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S» 'm^^ 

Message to 
the Graduates 

We are gathered here today to honor some 3,700 graduates 
from more than 200 fields of intellectual study. 

You and your families should be extremely proud of the 
dedication and perseverance each of you has exhibited in 
order to be present here today. You selected a goal and 
stayed with it to successfuj completion. Congratulations. 

The primary purpose of a,university is to help 
individuals acquire the knowledge and skills to be capable 
of making sound judgments and contributing to the overall 
advancement of society, ifi particular, a university must 
work to create an environment conducive to the discovery, 
critical examination, preservation and transmission of 
knowledge, wisdom and values. Therefore, a university 
must be judged, not only by your accomplishments, which 
we honor today, but also by your success in working to 
improve the quality of life which ultimately ensures the 
survival of present and future generations. 

As you embark on a new frontier of life, we hope you 
will maintain contact with your University. By your past 
experiences and valuable suggestions, we are best able to 
discover how to improve our service to the students who 
follow you, to the citizens of the community, the state and 
the nation. 

This is the final commencement that I will preside over. It 
has been my pleasure during the past seven years to see 
many students complete their studies and move into 
society. It has been an honor to serve them and you as 
chancellor. Next year I will return to the faculty here at 
College Park. 

Best of luck and every good wish for the future. We hope 
to hear from you often. 

R.L. Gluckstern 

Order of 

May 14, 1982 
10:00 a.m. 

Cole Student Activities 


Dr. Robert L. Gluckstern 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Robert F. McCleary 
Assistant Professor 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


Rabbi Robert Saks 


Jewish Student Center 

The National Anthem 
Led by Dr. Roger Folstrom 


Dr. John S. Toll 


University of Maryland 

Peter ¥. O'Malley 
Chairman, Board of Regents 

Musical Selection 

The Battle Hymn of the Republic 

Arranged by Ringwald 

University of Maryland 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Conductor, Dr. Folstrom 


Dr. John B. Slaughter 


National Science Foundation 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Toll, Honorary Degrees 
Dr. Gluckstern 

Remarks to Graduates 

Henry A. Affeldt, Jr. 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Gluckstern 


The Reverend 
Robert Keffer 
Catholic Student Center 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

The Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Maryland Victory Song 

Maryland we're all behind you 

Wave high the Black and Gold 

For there is nothing half so 


As to see our men victorious. 

We've got the team, boys 

We've got the steam, boys 

So keep on fighting, don't give 


Maryland will win. 



The College Park Campus 
and The University 

The Graduates 

The students graduating from the University of Maryland 
today follow in the footsteps of many notable UM 
graduates who have distinguished themselves in fields as 
diverse as science, the arts, entertainment, journalism, 
business, law, medicine and government. 

Through Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and others Jim 
Henson conveys a refreshing form of entertainment that 
touches the hearts of young and old alike. By the time he 
graduated from UM in 1960, Henson was developing 
successful TV commercials in the area. "The Muppet 
Show," created in 1976, is syndicated on about 125 stations 
in the U.S. and is seen in some 40 other countries. 

The first woman elected to the Supreme Court of 
Michigan, Mary Stallings Coleman has been influential in 
developing many innovative programs for juvenile welfare. 
A 1935 Arts and Sciences graduate of UM, Coleman is a 
firm believer in rehabilitation and crime prevention and has 
established pre-court services for children in danger of 
becoming school drop-outs and education programs for 
underprivileged mothers in an effort to curb child abuse in 

Known as one of the youngest graduates of the 
University, Charles Fefferman received a joint degree in 
mathematics and physics in 1966 at age 17. One of the 
world's top mathematicians, Fefferman received the Fields 
Medal, the most prestigious award a mathematician can 
receive. He is currently a professor of mathematics at 

In the field of consumer affairs, UMCP graduate 
Meredith M. Fernstrom, rates as one of the nation's top 
experts on consumer issues. She is currently American 
Express Company's new Vice President for Consumer 
Affairs, and before that she served as the Special Assistant 
to the Secretary and Director of Consumer Affairs in the 
U.S. Department of Commerce. 

Other outstanding UM graduates include Connie Chung, 
a 1969 journalism graduate, who anchors the news at 
KNXT-TV in Los Angeles; Carmen Balthrop, a Metropolitan 
Opera singer and 1971 UMCP Music Alumna; and Tom 
McMillen, a 1974 Arts and Sciences graduate and Rhodes 
Scholar, who is playing professional basketball for the 
Atlanta Hawks. 

The Campus 

In enrollment. College Park is among the 10 largest 
campuses in the country. Undergraduates enrolled in 
spring 1982 numbered 27,540 and graduate students, 6,892 
for a total enrollment of 34,432. This year's College Park 
operating budget is approximately $196,635,052. The 
University assisted over 13,000 College Park students with 
financial aid in 1980-81. 

Students may choose from 115 undergraduate and 84 
graduate programs leading to degrees. In 1980-81, a total of 
5,616 undergraduate, 1,063 master's and 347 doctorate 
degrees were awarded by the College Park Campus. In the 
number of doctorates granted annually, the University 
ranks among the top 30 in the nation. 


The University had its beginnings in 1807 with the 
establishment in Baltimore of the College of Medicine, an 
entirely faculty-owned institution granting the M.D. degree 
When its name was changed to the University of Maryland 
five years later, it was given power to confer additional 
degrees. The first dental school in America, the Baltimore 
College of Dental Surgery, became a part of the University 
in 1840. 

Subsequently, the University opened schools of 
pharmacy, law and nursing. Under a charter secured by a 
group of Maryland planters in 1856, the College Park 
Campus of the University, then called the Maryland 
Agricultural College, opened in 1859 and became one of thi 
original land-grant schools in 1865. After a disastrous fire ii 
1912, the State acquired control of the College and bore the 
cost of rebuilding. In 1920, the State took over the faculty- 
owned University of Baltimore, merging it with the State- 
owned institution at College Park to form the present-day 
University of Maryland. 

In 1886, the Delaware Conference Academy was founded 
by the Methodist Church in Princess Anne, Maryland. The 
State acquired this institution in 1948, at which time it 
became known as Maryland State College. It was made a 
campus of the University in 1970, and is known as the 
University of Maryland, Eastern Shore (UMES). The 
University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) was 
opened at Catonsville in 1966. 


University libraries include approximately 1.5 million 
volumes on the College Park Campus, 16,737 subscriptions 
to periodicals and newspapers, plus over a million 
microform units. 

The Hornbake (Undergraduate) Library has a seating 
capacity of 3,600 students and is among the nation's largest. 
Facilities include color video-tape players and playback 
units, enclosed rooms equipped with instructors' consoles 
for the use of nonprint media materials, and wireless stereo 
headsets for tapes of lectures, plays, speeches and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities on Campus are: 
scanning electron microscopes; subsonic, supersonic, and 
hypersonic wind tunnels; laboratories for radiation research 
and biochemical reactions; a nuclear training reactor; an 
electron ring accelerator; complete laboratories for the 
dynamic studies of soils and structures; a unique facility 
utilizing satellite remote sensing data; a dynamic 
photomechanics lab; a precision encoder and pattern 
recognition device; a gravitational radiation detection 
system including a gravimeter and three retroreflector 
arrays on the moon; a psychopharmacology lab; rotating 
tanks for laboratory studies of meteorological phenomena; a 
linear accelerator; a high resolution spectroscopy facility; a 
laboratory for basic behavioral research; an assortment of 
computers; a computer vision lab; the Astronomy 
Observatory; a laboratory for plasma and fusion energy 
studies; remote sensing and cartographies labs; specialized 
sound chambers for audiology research; a criminal forensics 
lab and the Water Resources Research Center. 

The College Park Campus also operates one of the largest 
and most sophisticated long-wavelength radio telescopes 
(located at Clark Lake, Southern California). 

In addition to these research opportunities, programs in 
the behaviorial sciences, social sciences and education exist 
in many bureaus and institutes including: the Bureaus of 
Business and Economic Research; Educational Research and 
Field Services; Governmental Research; and Institutes for 
Child Study; Criminal Justice and Criminology; and Urban 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and 
faculty in the academic procession are of ancient origin. 
They have been the traditional costume of the scholar sine 
medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of tV 
ecclesiastical dress since many of the scholars of that perio 
were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform 
code for costumes which has since been adopted by the 
majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 

Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master 
and doctor — has its own distinctive gown and hood. The 
bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve 
The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, 
extending below the knee; the arm is passed through a sli 
at the elbow. In contrast, the doctor's gown has a full bell- 
shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of th 
gown is faced with wide velvet bands. The velvet trim ma 
be black or of a color indicating the general field of learnin 
of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green for 
medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic 
costume is the hood which passes around the neck and 
extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hooc 
is often omitted. The color of the velvet edging indicates 
the field of learning. Below is given a list of department o: 
faculty colors. 


Arts, Letters, HumanitiesAVhite 

Business Administration, Commercial Science/Drab 



Education, Pedagogy/Light Blue 


Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 


Home Economics/Maroon 


Library Science/Lemon 


Nursing/ Apricot 
Oratory/Silver Gray 
Philanthropy /Rose 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Service/Citron 
Surgical Chiropody/Nile Green 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the 
hood are those of the college or university which conferred 
the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all 
degrees. The tassel may be either black or the color of the 
field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may be gold. 

From Europe the use of academic degrees spread to 
English universities. Harvard University, the College of 
William and Mary, and Yale University followed the British 
pattern in the United States. 

Academic Degrees 

The degree is awarded for the successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently conferred by American colleges 
and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the 
University of Bologna (Italy) in the middle of the 12th 
Century. Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were 
used interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was 
quahfied to give instruction to students. The bachelor's or 
baccalaureate degree indicated only entrance upon a course 
of study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. 
Gradually, however, the bachelor's degree came to mean 
successful completion of one level of study preparatory to 
the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by 
ancient Romans to those who delivered public lectures on 
philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 12th 
century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men 
of great learning. It was first made an academic title at the 
University of Bologna, which received from the emperor 
the right of appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The 
University of Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, -the popes 
granted the universities the right of appointing doctors 
canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law), and 
when the study of civil law came to be combined with that 
of the canon law, the title was changed to doctor utriusque 
juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of theology and 
medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and 
occasionally in theology and law, is given beyond the 
baccalaureate degree and requires two to five years of 
study, the writing of a thesis, and the passing of written 
and oral examinations. The doctor's degree represents the 
most advanced earned degree conferred by American 
institutions. There are two distinct types: the professional 
or practitioner's degree and the research type. The first 
type represents advanced training for the practice of 
various professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, Doctor 
of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Juris 
Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no 
implication of original research and are classified by the 
U.S. Office of Education, with bachelor's degrees, as the 
first professional degrees. The University of Maryland 
awarded the first two dental degrees in history, on March 
9, 1841, and invented the name of the degree, D.D.S., as 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as the 
research doctorate representing prolonged periods of 
advanced study, usually accompanied by a dissertation 
which is designed to be a substantial contribution to 
existing knowledge on the subject. The most important of 
these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an 
implication of philosophy for its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. 
It was first awarded in the United States by Yale University 
in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded by the University of 
Maryland in 1920. 


The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon 
students who have successfully completed work in advance 
of the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are 
usually required. The word magister, connected with a 
qualifying phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of 
honor, but its present meaning must be traced to the time 
of the establishment of the oldest universities. Regularly 
organized facilities were not then known as they now exist 
in the universities. The whole circle of academic activity 
was limited to seven liberal arts, and those who received 
public honors on the completion of their courses of studies, 
for their diligence and knowledge, and had already 
received the degree of baccalaureate (bachelor) were called 
magistri artium (master of the liberal arts). 

In 1920, the new University of Maryland awarded its first 
M.A. and M.S. degrees in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of study of collegiate grade and is the oldest 
academic degree used by American institutions of higher 
learning. The degree. Bachelor of Arts, was the first 
conferred in America in 1642 on the first nine graduates of 
Harvard College. 

Maryland Agricultural College, which was later to 
become the University of Maryland College Park, awarded 
the first Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees ii 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


Robert L. Gluckstern 
Vice Chancellor for 
Academic Affairs 

William E. Kirwan 
Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

Darryl W. Bierly 
Vice Chancellor for 
Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at College Park 

Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Larry N. Vanderhoef 
Division of Arts and 

Shirley S. Kenny 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

George J. Funaro 
Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Frank J. Kerr 

Deans at College Park 

School of Architecture 

John W. Hill 
School of Public Affairs 

Albert H. Bowker 
College of Agriculture 
Larry N. Vanderhoef 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 
George L. Marx, 
Assistant Provost 
for Education 

College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter, Jr. 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

Michael M. Reynolds (Acting) 
College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Marvin H. Eyler 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Rose-Marie G. Oster 
Administrative Dean for Summer 

Melvin N. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Central Administration 
of the University 


John S. Toll 
Executive Vice President 

Albin O. Kuhn 
Vice President for General 

Warren W. Brandt 
Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

David W. Adamany 
Vice President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Vice President for Agricultural 
Affairs and Legislative Relations 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for 
University Relations 

Robert G. Smith 

Board of Regents 


Peter F. O'Malley 
Vice Chairman 

The Hon. Joseph D. Tydings 

A. Paul Moss 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 
Assistant Secretary 

Mrs. Constance Cornell 

Assistant Treasurer 

Joseph M. Hynson 
The Hon. Wayne A. Cawley, Jr. 

ex officio 
A. James Clark 
David K. Fram 
Ralph W. Frey 
Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 
The Hon. Blair Lee III 
Allen L. Schwait 
Wilbur G. Valenhne 
John W. T Webb 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Donald Maley, 

Chairman, Industrial 

University Marshal 

Dr Don C. Piper, 


Government and Politics 

Dr. Stewart L. Gordon 

Professor, Chairman, 

Music Department 

Committee Members 
Mr Robert J. Beiter, 
Principal Specialist, 
Agricultural & Resource 
Capt. Ralph W. Bell, 
University Police. 
Mr Edward Blackburn, 

Environmental Safety. 
Mrs. Frances P. Cave, 
Nurse Supervisor, 
Health Center. 
Ms. Maitland Dade, 
University Relations. 
Dr. Ulysses S. Glee, 

Office of Student Aid. 
Mr. Elwood H. Gross, 
Physical Plant. 
Mr. William H. Horsey, 
Associate Director, 
Physical Plant. 
Mr Ernest D. Huff, Jr, 
Assistant Director, 
Records & Registrations. 
Mr. Patrick J. Hunt, 

University Relations. 
Ms. Alice Hard, 
Financial Aid. 
Mrs. Audrey Hoist 
University Book Center. 
Dr Conrad B. Link, 
Dr Robert F. McCleary, 
Communication Arts and 

Mr Matt Sheriff, 
Director (Acting), 
Dining Services. 
Mr. Robert Stumpf, 
Athletic Department. 

^^^^:,^^ ^. ,^&*.^ '. 



John Brooks Slaughter 

Honorary Doctor of Science 
and Commencement Speaker 

A fateful phone call from the White House two years ago had John B. Slaughter packing his bags in Washington— 
the state— for Washington, the nation's capital. Destination: The National Science Foundation. Position: Director. 

Handpicked by then-President Jimmy Carter, the appointment of the Kansas-born scientist-educator won quick and 
sweeping approval from heavyweights both inside and outside NSF. But the strong backing and subsequent U.S. 
Senate confirmation on September 23, 1980 was small wonder. The first black to head a major federal science agency. 
Slaughter took the position with a portfolio already stamped with success. 

A Ph.D. recipient in engineering physics from the University of California at San Diego, Slaughter's credentials 
were impeccable. From 1960 to 1975, he worked at the Naval Electronics Laboratory Center in San Diego, where he 
became head of Information Systems Technology Department and was named Scientist of the Year. In 1975, the 
University of Washington successfully recruited him as director of their renowned Applied Physics Laboratory. Under 
his leadership, the staff grew from 180 to 240 strong and maintained its competitive edge in the fields of underwater 
acoustics, underwater vehicles and physical oceanography. 

While at the University of Washington, his work captured the attention of NSF which in 1977 appointed him 
assistant director for astronomical, atmospheric, earth, and ocean sciences. 

After finishing his first tour of duty at NSF, Slaughter returned to the world of academe as the newly appointed 
academic vice president and provost at the smaller Washington State University. 

Today, as NSF director. Slaughter finds himself heir to a host of formidable challenges — from bolstering the 
national scientific research agenda and upgrading science and engineering education to increasing the exchange of 
scientific information among scientists here and abroad. Underscoring each of these challenges is Slaughter's overall 
commitment to widening opportunities for minorities in science, engineering and technology. 

Today he is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science. 


je/^^^ a. jDi>. 



Robert K. Merton 

Honorary Doctor of Laws 

A profile appearing in The New Yorker reported that Robert K. Merton's admirers hailed him as "a formidable role- 
model" for the young starters in his profession. Other colleagues, too, have showered him with unqualified 
endorsements. And even a critic sourly conceded that Merton is "a prestige symbol," echoed by all factions of 
modern sociology. 

Indeed, Robert K. Merton, acclaimed sociologist and Columbia University professor emeritus and special service 
professor, is all this and more. 

Born in Philadelphia, Pa., the son of working-class, Jewish immigrant parents from eastern Europe, Merton began 
his college life as a philosophy major at Temple University but soon converted to the study of sociology and became 
a well known defender of the field as a genuine science. 

From such distinctly different subjects as bureaucratic structure to the effects of radio propaganda, scores of 
Merton's articles and books have become the foundation in both the texts and the footnotes of hundreds of technical 
writings by others. 

Says one literary scholar, commenting on Merton's Sociological Ambivalence and Other Essays, "... His book will 
profit almost anyone who troubles to peruse it with a modicum of interest and intelligence. It will help to give 
sociology the good name it deserves." The entire career of Merton amply supports this statement. 

Immediately after receiving his M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard, Merton began teaching at his alma mater But that 
was just the beginning of a career that has consumed some 46 years of distinguished scholarship ranging from a 
Fulbright lecturer at the University of Kyoto in 1967 and AAAS' Phi Beta Kappa-Sigma Xi lecturer to distinguished 
lechjrer at National Institutes of Health, The Johns Hopkins University and Cornell Medical School, to name but a 

His work has earned him numerous distinctions, among them the presidencies of several associations including the 
American Sociological Society; honorary degrees from well over a dozen universities as well as a Guggenheim 
Fellowship and the American Council of Learned Societies' Prize for Distinguished Scholarship in the Humanities in 
1962; appointment as a Fellow of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences and Institute of 
Medicine, National Academy of Sciences in 1973. 

In addition, he is a member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Philosophy Society, World 
Academy of Art and Science and Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. 

On the advisory committee of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's Program of Science Books since 1978, the articulate 
educator-sociologist continues to deeply influence generations of social scientists at home and abroad. 

His admirers endearingly call him "a sociologist's sociologist" and "Mr. Sociology". Tried but nonetheless true 
cliches. For Robert K. Merton is all this and more. 

Today he is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws. 


^«I^Wi<M a.pSiut. 



Katherine Paterson 

Honorary Doctor of Letters 

Between the covers of Katherine Paterson's books is a worid of wit, compassion and love, just waiting to be 
discovered by the eyes of the young. 

On the covers are her seals of success — two prestigious National Book Awards, the first in 1977 for The Master 
Puppeteer and the second in 1979 for The Great Gilly Hopkins; two Newbery Medals, in 1978 for Bridge to Terabithia, and 
just last year for Jacob Have I Loved. Other citations include an Edgar Allan Poe Special Award and several American 
Library Association Notable Book designations, the first in 1974 for Of Nightingales That Weep; the Christopher Award 
in 1978 and U.S. nomination for Hans Christian Andersen Award the following year. 

Since she was a small child, Katherine Paterson has been making up stories. Stories that make you laugh. Stories 
that make you cry. Stories that make you love. 

And it's by no accident that the heartbeat of a good many of the tales she spins comes from Paterson's own 
personal experiences. 

Born in pre-World War II China, Paterson was the middle child of five in a missionary family that twice was forced 
to return to the U.S., where time and time again she felt the scorn of schoolmates taunting and teasing her because 
they knew she had been born somewhere in the Orient. 

Despite the alienation she sensed in school, Paterson excelled in her studies, graduating summa cum laude from 
Tennessee's King College and later receiving her M.A. in 1957 from the Presbyterian School of Christian Education in 

Though she well remembered her childhood fear of the Japanese while living in China during tumultous times, 
Paterson decided to do postgraduate work in the Kobe School of Japanese Language and later worked as a Christian 
educator in a rural area of the country. 

A fellowship to Union Theological Seminary lured Paterson back to New York where she met her husband, John, 
whom she calls her "chief critic and warmest supporter." 

It was after moving to Takoma Park, Md., to raise four children that Paterson began creating her award-winning 
books. As Virginia Buckley, her editor, has said: "She wanted to have something at the end of the day which had not 
been eaten up or dirtied up or torn apart." 

Wife of a minister, mother of two boys and two adopted daughters, much of Paterson's book material is inspired by 
her family life. Several of her books borrow from her days in the Orient. 

Indeed, no scene or character seems immune to the wonderful magic of Paterson's imagination. 

A sampling: In The Master Puppeteer, a friendship of two boys, both not unlike her older son John. In The Great Gilly 
Hopkins, a poignant story about a child's desperate search for a place to call home, which in 1980 was televised by 
CBS. And more recently, in }acob Have I Loved, a story of an elder twin's lost birthright set on the islands of the 
Chesapeake Bay. 

Today she is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters. 


for Degrees 

The 1982 class roster comprises 
degree candidates from the 
undergraduate and graduate 
programs at the University's 
College Park Campus. As final 
action cannot always be taken 
for candidates by the time this 
program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative 
only. The University reserves 
the right to withdraw or add 
names. All diplomas will be 
mailed by the Registrations 

Students who have earned 
their degrees from the College 
of Education may obtain a 
Statement of Certificate 
Eligibility in the College of 
Education, Student Services 
Office (Room 1210). Other 
students who have completed 
teacher education programs will 
receive their statements in the 
mail (separate from the 
diploma) upon verification of 
required coursework. 


Candidates will he presented by 
Dr. Rose-Marie G. Oster, 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Judith A. Abbott 

Food Science: Apple Texture: 
Relationship Between Sensory 
Texture Attributes and 
Compression Test Data. 

James Brice Abshire 

Electrical Engineering: Pulsed 
Multiivavelength Laser Ranging 

Dennis Joseph Albaneze 
Recreation: Leisure and the 
Compulsive Gambler: A Case 
Study Approach. 

Louis Stephen Albert 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Part-Time 
Faculty Policies and Practices in 
Maryland's Community 

Patricia O'Grady Aloot 
Special Education: The Effects 
of an Educational Program on 
Siblings of the Multiply 
Handicapped . 

Mardelle K. Amstutz 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: The Effectiveness of 
the Expanded Food and 
Nutrition Education Program in 
Maryland in Improving the 
Diets of Enrolled Homemakers. 

Zhi Gang An 
Physics: Four Theoretical 
Problems in Plasma Physics. 

Ora Sterling Anderson 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: The Development 
and Validation of Two Attitude 
Scales and an Investigation of 
the Relationships Among 
Selected Attitude and Reading 
Achievement Variables. 

Robert Murray Anderson 
Human Development 
Education: Creativity and the 
Themes of Early Recollections: A 
Correlational Study. 

Sara Frances Peterson 


Secondary Education: Biology- 
related Social Issues: An 
Interdisciplinary Course for 
High School Students. 

Alan Roy Aronsoh 

Computer Science: Solutions 
to the Decision Problem for 
Database Logic and Applications 
to the Theory of Databases. 

Nicholas John Arrindell, Jr. 
Social Foundations of 
Education: A Comparative 
Analysts of Two Rural 
Development Programs: The 
Sarvodaya Shramadana 
Movement of Sri Lanka and the 
Functional Literacy Program of 
Thailand — An Expert and 
Participant Profiles. 

Delfina Brown Artean 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Rural Elderly 
Hispanics: An Assessment of 
Functioning in Daily Living. 

Louis Chris Athanas 
Botany: The Effects of 
Wastewater Irrigation on a 
Coastal Plain Oak-Pine Forest. 

Elizabeth Aubrey 

Music: A Study of the Origins, 
History, and Notation of the 
Troubadour Chansonnier, Paris, 
Bibliofheque Nationale, F.FR. 

Frances Wright Balfour 

Chemistry: An Analysis of the 
Thermodynamic Behavior of 
Fluids in the Critical Region 
Based on the Hypothesis of 

Anthony J. Barbera 

Economics: A Study of the 
Determinants of Factor Demand 
by Industry. 

Anthony Francis Barilla 
Spanish: The Impact of the 
Orlando Furioso on Selected 
Episodes in the Quijote. 

Susan Diane Baum 
Measurement and Statistics: 
A Study of Answer-Changing 
Behavicfr on Multiple-Choice 

Mary Ann Miller Beatty 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Employment 
Outcomes for Graduates on 
Nontraditional Skills Training 
Programs for Disadvantaged 
Women . 

Thomas Kenneth Beecroft 
Human Development 
Education: The Influence of 
Problem Ownership on 
Adolescents' Pre-parenting 
Response Strategies. 

Kay Elinor McCague Behall 
Nutritional Sciences: Influence 
of Estrogen Content of Oral 
Contraceptives and 
Consumption of Sucrose on 
Blood Parameters. 


Faye ZoUicoffer Belgrave 
Psychology: The Effectiveness 
of Strategies for Increasing 
Social Interaction with a 
Physically Disabled Person. 

Susan Ellen Berkow 
Nutritional Sciences: Effects of 
Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency 
on Brain Development and 

Robert David Berman 

Mathematics: Radial Zeros and 
the Level Sets of the Moduli of 
Inner Functions. 

David Bernstein 

Mathematics: Newton 
Polyhedra and Cohomology of 
Complete Intersections. 

Clayton Matthew Best 
Physical Education: The 

Athletic Environment of the 
High School: A Description of 
the Differences Between Athletes 
and Non-Athletes. 

Michael Brady Bieterman 
Mathematics: The Finite 
Element Method of Lines for 
Parabolic Equations — A 
Posterior Error Estimation and 
Adaptive Approach. 

Douglas Wayne Bigwood 
Botany: Analysis of the Three- 
Dimensional Spatial Pattern of 
Seeds in the Soil and a 
Comparison of Seed Bank 
Sampling Techniques. 

Sue Bregman 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Effects of an 
Assertiveness Training Program 
on Assertiveness and Perceived 
Locus of Control of Selected 
Mentally Retarded Adults. 

Edward Fulton Bronson 
English Language and 
Literature: The Dance of 
Apocalypse: Yeats and Michael 

Thelma Jane Bryan 
English Language and 
Literature: Sacrifice and 
Destruction in Selected Family 
Plays by Eugene O'Neill. 

Kenneth Burlingame 
Human Development 
Education: Horizontal Maze 
Tracing: A Clinical Measure of 
Left to Right Processing? 

Donald Richard Cahoon 
Botany: Ecology of a Hibiscus 
moscheutos L. marsh: 
Production Dynamics, 
Herbivory, and Biomass 

Adriana Yolanda Cantillo 
Chemistry: Trace Element 
Deposition Histories in 
Chesapeake Bay Sediments. 

Michael Anthony Caprarola 
Physical Education: An 
Objective Method for 
Determining Anaerobic 

Jaime Fernando Cardenas- 

Mechanical Engineering: 

Clmracterization of Projectile 
Impact on Rock. 

Vincent John Castelli 

Chemistry: The Heat Capacity 
of Water at Constant Volume 
Between 0-30 C and 0-70 MPa. 

Hinghung Anthony Chan 
Physics: Analysis of Null Test 
of Grai'itational Inverse Square 
Law with Superconducting 
Gravity Gradiometer. 

Yong Sung Chee 

Physics: The 2p,, Appearance 
Potential Spectra of the 4d 
Transition Elements. 

Bo-Shoe Chen 

Computer Science: Behavior 
Specification and Verification of 
Distributed Systems. 

Lehcia Sinyee Cheung 
Chemistry: A Study of a Gel 
Partition Model and Diffusion 
for Organic Desorption from a 
Pond Sediment. 

Doran E. Christensen 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: A 

Comparison of K-12 
Practitioners and Teacher 
Educators Interpretation of 
Selected Accreditation 

Stephen Harrison Clarke 
Zoology: A Structural 
Comparison of the 
Phosphorylcholine Binding 
Antibodies of Inbred Strains of 

Robert Henry Clegg 

Geography: Martian Channel 
Source and Origin: A 
Systematic Analysis of 
Morphometric Parameters. 

Timothy DeWitt Connelly 
History: Education for Victory: 
Federal Efforts to Promote War 
Related Instructional Activities 
by Public School Systeirts, 

Robert Anthony Connolly 
Economics: A Simultaneous 
Equations Approach to the 
Demand for Money by 

Charles John Costa 

Zoology: The Intracellular 
Mechanism of Salinity Tolerance 
in Polychaetes: Volume 
Regulation by Isolated Glycera 
Dihranchiata Red Coelomocytes. 

David Bruce Crary 
Economics: A Control Model of 
Factor Demand with Emphasis 
on Inventories and Unfilled 

Bobby Brock Cross 

Physical Education: Effects of 
Aerobic Conditioning on 
Antibody Production in Balb/C 

Carrie West Crosson 
Human Development 
Education: Age and Creativity 
Among Manifestly Creative 

Arthur Vincent Curtis 
Physical Education: A 

Simplified Technique for the 
Determination of Percent Body 
Fat in Male Safety Personnel. 

Marjorie Brandt Dahlin 
Human Development 
Education: A Thematic 
Analysis of Selected Topics in 
Current U.S. Religious Family 
Life Curricula. 

Bruce David Dallman 

Industrial Education: A Study 
to Determine the State and Trait 
Anxiety Lei>els of Industrial 
Arts Teachers and the Selected 
Variables Which Show 
Relationships to Those Anxiety 

Frances Jeanette Damratowski 
Human Development 
Education: The Blood Pressure 
Pattern of Pregnant Women. 


Nancy Alice David 

Applied Mathematics; A First 
Order Theory of Linear 
Regression with Errors in the 

Debra Lynne Davis 

Psychology: Separation and 
Divorce: A Study of 
Psychosocial Competence and 
Stress Using a Black Sample. 

Floyd Carlton Davis 
Measurements and Statistics: 

Effects of Testing — Embedded 
Feedback on Outcomes of 
Computer Assisted Testing. 

Rebecca Lynn Davis 
Textiles and Consumer 
Economics: Studies on the 
Mechanism of Formaldehyde 
Extraction from DMDHEU- 
Treated Fabrics. 

Patricia Anne Deuster 

Nutritional Sciences: Effect of 
Exercise on Cancer Cachexia. 

Paul Devine 
Economics: Forecasting 
Household Consumption from 
Cross-Section and Time Series 

Delores L. Dixon 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: The Effectiveness of 
the Expanded Food and 
Nutrition Education Program in 
Maryland in Bringing about 
Sustained Dietary Improvements 
in Enrolled Homemakers as 
Measured by the Consumption 
of Foods in Five Food Groups. 

Daniel Joseph Dougherty, Jr. 
Mathematics: The Exponential 
Complexity of Resolution and 
Gentzen Systems. 

Zita Zatkin Dresner 

American Studies: Women 
Humorists in Twentieth Century 

Nicholas Duchon 

Mathematics: Cyclic Actions on 
Plumbed Manifolds. 

Charles Stephen Dulcey 

Chemical Physics: A Study of 
Laser Induced Fluorescence 
Cross-Sections in Nitrogen 

Douglas Dixon Dunlop 
Computer Science: An 
Investigation of Functional 

Bonnie Brill Dunn 

Food Science: The Metabolism 
of "C-Citrinin by Rats. 

Margaret Mary Ensign 

Government and Politics: The 
Effects of Private Bank Loans on 

Margaret Ann Evans 
Criminal Justice and 
Criminology: Factors 
Determining Willingness to Use 
the Formal Legal System. 

Edward Alan Feinberg 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Influence of the 
Presence of Mentally Retarded 
Siblings on the Development of 
Empathy and Social 
Comprehension in Young 

Raya Fidel 

Library and Information 
Services: Constructing a 
Pattern Model of Man-Machine 
Interaction in Online Literature 

Ronald David Fitzmartin 
Measurement and Statistics: 

The Heteroscedasticity of 
Variance Component Estimates 
as Related to Class 
Characteristics in Student 
Ratings of Instruction. 

Shirley Tina Hekman 


Mechanical Engineering: A 
Study of the Increase in Drag on 
Cylinders Due to Vortex Induced 

Robert Steven Fritz 
Zoology: Consequences of the 
Interactions Among Members of 
the Insect Community on Black 
Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) . 

Antoinette Broe Calvin 

Physics: Charge State Analysis 
of Low Energy Heavy IONS 
(Q&3) in the Vicinity of the 
Earth on ISEE-1. 

Benjamin Delapaz Gapud 
Chemistry: The Synthesis of 
Biodegradable Crosslinked 
Polyamides and Ethylene 

J. Daniel Garcia 

Spanish: The Theme of "Exile" 
in the Works of Max Aub. 

James Rudolph Gardner 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Perceived Impact of 
Cooperative Extension Service 
Educational Programs by 
Farmers of Flue-Cured Tobacco 
in Virginia. 

Howard Mark Garon 
Electrical Engineering: 

Microwave and Ultrasonic 
Heating in Biological Media. 

Elissa Inez Gease 
Psychology: Adoptive Families 
Presenting to a Court Diagnostic 

Muriel Cecelia Gray 
Human Development 
Education: Sex Role Attitudes, 
Personal Characteristics and 
Career Level Aspirations of 
Working Women. 

John Mark Grossmann 
Applied Mathematics: 

Numerical Formulation and 
Investigation of Virtual Cathode 

Ali Giingor 

Physics: Far Infrared Magneto- 
Optical Studies of PbTe. 

Barbara Jeanne Haigh 
Special Education: An 

Investigation of the Effect of an 
Identification Checklist for 
Verifying Mentally Retarded 
Students Ages 6 through 18 in 
Comprehensive Public Schools. 

Diane Blake Harper 

Sociology: Women, Work ana 
Fertility: A Study of the Impact 
of Occupation on Reproduction. 

Delores M. Harris 
Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: History of 
Kindergarten Policy: State of ■ 
Maryland 1898-1971. 

Sharon Lee Harsher 
Secondary EducaHon: A 
Comparison of the Affective and 
Cognitive Effects of Three 
Different Instructional Methods 
in Secondary Level Business 

Antoinette B. Hartman 

Biochemistry: Use of an Elisa 
Assay for Identification of 
Clones Containing Genes 
Coding for Bacillus subtilis 



Anne AUnutt Harvey 
Secondary Education: A 
Comparison of Teachers and 
Teacher Educators unth Respect 
to Competencies Considered 
Necessary for Teaching in 
Secondary Home Economics 

Delores Smith Harvev 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: A Study of the 
Relationship of the Syntactical 
Features of Ebonics and 
Socioeconomic Status to Reading 
Comprehension Achievement . 

Toufik El-Mehdi Hassan 
Food Science: Feasibility of 
Producing Fish Silage by 
Biological Fermentation. 

Jeffrey Russell Hayes 

Art: Oscar Bluemner: Life, Art, 
and Theory. 

Jacqueline Abel Haynes 
Secondary Education: A 

Developmental Investigation of 
Relationships Among Concrete 
and Abstract Concept 
Development , Metacognition , 
and Reading Comprehension. 

Bruce Edward Heckman 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Moral Reasoning: 
Effects of Direct Instruction and 
Modeled Examples on Level of 
Moral Judgment of College 

Matthew James Henry 
Botany: Effects of Sterol 
Biosynthesis Inhibiting 
Fungicides on Cyctochrome 
P-450 Type Hydroxylations in 

Sohair Mohammed Fahmi 

Measurement and Statistics: 

Tables of a Multivariate 
Extension of the Studentized 
Range Square Distribution. 

Allen Gene Hirsh 
Horticulture: On the 

Mechanism of Extreme Cold 
Resistance in Higher Plants. 

Christine Ann Hodson 

Psychology: Variables Affecting 
the Length of Time Battered 
Women Remain in the 

Rong Hsu 

Engineering Materials: 

Dislocation Surface Source 

Paul Edward Hussar 

Physics: Relativistic Bound 
State Wave Function and 

Sabiha Iqbal 

Economics: Pakistan's Export 
Performance, A Political 
Economic Analysis 1972-1978. 

Sheila Cohen Iseman 
Human Development 
Education: Habituation: A 
Diagnostic Tool for Detecting 
Attentional Problems. 

Arjun Janah 

Physics: Distinguishing 
Between the Gauge Theories of 
Integer and Fractionally Charged 

William Bowie Johnson, Jr 
Physics: The Fermi Surface of 
Iron under Pressure and the 
Gahanomagnetic Properties of 
Semiconducting Mercury 
Manganese Telluride. 

Jean Marie Joyce-Brady 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Counselor 
Directiveness: Helpful or Non- 
helpfid to Black Female Clients? 

Robert James Joynt 

Physics: Two-Dimensional 
Electronic States in a Strong 
Field and the Quantized Hall 

Ming Muh Kao 

Botany: The Influence of Soil 
Moisture and Organic 
Amendment on the Survival of 
Fusarium Oxysporum f sp. 
Melonis and Its Mechanism of 

Mitchell Bruce Karpman 
Physical Education: The 
Performance of Multivariate Test 

Rachel M. Kaufmann 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: An Investigation of 
the Relationship Between Early 
Identification Procedures in 
Kindergarten and Subsequent 
Third Grade Reading 

Kathleen Kearney Keeshen 
American Studies: Marguerite 
Higgins: Journalist (1920-1966). 

Margaret Grady Kidder 
Psychology: Adolescent 
Competence in the Classroom in 
Relation to Student Coping 
Style and Classroom 

Matthew I. Koch 

Mathematics: Relations 
Betiveen the Vanishing of L- 
Functions of Modular Forms and 
the Class Number Problem for 
Imaginary Cradratic Fields. 

Konia Tweninmii Kollehlon 
Sociology: Residence 
Background , Internal Migration 
and Fertility in Liberia. 

Edward William Kordoski 

Chemistry: Synthesis of 
Congeners of 1,2,3,4,5, 
6-Hexahydro-l ,6-Methano- 

Gladys Salpeter Kraft 
Human Development 
Education: Age Difference in 
Stability, Extroversion, and 
Openness to Experience Among 
Women Social Workers. 

Shaul Krakover 
Geography: Spatial 
Reorganization of Economic 
Growth in the American 
Metropolis, 1960-1980. 

Heather Paul Kurent 

American Studies: Frances R. 
Donovan and the Chicago School 
of Sociology: A Case Study in 

Todd Roger Kushner 
Computer Science: 

Interprocessor Communication in 
Parallel Image Processing. 

Richard Lee 

Nuclear Engineering: 

Dispersed Floic Heat Transfer 
Aboi'e a Quench Front During 
Reflood in a Pressurized Water 
Reactor After a Large Break 
Loss-of-Coolant Accident. 

Sung-Yung Lee 

Mathematics: Wik's Theorem 
and the Balayage Problem of A. 

Lloyd B. Lewis 
American Studies: The 

Thousand-Yard-Stare: A Socio- 
Cultural Interpretation of 
Vietnam War Narratives. 


Melanie VVexley Lewis 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services; Goal Setting 
Attributes and Student 
Satisfaction as Indicators of 
College Student Persistence. 

Peter Stamatios Liapis 

Agricultural and Resource 
Economics; The Use of 
Biological and/or Chemical 
Controls for Insect Pest 
Management: An Application to 
Heliothis spp. Control on 

Diana Leigh Lipscomb 
Zoology; The Protist 
Stephanopogon: Cytology, 
Taxonomy, and the Impact of Its 
Reclassification on Ciliate and 
Flagellate Systematics. 

Joan Lombardi 

Human Development 
Education: Growing Up with 
Violence: Retrospective Accounts 
of Female Offspring. 

Francis Joseph Luther III 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services; Effects of Pre- 
Counseling Training on the 
Expectations of Clients Seeking 
Career Guidance. 

Joseph Edmond Mallet 
Psychology; Self-hypnosis as 
an Adjunct to a Cognitive- 
behavioral Treatment of Public 
Speaking Anxiety. 

Robert L. Manicke 

Measurement and Statistics; 
A Unified Theory of Metric 
Multi-dimensional Scaling. 

Robert Louis Martino 
Electrical Engineering: 

Multiple Microprocessor 
Systems — Representation, 
Structure, and Application. 

Tony Pecora McAdoo 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum; An Analysis 
of the Relationships Between 
Selected Characteristics and the 
Effectiveness of Fifteen 
Education Service Agency 
Networks as Perceived by Key 

Shirley Jean McCann 
Secondary EducaHon: A 

Study of the huiependent 
Learning Behaviors of 
Academically Able Pre-adolescent 

Patricia E. McKinley 
Zoology; Cluster Analysis of 
the Domestic Cat Vocal 

Paul Raymond McMuUin 

Computer Science: Daists — A 
System for Using Specifications 
to Test Implementations. 

Virginia McCord Mecklenburg 
Art: Criticism and Theory: An 
Analysis of the Acceptance of 
Modern American Painting by 
New York Critics, 1910-1920. 

Arun Menawat 

Chemical Engineering: A 
Study of the Complex Kinetics of 
the Chlorination of Lignin. 

Manuel Metz 
Economics; Changes in Labor 
Force Participation Patterns 
During the Development 
Process: The Latin American 

Aida A. Mohamed 

Secondary Educahon; The 
Cidtural Influences upon the 
Drawings of Schizophrenic 
Patients in Egypt and the 
United States. 

Mahvash Keshmiri Momeni 
Library and Information 
Services; Socio-cultural Factors 
Affecting the Adaptations of the 
Dewey Decimal Classification in 
the Middle East. 

Richard Clark Morgan 

Mathematics; Mathematical and 
Computational Aspects in the 
Theory of Homogenization. 

Daniel Joseph Morris 
Physics; High Energy 
Astrophysical Gamma Ray 
Production in Gases and Solids. 

Sheldon Lee Morris 
Biochemistry; The Mechanism 
of Inhibition of Bacillus Cereus 
Spore Outgrowth by 
Nitrosothiols and lodoacetate. 

Steven Bruce Mosier 
Psychology: System 
Participants' Values and 
Processes in a Personnel 
Selection System — An 

Suzanne Nittolo 
Chemistry: Synthesis and 
Chemical Study of Bulky 
Bisorganophosphorus Ligands and 
Their Group VI Metal Carbonyl 
Complexes: X-ray Structure 
Determination of a Tris- 
organophosphorus Mercury (II) 
Chloride Compound. 

Joseph Andrew Nuth lU 
Chemistry: Experimental and 
Theoretical Studies of Interstellar 

Christopher A. Onyango 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education; Attitudes of 
Secondary School Fhipils Toward 
Rural Life in Kenya. 

Pablo Ortiz-Cotto 
Social Foundations of 
Education; Teacher Education in 
Tivo Developing Societies: famaica 
and Puerto Rico. 1940-1970. 

Robert Anthony Ott, Jn 

Economics; A Microeconomic 
Analysis of the Definition, 
Movement, and Relevance of 
Profitability in the Nonfinancial 
Corporate Sector 

Anna Beth Payne 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Problem Finding: 
Examining the Relationship 
Between Environment and 
Holland Type on Questions About 

Edna Pesis 

Horticulture; The Effect of 
Seedlot Qualit}/, Artificial Aging 
and Seedcoat Removal on Aerobic 
and Anaerobic Respiration in 
Germinating Muskmelon 
( Cucumis melo L.) Seed. 

Joseph F. Petolino 

Agronomy: Genetics of Ozone 
Stress Responses in Nicotiana 
tobaccum L. 

Nancy D. Petrovic 

Government and Politics; 

Organizational Clwnge in Public 
Bureaucracies: The Transformation 
of NASA. 

Warren Robert Pfeiffer 
Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: The Effects of a 
Personal Outlining Strategy upon 
the Reading Comprehension of 
Fourth Grade Average Readers. 


Michael Joseph Raupp 
Entomology: Spatial 
Distribution and Seasonal 
Abundance of the Imported 
Willoii' Leaf Beetle, Pla^iodera 
versicolora Laich: Tlie Affects of 
Plant Nutrition and Defense, 
Physical Factors, and Actii'ities of 
Competitors and Predators. 

Joyce Mae Rothschild 
English Language and 
Literature: The Radical Vision of 
Elizabeth Bawen's Novel. 

JuUa Lee Robinson Saba 
Physics: A Study of X-ray 
Spectral Variability in Stellar 
Black Hole Candidates. 

Patricia Bridget Santora 
English Language and 
Literature: The Poetry and Prose 
of Kenneth Flexner Fearing. 

Nancy-Jo M. Scheers 

Measurement and Statistics: A 
Covariate Randomized Response 

Carole L. Seyfrit 

Sociology: TIk Effect of Fear of 
Success on Attributions About 
Impending Success and 
Impending Failure. 

Richard Arrick Shafer 
Physics: The Cosmic X-ray 
Background and Its Spatial 

William Allen Sherman, Jr. 
Human Development 
Education: Empathy 
Development in Deaf Children, 
an Analysis of Contributing 

Lu Ann Sidney 

Chemistry: Synthesis and 
Polymerization of 
a-Methyleneoxetane and 

John Baker Skaggs 

Psychology: The Effects of 
Learning Styles on Analogue 
Evaluations of Counseling 

Thomas Kent Skalko 

Recreation: The Effects of a 
Leisure Education Program on the 
Leisure Well-being of 
Psychiatrically Impaired Active 
Army Personnel. 

Carol Hynning Smith 

Art: Courbet's Representations of 
Women: A Study of Traditional 
and Innovative Aspects of His 
Paintings after 1854. 

Patrick Joseph Sobrinski 

Government and Politics: The 
State, the Family and the Elderly: 
Theory and Practice. 

Dongchul Son 

Physics: Neutral Strange Particle 
Production in High Energy 
Neutrino Deuterium Charged 
Current Interactions. 

Ronald M. Spears 

Biochemistry: Resolution, 
Clwracterization and Brain 
Regional Distribution of Cysteine 
Sulfinate Decarboxylase 
Isoenzymes from Hog Brain. 

Taru Rauha Spiegel 

Government and Politics: 

Successfid Policy Implementation 
and the Disposition of 

William Scott Stambaugh 
Economics: Economics of 
Industrial Preparedness Planning 
(IPP) and Raw Materials 

Sandra Carson Stanley 
Sociology: Involvements, 
Satisfactions, and Personal Well- 
being of Dual-Eanier Men and 
Women: Implications of the 
Process of Social Comparison. 

Linda Stone Stem 
Human Development 
Education: Children of Depressed 
Mothers: A Study of 
Psychological Outcome Variables 
in Maternal Child Rearing 

Richard Alan Striner 
History: The Machine as 
Symbol: 1920-1939. 

Christopher Alan Tabor 
Botany: The Dependence of 
Mature Embroys of Eastern Wliite 
Pine ( Pinus strobus L.) upon 
Megagametophyte Tissues During 
Early Seedling Development and 
the Appearance of Nitrate 
Reductase Activity. 

Terri Bush Thames 

Psychology: The Effect of 
Interaction Patterns in Therapy 
on Subsequent Interactions in 

Ashok Kumar Thareja 
Computer Science: Control 
Policies and Mechanisms for 
Computer Netivorks. 

Ruth Violet Thom 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
EducaHon: The Extent of Oral 
Communication Apprehension 
and Its Relationship to Language 
Achiei'ement and Attitudes 
Toivard the Language Arts 
Among Sixth Grade Students. 

Nancy Karen Torrieri 

Geography: Cultural Change 
and Residential Dispersal: The 
Survival of Italian-American 
Culture in Baltimore. 

Spyridon Anthony Traiforos 
Nuclear Engineering: Liquid 
Entramment in Subcompartment 

Russell Spencer Travers 
Entomology: Factors 
Contributing to the Differential 
Toxicity of Bacillus 
thuringiensis h-endotoxin . 

Marianne Tureki Triplette 
Sociology: Progress and Good 
Faith — A Case Study in the 
Problems of the Identification 
and Modification of 
Institutional Discrimination. 

Beth L, Truebell 

English Language and 
Literature: The Poetical and 
Non-Poetical Elements in Ted 
Hughes' Mythology. 

Deen Bandhu Tulshian 

Chemistry: Synthetic Studies 
Towards Tricliothecen. 

James Franklin Turk 

Spanish: Violence as a Dramatic 
Resource m Selected Plays of the 
Spanish Golden Age. 

Jonathan Everett Upchurch 
Civil Engineering: Development 
of an Improved Warrant for Use 
of Stop and Yield Control at 
Four-Legged Intersections. 

Karen Ann Verbeke 

Special Education: Sex-Related 
Differences in Mathematically 
Gifted Secondary Students: An 
Investigation of Selected 
Cognitive, Affective, and 
Educational Factors. 

Robert Allyn Voight 

Physical Education: Stress 
Reactivity of Cardiorespiratory Fit 
and Unfit Individuals After 
Neuromuscular Relaxation 


David Allen Walczak 

Sociology: An Empirical Test of 
Marx's Theory of Alienation. 

Ching Dong Wang 
Electrical Engineering: 

Characterization of Polycn/stalline 
Silicon with Electron Beam 
Induced Current Microscopy and 
Deep Level Transient 

Jieh-Shan Wang 

Physics: Measurement of 
Electron Collisional Excitation 
Rate Coefficients for Fe X. 

Priscilla Pilson Waynant 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: Monitoring of 
Understanding: An Investigation 
of Good and Poor Fifth- and 
Eighth-Grade Readers' Knowledge 
arid Regulation of Tlieir Reading 

Dennis Wayne Webster 
Psychology: Relationship 
Between Counseling Readiness, 
Perceived Social Support from 
Family and Friends: and Use of 
Non-professional Resources. 

Ruth Kanow Weinstein 
Human Development 
Education: The Process of 
Termirmtion in Intimate Same- 
sexed Friendships. 

Susan Ruth Betty Weiss 

Psychology: 77;? Discrimination 
of Mirror-Image and Non-Mirror- 
Image Stimuli by Pigeons with 
Lesions of Visual System. 

Dennis Duane Wellnitz 
Physics: The Two-Color 
Refractometer: Design, Testing 
and Results. 

Brooke Elizabeth Whiting 
Sociology: Mattering: An 
Extended View of Determinants 
and Consequences. 

Janice Elizabeth Williams 

Psychology: Unwed Adolescent 
Fathers and Their Psychosocial 
Competence Characteristics. 

Paul Francis Wilson 

Chemistry: Studies on the 
Photochemical Additions of 
Alkenes to N- Alkylphthalimides. 

Hung Kit Wong 

Physics: Cyclotron Maser 
Instability and Its Application to 
Auroral Kilometric Radiation. 

Eleanor Witte Wright 

Government and Politics: The 

Political Economy of the 
Venezuelan Food Policy 

Martha Montello Wulfsberg 
English Language and 
Literature: Duplicity and 
Integrity: The Necessary 

ConstanHne P. Yannouleas 
Physics: Nuclear Dissipation as 
Damping of Collective Motion in 

Yun Mui Yiu 

Physics: Coherent VUV 
Generation by Four Wave Mixing 
Presses in Inert Gases. 

Yie-Teh Yu 
Chemistry: Cell-free Synthesis of 
the Four Mouse Myelin Basic 

Ernest M. Zampelli 

Economics: 77ie Effects of 
Intergovernmental Grants-in-Aid 
on Local Government 

Herbert L. Ziegler 

Sociology: Two Dimensions of 
Role Problems: The Intra- and 
Interpersonal Effect of College 
Attendance on Married Students. 

William Raymond Zimmer 
Physical Education: An 
Analysis of Factors Contributing 
to the Success of NCAA Division 
lA Intercollegiate Athletic 

Dorothy Jean Zukor 

Nuclear Engineering: Invariant 
Imbedding in Two Dimensions. 


Doctor of Education 

Carolyn Joyce Barker 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: The Effect of 
Selected Demographic Variables 
on Hollander's Theory of 
Idiosyncracy Credit. 

Tilahun Bevene 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: The Kind of 
School Siipennsion Needed in 
Dei'eloping Countries. Case 
Study : Ethiopia. 

Thomas Applegarth Flowers 
Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: A History of 
Dorchester County for Young 

Mary Ann Wheeler Franklin 
Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Self- 
Perceptions of Selected Aspects of 
Leadership Held by Presidents of 
Postsecondary Institutions in 

Linda Chanev Gustafson 
Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: The Leadership 
Role of the Ihiblic Eleme^itary 
School Media Librarian as 
Perceived bx/ the Principal and Its 
Relationship to the Pactors of the 
Sex, Educational Background, 
and Work Experience of the 
Media Librarian. 

Bernard James Keene 
Secondary Education: An 

Investigation of the Effects of 
Imagery Instruction and 
Reinspection of Prose on Rate of 
Reading and Comprehension 
Question Performance for 
Underachieving Students. 

Virginia J. Newsome 

Secondary Education: Tield 
Independent Cognitive Style and 
Sentential Disambiguation 
Performance: Some Relationships 
Between Them. 

H. Thomas Walker 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: A Study of the 
Participation of a Public School 
System in a Large Public and 
Academic Library Consortium. 

William Paul Wilhoyte 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: List' of a Specific 
Comprehension Strategy (SCS): A 
Description of the Application 
Responses for 18 Fourth Grade 

Doctor of Business 

Susan Margaret Sherwood 

Business and Management: 

An Experimental Study to 
Investigate the Effectiveness of 
Variations in Educational 
Methodology to Improve 
Consumer Purchasing Ability. 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Penelope Peterson Fischer 
Music: Philippe Gaubert 
(1879-1941): Flutist, Teacher, and 

Arthur Charles Helms 
Music: Homage. 

Mary Jean Simpson 
Music: Alfred G. Badger 
(1815-1892), Nineteenth Century 
Flutemnker: His Art, 
Innovations, and Influence in 
Flute Construction, Performance 
and Composition. 

John Charles Stier 

Music: A Recorded Anthology of 
Twentieth-Century Music for 
Unaccompmnied Clarinet: 1919 to 


Master of Arts 

Glenn Earl Acree 
Cheryl Moore Adamson 
James Allen Adkins 
Mark Luis Arenas 
Mark Tetsuo Arisumi 
Luanne Electa Bair 
Briccio Baltazar Barrientos 
Constance Rae Beck 
Nancy J. Bell 
Edna Benshalom 
John Allison Bercaw 
Andrew Thomas Bergstein 
Dierdre Therese Bevington 
Henry Bing III 
Robert Edward Blase 
Francine Gail Blum 
Lester Hal Bodian 
Letty Wilson Bonnell 
Betta Ann Borrelli 
John Bouman 
Gregory Heath Bowman 
■Lisa Maria Boyd 
Edna Tuchler Breit 
Elizabeth Lynn Brown 
Michael D. Brown 
Rita Marie Buchanan 
Dominique F. Butcher 
Evelina Maurice Cabrera 
David Gordon Campbell 
Jeanne Victoria Cangianelli 
Carole Windham Carpenter 
Michael Albert Caterina 
Guy David Cecala 
Donald Louis Chouinard 
Meherun Nessa 

Hwa Chung 
Robert L. Clark 
Camilla Sue Clough 
James Roland Coates, Jr. 
Mary Margaret Collins 
Virginia Anne Connelly 
Nadine Pattakos Connor 
Patricia Anne Coogan 
Carolyn Elinor Crump 
Denise Marie Cumberland 
Joy Suzette Curtis 

Gina Carrell Daddario 
Roy Warren Dahl 
Patricia Cross Daly 
Nancy Scott Davidge 
Ann Amalia Dean 
Janet Sue Denny 
Marcella De Peters 
Michael Stephan Dichov 
Linda M. Di Colo 
Theresa Marie DiPaolo 
Jerry Lamont Driscoll 
Kevin Ward Drummev 
Letha M. Dugas 
Charles Andrew Easley 
John H.Y. Edwards 
Donald Francis Everett, Jr. 
Suzanne M. Paris 
Amy Robin Feldman 
Jamie Lynn Feldman 
Sarah Marie Figueroa 
Edward Leo Fitzmaurice, 

Charles Arnold Ford 
Dean Phillips Foster 
Zenette Maria Franca 
Deborah Lee Giauque 
Virginia Sue Gibbons 
Joyce Lynn Gietkowski 
Daniel Webb Gillman 
Susan Itnyre Click 
Beth Lynn Godlin 
Milton Edwin Goss 
Barbara W. Graves 
Judith Lee Grimley 
Richard Alton Hale 
S. Shahid Hamid 
Linda Mae Hanks 
Molly Patricia Hanson 
Paul Thomas Harley 
Brian Anthony Haugh 
Christine Marv Hennessey 
Charles Herman 
Hiltrun Hermann 
Paul Elson Herrick 
Michael Patrick Hickey 
Margaret Kay Hill 
Kathleen Marie Hines 
Peter Darr Hoefir 

William A. Holmberg 
Faith Joy Hooper 
Mary Rebecca Hutchens 
Matthew Rolland Hyle 
Gail Grossman Ifshin 
Anthony Nathan Imes 
Setsuko Iwamiya 
Karel S. James 
Barbara Theresa Johnson 
Ricardo Van Johnson 
William Gerard Jones 
Eric Louis Karandy 
Hee Kim 
Hvun O. Kim 
Daneene Baker Kipp 
Mark Anthony Kohorst 
Ann Lynne Kramer 
Gina Marie Lamb 
Gregory R. La Motta 
Richard Wendel Leeman 
William Lew 
Christina Light 
Timothy Paul Lighter 
Deborah Lippincott 
Bruce Louis Lloyd 
William Nicholas Lobulu 
Laraine Virginia Lomax 
Eileen Marie Long 
Maryann Lyons 
Clara Mae Roe MacFarland 
Lisa Ann Maini 
Delia Marie Agnes Marshall 
Randall T. Matke 
Anna Hancock Mattersdorff 
William Reid Matthews 
Sarita Lynn Maybin 
Jane McGettrick 
Michael William McGrew 
Leanne Mclntire 
C.R. McKinley-Barnett 
Mary Lynne McLean 
Karen Lee Merkle 
David Andrew Micklos 
Sandra Kay Miller 
Barbara Montefel 
Deborah A. Moorman 
Edward Franklyn Morris 
Robert Dean Munroe 

Caroline Phipps Murphy 
Regina Lucia Parrucci 
Emil Vincent Patrick 
Blossom Hansen Patterson 
Cheryl Ann Patterson 
Connie D. Perry 
Gioia Maria Pescetto 
Barrv Wayne Pfeffer 
George Ross Phillips 
Teresa Plevyak 
Richard William Popino 
Gail Joann Porter 
Joanne Marie Porter 
Gregory H. Powell 
Spiros George Prassas 
Candace Dale Raderman 
Suzanne Rainville 
Deborah L. Raiola 
James Joseph Raiola 
Bruce Harry Ramsav 
David Kenneth Rardin 
Gail Nancy Rauch-Tilstra 
Sonya Barsky Resnick 
Regina Marie Rheingrover 
Daniel Thomas Rice 
Alan K. Rickard 
Mark Darrell Roberts 
Lynda Patricee Robertson 
Kathleen Mary Robinson 
Robert Charles Rogers 
Robin Leona Rohrer 
Susan Rosenthal 
Stephen Herbert Ross 
Teena Maria Ruark 
Rebecca Sue Sadler 
Del Benjamin Salmon 
Mary Claudina Sanz 
Michele Sharon Sapp 
Martin Paul Schipper 
Kathleen Doherty Schmid 
Lynn Dara Schoen 
Deborah Ruth Scott 
Nancy Runion Scudi 
Steven Glen Seleznow 
Joanna Edelstein Shenefiel 
Michael Slade ShuU 
Susan Victoria Kovach 


Dinorah Elizabeth Youso 

Olga Odysseas Skalkos 
Laura Gayle Slavin 
Fulton Vernon Siemens, Jr. 
Jennie Lee Smith 
Evan Soffer 

Susan Diane Lafky Sojka 
Sharon M. Solomon 
Mary Lou Soscia 
Isolde Zephyrina Spiegel 
Norbert G. Sporn 
James Robert Stafford 
Steven John Stanhope 
Philip Keith Straw 
Dorothy Pula Strohecker 
Gertrude Beata Summers 
Shirley May Tabler 
Clarence Rudolph Talley 
Janis Lynn Thalsheimer 
Kathryn Trimble Theus 
Paula Anne Thiemann 
Cecilia Del Pilar Tituana 
Lynn Carol Towbes 
Robert Royal Tupper, Jr. 
Eve Tyroler 

Daniel MacLean Wagner 
Rose M. Walsh 
John William Weber 
Laure Christine Weber 
Cynthia Lee White 
Lillv Joyce White 
Russell' B. White 
Monique Marie-Louise 

Sager Albert Williams, Jr. 
Celia Grace Wilson 
Catherine Anne Winter 
Pamela Marie Witcher 
Young Hee Yoon 
Scott E. Zasadil 
Deborah Helayne Zavos 
Ruth Sophia Zelenka 

Master of Science 

Michael Keith Adams 
Martin Jeffrey Adkins 
Anil K. Agarwal 
Mahnaz Akbarzade-Barabi 

Darlene Elizabeth Allen 
Christine Hughes 

Mohammad Ashraf 
Jeffrey Farrell Asner 
Charles Bryan Asper 
Michael Morriss Athanas 
Faisal Awadallah 
Henry Timmons Badger, Jr. 
Bruce Gaston Baldi 
Stephen Gerard Barry 
Vicki Marie Baum 
Timothy Hugh Begley 
Timothy James Bennett 
Harry Allen Berman 
Neil Aaron Berman 
Thomas Peter Billheimer 
Laverne Blackwell 
David R. Blanchard 
Mary Jane Corbett 

Neal Wayne Bliven 
Raymond Victor Bosmans 
Blythe Ann Bosstick 
Jo Anne M. Boyer 
Kenneth Louis Brand 
William Carberry Brennan 
James A. Burns 
Ellen Gibson Bushell 
Mary Catherine Carney 
John Thomas Carrington, 

Larry Clare Carroll 
Dilip I. Chandarana 
Jin-Shi Chen 
Barbara Ann Cheung 
Chi-Hu Chung 
Tawei David Chung 
Linda Sue Cohen 
Eileen Morrissey Cole 
Mary Eileen Cole 
Bernardine Marie Coleman 
Richard Gregory Collins 
Katherine Marjul Cooke 
Sally Ann Groome Cooper 
Stephen Peter Cooper 
Robert L. Cooperman 
John Paul Corless, Jr. 
Diana Jean Cox 

Vicki R. Cummings 
Peter Carter Daniel 
Donald Anthony Dazlich, 

Susan R. Decker 
Michael John Dodds 
Jane Henninger Dominguez 
David Ross Douglas 
Donald Hugh Dripps, Jr. 
Debora Ann Durant 
David James Eadie 
Charles William Emala 
Bruce Douglas Ensor 
George Nicholas Fach, Jr. 
Gary Jay Felser 
Jaime Alberto 

Ralph Rocco Ferraro, Jr. 
Raymond Finamore 
Paul Edmund Fischetti 
Marion Elaine Fowke 
Wilson Zeferino Franco 

Barry James Franz 
Michael Gaitan 
Charles Gaitan 
Charles Jackson Gay 
Changiz Ghahremani 
David Paxson Gibson, Jr. 
Narinder Paul Goel 
Rajiv Goel 

Sandra Lee Golembiewska 
Theodore August Haas 
Michael Lawrence 

Patricia Elizabeth Hadley 
Kyu San Han 
Kathryn Hansman-Spice 
Alan Harris Harbitter 
Karen Suzanne Harley 
David William Harriman 
Deborah Ellen Harte 
Thomas Lees Hartman, Jr. 
Arthur Lee Hathcock 
Laurie Ann Hauch 
Margaret Celeste Herbert 
Barton Anthony Hewitt 
Stephen Donald Hight 
Kim-Chi Thi Hoang 
John Nicholas Hochheimer 

Ronald Alan Holser 
Ki Jong Hong 
Barbara Jean Hook 
Yung-Chou Hsu 
Stephen Marc Huete 
Shang Shoug V. Hwang 
Donna S. Ireton 
William L. Jackson, Jr. 
Thomas E. Jacobs 
Jin O. Jin 
Arnet Willis Jones 
William Gary Jones 
Mustafa Kaya 
Karen Leslie Kaye 
Hilda Nyakonyu Kigutha 
David Harvey Kitzmiller 
Emily Eugenie Kolasa 
Subash Kolluru 
Christopher Kostas 
Bruce Gordon Labaw 
Vinaya C. Lakshmi 
Edward Rene Larach 
Jannie Mae Lathan 
Kyung H. Lee 
Yen-Ching Lee 
David Mitchell Leight 
Rick J. Lewandowski 
Elizabeth Li 
Joan D. Liversidge 
Rosalyn Kam Lin Lum 
James Darrell Luzader 
Mary Catherine Gerri 

Loris Alberto Magnani 
Thomas Louis Mascolo 
Daniel Harry Mason 
David Lee Mason 
Sandra M. Mason 
J. Heidi Mass 
Robert A. McConnaughey 
Robert Bruce McFarlin 
Dermot McHugh 
William John McMahon III 
Boyd John Michael III 
Sarah Jean Miller 
David Misenhimer 
Joel B. Mitchell 
Andrea Mara Molod 
Mark Joseph Montesano 
Elizabeth French Moore 


Peter F. Morris 
Stefanie Ann Mueller 
Sanjay Kumar Nagalia 
Abdurrauf Hasan Nahaisi 
Clifford Benjamin Nelson 
Robert Lee Nelson 
Perry Blackshear Newton 

Rosemarie Mannone 

Jonathan Eugene Nyquist 
Benedict Bernard Pagac, Jr. 
Bernardo Paratore 
Tulsidas Chhaganlal Patel 
Daniel Coles Patton 
Mitra Pedoem 
Rachel Evan Pluhar 
Joseph Michael Pocius 
Donald L. Pommer 
Cynthia Richmond Pottala 
William Harold Prekker 
Gail Marie Proctor 
Norman Eugene Pruitt 
David Solomon Querido 
Paul Reed Quillen 
Randall Lee Rabenhorst 
Abbe Beth Radom 
Jamie Wynn Rappaport 
Orlando Reyes 
Susie J. Richburg 
Dzenan Ridjanovic 
Charles Larry Riggs 
Andrew John Rindos 
Douglas Brent Robinson 
Daniel Herbstman Ronis 
Peter John Rossbach, Jr. 
Frederick Joseph Ryan III 
Herayer Ashot Sayad 
Peggy Ann Schaumburg 
Ruth Evans Schena 
Ann 1. Scher 
Shantini Arundathi 

Hoda Aly Ezzel Dine 

Ahlam Ibrahim Shalaby 
Joseph Gordon Shanks 
Ming-Jen Sheu 

Ming-Yun Shih 
Robert M. Shirley 
Mary Ann Sienkiewicz 
Teresa Marie Silberberg 
Brian Richard Smith 
Edythe Kiefe Spitzberg 
Alice Marie Stratton 
Hua-Yu Su 
John Stephen Suehle 
Jungpil Sul 

Betsy Ann Taylor 
Theresa Ann Thompson 
Deborah Kay Tooley 
Alexander Wolodymyr 

Mark Trueblood 
Trang Thu Vo 
Kathleen Polonus Waddell 
Kishena C. Wadhwani 
Stanley Katsuyoshi 

Gary L. Walters 
William Edward Walton 
Harte Yee-Mim Wang 
Leo Li Wang 
Paula Francom Warren 
David James Webb 
Laurie Jane Weker 
Kendra Buckel Wells 
Ralph Denwood Welsh, Jr. 
Lolita Dorothy Werhan 
Valerie Claire Wesner 
Thomas Edward Wheatley 
Linda Kay Wildensteiner 
Wayne Martin Williams 
Alvin Mark Wilson 
Janis Lee Wilson 
Penelope McKellar Wolkow 
Stanley Lai Wah Wong 
Addison Hartwell Wynn 
Viviana Ferragut Yamashita 
Gail Poffenberger Yeiser 

Master of Education 

Alba Cappuccia Ben-Barka 
Joyce Barbara Berkowitz 
Fred Michael Berman 
Alison Dea Bolt 
Richard Webster Bounds 
Clement Hill Brooke III 
David Thomas Burggraff 
Diane L. Cunningham 
Neil Andrew Davidson 
Cecelia C. Durst 
Marilyn Louise Edewaard 
Linda B. Edwards 
Paula Eiblum 
Alice K. Epstein 
Francine Grace Favretto 
Donna Ann Fiedler 
Jennie Hannah Fleming 
Mary Evelyn Frelow 
Virginia Claire Fulghum 
Suzann Furney 
Suzanne Dale Gatlin 
Cheryl Lynne Geiger 
Andrea Mary Giacobbe 
Barbara Messick Gibson 
Stephen O'Dell Gibson 
Franklin Eadie Godfrey 
Joann Mary Gordon 
Yudith Grun 
Janet Pauls Harris 
Thomas Julius Ludwig 

Chana Kiku Hiranaka 
Jean Nordstrom Hofmann 
Elaine Anne Hudson 
Susan Crayl Hudson 
Michiko Ito 

Linda-Marie Bard Kane 
Kathleen Kellner 
Barbara Anne Kelly 
William Ryan Kirtland 
Glen Steven Levis 
Richard Macheski 
Adelaide Esther Martin 
Robert Henry Martin, Jr. 
Deborah Lynn McAllister 
George Randall Mclntyre 
Andrew Lee Meyer 

Toni Cimino Michelsen 
Kirk Pace Mullen 
Linda J. Musial 
Carol Mann Pica 
Linda Jones Raivel 
Jill Patricia Richard 
Charles Ronald Richardson 
Atma Ram Sahu 
Marva Evans Scott 
Steven Joseph Semiatin 
Olga Solomou 
Patricia J. Spencer 
Cindy Jo Spiller 
Donna Marie Tafuri 
Gail Orrick Templin 
Lois Claxton Turco 
Barbara Louise Vogler 
Anne McVeigh Weaver 
Carol Denise Williams 
Kathleen G. Williams 
George Wright, Jr. 

Master of Business 

Gail Teresa Alexander 
Stephen Edward Arkin 
Charles Russell Atherton 
Toby Roselle Axelrod 
Ronald Paul Brensinger 
Warren Daniel Brown 
Charles Edgar Buhl 
Joseph Paul Carey 
Lisa Maureen Gary 
Sharon Helen Dantzig 
Eric Eugene Doerr 
James Francis Donahue 
Daniel James Eshman 
Beryl Lowenthal Feinberg 
James John Flyzik 
Raymond Charles Foster 
Byron A. Genner 
Christina Marie 
Carol Smith Graser 
Douglas Paul Grove 
Ronald L. Haas 
Jama Cheri Haley 


Frederick George Hamnett 
Susan Sundell Hanley 
Roger Henry Heintzelman 
Mark Edward Hoffman 
Joseph D. Huba 
Nancv L. Hucke 
Paula Dorene Irwin 
Akshav K. Jain 
Brenda Rose James 
Jerrv Alan Janofsky 
Gregory T. Jones 
Julie Pauline Kistell 
Joel Leslie Klipp 
Daniel Kugler 
Frank P. Land 
Alicia Greene Levinson 
Edwin Lichtig III 
Chan-Jane Lin 
Lyn L. Locke 
Sherri Locke 
Pamela S. Mayo 
Kathleen M. McNulty 
Joseph Kean Mendez 
Thomas L. Moskitis 
Rob David Nagel 
William Harlan Norton 
Anthony Charles Nuzzi 
Marilyn Gist Perkins 
Albert Louis Piesco 
Anthony Savino Pomilla 
Jacqueline Sara Prince 
Marilyn Kay Roberts 
Alexander Herbert Ruhl 
David I. Salem 
Monica Schuster 
Robin Elaine Shipp 
Steven Silverberg 
David Martin Sweet 
Sayed Afzal Tabatabai 
Paul Richard Thompson 
Bruce James Valliant 
Susan Dale Warren 
John Clinton Wilcox 
Eugenie Kathryn Williams 
Patricia Knowles Wood 
Donald Eric Woods 
Tina Marie Wright 

Master of Music 

Suzanne Broussard Aquila 
Sabrina Ann Bennett 
Cheryl Ann Branham 
Cynthia Renee Coleman 
Rogert John Coleman 
Ruben Peter Conlon 
John Edward Dawson 
Suzanne Ruth Dimmock 
Cathy Ellen Freundel 
Cheryl Lynne Hall 
Diana Ruth Hallman 
Diana Michele Jones 
Robin L. Kissinger 
Nancy Rita Matarazzo 
Lynne Marie Nemeth 
Robert Michael Petillo 
Jack Fletcher Price 
Thomas Arthur Reed 
Fabian Royster Sydnor 
Anthony David Villa 
Kenneth Thomas Williams 
Karen Patricia Zepp 

Master of Library 

Roxane Ahkao 
Jo Annette Blanchard 
Miriam Anne Bolotin 
Lisa Maria Boyd 
Patricia Arabella Chalk 
Larry Eugene Cody 
Carole Anne Corrigan 
Taha Bin Daud 
Jo Anne David 
Ellen B. Dennard 
Maria C. Diez-Hoyo 
Diane Elizabeth Druian 
Georgia E. Gifford 
Susan Jane Hyland 
Sheila Diane Josephowitz 
George Allen Kipper 
Debra Lynne Laser 
David Josette Lockwood 
Kathleen Goldrick Lolich 
Ronald Shawn Martin 

Clara Mae Roe MacFarland 
Patricia Mehok 
Victoria Elizabeth 

Donna Ruth O'Connor 
Margarita Procopio Powers 
Pamela Newton Pritcher 
Anita Marcia Richman 
Kathleen Mary Robinson 
Dorothy Patricia Royal 
Carolyn R. Salus 
Richard Shapiro 
Diane Griffin Shook 
Margaret Alice Smith 
Teresa Marie Stakem 
Carol Ann Watson 
Catherine Louise 


Master of Fine Arts 

Christopher Walter Boggs 
Viretta Belle King 
Marysusan Norpel 
Sumie Edagawa Putman 
Gayle Susan Misher 

Janette G. Shelly 
Jeffrey Paul Thompson 

Master of Architecture 

Mark Peter Ehret 


Master of Education 

January 30, 1981 

Susan L. Flitcraft 
Judy Ann Gatewood 
David Michael Hart 
Gerald David Mullinix 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


College of Agriculture 

Candidates will be presented bif 
Dr. Larr\i N. Vanderhoef, 
Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Mariella Lyda Accame 
§Henry Albert Affeldt, Jr. 

Mohammad Kazem Agahi 

Laura Marie Aldridge 

Suzanne Eileen Angell 

Laura Jean Bader 

Gregory Joseph Baldwin 

Brenda Arlene Barclay 

Robert Gordon Bartenfelder 

Robert Alan Behringer 

Cynthia Marie Berish 
*Keyin Avner Bernstein 
*Charles Turner Bland 

Mark Alan Bohning 

Mark Christopher Bolgiano 

Victoria Helen Borroughs 

Rodrigo S.M. Brenes 

Christopher Scott Bronzert 

Elizabeth Ann Broussard 

Patrick William Brown 

Michael Thomas 

Kenneth Edward Bryan 

Collin Matthew Capes 

Joseph William Clemm, Jr. 

Kathie Marie Clingan 

Ian Rodd Conway 

Mary Catherine Cunniffe 
§Patricia Mary Dalton 

John Angus Davidson 

Doren HoIIister Davis 
*Dorothy Ann Davis 

Daniel D. Day 

Donna Lee DeAngelis 

Antonia Beatrice DeBevec 

Stephen Parker Dubik 

Carolyn Elizabeth Duda 

Verona Lambert Dunn 

Lawrence David Eastman 


Brian Lawrence Eick 
Kamel Sani El-Darwish 
James Brian Emerick 
Steven Ali Esfandiari 
Tamara Lynne Essich 
Neva Jean Eylar 
Susanne Rachael Felser 
David Alvin Fleming 
Holly Amos Fleming 
*Jane Wilfred Foltz 
Thomas Gerard Ford 
Edward Joseph Foster 
James Woodbridge Foster 
David Charles Fullerton 
Scott Carroll Gaylert 

John Jay Gick 
Donna Lee Goldsteen 
Robert M. Grove, Jr. 
Richard Alan Groveman 
Mark Thomas 

Kathryn Louise Gurley 
Enid Gail Hack 
Elizabeth Lee Hahn 
David C. Haussener 
Stanley Reede Hayman 
Robert Berton Heit 
Peter Woodson Heppner 
Brian James Hicks 
Shelley Diane Hicks 
Rose Eileen Hilbert 
Susan Nelsie Hill 
Elizabeth Ann Hirsh 
Francis John Hobbes 
Timothy Kevin Hoff 
Lawrence Alan Holbrook 
Twila Renee Hoover 
Daniel Roy Huff 
James Robert Ihrig 
Janice Ann Ingwersen 
Roy Donald Jaquette, Jr. 
David F. Jenkins, Jr. 
James Alfred Kane, Jr. 
Lyn Elizabeth Kappeler 
Lawson Adrian Knight 
§Caroline 1. Kohlstadt 


§Margaret Elizabeth 
Thomas Martin Landicho 
Anthony Lappas 
John V. Laws, Jr. 
Richard Marvil Laws, Jr. 
Roger Alan Lee 
Brion Robert Lesko 
Cynthia Marie Lester 
Paul Kenneth Lingebach 
Roger Kenneth Lipinski 
Susan Marie Lonergan 
Harry Phoebus Lynch 
Mary Agnes Lynch 
Carol Ann Madeoy 
Lee Michele Mallinger 
Kim Diane Marinelli 
Steven Craig Martin 
Clara Ann Mason 
Francis George Masson 
James Patrick Meyer 
Arnold Mixon 
Norton Merryman Mock 
Roch Anthony Mongeon 
Nancy Elaine Nicholson 
Mark David Nixon 

§Elizabeth Lewis Ogden 

' Thomas Brae O'Hara III 
Elizabeth Orr 
Shirley Hope O'Toole 
Mitchell Neal Paul 
Lori Ann Pfrang 
Wayne Eskridge Phillips 
Michelle Tarisse Pianin 
Elizabeth Pickrel 
Elise Elinor Pierce 
Ellen Jane Pitt 
Paul Edward Poppert 11 
Brenda Lee Pusso 
Mark Edward Radecke 
Mary Jane Ramsburg 
Andrea Ray 
Nancy Redmond Reams 

§Suzanne Reed 
Mary Suzanne Regeimbal 
Linda Susan Reinhardt 
Peter Alexander Robinson 
Jacqueline Suzanne 

Lori Ann Rogers 
Kim David Rohrer 
Bonnie Ann Rosoff 
Michael Andrew Rouse 
Christine Santiago 
Noah Luther Schaeffer 
Barbara Anne Schoenfeld 
William David Schrodel 
Richard Alan Schubach 
Mary E. Scott 
John Christopher Seddon 
Maureen Catherine 

Susan Kathleen Shea 
Daniel Whitney Shirley 
Glenn Davidson Shirley 
Regina Anne Smick 
Marcia Ann Smith 
Pattianne Smith 
Robert Steven Sowers 
Philip Lawrence 

Lori Ann Spooner 
George Edward Stagnitti, 

M'Lissa Ivy Starr 
Clay Michael Stern 
Theresa Maria Stevens 
Pamela J. Sulmer 
Craig Alan Taylor 
Marvin Alan Terwilliger 
Harold William Theiss 
Patrick Bernard Thibeau 
Robert Christopher Trenkle 
Paul Stephen Tritaik 
Thomas Anthony Unanue 
*Victor Manuel Vergara 
tWade Lawrence Wakal 
tWayne Joseph Wakal 
Theodore Milton 

Lawrence Lee Webber 
Jamie Molinelli Welch 
Diane Jocelyn Welsh 
Patricia Lynn Williams 
Michael Vincent 

Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

Candidates u'ill he presented hy 
Dr. Larry N. Vanderhoef, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

^Jeffrey Robert Abrams 
Simon Joseph Adir 
Cynthia Rosemary Alii 
*Catherine Basgal Anderson 
Deborah Elaine Angster 
Kamran Azhdam 
Gerald Edwin Badger 
Donald Eugene Barber, Jr. 
*Bryan Kurt Bartle 
*Marisa Susan Bartolomei 
Robert Adam Battista 
Mark Lee Beal 
Andrea Teresa Bennett 
Richard Wayne Berenter 
William Alan Berzonsky 
Maria Ursula Dorothea 

Mark David Blum 
Stuart Gordon Blum 
Kevin Michael Brady 
David Charles Brandon 
Leslie A. Brents 
Eric Llewellyn Briscoe 
Gregory Scott Bruce 
Lucinda Kay Bruzzese 
Robert David Budman 
Paula Ellen Burch 
Edward Charles Burgard III 
Laura Jean Burke 
Jeffrey Steven Burr 
Paul Edward Callahan 
Pablo A. Carrion 
tjan Alison Cheetham 
William Cheng 
Sylvia Patricia Chiriboga 
Kinneth Mun Chong 
John Hongwoo Chun 
Rosana Victoria Cisneros 
Arthur E. Clark, Jr. 
Sherryl Ann Clarke 
Fred Arthur Cohen 

gSumma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laudf 

Pamela Jean Cook 
Carol Anne Cooke 
Larry William Cress 
James Michael Crouse 
Laurie Cummings 
Gail Patricia Cunningham 
Jeffrey Michael Cusick 
James Neil Danielson 

*George Davenport 

*Victor Allen David 
Theresa Lynn De Carli 
Linda Joyce DeLoach 
Mary Theresa Dougherty 
Linh Dang Duckett 
Susan Jean Dulkerian 
James Michael Dulko 
John Arnold Edwards 
Charles Kevin Eger 
Emily Michelle Falk 
llene L. Farley 

tMargaret Louise Allen 
Les Bryan Forgosh 
Joseph Edward Frew 
Carl Richard Fulper 
Gregory Paul Furrow 
Jesselyn Elizabeth Gandy 
Winston Harold Gandv, Jr. 
Raphael Kusiel Gershon 
Timothy Brian Gipe 

§David Larry Gold 
Gerard Francis Graminski 
Mary Virginia Grant 
Kenneth Eugene Gray 
Joanta Hermion Green 
Praveen Kumar Gupta 

tKeith Benjamin Gustafson 
Jennifer Marie Haaser 
Douglas Harry Hallgren 
Jeffrey Alan Hammer 

*Alan Wayne Hammond 

*Bonnie Jane Harrell 
Jeffery Lynn Harris 
Stephanie Allynn Harris 
Jennifer Lynn Harrison 
Theresa Anne Hata 
Loren Meryl Hauser 
John Joseph Heisler 111 

*Jeffrey Harry Hellman 

*Roland Hellmann (two 

Paul Jude Henning 
Craig Donald Hochstein 
Pamela Jane Hollcroft 
Sally Louise Hosier 
Thomas Hoxie 

§Paul Yu-Yi Hsiao 
Stuart Arnold Hurwitz 
Elvin Chijioke Iko 
Stephen Rosario Indelicato 
Daniel Peter Ivkovich, Jr. 
Edwin Francis Jacobsen 
Norman David Jaffe 
Michael George Jantschi 
John Robert Jensen III 
Elizabeth Ourania Johnson 
Nathan Karl Johnson 
Bruce Edward Jones 
Keith Michael Jones 

tSudhir Daniel Joshua 
Joyce Ann Kalimon 
Laura Marie Kallay 
Ann Karen 
Zahra Kavianpour 
Jennifer Ann Kispert 

*Scott Martin Kleger 
Nelson Lee Kohn 
Keith David Krause 
Paul Williams Kriebel 

*Edwin Hayward Kriel 
Mark Kronman 
Craig David Lamison 
Seth A. Landau 
Corrine Joanne Lange 
Margaret A. Lazarou 

*Steven Mark Lederman 

+Eun-Kyu Lee 
James Jacob Lee 
Mike S. Lee 
Jacqueline Jov Lesser 
Beth Anne Lever 
William Phillip Lieberman 
Andrew David Lloyd 
Michael Ludwig 
*Marianne Maccini 
Scott Hutcheson 

Stephen Hambleton Majors 
Bina K. Makhijani 
Barrv Farber Manson 
Jacob Margolis 
Steven Markow 
Bonnie Lvnn Mattingly 
Daniel Michael McCallum 
Brian Lee McFadden 
David Paul Milzman 
William Lafayette Mondy 
Lynne Marie Morton 
Edward Baker Mougey 
Bahman Moussazadeh 
J.G. Mullins 
Manouchehr Navai 
Joseph Anthonv Niner 
Charlene Ozanne 

§Dorothy Ann Pabst 
Giulio Franco Paciotti 
Charles Harlan Pals 
Paul S. Park 

*Arsenio George Pascual 
Joan Catherine Pawlowski 
Barry M. Pawson 
Shanna Marie Peabody 

*Tamra Ann Pell 
EUi Peseley 
Larry Lee Picard 
Giro Luis Pinto-Coelho 
Angela C. Prats 
Janice Louise Pritchard 

*Gloria Anne Reckrey 
Robert Kenneth Roby 
Rosemarv Ann Rochford 
Marv Elizabeth Rodgers 
David Evan Rosenberg 

*Steven Marc Rotter 
Lawrence Rush 
Eric Thomas Rutherford 
Anjana Sachdeva 
Aida Margarita Sanchez 
Kenneth Wayne Sapp 

tjane Eva Sasaki 
Eric Scott Schlegel 
Dean Allen Schramek 
Gregorv David Schuler 
Lisa Mary Schwartz 

*Nadine Beth Semer 

*Frank Joseph Shelton 
Morris Marc Shochet 
Clay Brian Siegall 
Yong Kak Sin 

tFrances Irene Slade 
Stephen James Smith 
Mark Sobel 

§Stephen Charles Springate 
Mark Douglas Stipetic 
Nancy Elizabeth Stobie 
John Edward Straub 
Laurence Scott Thomas 

*Carroll Lee Thumel 
Mark Gerard Toohey 
Anh To Tran 
Yael Gita Traum 
Peter Pai-I Tung 
Helen Tzavelis 
Valerie Stephanie 

Hung Quang Vu 
John Zoran Vuitch 
Thomas Joel Walters 
Barry Marvin Wertheimer 
Kelly Marie West 
David Rhine Whipps 
Eugene Francis Wilson 
Eric Scott Windsor (two 

*Sara Kathleen Woolery 
Chi Mei Wu 
Kathryn Sachi Wynn 

tWay Yin 

*Victoria Lynn Yorke 
George Abe Zachariah 
Lisa Zeise 

Mary Louise Zimmerman 
Eric Jon Zintz 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 



School of Architecture 

Cainiidafes will be presented by 
Prof. ]ohn VV. Hill, 
Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Robert Ahmutv, Jr. 
Masood Shafti Amintinat 
Jeffrey Lee Banner 
Stephen Marble Bartlett 
Matthew Wheaton Blank 
Beyhan Ayda Cagri 
Michael Patrick Elliott 
tStephen Andrew Giannetti 
Karen M. Gray 
Loreen Anne Highley 
William Bradley Holtz 
tMargaret Ann Hoyert 
Hamid-Reza Izadi 
Stanley Frank Lownev 
John William Mason 
Jonathan Albert Mclntyre 
Scott Daniel Metzner 
Glenn Allen Neighbors 
Diane Myra Nochumowitz 
Sarah Ellen Rider 
Craig A. Snider 
*Craig Semdy Spangler 
Gordon Mead Stewart 
Rachel Dorothy Tanur 
Dean S. Ventola 
*Steyen Mark Wiesenthal 
James Phillip Wright 

Bachelor of Science 

Thomas Ahmann 
Cynthia Dyan Andersen 
Sally Lichtenstein Berk 
Robert Francis Blunt 
Mark Daly Farber 
Matthew Wayne Ford 
Steven Patrick Gigliotti 
Jeffrey McNeil Hill 
Lynne Susan ladarola 

Jeffrey Donald 

John William Mason 
Derek Andre McDaniels 
Ina M. Neumann 
Diane Myra Nochumowitz 
Stephen Douglas O'Neill 
*Mary Rosine Owens 
Ana Cecilia Padilla 
Sarah Ellen Rider 
Jamshid Sepehri 
Rachel Dorothy Tanur 
Richard VanDeren 
Jimmy Vansopark 

College of Journalism 

Candidates will be presented by 
Prof. Reese Cleghorn, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Aveline Varina Allen 
Marcia Lynn Anders 
Jayier Jose Aparisi 
Michael Grant Baker 
Ellen Joy Balin 
Brenda Shomer Bernstein 
Patricia Ann Black 
Thomas Kevin Blanc 
Laura Anne Blomberg 
Pat Bond 

Peter lams Bowell 
Kathleen Anne Calder 

§Barbara Ann Carlin 
Melanie Ann Carroll 
Angeleke M. Cassianos 
Elaine Cek 

Mary Elizabeth Charles 
Kathleen A. Coakley 
Sandra Lee Colbert 
Randi Lisa Cooper 
Thomas F. Couzens III 

*Kimberly Dian Crowell 
Darcy Ellen Danaceau 
Peter Lawrence Davidson 
Robert William Davidson 
Sheila Ann Marie 

Ana Maria Diaz 
Debra Ann DiMaio 
Christopher Steven DuBois 
Adrienne Iris Feldstein 
Elizabeth Ann Ferencak 
Bridget Bernadette 

Stephen Lawrence Fricker 
Carol Beth Gardinor 
Darlene Cecelia Gartrell 
Debra Jeanne Gertler 

tElizabeth Ellen Gibbons 
Lisa Rebecca Ginsburg 
Aliza Jo Glustrom 
Fay Sarah Gold 
Linda M. Gonzales 
Anita Maria Grieten 
Carl Luke Hamilton 
Deborah Ann Hayn 
Joan Patricia Hisaoka 
Amy V. Hollis 
Steven Lewis Humphreys 
William Arthur Jackson 
Belinda Avis Josey 
John Francis Kelley III 
Timothy Michael Kelly 
Charlotte Marie Keys 

*Kelcev Ann Koiwopa 
Denise Anne Lamoreaux 
Karen Elizabeth Lecuit 
Donald Joseph Lee 
Mary Soonie Lee 

+Rose-Anne Lenchek 
Stephanie Jolene Lichtman 
Judy Lynn Lundmark 
Deborah Ellen Mack 

tllene Blair Markbreiter 
Laurie Beth McCurdy 
Nancy Ellen McDonald 
Charles Francis McNally 
David Mark Meyers 
Michael Kevin Miller 
Paul Frederick Milton 
Carlos Ramon Miro 
Charles Donald Morgan 
Elizabeth Hough Newton 
Diana June Nikoloff 

tMai T. Pham 

*Shana Karen Potash 

Lisa Ann Putman 

Janet Beth Rabin 

Patricia Ann Rankin 

Deborah Ellen Retsky 

Richard Ernest Roa 

Michelle Arden 

Martin David Rosol 

Robert Richard Rubin 

Barbara A. Schnipper 

Carol Ann Schweiger 

Debra F. Sessoms 

Brian Keith Showier 
§Anne Elizabeth Simpson 

Sally Elizabeth Smith 

Sandra Ann Smith 

Michelle Angela 

Richard Michael Snider 

Robin Solomon 

Jerald Franklin Sperling 

John Daniel Stiles 

Todd Andrew Street 

Judith Ann Tancill 

Kathleen Anne Thomas 

Lisabeth Brynn Todd 

Laurie Lindsey Ure 

Lisa G. Wagner 

Florri Jane Wasserberger 
tBonnie Jo Weaver 

Brian Jaye Williams 

Susan Mindy Wolfe 

Wendy Sue Zentz 

Division of Arts 
and Humanities 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Shirley S. Kenny, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

*Marla Jennifer Aaron 
Ruth Miriam Abramson 
Clarke Francis Ahlers 
John William Allard 
Dawn Maureen Allen 
Selene Ann Almazan 
Emily Dawn Anderson 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

joy Celeste Anderson 
§Joseph Roman Armata (two 
Charles Robert Armstrong 
Roland Cvril Ashley 
Shawn deAnne Bachtler 
Scott Eric Banker 
Margaret Mary Basaman 
Kathleen T. Bates 
tCharles ]. Becker 
Sandra Dawn Belland 
Kenneth James Bennett 
Jean Marie Berard 
Richard Lance 

Donna Beth Bernstein 
Hope Diane Berschler 
Kathleen Mary Bethke 
Sharon Ann Bilello 
Wendell Calvin Bizzell 
Deanne Kav Black 
Janice Lee Blincoe 
Leopold Josef Boeckl 
Marsha Lane Boerke 
Michael Scott Bolgiano 
Cvnthia Marie Bouic 
Brian Franz Bradford 
Laura D. Branch 
Rohlvn Ann Buchanan 
Jo Ann Burton 
Craig Daniel Button 
Anne O'Connell Caldas 
Katherine Ann Campbell 
Jacqueline Hillary Canter 
Bruce Cantor 
David Mark Carmen 
Claire Mary Cavanaugh 
Alan Jeffrey Chaiken 
Jeanette Leah Chamberlain 
Dorothea Haynes Chandler 
Kenneth Perry Chaney, Jr. 
David Brian Chappell 
Clifford Scott Chief 
Leonard Robert Chornock 
Kimberlv Ann Cibak 
Stephen Edward Clark 
Ann Christine Coffin 
Cvnthia L. Cohen 
Linda Bernice Cokinos 

Charles Kevin Combs 
Linda Jean Comley 
Chervl Adele Cook 
Philip James Cook 
Delight Carole Covill 
Donna Kathleen Coyle 
Virginia Florence Craig 
Clifton Charles Crais 
Anthony Wayne Crook 
Diane Mary Crotty 
Linda Gay Culp 
Kathleen Susan Daley 
Cynthia Lynn Dance 
Ann Austin Davison 
Neil Randall Davison 
Richard Gerard Day 
*Michael William DeHart 
Joseph Mario DeMarco 
Suzanne Grady Desrosier 
Laura Ann Detweiler 
Kathryn Judith Dollymore 
Jo-Ellen Michelle Doney 
Gerald Patrick Donoghue 
*Jay Edwin Dougherty 
John Alvin Draper 
Jack Edward DuBose 
Eleanor Parrott Duke 
Heather Marie Dutton 
Robert Mareen Duvall 
Martha Ann Eacho 
Kevin Joseph Earnest (two 

Lauri Elizabeth Eff 
Valerie Anne Eliasen 
Glenn Curtis Etelson 
Glenn Charles Faigen 
Nushin Kazerouni 

Carolyn Feinberg 
Lois Lynette Feiner 
Elizabeth Clare Feldman 
Rose Sharon Feldman 
Miriam Foster Ferris 
Lori McCallum Fields 
Robert Alan Fiester 
Wayne Filler 
Janet Laurena Fisher 
Robert Peirce Fitchett 
Anne Elizabeth FitzGerald 

Nancy Ellen Fitzgerald 
Audrey Sue Fix 
Jonathan Allen Fletcher 
Gina Michelle Forman 
Lisa Ann Fortune 
Angelina Marie Fox 
David Austin Fox 
Ralph Samuel Freedman 
Laurie Ann Freelove 
Frederick Ulysses Friday III 
*Kimberly Anne Fulcher 
Karen Lynn Fuselier 
Virginia Maureen Gallagher 
Irene Grace Gardella 
Robert Jav Garfinkle 
Greta Denice Garrett 
*Jack Andrew Garson 
Nicole Nedra Gartner 
Susan Beth Georgulas 
Michael Andrew Giacchino 
*Mark Andrew Gilday 
Suzanne Leigh Gilkeson 
tAmv Clatter 
Thomas David Golab 
Sharla Nan Goldberg 
Lori Ann Gordon 
Nancy Rae Gottdenker 
David Paul Gracvalny 
Gina Denise Grantham 
Elizabeth Janice Gray 
Michael Thomas Green 
Jane H. Gregory 
John Wesley Grimes 
Adriana Gutierrez 
Joanndra Christine 

Edward Allen Halverson 
Pamela H. Halvorsen 
Barbara Lynn Ham 
Marv Doreen Hamilton 
Donald Richard Hansen 
Carol Jane Harding 
Donald Todd Harrison 
Michael Philip Harvey 
Joann Haske 
Julia Ann Herlocker 
Geoffrey Townsend Hervey 

*Catherine Marie Hess 
Sandra Lynn Hiob 
Wendy Sue Hoffman 
Ann Marie-Elizabeth 

Dianne Elizabeth Holben 
Jeffrey Lynn Holbrook 
Elizabeth McAlister Hole 

*Anne Barker Holleman 
Lorraine Rooks HoUen 
Christopher David Horak 
Donna Marie Hough 
Reginald Dennis Howie 
David N. Hubbard 
Mark Brophy Hubbard 
Dorothy Dillon Hughes 
Merrell Lemuel Dwight 

Ken Marc Hutkin 
Kay Frances Hyman 
James Joseph Inabinett, Jr. 

(two degrees) 
John Salvatore lorio 

tMisuzu Muramatsu Ivory 
Alexander Oleg Ivsky 
Debra Leigh Jackson 
Janis Hanna Jacobson 
David Alan Johnson 
Muara Catherine Johnston 
Ronald Eric Jolles 
Dorsey Riefner Jones 
Linwood Parker Jones 

tMarion Joan Joyce 
Marv Ann Jung 
Harriett Ellen Karasik 
Cheryl Jean Karcher 
Deborah Esther Karo 
Claudia Margaret Kassatly 
Jane Elizabeth Keen 
Stephen James Kelley 
Joanna Mary Kelly 
Margaret A. Kendig 
Steven Howard Kerbel 
Michael Paul Kerley 
Leslie Margaret Kershner 
Karen Gail Kessler 
Sondra Lea Kettering 
Amy Aekyung Kim 
Millie Kim 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Vallerie Faye King 
Perri Jill Kipperman 
Teresa Marie Kochowicz 
Daniel Kimbrell Kohlmeier 
Kathleen Louise Koontz 
Christina Suzanne Kratz 
Lisa Kathryn Labagh 
Joanne Felicia LaMantia 

*Robyn Gay Landis 
Maria Cristina Larson 

tjennifer Gayle LaRue 
Kathleen Marie Lasick 

*Joan Toothill Lauffer 
Robin Ilene Lerner 
Eric Allen Levine 
Thomas Ryland 

§Margaret Anne Lewis 
Paula Lesley Lewis 
Eilene Carolyn Lifsey 
Joyce L. Lockard 
Kathryn Marie Looney 
Duncan Richard Love 
Karyn Lee Lucas 

*Bruce Mark Luchansky 
Letitia Harper MacPherson 
Hollie Lynn Magaziner 
Jamie Manaia 
Maureen Mannelly 
Thomas Edward Marin 
Les Brian Markman 
Robert Sherod Marlowe, Jr. 
James Alan Marshall 
Samara Martin 
Richard Allen Marx 
Garry Kenneth Mason 
Lillian Abell Mattingly 
Carolyn Comstock May 
Brigitte McCray 
Paul Kevin McCutcheon 

§Donald Brian McGee 
Timothy James McGee 
Elizabeth Ann McPherson 
Laurie Ann McVay 
Teresa Anne McVeigh 
Chris Smith Meiser 
Kathleen Ann Meman 
Mark Richard Milewski 


*Julie Rachel Moses 
Steven Carl Muldrow 
Kevin Brian Murphy 

*Mary Elizabeth Murray 
Meera Narayanan 
Elizabeth Jane Naylor 
Cvnthia Sue Neish 
David Leon Netzer 
Lisha Marie Newman 
Jean Mishelle Nickas 
Julia Mary Nisson 

tMartin Maxwell Norman II 
Elizabeth Ann O'Brien 
Sheila Marie O'Donnell 

*Sean Patrick O'Halloran 
Kathleen Tobin O'Leary 
Emanuel Ory 
James Howard Parker 
Lisa Rose Pellegrino 
Elissa Ellen Pelton 
Denise T. Pham 
Viroon Pheng La Or 
Robert Wayne Phillips 
Michael Anthony Pimentel 
Anne Elizabeth PoUey 
Rachel Pomerantz 
Gretchen Ann Porkert 
Lisa Michelle Porter 
Nicole Elizabeth Porter 
Marlene Susan Posaner 
Beth Powers 
Sandra Lynn Powers 
Christine E. Prickett 
Thomas Smith Prince 
Raymond Anthony Pronko 
Guoda Marija Puzinauskas 
Henry Felix Raine 
Maria Delpilar Ramos 
Jean Elizabeth Razulis 
Pamela Verenda Reaves 
Robert Lewis Rebach 

*Sylvia Zopf Reiff 

§Linda Suzanne Rentz 
Wesley Sherman 

Christopher R. Robins 
Eileen Margaret Rogers 

tPatricia Louise Rogers 
Gail Robin Rosenberg 

Nora Joyce Rosewag 
Gale Michele Rosner 
Randi Michele Rovner 
Bradley Joseph Rudich 
Mairi Breen Sablosky 

*Charles Dunbar Safford 
Leslie Catherine Sandoz 
Joyce Ellen Schachter 
Marion Anna Schafer 
Josephine Jane Scheibel 
Caren Schlossberg 
Alan Howard Schonfeld 
Mary Theresa Scott 
Susan C. Seller 
John Joseph Seleski 
Terry Wao-Tien Shen 
Suzette Riva Sherin 
Marc Avery Siegel 
Karen Leah Silberfarb 
Robert Keith Silverstein 
Suzanne Elizabeth Simpson 

*Ginny Ann Smith 
Wyseola D. Smith 
Janie Snyderman 
Elizabeth Anne Spence 
Alice Jean Spritz 
Doron A. Stadlan 
Janet Susan Stapleton 
Floyd Duncan Starnes 
Gordon Hay Stephen 
Trichita J. Stevens 
Ronald Erin Stewart 
Dana Louise Stille 
James Walter Stinson, Jr. 
Steven Paul St. Jean 
Schehera Sue Stolarik 
Michele Kimberly 

Mark Alan Stone 
Robert Allen Stup 
Nancy Emile Swenton 
Ildico Terezia Takacs 
John Thomas Talbert 
Christina Ann Tarasuk 
Christeen Erin Taylor 
Susan Ann Tchorni 
Lisa Townsend Teeling 
Elizabeth Colbert Terl 

tVasiliki Theodoropoulos 

James William Thomas 
Lesley Joyce Thomas 
§Julie Lois Thompson 
Michael John Thompson 
William Mark Thompson 
Gary David Tominovich 
Stephen Hale Topping 
Laura Donna Torres 
Douglas Daniel Townsend 
Christina Cecelia Travers 
Pamela Jo Trickett 
Michael Patrick Truitt 
Albert Nicholas Urick 
Aaron Brad Van Grack 
Diana Vassiliadis 
Denise Marie Vermillion 
Ruth Walderman 
James Augustine Walsh 
Joseph Eugene Walukonis 
Candace Courtney Warlow 
Kimball Hamilton Webster 
Julia L. Wedding 
Laura Stacev Weiner 
Joanne Penny Weissman 
Laura Jeanne Welsh 
tNaomi Roberta Wender 
tMargaret Leigh White 
Michael Edwin White 
Laurie Ellen Williams 
Lee Wells Williamson 
David Francis Wilson 
Thomas Allen Wimmer 
Parvine Shahaab Windom 
Russell Robert Winer 
Herbert Kenly Witzen, Jr. 
Ronny I. Wolf 
Susan Carol Wood 
Tracey Suzanne Wyman 
Cynthia Lynne Young 
Joanne Zener 
Susan Lee Zuckerman 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Bachelor of Music 

Socrates Armenak Boyajian 
Jeff D. Corbett 
Matthew Greynolds 
Sophia Pallas 
Gregory Paul Shook 
Robert Daniel Spates 
Frances Leah White 


College of Business 
and Management 

Candidates ivill be pwesented by 
Dr. Rudolph P. Lamone, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Ronald Bruce Abelson 
Gail Beth Addis 
Suneeta Agarwal 
Douglas John Alick 
Jeffrey Michael Allcock 
Paul Dennis Allen 
Angus Neil Alsmeyer 
Janet L. Altman 
Charlotte Ann Alvarado 
Gregory Rutherford 

Mimi Denise Andrews 
Anna Maria Arcaro 
Brian Joseph Backe 
Mahnaz Bahrami 
Josette J. Bailey 
Ronald Arthur Baras 
Brian C. Barbazette 
Thomas Barrett 
Corlyn Ann Barto 
*Philip Barry Bass 
Wayne T. Baucino 
Monica Jaye Bauer 
Francis A. Bautz, Jr. 
Patricia Sharon Bayne 
Christopher Paul Bean 
Jill Renee Becker 

John Conrad Bellistri 
Stuart Benson 
Michael Joseph Bereson 
George Berges 
Brett Alan Bessell 
Harvey Ira Bezozi 
Andrew Louis Billig 
Mary Elizabeth Biser 
Kenneth Alan Black 
Bonita Anne Blair 
James Anthony Blaso 
Edward Paul Blaustein 
John Strauchan Blick 
Randall Scott Bloomquist 
Craig O. Blorstad 
David Olaf Blorstad 
Cynthia Remonia Bond 
Sarah Hays Bonner 
Ira Fred Bormel 

+Jo-Ann Bowers 
Craig Barry Brady 
Stephen Edward Brannan 

tjoanne Marie Brehm 
David Gerard Bremer 
Kenneth James Brewi 
Mark Steven Brey 
Susan R. Brickerd 
Bari Lynn Bridge 
Mark Joseph Brien 
Claudia Gail Brier 
Elizabeth Kay 

Kevin David Brill 
Mona Beth Brisky 
Linda Ann Brown 
Madlyn L. Brown 
Theresa Anne Brown 
Michael Allen Bryant 
Jeffrey Saber Bucklew 

tMichael Edward Burlas 

*Ronald Joseph Burr 
James Edward Bury 
Kathleen Marie Butler 
Terrence P. Butler 
David Michael Byrd 
Ann Teresa Cacciatore 
Frederick Joseph Calandra 
Donald Erik Call 
Ian Allan Cameron 

Ronald Campbell 
John Charles Caponiti 
Kathryn Cecelia Cappello 
Thomas Carl Cardaro 
Francis Xavier Carillo, Jr. 
Federico Humberto 

John Raymond Cashin, Jr. 
George Steve Cavros 
Michael James Chiosi 
Angelo Paul Chiota 
Lawrence Harold Cines 
Mark Nicholas Cipollina 
David Mark Citron 
George Charles Civita 
Kathleen Teresa Coakley 
Stephanie Lynn Cohan 
Eric Cohen 
Jill Leslie Cohen 
Scott Mitchell Cohen 
David Malcolm Collins 
Sarah Tracy Colvin 
Daniel Joseph Connors, Jr. 
*Frank Carlile Cooley 
Thomas Gary Cooper 
Vincent Glenn Copman 
Michele Ann Corrado 
Shari Lyn Corridon 
Katherine Anne Costa 
Patrick Claude Coughlin 
Michael Joseph Coury 
Alison Cox 
Alan Michael Cramer 
Charles Monroe Cronauer, 

Harry Maddock Croyder 
Robert Anthony Cruz 
Bruce Steven Crystal 
Timothy Cummins 
Vernon Burdell 

Stewart Douglas Curley 
Gwendolyn Alene Curtis 
Stacy Lee Cushner 
Andrew Michael Dagen 
Grace Marie Daley 
Karen Phyllis Dargis 
Christopher Anthony 


Melanie Robin Daub 

Denice Davila 

Ann Mei-Ye Dea 
tjohn Patrick Deem 

Cynthia Lou Deep 

William Clark de Lashmutt 

Ronald Peter DeMarinis 

Carol Ann Demi 

Walter Hamm Deyhle 

John Jude DiFato 

Jill Ellen DiPasquale 

Russell Thomas Donaldson 

Robert Donkis, Jr. 

Cheryl Renita Drew 

Susan Elizabeth Duffy 

Dawn Edwards Dulovich 

Tracie L. Duncan 

Susan Jane Dunn 
'Robert Dennis Earle 

Michael Lawrence Edelstein 

Victor John Edgar 

Patricia Ann Ednie 
*Gary Paul Ehrlich 

Janet Alma Eisele 

Patricia Tillery Evans 

Robert David Faber 

Kevin Matthew Facius 

Alexa Katrina Fair 
§Edward Anthony Fakler 

David Fantin 

David Keith Faulkner 
*John Maxim Ferrari 

Linda Lee Ferraro 

Leslie Stuart Fields 

James David Finch 

Richard Allan Fine 

Janet Claire Finley 

Gary Brian Fishbein 

Michael Henry Fitzgerald 

Kathleen Marie Flaherty 
§Cynthia Anne Flanders 

Dean Edward Flowers 

Carol Ann Folea 

Donald Cortez Fontaine, Jr. 

Michael Salvatore 

Kevin Cornelius Foster 

Joanne Marie Fowler 

Perry Robert Fox 

gSumma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


John L. Franco 
Gary Steven Frank 
Teresa Lee Fratino 
Scott Wayne Friedlander 
Alan David Friedman 
Debra Sue Friedman 
Patricia Louise Garner 
Donald Patrick Giancoli 
Marie Constance Ginnis 
Robert Rudd Gioia 
Alan David Glatt 
David Caiman Goldberg 
Scott Usher Goldman 
Alex A. Goldstein 
Danny Alan Goodman 
Jerome Lee Goodman 

tAmy Eileen Gordon 
Mark Alan Gordon 
John Joseph Green 
Thomas James Griffin 
Terry Lynn Griner-Ely 
Brian G. Gross 
Marsha Ann Grossman 
Joyce M. Gruber 
Lori Gruman 

§Patricia Jane Guy 

tSandra Lee Haas 
John Francis Haben, Jr. 
Anthony David Hagedorn 
Syd Houston Hailey III 

tPatricia Margaret Hale 
Nancy Louise Hammel 
Joseph James Hanratty 
Jeffrey Hunt Hansberger 
Callista Marie Harden 
Lynn Elisabeth Harner 
Steven D. Harowitz 
Mary Louise Harrington 
Gerard Walter Harris 
Howard Ray Hartlein 
Thomas Paul Hartnett 
Catherine Irene Harty 
Joyce Harvey 
John Archer Harvill 
Susan Marie Haug 
Henry James Hearn III 
Julie Karen Hecht 
Steven Donald Heinemann 
Robert J. Heller 


John William Helms 
Susan Elizabeth Hemler 
Lee Albert Hess 
Douglas Wayne Hicks 
Steven Charles Hilsee 

tjeanette Eunike Hinz 
Jurg Erwin Hochuli 
Marcy B. Hoffer 
Eric Werner Hoffman 
Frederick Domonic 

Hoffmann III 
Destin Warner Hogue 
James Hollister 
Susan Lvnne HoUoman 
Richard Allen Howe 
Eileen Marie Hughes 
Susan Marie Humm 
Brian James Hundertmark 
Carolyn Catherine Hunger 
Cynthia Frances Hurd 
Deborah Elisabeth Husch 

*Paul Michael Huston 
William George Hylind 
Jay Glenn Hymer 
James Inglesby 
Donald Ken Irvine 
Lionel M. Ives 
Paul Norris Jackson 
Richard Christopher Jacobs 
Robert Michael Jamerson 
William Turner Jameson 
Gordon Paul Javne 
Daniel L. Jenkins 
Thomas Bailey Johnson 
Kelly Ann Jonak 
Sharon Annette Jones 
Elizabeth L. Joyce 
Sandra Regina Jurgelaitis 
Leslie Anne Kallmyer 
David Kenneth Kamperin 
Alan Jay Kantor 
Dorotea Kapelina 
Katryn Alice Katz 
Michael Alan Katz 
Kathleen Marie Kaulius 

tGlenn R. Kazlow 
Greggory Scott Keith 
John Charles Kennedy 
Karen Ann Kilgariff 

tRobert Alan Kinney 

Ellen Diane Kirsh 

Neil S. Kishter 

Gary Mark Kittay 
*Lori Anne Kleinheinz 

Jean Ann Klopfer 
*Frank William Knapp 

Manuela Myriam Koch 
§Annette C. Koebler 

J. Kevin Konopka 

Marv Ellen Kouroupis 

Michael Anthony 

Jack Dean Kramer 

Steven Mark Kramer 
+L. Marianne Krell 

Nancy Iris Kronthal 

Patrick Joseph Kuhn 

Francis Peter Kulp 
§Leonard Paul Kurtzman 

Rebecca Anne Kushner 

Yon Hvok Kwon 

John Anthony Lacey 

Emil L. La Civita, Jr. 

Mary Ann Lambert 

Steven Michael Lambird 

David Edward Lamolinara 

Lawrence J. La Moure, Jr. 

Kenneth John Larsen 

Jon David Laskin 

Clifford Louis Lassahn 
tjayne Ann Latter 

Marcia Marie LaWall 

John Franklin Lawrence 

Mykhanh Le 

Kathryn Rae Leach 

Stacy E. LeBow 

Jean Ming Lee 

Seungkvu Lee 

Stephen Lee 

Wayne Lefcort 

Dennis Dale Lentz 

Joan Frances Levinson 

Randi Lee Levinson 

Laurence Stuart Levy 

Sharon Ann Levy 

Tina Eve Levy 

Gary Scott Lewis 

Katie S. Li 

Marc Stuart Libowitz 
Frederick J. Liederbach III 
Thomas Mark Linehan 
Gary Joseph Linowes 
Holly Ann Lipman 
Kevin James Lockwood 
Cindy Ann Lohmann 
Lawrence Joseph Lojacono 
Mitchell Joseph Lojek 
Elizabeth Low 
John Francis Luchansky 
Louise Timmons Maasen 
Lawrence Jay Macklin 

*Angelo D. Magafan 
James Peter Magno 
Patrice Ann Maimone 
Ruth Mandl 
Daniel Kevin Marella 
Richard T. Marino 
Stasy C. Marias 
Linda Joan Marmer 
Gary Brian Marx 
Marc Gary Masket 
Paul Shaderick Mav 
Jeffrey Thomas McAlister 
Kay Lynn McCaffrey 
Bambi Lynn McCauley 
William Earl McCollum 
Monica Kathleen McElroy 

§Mark Damon McKitrick 
Chet Haddawav McWilliams 
Richard Charles Medwedeff 
James Kevin Meek 
Susan Maria Meizlish 

*Richard Harris Melnick 
Annick Menache 
Pamela Anne Menne 
Charles Paul Mercogliano 
Loree Ann Meyer 
Kim Denore Miles 
Robert Mark Milkovich 
Joseph John Miller 
Matt William Miller 
Richard Llovd Miller 

tHugh John Milligan 
Chevist Lovell Mitchell 

*Marla Sue Modlin 

*Bruce Jonathan Moldow 
Lisa Fay Molnick 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Norman Craig Moon 
William David Moore 
Diane Ellen Mordecai 
*Susan Lynn Morris 
Michael Joseph Morrissey 
Farivar Mottaghi 
Paul Thomas Nappi 
Stephen Howard Neff 
Joseph Eric Nelson 
Kristine Kay Nelson 
Frances Tsuing Ng 
Dung Minh Nguyen 
Quang Dang Nguyen 
Thuy Le Nguyen 
William Corby Nixon 
Patrick Roger Nolan 
Thomas Martin O'Brien 
Dennis Joseph O'Connell 
*Edward Patrick O'Connell 
Robert Joseph O'Connell 
Eileen O'Donnell 
Daniel J. O'Rourke 
Robert Lewis Page 
Yongsuk Pak 
*David Allen Palmer 
James Phillip Pappas 
Rosendo Guillermo Parra 
David Rvan Parsons 
tMaja Nanette Patton 
Mark Allen Peele 
Jeffrev Alan Perry 
tjohn David Peterson 
Joseph Benjamin Petrillo 
Thomas Michael Piper 
John Joseph Pisano 
Marc William Podnos 
Jeanne Eileen Pomykala 
Bart Howard Popeck 
*Mary Theresa Postorino 
Scott Ray Priebe 
John Thomas Prisbe 
Gale Cynthia Pritz 
tKatrina Eileen Pruitt 
Roxanne Rae Pupp 
Leon Henry Raesly, Jr. 
John Ralph Ratigan 
Mitchell Ratner 
James Kenneth Reed, Jr. 

Margery Ellen Reich 

Fernan D. Restrepo 

Steven Leroy Reynolds 

Jack Paul Robbins 

Thomas William Roberson 

Wendv Mae Robinson 

Brian Peter Rock 

Timothy John Roddy 
Linda Marie Rogers 
Susan Lynn Romano 
Daniel Harold Rosen 
Alan Stephen Rosenblatt 
Charlene Iris Rosenstein 
Daniel Raymond Roth (two 

David Ronald Rovner 
Kathryn A. Wagner 

*Neal Sanford Rubin 
Charles Leonard Russo 

tKevin Joseph Rust 
Carey Lee Sackmann 
Mark Lawrence Sacks 
Frank J. Salatto III 
Gunnar Eric Sandine 
Elaine Marie Saunders 
Ronald Alexander Saxton 
Eugene Joseph Scanlon 
Jack Lloyd Schachter 
James Brice Schaeffer, Jr. 
Peter Allan Schattenfield 
William Gregory Schaub 
Larry Abbe Scheerschmidt 
James Gerard Schickner 
*Jacqueline Wendy Schiff 

§Frederick Michael 

Susan Barbara Schreiber 

(two degrees) 
Edward Douglas Scott 
Patricia Carpenter Scuderi 
*Evan Drew Seif 
David E. Serra 
Kevin Patrick Shannon 
Susan Margaret Shannon 
Barbara J. Sharp 
Darryl Wayne Shaw 
*Mark Steven Shaw 
Steven I. Shenkman 

Harold Martin Sherman 
Christine Marie Short 
tLinda Marie Short 
Richard Steven Shulman 
Scott Shulman 
Michael Gerard Simpson 
Christine Emily Skalka 
Ivv Denise Sligh 
William Howard Small 
David Scott Smith 
Janine P. Smith 
Kevin Edward Sniffen 
Craig Snyder 
Holli Bambi Snyder 
Jon Carlo Soma 
Kathleen A. Sorbie 
Lawrence Scott Soroka 
*Bonnie Kay Speake 
Judith Lynn Specter 
Lisa Alison Spencer 
Lee Irwin Spiegel 
§Jane Carol Spierer 
Michael Nathan Spintman 
Mark Francis Spisak 
Scott D. Squires 
*Marc Edward Stalnaker 
Deborah Starobin 
Betsy Lee Steelman 
David Allan Stein 
Debra Steinman 
Elliot Bart Stiefel 
tSean Brook St. Martin 
Catherine Nicole Straub 
tjeanne Marie Straw 
Colleen Patricia Sullivan 
Evan C. Susskind 
Lisa Anne Tansill 
Saralee Tapper 
John Michael Thomas 
Daniel Edward Thompson 
Laura Denise Thompson 
Mark Stephen Thompson 
Richard Earl Tilghman 
Richard Bruce Tillis 
Adennar A. Toro 
Courtland Lee Traver 
Samuel Anthony Trevino 
Kariann Tribble 
William Scott Truitt 

Paul Ian Tschernia 
Grady Oscar Tucker III 
John Hamilton Vance III 
Mary Lynn Vekeman 
Linda Louise Wade 
Joel Howard Waganheim 
tDavid Charles Wajsgras 
Joseph Lihming Wang 
Wendv Valerie Watkins 
Douglas Alan Watt 
tjulie Kay Waxman 
Keith Bryan Weaver 
Bruce Frederick Weber 
tDonna Marie Weiskopf 
Patrick James Wharton 
Timothy Forest While 
Lisa Marie Wickwar 
Ross Mitchell Wiczer 
Joseph Paul Wiedorfer, Jr. 
Gregory Campbell Wilkes 
Martin Lee Wilkins 
Michael Scott Williams 
*Christopher Roland Wills 
Jane Marie Wilmot 
tjoan A. Winbigler 
Randee Jo Windesheim 
Roger Dean Wolfe 
Jonathan Seth Wolin 
Darren Scott Womer 
Blaine Mercer Wood 
Stephen James Wollard 
Cynthia Whitcoe Wray 
Ming Take Yee 
Jenifer Yong Yi 
Mona Lei Yonemura 
Penny Lynn Young 
George Kenneth Zeeks, Jr. 
Marc Eric Zimmerman 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Murray E. Polakoff, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Steven Wayne Adams 
Stephanie Miriam Adler 
Donald William Agan 
Barbara Lynn Albertson 
Karen J. Amrine 
Thomas Temple Andrews, 

Toni Marie Andrews 
Torin Kirk Andrews 
Louis John Angelucci 
Michael Paul Antonucci 
Anne Michele Armstrong 
Mary Ann Armstrong 
Raul Luis De Arriz 
Sally Ann Atkinson 
Artinder K. Aulakh 
Celeste Elizabeth Baar 
Gregory Alan Bailey 
Sarah Ellen Baker 
Marian Annette Bankins 
Lesley Noreen Bardelmeier 
tBarbara Joan Barger 
"Jessica Frances Barnes 
Lawrence Jay Barnett 
Tamara Joy Barries 
§Anne Germaine Batter 
Lily Baybordi 
Paul Anthony Baykaler 
Barbara Sonia Beams 
§Bonnie Jo Beavan 
Thomas Michael Beck 
Renee Marie Belisle 
David Daniel Bell 
Joseph Charles Bellistri 
Charles Ralph Bender 
Avery Brian Berdif 
Neil Louis Bergsman 
Bruce Walter Bieberly 
Ann Marie Bilik 
Marta Gay Binder 
Tracy Ann Bird 


Diana Grace Black 
Michael C. Blackburn 
Brian Douglass Blankinship 
David Steven Bloom 
Mara Michelle Bluebond 
Robert Francis Blunt 
Mary Doris Boggs 
Bradley Cord Bohling 
David Richard Bohnet 
Cecelia Ann Bonfils 
Elizabeth Zoe Bontempo 
Douglas Barnet Bookstaver 
Julie P. Boyd 
Kevin Joseph Brady 

§Marcia Jean Brager 
Paul Bennett Bran 
Terence Dean Branzelle 
Karen Elaine Brasted 
Paul Michael Brazerol 
Mary Agnes Brennan 
Gary Allan Briel 
Kathy Marie Britton 
Carla Denise Brooks 
Lisa Collette Brooks 
Marcus Michael Brooks 
Mark Steven Brunelle 
Thomas Eugene Bryan 
Bhandhuprom Bau-Iam 
Jesse Kevin Buckler 
Kenneth Stanley Burchell 
James Joseph Burke 
La' Taiga Eileen Byrd 
Susan Marie Cairo 
Francis Patrick Caligiuri 
Douglas Robert Campbell 
Dennis Alan Cardoza 

*Steven Jack Carlson 
Lisa Anahid Caroglanian 
Maria Carrescia 
Richard Antony Catano 
Ronald Joseph CeoUa 
Debra Lynn Chernoff 
Mary Lynda Chilton 
Maura Elizabeth Clancey 
Dean Allyn Clark 
Linda Joan Clarke 
Lynn S. Clarke 
Brian Douglas Classen 
Melanie Carol Clay 

Michael Brian Cohen 

Stephanie Hera Cohn 

Robert Edward Cole, Jr. 

Christopher Frederick 

Kevin Paul Connelly 

Linda Elizabeth Conner 

Kim Ann Connolly 

Krista Elizabeth Corrallo 

Kimberly Ann Cosgrove 

John Crilley 

Susan Crown 
*Alana Sue Culver 

Thomas Edward 

John Mitchell Cunningham 

Barbara Lee Curry 

David Anthony Curtis 

Maurine Rae Damiano 

Gregory James Darnell 

Paula Jean Darrah 

Brent Francis Davila 

Darlene Beth Davis 

Kim Marie Dawson 

Ronald Herbert Deacon, Jr. 

Denise Martina Deal 

Mona April Decker 

Dorothy Anne Delahanty 

Kathleen J. Delaney 

Peter Jude Delany 

Barbara Jo deLaViez 

Cathy Ann Delcoco 

Linda Marlene Dent-Brown 

Julie Anne Derby 

Marian Patricia Dettor 
§Annalisa Mary Margaret 

Helen Joyce Diaz 

Anthony Di Cesare 
§Joanne Marie Dicus 

Nadine Leslie Dintzer 

Michael A. Dion 

Stephen Douglas Dodge 

Linda Sue Donnelly 

Clare Marie Donoghue 

Marc Schiller Dorman 

Michael J. Doron 

Johnny L. Douglas 

Faith Walsh Doyle 

Marissa Gail Dwor 
Mark Edward Dwyer 
Richard James Eagan II 
David Jay Eckstein 
Sally Crews Eckstrom 
John Richard Edwards, Jr. 
Lloyd Jeffrey Eisenberg 
Robert Charles Eisenstadt 
Karen Lynn Ellis 

tMarc Richard Engel 
Haldun Cevat Eren 
Thomas Joseph Ernst 
Robert Francis Ertter, Jr. 
Blair Gordon Ewing, Jr. 
Thomas Richard Falcinelli 
Victoria Kathleen Fallin 
Celina E. Farias 
Nancy Ellen Farkas 

tDaniel Charles Favorite 
Ruth Sharon Feldstein 
Wendy Jacqueline Fine 

"Jonathan Eric Fink 
Carmen Marie Finstad 
Shawn M. Fitzmaurice 
John George Flaherty 
Paul Robert Fleming 
Carolyn Patricia Foote 
Raymond John Fournier 
Ellen Patricia Frank 
David Wayne Fredlund 
Margaret Mary French 
Andrea Robin Friedman 

tRobert Marshall Frisby 
Deborah A. Fritz 
Kenton Wade Fulton 
David Futrowsky 
Joseph Giro Gagliardo, Jr. 
Patricia Ann Gallas 
Sally Gardner 
Sheryl Ann Gavin 

tDarlene Amy Gelber 
Erica J. Gellis 
Mindy Joy Gertler 
Lisa Anne Gibson 
Tracy Anne Gilbert 
Rajan Girdhar 
Brendan Gerard Glasgow 
Thomas David Golab 
Larry Steven Goldberg 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Michael Edward Goldberg 

*Nancy Robin Goldberg 
Sharla Nan Goldberg 
Dana Brooks Goldman 
Nancv Lisa Goldstein 
Emily Ilene Gordon 
Judith Anne Granatt 

tKatharine Swift Gravino 
Neil Alexander Gray 
Andrea Maureen Green 
Charles Leon Green 
Barbara Elizabeth Greene 
William Garfield Griffith 
Leslie Jean Gromis 
Douglas Mark Gross 
Ronald Grosse 
Susan Elizabeth Gunnells 

tCarol Lynn Hacking 
Mary Etta Haga 
Mark George Hall 
Marsha A. Hall 
Carl David Hamstead 
Nancy Ann Harford 
Auriel Azul Harley 
William Scott Harper 
Richard Jerome Harris 
Stephanie Potter Harrison 
Harold Keith Harvey 
Kevin Richard Hayes 
Margaret Anne Heck 
Ann M. Heffernan 
Reginald Hendrix 

*Therese Marie Hermes 
Sandra Shwayder Hershorn 
Thomas A. Hewitt 
John Patrick Higgins 
Amy Frances Hines 
Edward William Hoke 
Kathryn Gail Holbrook 
Robert Douglas Hopkin 

*Jody Adele Horn 
Patricia Lynn Home 
Maile Patricia Houpert 
Charles Stephen Hrebenach 
Lisa Anne Huber 
Phillip M. Hudson III 
W. Kevin Hughes 
Lisa Ann Ifkovits 
David Harold Ironson 

Dwight Llewellyn Ivy 
Dion Patrick Jackson 
Elizabeth Ann Jackson 
Jacqueline Marie Jacobi 
Lisa Carol Jacobs 
Carolyn Darcelle James 
Patrice Valerie James 
Michael Victor Jankowski 
Barbara Gail Jarboe 
William Anthony Jenkins, 

Melvin James Jews 
Dale Marion Johnson 
Guv Jeffrey Johnson 
Jeffrey Jerome Johnson 
Kimberly D. J. Johnson 
Mary E. Johnson 

*Melissa Ann Johnson 
Robert Edward Johnson 
Benita Denise Jones (two 

Bruce Edward Jones 
Wayne Calvin Jones 
Jacquelyn Jane Jordan 
John Edward Jordan 
Maria Rowan Jordan 
Michael Paul Junghans 
Deborah Carmel Kahn 
Tammy Lynne Kaiser 
Kimberly Ann Kal 
John Paul Kammerman 
Carolyn Marie Kane 
Stuart David Kaplow 
Glenn J. Kapuscinski 

tNowell Jay Karten 
Marcia Jean Kashuba 
Sophie Ann Katrenick 
Erik Alexander Kaufman 

§Michael Eliot Kaufmann 
Gerald Michael Keating 
William A. Keating 
Daniel Keder 
Anne Elizabeth Keeley 
Peter Lawrence Keeley 
Charles Stewart Kehler 
Barbara Jean Kemp 
Eric Michael Kessler 
David William Kestner 
Mark Allen Ketterman 

Kenneth H. Kiatta 
James Edward Kiley, Jr. 
tMichael David Kim 
Martha Knisely Kimbel 
Shawn Arthur Kingston 
George Steve Kinigopoulos 
Andrea Lynn Kirschner 
§Cynthia Marie Kite 
Paul Jude Klingensmith 
Sylvette Kathleen Knachel 
Donald Avery Kniffen, Jr. 
Wesley Euji Kodama 
Angela Koutsoukos 
"David Scott Kovach 
Ilene Deborah Kramer 
Mara Ann Krevens 
Jackson Lee Lancaster 
Patricia Lorraine Larson 
William Steven Lear 
Charles Edward Lee 
Russell Keith Lee 
Sarah Ching-Wen Lee 
Steven Bruce Lehrer 
Giselle Hope Leight 
Kimberly Irene Leisey 
Ellen Marie Lepore 
Martha Ellen Lessley 
Eric Alan Levine 
Sherri Lynn Levy 
Beth Ellen Lichterman 
Frederick J. Liederbach 111 
Bonnie Ann Lindner 
Robert Stewart Lintz 
tDiane Lorraine Litz 
Thomas Page Lloyd 
Cheryl Ann Loewe 
Constance Anne Long 
Maria Teresa Lopez 
Stanley Frank Lowney 
Nomi Irene Lowy 
tWendy Lynn Lozinsky 

Einar Robert Ludvigsen, Jr. 
§Helen Froehlich Lyons 
Michael Paul MacKay 
John Terence Mackie 
'Elizabeth Joan Case Madero 
Kenyon Male, Jr. 
Dennis A. Malilay 

Blanche Elizabeth 

Kathleen Maloney 
Ann Frances Manders 
Lynda Ann Marciniak 
Audrey Gore Marcus 
Christopher Howard 

Eileen Martin 
Jeffrey Clark Mason 
Robert Michael Maxwell 
Ruth Mayer 

Tangela Denise McAdory 
Sharon Christine 

Patricia Ann McCoy 
Connie Lynn McCulley 
•Stephen Barrett McDonald 
Paul Edward McGolrick 
Trina Maria McGriff 
Lawrence McHale 
David Allen McKay 
John Patrick McLaughlin 
Ralph William McLean 
Liam Charles McMenamin 
Joanne Beth Medicus 
Jose Guillermo Medina 
Aimee Kay Medlin 
§Jonnalagadda Venkata 
Thomas Peter Mehr 
Neil Stephen Mengel 
Anthony John Merendino 
tAlexandra Louise Meyers 
Mindy Ellen Michaels 
Stevenson Hugh Mields 
Geraldine Sue Miller 
Wanda Louise Miller 
Michael Patrick Milmoe 
Mary Kathryn Milone 
Cecily Ann Mirise 
tStephanie Paula Modlin 
David Joseph Mohler 
Melissa Ann Mohler 
Robin Denise Moore 
David Gough Morgan II 
Christine Elise Morsberger 
Pamela Jean Moses 
Janemarie Judith Mulvey 

gSumma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Myong Kil Mun 

Timothy Christian Murdter 

Mary Barbara Murphy 

Robert Allen Murray 

Nina Nadash 

Michael Robert Nagle 

Lisa Ann Nance 

Jacquelyn Leigh Nash 

Eleni Marie Nasou 

Scott Kent Naugle 

Louis Alan Naviasky 

Susan Ann Naylor 

Patrick Earl Needham 

William Charles Nelson 
gCatherine Mary Newell 

William James 

*Jeffrey Allen Nielsen 

Todd Joseph Nisson 

Patrick Roger Nolan 

Regina Kathleen 

Carol Ann Novak 

Abebayehu Ejigu Novick 

Ruth Harrie Odorow 

Rachel Mihwan Oh 

Michael William Onley 

William Francis Osborne, 

Marian Jan Ostrowsky 

Terrence O'Toole 
*Thomas O'Toole 

Thomas Eugene Page 

Christopher Bruce Palmer 

Robert Steven Pankopf 

JoAnn Nicholina 

Scott Wyoming Paris 

Caryn Gail Pass 
§Nancy Beth Pearl 

James Anthony Pelkofski 
tRoberta Cheryl Penn 

Pamela Jo Penuel 

Sara Eve Perlman 

Jeffrey James Peters 

Robyn Elaine Peterson 

Lu Ann Petty 

Sharon Lee Pfeiffer 

Anthony Blaise Piccirilli 

Mark Steven Pinkston 
*Judith Ann Plotkin 

Michael Anthony Policastro 

Larry Duane Poore 

Hilda Venita Porter 

John Charles Potter 
*Patricia Prestigiacomo 

Sylvia Jean Prickett 

Donna Louise Proctor 
*Malea Anne Pruszenski 

Robert Ernest Pyles, Jr. 

Dennis James Michael 

Michelle Marie Racine 

Lon Lindsey Rains 

Lisa Ann Rapposelli 

Terrance Alan Ream 

Donald Richard Reider 

Susan Gail Richards 

Mary Louise Ricketts 

Richard Gordon Rifkin 

Gilbert Vincent Riggs, Jr. 

Susan Riseling 

Earl Kurtis Rishell 

John Michael Ritmiller 

Rosemary Elizabeth 

Deborah Lea Robinson 
tCarolvn Jean Rodeffer 

Mark William Rodgers 
*Jill Ann Rogers 

Jacki L. Rogoff 

Chantal Beatrice Roman 

Mary Rhonda Rombro 

Joe M. Romero, Jr. 

Ellen Leslie Rosen 
§Stanley Edward Rosen 

Marc Earl Rosendorf 

Stuart B. Rosenthal 

Cembrye Alma Ross 
tSusan Joy Lief Rotenberg 

Ruth Diane Rothstein 

George John Roy III 

Kathleen Marie Runyan 

Brett Matthew Rushton 

Lisa Joy Russell 

William George Ryan (two 

John Edward Sabelhaus 

Lawrence Ira Safran 
Elizabeth Mary Salvagno 

tCharles Howard Samel 
Susan Elaine Samuels 
Robert James Sanders 
Maria May Joson Santos 
Polly Carolyn Savell 
Donna Marie Savoie 
Cynthia Kay Scheible (two 

Gary Gordon Scher 
Anne Mari Schiller 

§Amy Ragan Schneider 

§Frederick Michael 
Robert Ira Schoenbach 
Stacey Carole Schreibstein 
Margaret Jeanne Schuster 
Andrew David Schwalier 
Nancy Linda Schwartz 
Kevin Van Scoleri 
David Anthony Sefcik 
Steven L. Sellman 
Ronald F. Shaffer 

*Debra Lynn Shapiro 
Elvse Fern Shapiro 
Albert William Shay (two 

Keith Douglas Shuman 
Robert Warren Sides 
Alexa Karen Siegel 
Karen Lynn Sigwald 
Sandra Simon 
Regina Louise Sinozich 
Lori Ellen Sirota 
Karen Margrete Skafte 
Helen Margaret Skillings 
Susan Fern Slade 
David Jon Sloane 
Lisa E. Smietan 
Douglas Emerson Smith 
Elizabeth Ann Smith 
Margaret Alms Smith 
Maureen Snee 
Beverly Ellen Snyder 
Jeffry Scott Snyder 
Amy Lynn Sobel 

§Diana Maria Sobota 
Charles David Sollins 

Chester Manuel Somarriba 
Marshal Philip Spector 
Adrianne Marsha Spiegel 
Denise Frances Spigler 
Brian Prescott Spires 
John Christopher Staines, 

David Lavigne Stanton 
Suzanne Laura Stanton 
Caroline Stacy Stearman 
Diane R. Steffen 
Evan Paul Stein 
Stella M. Steinberg 
Deborah Kay Stephenson 
Gordon Mead Stewart 
David Bennett Stinson 
Caryll Jean Stout 
Charles Francis Stowell 
Steven Charles Strickman 
Donna Maria Strong 
Joseph Thomas Novak 

Robert Andrew Suls 
Lynn Merle Sussman 
Margaret Dawn Tampieri 
Harold Lloyd Tarpley 
*Arlene Phyllis Taylor 
John Alfred Taylor 
John Michael Taylor 
Stephen Marc Taylor 
Cheryl Renee Thompson 
Leticia Lucia Trevifio 
Timothy Allen Triplett 
Lynne Marie Tylee 
Brett Nelson Ulander 
Barbara Ann Valente 
Marcie L. Van Gorder 
Douglas Edward Veach 
Patricia Eileen Veres 
David Scott Vice 
Mark Adam Visbal 
Philippe Jacques Jean Volcy 
Karen Sheryl Wachs 
Jeffrey Allen Waller 
Starlit Renee Warfield 
tMichael Shane Warner 
*Vickie Lynn Wash 
Robin Jane Watt 
Gary Lee Weaver 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; "Cum Laude 

Jeffrey Brian Weber 
John Douglas Weibel 
Julia Weiss 

Mollv Elizabeth Welch 
John Preston Whitaker 
Steven Mark Wiesenthal 
Laurie Ann Williams 
Timothy S. Williams 
§Vickie Genean Williams 
William Llewelyn Williams 
Charles Ray Willis 
Marjorie B. Wiltshire 
Lou Ann Winters 
Debra Anne Wise 
Craig Louis Wittenberger 
*Audrey Ellen Woloshin 
Amsalnesh Woreta 
Jonathan Stuart Wright 
Pamela Lorraine Wright 
William Philip Wubbena 
Noel Gordon Yaffe 
Kelyin Christopher York 
Heung Keun Yum 
Jared Mark Yurow 

Bachelor of Science 

Shakeh Abrahamian 
Keith Marcus Altman 
Beth Ellen Andrews 
Margaret Conklin Bailie 
Curtis Hurbert Bennett, Jr. 
Randy Michael Berkow 
Annette Carol 

Michael Stewart Bridget 
Malcolm Davis Burnside 
Ronald Campbell 
Kathy-Marie Carrigan 
Craig Allan Chamberlain 
Dinah Mo-Jing Cheng 
Mark Francis Cooper 
George Rana Crider 
David Christopher Michael 

Susan Marie Duncan 
Karl Michael Dydak 
§Karen Sue Eazer 
David Bruce Eberhardt 

Teresa Ann Ellis 
Jeralyn Brown EUowitz 
Steven Joel Exler 
Aaron Mark Favin 
Suzanne Patricia Fernstrom 
Jennifer Friedberg 
Daniel Emmanuel Gabuten 
Peter Charles Gallagher 
Mitra Atefi Garakani 
*Barbara Lynn Geer 
*Barbara Ann Goodman 
James Oscar Green 
Darryl Rolfe Griffin 
Adrian Scott Griffith 
Scott Ian Gritz 
Nancv Elizabeth Hale 
Wayne Millard Harris 
Alan R. Heintzelman 
Mark Henry 

Randy George Henley 
Mary Martha Henry 
Susanne Lorie Hermann 
Cynthia Ann Herrera 
Angelina Getties Hill 
Michele Joan Holsclaw 
Thomas Roy Horner 
Patricia Ann Hudon 
John Mark Jasper 
Julian Shelton Jasper 
Karen Blair Jentsch 
Joseph Hendrick Kaisler 
Mark Eric Kanefsky 
Michael Shawn Kearns 
Fariba Khaghani 
Harry Franklin Kovelman 
Anthony Quinn Langley 
Conda William Lashley 
Eileen Mary Lee 
Robert E. Markovitz 
Michael Andrew Markuski 
Richard Dale Martin 
Karen Ann Martino 
Vanessa Jane McMeans 
Joseph K. Meyer 
Paul Monroe Miller 
Keith Christopher Mitchell 
*Philip Jay Moss 
Sherry Lynn Murphy 

^Jennifer Deborah Nisenoff 
Steven Jay Peiser 
Gregory Mark Perkins 
Patricia Ann Polanco 
Michael Steven Pollack 

tSharon Propper 
John Marvin Redmon 
Ronald Mark Reinhardt 
Mark Edward Reuling 
Nina Rubinstein 
Kenneth Samuel Salins 

§Karen Ann Schlossberg 
Ronald Evan Schwartz 
Lisa Carol Scott 
Stephen Earl Seibert 
Charles Patrick Shettle 

+Gina Marie Shuck 

*Mark Alan Smith 

*Margie Zepporah Spitz 
Brian Joseph Steiger 
Cynthia Hope Story 
Gary Dean Storz 

tRichard Charles Strauss 
Larry Delano Swinton 
William Mathews Tantum, 

Benjamin Michael Tessler 
Jed Alan Tonelson 
Cynthia Marie Trimble 
Jenny Chen Tuanmu 
Ruth Lynn Wagonheim 
Lisa Carole Wittig 
Charles Anthony Yudd 
C. Patrick Zilliacus 
Rosemary Magdalen Zugel 


College of Education 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George L. Marx, 
Assistant Provost for Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Edward Kenley 

Canterbury, Jr. 
Mary Foster Corbett 

*Jill Annette Curry 
Franklin Richard DeLaney 
Carol Susan Farra 
Ann Leslie Feeney 
Mary Brown Garland 
Karen Gail Kessler 

*Agnes O. Kiang 
John Joseph Kovach 
Diane Alison Lee 
Karen Marie Malcolm 
Daniel E. McLaughlin 
Mary Eileen McWaters 
Carole Lee Nick 
Beverly Diane Robbins 
Donna Lee Saady 
Robert C. Shook 
Susan Leah Smith 
Linda Jeanne Weaver 

Bachelor of Science 

Jeff Watson Armstrong 
Richard James Arnold 
Ellen Wendy Aronowitz 
Diane LaVern Aycox 
Suzanne Marie Baker 
Kevin Michael Balderson 
Heather Ruth Ball 
Regina L. Barbera 
Isabelle Mercedes Barry 
Steven Pearson Bartley 
*Susan Pratt Bender 
Marci Sharan Bergen 
Randy J. Bernstein 
Susan Terry Bernstein 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; "Cum Laude 


Marie Frances Beyerheimer 
Amy Lynn Bezozo 
Jonathan Dwight Bobby 
James Michael Bouchard 
Kimberly Jean Bowie 
Paul VVilmar Brill 
Beverly Jean Brooks 
Amy Roberta Brozer 
Rebecca Louise Bruce 
Dana Lea Carpenter 
John Allen Carrion 
Christina Marie Carroll 
Mark Edward Cavanaugh 
Rachel Charmain Chittams 
Robin Church 
Patrick Timothy Clancy 
Leslie Held Clark 
CaroUee Ann Corley 
Catherine Kelly Coulter 
Kelly Lynn Courville 
Katherine Rita Crawley 
tDrewry Warfield Cromwell 
Julia Elizabeth 

Grace Marie Curtin 
Phyllis Doreen Curtis 
Ariane Marie Daaboul 
Theresa Ann Dame 
Michael James Dammeyer 
Judie Dan 

Rafael Manuel Da Silva 
David James Day 
Kimberly Anne De Bruin 
Brenda Lee DeGrange 
Diana Lee Dellastatious 
Mary Ellen Doerner 
Judith Anne Eney 
Eric Vincent Engle 
Lucy Elizabeth Ercole 
Kristin Mary Ericson 
Nancy Edith Eslin 
Diane Ruth Farms 
Wendy Feferman 
Joanne Lee Feldman 
Joni J. Felser 
Linda Jeanne Flickinger 
Kathi Elizabeth Foley 
Debra Lynn Friedman 
Maria Spring Furio 


§DeEtte Audrey Gabriel 
Christine Mary Gaither 
Patricia Darlene Garza 
Cynthia Louise Gewain 
Mary Claire Gloyd 
Pamela R. Goldman 
Kathryn Eugenie 

Michelle Green 
Marcia Ann Grimes 
Pamela Jeanne Griswold 
Barbara Anne Halada 
Joan Harrison 
Edward John Harte 
Charles Eugene Harvey 
Shawn Elizabeth Hatfield 
Margaret Ellen Hawthorne 
Terrell Marie Hawthorne 
Kathleen Masters Henning 
Mehmet Niisret Ceyhan 

Anne Marie Hoffman 
Kathryn Ann Hornick 
Debra L. Westfall Howell 
Lillie Denise Howerton 
Waller Staples Hunt 111 
S. Eui Sook Hwang 
Laura Elizabeth Jerome 
Judy Gay Johnston 
Lisa Michele Kaplan 
Gail Alice Kennett 
Julie Anne Kidwell 
Lisa C. Kiefer 
Lawrence Francis Kilmer 
Concepcion Vazquez King 
John Stephen Klapac 
tAndrea Alisa Knudsen 
§Kathleen Ann Lamb 
David Eugene Latham 
Erica Allison Lawrence 
Wendy Ann Lehman 
Kathleen C. Leslie 
Traci Susan Levine 
LoWaun Gwendolyn 

James Francis Longen 
Valerie Marie Longo 
Patricia Lacson Lopez 
Terri Ann Ludeman 

Sherri Donna Luria 
Katherine Macdonald Lust 
Maryann Lyons 
Catherine June MacCoU 

tBarbara Jeanne Matthews 
Elizabeth Stanton Mazoogi 
Wendy Marie McDermott 
Donna Marie Meyer 
Catherine Marie Monahan 
Christopher Alan Morris 
Joy A. Muller 

tTheresa Marie Mussari 
Sharon Lynne Nadell 
Christine Louise Nanna 

tLaura June Nevins 
Catherine Jean Nilsson 
Shirley Medea Noel 

*Jenny S. Norinsky 
Pamela Ileen Norken 
Mark Lee Norman 
Susan Marie O'Connell 

§Kathleen Anne O'Malley 
Kathleen W. O'Neill 
Lynn Allison Parsons 
Gayle Nanette Pettit 
Patrick Everett Poell 
Deborah Ann Prince 
Thomas R. Ricciuti 
Donald Felton Richardson 
Janie Mae Richardson 
Daniel Raymond Ritchey 

*Barbara Bates Ross 
Susan Carol Rosso 
Ellen Marie Royal 
Carrie Rene Ruffo 
Colette Demirji Sabbagh 
Trina Kay Saddler 
Bert Eugene Schrivener 
Linda Jean Seiter 
Carl Frederick Shaner 
Karen Lee Shapiro 
Stephanie Lynn Share 
Barbara Jean Simi 
James Timothy Sleeth 
William Edward Slezak 
J. Jeffrey Snyder 
Lori Irene Spector 
Menahem David Stern 
Robin Fran Stern 

Susan Jill Sternburg 
*Winifred Jean Stickell 
David Steven Strassman 
Pamela Sue Strawsburg 
Cindy Jean Swearman 
Millard Raymond Swingle 
Monica Ann Tafoya 
Susan Lynne Tag 
Bess J. Tallent 
Judith Lynn Turner Tanner 
Rocco Tenaglia 
Susan Ann Thayer 
Amanda Rae Thomas 
Elisabeth Erin Thompson 
Kim Renee Todd 
Douglas Warren Trees 
Robin Lynne Tritapoe 
Debra A. Tucker 
Jill Diane Turek 
Cynthia Lee Tykson 
Frances Marcella Van Cleve 
Kathleen M. Vetter 
Debra Sharyn Waldman 
Deborah Christine Waltos 
Marian Francis Wixon 
James Donald Wolfe, Jr. 
Rebecca Wood 
Yvonne Renee Woodard 
Stephen Alexander 

Sandra Lee Zando 

College of Human Ecology 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. John R. Beaton, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Diane M. Aamodt 
Melanie Jeanne Alexandre 
Judy Ellen Alpern 
Peter Arthur Alsberg 
Carol Ann Anders 
Karen Ann Arendt 
Elizabeth Ann Arnold 
Jeanne Philomena Aronson 
*Sarah Jean Augustine 
Deborah Sue Aycock 

gSumma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Monica Awuor Ayieko 
§Helayne Sherry Baker 
Amy Donna Bank 
Deborah L. Bannister 
Michael Lawrence 

Celide Marie Barnes 
Martha Ellen Barrick 
Jodi Bass 

Nina Elizabeth Beall 
Marlene Iris Bernstein 
G, Irene Blackledge 
Lisa Beth Bleiweiss 
Jane Elizabeth Blinder 
Jill Iris Bobkier 
Deborah Denise Boddie 
Tes Bonnie Bonnarith 
Pamela Joan Boyajian 
Carolyn Marie Boyle 
Susan Gail Bressler 
Catherine M. Brittingham 
Jon Randall Brooks 
Andre Brown 
Arlen Sam Brown 
Elizabeth Clarice Byrnes 
Susan Gail Cadeaux 
Daniel Willard Cavey 
Maria Claudia Cervera 
Brenda Renee Cesanek 
Mary M. Chambers 
Debra Anne Clifford 
Gladys Crowley Clowes 
David Guy Codner 
Christine Anne Collin 
*Rosemary Jane Cox 
*Christine Ellen Crandell 
Coreen Mary Cronin 
Deborah Ann Gumming 
Carol Ann Dedes 
Coleen Lee Denhard 
Kim Marie Devine 
Mary Patricia Dirolf 
Robin Jill Docken 
Sheila Marie Donohue 
Carol Ann Duffy 
Bonnie Jean Edmunds 
Douglas William Edmunds 
Sheri Lynn Edwards 
*Gail Payne Eggink 

Carol Leslie Elias 
Linda Frances Eshleman 
Joan Carol Evans 
Clifford Eugene Everett 
Evette Denise Everett 
Elizabeth Marie Farrell 
Patricia Cowger Faught 
tKathryn Ann Fisher 
Susan Gail Fontz 
Kathleen Marie Ford 
Robin Ann Foster 
Wendy Susan Furman 
Mary Helen Gillern 
Frances E. Gleeson 
Debra Lynn Gogel 
Sharon Lee Goldberger 
Janet Sue Golub 
tSusan Ruth Gravitz 
Susan Elizabeth Gray 
Marjorie Susan Greif 
Robin Beth Gruber 
Carol Jane Gush 
Tara Robin Hagood 
tEileen Virginia Haley 
Sharon Quinnith Hamlin 
Richard Gregory Harasin 
Debra Ann Harris 
Meryl Annette Harris 
Tracv Beth Harris 
Ellen Spivey Harrison 
Samar K. Hilmi 
Lynne Edith Hoffmaster 
Mary Kim Hoge 
Mary Ann Hossick 
Diana Marie Hunt 
Ngozi Ehikem Irondi 
Eileen Janice Jacobs 
Karen Anne Jaffe 
Susan Jordan 
Patricia Elizabeth Joyce 
Soyeun Ju 
Joan Marie Judge 
Penelope Helen Karagias 
Barbara Susan Katz 
tPatrice Lynn Kelly 
tSharon Leigh Kindbom 
Deborah Sue King 
Lynne Ellen Kirby 
Rebecca Jean Kirkwood 

Sallv Ann Kish 
Karen Lvnn Kos 
Betsv Lynn Kramer 
Stephanie Joy Kramer 
Zoe Anastasia Kyriacos 
Susan Ellen Landis 
Kathleen M. Lawyer 
Andrea Mary Leacock 

*Brenda Jean Lee 
Jennifer Berta Leite 
Brenda Lee Lodgen 
Helle Madsen 
Eileen Patricia Mahoney 
Sandra Ann Maier 
Beth Sue Mandel 
Michele Ann Manley 
Devon Amelia Mathews 

§Deborah Marie Maxfield 

tPhvllis Brooks McCarron 
Shawn McNesby 
Barrv Scott Mederrick 
Rosanne Mellone 
Patricia Elizabeth Mercado 
Marvin Jay Miller 
Jamie Ann Millrod 
Christopher P. Milosevic 
Leslie Ann Mitchell 
Kathleen Mathilda Moran 
Tamara Lynn Morton 
Mary Tierney Mullen 
Rori Helane Nadrich 

*Randy Sue Naginsky 
Adrienne Amy Naglich 
Cheryl Louise Newell 
Thomas Nguyen 
Andrea Dee Nicol 
Jeannie K. Nikoloff 
John Clarence North, Jr. 
Laura Beth North 
Morikazu Obuse 
Blythe Ellen O'Donnell 
Sarah Mifflin Oldach 
Janet Neal O'SuUivan 

§Winifrede Beall Ottinger 
Cynthia Marie Pachkoski 
Mary Tracy Packard 
Anita Marie Paoletti 
Clara Y. Park 

§Mary Kay Patterson 

Tammy Lee Perry 
Valerie Anne Pierce 
Cheryl Lynne Pollack 
Brenda Israela Rabinowitz 
Jan Alison Raskopf 
Cheryl Jean Reinke 
Linda Marie Reulbach 
Deborah Ann Rigg 
*Lee Ann Riggin 
Marci HoUis Robins 
Carolyn Theresa Robinson 
Frona Fern Robinson 
'Theresa Kyne Robinson 
Lynne Ann Rose 
Linda Maria Rosenquist 
Diane Rosenstein 
Abbie Merle Rosenweig 
Debra Lynn Rosenthal 
Suzanne Jean Routhier 
Charles Freeman Russell, 

Evelyn Delores Russell 
Janice Lynn Russo 
Nelida M. Ruvinsky 
Jean Lynn Saltsman 
Dianne Marie Salvati 
Arlene Cheryl Salzberg 
Susan Lynn Sanders 
Joann Elizabeth Sanderson 

tEllen Kirsten Sarin 

§Lorie A. Scheibel 

*Carol Goff Schleicher 
Kathy Dee Schnaper 
Lynn Ann Schneider 
Bari Lvnn Shapiro 
Meryl Lvnn Shaw 
Rochelle Beth Sheres 
Theodore Peter Sinetos 

*Lisa Ellen Sirkin 
Maureen Smith 
Dana Christine Snodgrass 
Clara B. Splitter 
Jeannette Marie Stankey 
Susan Laurie Steinberg 
Barbara W. Steinman 
Susan Carter Stellmann 
Miriam Celia Stern 
Terri Jean Strausberg 
Randi Lynn Studley 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Mav Badi Subhiyah 
Marcia Lucille Summers 
Ronna Susan Tashof 
Diane Michele Thomas 
Helen Elizabeth Thomas 
Bruce Gibson Tobin 
Valerie Michelle Toth 
Coleen Ann Troy 
Louis Anthony Vagnoni, Jr. 
Cheryl Lynn Valentine 
Joyce Lynn Verdone 
Debra Marie Villano 
Faith Earlene Watson 
Susan Lynn Werther 
Patricia Cecillia Westray 
tCarole Cecilia Wheatley 
Suzanne Whelton 
Steven Murray Witchey 
Cecilie Anne Witt 
Mary Elizabeth Wright 
Debra Ann Yoffe 
Brenda Kay Young 
Penny M. Youngs 
Rima Marija Zemaitis 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Marvin H. Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Jennifer Mary Atkins 

Laurie May Barke 

Kathleen f . Bates 

Valerie Marcia Bauman 

Ted Andrew Boggs 

Judith Ann Bogley 

Leah Ann Branning 

Terrie DeAnn Brooks 

Matthew John Burger 

Talia Cahana 

George Carpouzis 

Lois Jean Carroll 
tVirginia Lee Carson 

Shirlene Thelma Chase 
tKevin Michael Clair 


Michelene Cole 
Milton Edward Coleman 
Bruce Allen Cudmore 
Hope Anne Cullen 
*Lisa Rebecca Curry 
Patricia Rose De Blasis 
Cynthia Ann de la 

Mark Joseph Dengler 
Maureen O'Hagan 

Julie Lynn Dyson 
Christina F. Edwards 
Debra Lynn Farrior 
Robin Gail Feld 
Laura Theresa Ferris 
Alan Bennett Fishman 
Debra Lynn Foland 
Thomas Aquinas Fox 
Timothy Lewis Francis 
Jacqueline Clifton Frost 
Mario Dominique Garden 
Debra Lee Garyin 
Thomas Francis Gearin 
Melanie Ann Gillet 
Kimberley Lynn Gobbel 
Leslie Gordon 
Susan Ann Hart 
Nancy Ellen Hassard 
Theodore Barton Haughey 
Steyen Eric Hershey 
Sharon Marie Ingwersen 
Ann Marie Irick 
Dorsey Clauteel Jackson 
Penelope Marlaina Kilby 
Catherine Ann King 
Karen Robin Knable 
Deborah Frances Kruse 
Mary Louise Kucharski 
Lauren Susan Laitman 
Mary Katharine Laking 
Daniel Thomas Leahy 
Mark Langley Lucas 
Alan George MacLeod 
Wallace Tuck Mah 
Daniel McConegly 
Catherine Diane Mclyer 
Angela Marie Miele 
AnnieLee Phipps Mobley 

James Francis Montgomery 
Michael Patrick Morse 
Cynthia Angela Napierata 
Mary Kathryn Nippard 
Stephanie Anne O'Hanley 
Marianne Rosetta Palumbo 
Mark Andrew Poehlman 
Rilla S. Potter 
Ruth Lynn Ragsdale 
Patricia Margaret Raines 
James Spear Ranslow 
Bruce Alan Reid 
Brian Joseph Riendeau 
Rebecca Lynn Riley 
Gabriel Victor Romano 
*Gail Elizabeth Sanders 
'Christine Anne Smith 
Charles Joseph Spliedt, Jr. 
Vicki Lee Via 
Andrew Dayid Wagman 
Michael Francis Wall 
John Dayid Wathen 
Sharon Kay Watson 
Judith L. Wilkins 
James Todd Wright 


College of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George E. Dieter, Jr., 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Arnold Abbott, Jr. 
Nagwa Ebrahim 

Shafiq Salim Al-Harthy 
Harry Carroll Allender 
Juan Pablo Amenabar 
Mohammad Hossein M. 

Freydoun Aslemand 

Myung On Bae 
Steven Paul Baker 
James Scott Barney 
Kenneth Richard Bauer 
Nabil Elias Bedewi 
Glenn Belange Bell 
Kenneth William Belz 
Kenneth Paul Bentz 
John Hanifan Bermingham, 

Tim Joseph Bertram 
Steven Marsh Bogar 
Martin William Bogdan 
Douglas Dean Bollman 
Parvaneh Borhani 

*Keyin Gerald Bowcutt 
Thomas Martin Brandt 
Timothy Eugene Brandt 
John Brian Branthover 
Stephen Gerard Braun 
Steven Michael Breining 

tDaniel Jess Brenner 
Martin Judson Brown 
John Charles Buckman 
George Elmer Burall 
Theresa Ann Butler 
Steven Lawrence Byrd 

§Dayid Wayne Calderone 
Peter Douglas Campbell 
Scott Robert Campbell 
Gilberto Enrique Castilla, 

tAnthonv Louis Caviglia 

Michael Anthony Chaney 

Wen-Chen Chang 

Wo Lup Chang 

Eric Paul Chojnacki 

Dae Young Chung 

Jae Heung Chung 

Mark Edwin Ciomei 

Jeffrey Leland Cisney 
tStephen Daniel Clarke 

Gary Thomas Cooney 

David W. Cooper 

Charles Brian Cooperman 

Richard Birt Cory 

Maureen Frances Costa 
tDavid Wayne Cradlin 

Benjamin Joe Cross 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Donald Raymond Crowe, 

Mark Andrew Curry 
Timothy James Cusack 
Stephen Andrew Davis 
William Alexander Dax 
Daniel Francis DeBold 
Diane Lynn Delfosse 
John Steve Dermatas 
David Stewart Deschere 
Peggy Lou DeWeese 
Alexander Diatsintos 
Alfredo Diaz 
Jeffrey Joseph Dickstein 
Luis Francisco Dieguez 
David Alan Di Pietro 
Teter H. H. Distler 
'Raymond Joseph 

Donaldson III 
Zahra Dorriz 
Paula Ann Dugas 
Sharon Ann Duggan 
Matthew Thomas Durkin 
Earl Edward Eaton 
-Gerald William Ellis 
Michael Francis Ernst 
Robert Paul Ernst 
John Michael Federanko 
Timothy Michael Fertig 
Carla Field 
Christos Filiopoulos 
Peter Thomas Floyd 
tElinor Fong 
Candace Ann Foster 
ToniAnn Frizalone 
Stephen Jordan 

Francois Emanuel Furman 
Leonard M. Gahm 
Raymond Anthony Geckle 
Camille Gervasio 
Sharareh Ghavamrezaie 
Lisa Marie Giannini 
Cary Devin Gibson 
*Michael J. Gill 
Jeffrey Alan Giordano 
Thomas Arthur Gitlin 
Eugene Glenn Gochar 
Glen Boyd Gochenour 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

David Allen Goldberg 

Jonathan Paul Goldman 
Marina Gopenko 
Yevgeny Gopenko 

Joseph Charles Gordon 
Steven W. Gotoff 
David Alan Goughnour 
David Herbert Graham 
PhvUis Lynn Green 
Scott Mitchell Greenhaus 
Mehmet Ziya Gun 
Medford William Haddock 

Mary Teresa Hallock 
Steven Edward Halpern 
Nicholas Fenton Hanks 
Michael Gilman Hartman 

*Mark Wesley Hayden 
William Henry Hettchen 
Annemarie Hill 
Stuart Adam Himelfarb 

*Douglas Lamar Himes 
Carl Joseph Hirrlinger, Jr. 
Marc Hodak 
Brian Joseph Hodgson 
Mark David Holcomb 
Susanna Marie Houser 
Shang Ling Hsiung 
Edmund Shyh Shi Huang 

tjames Edgar Hubbs 
Lawrence James Hunt 
David Scott Illar 
Antonino Joseph Ingegneri 
Steven Jay Isaacson 
Douglas Kazumi Ishio 
Debbie A. Jackson 
John Willett James, Jr. 
Cheri Ann Jarrell 
Michael Patrick Johnson 
Peter Hickok Johnson 
Stephen McKinley Johnson 
Patricia Ann Juergens 
Amizur Kafri 
James Thomas Kaidy 
Khaleel Raiyyes Ali Kamal 
Yousseff Rohi Karodeh 
Joseph G. Keithley III 
Timothy Charles Kelley 

Frank Edward Kendall (two 

*Gary Kevin Kessler 
Tarek Salim Khan 
Brian H. Kim 
Ho S. Kim 

Kevin Emmett Kimmel 
Mark Smith King 
Blair Matthew Kipple 
Thomas Hawkins 

Michael Linus Klitsch 
Joseph Dominick Klunder 
Chu Sok Ko 
*John M. Koenig 
John Anthony Kolasa 
Diane Mary Kolos 
Chuck S. Kozlowski 
Richard Sigmund 

David Carl Kraus 
David Neil Kreft 
David Glenn Kriebel 
John Henry Kumm 
Mark Anthony Kunetz 
Mark Kutchi 
Michael Angelo 

Charles Thomas Lacey, Jr. 
Katherine Ann Lambert 
Christopher Basil Lamka 
tRanda Isell Larach 
Stephen Raymond Leavy 
Charles Edward Lee 
Clifford Yongshik Lee 
*Carol Lee Leek 
*Steven Bruce Lehrer 
Stephen Christopher Leiter 
David Charles Leithauser 
Mark Alan Lentocha 
Ellen Sidonia Lenz 
Thomas Hermann Levi 
Charles Jerome Levin III 
Barry M. Lewis 
Mark Alfred Lewis 
Robert James Libby 
Italo Antonio Liberatore 
Larry Alan Lieberman 
tRobert Seth Linden 

Joseph Anthony Lipovsky 
Eulis Ross Lively 
Brian Garth Loisel 
Richard Timothy Lopez 
Mark Stephen Lorenz 
Thomas John Loughlin 
Robert Thomas 
Frank Shelton Lucian 
Jan Marie Machis 
Michael John Madden 
Riki Maeda 

§Ranganath Malur 
Jeanne Marie Mangano 
Athanasia Iraklis 
Glenn William Marschke 
Theodore G. Matrakas 
Robert Bryan McCord 
Edward Joseph McGill 
Laura Anne Mclntyre 
Brian Joseph McKenna 
Dennis Gregory McMahon 

*William Anthony Mercanti 

(two degrees) 
Saeed Milani-Nia 
Cynthia Ann Miller 
Gregory Anthony Miller 
Jennifer Lea Miller 
Paul Charles Miller 
Stephen Andrew Miller 
Jonathan Leroy Miner 
Martin Killey Minthorn 
David Anthony Monius 
Seung-Dae Moon 
Frederick Joseph Morabito 
David Keith Moreland 
Darren Eugene Morgan 
Donald Robin Morgan 
Timothy Jay Morin 
Bahman Moshirfar 
Gary Ervin Mosier 
Jan Angela Moss 
Mahyar Mottaghian 
Said Nadjmabadi 
Amir H. Naeemi 
Douglas Edward Nair 
Yousef Nejatsahim 
Mathias Clemens Neumann 
Fernando Jorge Neves 


Leslie Allan Newcastle 
So Ching Ng 
Trung Ngoc Nguyen 

tCharles Stephen Nolan 
Sandra Ann Nowstrup 
Michael R.L. Nys 
Mary Jo O'Connell 
Samuel John Oktay 
Peter Chungnam Ong 

*Alan Scott Orloff 
Michael George 
Carlos Eduardo Ostria 
Asgar Ounsinegad 
Lorraine Maria Paola 
Steven Edward Parto 
Layne Carl Party 
James Dali Patel 
Michael Klyne Pearcy 
Robert Brent Peavler 
Robert T. Peoples 
Freddy Rene Perla 
James Michael Petro, Jr. 
Hop Pham 
Ho Gia Phan 
Sean Peter Piecuch 
Adrian Pilco 
Bryan Allen Platon 
Thomas Robert Pocius 

tThomas A. Poffenberger 
Edmund Peter Poh 
Francis Joseph Priolo 
Robert George Pusheck 
Naveed Quraishi 
Mark John Ramsey 

*Walter Andrew Rau, Jr. 
Ramonda Lynn Rawls 
William Douglas Reckley 
Steven Edward Reiley 
Michael Clark Richards 
Alan Rivera 
Karen Jo Roberts 
David Allan Robshaw 
Ross Templeton Roloson 
"Alan Rosenbaum 
Mark William Rosenberg 
William Joseph Rotariu 
Stephen Anthony Ruffa 
Mark Thomas Rugguri 


Gregory John Rusbarsky 
William George Russell 
Jeffrey Scott Rybarczyk 
Siamak Saadipour 
Maryam Sadrolashrafi 
Daryoosh Saeedi 
Ali Saghafi 
Martha Inez Sanchez 
Samuel Christopher Savage 

§Clifford LeRoy Sayre III 
Jay Christopher Schaefer 
James Michael Schissler 
Allen David Schlosser 
Duane Martin Schneider 
Christopher Prescott 

•Carl Robert Schultheisz 
Steven Edward Schulz 
Mark Thomas Scire 
Michael Charles Scott 
Kevin Richmond Scully 
Mohammad Ali Shahriari 

"Alexander Shani 
Jeffrey Mark Shapiro 
Francine Renee Shaw 
Daniel Todd Shedd 
Terry Wao-Tien Shen 
William R. Sine 
Bekir Sisman 
Benjamin G. Slade 
Ziad N. Sleem 
Monica Sybil Sluyter 

tRichard Thomas Smith 
Stephen Thomas Smith 
Richard Thomas Smithmyer 
Jeffrey Spencer Snyder 
David J. Sohn 
Robert E. Solomon 
Kenneth Sorteberg 
Richard Michael Spears 
Robert Forrest Spires 
Cameron Lyle Spitzer 

§Edward Everett Sprague 
William Samuel 

Robert Kevin Starke 
John Thomas Steranka 
Michael Bruce Stevenson 
David Clark Steyer 

Anthony Andrew St. 

George, Jr. 
Mary Ann Stoll 
Randel Harris Stone 
Robert Anthony Storke, Jr. 
Barry King Sturgis 
Reardon David Sullivan 
Hussein Baron Sutadisastra 
tGranger Gideon Sutton 111 
Andrew Edward Sweetak 
Daniel Patrick Syed 
Ibrahima Sylla 
§Farhad Tahmasebi 
Tomas Fagerlund Tarr 
George William Taylor 
Dirk Dion Thomas 
Bruce Eric Thompson 
•Margaret Louise Thompson 
P. Robert Thompson 
Rose-Marie Ann Thompson 
John Robert Tighe 
Yogesh Tiwary 
Esmail Torkashvan 
Basil Nick Tzavelis 
John Stephen Vantucci 
Mahipar Singh Virdy 
Hanh Due Vu 
Robert William Wachtler III 
Andrew Martin Wahl 
William Floyd Wahl 
Stephen Gerard Walters 
§Mark Stephen Webster 
John Theodore Whelan 
Kathryn Marie Williams 
John Allen Willson 
Jennifer Louise Wilson 
John Arthur Wineman 
Richard Rolz Wolf 
Kenneth Wong 
Linda Susan Jacobson 

Mark Edward Woozley 
•Glen Carl Worrell 
•Sung Ok Yang 
Huang Yeh 
Ki Won Yi 
Amon Young 111 
§Larry Thomas Younkins 
Richard James Ken Yoza 

Victor Emmanuel Yun 
Ron Zahavi 

Alireza Zahedian-Tajnaki 
John Wickham Zimmerman 
Diane Ziolkowski 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Frank J. Kerr 
Provost of the Pivision 

Bachelor of Science 

Holly Akins Abraham 
Kamran Aghajani 
Lita Patricia Aldave 
James Richard Anderson, 

Herbert Reese Appier 
In Gak Baick 
Thomas Robert Bailey 
Michael Jerome Banaszak 
Joseph Douglas Barker 
Robert James Becraft 

§Michael Lewis Blum 
Randy James Bollinger 

§Ravi Babu Boppaha 
Ernest Edward Bortner III 
Mark Allen Brockway 
Paul William Broderick 
Stephen Eric Bryant 
Eric Laurence Burch 
Gerald T. Candela 

tGina Lynn Capotosto 
Kenneth Fletcher Carey 
Karen Jennifer Chan 
Michele Ching-Chuan 

Wo Lup Chang 
Marc Daniel Chidester 
Young Mi Choi 
Charles Chinyoung Choc 
Phyllis Cove 
Alan Michael Cramer 

§William David Dentinger 
Dael Alan Dillman 

•Ron Vladimir Dlouhy 
Michael Stephen DriscoU 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

; Richard Mark Dudley 
j William Simpson Dunahoo, 
Robert Timothy Ellis 
James Frederick Emery 
Brian Clark Engelkemier 
gjordana Rochelle Enig 
I James Charles Farrow 
' Louis Harry Fenichel 
' Peggy Jean Filby 
Thomas Glenn Fishbeck 
§Mary Katharine Flather 
Deborah Tranowski Franks 
Carol S. Frid 
David Andrew Fritz 
Francois Emanuel Furman 
Joel Kevin Gallun 
Steven Allen Gardner 
Camille Gervasio 
Ruth Helen Glaser 
tjulia Kathrvn Glass 
Kurt Joachim Goebel 
Jose Orlando Gonzalez 
§Michael Eisen Gordon 
gjames Austin Greenberg 
Joseph Attila Gregor 
Craig Neal Grimm 
Karen Joan Groeger 
jjerald William Gross 
Peter Frederick 
Eric Charles Hackert 
Patricia Ann Hammond 
Penny Lee Hatcher 
Mary Margaret Heffernan 
Celso Jesus Herrera 
Wilbur Jesse Hildebrand, 

Mai Thi Hoang 
Anne Marie Hoppes 
Roderick James Houston 
*Joel Robert Huebner 
Margaret Ann Hunt 
Michael Ronald Innella 
Michael Vernon Jessee 
Rodney Terry Joell 
Pamela Regina Johnson 
David Douglas Johnston 

Lynn Marie Johnston 
Mark Jurkevich 
Christopher Jude Kain 
Bijan Kamdjou 

*Ruth Elinor Kastner 
Cindy S. Kim 
Diane Lynn Knight 
Frank Carl Kozuch, Jr. 
Wolfgang Frederick Kraske 

(two degrees) 
Eiko Kubo 
Daniel Rupley Kulp 
Patricia Lou Peirce Kuyatt 
Tzee Seng Ky 
Marie Ying Lee 
Nicholas Randall Leihy 
Warren Low 
Stephen Edward Lucas 
Arleen Carol Lunsford 
Douglas C. Martel 
Joseph Michael Matosian 

tAnne McGinnis 
Mojtaba Mehrzad 
Richard James Miara 
Jeffrey Bowers Miller 
Alton Jav Mitchell 
Lanny Francis Moffett 
Diane Louise Moniuszko 
Thomas Eugene Mullen 
Joyce Ann Musselman 
Lynn Marie Nankervis 
Jonathan Edward Naugle 
Timothy Dale Nichols 
Mary Theresa Novak 
James Brennan O'Connor 
Edward William Olson 
John C. Ong 
Barry Norman Ostroff 
Alex Parkhomovsky 
Joan Catherine Pawlowski 
Daniel Harris Pedowitz 
Steven David Pedowitz 
Ernest Joseph Pittarelli 
Andrew J. Postosky 
Carmen Teresa Radelat 

*Carol Garlet Reggia 
David Neil Robinson 

'Elliot Howard Rodberg 

'Jeffrey Brian Rogers 

Victoria B. Roy 

Carol Ann Rubin 

David Brian Sabotka 

Carol Renee Sandoval 
*Wayne William Scott 

Paul J. Sebastian 

Albert Slow 

Carol Jean Soscia 

John Perkins Stanley (two 

Ernest Scott Stickels 
*Rene Diane Stone 

Jim Sung 

Alan Henry Teague 

Michele Diane Thomas 

Raymond Thomas Tillman 

Gary David Tominovich 

Douglas Ward Trainer 

Ramiro Carlos Vela 

Robert Louis Vidmar 

Van Hong Vu 

Steven Mark Walsh 

Stephen Chaney Waterbury 
+Tod Franklin Weber 

Marc Steven Weintraub 

Gail Jay Whidden 

Douglas Kevin Willenborg 

Wendy Williams 

Brian Dexter Willoughby 

Deborah Jean Wood 

David James Yanuk 
§Charles Allan Yokley 

Richard James Ken Yoza 

Ming-Hsuan Yu 


Candidates will be presented in/ 
Dr. Robert E. Shoenberg, 
Administrative Dean, 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Mark George Abdow 
Stuart Gregg Acker 
Sheldon David Altman 
Priscilla Elizabeth 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Dina Sue Bamberger 
Jane Elizabeth Banks 
James Allen Batchelder 
Lisa Jo Baum 
David Pine Bennett 
Sari Lynn Betesh 
Michael Frederick Blair 
Trudy Johnson Boldt 
Lisa Ann Bosch 
Richard Estes Branch 
Mary Warthen 
Peter Garland Butler 
Noel Cummings Caruso 
Brenda Ann Cherba 
Norma Rae Cherner 
Kenneth Philip Chez 
Gilbert Oliver Classen, Jr. 
§Alan Barry Cohen 
'Kathleen Lisbeth Cord 
Stephen Joseph Deal 
Colleen L. Deasy 
Manuel Daniel De Barros 
Susan A. Decker 
Thomas John Del Bene 
Raymond Rene Del Pozo 
Paulette Darlene Dickerson 
David Francis Dickinson 
James Robert Dillon 
Jeanie Ju-Ching Dow 
RiJdiger Donchikowski 
Mark Anthony Durbin 
Debra Lynn Erie 
Anthony Martin Fatz 
Jean Feldman 
Barbara Jean Fennessey 
Richard James Finch 
Janice Carol Gallun 
Carrie Lynette George 
Fred Marshall Gober 
Mary Teresa Gogarty 
*Maxine Ann Golub 
Joan Frances Gordon 
Dianne Elizabeth Greene 
Marsha Lee Harris 
Denise Lorraine Haynie 
Valerie Anne Haywardo 
Edward Neal Hiken 
David Wayne Hill 
Jane Ann Hillman 


Karla Hoffman 
Allison Bell Holloman 
James Clark Horah 
Kathleen Louise Ireland 
Barbara Ann Jex 
Ross Cornelius Johnson 
Tobias Kagan 
Roy Stephen Kallina 
Patrick William Kennedy 
Jennifer Anne Kerby 
Velma Alice King 
Ruth Marie Koenig 
Julia Alison Kohn 
Frank J. Kolarek 
Raymond Quinn Konieczka 
Jonathan Peter Landsberg 
Stephanie F. Lane 
Martin Lee Lewis 
Lisa Ardette Logan 
Mindv Lu Macklin 
William Talbott Masonis 
Dinah T. McCoy 
Michael Patrick McEleney 
Jerrilyn Marie McKeel 
Analia Medina 
Bruce Charles Miller 
Howard Aaron Miller 
Linda Sue Miller 
Kathleen Ann Minor 
James Paul Monroe 
Clifford Scott Morgan 
James Henry Murray 
David Nelson Neal 
Sarah Ellene Newman 
Anthony Ottimo 
Geneva Nanette Parker 
*Dorothy Elizabeth Patterson 
Brady L. Perry 
Karen L. Pross Polzin 
Larkin Elizabeth Preston 
Robin Ann Riley 
David Marc Rosnov 
Monique Marie Rudel 
Charles Don Sadler, Jr. 
Carl S. Sandine 
Gail Victoria Savoy 
Kevin Cronin Schmadel 
Bonnie Gay Schmitt 
Karen Beth Shapiro 


Margaret Mary Shea 
Steven Lee Shockett 
Dale Keith Smith 
Jung Sil Song 
Jordan Howard Spector 
Phyllis Lynn Starling 

*Rene P. Steiner 
Denise Victoria Stopak 
Marcv Gay Straus 
Lisa Gail Tamaroff 
Frank L. Teuton III 
Cheryl Marie Thomas 
Jane Coolidge Thomas 
James Michael Thornton 
Michael Jay Tomack 
Peter Lansdale Townshend 
Nguyen Cao Tran 
Elaine Marie Tripp 
Horace Kenneth Trovato, 

Barbara Jean Turner 
James Paul Vecchione 
Joyce Wanda Venson 

*Michael David Visconage 
Gregory Thomas Walsh 

§Judith Ann Ward 
Charles Allen Wenzel 
Maureen Whalen 
Robert Joseph Wiggans 
Richard Trent Williams 
Robert O. Williams 
David Richard Womer 

Bachelor of Arts 

Anne Elizabeth Anderson 

Robin Ann Brekhus 
*Jeng-Jeng Chang 
tDonna Kathleen Coyle 

Mary Jo Gallagher 

Laurie Ann Hartley 
*Dara Jill Padwo 

Marilyn H. Paul 
tDaina Julia Penkiunas 
§Kathrvn Elizabeth Rightor 

Beth Lynn Savage 

Lucy Ives Saxon 

Mindy Sue Shapiro 

Shirley Yoko Shimomura 

Antonio Villamor 

Bachelor of Science 

Susan Elizabeth Brust 
Amy Jill Cohen 
Lee Scott Feigenbaum 
tjeanne A. Gresham 
Paula Jean Margus 
Risa S. Missler 
Judith Denise Oles 
Amy Sue Perlman 
Mary Anne Rust 
Robin Merri Slone 
Patrick Gerard Swann 
Richard Irving Wallach 


Stephanie Hera Cohn 
Kim Ann Connolly 
Susan Crown 
Barbara Lee Curry 
Mona April Decker 
Laura Ann Detweiler 
Nancy Ellen Frakas 
Sandra Lynne Hershorn 
Kathleen Louise Ireland 
Robyn Gay Landis 
Sherri Lynn Levy 
Aimee Kay Medlin 
Adrienne Amy Naglich 
Rachel Mihwan Oh 
Caryn Gail Pass 
Mindy Sue Shapiro 
Adrianne Marsha Spiegel 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Kenneth Paul Bentz 
Richard Lance Berkenkemper 
Brian Douglas Blankinship 
Kenneth Fletcher Carey 
Francis Xavier Carillo, Jr. 
Richard Antony Catano 
Jeanette Leah Chamberlain 
Brian Douglas Classen 
Gilbert Oliver Classen 
Mark Francis Cooper 
Raymond Rene Del Pozo 
Victoria Kathleen Fallin 
John Michael Federanko 
Suzanne Patricia Fernstrom 
Joseph Attila Gregor 
John Archer Harvill 
Waller Staples Hunt III 
Michael Shawn Kearns 
Daniel Keder 
Timothy Charles Kelley 
Michael David Kim 
Keith David Krause 
Thomas Ryland Lewandowski 
Warren Low 
Lawrence McHale 
Norman Craig Moon 
Viroon Pheng La Or 
Brady L. Perry 
Andrew J. Postosky 
Steven Edward Reiley 
Stuart B. Rosenthal 
Frank Joseph Shelton 
Chester Manuel Somarriba 
Sharon Kay Watson 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Candidates for bachelor's 
degrees who have earned 
honors of scholarship upon 
graduation are indicated in the 
alphabehcal listings of 
Divisions, Colleges or School. 
To be eligible for consideration 
for such honors a candidate 
must meet the following 
general criteria: (1) have 
completed two years of work at 
the University of Maryland (60 
semester hours, 30 of which 
were at College Park) and (2) 
have a scholastic average of B 
(Grade Point Average of 3.000) 
or higher in University of 
Maryland work prior to the last 
semester of registration before 
award of degree. 

May 1982 candidates who meet 
these criteria are shown in the 
alphabetical lists as qualifying, 
upon graduation, for the 
designahons "Summa Cum 
Laude" if they ranked in the 
top two percent of the 
candidates in their respective 
Divisions, Colleges or School; 
"Magna Cum Laude," if in the 
next three percent; or "Cum 
Laude," if in the next five 
percent, based on the grade 
point average of students in the 
preceding three graduating 

General Honors Program 

With General Honors 
Les Bryan Forgosh 
Margaret Ann Hoyert 
Elizabeth Ann Jackson 
Scott Fraser Ramage*** 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Economics 
Carolyn Jean Rodeffer 
Michael Shane Warner 

With High Honors in English 
Jennifer Gayle LaRue 

With High Honors in History 
Patricia Louise Rogers 

With High Honors in Mathematics 
Ravi Babu Boppana 
Mary Katharine Flather 
Lawrence Fred Stephenson*** 

With High Honors in Philosophy 
Donald Brian McGee 

With High Honors in Textiles and 
Consumer Economics 
Brenda Jean Lee 

With Honors in Economics 
Ann Marie Bilik 
Steven Jack Carlson 
Joseph Ciro Gagliardo, Jr. 
Wendy Lynn Lozinsky 
Janemarie Judith Mulvey 

With Honors in English 
Darick Marvin Allan** 
John Bruce Berry*** 
Donna Kathleen Coyle 
Jay Edwin Dougherty 
Robert Mareen Duvall 
Jack Andrew Garson 
Robyn Gay Landis 
Sheila Marie O'Donnell 
Julie Lois Thompson 
Naomi Roberta Wender 

With Honors in Mathematics 
James Richard Anderson, Jn 

With Honors in Microbiology 
Hung Quang Vu 

With Honors in Psychology 
Bonnie Jo Beavan 
Teresa Ann Ellis 
Barbara Lynn Geer 
Sharon Propper 
Susan Elaine Samuels 
Debra Lynn Shapiro 

' Graduated May 15, 1981 

• Graduated December 22, 1981 




(Agricultural Engineering) 

Thomas Cathcart 
Jay M. Endelman 
Michael G. Priborsky 
Madhu Singh 
Jolynn Windle 
Robert G. Yeck 


(Nuclear Science and Engineering) 

Tim Dimitni Andreadis 
Steven Paul Baker 
Farhad Davarya 
Jose L. Fauste 
Thomas Edward 
Peggy Godsey Fields 
Richard Lee 
Erasmia Lois 
Michael Patrick McGee 
William A. Mercanti 
Angela Munno 
William Douglas Reckley 
Paul Wayne Robertson 
David L. Watkins 


(Criminal justice/Criminology) 

National honor society for 
students of criminal justice. 
The society recognizes 
scholastic excellence by 
undergraduate and graduate 
students. Requirements for 
acceptance are a 3.0 overall 
grade point average and a 3.2 
in criminal justice coursework. 
The Omega lota chapter of 
Alpha Phi Sigma serves as a 
forum for information exchange 
between students, faculty 
members and local criminal 
justice agencies and provides 
extra-curricular learning 


May 1982 Graduates 

Michelle Armstrong 
Bonnie J. Bevin 
Paula J. Darrah 
Barbara deLaViez 
Julie Anne Derby 
Ronald Grosse 
Dale Johnson 
Carolyn Kane 
Sophie Ann Katrenick 
Michael Kaufman 
Patricia McCoy 
Roberta Penn 
Lisa Rapposelli 
Susan Riseling 
Chantal Roman 
Diane R. Steffen 
Robert Andrew Suls 
Linda Traficanti 
Vickie Lynn Wash 
Audrey Ellen Woloshin 


May 1982 Graduates 
Eric Karandy 
Barbara Montefel 
Laure Weber 
Henry Affeldt, Jr. 
Mark A. Bohning 
Thomas Carmon 
James G. Cornett 
Lyle Crippen 
Mary T. Dougherty 
Lisa M. Eckenrode 
Neva J. Eylar 
Migdalia Faria 
Sheryl Fitch 
Holly Fleming 
Linda S. Frazer 
Tina Graves 
Karen Groves 
Debbie R. Haines 
Barbara J. Haupt 
Elizabeth A. Hunter 
Donald R. Jaquette 

Leslie M. Kalbfleisch 
Daniel R. KJueter 
John M. Krouse 
Jenny N. Larsen 
Roger K. Lipinski 
Susan Lonergan 
Steven Oberle 
Elizabeth Ogden 
Wayne E. Phillips 
Ellen Pitt 
Linda Reinhardt 
Juhe A. Russell 
Beth A. Sachs 
Christine Santiago 
Daniel Schnurrenberger 
Mary Schulden 
Glenn D. Shirley 
Regina A. Smick 
Kathy S. Songy 
Phyllis Starling 
Monica Stigliano 
Lois A. Weinstein 
Tommy Willard 
Mark E. Willem 
Bonnie Ziegler 



National Scholastic and 
Professional honorary fraternity 
in accounting. Members are 
elected on the basis of 
excellence in scholarship and 
professional service from junior 
and senior students majoring 
in accounting in the College of 
Business and Management. 

December 1981 Graduates 

Theresa L. Caherty 
Rebecca A. Collier 
Marilyn S. Davis 
Sheryl B. Friedman 
Thomas W. Fugate, Jr. 
Daniel L. Gordon 
John L. Jacobs 
Michael D. Landymore 
Robert A. Mayn 

Randy Popick 
Cari M. Rakes 
Iris L. Rosen 
Jean B. Schreier 
Neal A. Seiden 
Charles D. Sheldon 
Lisa J. Tommer 
Ralph P. Tumey 
Julia M. VanHorn 
Greg R. Wickwar 

May 1982 Graduates 

Philip B. Bass 

Christopher P. Bean 

Harvey I. Bezozi 

David O. Blorstad 

Sarah H. Bonner 

Ira F. Bormel 

Mark S. Brey 

Madlyn L. Brown 

Michael E. Burlas 

Ronald J. Burr 

John C. Caponiti 

Eric Cohen 

Frank C. Cooley 

Bruce S. Crystal 

Stewart D. Curley 

John P. Deem 

Gary P. Ehrlich 

Robert D. Faber 

John M. Ferrari 

Kathleen M. Flaherty 

Patricia L. Garner 

Amy E. Gordon 

Terry L. Griner-Ely 

Patricia M. Hale 

Frederick D. Hoffmann III 

Paul M. Huston 

Leslie A. Kallmyer 

Ellen D. Kirsh 

Frank W. Knapp 

L. Marianne Krell 

Francis P. Kulp 

Mary A. Lambert 

Jayne A. Latter 

Stephen H. Neff 

David A. Palmer 

Margery E. Reich 

Neal S. Rubin 


<evin J. Rust 
Frederick M. Schneider 
3arbara J. Sharp 
^inda M. Short 
Zhristine E. Skalka 
Zurtis W. Stewart 
David C. Wajsgras 
A'endy V. Watkins 
ulie K. Waxman 
Vlichael S. Williams 
onathan S. Wolin 


Business AdniinistratiO}i) 

Slational scholastic honorary 
society in business 
idministration. To be eligible 
students must rank in the 
jpper five percent of their 
unior class, upper ten percent 
jf their senior class, upper 
rwenty percent of their 
graduating Masters of Business 
^ministration class, or 
successfully complete the 
requirements for the Doctor of 
Business Administration 


August 1981 Graduates 

Vlark N. Barash 
5heryl L. Ferrucci 
Leonard B. Garfinkel 

December 1981 Graduates 

Camille M. Burnette 
David R Colville 
[ames W. Galow 
Robert M. Henderson 
Cynthia A. Kahn 
rhomas J. Levesque 
Louis E. Locke 
Martin B. Maier 
Claudia M. Manny 
Marilyn J. Marsh 

Andrea S. Moldow 
Shireen T. Niaz 
Lorrie M. Norrington 
Jean B. Schreier 
Alan R. Sofinowski 
Sharel L. Webber 
Linda K. Wolfe 

May 1982 Graduates 
Philip B. Bass 
Joann Bowers 
Michael E. Burlas 
Frank C. Cooley 
John P. Deem 
Alexa K. Fair 
Edward A. Fakler 
Amy E. Gordon 
Patricia J. Guy 
Sandra L. Haas 
Glenn R. Kazlow 
Robert A. Kinney 
Lori A. Kleinheinz 
Frank W. Knapp 
L. Marianne Krell 
Leonard P. Kurtzman 
Jayne A. Latter 
Mark D. McKitrick 
Hugh J. Milligan 
Bruce J. Moldow 
Susan L. Morris 
Maja N. Patton 
John D. Peterson 
Katrina E. Pruitt 
Kevin J. Rust 
Mark S. Shaw 
Jeanne M. Straw 
David C. Wajsgras 
Julie K. Waxman 
Donna M. Weiskopf 
Penny L. Young 


August 1981 Graduates 
Douglas J. Antonio 
Larry J. Fuschino 
Mary L. Neimeyer 
Leah S. Tarlow 

December 1981 Graduates 
John J. Dillon 
Florence F. Einhorn 
Alvin M. Rehert 
William S. Rogers 
Bruce M. Wallisch 

May 1982 Graduates 

Stephen D. Arkin 
Douglas P. Grove 
Ronald L. Haas 
Jama C. Haley 
Susan S. Hanley 
Frank P. Land 
Alicia G. Levinson 
Marilyn K. Roberts 
Robin E. Schipp 
Paul R. Thompson 
Patricia K. Wood 


Charles Enis 


(Hebmo Language and Literature) 

Initiation Dale: May 5, 1981 

Mathias M. Amsellem 
Lori Asmow 
Chris Brown 
Leonard Chornock 
Terry Cohen 
Chuck Davidson 
Alicia Feingold 
David Griver 
Deborah Lee Henderson 
David Hirschman 
Mara Jasen 
Sandra Johnson 
Gail Magat 
Yehuda Millen 
Tamra Pell 
Eliot Sennett 


(Electrical Engineering) 

December 1981 Graduates 

Albert Chacos 
Albert Dabbah 

Mary Heimer 
Richard Hobbs 
Gary Howser 
Richard Hrybyk 
Sun Kim 
David Layer 
Felix Lee 
Ted Lefkowitz 
Nickolas Loulou 
Ronald Modo 
William Sacher 
Marianne Schmidt 
Afshin Sepehri 
Hubert Shih 

May 1982 Graduates 

Thomas M. Brandt 

John Brian Branthover 

David W. Calderone 

Paul Choquette 

Jae H. Chung 

Peter H. H. Distler 

Elinor Fong 

Douglas Lamar Himes 

Steven J. Isaacson 

Michael A. Kwiatkowski 

William Mercanti 

Lorraine Paola 

Walter Rau 

Jaye Richardson 

Alan Rivera 

Clifford Leroy Sayre 

Daniel V. Shames 

Benjamin Slade 

Ted Sprague 

John Stephen Suehle 

Tomas Fagerlund Tarr 

John Whelan 

Kathryn Marie Williams 

Glen Worrell 

Larry Thomas Younkins 

Ron Zahavi 




(Industrial Education) 

Fall 1981 

Joan M. Lee 
Deborah C. White 

Spring 1982 
David L. Kanagy 



Kimberly A. AUnutt 
Jeffrey G. Bebee 
Brenda S. Bernstein 
Caroline Blackwell-White 
Laura A. Blomberg 
Jay J. Blucher 
Pat Bond 

Philip A. Bonomo 
Kathleen A. Calder 
Barbara A. Carlin 
Darcy E. Danaceau 
Steven E. Drake 
Carol B. Gardiner 
Debra J. Gertler 
Elizabeth E. Gibbons 
Steven J. Gorman 
Deborah A. Hayn 
Kathleen E. Horner 
Timothy M. Kelly 
Kelcey A. Koiwopa 
Karen E. Lecuit 
Rose-Anne Lenchek 
Judy L. Lundmark 
Deborah E. Mack 
llene B. Markbreiter 
Michael J. McSettrick 
Elizabeth H. Newton 
Mai T Pham 
Thomas J. Ponton 
Shana K. Potash 
Lisa A. Putnam 
Martin D. Rosol 
Barbara A. Schnipper 
Robert W. Schuck 
Linda L. Shrieves 
Anne E. Simpson 
Deborah A. Smith 


Sandra A. Smith 
Jerald F. Sperling 
Ellen L. Taylor 
Timothy W. Urbonya 
Bonnie Jo Weaver 
Marlyn Weiner 
Wendy S. Zentz 



Teresa E. AnHll 

Joseph C. Bellistri 

Kathy A. Cea 

James G. Cornett 

Marc S. Dorman 

Diane C. Eisenberg 

Kevin R. Hayes 

Jennifer H. Ko 

Alan J. Laverson 

Sarah C. Lee 

Kathleen M. McChesney 

Jonnalagadda V. Meenakshi 

Stephanie P. Modlin 

Andrew Palmer 

Judith A. Plotkin 

Carolyn J. Rodeffer 

Robin J. Rodenhaussen 

Richard Zuraski 


(Human Ecology) 

Judy Alpern 
Carol Anders 
Sarah Augustine 
Rosemary Cox 
Christine Crandall 
Carol Duffy 
Gail Eggink 
Patricia Faught 
Kathryn Fisher 
Susan Gravitz 
Eileen Hally 
Ellen Harrison 
Lynne Hoffmaster 
Joan Judge 
Patrice Kelly 
Sharon Kindbom 
Susan Landis 

Deborah Maxfield 
Phyllis McCarron 
Sarah Oldach 
Winifrede Ottinger 
Mary Patterson 
Theresa Robinson 
Lorie Secheibel 
Carol Schleicher 
Lisa Sirkin 
Carla Splitter 
Carole Wheatley 


Fall 1981 Initiates 

Thomas C. Adams 
Maryellen Bartell 
Valerie Bauman 
Ginia Bedini 
Marie L. Bouman 
Jeff Brown 
Tammie E. Brown 
Tammy Buckley 
Bonnie Ehrlich 
Cynthia A. Eshelman 
Linda M. Fiori 
Thomas F. Gearin 
Patricia G. Geene 
Wendy Kim Gelfand 
Kimberly A. Goad 
Denis Haley 
Lori Hart 

Timothy R. Harvey 
Johnetta Lynn Hill 
Cynthia V. Johnson 
Mary Lynn Klevans 
Scott J. Leischow 
Karen Lee Linnekin 
Paul D. Manny 
Paula Jean Margus 
Patricia Maurice 
Christopher D. McManes 
Paul S. Miko 
Rosalie V. Miller 
Matthew S. Mills 
Cynthia A. Napierata 
Mary K. Nippard 
Isaac Bruce Norris 
Cheryl Ann Patterson 

Barbara A. Petersen 
Rilla S. Potter 
Candace Raderman 
Rebecca Riley 
Scott L. Robbins 
Stuart J. Schleien 
Donna Jean Schwartz 
Eugene D. Sessoms 
Rich Shulman 
Christine A. Smith 
Kimberly Smith 
Roberta Jo Stanger 
Pamela A. Stockstill 
Hope Ellen Welker 
E. Marquesa Williams 
Willie R. Williams 
Deborah J. Wilson 
John Louis Yore 
Juli Kim Zelko 


Seniors elected in their junior 

Joseph Roman Armata 
Anne Germaine Batter 
Bonnie J. Beavan 
Marcia Jean Brager 
Jordana Rochelle Enig 
Nowell Jay Karten 
Judith Ann Katzoff 
Cynthia Marie Kite 
Eun-Kyu Lee 
Diane Lorraine Litz 
Wendy Lynn Lozinsky 
Stephanie Paula Modlin 
Martin Maxwell Norman II 
Linda Suzanne Rentz 
Helen Sue Schneider 
Frances Irene Slade 
Mark Alan Smith 


Catherine Basgal Anderson 
Beth EUen Andrews 
Teresa Elaine Antill 
Bryan Kurt Bartle 
Eugenio Roberto Chinea 

Maura Elizabeth Clancey 

Philip John Costopoulos 

Dorothy Ann Davis 

Paul Julian Davis 

Richard Gerard Day 

Diane Carol Eisenberg 

Marc Richard Engel 

Peter Alan Farmer 

Ellen Patricia Frank 

Barbara Lynn Geer 

Raphael Kusiel Gershon 

Amy Clatter 

Barbara Ann Goodman 

Michael Eisen Gordon 

Janet Louise Guinn 

Bonnie Jane Harrell 

Roland Hellmann 

Therese Marie Hermes 

Anne Barker HoUeman 

Paul Yu-Yi Hsiao 

Barbara Gail Jarboe 

Joyce E. Johnston 

David Gerard Keller 

Robyn Gay Landis 

Steven Mark Lederman 

Margaret Anne Lewis 

Bruce Mark Luchansky 

Elizabeth Joan Case Madero 

David Alan Marker 

Donald Brian McGee 

Jonnalagadda Venka Meenakshi 

Gary Philip Moulton 

Sheila Marie O'Donnell 

James Howard Parker 

Tamra Ann Pell 

Daina Julia Penkiunas 

Elsira Maria Pina 

Brian A. Rampp 

Gloria Anne Reckrey 

Mary Christine Reilly 

Douglas D. Ritter, Jr. 

Carolyn Jean Rodeffer 

Patricia Louise Rogers 

Jennifer Rood 

Amy J. Rosenthal 

Steven Marc Rotter 

Charles Howard Samel 

Susan Elaine Samuels 

Jane Eva Sasaki 

Frank Joseph Shelton 
Diana Maria Sobota 
Karl Ivan Solibakke 
Lawrence Fred Stephenson 
Barbara Dale Sumerwell 
Pamela J. Sulmer 
Arlene Phyllis Taylor 
Christeen Erin Taylor 
Julie Lois Thompson 
Michael John Thompson 
Hung Quang Vu 
Michael Shane Warner 
Vickie Genean Williams 
Audrey Ellen Woloshin 
Chi Mei Wu 
Way Yin 


(National Honor Society) 

Initiation Date: 
December 6, 1981 

Fouad M. Abbas 
Janet Tippett Absher 
Jeanne M. Adams 
Henry A. Affeldt, Jr. 
Cheryl Lynn Aident 
Pamela J. Amelung 
Teresa Elaine Antill 
Lori Deborah Asimow 
Vernon H. Askew 
Sarah Augustine 
Jacqueline C. Baillieul 
Carla Ann Banas 
Elizabeth Ann Baumgardner 

April V. Reinking Barber 
Robert Constock Barlow II 
Jessica Frances Barnes 
Marisa Susan Bartolomei 
Anne G. Batter 
Violet Jean Bean 
Bonnie J. Beavan 
Adriane R. Becker 
Charles J. Becker 
Gladys S. Bell 
Julia Mary Bellonte 
Kathleen Jo Benner 
Patricia Schaller Berky 

Pamela M. Betton 
Hanne Beube 
Elaine J. Blazosky 
Carolyn S. Bock 
Cynthia A. Bohse 
Jacquelyn Rose Bolino 
Ravi B. Boppana 
Barbara Anne Bozak 
Marcia Jean Brager 
Mary Ann Bruchalski 
Joseph Dominic Bruzzese 
Sandra L. Bryant 
L. Cristina Bullock 
Alton Kilpatrick Burton 
David W. Calderone 
James L. Cantor 
Barbara Ann Carlin 
Steven J. Carlson 
Virginia L. Carson 
Rebecca Lynne Carter 
Lisa M. Cassagne 
Helen Lucreitia Charshee 
Jan Alison Cheetham 
Dennis W. Cheney 
Eugenio Roberto Chinea 
Maura E. Clancey 
Karen P. Coccia 
Charles E. Cochran 
Rose Marie Cohen 
Stessa Beth Cohen 
David P. Colville 
Mary Gail Compton 
Sarah E. Conner 
Alice Edelgard Coppersmith 
Maxine M. Cote** 
Rita Counselman 
Darla Treat Courtney 
Thomas James Cove 
Sandra H. Cramer 
Drewry Warfield Cromwell 
Kimberly Dian Crowell 
Theodore Nicholas Dacy 
Charlotte A. Daum 
Margaret Mitchell Delia Torre 
Joanne Marie Dicus 
Daniel D. Dietrick 
Nancy Cook Dirksen 
Peter Helmut Heinz Distler 
Diane Donaldson 

Richard Joseph Dumais 

Cecilia Maria Eichelman 

Diane Carol Eisenberg 

Lloyd J. Eisenberg 

Marc Richard Engel 

Jordana R. Enig 

George Andrew Englund 

John M. Ferrari 

Diana Fertsch 

Cynthia S. Filler 

Marie Elisha Finn 

Craig Leonard Fischer 

Elinor Fong 

Les Bryan Forgosh 

Mary Jeanette Francis 

Ray Arthur Freedline 

Stephen Albert Fuller 

DeEtte Audrey Gabriel 

Bonnie L. Gahs 

Dorothy C. Gardner 

Gregory M. Gatlin 

Margaret R. Gearin 

George William Gehrke 

Raphael Gershon 

Elizabeth Gibbons 

Mark Andrew Gilday 

Charles L. Gilliam, Jr. 

Denise Arlene Glascock 

Amy Clatter 

Sandra Lee Gold 

Brooke Anne Umstead Good 

Michael Eisen Gordon 

Beverly J. Gournelos 

Darlene F. Grace 

Mary Pamela Grant 

Steven Lee Grant 

Susan Ruth Gravitz 

Gregory Greisman 

Beth Whittaker Gresham 

Jerald William Gross 

Kate Gross 

Sandra L. Haas 

Carol Lynn Hacking 

Eileen V. Haley 

Deborah A. Hamilton 

Nyun Han 

Shelley Ann Harlow 

Stewart Thomas Harman 

Bonnie Jane Harrell 


Barbara J. Haupt 
George William Hays 
Nan B. Hechenberger* 
Carole J. Hickman 
Anne B. Holleman 
Heather Lorraine Holt 
Joel Robert Huebner 
Elizabeth B. Hugo 
Barbara Gail Jarboe 
Elizabeth M. jay 
Randi Ann Johnson 
Joyce A. Kalimon 
Woong Joe Kang 
Nowell Jay Karten 
Glenn R. Kazlow 
Judith Ann Katzoff 
Sharon Aretta Keadle 
Anne Elizabeth Keeley 
David G. Keller 
Patrice Lynn Kelly 
Michael David Kim 
Sharon Leigh Kindbom 
John F. King 
Linda Lee Kiple 
Marie K. Kittelberger 
Scott M. Kleger 
Lynda Sue Knickman 
Elizabeth C. Dyer Kobren 
Caroline 1. Kohlstadt 
Kenneth W. Krouse 
Billie Marie Dry Labhart 
Linda M. Lacey 
Kathleen Lamb 
Thomas Dirksen Lea 
Brenda Lee 
Beth A. Lever 
Regina Sheila Litman 
Diane Lorraine Litz 
Louise E. Locke 
Sue L. Lockhart 
Wendy Lynn Lozinsky 
Bruce Luchansky 
Marianne Maccini 
Lauren Macturk 
Elizabeth J. Madero 
Catherine Jeanne Stater Maier 
Barbara A. Malinosky 
C. Michelle Manny 
Ilene Blair Markbreiter 


Karen D. Martin 
Paula Diane Matuskey 
Kathleen Marie McGhee 
Ann McGinnis 
Roxane Laura McNeal 
Madeline C. Meltzer 
Candice K. Merkle 
Alexandra L. Meyers 
Carol Lynn Meyers 
David Francis Mister** 
Stephanie Paula Modlin 
Gina D. Monath 
Lillie M. Monroe-Lord* 
Ruth V. Moskowitz 
Philip Jay Moss 
Gregory K. Morrow 
Mary Elizabeth Murray 
Theresa Marie Mussari 
Laura June Nevins 
Catherine M. Newell 

Tuyet-Anh T. Nguyen 
Janet M. Norden 
Martin M. Norman II 
Lorrie M. Norrington 
Rosemary Sovero Nussear 
Linn L. Oaks 
Seanna Dee O'Connor 
Robert W. Ogburn 
Robert A. Owen 
Mary R. Owens 
Dorothy Ann Pabst 
Marilyn Kay Patrick 
Maja Nanette Patton 
Sammy G. Payne 
Nancy Beth Pearl 
Tamra A. Pell 
Diana Julia Penkiunas 
Roberta C. Penn 
Katherine Monica Perkins 
John D. Peterson 
Gloria R. Pierce 
Judith Ann Plotkin 
Alice R. Popkin 
Douglas Alan Powell 
Patricia Prestigiacomo 
Sharon Propper 
Katrina E. Pruitt 

Malea Anne Pruszenski 
Lynne M. Quest 
Robin Lynn Rada 
Mary Anne Ramos 
Virginia S. Reber 
Gloria Anne Reckrey 
Diana Rachael Reid 
Sylvia Zopf Reiff 
Cheri L.S. Renninger 
Linda S. Rentz 
Paula Eyvonne Richards 
Anne Marie Riordan 
Douglas D. Ritter, Jr. 
Laurie J. Rivet 
Patricia Jean Hazel Roberts 
Theresa Kyne Robinson 
Ruth Ann Robison 
Kathryn M. Rock 
Elliot H. Rodberg 
Lee A. Rodberg 
Jill A. Rogers 
Jennifer Rood 
Amy J. Rosenthal 
Glenda Ray Russell 
Karen Russo 
Alice LaNora Ryan 
Mary Alexandra Sadowski 
Danny Lawrence Sam 
John A. Savard 
Polly Carolyn Savell 
James A. Scala 
Sandra A. Scannell 
Mary Elizabeth Schaefer 
Lorie A. Scheibel 
Carol G. Schleicher 
Thomas R. Schlicht 
Jacqueline Wendy Schiff 
Arwana McClung Schoemer 
Gregory John Schwartz 
Lisa C. Scott 

Christopher Nordby Sears 
Stephen E. Seibert 
Nadine B. Semer 
Debra Lynn Shapiro 
Nancy A. Sheffield 
F. Joseph Shelton 
Cindy Shook 
Margaret Cordelia Siler 
Dr. Gurbax Singh* 

George H. Skillman 

Gary Frank Slade 

Alan R. Sofinowski 

Stephen T. Spor 

Laura Elizabeth Stallings 

Marc Edward Stalnaker 

Sean Brook St. Martin 

Rene Diane Stone 

James Orman Street 

Barbara Dale Sumerwell 

D. Lynne Sutch 

Granger Gideon Sutton III 

Bonnie Lisa Swanson 

Ronald L. Taylor 

John Dunning Titus 

Dung Quoc Tran 

Thomas B. Trask 

James Edward Truhan 

Ruth Leet Tuttle 

Richard E. Ullrich 

Debra Ann Vodenos 

Diane Vodzak 

Richard Myron Vroegindewey 

Doris A. Wald 

Michael S. Warner 

Paula Francom Warren 

Julie K. Waxman 

Tod Franklin Weber 

Lisa Carolyn Westermeyer 

Carole C. Wheatley 

Kathleen C. Wheeler 

David R. Whipps 

Edwin F. White 

Margaret E. White 

Zona Jean Whitehouse 

Neil R. Wiley 

Edith Marie Williams 

Vickie Genean Williams 

Mark Michael Wilsnack 

Audrey Ellen Woloshin 

Sara Kathleen Woolery 

Pamela Yachera 

Way Yin 

M. Kathleen Zieger 

* Faculty 
** Alumni 



Initiation Date: April 25, 1982 

oan L. Abel 

anet Alverson 

Richard Edward Arent 

-larriet Fazekas Aug 

Mancy Ellen Baker 

/"atricia Marie Baker 

Richard H. Baker 

Donald L. Ballard 

Edward F. Barr, Jr. 

Susan Pratt Bender 

Ronald J. Bernstein 

Denton C. Birgel 

Miriam Tamar Bloch 

Diane Lynne Block 

foAnn Bowers 

Martin A. Bowman 

Virginia Nock Bradley 

Maralee A. Brendel 

Kathleen Elizabeth Brennan 

Margaret Clare Breslin 

Mary Louise Broman 

Christy B. Bumanis 

Gerard Anthony Burns 

Frances H. Campbell 

lacqueline H. Canter 

Andrew Brian Carey 

lulie A. Carman 

Marjorie Sue Cassady 

Paul E. Chandler 

Chang Keun Ho 

Myron Chang 

Darlene Charles 

Eric R. Christensen 

Kevin M. Clair 

Laura P. Claridge 

Amy Lou Clayton 

Sandra Lee Cook 

Anna V. Cooper 

Mary E. Copper 

Philip J. Costopoulos 

Patricia Michelle Kucsma Cox 

ludith L. Craig 

Christine E. Crandell 

Frederic Lee Cudlipp 

Mark Kaleokualoha Davis 

W. Anthony Dean 

Steven Curtis Dellon 

Nancy Price Delp 
Julie Elizabeth Determan 
Jay Edwin Dougherty 
Ron V. Dlouhy 
Steven E. Drake 
Diane E. Druian 
Brewer N. Duvall 
Robert Dennis Earle 
Karen S. Eazer 
Lynn Denise Emery 
Donald Francis Everett, Jr. 
Dr. James B. Ewers, Jr.* 
Blair Gordon Ewing, Jr 
Edward A. Fakler 
Joye M. Fenerty 
Pamela Lynn Ferguson 
Karl William Fickenscher 
Jacqueline Brice Finch 
Jeremiah Vincent Finnigan 
Kathryn Ann Fisher 
Pamela Renee Foley 
Deanna S. Forney 
Ellen P. Frank 
Cathy E. Freundel 
Laura C. Fry 
Kimberly Anne Fulcher 
Robin C. Gabe 
Karen L. Garst 
Peter J. Gentilcore 
Cynthia Gerst 
Teresa Carol Glover 
Amy Eileen Gordon 
Susan S. Grace 
Judith Hanson Graham 
Jeanne Gresham 
Elizabeth M. Grinder 
Brian D. Gross 
Jia-Ming Gu 
Keith B. Gustafson 
Lynn D. Gutensohn 
Patricia Jane Guy 
Deborah Jean Guyton 
Maria M. Hagy 
D. Haley-Jones 
Kristin L. Hamernik 
Alan Wayne Hammond 
Sangwoon Han 
Suzanne B. Hannon 
Sharon L. Harsher 

Christian Ward Harris 

Kathleen L. Hawes 

James R. Heisel 

Donald Christopher Hershfeld 

Robert O. Heuckeroth 

Don C. Hindman 

Brian L. Hinman 

Gregory H. Hinton 

Jeanette Eunike Hinz 

Sandra Lynn Hiob 

Charles S. Hirsch 

Gary W. Hopkins 

Jean Morrison Hopkins 

Vivian Denise Horsey 

Dorothy Dillon Hughes 

Shang Shong Hwang 

John N. Hyman 

John lorio 

David H. Ironson 

Douglas R. James 

Louise Sherman Jenkins 

Margarette Chase Jennings 

Melissa Ann Johnson 

Virginia Gray Johnson 

Harold Patrick Jordan 

Regina M. Kain 

Martha Sue Kaltsukis 

Ruth Elinor Kastner 

Peter L. Keeley 

John Stuart Keenan 

Janet E. Keir 

Jacquelyn A. Kim 

David John King 

Patricia F. Kinney 

Tammy J. Kirschner 

Robin Lynne Kissinger 

Cynthia Marie Kite 

Andrea Alisa Knudsen 

David Scott Kovach 

Donna J. Krach 

Marianne Krell 

James Garner Kunowsky 

Boris William Kuvshinoff II 

Deborah A. Lanahan 

Robyn G. Landis 

Ann Denise Lassalle 

Virginia Lee Lawhorn 

Raymond J. Lee 

William Lew 

Carol Wardell Lewis 
Peter Li 

James Alan Lindsay 
William G. Lindsley 
Mary Angela (Savio) 

Eugene R. Lynch 
Helen Froehlich Lyons 
Renee I. Madden 
Barbara F. Magee 
Nels H. Magelssen 
M. Kay Martin 
Ann M. Martino 
Jenny L. Marshall 
Joan Grayson Masino 
Bruce A. Mason 
Sharon Christine McCloskey 
John King McComb 
Peter F. McConaughy 
Stephen Barrett McDonald 
Mark Damon McKitrick 
Lynn Louese McRoy 
Virginia McCord Mecklenburg 
Aimee Kay Medlin 
Bela Mehra 
Linda Menache 
Jessica Lyn Mendoza 
Frederick P. Miller* 
Samuel Bennett Miller 
Leslie Diane Milofsky 
Scott Alan Milsteen 
Carol Ann Mitchell 
Joel Beach Mitchell 
Yeun J. Mitchell 
Karen Mary Mizer 
Joan F. Moran 
Peggy M. Morrill 
Carolyn Anne Morrissey 
Alexa L. Mothersole 
Robert L. Murray 
Charlotte E. Naschinski 
David Bradley Noss 
Daniel J. O'Brien 
Rachel Mihwan Oh 
Kathleen A. O'Malley 
Patricia A. O'Reilly 
Mary Cole Orth 
Thomas O'Toole 
Arsenio George Pascual 


Karen L. Pelczar 
Claudette A. Pelsor 
Sabra Elizabeth Peterson 
Susan E. Pfeifer 
Mai T. Pham 
Lisa Susan Pichney 
David Catlin Pierce 
Dorothy Roebuck Prewitt 
Rinske Renee Pritchett 
Deborah E. Provenza 
Lucia Serio Provenza 
Patricia R. Pumroy 
Sylvia Annette Purcell 
Bertram Wilhelm Theodore 

Linda Marlene Rachbach 
Linda Jones Raivel 
Dr. Steve Rebach 
Carol Garlet Reggia 
Eugene T. Reimer, Jr. 
Elsie Reinhardt 
Elizabeth Ann Culen 

James R. Reppy 
Joan Sharer Ressman 
Kathleen Rigney 
Elizabeth A. Riordan 
A. Louise Ritz 
Maureen F. Herring Ritz 
Deborah A. Robinson 
Janice Lee Rockhold 
Carolyn J. Rodeffer 
Carolyn Rodgers 
Jeffrey B. Rogers 
Barbara Bates Ross 
Edward J. Rudd 
Carole E. Ruppel 
J. Kelly Russell 
Alexander Salamon 
Susan E. Samuels 
Ellen K. Sarin 
James V. Scanlon 
Joseph P. Schlosser, Jr. 
Kathleen Doherty Schmid 
Amy Ragan Schneider 
Susan M. Scott 
Kenneth Seen 
Judith A. Serra 
Terrence S. Shea 


Robert Bruce Sheavly 
Sheryl S. Sherman 
Linda Marie Short 
Mary Ellen Short 
Gina Marie Shuck 
J. Logan Schutz*** 
Elizabeth M. 

Stephanie Patrice Siegfried 
Michael Andrew Simon 
Rachel Cropsey Simons 
Lisa E. Sirkin 
Diane M. Slifer 
Jean Ann Smith 
Shou-Ling Smith 
Gwendolyn Snyder 
Sue W. Snyder 
Mary Ann Sokol 
Diana L. Spencer 
Margie Z. Spitz 
Pamela M. Stanford 
Jonathan P. Stebenne 
Andrew P. Stefancik 
Rene P. Steiner 
Kristen Ann Stolte 
Erica Jensen Strass 
Philip K. Straw 
Hwa-yu Su 
Lorraine A. Sullivan 
Erika Heumann Suttora 
Anne L. Swisher 
Carol Callbeck Sylvester 
Margaret Friberg Testa 
Diana Jo Thacker 
Julie Thompson 
Mark Joseph Titi 
Clare M. Todisco 
Anne L. Toggart 
Laura Susan Tomek 
Renate C. Tucker 
Adele Udoff 
Stephen G. Vail 
Diana Vassiliadis 
Jack W. Vincent 
John H. Vincent 
Nicholus Visnich, Jr. 
Teresa Charlson Wald 
Connie A. Walleck 
Leigh Wenzinger Walls 

Naomi Walpert 
Linda T. Wang 
Vickie L. Wash 
Annette Marie Wasilik 
Nancy Marcia Wasserkrug 
Bonnie J. Weaver 
Nancy Greer Weiland 
Joan Caren Weiss 
Sharon A. Weiss 
Naomi R. Wender 
Anna T. Whisenant 
Donzleigh R. White 
Emily Helen White 
Frances Leah White 
Margaret Leigh White 
Dale L. Whittington 
Susan Louise Wiley 
Celia Grace Wilson 
Susan Jane Winzer 
Sybil W. Wolin 
Patricia K. Wood 
Paul Wright 

Dorothy Hanako Yamagata 
Linda L. Zagar 
Daria J. Zane 
Bradley Howard Zebal** 

* Faculty 

" Alumnus 

*** Emeritus 


(French and Italian) 

Cynthia L. Cohen 
Richard G. Day 
Valerie Eliasen 
Catherine M. Hess 
David Kogon 
Margaret A. Lewis 
Nicole F. Minnick 
Ruth W. Pritchard 
Frederique Macy Roberge 
Nancy E. Swenton 
Marianne B. Tanabe 
Kathleen James Teelucksingh 
Monique M. L. Williams 
Parvine S. Windom 



Sandhia Bansal 
Geoffrey Birkey 
Sheila Boyer 
Gerald Canobela 
Gina Capotosto 
Barbara Denno 
Inas El-Sabban 
Jordana Enig 
Mary Flather 
Wendy Goldberg 
Selman Hershfield 
Eugene Lerman 
Doreen Lupton 
Lynn Nankervis 
Lisa Quinones 
Jody Smith 
Alan Spangler 
Slex Stanoyevitch 
Gail Swick 
Gail Whidden 
Bruce Whistler 


(Mechanical Engineering) 

December 1981 

Ferrel W. Furr 
J. Bruce Gearhart 
Paul J. Jewell 
David B. Lee 
Albert Redeem 
Gregg Smith 
John Wissler 

May 1982 
J. B. Alegiani 
Theresa A. Butler 
Stephen A. Davis 
Candice Foster 
Tonianne Frizalone 
Camille Gervasio 
Mark Hayden 
Joseph D. Klunder 
Carol Leek 
Gary E. Mosier 
William Rotariu 
Farhad Tahmasebi 

Tsze Shing Tai 
Kenneth Wong 


'Fire Protection Engineering) 

December 1981 Graduates 

[ohn H. Gott 
loseph E. Gott 
Casey C. Grant 
[ohn P. McCabe 
David B. Satterfield 
Steven J. Walker 

May 1982 Graduates 
lohn C. Buckman 
Scott R. Campbell 
leffrey L. Cisney 
Robert J. Libby 
Michael J. Madden 
Sandra A. Nowstrup 
leffrey M. Shapiro 
Stephen T. Smith 
Robert E. Solomon 
Andrew M. Wahl 
William R Wahl 
[ennifer L. Wilson 



Fall 1981 

Laurie P. Hawkins 
Susan V. Schultze 

Spring 1982 

Susan J. Dulkerian 
[ohn A. Edwards 
Alan W. Hammond 
Carole J. Hickman 
Russell R. Hoffman 
[oyce A. Kalimon 
[acqueline J. Lesser 
Andrew D. Lloyd 
Rosemary A. Rochford 
Kenneth W, Sapp 
Dean A. Schramek 
Lisa M. Schwartz 
Nancy E. Stobie 
Hung Q. Vu 



National scholastic honorary 
society in Spanish. 

August 1981 Graduates 

Catherine Porter 

December 1981 Graduates 

Jean Mewshaw 

May 1982 Graduates 

Charles J. Becker 
Martha A. Eacho 
Kathleen L. Koontz 
Cynthia S. Neish 
Linda S. Rentz 


(Aerospace Engineering) 

Kevin G. Bowcutt 
David W. Cradlin 
Mark A. Curry 
David H. Graham 
James T. Kaidy 
Gary K. Kessler 
Christopher B. Lamka 
Mark J. Nicholson 
Andre J. Pellerito 
Gregory J. Rusbarsky 
Carl S. Schultheisz 
Daniel T. Shedd 
Terry W. Shen 
Jeffery S. Snyder 
Mark S. Webster 

Invited to join this semester 

Timothy M. Fertig 
Timothy C. Kelley 
Martin K. Minthorn 
Mark W. Rosenberg 
Bruce E. Thompson 



Stephen C. Lucus 

Maryland Beta Chapter 

(National Engineering Honor 

Spring 1982 Graduates 

Henry Affeldt 

Steven Baker 

Kevin Bowcutt 

Daniel Brenner 

Theresa Butler 

Jae Chung 

Mark Curry 

David Deschere 
Teter Distler 

Caria Field 

Candace Foster 

ToniAnn Frizalone 

Camille Gervasio 

Boyd Gochenour 

Jonathon Goldman 

Mark Hayden 
*Douglas Himes 

Susana Houser 

James Hubbs 

Stephen Johnson 

Gary Kessler 

John Kolasa 

Randa Larach 

Carol Leek 

Steven Lehrer 

Robert Linden 

Riki Maeda 

Ranganath Malur 
*Edward McGill 

William Mercanti 

David Monius 

Gary Mosier 

Charles Nolan 

Alan Odoff 

Michael Osmolovsky 

Thomas Poffenberger 

Steven Reiley 

Karen Roberts 

Alan Rosenbaum 

Gregory Rusbarsky 

Carl Schultheisz 

Jeffery Shapiro 

Daniel Shedd 

Benjamin Slade 
Richard Smith 
Anthony St. George 
Farhad Tahmesebi 
John Tighe 
Andrew Wahl 
William Wahl 
Stephen Walters 
Mark Webster 
Glen Worrell 
Larry Younkins 
Alireza Zahedian 

* Graduating officers who have dis- 
Hnguished themselves through service 
to the College of Engineering. 


Academic and 
Special Awards 

Aerospace Engineering 
Department's Academic 
Achievement Award is 
presented to the graduating 
senior in the Department of 
Aerospace Engineering who 
has attained the highest overall 
academic average. 
Awarded to: 

Mark S. Webster 

The Agricultural Alumni Award 
is presented to a senior who 
during his or her college career 
contributed most toward the 
advancement of the College of 
Awarded to: 

Henry A. Affeldt, Jr. 

Agricultural Alumni Award 
presented periodically to a 
senior in recognition of 
outstanding leadership as a 
facilitator of undergraduate 
student activities in the College 
of Agriculture. 
Awarded to: 
James A. Kane, Jr. 

Agricultural Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Senior Award is presented to a 
senior in agricultural 
engineering on the basis of 
scholastic performance, 
participation in the ASAE 
National Student Branch and 
other extracurricular activities. 
Awarded to: 
Henry A. Affeldt, Jr. 

The AIA Medal is awarded 
annually by the American 
Institute of Architects to a 
graduating student of 
architecture for outstanding 
overall academic achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Stephen Giannetti 

The AIA Certificate is awarded 
annually by the American 
Institute of Architects to a 
graduating student of 
architecture for academic 
Awarded to: 

Elena Severino Schurter 

Alcoa Foundation Scholarship 

Awards of $1,000 are given to 

outstanding students majoring 

in mechanical engineering, civil 

engineering, electrical 

engineering and fire protection 


Awarded to: 



Cheryl A. Grounds 

Sandra A. Nowstrup 

Ranganath Malur 

The Alcoa Foundation Traffic 
Scholarship is an award of $750 
to an outstanding junior 
student majoring in 
transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Louise T. Maasen 

The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is 
awarded annually by the Alpha 
Rho Chi fraternity for 
architecture and the allied 
professions to a graduating 
student of architecture who has 
made a distinctive contribution 
to school life, embodying the 
ideals of professional service 
and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Margaret Hoyert 

Alpha Zeta Medal to the 
student in the College of 
Agriculture with the highest 
scholastic average at the end of 
his/her freshman year. 
Awarded to: 

Diane L. Sutton 

Alumni AssociaHon- 
IntemaHonal Outstanding 
Student Award. 
Awarded to: 

Henry A. Affeldt, Jr. 

Gail Patricia Cunningham 

American Association of Textile 
Colorists and Chemists 
Outstanding Senior Award. 
Awarded to: 

Laura B. North 

The American Association of 
University Women recognizes 
two outstanding women 
receiving advanced degrees. 
Awarded to: 

Joan D. Liversidge 

Valerie M. Simmons 

American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Chairman's Certificate is 
presented to the branch 
chairman in recognition of 
service and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

David H. Graham 

American Institute of Chemists 
Award to an outstanding senior 
for scholarship in chemistry. 
Awarded to: 

Robert O. Heuckeroth 

American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers 
Scholarship Award, provided 
by the Washington, D.C.- 
Maryland ASAE Section to an 
agricultural engineering student 
on the basis of achievement 
and need. 
Awarded to: 

Daniel R. Klueter 

American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers' Student 
Honor Award is presented by 
the national society in 
recognition of conspicuous 
student activity. 
Awarded to: 

Geoffrey W. Scheming 

American Society of Agronomy 
Award to the outstanding 
senior graduating in agronomy 
who has demonstrated superior 
scholarship, leadership 
activities and personal traits. 
Awarded to: 

Mark E. Radecke 


American Society of Civil 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Awarded to: 
Laura Smith 



American Society of Mechanical 
ingineer's Senior Award, 
'resented to the senior 
nember who has contributed 
nost to the local chapter. 
[warded to: 
Gary E. Mosier 

ames R. Anderson Award for 
iigh Achievement in 
;eography. Awarded to an 
mtstanding undergraduate 
tudent in geography. 
\warded to: 
Allyn Mary Mortimer 

rhe Appleman-Norton 
icholarship Award to a senior 
najor in recognition of 
excellence in botany. 
\warded to: 
William A. Berzonsky 

3altimore Chemical Association 
scholarship (chemical 
\warded to: 
Stephen D. Clarke 

Baltimore Sunpapers journalism 
icholarships for minority 
itudents (full tuition, room, 
3oard, and a summer job at the 
Awarded to: 

Deborah Inez Greene 

Milton D. C. Kent 

Michelle Singletary 

rhe Bechtel Award (civil 
Awarded to: 
Jennifer Miller 

Harold R. W. Benjamin 
Memorial Scholarship. 
Aivarded to: 


B'nai B'rith Award. The B'nai 
B'rith Women of Prince 
George's County present Book 
Awards for Excellence in 
Hebrew Studies. 
Awarded to: 

R. Becker 

D. Fishman 

D. Manch 

R. Pomerantz 

D. Spiegel 

The Donald T. Bonney Honors 
Award (chemical engineering). 
Awarded to: 

Robert S. Linden 

J. Y. Bryan Prize of $500 for 
Investigative Reporting and 
Interpretative Photography. 
Awarded to: 

Steven Humphreys 
Investigative Reporting 

Business and Management 
Alumni Chapter Student 
Awards for outstanding 
accomplishments in 
scholarship, leadership and 
Awarded to: 
John Deem 
Patricia M. Hale 
Robert Allan Kinney 
Kevin P. Shannon 
David C. Wajsgras 
Edwin Lichtig III, MBA 
Pamela S. Mayo, MBA 
Marilyn Kay Roberts, MBA 

The Margaret C. Carthy Prize. 
Awarded annually to the 
graduating general studies 
student who most exemplifies 
the goals of scholarship, 
creativity in program design, 
and commitment to the goals 
of general studies. 
Awarded to: 

Phyllis B. Gilbert 

Chemical Society of 
Washington Award to the 
outstanding senior in the 
Department of Chemistry. 
Awarded to: 
Eun Kyu Lee 

Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon 
Outstanding Senior Award. 
Awarded to: 

Daniel Brenner 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during 
the last year. 
Awarded to: 

Hollis G. Bedell 

Verne R. Dapp Memorial 
Scholarship Award. 
Awarded to: 
Richard Lee 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food 
Association Scholarship to a 
•student who has shown a 
versatile background and an 
active interest in agronomy and 
soil fertility work deserving of 
Awarded to: 
Jean Buker 
Rebecca Jalai 

Delta Nu Alpha, Washington 
Chapter No. 84 Scholarship. An 
award of $500 to an 
outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland chapter 
majoring in transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Jack F^ul Robbins 

Delta Nu Alpha, Chesapeake 
Chapter No. 23 Scholarship. An 
award of $400 to an 
outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland chapter 
majoring in transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Cynthia F. Hurd 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship 

Awarded to: 
Annette Colleen Koebler 

Eastern Shipper Motor Carrier 
Conference Scholarship. An 
award of $500 to an 
outstanding student majoring 
in transportation in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Kenneth J. Larsen 

Education Alumni Award. 
Presented to the outstanding 
senior man and senior woman 
in the College of Education. 
Awarded to: 

Kathleen A. Lamb 

Special Education 

Edward R. Soltis 

Industrial Education 


College of Engineering Alumni 
Service Award. 
Awarded to: 

Clifford L. Sayre III 

College of Engineering/ 
Engineering Alumni Student 
Achievement Award. 
Awarded to: 

Camille Gervasio 

College of Engineering Dean's 
Awarded to: 
David Layer 

College of Engineering 
Outstanding Seniors Awards. 
Awarded to: 

Mark S. Webster 

Henry A. Affeldt, Jr. 

Randa L Larach 

Charles Nolan 

Douglas L. Himes 

William F. Wahl 

Gary E. Mosier 

William A. Mercanti 

Electrical Engineering Eta 
Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior 
Awarded to: 

Larry T. Younkins 

Factory Mutual Scholarship 
Awards for distinguished 
academic achievement in Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Dale M. Gigandet 

Jennifer L. Rous 

The Frank J. Fee, Jr. Memorial 
Award. Sponsored by the 
National Fire Protection 
Association with a full 
scholarship to an outstanding 
student selected by the faculty 
of the Department of Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Victor L. Dubrowski 

Michael J. Madden 

Anne Arundel County 
Volunteer Firemen's Association 
Grant. This tuition and fees 
grant is awarded (normally for 
four years) to a student who 
will enroll in the Department of 
Fire Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Mark S. Lorenz 

Baltimore County Volunteer 
Firemen's Association Grant. 
This tuition and fees grant is 
awarded (normally for four 
years) to a student who will 
enroll in Fire Protection 
Aivarded to: 

Robert J. Francis 

Leonard I. Frenkil 

Maryland State Firemen's 
Association Grant. This tuition 
and fees grant is awarded 
(normally for four years) to a 
student who will enroll in the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Awarded to: 

Scott R. Campbell 

Derick J. Winfield 

Prince George's County 
Volunteer Firemen's Association 
Grant. This tuition and fees 
grant is awarded (normally for 
four years) to a student who 
will enroll in the Department of 
Fire Protection Engineering. 
Aiimrded to: 

William C. Aceto 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of the 
Maryland State Golf 
Association to five students in 
agronomy displaying academic 
proficiency, participation in 
extracurricular activities, and 
who have an active interest in 
golf turf work. 
Awarded to: 

John M. Krouse 

Byron W. Lash 

Thomas J. Ryan 

Seanne E. Udell 

Thomas P. Walsh 

James Douglas Goddard 
Memorial Medal. Awarded 
annually by the Prince George's 
County Alumni Club to the 
outstanding male and female 
graduating seniors from Prince 
George's County. 
Awarded to: 

Ravi Babu Boppaha 
Jordana Rochelle Enig 

Charles B. Hale Dramatic 


Awarded to: 

Elizabeth Naylor 

Karen Russo 

Robert M. Higginbotham 
Memorial Award. Awarded to 
an outstanding junior student 
majoring in mathematics. 
Awarded to: 
Mary Flather 

Undergraduate Award for 
Excellence in History. 
Aivarded to: 

Michael William Deffart 

Human Ecology Alumni 

Awards to Outstanding 


Awarded to: 



Maryanne Sottile 

Johanna Aydelotle 

Kathryn Fisher 

Brenda Lee 

Jay Jackson Scholarship of $500 
awarded to an outstanding 
journalism student. 
Aivarded to: 

Shana K. Potash 

Leidy Foundation Scholarships 
to outstanding juniors in the 
Department of Chemistry. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas R. Johnson 

Linda A. F^xton 

Alice Morgan Love Scholarship 
Awarded to: 
Mary Nodine 


]lenn L. Martin Aerospace 
•ngineering Scholarship. 
\warded to: 
Kevin G. Bowcutt 

/laryland Electrification 
Zouncil Scholarship Award is 
'resented to Agricultural 
engineering students on the 
lasis of achievement and need. 
\warded to: 
Geoffrey W. Schoming 

Maryland Professional Chapter, 
'ubUc Relations Society of 
America scholarship of $250 to 
in outstanding public relations 
\u'arded to: 
Elizabeth E. Gibbons 

vlaryland Professional Chapter, 
jigma Delta Chi, scholarship of 
ilOO to an outstanding news- 
■ditorial journalist. 

\warded to: 

Sean P. Lonergan 


fhe Isabel McDonald Memorial 
Ward is given to a deserving 
graduate student in 
\warded to: 
Charles W. Emala 

3ene McLane Scholarship 
Fredericksburg DNA Chapter 
!88. An award of $250 to an 
outstanding member of the 
Jniversity of Maryland Student 
Zhapter majoring in 
ransportation in the College of 
3usiness and Management. 
'\ioarded to: 
Elaine Saunders 

The Andrew J. Moyer Memorial 
Award is given to a deserving 
student in microbiology. 
Aumrded to: 

Huo-shu Houng 

National Defense 
Transportation Association, 
Washington Chapter 
Scholarship Award. An award 
of $100 to an outstanding 
member of the University of 
Maryland Chapter majoring in 
transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Dawn A. Schoenmeier 

Phi Delta Gamma, Sigma 
Chapter Study Grant. 
Awarded to: 

Karen A. Verbeke 

Phi Delta Gamma, Sigma 
Chapter Award to an 
outstanding candidate earning 
a doctoral degree. 
Awarded to: 

Dr. Anna R. Hauptman 

Pi Kappa Lambda Scholar 
Awards in Music. 
Azvarded to: 

Joyce Lockard 

Charles Slier 

Frances White 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award 
in mechanical engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Gary E. Mosier 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc., 
Scholarship. An award of $500 
to an outstanding student 
majoring in transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Suneeta Agarwal 

Gertrude Pee Scholarships of 
$500 each in honor of the 
former publisher of the Laurel 
Awarded to: 

Jill Bilzi 

Lisa Flyer 

Rose-Anne Lenchek 

Elizabeth Newton 

Gwen Roseman 

Presser Foundation Scholar 
Award for outstanding 
achievement in music 
scholarship and performance. 
Awarded to: 
Sophia Pallas 

The Propeller Club of the 
United States, Baltimore Port 
Scholarship Award. An award 
of $100 to an outstanding 
member of the University of 
Maryland Student Port 
majoring in transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

William Gregory Schaub 

The Robert M. Rivello 
Scholarship in Aerospace 
Engineering is awarded to the 
junior in the Department of 
Aerospace Engineering who 
has attained the highest overall 
academic average. 
Awarded to: 
David J. Haas 

Leland E. and Catherine B. 
Scott Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in 
Awarded to: 
Edna Pesis 

Scripps-Howard Inc. 
Scholarships of $500 each to 
outstanding students in the 
news-editorial and broadcasting 
Awarded to: 

Mai T. Pham 

Angela Kuhn 

The Shipley's of Maryland 


Awarded to: 

Patricia Louise Rogers 

Parker Shirling Turfgrass 
Scholarship of the Maryland 
Turfgrass Association to a 
student demonstrating 
academic proficiency in 
agronomy, participation in 
extracurricular activities, and an 
active interest in commercial 
turf work. 
Awarded to: 
James C. Patton, Jr. 

Sigma Alpha Iota College 
Honor Award (Music) to the 
senior demonstrating 
outstanding achievement in 
musicianship, scholarship and 
Awarded to: 

Regina Barbera 

Sigma Alpha Iota Honor 
Certificate (Music). Awarded to 
the senior with the highest 
scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 
Sophia Pallas 


Sigma Alpha Omicron Award 
for the outstanding senior in 
Awarded to: 

Victor A. David 

Sigma Delta Chi Herman Lowe 
scholarships, Washington 
Professional Chapter, Sigma 
Delta Chi/Society of 
Professional Journalists 
scholarships of $1,750. 
Awarded to: 
Amy Hollis 

Sigma Delta Pi Award. 
Presented by the Department 
of Spanish and Portuguese to 
the graduating member of 
Sigma Delta Pi (National 
Spanish Honor Society) who 
has rendered the greatest 
service to the Delta (University 
of Maryland) Chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Kathleen L. Koontz 

Sigma Xi Research Excellence 
Award for Graduate Students. 
Awarded to: 

Vitin Kumar 

Beverly Mock 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers' Outstanding Senior 
Award is presented to the most 
outstanding senior in fire 
protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 
William F. Wahl 

Excellence in the Study of 


Awarded to: 

Linda S. Rentz 

Excellence in Teaching Award. 
Presented by the Department 
of Spanish and Portuguese to a 
Teaching Assistant who has 
demonstrated excellence in 
classroom teaching. 
Awarded to: 

Sima Kopelove 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship 
Fund. An award of $500 to an 
outstanding student majoring 
in transportation in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Azvarded to: 

Darryl W. Shaw 

The Robert J. Taylor Academic 
Achievement Award is 
presented to the outstanding 
junior in fire protection 
engineering by the Salamander 
Honor Society. 
Awarded to: 

Brian M. Nixon 

Homer Ulrich Performance 
Awards in Music (piano, voice 
and instruments). 
Awarded to: 


Paula Baseman, graduate 

Thomas Moore, undergraduate 


Lynne Nemeth, graduate 

Felicia Rosen, undergraduate 


Mary Jean Simpson, graduate 

Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award. An award 
to the outstanding student in 
investments and security 
analysis in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Lorrie M. Norrington 

Womens Club of Chevy Chase 

Award for Outstanding 

Achievement in Music 


Awarded to: 

Susan Greenleaf, voice 
Pamela Preston, piano 

Women's Transportation 
Seminar Scholarship. An award 
of $150 to an outstanding 
student majoring in 
transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Elaine Saunders 

Zonta Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Mary A. Sadowski 



special Athletic 

"he Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
"rophy for the unsung hero of 
he current season. 
\warded to: 
Gregory A. Vanderhout 

\.C.C. Plaque to a senior for 
■xcellence in scholarship and 
{warded to: 
Ralph L. Lary 

Laura LeMire 

Field Hockey/Lacrosse 

iob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Frophy to the outstanding 
Offensive back of the year. 
Awarded to: 

Dave Pacella 
■ Football 

bhn T. Bell Swimming Award 
o the outstanding swimmer or 

Awarded to: 
John Haddon 

kVilliam R. Campbell 
Swimming Trophy to the senior 
etterman who has contributed 
Tiost to swimming. 
Awarded to: 
William Battle 

rhe George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a 
member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic 
Awarded to: 
Mark Sobel 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the 
graduating male senior athlete, 
who during his four years of 
varsity competition, lettered at 
least once and attained the 
highest over-all scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Sidney A. Kaufman 

Tom Fields Award to the most 
important member of the cross 
country team based on the 
qualities of leadership, 
dedication to excellence, 
attitude and personal 
Awarded to: 

Per Krisloffersen 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 
Trophy to the most outstanding 
wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to: 
Mark Dugan 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to 
the most valuable football 
Aumrded to: 

Gregory Vanderhout 

The Charles Leroy Mackert 
Trophy offered by William E. 
Krouse to the Maryland 
student who has contributed 
most to wrestling while at the 
University of Maryland. 
Aumrded to: 
Jeff Armstrong 

The Maryland Ring to the 
senior resident of Maryland 
who is adjudged the best 
athlete of the year. 
Awarded to: 
Ralph L. Lary 

Silvester Watch typifying the 
best in athletics. 
Aivarded to: 

Gregory L. Manning 

Swim Pro — Outstanding 
Swimmer Award to the 
outstanding swimmer or diver. 
Aivarded to: 

Deborah Meyer 

James M. Tatum Award to the 
outstanding tackle on the 
football team. 
Awarded to: 

Gregory A. Vanderhout 

University of Maryland Alumni 
Swimming Association Scholar 
Athlete Award to the swimmer 
who has compiled the best 
combination of academic and 
aquatic records. 
Awarded to: 

Jim Wenhold 

Betsy Bozzelli 

A. V. Williams Award for the 
Maryland football player who 
has exhibited outstanding and 
conspicuous sportsmanship 
during the year. 
Awarded to: 

Brian J. Riendeau 


Basketball (Men's) 

Jeff Adkins 
Taylor Baldwin 
Adrian Branch 
Eddie Bush, Manager 
Chuck Driesell 
Neal Eskin, Manager 
Mark Fothergill 
Pete Holbert 
Reggie Jackson 
Greg "Dutch" Morley 
Charles Pittman 
Steve Rivers 
Herman Veal 

Basketball (Women's) 

Barb Cohen 
Lisa Desvigne 
Chris Johnson 
Kim Johnson 
Debbie Lytle 
Lydia McAliley 
Belinda Pearman 
Jasmina Perazic 
Marcia Richardson 
Julie Silverberg 
Dorothy Smith 
Kay Studevant 
Myra Waters 

Cross Country (Men's) 

Robert CuUom 
John Green 
Joseph Herget 
Jay Kelchner 
Per Kristoffersen 
Layne Party 
Michael Trunkes 


Cross Country (Women's) 

Janice Farr 
Margaret Hoyert 
Julie Party 
Karen Wagner 
Patricia F. Walker 
Mary Walsh 
Jean Whiston 

Field Hockey 

Mary Bernard 
Gigi Daley 
Trade Duncan 
Debra Faktorow 
Celine Flinn 
Lynn Frame 
Andrea LeMire 
Karyn McGarrie 
Lori Moxley 
Sissy Murphy 
Kay Ruffino 
Audrey Schmuhl 
Karen Trudel 
Sharon Watson 
Jackie Williams 


Steven W. Adams 
Jess G. Atkinson 
Edward J. Aulisi 
Joseph M. Aulisi 
Brian M. Baker 
Clarence R. Baldwin 
Les G. Boring 
Joe M. Brkovich 
Gurnest Brown 
Michael J. Corvino 
Darnell Dailey 
Russell A. Davis 
Mark D. Duda 
Mark A. Durbin 
Norman Esiason 
Howard L. Eubanks 
Tyrone Furman 
Robert R. Gioia 
James D. Gross 
Lendell Jones 

James A. Joyce 
Willie Joyner 
Peter A. Koch 
Frank S. Kolencik 
John Kreider 
Mike Lewis 
Leonard A. Lynch 
William J. McFadden 
Robert Milkovich 
Michael C. MuUer 
John Lee Nash 
David W. Pacella 
William P Pugh 
Brian J. Reindeau 
Jeff L. Rodenberger 
Jonathan D. Simmons 
Mark Sobel 
Ron M. Solt 
Todd W. Stephens 
David F. Taylor 
Larry S. Tholen 
Melvin Thompson 
John K. Tice 
Vince L. Tomasetti 
Greg A. Vanderhout 
Harry A. Venezia 
Timothy F. Whittle 
Joseph A. Wilkins 
Eric W. Wilson 
Mark J. Wilson 
Wayne T. Wingfield 
James "Todd" Wright 
Charles Wysocki 
Patrick J. Zillman 


Jill Andrews 
Cynthia Carapellucci 
Heidi Cayouette 
Suzanne Davison 
Jennifer Huff 
Katherine Hurley 
Julie Kane 
Stacey Mont 
Holly Morris 
Kathy Richardson 
Jamie Sariotus 
Ruth Shladovsky 


Brian C. Barbazette 
Peter H. Bourne 
William Casagranda 
Jeffrey P. Dougherty 
John F. Fink 
Edmund J. Gauss 
Moshe Goldfarb 
Douglas E. Howland 
James G. Hudik 
Mark J MacLaughlin 
Kirk F Miller 
George Reid 
Timothy P. Reynolds 
Glen N. Singer 
Theodore S. Tsapalas 
Kenneth Wilkerson 

Swimming (Men's) 

Michael Alderson 
William Bartle 
Christopher Gamut 
Mark Ciabaton 
Drew Desjardins 
Mark Gillies 
Steven Goldhirsh 
Joseph Haddon 
Roger Masse 
Michael Nemec 
Robert Neuendorf 
Sean Redmond, Manager 
Kirk Sanocki 
David Welsh 
James Wenhold 

Swimming (Women's) 

Caroline Barbour 
Betsy Bozzelli 
Evelyn Buswell 
Anne Buyer 
Hope CuUen 
Amy Dilweg 
Melanie GiUet 
Carolyn Kaucher 
Deborah Meyer 
Ellen Murphy 
Barb Schmidt 

Wendy Shoyer 
Lisa linger 
Suzy Wigetman 


Christy Bradley 
Jamie Clyman 
Wendy Fine 
Emmy Ho. 
Nancy Horwitz 
Angela Klapp 
Denise Laughery 
Cindy Lubman 
Debbie Trappen 
Gretchen Weise 


Sue Amey 
Brenda Astle 
Tammy Buckley 
Nancy Hensler 
Sue Lombardi 
Beth Slebodnik 
Robyn Smietan 
Michele Steffen 
Ruthe Swanson 
Sue Vance 
Veronica Vogel 
Doris Wood 


Jeff Armstrong 
Todd Camel 
Mark Dugan 
Dan Harvey 
John Kostelac 
Steve McGovem 
Tony Russo 
Randy Thompson 
Paul Triplett 
Darryl White 
John Worley 



SiFROTC Leadership Ribbon, 
'resented for outstanding 
lerformance in a position of 
eadership as a cadet officer. 
Recognizes cadet officers who 
lisplay leadership ability above 
ind beyond normal expected 
\warded to: 

Shirley H. Brown 

Richard A. Catano 

Brian D. Classen 

Gilbert O. Classen Jr. 

Linwood P. Jones 

Michael S. Kearns 

Keith D. Krause 

Jeanine E. Murphy 

Brady L. Perry 

\FROTC Superior Performance 
^bbon. Presented to a cadet 
or a single or sustained 
performance of a superior 
lature. Recognizes 
achievements which are clearly 
\umrdeci to: 

Raymond R. Del Pozo 

Susan L. Hamilton 

Air Force Association Award. 
Presented to the outstanding 
Senior Cadet who has excelled 
in field training, possesses 
outstanding individual 
leadership characteristics, ranks 
in the upper 10 percent of the 
class in the University and the 
upper 5 percent of ROTC class 
and has outstanding promotion 
Awarded to: 
F. Joseph Shelton 

The Alumni Cup. Presented to 
the Senior Cadet who has 
achieved the highest cumulative 
grade point average, while at 
the same time demonstrating 
the highest degree of officer 
Awarded to: 
Michael D. Kim 

American Defense 
Preparedness Association 
Award. Presented to the 
outstanding Senior Cadet who 
has received no grade in the 
advanced ROTC courses less 
than B, is in the upper half of 
total senior enrollment at the 
University of Maryland, has 
participated actively in athlehcs 
and/or campus activities, and 
has demonstrated outstanding 
leadership qualities. 
Azvarded to: 

Duane M. Davis 

The American Legion 
"Outstanding Senior" Award. 
Presented to the cadet best 
described as the Outstanding 
ROTC Senior. 
Au'arded to: 
Daniel Keder 

The American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Awards. Presented each year to 
a Senior (Gold Award) in the 
upper 25 percent of the ROTC 
class, and who has 
demonstrated outstanding 
qualities in military leadership, 
discipline and character. 
Awarded to: 

Zachary R. Fallin 

The American Legion ROTC 
Scholastic Award. Presented 
each year to an outstanding 
Senior (Gold Award) who is in 
the upper 10 percent of the 
class in the University and the 
upper 25 percent of the ROTC 
class, and who has 
demonstrated high qualities in 
military leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Michael D. Kim 

Armed Forces Communications 
and Electronics Association 
Award. Presented to the 
outstanding senior cadet who 
is preparing for a career in a 
technical area and has 
demonstrated outstanding 
qualities of military leadership, 
high moral character, and 
definite aptitude for military 
Awarded to: 

Henry T. Morris IV 

Commandant of Cadets Award. 
Presented to a Senior Cadet for 
outstanding performance as a 
Support Officer. This cadet 
most successfully exemplifies 
the "Complete Staff Officer." 
Azvarded to: 
Harry L. Neal 

Daughters of American 
Revolution. Presented to a 
Senior Cadet who is in the 
upper 25 percent of both the 
ROTC class and the University, 
and who demonstrates high 
qualities of dependability, good 
character, adherence to military 
discipline, and leadership. Also 
demonstrates a fundamental 
and patriotic understanding of 
the importance of ROTC 
Awarded to: 

Thomas R. Lewandowski 

Disabled American Veterans 
Award. Presented each year to 
the Senior Cadet who has 
demonstrated outstanding 
leadership, scholarship, and 
Azvarded to: 

Linda L. Taylor 

Governor's Cup. Offered each 
year by His Excellency, the 
Governor of Maryland, and 
awarded to the cadet chosen by 
the Detachment Staff as the 
Cadet of the Year. 
Azvarded to: 
Mark K. Cole 

Military Order of World Wars 
Award. Presented to Aerospace 
Studies cadets recognized as 
the most improved within his 
Azvarded to: 

Brian D. Biankinship 


The Professor of Aerospace 
Studies Award. Presented to 
the Senior Cadets who have 
made a unique contribution to 
the mission of the AFROTC 
program at the University of 
Maryland. Their efforts 
demonstrated initiative, 
professionalism and dedication 
to their assigned 
Awarded to: 

David L. Harrison 

David M. Kaplan 

Leonard K. Murin 

Professor of Aerospace Studies 
Special Recognition. 
Awarded to: 

Raymond R. Del Pozo 

Susan L. Hamilton 

Linwood P. Jones 

Michael S. Kearns 

Harry L. Neal 

Linda L. Taylor 

George M. Reiley Award. 
Presented to the member of the 
flight instruction program who 
shows the highest aptitude for 
flying, as demonstrated by his 
or her performance in the 
Awarded to: 

Michael D. Mallon 

The Reserve Officers 
Association Award. Presented 
to the Senior Cadet (Gold 
Award) who demonstrates 
outstanding academic 
achievement in AFROTC 
subject matter and highest 
officer potential. 
Awarded to: 
Steve F. Shipp 

Society of American Military 
Engineers ROTC Award 
Nomination. The cadet selected 
for this national award is 
recognized as one of 20 
outstanding AFROTC senior 
cadets pursuing an engineering 
curriculum. Award recognizes 
outstanding academic 
performance and professional 
officer potential. 
Cadet nominated: 
William B. Husselbaugh 

"W^— ' 





)ivision of Agricultural 
nd Life Sciences 

Chemistry & Biochemistry 

1526 White Memorial 


2300 Symons Hall 

1121 Geology 


2131 Skinner Hall 

1200 Zoology-Psychology 


division of Arts and 

khool of Architecture 

0204 Architecture Building 
College of fournalism 

Lobby, Journalism 

\merican Studies 

2140 Taliaferro Hall 

Atrium, Art-Sociology 

Comparative Literature 

4220 Foreign Languages 


1116 EE Building, Dance 


1119 Taliaferro Hall 

3120 Foreign Languages 

"jerman & Russian 

3215 Foreign Languages 



2119 Francis Scott Key 


Recital Hall, 1125 Tawes 

Fine Arts Building 

1131 Skinner Hall 

2215 Foreign Languages 

Communication Arts and 
Theatre/Radio, Television & 

North Colonnade, 

Tawes Fine Arts Building 

Division of Behaviorial 
and Social Sciences 

College of Business and 

Atrium, Student Union 
Afro-American Studies 

2169F Social Sciences 

1107 Woods Hall 
Criminology and Law 

2205 Social Sciences 

1101 Tydings Hall 

Lecture Hall, Social 

Government and Politics 

2181 Social Sciences 
Hearing and Speech Sciences 

0208 Social Sciences 

1240 Zoology-Psychology 


2108 Art-Sociology 


Urban Studies 
Lecture Hall, Social 

Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

College of Education 

Harold R. W. Benjamin 
Building (unless otherwise 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services, 

Early Childhood, 
Elementary and Secondary 
Education, 1240 
Education Policy, 
Planning, and 
Administration, 3237 
Industrial Education, 
J. M. Patterson 
Building, 3202 
Institute for Child 
Study, 3304 

Special Education, 1230 
College of Human Ecology 
Maryland Room, 
Marie Mount Hall 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

4114 Hornbake Library 
College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 
1312 PERH Building 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

College of Engineering 

Maryland Ballroom, 

Main Dining Hall 
Computer Science 

2324 Computer Science 


(8 a.m. breakfast) 

3201 Mathematics Building 
Physics & Astronomy 

1410-1412 Physics 


Undergraduate Studies 
General & Individual 

Main Lobby, 
Hornbake Library 


Cole Field 
House Seating 

Section 1: 

Agricultural and Life 

Arts and Humanities 

Section 2: 
Graduate School 
Behavioral and Social 

Section 3: 

Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health 
Human Ecology 
Business and Management 

Section 4: 

Undergraduate Studies 

Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences and Engineering 


mam entrance 
& exits 



^ Walking Tour 

hrough the 

Zollege Park Campus 

"here are many interesting 
educational and research 
acilities on the College Park 
Tampus. We have selected 
ome of these that you may 
vish to visit along a walking 
pur These facilities are open 
m weekdays from 8:30 a.m. 
o 4:30 p.m., except where 
loted. You are welcome to 
our them at your leisure. 
3ther points of interest on 
ampus may be toured by 
ppointment through the 
ihone extension listed after 
■ach facility. For general 
n formation, call the Student 
Jnion Information Center 


BLDG. 009) Regents Drive. 
\ schedule of 

nultidenominational services 
an be obtained in the North 
Administration Bldg. 


5UILDING - (BLDG. 052) 
Regents Drive. This facility 
louses the Admissions Office 
)f the University; Office of 
he Registrar for graduate 
ranscripts and 
ommencement information; 
ind offices for student 
inancial aid, housing, and 
ampus employment. 

(BLDG. 147) Corner of 
Regents and Campus Drives. 
Completed in 1973, the 
library is one of the finest in 
the nation. In addition to 
serving undergraduate 
students, it also houses at 
the graduate level the 
College of Library and 
Information Services. 

UNION — (BLDG. 163) 
Campus Drive. A new 
addition to the Student 
Union was completed in 
1972. You can obtain a 
building directory and 
schedules of events and 
activities at the information 
desk in the front lobby. 
Guided tours are available 
(with one day's notice) to the 
bowling alleys, billiard room, 
ballroom, cafeterias, motion 
picture theatre, and exhibits. 

(BLDG. 162) Campus Drive. 
With a seating capacity of 
14,500 the Arena of Cole 
Field House is used for 
basketball games, classes in 
physical education, 
commencements, concerts, 
academic testing, track, and 
many other indoor activities. 
Other areas of the building 
contain small gymnasiums, a 
swimming pool, classrooms. 

faculty offices, a ticket booth 
for athletic events, and the 
Department of Intercollegiate 

CENTER — (BLDG. 141) 
Campus Drive. Offices of the 
departments of 
communication arts and 
theatre and the department 
of music are housed in this 
building. University Theatre 
is also located here, adjacent 
to Parking Lot #1. 


— (BLDG. 145) Campus 
Drive. You are invited to 
walk through this facility and 
view displays of student 
architectural designs and the 
faculty-designed sculpture in 
the West Court. 

EDUCATION. The Center of 
Adult Education is a 
residenhal conference facility 
for continuing education for 
adults. Call 454-4158. 

LIBRARY. McKeldin contains 
materials for the use of 
graduate students and faculty 
as well as undergraduates. 
(Ext. 5704). 

games, lacrosse games, and 
track and field events are 
held in this stadium which 
holds 45,000 spectators. (Ext. 


is held on the 5th and 20th 
of each month at 8:00 p.m. 
E.S.T. for the general public. 
Large groups may call for 
reservarions at 454-3001. 

oldest building on the 
College Park Campus is open 
to the public for lunch, 
Monday through Friday, from 
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.' (Ext.