt'd to: 

Janet Anderson 

Donna Arbogast 

Peter Cookin 

Christine Shipman 

Aerospace Engineering 
Departments Academic 
Achievement Award is 
presented to the graduating 
senior in the Department of 
Aerospace Engineering who 
has attained the highest overall 
academic average: 
Awarded to: 

Michael A. Metzger 

The Agricultural Alumni Award 
is presented to a senior who 
during his or her college career 
contributed most toward the 
advancement of the College of 
Awarded to: 

Mary Margaret Walls 

Agricultural Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Senior Award is presented to a 
senior in Agriculture 
Engineering on the basis of 
scholastic performance, 
participation in the ASAE 
National Student Branch and 
other extracurricular activities. 
Awarded to: 

Martin D. Walther 

Alcoa Foundation Scholarship 
Awards of 5750 are given to 
outstandmg students majoring 
in mechanical engineering, civil 
engineering, electrical 
engineering and fire protection 
Awarded to: 

Byron Briese 

James R. Beller 

Alcoa Foundation Traffic 
Scholarship. An award of $750 
to an outstanding junior 
student majoring in 
Transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Aivarded to: 

William Arthur Reinike 

The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is 
awarded annually by the Alpha 
Rho Chi fraternity for 
architecture and the allied 
professions to a graduating 
student of architecture who has 
made a disHnctive contribution 
to school life, embodying the 
ideals of professional service 
and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

James T. Cummings, Jr. 

Alpha Zeta Medal to the 
student in the College of 
Agriculture with the highest 
scholastic average at the end of 
his/her freshman year. 
Aivarded to: 

Eric Alan Wilsnack 

The AlA Certificate is awarded 
annually by the American 
Institute of Architects to a 
graduating student of 
Architecture for academic 
Awarded to: 

James T. Cummings, Jr. 

The AlA Medal is awarded 
annually by the American 
Institute of Architects to a 
graduating student of 
Architecture for outstanding 
overall academic achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Harvey H. Heyser, III 

Recipients of the American 
Association of University 
Women Award are: 

Sofia Merajver-Siguel 

Doctor of Philosophv 

Physics Program 

Shirley Tina Fleischmann 

Master of Science 

Mechancial Engineering 

American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Outstanding Achievement 
Award is presented to the 
student who has made the 
most outstanding contribution 
through scholarship and service 
to the student branch. 
Awarded to: 

Donald W. Ausherman 

Amencan Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Chairman's Certificate is 
presented to the branch 
chairman in recognition of 
service and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Miguel J. Ramos 

American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Scholarship Improvement 
Award is presented to the 
senior in Aerospace 
Engineering who has made the 
greatest improvement in 
scholarship from the junior 
year to the senior year. 
Awarded to: 

Daniel L. Bailey 

American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers Professional 
Achievement Award is 
presented by the National 
Capital Section to an 
outstanding senior chemical 
engineering student. 
Awarded to: 
Jan Scopel 

American Nuclear Society 
Student Chapter Award 
(donated by Potomac Electric 
Power Co.) is presented to a 
senior in the Nuclear 
Engineering Program in 
recognition of scholastic 
achievement and contribution 
to the student chapter. 
Axoarded to: 

David Lee Watkins 

American Society for Teshng 
and Materials Student Award is 
given in recognition of the 
demonstrated interest and 
meritorious work in the courses 
related to the activihes of the 
American Society for Teshng 
and Materials. 
Axoarded to: 

Jon N. Woodfield 

Martin A. Mayer 


American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers' Student 
Honor Award is presented by 
the national society in 
recognition of conspicuous 
student activity. 
Awarded to: 

Martin D. Walther 

American Society of Agronomy 
Award to the outstanding 
senior graduating in Agronomy 
who has demonstrated superior 
scholarship, leadership 
activities and personal traits. 
Awarded to: 

Carolyn Nader 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Maryland Section 
Award is presented to a 
student member for 
outstanding service to the 
chapter and for demonstrated 
interest in extracurricular 
Awarded to: 

Ralph P. Wheeler, Jr. 

Gary L. Wilhide 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Award is presented to a senior 
member for outstanding 
scholastic attainment and for 
significant service to the 
Aicarded to: 

Donald B. Lambrechts 

American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers Senior Award is 
presented to the senior member 
who has contributed most to 
the local chapter. 
Aivarded to: 
Carol Pritzlaff 

Anne Arundel County 
Volunteer Firemen's 
Association Grant. This tuition 
and fees grant is awarded to a 
student who will enroll in the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Engineering. This award is 
normally for four years. 
Aivarded to: 

Christopher A. Blades 

Mark S. Lorenz 

The Appleman-Norton 
Scholarship Award to a senior 
major in recognition of 
excellence in Botany. 
Awarded to: 

Patrick Timothy Bell 

Award for Excellence in the 
Study of Spanish. 
Awarded to: 
Leo B. Vadala 

Awards for Excellence in 
Teaching Spanish. 
Aivarded to: 

Clara Pinzon de Ricur 

Hilda L. Wilson 

Baltimore County Volunteer 
Firemen's Association Grant. 
This tuition and fees grant is 
awarded to a student who will 
enroll in Fire Protection 
Engineering. This award is 
normally for four years. 
Aivarded to: 

Evan E. Stauffer, Jr. 

David C. Martini 

Duane Rehmeyer 

Harold R. W. Benjamin 


Aivarded to: 

Francisco Ruiz 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince 
Georges County Book Awards 
for Excellence in Hebrew 
Aivarded to: 

Margaretha Antonelli 

Emily Hofmann 

Randi Kobren 

Marge Kranz 

llene Markbreiter 

Annick Menache 

Sandra Nebb 

Henry Sheitelman 

Sherry Silver 

Miriam Stern 

Yael Traum 

Ruth Wagonheim 

B'nai Zion Book Awards for 
Hebrew Studies. 
Awarded to: 

Carmiyah Cohen 

Risa Feingold 

Joseph Gamson 

Iris Gross 

Flora Kahme 

H. C. Byrd Citizenship Prize. 
Presented annually to the 
outstanding senior male who 
has typified the model student 
and contributed significantly to 
student interests and concerns. 
Aivarded to: 

Lawrence G. Kirsch 

Sally Sterling Byrd Citizenship 
Prize: Presented annually to the 
outstanding female who has 
typified the model student and 
contributed significantly to 
student interests and concerns. 
Awarded to: 
Linda C. Hill 

The Margaret C. Carthy Prize is 
awarded annually to the 
graduating General Studies 
student who most exemplifies 
the goals of scholarship, 
creativity in program design, 
and commitment to the goals of 
General Studies. 
Aivarded to: 

Robert S. Holland 

College of Human Ecology 
Alumni Chapter presented 
Recognition Awards to 
outstanding students in each 

Family and Community 
Aivarded to: 

Paula Judith Goodman, 

Outstanding Senior 
Thomas S. Berg, 
Returning Student 

Food, Nutrition & Institution 


Awarded to: 

Paula Markiewicz, 

Self-supporting Student 

Housing and Applied Design 
Aivarded to: 

Georgeanna Lotz, 

Outstanding Senior 
Myrtie Mae Cummins, 

Returning Student 
Sally R. Berman, 

Special Departmental 

Textiles and Consumer 


Awarded to: 

Maria Panagos, 

Outstanding Senior 
Susan Brown, 

Self-supporting Student 
Famah Sells, 

Special Departmental 


The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during 
the last year. 
Awarded to: 

Daniel E. Terlizzi, Jr. 

Dean's Award is presented to a 
student chosen by the Dean of 
the College of Engineering. The 
criteria for the selection are at 
the Dean's discretion and may 
vary from year to year. 
Awarded to: 

Michael M. Welsh 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food 
Association Scholarship to a 
student who has shown a 
versatile background and an 
active interest in agronomy and 
soil fertility work deserving of 
Awarded to: 

Thomas A. Troeschel 

Delmarva Traffic Club 
Scholarship. An award of $500 
to an outstanding junior or 
senior student, preferably from 
the Eastern Shore of Maryland, 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Paul James Bergdolt 

Delta Nu Alpha, Chesapeake 
Chapter No. 23 Scholarship. 
An award of $300 to an 
outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland chapter 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Brian A. Hawkins 

Delta Nu Alpha, Washington 
Chapter No. 84 Scholarship. 
An award of $450 to an 
outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland chapter 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Carmelo Roman-Quinones 

Delta Sigma Pi (national 
professional fraternity in 
business and commerce) 
Scholarship Key. Awarded to 
the senior with the highest 
overall scholastic average in the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Richard Evan Yoffee 

The District of Columbia 
Institute of Chemists Student 
Award is presented to a senior 
majoring in Chemical 
Engineering on the basis of 
demonstrated qualities of 
leadership, ability, character, 
and scholastic achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Carroll 

Wilson H. Elkins Leadership 
Award: Presented annually to 
the senior who displayed 
outstanding leadership and 
involvement and promoted 
student interests and concerns. 
(First time award has been 
Awarded to: 

Samuel M. Witten 

Engineering Alumni College 
Service Award is presented to a 
senior in the College of 
Engineering for outstanding 
scholarship and service to the 
College of Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas A. Jochum 

Engineering Alumni Student 
Achievement Award is 
presented bv the Engineering 
Alumni to tfie graduating 
senior who has most 
successfully combined 
proficiencv in the student's 
major field of study with 
achievements in the social 
sciences and humanities. 
Awarded to: 

Sharon K. Mishler 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding 
Senior Award is presented to a 
senior in Electrical Engineering 
for outstanding scholastic 
achievement and service to the 
society and department. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas A. Jochum 

Factory Mutual Awards. 
Scholarship awards for 
distinguished academic 
achievement in Fire Protection 
Aivarded to: 

David A. Moore 

Sharon M. Istvan 

Robert Andrews 

William E. Koffel, Jr. 

James M. Feld 

Edward B. Douberly 

David M. Walencewicz 

Daniel L. Arnold 

The Frank J. Fee, Jr. Award. A 
memorial award sponsored by 
the National Fire Protection 
Association with a full 
scholarship to an outstanding 
student selected by the faculty 
of the Department of Fire 
ProtecHon Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

John R. Cochrane 

Financial Executives Institute, 1 
Baltimore Chapter Award. An 
award to the outstanding senior 
student in Accounting and 
Finance in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Steven Robert Bonacci 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of the 
Maryland State Golf 
Association to students in 
Agronomy displaying academic 
proficiency, participation in 
extracurricular activities, and 
who have an active interest in 
golf turf work. 
Awarded to: 

William D. Harmon, 111 

Michael R. Hermann 

Robert S. Peregoy 

Susan L. Robinson 

William D. Royer, Jr. 

The James Douglass Goddard 
Memorial Medal to a male and 
female student who are native 
residents of Prince George's 
County and have demonstrated 
outstanding scholastic 
achievements and scholarly 
Awarded to: 

Margaret L. Moyer 
Christopher M. O'Connor 


The Charles B. Hale Dramatic 
Award to the two members of 
the senior class who have done 
the most for the advancement 
of dramatics at the University. 
Awarded to: 

Richard S. Inguanti 

Daniel M. Wagner 

The P. Arne Hansen Memorial 
Award is given to the 
outstanding senior in 
Departmental Honors in 
Axi'ardcd to: 

Jacqueline S. Coberly 

Haskins and Sells Foundation 
Fellowship Award. An award 
of $3,500 to an outstanding 
doctoral student in Accounting 
in the College of Business and 
Aumrdcd to: 

Darlene G. Coarts 

William Randolph Hearst 
Fellowship and Scholarship to 
outstanding senior graduate 
student in History. 
Awarded to: 

Patricia Cooper 

William Randolph Hearst 
Foundation Writing Awards for 
excellence in newspaper 
writing, and photojournalism. 
An'arded to: 

Debra DiMaio 

Robert Doherty 

David Moniz 

Timothy Sayles 

Vincent Perrone 

William Randolph Hearst 
Journalism Scholarships of $500 
each to outstanding Journalism 
students; donated by the 
Awarded to: 

Andrew Shipley 

Lorainne Stein 

Brett Ferrigan 

Debra Shapiro 

Mary Ann Edwards 

Linda Holm Memorial 
Scholarship of $1,000 to an 
outstanding Journalism student 
who is a resident of 
Montgomery County; donated 
by the Montgomery County 
Press Association. 
Awarded to: 

Stephanie Zaharoudis 

The Homeland Garden Club of 
Baltimore award to the student 
with the highest scholastic 
average in the Floriculture and 
Ornamental Horticulture option 
in Horticulture. 
Aumrded to: 

Catherine Nancy Richardson 

Jay Jackson Scholarship of $100 
to an outstanding Journalism 
student; donated by the Society 
of Professional Journalists, 
Sigma Delta Chi, Maryland 
Awarded to: 

Joseph Raeder 

Fred S. James Scholarship 
Award. Awarded to an 
outstanding Fire Protection 
Engineering student. 
Awarded to: 

Patrick McGovem 

The Joe Elbert James Memorial 
Award. A gold watch annually 
awarded to the graduating 
senior in horticulture on basis 
of scholarship and promise of 
future achievement. 
Aivarded to: 
Ruth Lee Dix 

Johnson and Higgins 
Scholarship Award. Awarded 
to an outstanding student in 
Fire Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Audrey LaBrocco Keener 

The Dr. Alice Love Memorial 
Scholarship is awarded to the 
Physical Education major who 
best exhibits the qualities of 
scholarship, leadership and 
potential as a physical 
Aivarded to: 

John A. Bercaw 

The Beverly Mann Scholarship 
is presented to an outstanding 
student in Agricultural and 
Resource Economics. 
Aivarded to: 

Margaret S. Covey 

Charles Manning Prize in 
Creative Arts, initiated in 1971 
to honor the Dean of the 
College of Arts and Sciences, 
1962-71, is awarded each year 
to a graduating senior who has 
done outstanding work in one 
of the creative or performing 

Aivarded to: 
Alan Chow 

Maryland Chambers of 
Commerce Public Affairs 
Scholarship Program. A 
program tuition scholarship to 
an outstanding Maryland 
resident student entering the 
MBA program in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Gerald A. Edwards, Jr. 

Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press 
Association Outstanding Senior 
Award to an outstanding senior 
in the College of Journalism. 
Aivarded to: 
John Kuchno 

Maryland Phi Kappa Phi 
Chapter Scholarship of $500. 
Awarded to: 

Mindy Beth Staffer 

Patricia A. Mathias 

Maryland State Firemen's 
Association Grant. A tuition 
and fees scholarship is awarded 
annually to an outstanding 
high school student who 
enrolls in Fire Protection 
Engineering. This scholarship is 
for four years. 
Awarded to: 

James A. Sobota 

Jeffrey M. Shapiro 

Scott R. Campbell 

Matthew B. Cole 

Laurence E. Fisher 

Steven L. Poole 


McCormick & Company Master 
in Business Administration 
Scholarship. An award to 
outstanding students in the 
Masters of Business 
Administration Program in the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

John W. Potocko 

Henry C. Copeland 

Stuart C. Fried 

The Isabel McDonald Memorial 
Award is given to a deserving 
graduate student in 
Awarded to: 

Don G. Bursty n 

Montgomery Journal 
Scholarship of $500 to an 
outstanding Journalism student 
who is a resident of 
Montgomery County. 
Aicarded to: 
Nira Etons 

The Andrew J. Moyer Memorial 
Award is given to a deserving 
graduate student in 
Awarded to: 
Tamar Barkay 

The Ray A. Murray Scholarship 
is presented to an outstanding 
student in Agricultural and 
Resource Economics. 
Awarded to: 

Margaret S. Covey 

Rosanna M. Silva 

Omicron Delta Kappa Leader of 
the Year. 
Awarded to: 

Lawrence G. Kirsch 

John R. Fraser 

Outstanding Journalism 
Graduate Citation for academic 
and professional excellence in 
Journalism; awarded by the 
Society of Professional 
Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi. 
Aicarded to: 

Rebecca Maurer 

Parker Shirling Turfgrass 
Scholarship of the Maryland 
Turfgrass Association to a 
student demonstrating 
academic proficiency in 
Agronomy, participation in 
extracurricular activities, and an 
active interest in commercial 
turf work. 
Awarded to: 

Anthony S. Nash 

Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship in 
the amount of $3,000 for 
graduate study. 
Awarded to: 

Philip Edward Agre 

Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding 
Honors Paper for 1979. 
Axoarded to: 

Wendy J. Miller 

Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding Lab 
Based Learning Project for 
A-warded to: 

Glenn R. Evers 

Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding 
Undergraduate Paper accepted 
for Publication in 1979. 
Awarded to: 

Karen Lynn Ehrlich 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award 
is presented to the senior in 
Mechanical Engineering who 
has made the most outstanding 
contribution to the University. 
Awarded to: 

Carol Prifzlaff 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., 
Scholarship. An award of $500 
to an outstandmg student 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Aicarded to: 

Elizabeth M. Dobson 

The Augustus J. Prahl 
Fellowship in German is 
awarded for scholarly 
achievement to the outstanding 
Graduate Student in German 
during the current year. 
Awarded to: 

Yvonne M. Poser 

Prince George's County 
Volunteer Firemen's 
Association Grant. An annual 
tuition and fees scholarship is 
awarded to an outstanding 
high school student who 
enrolls in Fire Protection 
Aicarded to: 

Randy W. Houchen 

Michael Przekop 

Prince George's Journal 
Scholarship of $500 to an 
outstanding Journalism student 
who is a resident of Prince 
George's County. 
Awarded to: 
Ellen Dahut 

Public Relations Society of 
America scholarship of $250 to 
an outstanding student in the 
field of public relahons: 
donated by the Maryland 
Professional chapter. 
Awarded to: 
Karen White 

Leland E. and Catherine B. 
Scott Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in 
Aicarded to: 

M. Ennis Dodd 

The Shipleys of Maryland 
Award to the Graduahng 
History Major with the Best 
Academic Record. 
Aicarded to: 

Mark Christian Glander 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron 
Award is given to the 
outstanding senior in 
Aicarded to: 

Michael A. Sylva 

Sigma Delta Pi Award is 
presented by the Department of 
Spanish and Portuguese to the 
graduating member of Sigma 
Delta Pi (National Spanish 
Honor Society) who has 
rendered the greatest service to 
the Delta (University of 
Maryland) Chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Sam F. Morina 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Award to the most outstanding 
senior in Fire Protection 
Awarded to: 

William E. Koffel, Jr. 



Society of Professional 
Journalists Sigma Delta Chi 
scholarship of S500 to an 
outstanding journalism student. 
Awarded to: 
Richard Buck 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship 
Fund. An award of S250 to an 
outstanding student majoring 
in Transportation in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Aicarded to: 

Ellen M. Tabershaw 

The Robert J. Taylor Academic 
Achieyement Award is 
presented to the outstanding 
junior in Fire Protection 
Engineering by the Salamander 
Honor Society. 
Awarded to: 

Donald J. Perrault 

Undergraduate Award for 

Excellence in History. 

Awarded to: 

Karen Lynn Ehrlich 
Robert Lindsay Clendaniel 

The Uniyersity of Maryland 
Alumni Associaticm- 
international Outstanding 
Student Award presented 
annually to an outstanding 
senior man and woman students 
who have demonstrated 
excellence in leadership, 
citizenship and scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Oril Frenkel 

Lou Maguzzu 

The Uniyersity of Maryland 
College of Education Alumni 
Chapter Award presented 
annually to the senior male and 
female students who have 
demonstrated outstanding 
ser\ice toward furthering the 
highest ideals of education. 
Aivarded to: 

Sandra J. Nee 

Jerry R. Hodge 

University of Maryland College 
of Journalism scholarships of 
$500 each to outstanding 
Awarded to: 

Randolph Wein 

Desiree Cooper 

Nancy Nickell 

Sharon Lee Dwor 

Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award. An award 
to the outstanding student in 
investments and security 
analysis in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Michael J. Harrington (1978) 

Women's Transportation 
Seminar Scholarship. An award 
of $100 to an outstanding 
student majoring in 
Transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Patricia L. Potter 

Who's Who Among Students 
in American Colleges 
and Universities 

Dana Adler 
James Allen 
Joanne Amorisi 
Ed Armstrong 
Maryann Bastnagel 
Suzanne Benson 
Darrell Bishop 
Steven Caplan 
Lynn Caudle 
James Chance 
Darryl Crystal 
Deborah Daugherty 
John Fraser 
Orit Frenkel 
Earl Hairston* 
Sharon Heneson 
Susan Heneson 
Donald Jackson 
Jack Kaufman 
Lawrence Kirsch 
William Koffel 
John Kuchno 
Dean Layman 
William (Rocky) Lopes 
Louis Maguzzu 
Samuel Morino 
Stephanie Morns 
Joseph Muffler 
Leigh PoUet 
Randall Ratliff 
Susan Reinsel 
Kimberly Ruppersberger 
Philip Schneider 
Lynda Rae Seidel 
Susan Sheck 
Alex Siegel 
Michael Snyder 
Arthur St. German 
Carol Urbach 
Christopher Ward 

Homer Ulrich Honors Awards 
in Performance presented to 
the outstanding undergraduate 
finalists in vocal, piano and 
instrumental solo performance. 
Aicarded to: 

Michael Barbour 

Judith Borden 

Joanna Coggins 

Susan Dahlberg 

Karen Davis 

Masa Fukui 

Elizabeth Haberman 

Bruce Hall 

Paul Haseman 

Elise Kaufman de Caballero 

Kriss Larsen 

Thomas Otten 

Stephanie Rowland 

Pamela Ryan 

Jocelyn Stewart 

Charles Stier 

David Young 

Easley-Hardenburg Piano Prize 
presented to the outstanding 
senior pianists. 
Awarded to: 

Alan Chow 

Alvin Chow 

Eric Himy 

Presser Scholar Award presented 
to the outstanding senior music 
student recommended by the 
Department of Music Faculty. 
Awarded to: 
Alan Chow 

* December 1978 



University of Maryland Alumni 
Swimming Association Scholar 
Athlete Award to the swimmer 
who has compiled the best 
combination of academic and 
aquatic records. 
Alvcirdi'd to: 

Robert J. Schlechf 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to 
the most valuable football 
Awarded to: 

Neal Olkewicz 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophv for the unsung hero of 
the current season. 
Au'ordcd to: 
Mike Simon 

Tom Fields Award, to the most 
important member of the Cross 
Country team based on the 
qualities of leadership, 
dedication to excellence, 
attitude and personal 
Amirdcd to: 

David Cornwell 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy 
to the Maryland student who 
has contributed most to 
wrestling at the University. 
Awarded to: 

Charles W. Harris 

John T. Bell Swimming Award 
to the senior who has 
contributed most to swimming. 
Awarded to: 

Patrick Murtagh 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., 
Swimming Trophy to the senior 
letterman who has contributed 
most to swimming. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Allison 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Trophy to the outstanding 
offensive back of the year. 
Awarded to: 

Neal Olkewicz 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a 
member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Joseph M. Muffler 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 
Trophy to the most outstanding 
wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to: 

Charles W. Harris 



Larry Gibson 
Eric Shrader 

Cross Country 

David D. Cornwell 


Mark Eisenhardt 
Albert Z. Hodge 


Steve E. Atkins 
Keith M. Calta 
Glenn C. Chamberlain 
Stephen E. Cianciulli 
Donald E. Dotter 
Frank M. Dudish 
A. Robert Frink, Mgr. 
Charles A. Johnson 
Steven J. Kt)ziol 
Edward Loncar 
Alvin D. Maddox 
Joseph M. Muffler 
Timothy D. O'Hare 
Neal Olkewicz 
Kevin A. Haussman 
Rene A. Ibanez 
William C. MacDonald 
Bruce A. Palmer 
N. Dean Richards 
Michael A. Simon 
James M. Ulam 
Christopher J. Ward 


Scott C. Finkbeiner 
Robert J. Kim 
Bryan K. Kittelberger 
Christopher E. Miller 


Timothy McGough 
Michael Allison 
John Wolsh 
John Verdin 


Charles Harris 
Robert Nolon 
Mark Camasta 


Taylor Baldwin 
John Bilney 
Larry Gibson 
Ernest Graham 
Robert Hart 
David Henderson 
Reginald Jackson 

Albert King 
Greg Manning 
Greg Morley 
Eric Shrader 
Jeff Hathway, Mgr. 
Steve Kassel, Mgr. 

Cross Country 

Joseph H. Belyea 
David D. Cornwell 
John G. Cornwell 
John J. Green 
Martin P. Green 
James D. Hage 
Thomas R. Yendall 
Mark R. Milewski, Mgr. 


Scott E. Dickman 
Andrew B. Donchin 
Mark Eisenhardt 
Francis D. Ferdinand 
Albert Z. Hodge 
Lawrence T. Hurwitz 
Lawrence J. Labow 
Derek McDaniels 
Mark Meudt 
Guy L. Moore 
Neal A. Seiden 
John E. Simes, Jr. 
Bernard W. Stapleton 
Bradley S. Thomas 


Steve E. Atkins 
John W. Baldante 
Todd F. Benson 
Thomas E. Burgess 
Lloyd E. Burruss 
Bruce Byrom 
Keith M. Calta 
Jan F. Carinci 
Michael F. Carney 
Dale Castro 
Glenn C. Chamberlain 
Stephen E. Cianciulli 
Scott S. Collins 
Richard J. Cummins 
Darnell L. Dailey 


Donald E. Dotter 
Frank M, Dudish 
Garv D. Ellis 
Scott H. Fanz 
Richard Fasano 
A. Robert Frink, Mgr. 
Edward J. Gall 
Paul ]. Glamp 
Peter J. Glamp 
Christopher J. Grey 
Kevin A. Fiaussmann 
Charles A. Johnson 
Samuel L. Johnson 
Steven J. Koziol 
Ralph L. Lary 
Philip B. Livingston 
Edward Loncar 
Alvin D. Maddox 
Brian F. Matera 
Joseph M. Muffler 
Timothy D. O'Fiare 
Neal Olkewicz 
Bruce A. Palmer 
John G. Papuchis 
N. Dean Richards 
Gerald S. Rogers 
Bradley D. Senft 
James K. Shaffer 
Eric S. Sievers 
Michael A. Simon 
Larry A. Stewart 
Michael P. Tice 
Steven G. Trimble 
James H. Ulam 
Marlin H. VanFiorn 
Christopher J. Ward 
Kervin D. Wyatt 
Charles D. Wvsocki 


Brian C. Barhazette 
Scott R. Boddery 
Peter H. Bourne 
John R. Carlson 
David D. Dorozinsky 
Scott C. Finkbeiner 
Moshe W. Goldfarb 
Larry C. F^owell 
James G. Fludik 
Craig A. Jackson 
Sidney A. Kaufman 
Robert J. Kim 
Bryan K. Kittelberger 
Ronald D. McKeever 
Brian R. Melcher 
Christopher E. Miller 
Christopher T. Orsborne 
Steve Testoff, Mgr. 


Michael Allison 
Joseph Black 
George Carpouzis 
John Cunningham 
William Bartle 
Crail Gordon 
Paul Abraham 
Patrick Murtagh 
John Woish 
William Kaarid 
Greg Blasic 
Michael Dew 
William Skellev 
Charles Stillwell 
Robert Schlecht 
John Reilly 


Chris Camasta 
Steve DeAugustino 
Mike Geary 
Charles Flarris 
Steve Mario 
Ted Moreau 
Robert Nolan 
Bob Tunstall 
Mark Turpyn 
Ted Shen, Mgr. 





The Alumni Cup. Presented to 
the Second Semester Air 
Science Senior Cadet who has 
achieved the highest 
cumulative grade point average 
within the Corp of Cadets, 
while at the same time, 
demonstrating the highest 
degree of officer potential. 
Aumrded to: 

Eleanor L. Callahan 

The American Legion ROTC 
Scholastic Award. Presented 
each year to an outstanding 
Senior (Gold Award) who is in 
the upper 10% of the class in 
the University and the upper 
25% of the ROTC class, and 
who has demonstrated high 
qualities in military leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Allyn W. Delwiche 

The American Legion 
Outstanding Senior Cadet 
Award. This award is 
sponsored by the American 
Legion, Department of 
Maryland, and is presented to 
the cadet best described as the 
"Outstanding ROTC Senior." 
Awarded to: 

Brandt D. Laird 

The American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Awards. Presented each year to 
a Senior (Gold Award) in the 
upper 25% of the ROTC class, 
demonstrating outstanding 
qualities in military leadership, 
discipline and character. 
Awarded to: 

Patrick A. Jordan 

The Daughters of the American 
Revolution Award. Presented 
to the Senior Cadet who has 
demonstrated high qualities of 
dependability, good character, 
adherence to military discipline, 
and leadership ability. 
Awarded to: 

William C. Rhea, Jr. 

Societyof American Military 
Engineers ROTC Award. Cadet 
selected for this national award 
is recognized as one of 20 
outstanding AFROTC senior 
cadets pursuing an engineering 
curriculum. Award recognizes 
outstanding academic 
performance and professional 
officer potential. 
Cadet nominated: 

William H. Thurber 

The Reserve Officers 
Association Awards. Presented 
to the senior Cadet (Gold 
Award) demonstrating 
outstanding academic 
achievement in AFROTC 
subject matter and highest 
officer potential. 
Aumrded to: 

Wayne A. Miller 

Governor's Cup. 
A'warded to: 

Kathleen B. McGovern 

Commandant of Cadets Award. 
Aivarded to: 
So Mai Lai 

AFROTC College Scholarships 
Awarded on basis of 
outstanding academic 
performance and demonstrated 
potential for leadership and 
Aicarded to: 

Christian M. Glombik 

Allyn W. Delwiche 

Steven E. Hofmann 

Molly A. Kinsinger 

Patti A. Olsavsky 

David M. Pronchick 

William C. Rhea, Jr. 

Timothy M. Smith 

William H. Thurber 

Brian P. Riely 



Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

College of Agriculture 

1135 Student Union 

1216 H. j. 

Patterson Hall 
Chemistry & Biochemistry 

1407 Chemistry 


1318 Symons Hall 

0113 H. ]. 

Patterson Hall 

2113 Skinner Hall 

1200 Zoology- 
Psychology Building 
Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 
College of Engineering 

Rooms 1150 & 1160 

Student Union Grand 

Computer Science 

3326 Computer Science 


Rotunda, Glenn L. 

Martin Bldg. 
Physics & Astronomy 

1410 Physics Bldg. 
Physical Sciences 

1410 Physics Bldg. 
Division of Arts and 
School of Architecture 

0204 Architecture Bldg. 

College of journalism 

Front Porch, 

Journalism Bldg. 
American Studies 

2140 Taliaferro Hall 

Atrium, Art- 
Sociology Bldg. 
Classical Languages 

4224 Foreign Languages 

Comparative Literature 

4224 Foreign Languages 


1115 EE Bldg., 

Dance Studio 

Main Building, 

Rossborough Inn 

3120 Foreign Languages 

German & Russian 

3215 Foreign Languages 


2119 Francis Scott Key 


Recital Hall, 1125 Tawes 

Fine Arts Bldg. 

1131 Skinner Hall 

0220 Foreign Languages 

Speech & Dramatic ArtI 
Radio, Television & Film 

North Colonnade, 

Tawes Fine Arts Bldg. 

Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation and 

1312 PERH Bldg. 
College of Library and 
Information Sennces 
4114 Undergraduate 
College of Human 

Colony Ballroom, Student 
College of Education 
Education Building 


Supervision and 

Curriculum, Room 1107 

Counseling and 

Personnel Services, 


Early Childhood- 
Elementary Education, 


Industrial Education, 


Institute for Child 

Study, 3304 

Measurement & 

Statistics, 1203 

Secondary Education, 


Social Foundations, 


Special Education, 1240 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

College of Business and 

0118, 0120, 0122 

Student Union 
Afro-American Studies 

2169F Social Sciences 

1107 Woods Hall 
Criminology and Law 

2205 Social Sciences 

1111 Tydings Hall 

1179 Social Sciences 
Government and Politics 

2166 Social Sciences 
Hearing and Speech 

0208 Social Sciences 
Information Systems 

1179 Social Sciences 

1240 Zoology- 
Psychology Bldg. 

2108 Art- 
Sociology Bldg. 
Urban Studies 

2102 Woods Hall 
Undergraduate Studies 
General & Individual 

Main Lobby, 

Undergraduate Library 


A Walking Tour 

through the 

College Park Campus 

There are many interesting 
educational and research 
facilities on the College Park 
Campus We have selected some 
of these that you may wish to 
visit along a walking tour. 
These facilities are open on 
weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 
4:30 p.m. You are welcome to 
tour them at your leisure. 
Other points of interest on 
campus may be toured by 
appointment through the 
phone extension listed after 
each facility. For general 
information, call the Student 
Union Information Center 


(BLDG 78) Regents Drive. 
Open to visitors weekdays 8:30 
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A schedule 
of multidenominational serv- 
ices can be obtained in the 
North Administration Bldg. 

Regents Drive. This facility 
houses the Admissions Office 
of the University; Office of the 
Registrar for graduate trans- 
scripts and commencement 
information; and offices for 
student financial aid, housing, 
and campus employment. 

BRARY-(BLDG. 120) Corner 
of Regents and Campus Drives. 
Completed in 1972, the library 
is one of the finest in the 
nation. In addition to serving 
undergraduate students, it also 
houses at the graduate level 

the College of Library and 
Information Services. 

110) Campus Drive A new 
addition to the Student Union 
was completed in 1972 You 
can obtain a building directory 
and schedules of events and 
activities at the information 
desk in the front lobby. Guided 
tours are available to the 
bowling alleys, billiard room, 
ballroom, cafeterias, motion 
picture theatre, and exhibits. 

(BLDG. 27) Campus Drive. 
With a permanent seating 
capacity of 12,500, the Main 
Auditorium of Cole Fieldhouse 
is used for basketball games, 
classes in physical education, 
commencements, concerts, 
academic testing, track, and 
many other indoor activities. 
Other areas of the building 
contain small gymnasiums, a 
swimming pool, classrooms, 
faculty offices, a ticket booth 
for athletic events, and the 
Department of Intercollegiate 

TER-(BLDG. 115) Campus 
Drive. You are welcome to visit 
the Art Gallery on the first 
floor. Offices of the depart- 
ments of art, music, speech 
and dramatic art, and hearing 
and speech sciences are 
housed in this building. Uni- 
versity Theatre is also located 
here, adjacent to Parking Lot 

Campus Drive. You are invited 
to walk through this facility 
and view displays of student 
architectural designs and the 
faculty-designed sculpture in 
the West Court. 

Tours by 

CYCLOTRON, Department of 
Physics and Astronomy. The 
Cyclotron is available for 
touring on Mondays from 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by prior 
arrangement (Ext. 4152) 

CATION. The Center of 
Adult Education is a residential 

conference facility for con- 
tinuing education for adults. 
Tours can be arranged by 
calling 779-5100. 

Keldin contains materials for 
the use of graduate students 
and faculty. Tours can be 
arranged by appointment. 
(Ext. 4042) 

games and track and field 
events are held in this stadium 
which holds 35,000 spectators. 
(Ext. 4705) 

TORY. Open House is held on 
the 5th and 20th of each month 
at 8:30 p.m. for the general 
public. Large groups may call 
for reservations at 454-3001 
(For other information call 
Ext. 3460) 

oldest building on the College 
Park Campus, Rossborough 
Inn is open to the public for 
lunch from 1130 to 1:30 p.m. 
(Ext. 3940) 


Cole Field House 

Section 1: 

Agricultural and Life 

Arts and Humanities 

Section 2: 

Graduate School 


Business and Management 

Section 3: 

Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health 
Human Ecology 
Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Section 4: 

Undergraduate Studies 
Mathematical and Physical 

Sciences and Engineering 


main entrance 

& exits 


College Eirk Parents Association 


The Graduates and Parents 

of the 

Class of 1979 
and wishes them 
continued success