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The University of Maryland College Park 

May 27, 1986 


The University of Maryland College Park 

May 27, 1986 

7850 -^ 

Message to 
the Graduates 

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate each of you 
who is receiving a degree today. The College Park 
Campus community joins me in commending you on this 
singular accomplishment and in wishing you well in your 
future endeavors. We are proud of your success in 
achieving today's goal, and we hope that you carry the 
knowledge and talents you've developed into an exciting 
and challenging future. 

Each of you, through your presence and participation, 
has made a contribution to the life of the College Park 
community. As you have grown and learned, those 
around you have learned from you. Now, by virtue of 
your achievements, you have an opportunity and a 
responsibility to enrich and enhance the world beyond 
the campus. 1 hope that each of you leaves this campus 
with both training for challenging work and the ability to 
be a clear-thinking, articulate, and compassionate 
member of our society. 

As you pursue your goals and participate in other 
communities, I ask that you remember The University of 
Maryland College Park. This campus has set some 
important goals for itself and you can help us to achieve 
them. We want to continue to achieve and maintain 
academic excellence, to become a model multiracia 
multicultural, multi-generational community, and to 
improve the quality of life for all members of the campus 
community. Your continuing interest in College Park will 
help us to achieve those goals. 

1 congratulate you again on this special occasion and 
extend a warm welcome to friends and family who have 
come to share it with you. We take pride in each of our 
graduates and in the contributions you make to the 
larger community. 

John B. Slaughter 

.c^M^a < 

Order of 

May 27, 1986 
9:30 a.m. 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. John B. Slaughter 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

C. John Sincell 
Communication Arts and 


Marche Militaire 
by P. 1. Tchaikovsky 
Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


Ezekiel Saw De Wheel 
Maryland Gospel Choir 
Soloist. Claude Mines 
Director. Valeria A. Foster 


The Reverend Wofford K. 

Episcopal Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. John S. Toll 


The University of Maryland 

Musical Selection 

When the Battle Is Over 
Maryland Gospel Choir 
Soloist, Maurette Brown 
Director, Ms. Foster 


The Right Reverend John 
T. Walker 

Bishop of the Episcopal 
Diocese of Washington 
(D, C.) and Dean of the 
Washington Cathedral 

Conferring of Honorary 

Dr. Toll 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Ruth Brenda Felsen 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Slaughter 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's, and Bachelor's 

Dr. Slaughter 

1986 Class Gift 


The Reverend Elizabeth 

Lutheran Chaplain 

Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty, 
For thee, we stand. 
Love for the Black and 

Deep in our hearts we 

Singing thy praise forever, 
Throughout the land. 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr, Wakefield 

_J$v5.l|C*i7^^f?^;.;"^<',■_-,■•■. it'..- ^- ■:^-i,jyi\*. 


of Events 

Following the Commencement Convocation, individual 
commencement exercises for Divisions, Colleges, and 
Schools will be held at several campus locations. 
Ceremonies are scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. and 
2:00 p.m. Please refer to the map on the opposite page for 
specific times and places. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially 
invited and encouraged to join with University officials 
and members of the faculty at a reception to be held on 
the Mall between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. 

Limited shuttle bus service is available providing free 
transportation across the campus throughout the day. 

Cole Student Activities Building 

9:30 am Campus-wide 

to Commencement 

10:30 am. Convocation 

1130 am Behavioral and Social 

Sciences Commencement 

2:00 p m Business and Manage- 
ment Commencement 

Individual and General 
Studies Commencement 

11:30 am 

2:00 p m 

Human and Community 




The College Park Campus 
and the University 

The Graduates 

Students graduating today from The University of 
Maryland College Park follow in the footsteps of nnany 
notable GMCP alumni who have distinguished themselves 
in such fields as science, entertainment, arts, journalism, 
business, law, medicine and government. 

While he was a graduate student in mathematics at 
College Park, Herbert A. Hauptman (Ph.D. '54), worked 
simultaneously at the Naval Research Laboratory to 
devise a method for mapping three-dimensional 
structures of molecules. Three decades later he and 
Jerome Karle, his long-time collaborator at NRL, won the 
1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their pioneering 
research. Dr. Hauptman was awarded an honorary Doctor 
of Science degree by UMCP in 1985. 

One of the youngest GMCP graduates ever, Charles 
Fefferman ('66), received a joint degree in mathematics 
and physics at age 17. Now a world-class mathematician 
and professor at Princeton University, he holds the Fields 
Medal, the most prestigious mathematics award. 

NBC News anchor Connie Chung ('69) started her 
career at UMCP's Diamondback newspaper and the 
campus radio station WMUC. 

One of the University's most devoted sons is A. James 
Clark ('50), president of the George Hyman Construction 
Co. and president and chairman of CEI Construction Inc., 
the umbrella organization for engineering and 
construction companies that include OMNI and Hyman. A 
member of the University's Board of Regents since 1981, 
Clark in 1983 made a major contribution to the College 
of Engineering which led to the establishment of the A.J. 
Clark Chair in Construction Engineering and 

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and science 
writer with the Baltimore Euening Sun Jon Franklin ('70) 
recently joined the UMCP faculty as a full-time professor 
of journalism. 

Other notable alumni include former Metropolitan 
Opera star and concert artist Carmen Balthrop ('71); 
George V. McGowan ('51), president of Baltimore Gas 
and Electric; Karl W. Meyer ('49), president of the 
University of Wisconsin, Superior Campus; Maryland's 
5th District Congressman Steny Hoyer ('63); Tom 
McMillen ('74) of the Washington Bullets, who was a 
Rhodes Scholar and member of the 1972 U.S. Olympic 
basketball team; Mary Stallings Coleman ("35), the first 
woman elected to the Supreme Court of Michigan; Fred 

O'Green ('49), president of Litton Industries, Inc.; Grace 
Rogers Cooper ('46), retired Curator of Textiles, 
Smithsonian Institution, and James R. Buckler ('70), 
current Director of the Smithsonian's Office of 

The Campus 

College Park boasts one of the ten largest enrollments 
of any campus in the country. Undergraduates enrolled 
in fall 1985 numbered 30,556 and graduate students 
8,123 for a total enrollment of 38,679. This year's 
College Park operating budget is approximately $327.1 
million, including financial aid for some 19,000 students. 

Students can choose from more than 125 
undergraduate and 80 graduate programs leading to 
degrees. In 1984-85, the University awarded 5,220 
bachelor's, 1,016 master's, and 373 doctoral degrees. In 
the number of doctorates granted annually, the 
University ranks among the top 30 in the nation. 


The University began in Baltimore in 1807 as a faculty- 
owned College of Medicine, which granted the M.D. 
degree. Five years later, more degrees were added when 
the college was renamed The University of Maryland. The 
first dental school in America, the Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, became a part of the University in 1840. 
Later, the University opened schools of pharmacy, law 
and nursing. 

The College Park Campus opened in 1859 under a 
charter secured in 1856 by a group of Maryland planters. 
Then called the Maryland Agricultural College, it became 
one of the original land-grant schools in 1865. After a 
disastrous fire in 1912, the state acquired control of the 
College and paid to rebuild it. 

The present form of The University of Maryland dates 
back to a 1920 act of the state legislature joining the 
state-owned institution at College Park with the 
professional schools in Baltimore. The move created The 
University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) and The 
University of Maryland at Baltimore (UMAB). Three other 
campuses have since been added: Baltimore County 
(UMBO in Catonsville; Eastern Shore (UMES) in Princess 
Anne; and the worldwide University College (UMUC), 
headquartered in College Park. 

^^S<C <^*os;w«^ 


Libraries on the College Park Campus include 
approximately 1.6 million volumes, 19,800 subscriptions 
to periodicals and newspapers, and more than 2.3 million 
units of microform. The Hornbake (Undergraduate) 
Library, for one, is among the nation's largest, with a 
seating capacity of 3,600. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities on the campus 
are a computer vision laboratory; a full-scale low velocity 
wind tunnel; several smaller hypersonic helium wind 
tunnels; a 500 liter computer-controlled fermentation 
system for research in bioprocess scale-up programs; 
computer-assisted cartographic laboratories; the Center 
for Automation Research; a comfort perception 
laboratory; a quiescent plasma device (Q machine) for 
plasma research, and satellite remote sensing facilities. 

The campus is home for the Engineering Research 
Center, a major vehicle for extending the technical and 
research expertise of The University of Maryland to 
businesses and industries throughout the State. The 
Center is both a catalyst for problem solving and a 
clearinghouse for information for technical information 

In 1985, the College Park Campus was awarded a five- 
year, $16 million grant from the National Science 
Foundation to create a new Systems Research Center to 
facilitate research in artificial intelligence and computer- 
aided engineering. The Center complements a nationally 
recognized campus program of basic and applied 
research in computer science. In 1986, UMCP became 
one of 19 research institutions around the country to be 
linked via satellite to the Cray supercomputer facility at 
the University of California at San Diego. 

The proximity of the campus to national research 
institutions such as the National Institutes of Health, the 
Smithsonian Institution, the USDA Beltsville National 
Agriculture Research Center and National Agricultural 
Library, and the Library of Congress ensures that prime 
research facilities are always available to the University's 
faculty and students. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and 
faculty in the academic procession have been the 
traditional costume of scholars since medieval times. 
They probably represent a kind of ecclesiastical dress, 
since many of the scholars of that period were members 
of monastic orders. 

Most colleges and universities in the United States 
have adopted the uniform code for costumes drafted by 
an intercollegiate commission in 1893. Each of the three 
academic degrees — bachelor, master and doctor — has its 
own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is 
distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The master's 
gown has a longer, more narrow, closed sleeve extending 
below the knee; the arm fits through a slit at the elbow. 
The doctor's gown has a full, bell-shaped sleeve trimmed 
with three bars of velvet. The velvet trim on the gown 
can be black or a color indicating the wearer's general 
field of learning — for example, green for medicine or 
purple for law. A list of department colors follows. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Education/Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Arcfiitecture/Brown 
Home Economics/Maroon 

Library Science/Lemon 



Oratory, Speech/Silver Gray 



Pfiilosophy/Dark Blue 

Public Administration, 

Foreign Service/Peacock Blue 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social WorkyCitron 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The most colorful and distinctive part of the academic 
costume is the hood extending down the back. The 
doctor's is the largest of the hoods and the bachelor's is 
the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining of various colors in the center of the hood 
indicates the college or university which conferred the 
degree. Consistent for all degrees is the cap, or mortar 
board, which has a tassel of black or another color 
indicating the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's 
cap can be gold. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently conferred by colleges and 
universities nationwide. 

The first known degree was a doctorate bestowed by 
the University of Bologna, Italy, in the mid-12th century. 
Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was 
qualified to instruct students. The bachelor's, or 
baccalaureate, degree only indicated entrance into a 
course of study preparatory to the doctorate or 
mastership. Gradually, though, the bachelor's degree 
came to mean successful completion of one level of 
study in advance of the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The term "doctor," meaning teacher or instructor, 
originated with the ancient Romans for those who 
lectured publicly on philosophical topics. During the 
Middle Ages, it was used as a title of honor for men of 
great learning. It was first made an academic title at the 
University of Bologna, which was allowed by the emperor 
to appoint doctores legum (doctors of laws). The 
University of Paris followed suit in the year 1145. Soon 
after, popes granted the universities the right to appoint 
doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon 
law) and, when the study of civil law was combined with 
that of the canon law, the title was changed to doctor 
utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of 
theology and medicine followed that of law in conferring 
this title. 

A doctorate is given beyond the baccalaureate degree 
and requires several years of advanced study, the 
successful completion of a thesis or dissertation, and 
written and oral examinations. The doctor's degree 
represents the most advanced earned degree conferred 
by American institutions. There are two distinct types: 
the practitioner's degree and the research degree. The 
first type represents advanced training for the practice of 
various professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 
Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees 

carry no implication of original research. The University 
of Maryland awarded the first two dental degrees in 
history, on March 9, 1841, and invented the name of the 
degree. Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The second type is a research doctorate representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study. A dissertation 
which usually accompanies the study is intended to 
contribute substantially to existing knowledge on the 
subject. The most important of these, the Doctor of 
Philosophy, no longer has an implication of philosophy 
for its holder, but represents advanced research in any of 
the major fields of knowledge. It was first awarded in the 
United States in 1861 by Yale University. The University 
of Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor bestowed 
upon students who have successfully completed work 
beyond the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral 
examination are usually required. The word magister was 
used by the Romans as a title of honor, but its present 
meaning can be traced to the establishment of the oldest 
universities. Organized faculties as they now exist in 
universities were not known then; academic activity was 
limited to seven liberal arts. Those who were honored for 
their diligence and knowledge upon completion of their 
studies and who had already received the bachelor's 
degree were called magistri artium (masters of the liberal 
arts). In 1920, The University of Maryland awarded its 
first Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) 
degrees in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four- 
year course of college-level study and is the oldest 
academic degree used by American institutions of higher 
learning. It was the first conferred in America in 1642 on 
the first nine graduates of Harvard College. Maryland 
Agricultural College, which later became The University 
of Maryland College Park, awarded its first Bachelor of 
Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in 


Board of Regents 


Allen L. Schwait 
Vice Chairman 

Ralph W. Frey 

A. Paul Moss 

Constance C. Stuart 
Assistant Secretary 

Betty R. Coss 
Assistant Treasurer 

Claudia Ordonez 
Wayne A. Cawley, Jr. 

ex officio 
Joel A. Carrington 
A. James Clark 
Frank A. Gunther, Jr. 
George V. McGowan 
Robert F. Tardio 
Albert W. Turner 
J. Benjamin (Jnkle, Jr. 
John W. T. Webb 

Central Administration 
of the University 


John S. Toll 
Executive Vice President 

Albert H. Bowker 
Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

Rita R. Colwell 
Wee President for 
Agricultural Affairs 

Raymond J. Miller 
Vice President for General 

Donald L. Myers 
Vice President for 
Gouernmental Relations 

Patricia S. Florestano 
Vice President for Graduate 
Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Vice President for Policy and 

Leroy Keith 
Vice President for University 

Robert G. Smith 

-•••■■ . •. \ ,* ■ * •. •• •• ^ ■.•.•••>.•; • i> • ■•:^v>! 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


John B. Slaughter 
Vice Chancellor for 
Academic Affairs 

William E. Kirwan 
Wee Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Wee Chancellor for 
Institutional Advancement 

A. H. (Bud) Edwards 
Wee Chancellor for 
Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Raymond J. Miller 
Division of Arts and 

Richard D. Brecht (acting) 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

Muriel R. Sloan 
Division of Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences and 

Jay R. Dorfman (acting) 


School of Architecture 

John A. Steffian 
School of Public Affairs 

George C. Eads 
College of Agriculture 

Donald A. Hegwood 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

Dale P. Scannell 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter, Jr. 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

Claude E. Walston 
College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

John J. Burt 
Maryland Campus of the 
Virginia-Maryland Regional 
College of Veterinary Medicine 

Sashi B. Mohanty (acting) 
Associate Dean 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Arnold Thackray 
Administrative Dean for 
Summer Programs 

Melvin M. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 


^ «S4l/»U«_ 


Officers of Commencement 

Donald Maley, 

Industrial, Technological 

and Occupational 

CIniuersity Marshal 
Don C. Piper, 

Government and Politics. 
Committee Members 
Drury G. Bagwell, Jr.. 

Student Affairs. 
Katherine P. Beardsley, 

Behavioral and Social 

Charles J. Beatty, 

Industrial, Technological 

and Occupational 

Marilyn R. Berman, 

College of Engineering. 
Jon E. Boone, 

Arts and Humanities. 
Charles F. Brand, 

Human and Community 

Judith A. Brown, 

College of Business 

and Management. 
Frances P. Cave, 

Health Center. 
Lyn E. Chasen, 

School of Public Affairs. 
Maitland W. Dade, 

Institutional Advancement. 
Richard W. Doran, 

A.H. (Bud) Edwards, 

Institutional Advancement. 
Cornelia F. Goodwin, 

Records and Registrations. 
Elwood H. Gross, 

Building Services. 
Leonard B. Jankowski, 

Motor Vehicle 

Albert J. Klavon, 

Agricultural and 

Life Sciences. 

Leo R. LaSota, 

Nancy G. Loomis, 

Dining Services. 
John Loss, 

School of Architecture. 
Joseph G. Mattingly, Jr. 

College of Business and 

George H. Mitchell, 

University Book Center. 
Dorothy A. O'Donnell, 

Industrial, Technological 

and Occupational 

Elizabeth B. Pattison, 

Records and Registrations. 
James N. Robinson, 

Environmental Safety. 
Sharon G. Rubin, 

Undergraduate Studies. 
Joanna F. Schmeissner, 

Graduate School. 
Constance L. Shaughnessy, 

University Book Center. 
Matthew W. Sheriff, 

Dining Services. 
C. John Sincell, 

Communication Arts 

and Theatre. 
Barri J. Standish, 

Commuter Affairs. 
Robert T. Stumpff, 

Intercollegiate Athletics. 
Paul A. Tessicini, 

Kathryn T. Theus, 

College of Journalism. 
John E. Wakefield, 

James M. Wallace, 

Mathematical and 

Physical Sciences and 

Loretta C. Wertheimer, 

Academic Affairs. 
Thelma M. Williams, 

Mathematical and 

Physical Sciences and 




5 *,j J.,it..,..X . . 


* is 50 


-a^S-C <r -?S 


Minister He Kang 
Honorary Doctor of Science 

He Kang, Minister of Agriculture, Aninnai Husbandry and 
Fishery for the People's Republic of China, is one of the 
chief architects of the master plan that has enabled China 
to feed and clothe her population — roughly one quarter of 
all the people in the world — by using only seven percent 
of the earth's cultivated land. 

A teen-ager when his country was invaded by the 
Japanese at the onset of World War II, He Kang spent the 
war years defending his honneland while making every 
effort to continue the study of agronomy. In 1949 when 
the war was over, he became the director of the Bureau of 
Agriculture in Shanghai. At the time, He Kang was only 
26 years of age, the youngest man in China to serve in 
such an influential position. 

Many of the enormous strides made by China in 
agricultural science and education over the past forty 
years are due to the tireless efforts of He Kang. He is 
particularly well known for his ability to organize and 
implement many important projects in rural development, 
environmental protection, agricultural regionalization, and 
international cooperation and exchange programs. He has 
made significant contributions to advancing the 

knowledge of tropical crops grown in China. In particular, 
his studies of rubber have increased China's potential for 
self-sufficiency of that extremely valuable crop. His other 
agrarian research includes soil fertility, cotton, land 
reclamation, and rice. 

He Kang received his degree in agronomy from 
Guangxi University, Liuzhou, Guangxi, China, in 1946. He 
is the author of numerous publications and serves on 
many national and international agricultural committees, 
including the position of vice chairman of the Food and 
Agriculture Organization of the United Nations' 
Conference on World Food Supply. 

Today he is awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of 


The Right Reverend John T. Walker 
Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters and 
Convocation Speaker 

John Thomas Walker, born in pre-Depression rural 
Georgia, raised in an inner city neighborhood of Detroit, 
and elected to the post of Episcopal Bishop of the 
Diocese of Washington and the Dean of the Washington 
Cathedral, has devoted his life to the ethic of social 

"I believe the church has a major role to play in 
dealing with such problems as hunger, crime and aging," 
he said at the 1977 installation ceremony which made 
him bishop over 97 parishes and more than 50,000 
parishioners in Washington, D.C. and several Maryland 

Bishop Walker is one of official Washington's most 
prominent figures as well as a masterful administrator 
and an effective agent of change within his church. As 
one of the founding members of the Interfaith 
Conference of Metropolitan Washington, a group 
composed of Christians, Jews and Muslims, he has 
frequently spoken out on areas of social concern, such as 
nuclear armament and South African apartheid. 

When he was arrested outside the South African 
Embassy in 1985, he said: "1 submit that those who have 
not seen how Black South Africans are treated may 
indeed misunderstand what we do here. I have been to 
South Africa. . .1 am led, 1 trust, by our Lord Christ to 
bear witness in support of our Christian brothers and 
sisters in South Africa. . .They live lonely and isolated 
lives. Frequently they must wonder if God cares for them 
at all." 

Within the Episcopal Church, Bishop Walker was an 
early and vocal advocate of ordination of women and the 
revision of the church's venerable Book of Common 
Prayer. And, since the day of his ordination, he has 
urged his church to become more deeply involved in 
social justice issues. 

The bishop is also known for his astute business sense, 
nowhere more evident than in the successful fund-raising 
effort he piloted and which took in more than $16.5 
million in four years to retire the debt on the Washington 
Cathedral. The campaign also provided the funds needed 
for additional construction to the cathedral which was 
begun in 1907 and is expected to be completed by 1989. 

In addition to his diocesan responsibilities. Bishop 
Walker serves as chairman of the board of Africare, a 
non-profit relief organization dedicated to self-help 
development projects in Africa. He is also a current 
board member and former board chairman of the Black 
Student Fund, a private non-profit organization which 
raises scholarship funds for young black students 
educated in Washington area independent schools. He 
presently serves on the boards of the Eisenhower 
Foundation, the Riggs Bank and the ACLCJ National 
Advisory Council. In 1974, he headed the panel to select 
the chief of police of the District of Columbia and has 
been a long-time member of both the NAACP and the 
Urban League. 

Bishop Walker received his baccalaureate degree in 
1951 from Wayne State University in Detroit. That same 
year he became the first black student at the Virginia 
Theological Seminary and graduated from there in 1954. 
Returning to Detroit, he was ordained to the priesthood 
in 1955. 

Bishop Walker is married to Rosa Maria Flores Walker, 
a naturalized American citizen from Costa Rica. They 
have three children: Thomas, Ana Maria, and Charles. 

Today he is awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of 
Humane Letters. 


for Degrees 

The May 1986 class roster 
comprises degree candidates 
from the undergraduate and 
graduate programs at The 
University of Maryland College 
Park. As final action cannot 
always be taken for candidates 
by the time this program is 
printed, the list of candidates 
here is tentative only. The 
University reserves the right to 
withdraw or add names. 
Diplomas (for other than 
doctoral degrees) will be 
mailed by the Office of 
Records and Registrations. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Marc Abrams 
Computer Science: 
Performance of Distributed 
Computer Programs. 

Kazuhiro Akimoto 

Physics: EM Radiation by 
Strong Langmuir Turbulence. 

Buket H. Akyel 

Human Development: 
Altruistic Behavior and 
Prosocial Moral Reasoning 
Among Turkish High School 

Hussain Mussa Alayan 

Electrical Engineering: Petri- 
Net Theory of Robot 
Networks for Automated 

Helaine Mary Alessio 

Physical Education: Effects 
of Endurance Training on 
Lipid Peroxidation and 
Scavenger Enzyme Activity 
in Liver and Muscle. 

Meil M. Alperstein 
American Studies: An 
Ethnographic Approach to 
the Study of Advertising in 
Everyday Life. 

Martha Shacklette Anderson 
American Studies: The 
Indigenous Roots of New 
York Dada. 

Lyndol Lee Aumiller 
Industrial. Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: The Contributions 
of Charles Russell Richards 
to the Industrial Education 

Rose-Marie Avin 

Economics: Windfall Gains 
and Oil-Exporting Developing 
Countries: A Comparative 

Brian Mercer Bailey 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Self-Esleem, Locus 
of Control, and Retention 
Path Analysis of a National 
Sample Summary of 
Proposed Research. 

Sandra Mary Baksi 
Environmental Sciences: 
Development of a 
Mutagenicity Assay on Early 
Life Stages of Morone saxitilis 
and Cypnnodon variegatus. 

Eldon Cole Baldwin 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Choice Model: A 
Descriptive Study of Student 
Preference for and Selection 
of Learning Environment in a 
Finite Mathematics Course at 
Prince George's Community 

Ronald Lee Ballard 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: Toward 
an Acceptable Rationale for 
Literature as a General 
College Study. 

Andy H. Batey 

Industrial, Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: An Experimental 
Comparison of the Effects of 
Training Specificity Upon Sex 
Differences in Spatial Ability. 

Steven Russell Bauer 

Biochemistry: C- myc Gene 
Transcriptional Activation 
and mRNA Half-Life 
Prolongation in Two Mouse 
Plasms Acytomas. 

William Alexander Beck 
Physics: Determination of 
Transport Properties in N- 
Accumulation Layers on 
(Hg.Cd)Te Using Oscillatory 
and Non-Oscillatory Magnetic 
Field- Dependent Hall 

David Sinclair Birdsell 
Public Communication: 
Tropological Perspectives on 
Public Policy Discourse. 

Marie Suzette Blanchard 
Physical Education: 
Response Surface Defining 
the Effects of Ta. and rh. on 
Tc in 8— 1 0-Year-Old 
Children Working at 60% 
VO2 max. 

Jerry Tighe Bonnell 

Astronomy: Spectroscopic 
Determinations of the Surface 
Gravities of Giant Stars. 

Roberta S. Boss 

Curriculum and Instruction; 
Peer Group Critiques in 
Formative Evaluation of 
College Composition. 

Kevin Gerald Bowcutt 
Aerospace Engineering: 
Optimized Hypersonic 
Waveriders Including Viscous 
and Leading Edge Bluntness 

Steven Randy Bowman 
Physics: The Design. 
Construction, and Testing of 
a High Precision Lunar Laser 
Ranging Station. 

Thomas Henry Boyle 
Horticulture: Gene 
Expression in Zinnia 
Angustifolia. Z. elegans and 
Their Interspecific Hybrids. 


Phyllis Dian Brock 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Effects of Instruction in 
Spatial Tasks on Spatial 
Ability and Science 
Achieuement in Learning 
Crystal Structure by Eighth 
Grade Students. 

Wojciech B. Broniowski 

Physics: Chiral Quark-Meson 
Model for N and Delta with 
Vector Mesons. 

Laure Weber Brooks 
Criminology: Examining 
Determinants of Police 
Orientations and Their 
Impact on Discretionary 
Police Behauiors: The Effects 
of Organizational and 
fieighborhood Factors. 

Ruth M. Brownell 
Human Development: 
Cardiovascular Response to 
Patterns of Speech in the 
Type A and Type B 

Martha Ann Brumfield 
Chemistry: Exploratory 
Studies in Electron Transfer 

Philip John Buckenmeyer 

Physical Education: The 
Effect of Endurance Training 
on B-Adrenergic Receptors in 
Skeletal Muscle. 

John Crawford Buckner 
Psychology: The 
Development of an 
Instrument and Procedure to 
Assess the Cohesiveness of 

Linda Lee Caldwell 

Recreation: An Examination 
of the Tradeoffs Made by 
Saltwater Fishermen When 
Deciding Where to Go 

Kenneth Ray Carroll 
Physics: Investigation of 
Noise in a Point-Contact dc 

Linda Michelle Carter 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Effects of Topicalization, 
Lookback Condition, and 
Cognitive Style on College 
Students' Summary 

Perry Anthony Castelli 

Education Policy. Planning, 
and Administration: Factors 
Which Influence a Decline in 
Male Enrollment Occurring 
Between Elementary and 
Secondary Public School 
Vocal Music Programs. 

Chryssoula Chairopoulou 
Physical Education: 
Effectiveness and Personal 
Rhythm in the Production 
and Control of Upper Limb 

Anthony Chan 

Economics: A Look at the 
Simple-Sum Monetary 
Aggregates Versus Other 

Janson Chiousong Chang 
Environmental Sciences: 
Project Analysis and 
Environmental Pollution 
Control for the Expansion 
Project of the Shanghai 
Aluminum Plant. 

Suckjeong Chang 

Business and Management: 
The Behavior of Security 
Prices in Response to 
Earnings and Dividend 
Examination of Corroboration 
Effect and Estimation of 
Adjustment Speed. 

Robert Allen Chin 
Industrial, Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: An Investigation 
of Selected Drafting Practices 
in Industrial Arts /Industrial 
Technology Education. 

Quentin Charles Coleman 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Individual 
Characteristics and 
Organizational Factors that 
influence the Use of the 
Microcomputer by Maryland 
Cooperative Extension 
Service Field Faculty. 

Shelby Jean Cook 
Human Development: 
Preventing Adolescents from 
Getting Pregnant and 
Becoming Parents: A Study 
of the Federal Policies 

Edna Hammer Cooley 
Communication Arts and 
Theatre: Women in 
American Theatre. 
1850-1870: A Study in 
Professional Equity. 

Steven Laurant Coon 
Zoology: Induction of 
Settlement and 
Metamorphosis of Larvae of 
the Pacific Oyster, 
Crassostrea giqas 
(Thunberg). by L-DOPA, 
Epinephrine and 

Edgar Brown Covert 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: Use of 
Expectancy Theory Concepts 
to Determine Motivational 
Implications of Proficiency 
Test Requirements for 
Graduation from fiigh 

Donald Francis Cox 
Economics: Initial 
Occupational Choice by hiigh 
School Graduates. 

Demoi Smith Crawford 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Legislation and 
Agricultural Education: The 
Impact of the Vocational 
Education Act of 1963 on 
Agricultural Education in 
Public Schools of the United 

Gregory Lee Crosby 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Qualitative Chemical 
Equilibrium Problem Solving: 
Student Conceptions of Le 
Chatelier's Principle. 

William Bradford Cushman 
Psychology: Manipulating 
Cochlear Transduction Gain 
to Produce Oto-Acoustic 

Carol Brown Daniels 
Environmental Sciences: 
Development of Mutagenicity 
Assays Using Microbial 
Indicators and Marine 
Microsomal Activating 

Camille Marie DAnnunzio 
Applied Mathematics: 
Numerical Analysis of a 
Singular Perturbation 
Problem with Multiple 

Pilar de la Toore 
Computer Science: Analysis 
of Tries for Variable Length 
Keys: Storage and Retrieval 
of Prefix Keys. 


Rebecca Ann Devine 
Microbiology: The New 
Genus, Huphomonas Has a 
Characteristic Physiology 
Which Sets It Apart from 
Other Budding Bacteria: 
Activities of Krebs Cycle 

Hareesh Mitrachandra 

Economics: Adjustment 
Costs. Implicit Contracts and 
Specific Human Capital. 

Gisela Vorsprecher Dibble 
Germanic Language and 
Literature: Stromungsmotiuik 
in Rilke's Duineser Elegien 
und Sonette an Orpheus. 

Cynthia Susan Duchala 
Poultry: The Effect of 
Lesions of the Hippocampus 
of the Onset of Puberty in 
Japanese Quail. 

Judith Ann Dudley 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Effects of Full-Day and 
Half-Day Kindergarten on the 
Academic Achievement of 
Chapter One (Title One) 
Students at the End of the 
Kindergarten and First-Grade 
School Years. 

John Howard Yancy Edwards 
Economics: Congestion 
Function Specification and 
the Publicness of Goods 
Provided by Local 

Cuevas Severino Endaya 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Occupational 
Aspirations. Plans Beyond 
High School and Changes in 
Sophomore VOAG Students 
of 1 980— A Time Series 

Steven Leonard Estomin 
Economics: The 
Determinants of Profitability 
and Merger Premiums in 
Conglomerate Mergers. 

Vern Clifford Falby 
. Music: Music In and Out of 
Words: Musical/Textual 
Relations in English- 
Language Works 
(1948-1954) by Igor 

Scott Hugh Faller 

Chemistry: Structure of Odd- 
Z Lanthanum and Cesium 
Isotopes with N Greater Than 
or Equal To 82. 

JoAnne Mae Favors 

Curriculum and Instruction; 
Institutional Change: An 
Investigation of Community 
Education at Paul Laurence 
Dunbar Community High 
School. Baltimore, Maryland. 

Jaime Alberto Fernandez-Baca 
Physics: Neutron Scattering 
Study of the Spin Dynamics 
of Amorphous Invar Alloys. 

Malimage Tudor Fernando 
Botany: Trichothecene 
Production by a Plant 
Pathogenic Strain of 
Myrothecium roridum. 

Joseph Angelo Fiola 

Horticulture: Application of 
Tissue Culture and Disease 
Screening Techniques to 
Rubus Breeding. 

William Michael Fitzpatrick 
Business and Management: 
Antecedent Predictors of 
Information Search/Scanning 
and Decision Making 
Effectiveness Among Groups 
Within a Simulated Business 

Mark Fox 

Botany: Characterization and 
Histopathology of Clover 
Yellow Vein Virus the Causal 
Agent of Winged Bean 

Henry Thomas Freudenreich 
Physics: A Study of Hadrons 
Near the Cores of Extensive 
Air Showers. 

Alphonso A. Frost, Jr. 
Germanic and Slavic 
Languages and Literatures: 
Ernst Dronke: Life and 

Barbara Ann Gage 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Analysis of Problem 
Solving Processes in 
Quantitative Equilibrium 
Problems in College 

Federico Antonio Galarraga 
Chemistry: Organic 
Geochemistry Study of the 
Origin of the Heavy Oils in 
the Eastern Venezuelan 

Daniel Lee Callahan 
Zoology: Identification and 
Characterization of a 
Common Region for MMTV 
Insertion in Feral Mus 
musculus musculus. 

Gene Elizabeth Gary-Williams 
Human Development: Well 
Being of Retired Black Males 
Measured by Selected 
Psychosocial Variables. 

Janet Y. Goktepe 

Business and Management: 
The Role of Gender, 
Androgyny and Attraction in 
Predicting the Identity and 
Effectiveness of Emergent 

Allen Jay Goldberg 

Electrical Engineering: Finite 
Realizations of Non-Linear 
Functionals of White Noise. 

Stella Sookdeo Gomes 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Relationship Between 
Structured Curricula and 
Expectation on Mathematics 
Performance of Secondary 
School Students. 

Roberta Ann Goodman 
Hearing and Speech 
Sciences: Patterns of 
Acquired Dysgraphia: 
Evidence for a Model of the 
Normal Spelling System. 

Alain Gosselin 
Business and Management. 
An Exploratory Investigation 
of the Relationship Between 
HRM Practices and Top 
Managers' Strategic 
Readiness and Commitment. 

Andrea Gould 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 
Perceptions of Professional 
Accreditation by Major 
University Actors. A Case 
Study: (Jniversity of 

William Michael Gribbons 
Industrial, Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: The Impact of 
Videotex on the Newspaper 
Industry: The Year 2000. 

Timothy Scott Gross 
Animal Sciences: 
Biochemistry and Physiology 
of Retained Fetal Membranes 
in Dairy Cattle. 


Kathleen ^AcKenna Groutt 
Health Education: A 
Metaheatth Analysis of the 
Lives of Gwendolyn Brooks, 
Dorothy Day. Ruth Gordon, 
Anais /V/n, and Georgia 

Scot M. Guenter 

American Studies: The 
American Flag 1777-1924: 
Cultural Shifts from Creation 
to Codification. 

Michael McCeney Hagan 
Economics: The Economic 
Impact of Activity-Limiting 
Health Conditions on 

Thomas Arnold Hahn 
Engineering Materials: 
Thermal Expansion Behavior 
of Al-Si Alloys and of the 
Composite Material Systems: 
Al-SiC and Al- W. 

Marjorie Dianne Hall Haley 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
A Study of the Effectiveness 
of Simultaneous Oral 
Production and the Total 
Physical Response Strategy 
on the Speaking 
Achievement. Attitudes. 
(Motivation, and Interest of 
Level 1 Spanish Students. 

Eugene Edward Hardekopf 
Physics: Relativistic 
Momentum-Space Equations 
with Applications to Atomic 
and Elementary Particle 

Timothy Ray Harvey 
Physical Education: An 
Application of the Interaction 
Model of Anxiety as Applied 
to the Environment of the 
Compulsory Physical 
Education Class. 

Brian Timothy Healy 
Human Development: An 
Analysis of the Genetic. 
Physiological, and Behavioral 
Correlates of Temperament in 
Young Children. 

Lillian Hillary Hecht 

Physical Education: Effect of 
Endurance Exercise on Rat 
Cardiac Myosin Light 
Chain-2 Phosphorylation. 

Racheile Sara Heller 

Education Policy. Planning, 
and Administration: The 
Effect of M.E.C.C. and 
Papert Teaching Styles on the 
Level of LOGO Learning and 
the Conceptual Tempo of 
Fourth Grade Students. 

Malvery Payne Henry 
Physical Education: 
Estimation of Body Fat in 
Black College-Age Males and 

Johnetta Lynn Hill 

Health Education: A Study 
of Social Support on Dual 
Role Stressors and Health of 
Women Clericals. 

Jack Daniel Hill. Jr. 

Industrial. Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: An Investigation 
of the Implementation and 
Utilization of Computer 
Technology Within Selected 
School Districts in South 

Brian Allen Hollander 
Zoology: Pattern and 
Regulation of Gap Junctions 
in Insect Imaginal Tissue. 

Kevin C. Holley 
Applied Mathematics: VLSI 
Implementation of Non-Linear 

Terrence James Honan 
Physics: The Geometry of 
Lattice Field Theory. 

Raymond Allan Hoover 

Chemistry: Theoretical Study 
of Pulsed Neutron-Gamma- 
Ray Spectroscopy for 
Geochemical Analysis. 

Theodore Henry Hopp 
Computer Science: 
Generalized And/Or Graphs 
as a Modeling Tool for 
Diagnostic Problem Solving. 

Mary Deems Howland 
English Language and 
Literature: A Study of 
Walker Percy's f^ovels as 
They Embody Gabriel 
Marcel's Concept of 

Mary Elyn Hoy 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: Children 
Have Opportunity to Plan. 

Gary D. Hughes 

Mechanical Engineering: 
The Effect of Grain Size on 
the Hardness of 
Electrodeposited Nickel 

Mary Jane Gaines Hurst 
English Language and 
Literature: The Voice of the 
Child in American Literature: 
Linguistic Approaches to 
Fictional Child Language. 

Yves GIrich Idzerda 

Physics: Interacting Thin Film 
Systems Probed by Electron 
Induced Extended Fine 

Alex Christopher Isherwood 
Physical Education: An 
Evaluative Profile of the 
Variables Used to Influence 
the Fund Raising Capabilities 
of Division I- A Intercollegiate 
Athletic Programs. 

Janis Lynn Judson 
Government and Politics: 
The Hidden Agenda: Non- 
Decision- Making on the U.S. 
Supreme Court. 

Naveen Kapoor 
Chemical Engineering: A 
Numerical and an Analytical 
Approach to Dynamic 
Modeling of Distillation 

Patricia Anne Keenan 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Stimulating Children 's 
Imagination Through the Use 
of Creative Storytelling. 

Hee Kim 
Sociology: The Architectonic 
of Georg SimmeTs Social 

James Ellison Kirkley 

Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: The Relationship 
Between Management and 
the Technology in a Multi- 
Species Fishery. 

Peter F. Kokkinos 
Physical Education: Effects 
of High and Low Resistive 
Strength Training on Plasma 
Lipoprotein- Lipid Levels. 

Patricia L. Cummings 


Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Romantic Jealousy, 
Internalized Societal Values 
and Self-Esteem. 

James Christopher Kozlowski 
Recreation: The Applicability 
of Recreational Use Statutes 
to States and Local 

Theresa Louise Kraus 

History: The Establishment 
of United States Army Air 
Corps Bases in Brazil, 


Geok Koon Kuah 
Civil Engineering: Designing 
of Feeder Bus System 
Serving Existing Rail Transit 

Soren Larsen 

Mathematics: Numerical 
Analysis of Elliptic Partial 
Differential Equations with 
Stochastic Input Data. 

Michael D. Lasky 
Economics; An Economic 
Analysis of Regulatory 

Martha M. Lauzen 
Journalism: Public Relations 
and Conflict Within the 
Franchise System. 

Richard Warren Lees 
Psychology: The Relationship 
Between Deviant Eye 
Tracking and Schizophrenia 
Spectrum Dimensions as 
Measured by the Rorschach. 

Jean Nellie Liang 

Economics: An Empirical 
Conjectural Variation Model 
of Oligopoly. 

Richard Risser Lytle 

Human Development: The 
Effects of a Cognitive Social 
Skills Training Procedure with 
Deaf Male Adolescents. 

Elizabeth Kimball MacLean 
History: Joseph E. Davies. 

Ellen Barbara Magenheim 
Economics: The Gains to 
Acquisition, Acquisition 
Premia, and the Theory of 
the Firm: A Theoretical and 
Empirical Analysis. 

Salah Mohamed Mahmoud 
Agronomy: Effect of 
Soybean Root Exudates on 

Joseph Stephen Mancos 
Government and Politics: 
Congressional Bargaining 
and the Administrative 
Structure of CETA: An 
Explanation of Social Welfare 
. Failure. 

Joy Elaine Marburger 

Agronomy: Effects of Media 
Modifications. Genotype, and 
the Management of Donor 
Plants on Anther Culture in 

Anne Bianchi Marino 

Education Policy. Planning, 
and Administration: The 
University of Maryland 
Teacher Education Centers in 
the Year 2000: A Delphi 

Mahmoud Massoud 

Nuclear Engineering: An 
Experimental and Analytical 
Thermal-Hydraulics Analysis 
of a Model PWR Transients. 

Paul Joseph Mastradone 
Chemistry: Rates and 
Reactions of Arsenic Species 
in Aquatic Systems. 

Prosenjit Mazumdar 

Physics: Magnetic Phases in 
Amorphous Alloys. 

Robert A. McDonald 
Human Development: 
Effects of Cognitive Style and 
Training in Spatial Rotation 
on Aerial Photographic 

David J. Medoff 

Human Development: The 
Psychometric Study of 
Putative Spatial Tests. 

June Lara Melloni 

Education Policy. Planning, 
and Administration: 
Interactive Videodiscs in 
Graduate Medical Education: 
Attitudes Toward the Design 
of a Program and the 
Instructional Value of the 

Marilyn B. Meyers 
Psychology: Cerebral 
Processing of Nonverbal 
Affective Stimuli: Effect of a 
Process Variable on 
Hemispheric Asymmetry. 

Charif Merouane 

Chemistry: Iron-Induced 
Reactions at 15 

Debra A. Miller 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Post Reading Instruction: 
Questioning Strategies, 
Individual Learning Activities, 
and the Use of Basal 

Ebraahim Moghaddam-Taaheri 
Physics: Dynamics of 
Runaway Tails in Magnetized 

Mamie Clark Montague 

Education Policy. Planning, 
and Administration: The 
Influence of Communication 
and Employee Attitude on 
Job Satisfaction Among 
Nursing Service Personnel. 

Betty Jane Moore 

Government and Politics: 
The Majority Leader of the 
Senate of the United States: 
Is He the Key to Senate 
Legislative Effectiveness? 

Patricia Logan Morris 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Effects of Training in 
Question Generation and 
Topicalization of Text on the 
Reading Comprehension of 
Seventh Grade Students. 

Arthur Allen Morrish 

Chemistry: Analysis of Jet 
Fuel Thermal Oxidation 
Deposits Via XPS and SEM. 

Michael James Mumper 
Government and Politics: 
Policy-Making for Student 
Assistance: A Network 

Sumitra Muralidhar 
Microbiology: Genetic 
Studies on the Fermentation 
of Ara Binose in Vibrio 
Parahaemolyticus Using 
Cloned Genes. 

Aaron B. Navarro 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Investigative Study on the 
Relationship Between CAI 
Dialogues and the Cognitive 
Style and Locus of Control of 
College Students. 

Sharon Newburg-Rinn 

Human Development: The 
Relationships Between 
Burnout, Stress, and Job 
Satisfaction Among School 

Terry Elaine Northcutt 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Impact of a 
Social Skills Training 
Program on the Student- 
Teacher Relationship. 

Sydney Emeh Onyeberechi 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Syntactic Fluency and 
Cohesive Ties in College 
Freshmen Writing. 


Patrick Gerard O'Shea 
Physics: Experimental 
Investigation of the 
Propagation and Focusing of 
Intense Relatiuistic Electronic 

Lynnette Y. Overby 
Piiysical Education: A 
Comparison of Nouice and 
Experienced Dancers' 
Imagery Ability, with Respect 
to Their Performance on Two 
Body Awareness Tasks. 

Margery Fels Palmer 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Student Teachers as Aides 
for Middle School 
Mathematics: An Exploration 
of Possibilities. 

Susan Marie Patton 

Psychology: The Training 
and Development of 

Shaunak R. Pawagi 
Computer Science: 
Incremental Graph 
Algorithms for Parallel 
Random Access Machines. 

Mary Lou Luttrell Phillips 
American Studies: The 
Language of Performance 
Evaluation in the American 
Military: Document Analysis 
in a Contextually Grounded 

Edward Vidas Podleckis 
Botany: Multiple Virus 
Infection of French Hybrid 
Vidal 256 Grapevines. 

Michael Popp 

Mechanical Engineering: 
The Simulation of 
Thermohydraulic Phenomena 
in a Pressurized Water 
Reactor Primary Loop. 

William Augusta Porter, Jr. 
Geography: The Effect of 
Population Size and Change 
on Per Capita Expenditures 
of County Governments in 
North Carolina. 1960-1977. 

Elinor Mabel Preston 

Recreation: An Investigation 
of the Effects of a Day Camp 
Program on Nursing Home 
Residents' Loneliness. Leisure 
Satisfaction, and Leisure 
Activity Involvement. 

John David Putney 

Nutritional Sciences: The 
Effect of Glucuronic Acid on 
Longevity and Emergence in 
Adult Drosophila. 

Magally Josefina Quiros 
Entomology: Family 
Tenuipalpidae: A Generic 
Revision and Phytogenetic 
Analysis (Acari: 

Venkatraman Raghavan 
Aerospace Engineering: 
Unsteady Boundary Layer 
Flows and Its Applications to 
Circulation Control. 

Cinda Gail Raley 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Analysis of Freshman 
High School Students' 
Persuasive Writing 

David Kenneth Rardin 
Psychology: The Mesh of 
Research and Practice: The 
Effect of Cognitive Style on 
the Use of Research in the 
Practice of Psychotherapy. 

Kathryn Gearhart Reed 
Psychology: Perception of 
Leadership Behaviors. 

Jose N. Reyes. Jr. 

Nuclear Engineering: A 
Study of Nonequilibrium 
Dispersed Two Phase Flow. 

Debra Jones Ringold 

Business and Management: 
Consumer Response to 
Reductions in Freedom. 

Ellen Patricia Roche 

Economics: The Effect of 
Property Taxes on Renters: 
Theoretical and Empirical 
Research on a Model of 
Dynamic Incidence. 

Ann Kenyan Eccles Rose 
History: The Political Career 
of Cardinal Thomas 
Bourgchier Archbishop of 
Canterbury 1454-1486. 

Richard Brown Rosecky 
Business and Management: 
A Model for Facilitating 
Information Flow in a 
Channel of Distribution: The 
Consumer Response to 
Registration Cards. 

Darlene Barbara 

Microbiology: Estimation of 
Viable but Non-Culturable 
Bacteria in Aquatic Systems. 

Janet Linda Runcie 

Sociology: Childcare and 
Parenting: A 
Postconventional Model. 

Alice Leigh Ryan 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
A Case Study of the Effects 
of Tutoring on Freshman 
Composition Students ' 
Writing Apprehension. 

David Rolland Sager 
Environmental Sciences: 
Avoidance Behavior of 
Morone americana. 
Leiostomus xanthurus and 
Breuoortia tyrannus to Strove 
Light as a Method of 
Impingement Mitigation. 

Karen B. Salmon 
Special Education: 
Predictions of Performance: 
Handicapped Students in 
Vocational Programs. 

Carol Baker Sapora 
English Language and 
Literature: Subversion by 
Doubles: Doubling in the 
Fiction of Edith Wharton. 

Diane M. Scheurell 
Textile and Consumer 
Economics: Factors 
Affecting Ventilation in Water 
Vapor Transport from an 
Enclosed Microclimate. 

Loraine Venanzia Schlaepfer 
Nutritional Sciences: A 
Longitudinal Study in a Rural 
Mexican Community: 
Analysis of the Growth. 
Health and Nutrition Aspects 
(0-10 Years of Age). 

Margaret Bowman Schwartz 
Zoology: Ovarian 
Ecdysteroid Production in 
Drosophila melanogaster: 
Effects of Nutrition. Juvenile 
Hormone and Genotype. 

Doris E. Scott 

Human Development: A 
Study of the Relationships 
Between Environmental 
Supports and the Cognitive 
Functioning of Black Infants. 

Separamadu M. D. N. 


Biochemistry: Amino acid- 
nucleotide Direct Interactions 
as a Possible Explanation for 
the Origin of the Genetic 

Clifford Alan Shaffer 

Computer Science: Relaxing 
Decomposition Restrictions of 
Quadtrees and Techniques 
for Improving Linear 
Quadtree Algorithms. 


Monika Maria Helene Shafi 
Germanic Language and 
Literature: Cllopian Visions in 
the Novels of Women 

Brian Francis Shea 
Economics: A Rule of 
Thumb for Stabilizing Official 
Intervention in Foreign 
Exchange Rate Markets: An 
Empirical Analysis. 

Ming-Jen Sheu 

Food Science: Clarification 
of Apple Juice by 
Ultrafiltration and Energy 
Profiles of Concentrating 
Reverse Osmosis 
Preconcentrated Apple Juice 
to 72° Brix by Evaporation. 

Younsook Shin 
Textile and Consumer 
Economics: Polymerization- 
Crosslinking of Cotton 
Fabrics for Superior Textile 

Joseph Thomas Siewick 
Chemical Physics: The 
Development of a fiew 
Technique for the Study of 
V— ►T Relaxation of Infrared 
Inactive Vibrations and Its 
Application to Molecular 

A. Daud Silong 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Professionalizing 
Characteristics of the 
Training Profession in West 

Yogendra K. R. Simha 
Mechanical Engineering: 
Analytical and Experimental 
Studies of Explosively Driven 

Anita Singh 

Food. Nutrition and 
Institution Administration: 
Relationship Between Zinc. 
Copper and Iron Status and 
Amenorrhea in Exercising 
. and Sedentary Women. 

Mukesh Singhal 
Computer Science: 
Concurrency Control 
Algorithms and Their 
Performance in Replicated 
Database Systems. 

Jayanta Kumar Sircar 
Civil Engineering: A 
Framework for Spatially 
Distributed hiydrologic 

Supat Sirivicha 

Food Science: Gas Diffusion 
in Potato Plug. 

Caleb Benjamin Smith 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: An 
Investigation of the 
Perceptions Held by a Select 
Croup of Foreign Students 
on the Role of Media in 

Florence Mood Smith 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Effects of Story Structure 
Training upon First Graders' 
Memory and Comprehension 
of a Wordless Picture Book. 

Morma Jean Smith 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: A Test 
of the Assumption that 
Teachers Can Self-Assess 
Instructional Behavior with 
Only General Professional 

Laurens Henry Smith, Jr. 
Zoology: Osmolyte 
Permeability in Noetia 
ponderosa Erythrocytes 
during Hypoosmotic Stress: 
Control by Ca^* and the 

Marc Barry Sokol 

Psychology: Innovation 
Utilization: The 
Implementation of Personal 
Computers in an 

George William Somers 
Mechanical Engineering: 
The Flow of Saturated and 
Nearly Saturated Water 
Through Safety Relief Valves. 

Mark Douglas Somers 

Physics: An Investigation of 
the Strong Equivalence 
Principle Through the Use of 
Freely Falling Geocentric 

Cathleen Joan Somich 

Chemistry: Investigations of 
the Photochemistry of 
N-Methyl-I, 8-naphlhalimide 
with Alkenes and f^- 
Methyl-2. 3-naphlhalimide 
with Phenylcyclopropanes. 

Sang Hyuk Son 

Computer Science: On 
Reliability Mechanisms in 
Distributed Database 

Sheryl Anne Stevenson 
English Language and 
Literature: Language in 
Motion: Readings of Parody 
in Modern Fiction. 

Daphne Lisabet Stoner 

Microbiology: Degradation of 
Dibenzothiophene by an 
Estuarine Pseudomonad. 

Anasuya N. Swamy 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Analysis of Students' 
Conceptions of Pressure- 
Related Gas Behavior. 

Francoise Marie Taylor 

French and Italian Language 
and Literature: Identite el 
Hierarchic des Races dans 
L'Essai sur L'Inegalite des 
Races Humaines. D' Arthur de 

Laura Tedeschini-Lalli 

Applied Mathematics: How 
Often Do Simple Dynamical 
Systems Have Infinitely 
Many Sinks? 

Freeda Elizabeth Thompson 
Industrial, Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: A Comparative 
Analysis of the Effect of the 
Use of the Audio-Visual/ 
Tactile Approach and the 
Audio-Visual or Conventional 
Approach on Achievement in 
Shorthand Theory. 

Grey Bennett Thompson 
Sociology: Family Processes 
and Family Structural Effects 
on Black and White 
Children 's Socialization 
Outcomes in Single and Two 
Parented Homes. 

Semra Guven Tuncel 

Chemistry: Regional Scale 
Receptor Modeling in the 
Northeast United States. 

June Louise Tveekrem 

Chemical Physics: Dielectric 
Measurements on a Near- 
Critical Binary Fluid Mixture. 


Suzanne Jane Tyler 

Physical Education: The 
Influence of Stressful Life 
Events and Locus of Control 
on Injury /Illness of Collegiate 
Female Field Hockey Players. 

Evelyn Pasteur Valentine 
Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: An 
Exploratory Study to 
Determine the Feasibility of 
Strategic Planning in Selected 
School Systems in the State 
of Maryland. 

David Michael Van Wie 
Aerospace Engineering: An 
Application of Computational 
Fluid Dynamics to the Design 
of Ramjet Missile 

Robert Ward 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Relationship Between 
Migratory Children's Figure- 
Ground Perception and Their 
Graphic Representations. 

Willard F. Waterfield 
Botany: Fatty Acid 
Composition and Membrane 
Characteristics of CIstilago 
Maydis Following Exposure 
to an Engosterol Biosynthesis 

Timothy James Watt 
Chemistry: Diphosphine 
Disulfides: Types and 
Mechanism of Formation by 
a Grignard Reaction. 

Howard Weiss 
Mathematics: The Geometry 
of Measured Geodesic 
Laminations and the 
Earthquake Flow on 
Teichmutler Space. 

Kathryn Kostin Weston 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Development of an 
Instrument to Assess 
Teachers' Knowledge of 
Behavioral Principles. 

Andrew Peter Weston-Dawkes 
Chemistry: Structure and 
Evaporation in the s^Fe + sspe 
and 56Fe + 238(j Reactions. 

Thelma Marianna Williams 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Racial Identity. 
College Environment. Self 
Efficacy and Vocational 
Interest: Correlates of 
Academic Progress for Black 
Undergraduates in Computer 
Science and Engineering 

Carol Kay Winkler 

Public Communication: 
Presidential Responses to 
Hostage Situations: A 
Rhetorical Analysis. 

Cheryl Ann Winkler 
Zoology: The 

Characterization of the Major 
Histocompatibility Complex 
in Fells catus. 

Jan Jerzy Winnicki 

Mathematical Statistics: A 
Unified Estimation Theory for 
the Branching Process with 

Martha M. Wulfsberg 
English Language and 
Literature: The Divided Self 
in the Fiction of Walker 

Abdul Aziz Bin Mohd. Yaacob 
Economics: Islamic Banking 
and Economic Development. 

Woon Jin Yang 

Botany: Inducible Cadmium- 
Binding Proteins from 
Soybean Roots and Cultured 

Jin Yoo 

Physical Education: The 
Effects of Cognitive /Somatic 
Anxiety on the Attentional 
Processes: A Test of 
Easterbrook's Cue-Utilization 

Young Je Yoo 

Chemical Engineering: 
Kinetics and Optimal Control 
of (L-Amylase Production 
from Bacillus 

Katherine Ann Zantal-Wiener 
Special Education: 
Implementation of a 
Disciplinary Policy for 
Handicapped Students. 

Marina Zivkovic 

Meteorology: Sensitivity of 
Two Dimensional Barotropic 
Flow to Mesoscale 

Doctor of Education 

Carl Roosevelt Bennett 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: 
Students' Concept of "Old". 

Deborah Jo Heiberger 

Education Policy. Planning, 
and Administration: A 
Comparison of Selected 
Indicators of Effectiveness of 
Elected and Appointed 
Boards of Education of Local 
School Districts in Maryland. 

Karen Sue Hinkle 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Investigation of the 
Relationships Among 
Learning Style Preferences, 
Personality Types, and 
Mathematics Anxiety of 
College Students. 

Marian Jenkins Jones 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Effects of Presentation Mode 
on Comprehension 
Monitoring and 
Comprehension Adequacy of 
Average and Below-Average 

Leo William McDonald 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Experimental Study to 
Assess the Changes in 
Attitudes Toward the 
Evolution-Creation Issue of 
High School Biology Students 
Who View a Student 
Production of Inherit 
The Wind. 


Harold J. Winstanley 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Teacher Prediction of 6th and 
8th Grade Students ' Success 
on a Criterion- Referenced 
Reading Test. 

Dennis Woroniecki 
Education Policy. Planning, 
and Administration: A 
Comparison of Junior High 
and Middle School Students 
in a Suburban School with 
Respect to Incidence and 
Treatment of Behavior 

Doctor of Musical 

Socrates Armenak Boyajian 
Music: Music for Flute/ 
Percussion /Tape. 

Deborah Brown 

Music: Ned Rorem: The 
Complete Works for Solo 

rSancy Rita Matarazzo 
Music: The Art Songs of 
Ottorino Respighi. 

Kathleen Cooper Vadala 

Music: The Concert Works of 
Jean Absil for Solo Piano: A 
Performance Tape and 
Stylistic Analysis. 

Carol Jane Yampolsky 

Music: The Solo Piano Music 
of Chick Corea, Billy Taylor 
and Mary Lou Williams. 



Master of Arts 

American Studies: 

Lili Corbus Bezner 
Christine K. Kubo 
Mary Terrence McKay 
Kathryn Anne Staropoli 
Gladys Lunge Stifel 

Applied Mathematics: 

James Patrick Collins III 
Laurie Melany Darmody 
Paul Mark Margolis 
David Burton Scott 
David Francis Walnut 

Pamela Rae Hall 
Pamela Diane King 
Ruth Garbisch Manchester 

Communication Arts and 

Bradford Lyie Baker 
Bradford Scott Case 
Elayne G. Clift 
Katherine Marie Collins 
Gloria Peabody Gallagher 
Ayelet Harpaz 
Craig Aiken James 
Lucretia Ames Latta 
Jennifer Anne Lincoln 
Brian Allen McNeils 
Steven Michael Mister 
Jody Dee Morrison 
David Samuel Paglin 
Anne Lynn Paxton 
Gay S. Plungas 
Karin E. Pusey 
Mairi Breen Sablosky 
Patsy Sims 
Edwin Paul Slaughter 
Jeri Lee Taylor 
Pilar VitoriaLuzan 
Karl Warren 
Helen Dugan Worth 

Counseling and Personnel 

Kathryn Ann Clark 
Joanna Der-Stepanian 

Jayne Mead Gresch 
Cheryl P. Hiller 
Theresa Ann Hoffmann 
Barbara E. Morris 
Stephanie Lynn Quade 
Mary A. Rieder 
Marie Terese Sergent 
Wendy Urban 
Steven Larrimore Van 

Karen S. Wood 

Criminal Justice and 

Eunho Choe 
Ellen Gail Cohn 
Susan Lynn Miller 
George Melson Weber, Jr. 

Curriculum and Instruction: 

John Franklin Baker 
Jennifer Hicks Dowell 
Susan Grimmnitz Foster 
Meryl Lee Hall 


Douglas Michael Addison 
Thomas William Bickerton 
Kara Teevan Boatman 
Marcos Andre Bonturi 
Lesley Ann Cameron 
Chang-Yu Chao 
Mark W. Chimiak 
Rosalyn T. Clark 
Stephanie D. Ericson 
Curtis L. Eriksen 
Amy Friedheim 
Roderick Gaither 
Mark Timothy Gibson 
Ivette Cristina Granier-Smith 
T. J. Grubbs 
John Charles Langer 
Margarida Malaquias Mateus 
Kathy Ann Ormiston 
Linda Marie Patterson 
Jody Marie Perkins 
Peter Patrick Schaffer 
Alan I. Zucker 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: 

Sarah Baker Andrus 
Francis Michael Joseph 

English Language and 

Danny Osei Aidoo 
Richelle Elaine Ball 
Cathy W. Barks 
Gregory L. Becker 
Anna Marie DeArmond 
Linda Cooper Elliott 
Edmund Joseph Goodman 
Christine Rauchfuss Gray 
Kenneth E. Kaplan 
Kristina Ann Kessler 
Valerie Denise Macys 
Charles Thomas Magnetti 
Daniel Jordan McMahon 
Jon Kennan Reiner 

French Language and 

Catherine Shanti Boehme 
Kenneth Bryon Haines 
Benedicte Marie-Christine 

Mary Stephenson 


Victoria Helen Clayton 
Jane Zhen Feng 
Holly Sue Gehring 
Russell Everett Grace 
William Francis Henaghan 
Andrew Maria Modelski 
Asta Melitta (Jrbancic 

Germanic Language and 

Virginia Sue Alexander 
Bruce Alan Kibler 

Government and Politics: 

Doreen Ann Duffy 

Judith A. Garber 

Valerie Doris Lehr 

Jay M. Rothman 

Sharon Aline Sykora 

Charles Alan Ward 

Francois Toe Suotepo Wurah 

Health Education: 

Joseph R. Adiesic 
Frances D. Allen 
Joyce Maloney Barnett 
Diane Edith Boston 
Alan David Goldberg 
Janet Marie Muir 
Susan Marie Muller 
Lauren J. Weiss 

Hearing and Speech 

Mancy Beth Elson 
Alison Briggs Finkelstein 
Diane Joy Freed 
Ruth Karen Kabatchnick 
Marion Sabrina Kiesow 
Jodie Lynn Levine 
Aurion L. McGillis-Dwyer 
Elena M. Munero 
Cheri Payne Shervin 
Deborah Kay Stephenson- 


Laura A. Bedard 
Jeanine Potter Derr 
Rebecca Aleene Ebert 
Jonathan Todd Ellison 
Richard Earle Holl 
Jeffrey Lane Karlin 
Donald James Leake 
Katherine Ann Morin 
Joseph Eugene Walukonis 
Kenneth Clarke Wenzer 

Human Development: 

Mary Kathryn Mead 
Marsha K. Mickels 
Anne Marie Smith 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: 

Paul Richard Edmondson 
Richard Scott Gray 


Faith Gavin Kuhn 

Jane Gallagher Silverstein 

Mathematical Statistics: 

Tandi Vettel 



Mark Allen Prysant 
YunTung Wong 

Physical Education: 

Robert Moel Baldwin 
Diana del Carmen Barcelo- 

Roland Charles Collins. Jr. 
Meredith E. Conn 
Michael E. Dupuis 
Suzanne Marie Ehmann 
Jacqueline Marie French 
Joseph Francis Grikis 
Paulette Alyse Guy 
Linard Webster Hancock 
Tina L. Moran 
Cindy Lee Morden 
Eugene Demetrius Sessoms 


Deejon Bradby 
Marie-Jocelyne Gessner 
Alissa Sue Jones 
Andrea Michelle Marcus 
Maryann Margaret Wzorek 


Jeffrey Colin Gardner 
Anne Marie Herink 
Stephanie Lynn House 
John James Mahlmann 
Ann Flather Miles 
Ruth Lynn Ragsdale 
Katherine Rose Savits 
Alisa R. Shore 
Rose Marie Ward 


Christine Smith Cox 
Ratchaneekorn Dibbayawan 
David George Geiger 
Timothy Shane Parker 
Jacquelyn Scarville 

Spanish Language and 

Maria Clemencia Alvarez B. 
Armando Figueroa 

Special Education: 

Sandra rSewcomb Dobbins 
Rebecca Anne Fisher Hickey 
J. Lawrence March 

Urban Studies: 

Martin Anderson 
Beverly D. Bond 
Richard Todd Girdler 
Beverly Selena Hill 
Rebecca Lee Queen 
Mark Delaney Rawlings 
Gunther Stern 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering: 

Donald Wayne Ausherman 
Gregory Lee Beyke 
Kevin Sean Early 
Rodger Enrique Farley 
Phillip Merrill Fine 
Yong Hyup Kim 
Ashok Law 
Joon Won Lim 
Khanh Quoc Mguyen 
Leo Patrick O'Hare 
Shanmugam R. Paragiri 
James Francis Peters 
Ricardo Andres Price 
Aaron Arthur Salzberg 
Dhananjay Krishnaji Samak 
Mark Winfield Scott 
Bruce Daniel Snyder 
Michael Linwood Stickler 
Frederick Abayomi Tasker 
John Gerald Varwald 
Vincent Joseph Zaccardi 

Agricultural Engineering: 

Collin Roy Burrell 
Michael Jay Krones 
Patricia Jane Lehtola 
Joel Michael Milano 
John Quinn 

Agricultural and Extension 

Mark Sennett Garland 

Agricultural and Resource 

Theresa-Marie DAddio 
William Charles Lewis 
Mauricio Pizarro Vera 


Djime Djibrine Adoum 
Paul Frederick Bell 
Peter Wertheimer Benedetto 
Mark Christopher Bolgiano 
Kevin Gordon Marcus 
Offiah Ogbonnaya Offiah 
Amanda Mary Prigg 
Robert Steven Sowers 
Mark Hjalmer Stolt 
Gilbert Harris Williams 

Animal Sciences: 

rSathan G. Birnbaum 
Kathleen Power Mahlke- 

Michael Anthony Pratta 
Peter K. Savage 
Lynette Hallgren Scaffidi 
Geetha B. Scrinivasappa 
Judith E. Strohmaier 
Gamini Nisanath 



Tilak M. Hewagama 


Mary Edith Carpen 
Deborath Gray Harrell 
Mary Diana Stemple Strem 


Daniel Joseph Bell 
Masdiar Bustamam 
Klaus Hermann Kaestner 

Business and Management: 

Kim rSewberg Ball 

William Russell Fiste III 

Eileen Brenda Haberman 

Tin-Long Lin 

Robert Brevoort Murdock, Jr. 

Siuyuan K. Tai 

Janice M. Williams 

Chemical Engineering: 

Christophe Rene Bertrand 
Delroy George Blissett 
Melson Prentice Bryner 
Chao-Hsi Chang 
Peter Christopher Drougas 

Shailesh Madhusudan Dave 
James Hsien-Tsung Hsu 
Thomas Henry Micklas 
Giro Luis Pinto-Coelho 
Craig Kenji Sakai 
Kevin Joseph Smith 
Kuo-Jen Su 
Yun Hsia Wang 

Chemical Physics: 

Azzedine Abbaci 
Hacene Boukari 
Karen Gruner 


Nancy Lynn Gilfrich 
Mudlagiri B. Goli 
Caroline Theresa 

Richard H. McBride 
Jeff Stanley Morrill 

Civil Engineering: 

Mohammad Akbar 

Siddique S. M. Alemneghad 

Olawale Abodunrin Ayodeji 

James Adams Barrack, Jr. 

Christine Joanna Benowskyj 

Bo Chen 

Thomas Michael Danielson 

Jeffrey Edmund Fuchs 

Ismail Fuad Hanieh 

Wen-Shuen Hong 

Wulin Li 

Jiayang Liu 

Mokhtar Mahi 

Abbas Motamedi 

Lhadj Moumena 

Ema Ikechukwu Obiarinze 

Angel Santos Paredes 

Joseph Jerome Phelan 

Joseph J. Rufka 

Bijan Sistani 

Young Goo Son 


Yvonne Thelwell 

hatacha Blanche Elisabeth 

Ogbonnaya Ojah (Jduka 
Jinrong Wang 
Tien-Tsair Wang 
Roy Gill White 
Stanley E. Wildesen 
Abdelkader Zerrouk 

Computer Science: 

David L. Andre 
Frederick Edward Boland 
Stephen Kenneth Castro 
Sharat Chandran 
Shu-Jen Hsiao Chang 
Show-Fune Chen 
JiangHsing Chu 
Peter Brennan Cottrell 
David Charles Freides 
Michael Neil Gray 
Ari David Gross 
Shang-Hsiu Sue Hsiung 
Shie-Rei Huang 
Yennun Huang 
Kyu-Hyun Hwang 
Pauline Q. Hwang 
Kuei-Hsiang Lee 
Susan Chia-Han Lee 
Anne Marie Litcher 
Wai Lin Lor 
Joshua Lubell 
Michael P. Marrone 
Sharon Kay Millheim 
Daniel Mayer Ostroff 
Debabrata Patnaik 
Raju Prasannappa 
Maria Elena Salazar Bertran 
Olaf Andrew Schoenrich 
Gma Kant Sharma 
Jeffrey Henry Straathof 
Krishnan Subramanian 
Judin Sukri 

Electrical Engineering: 

Margaret Louise Bates 
Michael Grant Beasley 
Hans Peter Bluem 
Zhong Ming Cai 
Anthony Louis Caviglia 
Chu Rui Chang 

PauChen Cheng 

Gerald Constantine Daus, Jr. 

Frederick Samuel Deitz 

Fariborz Ebrahimi 

Liang Fang 

Gennady Friedman 

Michael Joseph Giovannoni 

Warren Keven Gladden 

Hung Wang Goh 

Levent Gun 

Ann Maiorano Haley 

Gregory Steven Hill 

Jeremy Frederick Jacobsohn 

Margaret Mary Joyce 

Anil Kumar Kapoor 

Anthony LaVigna 

Hung Van Le 

Peter Li 

ShyhWei Luan 

Pascal Luck 

David Charles MacEnany 

Gabriel Isaac Mayo 

Peter Kerr McLarty 

Sau rSin Mok 

David J. Mountain 

Kim Mguyen Viet 

Peter Vincent Panetta 

Do Won Park 

Kshemendra Nath Paul 

Wilfredo Valentin Perez 

Majid Ressalei 

Gary Lynn Rouse 

ShiuhPyng Winston Shieh 

Jim Sung 


George John Theodorakos 

Luiz Antonio Vitoria 

Emily Mitchell Wasser 

Stanley Bruce Wernek 

Sehoon Woo 

Han Sub Yoon 

Joseph Anthony Zott 

Engineering Materials: 

Bernard Samuel Covino. Jr. 
Michael W. Gust 


Herbert Bennett Jacobi 
Craig David Lamison 
Ruth Stanly Salvaggio 

Family and Community 

Sonia V. Bernardo 
Silvia Boada Martinez 
Kathleen Ann Cohan 
Patricia Hawkins 
Margaret Theresa Lawrence 
Jodi Lynn Leatherman 
Pilar Medina de Lopez 
Valerie Ann Murphy 
Edgar Edwardo Rivas 
Terry Lee Thornes 
Sally Stribling White 
Shirley Eason Williams 

Food, Nutrition, and 
Institution Administration: 

Rebecca Susan Bitzer 
Cynthia W. Frazier 
Mitu Gupta 
Holly Berry Irving 
Phyllis Brooks McCarron 
Jane Gaffey Oshinsky 
Judith A. Quick 
Martha Jean Stubbs 

Food Science: 

Maritza Graude Jugo 
Cecile E. La Grenade 
Julia Ann Oriani 
Chandrakar Kundur Reddy 
Sunee Trofa 
Youn Hee Yoo 


Jennifer Renee Dennis 
Robert Christopher Tacker 


Steven A. Altman 
Mark Alan Bohning 
Charles Colston Burrell 
Stephen Parker Dubik 
Matthew Gerard Finn 
Wendy Sue Higgins 
Marisa Maiero 
Hui Shih 

Brenda Jo Skarphol 
Fernando E. Vega-Sanchez 

Environmental Sciences: 

Warren Edward Johnson 
Anthony Steven Pait 

Mechanical Engineering: 
Ali Asghar Bakhshi-Dezfouli 
Ying-Fa Chen 
Pen-Tai Chiang 
Shang-Ying Chang Clark 
Gajanan K. Deshmukh 
Frank Louis Ficadenti 
David A. Frommer 
Edward Gaines Gipple 
Harry Joseph Hoffman 
Gean-Chung Hsu 
Amit Kar 

Shamsuddin Khatri 
Chen-Chou Lin 
Mehran G. Mojarrad 
David Ernst Meuberger 
Yen-Hao Pan 
Dean R. Putnam 
Richard Thomas Reed 
Mark Monroe Thornton 
Anil K. Trehan 
Kenneth Wong 
Brian Lee Yaney 


Peter Rath Ahnert 
Christopher Alan Burr 
Joseph Vincent Fiore, Jr. 
Stuart Mark Freidenreich 
Paul Anthony Jendrowski 
Robert Edward LaPlante 
Edmund M. Larson 
Andrew Mark Vogelmann 


Susan Camiile Wolski 

Nuclear Engineering: 

Kiandokht Kafie 
Carl Raymond Klee 
Michelle Sandy Meuder 

Nutritional Sciences: 

Mary Elizabeth Cerny 
Claudia Elaine Danner 
Joan Marie Given 



Steven W. Daniels 
Dimitrios Alexandres 

Brenda Lynn Dingus 
Julian M. Franklin 
Ennily Alice Greene 
Todd Morgan Lang 
Peter William Maymon 
Michael Wiant 
Li Yan 

Poultry Science: 

Robert Roderick Gabel 


Susan D. Brown 

Textiles and Consumer 

Judith Ann Clark 
Marsha A. Feldstein 
Sharon L. Fivel 
Shu-Hwa Hwang 
Kathleen Marie Marvin 
Yusuf Cllcay 
Vikram Widge 


David Scott Cissel 
Michael Eugene Gross 
John Joseph Heisler 
Martha Susan fSizinski 
Suzanne Martel Pitts 
Kathryn Lynn Poteet 
Timothy James Schoen 
Stefan Andreas Sommer 
Joseph Lee Staton 
Theresa Maria Stevens 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Marianne Sharline Conrad 
Tracy Anetta Craig 
Linda Catherine Hoover- 

Diane Elizabeth Kime 
Ruth Diane Leitner 
Marsha Ann Mason-Sowell 

Kathryn M. McQueeney 
Judith Pauley 
Gary Robert Ratcliff 
Francis Rothuen Ridley, Jr. 
Ruth B. Rondberg 
Marianne Smyth 
-Lisa Yvette Thomas 
Carolyn Ruth West 
Suzanne Maurice Yeaman 

Curriculum and Instruction: 

Laurie Ann Annonio 
Rachel Ann Auclair 
Brenda Jean Bloomgarden 
Nancy Alice Boardman 
James G. Deegan, Jr. 
Vivian K. Gee 
Kathleen Alice Grasso 
Reba Pestun Jones 
Linda Marie Kane 
Hussin Bin Khairan 
Deborah Jane Menke 
Sam Frank Morina, Jr. 
Jo Ann Wieger Price 
Nancy L. Robinson 
Leslie Carol Roper 
Rita Yolanda Bahus Sato 
Dale Grimes Schirra 
Diana Theoni Stathopoulos 
Robert Louis Thomas 
(Jsha Venkatesh 
Linda Marie Vinson 
Rachel Curran Whittington 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: 

Louis Francis Cate 
Zaharah Hassan 
Lynn Even Zainfeld 
Michael Paul Zukauskas 

Human Development: 

Jennifer Belinda Branch 
J. Elliott Cooper 
Odell Travis Gibbs 
Joan E. Hall 
Margaret Alice Lloyd 
Audrey Marie Palmer 
Laura Lee Pruitt 
Irene Elizabeth Stiebing 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: 

Bernice Ethelda E. James 
George Mcleod Payne 
Rodney B. Stevenson 
Ruth Leet Tuttle 

Special Education: 

Connie Lynn Fouchard 
Barbra A. Stoddard 
Virginia A. Tucker 
Margaret Corman Wicks 

Master of Business 

Business and Management: 

Jeffrey Louis Antoon 
Mark Andrew Armelino 
Charles James Barrett 
Thomas Martin Bausch 
Sandra Leigh Beard 
Deepak Tejkumar Bhatia 
George W. Blum 
Ann Elizabeth Brinsmead 
Timothy Patrick Callahan 
Michael Wayne Castor 
Ronald Roland Charpentier 
Edward Joseph Curry 
Mary Theresa Weisgerber 

John C. Dimitrijevich 
Jeffrey Eugene Eicher 
Eilene Linda Eisenberg 
Johann Enslin 
Robert Mitchell First 
Karen June Fleischman 
Terri Gamache Gick 
Howard Steven Goldman 
Belinda Gesine Groth 
Greg W. Hanifee 
Michael Joseph Hanrahan 
Eric L. Helff 
Randee Hilton 
John Frederick Hornbeck 
Peter JuenWen Huang 
Wesley Augustus Huff 
Joe Jenkins 
Brenda E. Joseph 

Bryan Howard Kanefield 
Jeffrey Paul Kaplan 
Joel Franklin Kaufman 
David Chetwode King 
James Sydney King, Jr. 
Rita Irene Klein 
Gabor Istvan Kovacs 
Ralph Leon Lary III 
Yale Jeffrey Lewis 
Mark Louis Loepere 
Edward Jee-Phong Loh 
Samuel Lue 
Michelle Suzanne Lynn 
Thomas Patrick Lyons 
Michael Madia 
Alberto Maggiori 
Robert Matthew Mangiacotti 
Pamela Sue McCarthy 
Pauline Colette McGuire 
Rebecca Ann Meyer 
Walter Scott Miller 
Daniel John Moyer 
Linda Lee Nichols 
Gregory Jon Paradiso 
Joseph Paul Pestaner 
Max Roderic Peterson II 
Cynthia A. Petty 
Donald Vernon Pierce 
Nan Judith Rogovin 
James L. Russo 
Thomas Joseph Schonthaler 
Lisa Ann Scorpio 
San-Liang Sheu 
Steven Anthony Sienkiewicz 
Gregory K. Smith 
Kari L. Staddon 
Timothy D. Streilein 
Eric Carlton Turner 
Susumu (Jeno 
R. Dirk Van Wie 
Debra Sue Vetrano 
Debra Ann Myers Wah 
Richard Henry Walker, Jr. 
Jean Lizbeth Waxman 
Audrey Louise Wilson 
Howard J. Ziegler 


Master of Music 

William Oxiey Brubeck, Jr. 
Roy March Landers Hakes 
Bradley Duane Johnson 
Janice Elaine Kilgore 
Julia Ann Larson 
Sean Patrick McCarthy 
Kathleen Marie McGhee 
Deborah Hall Milan 
Mary Edna Mewton 
Kimble Louis Rose 
Myra Starkman Tate 
Walter William Todenhoft 
Carolyn E. True 
Margaret E. Wickham 

Master of Library 

Library and Information 

Laura A. Bedard 
Robert Leonard Buckley 
Mitchell Aaron Cahan 
Rebecca Aieene Ebert 
Jonathan Todd Ellison 
Allene Valerie Farmer 
Ann Witherspoon Henriksson 
Anne Craig Humphreys 
Denis Joseph Konouck 
Mary M. Kroder 
Pamela Jenkins Licht 
Christopher R. Mathias 
Kathleen Celia McDonough 
Karl Frederick McFarland 
Joanne Lee McHocko 
Sharon Elizabeth Medley 
Susan Elizabeth Myers 
Amado Marvaez, Jr. 
Rose Marie rSeary 
Andrea K. Potter 
Sarah Kathleen Radick 
Margaret Alden Ransom 
Mary Ellen Rounds 
SheauChyi Shyu 
Judy Lynn Solberg 
Inhye Kim Son 
Martha Magelhout Sykora 

Diana Gayle Valentine 
Susan M. VonBraunsberg 
Marlena Malmstedt Wald 

Master of Fine Arts 


Anne Marie Fleming 
Bruce Mason Gugliuzza 
Scott Clemans Mclntyre 
Elbert Samuel Peters 
Mary Shaffer 
Megan Whitman Widger 

Master of Architecture 

Margaret Edith Clarke 
Wanda Marie Cregger 
Mark Daly Farber 
John Francis Giubilo 
Lauren Ann Goldberg 
Mark Dennis Hughes 
Timothy Brian Kearns 
James Bryan King 
Lang Hoang Le 
Pedro Manuel Porro 
Donna Angela Summers 

Robert Manuel Rodriguez 
Maurice Zev Schlesinger 
Michael John Sullivan 
Stephen James Wilczynski 
Fernando Alvaro 


Master of Public 

Mary Patricia Agostinelli 
Mary Elizabeth Carroll 
Mitchell Reagan Coffey 
Maureen Bernadette Cusick 
James Nicholas Daukas 
Gabor Istvan Kovacs 
Pauline Colette McGuire 
Monica Mary McPherson 
Marie-Edith Rose Michel 

Charles Preston Niblack 
Richard Webster Robinson 
Joan Belen Rohlfing 
Gary Allen Seale 
Aron P. Trombka 
Lisa Scheckel Vann 

Master of Public 

Gwendolyn Frazier Hall 
Carol Ann Jacob 
Alan George MacLeod 
Mary Louise McDonough 
David Bruce Mitchell 
Michael Pawlukiewicz 
Hugh Victor Perkins 
Edward Garland Phoebus 
Kristine Marie Schlenker 
Carolyn Mooeny Scriber 
Ellen T. Shombert 
Loren Edward Yager 

Master of Applied 

Mary Elizabeth Felegy 
Lisa Ann Lowe 
Susan Guise Sheridan 
Edward Eugene Thorsett 
Matthew Rider Virta 


toaster's Level: 
Alice D. Finley 
Patricia Hawkins 
Edgar Eduardo Rivas 
Hubert L. Sonnenschein 
Mary Anne Sonnenschein 
Rossme A. Taylor 
Sally Stribling White 

Doctoral Level: 
Mamie Clark Montague 



College of Agriculture 
Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural Chemistry: 

Julie Ann Campbell 
Paul Phillip Powers 
Jacquelyn Kay Richardson 

Agricultural and Extension 

Grace Alice Mitoko 
Scott Ennerson Myers 
Mary Ann Sandeen 
Mark Alan Stull 

Agricultural and Resource 

Basil Webster Coale 
Oliver Daryl Kirk 
Steinunn Sigurdardottiv 

Agronomy — Crop Science: 

Michael Geary Fisher 
Stephen Bruce Matlack 
Brian Johnson Shufelt 

Agronomy — Soil Science: 

Deborah Lee Broyles 
Peter J. Goeden 
Luanne Kay VanderMale 

Agronomy — Turf and Urban: 

Richard Rollin Elliott (2nd 

Major: Horticulture) 
Christopher Michael Kerner 

Animal Sciences: 

Todd Adanns Bugbee 
Mark Richard Gobin 
John Steven Hipp 
Kathleen Ann Lackey 
Kimberly Anne Pardoe 
Tracy Jean Roberts 
Olga Marta Roviralto 
Wendy Joy Smith 
Cynthia Kay Stadler 
Carol Anne Kristina Trypus 

Food Science: 

Angela Denise Cornish 
•Marlene Rose Hamilton 
Jorge Boliver Jara, Jr. 
Allison Best Moyers 
Barbara Lynn Ravenscroft 

General Agriculture: 

Christopher Lohse Baker 
John Elwood Brader 
Howard Thomas Kerr 
Karen Lynne Lethbridge 
Alexander Marcellus P. 

McKinney III 
Andrew Thomas Simmons 
Charles Thomas Wheeler 
John Patrick Zawitoski 


Donna Carter Alban 
§Teri Lea Bennett 

Kevin David Clark 

Margaret D. Dessaint 

William C. Friedkin 

Cynthia Lee Godman 
*Bradley Ruiter Groelsema 

Zan Lynn Koldewey 

Dennis Paul Kratz 

John Fan Lee 

Julie Ann Mabe 

Maria Woodson Malloy 

Michael Stephen Miller 

Kenneth Wayne Movak 
*Kimberly Kaye Reinowski 

Michael Joseph Riordan 

Mary Alyce Johnson Roberts 

Amy Rae Stanbury 

natural Resources 

'Theodore Floyd Bresee 
Alan Edward Calfee 
Jon Edward Cofrancesco 
James Charles Johnson 
Brian Cutler Latta 
Claire E. McCabe 
Mary Susan Morschauser 
John Peter Moulis, Jr. 
Charles Todd Michols 
Ingrid Yamill Padilla 

*Tracy Lynn Pollak 

Robin Rogers Reutlinger 
Peyton Amy Taylor 
Denise Lynn Volk 
Meal Robert Welch 
Christopher Scott Worden 

Poultry Science: 

Carroll Jay Horine 

Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Dana Elizabeth Austin (2nd 
Major: Anthropology) 

Thomas Hawkins Ayers 

Dale Allen Baker 

Michael Patrick Boyle 

Wendy Anne Breyer 
tWillie June Brickey 

Lawrence Joseph Carroll II 

Yoomi Choe 
'William Achilleas Dounis 

Micholas Brendan Duck (2nd 
Major: Botany) 

Chho Lun Duong 

Jaleh Zahra Eslami 
§Ruth Brenda Felsen (2nd 
Major: Linguistics) 

Randall Scott Friese 

Hans Georg Fuhs 

Karen Elaine Hutchings 

Bernadette Anne Johnston 

Musele Archibald Kabila 

Stephen Kyo-Sung Kim 
'Jeffrey Lieberman 

Jacqueline Mary Macia 

Anthony Adolplus McFarlane 

Maureen O'Donnell 

Danny Philip Paoli 

Matthew Kihoon Park 

Ramin Vaziri Parsey 
*Rishi Raj Rajan 

Olga Marta Roviralta 

Erik Lawrence Russell 

Elam Safi 

Arooj Magbool Shaikh 

Mark A. Spencer 

Minh Chi Truong 
Henry H. Walbesser III 
Patricia Joy Williams 
Henry Po-Chen Wu 
*Hung Yu Wu 
Meng-Chin Grace Wu 


Alan David Brooks 
Barbara Zita Doman 
Robert Louis A. Tetrault 


EIna Castro Araquel 

David Wayne Benach 
'James Joseph Conners 

Letitia Michelle Deas 

Thomas Joseph Hart 

Robyn Frances James 

Susan Jenney 

Jerson Joseph 

Andrew Thomas Keepers 

Vivian Monique McKoy 

Alejandro Fernando Montoya 

Kimberly Iris Moran 

Beth Elise Owens 

SoonDuk Park 

Peter Charles Pasquier 

John Duckery Ragsdale 111 

Susan Rene Rose 

Kevin Scott Sail 

Michael John Eugene 

Samirr H. Shaban 

Thais Motria Sielecki-Dzurdz 

Carol Joy Stratton 

Guy Van Orden Swartwout 
tTuanh Tonnu 

Kenneth Michael Wells 

Natanael Wijaya 


Katherine Marie Gott 
Holly Anne Sheftell 

General Biological Sciences: 

Jeffrey Lynn Baker 
Richard Med Bamford 
Lisa Renee Banghart 
Perry Todd Bonner 
Charles Edward Card 
Michael Emmet Daly 


§ Summa cum Laude; fMagna cum Laude; 'cum Laude 

Kim Elizabeth Davis 
Catherine F. Dougherty 
David Alan Evans 
Saralyn Denise Fetter 
Viviana Pilar Fuster 
Keith Alan Gold 
Geoffrey Mitchell Hannigan 
Andrew Scott Kennedy 
Scott Lawrence Lesser 
Parkson Jiann Lin 
Peter Michael Lorenzetti 
Kimberly Kell Morgan 
Anna Marie Morton 
German Perilla 
Teresa A. Potter 
Anthony Joseph Reyer 
William Joseph Skowronski 
Fred Bryan Wachter 
Marjorie Klaver Warden 
Gail Annette Warren 
Duane R. Western 
Brian Davis Wortman 


Judith Lee Elkins 
Andrew Satterlee Hartten 
Gregory Allen Krehbiel 
Judith Faith Owens 
Daniel Stephen Pazdersky 
Cynthia JeMeane Poston 
George Alexander Sauer 
Lesley Allison Sebol 
Jennifer Lee Thomas 
Arnold Edvin Tums 
Michael Joseph Tuttle 
Mark Barrett Watson 
Patricia Marie Watterson 
Michelle Heather-Mae Webb 


Isaac Alamo 
Frank Anthony Attard 
Cheryl Lynn Becker 
Kathleen Louise Brown 
Robert Edward Butz 
Michael Francis Chiaramonte 
Joseph Anderson 
Crunkleton, Jr. 
Delores Jeanette Dobson 
Anil Dwivedi 
Gillian Rose Edwards 

Mancy Rhoades Enterline 
Scott Fred Epstein 
Debra L. Farling 
Robert Glenn Frieman 
Cynthia Yvonne Fulton 
Toni Renee Garman 

tLisa Sumiko Greenberg 
Lisa Anne Horth 
Lisa Diane Jones 
Priya Joshi (2nd Major: 

Ashraf Inayat Khan 
William Forrest Martin III 
Dung Phuong Nguyen 
Antoinette Anne O'Neill 
Stephen Lawrence Parker 
Brenda Bernice Phillips 
Khadigeh Pirnia 
Carlos Alberto Piteira 
Steven Loring Rosenthal 
Fouad Salim Sayegh 
David Brian Schmickel 
Alison Mary Shaw 
Myra Bach Nga Sitjar 
Brenda Lavonne Taylor 
Greg L. Warner 
Melvin Williams 
Steven Glenn Winslow 

*Bruce William Zukerberg 


David Lee Adier 
Alisa Joanna Blitz 
Ronald Michael Blum 

tWillie June Brickey 
Brendan James Canning 
Veronica A. Cassilly 

§Elizabeth Lebourgeois 
Karen Musgrove Cruz 
Valerie Sharon Curry 

*Peter Edwin Darwin 
Adrian Michael Danchenko 
Thomas Paul Ehrlich 

§Avrim Brett Fishkind 
Mary Lynn Flavin 
Stuart Rand Fuller 
Michael Milton Gayle 
Christina Yvonne Ginsberg 
Tamara A. Harvey 
Rebecca Karen Holt 

Denise Lynn Hurst 
Gregory Stuart Kidd 
Richard H. Kline, Jr. 
Roman Kovac 
Theodore Liana III 

§Mary Anna Melnyk 
Monica S. Murakami 
Suzanne M. Parker 

*Sangeeta Pati 
Michael Jeffrey Richman 
Cindy Sharee Rigg 

•Miriam Sharon Ruff 
John George Rumbaugh 
David Emanuel Samuel 
Brunilda Rosa Santiago 
Richard J. Seibert 
William Louis Sickel 
Bruce Alan Skolnick 

'Lisa Michelle Taylor 
Peter Aegan Tromba 
Allen Yat-Cheung Tsui 
Michele Antoinette Wright 


School of Architecture 

Bachelor of Science 


Leiand Thomas Benson 
Laurie Jo Blinchikoff 
Todd Clifford Brazzon 
Laurence Frank Caudle 
YoonJoo Chang 
Catherine Purple Cherry 
Frank Robert Culotta 
Sima Feldstein 
Mark Fricke 
Theodore Houseknecht 
Eric John Jenkins 
Richard Evan Johnson 
Kenneth Jones 
Shlomo David Katz 
Kuk-Ja Candice Kim 
Myong Su Kim 
Robert Andrew Kuge 
Ellen Bronte Lake 
Lynne Ann Lawson 
Betty Bei-Wen Lee 
Robert James Lee 
Susan Beth Lifton 
Paul Edward O'Connell 
David Charles Parker 
Donna Angela Summers 

John Joseph Prokop 
John Philip Spickler 
Kenneth F. Szpara 
David Randolph Whaples 
Patricia Mary Williams 

Architecture— Urban Studies: 

Bridgett Renee Moten 

§ Summa cum Laude: tMagna cum Laude; 'cum Laude 


College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Science 

Elizabeth Aguigui-Mau 
Melissa Ann Allbritton 
Tami Michelle Amaker 
Danny M. Angel 
Andromache Michelle 

Lynn Anne Armstrong 
Sandra Ellen Arndt-Kohlway 
Susan Elizabeth Baker 
Jackie L. Ball 
Michelle Paulette 

Karen Ky Beam 
Telethea Rochelle Bennett 
Harry Roger Benson 
Melissa Anne Berman 
Kathy Elizabeth Bogeatzes 
§Rex Lynn Bowman 
Jeanine I. Butler 
Christine Campisi 
Jill Carruthers 
Kim Elizabeth Chappell 
tDeborah Ann Chern 
Jennifer Chorosiewski 
Christina Denise Cicala (2nd 

Major: Radio, Television, 

and Film) 
Adam Todd Cohen 
Elisa Beth Cohen 
Karen Susan Cohen 
§Barbara Jean Cole 
Sandra Teresa Coleman 
Dana Ellison Cooper 
Amy Lynn Dailey 
Michael Patrick DeLane 
Jan Adrian Desper 
Liza Lapus De Villa 
tPamela Suzanne 

Jesse Brian Dooley 
Munira Osman Egal 
Audrey Jennifer Eig 
Holly Marie Fadden 
Dahn Stacey Parkas 
Wendy Anne Pliegel 
Merle Ellen Pord Phillip 
Laurie Sue Friedman 

*Mary B. Friend 

Lynn Adrienne Galdi 

Earl Norbert Garrett IV 

Vida D. Gintvainis 

Marline Rosalyn Hall 
tSandra Lynne Hamorsky 

Judy Lynn Harrell 

Bernardo Antonio Hernandez 

Natalie Carole Herzberg 

Lynne Marie Hofman 

Jennifer Anne Homet 

Joseph Philip Hornyak 

Diane Denise Jackson 

Linda Jarvis 
*Charles Robert Jennings 

Albert Kaloust Kapikian 

Stacey Lee Kincaide 

Lorelei Elise Kispert 

Teresa Rose Lawrence 
•Eileen Rachel Lessans 

Jodi Robin Levitt 

Carol A. MacLeod (2nd 
Major: English) 

Michelle Ann Malloy 

Andrew Alan Manley 

Arthur Patrick Marnane 

Heather A. Massiah 

Susanna Lee Mattingley 

Donna Marie McElligott 

Mark Donald McGee 

Julie Ellen McPherson 

Lori Ann Mehler 

Richard John Mensing, Jr. 

Karen Anne Moodie 

Monica Irene Nilson 

Jennifer Jeanne Novak 

Lisa Ellen Ozio 
tElena Ida Paoli 

Michael Paris 

Lori Caria Peiser 

Monica M. Pellegrini 

Vicki Marie Penn 

Denise Lynne Pilecki 

Betsy Pisik 

Esther Samayla Proctor 

James Oliver Proctor 

Allison Maree Randall 

James Vincent Reilly 

Dana Meryl Reiseman 

Lisa Maxine Robinson 

Kimberly Ann Rose 

Bonnie Anne Rosen 
David Rosenberg 
Christine Faith Russell 
Kaaren Elizabeth Ruth (2nd 
Major: Gouernment and 
Linda Beth Saltzman 
Sharon Lynne Sams 
Doug Alan Sandler 
Joseph Mario Sandri, Jr. 
Lemuel O. Satterfield 
Jean Gail Saul 
Michael John Savarese 
David Alan Sax 

*Julie Ann Schejbal 
Leah S. Schwartz 
Silvia Elizabeth Scuto 
Scott M. Sherwood 

tLaurie Ann Shuster 
Randi Hope Sinel 
Brooke Arlene Sipple 
Raymond Michael Smith 
Susan Yvonne Snider 
Kelley Anne Songer 
Keith Robert St. Clair 
Brooke W. Strohman 
Michael Bryan Swartz 
Jane Marie Talbert 
Ann Marie Tatsios 
Rozolyn Monique Thomas 
Paul Jason Tobin 
Debra Sue Trolman 
Michael DeHaven Valenti 
Daniel Bernard Venedam 
Debra Alane Waldorf 
Jennifer Ann Wallace 
Matt Wascavage 
Laura Elizabeth Washburn 
Dawn Ellen Watkins 
David Steven Weissman 
Julia Susan Wernett 
Melanie Lynn Wilson 
Cynthia Jane Wolkovich 
Chequita Darnette Wood 
Lynnette Marie Wood 
Madelyn Irene Woods 
Ellen Yan 

fDonna Jean Young 
Cynthia Zdzienicki 
Victoria Anne Zuchelli 

Division of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies: 

§Stephen Rowan DeAngelo 
Patrick Michael McCarthy 

Art History: 

*Enola Moulda Arnold 
Scott Stephen Dicey 
Nevin Preston Diehl 
Olivia Catherine Eccleshall 

*Mindi Rochelle Gittis 
Marjorie Wages Hewlett 

*Cecilia Ann Jordan 
Samuel S. Lee 
Martha Jean Lewis 
Jay Barry Messer 
Diane Elaine Silhanek 


Tamara Lynne Bredewez 

(2nd Major: Art History) 
Carla Ann Figueroa 
Margaret M. Hall 
Ann Marie Kerry 
Franklin O. Lantz 
Judy Har Lee 
Vickie Lynne Luther 
*Janet Jay Matthews 
Robert Jay Moore 
Sharri M. Ogle 
Edmond S. Pittman 
Lucy Candyce Shipe 
Angela Marie Smith 
Maria Lopez Swafford 
Laura A. Trussell 
Carolyn Anne Watts 

Classical Languages and 

tMark Anthony Ciabaton 


Lorraine Bradford 
Linda Michelle Cerniglia 
Carol Melissa Easter 
Katharina Christine Feulner 
Kimberly Lyn Harper 
Cara Denise Macrina 


§ Summa cum Laude; fMagna cum Laude; *cum Laude 

Deborah Marie Peckerol 
Amy Louise Peele 
Elizabeth Ann Roliand 
Karen Marie Sklamm 

East Asian Languages and 

Kathryn Jean Basile 
*Timothy William Foster 
*Ming Lee (2nd Major: 
Suzanne Andrea Macuk 
Rachel Teresa Sengers 

English Language and 

David Anthony Adelman 
•Elizabeth Marie Aitken 
•Ann-Martha Andrews 
Lisa Arongino 
Erica L. Aungst 
Andrea Christine Babest 
•Christina Augusta Barbera 
Barbara Anita Bishop 
Robert Emil Bogen 
Claudette M. Borsching 
Patricia Ann Bowen 
§William Earl Boyer 
Kirsten Caroline Burling 
Amy Kathleen Carroll 
Stephen Michael Cranford 
Brian Thomas Curley 
Erin Lee Dillon 
Maria-Kate Dowling 
Olivia Catherine Eccleshall 
Roberta Danielle Farber 
•Eva Suzanne Feldman 
James Carl Flounlacker 
Andrew Imre Fury 
Gregory Norman Gabel 
•Paul Philip Gallagher 
James Paul Qeckle 
David Arnold Goldstein 
Alison Michelle Green 
Jeffrey Michael Green 
Elizabeth Ann Haggart 
Paula Kay Hatheway 
Lisa Louise Henderson 
Lucy Rumsey Holt 
Sherry Lee Jackson 
Kenneth Philip Johnson 

Lisa Lind Johnston 
•Jeanne Jones 

Margaret Ellen Judge 
•Eleanor Jo Kan 

Frances Mary Kimball 

Rekha Kumar 

Barbara Fern Kutik 

Bryan Lally 

Kelli Sue Lankford 
•Fran A. Lebowitz 

Diane Marie Lewis 
•Nathan Ailing Long 

Lallianzuali Hmar Malsawma 

Bruce Perry Matez 

Barbara E. McDonald 

Stacy Anne Miller 

Susan Mary Mitchell 
•Karen Barbara Munro 
•Laura Marie Ohier 

Joanne Marie Olson 

Yael Zipporah Osterweil 
tJoyce Cassidy Owens 

Rohini Arvind Parikh 
•Janet Elizabeth Parr 

Margaret Anne Quill 

Matthew Sol Reiner 

Dante Gabriel Rossetti 

Inge Ursula Saake 

Evelyn J. Shapiro 

Mary Virginia Shea 
§Jane Vettori Snyder 
§Rosemarie Solari 

David Howard Sporn 

Andrew Christian Stone 

Joseph Charles Maiden 

Ellen Lee Teare 

Amy Leigh Tiernan 

Pamela Lynn Tucci 

Beverly Ann Turk 

Marie Germaine (Jnger 

Mara Catherine Wasilik 

Eric Weiner 

Christopher Robert Wharton 

Angela Lynette White 

Christopher Alan Winters 

Marcella Elizabeth Wolfe 

Frencti Language and 

•Carmen Lucia Dourado da 
Cunha (2nd Major: 
Government and Politics) 
Christine Marie Evans 
Elizabeth Alleen Gutches 
Katharine Anne Pauley 
Yvonne Sabban 

Germanic Language and 

Victoria Elizabeth Cushman 

Linda D'Angelo 
•Donna Ann Kinerney 
•Judith Anne Shirley 

Amy Louise Shulse 

Brenan Richard Swartz 

Melvin Williams 


David Reid Backer 
•Diana E. Barry 

Christopher Todd Bedea 

Donna Mae Benbrook 

Sharmila Bhatia 

Geoffrey Korb Bond 
•James Vincent Corbelli 
•Frank Barton Davis 

David J. DeSimone 

Michael William Devine 
tRegina Marie Dufresne 

John Clark Eckstine 

Sharon Elaine Fleisher (2nd 
Major: English) 
tPerri Lynn Franskoviak 

Wade Thomas Heisig 

Richard Blair Hill 

Jane Ellen Horrocks 

Pierre Emile Joseph 
*Taro Konoshima 

Michael Wade Krutman 
•Rodney Kimbel McCaslin 

Deborah Jane Nunn 

Walter Mauro Pasquini 

Albert Razick 

Nita Kay Santiago 

Craig A. Saunders 

Joseph Mark Sayles 

Doris Jane Yocum Schulten 

Heather Ann Shea 

Susan Nicole Silverberg 
Annette Elizabeth Sluka 
Marylu D'Angelo Smith 
Patricia Marie Starun 
Paul-Michael Sweeney 

•Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin 
William Thomas 

fKaren Marie (Jnnerstall 

§Troy Harold Willett 
Melvin Arnold Winkelman II 


Suzanne Dickson 
Susan Lynn Drinnon 
Dennis Michael Gibbs 
Martina Arnhild Grunwald 
Brian Nelson Head 
Nancy Jo Hohenwarter 
Catherine Louise Poulin 
Marie Ellen Pritchard 
Amy Amelia Thomas 
Hubert Daniel Thompson 


David Luther Clark 
tisobel Anne Combes 
Richard Martin Connor 
William Morris Inglis 
Ross Tenney Johnson 
Jeffrey Stuart Nelson 
•Marie Lott Pharaoh 
Glen Swanson 

Radio, Television and Film: 

Brian Alexander Allen 
•Julie Marie Altobelli 
Iris Jeannette Argueta (2nd 

Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature) 
Darrin McKinley Armstrong 
Jonathan Eric Aronson 
Lynn Frances Baily 
Christal Theresa Baisden 
Marc Wallace Barclay 
David Howard Bass 
Susan Margaret Beringer 
Cristopher Alan Blackwell 
Jonathan King Brody 
Marybeth Bullen 
Jennifer Summers Carlson 
Cindy Lou Carter 

§ Summa cum Laude; jMagna cum Laude; *cum Laude 


Margaret Elizabeth Castle 
Alan Bryan Chasan 
Kenneth Francis Coleman 
Anne Elizabeth Cordis 
+ Lucy Terrill Crider 
Allsa Carole Czorny 
Annabel M. Dashiell 
Joseph Vincent Delpo 
Joseph Winfield Demby, Jr. 
Suanne Beth Diamond 
Frank Di Graci 
Teresa Ann Dinneen 
Regan Elizabeth Dougherty 
Paula Yvette Dubrow 
Bradley David Dunn 
Brian David Durall 
Todd Frederic Ehrlich 
Sharon Michele Engel 
Heidi Lynn Feldman 
Jacqueline A. Fenton 
Rita Ellen Franchi 
Kelly Leigh Franklin 
Robert Bennett Frey 
Daniel Michael Gallagher 
Michele Lee Stanton Gibbons 
Laura Elise Gibson 
Karen Lynne Goldstein 
Linda Marie Graziano 
Alison Deborah Green 
Deborah I. Greene 
Kenneth J. Gula 
Jan Marie Hammond 
Kathleen Frances Hart 
Kathlyn Kay Herr 
Kurk Kevin Hess 
Lisa Sue Hildebrand 
Heidi Hill 
Kelly Ann Hoi! 
Robert Jonathan Horwitz 
Allen Warren Hovis 
Reginald Dennis Howie 
Stephen Daniel Hurson 
Susan Gail Jaffe 
Glenda Michelle Johnson 
Margaret Harmer Johnson 
Mindi Fran Kaufman 
Rosemary Kay 
Leslie Susan Kellner 
Rhonda Phyllis Kenney 
Susan Greer Keys 
Stephanie Ann Kronen 

Richard Harvey Kryder 
Wanda WaiYun Kwok 
Iris Lolita Langford 
Grace Sunmie Lee 
Andris Indulis Levensteins 
Jenifer Alison Litwin 
Kristy Lynn Loveman 
Margaret Ann Lowe 
Kim Margaret Mac Pherson 
Michael Steven Mandelblatt 
David Scott Mazzeo 
Francis Joseph McCormick. 

Frederick Karl Merkel 
Cynthia Gail Miller 
Marianne Lea Moore 
Susan Rosemary Murphy 
John C. Myers 
Jessica G. Machlas 
Dawn Christine Morris 
Anne Marie Movac 
Timothy James OToole 
Kenneth Edward Peters 
Denise Trucdiep Pham 
•Linda Jean Polonsky 
Tamiko Lynn Power 
Barbara Ann Rappaport 
Armen Ara Sahagian 
Angela Michele Scordato 
Robert Joseph Scott 
Stephanie Pamela Sherin 
John Lenker Snyder, Jr. 
Stephen Wade Stafford 
Andrew Todd Stainer 
Randi Lyn Steinbach 
John Kevin Sterling 
Joseph Mathaniel Stewart 
Patricia Rachelle Stewart 
James Charles Tack 
Jacqueline Torres 
Debra Ann Trozzo 
Jack Gilbert Gpton 
Dorothy Anne Velasco 
David Gregory Vespoint 
John William Walther III 
Barbara Warnock 
Kimberly Anne Washington 
Heidi Lynn Wickstrand 
Glenda Leigh Williams 
Barry Jay Zeller 

Romance Languages: 

Patricia Clrrutia 
*Page Louise Whittenburg 

Russian Area Studies: 

Anne Whitney Branzell 
Edward Dean Hanson 
Margaret Rose Posa 
Linda Theresa Spradlin 
William Roy Vernola 
Joseph Thaddeus Ward 

Russian Language and 

James Ernest Adie 
Susan Eileen Aronoff 
Sarah Beth Barnhardt 
Walter Michael 

Mandana Dowlatshahi 
Diana Daria Hromockyj 
L. Gregory Loomar 
Linda Ann Pavik 

Spanish Language and 

Christine Agnete Armas 
Carine Dorce 
Deborah Corinne German 
Catherine Domenica Gigioli 
Lorraine Marie LaVia 
Lucile Ann Lisle 
Ginette Theresa Meveu 
Christine Marie Ott 
JoAnn Pechnik 
Carol Ann Ruhl 
Lucy F. Sanchez 
Mark Alan Story 

Speech Communication: 

Pamela Ford Allen 
Deborah Leslie Deutsch 
Michelle Louise Johnson 
tJennifer Lynn Monahan 
Sherri Olensky 
Marvin Lee Pyles 
Gail Robin Slater 
Kenneth DeWitt Thomas 
Timothy James Wheeles 


Gregory J. Cooper 
tDe Vonna Ann Deen 
Claudia Ann Dumm 
Meil Goldberg 
Lisa G. Grimes 
Alicia Lynn Hiller 
Christian William Miller 
Mary Ann Rodeffer 

Bachelor of Music 


Rodolfo T. Brito 

Eugenia Sophia Dawson 

Michael Kent Ely 

Nina J. Gilman 

Lawrence Michael Jacobson 

Dong H. Kim 

John Carl Kirksey 
tMichael Richard Matzko 

Gregory Campbell McCallum 
*Laura Melton 

Rinna Mee-Kyung Saun 
§Sandra Feiveson Segal 
♦Robert John Stattel 

Amy llene Walder 

Kwangl Ying 

Music Theory and 

*David Eckels Kelley 
*Lisa Brooks Robinson 
Doris Ann Runcie 


§ Summa cum Laude; ftAagna cum Laude; *cum Laude 


College of Business and 

Bachelor of Science 


Michele Ann Abretski 
Michael K. Aburachis 
Trevor Anthony Agard 
Yekini Yele Ajiboye 
Julie Ellen Albright 
Rodney Marshall Bagley 
Kevin John Ballenger 
Jannes Frederick Beckmann 

fKimberly Lynn Berkheimer 
Cynthia Lee Bickford 
Michael Edwin Bjoro 

*Laura Leigh Boyce 
Omar Klauder Boyd III 
David William Bugg 
Riccardo Rocco Buglisi 
Lisa Caro 

Irene Hsiang-Yin Chen 
Peter Arnold Chrlssinger 
Michele Lynn Cohen 
Alenna Hanae Collier 
Megan Elizabeth Connolly 
Daniel Michael Cotter 
Marc E. Crumback 
Suzanne Robin Cupp 
Daniel C. Curry 
Michael Raymond Curtis 
Matthew David Dapolito 
Kathy Denise Dargo 
Lori Michelle Dietz 
David Phillips Dorsey 
Erica Tracy Downs 
John Michael Driscoll 
Steve Du Val Duarte 
Darlene Faith Duda 
Mark Robert Eastman 
Debra Denyse Eaton 

*Jody Elizabeth Ehr 

*Ann Catherine Eilers 
Eric Thomas Eppinger 

Carlton Flynn Etchison, Jr. 

Lanta Linette Evans 

Marti Dee Everhart 

Michele Robin Falk 

Guy Wayne Filomena 

Robert Jeffrey Fishbein 

Glenn Russell Frank III 
*Eva Jean Freedman 

Raymond J. Fugere III 

Sheridan Dee Gerhoff 

Maura Barrett Gilday 

Michael Bryan Goheen 

Andrew Edward Gold 

Helene Michele Goldberg 
§Mark Steven Gorman 

Kevin Guerra (2nd Major: 
General Business) 

David Jonathan Gutstein 

Jeffrey B. Haas 

Jennifer Mary Harding 

La Rell Harry 

Keith Adam Heilveil 

Victoria Anne Heisler 

Matalia Ho 
fTammy Sue Hofe 
tJoseph Paul Hoppenjans 

Lisa Kay Italiano 

James Russell Jefferys 

Mark Fitzgerald Anthony 

Karen Elizabeth Keen 

John Edward Kinney 

Charles Christopher Kirk. Jr. 

Diane Elizabeth Kretschmer 
*Deborah Ann Lane 
*Andrew Marc Ledner 

Yee Ting Lee 

Katherine Elizabeth Leffler 
*Stella Elizabeth Lehmann 

James Leslie Lisle. Jr. 

James Kenneth MacDougall 

Dina Marie Mach 

Mark James Malengo 

Anthony Edward Marchetti, 

Donald Joseph Mayse 

Scott David McClure 
tPatricia Ann McKee 

David Michael McLoughlin 
*Peter Theodore Michaels 

Betty Christine Miller 

William Christopher Miller 
Melissa Amy Mills 
Marina Truitt Moehring 
Maria Salome Antillon 

Kristine Louise Murphy 

§Patricia Ann Meiss 
Geoffrey Adam FHewman 
Diane Nguyen 
Teryl Denise Norris 
Carolyn Marie O'Connor 
Douglas William O'Donnell 
Alicia Maria Padron 
Hasmig Houshig 

James Jae-Sung Park 
Linda Ann Pavik 
John Brander Pettway 
Merle Christiana Phillips 
Patricia Rose Poissant 
Kevin Paul Ponchock 

*Karen Nolan Postelle 
Todd Kevin Pounds 
Donna Lee Rector 
Jill Susanne Reiches 

§Laura Reilly 
Walter John Rine 
James Carl Rodante 

*Craig Richard Rosato 

§Adam Jamie Rosen 
Susan Irene Roth 
Anthony Joseph Russo (2nd 

Major: Finance) 
Karen Lee Schartman 
Scott Michael Schnurr 
Cindy Ann Scott 
Anne Marie Sesso 
Timothy James Sines 
Dana George Sippel 
Julie Dianne Snowden 
Tracy Rose Spatz 
Dina Spiropoulos 
Martin Thomas Stanislav 
Todd Jeffrey Suddleson 
Damon Thomas Sutton 
Allison Sue Tesser 
Valerie Yvonne Thornton 
Mark Anthony Tootsey 
Lawrence Donald Toth 

§Laureen Anne Tracy 
Ellen Marie Valge 

Christina Gene Van Pelt 

Ellen Hope Vogin 

Arthur Lawerence Weinger 
§Darin Charles Werking 

Robert Edward Whaley 

Dana O'Brien White 

Daniel Allen Wiechec 

Kenneth John Wilhelm 

Joseph C. Wilkinson 

Sheryl Rene Wittman 

Karen Sue Worden 

Amy Dundee Wright 

Winnie Sheau-Yun Yang 

Woong Yi 
*Jessyca Oak Yun 

Robert Jay Zigman 


John Joseph Mattras. Jr. 


Douglas Michael Andersen 
Karen Elizabeth Andres 

*Aaron Assaraf 
Gil L. Aurellano 
Debora Lynn Auth 
Michael Barnaba 
Linda Ann Beck (2nd Major: 

Steven Marc Bergida 
Michael Lawrence Bonchick 
William Emanuel Bonner 
Mark John Borchardt 
Sharon Jill Boyd 
Susan Kay Braland 
Gregory Michael Brand 

tRichard Alan Butler 
Michael Paul Byrne 
Stephen J. Caramanico 
John Edward Carey 
Kevin Patrick Carman 
Gerald Stevan Casey 
Mark Allan Cecil 
Gary Eric Cohen 
Patricia Ann Cornell 
Kristin Eileen Cotton 
James Prescott Covey (2nd 
Major: General Business) 
Allan James Cranska 
Christopher Jonclif Cross 
Carolyn Marie Crowley 
Daniel F. C. Crowley 

§ Summa cum Laude; tMagna cum Laude; *cum Laude 


Andrew Joseph DePhillips 
David Michael Dortch 
Michael Jeffrey Dunworth 
Linda Denise Eisenberger 
Harry TaHsiang Fang 
Robyn Carol Ferris 
Martin Edward Flum 
Kenneth Vincent Forbes 
Jonathan Miles Forster 
Mark Hamilton Frieman 
Kenneth Brian Fulep (2nd 
Major: General Business) 
James David Gallo 
Daniel Edward Gannon 
William Paul Gavin 
Russell Glen Gervase 
Allison Marie Ginda 
Robert Roy Giraldi 
John David Glover 
Maria Rita Granata 
§Steven Fred Grant 
Steven Gary GrassI 
Scott Albert Grebenstein 
Barbara Ann Green 
Lisa Marie Gribbin 
Thea Harding 
•Kimble Pierce Hardman 
James Andrew Harrison 
Brendan Daniel Hart 

Kimberly Karil Hartman 

Natalie Sue Hartman 

Lisa Marie Harvey 

Jeffrey Marc Herschler (2nd 
Major: Economics) 

KimLoan Thi Hoang 

Laura Eileen Hudson 

Randall Edison Ingle 

Arlene Sierra Jalandra 

William Kay 

Angeline Kesuma 

Lisa Marie Kidd 

Jeffrey Joseph Kidwell 

Paul Donald Kin 

Lauren S. Krasner 
'Andrew Joseph Krouse 

Seth Richard Kugler 
•John Lee Lanphear 
*Susan Ann Laverty 

Carol Patricia Le Blanc 

Jill Levine 

Cecilia Maria Lewis 

James Edward Lewis 
Joani V. Lewis 

'Sharon Trudi Lobe (2nd 
Major: Economics) 
Robert Scott Logan 

•Mark Long 

§Martin Karl Lowen 
Shelley J. Lucas 
Catherine Ann Machelski 
Marc Todd Madnick 
Darrell JenSen 
Timothy McAndrew 
Linda Jeanne McCeney 
Sarah Gill McFadden 
Helene Beth Melnikoff 
Harvey Ira Metro 
Ira Jay Miller 
Robert David Minlionica 
Joyce Mocek 
Eugene Bernard Morris, Jr. 

'Lisa Marie Mossi 
Frederick P. Mueller, Jr. 
Gordon Lee Myers 
Maureen Anne Mairn 
Kyle Martin Neff 
Christina Mehrebecky 
Philip Michael Mewman 
Lorde Gerardi Nock 
Stephen Douglas Norton 
Stephen Andrew Olah 
Alison Deanna Park 
David Bert Parker, Jr. 
Michael Timothy Perdue 
Michael Thomas Persinski 
Douglas Pinckney. Jr. 
Jean Marie Podrasky 
Timothy Joseph Quinian 
Robert William Reiliey 
Marina Resnik 
Richard Stephen Ricci, Jr. 
Nora Jeanne Ridgell (2nd 

Major: Economics) 
ingrid J. Robinson 
Jennifer Lynn Robinson 
Tammy Rosenberg 
Martin V. Royal 
Lauren Jill Rubin 
Rossana Maria Santarpia 
Steven John Sarigianis 
Peter Rice Schiesser 
Ellen Rose Schrier 

Brian David Schwab (2nd 

Major: Marketing) 
Joseph Michael Schwab 
Frank Paul Scopelliti 
Richard Alan Shapiro 
Blaine David Shipler 
Jill Phyllis Shulman 
Lori Ann Smith 
Raymond Leon Smith, Jr. 
Kevin Lane Snodgrass 
Andrew John Sourlis 
Bernard Vincent Stehle 
fMark Paul Steinhorn (2nd 

Major: Economics) 
Ting-Shih Teng 
Christopher Edwin 

Chi Mai Tran Luu 
Robert Michael Troyano 
Scott Francis Van Giezen 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
James Henry Warden 
Elizabeth Jane Waterman 
'Thomas Allan Wells 
Arden Thomas Widmann 
Christine Dawn Wiggins 
Rose Claire Wilkinson 
Kevin E. Williams 
Cynthia Alexandra Wilson 
Daffinie Lynne Winfrey 
Susan Ellen Wise 
Simone Annette Wolf 
Nancy Lew Yee 
Thomas Paul Zaffiri 
David Gregg Zeiler 
Morry Arthur Zolet 
Lisa Beth Zucker 

General Business 

Mark Steven Abramson 
Lisa Marie Baiocchi 
Mark Andrew Benas 
Kevin Christopher Betskoff 
Bruce Scott Blum 
Richard Seth Botwinick 
Robert William Brown 
Mary Cay Canfield 
Chhavy Kanha Chea 
Edward Matthew Clark 
Leslie T. Cosby 

Loraine S. Davies 
Marlene Ann Deemer 
Ronald Thomas Dryhurst 
Daniel Bruce Fischer 
Karen Marie Flickinger 
James Roger Frechette, Jr. 
Elizabeth Jane Gallo 
Craig Adam Geller 
Gary David Gorelick 
David J. Grazi 

'Dorothy Ann Hammond 
Kelly Ann Ickes 
Cheryl Lynn Jenets 
Carolyn A. Kaplan 
Karen Koos Kasner 

'Eileen Ann Kiely 

tNancy P. Laughrige 
Manfred Robert Leckszas 
Dana Randall Lee 
Catherine Sofia Lenck 
John Edward Leonard 
Jon Eric Lindstrom 
Elizabeth Louise Lipford 
Gina Felice Lucente 
Brendan Noel Ludden 
Monique Noel Marshall 
William Edward Mattingly, 

Jacqueline Elizabeth May 
Jeanne Marie McCullough 
Mary Lovern Middlebrook 
Dedi Linn Mitchell 
Timothy Francis Moylan 
Phillip Cary Mueller 
Laura Geralyn Myers 
Jeffrey Dean Nuss 
Christopher James O'Donnel 
Timothy Gerard Padden 
Christine Hyang-Mi Pak 
Clarissa Estelle Parker 
Robert Tang Petersen 

'Diane Marie Pierro 
Carl Francis Pulvirenti 
Carol Ann Rector 
George Griffin Rivenbark 
Laurieann Rivkin 
Douglas Scott Robertson 
Crista Lee Romoser 
Stephen Roger Sawtelle 
Kathleen Marie Schmelzer 
John Michael Schumacher 


§ Summa cum Laude; tMagna cum Laude; *cum Laude 

Lawrence Philip Senires 
Michael Eric Sherman 
Joyce R. Shulman 
Trinette Karena Smith 
Karen Lynn Smithwick 
Perry Lee Spies 
Lisa Kathleen Stevens 
Mark Eliot Thomson 
Charles Paul Trusen 
Angela Marie Vincent 
Gregg Stuart Warner 
Michael Joseph Werner 
Elizabeth Gene Winn 
Robin Constance Young 
Richard Chew Zantzinger III 

Management Science/ 

David Bagheri 
*Fay Bloomberg 

Ronald Warren Brown 

Frank Jerome Delia Moce III 

Amelia Margaret Dixon 

Marilyn Frances Drattell (2nd 
Major: Finance) 

Ellen Marie Duffy 
*Michael Henry Ensby 
§Stephen Paul Hughes 

Chhaya Kapilashrami 

Kenneth Lance Kidd 

Ann-Marie C. King 

Miriam Louise Kuehn 
tDouglas Edwin Levy (2nd 
Major: Finance) 

Leslie Ann McISeil 

Keith Newman 

Jeanine Yvette Perlman 
*Hal Scott Roseman 

Fiona Mary Ruminski 

Daryl Joseph Salamone 

Laura Ann Strenk 

Diane Carol Zieba 


Fernando Jose Agudo 
Mark Anthony Aguirre 
Debbie Theresa Alexander 
Karen Denise Alexander 
Wendy Kay Aloi 
Moreen Theresa Barr 
Bruce Allen Baum 
Jonathan Steven Beiser 

Amy Elizabeth Bialzak 
Jeffrey Evan Binder 
John Kenneth Birnbaum 
Tamyra Ann Bish 
M. Pamela Bowie 
Patricia Burke 
Steven Joseph Burnham 
Lisa Yvette Burton 
Susan Renee Cahn 
Heather Ann Cameron 
Anne-Marie Carroll 
Alfredo Antonio Castellanos 

•Annette Marie Cavanaugh 
Genoveso Caviness 

•Robyn Beth Chidel 
Susan Hillary Clinard 
Susan Lisa Cometz 
John Daniel Concannon 
Adam Jay Copland 
Steven Lee Cornblatt 
Douglas Herbert Cross 
Daniel Scott Dahl 
Sandi Jeanne Danisi 
Gregory Stephen Daylor 
Donald George DeLash 
Mary Madeline Del Castillo 
Steven Howard Dorn 
Tanya Christine Doudnikoff 
rSoureddine Elbasri 
John Richard Erb 

§Kimberly Ann Evans 
James Walsh Fagan 
Patricia A. Ferry 
Gary Todd Fischberg 
Kenneth Drew Fischer 
Maureen Joanne Fitzgerald 
Karen Michele Forman 
Seanne Cherisse Forte 
Robyn M. Franklin 
Joel Arthur Friedman 
Sandra Joy Friedman 
Julie Ann Garrett 
Rani Andrea Garrison 
Todd Alan Gillespie 
Allene M. Ginsberg 

§Stephanie Gladstone 

*Emily A. Clatter 
Cynthia A. Glynn 
Lisa JongAe Gold 

*Wendi Caron Goldman 
Steven Scott Goodman 

Stephen Scott Grabner 
Alan Stuart Gross 
Mark Lynnwood Guthrie 
William Enrique Guzman 
Robert James Haag. Jr. 
Amy Marie Hadad 
Carol Lois Hamburger 
Robert Jon Hanopole 
Lorraine W. Harris 
Louis E. Harron 
Dorothy Virginia Hart 
Rania Lee Hartman 
Daniel Jay Helm 
Karen Lee Herman 
Todd Michael Hochkeppel 
Richard Douglas Hom 
Dena S. Horowitz 
James Davis Hughes 
Kathleen Ruth Hunter 
Earl Robbin Ingwersen 
Joseph William Janssens III 
Jeffrey Roger Johnson 
Laura Jane Johnson 
Robert Lawrence Judge 
Haley Kaufman 
Kevin Thomas Kelty 
Jo Ann Elizabeth King 
David Howard Kleeman 
Karen Michelle Kolodin 
Carl Brandt Kunkleman 
Judith Ellen Kurman 
Hilary Baron Latham 
MaryAnn Lawson 
Joan Ellen Lefkowitz 
Matthew Harris Levin 
Christopher Allan Link 
Richard M. London 
Kim Patricia Madison 
Peggy Jean Malone 
Dimitrios Constantinos 

Lisa Jill Marcus 
Iris Hilary Mautner 
William Anthony McConkey 
Michael Taylor McLean 
Ronald Avelino Medina 
Lisa Cheryl Meizlish 
Maria Athena Mellis 
Sally Micka 
Leslie Diane Miller 
Mindy Kaye Moore 

'William Jay Morachnick 

Ann Margaret Mulera 

Ronald Irvin Myers, Jr. 

Robert Leonard Nachman 

Carolyn Ruth Nachtwey 

Kelly R. Nugent 

Patricia Lynn O'Connor 

Jennifer Denise Olsen 

Philip Matthew OMalley 

Thomas Emmett O'Neill, Jr. 

Sandria Jo Padwo 

Vasiliki Papaioannou 

Cornelia Maria Parker 

Michael Gerard Pellegrini 

Theresa A. Phillips 

Robin Aileen Pooner 

Donna Marie Pratt 

Glenn J. Preslier 

Virgil Anthony Profili 

Sandra EIke Quaas 

Cynthia Grace Rank 
tStephen Charles Rathburn 

Amy E. Reidbord 

Jeffery Ross Reneer 

Betty Rita Reschke 
'Dawn Rae Revis 

Julia Dowell Robleto 

Courtenay Marie Roche 

John Thomas Rohde 

Jeffrey Roth 

Rebecca Lorraine Royal 

Joseph Nathan Sacks 

Gary Sakin 

Maria del Rosario Jaramillo 

Douglas Bruce Sands. Jr. 
(2nd Major: Economics) 

Jenna Danielle Satz 

Leslie Sara Seidell 

Ann Elizabeth Shaffer 

William D. Shaid 

SueEllen Sher 
tRonald Steven Shillman 

Donna Lynn Shumsky 

Alyssa Smilen 

Stephen Gregory Smith 

Barry Keith Starr 

Marc Alan Sterling 

Keith Ian Tabor 

Jee-Chin Tan (2nd Major: 
General Business) 

§ Summa cum Laude; fMagna cum Laude: *cum Laude 


Theresa Lorraine Thiel 
Ann Marie Thornett 
Daniel C. Tracy 
Elizabeth Trey 
Thomas Charles Truffer 
Melissa Davis CJIary 
Stacy Lynn Walsh 
Karen Lyn Warner 
Jefrey Scott Weingrow 
Michael Fred Weiss 
David Jay Wexier 
Katherine Lynn Wharton 
Melanie Rose Whitfield 
Caren Christine Wise 
David D. Wright 
Brian Melson Young 
Barbara Claudia Zoanelli 

Personnel and Labor 

Vicki Elise Aronson 
Judith Sharon Baer 
Katherine Bakalides 

§Meryl Beschner Bolen 

tPeter King Boyer 
Shawn Maxine Chapman 
Lisa Michelle Douglas 
Karen Marie Germann 
Charles Michael Mathew 

•Julie Ann Kalinowsky 
Robertson Lao 
Steven Carl Lienesch 
Kathleen Marie Mullin 
Laura Lee Neff 
Lisa Beth ISickel 
Janet Lee Reinhardt 
Kurtis W. Schmelz 
Helen Louise Smith 
Tony Sohn 
Andrea Iranasanti Sujono 

*Kimberly King Tilghman 
Shari Louise Toothman 
Douglas Allen Whitacre 
Christopher Edward Wilks 

Production Management: 

Philip Caplan 
Philip Ray Crouse 
'Michael Henry Ensby (2nd 
Major: General Business) 
David Edward Fern 
Gregory Meil Fornaro 
Richard Douglas Horn 
Kristina Lynn Kirk 
Steven Jared Meltzer 


William Richard Alexander, 

Bernard Francis Breighner I 
Elizabeth Del Castillo 
Mary Theresa Dilling 
Servando Andres Llanio 
Pamela Christine Mauro 
George Eric Miller ill 
John Matthew Smith 
Monique Flora Soussan 
Stephen John Sweeney 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies: 

Sylvia Bennett 
Joseph Haynes, Jr. 


*David Robert Boyer 
David Lawrence Carter, Jr. 
James Michael Craver 
Sandra Lee Eyster 
Lisa Diane Heckelman 
Brian Henry Kurland 
Elizabeth Louise Lipford 

*Kirsten H. Matsumoto 

tLaura E. McGrath 
David Brian Sachs 
Raymond Edward Tubby 
Doris Mazoli Vidigai 


Denise Marie Altobelli 
Shelly Camille Anderson 
David Michael Berkheimer 
Aldine Pannell Bishop 
Ramiro Blanco, Jr. 
Jeffrey Alan Bochner 
Richard King Bridgeman 
Robert Allen Burch, Jr. 
Edwin Miller Bush III 
Erica Charmayne Carey 
Robin Abbe Cheiken 
Laurie Suzanne Clay 
Michael David Cleveland 
Jeffrey Todd Cramer 
Deneen Theresa Doniecki 
Roxie Ann Eigenbrode 
Derek David Emery 
Lou Ann Evans 
Timothy Joseph Frye 
Teresa Marie Gallagher 
Christopher Richard Gentry 

(2nd Major: Sociology) 
Raymond Michael 

Michael Peter Glunk 
Cindy Ann Hawkins 
Kathy Marie Hrastar 
Lou Kennedy 

Gail Denise Kessler 
Lisa Sue Kibler 
Gerald Preston Konohia 
Kerry Arthur Kram 
•Robert Paul Krusen 
Valerie Jean La Houd 
Terri Lynn Linton 
Steven Alan Lozinsky 
Michael Howard Mayes 
Michael John McCormick 
Matasha FHicole Medwedeff 
Beth Tara Myers 
Audrey Marie O'Keefe 
Robert Weston Peura 
Michael Walter Piczak 
Liia Zina Pinker 
Wilbert Lee Plummer 
John Rodriguez 
William Sentner III 
David Bryan Simpson 
Keri Elizabeth Smith 
Michael Allaire Spaulding 
Mark Peter Sroka 
Cherry Lynn Tarbox 
Karen Lee Taylor 
Angelo Tenaglia 
Tracey Elizabeth Thanos 
Ellie Tonder 
Janet Anne Vaccaro 
Paul R. Wallace 


Jeffrey Wayne Adkins 
Asef Babak Afkhami 
Pio Valentin Amaguafia 
Karen Elizabeth Andres 
Samuel Vergara Ang III 

•Christopher Robert 
Appleman (2nd Major: 
Duncan Ahmet Ballantine 
Deborah Sue Bayer 
Kelly Lee Bishop 

•Aaron Wallace Blackmon 
Kevin Patrick Boman 
Peter Alain Bortz 
Christie Lynn Bradley 
Gregory Gardner Brand 
Rose Marie Breakfield 

tKevin Richard Brickey 
Tammie Lee Brill 


§ Summa cum Laude; fMagna cum Laude: *cum Laude 

Ellen Jean Brown 

Priscilla Manning Bruffey 

David Donald Butler 

John Arceno Cadisal 

Mark Anthony Campana 

Daniel George Canaan 

David Anthony Cauley 

Feme Julia Childs 

Catherine Ann Clifford 

Sonia Cockshutt 

Harris Scott Cohen 

Craig Lee Combs 

Joseph David Cook 
*Pierre Yves Bruno Cremieux 

Zewud Debebe 

Asoka Asawa Devadas 

David Terwase Diwa 

Patricia Ann Dorsey 

David Warren Duny 

Charles Norman Downs 

Melisa Ann Ellison 
*Matthew Craig Emery 

Stephen Decatur Erickson 

Rabea Ferroukhi 

Martin Benedict Fisher 

John Sylvester Fitzgerald 

Augustus Columbus Frazier, 

Michael Allan Gainsburg 

Barry Mitchell Garner 

Orville Kirkpatrick Gayle 
(2nd Major: Finance) 

Barry Scott Goldstein 

Regina Mary Gomilla 

Priscilla M. Gonzalez 

Rosamon Graham 

Patricia Gray 

Robert Emmet Grealy 

Kenneth Mark Griffin 

Maryvy Guevara 

Lisbeth A. Guillory 

Nancy Lea Gunn 

Guy Joseph Guzzone 
'Sandra Lynne Hamorsky 

Gregory Scott Hancock 

John Marshall Hand 

James Francis Xavier 

Paul Andrew Ian Heine 
'Leslie David Hershfield 
*Eric Scott Hoffmann 

Donna Maria Holland 

Martin Joseph Hollander 

Charles Louis Inglisa 

Gail Yvonne Ingram 

David Hamilton Jacobs 

Steven Bradford James 

Timothy Raymond Johnson 

Kenna Marcel Jones 

Mohan Madhusudan Joshi 

Katharina Katterbach 

Mark Fitzgerald Anthony 

Christopher John Kelly 

Elisa Marie Kerneklian 
tCarl J. Khalil 

Darleen Michele Koth 

Angelo Kostopoulos 

James J. Krehely 

Jennifer Rose Leimbach 

William Rafael Lenck 

Lilly Ann Linton 

James Edward Lonegran 

Kathleen Mary Lorenz 

John Paul Lynch 

Edward John Machoskie 

Angela Louise Makle 

James Christopher Matthews 

Steve Scott McConkey 

Vincent Charles McMahan 
(2nd Major: Finance) 

Lisa Lynn Meek 

Larry Alan Miles 

David Marc Miller 

Beth Ann Moberly 

James Edward Moehring 

Raymond Livingston Moore 

Richard Kevin Mullin 

Joseph Timothy Murray 

Idriss Ibrahim Musah 

Kathryn Nefak 

Tony Nerantzis 

Constance Elizabeth 

Deidre Karen Newman 

Richard Llewellyn Nicholson 

Misao Oldfield 
tDarlene K. Oliver 

Michael Alton Parker 

Theresa Ann Payne 

Algis Kazimieras Penkiunas 

Brad Piepmeier 

John David Pierson 
Robert Andrew Prugue 
Pamela Marie Rachal 
Wayne Alfred Reed 111 
James Michael Reilly 
Allan Eugene Ricketts 
Bruce Leonard Ringler II 
Mark William Roberts 
Stephen Heard Robertson 
Karen Lee Rohr 
Michael S. Rosofsky 
Angelle Marie Ross 
David Mark Ruttenberg 
Julie Chantal Samaroo 
Maria del Rosario Jaramillo 

Angelo Marcus Sands 
Joseph Anthony Scalia II 
Scott Brandon 

*Scott Andrew Sedmak 
Scott M. Shilstat 
Jay B. Slaughter 
David Lewis Smith 
Brian Jacob Smoot 
Pyong Suk So 
Donald Edward Sofranac 
Sara M. Southard 
Michele Rene Spotz 
Maria Stathes 
James Pierre Steck 

§Edward John Steren 
David Lloyd Stiff 
Linda Anne Stripling 
Stephen Christopher 

Sullivan 11 
Kenneth Lee Sze 
Janet Leanne Szpond 
Andrea Iranasanti Sujono 
Neerja Tannan 
Jerry Stingle Taylor 
Amy Amelia Thomas 
Linda Kruelle Thompson 
Gregory Steven Tignor 
William Colquitt Tinkler 
Vincent Alfred Troiano 
Jeffrey Alan Vance 
Alexander T. S. Van Lang 
Stephen John Vilkas 
Patricia Carol Wharton 

Dipica Bernadette 
Yvette Wooten 
Brad W. Young 

Government and Politics: 

Douglas Albert Albrecht 
Yeganeh Aminelahi 
Margaret Anne Anderson 
Maria Cybele Arpon 
Alice Linda Bader 
Patrick Austin Ball 
Kathryn Jean Basile 
Lori Jennifer Baxter 
Heather Sue Beaton 
Ronald Scott Belman 

§Eve Benderly 
John Charles Bernhardt 
Amy Bernon 
Mark Russell Berry 
Noreen Cheryl Bordetsky 
Lydia C. Caras 
John Paul Carroll 
Sherri Lee Chernotsky 
Virginia Misook Chung 
James Morgan Clippinger 
Jonathan M. Cohen 
Patrick Oliver Collins 
Philip John Collins 
Jennifer Marie Corey 
Anthony Cummings 
Timothy Eugene Curley. Jr. 
Michael R. Curry 
Erik James Delfosse 
Dante A. Desiderio 
Noble Jackson Dhue 111 
Bonnie Iris Diamond 
Brett Richard Diamond 
John Fitzgerald Dickie 
John Gray Donnelly 
Michael F. Duggan 
Carolyn Magdeline 

Lisa Beth Elovich 
Jonathan Alan Feldman 
James Andrew Fitch 
Cheryl Lynn Fountain 
Robert Framo 

§Paula Gail Friedman 
Amy Louise Funk 
Tanya Cecelia Galery 

§ Summa cum Laude: fMagna cum Laude; *cum Laude 


Mark Lawrence Gallagher 
tSusan Lee Gelber 

Gary Hale Gerstenfield 

Robert Gest IV 

Christopher Lee Gibbs 

Susan E. Gillespie 

Suzanne Yvette Goins 

Scott Neal Goldberg 

Jeffrey Scott Goldstein 

John David Goodman 
•Minakshi Goswami 

G. Todd Gray 

Wendy Dorothy Gray 
'Melissa Danielle Greynolds 

Cynthia Gordon Gruver 

Philip Anthony Guarino 

Guy Joseph Guzzone 

Steven Jay Harfenist 

Scott L. Heckman 

Joan Diane Heffernan 
*Leslie David Hershfield 

Michael Thomas Hiban 

Donna Lynn Higgins 

Eric John Morman 
§Christopher Guy Janney 

Thomas William Jett 

Clovia Annette Johnson 

Lauren Denise Jones (2nd 
Major: Afro-American 

Michael Lawrence Kabik 

Steven Israel Kaess 
tHynek Pesta Kalkus (2nd 
Major: Economics) 

Victor Anthony Karcher, Jr. 

Michael Paul Kennedy 

Gregory Brian Kerr 
§Elizabeth Marie Kiker 

Maureen Margaret Klein 

John Thomas Kmetz 

Douglas Alan Knight 

Melzetta Irene Knotts 

Murray Jay Kogod 
§Mark Donald Kohler 
tDaniel Michael Koliadko. Jr. 

Brenda Lynne Lacy 

Denise Michelle Lane 
•Michael Jay Lederman 

Danita C. Lee 

Erica Kirkbride Leighty 

Loretta Anne Lewis 
Mary Beth Lill 
Michael Steven Lurie 
Sean William Lyons 
Joseph Waiter Malachowski, 

Dianne Rose Malcolm 
Melody K. Matthews 
Margaret Mary Maughlin 
William Anthony McConkey 
David Lee McCormac 
James Patrick McElwaine, 

Elizabeth McGettrick 
Charles Mark McGhee 
Ralph Roy Merritt (2nd 

Major: Economics) 
Jeffrey Marc Mervis 
John Michael Meyers 
William Charles Miller, Jr. 
Barbara Jean Mitchell 
Mariamne Risteau Mitchell 
Joyce Mocek 
Tonya Renee Murphy 
Luis Antonio Navarro 
Jeffrey Ira ISeil 
Francine Patrice Nelson 
Alan Scott Nemeth 
Eric Michael Newman 
John Kevin Nolan 
Richard Lawrence Oarr 

•Kevin Joseph O'Mahony 
Monica Lillian Pantos 
Christopher Xavier Papariello 
Theodore Neel Patch 
Sieglinde Katharine Rath 
Vance Raphael Redmond 
Ira Mitchell Regina 

§Mary Katherine Reinburg 
Lester Edward Riordan 
Stephen Willie Rivers 
Leonard Cator Robinson 
John William Rogers III 
Kimberly Ann Sauer 

§Lisa Marie Schneider 
Gregg David Schorr 
Richard Kevin Schreiber 
Arlene Renee Sedgwick 
Jay Russell Sever 

•Barbara Rita Shapiro 
Kathleen Kelly Sheehan 

Scott M. Sherwood 

Sharon Ann Slattery 

Michael Jay Smith 

Susan Margaret Smith 

Timothy Snee 

Hyon Sok So 

Karl Eric Spangler (2nd 
Major: French) 

Joel Richard Spivack 
§Suzanne Walker Stafford 
•Peter Lawrence Steinman 

Michael Garson Studley 

Roxanne Surprenant 

Julie S. Tagen 
tKen Takagi 

Christopher Jeffery Tanner 

Cheryle Lynn Thomas 

Mark Harrell Tidman (2nd 
Major: Economics) 

Angela Renee Todd 

Keith D. Tompkins 

Craig Edgar Glander 

Margarita Caridad Valdes 

James Michael Verme 
•Michael Andrew Walinskas 
tPhyllisJo Walner 

Dannette Micheiine Weir 

Teresa Ann Will 
•Thomas Ciaig Woodrow (2nd 
Major: Russian Area 

Sarah Alexandra Zadravec 

Hearing and Speech 

Kathryn Margaret Ayala 

Andrea Marcelle Beckford 

Lisa Denine Behrens 

Joyce Anne Conner 

Gloria Lynn Cottman 
§Melissa Ann Dull 

Eve Marie Edwards 
tEmily Virginia Evans 

Elizabeth Ellen Galletta 

Abigail Laurissa Gomez 

Lisa Ellyn Grebow 

Jill Marie Haller 

Terri Ann Haskins 

Allison A. Jordan 

Robin Leigh Kaufman 

Lori Beth Keystone 

Hope Gayle Lake 
Tobi Beth Levenson 
Karol Andrea Olson 
Andrea Cheryl Sable 
Jayne Beth Schultz 
•Judith Anne Shirley 
Judith Kay Sommer 
Lisa Joy Wolfe 

Law Enforcement: 

David Michael Agnolutto 
Kevin Wayne Bailey 
Alan Neal Berman 
Arnold Vincent Bland 
Gayle Marie Bowling 
David Bradford Bowman II 
Lisa Ann Bowman 
Susan Michelle Bryant 
Lisa Lorraine Callaway 
Susan Nicole Colbert 
Elizabeth Margaret Collins 
Steven Jay Cramer 
Janet Ellen Curley 
Michael Scott de La Viez 
Deborah Jeanette Disque 
Donna Renee Dorsey 
Patrick Michael Dumais 
Steven David Ecklund 
Mindy Rae Epstein 
Bruce Lome Fezio 
Michael Lee Frascoia 
Ronald E. Goodall 
Marc Steven Hackett 
Mary Jean Harrigan 
Robert Kent Harwood, Jr. 
James Patrick Hussar 
Patrick Thomas Johnson 
LaVeta Deneese Joyner 
Elise Anne Kaufmann 
Jacqueline Renee Kerns 
Kelly Leigh Kloss 
Scott Harris Kreger 
Denise A. Laughery 
Paul William Layer 
Laura Ann Lilienfeld 
Deborah Diane Linnell 
Mary Kathleen Longden 
Thomas William Ludwig 
Jennifer Margaret Lund 
Luther Brian Morris 
Felice Michael Muollo, Jr. 


§ Summa cum Laude; fMagna cum Laude; *cum Laude 

'Joseph Michael rHiland, Jr. 
Kirsten Anne Ocker 
James Frederick Owen 
Tarita Yvette Parker 
David Lynn Pearson 
James Roland Poe 
Diana R. Radman (2nd Major: 

Donna Lynn Frye Ritchey 
Joseph Andrew Seaton 
Andrew John Sedriks 
Daniel Joseph Spotts 
Angelina Monika Springer 
David Matthew Standish 
Diane Marie Steiger 
Tracy Lyn Stumpf 
Joan Esther Terry 
Helene Ann Tucker 
Robert Alan Ulisney 
Candice Marie Vecchiarelli 
Denise Wagner 
Laura Kathleen Wagner 
Robert Carl Wagner 
George Constantine 

Winterling, Jr. 
Frederick Michael Wyant 


Charlotte Jeanne Allen 

William John Anderson II 

Blake Waugh Averill 

Gregg Michael Azzolina 

Lynn Beth Baer 

Michele Ann Balderson 
§Susan Elizabeth Battles 

Susan Jane Berlin 

Gail Dina Bernstein 

Tara Ruhuye Birch 

Christine Marie Butler 

rSena Elena Cannaday 

Michele Marie Chang 
tBarry Steven Chesis 

Kenneth Leon Chiang 

Janine M. K. M. Coy 

Christine Marie Cranford 

Sherilyn Kim Davis 

William Patrick Delaney 
tJohn Louis Emelio, Jr. 

John Seymour Everett 

Gwynn Stacey Flaum 

Renee Cindy Forman 

Amy Lynn Friedman 

*Jessica Ann Giglio 
Kathleen McDonald 

§Robert Alan Grimwood 
David M. Grossman 
Stacy Michelle Gruenhut 
Karen Denise Gwynn 
Julie Anne Hall 
Roderick Seites Hall 
Susan Elizabeth Hamby 
Karen Marie Harris 
Bruce Alan Harrison 
Melanie Mcquade Hevener 
Timothy Ho 
Rena Gayle Hooper 

§Janice A. Jastrzebski 
Chris Hammer Johnson 
Tori Lynn Jordan 
Valerie Faith Karlander 
Sharon Helena Katzman 
Kathryn Irene Kiley 
Janice Mary Klarman 

tRachel Ellen Lawson 
Thomas Stephen Leong 
Deborah Diane Linnell 
Claudia LopezMuniz 
Karen Lee Mahairas 
Jennifer Shari Malin 
Kyle Scott McAbee 
Mary Cover Meisinger 
Robert Jay Mendelson 
Margaret Muraine Meyer 
Simonetta Maria Musio 
Paul Alexander Newbold 
Mary L. Oberly 
Dara Sue Orkand 
Joel Stephen Pevey 
Lynn Suzanne Phillips 
Li-ia Zina Pinker 
Morris Aaron Pomerantz 
Sheri Dawn Richman 
Peter Daniel Rogers 
Christopher S. Romano 
Jill Leslie Schechter 
Cynthia Ann Schlachte 
Holly Jo Shearer 
Priscilla Lois Sheffield 

tSandra Joanne Sherman 
James Daniel Sims 

§Susan Smith 

James Bryan Soden 
Susan Elaine Soper 
Marlene Beth Spector 
Nancy Diane Stanton 
Amy Robyn Titlebaum 

*Lisa Renee Turian 
Steven D. Versteeg 
Kenneth Frank Vierra 
Michael Wagschal 
Corliss Yolanda Walker 
Derric Douglas Ward 
Rachelle Yaffa Weinbaum 
Amy Beth Werther 

tLeslie Allynne White 
Lisa Robin Widman 
Kelly Jean Wilcox 
Karl Vincent Williams 

*Michele Winberg 


Caroline McClellan Allen 
Serena F. Birdsell 
Constance Ann Kyne Bongar 
James Rich.grd Brian 
Darrell Lenn Brown 
Susan Lynn Carpenter 
Jeffrey Warren Cohn 
Mancy Ruth Cooper 
Roger John Drexler 
Priscilla Gloria Feldmann 
Jo Ann Gaither 
Katrina Linda Gessner 
Stephen Blanchard Gregg 
Molly A. Hetrick 
Regina Maria Howard 
Debra Ann Kerr 
Abby Sue Lenkin 
Scott Allen Masters 
Robert Lee Moulden, Jr. 
Stefanie Elisabeth 
Linda Schloss 
fEllen Bryant Sheets 
Lori Beth Soffer 
Angelita Maria Yu 

Urban Studies: 

Patricia Jean Dempsey 
David Alan Dowling 
Metaxas V. Ferentinos 
Margaret Elaine Greene 
Daniel Mark Iglhaut 
Alvaro Sylvestre Kerr 
Audrey Ann Knight 
Lorraine Kyer Lambert 
James Allen Meedle 
Seyedhamid Sahiholnasab 
Mark Anthony Stanley 
Rosalynn Adele Taylor 
John Alan Ziemann 

Bachelor of Science 


James Michael Abonyi 
fAnn Dalmar Beman 
Stephen M. Brown 
Richard Bertram Canter 
Steven John Cmar 
Brian Keith Creamer 
Gary Bernhard Fisher 
Gregory Thomas French 
Hamid R. Haririsoud 
tJanice Berrett Harper 
Scott Douglas Kauffman 
Elisabeth Randall Mark 
Wayne Curtis Morton 
Richard Walter Mueller 
Patrick Christopher Pioli 
Patrick A. Riggin 
Wayne Howard Ross 
Karol Jean Surrey 
Mark William Wilson 


*Rochelle Louise Anderson 

Gregory O. Beatty 

Kevin Edward Carroll 

Cary Todd Chavis 

Robert Alan Coben 

Rhonda Jo Conner 

David Lee Dowling 
§Jane Duvall Downing 

Jaleh Zahra Eslami 

Mary Lynn Flavin 

Alexandra Lydia Fry 

Moira Anne Gilligan 

§ Summa cum Laude: fMagna cum Laude; *cum Laude 


Martin Andrew Hafer 
Teru Xavier Hamilton 
Timothy Neil lllig 
§Helene Rachel Krifcher 
Michele Lynn Kupfer 
Paige Robynne Kupitz 
Horton Joseph McCormick. 

Ronald Eugene Mills 
Sheila Rene Perry 
Deborah Jane Rifkin 
Shawn Brendan Rock 
Melinda Beth Schapiro 
Andrew Motland Whiting 

Steven Howard Shoemaker 
Thais Motria Sielecki-Dzurdz 
Christopher Boon Steelman 
Deborah Ann Stern 
§Philip Lee Strauss 
Holly A. Tomanelli (2nd 

Major: Hearing and Speech 

Harrison Kennedy Walker, 

Claudia Jackson West 
Donna Garrison Whitford 
Rebecca B. Williams 
Angelita Maria Yu 


College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education: 

Karen Lynn Pettit 

English Education: 

Bruce Douglas Beard 
David B. Bloom 
Regina Anne Brewer 
Regina Clair Dimond 
Elizabeth Louise Elgin 

Charles Pitman Doherty 
Karen Jean Forrester 
Donna Suzanne Holt 
Renee Verhaegh Karlin 
Kathleen Ann Lynch 
Vivia Leieith Mighty 
James Robert Ransome II 
Richard Cavitt Thompson 

Foreign Language Education: 

Margaret Ellen Burris 
Christina Irene Cammack 
Leslie Gayle Kahn 
Donna Lee Saady 
Meredith Ellen Taylor 
Bruce A. Wolper 

Library Science Education: 

Crystal Ann Carpenter 

Social Studies Education: 

Elizabeth Anne Ehrhardt 
Beth Lori Gimpel 
Mary Josephine Lazun 
Lynn C. Palmer 
Mary Ruth Poscover 
Sean Patrick Redmond 

Speech Education: 

fLorraine Dagmar Crowther 
Susan Michele Gritz 
Lee Owen Vogtman 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education: 

Marcy Sue Brightman 
Elizabeth Louise Edelson 
Debra Jan Moser 
Robert Eugene Peay, Jr. 
Denise Richardson 

Early Childhood Education: 

Mary Kathleen Armstrong 

Amy Marie Atkinson 

Nadine Lynette 

Leticia B. Casasnovas 

Sung Hee Cha 

Theresa Chinwe Echeozo 

Ana Frias Gonzalez 

Valerie Ivette Grant 

Elizabeth Louise Hardy 

Donna Lynn Jeffries 

Susan Kelly Kennedy 
*Kathy Irene Kerns 
*Angela Ruth Brooks Kiker 

Susana A. Koppenhaver 

Grace Eileen Kowal 

Risa Lynne Levenson 

Lori Lynn Mankowitz 

Sheila Anne McGrath 
tBrigitte McKenzie 

Lynne Anne McNamara 

Janice Lynn Paczkowski 

Karen Lisa Phillips 

Nancy Diane Plitt 

Laura Jean Salers 

Jane Lynn Walter 

Mary Jean Wilson 

Nancy Elizabeth Wright 

Randa Youssef 

Elementary Education: 

Jill Dee Angleberger 
Ellen Debra Bangel 
Diane Marie Berry 
Cari Lynn Butwin 
Lauren Gail Carmody 
Greta Lynn Cephas 

jDeborah Ruth Cohen 

tWendy Beth Cohen 
Thomas Francis Conroy 3rd 
Robin Christine Costanzo 
Karen Rhea De Atley 

Nancy Christine Dennis 
Rosemarie DiGregorio 
Christi Laina DiMatteo 
fWilliam Kent Ferguson 
Lucy Marie Ferris 
Nancy E. Floyd 
Denise Marie Folz 
Betsy Pamela Frost 
Judith Maureen Geiger 
Kimberly Ann Gillis 
Sheila Marie Goebel 
Marcia Rosalie Green 
Sharon Ann Hesse 
Jennifer Nancy Hetrick 
Alisa Anne Hugill 
Juliane Elizabeth Joest 
Tawanjia Tammie Johnson 
Keith Anthony Kenel 
Debra Sonia Kimelblatt 
tHeather Jane Kingham 
Bethany Klasmer 
Monique Simone Lazar 
Suzanne Milinda Liebow 
Nancy Emma Mosedaie 
Emily J. Nalven 
Laura G. Novick 
Caroline Dean O'Donnell 
Cecilia Ann O'Donnell 
Kelley Ann Perkins 
Elyse Renee Porambo 
Julie Marie Rasmussen 
Heidi Robin Richman 
Joanne Marie Salisbury 
Mindy Gail Schiff 
Dianne Marie Schumm 
Marcie F. Schwartz 
Tamara Aleta Seigel 
§Jean Magnuson Snyder 
tMary Jane V. Wolter 
Amy Zelna 
Amy Lynn Zuskin 

General Business Education: 

Margaret Frances Haley 

Home Economics Education: 

Heidrun Marlene Franz 
Lorrie L. Miller 
Denise Lynne Smick 

Industrial Arts Education: 

Charles Alfred Murray 


§ Summa cum Laude; fMagna cum Laude; *cum Laude 

Industrial Technology 

Leonardo Antonio Arce 

David Lacy Clampitt 
David Edward Fern 
Timothy Lawrence Kline 
Jennifer Lynn Manzke 
Vincent Peter Marchesano 
Ronald Glenn Mathews 
John Henry Lee Nash, Jr. 
Joseph C. Raines 
William Isaac Roberts, Jr. 
Albert Joseph Savage III 
Daniel Lynn Souders 
Mark John Waclawski 
Brent Sheridan Wilson 
Charles Joseph Zadroga 

Library Science Education: 

Dwayne Francis Lindsay 

Mathematics Education: 

Sharon Lynne Ekstrom 
Donna Jean Good 
William Thiel Peters 
Robert Allan Reed 
Stacy Lee Shelley 
Juanna T. Tsang 

Music Education: 

Laura Anne Miller 
Jill Richards Wikoff 

Science Education: 

Paula Jean Batzer 

Rhonda Lee Bell 
*Susan Marie Bunyan 

Jeffrey Steven Burr 

Lisa Louise Harrison 

Michael M. Horan 

Jo-Ann Nellie Keene 

James Henry Kessler 

Rosemary Catherine Kolesar 
§Julia M. Marsden 

Valerie Ann Pearce 

Thomas Dudley Riggs Parr, 

Jane Lynn Slemmons 

Roy Kelvin Vanderhoef 

Ellen Laura Wilson 

Secretarial Education: 

Susan Marie Sayles 

Social Studies Education: 

Rebecca Kay Blauser 

Saira Mustafa 

Alan Alexander Wiecking 

Special Education: 

Laurie Ann Berger 

James T. Cooney 
*Susan Christian Kissinger 

Mai Sum Lee 

Ann Marie O'Malley 
*Judith Eve Ortiz 

Joy Lee Plunkett 

Lisa Maria Rivera 
*Michaelann Ryan 

Frances Louise Vidsens 

Speech Education: 

Curtis Wayne Somers 

Vocational Technical 

George Alphie Gallant 
Sandra R. Montgomery 

College of Human 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design: 

Sylvie Abecassis 
fMeryl Faith Avruch 
Erissa Maria Elizon Castro 
Robin A. Dilweg 
Synthia Lorraine Edwards 
Mary A. Flynt 
Kathy Anne Mary Gartner 
Paul Lockey Geier 
Sally Lynn Goldstein 
James Francis Gray 
Richard Michael Harmon 
Mira Svitlana Hnatyshyn 
Linda May Hollidge 
Lori A. Imhoff 
Barbara Ann Keeley 
Paula Elizabeth Koman 
Nancy Michelle Lehr 
Conrad Montgomery 

Christopher Joseph Miller 
Jeffrey Saul Peltin 
Lisa A. Robertson 
Mary Catherine Ross 
Penelope Weiss 
Caria May Wooldridge 

Apparel Design: 

Adrienne Sherri Brown 
Avid Fartash 
Donna Marie Ferreri 
Karyn Devette Madison 
Laura Pruitt McCready 
fConstance Ford Walker 

Community Nutrition: 

Maureen Elizabeth Baxley 
Ivonne Franchini 
Mary-Eve Reese 

Community Studies: 

Gloria Jean Davis 

Consumer Economics: 

Debra Ann Epstein 
Nina Lucille Evans 
Angel J. Famadas 

Sandra Lee Moore 
Adrienne Verrilli 


*Judith Bond Acey 
Tracy Elizabeth Anderson 
Mark Edward Hays 
Laurie Gale Kling 

§Janet Mcllwain Larocco 
Victoria Nancy Michael 
Michelle Denise Phillips 
Hulvia Spinola Rodriguez 
Lisabeth Irene Taylor 
Shelley Lynne Wistar 

Experimental Foods: 

Beth Lynn Bornstein 

Family Studies: 

tMarese Ann Buell 
Naomi Walker Burton 
Heather Jean Clark 
Josephine Marie Fazio 
Maria Renee Gould 
Jill Stacy Gross 
Mary Theresa Hoban 

tJulie Gail Kahalas 
Tracey Marie 
Doris Jo Osborne 

tAlisa Shawn Politzer 
Deborah Lynn Reynolds 
Emily Beth Sallee 

tJill Ann Savitch 
Kathy Jean Smith 
Elsebeth Vibeke Straub 
Lucy Lorraine Whitener 

Institution Administration: 

Audrey Acynthia Burrell 
§Terry Ann Hummel 
Alexander Kipnis 
Heidy Conchita Koebke 

Interior Design: 

Marcia F. Astley 
Teresa A. Bailer 
Keith Barry Baltimore 
Cara Helene Bernanke 
Carmen Marie Brown 
Sharon Lynn Delfiner 
fLisa Diane Del Tufo 
*Karen Maureen Dockery 

§ Summa cum Laude; tMagna cum Laude; *cum Laude 


Anne Marie Fello 
Stacey Lynn Ford 
Robert William Glaeser 
Polly Anne Grant 
Donald Wayne Hoerauf 
Laura Elizabeth Kerris 
Stephanie Lynn Martin 
Ann Theresa McGowan 
Vicki JoAnn Peterson 
Karen Lorraine Smith 
Laura Lynne Smith 
Robin Lisa Sobel 
Mark Anthony Stanley 
Katherine Lorraine Tom 

Management and Consumer 

Andrea Susan Cantor 
Cynthia Lee Fetchko 
Elisa Sue Fine 
Lisa Robin Goldstein 
Marilyn Renee Hyatt 
Andrea Robin Oper 
Andrea Joy Resnick 
Joanne Michele Rinder 
Terri Lynne Troutman 

Nutrition Researcti: 

•Yunhee Kim 

'Patricia Ayres Marsh 
Teresa Lynn Robinson 
Karen Elizabeth Seidel 
Patrick Charles Smith 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Amy Hope Ackerman 
Elizabeth Adalyn Amos 
V. Caroline Baker 
Linda Eileen Broadway 
Sheryl Dianne Cohen 
llene Robin Crell 
Patricia Eileen Crowe 
Ellen Jeanette Foulkrod 
Rhonda Lynne Haines 
Karen Mischelle Harned 
Andre D. Harrington 
Jody S. Hirshan 
Erica Beth Hirshfeld 
Debra Ruth Indik 
Jacqueline Beth Lefcort 
Sharon Kaye Macchiaroli 

Carolyn Joyce MacMeekin 
Michael David Marlin 
Monica Ellen Neuhold 
Susan Beth rSewman 
Karen Elizabeth Oliver 
Cynthia Jeanette Parker 
Carol Ann Perlman 
Meryl Stacy Schoen 
Joan Ellen Silberfarb 
Chosie Victoria Singleton 
Darby Clair Todd 
Maxine Gail Weinkoff 
Diane Weintraub 
Mindy Weiss 
Shelley Janine Young 

Textile Science: 
Janet Lyn Barker 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Health Education: 

Carolyn Elizabeth Hardy 
Pamela Ann tSorthrop 
Robert Allen Ryley 
Donna Maria Wilkes 

Kinesiological Sciences: 

Victor Lee Bradford 

Allison Elizabeth Brown 

Sharon Gail Butcher 

Tina Marie Carlisle 

Michael Todd Chopp 

Cesar Gerardo Concepcion 

Amy Fitzgerald Dilweg 

Susan DiMambro 

Patricia Kelly Dissinger 

Diane Leslie Duerr 

Paula Ellyn Feldman 
§Kathryn Ann Fineran 

Lisa Seema Gittleman 

Sara Lynn Hamrick 

Mark Edward Hays 

Donna Lee Himic 

Laurie Phipps Hutchison 

Kelly Lynn Jenkins 

Darryl N. Jones 

Carolyn Sue Kaucher 

Stephen John Kennedy 

Angela Elaine Lewis 

Lisa Ann Loesch 

Craig David Magaw 

Lori Anne Martin 

Alyssa Ann Peake 

Marianne Pechnik 

David Andrew Levering Pitts 

Wendy Ann Powell 

Lori Eina Radcliffe 

Caroline Wendy Richardson 

Heather Maile Richardson 
•Martha L. Roberts 

Joy Lori Schloss 

Cindy Anne Sellers 

Marc Harry Sickel 
§Nadine Susan Taylor 

Sherri S. Teclaw 

Tony Orrin Temerario 
Ronald Jay Tempchin 
Joseph F. Vita 
Mark Andrew Wilhelm 
*Lisa Marie Zurmuhlen 

Physical Education: 

Jay Atlee Allen 
Kathy Robbins Kline 
Lori Anne Martin 
Albert Brooks Washburn II 


Carol Ann Abood 
Elise Harriet Alperin 
Helene Joyce Alpert 
Sharon Rae Bykowski 
Jeanne Marie Crosby 
Robin A. Ellenson 
Paul Emory Finver 
John Joseph Gott 
DeAnna Jeanne Haymans 
Wendy Elaine Jenkins 
Kathryn Mary O'Keefe 
Dena Maria Parker-Loan 
Michelle Faye Roser 
Deborah Ann Rustom 
Lucille Scibilia 
Lisa Ann Thiele 
James Paul Wand 


§ Summa cum Laude: tMagna cum Laude: *cum Laude 


College of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science in 
Aerospace Engineering 

Scott Francis Adams 

tCharles Avrom Budman 
Mecmettin Can 

•Abraham Ramon Chaves 
Alvin Cross 
George Lloyd Dorsey 
Michel Patrick Eiiert-Beck 
Christian Eric Fisher 
Stephen Francis Gerrity 
Geoffrey Alan Godwin 
John Edward Gorozdos 
James Thome Gottwald 
John Edward Greco 
Michael Scott Grenke 
George Frederick Halow 
Anis Hanif 
Joseph Brian Harris 

'Brian Joseph Hayden 
Mark Charles Healy 
Jeffrey Scott Heron 
Brian John Kaminski 
Peter Hasal Klavik 
James Scott Koehler 
Paul Joseph Kolodziejski 
Joseph Leo Linsenmeyer 
Steven Michael Martin 
Shamit Mattu 
Benedict Mark McDonald 
Joseph Richard McKee 
Henry Melton ill 
Edward A. Miller 
Howard Andrew Peterson. Jr. 

§Elizabeth Ann Robertson 
William Robert Sauerwald 
Gwen Lisa Scher 

§Sharon Elizabeth Seipel 
Sanjeev Kumar Sharma 
Evan Richard Holman Smith 

Timothy David Smith 
Kimberly Elaine Taylor 
John Robert Tegen 
Kerry Wayne Wisnosky 
•Martha Ann Woods 
Peter Yasuo Yasuda 

Bachelor of Science in 
Agricultural Engineering 

Jose Eduardo Bazoberry 

Elizabeth Michaela Turek 
Andrew Gary Wong 

Bachelor of Science in 
Chemical Engineering 

tDavid Earl Albright. Jr. 
Karen Rose Barrett 
Alain Leon Bashore 
Beth Anne Bozzelli 
Michael Joseph Carmody 
Jennifer Pool May Chew 
Thomas George Cleary 
Ralph Hallett Dean. Jr. 
Leslie Olav Dedrickson 
Michael David de Leon 
Jeremiah Francis Durkin II 

tChester Glen Gingrich 
Eric Charles Gwin 
Mardy Lou Herbst 
Scott Neil Hersh 
Stephanie Kaye Jernigan 

tLynn Jeanette Kelsey 
Mary Beth Leidig 
Darlene J. Marley 
Steven Phillip Marquis 

•John Edward Moskaitis 
Andrew Lars Oppedal 
Charles Richard Painter 
Dana Gail Parsons 

•Eric Douglas Patterson 
Stanley John Polyanski 
Paul Bernard Prebilic 
Kent Bradford Prinn 
Timothy Corbett Schuster 
Alan West Sims 
Todd Russell Supple 
Catherine Lynn Tiernan 
Edward Franklin Tracey. Jr. 
John Martin Verdin 

Evelyn Ruth Washington 
Vincent Theodore Welsh. Jr. 
Ming Pak Wong 
Willard Francis Workman III 

Bachelor of Science in 
Civil Engineering 

§Richard J. Adams. Jr. 
John Jeff Andrus 
Mikaehl Bagherian 
David Laing Brown IV 
Stephanie Ann Burk 
Timothy Brian Costello 
Mark Michael Daly 
Frank Anthony Daskievige 
Morgan Robert Fowie 
Stephen Leroy Fritz 
Frank Ronald Graziano 
James David Grindle 
Jay Donald Hergenroeder 

tMark Roy Hetrick 
Edward Reginald Hood 
George WilPam Hyde III 
Edward Hampton Johnson 
Douglas Howard Kanter 
Harriet Kramer 
David Conrad Line 
David Thomas McElhaney 
Anne McNulty 
Michael Lawrence Mertaugh 

tDavid Scott Messersmith 
Donald Becknell Mitchell 
Thomas Edward Murray. Sr. 
Alan Wallace Nelson 

•Kenneth Eugene Oliver 
Daniel Stephen Pazdersky 
David Ira Polonsky 
Douglas William Roys 
Anthony M. Sheldon 
Nikhil Madhu Shirodkar 
James Edward Sinnette. Jr. 
A. Geralyn Smariga 
Peter Sydney Andrew Smith 
Russell Eugene Smith 
Neil C. Spiller 
Andreas Ekkehard Wolf 

Bachelor of Science 

in Electrical Engineering 

Charles Lee Abendroth 

Thomas Theodore Adams 

Victor John Aidis 

Teresa Ann Arber 
§Mark David Austin 

Sonal Sharad Badshah 

George Compton Barnes 

David E. Bengtson 

Jorge G. Blanco 

Eli Solomon Blumenthal 

Javad Boroumand 
§Bruce Broder 
tJames Michael Brown 

Betsy OIpp Buck 

James Edwin Busch 

Michael Harry Butler 

James Robert Byloff 

William Joseph Carlin 

Bruce Clinton Case 

Dennis Kwang-Hsuan Chang 

Steven Chang 

Bunkheng Chea 

Jennifer Jian Chen 

Chee Sju Chia 

Apra Chopra 

Dean Peter Choulas 

Michael Patrick Connor 

George W. Cooper 
tWiley Walter Crumlin, Jr. 

Rajani Cuddapah 

Mark A. Dall 

Lien-Huong Tran Dang 

Russell Alan Davidson 

George G. Dedoulis 
§Robert Scott Degenford 

Stephen Satnarine Dhanraj 

Nhon Thanh Diep 

John Spencer Donegan 

John Timothy Donohue 

Michael Joseph Dorsett 

Tai Van Duong 

Joseph Thomas Elliott 

Laurel Christine Elliott 
•Walter Richard Eppler 

Howard James Ettinger 

Lawrence Guy Fess 

Nicholas George Forakis 

Donald Brian Forrer 

§ Summa cum Laude: tMagna cum Laude; •cum Laude 


tMichael Yury Frankel 

David A. Friese 

James Jay Froh 

Leslie Judith Gaffney 

Richard Evan Qenzer 

Clifford Chandravila George 

Zarmina Giotis 

Renee Diane Gladhill 

Brett Taylor Gleadall 

Theodore William Gordon 

Lawrence Huntley Green 

Kerry Edward Griffin 

Robert Thomas Grissom, Jr. 

Brian L. Grover 

John David Gygax 

Xiem Hang 

Timothy Brian Harig 

William Allen Hart 

Jennifer Lynn Helton 

Robert Carroll Herr 
§Richard William Holden, Jr. 

James Curtis Hovater 

Katherine Elizabeth Howlin 

Ward Myall Huffman 

Jean Marie Jackson 

Eric John Jensen 

Brian Thomas Koenigsmark 

Robert William Krug. Jr. 
'Douglas Lee Kruse 

Mono S. Kusuma 

Calvin Due Le 

Due Huy Le 

Huy Mhu Le 

Lawrence Gordon Lebow 

Chang Ta Lee 

Douglas Andrew Lee 

Eric Jangwon Lee 

Frederick William Lee II 

Vincent Janyan Lee 

Kimberly Leventhal 

Mark David Levin 

An Trong Luu 

Keith Michael Lynch 
§Gregory Robert Lyons 

Helaleh Maghsoudlou 

Huy Van Mai 

John Battista Masino, Jr. 

Karen Lynn Massal 

Steven John McGowan 

Stephen Edward Meyer 

Robert Eugene Miranda 

Richard Alan Moller 

Gerry Mon 
§Richard Dennis Moore 

Robert Glenn Moreland 
§ Lawrence Edward Myers 

Mark Magel 

Michael M. Meuwirth 

Christine Van Nguyen 
*Hien Due Nguyen 

Hoang Huy Nguyen 

Linda Nguyen 
tTuong Phuoc Nguyen 

Mark Dennis Nizza 

Matin Rabii Nouri 

Bruce Edwin O'Neel 

Linda Kay Pacini 

Michael David Perez 

Mark Joseph Person 

Gregg H. Peterson 

Dung Anh Phan 

William Timothy Polk 

Barbara Ann Pollard 

Stewart Layne Potter 

Henry Reid Prewitt IV 

Frederick Marion Proctor 

Michael Allen Raffel 

Charles Jeffrey Reeder 


Mary Beth Rigler 

Tracy Diane Roberge 
*Carolyn Jane Rodgers 

Kent William Rye 

Kerry Frank Rye 

Vincent Joseph Sabio 

George Ronald Sams 

Nader Salim Sayegh 

Mark David Sehellhammer 
'Jeremy Stone Sehuhmann 

Timothy D. Seeley 

Steven Charles Sereboff 

Amir Hossein Shahmiri 

Shiblie Oudie Shiblie 

Jeffrey Michael Shires 

Judith Lynn Slaybaek 

Laurie Jean Smith 

Faiz M. Somji 

Richard James Stable 

Wilbert Lee Starks, Jr. 

Karl Thomas Steiner 

William Thomas Stephens III 

Paul Shanpao Sun 

Jay Dallas Swarthout 

David Kourosh Tahmassebi 

Hamid Talaminaei 

Vikrant Tannan 

Sherrill Wendy Tate 

Richard Brent Tawes 
tDebra Lynn Thurston 

Kevin Scott Torvik 

Stephen John Townsley 

Chilan Luu Tran 

Thang Quoc Tran 

Viet Quoc Tran 

Hung Van Trinh 

Vinh Due Trinh 

Norman Anthony Tucker 

Mark Allen Gehling 

Jonathan Scott Wasserman 

Chen Hua Wei 
'Robert Bruce Will 
tThomas Evan Wilson 

Randall Scott Winchester 

Steven Christopher Witczak 

Estefanos Woldemariam 

Ho Pak Wong 

Siegfried Wood 

Xue Ming Yu 

Bachelor of Science in Fire 
Protection Engineering 

Benjamin Franklin Blye IV 
Jeffrey L. Bruner 
Thomas William Gardner 
Michael Steven Gervase 
Ivan Jay Humberson 
Louis John Klepitch, Jr. 
Karen Ann Kretschmann 
Brad Loewen 
Jeffrey Allison Maddox 
John William Poole III 
Charles Wesley Siegmann III 
Robert Louis Vettori 
John Alden Welling III 

Bachelor of Science in 
Mechanical Engineering 

Robert Ripley Allen, Jr. 
Jacalyn Leslie Banks 
Harinder Singh Bawa 
Roger Lynn Bazzarre 
William Peter Beardsley 
Stephen Howard Bennett 
Casey Jay Bergman 
Richard Joseph Borkowicz, 

Jay Alan Bradshaw 
Gregory Carey Braunberg 
David Michael Brown 

fMarcia Katherine Butkiewicz 

tSean Patrick Byrnes 
Jeffrey Smith Carangi 
David Paul Creamer 
Brian Patrick Crowley 
Johnny P. Crupi 
Daniel Lynn Dieren 
Peter Samuel Donegan 
Carville Moffatt Downes, Jr. 
Cathy Elizabeth Du Bois 
Sheryar Durrani 
Daniel Philip Ellert-Beck 
Edward Mario Fioravante 
Joan Frances Gay 
Michael Scott Gross 
Perry Lee Hahn 
Debra Roth Hartmann 
John Andrew Hersey 
Beth Anne Higby 
Craig William Higgins 
William Andrew Hoffman 
Bartholomew Peter Hogan 
Eduardo Jose Hung 
Leo Joseph Jennings 
Stephen Eric Kepple 
Christopher Blair Kilner 
Keith Randall Koch 
Kimberly Ann Lang 

tDaniel Christopher Leavy 
Mohamad Reza 

George Salim Malouf 
Thomas Emmet McDermott 
Glenn Eugene MeNeelege 
Norman Lee Miller, Jr. 
Charles Dean Milligan 
Michael Joseph Minnemann 


§ Summa cum Laude; fMagna cum Laude; 'cum Laude 

Marc Mordkofsky 
tJames Henry Morehart 

Paul John Chrysostom Morin 
§Kenneth Yip Moy 
Robert Lawrence Munach 
Brian Scott Ocheltree 
Martin William Olson 
Edward Arthur Packard 
David Young Park 
tDavid Patrick Plant 
William Edward Purdy 
Stephen Paul Putnam 
John Francis Raab 
Joseph Todd Ramsburg 
Stephen Derek Ruben 
Sabahattin Sahin 
Gerald Ewald Schmidt 
Gregory Alan Schultz 
Irvin Edward Scott. Jr. 
Jae Hwa Seong 
Seyyed Sina Sepehri 
Steven Philip Shach 
Scott Alexander Shumway 
Brian Harrington Smith 
Mark Allen Smith 
Scott Alan Spangenberg 
Brian Michael Spirt 
Larry Phillip Stevenson 
Matthew B. Stewart 
Kathy Leigh Strickler 
Donal Joseph Sullivan 
James Aloysius Sweeney 
Adam Mark Treiber 
George Max Voellmer 
Michael Wade 
John Charles Wegand 
Michael Kenneth West 
Paul Steven Weston 
Terry Haugabrook Williams 
John Charles Wright, Jr. 
Stephen Paul Zaminski 
Jeffrey Michael Zerr 

Bachelor of Science 

Undesignated Major: 

William James Bouslog 
John Michael Briganti 
Linda Lee Burley 
Bambang Herwantoro 
Christos Milton Makris 
Mary Grace Miller 
Julie Ann Rausa 
David John Roseman 
John David Runion 
Michael Ross Snodderly 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences and 

Bachelor of Science 


William Thomas Hutzell (2nd 
Major: Physics) 
*Kevin Richard Long 
Anne Catherine Raugh 
Jonathan Meil Schatz 

Computer Science: 

Craig Patrick Abod 

Anthony Dennis Abraham 

Amrita Ahluwalia 

Shin-Yi An 

Joy Michelle Artz 

William Martin Auslander 

Karen Leigh Bailey 

David William Baker 

Michelle Lynn Ballas 

John Douglas Bayko 

Rimantas Jurgis Blekaitis 

Jodi Sue Borneman 
§William Earl Boyer 

Mai F. Bright 
§Carol Ann Bryant 

Maria Eugenia Campos 

William Joseph Carlin 

Julian F. Chang 

Helen Feng-ieh Chao 

DaMing Chen 

LiLing Chen 

Chamrong Chhut 

John H. Colella 

Karen S. Cook 

John Dale Cox 

Kent Thomas Crotty 

Adrian Michael Danchenko 

My Thi Dang 

Brian Lawrence Daniels 

Karen Elizabeth Davis 

Michael Aaron Dekelbaum 

John Richard Dennin, Jr. 

Stephen Satnarine Dhanraj 

James Charles Dillon, Jr. 

Hae-Dih Doong 

Patricia Ann Dorsey 

Maria-Kate Dowling 
James Kenneth Duffy 
Timothy James Dunne 

*Aaron Michael Eisenfeld 
William Eugene Elick, Jr. 
Laura Marie Emmons 
Sharon LaMour Eskridge 
Lin Li Feng 

*James Martin Finlayson 
Mayer Mahman Fishman 
Jovlyn George Fraser 
Paula Jean Freeman 
John Joseph Frey 
Gregory WUIiam Galliger 
John Robert Garner III 
Patrick Pattillo Garvin, Jr. 
Anthony Wayne Gehr 
John Quentin Gilbert 
Frederick David Gravagna 
Diana Rose Greenberg 
Jonathan Roger Greenblatt 
Larry Allen Greenspan 
Robert Brian Guernsey 
Keith Alan Hancock 
Brent Lee Harshberger 
Sandra Nadine Hatchett 

•Ivy Ho 
YiuChung Ho 
Lynh Huong Hoang 
Lien-Chun Hsieh 

§Stephen Paul Hughes 
Randall Edison Ingle 
Lisa Kay Italiano 
Nathan Lamar James 
Cheryl Denise Jones 
Jin Ho Kang 

fEileen Geralyn Kenney 
Zahra Khaghani 
Claudia Susan Kim 
Hyeon Cheol Kim 
Ki Hyang Kim 

Thomas James Krawczewicz 
Diana Joy Lambird 
Barbara Ann Lane 
Catherine Louise Leas 
Soo Hyon Lee 
Yui Wai Lee 
David John Lerda 
Marc Howard Levy 
Andrew James Looney 
Mary Catherine Luck 

§ Summa cum Laude: fMagna cum Laude: *cum Laude 


Joseph Theodore Maggelet 

Janet Besse Magina 

Michael Joseph Manos 

Sam Mathews 
tSteven Douglas Miller 

Mojgan Mohammad 

Kenneth Htay Naing 

Doan-Trang Ngo 

Hien Quang Mguyen 

Thanh Duy Nguyen 

Thuy T. rSguyen-Viet 

David Nathan Oskard 

Tae Wook Paik 

Hasmig Houshig 

SonYoung Park 

Julia Ann Party 

Diane Elaine Piper 

Thomas William Potthast, Jr. 

Peter Prisekin 

Anne Catherine Raugh 


Qary Alan Reilly 

Bernard Joseph Roche III 
•Laura Jean Roig 

Peter Jude Rowlinson 

Jeffry Brennan Sabat 

Amjad Ali Sabir 

Bruce Jacob Savadkin 

Peter Emil Shayotovich 

Gery Edward Sherman 

Kurt Thomas Sherman 

Yong Baek Shin 

John Conwell Simon 

Deborah Ellen Sisson (2nd 
Major: Mathematics) 

Bryan Keith Sizemore 

William Whitmore Smith 

Gerald Francis Sneeringer 

Bruce Lewis Sobel 

Linda Mary Solomon 

Hwal Song 

Kooros Sotudeh 

Nancy Elizabeth Spain 

William Henry Stansbury III 

Steven Jay Steckler 

Thomas Anthony Suarez 

Glynis Kim Sullivan 

Douglas Young Sur 

Robert Daniel Swan, Jr. 

Stephen Joseph Szot 

Michael Charles Tarquinio 
Leon Andrew Toth 
Peter Leslie Toth 
Vinh Thai Tran 
Denise Tina Tsai 
Faramarz Vahdatshoar 
Jan Gustaaf Vendermeeren 
Stephen Courtney Vice 
De Quang Vo 
Mindy Nguyet Vu 
Christopher Bryan Ward 
Christopher Michael Warner 
§David Edward Weber 
Paul Alexander Weber 
Rhea Haldemann White 
Brent Steele Whitmore 
Lorraine Susan Wickstrom 
Reid Evan Wilson (2nd 

Major: Economics) 
Anna ManYee Wong 
David Louis Wray 
Muoi Trang Wu 
Yung Eddie Wu 
Kevin Wayne Yant 
Patricia Mary Yetman 
Kwan Kwan You 
George Gregory Young 
Rochelle A. Zilist 


Ann Louise Agre 
Saiid Aligholizad Anhary 
Paul Lemuel Bowden 
Catherine Mary Condray 
Dorothy Ellen Beasley 

Lien-Huong Tran Dang 
Vinh N. Dang 
Eric W. DeSilva 
Charles Norman Downs 
Todd Aaron Ehrlich 
Brian Keith Fitzwater 
Daniel Thomas Flatow 
Donna Jean Good 
Peter Thomas Haley 
Brian Nelson Head 
§Phu D. Hoang 
Eleanor Sultzer Holmes 
David L. li 
Dong H. Kim 
Jane Jeonghyang Lee 

Mark David Levin 

Caiung Ly 

Jo Anne Marie Marinelli 

David Moraff 
§ Lawrence Edward Myers 

L. Joy Mullen 

Mark Nagel 

Elizabeth Anne Nash 

Steven Joseph Olds 

David William Potteiger 

John William Staley 
tSandra Kay Streetman 

Graham Andrew Taylor 

Ting-Shih Teng (2nd Major: 
Computer Science) 

Christopher Bennett Thrash 

Robert William Vallin 

Pamela Jonelle Wegryn 

Eric Bruce Zeisel 

Physical Sciences: 

William Paul Atkins 
Eugene Joseph Barrett 
Richard Draper Hitchens, Jr. 
James H. Morris 
Stephen Matthew Simi 
John Joseph Simko 
Stephen Marc Udelson 


Anuradha Paul Bowman (2nd 

Major: Astronomy) 
Mark L. Cavanaugh 
Michael David Goldfarb 
Kenneth Ross Hankin 
Christopher Craig Ison 
Robert John Kontner 
Andrew Robert Korb 
Robert Alan Mac Harrie, Jr. 
Charles Huston Martin 
*Tom McCollum (2nd Major: 

'Charles John Wetterer (2nd 

Major: Astronomy) 


Bachelor of 
General Studies 

Jack Louis Albert 
John E. Amster 
Lisa Jill Arnao 
Kim Thompson Arnold 
Debra Laury Aronowitz 
Keith Lewis Askenas 
Sofia Maria Athineos 
Joyce Miles Aylward 
Jung H. Bae 
Selina Barfield 
Donald Jeffery Baxter 
Christopher John Beattie 
William Frederick Huck 

Douglas Keith Blye 
Carol Lynn BIyth 
Alice Boisseau 
Mary C. Bolwell 
Susan C. Breakstone 
Janice Lee Brooks 
Peter Joseph Buonocore 
Paul Edwin Butterfield 
Merri Sue Carter 
Carolyn Ann Cassanese 
Juan Carlos Castillo 
George C. Colton 
Kevin Michael Costello 
Jacqueline Ann Coufal 
Scott Patrick Crennan 
Charles Scott Cullen 
Suzanne Terese Currie 
Pamela Monique Davis 
Robert Louis DePaul 
Siri L. Derian 
§Mary F. D'Ignazio 
'Audrey Louise Eide 
John-Edward Elion 
Eric Evans Emerson 
Poll Lynn Fair 
Ellyn Faust 
Erik Russell Feldner 
Pamela Ann Ferrero 
Diana Marie Fields 
Linda Filby 


§ Summa cum Laude: fMagna cum Laude; *cum Laude 

Marianne Kress 
James R. Kuzma 
Toby Moah Lehman 
Gregory Thomas Leoni 
Neville Timothy Levi 
Deborah Louise Lewis 
Tina Leigh Lightner 
John Fox Loechel 
Rebecca Ann Loesch 
Karen Ann Loftus 
Cynthia Edna Lytle 
Mary Patricia Mallon 
Timothy Brooks Manclari< 
Daniel Patrick Mangan 
Robert Wayne Marton 
Jacqueline Mavrikes 
Steven Eric McDermott 
Megan Ann McHugh 
Kimberly Ann Mecklenburg 
Wendy llene Meister 
John Charles Merica 
Diane Carol Merson 
Edward Robert Montak 
Elaine Ann Mooney 
Mancy Ann Murray 
Laurie Beth Muys 
David Alan Nathanson 
Jeffrey L. rSelson 
Elaine Karen Nemzer 
Mimi Ariane Newcastle 
Amy Beth Olarsch 

§Jacqueline Van Tuyl 
Patricia Ann Osborne 
Karen Elizabeth Parker 
James H. Paxton 

*Mary Jane Pella 
Sara Ann Perks 
Robert A. Pirozzi 
Adria Rebecca Pollack 
Kristi Lynn Posey 
Laurie Beth Potkewitz 
Kevin Francis Powderly 
Tina Marie Prencipe 
Michael P. Rainey 
Wanda I. Ramos 
Colleen Rafferty Reed 
Garrick Wayne Reid 
David M. Reisman 
Matthew Rinaldo 

•Cynthia Anne Ripp 
Emily Elizabeth Russell 

§ Summa cum Laude; tMagna cum Laude; *cum Laude 

Roberta D. Finn 
Melissa Ann Folus 

*Erika Shanti Foster 
Leslie Ann Fredrics 
Patricia Anne Gallalee 

tJohn Arnold Gargani 
Janis Michelle Gemma 
Mary Carol Genovese 
Hollis Lucretia Gentry 
Michael Howard Gillman 
Paul Matthew Gnieser 
Edward Mark Goldberger 
David William Goodacre 
David Gordon 
Leonard Robert Gordon 
Brian Randall Grant 
Alison Rochelle Greenberg 
Michael J. Greene 
Daryl Hubbard Grose 
Elyse Hope Grosflam 
Barbara Greenberg Gruber 
Jon Erik Hagburg 
Melanie Beth Hamburger 
Jane Moore Hamilton 
Lorraine Marie Hardiman 
Terri Elizabeth Harmon 

*Cynthia Louise Harrington 
Jeffrey Lewis Hecht 
Theodore Frank Holloway 
Marcia L. Housen 
Joseph Martin Howell, Jr. 
Alice Guinn Huff 
Nina Donyeli Hughes 
Lisa Rachel Ivanhoe 
Carolyn Theresa Jackson 
Monique Arvette Jefferson 
Gregory Scott Jones 

'Stephen Joseph 
Bradley Allan Jung 
Roni Tracey Kamin 
Allison Fran Kantrowitz 

*Tina Margaret Kao 

tJeff A. Kassman 
Rebecca Ann Kastin 
David Scott Kastriner 
Richard Alan Kessler 
Lisa J. Klein 
Alisa Sheri Kline 
Christopher Knight 
Daniel Kosloski 
Kenneth John Kozlowski 

(Jmme Salma Salim 
Carolyn Inez Sampson 
Douglas James Sanborn 
llene Gail Schuman 
James Buckland Schwartz 
Laura Beth Schwartz 
Cynthia Lawan Scott 
Chivita Sen 
Eileen Susan Shapiro 
Mark Steven Shapiro 

§Ellen Bryant Sheets 
Robert Claude Shores 
Stacy Ann Showalter 
Amy Kramer Silver 
Amy Beth Silverman 
Beth Evan Sirota 
Jessica Bennett Slechter 
Michael Alan Sloane 
Rhoda Ann Smackum 
Craig Lowell Smith 

§Lauren Sokolski 
Robert Louis Stephenson 111 
Mark Scott Stogo 
David Jeffrey Stopak 
Suzanne Leslie Stuart 
Charles Anton Thomas 
Francis L. Thompson 
Stacey Gnderwood-Barrow 
Kenneth Richard Venick 

*Julie Darlene Western 
Darrin Wilen 
Patricia Lynn Willets 
Elizabeth Mary Woodstock 
Cory Glen Zelnik 
Robin Lynn Zinnamon 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies: 

*Sandra Lee Agrafiotis 
*Melany Pingaye Deem 

Jeffrey Vincent Kelly 
*Bonnie Sine Long 

William Sherman Perkins 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies: 

Bruce Eugene Bowers. Jr. 

Charels R. Douglas 

David Eric Fuhrmann 

Joel Keith Goron 
fEdmund Humphrey Harding 

Suzanne E. Krall 

Rosemary Schaffner Lindle 
§Laurence Bernard Polsky 

Peter Michael Schrantz 

Michael Ronald Udwin 

Andrew Wayne Zink 



Sandra Lee Agrafiotis 
Regina Ann Brewer 
Melany Pingaye Deem 
Mary F. D'Ignazio 
Rachel Carrie Ginther** 
Debra Ann Kerr 
Sieglinde Katharine Rath 
Ellen Bryant Sheets 
Julie Darlene Western 
Elizabeth Mary Woodstock 

••Graduated December 20, 1985 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Jacalyn Leslie Banks 
David Bradford Bowman II 
Bernard Francis Breighner II 
Charles Scott Cullen 
Sherilyn Kim Davis 
Daniel Philip Ellert-Beck 
Michel Patrick Ellert-Beck 
Brian Keith Fitzwater 
Donald Brian Forrer 
Christopher Richard Gentry 
Michael Peter Glunk 
Geoffrey Alan Godwin 
Michael Scott Grenke 
Thomas William Jett 
Peter Hasal Klavik 
Paul Jospeh Kolodziejski 
David John Lerda 
Joseph Leo Linsenmeyer 
Brendan rSoel Ludden 
Mariamne Risteau Mitchell 
Susan Mary Mitchell 
Eugene Bernard Morris. Jr. 
Richard Lawrence Oarr 
Steven Joseph Olds 
Robert Eugene Peay. Jr. 
Douglas James Sanborn 
Jonathan Meil Schatz 
Robert Claude Shores 
Pyong Suk So 
Robert Carl Wagner 
Charles John Wetterer 

""^^^4= '^. 



Bachelors degree candidates 
who have qualified for 
scholarship honors upon 
graduation are designated by 
appropriate symbols adjacent 
to their names within the 
alphabetical listings of 
divisions, colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for 
consideration for such honors 
a candidate must meet the 
following general criteria: (1) 
have completed at least two 
years of work at The 
University of Maryland (60 
semester hours. 30 of which 
were earned at the College 
Park Campus) and (2) have a 
scholastic average of B (grade 
point average of 3.000) or 
higher in University of 
Maryland work prior to the 
last semester of registration 
before award of degree. 

May 1986 candidates who 
have met these criteria are 
shown in the listings as 
qualifying, upon graduation, 
for the designations Summa 
cum Laude (if they ranked in 
the top two percent of the 
candidates in their respective 
divisions, colleges or schools). 
Magna cum Laude (if in the 
next three percent), or cum 
Laude (if in the next five 
percent), based on the grade 
point averages of students in 
the preceding three 
graduating classes of their 
degree-granting unit. 

General Honors Program 

With General Honors 

Rochelle Louise Anderson 
Eve Benderly 
William Earl Boyer 
Michael Patrick Boyle 
Carmen Lucia Dourado 

da Cunha 
Jessica Ann Giglio 
Avital Grodzinsky** 
Edmund Humphrey Harding 
Michael Jay Lederman 
Stella Elizabeth Lehmann 
Gregory Robert Lyons 
Ralph Roy Merritt 
William Francis Russo** 
Brooke Arlene Sipple 
Janet Leanne Szpond 
Michael Ronald Udwin 
Christina Van Pelt 

••Graduated December 20. 1985 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in 

Kevin Richard Long 

With High Honors in Chemistry 
Kenneth Michael Wells 

With High Honors in 
Communication Arts and 
Jennifer Lynn Monahan 

With High Honors in English 
William Earl Boyer 
Mathan Ailing Long 
Janet Elizabeth Parr 
Rosemarie Solari 

With High Honors in 

Graham Andrew Taylor 

Eric Bruce Zeisel 
With High Honors in Zoology 

Miriam Sharon Ruff 

With Honors in Chemistry 
Carol Joy Stratton 

With Honors in Computer 


Steven Douglas Miller 
David Nathan Oskard 

With Honors in Criminology 
Robert Paul Krusen 
Deborah Diane Linnell 
Helene Ann Tucker 

With Honors in Economics 
Gregory Gardner Brand 
Pierre Yves Bruno Cremieux 
Barry Mitchell Garner 
Scott Andrew Sedmak 

With Honors in Engineering 
Michael David Tomas 

Debra Lynn Thurston 

With Honors in English 

Erica L. Aungst 

Olivia Catherine Eccleshall 

Andrew Imre Fury 

Gregory Norman Gabel 

Eleanor Jo Kan 

Priya Joshi 
With Honors in History 

Taro Konoshima 

With Honors in Mathematics 
Eric W. DeSilva 

With Honors in Music 
Nina J. Gilman 
Nancy Jo Hohenwarter 

With Honors in Psychology 
Rochelle Louise Anderson 
Gregory O. Beatty 
Jane Duvall Downing 
Martin Andrew Hafer 
Helene Rachel Krifcher 

With Honors in Zoology 
Mary Anna Melnyk 



(Agricultural Engineering) 

Brett L. Morris. President 
Michael J. Krones. Vice 

Joel M. Milano, Secretary 
G. Ellen Kaiser, Treasurer 
Collin R. Burrell 
Thomas P. Cathcart 
Sheng-Seng Chen 
Mohamed H. Ibrahim 
Khiery M. Ismail 
Patricia J. Lehtola 
Mark A. Little 
Andrew L. McCrackin 
Nadine E. Riedy 
Leslie L. Shoemaker 
Chiang C. Tai 
Quang Vo 

(Social Research for Service) 

Caroline M. Allen 
Prisilla G. Feldman 
Debra A. Kerr 
Ellen B. Sheets 
Lori B. Soffer 
Angelita M. Yu 

(Law Enforcement and 

December 1985: 
Richard J. McMeil 

Spring 1986: 
Steven C. Jones 
Jeffrey E. Kauffman 
Michael A. Spaulding 
Janet A. Vaccaro 
Paul R. Wallace 


David S. Anderson 
Evan C. Blonder 
Stuart I. Caplan 
DeNae A. Deen 
Saralyn D. Fetter 
Keith A. Gold 
Kenneth M. Kline 
Kathleen A. Lackey 
Sarah A. Link 
Steven T. Magoon 
Mary A. Neville 
Kimberly K. Reinowski 
Robert B. Rendle 
Teresa V. Rice 
Marianna Romalis 
Lynn M. Whited 


December 1985 Graduate: 
Sandra D. Marcoux Haas 

May 1986: 

James Frederick Beckmann 

Laura Leigh Boyce 

Hsiang-Yin (Irene) Chen 

Peter Arnold Chrissinger 

Michael Raymond Curtis 

Darlene Duda 

Erica T. Downs 

Jody Ehr 

Eva Freedman 

Raymond J. Fugere 

J. Paul Hoppenjans 

Andrew Marc Ledner 

James L. Lisle, Jr. 

Patricia McKee 

Kristine L. Murphy 

Patricia Meiss 

Alicia Padron 

John Pettway 

Patricia Poissant 

Karen Postelle 

Laura Reilly 

Craig Richard Rosato 

Adam J. Rosen 

Dana George Sippel 

Julie Snowden 

Tracy Spatz 

Martin Thomas Stanislav 
Mark Anthony Tootsey 
Lawrence Toth 
Christina Gene Van Pelt 
Ellen Vogin 
Joseph C. Wilkinson 
Sheryl Rene Wittman 
Jessyca O. Yun 
Robert Zigman 

(Business Administration) 


December 1985 Graduates: 
John Hartz 
Laura Sague 
Lisa Ann Verner 
Sandra Walbrol 
Jerome Zisserson 

May 1986 Graduates: 
Richard Butler 
Annette Cavanaugh 
Jody Ehr 
Kimberly Evans 
Emily Clatter 
Wendi Goldman 
Julie Ann Kalinowsky 
Andrew Krouse 
John Lanphear 
Susan Ann Laverty 
Andrew Ledner 
Stella Lehmann 
Sharon Lobe 
Mark Long 
Patricia Neiss 
Dawn Revis 
Craig Rosato 
Hal Roseman 
Laureen Tracy 

(Financial Management 



December 1985 Graduates: 
Katalin M. Mora 
Lisa A. Varner 

May 1 986 Graduates: 
Ellen J. Brown 
Richard A. Butler 
Andrew J. Krouse 
John Lanphear 
Susan A. Laverty 
Martin K. Lowen 
Lisa M. Mossi 


August 1985 Graduates: 
Reena Aggarwal 
Harry E. Merriken III 
Martin R. Valenstein 

December 1985 Graduate: 
Robert P. Martins 

(International Honorary 
Geographical Society) 

Mark Anderson, Vice President 
Hollis S. Church. Treasurer 
Juan Deguara, Secretary 
Janice B. Harper 
Vivian Brewington Hayes 
Vivre Alaine Roomanoff 
Theresa Mulhern, Graduate 

Gregory Yapundich, President 


(National honor society of 
college seniors. The society 
recognizes superior scholastic 
ability, outstanding and 
continual leadership, and 
dedicated service to the 
college or university 

Eve Benderly 

Michael Bonchick, Treasurer 

Alice Borchard 

Michael Boyle, Selections 

Willie Brickey 
Linda Burley, Historian 
Barry Chesis 
Peter Darwin 

Calvin Ellis, Vice President 
Christine Evans, 


Kim Evans 
Lanta Evans 
Eva Feldman 
Ruth Felsen 

Cynthia Forbes, Secretary 
Debra Friedrick, 


Guy Guzzone 
Steven Grant 
Robyn James 
Julie Kalinowsky 
Helene Krifcher 
Eileen Lessans 
Gregory Lyons 
Edward Martin 
Deven McGraw 
Mary Melnyk 
Jason Meyer 
Amy Morrison 
Gsha Nagarajan 
Angela Todd. President 
Toan Trinh 
P. J. Walner 
Susanne Winakur 
Bruce Zukerberg 


December 1985 Graduates: 
Gustavo Calderson 
Erja Julius 

May 1 986 Graduates: 
Eileen Haberman 
Hal Scott Roseman 


Peter T. Michael 

Darlene K. Oliver 

Maria Resnik 

Michael S. Rosofsky 

Andri I. Sujono 

Dipica B. Wikramanayake 

December 1985 Graduates: 
Nora Abdestem 
Judith L. Kerns 
Jacqueline T. Keller 
Michael V. Kutsch 

(national student/faculty 
society for outstanding 
leadership in scholarship; 
athletics; social, service, and 
religious activities; mass 
media; and the creative and 
performing arts.) 


James M. Abonyi 
Jeffrey L. Baker 
Michael L. Bonchick 
Michele M. A. Chang 
Mark Anthony Ciabaton 
Patricia A. Cornell 
Daniel C. Curry 
Peter Edwin Darwin 
Paula Yvette Dubrow 
Carol Melissa Easter 
Kimberly Ann Evans 
Lanta Linette Evans 
Ruth Brenda Felsen 
Mary L. Flavin 
Donald B. Forrer 

Charles Michael Mathew 

Robert A. Grimwood 
Guy J. Guzzone 
James Michael Huber 
Lawrence Michael Jacobson 
Robyn Frances James 
Lauren Denise Jones 
Julie Ann Kalinowsky 
John Timothy Kennedy 
Ming Lee 

Gregory Robert Lyons 
Deven Claire McGraw 
Glenn Eugene McNeelege 
Mary Anna Melnyk 
William J. Morachnick 
Kimberly Iris Moran 
Steven J. Olds 
Suzanne M. Parker 
Karen Nolan Postelle 
Michael Jeffrey Richman 
Lisa M. Robinson 
Karen Elizabeth Ruth 
Julie Ann Schejbal 
Ronald Steven Shillman 
Edward John Steren 
Paul-Michael Sweeney 
Ann Marie Tatsios 
Angela Renee Todd 
L. Samantha Turian 
Alexander T. S. Van Lang 
Ken Vierra, Jr. 
Fred Bryan Wachter 
Phyllis-Jo Walner 
Jill Richards Wikoff 
Cynthia Zdzienicki 
Bruce William Zukerberg 

December 1985 Graduates: 

Bryan Darryl Ashby 

Michele Asrael 

Philip Reagan McAlister 

Emilio Pardo 

Carole Louise Walters 


Yale Jeffrey Lewis 

(Gamma of Maryland) 

Elected as Juniors: 
Eve Benderly 
William Earl Boyer 
Kevin Richard Brickey 
Ruth Brenda Felsen 
Christopher Guy Janney 
Mark Donald Kohler 
Helene Rachel Krifcher 
Miriam Sharon Ruff 
Tuanh Tonnu 
Troy Harold Willett 

Elected as Seniors: 
Ann Louise Agre 
Elizabeth Marie Aitken 
Rochelle Louise Anderson 
Ann-Martha Andrews 
Christopher Robert Appleman 
Thomas Hawkins Ayers 
Susan Elizabeth Battles 
Cheryl Lynn Becher 
Joseph Harold Berman 
Kathryn Susan Berthot 
Alisa Joanna Blitz 
Patricia Mirta Borda 
Rex Lynn Bowman 
Willie June Brickey 
Susan Marie Bunyan 
Nancy E. Carl 
James Vincent Corbelli 
Pierre Yves Bruno Cremieux 
Rebeca De Jesus 
Maria Kate Dowling 
Matthew Craig Emery 
Maria Suzanne Estrada 
Simone Fajer 
Mayer Nahman Fishman 
Susan Denise Fitzgerald 
Cynthia June Forbes 
Carolyn Marie Forde 
Paula Gail Friedman 
Randall Scott Friese 
Paul Philip Gallagher 
Susan Lee Gelber 
Jessica Ann Giglio 
Mark Richard Gobin 
Kathleen McDonald Goldsmith 
Steven Michael Goldstein 


Gerri Jean Good 
Minakshi Goswami 
Stefanie Robyn Greenspun 
Robert Alan Grimwood 
Sandra Lynne Hamorsky 
Jeffrey Marc Herschler 
Eric Scott Hoffmann 
Heidi Hoffmann 
Bradley Don Jones 
Jeanne Jones 
Mary Elizabeth Jones 
Margaret Ellen Judge 
Hynek Pesta Kalkus 
Eleanor Jo Kan 
Jacqueline Tournour Keller 
Elizabeth Marie Kiker 
Donna Ann Kinerney 
Dawn Lyn Kontoff 
Janet Mcllwain Larocco 
Stella Elizabeth Lehmann 
Jeffrey Lieberman 
Sharon Trudi Loeb 
John David Loewen 
Bruce Perry Matez 
Eula Ann Kusener McKenzie 
Gale Anne McMelly 
Katalin Margit Mora 
Lisa Marie Mossi 
Karen Barbara Munro 
Lawrence Edward Myers 
Sina rSasri-Chenijani 
Van Thanh Nguyen 
Ingrid Yamill Padilla 
Juliana Youngmin Park 
Matthew Kihoon Park 
Suzanne M. Parker 
George Benjamin Perlin 
Jeanmarie Perrone 
Eileen Frances Pingitore 
Tracy Lynn Pollak 
Linda Jean Polonsky 
Laurence Bernard Polsky 
Jennifer Dana Pratt 
Deborah Jane Pruitt 
Cristina Marie Roa 
Steven Loring Rosenthal 
Lee Ann Roskos 
Judith Ellen Schmid 
Lisa Marie Schneider 
Scott Andrew Sedmak 
Jack Kevin Sharp 

Judith Anne Shirley 
Catherine Stephani Siskos 
Susan Smith 
Sandra Kay Streetman 
Nathan S. Tash 
Graham Andrew Taylor 
Holly A. Tomanelli 
Michael Francis Tommy 
Dung Toan Trinh 
L. Samantha Turian 
Karen Marie Gnnerstall 
Dorothy Anne Velasco 
Violeta Medalit Vera 
Lisa Elayne Walter 
Lisa Robin Widman 
Michele Winberg 
Lynn Michele Yosick 
Bruce William Zuckerberg 
Lisa Marie Zurmuhlen 

(National Honor Society) 

December 1985 
Laurette M. Aberasturi 
Elizabeth M. Aitken 
Perry W. Alexion 
Pamela J. Allen 
Robert E. Amos, Jr. 
Rochelle L. Anderson 
Ann M. Andrews 
Bryan D. Ashby 
Michael L. Asmussen 
John D. Bartusek 
Sarah W. Beacom 
Esther A. Benaroya 
Fay Bloomberg 
Rex L. Bowman 
David R. Boyer 
Kevin R. Brickey 
Cathy L. Bright 
Barry S. Chesis 
Robyn B. Chidel 
Deborah R. Cohen 
Wendy B. Cohen 
Anne R. Colgan 
James J. Conners 
Nancy K. Craig 
Carmen L. Cunha 

Eric W. De Silva 
Paticia E. De Young 
Nancy C. Denton 
Pamela S. Di Carlantonio 
Jane D. Downing 
Paul C. Drago 
Daryl E. Eicher 
Sharon L. Epstein 
James M. Finlayson 
Cathy E. Fox 
Elizabeth E. Galletta 
Chester G. Gingrich 
Stephanie Gladstone 
Steven F. Grant 
Lisa S. Greenberg 
Stefanie R. Greenspun 
Avital Grodzinsky 
Rhea F. Haldemann 
Rose L. Haldemann 
Kathleen F. Hart 
Mark R. Hetrick 
Tammy S. Hofe 
Denise L. Hurst 
Judith Jablon 
David E. Kalbaugh 
Hynek P. Kalkus 
Elanor J. Kan 
Cheryl M. Katz 
Jacqueline T. Keller 
Eileen Kenney 
Carl J. Khalil 
Mary N. Koback 
Robert P. Krusen 
Laurence J. Laskin 
Rachel E. Lawson 
Douglas E. Levy 
Marc H. Levy 
Jeffrey Lieberman 
Jami S. Lingie 
Nathan A. Long 
Canh Ly 
Daniel D. Mayo 
Deven C. McGraw 
Patricia A. McKee 
Margaret Meixner 
Mary A. Melnyk 
Peter T. Michaels 
Michele L. Moser 
Lisa M. Mossi 
Karen E. Mougey 
Carla J. Myers 

Marilyn E. Neuman 
Laura M. Ohler 
Janet E. Parr 
Cynthia A. Pehl 
Jeanmarie Perrone 
Marie L. Pharaoh 
Diane M. Pierro 
Karen N. Postelle 
Deborah J. Pruitt 
Michael J. Richman 
Cristina M. Roa 
Beverly F. Rogers 
Lisa C. Rubin 
Allen M. Rush 
Margaret R. Sandridge 
Leonard De Sanford 
Helen L. Schindler 
Arooj Shaikh 
Barbara R. Shapiro 
Ronald S. Shillman 
Laurie A. Shuster 
Kanwal G. Singh 
Mary E. Sullivan 
Ann P. Summers 
Mary E. Svrjcek 
Evan E. Thompson 
Renae D. Thompson 
Debra L. Thurston 
Margo A. Tintle 
Thomas L. Tuohy 
Barbara A. Usher 
Lisa A. Varner 
Doris M. Vidigal 
Phyllis J. Walner 
Leslie A. White 
Timothy A. Widowfield 
Mary J. Wolter 
Hung Y. Wu 

Spring 1986 Undergraduates: 

Julie M. Altobelli 

Albert C. Barclay 111 

Susan E. Battles 

Ann D. Beman 

Eve Benderly 

Steven M. Brown 

Carol A. Bryant 

Marese A. Buell 

Kathleen N. Burnett 

Richard A. Butler 

Sean P. Byrnes 


Gustavo A. Calderon 
Stuart I. Caplan 
Robert C. Carpenter 
Camille R. Ceraolo 
Margaret B. Colosi 
Lucy T. Crider 
Lorraine D. Crowther 
Tracey A. Culbertson 
Silvia R. Cunha 
Anne H. Detrick 
Mary F. Dignazio 
Susan M. Drake 
Regina M. Dufresne 
Emily V. Evans 
Eva S. Feldman 
Cynthia J. Forbes 
Paula J. Freennan 
Nitin K. Garg 
Emily Clatter 
Adam D. Goldstein 
Melissa D. Greynolds 
Robert A. Grimwood 
Sharon L. Grossman 
Tamara G. Halle 
Edmund H. Harding 
Kimble P. Hardman 
Eric S. Hoffmann 
Donna L. Hoyert 
Christopher G. Janney 
Janice A. Jastrzebski 
Jeanne Jones 
Nancy A. Kasner 
Karen A. Kendall 
Mahmud Kibria 
Elizabeth M. Kiker 
Carol A. Lady 
Hope G. Lake 
Thanh N. Lam 
Nancy P. Laughrige 
Andrew J. Lawrence 
Fran A. Lebowitz 
Arden C. Lockwood 
Joan M. Manno 
Kirsten H. Matsumoto 
Ida C. McAuliffe 
Margaret A. McCarrick 
Frank L. McConnell 
Laura E. McGrath 
Patricia McKenna 
Brigitte McKenzie 
Gale A. McNelly 

Jason S. Meyer 
Jennifer L. Monahan 
James H. Morehart 
Anna M. Morton 
Dennis A. Murphy 
Saira Mustafa 
Jonathan Nevitt 
Joseph M. Niland 
Leon G. Nisenfeld 
Wendy Noble 
Angela M. Ogburn 
Darlene K. Oliver 
Kevin J. OMahony 
Cynthia L. Osborne 
Joyce C. Owens 
Ingrid Y. Padilla 
Elena I. Paoli 
Monica M. Pellegrini 
David P. Plant 
Tracy L. Pollak 
Linda J. Polonsky 
Matthew F. Raeder 
Mary D. Rea 
Elizabeth S. Record 
Mary K. Reinburg 
Kimberly K. Reinowski 
Malcolm F. Reintzel 
Dawn R. Revis 
Teresa H. Rizzo 
Martha L. Roberts 
Anna S. Rubin 
Sylvie A. Ryckebusch 
Anna F. Scherr 
Lisa M. Schneider 
Douglas W. Schuhardt 
Betty C. Scott 
Helen M. Shade 
Judith A. Shirley 
Lisa M. Sikes 
Patricia A. Smith 
Jane V. Snyder 
Lauren Sokolski 
Steven J. Spector 
Rhonda A. Stanerson 
Peter L. Steinman 
Nancy M. Swartz 
Nadine S. Taylor 
Paula L. Templin 
Kenneth M. Thomas 
Linda K. Thompson 
Stephanie A. Turco 

Yuda Gdomritthiruj 
Amy K. Wakefield 
Alyse M. Warren 
Thomas A. Wells 
Hal Y. Wu 

Martin P. Wurdeman 
Lynn M. Yosick 
William N. Youstra 
Yuan S. Yun 
Bruce W. Zukerberg 

Spring 1986 
Graduate Students: 
Mary P. Agostineili 
Julis L. Albertine 
Janice L. Atwood 
Elizabeth J. Bamberger 
Elizabeth J. Barber 
Mary J. Barnett 
Angela M. Bednarczyk 
Linda R. Berg 
Judith A. Bowden 
Carolyn E. Buser 
Natalie Cantor 
Gillian R. Cany 
Cheinl Chang 
Kathryn A. Clark 
Dean W. Coulopoulos 
Susan A. Culbertson 
Winifred E. Cullen 
Mary E. Dallavalle 
Esther T. David 
Anna M. Dearmond 
James H. Dotson, Jr. 
Noel L. Eller 
Steven S. Epstein 
Mary E. Felegy 
Rosario Ferre 
John A. Fohrell 
Christopher J. Ford 
David C. Freides 
Charles I. Gale 
Helen S. Geller 
Janette C. Gervin 
Donald A. Gillespie 
Barbara L. Gosnell 
Joanne F. Guthrie 
Aletha S. Hendrickson 
Ann W. Henriksson 
Wendy S. Higgins 
Marilyn W. Hill 

Stephen R. Hill 
Thomas J. Hippchen 
Nancy C. Hoffman 
Marcia L. Hyde 
Mary E. Jacobs 
Matthew R. James 
Kathleen S. Kelly 
Joanne C. Klick 
Bonnie G. Kunkel 
Louise P. Kupelian 
Susan H. Libby 
Mariahelena M. Lima 
Yeong-Her Liou 
Margaret A. Lloyd 
Shyh-Wei Luan 
Winston T. Luke 
Margaret A. Malanoski 
Frederick G. Medinger 
Pamela Megna 
Peter A. Minderman, Jr. 
Thomas D. Moore 
Gina A. Oliva 
William B. Pitt 
Margaret A. Ransom 
Nancy G. Sebring 
Rebecca B. Shannon 
Susan G. Sheridan 
Ning Shi 
Carol S. Silberg 
Paul Solomon 
Charles C. Somerville 
Barbra C. Stoddard 
Dallas B. Sutton 
Edward E. Thorsett 
Robert E. Trempe 
Marlena M. Wald 
Rose M. Ward 
Elian L. Wehrle 
Howard N. Weiss 
Roberta A. Whitmoyer 
Loren E. Yager 
Donna A. Zanetti 



May, 1986 Graduates: 
Cheryl Becker. Secretary 
Claudette E. Brooks 
Michael Chiaramonte 
Peter Darwin 
Avrim Fishkind 
Keith Gold 
Marc S. Goldman 
Mary A. Melynk, President 
Suzanne Parker 
Steven Rosenthal, Editor 
Erik L. Russell 
Bruce Skolnick, Treasurer 
Guy V. Swartwout 
Lisa Taylor 
Allen Tsui 
Hung Yu Wu 
Bruce Zukerberg, 

Other Members: 
Joseph Anderson 
Roberto Araujo 
Alisa Joanna Blitz 
Beth Diamond 
Michael Dias 
Sandra Frain 
Jeffrey Fredman 
Robert Friedman 
Saira Ghadyali 
Robert Glatter 
Anne Gregas 
Adam Goldstein 
Christina Hauf 
Amy K. Hopkins 
Pamela Hyde 
Susan E. Izard 
Susan Kandel 
Patricia Kane 
Steven C. Karceski 
Andrew J. Kim 
Kevin Long 
Jamison Lowe 
Karen Molines 
Janet O'Mahoney 
Gary A. Pichney 
Michael Posner 
Teresa Riddlespurger 
Teresa Robinson 

Anna Rubin 

Patricia Sullivan 

Sandra Swoboda 

Michael Gdwin 

Sok Yi 

Juan Carlos Zuniga-Pflucker 

(Foreign Languages) 

December 1985 Graduates: 
Christopher Heritage 
Amy Louise May 

May 1 986 Graduates: 
Carmen Lucia Cunha 
Linda Eisenberger 
Christine Marie Evans 
Katherine Anne Pauley 
Karl Eric Spangler 
William Roy Vernola 


Constance L. Dutton 
Todd A. Ehrlich 
Dean L. Garner 
Donna L. Hoyert 
Jacob Mathews 
Jason S. Meyer 
Mark Nagel 
Barry D. Reich 
Yen Ting 
Robert W. Vallin 
Karen J. Walukonis 

(National Slavic Honorary 

James E. Adie 
Diana D. Hromockyj 
Margaret R. Posa 
Joseph T. Ward 

(National Political Science 
Honor Society) 

Eve Benderly 
Sherri L. Chernotsky 
Carmen Cunha 
Bonnie 1. Diamond 
Paula G. Friedman 
Minakshi Goswami 
Melissa Greynolds 
Guy J. Guzzone 
Christopher G. Janney, 

Hynek P. Kalkus 
Mark D. Kohler 
Michael J. Lederman 
Danita C. Lee 
Margaret Maughlin 
Alan S. Memeth 
John W. Rogers 111 
Lisa M. Schneider 
Greg D. Schorr 
Barbara Shapiro 
Kathleen K. Sheehan 
Joel R. Spivack 
Peter L. Steinman 
Ken Takagi 
Cheryle L. Thomas 
Thomas Woodrow 


(National Honor Society) 

Shelly Anderson, 

Pamela Sue Ankermiller 
Gregory O. Beatty. President 
Sharon J. Benheim 
Blanche M. Brotman 
Helen Marie Brown 
Christine Marie Butler 
James Brian Byrnes 
Robert A. Coben 
Jeffery Deutch 
Jeff Dick 
Jane Downing 
Walter M. Downs 
Michael H. Espina 
Carolyn Figard 
Frederick FoUer 
Kristina Lynn Frederick 
Jeffrey Norman Fredman 
Jessica Giglio, Vice-President 
Kathleen McDonald Goldsmith 
Rick Hall 
Karl D. Kirchner 
Adam David Kline 
Jami S. Lingle 
Deborah Diane Linnell 
Lisa A. Medoff 
Kimberly Ann Peddicord 
Pearl Elizabeth Pfuhl 
Donna Redman 
Peter Daniel Rogers 
Alice J. Roman 
Missy Jean Salman 
Sharonda Denise Sharp 
Eleanor W. Song 
Michael W. Tucker 
Michael (Jdwin 
Leslie White, Treasurer 
Jeane Williams 



(Fire Protection Engineering) 

Joseph A. Castellano 
David W. Clark 
John A. Denhart 
Michael S. Gervase 
Julia A. Harris 
Kenneth E. Isman 
Christopher J. Jelenewicz 
Gary G. Jones 
Jeff A. Maddox 
Christina D. Padlin 
Eric J. Pitt 
Paul J. Richards 
Lester C. Shew 
Charles W. Siegmann 111 
Sarah E. Strasser 
Robert J. Tabet 

(National Englisti Honor 

David A. Adelman 
Elizabeth Aitken 
Ann Martha Andrews 
Erica Aungst 
Andrea Babest 
Mary Kate Dowling 
Olivia Eccleshall 
Roberta Farber 
Sharon Fleisher 
Gregory M. Gabel 
Alison M. Green 
Jeffrey M. Green 
Paula Hatheway 
Lisa L. Henderson 
Lisa Johnston 
Jeanne Jones 
Priya Joshi 
Margaret Judge 
Eleanor Kan 
Fran A. Lebowitz 
Nathan A. Long 
Carol MacLeod 
Bruce Matez 
Karen Munro 
Laura Ohler 
Joanne M. Olson 
Joyce C. Owens 
Inge G. Saake 
Evelyn Shapiro 
Mary V. Shea 
Jane Snyder 
Andrew C. Stone 
Joseph Szczesny 
Amy Tiernan 
Mara C. Wasilik 
Angela White 
Christopher J. Winters 


Academic and 
Special Awards 

Milton Abramowitz Memorial 
Prize in Mathematics awarded 
annually to a junior or senior 
student majoring in 
mathematics who has 
demonstrated superior 
competence and promise for 
future development in the 
field of mathematics and its 
Aivarded to: 

Eric Bruce Zeisel 

Aerospace Engineering 
Department's Academic 
Achievement Award to the 
graduating senior in the 
Department who has attained 
the highest overall academic 
Awarded to: 

Sharon E. Seipel 

The Agricultural Alumni 
Award to a senior who during 
his or her college career 
contributed most toward the 
advancement of the College of 
Awarded to: 

Hillary J. Poore 

Agricultural Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Senior Award to a senior in 
agricultural engineering on 
the basis of scholastic 
performance, participation in 
the ASAE National Student 
Branch and other 
extracurricular activities. 
Awarded to: 

Andrew L. McCrackin 

Alcoa Foundation Scholarship 
Awards to outstanding 
students in fire protection 
Awarded to: 

Patricia A. McCarthy 

Paul J. Richards 

The Alcoa Foundation Traffic 
Scholarship award of $750 to 
an outstanding junior student 
majoring in transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Kristin S. Sargeant 

Alpha Rho Chi Medal awarded 
annually by Alpha Rho Chi 
fraternity for architecture and 
the allied professions to a 
graduating student of 
architecture who has made a 
distinctive contribution to 
school life, embodying the 
ideals of professional service 
and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Timothy Brian Kearns 

Alpha Zeta Award to the 
student in the College of 
Agriculture with the highest 
scholastic average at the end 
of his/her freshman year. 
Awarded to: 
Judith E. Sl<lar 

Alumni Association- 
International Outstanding 
Young Man of the Class of 
1986. Awarded for scholastic 
excellence, campus leadership 
and community service. 
Awarded to: 

Charles M. Gonzalez 

Alumni Association- 
International Outstanding 
Young Woman of the Class of 
1986. Awarded for scholastic 
excellence, campus leadership 
and community service. 
Awarded to: 

Deven C. McGraw 

American Association of 
Textile Colorists and Chemists 
Awarded to: 

Janet Lyn Barker 

American Association of 
University Women, College 
Park Maryland Branch, in 
recognition of two outstanding 
women receiving advanced 
Awarded to: 

Carolyn Erickson Hill 
Doctor of Philosophy 
English Program 

Cindy Ann Hawthorne 

Master of Science 
Chemistry Program 

American Helicopter Society 
Outstanding Achievement 
Award to the student who has 
made the most outstanding 
contribution through service 
to the student branch. 
Awarded to: 

Steven A. Donaldson 

American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Outstanding Achievement 
Award to the student who has 
made the most outstanding 
contribution through 
scholarship and service to the 
student branch. 
Awarded to: 

Abraham Chaves 

American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Chairman's Certificate in 
recognition of service and 
leadership to the student 
Awarded to: 
George F. Halow 

American Institute of 
Architects annually awards the 
AIA Certificate to a 
graduating student of 
architecture for academic 
Awarded to: 

Stephen James Wilczynski 

American Institute of 
Architects annually awards the 
AIA Medal to a graduating 
student of architecture for 
outstanding overall academic 
Awarded to: 

Maurice Z. Schlesinger 

American Institute of 
Chemists Award to an 
outstanding senior for 
scholarship in chemistry. 
Awarded to: 

Willie June Brickey 

American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers 
Scholarship Award, provided 
by the Washington, D.C.- 
Maryland ASAE Section to an 
agricultural engineering 
student on the basis of 
achievement and need. 
Awarded to: 
Chiang C. Tai 

American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers 
Student Honor Award 
presented by the national 
society in recognition of 
outstanding student activity. 
Awarded to: 
Elizabeth M. Turek 


American Society of 
Agronomy Award to the 
outstanding senior graduating 
in agronomy who has 
demonstrated superior 
scholarship, leadership 
activities and personal traits. 
Awarded to: 

Luanne K. Vander Male 

American Society of 
Mechanical Engineer's Senior 
Award presented to the senior 
member who has contributed 
most to the local chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Shirley H. Harmon 

James R. Anderson Award for 
high achievement in 
geography to an outstanding 
undergraduate student in 
Awarded to: 
Ann Delmar Beman 

The Angel Award in honor of 
Michael Angel. A prize of 
$100 awarded to an 
undergraduate English major 
who has shown distinction, 
extraordinary merit and 
perseverance in his or her 
studies at College Park. 
Awarded to: 
Joyce C. Owens 

The Appleman-Morton 
Scholarship Award to a senior 
major in recognition of 
excellence in botany. 
Awarded to: 

Nicholas B. Duck 

Renate Hellmann 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award to a 
graduating senior in 
recognition of exemplary 
service rendered to the School 
of Architecture and its student 
Awarded to: 

Eric John Jenkins 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award to Masters 
Degree recipients in 
recognition of exemplary 
service rendered to the School 
of Architecture and its student 
Awarded to: 

Lauren Ann Goldberg 

Pedro Manuel Porro 

Baltimore County Volunteer 
Firemen's Association Grant 
for tuition and fees to a 
student who will enroll in fire 
protection engineering. This 
award is normally for four 
Awarded to: 

Pamela A. Cross 
Robert T. Vaccaro, Jr. 

Bethune Citizenship Award. 
Presented annually to the 
black junior or senior student 
who has contributed most 
significantly to the 
advancement of the black 
student community on the 
College Park Campus. 
Awarded to: 

Rohini A. Parikh 

The Carl Bode dissertation 
prize in American literature in 
Awarded to: 

Robert Lee Feldman 

Harry C. Byrd Award. 
Presented annually to the 
outstanding senior male who 
has typified the model student 
and contributed significantly 
to student interests and 
Awarded to: 

Gregory Robert Lyons 

Sally S. Byrd Award. 
Presented annually to the 
outstanding senior female who 
has typified the model student 
and who has contributed 
significantly to student 
interests and concerns. 
Awarded to: 

Lauren Denise Jones 

Chemical Society of 
Washington Award to the 
outstanding senior in the 
Department of Chemistry. 
Awarded to: 
Tuanh Tonnu 

The Carroll E. Cox 
Scholarship Award to the 
outstanding graduate student 
in the Department of Botany 
during the last year. 
Awarded to: 

Marcia J. Holden 

Creative and Performing Arts 
Scholarships in Theatre. 
Awarded to: 

Bryan Ashby 

Amie Bermowitz 

Tina Marie Casamento 

Caria Chrambach 

Tonya Fogarty 

Ann Grunberg 

John Kennedy 

Loretta Kennedy 

Jason Kravltz 

Sharon Lenderman 

Paul Mullin 

Howard Pippin 

Mary Rea 

Halle Schecter 

Shallah Weiss 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food 
Association Scholarship to a 
student who has shown a 
versatile background and an 
active interest in agronomy 
and soil fertility work 
deserving of recognition. 
Awarded to: 

Ian R. Kaufman 

Miriam L. Weber 

Delta Mu Alpha. Chesapeake 
Chapter No. 23 Scholarship. 
An award of $250 to an 
outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland chapter 
majoring in transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Pamela J. Hoffmann 
Elizabeth Del Castillo 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship 


Awarded to: 

Darin Charles Werking 


David C. Denowitz Award of 
$200 given annually to the 
graduate student in textiles 
and consumer economics who 
completes the M.S. degree in 
the shortest time. 
Awarded to: 

Camille Hersh Lefkowitz 

Terry Margulis Dunlap 
Awarded to: 

Loretta C. Kennedy 

Education Alumni Award to 
the outstanding senior man 
and senior woman in the 
College of Education. 
Awarded to: 

William K. Ferguson 

/^ichaelann Ryan 

Wilson H. Elkins Citizenship 
Award. Presented annually to 
the senior who displayed 
outstanding leadership and 
involvement and promoted 
student interests and 
Awarded to: 

Lisa Maxine Robinson 

Engineering Alumni College 
Service Award to a senior in 
the College of Engineering for 
outstanding scholarship and 
service to the College. 
Awarded to: 

Gregory R. Lyons 

Engineering Alumni Student 
Achievement Award by the 
Engineering Alumni to the 
graduating senior who has 
most successfully combined 
proficiency in his/her major 
field of study with 
achievements in the social 
sciences and humanities. 
Awarded to: 

Wiley W. Crumlin, Jr. 

Dean's Award is presented to 
a student chosen by the Dean 
of the College of Engineering. 
The criteria for the selection 
are at the Dean's discretion 
and may vary from year to 
Awarded to: 

Debra L. Thurston 

College of Engineering Award 
for outstanding student 
Awarded to: 

Kimberly E. Taylor 

Engineering Society of 
Baltimore Student 
Achievement Award for 
demonstrated scholastic 
excellence, extracurricular 
service and outstanding 
potential for a successful 
engineering career. 
Awarded to: 

Robert W. Cutlip 

Frank J. Fee. Jr. Memorial 
Award. Sponsored by the 
National Fire Protection 
Association with a full 
scholarship to an outstanding 
student selected by the faculty 
of the Department of Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 
Lester C. Shew 

Fire Protection Engineering 
Faculty Award to a senior in 
the Department of Fire 
Protection Engineering with 
the most significant 
improvement in academic 
Awarded to: 

Michael S. Gervase 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of 
the Maryland State Golf 
Association to students in 
agronomy displaying 
academic proficiency, 
participation in extracurricular 
activities, and who have an 
active interest in golf turf 
Awarded to: 

William D. Amoss 
Thomas P. Mynaugh 
Brian G. Zickafoose 
Bruce G. Zickafoose 

James Douglas Goddard 
Memorial Medal. Awarded 
annually by the Prince 
George's County Alumni Club 
to the outstanding graduating 
senior from Prince George's 
Awarded to: 

Sandra Joanne Sherman 

Charles B. Hale Dramatic 


Awarded to: 

Patrick W. Keefe 

Mary Lechter 

Robert M. Higginbotham 
Memorial Award to an 
outstanding junior student 
majoring in mathematics. 
Awarded to: 

Sylvie A. Ryckebusch 

Undergraduate Award for 
Excellence in History. 
Awarded to: 

Perri Lynn Franskoviak 

Human Ecology Alumni 
Awards to Outstanding 
Awarded to: 
Patricia Smith 

Family and Community 
Michelle Buckingham 
Food. Mutrition and 
Institution Administration 
Rich Harmon 

Housing and Design 
Constance Walker 

Textiles and Consumer 

James H. Kehoe Award 
presented to the male 
participant in the Intramural 
Sports and Recreation 
Program who has 
demonstrated the highest 
degree of program 
involvement, achievement and 
sportsmanship during the 
Awarded to: 

David S. Klockner 

Ethel Kesler Award presented 
to the female participant in 
the Intramural Sports and 
Recreation Program who has 
demonstrated the highest 
degree of program 
involvement, achievement and 
sportsmanship during the 
Awarded to: 

Karen E. Andres 

Leidy Foundation Scholarships 
to outstanding juniors in the 
Department of Chemistry. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Severino 
Chrisanthi Subasinghe 


Peter P. Lejins Memorial Fund 
Academic Excellence Awards 
to outstanding seniors in the 
Institute of Criminal Justice 
and Criminology. 
Awarded to: 

Evan Edwards Thompson 
(December 1985) 

Marsh McLennan Scholarship 
Award is given to an 
outstanding student majoring 
in fire protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 

John A. Welling III 

Glenn L. Martin Aerospace 
Engineering Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Brian J. Hayden 

Sharon E. Seipel 

Martha A. Woods 

Maryland State Firemen's 
Association Grant. This tuition 
and fees grant is awarded to a 
student who will enroll in the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Engineering. This award is 
normally for four years. 
Awarded to: 
Gerald M. Bell 

The Isabel McDonald 
Memorial Award is given to a 
deserving graduate student in 
Awarded to: 

Charles Somerville 

Mechanical Engineering 
Department Chairman's Award 
to the senior in mechanical 
engineering who has the 
highest scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 

Kenneth Y. Moy 

The Mencken-Bode Award 
given for the best dissertation 
in American Studies in 
Awarded to: 

JoEllen Laissue 

Patricia Powers 

Merck Index Awards 
Awarded to: 

William Dounis 

Brian Gass 

Han That Ton 

Merrill Lynch Realty 
Awarded to: 
Tashia Young 

The Andrew J. Moyer 
Memorial Award to a 
deserving graduate student in 
Awarded to: 

Hungchien Chien 

National Defense 
Transportation Association 
Scholarship to an outstanding 
transportation major in the 
United States. 
Awarded to: 

Mary Theresa Dilling 

Donald J. Sweeney 

National Defense 
Transportation Association, 
Washington Chapter 
Scholarship Award of $500 to 
an outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland chapter 
majoring in transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Pamela J. Hoffmann 

John M. Smith 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award 
to the senior in mechanical 
engineering who has made the 
most outstanding contribution 
to the University. 
Awarded to: 
David P. Plant 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding 
Service Award to a student for 
outstanding services and 
contributions to the chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Cheryl L. Sullins 

The Augustus J. Prahl 
Fellowship given for scholarly 
achievement to the 
outstanding graduate student 
in German. 
Awarded to: 

Gisela Vorsp Dibble 

Propellor Club of the United 
States, Baltimore Port 
Scholarship Award of $100 to 
an outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland 
Student Port majoring in 
transportation in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

George E. Miller 

Warren K. Reed Scholarship. 
An award of $900 to an 
outstanding first semester 
senior majoring in accounting 
in the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Mark Steven Gorman 

The Robert M. Rivello Award 
to the junior in the 
Department of Aerospace 
Engineering who has attained 
the highest overall academic 
Awarded to: 
Alicia Birky 

Sacks Foundation Tuition 
Scholarship of $500. 
Awarded to: 

Dawn R. Revis 

John V. Long 

Leland E. and Catherine B. 
Scott Award to the 
outstanding graduate student 
in horticulture. 
Awarded to: 

Joseph O. Kuti 

The Shipley's of Maryland 
Award to the graduating 
history major with the best 
academic record. 
Awarded to: 

Troy Harold Willet 

The Sigma Circle of Omicron 
Delta Kappa Leader of the 
Year awarded to one member 
who has demonstrated the 
most outstanding leadership 
within the circle and on the 
Awarded to: 

Deven Claire McGraw 

The Sigma Gamma Tau 
Outstanding Achievement 
Award to the student who has 
made the most outstanding 
contribution through 
scholarship and service to the 
student chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Elizabeth A. Robertson 

C. Henry Smith, Jr./ 
Engineering Society of 
Baltimore Award for 
demonstrated scholastic 
excellence, extracurricular 
service and outstanding 
potential for a successful 
engineering career. 
Awarded to: 

Mark G. Benton 


Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers' Outstanding 
Sophomore Award to the 
most outstanding sophomore 
in fire protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Steven G. Krone 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers' Outstanding Senior 
Award to the most 
outstanding senior in fire 
protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Sarah E. Strasser 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineer's Student Chapter 
Award for distinguished and 
outstanding service to the 
Awarded to: 
James B. Labb 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship 
Fund of $500 to an 
outstanding student majoring 
in transportation in the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Donald J. Sweeney 

Robert J. Taylor Academic 
Achievement Award to the 
outstanding junior in fire 
protection engineering by the 
Salamander Honor Society. 
Awarded to: 

Paul J. Richards 

Theatre Patrons Association 
Scholarship Awards. 
Awarded to: 
May, 1985: 

Bryan Darryl Ashby 

Tonya M. Fogarty 

Jane Thebe Halverstadt 

Patrick M. Keefe 

Mary Lechter 

Christian W. Miller 

John Touhey 
May. 1986: 

Kevin J. Ferguson 

Tonya M. Fogarty 

Ann E. Grunberg 

John Kennedy 

Christian W. Miller 

David B. Sislen 

Morton Thiokol Award to the 
junior who has attained the 
highest grade point average in 
the Department of Aerospace 
Awarded to: 
Alicia Birky 

Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award to the 
outstanding student in 
investments and security 
analysis in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Katalin M. Mora 



Special Awards 

Atlantic Coast Conference 
Plaque to a male and female 
senior for excellence in 
scholarship and athletics. 
Awarded to: 

George T. Myers 

Susan Wood 
Field Hockey 

Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophy for the unsung hero of 
the current season. 
Awarded to: 
George Colton 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Trophy to the outstanding 
offensive lineman of the year. 
Awarded to: 
J. D. Maarleveld 

The Charles T. Beebe. Jr. 
Award to a woman athlete for 
excellence in scholarship and 
Awarded to: 

Linda F. Spenst 

The John T. Bell Swimming 
Award to the outstanding 
swimmer or diver. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Lambert 

The William R. Campbell 
Swimming Trophy to the 
senior letter-earner who has 
contributed most to 
Awarded to: 
Todd Gray 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a 
member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Doiph M. Tokaczyk 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the 
graduating male senior 
athlete, who during his four 
years of varsity competition, 
lettered at least once and 
attained the highest overall 
scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 

George T. Myers 

The Tom Fields Award to the 
most important member of 
the cross country team based 
on the qualities of leadership, 
dedication to excellence, 
attitude and personal 
Awarded to: 
Daniel Foley 

The Herbert H. Goodman 
Wrestling Trophy to the most 
outstanding wrestler of the 

Awarded to: 
Steve Peperak 

The John W. Guckeyson 
Award for scholarship, 
leadership, and athletic ability. 
Awarded to: 
Scott Vrabel 

The Ray Krouse Senior Award 
to the most valuable football 
Awarded to: 
Stan Gelbaugh 

The M Club's Founders Award 
to a senior athlete for 
outstanding athletic ability, 
academic excellence, upright 
character, and distinguished 
Awarded to: 
Joan Rotoloni 

The Maryland Ring to the 
senior resident of Maryland 
who is adjudged the best 
athlete of the year. 
Awarded to: 

Kevin B. Glover 

The Charles P. McCormick, 
Sr. Award to the senior 
Baltimore area resident who 
has contributed the most to 
his sport. 
Awarded to: 

Jerome J. Sweeney 
Cross Country 

The Silvester Watch typifying 
the best in athletics. 
Awarded to: 
Eric W. Wilson 

The Talbot T. Speer Award for 
excellence in leadership, 
scholarship, and general all- 
around ability. 
Awarded to: 
G. Todd Gray 

The James M. Tatum Award 
to the outstanding tackle on 
the football team. 
Awarded to: 

Leonard A. Lynch 

University of Maryland Alumni 
Swimming Association 
Scholar Athlete Award to the 
swimmers who have compiled 
the best combination of 
academic and aquatic records. 
Awarded to: 

Mike Raue 

Laurie Hug 

The A. V. Williams Award for 
the Maryland football player 
who has exhibited outstanding 
and conspicuous 
sportsmanship during the 
Awarded to: 

Scott B. Schankweiler 



Cross Country (Men's) 

Christopher B. Chattin 
Mark J. Coogan 
Dennis M. Cullinane 
Daniel M. Foley 
Kirk E. Herbst 
Keith Hudson 
Philip F. Lussier 
Troy A. Pepper 
Jerome J. Sweeney 

Cross Country (Women's) 

Tamara A. Devore 
Carolyn M. Forde 
Betha A. Jacobson 
Johanna Mansilla 
Elaine A. Paterson 
Thayer G. Plante 
Lisa N. Suitovsky 
Rosalind R. Taylor 


Azizuddin Abdur Ra'oof 
O'Brien Alston 
David Amend 
rSorman Anderson 
Bob Arnold 
Lewis Askew 
Rick Badanjek 
Joe Bailey 
Alvin Blount 
Carl Bond 
Donald Brown 
James H. Brown 
Wayne Brunson 
Keith Bullock 
Terry Burke 
Ted Chapman 
George Colton 
Al Covington 
Bryant Covington 
Matt D'Amico 
Pat D'Atri 
Duane Dunham 
Ferrell Edmunds 
Tony Edwards 
Chuck Faucette 

Stan Gelbaugh 
Dan Henning 
Eric Holder 
Jeff Holinka 
Bill Hughes 
Ben Jefferson 
Vernon Joines 
Steve Kelly 
Robert Klein 
Chris Knight 
Lenny Lynch 
John Maarleveld 
Bruce Mesner 
Larry Miles 
James Milling 
Tommy Meal 
Ramon Paredes 
Tommy Parker 
Richie Petitbon 
Dan Plocki 
Warren Powers 
John Rugg 
Jon Sabrowski 
Scott Schankweiler 
Sean Scott 
Stephon Scriber 
Richard Shure 
Irvin Smith 
John Soma 
Sean Sullivan 
Chad Sydnor 
Scott Tye 
Ken Vierra 
Kevin Walker 
Darryl Wright 

Tim Baer 
Mike Essrog 
Danny Frank 
Ron Ohringer 
Angle Perry 

Mike Bernardo 
Marc Sickel 


Gymnastics (Women) 

Cora Bonstein 
Linda Carter 
Kathy Hudson 
Leanne Lustica 
Shannon Mastrogianis 
Vinnie Raner 
Robin Swick 
Vicky Valentine 
Stephanie Young 

Soccer (Men) 

Steve Annis 
Desmond Armstrong 
Michael Collins 
Jack Copetti 
Robert Dass 
Gus deLucio 
Peter Duggan 
Gina Ferrin 
James Friday 
Gary Furlong 
Dan Kent 
Edward Leibe 
Dominick Macina 
Steve Powers 
Siyakhuluma Zulu 

Swimming (Men's) 

Marty Bare 
Janaka Biyanwila 
Pete Burton 
Ben Dasher 
Dave Detweiler 
Rob Dyson 
Rich Foster 
Todd Gray 
Robert Guenther 
Geoff Irwin 
Mike Kelly 
Dan Krewson 
Mike Lambert 
Sean McCall 
Eric Moore 
Brian Park 
Mike Raue 
Paul Schimmel 
Rich Seibert 

Swimming (Women's) 

Courtenay Carr 
Patty Corson 
Michele Heary 
Laurie Hug 
Diane Humes 
Melissa Martley 
Brooke Moore 
Kim Peifley 
Kathy Waggoner 


The Alumni Cup. Presented to 
the senior cadet who has 
achieved the highest 
cumulative grade point 
average, while at the same 
time demonstrating the 
highest degree of officer 
Awarded lo: 

Christian O'Keefe 

American Defense 
Preparedness Association 
Award. Presented to the 
outstanding Senior Cadet who 
has received no grade in the 
advanced ROTC courses less 
than B, is in the upper half of 
total senior enrollment at The 
University of Maryland, has 
participated actively in 
athletics and/or campus 
activities, and has 
demonstrated outstanding 
leadership qualities. 
Awarded to: 
Robert Shores 

The American Legion 
Outstanding Senior Award. 
Presented to the cadet best 
described as the Outstanding 
ROTC Senior. 
Awarded to: 
Donald Forrer 

American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Awards. Presented each year 
to a senior (Gold Award) in 
the upper 25 percent of the 
ROTC class, and who has 
demonstrated outstanding 
qualities in military 
leadership, discipline and 
Awarded to: 
Melissa Dafnis 

The American Legion ROTC 
Scholastic Award. Presented 
each year to an outstanding 
senior (Gold Award) who is in 
the upper 10 percent of the 
class in the University and the 
upper 25 percent of the ROTC 
class, and who has 
demonstrated high qualities in 
military leadership. 
Awarded to: 
Thomas Foley 

Commandant of Cadets 
Award. Presented to a senior 
cadet for outstanding 
performance as a Support 
Officer. This cadet most 
successfully exemplifies the 
"Complete Staff Officer." 
Awarded to: 

Alexander Holder 

Daughters of American 
Revolution. Presented to a 
senior cadet who is in the 
upper 25 percent of both the 
ROTC class and the 
University, and who 
demonstrates high qualities of 
dependability, good character, 
adherence to military 
discipline, and leadership. 
Also demonstrates a 
fundamental and patriotic 
understanding of the 
importance of ROTC training. 
Awarded to: 
Julie Hall 

Disabled American Veterans 
Award. Presented each year 
to the senior cadet who has 
demonstrated outstanding 
leadership, scholarship, and 
Awarded to: 
Julie Haynes 

Governor's Cup. Offered each 
year by His Excellency, the 
Governor of Maryland, and 
awarded to the cadet chosen 
by the Detachment Staff as 
the Cadet of the Year. 
Awarded to: 

Eugene Morris 

Steven Olds 

Military Order of World Wars 
Award. Presented to the 
aerospace studies cadet 
recognized as the most 
improved within his class. 
Awarded to: 
Thomas Jett 

Professor of Aerospace 
Studies Award. Presented to 
the senior cadet who has 
made a unique contribution to 
the mission of the AFROTC 
program at The University of 
Maryland. These efforts 
demonstrated initiative, 
professionalism and 
dedication to the assigned 
Awarded to: 

Christopher Gentry 

George M. Reiley Award. 
Presented to the member of 
the flight instruction program 
who shows the highest 
aptitude for flying, as 
demonstrated by his or her 
performance in the program. 
Awarded to: 
Thomas Carey 

Reserve Officers Association 
Award. Presented to the 
senior cadet (Gold Award) who 
demonstrates outstanding 
academic achievement in 
AFROTC subject matter and 
highest officer potential. 
Awarded to: 
Davis Bowman 

Society of American Military 
Engineers ROTC Award 
Nomination. The cadet 
selected for this national 
award is recognized as one of 
20 outstanding AFROTC 
senior cadets pursuing an 
engineering curriculum. 
Award recognizes outstanding 
academic performance and 
professional officer potential. 
Cadet nominated: 
Paul Kolodziejski 


A Walking Tour 
through the Campus 

Located on the 1.315-acre 
College Park Campus are 
dozens of interesting 
educational and research 
facilities. Below are several 
you may wish to visit along a 
walking tour of the campus. 

Memorial Chapel (BIdg. 009), 
Regents Drive. 
A schedule of multi- 
denominational services can 
be obtained in the North 
Administration BIdg. 

North Administration Building 
(BIdg. 052), Regents Drive. 
This facility houses the Offices 
of Undergraduate Admissions; 
Records and Registrations; 
Student Affairs; Student 
Financial Aid, and Resident 

Hornbake Library (BIdg. 147), 
corner of Regents and 
Campus Drives. Completed in 
1973. the library is one of the 
finest in the nation. In 
addition to serving 
undergraduate students, it 
also houses the graduate level 
College of Library and 
Information Services. 

Tawes Fine Arts Center (BIdg. 
141). Campus Drive. Offices 
of the Department of 
Communication Arts and 
Theatre and the Department 
of Music are housed in this 
building. University Theatre is 
also located here. 

Art-Sociology Building (BIdg. 
146), corner of Campus and 
Preinkert Drives. Home for 
both the Departments of Art 
and Sociology and location of 
the Art Library, it also houses 
the campus Art Gallery, which 
features fine art exhibitions. 

School of Architecture Building 
(BIdg. 145), Campus Drive. 
Displays of student 
architectural designs may be 
seen in this building. 

McKeldin Library (BIdg. 035), 
McKeldin contains materials 
for the use of graduate 
students and faculty as well as 
the Marylandia, East Asia, 
Katherine Anne Porter, and 
historical manuscripts and 
archives collections. It is also 
home for Testudo, the bronze 
statue of a diamondback 
terrapin, the UMCP mascot. 

Stamp Union (BIdg. 163), 
Campus Drive. You can obtain 
a building directory and 
schedules of events and 
activities at the information 
desk in the front lobby. 

Cole Student Activities Building 
(BIdg. 162), Campus Drive. 
With a seating capacity of 
14,500, the arena of Cole is 
used for basketball games, 
track meets, wrestling 
matches, indoor tennis, 
commencements, concerts, 
academic testing, and many 
other indoor activities. Other 
areas of the building contain 
small gymnasiums, weight 
rooms, a swimming pool, 
classrooms, faculty offices, a 
ticket booth for athletic 
events, the Department of 
Intercollegiate Athletics and 
the Air Force Aerospace 
Studies Program (AFROTC).