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University of Maryland Commencement 

College Park 
May 15, 1981 


University of Maryland Commencement 

College Park 
May 15, 1981 

Message to 
the Graduates 

We are gathered here today to honor some 3,610 graduates 
from more than 200 fields of intellectual study. 

You and your families should be extremely proud of the 
dedication and perseverance each of you has exhibited in 
order to be present here today. You selected a goal and 
stayed with it to successful completion. Congratulations. 

The primary purpose of a university is to help 
individuals acquire the knowledge and skills to be capable 
of making sound judgments and contributing to the overall 
advancement of society. In particular, a university must 
work to create an environment conducive to the discovery, 
critical examination, preservation and transmission of 
knowledge, wisdom and values. Therefore, a university 
must be judged, not only by your accomplishments, which 
we honor today, but also by your success in working to 
improve the quality of life which ultimately ensures the 
survival of present and future generations. 

As you embark on a new frontier of life, we hope you 
will maintain contact with your University. By your past 
experiences and valuable suggestions, we are best able to 
discover how to improve our service to the students who 
follow you, to the citizens of the community, the state and 
the nation. 

Best of luck and every good wish for the future. We hope 
to hear from you often. 

R.L. Gluckstern 

u^i^ ^.;^y,^nA^'B' 

Order of 

May 15, 1981 
10:00 a.m. 

Cole Student Activities 


Dr. Robert L. Gluckstem 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Robert F. McCieary 
Assistant Professor 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


The Reverend 
Gerald Buckner, 
Baptist Campus Minister 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. John S. Toll 


University of Maryland 

Peter F. O'Malley 
Chairman, Board of Regents 

Musical Selection 


By Sibelius 

University of Maryland 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Conductor, Dr. Traver 


The Honorable 
Paul S. Sarbanes, 
United States Senator 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Toll, Honorary Degrees 
Dr. Gluckstern 

Remarks to Graduates 

Mary Jane Inglesby 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Gluckstern 


The Reverend 
Frederick Rosing, 
Catholic Student Center 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

The Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Maryland Victory Song 

Maryland we're all behind 


Wave high the Black and Gold 

For there is nothing half so 


As to see our men victorious. 

We've got the team, boys 

We've got the steam, boys 

So keep on fighting, 

don't give in 


Maryland will win. 




The College Park Campus 
and The University 

The Graduates 

The students graduating from the University of Maryland 
today follow in the footsteps of many notable UM 
graduates who have distinguished themselves in fields as 
diverse as science, the arts, entertainment, journalism, 
business, law, medicine and government. 

Through Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and others, Jim 
Henson conveys a refreshing form of entertainment that 
touches the hearts of young and old alike. By the time he 
graduated from UM in 1960, Henson was developing 
successful TV commercials in the area. "The Muppet 
Show," created in 1976, is syndicated on about 125 stations 
in the U.S. and is seen in some 40 other countries. 

The first woman elected to the Supreme Court of 
Michigan, Mary Stallings Coleman has been influential in 
developing many innovative programs for juvenile welfare. 
A 1935 arts and sciences graduate of UM, Coleman is a firm 
believer in rehabilitation and crime prevention and has 
established pre-court services for children in danger of 
becoming school drop-outs and education programs for 
underprivileged mothers in an effort to curb child abuse in 

Known as one of the youngest graduates of the 
University, Charles Fefferman graduated in 1966 at 17 
when he received a joint degree in mathemahcs and 
physics, just three years after becoming a full-time UM 
student. One of the world's top mathematicians, Fefferman 
received the Fields Medal, the most prestigious award a 
mathematician can receive. He is currently a professor of 
mathematics at Princeton. 

In the field of consumer affairs, UMCP graduate 
Meredith M. Fernstrom, rates as one of the nation's top 
experts on consumer issues. She is currently American 
Express Company's new Vice President for Consumer 
Affairs, and before that she served as the Special Assistant 
to the Secretary and Director of Consumer Affairs in the 
U.S. Department of Commerce. 

Other outstanding UM graduates include Connie Chung, 
a 1969 journalism graduate, who anchors the news at 
KNXT-TV in Los Angeles; Carmen Balthrop, a 
Metropolitan Opera singer and 1971 UMCP Music Alumna; 
and Tom McMillen, a 1974 Arts and Sciences graduate and 
Rhodes Scholar, who is playing professional basketball for 
the Atlanta Hawks. 

The Campus 

In enrollment. College Park is among the 10 largest 
campuses in the country. Undergraduates enrolled in 
1980-81 numbered 28,172 and graduate students, 7,171 for 
a total enrollment of 35,343. This year's College Park 
operating budget is approximately $141,800,000. The 
University assisted over 13,000 College Park students with 
financial aid in 1980-81. 

Students may choose from 119 undergraduate and 82 
graduate programs leading to degrees. In 1980-81, a total of 
4,823 undergraduate, 774 master's and 238 doctorate 
degrees were awarded by the College Park Campus. In the 
number of doctorates granted annually, the University 
ranks among the top 30 in the nation. 


The University had its beginnings in 1807 with the 
establishment in Baltimore of the College of Medicine, an 
entirely faculty-owned institution granting the M.D. 
degree. When its name was changed to the University of 
Maryland five years later, it was given power to confer 
additional degrees. The first dental school in America, the 
Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, became a part of the 
University in 1840. 

Subsequently, the University opened schools of 
pharmacy, law and nursing. Under a charter secured by a 
group of Maryland planters in 1856, the College Park 
Campus of the University, then called the Maryland 
Agricultural College, opened in 1859 and became one of the 
original land-grant schools in 1865. After a disastrous fire 
in 1912, the State acquired control of the College and bore 
the cost of rebuilding. In 1920, the State took over the 
faculty-owned University of Baltimore, merging it with the 
State-owned instituHon at College Park to form the 
present-day University of Maryland. 

In 1886, the Delaware Conference Academy was founded 
by the Methodist Church in Princess Anne, Maryland. The 
State acquired this insritution in 1948, at which time it 
became known as Maryland State College. It was made a 
campus of the University in 1970, and is known as the 
University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES). A new 
campus known as University of Maryland Baltimore County 
(UMBC) was opened at Catonsville in 1966. 


University libraries include approximately 1,335,000 
volumes on the College Park Campus, 16,480 subscriptions 
to periodicals and newspapers, plus over a million 
microform units. 

The Hornbake (Undergraduate) Library has a seating 
capacity of 4,000 students and is among the nation's 
largest. Facilities include a quadraphonic concert room, 
color video-tape players and playback units, enclosed 
rooms equipped with instructor's consoles for the use of 
nonprint media materials, and wireless stereo headsets for 
tapes of lectures, plays, speeches and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities on Campus are: 
scanning electron microscopes; subsonic, supersonic, and 
hypersonic wind tunnels; laboratories for radiation research 
and biochemical reactions; a nuclear training reactor; an 
electron ring accelerator; complete laboratories for the 
dynamic studies of soils and structures; a unique facility 
utilizing satellite remote sensing data; a dynamic 
photomechanics lab; a precision encoder and pattern 
recognition device; a gravitational radiation detection system 
including a gravimeter on the moon; a 
psychopharmacology lab; three retroreflector arrays on the 
moon; rotating tanks for laboratory studies of meteorological 
phenomena; a linear accelerator; a high resolution 
spectroscopy facility; a laboratory for basic behavioral 

research; an assortment of computers; a computer vision 
lab; the Astronomy Observatory; a laboratory for plasma 
and fusion energy studies, remote sensing and 
cartographies labs; an anechoic chamber for audiology 
research; a criminal forensics lab and the Water Resources 
Research Center. 

The College Park Campus also operates one of the largest 
and most sophisticated long-wavelength radio telescopes 
(located at Clark Lake, Southern California). 

In addition to these research opportunities, programs in 
the behavioral sciences, social sciences and education exist 
in many bureaus and institutes including: the Bureau of 
Business and Economic Research, Bureau of Educational 
Research and Field Services, Bureau of Governmental 
Research, Inshtute for Child Study, Institute for Criminal 
Justice and Criminology and the Institute for Urban 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and 
faculty in the academic procession are of ancient origin. 
They have been the traditional costume of the scholar since 
medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the 
ecclesiastical dress since many of the scholars of that period 
were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform 
code for costumes which has since been adopted by the 
majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 

Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master 
and doctor — has its own distinctive gown and hood. The 
bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. 
The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, 
extending below the knee; the arm is passed through a slit 
at the elbow. In contrast, the doctor's gown has a full 
bell-shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening 
of this gown is faced with wide velvet bands. The velvet 
trim may be black or of a color indicating the general field 
of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, 
green for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic 
costume is the hood which passes around the neck and 
extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood 
is often omitted. The color of the velvet edging indicates 
the field of learning. Below is given a list of department or 
faculty colors. 

Agriculture Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Administration, Commercial Science/Drab 



Education, Pedagogy/Light Blue 


Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 


Home Economics/Maroon 


Library Science/Lemon 




Oratory/Silver Gray 




Public Health/Salmon 

Physical Education/Sage Green 

Science/Golden Yellow 

Social Service/Citron 

Surgical Chiropody/Nile Green 

Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the 
hood are those of the college or university which conferred 
the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all 
degrees. The tassel may be either black or the color of the 
field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may be gold. 

From Europe the use of academic degrees spread to 
English universities. Harvard University, the College of 
William and Mary, and Yale University followed the British 
pattern in the United States. 

Academic Degrees 

The degree is awarded for the successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently conferred by American colleges 
and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the 
University of Bologna (Italy) in the middle of the 12th 
Century. Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees 
were used interchangeably, each indicating that the holder 
was qualified to give instruction to students. The bachelor's 
or baccalaureate degree indicated only entrance upon a 
course of study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. 
Gradually, however, the bachelor's degree came to mean 
successful completion of one level of study preparatory to 
the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by 
ancient Romans to those who delivered public lectures on 
philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 12th 
century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men 
of great learning. It was first made an academic title at the 
University of Bologna, which received from the emperor 
the right of appoinhng doctores legum (doctor of laws). 
The University of Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, the 
popes granted the universities the right of appointing 
doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon 
law), and when the study of civil law came to be combined 
with that of the canon law, the title was changed to doctor 
utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of 
theology and medicine followed that of law in conferring 
this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and 
occasionally in theology and law, is given beyond the 
baccalaureate degree and requires two to five years of 
study, the writing of a thesis, and the passing of written 
and oral examinations. The doctor's degree represents the 
most advanced earned degree conferred by American 
institutions. There are two distinct types: the professional 
or practitioner's degree and the research type. The first 
type represents advanced training for the practice of 
various professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, Doctor 
of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Juris 
Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no 
implication of original research and are classified by the 
U.S. Office of Education, with bachelor's degrees, as the 


first professional degrees. The University of Maryland 
awarded the first two dental degrees in history, on 
March 9, 1841, and invented the name of the degree, 
D.D.S., as well. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as the 
research doctorate representing prolonged periods of 
advanced study, usually accompanied by a dissertation 
which is designed to be a substantial contribution to 
existing knowledge on the subject. The most important of 
these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an 
implication of philosophy for its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. 
It was first awarded in the United States by Yale University 
in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded by the University of 
Maryland in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon 
students who have successfully completed work in advance 
of the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examinahon are 
usually required. The word magister, connected with a 
qualifying phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of 
honor, but its present meaning must be traced to the time 
of the establishment of the oldest universities. Regularly 
organized facilities were not then known as they now exist 
in the universities. The whole circle of academic activity 
was limited to seven liberal arts, and those who received 
public honors on the completion of their courses of studies, 
for their diligence and knowledge, and had already 
received the degree of baccalaureate (bachelor) were called 
magistri artium (master of the liberal arts). 

In 1920, the new University of Maryland awarded its first 
M.A. and M.S. degrees in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of study of collegiate grade and is the oldest 
academic degree used by American instituhons of higher 
learning. The degree. Bachelor of Arts, was first conferred 
in America in 1642 on the first nine graduates of Harvard 

Maryland Agricultural College, which was later to 
become the University of Maryland College Park, awarded 
the first Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


Robert L. Gluckstem 
Vice Chancellor for 
Acadenuc Affairs 

Francis C. Stark, Jr. (Acting) 
Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

Darryl W. Bierly 
Vice Chancellor for 
Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at College Park 

Division of Agnculhiral and 
Life Sciences 

Larry N. Vanderhoef 
Division of Arts and 

Shirley S. Kenny 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
Division of Human and 
Communihf Resources 

George J. Funaro 
Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Frank J. Ken- 
Deans at College Park 
Si'/iiX'/ ('/ Architecture 

John VV. Hill 
College of Agriculture 

Earl H. Brown 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

George L. Marx, 
Assistant Provost 
for Education, 
Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter, Jr. 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of lournalisni 

Benjamin F. Holman (Acting) 
College of Library and 
Information Sen'ices 

Michael M. Reynolds (Acting) 
College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Marvin H. Eyler 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Rose-Marie G. Oster 
Administrative Dean for Summer 

Melvin N. Bernstein 
Administratiih' Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Central Administration 
of the University 


John S. Toll 
Special Assistant 
to the President 

Albin O. Kuhn 
Vice President for General 

Warren W. Brandt 
Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

David W. Adamany 
VitT President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Vice President for Agricultural 
Affairs and Legislative Relations 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for 
University Dei'elopmmt 

Robert G. Smith 

Board of Regents 


Peter F. O'Malley 
Vice Chairman 

Joseph D. Tydings 

Percy M. Chaimson 

A. Paul Moss 
Assistant Secretary 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 
Assistant Treasurer 

George W. Wilson, Jr. 

Wayne A. Cawley, Jr. 

ex officio 
Ralph W. Frey 
Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 
Blair Lee III 
Allen L. Schwait 
Mrs. Constance Cornell 

Wilbur G. Valenrtne 
Mrs. Jennifer A. Walker 
John W. T. Webb 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Donald Maley, 
Chairman, Industrial 

Associate Chairman 
Dr. Robert C. Wiley, 
Professor, Horticulture 

University Marshal 
Dr. Don C. Piper, 
Government and Politics 


Dr. Stewart L. Gordon, 
Professor, Chairman, 
Music Department 

Committee Members 
Dr. Ulysses S. Glee, 

Office of Student Aid. 
Mr. Patrick J. Hunt, 

University Relations. 
Mr. Robert J. Beiter, 
Principal Specialist, 
Agricultural & Resource 

Mr. Ernest D. Huff, Jr., 
Assistant Director, 
Records & Registrations. 
Mr. Matt Sheriff, 
Associate Director, 
Dining Services. 
Dr. Conrad B. Link, 
Dr. George L. Marx, 
Assistant Provost 
for Education. 
Mr. Elwood H. Gross, 
Physical Plant. 
Mr. Doyle P. Royal, 

Athleric Department. 
Mrs. Frances P. Cave, 
Nurse Supervisor, 
Health Center. 
Mr. William C. Fry, Jr., 
Assistant Director, 

Mrs. Jo Ann M. Janus, 
University Book Center. 
Capt. Ralph VV. Bell, 
University Police. 
Mr. William H. Horsey, 
Director (Acting), 
Physical Plant. 
Mr. Edward Blackburn, 

Environmental Safety. 
Dr. Robert F. McCleary, 
Communicahons Arts and 



Paul S. Sarbanes 

Honorary Doctor of Laws 
and Commencement Speaker 

He remembers his father coming home late at night from the restaurant in Salisbury, Maryland. The man 
had come to America from Greece when he was fifteen. Not knowing English. No diplomas on the wall. 
But he remembers the man coming home tired in the late night and taking the books down, reading them. 
Aristotle and Plato. The books of Greece and of civilized society, the books of democracy. Aristotle in a blue 

Years later, after the young boy had graduated from Wicomico High School and packed his bags for the 
drive from the Eastern Shore of Maryland to Princeton and then a Rhodes Scholarship that brought him to 
Oxford, he would remember those nights when his father came home from the restaurant, tired from work, 
and would take down the books of the ancient philosophers. And that memory helped him. It made him 
proud of his roots on both sides of the Atlantic. The American Dream was still possible, Paul Spyros 
Sarbanes would remember. 

Following Oxford, he returned to the states, went through Harvard Law School, clerked for federal Judge 
Morris Soper after graduation before going into private practice in Baltimore. However, a long-time 
yearning for public service ("I've always been attracted by public issues ... I think they are important.") 
began to gnaw at him. He considered running for a House of Delegates seat and did so, partly spurred on 
by a playful threat from his wife, Christine, whom he met and fell in love with while at Oxford. "1 told him 
if he didn't run, I'd drown him," she said. "I couldn't see him sitting around and moaning." 

He ran and won, thus beginning four years in the House of Delegates. In 1970 he was elected to the first 
of three terms in the House of Representatives. He garnered 84 percent of the vote in the 1974 general 

In 1976 he was elected to the U.S. Senate where he has served as member of the Foreign Relations 
Committee; the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee; and the Joint Economic Committee. 

Sarbanes achieved a measure of notoriety during the impeachment proceedings against then-President 
Nixon. He was a junior member of the select drafting committee that honed the articles of impeachment and 
guided them through the committee's sessions. Ultimately, the Judiciary Committee adoped the "Sarbanes 
article" in approving its first historic charge against Nb<on, accusing him of covering up the Watergate 

When a newspaper article suggested that his Ivy League and Oxford schooling — along with his stint as a 
lawyer for a prestigious Baltimore law firm — "adequately offset his Greek-American roots," Sarbanes 
responded with an emotional letter in which he talked lovingly of his parents and "the values they sought 
to teach their children — values fundamental to our democracy." 

Sarbanes wrote, "Of all the people who influenced me, my father probably had the most influence. My 
father was a great believer in democracy." 

Today he is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Maryland. 


.^^a^jt^ <::Z . .^a^wi^ 'r/ 

Gilbert V. Hartke 

Honorary Doctor of Arts 

In 1942 Hollywood went to war with the rest of the country and now-President but then-actor Ronald 
Reagan was assigned to play a priest in a training film for the Chaplain Corps that was being supervised by 
the director of Catholic University's drama department, the Reverend Gilbert V. Hartke. It was just one 
more production in a long list of credits for the priest who became "the dean of Washington theater" and 
has, for more than forty years, gracefully and humorously reconciled the vocations of priest and impresario 
in the nation's capital. 

Founder of the Department of Speech and Drama at the Catholic University of America and assistant to 
the CUA president, the 74-year-old Chicago native has launched numerous careers in the dramatic arts as 
well as the religious life. He is as proud of the latter as he is of the former. 

The list of former students who toiled and blossomed under his benevolently exacting instruction is an 
impressive one that scans the length and breadth of American drama: Jon Voight, Henry Gibson, Jason 
Miller, Ed McMahon, Jean and Walter Kerr and Pat Carroll. 

As one who has chaperoned theatre companies to such far-flung locales as Romania and the Arctic Circle, 
Hartke has been a staunch, enthusiastic promoter of the performing arts, prompting Washington political 
satirist Mark Russell to note, "When Father Hartke became a priest, he took the three vows of poverty, 
chastity and obedience. He also took a fourth vow — publicity." 

The 1929 Providence College graduate entered the Dominican order to study for the priesthood, and the 
religious order promptly put him in charge of a series of six plays during his first year of seminary training 
. . . following his ordination in 1936, Catholic University asked the Dominicans to allow Hartke to organize 
a drama department at the school. 

"The wonderful thing about the performing arts," Hartke says, "is that it is yourself against perfection. 
You have to be as perfect as you can be, whether you act, write, produce, direct or design. You aren't in 
competition with another show or medium, you are in competition with yourself." 

In 1949, he organized the University Players, a professional company of Catholic University's most 
talented graduates. One of its operations, the National Players, is America's oldest classical touring 
company. It has toured the U.S. yearly and entertained the Armed Forces overseas for 26 years in Korea, 
Japan, the Arctic Circle, France and Germany and other locales. 

Hartke directed his last play, Eugene O'Neill's "Ah! Wilderness," in 1973. The show toured the major 
cities of Romania at the invitation of that country's president, marking "the first time a Catholic group from 
America was invited by the Communists to come to their country," he noted. 

Named "Washington Man of the Year" in 1980, Hartke has earned other awards from the American 
Theatre Wing, the National Catholic Theatre Conference, The Jewish Home for the Aged, The Washington 
Board of Trade and the U.S. Defense Department. He has also received the George M. Cohan Award, 
Variety's "Heart of Gold" and, in 1973, was treated to "Father Hartke Night" in Los Angeles by former 
students who have attained success in Hollywood. 

Today he is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Arts from the University of Maryland. 



William A. Nierenberg 

Honorary Doctor of Science 

Dr. William Aaron Nierenberg qualifies as a true Renaissance Man. The 62-year-old Director of the Scripps 
Institution of Oceanography — one of the world's foremost marine research entities — initially was best 
known for his work in low-energy nuclear physics. 

He has since established himself as a leading expert in the field of underwater research and warfare, has 
served as a consultant to U.S. and foreign governments and has been involved in diplomatic affairs. He also 
indulges a keen interest in the arts, speaks French and flies a Cessna 310. 

"Sometimes 1 think he was born running," a colleague told the San Dic;^o (Calif.) Union. Part of the 
motivation for the killing pace he maintains on the job is a conviction that Scripps is "a national resource" 
because of its leadership in the oceanography field, a field Nierenberg considers one of the most significant 
in the world. 

Scripps has thrived under 16 years of Nierenberg's leadership. When he arrived at the institution based at 
the University of California -San Diego, Scripps had a total annual budget of $10.2 million and 130 students. 
Twelve years later, the budget had nearly quadrupled to $39.8 million, while the number of students 
increased nearly 40 percent, to 180. Its current budget is more than $50 million. 

Born in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to a poor family, Nierenberg grew up in The Bronx and 
attended Townsend Harris High School, where he demonstrated an aptitude for mathematics and physics. 

After high school, he enrolled at City College of New York and was named to Phi Beta Kappa as a 
sophomore. He spent his junior year at the Sorbonne in Paris and returned to CCNY to graduate summa 
cum laude with a bachelor of science degree. He was the only 1939 graduate to achieve that distinction. 

Nierenberg taught at CCNY while earning his master's degree from Columbia University, where he 
received a doctorate in physics in 1947. During the war years, he was a section leader on the Manhattan 
Project, which led to the development of the atomic bomb. 

Following a brief stint on the Columbia faculty, he left to become assistant professor of physics at the 
University of Michigan in 1948, moving on to join the faculty at the University of California, Berkeley, in 
1950 as associate professor of physics. He established the Atomic Beam Research Group at the Lawrence 
Radiation Laboratory (now the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory) and the Atomic Beam Laboratory at 

Nierenberg has directed research in the field of atomic beam measurements of electronic and nuclear 
properties of radioactive atoms and has authored or co-authored more than 100 publications in this field. 

He is chairman of the NASA Advisory Council and a member of the Council of the National Academy of 
Sciences. He is a member of the Climate Research Board of the Narional Research Council, National 
Academy of Sciences. 

Today he will receive an Honorary Doctor of Science from the University of Maryland. 


for Degrees 

The 1981 class roster 
comprises degree candidates 
from the undergraduate and 
graduate programs at the 
University's College Park 
Campus. As final action 
cannot always be taken for 
candidates by the hme this 
program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative 
only. The University reserves 
the right to withdraw or add 
names. All diplomas not 
distributed by departments 
and colleges today will be 
mailed by the Registrations 

Students who have earned 
their degrees from the 
College of Education may 
obtain a Statement of 
Certificate Eligibility in the 
College of Education, 
Student Services Office 
(Room 1210). Other students 
who have completed teacher 
education programs wUi 
receive their statements in 
the mail (separate from the 
diploma) upon verification of 
required coursework. 


Candidates will be presented hy 
Dr. Rose-Marie G. Oster, 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Barry Martin Abzug 

Electrical Engineering: A 9600 
Bit Per Second Voice Compres- 
sion Algorithm Based on Linear 

Bruce Friend Adams 

History: Criminology, Penol- 
ogy, and Prison Administration 
in Russia, 1863-1917. 

Lynda Gossett Adamson 

Secondary Education: A Con- 
tent Analysis of Values in 
Rosemary Sutcliff's Historical 
Fiction . 

Barbara Neverdon Adeboye 
Social Foundations of Educa- 
tion: A Study of the Reactions of 
Nigerians to Selected Aspects of 
the National Policy on Educa- 
tion, 1977. 

Jonathan Russell Agre 
Computer Science: Perfor- 
mance Evaluation of Operating 
System Overhead in Computer 

Patricia MuUins Alexander 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: Predictive Accuracy 
of Third and Fifth Graders 
Across Linguistic and Non- 
Linguistic Comprehension Mea- 
sures: The Relationship Betu^een 
Performance on Graduated Pas- 
sage Questions Under Listening 
and Reading Conditions and the 
Standard Progressive Matrices. 

Barbara MandeU Altman 
Sociology: Private and Public 
Resources as Factors in Change 
in Disability Status of Impaired 

Mary Ann Anderson 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Differences in 
Perceptions of Relevance of Pro- 
fessional Preparation to 
Decision- Making Skills Held by 
Beginning Nurses from Diploma, 
Baccalaureate and Associate De- 
gree Programs. 

Cindy Sondik Aron 

History: Lady Clerks: Female 
Federal Workers in Late 
Nineteenth Century America. 

Alan R. Aronson 
Computer Science: Solutions 
to the Decision Problem for 
Database Logic and Applications 
to the Theory of Databases. 

Elsa Azpeitia 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Effects of Test 
Anxiety, Feedback and Task 
Difficulty on A-State and 

Jannette M. Berg Barth 

Economics: A Disequilibrium 
Model of Elective Hospital Ad- 
missions and Public Pricing Im- 

David Michael Benson 
Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Implementa- 
tion of Mastery Learning and 
Proficiency Testing in Selected 
Baltimore Elementary Schools. 

Catherine Anne Bernard 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Unmarried Battered 
Women: Demographic Data, At- 
titudes Toward Women, and 
Locus of Control. 

Keith A. Berven 

Zoology: Heritable and En- 
vironmentally Induced Variation 
in Development and Reproduc- 
tion of the Wood Frog Rana syl- 

Harriet Gurley Billups 
French: Fire and Water: A 
Study of Image, Symbol and 
Theme in the Works of Julien 

Alice Cheryl Blalock 
Measurement and Statistics: 
A Comparison of Randomized 
Response Models and Devices 
with Consideration of Technique 

Elwood Leonard Bland 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: The Effects of 
Three Instructional Modalities on 
Reading and Vocabulary Com- 
prehension of Deaf Children . 

Mary Elizabeth Blann 

Physical Education: The Child 
in Sport and Physical Activity: 
Influence of the School Program. 

Kathleen J. Block 
Criminal Justice and 
Criminology: Juvenile Court 
Law in Maryland: An Analysis 
of the Evolving State-Individual 

Nancy Hollingsworth Brown 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: A Comparative 
Analysis of Parent-Teacher 
Communication Needs of Single 
and Dual Parents of Preschool 

Steven Allen Buechler 

Mathematics: The Structure 
and Construction of Models. 


Nayna Duff Campbell 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: The Relationship Betuven 
Fathers.' Sex Role Orientation 
and Father-Infant Interaction. 

Hyo-Duck Chang 

Meteorology; Spatial and Tem- 
poral Distributions of Vertical 
Velocities and their Relationship 
to the Atmospheric Circulation. 

Shao-cheng Chiu 

Chemical Engineering: Com- 
patibilit]^ of Polymer Blends: 
Blends of Poly-epsilon- 
Caprolactone (PCU and 
Styrene-Acrylonitrile Copolifmer 

Linda Donovan Clement 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Institutional Goals at 
the University of Maryland: A 
Comparison of Five Constituent 

David Colella 
Mathematics: On Sets of 
Bounded Spectral Synthesis. 

Faye Edwards Coleman 

Early Childhood Elementary 
Education: Black Children's 
Self-Concepts and Teachers' Per- 
ceptions of Black Childrat in 
Multicultural and Non- 
multicultural Day Care Settings. 

Patricia Jean Coleman 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: A Comparison of 
Cd'erant Self- Management 

Bemice LaVerne Collins 
Psychology: Relationship of 
Selected Home Eni'ironment 
Variables to Children's Self- 
Concept and Academic Achieve- 

Doris Ree Corbett 

Physical Education: The Rela- 
tionship Betu-een Androgyny, 
Self-Concept and Social Status 
Among Female Minority 
Athletes and Nonathletes. 

Lorraine Lawrence Costella 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: Understanding of Facial 
Expressions of Emotion by Nor- 
mal and Learning Disabled Chil- 

Nancy Simpson Cowan 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Factors Related to General 
and Academic Self-Concept of 
Severely Hearing Impaired and 
Deaf Adolescents. 

George Joseph Coyle, Jr. 
Chemistry: ESCA Studies of 
Argon-Plasma Induced Surface 
Chemical Changes. 

Jo- An Finn Cummings 

Physical Education: Schmidt's 
Schema Theory: Variability of 
Practice and Transfer. 

Joseph Gabriel Czamecki 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: A Study to Deter- 
mine the Effect Prior Knowledge 
has on the Immediate and De- 
layed Recall of Information that 
is Conflicting or Complementary 
to that Prior Kncndedge. 

Patricia Anna Dabbs 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: The Impact of Mi- 
gration Turnaround on Local 
Pluralism and Local Government 
in Northeastern NonmetrofhMan 

Marjorie Brandt Dahlin 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: A Thematic Analysis of 
Selected Topics in Curretit U.S. 
Religious Family Life Curricula. 

Nancy Alice David 

Applied Mathematics: A First 
Order Theory of Linear Regres- 
sion with Errors in the Variables. 

Charlotte Evelyn Davies 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: The Relation- 
ship Betii'cen Nurse- Educator 
Values and the Selection of Clini- 
cal Assignments for Students. 

Joan Mary Davies 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: T)ie Prose Style of W. B. 
Yea ts ' Autobiography . 

Ronald Wayne Deitrick 

Physical Education: Erythro- 
cyte Destruction in Endurance 
trained Individuals Following a 
High Intensity Eight Mile Run. 

John CoUis Dell 

Physics: Metric and Connection 
in Einstein and Yang-Mills 

Gregory William Diachenko 
Chemistry: Sorptive Interac- 
tions of Selected Volatile 
Halocarhons with Humic Acids 
from Different Environmnits. 

Vicki Patricia Wong Diamond 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: An Assessment of 
the Impact of the Maryland 
Arithmetic Clinic Program on 
Inservice Teachers' Diagnostic- 
PrescriptivclTeaching Competen- 
cies of Elementary School Math- 

Romesh Dias-Bandaranaike 
Economics: Rural Electrifica- 
tion and the Optimal Quality of 
Electricity Supply. 

Barbara Bradbury Dollar 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Performance on Two Mea- 
sures of Reflectionllmpulsivity in 
Preschool Males. 

Josephine Freijomil Donovan 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: Relationship Between Sex 
Role Idetitity and Self-Esteem 
Among Working Class Adults. 

Richard Douglas 
Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: The Energy Inten- 
siveness of Maryland's Agricul- 
tural Sector and Economic Impli- 
cations of Inaeases in Energy 
Prices on Maryland's Agricul- 
tural Output. 

Nazek A. Fahmy 
American Studies: National 
Guilt in Four American Novels. 

Alfred Earl Finch 

Physical Education: A 
Biomechanical Analysis of the 
Arm Siving and Shoulder Action 
when Bou'ling with Varied Ball 

Phillip Raymond Foster 

Industrial Education: A Study 
of Superior Practices in Vo- 
cational Education Programs 
Serving the Mildly Mentally Re- 
tarded in Mainstreamed Classes. 

Michael Steven Frank 
Government and Politics: Per- 
sonnel Administration, Technol- 
ogy Transfer, Euthanasia — A 
Case Study of the Attempted Ap- 
plication of an Automated 
Human Resource Management 
System to a Local Government. 


Roger S. Friedman 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: Exploring the Effects of 
Psychiatric Hospitalization on 
Separation-lndividuation and 
Locus of Control in Adolescent 

Edward Paul Gardner 

Chemistry: The Vacuum Ul- 
traviolet Photolysis of 
Methylamine with Application to 
the Outer Planets and Titan. 

Roger Charles Gauss 
Applied Mathematics: Qual- 
itative Behavior of Nonlinearly 
Thermoelastic Rods and Plates. 

John Alan Geohegan 

Physics: Magnetic Phase Dia- 
grams of Alloys with Mixed Ex- 
change Interactions. 

Eileen Keiley Glancy 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: Turning Toward the 
Other: The Influence of Theodore 
Roethke on Three Poets. 

Dwight Edward Glotfelty 
Chemistry: Atmospheric Dis- 
persion of Pesticides from Treated 

Ali Gokmen 
Chemistry: Reactions of Alpha 
Particles with Light Target Nuc- 
lei and their Astrophysical Impli- 

John Carter Golembe 

History: The Depression, the 
Neiv Deal and Constitutional 
Change: An Analysis of Con- 
stitutional Thought, 1929-1940. 

Paul R. Good 

Psychology: A Comparison of 
the Public Interest Activity of 
Members of the AAP and the 

Karen Delouche Gordon 
Computer Science: On the 

Construction of Representative 
Test Workloads. 

Majorie Salgado Gordon 

Spanish and Portuguese Lan- 
guage and Literature: Alberto 
Gerchunoff and Samuel Eichel- 
baum: Two Literary Reflections 
on Judeo-Argentinidad. 

Blanche Wolfson Goren 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: T. S. Eliot's The Sacred 
Wood: "In My Beginning is My 

Miriam Mizrachi Gottlieb 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Acculturation and 
Anxiety: A Study of Hispanic 
Immigrants in the Washington, 
D.C. Area. 

Henry Gignilliat Grant 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: The Economic Ef- 
fects and Perceptions of Changes 
in the Quality of Life in Gadsden 
County, Florida, as a Result of a 
Thrust to Become More Indus- 
trialized from 1976 to 1980. 

Peter Richard Gray 

Physical Education: Dynamics 
of Ventilatory Anaerobic 
Threshold in World Class 
Canoeists and Cyclists Perform- 
ing Task Specific Ergometry. 

Martha Winter Gross 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: Female Sex Role Identity 
and Female Sexual Satisfaction. 

Barry Lee Gruber 

Health Education: Develop- 
ment of an Animal Model to 
Study Mechanisms Mediating 
Biofeedback Learning. 

Jacob Grun 

Physics: Measurements of Mo- 
tion, Pressure, Ablation Velocity 
and Depth from Laser Driven, 
Ablatively Accelerated Targets. 

Laurence Edward Hallas 
Microbiology: Tin and Tin- 
Resistant Microorganisms in 
Chesapeake Bay. 

Robert James Hanisch 
Astronomy: Radio Halo Sources 
in Clusters of Galaxies. 

June Leatrice Harris 
Special Education: An Assess- 
ment of the Planning for Special 
Needs Populations in Vocational 
Education in Maryland, Fiscal 
Year, 1979. 

Aline Margaret Harrison 
Chemistry: 7. Synthesis and 
Pharmacology of Some Substi- 
tuted 1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexahydro-l, 
6-Methano-3-Benzazocines. II. 
Mechanistic Studies on 
Additions to 6-Substituted 
Benzonorbornadienes . 

Patricia Rose Hausman 

Psychology: Discrimination of 
Subtypes in Erectile Dysfunc- 

William John Hazel 
Botany: Xanthomonas fragariae. 
Cause of Strawberry Angular 
Leafspot: Its Growth, Symp- 
tomatology, Bacteriophages, and 

Bruno Heidik 

Health Education: The Rela- 
tionship Between Selected Demo- 
graphic Variables and Loving, 
Being, Having, Religious Ideol- 
ogy, and Quality of Life. 

Robert Earl Heightchew, Jr. 
Civil Engineering: On the Evo- 
lution of the U.S. Urban Trans- 
portation Planning Process — 
Pfls* and Future. 

Therese Rose Marie Helbick 
Psychology: The Effects of 
Thoracic and Diaphragmatic 
Breathing on Cardiovascular 

Elwood Fayette Hill 

Poultry Science: Toxic and 
Stimulatory Effects of Inorganic 
and Organic Mercury Chloride 
to Japanese Quail. 

Barbara Bealor Hines 

Secondary Education: A His- 
tory of the Columbia Scholastic 
Press Association, 1925-1980. 

Neil Hoffman 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Factors Related to the Fos- 
ter Child's Sense of Interpersonal 

Beverly Jean Howard 

Psychology: Influence of the 
"Race-Sex Interaction" on Vo- 
cational Orientation in College 

You-Lo Hsieh 
Textiles and Consumer Eco- 
nomics: Development of a Neu> 
Technique for Studies of the 
Burning Behavior of Polymeric 

Patricia Carol Hunter 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: The Relationship of Mater- 
nal Readiness to Observed Ma- 
ternal Role Performance of 
Adolescent Mothers. 

Benedict Onyechinyere Igwe 
Library and Information Ser- 
vices: The Valui-s of the Librar- 
ian: A Cross-Cultural Study of 
Studettts of Library and Informa- 
tion Science in United States and 

Patricia Jean Jamison 
Special Education: Develop- 
ment and Validation of a Model 
and Set of Quality Practice 
Statements to Guide Planning 
for Insen'ice Education Pro- 

Gerard Paul Jellison 

Physics: An E.xpinmental 
Study of Magnetized Laser- 
Produced Plasmas. 

Murzban Darius Jhabvala 
Electrical Engineering: A 
Complementary DMOS-VMOS 
IC Structure. 

Douglas Michael Johnson 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: Some Characteristics of 
Mothers and Fathers in Parent- 
Child Play. 

David Murray Kaetzel, Jr. 
Poultry Science: 77it' Role of 
Aging and Hormonal Interac- 
tions in Vitamin D Activation 
and Bone Calcification in Egg- 
Laying Hens and Quail. 

James Randall Kahn 

Economics: The Economic 
Damages Resulting from the De- 
pletion of Submerged Aquatic 
Vegetation in the Chesapeake 

Behzad Kamgar-Parsi 

Physics: Density Dependence of 
the Transport Properties of 

Ralph K. Kaplan 

Physical Education: Force Es- 
timation and Variability of Prac- 
tice as Related to Schema Theory. 

Dorothy Kauffman 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: A Description and 
Analysis of Wordless Picture 
Story Books for Children. 1930 
to 1980. 

Donald Ray Kennon 
History: "A Knit of Identity," 
Marriage and Reform in Mid- 
Victorian America. 

Bretton Wayne Kent 

Zoology: Patterns of Resource 
Utilization in Busycon Whelks. 

Kurt Rudolph Keydel, Jr. 
Mechanical Engineering: The 
Stability of the Laminar Bound- 
ary on a Circular Cylinder in 
Axial Flow. 

Kim R. Kihl 

American Studies: Port To- 
bacco. Maryland: A Historic 

George Gacangi Kiruthi 
Electrical Engineering: Hys- 
teretic Memory for Neural-Tyfh' 

Edward Franklin Kolczynski 
Meteorology: The Effect of 
Cumulus Dimensions on Long 
Wax'c Atmospheric Flux and 
Heating Rate Calculations. 

Rene Matthew Kollar 

History: Abbot Aelred Carlyle 
and the Monks of Caldey: 
Anglo-Catholicism in the 
Church of England. 1895-1913. 

Margaret Regina Kooiman 
Recreation: The Identification 
and Ranking of Private Sector 
Outdoor Recreation Data Needs 
of Selected Federal Agencies. 

Ramakrishna Kotra 

Chemistry: Organic Analysis of 
the Antarctic Carbonaceous 

Jeffrey Rolf Lapides 

Physics: Planetary Gamma-Ray 
Spectroscopy: The Effects of 
Water and Rare Earth Elements 
on the Planetary Gamma-Ray 

Lucie Taubenblatl Lapovsky 

Economics: Methodology for 
Estimating the Average Annual 
Cost of Children in Single Parent 

Ronald LeRoy Larsen 

Computer Science: Control of 
Multiple Exponential Sen>ers 
u'ith Application to Computer 

Pearl David Laufer 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: Beticeen Tiiv Worlds: The 
Fiction of Anzia Yezierska in 
Conjunction with Abraham Co- 
han, Michael Gold and Henry 

H. Daniel Lea 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Relationship of Levin- 
son's Concepts of Dream and 
Mentor to Career Development 

Yanien Lee 

Food Science: Studies on Ul- 
trafiltration and Hyperfiltration 
in Purifying and Concentrating 
Betalaines in Beet luices. 

Michael Jay Leitner 

Recreation: The Effects of In- 
tergenerational Music Activities 
on Senior Day Care Participants 
and Elementary Sc/nxi/ Children. 

Saul Neil Lieberman 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: A Multimethod 
Cogn i live- Behavioral Functional 
Analysis of Self-Control in 
Latency-Age Children. 

Glenn Ross Linsenmayer 
Electrical Engineering: A 
Computer Network Model. 

W. Christopher Love 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Children's Perception of 
Parental Behavior as an Antece- 
dent of Children's Locus of Con- 

Kathleen Parks Luchs 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Selected 
Changes in Urban High School 
Students After Participation in 
Community Based Learning and 
Sen'icc Activities. 

Foday Eseaka MacBailey 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: An Exploratory 
Study of Farmers' Attitudes To- 
ward the Introduction of Recom- 
mended Farm Practices in Oyo 
State. Nigeria. 

Daniel Stuart MacMillan 
Physics: Convergence of the 
Distorted Wai<e Bom Series. 

Dorothy Louise MacNevin 
Social Foundations of Educa- 
tion: TTic Mass Production of 
Literate Man: An Analysis of the 
Minimum Competency Testing 
Moi'ement in the United States. 

Ray Hodgson MacSorley 
History: Millennialism in 
Eighteaith Century America. 


Margaret Louise Williams Mann 
Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Linking 
Agents and State-Mandated 
Educational Projects: A Study of 
the Role and Functions of 
Facilitators During the Year-One 
Phase of Implementing Project 
Basic Within the Local School 
Systems of Maryland. 

Patricia Honora Mann 
Health Education: Hyper- 
phagia and Obesity as a Function 
of Stress in Rats. 

Nancy Lee Matthews 
History: Cromwell's Law Re- 
former William Sheppard 

Tony Pecora McAdoo 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Perceptions of 
Key Participants in State Educa- 
tion Agencies and Regional Edu- 
cation Service Agencies Concern- 
ing Advantages and Disadvan- 
tages, Major Contemporary Is- 
sues, and Research and De- 
velopment Needs in Selected 
Education Service Agency Net- 

John Stephen McCann 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: The Critical Reputation of 
Tennessee Williams: A Biblio- 
graphic Study. 

Shirley Jean McCann 

Secondary Education: A Study 
of the Independent Learning Be- 
haviors of Academically Able 
Pre-adolescent Students. 

Mary Elizabeth McCarthy 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: Relationships Among 
Mothers' Perceptions of Infant 
Temperament, Attitudes Toward 
Childrearing, and the Compe- 
tence of Their Down's Syndrome 

Susan Gail Mikesell 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: College Women's Sex-Role 
Identity, Reported Participation 
in Cross-Sex Behavior and Per- 
ceived Willingness to Encourage 
Cross-Sex Behavior in School 
Age Children. 

Wiboonkiet Moleeratanond 
Food Science: Heat Exchange 
of Boxed Meat Products as Influ- 
enced by Packaging, Refrigera- 
tion Temperatures and Air 

Richard C. Morgan 
Mathematics: Mathematical 
and Computational Aspects in 
the Theory of Homogenization. 

David George Morgenthaler 
Computer Science: Three- 
Dimensional Digital Image 

Daniel Joseph Morris 
Physics: High Energy As- 
trophysical Gamma Ray Produc- 
tion in Gases and Solids. 

Steven Bruce Mosier 

Psychology: System Partici- 
pants' Values and Processes in a 
Personnel Selection System — An 

Henry Andrew Musk III 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Programs for Incarcerated 
Women and Their Children: 
Psychodynamic Considerations 
and Implications. 

Bjorn Karsten Netland 

German Language and Litera- 
ture: Freedom or Freedoms: An 
Ibsen Study. 

Dung Nguyen 

Economics: Optimal Intertem- 
poral Decisions of the Firm 
Under Uncertainty. 

Melody Powers Noland 
Health Education: TTie Efficacy 
of a New Model to Explain Exer- 
cise Behavior. 

Martin Reynold Noretsky 
Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: The Effects of 
Syntax Modifications in Reading 
Materials on Reading Com- 
prehaision of Deaf College Stu- 

Elizabeth Mulvey Nuss 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Moral 
Development and Academic 
Dishonesty Among College 

Thorsteinn Kristinn Oskarsson 
Physics: A Construction of a 
Dynamical Analog to the 
Percus-Yevick Equation and its 
Prediction of the Drag Force on a 
Hard Sphere Test-Particle. 

Eugene Harvey Owen 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Alternative Strate- 
gies of Interorganizational 
Analysis in a Community Ser- 
vices Delivery System. 

Milton Edgar Palmer III 
Mechanical Engineering: A 
Generalized Approach in Apply- 
ing Thermodynamic Equations of 
State to Industrial Fluids. 

Ravi P. Pereira 

Biochemistry: The Effects of 
AY-9944 on the Sterol Composi- 
tion of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. 

Wanda Maria Perry 

Sociology: The Impact of Fed- 
eral Housing Policy Upon 
Homeownership and Residential 
Spatial Patterns in the Balti- 
more, Maryland SMS A. 

Nancy Jane Petrovic 

Government and Politics: Or- 
ganizational Change in Public 
Bureaucracies: The Transforma- 
tion of NASA. 

Rachel Monteith Petty 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: The Effect of Child Vari- 
ables on the Affective Responses 
and Disciplinary Choices of 
Child Abusers. 

Robert V. Phillips 
Psychology: Decision Models in 
Game Playing: Linear and Con- 
figural Effects in Othello. 

Alan James Pue 

Electrical Engineering: Vehicle 
Distribution and Routing in a 
Large Automated Transportation 


Ajai Puri 

Food Science: Biochemical 
Changes in Potatoes Preserved by 
Gas Exchange. 

Kenneth Michael Quinn 

Government and Politics: The 
Origin and Development of the 
Cambodian Communist Party. 

Carol Ruth Rathbum 
Psychology: The Effects of a 
Career Counseling Workshop on 
the Career Maturity of Unde- 
cided Female College Students. 

Ronald H. Reis 

Secondary Education: An In- 
vestigation of Poor Comprehen- 
ders' Instantiation of Oral and 
Written Discourse for Easy and 
More Difficult Materials. 

Shereen G. Remez 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Work Satisfaction and 
Work Performance in Homosex- 
ual Men and Women. 


Wallace Stephen Rutkowski 
Computer Science: Shape 
Segmentation and Labeling. 

Chhanda Samanta 

Physics: A Study of Proton and 
Alpha Particle Induced Quasifree 
Knockout Reactions. 

Suzanne Elaine Sands 

Mathematics: A Representation 
Theorem for Temperatures on 
Mixed Norm Spaces. 

Stewart Harvey Saphier 

Electrical Engineering: Special- 
ized Asynchronous Distributed 

Jae-Kyung Eom Schemm 
Meteorology: A Numerical 
Study on the Interaction of At- 
mospheric Gravity Waves and 
Cumulus Convection. 

David Linton Searles 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Covert Reinforcement 
Through Mental Imagery as a 
Means of Changing Adolescent 
Self -Concepts. 

Benjamin Cameron Sharp, Jr. 
Government and Politics: 
NATO and the Mediterranean, 
1949-1979: Deterioration on the 
Southern Flank. 

William Allen Sherman, Jr. 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: Empathy Dei'elopment in 
Deaf Children: an Analysis of 
Contributing Factors. 

Lawrence J. Shifreen 

American Studies: The Per- 
sona in Norman Mailer's Non- 
Fiction . 


Lynald Edward Silsbee 
Secondary Education: The 
Identification and Analysis of 
those Conditions that Inhibit and 
Encourage the Da>elopment of 
Establishment of Courses in Ad- 
vanced Placement American and 
European History in Public and 
Private Secondary Schools in the 
Middle Atlantic States. 

Stephen Jay Silver 

Economics: Econometric Esti- 
mation and Simulation of an 
Annual Model of the U.S. Feed 
and Livestock Economies. 

Scott Alden Sinex 

Chemistry: Trace Element 
Geochemistry of Modem Sedi- 
ments from Chesapeake Bay. 

Michael Sinutko, Jr. 

Electrical Engineering: Mixed- 
Valued Logic. 

Thomas A. Skrovanek 

Chemical Engineering: De- 
velopment of Monitoring and 
Control Methods for Continuous 
Fermentation Processes. 

Patricia Hart Smith 

Chemistry: Synthesis and 
Phosphorus-3i NMR Studies of 
Mercury (U) and Cadmium (11) 
Halide Complexes of Bis and 
Tris- Phosphorus Ligands. 

Vema Mae Edom Smith 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Self-Esteem Factors of 
Bilingual Mexican- American 
Migrant Childreti. 

Donald Charles Snyder 

Economics: Changes in Pension 
Prcrvisions and Firm Attachment: 
A Longitudinal Analysis. 

Eric Nelson Steinbaugh 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: Winston Churchill: An In- 
triHiuction and Annotated Bibli- 
ography of Works By and About 
the American Author. 

Edna Mae StilweU 
Health Education: Attitudes of 
Registered Nurses Toward the 
Aged as Predicted by Selected 
Socio- Demographic Variables, 
Life, Work and Educational Ex- 

Raymond Andrew Stinar 

Physical Education: The Effects 
of Modified and Regulation Bas- 
ketball Equipment on the Shoot- 
ing Ability of Children in Grades 
Five and Six. 

Daniele Carlo Struppa 

Mathematics: The Fundamental 
Principle for Systems of Convolu- 
tion Equations. 

Toivo Tagamets 

Civil Engineering: Galerkin 
Method Applied to the Solution 
of the Convection Dispersion 
Equation Subject to a Nonlinear 
Adsorption Isotherm. 

Georgios Nickolaos Thomaidis 
Nutritional Sciences: The Ef- 
fect of Fatty Acids, Their Simple 
Triglycerides, or Their Simple 
Plnrspholipids on Sterol 
Metabolism in the L-929 Strain 
of Mouse Fibroblasts. 

Gary Warden Thomas 

Secondary Education: A Com- 
parative Study of the Effects of 
an Interpretive Equities Ap- 
proach and a Conventional Ac- 
counting Equation Approach on 
Student Achievement in College 

Mary Lynn Tischer 

Government and Politics: 
Urban Transportation Choices: 
Models of Mode Behai'ior. 

Beth L. Truebell 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: The Poetical and Non- 
Poetical Elements in Ted 
Hughes' Mythology. 

William L. Truex 
Physics: Nucleon Recoil and 
Off-shell Scattering Effects in the 
Pion-Nucleus Optical Potential. 

David Vernon Turnburke 
Special Education: Music 
Therapy: The State of the Art. 

Daniel Nana Twum-Barimah 
Economics: Decision Analysis 
of Commodity Exporter's Choice 
on Timing and Size of ForuHird 
Delivery Sales: The Case of Gha- 
na's Cocoa Exports. 

James Scott Ulvestad 

Astronomy: Radio Emission 
from the Forbidden Line Region 
of Seyfert Galaxies. 

Lois T. Vietri 
Government and Politics: 

Women in the Higher Civil Ser- 
vice: A Re- Examination of Rep- 
resentative Bureaucracy. 

George L. Wallace-Bamhill 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: TJie Real ICU Battle- 
ground: Fear of Personal Death 

Clifford Carol Walters 

Chemistry: Organic Geochemis- 
try of the 3.8 Billion Year Old 
Metasediments of Isua, Green- 

Daniel Paul Watkins 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: Byron and Society: Studies 
in the Longer Non-Satirical 


Douglas Charles Varvil Weld 
Psychology: Prognostic Expec- 
tancies and the Outcome of a 
Career Treatment. 

Dennis Duane WeUnitz 
Physics: The Two-Color Refrac- 
tometer: Design, Testing and Re- 

Felecia Thompson White 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: An Analysis of 
Young Middle Class Black Wom- 
en's Involvement in Continuing 
Education, Occupational Suc- 
cess, and Aspirations. 

Patricia Smith White 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Life Quality and Mental 
Alertness of Rural Seniors 
Ranked on Nutrient Intakes Be- 
fore SupplementslPlacebos. 

Lynnette Annice Whitt 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Effects of Posters, 
Feedback, and Incentives on 
Vandalism in a Residential Set- 

Pamela Armstrong Wills 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: A Comparison of Be- 
havioral Versus Traditional 
Group Procedures for Teaching 
Job-Search Skills to Rehabilita- 
tion Clients. 

Lai Wan Woo 

Physics: Elastic and Inelastic 
Scattering of 100 MeV Protons 
from Even-Even Ti-Isotopes. 

Eleanor Witte Wright 

Government and Politics: The 
Political Economy of the Ven- 
ezuelan Food Policy (1958-76). 

Ming-Shyong Wu 

Geography: Spatial Discrimi- 
nation of Mortgage Financing 
and Home Ownership in the City 
of Baltimore 1970-76. 

William Elliott Yancey 
Mathematics: The Evaluation of 
the Dedekind Zeta Function at 
Negative Integers for Totally 
Real Cubic Fields After the 
Method of Shintani. 

Naohiro Yashiro 
Economics: Women in Japanese 
Labor Markets. 

Judith Corbett Young 

Physical Education: A Com- 
parison of Leadership Behavior 
Between Male and Female Bas- 
ketball Coaches. 

Doctor of Education 

Alice Dailey Daum 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: Implementing 
Public Law 94-142: Focus on an 
Organizational Model and Public 
School Administration. 

Lynn Schepis Long 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: A Process for 
Assessing the In-Service Needs of 
Regular Education Teachers for 
Mainstreaming in a Particular 
School Setting. 

Sandra Piatt Novik 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: Characteris- 
tics of Museums Relevant to 
Curriculum Development for 
Education of the Deaf. 

Christine Rice 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: Attitudes of Stu- 
dents in Grade Six Toward Mid- 
dle School Orientation Programs. 

Frederick Herman Spigler, Jr. 
Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: The Educa- 
tion Coordinating Committee as 
an Influence on Educational Pol- 
icy Making in Maryland. 

Roger Brown Wilson 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: A Model of Multi- 
Institutional Co-operation in De- 
signing an Induction Program 
for First-Year Teachers. 

Doctor of Business 

Stephen Stanley Batory 
Business and Management: 
The Persuasion Stage of the 
Adoption Decision Making To- 
ward Solar Water Heating Sys- 
tems: The Role of Incentives and 
Information Source Credibility. 

Dennis James Gillen 

Business and Management: 
The Influence of Organizational 
Formalization and Centralization 
on the Relationship Between 
Managerial Effectiveness and 
Unit Effectiveness. 

William Frederick Grazer 
Business and Management: 
Brand Recall and Intention to 
Purchase as a Function of the 
Level of Sexual Intensity in Print 

William Royce Stewart, Jr. 
Business and Management: 
Stochastic Vehicle Routing and 
Related Problems. 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Masa Kitagawa Fukui 

Music: Japanese Piano Music, 
1940-1973: The Meeting of East- 
ern and Western Traditions. 

Lily Hood Gunn 

Music: "Owl of the Desert", A 
Chamber Opera for Singers, In- 
strumental Ensemble, and Elec- 
tronic Tape. 


Master of Arts 

Thomas Calhoun Adams 
Vincent Mark Adams 
Janet G. Aldrich 
Joanne Marie Amorosi 
Kenneth Allan Amster 
Laura Jamison Arthurs 
Stephen P. Badrich 
Luanne Electa Bair 
Robert Kenneth Beard 
Darreil Martin Becker 
Edward Benjamin Berger 
Pluma E. Beyer 
Roberta S. Boss 
Barbara Brickman 
James Thomas Bull 
David Floyd Burrelli 
Daniel Anthony Camilli, Jr. 
Michael James Campagnoli 
Carroll Stewart Canipe 
Desanka Vulovich Carp 
David Celeste, Jr. 
Anthony Rivera Chan 
Hyosam Chang 
Jin Won Choi 
Arthur R. Clinton, Jr. 
Varda Cohen 
Mary Margaret Collins 
Stavros C. Cologer 
Elizabeth Ann Covert 
Donald Francis Cox 
Janet L. Cummings 
Susan Marie Czajkowski 
Steven Gerard Czelusniak 
Timothy Pettit Daniel 
Anne Robinson Davis 
Barbara Deitzer 
Barbara Dexter deLevie 
David Henry Dellinger 
Hareesh Mitrachandra 

Linda M. Di Colo 
Terri Sue Diener 
Simon Harris Samuel Dodds 
Carolyn Jane Dornsife 
Linda Murray Dragan 
Carol Jean Dufresne 
Marie M. Edwards 

Karen Lea Power Elliott 
Margaret Mary Ensign 
Debra Beth Epstein 
Jacquelyn M. Feiner 
Shirley Charney Feldman 
Paul Hugh Flanagan 
Charles William Fletcher 
Bernadette Flynn 
Shirley E. Fogarino 
Cara Lynn Forrest 
Sharon Ruth Friedson 
Brian Leslie Galuardi 
Joanne Cohen Gampel 
Charles Kenneth Gantz II 
Lamont Relf Gibson 
Thomas J. Gillis 
Isabel Gallagher Glading 
Carol Sue Golden 
Ivette C. Granier-Smith 
Debra Jean Gray 
Sheila Ryan Green 
Sara Wanner Groark 
Robert Barry Grundy 
Scot Michael Guenter 
Mary Jo Gunning 
Shahid Hamid 
Pamela Kirby Hamilton 
Joan M. Hanlon 
Othello Harris 
Larry A. Hayes 
Brian Timothy Healy 
Patrick Jean Henaff 
Nancy Carol Higgins 
Karen Janine Hill 
Susan Jill Hopman 
Michael Arnold Hovland 
Lisa Levin Ifte 
Michael Gary Janus 
Jean Erick Joassaint 
Lynne Ellen Johnson 
Scott William Johnson 
Jeffrey Alan Jones 
Lorraine Lester Jones, Jr. 
William Gerard Jones 
Diane Marie Zolnaski Jordan 
Aurora Limcin de Katterjohn 
John Francis Keating, Jr. 
Karen Denise Keahng 
James Robert Keene, Jr. 

Anne Laybourne Kendall 
Wilma Brown Kirchner 
Virginia White Kline 
Peter F. Kokkinos 
Daniel Kolak 
Georges Alain Korsun 
Kenneth George Kreafle 
Kevin W. Kruger 
Algis Joseph Laukaitis 
Richard Wcndel Leeman 
Grace Marie Lenihan 
William Lew 
Margaret Lewis 
Rudolph Lewis 
John Manuel Libert 
Becky Josephine Lidolph 
Elizabeth Ann Lizewski 
Laraine Virginia Lomax 
Cheryl S. Louie 
Karen Jean Lumb 
Joseph Edmond Mallet 
Harriet G. Manis 
Marsha Carow Markman 
Mark Raymond Marlow 
Gail Wigle McDonough 
Gregory Thomas McGuckin 
Brian Douglas McLaren 
Mary Lynne McLean 
Gail Marie McMillan 
Katrina Lee McNair 
Harold Ivars Mednis 
Richard Edward Miller 
Peter Ashot Mnatzakanian 
Linda A. Moran 
Michael Francis Mullan 
Margaret Mary Nadwomy 
Beverly Gayle Neale 
Sheryl Jane Negron 
Dung Nguyen 
Adetunji Omotade 
Franklin Matthew Parks 
Erika Dethlefs Passantino 
Merope Pavlides 
Mark Jeffery Pelletier 
Judith Ann Petrusic 
William Guy Piper, Jr. 
Gail Joann Porter 
Grace E. Porter 
Dennis Ray Pullen 

Karen Drucker Purcell 
Bruce Harry Ramsay 
Sheila Ann Ramsey 
David Kenneth Rardin 
Shelley Faye Remer 
Anthony Philip Restivo 
Carolyn Bosley Reynolds 
Elfrieda Mueller Riley 
Craig Richard Rimby 
Marjorie Ann Ripalda 
E. Arthur Robinson, Jr. 
Molook Roghanizad 
Robin Leona Rohrer 
Jonathan Richard Rood 
Kathr\'n Anne Rooney 
David Alan Rosenberg 
Stephen Herbert Ross 
Joya Anne Louise Blondel 

Brad Eric Sachs 
Kathleen Waters Sander 
Soontaree Sarathan 
Mark Alan Schwartzenberger 
Deborah Ruth Scott 
Donna Marie Scott 
Elise de Lesdernier Seay 
Patrice McDermott Secrisl 
Leonard Eugene Shanks 
Rosanne Weeda Shepler 
Michael Slade Shull 
Christopher M. Simmons 
Donna Lee Simpson 
Fulton Vernon Siemens, Jr. 
Paul William Smith 
Pamela Hope Sommers 
Mary Lou Soscia 
Philip Spilberg 
Richard Lowell Statler 
Randee Carol Steinberg 
Lois Birdwell Stephenson 
James Stokes 
Martha Betty Straus 
Charles Davis Sylvester 
Malle Anne Tagamets 
Artemio Ricardo Taguding 
Clarence Rudolph Talley 
William Whitehurst Taylor 
Rosetta Stewart Thompson 
David Alan Tibbetts 


Mary Margaret Torbik 
Corlis Arisha Tucker 
Janine Bonnie Tucker 
Deborah M. Turner 
Tiziano Giulio Vanola 
Margo Jacqueline Vickers 
Krystyna Wasserman 
Helen Frances Wells 
Valerie Jean Whitney 
Christina Crowell Wise 
Matthew John Witkowski 
Elizabeth Jane Wood 
Anthyme Cesaire Yameogo 
Mohammad Reza Yazdanfar 
Naomi Schenck Yergey 
Kathleen Anne Yu 
Elizabeth Vandercook Zang 
Janice Kay Armstrong 

Ulf Zimmermann 

Master of Science 

Susan Ruth Aaronson 
Anil K. Agarwal 
Louise M. Agen 
Mark Collin AUiegro 
Jennifer Annette Anderson 
William Thomas Angel 
Hendrik James Antonisse 
Matthew Antos 
Jeffrey Farrell Asner 
Michael Morriss Athanas 
Ellen Kay Beerbohm 
Marvin Jerome Bennof 
Thomas Stuart Berg 
Laverne Blackwell 
Paco Blake 
Marsha Lynn Blalock 
Frederick Lawrence Blonder 
Timothy RoUon Bondelid 
Rick E. Borchelt 
Paul William Borth 
Barbara Anne Bozak 
Kenneth Louis Brand 
Karen Roberta Brandt 
Bruce Ivan Brill 
John Daniel Brooke 
Patricia R. Browder 

Dale Calvin Brown 
Dennis Judson Brown 
James Dewey Brown 
Stella Grahn Brownlee 
David Kearney Burton 
David Wayne Buto 
James Cardenas 
Mary Catherine Carney 
Upendranath Sharma 

Kam Sing Chan 
Yan-Bor Chiu 

Nicholas George Chrissotimos 
Thomas James Chrzanowski 
Angela Tse Chuang Chu 
Kuo-Siang Edward Chu 
Robert N. Clarke 
Lottie Carter Clements 
Ernest Brockman Coggins, Jr. 
Linda Sue Cohen 
John Anthony Contino 
Sheryl Lynn Cottrell 
Agnes Elizabeth Cuddihy 
Karen Elizabeth Cumella 
Lee Norton Danner 
James Stone DeArmon 
Joseph DeVerna 
Stephen Harold Dickstein 
Nettie Young Dixon 
Robert James Dory 
Barry Norbert Drozdowski 
Dean Frank Dubofsky 
Cynthia Susan Duchala 
Stephen Anthony Dunyak 
Judith Helen Durand 
John Steven Eicke 
Ross Webb Erwin 
Sherralyn Loreine Faine 
Grant Alan Faller 
Trinka Coster Faran 
Gary Jay Felser 
Stephen Patrick Flanagan 
William Ellis Foster 
Paul Henry Franz 
Thomas Paul Gahs 
Veneranda Gonzalez Gapud 
Nancy Jane Gardner 
David Alan Gershfeld 
Jonathan Louis Gershfeld 

Patrick Gerard Gex 
Alice Triggs Graybill 
Bonnie Lee Greaves 
Joanne Weaver Gretz 
Salim Mustafaa Habeebullah 
Ida Marie Hakkarinen 
Kathryn Hansman-Spice 
Sharon Ann Harrell 
Reid Norman Harris 
Liam Michael Healy 
Louis Gerstley Hecht, Jr. 
Robert J. Herbold 
Daniel Herman 
Marcia Janice Holden 
Ki Jong Hong 
Tsai-Hong Hong 
Warren Edward Joseph 

Paula Ann Hutzell 
Vesta Medernach Jones 
Martin Reynold Joseph 
Bert Benjamin Katz 
Patti Anne Kelly 
John Milford Kemper 
Kenneth Charles Kiddy 
Phyllis Greenberg Kliman 
Roy Ward Knight 
Michael Steven Korth 
Christopher Kostas 
Denis Alan Kremer 
Edward Rene Larach 
Jannie Samuel Lathan 
Douglas John Lawrence 
Michael M. Lee 
Susan Anderson Lewis 
Michael M. Lee 
Chih-Po Lin 
Chin-Shing Lin 
Janet Lahr Livezey 
Shau-Ping Lo 
Hani Abdel-Latif Lotfi 
Marie Ellen Lukaszewski 
David I. Ma 

Richard William Magnani 
Dorothy Schettino Marcario 
Martin Howard Marcus 
Lawrence Robert Martin 
Jordan Bruno Matejceck 
Robert Dee Maxey 

Susan Marie Mayer 

Edward Hitchner McAllister 

Rosemary McGinnis 

James Albert Milke 

Fred High Miller 

Ebraahim Moghaddam-Taaheri 

Peter Joseph Mohan 

Marjorie Ernst Mooney 

James William Nash 

Willi NastoU 

Steven Ralph Newman 

Jan Alan Nobel 

Denis Joseph O'Connor 

Harry Osei-Mensah 

Benedict Bernard Pagac, Jr. 

Robert Louis Palla, Jr. 

Barry Thomas Perricone 

Karen Ellen Peterson 

Diane Martinette Petruzzo 

Tsai Yun Phillips 

Gino O. Picasso 

Peter Kade Pickard 

Ellen Schmidt Pickrell 

Donald Lawson Pommer 

Sharan A. Prasad 

Michael David Pressel 

Gonzalo Remy Rada 

Robert George Rahikka 

Mary Anne A. Ramey 

Mark Angelo Ramirez 

Laurie Catherine Raupp 

Hugh Frederic Reichardt 

Michael Paul Ressler 

Sara Lynn Reynolds 

Miles Stanton Roberts 

Paul Wayne Robertson 

Carol Marie Roe 

Nancy June Roeper 

Kenneth Mark Rudo 

Fredrick Joseph Ryan 

Philip Anthony Ryan 

Sandra Sardanelli 

Janet Saros 

Ann Ilene Scher 

Daniel P. Schumacher 

Margaret Bowman Schwartz 

Ahlam Ibrahim Shalaby 

Scott Richard Shaw 

Shao-Lan Sheng 


Cheng-Chi Shih 
Chi-Mei Shih 
Feng-Hsien Warren Shih 
James Edward Shiiemaker 
Sara Dziubkiewicz Short 
Brian Richard Smith 
Richard Daniel Smith 
Stephen Heihg Spinak 
Subramaniam Srikumaran 
John Harold Stangarone 
Bruce George Stegman 
Lufain Than Tang 
Magdy Abdel-Hameed Hassan 

Hubbard Harvey Taylor 
Marv Nicholas Terry 
Deborah Kay ToUey 
Patricia A. turck 
Allen Daniel Uhler 
Constance B. Ulasewicz 
Ana Maria Montario Vena 
F'atricia A. Volz 
Kishena Chandiram 

Allen J. Wainger 
Gary Legg Walters 
Lalit Wanchoo 
I-Heny Wang 
Timothy Ward Warman 
David Lee Wat kins 
Kendra Buckel Wells 
Stephen Wayne Wharton 
Thomas Edward Wheatley 
lames Thomas Wheeler 
Vaughn Pumell White 
Dennis George Wichelns 
Harold Arthur Wilkening III 
Wayne Martin Williams 
Alvin Mark Wilson 
Cheryl Ann Winkler 
Siu-Chung Wong 
David Lawrence Wood 
Shuenn-Jue Liou Wu 
Addison Hartwell Wynn 
Viviana Ferragut Yamashita 
Chung-Ting Yao 
Ralph Adelbart Youngs, Jr. 
Chi-Jui Yuang 
John Janis Zudans 

Master of Education 

Irvin Thomas Alsop 

Virginia Lee Andrews 

Philip Julio Appolonia 

Allan Duane Arbogast 

Kim Bazzell 

Joy Annette Bivens 

Mary Lynn Bosley 

Eleanor Catherine Bragin 

David Allen Brubaker 

Anne Brumbaugh 

Beverly Leffell Brumbaugh 

John Michael Burley 

Robert A. Cohen 

Marianne Sharline Conrad 

Doris Lorene Cooper 

Debra Ann Corradini 

Diane L. Cunningham 

Marcette Kathryn Danner 

Dianne Louise Dean 

Janet Pressman Devore 

Annie M. Dunn 

Nance Lowe du Pont 

Sandra Davis Eichbaum 

Nancy P. Frank 

Linda O. Freyman 

Gary Wayne Frick 

Linda Lee Garris 

Diane Lynn Gastfreund 

Cheryl Lynne Geigcr 
Susan Janet Ginsberg 
Petra Sella Glover 
Alan Stanley Goodwin 
Virginia M. Grove 
Evelyn Linda Fretz Guidotti 
Catherine F. Handschuh 
Lona Sherdean Allen Hayes 
Martha Patricia Henley 
Kenneth William 
Kathleen M. Hodder 
Patricia Joan Holahan 
David Warren Honecker 
Margaret Janet Hugus 
Timothy Ray Hugus 
Kristin Elaine Humphries 
Marilyn Anita lllick 
Marianne di Palma Jacobs 

Alvina Elnora Jones 
Diane Lynch Jones 
Patricia Fitch Kinney 
Frances Elizabeth Lancaster 
Bonnie Lynn Leapley 
Evelyn Dorothea Leiand 
Valera Clarke Lynch 
Utpal Mallik 
Margaret Alice Malone 
Georgiana Trent Maszczenski 
Linda Marie Matthews 
Judith Diane McKamey 
James Joseph McTighe 
Catherine J. Medlock 
Judith Lynn Minor 
Mikal McCartney Moomau 
Margaret Ann MuUich 
Ruth Elizabeth Myers 
Debra Ann Neubert 
Lynn V. Peratino 
Mark S. Ravenscroft 
Joanne Henry Rebele 
Jane Gibson Rentschler 
Charles Ronald Richardson 
Juanita Rodriguez 

Nancy Shelly Rohter-Fontaine 

Amy Roberts Rudy 

Arlene Lenore Sachs 

Barbara Custis Sample 

Ricki M. Schneider 

Karen Ann Schob 

Janet Deborah Schocnberg 

Belinda Faye Shatley 

Douglas G. Silvern 

Suzanne Barbara Sincell 

Susan M. Sosnowski 

Dorothy W. Spaid 

Edmund Thomas Stabler 

Linda Diane Stanley 

Gary George Stanton 

Sabina Hassana Stephen 

Barbara A. Stettner 

Ronald John Stump 

Rhonda Sharon Tenenbaum 

La Verne Terry 

Julia Dean Umbel 

Karin Lynn Weaver 

Kim Mel Weaver 

Elizabeth J. Wellborn 

Diane Marie Wells 
Jeanne S. Whitehair 
Regena Michele Williams 
Catherine Johnson Wright 
Lyia Elizabeth Wright 
Gregory Norman Yaroch 
Diane Thomas Young 

Master of Business 

Deborah Victoria Anderson 
Paul Matthew Bagnoli 
David K. Barnett 
Brenda Jane Bates 
Gregory Michael Billington 
Alan Joseph Brokos 
Joan Mary Carroll 
Ellen Ann Condra 
Samuel Jeffrey Davidson 
Marilyn Marie Dean 
Marv Dugan DeLaRosa 
Robert DiMucci 
James Douglas DiVirgilio 
Gerald Alonzo Edwards, Jr. 
Bruce L. Friedman 
Donald Richard Frommer 
Davis Giles Gardner 
Kathryn Smiegocki Gokel 
Edward Paul Grigalus, Jr. 
Rov Jennings Helm, Jr. 
Joanne K. Hinson 
James H. Hitz 
Mary Winkler Livingston 

Pamela Joy Kalen 
Michael Pao Kiyosaki 
Diane Elise Kretschmer 
Michael A. Kulansky 
Victor Joseph Kyslinger 
John Joseph Lehan, Jr. 
Ronald James Linz 
Frances Liesa Loebenstein 
Gordon Wesley Lusby 
Ronald Edwin Manuel 
Paul Gilbert Marcofte, jr 
William John McDermott 
Phillip Francis McKee 


Christina Marie McMuUen 
Cathy Ann Merrill 
Joseph B. Milstein 
Gary Charles Moncarz 
Nancy Bramley Moody 
Joseph Michael Muffler 
Cynthia Joan Petzold 
Eugene Lawrence Podsiadlo 
Kenneth Aldo Riccini 
Terry Robert Rubritz 
Gerald B. Shipley 
Michael Edward Smith 
Raymond Douglas Smith 
Joseph R. Staub, Jr. 
Joseph Earl Toomey 
William Edward Wenker 
Karen Sue Yingst 

Master of Music 

Kevin Bradley Ayesh 
Hedy Seligman Bannon 
Irene Ruth Bowling 
Marian Mecoy Chen 
Cathy Ellen Freundel 
Barbara Helen Gay 
Richard Matthew Harrison 
Elise Susan Kaufman de 

Kathleen M. Lawrie 
Michael Gordon Lowe 
Jane Bradley Pittman 
Katherine Keenan Preston 
Janese Delores Sampson 
Howard C. Sanner, Jr. 
Fabian Royster Sydnor 
Kersti Helen Tannberg 

Master of Library 

Mary Signa M. Bachelder 
John David Blumgart 
Karen Ann Brickett 
Judith Bennison Brown 
Frances Joan Carnevale 
Barbara B. Can- 
Gail Linda Cathey 
Anne Mifflin Chiles 
Linda Jenious Davis 
Susan Stoldt Dunn 
Jeannette Marie Byrer Findley 
Maureen Downey Finn 
Tardsio Jose Franca 
Mary Ann Francis 
Diana Lynn Gates 
Clair Richard Gibson 
EUen Barrie Huddleston 
Barbara Ann Humes 
Deborah Proper Jacobson 
Kathy Irene Jenkins 
Jacqueline Bush Johnson 
Thomasina Jones 
Dolores Hendrick Kaisler 
Mona Denise Kaufman 
Genevieve Barbara Kelley 
Mi-Hye Kim 
Mary Lynn Kingston 
Gail Marie McMillan 
Debra Marcy Nelson 
William Vincent O'Regan III 
Judy Wildy Quillin 
Betsy Jennifer Schwartz 
Catherine R. Selden 
Sophia Haun Shain 
Cynthia Waring Shockley 
Patricia Catherine Spencer 
Vivian Rose Stahl 
Adele Sachs Suchinsky 
Marda Dutton Talley 
Sandra Dorn Teitelbaum 
Neonila Lidia Zynjuk 

Master of Fine Arts 

Jennifer Theresa DeBlock 
Kathleen Rae Chernus GaUay 
Thomas R. Harris 
Jerome B. Meadows 
Daniel Brandt Shay 


Master of Education 

lanuan/31, 1981 
Colin Arthur Dixon, Jr. 
Jane Ellen Gaffney 
Elvear Bessie Johnson 


Division of 
and Life Sciences 


Candidates mil be presented by 
Dr. Earl H. Brmcn, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Monica Adam 
Richard Keith Adidsson 
Rene Manuel Albacete 
Michael Charles Allen 
David Wayne Anderson 
Debbie Lynn Anderson 
Rosemary Austin 
Colleen Patricia Baker 
Katherine Ballantine 
Richard Lawrence Baseley 
Robert Allan Beavan 
Thomas Gregory Blair 
Gilbert Obio Bowling 
James Alexander Bradford 
Linda May Braun 
William Allen Broderick 
Kevin Francis Bronson 
Bernadette Man,' Brown 
Suzanne Elizabeth Brown 
Mark Joseph Bruder 
Paul Richard Burgett 
Fernando RoqueHumbcrto 

Jeffrey Dane Caudill 
Alice LeeAnn Childers 
Angela Maria Clements 
Frank Jay Coale 
Paula Sonya Cole 
Susan Mar>' Congour 
John Moore Cordts 
Terrv Lee Comett 
Robert Michael Costello 
John Edward Coster 
Debra Cottrell 
David Alan Cox 
Rebecca M. Craft 
Teresa Marie Cummings 
Robert James Daly 

Lorn Jean Dapper 
Louis James Dash 
James William Delaplaine 
Larry Alden Dellinger 
Edward Brian Delp 
Thomas John Deoudes 
Stephen Vincent De Palo 
Vanessa Alicia Dickey 
Jean Erin Dobson 
Donna Verbert Doweary 
Howard Mark Edelstein 
Peter Henning Eeg 
Joseph Donald Engler 

t Margaret Ruth Evans 
Karen Marguerite Flynn 
Janice Carol Franklin 
Erich Gustav Fronck, Jr. 
Lori Dee Gallahan 
Deirdre Ann Garvey 
Marcy Ann Glover 
Jeffrey Allen Goldman 

tSusan Gordon 

§ Michael Louis Gosey 
Karen Anne Graham 
John Dement Griffith 
Patricia Anne Grubbs 
Sally Ann Guentner 
Regina Marie Gunzelman 
William Lee Hahn 
Ruth Elisabeth Hall 
Tina Leigh Harr 
Gerald John Hasbargen, Jr. 
Patti-Jo Hitt 

Robert Thomas Hoffmaster 
John Joseph Holmes 
Deborah Ann Howell 
Philip Skinner Johnson 
Helen Elizabeth Jones 
Linda J. Jones 
Ernest John Kalinowsky 
Thomas Michael Kane 
Lisa Gay Kessler 
Regina Ann Knight 
Elizabeth Garey Kdstens 
Mary Ann Kotlarich 

• Denise Susan Brown Kratz 
Lisa Gabrielle Lambie 
Phillip William Lanzi 

'Kevin Lawrence Laser 
Laurence John Leon 

Kevin Thomas Levesque 
•Deborah Karen Li 
Helenita Marie Lukasewicz 
John Christian Mace 
Jeffrey Austin Main 
Nora Marlene Maki 
Elaine Ann Maliniak 
Carol Mangum 
Robert Peter Mason, Jr. 
Tammy Frances McCorkle 
Beth Anne McDaniel 
Sean Thomas McFadden 
James McNulty 
Beth Gay Meader 
Michael Wayne Meredith 
•Anita Nina Miller 
Norman A. Miller III 
Patti Lynne Miller 
Michael James Mitchell 
Kevin Neil Morris 
Barbara Ann Murphy 
tArlene Kovach Nehring 
John Yembu Ngwafon 

Douglas Brent Nikaido 

Diane Sue Niskanen 

Keith M. Nisson 
§Diane Elizabeth Oakley 

Joseph Dean Ober 

Larry Bradford Outten 

Timothy Wayne Overstreet 

Barbara Sue Passin 

Brian John Penn 

Geraldine Frances Pfeiffer 
SCindv Ann Piazza 

Brian Hardy Pickett 
tMarleta Marie Poffenberger 

Susan Dee Pollack 

Susan Lyn Portney 

Lawrence Richard Procell 

Robert Louis Puryear III 

Cindy Maria Racz 

Doris Frances Rahn 

William Thomas Ramberg III 

Carrie Elizabeth Randel 

John Scott Raver 

Delia Ann Reichardt 
•Michael Thomas Reid 

Floyd Franklin Rider 

Elizabeth Talbot Hutchins 

David Scott Ripley 
•Paul John Rothenberg 
§Judith Ann Rutkowski 

Mark Andrew Sagosz 

Andrew Jed Schi>enberg 

Deborah Irene Scott 

Ronald Albert Seibly 

Rachel Anne Seifert 

Richard Harding Serra 

Lynn Marie Shanks 

Thomas Leo Shea 

Stanley Albert Sheridan 

Bryon Keith Shipley 

Tommy Dion Shrewsbury 

Rosanna Maria Silva 

Eric E. Skoog 
Deborah Carol Smith 
Nancy Claire Smith 
Charles Humbird 
Cynthia Gail Soth 
Michael Allen Sowers 
Amy Carol Statter 
Robert Kennedy Sterling, Jr. 
Eileen Koolhof Straughan 
Sandra Leigh Swindell 
Jonathan McKay Terrell 
Jordan Wells Thomas 
William M. Thompson 

•Sandra Elizabeth Timberlake 
Stephen Ritchie Toft 

•Laura Regina Townshend 
Brent Michael Troufman 

tjenifer Susan Uhrlaub 
Ricardo Faustino Uriarte 
James David Van Ness 
Mauric-io Pizarro Vera 
Daniel F. Villamar 
Quang Viet Vo 

•Juan-Carlos Wandemberg B. 
John Carter Ward, Jr. 

§ Andrea Kay Webb 
Carol Ann Wilkinson 
Bonnie Lynne Willis 
Michael Antonio Wiltshire 
Barbara Eileen Wood 
William Henr>' Wright IV 
Carolvn Jean Zimmer 
Pamela Michele Zublick 


SSunimj Cum Ijude, tMagna Cum Ijudc: "Cum Ijude 

Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Larry N. Vanderhoef, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Sheila Abramson 
Stenneth Cameron Adams 
Francis Xavier Albert 
Mitchell Steven Albert 
Theresa Ellen Anoskey 
Kathleen Theresa Auer 
Hugh Carleton Austin 
Susan Elaine Bahre 
Jeffrey Lawrence Bain 
Robyn Dianne Barkman 
Paul Sumner Barnes 
William Dent Bartinick 
Mary Colette Barzoloski 
Robert John Beadenkopf 
Casey Eben Bean 
John Francis Beauregard 
Karen Marie Beauregard 
Thomas Richard Beck 

* Michael Alan Berenhaus 
Stephanie Jon Berlett 
Kimberley Kay Bessard 
Julie Ann Blendy 

E. Kenneth Bohrer, Jr. 
Kimberly Ann Bowen 
§Sara Laurie Breitman 
Steven Joseph BriU 
John Kirk Brokaw 
Craig Lawrence Browdy 
Robin Renee Brown 
Joseph Dominic Bruzzese 
Laura Ann Burdett 

* Bonnie Lynn Bumquist 
Shelley Anne Bums 
Moira Jean Cameron 
Richard Alexander Carlson 
Ana Lucrecia Carrillo 
James Jay Carroll 
Muhammad Fares Chahine 
Linda Chang 

Jong Woo Choe 

Arthur Edward Clark, Jr. 

Denise Helen Clearwater 
Laura Mary Clements 
Brian Eliot Cohen 
Nelson Barnaby Cole 

* Pamela Jane Compart 
t Susan Marie Compton 

Cecelia Ann Coon 
Joseph Leonard Cross 
Charles Melvin Cummings, Jr. 
Diane Colleen Cunningham 
Stephen Charles Curley 
William Joseph Curtis 
Joseph Michael Dalton III 
Eric Brandt Dangle 
Denise Monica Darnell 
Thomas Scott Devilbiss 
Carol Joan Dieter 
John Anthony DiMarzio 

* Kevin Edward Dougherty 
John Richard Droter 
Edward Anthony Duffy 
Mary Theresa Dunphy 
James Robert Eckert 
Gorm Petter Emberland 
John Patrick Evans 
Anita Elaine Fenichel 
Anna Irena Filutowski 
Mary Kinman Flanigen 
Daniel Charles Flynn 
Betty Ann Folsom 
Vincente Eugenio Font 
Mark Alan Forrester 
Lloyd O'Neill Fox 
Stephen Dudley Fox 
Doreen Ann Free 

Mark Allan Freedman 
Craig Spencer Friedman 
Craig Brian Froede 
Debora Adriana Furman 
Hrair Gakavian 
William Thomas Gallucci 
William Lawrence Geiger 
Andreas Emmanuel 
G erohristodoulos 
Helene Celia Gillette 
Anne Madeleine Gineste 

* Daniel Ira Ginsberg 
Robert Martin Glazier 
Jeffrey Scott Goodman 

Ira Jay Gottlieb 
Martin Arthur Gottschack 
Andrew Scott Greenleaf 
David Ray Grogan 
* Scott William Gross 
Laura Lynn Gunn 
Rossice Facenda Haith 
Dana Habmon Hamblen, Jr. 
Robert Arthur Hansen, Jr. 
William Brian Hardesty 
Marcia Elaine Harris 
Todd Allen Harrison 
William Albert Harwood, Jr. 
Bruce Thamer Hashim 
Peter John Heath 
Acklyn Winsor Higgins 
Jeffrey Craig Hilton 
Paul-Rene Nam-Tien Hoang 
Stephan Urs Hochuli 
§Susan Jean Holland 
Leonard Nathaniel Howard, Jr. 
Dona Ru-Pi Huang 
Gregory Scott Hunter 
Perry Cornelius Hunter 
Elvin Chijioke Iko 
Mark Gabriel Jeantheau 
Mary Frances Jett 
Kent Warren Johnson 
§Kristen Kay Johnson 
Jeffrey David Jones 
tEarlene Jordan 
Robert Nam Kang 
Keith Allan Kaplan 
Steven Allen Karmel 
David Gerard Keller 
Susanne Patricia KeUey 
Michael John Kerich 
Adil Ali Khan 
Sae Woong Kim 
Susan Anne King 
§Joanne Leslie Kinney 
Mark Kronman 
Martin Howard Kuner 
Scott Stuart Kuperman 
Dennis Kurgansky 
Conine Joanne Lange 
Kevin Lawrence Laser 
Josephine Doria Law 
Leila Lehman 

Steven Paul Lerner 
* Joanne Marie Letkiewicz 
Brian Scott Lev 
Jonathan Brint Levyn 
Mark Avery Liberman 
Michael Sanford Lifson 
tThomas Adolphus Lively, Jr. 
§Kathryn Jo Lorenzen 
John Steven Lowitz 
George V. Ludwig 
Robert Ewing Lyon 
Anthony Stewart Lyons 
Janice Lee MacEwen 
Alan Roy Malouf 
Carol Lynn Marantz 
Dragan Marie 
Andrea Beth Markinson 
Billie V. Martin 
Diane Mastracci 
Paul Eric Mayrand 
Joan Senter McClure 
William Ferrell McCoUough 
Lisa Jamison McCollough 
Colleen Marie McDonald 
EUen Kim McGee 
Kevin Matthew McHugh 
Peter Burke Mclver 
Patricia Leigh McWilliams 
Kathleen Regina Meade 
Sally Meadows 
*Jeffrey Ian Mechanick 
Stephen Theodore Michaels 
Alexandra Cecile Miller 
Carl Anderson Miller, Jr. 
Jane Louise Miller 
Margaret Susan Mize 
Carol Ruth Moore 
Yvonne Cecille Moo- Young 
John Edward Moskaitis 
Thomas Joseph Moskal 
Anthony Carl Motta 
Timothy Collins Murphy 
Denise Lynn Murray 
Jeanmarie Nagle 
Alex Hung Nguyen 
Lynn Ann Norris 
Howard Alan Novak 
Sally Jane Nuessle 
Kathleen Mary Orlik 


§Suinina Cum Laude; t Magna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Stanley Andrew Orrell 
Charles Edward Orth 
Sara Margaret Pahl 
Bennie Allan Palmer 
Robert William Parker 
Kathleen Marsolek Parry 
Randy Neil Parsley 
Philip Arthur Passarelli 
Mary Catherine Paszek 
Lauren Steele Pawlikowski 
Allen Steven Perper 
Ngami Thi Phan 
Karen Marie Phillips 
Betty )o Adele Phipps 
Cynthia Maria Pittenger 
Kenneth Barry Porter 
Diane Lee Portnoy 
Dorothy Jane Powell 
Richard James Powell 

tSanjay Prasad 
Mary Ellen Pratt 

t Adin Tyler Putnam II 
Mary Christine Reilly 
Paul Frank Renbaum 
Jeffrey C. Richardson 

'Michael Paige Riggleman 
Juan Rivera 

• Neil Mitchell Rofsky 
Philip Stephan Romas 
Roberta Sharon Rose 
Charles Oscar Routzahn 
Lynn Sharon Rubin 
Carolyn Leigh Ruos 
Craig Kenji Sakai 

+ Sharon Beth Samuels 
George Arthur Saymon HI 
Brian David Schaffer 

•Michael David Schauber 
Mark AUen Schmelz 

• Douglas James Schwartz 
•Kurt Gordon Schwarz 

Anca Mara Segall 
James Joseph Seidleck 
Paul Jai Sekhri 
David Stuart Seres 
Willy Seymour Shapiro 
Moira Ann Sheehan 
■•■Barry Evan Silver 
Robert Farrell Silver 

Yu Sun Sim 
Pradeep Simlofe 
Carol Anne Simonds 
Blake Winslow Slavin 
Rodney Howe Smith 
William Smith 
Daniel Edward Snow 
Shabariyah R. Sitti Soelaiman 
Richard Steven Solomon 
Cathleen Joan Somich 
John Franklin Soper 
Mary Beth Sovems 
Chris E. Spurgeon 

SDemetri Dean Spyropoulos 
Jeannine Marie Stafford 
Ronald Alan Stem 
Debra Lee Stutz 
Dennis Damon Sullivan 
Sandra Fawn Sutherland 

tLaura Anne Tang 
John Edward Tarcza 
Christopher Robin Tate 

• Mark Lee Taylor 
Mark F^ampton Thrasher 
Diane Dyer Toothman 
Dionysia George Toregas 
Catharine Anne Trebnick 
John Martin Turner III 
Peter Vanderslice 
David Geoffrey Vanscoy 
Lisa R. Wager 
Cathy Lee Wagner 
Lita Wain 

Douglas Stuart Walker 
Deborah Lynn Walters 
Kim Anne Walters 
Karen Jing Wang 
Patricia Lynn Warner 
John Edward Weaver, Jr. 
Wendy Anne Weaver 
Walter Charles Weber 

tPaul Russell Weiner 
Susan Anne Weinstein 
Susan Elaine Wells 
Ann Campbell Williams 
Marcus Carlton Williams 
Joel Warren Winer 

Stephen Douglas Woodward 
Sara Kathleen Woolery 
Stephen Wyzga 
Janet Marie Young 
Gwendolyn Virginia 

Jonathan Alan Zastrow 

Division of Arts and 


Candidatci' will be presented by 
Prof, lolw Hill, 
Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Architecture 

James Philip Andreone 

Craig David Bennett 

Enrique C. Borroto 

John Jude Boyer 
§Cynthia Jean Boyle 

Stephen William Buck 

Evan Peter Carzis 

Thomas Jefferson Crabtree 

Edward Victor Evans III 

William Stanley Faust, Jr. 

Jciseph Patrick Gorman 
•Vytenis Aleksandras Gureckas 

Alice Glok Hartman 
•Eric Wains Jar\'inen 

Cynthia Loren Loebenstein 

Phillip William McKewin 

Oluseun Alaba Odeyale 

Margaret Anna Elizabeth Rast 

Matthew M. Reed 

Bruno Vaughn Reich 
t Daniel Bernard Rosenbloom 

Robert Dean Saffian 

Amy T. Sanderson 

Joseph Frank Scuderi 

Katayoon Shaya 

Dale Albert Stewart 

Mary R. Wiencek 

Bachelor of Science 

David Auerbach 
Evan Peter Carzis 
Jose Amilcar Cruz 
Raymond James Cuervo 
William Stanley Faust, Jr. 
Judith Amy Fine (two degrees) 
William Leonard Glenn, Jr. 
Joseph Patrick Gorman 

iSumnu Cum Laude; tMagiu Cum Laude, 'Cum L.aude 


Marco Eric Greenberg 
Mark Paavo Jarvinen 
Michael Joseph Kennedy 
Arshad Mahmud Mughal 
James Gregory Novotny 
Visda Saeyan 
Robert Michael Solomon 
tEvalyn Sue Strauss 


Candidates will be presented by 
Prof. Benjamin F. Holman, 
Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Matthew John Amodeo 

Marci Ancel 

Deborah Ann Asmar 

Audrey Michell Barnes 

Lisa Carol Baverman 

Mindy Diane Berman 

Debra Jan Blecher 

Blair Bobier 

Teresa Victoria Brock 

Lori Anne Bryant 

Richard Sutton Buck 

Susan Lynne Campbell 

Maxine Lynn Carter 

Jean Marie Cavanaugh 

Helene Sue Cohen 

Judith Susan Cohen 

Alice Lynne Conn 

Robert Edward Conover 
tDesiree Cooper 

Catherine Sweet Deadrick 

Joan Doniger 

Michael Leonard Drago 

Robin Gene Dubrow 

William Berkley Easley, Jr. 

Dennyse Ruth Eckert 

Brenda J. Eisdorfer 

Sheryl B. Evered 

Theodore Michael Ewanciw 

Bruce Edward Fink 

Bridget Bernadette Fordham 
*Sondra Lynne Forman 

Nancy Paula Freiman 

Marne A. Friess 
Laurene Ann Gallo 
Karen Lee Gardner 

* Carol Louise Goad 
Carol Randi Gottesman 

§Charles CoUard Graves II 
Sharon Faye Griffin 
Meryl H. Hallerman 
Eileen Theresa Hanlon 
Jane Ellen Harford 
Abbe EUen Harris 
Adrienne Arlene Harris 
Janet Anne Hayden 
Saundra Naomi Hendricks 

tHope Lisa Hirsch 
Bruce George Houdesheldt 
Margaret Fannon Jackson 
Jill Ann Johnston 
Anne Marshall Jones 
Edward Joseph Jowdy, Jr. 
Dale Alan Kaetzel 
Steven Katz 
Charlotte Marie Keys 
Raymond David John King 
James Joseph Kirwin 
Wanda Simone Klayman 
Paul Barnett Klein 
Paul Robert Mandelbaum 
Lauri Sue Marden 
Gregory Stuart Marsh 
Nancy Jo McCool 
Kathy Lynn McKinley 
Daniel Terence McManus 

t Deborah Marie Messina 
Mark Lang Meudt 
Steven Lee Michaud 

*Katherine Anne Moore 
Sally Robin Morrow 
Jayne Ellen O'Donnell 
Danielle Marie Pallotto 
Harold Dean Palmer III 

'Kathleen Donna Pearce 

§Devera A. Pine 
Charles Albert Pope 
Marilyn P. Rachap 
Mary Catherine Rehak 
Michael F. Rogers 

*Gail PhyUis Roth 
Lynda Jayne Russell 

Cynthia Dagmar Scher 
Michael Alan Schoen 
Debra Jean Schumacher 
Steven W. Setzer 
Lenoir Rosilyn Shaw 
tAndrew Emil Shipley 
Wendy Gay Sibelman 
Margaret Theresa Spencer 
Joy Beth Steinberg 
Michael Alan Strauss 
Denise Eloise Tann 
Greta Lundhoj Thomsen 
James Gordon Tise 
Gary Louis Vogel 
Betsy A. Walsh 
Steven Moritz Weiss 
Peter James West 
Pava Michelle Wodiska 
Suzanne Yanchulis 

Division of Arts 
and Humanities 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Shirley S. Kenny, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Cheryl Ann Aiello 
Jan Elena Alberding 
Sharon Ann Albert 
Tara Lin Albini 
Serg Mar Aleksandrov 
Darick Marvin Allan 
Denise Anne AUia 
Robert Craig Arbogast 
Daniel Carl Awkward, Jr. 
Richard J. Ax 
Earl Leroy Barkley, Jr. 
Karen Cecilia Barland 
Steven Abram Ban- 
Elaine Susan Bass 
Michael John Belisle 
Neal Ira Bellet 
Robert Arnold Bennett, Jr. 
Rosanne Beyer 
Jerome Anthony Bivens 
Pamela Kaye Black 
Robert Jeffrey Black 

Gladys B. Blanco 
Denise Amelia Blow 
Maria Teresa Bodmer 
Christopher John Bort 
Maureen Eleanore Bouley 
Jean M. Bourne 
Dorian Maria Dolores Bowie 
Mark Eugene Bradshaw 
Camille Anne Branch 
Laura Denise Branch 

* Donna Lynn Brandenburg 
James O'Hara Brereton 
Patricia Suzanne Broaddus 
Joseph Edward Brooks 
Yvette Daphne Brooks 
Lisa Shelley Brown 
Claude Jefferson Bryant III 
Thomas Edward Buck, Jr. 
Isabel Robertson Buntin 
JoAnne Burk 
Andrew Frank Burke 
James Fowler Burke 
Kenneth C. Bun- 
Steven Patrick Byrnes 
Kathy Jeanne Cahill 
Annamarie Teresa Calista 
Sarah Lucille Cameron 
Stephen Patrick Carmody 

t Alice B. Gary 
Carolyn Marie Casey 
Lynne Lorraine Chambers 
William Hampton Childress, 

Kevin Joseph Clancy 
Betti-Jo Cohen 
Jerrold Morris Cohen 
Stephanie Dale Cohen 

*Stessa Beth Cohen 
Claudia Marilyn Cohn 
Ronald Bruce Cohn 
Diane Margaret Congdon 
Adama-Juldeh Conteh 
Stephanie Anne Cooney 
Patricia Johnson Cooper 

§James Phillip Corless 
Darla Treat Courtney 
William Chad Critchfield 
William Carol Curry 
Marie Panoria Daston 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Mary Ellen Davis 
Solon Edward Davis IV 
Mary Louis« DeGuire 
tMargaret Mary Delia Torre 
Joseph Edgar Dennison 
James Richard De Rosa 
Julie Ann Dodson 
Cvnthia L. Donnelly 
Anne Draddy 
Bethanne Dressel 
Jack E. DuBose 
Caron Debbie Dubyn 
Michael Theodore Dunn 
Wayne Dwyer Duvall 
Diane Marie Elliott 
Susan Anne Epstein 
Leyla Janine Eringen 
Laurie Jill Eskow 
Jennifer Carolyn Etowski 
Elizabeth Falcinelli 
§ David Michael Fan- 
Julia A. Fatiadi 
Alexander Reid FauntLeRoy 
Amy Belen Felices 
Karen Marie Ferris 
•Diane Marie Festino 
Richard Alan Find 
Mary Jane Fingland 
Charles P. Ford. Jr. 

Richard Dale Ford 

Patrice Jeanne Frederick 

lohn Daniel Freed 

Max Friedlander II 

lames Earl Futrell 

Janice Elaine Gaillard 

Gregory Sean Gallagher 

Louise Marie Gates 

Jeffrey Alan Gatling 

Kelly Geer 

Rebecca Howard Gilpin 

John Edward Ginger, Jr. 

Betty Catherine Glisson 

Jean Marie Goebert 

Michelle Antonia Goetzinger 

Ann Caryl Goldberg 

Robert Paul Goldman 
•Sharon Eden Goldsmith 

Marcy Lynn Goldstein 

Melanie Kay Goldstine 

Stephanie Elaine Gorman 

Barbara Anne Gould 

Peter James Gracyalyn 

Debra Marie Graham 

Warren Mitchell Gray 

Dorothea Jane Greco 

John Anthony Green 

Matthew Neal Greenberg 

Ingra Denise Greene 

Lisa Kendall Greene 

Frances Geraldine Grega 

Maxine A. Gross 

Bruce Mason Gugliuzza 

Claudia Guherrez 

Bernard William Gutwald 

Audrey Susanna Hackenberg 

Paul Joseph Hagan 

Barbara Jean Hamilton 
t Robert Stephen Handzo 

Marilyn Louise Hannan 

Robert Linwood Harcum 

Kimberly Elaine Harps 
§Mark Evan Harris 

Thomas Anthony Harrison 

Daniel Perry Hat'tal 
§Shirley Lee Hauch 

Ruthann Hay 

Maria Peter Heon 

Catherine Zaic Hernandez 

Robbin Fay Hession 

Ellen Michelle Himmelslein 

Shirley Mary Hiob 

Caroline Winslow Hitch 

Ronald Harry Holford 

Aneece Mina Holland 
t Heather Lorraine Holt 
tjoyce E. Horrigan 

Susan Donna Hyatt 
§Brian David Hyland 

Barbara Jeanne Ilchuk 
§Mary Jane Inglesby 

Joyce Michele Jackson 

Dawn Lynn Jacobson 

Lisa Etty Jasen 

Joyce Francine Jelsma 
•James Reed Jochen 

Paula Camille Johnson 

Muara Catherine Johnston 

Linda Maria Just 

Christine S. Kaminski 
Robert Andrew Kandra 
•Steve Nicholas Katsouros 
Jill Aileen Kaufman 
Mary Kimberley Kelly 
Mary Elizabeth Kenefick 
Thomas Andrew Kennedy 
David Chandlee Kimble 
tMary Jean King 
Pamela Diane King 
Thomas Price King 
Linda Lee Kiple 
William F. Kochert, Jr. 
Elizabeth Kara Koenig 
Steven Randall Korman 
Roger Reed Kurtz 
tRhona Joy Lambert 
Maria Cristina Larson 
Robert Keith Lau 
Cheryl A. Lawrence 
Frances Lebo 
Carol Ann Lechner 
Andre Lee 
Jeffrey D. Leone 
Lisa Beth Lessans 
Lizabeth May Lessin 
Frank Steven Levin 
Kenneth Joel Lewis 
Edward Joseph Lilly 
Allen Richard Linder 
Robert Houng-Chin Lo 
Agnes Epoupa Lobe 
Joyce L. Lockard 
Kevin Joseph Loftus 
Andrew Peter Luck 
Romona Melanie Mack 
Jean Barbara MacKinnon 
Scott Gary MacLauchlan 
Caroline Andrea Magee 
Sandra Ann Mallory 
Maureen Maloney 
Elisabeth Walls Manion 
Davide Charles Marney 
Melinda Karen Mason 
Patrick William Mayer 
Lisa Star McBriety 
Michael Patrick McCarthy 
John Ronald McCormick 
Joan Elizabeth McFarland 

Patricia Marie McNally 

William Kevin McTigue 

Susan A. Meil 

Heidi Elizabeth Meitzler 

Gary Lewis Melhuish 

Elaine Margot Meushaw 

Lori Ann Mihok 

Marc Jav Milzman 

Terry Marie Minor 

Sandra Lee Mitchell 

Joel Peter Moreland 

Martha Elizabeth Morrison 

Darrell Glenn MuUins 

Richard Paul Murchake, Jr. 

Andrew Jensen Murray 

Cathy Ann Muse 

Mary Elizabeth Neary 

Matthew Leonard Noble 

Frances D. North 

John Edward O'Brien 

Lisa Lynn Page 

Jesse Harold Parker, Jr. 

Timothy Jon Parsons 

Connie James Patterson 

Graziella Paola Pellicci 

David Jonathan Perel 

Jeffrey Stephen Perriens 

Noel Stephen Perry 
• Elaine Swide Pew 

Susanne Midori Phelps 

Karen Lynne Phillips 
Cynthia Marie Pisciotta 
Martha Jane Pollock 
Christopher Douglas Pooley 

•Julie Anne Prag 
Jenella Christine Prins 
Susan Lynn Pullman 
Bruce Du'Waay Purdie 
Daniel Joseph Quinn 
Elizabeth Ann Ragland 
Barrv Lee Raifaison 
Cheryl Denise Raigns 
Elisabeth K.T.K. Versteegen 

Michele Randazzo 
Pamela Verenda Reaves 
Richard Paul Rector 
Steven John Richardson 
Hugh Murray Richmond 

iSumnu Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Ldude, 'Cum Laude 


* Karen Warner Riggin 
Zaida Marie Rivera 
Carolyn Cecelia Roberts 
Susan Jean Robinson 

* Deborah Ann Rogers 
Melissa Beth Rosenbaum 
Martin Joel Rosenstock (two 


Greta Catherine Heider 

David Joel Rothman 

Maury R. Rubin 

Linda Adele Ruf 

John Carr Russell 
'Patricia Abbott Ryan 

Phillip John Sackett 
'Teresa Ellen Saunders 
'Donna Marie Scalise 
'James Gordon Scharff 

Renate Maria Schneider 

Judith Anne Schnider 

Arwana McClung Schoemer 

Benjamin Essex Scott 

Sandy Gregory Scott 

Gillian Anne Secrest 

Janice Anne Seipp 

Bryant Scott Seubert 

James William Sharbaugh 

Regina Marie Shock 

Michael Alan Shoop 

Leslie Joy Silver 
Stuart Mitchell Simon 
Louise Marie Skinner 
Sarah Bennett Slechter 
Laurie Melany Smith 
Vicki Lea Smith 
Wendy Carol Smith 
Sheila Lynn Speller 
David Marshall Stearman 
Ellen Sue Steinberg 
Steven Scott Stephens 
David Duane Stewart 
Glenn Strauber 
Teresa Anne Stubs 
Michelle Mary Sullivan 
Kathleen Kirsh Sysma 
Donald Lee Talley 
Marcel Amade Taube 
Donald Glenn Taylor 
Nicolo Tenaglia 
Joan Mildred Thaxton 
Theresa Ann Thibault 

tKathleen Elizabeth Todd 
Antonia Carmela Toscano 

'Carol Wilma Tucher 
Gary Martin Ultee 
Albert Nicholas Urick 
Susan Jean VanNiel 
Jean Marie Varallo 
Christopher J. Vazquez 

Frances Evelyn Velez-Rosario 
John Cooper Vice 
Janet Lynn Voight 
Brent James Wade 
Margaret Ann Waldron 
Adrienne Linette Walker 
Elizabeth Anne Walker 
Brent Evert Walthall 
Susan Baker Warner 
Irene Ann Warshaw 
Robert Allen Weiss 
Bonnie Rae Weitzner 

tLon Gilbert West 

'Matthew Warren Westbrook 
Mitchell Scott Wieder 
Cynthia Lou Williams 
Keith Francis Williams 
Robert Steven Williams 
Lori Antoinette Willingham 
Mark Victor Wisniewski 
Matthew E. Wlasniewski 
Kathleen Marie Wojcik 
Moon Ja Woo 
David Jonathan Wooden 
Sheryl Renee Woods 
Pamela Ann Wright 
Paul Sewoong Yi 
Jacqueline Youden 
William Douglas Young 
Glenn Zagoria 
Anthony Bower Zanelotti 
Suann Marie Zielinski 
Stacy Ann Zupnik 

Bachelor of Music 

Harold McKinley Adams, Jr. 

Pamela Jean Alexander 
§Michael Steven Bass 
tKatherine Lou Belzer 

Jeffrey Andrew Cleveland 

Susan Marie DeCamp 

Robin Ann Fischer 

ShariKay Hettick 

Harriet Marlene Kaplan 

Edwin Jonathan Lubin 

Sheryl Maria Melvin 
'James William Pritchett 

Frederick Wilson Ray 

Robert Albert Rogers 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rudolph P. Lamone, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Fatemeh Afkhami 

James N. Aloi 

Clinton Gary Anderson 

Glenn Thomas Anderson 

Sylvana Maria Arcia 

Gail Ann Arnold 

Douglas Robert Avison 

Rebecca Peggy Ayanian 

William Wallace Babcock 

Ilene Bachman 

Paula Dianne Bailey 

Drusilla Letitta Banks 

Kalpna Bapna 

Douglas M. Barnett 

Michele Marie Barrett 

Robert Francis Barry 

Ronald Edward Bartell 

Karen Nancy Bassoff 

Antoinette Denice Batts 

Mary Wyatt Beavers 

Carla Beth Becker 

Kyle Eugene Becraft 

Cynthia Eloise Bell 
§Vianne Bell 
'Howard Keith Beloff 

Neal Allen Berch 

David Jay Berenhaus 

Stephen Norman Berger 

Robert Gerard Bermpohl 

Deborah Lynn Berry 

David BetHnger 

Robert Irwin Black 

Jeffrey Howard Block 

Leon Joseph Bloom 

Sharon Alta Blum 

Miguel Boluda, Jr. 

Leo Sylvester Boone, Jr. 

Lari Kathleen Bos 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Christopher G. Bosotti 
Philip Edward Bourne 
Helen Frances Box 
William Joseph Boyle 

tAnne Marie Breitenberg 
John Michael Brennan 
Timothy Lee Bringardner 
Mark S. Brody 
Charles Michael Brown 

'Norman Wayne Broyles 
Joseph Whitman Buell IV 
Fernando Arturo 

Jennifer Ann Bullough 
John Ernest Burkhardt 
Brian David Bushwick 
Man,' Kathleen Cady 

•Roxana Maria Calvv 
Susan Rebecca Campbell 
Robert Neil Cantor 

t Linda Gene Caporaletti 
Michele Claire Cardamone 
Eric Clay Caren 

tCarroll Brian Carlin 
Donna Jeanne Can- 
Philip Anthony Carrescia 
Harrv Rogers Carroll III 
Gregor\' FLichard Caruso 
Vincent George Cassese 
Ruby Kuang Hua Chang 
Ronald Michael Chazin 
Steven Alan Cheskin 
John Kwong San Chin 
Elisa Marie China 
Teresa Marie Ciorciari 
Claire Anne Clark 
Sharon Denise Clark 

tSheila Mary Clifford 
Stannley Rex Clinton 
Mindy Kay Cohen 
Robert Neal Cohen 
Gordon Thomas Cole 
Deborah Gayle Coleman 
Matthew Dale Collins 
Peter George Collins 
Susan Loyola Connolly 
Brian Lee Conrad 
Lawrence Joseph Contillo 
Edward Michael Cook 

Susan J. Cooper 

^Barbara Ann Corcoran 
Tonya Jean Cowan 
Mary Beth Cox 
Deborah Louise Craig 
David Richard Cramer 
Donna-Rae Dionne Michelle 

James Terry Creek 
Lloyd Dale Creger, Jr. 

'Stacy Cummings, Jr. 
Joseph Vincent Cuozzo 
Christopher Peter Curry 
Mar>' Anne Curtin 
Kathleen Theresa Dacey 
Linda Karen Daelemans 
Richard Gordon Daeschner 
James Edward Dalgleish 
Thomas John D'Ambra 

* Michael Stephen Dana 
Lisa Beth Daniels 
Hal Mark Danoff 
Omar William David 
Gregory Keith Davidson 
Hector Enrique Davila 
Glenn Alan Davis 
Melissa Jane Davis 
William L. Davis 
Byron Joseph Day 
Timothy John DeBoy 
Susan Lee DeCrispino 

§Susan Marlene Dedrick 
Thomas Deegan 
Luigi DeGennaro 
Danita Rene DeHaney 
Susan Mary Delinsky 
Craig Steven Delsack 

'Dean Howland DeMeritte 

tCheryl Ann De Pass 
Edwin Der 
Rajiv Ramesh Desai 
Geoffrey Keyes Desobry 
Scott Jeffrey De Wald 
Phyllis Jacquelyn Diamond 
Barry Neil Dickstein 
Deborah Lee DiGiovacchino 
Amy Louise Dixon 
Margaret Elaine Donnally 
Marie Therese Donovan 

Joel Robert Dorfman 
David Daniel Dorozinsky 
Jennifer Ann Dougherty 
Gary Stephen Dowell 
John Kevin Doyle 

§ David Drahozal 
Lynne Marie Draper 

§Tedd David Drattell 
Thomas John Dugan, Jr. 
Bruce Magnus Dunn 
William Joseph Dunn III 

•Steven Michael Easley 
John Francis Ebmeier 
Larrv Lee Edwards 
Damon Ehrlich 
Cheri Einbinder 
Jeffrey EUenbogen 

'John Stewart Ellis 
Susan Lynn Emerj' 
Robert James Enderson 

'Denise Carol Ensor 
Robert Bissell Ervin 
Margaret Elizabeth Eschbach 
Kenneth Dale Estill 
Catherine Frances Evans 
Eva Marie Fabregas 
Scott Herbert Fanz 
Kerry Bruce Federico 
Fredric Jay Feinblum 
Patrick Knute Fennell 
Keith Richard Ference 
Marc Lucio Fernandes 

tMelvin LeRoy Feroe III 
Nancy Joan Fields 
Kevin Lee Figge 
Barry Filderman 
Mary Louise Filipiak 
Michael Steven Fink 
David Mark Finkelstein 
Ronald Gregory Fisher 
Robert Wolter Fletcher 
Paul Michael Flickinger 
Kevin Casey Flynn 
Agnes S. Fong 
Billie Jean Fowler 
Cynthia Louise Fowler 

' Michael Francis Fox 
Janet Franco 
James Ronald Fratangelo 

Bernard Joseph Freed, Jr. 
Rodney Irwin Friedland 
Mark Stanton Fritter 
Nancy Helene Fromm 
Mindy Gaye Furer 
Cynthia Gair 
Pamela Dee Gallagher 
Brian Thomas Gannon 
Mark Irwin Garbers 
Donna Marie Garito 
Michael Lee Garrett 
Jeffrey A. Garj'n 
James Edward Gaylor 
Jennifer Sukfong Gee 
Harry Lewis Geller 
Mitchell H. Geller 

'Frances Doud Gill 
Jeffrey Michael Gillman 
Radford Lee Ginn 
Carole L. Gist 

tAdam Goddard 
Glenn Alan Godfrey 
Jeffrey Alan Goldberg 
Kenneth Michael Goldman 
Robert Edward Gordon 
Leslie Ann Gottfried 
Mark David Grape 
Martin Patrick Green 
Thomas Leo Green 
Jay Harris Greenberg 

§ Robin Lee Greenhouse 
JoAnn Greenwald 
Rodger K. Greif 
Michael Jay Grossman 
Robert Matthew Grossman 
Frederic Gussin 
Michael Wayne Hackworth 
Michael John Hadad 
Mar\' Katherine Hafer 
Sharon Ann Hahn 
Paul Duane Haley 
Rachelle Una Hall 
Bruce Warren Halper 
Denis William Hamel 

tMary Elizabeth Hampton 
James Souren Hanessian 
Jeffrey Robert Hansen 
Riaz Haqqi 
Stephen John Harris 

iSumma Cum L.aude; t Magna Cum Laude, 'Cum l^ude 


William Paul Harris 
Phillip James Hartley 

tTerri Sue Hartman 
James Dize Heathcote 

tBennett Lowell Hecht 
Michael Francis Helget 
John David Hendershot 
Ann Marie Henry 
Raymond David Henry 
Michael Paul Hepner 
Robert Allen Herbert, Jr. 
Robin Lynn Herr 
Wesley Griffith Herr 

* Martha Ann Herrin 

* Michael James Hester 
Robert Alan Hetzler 
David Matthew Hicks 
Michael Albert Hicks 
James Edward Higgins 
Gloria Louise Hoke 
Colin Leo Holden 
Patricia A. Holland 
Ilze Mirdza HoUiday 
Russell Allen Hollrah 
D. Diane Holmes 
Alan Jay Horowitz 
Donald Charles Houchen, Jr. 
Martina Anjeanette Howard 
Bonnie Lee Howatt 
Gerald Francis Hughes 
Glen Edward Huston 
Sydney Joseph Hutchinson 
Linda Carmen Hyatt 
Patricia Ellen Iger 

Jill Mara Jacobs 
Michael Peter Jacobs 
James Jay Jacobson 
Kathryn Ann Jaques 
Ann Whitney Jennings 
Robert Kevin Johns 
Audrey Lynn Johnson 
tCarolyn Ruth Johnson 
Charles Oliver Johnson 
Kevin Charles Johnson 
Lauan Dudley Johnson 
Mary Catherine Johnson 
Yvette Emile Johnson 
Charles Eldon Joiner 
Cameron Randolph Jones 

George G. Jones 

Maureen Alice Jones 

Daniel Francis Kane 

Martin Kane III 

Elliot Kantor 

Michael Jonathan Kaperst 

Michael Albert Kapust 

* Nancy Jill Kass 
Steven Bruce Katz 
Thomas Marshall Keely 
Dawn Maria Keene 
Charles L. Keeney, Jr. 
Judy Merle Keilsohn 
Jeffoery Scott Keith 
Brian David Kelbaugh 
Kevin Eugene Kerley 
Aram Richard Khosrofian 
Louis Oi-Chuk Kiang 
Howard Montgomery Kickert 
Timothy Arnold King 
William Everett King 

Peter Eraser Kintner 
Suzanne Annette Kirk 
Robert Louis Klatzkin 
Edward Alexander Klig 
Dale Robert Kline 
Kelly Marie Kline 
Carolyn Marie Klotz 

* Nancy Ann Kluge 
Timothy Brian Knepp 
Andrea F. Koeppel 
Judith Claire Kohlberg 
Michael David Kotz 
Neal Ira Kreitman 
Marc Ira Krens 
Brenda Joy Kurihara 
Lee Michael Kuritzky 

§Simcha Laib Kuritzky 
Michael S. Kurtz 

* Allen David Kurtzman 
David Michael Ladson 
Timothy Alan Lamborn 
Angela Lane 
Marlene Widad Larach 

t Eileen Ann Larsen 
Helene Rebecca Lash 
Elizabeth Juanita Laumann 
Marie Launi 
Albert Franklin Laws, Jr. 

* Stuart Paul Lawson 
Michele Marie Leader 
Robert Hutman Leathers 
Joo Ran Lee 

Sharon Anne Lee 
Ruby Pike Leffel 

tTerese Marie Lejk 
Charles Edward Lester 
Glenn Cameron Leuschner 
Barbara Fern Levin 
Robert Gregg Levin 
Paul Gilbert Levine 
Hermene Beth Levy 
Robin Cheryl Lew 
Louise Susan Lewis 

§ Shirley Marie Lewis 
Yuan-Yuan Liang 
Ellen Joy Lichtenberg 
Kenneth J. Light 
Stuart Randy Lisabeth 
Sabrina Antoinette Lloyd 
Timothy James Loftus 
Marybeth Lucco 
Michael James Lupia 
John Malcolm MacCallum III 
Jeffrey Charles MacDonald 
Robert Franklin MacDougall 
Donald Foster Mahaney, Jr. 
Caroll Andrew Majors 

* David Charles Mancini 
Harvey Chaviv Mangad 

§Neil Andrew Manheimer 

Michael Manilli 

Edward Konrad Mann 

Daniel Jay Mapou 

Mary Elizabeth Maras 

Gregory Louis Marcotte 

Sally Beard Marin 

Michael Andrew Markuski 
§ David Wayne Marquardt 

Erin Patrick Marshall 

Valerie Lynn Martin 

Wayne F. Martinello 

Michael Andrew Mascia 

Cindy Ann Master 

Peter E. Mattochs 

Mark McCall 

Jerome Francis McClellan 

Brenton Keith McCright 

Eileen Ruth McDonnell 
Michael De-Forge McGee 
Brian Kevin McGrath 
David Michael Mecklenburg 
William Arthur Meister, Jr. 
Rosemary Michelizzi 
Stephen Edward Milligan 
Jeannine Louise Mizell 
Paul David Morgenthau 
David Harrison Morris 
Lawrence F. Morris 

* Richard James Morris, Jr. 
Joyce Alice Morrison 
David Hamilton Mudd 
Daniel Irwin MuUally 

tFernando Murias 
Denise Maria Murray 
Lynn Elinor Nagin 
Sharon Renee Nassau 

§ Patricia Ellen Neach 
Donald Louis Neal, Jr. 
Brian Carl Nelson 
Eva U. Neumann 
Ronald Scott Newlin 
Ivan Douglas Newman 
Bruce Fergus Nicol 
Frederick Robert Nida 
Deborah Ann Nielsen 
Adonis Nieves 
Jeffrey David Nisenoff 
Genevieve Denise Noel 
Jeri Novak 

Lori Kathryn Novakovich 
Gregory Don Novotny 

*Wade Mickey Nye 
Janice Diane Obenland 
Belinda O'Bogany 
Mark Michael O'Connor 
John Eric Olson 
Julie Kay Oltjen 
Peter Sean O'Neill 
Mark Andrew Onorato 

*Terrence Patrick O'Rourke 
Patricia Ulrike Oser 
Christian Brandt Ostertag 
Grant Burl Ottenstein 
Patricia Chiung Ouyang 
Mark Redmon Owen (two 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Daniel Thomas Owings 

Christine Betty Papavasiliou 

Eric Philip Paquin 

Mark David Parker 

Barbara Jean Parks 

Patricia Hannelore Parrish 

Diane E Patkin 

Michael Jay Paul 

Stacy Michelle Pazomik 

Carol Anne Peck 

Philip Eugene Penzo 

Kathryn M. Peregrim 

Alan jay Pernatin 

Cynthia Gay Pesteridge 

Robert Louis Petrone 

Curtis Sims Pettis, Jr. 

Randall Jude Pettko 
•Donald Vernon Pierce 

Douglas Bowen Pindell, Jr. 

Michael Francis Poell 

Barbara Ann Poletfo 

Curtis J. Polk 
•Nancy Y-Pin Pong 

Douglas Scott Porter 

Colette Rene Posey 
•John Allen Posey 

Merle Louis Postal 

Gary Penton Price, Jr. 

Diane Sue Prier 

Fern Irene Prigal 

David Whitfield Provini 

Andrew Joel Pusey 

Gregory Francis Quade 

Patricia Lynn Quigley 

Eva Guerra Quimado 

Frank Michael Raab 

Mitchell Jay Racoosin 

William Furman Raines 111 
tNina Elena Ramo 

Daniel Bruce Ravvlings 

James Arthur Ravvlings, Jr. 

Michael Glenn Reazin 

Michael Alan Reed 

James Louis Rehill 

John Michael Reid 
•Patricia Ann Reilly 

Arthur Frederick Reine 

David Scott Reiner 

Bruce David Reinhold 

•William Arthur Reinike 
David Dein Resnick 
Joseph .Mien Rhodes 111 
Patricia Ann Ricker 
Wade Hampton Ritchie III 

§Marc David Rize 
Mariano Roca 
Robert A. Rogowski 
Diana Romero 
Terri Gale Rosen 
Joseph Bennett Rosenberg 
Susan Janette Rosenberg 
John Coleman Ross 
Avis Belinda Rouson 
Carl Camillo Rubbo, Jr. 
Ronald Joseph Rubin 
Glenn Evan Rudountz 
Timothv Paul Ryan 
Andrew John Sabonis III 
Joseph Richard Sain, Jr. 
Beverly Hunter Salvail 
Roger C. Samek 
Joseph Michael Samler 
Julie Ann Sartori 

•Norma Elizabeth Saulsbury 
David Charles Saunders 
Ronald Alexander Saxton 
Adam Schoenfeld 
Alan Richard Schreitmueller 
Ellen Rae Schwartz 
Freddi S. Schweitzer 
Elizabeth Ann Scimeca 
Susan Marie Seddon 
John Ernest Seguin 
Timothy Francis SeidI 
Priscilla Diane Seivers 
Ruth Ann Seligson 
Karen Esther Settembrini 
Kay Frances Shaffer 
Eileen Madeline Shalowitz 
L. Adam Shapiro 
Mark Alan Shapiro 
Catherine Marie Shaw 
Stephen Paul Shea 
Kathy Jean Shearer 
Joyce Markeeta Sheliman 
Michael Lee Sheppard 
Brian Patrick Sherin 
Brenda Lee Sherman 

Lisa B. Sherman 
BIythe Meadow Sherry 
David Alan Shorr 
tRobert Irwin Silverman 
David Lee Silverstein 
Ann Marie Simi 
Paul Andrew Slaby 
David B. Slan 
Ivy Denise Sligh 
Dennis G. Smith 
Jeffrey Collert James Smith 
Catherine Mary Snowden 
Tracy Trite Snyder 
Todd Andrew Sorrin 
•Scott Mitchell Sosnik 
•Richard Rechtin Southers 
t Deborah Kathleen Spathelf 
Kevin Mark Stafford 
James Herbert Stangl 
David Scott Staub 
Mark A. Stein 
Vincent Eugene Steis 
Kenneth Stephen Stern 
Peter Vaughn Stewart 
Craig David Stcieber 
Steven Todd Stoller 
Robert Grant Strader, Jr. 
Denise Margaret Straub 
Alan Lynn Strcmel 
Anne Katherine Strike 
David L. Stuart 
Lisa Lenore Stumpf 
Jung Im Sunwoo 
John Stephan Suter 
David Charles Swanner 
Elisa Lvnn Swiller 
Richard Allen Swink 
Steven Jay Tabor 
Dennis John Taitano 
Kenneth Charles Taitano 
Michael Ray Tallman 
Sylvia Ann Tansill 
Nadir Nimatellah Tawil 
Jeffrey Lester Taylor 
Joe Henry Taylor, Jr. 
Marlene Elizabeth Tessier 
Robert William Teter 
Thomas Allen Thayer 
Barry Craig Thomas 

Jacqueline Ann Thomas 
John Albert Thompson 
Fredric Grant Tichner 
Vincent M. Tobash 
Marda Elaine Todd 
Kevin Bernard Townsend 
Richard Alan Trail 

tSharon Deanne Trease 
Neil Wesley Trenk 
Janet Kinzel Trent 
Theodore William Trias 
Margaret Alice Tulintseff 
Arthur Francis Turcotte 

•Jeffrey Howard Venick 
Paul Erik Vikestad 
Robert Dean Vincent 
Bach Tuyet Thi Vu 
William Alexander Wade 
Arthur Brian Waganheim 

§ Susan Lynn Wald 
Katherine Florence Walde 
Mitchell Ross Waldor 
Stephen Eric Walker 
Gerald Alan Walsh 
Mark Philip Walsh 
Eugene Walton III 
Robert Patrick Waple 
Paul Anthony Waskewich 
Amy Wasserman 
Michael L. Weiland 
Bernard Weill 
Caren Fern Weiner 
Tammy Sue Weinstein 
Robert Powell Weisbecker 
Michael David Weiss 
Wende Cathryn Westbrook 
Christine A. White 
Alan Ernest Wiese 
Kenneth Verne Wilhelm 
William Handy Williams, Jr. 
Charles Marshall Wilson, Jr. 
Maurice Charles Wilson, Jr. 
Timothy Paul Winter 
Sylvia Wong 
Henry Yuen Woo 
Lynn Marie Wood 
Rayane Sherry Workman 
Celeste Laurel Woschke 
Joseph Richard Yetter 

iSumnu Cum Liude; tMagru Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Elaine Yi 

Stewart Arnold Zemil 
David Elliot Zemsky 
Mark Paul Zentz 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Candidates ivill be presented by 
Dr. Murray E. Polakoff, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Arnold Dale Abrams 
Michael P. Abrams 
David Tennant Adams III 
Brian Talbot Adomato 

•Jacqueline Denise Albrecht 

* Karen Melody Albright 
Reginald Leeroy Alexander 
Sharon Ann Alperin 
Christopher Raymond 

Laura J. Anderson 
Arthur Demetrio Andreassi 

t Ronald Kelvin AnttU 
Pamela-Sue T. Antunes 
Ray Manuel Aragon 
Christopher John Joseph 

Michael Angelo Arroyo 
Steven Philip Auerbach 
Alicia Maria Bascunana 
Brian Dale Beard 
Anthony David Becker 
Diane Leslie Beller 

tMarcie Carol Berger 
Shari A. Berkowitz 
Tracy Joy Berman 

§Melissa Stacy Bernhardt 
Julia Theresa Bertoni 
Paul Timothy Betancourt 
Kenneth Louis Beyer 
Richard Alan Billings 
Kathleen Marie Bilz 
Kenneth Earl Black 
Michael David Blackman 
Eric Lee Blackmon 
John Joseph Blake 

Teresa Rae Bland 

Marrtn Bruce Bleetstein 

Samuel Joseph Block 

Silvia Boada-Martinez 

William John Bobesink 

Gaylon Lee Bounds 

David Stuart Bowers 
t Alan Martin Boyd 

Kathy Marie Boyer 

Robin Diane Brenneman 

David Ross Brinkley 

John Michael Brinsko 
t Robert Allen Brisentine III 
t Linda Marlene Brody 

Jeffrey Hall Brougher 

Debra Marie Brown 

Kathleen May Brown 

Sandra Elaine Brown 

Rebecca Bruce 

Mitchell Jay Bruckner 

Elaine Beatty Bryant 

Kirk Stewart Bryant 

George Richard Bucheimer, Jr. 

Patricia E. Buelken 

Fernando Arturo 

Debra Ann Buono 

Aloise Theresa Burian 
* Denise Mary Bume 

Joanna Bursenos 

Alan Mark Burstein 

Russell Paul Butler 

Ann Kathleen Byrne 

Alfred Thomas Cain III 

Jeanne Marie Caldana 

John J. Callahan 

Regina Nanita Campbell 

Brendan Ryan Canary 

Joni Marie Caputo 

Nancy Mae Carrington 

Michael Joseph Carroll 

John Gilbert Carruthers 

Vera Helen Caryk 

Margaret Katherine Casey 

Richard Alan Catron 

Diane Theresa Cella 

Edward Eugene Chaney, Jr. 

Jeavonna Lathea Chapman 

James Paul Chernega 

Paul Brett Cherney 
Cathleen Timothy Cherry 
Martin Donald Chrisney 
Mary Gibson Christopher 
Mehmet Kasim Cindemir 
Susan Jenifer Clark 
Carla Wyvette demons 
Diane Elizabeth Cliff 
Thomas Andrew Cohan 
Patrick Francis Colabucci 
Bettie J. Coleman 
Janet Patricia Coleman 
John Joseph Coleman 
Frederick Harrison Collins 
Michael Onadelo CoUins 
Michael James Conley 
William John Cook FV 
Guy Lee Copperthite 
Darlene Anne Covill 

* Kathleen Suzanne Cowen 
Jacqueline Valerie Crawford 
Donald K. Creveling 
Michael Cleveland CroU 
Bruce Herrick Custer 

Jay Peter Cyr 
Diane Dark 
Patricia Marie Darnall 
Dale Martin Darwin 
Omar William David 
Deborah Armstrong Davidson 
Cynthia Ann Davis 
Glenn Robert Davis 
§Lisa Dawn Davis 

* Patricia Ellen Davis 
Cynthia Ann Dean 
Gary Allen Deininger 
Brian Kintzer DeLong 
Dorothy Denise Marie 

William Drummond Deveney 
Jeffrey Albert Dickerson 
Thomas Carmelo DiDone 
John Maries Dinug 
George Browne Dines, Jr. 
Michael David Dobbs 
Susan Lynn Dodd 
Aileen Mary Dodge 
James Edward Dooley 
Diana Lynn Doran 

Elizabeth Hillen Dorsey 
Sharon Joy Dreyfuss 
Joan LaVeme Dudley 
Patricia Ann Katherine Dugan 
Cynthia De Lois Simpson 

Charles Phillip Durbin 
Catherine Durkan 
Mark Christopher Durkin 
Becky Lee Dwojeski 
Judy Elizabeth Dwyer 
Willamette Joanne Dyels 
Kurt Arnold Eastep 
JiU Helene Eidlin 
Alan Steven Eisen 
Wendy Hope Eisenberg 
Jerome Edward Erbacher 
Mary Ann Eshleman 
Fortunato M. Espina III 
Charles Edgar Falconer 
Yvonne Mariann Panic 
Dawn Feeley 
Jodi Lynn Feiner 
Eugene Feldman 
James Allen Fenner, Jr. 
Wendy Diane Feuerman 
Wendy Beth Fielding 

* Craig Leonard Fischer 

t Erica Jay Fisher 
Darlene Frances Flemion 
Edward A. Flenner 
Angela Ivy Foster 
Herbert Russell Fountain, Jr. 
John Edward Fowler 
Nancy P. Fragoyannis 
Michael Patrick French 
Michael Rene French 
Charles Ford Frey 
Joan Emily Fridberg 
Allison Edward Friedman 
Donna E. Friedman 
Katherine Patricia Fritz 
Christine B. Gage 
Mark Lawrence Galfond 
Rosanne Lynn Galletta 
George Joseph Gannon, Jr. 
Suzanne Rogerson Gardner 
Deborah Mary Garling 
Paul Douglas Garver 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; "Cum Laude 

Amanda Sue Gasper 
Brian Patrick Gavigan 

• Richard Paul Gennefti 
Deanna Lynn Gentile 
Osvaldo Omega Gerald 
Gail Gilbert 

Lawrence Alan Ginsberg 
Salvatore Girgente 
John Edward Girouard 
Ellen Beth Gitter 
Steven Craig Gladhill 
Audrey Robin Goldberg 
Charles Ronald Goldstein 
Janet Ann Goldstein 

§ Anita Gonzalez 
Judith Ellen Gordon 
Cindy Debra Goren 
Donald R. Gotthardt, Jr. 
Katharine Elizabeth Gray 
Maureen Grennon 
Richard John Grigalus 
Sherie Anne Groff 
Daniel Michael Gropper 
Nancy Ellen Gruenebaum 
Cynthia Gordon Gruver 
Katherine Ann Gryder 
Krishan Gupta 
Pamela Lynn Gusoff 
George Amos Guthridge III 
Christine Beth Hamilton 
Charles Richard Hand, Jr. 
Ausby Hardaway, Jr. 
Carrie Lou Hardy 
Valerie Denise Harrison 
Keith Sherman Harvey 

tCurtis Arthur Hatch 

tMary Elizabeth Haughey 
Gordon Mason Hawk 
Michael Bates Heatwole 
Ann M. Heffeman 
Raymond David Henry 
Heidi Ann Hess 
David Matthew Hicks 
Jamie Anne Higgins 
Joan Hilger-Mullen 
John Thomas Hill 
Joshua David Hiller 
Neil Irwin Himmelstein 
Jeffrey Jerome Hines 

Terry Allen Hodge 

Gregory Stuart Hodgkinson 

Sally Ann Holloway 

Eric Adolph Holzer 

Lorraine Ann Holzer 
§Kimberly Ann Hoppes 
•Diane Lynne Horowitz 

Robert Jaquette Houghton, Jr. 

Gregor Meagher Howard 

Nancy Charlene Hurt 

Gregory William Imhof 
•John Sherman Insley, Jr. 

Jed Cameron Ivory 

Gwendolyn J. Jackson 

Vany Un Jackson 

Linda Sue Jarrett 

Andrew Wayne Johnson 

Toni Ilene Johnson 

Elaine Frances Jones 

Theresa Earlene Jones 

Gloria Jeanne Judges 

Michael Leroy Kane 

David Newman Kaplan 

Brenda L. Kay 

Kathryn Ellen Kearney 

Mary Catherine Keefer 

Lori Ann Kellaher 

Sandra Lynn Kelly 

Kathy-Lynn Francis Kertesz 

Philip C. Kester 

Charlotte Marie Keys 

James Patrick Kilgour 

Mark Edward Kilner 

Gretchen Ann Kimmel 

William Everett King 

Lloyd Alan Kirschbaum 

Diane Lynn Kirson 

Deborah A. Kittrell 
•Laura R. Klingler 

Nancy Ann Kluge 

Nancy lllona Knapp 

Todd Edward Kogan 

Brian Keith Kopp 

Nicholas Stephen Kopp 

Carol Linda Koppelman 

Michael Theodore Kosanovich 

Phyllis Ann Krankowski 

Mark Alan Kratz 

Mark James Krueger 

Steven Kubasik 

Christine Ann Kulczak 

Lee Michael Kuritzky 

Sharon Jill Kuritzky 

Dawn Marie Labs 

Linda Mary Lacey 

Mark Christopher Lagerwerff 

Carrie Jill Laken 

Beth Robyn Land 

Marie Anne Landgrebe 

Joan Therese Lane 

Jac Steven Lapham 

Kevin Lawrence Laser 
§Andrew Reed Lawrence 

Richard Reynolds Leader 

Debra Ann Leek 
tGeorge Edward Lehman, Jr. 

Gregory Dennis Lerch 

Linda Evelyn Leuck 

Steven Adlai Levin 

Jody Helene Levine 

Ana Teresa Lopez 

Mildred Joan Lorell 

Carol Lynn Love 

Deborah Venetia Low 

Mitchell Robert Lustig 
•Carolyn Diane Mack 
t Eileen Patricia Maloney 

Herbert Joseph Malveaux, Jr. 

Ronald Anthony Malveaux 

William Joseph Manley 

Gregory Lynn Manning 

Vincent Michael Mannino 

Stuart Robert Manoff 

Nestor R. Mantilla 

Steven Paul Maresca 

David Alan Marker 

Tina Eileen Marlowe 

Mario Vincente Martinez 

Howard Craig Mason 

Charissa Lynn Masters 

Albert Wellington Mathis 

Michael Lee May 

Brenda Ann Mayes 

Kyle Scott McAbee 

Donald M. McCall, Jr. 

Sarah Anne McCutchan 

Richard Blair McDermid 

James Philip McDermott 

Elizabeth Anne McDonald 
Diane Elizabeth McHugh 
Charles Lin wood McMillan 
Susan Marie McMillan 

tLisa Anne McNey 
Kathleen Patricia McNulty 
Arlene Frances Meiner 
Mary Jean Meisner 
Eileen Marie Meren 
Elizabeth Sarah Merwin 

•Julie A. Metzger 
Joseph Mevorah 
Dorothy Elaine Michaels 
Joseph K. Michalek 
Maureen Migliorini 
David D. Miller 
Linda Miller 

Bernadette Towanda Mills 
Dana John Mitchell 
Hafiza Alima Mohammed 
Andrew Runyan Moore 
Vestoria E. Moore 
Mark Howard Morgan 

•Linda Carol Morris 

tPatricia A. Moss 
Michelle Renee Moten 
Joseph Patrick Mudano, Jr. 
Anna Kaneja Muganda 
Kathy Sue Myerberg 
Linda Jean Nelson 
Terri Lee Nevins 
Lan Phuong Nguyen 
Irene Frances Nolan 
Michael Nostrand 

•Geraldine Williams Novak 
Bernadette Nowicki 
Tina Occhino 
Sheila O'Connell 
Eileen Denise O'Dell 
Mary Park O'Donnell 
Rebecca Lynn White Odum 
Patrick Joseph O'Malley, Jr. 
Thomas Kevin O'Neill 
Donna Ellen Orlove 
Karen Leigh Orrence 
Christopher Todd Orsbome 
Clare R. OToole 
James Neil Papirmeister 
William Timothy Parlett 

SSummii Cum Laude: tMagna Cum L.aude, "Cum Ldudc 


Rivera Francine Pearson 

Christian Stanley Peek 

Jane Marie Peloquin 

Ronald Douglas Perry 

Steven Lee Perry 
t Stuart Leonard Perry 

Eric Montaigne Persian 

Patrick Joseph Pettey 

Kristine S. Piazza 

Jonathan Scott Pierce 
* Ronald Houghton Pierce, Jr. 

Daniel Fredrick Pilka 

Lisa Ann Poese 
§ Diane Maralin Pollack 

Anne Florence PoUins 

David Mark Pope 

Wanda J. Porter 

Steven C. Post 

Bruce Hampton Prater 

Diana Lynne Pristoop 

Lynne Ann Prugh 

Earl Lee Purdue 

Marvin Howard Rabovsky 
(two degrees) 

Lisa Marilyn Radeloff 

George Washington Heyward 

Robin Renee Ravenscroft 

Jamie Leigh Ray 

Filomena R. Rebelo 
•Jill Patrice Reber 

John Henry Reckner, Jr. 

Jody Opper Reiss 

Michael Francis Renehan 

Carol Anne Repaske 

Thomas Jude Rhattgan 

Julie Ann Richards 

Michael Lovell Ricketts 

Linda Janet Rittenhouse 

Jennifer Sue Robbins 

Richard Bruce Roberts 

Gregory Paul Robinson 

Peter S. Rose 

Susan Eileen Rosenberg 

Dana Beth Rosenfeld 

Helen Carter Ross 

Sherri Lynn Rossman 

John Thomas Roth 

James Goodwin Rullman 

Ronald Vincent Russell 

Phyllis Jacqueline Rutledge 

Michael Joseph Rybak 

John Joseph Sample 

Cynthia Lynn Sampson 
tjoseph Mark Samson 

Mary Margaret Sarsfield 

Jerome Odell Sather, Jr. 

Peter Frederick Sauer 

Catherine Frances Saxon 
tRuth Ellen Schaeffer 

Susan Leigh Schiemer 
•Howard Philmore Schneider 

Karlene Marie Schneider 

Cynthia Leah Schwartz 

Sharon Sandy Scott 

Lawrence Eugene Sefcik 

Ruth Terri Seitz 

Ruth Ann Seligson 

Franklyn Louis Selzer 

Mark Paul Sexton 

Ivy Dawn Sforza 

Jeffrey Philip Shafer 
•Sandra Lee Sheck 
•Brian David Shefferman 

Elizabeth Carol Sickels 

Paula June Siegel 

Barbara York Silberman 

Leslie Beth Silverman 

Patricia Anne Sindall 

Anttonette Marie Slater 

Bonnie J. Smith 

Ingrid Marina Smith 

Robin Leigh Smith 

Statford LaFayette Snuth, Jr. 
•Joseph Francis Snee, Jr. 
•Carol Ellen Snyder 

Cheryl Darlene Snyder 

Robert Joel Soffer 

Peter Eugene Sokowski 

Richard Reuben Speigel 

Susan Spenadel 
•Barbara Ann Squires 
•Jon Jeffery Stallings 

Donald Raymond St. Armand 

Kim Marie Staughton 

Michael Duane Steele 

Melinda S. Steinberg 

Kelly Lynn Stephenson 

Chris Anne Stipetic 

tTodd Randall Stockslager 
Donna Maria Strong 
Dean John Sullivan 
James Michael Sullivan 
Joanne Swartz 

§Mark Jay Swerdlin 
Victoria Lynn Swift 
Terrance William Tankard 
Garland Edward Tanner 
Renee TaruUo 
Matthew Steven Taylor 
Wasant Techawongtham 
Robert Norman Teitelbaum 
Steven Mark Terle 
C. S. Thomas 
Carol Jean Thompson 
James Scott Thompson 
Janice Marie Tiedemann 

•Laura Susan Tise 

§Pamela Tontodonato 
Steven Ives Turner 
Lee Howard Udelsman 
Jeanne Marie Updegraff 
Venkataratnam Vadlamudi 
Andrew Demetrius Valakos 
Alberto Vega 
Diane Vernon 
Diane M. Vescovi 
Gregory Nicholas Vitiello 
Xavier George Vogel 
Mona Lisa Wadsworth 
Joan Ellen Waffle 
Etta Marie Wagner 
Gwyneth Megan Wagner 
Elizabeth Anne Walker 
Norine M. Walker 
Marisa Antoinette Ward 
Cheryl Rae Wassel 
Chkeada Ja-Marcia Watkins 

•Rebecca Watson 
Michele Joy Waxman 
Cynthia Ann Weddington 
Michael Milton Weiner 
David Harris Weinstein 
Leslie Hermine Wells 
Richard Michael Wentworth 
William Hugh Whalen 
Angela R. White 

Mack Windfield White 
•Susan Carole Whitley 
Matthew David Wilkinson 
Karen Denise Williams 
Moira Elizabeth Williams 
Gary Robert Wilson 
Cheryl R. Wishner 
Barbara Eileen Wood 
Richard Lee Woodward 
Barbara Ellen Wright 
Donald Ellison Wright 
Leone Gale Wright 
Cynthia Lou Wyatt 
William Greene Yeatman 
Thomas Reed YendaU 
James Ronald Young, Jr. 
William Allen Youngblood 
Ellen Zahn 
Elyse Zangwill 
Carl Lynwood Zimbro III 
Christine Julia Zynjuk 

Bachelor of Science 

tjeffery L. Arbuckle 
Robert Jeffrey Ashford 
Sherryl Dawn Bartholomew 
Kenneth Brian Beckman 
Jeanne Marie Behnke 
Fred Scott Berlinsky 
Dana Mark Beyea 
Gilbert Canter Bowen 
Mark Roy Bowie 
Mark Eugene Brandus 
Michael Stewart Bridget 
Steven Joseph BriU 
Barbara Ann Buck 
Jacqueline Marie Bunty 
Joel Wilson Buxton 
Carolyn Veda Carter 
Mae Yu-Mei Chang 
David Fairlie Colbum 
Barbara Ellen Counihan 
Robert Anthony Danielson 
Monica Lynn Davidson 
Mark Stafford Davis 
Kenneth Elmer Deibler 
Antoinette DeLiso 
Ted Monroe Doyle 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Diane Elizabeth Dunning 
Karl Michael Dydak 
Charles Randolph Eastwood 
Karen Denise Eckert 
Richard Jon Egerman 

t Millard Ellingsworth III 
Owen Ward Englander 
Louis Jciseph Fiechtner 
Darlene Ann Dorothy Fischer 
Thomas Refuerzo Fortes 
Thurston Etheridge Franks 
Debra Edith Friedman 
David Allen Fuselier 
Karen Marie Galdieri 
Carlann Ruth Gaum 
Jeffrey Emil Gellman 
Timothy Rot>ert Gix)dspeed 

tStacy Gail Greenspan 
Douglas Mark Gross 
Carol Eileen Harvey 

Pamela Fay Pumphrey 

Thomas Roy Homer 

Christine Frances Ibello 

Mary Dulany James 

Anthony Curtis Jefferson 

Joseph Hendrick Kaisler 
+Shelley Ann Kosisky 

Ilene Terry Kreisberg 

Dawn Marie Leister 

Charles Saul Lewis 
§ George David Lloyd 

Christine Ann Ludwig 

Jean Victoria Lupton 

Michael David Mallinoff 

liana Marelly 
'Betty Mastorakis 

Charles Edward McCannon 

Elias Rene Mendoza 

Wendy Anne Merchant-Dest 

Kevin Scott Meyers 

Robert Wayne Miller 

Linda Canterbury Moore 

Louis Peter Moray 

Fitz Albert Morrison 
§Michael Eugene Morsberger 

Steven Layne Perlman 

David Steven Pinnes 

Kyung Sook Pyo 

Ronald Arthur Rose 

William George Rudy 
•James Michael Russo 

Elizabeth Chie Sato 

Lindsay Jane Sherrard 
t Karen Linda Shore 

Lynn Marie Shorter 

Debra Ann Simms 

George Ruffin Smith 

Elizabeth Ann Stickel 

Robin Avis Thomas 

Linda Joan Wilson 

Johnny Elmer Wiseman 

Patricia P. Womack 

Division of Human 

and Community 



Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George L. Marx, 
Assistant Pnwost for Education, 
Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

Bachelor of Arts 

James Patrick Bums 
Joseph Francis Dowling 
Betty L. Dunn 
Cheryl Ann Escobar 
Michael Christopher Hurley 
Leona Rosemary Jacobs 
'Agnes Kiang 
Jill May Leslie 
Judith Ann McCort 
Robert F. Meade, Jr. 
L. Joy Mullen 
Karen Louise Noone 
John Angelo Rutter 
Laurence David Wexler 
Elnora Colona Williams 

Bachelor of Science 

Andrew Allen 
Annabella Silva Amorim 
John Scott Armstrong 
Louise Aronne 
Donald Francis Asher, Jr. 
Paula Ann Bailey 
Cheryl Ann Ballance 
Kristi Michele Bedois 
Margo Lorraine Berard 
Lynn Ann Bergquist 
Bonnie Kay Berlew 
+ Betty Ann Bevans 
Jennifer Anne Blaine 
Pamela Katrinka Boddie 
Carol Endo Bowen 
William Elmer Brammeier 
Nancy C. Briganti 
Cynthia Louise Brown 
Vondalee Brown 

Carolyn Rynarzewski Brunnett 

Judith Ann Buchanan 

Elizabeth Ann Buckner 

Stephen Arthur Bullock 

Janine Ruth Burik 

Toni Patricia Burke 

Joey William Busch 

Eileen Augusta Butler 

Mary J. Callan 

Ned Carter 

Marlene Caughman 

Alice Bernadette Church 
'Sarah Jane Clark 

Stephanie Cole 

Malvern J. Connett 

Susan Lynn Cooke 

William Kenneth Cooper 

Lee S. Cooperman 

Diane Marie Crovato 

Earl Michael Crusse, Jr. 

Asha Veena Dandeker 
tjohn A. D'Arienzo 

Donna Louise Damell 

Margaret Hall Davies 
•Jessica Leigh Davis 

Susan Maureen Degnan 

Maureen Katherine Delaney 

Cathy Jean Dexter 

Marsha Lynne Diamond 

Thomas Vincent Di Angelo 

David Curtis Ditto 

Colleen M. Dolan 

Joan Carole Donovan 

Paul Brent Dunkle 

Patricia Eloise Earle 

Linda Joyce Emelio 

Connie S. Engle 

Matthew David Evans 
t Debra Lynn Feld 

Margie Ellen Felper 

Maureen Teresa Flaherty 
'Cheryl Anne Fotheringham 

Charlotte Ann Frasch 

Sandra Lynn Friedland 

Judith Purer 

Kathryn Anne Galvin 

Mayra Cristina Garcia 

Lisa C. Gartenberg 

Deborah Ann Gillespie 

tSumma Cum Laude; tMagiu Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Ruth Irene Goldfinger 

Carol Marion Good 

Mary Victoria Goss 

Aileen Sherri Grebow 

Rhonda Gail Green 

Deborah J. Gregory 

Mitchell Clark Grieb 

Debra Ann Grubb 

Catherine Rauner Grubman 

Mary Catherine GuUlette 

Nadine Frances Haines 

Sandra J. Hall 

Effie S. Hallas 

John Alexander Hampton, Jr. 

Virginia Louise Hannah 

Susan Bourne Hanson 

Susan F. Haroun Mahdavi 

Adrienne Michele Harris 

Nancy Jean Harrison 

Margaret Thompson Hartigan 

Bradford Edmund Hill 

Alisa Jane Hockstein 

Arlene Virginia Howard 

Beatrice Marie Howarth 

Michael Anthony Enriquez 

Lisa Beth Isaac 

Christine Ann Issing 

Judy Melinda Jacobs 

Jennifer J. Johnson 

Victoria Lea Jones 

Amy Sue Kaplan 

Karyn Lee Kaplan 

Joli Hernandez Kemp 

Valerie Ann Kotula 

Melissa Anne Kraus 
§ Donna Marie Kreh 

A. Scott Krichbaum 
t Deborah Rooks Krocheski 

Kim Leslie Kunenetz 

Babette LaCovey 

Sandra Jeanne Lanahan 

Karen Lynn Leget 
§Paul Luther Lenker 

Joan Maria Levine 

Mary Margaret Lombard 

Patricia Long 

Ursula Santymire Loos 

Sandra Loraine Lyles 

Virginia Anne MacNeil 
Jodi Diane Malin 
William Andrew Maron 
Bruce Gordon Marshall 
Deborah Carnes Martin 
Michael Joseph Martirano 
Ann Doris Maslow 
Lesa Magdalen McAdow 
John Richard McKay 
Thomas M. McMulIen 
Eric Alan Mein 
Brian Kim Michael 
Cecilia Domenica Mileto 
Robert Wayne Miller 
Douglas Alan Moses 
Paula Kay Myers 
'Clare Cullen Nardone 
Abby Susan Newhouse 

* Sherry June Norrod 
Christopher Philomen Nunzio 
Robin Lynn O'Dwyer 
Margaret Mary Opalski 

*Alise Susan Orloff 

* Deborah Lynn Palmer 
Catherine Joanne Pechnik 
Catherine Elizabeth Peck 

tjanice Arnold Pendlyshok 
Elizabeth Peran 
Vincent Anthony Perrotta 
Kathleen Susan Peters 
Carolyn Ann Pfister 
Rochelle Leslie Pogust 
Tia Dene Powell 
John Arthur Pyle 
Margaret Mary Rauner 
Virginia Lancaster Riley 
Gwendolyn Marie Robertson 
Pamela Sue Robinson 
Cynthia Au Rosenberg 
Eleanor Susan Rubenstein 
Mary Margaret Ryan 
Donald Cary Schaffer 
Blanche Idyllette Schelberg 
Lewis Michael Schwartz 
Donna Fairhurst Scott 

§ Dennis WUliam Seibert 
Rosemary Louise Seim 
Bradley Daryl Senft 
Susan Debra Sherman 

Susan Lynn Shriver 
'Stephanie Beth Sinar 

Cynthia Lou Smith 
§ Patricia Joyce Smith 

Sharon Rachel Spector 

Sara Stephenie Spicer 

Maris Anne Spiessbach 

Elizabeth Margaret Stanley 

Diana Theoni Stathopoulos 

Sarah Jane Statton 

Teresa Mary Steiner 

Christine Louise Summers 

Jo Ann Sweeney 
tLora E. Szmidt 

Andrew Christian Taylor 

Joseph Douglas Thompson 

Sally Louise Thompson 

Catherine A. Tomasello 

Carolyn Tracey 

Diane Elizabeth Tsegaye 

Bambi Lynn Turpin 

Paul Jeffrey Uth 

Ralph Marvin VanDyke, Jr. 

Marlin Henry Van Horn, Jr. 

Mary Elizabeth Walsh 

Karen Grace Walther 

Diana Marie Weaver 

Margaret Jo Webster 

Helene Susan Weinrauch 

Faye A. Weiss 

Dea Karol Williams 

Helen Jean Wilson 
* Nancy Wylie Witles 

Sheila Diane Wright 

Elizabeth Shepherd Wysong 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. John R. Beaton, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Rosanne Abel 

Mitchell Scott Adelman 
'Carole Lisa Adler 

Rhonda Darlene Albert 

Linda Faye Ausch 

Antoinette Ayres 

Shari Lynn Azus 

Daphne Theresa Baden 
'Pamela Anne Bahre 

Cynthia Lynn Baitch 

Jamie Lynne Barry 

Joseph Lee Baum 

Cassaundra Anne Bell 

Eileen Hope Berl 

Jodie Gayle Berman 

Mary Vanessa Black 

Lisa Block 

Barbara Pauline Bochenek 

Kimberly Kay Book 

Linda Lou Bradley 

Jesse Reid Brande 

Beth Marie Breen 

Judith Ann Brienza 

Mary Ellen Brooke 

Nancy Diane Brown 

Beth Lorraine Broyles 

Cynthia Lynn Bryan 

Judith Ann Bures 

Cynthia Louise Burkholder 

Arthur Helale Cadeaux 

Ann Canale 

Catherine Hall Cassidy 

Linda Cedrone 

Kathryn Anne Chalhoub 

Thao-Zong Chen 

Kimberly Ann Ciardi 

Janice Cecile Clark 

Deborah Clarke 

Lesley Beth dayman 

Stephanie Cokinos 

Valerie Jean Cotter 

Leslie Ellen Courtney 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Debra Anne Crum 
tDiane Elizabeth Cummings 
Joan Marie Dall'Acqua 
Diane Lee Dalton 
Thuy Thi-Thu Dao 
Sharon Anne Davis 
SJudith Elizabeth Day 
Vivian Honriette Deans 
•Bonita Rae Decuir 
Vivien Boyt Deitz 

Merril Hope Dello lacono 

Daniel Paul Diftmar 

Mary Elizabeth Divver 

Cynthia Phikisile Dladla 

Pamela Jean Dtx' 

Mary Eileen Doran 

Carolyn Blake Doyle 

Mary Alice Dubinsky 

Kathleen Anne Dugan 

Katherine Anne Egbert 

Samantha Lee Elliott 

Beverly Cunningham Emamali 
'Susan Anne Epstein 

Mary Jane Eskandari 

Siobhan-Ione VVilhelmina Farr 

Marianne Flanagan 

Patricia Lucille Forry 

Susan Carol Frambes 

Debtirah C. Frankel 

Diane Carol Frazier 

Susan Ella Freedman 

Karen Louise French 

Amy Beth Friedman 

Sharon Lavonne Fries 

Robin Renee Fritter 

Roy Hunter Gerardi 

Debra Gevinson 

Judith Ellen Gillespie 

Stanford Dean Gillis 

Katherine Irene Glaser 

Rhonda Sue Goldsteen 

Brenda Marie Gordon 

Duane Patrick Graves 

Joyce Ann Green 

Susan Leslie Green 

Karen Ann Greene 

Jane Ann Grill 

Carolyn Sue Grindrod 
'Pamela Ann Guevara 

Lori Ann Hall 
Mary Kathryn Hargadon 
Helen Anne Hastie 
Robyn Anne Hegarty 
Mary Michelle Higgins 
Jane Leslie Hill 
Nancy Jill Hochman 
Margot Elizabeth Hochmuth 
Barbara Jean Hoheisel 
Barbara Kim Holden 
Judith Elaine Holmgren 
Diane Frances Hrozencik 
Valerie R. lanieri 
Marcia Sue Isaacs 
Dorothy Ellen Isman 
Karen Elizabeth Juba 
Maria Ruth Kaplan 
Jeffrey Allen Kaye 
Marie Lynn Kent 
Leslie Gayden Kilbourne 
•Sharon Ann King 
Sally Ann Kish 
tjudith Marcia Kissel 
Sandra Michele Kitsoulis 

Rhona Eileen Knoblock 
'Nancy Michele Konik 

Heidi Elizabeth Kuntz 
tLynn Ellen Kurfess 

William Edward LaChance, Jr. 

Debra Lynn Landau 

Lynda Marie Lang 

Sharon Sue Lavine 

Heidi Marianne Lawver 

Estine Annette Leftridge 

Sharon Ruth Levine 

Shervl Lee Librot 

Steven Wayne Lichtenberg 

Ramona Marie Lopez 

Joan Marie Mabrey 

John Patrick Magee 

Jane Lesley Mahan 
tDonna Marie Mahoney 

Patricia Alice Martin 

Elizabeth Andrea Masucci 

Carol Marie Mathes 

Cheryl Anne May 

Richard B. Mclntire II 

Kirk Douglas McKoy 

Deborah A. McLean 

Faina Menyuk-Najmi 

Carol Jean Mereschak 

Allen Harvey Mervis 

Kim Marie Mortenson 

Lorraine Sue Muir 

Lynne Anne Murchelano 

Faith Wanjirii Mu'angi 

Kathy Ann Myers 
§ Karen Klaess Newman 
'Teresa Ann Nicro 

Alicia Christine Ocando 
tPamela Susan Osterweil 

Stacy Jaye Ovvings 

Julia Ann Page 

Denise Joan Pagello 

Song S. Park 

Eugene Edward Paro III 

Lori Beth Pavon 

Claudia Jean Peace 

Jill Wendy Pitasky 

Karen M. Polasko 

Anita Jennifer Poon 

Jodie Jeannine Powell 

Sheryl Renee Price 

Lester La Verne Prosser, Jr. 

Felicia Olene Harris Queen 

Kimberley Ann Randlett 

Susan Elaine Raulston 

Cheryl Lynn Rich 

Robin Beth Richter 

Thomas Anthony Rick 

Susan Jane Ridgway 

Leonard Dodge Righter 

Kimberly Diane Robbins 

Janet Leigh Robinson 

Sherrie Lynn Rosenblatt 
'Susan Juanita Ross 

Susan Anne Rothstein 

Kathleen Lavern Ruley 

Rory Doberer Ruppersberger 

Evelyn Delores Russell 
'Patricia L. Ryan 

Robert Oren Ryan 

Mark David Sachs 

Elizabeth Carol Salvatore 

Stephanie Santos 

Kimberley Anne Scheibel 

Judith Ann Scher 

Lisa Lynn Schimmel 

Lori Lynn Schulman 
Terry Jean Scott 
Jeanne Lynn Sears 
Margaret Williams Seiniger 
Ellen Joanne Shapiro 
Sarah Ann Shaw 
Deborah Elizabeth Shawver 
Nina Salome Shukis 
Katherine Ann Sigur 
Harriet Ann Silber 
Janet Lynn Silpe 
Gail Bonnie Silver 
Stephanie Ann Sinsky 
Kimberly Anne Sisk 
Tammi Holland Smith 
Lisa Ann Starbuck 
§ Elizabeth Ann St. Aubin 
Virginia Celeste Stephens 
Lori K. Sulcov 
Patricia Ann Sullivan 
Patricia Louise Sullivan 
Lauren Tilles 
Lynne Allison Torchin 
Barbara Lynne Triplett 
Karin Ann Triscik 
David Christopher Uhl 
Cheryl Lynn Valentine 
Eleanor Alice von Brand 
Cathy Lee Walker 
Joanne Wallis 
Lori Jayne Warren 
'Susan Barbara Weinreb 

Phyllis Weisbaum 
§Mallory Brandy Wheeler 
Merrilee Ann Will 
Pamela Denise Williamson 
Linda Hamilton Wilson 
Joanna Lee Winkler 
Patricia Ann Witzel 
Rita Kaye Wooddell 
Carol Elise Zovko 

ISumma Cum L.aude; tMagna Cum l.aude; 'Cum Laude 



Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Marvin H. Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

James Stephen Adleberg 
Sandra Ann Alt 
Sally Ann Await 
Christina Joyce Barnett 
Elyse Merle Berman 
Jennifer Marie Bowman 
Christine D. Bradbury 
Mary Katherine Brennan 
Deborah Sue Brown 
Nancy RaeEllen Brown 
Elizabeth Ann Bussler 
Alice Faye Clark 
Sharon Lynn Cohen 
Joanna Kearns Craven 
Nina Antoinette Crowe 
Kathryn Ann Deacon 

§Mark Paul Faber 

tWendy A. Flint 
Valerie Anne Forcum 
Helen Hallas Fredlund 
Carolyn Elizabeth Frye 
David Charles Funkhouser 

*Marc R. Goodman 
Maureen Karen Halpert 
Stephen Paul Hayleck 
Jayne Ann Heck 
Raymond Asa Hepner, Jr. 
Rebecca Lynn Hesch 
Daniel Ross Hewins 
Steven Millard HoUidge 
James W. Johansen 
Debra Lee Karp 
Barbara Ann Keating 
Donna Lorena Kinzie 

*Lynn Michele Krauss 
Jean Marie Krebs 

* Kathleen Annette Lawlor 
Cynthia Sharon Levine 

Sharon Mindy Loube 
Lisa Ann Lusby 
Mary Ann Macfarlan 

§ Belinda Marie VanBavel 
Joseph Eric Matthews 
Kenan Shawn McCoy 
Timothy Paul McCoy 
Katherine Elaine McGarvey 
Kathryn Ann McGuire 
Patricia Eileen Meehan 
Michael Lee Miller 
Donna Rae Mills 
Edward Miniaci 
AnnieLee Phipps Mobley 
Robert Campbell Murphy 
Suzanne Kathleen O'Hara 
Linda Michele Oliva 
Mark Kevin Pendleton 
Amy Louise Perlin 
Kim Patrice Pleasant 
Christopher Cole Plott 
Ileana Mercedes Quintas 

* Leonard Michael Romano 

tMarianne Rothenhoefer 
Jo- Ann Cecilia Rowe 
Joan Regina Ruland 
Joan Schelfe 
John M. Seeberger 
Nancy Lynn Sigler 
Faith Deborah Silverman 
Peter Andrew Sinopoli 
Debra Mae Small 
Sara Jayne Smith 
Lisa Ann Sneeringer 
Brenda Michelle Sobelman 

*Adrienne Mary Solomon 
Frank G. Soo Hoo 
Michele Maria Staymates 
John Daniel St. Louis 
Margaret Katherine Stohlman 
Dana Ellen Trupp 
Mark Clifford Tyson 
Carrie Frances Vettel 
Gretchen Gayle Vogel 
Diane Elizabeth Von Essen 
Andrew David Wagman 
Christie Adair Webster 
Lori Mona Weiss 

Quintin Stanley Wilkinson 
Aldrenna Paulette Williams 
Kathy Jane Wilson 
Viola Edler Winfield 
t Michael Kevin Wirtz 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences and 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George E. Dieter, jr.. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Morris Abell 

Ahmed Gomaa Abutaleb 
Bruce Michael Allen 
Douglas Mark Anders 

*Mark Anthony Angelo 
Cristina Elena Antonescu 
Wayne Philip Armstrong 

*Eskandar Esi Arshadnia 

* Phillip John Articola 
Shaheen Afzal Aulakh 
David Edward Avanzato 
David James Bailey 
Thomas Patrick Baileys 
Davendra Paul Bakshi 
Paige Eugenie Balling 
Michael Jerome Banaszak 
Robert Louis Barazotto, Jr. 
Robert Joseph Bauer 
Ronald John Beegle 
Paul Bradford Begin 
Steven David Behrens 
Frank John Belcastro 

'Gordon Frederick Belcher 
James Reuben Beller 
Karen Benson 
Rafik Bezik 

Paul Christopher Billig 
David George Bivans 
Richard Alan Blankman 
Gregory John Blasic 
David Julian Borsos 
Steven J. Bova 
Joseph Kenneth Bozievich 
David Rylands Brace 
Frederick Floyd Braerman 
Michael Brannon 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Gery Joseph Brinks 
James Oscar Britt, |r. 
Randal! Lee Bnttin^ham 

•Gordon Michael Brown 
William Thomas Buonaugurio 
Raymond Bradley Burns 
Rhea Morgan Burrow, Jr. 
Robert Buscemi 
Joseph Paul Butler 
Carol Ann Caldwell 
Mark Edward Caldwell 
Peter Douglas Campbell 
Ann Madeleine Canavan 
Jennifer Dawn Carter 

•John Joseph Celmer 
Roger Alvin Chadwick 

•Chris Chuck Chan 
Steve Ngar Chan 
Debora Y. Chen 
Matthew Isadore Chibbaro 
Carey Cheong Chin 
Richard Ben Chiostri 
Christopher Martin Clark 
Kenneth Gerard Clarke 
Richard Harold Clements, Jr. 

§ Ronald Abood Cohen 
Michael Anthony Colandro 
Michele L. Coleman 
Anthony Vincent Colicchio, Jr. 
Michael Keith Compton 
Gordon Douglas Cook 
Joseph G. Coppa 
Jean-Michael Marie Coughlin 
Woody Hartzell Crawford, Jr. 
1 John Edward Cunningham 
Gerard Joseph Daelemans 
Harrv Dan 
Robert W. Davis 111 
Thomas Preston Davis 
Richard Warren Decker II 
Russell Michael Decker 

t Robert Joseph Del Coco 
Nicholas John Del Grosso 
Andres Manuel del Pino 
Russell Albert Deubler 
Jeffrey Duane Dickerson 
Howard Lester Donovan 111 
Steven David Douthat 
John Laurence Dunklee 

Kenneth Joseph Dunn, Jr. 
Eve Claire Edelson 
Mehran Abrahm Eliassian 
Robert Mark Enger 
Daniel Byron Evans, Jr. 
Patrick Richard Farley 
Timothy Samuel Farrow 
Fariba Farahani Farzaneh 
Alaeddine Fatemi 
Anthony Luroy Fedd 
§ David Matthew Field 
James Marhn Feld 
George Victor Ferra 
George Raymond Fish 
John Leslie Fitz 
Lawrence Fleming 
Robert Reed Fleming 
Thomas E. Folley 
James Mack Folsom 
Patricia Ann Fong 
Michael Bennett Fox 
Mark T. Frank 
John Louis Frafangelo, Jr. 
Mark Allan Freedman 
• David Seth Friedman 
Eugene Thomas Furey 
Barr)' Nelson Fuss 
Thomas Robert Galloway 
Eugene Crosby Gamble, Jr. 
Glenn Gregory Gass 
George Henry Gellrich 
Salvatore Anthony Gennaci 
Joseph John Gerardi 
Jerome David Gerber 
John Fitzpatrick Gerrety 
Tamara Modares Ghasiri 
Thomas Gordon Gluck 
Peggy Maria Godsey 
Michael Francis Goodrich 
tjohn Cabot Goudy 
Douglas Stuarl Grant 
Jon Thomas Grasson 
Joel Michael Graybeal 
Kathleen Marie Gribben 
Gregory Allen Grindstaff 
John George Groetsch, Jr. 
Julian David Gutin 
Geoffrev D. Guttmann 
Jiyon Hahn 

Dolores Juanita Hammett 
James Robert Harner 
Marvin Keith Har\ey, Jr. 
Muhammad Abu Hashim 
Jern,' Simmons Hawks 
Donald Aubrey Hayden 
Henry Wells Hays 
Miles Vaughan Haywood 
Daniel Howard Hecht 
Mark Alan Heim 
Paul Stephen Henig 
William Joseph Hersey 111 
Gail Ann Hickman 
Byron Eugene Higgins 
Jonathan G. Hildebrand 
Donald Jay Hirsch 
Allen Lee Hiser, Jr. 
Michael George Hitch 
Harold Otto Hoffmann 
Charles Raymond Hollowell, 

Brian Ross Hoppes 
Jerry Wayne Howell 
Charles Hewitt Huffman 
Mary Evelyn Hyde 

tDanilo Victa Ignao 
Jairo Irreno Cardona 
Javid Jabbarnezhad 
Anthony Skiff Jannotta 
Joseph Charles Jensen 
Sharad Jha 

tH. Joseph Johnson 
Brian Conrad Jones 
George William Jones, Jr. 
Steven David Jones 
Anton Hanna Jozeh 
Michael Eley Jump 
Michael Arnold Junge 
Daniel Lawrence Kane 
Arthur Randolph Kaneko 
William Francis Karl 
Yousseff Rohi Karodeh 
Steven Kasakitis 
Karl Peter Kaser 
Scott Craig Kaufman 
Jafar Sadegh Kazemnia 
Stephen Edward Keefe 
Audrey La Brixco Keener 
Rodney Beaufils Kerby 

Robin William Kerns 
§ Dennis Leroy Kershner 

Catherine Marie Kicffer 

James Stephen Kim 

Sung Duk Kim 
•Thomas Kevin King 

William James King 

Jeffrey Allen Knepp 

Brent Eugene Knoblett 

Kishore Kumar Kodali 

Paul John Koenigsmark 

David William Kontaxis 

Steven John Kordell 

John Anthony Krol 
§Joseph William Kugler 

Vinay Kumar 

Alan Stuart Kurit/.ky 

Stuart Elliot Kushner 

William Joseph Langan, Jr. 

Ralph Leon Lary HI 

Kenneth James Leahy 

William LeCalvez 

John Lee 

Robin Ann Lee 

Stephen Tak-Lun Lee 

Terence Sungshik Lee 
tLaura Ellen Le Mire 

Cindy Ann Levine 
t Brian Lee Lipford 
§Jackson Kuo-Tung Liu 

VonDreele Lohr 

Carlos Alberto Lopez 

Gerard Joseph Lotz 

Michael John Lungociu 

Long Chu Ly 

James Elwood Macklin 
SGeorge N. Maeda 

Massoud Malekzadeh 

Kenric Dana Malmberg 

Sumbono Margono 

Edward Lee Marhn 

Laroy Clyde Martin 
• David Gerard Matuska 

Douglas Gerard Matuska 

Kevin James McCaffrey 

George Martin McCubbin, Jr. 

Eric DeShunn McFarland 

Dorothy Bea McGarrah 

ISumnu Cum l^ude; tMafpu Cum Ljudi-; "Cum Laude 


Michael Patrick McGee (two 

Anthony Curtis McMurtray 
Richard Todd McNally 
Navin Dinkerlal Mehta 
Thomas Wayne Melton 
Anne Margaret Meyer 
*Eric William Mies 
Ronalds Aivars Miezis 
Daniel Nathan Miller 
Sharon Ann Miller 
Linda D. Mingo 
Richard Robin Minker 
Barry Jay Molofsky 
Theodore Gary Mordfin 
Julio Cesar Morinigo 
Charles Edward Morris 
Dale Richard Morris 
Jeffery Allan Morrow 
James Alan Murphy 
Everton Godfrey Murray 
Patrick Denis Murtagh 
S. Douglas Nalley 
Joseph Jackson Napier 
Donald Oliver Nellis, Jr. 
Binh Si Nguyen 
Nuralidhar Nimmagadda 
Raymond Alan Norris 

* Mark Alan O'Clair 
Kevin James O'Neill 
Susan Elizabeth Orner 

* Susan R. Overstreet 
Frances Marian Ozur 
Young Hae Park 
Mayank Dadubhai Patel 
Gerald Alan Patterson 
Benjamin Stephen Peake 
Michael E. Pearce 
Michael Vernon Pearl 
James Bryant Peregoy 
George Charles Perreault 
Tu To Phu 

David Robert Podany 
Robert Edwin Poole 
Benjamin Louis Porter II 
James Leslie Powell III 
Mark Steven Prymas 
Robert J. Puhl 
Dean Richard Putnam 

Deborah Lynn Rames 

James Stephen Rapp 

Philip Alan Renn 

Vernon Martin Riedlin, Jr. 

George Leslie Rigler 

Steven Albert Ritgert 

Thomas Cecil Robbins 

Michael Ray Roche 

Albert Victor Romano 
§Mark Rosenbach 
tAmy Lu Rovelstad 

Laurence Franco Ruberl 

Anthony Armand Ruffa 

Lynn Beth Ruskin 

Vivian M. Ryan 

Naji Saad 

Michael Kenneth Sahm 

* David Ray Salzman 
tKa Ling Josephine San 

Bahram Shojae Sangani 
Paul Gregory Savchuck 
Kenneth William Schmid 
Timothy Charles Schroeder 
Carl S. Schulten 
John Schuhmann Scott 
Peter Dekker Scott 
Randolph Kevin Seasely 
Gary Irwin Segal 
Stuart Jay Seigel 
John George Sekas 
Ali Shashaani 
James J. Shea 
Richard Lee Sheriff 
Alexander Shpilman 
Khaled Costandi Sifri 
Marde Lynn Silver 
tjeffrey Allan Simenauer 
Robert Allan Simpson 

* Robert George Singer 
Clifford Raymond Sinopol II 

tLawrence Anthony Slattery 
Charles Stephen Smeton 
Gary E. Smith 
Kevin Lovett Smith 
Robert Alan Smith 
Robert Louis Smith 

* Steven Ray Smith 
§Carl Michael Stable 

Robert William Stapler 

Timothy E. Steinberger 
Ronald Alan Stem 
David William Stroup 
Michael Edward Sucher 
Gregory P. Sullivan 
Michael Joseph Sullivan 
Zenon Wasyl Sushko 
Mahmoud Reza Tabassi 
Fatemeh Tabatabaeei Fatemi 
Yukuang Mike Tang 
William Albert Tartal 

*Jack William Terpstra 
Altiman Alphanso Thompson 
Rose-Marie Ann Thompson 
Michael James Trappen 
Michael Nicholas TriantafUlou 
Carl Lawrence Turner 
Owrang Vahid-Ekbatani 
Tu-Anh Vu 

t Stephen Carl Walter 
Gary Lei Wang 
Ye-Ling Wang 
Joseph Stanley Wascavage II 
Douglas Larry Watson 
Jon Eric Weeks 

* Brian E. Welp 
Dean Michael Wheeler 
James Michael Whitcomb 
Kyle Michael Whitehead 
Douglas Edwin Wienand 
James Washington Wills III 
Stephen Daniel Wilson 
John Phillip Wisniewski 
Timothy Wayne Wolfe 
Jan Stephen Wolpert 

*Kendrick Wong 
Wai-Ki George Wong 
Robert Howard Wood 
John Jay Woodruff 
Eric Edsel Worrell 
William David Yascavage 
Robert Charles Yienger 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Frank J. Kerr, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Holly Akins Abraham 
Donald Ray Adkins 

§ Susan Eileen Albert 
William Spence Aldrich 
Gregory Paul Andreozzi 
Thomas William Atwater 
Thomas Francis Aussem 
Joanne Grace Backs 
Michael Jerome Banaszak 
Joseph Douglas Barker 
Cindy Gail Beckenheimer 
Steven Donald Birgfeld 
Patrick Joseph Black 
Deborah Jean Blake 

t Steven H. Bonner 
Lawrence Scott Bonnett 

*Eric Wright Bon wit 
Linda Mayhew Brown 
Randall Jay Brunk 
Kevin Eric Bums 

t Lance Stuart Burns 
James Leo Cantor 
Edward Pon Chan 

t Helen Lucretia Charshee 
Sau Ting Cheung 
Elizabeth Chew 
Chim Kwan Chow 
David James Clark 
Christine Ann Clouser 
Nan Marie Connelly 
Stuart Alan Cooley 
Toan Quang Cung 
Thomas David Dannessa 
Helen Dantsker 
Stephen Gerard Demanss 
Donald Jay Dover 
Ralph Weller Edwards 
John Derek Ellington 
Ronald Barry Ensenat 
Lawrence Edward Eslocker 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Keith Leon Farrell 
Shaun Patrick Fleming 
Mari<. Alan Forrester 
Walter Nichalos Fredrick 
•Barry Elias Fridling 

Vida Anne Galinaitis 
*Zev Tsevi Gershon 
Peter Anthony Giancola 

§ Michael Francis Gierlach 
Cynthia Lee Gilmer 
Arnold Cy Goldberg 
John David Goodman 
Gail Ann Gray 
Mark Girard Gray (two 

Elizabeth Zane Griffith 
Kenneth Charles Groves 
Geoffrey D. Guttmann 
Charles Roy Hall 
Eugene Harris Handler 
Barr\' Louis Harris 
Robert Dean Hart 
Randy Lee Hinzman 
Emily jane Hofmann 
Beverly Ann Hollis 
Stephen Mathew Hubbard 
Joseph Clifford Huston, Jr. 
David Edgar Johnson 
Curtis Elwood Jones 
Jayesh Bhaichand Kakkad 
Kathleen Renee Kaluzienski 
David Newman Kaplan 
Peter J. Kearns 
Kenneth Douglass Keeling 
Rodney Beaufils Kerby 
David Lawrence Kiker II 
Robert Alan Knee 

I Li-Ming Koo 

I Jack Lauritsen 

Michael Kevin Leach 

! 'Maurice Joseph LeBrun III 

I (two degrees) 
James Edward Lee 
Donald T. Liu 
Kathleen McNee Loftis 
Terence Bernard Lucius 
Canh-Luc Luong 
Nevin Rav Maffetf 

Deborah Louise Maher 
Louis Anthony Mamakos 
Christian Floyd Mascaro 
Jacob Bobby Mathew 

•Valerie Hadgis Matthews 
Michael Joseph McCarrick 
Matthew Neil McCoy 
Nathan Dale McCrary 
Dorothy Bea McGarrah 
Lynn Gibbons McKee 
Andrew Louis Meadow 
Douglas Reed Meikle 
Martin Paul Michelsen 

• Kim Michele Miller 
Warner Allen Miller 
James Steven Murphy 
Charles Waggaman Neill 
John Theodore Nelson 
Sharon Linda Nelson 
Hanh Van Nguyen 
Robin Lynne Orndorff 
Mary Josephine Osial 
Mark Allen Page 
Rajnish Pahwa 
Rajesh D. Parikh 
Navin J. Patel 
Joseph Moore Pelham IV 
Mary F. Piller 
Martin Edward Pine 

t Aaron Stuart Poller 
Nancy Joann Pratt 
David Solomon Querido 
David Eugene Rabinek 
James Tamura Ramsey 
Ronald Patterson Reitz 
Steven Roedel Rhoads 
Timothy James Robbins 
Martha Ann Roberts 
Randy Mark Roberts 
Bradley Craig Rubin 
Richard Mark Rubin 
Lynford Outten Russell 111 
Etdward Joseph Seiler 
Jordan Barry Seltzer 
Kenneth Michael Sheers 
Shireen Gettner Shureih 
Saud Ibne Siddique 
Brian Patrick Smith 
•Frances Rebecca Spiro 

Elwyn Stafford 
Charles Randolph Steppe 
Melanie Anne Taylor 
Barr\' Tevelow 
Donald L. Thiel 
Lillian Beth Tiplitz 
Giai X. Trinh 
Huy Due Trinh 
Shu-Woan Joanna Tsai 
Nancy H. Tseng 
Miguel Arruda Villela 
Jewel Bich-Ngoc Vu 
§ Edward Franklin Walker 
Stephen Oliver Walter 
Steven Jay Walter 
Dennis Lee Whichard 
Debbie Ann Whitacre 
Daniel Edward White 
Charles Thomas Williams 
Kevin Eloyd Wilson 
William Henry Wittpenn III 
Stacey Georgia Wood 
David William Wooten 
John Cabot Wright 
Lillian Roxana Wright 
Rose Lew Yee 
Stephen Anthony York 
Rose Anne Zettl 

Undergraduate Studies 

Candidates will he presented by 
Dr. Robert £. Shoenberg, 
Administrative Dean, 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Deborah Lynn Abrams 
Donald Michael Abramson 
Ormond Keith Adams 
Wanda Alexis Alexander 
Gina Lee Baiardo 
Jonathan Rae Balkcum 
J. Christopher Barbiasz 
Patricia Leigh Barron 
Jacqueline Cheryl Bingham 
Marilyn Joan Bozick 
Neil Lawrence Bressler 
Nancv Irene Broider 
Llovd Earl Burruss, Jr. 
Michael Francis Carney 
Eileen Chun 
Jeanmarie Clancey 
Mark Clark 

Mathew Wade Clement 
Eileen Mary Colclough 
Muriel Mary Collins 
Michael Anthony Colucciello 
Mary Katherine Cooper 
James Michael Crenca 
Audrey Maria Dale 
Sharona Renae Donaldson 
Riidiger Donschikowski 
Lori Renee Drozdow 
Gail Ann Edenbaum 
Bradley Kevin Ehrlich 
William R. Elder 
John ChrisHan Elliott 
Yvonne Diane Evans 
John M. Farley 
Brian David Feeney 
Mary Elizabeth Felder 
Richard James Finch 
Ruth Sue Fishbein 
Barbara J. Frank 
Lawrence Alan Frank 

iSumma Cum L.aude. tM4gna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laudr 


Amnon Kenneth Fried 
Philip Thomas Gibson 
Janice Lois Glover 
David Goldstein, Jr. 
William Griffin Gould 
Mary Pamela Grant 
Ann Adele Green 
Faith Lynn Grossman 
Susan Maria Gwaltney 
Franklin C. Haering, Jr. 
Lynn Michele Hardwick 

* Scott Gordon Harper 
Beverly Gail Hevey 
Barbara Lynn Howard 
Cornelius Joseph Hughes 
Michael Anthony Hughes 
Lisa Louise Hurley 
Amy Ann Hutcheson 
Colleen Ann Johnson 
Cynthia Dianne Johnson 

•Joyce E. Johnston 
Shannon Patricia Jordan 
Michael Patrick Joyce 

tDebra Jean Kaderabek 
Daniel Kalicka 
Elizabeth Gabrielle Kapiloff 
Alexander Karavasilis 
Kenneth Scott Kashkett 

tSidney A. Kaufman 

* Barbara Jean Kerr 
Lisa Joy Kesten 
Kyung B. Kim 
Denise Ann Koch 
Karin Rose Korzec 
Jeffrey David Kune 
Len Stewart Lane 
Carol S. Lawrence 
Terrance Jerome Lee 
Darcy Renee Maier 
Tammy Jean Manis 
Barbara Ann March 
Ronald Matthew Martinello 

* Jorge Antonio Martinez 
Natalie Rita Matthews 
Catherine Mary McCann 
Scott Francis McGee 

tDebra Ann McMahon 
Phyllis Denise McQuay 
Christiaan Meerman 

Rita Monika Mellenberg 
Peggy Rae Mersdorf 
Sadie Belynda Miller 
Timothy Joel Moore 
John Swain Moretti 
Helen Marie Morgan 
Rhonda Darlene Murphy 
Betsy Rose Oben 
Brenda Josephine Ocando 
David Thomas Pad 
Lucy Marie Paidakovich 
Brenda Lee Parker 
Susan Elaine Patton 
Lawrence Elliot Paul 
J. P. Fletcher 
Patricia Louise Port 
Scott David Rabinow 
Jeffrey Stephen Revzin 
Roscoe Simmons Robinson 
Karen Pam Rosenzweig 
Danny Thomas Ross 
Deborah Eve Rubin 
Janet Arlene Salzman 
Betsy Margaret Saunders 
Francine Schnur 
Howard Corey Schwartz 
Marian Theresa Seif 
Richard Alan Shassian 
John Anthony Sheneman 
Charles William Shick, Jr. 
Michael Howard Singerman 
Dorothy E. Solga 
Vernon Arthur Speck 
Darrell Darius Stover 
Thomas Joseph Taltavull 
Nancy Jean Trapani 
Amy Vaillant 
Victoria Anne Velez 
William Edward Walker, Jr. 
Linda Glasser Walrafen 
Kevin Gordon Ward 
Louise Boiler Ward 
Timothy Earl Weddle 
Marlene Wertheim 
Constance Lee White 
Linda LaVaughn Williams 
Patricia Winters 
Mark Wenzel Woodman 
Peter Francis Worstell 

Barbara Ann Yeatman 
Laura Lee Young 
James Zagorski 
Barbara Adele Zion 

Bachelor of Arts 

Abbie Marcia Blankman 
Robert William Chiswell 
Terry Pamela Cohen 

§ Susan Wilma Crawford 

§ Carol Jean Frost 

§Eric N. Glushakow 

*Tineke Bodde Haase 
Amy Kathryn Herrmann 
Raymond Gerald La Placa 
Ingo Lim 
Sally Mickey Melnick 

* Sandra Jean Nebb 
Melissa Sue Rome 
Louis Aaron Rosen 

Bachelor of Science 

Edith JoBerta Beauchamp 

*Ruth Louise Biro 
Sharon Ann Campbell 
Edward Joseph Gall, Jr. 
Neal Lawrence Goldberg 
Lisa Pamela Goldstein 
Melanie Lynn Griffin 
Jeffrey Allen Hathaway 
Erica Kravitz 
Sieu Eng Meas 

t Marian Joyce Oroshnik 
Kathy Renee Powell 
Jonathan David Sandler 
Tracey Anne Seifert 
Kimberly Gerane Sever 
Mary Frances Traeger 
G. Arthur W^itmore 


Diane Elizabeth Cliff 
Stessa Beth Cohen 
Susan Wilma Crawford 
Martha Ann Herrin 
Colleen Ann Johnson 
Patricia Alice Martin 
Teresa Ellen Saunders 
Amy Vaillant 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Ormond K. Adams 
James P. Chernega 
Michael K. Compton 
Aubrey M. Dale 
Stephen V. DePalo 
Larry L. Edwards 
Lawrence E. Eslocker 
Nancy L. Gardiner 
William L. Geiger 
Salvatore A. Gennaci 
Adrienne A. Harris 
Marvin K. Harvey, Jr. 
Peter J. Heath 
Karl P. Kaser 
VonDreele Lohr 
Kenric D. Malmberg 
Colleen M. McDonald 
Warner A. Miller 
Michael Nostrand 
Adin T. Putnam II 
Timothy J. Robbins 
Victoria A. Velez 
Daniel E. White 
Stephen D. Woodward 
Leone G. Wright 
James P. Zagorski 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Candidates for bachelor's 
degrees who have earned 
honors of scholarship upon 
graduation are indicated in the 
alphabetical listings of 
Divisions, Colleges or School. 
To be eligible for consideration 
for such honors a candidate 
must meet the following general 
criteria: (1) have completed two 
years of work at the University 
of Maryland (60 semester hours, 
30 of which were at College 
Park) and (2) have a scholastic 
average of B (Grade Point 
Average of 3.000) or higher in 
University of Maryland work 
prior to the last semester of 
registration before award of 

May, 1981 candidates who meet 
these criteria are shown in the 
alphabetical lists as qualifying, 
upon graduation, for the 
designations "Summa Cum 
Laude" if they ranked in the top 
tvfc-o percent of the candidates in 
their respective Divisions, 
Colleges or School; "Magna 
Cum Laude, " if in the next 
three percent; or "Cum Laude," 

General Honors Program 

Alan David Ernstein** 
Zev Tsevi Gershon 
Sharon Eden Goldsmith 
Andrew Wayne Johnson 
Mary Jean King 
Scott Stuart Kuperman 
Lisa Jamison McCuUough 
Dorothy Bea McGarrah 
Jeffrey Ian Mechanick 
Todd Randall Stockslager 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Botany 
Elke Endert" 

With High Honors in Chemistry 
Joel Warren Winer 

With High Honors in English 
Margaret Mary Delia Torre 
Steve Nicholas Katsouros 
Lisa Jamison McCuUough 
Julie Anne Prag 
Matthew Warren Westbrook 

With High Honors in Physics 
Barry Elias Fridling 

With High Honors in Zoology 
Jeffrey Ian Mechanick 

With Honors in Chemistry 
Linda Chang 
Michael John Kerich 
Lisa Jamison McCuUough 
Demetri Dean Spyropoulos 

With Honors in Criminal Justice 
Jill Patrice Reber 

With Honors in Criminology 
Michael Rene French 

With Honors in Economics 
Karen Melody Albright 
Curris Arthur Hatch 


With Honors in English 
Laurie Jean Brigham" 
Gillian Anne Secrest 

With Honors in Giwentment and 


Jacqueline Valerie Crawford 
Jeffrey Albert Dickerson 
Elizabeth Hillen Dorsey 

With Honors in History 
Heather Lorraine Holt 

With Honors in Mathematics 
Christopher Atsumi Asano" 

With Honors in Microbiology 
Anca Mara Segall 

With Honors in Philosophy 
Claudia Marilyn Cohn 

With Honors in Physics 
Thomas WiUiam Atwater 
Mark Girard Gray 
Randy Mark Roberts 
Steven Jay Walter 

With Honors in Psychology 
Stacy Gail Greenspan 
Kimberly Ann Hoppes 
Donna Ellen Orlove 

With Honors in Urban Studies 
Laura J. Anderson 
Andrew Wayne Johnson 
Stuart Leonard Perry 
Evalyn Sue Strauss 

-Graduated December 22, 1460 




(Agricultural Engineering) 

Gerald E. Berney 
Gery J. Brinks 
Jin-Shi Chen 
Grace Ellen Kaiser 
Daniel R. Klueter 
Helmut Moyseenko 
Geoffrey W. Scheming 
James K. Shaffer 
Michael B. Smith 
Mark M. Wilsnack 


(Criminal Justice ICriminology) 

Allen Brisentine, Vice President 

Denise Mary Burne 

John Dimig, President 

Aileen Mary Dodge 

Carie Lou Hardy 

Jamie Anne Higgins 

Patricia A. McCoy 

Eileen M. Meren 

Julie A. Metzger 

Ray A. O'Bryhim 

Jane Peloquin 

Roberta C. Penn 

Ronald H. Pierce 

Jill P. Reber 

Cynthis L. Sampson 

Patricia Sindall 

Susan Speranza 

Pamela Tontodonato 



Sidney Abel 
Monica Adam 
Henry A. Affeldt, Jr. 
Debbie L. Anderson 
Robert Beavan 
Suzanne Brown 
Tom Carman 
Frank Coale 
Gerry James Comett 

Lyle Crippen 
Lorri Dapper 
Donna Doweary 
Migdy Faria 
Erich Fronck, Jr. 
Lori J. Graunke 
John Griffith 
Karen Grove 
Debbie Haines 
Barbara J. Haupt 
Richard Jones 
Daniel R. Klueter 
Mary Ann Kotlarich 
Giselle Kuser 
Phillip Lanzi 
Jenny N. Larsen 
Susan Lonergan 
Kathy J. MacCoU 
Tammy F. McCorkle 
Sean T. McFadden 
Mary Mead 
Arlene Nehring 
Kathy Nichter 
Diane Oakley 
Elizabeth Ogden 
Timothy Overstreet 
Geraldine Pfeiffer 
Wayne E. Phillips 
Brian H. Pickett 
Ellen Pitt 

Marleta Poffenberger 
Susan L. Portney 
Linda S. Reinhardt 
Christine Santiago 
Dan Schnurrenberger 
Ron Seibly 
Rachel A. Seifert 
Lynn Shanks 
Stan Sheridan 
Glenn Shirley 
Regina A. Smick 
Wendy Snyder 
Mary Beth Soverns 
Monica Stigliano 
Kim K. Stroud 
Laura Townshend 
Anna Tuthill 
Janet VanHorn 
Eric VanOtteren 

Quang V. Vo 
Juan-Carlos Wandemberg 
John H. Wells 
Tommy R. Willard 
Barbara. Wood 
WiUiam H. Wright IV 
Pamela Zublick 



National Scholastic and 
Professional honorary fraternity 
in Accounting. Members are 
elected on the basis of 
excellence in scholarship and 
professional service from junior 
and senior students majoring in 
Accounting in the CoUege of 
Business and Management. 

Richard Helgeson 
Sophie Sharp 


Beatrice Beaubien 

Susan Conroy 

Michael Fanaroff 

Jonathan Finglass 

Anne Fowler 

Anne Gogarty 

Harrison McCawley 

Helen Rubin 

Margaret Tulintseff 

Lori Whale n 

Kim Yashek 


Vianne Bell 

Philip Bourne 

Carroll Brian Carlin 

Philip Carrescia 

Roxana Calvo 

Robert Cohen 

Tedd Drattell 

Steven Easley 

Allan Edelson 

John Ellis 

Frederic Feinblum 

Rodney Friedland 
Pamela Gallagher 
Adam Goddard 
Michael Hackworth 
Michael Hester 
Russell HoUrah 
William King 
Brenda Kurihara 
Simcha Kuritzky 
Elizabeth Laumann 
Stuart Lawson 
Shirley Lewis 
Neil Manheimer 
Mary Maras 
David Marquardt 
Daniel MuUally 
Jeffrey Nisenoff 
Barbara Parks 
Curtis Polk 
Nina Ramo 
Ronald Rubin 
Norma Saulsbury 
Tracy Snyder 
Sharon Trease 
Eugene Walton III 
Alan Weise 



'Business Administration) 

National scholastic honorary 
soaely in business 
administration. To bt- eligible 
students must rank in the upper 
five percent of their junior class, 
upper ten percent of their senior 
class, upper twenty percent of 
their graduahng Masters of 
Business Administration class, 
or successfully complete the 
requirements for the Doctor of 
Business Administration 


Heidi Rib Brent 
Vicky Beth Heiman 
Lynn M. Puffenberger 
David B. Silber 
Bernice M. Stefanouncz 


Marc R. Birnbaum 

Jonathan M. Carson 

Donna M. Donnell 

Richard C. Durbin 

Joseph D. Furie 

Anthony E. Glass 

Patricia E. Gray 

Esther N. Hartstein 

Patrick VV. Lahti 

Robert K Miller 

Tuvetmai T. Nguyen 

Tuyetnga T. Nguyen 

Katherine Schiebinger 

Charles L. Shapiro 

Gail S. Tyeryar 

Anne M. Breitenberg 
Linda G. Caporaletti 
Carroll B. Carlin 
Sheila M. Clifford 
Barbara A. Corcoran 
Stacy Cummings, Jr. 

Michael S. Dana 
Susan M. Dedrick 
Dean H. Demeritte 
Cheryl A. Depass 
David Drahozal 
Steven M. Easley 
John S. Ellis 
Denise C. Ensor 
Melvin L. Feroe 
Michael F. Fox 
Frances D. Gill 
Adam Goddard 
Terri S. Hartman 
Bennett L. Hecht 
Martha A. Herrin 
Michael J. Hester 
Carolyn R. Johnson 
Nancy J. Kass 
Simcha L. Kuritzky 
Allen D. Kurtzman 
Eileen A. Larsen 
Stuart P. Lawson 
Terese M. Lejk 
Shirley M. Lewis 
David C. Mancini 
Neil A. Manheimer 
David VV. Marquardt 
Richard J. Morris 
Fernando Murias 
Wade M. Nye 
Terrence P. O'Rourke 
Nancy Ypin Pong 
Nina E. Ramo 
Patricia A. Reilly 
William A. Reinike 
Marc D. Rize 
Robert 1. Silverman 
Sharon D. Trease 
Susan L. Wald 


Robert S. Greenberg 
Sara M. McCue 
Debbie L. Sheff 

Richard Lynn 
Vickie McCaleb 
Michelle Trahan 
Richard L. Vogel, Jr. 

Joseph B. Milstein 
James S. Dearmon 
Michael E. Smith 

Allan Grimshaw 
Edward Morash 
David Schweiger 
Carl ZeithamI 


(Hehreic Language and Literature) 

Carla Becker 
Judith Cohen 
Eric Glushakow 
Steven Kerbel 
Michele Lane 
Robin Le\in 
Sallv Melnick 
Bahman Moussazadeh 
Sandra Nebb 
Robin Needle 
Sara Organic 
Rachel Pomerantz 
Moira Potash 
Paul Renbaum 
Louis Rosen 
Susan Rotenberg 
James Scharff 
Mclanie Schwartz 
Aviva Shapiro 
Sherry Silver 
Susan Weinreb 



Matthew J. Amodeo 
Cynthia A. Boeke 
Pat Bond 
Jacqueline Boone 
Susan L. Campbell 
Lisa M. Catapano 
Judith Cohen 
Helene S. Cohen 
Desiree Cooper 
Kimberly Crowell 
Lisa R. Flyer 
Sondra L. Forman 
Marne A. Friess 
Laurene Gallo 
Charles Ganley 
Karen Gardner 
Carol Goad 
Sandra L. Gold 
Charles Graves 
Abbe E. Harris 
Michael Heaney 
Hope L. Hirsch 
Mary Ellen Kearney 
Marcus Kostolich 
Seth Peter Loshin 
Deborah E. Mack 
Lauri S. Marden 
Gregory Marsh 
Deborah M. Messina 
Katherine Moore 
Sallev R. Morrow 
Kathleen Pearce 
Devera Pine 
Gail P. Roth 
Andrew E. Shipley 
Margaret Spencer 
Jerald F. Sperling 
Scott Strickler 
Patricia Tierney 
Laurie Ure 
Bonnie Jo Weaver 
Pava M. Wodiska 
Suzanne Yanchulis 


(December 1980, May 1981 

Hari Brown 

Stessa Cohen 

Desiree Cooper 

Jennifer Cress 

Anita Crouse 

Allan Edelson 

Erica Fisher 

Jeff Gelldum 

Ruth Goldfinger 

Fran Grega 

Curtis Hatch 

Mary Jane Inglesby, Vice 

Andy Johnson 
Ilene Knable 
Shelley Kosisky 
Rhona Lambert 
Deborah Messina 
Sherry Norrod 
Rochelle Pogust 
Patricia Pointer 
Robin Polansky 
Julie Prag 
Richard Rector 
Patricia Ryan 
Barbara Snyder 
Ann St. Aubin, Treasurer 
Laura Tang 
Pam Tontodonato 



Nancy Augustin 
Amy Abromowitz 
Gerald Emig 
Anne Cunningham Lee 
Susan Wallace 
Nancy Cameron 
Vincent Ming Leung 
Jennifer Hughes 
Robert O'Haver 

MAY 1981 

Craig Fischler 

Karen Albright 

Melissa Bernhardt 

Geraldine Williams Novak 

Dana Rosenfeld 

Kathleen Bilz 

George Lehman, Jr. 

Curtis Hatch 

John Drury 

Anthony Becker 

Eric Bonwitt 

Ray Aragon 


(National Leadership) 

Cheryl A. Aiello 
Lisa Battle 
Tony Becker 
Neal Bellet 
Carolyn Bock 
Alan M. Boyd 
Stuart Bowers 
Susan L. Campbell 
Sarah J. Clark 
Jeffrey Cleveland 
Jacqueline V. Crawford 
John Cunningham 
Tracie Duncan 
Marjorie Lee Dysart 
Alan Eisen 
Craig Froede 

Thomas E. Fenstermacher 
Cheryl Fotheringham 
Eugene C. Gamble, Jr. 
Frances Grega 
Gregory Grindstaff 
Benjamin Hecht 
Gordon M. Hawkins 
Richard Herbst 
Diana Ryder Jackson 
Nancy Kass 
Mary Jean King 
Ralph Lary 
Laura LeMire 
Greg Manning 
Kathleen Pearce 
Margaret Peterson 

Shelley Pogust 
Julie Prag 
Ruth W. Pritchard 
Julie Richards 
Dana Rosenfeld 
Martin J. Rosenstock 
David Rothman 
Karen Anne Russo 
Patricia L. Ryan 
John J. Sample 
Gregory J. Schwartz 
Helen Sue Schneider 
Khaled Sifri 
Margaret T. Spencer 
Pamela Tontodonato 
Jennifer A. Walker 
Tommy R. Willard 


(December 1980 and May 1981 

Elaine Ayres 
Joyce Beagle 
Rebecca Bitzer 
Janice Bodner 
JoAnne Boyer 
Cynthis Bryan 
Mary Cece 
Joan Chirsano 
Christine Crandell 
Anita Crouse 
Diane Cummings 
Sandra Cruickshank 
Judith Day 
Judith Durrand 
Donna Eckerson 
Laura Ganim 
Karen Elliott 
Marianne Flanagan 
Kratherine Glaser 
Susan Green 
Evelyn Guidohi 
Delfina Heaton 
Judith Holgren 
Anne Howell 
Ann Jaffin 
Judith Kissel 

Sandra Kitsoulis 
Sharon Levine 
Laura Leeson 
Valerie Liss 
Carol Magoon 
Carol Mereschak 
Ann Pennacchini 
Jill Pitasky 
Patricia Pointer 
Robin Polansky 
Esther Ratner 
Avril Rodkin 
Susan Ross 

Patricia Ryan, President 
Meggin Schlinkert 
Maureen Schulman 
Janet Silpe 
Gail Silver 
Barbara Synder 
Sareen Stepnick 
Paulette Thompson 
Patricia Voltz 
Carol Zovko 


(Liberal Arts and Sciences) 

Linda Marlene Brody 
Curtis Arthur Hatch 
Ilene Rosalind Knable 
Denis Kurgansky 
Tracy Kelley Langdon 
Lisa Anne McNey 
Jeffrey Ian Mechanick 
Martin Maxwell Norman II 
Francis Dennis SuUivan 
Laura Susan Tise 
Pamela Tontodonato 

Karen Melody Albright 
Ronald Kelvin AntiU 
Susan Kazuko Arisumi 
Michael Alan Berenhaus 
Kathleen Marie Bilz 
Steven H. Bonner 
Christopher John Bort 
Cathy L. Brice 

Laurie Jean Brigham 
Alice B. Cary 
Susan Marie Compton 
Desiree Cooper 
Jacqueline Valerie Crawford 
Margaret Mary Dellatorre 
Mark Christopher Durkin 
Lisa Paidakovich Elder 
Elke Endert 
Zev Tstvi Gershon 
Harold Hett Gillum 
Donna Marie Gomez 
Janet Ann Goodenberger 
Heather Lorraine Holt 
Joyce E. Horrigan 
Paul Yu-Yi Hsiao 
Susan Jean Holland 
David Gerard Keller 
Susan Anne King 
Joanne Leslie Kinney 
Linda Mikel Lanier 
Thomas Adolphus Lively, Jr. 
Carolyn Diane Mack 
Valerie Hadgis Matthews 
Nicolas Auden Meier 
Kevin E. Mitchell 
Patricia A. Moss 
Sandra Jean Nebb 
Allison Ann Odenthal 
David William Oldach 
Marian Joyce Oroshnik 
Julie Anne Prag 
Stuart Leonard Perry 
Kathleen Marie Phelan 
James William Pritchett 
Karen Warner Riggin 
Bradley Craig Rubin 
James Michael Russo 
Sharon Beth Samuels 
Teresa Ellen Saunders 
James Gordon Scharff 
Timothy Peter Schwartz 
Debra Beth Shapiro 
Barry Evan Silver 
Carol Ellen Snyder 
Kathleen Marie Storms 
Mark Jay Swerdlin 
Laura Anne Tang 
Kathleen Elizabeth Todd 

Laura Regina Townshend 
Irene Ann Warshaw 
Matthew Warren Westbrook 
Chou Ying Wu 


The Honor Society of Phi Kappa 
Phi is dedicated to the Unity 
and Democracy of Education 
and selects its membership from 
all fields of University study. 

It was founded in 1897 at the 
University of Maine and, now, 
as a national organization has 
over 120 chapters. 

The Society has for its sole 
purpose the recognition and 
encouragement of superior 

New members are elected 
from all schools of their 
respective universities and arc 
chosen from the upper ten 
fjercent of the graduating class. 

The efforts of Phi Kappa Phi 
are intended to further the 
fulfillment of its motto: "Let the 
Love of Learning Rule 


Steven F. Adamson 
Karen M. Albright 
Ella Mae Anderson 
John P. Antonio 
Ray Manuel Aragon 
Janet I. Baer 
Rebecca A. Barker 
Jean H. Barkley 
Kathleen M. Barlow 
Susan Shea Bartolini 
Sarah Catherine Beebe 
David L. Bennett 
Michael Alan Berenhaus 
Henry Charles Bergen III 
Robin Litman Beusse 
Betty A. Bevans 

Sheryl M. Beyer 
Keith D. Bonin 
William Rewe Bottcher 
Antoinette Marie Bram 
Anna Marie Brennan 
Barbara Brickman 
Beth Carol Bridgers 
Miranda J. Brooks 
Nanette I. Brown 
Barbara M. Bryan 
Helen White Burchell 
Denise Mary Bume 
Lance Stuart Bums 
Gayle Rene Cabral 
Charles Spencer Cake 
James Stephen Cameron 
Robert John Carbo 
Thomas E. Carender 
Alice .Beth Cary 
Donald G. Chapman 
Deborah S. Chernin 
Robert Allen Chin 
Jan Churchill 
Brewer Lee Clark 
Deborah Peerce Clement 
Sheila Mary Clifford 
Mary Jo Comer 
Margaret Rebecca Copson 111 
Brian Thompson Cox 
Diane E. Cummings 
Diane Colleen Cunningham 
Wallace A. Daniels 
Anne R. Davis 
Lisa Dawn Davis 
Patricia Ellen Davis 
Alison K. Dayton 
Aldona Terese DeBoId 
David H. Dellinger 
Donna D. DeMayo 
James E. Dietsch 
Denis J. Donnawell 
Mary Adele Donnelly 
Francine M. Dove 
David Drahozal 
Judith Durand 
Ruth E. Eckard 
Allan Edelson 
Carol Endo Bowen 
Susan Katharine Fallen 

Sheryl Lynn (Grier) Ferrucci 

Lorraine Fertsch 

Catherine M. Filipiak 

Nancy Fowler 

Carol J. Frost 

Kathleen C. Gallay 

Kim Garr 

Stephen A. Giannetti 

Audrey G. Gift 

Deborah J. Goff 

Kay Senegas Gottesman 

Charles C. Graves II 

Lily O. Green 

Matthew N. Greenberg 

Steven M. Grey 

Martin E. Gross 

Agnes A. Guenschel 

Mary Rose Guy 

Carolyn A. Habbersett 

Randall Scott Hagan 

Jennifer L. Hallmark 

Elizabeth Carter Bowers 

Shirley Lee Hauch 
Anne R. Headrick 
Janet A. Headley 
Christine Elizabeth Henry 
Darrv'l Quinn Henry 
Martha A. Herrin 
Gwen L. Hickling 
Nancy C. Higgins 
Chisato Bess Higuchi 
Frederick J. Ht>ffman 
Susan Jean Holland 
Karen A. Hope 
Edward W. Hopf, Jr. 
Stephen M. Huete 
Dennis R. Hughes 
Charles F. Hutto 
Elizabeth J. Immink 
Nancy R. Inman 
John Sherman Insley, Jr. 
Leslie Ann Ireland 
Carol Frances Issa 
James M. Jackson 
Renda Pennington James 
Betty J. Jarrett 
Mark W. Johnson 
Emory T. Jones, Jr. 


Earlene Jordan 

Steven L. Kalvan 

Thomas R. Kelly 

Afeef A. Khan 

Judith Marcia Kissel 

Karen M. Kleeman 

Paula R. Klemm 

Lynn Michele Krauss 

Edwin H. Kriel 

Denise Ann Kulik-Ciuffo 

Joan Therese Lane 

Debra Lee Lanouette 

Ivena Mae Laurenceo 

Susan A. Lebet 

Carol L. Leek 

Richard L. Leith 

Paul L. Lenker 

Norma Jean Lewis 

Patricia A. Little 

Gary L. Luckenbaugh 

Carolyn D. Mack 

Kevin Albert Malone 

Kurt Herman Mangels 

Neil A. Manheimer 

Braxton W. Mannar, Jr. 

Kevin Petersen Mansfield 

Linda AUik Marcks 

Carole Marshall 

Paula Cook Mayhew 

Deborah Roberts Maxfield 

Eileen Marie McAuliffe 

Robert A. McConnaughey 

Maureen Evelyn McDevitt 

Patricia M. McNally 

Nicole Francine Veraa Minnick 

Mary Frances Mikulski 

Gerald Francis Monnat 

Katherine A. Moore 

Susan Teresa Morris 

Doris Mozer 

Brigitte Munford 

Ramon Munoz, Jr. 

Sr. Kathleen Murphy 

Patricia E. Neach 

John Eric Nelson 

Terri Lee Nevins 

Kathryn Marie Neuman 

Patricia C. Newkirk 

Margrit Norquist 

Jeanette Elizabeth Opalensky 

Winifrede Beall Ottinger 

Donald Andre Ouimet, Jr. 

Delorah L. Palmer 

Lewis M. Parrish 

E. Vincent Patrick 

Janice L. Pepperman 

Abigail Allen Pereira 

Elaine S. Pew 

Barbara Lynn Phillips 

Donna Jean Phillips 

Virginia H. Pilato 

Devera A. Pine 

Marleta Poffenberger 

Julie Anne Prag 

Cynthia Jane Prichard 

Donna K. Pumell 

Gregg G. Raduka 

Calliopi Stavridis Ratcliff 

Richard Paul Rector 

Cathy Ann Reed 

Suzanne Reed 

Avril Frances Rodkin 

Leonard Michael Romano 

Emily S. Rosenthal 

Susan Juanita Ross 

Susan J. Lief Rotenberg 

Gail Phyllis Roth 

James M. Russo 

Judith W. Ryan 

Kiely D. Sanderson 

Clifford L. Sayre III 

Meggin Gemmill Schlinkert 

Linda Schnapp 

Daniel Ward Schnurrenberger 

Catherine M. Schorn 

Steven Glen Seleznow 

Jodi Septoff 

Vivian R. Sheidler 

Gilbert Francis Shelsby, Jr. 

Cheng-Chi Shih 

Virginia Hite ShuU 

Eric Stephen Siegel 

Deborah Kaminkow Silber 

Robert 1. Silverman 

Stephanie B. Sinar 

James J. Skolka 

Jennifer Theresa DeBlock 

Frank C. Smith 

Patricia Joyce Smith 
Carol E. Snyder 
Janet M. Sobczynski 
Joseph C. Sobus 
Adrienne Mary Solomon 
Lois I. Sowell 
Barbara A. Squires 
Vivian Rose Stahl 
Jon Jeffery Stallings 
Linda Marie Stavely 
Katherine Lecklider Stein 
David A. Steinhauer 
Todd Randall Stockslager 
Frances M. Strakna 
Janet Fornare Strock 
Richard L. Stucky 
Adele Suchinsky 
John Sullivan 
Linda L. Sundergill 
Albert W. Superczynski 
Sandra Fawn Sutherland 
Kathleen A. Swayze 
Mark Jay Swerdlin 
Marcia Dutton Talley 
Debra Gail Thomas 
Daniel Eugene Thomasson 
Victoria Thompson 
Alice Lynn Todd 
Laura Townshend 
Alan D. Tripp 
Mary Helen Twamley 
Kenneth D. Underwood 
Leslie A. Vaccari 
Carol Ann Lotz Vittek 
Theresa Ann Watson 
George Charles Wendt 
Lon G. West 
Kathryn Kostin Weston 
Mallory Brandy Wheeler 
Mary Lee Wiley 
Jane M. Williams 
N. Edwin Wilson, Jr. 
Michael Kevin Wirtz 
Donna T. Wolohojian 
Katherine S. Woodward 
Sarah C. Yates 
Denise Young 
Larry Thomas Younkins 
Suann Marie Zielinski 

Deborah A. Zirk 
Carol Joy Zweier 


(Floriculture and Ornamental 

FALL 1980 
Rene M. Albacete 
Charles J. Barrett 
Alexander T. Belano 
Linda Braun 
Donna V. Doweary 
Deirdre A. Garvey 
Marcy Ann Glover 
Philip A. Klene 
Diane E. Oakley 
Elizabeth L. Ogden 
Timothy W. Overstreet 
Regina A. Smick 
Jenifer S. Uhrlaub 

SPRING 1981 
Katherine Ballentine 
John A. Davidson 
Donna Lee DeAngelis 
Thomas Gerard Ford 
Jeffrey A. Goldman 
Janice Ann Ingwersen 
Levon Aldon LeBan 
Kevin T. Levesque 
Ellen J. Pitt 

Mary Suzanne Regeimbal 
David S. Ripley 
Deborah C. Smith 
Veronica Monique Terry 
Barbara E. Wood 



Elizabeth Allen 
Steven Bonner 
Eric Bonwit 
Denise Calderone 
Jon Callas 
Helen Charshee 
Elizabeth Chew 
Yi-Ben Doo 
Jordana Enig 


Krista Eyier 
Edith Fang 
Patricia Fong 
Zev Gershon 
Camille Corvasio 
Daniel Gillman 
lonathan Goldstone 
Dr. Richard Good 
Kenneth Groves 
Vicki Koser 
Valene Matthews 
Mar\- Merchlinsky 
Oonna Milewski 
Or. Jim Owings 
Eugene Pong 
Mark Ramage 
Scott Ramage 
Richard Rubin 
Peter Schumer 
Regina Sylto 
Quang Trenh 
Brenda Van Lunen 
Robert Webber 
lacquehne Wood 
Barbara Wright 
Dennis Zannoni 


(Mechanical Engineering) 

Rick Bingham 
Angela Cremeans 
Jay Frankel 
Lawrence Gotts 
John Paskalides 
Cynthia Smith 

MAY 1981 

Robert Barazotto, Jr. 
Gordon Belcher 
Chris Chan 
Gordon Cook 
Timothy Farrow 
David Field 
Thomas Galloway 
Donald Hirsh 
Allen Hiser 
Steve Kasakitis 
Jin Yeong Kim 
Joseph Klunder 
Joseph Kugler 
Brian Lipford 
jiGary Mosier 

Douglas Nalley 
Mark O'Clair 
Mark Rosenbach 
Amy Rovelstad 
Naji Saad 
Michael Sahm 
Stuart Siegel 
Jeff Simenauer 
Robert Stapler 
Eric Worrell 


(Aerospace Engineering) 

Kevin Gerald Bowcutf 
Christopher Martin Clark 
Brian Fred Class 
Ronald Abood Cohen 
David Wayne Cradlin 
Kathleen Yvonne Fleming 
Gregory Michael Gatlin 
David Herbert Graham 
Joel Michael Gravbeal 
Ralph Leon Lary III 

David Gerard Matuska 
Douglas Gerard Matuska 
Andre Jean Pellerito 
Tosh Alan Pott 
Mary Alexandra Sadowski 
Carl Robert Schultheisz 
John George Sekas 
Terry Wao-Tien Shen 
Kevin Lovett Smith 
Jeffr\' Spencer Snyder 
Kevin Charles Steiger 
Jack William Terpstra 
Mark Stephen Webster 
Barbara Helen Wisniewski 



Thomas W. Atwater 
Barry E. Fridling 
Joel H. Kastncr 
Carla J. Landenburger 
Randy M. Roberts 
Jeffrey R. Vanhoy 
Stephen C. Wagner 
Steven J. Walter 


Academic and 
Special Awards 

Milton Abramowitz Memorial 
Prize in Mathematics. A prize is 
awarded annually to a junior or 
senior student majoring in 
mathematics who has 
demonstrated superior 
competence and promise for 
future development in the field 
of mathematics and its 
Aiuarded to: 

Valerie Matthews 

Steven Bonner 

The Agricultural Alumni Award 
is presented to a senior who 
during his or her college career 
contributed most toward the 
advancement of the College of 
Awarded to: 

Carol Mangum 

Agricultural Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Senior Award is presented to a 
senior in Agricultural 
Engineering on the basis of 
scholastic performance, 
participation in the ASAE 
National Student Branch and 
other extracurricular activities. 
Awarded to: 
Gery J. Brinks 

The AIA Medal is awarded 
annually by the American 
Institute of Architects to a 
graduating student of 
architecture for outstanding 
overall academic achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Dan Rosenbloom 

The AIA Certificate is awarded 
annually by the American 
Institute of Architects to a 
graduating student of 
architecture for academic 
Awarded to: 
Cynthia Boyle 

The Alcoa Foundation Traffic 
Scholarship is an award of $750 
to an outstanding junior student 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Robert A. Rogowski 

The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is 
awarded annually by the Alpha 
Rho Chi fraternity for 
architecture and the allied 
professions to a graduating 
student of architecture who has 
made a distincHve contribution 
to school life, embodying the 
ideals of professional service 
and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Glen Wing 

(graduating December, 1981) 

Alpha Zeta Medal to the 
student in the College of 
Agriculture with the highest 
scholastic average at the end of 
his/her freshman year. 
Awarded to: 
Suzan Chuang 

The University of Maryland 

Outstanding Student Award, 
given annually to a senior male 
and female student in 
recognition of demonstrated 
excellence in leadership, 
citizenship and scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Kathleen Donna Pearce 

Carl Michael Stable 

Alumni Association 
Outstanding Man of the Class 
of 1981. Awarded for 
outstanding service, scholarship 
and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Carl M. Stable 

Alumni Association 
Outstanding Woman of the 
Class of 1981. Awarded for 
outstanding service, scholarship 
and leadership. 
Aivarded to: 

Kathleen D. Pearce 

American Institute of Chemists 
Award. Presented for 
outstanding scholarship in 
chemistry and for high 
Awarded to: 

Demetri Spyropoulos 

American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers 
Outstanding Junior Award is 
presented by the Washington, 
D.C. -Maryland ASAE Section 
on the basis of participation in 
the Student Branch, other 
extracurricular activities, and 
scholastic performance. 
Awarded to: 

Henry A. Affeldt, Jr. 

American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers 
Scholarship Award, provided 
by the Washington, 
D.C. -Maryland ASAE Section 
to an Agricultural Engineering 
student on the basis of 
achievement and need. 
Awarded to: 

Henry A. Affeldt, Jr. 

American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers' Student 
Honor Award is presented by 
the national society in 
recognition of conspicuous 
student activity. 
Awarded to: 

Daniel R. Klueter 

American Society of Agronomy 
Award to the outstanding 
senior graduating in Agronomy 
who has demonstrated superior 
scholarship, leadership activities 
and personal traits. 
Awarded to: 

Susan M. Yates 

American Society of Mechanical 
Engineer's Senior Award. 
Presented to the senior member 
who has contributed most to the 
local chapter. 
Awarded to: 
Eric Worrell 

James R. Anderson Award for 
High Achievement in 
Geography. Awarded to an 
outstanding undergraduate 
student in Geography. 
Awarded to: 
Francoise Roy 



"he Appleman-Norfon 
icholarship Award to a senior 
najor in recognition of 
•xcellence in Botany. 
iuiirJcd to: 
Sandra F. Sutherland 

laltimore Sunpapers journalism 
cholarships for minority 
•tudents (full tuition, room, 
KMrd, and a summer job at the 
\HHirdcii to: 

Michelle Singletary 

Milton D. C. Kent 

-larold R. W. Benjamin 
Memorial Scholarship. 
\u<arded to: 
George A. Chackulat 

3'nai B'rith Award. The B'nai 
3'rith Women of Prince Georges 
Zounty present BiK)k Awards 
''or Excellence in Hebrew 
Awarded to: 

Esther Abramowitz 

Bary M. Berger 

Joni Block 

Youssef Chaim 

Kamran E. Cohen 

Chuck Davidson 

Jack Elyanouzaden 

Alicia Feingold 

Mira Jocobovich 

Eric Kessler 

Gail A. Magat 

Daniel Manch 

Bradford M. Tepper 

Amy Windnueller 

J. Y. Bryan Prize for 
Investigative Reporting and 
Interpretative Photography of 
Awarded to: 

Robyn Quinter, 

liivifti^ativc Ri-porting 

Sherry Conrad, 

Interpretative Photography 

Business Education Award to 
Merit. Presented to a student in 
Business Education in 
recognition of outstanding 
achievement as a student. 
AuHirdfd to: 

Kathleen S. Peters 

Harry C. Byrd Award. 
Presented annually to the 
outstanding senior male who 
has typified the model student 
and contributed significantly to 
student interests and concerns. 
Aioarded to: 

Martin J. Rosenstock 

Sally S. Byrd Award. Presented 
annually to the outstanding 
female who has typified the 
model student and who has 
contributed significantly to 
student interests and concerns. 
Aioarded to: 
Lisa P. Battle 

Career and Awards Day 
Outstanding Seniors (Human 
Awarded to: 

Judith Marcia Kissel (FMCD) 

Jane Grill (FNIA) 

Donna Marie Mahoney 


Rebecca Righlor (TXCE) 

The Margaret C. Carthy Prize. 
Awarded annually to the 
graduating General Studies 
student who most exemplifies 
the goals of scholarship, 
creativity in program design, 
and commitment to the goals of 
General Studies. 
Awarded to: 

Debra J. Kaderabek 

Chemical Society of Washington 


Awarded to: 

Ms. Kristen Kay Johnson 

Dr. Ernest N. Cory Scholarship. 
This award is made annually to 
an outstanding junior or senior 
recommended by the College of 
Agriculture, preferably one 
majoring in Entomology. 
Aicarded to: 

Ms. Kathryn Lorenzen 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during 
the last year. 
Awarded to: 

Susan M. Daniels 

Matthew J. Henry 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food 
Association Scholarship to a 
student who has shown a 
versatile background and an 
active interest in Agronomy and 
soil fertility work deserving of 
Awarded to: 

Steven L. Oberle 

Terry L. Purkable 

Delta Nu Alpha, Chesapeake 
Chapter No. 23 Scholarship. An 
award of $450 to an outstanding 
member of the University of 
Maryland chapter majoring in 
Transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Aioarded to: 

William G. Schaub 

Delta Nu Alpha, Washington 
Chapter No. 84 Scholarship. An 
award of $450 to an outstanding 
member of the University of 
Maryland chapter majoring in 
Transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

George H. Jelly I 

William A. Reinike 

Education Alumni Award. 
Presented to the outstanding 
senior man and senior woman 
in the College of Education. 
Aioarded to: 

Carol M. Miller, 

Special Education 

Dennis W. Seibert, 

hidustnai Educatwn 

Wilson H. Elkins Citizenship 


Awarded to: 

D. Stuart Bowers 

Engineering Alumni Service 
Award to a senior. 
Awarded to: 

Jennifer D. Carter 

Engineering Alumni Student 
Achievement Award. 
AuHirded to: 

Laura Ellen LeMire 


Engineering Alumni Dean's 
Awarded to: 
Ralph L. Lary 

The Lester M. Fraley Honor 
Award to a Junior or Senior 
student of outstanding character 
majoring in the College of 
Physical Education, Recreation, 
and Health who has 
demonstrated concern for 
citizenship and has shown 
superior scholarship in the 
Awarded to: 

Kathryn Ann Deacon 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of the 
Maryland State Golf AssociaHon 
to six students in Agronomy 
displaying academic 
proficiency, participation in 
extracurricular activities, and 
who have an active interest in 
golf turf work. 
Awarded to: 

Jean Buker 

Timothy Hoff 

John M. Krouse 

Thomas J. Ryan 

Thomas Walsh 

Susan M. Yates 

The General Honors 
Best Projects Awards. 
Awarded to: 


William Yurcik 

Honorable Mention, 
Robert Rosenbloom 
Alan Spangler 

Robert Rosenbloom 

Honorable Mention, 
Mary Jean King 
Donna Messersmith 

Arne Hansen Memorial Award: 
for the outstanding senior in 
Departmental Honors in 
Awarded to: 

Anca M. Segall 

William Randolph Hearst 
journalism scholarships of $500 
each to outstanding journalism 
students: donated by the 
Baltimore News American. 
Awarded to: 

Susan Lynne Campbell 

Timothy M. Kelly 

Helene S. Cohen 

Eileen Colclough 

Andrew Shipley 

Kelcey Ann Koiwopa 

Audrey Barnes 

Laura Blomberg 

Brett Ferrigan 

Seth Peter Loshin 

Charles Pope 

Peter James West 

Steven J. Gorman 

Tyler Ward 

William Randolph Hearst 
Writing Contest winner, 10th 
place in campus personality 
category, $100 awarded through 
national competition. 
Awarded to: 
Sean Lonergan 

Robert M. Higginbotham 
Memorial Award. Awarded to 
an outstanding student (junior) 
majoring in mathematics. 
Awarded to: 
Ravi Boppana 

The Homeland Garden Club of 
Baltimore. A book award 
presented annually to the 
graduating senior with the 
highest scholastic average in the 
Floriculture and Ornamental 
Horticulture option in 
Awarded to: 

Diane E. Oakley 

The Joseph Houppert Memorial 
Shakespeare Prize is awarded 
annually to the University of 
Maryland undergraduate 
student who submits the best 
essay on Shakespeare. 
Awarded to: 
David L. Shroder 


Outstanding Senior, 
Department of Family and 
Community Development 
Awarded to: 

Judith Marie Kissel 

Outstanding Senior, 
Department of Food, Nutrition 
and Institution Administration 
Awarded to: 
Jane Grill 

Outstanding Senior, 
Department of Housing and 
Applied Design: 
Awarded to: 

Donna Marie Mahoney 

Outstanding Senior, 
Department of Textiles and 
Consumer Economics Award: 
Awarded to: 

Rebecca Rightor 

Human Ecology Distinguished 
Alumni Award. 
Awarded to: 

Ms. Odonna Mathews 

Jay Jackson Scholarship of $500 
awarded to an outstanding 
journalism student. 
Awarded to: 
Gail Roth 

The Joe Elbert James Memorial 
Award. A gold watch annually 
awarded to the graduating 
senior in horticulture on the 
basis of scholarship and 
promise of future achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Edward P. Dumer 

Journal Newspapers, Inc. 
scholarships of $500 each to an 
outstanding journalist from 
Montgomery and Prince 
George's counties. 
Awarded to: 

William Maier, 
Prince George's County 
Deborah M. Messina, 
Montgomery County 


Zollege of Journalism 
-.cholarships of $500 each. 
\wiiriicd hr 

Theodore Ewanciw 

Anthony Pipitone 

'rofessor C. R. Karp Award in 
memory of Carol R. Karp. 
\warded to an undergraduate 
student who has shown 
•excellence in mathematics and 
ihe philosophy of mathematics. 
Awarded to: 
Mary Flather 

rhc Alice Morgan Love 
Scholarship Fund is awarded to 
he Physical Education major 
.vho best exhibits the qualities 
jf scholarship, leadership, and 
>3tential as a physical educator. 
/Awarded to: 

Belinda M. Van Bavel 

Daniel R. Hewins 

Zharles Manning Prize in 
Zreative Arts. Awarded 
innuallv to a University of 
Vlar\iand student for 
jchievement in the creative or 
performing arts. 
Awarded to: 
Mary Jean King 

Vlaryland Council for 
Exceptional Children. 
Awarded to: 
Carol Pfisler 

Vlar\land Electrification Council 
Scholarship Award is presented 
to Agricultural Engineering 
students on the basis of 
achievement and need. 
Awarded to: 

Henrv A. Affeldt, Jr. 

Mark M. Wilsnack 

The Isabel McDonald Memorial 
Award is given to a deserving 
graduate student in 
Awarded to: 

Jennifer A. Anderson 

Merck Index Awards 


Aii'arded to: 

Mr. Afief-Affi Ahmad Khan 
Mr. Adin Tyler Putnam 111 
Ms. Ten Lynn Vossler 

Montgomery County Press 
Association scholarship of 
$1,000 to an outstanding 
journalism student who is a 
resident of Montgomery 
Aivarded to: 
Nancy Nickell 

Marie Mount Scholarship 
(Human Ecology). 
AiiHirded to: 

Rebecca Harrison 

The Andrew J. Moyer Memorial 
Award is given to a deserving 
student in Microbiology. 
Aioarded to: 

Robert C. Jambou 

The Newspaper Fund, Inc. 
scholarship of $7(X1 for minority 
graduate student whi) will 
pursue career in newspaper 
profession awarded in national 
Aioarded to: 

Denise Cabrera 

The Newspaper Fund, Inc. 
scholarship of $300 for 
undergraduate student who will 
pursue a career in newspaper 
profession awarded in national 
Aioarded to: 

Michelle Johnson 

Omicron Nu Award. This 
honorary society awards a 
medal annually to the freshman 
woman in the College of 
Human Ecology who attains the 
highest scholastic average 
during the first semester. 
Aioarded to: 

Winifrede Ottinger 

Parker Shirling Turfgrass 
Scholarship of the Maryland 
Turfgrass Association to a 
student demonstrating 
academic proficiency in 
Agronomy, participation in 
extracurricular activities, and an 
active interest in commercial 
turf work. 
Awarded to: 

Elizabeth A. Hirsh 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., 
Scholarship. An award of $.3tX) 
to an outstanding student 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
James P. Glickert 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award. 
Presented to the senior in 
Mechanical Engineering who 
has made the most outstanding 
contribution to the University. 
Awarded to: 
Eric Worrell 

Dr. John T. Portz 
General Honors Award. 
Aioarded to: 

Robert Rosenbloom 

Daniel Bamett 

The Augustus J. Prahl 
Fellowship in German is 
awarded for scholarly 
achievement to the outstanding 
Graduate Student in German 
during the current year. 
Awarded to: 
Rolf Coebel 

The Prince George's County 
Alumni Club James Douglas 
Goddard Memorial Medal, 
given annually to the 
outstanding senior male and 
female student residing in the 
county in recognition of 
excellence in scholarship and 
moral character. 
Awarded to: 

Mary Jean King 

Neil A. Manheimer 

Maryland Professional Chapter, 
Public Relations Society of 
America, scholarship of $250. 
Awarded to: 

Elizabeth Gibbons 

Leiand E. and Catherine B. 
Scott Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in 
Awarded to: 

Michael A. Marcotrigiano 

Scripps-Howard Foundation 
scholarships of $500. 
Awarded to: 

Susan L. Campbell 

Kathleen Hensley 

Joseph Raeder 



The Shipleys of Maryland 
Award to the Graduating 
History Major with the best 
academic record. 
Awarded to: 

James Phillip Corless 

Darla Treat Courtney 

Sigma Alpha lota Honor 
Certificate (Music). Awarded to 
the senior with the highest 
scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 

Katherine Lou Belzer 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award 
for the outstanding senior in 
Awarded to: 

Joanne L. Kinney 

Sigma Delta Chi Herman Lowe 
scholarships, Washington 
Professional Chapter, Sigma 
Delta Chi/Society of 
Professional Journalists 
scholarships of $1,750. 
Awarded to: 

Tineke Haase 

Timothy M. Kelly 

Deborah M. Messina 

Maryland Professional Chapter, 
Sigma Delta Chi, scholarship of 
$100 to an outstanding 
news-editorial journalist. 
Aioarded to: 

Karen L. Gardner 

Sigma Delta Pi Award. 
Presented by the Department of 
Spanish and Portuguese to the 
graduating member of Sigma 
Delta Pi (National Spanish 
Honor Society) who has 
rendered the greatest service to 
the Delta (University of 
Maryland) Chapter. 
Aioarded to: 

Alicia Marie Bascufiana 

Sigma Xi Research Excellence 
Award for Graduate Students. 
Awarded to: 

Luke A. Pallansch 

Dr. Leo and Rita Sklar 
General Honors Award. 
Aioarded to: 

Daniel Dietrick 

David Fram 

Margaret Hoyert 

Susan McManis 

Jeffrey Mechanick 

Hae-Kyung Nam 

Excellence in the Study of 


Awarded to: 

Teresa Ellen Saunders 

Dr. Mabel S. Spencer 
Scholarship. This scholarship is 
awarded in honor of Dr. 
Spencer, distinguished former 
professor in the College of 
Education. A preference shall be 
given to students in Home 
Economics Education. 
Awarded to: 

Constance Beck 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship 
Fund. An award of $250 to an 
outstanding student majoring in 
Transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Marybeth Lucco 

Theatre Patrons Association 
Scholarship Awards. 
FALL 1980 

Alan S. Eisen 

John D. Freed 

David Rothman 

SPRING 1981 

Karen Gail Kessler 
Ruth Wells Pritchard 
Karen Russo 

Homer Ulrich Performance 
Awards (Music). 
Undergraduate: Piano, Voice, 
Instruments. Graduate: Piano, 
Voice, Instruments. 
Awarded to: 

Harriet Marlene Kaplan 

Undergraduate Award for 
Excellence in History. 
Awarded to: 

Brian David Hyland 

Women's Transportation 
Seminar Scholarship. An award 
of $100 to an outstanding I 

student majoring in ' 

Transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Christine Orzechowski 



special Athletic 

rhe Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophy for the unsung hero of 
the current season. 
4uvjriit"ii to: 
Scott Fanz 

A.C.C. Plaque to a senior for 
excellence in scholarship and 
Awarded to: 
Christopher T. Orsbome 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Trophy to the outstanding 
offensive back of the year. 
Mi'ardcd to: 
Eric Sievers 

lohn T. Bell Swimming Award 
to the outstanding swimmer or 
Awiudcd to: 
Kirk Sanocki 

The George C. Ccx)k Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a 
member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic 
AllHirded to: 

Ralph L. Lary III 

Geary F Eppley Award to the 
graduating male senior athlete, 
who during his four years of 
varsity competition, lettered at 
least once and attained the 
highest over-all scholastic 
Awarded to: 
James D. Hage 

Tom Fields Award to the most 
important member of the Cross 
Country team based on the 
qualities of leadership, 
dedication to excellence, 
attitude and personal 
AuHirded to: 
Martin Green 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to the 
most valuable football player. 
AuHirdcd to: 
Lloyd Burruss 

The Maryland Ring to the senior 
resident of Maryland who is 
adjudged the best athlete of the 

Atoarded to: 
James K. Shaffer 

William R. Campbell Swimming 
Trophv to the senior letterman 
who has contributed most to 
Awarded to: 

George Carpouzis 

University of Maryland Alumni 
Swimming Association Scholar 
Athlete Award to the swimmer 
who has compiled the best 
combination of academic and 
aquatic records. 
Aioarded to: 

John Cunningham 

Silvester Watch typifying the 
best in athletics. 
Awarded to: 

James K. Shaffer 


The Charles Leroy Mackert 
Trophy offered by William E. 
Krouse to the Maryland student 
who has contributed most to 
wrestling while at the 
University of Maryland. 
Awarded to: 

Kevin Colabucci 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 
Trophy to the outstanding 
wrestler of the year. 
Aioarded to: 

Kevin Colabucci 

James M. Tatum Award to the 
outstanding Tackle on the 
football team. 
Awarded to: 

Edward J. Gall, Jr. 

A. V. Williams Award for the 
Mar\'land football player who 
has exhibited outstanding and 
conspicuous sportsmanship 
during the year. 
Awarded to: 
Eric S. Sievers 





Taylor Baldwin 
Ernest Graham 
Pete Holbert 
Reggie Jackson 
Albert King 
Greg Morley 
Greg Manning 
Charles Pittman 
Steve Rivers 
Jon Robinson 
Herman Veal 

Cross Country 

John Green 

Martin Green 

John J. Kelchner 

Per Erling Kristoffersen 

Wayne Morris 

Michael Trunkes 


Edward J. Aulisi 
Joseph M. Aulisi 
Christopher J. Barbiasz 
Todd F. Benson 
Les C. Boring 
Gurnest Brown 
Lloyd E. Burruss, Jr. 
Bruce Byrom 
Jan F. Carinci 
Michael F. Carney 
Dale E. Castro 
Michael J. Corvino 
David J. D'Addio 
Brent A. Dewitz 
Mark D. Duda 
Howard L. Eubanks 
Scott Fanz 
Richard J. Fasano 
Edward J. Gall 
Robert R. Gioia 
Peter J. Glamp 
Christopher A. Havener 
Samuel L. Johnson III 
Frank S. Kolencik 
Alan B. Fishman, manager 

Neil Biegel, manager 
Jeffrey Hathaway, manager 
John Kreider 
Robert C. Larkin 
Ralph L. Lary III 
Michael A. Lewis 
Kyle D. Lorton 
Samuel P. Medile 
Robert M. Milkovich 
Michael C. MuUer 
John L. Nash 
David W. Pacella 
Brian J. Riendeau 
Jeffrey L. Rodenberger 
J. Spencer Scriber, Jr. 
Bradley D. Senft 
Jethro A. Senior 
Eric S. Sievers 
John K. Tice 
Michael P. Tice 
Vince Tomasetti 
Steven G. Trimble 
Gregory Vanderhout 
Martin H. Van Horn 
Harry A. Venezia 
A. Joseph Wilkins 
Mark J. Wilson 
Wayne T. Wingfield 
Charles D. Wysocki 
Patrick J. Zillman 


Brian Barbazette 
Steve Bennet 
Pete Bourne 
John Carlson 
Brian Feeney 
John Fink 
Ed Gauss 
James Hudik 
Craig Jackson 
Chris Karvellas 
Sidney Kaufman 
Tony Martella 
Mark MacLaughlin 
Ernest Mahone 
Kenan McCoy 

Kirk MiUer 
Patrick Nelson 
George Reid 
Tim Reynolds 


Michael Alderson 
William Bartle 
Greg Blasic 
George Carpouzis 
John Cunningham 
Andrew Desjardins 
Mark Gillies 
Steven Goldhirsh 
William Kaarid 
Roger Masse 
Robert Nevendorf 
Kirk Sanocki 
David Welsh 
James Wenhold 


Rodney Caldwell 
Todd Camel 
Kevin Colabucci 
Reggie Fletcher 
Ty Hall 
Tom Jones 
Steve McGovern 
John Rindos 
Randy Thompson 


Ernest Graham 
Albert King 
Greg Manning 


Christopher J, Barbiasz 
Todd Benson 
Lloyd E. Burruss 
Bruce Byrom 
Jan F. Carinci 
Michael F. Carney 
Dale E. Castro 
Scott H. Fanz 
Richard J. Fasano 
Edward J. Gall 
Peter J. Glamp 
Chris A. Havener 
Samuel L. Johnson 
Robert C. Larkin 
Ralph Lary 
Kyle D. Lorton 
Samuel P. Medile 
Bradley D. Senft 
Jethro A. Senior 
Eric S. Sievers 
Michael P. Tice 
Steven G. Trimble 
Marlin H. Van Horn 


Brian Feeney 
Craig Jackson 
Sidney Kaufman 
Kenan McCoy 


Greg Blasic 
George Carpouzis 
John Cunningham 
William Kaarid 
Robert Schlecht 


Kevin Colabucci 



jovemor's Cup. Offered each 
'ear by His Excellency, the 
lovemor of Maryland, and 
jwarded to the cadet chosen by 
he Detachment Staff as the 
radet of the Year. 
KuvrJcd to: 
Larry Edwards 

fhe American Legion 
'Outstanding Senior" Award, 
'resented to the cadet best 
described as the Outstanding 
■?OTC Senior. 
Awarded to: 
Colleen MacDonald 

Daughters of American 
Revolution. Presented to a 
Senior Cadet who is in the 
ppper 25 percent of both the 
«OTC class and the University, 
ind who demonstrates high 
qualities of dependability, good 
:haracter, adherence to military 
discipline, and leadership. 
Awarded to: 
Stephen Woodward 

Air Force Association Award. 
Presented to the outstanding 
Senior Cadet who has excelled 
in Field Training, possesses 
outstanding individual 
leadership characteristics, ranks 
in the upper 10 percent of the 
class in the University and the 
upper 5 percent of ROTC class 
and has outstanding promotion 
Awarded to: 

Adin T. Putnam 

Disabled American Veterans 
Award. Presented each year to 
the Senior Cadet who has 
demonstrated outstanding 
leadership, scholarship, and 
Awarded to: 

Kevin ). Bacon 

Commandant of Cadets Award. 
Presented to a Senior Cadet for 
outstanding performance as a 
Support Officer. This cadet 
most successfully exemplifies 
the "Complete Staff Officer." 
AuHirded to: 

Kevin Kummer 

The Professor of Aerospace 
Studies Award. Presented to 
the Senior Cadet who has done 
the most to further the image of 
AFROTC at both the University 
and National level. 
Awarded to: 

Ormond K. Adams 

Professor of Aerospace Studies 
Special Recognition. 
AnHirded to: 

Kevin J. Bacon 

Audrey M. Dale 

Michael P. Howe 

Colleen M. MacDonald 

The Alumni Cup. Presented to 
the Senior Cadet who has 
achieved the highest cumulative 
grade point average, while at 
the same time demonstrating 
the highest degree of officer 
Awarded to: 

Adin T. Putnam 

The American Legion ROTC 
Scholastic Award. Presented 
each year to an outstanding 
Senior (Gold Award) who is in 
the upper 10 percent of the class 
in the University and the upper 
25 percent of thi? ROTC class, 
and who has demonstrated high 
qualities in military leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Adin T. Putnam 

American Defense Preparedness 
Associahon Award. Presented 
to the outstanding Senior Cadet 
who has received no grade in 
the advanced ROTC courses 
less than B, is in the upper 20 
percent of total senior 
enrollment at the University of 
Maryland, has participated 
actively in athletics and/or 
campus activities, and has 
demonstrated outstanding 
leadership qualities. 
Awarded to: 

Joseph R. McNeil 

The American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Awards. Presented each year to 
a Senior (Gold Award) in the 
upper 25 percent of the ROTC 
class, and who has 
demonstrated outstanding 
qualities in military leadership, 
discipline and character. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Nostrand 

Military Order of World Wars 
Award. Presented to Aerospace 
Studies cadets recognized as the 
most improved within his class. 
Awarded to: 

Salvatore Gennaci 

George M. Reiley Award. 
Presented to the member of the 
flight instruction program who 
shows the highest aptitude for 
flying, as demonstrated by his 
or her performance in the 
Awarded to: 

Von Dreele Lohr 

Armed Forces Communications 
and Electronics Association 
Award. Presented to the 
outstanding senior cadet who is 
preparing for a career in this 
technical area and has 
demonstrated outstanding 
qualities of military leadership, 
high moral character, and 
definite aptitude for military 
Awarded to: 

Marc P. Melucas 

Society of American Military 
Engineers ROTC Award 
Nomination. The cadet selected 
for this national award is 
recognized as one of 20 
outstanding AFROTC senior 
cadets pursuing an engineering 
curriculum. Award recognizes 
outstanding academic 
performance and professional 
officer potential. 
Cadet nominated: 
Frank C. Vogel III 

The Reserve Officers 
Association Award. Presented 
to the Senior Cadet (Gold 
Award) who demonstrates 
outstanding academic 
achievement in AFROTC 
subject matter and highest 
officer potential. 
Atoarded to: 

Michael P. Howe 


Cole Field 
House Seating 

Section 1: 

Agricultural and Life 

Arts and Humanities 

Section 2: 

Graduate School 
Behavioral and Social 

Section 3: 

Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health 
Human Ecology 
Business and Management 

Section 4: 

Undergraduate Studies 

Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences and Engineering 



main entrance 

& exits 



Hvision of Agricultural 
nd Life Sciences 

()//(;v;t' of A\;ruultun' 

Mall, South of Symons 

HalKBad Weather: 1107 

Shriver Laboratory) 

1216 H. J. 

Patterson Hall 
hcmiitry & Biochemistry 

1407 Chemistry Building 

2300 Symons Hall 

0113 H. J. 

Patterson Hall 

0200 Skinner Hall 

1200 Zoology-Psychology 


division of Arts and 

■cHmI of Arcliitccturc 

0204 Architecture Building 
'.ollege of journalism 

Lobby, Journalism 

\mcricait Studies 

2140 Taliaferro Hall 

Atrium, Art-Sociology 

llassical Lan^ua}(cs 

4218 Foreign Languages 

Zomparatii'e Literature 

4220 Foreign Languages 

' 1116 EE Building, Dance 



1119 Taliaferro Hall 

3120 Foreign Languages 

German & Russian 

3213 Foreign Languages 


2119 Francis Scott Key 


Recital Hall, 1125Tawes 

Fine Arts Building 

1131 Skinner Hall 

2215 Foreign Languages 

Communication Arts and 
TheatrelRadio, Telei'ision & 

North Colonnade, 

Tawes Fine Arts Building 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

College of Business and 

Atrium, Student Union 
Afro-American Studies 

2i69F Social Sciences 

1107 Woods Hall 
Criminology and Law 

2205 Social Sciences 

1101 Tydings Hall 

Lecture Hall, Social 


Gcrvernment and Politics 

2181 Social Sciences 
Hearing and Speech Sciences 

0208 Social Sciences 
Information Systems 

1179 Social Sciences 

1240 Zoology-Psychology 


2108 Art -Sociology 

Urban Studies 

Lecture Hall, Social 


Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

College of Education 

Harold R. W. Benjamin 

Building (unless otherwise 


Counseling and 
Personnel Services, 

Early Childhood- 
Elementary Education, 

Education Policy, 
Planning, and 
Administration, 3115 
Industrial Education, 
3101 J. M. Patterson 

Institute for Child 
Study, 3304 
Secondary Education, 

Special Education, 1240 
College of Human Ecology 

Maryland Room, 

Marie Mount Hall 

College of Library and 
Information Sen'ices 

Faculty Lounge, 

Hornbake Library 
College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

1312 PERH Building 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

College of Engineering 

Grand Ballroom, 

Student Union 
Computer Science 

3326 Computer Science 


Lobby, Bureau of Mines 

Physics & Astronomy 

1410-1412 Physics 

Physical Sciettces 

1410-1412 Physics 


Undergraduate Studies 
General & Individual 

Main Lobby, 
Hornbake Library 


A Walking Tour 

through the 

College Park Campus 

There are many interesting 
educational and research 
facilities on the College Park 
Campus. We have selected 
some of these that you may 
wish to visit along a walking 
tour. These facilities are open 
on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 
4:30 p.m., except where noted. 
You are welcome to tour them 
at your leisure. Other points of 
interest on campus may be 
toured by appointment through 
the phone extension listed after 
each facility. For general 
information, call the Student 
Union Information Center 


(BLDG. 009) Regents Drive. A 
schedule of multidenomina 
tional services can be obtained 
in the North Administration 

Regents Drive. This facility 
houses the Admissions Office of 
the University; Office of the 
Registrar for graduate 
transcripts and commencement 
information; and offices for 
student financial aid, housing, 
and campus employment. 

(BLDG. 147) Corner of Regents 
and Campus Drives. Completed 
in 1973, the library is one of the 
finest in the nation. In addition 
to serving undergraduate 
students, it also houses at the 
graduate level the College of 
Library and Information 

UNION — (BLDG. 163) Campus 
Drive. A new addition to the 
Student Union was completed 
in 1972. You can obtain a 
building directory and 
schedules of events and 
activities at the information 
desk in the front lobby. Guided 
tours are available (with one 
day's notice) to the bowling 
alleys, billiard room, ballroom, 
cafeterias, motion picture 
theatre, and exhibits. 

(BLDG. 162) Campus Drive. 
With a seating capacity of 14,500 
the Arena of Cole Field House is 
used for basketball games, 
classes in physical education, 
commencements, concerts, 
academic testing, track, and 
many other indoor activities. 
Other areas of the building 
contain small gymnasiums, a 
swdmming pool, classrooms, 
faculty offices, a ticket booth for 
athletic events, and the 
Department of Intercollegiate 

— (BLDG. 141) Campus Drive. 
Offices of the departments of 
communication arts and theatre 
and the department of music 
are housed in this building. 
University Theatre is also 
located here, adjacent to 
Parking Lot #1. 


(BLDG. 145) Campus Drive. 
You are invited to walk through 
this facility and view displays of 
student architectural designs 
and the faculty-designed 
sculpture in the West Court. 

Tours by 

EDUCATION. The Center of 
Adult Education is a residential 
conference facility for 
continuing education for adults. 
Tours can be arranged by calling 

LIBRARY. McKeldin contains 
materials for the use of graduate 
students and faculty as well as 
undergraduates. (Ext. 5704) 

games, lacrosse games, and 
track and field events are held 
in this stadium which holds 
45,000 spectators. (Ext. 4705) 


is held on the 5th and 20th of 
each month at 8:00 p.m. E.S.T. 
for the general public. Large 
groups may call for reservations 
at 454-3001. 

oldest building on the College 
Park Campus, Rossborough Inn 
is open to the public for lunch 
from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 
(Ext. 3940) 





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