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MAY 23, 1983 



MAY 23, 1983 


Message to 
the Graduates 

As Chancellor of the University of Maryland at College Park, I 
take great pleasure in congratulating you and your families. All 
should be proud of the dedication exhibited by each of you in 
attaining today's goal. You will need that same dedicated 
perseverance to pursue a career in the larger world you now 

It is a world of change that brings new challenges to 
succeeding generations, a wodd of wonder in which new 
miracles of human achievement await the labors of your hands 
and intellects. 

I believe that a sense of wonder stands at the center of all 
human inquiry. Our very survival and advancement today 
depend on that same sense of wonder — that ability to seek 
imaginative solutions to complex problems. 

Whatever your major, it is my hope that you take with you an 
understanding of change and a deepened sense of wonder from 
your years at College Park. With them you must pursue a career 
for yourself and a future for all of us. 

As you pursue that future, I ask that you keep in touch with 
your alma mater and share with all of us your thoughts and 
accomplishments so that this university, with your insight and 
help, may better serve tomorrow's graduates. 

John B. Slaughter 

Order of 

May 23, 1983 
10:00 a.m. 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. John B. Slaughter 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 
Dr. Michael P. duMonceau 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


The Reverend Dorothy 


United Campus Ministries 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. John S. Toll 


University of Maryland 

The Hon. Joseph D. Tydings 


Board of Regents 

Musical Selection 


by Randall Thompson 

University Chorus and 

Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Conductor, Dr. Traver 


Dr. Robert M. White 

University Corporation for 
Atmospheric Research 

Conferring of Degrees 
Dr. Toll. Honorary Degrees 

Dr. Slaughter 

Remarks to Graduates 

Daniel Dean Dietrick 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Slaughter 


The Reverend H. 

Michael Lemmons 
Chaplain, Black Campus 



Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor. Mr. Wakefield 

The Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Maryland Victory Song 

Maryland we're all behind you 
Wave high the Black and Gold 
For there is nothing half so 

As to see our men victorious. 
We've got the team, boys 
We ve got the steam, boys 
So keep on fighting, don't 
give in M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D 
Maryland will win. 

The College Park Campus 
and the University 

The Graduates 

The students graduating from the University of Maryland today 
follow in the footsteps of many notable CJM graduates who have 
distinguished themselves in fields as diverse as science, the arts, 
entertainment, journalism, business, law, medicine and 

Through Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and others Jim Henson 
conveys a refreshing form of entertainment that touches the 
hearts of young and old alike. By the time he graduated from 
CIM in 1960, Henson was developing successful TV 
commercials in the area. "The Muppet Show," created in 1976, 
is syndicated on about 125 stations in the U.S. and is seen in 
some 40 other countries. 

The first woman elected to the Supreme Court of Michigan, 
Mary Stallings Coleman has been influential in developing many 
innovative programs for juvenile welfare. A 1935 Arts and 
Sciences graduate of UM, Coleman is a firm believer in 
rehabilitation and crime prevention and has established pre- 
court services for children in danger of becoming school drop- 

Known as one of the youngest graduates of the University, 
Charles Fefferman received a joint degree in mathematics and 
physics in 1966 at age 17. One of the world's top 
mathematicians, Fefferman received the Fields Medal, the most 
prestigious award a mathematician can receive. He is currently 
the Elkins Professor of mathematics at UMCP. 

In the field of consumer affairs, UMCP graduate Meredith M. 
Fernstrom, rates as one of the nation's top experts on consumer 
issues. She is currently American Express Company's Vice 
President for Consumer Affairs, and before that she served as 
the Special Assistant to the Secretary and Director of Consumer 
Affairs in the U.S. Department of Commerce. 

Other outstanding UM graduates include Connie Chung, a 
1969 journalism graduate, who anchors the news at KNXT-TV 
in Los Angeles; Judith Resnick, a 1977 electrical engineering 
Ph.D. graduate, who as a NASA astronaut is slated to become 
the second American woman in space; and Tom McMillen, a 
1974 Arts and Sciences graduate and Rhodes Scholar, who is 
playing professional basketball for the Atlanta Hawks. 

The Campus 

In enrollment. College Park is among the 10 largest campuses 
in the country. Undergraduates enrolled in fall 1982 numbered 
29,564 and graduate students, 7,482 for a total enrollment of 

37,046. This year's College Park operating budget is 
approximately $212,420,830. The University assisted over 
18,000 College Park students with financial aid in 1981-82. 
Students may choose from more than 1 10 undergraduate 
and 80 graduate programs leading to degrees. In 1981—82, a 
total of 5,390 undergraduate, 1,048 master's and 364 doctorate 
degrees were awarded by the College Park Campus. In the 
number of doctorates granted annually, the University ranks 
among the top 30 in the nation. 


The University had its beginnings in 1807 with the establishment 
in Baltimore of the College of Medicine, an entirely faculty- 
owned institution granting the M.D. degree. When its name was 
changed to the University of Maryland five years later, it was 
given power to confer additional degrees. The first dental school 
in America, the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, became a 
part of the University in 1840. 

Subsequently, the University opened schools of pharmacy, 
law and nursing. Under a charter secured by a group of 
Maryland planters in 1856, the College Park Campus of the 
University, then called the Maryland Agricultural College, opened 
in 1859 and became one of the original land-grant schools in 
1855. After a disastrous fire in 1912, the State acquired control 
of the College and bore the cost of rebuilding. 

The present form of the University of Maryland dates from the 
1920 act of the Maryland state legislature, which united the 
State-owned institution at College Park and the professional 
schools in Baltimore, thus creating the University of Maryland at 
College Park (UMCP) and the University of Maryland at 
Baltimore (UAAAB) campuses. Later, the University added three 
other campuses: Baltimore County (UMBC) at Catonsville; 
Eastern Shiore (UMES) at Princess Anne; and the worldwide 
University College (UMUC), headquartered at College Park. 


University libraries include approximately 1.5 million volumes on 
the College Park Campus, 19,600 subscriptions to periodicals 
and newspapers, plus over 1.5 million microform units. 

The Hombake (Undergraduate) Library has a seating capacity 
of 3,600 students and is among the nation's largest. Facilities 
include color video-tape players and playback units, enclosed 
rooms equipped with instructors' consoles for the use of 
nonprint media materials, and wireless stereo headsets for tapes 
of lectures, plays, speeches and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities on Cannpus are: 
scanning electron nnicroscopes; subsonic, supersonic, and 
hypersonic wind tunnels; laboratories for radiation research and 
biochemical reactions; a nuclear training reactor; an electron 
ring accelerator; complete laboratories for the dynamic studies 
of soils and structures; a unique facility utilizing satellite remote 
sensing data; a dynamic photomechanics lab; a precision 
encoder and pattern recognition device; a gravitational radiation 
detection system including a gravimeter and three retroreflector 
arrays on the moon; a psychopharmacology lab; rotating tanks 
for laboratory studies of meteorological phenomena; a linear 
accelerator; a high resolution spectroscopy facility; a laboratory 
for basic behavioral research; an assortment of computers; a 
computer vision lab; the Astronomy Observatory; a laboratory 
for plasma and fusion energy studies; remote sensing and 
cartographies labs; specialized sound chambers for audiology 
research; a criminal forensics lab and the Water Resources 
Research Center. 

The College Park Campus also operates one of the largest 
and most sophisticated long-wavelength radio telescopes 
(located at Clark Lake, Southern California). 

In addition to these research opportunities, programs in the 
behaviorial sciences, social sciences and education exist in 
many bureaus and institutes including: the Bureaus of Business 
and Economic Research; Educational Research and Field 
Services; Governmental Research; and Institutes for Child Study; 
Criminal Justice and Criminology; and Urban Studies. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in 
the academic procession are of ancient origin. They have been 
the traditional costume of the scholar since medieval times and 
probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress 
since many of the scholars of that period were members of 
monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1 893 drafted a uniform 
code for costumes which has since been adopted by the 
majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 

Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master and 
doctor — has its own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's 
gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The master's 
gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, extending below the 
knee; the arm is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast, 

the doctor's gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve with three bars of 
velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide velvet bands. 
The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating the general 
field of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, 
green for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic 
costume is the hood which passes around the neck and extends 
down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the hoods and the 
bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. 
The color of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. 
Below is given a list of department or faculty colors. 


Arts, Letters, HumanitiesAVhite 

Business Administration, Commercial Science/Drab 



Education, Pedagogy/Light Blue 


Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 


Home Economics/Maroon 


Library Science/Lemon 




Oratory/Silver Gray 




Public Health/Salmon 

Physical Education/Sage Green 

Science/Golden Yellow 

Social Service/Citron 

Surgical Chiropody/Nile Green 

Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood 
are those of the college or university which conferred the 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all 
degrees. The tassel may be either black or the color of the field 
of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may be gold. 

From Europe the use of academic degrees spread to English 
universities. Harvard University, the College of William and Mary, 
and Yale University followed the British pattern in the United 

Academic Degrees 

The degree is awarded for the successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more than 1 ,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred by American colleges and 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the 
University of Bologna (Italy) in the middle of the 12th Century. 
Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was qualified to 
give instruction to students. The bachelor's or baccalaureate 
degree indicated only entrance upon a course of study 
preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, however, 
the bachelor's degree came to mean successful completion of 
one level of study preparatory to the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by ancient 
Romans to those who delivered public lectures on philosophical 
subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 12th Century, it came into 
use as a title of honor borne by men of great learning. It was first 
made an academic title at the University of Bologna, which 
received from the emperor the right of appointing doctores 
legum (doctor of laws). The University of Paris followed in 1 145. 
Soon after, the popes granted the universities the right of 
appointing doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the 
canon law), and when the study of civil law came to be 
combined with that of the canon law. the title was changed to 
doctor utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of 
theology and medicine followed that of law in conferring this 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in 
theology and law. is given beyond the baccalaureate degree and 
requires two to five years of study, the writing of a thesis, and the 
passing of written and oral examinations. The doctor's degree 
represents the most advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct types: the 
professional or practitioners degree and the research type. The 
first type represents advanced training for the practice of various 
professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Juris Doctor and Doctor 

of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no implication of original 
research. The University of Maryland awarded the first two dental 
degrees in history, on March 9. 1841. and invented the name of 
the degree. D.D.S., as well. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as the 
research doctorate representing prolonged periods of advanced 
study, usually accompanied by a dissertation which is designed 
to be a substantial contribution to existing knowledge on the 
subject. The most important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, 
no longer has an implication of philosophy for its holder, but 
represents advanced research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in the United States by Yale 
University in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded by the University of Maryland in 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon 
students who have successfully completed work in advance of 
the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister, connected with a qualifying 
phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of honor, but its 
present meaning must be traced to the time of the 
establishment of the oldest universities. Regularly organized 
faculties were not then known as they now exist in the 
universities. The whole circle of academic activity was limited to 
seven liberal arts, and those who received public honors on the 
completion of their courses of studies, for their diligence and 
knowledge, and had already received the degree of 
baccalaureate (bachelor) were called magistri artium (master of 
the liberal arts). 

In 1 920, the new University of Maryland awarded its first MA 
and M.S. degrees in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor s degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of study of collegiate grade and is the oldest academic 
degree used by American institutions of higher learning. The 
degree. Bachelor of Arts, was the first conferred in America in 
1642 on the first nine graduates of Harvard College. 

Maryland Agricultural College, which was later to become the 
University of Maryland College Park, awarded the first Bachelor 
of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 1862. 


Board of Regents 


The Hon. Joseph D. Tydings 
Vice Chairman 

Allen L Schwait 

A. Paul Moss 

Mary H. Broadwater 
Assistant Secretary 

Constance Cornell Stuart 
Assistant Treeisurer 

David K. Fram 
The Hon. Wayne A. Cawley. Jr. 

ex offtcio 
A. James Clark 
Ralph W. Frey 
Frank A. Gunther, Jr. 
The Hon. Blair Lee III 
Clarence M. Mitchell. Jr. 
Peter F. OMalley 
Neil W. Randall 
John W. T. Webb 

Central Administration 
of the University 

John S. Toll 
Executive Vice President 

Kenneth W. Ford 
Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

David S. Sparks (Acting) 
Vice President for Agricultural 
Affairs and Legislative Relations 

Frank L Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for General 

Warren W. Brandt 
Vice President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Robert E. Menzer (Acting) 
Vice President for 
University Relations 

Robert G. Smith 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


John B. Slaughter 
Vice Chancellor for 
Academic Affairs 

William E. Kirwan 
Wee Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice Chancellor for 
Student Affairs 

William L Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at College Park 
Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Larry M. Vanderhoef 
Division of Arts and 

Shirley S. Kenny 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

Muriel R. Sloan (Acting) 
Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Frank J. Kerr 

Deans at College Park 

School of Architecture 

Ralph D. Bennett Jr. (Acting) 
School of Public Affairs 

Albert H. Bowker 
College of Agriculture 

Donald A. Hegwood 
College of Business cind 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

George L. Marx, 
Assistant Provost 
for Education 

College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter. Jr. 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

Anne S. MacLeod (Acting) 
College of Physical Education. 
Recreation and Health 

George F. Kramer (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Rose-Marie G. Oster 
Administrative Dean for Summer 

Melvin N. Bemstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Donald Maley, 

Chairman, Industrial, 

Technological, and 

Occupational Education 
University Marshal 

Dr. Don C. Piper. 


Government and Politics 

Dr. Stewart L Gordon 

Professor. Chairman. 

Music Department 
Committee Members 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, 

Principal Specialist, 

Agricultural & Resource 


CapL Ralph W. Bell, 

University Police. 

Mr. Edward Blackburn, 


Environmental Safety. 

Mrs. Frances P. Cave, 

Nurse Supervisor. 

Health Center. 

Ms. Maitland Dade, 

University Relations. 

Dr. Ulysses S. Glee, 


Office of Student Aid. 

Susan Gaddy, 


Mrs. Cornelia Goodwin. 

Diploma Office. 

Mr. Elwood H. Gross. 

Physical Plant 

Mr. William H. Horsey. 

Associate Director. 

Physical Plant 

Mr. Ernest D. Huff, Jr.. 

Assistant Director. 

Records & Registrations. 

Mr. Patrick J. Hunt 


University Relations. 

Ms. Alice Hurd. 

Financial Aid. 

Mrs. Audrey Hoist 

University Book Center. 

Carl Kom. 


Dr. George F. Kramer. 


Physical Education. 

Dr. Leo R. Lasota. 



Dr. Michael P. duMonceau, 

Communication Arts and 


Mr. Matt Sheriff, 


Dining Services. 

Mr. Robert Stumpf, 

Athletic Department 


Robert M. White 
Honorary Doctor of Science 
and Commencement Speaker 

The professional field of Robert M. White gives him a distinct advantage. Whether or not one knows much about the weather, 
everyone uses it as a topic of social conversation. In Dr. White's case, he speaks with an international authority in meteorology 
and atmospheric science. 

While an aviation cadet at Harvard University, he received the assignment of weather observer for the United States Army Air 
Corps — the beginning of a lifetime career. Graduating with a B7\. in 1944, he was honorably discharged from the Air Corps 
with the rank of captain two years later. 

After a short detour into journalism and advertising, Robert White entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 
receiving a Master's and a Doctor of Science degree in meteorology. The subject of his doctoral thesis. Global Energy 
Balance, has remained a research interest throughout his career. 

Joining the U.S. Air Force as a civilian in 1950, Dr. White did research on the stratosphere at the Air Force Cambridge 
Research Center where he rose to be chief of the Meteorology Development Laboratory and directed important studies on 
statistical weather prediction and atmosphere dynamics. 

In 1960 he became Associate Director of Weather Research for the Travelers Insurance Company in Hartford. When the 
Center became an independent research and development organization, Robert White directed it as president and played a 
key role in seeking ways to apply modem electronic data processing to weather analysis and forecasting. 

His next position could have been easily predicted: a fellow Harvard graduate. President John F. Kennedy, appointed him 
chief of the U.S. Weather Bureau in 1963. Having arrived in Washington, D.C., in the years that followed he filled other eminent 
positions, among them Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Executive Officer of the 
National Academy of Science, and currently President of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research which operates 
the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. 

Dr. White was U.S. Permanent Representative to the World Meteorological Organization and Chairman of the U.S. Federal 
Committee on Meteorological Services and Supporting Research. He has also actively participated in a number of international 
cooperative programs, notably the World Climate Conference and the U.SVU.S.S.R. Joint Commission for Exploration of 
World Oceans. 

A member of the many scientific institutions and learned societies, including the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, of 
which he is the president-elect and the American Meteorological Society, Dr. White has written numerous papers and articles 
for scientific journals. His peers and colleagues have awarded him many accolades, among which are the Chevalier de la 
Legion d'Honneur, the International Meteorological Organization Prize, and the Rockefeller Public Service Award for Protection 
of Natural Resources. 

Today he is awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree. 


for Degrees 

The 1983 class roster comprises 
degree candidates from the 
undergraduate and graduate 
programs at the University's 
College Park Campus. As final 
action cannot always be taken for 
candidates by the time this 
program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative only. 
The University reserves the right 
to withdraw or add names. All 
diplomas will be mailed by the 
Registrations Office. 

Students who have earned their 
degrees from the College of 
Education may obtain a 
Statement of Certificate Eligibility 
at their department 
commencement reception or in 
the College of Education, Student 
Services Office (Room 1210). 
Other students who have 
completed teacher education 
programs will receive their 
statements in the mail (separate 
from the diploma) upon 
verification of required course 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rose-Marie G. Osier. 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Judith Ann Abbott 

Food Science: Sensory and 
Mechanical Measurement of 
Fresh Apple Texture. 

Mohamed Mabeel Abdel-Salam 
Civil Engineering; Seismic 
Ajialysis and Design of 
Curved Steel Box-Girder 

David Miller Abercrombie 
Biochemistry: A Study of 
Molecular Interactions and 
Structure of Meurophysin- 
fieurohypophyseal Hormone 

Mark Nathan Abrahams 
Human Development: A 
Metatheoretical Hierarchy of 
Human Motivation. 

Robert James Ackley 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: An Explanatory 
Model for Understanding 
Close Friendships Between 
Men: A Test of Social Learning 

Golam F. Akhter 

Civil Engineering; Development 
of a Model for Predicting 
Dynamic Modulus of 
Bituminous BaselSubbase 
Materials in Pavement Design 
and Rehabilitation. 

William Gregory Alvord 

Measurement, Statistics and 
Evaluation: Application of the 
Mixture Model for Objective 
Comparison of Latent 
Structure Models Which Arise 
from Different Parametric 

John Antonios Antoniades 

Physics: Transport Properties of 
TERP If a High Beta Toroidal 

Robert Stanley Arnold 

Computer Science: On the 
Generation and Use of 
Quantitative Criteria for 
Assessing Software 
Maintenance Quality. 

Darlene Marie Atkins 
Psychology: Preparing 
Children for Hospitalization: 
Evaluation of a 
Comprehensive Program. 

Mabajyoti Barkakati 
Electrical Engineering: 
Asymptotic Models of Wave 
Scattering from Very Rough 

Dianne A.R. Bartley 
Physical Education; A Short 
Term Effect of Specific Diets 
and Exercise on Heat 
Production and Metabolism in 
the Mildly Obese Individual. 

Laten Grey Bechtel 

Curriculum and Instruction; A 
national Survey of Public 
School Programs for Gifted 

Hubert Edwin Beckwith 
Music; Giovanni Battista 
Pergolesi and the Chamber 

Kenneth R. Bell 
Civil Engineering: 
Incorporation of Remotely 
Sensed Data into a Hydrologic 
Runoff Model. 

Richard Scott Bell 
Sociology; Toward a 
Theoretical Framework for an 
Understanding of 

Victor Ben-Ezra 

Physical Education: The 
Influence of High Intensity 
Training on the Hormonal 
Response of Trained Distance 

Linda Ruth Berg 
Botany: The Effects of 
Triarimol and Tridemorph on 
the Sterol Biosynthesis of Five 
Species of Oomycetes. 

Lynda Jeanne Birckhead 

Psychology: Rapport-Building: 
A Client Characteristic X 
Counselor Style Interaction 

Diane Lynn Bloom 

Human Development: The 
Effects of a Baby 's Strabismus 
on the Mother's Attitudes, 
Perceptions and Behaviors. 

Brenda Ann Belay 
Physical Education; A 
Descriptive' Aj-ialytical Study 
of Teaching Behaviors Which 
Reflect Selected Educational 
Beliefs in Two Elementary 
School Physical Education 

Carolyn Edith Booker 

Botany; Nitrogen Metabolism 
in Ectomycorrhizae of Pinus 


Virginia Mock Bradley 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Reading Comprehension 
Instruction in Micro-computer 
Reading Programs. 

Moel Arthur Brathwaite 
Health Education: Relationship 
Between Psychosocial 
Correlates and Adherence to 
Medication-taking Among 
Black Male Hypertensives. 

Michael Martin Bretting 
Physical Education; Sports 
Management Personnel 
Competency Inventory 

Diane Robinson Brown 
Sociology: A Comparative 
Analysis of the Distribution 
and Prediction of Global Well- 
Being Among Black emd 
White Females. 

Eleanor Deis Brown 
Zoology: Functional and 
Adaptive Significance of 
Mobbing and Alarm Calls of 
the Common Crow (Corvus 
brachyrhynchos) . 

Kathleen Marie Brown 
Sociology: Suburbanization 
and Characteristics of Ethnic 
etnd Racial Social tietuiorks in 
Baltimore. Maryland. 

Jane Kear Burke 

Human Development The 
[Development of Empathy: A 
Biopsychosocial Approach. 

Unda Towne Cades 
English: The Theme of Grief in 
Contemporary American 
Fiction of the South: A Study 
of Representative tiovels by 
Agee. Amow. Styron, Welty 
and Percy. 

M. Christel Cady 

Human Development; The 
Effects of Clcissroom Teachers ' 
Receiving Instruction in 
Reality Therapy and Adlerian 
Techniques on the Attitudes of 
Teachers Toward Authority in 
the Classroom. 

Jimmy Calloway 

Recreation; Changes and 
Perceptions of Staff and 
Inmates in Selected Prisons 
and Jails Following Federal 
Court Decrees Addressing 
Recreational Reform. 

Jaime Fernando Cardenas-Garcia 
Mechanical Engineering; 
Characterization of Projectile 
Impact on Rock. 

Donald James Carroll 

Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration; Predicting 
Success in Social Work 
Education: An Exploratory 

Julie Helfand Carter 

Human Development The Role 
of the Mother/Daughter 
Relationship in Women s 
Lives: A Systematic Analysis 
Using the Novel as a Data 

Patricia Jane Castell 
Psychology: Effects of 
Expectation to Disclose and 
Valence of Prepared 
Disclosure Upon Attraction to 
a Discloser. 

Dong-Deuck Cha 
Civil Engineering; A 
Disaggregate Travel Demand 
Foreccisting Modeling System: 
Multistage Choice. 

Daniel Warren Chambers 
Mathematics: Central and 
Functional Central Limit 
Theorems for Gaussiein 

Jaw-Ling Joanne Chang 

Government and Politics: The 
Process of Normalization of 
Relations Between the United 
Slates and the People's 
Republic of China. 1969- 
1978: A Retrospective 
Evaluation of Decision- 
Making Models in U.S. 
Foreign Policy. 

Mattie Curry Cheek 
Special Education: The 
Educational and Sociological 
Status of Handicapped and 
Non -Handicapped 
Incarcerated Adolescent 

Yong Min Cho 

Electrical Engineering; The 
Optimal Control of Multi- 
Segment Inverted Pendula. 

Virginia Martha Clark 

English; Aldous Huxley and 

Robert Andrew Collinge 
Economics; A Creation of 
Markets for Market Power. 
Spillovers, and Public Goods. 

Michael Anthony Cooke 

History: The Health of Blacks 
During Reconstruction. 

Colin Cooper-Kelsick 
Psychology: Discriminants of 
Traditional Versus Non- 
Traditional Career Choice of 
Black Students. 

Ann Elizabeth Cordy 
Textiles and Consumer 
Economics: Investigation of 
Thread Color Change in 
American Civil War Uniforms. 

David Ellis Corman 
Electrical Engineering: 
Asymptotic Analysis Model for 
Moving Platform Multipath 
with Applications to Signal 

Darryl Alton Crabtree 
Physical Education: Varie±iility 
of Perception in the 
[Development of a Recognition 
Schema for Movement 
Distance: A Developmental 
Study in Intersensory 

Bobby Brock Cross 
Physical Education; Effects of 
Aerobic Conditioning on 
Antibody Production in Balb/C 

Mary Catherine Custer 
Chemistry: Reaction of Nitrite 
with Lactoferrin or Transferrin 
Fragments to Form an 
Inhibitor of Bacillus Cereus 
Spore Outgrowth. 

Suzanne Garrigues Daniel 
Art; The Early Works of 
Wifredo Lam. 1 941 -1 945. 

Arati Dasgupta 

Physics: Application of the 
Method of Polarized Orbitals to 
the Pholoionization of the 
Sodium Atom and to Electron 
Scattering from Ionized 


Peter Paul DeAnna, Jr. 
English: John Keats and the 
Anxiety of Perception: The 
Influence of Eighteenth- 
Century Psychological 

M. Ennis Dodd 

Horticulture: Effects of Fall 
[Nitrogen and Spring 
Gibberellin (AJ on Cropping 
of Magness Pear. 

Arthur Joseph Dorsey 
Electrical Engineering: 
Adaptive Control of a Simple 
Queueing System. 

Maurice Wayne Dorsey 

Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration: What Are the 
Socioeconomic Forces That 
Create a Demand for Urban 
Extension Education in Ward 

Richard Alan DuschI 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Science Teachers ' Beliefs 
About the Nature of Science 
and the Selection. 
Deuelopment, and 
Implementation of 
Instructional Tasks. 

David Howard Edwin 
Psychology: Differential 
Prediction of Outcome Across 
Subtypes of Anorexia Nervosa 
from MMPI Profiles. 

Esther Joseanne Eisenhower 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Process of Developing an 
"English as a Second 
Language" Program Model at 
the School District Level. 

Aliakbar Elahi 

Mechanical Engineering: Fluid 
Damping of Circular 

Margaret Ann Evans 
Criminal Justice and 
Criminology: Factors 
Determining Willingness to 
Use the Formal Legal System. 

Nancy J. Bell Facinoli 

Human Development: Fears, 
Coping, and hiealth Locus of 
Control in Two Populations: 
Mothers and School Age 
Children with Chronic 
Physical Illness and Mothers 
and School Age Children 
Without Chronic Physical 

Ali Falahi-Ardakani 
Horticulture: Vegetable 
Bedding Plants ' Growth 
Response to Compost 
Amended Potting Media, 
Fertilizer, and Fertilizer 

Beverlie Drucker Fallik 
Human Development: The 
Relative Contribution to 
Variance in Intuition by 
Cognitive Style, hiemispheric 
Dominance and Sex. 

Susan Mary Farabaugh 

Zoology: A Comparative Study 
of Duet Song in Tropical 
Thryothorus Wrens. 

William Michael Felts 

Health Education: Effect of 
Acute Exercise on Post- 
Exercise Arousal, Stress 
Reactivity, and State Anxiety 
CIS a Function of Fitness Level. 

Pamela Joan Finehout 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Effectiveness of 
"Good Student Skill Training" 
with High School Students. 

Linton Eugene Floyd 

Physics: Experimental Study of 
Collective Acceleration of 
Light and Heavy Ions from a 
Localized Gas Cloud. 

Zenete Maria Peixoto da Silva 


Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: 
Strategies and Mechanisms 
for the Diffusion of Scientific 
and Technical Information: A 
Comparative Study. 

Kathleen Free 
Human Development: 
Prolonged Attachment to 
Transitional Objects in a 
Adolescent Population: 
Implications for Development, 
Assessment and Treatment. 

Patricia Anne Friedman 
French: A Critical Edition of 
the Poetry of Bonaventure Des 

Jacob Frimenko 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: An 
Experimental Comparison 
Between the Realism of 
Career Choices of Career 
Maturity Inventory-Attitude 
Scale Review Seminar 
Participants and Non- 

James Byron Fry 

Economics: The Household 
Transactions Demand for 
Money: A Capital-Theoretic 

Roger Stephen Gaborski 
Electrical Engineering: A 
Speech Detection System 
Using Phonetic 

Stephen Joseph Gaeng 
Human Development: 
Cognitive Training with 
Learning Disetbled and 
Emotionally Disturbed 

Sylvia Williams Galloway 
Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration: The 
Relationship of Intrinsic and 
Extrinsic Orientations to Adult 
Credenlialing Behavior. 

Don Hart Garner 

Human Development: A^ 
Investigation of the 
Comprehensibility of 
Manually-Coded English Texts 
Versus Spoken English Texts 
by Normally-Hearing Adults. 

Inci Gulser Gokmen 

Chemistry: Validation of the 
Stable Isotope Tracer for Study 
of Zinc Nutrition in Human 

Nancy Elaine Goliber 

Physical Education: Selected 
Blood Chemistry Values as 
Related to Physical Fitness 

Stephen Blaine Gordon 
Government and Politics: 
Contracting-Out for 
Housekeeping Services by 
U.S. Counties and 
Municipalities: The Political 

Donna Lucas Graham 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: The Relationship of 
Personality Types of Arkansas 
Cooperative Extension Service 
Agents to Job Satisfaction and 


Susan Johnson Hadler 
Human Developnnent; 
Cauldron of Morning: Aspects 
of the Feminine F'syche 
Reuealed in the Poetry of 
Sylvia Plath. 

Amos L Hahn 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Training Sixth Graders to Use 
General Comprehension 
Monitoring Strategies for 
Expository Text Processing. 

Timothy Greenwood Halverson 
Zoology: Spatial and Temporal 
Environmental Heterogeneity 
in Dragonfly Communities: 
Consequences for Life-History 

James Clarence Hanson 
Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: Economic 
Implications of Water Law in 
Maryland. Mississippi, and 

Diane Blake Harper 
Sociology: Women. Work and 
Fertility: A Study of the Impact 
of Occupation on 

William T. Harris 
Human Development 
Discouragement. Goal- 
Orientation, and Life Events as 
Predictors of Stress. 

Grant Wendell Hart 
Physics: Observations of the 
Magnetic Structure of 
Spheromaks During 
Formation. Equilibrium, and 

Patricia Lawson Harvey 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: floral Development 
and Vandalism in the 
Residence Halls. 

Mark Emmett Hawley 

Civil Engineering: A Study of 
Policy and Regulations for 
Stormwaler Management. 

Margaret Rose Hazlewood 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: A Comparison of 
the Retention and Dropout 
Rates Between Participants in 
the Adult Basic Education and 
General Education 
Development Program in 
Prince George's County. 

Carol Ann Healy 
Health Education: The 
Development of an Anxiety 
Management and Locus of 
Control Patient Education 
Manual for Post-Myocardial 
Infarction Patients. 

Bruce Edw^ard Heckman 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Moral Reasoning: 
Effects of Direct Instruction 
and Modeled Examples on 
Level of Moral Judgment of 
College Students. 

Joan Belle Martin Hildebrand 
Curriculum and Instruction: The 
Relationship Between Teacher 
Bum-out and Environmental 
Quality in Day Care Centers. 

Allen Gene Hirsh 
Horticulture: On the 
Mechanism of Extreme Cold 
Resistance in Higher Plants. 

Gary Wayne Hopkins 
Education Policy. Planning and 
Administration: Use of the 
Delphi Technique to 
Determine Comparability of 
Foreign Qualifications for 
Placement at U.S. Tertiary 

Glenn Hosokavt/a 
Botany: Effects of Sterol 
Biosynthesis Inhibitors on 
Suspension Cultures of Carrol 
Soybean, and Tobacco. 

John Lawrence Hudak 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Comparison of In- 
Therapy Verbal Behavior of 
Family Therapists According 
to Theoretical Orientation. 

David Hamilton Hutchens 
Computer Science: The 
Objective Evaluation of 
Software from Multiple 

Matthew Rolland Hyle 

Economics: An Interindustry 
Forecasting Model for Prices 
and Factor Incomes for the 

Z. Annette Iglarsh 
Health Education: The Effects 
of Touch on Head Rate and 
Mean Arterial. Systolic, and 
Diastolic Blood Pressures in 
the Newborn. 

Joanne E. Boyd Irving 

Psychology: An Ecological 
Analysis of Adolescents in 
Special Schools. 

Mark Jankins 
Mathematics: The Space of 
Homomorphisms of a 
Fuchsian Group to PSL(2.IR). 

Helen M. Jenkins 
Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration: Perceptions of 
Decision Making Among 
Baccalaureate Nursing 
Students as Measured by the 
Clinical Decision Making in 
Nursing Scale. 

Thomas H. Johnson 
Mathematics: On Tangles and 
Their Polynomials. 

Mary Katherine Jordan 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Effects of Peer Review on 
College Juniors in Advanced 
Composition Courses. 

Jean M. Joyce-Brady 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Counselor 
Direcliueness: Helpful or Non- 
Helpful to Black Female 

William David Joyner 
Mathematics: Harmonic 
Analysis of Summation 
Operators and the Riemann 
Zeta Function. 

Kathleen Kearney Keeshen 
American Studies: Marguerite 
Higgir^s: Journalist (1920- 

Kenneth Marvin Kempner 
Electrical Engineering: A New 
Computer-Aided Approach for 
the Management of Acute 
Cardiovascular Syndromes. 

Susan Gies Keys 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Effect of Social 
Problem Solving Training on 
the Problem Solving Ability 
and Behavioral Adjustment of 
Third Grade Children. 

Chong Ho Kim 
Chemistry: Synthesis of New 
Analgesic Compounds. 

Myong-sook Kim 

Economics: Financing of 
Higher Education: Optimal 
Price Differentials Among 


Kent Nevin Kimmel 

Curriculum and Instruction: A 
Survey of Post-Secondary 
Methodologies Used in 
Subtractive Color Instruction 
with a Model for Course 
Development in Color 

Mary Ellen Kiss 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: The 
Effects of Three Preuocational 
Interventions Upon the Career 
Maturity of Selected 
Adolescent, Learning Disabled 

Karen M. Kleeman 
Health Education: A Family 
Systems Analysis of Anxiety, 
Depression, and Somatization 
in Graduate Nursing Students. 

Wilson B. Knight 

Biochemistry: The Catalytic 
Mechanism of Inorganic 
Pyrophosphatase: /An 
Investigation of the Role of 
Metal Ions in Enzymatic 
Phosphoryl Transfer 

Douglas Merrill Kolodny-Hirsch 
Entomology: The Effects of 
Homworm Defoliation on the 
Growth Dynamics and 
Physiology of Maryland 
Tobacco as Evidence of Plant 
Tolerance to Leaf 

Ronald Burton Kopelman 
Physics: An Examination of 
the Dynamic Structure Factor 
of the Critical Binary Fluid 
Mixture MethanoT 

David Kramer 
Mathematics: Applications of 
Classical Gauss Reduction 
Theory to Zela Functions and 
Modular Forms. 

Rashmi Lai 
Economics: A Theory of 
Quantity Rationing by Firms. 

Wai Kun Leung 

Electrical Engineering: Block 
Sequential Return Difference 
Method for Large Scale 
Control Systems. 

Carole Bernstein Lewis 
Health Education: The 
Relationship Between Posture 
and Psychosocial Variables in 
Students Age 18-21. 

Steve Monroe Lewis 

Physics: Regge Calculus: 
Applications to Classical and 
Quantum Gravity. 

Dinorah Hernandez Lima 
Spanish: Versiones y Re- 
uerslones Historicas en la 
Obra de Guillermo Calsera 

Tamara Trykar Lu 

German: Kritik und Utople: 
Untersuchungen zu Theorie 
und Praxis der Komodie In der 

William Victor Maconachy 
Special Education: A Study of 
the Relationship Between 
Cognitive Style and 
Performance in 
Telecommunication Programs. 

Leon Magdzinski 
Chemistry: Pyranosidic 
Homologation: The Total 
Synthesis of the Rifamycin 
Ansa Chain from D-Glucose. 

Elayne Nord Mangad 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: A 
Survey to Determine the 
Degree of Agreement with 
Standards for Child 
Development Curriculum and 
the Application of the 
Standards to the Actual 

Michael Marcotrigiano 

Horticulture: Synthesizing 
Plant Chimeras In Vitro and In 

George John Marklin 
Physics: MHD Stability of the 

Allan Thomas Marsh 
American Studies: 
Washington s First Art 
Academy: The Corcoran 
School of Art 1875-1925. 

Judith Ann Marx 

Psychology: The Importance of 
Termination in the Counseling 
Process: An Exploratory Study. 

David Haworth McCulloh 
Zoology: Rabbit Eggs, Sperm, 
and Follicle Cells: Electrical 
Signs of Interaction. 

Margaret Aurelia McEntee 
Health Education: The Effects 
of Perception and Appraisal of 
Lifespace Events on 
Autonomic Reactivity and 
Self-Concept Among Nursing 
Students at a Large University. 

Dennis Regis McGrath 
Government and Politics: 
James Madison and Kenneth 
Arrow: The Possibilities of 
Rep ublicanism. 

Francis Edward McKenna, Jr. 
Government and Politics: An 
Intergovernmental Framework 
for the Regulation of 

William Kirk-Patrick McLaughlin 
Health Education: The Effects 
of an Age-Specific Exercise 
Program on Aerobic Capacity, 
Body Composition, Body- 
Image, and Exercise Behavior 
in 42- to 77-Year-Otd Women. 

Virginia McCord Mecklenburg 
Art: American Aesthetic 
Theory, 1908-1917: A 
Comparison of Conservative 
and Avant-Garde Thought 

Lawrence Daniel Messier 
Human Development: The 
Relationship Between 
Loneliness and Empathy. 

Jerry D. Messman 

Chemistry: Evaluation of a 
Short-Arc Xenon Illuminator 
and a Direct Current Plasma 
as Sources for A Wavelength- 
Modulated Atomic Absorption 

Frank Paul Mintz 

History: Liberty Lobby, 
Vanguard of a Dispossessed 

Jeffrey Thomas Mitchell 

Human Development: Effects of 
Stress Management Training 
on Paramedic Coping Styles 
and Perceived Stress Levels. 

Deborah Ann Mobray 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Treatment of 
Bulimarexia: Utilization of an 
Individual and Group Eclectic 


Lien-chong Mou 
Psychology: Influence of Cue 
Naming Strategies on 
Response Times in Seime- 
Different Judgments. 

Kenan Charles Murphy 
Biochemistry: Xray Structural 
Studies of Bacterial 
Qlutam inase-Asparagineises. 

Lettie A. Myers 
English: Exiles in Place: A 
Study ofV.S. Naipauis Vision 
of the Modem Dilemma. 

Beth Lynn Melman 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Perceptions of 
Behaviors Reflecting Good 
Child-Rearing Practices as 
Judged by Parents and 

Bonnie Conrad Melson 
Measurement Statistics and 
Evaluation: The Effects of 
Semantic Structure of Test 
Items on Perceived Difficulty. 
Anxiety and Achievement in 
Computer Administered 

Maureen J. Nemecek 
American Studies: A Cultural 
History of the Voice of 
America. 1962-1982: The 
Debate is the Culture. 

Johannes Conradie Nieuwoudt 
Physics: A Mode Coupling and 
Kinetic Theory Calculations of 
Long fianged Boundary 

Richard Parker Nordan 
Zoology: Characterization of 
Factor Dependent 
Plasmacytoma Cell Growth. 

Jay Preston Morris 
Astronomy: Spectral and 
Temporal Characteristics of 
Gamma-ray Bursts: 
Implications for Burst 

Don York Mortham 

Electrical Engineering: An 
Approach to the Modeling of 
Electromagnetic Scattering 
from Distributed Targets with 
Applications to Surface Ships. 

Sabine Streiff Oishi 

Human Development Effects of 
Individualization in 
Mathematics on Cross-Race 
and Cross-Sex Friendships of 
Elementary School Children. 

Joseph Leo Overton 

Government and Politics: 
Stability and Change: Inter- 
Arab Politics in the Arabian 
Peninsula and Gulf 

Luke A. Pallansch 
Biochemistry: Modification of 
Mernbrane Structure and 
Function by Dielary Trans 
Fatty Acids. 

Sarah Pamela Paul 
Human Development The 
Prediction of Adjustment of 
Selected Groups of 
International Students. 

Marianne Sane Pfeiffer 
Curriculum and Instruction: A 
Comparison of Two Personal 
Comprehension Strategies: 
The Personal Outlining 
Strategy and the Think-Link 
Strategy, and Their Effect on 
Students ' Short Term and 
Long Term Retelling. 

Robert Slocum Preece 
Economics: The Economics of 
Transnational Pollution: An 
Evaluation of the Role of 
Bilateral Bargaining in 
Determining the Efficient 
Pollution Level. 

Beth Ann Rabinovich 
Human Development The 
Effects of Maternal 
Employment on the 
Behavioral Correlates of 
Maternal-Infant Interaction. 

Linda A. Radey 
Economics: The Effects of the 
Depository Deregulation and 
Monetary Control Act of 1980 
on the Competition Between 
the Commercial Banking and 
Savings and Loan Industries. 

K.K. Ramakrishnan 
Computer Science: Time 
Threshold Policies for Multiple 

Lawrence Brent Rees 
Physics: The Quasifree 
Knockout of Protons and 
Deuterons from Calcium, 
Oxygen, and Carbon Targets 
Induced by 1 50 MeV Polarized 

Betty Ann Reid 
Physical Education: Public 
Perceptions of Important 
Physical Education Objectives 
etnd Their Achievement by 
Maryland Public School 

Beverly Ann Hogg Reid 
Curriculum and Instruction: /A 
Study of Historical Source 
Materials on Vt^omen s Topics 
Which Appear in United States 
History Textbooks: A Content 

Linda Susan ReidI 
Chemistry: Purification of 
Myelin Sas/c Proteins by 
Chroma tography. 

Olivia Spencer Reusing 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Family-related Factors as 
Predictors of Mathematics 
Achievement for Girls with 
Early Above-Average 
Mathematics Ability. 

Michael Jonathan Reynolds 
Physical Education: The Effects 
of Sports Retirement on the 
Present Job Satisfaction of 
Professional Football Players. 

Louis Michael Ricci 

Psychology: Lateralized 
Breathing. Verbal and Spatial 
Matching Performance and 
the Duration of the Spiral 
Aftereffect in Left and Right 
Visual Half Fields. 

Larry David Rickards 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Verbal Interaction 
Analysis and Person 
Perception in Counselor 

Jontyle Theresa Robinson 
Art; A History of the Haitian 
Popular An Movement from 
1944 to 1972. 

Margarita Anna Russell 
Art Hendrick Vroom and the 
Origins of Dutch Marine 

Jack L Saba 

Physics: Pair Production in a 
Magnetized Lepton Beam — 
Applications to Active Galactic 


Julia Lee Robinson Saba 
Physics; A Study of X-ray 
Variability in Stellar Black 
Hole Candidates. 

Brad Eric Sachs 

Human Development: The 
Influence of the Transition 
into Fatherhood on First Time 
Fathers ' Relationships with 
Their Own Fathers. 

Juanito Buan Sangalang 

Horticulture: The Breeding for 
Aluminum Tolerance in Sweet 


Psychology: The Use of the 
Discounting Principle in 
Preschool Children. 

Lucille Mary Schultz 
English: The Sermon in the 
American Novel. 

Frankie Molin Schwenk 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Adult Education 
Participation of Young 
Couples as Related to the 
Family System. 

Cynthia Lee Scott 
Zoology: Evolution of 
Immunoglobulin Lambda 
Genes in the Genus Mas . 

Richard Arrick Shafer 

Physics: The Cosmic X-ray 
Background and Its Spatial 

Peter Brule Silvain 

Human Development: The 
Psychosocial and Forensic 
Analysis of Injuries and 
Disfiguring Disorders that 
Influence Human 

Stephen Jay Silver 
Economics: Econometric 
Estimation and Simulation of 
an Annual Model of the U.S. 
Feed and Livestock 

Valerie M. Simmons 

Psychology: Conflict in Open 
Systems — Planning for a New 

Quinn P. Sinnott 

Botany: A Revision of Ribes L. 
subg. Grossularia (P. Miller) 
Pers. sect. Grossularia (P. 
Miller) Nutt. (Grossulariaceae) 
in North America. 

Ronald Anton Slepitza 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Commitment V^ithin 
the Perry Scheme — A^n Issue 
of Structural Change. 

Carol Hynning Smith 
Art: Courbet's Representations 
of Women: A Study of 
Traditional and Innovative 
Aispects of His Paintings After 

James Michael Sockler 
Physical Education: An 
Evaluation of the 28 C Wet 
Bulb-Globe Temperature Heat 
Stress Index During Long 
Distance Running. 

Robert Michael Sorin 
Human Development: A 
Synthetic Definition of 
Responsibility and the 
Implications of This Definition 
for Schools. 

Leonard Arthur Stein 
Chemical Physics: The 
Biochemical Kinetics of the 
Actomyosin ATPase. 

Robert Philip Stoker 

Government and Politics: 
Interorganizational Conflict 
and the Implementation 

Betty Beckley Styers 
English: Voices of the Blood 
and Mind: A Linguistic 
Analysis of Voice and 
Character in D.H. Lawrence's 
The Plumed Serpent and 
Women in Love . 

Charles Henry Sullivan II 
Zoology: Biological and 
Biochemical Characterization 
of Hatching in the Mudsnail 
llyanassa Obsoleta . 

Eleanor Stokes Szanton 
Human Development: The 
Influence of Type of 
Relationship and Sex on the 
Development of the Ability to 
Consider Another Point of 

Andrew Edward Szymkowiak 
Physics: X-ray Observations of 
Supernova Remnants. 

Takao Tanuma 

Physics: Dynamical Selection 
Rules in Asymptotic SU (3)1 

Gustavo Horacio Tissera 
Animal Science: 
Gastrointestinal Effects of 
Limestone in the Diet of 
Growing Steers. 

Richard Parks Tobin 
Physical Education: The 
Effectiveness of Training Pre- 
Adolescent Females at Work 
Intensities Relative to Their 
Anaerobic Thresholds: An 

Alexandra Tolstoy 

Applied Mathematics: The 
Influence of Socialized 
Precipitation Induced D- 
Region Ionization 
Enhancements on 
Subionospheric VLF 

Russell Spencer Travers 
Entomology: Factors 
Contributing to the Differential 
Toxicity of Bacillus 
thuringiensis t>-Endotoxin. 

Sharon Frances Hunter Travers 
Psychology: Role Conflict as 
Experienced by Working 

Beth L. Truebell 
English: The Poetical and Non- 
Poetical Elements in Ted 
Hughes ' Mythology. 

Yi-chin Hu Tsao 

Civil Engineering: Traffic Flow 
Optimization on Rural 

Richard August Gpton 

Computer Science: A Transient 
Analysis of Computer 
Communication Networks. 

Mary Regina Venn 

Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration: Role 
Expectations and Role 
Performance of Nursing 
Faculty in Research 

Michael Anthony Wagner 

Sociology: Factors Influencing 
the Choice of a College Major 
for Males and Females. 

David James Webb 

Physics: An ESR Study of 
Amorphous Spin Glasses. 


Cora Emma Weeks 
Food Science: BioetvailabiUly 
of Calcium in Heat-Processed 

Arthur Alan Weidman 
Human Development 
Psychological Differentiation 
euid Locus of Control Among 
CompulsiL'e Adolescent 
Substance Abusers and Ttteir 

Donald Ernest Weller 
Health Education: Elements of 
Self-Perception in the 
/Maintenance of an Attained 
Fitness Proficiency. 

Jon Scott Wesick 

Physics: A Study of the p* + 
■^H, '■'He Continuum Spectra at 
100 and ISOMeV. 

Judith Rohrer Williamson 
Industrial. Technological and 
Occupational Education: 77ie 
Difference Between Needs and 
Interests in Home Economics 
Subject flatter as Perceived by 
Home Economists. Program 
Advisory Committee IMembers 
and Extension Clientele. 

Hung Kit Wong 

Physics: Studies of Some 
Plasma Instabilities in Space 

Mary Jane Wood 

Human Development; Lesbian 
and Heterosexual Couples: A 
Comparison on Three 
Indicators of Effective Couple 

Mollie P. Wood. Jr. 
Psychology: Black Trust 
Coping Among Black Males. 

Chung-Shan Wu 

Electrical Engineering: Control 
of Large Scale System. 

Lap-Ming Wun 
Applied Mathematics: The 
Effect of Misspecified 
Intervention Function on the 
Estimation of Time Series 

Mary Green Wyche 

Recreation: The Quality of 
Recreation Curriculum at 
Historically Black Institutions. 

Grace Annemarie Wyngaard 
Zoology: The Genetic Basis of 
Life History Variation in 
Mesocyclops edax (Crustacea: 

Jane C. Yao 

Economics: Financial 
Diversification. Exchange Rate 
[^termination, and Monetary 
Independence Under Imperfect 
Asset Substitutability. 

Joseph Law/rence Yeatman 
American Studies: Baltimore 
Literary Culture. 1815-1840. 

Frances Odom Young 
American Studies: The Image 
of Harlem as Reflected in the 
Works of Major Afro-American 
Writers. 1919-1929. 

Ronald Zeigler 
Education Policy. Planning and 
Administration: A Comparative 
Socio-Psychological Measure 
of Individual Modernity. 

Frederick Joseph Zoepfl 
Muclear Engineering: 
Radiation-Induced Linking 
Reactions in Polyethylene. 

Doctor of Education 

James Leland Clack 

Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration: A Comparison 
of Comprehension Skiils 
Taught in Five Elementary 
Schools Reading Series: 
Implications for Program 
Planners for the Hearing 

Howard Scott Qehring 

Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration: Actual and 
Ideal r^anagement. 
Instructional Leadership, and 
Community Relations 
Functions of the Elementary 
School Principal In the 
Baltimore County Schools as 
Perceived by Selected Others. 

Anna Huntt Hall 

Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration: The Influence 
of a Personal Planning 
Workshop on Managerial 

Bernice Lynn Kiser 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: 
Competency-Based and 
Traditional Instruction: A 
Comparative Study of Student 
Achievement and Attitudes In 
a Home Economics Class. 

Kenneth K. Klawitter 

Curriculum and Instruction: The 
Instantiation Hypothesis as an 
Imaglnal and Conceptual 

Betty Frances Minus 

Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration: Attitudes of 
Public Elementary and 
Secondary School Principals 
In the District of Columbia 
Toward Declining Enrollment. 

Edward Francis O'Brien 

Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration: A Comparison 
of Attltudlnal and 
Achievement Outcomes 
Between Innovative and 
Conventional Energy 
Education Courses. 

Joan M. Palmer 

Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration: Conflict In 
Curriculum: A Critical 
Analysis of Eisner and 
Vallance's Five Conceptions of 

James Arthur Pope 

Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration: Adm/ni'sfratiue- 
Supervlsory Staffing Changes 
In Maryland Local School 
Systems and the Possible 
Influencing Factors of These 

Lucia Serio Provenza 
Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration: A Feasibility 
Study of Inter-organizatlonal 
Collaboration Involving Two 
Elementary Education 
Departments of Private, 
Denominational Colleges. 

Henry Leo Roubicek 

Curriculum and Instruction: An 
Experimental Investigation of 
Using Story Dramatization as 
a Pre-Wrltlng Activity to 
Improve Skills In Composition. 

Rosanne Trinka 
Education Policy, Planning and 
Administration: The 
Relationship Between 
Administrative Ratings, 
Selection Criteria and 
Demographic Variables of 
Teachers Employed by 
Baltimore County Public 
Schools (1978-1981). 

Doctor of Business 

Dennis McConnell 

Business and Management: A 
Multivariate Examination of 
Investor Preferences for 
Dividends and Capital Gains. 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Erick Van Fritzwolter 111 
Music: The Solo Piano Works 
of Norman Dello Jolo. 

Elizabeth Wertz Maisonpierre 
Music: Twenty-three Sonatas 
or Sonata-Related Works 
Written In the Twentieth 
Century for Piano. Four- 
Hands: A Performance Tape. 

Jonathan Andre Maisonpierre 
Music: Twenty-three Sonatas 
or Sonata-Related Works 
Written in the Twentieth 
Century for Piano, Four- 
Hands: A Performance Tape. 

David J. Pinkow 
Music: A Selected and 
Annotated Bibliography of 
Music for Horn and Piano 
with Analyses of 
Representative Works. 


Master of Arts 

Lawrence Paul Adamczyk 
Carol Ann Agayoff 
Joan Ellen Ahrens 
Slacey Jill Ahrons 
Elizabeth Anne Alden 
Agnes Marie Alexander 
Antoinette Suzanne Allen 
Lona Kay Ambrose 
Lea Susan Anderegg 
Douglas H. Appleman 
Karen Louise Arnold 
Frederick John Augustyn. Jr. 
Simone M. Baer-Basek 
Peter Gene Bahor 
Frank Carl Barna 
Martin Leon Barrett 
Briccio Baltazar Barrientos 
Gabrielle Elias Bedewi 
Steve Bensinger 
Elizabeth Jane Bemey 
Debra Roth Bierly 
Walton Burrell Bishop 
David Lawrence Bongard 
Letty Wilson Bonnell 
Rick E. Borchelt 
Kyler Duane Brengle 
Mark Brennand 
Jackie W, Briley 
Michael D. Brown 
Kirk Stewart Bryant 
Diane Spencer Burakow 
Kathleen Dunn Burroughs 
Andrea Louise Butler 
Karen Lyn Byrne 
Elizabeth M. Carl 
Debra Ann Spring Caylor 
David Cheng Chang 
Steven Alan Cheskin 
Deborah Uoyd Chesley 
George P. Cleland 
Martin Richard Collin 
Virginia Anne Connelly 
John Michael Conroy 
Stephen Owen Cooper 
Meil Griffith Conway 
Sara Jane Corse 
Alma Christina Cottles 

Elizabeth Claire Cournoyer 
Annette Marie Cowell 
Stuart David Crandell 
Bobbie J. Daniels 
Suzanne H. Dawson 
Richard John De Angelis 
Deborah Ann Decker 
Ellen Colison Dicus 
Carol Jean Dufresne 
Letha M. Dugas 
Douglas Thomas Duvall 
Mary Susan Ellsworth 
Gabriel Escobar 
Bernadette Etienne 
P. Dennis Evanosky 
Wenda Lou Ewing 
Mark Paul Faber 
David Charles Fisher 
Mancy J. Fogg 
Edward Franklin Fones 
Robert P. Foreman 
Benson D. Forman 
Clifton Dale Foster 
Zenete Maria Peixoto 

da Silva Frans^a 
Rita E. Frank 
Judy Lynne Friz 
Chien-Kuo Fu 
Christopher Fuchs 
Jodi Lee Fuller 
Carmela Anne Gallerizzo 
Jeffrey Colin Gardner 
Kris Ann Geilenkirchen 
Francine Hope Gertz 
Virginia Sue Gibbons 
Rennie Rogers Golec 
William Thomas GorskI 
Carolyn Anna Habbersett 
David Brantley Hall 
Wally Leuse Hankley 
Joan Marie Hanlon 
Eddie Hobson Hardy 
William Dennis Harris 
James Edward Haynes 
Guy M. Hays 
Charles Herman 
JoAnne Fish Hildebrand 
Melissa Hinds 
Nancy S. Hinkeldey 

Peter Darr Hoefer 
John E. Holman III 
Meei-Ching Hsu 
Brian Lee Hughes 
Miriam D. Hughey 
Brian Ramon Hunt 
Constance Lou Hutson 
Ching-Chane Hwang 
Kwan-Sook Hwang 
Lynette Gay Isherwood 
George Earl Jackson 
Hope M. Jackson 
Michael Warren Jeannette 
Michael D. Jenkins 
Susan Hathorn Jenson 
Andrew Grant Johnson 
Nancy Carolyn Jones 
William Gerard Jones 
Joanna Michele Judy 
Gibwa Ann Kajubi 
Naomi Kaunitz 
Mary Lee Kerr 
Seung Kwon Kim 
Eric John Kostelich 
Marcia B. Kraft 
Gwendolyn Kramer 
Douglas Andrew Krauss 
William Louis Lafferman 
Gina Marie Lamb 
Rita Diane Lampe 
David Aaron Langbart 
Godwin Koon-Tat Lau 
Hee K. Lee 
Cynthia Ann Lewis 
Douglas Mark Lieberman 
David Bruce Ludy 
Carolyn DuPont Lynch 
Clara Mae Roe MacFarland 
Gabriel Lino Lopes Maia 
Delia Marie Marshall 
Maureen McCauley-Evans 
Kathleen Ann McCormick 
Lisa Jamison McCullough 
Sarah Anne McCutchan 
David Christopher Meder 
Delight Meersman 
Patricia Ann Miley 
Joseph A. Miller 
Mark Joseph Mitchell 

Mary Therese Mitchell- 

Michael John Monsour 

John Alan Montroll 

David Paul Mosedale 

William H. Mosley, Jr. 

Arshad Mahmud Mughal 

Barbara Zelley Murchie 

Gary R Musicante 

Kevin M. Mutchler 

Debra Gainer Nelson 

Patricia Barger Nelson 

Mary Ross Nichols 

Jack Lowell Nixon 

Akiko Oshima 

Regina Lucia Parrucci 

Jacqueline Heather Pendelton 

Thomas Albert Peters 

John H. Phelps 

William David Plies 

Sheila Ninomiya Pohl 

Gina Maria Prato 

Deborah Lynn Price 

Kevin Michael Quirk 

Victoria Jane Raab 

Suzanne Rainville 

Sharon Anne Randall 

Ana Maria Reyes 

Daniel Thomas Rice 

Keith Lane Richardson 

David Stuart Rieben 

Douglas Dutton Ritter, Jr. 

Susan Alice Rosen 

Joan Berwitt Rosenberg 

Murray Neil Ross 

Sherri Lynn Rossman 

Charies George Sadler. Jr. 

Del Benjamin Salmon 

Michael John Schaffer 

Daniel Scott Schechter 

Karen A. Schmidt 

Glenn Michael Scimonelli 

Terry Viola Scott 

Dean Carroll Shifflett 

Michael Slade Shull 

Dinorah Elizabeth Youso 

Judith Skillman 


Teresa Hawkins Smiley 
Nancy Dodson Smith 
Caren M. Steffanci 
Robert Paul Stein 
Catherine Marie Stocks 
Craig Stoltz 
Mark Willett Sullivan 
Matthew Johnathon Sullivan 
Julie Ann Swanbeck 
Kevin James Swanson 
Darcy Mason Swope 
Marianne B. Tanabe 
Sharon Lee Taylor 
Patricia A. Teleska 
Gail S. Terry 
Alexander Thomas 
Lien-Huong Thi Tran 
Marie M. Travis 
Jessie Kay Trotter 
Eric Winship Trumbull 
Joan Marie Twiss 
Jose Miguel Valencia 
Deborah Cornelia Vincent 
Helen Wadsworth 
Alice Czecha Waterhouse 
Cynthia Anne Weaver 
Stephen Edward Welch 
Karen Grace-Marie White 
Melba Jean Williams 
David Errol Winn 
Robert Arthur Wolfe 
Hiram George Wood 111 
William Edward Worthington, 

Guang-Jong Yang 
Margaret Allison Yeager 
Tuula E. Yrjo-Koskinen 
Jen-Hwa Yuan 
Christopher Edward 


Master of Science 

Janet Maomi Abramovitz 
Mohammed Gomaa Abutaleb 
Vinay Kumar Agarwal 
Manizhe Akbarzade-Barabi 
Andrea Lee Alexander 
Elizabeth Mary Allen 
Genevieve C. Anderson 
Christine Hughes Anuszewski 
Beth Kathleen Armstrong 
Eskandar Esi Arshadnia 
Carl Philip Ashcraft 
Henry Timmons Badger, Jr. 
Robert Henry Baran 
Perry Anders Bartelt 
Richard Carleton Baybutt 
Raymond S. Beiner 
Susan Elaine Bentz 
Sandra Marie Berkeley 
Elizabeth Titcomb Biesel 
Frank Joseph Billerio 
Martin Byrne Blankfard 
Charles Christopher Boehlert 
Janet S. Borel 
Catherine Mary Botti 
Joseph Edward Brandenburg 
Elizabeth Anne Breckinridge 
Judy Ann Brown 
Carolyn Kerr Brumfield 
William Gerald Buchholz 
Lutz Gerd Buesing 
Janice Carey 
Chi-Liang Chen 
Binny Joseph Cherayil 
Pedro G. Cisneros 
Diane Irene Cobb 
Paula Sonya Cole 
Betsey Fay Conrad 
Louis Angelo Corio 
John Paul Corless, Jr. 
Franco Cosentino 
Mary Pruitt Crabtree 
David Burton Crawford 
Jeffrey J. Cunningham 
Eric Lee Dahlstrom 
Michael Joseph Dalpee 
Surinder Singh Deerey 
June Amanda Degraft-Hanson 

Steven Raymond Deller 
James Edward Densmore, Jr. 
Carl Walton Doerflinger 
Mary Adele Donnelly 
Laura Ann Dufresne 
Stanley Martin Dunn 
Debora A. Durant 
Mohamed El Baraka 
Elizabeth Lucille Emerick 
Lottie Leah Erikson 
Paul Clifford Eschbach 
Michael Walter Everett 
Richard Kevin Everett 
Mary Christine Balluff Fanning 
Robert George Fasulka 
Stephen Earl Frank 
Rizalina Centeno Galicinao 
Rae Galloway 
Alice True Gasch 
Eugene Leo Geiger 
Donna Irons Giles 
Susan Jeannette Glicksberg 
William Joseph Goldsborough 
Douglas Leigh Greger 
E.Jane Groves 
Anil Marayandas Gupta 
Theodore August Haas 
David William Harriman 
Thomas Lees Hartman, Jr. 
James Joseph Hawxhurst 
Yvonne Yvette Henderson 
Rhys William Hess 
Erich W. Hetzel 
Emily Jane Hofmann 
Barbara Ann Hohrein 
Changho Hong 
Karl Hoover 

Leonard Nathaniel Howard, Jr. 
Diane Frances Hrozencik 
Kwei-Chang Huang 
Qi Hui Huang 
Sherman Wessel Jack 
James Albert Jersey 
Alyson Leia Jones 
Lee F. Jones 
Murali Kalavapudi 
Simon Kasif 
Elizabeth Elaine Katz 
E. Stephen Kelley 

Anil Khatri 

Donna Brinsfield Kimball 

Lynn Marie Kistler 

David Harvey Kitzmiller 

Kathy L Klein 

Stephen Nicholas Kogge 

Thomas Gerard Krappweis 

Joseph Lewis Kraut 

Charles John Kulesza 

Gary Joseph Lavelle 

Ashok Law 

Carol Ann Lee 

Hsien-Hua Lee 

Jing-Young Lee 

Laura Ellen LeMire 

Francis William Leonard 

Mary Jane Letaw 

Michael Leung 

Mindy D. Levine 

William Lew 

Philip Constant LHommedieu 

Wayne Anthony Liberati 

Feng-Lee Lin 

Michael Frederick Loibl 

Kathryn Ann Longen 

Carlos Alberto Lopez 

James Robin Lowry 

James Darrell Luzader 

Bruce Madariaga 

Abdul Majid 

Lawrence Frank Malinowski 

Lynda Seidel Markowitz 

Richard Samuel Marriott 

Antonio Martinez 

Daniel Harry Mason 

Alice Jacot McArdle 

Mary Catherine Gerri McBride 

Robert Alan McConnaughey 

Ronald Francis McNally 

Keith Richard Menzel 

Thomas Henry Micklas 

Mary Auth Mignano 

Anita Nina Miller 

John Scott Miller 

Roman Marian Mirecki 

David Peter Moran 

Peter Frederick Morris 

Javier Munoz 

Wan Mokhtar Bin W. Nawang 


Natasha Katherine Lavine 

Kenneth Edward Meils 
Charles Stephen Nolan 
Antia Marie O'Connor 
Barry Edward OKeefe 
Christine Condon Onasch 
Mark Matthew Opeka 
Stanley Anthony Ostazeski 
Bennie Allan Palmer 
Bernardo Paratore 
H. T. Parker 
Diane Jean Parrington 
Daniel Coles Patton 
Steven Francis Pelisek 
Aluisio Cesar Oliveira Pimenta 
Kelvin Pinero 
Joseph Michael Pocius 
Theresa Renee Pope 
Gary Paul Powell 
John F. Principle 
Norman Eugene Pruitt 
Bruce David Rappaport 
Jamie Wynn Rappaport 
Lois Elaine Rawson 
John Arthur Razgaitis 
Debra Grace Reames 
Joylyn Newberry Reed 
Charles Alan Reese 
Wayne Douglas Reichardt 
Herbert E. Reinhold 
Julie Ann Riedel 
Debbie B. Riley 
Torbert Richard Rocheford 
Carole Sue Rodgers 
Samuel Rosenbloom 
Pamela Nancy Rowe 
Laura Marie Rowland 
Laurence Franco Ruber! 
Thomas Michael Saskiewicz 
Herayer Ashot Sayad 
Michael Edward Schnee 
Madelyn Anne Schneider 
Maureen Susan Schulman 
Donald Monroe Schwartz, Jr. 
Paul Francis Scodari 
Richard Wayne Selby, Jr. 
Shantim A. Senanayake 
Rona P. Shapiro 

Osama Mohamed S. Sharaf- 

Sujatha Raghuveer Sharma 
Charles Arthur Shartsis 
Ming-Yun Shih 
John Randall Short 
Masood Shoyooee 
Alexander Shpilman 
Fredric Scott Silverman 
Barry Keith Silvermetz 
Frances Hornick Smith 
Michelle Annette Smith 
Brett Richard Snyder 
Thomas Christian Snyder 
Chatnarong Sonetirot 
John Franklin Soper 
Ann Marie Speicher 
Kenneth Winfield Staver 
Neil Charles Talbot 
David Lloyd Tate 
Veronica Monique Terry 
Ellen Bushell Tomlinson 
Stephen James Treado 
Mark Trueblood 
Sheila Elaine Grman 
Owrang Vahid-Exbatani 
Stephen Garrett Vail 
Lois Barbara Valladares 
Deborah Myers Van Vlack 
CItpal P. Vasavada 
Robert Warren Waffle 
Bonnie Wagman 
Patricia Anne Waldron 
Dan-Wen Wang 
Yung-Nien Wang 
Debra Lynne Weinstein 
Lori Cay Weller 
Valerie Claire Wesner 
James Michael White 
Susan Claudia Whitehead 

Karen Sincavage Widmer 
Robert Stuart Williams 
Mitchell David Woodward 
Susan S. Yamada 
Jiann-Shiou Yang 
Carol S. Young 
Joan M. Young 
Edwin Lawrence Zivi, Jr. 

Master of Education 

Susan Marie Alsip 
Francis Howey Armstrong 
Sharon Rahel Ascher 
William Andrew Bader 
Sharon Bernadette Barley 
Susan Kay Bennett 
Nina Louise Boul 
Laura Ann Brewer-Heilig 
Dana Ray Brookhart 
Jennifer Lisa Burgess 
Frederick Paul Burggraf 
Karen Dolfi Burggraf 
Norma L. Carmona 
Thelma DeLois Carter 
Kathleen Jeanette Davis 
Roberta Wood Davis 
Patricia Friebus Dillon 
Robert Michael Doyle 
Christophili C. Dunne 
Rhonda Gail Eller 
Felicia Silas Essien 
Sherlyn Kay-Bechard Flynn 
Kathleen P. Frederick 
Alice Karp Gilbert 
Lois Ann Gladstein 
Linda Vicki Goldstein 
Lisa Lowery Green 
Sharon L Greene 
Marci F. Grimes 
Marcella Ann Hickey 
Mary Ann McLaughlin Hobbs 
Gregory L. Hollinger 
Ronald Steven Honberg 
Emilie Winifred Hunt 
Paulette Victoria Jones 
Tamar Kedar 
Carolyn Kirby 
Joan Marie Kline 
Loretta Lage 
Ellen Judith Landriau 
Jo-Ann A. Leieck 
Susan Levi 
Rebecca Loven 
Beverly Jean Lubenetski 
Brenda Gale McAfee 
Mary E. McCormack 
Irma Dodd McNelia 

Ellen Grau Mentzer 

Joan Diane Mezines 

James Samuel Morrow 

Frances Rose Natalicchio 

Sharon Lee Nelson 

Christine Adele Novick 

Andre R. O'Coin 

Susan L Poness 

Edwin T. Ramos 

Janis Helen Rowell 

Lois Ann Ryan 

Steven Gary Sachs 

Lea Shiloach 

Thomas Edward Short, Jr. 

Kathleen Marie Siefring 

Zora Messick Siemasko 

Roberta Jo Sites 

Melanie Snyder 

Mirjam Petronella Spaar 

Randi Merryl Sussman 

Salvador Sylvester 

Rhonda Sharon Tenenbaum 

Deborah Stamper 

George D. Tsatsaronis 
Maureen Anne Turlish 
Linda Lee Walcott 
Teressa Schimkus Wallace 
Joyce Dean Watkins 
Ellen Boten Widoff 
Kathleen Grace Williams 
Gwendolyn A. Williamson 


Master of Business 

David Peter Anderson 
Phyllis Jean Appiebaum 
Karen A. August 
INathan Bagley 
Joseph Vincent Bailey 
Matthew Harris Baker 
Ben Byron Bond 
Kathryn Ann Booth 
Barbara Henry Bordelon 
Steven William Brand 
Judith Ann Broseker 
Edward Lawrence Carey, Jr. 
Jino Choi 

Kathleen Margaret Conley 
Peter Stuart Copeland 
Judith Elene Cucco 
Ann Bixby DeVilliers 
Nancy Lynn Dudman 
Katharin Sewell Dyer 
Michael Bruce Edwards 
John Louis Ely 
Denise Carol Ensor 
Michael Philip Eskin 
Anne Cameron Fair 
Patricia R.K. Fehrenbach 
Stephen Franklin Finnegan 
Stephen Michael Finney 
Wendy Hunt Fleit 
Barbara Anne Freedman 
Kay Jackson Freeman 
Luisa Virginia Girlando 
Marco Erick Greenberg 
Barbara Whelan Greene 
Iveta Bebris Hagelis 
Barbara Anne Hess 
Peter Maher Houstle 
Richard Wills Hubbard 
John Patrick Huffman 
Sydney Joseph Hutchinson 
Louis O. Kiang 
Leslie Smith Kiefer 
Kevin Neal Levengood 
Debra J. Littman 
Susan Cathy London 
Jane Ellen Madle 
Ira Howard Malis 

Jane Colby Merriam 
Sheryl Linda Moss 
Sunil Vasant Nadkarni 
Samuel Stirling Nakasian 
Brian Thomas O'Sullivan 
Shyamalendu Pal 
George Michael Parsons 
Barbara Veronica Pfitzner 
Richard Harold Philp 
Cheryl Kay Pierce 
Mark Steven Prymas 
Anne Theresa Quinlan 
Andrew Brian Ritwo 
Ronald David Robins 
William Paul Sanders 
Nusara Sarabhaivanij 
Gail L. Scavongelli 
Carrie Lauren Schindler 
Alan Richard Schreitmueller 
Allen David Sears, Jr. 
Ruth Ann Seligson 
Robert Franklin Shawver 
Benjamin Carlton Kershaw 

Bernice M. Stefanowicz 
Marie Glynn Stromberg 
Robert William Teter 
Thomas Grattan Thornton 
Ruth Crystal Tiegel 
Susan Cote Toder 
Donna Marie Williams 
Karen Yvonne Wilson 

Master of Music 

Brian Gary Bennett 
William Oxley Brubeck, Jr. 
Robin A. Fischer 
Laura Tasia Fletcher 
Susan Ellen Greenleaf 
Roy March Landers Hakes 
Diana Ruth Hallman 
Kareen Kido 
Deborah Ann Lawrence 
Yvonne H.B.L. Miyamura 
Karen R. Moses 
Cynthia Jane Mundy 
Lori Lee Nelson 

Jane Bradley Pittman 
Debra Lynn Pope 
Cindy Lee Smith 
Rebecca Sydnor 

Master of Libraiy 

Kathlyn Louise Amoss 
Frederick John Augustyn, Jr. 
Bethann Ball 
Marian E. Beratan 
Mary Shelton Bernheisel 
Diane L. Boehr 
Judith Johnson Bonig 
Nghiep Cong Bui 
Diana Lynn Carico 
Mary Alice Cesard 
Joan Frances Chaney 
Stephen Owen Cooper 
Mary P. Cornwell 
Jody Ann Engbretson 
Patricia R. Fagan 
Clifton Dale Foster 
Carol Lea Fritts 
Lynn Ferguson Gera 
Ginger Jane Gerton 
Kenneth Neil Goldberg 
Helen Ruth Goldstein 
Robin Grollmus Hanson 
Patricia Anne Hatlen 
Salley Hogan Heikkinen 
Jill Ann Hurst 
Rebekah Kaufman 
Connie J. Keller 
Erika Christa Kreutter 
Edward James Leddy 
Virginia Bole MacEwen 
Clara Mae Roe MacFarland 
Janet Mulvihill Pad 
Edna Walker Paulson 
Flora Kai-Wah Quek 
Alex Donald Richey, Jr. 
Stephanie Mareck Shauck 
Carol Elaine Smalls 
Joyce Eileen Tenney 
Cynthia Lee Vallar 

Katherine A. Wern 
Elisabeth Martin Wheelock 
Karen Grace-Marie White 

Master of Fine Arts 

William Francis Duffy 
Benjamin Boco Gage 
Allen Richard Linder 
Lauder Liberatore Szweda 

Master of Architecture 

Mark Peter Ehret 
Riccardo Eugene Ferguson 
Nell Stokes-Moser 


Master of Education 

January 30. 1983 

Mary Ammons 
William James Hickey 
Patricia Patalak 
Barbara Adele Coles Willis 




Master's Level 

Mary F. Aldridge 

Rizalina Centeno Galicinao 



College of Agriculture 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Donald A Hegwood, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Cheryl Suzanne Allebach 

Lisa Joy Baker 

John Albert Barbieri 

Steven Andrew Bartlett 

Bruce Edward Bennett 

Patrice Giselle Bernstein 

Evan Cary Blonder 
tLisa Anne Bramble 

Charles Jay Breitschwerdt 

Rebecca Buchanan Briscoe 

Mark E. Buehn 

William Lewis Buettner 

Karen Gladys Campbell 
■fJosephine Thornton Cardozo 

Leroy Delbert Chase 

Edward Chebuske 

Stephen Millet Clancy 

William Audrey James Clark 

Brenda Suzanne Clauss 

Patrick Neal Cogswell 

Christopher Allen Corson 

Christopher Henry Cubbage 
'George Alexander Dapolito 

Diane Marie Davey 
•Anna Fairbairn Davidson 

Michelle Anne Davis 

Daniel D. Day 

Howard Mitchell Day 

Kinta Johnson Diven 

Melisi Nelson DIaminI 

Michael Barry Dragonuk 

Kathleen Anna Drea 

Karen Jean Eckstine 

Arthur Carr Ellis 

Joseph Morehead Evans 

Ann Marie Featherstun 

Denise Sara Firestone 

Virginia Marie Fleming 
John Garofalo 
Carol Marie Geckle 
Teresa Ann Gilbert 
Amy Michelle Gill 
Emily Jane Gillespie 
Peter Mills Godwin 

'Gregory John Golden 
Moshe Goldfarb 
Karia Ann Grasse 
Tina Borghild Graves 
Daniel Raphael Green 
Wendy Avra Greenberg 
Jeanette Marie Gregson 
Lorrie Ann Griffiths 

^Roberta S. Grossman 

■fKathryn Claire Haering 
Lynette Renee Hallgren 
Daniel Edward Hanfman 

'Marion B. Hanson 
Bronda Faye Harrison 
Kent Robert Hatter 

'Barbara J. Haupt 
Brian Keith Hause 
Mark William Haynes 
Elizabeth Ann Hunter 
Mark Ian Jirgal 

'Cynthia Ann Johansson 

+Hollen Grace Johnson 
Thomas Edward Johnson 
George F. Kaas 
Susan Patricia Keane 
John Duncan Kerr. Jr. 
Oliver Daryl Kirk 
Mary Ann Klein 
Kimber Lee Knight 
John Aloysius Koller 
Grace Higbie Kraemer 
John Martin Krouse 
Valerie Jane La Fave 
Ayicheluhim Legesse 
Stacey Levitt 
Terri Lee Lint 
Jenny Ellen Lipinski 
Joseph Craig Lippy 
Thomas E. Livingston 
Celeste Alecia Long 
Linda L Louie 
David Wesley Lowman 

Kathleen Anne Mallet 
Heather B. Mason 
Lisa McClain 

Michael Robert McGregor 
Brenda A. McKelvin 
Michael Boyd McMahon 
■^Patricia Ann McManus 
'Shannon Elizabeth McSurely 
Susan Caroline Mellott 
Thomas Clayton Meloy 
David Peter Michels 
Richard Kenneth Miller 
Melissa Ann Moran 
Ronald David Myers 
Eileen Ann Nivera 
Maria Olga Okolita 
Constance Anne Oleksak 
Robert Earl Palmer 
Vincent Robert Pantalone III 
David Pargament 
Rebecca Elizabeth Paul 
Velora Cherie Peacock 
Philip Arthur Pendergrass 
Stanley Donald Pennington, 

Mary Serena Peters 
Dawn Suzanne Peterson 
Aline Rentschler Pinkard 
Paul Anthony Pitrone 
Lisa Beth Polgreen 
Michael Gerard Priborsky 
Terry Lyn Purkable 
Kevin James Reed 
William Andrew Reinohl 
Robin Janet Rhoades 
Daniel Gordon Rieck 
Paul Hartley Riemenschneider 
AHene Miriam Rosenbusch 
Gregg Ian Rosenthal 
Suzanne Marian Rossberg 
■'■Julie Ann Russell 
Jacqueline Sue Schlenger 
Joseph Nudge Schuster 
John Douglas Sievers 
Irwin Jeffrey Slonin 
Caroline Williams Smith 
DwightV. Smith 
Edward Kenly Startt 
Richard Alan Stone 

Timothy John Summers 
Kevin Joseph Tankersley 
Michael Stagg Thompson 
Neal Howard Tipton 
Marc Edouard Vanderhaegen 
Catherine Mary Vigilante 
Eric Randolph Volkmann 
Mildred Caroline Vreeland 
David Russell Walker 
Kathleen Marie Walsh 
Mary Elizabeth Walsh 
Eileen Marcia Weber 
John Lester West 
Mark Eric Willem 
Wesley Symonds Wise 
Sonja Elizabeth Wood 
Nancy Lynn Wray 
Robert Scott Yinger 
David Chase Young 

SSumma Cum Laude: ^Magna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 


Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Larry M. Vanderhoef. 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

S Steve Pay am Afsahi 

David Jonathan Ails 

Kenneth Gary Alberstadt 

Lyie Alfandary Alexander 
§Janet Alverson 

Anthony Albert Andreassi 

Steffan Paul Arndt 

Nana Yaw Asamoah-Mensah 
SMichael Reese Atkins 

Robert Ellas Badwey 

Dean Eliot Baird 

Mark K. Baker 

Samuel Andrew Barts 

Juanita Maria Beatrez 

Kenneth Roy Beaver 
*Eileen Laurette Beecher 

Richard Allan Beers 

Barbara Ann Belli 

Cynthia Lynn Bendler 

Charles W. Birdsall 

John Michael Bosworth, Jr. 

Ann Maria Lou Brancato 

William Temple Brewington 

Susan Barnett Brinkley 

Eric Llewellyn Briscoe 

Marc Douglas Brisson 
'Catherine Leigh Broadhurst 

Daniel Scott Brougher 

Anthony Charles Budzik 

Kenda Fredrena Buford 

Laura Jean Burke 

John Phillip Byers 
StJulie Anne Carman 
*Charles Joseph Cavanaugh 

Mary Magdalene Chang 

Matthew Dunbar Chase 

Lawrence Allen Chia 
§Kimberly Ann Christensen 
tSusan Chuang 
§Michael Ira Cinoman 

Thomas Jerome Clark 

§John Barthelow Classen 
John Joseph Collins, Jr. 
Timothy Michael Collins 
Robert Joseph Conlan, Jr. 
Michelle Rene Conrad 
Ronald Howard Cooper 
Donna Marie Corvette 
Alan David Cress 
Michael Andrew Crook 
Robert Douglas Cullom, Jr. 
Maha Dalai 

Augusto Romero de Leon, Jr. 
Patricia Ann DeMarco 

§Kathleen Anne Devine 

'David Eugene Devoid 
Hardeep Singh Dhindsa 
Alexander George Diachenko 
Luis Andres Dibos 

§Daniel Dean Dietrick 
Lisa Ann DiMarzio 
Kim Quy Do 
James Michael Duiko 
Laura Jean Edmonds 
Gene Hoffman Edwards 111 
Mark Walter Eisner 
BiJlent Ender (two degrees) 
Marcie L. Engel 
George Andrew Englund 
Edgardo Fajardo Enriquez 
Karen Marie Evans 
Richard David Fairtile 
Humberto Salles Ferreira III 
Peter Theodore Filipov 
Jeffrey W. Finnegan 
Michael Patrick Flanagan 
Susan Janine Foer 
James Lincoln Foreman 

•John Harold Fournelle 

'Allan Elliot Frankle 
Lauren Leslie Franklin 
Charles L. Frederick 
Ronald L. Frew 
Helen Julianne Ghent 
Walter Leon Goldschmidts 
Katherine Marie Gott 
Michael Anthony Grasso 
Joanta Hermion Green 
Robin Joyce Greenspan 
Adriana Silvia Grinblat 

David Alan Qriver 

Melvin Carl Gutermuth, Jr. 

Pamela Halstrick 

Thomas Michael Hans 

Steven Edward Harris 

Mitchell Lance Hart 

Joel Harry Hassman 

Catherine Mary Hattenburg 

Gregory Kent Haynes 

Thomas Howard Hearton 

Paul Mevin Hengen 

Paul Jude Henning 

Jeffrey Tod Herrell 
§Robert Otto Heuckeroth 

Sandra Elizabeth Higgins 

John Charles Hildebrandt, Jr. 

Bruce Binkley Hill 

Daniel Menca Hirsch 

Charles Victor Hoppes 

Jace Kellams Hougland 

Alexander Eugene Hromockyj 
§Tony Yu-Lea Hsiao 

Jeffrey Lee Idol 

Nabil Ramzi Imad 

Daniel Peter Ivkovich, Jr. 

tThomas Ray Johnson 

Edmund Erdvilas Kasaitis 

Alan Shigeo Katase 
§Judith Ann Katzoff 

Mark Francis Kavlick 

Ki Sun Ke 
SKim Marie Kilkowski 

Maura Patricia Killeen 

Walter Otto Koehler 

Jon Dixon Laking 

Elizabeth May Lawrence 

Ngoc-Mga Thi Le 

Jung S. Lee 
'Frank Lin 

James Arthur Lovell 111 

Marc Richard Macks 

Michael Patrick Mahoney 
§Kathleen Marie Maletic 

James Kylor Marsh 

Keith Michael Mason 
SSusan Elizabeth McManis 

Jay Warren McRoberts II 

Lynn Louese McRoy 

Maureen Joan Mello 

Donna Jean Messersmith 
Theodore John Meyer 
Behram Meyssami 
Thomas Andrew Miele 
Stephen Alexander Miller 
Steven Ross Miller 
Faye Catherine Mills 
Maureen Moluski 

§1. David Mones 
Radman Mostaghim 
Bahman Moussazadeh 

§Raymond Wai-Bong Moy 
Charles Scott Muir 
Philip Eugene Musi 
Sudhir Mathur Marain 
David William Nash 
Raymond George Nazarian 
Richard Stephen Nemes 
John Carmel Norton 
Christopher John Nowalk 
Patricia Eileen Oakley 
Kimberly Renee Osborne 
Raymond Jerry Otis 
Beth Elise Owens 
Amber Lola Ozbey 
Charles Harlan Pals 
Jorge Alberto Parra 
Robert Nathan Pate 

tLinda Ann Paxton 
Darnell Laguardia Pearsall 

'Timothy Joseph Peck 

tLisa Susan Pichney 
Michael Leslie Pierce 
Monica Mary Posniewski 
Janet Mary Quigley 
Stephen Gerard Quill 
Yvonne Denise Ramsay 
Ronald Outlaw Ramsey 
Kenneth Edwin Rider 
Paul Gerard Rousseau 
William Joseph Royce 
Margaret Susan Ruth 
Issa Ghassan Sabbagh 
Craig Kenji Sakai 
Jean Salemme 
Chander Padman Sarma 
Rickey O'Dell Sarter 

'Scott Jeffrey Schaffer 
Kathryn Ann Schiel 


§Summa Cum Laude; +Magna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

June M. Zeino Schmitz 
Christina Patricia 

Jay Stewart Schuster 
Sharon Beth Schwartz 
Joseph Michael Segreti 
Stephanie Elaine Sellers 
Joseph Daniel Sexton 
Jamie Fawn Sharrow 
Michael Eugene Shaw 
Michael Jon Siemien 
Kenneth Arthur Simms 
Georgeann Marie Smale 
Mary Kate Smith 
Stephen J. Smith 
•Tracey Landis Smith 
Paul Thomas Spada 
Carmi Yekutiel Stadlan 
Shelly Rae Stelzer 
Roger Marc Stone 
Ann Margaret Stoppleworth 
Mary Kay Strahl 
Judith Elizabeth Strohmaler 
Frederick Hilding Swahn. Jr. 
Careen K. Tang 
■^Diana Marie Taylor-Williams 
Bradford Mark Tapper 
Karen Elizabeth Thiele 
Vinh Due Trinh 
Le My Truong 
Alexander van Loon 
John Power Varndell 
Gene Marchant Vass 
•Jill Marie Vollmerhausen 
Neil V. Waravdekar 
'Gwendolyn Chris 

Robert Hendy-Pooley 

Clifford Conway Whitener 
Jerri Ellen Wilson 
Wade Gary Winker 
Sara Kathleen Woolery 
Michael F. Wooster 
Donald Vincent Woytowitz, Jr. 
Robert Alan Zeman 


School of Architecture 

Candidates will be presented by 
Prof. Ralph D. Bennett. Jr.. 
Acting Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Jon Anthony Astore 

Lawrence Tyler Bassett 
•William James Bonstra. Jr. 

Dean Kenneth Brenneman 

We Lin Chang 

James Jerome Farrell, Jr. 

Karen Ellen Flynn 
•Douglas Edward Fowler 

Dennis Gerard Gaffney 

Donald Irl Gangloff 

Mark Langham Guild 

Mehrdad Hadighi 

Thomas Wilckes Harrison 

Luc Herbots 

Ho Tae Kang 

Mitchell Howard Lowe 

William Dennis McGowan 

Michael Kenneth Medick 

William Lewis Neudorfer 

Joseph Patrick Quarterman 

Richard Benson Radcliffe 

Mehrdad Khatib Rahbar 

Seyedhamid Sahiholnasab 

Alan Lewis Stein 
•Debora Leahi Sutton 

Robert Warren Wells 

Bachelor of Science 

Martha Anez 
Andrew Dean Borja 
Jeffery Scott Broadhurst 
William Joseph Cheshire 
Mark John Demshak 
Gregory Judas Fonseca 
Marjory Whitehurst Gibson 
•Lauren Ann Goldberg 
Lee Lawrence Goldberg 
Roberto Julio Gotthardt 

Thomas Lee Greenbaum 
Helen Margaret Harper 
Melanie Elizabeth Hennigan 
Carolyn Kay Hoffman 
Robert Joseph Ignarri 
Douglas Alan Johnson 
Melissa Anne Keenan 
Michael Andrew Lahowin 
Steven Curtis Larsen 
Lan Hoang Le 
tBonnie Theresa Likens 
Sissela Maria Malmstrom 
David Brian McCormick 
Dennis William McGlynn 
Istvan Laszio Peteranecz 
John Wiley Porter 
Lourdes V. Reynafarje 
Walid Abbas Rihan 
Erin Sylvia Simpson 
Michael John Sullivan 
Stephen Lewis Taylor 
Eric Morgan Tjalma 
Beth Ann Tribelhorn 
Timothy Francis Urban 
Robert Keith Wangel 
Fernando Alvaro Zufiiga- 
Gregory Paul Zurmuhlen 

College of Journalism 

Candidates will be presented by 
Prof. Reese Cleghom. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

James Thomas Acerra 

Vickie Jean Allen 

Karen Elaine Barker 

Pamela Kristine Barrett 

Nancy Jean Bean 
•Jeffrey Glenn Bebee 

Elizabeth Jane Bertucio 

Daniel Stephen Bolita 

Carol Lucette Bowers 

Bonnie Marie Brady 

Donna Carrie Briscoe 

Beth Marlene Brotbacker 

Steven Harris Brown 

Deborah Takako Busby 

Deborah Ann Bustin 

Ella Suzanne Butler 

Olive Roland Carnie 

Ethelyn Frances Cassidy 

Jonathan David Chambers 
•Andrea E. Chamblee 

Mary Helen Charles 

Barbara Irene Chavez 

Margaret Ann Chekan 

Jill Elyse Cohen 

Karen Cynthia Cook 

Stacy Lynn Copeland 

Marianne Margaret Curan 
•Beth Susan Daniel 

Michele Lynn Dannin 

Susan Marie Donaldson 

Nina Lee Dorogusker 
■''Steven Earle Drake 

Verna Maxine McKenzie Elder 

Michele Fern Ellman 

Jaime Beth Epstein 

Oma Etzyon 

Mark Edward Failla 

Debra Susan Faktorow 
•Sharon Gail Fass 

Audrey Sue Fix 

Ginni Lori Fox 

John M. Frazier 

§Summa Cum Laude; ^Magna Cum L^ude: *Cum Laude 


Melanie Jane Geidner 
Lisa Ann Gelhaus 

•Catherine Ann Glooch 
Monica Eva Goldberg 
Audrey Robin Goldman 
Bruce H. Gordon 
Kimberly Grace Guerrieri 
Patricia Lynne Heacock 
David Will Heneberry 
Joann Hildbold 
Cheryl Louise Hoffman 
Robert Lawrence Hoggarth 
Ardenia Micheie Holland 
Richard Ramsberg Hotter, Jr. 
Kathleen Elizabeth Horner 
Caroline Wei-Ting Huang 
Micheie Marie Jean 
Jewel Lorette Jones 
Linda Susan Joy 
Tracy Lynn Jung 
Michael Bernard Kaplan 
Olivia Saunders Kent 
Samuel Craig King 
Julia Downs Kluck 
Andrea Frances Komsa 
Karen Sue Kopp 
Carl David Korn 
Robin S. Laman 

§Jean Lee 
Janet Lee Lewis 
M.C. Joelle Fignole Lofton 
Myriam Fara Marquez 
Victoria Suzanne McBride 
John Patrick McMamara 
Monica Mary McShane 
Fern Elise Mendelsohn 
Michael Alan Mills 
Karen Patrice Moody 
Bryan Kirk Morris 
Katherine Lynne Mewcomb 
Bonnie Jane Mewman 
Lisa Ann O'Briant 
Laura Ann Ochipinti 
Alison Jane Peters 
Anthony Joseph Pipitone 
Janet Susan Pomerantz 
Robert Keith Pondo 
Anna Maria Procaccino 
Joanne Radice 

Christopher Michael Rael 

Lon Lindsey Rains 

Micheie Randzio 

Anne Erica Regenstreif 

Ellen-Beth Resnick 

Stephanie A. Roberts 

Susan Kent Rose 
SGwen Lorie Roseman 

Katherine Moselle 

Orna Tonia Rosenthal 

Dana Julie Rudman 
•Christina Mai Saarlas 

Carolyn Sue Sanders 

Elizabeth Jean Schilling 

Robert Charles Scott 

Katherine Simpson 

Dale Sloan 

Ellen Faye Snyder 

Stephanie Lynn Snyder 

Larry Renard Spriggs 

Karen Sue Stern 

George Francis Thuronyi 
•Bradley Philip Tyndall 

George Paul Tzamaras 

Barbara Jean Walder 

Jill Sari Waldorf 

Teresa Margaret Wallack 
•Jamie Lynn Waxman 

Rochelle Hannah Weinstein 

Ruth F. Whitman 

John Lawrence Wibbe 

Candace Dorothy Wilson 

Karen Lee Yoho 

Hyonchu Yoo 

Division of Arts 
and Humanities 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Shirley S. Kenny, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Sharon Eve Abrahams 

Arnatz Kumar Acharya 

Anna Christ Aivaliotis 

Peter Christopher Alexander 
•Brian Douglas Anderson 

John Martin Andrews, Jr. 
tTamara M. Archibald 

Robert Arhin 

Joseph Daniel Aurigemma 

David Craig Avery 

Erik Brian Avol 

Stephen Bruce Baker 

Laura A. Barish 

John Kwan Barrientos 

Nancy Lee Bauer 

Bradley Scott Bell 

Craig Alan Bengtson 

Wendy Ann Benjaminson 

Barbara Ann Bennett 

Anthea Mary Berg 

Carol Leigh Berkowitz 

Kelly Jan Berman 

Susan Ellen Berman 

Jayne Carole Bernasconi 

Patrick Michael Berry 

Mary Frances Betz 

Elisa J. Bierman 
SMarie Elena Bilzor 

Kathy Marie Blahnik 
tKathleen Marie Blank 

Steven Arthur Bloomberg 

Jeanne-Marie Bowers 

Ginamarie Mur Bozkurt 

James Charles Brader 
SCynthia Lynn Brenneman 

Carole Brenner 

Sarah Jean Bridges 

Terrie J. Brizzolara 
•Theresa Ann Bryant 

Annette Blair Buchheister 

David Michael Bulitt 

§Laura Burns 
Vivienne Butler 
Jeffrey Alan Cahill 
Francine Calhoun 

tClara Eva Campbell 
Roberta Sue Caplan 
Jamie Eileen Carl 
Ann Marie Carletta 
Diane Renee Carlson 
Maureen Ann Caulfield 
Margaret Lynne Cawley 
Diane Chace 

§Wendy Ellen Chaiet 
Young Ae Chun 
Sharon Joy dayman 
Susan Threet Cochran 
Abner Benedict Cohen 
Fran Elizabeth Cohen 
Melanie Paige Cohen 
Stacey Dee Colton 
Laurie Ann Concannon 
Sharron Banes Conklin 
Terence Lorenzo Cook 
Valerie Anne Cook 
Jonathan Allen Cooper 

§Roberta Jeannine Cox 
Heidi Fredrika Cramer 
Anthony Joseph Crane 
Kathleen Ann Crawford 

tSusan Jane Currie 
Richard Clifford Dallmann 
Maria Dianne Dalton 
Martin Luther Davis, Jr. 
Susan Jean De Agazio 
Alison deAlberich 
Kevin Wendell Dean 
Kenneth John deBritto 
Craig Thomas DeCarlo 
Eleanor Wallach DeCesare 
Michael Delasos 
Mary Elizabeth Josephine 

Gary Marc Diamond 
Andrea Renate Dill 
Grace Albertha Dobson 
Julie Cassaundra Drake 
Keith Karl Dunklee 
Anne Durkan 
Elissa Jan Eidelman 


SSumma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Iris F. Eisen 

Michael Oscar Eisen 

Charles Martin Eisenhauer. Jr. 
■f|_orraine Ann Elkins 

Ellen Young Ellis 
•Kathleen Anne Ellis 

Jay Steven Elvove 

George Andrew Englund 

Eric Adam Epstein 

Lori Beth Epstein 

Robyn Evans 

Wendy Elizabeth Ewbank 
(two degrees) 

Ellyn S. Fabricant 

Nushin Kazerouni Farzaneh 

Elizabeth Fasulo 

Rosalyn Jo Fennell 

Andrea Denise Ferguson 
"Sandra Lee Fimiani 

Margo Sarise Fisher 

Joanne Fitzgerald 

Teresa Marie Flannery 
tMonica Lynn Forbes 

Gina Michelle Forman 

William Ronnie Foster 

Richard Morris Fowlie. Jr. 

Cathi Ann Fox 

Laura Olivia Friedman 
§Laura Christine Fry 

Jaime Lauren Fuller 

Susan Robin Gaddy 

Joseph James Rohan 

Sami Gangi 

John Roland Carey 

John Louis Garland. Jr. 

Maura Kathleen Gavigan 

Vernetta Lenee Gill 

Gail Louise Gillis 

Judy Gail Ginsberg 
•Joseph Karl Goebels 

Scott Jonathan Goldberg 

Jeffrey Peter Goldman 

Eleanor Kimie Goodwin 

Mary Geralyn Graminski 

Debra Rose Grayer 

Larry S. Greenblatt 

Patrick Lee Gregg 

John James Guthrie 

Gary Stuart Guttman 
Mehrdad Hadighi 
Andrew Brian Halt 
Karen Ann Hanna 
Teri Lynne Hanson 
Gerianne Harding 
Herbert Roscoe Hardy. Jr. 
Gary Roy Harmon 
Helen Lucile Hayes 
Joan Marie Heavey 
Jonathan C. Heimert 
Barry R. Hein 
Robert Carroll Hendricks 
Denise Robin Herbert 

•Emily Susanne Hiebert 
Jacqueline Hiltz 

•Michael Haldon Himes 
Leslie Joan Hirsch 
Michael P. Hoagland 
Michelle Corrin Holland 
Carolann Holmes 

§Daniel Denton Honemann 
EIek Horvath ill 
Kipling Keith Hurley 

+Edita Hyatt 

•Heidi I. Irgens 
Karen Jameson Jack 
Jayne Abbye Jerkins 
Hugh Richard Jessell 
Robert Crawford Jewell 
John Michael Johannes 
Andrew Lee Johnson 
Mark Thomas Johnson 
Pamela Mary Johnson 
Stacy Ann Kaminsky 
Kevin Kazuo Kaneshige 
Stephanie Gail Kanter 
Jack David Kaplan 
Steven Howard Kassel 
Ellie Kasten 
Mindy Robin Katon 
Stuart Saul Kauder 
Eric Seth Kaufman 
Julia Faith Kaufman 
Wende Louise Keefe 
Kelley Lynn Kelso (two 

Stacey M. Kelz 
Margaret Ann Kennedy 

Thomas Gerard Kennedy 
Vernon Franklin Kent III 
Daniel Gerard Keranen 
Vicki Lisa Kessler 
Mammy Kim 
liissa E. Klein 
Susan Jennifer Kline 
Heidi S. Korzec 
Kimberley Kovalyak 
Jeffrey Howard Krulik 
Theresa Maria LaMantia 
Josclyn Kimberty Larson 
Monica Anne Laspia 
Heather Susan Laue 
Laura Susan Lee 
Therese Anne Lee 
Marianne Cecilia Legan 
Peter F. Legowski 
Gregory J. Lertora 
Susan Lakin Lightner 
Todd Edward Liller 
Edward Joseph Lilly 
Eugenia O. Lindsey 
Benjamin J. Lipsman 
Maryann Tina LoBianco 
Deborah Ann Loepere 
Susan Mary Loftus 
Celeste Alecia Long 
Robbin E. Lowenbraun 
Lori Nicole Lubar 
Erica Maria Lupo 
Geri Ann Lyons 
Susan Tonia MacKay 
Carolyn Anne Macuk 
Renate Siglinde Maile 
Caroline Ebbecke 

Robert Hersh Margulies 
SRita Marie Markley 
Dana Lynne Marshall 
Jennifer Lynn Martin 
Richard Edward Mason 
Chris Harold Matthews 
Daniel Eugene McAndrews 
Carolyn Sue Mcintosh 
Marilyn Donna McKinnon 
Martha Mary McKnight 
James Michael McNamara 
Lynne Ellen McMamee 

Margaret Elaine McShulskis 
Robert Michael Mechlin 
Hans Kistner Meeder 
Solange Selena Meersman 
Marsha Eve Meltzer 
Judith Esther Mendelson 
Leigh Anne Mergehenn 
Yvette Renee Milam 
Joan Heidi Miller 
Richard Andrew Miller 
Rosa Natalie Mintz 
Sandra Lee Mitchell 
John Francis Monahan III 
Stephanie Ann Moniz 
Susan Leigh Morris 

•Linda Marie Moshirfar 
Venice John Murchison 
Stephanie Leone Murphy 
Nancy Marie Murtaugh 
Philip Eugene Musi 
Susan Andrea Nachman 

tHae-Kyung Nam 
David Anthony Namrow 
Meera Narayanan 

•Paul Bryan Newman 
Brian C. Nicholson 
Mary-Kay Nickels 
Jeanne Marie Obendorfer 
Karia France Oberle 
David Richard O'Donnoghue 
Daniel Nicholson Ohike 
Alta Marion Olsen 
Sheila ONeill 
Christopher Taylor Oswald 
Anastasia Joan Pagiotas 

•Diana Louise Palaynes 
Karen Marie Panasewicz 
Seon-Hee Park 
Adrea R. Parker 
Robert Wildey Parks III 

>! Linda Eileen Parris 
Lawrence Fenton Payne 
Stephen Martin Perrotta 
Robert James Phelps 
Kevin Sean Phillips 
Douglas Harvey Pinson 
Deborah Lynn Poline 
Joan Geralynn Popp 
William Joseph Powell 

SSumma Cum Laude: +Magna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 


Mark Edward Prebilic 
Ann Hammond Putnam 
Gilbert John Benjamin 

Maria Delpilar Ramos 
Gary Cornell Reid 
Edward Martin Reinsel 
Lori S. Resnick 
Jill llene Resnik 
Nancy Barbara Retchin 
•Deidre Marie Christine Riani 
Charles Corwin Rice 
Faith Ann Ritterpusch 
Craig Duane Roberts 
Dale Norman Robertson 
Gregory Alan Robertson 
Jon Stuart Robinson 
Rhonda Annette Rogers 
Mary Kathleen Rohrbaugh 
Mary Alice Roland 
Deborah Lynn Rose 
Sarah Elizabeth Rosen 
Sharon Louise Rosenblatt 
Marilyn Dianne Rosenblum 
Marc H. Rosenthal 
Cheri Lynn Rowe 
Charles Edward Ruch, Jr. 
William Mark Rudow 
Terri Leigh Russell 
Richard Louis Sabatini 
Laurie Safran 

Howard Leonard Sapperstein 
*Kevin Joseph Schaefer 
John Samuel Schmid, Jr. 
iJCarol Anne Schumm 
Bonnie Sue Schwab 
Toby J. Schwartz 
Elisabeth Alexandra 

Richard Sebastian Rossi 

Judith Ann Scully 
Neil Haresh Sekhri 
Phillip Ronald Setren 
Abba David Shapiro 
Amy Fran Shapiro 
Lisa Ann Shenkle 
Stacey M. Sher 
John Rob Sherrod 

David Lewis Shroder 

Murray Bennett Siegel 
*Nadine Joan Siegel (two 

Ellen Cohen Silverstein 

Michael Zelig Simat 

Joel Lee Simon 

Arthur Alan Smith 

Michael Patrick Smith 
•Nancy Lee Smith 

Richard Fulton Snedaker, Jr. 

Gina Maria Sorge 

Janet Marie Sparks 

Robin Michele Stansbury 

Tood Winslow Stephens 

Robert Fitzgerald Stewart 

Lori Ann Steyer 

Joseph Michael Strobel 

Jacqueline Strong 

Neil Francis Super 

David Glen Swerdlow 

Kathryn lldiko Takacs 

John Thomas Talbert 

Bonnie Lee Terry 

Douglas Daniel Townsend 

Nanette Marie Traub 

Arlene Ungerleider 

Beverly Ann Clrbach 

Donald Warren Valyou 

Robert Derrick Van Wie 

Dorothy Adrienne Veigle 

Joan Michelle Verchot 

Mary Celeste Vitek 

Virginia Ann Vitzthum 

Nancy Lee Voelker 

Barbara Jo Vogel 

Leora Wartofsky 

Michael Craig Watson 

Suzanne Marie Weirich 

Glenn Paul Weiss 

Elizabeth Anne Wells 

Kevin Vincent Gustavus Wells 

Joi Adele Wepman 

Isabel Tallarico Weston 
SRobert MacDonald Whaples 

Laura Alice Wheeler 

Virginia Anne White 

Wendi Leigh Wickland 

Douglas Maxwell Williams 

Charles Alfred Wilson 
James William Winston 
Marcie Esther Wolf 
Howard Glendon Wood 111 
Johnie Arthur Yates 
Joanna Greer Youle 
Donna Ellen Zetlin 
tLisa Anne Zimmerman 
Robert Andrew Zimmerman 
Rachel Rose Zuckerman 

Bachelor of Music 

§Barbara Joan Beard 

Barbara Ann Case 
'Pamela Jean Christensen 

Barbara Lynn Hicks 

Roger Louis Hooper 

Philip John Hosford 

Karen Ruth Johnson 

Karen Helen Krahn 

Thomas Darian Moore 

Nyna Dueece Newsom 

Kevin Leigh Nicht 
§Thomas James Often 

Steven Warner Ragsdale 
SEmily Helen White 


College of Business 
and Management 

Candidates Luilt be presented by 
Dr. Rudolph P. Lamone, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Natan Deutsch Abraham 

Lawrence Fred Abrams 

Norman Kenneth Adams 111 

Christopher Charles Aitken 

Benjamin Masope Akuete 

Patricia Anne Albert 

David Brian Aloi 

Joseph Altobelli 

Deanna Marie Amos 
*0. Marie Anderson 

Philip Scott Anderson 

Joy Lynne Apple 

Julie Terese Arnsberger 

Laura Ann Ashland 

Deborah Jane Athanason 

Susan Anne Audesse 

Linda R. Auslander 

Ronald Axe 

Debra Bachman 

Paula Ruth Bahler 

Randy Scott Bailin 

Loretta Lynn Bain 

Jane Elizabeth Balge 
*Lori Marie Barbieri 

Gary Thomas Bargamian 

Mitchell Howard Bassen 

Nicholas Jonathan Batselos 

Anna-Maria Batzlaff 
§Matthew Joseph Bauer 

Denise Jan Baum 
•Pamela Jean Baumann 

Jonathan Edward Beasley 

Raymond John Beaudet 

Richard Marshall Benn 
•Frederick Adam Benton 

Anne Marie Benttinen 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Jacqueline Anne Berghauer 

Stephanie Joy Bessen 

Patricia Ann Betancourt 

Richard Todd Bezozi 

Chantal Marie Therese 

tTracie Lynn Bishop 

Edward Meyer Blanco 

Steuart Clagett Bowling 

Meal Charles Boyle 
§Leslie Arden Brady 

Edwin Byron Braly 

Charles Allen Breitenother 

Cynthia Elaine Bridges 

Don Ann Brilliant 

Karen Ann Brietic 

Randall Jay Brogan 

Susan Brougher 
§John Mark Browne 

Jamie Brownstein 

Russell Eugene Buck 

Cheryl Gay Burgess 

Stanley Bryan Burke 

Glenn Carlton Butler 

David Bruce Byrd 

Remigio B. Cabacar. Jr. 

Jann Catherine Cahill 

Bonnie Sue Campbell 
§Janet Lynne Carlson 
§Robert Stephen Carroll 

JoAnn Carter 

Kevin David Castro 
tLinda Cleland Caviglia 

Chensun Chang 

Kostantena Chapin 

George Werner Chapman IV 

Adele Mae Chaudry 

Lawrence Steven Chazin 

Pamela Ruth Chorvinsky 

Eric Paul Chwatt 
jJDavid Gerard Ciaramello 

Mark Thomas Ciardi 

Christine Ann Cino 

Diane Gratia Cirincione 

Ann Marie Cirolia 

Linda Catherine Clancy 

Mary Jean Coelho 

Amy Louise Cohen 

Amy S. Cohen 

Ellen Cohen 

Jacquelyn Diane Cohen 

Kenneth Michael Cohen 

Ranaye Cohen 
SRobert Richard Cohen 

Tracey Joy Cohen 

Bradley Kyle Collier 

Paul Joseph Collins 

Thanh-Huong Nu Cong- 

Kenneth Michael Conway 

James Edward Cook 
■i'Lori Jayne Cooper 

Raymond Donald Cooper III 

Mark Lewis Coppola 

Robert Edward Corcoran 
•John Anthony Costanzi 

Peter Barry Cove 

Peggy Cornelia Critzer 

Jess David Crystal 

Anthony Wayne Cunningham 
SPatricia Eileen Cunningham 

Gregory Matthew Czarnecki 

Eva Joy Damelin 

Ann Helen Daniele 
ijMark Hal Davis 
ijjohn P. Dawyot 

Gary Herbert Dayton 

Vicki J. Deaven 

Greg DeCastros 

Theresa Gay DeCoste 

Julio Francisco Delgado 

Patricia Ann Delvo 

Timothy Belmont Dennis 

Cheryl L. Derman 
SMancy Persons DeSaussure 

Patrick Vincent Destefano 

Jodie Jane Diamond 

Deona F. Dichoso 

Robert Joseph DiLuchio. Jr. 

Stephen Douglas Dodge 

Arlene Marie Doherty 

Anthony Eugene Domalski 

Cynthia Domres 

Joseph Vincent Dove 

Bruce Gordon Dubinsky 

Martha K. Dunne 
+Mark William Dusman 

Sarah Lasky Earle 

Sarah Anne East 

Lucy Brabble Edinger 

David Robert Eidman 

Irene L. Eisenberg 
SJasmin Anna el Kordi- 

James Robert Ellenberger 

Lori Beth Epstein 

Laurene Marie Evans 
•Michael Edmund Evans 

Jacqueline Ann Everard 

Jack Exier 

Diane Andrea Faer 

Mary Kate Pagan 

Sean Michael Fagan 

Michael H. Feidelman 

Evan Jay Feldman 

Gregory Robert Ferguson 

Jody Lynn Fielding 

Marc Scott Fine 
SDara Elizabeth Fink 

Melanle Linda Finkle 
^Jonathan Edward First 
iJDebra Ann Fisher 

Stephen W. Fitch 

Paul Stephen Fitzgerald 

Stephen Brian Fitzgerald 

Mark Steven Flatau 

William E. Fleck 

Morma Ruth Flicop 

Thomas Der Fong 

Robert V. Fonner 

Christian Fox 
•John Preston Frank 

Toni lleen Frank 

Wynne Adele Frank 
•Julie Lynne Freiman 

Jerald Phillip Freishtat 
+Steven H. Fried 

Jana Faye Friedman 

Robin Caren Fuchs 

Robert Javellana Gancayco 

Marie Suk-Fun Gee 

Harold Gelkopf 

Suzanne Marie Giannetti 

Alethea Elaine Gibbs 

James Andrew Gieiner 

Mark Edward Gillies 

Robert Joel Gilson 

Laurie Margaret 
Trevor Astley Godard 
Edward Joseph Godbout 
Gilbert George Goldbeck, Jr. 
Phyllis Goldberg 
Kenneth Richard Golden 
Marshall Scott Goldman 
Lisa Marie Goodwin 
Demetria Arnelle Gordon 
Michele Goydel 
James Robert Grady 
Michelle Antonette Gray 
Robert Gerald Green 
Stephen Joseph Greer 
Julie Ann Greger 
Susan F. Gross 
Eric L Grushkin 
Charlene Teresa Guessford 
Lisa Anne Guidry 
John Francis Haben, Jr. 
Toni D. Haber 
Caroline Habib Haddad 
Rebecca Lynn Haislip 
Dara Lynn Halper 

§Mi Ok Ham 

•Michael Richard Hanlon 
Brad Allen Haransky 
Craig Dorsey Hardenbergh 
Don Thomas Harding 
David John Harris 
Suzanne Carole Harris 
Charles Robert Harrison 
Naseem Akhlaq Hashmi 
Leon Aquil Hasnain 

•Mary L. Haviland 
John Michael Havermale 
George Robert Hazel. Jr. 
Mark Randall Heird 

tWilliam Francis Hennessey 
Tracy Ann Herbert 
James Donald Hersh 
John Peter Hickey 
Marc Allen Hirschinger 
Marion Irene Hoch 
William Allen Hocker 
Thomas Taylor Hollerbach 
Ellen Ruth Hoizberger 
Catherine Ann Honigsberg 

!iSumma Cum Laude: +Magna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laude 


Laura Jane Houck 
John David Howell 
James Thomas Hrozencik 
Myriam Majella Hunt 
Diana Lynn Huntress 

tlNancy Beth Imber 
Ahmad Motaghi Irvani 
Margaret Lee Irvine 
Kenneth C. Isdaner 
Robert Druding Isele 
Janice Denise Jackson 
Gloria Lynn Jeter 
Charles Ashley Johnson 
Kathleen Ann Johnson 
Ronald Eric Johnson 
Donna Lynn Jones 
Martin Howard Jones 
Tammy Jordan 

*Deborah Kimberly Jump 
Kimberly Ann Jurney 

§Cherie Marcia Kahn 
Carol Lynn Kaminsky 
Diane Irene Karadimos 
Kenneth Neal Karbeling 

§Marlene Edith Kassel 
Margot Katz 
Andrew Seth Keimach 
Maureen Anne Kelly 
Michael Bruce Kennedy 
Monica Beth Kerns 
Robin Lynn Kessler 
Arshad Hafeez Khan 
Suriya Khemradhipati 
Scott Alan Kibler 
Marguerite Jeanne Kieffer 
Una Marija Kindurys 
Donald E. King 
Howard Wayne Kingsley 
Steven Paul Klein 
Fred David Klevan 
Robert Thomas Knestout 
James William Knight 
Steven Brian Kofsky 
Albert Raymond Kohr 
Marc Eric Komorksy 
Maria Sue Konowitch 
John Eugene Koopman 

tLawrence Michael Kotwas 
Lisa Judith Kouzel 

Helen Denise Kozloski 
Andrew Richard Kramer 
Beth Ann Kramer 
Mary Alice Kroll 
Rhonda Alane Kruman 

tChristopher Eugene Kubasik 
William James Kubistal 
Barbara Ann Kunetz 
Margaret A. Kurtz 
Mark Scott Labuda 
Lisa Leigh La Camera 
Joseph Anthony Lamberti 
William Micholas Lambros 
Jerrold Owen Landau 
Edward Joseph Lanen 111 
Barbara Ann Lashley 
Leigh Edward Latreille 
Cathy Ann Lawson 
Alan Ching Lee 
Andrew Alan Lee 
Donald Brian Leffler 
Ira Daniel Leibowitz 
Lizabeth Louise Lepp 
Michael Joseph Lerche 
Stuart Michael Lesser 
Joseph Llewellyn Lester 
Gary Allan Levine 
Mark Steven Levine 
Michele Gwen Levy 
Michael A. Lieberman 
Michael Richard Limsky 
Vivian Christine Lipkey 
Brian Scott Liss 
Michael Dennis Litherland 
Tom Liu 

+Jee-Phong Loh 
Robert Ellis London 
Elizabeth Ann Lonergan 
Bradford Keith Long 
Luis Lopez 
Cindi Lynn Lukow 
Stephen Howard Lulla 
Douglas Martin Maclntyre 
Debra Ann Maeder 
Vandana Malhotra 
Jeffrey Marks 
Jawad Paul Mashny- 
Stacy Alayne Mass 
Michael David Matsil 

•Cheryl Lynn Matthews 

Richard Alan May 

Therese Marie McCauliffe 

Lois McConaughy 

Charles Paxton McFee 

Robert John McGovern, Jr. 

Alasdair Wishart McGowan 

Kenneth Edward McKay 
tRobin Lee McLaughlin 

Terence Christopher 

Jeffrey Edward McShea 

Stephen William McVearry 

Karen Michelle Medwied 

Brian Paul Meehan 

Anoopkumar Natwarlal Mehta 

Laurette Rene Melcher 
*Cevin Melezoglu 

Donald John Melvin 

Pamela Anne Menne 

Phillip Lawrence Mensch 

Philip David Mento 

Karen Marie Merry 

Maria P. Michael 

Jerry Robert Milbourn, Jr. 

Michael Irwin Miller 

Roger Lynn Miller 

Michael Rand Moconyi 
§Loretta Monterastelli 

Douglas Ryo Moon 

Glenn Alan Moore 

David Beach Moot 

Richard Dana Morales 

Greg Joseph Morley 

Elese Foster Murdoch 

Robert John Murphy 
tWilliam Michael Murphy 

Meera Narayanan 

Karen Ann Naughton 

Shirley Ann Nazelrod 

Katherine Virginia Nee 

Howard Mark Nemetsky 

Matthew David Neufeld 
*Cheryl Marie Nichols 

David Richard Noel 

Jim Nomicos 
*Nancy J. Northfield 

Robyn Lee Novak 

Eileen Sharon Nussbaum 

Jeffrey Franklin Nutis 

Gary Joseph O'Brien 

Thomas Alexander O'Connor 
•Elizabeth Anne O'Hara 

Carol Leigh Olds 

John W. Ollen 

Dana Lynn Orleans 
tMarcia J. O'Toole 

Peter Russell Owings, Jr. 

Rodney Kennard Palmer 

Vrege Pamboukian 

Maria Teresa Panetta 

Paula Ann Pappas 

Susan Murray Parent 

Keith Anthony Parris 

James Louis Parsons, Jr. 

Camille Pasquariello 

Carl S. Pasquariello 

Penelope Ann Payne 

Leonard Henry Pazulski 

Roberta Janine Peake 

Brian Michael Penn 

Linda Theresa Penn 

Victoria Pennington 

Michael Glen Pense 

Norton Bevenuto Soares 

Ruth Anne Perks 

Dale Patricia Perry 

Silvana Petruccelli 

Deborah Poppert Petska 

Nguyet Minh Pham 

Michael Anthony Piacente 

Diane MacGregor Pitts 

Randall Stephen Plante 

Marc William Podnos 

Lawrence Steven Post 

Cheryl Ann Poulin 

Nathan Drew Pratt 
*Karen Marie Preysnar 

Randi Diane Price 

Bradley Alan Ralph 

Susan Jayne Ratner 

Mindi Sheryl Ravitz 

Robert Bowen Reid 

Mary Katherine Reilly 

Alberto F. Reluzco 

Linda Marie Rhodes 

Frank X. Ricciuti 


§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Joseph Earl Rice III 

Bruce L Richards 

John Fletcher Rickard. Jr. 

Julia Marie Riffle 

Herman Walter Robertson III 
tRobert David Rosato 

Laura Sue Rosenberg 

Jeffrey Scott Rosenzweig 

Jan Bradley Roth. Jr. 

Kurt Louis Rothenberg 

Deborah Lynn Rott 

Ira Charles Rovilz 

Lawrence Keith Rowe 

Richard Paul Rudy 

Michael F. Ruppert 

Timothy Kevin Ryon 

Andrew John Sabonis III 

Donna Marie Sair 

Michael Eric Salmon 

Shelley Adair Sanborn 

Robert Alan Sandler 

Steven Earle Sapaugh 

Dianne Sue Sartain 

Linda E. Saul 

Marc Raymond Schumacher 
+Jane Lisa Schumer 

Carolyn Elizabeth Schwartz 

Robert Todd Schwartz 

Steven Joseph Sebastian 

Maria Ann Seidel 

Bruce Israel Seidman 

Bonnie Fisher Shapiro 

llyse Meryl Shechtel 

Robin Joy Sheinman 

James David Sheridan 

Allan Harold Sherman 

Wendy Jeanne Shoyer 

Kenneth McGregor Shuart 

Steven Allen Shuman 

Laura Anne Sidwell 

John Charles Siegman 

Michael Kenneth Sih 

Gabrlelle Silon 

John Wilson Simmons III 

Abnash N. Singh 

Lori Jean Skrobola 

Jill Lori Slatkin 

Leo Joseph Smuda 
§Emilia Sobel 

Mary Emily Soper 
Monika Ann Sorando 
Julia Joann Sorantino 
Kathleen A. Sorbie 

+Stacey L. Sosnik 
Marion Sosslau 
Daniel James Sottek 
Andrea Ruth Spector 
Craig Jon Spence 
Barbara C. Spiegel 
Michael James Stanton 
Kimberly Ann St Clair 
Mark Joseph Stefan 
Wendy J. Steinberg 
Katherine Ann Steiner 
James Charles Stephanson 
Paul Frederic Sternberg 
Brett Morgan Stevens 
Cheryl Louise Stewart 

•Grace Renee Stone 
Lisa J. Stone 
Gwen Kirsten Streicher 
Robert Andrew Super 
David V. Surti 
Gary Evan Swart 

SMatalie Helen Szmidt 
Audrey Risa Tabershaw 
Alan Joseph Tangreti 

•Shawn David Texier 
Debra Irene Thomas 
James Elwood Thompson 

•Laura Ann Thompson 
Gregory Wayne Thornton 
Natalie Roberta Ticatch 
Mancy Jean Tillman 
Mary Kathleen Tompa 
Anthony Joseph Torano 
Steven Wayne Torrico 
Jorge Juan Treviho 
Christina Dempwolf Trimmer 
Sandra Rene Trunnell 
Robert David Turner 
Bill Demetrios Tzamaras 
George Demetrios Tzamaras 
Kim Susan (Jlman 
Diane Rebecca Vahle 
Lynn Marie Van Wagenen 
Linda Louise Wade 
Keith Edward Waldron 

James F. Walters 
Theresa Dawn Walters 
Carolyn Joyce Walton 

•Yvonne Marie Wang 
Jennifer Lee Warrington 
Keith Andre Washington 
Michael James Watts 
Trena Lee Watts 
Beth Ann Watzman 
Richard Alan Waxman 
Frank Howard Weiner 
Beth Amy Weiss 
Norman Todd Weissberg 
Mary Catherine Wellington 
Mark Christopher Wheeler 
Kathy Lynn Whittington 
Michael Francis Wiggins 
Joseph A. Wilkins, Jr. 
C. Marshall Wilson, Jr. 
Warren Keith Winker 
Tracey Jo Wolford 
Karen Ann Wortmann 
Karen Yablonski 
Terri Darlene Cecilia Yates 
Steven Jay Yegher (two 

Matthew James Yetman 
Laurie Suzanne Youngmann 
Kenneth John Yuhas 
Francis M. Zaberer 

•Jon Edwin Zaberer 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Candidates ivilt be presented by 
Dr. Murray E. Polakoff. 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Royal Joe Abbit 
Paul Joseph Abel 
Aviva Sara Abrams 
Arnab Kumar Acharya 
Lisa Alexander 
Jonathan James Ali 
Connie Lorraine Allen 
Kimberly Jane Allen 
Janet Donna Alpert 
Angela Myrtone Alsop 
James Richard Andersen 
Katherine Josephine 

Susan Lynn Anderson 
Mylinda Andrew 
Louis James Ansaldi 
Chesna Fizetty Anwar 
Gregory L. Appier 
Ramualdo Borja Arriola 
Robert Allan Artin 
Rosemarie C. Astarita 
Seema Shrikrishna Athavale 
Susan Anne Audesse 
Michael Ted Baer 
Sarah Ellen Baker 
Joel Bowie Ballard 
Deborah Gail Ballen 
Karen Ann Ballenger 
Billie Cynthia Bangel 
William Eugene Banks 
Chris Ann Baranoski 
Angel Darcel Barber 
Phyllis Joan Baron 
John Thomas Bates 
Tracye Levy Beaman 
Jonathan Paul Beck 
Richard Kevin Beckwith 
Bonnie Jeanne Berger 
Evan Bruce Berk 
Frederick Glenn Berry 
Patricia Sue Biggs 

SSumma Cum L^ude: tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 


Marilyn L Binstock 
Kenneth Karl BIsch 
Deborah Ann BIscieglia 
Bruce Patrick Blomberg 
Andrew Louis Bluestein 
Robert Raymond Bodner 
David Richard Boeckel 
Mark Curtis Bolyard 
Barbara A. Borman 
Clinton Carl Boushell 
Hal Hunter Bowles 
Donette Janice Boyd 
Jane Ann Braegelmann 
Randolph Kurt Brand 
Kerry John Breen 
Cathy Joan Brigham 
Thomas William Britton 
Lucinda Jane Brown 
John Mark Browne 
Philip Loren Brubaker 
Lynne Sharon Bubes 
Melissa Anne Buchman 
Qregg Steven Buckler 
Sandra Louise Budd 
Terri Jayne Bukaitz 
Susan Mary Burke 
Elizabeth Evelyn Buswell 
Maria Elizabeth Calandriello 
Cheryl Lea Callahan 
tLesley Ann Cameron 
Pamela Jane Cammarata 
Daniel Bostic Campbell II 
Joseph Anthony Capone 
Aida Paul Carmi 
Keith Alan Carney 
Patrick John Carroll 
Nicholas Scott Chaconas 
Denise Eugenia Chatman 
Madhumita Chattopadima 
Pamela Joy Cheers 
Susan Leigh Chilcoat 
Rohini Chopra 
Bernard Cieplak 
Walter Thomas Clauss 
Gary Martin Cohen 
Harvey Irwin Cohen 
Michael Gabriel Cole 
Paul Joseph Coleman 
Kenneth Bryan Compart 


Kathleen Mary Conlon 
Kevin Jack Connor 
Diana Lynn Conway 
Linda Patrice Cook 
Katrina Jean Cool 
Gloria Edith Cooper 
Ronald Howard Cooper 
Timothy David Vernon 

Valerie Corda 
Catherine Charlotte Costa 
Cynthia Louise Coughlin 
James Lloyd Coulson 
Susan Delia Cranford 
John Burroughs Craven 
Lauren Ann Crowe 
Amy Lori Cubert 
Elizabeth Theresa Cullinane 
Kenneth John Cusick 
Cassandra Elaine Dandridge 
Audrey Maria Darden 
Tina Marie Davenport 
Karen Joy Davidowitz 
Brian Patrick Davis 
Linda Catherine DeCarlo 
Karen Ann Decker 
Michael Delasos 
Wayne Joseph Del Tufo 
David H. Denenberg 
Susan Marie Derewicz 
*Kimberly Beth Detrick 
Laurie Ann Deutsch 
Joyce Allison Devanney 
Adriene Diamond 
Deidre Michelle Dixon 
Alice Elizabeth Dobry 
Michael Lawrence Dobry 
Benjamin Henry Dorsey 111 
Bruce Irving Dory 
Kathleen Marie Drazek 
Marc Alan Dubick 
Gary Steven Dubrow 
Gregory Joseph Dunn 
Scott Lynn Dunn 
Cynthia Anne Dunne 
Kurt Arnold Eastep 
Lori Joy Eidelman 
Michael Oscar Eisen 
Michael Miles Eisenstadt 

James Robert Ellenberger 
Susan Morgan Ellinger 

§Douglas Bradford Emery 
Timothy Francis Emmell 
Robyn Steele Ennis 
Laurie Gay Ettinger 
Douglas Martin Farrell 
James Jerome Farrell, Jr. 

•Julia Amy Feld 
Mindy Ellen Feldbaum 
Michael Evan Field 
Lynda Stephanie Files 
Randi Laise Finci 
Ellen Mindy Fischberg 
Lynda Shirl Fisher 
Robert Craig Fisher 
Richard Craig Fitzenreiter 
Dennis Patrick Flannery 
Kathryn Lee Fleming 
Barbara Ellen Fogarty 
Kevin Lloyd Foley 
Michael William Ford 
Grace Helen Forgrieve 

§David Keith Fram 
Bret John Frederick 
Lisa Greer Friedman 
Sanford Alex Friedman 
Sora Henny Friedman 
Rose Marie Friel 
Merry Beth Frishman 
Amy Sue Frucht 
Dennis Gerard Gaffney 
Karen Marie Gallagher 
Mitra Atefi Garakani 
Mancy Bolin Gardner 
Catherine Mary Garger 
Nancy I. Garrett 
James John Garrity 
Zekarias Gebeyehou 
Rebecca Ann Geibel 
David George Geiger 
Philip David Geissler, Jr. 
Shirley Starr George 
Nancy Louise Gervase 
John David Gilbert 
Richard Julian Gindes 
Arnold Marc Gittleson 
Joanna Louise Goldsby 
Harold M. Goldstein 

Nancy Meril Goldstein 
•Roberta Lynn Goldstein 

Robin S. Goldstein 

Nelson Gonzalez 

Manya M. Goodman 

Lisa Franja Goolkasian 

Karl Herreshoff Gordon 

Penny Maria Goss 

David Andrew Gough 

Eliana Maria Grandi 

Lisa A. Grassi 

Felisa Deloise Graves 

Christine Amanda Gray 

Jane Greenberg 

Whitney Dale Grimley 

Risa L Gunzenhauser 

Leah Ann Hague 

Jay Allen Haines 

Victor Duval Hainsworth 

Becky Jane Hall 

Micah David Halpern 

Ronald Blair Halsey 

Michael Henderson Hamilton 

Ronald Earl Handy 

Alexandra Stephanie 

Tamara Terhune Hanson 
*Michael Lee Harner 

John David Harper 

Lawrence Ainsley Harris 

Mary Therese Hartley 

Elizabeth Jean Hatch 

Denise Marie Hausler 

Ellen Louise Hawke 

Marcia Lynn Hayman 

Joseph Haynes, Jr. 

Michael Edward Heaney 

Yvonne Nora Heffner 

Cynthia Elaine Heins 

Jeffrey Wright Helms 

Alfonzo Hemphill 

Dorothy Catherine Hendley 

Suzanne Marie Herrmann 

Lorrie Rae Hess 

Victoria Lynn Hettleman 

Gary David Hibbs 

Holly Beth Hicks 

Beverly Selena Hill 

David Adrian Hirschman 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 

Ave Maria Hodge 
•Julie Ann Hoffman 

Richard Earle Hoi! 

Bruce Alan Hollander 

Roy Andrew Hollis 

Ricfiard Earl Holmes 

Dong Ock Hong 

Gary Wayne Hopkins 

Tina Margaret Horton 

Thomas William Howcroft 

Mark Ashley Hoye 

Terrie Lee Hunt 

Diana Lynn Huntress 

Stephen Michael Immerman 

Liyel Olayinka Imoke 

Kathleen E. Indart 

David Burke Ivkovich 

Hamid-Reza Izadi 

Marc Philippe Jaccard 

Claire Leslie Jackson 

Lynn R. Jackson 

Phyllis Faye Jackson 

Evelyn Louise James 
!SGeorge Roger Jarjoura 

Paula Lee Jason 

Mancy Elizabeth Jenkins 

Gail Marie Jensen 

David Brian Johnson 

Donald Matthew Johnson 

Gillian BIythe Jones 

Richard William Jones. Jr. 

Stephen Douglas Jones 

Jeanne Elizabeth Jordan 

Mary Kathleen Judd 

Valerye Lynn Judd 

David Steven Juris 

Susan Rae Kagel 

Richard Selden Kahalas 

Corinne Joy Kalderon 

Robert Ramon Kallio 

Paul Vincent Kane (two 

SBetsy Louise Kaplan 

Gayla Beth Kaskaske 

Alison Dale Kates 

Elaine O'Grady Kaufman 

Rahmat Azizi Kayoumy 

Stephen Charles Keach 

Eugene Richard Kellaher. Jr. 

Cheri Allen Kelly 

Ruth Judith Kelman 

Michael Joseph Kennedy 

Peter James Kennedy 

Thomas Gerard Kennedy 

Jody Lynn Kerby 

Randolph Lee Kessler 

Susan Mary Kidd 

Marion Kiesow 

Elizabeth Yvonne Kim 

Eugene Lee Kim 

Rosemary E. Kim 

Yoon Sook Kim 

Richard Warwick Kimble 

James Arthur King 

Angelo George Kiriazoglou 
tRaissa Valentina Kirk 

Steven Kiviat 

Phyllis Ann Klein 

John Benjamin Kling 

Nicholas Edward Kniska, Jr. 

Penny Marie Knott 

Jennifer Hyobun Ko 

Robert Pardi Koch 

Rachel B. Kohn 

Melinda Ann Kohr 

Steven Michael Konieczka 

Deborah Jill Koplen 

Susan Fran Koppel 

Mary Alice Kroll 

Mancy Jo Kronman 

Bradley Howard Krupsaw 

John Scott Kuntz 

Kimberly Anne Kyle 

Robert Joseph La Hood 

Katherine Janet Larson 

Edward Barry Lattner 
+Barnett Michael Lawrence 

David Rhodes Lawrence 

Abbe Sue Lazrus 

Susan Marie Leary 

Kenneth William Lee, Jr. 

Matthew Edward Lee 

Cheryl Ann Lera 

David S. Lerer 

Maomi Renee Levin 

Mitchell David Levy 
'Susan Kaye Lewis 

Alexander William Likowski 

Gary Michael Limon 
Michael Dennis Litherland 
William Jeffery Little 
Patrick Arrington Llewellyn 
Suzanne Marie Logue 
William Quinn LoPinto 
Phyllis Terri Losikoff 
Jennifer Ann Lubic 
Robert Lee Ludwig 
Mark Christopher Lyons 
Minda Ellen Maisel 
Sharon Ann Maksymiec 
Marc Terry Malakoff 
Miloupar Maleki 
Gregory James Mallon 
Dorothy Jean Manders 
Gerard Paul Manley 
Robert Allan Mann 
Cynthia Ann Marcus 
Nelson E. Marsh 

SJohn Michael Mashny (two 

Keith Michael Mason 
Robert John Mattis 
Robert Arthur Mayhew 
Ronda Sue Mayhew 
Kyle Oscar McAfee 
Sherry Lynn McBride 
Joseph Anthony McCall 
Molly McDaniel 
Kathleen Louise McDermott 
Brian Keith McGahey 
David Warren McGlynn 
Patricia J. McGuire 
Deborah Ann Mclntire 
Catherine Marie McLaughlin 
Suzanne Mary McMahon 

tWilliam Joseph McMahon 
Mary Elizabeth McMurrer 
James Walter McNally 
Hanson Meikle 
Glenn Joseph Melcher 
Steven Elliot Meller 
Kathy Sue Merachnik 
Carol Ann Metzner 
Suzanne Lee Meyer 
Paul Christopher Mickum 
Charles Milburn 
Stephanie Miller 

James Arthur Mills 
Mikita Lynne Mitchell 
John Thomas Montanaro 
Mary Kathleen Mooney 
Jane Winslow Moore 
Joy Angelina Moore 
Michael Oliver Moore 
Steven Gregory Moritz 
Joseph Francis Morris 
Marie-France Raymonde 

Jacques Andre Paul Mourrain 
Joseph Patrick Mullan 
Mark McQuen Mullings 
Colleen Ann Mulrenin 
Shawn Joseph Murphy 
James Patrick Murray 
Patricia Carmen Murray 
Melanie Lynn Murrow 
Gregory Brian Myers 
Richard Daniel Myers 
Leslie Anne Naimaster 
Lisa Ann Nance 
Jane Waters Nardone 

SPaul Burns Nardone 
Dana Mitchell Narode 
Phyllis Gay Neal 
Eric John Nee 
Anthony Jerome Nelson 
Gail Cynthia Nelson 
Sharon Denise Nelson 

+Steven Myles Nemeroff 
Kenneth James Nemetz 
Veronica Denise Nicholas 
Walter Varnell Nick. Jr. 
Sheri Jean Nield 
Shigeru Nishida 
Patrick William Notley 
Kathleen A. Kooiman Obern 
Kathleen Frances O'Connell 
Sharon Patricia O'Day 
Alan Lawrence Odenthal 
Bruce Songuk Oh 

§Lorin B. Olsen 
Anne Marie O'Reilly 
Sandi Lynn Oringer 
Hilary Christine Osborn 
Keith Arman Osman 
Davtm Amy Osterweil 

JiSumma Cum Laude: ^Magna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 


Virginia Angela Pallotto 
Hoe Son Park 
Joseph Allen Parsons 
Jacqueline Marie Paterson 
*Barbara Farrell Pats 
Paul Byron Pattak 
Catherine Marie Pecora 
Joan Beilstein Persian 
Marci Ann Peters 
Thomas Joseph Pfeifer 
Carol Ann Philbin 
Kathleen Sue Philippi 
Donna Jean Philpitt 
Marylou Piernik 
Jennifer Lee Pike 
Elizabeth Jane Poff 
Bruce David Polsky 
Joseph Lee Pomroy 
Dale Christopher Forter 
Sandra Dee Porter 
Patricia Ann Powell 
Mark Jeffrey Prat! 
Maura Leslie Prochazka 
Margarita Prodromidis 
Wilma Vernell Purcell 
Patricia Suzanne Pyatak 
Renee Y. Vessels 

Catherine Anne Quinn 
*Linda Marlene Rachbach 
Glenn William Ramey 
§Carol Claudia Ramsay 
SNicholas Elias Rattal 
Ellen Faye Ravitch 
Cavan Michael Redmond 
Matthew John Reidy 
Michael Paul Reinecke 
Linda Diane Reise 
*Bruce Leslie Richardson 
John Gregory Richardson, Jr. 
John Carl Riffe 
Susan Beth Rintel 
Anne Marie Riordan 
tLeslie Irene Risin 
Carlos Manuel Rivas 
William H. Rivell, Jr. 
Nancy Joy Rivkin 
David George Robak 
Donna Regina Roberts 

Stephanie A. Roberts 
Margaret Elaine Robertson 
Cheryl Lynn Robinson 
Gayle Lisa Robinson 
John Henry Robinson 
Kimberly Ann Robinson 
Mary Catherine Robinson 
Michael Anthony Robinson 
Anthony Joseph Roda 
Lynn A. Rodgers 
Maria Antonia Rodriguez 
Cynthia Louise Romero-Getz 
Edward Howard Rosen 
Laura Blair Rosen 
James Russell Rosenberg 
Jeffrey Aron Rosenzweig 
Pamela Rosetti 
Grace Lynn Saffold 
Seyedhamid Sahiholnasab 
Tracy Anne Salemme 
Ramou Rhamatoulai Sallah 
Hilarie Lynn Samuels 
Beverly May Sanders 
Tamar Sasser 
Donna L. Satterthwaite 
Colleen Marie Saur 
Catherine Lee Savage 
Priscilla Ann Savary 
Steven Eric Schenker 
Bradley John Schiek 
Lauren Beth Schoenfeld 

*Jill Maria Schorr 
Margaret Schuize 
Ann Marie Schwindaman 
Dina Scolaro 
Kathleen Marie Seamone 
Anthony LeRoy Sears 
Maria Christina Segovia 
Lisa Colleen Senseney 
Diana Sepehri 
Diane Elizabeth Shamsey 
Jason Alan Shapiro 
Linda Ellen Shapiro 
llene Robyn Sheer 
Orbie Ray Shively 
Avigdor S. Shur 
Victor John Siaurusaitis 
Nadine Elaine Sibila 

tCharles Jeffrey Siegel 

Daniel Louis Sill 

Edward Alan Simmons 

Stacy Nina Simon 

Stephen Howard Sinclair 

Gregory Guy Singleton 

Charles Eugene Sirleaf 

Cathy LaVerne Smith 

James F. Smith 

Jeffrey Robert Smith 
*Joan Christie Smith 

Lisa Marie Smith 
'Robert Hugh Smith 

Steven Miller Smith 

Daman Sodhi 

Richard Glenn Solomon 

William Benjamin Spruill 

Eric Allen Stanford 

Robert Christopher Stanley 

Deborah Kay Stear 

Heidi Ruth Stephan 

Lauren Elizabeth Stemchak 

David Preston Sterner 

Jean Marie Stevens 

David Hal Strassman 

Brian Gerard Struntz 

Lynelle Ann Stunkard 

John Lawrence Sturm 

Ellen Fairbanks Sullivan 

Mary Elizabeth Supik 

Wendy Joan Sussman 

George Lawrence 
§Teresa Dawn Talbot 

Michael Leroy Taylor 

Michele Taylor 

James Michael Temple 

Gina Marie Tesoriero 

Karen Ann Tidstrom 

Robin Ann Tobin 

Richard James Todd 

Donald Alan Toll, Jr. 

Jill Diane Tracey 

Linda Traficanti 

Diane Louise Trease 

Donna Lynn Tricarico 

John Clayton Trumbule 

Carey Vincent Tubbs 

Tammy Lorraine Turner 

Deborah Anne Marie (Jllmann 

Barton Denis Gmidi 
tDavid Alfred CItara 
Emmanuel Arellano (Jy 
Elaine Irene Vadnais 
William Allen Van Blarcum 
John William Vander Hoven 
Susan Melanie Vanik 
Jeffrey Brian Van Suetendael 
*Gary O. Varady 
H. May Vechery 
Dean S. Ventola 
Jeffrey Marc Wachs 
David Edward Waite 
Michele Lynn Waldman 
•Leslie Carol Walker 
Diana June Wallace 
John George Wallace, Jr. 
Michael Joseph Walsh 
Ratus William Walters III 
Kimberly Ruth Walton 
Charles Alan Ward 
Mark Johnathan Ward 
Michael George Ward 
Paul Stephen Wamquist 
Myra Jean Waters 
John Peddy Watson 
Gary David Weiner 
David Ian Weinstein 
Rori Beth Weinstein 
Victor Weissberg 
Brigit Mary Westerhout 
§Robert MacDonald Whaples 
James Judson Whidden 
Ann Maurine Whitley 
Susan Wigetman 
Sandra Lee Wilkinson 
MaryEllen Williams 
Timothy S. Williams 
Tirrell Eriand Willis 
Sandra Lee Wilson 
Eileen Margaret Wiltuck 
§Kathryn Kent Winterson 
Kay Louise Wise 
Clark Emanuel Wisor III 
Michael Jesse Wittig 
Lisa Maryn Wolff 
Margaret Helan Woo 
§Joyce Lynne Wood 
Shelley Jean Wooden 


SSumma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Timothy Gaylord Worstell 
Jonathan Stuart Wright 
Kelly Michann Wright 
Kathleen Gail Wyvill 
Elizabeth Ann Yevzeroff 
Nancy Dee Yohay 
Leonard Andrew Yotko 
Harold Young III 
Vanessa G. Young 
Valerie Helene Zaid 
Irene Patricia Zamora 

§Frances Andrea Zarrelli 

SSharon Lisa Zilber 
Pablo Mario Zuniga 

Bachelor of Science 

Anna Marie Anderson 

Steven Kirk Baur 

Cecile Rose Becker 

Guy Jeffrey Benedict 
^Bary Mayer Berger 

Catherine Anne Biro 
i^Audrey Ann Bloom 

Maria Rita Bochicchio 

Janice Eleanor Burch 

Michael Sean Carriger 

Michael Joseph Carroll 

lyan Cheng 

Tod Chernikoff 

Steven Keith Coppel 
+Robyn Ann Davidson 

Andrev*/ Bain Dempster 

Karen Marcia Ellis 

Teresa A. Ellis 

Robert Bruce Fingerman 

Kevin Michael Garrity 

Reed Mathew Gilbert 

Davida Z. Goldman 

Russell Everett Grace 

Paul Michael Grimaldl 

Kathleen Hall 

Karen Lynn Harris 

John P. Henze 

Caria Dell Houghten 

Mary Kathryn ladarola 
•Joseph Frederick Kalish 

Frank Manook Kaloustian. Jr. 

Theodora C. Koutris 
Richard Neil Levitas 
Lisa Katinas Lindler 
Margaret Louise Lindt 
Bridget Ann Low 
Jody Dee Margulies 
James Kylor Marsh 
George Jencquel Mika 
Catherine Teresa Moore 
Eric D. Most 

Edward Arthur Motsinger 
Natasha Norman 
Thomas Walter Patterson 

tPatrick Vincent Petti 
Scott Pianin 

Roderick Anthony Pinnick 
James Francis Porrino 
John Robert Robinson 
Barry Michael Rubin 
Cristine Marie Shuey 
Debra Ann Simms 
Dianne Wallace Smith 

■•■Jeffrey Louis Snow 
Barry J. Snyder 
Elizabeth Mary Sylto 
Mabel Tang 
Diane Marie Thompson 
William Gregory Tolley 
Ngoc Tran 
Paul Adeline Walsh 
David Tighe Whitaker 
Amarda Magdaline White 


College of Education 

Candidates wilt be presented by 
Dr. George L. Marx. 
Assistant Provost for 

Bachelor of Arts 

Eileen Hempel Bartlett 
Emily Susan Bellavigna 
Janis Dean Bogart 
Michelle Yvette Corbett 
Lorna Gail Curran 
Teresa Nick Grant 
Matthew Alan Hicks 
Barbara Grim Keiling 
Kyong Hae Kim 
Judith Alys Lebey 
Lynn Merryman Marsh 
Kyung Soon Paek 
Carol Ann Ries 
Edit Maria Sayko 
Charles Martin Sparks 
Elizabeth Ann Strother 

Bachelor of Science 

Natan Deutsch Abraham 

Brenda Diane Adderly 
'Patricia Jane Agayoff 
*Ali Aremu Alabi 

Allen Jeffery Ambush 

Lisa Harriet Anders 
*Ada Jean Anderson 

Katherine ReNae Anderson 

Lori Marguerite Anderson 

Dale Richard Angleberger 

Beth Ann Atmonavage 

Susan Ann Ayers 

Elaine Marie Babbitt 

Rosalie Bartoszyk 

James Nuhu Bature 

Martha Joanna Bauer 

■fViolet Jean Bean 

•Alan K. Beauchemin 

Kathleen Lyons Bell 

Linda Joy Belsky 

Karen Renee Bennett 

Thomas John Bezila 

Shari Hope Binn 

Gail Ann Blake 

Lori Ann Blum 
•Bridgette Susan Bosc 
T^Laura Joan Bowen 
•Lisa Ann Breck 

Janet Ann Bridge 

Darlene Twila Brittin 

Elizabeth Joanne Burch 

Mary Frances Burns 

Elaine Kay Butuyan 

Roshellyn Nanette Cagley 

Ann Marie Castellano 
•Patricia Karen Chavez 

Hresula Cheakalos 

Ronald Irwin Chesek 

Regina Colette Clark 

Phyllis Michelle Cohen 
•Margaret Kinkead Colvin 

Steven Patrick Conley 

Aileen Suzanne Coogan 

Lisa Ann Cookerly 

Tyrone Frederick Cornish 

Lynn Louise Criswell 

Sally Ann Cruz 
•Brenda June Dalen 

Stuti Dassarma 
•Grace Marie Deily 

Lauren Donna Delsack 
§Doreen Lynn Derigo 

Anne Marie Devereaux 

Krishan S. Dhillon 

Robyn Alane Diamond 

Lisa Gail Dickerson 

Kenneth Dewayne DiGiulian 

Carol Frances Donham 

Susan Louise Drish 

Rosa Haydee Duran 

Anita Jill Earp 

Donatus Chidi Edeh 

Christopher L. Eggert 

Elena Marie Ekers 

Tracey R. Emst 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laude 


Mary Frances Evert 
JoAnn Ruth Feldmann 
Karen Anne Feldmann 
Michele Anne Ferguson 
Debra Ann Fieman 
Barbara Ann Finch 
Wendy E. Flax 
Ellen Ann Flickinger 
Davetta Lee Flinn 

tPamela Renee Foley 
Theresa Foley 
David B. Forman 
Stephanie A. French 
Jacquelyn Lee Fujiwara 
Christina P. Galiardi 
Karen Hope Gardner 
Susan Gasbarro 
Kenneth James Gediing 
Suzanne G. Giacalone 
Lisa Renee Gilbert 
Nadine Lynn Glass 
Leroy Edward Glinecki 
Claire Lynn Goeller 
Bonnie Marie Grant 
Catherine Marie Grant 

*Meryl Lee Green 
Korry Alden Greene 
Brian Edward Gregory 
Helen Eleanor Gromadzki 
Regina Ann Hackel 

*James Michael Hall 
K. Blair Hanauer 

*Debra Ann Hansbrough 
John Barr Harvie 
Debbie Elizabeth Hawkins 
Suzanne Miriam Hayn 
Donna Marie Hemingway 
Richard Scott Herr 
Joyce Diane Hickey 
Susan Jane Hoffman 
Christopher Robert Home 
Steven Craig Horsmon 
Bruce Richard Howard 
Rosa Chi Hsiung 
Katherine Anne Hunt 
Donald Eugene Irwin 
Tobias Tanko Isa 
Wendy Karen Jacobs 
Stephen Lee Johnson 

Juliana Ellese Johnston 
Sharon Lynn Jones 
Lisa Anne Jowdy 

§Michael Edward Kabay 
Konstantinos G. Karavas 
Jill lla Kassander 
Theofania K. Katselis 
Susan Jane Kite-Poulin 
John Stephen Klapac 
Robert William Klein II 
Christina Eunshil Ko 
Louisa Evangeline Kolson 

*Christine Lucille Leon 
Margaret Nicholas Leps 
Randi S. Levin 
Bonita Rachele Lewis 
Mark Andrew Lieb 

§Laura Nell Lineberry 

•Richard Anthony Long II 
Mary Margaret Longo 
Scott Russell Loven 
Lisa Anne Lowenfeld 
Jill Elizabeth Lyons 
John Bruce Magoon 
Ernest Mark Mahone 
Mary Ann Maloney 
Bruce Gordon Marshall 
Joann Maria McCloskey 
Lucille Lauck McDonald 
Lynne Susan McDonald 
Margaret Susan McGowan 
Helen Martin McKenna 
Mary De Loris McPherson 
Karen Adele Mereschak 
Sharon Renee Midkiff 
Warren Hugh Miller, Jr. 
Christopher Robert Mirenzi 
Sandra Lee Moore 

tJoan Marie Morgereth 
Andrew Curtis Mount 
Lorraine Dale Musgrove 
Barbara Jean Myers 
Lisa D. Myers 
Duncan Craig Nutter 
Teena Marie O'Dell 
Edson Adetunji Ogunshakin 
Susan Rene Owen 
Teresa Maureen Owen 
Cynthia Lynn Owings 

Tonya Katie Parker 
tBetsy llene Pastor 

David Alan Patterson 

Elaine Patricia Peck 

Bryan Scott Perkal 

Mary Lynne Peters 

Deborah Ann Pierce 

Cheryl Lynn Pierpont 

Melissa Ann Pisciotta 

Jane Susan Piatt 

Ronald Lee Postman 

Tamara Louise Ray 

Frederick John Reitz, Jr. 

Janet Marie Richards 

Janet Arlyne Ryder 

Tracey Lynn Sasser 

Joseph Steven Scallion 

Randi Karen Schaechter 

Mark Allen Schmelz 

James Robert Schneider, Jr. 

Margaret Downes Scully 

Josephine Ann Semeniuk 

Amy Anne Shapiro 

Mary E. Shea 

Janice Lohr Sheppard 

Stephen John Simich 

Cheryl Lynn Smith 

Susan Eileen Smith 

Kellie Hartwick Stave 

Norman Frederick Stultz 111 

Diane Patricia Swanson 

Pebble Anna Tanner 

Toni Renee Thevenot 

Virginia B. Thom 

James Emanuel Toula 

Katherine Lee Turvey 
•Deborah Lynn Tweit 

Kathleen Louise Wagner 

Samuel S. Wamdeo 
§March Harlan Warner 

Hillary Beth Watter 

Kelly Maureen Welter 
tLori Ann Wenzinger 

Katherine Louise Weschler 

Alisa Wilder 

Lisa Beth Williams 

Patience Wells Windsor 

Thomas Alan Wright 

Theresa Marie Wybierala 

Sharon A. Zgoda 


SSumma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

College of Human Ecology 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr John R. Beaton. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Irene D. Abeles 
Barrie Jill AdIer 
Simone Ain 
Susan Akridge 
Megan Ann Almerino 
Diana Lynn Arbogast 
Farokh Bagha 
Randi Beth Baldecchi 
•Linda Jeanne Beckham 
Elizabeth Marsh Belleville 
Deborah Elizabeth Bickers 
Donna Marie Billig 
Shari Hope Binn 
Wenda Beth Blass 
Marguerite Elizabeth 

Susan Elizabeth Boothby 
William Payne Bozman. Jr. 
Julia Ann Brandenburg 
Mark William Brink 
Eileen Patricia Briskey 
Kristin Brooke Buckel 
Barbara Ellen Buckley 
Mary Ruth Cepko 
llene Meryl Chaimowitz 
Jacalyn Ann Childers (two 

In O. Cho 

Willie Mae C. Clayton 
Darlene Louise Cofiell 
Caroline Mancy Cohen 
Carol J. Comer 
Maxine Jacobs Cooper 
June Leslie Davis 
Kim Therese Division 
Judith Emma Dougherty 
Binda Greta Douglas 
Joseph Edward Downs 
Dennis Lee Drake 
Sheryl Lynne Drossner 
Susan Elizabeth Dunn 
Sara Jane Falk 

Helen Suzanne Fauquier 

Mary Ellen Fegan 

Ellen Ann Fish 

Jane Ellen Fishbin 

Rande D. Fleishman 
§Suzanne Lynn Foster 

Gail Lynn Fox 

Margery Deborah Fox 

Adrianne Louise Garbutt 

Patricia Elizabeth 

Cindy Lee Gold 

Lynn S. Goldenberg 

Marjorie Louise Goldich 

Marie-Evelyne Golding 

Jeanne Maria Graminski 

Elaine Luisa Granados 

Jon Christopher Guidera 

Gloria Marie Hale 

Sidney Kahn Hamburger 

Shirley Ann Harold 

Denise Lynn Harris 
SRebecca Sue Harrison 
ijAlva Louise Hayes 

Lesa Joyce Hebron 

Lucille L Held 

Gregory Hein 

Melissa Hope Held 

Wendi Paige Herling 

Nancy Iris Hershinson 

Sharon Beth Herzig 

Jill Himelfarb 

Maria Louise Hinchcliff 

Helen Justina Holden 

Karen Anne Honeywell 

Anne Elizabeth Howell 

Linda Susan Hurka 

Phyllis Denene Jones 

Kristina Eva Juusela 

Jeffrey Jon Katzen 

Donna Louise Kay 

B. Wong Kazebee 

John Joseph Kelchner. Jr. 

Yong Hwa Kim 

Katherine Karleen Kirchner 

Alicia Robin Klein 

Sue Anne Maree Kokos 

Donna Kory 

Sheryl Faith Kotin 

Lisa Dannielle Kramer 
Lori Ann Kushmeider 
Dina Cozette Larach 
Nancy Marie Lehmann 
Suzanne Deborah Levin 
Elizabeth Levine 

•Brenda Ann Llewellyn 
Linda Irene Lowry 
Jo-Ann Lukow 
Marta Lilian Lyons 
Elizabeth G. Mack 
Sarah Elizabeth Mack 
David Wayne Maher 
Daniel Brian Marsh 
Joanne Eileen Marsh 
Deborah Ann Mays 
Margaret Evelyn McAllister 
Margaret A. McDonough 
Jennifer Anne Mcintosh 
Alice Diehl Merkel 
Beth Carole Meyers 
Marie Elaine Mikulak 

•Elizabeth Ann Milner 
Lisa Jeannine Mullikin 
Ellen Michelle Murray 
Sally Annette Murray 
Vicki Lynn Naliborski 
Renee Ellen Nasim 
Alyse D. Nass 
Lisa Margaret Nelson 
Lissa Celeste Nielsen 
Linda Joan Norcross 
John Andrew Osbahr 
James Allen Osborn 
Susanne Beata Oser 
Karen Lisa Oxendine 
Karen Lynne Padezanin 
Ann Pappas 
J. Kimberly Pepersack 
Mary Perantonakis 
Susan Eileen Peregoy 
Susan Podmostko 
Deborah Ann Powell 
Lynne Press 

•Linda Collinsworth Provost 
Drew E. Rayman 
ijMargaret Anne Reese 
Kathleen Marie Reilly 
Catherine Pie Reybold 

Judi Helene Rice 
ijMartha Beeghly Rice 
Lisa Anne Richter 
Catherine Goodwin Rinzel 
Gail Rosensweig 
Heidi L Rosman 
Ann Marie Roy 
Janet Lee Rupert 
Charles Freeman Russell. Jr. 
Mary Anne Rutherford 
Lori Rachel Sarason 
Terri Elise Savin 
Darla Marie Scabis 
Gary Angelo Scabis 
Devora Ann Scharff 
Susan Carol Schwab 
Charles Wesley Shauck 
Dave H. Shin 
Karen Jill Siegel 
Suzanne Kanaga Simpson 
Georgina Slavoff 
Lauren Brenda Smith 
*Mary Easton Stainton 
Candyce M. Steele 
Ten Lynn Stipetic 
Susan Marie Svoboda 
Coral Susan Sweed 
Caroline Elizabeth Szymanski 
Lisa Joy Tempchin 
Michele Bari Tesser 
Catherine Ann Teti 
Katherine Louise Tobias 
Karen Beth Trackman 
Maryann Vaillant 
Julie VanHom 
Kristin Leigh Wachter 
Alfred James Walsh 
Inez Elise Weinstein 
Abbi Jill Weisman 
Dawn Beth Weiss 
Suzanne Ross Welge 
Eric Carter Westbrook 
Mary Jane Whyte 
Dawn Louise Wilson 
Robin Denise Wilson 
Janice Lynn Wise 
Norma Louise Yescavage 

§Summa Cum Laude: '^Magna Cum L^ude: *Cum Laude 


College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George F. Kramer, 
Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Penelope Ann-Moiley Akwei 

Delair David Ali 

Joel Mark Appelbaum 

Mary Ellen Bartell 

William James Bartle 

Gloria Marie Bauerband 

Margaret M. Beyma 

Cynthia L. Broadhurst 

Tammy Jeanne Buckley 

Lisa Borsodi Cahall 

Cathleen Anne Caiola 

Teresa Charles 

Janet Maureen Cullins 

Linda Marie Curry 

Dan Hugh Dawson 

James Vince Dunbar 

Allyson Diane Ferguson 
*Wendy Kim Gelfand 

Joanne Marie Gibson 

Dorothy Gardiner 

Birgit Liddy Gruenberg 

Philip Lawrence Hager 

Tanya Elizabeth Hart 

Stephen Paul Hayleck 

Corinne Claudia Henson 

Barbara Jean Hoelk 

Beth Faye Holtzman 

Thomas Joseph Kelly 

Mary-Lynn Klevans 

Charles Taylor Kluge 

Mark Adrian Lockhart 

Susan Elizabeth Lombardi 

Janis Louise MacKenzie 

Catherine Danielle Mahon 

MaryAnn Makar 

Rhonda Sue Malloy 
*Paul Denis Manny 

Nelson E. Marsh 

Calvin Matthews 

Victoria Suzanne McBride 
Kathleen Marie McCarthy 
Richard Perry Medaris 
A. Elizabeth Mitchell 
Matthew Carl Nichols 
Brenda Kay Old 
Hope Sarah Patterson 
Tracy Dawn Perreten 
Karen Elizabeth Renaud 
Steven Marc Rhodes 

*Scott Lawrence Robbins 
Alison Kay Rodgers 
Gregory Lawrence Rowe 
Cynthia Ann Scheidel 
Lisa Lurese Schlesinger 
Sarah Somerset Schofield 
Donna Jean Schwartz 
Robert Alan Shapiro 
Richard Alan Shulman 

*Kimberly Smith 
Laurie Colleen Stilwell 
Glenda Jean Stiteler 
Pamela Anne Stockstill 

'Elizabeth Chilton Swaine 
Maja P. Walderhaug 
Marita Walton 
Louie William White 
Mary Waters Campbell White 
Cynthia Lynn Willoner 
Forrest Warden Wilson III 
Robert Bruce Wingard 
Susan Marie Wolpert 
John Louis Yore 
Eva Gay Young 
Pamela Jean Zimmerman 


College of Engineering 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George E. Dieter. Jr.. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Paula Jean Allen 
*Sandra Maria Amatucci 

Frank Pearson Ames, Jr. 

Gregory Michael Amigo 

Martin Anderson 

William Eugene Armour 

Roshanak Aryan-Nejad 

Soraya Asa 

Alan Henry Baginski 

Jeffrey West Baker 

Kenneth Robert Baker 
*Esber Antonios Barakat 

Steven Robert Baran 
tRichard Edward Barnas 

Nabih Elias Bedewi 

Mark Daniel Behnke 

Timothy D. Bender 

Mark Christy Bennett 

Stephen R. Benson 

Curtis Lee Berry 

Patrick John Bettinger 
*Judith Maxine Beyer 

James Joseph Bezila 

Jerome John Bialecki 
tPaul Eric Biegel 

Lee Joseph Binette 

Frederick Karl Birk 

James Marlyn Bishoff, Jr. 

Jose Armando Blanco 111 

Michael Andrew Boden 
tCynthia Ann Bohse 

James Murray Bolton 

Eric William Bolz 

Donald James Bono 

Parvaneh Borhani 

William Raymond Brockway, 

§Daniel Robert Brouns 

Cynthia Gail Brown 

David Peter Brown 

Gary Jay Brown 

Wayne Calvin Bruce 
tNelson Prentice Bryner 

John Joseph Buckley, Jr. 

Kham Huu Bui 

Ralph Anthony Buonomo 

Richard Burkhardt 

Ronald Gert Busch 

John Phillip Byers 

John Mark Campbell 

Necmeddin Can 

Dino Caporossi 

Barry Dean Carlson 
tMark DeWayne Case 

Geoffrey Alan Cerrelli 

Steven Guy Chalk 

Kig Woon Chan 

Wing Yuen Chan 

Larry Michael Chaney 
*Shang-Ying Chang 

Narendra Kumar Chaudhari 

Li-Chuan Chen 

Michael Tak Chen 
•Geraldine Soh Sim Cheok 

Frank Yoonhae Chi 

Dean Chin 

Ravinder Chona 

Sung Kook Chun 

Charles Edward Clagett 
tTimothy Truman Clark 
•Arnold Cohen 

Carlo Colella 

Jeanne Marie Collins 

Timothy Rollin Collins 

Michael Paul Conley 

Robert Michael Connerton 

George Cooley 

Patrick Joseph Cooper 

Don Anthony Coronel 

Michael Colin Courtillet 

Kevin Edward Crouchley 

Ken Richard Crouse 

Stephen Edward Crum 

Gary Walter Cullison 

William Russell Curtis II 
tWIIIiam Edward Cutlip 


SSumma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

J. Oliver Dahlfrancis 
John Patrick D'Andrea 
Patrick Blaine Davis 
William Louis Davitt 
John Joseph DeFrank. Jr. 
+Steven Curtis Dellon 
Kurt Ernest Deming 
Forouzan Derakhshan 
Steven Wayne Diggins 
Williann Joseph Dilanni 
+Timothy Eugene Dinnmick 
Lynn August Disque 
§Tom K. Doong 
John Patrick Dow 
James Franklin Driftmyer 
Victor Lee Dubrowski 
Marcio Christopher Duffles 
Fariborz Ebrahimi 
Daniel Robert Eden 
Gregory Francis Eder 
Gary Fred Eldridge 
Gary Jay Epstein 
William Todd Eudy 
Nadeem Fahmi 
Zachary Raymond Fallin 
Ziaeddine f^ateml 
■fJeremiah Vincent Finnigan 
Wayne Louis Forman 
Danny Ray Fowler 
James Earl Fowler 
Edmund Brockenbrough Fox 
Stewart Taylor Fox 
Ronald Arthur Frankel 
Kathleen Bridget Frantz 
David Allen Frommer 
SJames Lee Fulcomer 
Martin Davis Fuller 
'Steven Eric Gagnon (two 

James Gaitan 
Sean James Gallagher 
Narendra Ganti 
^Gregory Michael Gatlln 
Gholamreza Saravi 

Dale Monroe Gigandet 
Hugh William Gilbreath 
Timothy Brian Gipe 
Ronald Eugene Gist 

Shamus Edward Gleason 
Gary John Goble 
Joel Padgett Golden 
Paul Edward Goliwas 
Jeffrey Franklin Griffin 

SJohn Alan Gubner 
Jack Allen Gump 
Robert Lee Gunter 

§David Joseph Haas 
William Paul Haas 
Harold Ivans Hagen 
Philip John Halpin 

•Leanne Elizabeth Hammer 
Timothy R. Harman 
Howard Leslie Harris 
James Timothy Hartnett 
David Lawrence Hatfield 
Katia Hatziantonaki 

tJeffrey Neal Hayden 
Gregory Kent Haynes 
Allen Ray Hefner, Jr. 

tJeffrey Clinton Helms 
Gregory Lee Henegar 
John Coyle Heneghan 
Heidi Kathleen Herr 
Robert Wellman Hewes II 
Richard J. Hichborn 
Robert Ronald Hickox 
Edward Ho 

Richard Hugh Hoffman. Jr. 
Leslie Edward Holden. Jr. 
James Eric Hoover 
Peter Linn Hoover 
David Carl Horengic 
James Donald Horner 
John David Horton 
Dalen Allen Hough 

•James Hsien-Tsung Hsu 
Craig Edward Huber 

§Mary Elizabeth Hushower 
Davis Da-Yie Hwu 
Robert Fulton Idol 
Linwood Milson Inscoe 
Carol Louise Irvine 
Darryl Wayne Ivins 
Mark George Jacobs 
Paul Iver Jacobsen 
William Peter Jensen III 
Erick Lionel Johnson 

Wesley Carson Jones 
Jaime Jose Jurado 
Christopher Craig Kahl 
David Michael Kalen 
Sung Shin Kang 
George Constantinos Karas 
Lorice Ellen Kassatly 
Arun Kumar Katyal 
Marc Lawrence Kaylor 
Jean Binkley Keck 

•John Stuart Keenan 
David M. Kelly 
Joseph William Kenealy 
Tarek Salim Khan 
Donald Joseph Kilduff 
Heung Gu Kim 
Myung Ho Kim 

i^Oliver Hyonki Kim 
Paul Sunghwan Kim 
Lewis Stinson Kimball, Jr. 
Robert W. Kinslow 
Darryl Keenan Kirk 
Terrence Michael Klosky 
Daniel Edward Knott 
Paul William Koehnlein 
Chu Sok Ko 
Emily Shoumee Koo 
David Stephen Korn 
Henry William Krafft 
Mark Stanley Krawczewicz 
James Louis Krenzke 
Mathan David Kunes 
Philip Charles La Berge 
Paul William Lain 
Barry Allan Lake 
Michael David Lambert 
Christopher B. Lamka 
Christopher Allen Lane 
Jeffrey Dunn Lassell 
David Walter Lawrence 
Douglas Edward Lawrence 
Kokon Fernando Lay 
Daniel Orval Layton 
Khoi Minh Le 
Hae C. Lee 
Joanne Lee 
Ma-Li Lee 

William Joseph Levenson 
Kenneth David Levinrad 

Mark Thomas Lewis 

SPeter Li 
David Frank Libbon 
Richard Edmund Link 
David Edward Linton 
Royce Powell Valentine 

Edgar Allen Logan. Jr. 
Dennis C. Loh 
Mark Andrew Long 
David Alan Lookenbill 
Say Voeun Lor 
Stephen Charles Lorenzetti 
Benny K. Louie 
Cynthia Low 
Jacquelyn Esme Low 
Ronaldo Luna 
Timothy David Mallory 
Stephen Keith Mamakos 
William Herbert Mandir 
Renee Lynn Marsh 
Raymond John Martin 
Thomas Oliver Martino 
Thomas Anthony Mattel 
James M. McCarthy 
Maureen Marie McCarthy 
Billy Dwayne McClure 

SPeter Frederick McConaughy 
Eric DeShunn McFarland 
Philip Edward McGehee 
Michael Lynn McGown 
Kevin Patrick McKirgan 
Dennis Gregory McMahon 
Kevin Patrick McMenamin 
Kathleen McNee 
Barry Patrick McQuay 

•Kirk Ian Mettam 
Joel Michael Milano 
Mary Lynne Miller 
Patrick John Miller 
Richard Dean Mills 
Jeffrey Mllner 
Robert James Milstead 
Nazar Ali Mohl 

•Lizabeth Rayner Montgomery 
Keith Kyung-Wook Moon 
John Gerald Moose 
Christopher Miller Morgan 
David Thomas Moriconi 

SSumma Cum Laude: tMagna Cum L.aude: •Cum Laude 


Fariborz Mortezaee 

Geoffrey Robert Moss 

Vahid Motevalli 

Bruce Emerson Moylan 

Phillip Frederick Mueller 

Lisa Rebecca Mundy 

John Dennis Munno 

Richard James Murphy, Jr. 

Matthew Leonard Maiman 

Yonwoo Mam 

Natale Mappi, Jr. 

Roberto Alexis Maranjo 

Shahzad Nejat-Haiem 

Victor Earl Nerses 

Shmuel Netanel 

Rene Darnell Meville 

Hieu Thien Ngo 

Son Ngoc Ngo 
§Khanh Quoc Nguyen 

Quang Van Nguyen 

Tuan Nguyen 

William Leiand Niemeyer 
§Brian Malcolm Nixon 

Mark William Nixon 

Paula Ruth Nixon 
•John Stanley Nolan 

Donna Marie Norton 

Shahriar Nour 

Farzin Rabii Nouri 

David Albert Obendorfer 

Robert Webb Owen, Jr. 

Jacob Jinho Pak 

Hratch Haygaz Pakhchanian 

Alan Scot Palmer 

Anthony Parker 

Rajesh Kanti Patel 

Susmitkumar H. Patel 

Catherine Marie Pecora 

Nils Erik Pedersen 

Nam Phi Pham 

Adrian Pilco 

Alan Justin Posey 

Anthony Patrick Puglisi 

Paulius Vytautas Fuzinauskas 

Tyrone Queen 

Robert Michael Quigley 
•Stephanie Karia White Quinn 
•Bertram Wilhelm Raabe 

Joseph Radakovich, Jr. 

Steven John Rager 

Ramonda Lynn Rawls 

Richard Thomas Reed 

Kenneth Brian Regiec 

John Edward Reinhart 

Bong Je Rhee 

Myung Je Rhee 

Ellen Fyffe Rhude 

Thomas Matthew Rivers 

E. Marie Roberts 

Dale Norman Robertson 
tCarolyn Rodgers 

Charles Eugene Rogers 

Kenneth Ira Rokoff 

Alan Howard Rosenberg 

Johnnie Phillip Rucker, Jr. 

James E. Russell, Jr. 

John Carlo Saber 
•Mary Alexandra Sadowski 

Steven Mark Sahm 

Peter Joseph Salerno 
§Robert Alan Saltzberg 

Maryellen A. Santiago 

D. Michael Sapp 

Anil K. Sastry 
§Louis Moses Schleifer 

David Allan Schwarzenberg 

Richard Hunterson Scott, Jr. 

Keihan Sedghi 

James Joseph Seidleck 
§Rafael Sela 

Edward Michael Serp 

Gerald Michael Shapiro 

Oren Robert Sheinman 

Karl Albert Sheldon 

Alpana Shenai 

Kitty Shan Shih 

David Roger Shively 

Harry Jay Silverman 

Edward Michael Silversmith 

Douglas Howard Simmons 

Thomas Carl Simon 

Richard Eric Six 

Craig D. Sly 

James Donald Smith 

John Harlan Smith 

Michael James Smith 

David Lee Snope 
§Nancy Lee Snyder 

Mark Anthony Solberg 

James Edward Somers, Jr. 

Peter Sourlis 

Michael Emery Spencer 

Lisa Hofferberth Spotts 

Jeanne Marie Stable 

Glenn Stephenson 111 

Kent William Stewart 

Gregory Charles Stokes 

Jeffrey Michael Strank 

Joan Alicia Suggs 

Rogelio Armando Sullivan 

Steven William Sweeney 

Pool Cheng Tang 

Michael Alexander Taousakis 
•Gary Charles Tartanian 
•Dean Joseph Tills 

Dean Zotico Tolete 

Anthony Thong Ngoc Tran 
tThanh Thien Tran 

Ahmet Hasim Tuncay 

Brian Edmund Turner 

Eric Carlton Turner 

Kurt John Vadelund 

Sanjay Verma 

Michael William Vesper 

Phat Hanh V6 

John Vodzak 

Richard Hien Vu 

Douglas Seige Wainer 

Richard Harold Walden 

Norine M. Walker 

Rebecca Lynn Walker 

Scott Harris Walker 

Yun Hsia Wang 

David Clark Warwick 

Mark Allan Weaver 

Peter Scott Weinberger 

Mark Evar Wessel 

Denise Anne West 

Philip Davidson West 

Fred Whiton, Jr. 

Timothy Francis Whittle 

Gregory Martine Wilkins 

Bryan David Willbanks 

Mark Owen Wilson 

William Robert Wilson 

Jolynn Windle 

Barbara Helen Wisniewski 

Thomas Edward Wisniewski 

John William WohlfartJi 

Harvey Steven Wong 
•Hyung Suk Woo 

Michael Franklin Wood 

Theresa Lynn Yarber 
§Harold Yaver 

Lin-Lin Yeh 
§Peter Christopher Yoest 

Scott Toma Yon 

Leonard Brian Zentz 

Manuel Pablo Zuhgia-PfliJcker 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr Frank J. Kerr. 
ProLOSt of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Thomas Carroll Aines 
Linda Ann Armistead 
George Edwin Bailey 
David Marc Balenson 
Joseph Douglas Barker 
Gregory Alexander Barmine 
Gerald Mark Belson 
Stuart Harris Berlin 
Susan Pilar Bernhardt 
William Carl Bieman 
§Geoffrey Duane Birky 
Naomi Anne Bourne 
James Scott Boyd 
Thomas Jay Boyland 
John Michael Buehler 
Stephen Joseph Bums 
Meredith Russell Butler. Jr. 
Michael Allen Capo 
Sue-Fong Chai 
Shih Chang 
§Yuen Yee Chao 
Ooi Khim Chen 
Sau T. Cheung 
Ok Ja Choi 
Jeffrey Franklin Clark 
Larry Jay Cohen 
Doug Cohn 
Richard Cohn 
Cynthia Renee Cousino 
Gregory Joseph Coyne 
Cynthia Robin Cykman 
Philip Norman Dennis 
Dan Michael Digiovacchino 
Jean Teresa Doran 
Richard Mark Dudley 
Susan Elizabeth Duffy 
Kambiz Fakhrai 
tJeremiah Vincent Finnigan 
George William Forster III 
David Andrew Fritz 

James Harold Fry 
tDonna Jean Fulcomer 

Craig Harrington Garbrick 

Gary Garofalo 

Kent Andrew Gilmour 

Wendy Iris Goldberg 

Stephen Harold Goldstein 

Conrad David Granath 

William Jerome Green 
SBrian David Gross 

Karen Gruner 

David Randall James Haan 

Miran Hahn 

Chienyung Han 

Paul Joseph Harris 

Kim Armatoski Haynes 
§Selman Philip Hershfield (two 

Steven Lawrence Heston 

Mai Thi Hoang 

Jacqueline Ann Hoglund 

Laurie Sue Howard 

Hsiaofang Hu 

Alan Michael Jacobson 
•Rebecca Grace Johnson 

Joseph Peter Jubinski 

David Newman Kaplan 

Menashe Jeffrey Katz 

Robert Dyson Kearney 

Charlene Bernice Kearse 

Jennifer Marie Kelley 

Frank Mortimer Kelly. Jr. 

Paul Sunghwan Kim 

Yoon Sock Kim 

Stephen James Kirr 

John Keats Kirsch 

Patricia Ann Klein 

Richard Aaron Klein 

Jennifer Hyobun Ko 
tChung-Chi Lai 

Todd Morgan L^ng 

Robert Edward Laplante 

Michael Yosef Laufer 

Eung Ho Lee 

Felix Bryant Lee 

Man Chiu Leung 

Allison Sue Levine 

Don Alan Lewis 

Fu-Chye Lin 

Lapchi Lu 
Luan Kinh Luu 
Christine Renae Malec 
Daniel Hobson Matthews 
Kenneth James Meredith 
Patricia Ann Meyer 
Terry Lynn Michael 
Nancy Sue Mier 

i'Susan Lynn Mittelman 
Linda Marian Moore 
David Richard Mucci 
John Michael Napolitano. Jr. 
Jonathan Edward Naugle 
Kim Huong Nguyen 
Minh Thu Nguyen 
Thu-Thuy Tfii Nguyen 
William D. Nichols, Jr. 
Elizabeth Ann Niffenegger 
Scott Cleveland Norcross 
Mary Theresa Novak 
Karen Ann Oakley 
Murray Willis Oilman 
Christopher Joseph Oneto 

•Joseph Ira Pallas 
Freud Poe Park 
Christine Peratino 
Philip Austin Perucci 
Leonard Craig Phillips 
Lisa Ginter Pickup 
Paul Edward Piraino 
Christopher Frank Porter 
Sandra Dale Postman 
William Joseph Quinn 
Ingrid Ellen Rasmussen 
Timothy Neil Reynolds 
Ricardo Javier Ruiz 
William E. Sanders 
Mehrdad Sarmadi 
Dean Elliott Savell 
John Edward Schafer, Jr. 
Brian R. Schallhorn 
Erwin H. Schuler III 
Celsus Oliver Serrano 
Thomas Butler Sewell 
Roger Matthew Shanks 
Lionel Ross Shapiro 
John Ali Shekarchi 
David Donglim Shin 
Igor Shneyderov 

Rafael Siguenza 

Matthew Silsbee 

James Peterson Silva 

Gary Todd SkJar 

Donald Thomas Slater 
•Douglas James Smith 

Stephan Bryan Smith 

Carl Smotricz 

Andrew Jay Solomon 

Peter John Sorando 
•Robert Alan Spangler 

John Gerard Stiller 

Steven Paul Strazza 

Judin Sukri 

Sandor Szabo 

Regina E. Toffolo 

Jeffrey Michael Trimboli 

Ky H. Trinh 

Man Har Tsang 

Conrad S. Tseng 

Barbara Elizabeth Twarowski 

Keith Travis Van Scoy 
§John Allen Veasey 

Deborah Anne Wagner 

Eric H. Wang 
'i'Harvey Stewart Waxman 

Jay Charles Weber 

Matthew Albert WolniUek 

Terri Lynn Wood 

Fav-Lu Wu 

Bing-Che Yeh 

SSumma Cum Laude: +Magna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laude 



Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert E. Shoenberg, 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Edward Joseph Aulisi 

Joseph Michael Aulisi 

Jacqueline Marie Bailey 

Jeffrey William Barber 

Molan McLean Barkdull 

Jennifer Ann Barrett 

Jay Michael Bass 
*Joanne Eisenhofer 

Lynne Ann Baysinger 

Florence Melissa Berkley 
*Sandra Fay Birnbaum 

Lisa Gayle Blum 

Lee B. Boddery 

Douglas Thomas Bradford 

Kathy Janine Briggs 

Eric Claude Brubaker 

Lisa Powers Buchanan 

Frances Marie Burroughs 

Edward J. Bush 

Jane Goehring Calabrese 

William Page Cardin 

Cardee Dabney Carmichael 

Carin Mary Cassidy 

David Glenn Chadick 

Cheri Darlene Chaikin 

Nancy Ann Clark 

Daryl Kevin Colbert 

Jeanne Catherine Coleman 

Carolyn Elizabeth Cooke 

Alan Drew Cornfield 

J. Gregory Crawford 

Carol Lynn Crum 

Mary Beatrice Daly 

Joel Michael Dandrea 

Joel Joseph Danshes 

Diana Lorraine David 
'Leslie Dana De Santi 

Michelle Marie Doggette 

Esther Ruth Ebey 
Beth Lynn Eidelman 
Heidi Jill Erekuff 
Erik Alfred Eways 
Devinnity Carolette 

Lisa Beth Feldman 
Patrick Leigh Finley 
Jill B. Fishman 
Clifford Blair Fitts 
David Wendell Floyd 
Naomi Ann Fortunoff 
Charles Curtis Fox 
Frederick Craig Frederick 
Ronald Garfinkle 
Donna Joyce Gemeny 
Bradley Joseph Genner 
Michael Charles Ger 
Paul Jay Ginsburg 
William Evan Glasener 
Susan Barbara Gollub 
Jacqueline Gordon 
James Gordon Griffin 
Dianne Wendy Grollman 
Diane Marie Guariglia 
Jeffrey Carl Haesloop 
Tracey Graham Hall 
Daniel Joseph Harvey 
Daphne Marie Harvey 
Dean Hashiguchi 
Michele Herman 
Edward Neil Hershon 
David Barry Hillman 
Janet Clifford Holmes 
Claressa Madora Hubbard 
James George Hudik 
Icey Lou Jenkins 
Leslie Anne Jones 
William Bernard Jones, Jr. 
Lynn Allison Kahn 
Walter Kayson 
Richard Benton Kehne 
Atli William Kendall 
Daniel Karl Lee 
Gregg Matthew Leipzig 
Carol Maria LeMar 
Michael Levine 
Ronni llene Lieberman 
Danilo Ligsay 

Joseph Martin Lynch 
Stephen Anthony Mack 
Mark James MacLaughlin 
Viki Lynn Majer 
Donna Mae Mazza 
Kim Clarke McCullen 
William Joseph McFadden, 

Denise McKelvie 
Carl Everett McPherson 
Rebecca Ann Messinger 
Katherine McMahon 

Amy Hope Meyerson 
Susan Diane Mollenhauer 
Terry Monroe 
Micfiael Paul Moore 
Alexandra Judith Moosen 
Susan Lynn Morris 
Marcy Gail Newman 
Tuan Nguyen 
Nanci Lyn Okin 
Timothy James O'Neill 
Beth Meryl Orlan 
Tammy Robin Ostroy 
Hae Sook Pak 
James Louis Palmer 
Jeffrey Alan Pass 
Mark Edward Petts 
Linn Mary Phelps 
Judith H. Plotkin 
Gay Plungas 
Ralph Kay Price III 
Jose Matos Quinone 
Lori Richek 

*Laura Louise Roberson 
Roberta Carey Robinson 
Lloyd Marshall Ross 
Nancy Ann Rubino 
Jill Lisa Sachs 
Clair S. Sassin 
Karen Marie Scanlon 
Craig Andrew Schoenfeld 
Marcy Lynn Schulman 
Gary Marc Schwartz 
Rachel Marie Scott 
Melanie Gay Senter 
Carolyn C. Shaw 
Marcia Gail Sherr 

Timothy Arthur Shields 
Ronald Lee Shreve, Jr. 
Wendy Ann Shusterhoff 
Raymond Earl Sikes, Jr. 
§Dorothy Simon 
Clarissa Toni Sims 
Susan Thayer Sizer 
Carol Ann Sobota 
Scott Roy Spivak 
Dennis George Standish 
Jeannette Lee Stanton 
Joseph Richard Steingold 
Barry Alan Stoler 
Matthew Brian Sughrue 
Donna llene Supinsky 
Eugenia Tavlarides 
Anita Frances Thompson 
Terry Lee Thornes 
Vincent Louis Tomasetti 
Leola Dorothell Toomer 
Joyce Evelyn Torchinsky 
Mark Andrew Townsend 
*Roy Mitchell Trevarrow 
Bridget Lynne Clrbany 
Andrew Evans Vaughan 
Katherine Estelle Von Wald 
David Hilton Wade 
Marian Aurelia Watson 
Marjorie Sue Weisman 
Sandra Allison West 
Daniel Lee White 
Mark Burdette Wiest 
Alvin Bernard Williams 
Wayne Todd Wingfield 
Janice Marie Wolf 
Barbara Ellen Wright 
Susan Yassky 
Maya Gaurang Yodh 
Thomas Lawrence Zeender 
Alex David Zielinski, Jr. 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Bachelor of Arts 

Nancy Lee Beck 
Abbie Marcia Blankman 
SLeesa Alberta DeHaven 
'Gloria Goldberger 
Deborah Ellen Layton 
David Brian Onderdonk 
Libby Belson Pohoryles 
tCalliopI Stavrldis Ratcliff 
tjohn Kelly Russell 
liKaren L. Teramura 
Maureen R. Torgerson 

Bachelor of Science 

Arlene Bachkosky 
Cheryl Anne Berrent 
Hilary B. Mark 
Mary Kathleen Seller 
Eileen Fran Shiffman 
Carol S. Weiman 


Paula Ruth Bahler 

Frances Marie Burroughs 

Maria Elizabeth Calandriello 

Lauren Ann Crowe 

Adriene Diamond 

Mindy Ellen Feldbaum 

Robin S. Goldstein 

Mary L Haviland 

Raissa Valentina Kirk 

Laura Ann Ochipinti 

Sandi Lynn Oringer 

Barbara Farrell Pats 

Hilary C. Paul 

Elisabeth Alexandra Schweiker 


Second Lieutenants 
CJ.S. Air Force Reserves 

Mark Daniel Behnke 
Francine Calhoun 
Daniel Ray Davidson 
Arthur Carr Ellis 
Zachary Raymond Fallin 
Clifford Blair Fitts 
Kathryn Lee Fleming 
Richard Scott Herr 
Richard William Jones. Jr. 
Michael Bruce Kennedy 
Lynne Ellen McMamee 
Bruce Songuk Oh 
Eric Allen Stanford 
Michael Leroy Taylor 
Emmanuel Arellano Uy 
John William Van der Hoven 
Michael George Ward 

SSumma Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 



Candidates for bachelor's degrees 
who have earned honors of 
scholarship upon graduation are 
indicated in the alphabetical 
listings of Divisions, Colleges or 
School. To be eligible for 
consideration for such honors a 
candidate must meet the 
following general criteria: ( 1 ) have 
completed two years of work at 
the University of Maryland (60 
semester hours, 30 of which were 
at College Park) and (2) have a 
scholastic average of B (Grade 
Point Average of 3.000) or higher 
in University of Maryland work 
prior to the last semester of 
registration before award of 

May 1 983 candidates who meet 
these criteria are shown in the 
alphabetical lists as qualifying, 
upon graduation, for the 
designations "Summa Cum 
Laude " if they ranked in the top 
two percent of the candidates in 
their respective Divisions. 
Colleges or School; "Magna Cum 
Laude," if in the next three 
percent; or "Cum Laude," if in the 
next five percent, based on the 
grade point averages of students 
in the preceding three graduating 
classes of each degree-granting 

General Honors Program 

With General Honors 
Jeffrey Glenn Bebee 
Cheryl Ann Berrent 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Computer 

Joseph Ira Pallas 

Jay Charles Weber 

With High Honors in 

Selman Philip Hershfield 

With High Honors in Music 
Pamela Jean Christensen 
Laura Christine Fry 
Thomas James Otten 
Emily Helen White 

With High Honors in Zoology 
Janel Alverson 

With Honors in Economics 
Gregory Charles LaRosa** 
Maura Leslie Prochazka 
Daman Sodhi 

With Honors in Engineering 
Judith Maxine Beyer 
Paul Eric Biegel 
Cynthia Ann Bohse 
Daniel Robert Brouns 
Melson Prentice Bryner 
Steven Curtis Dellon 
James Hsien-Tsung Hsu 
Mary Elizabeth Hushower 
Nancy Lee Snyder 
Hyung Suk Woo 

With Honors in English 
Cynthia Lynn Brenneman 
Rosalyn Jo Fennell 
Charles Thomas Magnetti** 

With Honors in Mathematics 
Geoffrey Duane Birky 

With Honors in Physics 
Stephen Charles Wagner** 

With Honors in Zoology 
Nushin Kazerouni Farzaneh 

"Graduated Decen^er 22. 1982 




(Agricultural Engineerir^g) 

Ross A. Beschner 
Patrick F. X. Hassan 
Susan M. Koles 
Richard T. Reed 
Meera D. Tulshian 



May 1983 Graduates 

Romualdo Borja Arriola 
David R. Boeckel 
Gayla Beth Kaskaske 
Raissa Valentina Kirk 
Kathleen A. Obern 
Carol C. Ramsey 
Beverly May Sanders 
Joan Christine Smith 
Susan M. Vanik 


(Nuclear Science and Engineering) 

December 1982 

Katharine A. Stroube 
Robert H. Beall 

May 1983 

Steven E. Gagnon 


(Criminal Justice/Criminology) 

National honor society for 
students of criminal justice. The 
society recognizes scholastic 
excellence by undergraduate and 
graduate students. Requirements 
for acceptance are a 3.0 overall 
grade point average and a 3.2 in 
criminal justice coursework. 

Susan Anne Audesse 
Joyce Marie Barrow 
Mark Curtis Bolyard 
Clinton Boushell 
Sandra Budd 

Pamela Cammarata 
Susan Cranford 
John Craven 
David Dennenberg 
Kimberly Detrick 
Julia Feld 
Roberta Goldstein 
Tamara Hanson 
Stephen Immerman 
G. Roger Jarjoura 
Jennifer MacQuillan 
Mark Terry Malakoff 
William McMahon 
Ronda Sue Mayhew 
Dana Mitchel ISarode 
Hilary Osborn 
Jean Marie Stevens 
Lynelle Stunkard 
Sandra Lee Wilkinson 
Kathryn Winterson 



Rodney Bachtell 
Karen G. Bennett 
Evan Blonder 
Lydia Bradley 
Lyie Crippen 
Lisa Eckenrode 
Migdalia Faria 
Judith Fielder 
Sheryl Fitch 
Elizabeth A. Fries 
Tina Graves 
Debbie Haines 
Barbara Haupt 
Cyprianna E. Hormanski 
Elizabeth Hunter 
Leslie Kalbfleisch 
John Krouse 
Valerie LaFave 
Lisa Lehnhoff 
Robert Marvel 
Ralph Nesbitt 
Erin O Donnell 
Steven Patterson 
Amy B. Phifer 
Hillary J. Poore 

John M. Reed 
Elizabeth Reese 
Marsha R. Reich 
Julie Russell 
Regina Smick 
Kathy Songy 
Ann Thomas 
Joann B. Triwis 
Dean A. Tyson 
Barbara Upton 
Lois Weinstein 
Mark E. Willem 
Bonnie Ziegler 



National scholastic and 
professional honorary fraternity in 
accounting. Members are elected 
on the basis of excellence in 
scholarship and professional 
service from junior and senior 
students majoring in accounting 
in the College of Business and 

August 1982 Graduates 

Mu-Yi Chang 
Jan Churchill 
Joong Hahn 
William Leonard 
William Mitchell 
Curtis Stewart 
Debra Vodenos 

December 1982 Graduates 

Kenneth Duke 
Lisa Greenfield 
Anthony Orsborne 
Mario Zeroth 

May 1983 Graduates 
Deanna Amos 
Julie Arnsberger 
Loretta Bain 
Anna-Maria Batzlaff 
Tracie Bishop 
John Mark Browne 
Chensun Chang 

Linda Clancy 
Anthony Cummingham 
Eva Damelin 
Mark Davis 
James Ellenberger 
Cynthia Faust 
Evan Feldman 
Jody Fielding 
Dara Fink 
Debra Fisher 
Julie Freiman 
Steven Fried 
John Hickey 
Diana Huntress 
Donna Jones 
Marguerite Kieffer 
Brian Kotzker 
Christopher Kubasik 
William Lambros 
Tom Liu 

Robin McLaughlin 
Karen Ann Naughton 
David Noel 
Nancy Northfield 
Silvana Petruccelli 
Randi Price 
Deborah Rott 
Donna Sair 
llyse Shechtel 
Gabrielle Silon 
Shawn Texier 
Laura Thompson 
Nancy Tillman 
Robert Turner 
Yvonne Wang 



(Business Administration) 

National scholastic honorary 
society in business administration. 
To be eligible students must rank 
in the upper five percent of their 
junior class, upper ten percent of 
their senior class, upper twenty 
percent of their graduating 
Masters of Business 
Administration class, or 
successfully complete the 
requirements for the Doctor of 
Business Administration degree. 


August 1 982 Graduates 

Teresa A. Kelly 
Veeda Rehman 
Debra A. Vodenos 

December 1982 Graduates 

Molly E. Bondelid 
Leo J. DeLeon 
David J. Derrick 
Peter J. Gentilcore 
Deborah J. Selland 
Mario L. Zeroth 

May 1983 Graduates 

Natan D. Abraham 
Lori M. Barbieri 
Matthew J. Bauer 
Pamela J. Baumann 
Frederick Benton 
Anne M. Benttinen 
Leslie A. Brady 
John Mark Browne 
Janet L. Carlson 
Robert S. Carroll 
Linda C. Caviglia 
David G. Ciaramello 
Linda C. Clancy 
Robert R. Cohen 
John A. Costanzi 
Patricia Cunningham 
Mark H. Davis 

John P. Dawyot 
SchmittJ. El Kordi 
Dara E. Fink 
Debra A. Fisher 
Jonathan E. First 
Julie L. Freiman 
Mary L. Haviland 
Deborah K. Jump 
Cherie M. Kahn 
Christopher Kubasik 
Jee-Phong Loh 
Nancy J. Northfield 
Karen M. Preysnar 
Robert D. Rosato 
Grace Renee Stone 
Natalie H. Szmidt 
Stacey L. Sosnik 
Jon E. Zaberer 


May 1983 Graduates 

David Anderson 
Ben B. Bond 
Barbara H. Bordelon 
Stephen Finnegan 
Sydney Hutchinson 
Marco Greenberg 
Leslie Kiefer 
Ira H. Mails 
Barbara Pfitzner 
Mark S. Prymas 
Andrew Ritwo 
Alan Schreitmueller 
Marie Stromberg 
Ruth Crystal Tiegel 

George Coan, Jr. 
Susan Thomas 


(Electrical Engineering) 

December 1982 Graduates 

William Beavers 
Jeffrey Bernstein 
Donald Bono 
Lawrence Burns 

Alexander Cheng 
Richard Goldenberg 
Brian Hinman 
Grace Kim 
Kenneth Koontz 
Jay Lytle 
Steven Manglitz 
Eric Mentzer 
Robert Podgurski 
Michael Retzbach 
Gary A. Rosen 
Alan Ruberg 
Wenii Yu 

May 1983 Graduates 

Kham H. Bui 
Ronald Busch 
Robert Connerton 
Rom Doong 
Fariborz Ebrahimi 
Jeremiah Finnigan 
James Gaitan 
Paul Goliwas 
John Gubner 
Richard Hoffman 
David Kalen 
Christopher Lane 
Susan Lee 
Peter Li 

William Mandir 
Nazar Ali Mohl 
Keith Moon 
Susmithumar Patel 
Dale Robertson 
Robert Saltzberg 
Karl Sheldon 
Harry Silverman 
James Smith 
Thanh Tran 
Sanjay Verma 
Denise West 
Philip West 
Gregory Wilkins 
Harvey Wong 



The Financial Management 
Association (FMA) Honor Society, 
University of Maryland Chapter. 
Academic honor society for 
undergraduate and graduate 
students majoring in finance in 
the College of Business and 

December 1982 Graduates 

Michael Andrysiak 
Colleen C. Gartner 
Peter J. Gentilcore 
Brian G. Johnson 
Renee Irene Madden 

May 1983 Graduates 

Robert S. Carroll 
Janet L. Carlson 
Linda C. Caviglia 
Mark W. Dusman 
Deborah K. Jump 
Cherie Marie Kahn 
William M. Murphy 
Karen M. Preysnar 
Stacey Lynn Sosnik 


December 1982 Graduates 

Marilyn S. Cohen 

May 1983 Graduates 

Andrew B. Ritwo 

Rudolph P. Lamone 



iJoumalism Honor Society) 

Jeffrey Bebee 
Deborah Bustin 
Ella Butler 
Andrea Chamblee 
Margaret Ann Chekan 
Beth Susan Daniel 
Steven E. Drake 
Teresa Wallack Dunlap 
Sharon Pass 
Catherine Glooch 
Robert Hogarth 
Richard Holler 
Michele M. Jean 
Linda Joy 
Olivia Kent 
Jeannie Lee 
Myriam Marquez 
Victoria Mc Bride 
John McNamara 
Joanne Radice 
Christopher Rael 
Lon L Rains 
Susan Rose 
Gwen Roseman 
Christina Mai Saarlas 
Elizabeth Schilling 
Dale Sloan 
George Thuronyi 
Bradley Tyndall 
Jamie Lynn Waxman 
Rochelle Weinstein 
Ruth Whitman 


(Tiational student/faculty society 
for outstanding leadership in 
scholarship: athletics: social, 
service, and religious activities: 
mass media, and the creative 
and performing arts.) 


December 1982 Graduates 
Daniel Bamett 
Joseph P. Gormley 

Anita D. Kelley 
Tony J. LarlonI, Jr. 
Gregory C. LaRosa 
JoAnn Salvary 
Robert W. Vincent 

May 1983 Graduates 

Robert A. Artin 
Glnamarle Bozkurt 
Diane R. Carlson 
Mark Clardl 
Tracey J. Cohen 
Daniel D. DIetrIck 
Marc A. Dubick 
Rosalyn J. Fennell 
James E. Figert 
Lynda S. Fisher 
Teresa M. Flannery 
David K. Fram 
Laura C. Fry 
Susan R. Gaddy 
Wendy K. Gelfand 
Julie A. Hoffman 
Carol L. Irvine 
Norman D. Jaffe 
Andrew L. Johnson 
Paul Kane 
Judith A. Katzoff 
Ruth J. Kelman 
Carl D. Korn 
Dean J. Langdon 
Donna J. Messersmith 
Carol A. Metzner 
Lisa R. Mundy 
Dana M. Narode 
Catherine M. Pecora 
Jacqueline F. Pelzer 
Stephen M. Perrotta 
Anthony J. Pipitone 
Phillip M. Pipkin 
Gilbert J. B. Quackenbush 
Linda M. Rachbach 
Steve C. Raley 
CalllopI S. Ratcllff 
Cavan M. Redmond 
Jeffrey A. Rosenzv^elg 
Beverly M. Sanders 
Kevin J. Schaefer 
David L Shroder 

Steven A. Shuman 
Dale Sloan 
Harvey S. Waxman 
Robert M. Whaples 
Emily H. White 
TerrI D. Yates 
William J. Yurclk 


December 1982 Graduates 
Eugene C. Gamble. Jr. 

May 1 983 Graduates 

Donna M. Gomez 
Laura LeMire 


(Human Ecology) 

August 1982 Graduates 
Maryanne Sottile 

December 1982 Graduates 

Marilyn ArdolinI 
Kathleen Coaker 
Fran R. Drezin 
Susan G. Kagen 
Catherine Noone 

May 1 983 Graduates 

Barrie Adier 
Linda Beckham 
Denise Harris 
Rebecca S. Harrison 
Anne E. Howell 
Sue A. Kokos 
Elizabeth Mack 
Elizabeth Mllner 
Renee Nasim 
Virginia Crockett Peebles 
Linda Provost 
Margaret Reese 
Ann Marie Roy 
Mary Rutherford 
Suzanne K. Simpson 
Terri Lynn Stipetic 
Caroline SzymanskI 


Fall 1 982 Initiates 

Jeanne Marie Adams 

Penelope Ann Molley Akwei 

Patricia L. Altherr 

Diana Aretino 

JoEllen Bllanin 

Sharon L. Borshay 

Carol Anne Cavanaugh 

Barbara Cohen 

Ceclle M. Corcoran 

Michael Gerald Flynn 

Amy Louise Gelthner 

Elizabeth M. Gilmore 

Elizabeth M. Grahl 

Jacquelin Susan Greene 

Diantha L Hawkes 

Barbara Jean HIelk 

Jill Louise Kerin 

Robert Brooke Langkammerer 

Kathleen M. Leahy 

Carole Bernstein Lewis 

Catherine Danielle Mahone 

Mary Ann Makar 

Martha J. Meredith 

Rosalie V. Miller 

LuAnn Minnick 

Amy L Murphy 

Rose Mustakas 

Amy Sue Obregon 

Linda Pine 

Cynthia Lenore Rhoades 

Nancy Lynn Richards 

Holly Elizabeth Richardson 

Cynthia A. Scheldel 

Sharon L. Scott 

Kathleen M. Sheckells 

Steven J. Stanhope 

Adelalne Stocks 

Laurie S. Trott 

Maja P. Walderhaug 

Mary W.C. White 

Shannon L. Yauger 



(Gamma of Maryland) 

Juniors Elected in 1982 

Bary Mayer Berger 
Daniel Dean Dietrick 
Robyn Evans 
David Keith Fram 
Allan Elliot Frankle 
Bob Quentin Gillespie 
Kristin Lynn Hamemik 
Barnett Michael Lawrence 
Frank Lin 

Carolyn Marie McManis 
Susan Elizabeth McManis 
Hae-Kyung Mann 
Linda Eileen Parris 
Bruce Leslie Richardson 
Leslie Irene Risin 
Richard Daniel Shore 
Georgeann Marie Smale 

Seniors Elected in 1 983 

May 1982 Graduates 
Jay Edwin Dougherty 
Joseph Giro Gagliardo, Jr. 

August 1982 Graduates 
Sangwoon Han 
Dennis N. F. Wilson 

December 1982 Graduates 
Kevin Francis Arthur 
Karl William Fickenscher 
Susan Gail Kagen 
Steven Anthony Macuk 
Daniel James O'Brien 
Maureen Elizabeth Toner 
Linda Teresa Wang 

May 1983 Graduates 
Cynthia Lynn Brenneman 
Lesley Ann Cameron 
Charles Joseph Cavanaugh 
Susan Leigh Chilcoat 
Kenneth Bryan Compart 
Lisa Ann DiMarzio 
Gary Steven Dubrow 

Howard Lawrence Eisenberg 
Kathleen Anne Ellis 
Steven Edward Harris 
Robert Otto Heuckeroth 
Selman Philip Hershfield 
Michael Haldon Himes 
Tony Yu-Lea Hsiao 
Raymond Wai-Bong Moy 
Melanie Lynn Murrow 
Barbara Farrell Pats 
Linda Ann Paxton 
Lisa Susan Pichney 
Carol Claudia Ramsay 
Laura Louise Roberson 
Kevin Joseph Schaefer 
Robert Alan Spangler 
Teresa Dawn Talbot 
Diana Marie Taylor-Williams 
Bradford Mark Tepper 
Jill Marie Vollmerhausen 
Richard Earle Holl 
Kathleen Marie Maletic 
Lorin B. Olsen 
Robert MacDonald Whaples 


(National Honor Society) 

Vivien L. Ainley 
Ada Jean Anderson 
Carol F. Baker 
Lori Marie Barbieri 
Barbara J. Barger 
Alvaro Barros-Lemez 
Wynne B. Beaman 
Linda Jeanne Beckham 
Alba Cappuccia Ben-Barka 
Shirley K. Bennett 
Dale P. Bentz 
Anne M. Bierey 
Mara Michelle Bluebond 
Mindi Bornstein 
Kevin G. Bowcutt 
Yvonne L. Brahms-Lovell 
John Francis Bruno 
Kathleen M. Burke 
Cristina C. Camacho 
Joseph Anthony Capone 
Cathleen Susan Carafelli 
Lois Aurelia Carani 

Josephine T. Cardozo 
Janet Lynne Carlson 
Shang-Ying Chang 
Patricia Karen Chavez 
Steven Alan Cheskin 
Timothy T. Clark 
Elizabeth Clark-Lewis 
Kevin J. Connor 
Aimee P. Coogan 
Steven L. Coon 
Donna Marie Corvette 
Roberta Jeannine Cox 
Mirjam, Cvetic 
Brenda June Dalen 
Teri Lynn Davis 
Elisa Maria DeGuzman 
Elizabeth J. Doepkens 
Renee V, Domogauer 
Tom. K. Doong 
Julio Sergio Duarte 
John Charles Duval 
Dana Linn Edsall 
Jutta Philippi Eigen 
Kathleen A. Ellis 
Constance Elsberg 
Anne P. Emery 
Bemadette Etienne 
Richard K. Everett 
Jacqueline Inez Fern 
Michael J. Flester 
Rita E. Frank 
Jacob Frimenko 
Christopher Fuchs 
Charles E. Ganley, Jr. 
Alice True Gasch 
Andrew Gordon Gauld 
Linda Danielle Gerson 
John D. Gilbert 
Glrike F. Gilmore 
Joseph Karl Boegels 
Risa Sue Gold 
Elisabeth Good 
Katherine Swift Gravino 
Susan H. Greenstein 
Nancy A. Guadagno 
Mary Keiling Hackley 
James M. Hall 
Debra Ann Hansbrough 
Diane Blake Harper 

Mary Haviland-Keefe 
William Francis Hennessey 
JoAnne Fish Hildebrand 
Susan M. Hoban 
Richard E. Holl 
Karen Ann Holtz 
Robin Silver Howard 
Kathleen A. Hughes 
Mary Jane Gaines Hurst 
Nancy Beth Imber 
Donna Lee Jackson 
Carol L. Johnson 
Michael Edward Kabay 
Mark P. Kane 
Paul Vincent Kane 
Betsy Louise Kaplan 
Marlene Edith Kassel 
Signe J. Kelker 
Dallas C. Kennedy II 
Kim Marie Kikowski 
Joel David Kimel 
Jillian Suzanne King 
Robert Louis Kirby 
Raissa Valentina Kirk 
Inki Ko 

Elizabeth Kuczynski 
Chung-Chi Lai 
JoEllen Laissue 
Jennifer Gayle La Rue 
Marie H. Lathers 
Jack Raymond Lee 
William W. Lee 
Dorothy Jane Lehrman 
Jo-Ann A. Leieck 
Patricia K. Lesnick 
Yuk Ying Leung 
Wai K. Leung (Aldrin) 
Carole Bernstein Lewis 
Susan Kaye Lewis 
Douglas Mark Lieberman 
Henry F. Linck, Jr. 
Richard A. Long II 
Phyllis T. Losikoff 
Jennifer Ann Lubic 
William F. Lynch 
Beverly Hinely MacMahon 
Kathleen M. Maletic 
Michelle Kamien Maloney 
Rita M. Markley 


Alice L. Maxfield 
Sharon Swanda McDonald 
W. Lawrence McFarland 
Janet L Sellen McGrane 
Mary Dawn McGrath 
William Joseph McMahon 
Cynthia M. Mendelson 
Kirk Ian Mettam 
John Thomas Meyers 
James A. Milke 
Patricia A. Miller 
Rosalie Veronica Miller 
Sandra Kay Miller 
Faye Catherine Mills 
Elizabeth A. Milner 
Lx>retta Monterastelli 
Joan Marie Morgereth 
Linda Marie Moshirfar 
Angela Munno 
Pamela Murray 
Lisa Anne Meike 
John Q. Mguyen 
Cherie M. Michols 
Laura Novak 

Erin Theresa ODonnell 

Elizabeth Anne Omar 
Thomas James Otten 
Anastasia J. Pagiotas 
Jacqueline Marie Paterson 

Barbara Farrell Pats 

Edna Walker Paulson 

(Jta Peterson 

Patricia Ann Pridgen 

Sharon Anne Randall 

Deidre Marie Riani 

Martha B. Rice 

Scott Lawrence Robbins 

Reginald Rodgers 

William Scarf Rudow 

Herman J. Ruoff 

Laura Jean Sanborn 

Judith Ellen Schmid 

Carol A. Schumm 

Joseph Christopher Schwartz 

David J. Scuccimarra 

Nancy Sherman Shapiro 

Tsung-Che Shen 

David L Shroder 

Dorothy Simon 

Roberta Jo Sites 

W. Bradshaw Skinner 

Ann Terry Slagle 

Kimberly Smith 

Nancy Brown Smith 

Nancy L Smith 

Barbara Smothers 

Joanne Marie Sobeck 

Daman Sodhi 

Sharon Beth Soffer 

Milly Spector 

Alexander Y. Stanoyevitch 

Anne-Marie Stedham 

Jennifer Elizabeth Stephens 

William L. Straube 

Marion W. Strishock 

Lynelle A. Stunkard 

Brian Keith Sutton 

Julie Breed Swanbeck 

Gail Lorraine Swick 

Laura Liberator Szweda 

Nancy E. D. Tarvin 

Bradford Mark Tepper 

Karen Teramura 

Veronica M. Terry 

Pamela Ann Thompson 

Mark J. Tinch 

Margaret M. Tocci 

CJyen The Tran 

Lee My Truong 

Susan Allison Turner 

Deborah L Tweit 

Gary O. Varady 

Michael W. Ward 

Gwendolyn C. Weathington 

Dennis P. Weller 

Charyl Jean Wendal 

Lori Bishop Wenzinger 

Kelly Rae West 

Anna Marie Williams 

Elizabeth Ann Williams 

Jan J. Winnicki 

Alemayehu Wondemagegnehu 

J. Lynne Wood 

Francis Andrea Zarelli 

Colleen Margaret Armour Zaruba 

(French and Italian) 

Laura Bums 
Mary E. Diachenko 
Iris F. Eisen 
Mary Jane Haigney 



Alan Spangler. President 

Wendy Goldberg. Vice President 

Christine Peratino, Treasurer 

Geoffrey Birky. Secretary 

Dale Angleberger 

Sandhia Bansal 

Belinda Batten 

Debra Braun 

Bruce Bums 

Gerald Candela 

Gina Capotosto 

Barbara Denno 

Craig Detrick 

Mary Douglas 

Inas El-Sabban 

Glenn Harman 

Selman Herschfield 

Bob Henckeroth 

Rebecca Johnson 

Eiko Kubo 

Eugene Lerman 

Doreen Lupton 

Bert Laney 

Sarah Miers 

Stephen O'Day 

Susan Patschak 

Bonnie Purdy 

Rafi Sela 

Alex Stanoyevitch 

Gail Swick 

Claudia Terek 

John Veasey 

Kyung Yang 

(Mechanical Engineering) 

December 1982 

Giamballista A. Alegiani 
Mehmet H. Bayar 
Milissa C. Bradley 
Steward T. Harman 
Neil M. Middleton 
Ha Dang Nguyen 
Eric P. Osborne 
Albert Pedoeem 
Lawrence J. Pike 
Richard A. Shimansky 
Tsze-Shing Tai 

May 1 983 

John P. D'Andrea 
Curtis L Berry 
Paul E. Biegel 
Mark D. Case 
Charies E. Clagett 
William E. CuUip 
Jeffrey N. Hayden 
Carol L Irvine 
Son N. Ngo 
Willi Santiago 
Louis M. Schleifer 
David C. Warwick 
Peter C. Yoest 


(Fire Protection Engineering) 

December 1 982 Graduates 

Ralph J. Bartlett 
David A. Boverman 
Cheryl A. Grounds 
Lawrence A. McKenna 
James J. Weigle. Jr. 

May 1983 Graduates 

Victor L Dubrowski 
Jack A. Gump 
James M. McCarthy 
Brian M. Nixon 
Joseph Radakovich, Jr. 




Daniel D. Dietrick 
Lynn L. McRoy 
John C. Norton 


(national Aerospace 
Engineering Honor Society) 

Sandra Amatucci 
Necmeddin Can 
Greg Gatlin 
Rustan Hill 
Mary Sadowski 
Steven Sahm 
Barbara Wisniewski 



Brian David Gross 
Karen Gruner 
Selman Philip Hershfield 
Todd Morgan Lang 
Timothy Neil Reynolds 

Maiyland Beta Chapter 

(National Engineering f-lonor 

December 1982 Graduates 

Carlyle Alexander 
All Bakhski 
Jeffrey Bernstein 
Lawrence Burns 
Paul Choquette 
Joe Chung 
Mark Curry 
Martin Decker 
Daniel Ely 
Steven Gagnon 
Thomas Gockowski 
Richard Goldenberg 
Daniel Hale 
Stewart Harman 
Stuart Horton 
Susanna Houser 
William Husselbaugh 
John Kolasa 
Stephen Manglitz 
Eric Mentzer 
Ha Nguyen 
David O'Bryan 
Eric Osborne 
Robert Owen 
Albert Pedoeem 
Alan Ruberg 
Richard Shimansky 
Wenii Yu 
John Zuber 

May 1983 Graduates 

Richard Barnas 

Mark Behnke 

Curtis Berry 

Judith Beyer 
*Paul Biegel 

Cynthia Bohse 

Donald Bono 

Daniel Browns 
*Nelson Bryner 

Ronald Busch 

John Byers 

Mark Case 

Shang-ying Cheng 

Wo Kuen Cheng 
Timothy Clark 
Arnold Cohen 
Carlo Colella 
Michael Cooley 
John D'Andrea 
Steven Dellon 
Tom Doong 
Victor Dubrowski 
Jose Fauste 
Martin Fuller 
James Qaitan 
Gregory Gatlin 
Paul Goliwas 
John Gubner 
LeAnne Hammer 
Bruce Hoefler 
Jeffrey Hayden 
Robert Hewes 
James Hsu 
Mary Hushower 
Eric Johnson 
David Kalen 
Sung Kang 
Oliver Kim 
Emily Koo 
Wing Leung 
Raymond Martin 
Thomas Mattei 
Lee Miles 
Mary Miller 
William Niemeyer 
Brian Nixon 
John Nolan 
DoWon Park 
Susmit Patel 
*Catherine Pecora 
Ellen Rhude 
Dale Robertson 
Carolyn Rodgers 
Gary Rosen 
*Mary Sadowski 
Steven Sahm 
Robert Saltzberg 
Richard Scott 
Rafael Sela 
James Smith 
Nancy Snyder 
Gary Tartanian 

Dean Tills 
Thanh Tran 
David Warwick 
Mark Weaver 
Barbara Wisniewski 
William Yurcik 

•Maryland Beta Chapter Officers 


Academic and 
Special Awards 

Mihon Abramowitz Memorial Prize 
in Mathematics. A prize is 
awarded annually to a junior or 
senior student majoring in 
mathematics who has 
demonstrated superior 
competence and promise for 
future development in the field of 
mathematics and its applications. 
Au-ardcd to: 

Geoffrey D. Birky 
Alexander Stanoyevitch 

Aerospace Engineering 
Department's Academic 
Achievement Award is presented 
to the graduating senior in the 
Department of Aerospace 
Engineering who has attained the 
highest overall academic average: 
Awarded to: 
Greg C. Marr 

The Agricultural Alumni Award is 
presented to a senior who during 
his or her college career 
contributed most toward the 
advancement of the College of 
Awarded to: 
Julie A. Amos 

Agricultural Engineering 
Departments Outstanding Senior 
Award is presented to a senior in 
agricultural engineering on the 
basis of scholastic performance, 
participation in the ASAE National 
Student Branch and other 
extracurricular activities. 
Awarded to: 
Jolynn Windle 

Alcoa Foundation Scholarship 
Awards of 5 1 .000 are given to 
outstanding students majoring in 
mechanical engineering, civil 
engineering, electrical engineering 
and fire protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Cheiyl A. Grounds 

Jennifer L Rues 

The Alcoa Foundation Traffic 
Scholarship is an award of S750 
to an outstanding junior student 
majoring in transportation in the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Dean Jeffrey Langdon 

Alpha Zeta Award to the student 
in the College of Agriculture with 
the highest scholastic average at 
the end of his/her freshman year. 
Awarded to: 
Amy B. Phifer 

American Institute of Chemists 
Award to an outstanding senior 
for scholarship in chemistry. 
Au^rded to: 

Susan E. McManIs 

American Muclear Society 
Outstanding Senior Award. 
Awarded to: 
David Kelly 

American Nuclear Society 
Washington Chapter Senior 
Award for highest overall 
scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 

Angela M. Munno 

Student Chapter of the American 
Nuclear Society. Meritorious 
Service Award. 
Awarded to: 
John Munno 

American Nuclear Society 
Washington Scholarship 
Improvement Award. 
Awarded to: 
James Bezila 

American Society of Agricultural 
Engineers. Washington. D.C.- 
Maryland ASAE Section 
Outstanding Junior Award. 
Presented to a junior in 
agricultural engineering on the 
basis of scholastic performance, 
participation In the ASAE Student 
Branch, and other extracurricular 
Awarded to: 
Susan M. Koles 

American Society of Agricultural 
Engineers Scholarship Award, 
provided by the Washington, D.C.- 
Maryland ASAE Section to an 
agricultural engineering student 
on the basis of achievement and 

Awarded to: 
Susan /v\. Koles 

American Society of Agricultural 
Engineers Student Honor Award 
is presented by the national 
society in recognition of 
conspicuous student activity. 
Awarded to: 
Jolynn Windle 

American Society of Agronomy 
Award to the outstanding senior 
graduating in agronomy who has 
demonstrated superior 
scholarship, leadership activities 
and personal traits. 
Awarded to: 
Jean B. Buker 

American Society of Mechanical 
Engineer's Senior Award. 
Presented to the senior member 
who has contributed most to the 
local chapter. 
Awarded to: 
Carol L. Irvine 

James R. Anderson Award for 
high achievement in geography. 
Awarded to an outstanding 
undergraduate student in 
Awarded to: 
Russell E. Grace 

The Appleman-Norton 
Scholarship Award to a senior 
major in recognition of excellence 
in botany. 
Awarded to: 

Gwendolyn C. Weathlngton 

Baltimore Sunpapers 
Awarded to: 

Deborah I. Greene 

Milton D. Kent 

Michelle Singletary 

Harold R. W. Benjamin Memorial 


Awarded to: 

Alemayehu Wondemagegnehu 

The Donald T. Bonney Honors 
Award (chemical engineering). 
Awarded to: 

Nelson P. Bryner 


J.Y. Bryan Prize for Investigative 
Reporting, $500 prize. 
Awarded to: 
Carl David Korn 

Chemical Society of Washington 
Award to the outstanding senior in 
the Department of Chemistry. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas R. Johnson 

Civil Engineering Department 
Outstanding Senior Award. 
Awarded to: 

Peter F. McConaughy 

Dr. Ernest N. Cory Scholarship. 
This award is made annually to an 
outstanding junior or senior 
recommended by the College of 
Agriculture, preferably one 
majoring in entomology. 
Awarded to: 

Faye Catherine Mills 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during the 
last year. 
Awarded to: 
Linda R. Berg 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food 
Association Scholarship to a 
student who has shown a versatile 
background and an active interest 
in agronomy and soil fertility work 
deserving of recognition. 
Awarded to: 

Donovan F. Duggan 

Seanne E. Udell 

Delta Nu Alpha, Chesapeake 
Chapter Mo. 23 Scholarship. An 
award of $400 to an outstanding 
member of the University of 
Maryland chapter majoring in 
transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Helen B. Johnson 

Delta Nu Alpha, Washington 
Chapter No. 84 Scholarship. An 
award of $500 to an outstanding 
member of the University of 
Maryland chapter majoring in 
transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Noelle Atwell 

David Ciaramello 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key. 
Awarded to: 

Loretta Monterastelli 

Education Alumni Award. 
Presented to the outstanding 
senior man and senior woman in 
the College of Education. 
Awarded to: 

Deborah Lynn Tweit 

Richard A. Long II 

Electrical Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Service Award is presented on the 
basis of demonstrated service and 
Awarded to: 
Tom Doong 

Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa 
Nu Outstanding Senior Award. 
Awarded to: 

Robert Saltzberg 

Engineering Alumni Service 


Awarded to: 

Catherine M. Pecora 

Engineering Alumni Student 
Achievement Award. 
Awarded to: 
Nancy L. Snyder 

College of Engineering Dean's 


Awarded to: 

John S. Keenan 

Rafael Sela 

College of Engineering 
Outstanding Seniors Awards. 
Awarded to: 

Greg C. Marr 

Joel M. Milano 

Lisa R. Mundy 

Peter F. McConaughy 

Brian M. Nixon 

Carol Louise Irvine 

Angela M. Munno 

Engineering Society of Baltimore 
Student Achievement Award. 
Awarded to: 

James D. Smith 

Esther 8. Cheok 

Factory Mutual Scholarship 
Awards for distinguished 
academic achievement in fire 
protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Dale M. Gigandet 

The Frank J. Fee, Jr. Memorial 
Award. Sponsored by the National 
Fire Protection Association with a 
full scholarship to an outstanding 
student selected by the faculty of 
the Department of Fire Protection 
Awarded to: 

Victor L. Dubrowski 

Fire Protection Engineers 
Outstanding Senior Award. 
Awarded to: 
Brian M. Nixon 

Anne Arundel County Volunteer 
Firemen's Association Grant. This 
tuition and fees grant is awarded 
(normally for four years) to a 
student who will enroll in the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Awarded to: 

Matthew T. Gustafson 

Baltimore County Volunteer 
Firemen's Association Grant. This 
tuition and fees grant is awarded 
to a student who will enroll in Fire 
Protection Engineering. This 
award is normally for four years. 
Awarded to: 

Robert J. Francis 

Michael K. Day 

Maryland State Firemen's 
Association Grant. This tuition 
and fees grant is awarded to a 
student who will enroll in the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Engineering. This award is 
normally for four years. 
Awarded to: 

John G. Adams 

Gerald M. Bell 

Louis J. Klepitch 

Derick J. Winfield 


Prince George's County Volunteer 
Firemen's Association Grant. This 
tuition and fees grant is awarded 
to a student who will enroll in the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Engineering. This award is 
normally for four years. 
Au^rded to: 
William C. Aceto 

The Lester M. Fraley Honor Award 
to a junior or senior student of 
outstanding character majoring In 
the College of Physical Education. 
Recreation, and Health who has 
demonstrated concern for 
citizenship and has shown 
superior scholarship in the 
Awarded to: 

Maiy Ellen Bartell 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of the 
Maryland State Golf Association to 
five students in agronomy 
displaying academic proficiency, 
participation in extracurricular 
activities, and who have an active 
interest in golf turf work. 
Awarded to: 

Richard R. Elliott 

Byron W. Lash 

James C. Patton. Jr. 

Laura J. Stedman 

GEICO Achievement Awards 
Scholarship. An award to an 
outstanding undergraduate 
finance major in the College of 
Business and Management 
Awarded to: 

Matthew J. Bauer 

Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award. 
Awarded to: 

Stephen Perrotta 

David L Shroder 

William Randolph Hearst 
Awarded to: 

Deborah Ann Bustin 

Gwen Roseman 

Carl David Korn 

Micheie M. Jean 

Robert M. Higginbotham 
Memorial Award. Awarded to an 
outstanding junior student 
majoring in mathematics. 
Awarded to: 
David Wasson 

The Homeland Garden Club of 
Baltimore. A book award 
presented annually to the 
graduating senior with the highest 
scholastic average in the 
floriculture and ornamental 
horticulture option in horticulture. 
Awarded to: 

Patricia A. McManus 

Human Ecology Alumni Awards 

to Outstanding Returning 


Awarded to: 



Dennis Drake 

Virginia Crockett Peebles 

Sue Kokos 

Human Ecology Alumni Award to 
Outstanding Self-Supporting 
Awarded to: 

Renee S. Boudreau 

Human Ecology Alumni Awards 

to Outstanding Seniors. 

Awarded to: 



Martha B. Rice 

Mary Anne Rutherford 

Margaret Reese 

Brenda Uewellyn 

Unda Beckham 

Human Ecology Alumni Special 

Departmental Award. 

Awarded to: 



Alfred P. Forline 

Michael A. Clark 

Anne Marie Roy 

College of Human Ecology 
Dean's Scholars, 1982-83. 

Rebecca Sue Harrison 

Margaret Reese 

The Institute for Nuclear Power 
Operations Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 
Gregory Gelak 

Jay Jackson Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 
Sharon Berg 

The Joe Elbert James Memorial 
Award. A gold watch annually 
awarded to the graudating senior 
in horticulture on the basis of 
scholarship and promise of future 
Awarded to: 
Jule A. Russell 

College of Journalism 
Awarded to: 

John Patrick McNamara 

Professor C. R. Karp Award in 
memory of Carol R. Karp. 
Awarded to an undergraduate 
student who has shown 
excellence in mathematics and 
the philosophy of mathematics. 
Awarded to: 

Selman P. Hershfield 

Leidy Foundation Scholarships to 
outstanding juniors in the 
Department of Chemistry. 
Awarded to: 

Robert A. Campbell 

Daniel L. Luxenberg 

Peter P. Lejins Memorial Fund 
Academic Excellence Awards to 
outstanding seniors in the Institute 
of Criminal Justice and 
December. 1982 

Thomas Davenport 
May. 1983 

George Roger Jarjoura 

Alice Morgan Love Scholarship 


Awarded to: 

Rosalie Veronica Miller 


Maryland-Delaware-DC Press 
Association Award for tine 
Outstanding Senior in the News- 
Editorial Sequence. 
Awarded to: 
Richard Holter 

Maryland Electrification Council 
Scholarship Award is presented to 
Agricultural Engineering students 
on the basis of achievement and 
Awarded to: 

Patrick F. Hassan 

The Isabel McDonald Memorial 
Award is given to a deserving 
graduate student in microbiology. 
Awarded to: 

Barbara Alyce Coleman 

Gene McLane Scholarship 
Fredericksburg DMA Chapter 288. 
An award of $250 to an 
outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland Student 
Chapter majoring in 
transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 
James R. Frost 

The Andrew J. Moyer Memorial 
Award is given to a deserving 
graduate student in microbiology. 
Awarded to: 

James William Stave 

National Defense Transportation 
Association, Washington Chapter 
Scholarship Award. An award of 
$100 to an outstanding member 
of the University of Maryland 
Chapter majoring in 
transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Helen B. Johnson 

Richard D. Wallace 

National Newspaper Association 
Awarded to: 
Lorraine Hudson 

Arthur C. Parsons Scholarship 
Award in entomology. 
Awarded to: 

Faye Catherine Mills 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award. 
Presented to the senior in 
mechanical engineering who has 
made the most outstanding 
contribution to the University. 
Awarded to: 

Carol Louise Irvine 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding 
Service Award. Presented to a 
student for outstanding services 
and contributions to the chapter. 
Awarded to: 
William E. Cutlip 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc. 
Scholarship. An award of $500 to 
an outstanding student majoring 
in transportation in the College of 
Business and Managment. 
Awarded to: 

Young-Ho Chang 

Gertrude Poe Scholar. 
Awarded to: 
Steven E. Drake 

The Augustus J. Prahl Fellowship 
in German is awarded for 
scholarly achievement to the 
outstanding graduate student in 
German during the current year. 
Awarded to: 
Monika Maria Shafi 

The Propeller Club of the United 
States, Baltimore Port Scholarship 
Award. An award of $100 to an 
outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland Student 
Port majoring in transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Richard D. Wallace 

Maryland Professional Chapter, 
Public Relations Society of 
America outstanding senior 
Awarded to: 

Jean Lee (first place) 
Steven Drake (third place) 

Leiand E. and Catherine B. Scott 
Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in horticulture. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas H. Boyle III 

Scripps-Howard Journalism 
Foundation Scholarships. 
Awarded to: 

Marianne Curan 

Robyn A. Small 

The Shipley's of Maryland Award. 
Awarded to: 

Robert M. Whaples 

Parker Shirling Turfgrass 
Scholarship of the Maryland 
Turfgrass Association to a student 
demonstrating academic 
proficiency in agronomy, 
participation in extracurricular 
activities, and an active interest in 
commercial turf work. 
Awarded to: 

Donald E. Gibson 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award for 
the outstanding senior in 
Awarded to: 

Daniel D. Dietrick 

Sigma Delta Chi, Herman Lowe 
Scholarship in journalism. 
Awarded to: 
Owen Roseman 

Sigma Delta Chi, Maryland 
Professional Chapter Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 
Jean Lee 

Sigma Xi Research Excellence 
Award for graduate students. 
Awarded to: 

Michael T. MacDonell 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers' Outstanding Senior 
Award is presented to the most 
outstanding senior in fire 
protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 
Brian M. Nixon 

Henry L. Sponseller Memorial 
Award in chemical engineering. 
Awarded to: 

John S. Keenan 

Raphael Sela 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship Fund. 
An award of $500 to an 
outstanding student majoring in 
transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Audrey Tabershaw 


The Robert J. Taylor Academic 
Achievement Award is presented 
to the outstanding junior in fire 
protection engineering by the 
Salamander Honor Society. 
Awarded to: 

Charles M. Reischmann 

Theatre Patrons Association 
Scholarship Awards. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Carney 

Cheryl L. Derman 

Phil Setren 

United Methodist Women 
Awarded lo: 

Patricia Heacocl< 

Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award. An award to 
the outstanding student in 
investments and security analysis 
in the College of Business and 
Awarded to. 

Colleen C. Gartner 

Maximlllian Wallach Memorial 
Fund Scholarship. An award to an 
outstanding undergraduate major 
in finance in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Robert S. Carroll 



Special Athletic 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophy for the unsung hero of the 
current season. 
Awarded to: 

Frank Kclencik 

John Nash 

The A.C.C. Plaque to a male and 
female senior for excellence in 
scholarship and athletics. 
Awarded to: 
Anthony J. Larioni 

Marita M. Walton 

The Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Trophy to the outstanding 
offensive back of the year. 
Awarded to: 
Dave Pacella 

The Charles T. Beebe, Jr. Award 
to a woman athlete for excellence 
in scholarship and athletics. 
Awarded to: 
Marita M. Walton 

The John T. Bell Swimming 
Award to the outstanding 
swimmer or diver. 
Awarded to: 

Mike Alderson 

The William R. Campbell 
Swimming Trophy to the senior 
male and female letter-earners 
who have contributed most to 
Awarded to: 

Kirk Sinocki 

Debbie D'Andrea 

The Andrew M. Cohen Tennis 
Trophy to the team member 
chosen by his teammates as the 
person who has contributed most 
to tennis. 
Awarded to: 
Blase Keating 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a member 
of the football team with the 
highest scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 

Gregory E. Harraka 

The Geary F. Eppley Award to the 
graduating male senior athlete, 
who during his four years of 
varsity competition, lettered at 
least once and attained the 
highest over-all scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Anthony J. Larioni 

The Tom Fields Award to the 
most important member of the 
cross country team based on the 
qualities of leadership, dedication 
to excellence, attitude and 
personal achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Per E. Kristoffersen 

The Herbert H. Goodman 
Wrestling Trophy to the most 
outstanding wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to: 
Mark Dugan 

The John W. Guckeyson Award 
for scholarship, leadership, and 
athletic ability. 
Awarded to: 
Alan H. Baginsid 

The Ray Krouse Senior Award to 
the most valuable football player. 
Awarded to: 
John Tice 

The M Club's Founders Award to 
a senior athlete for outstanding 
athletic ability, academic 
excellence, upright character, and 
distinguished citizenship. 
Awarded to: 
Marita M. Walton 

The Charles Leroy Mackert 
Trophy offered by William E. 
Krouse to the Maryland student 
who has contributed most to 
wrestling while at the University of 
Awarded to: 
Mark Dugan 

The Maryland Ring to the senior 
resident of Maryland who is 
adjudged the best athlete of the 

Awarded to: 
Greg J. Moriey 

The Charles P. McCormick, Sr. 
Award to the senior Baltimore 
area resident who has contributed 
the most to his sport. 
Awarded to: 

Charies Don Sadler, Jr. 

The Silvester Watch typifying the 
best in athletics. 
Awarded to: 

Anthony J. Larioni 

The Talbot T. Speer Award for 
excellence in leadership, 
scholarship, and general all- 
around ability. 
Awarded to: 

Anthony J. Larioni 

The James M. Tatum Award to 
the outstanding tackle on the 
football team. 
Awarded to: 
Mark D. Duda 

The Robert E. Theofeld Memorial 
Trophy to the golfer who most 
nearly exemplified the competitive 
spirit and strong character of 
Robert E. Theofeld, a former 
member of the Boxing Team. 
Awarded to: 
Matthew Nichols 

University of Maryland Alumni 
Swimming Association Scholar 
Athlete Award to the swimmer 
who has compiled the best 
combination of academic and 
aquatic records. 
Awarded to: 

Mike Alderson 

Ingrid Padilla 

The A. V. Williams Award for the 
Maryland football player who has 
exhibited outstanding and 
conspicuous sportsmanship 
during the year. 
Awarded to: 
David W. Pacella 



Basketball (Men's) 

Jetf Adkins 
Jeff Baxter 
Leonard Bias 
Adrian Branch 
Ben Coleman 
Chuck Driesell 
Ed Farmer 
Mark Fothergill 
Pete Holbert 
Bryan Palmer 
Steve Rivers 
Herman Veal 
Meal Eskin, Manager 
Tony Cole, Manager 

Basketball (Women's) 

Bonnie Baker 

Monica Gannon 

Lea Hakala 

Kim Johnson 

Debbie Lytle 

Belinda Pearman 

Jasmina Perazic 

Marcia Richardson 

Julie Silverberg 

Dorothy Smith 

Chris Vera 

Rachelle Willett 

Barb Cohen. Manager 

Kay SturdevanL Manager 

Jane Troxell. Manager 

Cross Country (Men's) 

James Boyle 
Chris Chattin 
Doug Cullom 
Kirk Herbst 
Joseph Herget 
Keith Hudson 
Per Kristoffersen 
Philip Lussier 
Raymond Oglesby 

Cross Country (Women's) 

Deborah Dohmeier 
Janice Parr 
Carolyn Forde 
Lisa Suitovsky 
Patricia Walker 
Jean Whiston 


Jess G. Atkinson 
Edu/ard J. Aulisi 
Joseph M. Aulisi 
Gerald A. Austin 
Richard A. Badanjek 
Brian M. Baker 
Clarence Baldwin 
Shaw/n Benson 
Joe Brkovich 
Gurnest Brown 
Rodney C. Caldwell 
Michael J. Corvino 
Al C. Covington 
Dave DAddio 
Russell Davis 
Bobby DePaul 
Mark Duda 
Darryl Emerson 
Norman Esiason 
Howard Eubanks 
Ronald A. Fazio 
Tyrone R. Furman 
Kevin B. Glover 
James D. Gross 
Bob Gunderman 
Greg Harraka 
Greg Hill 
Gil Hoffman 
Lendell Jones 
James Joyce 
Willie Joyner 
Peter Koch 
Frank Kolencik 
Victor Kronberg 
Mike Lewis 
Leonard Lynch 
Bill McFadden 
Bob Mattis 
Douglas M. Miller 
Mike Muller 
John H. Mash 
Joe Niederhelman 
David W. Pacella 
Timmy Quander 
Chris Renaldo 
Terry Ridgley 
Alan Sadler 

Spencer Scriber 

Jon Simmons 

Ron Solt 

Kevin Taylor 

John K. Tice 

Vince Tomasetti 

Scott Tye 

Harry Venezia 

Timothy Whittle 

Joe Wilkins 

Eric Wilson 

Wayne Wingfield 

Steve Hyman. Manager 

Ron Ohringer. Manager 

John Steigerwald, Manager 

MeMn Thompson, Manager 



Jill Andrews 
Debra L. Farling 
Kathryn A. Fineran 
Jan M. Hamnnond 
Jennifer L. Huff 
Patricia J. Petrone 
Katherine Richardson 
Ruth Shiadovsky 


William Casagranda 
Edmund Gauss 
Moshe Goldfarb 
Douglas Howland 
Mark MacLaughlin 
Kirk Miller 
Brett Stevens 
John Fink 
Vartez Minassain 
Reza Mohseni 
Kenneth Wilkerson 
Kenneth Moore 
Patrick Nelson 
Glen Singer 
Ted Tsapalas 
Desmond Armstrong 
Douglas Southall 
Lee Becker, Manager 

Swimming (Men's) 

Michael Alderson 
Martin Bare 
Andrew Desjardins 
Mark Gillies 
Steven Goldhirsh 
G. Todd Gray 
Joseph Haddon 
Roger Masse 
Michael Nemec 
Robert Neuendorf 
James Robinson 
Kirk Sanocki 
James Wenhold 

Swimming (Women's) 

Deborah DAndrea 
Amy Dilweg 
Deborah Meyer 
Wendy Shoyer 
Lisa (Jnger 
Susan Wigetman 
Betsi Elliott 


Susan M. Amey 

Tammy J. Buckley 

Anne Hoffman 

Susan F. Lombardi 

Beth M. Slebodnik 

Michele A. Steffen 

Ruthe C. Swanson 

Susan C. Vance 

Veronica S. Vogel 

Katherine L. Wharton 

Patty C. Wharton 

Doris A. Wood 

Stephanie Gladstone, Manager 


Mark Dugan 
Mike Furman 
Dan Harvey 
John Kostelac 
Anthony Russo 
Leonard Taylor 
Randy Thompson 
Paul Triplett 
Darryl White 
John Worley 



AFROTC Leadership Ribbon. 
Presented for outstanding 
performance in a position of 
leadersfiip as a cadet officer. 
Recognizes cadet officers wfio 
display ieadersfijp ability above 
and beyond normal expected 
Awarded lo: 

Sean P. Duffy 

Clifford B. Fitts 

Brandon S. Wagoner 

Gerald T. Ziegler 

AFROTC Superior Performance 
Ribbon. Presented to a cadet for a 
single or sustained performance 
of a superior nature. Recognizes 
acfiievements wfiicfi are clearly 
Awarded to: 

William S. Bailey 

Daniel R. Davidson 

Katfiryn L. Flemming 

The Alumni Cup. Presented to the 
Senior Cadet who has achieved 
the highest cumulative grade 
point average, while at the same 
time demonstrating the highest 
degree of officer potential. 
Awarded lo: 
Michael Miles 

American Defense Preparedness 
Association Award. Presented to 
the outstanding Senior Cadet who 
has received no grade in the 
advanced ROTC courses less 
than B. is in the up[>er half of total 
senior enrollment at the University 
of Maryland, has participated 
activefy in athletics and'or 
campus activities, and has 
demonstrated outstanding 
leadership qualities. 
Awarded to: 

Brenda L. Randol 

The American Legion 
"Outstanding Senior" Award. 
Presented to the cadet best 
described as the Outstanding 
ROTC Senior. 
Awarded to: 

Michael J. Mercer 

The American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Awards. Presented each year to a 
Senior (Gold Award) in the upper 
25 percent of the ROTC class, 
and who has demonstrated 
outstanding qualities in military 
leadership, discipline and 
Awarded to: 
John P. Costa 

Armed Forces Communications 
and Electronics Association 
Award. Presented to the 
outstanding senior cadet who is 
preparing for a career in a 
technical area and has 
demonstrated outstanding 
qualities of military leadership, 
high moral character, and definite 
aptitude for military service. 
Awarded to: 

Michael J. Mercer 

Commandant of Cadets Award. 
Presented to a Senior Cadet for 
outstanding performance as a 
Supp>ort Officer. This cadet most 
successfully exemplifies the 
"Complete Staff Officer." 
Awarded to: 

Lynne E. McNamee 

Daughters of American 
Revolution. Presented to a Senior 
Cadet who is in the upper 25 
percent of both the ROTC class 
and the University, and who 
demonstrates high qualities of 
dependability, good character, 
adherence to military discipline, 
and leadership. Also 
demonstrates a fundamental and 
patriotic understanding of the 
importance of ROTC training. 
Awarded to: 

Randall S. Plante 

Disabled Amehcan Veterans 
Award. Presented each year to the 
Senior Cadet who has 
demonstrated outstanding 
leadership, scholarship, and 
Awarded to: 
John R. Laney 

Governors Cup. Offered each 
year by His Excellency, the 
Governor of Maryland, and 
awarded to the cadet chosen by 
the Detachment Staff as the 
Cadet of the Year. 
Awarded to: 

Randall S. Plante 

Military Order of World Wars 
Award. Presented to the 
Aerospace Studies cadet 
recognized as the most improved 
within his class. 
Awarded to: 

Martin J. Grenchik 

The Professor of Aerospace 
Studies Award. Presented to the 
Senior Cadet who has made a 
unique contribution to the 
mission of the AFROTC program 
at the University of Maryland. 
These efforts demonstrated 
initiative, professionalism and 
dedication to the assigned 
Awarded to: 

David M. Kondas 

George M. Reiley Award. 
Presented to the member of the 
Right instruction program who 
shows the highest aptitude for 
flying, as demonstrated by his or 
her performance in the program. 
Awarded lo: 
Richard S. Herr 

The Reserve Officers Association 
Award. Presented to the Senior 
Cadet (Gold Award) who 
demonstrates outstanding 
academic achievement in 
AFROTC subject matter and 
highest officer potential. 
Awarded to: 

Anthony C. Budzik 



Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

Chemistry & Biochemistry 

1407 White Memorial 


2312 Symons Hall 

1120 Geology 


2131 Skinner Hall 

1208 Zoology-Psychology 


Division of Arts and 

School of Architecture 

Architecture Auditorium and 

College of Journalism 

Lobby, Journalism 

American Studies 

2130 Taliaferro Hall 

Atrium, Art-Sociology 


42 18 Jimenez Hall 

Building EE 

1117 Francis Scott Key Hall 
French and Italian 

31 18 Jimenez Hall 
German & Russian 

3215 Jimenez Hall 

1117 Francis Scott Key 



Tawes Recital Hall 

1117 Francis Scott Key Hall 

2215 Jimenez Hall 
Communication Arts and 
Theatre/Radio. Television & 

Patio Area 

Tawes Fine Arts Building 

Division of Behaviorial 
and Social Sciences 

College of Business and 

Atrium, Student Union 
Afro-American Studies 

2169 Social Sciences 

1128 Woods Hall 

1 102 Tydings Hall 


Hearing and Speech 

0208 Social Sciences 
Institute of Criminal Justice 
and Criminology 

2220 LeFrak Hall 
Institute of Urban Studies 

11 79 LeFrak Hall 

1 1 07 Zoology-Psychology 


Atrium, Art-Sociology 


Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

College of Education 
Harold R. W. Benjamin 
Building (unless otherwise 
Counseling and 
Personnel Services, 3214 
Curriculum and 
Instruction, 1240 
Elementary and 
Education, 1240 
Education Policy, 
Planning, and 
Administration, 3237 
Industrial Education, 
J. M. Patterson 
Building, 3202 
Institute for Child 
Study, 3304 
Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation, 4104 
Special Education, 1230 
College of Human Ecology 
Maryland Room, 
Marie Mount Hall 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

4114 Hombake Library 
College of Physical 
Education, Recreation and 

0102 PERH Building 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

College of Engineering 

Maryland Ballroom, 

Main Dining Hall 
Computer Science 

2324 Computer Science 


(8 a.m. breakfast) 

3201 Mathematics Building 
Physics & Astronomy 

1410-1412 Physics 


Undergraduate Studies 
General & Individual 

Main Lobby, 
Hornbake Library 


A Walking Tour 

through the 

College Park Campus 

There are many interesting 
educational and research facilities 
on the College Park Campus. We 
have selected some of these that 
you may wish to visit along a 
walking tour. These facilities are 
open on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. 
to 4:30 p.m., except where noted. 
You are welcome to tour them at 
your leisure. Other points of 
interest on campus may be 
toured by appointment through 
the phone extension listed after 
each facility. For general 
Information, call the Student 
Union Information Center (454- 


Memorial Chapel— (BIdg. 009) 
Regents Drive. 
A schedule of 

multidenominational services can 
be obtained in the Morth 
Administration BIdg. 

tiorth Administration Building — 
(BIdg. 052) Regents Drive. This 
facility houses the Offices of 
Undergraduate Admissions; 
Records and Registrations: 
Student Affairs: Student Financial 
Aid. and Resident Life. 

Hombake Library— (B\dg. 147) 
Corner of Regents and Campus 
Drives. Completed in 1973. the 
library is one of the finest in the 
nation. In addition to serving 
undergraduate students, it also 
houses the graduate level College 
of Library and Information 

Maryland Student Union — 
(BIdg. 163) Campus Drive. A new 
addition to the Student Union was 
completed in 1972. You can 
obtain a building directory and 
schedules of events and activities 
at the information desk in the 
front lobby. 

Cole Student Activities 
Building — (BIdg. 162) Campus 
Drive. With a seating capacity of 
14.500 the arena of Cole is used 
for basketball games, track meets, 
wrestling matches, indoor tennis, 
commencements, concerts, 
academic testing, and many other 
indoor activities. Other areas of 
the building contain small 
gymnasiums, weight rooms, a 
swimming pool, classrooms, 
faculty offices, a ticket booth for 
athletic events, the Department of 
Intercollegiate Athletics, the 
National Policy Center on Women 
and Aging, and the Air Force 
Aerospace Studies Program 

Tawes Fine Arts Center — (BIdg. 
141 ) Campus Drive. Offices of the 
Department of Communication 
Arts and Theatre and the 
Department of Music are housed 
in this building. University Theatre 
is also located here (adjacent to 
Parking Lot # 1 ). 

Schools of Architecture 
Building — (BIdg. 145) Campus 
Drive. You are invited to walk 
through this facility and view 
displays of student architectural 

Theodore R. McKeldin Library — 
(BIdg. 035). McKeldin contains 
materials for the use of graduate 
students and faculty as well as 
undergraduates (ext 5704). 


Cole Student Activities 
Building Seating 

Section 1: 

Agricultural and Life 

Human Ecology 

Section 2: 

Graduate School 
Arts and Humanities 
Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Section 3: 

Business and Management 
Undergraduate Studies 
Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences and Engineering 

Section 4: 


Behavioral and Social 


main entrance 
& exits