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194th Commencement 
The University of Maryland College Park 

May 23, 1985 

194th Commencement 
The University of Maryuknd College Park 

May 23, 1985 

Message to 
the Graduates 

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate each of you 
who is receiving a degree today. The College Park 
Cannpus community joins me in commending you on this 
singular accomplishment and in wishing you well in your 
future endeavors. We are proud of your success in 
achieving today's goal, and we hope that you carry the 
knowledge and talents you've developed into an exciting 
and challenging future. 

Each of you, through your presence and participation, 
has made a contribution to the life of the College Park 
community. As you have grown and learned, those 
around you have learned from you. Mow, by virtue of 
your achievements, you have an opportunity and a 
responsibility to enrich and enhance the world beyond 
the campus. I hope that each of you leaves this campus 
with both training for challenging work and the ability to 
be a clear-thinking, articulate, and compassionate 
member of our society. 

As you pursue your goals and participate in other 
communities, I ask that you remember The University of 
Maryland College Park. This campus has set some 
important goals for itself and you can help us to achieve 
them. We want to continue to achieve and maintain 
academic excellence, to become a model multiracial, 
multi-cultural, multi-generational community, and to 
improve the quality of life for all members of the campus 
community. Your continuing interest in College Park will 
help us to achieve those goals. 

I congratulate you again on this special occasion and 
extend a warm welcome to friends and family who have 
come to share it with you. We take pride in each of our 
graduates and in the contributions you make to the 
larger community. 

John B. Slaughter 

Order of 

May 23, 1985 
9:30 a.m. 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. John B. Slaughter 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. C. John Sincell 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor. John Wakefield 


You Musi Have That True 

arranged by Roland Carter 
Maryland Gospel Choir 
Directed by Valeria A. Foster 


The Reverend Robert O. 

(Jnited Campus Ministry 


The National Anthem 
Led by Dr. Roger Folstrom 


Dr. John S. Toll 


The University of Maryland 

Mr. Allen L. Schwait 


Board of Regents 

Musical Selection 

Choose Somclhing Like a Star 

by Randall Thompson 

(1899 ■ 1984) 
University Chorale 
Conductor, Dr. Folstrom 


Peter F. O'Malley. Esq. 

Former Chairman 

Board of Regents 

The University of Maryland 

Conferring of Honorary 

Dr. Toll 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Andrew W. Trice 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Slaughter 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's, and Bachelor's 

Dr. Slaughter 


1985 Class Gift 

Rabbi Robert Saks 
Jewish Student Center 

Alma Mater 
Hail to thee. Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty, 
For thee, we stand. 
Love for the Black and 

Deep in our hearts we 

Singing thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

of Events 

Following the Convocation, eleven separate 
commencennent exercises will be held on campus by 
various academic units at different times and locations 
throughout the day. A map is provided on the opposite 
page, showing the time and location of each ceremony. 

For the second year, the traditional single 
commencement exercise has been replaced by several 
individual ceremonies in which each graduate can be 

recognized. As a result, it is hoped that graduates and 
their families and friends will take more personal 
pleasure in this special occasion. 

A campus-wide reception will be held on the mall for 
those academic units not sponsoring individual 
receptions. Free shuttle bus service will operate 
continuously throughout the day between various 
sections of the campus. 

./s *•"'••* 





jJ vji >C. 

Cole Student Activities Building 

9 30 a m Campus-wide 
to Commencement 

10 30am Convocation 

1 1 30 a m Business and Manage- 

ment Commencement 

2 00 p m Behavioral and Social 

Sciences Commencement 

Individual and General 
Studies Commencement 

Architecture Building - Auditorium 
11 30 a m 

LeFrak Hall - Lecture Hall 

1 1 30 a m 

Public Affairs 

11:30 am 

2 00 p m 

Agricultural and Life 
Sciences and College of 

Reckord Armory 

11 30 a m 

Human and Community 



2:00 p m Engineering 


The College Park Campus 
and the Gniversity 

The Graduates 

Students being graduated today fronn The Gniversity of 
Maryland College Park follow in the footsteps of many 
notable (JMCP graduates who have distinguished 
themselves in such fields as science, entertainment, art, 
journalism, business, law, medicine and government. 

Astronaut Judith Resnik (Ph.D. 77), for one, received 
her doctorate in electrical engineering at the time NASA 
was choosing a handful of mission specialists for its 
upcoming space shuttle flights. Last year she flew with 
the 12th mission of the shuttle Discovery as the second 
American woman in space. 

One of the youngest GMCP graduates ever, Charles 
Fefferman ('66), received a joint degree in mathematics 
and physics at the tender age of 17 and now is a world- 
class mathematician. He later received the Fields Medal, 
the most prestigious mathematics award, and is a 
professor of mathematics at Princeton. 

NBC news anchor Connie Chung ('69) started her fast 
track at GMCP's Diamondback newspaper and WMUC 
radio station. She has reported for WTTG-Metromedia 
news, NBC's "Nightly News, " and the CBS Washington 
and Los Angeles bureaus. She also has hosted NBC's 
"The Today Show. " 

One of the Gniversity's most devoted sons is A. James 
Clark ('50), president of the George Hyman Construction 
Co. and president and chairman of CEI Construction Inc.. 
the umbrella organization for engineering and 
construction companies which include OMNI and Hyman. 
A member of the Gniversity's Board of Regents since 
1981, Clark last year made a major contribution to the 
College of Engineering in the form of a challenge grant. 

Other outstanding graduates include opera singer 
Carmen Balthrop ('71); Jim Henson ('60), creator of the 
Muppets; Maryland's 5th-District Congressman Steny 
Hoyer ('63): Tom McMillen ('74) of the Washington 
Bullets, who was a Rhodes scholar and member of the 
1972 G.S. Olympic Team; Mary Stallings Coleman ('35), 
the first woman elected to the Supreme Court of 
Michigan, and top New York designer Ed Harney ('75), 
whose daring creations have graced the cover of 
Cosmopolitan magazine. 

The Campus 

College Park has one of the ten largest enrollments of 
any campus in the country. Gndergraduates enrolled in 

fall 1984 numbered 30,231 and graduate students 8,076 
for a total enrollment of 38,307, This year's College Park 
operating budget is approximately $284.2 million, 
including financial aid for some 19,000 students. 

Students can choose from more than 125 
undergraduate and 80 graduate programs leading to 
degrees. In 1983-84, a total of 5,173 bachelors, 1,036 
master's and 387 doctoral degrees were awarded by 
GMCP. In the number of doctorates granted annually, 
the Gniversity ranks among the top 30 in the nation. 


The Gniversity began in Baltimore in 1807 as a faculty- 
owned College of Medicine, which granted the M.D. 
degree. Five years later, more degrees were added when 
the college was renamed The Gniversity of Maryland. The 
first dental school in America, the Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, became a part of the Gniversity in 1840. 
Later, the Gniversity opened schools of pharmacy, law 
and nursing. 

The College Park Campus opened in 1859 under a 
charter secured in 1856 by a group of Maryland planters. 
Then called the Maryland Agricultural College, it became 
one of the original land-grant schools in 1865. After a 
disastrous fire in 1912, the state acquired control of the 
College and paid to rebuild it. 

The present form of The Gniversity of Maryland dates 
back to a 1920 act of the state legislature joining the 
state-owned institution at College Park with the 
professional schools in Baltimore. The move created The 
Gniversity of Maryland College Park (GMCP) and The 
Gniversity of Maryland at Baltimore (GMAB). Three other 
campuses have since been added: Baltimore County 
(GMBC) in Catonsville; Eastern Shore (GMES) in Princess 
Anne; and the worldwide Gniversity College (GMGC), 
headquartered in College Park. 


Libraries on the College Park Campus include 
approximately 1.5 million volumes, 19,600 subscriptions 
to periodicals and newspapers, and more than 1.5 million 
units of microform. The Hornbake (Gndergraduate) 
Library, for one, is among the nation's largest, with a 
seating capacity of 3,600. 

Research Facilities 

Among the campus's exceptional research facilities are 
radiation research labs, a nuclear training reactor, 
scanning electron microscopes, subsonic and supersonic 
wind tunnels, and an electron ring accelerator. The 
(Jniversity also has complete laboratories for the dynamic 
studies of soils and structures, a unique facility using 
remote sensing, a photomechanics lab, computer 
simulation and specialized sound chambers for audiology 
research. There is a psychopharmacology lab, a high- 
resolution spectroscopy facility, a criminal forensics lab, 
an astronomy observatory, and the Water Resources 
Research Center. There also is a gravitational radiation 
detection system including a gravimeter and three 
retroreflector arrays on the Moon. UMCP also operates 
one of the world's largest and most sophisticated long- 
wavelength radio telescopes, located at Clark Lake in 
southern California. 

In addition to these research opportunities, programs 
in the behavioral sciences, social sciences and education 
exist in many bureaus and institutes, including the 
bureaus of Business and Economic Research, Educational 
Research and Field Services, and Governmental 
Research; and institutes for Child Study, Criminal Justice 
and Criminology, and Urban Studies. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and 
faculty in the academic procession have been the 
traditional costume of scholars since medieval times. 
They probably represent a kind of ecclesiastical dress, 
since many of the scholars of that period were members 
of monastic orders. 

Most colleges and universities in the United States 
have adopted the uniform code for costumes drafted by 
an intercollegiate commission in 1893. Each of the three 
academic degrees — bachelor, master and doctor — has its 
own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is 
distinguished by its long, pointed sleeve. The master's 
gown has a longer, more narrow, closed sleeve extending 
below the knee; the arm fits through a slit at the elbow. 
The doctor's gown has a full, bell-shaped sleeve trimmed 
with three bars of velvet. The velvet trim on the gowns 
can be black or a color indicating the wearer's general 
field of learning — for example, green for medicine or 
purple for law. A list of departmental colors follows. 


Arts. Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Administration. 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Education/Light Blue 
Fine Arts. Architecture/Brown 
Home Economics/Maroon 

Library Science/Lemon 



Oratory, Speech/Silver Gray 



Philosophy/Dark Blue 

Public Administration, 

Foreign Service/Peacock Blue 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Work/Citron 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The most colorful and distinctive part of the academic 
costume is the hood extending down the back. The 
doctor's is the largest of the hoods and the bachelor's is 
the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining of various colors in the center of the hood 
indicates the college or university which conferred the 
degree. Consistent for all degrees is the cap, or mortar 
board, which has a tassel of black or another color 
indicating the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's 
cap can be gold. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for tiie successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more than 1.600 different 
academic degrees currently conferred by colleges and 
universities nationwide. 

The first known degree was a doctorate bestowed by 
the University of Bologna, Italy, in the mid- 12th century. 
Originally, the doctor's and masters degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was 
qualified to instruct students. The bachelors, or 
baccalaureate, degree only indicated entrance into a 
course of study preparatory to the doctorate or 
mastership. Gradually, though, the bachelor's degree 
came to mean successful completion of one level of 
study in advance of the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The term "doctor." meaning teacher or instructor, 
originated with the ancient Romans for those who 
lectured publicly on philosophical topics. During the 
Middle Ages, it was used as a title of honor for men of 
great learning. It was first made an academic title at the 
University of Bologna, which was allowed by the emperor 
to appoint doctores legum (doctors of laws). The 
University of Paris followed suit in the year 1 145. Soon 
after, popes granted the universities the right to appoint 
doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon 
law) and. when the study of civil law was combined with 
that of the canon law. the title was changed to doctor 
utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of 
theology and medicine followed that of law in conferring 
this title. 
I A doctorate is given beyond the baccalaureate degree 
and requires several years of advanced study, the 
successful completion of a thesis or dissertation, and 
written and oral examinations. The doctor's degree 
represents the most advanced earned degree conferred 
by American institutions. There are two distinct types: 
the practitioner's degree and the research degree. The 
first type represents advanced training for the practice of 
various professions, principally Doctor of Medicine. 
Doctor of Dental Surgery. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 
Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees 

carry no implication of original research. The University 
of Maryland awarded the first two dental degrees in 
history, on March 9. 1841. and invented the name of the 
degree, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The second type is a research doctorate representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study. A dissertation 
which usually accompanies the study is intended to 
contribute substantially to existing knowledge on the 
subject. The most important of these, the Doctor of 
Philosophy, no longer has an implication of philosophy 
for its holder, but represents advanced research in any of 
the major fields of knowledge. It was first awarded in the 
United States in 1861 by Yale University. The University 
of Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor bestowed 
upon students who have successfully completed work 
beyond the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral 
examination are usually required. The word magister was 
used by the Romans as a title of honor, but its present 
meaning can be traced to the establishment of the oldest 
universities. Organized faculties as they now exist in 
universities were not known then; academic activity was 
limited to seven liberal arts. Those who were honored for 
their diligence and knowledge upon completion of their 
studies and who had already received the bachelor's 
degree were called magistri artium (masters of the liberal 
arts). In 1920, The University of Maryland awarded its 
first Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) 
degrees in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four- 
year course of college-level study and is the oldest 
academic degree used by American institutions of higher 
learning. It was the first conferred in America in 1642 on 
the first nine graduates of Harvard College. Maryland 
Agricultural College, which later became The University 
of Maryland College Park, awarded its first Bachelor of 
Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in 


Board of Regents 


Allen L. Schwait 
Vice Chairman 

Ralph W. Frey 

A. Paul Moss 

Constance C. Stuart 
Assistant Secretary 

Betty R. Coss 
Assistant Treasurer 

John W. Carlson 
The Hon. Wayne A. Cawley, 

Jr. ex officio 
Joel A. Carrington 
A. James Clark 
Frank A. Gunther, Jr. 
The Hon. Blair Lee III 
George V, McGowan 
Barbara M. Simmons 
Albert W. Turner 
John W. T. Webb 

Central Administration 
of the University 


John S. Toll 
Executive Vice President 

Albert H. Bowker 
Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

Rita R. Colwell 
Vice President for Agricultural 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for General 

Donald L. Myers 
Vice President for 
Governmental Relations 

Patricia S. Florestano 

Vice President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Vice President for 
Policy and Planning 

Leroy Keith 
Vice President for 
University Relations 

Robert G. Smith 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


John B. Slaughter 
Vice Chancellor for 
Academic Affairs 

William E. Kirwan 
Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice Chancellor for 
Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Allen L. Steinhauer (acting) 
Division of Arts and 

Shirley S. Kenny 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
Division of tiuman and 
Community Resources 

Muriel R. Sloan 
Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Frank J. Kerr 


School of Architecture 

John A. Steffian 
School of Public Affairs 

George C. Eads 
College of Agriculture 

Donald A. Hegwood 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

George L. Marx (acting) 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter, Jr. 
College of tiuman Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

Claude E. Walston 
College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

John J. Burt 
Maryland Campus of the 
VA-MD Regional 
College of Veterinary Medicine 

Robert C. Hammond, 
Associate Dean 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Jacob K. Goldhaber (acting) 
Administrative Dean for 
Summer Programs 

Melvin M. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Donald Maley. 

Professor and Chairman, 

Industrial. Technological 

and Occupational 

University Marshal 
Dr. Don C. Piper, 


Government and Politics. 

Dr. Stewart L. Gordon, 

Professor and Chairman, 

Committee Members 
Dr. Charles J. Beatty, 

Associate Professor, 

Industrial, Technological 

and Occupational 

Capt. Ralph W. Bell. 

University Police. 
Mr. Edward W. Blackburn. 


Environmental Safety. 
Mrs. Frances P. Cave. 

Nurse Supervisor, 

Health Center. 
Dr. A.H. (Bud) Edwards, 

Interim Director, 

Institutional Advancement. 
Dr. Ulysses S. Glee, 


Student Financial Aid. 
Mrs. Cornelia Goodwin, 

Diploma Office. 
Mr. Elwood H. Gross. 

General Services, 

Physical Plant. 
Mr. Ernest D. Huff, Jr. 

Assistant Director, 

Records and 

Dr. George F. Kramer, 

College of Physical 

Education, Recreation 

and Health. 
Dr. Leo R. LaSota, 

Assistant Professor. 


Ms. Nancy G. Loomls. 

Dining Services. 
Mr. George H. Mitchell. 

University Book Center. 
Mr. Matthew W. Sheriff, 


Dining Services. 
Mr. C. John Sincell, 

Communication Arts and 

Ms. Barri J. Standish. 

Commuter Affairs. 
Mr. Robert T. Stumpff. 

Intercollegiate Athletics. 
Ms. Linda Van Wagenen, 

Institutional Advancement 



Peter Francis O'Malley 

Honorary Doctor of Public Service 

and Convocation Speaker 

The day that Peter F. OMalley was named to The 
University of Maryland Board of Regents in 1975 has 
become a landmark for a decade of major gains in the 
University's reputation. 

With OMalley as chairman from 1979 to 1982. the 
Board of Regents has become one of the most active 
governing boards of any major university in the country, 
and his leadership has been widely praised by educators 

During his tenure from 1975 to 1983. the dollar 
amount of scholarships based on academic achievement, 
for example, rose from about $4,400 to nearly $545,000. 
Admission standards were raised three times, and the 
number of National Merit Scholars at the College Park 
Campus grew from just three in 1978 to 89 in 1983. 

The lawyer from Prince George's County has long 
stood out as "a bright, hardworking, questioning, 
progressive-minded (Regents) member. " according to the 
Ballimore Sun. (June 24. 1979). ■(OMalley is) a 
politically sensitive and savvy person. . .attuned to 
public sensibilities, legislative talent and sectional 
interests throughout Maryland." 

Even before he was elected chairman, it was clear that 
O Malley wanted the Regents to be the "advance guards" 
in the University's drive to improve. And he consistently 
urged that the pace of the drive be quickened. Formerly 
a Democratic Party leader in Prince Georges County, he 

had an excellent background for providing the skilled 
leadership that could unite various factions within the 

Having resigned from the Board of Regents in 1983. a 
year after he stepped down as chairman. OMalley then 
became the first lay chairman of the Board of Trustees of 
his alma mater. Mount St. Mary's College in Emmitsburg. 
Md. He had served on the board since 1976 and was 
chairman until 1984. OMalley continues as managing 
partner for the law firm of OMalley. Miles. Farrington 
and McCarthy in the county seat of Upper Marlboro. He 
is a member of the American Bar Association, the 
Maryland State Bar Association, the Prince George's 
County Bar Association, and the American Judicature 
Society. He has been a member of the board of directors 
of the Washington-Baltimore Regional Association and 
director of the Capital Centre and Rosecroft Raceway. He 
also belonged to the board which drafted a new charter 
for the Prince Georges County government. 

OMalley was born in Clinton. Mass. He graduated from 
Mount St. Marys College in 1960 and received an LL.B. 
degree from Georgetown Law Center in 1965. He and his 
wife, Janice, live in Clinton, Md.. and have five children: 
Peter, Kathleen. Susan, Mary, and Jennifer. 

OMalley today receives the honorary degree of Doctor 
of Public Service. 



Augustus F. Hawkins 
Honorary Doctor of Laws 

Since the early days of the Civil Rights Movement. U.S. 
Congressman Augustus (Gus) F. Hawkins (DCaiif.) has 
been a vigorous advocate of equality in education and 

In 1962. after serving in the California state legislature 
for 28 years. Hawkins was elected the state's first black 
member of the G.S. House of Representatives. He was the 
first black member of Congress to be elected from any 
western state, representing the 29th District of south 
central Los Angeles, a largely Democratic area populated 
mainly by Blacks and Hispanics. 

Throughout his career. Hawkins has worked patiently 
and effectively through the legislative system for jobs, 
education and equal opportunity for all. Mow. as the 
senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus, he 
continues to be a determined and steady spokesman for 

Hawkins has always prided himself on campaigning on 
issues of economics rather than race. During a political 
career that spans more than half a century, he has been 
a major promoter of job legislation. By any measure of 
legislative activity, he has been extraordinarily 
productive, having authored more than 100 laws which 
reflect a sensitivity to people's needs. 

While in the California state legislature, he wrote bills 
which established a minimum wage for women, disability 
insurance, and the Fair Housing Act. He also chaired the 
powerful Rules Committee and the Senate and Assembly 
Joint Legislative Organization Committee, the highest 
committee position in the state legislature. 

As a U.S. congressman, he is probably best known for 
co-sponsoring the 1978 Humphrey-Hawkins bill which 
mandates a federal economic policy that strives for full 
employment and sets forth strong anti-discrimination 
provisions. In 1983, he introduced what Politics in 
America called "the most sweeping jobs bill on the 
legislative market"— a $10 billion program to employ a 
million people. In an earlier session of Congress, he 
proposed to create a $1 billion National Economic 
Adjustment Program to bring jobs to poor communities. 
Most recently. Hawkins has reintroduced bills to establish 
an educational effectiveness program and a Youth 
Employment Incentive Act. 

Probably his most important achievement as a member 
of Congress to date has been authoring Title VII of the 
1964 Civil Rights Act. which mandated fair employment 
practices and created the Equal Employment 
Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Since then, as 
chairman of the House Committee on Education and 
Labor, he has fought to protect and strengthen the 
commission. He also chairs the Subcommittee on 
Elementary. Secondary and Vocational Education and is 
a member of the Joint Economic Committee. 

Hawkins was born in Shreveport. La. His family moved 
to Los Angeles when he was 1 1. Hawkins earned an 
undergraduate degree in economics from the University 
of California at Los Angeles and attended graduate 
classes at the University of Southern California's Institute 
of Government. He is married to Elsie Taylor Hawkins. 

Today he receives the Honorary Doctor of Laws 



St. Clair Wright 

Honorary Doctor of Public Service 

One of Maryland's best-known champions of historic 
preservation is St. Clair Wright, a familiar face 
everywhere from the state legislature to the most modest 
historic society. 

As chairwoman of the board of Historic Annapolis Inc.. 
Wright has been responsible for the continuing 
restoration of Old Town Annapolis. As a result of her 
work, the Old Town section has been designated one of 
only three registered historic landmark districts in the 
State of Maryland. 

A combination of historian, archaeologist, city planner 
and public relations practitioner. Wright has formed a 
powerful citizen lobby of hundreds of volunteers who 
keep watch over land use proposals and proceedings and 
set guidelines for new owners of Annapolis historic 
property. The group has developed into a sort of resident 
research unit comprised of architectural specialists, legal 
experts and financiers who again and again have 
thwarted plans to change or destroy historic buildings. 
Led by Wright, they take action not at the moment when 
an actual demolition team appears, but at the more 
crucial time when land use proposals are mere pencil 
marks on a zoning map. 

The Baltimore Sun (Oct. 10. 1982) has called the group 
"a major factor in the city's exuberant downtown 
cometJack. " Annapolis is considered a model of what 
restoration projects can accomplish, both for historical 
purposes and for the economic benefits to the area. 

The project has become a reality through Wrights 
countless hours of unpaid work and her association with 
many other preservation groups. She has been 
chairwoman of the William Paca Garden Committee, a 
director of the Nature Conservancy, and a member of 
the board of Preservation Action and the Southern 
Garden History Society. She is a trustee of the Maryland 
Environmental Trust and an advisor to the National Trust 
for Historic Preservation. She also belongs to the 
Annapolis Coordinating Committee on Beautification. the 
Governor's Maryland Scenic Beauty Commission, and the 
Mid-Atlantic Regional Advisory Committee of the (J.S. 
National Park Service. 

Since the 1950s, she has headed a massive drive that 
has raised nearly $25 million for restoration projects — 
including $2 million for the magnificent Paca House. It 
was during the 1950s that Historic Annapolis Inc. began 
drafting a detailed inventory of the city's buildings. The 
society's headquarters now contain huge files of the 
physical history, as far as it is known, of every structure 
in central Annapolis. 

Wright was born in Virginia, earned a B.A. from the 
Maryland Institute in 1932 and is married to Capt. J. M. 
P. Wright (U.S. Navy. ret.). 

Today she receives the honorary degree of Doctor of 
Public Service. 


for Degrees 

The May 1985 class roster 
comprises degree candidates 
from the undergraduate and 
graduate programs at The 
University of Maryland College 
Park. As final action cannot 
always be taken for candidates 
by the time this program is 
printed, Ihe list of candidates 
here is tenlaliue only. The 
University reserves the right to 
withdraw or add names. 
Diplomas (for other than 
doctoral degrees) will be 
mailed by the Candidate 
Clearance Office. 

Students who have earned 
their degrees from the College 
of Education may obtain a 
Statement of Certificate 
Eligibility in the College of 
Education. Student Services 
Office (Room 1210). Other 
students who have completed 
teacher education programs 
will receive their statements in 
the mail (separate from the 
diploma) upon verification of 
required coursework. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Mario Alai 

Philosophy: Reatisnn, 
Realisms and Naturalized 

Penrose Carballo Albright 
Physics: A Crossouer 
Description of the Equilibrium 
Thermophysical Properties of 

Marin Pearson Allen 

Public Communication: The 
Guest-tiost Archetype: A 
Rhetorical Constraint on the 
Modern American 

Clarita Suckerman Anderson 
Textiles and Consumer 
Economics: Maryland 
Figured and Fancy Coverlet 

Paul Allen Anderson 
Physical Education: 
Isokinetic Fatigue, Electrical 
Actiuity and Morphology of 
the Human Tibialis Anterior 

Soledad Sambrano Arenas 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
From tiead Start to Third 
Grade: A Study of the 
Cognitive Development and 
Language Usage of Children 
with Limited English 

Lyndol Lee Aumiller 

Industrial, Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: The Contributions 
of Charles Russell Richards 
to the Industrial Education 

William Gleason Bail 
Computer Science: 
Algorithmic Structure 
Analysis Using Hierarchical 
Abstract Computers. 

Carol Radd Baker 

Human Development: A 
Comparison of individual and 
Group Therapy as Treatment 
of Sexually Abused Female 

Anne Marie Baker-Dittus 
Zoology: Infant and Juvenile- 
Directed Behaviors in a Wild 
Population of Toque 
Macaques. Macaca Sinica: 
The Effects of Infant Sex. 
Maternal Rank, and Kinship. 

Beth Mary Ball-Norden 

Entomology: Entomophilous 
Pollination of Cantaloupe/ 
Muskmelon ( Cucumis melo 
L.) in Maryland. 

Uday Banerjee 

Applied Mathematics: 
Approximation of 
Eigenvalues of Differential 
Equations with Rough 

Dawn Lynn Barger 
Special Education: An 
Investigation of the Affect of 
Tutoring Versus Social 
Contact With Severely 
Handicapped Students on the 
Attitudes of Nonhandicapped 
High School Students. 

Barnett Bernstein 
Chemistry: Approaches to 
the Total Synthesis of 

A. Karen Blair 

Human Development: The 
Relationship of Four Non- 
Cognitive Variables and the 
Academic Behavior of 
Remedial College Students. 

Deborah Edith Blank 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Investigation of Teacher 
Decision-Making While 
Tutoring Fifth Grade Students 
Engaged in Problem Solving 
Using a Computer 

Louis Joseph Blazy III 
Psychology: Information 
Processing Needs and 
Requirements in Using Expert 

Marlyn Duncan Boyd 

Health Education: Car Seal 
Safety Print Health 
Messages: The Effect of 
Varying Document Design 

John Emerson Boynton 
Environmental Sciences: 
The Effects of Current 
Velocity on Nutrient and 
Oxygen Exchanges Between 
Estaurine Sediments and the 
Water Column. 

Virginia Susan Bredekamp 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Reliability of the 
Instruments and Procedures 
of a National Accreditation 
System for Early Childhood 

Carol Leslie Brown 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: The 
Role of Some Government 
Relations Representatives in 
the Efforts of the National 
Higher Education 
Associations to Influence 
Federal Education Policy. 

Dale Calvin Brown 

Physics: A Study of Beams 
of Energetic Ions in the 
Jovian Magnetotail with 
Voyager 2. 


John Francis Bruno 
Physical Education: An 
Analysis ol Skeletal Muscle 
Myosin During Acute 
Exercise: An Electrophoretic 
and Immunohislochemical 

Philip John Buckenmeyer 
Physical Education: The 
Effect of Endurance Training 
on B-adrenergic Receptors in 
Skeletal Muscle. 

Brenda Harnage Burchett 
Public Communication: The 
Rhetoric of Era Peron. 

Phillip Bussey 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Differentiating 
Among the Interests of 
Rehabilitation Counselors 
Using the Basic Interest 
Scales of the Strong- 
Campbell Interest Inventory. 

Jimmy Calloway 

Recreation: Changes and 
Perceptions of Staff and 
Inmates in Selected Prisons 
and Jails Following Federal 
Court Decrees Addressing 
Recreational Reform. 

Carlota Josephine Campa 
Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: A Study 
in Visual Literacy: An 
Approach to Measuring Color 
in Clothing of Main 
Characters in Caldecott 
Award Books Using Color 

Willard Thomas Carter 
Government and Politics: 
Mexico and the United 
States: The Challenge of 
Illegal Migration. 

CIpendranatha Sharma 


Computer Science: Semantic 
Query Optimization in 
Deductive Databases. 

Ngai Hang Chan 
Mathematical Statistics: 
Asymptotic Inference of 
Nonstalionary Autoregressiue 

Tsan-chung Chen 

Chemical Engineering: The 
University of Maryland 
Dynamic Simulation System. 
Dynamic Distillation 
Simulation, and Distillation 
Control Application. 

Tae Hwan Cho 

Aerospace Engineering: 
Computation of 3-D Potential 
Flow Around a Finite Wing 
with Leading Edge 
Discontinuity at High Angle 
of Attack. 

Robert Mewton Clarke 

Poultry Science: The Effect 
of Dietary Aflatoxin on the 
Reproductive System of the 
White Leghorn Male. 

Eleanor Lynn Collins 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Ability. Achievement, and 
Aspiration of Mathematically 
Gifted Males and Females. 

Flavia Colonna 
Mathematics: Bloch and 
Normal Functions. 

Richard Lawrence Cooperstein 
Economics: Quantifying the 
Decision to Become a First- 
Time Home Buyer. 

Susan Diane Crissey 
Poultry Science: An 
Approach to Amino Acid 
Bioassays with Chickens. 

Bobby Brock Cross 

Physical Education: Effects 
of Aerobic Conditioning on 
Antibody Production in 
Balb/C Mice. 

Susan Marie Czajkowski 
Psychology: The Effects of 
Choice and Information 
Concerning an Aversive 
Event on Anticipatory and 
Impact Stress. 

Chung Chin Dai 

Aerospace Engineering: A 
Mixed Formulation Triangular 
Finite Element for Thin Shell 

Vernon Furtado Da Silva 
Physical Education: The 
Effects of Video-Game (Pac- 
man) Knowledge on 
Response Selection 
Processing in Children. 

Debra Lynne Davis 

Psychology: Separation and 
Divorce: A Study of 
Psychosocial Competence 
and Stress Using a Black 

Anna Cecelia Phelps 


Industrial. Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: A Teacher 
Education Program Model for 
Health Occupations 
Education Teachers in 

German Francisco De La 

Chemistry: Synthesis and 

Properties of 



Katherine Murphy Dickson 
American Studies: Women 
Librarians Re-entering the 
Work Force. 

Brigitte Duces 
Library and Information 
Services: The Role of 
Information in the Adoption 
of Agricultural Innovations. 

Ross Webb Erwin 
Physics: Neutron Scattering 
Study of Magnetic 
Correlations in a System with 
Competing Interactions: 

Pascale Vermont Evers 
Psychology: Effects on 
Satisfaction and Dropout of 
Confirmation /Disconfirmation 
of Clients' Preferences for 
Therapist Style. Level of 
Disturbance, and Level of 

Johnnie Leroy Fairfax 

Recreation: An Investigation 
of the Effects of Selected 
Experimental Treatments on 
Attitudes of Non-Disabled 
Persons Toward Physically 
Disabled Persons in Leisure 

Robert Lee Feldman 
English Language and 
Literature: The Problem of 
Evil in Five Plays by Arthur 

John Leiand Ferguson 
Psychology: Amphetamine 
Effect on Very Low Response 
Rates: Following a Single 
Dose of Neuroleptic. 

India Christie Fleming 
Psychology: The Stress 
Reducing Functions of 
Specipc Types of Social 
Support for Victims of a 
Technological Catastrophe. 


Doretha Billie Foushee 
Environmental Sciences: 
The Production of 
Monoclonal Antibodies to 
Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis 
Virus (VR 299). 

Alphonso A. Frost, Jr. 
Germanic and Slavic 
Languages and Literatures: 
Ernst Dronke: Life and 

Mancy Ann Garrick 
Zoology: Deamination of 
I -Norepinephrine and 
Serotonin by Monoamine 
Oxidose Type A in Primate 

Gene Elizabeth Gary-Williams 
Human Development: Well 
Being of Retired Black Males 
Measured by Selected 
Psychosocial Variables. 

John Boatner Gates 

Government and Politics: 
The American Supreme 
Court. Partisan Realignment, 
and the Invalidation of State 
and Federal Policies. 
1837- 1964: Exploring 
Supreme Court Policymaking 
in Times of Critical Change. 

Vincent James Gatto 

Chemistry: Bibracchial Lariat 
Ethers — Synthesis. Structure 
and Binding. 

Sanjoy Ghosh 

Astronomy: The Onset of 



Marilyn Elaine Gist 

Business and Management: 
An Examination of the 
Effects of Efficacy-Based 
Training on Subsequent Task 
Performance Among 
Managers with an 
Exploration of Some of the 
Motivational and Skill 
Elements Underlying Self- 
Efficacy Enhancement. 

Allen Jay Goldberg 

Electrical Engineering: Finite 
Realizations of Non-Linear 
Functionals of White Noise. 

Rosalind Gore Goldfarb 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Does Training 
Make a Difference in 
Eliminating Sexual 

Vladimir Joseph Goldman 
Physics: Study of Cd,_^ Mn, 
S^: Electronic Properties At 
Intermediate Donor 

Alicia Grodsky 

Psychology: While Children's 
Information Seeking and 
Beliefs About Blacks and 

Wenzhuang Gui 

Mathematics: The h-p 
Version of FEM for One 
Dimensional Problem. 

Benqi Guo 

Applied Mathematics: The 
h-p Version of the Finite 
Element Method. Its Theory 
and Performance. 

Judy Susan Hannah 

Nutritional Sciences: Effects 
of Essential Fatty Acid 
Deficiency on Mouse Brain 

Delores M. Harris 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
History of Kindergarten 
Policy: State of Maryland 

John Harty III 

English Language and 
Literature: Tom Stoppard 
and the Literature of 

Roger Lynn Heitzman 
Entomology: Systematic 
Study of the Mature Larvae 
of the Nearctic Ennomini and 
Related Tribes (Lepidoptera: 

Mark Jeffrey Henriksen 
Astronomy: The Physical 
Characteristics of Hot Gas in 
Clusters of Galaxies and 
Derived Constraints on Dark 

Michael Scott Henry 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Advanced Placement 
American History 
Examination: The Impact of 
American History Curricula 
Recommendations of the 
New Social Studies 

Nancy Olsen Henry 

Human Development: An 
Application of Fishbein's 
Expectancy-Value Model for 
Describing Teachers' 
Attitudes Toward Their 

Richard Scott Holmes 
Physics: A Study of High 
Transverse Energy Events in 
Proton-Proton and Proton- 
Nucleus Collisions at 
Vs"=27.4 GeV. 

Kyunghi Hong 
Textiles and Consumer 
Economics: The Influence of 
Fiber and Finish Properties 
on the Dynamic Moisture 
Distribution at the Clothing 
Fabric Surface. 

Gary David Hughes 
Engineering Materials: 
Hardness Testing of Clltrafine 
Grain Size Nickel Material. 

Gary Richard Irby 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Creativity Will Begin at 3:14 
This Afternoon: An 
Examination of the 
Correspondence Between 
Student Concepts of Their 
Own Creativity. Student 
Type, and Instructor 
Observation of Student 

Dan Jacobs 

Environmental Sciences: 
Short-term Forecasting of 
Commercial Fish Landings. 

Susan Carol Jenkins 

Psychology: Social Support 
and the Psychological 
Adjustment of Family 
Member Caretakers of the 
Chronic Mentally Disabled. 

Soren Stistrup Jensen 
Mathematics: Dimensional 
Reduction for Nonlinear 

Bonita Alta Johnsen 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Stability of Clients' 
Preference for Counselor Sex 
and Counselor 
Characteristics and Its 
Impact on Client Satisfaction 
with Counseling. 


Minnie LaVerne Daniels Jones 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Effects of a Word Processing 
Microcornpuler Program on 
r the Writing and Editing of 
Fourth Grade Students. 

Janice Marie Jordan 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Misperceptions of 
Counseling Center 
Characteristics and 
Functions: The Development 
of an Instrument. 

Sylvia W. Keene 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Computer Versus Printed 
Page Text Presentation 
Compare the Effects onto 

I Reading Comprehension. 

I t^etacognitice Strategies and 

Anne Laybourne Kendall 
I Counseling and Personnel 
Services: 77jc Effect of the 
Apnea Monitor on Parent- 
Child Interaction. 

Catharine A. Kopac 

Human Development: A 
Study of the Relationships 
Between Personal 
Characteristics. Life Euents. 
the Environment, the Type A 
Behavior Pattern, and Well 
Being in Older Persons. 

Bruce E. Kovacs 
L Curriculum and Instruction: 
} An E.xploratory Study of the 

Relationship of Flute. 

Clarinet, and Trumpet 
I Playing Achievement. 

Psychomotor Ability, and 

Selected Physical 

Characteristics in Fifth and 

Sixth Grade Boys and Girls. 

Ravindra Ram Kulkarni 
Electrical Engineering: 
Microwave Generation from 
a Cusp-Injected Rotating E- 
Layer in a Magnetron Type 

Mary Theresa Laflin 
Health Education: 
Assert/iieness and Self- 
Esteem as Predictors of 
Sexual Satisfaction. 

JoEllen Laissue 

American Studies: Private 
Visions. Public Futures. 

Godwin KoonTat Lau 
Psychology: An Empirical 
Study of the Pastoral Menial 
Health Involvement Model. 

Wesley Grant Lawson 
Electrical Engineering: 
Generation of Microwave 
Radiation from Large Orbit. 
Annular Electron Beams in 
Various Waveguide 

Ronald Leatherbarrow 
English Language and 
Literature: Crisis and 
Conversion: A Study of the 
Early Fiction of Robert Penn 

JoungYong Lee 

Economics: The Baby Boom 
Generation: Its Impact on 
Relative Earnings of Young 
Workers and Earnings 
Inequality Among All 

Michael Leung 

Physics: Non-linear Far- 
Infrared Optical Properties in 
p-type Germanium. 

Henrique Levy 
Sociology: The U.S. 
Congress and Class 
Domination in tiortheast 

Tereza Lucia Halliday Levy 
Public Communication: 
Organizational Rhetoric: 
Multinational Corporations' 
Legitimation in Brazil. 
France, and the United 

Kathleen Mary Liberatore 
Industrial. Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: A Study to 
Determine the Effects of 
Different Entry Skill Levels of 
Touch-Method Typewriting 
on Attitude Toward 
Computers. Editing Scores, 
and Input Speed Scores of 
Students Performing Word 
Processing Applications on a 

Lou Ann Lichti 

Human Development: Court 
Versus Voluntary Admission 
and Its Relationship to 
Outcome in a Residential 
Treatment Program for 

Richard Harry Lilley 

Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: 
Characteristics of 
Collaborative Effectiveness: 
A Case Study of the Health 
and Education Council. 

Erasmia Lois 

Nuclear Engineering: A 
Class Specific Approach to 
Nuclear Power Plant Safety 
Study with Applications. 

Joy Elaine Marburger 

Agronomy: Effects of Media 
Modifications. Genotype, and 
the Management of Donor 
Plants on Anther Culture in 

Maria Angeles 

Chemical Engineering: 
Operability Assessment of 
Classical Control Systems 
and Internal Model Control. 

Theresa Marron 

Public Communication: The 
Euclidean Character of 
Cognitive Space: Consistency 
as the Hobgoblin of All 

Dianne Snyder Mathewson 
Human Development: 
Causal Attributions and 
Interpersonal Attitudes in 
Cooperative Groups of 

Joseph Michael Mayasich 
Botany: The Effect of the 
Herbicide Atrazine on the 
Growth of Nannochloris 
oculata Droop and 
Phaeodactylum tricornutum 
Bohlin as Influenced by 
Temperature and Light. 

James Thomas McClintock 
Microbiology: Baculovirus 
Replication: Characterization 
of DNA and Proteins 
Synthesized by an NPV of 
Lymantria dispar . the Gypsy 
Moth, in a Homologous Cell 

Tadesse Mebrahtu 

Agronomy: Efficiency of 
Different Selection and 
Screening Methods to Identify 
Soybean Breeding Lines with 
Resistance to Mexican Bean 
Beetle Foliar Feeding and 
Improved Agronomic 


Samuel Merrill, Jr. 
Nutritional Science: 
(Jlitizalion of Glucose and 
Ketone Bodies in Developing 
Rat Brain: Oxidation and 

Christian Milord 

Philosophy: The Doctrine of 
Internal Relations. 

Philip Tamor Mintz 

Economics: Allocation of 
Gains by Group Behauior 
Among Group Members: 
Neu< Theory of Bargaining. 

Mohamad Mabil M. Abdel- 
Moneim Mohamed Hassan 
Horticulture: The 
Relationship Between Source 
and Sink in Sweet Potato 
[ Ipomoea batatas (L) Lamj. 

Nalini Marasimhan 

Biochemistry: Organization 
and Expression of Transfer 
RNA Genes in Bacillus 
sublilis . 

Pablo Victor MegronMarrero 
Applied Mathematics: Large 
Buckling of Circular Plates 
with Singularities due to 

Richard Frederick Mehring 
Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: An Econometric 
Analysis of Supply and 
Factor Substitution for the 
Winter Rice Crop in 
Bangladesh: Implications for 
Food Policy. 

Debra Ann Meubert 

Industrial. Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: Vocational 
Evaluation Recommendations 
Used in the Educational 
Planning and Placement 
Process for Handicapped 
Students: A Case Study of 
Three School Sites. 

David Frederick Neumann 
Psychology: The Pursuit of 
Validity in Training: An 

Due Tien Nguyen 
Health Education: 
Communication Messages 
and Effectiveness of Family 
Planning Education. 

Joseph G. Pascale 

Recreation: An Analysis of 
the Impact of Peripheral 
Recreation and Education 
Curricula, Demographics and 
Adjunct Measures on 
Vandalism at a Public School 

Linda Ann Paul 

Economics: The Urban 
Informal Sector in Economic 

Matthew Calbraith Perry 
Poultry Science: Seasonal 
Influence of Nutrients on the 
Physiology and Behavior of 
Captive Canvasbacks 
( Aythya valisineria ). 

Jennifer Lantz Phillips 
Chemistry: The Total 
Synthesis of d I -tiirsutic Acid C. 

Fern Vestal Piret 

Government and Politics: 
Policies and Perceptions in 
Local Government. 

William Augusta Porter, Jr. 
Geography: The Effect of 
Population Size and Change 
on Per Capita Expenditures 
of County Governments in 
North Carolina. 1960-1977. 

Yvonne Melanie Poser 
Germanic Language and 
Literature: Improving Foreign 
Language Reading 
Instruction: Control as the 
Key to Competency. 

Steven Joel Potlock 

Chemistry: Approaches to 
the Total Synthesis of d, 
1 -Trichodine and d. 
1 -Bazzanene. 

Spiros George Prassas 
Physical Education: A 
Biomechanical Investigation 
of the Press fiandstand on 
the Parallel Bars Utilizing 
Direct and Inverse Dynamics 

Elinor Mabel Preston 

Recreation: An Investigation 
of the Effects of a Day Camp 
Program on Nursing fiome 
Residents' Loneliness. Leisure 
Satisfaction, and Leisure 
Activity Involvement. 

William Alexander Price 
Chemistry: The Total 
Synthesis of Isoflavones: 
Jamaicin, Calopogonium 
Pseudobaptigenin. and 
Ma.Kima Substance-B. 

Gonzalo Remy Rada 
Civil Engineering: 
Microcomputer Solution of 
the Project Level PMS Life 
Cycle Cost Model. 

Marshall Budd Reinsdorf 
Economics: Retirement. 
Partial Retirement, and 
Minimum tiours Constraints. 

Carolyn Draeger Rhoads 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Organization of 
Microcomputer Instruction in 
Secondary Mathematics 

Bradier Rivera 

Spanish Language and 
Literature: Los cuentos de 
Ignacio Aldecoa: Testimonio 
de la sociedad espanola. 

Mary Stimpson Rivkin 

Curriculum and instruction: 
The Meaning of Play for 
Early Childhood Preservice 
Teachers: An Interpretive 

Curtis Robbins 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: The 
Evolution of Education as 
Revealed by New York City 
Newspapers. 1 805— 1 853: 
A Documentary History. 

Walter William Roemer 
Human Development: An 
Application of the 
Interpersonal Models 
Developed by Karen Horney 
and Timothy Leary to Type 
A-B Behavior Patterns. 

Olga Elaine Rojer 

Germanic Language and 
Literature: German Literature 
in Exile: Argentina. 

Linda Peller Rosen 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Determining the Level of 
Meaningful Insight on the 
Concept of a Mathematical 

Lewis Cooper Sage 

Economics: The Role of 
Information in Strategic 
Voting Decisions. 


Mehmet AM Sahin 
Civil Engineering: The 
Specification and 
Comparison of 
Methodologies for the 
Automated Minimum Cost 
Design of Horizontally 
Curved Girder Bridge 

Bernadene Susan Schlien 
Psychology: The Impact of 
Social Support on a 
Woman 's Delay Behavior in 
Seeking Medical Advice for 
Breast Cancer Symptoms. 

Larissa Johnson Schneider 
Public Communication: 
Organizational Structure. 
Environmental AVic/ies and 
Public Relations: The Hage- 
Hull Typology of 
Organizations as Predictor of 
Communication Behavior. 

Ann DeCamp Schuda 
Chemistry: The Total 
Synthesis of 
d. I -Prothracarcin. 

Claudia Laiken Schur 
Economics: Imperfect 
Information in Health 
Insurance Markets: 
Reconciling Theory and 

Lois Schuster 

Human Development: 
Personality Correlates of Test 

Jeffrey Paul Schwartz 

Psychology: Some Origins of 
the Relevance of Cues 
Toward Decision Making. 

Bruce Douglas Scott 
Physics: Nonlinear Drift 
Tearing Modes: Stability and 

Alejandro Esteban 


Entomology: Studies on the 
Effects of Host Plant Density 
and Patch Size on the 
Abundance of Etiella 
Zinckenella (TREIT.) and Its 
Natural Enemies in Puerto 

Richard Wayne Selby. Jr. 
Computer Science: 
Quantitative Methods for 
Evaluating Software 

Hoda AlyEzzel-Dine Shaaban 
Civil Enginering: Fatigue 
Rating of Steel Highway 

Mohsen Sharili 

Muclear Engineering: A 
Methodology in System 
Analysis Using Fault Trees. 
Success Trees, and the 
Importance Evaluation. 

Terrence Sinnett Shea 
Government and Politics: 
Human Rights as an 
Instrument in the Humanist 
Reconstruction of Post- 
Modern Political Economy. 

KeGang Shih 
Applied Mathematics: Global 
Analysis of the Axisymmetric 
Buckling of Nonlinearty 
Elastic Spherical Shells. 

Teresa Marie Silberberg 
Computer Science: Object 
Recognition Using Oriented 
Model Points. 

Michael James Singer 

Psychology: An Investigation 
into Evidence Patterns in 
Inference Patterns. 

Supat Sirivicha 

Food Science: Diffusion of 
Gases in Potato Tissue. 

Evelyn Frances Slaght 
Sociology: Adolescent 
Deviance as a Function of 
Parents. Peers, and 
Community Influence. 

John Gray Smale. Jr. 
Sociology: An Examination 
of Negative Sentiment. 

Craig Edward Spillman 

Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: 
Principal Leadership 
Effectiveness in an Urban 
Middle School Remedial 
Reading Program. 

Charles Ralph Stephens 
English Language and 
Literature: The 
Correspondence of Brainard 
and Frances Neel Cheney 
and Flannery OConnor. 

Donna Miller Stephens 

Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: 
Establishing Parameters for a 
Model of School System 
Support for Senior High 
School Principals in a Large 
Suburban School District. 

Jeffrey Stuart Summers 
Chemical Engineering: The 
Effects of Polycyclic 
Aromatic Hydrocarbons from 
Woodburning Emissions on 
the Planetary Boundary 
Layer of Bangor. Maine. 

Camellia A. Blackwell Taiwo 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Relationship Between 
Color Preference and Self 
Concept Among Senior High 
School Students. 

Juliana Marie Taymans 
Special Education: An 
Investigation of the 
Relationship of Response 
Latency During Overlearning 
to Retention for Mildly 
Mentally Handicapped 

Charles Michael Thompson 
Chemistry: Composition and 
Size Distribution of the Smalt- 
Particle Fraction of Selected 
Soils: Contribution to the 
Global Aerosol. 

Gurdal Tuncel 

Chemistry: Trace Elements in 
the South Pole Atmosphere: 
Temporal Variations and 

Robert Wayne Tyndall 
Botany: Role of Salt Spray. 
Soil Moisture Deficit, and 
Seed Burial to Plant 
Distribution on the North 
Carolina Outer Banks. 

John William Ullrich 
Chemistry: Synthetic 
Application of Electron 
Transfer Photochemistry 
Harringtonine Alkaloid 
Synthetic Approaches. 

Frank Clayton Walton 
Industrial. Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: International 
Training Transfer: An 
Investigation of the Variables 
Critical to the Process. 

Veronica Mary Ward 
Government and Politics: 
Power and Interdependence 
Revisited: The State and 
Commercial Banks in 
International Finance 


Laura Jean Weisberg 
Psychology: Personality 
Organizalion in Normal 
Weight Bulimia. 

Susan Forscher Weiss 
Music: The Manuscript 
Bologna. Ciuico Museo 
Bibliografico Musicale, Codex 
Q 18: A Bolognese 
Instrumental Collection of the 
Early Cinquecento. 

Ellen Marie Weissinger 

Recreation: The Development 
and Validation of an Intrinsic 
Leisure Motivation Scale. 

Slu-Chung Wong 

Aerospace Engineering: 
A Mew Nine Node Mixed 
Formulation Finite Element 
Model for Analysis of Thin 
Shell Structure. 

Christopher Kent Wood 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Personality 
Correlates of Perceived Job 
Stressors and Experienced 

Sharon Elise Woodman 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Adolescent Drug 
Abuse: A Review of the 
Research Literature and 
Program Intervention. 

Naime Conker Yaramanoglu 
French Language and 
Literature: Les Paysages 
d'eau et d'air dans les 
Memoires d'Hadrien el dans 
L 'Oeuvre au noir de 
Marguerite Yourcenar. 

Doctor of Education 

Saundra Anne Braxton 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
A Comparison of Mothers ' 
and Teachers' Attitudes 
Toward Child Rearing 

James Allan Burns 

Industrial, Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: The Development 
of an Instrument to Measure 
the Attitudes Toward 
Vocational Education of 
Secondary School 

Mary Jo Comer 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
A Strategy to Improve 
Student's Functional Writing 

Suzane Fourcade Erskin 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Establishing the Criterion 
Related Validity of a County 
Developed Readiness Test for 
Kindergarten Students. 

George Kenneth Gerlach 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Student Community: A 
Program for Integrating Life 
Skills in the Elementary 

Patricia Mary Grote 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Textbook Assessment in 
Content Areas: A 
Comparison of a Multi-step 
Procedure with a Single-step 

Janet Lea Harding Kellam 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Reading Aloud: Parental 
Reading Behaviors and Their 
Impact on Children's 
Readiness to Read. 

Patricia Evans Newby 

Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: Local 
Educational Foundations: A 
Collaborative Inter- 
organizalional Relationship 
(lOR) to Support Public 

Ruth Jones Pratt 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Effect of Three Types of 
Inserted Questions Upon the 
Reading Comprehension of 
Fourth Grade Children. 

Charles Robert Sailers 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
A Study of the Relationship 
Between Attitude Toward 
Science, Science Self-Concept 
and Several Variables that 
Affect the Science Career 
Choice of Black College 

Sue Ellen Small 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: A 
Client- Based Needs 
Assessment for Staff 
Development of Elementary 
School-Based Administrators 
in the Baltimore County 
Public Schools. 

Charles Franklin Smith, Jr. 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Investigation of Factors 
Relevant to the Extent to 
Which Elementary Classroom 
Teachers Are Involved in 
Teaching Music on the 
Eastern Shore of Maryland. 

Janet Leigh Towell 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Analysis of Reading and 
Readiness Instruction for 
Early Readers and 
Nonreaders in Selected Half- 
Day and Full-Day Public 

William Willis Tubman. Jr. 
Human Development: The 
Development of a Children s 
Book About Learning 

James Howard VanSciver 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Effects of a Positive 
Attendance Intervention 
Program on Tenth-Grade 
Student Attendance. 

Beverley Elaine Williams 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Ethnographic Study of a 
Group of Senior Nursing 


Master of Arts 

American Studies: 

Linda J. Borish 
Barbara Micole Franck 
Christine K. Kubo 
Jean G. Sprowls 
Rebecca Nanette Staebler 
Amy Marie Thomas 

Applied Mathematics: 

Lonnie I. Carey. Jr. 
Joseph C. Chan 
Samson HokChi Cheung 
RongSong Jih 
Donna Lynn Richards 
Yuri A. RojasRamirez 
Yunghong Yu 


B. Elodie Hanson 
Gail Anne Kaplan 
Pamela Diane King 
TehYu Wang 

Communication Arts and 

Arlene Sheila Allen 
Robin Jo Bower 
Theresa Ann Brett 
Maura E. Clancey 
Gayle G. Cluck 
Rick E. Borchelt 
Ann Beckley Fischer 
Judi Kay Garulnick 
Margaret Teresa Higgins 
Vashti Stopher Klein 
Lisa Marie Moore 
Jean Katherine Machtwey 
Thomas Paul Pfeiffer 
Karin Enid Pusey 
Martin Gregory Stull 

Counseling and Personnel 

Linda Lee Blankenship 
Beverly Lynn Cohen 
Cheryl P. Hiller 
Ann Denise Lassalle 
Kyoo Sung Lee 
Betty Jean Palucci 

Margie Zepporah Spitz 
Mary Frances Tiernan 
Robert L. Tucker. Jr. 
Marie van MelisWright 

Criminal Justice and 
Steven Gary Steinberg 
Anita Diana Timrots 

Curriculum and Instruction: 

Kathleen Alice Grasso 
Mary Bird Nakhleh 
Laurie Ann Siegel 
Barbara Bickley Stephens 
Linda Jacoby Turner 


Gavin John Buckley 
Lesley Ann Cameron 
Karen Gladys Campbell 
Anne Haynes Caple 
ChangYu Chao 
Carolyn Jane Efua Chapman 
Joanne Louise Connors 
Janemarie Mulvey Harrison 
Lori Eileen Hunter 
Michael Fitzmaurice Jeffers. 

Carol Marie Jordan 
Douglas J. Lamdin 
ChungShing Lee 
Diane Lorraine Litz 
Margaret Ann Malanoski 
Stephen C. McGonegal 
Linda Carol Moore 
Ellen Marie Nedde 
Linda Marie Patterson 
Mary Lynn Quincy 
Kenneth Allen Reinert 
Lynn Ann Rodgers 
John Andrew Singer 
Judith Axelrod Sommer 
James Victor Stout III 
Calvin Lee Timmerman 
Randi Ryterman Taccardi 
LeinHuong Tran 
Roberto de Azevedo Vieira 
Melinda Ann Gooch Zeck 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: 

Mar\ L Gabardi 
Francis Michael O'Brien 
David R. Wizer 

English Language and 
Karia A. Dalley 
Judith Bost Daly 
Salvatora Elizabeth DIPaula 
Jeanne-Marie Etkins 
Terrence Robert Gillen 
Leita Jeanne Griggs 
Lucy Ellen Hill 
Julie Eileen Keenan 
Nancy Virginia Klein 
Bilge Saniye Mutluay 
Patricia Anne Noone 
Henry Judson Sage 
Katherine Annette Simmons 
Jo Ann Spalding 
Gertrude Catherine Walsh 
Marilyn Lea Zecher 


Dierdre Theresa Bevington 
Nanette Martha Dobrosky 
Sheila Marie Donovan 
Dennis Gene Dye 
Holly Sue Gehring 
James Roy Hartsock. Jr. 
Stephen Mark Schatz 
Michael Peter Wilfer 

Germanic Language and 

Mark Allen Ashwill 

Susan Ross 

Charles Dunbar Safford 

Government and Politics: 

David Laddy Lihani 
Fang-Yuan Yu 

Health Education: 

Joanne Carmen Hernandez 
Patricia Ann Schultze 

Hearing and Speech 

Lisa Collette Brooks 
Maria C. Capobianco 
Kelly Ann Fairbanks 
Kathleen Marie Hines 
Marion Sabrina Kiesow 
Karen A. Kordell 
Kimberly Irene Leisey 
Arlene Louise Luberoff 
Aurion L. McGillis 
Wanda Louise Miller 
Melanie Dawn Ottley 
Catherine Costa Sih 
Gail Beth Simon 
Brian Gerard Struntz 
Lisa Carolyn Whittle 


James Edward Beichler 
David Lawrence Bongard 
Martin Joseph Collins 
Daria Treat Courtney 
Larry K. Eskridge 
James Nicholas Kasson 
Vaidah Lindeni Tsebe-Ndhlovu 
Clifford A. Welch 

Human Development: 

Ellen Davison Greenberg 
Diana Ellen McCartin 
Larry Jay Robertson 
Terry Etta Skaletzky-Leitma 
Anne Marie Smith 
Cheryl Kay Sutton 
Catherine M. Zizzi 

Industrial. Technological and 
Occupational Education: 

Jeffrey Raymond Hartman 
Michael David Jenkins 
Lynne M. Quest 
Leonard George Smith 
Allan Lee Windle 



Debra Lynn Fabiszak 
Peter Hitchcock Gabriel 
Barbara J. Graham 
Diane R. Krieger 
John Joseph O'Neill III 
Patricia Alane Robert 
Jeffrey Lem Williams 


Bruce Joseph Ackman 
Ngai Hang Chan 
Lawrence Fred Stephenson 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Jaranit Keawkungwal 

Physical Education: 

JoEllen Bilanin 
Crystal Dawn Diehl 
Suzanne Marie Ehmann 
Christina Antonie Geithner 
Mary Ellen Greenleaf 
Paulette Alyse Guy 
Guy M. Hays 
Joseph Alan Miller 
Eugene Demetrius Sessoms 
Elizabeth Chilton Swaine 
Denise Lynn Terry 
Marita Walton 


Abigail Elizabeth Williams 
Deejon Bradby 
Rosalie Joan Hall 
Michelle Yvette Holliday 
Gary Rutherford King 
Nancy Ann Kluge 
Karen Joseph Lechter 
William Eric Mansbach 
Merrill Fowler Mead-Fox 
Peter Raymond Muehrer 
Mary Kathleen O'Farrell 
Silvia R. Chepal Petuchowski 
Joan Rae Rentsch 
Victoria Ann Tichenor 


Dominick Gilbert Bailer 
Suzanne Elizabeth Brown 
Ellen Barbara Drogin 
Elizabeth Lorraine Dunn 
Jeffrey Colin Gardner 
Nancy Evelyn Gaither 
Patricia Grace Geene 
William Anthony Jenkins, Jr. 
Donna Marie LaVerde 
Ann Flather Miles 
Glenn A. Moss 
Alisa R. Shore 
Jill Wendy Smyle 
Sara Carter Staples 
Lorri Shayne Weinstein 
Gregory Allen Wilhelm 


Elizabeth Jean Bamberger 
April Ann Brayfield 
Andrew John Powell 

Spanish Language and 

Tammy Guevara Fesche 

Special Education: 

J. Lawrence March 
Regina Marie Rheingrover 
Mary Kim Sexton 

Urban Studies: 

Susan Lynn Anderson 
Anthony Paul Dilonno 
Denise P. Bekaert 
Ronald John Fornatora 
Ibrahim B. Jalloh 
Iris Orent Kipnis 
Victor John Siaurusaitis 
Kofoworola O. Williams 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering: 

Javier Gustavo Gorordo 
David Joseph Haas 
John M. Koenig 
F. Daniel Lopez 
Renwei Mei 
Shanmugam Ramaswami 

Dhananjay Krishnaji Samak 
Brian Royce Schiesow 
Carlos Federico Valeiras 
David T. Yeh 

Agricultural Engineering: 

Ahmad Ghazanfari- 

Steven Wright Grant 
Geoffrey Ward Schoming 
Quang Viet Vo 

Agricultural and Extension 

David Lynn Conrad 
Georgeanne Welde 

Agricultural and Resource 

Mary M. Chambers 
Theresa Marie D'Addio 
Mervyn Anthony Farroe 
Paul David Fishstein 
Delmar Lewis Gillus 
Rena B. Langer 
David D. Lehman 
William Charles Lewis 
Nancy Anders Norton 
Gregory Preston 
Leon Henry Schmick, Jr. 
Robert Carl Wieland 


Kay Mitchell Calavan 
Darguam Cheng 
Thomas Charles Harris 
Kevin Gordon Marcus 
Thomas Harold Miller 
Frank S. Payer 
Terry Lyn Purkable 
Carole Sue Rodgers 

Paul Michael Thomas 
Andrey L. Thier 
Arthur D. Wall 
Thomas Wiepke 

Animal Sciences: 

Nathan Gideon Birnbaum 
James Bradley Bortner 
Zahra FatahianTehran 
Mark Anthony Kukucka 
Kathleen Power 

Cynthia Elaine McCarther 
Cecila Anne Ndwiga 
Pinaki Panigrahi 
Peter Kilborn Savage 
Judith Elizabeth Strohmaier 
Subhashchandra Ramanlal 

Gamini Nisanath 



Martin T. Black 


Deborah Anne DiSilvestre 

Samuel A. Mantey 

Noel Frederick Whittaker 


Regina Beatriz Bernd 
Chloe Haladay Ringer 
David Lee Roeder 
Robert Francis Shields. Jr. 

Business and Management: 

Linda Susan Anderson 
Mark Jeffrey Max 
Clifford Irving Pearson 

Chemical Engineering: 

Paul David Berkman 

Chao-Hsi Chang 

Peter Christopher Droogas 

James Gia MacNguyen 
Ciro Luis PintoCoelho 
Thomas Christian Snyder 
Galen Todd Stanley 
Yun Hsia Wang 
Minnie Y. Wong 


Claudette Marie Cofta 
Mudlagiri Balkrishna Goli 
Caroline Bascom Purdy 
James Weaver Rafferty 
Andrew Peter WestonDawkes 

Civil Engineering: 

Abdul Khalim Bin Abdul 

Hamid Aougab 
James Adams Barrack. Jr. 
John Peter Basilica. Jr. 
Joseph YimLam Cheung 
Michael James Colgan 
Ruth A. Dickinson 
Carol Elizabeth Coonen 

Donald Alan Free 
R. Ellen Gallagher 
Jeffrey Clinton Helms 
John Hollister 
Farid Khorsandian 
Saywoon Koh 
Joe David Martin 
Hani AM Moghrabi 
YiMing Shih 
Alireza Zahedian 

Computer Science: 

Sergio Antoy 

Joseph Aulino 

Justin David Baldwin 

Robert Arnold Becker 

Isadore Brodsky 

Yuen Yee Chao 

ShowFune Chen 

Chim Kwan Chow 

Qian Cui 

Venugopala Rao Dasigi 

John David Day 

Jennifer J. Elgot 

Pradeep R. Gupta 

Bret Andrew Hartman 

Philip Anthony Hausler 

Jerome Thomas Hengemihie 

Yuangeng Huang 

Manny Putri Kadrichu 

Hyunchul Kang 

Lawrence Koved 

Alan Jay Laverson 

Fang-Jyh Lin Liu 
Michael David Maggio 
William Cameron McCool 
Shaunak R. Pawagi 
Olaf Andrew Schoenrich 
Leonard Anthony Solis 
Bey-Ling Su 
Alan Henry Teague 
John rS. Welch 

Electrical Engineering: 

Byoung Eun An 

Bahman Bandali 

Doranal Chandappa Basappa 

Margaret Louise Bates 

Leonidas Boutsikaris 

Long-Bit Chai 

Chunming Chen 

Lih Chern 

Hwey-Ching Chien 

Peywen Chiou 

Charles David Conner 

Morris Frank Cunningham 

Kenneth Paul Davis 

Ronald George Freitag 

Jyun-Horng Fu 

John Alan Gubner 

Allen Ray Hefner. Jr. 

Albert Leroy Kellner 

Dennis Leroy Kershner 

Christopher Allen Lane 

Hon Wah Lo 

Pascal Luck 

John Arthur McEwan 

Thu Mguyen 

John Leiv Pedersen 

Feng Peng 

Gary Paul Powell 

Daniel Joel Radack 

Leslie Ellen Richter 

Thomas Cecil Robbins 

Barbara Condit Rogers 

Lahcen Saydy 

Wayne Scott Thayer 

David Tom 

Devadas Varma 

Emily M. Wasser 

Stanley Bruce Wernek 

Shyh-Chyi Wong 

Shu-Chin Alice Wu 

Chao Xu 

Han Sub Yoon 
Joseph Anthony Zott 

Engineering Materials: 

TsehJen Hsieh 
Richard P. Walters 


Oscar Enrique Domlnguez-Gil 
Brian Dorsey Farrell 
Lawrence Michael Macken 
Terrence Wayne Patton 
Deborah Carol Smith 
Kenneth D. Vernick 

Family and Community 
Sarah Williams Blair 
Kay Mocker Childers 
Judith Claire Holder 
Linda Brayer Stone 

Food, nutrition, and 
Institution Administration: 

Janice Elizabeth Bodner 
Nancy Carswell 
Torene Lucia Genovese 
Karen Freeh Herstein 
Huanchi Hsu 
Margaret Mary Panella 
Donna Harrington Runyan 
Coleen Ann Troy 

Food Science: 
Meral Guzey 


Jane Bubeck Collamer 

John Christopher Ossi 


Michael West Hannegan. Jr. 
Sheryl Soares 
Wanda Yvette Trent 

Environmental Sciences: 

Sally Ann Okerstrom Mayasich 

Mechanical Engineering: 

Jamshid Aflaki 
Scott Cody Atkin 
Douglas Lee Bishop 
William F. Davidson 

Carl John Ercol 

Hsin Yen Ho 

John Horan 

Mehran G. Mojarrad 

Gary Ervin Mosier 

Vahid Motevalli Aliabadi 

Mark Jeffrey Micholson 

Bruce Phillip Otis 

Ellen Schmidt Pickrell 

Paul Anthony Povlock 

Thomas J. Prettyman 

Amy Lu Rovelstad 

Sudeep Kumar Singh 

Paul Lawrence Sulsky 

Rogerio de Azevedo Vieira 

Mahipal Singh Virdy 

Thomas E. Wenzel 

Manuel Pablo Zuniga-Pflucker 


Americo Samuel Allegrino 
Stephen Joseph Auer 
Gerald R. Borger 
Jaime Michael Daniels 
David James Yanuk 

Nuclear Engineering: 

Farzin Rabii Nouri 
Juan Carlos Romero 

Nutritional Sciences: 
Kathryn Margaret Camp 
Lynn Dickey Kurfess 
Joann Vudragovich Padell 


George Paul Chambers 
KwangPing Cheng 
Daniel Asher Krakuer 
Susan Takacs Krueger 
Dael Alan Dillman 
Behzad Mirhashem 
Gerald Anthony Olchowy 
Joshua Putnam Tower 
Ping-Kong Alexander Wai 
Bruce W. Wyman 

Poultry Science: 
Robert Roderick Gabel 
Constance Leigh Sandusky 
Andrew Gerard Yersin 



Jani Gabriel Byrne 
Alva Theodosia Hughes 

Textiles and Consumer 

Judith Ann Clark 

Linda Marie O'Connell Pansier 

Camille Hersh 

ShuHwa Hwang 

Kathy Marie Jung 

Barbara Jean Karge 

Hye Kyung Kim 

Gail Hutchinson Kirby 

Rajan Keshav Panandiker 

Sandra Wratten Reynolds 

Caroline Eleanor Schultheis 

Helen Josephine Sullivan 

Yusuf Glcay 

Yejia Wu 


David Scott Cissel 

Donald Craig Counts 

Charles Lowell Frederick 

Caria Ann Hass 

Mark David Heintzelman 

Paula Felton Peters Henry 

Christopher Albert Loffredo 

Joan S. McClure 

Klara S. Post 

Amy L. Sheck 

Stefan Andreas Sommer 

Theresa Maria Stevens 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Sean Joseph Ballantine 
Dale E. Benziger 
JoAnne R. Bratt 
Bruce Henry Cooke 
Barbara Shapiro Crowne 
Jewell LaCountress Graves 
Melanie Landau 
Kathleen M. Lesniak 
Frieda Gila Landman 
Vivian Beth Levy 
Marsha Ann Mason-Sowell 
Beverley Hubscher McGehee 
Marjorie R. ISajac 
Sandra Miewood Pincus 
Valerie Lynn Popovich 
Marvin Howard Rabovsky 
Robin Leigh Seidel 

Curriculum and Instruction: 

Theodore Ahmanson 

Barbara Ann Becker 

Angela Ruth Bingham 

Scott Allen Buresh 

Griselda Pearl Califa 

Carol Fang-yun Pan Chen 

Ruth JoAnn Corey 

Ronald Scott Daum 

Muriel Joy Donlin 

Carolyn Harrison Emory 

Catherine Marie Flowers 

Sherlyn K. Flynn 

Stephanie Charlene Frye 

Vivian Kellough Gee 

Donna Shimoda Hollingshead 

Meta llene Ivey 

Judith Ann Knott 

John LeRoy Koepke 

Janice Celia Lake 

Miriam Elizabeth Membrino 

Mary Josephine O'Connor 

Elaine Marie Ortt 

Kay Frances Price 

Mary Ellen Stevens 

Jose Manuel Torres Torres 

Carolyn Estelle Timberlake 

Ralph Marvin VanDyke. Jr. 

Diane Marie Vv'eaver 
Rachel Curran Whittington 
Cheryl Ann Wishengrad 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: 

Janet L. Sellen McGrane 

Human Development: 

Russell Clinton Wolfe, Jr. 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: 

Raymond William Baumer 
Anastasia Karagianaki 
Stella Krentou-loannou 
George McLeod Payne 
George N. Primerakis 
Ruth Leet Tuttle 

Special Education: 

Elizabeth Ann Dunham 
Gail E. Elwell 
Kenneth Lynn Jenkins II 
Adelaide Esther Martin 
Shelley F. Sarrin 
Leanne Rebecca Spicer 
Renee Therese Thevenet 
Nancy Joan Wolf-Fisher 

Master of Business 

Business and Management: 

Benjamin Masope Akuete 
Elizabeth Williams Barton 
Janice Marie Bogash 
Thaddeus Padden Boland 
Martha Gogarty Brady 
Patrica S. Bransford 
Marianna Andreou 

John Edward Chickering 
Soame Dustin Christiansen 
Rodney Lee Coleman III 
James Nicholas Daukas 
James Paul Dokas 
Narendra Ganti 
Norma Blomqvist Garibaldi 
Charles Ronald Goldstein 
Claudia Beatriz Gonzales 
Bienvenido Dee Gothong 
Christian C. Hager, Jr. 
Thomas Cheukying Heung 
Rita Cecile Hummel 
Robert Michael Hunkeler 
Trevor Lee Huth, Jr. 
Nancy Beth Imber 
Cynthia Ann Kahn 
Sang Rae Kim 
Gregory Kurgansky 
Peggy Hopkins Landini 
Leo William Latonick 
Christine Lemyze 
Elizabeth Marie Litkowski 
Shari Dwor Lore 
Stephen James Marshall 
Ana Elena Martin 
Mary Clare Martin 
Kathryn S. McLean-Bombard 
Leonard Michielli 
Barbara Buckbee Minor 
Jack D. Neefus 
Susan Mary Nunamaker 
Buenaventura Dizon 

Ocampo II 
Elijah Jongbock Park 
James Gustav Pauli 
Adam B. Pegler 


John Allen Posey 
Helen Elizabeth Powell 
Stuart H. Radin 
Julie Betty Rana 
Paul O. Rashid 
Robert David Rosato 
Mona Alison Rosen 
Avram Rosenberg 
Linda Cross Rosenmann 
Christine Louise Ross 
Michael Stuart Sagalow 
Robert Glenn Sandler 
Jamie L. Scheff 
Russell Bruce Scholl 
Gerri Ann Sianna 
George D. Sourvinos 
John David Spencer 
Colleen Patricia Sullivan 
Marcella Diane Sussman 
Ana Maria ValenciaDongo 
Stacey Helaine Wahl 
Karen Jing Wang 
Mary Frances Weaver 
Warren Charles Wood 
Moel Marie Young 

Business Management/Law: 
Jack Fred Ghannam 
Charles Ronald Goldstein 
John Lee Hollingshead 
George William Krywolap 
John Kenneth Lyons 
Hoyie Haywood Miller III 
Donna Marie Raffaele 

Master of Fine Arts 


Daniel I. Alquist 
Jennifer Althea Becker 
Bevan P. Wistar 

Master of Music 

Carolyn Spencer Bock 
Beth Ann Botsis 
William Oxiey Brubeck, Jr. 
Earl Richard Drehmer 
Scott Joseph Frock 
Catherine Kemper Fronck 
Roy March Landers Hakes 
Mark Emerson Hite 
Janice Elaine Kilgore 
Joanne Marsha Lowe 
Kathleen Marie McGhee 
Sophia Pallas 
Kimberly Bracken Price 
Marian Carol Smith 
Myra Starkman Tate 
Lila Marguerite Turner 
Colette Therese Valentine 
Phyllis Anne Vickers 
Jean DeMart Warren 

Master of Library 

Library and Information 

Carol A. Blessing 
Susan Clair Boerner 
Margaret McCann Christiansen 
Thelma Lawres Cohen 
Martin Joseph Collins 
Charles Michael Czarski 
Martina Darragh 
Sandra Clayton Emmerson 
Monica Lynn Forbes 
Mancy J. Freeman 
Glenna Sue Garner 
Sandra Sue Gawlas 
Douglass P. Gray 
Jane Elizabeth Higgins 
Emma C. Illarramendi 
Samuel L. Johnson 
Carol M. Kelly 
Mona T. Khalldi 
Karen Kellogg Kristy 
Rosamond Elizabeth Larmour 
Elizabeth Joan Madero 

Vicki S. Maiden 

Mary Peca Maroney 

Aline Maria Martinez-Goldman 

Richard Collins May 

Marilyn Ann McKenna 

Susan F. Meek 

Susan C. Quillian 

Maxine Louise Rising 

Susan A. Sanders 

Holle EIke Schneider 

Sally Sue Seabold 

Melissa Elaine Shawe 

Robin Rausch Sheets 

Catherine Arick Stout 

Bridget Marie Toledo 

Vaidah Lindeni Tsebe-Mdhlova 

David Edward Wilt 

Gretchen Stratmann Wright 

Master of 

Alan Steven Binstock 
Jeffery Scott Broadhursl 
Thomas McDivit Casey 
William Stuart Erdahl 
Mark Daly Farber 
Ellen M. Grybeck 
Lynne Susan ladarola 
Faith Pearson Nevins 
Walid Abbas Rihan 
Mazanin Saidi 
Peter M. Sallee 
Jamshid Sepehri 
Barbara Wynne Siegel 
Norman Kefauver Smith 
Susan Czerniecki Wigley 
Simon Howel Williams 

Master of Public 

Charles J. Becker 
Neil Louis Bergsman 
Mitchell Reagan Coffey 
Kim Ford Coffman 
Maureen Bernadette Cusick 
James Nicholas Daukas 
Karen Boatman Ekelman 
Wendy J. Erianger 
Janet Marilyn Garry 
Jeffrey David Hylton 
Patrick Ling Kirwan 
Judith Mabry Knepper 
David Howard Morrison 
Charles William Normand 
Karen Mcqueen Sandberg 
Steven Sesit 
Teri Lynn Stipetic 
Carola Weil 


Master of Education 

January 25. 1985 
Billy Hosey Casey 
Linda V. Franchino 


Master of Education 

January 30. 1985 
Silvia Natasha Balsara 


Master's Level: 
Bruce Henry Cooke 
Ellen Davison Greenberg 
Patricia Hawkins 



College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural Chemistry: 

Ann Marie Landicho 
Alan Royce Lightfield 
Michael Kenton Wong 

Agricultural Engineering: 

Diane Cecelia Rusin 

Agricultural and Extension 

Gregory John Bures 
David Terwase Diwa 
Karen Jean Eckstine 
David Michael Fisher 

Agricultural and Resource 

Bradford Davis Alliger 
Charles Robert Bouma 
Steven Andrew Connelly 
Matthew Francis Glaudemans 
Mark Jay Hill 

*Edward Joseph Mueller, Jr. 

§Ronnie Robert Risley 
Robert Lamont Sparks. Jr. 
Bruce William Sunnmers 
David Lauran Thomas 
William Jack Wise III 

Agriculture— General: 

*Terry Lynn Jackson 
Simon Tabong Mche 
Cheryl Anne Richardson 
Leonard Lee Richardson. Jr. 
Ralph Edward Timmons. Jr. 

Agronomy — Crop Science: 

Susanne Louise Chambers 
Alejandro Armando De 

Thomas Richard Hulse 

Agronomy — Soil Science: 

Thomas Eugene Godfrey 
Simon Tabong Nche 
Eric James Webberking 

Animal Sciences: 

Nancy Ann Barnett 
Elizabeth Gayle Besteman 
Matthew Joseph Blazek 
Jocelyn Kimberly Johnson 
Pamela Victoria Johnson 

*Victor Stewart Katz 
John Douglas Lawrence 

*Lisa Anne Lehnhoff 
John Charles Miedermair III 
Maria Olga Okolita 

*Marsha Rosalind Gloria Reich 
Michael Brian Seddon 
Timothy Augustus Shellem 
Pamela Jaye Spatz 
Kimberly Ann Lauterbach 

*Colson Mark Taylor 
Ann Maureen Thomas 
Lisa Lynn Wehrheim 
Jeffrey Paul West 

Conservation and Resource 

John Mark Albaugh 

Dalia Anderman 

Lawrence Chandler Battaile 

Kim Lynette Bierly 

Robin Elizabeth Davitt 

Matthew Francis Glaudemans 
*Mary Lynn Holden 

Clifton Angelo Norton 

David Emil Hrebenach 
*Dale Lee Imler 

Brian David Kuhn 

Brian Cutler Latta 

Karen Ann Levy 

Richard John Major 

William Davis McCauley 

Eric Sean McCloud 
*Shawna Maureen McQueen 

Maria Olga Okolita 
tPatricia Jacqueline 

Lisa Kathleen Schum 

Christine Carol Sonnenberg 

Stephen William Spielman 
Christopher Robert Clay 

Food Science: 

*Denise Ardolini 
Aldora Marie Dabbs 

fDouglas Michael Free 
Melinda Lee Kempton 
David Stanley Trainer 
Wendy Elise Whitten 


Maureen Teresa Collins 
Kevin Paul Conrad 
Laurie Jean Davis 
Thomas Ingram Dunphy 

tLinda Marie Falbo 
Scarlett Ann Gonsalves 

§Dennis William Heltzel 
James Peter Hoffman 
Leonora Lucy Kopera 
Paul Andrew Levandoski 

*William George Mitchell 

*Brian Andre Moran 
Sally Lorene Morton 
William Edwin Olen 
Carol Jo Osiecki 

•Marian Louise Pezzano 
Shawn Taylor Richard 
Daniel Davis Romberger 
Diane M. Smart 
Caren Lorraine Souter 
Albert Timko 
Jan Marie Underwood 
Matthew Anthony Vastano 
Mark William Voelkel 
Thomas Harwood Whidden 

tRebecca Jeanne Zastrow 

Poultry Science: 

Carroll Jay Horine 

Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


David Oscar Azorsa 

Anne Reba Bresnick 

Arjun Sudesh Chanmugam 

Kinlin Lee Chao 

William Paul Clark II 

Joseph Gerlando Contrera 
tManisha Dhuria 

Carolyn Lee Dilanni 

Charles Edward Ferrin. Jr. 

Musele Archibald Kabila 

Salome Brenda Cecilia 

Morman H. Lee 

Bruce Randall Lipskind 

Michele Marie McElwaine 
§Hirschel David McGinnis 

Edward John Meros 
tJenny YamHah Moy 

Ajay Kumar Munjal 
*Eric Brice Nicholson 
*Trina Marie Norden 
*Merdad Vaziri Parsey 

(2nd Major: Microbiology) 
§Ellen Lori Pichney 

Patricia Ann Reese 

Antoine Auguste 
Gilbert Rigaud 

Tzannetis Aristides 

Kenneth Scott Thom 
tChristian Charles Titlow 

Bryan David Tweedy 

Cynthia Lee Wallace 

Marie L. Weaver 
tLori Lydia Yuan 


Leah Le Earle Porter 


§ Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 


Jennifer Ammon 
Elizabeth Constance Butler 

•Mary Christin Caiola 
Diana Maria Curet 
Patricia Harrell Daugherty 
Babette Dickerson 

+ Elizabeth ShanWei Fung 
Robert Paul Glicker 
Bryant Lee Griffith 

+ Steven Edward Hearne 
Rhonda Maria Hearns 
Ahmad Heshmatipour 
Young Chong Kim 
Adhinayak Roby Lai 
Tracie Anne Lango 
David Myers Leffingwell 
Christine Marie Masterson 
Howard Jeffery Morris 
Robert Francis Murphy 
Mary Ann O'Hara 
Andrew John Patch 
Robert Mark Schwartz 
Stella Hyonsuk Seung 
Christy Allison Storm 
Mita Gay Tuvesson 

+ Judith Ann Wolfe 

General Biological Sciences: 
Abdulhafiz Amin-Mohamed 

Jacqueline Anne Aluise 
Emerito Laarnie Asuncion. 
I Joseph E. Asuncion 
I Vincent Joseph BoninI 
Carol Robin Buell 
Deirdre Winifred Butler 
Susanne Cerrelli 
Joseph Ankoma Dadzie 
Debra Ann Davison 
Glenn Keith Dawson 
George Nicholas Demas 
Catherine Frances Dougherty 
Don Edward Eslin 
Paul Lake Howard Foutz 
Diane Marilyn Golub 
Douglas Andrew Hambright 
Geoffrey Mitchell Hannigan 
Carolyn Barbara Haugh 

Khatereh Iranmanesh 
Brian H. Jewart 
Christopher James Kavanagh 
Christine Maria Lambros 
Thomas Eugene Lewis 
Richard Marc LiberatI 
Ronald Mark Mathias 
Raymond Gerard Moreau 
Christopher Andreas Osborg 
David Steven Rogoff 
Wendy Sherryl Rose 
Tamara Kay Shakarjian 
Lewis Howard Siegel 
Scott Ian Silas 
Christine Carol Sonnenberg 
Margaret Amy Stanley 
Rafael Eduardo Villalobos 


Kathleen Marie Burch 
April Joy Cannon 
Anthony Walter Creamer 
Cheryl Ann Edwards 
Steven Mark Eichinger 
Lisa Diane Ettlinger 
David Michael Falatko 
John Michael Fleming 
Douglas Alan Hannan 
Katherine Paige Heller 
Mark Paul Hensler 
James Andrew Lang 
Dennis Charles McElrath 
Clifford Evan Oliver 
Timothy Edward Stacy 

Carole Diane Bayne 
William Bernard Brasso 
Caryn Michelle Brenner 
Dan Taliaferro Brody 
Jennifer Ann Cece 
Akiva S. Cohen 

+ Christine Ella Connelly 
Christina Maria Costa 
Carol Gloria Meade Davies 
Heather Lea Hall 

•Lorena Frances Hiliman 
Katherine Maureen Hurley 
Maria Diane Kambach 
Christine Elizabeth Kelly 
Elizabeth Margaret Kerr 

Jonathan Mark Kletz 
Elayne Jodi Kriss 
Anna Marie Lamanski 
Laura Frances Leviten 
Maria Eleni Liakos 
Joanna Constantine 

Thomas Joseph McDonald, 

Michael Vincent Nigro 
Nasima Akhtar Rahman 
Alexander Joseph Serpi 
Vaurice LaVon Starks 
Thomas Charles Teather 
Krysia Ann Vincenty 
David Glenn Weismiller 
Ethan Wilansky 
•Ronald Jay Williams 

Stefan Gene Abelmann 
Mitra Ahadpour 
Gurminder Singh Ahuja 
Joseph Harold Berman 
Nondita Lola Lucija Bhaduri 
Clara Antoinette Bozievich 
Leslie Elizabeth Brothers 
David Michael Chatham 
Timothy Robert Cochran 
Marc Mitchell Cohen 
William Allen Doering 

tAdam Frederic Dorin 
Thomas Delano Ferguson 

tDavid Michael Friedland 
Michael John Gannon 

•Emmy Ho 
Karen Ann Hughes 
Pamela Ruth Jacobsen 
Cecilia Cunanan Leonin 
Samantha Julie Li 
Steven Sanford Maggid 
Curtis Charles Maler 
David Samuel Mezebish 
Johnson Watson McRorie. Jr. 
Stanton Sylvester Miller. Jr. 
Michael William MinakowskI 

•Kenneth Edward Moore 
Susan Elizabeth Mulroney 
Michael Raymond O Connell 

•Alan Ira Schneider 

Shiva Sedghi 
Jack Kevin Sharp 
David Phillips Smack 
'Linda Felicia Spenst 
Jaime Rafael Suarez Igartua 
Maria A Suarez 
Robert Mowatt Sullivan. Jr. 
Rupendra Swarup 
Amy Beth Van Houten 
Rebecca Lynn Wagner 
Kathleen Gayle Wilson 

§ Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 



School of Architecture 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Mark G. Ferguson 
Karen Ellen Flynn 
Robert John Lawrence 
William Lewis Neudorfer 
Henry Pfister Reitwiesner 
*Leila F. Snider 

Bachelor of Science 


Stephen Thomas Ayers 

Arthur Joseph Bean, Jr. 
§Luis Carlos Bernardo 

Erich Maurice Bixler 

Thomas Parran Bond 

Phuongthao Vu Bui 

Jeffrey William Cale 

Annie Yu-Fen Chen 
§Bonnie A. DeBold 

David Anthony Delmar 

William Scott Elvidge 
tRobin Lynn Farrar 

John Hamilton Fetty 

Marjory Whitehurst Gibson 

Jeffrey David Hains 

Ming Hui Bon Hoa 

William English Kirwan III 

Michael David Lai 

Ellen Bronte Lake 

Betty Bei-Wen Lee 
tCindy Amada Lopez 

Christena Marquette McCabe 
*Donna Madeline Mclntire 
*Michael Joseph Anthony 

Ronald Anthony Morriello 

Carol M. Peredo 

Nicholas Psaltis 
*Jon Anthony Reinhard 

Eliane Ghassan Sabbagh 
tBita Salamat 

Susan Gail Schofield 

Maria Victoria Shipley 

Charng-Yen Shu 

Melvin Thompson. Jr. 

Renate Marjori van 

Carlos Genaro Vasquez 
*Julie Ann Wetterau 

Thomas McCall Wilkinson 
*Mark Joseph Yanowitz 

College of Journalism 
Bachelor of Science 

*Mary Arleen Ankeney 
Jane Margaret Atkins 
Deborah Denise Barfield 
Thomas Allewalt Barstow 
Melissa Anne Berman 
Lisa Kristen Block 
David Bodner 
Julie Anne Borris 
Leslie Carolyn Brandt 
Amy Ellen Brothman 
Lisa Anne Brusio 
Jeanne Louise Buckley 
Robin Regina Burgess 
Joni Renee Cabell 
Leslie Louise Cantermen 
Mitchell Lloyd Caplan 
Kevin Gerard Clarkin 
Lisa Ann Colby 

*Jennifer Ann Collins 
Kay Lorraine Corcoran 
Lisa Anne Couturier 
Jane Marie Crisp 
Patricia Ann Curran 
Teresa Gail David 
Deborah L. Davidson 
Celeste Elisabeth DelGreco 

*Ricky Nicholas DelSontro 
Sally Dembner 

fWilliam Andrew dlGiorgio 
Diane Michelle Doan 
Farah Kimberley Englert 
Stanley Carlton Ernst 
Steven Ross Eveland 
William M. Fletcher 
Elizabeth Marie Foxwell 

tEric A. Galasso 

Melissa Ann Gardner 

Veronica Iris Gary 
§Charles Maurice Goldberg 

April Louise Gower 

Carl Joseph Graziano 

Deborah Ann Green 
fLeisa Vondrine Green 

Robin Ann Hammett 

Paul Bryan Harris 

Debra Yvonne Harrison 
tJones Allan Hayden 
'Jacqueline Kelly Herbert 

Michael Alan Herbert 

Kelly Ann Mickey 

Phillip Ho 

Beth Amy Hoffman 

Judith A. Holman 

Kermit Christopher Houston 
§Judith Anne Howard 

Paul R. Howard 

Thomas David Humphrey 

Kimberly Mary Hyland 

Joan Helene Jacobson 

Kimberly Susan Jones 
*Laurie Ann Jones 

Jeffrey Michael Keffer 

Christopher Paul Kennedy 

Milton Douglas Kent 

Gregory Brian Kerr 

Mary Christopher Keys 

Dawn Ann Kurth 

Amy Jane Lai 

James Jonathan Lawrence 

Lorraine Leahy 

Iris Ann Levine 

Muriel Ruth Levine 
tRochelle Lynn Levy 

Karen Ann Leyden 

Ben S. Lieberman 

Tracie Marie Limon 

KarenLynne Loucks 

Lesley Harold Mabrey 

Sharren Mills MacCartee 

Rhonda Ann Malmud 

Kandida Jo Mascaro 

Kelli Marie McCann 

James Marcel Michie 

Scott West Moore 

Mary Lynne Kathleen 
*Jessica Ann Morrison 

Debora Ann Motsco 

Michael Paris 

Celinda Marie Peha 

Tamela Lisa Penny 

Carolyn Marie Powanda 

Kelly Alicia Jonathan Powers 

Glen Alan Prytula 

Maria T. Puglisi 

Rachel Ann Querjdo 

Aida Isabel 


Loryn Michele Rosenbaum 

Michele Ross 

Neil Stuart Rubin 

Amy Lynn Ryan 

Edmond Patrick Sanctis 

Soraya Sarhaddi 

Eric Daniel Schatz 

Deborah Sue Schmidt 

Jennifer Gayle Schneider 

Stewart Norman Schuize 

Stanley Allan Schwartz 

Dana Lynn Scott 

Scott Michael Sherwood 

Mark Alan Shulimson 

Jeanette Marie Simmes 

Mary Teresa Smiroldo 

Brent Hamilton Smith 

Carmen L. Somerville 
*Andrea Steinman 

Heather Lynn Stentiford 

Michael Andrew Steranka 

Sharon Lea Stuart 

Carol Lynn Tinnin 

Lynne Karen Varner 

David Morgan Vierling 

Rachel Helen Vinner 

Edward Arthur Walsh 

Patrick Francis Walsh 

Debra Yvonne White 

Elizabeth Kemater White 

Mary Ann Wibbe 

Devette Renee Williams 

Melissa A. Woodring 


§ Summa Cum Laude: fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Division of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies: 
James Vincent Brady 
Mary Jonelle Coley 
Kathleen Louise D'Ovidio 
Patrick Michael McCarthy 
John Steven Shapiro 
Carol Ann Sivinski 
Lisa Michele Sopher 

Art History: 

Enola Moulda Arnold 
Claudia Patricia Echeverria 
Angela Sue Grabill 
§Alan Justin Hanson 
Patricia Ann Kearney 
Frances Elaine Martin 
Stacey Lynn Mont 
Catherine Janet Morris 
Kenneth Eugene Peters 
Katherine Ann Peterson 
Andrew Timothy Wallace 
Pamela Louise Whetstone 
Thomas McCall Wilkinson 


Rita Marie Fragnul 
Mary Elizabeth Garrity 
Barbara Sue Hoffer 
Cindy Louise Home 
Jennifer Hulseman 
Eun M. Hur 
Yong J. Kim 
Christine Mae Kulper 
Cheryl Ann Marcus 
Bette Jane Moore 
Diana Eddy Pelletier 
Kelly Ann Posey 
Michelle Taylor 
Renate Marjori van 

Dorothy Rose Weichbrod 
Rose-Anne Elyse Whichard 
Julie Anne Wiernik 
Damon Edward Willis 
Scott Eric WInland 

Lisa Leigh Winovich 
Maxie Woods. Jr. 


Andrea Samatra Hopkins 
Jennifer Lynn Huff 
Lisa Michele Lovelace 
Michele Annette Lowman 
Mary Elizabeth Robertson 
Janice A. Steckel 
Lisa Debra Traiger 
Colleen Marie Wudkwych 

East Asian Languages and 


+ Diane Allegra Bishop 

Jennifer Rea Clagett 
'Minoru Furuyama 

Barbara Lee 

English Language and 

Frederick Henry Alexander 
Roger Lawrence Apfelbaum 
Francine Laura Applewhite 
Karen Jean Aviles 
Daniel Joseph Beyer 
Robert John Beyer 
Keith Thomas Bieberly 
Barbara Anita Bishop 
Patricia Ann Bowen 
Clara Antoinette Bozievich 
Susan Marie Breig 
William Matthew Bridges 
Richard Paul Burkard 
Charles Patteson Cardwell IV 
John William Carlson 
Janet Gregory Carpenter 
Deborah Ann Carr 
Carol Jean Chapnek 
Alison Elizabeth Crystal 
Maryann De Michele 

•J. Leib Dodell 
Barbara Durkan 
Randall Scott Fossum 
Barbara Friedmann 

^Barbara Anne Frye 
Audrey Diane Geuder 
Faith Chana Gilbert 
Allen Goldberg 
Adam Bennett Gorsky 

•Katherine Tupper Hay 

§Jenny Marshall Hayes 
Michael Edward Hibbs 
Caitlin Highton Hoffman 
Christopher Keene Howland 
Robert Eugene Kibler 

'Deirdre E. Kilgallen 
Joseph Alan King 
Steven Meal Leitess 
Morris Lindsay Lewis 
Carol Jean Leydig 

§C. Dawnelle Lolselle 
Antoine Carlton Love 
Jennifer Lynn Martin 
Todd Adam Mars 
Cynthia L. Matsakis 
Susan Jane McGolrick 

tDeirdre Anne McKenna 
Martha Louise Meyers 
Jeffrey Brett Millison 
Glenn Walker Moomau 
Robin Lynn Mewcomer 
Aliye Nazli Olmez 
Jane ONeill 
Eric Michael Orr 
Colleen OToole 
Regina Marie Petruccelli 
Kim David Pinkney 
Kimberly Beth Pitts 
Alice Rabinovitz 
Katherine Ann Rockett 
Baldev Singh Sarai 
Virginia Goldsborough 

+ Sarah Jane Showard 
Dawn Marie Sisas 
Valerie Ann Smith 
Lorraine Helen Spencer 
Catherine Gail Spillane 
Catherine Fern Stalcup 
Lynn Kellene Stewart 
John Thomas Talbert 
Ellen Lee Teare 
Lisa Debra Traiger 
Paul Morman Thrailkill 

tPatricia TschirhartSpangler 
Menad Tufekcic 
Lora A. (Jlan 

§John McAllister (Jlrich 
Jonathan L. CJstun 

Kirsten Jane Varmer 
Brian Joseph Walters 
Daphne Marie Watson 
Eric Welner 
•Barbara Jayne White 
Christopher Alan Winters 
Carolyn Deanna Wright 
(2nd Major: History) 

French Language and 

Lori Lynn Brown 

Diana Marie Bussing 

Paul Henry DIbos 

Raymond Francis Gruber 
§Karen Leigh Orloff 

Alireza Parsa 

Sally Robin Pitman 

Marilyn Eva Wallace 

Germanic Language and 

Elizabeth Maria Blagojevics 
Paal Cammermeyer 
Jeanette Griffin 
Mark Andrew Larsen 
Beatrix D. Muehldorf 
Thomas Mark Mielsen 
Sarah Joanne Pruett 
Meredith Ellen Taylor 
Kathleen Louise Wilkinson 


Rene Louise Anderson 
Karen Ruth Antos 
Theodore Themlstocles 

Gary Eugene Asmussen 

tChristopher Thomas 
Rebecca Jane Buehler 
Christopher Scot Bullard 
Marshall Alan Dearden 
Robert Lynn Fuller 
John Dominic Garvey 
Felipe Rene Gonzalez 
Lisa Kathleen Graddy 
John Francis Gretka. Jr. 
George Thornton Harrison III 
Ian Brus Hilderbrand 

§Richard Ira Himelfarb 

§ Summa Cum Laude: +Magna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 


Michael Anthony Lawson 
Robert Matthew Marks 
Joel Peter Moreland 
Beatrix Marguerre Pollack 
Nancy Lee Reid 
John Joseph Ryan 
Warren Edward Saylor 
Mail Scott Stulman 
Ellery M. Taylor 
Alan Richard Wolff 

Jewish Studies: 

Esther Hope Abrannowitz 
Richard Nicholas Alsop 


Jaye Edward Padgett 


Aygul CanerShojae 
Edwin Morton Custer 111 
Marlene Kaye Deason 
Simone Elaine Deering 
Deborah Karr Harris 
Janet Marie Kuskowski 
Jane Ann Mobille 
Christine Marie Reichart 
Linda Kennedy Sill 
Sally Ann Waldron 
§LeeAnna Xanthos-Coombs 


Clarence Oscar Cornett. Jr. 
Kevin Christopher Golden 
*David Samuel Scharff 

Radio, Television and Film: 

Bryan Keith Armentrout 
Anna Mae Blauvelt 
Hunter Bloch 
Donna Beth Boden 
Sandee Lynn Bowen 
James McAndrew Breen 
Jeffrey Lawrence Bringham 
John P. Bryant 
Peggy Sue Bushey 
Juanita Sandra Clark 
Mary Leslie Clark 
Angela Michele Coleman 
Micheline Claire Colman 
Anna R. Compeau 
Robert Francis Cornish 

Deborah Dee Croft 
Vanessa Isabel Cunarro 
Craig David Daniels 
C. Paige DeFlavis 
Suzanne Starr Delchamps 
Laurence Andrew Diamond 
Carla Monette Dickerson 
Teresa Marie Dillon 
Timothy James Dolan 
Kathleen Marie Donovan 
Anna Marie Dunbar 
Maria Jane Feldman 
Stacey Lynne Felsen 
Fredric Gary Fleisher 
Lauretta Louise Forristall 
Ignacio Garcia-Martin 
Nancy Fern Gerstman 
Laura Katherine Ghysels 
MIndy Robin Goldberg 
Adam Brian Goldstein 
Gay Karen Green 
Janette Marie Guarnieri 
Everette Michael Hammond. 

Lori Jeneve Haratunian 
Janet Marie Harney 
Julie Marie Heneberry 
David Kenneth Henry 
Joan Ellen Herman 
Gregory Lee Hill 
Leslie J. K. Hilleary 
Karen Beth Hillman 
James Beattie 

Hockersmith 111 
Jeffrey Charles Hoffman 
Kenneth Patrick Holl 
Sheila Lynn Jefferson 
Lisa Maria Johnson 
Julie Anne Judge 
Anfisa Anna Kavalou 
Willis Eugene Keeling 111 
Lisa Michelle Kenton 
Eric Robert Kert 
Christian Douglas Kinney 
Robert Daniel Klein 
Kristiann Kline 
Thomas Charles Kline 
Stephen Cary Kobren 
Debra Michele Kolm 
Julia Ann Konieczka 

Amy C. Kraft 
Ann Eleanor Letizi 
Jay Eric Lundenberg 
Regina Ann MacDonald 
Jaclyn Bonni Margolis 
Robert Louis Marking 
Valerie Renee Matthews 
Leila Yates Mattingly 
Elizabeth Anne McCarthy 
Stacey Vance McClendon 
Kelly Shannon McCloskey 
Eric Sean McCloud 
Cynthia Rae Mclntyre 
Catherine Marie McMahon 
Monica Beth Melser 
Clayton Anderson Mitchell 
Tim I. Mosier 
Hope Pamela Nadelman 
Linda Lee Nemetz 
Robyn Rena Nicholas 
Panyavuth Nivasabutr 
Garo Paul Ohanian 
Carol Beth O'Mansky 
Janet Carlson O'Neill 
Harriet Elise Pelton 
Holly Ann Posin 
Linda Joy Pototsky 
John Prete 
Peter Natan Price 
Michael Vincent Ratigan 
Teresa Ray 
Marc Jeffrey Rendel 
Meredith Lee Riley 
tNancy Lynn Roman 
Diane Rene Rowley 
Stacy Hartman 

Daniel Scott Salerno 
Steven Douglas Sax 
Anthony Gerard Scimeca 
Patrick Bronson Shepherd 
Philip Arthur Shortt 
Gwendolyn Anita Soden 
Robin Lyn Steinfeld 
Richard C. Sullivan 
Laura Louise Taylor 
Lisa Anne Timchalk 
Joseph Ross Tinsley 
David Thomas VanDyke 
Susan L. Weis 

Mary Welby Whiting 

William Craig Wiley 

John M. Wilson 111 

Lisa Ellyn Witt 

Dominique Andree Yambrick 

Russian Area Studies: 

Karen Ann Chadbourne 
Everette Eugene Jordan 
Keith Wilfred Marty 

Russian Language and 

Carolyn Nowicki Edens 
Jaye Edward Padgett 
Garrett Lawton Martin 

Spanish Language and 

Ayhan Sara Cagri 
§Emily Foust 
Julia Maria Franchi 
Colleen Rita Gale 
Shari Lynn Hayman 
Karen Leigh Holdeman 
Catherine Outerbridge 
Constanza Peha 

Speech Communication: 

Steven Bennett Aisenberg 
Marta Elizabeth Barbee 
Jamie Brenda Bourne 

*Elisa Lynn Carbone 
Heather Alison Floody 
Sherri Elaine Gleason 
Laura Jean Hendricks 

*Patricia Joyce Hill 
Julia Marie Malecki 
Jane Martha Polansky 
Julia Carroll Walsh 
Lindsay Paige Whitaker 


Michael Francis Bunce 
R. Alison Crichton 
Joseph Armstead Drayton. 

Lynn Alicia Henderson 
Sergio Davide Johnson 
Patrick Michael Keefe 
Mary Beth Lechter 


§ Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Donnalynne Lefever 
JiaWen Lin 

Vincent Donald Turner II 
Wendy Marie Wilcox 

Bachelor of Music 

Karen Ruth Allen 
Michael Darrell Faircloth 
Huei-Shang Hu 
Demetra Christine Lambros 
Richard Lewis Pollack 
Wai Ling Wenonah Pong 
Glenn D. Sales 
Lisa Annette Sedlacek 
Kim Marie Struble 
§Su2anne Ruth Lechlnnan 
Kathleen Russell 


College of Business and 

Bachelor of Science 

Stephen Samuel Abate 
Stephen James Ashland 
Daniel Ross Baden 
Joni Marie Balderson 
Ralph Roman Barry 
Alexandra Basdekas 
Robert Jude Basso 
Barbara Ann Beilinson 
Michael A. Benoudiz 
•Donald Jay Berlin 
Thomas Aquinas Bernier 
Gary Alan Berzner 
David Jay Beth 
Marcy Nanette Blum 
Pamela Lynn Bornstein 
Daniel Wayne Bowen 
Tracy Michelle Bradley 
James Thomas Alan Bray 
Glen Juan Brown 
Rosalind Yvette Brown 
Sean Bryan Brown 
Elizabeth Marie Burgan 
Seth Adam Cammeyer 
Michael Thomas Carney II 
Michelle Renee Caron 
§Charles Gerard Carr 
Martin Joseph Carroll HI 
Patrick L. Carter 
Cheryl A. Casalinova 
Glenda Chang 
Kathleen Marie Chesky 
Kay Marie Christensen 
Warrenetta Lynne Collins 
Dee Anne Coplon 
Michelle Alexandria Cornish 
Tracey Beitler Cornish 
Karen Anne Cosier 
Terri Lynn Cramer 
'Karin Craven 

Jennifer Joan Crosslin 

§Jill Karen Daniels 
Jean David 
Mary Ann DeCesaris 
Sandra A. Delinsky 
Lisa Ann DeSantis 

§Kenneth Allan Diehl 
Carol Ann Dockery 

§Lisa Gayle Dolinka 
Karen Ann Dudley 

'Lisa Marie Dunn 
Kim Ann Dunnigan 
Gary Thomas Dunning 
Kristopher Charles Eade 
llene Beth Eckstein 
Gaines Stuart Ellard 

'James Myung Eun 
Paul Thomas Fekete. Jr. 
Jeffrey John Fessler 
Lori Jill Finkelberg 
Joseph Patrick Fitzpatrick 
Errol Martin Forgosh 
Janice Francine Fundis 
Madeline Gallagher 
Tracy Ann Garrett 
Francine Lynn Gart 

§Joseph Andrew Gelak 

§ Peggy Jeanette Gerns 

tJohn Ginsburg 
Richard Stuart Ginsburg 
Paul Allen Goldberg 
Edward Goodman 
Richard Frank Goodyear 
John William Gorter 
Teresa Ann Gray 
Marc Gary Grebow 
Eugene Hancock Gregory 
Terry Lynne Guidi 
Kathleen Ann Haislip 
Kerry Burton Hall 
Kathleen Lois Hammac 
David Michael Hands 
Patrick MacLaurin Hantske 
Laurie Renee Hazman 
'Diane Marie Herling 
Kenneth James Hoffman 
Peter Gerald Hollerbach 
Patricia Hsiao 
Gregory F. Hughes 

§Peter Shreve Jackson 

Berthil T. James 

Barbara Ann Kaluzienski 

Meenu Kapai 
•Anna Marie Kaplan 

Jacqueline Michiko Katase 

John Carroll Keating 

David Aaron Kessler 

Iver David Kessler 

Pamela Sue Ketelsen 

Rajan David Khanna 

David Dean Kilpatrick 

Albert Kojo Koduah 

Karen Marie Kotlarchyk 

Jenny Y. Kung 

(2nd Major: Accounting) 

Ingrid Karen Lamb 

Todd Anthony Lasick 

Jeffrey Miles Levitt 
'Mary Penney Libbee 

Jeffrey I. Lieberman 

Theresa M. Procaccino Lora 
•Kathy Jean Lovaas 

Mick Makris 

Brett Eric Marks 

David Kevin Martz 
•Theodore Parker Matthews 

Shawn Christopher Mayolo 

Elizabeth Ann McCright 

Suzanne Marie McDermott 

Kathleen Marie McKeever 
+ Ramona Lee McLaughlin 
§Ann Marie Moriarty 

Michael John Mussog 

Sherrie Lynn Nave 

Thaddeus H. Neumann 

Patricia Marie Nichols 

Thomas Paul Nigro 
tJohn Patrick Nolan 

Vivian lyen Okoh 

Deannae Kim On 

Karen Lynn Owens 
•Nam Joo Paik 
§Kristina Pappas 
•Carlos Javier Parraga 

Terri Michelle Pigford 

Albert Dixon Powell. Jr. 

Cheryl Ann Pozzi 

Robert Edward Pugh. Jr. 

Steven Gregory Pugliese 
tMary Ann Ramirez 

§ Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laude 


Jeffrey Watson Rasey 
*Mary Ellen Richardson 

James C. Rosenborough 

Carla Mary Reverse 

James Alan Russum 

Robert Davis Sadler 

Stephen Michael Schiaffino 

Stephen Elliot Schuck 

Seth Mitchell Schumer 
§Gregg Alan Serene 
tAhmad Edward Shamim 
*Stacey Lynne Shapiro 

Sanjay M. Shirodkar 

James Brant Shuman 
fBarbara Jean Simpson 

Kenneth B. Skirka 

Michael Anthony Smigocki 

Susan Jo Smith 

Tammy Lee Smutny 
*Stephen Frederick Solomon 

Jonathan Mark Sommer 
tSuzanne Louise Sparrow 

Melissa Clare Strange 

Frank Spinelli 

Sharon Ann Strouse 

Jayne Marie Swanson 

Kathy Anne Taylor 
*Thomas Richard Tedrick 

Sheila Berry Tokos 
*David Barry Torchinsky 
'Elizabeth Leona Trovinger 

Ann Therese Underland 

Maria Regina Vita 
§Maura Wade 

Grace Kuei-Yueh Wang 

John Alan Warther 

Paula Gail Weitzman 

Jane Ann Wimmer 
§Lori Kaomea Zudock 


Thomas Joseph Ahearn 
Cristina Maria Alho 
Frank Harrison Allen, Jr. 
Ramin Dehghan Azimi 
Brian Alan Balenson 
Therese Irene Bannigan 
Karen Ann Barnes 
Michelle Elizabeth 

Derick Roy Black 
Haryn Boris 
Julie Carolyn Boughn 
Brian Joseph Bowers 
Dawn Marie Bradshaw 
Lynne Marcelle Bremer 
Edward Francis Bugin, Jr. 
(2nd Major: Accounting) 
Ayse Gul Bulgur 
David Michael Burak 
Peter W. Chen 
Robb Andrew Cohen 
Alfredo A. Collazo 
Gerard Collins 

*Paul A. Crisci 
Ramin Cyrus 
John Gilbert DAIbora 
Maureen C. DiJoseph 
Karen Ceres Dowdy 

(2nd Major: Accounting) 
Richard Stephen Dukas 
Mancy Anne Emshwiller 
Mark Alan Engeberg 
Alain Ertel 

Jason Hadley Feuerman 
Michael Joseph Fleischer 
William Mitchell Floyd 
Mindy Judith Franklin 

tHelene Paula Fried 
Erich Peter Fuldner 
Steven A. Gonsalves 
Hrisostomos E. 

Carol Lee Grant 
Jeffrey Douglas Greenberg 
Joseph Marvin Haddon. Jr. 
Christine Elizabeth Hansen 
Dianne Ellis Hardenbergh 
Debra Lynn Harris 

*Matthew Harrison Hartman 
Karen Renee Hoch 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Cheng-1 Agnes Hu 
Adam Michael Hutt 
Marc Howard Hyman 
Kristine Marie Jaggard 
Gary Keith Jensen 

§Ramin Kamfar 
Richard C. Kandel 

Cynthia Robin Katz 

(2nd Major: General 
Richard Jeffrey Kaufman 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
§David Emory Keating 
Elizabeth Anne Keller 
Riddhini Kent 
tLinda Marie Kolb 
*Polly J-l Kou 
Linda Louise Kromer 

(2nd Major: Management 

Science and Statistics) 
Miriam Rachel Leibowitz 
Scott Alan Lemler 
Sandy Richard Lesser 
Richard Francis Lewandowski 
Patrick Linardi 
Jacqueline Lister 
Christine Mary Loewe 
Brain Arthur Loria 
James Edward Lovaas 
Charles Morris Loving 111 
Leonard Peter Marinaccio 
Brian Parmer Maury 
Grant Mealus Marshall 
Thomas Paul McCarthy 
Carl Gustave Merewitz 
Catherine Sue Miller 
Daniel James Milligan 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Donato Anthony Minicozzi 
Juan Carlos Montes 
Paul Andrew Morgan 
Carla Lynn Mouser 
tMark Thomas Murphy 
Alan Todd Nadler 
Livonie Ong 
Charles James O'Reilly 
Mancy Eileen O'Rourke 
William Michael O'Rourke 
Ruth Josephine Owens 
Lawrence Elliott Pardes 
George Lee Peabody IV 
Michael A. Peter 
Marian Gina Petro 
Beth Sara Phillips 
Lawrence Scott Plaxe 
Jeffrey Gregg Poppel 

Stacy Jill Potashnick 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
William Joseph Potter 
Chananon Pradithavanij 
Mala Anita Rajan 
Susan Irene Rees 
Lisa Erin Reznick 
Carl A. Rhoades, Jr. 
Therese Ann Rohm 
Ronald Keith Roistacher 
Elizabeth R. Rosner 
Sheri Rubinstein 

§Michael Richard Rudie 
Robert Lewis Russell, Jr. 

§Jeffrey Alan Samek 
Donald Craig Scheeler 
F. Matthew Schmucker 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 
Renee Carol Schuster 
Craig Michael Schwartz 
Carol Ann Scibek 
Cora Lynne Seto 
Lisa Hillary Shear 
Karnjana Sihsobhon 
Gary John Sinsky 

fKevin Edward Smith 
Thomas Gerard Smith 
Erik Steenbuch 
Marci Lynn Sternberg 
Karen Amy Sternburg 
Joyce Marie Stoffel 
Richard Rolland Sutton 
Mona Kei Takahashi 
James Barry Tastet 

§Carolyn Elizabeth Ticar 
Seth Warren Tolin 
William Stephen Tompa 

*Edmundo Vallenas 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Laurie Susan Van Grack 
Paul Duran Watson 
John Christopher Weale 
James Matthew Wells 
John Michael Wheaton 

§Norman Ray White 
Susan Lynne Wilson 
Robert Michael Wolper 
Beverly S. Wong 
Milford Ryland Woodson II 


§ Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 

Rocco Joseph Zavaglia 
Joel H. Zingler 

General Business 

Jess Gerald Atkinson 
Howard Albert Aupke 
Tarntip Bamrungtrakun 
Randy Howard Bradshaw 
Lisa A. Brigati 
Robert William Brown 
Jean Marie Campbell 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
'Sharon Elaine Cloud 
David Clawson Cole 
Bruce Edward Dennis 
James Melvin Donley 
Ronald Allen Drescher 
Edward P. Estelle 
Charles Laurence Fell 
Stanley Merritt Fulton 
Jamie Beth Fundler 
Anne Payne Gatewood 
Brian Andrew Gerstel 
Mingo Dorothy Ghogomu 
Amanda Jo Greene 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Donna Maria Hurd 
Linda Ellen Jones 
Stephen Lyon Jones 
Randall Jay Keller 
John Marshall Krouse. Jr. 
Stephen Ralph Libonati 
Michael Jeffrey Lublin 
Robin E. Lydell 
Micholas Anthony Matera 
Melinda Zdenka Michael 
Richard Lewis Morris 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Joyce Alice Morrison 
Carey Lynn Mullican 
Stuart Alexander Magy 
•Robert Edward Mew 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 
Robert Gerard Nickels 
Katerina Yvonne fHyberg 
Cynthia Lee Ogle 
Celine Brenda Okoh 

(2nd Major: Econornics) 
Randolph Alan Oudemans 

Roberta Anne Patricelli 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
John Edward Phair 
Michael Anthony Piacente 
Cheri Lynne Proctor 
Sandra Lee Glasgow Rabak 
Tiana Lalao Hanitra Ralay 
Joanna Lea Richter 
Robert Allen Riffe 
Joel Jacob Rishty 
George Griffin Rivenbark 
John Michael Roeder 
Michael Charles Rothenberg 
Kamran Sadeghian 
Anna Elizabeth Smalls 

Christine Veronica Schneider 
Steven Bruce Schwartzman 
Elaine Marie Sison 
Charles Edward Smouse 
•Maria Joy Spicer 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 
Gary Michael Sudhalter 
•Theeraporn Suthipongvijit 
John Joseph Taylor 
LuAnne Tigue 
Elizabeth Alafriz Toro 
Patricia Ann Van Ditta 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 
Mark Edward Vige 



David Bagheri 
tSuzanne Westwood Davison 

Deborah Lorraine Motley 

Mary Eileen Parker 
•Michael Anthony Robinson 

Jeffrey Allen Smith 
tSheila Dawn Smith 

David Allen Stout 

Frederic Louis Vassiliou 

Fernando Francisco Viteri 

Deborah S. Aaronson 
Barry Lawrence Abel 
Maria Lynn Aquilino 
(2nd Major: General 

Ethan Allen Axenfeld 
Bruce D. Azus 
Brian Michael Baker 
John R. H. Barbosa 
Richard Arthur Baron 
Lee Stuart Becker 
Diane Renee Belford 
Denise Ann Bell 
Vicki Sue Berkowitz 
Susan Lynn Bloom 

•Julie Beth Bord 
John Nelson Brenneman 
Beth Whitney Brenner 
Annette Dawn Brooks 
David Jon Burton 
Gregory James Cain 
Timothy Matthew Chapman 
Andrew A. Chen 
Terry Wing Chin 
Michele Ann Chute 
Donald Andrew Cool 
Thomas John Daeschner 

'Timothy Gerard Dennis 
Charles William Driesell 
Megan Smothers Eckard 
Paige M. Eisdorfer 
Christopher Andrew Ellis 

'Sherri Lee Evans 
Antonio Filippo Falcone 
John Michael Fanelli 
Michael Howard Feldman 
Teri Ann Feldstein 
Steven Scott Figman 
Sherri Collins Flanagan 

'Raimonda A. Fontana 
Mark J. Friedlander 
Scott Michael Golden 
Eric Jay Goldstein 
Suzanne Marie Govan 
Regina Doreen Griffin 
Lisa Cristine Grigorian 
Kimberly Jeanne Grill 
Dana Jane Hagner 
James Roger Hall 
Thomas James Haskins 
Wendimarie Haven 
Frank Hazzard 
Kimberly Elizabeth Hench 

§Helen Patricia Herron 
Irma Ruslana Hnatyshyn 

Alan Gordon Hoffman 
Jeanne Marie Hoglund 
Craig Eric Holibaugh 
Linda Kaye Hook 
Soon J. Huan 

tMeredith Ann Hudson 
Robert Gene Isaman 
David Linn Jacintho 
Lynne Mary Johnson 
Sean Matthew Jones 
Steven Lloyd Jones 
Christina Nereida Kelley 
John Scott Kelly 

tJames Stuart King 
Rhonda Denise King 
Robert Anthony Kiszka 
Kenneth Brian Kofsky 
Lisa Jil Kotler 
Thomas Bernard KrocheskI 
Constance Susan Kroll 
Cimone Lee Kubert 
Sheila Marie Leach 
Susan Lynne Lorber 
Dorothy M. Lucas 
Susan Barbara Luchansky 
Karen Suzanne Lyies 
John David Magnino 
Rita Raiasi Mamoer 
William Paul Marciniak 
Russell Christopher Mario 
Joanne Lynn McCarthy 
David E. McCormick 
Michael Edward McGuire 
Denise Lynell Middleton 
Carolyn Yvonne Miller 
Mark Patrick Miller 
Suzanne Ellen Moran 
Kelly Lynn Moyer 
Theresa Marie ODonnat 

•Michael Howard Ostrow 
Kimberly Ann Packer 
Jacob H. Pecarsky 
Joseph Anthony Pilone 
Eric Matthew Piatt 
Andrea Kim Pugh 
Virginia Lee Quick 
Michele Marie RaabSkeen 
Susan Kaye Randall 
Howard Hugh Rankin 
James Russell Ratino 

§ Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: •Cum Laude 


Susan Marie Revallo 

Ronald Bill Rodriguez 

William Joseph Rosemond, 

Laurence James Ross 

Donna Marie C. Salvary 

Pio Eddie Scarano 
(2nd Major: Finance) 

Philip Gerard Schmidt 

Laurie Carol Schniebolk 

Kevin Bruce Scrimgeour 

Jennifer Reams Scott 

Wendy Anne Seher 

Marian hancy Seiden 

Debra Ann Seligman 

Don Francis Shadley 

David Michael Sherr 

Miriam Faith Shigon 

Sheila Onlin Shueh 

Steven David Silverman 

Mark Allen Skinner 

Wendy R. Skinner 

Peter Scott Smichenko 

Paula Marie Smith 

William Alan Squier 
tMark Paul Steinhorn 

Harriet Lee Stoler 

Elizabeth Priscilla Szilvassy 

Blaine Todd Udell 

Paul Thomas van Valken- 
burgh (2nd Major: Finance) 

Bernard Charles Vogel 

Mark Howard Wasmer 

Lawrence Wayne Weinstein 

David Adam Weisbaum 
*Randi Weitzman 

Robert Matt Wengel 

James G. White 

Edward Joseph Widick 

Andrew Maher Wilson 

Eric L. Wilson 

Christopher Scott Woods 

Daniel Stephen Wurtzel 

Charles Edward Young 

Richard Carl Zue 

Personnel and Labor 

Nicholas Lee Abid 
Lisa Anne Armstrong 
Terri Jane Attman 
Kathryn Stevenson Barclay 

fAnna Giacomina Bavetta 
Wesley Edwin Calkins 

§Debbie DeMaris Carthorn 

*William Charles Dickerson 
Kathryn Michele Dugas 
Lucille Diana Elko 
Robert Jefferson Farrell 
Karen Lee Gable 
Melody Denise Gallagher 
Sherri Louise Glynn 
Michael Howard Gold 
Irwin Ira Golob 
Juanita Pearl Howard 
Michele Hubeny 
Cynthia Ann Hudson 
Brian Albert Hutchison 
Hillary Beth Jackowitz 
Mary Ann Jackson 
Steven Mark Lerman 

§Mary Olive Hilda Lincoln 
Marissa Wendy Loring 

tLisa Helen Lovinger 
Therese M. Madden 

*Michael Patrick McGovern 
Janice Marie Mavalaney 
Alexandra Solange Mixon 
Candice Lane Perry 
Deborah Lynn Post 
Cynthia Teri Redisch 
Julie Ann Roling 
Stella Marie Scheder 
Robert Eugene Shaffner. Jr. 

(2nd Major: SociologLj) 
Marilyn Jean Siddall 

*Mary Ann Slosman 
Donna Lynne Smith 
Patricia Anne Todaro 
Tina Marie Trask 
Linda Lee Welton 
Andrew Baird White 

§David Leon White 

Production Management: 

Aileen Teresa Hopko 


Karen Lee Brandenburg 
Ivan Michael Cohen 
David Nicholas DiCarlo 
Gregory Lawrence Frost 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 
Richard Robert Hultberg III 
Ingrid Hahn Kim 
Robert Jay Leinson 
William Edward Pownell 
Keren Trina Sachs 
Socrates Sakellaropoulos 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 
Thomas Frank Scheid 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies: 

Shaun Michael Meyers 
Patricia Marie Warren 


Scott Foster Andrews 
Franklyn Heath Bonbrest 
Jeanne Marie Brown 
Ann Curtin 

§Martin Gerard Dudek 
Brenda Alice Kooken 
Raymond Edward Litten 
Stephen David Ousley 

tElizabeth Anne Ragan 
Richard Anthony Shaffer 
Lori Jean Spier 
Jeannie Frances Yuill 


Akinbobola Tayo Akinkoye 
Tina Jaye Akins 
Charles Eugene Anderson 
Rhonda Q. Belt 
Bruce David Blum 
Mary Colleen Brahm 
Jane Francis Brown 
Richard Allen Capino 
Karin Jeanne Chaples 

(2nd Major: Sociology) 
Leidre Laquana Clements 

Arthur Frederick Coletta 
Kelly Louise Crawford 
Anthony Ion Deaton 
Sylvia Yvonne Doyle 

*Talisa Renae Easterling 
Shannon Ehrlich 
Esther Marie Fischer 
Thomas Sean Fitzgerald 
Hugh David Fleischmann 
Patricia Anne Flury 
Barbara Robin Gold 

(2nd Major: Sociology) 
Thomas Oliver Green 
Cheryl Antoinette Gregoire 
Richard John Grossmann 
Tracey Jean Gundersdorff 
Karen Louise Havens 
Bradley Elton Hewick 
Daniel Garland Hunt 
Jacqueline Marie Jedrey 
Valerie Belinda Joyner 
Paul Thomas Kalanevich 
James Michael Lavin 
Greta Rene Lewis 

§Mary Leith McKechnie 
Melanie Nadine Merkle 
Kevin Lewis O'Donovan 
Jerry Lee Palmer 
Mark Jonathan Palumbo 
Roland Gene Perry 
John Rodriguez 
Debra Sue Sanford 
Robert Eric Saunders 
Kathleen Margaret Shanahan 
Erik Andrew Smist 
Kevin John Smith 
Stephanie Lynn Sulmer 
Sheila Yvette West 


Paul Damon Ackerman 
Jeffrey Wayne Adkins 
Bruce Richard Andersen 
Robbie Allyson Arnold 
John Atanasio 
Barbara Florencia Balduman 
Satenik Baroyant-Salmassi 
Mali Bawa 

Risa Charlene Bender 
fMichele Berman 


§ Summa Cum Laude: fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Theresa Louise Biggs 

Derick Roy Black 

Richard Boon Blackwell 

Michele L. Blair 

Steven Hewitt Blomgren 
•Andrew David Bollman 

Erdne Bormanshinov 

Elizabeth Maria Bosnak 
tRene Bowser 

Kurt Manfred Carter 

Sandra Castagna 

Thomas Tarleton Collins 

Wayne Curtis Cook 

Christopher Michael Corrigan 

Kathy D. Dargo 

Stephen Randall Davidson 

Steven Reid Faulkner 

James William Fenerty 

Cheryl Lynne Fleisig 

rSicholaos Dennis Floros 

Colleen Elizabeth Fogarty 

Robert T. Fossi 

Christian Frederiksen 

Dean Joseph Fusco 

Jason Gait 

Michael Brian Gilland 

Jill Ann Harper Greeley 

Alison Marie Greene 

Raymond Francis Gruber 

Lawrence Lee Gundrum. Jr. 
+ James Clement Harkins 
'Leslie Anne Harrington 

Elizabeth Ann Hartdegen 

James Robert Howard 
•Monika Klara Husch 

Anne J. Kuh 

Andreas Rahul Jankowsky 

Charles W. Lake 

Shaun Michael Lawrence 

Kevin Alastair Royce Leake 

Helen Clare Loughrey 

David William Lounsbury 

Adam Lutzker 

Elisabeth Anne McGuire 

Teresa Marie McKenna 

John Joseph Meiburger 

Douglas Lawrence Miles 

Pamela Lynn Miller 

Marian M. Molloy 

Paul Andrew Morgan 

Jaime Jose Otero 
Michael Thomas Oxiey 
Kenneth Glenn Palmer 
Charles Joseph Pastore 
Robert Morris Platka 
tKenneth Ira Platto 
Joseph Steven Pomykala 
Jeffrey William Preusse 
Shari Ann Puffenberger 
Antonella Rao 
Linda Marie Reichard 
'Margaret Mary Reid 
Lawrence Osborne 

Glenn David Robinson 
James Robert Rogers 
•Michael Wayne Routzahn 
Walter Blake Rullman 
Lawrence Paul 

Schoonmaker III 
Oriol Segarra 
Steven Arthur Shankle 
Philip Remer Vondersmith 

Brian Howard Shuman 
Majed Constandi Sifri (2ncl 

Major: General Business) 
Patrick Michael Smith 
Ronald Thomas Smith 
Lee John Stillwell. Jr. 
Stacey Anne Taranto 
Edmund Clay Terpening 
Gregory Lee Thompson 
George C. Tolson 
Ernesto Carlos Tono 
Steven Thad Uehling 
Dipica Bernadette 

Craig Steven Wilson 
Michael Roderick Wolff 
Stewart Damian Wright 
Chul Ho Yum 

Governmeryt and Politics: 

Andre D. Adams 
Bryan Moss Ahern 
Nelson Bruce Alcalde 
Richard Chace Anderson 
Anthony Angov 
Maria Elena Arribas 
Patricia Ann Austin 

tDarrell Lewis Bachman 
Jacqueline L. Bailey 
Raymond Charles Baldwin 
Catherine Adair Barnes 
Michele Hope Barone 
Traci Lynne Batts 
Burman Aaron Berger 
Meil Jeffrey Bloom 
Fanourios lonnou Borsas 
Myron Adam Brilliant 
Edward Jerome Brown 
Elizabeth Allison Brown 
Mary Helen Buchanan 

tChristopher Kevin Calvert 
Joanna Maureen Campbell 
Diane M. Cavrell 
Thomas Ritter Chandler 
Keith K. Cheung 
ISadine Rona Cohen 
Michael John Collins 
Steven Robert Colvin 
Kevin Gerard Cooper 
Robert William Cosby 
Kenneth Charles Costta 
James William Cox. Jr. 
Kaye Elizabeth Crawford 
Eric Paul D'Antonio 

•Eric John Darden 
Eileen Marie Davies 
David Richard Davis 111 
Donna Lynn Denton 

tCindy Renee Diamond 
Susan Florence Dudley 
Leah Marie Durall 
Thomas Jay English 

•David Brian Faerberg 
Cynthia Anita Fain 

tJane Anne Feigenbaum 
Jim Henry Fields 

•Michael Ronald Fields. Jr. 
Cestaine Francis 
Bret John Frederick 
Timothy Paul Gallagher 
Miguel Angel Gatti Munez 
Sim Raba Gershon 
Nicholas Anthony Giuditta III 
Charles Thomas Glass 
Martin Stuart Goldberg 
Steven Michael Goldstein 
(2nd Major: Jewish Studies) 

Gary Bruce Gordon 
Donna Jean Graham 
Maurice Delano Grant 
Dennis Gary Graul 
Michael Eric Grossfeld 
Anthony William Guidice 
Charles Vernon Hack II 
Joanne Sue Harris 

•Catherine Virginia Harsh 
James Howarth Hartten 
Jeanette Haroldine 

Joseph Haynes, Jr. 
Alan Reed Heller 
John J. Hellings 
Kathryn Gail Holbrook 
Elizabeth Hughes 
Steven Ira Hyman 
Paul Wahba Ishak 
John Huestis Jacobs 
Teresa Lynn Jennings 
Mark Lawrence Jensen 
Christina Lynn Judge 
Joel William Kestenbaum 
Gregory Joseph Koch 
Adam G. L. Kominsky 
Kathleen Carol Konka 
Allison Lambert 
Maureen Terese Latimer 
Phillip Corey Levin 
Stuart J. Levin 
Howard Bruce Levine 
Max Scott Libbee. Jr. 
Hayley Ann Lisabeth 
Paula Lynne Magid 
Hossein Ostadali 

Mark Roy Manges 
Angela Marie Mathews 
Margaret Mary Maughlin 
Craig Patrick McCoy 
Brian Douglas Mercier 
Nancy Grace Middleton 
Suzanne Cecile Miller 
Charles Frederick Mitchell 
Shirine Elizabeth Moazed 
Mehran Mogharrebi 
David Moluski 

§Mark Patrick Moore 
James B. Morris 

§ Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 


Nadine H. Nelson 
Karen Elaine Moll 
Brooke Grayson O'Kane 
Paula Joy Olevsky 
John Douglas Oswalt 
Thomas Edward Owens 
Miriam Dee Ozur 
Karroll Kedrick Parker 
Alireza Parsa 

tKimbanj Thi Pham 

§Valarie Ann Piper 
Stephanie Marie Pratt 
Dario Presentado 
Joan Therese Prouty 
James Patrick Quinn 
Margaret Ann Quinn 

tDouglas Edward Ramage 
Christopher Brent Reilly 
John Barry Rogers 
Evan Scott Rosen 
Marilyn Rosenthal 
Brian Eric Ross 
Rona Harriett Sandler 
Lizabeth Anne Scarff 
Michael Bernard Schaeman 
Dina Robin Schepps 

*Jacob Abraham Schreiber 
E. Philip Schreier III 
Edward A. Schultz III 
Michael Thomas Semeniuk 

*Alina Miriam Semo 
Richard Albert Sherman 
Howard Owen Shreve 
Harry Brett Siegel 
Michael David Siff 
Leigh Ann Slayback 
Devon Renee Smith 
Marc Alan Smith 
Patrick Michael Smith 
Jayson Aaron Soobitsky 
Richard Paul Starrett 
Anna Marie Stolberg 
Marcy Jean Stone 
Gina Ann Strange 
Leslie Ann Strompf 
Song Hui Suh 

"Sheila Jane Sullivan 

§Daren Keith Sweeney 
(2nd Major: Economics) 
William Francis Sweeney 

Francisco Tamsi 
Nathan S. Tash 
Kimla Dwyann Thompson 
David Raymond Torres 
Paula Catherine Titus 
Kimberly A. Viands 

tRobert Anthony Vricella 
William Roland Waggoner 
Eileen Mindy Weiss 
(2nd Major: Radio 
Television and Film) 
Donna Marie Westmoreland 
David Andrew Wildermuth 
David Yarnall Willers 
Erin C. Williams 

§Terri Alyce ZaII 

Hearing and Speech 

§Rachel Beth Aaron 

Valerie Elizabeth Andrews 

Susan Ellen Baron 
tKaren Leigh Brode 

Norma Gayle Commons 

N. Jean Conlan 
"Kathleen Elizabeth 

Janice Eileen Creamer 

Judy Sharon Dhanraj 

Melissa Anne Dickinson 

Laurie Yvette Harris 

Tracey Susan Jakovics 

Sheila Ann Lett 

Jan Elaine Manspeaker 

Andrea Lisa Maser 

Irene Anastasia Pafitis 

Jane Sims Reynolds 

Jessica Jane Richmond 

Shari Lynn Russell 

Hilarie Lynn Samuels 
*Lisa Scherr 

Kathleen Ann Scott 

Anita Marie Sharer 

Mary Katherine Sulkovsky 

Christal Maria Surowicz 

Carol Lynn Tabler 

Carol Ann Walker 

Nancy Lynn Ward 

Stacy Rachelle Weil 

Catherine Maria Wilkes 

Law Enforcement: 

Lori Lynn Balentine 
Fred Adrian Balkin 
Suzanne Beth Black 
John Douglas Burmeister 
Richard Francis Butler 
Brett Chapman 
Eric John Christeson 
Theresa V. Czarski 
Kent Edwin Davenport 
Norajean Marie Fallon 
Brian Evan Fazenbaker 
Kathleen Joanne Foy 
David Alan Gagnon 
Neal Frederic Gasser 
Georgine Noel Georgine 
Mary Leigh Grattan 
Raymond Lewis Hanson 
Gregory Pernell Harrell 
William Linwood Hoyle 
Shirley Dianne Jefferson 
Charles Joseph Kahn 
James Edward King 
Howard Richard Klugman 
Kenneth James Lippert 
David Payson Lunden 
Charles George Mahone 
Keith William Mclninch 
Luther Brian Morris 
Robert Peter Mueck 
Harold Zanvil Murveit 
George John Nicopoulos 
Christi llene Pergament 
Roland Gene Perry 
Richard Vernon Reichard 
Scott Randolph Rice 
Christine Lynn Schanne 
Michael Peter Sievert 
Mark Angus Smith 
Patricia Louise Steiner 
Thomas William Stotz 
Kevin James Sullivan 
Catherine Marie Varney 
Anna Lydia Villanueva 
Kimberly Juanita Wallace 
Douglas Arthur White 
Bruce Allen Wilson 
Martin Justin Zane 


Francine Laura Applewhite 
Lisa Christine Barrett 
Denise Ann Bell 
Kelli Jeri Binder 
Eric Jay Blitz 
Kenneth Christopher 

"Joanie Diane Bradford 
Linda Gail Brenner 
David Emory Brown 

tJennifer Marie Brust 
Tracy Elizabeth Burke 
Madhumita Chattopadhya 

§Andrew Henry Cinoman 
Marjorie Anne Clark 
Victoria Anne Contreras 
Sinclair Scott Cooper 
Cathy Rae Copenhaver 
Maria Loreto Daza 
Jerome Douglas Dillard 

"Christopher Thomas Duggan 
Dawn Maureen Evers 
Pamela Clark Farrington 
Edward James Fineran 
Neil P. Fishier 
Linda Germaine Friedman 
Christopher John Gerbasi 
Jodi Robin Click 

"Felicia Rebeca Gonzalez 
Susan Beth Harris 
KayeAnne Jocelyn Henry 
Stephen Mark Jenner 
Marrell Garland Johnson 
Padmini Joshi 
Eileen Elizabeth Judge 
Marvin Johnson Justice 
Karen Denise Kane 
Albert Jack Kassis 
Jean Marie Kelly 
Susan Kay Kershner 

"Merry Frances King 
John Stephen Laferty 
Rachel Renee Lane 
Susan Elaine Lehman 
Lynne Anne Leiss 
Karen Sue Ludwig 
James Russell Mahalik 
Stephen Joseph McCarthy 
Garet Jon Moravec 


§ Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; "Cum Laude 

Holly Beth Nyland 
Stephen Charles Offutt 
(2nd Major: Law 
Susan Lynne Packel 
Graciela Palau 
Jon Charles Pavlovsky 
Brian Douglas Polkinghorn 
Laurie Ann Portin 
Robyn Beth Pressman 
Belinda Medrano Raguindin 
David Matthew Rea 
Janet Ruth Robin 

+ Kathryn Lynn Ross 
Bari Jill Ruben 

+ Lynne Marie Schaefer 
Jennifer Estella Schultz 
Karen Rulyn Shellenberger 
Mary Colleen Sheridan 

•Sheri Michelle Siegel 

'Jacquelyn Tai Smith 

tLori Ann Stalbaum 
Cheryl Athene Steele 
Shirley Marinda Steele 
Jeffrey Dale Stoner 
Valerie Ellen Stuart 
Cherry Lynn Tarbox 
Judy Elizabeth Taylor 
Latanya Felicia Thomas 
Derrick Drexal Thompson 
Julie Sue Torgeson 
William David Trosky 
Steven D. Versteeg 
Lisa Marie Wallace 
Kathleen Ann Warren 

§Lisa F. Weinstein 

•Laura Joann Wells 
Robert David Werth 
Bernita Alicia Williams 
Kimberly Ann Wise 
Diane Marie Woodring 
(2ncl Major: Individual 
Tonya Yvonne Young 

tSondra B. Zaifert 

'Diane Carol Zeitlin 
Lisa Hayden Zemon 


Carola Mariana Alvarez 
Linda Anne Bauer 
(2nd Major: Criminology) 

•Elizabeth McGrain Bryner 
Helen Christine Burch 
Lisa Gale Feinstein 
Saundra Yvonne Ferguson 
Robin Lyn Flavelle 
Barbara Ann Gill 
Mark Robert Gilmor 
Terri Louise Goodnow 
Thomas Eugene Haina 
Sheila Charmane Hawkins 
Nathan Lane Hibler 
Eunice L. Jayson 
Susan Elizabeth Keefer 

•Patricia Brennan Kennedy 
John William Lewis 

•Jane Michelle Lowenthal 
Laura Aileen McKenzie 
Thomas Leslie McLaughlin 

•Scott Andrew Nelson 

(2nd Major: Government 
and Politics). 
Vincent Matthew Robleto 
Hope Pamela Sanker 
Mary Ellen Scalley 
Rixie L. Scott 
Toni Graves Vasquez 
Bruce Mitchell Woodhams 
Robert Gerald Young 

Urban Studies: 

Charles Victor Bell 
Ed Bernard Davis 
Thomas Bernard Dwyer 
Thomas Joseph Dwyer. Jr. 
Louise Gail Friedman 
Steven William Galanti 
David Nathaniel Hunter 
Eleni Maria Kalivrentenos 
Francis Bernard Mackrell 
Tammie Lynn Morrison 
tDoris Jean Nichols 
Jeffrey Sarkisian 
Leila F. Snider 
Glenton Daniel Taylor 
Katrina Louise Tucker 

Bachelor of Science 


William Paul Dassing 
Suzanne Patricia Frain 
Ernie Lee Green 
Catherine Jill Hoover 
Josephine Sauchung Hung 
Paul Herbert Kurfman 
Cary Brian Lichtman 
Duncan William McHale 
Thomas E. Simpson 
Mary Colleen Smith 
John Russell Thibodeau 
Vinton Joseph Valentine 
Martin Jeffrey Vitiello 


'Gina Kay Alderson 

Lisa Marie Amoruso 

Jennifer Kelly Bennett 

Dara Jane Brice 

John David Burkett 

Samuel Stephen Carr 

John Louis Cerra 

Lisa Dominique Desvigne 

Bambi Lynn Frost 

Rachel Carrie Ginther 

Lisa Jamie Goetz 

Susan M. Griffin 

David Haim 

Steven Mark Herman 

Pamela Annetta Hipsley 
tSamuel Louis Israel 

Ramona Junita Johnson 
tAllen William Kleinberg 

Robert Michael Kline 

Beverly J. Kolb 

Nicholas Ladany 

Jonathan Z. May 

Simin Mehrabanzad 
•Thomas Kevin Murphy 

Arti Nigam 

Deborah Anita Richardson 

Suzanne H. Salzberg 

Fereshteh Salimian 
§Anna Martine Sancho 

Frank Michael William 
•Cynthia Marie Staehle 

tDiane Michelle Steele 
Steven Richard Sugarman 
Shari Lynn Wachlel 

•Mark David Worthen 

§ Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 



College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education: 

Robyn Charla Henley 

English Education: 

Kent Randall Forsberg 
tGerald Clark Martin 
Georgia T. Prosgoliti 
Tanya Malita Scott 

Foreign Language Education: 

Rosalind Diana Mary 

Laura Cristina Garcia 
tMonique Yvonne Yenny 

Library Science Education: 

Mary Frances Semeniuk 

Social Studies Education: 

Peter George Crooks 
Irene Marie Haas 
Sean Patrick Redmond 

Speech Education: 

Shelley Anne Finkelstein 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education: 

Laurie Ann Heflin 
Robert Lemuel Hobba, Jr. 

Early Childhood Education: 

Teresa Ruth Blake-Hedges 
Mary Beth Condolon 
Anne Kenny D'Albora 
Beverly Rita Darvin 
Linda Jane Douglas 
Brenda Elizabeth Everhart 
Maureen Monica Flanagan 
*G. Sandra Goldschmidts 

Kristine Elizabeth Hanan 
Susan Carol Johns 
Mancy Jean Jones 
Patricia Anne King 
Ellen Jo Maurer 
tSusan Forney McAleer 
Erin D. Morgan 
Margaret Elsa Rindal 
Lisa Mieko Selkirk 
Donna Sue Shapiro 
Elizabeth S. Ward 
Sharon Lynn Watzman 
Jacqueline Marie Williams 
Karen Marie Witczak 

Elementary Education: 

Ruth R. Ascher 

Bambi Lynn Atkins 

Ellen A. Brand 

Kelly Anne Bubel 
fLinda Jean Chaput 

Laura Ann Colton 

Julie Lynn Condor 
*Jill Lynn Cooke 

Angela Ellen Coppersmith 

Cheryl Lynn Culler 

Robyn Ellen Hirschhorn 

Susan Renee King 

Susan Eileen Koricki 

Beth Susan Kurtzman 
*Susan Marie Ludwig 

Elimery C. Maiyi 

Robert K. Matters 

Susan Elizabeth Meukam 

Jody Ann Pendelidis 

Karen Sue Rosenblatt 
tTeresa Ann Schweich 

Linda Diane Sperry 

Suzanne M. Vanderwagen 

Home Economics Education: 

Stephanie Mohr Eicher 
Donna Lee Garofalo 
Janice Gembusia 
Loretta Marie Prosper! 
§Kathy Ann Safley 
Deborah Lynn Stradley 
Petronella A. Woodcock 

Industrial Arts Education: 

Gordon Earle Crump 

Industrial Technology 

Michael Stephen Bullinger 
Anthony Ellis Fox 
Charles Talbot Gladstone III 
Steven Chieu Lam 
Walter Vincent Maloney III 
Jennifer Lynn Manzke 
Warren Rymer Matthews 
Robert Michael Megiel 
Michael S. Monroe 
Richard J. Nazay, Jr. 
Michael Brian Nolan 
Joseph Olencz 
Clark Voorhees Peters 
Jeffrey L. Rodenberger 
Robert J. Snyder 
Daniel Lynn Souders 

Mathematics Education: 

Jean Marie Madden 
Douglas Norman Morgan 
Jean Fields Smith 

Music Education: 

Carol Beth Hurley 
Anne Renae Schwalbach 
Betsy Ann Taubenblatt 

Science Education: 

Robin Gordon Burns 
Stephen Vincent Chiusano 
Marc Mitchell Cohen 
Kenneth Scott Emerick 
Martin Frederick Hager 
Geoffrey Mitchell Hannlgan 
Martha Scruggs Klein 
Brian David Kuhn 
Rohini Kitu Ohri 

Secretarial Education: 

Sabrina Irene Marschall 
Karen Elaine Schaefer 

Social Studies Education: 

Gerard Stephen Barry 
Elizabeth Ann Garner 
Mark Jude Sciota 
Victoria Anne Trapani 

Special Education: 

Mary Dianne Antonielli 

Katharine Ann Bernecker 
§Paula Jane Briscoe 
*Susan Betsy Bruckner 

Jean Ellen Burke 

Elizabeth Anne Fellenz 

Diane Gribben 

Marsha Swain Grim 
tPenny K. Gunn 

Regina Lynn Hall 
tBrenda Theresa Hussey 

Robin Michelle Long 

Michelle Kathleen Mahon 

Karen Jane Marcus 

Patricia Grace Pereira 

Patrice Ann Rhodes 
fAnn Marie Richardson 

Tammy Paige Rogers 

Karen Sue Shaver 

Kathleen Margaret Sheehan 

LaDonnyas Vaughnsara Sims 

Julie Lynne Smith 

Carita Ann Spinelli 

College of Human 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design: 

Diane Sue Beecher 
Maureen Frances Berg 
Karia Jan Bowers 
Deborah Jeanne Clark 
Andrea Maud Davis 
Andrew Patrick Dolan 
Roberta Ann Duncan 
Florencio Floyd Fontanilla 
Margit Cynthia Hotchkiss 
Thomas A. Jenkins 
Tracy Mary Keaton 
Sherri Kay Knott 
Jill E. Lanphear 
Patricia Marie Layton 
Robin Debra Levy 
Jacqueline Marie MacMiilan 
Mary Elizabeth Manning 


§ Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Robert Allen Monko 
Robin Ann Morris 
Celeste A. Priore 
William Ernest Rhodes 
Donna Jean Schaefer 
Ramona Lynne Scott 
Maria Lucia Tomaszicki 
Manuel S. Torres 
Mary Jane Whyte 

•Beth Ann Yanchus 

•Jeanne M. Yetman 
Sung Joo Yi 

Apparel Design: 

Yon J. Choi 
Linda Lee Ett 
Gaines Leigh Finley 
Kirsten Griffin 
Shannon Kyle Kelley 
Deborah Carol Koch 
Carolyn Bennett Reeves 
Colleen Mary Sinclair 
Suzanne Lisa Wolter 

Community nutrition: 
Elizabeth Kay Chaney 
Sara Ann Cooke 
Pamela Sue Robbins 
Timothy Andrew Uber 

Community Studies: 

Elizabeth Kapstein 
Valerie Rose Raofi 
Ann Marie Trapani 

Consumer Economics: 
Cynthia Hug Marino 


Firuzeh Arsanjani 
Sue Ann Crawley 
Joseph Salvatore Crisafi 
Allison Debra Friedman 
Mary Catherine Kalscheur 
Beth Ann Wagner 

Family Studies: 
Deborah Lynn Anderson 
Sherrie llyse Braude 
Catherine Jean Chestone 
Mancy Feferman 
Marilyn Nozik Hein 

§ Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

•Deborah Ruth Keisman 
Alice Jane Khalil 
Victoria Simmons Mahaley 
Roland Edward Nairn III 
Doris Jo Osborne 
Catherine Jean ISordberg 
Angela Lynn Oxendine 
Edith Perils 
Judith Podrog 
Deborah Susan Ralner 
Connie Lasheil Roberts 
Karen Lynn Robertson 
Mindy Lisa Ruderman 
Rene Sandler 
Lynn Ann Schneider 
Rena Beth Schwartz 
Maria Elena Silva 
Stacey Teitel 
Michele Lauren Wilk 


Vincent Paul Birmingham 

Institution Administration: 

Freenan Renee Johnson 

Mark Fredrick Kiser 
Patrick Kelly Powers 
Leslie Diane Shell 

Interior Design: 

Lisa Ann Bateman 
Neil Campbell 
Karen Marie Chamberlain 
Sandra Marie Frattali 
Cindy A. Kerr 
MaryMargaret McDonough 
Stephen Phinney Miller 
Pedro Paulo Pinto Nunez 
Caroline Mary O'Neill 
Deborah Fuller Pittman 
Darlene Rebechi Rosen 
Cynthia Anne Savell 
Geraldine Wilson Stewart 
Lynn Carol Vargas 
§Lynda Anne Williamson 
Richard David Zeper 

Management and Consumer 

+ 1. Karen Fiersl 

Adrienne DeAnne Jenkins 

Michael William Kaszynski 
§Patricia Karen Nelson 

Ellen Leigh Richardson 

Amy Beth Shulman 

Nutrition Research: 

Jacqueline Cadena 
Julie Jae Jenkins 
Elizabeth Diane Teague 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Dana Ellen Becker 
Caryl! Bevilacqua 
Marjorie Darlene Bonnett 
Mary Beth Bowen 
Elizabeth Durham Cain 
Catherine Lynn Crista! 
Stephnie Marie Der 
Juliana W. Eicher 
Sylvia A. Enriquez 
Katharine A. Fitzgerald 
Dolores Patricia Fleck 
Linda Mary Hunt 
Allison Leslie Kahler 
Stacy Ellen Katz 
Debra Sue Kushnick 
Lynn Ann Lamont 
Tracey Robin Lampert 
Elizabeth Marie Lester 
Rena Anne Levine 
Dorothy Arlene Lovett 
Colleen Mary McKinney 
Randi Anne Melnick 
Kelly Ann Nixon 
Robin llene Parks 
Denise Elizabeth Patterson 
Deborah Louise Richardson 
Elizabeth Anne Sarzanini 
Annette Lynne Scriber 
Robin Anne Sheldon 
Karen Elizabeth Sweeney 
Wendy McLelland Tihila 
Jacqueline Vannart 
Andrea Rose Wahrhaftig 
Debra Kay White 
Tracey Lynne Williams 
Mary Ellen Zukas 

Textile Science: 

Joan Rotoloni 
Jeffrey Lee Weller 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Health Education: 

tNova D. Little 
§Sheree Ann Mullen 

Kinesiological Sciences: 

Leslie Anderson, Jr. 
Lori Anne Barnett 
Susan Johanna Bouman 
Lisa Borsodi Cahall 

§Glenn Evan Davison 
Shari Anne Druckman 
Scott Gadalia Duke 

§Margaret Anne Finley 
Bonnie Sharon Glassman 
Kerry Francis Groll 

§Craig Richard Herring 

§ Victoria Hutcheson 
John F. Koetz 
PerErling Kristoffersen 
Sean Seosamh ONeil 
Margaret Rose Poppert 

'Susan Nadine Servetnick 
Norma Leigh Sue 
Scott Vrabel 
Raymond Riley Ward 
Colleen Marie Wudkwych 

Physical Education: 

Christine Ann Bullock 
Theresa Regina Cranston 
David Joseph Crimmins 
Mark Patrick Dugan 
Tammy Lee Duncan 
Deborah Marie Jestes 
Sandra Sue Lines 
Denis McSweeney 
Jean Helen Nodine 
Paul Edward Triplett. Jr. 
tJames Robert Wenhold 



Sallie Jo Connell 
Christopher Thomas Duffy 
Robin Marlene Greenfield 
Karen Lynn Haselmann 
John Andrew Jaques 
Gayle Helene Mahaney 
Belinda Irene Pearman 
Julie A. Radtke Robbins 
Judith T. Rosen 


College of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Undesignated Major: 

Robert Thomas Broughman 
David R. Brown 
George Patrick Budock 
Thomas John Dougherty 
Nicholas John Faillace 
Brian John Goldsmith 
David William Murphy 
Joseph Paul Pestaner 
Mona Gabriella Smellowsky 

Urban Studies — Fire Science: 

Joseph Michael Lewis 

Bachelor of Science in 
Aerospace Engineering 

Paul Andrew Belella 
Daniel Matthew Bergbauer. Jr. 
Necmeddin Can 
James Edward Corbin 
Cathy Lynn Dankewiczf 
Charles Augustus Dieman, Jr. 
Peter H. Donath, Jr. 
Douglas Alan Ferg 
Michael Thomas Garrah 
Andrew Michael Hockman 
Mitchell Leighlan Horton 
Robert Wayne Jenkens. Jr. 
Phillip John Joycet 
Richard Edward Kavanaugh IV 
Michael William Kennedy 
William Baird Kerr 
Marilyn Faye Kirkpatrick 
George Albert Koebke 
Joseph Carl Leahy 
Mary Frances Menard 

Timothy David Miller 
Robert Jeremiah Mudd, Jr. 
Peter Quick Myce III f 
Gene Arthur Quandt 
Gregory Alan Reber 
Scott Salvesen 
Nikhil Madhu Shirodkar 
Robert Charles Smith 
Archana Surana 
John Robert Tegen 
Tod Alan Weber 
James Walton Williams 
Perry Allen Woodenf 
Michael John Yablonski 
Peter Yasuo Yasudaf 
Paul Coleman Zurkowskif 

Bachelor of Science in 
Agricultural Engineering 

John Earl Brinsfield 
Kevin Paul Caillouet 
Kerry Brian Rexroad 
Mark Ellyson Stransky 

Bachelor of Science in 
Chemical Engineering 

Zabri Zainal Abidin 

Karen Janelle Balint 
*David Craig Bardach 

Jose Ingco Bariring 

Barry Alan Bechtelf 
*Richard V. Bennett, Jr. 
§Gregory Jay Birky 

Beau Ernst Brinckerhoff 

Daniel Barry Burton, Jr. 

John Edward Carney 

Robert Kingsley Carpenter III 

Terri Jo Carroll 

Thomas Frederic Corey 

Gregory Scott Engle 
*John William Fasnacht 

Edward Francis Fitzgerald, Jr. 

Bowen Der Fong 

Carl Richard Fulper 

Kenneth L. Gillespie 

Cheryl Ann Ginyard 

Caroline Louise Harnerf 

*Brian David Hoover 
Alfred Theodore Johnson 
Michael Kevin Joiner 
Michael Soomin Lee 
Woo Y. Lee 

Lawrence Owen Liberman 
Theresa Ann Long 
Donald William Macfarlane 
Ngoclan Thi Mai 
David Llamuel Maitland 
Arnold William Martin III 
Mary Ellen Marx 
Elizabeth Loretto McGovern 
Timothy Michael McMahon 
James Edward Mingt 
Mohamed Athher llahi 

James WaiHeung INg 
Milagros P. Padron 
Michele Andree Panagos 
Catherine Quarles 
Colleen Annette Rathbun 
Melissa Renee Reader 
Carlos Alberto Restrepo 

§Laura Jean Sanborn 
Jerri Ellen Saunders 
Matthew Otto Savage 
Kevin Michael Selockf 
Tzannetis Aristides 

Steven Lee Siegmann 
Kevin Joseph Sikora 
David Leo Simon 
Albert Nelson Tardiff, Jr. 
Rajiv Tayal 

Terrence Lambert Titus 
Kevin William Tolson 
Steven Thad (Jehling 
Timothy Alan Verrelli 
Jeffrey Steven White 
Donald Ray Wilkinson, Jr. 
Steven Zebovitz 

t Under the Cooperative Engineering 
Education Program 


§ Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Bachelor of Science in 
Civil Engineering 

George Manley Albright III 
Adros Mohamad Appandi 
Joseph Kent Barbour* 
Charles Vincent Berry 
Joseph Anthony Bonanno 
Mark Dale Bremer 
Frank George Buell. Jr. 
Paul Edward Burkartt 
Jyh Haur Cheong 
Eileen Sari Cohen 
Kathleen Ann Covet 
Victoria Sophia Davis 
Keith Bryan Drewen 
Michael Ray Gandee 
Najib Octave Habesch 
Kamala Hoffman 
Gregory Joseph Jakubiak 
David Stanley Klockner 
Suhail Kalim Amal Kurban 
Ku Tak Lee 
Margaret Byars Martin 
Michael Joseph Mazurek 
Raniya Dee Moller 
Brian Jay Moore 
John Thomas Morris 
George Craig Moon 
Nilkanth Hasmukh Patel 
John Burton Redden. Jr. 
Jeannine Ann Rochford 
William Raymond Runser 
George Sazaklis 
David Eugene Scott 
Pongson Sookmark 
'Christopher N. Stark 
Brian Francis Sweeney 
Raymond Marshall Tracy. Jr. 
Michael Patrick Voipe 

Bachelor of Science 

in Electrical Engineering 

Duncan Lewis Adams III 
Mansur Aliakbar 
Rowland E. Anderson II 
Farzin Arsanjani 
Farhang Aryannejad 

Hubert Lee Atwater III 

Travin C. Bansal 

David Lawrence Bartolomei 

Samuel Calvin Bell 

Charles Lawrence Bernstein 

Douglas Mitchell Bishop 

Michael James Bitting 
•Jeffrey Alex Bittner 

Stephen Kenneth Bozman 

John Lacy Browning 

Richard Karl Buerger 
§Jeffrey Paul Calame 

Ramiro Calvo 

Thomas Killan Campbell^ 

Lawrence Carin 
*Armen Caroglanian 

Gregory Alan Chappelle 

Ken Sakhan Chhongvan 

Roger ChingYu Chin 

David W. Cho 

Man Bun Chu 

YunLieh Chuu 

Johnny Robert Clark. Jr. 

Hilaria Rosa Clemmonst 

Clinton Wayne Coghillt 

Alan Gregg Cordaro 

Peter McGregor 

Kurt Matthew Dangle 

Kenneth Michael Danneman, 

Minh Duy Dao 
•Joshua Farzad Dayanim 

Michael Vincent Di 
tPatrick Alexander Duba 

Craig Stephen Dyson 

Kevin Lewis Ellis 

Carol Lee Emrich 

James Work Engle 

Temel Erdogan 

James John Fakas 

Pauline Fan 

Joseph Thomas Fields 

Robert Craig Francisco 

Wilfredo Fuentes 

Robert John Gallagher 

Timothy Charles Gallagher 

John N. Georganas 

Jose Miguel Gonzalez 

Andrew Eugene Guy 
Kenneth Joseph Harringer 
Ted Earl Hopkinst 
Cecil Elbert Thomas Houser 
ChengShiou Huang 
Shing Kwan Hung 
Ronald Alexander Jeterf 
Charles Sullivan Jones 
Yong M. Kang 
Paul James Kasper 
Steven Scott Keefer 
Samuel Lawrence Kerr 
Kevin Donell Key 
Farzad Khorsandian 
Yong Dae Kim 
Angela Marie Klapp 
John Richard Kolasinski 

tCan Edip Korman 
Anatoly Krayterman 
Matthew Meil Kreft 
Amir Hossein Kupay 
Nicholas John Kuttner 
Paul Joseph Laskowski 
Michael John Laurine 
Ha Nhu Le 

§Chonghwan Lee 
Gregory Thomas Leihyt 
Aivars Janis Lelist 

tEddie Huey Chiun Lin 
Wendy Louise Lippincott 
John Murphy Lloyd 
King Sum Lo 
SzuChien Lu 
Michael Frank Lux 
Joseph Patrick Macker 

tRichard Eugene Maltagliati 

tAllen Stuart Mandir 
Vardkez Mardrossian 
Lori Diane Markward 
Mathen Mathews 
Jean Marie McCausland 
John De Witt McCord 
Thomas George McElhinney 
Lawrence Thomas McFadden 
Kathleen Anne McGarry 
Thomas P. McGrath. Jr. 
Kevin Francis McHugh 
John Robert Mcintosh. Jr. 
Gordon Paul Miller 

tKenyon Russell Miller 

Scott Thomas Miller 
Donald Glenn Millner 
Alberto Antonio Mirarchi 
Vance Michael Mitzner 
Wayne David Mooney 
Daniel Addison Mullinix 
Steven Robert Murrill* 
•Gam D. Nguyen 
Milton Nieves 
Randall Morgan O'Connor 
Howard Lee Owrutsky 
Joseph Linwood Patanellat 
Barbara Elena Pavon 
Georjean Rosenthal 

Scott R. Pettygrove 
Mohammadreza Poursavoji 
James Edward Proctor 
Giri Ramaswami 
Mohammad Mahbubur 

Leonard Anthony Ramroop 
Mohammad Ayman Moham- 
mad Rashad 
David Alan Roberts 
Ralph Eugene Roland 
Steven Robert Schaible 
Gifford D. Scott 
Armin Sepehri 
Gary Joseph Serrao* 
Mohamed A. Sherif 
Eyal Shochat 
Brian Paul Sievers* 
Kalpana Sinha 
John Patrick Smith 
Glenn Snyder 
Christopher Joseph Sparrt 
Bernhard Adolf Strate 
John David Sturtz 
Robert Michael Suet 
Craig Fulton Swanson 
tJulie Ann Boswell Tarr 
(2nd Major: Malhemalics) 
Jeremy Joseph Throwe 
Steven Tomaszewski 
Stephanie Rose Toms 
Minhthuy Binh Tran 

t Under ihc CooperalUv Engineenng 
Education Program 

§ Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Trung Dinh Tran 

Tuan Minh Tran 

Julian B. Tsai 

Ronald Pak-cheung Tsang 

Leon R. Turkevich 

Andrew Dat Vinh 

Donald Charles Wellmannf 

Steven Thomas West 

Katharine Lee Whitefield 

Anthony Joseph Wildgruber 

Rodney Owen Williamsf 

Edward Rhett 

Wojciechowski, Jr. 
*Maggie Yin Wong 
Thomas Kevin Woodford 
Walter Ching-Hua Yang 
Raymond Samuel Yep 
James KyongHon Yl 
Young Joo Yoo 
Bryan Joseph Yusiewicz 
Lisa Ann Zadjura 
Scott Edward Ziegler 

Bachelor of Science in Fire 
Protection Engineering 

Brian Anthony Bailey 
Daniel Michael Bridgett 
Craig Phillip Christenson 
Matthew Thomas Gustafson 
*Roland Jay Huggins 
Gregory Jakubowski 
Carl William Jarvis 
Peter A. Larrimer 
Dennis Sean McDermottf 
Robert Keith Montgomery 
Ross Steven Mowery 
Joseph L. havarra 
Alexander Richard Psaros 
Eric Robert Rosenbaum 
Randall James Shearman 
Michael David Starchville 

Bachelor of Science in 
Mechanical Engineering 

John Brian Almquistf 
Philip Montgomery Anderson 
Jeffrey Howe Andref 
David Louis Antonio 
James Lawrence Barrett 
Sharon Lisa Bauerf 
John Lawrence Bausch 
Phillip Charles Blazejak 
Eric John Boschertf 
Corey Harris Bowcutt 
Robert Anthony Burdick 
•Arthur Edward Burns II 
*Mark Thomas Butkiewicz 
Stephen James Castellano 
Henry Kai-Tong Chan 
Eric Russell Chasin 
Lawrence T. Ciba 
Gregory Paul Cincinnati 
Richard Raymond Cole 
Timothy John Cole 
Jane Augusta Cousinsf 
William Earnest Crider llf 
Sami M. Darwiche 
Mark Andrew Daubner 
Ramon Dominguez 
David James Dougherty 
Vincent D. Errigo 
Sally Anne Ferrett 
Craig Ennis Fierstein 
Ronald Karl Frahm, Jr. 
Anita Marie Frantz 
Mark H. Freeman 
Michael Allan Gould 
Robert Grande 
Douglas Rosenfeld Griffin 
James Kevan Guy 
Thomas Michael Hanrahan 
Jeffrey Larrel Harris 
Jose Alejandro Hermoza 

Stephen Dana Hogan 
Nader Homayouni 
Lewis Cheatham Hudson III 
Bradley Curtis Hyman 
Timothy Mason Johnson 
Charles Bruce Julian 
Michael Joseph Juras 

Kenneth Richard Katz 
Charles Joseph Kilmain 
Tae Youg Kim 
William E. Korzanf 
Karen Lee Ksiazek 

§Dominic Bernard Lambf 
Seth A. Landau 

§Christopher John LaVigna 
Howard Richard Layson 
James Patrick Loebach 
Edward John Longo 
William Woodrow Mahoney 
Thomas Oliver Martino 
Peter Anthony Mascone 
Carmen Francis Mattiello 
Michael Edward McCabe. Jr. 
Raymond Frank McGowan 
Michael McKeon 
Martin Carroll Meehanf 
Daryl Sunny Mileaf 
John Joseph Molite 
Daniel Eugene Mosesf 
Stephen Charles O'Connor 

§Michael David Osterman 
Yung Son Pak 
Brian Reynold Penn 

"William Bruce Pino 
Willis Clarence Proper, Jr. 
Antonio Fernando Ramis 
Chris Larson Rasmussen 
Dale Edward Robinson 
Michael F. Roche 
Steven J. Rosenstock 
John Wilford Runyeon, Jr.f 
Anthony Wayne Samphilipo 
Konstantinos Antoniou 

Karin Lynn Schabes 
John Francis Schultze 
David Michael Schwab 
Richard Brian Seidman 
Paul Herbert Skafte 
Michael John Sobczynski 
Thomas Joseph Solan 
Larry Phillip Stevenson 
Carl Michael Strozykf 

'Stephen Michael Summers 
Richard Scott Suttonf 

*Maurice Henry Tenney III 

Emre Teoman 
Mussai Tesfai 
Nicholas Mario Teti 
"David Paul Warshaw 
Joseph William Whitef 
Bruce David Will 
Michael Dana Wilsonf 
Hoon Sup Yoon 
John Alfred Zumbado. Jr. 

t Under the Cooperative Engineering 
Education Program 


§ Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Division of 


and Physical Sciences 

and Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 


Mark Joseph Abbott 
(2nd Major: Physics) 
+John David Cermak 

Rodolphe Charles de Seife 

Computer Science: 

'Benjamin Akman 

Christopher Paul Anderson 

Deborah Jean Bassham 

Juliet Ben Ezra 

James Joseph Brennan 

Mollie Anne Brannon 

Diana Marie Bussing 

Charles John Butler 

Rodney Eugene Butler. Jr. 
tJohn Raymond Callahan 

Su-Fun Chen 

Kathleen Chow 

Mary Chow 

Tsung C. Chu 
•Jeffrey Scott Cohen 

John H. Colella 
§Jyl Susan Danaceau 

Suzanne Laurene DeLong 

Dougal Stuart Fawkes 

George Michael Dudley 

Dawn Irene Duffy 

Scott Quentin Dukes 

Michelle Antoinette Ellington 

Benjamin Kwok-Keung Eng 

David Bernard Fabiszak 

Dah Fang 

Timothy Michael Fauber 

Ronen Feldman 

Eric M. Fendler 

Rose Mary Fields 

Mancy Jessica Figman 

Jay Mark Friedlander 

Christopher John Garman 

Raymond Dennis Gibbs 

Frederick David Gravagna 

James Wesley Gray III 

Scot Mitchell Greber 

Steven Craig Grimaldi 

Jean Marie Grimes 

(2ncl Major: Mathematics) 

Patricia Tourinho de Queiroz 

Christine Michelle Hahn 
•Hilary June Hassler 

David Warren Heller 

Laurence Alan Herman 
tCheryl Helene Hinson 

Jacqueline Ann Hoglund 

Cynthia Huang 

Sharon Y. Hum 

Youngnam Marie Hyun 

Angelina Joan Isaac 

J. Stephen Jacobs 

Ellery Karl Johnson. Jr. 

David Lawrence Jones 

John Michael Kalimon 

Vivian Karajan 

Timothy Joseph Keane 

Belay Keflemariam 

Mary Lynn Kelly 
§Daniel Kerpelman 

Fariba Khonsari 

Albert Y. Kim 

Nelly T. Kim 

Fang-Cheng Kuan 

Jeffrey David Kuhn 

Budikarjono Kusnadi 

William Jacob LaMarsh II 

Mary Susan Lane 

O. Dale Lautenschleger. Jr. 

Peter Shing Lee 

Yui Wal Lee 

Jack Edward Levengard 
•Lori Frances Levine 

Steven Lane Levine 

Martin Van Buren Liedy II 
§Poh Heng Lim (2nd Major: 

Diane Ellen Lindwarm 

Stewart Charles 
MacDougall II 

Gregory James Mallon 
tMichael Lawrence Mayo 

Duncan William McHale 

Simon Mehrabanzad 
Farnaz Memarsadeghi 
Stephen Patrick Michaels 
Robert Alan Morgenthaler 
Paul Levi Moskowitz 
Chad Alan Mullinix 
Htay rSaing 
Tracy Warren Nedd 
Dien Linh Trong Mguyen 
Susan Duane Noble 
Linda Noone 
Deborah Eileen O'Dwyer 
Jon Lee Pals 
David Thomas Panzer 
tLenard Bruce Pedowitz 
tAmy Teresa Percuoco 
tJane Katherine Potts 
David Lyie Rehbehn 
Lori Beth Richardson 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Paul John Roberts 
John Oren Rutemiller 
Anne Salemme 
Mayer Stephen Schofer 
Karuna Kumari Sharma 
Richard Paul Shearer. Jr. 
Richard James Sherman 
Insook Koh Shin 
Linda Denise Shipley 
Amos Ernest Shriver. Jr. 
John J. Sivulich 
Darrell Lyn Smith 
James Michael Sprague 
Gregory Howard Stark 
Joseph Szrom 
tShaoLin Teng 
Scott Allen Thigpen 
David Andrew Thomas 
Mark Allen Thomas 
Julie Ann Tipton 
Anh Tu Tran 
§Andrew Walter Trice 
Ronald Pak Cheung Tsang 
Abby Hsiumin Tseng 
Mari (Jeno 

Jacqueline A. Vaillant 
Neal Robert Vanderlipp 
Naresh Vig 

Arnold Matthew Voketaitis. 

Yeou-Wel Wang 

Steve Michael Weekes 
tLin Wei 

Robert Keith Whalen 
+ Carol Susan Whitney 

Emery Coles Wilkerson. Jr. 
§Andrew Robert Wilmot (2nd 
Major: Mathematics) 

James Wesley Winter 

Lai Xu 
tKiam Slew Yap (2nd Major: 

Monireh Yazdanyar 

Yung Ho Yi 

Emily Young 

George Gregory Young 

James Charles Zammit 


Donald Wellington Adams 

Susan Marie Amey 

Belinda Ann Batten 

Steven Michael Brockett 

Jeff Sandor Buzas 
+ Elise Ellen Cawley 
tVera Hingfung Cheng 
•Christine Vadonia Cox (2nd 
Major: Computer Science) 

Jacqueline Elaine Cradlin 

Mark Kelly Davis 
•Karen Marie DeHaven 

Sheila Marie Diggs 

Lisa Ann Dixon 
t Jeffrey John Dodd 

Jennifer Lee Earp 

Toby Susan Frank 

Paul Edward Goliwas 

Glenn Scott Harman 

Leslie Sharon Kahn 

Phyllis Francine Keenan 

William Kenneke 

Joann Marie Kestner 

Patricia Marie Keville 

Joanne Margaret Kostka 
§Chonghwan Lee 

Craig Martin Lewis 

Patrick Shields McGlade 

Elbert Delano Porter 

Julie Frances Ridinger 

Mohamed A. Sherif 

§ Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laude 


Brian Francis Smith 
Charles Walter Thomas, Jr. 
James Francis Troendle 
Kyung Ja Yang 

Physical Sciences: 

Thomas Christopher Abell 
Mark David Brusberg 
Scott Carroll Dennstaedt 
John Charles Gaughan, Jr. 
Andrea Lynn Johnson 
David Lester Kobe 
Jeffrey James Lucente 
Michael Allen Miller 
Elaine Marjorie Nelson 
Roy James Rayne 
William Blair Thurmond. Jr. 
Darlene Jean Tremper 


John Harry Bosco 
tElise Ellen Cawley 
James Rosario Cevenini 
Steven Charles Collins (2nd 

Major: Astronomy) 
*Joshua Farzad Dayanum 
William Jerome Green 
*Martin Guy Hobson 
Stephen Michael Johnson 
Edward John Micka. Jr. 
Matthew Neil Peitersen (2nd 

Major: Aslonomy) 
Matthew Christopher Rainey 
Gifford D. Scott 
Robert Wayne Springer 
Mark Stuart Vandersluis (2nd 

Major: Maihemalics) 


Bachelor of General 

Robert Phillip Aiken 
Donald Clark Alcorn 
Deborah Tracy Allen 
Levon Richard Andonian 
Monica Rae Apple 
Wende Jill Attman 
Gregg Laurance Avedon 
Joseph C. Barbaretta 
Jacqueline Lanier Bean 
Elizabeth Paige-Brown Bell 
Glenn David Bessen 
Patricia Anne Bevan 
Tanya McShell Beverly 
Carol Lynn Blyth 
William Thomas Bolst 
Susan Holli Boren 
Randi Sue Brecher 
Brenda Jane Brey 
Rayburn Thomas Brown 
Wendy Anne Brown 
Eve Nell Burton 
Anne Allewelt Buyer 
James Francis Byrnes 
Andrew James Carafelli 
Sharon Anne Carroll 
Waiter Joseph Cartier 
James David Clampitt 
Bradley S. Colquitt 
Kenneth George Compell 
William Glynn Connolly, Jr. 
Brian Jude Conroy 
Carol Ann Corrigan 
Jacqueline Ann Coufal 
Judith Leslie Crawford 
Cindy Beth Cutler 
Mary Theresa D'Angona 
John James Davantzis 
Jennifer Diane Davis 
Scott Miller Dellinger 
Michael Brian Denhard 
Neil Diamond 
Kerry Anne Dinker 
Eileen Suzanne Dobrin 

Mark Joseph Donahue 
Jeffrey Michael Doris 
David Dreyer 
Adrienne Vernette Dunn 
Kendall Wayne Echols 
Alice Einbinder 
Kristin M. Engwall 
Monica Bernardita Esteva 
Mark Steven Ewart 
Deborah Joy Fellner 
Steven Michael Fenig 
Pamela Lisa Fenster 

*Maria Theresa Forienza 
Crystal A. Foy 
Sarah Franco 
Julie Sharon Freeman 

tJohn Nicholas Gallagher 
Susan Lee Gardinor 
Lois Jean Gareis 
Gary Michael Gately 

§Tracy Anne Gatewood 
Robert Darwin Glick 
Edwin Farrell Gregory 
James D. Gross 
Lori Beth Grossman 
Robert E. Gunderman, Jr. 
Joel Gilbert Hagberg 
Chiquita Regina Haldeman 
Phillip Alexander Hashim 
Darren Wayne Heavner 
Beth Marie Hensley 
Lisa Beth Hill 
Hugh John Harold Hughes 
Jacqueline Denise Isom 
Jeanne Elizabeth Jaklitsch 
F. Barrett James 
Jean Frances Kline 
Lawrence D. Kostelac 
Susan Jill Kovnat 
David Emmett Kriner 
Kevin Scott Krissoff 

*Allison McSurely Kuttner 
Michelle Georgia Lambros 
Rachel Lynn Lazarowitz 
Carolyn Susan Lehrfeld 
Janet Marie Levesque 
Deborah Louise Lewis 
Elizabeth J. Lindsey 
Patricia Marcario 

*Leslie Kent Marcks 

Karen Lynn Markowitz 

Haiva Leigh Marks 
*Michele Frisby Martin 

Stacy E. McCabe 

Ann Judith McCoskrie 

Marianne McGehrin 

Beryl Milforda Merchant-Dest 

Craig Russell Miller 

Martha Morningstar 

Robert William Morningstar 

Michael Edwin Napoliello, Jr. 

Sindy Ann Moskow 

Judith Robin Nelson 

Colleen Marie O'Leary 

Nancy B. Patterson 

Angeline K. Petrucci 

Anne Charise Pfirrmann 

Sandra Lynn Plackett 

Deborah Malka Piatt 

James Thomas Poirier 

Jay Francis Poland 

Mark Edward Poole 

Scott Alan Pransky 

Barbara Mayti Proger 

Sara Ruth Ramer 

Melanie Sue Ringer 

David Alan Rosenbaum 

Sherri Ann Rosenberg 

Andrew John Rosenman 

Suzanne Elizabeth Ruddock 

Kay Ruffino 
§Behzad Saketkhou 

Anita L. Schaefer 

Robert Alan Schneiderman 
tLaurie Margaret Carrie 

Karen Rose Schwarzschild 

Chivita Sen 

Judith Sernak 

Joseph Michael Shields 

Randall Mark Siegel 
tPatricia Anne Simmons 

Elizabeth Siskos 

Alicia Marie Smith 

Dana Lacresia Smith 

David Saunders Smith. Jr. 
§Loreli Smith 

Barbara Joan Speake 

Carol Amy Spector 

Janis Ruth Spero 


§ Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Miriam Cecelia Spiessbach 

Lois Elaine Sprague 

Andrew Michael Spoont 

Robert C. Starks 

Laura Carolyn Stearn 

Cheryl Ann Stueckler 

Robert Teitelbaum 

Robert Michael Thompson 

Robin Jean Toler 

John Anastasios Tousimis 

Brian Lee Tribble 

Kenneth Tucker 

Tracey Lee Van Dyke 

Mark Van Loon 

Parker Puree!! Waggaman 
'Elizabeth Jeanne Waldman 

John Thomas Walsh 

Glenn Andrew Wasik 
§Jo Ann West 

Darryl Eugene White 

Jeanene Marie Winkler 

Todd Steven Yuffee 

Paul Francis Zanger 

Saba Zegeye 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies: 
Deborah Lynn Davis 
Julia Marie Garvey 
Alaine Susan Kessler 
Ann Werling Kohlmeier 

tDaniel Adam Kracov 
Gwynne Spring Leonard 

•Arti Migam 
Amy Adams Tepel 
William Gary Triplett 

•Margaret Angelyn Wilson 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies: 

W. Gregory Bell 

Nathan Berger 

Jeffrey Cripps Morgan 
tChristina Marie Peters 
+ Karen Donnell Schmelzer 


Lisa Anne Couturier 
Robin Lyn Flavelle 
Rachel Carrie Ginther 
Felicia Rebeca Gonzalez 
ChengShiou Huang 
Lisa Michelle Kenton 
C. Dawnelle Loiselle 
Marissa Wendy Loring 
Christine Louise Ross 
Sarah Jane Showard 
Laura Joann Wells 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Paul Damon Ackerman 
Joseph C. Barbaretta 
John Lawrence Bausch 
Mark Steven Ewart 
Brian Evan Fazenbaker 
Elizabeth Gleisberg' 
Andrew Michael Hockman 
Michael William Kennedy 
David Emmett Kriner 
Timothy David Miller 
Robert William Morningstar 
Wayne Douglas Shaff 
William Roland Waggoner 
Douglas Arthur White 

'Graduated 1 2-2 1 -84 

§ Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 



Bachelors degree candidates 
who have qualified for 
scholarship honors upon 
graduation are designated by 
appropriate symbols adjacent 
to their names within the 
alphabetical listings of 
divisions, colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for 
consideration for such honors 
a candidate must meet the 
following general criteria: (1) 
have completed at least two 
years of work at The 
University of Maryland (60 
semester hours. 30 of which 
were at College Park) and (2) 
have a scholastic average of B 
(grade point average of 3.000) 
or higher in (Jniversity of 
Maryland work prior to the 
last semester of registration 
before award of degree. 

May 1985 candidates who 
have met these criteria are 
shown in the listings as 
qualifying, upon graduation, 
for the designations summa 
cum laude (if they ranked in 
the top two percent of the 
candidates in their respective 
divisions, colleges or schools), 
magna cum laude (if in the 
next three percent), or cum 
laude (if in the next five 
percent), based on the grade 
point averages of students in 
the preceding three 
graduating classes of their 
degree-granting unit. 

General Honors Program 

With General Honors 

Arjun Sudesh Chanmugam 
Kristin Elizabeth Leopold** 
Kenneth Edward Moore 
Elizabeth Anne Ragan 
Jack Kevin Sharp 
Nathan S. Tash 
Laura Joann Wells 

* * Gradualed December 21.1 984 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Chemistry 
Christian Charles Titlow 

With High Honors in 

Kenneth Ira Platto 

With High Honors in English 
Barbara Anne Frye 
Glenn Walker Moomau 
Patricia TschirhartSpangler 
John McAllister (Jlrich 

With High Honors in 

Elise Ellen Cawley 

With High Honors in Music 
Suzanne Ruth Lechtman 

With High Honors in Zoology 
David Michael Friedland 

With Honors in Criminology 
David Payson Lunden 

With Honors in Economics 
Kurt Manfred Carter 
Christian Frederiksen 
Monika Klara Husch 
Joseph Steven Pomykala 
Margaret Mary Reid 

With Honors in English 

Clara Antoinette Bozievich 
William Matthew Bridges 
Katherine Tupper Hay 
Colleen OToole 

With Honors in Engineering 
David Craig Bardach 
Chonghwan Lee 
Kenyon Russell Miller 
Julie Ann Boswell Tarr 

With Honors in Government 
and Politics 

Douglas Edward Ramage 

With Honors in History 
Richard Ira Himelfarb 

With Honors in Philosophy 
Kevin Christopher Golden 

With Honors in Physics 
James Rosario CeveninI 

With Honors in Psychology 
Steven Mark Herman 
Arti Nigam 

Cynthia Marie Staehle 
Diane Michelle Steele 

With Honors in Textiles and 
Consumer Economics 
Colleen Mary Sinclair 

With Honors in Zoology 
David Phillips Smack 



(Agricultural Engineering} 

Ross Beschner 
John E. Brinsfield. 

Vice President 
Thomas P. Cathcart 
Dilip Chandarana 
ShengSeng Chen 
Ahmad Ghazanfari 
Michael Goudreau 
Grace Ellen Kaiser. 

Michael Krones 
Patricia J. Lehtola. 

Joel M. Milano 
Mehran G. Mojarrad 
Brett L. Morris 
Diane C. Rusin. 

Quang Vo 

(Social Research for Service) 

Carola M. Alvarez 
Linda A. Bauer 
Robin Flavelle 
Barbara Gill 
Gerri Good 
Terri Goodnow 
Tom Haina 
Susan Keefer 
Patricia Kennedy 
Jane M. Lowenthal 
Elizabeth McGrain 
Hope Sanker 
Rixie (Craddock) Scott 
Ellen Sheets 

(Law Enforcement and 

Decemtxr 1984 Graduates: 
Michelle Barnes 
Stephen W. Di Rito 
Connie Geehan 
Donald J. Hashagen. Jr. 
Debra J. Kaufman 

May 1985 Graduates 
Charles Anderson 
Kelly Crawford 
Theresa Czarski 
Tracey Gendersdorff 
William Hoyle 
David Lunden 
Stephanie Sulmer 
Janet Vaccaro 


David S. Anderson 
Evan C. Blonder 
Demoi S. Crawford 
DeMae Deen 
Martha E. Edwards 
Linda M. Falbo 
Judith A, Fielder 
Elizabeth Fries 
Michael L. Hepner 
C. Jay Horine 
K. Michael Kline 
Kathleen A. Lackey 
Karen A. Levy 
Steven T. Magoon 
Ann M. OShallie 
Hillary J. Poore 
Marsha R. Reich 
Robert B. Rendle 
Teresa V. Rice 
Marianna Romalis 
Andrianna Stuart 
Mark A. Stull 
Colson M. Taylor 
Lynn Whited 


August 1984 Graduate: 
Eileen Brophy 

May 1985 Graduates: 
Joni Balderson 
Donald J. Berlin 
Marcy Blum 
Elizabeth M. Burgan 
Charles G. Carr 
Dee A. Coplon 
Tracey B. Cornish 
Karin Craven 
Jill K. Daniels 
Kenneth A. Diehl 
Lisa Dolinka 
Karen Dudley 
Lisa M. Dunn 
Gary Dunning 
Lori Finkleberg 
Joseph A. Gelak 
Peggy Gerns 
John Ginsburg 
Kathleen Haislip 
Kerry Hall 
David Hands 
Diane M. Herling 
Peter Hollerbach 
Gregory F. Hughes 
Pete Jackson 
Meenu Kapai 
Anna M. Kaplan 
Jacqueline Katase 
Ingrid Lamb 
Jeffrey Levitt 
Mary P. Libbee 
Ramona L. McLaughlin 
Ann M. Moriarty 
Michael J. Mussog 
Sherrie Mave 
John P. Molan 
Deannae On 
Kristina Pappas 
Carlos J. Parraga 
Steve Pugliese 
Mary A. Ramirez 
Jeffrey W. Rasey 
Mary E. Richardson 

Robert Sadler 
Gregg A. Serene 
Ahmad E. Shamin 
Stacey L. Shapiro 
Barbara J. Simpson 
Susan J. Smith 
Stephen F. Solomon 
Suzanne L. Sparrow 
Thomas R. Tedrick 
David B. Torchinsky 
Elizabeth L. Trovinger 
Lori K. Zudock 

(Business Administration) 


August 1984 Graduate: 
Eileen Brophy 

December 1984 Graduates: 
Celeste Gervasio 
Daniel Gilliland 
Stacey R. Jones 

May 1985 Graduates: 
Denise A. Bell 
Charles G. Carr 
Denise D. Carthorn 
Paul A. Crisci 
Jill K. Daniels 
Kenneth A. Diehl 
Lisa G. Dolinka 
Raimonda Fontana 
Helene P. Fried 
Joseph A. Gelak 
Peggy J. Gerns 
John Ginsburg 
Helen P. Herron 
David E. Keating 
Lisa H. Lovinger 
Ann M. Moriarty 
John P. Molan 
Kristina Pappas 
Candice L. Perry 
Mary A. Ramirez 
Mary E. Richardson 
Michael R. Rudie 
Jeffrey A. Samek 


Barbara J. Simpson 
Kevin E. Smith 
Sheila D. Smith 
Suzanne L. Sparrow 
Marl< P. Steinhorn 
Carolyn E. Ticar 
Elizabeth L. Trovinger 
David L. White 
Morman R. White 

(Electrical Engineering) 

Fall 1 984 Electees: 
Matthew C. Beyard 
Jeffrey A. Bittner 
Jerome W. Bost 
Mona Brandt 
Lawrence Carin 
Yun-Lieh Chuu 
Michael P. Connor 
Robert S. Dengenford 
Mguyen H. Due 
Eric Greenberg 
Phu D. Hoang 
Richard W. Holden. Jr. 
Miyi Ko 

Douglas L. Kruse 
Chang T. Lee 
Edmund Lee 
Carol S. Lewis 
Eddie Lin 
King Lo 
Gregory Lyons 
Helaleh Maghsoudlou 
Kathleen A. McGarry 
Kevin F. McHugh 
Kenyon R. Miller 
Gerry Mon 
Amy P. Morrison 
Ralph Roland 
Michael J. Rubino 
Jeremy S. Schuhman 
Carol Sullivan 
Minh H. Thai 
Leon R. Turkevich 
Perry L. Vessels 
Michael Walder 
Mary S. Wong 
Wen-Ting Yu 

Fall 1984 Graduates: 
Robert Bamberger 
Michael S. Baracco 
David A. Blenkman 
Man-Tung M. Chu 
Carol J. England, 

Patricia C. Fennell, 

Richard P. Fischer 
Allan T. Hannagan 
Robert F. Higgins. Jr. 
Roch J. Kallmyer, 

Bridge Correspondent 
Sung S. Kang 
David M. Kehne 
Khoi M. Le 
Chang T. Lee 
Carol S. Lewis 
Tai C. Ma 
Anne Meixner 
Donald E. Merrifield 
Hai P. Mguyen 
Phuc V. Nguyen 
David L. Proctor 
Hala A. Rizk 
Michael J. Rubino 
Ronald D. Seibel 
Chanh H. Tran 
Luiz A. Vitoria 
Michael F. Walder 
Loryanne C. Witte 

Spring 1985 Electees: 
Dean W. Abrams 
Farzin Arsanjani 
John D. Bartusek 
Larry Carin 
Dennis K. Chang 
Chee S. Chia 
Dean P. Choulas 
Lee P. Colbert 
John W. Cole 
Gabriele Distler 
Deborah G. Dohmeier 
Myra L. Ensor 
Caroione A. Ferguson 
Frank P. Graves 
Jerome G. Heilbronner 
Scott A. Hilterbrick 

Phu D. Hoang 
Chris Link 
Canh Ly 

Jennifer A. McManis 
Deip T. rSgo 
Linda Mguyen 
Joseph L. Patanella 
Carolyn J. Rodgers 
Serafin P. Rodriguez 
Kerry W. Rye 
Carole A. Salter 
Florence Tan 
Peter S. Tanguy 
Debra L. Thurston 
Chi L. Tran 
Duyen N. Tran 
Moble L. Veirs 
Hao Q. Vu 

Spring 1985 Graduates: 
Farzin Arsanjani 
Jeffrey A. Bittner 
Richard K. Buerger 
Jeffrey P. Calame 
Lawrence Carin 
Armen Caroglanian 
Yun-Leih Chuu 
Alan G. Cordaro 
Joshua F. Dayanim 
Angela M. Klapp 
Matthew N. Kreft 
Amir H. Kupay 
Ha N. Le 
Eddie Lin 
King S. Lo 
Lori D. Markward 
Jean M. McCausland 
Kathleen A. McGarry 
Kevin F. McHugh 
Thomas R. McKnight 
Kenyon R. Miller 
Joseph L. Patanella 
Scott R. Pettygrove 
Ralph E. Roland 
Armin Sepehri 
Bernhard A. Strate 
Jeremy J. Throwe 
Ronald P-C Tsang 
Leon R. Turkevich. 
Recording Secretary 

(Financial Management 


December 1984 Graduates: 
Lori A. Donnelly 
Barbara P. Miller 
Cecelia A. Plante 

May 1985 Graduates: 
Paul A. Crisci 
Helene P. Fried 
Matthew H. Hartman 
David E. Keating 
Linda M. Kolb 
Polly J. Kou 
Michael R. Rudie 
Jeffrey A. Samek 
Kevin E. Smith 
Morman R. White 


August 1984 Graduate: 
William T. Costolo 

December 1984 Graduate: 
David M. Friedman 

May 1985 Graduates: 
Christine Lemyze 
Ana M. Valencia 

Faculty Member: 
William D. Bradford 

(Industrial Education) 

Dr. Kenneth Guy. President 
Henry B. Conway 
Harold D. Craven 
Paul R. Edmondson 
Robert George 
Kenneth E. Hall 
Gregory A. Jordan 
Pattie L. Lewis 
Robert T. McMonagle 
Louis Memerofsky 


Dorothy ODonnell 
Dannie Paige 
Derrick E. Porter 
George Price 
Shirish K. Shah 
Zane G. Williams 


Clndergraduates/ Graduating 
Seniors Fall and Spring 

Mary Arleen Ankeney 
Carol Clovis Barkdull 
Catherine C. Beckley 
Susan Gail Dambrauskas 
William A. DiGiorgio 
Kirsis Joanne Flores 
Eric Anthony Galasso 
Charles M. Goldberg 
Jones Allen Hayden 
Jacqueline Kelly Herbert 
Judith Anne Howard 
Roberta Carol Hoxie 
Rochelle Lynn Levy 

Masters Degree Graduate 
Students 1985: 
AAichael H. Brush 
Eleana Cornejo 
Rae Lynn Cupp 
Steven Earl Drake 
Peter H. Gabriel 
Dianne Richter Krieger 
Timothy J. McDonough 
Deidre Anne Nerreau 
Martha Jean Phan 
Susan K. Robinson 
Stephanie A. Shapiro 
Donna Marie Shoemaker 
Robin A. Smith 
Louise C. Spieler 
Laurie L. Gre 
Gaye D. Wagner 
Eric M. Yaillen 


May 1985 Graduates: 
Suzanne W. Davison 
Deborah L. Motley Hartman 
Michael Robinson 
Sheila D. Smith 


Michele Berman 

Leslie A. Harrington 

Stacy J. Potashnick 

Majed C. Sifri 

Dipica B. Wikramanayake 

December 1984 Graduates: 
Gabriel A. Castillo 
Jean A. Clark 
Sergio J. Ostria 
Hsing M. Sha 

(national student/faculty 
society for outstanding 
leadership in scholarship: 
athletics: social, service, 
and religious activities: 
mass media: and the 
creative and performing 

Karen R. Allen 
Brian A. Balenson 
Deborah Barfield 
Michele H. Barone 
Keith B. Belton 
Burman A. Berger 
Nathan Berger 
Michele Berman 
Barbara Bishop 
Caryn M. Brenner 
Jennifer M. Brust 
Rebecca J. Buehler 
John W. Carlson 
R. Alison Crichton 
Paul A. Crisci 

Lisa D. Desvigne 
Margaret A. Finley 
Eric A. Galasso 
Annette S. Ginsberg 
Nicholas A. Giuditta III 
Leisa V. Green 
Matthew H. Hartman 
Katherine T. Hay 
Jones A. Hayden 
Jacqueline K. Herbert 
Steven M. Herman 
ChengShiou Huang 
Elizabeth Kerr 
Daniel A. Kracov 
Karen L. Ksiazek 
Ingred K. Lamb 
Stuart J. Levin 
Allen S. Mandir 
Karen J. Marcus 
Michael L. Mayo 
Howard J. Morris 
Janet C. O Neill 
Kristina Pappas 
Emilio Pardo 
Amy T. Percuoco 
Hillary J. Poore 
Marsha R. Reich 
Christine M. Reichart 
B. Benjamin Saketkhou 
Laurie Schoonhoven 
Alina M. Semo 
Jack K. Sharp 
Harry B. Siegel 
Barbara J. Simpson 
Carmen L. Somervllle 
Linda F. Spenst 
Mark P. Steinhorn 
John R. Tegen 
Maurice H. Tenney III 
Andrew W. Trice 
Violeta M. Vera 
Rebecca L. Wagner 
Robert M. Wengel 
James R. Wenhold 
Ronald J. Williams 
James L. Worley 
Colleen M. Wudkwych 

December. 1984 Graduates: 
Robert J. Bamberger 
Anne C. Bonthron 

Martin B. Goldberg 
Gregory E. Harraka 
Linda K. Hoff 
Carolyn C. McCulley 
Anne Meixner 
Amy S. Obregon 
Jean K. Spivey 
Robert R. Wunderlick 

Frederick T.L. Leong 
Carol A. Metzner 
David E. Morrison 

December 1984 Graduates: 
Anita D. Kelley 

(Gamma of Maryland) 

Elected as Juniors in 1 964: 

Michele Berman 

Christopher Thomas Boldman 

William Earl Boyer 

Mitchell Aaron Cahan 

Melissa Ann Dull 

Emily Foust 

Audrey Diane Geuder 

Alan Justin Hanson 

Monika Klara Husch 

Deirdre Anne McKenna 

Mark Patrick Moore 

Jenny Yamhah Moy 

Ellen Lori Pichney 

Valarie Ann Piper 

Elizabeth Anne Ragan 

Behzad Benjamin Saketkhou 

Loreli Smith 

John McAllister Ulrich 

Judith Ann Wolfe 

Seniors Elected in Spring 1 985: 
Rachel Beth Aaron 
Paul Damon Ackerman 
Catherine Claire Beckley 
Richard V. Bennett. Jr. 
Cynthia Lyn Betancourt 
Keith Thomas Bieberly 
Andrew David Bollman 
Elizabeth McGrain Bryner 
Nathaniel Carin 


Deborah Ann Carr 
Vera Hing-Fung Cheng 
Bruce Thomas Clarkson 
Joshua Farzad Dayanim 
Karen Marie DeHaven 
Christine Marie Drea 
James Lyie Dronenburg 
Martin Gerard Dudek 
David Brian Faerberg 
Deborah Ann Feldman 
Michael Ronald Fields 
David Michael Friedland 
Barbara Anne Frye 
Sandra Rivka Gamliel 
Felicia Rebecca Gonzalez 
Jeanette Griffin 
Mancy Kalthoff Gromen 
Karen Leigh Guerra 
Jones Allan Hayden 
Lorena Frances Hillman 
Richard Ira Himmelfarb 
Karen Renee Hoch 
Aileen Ritchie Hughes 
Tracy Marie Jacobs 
Maryanne Kathryn Janet 
Ramin Kamfar 
Labkhand Kaviani 
Daniel Adam Kracov 
Margarita Lampo 
C. Dawnelle Loiselle 
Kendall Anne Marcus 
Prudence Melanie Miller 
Leslie Diane Milovsky 
Kenneth Edward Moore 
Ajay Kumar Munjal 
Scott Andrew rSelson 
Eric Bruce fSicholson 
Candice Lane Perry 
Patricia Jacquelin Poussevin 
Douglas Edward Ramage 
Michael Ross Ratcliffe 
Beverly Ruth Reed 
Margaret Mary Raid 
Susan Marie Roka 
Nancy Lynn Roman 
Anna Martine Sancho 
David Samuel Scharff 
Karen Donnell Schmelzer 
Henry Schmidt III 
Alan Ira Schneider 

Alina Miriam Semo 
Hsing Min Sha 
Ronald Edward Simenauer 
Linda Felicia Spenst 
Cynthia Marie Staehle 
Lisa F. Weinstein 
David Glenn Weismiller 
David Andrew Wildermuth 
Ronald Jay Williams 
Midori Tanino Wilmoth 
Lori Lydia Yuan 
Terri Alyce ZaII 
Diane Carol Zeitlin 

(Freshman Honor Society 

Judi B. Abramson 
Raynah H. Adams IV 
Julie Adoff 
Lauren D. Adwar 
Jeffrey B. Amateau 
Toni M. Anthony 
Roberto F. Araujo 
Carmelita Argubie 
Steven M. Assaraf 
Maria G. Baigorria 
Stephen Balakirsky 
James E. Batt 
Steven A. Berkowitz 
Marcia Berman 
Nancy J. Best 
Ian C. Bird 
Alicia K. Birky 
Diane S. Bodner 
Lynne M. Bohse 
Renee E. Boiler 
Mary E. Bond 
Denise M. Bosworth 
Stephen D. Bott 
Helen M. Brown 
Michelle M. Buckingham 
Mark J. Buckley 
Due V. Bui 
Victor K. Burbank 
Wylie W. Burgess III 
Robert B. Burgio 
Patrick Campion 
David K. Carlson 

Aaron R. Caruso 
Leon R. Chan 
Jeannie Chen 
Sheri L. Chesler 
Marie A. Chi 
Philip W. Chu 
Jeffrey A. dayman 
Andrew F. Cohan 
Christine A. Connor 
Jeannine Conry 
Christopher M. Cooper 
Benjamin B. Cooperman 
Deborah A. Coplin 
Brian P. Costello 
Nancy G. Craig 
Lucy T. Crider 
Dale B. Culver 
Karen E. Cunningham 
Jill E. Dallaba 
Daniel Darmstadter 
Lisa Datta 

Roberto F. de Araujo 
DeNae A. Deen 
Rene F. De La Vega 
Maria P. DeRobertis 
Caroline S. Devlin 
Beth G. Diamond 
Ricardo H. L. Diaz 
Sherri A. Dick 
Bella Dill 

David J. Dovedytis 
Susan M. Drake 
Alvin J. Englert II 
Claire R. Fagen 
Boni M. Fair 
Audrey L. Feldbaum 
Craig A. Ferdock 
Linda B. Fink 
Steven L. Fischer 
Susan L. Fitzgerald 
John Flannery 
Paul R. Fleming 
Julie H. Forde 
Stephen W. Fouike 
Adam S. Fowler 
Mary K. A. Fowler 
Barbra A. Frazier 
Suzanne M. Fregly 
Robert F. Friedman 
Jeffrey A. Gagliardi 

Christine Qarabadian 
Richard Garapedian 
Ester Dubah Gershon 
Amy L. Giller 
Robert Clatter 
Todd Joseph Goldberg 
Karen E. Goldmeier 
Adam D. Goldstein 
Heeja Han 
Susan B. Hardiman 
John W. Havlicek 
Allen Herrmann 
Diane E. Herz 
Susan E. Hetrick 
Kimberly A. Hewitt 
Holly HangMieu Ho 
Kerry W. Hoover 
Mark Stewart Horn 
Donna L. Hoyert 
Kathryn M. Hudson 
Christopher S. Hunnisett 
Barbara A. Johnson 
Lisa A. Johnston 
Douglas L. Judy 
Po K. Jung 
Norman Kang 
Devedra Kapoor 
Terry I. Katz 
Leonard H. Kaufman 
Kathleen M. Kershaw 
Carol J. Khalil 
Aamir A. Khan 
Sanjay Khanduja 
Kira E. Kiladis 
Christine He R. Kim 
Edward A. King 
Felicia M. Kirk 
Kevin T. Kobylowski 
Harold D. Kotz 
Cheryl L. Kramer 
James Granger Kress 
Ellen B. Kretchmar 
Kristina A. Kreutzer 
Jeffrey N. Krohn 
Bon S. Ku 
Monica L. Kuhn 
Nicholas A. Labros 
Sherry Y. Lamons 
Michael R. Lang 
Nancy Leaderman 


Donna M. Lee 
Patricia Y. Lee 
Beth L. Lemberger 
Michael R. Lemley 
Andreas H. Leskovsek 
Andrea J. Lev 
Jami S. LIngle 
Claire R. Lobo 
Arden C. Lockwood 
Stacey J. Longanecker 
Mark E. Lovetl 
ChiHung Lu 
Daniel R. Luck 
Mancy A. Lustgarten 
Richard A. Luxenberg 
Kiet A. Ly 

Randall Allan Maddox 
Joseph T. Maher, Jr. 
Jyothi Malur 
Rachel L. Manning 
Erik J. Marghella 
Eric J. Mason 
Giulia T. Mazzanti 
Molly A. McDonald 
Stacey J. McEvoy 
Kathleen E. McGill 
Kelly A. McHargue 
Daniel K. Mears 
Terry D. Melvin 
Morris L. Meltzer 
Cora L. Mill 
Stephanie L. Miller 
Rosalynn J. Miltenberger 
Ralph H. Mitchel 
Glenn E. Moglen 
Frank Mirkow 
Heidi S. Mohr 
Bradley S. Moning 
Karen M. Moody 
Elaine A. Moore 
Adam J. Morell 
Paul F. Morris 
Carolyn C. Moseley 
Linda D. Moskov 
Terrye A. Mowatt 
Anne M. Moylan 
Pamela Lynette Mudd 
Mary C. Mussari 
Gregory M. Myers 
Thomas W. Mellon 

Kimberleigh A. Newman 
Brigitte N. Nguyen 
Khuemy T. Nguyen 
Joseph M. Niland. Jr. 
Elizabeth A. Nolan 
Colleen A. Nunzio 
Angela M. Ogburn 
Emilie Ong 
Janet M. Ozur 
Jamie C. Palma 
Carl Peletski 
Vilma lleana Perez 
Steven J. Pierce 
Nathalie Plotnikoff 
Jeffrey J. Plutchok 
Thomas J. Pohida 
Tracy L. Pollak 
Julia A. Pope 
Hope 5. Potashnick 
James D. Poulin 
James K. Poulton 
Timothy W. Powell 
Michael G. Posner 
Nancy R. Rappaport 
Gretchen M. Ratcliff 
Mary D. Rea 
Cynthia A. Reno 
Bambi H. Replane 
Jill L. Reynolds 
Kimberly E. Rice 
John J. Rogers 
Anna V. Rosenbaum 
Gregory E. Ross 
Debra F. Rotenberg 
Anna S. Rubin 
Stephanie D. Rubin 
Jonathan B. Rudie 
Sylvie A. Ryckebusch 
Eric A. Saathoff 
Robert A. Sanguily 
Daniel J. Schartman 
Michael J. Schmidt 
Amy Schrager 
Robin E. Schrager 
Douglas W. Schuhardt 
Lori R. Sclar 
Jane K. Selkirk 
Lisa Seltzer 
Laura L. Sentman 
Lisa A. Serra 

Richard A. Shegogue 

Karen D. Sheridan 

Effie Shillo 

David M. Shockley 

Suzanne D. Shoraka 

Rachel K. Simon 

Tyric T. Sims 

Lisa G. Sindler 

Natalie A. Small 

Martin W. P. Smith 

Michael S. Stark 

Lauren B. Stein 

Michael A. Stover 

John P. Stralka 

Joseph B. Strong 

Chrisanthi C. Subasinghe 

Harry M. Sugarman 

Margaret J. Susman 

Thu Trinh Thi Phan 

Akia M. Talbot 

B. Denise Taylor 

Nimfa C. C. Teneza 

Pamela R. Thomas 

Talbott P. Thompson 

Yen Ting 

Han That Ton 

Matthew E. Tormollen 

Stephanie A. Turco 

Jeffrey L. Unkle 

Jacqueline Y. van de Merwe 

John P. Valenti 

Johann M. Vento 

Dawn V. Voorhis 

Cynthia A. Vincenti 

Trung Vu 

Honey S. Wallerstein 

Marnie D. Wallerstein 

Cathleen F. Ward 

Alyse M. Warren 

Alexa A. Waytena 

Melinda M. Weant 

Joanne M. Weil 

David J. Weiler 

George S. Welton 

Joseph P. White II 

Laura E. Whitmore 

David C. Woll. Jr. 

Su-chia Wong 

Brian C. Wyant 

Craig D. Yokum 

Jeanne Young 
Laurella F. Zeender 
Lois A. Zitzow 
Juan C. Zuniga 

(National Honor Society) 


Fall 1984: 
Rachel Beth Aaron 
Joseph Jay Anderson 
Darrell Lewis Bachman 
Stephanie Jean Battles 
Michele Berman 
Keith Thomas Bieberly 
Gregory Jay Birky 
Michael Edward Bohse 
Martin Scott Bokow 
Andrew David Boliman 
Julie Beth Bord 
Lori Alison Bounds 
William Earl Boyer 
Patricia Marie Brennan 
Caryn Michelle Brenner 
Karen Leigh Brode 
Susan Betsy Bruckner 
Jennifer Marie Brust 
William Judson Bryan 
Charles Avrom Budman 
Rebecca Jan Buehler 
Margaret Ellen Burris 
Marcia Katherine Butklewicz 
Mark Thomas Butkiewicz 
Elisa Lynn Carbone 
Charles Gerard Carr 
Valerie Marie Carras 
Debbie Demaris Carthorn 
Vera Hing Cheng 
Bonnie Lee Chiles 
Mark Anthony Ciabaton 
Andrew Henry Cinoman 
Lane Leslie Cobb 
Jeffrey Scott Cohen 
Stephen Arthur Cohn 
Jennifer Ann Collins 
Kathleen Elizabeth Connaghan 
Christine Ella Connelly 
Jill Lyn Cooke 
Christine Vadonia Cox 


Paul Anthony Crisci 
William Critchfield 
Jill Karen Daniels 
Philip John David 
Bonnie Ann De Bold 
Karen Marie De Haven 
Cindy Renee Diamond 
Jeffrey John Dodd 
Lisa Gayle Dolinka 
Lori Anne Donnelly 
Martin Gerard Dudek 
Melissa Ann Dull 
Melissa Dawn Eddy 
Jong Myong Eun 
Simone Fajer 
Jane Anne Feigenbaum 
Ina Karen Fierst 
Margaret Anne Finley 
Barbara Anne Frye 
Mayer Nahman Fishman 
Kirsis Joanne Flores 
Donald Brian Forrer 
Douglas Michael Free 
Raphael Michael Garland 
Tracy Anne Gatewood 
Joseph Andrew Gelak 
Peggy Jeannette Gerns 
Audrey Diane Geuder 
Richard Brian Glass 
Martin Barry Goldberg 
Sandra Goldschmidts 
James Wesley Gray 
Hazel Margaret Greene 
Jeanette Griffin 
Brian John Grotenhuis 
Ann Theresa Hagan 
Rose Halpern 
James Clement Harkins 
Catherine Virginia Harsh 
Jones Allen Hayden 
Catherine Ann Heifner 
Jacqueline Kelly Herbert 
Craig Richard Herring 
Richard Ira Himelfarb 
Cheryl Helene Hinson 
Heidi Lynn Hoffman 
Roberta Carol Hoxie 
Christine Hoynes 
Meridith Ann Hudson 
Aileen Ritchie Hughes 

Monika Klara Husch 
Brenda Theresa Hussey 
Mary Elizabeth Jones 
Phyllis Ann Kahn 
David Emory Keating 
Daniel Ira Kerpelman 
Dierdre Ellen Kilgallen 
Merry Frances King 
Roberta Ann Kirchman 
Stephanie Eva Kiss 
Scott Perry Knable 
Daniel Adam Kracov 
Karen Anne Kraft 
Elayne Jodi Kriss 
Chonghwan Lee 
Gary Wayne Lewis 
Poh Heng Lim 
Clara Dawnelle Loiselle 
Cindy Amada Lopez 
Jane Michelle Lowenthal 
Susan Marie Ludwig 
Carol Mable Luszcz 
Gerald Martin 
Deirdre Anne McKenna 
Jennifer Anne McManis 
Carmel Mary Michie 
Ajay Kumar Munjal 
Robert Edward Mew 
Doris Jean Nichols 
Eric Brice Nicolson 
Philip Edward Niedermair 
John Patrick Nolan 
Lyubov Okun 
Kristina Pappas 
Cynthia Louise Parks 
Amy Teresa Percuoco 
Thomas Obrian Perdue 
Ellen Lori Pichney 
Valarie Ann Piper 
Cecilia Ann Plante 
Michelle Anne Poster 
Jane Katherine Potts 
Patricia Jacqueline Poussevin 
Jeffrey Peter Raffensperger 
Maryann Ramirez 
Michael Ross Ratcliffe 
Ann Marie Richardson 
Kathryn Lynn Ross 
John Joseph Ryan 
Michaelann Ryan 

Kathy Ann Safley 

Bita Salamat 

Jeffrey Alan Samek 

Anne Martine Sancho 

Carol Jeanette Saxton 

Lisa Scherr 

Karen Donnell Schmelzer 

Laurie Margaret Schoonhoven 

Jacob Abraham Schreiber 

Teresa Ann Schweich 

Shiva Sedghi 

Hsing Min Sha 

Ellen Bryant Sheets 

Sarah Jane Showard 

Barbara Jean Simpson 

David Phillips Smack 

Kevin Edward Smith 

Loreli Smith 

Sheila Dawn Smith 

Susan Smith 

Suzanne Louise Sparrow 

Linda Felicia Spenst 

Christine Elizabeth Stapleton 

Andrea Steinman 

Shao Lin Teng 

Maurice Henry Tenney 

Kenneth Scott Thorn 

Jill Marie Timmons 

Laurie S. Trott 

David Regis Walsh 

Laura Joann Wells 

Rose Liebl Werner 

Pamela Louise Whetstone 

David Leon White 

Norman Ray White 

Lynda Anne Williamson 

Diane Carol Zeitlin 

Spring 1985: 
Gina Kay Alderson 
Richard Franklin Bain 
Yvette Benoit 
Marc Howard Berman 
Luis Carlos Bernardo 
Willie June Brickey 
James Michael Brown 
Eric John Darden 
Devonna Ann Deen 
Kennth Allan Diehl 
Kathleen Doran 
Elizabeth Susan Drazek 

Stephanie Nohr Eicher 
Kelly Lynn Ellis 
Jay Steven Elvove 
David Brian Faerberg 
Ruth Brenda Felsen 
William K. Ferguson 
Kathleen Ferris 
Shelley Anne Finkelstein 
Carolyn Marie Forde 
Minoru Furuyama 
John Ginsburg 
Jill Annette Griffeth 
Ron Grodzinsky 
Niloufar Guiv 
Charles Vernen Hack 
Matthew Harrison Hartman 
Renate Hellmann 
Diane Marie Herling 
Lori Ann Hidinger 
Judith Anne Howard 
Stephen Paul Hughes 
Samuel Louis Israel 
Peter S. Jackson 
Laurie Ann Jones 
Erja M. Julius 
Maria Diane Kambach 
Anna Marie Kaplan 
Lois N. Karchmer 
Kathy I. Kerns 
James Stuart King 
Heather Jane Kingham 
Linda Marie Kolb 
Mary Susan Lane 
Alan David Lichtman 
Mary Olive Lincoln 
Lisa Helen Lovinger 
Barbara Ann Luborsky 
Steven Sanford Maggid 
Michael R. Matzko 
Tom McCollum 
Mary Leith McKechnie 
Kenneth Yip Moy 
Mark T. Murphy 
Chenijani Sina NasrI 
Patricia Karen Nelson 
Gam Nguyen 
Kathryn Mary O'Brien 
Garo Paul Ohanian 
Karen Leigh Orloff 
Judith Eve Ortiz 


Colleen OToole 
Margaret Smith Parvis 
Lenard Bruce Pedowitz 
Kimbang Thi Pham 
Kenneth Ira Platto 
Bhasakorn Praisaengpetch 
Douglas Edward Rannage 
Gary Alan Reilly 
Marjorie Lynn Relmold 
Carolyn Ann Renshaw 
Elizabeth Ann Robertson 
Mancy Lynn Roman 
Leeann Roskos 
Michael Wayne Routzahn 
Lynne Marie Schaefer 
Alan Ira Schneider 
Reza Shahidi 
Patricia Anne Simmons 
Jacquelyn Tai Smith 
Lori Ann Stalbaum 
Sheila Jane Sullivan 
Sylvia Lubin Sussman 
Caroline Elizabeth Szymanski 
Scolt Allen Thigpen 
Christian Charles Titlow 
Robert Anthony Vricella 
Karen Marie Waters 
Lisa Fran Weinstein 
David Glenn Weismiller 
Page Louise Whittenburg 
Thomas Evan Wilson 
Lori Lydia Yuan 
Sondra B. Zaifert 
Pamela Aurelia Zappone 
Rebecca Jeanne Zastrow 
Thomas Joseph Zagami 


Spring 1985: 

Linda Deuchler Beechener 

Stephen J. Boccuzzi 

Linda J. Borish 

Howard M. Brown 

Ruth M. Brownell 

Scott Allen Buresh 

Kenneth Edwin Burke 

Haiyan Cai 

Seyed Abdolreza Chini 

ChungChieh Chou 

Gayle G. Cluck 

Dennis C. Coates 
Beverly L, Cohen 
David G. Cooper 
Bernard S. Covino 
Eileen Cirillo Coyne 
John D, Day 
Ko Michael Fan 
Ann Beckley Fischer 
Ellen Judd Flint 
Nancy Stambaugh Freeman 
Cathy Cook Gaynor 
Gary A. Greene 
Allen Seymour Hope 
Ann Marie Jones 
Jonathan J. Kandell 
Linda M. Kane 
Hyunchul Kang 
Gail Anne Kaplan 
Iris Muriel Kipnis 
Christine K. Kubo 
Min Yong Lee 
Vicki Sue Maiden 
Brenda June Mclntire 
Helene Young Myers 
Jean K. Nachtwey 
Marsha K. Nickels 
Marilyn Joyce Olson 
Thomas Paul O'Brien 
Paul E. Parker 
Gregory A. Pfeiffer 
Suzanne M. Pitts 
James Leonard Piatt 
Cinda Roudebush Raley 
Barbara Pilgram Rice 
Robin Sue Rosenberg 
Susan Ross 
David R. Sager 
Randall K. Sheets 
Joan M. Stanley 
Barbara Bickley Stephens 
Theresa Maria Stevens 
Terry Mitchell Stottlemyer 
Catherine Arick Stout 
Mark Willett Sullivan 
Audrey Suzanne Theis 
Hui Tseng 

Antoinette Sapet (Jngaretti 
Phyllis Hicks Utterback 
Phyllis L. Viccellio 
Richard Paul Walters 

Leon Morris Waynberg 
Sally Stribling White 
Carol Kay Winkler 
Russell Clinton Wolfe 


Belinda Batten. 

Todd Ehrlich. 

Brian Goldsmith. 

Mark Nagel. 

Vice President 

(National Political Science 
Honor Society) 

Darrell L. Bachman 
Raymond C. Baldwin 
Michele H. Barone 
Neil J. Bloom 
Cindy R. Diamond 
Nicholas A. Guiditta III 
Steven M. Goldstein 
Charles V. Hack II 
Paula L. Magid 
Margaret M. Maughlin 
Charles F. Mitchell 
Kimbank T. Pham 
Valerie A. Piper 
Doughlas E. Ramage. 

Alina M. Semo 
Daren K. Sweeney 
Nathan S. Tash 
Paula C. Titus 
Robert A. Vricella 
David A. Wildermuth 
Terri A. ZaII 


(Fire Protection Engineering) 

Steven R. Baer 
Daniel M. Bridgett 
Larry D. Buffington 
William D. Cameron. Jr. 
Craig P. Christenson 
Charles M. Fleishmann 
Robert J. Frances 
Matt Gustafson 
Roland J. Huggins 
Robert K. Montgomery 
Ross S. Mowery 
Alex Psaros 
Eric Rosebaum 
John R. Saams 
Randall J. Shearman 
David A. Shindle 
Mike Starchville 
Sarah Strasser 

(National Aerospace 
Engineering Honor Society) 

Paul A. Belella 
Charles A. Budman 
Abraham R, Chaves 
Michael J. Colony 
Brian J. Donnelly. 

Vice Presidenl 
Derrick A. Early 
Brian J. Hayden 
Philip J. Joyce. 

Richard E. Kavanagh 
Michael W. Kennedy 
Peter H. Klavik 
Paul J. Kolodziejski, 

Mary F. Menard. 

Gene A. Quandt 
Elizabeth A. Robertson 
Archana Surana 
Vicki J. van Duyl 
Tod A. Weber 
Perry A. Wooden 


Electees to be Initiated 
in May 1985: 
Scott F. Adams 
Mark G. Benton 
Brian E. Cable 
Randolph K. Cline 
Sale K. Fajer 
Michael A. Fallavollita 
Debra R. Friedrick 
Joseph M. Guthrie 
Andrew M. Hockman 
Alexander L. Holder 
Donald E. Roberts 
Robin A. Sharff 
Rozier L. Steinbach 
Martha A. Woods 
Debra A. Zepp 


Martin G. Hobson 
Mark S. Vandersluis 


Academic and 
Special Awards 

Milton Abramowitz Memorial 
Prize in Mathematics awarded 
annually to a junior or senior 
student majoring in 
mathematics who has 
demonstrated superior 
competence and promise for 
future development in the 
field of mathematics and its 
Awarded to: 
Ellse Cawley 

Aerospace Engineering 
Department's Academic 
Achievement Award piesented 
to the graduating senior in the 
Department who has attained 
the highest overall academic 
Awarded to: 
Jeffrey A. Pearce 

The Agricultural Alumni 
Award is presented to a senior 
who during his or her college 
career contributed most 
toward the advancement of 
the College of Agriculture. 
Awarded to: 
Ann M. Thomas 

Agricultural Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Junior Award is presented to 
a junior in agricultural 
engineering on the basis of 
scholastic performance, 
participation in the ASAE 
Student Branch and other 
extracurricular activities. 
Awarded to: 

Elizabeth M. Turek 

Agricultural Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Senior Award presented to a 
senior in agricultural 
engineering on the basis of 
scholastic performance, 
participation in the ASAE 
National Student Branch and 
other extracurricular activities. 
Awarded to: 

John E. Brinsfield 

Alcoa Foundation Scholarship 
Awards given to outstanding 
students majoring in fire 
protection engineering. 
Awarded la: 

David A. Shindle 
Michael D. Starchville 

The Alcoa Foundation Traffic 
Scholarship is an award of 
$750 to an outstanding junior 
student majoring in 
transportation in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 
Todd D. Brown 

Alpha Rho Chi Medal awarded 
annually by Alpha Rho Chi 
fraternity for architecture and 
the allied professions to a 
graduating student of 
architecture who has made a 
distinctive contribution to 
school life, embodying the 
ideals of professional service 
and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas Ahmann 

Alpha Zeta Award to the 
student in the College of 
Agriculture with the highest 
scholastic average at the end 
of his/her freshman year. 
Awarded to: 

Steven W. Fouike 

Alumni Association- 
International Outstanding 
Young Man of the Class of 
1985. Awarded for scholastic 
excellence, campus leadership 
and community service. 
Awarded to: 

Maurice H. Tenney III 

Alumni Association- 
international Outstanding 
Young Woman of the Class of 
1985. Awarded for scholastic 
excellence, campus leadership 
and community service. 
Awarded to: 

Kristina Pappas 

American Association of 
University Women, College 
Park Maryland Branch, in 
recognition of two outstanding 
women receiving advanced 
Awarded to: 
Merle Marsh 
Doctor of Philosophy 
Curriculum and Instruction 

Jo-Ellen Jones 

Master of Science 
Family and Community 

American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Chairman's Certificate 
awarded in recognition of 
service and leadership to the 
student chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Robert C. Smith 


American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Outstanding Achievement 
Award presented to the 
student who has made the 
most outstanding contribution 
through scholarship and 
service to the student branch. 
Awarded to: 

Peter H. Donath, Jr. 

American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Scholarship Improvement 
Award is presented to the 
senior in aerospace 
engineering who has made the 
greatest improvement in 
scholarship from the junior 
year to the senior year. 
Awarded to: 

Rozier L. Steinbach 

American Institute of 
Architects annually awards the 
AIA Certificate to a 
graduating student of 
architecture for academic 
Awarded to: 

Susan Ellen Czerniecki 


American Institute of 
Architects annually awards the 
AIA Medal to a graduating 
student of architecture for 
outstanding overall academic 
Awarded to: 
Jeffery Scott Broadhurst 

American Institute of 
Chemical Engineers Award 
presented by the National 
Capital Section to the 
outstanding chemical 
engineering senior. 
Awarded to: 
John E. Carney 


American Institute of 
Chemists Award to an 
outstanding senior for 
scholarship in chemistry. 
Awarded to: 
Ruth B. Felsen 

American Institute of 
Chemists Student Award 
presented to a senior majoring 
in chemical engineering on 
the basis of demonstrated 
qualities of leadership, ability, 
character, and scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Laura J. Sanborn 

American Muclear Society 
Student Chapter Award 
(donated by Building and 
Construction Trades 
Department, AFLCIO) 
presented to a senior in the 
Nuclear Engineering Program 
in recognition of outstanding 
contribution to the student 
Awarded to: 

David W. Murphy 

The American Muclear Society 
Washington, D.C. Local 
Section Scholarship 
Improvement Award presented 
to the senior in nuclear 
engineering who has made the 
greatest improvement in 
scholarship from junior year 
to the senior year. 
Awarded to: 

Virginia B. Tiighman 

American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers 
Scholarship Award, provided 
by the Washington, D.C.- 
Maryland ASAE Section to an 
agricultural engineering 
student on the basis of 
achievement and need. 
Awarded to: 

Elizabeth M. Turek 

American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers 
Student Honor Award 
presented by the national 
society in recognition of 
outstanding student activity. 
Awarded to: 

John E. Brinsfield 

American Society of 
Agronomy Award to the 
outstanding senior graduating 
in agronomy who has 
demonstrated superior 
scholarship, leadership 
activities and personal traits. 
Awarded to: 
Sherri L. Cave 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Maryland Section 
Award presented to a student 
member for outstanding 
service to the chapter and for 
demonstrated interest in 
extracurricular activities. 
Awarded to: 

Ann G. Smariga 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Awarded to: 

Patricia J. Gaynor 

American Society of 
Mechanical Engineer's Senior 
Award presented to the senior 
member who has contributed 
most to the local chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Charles J. Kilmain 

James R. Anderson Award for 
high achievement in 
geography. Awarded to an 
outstanding undergraduate 
student in geography. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Ross Ratcliffe 

Anne Arundel County 
Volunteer Firemen's 
Association Grant for tuition 
and fees to a student who will 
enroll in fire protection 
engineering. This award is 
normally for four years. 
Awarded to: 

Matthew T. Gustafson 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award to a 
graduating senior in 
recognition of exemplary 
service rendered to the School 
of Architecture and its student 
Awarded to: 

Michael Monaldo 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award to a Masters 
Degree recipient in 
recognition of exemplary 
service rendered to the School 
of Architecture and its student 

Awarded to: 
Nazanin Saidi 

Baltimore County Volunteer 
Firemen's Association Grant 
for tuition and fees to a 
student who will enroll in fire 
protection engineering. This 
award is normally for four 
Awarded to: 

Robert J. Frances 

Baltimore Sunpapers 
journalism scholarships for 
minority students (full tuition, 
room, board, and a summer 
job at the Sunpapers). 
Awarded to: 

Deborah Ann Greene 
Milton Douglas Kent 

Bechtel Award presented to a 
civil engineering student for 
demonstrated leadership and 
service to the student 
engineering community. 
Awarded to: 

Cicero O. Salles, Jr. 

Harold R.W. Benjamin 
Memorial Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Mary Gabardi 

Barbara Varsa 

J.Y. Bryan Prize for 
Investigative Reporting, $500 
Awarded to: 

Christopher Paul Kennedy 

College of Business and 
Management Alumni Chapter 
Award to MBA degree 
recipients in recognition of 
outstanding scholarship, 
leadership and service to the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Peggy Landini 

Susan Nunamaker 


Harry C. Byrd Award. 
Presented annually to the 
outstanding senior male who 
has typified the model student 
and contributed significantly 
to student interests and 
Awarded to: 
Burman Berger 

Sally S. Byrd Award. 
Presented annually to the 
outstanding female who has 
typified the model student and 
who has contributed 
significantly to student 
interests and concerns. 
Awarded to: 

Rebecca Jane Buehler 

Chemical Society of 
Washington Award to the 
outstanding senior in the 
Department of Chemistry. 
Awarded to: 

Ellen L. Pichney 

Chi Epsilon Outstanding 
Senior Award presented to a 
senior in civil engineering 
exhibiting high scholarship, 
character, and congeniality, 
together with practical 
engineering adaptability. 
Awarded to: 

Margaret B. Martin 

Civil Engineering Department 
Outstanding Senior Award. 
Awarded to: 

Kathleen A. Cove 

The Carroll E. Cox 
Scholarship Award to the 
outstanding graduate students 
in the Department of Botany 
during the last year. 
Awarded to: 

Mark Fox 

David L. Roeder 

Delaware Maryland Plant Food 
Association Scholarship to a 
student who has shown a 
versatile background and an 
active interest in agronomy 
and soil fertility work 
deserving of recognition. 
Awarded to: 

Stephen B. Matlack 
Luanne K. VanderMale 

Delta rSu Alpha. Washington 
Chapter No. 84 Scholarship. 
An award of $500 to an 
outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland chapter 
majoring in transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

George W. KanskI 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship 

Awarded to: 
Lori K. Zudock 

Education Alumni Award. 
Presented to the outstanding 
senior man and senior woman 
in the College of Education. 
Awarded to: 

Ann Marie Richardson 

Kent R. Forsberg 

Electrical Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Service Award presented on 
the basis of demonstrated 
service and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Wayne M. Roberts 

Wilson H. Elkins Citizenship 
Award. Presented annually to 
the senior who displayed 
outstanding leadership and 
involvement and promoted 
student interests and 
Awarded to: 

John William Carlson 

Engineering Alumni College 
Service Award presented to a 
senior in the College of 
Engineering for outstanding 
scholarship and service to the 
Awarded tc: 

Karen L. Ksiazek 

Engineering Alumni Student 
Achievement Award presented 
by the Engineering Alumni to 
the graduating senior who has 
most successfully combined 
proficiency in his/her major 
field of study with 
achievements in the social 
sciences and humanities. 
Awarded to: 

Michael D. Osterman 

College of Engineering Award 
for outstanding student 
Awarded to: 

Cheryl A. Ginyard 

Engineering Society of 
Baltimore Student 
Achievement Award for 
demonstrated scholastic 
excellence, extracurricular 
service and outstanding 
potential for a successful 
engineering career. 
Awarded to: 

John E. Brinsfield 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding 
Electee Award presented to a 
new member for outstanding 
performance in the electee 
program and for participation 
in student activities. 
Awarded to: 

Eric Greenberg 
(Fall 1984) 

Debra L. Thurston 
(Spring 1985) 

Eta Kappa Mu Outstanding 
Senior Award presented to a 
senior in electrical 
engineering for outstanding 
scholastic achievement and 
service to the Society and 
Awarded to: 

Leon R. Turkevich 

The Frank J. Fee. Jr. 
Memorial Award. Sponsored 
by the National Fire 
Protection Association with a 
full scholarship to an 
outstanding student selected 
by the faculty of the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Awarded to: 

Larry D. Buffington 

Roland J. Huggins 

Fire Protection Engineers 
Outstanding Sophomore 
Awarded to: 

Paul J. Richards 


Emmet Gary Scholarship of 
the Maryland State Golf 
Association to five students in 
agronomy displaying 
academic proficiency, 
participation in extracurricular 
activities, and who have an 
active interest in golf turf 
Awarded to: 

Richard R. Elliott 

Thomas J. Ritter 

John B. Marshall 

Christopher M. Kerner 

GEICO Achievement Awards 
Scholarship to an outstanding 
undergraduate finance major 
in the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
Patricia A. Hill 

The General Honors Best 
Projects Awards. 
Awarded to: 

William E. Boyer 

Patricia D. Harrell 

William F. Russo 

Jessica Wilson 

James Douglas Goddard 
Memorial Medal. Awarded 
annually by the Prince 
George's County Alumni Club 
to the outstanding male and 
female graduating seniors 
from Prince George's County. 
Awarded lo: 

Christine Ella Connelly 

Dominic B. Lamb 

William Randolph Hearst 


Awarded to: 

Christopher Paul Kennedy 
Maria Theresa Puglisi 

Robert M. Higginbotham 
Memorial Award to an 
outstanding junior student 
majoring in mathematics. 
Awarded to: 

Sylvie A. Ryckebusch 

Joseph W. Houppert Memorial 
Prize of $100 awarded to the 
undergraduate student for the 
best essay on Shakespeare 
during the academic year. 
Awarded to: 

William E. Boyer 
(1984 and 1985) 

Jay Jackson Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Jones Allen Hayden 

Professor C.R. Karp Award in 
memory of Carol R. Karp. 
Awarded to an undergraduate 
student who has shown 
excellence in mathematics and 
the philosophy of 
Awarded to: 
Elbert Porter 

Leidy Foundation Scholarships 
to outstanding juniors in the 
Department of Chemistry. 
Awarded to: 

Sean J. Lev-Tov 

Tuanh Tonnu 

Peter P. Lejins Memorial Fund 
Academic Excellence Awards 
to outstanding seniors in the 
Institute of Criminal Justice 
and Criminology. 
Awarded to: 

Donald James Hashagen, Jr. 

(December 1984) 
Mary Leith McKechnie 

(May 1985) 

Marsh & McLennan 
Scholarship Award is given to 
an outstanding student 
majoring in fire protection 
Awarded lo: 

Patricia A. McCarthy 

Glenn L. Martin Aerospace 
Engineering Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

David E. Canter 

Shanon E. Seipel 

Tod A. Weber 

Martha A. Woods 

Brian J. Hayden 

Norman Kang 

John M. Shenot 

Joseph L. Bohlen III 

Daniel J. O'Bryon 

Christopher P. Van Buiten 

Maryland Electrification 
Council Scholarship Award 
presented to an agricultural 
engineering student on the 
basis of achievement and 

Awarded to: 
Brett L. Morris 

Maryland State Firemen's 
Association Grant. This tuition 
and fees grant is awarded to a 
student who will enroll in the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Engineering. This award is 
normally for four years. 
Awarded to: 

Steven R. Baer 

Gerald M. Bell 

Louis J. Klepitch 

April L. Walker 

The Isabel McDonald 
Memorial Award is given to a 
deserving graduate student in 
Awarded lo: 

Robert A. Bever 

Mechanical Engineering 
Department Chairman's Award 
presented to the senior in 
mechanical engineering who 
has the highest scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Michael D. Osterman 

Merck Index Awards 
Awarded lo: 

Hirschel D. McGinnis 

Chenijani Nasri 

Judith A. Wolfe 

The Andrew J. Moyer 
Memorial Award is given to a 
deserving graduate student in 
Awarded to: 
Gideon O. Abu 

National Defense 
Transportation Association 
Scholarship awarded to an 
outstanding transportation 
major in the United States. 
Awarded lo: 

William E. Pownell 

National Defense 
Transportation Association. 
Washington Chapter 
Scholarship Award. An award 
of $100 to an outstanding 
member of the University of 
Maryland chapter majoring in 
transportation in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Awarded lo: 
Ingrid H. Kim 


Propeller Club of the United 
Slates. Baltimore Port 
Scholarship Award of SI 00 to 
an outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland 
Student Port majoring in 
transportation in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Au'cirdcd to: 

Gregory Frost 

Socrates Sakellaropoulos 

Joseph O. Zuccaro 

National Newspaper 
Association Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Jones Allen Hayden 

The Sigma Circle of Omicron 
Delta Kappa Leader of the 
Year awarded to one member 
who has demonstrated the 
most outstanding leadership 
within the circle and on the 
Awarded to: 

MIchele Hope Barone 

Pelczar Graduate Award for 
Excellence in Graduate 
Awarded to: 
Wesley G. Lawson 

Department of Electrical 


Pi Kappa Lambda Scholar 
Award in Music. 
Awarded to: 

Klmberly Bracken Price 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award 
presented to the senior in 
mechanical engineering who 
has made the most 
outstanding contribution to 
the University. 
Awarded to: 

Sharon L. Bauer 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding 
Service Award presented to a 
student for outstanding 
services and contributions to 
the chapter. 
Awarded to: 

David ^\. Schwab 

Dr. John T. Portz General 
Honors Award. 
Awarded to: 
Allen Mandir 

Presser Foundation Scholar 
Award for outstanding 
achievement in music 
scholarship and performance. 
Awarded to: 
Jose Caceres 

Prince George's County 
Volunteer Firemen's 
Association Grant. This tuition 
and fees grant is awarded to a 
student who will enroll in the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Engineering. This award is 
normally for four years. 
Awarded to: 

Warren D. Bonisch 

Karl D. Houser 

The Robert M. Rivello Award, 
presented to the junior in the 
Department of Aerospace 
Engineering who has attained 
the highest overall academic 
Awarded to: 

Philip D. Barnes 

Sacks Foundation Tuition 
Scholarship of $500. 
Awarded to: 

Mark R. Slatin 

Patricia D. Acker 

Leiand E. and Catherine B. 
Scott Award to the 
outstanding graduate student 
in horticulture. 
Awarded to: 

Steven A. Altman 

ScrippsHoward Journalism 
Foundation Scholarships. 
Awarded to: 

Deborah Barfield 

Christopher Paul Kennedy 

Parker Shirling Turfgrass 
Scholarship of the Maryland 
Turfgrass Association to a 
student demonstrating 
academic proficiency in 
agronomy, participation in 
extracurricular activities, and 
an active interest in 
commercial turf work. 
Awarded to: 

Bruce S. Hollinger 

Sigma Alpha lota College 
Honor Award (Music) to the 
senior demonstrating 
outstanding achievement in 
musicianship, scholarship and 
Awarded to: 

Christine Reichart 

Sigma Alpha lota Honor 
Certificate (Music). Awarded to 
the senior with the highest 
scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 

Christine Reichart 

C. Henry Smith. 
Jr. /Engineering Society of 
Baltimore Award for 
demonstrated scholastic 
excellence, extracurricular 
service and outstanding 
potential for a successful 
engineering career. 
Awarded to: 

Margaret B. Martin 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers' Outstanding Senior 
Award presented to the most 
outstanding senior in fire 
protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Charles M. Fleischmann 

Wendy Lou Stark Scholarship 
of S250 to journalism majors 
who are members of Alpha 
Omicron Pi. 
Awarded to: 
Sally Dembner 

Robert J. Taylor Academic 
Achievement Award presented 
to the outstanding junior in 
fire protection engineering by 
the Salamander Honor 
Awarded to: 

Sarah E. Strasser 

Homer Ulrich Performance 
Awards in Music (piano, voice 
and instruments). 
Awarded to: 

Lisa Sedlacek 



Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award to the 
outstanding student in 
investments and security 
analysis in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Michael R. Rudie 

Maximillian Wallach Memorial 
Fund Scholarship. An award 
to an outstanding 
undergraduate major in 
finance in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 
Paul A. Crisci 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship 
Fund of $500 to an 
outstanding student majoring 
in transportation in the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
Ingrid H. Kim 




Special Awards 

Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophy for the unsung hero of 
the current season. 
Awarded lo: 
Bill Rogers 

Atlantic Coast Conference 
Plaque to a male and female 
senior for excellence in 
scholarship and athletics. 
Awarded to: 

William J. Butler 

Linda F. Spenst 

Bob BeallTommy Marcos 
Trophy to the outstanding 
offensive lineman of the year. 
Awarded to: 
Kevin Glover 

Charles T Beebe. Jr. Award 
to a woman athlete for 
excellence in scholarship and 
Awarded to: 

Nancy A. Horwitz 

Andrew M. Cohen Tennis 
Trophy to the team member 
chosen by his teammates as 
the person who has 
contributed most to tennis. 
Awarded to: 

Alfonso B. Mora 

George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a 
member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Gregory E. Harraka 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the 
graduating male senior 
athlete, who during his four 
years of varsity competition, 
lettered at least once and 
attained the highest overall 
scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 

William J. Butler 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 
Trophy to the most 
outstanding wrestler of the 

Awarded to: 
Steve Peperak 

John W. Guckeyson Award for 
scholarship, leadership, and 
athletic ability. 
Awarded to: 
Alan J. Sadler 

Football and Baseball 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to 
the most valuable football 
Awarded to: 
Eric Wilson 

M Club's Founders Award to a 
senior athlete for outstanding 
athletic ability, academic 
excellence, upright character, 
and distinguished citizenship. 
Awarded to: 

Andrea C. LeMire 

Field Hockey and 


Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy 
offered by William E. Krouse 
to the students who have 
contributed most to wrestling 
while at The University of 
Awarded to: 

Anthony Russo 

John Kostelac 

Maryland Ring to the senior 
resident of Maryland who is 
adjudged the best athlete of 
the year. 
Awarded to: 

Kevin S. O'Leary 

Charles P. McCormick. Sr. 
Award to the senior Baltimore 
area resident who has 
contributed the most to his 
Awarded lo: 

Kevin S. O'Leary 

Talbot T. Speer Award for 
excellence in leadership, 
scholarship, and general all- 
around ability. 
Awarded to: 

Per E. Kristoffersen 
Cross Country and Track 

Silvester Watch typifying the 
best in athletics. 
Awarded to: 

Morman J. "Boomer" 


James M. Tatum Award to the 
outstanding tackle on the 
football team. 
Awarded lo: 

Kevin B. Glover 

Robert E. Theofeld Memorial 
Trophy to the golfer who most 
nearly exemplified the 
competitive spirit and strong 
character of Robert E. 
Theofeld, a former member of 
the Boxing Team. 
Awarded to: 

Timothy Moylan 

A.V. Williams Award for the 
Maryland football player who 
has exhibited outstanding and 
conspicuous sportsmanship 
during the year. 
Awarded to: 
Eric W. Wilson 



Basketball (Men's) 

Jeff Adkins 
Jeff Baxter 
Len Bias 
Adrian Branch 
Chuck Drieseil 
Keith Gatlin 
Tom Jones 
Terry Long 
Bi'yan Palmer 
Mark Woods 

Basketball (Women's) 

Sydney Beasley 

Lisa Brown 

Caroiin Dehn-Duhr 

Clara Faison 

Monica Gannon 

Jonette Niles 

Stephanie Perry 

Julie Silverberg 

Dorothy Smith 

Chris Vera 

Chequita Wood 

Jay M. Schlatter, Manager 

Jane Troxell. Manager 

Cross Country (Men's) 

Mark J. Coogan 
Dennis M. Cullinane 
Daniel M. Foley 
Keith Hudson 
Paul E. Jacobson 
Philip F. Lussier 
Daniel P. Mangan 
Troy A. Pepper 
Jerome J. Sweeney 

Cross Country (Women's) 

Deborah Q. Dohmeier 
Janice R. Farr 
Adele J. Federico 
Laura A. Fiedler 
Johanna Mansilla 
Bobbie J. McGee 
Joanne M. O'Connor 
Elaine A. Paterson 



Azizuddin Abdur-Ra'oof 

O'Brien Alston 

David Amend 

Bob Arnold 

Lewis Askew 

Rick Badanjek 

Joe Bailey 

Alvin Blount 

Donald Brown 

Terry Burke 

Ted Chapman 

George Colton 

Brian Conroy 

Al Covington 

Pat D'Atri 

Kevin Donas 

Doug Dragan 

Duane Dunham 

Ferrell Edmunds 

Tony Edwards 

Chuck Faucette 

Jeff Furman 

Stan Gelbaugh 

Greg Harrell 

Gil Hoffman 

Eric Holder 

Jeff Holinka 

Bill Hughes 

Chris Igus 

Steve Kelly 

Robert Klein. Jr. 

Lenny Lynch 

John Maarleveld 

Bruce Mesner 

Larry Miles 

James Milling 

Tommy Meal 

Tommy Parker 

Rich Petitbon 

Terry Ridgley 

Jon Sabrowski 

Meal Sampson 

Scott Schankweilei 

Ed Schultz 

Sean Scott 

Stephon Scriber 

John Soma 

Dan Swingle 

Scott Tye 

Kevin Walker 

Barry Waseleski 
Darryl Wright 
Ron Ohringer, Trainer 
Angela Perry. Manager 
Danny Frank. Manager 

Jess Atkinson 
Doug Burmeister 
Doug Cox 
Ron Fazio 
Kevin Glover 
Bob Gunderman 
Greg Harraka 
Greg Hill 
Joe Kraus 
Frank Reich 
Bill Rogers 
Greg Thompson 
Eric Wilson 


Steven Annis 
Desmond Armstrong 
Calvin Chew 
Robert Dass 
Peter Duggan 
Gustavo DeLucio 
Tom Farran 
James Friday, Jr. 
Paul Hill 
David Kasper 
Jeff Larue 

Christopher Papariello 
Steven Powers 
Jeff Schmalz 
Jay Schwartz 
Majed Sifri 
Khulumu Zulu 

Swimming (Men's) 

Martin Bare 

Peter Burton 

David Detweiler 

Todd Gray 

Robert Guenther 

Joseph Haddon 

Michael Kelly 

Daniel Krewson 

Michael Raue 

Paul Schimmel 

Simon Witton 

David Greenleaf 

Sean Redmond. Manager 

Swimming (Women's) 

Alisa Blitz 
Betsy Bozzelli 
Courtenay Carr 
Patricia Corson 
Michelle DelBoccio 
Deborah D'Andrea 
Amy Dilweg 
Laurie Hug 
Kim Peifley 
Lisa Unger 


Joe Crisafi 

Anthony Russo 

Troy Lawrence 

Phil Brown 

Joe Schwab 

John Kostelac 

Curt Scovel 

Steve Peperak 

Kevin Pyle 

Bruce Campbell 

Margaret Finley. Manager 


Air Force Association Award. 
Presented to the outstanding 
Senior Cadet who has excelled 
in field training, possesses 
outstanding individual 
leadership characteristics, 
ranks in the upper 10 percent 
of the class in the University 
and the upper 5 percent of 
ROTC class and has 
outstanding promotion 
Awarded to: 

Andrew Hockman 

The Alumni Cup. Presented to 
the Senior Cadet who has 
achieved the highest 
cumulative grade point 
average, while at the same 
time demonstrating the 
highest degree of officer 
Awarded to: 
Jeffrey Pearce 

American Defense 
Preparedness Association 
Award. Presented to the 
outstanding Senior Cadet who 
has received no grade in the 
advanced ROTC courses less 
than B. is in the upper half of 
total senior enrollment at The 
University of Maryland, has 
participated actively in 
athletics and/or campus 
activities, and has 
demonstrated outstanding 
leadership qualities. 
Awarded to: 
John Bausch 

The American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Awards. Presented each year 
to a Senior (Gold Award) in 
the upper 25 percent of the 
ROTC class, and who has 
demonstrated outstanding 
qualities in military 
leadership, discipline and 
Awarded to: 

Michael Kennedy 

Armed Forces 
Communications and 
Electronics Association 
Award. Presented to the 
outstanding senior cadet who 
is preparing for a career in a 
technical area and has 
demonstrated outstanding 
qualities of military 
leadership, high moral 
character, and definite 
aptitude for military service. 
Awarded to: 

Nichoiaus Schoeffler 

Commandant of Cadets 
Award. Presented to a Senior 
Cadet for outstanding 
performance as a Support 
Officer. This cadet most 
successfully exemplifies the 
"Complete Staff Officer." 
Awarded to: 
Douglas White 

Daughters of American 
Revolution, Presented to a 
Senior Cadet who is in the 
upper 25 percent of both the 
ROTC class and the 
University, and who 
demonstrates high qualities of 
dependability, good character, 
adherence to military 
discipline, and leadership. 
Also demonstrates a 
fundamental and patriotic 
understanding of the 
importance of ROTC training. 
Awarded to: 
Paul Ackerman 

Disabled American Veterans 
Award. Presented each year to 
the Senior Cadet who has 
demonstrated outstanding 
leadership, scholarship, and 
Awarded to: 
Joseph Linsenmeyer 

Governors Cup. Offered each 
year by His Excellency, the 
Governor of Maryland, and 
awarded to the cadet chosen 
by the Detachment Staff as 
the Cadet of the Year. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Kennedy 

Military Order of World Wars 
Award. Presented to the 
Aerospace Studies cadet 
recognized as the most 
improved within his class. 
Awarded to: 
John Frey 

The Professor of Aerospace 
Studies Award. Presented to 
the Senior Cadet who has 
made a unique contribution to 
the mission of the AFROTC 
program at The University of 
Maryland. These efforts 
demonstrated initiative, 
professionalism and 
dedication to the assigned 
Awarded to: 
Richard Pearcy 

George M. Reiley Award. 
Presented to the member of 
the flight instruction program 
who shows the highest 
aptitude for flying, as 
demonstrated by his or her 
performance in the program. 
Awarded to: 
Mark Ewart 

The Reserve Officers 
Association Award. Presented 
to the Senior Cadet (Gold 
Award) who demonstrates 
outstanding academic 
achievement in AFROTC 
subject matter and highest 
officer potential. 
Awarded to: 

John Campellone 


A Walking Tour 

through the 

College Park Campus 

Located on the 1,315-acre 
College Park Campus are 
dozens of interesting 
educational and research 
facilities. Below are several 
you may wish to visit along a 
walking tour of the campus. 

Memorial Chape/— (BIdg. 009) 
Regents Drive. 
A schedule of multi- 
denominational services can 
be obtained in the Morth 
Administration BIdg. 

t^orth Administration 
Building— (B\dg. 052) Regents 
Drive. This facility houses the 
Offices of Undergraduate 
Admissions; Records and 
Registrations: Student Affairs; 
Student Financial Aid. and 
Resident Life. 

Hornbake Library— {B\dg. 147) 
Corner of Regents and 
Campus Drives. Completed in 
1973, the library is one of the 
finest in the nation. In 
addition to serving 
undergraduate students, it 
also houses the graduate level 
College of Library and 
Information Services. 

Stamp Union— (B\dg. 163) 
Campus Drive. You can obtain 
a building directory and 
schedules of events and 
activities at the information 
desk in the front lobby. 

Cole Student Actiuities 
Building — (BIdg. 162) Campus 
Drive. With a seating capacity 
of 14,500, the arena of Cole is 
used for basketball games, 
track meets, wrestling 
matches, indoor tennis, 
commencements, concerts, 
academic testing, and many 
other indoor activities. Other 
areas of the building contain 
small gymnasiums, weight 
rooms, a swimming pool, 
classrooms, faculty offices, a 
ticket booth for athletic 
events, the Department of 
Intercollegiate Athletics and 
the Air Force Aerospace 
Studies Program (AFROTC). 

Tawes Fine Arts Center — BIdg. 
141) Campus Drive. Offices of 
the Department of 
Communication Arts and 
Theatre and the Department 
of Music are housed in this 
building. University Theatre is 
also located here. 

School of Architecture 
Building— {B\dg. 145) Campus 
Drive. Displays of student 
architectural designs may be 
seen in this building. 

McKeldin Library— {B\dg. 035). 
McKeldin contains materials 
for the use of graduate 
students and faculty as well as