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University of Maryland Commencement 

College Park 
May 16, 

University of Maryland Commencement 

College Park 
May 16, 

Message to 
the Graduates 

We are gathered here today to hor\or some 3,650 graduates 
from more than 200 fields of intellectual study. 

You and your families should be extremely proud of the 
dedication and perseverance each of you has exhibited in order 
to be present here today. You selected a goal and stayed with it 
to successful completion. Congratulations. 

The primary purpose of a university is to help individuals 
acquire the knowledge and skills to be capable of making 
sound judgments and contributing to the overall advancement 
of society. In particular, a university must work to create an 
environment conducive to the discovery, critical examination, 
preservation and transmission of knowledge, wisdom and 
values. Therefore, a university must be judged, not only by 
your accomplishments, which we honor today, but also by 
your success in working to improve the quality of life which 
ultimately ensures the survival of present and future 

As you embark on a new frontier of life, we hope you will 
maintain contact with your University. By your past experi- 
ences and valuable suggestions, we are best able to discover 
how to improve our service to the students who follow you, 
to the citizens of the community, the state and the nation. 

Best of luck and every good wish for the future. We hope 
to hear from you often. 

R. L. Gluckstern 



■ yir 

Order of 


May 16, 1980 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. Robert L. Gluckstern 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 
Robert F. McCleary 
Assistant Professor 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


Rabbi Jan Kaufman 
Jewish Chaplaincy 

The National Anthem 
Led by Dr. Leon Fleming 


Dr. John S. Toll 


University of Maryland 

Peter F. O'Malley 
Chairman, Board of Regents 

Musical Selection 


By Sibelius 

University of Maryland 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Conduclor, Jeffrey Rink 


Katharine Graham 
Chairman of the Board and 

Executive Officer 
The Washington Post Company 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Toll, Honorary Degrees 

Dr. Gluckstern 

Remarks to Graduates 

Patricia R. Richards 
Graduating Senior 
Dr. Gluckstern 


The Reverend Gerald Buckner 

Baptist Campus Minister 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

The Alma Mater 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Maryland Victory Song 
Maryland we're all behind you 
Wave high the Black and Gold 
For there is nothing half so 

As to see our men victorious. 
We've got the team, boys 
We've got the steam, boys 
So keep on fighting, don't give 
in M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D 
Maryland will win. 

^ 5 

v-;-i,"-V.* ■■'■ 



The College Park Campus 
and The University 

The Graduates 

The students graduating from the University of Maryland 
today follow in the footsteps of many notable UM graduates 
who have distinguished themselves in fields as diverse as 
science, the arts, entertainment, journalism, business, law, 
medicine and government. 

Known as the highest ranking woman in broadcasting, 
Jane Cahill Pfeiffer is Chairman of the National Broadcasting 
Company where she is in charge of government relations, 
legal affairs, employee relations, news policy making, and 
corporate planning. The 1954 speech and dramatic arts 
graduate is a former vice president for communications and 
government relations at IBM. 

Through Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and others, Jim 
Henson conveys a refreshing form of entertainment that 
touches the hearts of young and old alike. By the time he 
graduated from UM in 1960, Henson was developing success- 
ful TV commercials in the area. "The Muppet Show," created 
in 1976, is syndicated on 126 stations in the U.S. and is seen 
in 41 other countries. 

The first woman elected to the Supreme Court of Michigan, 
Mary Stallings Coleman has been influential in developing 
many innovative programs for juvenile welfare. A 1935 arts 
and sciences graduate of UM, Coleman is a firm believer in 
rehabilitation and crime prevention and has established pre- 
court services for children in danger of becoming school 
drop-outs and education programs for underpriviledged 
mothers in an effort to curb child abuse in Michigan. 

Known as one of the youngest graduates of the University, 
Charles Fefferman graduated in 1966 at 17 when he received 
a joint degree in mathematics and physics, just three years 
after becoming a full-time UM student. One of the world's 
top mathematicians, Fefferman recently received the Fields 
Medal, the most prestigious award a mathematician can 
receive. He is currently a professor of mathematics at 

Other outstanding UM graduates include Connie Chung, 
a 1969 journalism graduate, who anchors the news at 
KNXT-TV in Los Angeles; Carmen Balthrop, a Metropolitan 
Opera singer and 1971 UMCP Music Alumna; and Tom 
McMillen, a 1974 Arts and Sciences graduate and Rhodes 
Scholar, who is playing professional basketball for the 
Atlanta Hawks. 

The Campus 

In enrollment. College Park is among the 10 largest campuses 

in the country. Undergraduates enrolled in spring 1980 num- 
bered 27,805 and graduate students, 7,052 for a total enroll- 
ment of 34,857. This year's College Park operating budget is 
$168,287,152. The University assisted over 8,000 College Park 
students with financial aid in 1979-80. 

Students may choose from 72 undergraduate and 70 graduate 
programs leading to degrees. In 1978-79, a total of 5,261 
undergraduate, 1,255 master's and 367 doctorate degrees were 
awarded by the College Park Campus. In the number of 
doctorates granted annually, the University ranks among the 
top 30 in the nation. 


The University had its beginnings in 1807 with the 
establishment in Baltimore of the College of Medicine, an 
entirely faculty-owned institution granting the M.D. degree. 
When its name was changed to the University of Maryland five 
years later, it was given power to confer additional degrees. 
The first dental school in America, the Baltimore College 
of Dental Surgery, became a part of the University in 1840. 
Subsequently, the University opened schools of pharmacy, 
law and nursing. Under a charter secured by a group of 
Maryland planters in 1856, the College Park Campus of the 
University, then called the Maryland Agricultural College, 
opened in 1859 and became one of the original land-grant 
schools in 1865. After a disastrous fire in 1912, the State 
acquired control of the College and bore the cost of rebuilding. 
In 1920, the State took over the faculty-owned University of 
Baltimore, merging it with the State-owned institution at 
College Park to form the present-day University of Maryland. 
In 1886, the Delaware Conference Academy was founded by 
the Methodist Church in Princess Anne, Maryland. The State 
acquired this institution in 1948. It was made a campus of the 
University in 1970, and is known as the University of 
Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES). A new campus known as 
University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) was 
opened at Catonsville in 1966. 


University libraries include approximately 1,335,018 volumes 
on the College Park Campus, 16,161 subscriptions to 
periodicals and newspapers, plus over a million microform 

The Undergraduate Library has a seating capacity of 4,000 
students and is among the nation's largest. Facilities include a 
quadraphonic concert room, color video-tape players and 
playback units, enclosed rooms equipped with instructor's 

consoles for the use of nonprint media materials, and wireless 
stereo headsets for tapes of lectures, plays, speeches and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities are a 140 MeV cyclo- 
tron; a nuclear reactor; scanning electron microscopes; 
subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic wind tunnels; an 
electron ring accelerator; a precision encoder and pattern 
recognition device; a gravitational radiation detection system, 
including a gravimeter on the moon; a quiescent plasma device 
(Q machine); a psycho-pharmacology laboratory; three 
retro-reflector arrays on the moon; rotating tanks for 
laboratory studies of meteorological phenomena; Van de 
Graaff accelerators; a laboratory for basic behavioral research; 
an assortment of computers; the Astronomy Observatory 
Center of Materials Research ; the Institute for Fluid Dynamics 
and Applied Mathematics; the Institute for Molecular Physics; 
and the Water Resources Research Center. 
The College Park Campus also owns and operates one of the 
largest and most sophisticated long wavelength radio 
telescopes (located in Clark Lake, Calif.) and a cosmic ray 
laboratory (located in New Mexico). 

In addition to these research opportunities in the biological, 
mathematical and physical sciences, research programs in 
the behavioral sciences, social sciences and education exist in 
many bureaus and institutes including the Bureau of Business 
and Economic Research, the Bureau of Educational Research 
and Field Services, the Bureau of Governmental Research, the 
Institute for Child Study, the Institute for Criminal Justice 
and Criminology, and the Institute for Urban Studies. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty 
in the academic procession are of ancient origin. They have 
been the traditional costume of the scholar since medieval 
times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical 
dress since many of the scholars of that period were members 
of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform 
code for costumes which has since been adopted by the 
majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 
Each of the three academic degrees— bachelor, master and 
doctor— has its own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's 
gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The master's 
gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, extending below the 
knee; the arm is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast. 

the doctor's gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve with three bars 

of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide velvet 

bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating 

the general field of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for 

philosophy, green for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume 

is the hood which passes around the neck and extends down the 

back. The doctor's is the largest of the hoods and the bachelor's 

the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The color 

of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. Below is 

given a list of department or faculty colors. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Administration, Commercial Science/Drab 



Education, Pedagogy /Light Blue 


Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 

Forestry /Russet 

Home Economics/Maroon 


Library Science/Lemon 



Nursing/ Apricot 

Oratory/Silver Gray 


Philanthropy /Rose 

Philosophy /Blue 

Public Health/Salmon 

Physical Education/ Sage Green 

Science/Golden Yellow 

Social Service/Citron 

Surgical Chiropody /Nile Green 

Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood 
are those of the college or university which conferred the 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. 
The tassel may be either black or the color of the field of 
learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may be gold. 
From Europe the use of academic degrees spread to English 

universities. Harvard University, the College of William and 
Mary, and Yale University followed the British pattern in the 
United States. 

Academic Degrees 

The degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course 
of study. There are more than 1,600 different academic degrees 
currently conferred by American colleges and universities. 
The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the 
University of Bologna (Italy) in the middle of the 12th Century. 
Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was qualified 
to give instruction to students. The bachelors or baccalaureate 
degree indicated only entrance upon a course of study 
preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, 
however, the bachelor's degree came to mean successful 
completion of one level of study preparatory to the higher 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by 
ancient Romans to those who delivered public lectures on 
philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 12th 
century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men of 
great learning. It was first made an academic title at the 
University of Bologna, which received from the emperor the 
right of appointing tiocfores legum (doctor of laws). The 
University of Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, the popes 
granted the universities the right of appointing doctors 
canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law), and when 
the study of civil law came to be combined with that of the 
canon law, the title was changed to doctor utriusque juris 
(teacher of both laws). The faculties of theology and medicine 
followed that of law in conferring this title. 
The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in 
theology and law, is given beyond the baccalaureate degree 
and requires two to five years of study, the writing of a thesis, 
and the passing of written and oral examinations. The doctor's 
degree represents the most advanced earned degree conferred 
by American institutions. There are two distinct types: the 
professional or practitioner's degree and the research type. 
The first type represents advanced training for the practice of 
various professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, Doctor 
of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Juris 
Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no 
implication of original research and are classified by the U.S. 
Office of Education, with bachelor's degrees, as the first 

professional degrees. The University of Maryland awarded 
the first two dental degrees in history, on March 9, 1841, and 
invented the name of the degree, D.D.S., as well. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as the research 
doctorate representing prolonged periods of advanced study, 
usually accompanied by a dissertation which is designed to be 
a substantial contribution to existing knowledge on the subject. 
The most important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no 
longer has an implication of philosophy for its holder, but 
represents advanced research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in the United States by Yale 
University in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded by the University of Maryland in 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon 
students who have successfully completed work in advance of 
the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister. connected with a qualifying 
phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of honor, but its 
present meaning must be traced to the time of the establish- 
ment of the oldest universities. Regularly organized faculties 
were not then known as they now exist in the universities. The 
whole circle of academic activity was limited to seven liberal 
arts, and those who received public honors on the completion 
of their courses of studies, for their diligence and knowledge, 
and had already received the degree of baccalaureate (bachelor) 
were called magistri artium (master of the liberal arts.) 
In 1920, the new University of Maryland awarded its first 
M.A. and M.S. degrees in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 

course of study of collegiate grade and is the oldest academic 

degree used by American institutions of higher learning. The 

degree. Bachelor of Arts, was first conferred in America in 1642 

on the first nine graduates of Harvard College. ^M^^^ i^,".! ''^Is:^^ C'^^M^ 

Maryland Agricultural College, which was later to become the ^^^mL ^^^^^0WK^^m 

University of Maryland College Park, awarded the first it^K^rii ^M<^,^iS^^t^.'f- JfS^iiE 

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 1862. 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


Robert L. Gluckstern 
Vice Chancellor for 
Academic Affairs 

Nancie L. Gonzalez 
Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

Darryl W. Bleriy 
Vice Chancellor for 
Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at College Park 

Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Francis C. Stark 
Division of Arts and 

Shirley S. Kenny 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

George J. Funaro 
Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Frank J. Kerr 

Deans of College Park 

School of Architecture 

John W.Hill 
College of Agriculture 

Earl H. Brown 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

Dean C. Corrigan 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 

College of Journalism 

L. John Martin (Acting) 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

Kieth C. Wright 
College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Marvin H. Eyler 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies 

Robert E. Menzer (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for 
Summer Programs 

Melvin Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Central Administration 
of the University 

John S. Toll 
Executive Vice President 

AlbinO. Kuhn 
Vice President for General 

Warren W. Brandt 
Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

Ruth H. Young (Acting) 
Vice President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Vice President for Agricultural 
Affairs and Legislative Relations 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for 
University Development 
Robert G.Smith 

Board of Regents 


Peter F. OMalley 
Vice Chairman 

Hugh A. McMullen 

Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 

A. Paul Moss 
Assistant Secretary 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 
Assistant Treasurer 

JohnC. Scarbath 

Wayne A. Cawley, Jr., 

ex officio 
Percy M. Chaimson 
Ralph W. Frey 
HanneJ. Lundsager 
Allen L. Schwait 
Dorina A. Shelton 
Joseph D. Tydings 
Wilbur G. Valentine 
N. Thomas Whittington, Jr. 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, 
Associate Dean 
College of Agriculture 

Associate Chairman 
Dr. Robert C.Wiley, 
Professor, Horticulture 

Associate Chairman 
Dr. Donald Maley, 
Chairman, Industrial 

University Marshal 

Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, 
Assistant Vice Chancellor- 
Academic Affairs 


Dr. Stewart Gordon, 
Professor, Chairman, 
Music Department 

Committee Members 

Dr. Ulysses S. Glee, Director, 

Office of Student Aid 

Mr. Patrick J. Hunt, Director, 

University Relations 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, 

Principal Specialist, 

Agricultural & Resource 


Mr. Ernest Huff, 

Assistant Director, 

Records & Registrations 

Mr. John A. Goecker, 


Food Services 

Dr. Conrad B. Link, 



Dr. George Marx, 


Counseling & Personnel 


Mr. Elwood Gross, 

Physical Plant 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal. 


Athletic Department 

Mrs. Frances Cane, 


Health Center 

Mr. William Fry, 

Assistant Director, 


Mrs. Jo Ann M. Janus, 

Book Store 

Capt. Ralph W.Bell, 

University Police 

Mr. Charles lantho. 


Physical Plant 

Mr. Edward Blackburn, 


Environmental Safety 

Dr. Robert F. McCleary, 

Divisional Director, 

Radio, Television and Film 


Katharine Graham 

Honorary Doctor of Letters 
and Commencement Speaker 

"Katharine Graham has become perhaps the most powerful woman 
in the United States," says Ray E. Hiebert, UM journalism 
professor. "She has built The Washington Post into perhaps the 
most outstanding newspaper in the country. It is certainly giving 
The New York Times tough competition for the number one spot." 

As Chief Executive Officer of the Washington Post Company, 
Graham has skillfully steered the newspaper, magazine, television, 
and radio facets of that organization. Upon taking the reins as 
President of the company after her husband's death, Graham 
repeated a quote of her father, former Post owner, "The newspaper's 
duty is to its readers and to the public at large, and not to the private 
interests of the owner. In the pursuit of truth, the newspaper shall 
be prepared to make sacrifice of its material fortunes, if such cause 
be necessary for the public good. The newspaper shall not be the ally 
of any special interest, but shall be fair and free and wholesome in 
its outlook on public affairs and public men." 

Graham stood firm to these convictions during the 1971 dispute 
over the right to publish the Pentagon Papers and again during the 
investigative reporting of Watergate. In June 1971 The Post and 
The New York Times joined forces in a heated court battle with the 
federal government over the newspaper's right to publish a portion 
of a Johnson Administration study on U.S. involvement in Vietnam. 
At first restrained by lower courts, the newspapers won a major 
victory for press freedom when the Supreme Court overturned the 
earlier decisions. 

Again Graham and The Washington Post were largely responsible 
for the courageous reporting that brought the entire Watergate 
affair into public light. "She gave the support and backing to her 

editorial staff that allowed them to pursue the matter in spite of a 
great deal of pressure and intimidation brought about by the Nixon 
Administration to keep the whole matter quiet," says Hiebert, 
noting that Grahams company was threatened with severe 
financial loss as a result of the Watergate reporting. Graham even 
received a direct threat from the Nixon Administration to have her 
television stations license revoked. "By persevering in pursuit 
of the Watergate story. The Washington Post ushered in an entire 
new era of American journalism, an era of more courageous and 
enterprising investigative reporting about government and politics 
that has already brought about a much belter informed public on 
government and political affairs, '" he adds. 

Born in New York City on June 16, 1917, Graham began her 
journalism career as a reporter on The San Francisco News in 1938. 
She joined the editorial staff of The Washington Post the next year 
and continued working in the Sunday, circulation and editorial 
departments of The Post until 1945 when she took time off to raise 
her family. 

In 1969 Graham received an award for outstanding personal 
achievement in professional journalism from the American 
Newspaper Woman's Club, and in 1970 she was awarded a gold 
medal for her distinguished services to humanity from the National 
Institute of Social Sciences. This past fall The Post executive was 
honored by The World Almanac as the most influential woman in 
the United States. 

Today she is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters degree from 
the University of Maryland. 


■^■e •:■.:■: iii:m:. 


Frank Press 

Honorary Doctor of Science 

One of the worlds leading experts on the detection, measurement, 
and analysis of seismic waves, Frank Press has spent his life 
investigating these mysterious, faint shock waves found below the 
earths crust. In unveiling the mysteries of seismic waves. Press 
has developed techniques for predicting earthquakes as well as 
detecting underground nuclear tests. In addition, he has played a 
key role in designing a seismometer for probing the crust of the 

Appointed by President Carter in 1977 to head the Office of 
Science and Technology, Press is the Presidents chief science 
advisor. Born in Brooklyn, N. Y. on Dec. 4, 1924, the seismologist 
earned a bachelor of science degree in geology and physics from the 
College of the City of New York. He earned a master of arts degree 
in 1946 and a doctor of philosophy in geophysics in 1949 from 
Columbia University. Upon graduation. Press took a teaching 
position at Columbia first as a geology instructor. He was 
subsequently promoted to associate professor. 

In 1955, the young geologist took a full professorship position at 
California Institute of Technology. "Press was soon elected to 
succeed the famous Professor B. Gutenberg as director of Cal Techs 
Seismological Laboratory in Pasadena," says H. E. Landsberg, UM 
professor emeritus and a colleague of Press'. He was barely over 
30 years of age when he took this prestigious appointment." In 
1965 Press headed the earth and planetary sciences department at 
MIT, a position he held until his recent Presidential appointment. 

While at Cal Tech, Press headed an expedition to Antarctica. 
After analyzing seismic data, he verified that Antarctica is a true 
continent and not just a floating island of ice and debris. In 
recognition of Press' discovery, the explorers named a mountain 
they discovered on the expedition Mount Press. 

In 1959 Press and his colleagues discovered that the earth vibrates 
for several weeks after an earthquake. Although too faint for the 
human ear, these vibrations are valuable in giving clues to the 
interior of the earth because they travel at different speeds through 
different materials. After the disastrous Alaskan earthquake in 
1964, President Johnson appointed Press as head of a committee of 
top earthquake experts investigating ways to predict these 
destructive forces. The committee's report stimulated a 10-year 
program to investigate earthquake warning systems and to develop 
building codes for structures in high risk areas. 

Press has written over 160 scientific papers in the fields of 
oceanography, planetary physics, natural resource exploration, 
regional geophysics, structure of the earths deep interior, and the 
mechanism and prediction of earthquakes. For his scientific work 
he has reaped many honors, among them election to the National 
Academy of Sciences, and fellowships in the American Geophysical 
Union, the Geological Society of America, and the Seismological 
Society of America. 

Today he is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from 
the University of Maryland. 


Rosa Ponselle 

Honorary Doctor of Arts 

"As an opera singer, Rosa Ponselle's career is legendary and revered 
virtually without any dissenting voice, an unusual situation in the 
world of performers," says Stewart Gordon, chairman of the UM 
Music Department. 

Born in Meriden, Conn, on Jan. 22, 1897, Ponselle studied voice 
and piano as a child along with her sister, Carmela — a later 
vaudeville star. She joined Carmela briefly to perform a sister act 
called "Those Italian Girls." Opera critics heard the younger 
Ponselle's incredible voice and encouraged her to try out for the 
Metropolitan Opera. At age 21, she made her opera debut at the 
Met in New York City on Nov. 15, 1918 playing Leonora in La forza 
del destino along with the legendary opera star, Caruso. Her 
performance that night launched one of the greatest operatic 

"Her voice was (and is— she can still illustrate the lasting wonders 
of that instrument) a true Verdi soprano, dark, rich, and evenly 
scaled, capable of the entire technical gamut," said Thomas Pasatieri, 
in an article commemorating Ponselle's eightieth birthday in Opera 
News in 1977. 

Comparing Ponselle to such opera greats as Caruso and Ruffo, 
Walter Legge also commented in Opera News on her eightieth 
birthday, "It was an ample voice, amazingly rich in overtones. 
Her legato was perfect— utterly seamless, sinuous, exquisitely 
modulated and with control of breath that leaves the listener 
breathless in wonder. Legato scales and chromatics up or 
downward ran like golden ball bearings, smoothly as through 
invisible oil." 

Appearing at the Met for almost 20 years, Ponselle only sang in 
two European opera houses. Her roles included Aida in Carmen, 
Donna Anna in Don Giovarini, Elisabetta in Don Carlos, Giulia in 
La vestale, Luisa Miller and Mathilde in Guillaume Tell, Norma 
and Rachel in La juive, Rezia in Oberon, Santuzza in Cavalleria 
rusticana, Selika in L'Africaine, and Violetta in La traviata. 

She retired unexpectedly in 1937 after a controversial role in 
Carmen, and after the Met management refused to let her perform 
Adriana Lecouvreur. Leaving New York for her home in Baltimore, 
Ponselle has devoted her retirement years to helping young singers 
and guiding the Baltimore Opera to its prominent position. 

Today she is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Arts degree from 
the University of Maryland. 


Clyfford Still 

Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts 

"Clyfford Still is one of the leaders of the generation of American 
artists known as the abstract expressionists whose innovative work 
brought fame and honor to the United States in the 1950-60's," 
says Henry Niese, UM associate professor of art. The success of his 
numerous one-man shows has resulted in permanent displays of his 
work in such museums as the Baltimore Museum of Art, the 
Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo, and the Kunsthalle Museum. 

Born in the farm country of Grandin, North Dakota on Nov. 
30, 1904, Still kindled his early love for art while on his father's farm 
where he would sneak away from his chores to paint. 
Unfortunately, his family thought artists were sissies, so the young 
Still began to sign his paintings "Clyfford" to save his family 
embarrassment. To this day he signs his paintings in the same 

Still earned a bachelor of arts degree from the University of 
Washington in Spokane in 1933, and received a master of arts 
degree from Washington State University in 1935. Upon graduation, 
he took a teaching position at the northwest university. During this 
time Still painted realistic landscapes of the American West as well 
as other works comprised of distorted figures such as bony and 
angular men and bloated and pregnant women. He showed 22 of 
these uniquely-styled paintings at his first one-man show at the 
San Francisco Museum of Art in 1943. 

His nonfigurative style increased, and after 1946, he no longer 
painted figures, but placed more emphasis on the expressive 
possibilities of abstract elements. Teaching al the California School 
of Fine Arts, Still offered his students the first alternative to the then 
popular cubism. Still rejected everything cubism implied, and his 
nonfigurative paintings dramatized this rejection. His paintings 
"are generally composed of vertical paint-incrusted areas of flat 
color whose contours are jagged, ' said Irving Sandler in his book. 
The Triumph of American Painting. "The areas are not separable 
forms against a background but function as zones of holistic field. 
The accent is on openness." Sandler notes that Still's paintings 
"renounce painterly graces, sensuousness, and sophistication. ' 

Still exhibited his paintings most actively during the 1940-50's. 
His one-man shows included the California Palace of the Legion of 
Honor, Metarl, a gallery formed in his honor by his students at the 
California School of Fine Arts, and the Betty Parsons Gallery. He 
moved to a small farm in New Windsor, Md. in 1961 where he 
paints in isolation. His studio contains over 750 works with some 
dating as far back as 1920. Still's most recent exhibit began last fall 
at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York where he showed 
76 abstract paintings. Sixty-three of the paintings were never shown 
to the public before this impressive exhibit. 

Today he is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree 
from the University of Maryland. 

^,0, O^ v.* 




for Degrees 

The 1980 class roster comprises 
degree candidates from the 
undergraduate and graduate 
programs at the University's 
College Park Campus. As final 
action cannot always be taken for 
candidates by the time this 
program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative only. 
The University reserves the right 
to withdraw or add names. All 
diplomas not distributed by 
departments and colleges today 
will mailed by the Registrations 

Students who have earned their 
degrees from the College of 
Education may obtain a 
Statement of Certificate Eligibility 
in the College of Education 
Records Office (Room 3201). 
Other students who have 
completed teacher education 
programs will receive their 
statements in the mail (separate 
from the diploma) upon 
verification of required 

Graduate School 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert E. Menzer, Acting Dean 
for Graduate Studies. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Ralph J. Adkins 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: A Study of the 
Maryland Legislator's Percep- 
tion of the Maryland Coopera- 
tive Extension Service. 

Philip Edward Angerhofer 
Astronomy : A Detailed 
Investigation of Two Galactic 
Supernova Remnants. 

Tevfik Bardakci 

Chemical Engineering: Hetero- 
geneous Gas-Solid Reaction 
Studies in a High Temperature 
Diffusion Cell Reactor. 

Mary McLean Beck 

Poultry Science : Seizure-Prone 
Chicks: Analysis of Serum 
Proteins and Brain Degenera- 

Vinod Kumar Bhalla 

Health Education: Neuro- 
endoctrinal Cardiovascular 
and Musculoskeletal Analysis 
of the Hollistic Approach to 
Stress Reduction. 

Charles Robert Binkley 

Food Science: Chemical and 
Physical Treatment Effects on 
Solid-Liquid Extraction of 
Apple Tissue. 

Ruth Louise Bohan 
American Studies : The 
Societe Anonyme and the 
Brooklyn Exhibition of 1926. 

Ruth Susan Bragman 

Special Education : The Effects 
of Different Levels of Language 
in Test Instructions on Per- 
formance of Deaf Children in 
Pattern Recognition Tasks. 

O. Theodore Butler 

Psychology: Study of Non- 
lexical Speech Behavior of 
White Clients when Paired 
with Black Versus White 
Therapists for Counseling- 
Like Sessions. 

Phyllis Daniel Carr 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: A Simulation 
Model of School and Student 

Chia-Lie Chang 

Physics: Low Frequency Drift 
Waves in an Imhomogeneous 
Plasma with Magnetic Shear. 

Patrick Joseph Chase 

Government and Politics: The 
Elected County Executive: A 
Study of Local Government 

Cynthia Yan-Oi Cheung 
Astronomy : The Effects of 
CNO Abundance Variations 
and Detailed Boundary Condi- 
tions on the Evolution of 
Globular Cluster Red Giants. 

David Joseph Chitwood 

Botany : Phospholipids of the 
nematodes Turbatrix aceti 
and Meloidogyne javanica . 

Pei-Lu Chiu 

Botany: The 24- Alkyl Con- 
figuration of Sterols in 
Primitive Plants. 

Barry Arthur Cipra 

Mathematics: Theta Functions 
and Cusp Forms of Weight 3/2. 

W. Jean Marshall Clark 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: Harold Frederic : His 
Fictive Imagination and the 
Intellectual Milieu. 

Michael Timothy Collins 

Physics: The Decay Modes of 
the Isoscalar Giant Quadro- 
pole Resonance in Ni and the 
Zn Isotopes. 

Michael Concannon 

Physical Education: The Rela- 
tionship between Introversion- 
Extraversion, Somatotype, 
and Nervous System 

Jack Alden Crabill 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum : Factors 
Related to the Estimated Per- 
centage of Science Instructional 
Time Spent in Laboratory 

Eloise Shelton Curry 

Human Development Educa- 
tion : The Retention of Specific 
Language Skills, Acquired 
Through a Short-Term, Inten- 
sive, Teacher-Directed Pro- 
gram, Among Economically 
Disadvantaged Preschoolers. 

Daniel Michael Curtis 

Mechanical Engineering: The 
Numerical Analysis of Elastic 
Bodies of Revolution. 

Frank F. Cuttitta, Jr. 

Microbiology : The Cross- 
linking of Macrophage Plasma 
Membrane Receptors by 
Migration Inhibitory Factor 
(MIF) : A Molecular Mode of 


Ronald Marshall Davis 
Secondary Education : Factors 
Influencing the Relationship 
Between Mathematics Depart- 
ments and Occupational- 
Technical Programs in the 
Teaching of Math Service 

Manoelito Martins DeSouza 
Physics : Moss and Symmetry 
Breaking of Haororu. 

Richard Alan Disharoon 
Secondary Education: Munici- 
pal Music in Baltimore. Mary- 
land: 1914-1947. 

Elinor Eden 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Self-Concept Incon- 
gruity on Well-Being in Late 

Douglas Richard 

Montgomery Edge 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education : The Effects of Using 
Multiple Embodiments of 
Selected Multi-Digit Numera- 
tion Concepts on the Under- 
standing and Transferability 
of Those Concepts. 

Yvonne Henke EscoU 

Secondary Education : Some 
Effects of Exercises in Com- 
municative Competence on The 
Development of Listening and 
Speaking Skills of High School 
Students of German : A Case 

Ward Rees Evans 

Mathematics: The Spectral 
Analysis of Continuous 

Robert Fred Fierstein 

Human Development Educa- 
tion : Social Correlates of The 
Child Abusing Family. 

Robert Barry Finkelman 
Chemistry: Mode of Occur- 
rence of Trace Elements in 

Robert Edward Fishman 

Mechanical Engineering: The 
Rapid Depressurization of 
Initially Saturated Fluids from 
Pressure Vessels. 

Thomas Leroy Franke 

Secondary Education: Effects 
of Study of Transformational 
Grammar and Sentence Com- 
bining on the Use of Syntactic 
Strategies in the Writing and 
Reading of College Freshmen. 

John L. Frye 

Human Development Educa- 
tion : Sex Role Identity and 
Leadership Styles, in Combina- 
tion, as Predictors of Leader- 
ship Effectiveness. 

Walter John Hayden 

Botany: Systematic Anatomy 
of Oldfieldioideae (Euphor- 

J. Michael Hihn 

Economics: The Hierarchical 
Ranking of Projects Method- 
ology and Economic Theory. 

Richard Ernest Hildenbrand 
Secondary Education : The 
Effects of Serial Content. Serial 
Position. Prior Knowledge of 
List Length. Presentation/ 
Rehearsal Strategy, and 
Academic Level/ Age on the 
Immediate Recall of a Mathe- 
matical Algorithm. 

John George Isaacs 
Government & Politics: An 
Analysis of Explicit Plea Bar- 
gaining for Street and White- 
Collar Crimes : A Case Study 
of Baltimore. 

David Joel Jakob 

Health Education; A Study of 
the Relationships of Self- 
Reported Sex Attitudes. Sex 
Experience, Sex-Roles, and Sex 
Knowledge to the Self-Reported 
Expression of Aggression, and 
Awareness and Condemnation 
of Anger. 

Geraldine Niva Johnson 

English Language and Litera- 
ture : Rag Rugs and Ruggers of 
Western Maryland: A Study of 
Craft in Community. 

Bruce Stephen Jonas 
Measurement & Statistics: A 
Procedure for Establishing 
Placement Cutoffs in a Sequen- 
tial Series of Objective Based 
Reference Tests. 

James Wilcox Kessler 

Poultry Science: An Investi- 
gation of the "True ' Metaboliz- 
able Energy System. 

Rose Kurz Kilgalen 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: Increasing and 
Improving Utilization of Day 
Hospitals for the Mentally III. 
An Analysis of the Influence 
of Inter-organizational Rela- 

Linda J. Kling 

Poultry Science: Studies on the 
Biological Role of Selenium and 
Vitamin Eon the Detoxification 
of Mercury. 

Ahmet Refik Kortan 

Physics : Phase Transitions in 
the Chemisorbed 2-Dimen- 
sional System. Oxygen on 

Pirjo Sinikka Koskiala 
Library & Information. 
Services: Flow of Technical 
Information Through the 
Industrial Information Services 
in Finland. 

Joan Dougherty Kozlovsky 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: Children's Self-Dis- 
closure, Self-Esteem, and 
Cathexis as Perceived By 
Children and Their Parents. 

Alan Jeff Krupnick 

Economics: The Optimal Con- 
trol of Pollution with 
Endogenous Labor Supply. 

Debra Yuhas Lederer 

Early Childhood /Elementary 
Education: An Investigation 
into the Effect of a Specific 
Comprehension Strategy Upon 
the Critical Reading Achieve- 
ment of Gifted Elementary 

Jonathan D. Lewis 

Counseling & Personnel 
Services: The Use of Goal 
Attainment Scaling to Evalu- 
ate Individual Counseling Out- 
comes at a University Counsel- 
ing Service. 

Hsin An Li 

Electrical Engineering: Co, 
Waveguide TE Laser. 

Imre Lipping 

History : Barons and Peasants : 
Land Reform and the Dis- 
establishment of the Baltic 
German Elite, 1919-1929. 


Arthur Wright Mansfield 
Mathematics : Newton and 
Damped Newton Schemes For 
The Solutions of Singular 
Bifurcation Equations. 

Noriyuki Matsuda 

Sociology : Stratification 
Analysis of Labor Migration 
Toward Urban Centers in 

Roger Emmit Mitchell 

Psychology : Coping Style, 
Psychosocial Climate, and 
System Linkages as Correlates 
of Social Networks. 

Jeffrey Myron Mohr 

Computer Science: Workload 
Characterization of Computer 

Sidney H. Mondell 

Psychology : A Measure of 
Child Psychosocial Compe- 
tence and Its Usefulness in 
Child Psychotherapy Evalua- 

Ruth Sragow Newhouse 

Music ; The Music of the Pass- 
over Seder from Notated 
Sources (1644-1945). 

Gerald Anthony Newland 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: Creativity, Flexibility, 
and Field Dependence : Left 
and Right-Handed Differences. 

Robert Eugene Nichols 
Government and Politics : 
Jean Piaget's Theory of Respect 
and Equilibrium. 

Lawrence Edward Oelschlegel 
English Language and Litera- 
ture: Rhythmic Elements in 
Three Novels from the Post- 
Dramatic Period of Henry 
James : What Maisie Knew , 
The Awkward Age , and The 
Spoils of Poynton . 

George Dennis Ogden 

Psychology: Expectations and 
Experiences : Performance 
and Attitudinal Correlates of 
Expectancy Disconfirmation. 

Andrew MacPherson Pope 

Animal Sciences : Reproductive 
Performance of Early Post- 
partum Mares: Morphological 
and Endocrinological Effects in 
Response to a Progesterone- 
GnRH Treatment Regimen. 

Glenn Ricart 

Computer Science: Efficient 
Synchronization Algorithms 
for Distributed Computer 

Robert Marshall Rice 

Animal Sciences: Biochemical 
Characterization of Rift Valley 
Fever Virus. 

Angela McKnett Rieck 

Psychology: Ability by Train- 
ing Interaction Effects in Time- 
sharing Performance. 

William Ralph Rigby 

Psychology : Personality Char- 
acteristics of United States 
International Rifle Marksmen. 

Marcia Lynne Robinson 

Human Development Educa- 
tion : The Interactive Influ- 
ence Between Personality Char- 
acteristics and Moral Judg- 
ment and Their Relationship to 
Child Abuse. 

Paul Edmund Rockwell 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: The Comic Dimension 
of Sidney's Old Arcadia. 

Jesus Rodriguez- Acosta 

Mathematics : A Generalized 
Alternative Method for 
Boundary Value Problems 
With Large Nonlinearities. 

Susan Eileen Romans 
Secondary Education : A 
Systems Approach for Devel- 
oping Communication Per- 
formance of a Bank Sales 

Bruce Matthew Russell 

Human Development Educa- 
tion : Didactic Group Counsel- 
ing As It Effects the Trainable 
Mentally Retard's Self-Con- 
cept, Communication Skills, 
Peer- Acceptance, and Per- 
ceived Social Standing. 

Prasad Sampath 
Aerospace Engineering : 
Dynamics of a Helicopter- 
Slung Load System. 

Mark Eric Sanders 

Industrial Education: Wooden 
Printing Press Construction in 
America, 1750-1850. 

Ruth Caroline Schwalm 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum : Selected Forces 
Impacting on the Development, 
Continuance or Demise of 
Generic Baccalaureate Degree 
Programs in Nursing in 
Maryland, 1940-1979. 

James Scouras 

Physics: Four-prong n-p 
Interactions at 250 GeV/C. 

Paul William Seaver, Jr. 

Spanish Language and Litera- 
ture: La primera epoca humor- 
istica de Enrique Jardiel Pon- 
cela, 1927-1936. 

Roslynn Beth Seidenstein 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education : An Assessment of 
the Impact of a Parent Educa- 
tion Program in Mathematics 
on the Quantity and Quality of 
Out-Of-School Mathematics- 
Related Activities Between 
Parents and Their Children: 
A Case Study. 

David Edmund Servinsky 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: The Use of Individual 
Differences in Auditory 
Processing of Compressed 
Speech As An Aptitude 

Harvey Lawrence Shubert 
Psychology: Interpersonal 
Perceptions and Propensity 
Toward Hostile Reaction in 
Delineated Populations of 
Rapists and Other Aggressive 

Michael Sinutko 

Electrical Engineering : Mixed- 
Valued Logic. 

Janice Elaine Stevenson 
Psychology: Counselor 
Anxiety in Response to Black 
and White Female Clients. 

Karen M. Stoddard 

American Studies : The Image 
of the Aging Woman in Ameri- 
can Popular Film, 1930-1980. 


Douglas W. Tallamy 

Enlomology: Alternative Life 
History Patterns in Risky 
Environments : An Example 
from Lacebugs. 

Jean S. Taylor 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Relationship 
of Empathy and Self-Concept 
in Four-Year-Old Nursery 
School Boys and Girls Cor- 
related with Maternal Employ- 

Lillian R. Taylor 
English Language and Litera- 
ture: William Trevor: A 
Critical Study. 

Raymond Earl Tedrick 

Recreation : Fear of Crime in 
Older Persons : A Multivariate 

Alfred Thieme, Jr. 

Agricultural & Resource 
Economics: A Simulation Ap- 
proach to the Socio-Economics 
Analysis of the Foot and Mouth 
Disease Program. 

Mary Celine Thomas 

Food Science: An Approach 
to the Chemical Analysis of 
Folic Acid. 

Margaret Elizabeth Tiemey 
Chemistry: Application of 
Fourier Transform Nuclear 
Magnetic Resonance Spectros- 
copy to Elemental Analysis 
in the Milligram Range. 

Marie Hewes Tracy 

Agricultural & Resource 
Economics: Agricultural 
Commodity Promotion : An 
Examination of the Egg 
Industry Check-off Program. 

Thomas Carroll Tulloss 

American Studies : Et Ego i_n 
Arcadia : The Fiction of lohn 
Peale Bishop. 

Doris Cecilia Van Doren 
Industrial Education: An 
Investigation into the Affective 
Domain Competencies Related 
to Business fob Success and 
Self-Development Using Com- 
petency-Based Education 
Model Designed for Post- 
Secondary Vocational Edu- 

Michael Streenstrup Vogelius 
Mathematics: A Dimensional 
Reduction Approach to the 
Solution of Partial Differential 

Sylvia Stoler Wagonheim 
English Language and Litera- 
ture: The First Shakespeare 
Society. 1840-1852. 

Nienchih Wei 

Physics : Low Energy Pion 
Nucleon P Wave Scattering. 

Linda Jean Weldon 

Psychology: Memory for 

Loretta C. Wertheimer 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Relations Among the 
Developmental Dimensions of 
Loevinger's Ego Develop- 
ment Model. 

Carl Thomas Wilder 

Chemical Engineering: Process 
Control of a Continuous Com- 
petitive Mixed Culture System. 

Philippus Willems 

Economics: Innovation and 
Technological Change on 
Maine Dairy Farms. 

Doctor of Education 

Margaret Sterner Jones 

Human Development Educa- 
tion : Individual Differences in 
Emotional Sensitivity. 

George Douglas Meyers 
Secondary Education: The 
Influence of Using Speaking as 
a Pre-Writing Activity on 
Community College Freshman 
Composition Pupils' Per- 
formance in and Attitudes 
Toward Writing. 

John Clinton Peddicord 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum : A Comparison 
Study of Selected Behavior and 
Performance Criteria Among 
Adolescent Users and Non- 
Users of Drugs. 

Jerome Harris Want 

Special Education: A Differen- 
tial Identification of School 
Phobia and School Truancy: 
In Search of the School- 
Phobic Child. 

Doclor of Musical Arts 

Thomas Lewis Cain 
Music: The Lesson . A 
Chamber Opera in One Act. 

Robert Louis Gibson 

Music: Concerto for Double 
Bass and Chamber Orchestra. 

John Allen Hawkins 

Music : The Piano Music of 
Robert Muczynski: A Per- 
formance-Tape and Study of 
His Original Works for 
Piano Solo. 

James Thomas Holliday 
Music : The Solo Songs of 
David Leo Diamond. 

Patrick Tirrill Kavanaugh 
Music: Concerto for Trom- 
bone and Orchestra. 


Master of Arts 

Robert Steven Ackerman 

Virginia Elizabeth Adams 

Devorah Leah Casel Adler 

Bessie E. H. Alkisswani 

Ann Byrnes Alleman 

Betsy A. Alperin 

Ruth Moore Alvarez 

Vasiliki Gerasimos Anastasakos 

Nancy Marie Andresen 

Norma Garel Arango 

Linda Young Artope 

Jayme Lynn Ayers 

Margareth Scarton Badino 

Stephen P. Badrich 

Susan Jeanne Bahr 

John Francis Bardi 

Bradley Alan Bartlett 

Denise Ann Beck 

Jane Ann Bennethum 

Eduardo Jose Bermudez 

Monika Bilby 

Marie Suzette Blanchard 

Mark Donald Blatchford 

Mary Elizabeth Bleakney 

Branden Scott Blum 

Patricia Petri Bode 

Ellen Wolff Bookstein 

James Richard Brantley 

Robert Nathan Brenner III 

Claudia Dianne Brogden 

William Aaron Bronrott 

Delores Bobian Bullock 

Robert Bruce Bundy 

John Louis Butler 

Larry Allen Campbell 

Pamela Ford Charshee 

Audrey Wen San Cheang 

Arthur R. Clinton, Jr. 

Mary Monica Clinton 

William Thomas Cockley 

Bernice La Verne Collins 

Carl Conover 

Mark Charles Coover 

Frank John Coulter, Jr. 

William Jerome Coyle 

Lorraine M. Daly 

Timothy Pettit Daniel 

Thomas Charles Davenport 
Doreen Sue Davidson 
Barbara Jo Davis 
Kathleen Anne Deery 
Barbara Dexter deLevie 
Richard Alan Dello Buono 
Daniel Webster Denman III 
Judith Radlinski Devine 
Paul Devine 
Jean Zaun DeWitt 
Maureen Donnelly 
Gifty Maku Dowuona 
Robert Thomas Dwyer, Jr. 
Pablo Echeverria 
Lesley Anne Shaw Emerson 
James F. Emory 
Maurene Willette Epps 
James Howard Evans 
Martin Wolpert Falck 
Suzanne M. Faris 
Mary Kathryn Farrow 
Ruth Mae Finch 
Patrick Robert Ranagan 
India Christie Fleming 
Inez Beth Fogel 
Kevin F. Forbes 
Kathleen Manley Ford 
Catherine Louise Formwalt 
Ronald Hines Frazier 
Robert Louis Frye 

Dale Roy Gamache 
Tracey Lynn Gann 

M. Elizabeth Gardella 

Connie Gates 

Robert G.Gif ford 

Gerald Ann Gingrich 

Nancy Fohrell Gist 

Gary Gilford Gleason 

Ben Brent Gordon 

Markus Raphael Gradecak 

Ruth Anne Graham 

Andrea LaPoint Green 

Curtis Owens Green, Jr. 

Lynn Groesbeck 

Jacqueline Guzda 

Louis Benjamin Hackerman 

Helen Kathryn Hankins 

Ann Dorman Harris 
Gerald Gregory Hartshorn 
Virginia Ellen Havely 
Larry A. Hayes 
Spencer H. Haynes 
Helen Ruth Julian Heffer 
Kenneth W. Heger 
Patrick J. Henaff 
Margaret Saunders Henry 
James Leonard Highsaw 
Marion Bowen Hoffman 
David Wesley Hoskins 
John N. Hyman 
Ann Cecelia Hymes 
Joanne E. Boyd Irving 
Hope Monalisa Jackson 
Thomas Jandovitz 
Mark Jankins 
Eric Richard Jentsch 
Delaine Karen Johnson 
Timothy Lynn Jones 
William Gerard Jones 
Hideo Kaneko 
Helene A. Kansky 
Mark Franklin Kanter 
Kathryn Ann Kavanagh 
Alice Eve Kennington 
Margaret Jane Kephart 
Hye-Ra Kim 
Sharon Lynn Klich 
George Henry Knostman IV 
Allen Stanley Kogut 
Barbara Jane Koziarz 
Scott Philip Kravetz 
Richard David Krechevsky 
Kevin William Kruger 
Rose Marie Kushmeider 
Margarita Maria Labarta 
Clayton Miles Lehmann 
Devorah Malka Leibtag 
Lawrence Philip Leonard 
Gary Stuart Levine 
Armando Raul Levinson 
Lawrence Jay Levy 
Kathleen Mary Liberatore 
Frederick Chan Limm 
Gregg Lindner 

Arlene Joyce Lipman 
Laraine Virginia Lomax 
Chesley Howard Looney 
Nurit Lotem 
Cheryl S. Louie 
Margrethe Lundsager 
Ellen Lustgarten 
John Charles Lyons, Sr. 
Joan Taylor MacNab 
Maria K. Magoulas 
Pierce Mahar III 
Neil Kenneth Makstein 
Jeffrey Wayne Marcon 
Mark Raymond Marlow 
Jerilyn Lees Marlowe 
Linda Harvill Martin 
Thomas Mason, Jr. 
Maurice Edward May 

Cathryn Mary McCloy 

Albert Mark McGartland 

Maxwell Kennedy McLaughlin, Ji 

Brien Aloysius McMurray 

Walter Sparks Measday IV 

Harold Ivars Mednis 

Marylin Anne Mell 

Marilyn Mildred Merikangas 

Bruno Millerioux 

Rachel Zohn Mincer 

Thomas Anthony Montanio 

Luisa Montero-Diaz 

Peter Rippard Moore 

Joseph Frederick Morey, Jr. 

Marianne Kerstin Mrozowski 

Kevin Patrick Murphy 

William Joseph Murray 

Jo Griffith Musgrave 

Timothy John Myers 

Joseph C. Nessel III 

Sarah E. Newcomb 

Dung Nguyen 

Erie Leo Norton III 

Edward Leon Norwood 

Mary Ellen O'Brien 

Steven M. Ostrove 

Sylvia G. O'SuUivan 

Howard Warren Page 

Valerie Pannucci 


Carla Nadine Patterson 
Thomas Christian Pauls 
Wendy Lee Pega 
Stephen Robert Prince 
Dennis Ray Pullen 
Karia Ruth Rabin 
Linda A. Radey 
Mark Fraser Ramage 
David Kenneth Rardin 
Elizabeth Gail Reeves 
Daniel Abba Reich 
Margaret Joan Ribler 
Robin Leona Rohrer 
William Richard Rose 
Robin Anne Rosin 
William Edv^in Ross 
Abigail Anne Rothblalt 
Pamela Nancy Rowe 
Barbara B. Rowley 
Georgia Marie Royalty 
Samuel Bruce Rubin 
Conne Lou Rubinstein 
Betty Anne Rybowski 
Jon Todd Sahlroot 
Sara Jane Samson 
Jill Schanbacher 
Robert James Schissell II 
John Anthony Schuyler 
Lois Brenner Schwartz 
Glenn Michael Scimonelli 
Elisede L. Seay 
Craig Allen Seger 
Linda Brown Seivers 
Oliver Shanks 
Amnon Moshe Sheeloh 
Joanna Edelstein Shenefiel 
Michael Slade Shull 
Larry Steven Siegelman 
Gary Justin Sipps 
Ellen Marsha Sirkis 
Deborah |. Smith 
Marc Barry Sokol 
Ursula Magdalena Spiegel 
Philip Spilberg 
Amy Stein 
Scott Alan Stewart 
Frances Gill Sussman 

Gail Lynn Swanson 
Ivan Teelucksingh 
David Conrad Theison 
AJayne Dale Thorpe 
Sherry Ellen Trahan 
Joseph F. Trettel 
Julie N. Tucker 
Thomas Marshal! Turner 
Leona Mary Upton 
Dennis Richard Vaira 
Eduardo Valdivia-Velarde 
John Martin Vanyur, Jr. 
Beverly Vayhinger 
Donald Lawrence Viola 
Michael John Ward 
Claire Muriel Weiner 
Johanna Cartee Weinstein 
Ellen Marie Weiss 
Jean Edward Welker 
Lilymae Fountain Werbos 
Frederick Allen White 
William Michael Wiist 
Kylla Williams 
Thelma Marianna Williams 
David E. Wilt 
David Erroll Winn 
Leonard John Witz 
Hiram George Wood III 
Susan Willand Worteck 
Peter Mark Wysochanski 
Mohammad Reza Yazdanfar 
Young Hee Yoon 
W. Arthur Young III 
Jill Diane Zahniser 
Maurice Frank Zeitler 

Master of Science 

James Julius Alter 

John Simon Althaus 

Mohamed Ibrahim Amer 

John Dominick Azzolini 

Richard Lee Baker 

Alexander Barbarika, Jr. 

Jerrold Edward Baum 

John Russell Beane 

William Alexander Beck 

Mollis Gail Bedell 

Raymond Joseph Benacquista 

Linda Susan Beres 

Michael Francis Berney 

Earl E. Bitely 

Matthew S. Bobrowsky 

Ronald Eugene Boenau 

James Lawrence Booman 

Gayle Ann Overmyer Booth 

Ingrid Yvonne Bucher 

William Paul Bullock 

Peter James Burgess 

David Samuel Buyer 

Irene Haverbeck Carmichael 

Gerald Wilson Cauley 

Judith Ornstein Chamot 

Yea-Cheiung Eric Chen 

Judith Diane Chencharick 

Michael Edward Clark 

Jonathan Drew Cohen 

Edward E. Colucci 

Robert Anthony Conti 

Robert Charles Cottone 

Charles Kirk Cover 

Jeanne Marie Crowley 

Ted McKinley Daniels 

RuthH. Deckelbaum 

Joseph William DeVerna 

Sharon Drexlcr 

Dean Frank Dubofsky 

Stephen Anthony Dunyak 

Peggy L. Edds 

Richard McKinley Elliott 

Charles S. Epstein 

Marilyn Pamela Mintzes Feldman 

Gary Jay Felser 

Dennis Kirk Fitzgerald 

Jessie Fitzgerald 

Ursula Flatow 

Nancy Deborah Freund 

Nicolas Hermogenes Galdos 

Susan Gencarella 

Changiz Ghahremani 

Stanton Andrew Gill 

Charles Edward Goorevich 

Thomas Frederick Grapes 

Edward P. Greene 

David Barkev Grenier 

Sharon Bruce Grobaker 

John Lawrence Haubert 

Elinora Anne Helgeson 

John Chriss Hoffman 

Aleta A. Hohn 

Ki Jong Hong 

William Richard Hummel 

David Hussong 

Michael Graham Irving 

Samuel Llewelyn James 

Bhagwan D. Joshi 

Steven Michael Kermisch 

Chong-Soo Kim 

Patricia Vicars King 

Ryna Komitzsky 

Richard S. Konapelsky 

Sandra Kay Kraft 

Howard Sheldon Kresin 

Ravindra Ram Kulkarni 

Todd Roger Kushner 

Edward R. Larach 

David Everton Lashley 

Douglas John Lawrence 

Richard Lee 

Shuenn-Jue Liou 

George Po Liu 

Janet Lahr Livezev 

David I. Ma 

Thomas Alexander Majchrowicz 

Kevin Monford Maxwell 

Richard Walter May 

Richard Neff McArdle 

Richard Harold McCabe, Jr. 

James Thomas McClintock 

William Kenneth McCoubrey, Jr. 

Ellen King McGlade 


Judy McNair 

Donald Forrest Merritt 

Ellen Lee Merwitz 

Janet Sue Milburn 

Louis Matthew Militana 

Beverly Anne Mock 

Marijane Quillen Montgomery 

Ajoy Kumar Moonka 

Saifollah Mostaghim 

James Roger Moulton 

Jan Alan Nobel 

Gary Michael Noland 

Richard Parker Nordan 

Mary Susan Novick 

Babatunde Oguntoyinbo Orogbemi 

Nancy Clark Mead Panagos 

Triloki Nath Pandita 

Kenneth Marshall Parsons 

Mary Susan Patterson 

Lawrence J. Pinto 

Donald Lawson Pommer 

Cynthia R. Pottala 

Paul Reed Quillen 

Mark Angelo Ramirez 

William Lawrence Ramsey 

David Maximilian Reinitz 

Michael Paul Ressler 

Charles Michael Reynolds 

Brian Paul Riely 

Charles Anthony Ritrivi 

Domingo Rocha, Jr. 

Nancy Hill-Hoffman Royer 

Leslie G. F. Rubin 

AnnM. Ruth 

Kathleen Sherwood Salopek 

Marshall Lawrence Schaffer 

Steven Nathaniel Shaffer 

Mansukhlal G. Shah 

Marjorie Anne Shapiro 

Robert McMath Shirley 

Steve Eugene Short 

Daniel Peter Siebenmann 

Michael James Singer 

Mary Elizabeth Sloan 

Janet Dempsey Smith 

Robert Edward Smith 

Russell Clark Smith 

Johanna L. Som de Cerff 
Shaun Dexter Spencer 
Steven Christopher Sprinkle 
Robert Allen Starnes 
David Earl Taylor 
Jose Eduardo Thurler Tecles 
Mary Nicholas Terry 
Wendy W. Ting 
Charles Ronald Turner 
Tzer-Tai Tzeng 
Joseph Andrew Valdes 
Davey Lanier Warren 
June Ruth Watzman 
Anthony Aiken Weadock 
Debbie Lakin Weaver 
Robert Edward Webber 
Douglas Lee Weinkauf 
Paul Wilson Wells 
Jeffrey David Williams 
Henry Newton Wixon 
Richard Johnston Wood 
Ellen Curran Kelly Wootien 
Charles Griffith Worthington 
Araya Zerihun 

Master of Education 

Carol Lee Ambler 
Donald Jay Barron 
William Elliot Barton 
Fern A. Bensignor 
Martha Moore Betz 
Gustav Charles Biedermann 
Theresa Rose Bradel 
Nancy L. Cardinale 
Joyce Clementine Carter 
Linda Marie Clautti 
William Robert Dame 
Anne Williams Daniel 
Kenneth Edward Danty 
Catherine Hynn Duff 
Karen Louise Duncan 
Janet Ann Epstein 
Joseph B. Fournelle 
David Scott Fowler 
Deborah Colborn Frum 
Janice Redinger Fry 
Katharine Thornton Gaskill 
Roberta J. Gateman 
Edward Patrick Gavigan 
Linda Alfieri Gishen 

Claire Buhr Glassie 
Janet M. Gore 
Joan Scott Gough 
Zev Halpern 
Patricia Basch Hans 
John Alan Heffner 
Mary Therese Henkels 
Margaret Sue Hobbs 
Kathleen M. Hodder 
Linda Kane Hofberg 
Grace Elizabeth Holt 
Janis L. Horn 
Diane Lynch Jones 
Pamela Walsworth Keller 
Sheila M.Kendall 
Ronald Walter Klingner 
Lucy J. Knight 
Lisa Roughgarden Kolbe 
Rebecca Joann Koeppen 
Carol A. Hoff Lienhard 
Carolyn Virginia Luce 
Mary Ellen Marland 
Pranoti S. Mohanty 
Susan M. Naylor 
Deanna Moore Nored 
Karen Jean Norman 
Joann Mary O'Donnell 
Mary Emily Pannella 
Susan Porter 
Carol Benjamin Purdy 
Charles Ronald Richardson 
Kathleen Gillis Seller 
Judy Kay Seversen 
Richard Clayton Shaver 
Kaye Clark Shelton 
Janet Loraine Sherlock 
Diane Marie Skulski 
Christine Wall Stockett 
Dorothy Eugenia Sturek 
Gayle Marie Suit 
Patrick Frank Taricone 
Sallie Sears Tinney 
Juan Francisco Tituana 
Mary Patricia Veihmeyer 
Rosemary Ann Waugh 
Claudia Marjorie Wilcots 
Anne Crawford Wilkinson 
Donald Clarence Wood 
Diane Thomas Young 
Francis Xavier Zellhofer 


Master of Business 

Frank Eriing Badino 

Carleton Sneed Bartlem 

Samson R. Baum 

Edward Barron Blackwood 

Carol Ann Bluey 

Charles Lauren Colby 

Elizabeth Durbin Connors 

Carolyn Del Grosso 

Richard Samuel Fine 

Howard Lyie Flax 

Thomas Richard Gardner 

Shiv N. Coyal 

Frederick William Helming III 

Daniel Lee Herr 

Michael Paul Hollander 

Kenneth Arnold Hough 

Larry Eugene Hulse 

Richard Michael Jaronski 

Madeline Werthelmer Karpay 

Debra Kish 

William Towner Klinefelter 

Jean Chang Knight 

Robert Charles Koslowski 

Diane Elise Kretschmer 

Karen Medford 

Barry Dean Miller 

Scott Arthur Nally 

Arthur Geary Neal 

Eugene Michael Olexa 


Eli sac 







David Harrison Shore 

William Earle Shores 

Melanie Sue Silverberg 

Anne Harriet Suzuki 

Michael Anthony Terry 

William Edgar Thomas 

Joann S. Thorne 

James Michael Tuck 

IDinarda Garrett Tyler 

Ellen Wallach 

Michael A. Webber 
lohn Thomas Weisel 

Master of Music 

William Charles Bloomquist, Jr. 
Mary Karen Davis 
Cathryn M. Frazler-Neely 
Joan Boiling May 
Martha L. V. Novas 
Jeffrey Eugene Rink 
Barbara Barnett Wing 
David Emerson Young 



Master of Library Science 

Elizabeth Alice Baker 
Hetty Hoke Barthel 
Ann Elizabeth Brinsmead 
Patricia Anne Bruce 
Judith Ann Busse 
Yvonne Harrison Carter 
Barbara Snow Cassedy 
Eileen Frances Cole 
John Joseph Connell 
Chris Beyer Crouch 
Maureen M. Dwyer-Hirten 
Mattana Gilbert 
Susan R. F. Goff 
Jenny Flack Harriman 
Diana Craig Hirsch 
Joan Leonard Huntington 
Kathleen Taylor Isaacs 
Patricia Jarzembowski 
Shirley Juanlta Jenkins 
Laura Turner Keltle 
Paul Michael Kernan 
Nancy H.KIotz 
Henry John Lattimore 
Lina Lin 

Patricia Mllmoe McCarrick 
Barbara Ann McKenzle 
Daniel Mgoli Mlagisi 
Edith Nau Murungi 
George Michael Norvell 
William Edwin Ross 
Susan Anita Rothwell 
Thomas McCulloch Station 
Maria Stoner 
Mary Gean Threadglll 
Jean Berke Zletz 

Master of Fine Arts 

Steven Jay Cushner 
Steven Dallas Hart 
Wendy Gail Kaye 
Henry Leo Schoebel 
Edward Joseph Worteck, Jr. 


Master of Education 

Kimberly Quinn 

Helen Diane Olsen Shafer 


Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Earl H. Brown, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Anne Marie Abramovich 
Lenka Babuska 
Robert Scott Bagley 
James Francis Batennan 
Wade Thomas Batterton 
James Harold Belt, Jr. 

* Carol Elizabeth Belz 
Eileen Patrice Berry 
Susan M. Besnyo 
Jeffrey James Biggins 
Kenneth Birgfeld, Jr. 
James Matthew Boria 
Beverly Jane Bowring 
Thomas Edward Brand 
Daniel Wilson Brown, Jr. 
Robert Francis Brown 
Kelly Anne Bubel 
Jerold Andrew Burch 
Paul Richard Burgett 
Susan Christine Capelle 
Alexis Ciminda Carlson 
Ronald Patrick Carrion 
Karen Mae Chesnutt 
David Wayne Chilcoat 
William Joseph Chomicki 
Carol Jay Coates 
Karen Suzanne Cohen 
Warren Stuart Cohen 
Robin Gail Cooperman 
Michael Welford Corbin 
David Douglas Cornwell 
Catharine Lynn Crum 
Coleen Loretta Cusack 
Jeffrey Michael Cusano 
Steven Everett Darcey 

§ Rebecca Lynne Darnell 

Elizabeth Ann Daugherty 
Stuart St. Clair Davis 
Mauricio Abrahan Delgado 
Thomasa Suzann de Los Reyes 
§ Frederick Henry Doepkens 
Joan Davis Donoghue 
Peggy Carol Dorvitt 
Mark Timothy Dougherty 
William Douglas Eilers 
Saundra Louise Emma 
Stuart Kirk Everngam 
James Jefferson Fear 
Daniel Francis Felice 
Stephanie Jane Ferguson 
Pauline Jones Fratantoni 
Howard Gary Friedman 
Elizabeth Estella Funk 
Kenneth Alan Garrahan 
Sharon Marie Garrison 
Timothy Robert Germana 
Glenn Samuel Gerson 
Darice Ann Ginn 
Andy Raymond Goldsmith 
Iris Ann Goodman 
Catherine Ann Gottemoller 
Denise Lynn Greenway 
Mary Margaret Grogard 
Holly Laurel Haak 
Paul Bryan Hankey 
Patricia Ann Hartman 
Jay Frank Hauck 
Mark William Haviland 
Brenda Lawler Helgeson 
Elizabeth Bache Helt 
Scott David Hendricks 
Michael Thomas Henney 
Barton Anthony Hewitt 
Kim Colette Hjort 
Albert Zellweger Hodge, Jr. 

(two degrees) 
Mary Ann Holland 
Barbara Jean Hook 
Scott Allen Hooper 
Norma Jean Hoover 
Kathleen Renwick Hoxie 
Deborah Lynn Huebner 
Wanda Jean Jakob 
Deborah Harding Jameson 
Stephen Merton Jarboe 

Hugh Boudinot Johnston 
Mary Anne Kistler 
Phillip Ross Klenkel 
William Howard Knepp 
Nancy Iva Kornfeld 
Kathryn Louise Kotula 
Pamela Gudrun M. Kreit 
David William Kuykendall 
Rita Barbara Lazarony 
Richard Karl Lehman 
William Charles Lewis 
Wayne Morris Lipham 
Jane Ellen Ludeman 
Donald Norris Mackenzie 
Frances Ann Maloney 
Gabriele Maria Marewski 

* Kimberly Dawn Mason 
Iris Elizabeth McCalla 
Edgar Little Mclntire III 
Kathryn Anne McKim 
Nancy Jean Meinecke 
Janet Marie Metzger 
Laura Marie Michel 

§Marissa Ann Miller 
Thomas Harold Miller 
Thomas Melton Monroe III 
Guy Laurence Moore 
Kathleen T. Moore 
Martin Mathew Moskowitz 

* Thomas Lawrence Mroz, Jr. 
Karen Linn Myers 
Elizabeth Dale Nadler 

'Philip John Napier 

Anthony Stuart Nash 

Ann Caroline Nothwanger 

Matthew Albert Nys 

Theophilus Ademola Odusanya 

Betty L. Ott 

Leslie Ann Palmiter 
t James W. Parshall 

Sarah Elizabeth Patrick 

Michael Lee Patterson 

Thomas Andrew Pawlicki 

George Louis Peters, Jr. 

Kurt Alvin Petersen 

Steven Leslie Pierson 

Thomas Allen Plitt 

Malinda Ann Porter 

Janet Lynn Poynton 

Jeannette Marlene Pragel 
Christopher Lee Prewitt 
Timothy Taylor Prigg 
James Barton Reed 
Mark Edward Reichardt 
Lenny John Rera 
Henry Worth Rhodes IV 
Jody Mark Richardson 
David Carlton Ritter 
Susan Leslie Robinson 
Claire Alison Rockwell 
Kenneth Paul Rosenbaum 
William Daniel Royer, Jr. 
Donna Lynn Sandler 
Robert Joseph Schmidt 
Mark Schruefer 
Robert Adam Shear 
Everett Simon, Jr. 
John Anthony Slowikowski 

TMary M. Smart 
Stephen Alan Smith 
Adrian Carol Sosin 

"Janice Lee Southers 
Kevin Lane Spaulding 
M'Lissa Ivy Starr 

"Victoria Elizabeth Steiner 
Joanne Marie Stokes 
Judy Ann Strong 
Thomas Edward Summers 
Karen Jean Sussmeier 
Brian Patrick Taylor 
Katherine Lynn Teeters 
Denise Lynn Terry 
Pathleen Monica Titus 
Leslie Trazenfeld 
Teresa Ann Trimmer 

t Thomas Alan Troeschel 

§Gail Lee Tupac 
Thomas Jeffrey Tyler 

t Susan Diane Van Ness 
Petria Lynn Walker 
Martha Dawn Watts 
Naomi Catherine Weimer 
Neil Alan Weinstein 
Jesse Randall Whalen 
Terry Stephen Whitaker 
John Spencer Whiting, Jr. 

* Stephen Joseph Whittaker 
Vernon William Wilkes 


§Summa Cum Laude; IMagna Cum Laude; "Cum Laude 

Harlan Cooper Williams, Jr. 
Jane Adele Wise 
tScott Thompson Wille 
Janice Roxanne Wright 
Pamela Sue Wykes 
Stephen William York 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Francis C. Stark, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Freda Libby Abramson 
Guillermo Mario Accame 
Carol Stephanie Acevedo 
Lester Anthony Douglas Adams 
Steven Adelberg 
Donahue Aloysius Aitcheson 
Joseph Anthony Aloi 
Robert Allan Ames 
Joseph Vincent Bailey 
George Nicholas Bakalis 
Kenneth John Baker 
Mary Elizabeth Ballinger 
Charles Edward Bauer 
Herbert Baylor, Jr. 
§ Roberta Joyce Bergman 
Jeffrey Bernstein 
Stephen Frey Berry 
Benjamin Mark Berschler 
Jo Anne Bixler 
Cynthia Anne Bocian 
Michael Steven Bodri 
Peter Michael Boolukos 
John Paul Bordonaro 
Michael Ronald Bowman 
'Carole Anne Brennan 
Lynne Ellen Bresler 
B. Adrienne Broady 
Peter Harris Brockdorff 
Tina Louise Bucket 
Khanh Huu Bui 
Michael Edward Burns 
John William Cameron 
Sara G. Carlson 
Richard Joseph Celenlano 
Adele Cynthia Cerrelli 
Patrick Pei Chang 
Narendra Kumar Chaudhari 
Heijung Chin 
Mae Yuan Chin 

Kyong C. Choe 

•Jennifer Renee Dixon Clarke 
Eric Coleman 
Eileen Marie Collins 
Lee Francis Cotlrell 
Constantine James Davantzis 

'Jeanette Susanne Davis 
William Patrick Davis 
Arthur Anthony DeCarlo, Jr. 
Joseph Leon Decker 

Carol Joan Dieter 

* Robert Truong Ba Do 

Tracy Lee Dodson 

Leonard Charles Dyott 

■ Larry Bruce Edelstein 

Rose Marie Edwards 

Mohsen M. Eldefrawi 

Shelly Bernonda Elliott 

Donald Francis Everett, Jr. 

Rick Eugene Fahrney 

Sylvia Shie-Hwang Fan 

Jacqueline Theresa Favilla 
"Jeffry Jay Fedderly 
t Brian Paul Feifarek 

Steven Gregory Feldmann 

Francis Darrell Ferdinand 

Mary Margaret Figlia 

Ruth Karen Fink 

Paul Raymond Fowler 

David Gwin Freas 

Joseph Fred Gamson 

Mary Ann Gannon 
■John Bernard Gholl 

Joseph Francis Gibbons 

Wendy Gilden 

Joseph Conrad Globe 
tjanet Wendy Goldblatt 

Gary W. Golden 

Ilsa Enid Gonzalez 

Jerome Lewis Goodwin 

Robert James Gorelick 

Carolyn Louise Groves 

Mary Roman Gunther 

Linda Frances Haas 
§ Stephanie Ann Hankin 

Wayne Russell Hauck 

Daniel Lee Hazelrigg 

Michael John Heimann 
Mary Angela Heister 

iSummaCum L.aud«: tMagnd Cum Laudc; 'Cum Ljudc 

Anne Madeline Henderson 
Andrew Herman 
James Jeffrey Hetrick 
Mary Patricia Hinz 
Edward Ho 
tjanet Marie Hocko 

Jeffrey Donald Hopkins 
t Robert Yu-Jen Hsiao 
Keith Richard Huffman 
Julius Hyatt 
James Albert Jersey 
Katherine Susan Johnson 
Kent Warren Johnson 
Stephen Kaplan 
Steven Akira Katase 
tMarc Aaron Kaufman 
Dana Dean-Adrian Keith 
Leigh Charles Kelsey III 

(two degrees) 
Tae Yong Kim 
Brian Karl Kinkle 
Christine Elaine Kispert 
Robert George Klotz 
Lewis Klotzman 
Theresa Retue Kramer 
LouAnn Cecelia Krawczewicz 
John Henry Kumm 
Mun Hyok Kwon 
Seth A. Landau 
Gregory Alan Law 
* Marcelle Carol l,ayton 
Terry Lee 

Arthur Milton Leifer 
Robert Gene Leikin 
Richard Mark Leiman 
Brad Douglas Lerner 
'Allan Mark Lesser 
t Scott Alan Lever 
Julian Mark Adam Levy 
Jay Jerome Libys 
Loretta Patricia Liccini 
Laurence Alan Lieberman 
Janis Stephanie Lloyd 
Bruce Alan London 
Robert William Ludwig 
Richard Howard Madow 
Sandra Celia Magos 
Stephen Hambleton Majors 
Thomas John Mancini 


Daniel Moshe Marder 
Bruce Tilden Marshall 
Sara Forbes Mathews 
James Neil Mathis 
Joseph Allen McBrearty 
Sandra Sue McCawley 
Sharon Lynn McClanahan 
Dennis Darryl McDuf fie 
Laura Nance Mcintosh 
Daniel Joseph McMonigle 
June Iris Medford 
Patricia Ann Melton 
Robert Louis Miles, Jr. 
Roman Marian Mirecki 
Nibedita Mohanty 
Sherry Lynn Morris 
Bruce Calvin Moy 
Elizabeth Ann Mucha 
Terry lleen Munitz 
Bryan Eckles Murfree 
Brenda Lee Nivera 
Kevin Michael Noall 
Thomas Frederick Noble 
* Amy Patrice Norden 
§ Jeffrey Paul Northrop 
Anthony F. O'Koren, Jr. 
Joan Ordman 
Gilbert Joseph Palmieri 
Beth Lorraine Palmiter 
Leah Arona Papier 
Ann Marie Parker 
Randy Neil Parsley 
Bonnie Jean Peckat 
Diana Otylia Perkins 
Karol Michele Pessin 
Benjamin Roy Pimentel 
Elsira Marina Pina 
Paul Alan Pinocci 
Thomas Andrew Piatt 
Lawrence Paul Pollack 
Robin Heather Pollack 
§Moira Elayne Potash 
Louis Puglese, Jr. 
Keith Spence Pumroy 
* Suzanne Lynn Quillen 
Fermin Jose Rada 
Phyllis Martha Radack 
*Narain Prasad Rajan 
Judith Montgomery Rappaport 

Susan Johanna Raupuk 
Douglas Brady Reichlin 
Alan Vincent Rendfrey 
Patricia Ruby Richards 
Anne Elizabeth Robinson 
James David Rodgers 
t Eugene Richard Rosenthal 
Tracy Ellen Sargent 
Terri Lynn Schlesinger 
Keith Joseph Schrader 
Carla Marie Schultz 
Marian Stone Schutz 
Susan Joy Schwab 
JohnT. Schwartz, Jr. 
Michael Richard Schwarzenberg 
John Peter Serlemitsos 
Patrick John Sheridan 
Joseph B. Shieh 
Brice Covington Showell 
Kathryn E. Sidman 
Beverly Rae Siegel 
tKristi Diane Silver 
Jonathan Eric Silverman 
Renee Antoinette Simmons 
Diane Marie Simpson 
Gerald Jen Ming Siu 
Herbert Alberto Smith 
Stephen Donald Smith , ^.,-^.^. - 


Allen Jay Solomon 
William Lloyd Stahovec 
Charles Wayne Stansberry, Jr. 
Robert Leon Steele 
Charles Alan Steinberg 
James Richard Steinberg 
Mark Sumida 
Mary Patricia Sumner 
Anne Van Home Sweeny 
James Alan Swenson 
Larry C. Tarshis 
Annette Linda Tester 
Nichola Elizabeth Thompson 
Gail Phyllis Toomey 
Do Ba Trieu 

Christofilos Elias Tsintolas 
Christine Tsolakos 
Geoffrey Mark Tucker 
Basil Nick Tzavelis 
Stuart Thomas Unger 
Neil Whitney Vanik 
William David Vanko 

Felicia Aurelia Wach 

Robert Paul Wahby 
§ Marianne Walch 
t William Waschler 

Francis Luther Waterhouse 

William Wayne White 

Christine Cecile Winter 

Alan Bruce Wolff 

Barbara Ann Wolff 

Peter John Womack 

Baldwin Min Wong 

Edward Parker Wood, Jr. 

John Douglas Wooddell 

Jennings Franklin Worley III 

Joyce Marie Woytowitz 

Timothy Blair Wright 

Mark Fred Yampolsky 

Russell Lee Yeager 

Gwendolyn Virginia Youngblood 

Jerome Zabronsky 

Mitchell Zipkin 

Abby Zlotnick 




. vfJ4<v";5?>.«u ■• 



§Sumnia Cum Laude, tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Division of 
Arts and 


Candidates will he presented by 
Prof. John Hill. Dean of the 

Bachelor of Architecture 

James Douglas Albertson 
'Charles Edward Anthony III 

Thomas James Aylward III 

Richard George Bambam 

Nancy Louise Barba 

Paul David Barton 

Earl Stanley Bell 

Robert David Bierman 

Glenn Wayne Birx 

Michael Reed Bodin 
T Ann Marie Borys 

Charles Bruce Boswell 
'Joseph Nicholas Brancato 

Shawn Evan Briskman 

John Alan Brunnett 

Gregory William Burge 

Timothy Brooks Carlln 

John Patrick Chalk 

Brian William Coleman 

Terry Michael Cook 

Carol Beth DeGroote 

David Marcus Dimon 
■ Robert Gerard Dudka 

Diane Sherman Eitel 

Gregg Gardiner Feige 

Vivian Margaret Fernandes 

Thomas Pentiand Feulner, Jr. 
t Barry Allen Goldfarb 

Gary Louis Goudreau 

John Thomas Hyde 

Linda Wallis Jackson 

William David Johnson 

Edward Granville Jones, Jr. 

N. Scott Jones 

David Kempner 

Russell Lee Klein 

§Larysa Bohdana Kurylas 
Jon Marcus Lourie 
Leonard Owen May 
Mark Joseph Mazz 
Peter Christian Miller 
Emily Miriam Mintz 
Warren G. Nagey 
Joseph Charles Netherton 
Thomas Demeter Raithel 
Charles Thomas ReichI 
David William Ricks 
Sandra Lanita Robinson 
Scott Warren Sider 
Gary Edward Sober 
Mary Joanne Thum 
Michael Matthew Westfield 
Linda Doreen Wolfe 
Deborah Ming Yin 

Bachelor of Science 

'Joseph Nicholas Brancato 
Robert Joseph Brown 
David Marcus Dimon 
Lisa Robin Kurtz 
Victor Mark Malespina 
Mark Joseph Mazz 
Mehrnoosh Salehi 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. L. John Martin. 
Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Bonnie Suzanne Abell 

Paul Fredrick Albrechl 

Janet Maxine Anderson 

Karen S. Arkin 

Renee Ayer 

Thomas Benjamin Baden, Jr. 

David William Barringer 

Lynn Victoria Battle 

Susan Ellen Beckman 

Susan Teri Blau 
§ Cheryl Anne Brauner 

James Edward Brocker 

Hellar-Ann Christensen 

Debra Ann DiMaio 

James Joseph DiPietro 

Neil Randolph Dissinger 

Mark Tod Dobrow 

Victoria Christie Duncan 

Shari Lee Dwor 
§ Mary Ann Edwards 

Nira Etons 

Barry Philip Fishier 

* Karen Gale Fitzwater 
Rosalie Susan Flash 
Eric Aaron Flax 
Michael P. Folks 
Maureen Theresa Gallagher 
Arlene Beth Goldstein 
Peter Christopher Gookin 
Nancy Sue Goretsky 

Fred William Gortler 

* Iris Marsha Gross 

* Christine Diane Harvey 
Diana L. Hawk 

Brian Robert Hayek 
Karen Marie Henson 
Marybeth Hernick 
Paul John Hoegg 
t Mark Edward Holt 
lohn Roy Hoppe 
Jon Fredric Humphrey 

France E. Jackson 

Valeria D. Jones 

Lori Kapner 

Douglas Stephen Kapustin 
t Patricia Anne Kenney 

Yvonne Marie Kidd 

Julie Mae Kossler 

Cathy Wilson Laws 

Patricia Lynne Lilly 

Howard David Lippin 

Rhonda Chriss Lokeman 

Diane Sherry Lynne 

Marsha Ann Mason 

Margaret Grace Miller 

David B. Moniz 

Nancy Elizabeth Morgan 

Barbara Joan Muller 

Denise R. Parietti 

Carl Barton Pelizoto 

Vincent Ralph Perrone 

Olga Gisela Ramirez 

Debra Joy Ratner 
* Nancy Leona Scales 

Sherrlll Lee Schoner 

Larry Alan Schwartzman 

Marlyn Setren 

Christine Sofie Shipman 

James Gregory Smith 

Monya Anne Sotak 

Denise Lucille Souder 

Lorraine Elisabeth Stein 

Daniel Joe Strickland 

Lynn Meg Strongin 

John Joseph Tebeau 

Steven Barry Testoff 

David James Uchic 

Robert D. VIolino 

Randolph Lee Wein 

Marsha Elaine Westbrook 

Karen Suzanne White 

Joanne Alvlno Williams 

Mary Vanlece Williams 
TMelodie Lynn Winter 

Stephanie Angela Zaharoudis 

tSumnuCumLjude: TMagiuCum Laude; *Cum Uudr 



Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Shirley S. Kenny, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Craig Ward Abbott 
Melanie Helene Abdow 
Virginia Lynn Absher 
Sandra Carol Adamski 
Deborah Jan Adler 
t Carol Ann Agayoff 
Dario Joseph Agnolutto 
Stephen Alemar 
Lynn Tamara Alper 
Susan Lee Aisop 
Catherine Alterescu 
Susan Elisa Ancel 
Steven Philip Andrews 
Claudia Vera Azarenko 
Cheryl Dee Balston 
Vera P. Baney 
David Claude Barkin 
Lisa Ardis Barrow 
Eileen Theresa Basaman 
Vincent Paul Basciano 
Kathleen Lorraine Bearden 
Marc Donelon Beaven 
Betsy A. Belcher 
Barbara Ellen Beller 
Sally Carter Bennett 
Janice Beth Berman 
John Edgar Berry 
Edward Charles Bertucio 
Erika Yvonne Bethmann 
Julie Couper Beziat 
Stephen Arie Bladey 
§ Laura Ellen Blankinship 
Terry Lynn Bleicher 
Carole Susan Bloch 
T Timothy Norman Boeckel 
Mary Frances Bolger 
Timothy Jay Bowen 
§ Jeanne Louise Bowers 
John Treadwell Bowers IV 
Joann Hayes Boyce 
Michael Gregory Bratton 

Laurie Lee Broadbent 
Barbara Lynn Brown 
Joseph Walter Brown 
Kim Nannette Brown 
Nancy Leigh Brown 
Brian Wayne Burgess 
Joyce Miriam Burke 
Victoria Susan Burke 
Gregory Dickson Burns 
Raymond John Burns 
Judith Eloise Buscher 
John Robinson Butler 
Gwen Anne Buttling 
Patricia Ann Bylsma 
Oliver Hobart Calebaugh, Jr. 
Andrew Michael Cantor 
Stephen Mark Carey 
Arthur Guy Carpenter 
* Nancy Joyce Castor 
Ellen Sue Caswell 
George Glenn Causey, Jr. 
Margaret Mary Cawley 
George Ferguson Chambers, Jr. 
Judith Lise Anne Cline 
Bert Wayne Cohen 
Mara Beth Cohen 
Michael Allen Cohen 
Andrea L. Cohn 
Linda Ellen Coleman 
Mark Stephen Coleman 
Richard Alan Coleman 
Kimberly Ann Collins 
Alan Whitfield Conrad 
Ann Maria Cooke 
Susan Elizabeth Cooke 
Concetta Cortina 
Russell Timothy Cox 
Stephen Michael Cranford 
John Stuart Crounse 
Janice Gayle Daggs 
Stanley George Dambroski 
Giuliana Maria Danon 
Frances Cornelia Davis 
Suzanne Denion 
Stefani Neva Deoul 
Susheila Dhillon 
'Elizabeth Ann Dineen 
Michael Francis Dolan 
Martha Isabel Donovan 

Bertram William Gordon Doyle 
Cathy Ann Dryden 
Nubian Duncan 
Elizabeth Louise Durkee 
Sharon Catherine Eagan 
Kristi Rae Eckerson 
t John Matthews Eglseder 
Frances Leah Ehrlich 
George Rodney Ellis 
* Debra Lee Emerson 
Jorge Alberto Estrada 
Grady Michael Evans 
Sherralyn Loraine Faine 
Craig H. Fanning 
John Frederick Farley 
David Andrew Mahan Farris 
David Farrow 
Gail Helene Fast 
Michelle Nan Feld 
Jennifer Anne Fennell 
William Karl Ferro 
'Dorothy Elisabeth Feulner 
Marc Louis Fink 
Carol Elaine Fisher 
Gary David Frankel 
'Cheryl Mindy Freed 
Janice Marie Freed 

Jeffery Michael Friedman 

Meryl Sandra Friedman 

Orrel Handy Frost 

Kimberly Jean Funk 
§Sarolta Eva Fury 

Benjamin Boco Gage 

Mary Lucille Callahan 

Cathy Cook Gaynor 

Amy Louise Gearin 

David Francis Geckle 

Sharon Gee 

Stephen Michael Geer 

Judith Ann George 

Lura Annette Gibbs 

Arthur Daniel Ginolfi, Jr. 

Diane Ginsburg 

Beth Harra Gitkin 

Arlene E. Goldstein 
'Nancy Lynn Goldstein 

Dawn Marie Goodall 

Dana Ellen Gordon 

Ginger Lee Graham 

Elizabeth Benson Graves 
Steven Todd Greenblat 
Benedict Edwin Grylewicz III 
Evgenia Gurary 
Wendy J. Guskind 
Eric Chester Gutierrez 
Patricia Marie Hale 
Katherine Faye Halleck 
Kathleen Popovich Hamblet 
Judith Ann Harrison 
Margaret Arlene Hartman 
t Sterling Voss Harwood 
Charles Lewis Havekost 
Stephen Douglas Hawkins 
'Julie Kathryn Heath 

M'Liss Anne Heller 

Diane M. Helms 

Eric Thomas Henderson 

Nancy Jean Herlihy 

Ann Horowitz 

Deborah Rachel Horvitz 

Beverley Ann Hubscher 

Joni Rebecca Hulman 

Anthony Melvin Humphreys 

Patricia Evans Hunt 

Lizabeth Eve Huston 

Benjamin S. Jacobs III 

David Alan Jarman 

Karen Sue Jaskulsky 

Robert Lawrence Jasper 

Pascaline Lolotte Johnson 

Debra Ann Jones 

Dana M. Jordan 

Reinaldo Junquera 

Lisa Emilie Kahn 

Kenneth Neil Kallmyer 

Stella Ann Kaloss 

Ramon Vojtech Kasanicky 
de Kassay 

Shelli Kassin 

Norma Delores Kelley 
* Lisa Ann Kershner 

Susan Barbara Kessler 

Rayya Kadhim Khalaf 

Laura Ellen King 

Paulala Dee Kirkpatrick 

(2 degrees) 
Debra Cindy Kirsch 
Richard Douglas Koch 


§SummaCuni Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Clayton Kiyoshi Kodama 
William Leonard Kolberg. Jr. 
Nan Lizbeth Krauss 
Robin June Krebs 
t Caroline Hazel Krewson 
Kathleen Muriel Krivak 
Andrew Frank Krysa 
Michael Leecraft Kyle 
Andre Joseph Lancaster 
Denise Marie LaPlante 
Shelley Patricia Latin 
Joseph Michael Lavine 
Debbie Lawrence 
Elizabeth Mary Leieck 
Bruce Leonard L^nhoff 
Linda Ilene Lepper 
'Susan Rae Levi 
Amy B. Levine 
Susan Jill LeWinter 
Cindy Kruskopfs Lewis 
John William Linkenauger 
Mary Lewis Linstrom 
Ellen Rose Liplon 
Phyllis Lorimer 
Mark Keith Lothers 
' Robert Francis Mace 
Laurel Evans MacKenzie 
Jo Therese Mahoney 
Lisa Ann Mangialardi 
Stephanie Jane Mann 
Maria A. Marewski 
Gary Allan Margolis 
Robert Phillip Martins 
Margaret Ann Maruca 
William McDowell Mastin 
Carol Ann Marie Matuozzi 
Martha Groves McBee 
Patrick Francis McCann 
Dennis John McCarthy 
Donna Dianne McCarthy 
JKathleen Anne McCarthy 
Nelson Wallace McCormick 
Anne Marie McKinney 
Kathleen Marie McMahon 
George F. McWilliams 
Camilla Jean Meek 
John Melick III 
Penny Susan Merican 
Betsy Lynn Middleman 

'Melinda Ruth Miles 

Mark Richard Milewski 

Craig Allen Miller 

Karen Maria Miller 

Linda Ellen Miller 

Robyn S. Miller 

Susan Harrison Miller 

Cynthia Carmi Milloy 

Carol Jean Mizelle 

William Thomas Monaco 

Patricia Ann Moomey 

Mary Ann Moon 

Jill Michele Morel 

David Paul Mosedale 

Joseph Anthony Murgalo, Jr. 
T Lori Lee Nelson 

Alexander Howard Neustadter 

Christopher Newman 

Constance Louise Niebuhr 

Patricia Anne Noone 

Theresa Anne Novick 

Christopher Michael O'Hare 

William Patrick OLeary 

David Mark Olson 

Charles Frederick Oristian 

Mark Alan Pack 

Denise R. Parietli 
Yolonda Maria Parker 
Bonnie Marie Patrick 
Rachael Karen Pats 
Susan Lee Patterson 
Marjorie Monzert Pearce 
Scot Merideth Peirson 
Amy Louise Perkins 
Nancy Irene Pessagno 
Brian Richard Pia 
Susan Lynne Pieri 
Kimberly Ann Placevk 
Susanna Evelyn Poulos 
Arlene Idona Rabunsky 
Toni-Robin Radler 
Judy Kay Reul 
Lisa Graham Robeson 
Mary Kearny Rodgers 
Eileen Ann Rogato 
Patricia Ann Rogers 
Donna Lynn Rolf 
Debra Joan Rothman 
*Mary Ellen Rounds 

" Kathryn Michele Rowe 

Prime Joseph Garcia Roxas, Jr. 

Diane Dubbs Salvatore 

Richard Andrew Sargent 
'Jane Eva Maria Sasaki 

William David Scanlan 

David Franklin Schek 

Candy Schoner 

Erich Timothy Schwartz 

Joyce Ann Schweitzer 

Michael Frederick Scott 

Sharon Miriam Selber 

Joan Marie Sewell 

Mohamed Safeer Shameem 

Mitchell Jay Shapiro 

Carol Ann Shaughnessy 

Lisa Jan Sherman 
t Janice Lynn Skroback 

Bertha Elizabeth Sledge 

Lisa Jeanne Smith 

Laura Ann Soloway 

Martin William Spiegel 

Jean Gillespie Sprowls 

Jaclyn Staple 

Lyn Ellen Sterling 

John Edward Stockmann 

Barbara J. Strakowsky 

Barbara R. Strandt 

Bruce Marshall Supovitz 

Charles Everett Sutton 

Eileen Fitzgerald Swarbrick 

Sheila Marie Sweeney 

Rozsa Jenny Takacs 
§ Victoria Lynn Tamburo 
David Jay Taplinger 
John Michael Tarafas 
Janet Faye Taylor 
Robert Hull Taylor 
Carol-Lynn Tewes 
Alexander Thomas 
Barry Scott Toser 
Joseph Armand Townley, Jr. 
James Cashman Troy 
Mary Dabney Tydings 
Alfonso Hernando Valencia 
Carmen Vidal 
Arthur Joel Viente 
Louise Voss-Goldblalt 
Susan Elaine Vreeland 

Timothy Bart Wainscott 

Loretta Cecilia Waldron 

John Rogers Wallace 
r Lisa Pelletier Walsh 

Lisa Diane Walters 

Joy Lynn Wanveer 

George Washington 

Valeta Ann Watkins 
'Carolyn Fales Wesner 

Meritta S. White 
T Russell Meade Wilbur 
t Sherrie Diane Wilbur 

Stephanie Maria Willey 

Kimberly Lynn Williams 

Portia M.Williams 

Margaret Elizabeth Withers 

Jeffrey Scott Wood 

Dorothy Jean Yowaiski 

Kurt Louis Zanelotti 

Kristin Zimmer 

Barry Paul Zuckerman 
§ Carol Ann Zuckerman 

Bachelor of Music 

Joyce Anne Crist 
Susan L. Dahlberg 
Sory Able Davis 
Sean Paul Doherty 
* Elizabeth Grelchen Haberman 
Peter David Hadeed 
Harry Hayes Haywood III 
Nan B. Hillman 
Benjamin Howard Kline 
Edwin Jonathan Lubin 
Kristen Elaine Sanders 
Kathleen Ann Stenger 
Margaret Augusta Stricklelt 

iSumnuCumLaudc; TMagiu Cum Laude; *Cum Laudc 



Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 


Candidates will he presented by 
Dr. Rudolph P. Lamone. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

George Eli Abdow 

Nelson Howard Abel 

Jeffrey Lin wood Adams 

Maria Fides Lapena Alaisa 

Gail Teresa Alexander 

Philip Williams Allin 

Phyllis Jean Alt 

Marilyn Ellen Anderson 

Elizabeth Glenn Angel! 

Kenneth Daniel Antoniuk 

Jill Meredith Ardito 

Patti Jill Austin 

Bruce Alan Backer 
t Andrew James Baer 

Charles Carroll Baldwin. Jr. 

Melissa Margo Barksdale 

John Bartkow 

Isadore Richard Baseman 

Robert Anthony Beach, Jr. 

Eugenia Mary Bell 

Kevin Michael Bell 
'Ira Alan Benzion 

Berk Ben Allen 

Ellyn Donna Berkowitz 

Charline Berry 

Kenneth Howard Bershtein 

John David Bierer 
* Richard Elvis Blankenship 
I Jay Sherman Block 

Jody Michelle Blum 

Mark Andrew Blumhardt 

Scott Robert Boddery 

Stephen Edward Boisuert 

Steven C. Bond 
§ David Nicholas Bowen 

Antoinette Louise Boyd 

Gary Fred Boyd 

Thomas Andrew Bradley 
Robert Cochran Brady, Jr. 

' Robin Mara Brahm 
Ted Russell Breiter 
John Michael Brennan 
Christopher Gerard Breslin 
Susan Jean Bridegum 
Debra Anniece Brockington 
Alan Paul Bronfein 
Peter John Brophy 
Dawn Cheryl Brown 
Kenneth Lee Brown 
Kelly Richard Buccino 
Bryan Keith Buckland 
Frederick Michael Bunke 
Matthew Lawrence Burkhardt 
Ariane Elizabeth Burt 
Mynga Butcher 

Anne L. Byrd 

Geraldine Ann Byrne 

James John Cagley 

Patrick Robert Cahill 

Lorenzo Carrea 

James Michael Carter 

Gary Willis Case 

Steven Anthony Casso 

Alan Martin Chaillet 

Ronald Michael Chazin 

Peter G. Christofferson 

Michael William Christopher 

Song K. Chung 

Robert Edward Clarke. Jr. 

Eric Cheyenne Coates 

Jeffrey S. Cohen 

Lawrence J. Cohen 

Sheila Sue Cohen 

Douglas Paul Cohn 

Christopher Jude Colburn 

Henry Earl Coley 
§ Anne Elizabeth Collins 

Karen Ann Coloe 

* Debra Lynn Cooper 
Warren Jeffrey Cooper 
David Bruce Corkum 
John Anthony Corso 
Darlene Cotten 

John Eric Courtney 
Kathleen Marie Cover 

* Denise Louise Coyle 

Eva Anette Cranor 
John Critzos II 
Anna-Mae Crockett 
Robert Mark Crotty 
'John Russell Crow 
Michael R. Cuneo 
Davida L. Davis 
James Gregory Davis 
Larry Allan Davis 
Pamela J. Davis 
Valerie Catrina Davis 
Thomas More Debinski 
Cynthia Louise DeGeorge 
Penny Lynn Dehrkoop 
Joseph Allen Dennis 
Barry Francis DesRoches 
James Brinton Devens 
Diane Carol Dickey 
Margaret Elizabeth Dixon 
Eric Eugene Doerr 
Marietta Elizabeth Doerre 
Andrew Barnett Donchin 
Harold H. Dorfman 
Paul Edward Dorsey 
Kenneth Gerard Draize 
John Charles Driscoll 
Francine Phyllis Dubin 
Nancy Jeanne Dubois 
Michael Joseph Duff 
Janes Joseph Dugan 
Thomas Cannon Dugan 
John David Eberhard 
James Michael Eckard 
James Graham Edrington 
Robin Lynn Ehrlich 
Beverly Sue Eichel 
Mark David Eidelman 
Steven Edward Eisenberg 
Eric Brian Eiscnstein 
Steven Mark Ellinger 
Benjamin Avrum Ellis 
Mark Hillel Ely 
Thomas Lee Emrich 
Leslie Ann Engel 
Murray Saul Epstein 
Steven Epstein 
Steven Richard Erianger 
Theodora Eugines 

Mark Carleton Evans 
Robert Preston Evans III 
Wendy Joy ExIer 
Lee Eliot Eybel 
Stephen Gerard Facini 
Robert David Faktorow 
Beth Ann Fangmeyer 
Richard Andrew Fazio 
Andrea Beth Feigenbaum 
Robert Feinerman 
Bryan Edward Figge 
Betty Jean Figula 
Shelley Risa Fine 
Roderick Hugh fHagg 
Joel Martin Florin 
Barry Neil Foland 
Samuel E. Forkkio 
Faye Ann Forshlager 
'Joseph Anthony Foti 
Andrew Mark Fox 
Randall Scott Foy 
Marcia Madora Francisco 
Charles Leonard Frank 
Kenneth Lee Fried 
Marc Lawrence Friedman 
Anne Haynes Fruit 
Mark Fuchs 

Charlene Lynette Fulton 
Mark Irwin Garbers 
James Philip Gaske 
Richard Edward Gayle 
Theresa Hua Gerardi 
Mitchell Neal Gershman 
David George Ghysels. Jr. 
Cristina Marie Giannantonio 
James Mitchell Giantomenico 
Michael Douglas Gilder 
* Donald Mark Gillen 
George Augusta Gilliam 
Barry S. Ginsberg 
Barbara Diane Glasco 
Ronald Harris Goldberg 
Daniel Lee Goldberger 
Patricia Margaret Gonnsen 
Meryl Debra Goodgold 
Robert Lee Gossweiler, Jr. 
Judith Lewis Graf 
John Charles Graham 
Albert Bobby Grandy, Jr. 

tSumnuiCuinLiudc.' TMagiu Cum L.judr; 'Cum L^udt 


Murray Bruce Green 
Lori Ann Greenberg 
Donald Mark Greenburg 
Catherine Elaine Greene 
Sharon Louise Greene 
Teresa Marie Grice 
Marshall Richmond Gross 
Nelson Haverin Gross III 
Janet Elizabeth Groves 
Barry David Grundy 
Elizabeth Guender 
Cerise Jan Haas 
Susan Lee Hack 
'David Gordon Hacker 
Mary Katherine Hafer 
Mary Theresa Halada 
Eileen Mullins Haley 
§ Susan Mary Halpern 
Edward Randall Hamas 
Lisa Beth Hammer 
t Bruce Norman Hampe 
Patrick Kent Hanners 
Kathleen Cecilia Hargrove 

David Scott Harris 

Cindy Ann Haskel 
Timothy Wayne Hastings 

Ralph Eugene Haught 

William Scott Havard 

Diana Lee Havenner 

Steven B. Haynes 

Harry Creveling Heck, Jr. 

Jacqueline Sue Henderson 

Donald Jerome Henzi 

Stephen John Herlihy 

Barry Scott Herling 

Thomas A. Hewitt 

Patrick Alan Hickey 

John Robert Higgs, Jr. 

Paul Stephen Hillstrom 

Amy Hinkle 

Sally Anne Holtgrewe 

Robert K. Houston 

Martina Anjeanette Howard 

Richard F. Howard 

Mark Andrew Hrozencik 
§ Charles Richard Hughes 

Timothy Joseph Hughes 

Takashi Inagaki 

Gerald Alfred Inglesby 

§ Allen Isaacson 

t Robert Joseph Jacklin 

Bradly Jacobson 

Jerry Alan Janofsky 

Patricia Ellen Jenkins 

April L. Jennings 

David Lee Joffe 

Ejner James Johnson, Jr. 

Harrison Leon Johnson 

Robert Lander Johnson 

* Sally Louise Johnson 
Thomas Arthur Johnson 
E. Jeffrey Jones 

Bruce Howard Jurist 

Price William Wallace Kaler, Jr. 

Michael Jonathan Kaperst 

Timothy Kapinos 

Carol Beth Kasmir 

Ronald Murray Katzen 

Steven Bradley Kayne 

* Vince George Kazanjian 
Kenneth John Keefer 
John William Kefauver 
Marian Linda Keipert 

'Joyce Susan Keller 

Patrick Thomas Kenealy 

Lawrence Jay Kerr 

Shoshana Khakshoor 

Debra Lee Kilby 

Hwa J. Kim 

Youn Hwan Kim 

Phillip Calvin King 

John Allen Kirschner 

Andre Kiss 
* Stephen Michael Kitsoulis 

Alex Stephen Kocerhan 

Randy Kohana 

Cynthia Marie Koran 

Eric Lome Krohel 

Marc A. Kronsberg 

Michael Denis Kucera 

Daniel Bruce Kula 

John Joseph Kvedar 

Laura Lee Lahey 

Audrey Ellen Lamb 

Raymond Francis Lamb 
§ Joanne C. La Porte 

Kurt Svend Larsen 

David Wayne La Wall 

Anne Faith Laws 
Mary Yee Lee 
Mimi Margie Lee 
Phyllis Jean Lee 
Anthony Murray Leigh, Jr. 
Paul J. Lein 
David V. Lentz 
Miles Douglas Levey 
Debra Ellen Levin 
Sheri Dawn Levine 
t Howard Steven Levy 
Kathleen Lei Lew 
Alec Michael Lewis 
Andrew Mark Lichtenstein 
Douglas Alan Lidie 
Steven David Limsky 
Harold Anthony Lindo 
Ted Martin Lipsky 
Sylvia San-Yin Liu 
William John Locke 
Lynn Paula Loesberg 
Robert Karl Loewy 
Dargeelyn Faun Loftin 
William A. Long 
Mark Bruce Lorberbaum 
'Jay Herbert Ludke 
tLan Ly Luu 
Richard Joseph Lynne 
Ming Jon Ma 

Stephen Franklin Macadoff 
Mark Joseph Maceira 
'Carol Ruth Maher 
Steven Patrick Mahoney 
Nancy Cheryl Makstein 
Gregory Anton Mamay 
Michael Charles Manley 
John Evan Marcinik 
Alan Scott Margolis 
Shari Markowitz 
Robert Monroe Martin, Jr. 
Ronald Jay Marx 
Lisa Ann Matthews 
Lois Marie Mazonis 
Peter Todd McArdle 
Kathleen Elizabeth McCarty 
Susanne McDonald 
Terrence Francis McDonald 
Robert Mcllvaine 
Thomas Edward McKenna 

Christina Anne Meade 
Orly Mechaly 
Ingrida Aina Meierovics 
Robin Lynn Meizlish 
Ronni Lynn Meltzer 
Joseph Anthony Meyers II 
Frani Ellen Miller 
Steven Bruce Miller 
William Hugh Miller 
Lorraine May Ming 
Betsy Jane Mintzer 
William Mitchell III 
Stephen Bela Modly III 
Thomas William Moran 
Nancy Ann Morris 
Joyce Alice Morrison 
Stephen Earl Morrison 

T Kenneth Robert Morrow 
Marvette Denotria Mouton 
Bradley Scott Mudd 
Normand Joseph Mullan 
Pamela Lynn Munson 
Jay Charles Nadel 
Laurie June Nannen 
Joyce Marsha Nassau 
Paul Michael Nathan 
Rhona Nemiroff 
Nancy Ellen Neuvelt 
Sheree Anne Newcomb 
Tamara Dawn Noel 

' Elizabeth Ann Nonnenmacher 
Vickie Lynne Nottingham 
Edmund Henry Novak 
Carolina Vidamo Novicio 
Gregory Don Novotny 
Keith Francis Nowakowski 
William Jude O'Connell 
David Andrew O'Connor 
John Richard O'Connor 
Anne Marie Osterholm 
Brian Thomas O'SuUivan 
Elizabeth R. Ovis 
LeeH. Oxman 

'Martine Anne Paran 
Christine O'Dell Park 
Clifton Tyrone Parker 
Richard Alvin Parry 
David Michael Pasternak 
Ralph Douglas Patrick 


§SummaCumLaude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Julie Ann Pear 
Lisa Susan Pear 
Karen Beth Penchansky 
Donald Mark FVrantoni 
Christina Marie Perrone 
Bruce Christian Petersen 
Elysa Joy Petersohn 
Beverly Ann Pfifferling 
Dennis Garrett Phelan 
John Joseph Philbrick 
Kenneth Lynn Phillips 
Valerie Beth Pichney 
Mary Ann Pierce 

{Janet Elizabeth Pines 
George Constantine Pirpiris 
Helen Connie Pirpiris 
Jody Pollinger 
Thomas Larsen Porter 
Joseph Raymond Posey, Jr. 

■Joseph David Potosky 
Geoffrey Charles Reed Potts 

§ Daniel Joseph Price 
Carol Prichard 

' Eric Marty Pripstein 
William A. Publicover, Jr. 
Frank Kevin Puhl 
Donald Albert Pyatt 
Frederick Alan Pyatt 
James Arthur Pyke 

■ Daniel Wayne Quasney 
Edward Martin Quattrone 
Sharon Louise Queen 
Carol Sue Rader 
Pamela S. Ralph 
Frankie Michel Ramseur 
Stephen Robert Raulin 
Joseph Nicholas Reid 
Kevin Neil Reilly 
Daniel Rekos 
Sharon Anne Rhoda 

"Yvette Rhode 
Sean Patrick Rice 
Lawrence David Richardson 
Robert Hugh Richardson II 
Ronald Dale Riggin 
James Berryman Riley III 
Timothy Joseph Ring 

t Richard Martin Roberson 
Craig Howard Robinson 

James Robert Roche 
Joseph Rodriguez 
Betsy Gail Romanoff 
David Michael Rosen 

§ Amy Sue Rosenbaum 
James William Ross 
Cheryl Darlene Rowe 
Jeanine Penelope Ruda 
Janet Rebecca Runco 

§ William Joseph Russell 
Emily Anne Sachs 
Lori Carole Sachs 
Lori Ann Safirstein 
Virginia Elizabeth Salansky 
Daniel Mark Saltzman 
Warren William Sapp 
Jill Cherie Sargent 
Clifford Wayne Sass 
William Francis Savarino 
Carole Jean Sbarra 
Joseph Michael Scalco 
Ira Paul Schaechter 

* Lori Ann Schepps 
Lynn Irene Schildhauer 
William John Schilling 
Barbara Sue Schlansky 
Richard S. Schlecht 
Kymberly Ann Schmick 
Brian Edward Schultz 
Jeffrey Irwin Schwalb 
Larry Norman Schwartz 
Paul Michael Schwartz 
Ronald Lawrence Schwartz 
Robert Edwin Seabolt 
Martin Segal 
William Dubois Semple 
Gwenn Paulette Sevec 

§Jacquelyn Marie Shackleford 

■ Jonathan Louis Shear 
Steven Edward Shinholser 
Steven Keith Shollenberger 
Michael Steven Shugar 
Steven Alan Sider 
Jane Cynthia Siegel 
Keith Howard Silverstein 
David Alan Simson 
William James Skelley 
Janice Slaby 
Cynthia Jean Sleeman 

Glenn Steven Small 

Matthew Ralph Smalley 
tira Mitchell Smelkinson 
'Carol Jean Smith 

David Charles Smith 

Dennis G. Smith 

June Elizabeth Smith 

Stephanie Vanessa Smith 

Wayne Aron Smith 

Carin Judith Smolin 

Madelene Helene Soberman 
"Vicki Ellen Sotak 

Donald Hart Spence, Jr. 

Martin William Spiegel 

Samuel Hamilton Spragins III 

Andrew Lawrence Stape 

Andrew H. Starr 

Michael Patrick Steadman 

Adair Marie Stengard 

Teresa Leigh Stengle 

Pamela Lynn Stevens 

Charles Daniel Stillwell 
t Raymond C. Straathof 

Edwin Charles Slreeter 

Alan Stromfeld 
t Bruce Martin Strumpf 

Michael Eric Stull 

John Donald Sturtz, Jr. 

Stuart Thomas Sugarman 

Michael Tangreti 

Larry Eugene Tanner 

Larry Michael Tansky 

Kenneth A. Tarr 

Howard Jay Taube 
t Judith H. Taube 

Karen Ann Taylor 

Ronald Philip Testa 
'Robert Allen Testoff 

Karl Rodney Thomas 

Gerald Maddox Thrasher 

Kirk Wayne Thrush 

Sally Barbara Torchinsky 

Nancy Marie Toy 

Su-Yuan Tsai 

Raymond Tuchman 

Steven Alan Tuggle 

Suzanne Marie Tuozzo 

Lisa GayeTurpin 

Darlene Lucille Tyler 

Muqit Adil Usama 
' Dana Marie Vagnoni 

Thomas Edward Van Gorder 

David Yeater Van Scoy 

Lorraine Cynthia Ventresca 

Scott Leonard Venturelli 

James Edward Vespa 

Diana Evelyn Volem 
t Richard Stanley Wallington 

Susan J. Wallstein 

James Patrick Walsh 

Timothy Edward Walsh 

John David Warfield 
t Lawrence Yale Wasserman 

Vicki Louise Weatherby 

Harold Weinberg 

Scott Andrew Weiner 

Howard Brian Weisberg 

Jeanne Andrea Weiss 

Laurence Jay Weiss 

John Wayne Welsh 

Yvonne Marie Wheby 

Caesar Daniel White 

Dwayne Frank Whitiak 

Gregory Wayne Whitmyer 

John Clinton Wilcox 

Harry Patrick Williams 

Mikel Howard Williams 

Sharon Anne Williams 

Amy Grace Wilson 

Susan Louise Wilson 

Jamie Ann Wissemann 

Alan Howard Wohl 

John Norman Wollberg 

Byron Wong 

Eugene Francis Woodburn 

Wade Hampton Woodworth II 
§ Jeanne Kay Wright 

Kathryn Moore Wyatt 

Howard Sheldon Yablon 

Morris Barry Yatovitz 

Jon Jeffrey Yoder 

Caroline Mary Yoor 

Carol Jeanne Young 
■Jesse Duwane Young 

Francis Michael Zaberer 

Howard Jay Zarabet 


Shahia Zargaroff 

tSumma Cum Ljude. TMdgiu Cum Ljudc; 'CumLaudr 


Frank Allan Ziemski 
t Robin Laura Zimelman 
Joseph Edward Ziobrowski 
Jodee Ann Zitelman 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Murray E. Polakoff, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Maria De Los Angeles Aceituno 
Jody Elizabeth Adams 
Laeeq Ahmed 
Robert Alan Alderson 
Daniel Glenn Aldridge 
Lisa Ann Alexander 
Terence Joseph Alexander 
Gail Louise Allen 
Maureen Evelyn Ruppert Allen 
Mirit Allon 

Gregory Louis AJtobelli 
John Michael Anderson 
Charles Joseph Ansaldi 
* David Bruce Applebaum 
Darius Arbabi 
Angela Rose Arkin 
Karen Anne Armstrong 
Mitchell Charles Arnowitz 
Debra Ann Asbacher 
Nancy Elizabeth Bachtell 
Peter Gene Bahor 
Andrew Howard Baida 
John William Baldante 
Ann Joan Baldasano 
Minda Ann Bander 
Marilyn Leigh Barker 
William Joseph Barlow, Jr. 
Briccio Baltazar Barrientos 
Steven Lewis Barrios 
Lori Jill Barth 
Jeffrey Austin Bateman 
§Mark Warren Bauckman 
Brenda Lee Beitzell 
Janine Lee Bender 
Alice Benmaman 
William Charles Bennett 
Arlene Ann Benson 
Bonnie Marie Bentley 
Richard Lynn Benyak 
Donna Meryl Bergen 

*Dean Russell Berman 

Richard Scott Bernhardt 
§Morrell John Berry 
tTimothy Paul Bigelow 

Mona Caryl Binder 

Bernetta Denise Bizzell 
* Michael Joseph Bjork 

Edward Joseph Blake, Jr. 

Anne Martha Blanchard 

Peter Newcomb Bloodgood 

Jonathan Ames Boardman 

Donna Marie Bostrom 

David L. Boucher 

Susan Carol Bourgeois 

Cynthia Evelyn Boyd 

Frank John Boyle, Jr. 

Cheryl Joyce Brahen 

Robin Beth Bralow 

Charles Theophilus Breeding, Jr. 

Brooks Randolph Brewington 

Janet Benita Bridges 

Michael Wayne Bridges 

Steven Gilbert Broadhurst 

Terri Lynn Brooks 

Linda Marie Browdy 

Jeffrey Scott Brown 

Sandra Elaine Brown 

William Palmer Brune 

Stephen Edward Bruns 

Pamela Katherine Rudolph Bukowski 

Faith Alison Ann Cable 

Jeffrey Mark Cahall 

Laurel Virginia Campbell 

Stephen Phillip Cannon 

David Andrew Carleton, Jr. 

Elizabeth Jane Cary 

Vincent George Cassese 

Rosemarie Castillo 

Surrie Ann Chalew 

Sharon Michele Chambers 

Margaret Ann Cheng 
'Joseph Wayne Cherner 

Janice Lynn Chernow 

Sheri Lee Chris tman 

Brian John Clancy 
*Gail Lee Anne Clapper 

Dalerie Patrice Clarke 

Nancy Codori 

Cathy Michele Cohen 

Michael Allen Cohen 
Mark Louis Cohn 
Leo Harding Cole, Jr. 
*Nancy Claire Coleman 

Bette Ellen CoUings 

D. Scott Conchar 

Craig William Conners 

Alan Whitfield Conrad 

John Nelson Converse 

Gary Rand Cook 

Richard Joseph Cormier 

Mary Ruth Coster 
§ Sharon Ann Cox 

Paul Vincent Crawford 

JohnCritzos II 
*Joan Marie Curtin 

George Evmenios Damon 

David Duane Daves 

Isaac Davis 

Ronald Lenn Davis 

Theresa Louise Davis 

Valerie Kim Davis 

Warren Washburn Davis III 

Craig Lowell Dean 

Theresa Marie Deily 

Melanie E. Dennis 

Karen Joyce Diamond 

Joseph Anthony DiBattista, Jr. 

Michael Louys Dierks 

Gregory Keith Diez 

John Patrick Diffley 
Eileen Patricia Dimond 
Steven Michael Dobbin 
William Gerald Donahue 
John Edmund Dorsz 

'Sandra Kay Dove 
Kathryn Elaine Dowjat 
Shahrzad Sahebi Dowlatshahi 
John Edward Doyle 
Hamilton Irving Driggs III 
Cathy Ann Dryden 
David Bryon Eadie 
Shirley Hortensia Eason 
Philip Edward Eisenhaur 
Gary D. Ellis 
Daniel Ralph Ennis 
Jon Edvin Erickson 

(two degrees) 
Susan Erim 


§SummaCum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 

Karen Anne Espil 

Penny Marie Esworthy 

Chavonne Lorraine Evans 
t Dexter Ewel 

Bernard Gerard Facchina 

Brian Eugene Famiglietti 

Anita M. Harrison Faringer 

Arthur Douglas Farrance 

Derek Charles Fay 

Paul Francis Fay 

Anthony Frank Fazio 

Bonnie Feferman 

Janet Arlene Fekete 

Jaquenette Renee Ferguson 

Martin Alger Ferguson, Jr. 
§Lori Jean Fiegel 

Thomas McCoy Fields, Jr. 

Miriam Sharon Fineberg 

Louis Martin Fischler 

Sanford Shawn Fishbein 

Iris Eileen Fisher 

Douglas Carl Fitzpatrick 

Paul David Flower 

Gina Eileen Flowers 

Nancy Susanne Forster 

Kimberly Kay Fowlkes 

Jordan Charles Fox 

Thomas Barth Fox 

John Francomacaro 

Anne Aileen Frank 
'Karen P. Frankhouser 
t Bonnie Carole Frankle 

Kathleen Elva Franks 

Juliet Freeman 

Lisa Ann Freeman 

Sharon Joy Freeman 
§Ethan Joseph Friedman 

Sandra Rebecca Friedman 

Nicholas John Frisone 

John Patrick Fronk 

James Evan Garfein 

Lee H. Geaman 

Elizabeth Gelfer 

Jon Andrew Gerson 

Robin Gale Gewirz 
•Robert Edgar Gillette 

Robert Charles Glaubman 

Mary Elizabeth Goebert 
Heidi LGoff 

Susan Lynn Gold 
David S. Goldstein 
Caroline RoseMarie Gorse 
Jo Ann Roswell Gough 
Shari Ellen Grams 
William Todd Grams 
Diane Greenberg 
William Joseph Grennon III 
Judith Evelyn Gritton 
Sherie AnneGroff 
Martha Jo Grotegut 
Dana Leigh Grugan 
Alan David Hack 
James William Hafey, Jr. 
Mary Etta Haga 
'James David Hage 

(two degrees) 
Charles Joseph Hall 
John Edward Halley 
'Ronald Jay Hamer 
Jeffrey Jay Harshman 
Melvin Leon Hart 
Michael Drew Hassin 
Debra Susan Hatcher 
Robin Faith Haupt 
Juliana Teresa Heath 
Michael Carl Heineman 
t Patrice Marie Heinz 
Craig Steven Heinze 
Robert Joseph Held 
tPaul James Heldenbrand 
Lindell Kay Henson 
Roslynn Marcie Hersch 
Fred Carlisle Hicks III 
Thomas Osborne Hill, Jr. 
Monica Belinda Hines 
Kathryn Gail Holbrook 
Sally Ann Holloway 
Yvette La Verne Hopkins 
Clifford Edwin Howe 
Charles Arthur George Hudson 
tBerniceM. Z. Hughes 
James J. Hughes, Jr. 
Gordon Alan Hull 
Joan Elizabeth Humphrey 
Kathleen Gail Hung 
Dana Gaye Ingram 
Julia Carol Irons 
Carol L. Jackson 

Bruce Harry Jacobs 
Jesse Lee Jacobs 
t Carole Ann Jacquez 
Richard Louis Jaklitsch 
Barbara Shirley James 
Edward Clark Jarman 
tMerrie Loretta Jensen 
Michael Leslie Jermann 
Terry Alan Jodrie 
Nadine Fern Johnpoll 
Cathleen Rae Johnson 
Janis Paige Johnson 
Karen Marie Johnson 
Pamela Joan Johnson 
Ronald James Johnson 
Stephaine LaVerne Johnson 
Joseph Michael Jordan 
Phyllis Kay Josey 
Joyce Viola Jubilee 
Leslie Ann Kalbermatten 
Deborah Elizabeth Kane 
Deborah Jeanine Kapelus 
John Russell Kapinos 
Eric Louis Karandy 
Abeda Karimi 

Maryanne Deeney Kauffman 
John Thomas Kelly 
Kevin Phillip Kennedy 
Steven Theodore Kimble 
JohnC. King 
David Ray Kitsmiller 
Richard Michael Kligman 
Rhonda Dale Klipper 
Lynn Bauer Knouse 

TMartin Edward Kobren 
Pamela Murray Kohl 
Ann Lynne Kramer 
Carolyn Kramer 
Janet Sandra Kramer 
Win Edward Kressel 
Steven IraKroll 

t Janis Susan Kuptzin 
Timothy P. Kurtzman 
J. Robert Lalush 
Annemarie Lambert 
David Bauman Lane 
Claire Anne Larkin 
Michele La Rocca 
Jay Ira Lazerowitz 

Hugh Daniel Lederman 
Lee Roy Lee 
t Alan Robertson Lehman 

Renee Leibman 
tSusan Ellen Lerman 
Kevin Anthony Levi 
Rose Caryn Levine 
Lina Lewis 

Kerry Elizabeth Leyden 
Debra E. Lieberman 
Inga Suzanne Lim 
Judy Lynn Litman 
Jamie J. Livingston 
Susan Barbara Loen 
Betsy Ann Logan 
'Clara Jean Long 
T Richard Allen Loomis 
Mary Frances Loughlin 
Andre Stanley Love 
William Keith Lowder 
Wendy Lee Luke 
Stephen Bruce Lumsden 
Hanne Jane Lundsager 
Sheila Deloris Lyles 
Gordon Arthur Lynn 
Carole Shannon MacCartee 
All Mahmood 
Julie Ann Mahon 
James Murray Makinen 
Alison Marie Malinowski 
Catherine Mary Mallon 
Karen Anne Maloney 
Willis Raymond Manning III 
Edgar Mantilla 
Robert Anthony Maranto 
§ Jennifer Marie Marmer 
Katrina Marie Marshall 
Nancy Suzanne Marucci 
Albert Wellington Mathis 
Sarita Lynn Maybin 
Toba Selma Mayer 
Joan Therese McCarty 
Carolyn Rutherford McChesney 
Sheila Diane McClan 
Marion Annette McClelland 
Michael C. McCloughan 
Robert Francis McCort, Jr. 
Michael C. McCloughan 
Kathi Bridget McCullen 

iSummaCumLaudr. tMagiuCum Laudr; *Cum Liudr 


*John Joachim McGeehan 
Michael Dennis McGinnis 
Walter Smart McKee III 
John Kwon McLaughlin 
Jamie Lee McMorran 
Daniel Justin McNamara 
Anita Michelle McNeil 
Timothy Laughlin McNeil 
Linda Marie Medina 
John Charles Meggers, Jr. 
Marjorie Beth Meltzer 
Carlos Augusto Mena 

'Nina Susan Mendelsohn 
Eric Alan Metzman 
Carol Celeste Miller 
Robin Sue Millman 
Laurin Howard Mills 
Carol Ellen Mock 
William Joseph Monks 
Cameron Hollister Mooney 
Elizabeth Somervell Moore 
Margaret Ann Moore 
Janet Lynn Morchower 
Stephen Jay Mordfin 
Christopher Kim Morris 
David Neil Morrison 

§Neil Moskowitz 
Nichole Cherie Moten 
Eric Jon Mount 
Annemarie Muccino 
Barbara Ordahl Muir 
Tara Marie Mulhern 
John Edward Muller 
Fran Joyce Mulnick 
Christine Margaret Murphey 
Michael Thomas Murphy 
Carolyn Jean Murray 
Maureen Anne Murray 
Patricia Beth Myers 
Stephen Lawrence Myers 
Betty Mae Myrowitz 
Edgar Marcelo Naranjo 
Kathleen A. Neill 
Richard Stephen Neubarth 
Scott Eric Nevin 
David James Newson 
James A. Nixon 
Denice Renee Norris 
Daniel Joseph O'Connell 

Anne Elizabeth O'Connor 
*James Douglas O'Connor 

Robert Michael O'Connor 

Karen Beth Offitzer 

Eileen O'Keefe 

Ellen CydOkrend 

Roberts. O'Neill 

Lourdes Juliana Ortega 
"John Stewart Oshinsky 

Joseph W. Oxley 

Frederick Keith Pacen 

Sharon Rankin Padron 

Christopher Louis Panos 

Katherine Demetra Paras 

Luis Emilio Parga 

Diane Vanessa Parker 

Judith Mary Parker 

Lawrence Joseph Pasco, Jr. 

Andrew Patchan 

Kenneth J. Payne 

William Charles Peachey 

Stephen Christopher Pease 

James T. Pede 

Angelique Alexandra Pefinis 

John Paul Pellecchia 
* Maria Lina Perez-Mera 

Michael Steven Perret 
fStuartL. Perry 

Karen Sandra Peskin 

John Charles Peters 

Michael Paul Phelan 

Ellen Marie Pickering 

Beth Deborah Piekarski 

Joseph James Piperato III 

Maria Ann Pisner 

Ora Lee Pittman 

Keith Lynnwood Poling 

Janis Haya Pollack 

Amy Lynne Polovoy 

Andrew Damian Michael Popis 

Billie Jean Portas 

Michele Namoski Posniewski 

Ronald B.Preller 

Jeffrey Mitchell Price 

Laura Ellen Proger 

Joseph Michael Radzilowski 

Mark Edward Raum 

Eugenia Elizabeth Reed 
*Kathie Gearhart Reed 

Stephen L. Regeimbal 

Charles Alan Register 

Ruth Shari Reich 

William Bruce Reichel 

Jacqueline Elizabeth Reynolds 

Patrick John Richitt 

James Philip Riddel, Jr. 

LarkC. Riddick 

Brigid Shannon Riley 

ByungChan Rim 

William G. Risinger 

Philip James Ritter 

Darryl Duane Robbins 

Pamela Eileen Robinson 

Terrance Anthony Robinson 

Susan Sine Rodman 

Steven Mark Rosen 

Don Harris Rosenblum 

Renee Gerrie Ross 

Sara Jeanine Rotolo 

Francina LaVerne Roy 

Diane Jean Rubilotta 

Joan M. Sopher Rudick 

Howe Neil Rudow 

Ann Peters Ruebensaal 
*Lucy Jane Rush 

Deborah Susan Sacks 

RoseMary Sadler 

Amalia Salazar 

James Bruce Salt 

Ellen Lori Saltzman 

Hector O. Samuel 

Michele Sharon Sapp 

Diane Lynn Sautters 

Marie Margaret Schauer 

Donna Sue Schere 

Philip Jack Schettewi 

Kristen Isabel Schoeck 

Karen Louise Schoettler 
'Claire Bradshaw Schoonover 

Jean Leavell Schramm 

Julia Temple Schuster 

Sheryl Ellen Schwartz 
'Donna Faye Schwartzman 
'Margaret Marie Schweitzer 

Deborah Kay Seatter 

Jeffrey Robert Senf t 
'Paul Anthony Serini 

Debra Lynn Sexton 

Virginia Ann SharJcle 

Richard Neal Shapiro 

Kelley J. Sharkey 

Barry J. Shatzman 
'Linda S. Shepard 

Lynne Stephanie Shifren 

Kathryn Marie Shippe 

Neil Alfred Shorb 

Sally Jean Shortt 

Julian Isador Silk 

Saralisa Silverman 

Kimberly June Small 

Sharon Marie Smallets 

Bonnie Irene Smith 
§ Clifford Thomas Smith 

Eric Lamont Smith 

SueLyn Smith 

Dean Alter Spahn 

Susan Lynne Speranza 

James Robert Stafford 

Theodore Mitchell Steiner 

Larry Andrea Stewart 

Patricia Ann Stockdale 

Amy Louise Stone 

William Richard Strassberger 

Linda Marie Suarez 

Henry Lee Sublett III 

Diane Frances Suchter 

Mark Christopher Sullivan 

Abbe Beth Sussman 

James Joseph Sylvester 

Lechine Tan 

Cheryl Ann Taylor 

Ira Saul Taylor 

John Thomas Taylor, Jr. 
'Patricia Ann Teleska 

Suzanne Terry 

Howard McDonald Thompson 

Suzanne Edna Tidier 

Ira Paul Tobert 

Jody Leigh Tracey 

Lawrence Benjamin Trapuzzano 

Louise Gilham Trush 

Aagot Marga Tucker 

Lois Claxton Turco 

Alex Juan Turner 

David Craig Utts 

Michael Edgar Vadnais 

Thomas J. Vahle 


fSummaCum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 

Karen Louise Vavreck 

Amalia Veizis 

Michele E. Vobe 
tMona Vohra 

PhilippeJ. J. Volcy 

Susan Roberta Wachs 

Denis Martin Wack 

Lynn Alyson Walker 

Richard Lee Walker 

Ruth Calvine Walker 

Tamale Ceidora Walton 

David William Warrington 
§ Laure Christine Weber 

Susan Lucia Weidner 

Richard Harris Weiner 

Eric Weintraub 

Brett David Weiss 

Tracey Leigh Whitaker 

Charles K.White 
T Anne Therese Wilkinson 

Lawrence Edwin Willianns III 

Edwin Thomas Willie 

David C. Winer 

Lynn Ann Wino 

Michael David Wolk 

Richard Wong 

Carol Elizabeth Wood 

Durlyn Wooden 
TTeresa Sue Woodsum 

Doretha E. Word 

Robin Catherine Wright 

Regina Marie Yudd 

Sharon Lynn Zailis 

Joseph Timothy Zanger 

Deborah Helayne Zavos 
'Melinda Gooch Zeck 

Louis William Zeidman 

Jordene Lynn Zeimelz 

Nancy Zeitzoff 

Bruce Zeytoonian 

Bachelor of Science 

James Cletus Adrian, Jr. 

Daniel Steven Allex 

Clifford Wayne Bassett 
§Robyn Lesley Birckhead 
'Patricia Leisk Bolin 

Patricia Anne Boretos 

Joan Elizabeth Boyden 

Craig Stuart Brooks 

Alan Wayne Brownstein 

Kenneth Lee Brown 

Martin Wesley Carr 

Katherine Jane Christakos 

Marlyn Joyce Cohen 

Cynthia Louise Coughlin 

Mary Jean Cox 

George Rana Crider 

Nancy Marie Cruz 

Sophia Josephine Demchyshyn 

Michael Stuart Dew 

Sunil Dhawan 

Deborah Ann DiGregorio 

Catherine Dilenno 

Joanne Barbara Dubb 

Alan Leonard Eisen 

Robert Keith Fleischmann 
TErwin Leonard Fleisher 

David Louis Foxnell 

Charles William Furstenau 

Elizabeth Robin Galler 

Lindsay Rogan Garland 

Bruce Lee Geisert 

Elena Francis Giacometti 

Eugene Louis Goon 

Judy Carol Greenstein 

Paul Michael Grimaldi 

Mark Francis Higgins 

Thomas Roy Horner 

John Michael Kalimon 

Robert James Kim 

Harry Franklin Kovelman 

Martin David Laco 
'Cherylyn Gail Leibman 
'Susan Rae Levi 

Angela Maria Lockhart 

George Wesley Maria 

Albert John Martins 

Jamie Lynn McCullough 

Alison Lee Mordoh 
Brad Howard Norman 
Patrick James Nucci 
John Joseph O'Hare 
Diana Otylia Perkins 
Laura Ann Retterer 
Michael E. Riley 
Charles Douglas Robinson 
David Lee Sacks 
'Sandra Gail Sattin 
TNancy Louise Sevitski 
Richard Thomas Shaffer 
Betsy Rae Skolnick 
Paul Smith 
Joseph Harold Spiro 
Joseph William Stephens 
Patti Melissa Sternheim 
Eroi Osman Torun 
Lisa Ann Venente 
Sieglinde Anna Weiss 
John Powell Williams III 
Timothy Blair Wright 

Division of Human and 
Community Resources 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Dean C. Corrigan, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Juanita Andrea Abelmann 
t Julie Tiernan Allen 

Eliot Josef Applestein 
tMarjorie Jean Bennett 

Kathy Ann Brown 

Amelia E. Carpenter 

Kathleen Ellen Cascio 
T Alice Edelgard Coppersmith 

J. Andrew Coupe 
tKarl Thomas Craton 

Susan Anne Crunkleton 

Bryan Albert Donahue 

Roberta Dondes 

Risa Feingold 

Bridget Nora Flynn 

Hiedi Tina Glick 

Lisa Gayle Goldberg 

William Scott Janes 

Agnes Kiang 

Frances Jean Kipp 

Margaret Ann Maruca 

Joan F. Weidner Obitz 

Patty S. Saile 

Lily Sang 

Debbie Karen Souder 

Karen Marie-Christine Springford 

Susan Mary Stein 

Susan B. Stello 

Eva Marie Stemmer 

Pamela Cheryl Sterling 

Robert LaFon Terrell, Jr. 

John Stuart Ward 

Edward Thomas Zrubek III 

Bachelor of Science 

Joy Oliaku Anya 
Marc Alexander Astore 
Dawne Elizabeth Avery 
Jerry David Ayres 
Pamela Jean Bageant 

(SummaCum Laude: TMagna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laud« 


Vincent Joseph Baratta, Jr. 
§ Linda Joan Baugher 
Julie Ann Bean 
Gina Ann Bellafiore 
Mirl Ray Bendt 
Cheryl Ann Benjes 
Andrea J. Blank 
Sharon Jo Bobman 
Robert John Boyle 
Herbert Sidney Bresler 

* Louise Marie Brophy 
*Eleanora Yewell Buchheister 

Vicky Denise Byorick 
Regina Mary Camarano 
Linda Leith Campbell 
Paula Victoria Caputo 
Frank Jefferson Carlisle III 

* Kenneth James Cathers 
Marlene Caughman 
David Antoine Chaloux 

t Jeffrey Maury Charuhas 

Nancy Elizabeth Chick 

Christian Peter Clermont 

Claudia Diane Clokey 
§ Adrienne Cohen 

Diane Miriam Cohn 

Ann Coleman 

Ann Elizabeth Conley 

William Kenneth Cooper 

Charles William Cross, Jr. 

Holloway Pearce Davenport 

Debra Jean Davis 

Joyce Elaine DeLung 

Anna Marie D'Aulerio DiGiulian 

Leslie A. Douglas 

Martha Elizabeth Dreon 

Peter Pinhas Drettel 

Ann Patricia Drummey 

Nancy Suzanne Duncan 

Charles Dupree III 

Jane Fitzgerald Eanes 
§Eric Douglas Ebersole 

Cindy Fran Eisenberg 

John Joseph Ekelund 

Robert John Ellis 

Faye Lynn Emerson 

Susan Mara Ettenson 

Mindy Sue Falber 

Carol Feldman 

Barbara Jeannette Felton 
Lori Ann Finger 

* Robin Louise Fischer 
Sharon Sue Fitch 
Patricia A. Fitzpatrick 
Helene Sherl Freiman 
Kevin Wayne Fuhrmann 

Heidi Michele Goldenberg 
Elizabeth Charlotte Grant 
Robert John Gravina 
Jean Milliken Griffis 
Marcia Lois Gross 
Catherine Michele Grove 

*Suzanne Marie Halbardier 
Betty Ellen Hall 
Debra Ann Hall 
Doris Anne Halpin 
Rochelle Etta Hammerman 
Brenda Lee Harmon 
Linda Garbett Harper 
Ramona Helen Harris 
Randi Beth Harris 
Sandra Archer Harris 
Homer Lee Hastings III 

§ Carol Lynne Haupt 
Gale Lee Hauser 
Alan Benjamin Helene 
Janyse Ina Herman 
Ronald Gene Hess 
Mary Lynda Hill 
Thomas George Hines 
Mary Louise Hopper 
Raymond Charles Housing 

*Cheryl Ann Howard 
Kathy Maxwell Howard 

§ Linda Marie Imhof 
Mary Teresa Incarnate 
Fletcher Redden James III 
Sheri Lee James 
Dorian Wood Janney 
Karen S. Jefferson 
Joann Clinkscales Johnson 
Judith T. Kaminsky 
Mark Roger Kammerman 
Dara Joy Kaplan 
Eydie Renee Kaufman 
Kathryn Ann Kavlick 
Cheryl Gillespie Kenny 

Marquita Juanita King 
Thaddeus Stephen Kisielnicki 
Laurie Ann Kornblatt 
Debra Ann Korotkin 
Andra Jo Krovitsky 
Marian Edward Kulak 
Anthy Jennie Lakis 
Patti A, Lamb 
Laura Ann Lane 
Nancy Jane Layton 
Carol Mei Lee 
Leslie Carol Lemler 
Susan Michele Levin 
Leslie Beth Levine 
Patrick Thomas Lockett 
John Robert Logan 
Laurie J. Logan 
Deborah Marks Lough 
Cheryl Allyson Lubin 
Marilee Celeste Malphrus 
Marcie Mandelblatt 
Linda Sue Marcus 
Sheila Mervette Marshall 
Douglas Stephen Martin 
Susan Elizabeth Martin 
Minerva Martinez 
Jennifer Anne Marucci 
Michael Dean McCauIey 
Linda H. McConnell 
E. Robert McCready, Jr. 
Rose Marie McMahon 
Susan Lynn McPherson 
Nancy Alice Miller 
Yvonne Elizabeth Mills 
Frederick E. Mosher 
Janet Lynn Munro 
Michael Wayne Nicholson 
Verna Jeanne Novack 
Tammara Lynne Paland 
Tina Jayne Palso 
Diane Kathryn Parisi 
Marc Stuart Perry 
Joseph Louis David Pinto 
Samuel Joseph Polack 
Lawrence Walter Popp 
Patricia Lynn Posa 
t Anne Elizabeth Powell 
Dean Arthur Powell 
Linda Anne Price 

Holly E.S.Propst 
Lori Sue Rachlin 
Regina Anne Rapp 
Debora Carol Ratliff 

t Karolyn Kerr Ray 
Patricia Ann Ritter 
Kathleen Marie Rivetti 
Mary Ann Rogers 
Laurence Alan Rosen 
Shelly Lynn Rosenthal 

*Bonnie Sue Rosnov 
Gayle Blattenberger Ross 
Amy Rothenberg 
Jacqueline Marie Rutkowski 
Carol A. Scott 
Barbara Sue Sellman 
Aviva Lana Shapiro 
Kathleen Marie Shipley 
Kristine Shoap 
Galen Michael Siddall 

tSandra B. Smyser 
Melissa Ann Snowden 
Barbara Ann Sonnenberg 
James Stokes 
Cynthia Lee Stratton 
Nancy Kay Swanson 
Myron Patricia Taylor 
Susan Burnham Thomas 
Susan Rebecca Thorr 
Deena Beth Thursz 

'Diane Barbara Tobias 
Susan Kay Torrico 
Douglas Edward Tuller 
Theresa Anne Tyler 
Sondra Rae Watson 
Martsie Davis Webb 
Ellen G.Weis 
Laura Bridget West 
Thomas Staff eld Wheeler 
Victoria Susan White 
Debra Ellen Willensky 
Joyce Cynthia Williams 
Robin Conchita Wilson 
William Thomas Witte 
Diane Karen Wolfe 
Judith Ellen Wolk 
Stephen Mark Zagami 
Kathy Elizabeth Zizwarek 


§SummaCum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude: "CumLaude 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. John R. Beaton, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

loan Helene Allentuck 

Judith Lynn Alpern 

lanet Anne Amass 

Lori Eiin Amundsen 

Janet Diane Bacot 

Elinor Carol Bardach 

Allison Anne Barringer 

Cathleen Ann Luke Barry 
'Joanne Susan Bassan 

Susan Jean Bastian 

Lorraine Ilene Beach 

Melinda Lee Bennett 

Wendy Lynn Berger 

Monica Berilla 
'Christine Bierce 

Sharon M. Biladeau 

David Edward Bittner 

Mary Vanessa Black 

Annemarie Bolton 

Janet Gair Bouland 

Lois Ann Bowers 

Patricia Ellen Bradshaw 

Cindy Mara Bresloff 

Laurie Ann Brown 

Rebecca Lynn Brown 

Lorraine Brunner 

Donna Pollock Buisch 

Kathleen Marie Bulger 

Edith ArleneCaro 

Sharon Kay Carter 

Diane Marie Chambers 

Sau Kuen Cheung 

Mary Elaine Clenney 

Anne Katherine Clusman 
■ Dara Deneile Coblentz 

Linda Jo Machlan Colbert 

Beth Lori Coslit 

Bonnie Lorraine Cotier 

Charlene Louise Craley 

Martha Sue Daciek 

Jeanne Marie Decker 

Joyce Faye Demer 
Maureen Elizabeth Dolan 
Christopher James Dominski 
Cynthia Merle Dorf 
Kathleen Mary Dunlap 
Carol Lynn Earle 
Janet Kathryn Easson 
Kenneth Richard Eastep 
Kathryn Mary Eigenbrode 

§Tobie Robin Ely 
Christie Madeline Ennis 

TCynthia JaneEstep 

TNora Gabrielle Estep 
Sharon K. Fassler 
Wanda Marie Fleming 

§ Adrienne Helene Forman 

■Jessica Frances Forman 
Mary Ellen Francis 
Yvonne Floyd Gagnon 
Cheryl Ann Galloway 
Sharon Lorraine Garland 
Deborah Lee Gasper 
Angela Giovinazzo 
Michal Golan 
Lynn Carol Goldberg 
TNancy Iris Goldring 
Lisa Diane Gordon 
Linda Sheryl Gould 
Diane Maria Greene 
T Kathryn Sheets Gregory 

Patricia M. Griffin 

Debra D. Griffith 

Jeanine Eugenia Grogard 

Dorothy P. Guzzo 

Linda Sue Haberlein 

Barbara Camille Hall 
§ Maria Theresa Hamilton 

Nancy Anne Hartf ield 

Diane Michele Harvey 

Holly Faye Hatcher 

Linda Lorraine Hayes 

Mary-Beth Heald 

Paula Helen Holman 
'Sharon Elizabeth Hufnagel 

Janet Leigh Hume 

Robin Edith Hurley 

Beatrice Elizabeth Inglis 

Lorraine Jansen 

Gwendolyn Johnson 

Tine B. Johnson 
Gloria Denise Jones 
Laurinda Malvina Jones 
Julie Ann Katz 
Susan Lorna Katz 
Sandra Kaufman 
Susan Ann Kinling 
Fran Elayne Kooden 
Sharon Nina Lagana 
Kathleen Teresa Lang 
Lori Sue Lassen 
Irene Abrams Leikin 
Holly Ruth Lennox 
Gershon Eliezer Levin 
Sharon Ann Lewis 
Judith Lynn Lichtman 
Andrea Michelle Liebrecht 
Barbara Joyce Linthicum 
Laureen Ann Littlejohn 
Sherrie Beth Loewy 
Roberta Ann Longen 
Noreen Lucas 
Wendy Denise Lukas 
Deborah Gail Lurie 
Karen Theresa Maloney 
Mary Theresa Mannion 
Margaret Jean Marc 
Zemma Crawford Mastin 
Aimee Janette Mauck 
Rochelle Joy Mautner 
Tacy AnnMaxson 
Karen Michelle Mayer 
Lori Susan Mayerowitz 
Barbara Ann Marie McBride 
Debra Marie McNabb 
Deborah Diane Mehrling 
§Carmen Gisela Mendez 
Allen Harvey Mervis 
Donna Smith Mesrobian 
Jennifer Lynn Meyer 
Jackie RaeMilich 
Lenore Miller 
tjan LeeMogel 
Shauna Katherine Moran 
Lisa M. Morgulis 
Diana Zeimetz Mulligan 
Rosemary Ann Mundell 
Catherine Murtha 

§ Lauren Dale Needelman 
Linda Terry Noel 
Leslie Phyllis Ochital 
Cecelia Craig Ogle 
Kathryn Patricia Pace 
Marilyn Anne Parks 
Randy Jane Penn 
Ellen Perry 

Sandra Niewood Pincus 
Jennifer Irene Prather 
Abbe Beth Radom 
Ann Roberta Reaback 
Reba Dale Reddish 
Janice Ann Rich 
Joyce Annette Riesett 
'Betty Jean Heller Rogers 
Melody Ann Rose 
Randi Susan Rosenblatt 
Joanne Carol Rosenthal 
Linda Susan Rotter 
Nancy Ann Rubin 
Thomas Nicholas Ruggieri 
Abbe Lynn Savitsky 
Julie B. Segal 
Lori Ellen Selinger 
Beth Joy Shapiro 
Dana Elizabeth Shinn 
Pamela Denise Simon 
Karyn Gale Skidmore 
Dona Jean Slacum 
Elizabeth Ferguson Smith 
Janet Smith 
Ronni Joy Solomon 
Jeevan Somaiah 
Pamula Elizabeth Sowell 
Gina Lee Stanko 
'Sharon Renee Stewart 
Kym E. Stine 
Karen Beth Strauss 
Katherine Elizabeth Sykes 
Roland Berneil Talley, Jr. 
Peggy Bik-Kee Tang 
Cynthia Drew Taylor 
Karen Teitelbaum 
Elisa Anionetta Tenaglia 
Nancy M, Thomas 
Patricia Elizabeth Timlin 
Mary Katherine Traynor 
Helen Hen-I Tung 

iSummjCum Uud«; TMjgnj Cum L.iudr: 'Cum Ljudr 


t Hilary Jo Turett 
Robert Anton Uhl, Jr. 
Barbara Ann Vaughan 
Joncie Ann Wain 
Barbara Carol Ward 
Lynne Alison Washabaugh 
Raymond Alexander Waters 
Kenneth Jon Watter 
Debbie T. Weiss 
Lorraine Dorothy Wellen 
Holly Beth Williams 
Marty Eugene Williams 
Judith Wilma Wimpress 
Cathy F. Wollman 
Adrienne Young 

*]an M. Zimmerman 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Marvin H. Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Elizabeth Anne Abood 
Vicki Rochelle Abrams 
Paul George Akert 
Paul Derrick AUard 
Carol Margaret Anderson 
Thomas La Verne Bachinski 
John Allison Bercaw 
Mark Biggins 

James Albert Blumenshine, Jr. 
Joy Robin Bounan 
George Raney Bryant, Jr. 
Robin Lynn Bufkin 




Barbara Ann Bunting 
Patricia Alene Byrnes 
Donna Yvonne Calcote 

t Carol Lee Claflin 
John Phipps Clark 
Shari Lynne Cohen 
James Francis Colgrove 
Joanne Elizabeth Cornette 
Richard Anthony Czapski 
Darlene Daniel Dabbs 
Elizabeth Anne Dailey 
Robert Bruce Dietch 
Lisa Wendy Dopkin 
Kim Narvol Evans 
Gregory J. Fean 

t Linda Marie Ficken 
Cheryl Alayne Forbus 
Debra Jo Forman 
Rebecca Friedman 

' Shelley Renee Garfield 
Linda Bari Gilbert 
Caren Sue Goldsmith 
Charles Leonard Hancock 
Claire Elizabeth Hanlein 
Virginia Eve Heflin 

'Tammy Louise Hiel 
Ralph Edward Hogan 
Carol Susan Hook 
David Horwat 
Brian Keith Jenkins 
Larry Delmar Johnson 
Sherrill Jean Jones 


Maria Luisa Klatzo 

Mary Elaine Kuzas 

Nina Lynne Lobovsky 

Gincy Inis Lockhart 

David Wayne Ludington 

Webster Bowen Macomber, Jr. 

Maria Ellen Maites 

Theresa Elizabeth Mallonee 
'Elizabeth Putnam Mann 

Marie Louise McCook 

Megan McCormick 

Kathleen M. McLaughlin 

Claudia Ayvette McLeod 

David Neal Merson 

Carol Senner Miller 

Sidney David Molofsky 

Tammy Garman Mueller 

Debra Ann O'Donnell 

Michele Hope Palenbaum 

Nancy Joan Pluhowski 

Nancy Joan Poliachik 
'Elizabeth Plum Pollack 

Constance Lee Pressman 

Gary Lee Pritchett 

Judith R. Quatrano 

Kevin Patrick Raiman 

F'atricia Reynolds 

Janice Dale Rocker 

Michael Anthony Rodgers 

Shelley Faith Rosen 

Terence William Sanderson 

Janine Marie Sartwell 

Sarah Elizabeth Schmidt 

Douglas Wiley Shepard 

Richard Alan Shofnos 

Martha Weller Shoup 

Sharon Renet Shufelt 

Toni Ann Snyder 

Lynn Elizabeth Springer 

Theresa A. Stevens 

Gergory Peter Sullivan 
'§Carin Julie Thall 

John Mignon Vassallo 

Zoe Jane Vette 

KimM. Visco 

Lisa Jan Wechsler 

Barbara Gail Weiner 

Phyllis Marie Weldon 

Sheila Anne Wilkin 

§Summa Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George E. Dieter, jr. 
Dean of the College 
Bachelor of Science 

Naini Bizhan Aghazadeh 

Naini Seyed Alireza Aghazadeh 

Yoav Aldaag 

Mourad El-Sayed Amer 

Byong Hoon An 

Philip Walter Anderson 

Eugrafo Anfilofieff 

Mohammad Hossein M. Ardekani 

JohnK. Atwell, Jr. 

Gairy AnDresse Bagwell 

Habibollah Bahari 

James Sherman Baker 

Stephen Paul Baldassano 
§Shahram Barkhordarian 

Bryan Anthony Baudler 

Warren Taylor Beard, Jr. 

Anne Marie Becka 

Harry Allen Berman 

John Gerard Billerbeck 

Alan Emery Billings 

Marc Bennett Binstock 

Christian John Bitters III 

Stephen Michael Bloor 

Ali Bokaee 

Jose Miguel Boluda 

Martin Charles Bond 

Hans Lambert Bongers 
T Richard VanHoesen Booth 

Frank George Bossong IV 

James Oscar Britt, Jr. 

Edward Michael Bullinger 

William Thomas Buonaugurio 

Joyce Clarice Burgess 

Michael Howard Burgoyne 

Laurence Edwin Burley 

Michael Charles Butler 

Kathryn Lynne Byers 

Fernando Bawar Camarce 

Stuart Byron Caplan 

John Michael Carroll 

Jeffrey Cerquelti 

Roxaneh Chamlou 

Yuen KeeChan 

Joseph Chung-Sang Chang 

Joanna Marie Chiarito 

Carl Alan Chin 

Wah-Sun Chin 

'Ravinder Chona 

Henry R. Clampitt 

James Hunt Cleveland 

Thomas Cooper Cleveland 
§ Laura Jean Colcord 

Daniel Wayne Conrad 

Michael Vincent Cox 

Robert Enders Coyle 

Patrick Henry Crowe, Jr. 

Ruben Cruz 

Morris Frank Cunningham 

Steven Michael Curtis 

Mary Yuen Dan 

Lester Joseph David 

Christopher Akin Davis 

George Andrew Davis 

Edward Maurice Davison 

Franklin Gill Dawson 

Thomas Edward Denion 

Ricardo Alberto de Varona 

William Shriver Devereux 

Homayoon Dezfuli 
'James Nicholas DiClementi 

Dael Alan Dillman 

Joseph Vincent dePaul Dillon 

Frederick Pierre Dimpfel V 

Kevin Hunter Dixon 

David Franklin Dorros 

Stephen James Doyle 

Sandra Fenwick Doyon 

Michael E. Drabczyk 

Brian Joseph Dyson 

Franklin H. Edwards, Jr. 

Benjamin Franklin Elkins, Jr. 

Joshua William Elvove 
'Larry R. Ernst 

Farhad Eshraghi 

Michael Clifford Evans 

Manal Salaheldin Ahmed Ezzat 

'Rodger Enrique Farley 
David Farrow 
Alaeddine Fatemi 
Pamela Kay Fish 
Martin Patrick Flaherty 
Mark Alan Flamand 
Larry Jay Friedman 
Steven John Frock 
'Michael Gaitan 
Robert Howard Gannon 
Edgar Humberto Garcia 
Gene Meredith Garner II 
Paul Norman Garner, Jr. 
Gary Anthony Garofalo 
Bryan William Ghent 
Jonathan Bickford Gilbert 
Dawn Lorraine Gillas 
Gene Vaughan Glinecki 
Matthew Stewart Goodwin 
' Robert Eugene Gover 
Marc Merrill Graham 
Christopher Gratton 
Scott Albert Greatorex 
Paul David Grimm 
Carolyn Rae Hack 
Mahmood Haghighat 
Edgar Truman Hahn, Jr. 
Steven Jay Hahn 
Robert Gary Hammett 
Sung Young Han 
John William Hanson 
Christopher John Hart 
Michael Gilman Hartman 
James Ernest Hendershot 
John Robert Henkelman, Jr. 
James Edward Herbert 
Annette Marie Heying 
Royce Ronald Hofmeister 
tStan Alan Holcomb 
Susan Frances Holden 
Michael G.Hubbell 
Sandra Lyn Hudson 
John Peter Hughes 
James Edward Hull 
Roy Edwin Hurlbut 
Gerard Felix lacangelo 
Ahmad Mohammad Ibrahim 
William Harry Ingram 
Dehkordi SeyedMojtaba Izadi 

Barres James Jackson 

Thomas Hoffman Rether Jackson 

Daya Prakash Jain 

Augustus Bennett Jones IV 

Richard Lee Jones 
'Marc Weber Joslow 

Teddy Jung 

Michael Charles Kammer 

Adele Katherine Lisowsky Karp 

Mark Francis Kelly 

Joseph Albert Khoury 


David Whitten Kimberly 

Michael Edward King 

Dieter Klinger 

Edwin Richard Knerr 

Kenneth Seymour Knight 

Robert Louis Kondner, Jr. 

Robert Scott Kraeuter 

Stephen Edward Kraft 

George Stanley Krause, Jr. 

Thomas William Kruppa 
T Benson Kwong 

Neil Stuart Lamartin 
Michael Lawrence Lawson 
§Wesley Grant Lawson 
Linda Jane Lay 
Anthony Lazzaro 
John David Le Brun 
David Lee Lee 
YungT. Lee 
Cheryl Ann Lewis 
Keith William Lipford 
'Cheryl Virginia Liss 
Simon Liu 

David Joseph Ludwig 
Joseph Steven Luongo 
Ramzi K. Maalouf 
Faraz Maani 

William Richard Maisel, Jr. 
Gary Alan Marrie 
David Calvin Martini 
Frank Joseph Mascetti, Jr. 
David Brian Mays 
'Keith Shawn McConoughey 
Hugh James McCrackin 
James Michael McGowan 
James Phillip McQuighan 

iSumnuCumLaudc: tMacnjCum Uude: 'Cum Laude 


Gregory Vincent Meehan 

Guillermo Mercado 

Ronald Anthony Merlene 

Joseph Hooper Mettle III 

Mary Jo Michalek 

Andrew Micklus, Jr. 

Guy Meade Miller 

Patricia Anne Minthorn 

Mark Wayland Mowery 

James Fiore Myers 

Paul R. Nagle 

Myron Wendell Nelson 

Albert Maurice Neumann, Jr. 

Robert Curtis Newton 

Son-Hai Ngo 

Bao Si Nguyen 

Hung Nguyen 

Khiem Duy Nguyen 

Tu Ngoc Nguyen 

Tuyen Thanh Nguyen 

Alexander Vladimir Norko 

Dallas B. Noyes 

•William Kensett Nuttle 

Michael Joseph O'Connell, Jr. 
Brett Rutherford O'Donnell 
Robert Anthony Oliver 
Mark Matthew Opeka 

t Steven William Ordun 
Karen Lee Orzechowski 

t Kevin Patrick O'Shea 
Asadur Ozkan 

'Young Oun Park 
Mitra Pedoem 
Donald John Perrault 
John Robert Pfeiffer 
Quynh-Huong Ngoc Phan 
Bernard Edwin Phifer, Jr. 
David James Pinion 
Joseph Thomas Pitman 
Thomas Francis Ploski 
Dale Wayne Powell 

*Susan Marie Provost 
Adnan David Putrus 
Gary Martin Rakoski 
Jeffrey Scott Ray 
John Joseph Ready 
Walter Luis Reto 
Cole Tracey Rhodes 
Douglas William Ricci 

Guy Robert Richardson 
Howard Eric Richmond 
Darrell Brett Ridgely 
Robin Lynn Ritter 
Gregg Alan Robertson 
Leslie Lee Robinson 
Hugo Adolfo Romero 
Douglas Ray Roper, Jr. 
Martin Robert Rothfield 
Charles Stanley Rozanski 
Sanf ord Allen Rubin 
James Edward Ryan 

*Ira Steven Sachs 
William Quinn Schilling 

§ William J. Schroeder 
Eric Schwartz 
Julie Ann Seach 
William Joseph Semiatin 
James Kevin Shaffer 
Paul Lynn Shank 

§ Carol Jean Shedlock 
Glenn Dennis Shuster 
Carl Lewis Siefring 
Harold Curtis Smith, Jr. 

jMark Vogel Smith 
Michael Scott Snow 
Patrick Francis Spahn 

'Stephen Lowell Spector 
Robert Bernard Stadler 
Sidney Bennett Stephens III 

T Ralph Emerson Stine, Jr. 
Steven Michael Straub 
Richard Warren Sturtevant 
Carlos Antonio Suarez 
Gary D. Sulin 
Gary Alan SuUins 

tPaul Louis Svirbely 
Patrick William Sweeney 
James Field Tallman 
Benjamin Meng Poh Tang 
Paulo Bertell Tarr 
Keith Douglas Tate 
Darby Lee Terry 
Joseph Hsin Thomason 
Terence Patrick Thomason 
Gary John Townsend 
James Edward Tracy 
Nga Thi Ngoc Tran 
Timothy G. Trenkle 

Henry Erwin Van Deursen 
§David Michael Van Wie 
DucManh Vu 
Floyd J. Wadsworth, Jr. 
William Keith Wainger 
Jeffrey Francis Waldo 
Matthew James Walker 
Harry Linthicum Warfield, Jr. 
Lindsey Neal Weaver 
Kent Richard Wegner 
Carl Yager Wehmueller 
Carl Franklin Wheatley III 
David William White 
Michael Elias White 
James Daniel Wilson 
James Francis Wilson 
Karen Louise Winters 
David Charles Winyard 
Gregory Alan Wolf 
Stanley Lai Wah Wong 
Willie Kam-Sheung Wong 
John Russell Yokley 
Daniel Koonjing Yu 
Dennis James Zannoni 
Wayne Charles Zimmerman 
Daniel Farrell Zivi 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Frank]. Kerr, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Peter Rath Ahnert 
Sheryl G.Allen 
Patricia A. Bailey 
Michael Jerome Banaszak 
§ Margaret Anne Beard 
W. Ralph Birt 
James Paul Blackett 

Neil Layton Brierley 
*AlanJay Broder 

Philip Ramsay Browning 

David Allan Butler 

Elizabeth Ann Caillouet 

Jonathan David Callas 

Michael A. Canale 

Nora Fang Chang 

Catherine Ann Cobb 

Reginald David Counts 

Bryan J. Coupal 

Avery Allen Cox 

Cynthia Lynn Cox 

Edward Maurice Davison 

Homayoon Dezfuli 

Thomas Richard Di Persic 

Brian Paul Donaghue 

Philip Alan Dondes 

Michael Alfred Dunn 

Brian Kimberly Duvall 

Robert Phillip Eby 

Jan Sterling Edler 

Peter Alan Epstein 

Jeffrey Noel Ethridge 

Susan Elaine Fedak 

Paul Douglas Findley 

Wendy Diane Frank 
* Peter Marcus Garnavich 

Jonathan Heirie Goldstine 

Nancy Sharon Goodman 

Kathryn Anne Gromen 


§SummaCumLaude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

David Michael Grumm 
KongQuy Ha 
Eugene H. Handler 
'Steven Robert Harner 
Stephen Hamilton Harlman 
Sally Sutton Henley 
Anthony Niles Hoeber 
lames Elliott Horton 
Terry Bryan Hotchkiss 
Lorrie Lynne Hunt 
Thomas William Jones 
Walter Stanley Kaluzienski II 
Peter J. Kearns 
lames Patrick Kelliher 
Scott Bruce Klein 
'Judith Kramer 
Eric Irwin Kuritzky 
Ava Jean Kushner 
James Eugene Largent, Jr. 
JWesley Grant Lawson 
Tracy H. Lederman 
Susan Joy Leszkiewicz 
Larry J, Leviton 
Jennifer Layne Looper 
tCatherine Thu-Dung Luu 
Donald Craig Lynch 
Ramesh Ganapathi Mani 
Richard Markell Marth 
Shirl Lynn Mast 
Brian Eric McCandless 
Michael Joseph McCarrick 
John William McPhillips 
Thomas Paul McQuighan 
Neenj Mehra 

Daniel Christopher Messina 
Joyce Naomi Migdall 
Mark Douglas Miller 
Jeffrey Paul Mittelman 
Calvin Ellsworth Moore, Jr. 
Myrian Beatriz MorenoMartinez 
David Matthew Morgereth 
Madeline Elaine Morrow 
Norman Lowry Moy 
George Randolph Mueller 
Lee Wayne Nearhoof 
Michael Alfred Newton 
Thuha T. Nguyen 
Alexander Vladimir Norko 
Gregory Dale Paytas 

Ramon Howard Porter 

Martin Richard Prahl 

Andrew J. Pursch 

Cheryl AnneQuigley 

Randall Lee Rabenhorst 

Matthew Christopher Rainey 

Charles Albert Reams III 

Randy Louis Ribler 

David Ellsworth Royer 

Steven Robert Roys 

Elaine Anita Sanchez 

James Guy Schuetzle 

William Harry Schulden 

Jay Arnold Shapiro 

Jane Jungshim Shin 

Joseph C. Shupe 

Kerry Drew Smith 

Martin Ray Smith 

Jay Alan Stern 
tGary Howard Stolovy 
(two degrees) 

Jeffrey Eugene Swensen 
§ Gerald James Tesauro 

Joan Carol Torokhanian 

Trung Nguyen Trieu 

Dung A. Vu 

John Rogers Wallace 
tjohn Chi Lin Wang 

Howard N. Weiss 

Bruce David Wenger 

Douglas Howard White 

Susan Virginia Windle 

Joseph Yancone 

Dennis James Zannoni 


Candidates will he presented by 
Dr. Robert E. Shoenberg, 
Administrative Dean. 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Kevin Harrison Adams 

Charles Adoniram Albrecht 

Eduardo Cornejo Alzona 

Matthew Neil Anderson 

Jeffrey Michael Andrew 

Stuart Scott Barone 

Kathleen Sue Beraull 

Jennifer Ann Berg 

Caryn Ann Berry 

Patricia Carol Breedlove 

Janice Lee Bruwelheide 

Teresa M. Burall 
§ Paula Marie Cadigan 

Kevin Francis Calabrese 

Ellen Susan Caplan 

Barbara Joan Carlsson 

Robert Temple Carney 

Beth Jan Cherney 

Susan Sears Clayton 

Gary Stephen Cohen 

Scott Spencer Collins 

Robert Barnelt Conn 

Richard Joseph Cummins 
Anita Kamlaker Dandeker 
Sandra Davenport 
Ronald Bruce Davis 
Linda Elaine Dent 
James Joseph De Santi 
Ursula Lumpp Diaz 
Michael Alan Dinkin 
David Robert Fairbank 
Janice Lynn Farber 
Susan Kay Ferretti 
Carolyn Ann Fisher 
Richard Chatburn Fisher 
Rebecca Margaret Furnia 
Thomas Richard Furr 
Mary Cecelia Gaffney 
Patricia Ellen Galati 
Paul Joseph Glamp 

Joseph Edward Goslin, Jr. 
Thomas Joseph Granata 
Anne Marie Green 
Sherry Lou Burneston Grove 
Nancy Ann Hagen 
Gary Adam Halitzer 
Karla Grace Harmon 
Kimberly Ann Harmon 
Robert Scott Harrison 
Barbara Hartig 
Robert Vincent Hinson 
John Mark Hobble 
Guy King Holly 
Carey Ellison Hoobler 
Nancy Jean Howard 
David Indar Hubah 
Mary Ann Huffman 
Barbara Theresa Johnson 
Charles Adrian Johnson 
Eric Mark Jones 
Larry Kevin Jones 
Lois Robey Jones 
Ronald Hobert Keith 
Roya Shahrzad Keith 
Karen Stephanie Kenny 
William Edward Kerwin, Jr. 
Mary Elizabeth Keyman 
Gregory Edwin Kimball 
Gerald Michael Koller 
Anastasia Kotsiras 
Jeffrey Lee Krause 
Debra A. Krauszer 
Jeffrey David Kune 
Deborah Irene Laios 
Jeffrey Stuart Levin 
Amy Beth Levingston 
John Oliver Lewis 
Susan Ann Longacre 
Roger James Lowitz 
Susan Marie Lynch 
Bruce Allen Maclnnes 
Margaret Mary Madonna 
Nicholas George Manis 
Julia Robin Marks 
Glenn Huston Martin II 
§ Pamela Mayo 
Timothy Joseph McMahon 
Diane Marie Micker 
Patricia Ann Mooney 

iSumma Cum Uude; tMagiu Cum Laudr: 'Cum ttudt 


Gary Morgenstern 
Richard Wayne Moyer 
Betsy Rose Oben 
Eileen Diane O'Brien 
Gail Frances O'Koneski 
Michael Bernard Petty 
Patrick Jackson Pontious 
Jamie Lynn Pruce 
Louise Cecelia Reed 
Michael Eric Richter 
Susan Patricia Ritterhoff 
Patricia Alawe Robert 
Gregory Alan Robertson 
Martin Ira Rosensweet 
Michael Joseph Ross 
Lynne Robin Sachs 
Richard Holland Scruggs 
Rosemary Anne Scully 
Deborah Lee Shapiro 
Robert Kauf Sheehan, Jr. 
Eric Stewart Smith 
Jeffrey Edsel Smith 
Timothy William Smith 
Mininder K. Sodhi 
Bambi Lynn Strock 
Ann Denise Sullivan 
Ann Marie Talbott 
tMary Catherine Tantillo 
Faye Lorraine Taylor 
Gary W. Terle 
Thomas James Terpilak 
James Anderson Turner 
Kevin Joseph Van Eron 
Stephen Philip Vickers 
Joan Ellen Viener 
John Edwin Walsh, Jr. 
t Joanne Marie Weistling 
Joyce Cassaunder Williams 
Timothy Wilson 
Janis Lynn Wolf ord 
Joslyn Vance Wood 
Mary Ware Wright 
Lee A. Yelencsics 
* Arthur Paul Zucker 

Bachelor of Arts 

Matthew James Arozian 

'Amy Kemp Bartlett 

*Francine Gail Blum 

§ Raymond Allen Bonner 
Craig Lawrence Browdy 
Kathy Marie Gighotti 
Fitzhugh Thomas Hughlett 

§ Rebecca Sarah Liberman 
Franz Erich Marschner 
Cynthia Ruth Marterre 
Elizabeth Jean McCai- 
Susan Marie McCutcheon 

§ William Howard Melon 
William Edward Melvin, Jr. 
James J. Neary 
Gregg Alan Orlik 

tLaurie Ellen Ottenstein 
Dale A. Peters 
Naomi Gilda Regensteiner 

t William Douglas Rogers 
Edit Maria Sayko 
Julie Marie Scaffidi 
Ellen Woodside Schrier 
Bonnie JoZaben 

Bachelor of Science 

Barry Neil Alterwitz 
Edith JoBerta Beauchamp 
Glenn Michael Carey 
Diana Christine Cutler 

t Ann Elizabeth Harrison 
Steven Cary Kaufman 
Richard Raymond Kelly 

* Steven Michael Kenel 
Carol Lynn Kuhr 

•Jill Mary Roberts 
Karen Gertrude Tomilson 
Paula Michelle Wilborne 


Jeanne Louise Bowers 
Kathleen Ellen Cascio 
Kristi Rae Eckerson 
Michael P. Folks 
M'Liss Anne Heller 
Clara Jean Long 
Wendy Lee Luke 
Alison Marie Malinowski 
Carmen Gisela Mendez 
Deborah Susan Sacks 
Louise Voss-Goldblatt 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Kevin Harrison Adams 
William Joseph Barlow, Jr. 
Alan Emery Billings 
Jose Miguel Boluda 
Patricia Carol Breedlove 
Michael Wayne Bridges 
Martin Wesley Carr 
Paul Douglas Findley 
Juliet Freeman 
Fred William Gortler 
Michael John Heimann 
David Indar Hubah 
Caroline Hazel Krewson 
Mun Hyok Kwon 
David Wayne LaWall 
Cheryl Ann Lewis 
Nelson Wallace McCormick 
Daniel Joseph McMonigle 
James A. Nixon 
Anthony F. O'Koren, Jr. 
Susan Lee Patterson 
James T. Pede 
Darrell Brett Ridgely 
Brian Edward Schultz 
Henry Lee Sublett 111 
Katharine Lynn Teeters 
Gail Phyllis Toomey 
Bruce Zeytoonian 


§SummaCumLaude; tMagna Cum Laude, 'Cum Laude 


Candidates tor bachelor's degrees 
who have earned honors of 
scholarship upon graduation are 
indicated in the alphabetical 
listings of Division or College. 
To be eligible for consideration 
for such honors a candidate must 
meet the following general 
criteria: (1) have completed two 
years of work at the University of 
Maryland (60 semester hours) 
and (2) have a scholastic average 
of B (Grade Point Average of 
3.000) or higher in University 
of Maryland work prior to the 
last semester of registration 
before award of degree. 

May 1980 candidates who meet 
these criteria are shown in the 
alphabetical lists as qualifying, 
upon graduation, for the 
designations "Summa Cum 
Laude," if they ranked in the top 
two fjercent of the candidates in 
their respective Colleges or 
Divisions; "Magna Cum Laude," 
if in the next three percent; or 
"Cum Laude," if in the next five 

" "Graduated December 18, 1979 

General Honors Program 

Thomas Vincent Inglesby* 
Hanne Jane Lundsager 
Robert Anthony Maranto 
Lori Lee Nelson 
Vincent Otto Schueler* * 
Anne Therese Wilkinson 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Chemistry 
Jeffrey Paul Northrop 

With High Honors in Economics 
Neil Moskowitz 

With High Honors in English 
Michael Francis Dolan 
Laura Ellen King 
Robert Phillip Martins 
John Rogers Wallace 
Sheryl Stevenson Witkin* * 

With High Honors in 

Gary Howard Stolovy 

With High Honors in Physics 
Francis William Farley** 
Gary Howard Stolovy 
John Chi Lin Wang 

With High Honors in Zoology 
Brian Paul Feifarek 

With Honors in Chemistry 
James David Rodgers 

With Honors in Communication 

Arts and Theatre 

Sharon Miriam Selber 
Bruce Marshall Supovitz 

With Honors in Computer Science 
Alan Jay Broder 

With Honors in Criminal Justice 
Mona Caryl Binder 
Daniel Ralph Ennis 
Eric Louis Karandy 

With Honors in Criminology 
Laure Christine Weber 

With Honors in Economics 
James Robert Stafford 

With Honors in English 
Kathleen Lorraine Bearden 
Linda Ellen Coleman 
Rachael Karen Pats 
Lisa Graham Robeson 

With Honors in Geography 
Mary Jean Hough" 

With Honors in German 
Jane Eva Maria Sasaki 

With Honors in Government 
and Politics 

Lori Jean Fiegel 

James David Hage 

Janis Paige Johnson 

Kelley J. Sharkey 

With Honors in History 
Nancy Joyce Castor 
Robin June Krebs 
William McDowell Mastin 
David Franklin Schek 

With Honors in Psychology 
Brenda Lee Beitzell 
Diana Otylia Perkins 

With Honors in Textiles and 

Consumer Economics 
Charlene Louise Craley 
Sharon Renee Stewart 

With Honors in Urban Studies 
Stuart L. Perry 



(Agricultural Engineering) 

Gerald Berney 
Gerry Brinks 
Dilip Chandarana 
Jean-Michel Coughlin 
James Shaffer 
Lalit Wanchoo 



Dean R. Berman 
Sandra E. Brown 
Gail A. Clapper 
Bonnie Feferman 
RoslynnM. Hersch 
Alba I. Johnson 
Pamela J. Johnson 
Susan E. Lerman 
Judith M. Parker 
Lucy J. Rush 
Claire B. Schoonover 



Monica Adam 
Henry A. Affeldt, Jr. 
Debbie L. Anderson 
Robert A. Beavan 
Susan C. Capelle 
Frank J. Coale 
Norman J. Corlett, Jr. 
Gerry James Cornett 
Frederick H. Doepkens 
Donna Doweary 
Carla A. Faustini 
Erich G. Fronck, Jr. 
Timothy R. Germana 
Lori J. Graunke 
Barbara J. Haupt 
Richard B. Huneke 
Mary H. Jones 
Phillip R.Klenkel 
Daniel R. Klueter 
Mary A. Kotlarich 

Giselle A. Kuser 
Phillip Lanzi 
Jenny N. Larsen 
Valerie Ann Loughrie 
KatherineJ. MacColl 
Tammy F. McCorkle 
SeanT. McFadden 
Kathryn A. McKim 
Marissa A. Miller 
Thomas H. Miller 
Karen L. Myers 
Yvelisse Nagy 

Philip J. Napier 
Arlene Nehring 

Diane E. Oakley 

Elizabeth J. Ogden 
Joanna Osborn 

Michael Parks 

Sarah E. Patrick 

DianneL. Patterson 

Yvonne M. Pawlak 

Thomas Pawlicki 

Geraldine F. Peiffer 

Jill A. Pfister 

Wayne E. Phillips 

Brian H. Pickett 

Marleta M. Poffenberger 

Susan L. Portney 

Cheryl R. Raum 

James B. Reed 

Linda S. Reinhardt 

Henry W.Rhodes IV 

Jody M. Richardson 

Susan L. Robinson 

Christine Santiago 

Rachel A. Seifert 

David Shull 

Regina A. Smick 

Stephen A. Smith 

Wendy Snyder 

Mary Beth Soverns 

Robin L. Stein 

Monica G. Stigliano 

Kim K. Stroud 

Dana Sugrue 
Brian P. Taylor 
Lee-Ann Taylor 
Laura R. Townshend 
Leslie Trazenfeld 

Gail L. Tupac 
Anna M. Tuthill 
Janet VanHorn 
Keith VanNess 
Susan D. VanNess 
Quang V. Vo 
Anne Marie Weaver 
Andrea K. Webb 
Tommy R. Willard 
Linda M. Wilmot 
Virginia R. Wilson 
Scott Witte 
William H.Wright IV 
Pamelas. Wykes 
John H. Wells 
Pamela M. Zublick 



National Scholastic and Profes- 
sional honorary fraternity in 
Accounting. Members are elected 
on the basis of excellence in 
scholarship and professional 
service from junior and senior 
students majoring in Accounting 
in the College of Business and 

MaxM. Gonson 
James Joseph Simmons 
Vicki Lynn Sobel 

Carol Faye Chucker 
Joseph Francis Greeves 
Deborah Lynne Hamilton 
Thomas Vincent Inglesby 
John Leo Kelly 
Bennett Louis Schwartz 
Jo Ann Sures 

George Eli Abdow 
Kenneth Daniel Antoniuk 
Richard Elvis Blankenship 
Jay Sherman Block 
David Nicholas Bowen 

Anne Byrd 

David Bruce Corkum 

Carl Wilburn Deanell 

Francine Phyllis Dubin 

Thomas Lee Emrich 

Mark Carleton Evans 

Stephen Gerard Facini 

Beth Ann Fangmeyer 

Joseph Anthony Foti 

Daniel Lee Goldberger 

Marshall Richmond Gross 

Bruce Norman Hampe 

Cincy Ann Haskell 
Patrick Alan Hickey 
Robert Joseph Jacklin 
Sally Louise Johnson 
Marian Linda Keipert 
Joyce Susan Keller 
Laura Lee Lahey 
Howard Steven Levy 
Jay Charles Nadel 
Nancy Ellen Neuvelt 
Keith Francis Nowakowski 
Jody Pollinger 
Thomas Larsen Porter 
Daniel Joseph Price 
Eric Marty Pripstein 
Richard Martin Roberson 
William Joseph Russell 
Robert Edwin Seabolt 
Ira Mitchell Smelkinson 
Samuel Hamilton Spragins III 
Raymond C. Straathof 
Bruce Martin Strumpf 
Robert Allen Testoff 
Richard Stanley Wallington 
Mikel Howard Williams 
Howard Sheldon Yoblon 
Robin Laura Zimelman 


National scholastic honorary 
society in business adminis- 
tration. To be eligible students 
must rank in the upper five 
percent of their junior class, 
upper ten percent of their senior 


class, upper twenty percent of 
their graduating Masters of 
Business Administration class, 
or successfully complete the 
requirements for the Doctor of 
Business Administration degree. 

Thomas S. Jaffe 
Robin T. Myaing 
Din Chia Wang 


Carol Faye Chucker 

E. Stephen Logan 

Laura A. Reid 

Susan M. Siegel 

Jane Toy 

Andrew J. Baer 
Ira A. Benzion 
Jay Block 
David N. Bowen 
Robin M. Brahm 
Anne E. Collins 
David B. Corkum 
Denise L. Coyle 
John R. Crow 
Carl W. Deanell 
Joseph A. Foti 
Donald M.Gillen 
David G. Hacker 
Susan M. Halpern 
Bruce Hampe 
Diana L. Havenner 
Allen Isaacson 
Sally L. Johnson 
VinceG. Kazanjian 
Joyces. Keller 
Stephen M. Kitsoulis 
Jay H. Ludke 
Kenneth Morrow 
Janet E. Pines 
Joseph D. Potosky 
Daniel J. Price 
EricM. Pripstein 
David W. Quasney 
Yvette Rhode 
Amy S. Rosenbaum 

William). Russell 
Lori A. Schepps 
Jacqueline Shackleford 
Jonathan L. Shear 
Carol J. Smith 
Madeline H. Soberman 
Raymond C. Straathof 
Robert A. Testoff 
Dana Vagnoni 
Larry Y. Wasserman 
Vicki L. Weatherby 
Jeanne K. Wright 


John W. Potocko 


Janet K. Clauson 

Ann E. Cohen 

Colleen R. Goodman 

Cynthia L. Keith 

Gail Maidenbaum 

Thomas E. Vickery 

Carleton S. Bartlem 
Charles L. Colby 
Kenneth A. Hough 
EvelynnU. Putnam 
Ellen Wallach 

Edward K. Baker 


(Hebrew Language and Literature) 


Adrienne Forman 

Iris Gross 

Judith Kramer 

Fran Miller 

Rivka Liberman 

Richard Neubarth 

Gregory Orlik 

Laurie Ottenstein 

Tova Radler 

Naomi Regensteiner 


Bonnie Zaben 

NEW MEMBERS 1979-80 


Sally Melnick 

Rachel Pomerantz 

Sherry Silver 

Susan Weinreb 



Eileen Aarons 
Cheryl Brauner 
Hellar Christensen 
Shari Dwor 
Brett Ferrigan 
Iris Gross 
Christine Harvey 
Karen Henson 
Patricia Kenney 
Kathleen Kephart 
Yvonne Kidd 
Karen Kitzwater 
Gail Mann 
Robin Rosenbloom 
Sherrill Schoner 
Debra Shapiro 
Penny Stocksdale 
Tyler Ward 
Randolph Wein 


National scholastic honorary 
society in Operations Research, 
Management Science, Informa- 
tion Systems Management, and 
related areas. Members are 
elected on the basis of excellence 
in scholarship from junior and 
senior students majoring in 
appropriate quantitative areas. 

Daniel Isbister 

Barbara Buck 
Nancy Cruz 
Alen Eisen 

Robert Fleischmann 
Elizabeth Galler 
Judy Greenstein 
Angela Lockhart 
Jamie McCullough 
Yvette Rhode 
Theresa Roberts 
David Sachs 
Nancy Sevitski 
Paul Smith 
Joseph Spiro 



Ronald Kelvin Antill 
Nancy A. Augustin 
Gerard John Emig 
Craig Leonard Fischer 
Charles Ronald Goldstein 
Daniel Michael Cropper 
Curtis A. Hatch 
loLynn Littman 
Neil Moskowitz 
Luis Emilio Parga 
Robert Warren Waffle 
Barbara Ellen Wright 
Melinda G. Zeck 

(National Leadership) 

John Baldante 
Betsy Ann Belcher 
Kenneth L. Brown 
Pamela K. Bukowski 
Shari Cohen 
Laura J. Colcord 
Sharon Ann Cox 
Debra Forman 
Jordan Fox 
GeneM. Garner 
Dawn Gillas 
Mary E. Goebert 
Richard L. Jaklitsch 
Martin Kobren 
Judith Kramer 
Cheryl V. Liss 
JoLynn Littman 


Robert Mace 
Melinda Miles 
Kathleen A. Neill 
Amy Rosenbaum 
Don Rosenblum 
Margaret M. Schweitzer 
James K. Shaffer 
Glenn D. Shuster 
Kathryn Marie Silvia 
MininderK. Sodhi 
Richard Weiner 
Joanne M. Weistling 
Susan Roberta Wachs 
Karen White 
AnneT. Wilkinson 
Carol Zuckerman 


(College of Human Ecology) 

(DECEMBER 1979), OR 
MAY 1980. 
Christine Babcock 
Joanne Susan Bassan 
Lorraine Ilene Beach 
Christine Bierce 
Edith Arlene Caro 
Dara Daniele Coblentz 
Marilyn Ann Cohen 
Charlene Louise Craley 
Ruth Deckelbaum 
Toby Rubin Ely 
Cynthia Jane Estep 
Maria Theresa Hamilton 
Lorraine Jansen 
Kathy Kavanagh 
Barbara Joyce Linthicum 
Deborah Gail Lurie 
Zemma Crawford Mastin 
Rochelle Joy Mautner 
Lori Susan Mayerowitz 
Debra Marie McNabb 
Deborah Diane Mehrling 
Jan Lee Mogel 
Lauren Dale Needelman 

Abbe Beth Radom 
Ann Sipp Ross 
Kathleen Salopek 
Karyn Gale Skidmore 
Gina Lee Stanko 
Hilary Turett 
Robert Anton Uhl, Jr. 
Sharon Walker 
Lynn Washabaugh 
Lorraine Dorothy Wellen 
Jan Zimmerman 

Omicron Nu Award 
Robin Polansky 

Alumni Award of Distinction 

Claudia Brush Kidwell 


(Physical Educational Recreation 
and Health) 

Judith R. Atlas 
Sally Await 
ElyseM. Berman 
Lois Beth Bernstein 
Terry Black 
Barry Paul Brook 
Nancy RaeEllen Brown 
Deborah S. Chernin 
Holly R. Chernin 
John Phipps Clark 
Shari Cohen 
Lisa Rebecca Curry 
Kathryn A. Deacon 
Raul Dominguez 
Rebecca A. Edwards 
Debra Jo Forman 
Steven Paul Gallerizzo 
Joanne P. Greway 
LaRitaC. Haynes 
AnneM. Herink 
Rebecca Lynn Hesch 
Debby Karp 
Lisbeth Kittrell 
Mary Elaine Kuzas 
Nina Lansky 
Cynthia Levine 
Nina Lyrtne Lobovsky 

Lisa A. Lusby 
Darlene Piesach 
Marianne Rothenhoefer 
Cindy E. Schief 
MarkG. Schmidt 
Roger K. Seemiller 
Sharon R. Shufelt 
Debra Mae Small 
AdrienneM. Solomon 
David Wayne Sturman 
Belinda VanBavel-Manley 
Ro-Burma W.Ware 
Denise D'Arcy Wescott 

Craig T. Bogar 
Mary M. Clinton 
Steven G. Czelusniak 
Peter R. Gray 
Joseph P. Jacobs, Jr. 
Mark Franklin Kanter 
Elizabeth A. Lindsay 
Peter Ashot Mnatzakanian 
Sheila A. Ramsey 
Peter M. Wysochanski 
Janet Allison Yu 


(Liberal Arts) 

Susana Beatriz Agostini 
Donna Layton Arbogast 
Lenka Babuska 
Maxine Leslie Barish 
Steven Lewis Barrios 
Roberta Joyce Bergman 
Steven Bernstein 
Michael Joseph Bjork 
Patricia Leisk Bolin 
Carole Anne Brennan 
Antonia T. Bruegge 
Tina Louise Buckel 
Paula Marie Cadigan 

Diane Capacchione Chugani 
Jennifer Renee Dixon Clarke 
Mary Jean Cox 
Karl Thomas Craton 

Jeanette Susanne Davis 
Mary Ann Edwards 
Jeffry Jay Redderly 
Brian Paul Feifarek 
Wendy Diane Frank 
Cheryl Mindy Freed 
Kathleen Rita Frost 
Sharon Marie Garrison 
Dawn Marie Gifford 
Janet Wendy Goldblatt 
Iris Marsha Gross 
Steven Robert Harner 
Eleanor Carroll Hawkins 
Paul James Heldenbrand 
BerniceM. Z. Hughes 
Joni Rebecca Hulman 
Richard Douglas Koch 
Caroline Hazel Krewson 
Kathleen Estelle Kunzer 
Marcelle Carol Layton 
Alan Mark Lesser 
Scott Alan Lever 
Lynn Merrill Ludmer 
Robert Francis Mace 
Daniel Moshe Marder 
Jennifer Marie Marmer 
William McDowell Mastin 
Philip John Napier 
Deborah Ann Noall 
Jeffrey Paul Northrop 
James Douglas O'Connor 
John Stewart Oshinsky 
Martha Jo Wagner Paris 
Rachael Karen Pats 
Maria Lina Perez-Me 
Elsira Marina Pin 
Kathryn Michele Rowe 
Jane Eva Maria Sasaki 
Barbara Jean Scruggs 
Bryn Scharff 
Paul Anthony Serini 
Kelley Jean Sharkey 
Susan Malhmood Showard 
Kristi Diane Silver 
Janice Lynn Shroback 
Lynn Susanne Stanton 
Victoria Elizabeth Steiner 
Judith H.Taub 
Gerald James Tessauro 


Ird Fdul Tuberl 

Lawrence Benjamin Trapuzzano 

Christine Tsolakos 

Mona Vohra 

Lynn Alyson Walker 

John Chi Lin Wang 

Christine Louise Weisiger 

Sheryl Stevenson Wilkin 

Teresa Sue Woodsum 

Stuart Jay Zimmerman 

Carol Ann Zuckerman 

(Phi Beta Kappa) 

Carol Ann Agayoff " 
Joseph Roman Armala* 
Linda Marlene Brody 
Lori Jean Fiegel' 
Stephanie Ann Hankin* 
Sterling Voss Harwood* 
Curtis Arthur Hatch 
Robert Yu-Jen Hsiao" 
Andrew T. Kaufman* 
Ilene Rosalind Knable 
Martin Edward Kobren* 
Dennis Kurgansky 
Tracy Kelley Langdon 
Susan Rae Levi' 
Clara Jean Long* 
John Joachim McCeehan* 
Lisa Anne McNey 
Nina Susan Mendelsohn* 
Shari Nan Miller* 
Martin Maxwell Norman II 
Suzanne Lynn Quillen * 
Gary Howard Stolovy* 
Francis Dennis Sullivan 
Laura Susan Tise 
Pamela Tontodonato 
Jodi Beth Weinstein* 
Anne Terese Wilkinson 

■juniors: Election 1979 



SPRING 1980 
Michael Apicella 
David Applebaum 
Susan Arisumi 
Cathy August 
Andrew Baer 
Margaret Bailey 
Lynette Baker 
Michael Baker 
Johanna Bakke 
Harold Baldauf 
Kathleen Baliles 
Vera Baney 
MaryLou Baranowsky 
David Barkin 
Loretta Beckman 
Carol Belz 
Richard Bernhardt 
Kevin Bernstein 
James Beutelspacher 
Mona Binder 
Richard Bingham 
Jay Block 
Carol Blum 
Jeanne Bowers 
Cynthia Boyle 
Robin Brahm 
Cheryl Brauner 
Ronald Brensinger 
Laura Brown 
Susan Brown 
William Brown 
Karinne Brunson 
Bonnie Burnquist 
Paula Cadigan 
Glen Cameron 
Frederick Case 
Kathleen Casey 
Jerome Chepaitis 
Carol Chucker 
Adrienne Cohen 
Ronald Cohen 
Allen Cohn 
Anne Collins 
Antoinette Cooper 

Susan Coulslon 
Mary Jean Cox 
Sharon Cox 
James Crisp 
Gretchen Croson 
Jeanette Davis 
Carl Deanell 
Ann Decamp 
Ellen Dicus 
Brian Disher 
Linda Dixon 
Truong Do 
Trudie Dolezal 
Paul Dominguez 
Stephanie Donahoe 
Phyllis Donn 
Lisa Dopkin 
Richard Durbin 
Eric Ebersole 
Robert Eby 
Millicent Edwards 
John Eglseder 
John Ells 
Tobie Ely 
Debra Emerson 
Ann Enterline 
Larry Ernst 
Dexter Ewel 
Deborah Fails 
Linda Ficken 
Miriam Fischer 
Betty Fisher 
Mary Fisher 
Adrienne Forman 
Paul Fowler 
Bonnie Frankle 
Pauline Fratantoni 
Cheryl Freed 
Andrea Galef 
Joseph Gibbons 
John Ginger, Jr. 
Nancy Goldring 
Nancy Goldstein 
Constance Gordon 
Donna Gordon 
Carol Gorove 
Monica Grant 
Meryl Green 

Arthur Hahn 
Susan Halpem 
Ronald Hamer 
Bruce Hampe 
Steven Harner 
Sterling Harwood 
Roland Hellmann 
Lois Hering 
Janet Hocko 
Jeffrey Hong 
Kenneth Hooper 
Cora Hubbard 
Joni Hulman 
Joe Hurd 
Stephen Irish 
Julia Irons 
Marc Joslow 
Wendy Jung 
Clifford Keifer 
Patricia Kenney 
Sharon King 
David Kline 
Martin Kobren 
Richard Koch 
Judith Kramer 
Mary Krehbiel 
Elizabeth Kruppa 
Leoma Kruzic 
George Lagrange 
Cynthia Landry 
Joanne La Porte 
Michele La Rocca 
Diane Latham 
Steve Laverson 
Gregory Law 
Louise Lawrence 
Dan Leach 
Karen Lebrun 
Frederic Leffler 
Arthur Lego 
Brad Lerner 
Allan Lesser 
Don Lester 
Kathleen Letke 
Scott Lever 
Rebecca Liberman 
Stephanie Link 
Arthur Linnehan 


James Lockrow 
Clara Long 
Pamela Lottes 
Bruce Lovely 
Dennis Lunsford 
Stephen Malley 
Joseph Marzano 
Teresa Matarazzo 
Susan McPherson 
William Melon 
James Meredith 
Ronald Mickley 
Melinda Miles 
Kenneth Miller, Jr. 
Jan Mogel 
John Molinari 
Thomas Mroz 
Carole Mueller 
James Mulligan 
Linda Nape 
Irene Napora 
Lori Nelson 
Steven Newman 
Thomas Nichols 
Amy Norden 
Lawrence Norton 
David Notley, Jr. 
Robert Nye 
Deborah PaParella 
Judity Parkison 
Rachael Pats 
Maria Perez-Mera 
Maura Petonic 
Lang Pham 
Elsira Pina 
Moira Potash 
Joseph Potosky 
Daniel Price 
Eric Pripstein 
Gonzalo Rada 
Frances Ramos 
Harold Rath 
Mary Raum 
Michael Regan 
Gary Reich 
Mary Reida 

Barbara Rentz 
Yvette Rhode 
Carol Rodgers 
Betty Rogers 
William Rogers 
Joseph Rooney 
Steven Rosen 
Amy Rosenbaum 
Daniel Rosenbloom 
Eugene Rosenthal 
Mary Ellen Rounds 
Teena Ruark 
Jane Sasaki 
Sandra Sattler 
Teresa Saunders 
Karen Schoettler 
Jeffrey Scholnick 
Kim Schrock 
Vincent Schueler 
Kathleen Schwaab 
Donna Schwartzman 
Margaret Schweitzer 
Debra Shapiro 
Jonathan Shear 
Susan Shepard 
Sherry Silver 
Lisa Silverman 
Mary Simon 
Rex Smart 
Angela Smith 
George Smith 
Lisa Smith 

Charles Stansberry, Jr. 
Denise Stone 
Raymond Straathof 
Frank Stupak 
Heidemarie Sturgeon 
Susan Sudnik 
Paul Svirbely 
Robert Tarr 
Ethel Theis 
Richard Thiemeyer 
Diane Tobias 
Jane Toy 
Linda Trageser 
Thomas Troeschel 
Christine Tsolakos 
Gail Tupac 
Hilary Turett 

Dana Vagnoni 
Gregory Valenzuela 
Irma Virgil 
James Walmsley 
John Wang 
Kathleen Warnock 
William Waschler 
Lawrence Wasserman 
Kristine Webb 
Joanne Weistling 
Patricia Wensel 
Stephen Whittaker 
Anne Wilkinson 
Diane Williams 
Susan Williamson 
Elaine Winterstein 
Scott Witte 
Tzipporah Wolk 
Esther Won 
Mark Wuori 
Melinda Zeck 
Stuart Zimmerman 
Stacey Zlotnick 
Richard Zuerlein 
Elizabeth Zwick 

SPRING 1980 

Eugene P. Adcock* 

Barbara Neverdon Adeboye* 

Diane M. Adelstein* 

W. Gregory Alvord* 

Robert M. Anderson* 

Darius Arbabi 

Sandra Gail Atkins 

Lenka Babuska 

Barbara Jo Bagley 

Sibylle Bales 

Cherie J. Barker 

Buffy Lynn Barnhart 

Carleton Sneed Bartlem* 

David Bedell 

Gordon F. Belcher 

Frances A. Benedict* 

Christine E. Bentley* 

Marilyn R. Berman* * * 

Laura E. Blankinship 


Timothy Norman Boeckel 

Debra Lynn Bond 

Carol Shively Bosserman* 
Victoria D. Bowen 
Lurabeth Julia Boxall 
Andrea Boyarsky-Maisel 
Dorothy A. Bradshaw* 
Donna L. Brannan 
Heidi Rib Brent 
Thomas K. Brigada 
ReneeM. B. Brimfield* 
Marcia F. Brohawn 
Terri L. Brooks 
Maureen Patricia Brough 
Hari Cheryl Brown 
Mary W. Burger*** 
Jerry Franklin Burks 
Luanne Byrne 

Patricia Donovan Callegary 
Nayna D. Campbell 
AlanK. Carlson 
Phyllis Daniel Carr* 
Rachel A. Carren* 

Sharon E. Carroll 

Judith Ann Wilbourne Childress* 

Carl W. Chrisner 

Carol B. Christian* 

Sarah Jane Clark 

Milena Elizabeth Cochran 

Charles Lauren Colby* 

Elizabeth Jo Colerick* 

Nancy Claire Coleman 

Timothy DeWitt Connelly 

Dale E. Corey 

Timothy G. Coughlin 

Leon N . Coursey * * * 

Nancy Carolyn Rath Crippen* 

Harold L. Crossley III 

Denise Marie Cumberland 

Joanne M. Cunningham* 

Patricia Cross Daly* 

Elizabeth Anne Danforth 

John A. D'Arienzo 

Jennifer Shuey da Roza 

Marie Smith Davidson* * * 

Sonda Stanclift Dawes 

Sophia J. Demchyshyn 

Jean Zaun DeWitt* 

Frederick Henry Doepkens 

Jo-Anne M. Douglass* 

Thomas Francis Dreisch 


Thomas Cannon Dugan 
Sandra Frey Dunnington* 
Pablo Echeverria' 
Elisa Louise Elliot* 
Calvin L. Ellis 
Faye Lynn Emerson 
Joan Elizabeth Emmons 
John Donald England 
David Francis Enzler 
Trinka Cosier Faran' 
Thomas E. Farin* 
Debra L Feld 
William M. Ferguson 
Dorothy Elisabeth Feulner 
Jeri Bankoff Fireslein 
Catherine M. Frank 
Jay Frankel 
David S. Friedman 
Debora M. Carman 
Stephen Haworth Geiselman 
Donald Mark Gillen 
Dean Steven Glares 
Ann Brinckley Gold 
Leonard Jay Goldman 
Denise R. Gonzales 
Penelope M. Gonzalez 
Charles F. Goochee* 
Janet A. Goodenberger 
Edna Anna Goodwin* 
Joan-Scott Gough* 
Sara Wanner Groark* 
Milton A. Grodsky*** 
Martha Winter Gross* 
Janet Louise Guinn 
EricC. Gutierrez 
Joan Louise Hajewski' 
Carolyn J. Halstead* 
Kathleen Popovich Hamblet 
Maria Theresa Hamilton 
Donald Leroy Hanson 
Louise A. Harrison 
Kathleen Diane Hartman 
John Allen Hawkins* 
Deborah M. Heinecker 
Phillip Andrew Herbig 
Richard H. Herbst 
John H. Hildebrand 
Tammy Louise Hiel 
Judith Louise Hilton 

Linda Gay Hinkle 

Margaret Sue Hobbs' 

Linda J. Hood* 

R. LeeHornbake**** 

Kenneth A. Hough* 

Mary Deemes Howland* 

Margaret Ann Hoyert 

BerniceM. Z. Hughes 

Charles R. Hughes 

Elizabeth Ince*** 

Marie Catherine Infante* 

Allen Isaacson 

Sheila Iseman* 

Patricia Lovvorn Jackson 

Rebecca Lenice Johns 

Eric Louis Karandy 

Lanz D. Karfgin 

Steve Nicholas Katsouros 

Lisa A. Kershner 

Mary Jean King 

Kevin K. Klahr 

Mary Eileen Klatko 

Albert James Klavon*** 

Christopher J. Kohlway 

Susan Beth Kohn 

Judith Simons Kreger 

George W. Krywolap 

Joseph William Kugler 

Michael J. Kuhn 

Heather Paul Kurent* 

Lynn Ellen Kurfess 

Patrick William Lahti 

Cherylyn Leibman 

Susan Ellen Lerman 

Jane Ann Lessard 

Stanford Albein Lindquist, Jr. 

Patricia Anne Showalter Lisk* 

Joyce Currie Little 

Jo Lynn Littman 

Julio Antonio Llera 

John H. Longo 

Catherine Thi-Dung Luu 

William A. Lynk*** 

John C. Lyons, Sr.* 

Kenneth C. Maffei 

lleenB. Malitz* 

Eugene J. Maloney 

Gail Lynn Mann 

Michael Marcotrigiano 

George W. Marcy 

Jennifer Marie Marmer 

Diana C. Marshall 

Patricia LynneMartello* 

Margaret Anne Martin* 

Barbara B. Masters 

Faith M. May 

Paul McAllister* 

Carol Ann McAndrew 

Mary June McGinnis* 

Galina K. McGuire 

Jeffrey Ian Mechanick 

Nicolas Auden Meier 

Marjorie Beth Meltzer 

Harry E. Merriken III * 

Elizabeth Ann Mewshaw 

Stephen Louis Meyer 

Nancy E. Jennings Middlebrook 

Mark Vincent Milani 

Marissa A. Miller 

Patricia Marie Gonce Miller* 

Diana Lynn Misamore 

Nibedita Mohanty 

Lily L. Montgomery 

Chung-In Moon* 

Sidney C. Morey*'* * 

David Rowland Morgan* 

Dyan V. Morgan 

James D. Morgan**** 

Barbara E. Morris 

M.A. Morris 

Neil Moskowitz 

Joanne Susca Nalpant 

Susan Blouroek Nelson* 

James K. Nevin 

Tuyetnga T. Nguyen 

Regis R. Noroski 

Jeffrey Paul Northrop 

Janice S. Nzuwah* 

Edwin V. Oaks* 

James D. O'Connor 

Robert Michael O'Connor 

Sabine Streiff Oisbi* 

David William Oldach 

Laura Ellen O'Neill 

William Vincent O'Regan III* 

Mary Lou Parrott* 

J. Reid Patterson, Jr.* 

Nathan Patz** 

Barbara Louise Peterson* 
Harry Jackson Peyton III 
Kathleen M. Phelan 
'Yvonne Poser* 
Priscilla Anne Powers 
Lynn M. Puffenberger 
Floren LamonI Quick 
George E. Raley* 
Paul Charles Redmer 
Gerald Allan Reed, Jr. 
William A. Reinike 
Patricia Hatfield Rich* 
Craig R. Rimby* 
JillM. Roberts 
John Walter Roberts* 
B. Susan Robertson' 
Anne Elizabeth Robinson 
JontyleT. Robinson* 
Richelle Newman Rodgers 
Lawrence Rodkin* 
Lawrence Edmond Rose 
Sandra S. Rosenblatt' 
Maxine Helen Ross' 
Gail Elizabeth Rossman 
Stanley C. Rubin 
William Joseph Russell 
Patty S.Saile 

Crispin Gallagher Sartwell 
John E. Sasser 
Deborah Baker Schafer 
Ellen Bond Schaffer 
Steven CriagScherr 
Karen Ann Schlossberg 
Bonnie Ann Schlotthober 
Peter K.Schwarz* 
Cheryl L. Seifarth 
Paul Anthony Serini 
Celia Rebecca Serkin 
Davis Taylor Short * 
Jerome F. Singleton* 
ElskeV. P. Smith*** 
Germaine Smith 
Stephen A. Smith 
Annette M. Soirez 
Young Sun Choi Son 
Malcolm Lang Spencer 
JodellanoJ. Statom**' 
Joanne Sleekier* 


Dianne Favre Stevskal 
Constance Cornell Stuart 
Ann F. Suydam* 
Eileen F. Swarbrick 
Douglas W. Tallamy* 
Maria Josefa Tamargo 
Mary Catherine Tantillo 
Carin Julie Thall 
William L. Tillman 
Walter], Tracy, Jr. 
Ronald Lee Treusdell 
Jane Trumbell 
Paul Lu Tso 
William Everett Tucker 
Jerry R. Turner* 
Teresa Claire Tuthill 

Margaret Vaccaro-Ross 

Gerald A. Vanim* 

Susan D. Van Ness 

Cynthia von Bogendorf-Rupprath* 

Donald W. Vannoy*** 

Susan E. Haas Wahlberg* 

David J. Waldo 

Henry A. Walker**** 

Lisa Pelletier Walsh 

Steven Jay Walter 

Deborah T.Ward 

Herbert Withers Ware, II* 

Marjorie Elizabeth Warlick* 

Judith Fair Warner 

Cathie Marie Warren 

Leslie N. Watson 

Christina Gabrielle Weaver 

Reta Anne Neal Weaver 

Laure Christine Weber 

Sieglinde A. Weiss 

Brian Edward Welp 

Beatrice Ann Whaley 

Shirlene K. Wiggins 

Joel W. Winer 

John Powell Williams III 

Larry K. Williams 

Jeffrey I. Wolf 

*Outstanding juniors 
"Graduate students 
* "Alumnus 

Andrew D. Wolvin*" 
Francis R. Wondolowski, Jr. 
John W.Woods* 
Deborah Arbaugh Woy 
Stephanie Elizabeth Young* 
Valerie Ann Yrttimaa 
Abby Zlotnick 
Arthur Paul Zucker 


(Floriculture and Ornamental 

FALL 1979 
Janet N. Abramovitz 
Denise S. Brown 
John Moore Cordts 
Anne J. Crawford 
Marcelle E. Devaud 
Mark Timothy Dougherty 
Ida I. Ferrari 
Patricia Anne Grubbs 
George Joseph Horlander 
Mary Ann Kotlarich 
Katherine June MacColl 
Yvelisse I. Nagy 
Mary Ellen Naughton 
Arlene Kovach Nehring 
Doris Frances Rahn 
Harry S. White 

SPRING 1980 
LeeAnn L. Boyle 
Thomas H. Boyle, III 
Pual S. Cole 
Rebecca Connor 
Mary Ellen DeHart 
Bill Gould 
Alice E. Jacot 
Helenita M. Kukasewicz 
Kim H. Marsh 
Billy O'Briant 
David G. Pitt 
Thomas J. Tyler 


(Fire Protection Engineering) 

Robert C. Andrews, Jr. 
John Albora, Jr. 
Thomas P. Baileys 
James R. Beller 
Hal C.Cohen 
Russell A. Deubler 
Joshua V. Elvove 
James M. Feld 
Jeffrey M. Hunt 
Michael C. Kammer 
Thomas Y. Kurihara 
David C. Martini 
Donald J. Perrault 
Sandra A. Nowstrup 
W. Quinn Shilling 
Clifford R.Sinopoli II 



Mary Ballinger 
Michael Bowman 
Brian Disher 
Kathleen Frost 
Janet Hocko 
Marci Layton 
Terry Lee 
Arthur Leifer 
Neb Mohanty 
Kevin Noall 
Joan Ordman 
Robin Pollack 
Moira Potash 
Debra Risin 
Kristi Silver 
Marianne Walch 
Barbara Wolff 



Gerald J. Tesauro 
Lorrie Hunt 
JohnC. L. Wang 
Jay Stern 
John Wallace 


Academic and 
Special Awards 

Millon Abramowilz Prize in 
Mathematics. A prize is awarded 
annually to a junior or senior 
student majoring in mathematics 
who has demonstrated superior 
competence and promise for 
future development in the field 
of mathematics and its 
Awarded fo 

Gary N. Slolovy 

Abramson and Himmelfarb 
Scholarship $500. 
Awarded to: 
Gail Tyeryar 

Aerospace Engineering 
Departments Academic 
Achievement Award is presented 
to the graduating senior in the 
Department of Aerospace 
Engineering who has attained 
the highest overall academic 
average : 
Awarded to: 

David M. Van Wie 

The Agricultural Alumni Award 
is presented to a senior who 
during his or her college career 
contributed most toward the 
advancement of the College of 
Awarded to: 

Naomi C. Weimcr 

Agricultural Engineering 
Departments Outstanding 
Senior Award is presented to a 
senior in Agriculture Engineering 
on the basis of scholastic 
performance, participation in the 
ASAE National Student Branch 
and other extracurricular 
Awarded to: 

Anthony J. Subrizi 

Alcoa Foundation Scholarship 
Awards of $750 are given to 
outstanding students majoring 
in mechanical engineering, civil 
engineering, electrical 
engineering and fire protection 
Awarded to: 

James R. Beller 

Louis). Klepilch 

Alcoa Foundation Traffic 
Scholarship. An Award of $750 
to an outstanding junior student 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Gabor Varsa 

George Jelly 

The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is 
awarded annually by the Alpha 
Rho Chi fraternity for 
architecture and the allied 
professions to a graduating 
student of architecture who has 
made a distinctive contribution 
to school life, embodying the 
ideals of professional service 
and leadership. 
Awarded to: 
Jon Lourie 

Alpha Zeta Medal. The 
Professional Agricultural 
Fraternity of Alpha Zeta awards 
annually a medal to the 
agricultural student in the 
freshman class who maintains 
the highest average in academic 

Awarded to: 
Richard A. Jones 

The AlA Certificate is awarded 
annually by the American 
Institute of Architects to a 
graduating student of 
Architecture for academic 
Awarded to: 
J. Brancato 

The AlA Medal is awarded 
annually by the American 
Institute of Architects to a 
graduating student of 
Architecture for outstanding 
overall academic achievement. 
Awarded to: 
Larysa Kurylas 

Recipients of the American 
Association of University Women 
Award are: 

John C. Callahan 

Doctor of Philosophy 
Philosophy Program 
Loris H. Jones 
Master of Science 
Electrical Engineering 

American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Outstanding Achievement 
Award is presented to the 
student who has made the most 
outstanding contribution through 
scholarship and service to the 
student branch. 
Awarded to: 
Garry A. Sullins 

American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Chairman's Certificate is 
presented to the branch 
chairman in recognition of 
service and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Michael E. White 

American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Scholarship Improvement 
Award is presented to the senior 
in Aerospace Engineering who 
has made the greatest 
improvement in scholarship from 
the junior year to the senior year. 
Awarded to: 
Carlos Lopez 

American Institute of Certified 
Public Accountants. Doctoral 
Dissertation Grant for $7,200. 
Awarded to: 
Sue Lynn 

American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers Professional 
Achievement Award is 
presented by the National 
Capital Section to an 
outstanding senior chemical 
engineering student. 
Awarded to: 
Philip Anderson 

American Marketing Association 
Award. An award to the 
outstanding Marketing student. 
Awarded to: 

Stuart T. Sugarman 

The Margaret C. Carthy Prize is 
awarded annually to the 
graduating General Studies 
student who most exemplifies 
the goals of scholarship, 
creativity in program design, 
and commitment to the goals of 
General Studies. 
Awarded to: 
Pamela Mayo 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during 
the last year. 
Awarded to: 

Walter John Hayden 

The Chi Epsilon Outstanding 
Senior Award is presented to the 
senior in Civil Engineering 
exhibiting high scholarship, 
character, and congeniality, 
together with practical 
engineering adaptability. 
Awarded to: 

William K. NutHe 

College of Journalism 
scholarships of $500 each to 
outstanding students. 
Awarded to: 

Theodore Ewanciw 

Anthony Pipitone 

The Dr. Ernest N. Cory 
Scholarship and Grant Award. 
Awarded to: 

Mr. TerranceG. Patton 

Dean's Award is presented to a 
student chosen by the Dean of 
the College of Engineering. The 
criteria for the selection are at 
the Dean's discretion and may 
vary from year to year. 
Awarded to: 

Laura J. Colcord 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food 
Association Scholarship to a 
student who has shown a 
versatile background and an 
active interest in agronomy and 
soil fertility work deserving of 
Awarded to: 

Debra Cottrell 

Terry L. Purkable 

Delmarva Traffic Club 
Scholarship. An award of $500 
to an outstanding junior or 
senior student, preferably from 
the Eastern Shore of Maryland, 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

William Arthur Reinike 

Deloitte-Haskins-Sells Foundation 
Fellowship Award. An award of 
$3,500 to an outstanding doctoral 
student in Accounting in the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
Karen Pincus 

Delta Nu Alpha, Washington 
Chapter No. 84 Scholarship. 
An award of $450 to an 
outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland chapter 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Susan Louise Wilson 

Delta Sigma Pi (national 
professional fraternity in 
business and commerce) 
Scholarship Key. Awarded to the 
senior with the highest overall 
scholastic average in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Amy Sue Rosenbaum 

Department of Energy. A grant of 
$1,500 covering tuition plus a 
$1,000 monthly stipend. 
Awarded to: 
Jeffrey E. Sohl 

The District of Columbia Institute 
of Chemists Student Award is 
presented to a senior majoring in 
Chemical Engineering on the 
basis of demonstrated qualities 
of leadership, ability, character, 
and scholastic achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Laura J. Colcord 

Electrical Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Service Award is presented on 
the basis of demonstrated service 
and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Ramonda L. Rawls 

Education Alumni Award. 
Presented to the outstanding 
senior man and senior woman 
in the College of Education. 
Awarded to: 

Eric D. Ebersole 

Linda M. Imhof 

Wilson H. Elkins Leadership 
Award: Presented annually to 
the senior who displayed 
outstanding leadership and 
involvement and promoted 
student interests and concerns. 
(First time award has been given.) 
Awarded to: 

Carol Ann Zuckerman 

Engineering Alumni College 
Service Award is presented to a 
senior in the College of 
Engineering for outstanding 
scholarship and service to the 
College of Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Gene M. Garner II 

Engineering Alumni Student 
Achievement Award is 
presented by the Engineering 
Alumni to the graduating 
senior who has most 
successfully combined 
proficiency in the student's 
major field of study with 
achievements in the social 
sciences and humanities. 
Awarded to: 

Susan M. Provost 


American Marketing Association. 
Program Development awards 
Awarded to : 

Diana Havenner 

Amy S. Rosenbaum 

American Marketing Association. 
Merit award S50. 
Awarded to: 
Larry Katz 

The American Nuclear Society 
Student Chapter Award (donated 
by ANS Washington Chapter) 
is presented to a senior in the 
Nuclear Engineering Program in 
recognition of scholastic 
achievement and contribution to 
the student chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Glenn Dennis Shuster 

The American Nuclear Society 
Washington Scholarship 
Improvement Award to a senior 
in Nuclear Engineering who has 
made the greatest improvement in 
scholarship from the junior year 
to the senior year. 
Awarded to : 
Stuart M. Torf 

The Nuclear Engineering 
Department and the Student 
Chapter of the American Nuclear 
Society, College of Engineering, 
meritorious service award is 
presented to a student for his 
outstanding contribution to the 
Nuclear Engineering Program and 
the Student Chapter. 
Awarded to : 
Richard Lee 

American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers' Student 
Honor Award is presented by 
the national society in 
recognition of conspicuous 
student activity. 
Awarded to: 

Henry A. AffeldJ, Jr. 

American Society of Agronomy 
Award to the outstanding senior 
graduating in Agronomy who 
has demonstrated superior 
scholarship, leadership activities 
and personal traits. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas A. Troeschel 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Maryland Section 
Award is presented to a student 
member for outstanding service 
to the chapter and for 
demonstrated interest in 
extracurricular activities. 
Awarded to: 

Mary-Jo Michaiek 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Award is presented to a senior 
member for outstanding 
scholastic attainment and for 
significant service to the chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Steven W. Ordun 

American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers Senior Award is 
presented to the senior member 
who has contributed most to the 
local chapter. 
Awarded (o 
John R. Ross, III 

The American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers' Special 
Service Award is presented to the 
member who has made 
outstanding contributions to the 
local chapter operation. 
Awarded to: 

Sandra L. Hudson 

Anne Arundel County Volunteer 
Fireman's Association Grant. 
This tuition and fees grant is 
awarded to a student who will 
enroll in the Department of Fire 
Protection Engineering. This 
award is normally for four years. 
Awarded to: 
Mark S. Lorenz 

The Appleman-Norton 
Scholarship Award to a senior 
major in recognition of excellence 
in Botany. 
Awarded to: 

Karen Listman Cyr 

The Baltimore Chemical 
Association Scholarship is 
presented to a Chemical 
Engineering student who has 
demonstrated outstanding 
academic achievement and has 
shown potential for leadership 
in the profession. 
Awarded to: 

Richard Blankman 

Baltimore County Volunteer 
Firemen's Association Grant. 
This tuition and fees grant is 
awarded to a student who will 
enroll in Fire Protection 
Engineering. This award is 
normally for four years. 
Awarded lo: 

David C. Martini 

B nai B rith Women of Prince 
Georges County Book Awards 
for Excellence in Hebrew Studies. 
Awarded to: 

Rosann Counts 

Steven H. Fried 

Eric Clushakow 

Naomi Israel 

Rivka Livberman 

Richard Neubarth 


Tamra A. Pell 

Rachel Pomerantz 

Tova Radler 

Bryan Scharff 

Ronald A. Siebly 

Sharon J. Selzer 

Willy Shapiro 

The Donald T. Bonney Honors 
Award is presented lo the 
Chemical Engineering student 
who has made the most 
outstanding contribution to the 
profession as a member of the 
Honors Society, Omega Chi 
Awarded to : 
Carolyn Hack 

H. C. Byrd Citizenship Prize. 
Presented annually to the 
outstanding senior male who 
has typified the model student 
and contributed significantly to 
student interests and concerns. 
Awarded (o 

Kenneth Lee Brown 

Sally Sterling Byrd Citizenship 
Prize: Presented annually to the 
outstanding female who has 
typified the model student and 
contributed significantly lo 
student interests and concerns. 
Awarded to: 

Caroline Mary Yoor 


Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding 
Senior Award is presented to a 
senior in Electrical Engineering 
for outstanding scholastic 
achievement and service to the 
Society and Department. 
Awarded to: 
Cheryl V. Liss 

Factory Mutual Awards. 
Scholarship awards for 
distinguished academic 
achievement in Fire Protection 
Awarded to: 

Robert C. Andrews 

Daniel L. Arnold 

)ames M. Feld 

Cheryl A. Grounds 

Jeffrey M. Hunt 

Michael C. Krammer 

Thomas Y. Kurihara 

Michael]. Madden 

The Frank J. Fee, Jr. Award. A 
memorial award sponsored by 
the National Fire Protection 
Association with a full 
scholarship to an outstanding 
student selected by the faculty 
of the Department of Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Donald J. Perrault 

Financial Executives Institute, 
Baltimore Chapter Award. An 
award to the outstanding senior 
student in Accounting and 
Finance in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 
Robert ]. Jacklin 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers' Outstanding Senior 
Award is presented to the most 
outstanding senior in Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas Y. Kurihara 

The prestigious Fulbright Award 
for one year of study in a foreign 
university has been won by a 
senior in Chemical Engineering. 
She will study in Karlsruhe, 
Awarded to: 
Laura J. Colcord 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of the 
Maryland State Golf 
Association to students in 
Agronomy displaying academic 
proficiency, participation in 
extracurricular activities, and 
who have an active interest in 
golf turf work. 
Awarded to: 

William D. Harmon IH 

Gerald Hasbargen 

Laurence Leon 

Robert S. Peregoy 

Susan M. Yates 

The General Honors Best 
Projects Awards 
Awarded to : 

Todd Stockslager 

Gerald Tesauro 

Steven Jones 

The P. Arne Hansen Memorial 
Award is given to the 
outstanding senior in 
Departmental Honors in 
Awarded to: 

Andrew Herman 

Robert Michael Higgenbotham 
Memorial Award Fund. This 
Fund has been endowed by Mr. 
and Mrs. Charles A. 
Higgenbotham in memory of 
their son who was killed in 
Vietnam. Annual awards are 
made to promising junior 
students majoring in 
Awarded to: 
Steven Bonner 

The Homeland Garden Club of 
Baltimore award to the student 
with the highest scholastic 
average in the Floriculture and 
Ornamental Horticulture option 
in Horticulture. 
Awarded to: 

Robin Beck Powichroski 

William Randolph Hearst 
journalism scholarships of $500 
each to outstanding journalism 
students: donated by the 
Baltimore News-American. 
Awarded to: 

Audrey Barnes 

Laura Blomberg 

Susan Lynne Campbell 

Helen S. Cohen 

Eileen Colclough 

Brett Ferrigan 

Steven J. Gorman 

Timothy M. Kelly 

Kelcey Ann Koiwopa 

Seth Peter Loshin 

Charles Pope 

Andrew Shipley 

Tyler Ward 

Peter James West 

The ITT International Fellowship 
is awarded to one U.S. citizen per 
country per year. This year the 
Department of Chemical 
Engineering is fortunate to have 
one of its students selected for 
this honor. She will study in 
Awarded to : 
Cheryl Johnson 

Richard D. Irwin Doctoral 
Fellowship Award. An award in 
Business, Economics and Social 
Awarded to: 
Ileen Malitz 

Fred S. James Scholarship 
Award. This $500 grant is 
awarded to a junior or senior 
in the Department of Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Patrick J. McGovern 

The Joe Elbert James Memorial 
Award. A gold watch annually 
awarded to the graduating 
senior in horticulture on basis 
of scholarship and promise of 
future achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Rebecca L. Darnell 

Johnson and Higgins 
Scholarship Award. Awarded 
to an outstanding student in 
Fire Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Russell A. Deubler 


Journal Newspapers, Inc. 
scholarships ot S500 each to an 
outstanding journahst from 
Montgomery and Prince George's 
Awarded to- 

Deborah M. Messina — 
Montgomery County 

William Maier — 

Prince Georges County 

Professor C.R. Karp Award 
in memory of Carol R. Karp. 
It is awarded to an undergraduate 
student who has shown excellence 
in mathematics and the 
philosophy of mathematics. 
Awarded to: 

Joyce N. Migdall 

The Dr. Alice Love Memorial 
Scholarship is awarded to the 
Physical Education major who 
best exhibits the qualities of 
scholarship, leadership and 
potential as a physical 
Awarded to: 

Raul Dominguez 

Charles Manning Prize in 
Creative Arts, initiated in 1971 
to honor the Dean of the 
College of Arts and Sciences, 
1962-71, is awarded each year 
to a graduating senior who has 
done outstanding work in one 
of the creative or performing 
Awarded to: 

Laura Ellen King 

Maryland Chapter, Public 
Relations Society of America 
award to an outstanding senior 
in public relations. 
Awarded tO: 

Patricia Anne Kenney 

Maryland-Delaware-DC Press 
Association Outstanding Senior 
award to a senior enrolled in the 
news-editorial sequence. 
Awarded lo: 
David Bedell 

Maryland Electrification Council 


Awarded lo: 

Henry A. Affeldt, Jr. 

Mark M. Wilsnack 

Mar>'land Professional Chapter, 

Public Relations Society of 

America scholarship of $250 

to an outstanding public relations 


Awarded to: 

Penny Slocksdale 

Maryland Professional Chapter, 
Sigma Delta Chi/Society of 
Professional Journalists 
scholarship of $100 to an 
outstanding news-editorial 
Awarded to: 

Karen L. Gardner 

McCormick & Company Master 
in Business Administration 
Scholarship. An award to 
outstanding students in the 
Masters of Business 
Administration Program in the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Carleston S. Bartlem 

Carol A. Bluey 

Charles L. Colby 

Sara M. McCue 

Anne H. Suzuki 

The Isabel McDonald Memorial 
Award is given to a deserving 
graduate student in 
Awarded to: 

William McCoubrey 

Montgomery County Press 
Association scholarship of $1,000 
to an outstanding journalism 
student who is a resident of 
Montgomery County. 
Awarded to: 
Nancy Nickell 

The Andrew J. Moyer Memorial 
Award is given lo a deserving 
graduate student in 
Awarded to: 

John W. Newland 

National Science Foundation 
Scholarship (Geography and 
Awarded to: 
Mary Hough 

Honor Membership: National 
Student Speech and Hearing 
Awarded to: 
Nancy Codori 

Outstanding senior journalism 
citation for academic and 
professional excellence in 
journalism awarded by the 
Society of Professional 
Journalists/ Sigma Delta Chi. 
Awarded to: 
Mark Holt 

Parker Shirling Turfgrass 
Scholarship of the Maryland 
Turfgrass Association tea 
student demonstrating 
academic proficiency in 
Agronomy, participation in 
extracurricular activities, and an 
active interest in commercial 
turf work. 
Awarded to: 

Ernest Kalinowsky 

Pelczar Graduate Award for 
Excellence in Graduate Education. 
Awarded to: 

Walter J. Hayden 

Phi Tau Sigma Memorial Award 
is presented to the senior in 
Mechanical Engineering who has 
made the most outstanding 
contribution to the University. 
Awarded to: 
Ira S. Sachs 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., 
Scholarship. An award ot $500 
to an outstanding student 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
Glenn David Kessler 

Dr. John T. Portz General 
Honors Award 
Awarded to: 

Peter M. Garnavich 

Susan M. Compton 

The Augustus J. Prahl 
Fellowship in German is awarded 
for scholarly achievement to the 
outstanding Graduate Student in 
German during the current year. 
Awarded to: 

Peter K.Schwarz 

The Robert M. Rivello 
Scholarship in Aerospace 
Engineering is awarded to the 
junior in the Department of 
Aerospace Engineering who has 
attained the highest overall 
academic average. 
Awarded to: 

David G. Matuska 

Sacks Foundation Tuition 
Scholarship Award, An Award of 
Awarded to: 

Beverly Ann Pfifferling 

Leland E. and Catherine B. 
Scott Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in 
Awarded to: 

Susan Beth Sterrelt 

The Shipleys of Maryland 
Award to the Graduating 
History Major with the Best 
Academic Record. 
Awarded to: 

John Matthews Eglseder 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron 
Award is given to the 
outstanding senior in 
Awarded to: 

Marianne Walch 

Sigma Xi Research Excellence 
Award for Graduate Students. 
Awarded to: 

George N. Thomaidis 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Award to the most outstanding 
senior in Fire Protection 
Awarded to: 

Thomas Y. Kurihara 

Dr. Leo & Rita Sklar General 
Honors Award 
Awarded to: 

Mary Jane Inglesby 

HanneJ. Lundsager 

Samuel VVitlen 

Roberta Bergman 

Daniel D. Dietrick 

Robert Heuckeroth 

Ilene Knable 

Eun-Kyu (Grace) Lee 

Kathleen A. McCarthy 

Rubin G. Steinmeyer Award. 
In recognition for outstanding 
scholastic achievement by an 
undergraduate major in 
Government and Politics. 
Awarded to: 
Morrell J. Berry 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship 
Fund. An award of $250 to an 
outstanding student majoring 
in Transportation in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Randolph Reichard 

The Robert J. Taylor Academic 
Achievement Award is 
presented to the outstanding 
junior in Fire Protection 
Engineering by the Salamander 
Honor Society. 
Awarded to: 
T. Kevin King 

Undergraduate Award for 
Excellence in History. 
Awarded to: 

Carol Ann Agayoff 

Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award. An award 
to the outstanding student in 
investments and security 
analysis in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

George A. Carras 

James P. Wharton Art Award 
Fund. This fund was endowed by 
the former head of the Art 
Department, Colonel James P. 
Wharton. An annual award of 
$200 is given to a senior for 
special achievement in Studio Art. 
Awarded to: 
Eric Gutierrez 

Women's Transportation 
Seminar Scholarship. An award 
of $100 to an outstanding 
student majoring in 
Transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Susan Louise Wilson 




Co-Captains in football 
Awarded to 

Paul Clamp 

Brian Malera 

Kervin VVyatt 

Outstanding football player 
Awarded tO: 
Dale Castro 

Outstanding Offensive Lineman 
Awarded to: 
Kervin VVyatt 

Outstanding Offensive Back 
Awarded to: 

Charles Wysocki 

Outstanding Defensive Lineman 
Awarded to 
James Shaffer 

Outstanding Defensive Back 
Awarded to 
Brian Matera 

Terrapin Club Award 
(Greatest Career Contribution) 
Awarded to: 
)ame$ Shaffer 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to the 
most valuable football player 
Awarded to: 
Brian Matera 

Atlantic Coast Conference 


Awarded to: 

Dale Castro 

Larry Stewart 

Charles WystKki 

Thi' Aivin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophy for the unsung hero of 
the current season 
Awarded to: 

Richard Cummins 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a member 
of the football team with the 
highest scholastic average 
Awarded to: 

Ralph L. Lary III 

James M. Tatum Award 
Awarded to: 

Kervin D. VVyatt 

Awarded tO: 
James Shaffer 


John Bilney 

Cross Country 
James D. Hage 


Francis D. Ferdinand 
Guy L, Moore 


John W. Baldante 

Thomas E. Burgess 

Scott S. Collins 

Richard J. Cummins 

Gary D.Ellis 

Alan Fishman, Manager 

Paul S. Glamp 

Christopher J. Grey 

Benedict E. Grylewicz, Manager 

Philip B. Livingston 

Brian F. Matera 
James K. Shaffer 
Larry A. Stewart 
Kervin D. Wyatt 


Scott Boddery 
David Dorozinsky 
Larry Howell 
Ronald McKeever 
Christopher Osborne 

Joseph Black 
Michael Dew 
Crail Gordon 
Patrick Murtagh 
Steven Shinholser 
William Skelley 


Steve Deaugustino 

Robert Mcllvaine 



Taylor Baldwin 
John Bilney 
Mark Fothergill 
Ernest Graham 
David Henderson 
Reginald Jackson 
Albert King 
Greg Manning 
Greg Morley 
Jon Robinson 
Charles Williams 
Edward Bush, Manager 
Steve Kassel, Manager 
Nick Kniska, Manager 

Cross Country 
Joseph A. Belyea 
John J. Green 
Martin P. Green 
James D. Hage 
John J. Kelchner 
John P. Magee 
Thomas R. Yendall 


John M. Cordis 
Francis D. Ferdinand 
Jeffrey Harshman 
Steven D. Heck 
Darryl N. Jones 
Victor R. Lambert 
Derek A. McDaniels 
Mark L. Meudt 
Guy L. Moore 
Philip E. Penzo 
Bradley S. Thomas 


John W. Baldante 
Chris J. Barbiasz 
Todd F. Benson 
Surnest Brown 
Thomas E. Burgess 
Bruce Byrom 
Jan F. Carinci 
Michael F. Carney 
Dale E. Castro 
Scott S. Collins 
Michael J. Corvino 
Richard J. Cummins 
David DAddio 
Darnell L. Dai ley 
Brent A. Dewitz 
Mark D. Duda 
GaryD. Ellis 
Howard L. Eubanks 
Scott H. Fanz 
Richard J. Fasano 
Alan Fishman, Manager 
Edward J. Gall 
Paul J. Glamp 
Peter J. Glamp 
Larry G. Gregory 

Christopher J. Grey 

Benedict E. Grylewicz, Manager 

Samuel L. Johnson 

Frank S. Kolencik 

John T. Kreider 

Ralph L. Lary 

Michael Lewis 

Philip B. Livingston 

Kyle D. Lorton 

Brian F. Matera 

Samuel Medile 

Robert M. Milkovich 

David W. Pacella 

Jeff L. Rodenberger 

Gerald S. Rogers 

Bradley D. Senft 

James K. Shaffer 

Larry A. Stewart 

Gary Terle, Trainer 


Michael P. Tice 

Steven G. Trimble 

Gregory A. Vanderhout 

Timothy Whittle 

A. Joseph Wilkins 

Wayne T. Wingfield 

James T. Wright 

KervinD. Wyatt 

Charles D. Wysocki 

Patrick J. Zillman 


Brian Barbazette 
Walter Bennett 
Scott Boddery 
Peter Bourne 
John Carlson 
Kevin Darcey 
David Dorozinsky 
Brian Feeney 
Edmund Gauss 
Moshe Goldfarb 
Larry Howell 
James Hudik 
Craig Jackson 
Sidney Kaufman 
Kenen McCoy 
Ronald McKeever 

Kirk Miller 
Christopher Osborne 
George Reid 
Nikolaus Wiener 
Steve Testoff, Manager 


William Bartle 
Joseph Black 
Greg Blasic 
George Carpouzis 
John Cunningham 
Michael Dew 
William Kaarid 
Jeff Karsner 
Roger Masse 
Patrick Murtagh 
Kirk Sanocki 
Steven Shinholser 
Robert Schlecht 
Alfred Walsh 
Ted Shen, Manager 


Jeff Armstrong 
Chris Camasta 
Todd Camel 
Kevin Colabucci 
Mark Dugan 
Robert Mcllvaine 
Randy Thompson 
Paul Triplett 
Robert Turstall 
William Wensel 
Ted Shen, Manager 


The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophy for the unsung hero of 
the current season. 
Awarded to: 

Richard Cummins 

A.C.C. Plaque 
(to a senior for excellence in 
scholarship and athletics) 
Awarded to: 

Joseph M. Muffler 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Trophy to the outstanding 
offensive back of the year. 
Awarded to: 

Charles Wysocki 

John T. Bell Swimming Award 
(to the outstanding swimmer or 
Awarded to: 

Steven Shinholser 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a 
member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Ralph L. Lary III 

Geary F. Eppley Award 
(to the graduating male senior 
athlete, who during his four 
years of varsity competition, 
lettered at least once and 
attained the highest over-all 
scholastic average.) 
Awarded to: 

Christopher E. Miller 

Tom Fields Award, to the most 
important member of the Cross 
Country team based on the 
qualities of leadership, 
dedication to excellence, 
attitude and personal 
Awarded to: 
Jim Hage 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 
Trophy to the most outstanding 
wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to: 

Kevin Colabucci 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to the 
most valuable football player. 
Awarded to: 
Brian Matera 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy 
(Offered by William E. Krouse 
to the Maryland student who has 
contributed most to Wrestling 
while at the University of 
Awarded to: 

Robert Mcllvaine 

The Maryland Ring 

(to the senior [resident of 
Maryland] who is adjudged 
the best athlete of the year) 
Awarded to: 
Dennis Ivory 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., 
Swimming Trophy to the senior 
letterman who has contributed 
most to swimming. 
Awarded to: 

Patrick Murtagh 

Steven Shinholser 

University of Maryland Alumni 
Swimming Association Scholar 
Athlete Award to the swimmer 
who has compiled the best 
combination of academic and 
aquatic records. 
Awarded to: 

Steven Shinholser 

Silvester Watch 

(Typifying the best in athletics) 

Awarded to: 

Gregory A. Robertson 



The Alumni Cup. Presented to 
the Second Semester Air 
Science Senior Cadet who has 
achieved the highest 
cumulative grade point average 
within the Corp of Cadets, 
while at the same time 
demonstrating the highest 
degree of officer potential. 
Awarded to: 

Caroline H. Krewson 

The American Legion ROTC 
Scholastic Award. Presented 
each year to an outstanding 
Senior (Cold Award) who is in 
the upper 10% of the class in 
the University and the upper 
25% of the ROTC class, and 
who has demonstrated high 
qualities in military leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Caroline H. Krewson 

American Defense Preparedness 
Association Award. Presented 
to the outstanding senior cadet 
who has an academic average 
which places him or her in the 
upper half of his or her entire 
class at the University, has 
received no grade in the advanced 
ROTC courses less than B, is in 
upper 20% of total senior 
enrollment at the University of 
Maryland, has participated 
actively in athletics and/or 
campus activities, and has 
demonstrated outstanding 
leadership qualities. 
Awarded to 

Katherine L. Teeters 

The American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Awards. Presented each year to 
a Senior (Gold Award) in the 
upper 25% of the ROTC class, 
demonstrating outstanding 
qualities in military leadership, 
discipline and character. 
Awarded to: 
Juliet Freeman 

Military Order of World Wars 
Award to the Aerospace Studies 
cadets recognized as the most 
improved within his year 
Awarded to: 

Kevin H. Adams 

George M. Reiley Award to the 

member of the flight instruction 
program showing the highest 
aptitude for flying as demon- 
strated by his or her performance 
in the program. 
Awarded to: 

Kenneth W. Harris 

Armed Forces Communications 
and Electronics Association, 
Award to the outstanding senior 
cadet who is preparing for a 
career in this technical area and 
has demonstrated outstanding 
qualities of military leadership, 
high moral character, and 
definite aptitude for military 
Awarded to: 

Nelson McCormick 

Society of American Military 
Engineers ROTC Award. Cadet 
selected for this national award 
is recognized as one of 20 
outstanding AFROTC senior 
cadets pursuing an engineering 
curriculum. Award recognizes 
outstanding academic 
performance and professional 
officer potential. 
Cadet nominated: 
Darrell B. Ridgely 

The Reserve Officers 
Association Awards. Presented 
to the senior Cadet (Gold 
Award) demonstrating 
outstanding academic 
achievement in AFROTC 
subject matter and highest 
officer potential. 
Awarded to: 

Susan L. Patterson 

Governor's Cup. 
Awarded to: 

Darrell B. Ridgely 

Cole Field 
House Seating 

Section 1 : 

Agricultural and life 

Arts and Humanities 

Section 2: 

Graduate School 


Business and Management 

Section 3 : 

Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health 
Human Ecology 
Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Section 4: 

Undergraduate Studies 

Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences and Engineering 



main entrance 
& exits 



Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 
College of Agriculture 

2111 Fine Arts Lounge, 

Student Union 

1216 H.J. 

Patterson Hall 
Chemistry & Biochemistry 

1407 Chemistry Building 

2300 Symons Hall 

0113 H.J. 

Patterson Hall 

Area East of Holzafel. 

Bad weather-0128 Holzafel 

2131 Skinner Hall 

1200 Zoology-Psychology 


Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

College of Engineering 

Room 2130 

Student Union 
Computer Science 

3326 Computer Science 


Lobby, Bureau of Mines 
Physics & Astronomy 

1412 Physics Building 
Physical Sciences 

1412 Physics Building 

Division of Arts and 

School of Architecture 

0204 Architecture Building 

College of jounialism 

Lobby, Journalism Building 
American Studies 

2140 Taliaferro Hall 

1211 Art-Sociology Building 
Classical Languages 

4218 Foreign Languages 

Comparative Literature 

4224 Foreign Languages 


1116 HE Building, Dance 


1119 Taliaferro Building 

3120 Foreign Languages 

German & Russian 

3215 Foreign Languages 


2119 Francis Scott Key Hall 

Recital Hall, 1125 Tawes 

Fine Arts Building 

1131 Skinner Hall 

2215 Foreign Languages 

Communication Arts and 
Theatre/Radio, Television & 

North Colonnade, 

Tawes Fine Arts Building 

Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

College of Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health 
1312 PERH Building 

College of Library and 

Information Services 

4114 Undergraduate Library 

College of Human Ecology 
Mezzanine, South Dining 

College of Education 
Education Building 
Supervision and 
Curriculum, Room 1107 
Counseling and 
Personnel Services, 3237 
Early Childhood- 
Elementary Education, 

Industrial Education, 1121 
Institute for Child Study, 

Measurement & 
Statistics, 1203 
Secondary Education, 

Social Foundations, 1107 
Special Education, 1240 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 
College of Business and 

2108 Tydings— 

Undergraduates; Red Room, 

Student Union— MBA 
Afro-American Studies 

2169F Social Sciences 

1107 Woods Hall 
Criminology and Law 

2205 Social Sciences 

1101 Tydings Hall 

1179 Social Sciences 
Government and Politics 

2166 Social Sciences 
Hearing and Speech Sciences 

0208 Social Sciences 
Information Systems 

1179 Social Sciences 

1240 Zoology-Psychology 


2108 Art-Sociology Building 
Urban Studies 

2101 Woods Hall 

Undergraduate Studies 
General & Individual Studies 

Main Lobby, 

Undergraduate Library 

A Walking Tour 

through the 

College Park Campus 

There are many interesting 
educational and research 
facilities on the College Park 
Campus. We have selected some 
of these that you may wish to 
visit along a walking tour. 
These facilities are open on 
weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 
4 :30 p.m. You are welcome to 
tour them at your leisure. 
Other points of interest on 
campus may be toured by 
appointment through the 
phone extension listed after 
each facility. For general 
information, call the Student 
Union Information Center 


(BLDG. 78) Regents Drive. 
Open to visitors weekdays 8 : 30 
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A schedule 

of multidenominational services 
can be obtained in the North 
Administration Bldg. 

BUILDING-(BLDG. 83) Regents 
Drive. This facility houses the 
Admissions Office of the Univer- 
sity; Office of the Registrar for 
graduate transcripts and 
commencement ir\formation; and 
offices for student financial aid, 
housing, and campus employment. 

BRARY— (BLDG. 120) Corner 
of Regents and Campus Drives. 
Completed in 1972, the library 
is one of the finest in the nation. 
In addition to serving under- 
graduate students, it also houses 
at the graduate level the College 
of Library and Information 

110) Campus Drive. A new 
addition to the Student Union 
was completed in 1972. You can 
obtain a building directory and 
schedules of events and activities 
at the information desk in the 
front lobby. Guided tours are 
available to the bowling alleys, 
billiard room, ballroom, cafe- 
terias, motion picture theatre, 
and exhibits. 

(BLDG. 27) Campus Drive. 
With a permanent seating 
capacity of 12,500, the Main 
Auditorium of Cole Field House 
is used for basketball games, 
classes in physical education, 
commencements, concerts, 
academic testing, track, and 
many other indoor activities. 
Other areas of the building 
contain small gymnasiums, a 
swimming pool, classrooms, 
faculty offices, a ticket booth 
for athletic events, and the 
Department of Intercollegiate 

TER— (BLDG. 115) Campus 
Drive. Offices of the departments 
of music and communication 
arts and theatre are housed in this 
building. University Theatre is 
also located here, adjacent to 
Parking Lot #1. 

Campus Drive. You are invited 
to walk through this facility 
and view displays of student 
architectural designs and the 
faculty-designed sculpture in 
the West Court. 

Tours by 

CYCLOTRON, Department of 
Physics and Astronomy. The 
Cyclotron is available for 
touring on Mondays from 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by prior 
arrangement. (Ext. 4152) 

CATION. The Center of 
Adult Education is a residential 
conference facility for con- 

tinuing education for adults. 
Tours can be arranged by 
calling 779-5100. 

Keldin contains materials for 
the use of graduate students 
and faculty. Tours can be 
arranged by appointment. 
(Ext. 4042) 

games and track and field 
events are held in this stadium 
which holds 35,000 spectators. 
(Ext. 4705) 

TORY. Open House is held on 
the 5th and 20th of each month 
at 8:30 p.m. for the general 
public. Large groups may call 
for reservations at 454-3001. 
(For other ir\formation call 
Ext. 3460) 

oldest building on the College 
Park Campus, Rossborough 
Inn is open to the public for 
lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 
1:30 p.m. (Ext. 3940)