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Dr. William E. Kirwan became president of the 
University of Maryland at College Park in 1989. 

Today we honor a group of outstanding men and women who 
have successfully completed their courses of study at this 
university. You — today's graduates — came here a few years 
ago seeking an education. For many of you, the goal then 
may have been somewhat imprecise. Some may have been 
pursuing a degree to use as a credential to get a job, some 
may have been seeking a bachelor's degree as a necessary 
step to becoming a doctor or a lawyer, and still others may 
have been imbued with a thirst to acquire further knowledge. 
Whatever your reason for coming, I hope that you have found 
your days at this university very rewarding. I believe we have 
been successful if we have instilled in you an enduring desire 
to learn new things, increased your recognition of the 
remarkable power of the human intellect, enhanced your 
appreciation of the value of a culturally diverse society, and 
helped you to understanding better the extraordinary 
complexities of the world we live in. 

For all but a relatively few of you who will remain here for 
graduate study, today will mark your physical separation from 
this university. But you will not be severed in spirit from this 
place. You will now belong to a large and ever growing family 
of alumni who have a common bond not unlike that which 
connects blood kin. Wherever you go, there go also our 
thoughts and our hopes for your continued growth and 

The great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright once 
said, "No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. It 
should be of the hill, belonging to it, so hill and house can 
live together each the happier for the other." 

So, too, I believe that you will always be of the University 
of Maryland at College Park, not from it. You and your alma 
mater are inextricably bound together and "each the happier 
for the other." 

Congratulations, best wishes and Godspeed. 

Ca). E- ■ l^iAx^ci 


William E. Kirwan 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 
9:30 a.m. 


Ur. William E. Kirwan 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Ms. Kate Ufema 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. John E. 


Musical Selection 

"The Eyes of All Wait 

Upon Thee" 
by Jean Berger 

University Chorale 
Conductor, Dr. Roger J. 


The Reverend Thomas Kalita 
Roman Catholic Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Roger J. Folstrom 


Dr. John S. Toll 
The University of 
Maryland System 

Rodney Lydell Tyson 
Board of Regents 


Dr. Joel 0. Conarroe 

Guggenheim Memorial 

Conferring of Honorary 

Dr. Toll 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Ms. Rhonda Y.Williams 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Kirwan 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's 

Dr. Kirwan 


The Reverend Thomas Kalita 
Roman Catholic Chaplain 

Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty, 
For thee, we stand, 
Love for the Black and Gold 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

MAY 25, 1989 






^ lSS<o 

The Great Seal of Maryland, first used by the 
university in 1922, bears the emblems of both the 
Calvert and Crossland family arms. 

Following the Commencement Convocation, individual 
commencement exercises for colleges and schools will he 
held at several campus locations. Ceremonies are scheduled 
to begin at 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Guests are urged to be 
seated approximately one half hour prior to the designated 
time for the ceremonies if they wish to obser\'e the student 
and faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially invited 
and encouraged to join with university officials and members 
of the faculty at the reception to be held on the mall between 
11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. In the event of rain, the reception 
will be held in the Grand Ballroom of Stamp Student Union. 

Shuttle bus service is available providing free 
transportation across the campus throughout the day. 
Architecture Building-Auditorium 

11:30 a.m. .Architecture Commencement 
Cole Student Activities Building 

9:30 a.m. -10:30 a.m. Campus-wide Commencement Convocation 
11:30 a.m. Business and Management Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Behavioral and Social Sciences Commencement 
Hombake Library Assembly Room 

11:30 a.m. Librarv' and Information Services Commencement 
LeFrak Hall 

11:30 a.m. Public Affairs Commencement 
The Mall 

11:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m. Reception for Graduates and Guests 
Memorial Chapel 

11:30 a.m. Agriculture and Life Sciences Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
Physical Education, Recreation and Health Building 
11:30 a.m. Physical Education, Recreation and Health 
Reckord Armory 

11:30 a.m. Education Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Engineering Commencement 
Stamp Student Union-Colony Ballroom 

11:30 a.m. Human Ecology Commencement 
Stamp Student Union-Hoff 

11:30 a.m. Journalism Commencement 
2:00 p.m. General Studies Commencement 
Tawes Theatre 

11:30 a.m Arts and Humanities Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Arts and Humanities Commencement 


Lot 3 

Architecture BIdg.— Aud. 

The Campus 

College Park is the seventh largest campus in the country in 
enrollment. In Fall 1988 undergraduates numbered 27,902 
and graduate students 8,779 for a total enrollment of 36,681. 
This year's College Park operating budget is approximately 
$458 million, including financial aid for some 13,800 

Students can choose from more than 125 undergraduate 
and 80 graduate programs leading to degrees. In 1987-88, the 
campus awarded 5,819 bachelor's degrees, 1,216 master's 
degrees and 395 doctorates. 


The university began in Baltimore in 1807 as a faculty-owned 
College of Medicine, which granted the M.D. degree. Five 
years later, more degrees were added when the college was 
renamed the University of Maryland. The first dental school 
in America, the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, became 
a part of the university in 1840. Later, the university opened 
schools of pharmacy, law and nursing. 

The College Park campus opened in 1859 under a charter 
secured in 1856 by a group of Maryland planters. Then called 
the Maryland Agricultural College, it became one of the 
original land-grant schools in 1865. After a disastrous fire in 
1912, the State acquired control of the college and paid to 
rebuild it. 

Until the 1988 reorganization of higher education in 
Maryland, the University of Maryland dated back to a 1920 
act of the State legislature that joined the state-owned 
institution at College Park (UMCP) with the professional 
schools in Baltimore (UMAB). Three other campuses were 
added later: Baltimore County (UMBC), Eastern Shore 
(UMES), and University College (UMUC), the worldwide 
campus headquartered in College Park. 

July 1, 1988 marked the end of one era in public higher 
education in the State of Maryland and the dawn of another. 
In April, 1988 the State Legislature passed Senate Bill 459, 
the 1988 Action Plan for Higher Education. As a result, the 
five campuses comprising the former University of Maryland 
were merged with si.x institutions of the Maryland Board of 
Trustees of State Universities and Colleges. The new 
University of Mar>'land System was officially bom on July 1, 
and as part of the law that created the new system, the State 
designated College Park as the flagship campus of the State. 


Charles B. Calvert was one of the founders of the 
Maryland Agriculture College which later became 
The University of Maryland. Deciding that 
commercially sold bricks were too expensive, he set 
up a kiln to produce his own, and on August 24, 
1858, he laid the cornerstone for the first building 
on the campus. 


Libraries on the College Park campus include approximately 
1.93 million volumes, 22,915 subscriptions to periodicals and 
newspapers, and more than 3.6 million pieces of microform. 
College Park offers the largest university research library in 
the Washington area and is an important source of the State 
and local community. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities on the campus are 
a computer vision laboratory: a full-scale low velocity wind 
tunnel: several smaller hypersonic helium wind tunnels: a 
500 liter computer-controlled fermentation system for 
research in bioprocess scale-up programs: computer-assisted 
cartographic laboratories: the Center for Automation 
Research: a comfort perception laboratory: a quiescent 
plasma device (Q machine) for plasma research: and satellite 
remote sensing facilities. The campus is home for the 
Engineering Research Center, a major vehicle for extending 
the technical and research expertise of the University of 
Maryland to businesses and industries throughout the State. 
The center is both a catalyst for problem solving and a 
clearinghouse for information for technical information 

In 1985, College Park was awarded a five-year, $16 million 
grant from the National Science Foundation to create a new 
Systems Research Center to facilitate research in artificial 
intelligence and computer-aided engineering. The center 
complements a nationally recognized campus program of 
basic and applied research in computer science. The Systems 
Research Center recently received $1.5 million from Martin 
Marietta to endow a chair in systems engineering, and Contel 
Corp. joined the SRC as an industrial sustaining partner with 
an annual $200,000 grant. In 1986, UMCP became one of 19 
research institutions around the country to be linked via 
satellite to the Cray supercomputer facility at the University 
of California at San Diego. 

The proximity of the campus to national research 
institutions such as the National Institutes of Health, the 
Smithsonian Institution, the USDA Beltsville National 
Agricultural Research Center and National Agricultural 
Library, and the Library of Congress ensures that prime 
research facilities are always available to the university's 
faculty and students. 

The Graduates 

Students graduating today from the University of Maryland at 
College Park follow in the footsteps of many notable UMCP 
alumni who have distinguished themselves in such fields as 
science, entertainment, arts, journalism, business, law, 
medicine, and government. 

While he was a graduate student in mathematics at 
College Park, Herbert A. Hauptman (Ph.D. '54), worked 
simultaneously at the Naval Research Laboratory to devise a 
method for mapping three-dimensional structures of 
molecules. Three decades later he and Jerome Karle, his 
long-time collaborator at NRL, won the 1985 Nobel Prize in 
Chemistr\' for their pioneering research. Dr. Hauptman was 
awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree by UMCP in 

One of the youngest UMCP graduates ever, Charles 
Fefferman ('66), received a joint degree in mathematics and 
physics at age 17. Now a world-class mathematician and 
professor at Princeton University, he holds the Fields Medal, 
the most prestigious mathematics award. 

CBS news anchor Connie Chung ('69) started her career at 
UMCP's Diamondback newspaper and the campus radio 
station WMUC. 

One of the university's most devoted sons is A. James Clark 
('50), president of the George Hyman Construction Co. and 
president and chairman of CEI Construction Inc., the 
umbrella organization for engineering and construction 
companies that include OMNI and Hyman. A former member 
of the University's Board of Regents, in 1983 Clark made a 
major contribution to the College of Engineering which led 
to the establishment of the A.J. CLark Chair in Construction 
Engineering and Management. 

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and science 
writer with Baltimore's Evening Sun Jon Franklin ('70) is an 
associate professor of journalism at UMCP. 

Other notable alumni include former Metropolitan Opera 
star, Carmen Balthrop ('71); George V. McGowan ('51), 
president of Baltimore Gas and Electric: Karl W. Meyer ('49), 
president of the University of Wisconsin, Superior Campus: 
Maryland's Fourth District Congressman Tom McMillen ('74), 
a former Rhodes Scholar: Mary Stallings Coleman ('35), the 
first woman elected to the Supreme Court of Michigan: Fred 
O'Green ('49), retired Curator of Textiles, Smithsonian 
Institution: James R. Buckler ('70). current director of the 
Smithsonian's Office of Horticulture: Anne Truax Darlington 
('52). creator of Wall Street Week, the director of the 
International Production Group for the Maryland Center for 
Public Broadcasting: and Allen J. Krowe ('54), senior vice 
president of the International Business Machines Corp. 

This decorative, bull's eye window welcomes visitors to the Main 
Administration Building. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty 
in the academic procession have been the traditional 
costume of scholars since medieval times. They probably 
represent a kind of ecclesiastical dress, since many of the 
scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

Most colleges and universities in the United States have 
adopted the uniform code for costumes drafted by an 
intercollegiate commission in 1983. Each of the three 
academic degrees — bachelor, master and doctor — has its own 
distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown has a 
longer, more narrow, closed sleeve extending below the knee; 
the arm fits through a slit at the elbow. The doctor's gown 
has a full, bell-shaped sleeve trimmed with three bars of 
velvet. The velvet trim on the gown can be black or a color 
indicating the wearer's general field of learning — for 
example, green for medicine or purple for law. A list of 
department colors follows. 

Agriculture/ Maize 

Arts. Letters. Humanities/White 

Business Administration. 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Education/Light Blue 
Engineering/ Orange 
Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 
Home Economics/Maroon 
Journalism /Cri mson 
Library Science/Lemon 



Oratory, Speech/Silver Cray 


Philanthropy Ruse 

Philosophy/Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Foreign 

Service/Peacock BLue 
Public Health Salmon 
Physical Education/ Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Work/Citron 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Velennary Sciences/Cray 

The most colorful and distinctive part of the academic 
costume is the hood extending down the back. The doctor's 
is the largest of the hoods and the bachelor's is the smallest. 
The bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining of various colors in the center of the hood 
indicates the college or university which conferred the 
degree. Consistent for all degrees is the cap, or mortar board, 
which has a tassel of black or another color indicating the 
field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap can be gold. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course 
of study. There are more than 1,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred by colleges and universities 

The first known degree was a doctorate bestowed by the 
University of Bologna, Italy, in the mid-1 2th century. 
Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was 
qualified to instruct students. The bachelor's or 
baccalaureate, degree only indicated entrance into a course 
of study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. 
Gradually, though, the bachelor's degree came to mean 
successful completion of one level of study in advance of the 
higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The term "doctor," meaning teacher or instructor, originated 
with the ancient Romans for those who lectured publicly on 
philosophical topics. During the Middle Ages, it was used as 
a title of honor for men of great learning. It was first made an 

academic title at the University of Bologna, which was 
allowed by the emperor to appoint legum (doctors of laws). 
The University of Paris followed suit in the year 1145. Soon 
after, popes granted the universities the right to appoint 
doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of thecanon law) 
and, when the study of civil law was combined with that of 
the canon law, the title was changed to doctor utriusque 
juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of theology and 
medicine that of law in conferring this title. 

A doctorate is given beyond the baccalaureate degree and 
requires several years of advanced study, the successful 
completion of a thesis or dissertation, and written and oral 
examinations. The doctor's degree represents the most 
advanced earned degree conferred by American institutions. 
There are two distinct types: the practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type represents advanced training 
for the practice of various professions, principally Doctor of 
Medicine, Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees carry no implication of original research. The 
University of Maryland awarded the first two dental degrees 
in history on March 9, 1841, and invented the name of the 
degree. Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The second type is a research doctorate representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study. A dissertation which 
usually accompanies the study is intended to contribute 
substantially to existing knowledge on the subject. The most 
important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has 
an implication of philosophy for its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. It 
was first awarded in the United States in 1861 by Yale 
University. The University of Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for 
the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor bestowed upon 
students who have successfully completed work beyond the 
baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister was used by the Romans as a 
title of honor, but its present meaning can be traced to the 
establishment of the oldest universities. Organized faculties 
as they now exist in universities were not known then; 
academic activity was limited to seven liberal arts. Those who 
were honored for their diligence and knowledge upon 
completion of their studies and who had already received the 
bachelor's degree were called magistri artium (master of the 
liberal arts). In 1920, the University of Maryland awarded its 
first Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) 
degrees in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and is the oldest academic 
degree used by American institutions of higher learning. It 
was first conferred in America in 1642 on the first nine 
graduates of Harvard College. Maryland Agriculture College, 
which later became the University of Maryland College Park, 
awarded its first Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of 
Science (B.S.) degrees in 1862. 



Board of Regents 


Peter F. O'Malley 
Vice Chair 

George V. McGowan 

Albert N, Whiting 

llona M. Hogan 
Assistant Secretary 

Constance M. Unseld 
Assistant Treasurer 

Roger Blunt 
Wayne A. Cawiey, Jr. 

ex officio 
Margaret Alton 
Richard 0. Berndt 
Benjamin L. Brown 
Charles W. Cole, Jr. 
Frank A. Gunther, Jr. 
Ann Hull 
Henry R. Lord 
Thomas J. Owen 
Rodney Lydell Tyson 
John W.T. Webb 

System Administration of the University 


John S. Toll 
Deputy Chancellor 

Jean E. Spencer 
Vice Chancellor for Agricultural Affairs 

Raymond J. Miller 
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

David S. Sparks 
Vice Chancellor for General Administration 

Donald L. Myers 
Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations 

Patricia S. Florestano 
Vice Chancellor for Policy and Planning 

Edgar B. Schick 
Vice Chancellor for University Relations 

Robert G. Smith 

College Park Campus Administration 


William E. Kirwan 
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 

Irwin L. Goldstein (Acting) 
Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice President for Institutional Advancement 

A.H. (Bud) Edwards 
Vice President for Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


College of Agriculture 

Raymond J. Miller 
College of Arts and Humanities 

James H. Lesher (Acting) 
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
College of Business and Management 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

J. Robert Dorfman 
College of Education 

Dale P. Scannell 
College of Engineering 

George P. Dieter, Jr. 
College of Human Ecology 

Laura S. Sims 
College of Journalism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Library and Information Services 

Claude E. Walston 
College of Life Sciences 

Raymond J. Miller 
College of Physical Education. Recreation and Health 

John J. Burt 
School of Architecture 

John Ames Steffian 
School of Public Affairs 

Michael Nacht 
Administrative Dean for Graduate Studies and Research 

Jacob K. Goldhaber (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for Summer Programs 

Melvin N. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for Undergraduate Studies 

Kathryn J. Mohrman 


Officers of Commencement 

Charles J, Beatty 

Industrial. Technological and Occupational Education 
University Marshal 
Don C. Piper 

Government and Politics 

John E. Wakefield 

Director of Bands 
Commencement Committee 
Jane C. Brady 

Institutional Advancement 
Frances P. Cave 

Health Center 
Earle Connors 

Physical Plant 
Maitland W. Dade 

Institutional Advancement 
Richard W. Doran 

Police Department 
A.H. (Bud) Edwards 

Institutional Advancement 
Carolyn A. Ent 

Institutional Advancement 
Cornelia F. Goodwin 

Diploma Office 
Elwood H. Gross 

General Services 
Leonard B. Jankowski 

Campus Parking 
Gothard A. Lane 

Intercollegiate Athletics 
Nancy G. Loomis 

Dining Services 
Paul Maloni 

University Book Center 
Linda H. Martin 

Institutional Advancement 
Dorothy A. O'Donnell 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
Beth Pattison 

Scheduling Office 
James N. Robinson 

Environmental Safety 
Constance L. Shaughnessy 

University Book Center 
Matthew W. Sheriff 

Dining Services 

Barri J. Standish 

Commuter Affairs 
Janice E. Summons 

Campus Parking 
Paul A. Tessicini 

Police Department 
Kate Ufema 

Communication Arts and Theatre 
Unit Representatives 

Katherine Pedro Beardsley 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Lyn E. Chasen 

Public Affairs 
Jean Diepenbrock 

Library and Information Services 
Donald Giffin 

Arts and Humanities 
Effie A. Hacklander 

Human Ecology 
Albert J. Klavon 

Life Sciences and Agriculture 
George F. Kramer 

Physical Education, Recreation and Health 
Leo LaSota 

Undergraduate Studies 
John C. Loss 

Joseph G. Mattingly 

Business and Management 
James N. Newton 

David J. Rhoads 

Greig Stewart 

Thelma M. Williams 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 


Joel Conarroe is a man of vision. 

As president of the prestigious John Simon Guggenheim 
Memorial Foundation, Conarroe's insights and ideas have left 
a profound and indelible imprint on the way the arts and 
humanities are currently perceived by both academicians and 
the general public. 

Before he took the helm of the Guggenheim Foundation in 
1985, Conarroe was Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences 
and Thomas S. Gates Professor at the University of Penn- 
sylvania from 1983 to 1985. 

He served as Executive Director of the Modern Language 
Association and editor of its journal, PAILA, from 1978 to 

1983 during a time when questioning of the relevance of the 
liberal arts on and off campus led to the formulation of the 
contemporary agenda for the humanities. His leadership in 
academic circles is evident in the growing influence of 
women scholars, in a new affinity between business leaders 
and humanists and in an expansion of international 
exchanges between the U.S. and nations around the globe. 
From 1985 to 1988 Conarroe was a trustee of the MLA. 

Chairman last year of the fiction jury for the National Book 
Awards, a member of the Pulitzer Prize jury for poetry in 

1984 and a member of the Board of the National Book Critics 
Circle from 1980 to 1987, Conarroe is the author of 
numerous books and articles, including yo/!« Berryman: An 
Introduction to the Poetry and William Carlos Williams' 
Paterson: Language and Landscape. His essays and reviews of 
fiction, non-fiction and poetry appear regularly in The 
Washington Post, The New York Times Book Review, and 
such journals as American Literature and American Poetry 

As president of the Guggenheim Foundation, Conarroe 
oversees the distribution of fellowships that are awarded to 
men and women who have demonstrated exceptional 
capacity for productive scholarship in science, social science 
and the humanities or exceptional creative ability in the arts. 
In 1988 the foundation awarded 262 United States and 
Canadian Fellowships for a total of more than $6.3 million. 
There were 3,265 applicants. 

A native of West Orange, New Jersey, Conarroe was bom 
on October 23, 1934, and earned his bachelor's degree with 
honors in English from Davidson College in 1956. He went 
on to obtain his master's and Ph.D. degrees in English from 
Cornell University and New York University, respectively. 

Today, in recognition of his distinguished academic career 
and outstanding leadership in organizations dedicated to the 
advancement of scholarship, especially in the arts and 
humanities, Conarroe receives the honorary degree of Doctor 
of Letters from the University of Maryland at College Park. 



-■'■-« r 


Michael D. Dingman is recognized as one of the nation's top 
business leaders. 

Dingman is the Managing Director-Chairman of the Board 
and Chief Executive Officer of The Henley Group, Inc., which 
he has headed since it was formed in early 1986. Two major 
companies within The Henley Group are Fisher Scientific, 
one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of 
health and scientific products, and Wheelabrator Tech- 
nologies, a corporate leader in waste-to-energy conversion. 

Dingman's career spans more than three decades. A native 
of New Haven. Connecticut, where he was bom in 1931, 
Dingman attended the University of Maryland at College Park 
until 1953 when he took his first job as a factory trainee with 
Pfaff& Kendall, a Newark, New Jersey manufacturer. 

Dingman's father, James E. Dingman, is an engineering 
alumnus and 1960 honorary degree recipient. As Michael 
Dingman receives the honorary degree of Doctor of Science 
in Business and Management, he and his father, James, are 
the first father and son to receive honorary degrees at the 
University of Maryland at College Park. 

In 1964 Dingman joined the Wall Street firm of Bumham 
& Company (now Drexel Bumham Lambert Incorporated) as 
an associate in corporate finance. He became general partner 
of the firm in 1969. A year later he left the firm and in 1970 
formed VVTieelabrator-Fr>'e Inc., the worldwide engineering 
and manufacturing firm that he headed for the next 13 years. 

When Wheelabrator-Frye was merged into The Signal 
Companies, Inc., Dingman was named to the presidency of 
the La Jolla, California-based firm. He served as president and 
a director of Signal from 1983 until that company merged 
with Allied Corporation. Dingman was president of Allied- 
Signal Inc. from September 1985 until he assumed his 
present position. 

Long interested in philanthropic and community 
involvement, Dingman has supported the education of future 
business people by establishing The Michael D. Dingman 
Center for Entrepreneurship at Maryland's College of 
Business and Management. He also recognized the value of 
the Washington Journalism Review as one of the most 
respected journalism reviews nationally and provided major 
support after the College of Joumalism acquired WJR. 

In recognition of his distinguished career and e.xceptional 
contributions to the national business community, today 
Dingman receives the honorary degree of Doctor of Science 
in Business and Management from the University of Maryland 
at College Park, 




Frederick Gutheim's work as a city and regional planner and 
consultant has earned him respect around the world. 

A native of Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was bom 
in 1908. Gutheim has made major contributions in city and 
regional planning that span a 50-year period from the 1930s, 
when he authored sections of the Tennessee Valley Authority 
Act, to the 1970s when he was a co-author of the United 
States Capital Master Plan. 

Educated at the University of Wisconsin where he studied 
planning and history and later at the University of Chicago 
where he concentrated on public administration and 
planning, Gutheim's professional work has also included 
leadership positions in a number of planning organizations. 
His positions in the field of planning have included serving 
as staff director for the Joint Committee on Washington 
Metropolitan Problems. U.S. Congress from 1958 to 1960, 
commissioner of the Upper Montgomery County Planning 
Commission from 1950 to 1958. and chairman of the 
National Capital Transportation Agency Board from 1961 to 

Gutheim also has introduced methods of preserving the 
cultural landscape in the United States through integrating 
historic preservation and regional planning concepts into his 
work. His intense interest in historic preservation evolved 
from early work in architectural history and is reflected in his 
numerous journal articles and in the work of the Society of 
Architectural Historians, of which he was an early member. 

He also was editor of the architecture essays in the WPA 
Federal Writers Project state guidebook series. 

As a member of the President's Task Force for Natural 
Beauty from 1964 to 1965, he wrote sections of its report and 
contributed to the subsequent White House Conference on 
Natural Beauty, all of which led to National Historic 
Preservation legislation. 

Following earlier service on the President's Advisory 
Council on Pennsylvania Avenue, in 1965 he defined the 
boundaries of the Pennsylvania Historic District for the 
Interior Department. 

One of Gutheim's significant contributions to the region is 
his continuing efforts to save the scenic and historic 
landscape of Sugarloaf Mountain in Montgomery County 
where he has made his home for 40 years. 

In recognition of his distinguished academic career in 
urban planning and leadership in historic preservation and in 
organizations dedicated to the advancement of scholarship, 
especially in the arts and humanities, today Gutheim receives 
the honorary degree of Doctor of Public Service. 








■■■■■' ■'^^■--''^m 


This Corinthian style capital can be seen at the 
McKeldin library which was built in 1958 and 
named for then Governor Theodore R. McKeldin. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Peter Rohan Joseph Abeyesundere, Chemistry 

Jeannette Diane Adams, Physics 

Time-Dependent Calculations in Quantum Hadrodynamics 

James Francis Adomanis, Education Curriculum and Instruction 
The Maryland Test of Citizenship Skills: A Profde of Student 

Stacey Jill Ahrons, Psychology 
A Comparison of the Family Environments of Pathological 
Gamblers. Alcoholics. Psychiatric Patients and Normal Controls 

SamiAinane, l^echanical Engineering 
An Analysis of Turbulent Channel Flow Using a Second Order 
Vorticity Closure 

Ouassima Akhrif, Electrical Engineering 
Robust Stabilization of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems 

Mario Alai, Philosophy 

Realism. Realisms and Naturalized Philosophy 

Lila Faye Ammons, Government and Politics 

Consequences of War on African Countries ' Social and Economic 

Chuan Heng Ang, Computer Science 
Analysis and .Application of Hierarchical Data Structures 

Evelina Angov, Biochemistry 

Escherichia Coli Proton-translocating ATPase. Study of Unc Gene 
Regulation and Expression 

Mohammad Azmi, Civil Engineering 

Crack Detection in Steel Highway Bridges by Acoustic Emission 

Elizabeth Anne Baker, Health Education 

The Calvert County Study: An Evaluation of DWI Probationer's 
Use of An In-Car .Alcohol Breath .Analyzed Ignition System 

The May 1989 class roster comprises degree candidates from the 
undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Maryland 
at College Park. As final action cannot always be taken for candi- 
dates by the time this program is printed, the list of candidates here 
is tentative only. The university reserves the right to withdraw or add 
names. Diplomas (for other than doctoral degrees) will be mailed by 
the Office of Records and Registrations. 


Diane Ledbettcr Barlow, Library and Information Services 

The Communication of Science Information to Children Through 
Trade Books 

Lynley Raymond Bartlctt, Education Policy, Planning, and 

The Role of Institutional Advancement in Selected Seventh-Day 

Adventist Colleges in North America 

William Elliott Barton, Education Human Development 

Linda Kaye Bass, Entomology 
Some Pathophysiological Effects of the Microsporidian Nosema 
whitei (Weiser) on the Reproductive System in Tribolium 
castaneum (Herbst) 

Beverly Lynn Battle, Health Education 

Gender and Sex Role Differences in the Perception of Emotional 
Support and Symptomatology 

Ceraldine Diane Bednash, Education Policy, Planning and 
Access in the Tenure Review Process: The Process and Outcomes 

Robin Bell, Botany 
An Ecophysiological Investigation of the Effects of Heavy Metal 
Enriched Soil on Three Eastern Oak-Hickory Forest Species 
Quercus Alba L , Q Prinus Land Acer rubrum L 

Mary Louise Bellamy, Education Curriculum and Instruction 

Tritobia H. Benjamin, Art History 

Lois Mailou Jones. American Artist: Her Life and Career 

Robert Edward Bray, Animal Sciences 

Digestibility and Rale of Passage of Soybean Hull Diets in 
Gestating Sows 

Rosalind Ann Breslow, Food, Nutrition and Institutional 

The Effect of Calories and Protein on Healing of Pressure Sores 

in Nursing Home Patients 

Ann Marie Buchman, Botany 

Mode of Action of the Antimycotic Terbinafine and 
Characterization of Resistant Isolates of Ustilago Maydis 

Maria Anjelica Cairoli, Agronomy 

Factors Affecting Vegetative Bud Release in Johnsongrass 
Following Fluazifopbutyl Application 

Carol Hamill Callaway, Art History 

The Church of Nuestra Senora de la Soledad in Oaxaca, Mexico 

David Edward Carr, Zoology 

The Reproductive Ecology of a Dioeceous Tree, Ilex Opaca 

James L. Carr, Physics 

Spin Structures and Superworldsheet Topology 

Sharon Denise Castle, Education Curriculum and Instruction 
The Effects of Age, Experience, and Input Device Position on the 
Development of Computer Drawing in Young Children 

Sharat Chandran, Computer Science 
Parallel Algorithms in Geometry 

Chao-Hsi Chang, Civil Engineering 

Environmental Factors Affecting Biological Phosphate Removal 

Chun-Shyong Chan, Business and Management 

The Information Content of Taiwanese Financial Statements: 
Case of Loan Default 


Chang- Yu Chao, Economics 
A Cross-sectional and Time-series Analysis of Household 
Consumption and Personal Consumption Expenditures Forecast 

Ruey-Shan Chen, Entomology 

Characterization of a Granulosis Virus of Heliothis armigera 
(Hubner) From Several Lepidopteran Hosts 

Cheung M. Cho, Sociology 

Study of Inheritance Practices of Korean Immigrants 

Sunggoo Cho, Physics 

On Super Riemann Surfaces and Super Period Maps 

Jiang-Hsing Chu, Computer Science 
A Study of Caching Algorithms 

Maura E. Clancey, Public Communication 

The Effects of Televised Sessions of Congress on the C-Span 

Christian Peter Clermont, Education Curriculum and Instruction 
Conceptualizations of Effective Chemical Demonstration 
Teaching: Expert-Novice Differences and the Influence of 

Barbara Stahl Collins, Health Education 
A Behavioral Approach in Conjunction With Antihypertension 
Drug Therapy for Control of Hypertension: A Worksite Clinical 


Veda Maria Cook-Usilton, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Outcomes and Guidance Needs of Students With Mild Cognitive 
Handicaps When Transitioning From An Urban Public High 

Leslie Denise Cook Cooper, Health Education 

The Epidemiologic Issue of Lx)w Birth Weight and Smoking 
Behavior in a Black Urban Population 

Sharon Kane Cosgray, Counseling and Personnel Services 

Differences Between Gifted and Near Gifted Students as Perceived 
by Teacher 

Agnes Elizabeth Cuddihy, Biochemistry 

The Evolution of Immunoglobulin Genes in Wild Mice 

Scverino Endaya Cuevas, Agricultural and Resource Economics 
Occupational Aspirations, Plans Beyond High School and 
Changes in Sophomore VOAG Students of 1980 ■ A Time Series 

Regina Marie Cusson, Human Development 
A Longitudinal Examination of the Effect of Infant Temperament 
on the Matemal-Preterm Infant Attachment Relationship 

Yasmin S. Cypel, Human Nutrition and Food Systems 
Food Classification by University Students 

Steven W. Daniels, Physics 
Rapid Ionization in Argon Plasmas 

John N. Damow, Chemistry 

Applications of Sterically-Hindered. Polycyclic Aromatic 
Epoxides: Stereochemical Probes for Glutathione S-Transferase 

Kevin William Dean, Public Communication 
.-1 Rhetorical Biography of Jonathan Edwards: Beyond the Fiery 
Pits of Hell 

Katherine Murphy Dickson, American Studies 
Women Librarians Re-Entering the Work Force 

Patricia Louise Dom, Zoology 
Regulation of Gene Expression of Equine Infectious Anemia Virus 

James Henry Dotson, Jr., Health Education 

Physician-Delivered Cigarette Smoking Cessation Interventions: 
An Information Synthesis of the Literature 

Patricia J. Draper, Mathematics 
Extremal Solutions to the Infinite Pick-Nevanlinna Problem on 
the Annulus 

Paul Douglas Drew, Zoology 
Regulation of Biogenesis of Chicken Embryo Liver by Heme 

Carol Elizabeth Coonen Drungil, Civil Engineering 
Determination of Rangeland Hydraulic Parameters for an Erosion 

Robert Cameron Duncan, Zoology 

Genetic Relationships of Eastern Large Plethodon of the Ouachita 

George Leonard Edwards, Curriculum and Instruction 
A Study of Programs and Plans for the Black Performing 
Musician to Gain Employment in the Symphony Orchestras of the 
United States 

Mohammed Ali El-Desoky, Agronomy 

Iron "Oxide" Forms and Heavy Metal Transformations in 
Sulfaquepts in Baltimore Harbor Dredged Materials 

Miriam A. EIDeeb, Poultry 

Skeletal Development and Performance of Broiler 

Kathleen Craig Ellwood, Nutritional Sciences 
Effect of Dietary Carbohydrates on Plasma Lipoproteins in Rats 

Maria De Las M. Falcon, Spanish Language and Literature 
El Folklore y la Historia en el Teatro de Bernardo Canal-Feijoo 

Hassan Farhangi, Engineering Materials 

Fatigue Cracking of Hot Isostatically Pressed, Porous-Coated. 
F-75 Prosthetic Device Material 

Colleen Mary Farmer, Physical Education 

Effects of Strength Training on Lipoprotein Lipid Profiles and 
Post Heparin Lipase Activity in Males at Risk for Coronary Artery 

Carla Emilia Farsi, Mathematics 

Index Theory and Positive Scalar Curvature for Orbifolds 

Lionel Feigenbaum, Zoology 
Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of the Human JC Virus 

Shangting Feng, Electrical Engineering 

Photoconductivity in Diamonds Under High Bias Field 

Sharon Hartridge Fettus, Business and Management 

Information and Congressional Decisionmaking for Infrastructure 

Eugenio Figueroa, Agricultural and Resource Economics 
A Dynamic Rational Expectations Model of Investment and Asset 
Price Determination of a Quasi-Fixed Factor: The Case of 
Agricultural Machinery and Equipment in the US, 1948 - 1983 

Eva B. Fletcher, Curriculum and Instruction 
An Analysis of Regular Preschool Teachers' Attitudes Toward 
Mainstreaming Special Needs Preschoolers With Normally 
Developing Peers in Their Classes 


Deanna S. Forney, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Master's Students in College Student Personnel: Characteristics 
and Attitudes Toward Professional Preparation and Their 
Relationships to Identified Learning Style Differences 

Steven Dean Furbush, Economics 

The Effect of Portfolio Trading and Block Trading on Stock 
Market Efficiency 

Patrick R. Cartin, Criminal Justice and Criminology 
A Reanalysis and Critical Evaluation of the Minneapolis Domestic 
Violence Experiment 

Anthony Frank Gilbert!, Industrial. Technological and Occupational 

Technological Literacy as a Curriculum Movement in Education 

Mary Theresa Gillespie, Human Development 

The Psychological Well-being of Individuals Who Exhibit 
Counterproductive Behavior 

Patricia Keough Gladu, Botany 

Sterol Composition of Some Unicellular Algae Relative to Their 

Suitability as Oyster Food 

Rennie Rogers Golec, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Women and Honor: The Influence of a Social Honor Code on 
Women s Moral Development 

Mudlagiri B. Goli, Chemistry 

Chemical Reactivity of Carbanions Stabilized by Two 
A-Phosphorus Croups 

Patrice L. Gordon, Economics 
An Examination of Wasteful Commuting Using a Discrete 
Residential Location Choice Model 

Susan Gordon, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Predisposing Factors in Pedophilia 

William Thomas Gorski, English 
Yeats and Alchemy 

Christopher L. Graves, Economics 
Speculative Bubbles in the Dollar-Deutschemark Rate 

Rebecca Joyce Green, Library Sciences 

The Expression of Syntagmatic Relationships in Frame-based 

Barbara Jackson Griffin, English 

The Fragmented Vision of Claud McKay 

Frank Guerino, Animal Sciences 

Metabolic and Endocrine Responses of Growing Steers to 
Increased Postruminal Protein Supply 

Meihui Guo, Statistics 

Inference for Nonlinear Time Series 

James Peter Guthrie, Business and Management 
A Theoretical and Empirical Examination of the Influence of 
Context on Staffing Decisions 

David Joseph Haas, Aerospace Engineering 
Aeroelastic Stability of Aircraft with Circulation Control Wings 

Michael McCency Hagan, Economics 

The Economic Impact of Activity-Limiting Health Conditions on 

Christine Nanine Hall, Marine-Estaurine-Environmental Studies 
Using Impact Indices and Baseline Vegetation Data to Assess the 
Condition of a Wilderness 

Othello Harris, Sociology 

Caria Ann Hass, Zoology 
Evolution and Biogeography of West Indian Sphaerodactylus 
(Sauria Cekkonidae): A Molecular Approach 

Brian Anthony Haugh, Philosophy 
Non-Monotonic Formalisms for Commonsense Temporal-Causal 

Melissa M. Henderson, Education Human Development 

Marilynn Wood Hill, History 

Prostitution in New York City: 1830-1870 

Stephen Richard Hill, Government and Politics 

Competitive Strategies for High Technology Industries: The US, 
Japan and Semi-Conductors 

Walter B. Hill, History 

Terry Allen Hinch, Public Communications 

Religious Broadcasting: A Viewing Study of a Unique Religious 

Cynthia L. Ho, English 

Structure and Sign in Robert Mannyng s Handlyng Synne 

Susan Mary Hoban, Astronomy 

Comet Halley: An Optical Continuum Study 

Mitchell Mark Holland, Biochemistry 
A Study of the Catalytic Domain of Escherichia coli Adenylate 

Wen Hwang Leo Hsie, Chemical Engineering 

Modeling, Simulation and Control of Crude Tower 



Yao-Tsz Hsu, Civil Engineering 

The Development and Behavior of Vlasov Elements for the 
Modeling of Horizontally Curved Composite Box Girder Bridge 

Fu-Yao Huang, English 
Ben Jonson: His Comedies and His Audience 

Robert Quek Hwang, Physics 

Surface Phase Transitions Studied with Low Energy Electron 

Soon Ok Hyun, Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Skin Sensations Perceived in Apparel Wear Under Varying 
Environmental Conditions 

Fredrick Vernon Iffert, Economics 
A Theoretical Comparison of Profit-Sharing Banking with 
Conventional Banking 

Karel Susan James, American Studies 

Chimera in the Congo: An Interdisciplinary Examination of the 
Myths and Realities of the Overthrow of Patrice Lumumba (July 
1960 - January 1961) 

Jody L. Jensen, Physical Education 

Intersegmental Dynamics in Propulsion Tasks: The Role of the 
Arm Swing in the Vertical Jump 

Roman V. Jesien, Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science 

Evaluation of Factors Affecting Response of Fish to Electric Fields 

Ming Ji, Meteorology 

On Three Dimensional Scaling and Truncation For Global 
Atmospheric Models 

Scott Michael Johnson, Engineering Materials 

The Measurement and Analysis of the Spatial Dependence of Free 
Carrier Lifetime in Polycrystalline Silicon Ingots 

Emery D. Jou, Computer Science 
Interpolation With Fixed Length Physical Splines 

Karen Elaine Kackley, Botany 

The Role of Drought Stress in the Development of Summer Patch 
of Kentucky Bluegrass Incited by Magnaporthe Poae 

Lang Kao, Government and Politics 

One Country, Two Systems: It 's Theory. Practice, and Feasibility 

Panayiotis Karditsas, Mechanical Engineering 

Theoretical Investigation of Radio Frequency Ionization of 
Helium Gas with Turbulent Flow 

Robert William Kavash, Chemistry 
Application of Electron Transfer Initiated Photocyclization 
Reactions of Allylsilane-Iminium Salt Systems to a Natural 
Product Synthesis 

Janet Marie Kerr, Nutritional Sciences 

Studies in the Endocrine Regulation of Bone Cell Metabolism 

Dana J. Kessler, Microbiology 

The Association ofc-Raf-1 Oncogene with In Vitro Chemically 
Transformed EBV Immortalized Human Cord Blood Lymphocytes 

Fariborz Khayat-Mofid, Physical Education 

The Affect of Variability of Practice on the Performance of the 
Layout Squat Vault 

Thomas David Kight, Counseling Psychology 

Dissertation Research Supervision: The Relationship Between 
Congruence within Supervisory Dyads and Satisfaction and 

Young Suk Kim, Textile and Consumer Economics 

Productivity and Input Substitution in the Textile Industry: An 
International Comparison 

Jeffrey Elliot Kirschner, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Congruent Versus Incongruent Vocational Treatments for Career 
Indecision in College Students: A Comparison of DISCOVER and 
a Career Workshop 

Tammy Joy Kirschner, Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Process and Outcome of Career Counseling: A Case Study 

Randall Edward Knack, Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 
Error Estimation Methods for Latent Class Models 

Raphael Ominde Kollah, Chemistry 

The Chemistry of Macrocyclic Trichothecenes 

Daniel Asher Krakauer, Physics 
Measurement of Neutrino-Electron Scattering and Inverse Beta- 
Decay of Carbon Using Neutrinos from Stopped Muon Decay 

Michael Jay Krones, Agricultural Engineering 
Acidogenic Fermentation of Dairy Manure 

Dar-Ning Kung, Mechanical Engineering 

Fatigue Life Prediction and Characterization of Composite 

Susan Beatrice Kyle, Physical Education 
Repeatability of the Plasma Endorphin Response to Maximal 
Treadmill Exercise 

Judith Hoag LaRosa, Health Education 
Executive Women 's Health: Perceptions and Practices 

Anthony LaVigna, Electrical Engineering 
.Architectures for Real-Time Detection 

Thomas Bartlett Lavoie, Zoology 

The Role of Immunoglobulin Diversity Mechanisms in the 
Function of Lysozyme and DNP Binding Antibodies 



Rita Branca Leahy, Civil Engineering 

Permanent Deformation Characteristics Of Asphaltic Concrete 

Chinsan Lee, Mathematical Statistics 

Parameter Estimation in Branching Process with Application to 
Tumor Growth 

Susan Eleanor Lenk, Zoology 

Examination of the Mechanism of Ingestion in the Interstitial 
Ciliate. Tracheloraphis and Possible Implications of Feeding 
Structures in Ciliate Evolution and Systematics 

Jay Levrio, Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
An Assessment of the Involvement of Professional Staff in the 
Postsecondary Accreditation Process 

Bertrand Paul LHomme, Special Education 
Predicting the Outcome of Treatment For Behavior Disordered 

Chan-Jane Lin, Business and Management 

Information Signaling and Valuation of Initial Public Offerings: 
An Empirical Investigation 

David Tsochung Lin, Chemistry 

Enzymatic and Chemical Reactions of Halogenated Aromatic 
Substrate Analogs Evidence for the Generation of p-Xylylene 

Jia-Yeong Lin, Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Determinants of International Trade Pattern in Man-Made Fibers 

Douglas Wayne Lipton, Agricultural and Resource Economics 
On the Determination of the Structure of the US Fishing Industry 

Michael K. Lumsden, Electrical Engineering 

Observed Correlations between the Radiation Hardness of 
Circular Gate N-Channel IGFETs and the Relative Hydrogen 
Content of the Gate Oxidation Ambient 

Robert Joseph Lutz, Geography 

Interactions Between Climatic Centers of Action 

Carolyn DuPont Lynch, Economics 

The Fiscal Limitation Movement and Its Implications for the 
Median Voter Model 

David Charles MacEnany, Electrical Engineering 

Optimal Stopping Problems Based on Partial Observations of a 
Markov Jump Process 

Patrick Stephen Mangan, Zoology 

Ultra-Steep Voltage Dependence in the Mitochondrial Outer- 
Membrane Channel, VDAC, Induced by Polyvalent Anions 

Ann Reed Mangels, Human Nutrition and Food Systems 
Absorption, Retention, and Utilization of Two Forms of Selenium 
Given Simultaneously as Stable Isotope Tracers to Lactating and 
Nonlactating Women 

Avraham Margalit, Computer Science 

Using Domain Knowledge to Reduce the Computational Cost of 
Template Matching 

Frances Louise Marshall, Economics 
Fiscal Illusion in Public Finance: .4 Theoretical and Empirical 

Kathi Denise Martell, Business and Management 
Aligning Human Resource Management with Business Unit 

Eric Anthony Martin, Electrical Engineering 
Novel InP/InGoAs Heteroj unction Insulated-Gate Field Effect 

Venus Shirley Masselam, Human Development 
Parent Adolescent Communication 

Dennis F. McCahill, Civil Engineering 
A Practical Simulation Based Model For Integration of Static and 
Dynamic Planning for Construction 

Michelle Carter McElvany, Applied Mathematics 

Guaranteed Deadlines for Hard Real-Time Fault-Tolerant 
Distributed Systems 

Philip Gregory McQueen, Physics 
Simulations and Stochastic Calculations for Correlated Electron 

Merrill Fowler Mead-Fox, Psychology 

Judith Ann Meany, Geography 

The Suborganization of Back Offices 

Deborah Ruth Medoff, Psychology 

The Effects of Model Misspecification on the Success of Model 
ModiCication Procedures in Covariance Structure Analysis 

Vincent Christian Messer, Curriculum and Instruction 

Writing and Revising for Technical Professionals: A Comparison 
of Three Instructional Strategies 

Peter A. Minderman, Jr, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering 
Process Control of Enzyme Fermentations Subject to Induction 
and Catabolite Repression 

Behzad Mirhashem, Physics 

Quantum Fluctations and Superconductivity in Granular Films 
and Josephson Junctions 



Achmad Tutjik Moechid, Industrial, Technologocial and 
Occupational Education 

Laila H. Mohamed-Ali, Food Science 

Youssef Abdelaziz Mohieldin, Civil Engineering 

The Non-Stationarity Effect on Construction Processes 

Jacobo O. Morales, Physical Education 

Mohamed A. Morsy, Agriculture and Extension Education 
Political Processes and Fiscal Conditions in Maryland State 

Vahid Aliabadi Motevalli, Mechanical Engineering 
Transient Ceiling Jet Characteristics 

Michael Robert Meyer, Physical Education 
An Interactive Model of Physical Activity Intervention and 
Controllable Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Heart Disease 

Debasish Mukhetjee, Nuclear Engineering 
Boron Concentration in Reactor Coolants by Gamma Emission 
Following Neutron Capture 

Barbara Wesp Murry, Counseling and Personnel Services 

Rafael Navarro-Gonzalez, Chemistry and Biochemistry 
The Role of Hydrogen Cyanide in Chemical Evolution 

Gavin Jeremy Preston Naylor, Zoology 

The Phylogenetic Analysis of Sharks of the Genus Carcharhinus 

Margaret T. Neal, Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
A Room with a View: Uncovering the Essence of the Student 
Experience in a Clinical Nursing Setting 

Robert Arnold Nelson, Physics 

Experimental Comparison Between Two Methods for 
Synchronization of Remote Clocks on the Rotating Earth: The 
Einstein Prescription Using Lxiser Light Pulses and the Transport 
of a Hydrogen Maser Atomic Clock 

This is one representation 
of the Maryland mascot, the 
diamondback terrapin, once 

a plentiful creature in the 
State's estuaries. 

Khanh Quoc Nguyen, Aerospace Engineering 
Application of Higher Harmonic Control (HHC) to Rotor Systems 

Lois Elizabeth Mayer Nichols, Curriculum and instruction 

The Influence of Student Computer-ownership and In-home Use 
on Achievement in a Computer Programming Curriculum 

Wanda Teresa O'Brien, Curriculum and Instruction 
A Comparison of the Use of Analytic Language with the Use of a 
Combination of Figurative and Analytic Language and their 
Effects on Attitude and Conceptual Understanding of Music 
Among Seventh Grade Students 

Robert Nelson Oerter, Physics 
Superspace Techniques for String Theories 

Tim Richard Ohno, Physics 

Silicon Vicinal Surfaces: Impact on Epitaxial Growth 

Kazuo Okanoya, Psychology 
Auditory and Cognitive Processing of Contact Calls by 
Budgerigars and Zebra Finches 

Gerald Anthony Olchowy, Physics 

Crossover from Singular to Regular Behavior of the Transport 
Properties of Fluids in the Critical Region 

Stanley Anthony Ostazeski, Marine-Estuarine-Environmental 

Transport of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Aquia 

Aquifer of Maryland. USA 

James Randall Ott, Zoology 

An Experimental Analysis of Selection for Small Body Size in 
Acanthoscelides Alboseutellatus (Coleoptera Bruchidaej Imposed 
by its Host Plant Ludwigia Altemifolia (Onagraceae) 

John Lee Pace, Food Science 

Growth Effect on Cell Envelope Composition of Food- Poisoning 
Vibrio Parahaemolyticus 



Yi Pang, Physics 

Pinaki Panigrahi, Animal Science 
Effects and Mechanism of Action of Human Interferon on Bovine 
Parainfluenza-3 Virus 

Panagiotis Papadakis, Applied Mathematics 

Computational Aspects of the Determination of the Stress 
Intensity Factors in 2-Dimensional Elasticity 

Cun-Sik Park, Physics 

The Phase Characteristics of Klystrons and Gyroklystrons 

Joel W. Parke, Physics 

Search for the Fifth Force Using a Superconducting Gravity 
Cradiometer and Development of a Superconducting Six-Axis 

Carol Judith Patrie, Human Development 
Receptive Fingerspelling and Rapid Serial Visual Processing in 
Hearing Adults 

Richard William Pavlis, History 
Jules Cuerin and the Ligue Antisemitique Francaise 

Katharine Ann Pawelko, Recreation 

DeFining the Nature of Visitors and Their Recreational 
Experiences on the Delaware River: A Naturalistic Inquiry 

Guido Agustin Pereira, Zoology 

Cladistics. Taxonomy, Biogeography and the Evolutionary 
History of the Palaemominae (Crustacea Decepoda) 

Anne Radford Phillips, American Studies 

Farm Women: Continuities and Changes in the Lives of Women 
in Stokes County, North Carolina 

Mary Lou Luttrel! Phillips, American Studies 

The Language of Naval Performance Evaluations: Officer 
Promotion as Reader Response 

Martin Thomas Pietrucha, Civil Engineering 

Rorin Morse Piatt, History 

I 'irginia in Foreign Affairs, 1933-1941 

Conrad P. Plaut, Mathematics 
Riemannian Geometry on Non-Riemannian Spaces 

Linda Racioppi, Government and Politics 

The Perception-Policy Interface in Foreign Policymaking: A Case 
Study of Soviet Policy Towards South Asia, 1970-1985 (working 

Arcot Kuppuswamy Rajasekar, Computer Science 

Robin Raul, Mechanical Engineering 
A Numerical Investigation of Laminar and Turbulent Flow Past a 

Herbert E. Reed, Agronomy 

Use of Chlorate as a Nitrate Analogue to Screen Eastern Wheat 
Cultivars for Differences in Nitrogen Accumulation 

Karl David Reinig, Electrical Engineering 
Radar Backscatter Simulation for Complex Targets 

Craig A. Reynolds, English 
Afro-American Experiential Poetry 

Chong Suck Rim, Electrical Engineering 

Theoretical Investigation of Some VLSZ Layout Problems 

Murray Neil Ross, Economics 

Compensation Differences in the Union and Nonunion Sectors 

Susana R. Rotker, Spanish Language 
Jose Marti: La Fundacion De Una Nueva Escritura 

Janice Zarobila Rouiller, Psychology 

Determinants of the Climate for Transfer of Training 

Nadine Payne Ruyle, Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Buyer 's Preferences for Domestic and Imported Apparel 

Harry Jack Sapienza, Business and Management 

Variations in Venture Capitalist- Entrepreneur Relations: 
Antecedents and Consequences 

Richard James Sawiyer, Special Education 
Improving LD Students ' Composition Skills with Story Grammar 
Strategy Training: A Component Analysis of Self-Instructional 
Strategy Training 

William Randolph Schildknecht, Jr., Curriculum and Instruction 
The Effect of Practice of Reasoning Skills Upon Performance on 
Problems in an Introductory Probability Course 

Jennifer Ann Schnall, Botany 

The Isolation and Characterization of Six Classes of Temperature- 
Sensitive Variants in Carrol Somatic Embryogenesis 

Katherine Vukelic Seidel, Special Education 

Personality Characteristics as Indicators of Leadership Potential 
in Gifted and Nongifted Students 

Yoonho Seo, Physics 

The Free Electron Laser Interaction 

Ameeta Ketan Shah, Curriculum and instruction 
Comprehension Monitoring in Bilingual Children 


Jeffrey Richard Shavelson, Government and Politics 
Bottom-Up Populism 

Martina Shea, Economics 
An Examination of the Relationship Between Nonmarket Work 
and the Male/Female Wage Cap 

Emily Houston Shelnutt, Health Education 
AIDS and College Student: Knowledge, Beliefs, and Information 

Chenliang Sheng, English 
Nietzsche's Superman Americanized: On Dreiser's The Financier 

Frances H. Shipley-Brown, Hearing and Speech Sciences 
Hemispheric Processing of Four types of Prosody 

Leslie Lessing Shoemaker, Agricultural Engineering 

Anna See Ping Leon Shulman, History 

Copper, Copper Cash, and Government Controls in Ching China 

Melissa Hinds Sickmund, Psychology 

Self Disclosure: The Effects of Personalism and Intention on 
Liking and Willingness to Return Disclosure 

Susan L. Slyter, Psychology 

Kohut's Psychology of the Self Measures of Healthy and 
Defensive Narcissism 

Richard Allan Snyder, Zoology 

Chemosensory ModiCications of Feeding Behavior in the Stuarine 
Ciliate Pseudocohnilemgus Marinas Induced by Bacterial Cell 
Surface Compounds 

Thomas William Spalding, Health Education 

The Effects of Phasic Heart Rate Change on Cortical Activation: A 
Test of Lacey's Inhibitory Baroreceptor Feedback Hypothesis 

Alan Douglas Stemple, Aerospace Engineering 

Non-Linear Static and Dynamic Modelling of Composite Rotor 
Blades Including Warping Effects 

Barbara Ava Stettner-Eaton, Special Education 

Least Restrictive Environment: Factors Influencing Its 
Implementation for Students with Moderate and Severe 
Handicaps in the State of Maryland 

Anne Olin Stevens, Economics 

The Theory and Policy of Automobile Emissions Control 

James Victor Stout, HI, Economics 

Jeanne Doud Sullivan, Zoology 

Paternal Care and Reproductive Conflicts of Interest Between 
Mates in the Solitary Wasp, Try poxy Ion Lactitarse 

Liane M. Summerfield, Health Education 
Resting Metabolic Rates in Adult-Onset and Child-Onset Obese 

Catherine D. Sveikauskas, Economics 

The United States Labor Force and International Trade 

Diane K. Swartz, Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Relationship Between Selected Personality Variables, Coping 
Ability, Achievement and Satisfaction with the Environment 

Daniel Buckley Swearingen, Mathematics 

Continuity of the Cauchy-Riemann Operator on families of 
Degenerating Riemann Surfaces 

Clarence Rudolph Talley, Sociology 

Technology, Wages, and Employment in the Bituminous Coal 

Frederick Abayomi Tasker, Aerospace Engineering 

Beverly Brester Teter, Nutritional Sciences 
Alterations in Milk Fat Percent and Composition by Dietary 
Isomeric Fatty Acids 

Subhashchandra Ramanlal Thaker, Animal Sciences 

Molecular Cloning of Ehrlichia Risticii and Its Application in the 
Diagnosis of Potomac Horse Fever 

Helen Rholeen Thorsheim, Chemistry 

Collision Dynamics at Cold and Ultracold Temperatures 

Helen R. Tibbo, Library Science 
Abstracts. Online Searching, and the Humanities: A Study of the 
Structure and Content of .Abstracts of Historical Discourse 

Victoria Ann Tichenor, Psychology 

Working Alliance: A Measure Comparison 

Elizabeth Jayne Tiemey, Chemistry 

Total Surface Area Calculations for Organometallic Compounds 
as Predictors for Toxicity and Chromatographic Retention Indices 

James Ashley Tobey, Economics 

The Timing of Environmental Regulations and their Impact on 
the Pattern of World Trade 

Teresa Lee Ann Tomassoni, Physical Education 

Exercise Testing and Training of Children Following Surgical 
Repair for Tetralogy of Fallot 



Michael Scott Torok, Aerospace Engineering 
A coupled Rotor Aeroeelastic Analysis Utilizing Advanced 
Aerodynamic Modeling 

Todd Kenneth Trout, Chemistry 

Quantitative Optical Absorption and Emission Spectroscopies: 
Applications Towards New Analytical Methods 

Vinay Anant Vaishampayan, Electrical Engineering 

Edward Joseph VanBlargan, Civil Engineering 
A Geographic Information System for Flood Forecasting 

Kathy Scales Vandell, American Studies 
Molding American Character: National Identity In Children's 
Fiction. 1865-1965 

George Vanecek, Jr., Computer Science 

Jana Ellen Varwig, Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Relationship to Gender and Gender Composition of Primary 
Student Organization to the Self-esteem, Sex-role Identities, 
Achieving Styles, and Career Aspirations of College Student 

Beverly Vayhinger, Counseling and Personnel Services 
PCP Users Versus Users of Other Drugs on Background. 
Personality and Outcome Variables 

Alex VonCube, Government and Politics 

The Fertility Decline in the Federal Republic of Germany; 
Political Aspects 

John Gary Wadawsky, Computer Science 

Transient Behavior of Data Flow Within Virtual Circuit Networks 

David Francis Walnut, Mathematics 

Existence and Stability of W-H Wavelet Expansions of Certain 

Weighted Spaces 

Robert Eugene Waltermire, Chemistry 
Stereoselective Synthesis via Furfurly Alcohol Oxidation 

Jya-Ning Wang, Chemical Engineering 

Wenyu Wang, Mathematics 

Statistical Inference of the Aggregated Markov Processes with 
Application to Modelling in Neurophysiology 

Cannon Joyce Weaver, Agricultural and Extension Education 
The Relationship of College Students' Achievement Motivation to 
Family Cohesion and Aspirations 

Paula Mcweay Weaver, Curriculum and Instruction 

An Assessment of the Major Skills Needed in a College Computer 
Art and Design Curriculum to Facilitate Student Involvement and 
Competence with Computers in Artistic Applications 

Robin Lenore Weisman, Psychology 

Children 's Social Support: A Comparison of Clinical and Non- 
Clinical Samples Using Parental and Child Self-Report 

Daniel Jay Welsh, Electrical Engineering 
Gyroklystron Electron Beam Dynamics 

Mark Ford Westling, Computer Science 
Reasoning About What You Can and Can 't See in Computer 

Timothy D. Whelan, English Language and Literature 
"Mirrour of Her Age " The place of Humane and Divine 
Knowledge in the Poetry and Prose of Anne Bradstreet 

Darrel Leon Williams, Geography 
Radiative Transfer Characteristics of Spruce (Picea spp) as a 
Factor in Their Geographical Distribution 

Margaret Martin Williams, Health Education 

The Effects of a Cardiac Health Education and Heart Saver 
Program on the Self Esteem and Life Satisfaction of Non- 
Institutionalized Older Adults 

Josephine Coleman Wilson, Education Curriculum and Instruction 
An Investigation of Young Children 's Dyadic Interpersonal 
Strategies In a Microcomputer Context 

Raymond John Wilson, Psychology 

The Interactive Effects of Caffeine and Personality on Autonomic 
Responses and Vigilance Performance 

John Wesley Wisor, Counseling and Personnel Services 

Computer-Based Test Interpretation Software: Its Effect on School 
Psychologist Decision-Making 

Shyh-Chyi Wong, Electrical Engineering 
Modeling on Short Channel MOSFETS 

Marcheta Lee Wright, Government and Politics 

Transnational Human Rights Activity: The Case of the American 
Association for the Advancement of Science 

Stephen Edward Wright, Agricultural and Extension Education 
Present Job Status of Veterans as a Consequence of Black 
Educational Attitudes, Past Life Cycle, Aspirations, and Military 

Chao Wu, Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Investigation into the Electrophilic Reactivity of 2, B-Unsaturated 
Acyliron Complexes 


Qian Wu, Physics 
Nightside Polar Cap Auroral Activity 

Tai-Guang Wu, Chemistry 

Li Van, Physics 
Physical Processes Affecting Generation of Ultrashort Laser 
Pulses From a Neodymium Glass Oscillator ■ Regenerative 

Tzung-Cheng Yang, Electrical Engineering 
Adaptive Control of a Flexible Manipulator with Unknown 
Changing Ixiads 

XiaoweiYang, Electrical Engineering 
Detection and Classification of Neural Signals and Identification 
of Neural Networks 

Chan Hong Yeom, Aerospace Engineering 
An Assumed Strain Finite Element Model for Large Deflection 
Composite Shells 

Young Hee Yoon, Sociology 

Export-Led Growth and Women 's Labour Force Participation in 
Manufacturing Industries in Korea. 1963-1983 

Zohreh Yousefi, Civil Engineering 

Transport of PCDDs, PCP and PAHs Through Soils in the 
Presence ofCodisposed Materials 

Linda Garrison Zamani-Moghadam, Sociology 

The Reciprocal Nature of Work and Family Perception of the 
Work/Family Interface and Its Impact on Army Reenlistment 

Ming Zeng, Chemistry 
Studies in Chemical and Biological Activity of Macrocyclic 

Da-Wei Zhang, Zoology 

Inhibition by Hydrated Metal Ions of the Voltage-Dependent 
Closure of the Mitochondrial Channel, VDAC Determination of 
the Active Species and Indication of its Mode of Action 

Louise Barbara Zingeser, Hearing and Speech Sciences 
Differences in Noun and Verb Production in Anomic and 
Agrammatic Aphasics 

Martha T. Zingo, Government and Politics 

"Nameless Persons" Legal Discrimination Against Non-Marital 
Children in the United States 

Edwin Lawrence Zivi, Jr., Mechanical Engineering 
Robust Control of Magnetic Bearing Spindle for Tool Path Error 

Doctor of Education 

William Daniel Alexander, Education Curriculum and Instruction 
Kindergarten Screening Practices in Maryland 

Bessie Roberson Barco, Education Policy, Planning and 

A Study of the Relationship Between Perceived Administrator 
Behavioral Characteristics and Implicit Goals of School-Based 
Advisory Committees 

Linda Rae Bartle, Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
An Analysis of the Attitudes and Perceived Needs of a Population 
of Public School System Employees and Retirees Regarding 
Retirement and f^e-Retirement Planning 

Patricia Hubbard Emory, Education Curriculum and Instruction 
,4 Description of the Difference Between Oral and Written 
Retelling and Their Effects on Reading Comprehension 

Suzanne F. Erskine, Education Curriculum and Instruction 

Establishing the Criterion Related \'alidity of a County Developed 
Readiness Test for Kindergarten Students 

Maureen Terese Ether, Education Policy, Planning and 

An Analysis of Perceptions of Teachers and Administrators 

Toward Various Incentive Programs 

Carma Jean Latvala, Education Curriculum and Instruction 
The Effects of Text Difficulty on Average Fifth-Grade Readers ' 
Comprehension Monitoring and Reading Comprehension 

Peter L. McCallum, Education Curriculum and Instruction 
Effects of Exemplary and Satisfactory Fourth-Grade Teachers' 
Expectations on the Reading Instruction Provided to High- and 
Low-achieving Students: A Microethnographic Study 

Clyde Thomas Miller, Education Curriculum and Instruction 
The Influence of Classroom Teaching Behaviors on Student 
Achievement in Reading and Mathematics 

Richard E. Paulman, Education Policy, Planning and 

An Examination of The Relationship Between the Completion of 
the Tasks Specified in the Case Plans of Children Placed in 
Foster Care and the Achievement of Specified Permanency 

Carolyn Diane Princes, Cumculum and Instruction 

The Retention and Graduation Rates of Students in Special 
Services Programs 



Susan L. Spath, Curriculum and Instruction 

Effects of Closed Captioned Television on Vocabulary Knowledge 
of Third and Fourth Grade Poor Readers 

Mary Evelyn Stong, Curriculum and Instruction 

Effects of First Grade Non-promotion on the Achievement and 
Attitude of Students of the Third Grade Level 

Dianne Palmer Taylor, Curriculum and Instruction 

Preparing Nurses to Practice in Contemporary Health Care 
Systems: An Analysis of the Instructional and Supervisory 
Practices of Baccalaureate Nursing Faculty Teaching in the 
Clinical Practice Settings 

Richard Weisenhoff, Education Policy, Planning and 


Factors Which Promote or Inhibit the Implementation of 
Microcomputers at the Elementary School Level 

Antoinette Cecelia Wells, Education Policy, Planning and 

A Study of the Perceptions of Secondary School English Teachers 
Relative to the Effectiveness of In-Service Educational Programs 
in Schools 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Deborah Ann Brown, Music 
New Rorem: The Complete Works for Solo Piano 

John Arthur Krebs, Music 

Joan Berman Mizrahi, Music 

The American Image of Women as Musicians and Pianists, 

Mtister of Applied 

Jeannine K. Chapelle 
Janet Royce Cohen 
Donald K. Creveling 
Gordon Patrick Karim 
Flora L. Price 

Master of Architecture 

Laurie J. Blinchikoff 
James Joseph Carroll 
Bonnie Ann DeBold 
Buford Lee Driskill III 
John Hamilton Petty III 
David Matthew Hawke 
Eric John Jenkins 
Kenneth Jones 
Dowoong Lee 
Gregory Stephen Packham 
Worthington Peter Pearre 
Richard Glenn Sobel 
Caroline Denise Sonner 
Joy Elise Munkacsi St. Landau 
Shorieh M. Talaat 
Scott Edward Wilets 
Patricia Mary Williams 
Sura Leigh Yakowitz 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Juanita Blanchette Kus 
Patricia Anne McConnell 
Margaret Caughey Warner 

Applied Mathematics 

Geoffrey Duane Birky 
Michael Patrick Chernesky 
David Michael Deutsch 
Azita Khaki Kashani 
Dean Leonard Sauder 
Barry Warren Summers 
Jayasree K. Suryanarayanan 
Allan David Williams 


Robert Franklin Echols 
Joan Sharp Feldman 
Sally Smyser Shelbume 


John Joseph Donohue 
Amy Louise Haury 
Ellen L. Korb 
Calliopi Stavridis Ratcliff 

Communication Arts and 

Richard A. Austin 
Deborah Anne Barranco 
Roberta Penn Buckberg 
Theresa Elizabeth Calzarette 
Jean Marie Costanza 
Sharon Smith Elsayed 
Wendy S. Zabava Ford 
Gretchen Anne Gracey 
Gary Stephen Howard 
Jennifer Lynn Howay 
Mary Frances Kiley 
Renate Sieglinde Maile- 

Christopher James Metzger 
Elizabeth Amy O'Brien 
Shou-Chuang Pu 
Marvin Lee Pyles 
William Scot Riddlesberger 
Gerard Alexander Selby, Jr. 
Yao-Ling Shih 
Mary L. Umberger 

Comparative Literature 

Yvan Andre Bamps 
Kourosh Betsarkis 
Pamela A. Solomos 

Counseling and Personnel 

Amy Ginty-Ryan Alexander 
Janice Hegeman Altman 
Kathleen A. Angeletti 
Victoria Jean Balenger 
Linda Gail Brenner 
Michael Eugene Ellis 
M. Elizabeth Flum 
Deborah Ann Gerrity 
Barbara Ann Gill 
Emily Elizabeth Marsh 
Constance Marie Martin 
Mary Ann Merz 
Karen Ellen Noll 
Cathy Lynne Rayman 


Decorative bull's-eye windows adorn the east and west pediments of the Turner Building. 

Susan Janet Schwalb 
Beverly Murray Rogers Smith 
Gerry Ray Smith 
Marsha Burleson Somers 
Christine Elizabeth Stapleton 
Nancy Demmer Tarvin 
Deborah Jean Taub 
Lynne A, Ticknor 
Kathleen Susan Underhill 
Lori Jean Vogelgesang 
Danielle Marie Wiikshire 

Criminal Justice and 

Sherri Darlene Miller Hull 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Mary Jane McAllister 
Wayne Hunter Perry 
Cynthia Gehen Swann 
Tien-Chun C. Wang 


Lawrence F. Carlin 

Gunter Joseph Elert 

Yuejin Geng 

Chia-Shan Ho 

Maria de la Cruz MaGowan 

Lorraine Anne Sullivan Monaco 

Bilin Neyapti 

Liliana Maria Pazienza 

Kristi Ann Peterson 
Seth B. Sacher 
Faa-Suku Saa Sankoh 
Stefano Sciolli 
George Wade Short 
William Lee Stephens, Jr. 
Jeffrey Francis Werling 
Jonathan Brooks Wood 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 

Julia Ruth Bates 
Kim Anne Borsavage 
Linda B. Deutsch 
Rosel Faith Halle 
Carol Saile Jeffers 
Francis Michael O'Brien 
Joanne Frances Pfeil 
Charles Banks Reilly 
Jill Louise Scheldrup 

English Language and 

Carlos Federico Acosta 
Mira Khalid Amra 
Jane Ann Dugan Antonovich 
Paul Arthur Barry 
Kevin Bezner 
Maryellen E. Curley 
Elisa Marie D'Avanzo 
Anne Hamilton Detrick 

Kelly Sue Ferguson 
John Lance Fritz 
Donna J. Harrington 
Shelley Marie Jackson 
Sharon Renee Kirby 
Richard Louis Leith 
Aluina De Lazzari Long 
Mary Van Tassel Murtha 
Hanfried F. Nave 
Nancy Elizabeth O'Donnell 
James Steven Oppenheim 
Mark Alan Pedreira 
Constance Ann Pryor 
Michelle Denise Spaulding 
Madeline Frances Suss 
Kristin E. Vogt 
Claudette Mary Walsh 
Susan Gail Wood 

French Language and 

Viviane Laurence Arking 
Syeda Saba Bokhari 
MaryRuth Seibert Reis 
Page Louise Whittenburg 


Elizabeth Joan Agayoff 
Pauline Ann Crombie 
Francis Anthony Galgano, Jr. 
Gary Hauptman Gaunt 

Mary Roselle George 
William Francis Henaghan 
Walter Neil Hohmann 
Eli Moshe Rutstein 
Joseph Brown Thomas, Jr. 
John T. K. Whittlesey 

Germanic Languages and 

Mary Ellen W. Atkinson 
Jyl Marie Hohenwarter 
John Douglas LeMaster 

Government and Politics 

Lila F. Ammons 
Michael Frazier 
William R. Gallagher 
Elizabeth Michel Good 
Naoya Hashimoto 
Weixing Hu 
Tod Allen Roy 
Ching-Hwei Michelle Yu 
Fang- Yuan Yu 
Xiaochuan Zhang 

Health Education 

Linda Joan Brafford 
Coral Sue Carey 
Jo Carol Ciborowski 
Marian Iris Dixon 
Alan D. Goldberg 


Carolyn Goodman Iwrey 
Laura Jean Thompson 
Christos T. Verikios 

Hearing and Speech 

Farida All-Ali 
Alison Ann August 
Janice Eileen Creamer 
Karin Elizabeth Colder 
Nancy Elizabeth Holland 
Maria Christine Hughes 
Helen Elizabeth Williams 
Ann Louise Wilson 


Adam Sullivan Bean 
Jane C. Bernstein 
Joseph Allen Cain 
David Michael Contessa 
Susan Mary Fitch 
Stephen Gregg Hardy 
Ke Ching Hung 
Mary Clement Jeske 
Eric David Kupferberg 
Amy Carolyn Plenefisch 
James Douglas Rice 
Mark Jeffrey Shmueli 
Susan Diane Weinandy 
Robert Todd Witkin 

Human Development 

Nancy L. Kimmerly 
Xiomara Vasquez 
Robert Kenneth Winegar 

Occupational Education 

Bobby Gene Barrett, Jr. 
Narendra Kumar Chaudha 
Harold Davis Craven 
Sheila Marie Holzberger 
John Fonta Ndanga 
Stephen Petrina 
Ding Ming Wang 

Joint Geography, Library 
and Information Services 

Charles Frederick Gillies 

Joint History, Library and 
Information Services 

Huei-Lin Chuang 
Lynda L. Clendenning 
Mary Elisabeth Samms 


Wanda Rose Baldwin 
Holly Marihugh Denton 
Paul Scott Girsdansky 
Steven Brian Konick 
Elizabeth Ann Kraft 
Karen S. Kutz 
Rebecca Anne Levine 
Anne Patricia Martens 
Kathleen A. McDonald 
Anne Therese Muth 
Martha Jean Phan 
Mara del Rosario Ramos 
Joni Jane Rutter 
Laura A. Schaufert 
Beth Carol Scheer 
Ichiro Shiraki 
Barbara Lynn Wetherell 
Donald Thomas Zajackowski 

Mathematical Statistics 

Stefan David Leigh 
Kevin Michael Nolan 


Daniel Thomas Flatow 

Kamel Nabil Haddad 

Nina I. Luft 

John Franklin Mathias 

Amir Pimazar 

John Patrick Smith 

Antoinette Johanna Ware 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Jill Turek Walston 


James Gerard Murphy 
Bruce David Umbaugh 

Physical Education 

Luis Gerardo Arce 
Susan Marie Balwinski 
Linda Cook Clarke 
Paul Steven Fischbach 
Kellie Ann Foster 
Jacqueline Marie French 
Dwight Beebe Gait III 
Diane P. Hanlon 
Heidi Ann Huczel 
Laurie Sayers Jeffers 
Thomas M. Kepple 
Rosemary Schaffner Lindle 
Wilfred Anye Ndanga 
Cheryl Stevenson 
Diane Duerr Triplett 

David Lee Wagner 
Sharon Elaine Will 
Stephanie Lynn Willim 


Thomas Edgar Ford 
Beth Elayna Glass 
Sarah K. Gunnarson 
Ellen R. Iscoe 
Carol N. Miller 
Louis Albert Schwarcz 
Cissy C. Szeto 


Janice Lyn Atwood 
Edward Darcy Crowley 
Debra Jeanne Gonder 
Laura Lynn Hersey 
Norma Jean Kawecki 
Kim Michelle Kearney 
John Stuart Marshall 
Dennis William Moses 
Denis M. O'Leary 

This bull's-eye window graces the front pediment 
of the Reckord Armory. Built in 1944, the "new" 
armor>% as it was then called, was first used for 
commencement exercises on June 27, 1945. 


Marjorie Anne Roorda 
Debra F Schwartz 
Mary T. Skordinsky 
Scott Edwin Springer 


Caroia Mariana Alvarez 
Corinne Ann Bordieri 
Katharine Swift Gravino 
Xiaolin Li 

Spanish Language and 

Antonio Garcfa-Lozada 
Julia Bordiga Grinstein 
Pamela Jane Lubkans 
Laura M. Martins 
Luis Alberto Rebaza-Soraluz 

Special Education 

Patricia C. Hallinan 
Patricia McKenna 

Urban Studies 

Jacqueline Ann Douglas Brown 
Jeannette A. Cachan 
Thomas Hobbs Fletcher 
Tonjua Valencia Julius 
Mark Melvin Marden 
Slade Shannon McCalip 
Michael Stephen Nagy 
Pamela Rene Parker 
James Robert Powell 
Marie A. Price 

Meister of Business 

Business and Management 

Kaissar Youssef Abillamah 
Kevin Merritt Anderson 
Catherine Blum Bailey 
Anita Marilyn Barrera 
Winfred Scott Battle 
John F. Beck 
Stephen Andrew Berenson 
Sirish Bhatnagar 
Richard Elvis Blankenship 
Adam Lee Block 
Michael George Bowen 

Sheralyn Rose Brown 
Peter C. Bruce 
Thomas J. Butler 
Ronald Joseph Cancelose 
Debbie DeMaris Carthom 
D. Scott Clark 
Andrew Willard Clarkson 
Eileen Leslee Corrigan 
John Theodore Czupak 
Jeffrey Bond Davis 
Charles Edward Devany 
Angela N. Donahue 
John Joseph Ekelund 
Thomas Delano Ferguson 
Sharon Marie Fischer 
Lisa Michelle Fouike 
Sudha Jain Garg 
William M. Gaynor 
Dana Lee Goldstein 
Elissa Susan Golin 
Shelley Ann Hariow 
Keturah Adamson Harris 
Alice Louise Harron 
Elizabeth Ann Hayes 
GeirWestre Hjelmeland 
Jocelyn Hoffman 
Leila Anne Holtsman 
Renee Ann Jakubiak 
Laura Ellen Janis 
Thomas Barrett Johnson 
Michael Austin Kipp 
Susan Perri Krider-Lyon 
Stanley Joseph Kwitnieski 
Marie Yankus LaFrance 
David Vieira Ferreira Levy 
Andrew Frederic Lieber 
Thomas John Loughlin 
Jeffrey Michael Luther 
Harish Kumar Luthra 
Susan Perri Krider Lyon 
Adene Maria Serrano Madarang 
J. Michael A. Matthews 
Lucinda Bruzzese McGowan 
John Richard Melmed 
Thomas T. Mitchem, Jr. 
Steven Harrington Molder 
Steven William Monteith 
Elizabeth Ann Nagle 
Jaleh Lisa Namini 
Lauren Diane Neumann 
Michael Igantius O'Connell 
Christopher John O'Connor 

V'inay Chimanlal Pate! 
Subhathra Pathmanathan 
Robert Charies Payne 
Maureen Teresa Pello 

Michael Todd Richard 
Gary Michael Rusnak 
Donna Marie Sabino 
Kenneth Wayne Saenz 
Joel Abraham Schreiber 
Jeffrey Hugo Siebeneichen 
Richard William Steer 
Len Tischler 
David Louis Todaro 
Jane Wen Tsuang 
Anne Judith Turner 
Michael Albert Votaw 
David M. Warner 
Stefanie Ann Weber 
Huangtsung Wei 
Robert Allan Whitt 
Jeffrey Thomas Whittle 
Terry Jean Williamson 
Richard Stephen Wurman 
David Van Breda Yohn 
Nae-Yun Yu 

Joint Business 
Management/ Law 

Robertarta Maccoun Boykin 
Harold Gregor>' Martin 
Stephen Lee Sprecher 
Robert Allen Stockbridge. Jr. 
Chris Chulho Yum 
Kimberly Louise Thompson 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Catherine May Anderson 
Norman Leslie .Auerback 
Kenneth Craig Baron 
.Ann Elizabeth Bliss 
Phoebe Atkinson Boatright 
Lisa .Audrey Busbice 
Tonyia Dee Carbaugh 
Kathleen Crowley Coley 
Teresa Theofanos Collins 
Patricia Anne Cooper 
Kathleen S. Jackson 
Laura Goulding Jacoby 
Mary Elizabeth Krueger 

Frances Platz Landau 

Cheryl Prichard LaSota 

Barbara Levitz 

Joseph Patrick Lillis 

Jerry Harrison Logan 

Sharon Groninger iMacDougall 

Denise Mary McDermott 

Rhonda Karla Noel 

Olive Deloris Reid 

Damon fknnett Riley 

Catherine Goodwin Rinzel 

Susan E Ritzer 

Rebecca Sharon Smith 

Christine Schindehette Williams 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Janice Field .Almasi 
Howard Thomas Baldwin 
Jean Steinbach Beierie 
Catherine Ann Daly 
Donald Bruce Domogauer 
.Adelaide E Ekielson 
Laurie Mather Edinger 
Thomas Francis Gearin. Jr. 
Maureen S. Hammond 
Debra Ellen Mannina 
Cecilia Montes Martinez 
Philip Gordon Miller 
Ellen Denning Oerter 
Darlene Barbara Pierro 
Joann Marie Roberts 
Kathy Sue Potts Russell 
Steven Seffer Schaffer 
Julia Lynn Walters 
Jennifer Alice Yau 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Rudolph Bauss 
Carol Lynn Dopp 
Doreen .Ann Brandes Drury 
Kenneth John Goncz 
Jane Ann Linger 
Scott Lyman Smith 
Linda Welch Snow 
Kathleen Ventre 
Pamela Lorraine Walker 

Human Development 

Anne Hathaway Duff 

Odell T. Gibbs 

Ellen Patricia Goodson 


Janice Earlene Jones 
Sandra Jean Nee-Jackson 
Lee-Jang Tsai Lai 
Leslie Mara Yenkin 

Occupational Education 

Donna Gushing Boettner 
Carol Ilene Newman 

Special Education 

Melissa Kraus Fean 
Clare Louise Kelly 
[Barbara Anne Lockemeyer 
Mary Eleanor Momingstar 
Kelly Dawn Peterson 
Kathy Ann Richardson 
Ellen Rowse Spero 
Elizabeth Kim Thompson 

Master of Fine Arts 

William Frederick Andrews 
Diane Marie Barcelo 
Yuno D. Baswir 
Ronnie Eugene DeRutte 
Lisa Ranette Smith 
Randi Therese Trinka 

Master of Library 

Joint Geography, Library 
and Information Services 

Charles Frederick Gillies 

Joint History, Library 
and Information Services 

Huei-Lin Ghuang 
Lynda L. Glendenning 
Mary Elisabeth Samms 

Library and Information 

Cathy Ann Ashby 
Evelyn S. Bain 
JoAnne Ellen Barry 
Belinda June Boyd 
Kerryn Aston Brandt 
Ann Foley Brown 
Show-Ching Chen 
Karen Margaret Chittenden 

Sharon Lynn Clayton 

Mary Rae Costabile 

Lisa Ann Costello 

Sandra L Day 

Joyce May Doering 

Sandra Sheila Dwiggins 

Susan May Engstrom 

Karen Celeste Feather 

Mary Beth Fry 

Theresa Calvin 

Linda Colleen Gorman 

Elizabeth A Heck-Howard 

Joanne Holiday 

Barbara D. Hollander 

Eun-Sun Hong 

Dixie Herr Hougen 

John Warren Jackson 

Jean Throckmorton Jakes 

Erica Sue Johns 

Eric Alan Johnson 

Deborah L. Judy 

Nancy Melissa Key 

Katherine Ruth Landry 

Alice Manning LaSota 

Elizabeth Ann Leahy 

Kathleen Mary Lewis 

Patricia Ann Lissner 

Sally Ann Mandler 

Patricia Ann McCracken 

Paul Kevin McCutcheon 

Cynthia Lynn Mead 

Luanne Naomi Nagasawa 

Rosemary Panas 

Carol Anne Patt 

Susan Gail Pedersen 

Cynthia Porter 

Robert D. Reynolds. Jr. 

Constance Alvina Rinaldo 

Anne Marie Riordan 

Mary Conrad Rubino 

Myma Rae Seper 

Lisa Carol Shabek 

Carol Parr Spencer 

Norman Alan Taylor 

Ching-Ming Tzu 

Patricia White vonSchwerdtner 

Linda Ensley Wallace 

Linda Clark Williams 

Ruby T. Woodard 

Edward John Woznicki. Jr. 

Lisa Marie Woznicki 

Rebekah M. Zanditon 

Master of Music 

Jeffrey Hallam Bauer 
Youngkwon Choi 
Michael D. Faircloth 
Lisa Feurzeig 
Aurelius Hilan' Gori 
Rachel Ann Harris 
Ronald D. Johnson 
Thomas V. Licata 
Laura Jean Lineberger 
Kenneth Grant Martin 
Suzanne Jeannette Morin 
Jennifer Wynne Post 
Jeanine Yvonne Rainier 
Martin Carroll Reynolds 
Susan Elizabeth Ricci 
Ryan Dirk Robertson 
Samuel Taylor Savage 
Gayle D. Shay 
Robert Lamar Sims 
Lori Ann Stojakovich 
Ken-lchi Watanabe 
Michael William Wilpers 

Master of Public 

Shimon Avish 
Annalisa Brooks 
Mark R.Cannon 
Cathleen Mary Corr 
Michael Brian Decker 
Edmund John Gegan 
Steven Ansgar Hubert 
Kristin Lynn Johnson 
Pamela Lanman 
Alan Edward Link 
Ann M. LoCicero 
Christopher Dennis Long 
Carla Renee Romero 
Scott Andrew Sedmak 
Michael Robert Shirer 
David Thaddeus Stewart 
Laura Sue Thomas 
Daniel Joseph Tikvart 
Steven Ken Westley 
Elizabeth Olwen Williams 
Stephen N. Wooley 

Master of Public 

Michael Frederick Audet 
Robert Francis Blunt, Jr. 
Mary Butler De Oreo 
Robert Lindsay Fletcher 
Isidro Lopez Gomez 
Maureen Teresa Hennessy 
Lynn Frances Inskeep 
Margaret Nash Iraola 
Brian Alexander Moore 
Joan Mary Planell 
Deborah Jane Snead 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Christopher William Stuteville 

Diego Peter Capriotti 
Gilbert Lewis Grouse, Jr. 
John Joseph Deily 
David Alan DiPietro 
Dwayne Allan Drake 
Scott Alan Gordon 
Michael David Heyman 
Frederick D. Kim 
Joel Harris Leifer 
Antonio Santiago Llanos 
Nancy Leigh Mueller 
Mary-Kae Lockwood O'Neill 
Michele Anne Staisloff 
Agnes Constance Todorov 

Agricultural Engineering 

Dana Gail Flora 

Navraj Gupta 

Ted Holly 

Nadine Edanna Little 

Agricultural and 
Extension Education 

Phillip N. Azah 
Lucy Waldo High 
Dale Richard Miller 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Colleen Sanderson Magro 
Jean Marie Meng-Lihinag 




Gregor>' Steven t^elmont 
Douglas Bonner Davis 
Christoph Martin Gross 
Virginia Ann Hammond 
Mark Edward Radecke 

Animal Sciences 

Katrina Hoffman 
Shashikumar Krishnaji Salgar 
Mulumebet Worku 


Michael Marshall Briley, Jr. 
Matthew David Lehnert 


Lynn Harpold 


Anne Elizabeth Bird 
Alan David Brooks 
Charles Edward Orth 
Edward I3enjamin Whereat 

Business and Management 

Nirmaljit Singh Bakshi 
Gabrielle Elias Bedewi 
Hugh Leonard Boyle 
John Emmett Brennan 
Denny Ding Bong Chan 
Basil Alexander Clarke 
Steven Bruce Fleisher 
James Austin Greenberg 
Chung Kui Ip 
Frank Winfield Koterba 
Douglas Edwin Levy 
William Paul Murnane 
Sei Kwang Park 
Marc Jay Sheinberg 
Michael Boris Silberholz 
Susan Marie Wallace 
Marc Laurence Wangel 
Jean L. Wolf 

Chemical Engineering 

Thomas George Cleary 
Ruijing Han 
Yuefang Huang 
Jeng-Dar Yang 

Chemical Physics 

Karuppasamy Sentrayan 


Fatima Abugideiri 
Catharine A. Armstrong 
Elise Dawn Bowman 
Jeffrey Alan Dodd 
Wilbert L. Leonard 
Donna Jean McSwine 
Patricia Ann Mundy 
Patricia Gwyn Schermerhom 
John David Walker 
Scott Allen Wight 

Civil Engineering 

Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Ghusain 

Ana Cristina Medeiros de Assis 

Christopher William Carison 

Henr>' Newton Doyle. Jr. 

William Allen Eckroade 

Imad El Abyad 

Ayman Rami ElShawwa 

Yazdan Emrani 

Damian David Foti 

All Mohammad Hadavi 

Irfan Hameed 

Michael Heunggu Kim 

Elizabeth Wilk Kistler 

Kwan-Ling Lai 

Ku Tak Lee 

Lori Pagnaneili Lehnerd 

Fu-Chang Lin 

Bin Lu 

Mohammed Raza Mehdi 

David J. Molinaro 

Ramesh Reddy Mullangi 

Umesh B. Narsinghani 

Ivan Christopher Noel 

Huiyu Ou 

Eduardo E. Perez-Reyes 

Paul Anthony Pisano 

Mohammad Ali Porbahaie 

Peter Gregory Suah 

Jeffer>' Glenn Sullivan 

Amy Louise Tarleton 

Vahid Tayebi 

Natacha Blanche Elisabeth 


Michelle Heather-Mae Webb 

Computer Science 

Gary Edward Benson 

William Alexander Blakemore. Jr. 

Carolyn Elizabeth Brophy 

Jenn-San Chenn 

Roberta Jo Cochrane 

Alexios Delis 

Suresh Gajulapalli 

Jui-Yuan Diana Hsu 

Young Gyu Kang 

Chiung-Tung Thomas Kao 

Pankaj R. Kamik 

Thomasin Dee Kirkendall 

Keng-Tai Ko 

Edward Philip Lewis, Jr. 

Shyang-Wen Lin 

John David Marsh 

Daniel Mosse 

P. J. Narayanan 

Nathan Shimon Netanyahu 

Shengyu Qian 

Yi Rong 

Shari Beth Roseman 

Edward Harvey Schadler 

Carolyn Scott 

Rajeev Sharma 

Chiao Allen Sher 

Kuodung Shih 

Richard Smolen 

Robert Alan Spangler 

Antonios Stamenas 

William Kari Sterbenz 

Millard Cranford Taylor 11 

William Macklin Thomas 

Scott Frederic Thompson 

Yu Chung Wong 

Huanzong Zhang 

Electrical Engineering 

Dean William .Abrams 
John David Bartusek 
John Christopher Braune 
Douglas Llewellyn Butler 
Richard Lankford Cannon, Jr. 
Armen Caroglanian 
Hsin-Chin Chang 
Yi-Ting Chang 
Chao-Jung Chen 
Shihwei Chen 
Ronald Francis DeMara 
Fadi George Eidi 
Mahmood Ellini 

Robert Norman Esplin 

Hadi .Abdul-Hamid Fakhoury 

Robert Scott Foumey 

Preetham Gopalaswamy 

Michael Philip Gordon 

Tzyy-Wei Hwang 

Mark William Hynes 

Soo Hock Khoo 

Patrick Joseph Kling 

Andrew Steven Kopser 

Apostolos Konstantin Kountras 

Anass Lahrichi 

Rajiv Laroia 

Anh Quoc Le 

Jenn-sen Leu 

Pen Rung Liao 

Hongchin Lin 

Baoming Ma 

Hesham El-Senoussi Mohran 

Ghassan Mohammad Naamani 

Thomas Kenyon Patrick, Jr. 

Zezhong Peng 

Kimberiy Maroe Potter 

John Reilly III 

Carole Ann Salter 


Ying Lian Shi 

George William Slade 

Peter Su 

Leandros Tassiulas 

Bradley Alan Thomson 

Michael Andrew Tope 

Rani P. V'adlamudi 

Yu-Jen Wu 

Guu Chang Yang 

Hanaa Youssef 

Xiaodong Zhong 


Frank Washington Ellis, Jr. 
Ruth Stanly Salvaggio 
Robert Bradley Trumbule 
Brian Michael Wiegmann 

Family and Community 

Beveriy Jean Banks 
Marie Joan Corey 
Patricia Ann Duchesne 
Timothy L. Francis 
Regina Uliss Frank 
Rachel Nachmani Click 


Sharon Cristine Jennings 
Ana Lourdes Portales 
Margaret Louise Rollins 
Mary E. San Antonio 
Elizabeth Kelsey Vanden Heuvel 
Susan Bowers Walter 

Food Science 

Shyuan Cho 
Fang Chou 
Taur-Yuh Hung 
Yuan-Tih 1. Ko 
Kaiyuh Ruth Lee 


Michael Joseph Wietrzychowski 


Susan Fellows 

James D. Gage 

Karen Ann Klozenbucher 

Michael David Reinsel 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Teresa T. Dillon 
Patricia Darlene Endy 
Elizabeth Kathryn Johnson 
Karen D. Johnson 
Karen Lazarus 
Phyllis Brooks McCarron 
Jan Marie Ostby 
Donna Gardner Rhodes 
Yoni Siegel 

Environmental Sciences 

James Tyler tiell 
Deborah Barger Connell 
Lori Hagberg Crocker 
Harry Thomas Homick 
Linda Marie Hurley 
Karen Sue Knotts 
Danielle Therese Lucid 
Deborah Jean Morrin 
Kevin Michael Morrissey 
Sharon Kay Robers 
Claudia Proctor Walters 
Su-Zan Yeh 

Mechanical Engineering 

David Andrew Aaron 
Bhavdeep S. Chhabra 
Jenq-Dih Chyan 
Cajanan K. Deshmukh 
Pedro Ivan Espina 
Majid AM Faani-Tabrizi 
Elizabeth Upson Finlayson 
Stewart Leon Genberg 
Jayantibhai B. Gondalia 
James Frederick Hartranft 
Syed Sami Ul Hassan 
James Alexander Hemdon 
Allen Lee Hiser, Jr. 
Harry Joseph Hoffman 
Lawrence Alexandre Howe 
Jui Hsu 

Ten-Ken Hwang 
Tsu-Wei Hwang 
Un-Sang Ip 
Jer-Huan Jang 
Anshuman Johri 
Wen-Chang Kang 
Sohail Ahmad Khan 
Mark T. Kirk 
Wing Cheong Ko 
Christakis Komodromos 
Anil Kumar 
Hyun Chang Lee 
Ted Jeffry Lingard 
Edward Lawrence May 
William James McCutcheon 
Reid Matthews McKeown 
Patrick John Miller 
Diane Lostoski MIynarczyk 
Salman Mohammad 
Rakesh Nagi 
William Earl Noel 
Eric Phillip Osborne 
Da-Chen Pang 
Yuh-Guang Pemg 
Richard Thomas Reed 
Lawrence Randal Resch 
Gerald Ewald Schmidt 
Paula Allen Simenauer 
Nassy Srour 
Debra Marie Stillo 
Ahmer Raza Syed 
Venugopal K. V'amia 
Albert Wong 
Tak Foo Wong 
Michael Aaron Woytowitz 

Chun Sing Yuen 

Mohammad-Saeid Zerafati- 


John X. E. Zhang 

Hang Zhou 


Ramdas R. Singh 
Bruce Thomas Whistler 


Nilofer A. Ahmed 
Amy Martin Camahan 
Colleen Bourne Pettis 

Nuclear Engineering 

Stewart Nathan Bailey 
Ahmed Ali Basfar 
R.H. Chiang Carter 
Gillian Anne Chen 
Michael C. Cheok 
Eliazer Behrooz Golfeiz 

Nutritional Sciences 

Camille Irene McQuillan 


James F. Grahl 
David Kenneth Griegel 
James Benedict Harold 
Eric Martin Jackson 
John Michael Lorah 
Keng M. Low 
Douglas Milton Norman 
Yeong-Ah Soh 
Dimitris V. Vassiliadis 


Timothy Joseph Pavlick 

Textiles and Consumer 

Shiao-Mei Chen 
Jean Louise Parsons 
Rhonda Sturgill Rhodes 
Yau-Yuh Tsay 
Manfred Gumuh Tumban 
Sherri Lynn Verrier 


Akiva S. Cohen 
Corinne Ehrlich 
Carol L. Faick 
Karen EJeth Firestone 
Suzanne Elizabeth Fogle 
Songzhi Peng 
Cynthia Baldwin Smith 
Stella Laurent Wade 

Advanced Graduate 



Counseling and Personnel 

Gerry Ray Smith 
Nancy Demmer Tarvin 
William F. Young 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Charles Frederick Sloan 

Human Development 

Mallory Palmer King 

Graduate Certificates 
in Gerontology 

Master's Level 

Marjorie Anne Roorda 
Lynne Anspacher Spivak 
Nancy Cox Shaffer 

Doctoral Level 

Helene Milliken Clark 




Maryland's flag, bearing the anns of the Calvert and 
Crossland families, was first flown in its present form at 
Gettysburg Battlefield in 1888 to dedicate monuments to 
Maryland civil war veterans. 

College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Edwin Allen Darel Hubbard 
Edward Koubek 
Candace J. Mintz 
William Joseph Mockabee II 
Gregg John Ockun 
Glenn Joseph Saffran, Jr. 
Donald Edgar Thrower 

Animal Sciences 

Janice Christine Baxter 

George Monroe Cole. Jr. 

Gregory Scott Fraley 

Tina Lxiuise Hinkelman 

Christine Andrea Koch 

Ali Mohammed 

John Michael Pepper 

Gregory' Alan Stamper 
t Joyce Marie Temple 

Diana Lee Vogel 

Adriane Paige Weinstein 
§ Meghan Joanna Welch 

Crop Science 

Vincent Voma Gwanyama 

* Elizabeth Ann Heger 
Robin Lynn Limberger 

* Thomas Ross Yarrish 

Food Science 

Jess Darlington Otley 111 

General Agriculture 

Mohan Paul 


Lillian Jeanne E5arrere 
Mary Dixon Bartlett 
Jon Henri Boisseau 
David Keith Daley 
Michele Leah Deitsch 
§ Laura Annette Dye 
Douglas Duane Edsall 
Peter Bernard Koerner 
Charles William Leasure 
Raymond Michael Meyer 
Jamie John Patrick Newell 
Anthony Don Radmer 
Wayne William Rose 
Wilhelmina Alida van de Poll 

Natural Resources 

Jennifer Louise Haines 

Whitney Elizabeth Boone Hart 

Mildred Ann Hayman 

Julia C. Murray 

Robert Theodore Phillips. Jr. 

Kristina Marie Ratcliffe 

Laura Marie Stevens 

Karen Lee Wick 

Ross Anthony Williams 

Turf and Urban 

Guy Cameron Ward 

§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

School of Architecture 
Bachelor of Science 

Lawrence Nathan Alsip III 
Mark Allen Anderson 
Orlando Anzola Pineda 

* Michael Kwok-Kwong Au 

* Leslie Sue Bixler 
Louis Brian Blum, Jr. 
Joseph A. Boquiren 
David Brent Cataldi 
Catherine Purple Cherry 
Andrew Keaty Dan 
Mark Edward Dannettel 
Teena Mae Detwiler 
Silvia Maria diPaolo 
Glenn Alan Donohue 
Paul Gregory Fedack 
James Nicholas Gerrety 
Peter Briggs Hoffmann 
James Michael Holland 
Robert Charles Hruby 
Elena Maria Maceyras 

Brian William Magness 
David Emerson Marks 
Ricardo Jose Matus 
William Keffer Millholland, Jr. 
Alan Monder 

Morgan Talmage Nealy III 
Dieu Huyen Nguyen 
Peter Alexander Pelsinski 
Kimberly Drew Perkins 
Marylynn Placet 
Theodore Peter Sottong 
Mark Wylie Sullivan 
Mustafa Sharif Tabba 
Hoa Ngoc Iran 
Sharon Elizabeth Wardle 
Michael Edward Wheedleton 

Urbiin Studies 

John W. Bauckman 

The floral "M" provides a colorful focal point for 
those who live and work on campus as well as for 
those who visit here. Located at the intersection of 
Campus and Regent Drives, the "M" was created 
in 1975. 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Michael Raymond Di Virgilio 
Christopher David Horak 
Jack Fredric Leiderman 
Teresa Ann Welsh 

Art History 

Christi Michele Barnes 
Mindy Paige Burakof 
Jennifer Megan Card 
Caroline Irene Cassells 
Robin Kay Granoff 
Lori Louise Green 
JoAnn Katzenstein 
t Laura Ellen Kellar 
Zoe Ann Pettas 
Susan Rielley 

Devorah Katherine Romanek 
Andrea F. Rubin 
Catherine Alexandra Sachs 
Jullie Ann Schlafman 
Amy Elizabeth Shipman 
Mary M. Shortino-Buck 

Art Studio 

Lisa Jeanette Allen 
* Donald William Blake, Jr. 
Claudia Borgiani 
Henry Addison de Forest Brown 
Richard Arthur Clement 
Shyami Catherine Aurelia 

Leah Danell Cooper 
Phyllis Eileen Gruber 
Laurie Sue Hardy 
Glen Owen Larimer 
Kathryn Mary Maloney 
Jeannette Pascale Murioz 

2nd Major. French 
Claudine Mathilde Odell 
Paul Scott Owens 
Dana Melissa Posey 
Rudy Ramos 
Beth Susan Rosen 
Alicia Marie Vance 


John William Dixon 
Monique Nadine Epps 
Stacey Leigh Heyman 
Pamela Melissa Marcin 
Michelle S. McDonald 
Pamela Christine Smith 

* Darryl Stephen Thomas 
Heather Anne Walker 
Wendy Lee Warfield 

East Asian Languages and 

Chris Takazato Bysura 
Christopher Campbell Collins 
Michael Peter Flaherty 
tMaribeth Gamier 
2nd Major: Art History 
Paige Somerville Hawkins 

* Frederick William Marrazzo 
Sean Patrick McCann 

* Douglas Allen Moore 
Karin Serejski 

Robert Geoffrey Stevens 
David Michael Woodson 

English Language and 

Deborah Ackerman 

* Julia Mildred Anderson 
Margaret Mary Arness 
John Cameron Barkley 
Arianne Jill Barrett 
Christine Elizabeth Bashan 
Anne Talbert Beall 
Steven Gerard Bellin 
Brenda Jean Benson 
Michael David Berger 
Courtney Reig Billet 
Dannielle Jean Bishop 
Jonathan Rueben Bloom 
Dian Renee Briggs 
Phoebe Ann Brown 
Michael Charies Buckley 
Alice Louise Burton 
Yolanda Corina Butler 
Susan Eileen Caffery 
Janet Irene Callies 
Kathleen Marie Casey 
Carolyn Maria Castore 

* Ines Patricia Castro 
Jennifer Eve Chandler 
Marcia Beth Chatis 


Eun Kyung Cho 

* Karen Elizabeth Choate 
John Edward Coffren 
Dana Elise Cohen 

* Rochelle A. Cohen 
Sherwin Anthony Collette 
Patrick James Corrigan 
Stephen Michael Cranford 
Charles Casey Daley 
Joseph Edward Dever 
Lori Sylvia Dinkins 
Richard Cooper Dirks 
Elizabeth Maura Doherty 
Lx)ri Annette Dominick 
Ilene Michelle Dubin 
Bonnie Beth Duncan 
TamarY. Dworkin 
Patrice Demetra Edwards 
Rebecca Sue Erskine 
Sean Joseph Evans 

Jono Feldman 

Helen Elizabeth Forbes 

* Cheryl Beth Fridkin 
Marissa Lee Friedman 
Maureen Emer Gatens 
Sally Marie Gimon 
Jeffrey Brian Greer 
Craig Wayne Gunsauley 
Kelly Elizabeth Haines 
Kathryn Elizabeth Harvey 
William Barrett Haynos 
Christopher Mark Holcomb 
Joseph Fairfield Holdridge 111 
Elizabeth Evans Howard 
Sandra Jacobs Ivey 
Elizabeth Downing Janney 
Wendy Anita Jenkins 

Tracy Ann Johnson 
Stephanie Jill Kalfon 
Kenton Thomas Kilgore 
Soon Kee Kim 
Lx)ri Jean Klein 

* Judy Ilene Kreitman 
Katherine A. Kugler 
David Benjamin Kushner 
Kurt Frederick Kuss 
Adam Lawrence Larkey 
Stephen Emil Lejnar 
Stewart Allen Lewack 
Bonnie Susan Liberman 
Peter Stuart Locke 
Michael Steven Lonoff 
Casandra Bolliver Luce 

Neil Alan Manson 
Lisa Anne Marcinko 
Michael Adam Mathes 
Kelly Jeanne McCarthy 
2nd Major: Government and 
Sherrilyn Montrese McCoy 
RoseMary Ann McEwen 
Michael Martin Mills 
Rayni Moutsos 
Catherine Mary O'Gallagher 
Edwin Curtis Oliver 
Ingrid Maria Orentas 
Nie Hou Wen Pang 
Jean Wright Papastamou 
Lisa D. Peoples 
Jill Elizabeth Perry 
Jenifer Brooks Pettit 
Jennifer Lee Petzen 
Amy Ann Pickens 
Ann Marie Plattner 
John R. Poff 
William Thomas Powell 
Jonathan M. Prince 
Jaymie Michelle Reeber 
Erin Maureen Reilly 
Daleen Joan Resnick 

* Seth Edward Riebman 
David Lawrence Ritzer 
Kathleen Pamela Rocke 
Nancy Karen Ryan 
Raymond Anthony Ryan 
Carol Ann Sanders 
Linda Savaryn 

Dan Oren Schechter 
Stacy Ellen Schwarz 
Kristine Marie Sciano 
Jerri Lynne Seltzer 
Beth Ann Sharbaugh 
William Tyler Shook 
Jennifer Beth Silverstein 
In K. Sim 
Debra Solod 

* Henrietta Mildred Spiegel 
Nina Elise Spiezio 

* Jill Strass 

* Yong Sun Suh 
Amy Celine Surette 

* Kyna Janine P. Taylor 
Elizabeth Anne TerHorst 
Ana Isabel Torres 
Joseph Scott Tyeryar 

t Diane C. Vance 

Stacey Nie Wages 
Sheila Gabrielle Waldron 
David Jerome Walker 
Arleen Leilani Watson 
Tashia Veronica Young 

French Language 
and Literature 

Laura Alice Bodtke 
Karen Sylvia Fitchett 
Lisa Lyn Fox 
§ Julia Lenore Sameth 
Melissa Meredith Saurman 
Tracy Ann Steptoe 

Germanic Languages and 

Nelson Bennett IV 
Maureen Louise Heam 
Elke Marjorie Hunter 
Nicholas Alexander Miller 
Rita Johanna Schoemburg 
Lissa Marie Talbot 
Nino Anton Vidic 


Andrew Armand Abel 
Jun Ahn 

Robert Victor Alberti 
Gregoo' Thomas Anderson 
Thomas Charies Barry 
Derrick Stacey Best 
John Hancock Clagett IV 
Kelly Shalleen Cleary 
Maria Cristina Cote 
John Lee Daria 

* Brenda Lee Dunton 
James Harvey Edison 

* Evan Andrew Feinberg 
Michael Peter Flaherty 
Brent Allen Flynn 
Nicholas Alexander Francis 
Glenda Watts Friend 
Timothy Michael Gasser 

* Aaron Ameen Ghais 
Volodimir Hajdar 
Patrick Michael Hannon 
Gao' Roy Harmon 

* Patrick Lee Hickerson 
Dirk Traver Kitchin 
Paul Frederick Krause 
Michael Lerman 
Courtney Anne Levin 

Colleen Brigid McDonough 
John Patrick McKenna. Jr. 
Robert James Monahan 
Sharon Frances Moore 
Robin Ilene Mordfin 
Br>'an Thomas Noble 
John Joseph O'Hara 
Frances Katherine Parr 
Michael Wynn Radomsky 
John Robertson Rutledge III 
Margaret Ryner 
Laura Edwards Sauer 
Christina Marie Schuster 
Jill Michelle Slansky 
Daniel Gene Sobolewski 

* Glenn Philip Stohlman 

§ Angela Nell Sugg 
Colleen Gay Sundstrom 
Patricia-Jo Brennan Toker 
Richard Michael Wallach 
Paul Madison Wester, Jr. 
Joel C. Wolf 


tLynn Marie Chemy 
§ Jennifer Yuriko Nunes 

David Lawrence Preston 

Steven K. Sharp 


Liberal Arts Program 

Kevin Edward Cleaver 
Kyle Alexander Coughlin 
Man'a Cecilia Esquivel 
John Wendell Farmer 
Helen Catherine Gallagher 
Cynthia Stewart Harrington 
David Joel Hollender 
Laurinda Ann Jacso 
Ellen Scott Johnson 
Shannon Marie Miller 
Amy Outerbridge 
§ Paula Claire Plutschak 
Jin-Lan Ruey 
Milton P. Zapolski 


Donna Lynn Albright 
J. Cromer Baldwin 
Mandy Pauline Bendersky 
Robert Tyler Bogley 
Michael William Burroughs 
Jennifer Lynn Cranford 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Bruce Kirshner 

Neil Alan Manson 
Elizabeth Kathleen Morris 
Brian Thomas Touchton 
§ Nicole Veilleux 

Radio, Television, and Film 

Steven Timothy Abbott 

Triti Ahouraei 

Seema Arora 

Jerome Lynn Artis 

Stuart Elliot Ash 

Joyce Alison Bailey 

Donna Selma Baird 

Yvette Denise Barber 

Anna Maria Barbery 

Jennifer Baron 

Brian Arthur ferrett 

Mary Carol Bell 
* Pamela Lynn Berry 

Kevin Carl Bowen 

Amy Lynn Brett 

Kevin Shau'n Broadwater 

Leigh Dara Brodsky 

Kurt Nelson Brooks 

Crissy H. Brovi-nstein 

Paul Thomas Campbell 

Pamela D. Cannady 

Carlos Helmut Castro 

Gary Edward Cnare 
*Troy Maxwell Collins 

David Arthur Cox-Depelheuer 

Anya Kristine Crane 

Malynda Mae Crea 

Joseph Di Marco 

Hugh Edgar Eckermann 

Regina Marie Esposito 

Gregory Ivan Fabic 

Thomas Martin Fennelly 

Michael E. Finkler 

Karen Denise Fogel 

Ilene Andrea Friedman 

Tyrone Erie Gant 

Denise Lynn Garfinkel 

Mark Vincent Garrah 

Michael Peter Garvey 

Jack Jet Hon Gee 

William Joseph Goldstein 

Amy Suzanne Grober 

David Henry Hammer 
* Patrick Lee Hickerson 

Dari Shannon Hood 

Jodi Lynn Hough 

EIke Marjorie Hunter 
Tyrone John Hunter 
Peter Hypolite 
Ivy Lynne Jacobs 
Steven Drew Johnson 
Gina Maria Jones 
Robyn A. Jones 
Bonnie Kling 
David Krell 
David R. Krupin 
Richard Wayne Leagan 
James Letter 
Ruth Coker Legnini 
Lauren Joy Levitus 
t Deborah Lynn Lewis 
LaFreda Beatrice MaChelle Little 
Daria Lovejoy 
R. Curt Lukowski 
Robin Cindy Mackoff 
Cheryl Ann Maleson 

* Jennifer Anne Manasseri 
Alyson Marshall 

* Susan Elizabeth Marucci 
Peter Andrew Mar\'its 
Jodie Ellen Matthews 
Kimberiy Denise Mayfield 
Sarah Elizabeth McHugh 
DrewZ. Miller 

Lauri Diane Miller 
Robert John Mills 
Michelle Joy Mininberg 
Traci Leigh Moody 
Russell Todd Moskowitz 
Brendan John Murray 
Allyson Moore Norwood 
Beth Anne O'Connor 
Megan Staley Pallone 
J. Todd Paul 
Mark John Pejokovich 
Donna Beth Periman 
James Harry Perrus 
John William Philpot 
Alfredo Piedra 
John Francis Reardon 
Samuel Kallet Rensin 
Brian Edward Rich 
Susan A. Robb 
Paul Lewis Rosenfeld 
Scott Mitchell Roth 
Michele Ilene Rudick 
Brian David Rudolph 
Lisa Frances Sachs 
Kerrie Ellen Sapp 

Mark E. Schwahn 
Candace Debra Schweitzer 
Bryan Frederick Schwenker 
Gerard Seabrooks 
Mark Martin Selva 
Ramzi Y. Sifri 
Felice Efeth Silberman 
Lauren Beth Skolsky 
Lisa Ruth Solomon 
* Jacqueline Sue Sorrells 
Thomas James Swales IV 
John Meneses Tan 

2nd Major: Economics 
Jodi Hope Turk 
Susan Gail Wander 
Michael Brad Weiner 
Kathleen Welsh 
David Scott Werner 
Kenneth Alan Wetzel 
David John Win 
Michael A. Witmondt 
Rebecca Jean Word 
Anna Chia-Mei Wu 
Laurie Marcia Zacharia 
Amy Beth Zimmerman 

Romance Languages 

Tracey Colleen Andrews 
Edward Andree Rivera 
Dieynaba Sail 

Russian Area Studies 

Phillip J Custead 
Jacqueline De Robertis 
D. Kymberiy Jaremchuk 
Vincent Dennis Schaper 
Thomas Anthony Wollard 
David R. Woodard 

Russian Language and 

Shin-Hyung Hong 

Spanish Languages and 

Ernest Andy Blasher 
Maria Eulalia Fernandez 
Cheryl Debra Finkelstein 
Lisa Jo Finstrom 
Paul Trinca Lindekugel 
Anita Joanne Munroe 
Laura Harkcom Porter 
Leigh Monell Ramsey 
Peter Charies Velarde 

Speech Communication 

Audrey Kay Amey 
Shari Ann Aronoff 
Allison Joy Bangel 
Kevin Baren 
Rod Howard Barshook 
Susan Alicia Blum 
Eric R. Breslow 
Debra Lynn Caiman 
Ingrid Maria Casares 
Mariel Cibils 
Muriel Anne Cohen 
Julie A. Daigneault 
Megan Plummer Davies 
Mary Madeline Dionisio 
Elizabeth Ann Evey 
Abigail Sue Forman 
Lizabeth Joy Foster 
Amy Jill Friedlander 
Patricia Deon Gill 

* Andrea Beth Glass 

* Harriette Paige Golob 
Michael Louis Hoch 
Colleen Anne Jensen 
Amy Jo Kaufman 
Michelle Danielle Kost 

* Stacy Lynne Kurtz 
Jennifer Mary Laneve 
Todd Michael Leinson 
Sharon R. Lessans 

* Sonja Ann Levine 
Elisa Jane Mailman 
Susan Elizabeth McGreevy 
Deborah Joy Metzdorf 
Arthur E. Miller III 
Elizabeth Ann Miller 
Carolyn Therese Muller 
Pamela Gail Peartman 
Hanta V. Ralay 

t Steven Lawrence Richman 
Nina Rosenzweig 
Anthony Peter Sciano. Jr. 
Jill Lee Shapiro 
Julie Beth Shapiro 
Nancy Mae Stanko 
Darren DeCarios Tyrone Summers 
Alice Lorraine Swift 
Rene Diane Thibodeau 
Nancy Lee Turner 
Chinyere Chinyere Uzoukwu 
Jacqueline L, Williams 
Lisa Kaar Winer 



Douglas Scott Adams 
Dianna Frances Basso 
Amy Berlin 

Amie Rachel Bermowitz 
t Claire Elisa Cherry 
Kevin John Doyle 
Toyin Victoria Fadope 
Lisa Anne Johnston 
Tonya Rochelle Jordan 
Jason Eric Kravits 
Laura Jane Mann 
Laura Ann Miller 
Andrea May Mongeon 
Mary Jo Myers 
Ivonne Carolina Olguin 
Howard Newton Pippin 
Susan Renee Rudick 
James Lawrence Whalen 
Charles Gregory Williams 

Bachlelor of Music 

* Terry Estabrook Hodsdon 
Christopher David Lee 
John Rogel 

* John Franklin Wakefield 

Music Theory and 

Avonnie Ann-Marie Wiltshire 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Bryan Alan Arvo 
Neal Murray Ashby 
Elise Joy Becker 
Jill Paula Bimbaum 
Kevin Matthew Chrisman 
Edward Livingston Davis 
Jacquelin E. Devlin 
Violet Carlon Gaunce 
Terri Lynn Gentry 
Janine Lynn Glavach 
Melissa Ayn Gold 
Andrew Scott Harper 
Konstance Sohee Kim 
Lia Marika Kotkas 
Dianne Renee Lehm 
Christopher James Marlow 

Amy Peirce Matteson 
Martha Ann McGill 
Leslie Michele O'Bradovich 
Kihong William Owens 
Pamela Anne Parry 
Jennifer Dawn Raymond 
Ralph Robert Robinson, Jr. 
Cheryl Anne Sampson 
Elizabeth Marvell Sherman 
Eileen M. Sullivan 
Kenneth Jay Toro 
Trang Tran 
Eugene Vosough 
Margaret Ann Weickert 
Jeffrey John Wright 


Michaela Jane Bilstad 

Interior Design 

Roxanne Adibi 
Maria Christina Boeckl 
Linda Grace Bork 
Christine Michele Bowser 
Carolyn Marie Cooksey 
Daphne Camille Duvemay 
Charlotte Diane Eisen 
Susan Claire Giles 
Cynthia Lynn Crossmueller 
Sock Yon Kim 
Randa M. Kubeisy 
Bonnie Jean Leyh 
Theresa Marie Mayse 
Rosalba Neira 
Jeanne Ann O'Leary 
Patricia Bailey Roberge 
Gerard Romain, Jr. 
Tammv Lane Turner 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Donnell Raymond Jackson 
David Patrick Johnson 
Carol E. Macey 


Kari Mimi Anschutz 
Prakash M. Arokiaswamy 

* Julia Elizabeth Brown 
t William Robert Carter 

Daniel David Fredman 
Yvette Christine Hranicka 
Simon James Lewthwaite 
Diane Elizabeth Majia 
Michele Lynn Puryear 
Susan Elizabeth Riggs 
Manuel Anotnio Serrano 
Carrie Ann Trice 
Sally Lee Wood 

Criminal Justice 

Kenneth Louis Apple 
Bruce William Attridge 
John Arthur Audet 
Kenneth Darrell Baker 

* Geoffrey Carroll Barnes 
Scott Edward Bell 
Mark Alan Bleich 
Edward C. Britton 
John Neil Buettner, Jr. 
Annmarie Burke 
Charles Rudolph Burkhart 
Marc David Cantor 
Glenn Edward Case 

Lisa Magdalene Chestnut 
Scott Matthew Chodes 
James Joseph Coffee 
Rhonda Gayle Cohen 
Jeffrey Scott Colebrook 
Brian William Davis 
Lauren J. Davis 
Tina Maria Davis 
Darrell Christian Disque 
Darren Marshall Disque 
Andrew John Doerrman 
John Robert Dube 
Howard Feldman 

Jeanne Marie Femandini 
Victoria Dade Fowler 
Quintina Beth Georg 
Rachael Anne Goodman 
tCandace Sue Hanlein 
Paula Lynne Harvey 
Joseph Raymond Hoffman 
Edward Lee Howlette, Jr. 
Todd Sevier Hurt 
John Henry Johnson 
Jonathan Saul Karpa 
Michael Paul Kavka. Jr. 
Thomas Enard Keehn, Jr. 
Thomas Edward Kennedy 
Karen Kristine Kimmel 
Patricia Ann King 
Harry Steven Korotki 
Rebecca Anne Krumenacker 
Toptan Malik Lala 
Heather Jill Lammers 
Staci llayne Lavine 
John Jacob Lawson 
Jeffrey Paul Leary 
Donald Raymond Long 
Richard Andrew Lueders 
John Christopher Lutrario 
Tamye Jean Lyies 

* Jennifer Suzanne McNeal 
Stephen James Mirack 
Michael Alan Mull 
David Anthony Muscolino 
John Lawson Narvell IV 
Geoffrey Charies Nathan 
Daniel Carison Ogren 
Omoniyi Niyi Oyinsan 

* Kimberiy Ann Perry 
Lisa Michele Peterson 
Tevi Robin Reed 
Staci R. Ross 

Annica Kristina Sandberg 
Edward Costello Schreier 
Michael Brandon Seyfried 
Thomas Clemens Shapiro, Jr. 
Cassandra Linda Smalls 
Julie Spivak 

Gregory Wellington Staples 
Leslie Tilghman Steele 
Darrell Warren Tarte 
Robert Michael Tester 
John Christopher Timberiake 
Matthew Joseph Titi 
Deborah Ann Tucker 
Roger Blair Turner. Jr. 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

John August Utermohle 
Keith Houston Van Croft 
Christopher Paul Violanti 
Michelle S. Weitzenkorn 
Thomas John Wilson 
Brian David Wise 
Franklin Earl Wood 
David Scott Wooters 


Kathryn Loma Anderson 
James Thompson Baxter 
James Joseph Bell 

* Amy Beriin 

Mark Allan Claypoole 
tJo Ann Crider 

Gloria Jean Mills Davis 
§ Andrew Leighton Farabow 

Pamela Joy Feldman 

Lynda Lee Griffin 

Ellen Louise Haslup 

Awilda Hecht 

Joseph Wellington Hess, Jr. 
2nd Major: Government and 

Brendan F. Hickey 

Scott Michael Hinckley 

Edward John Huber 

Lisa Jenny Jainchill 

Helaine Jo Katz 
2nd Major: Psychology 

Jon Thomas Lynch 

Debbie A. Marsteller 

Ernest Richard Mayhew 111 

Verjeana Carol McCotter 

Krista Ann Mellinger 

Stacy Beth Meltzer 

Samantha Elizabeth Morris 

* Jodi L. Moyer 

Dawn Marie Radanovitz 
Tomas Lewis Rodea 
Maria Felipa Salcedo 
Hyden Shan-Tso Shen 
Kari S. Shofner 
Glenn Matthew Woolwine 
Robert Bernard Young III 


Patrick Malagar Abella 
Gary Adam Adier 

* Christopher Bruce Allanach 
James Cari Anstine 
Christopher Mark Arabia 

David Alan Armstrong 

Deitra LeShawn Artis 

Mark J. Asch 

David Ernest Bahler 

Joseph Robert Bailor 

Betty Lynn Banta 

Maria Christina de Medeiros 

Frank Harold Barker 

William Luke Bashore 

Brendan James Bassett 

Peter Graham Beall 

Sandy Benjamin Becher 

William Patrick Bejeck, Jr. 

Kevin Francis Bender 

Dennis Patrick Berg 

Bruce Adam Berger 

Sharon Lee Beriinsky 

Andrew S. Boyd 

Michael Andrew Broman 

William Robert Brown 
* Kimberiy Anne Burkhart 

Robert Dela Bums 

Chong Kuon Byun 

Catherine Ann Carfagno 

Duane William Carlisle 

Scott Arthur Carswell 

Enrique Antonio Castellanos 
§ Yoosoon Chang 

Ross Marshall Chinitz 

James Edwin Clark 

Kelley Michelle Clarke 

Joan Denise Cleghorn 

Patrick Neal Coia 

Mark Edward Considine 

Stephen John Cooper 

Jane Parks Creech 
2nd Major: French 

Stephen Raymond Curry 

Mark Andrew Czumak 

Ankur Parimal Dalai 

Robert James Dempsey. Jr. 
t Raj Kanwar Deol 

Richard Luther Frederick Diehl 

Reginald Gene Diggs 

Michael Douglas Donaldson 

Rosalynd Yvonne Doneghy 

Paul Bryant Dorsey 

Michael Dougherty 

Anne Marie Duff 

Theresa Maryann Dunn 

Robert Andrew Dyson 

Ismail Elmas 

Steven Neil Epstein 

Brent Livingston Famham 
2nd Major: Government and 

David Scott Fells 

Jose Carios Femandes 

Susan Frances Fialkowski 

Chon Arvette Ficklin 

Michael Joseph Friedrich 

Abhijit Ganguly 
tShiriey Naomi Kanani Garcia 

Rex Douglas Garcia-Hidalgo 

Maurice Delano Gariand 

Colin David Gillespie 

Ronald Bruce Gillman 
t Denise Michele Goode 

Steven George Green 
t Linda Ruth Gross 

Sonya Maike Gross 

Anthony Joseph Haberman 
• Melanie Ann Hardy 

Keith Gregory Harris 

Kristyn Anne Heflin 
t James Bradley Heil 

Kenneth Russell Hendershot 

Maury Manuel Hodak 

Louis Arland Holcomb. Jr. 

Julia Ann Jackson 

Adriane C. Jemmott 

Fabian Andre Jimenez 

Linda H. Johannes 

Ernest William Kassoff 

Gene Patrick Kerrigan, Jr. 

In Soo Kim 

Jeffrey Scott Kline 

Dubravka Kulisic 

Krishna Kundu 

Enrique E. La Motta 

Ralph Todd Lake 

Kelly Michael Lama 

Kyle Carson Landefeld 

Nancy I-Ping Lao 

Robert Clark Lapham 

Bruce Lee 

Joseph Maxwell Lodmell 

Richard Edward Mack II 

Coralette Denice Marshall 

James Edward Marshall II 

David Curtis Martin 

Mariow Bouvia Martin 
tJoan Meixner 

Alby Meltz 

Kirk Cree Miller 

* Lisa Hilary Milofsky 
Jocelyn Lynette Moore 
Judith Ann Munsey 
Damien Joseph Murphy 
John Milledge Nail IV 
Wayne Eric Nelson 
Jean Jacques Nestor 
Bernarth Steven Newman 
Gregory Joseph O'Neil 
Patrick Joseph O'Neill 
Carolyn Patrice Opher 

2nd Major: Afro-American 

Mario Enrique Ortega 
Charles Grant Palmer 
James S. Park 
Joseph Benson Perrie 
Marc Andrew Polansky 
2nd Major: Government and 

Carolyn Cathleen Pool 
Edward Cornell Powers 
Vivlynn Olivia Pray 
Michael Rau 

Podge McCauley Reed III 
Thomas Daniel Reese 
Fedele Fiore Regan 
Donald Joseph Rice 
Michael Scott Richardson 
Sandra Kaye Robinson 
Jose Luis Rodriguez 
Maro A. Rogers 
Paul Romeo 

Federico Eugene Romero 
Roseanne Angela Sambuco 
Aneer Hameer Samuel 
Clifford M. Saunders 
Leslie Anne Schelz 
J. Michael Schlatter 
Demetrio Maurizio Scopelliti 
Juan Andres Serrano 
Stephen Ladislas Sheridan 
David Andrew Sims 

* Lekha Sivarajan 
Daniel William Smith 
Miles Jeffrey Spicer 
Vasiliki Irene Stathes 
Michael John Stefanowicz 
Susan Sharon Stegner 
Dale Russell Stevens 
James Christian Streight 
William Sanford Stryker 
Shobha Devsena Subramanian 



:iz;^i ^:^st^r^^jr:pri:r 3rL' i^ 

Decorative wrought iron sets off to 
good advantage a west window of 
Ritchie Coliseum. 

Terrence Andrew Taylor 

Susan Marie layman 

Eric John Tegler 

Jan Dana Tegler 

Peter P. Teigeiro 

Elizabeth Tesoriero 

George Edward Thorogood 

Shuan Sedoney Tomlinson 

Kenneth Downey Tourison 

Steven James Voyta 

Adam B. Wagner 

Christophe Warren Walkowski 
t Margaret Vannevar Weant 
•John Marshall Webb 

Bret Alan Weiner 

Thomas Edward Weiss 

Dao'l Steven Weiszer 

* Sean Patrick Whelan 
Brett Robert Wilson 
Deena Patricia Wilson 

t Colin Williams Winterbottom 
Sung W. You 

* Eric William Kenneth Young 
John William Young 

Stanley Anthony Zacharczyk, Jr. 

Government and Politics 

Leslie Elizabeth Dunbar Abbott 

Debra A. Agostini 

Neal Edward Applefeld 

Mario Frank S. Arace 

Aurangzeb Ashraf 

Elene Christina Athineos 

Ahmed Shawky Aziz 

John Patrick Baker 
t Paul William Baker 

Cheryl-Ann Carlene Barrington 

Gregory Paul Beaudoin 

Robin Sheryl Belsky 

Carey Scott Bernstein 
t Robert Benjamin Bernstein 

Joshua Charles Blumenfeld 

William Nathaniel Booth III 

Matthew Richard Bosa 

Angela Jocelyn Brinkley 

Alan Marc Briskin 

J. Ronald Brooke. Jr. 

Elizabeth Brown 

Randolph Revington Brown 

Shari Lafray Brown 

* Martha Ellen Brune 
Domenic Antonio Calabro. Jr. 

* Robert Arlington Calderhead 
John William Callery 

Stephen Paul Candelmo 
Kathleen Canity Cantwell 
Deborah Anne Carey 
Annmarie Angela Can- 
Kathleen Anne Caruso 
R. Coleen Collier 

* Maryjoyce Conley 
Laurie Diane Cooper 
Connie Robin Copperman 

* Donald Francis Cox 
Robert Michael Daly 
Dereck Eugene Davis 
Angela Christine Day 
Luis Miguel De Jesus 
Warren Bird Duckett III 
Pamela Todd Duvall 
Rajiv Dwivedi 

Lillian Deloris Edwards 
Paul Keith Edwards 
Avery Mark Ellis 
Lauree Jane Elovich 

* Carl Johannes Erhardt 
tAlisa Michelle Everts 

Raymond Walter Fanning 
Tanya Michaela Felder 
Wendy Susan Fishman 
Steven Thomas Fleming 
Nancy E. Fuertes 
Michele Nicole Gagnon 
Thomas Daniel Gajewski 
H. Richard Gallagher 
Matthew Christian George 
Troy Donald Gill, Jr. 
Steven Lawrence Goldberg 
David Michael Goldstein 
Kenneth Scott Goldstein 
Alejandro Guillermo Gomez 
Ellen Marie Goolsby 
Frankland Matthew Gorham 
Makelita Suiaunoa Gray 
John Greeley 
Shannon Jean Griggs 
Janet Won Soun Han 
Michael John Haney 
Edward Aloysius Manner 
William Maphis Hansell 111 
Donald Lee Harris 
Dennis Brian Hawkins 
Elizabeth V. Heath 

* Ruth Ellen Heikkinen 
James Michael Heri 
David Todd Herman 

Aaron Peter Michael Hewings 
Richard Francis Hinton 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 


Rachel Victoria Hoenes 
tClelia Patrizio Hoffman 
John Francis Homyak 
Stephanie Lou Homyak 
Randee Elena Horowitz 
Gwendolyn J. Jackson 
Inger Margit Jansen 
Clark Dressel Johnson 
Matthew Aaron Johnson 
Jennifer Jones Joulwan 
Daniel Alan Kaplan 
Alexander Karas 
Lisa Ann Katz 
Patricia Ann Keahna 
KimberlyAnn Kearney 
June Margaret Keating 
Joseph Lee Kefauver 
Christine Lynn Kelly 
Abdul Karim Khanu 
Jeanne McManus King 
Sa'ad Ahmed Kirmani 
James John Knox 
Jonathan S. Kohn 
Charles John Leamy 
Steven Z. Legon 
Anthony Fitzgerald Lewis 
Lawrence Douglas Lieberman 
John B. Lin 
Oliver A. Linde 
Patricia Harper Linton 
James Robert Lloyd 

* Kathleen Ann Lockhart 
John Alan Loreg 
Robert James Lott 
Elaine Cunningham Lyie 
Sean Edward Winters Lynch 
John James Mangelli 

Elie W. Mansour 
Jeffrey Scott Marcalus 
John Robert Marshall 
Catherine Jeanne Martin 
Ryan Patrick McGraw 
Luanne Patrice McKenna 
John Patrick McLane 
Sean Francis McMullen 
Miriam Labrador Melara 
Thomas Alan Merkle 
Sharon Joy Miller 
Darryl Adrian Mills 
Troy Raymond Mills 
Jennifer Ann Mitchell 
tNihar Ranjan Mohanty 
2nd Major: Economics 

* Michael Mondshine 

Thomas Joseph Mullaney 
Todd Allen Mulvaney 
Christopher James Murray 

tSaira Naim 
Robert Anthony Nardone, Jr. 
Lauren Michele Nemeth 
Scott Thomas Nixon 
Carl Alfred Nordberg III 
Wafaa Albert Louis Nosseir 
Kevin Patrick O'Brien 
Joan Angela O'Reilly 
Melissa Roni Oken 
Jonathan Stefan Onley 
Walter H. Ott, Jr. 
Candido R. Palting III 

§Tonia L. Pankopf 
Alan Lawrence Patterson 
Linda Joann Piccirilli 
Mark Alan Polischeck 
Marc Jeffrey Postal 
Erika Lea Potapovs 
Bettina Louise Potash 
Ivan I. Rahman 
Ransom Laird Ratcliff 
Sean Michael Reilly 
Jennifer Anne Rettig 
Jonathan David Rifkind 
Patrick Allen Roberts 
Pamela Joan Robertson 
Matthew Carl Roeser 
Steven Vincent Roque 
Edward Joseph Rothenberg 
L. Maurice Rowe 
Vivek Ramanlal Ruia 
Edie Sue Sagenkahn 
Julie Sheryl Salz 
Anthony Joseph Santangelo 
Timothy Howard Savage 
Jay Michael Scheiner 
Lisa Ann Schnekenburger 
Louis John Schwartz 
Jennings R. Selthoffer 

tAdam Michael Shapiro 
John Douglas Shin 
Sharyn Amy Silverberg 

t Daniel Paul Skowronek 
Robert Walter Slezak 
Cassandra Lee Smith 
Carolyn Ann Sommer 
Amanda Diane Stakem 
Antony Stoikovski 
Michael Edward Straughan 
Mary Beth Suit 
John Francis Sullivan 

Aron E. Taube 
Helen D. Teitelbaum 
Alysia Lorraine Thaxton 

* Robert Swan Thomas 
Lori Patricia Tyrrell 
Guillermo Del Carmen Uriarte 
Steven Curtis Vickers 

Ana Liza Walker 

* John Marshall Webb 
John Bernard Wetzel 
Timothy James Wharton 
Michael Anthony Whelan 
Renee Theresa Wilson 
Lisa Ann Wohl 

Kelly M. Wolf 
William Jeffrey Wood 

* Gloria Ann Worch 
Marc Allen 'Voung 
Ruben Eduardo Yui 
Brian Marc ZIotnick 
Douglas Frank Zmorzenski 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Francine M. Alberts 
Theresa Lynne Conlon 
KimberlyAnn Dilberger 
Bernadette M. Gallagher 

* Louise Anne Gunter 
§Carin Marie Howerton 

Laurentine Anne Mulhem 
Linda Marie Pejokovich 
Tina Marie Pellerite 
Debra Lynn Peterson 
Melinda Lee Smithson 
Karen Leslie Solomon 

* KimberiyAnn Sullivan 
Rochelle Beth Wasserman 
Karen Elaine Wells 
Sheryl Joy Wolf 
Stephanie Jo Zolet 

Law Enforcement 

t James Patrick Ledwell 
Kenneth Robert Mangold 


Andrea Lynn Archetto 
Rebecca Jane Arena 
Donna Marie Armiger 
Joel Ephraim Axler 
Karen Stacey Bank 
Teresa Renee Barnes 
Lisa Lorraine Baux 
Nancy Beth Beecher 

Katarzyna Barbara Beer 

* Seth Bhakti Bernstein 
t Donald Robert Bliss 

Sherry Lynn Brooke 

Anna Christina Brown 

Paul Francis Buchanan-Wolleston 

Kimbedy Jeanne Burghardt 

Ilene Leslie Caplan 

Margaret Haviland Carman 

Peter Francis Cevenini 

Cheryl Jacqueline Coates 

Malia E. Cooper 

* Laura Jane Coplin 
Djuna Simone Craig 

* IBarbara L. Cromwell 
John Mark Dalto 
Jeffrey Robert Denman 
Aileen DesLandes 

t Kathleen DiMambro 
+ Roberta Anne Diemer 

Lorraine Maria Domotor 

Elizabeth A. Edwards 

William Geoffrey Egein 

Sharon Laura Eisen 

Laura Sue Essig 

Rena Fran Essrog 

Betsy Ann Fader 

Tammy Kim Feelemyer 
t Cara Lynn Forrest 

Liska Erika Friedman 

Susan Elizabeth Geipe 

Sherry Lynn Brooke Garten 

Fredric Evan Glassman 

Julie Anne Gleason 

Samantha Ann Modell Godshalk 

Timothy Lawrence Goldsmith 

Kelly Anne Grady 
tJayne Munkacsi Grandes 

Monette Adrienne Greene 

Eileen Marie Griffith 

Tammy Lynn Gurman 

Emily R. Gustafson 

David Richard Huber 

Mary Katherine Johnson 

Stacy Lynn Kaback 

Theodore Thomas Kadala 

Michelle Stacey Kaplan 

Andrew Douglas Kass 

Nada Anna Khodl 

Bryan I. Kline 

Pamela Jill Krinick 

Janet Louise Lawson 

* Amy Simoneau LeVoci 
Sherry Ann Lerner 


This crest adorns the west pediment of Ritchie Coliseum. Completed in 1932, 
the building is named for former Governor Albert C. Ritchie. 

tStacey llene Levin 

Lauren Beth Liebowitz 

Kenneth Steven Lipsman 

Jill Mankowitz 

Paul Rene Masse 

Luis Alberto Matus 

M. Sheila McBean 

Michelle Traunna McPhatter 

Kelly Elizabeth Merrick 

Jodi Rae Najman 

Starlee Kim Neafie 

Michael Evan Newman 

Creighton Edward Northrop III 

Jill Arleen Owens 

Linda Ellen Paine 

Lawrence Edward Parks 

Vanessa Alexandra Thi Pham 

Evelyn Sinclair Phillips 
t Warren Herschel Phillips 111 

Evanthia Arian Pidone 

Jean Richard Pierre-Louis 

Gary Michael Pilarchik 

Lori A. Plazinski 

Mary E. Puro 

Sheryl Ann Raskin 

Peter Richard Reilly 

Pamela Ann Remeikis 
* Stacey Lynn Ridenour 
t Jennifer Anne Ridgely 

Kathleen Marie Roddy 

Debra Cheo'l Rose 

Melissa Karen Rubenstein 

Judith N. Sadick 
Dawn Salese 
§ Julia Lenore Sameth 
Laurie Yann Schneider 
Lacey Bryn Schunick 
Deborah S. Schwartz 
Charies E. Sellner 

Susan Helen Sevrin 

* Ellen Gail Shapiro 
Paula Beth Singer 
Cynthia Jill Sloane 
Christine Doris Smith 
Jeffrey Spiegler 
Keith Johnson Statom 

t Barbara Jean Stein 
Stacey Daniels Stokes 
Karin Patricia Stover 
Angela Marie Taft 
Rosalind Renee Taylor 
Suzanne Taylor 
Valerie Kim Thigpen 
Tammy Robin Turkisher 

* Karen B. Tymann 
Robert Michael Ugiansky 
Constance Ruth Urweider 
Wendy Elizabeth Vierra 

* Wendy Lee Warfield 
Charies Scott Warner 
Lisa Ellen Weisstuch 
Christopher Dwayne Wetzel 
Elizabeth B, Wexler 
Anthony Robert White 
Heidi Ingrid Wiggert 


Juliet K. Adams 
James William Allor 
Juanita Belinda Anderson 
Kevin Fitzgerald Beares 
Susan Marie Beck 
Susan Lynne Bronstein 
Stacy Catherine Cebula 
Elisa Joy Dyckman 
Heather F. Friedman 
Lynn Wendy Frischberg 
David Scott Gaskins 

Kenneth Andre Gladden 
Rebecca Goodman 
Michele Ann Grossman 
Mary Elizabeth Guevara 
Jennifer Halkos 
Deidre Lee Hawkins 
Krystal Joy Holland 
William Benjamin Jefferson 
Jolene Marie Jones 
Lateau Detiste Jones 

* Margaret Kathleen Kilby 
Alison Jayne Klein 
Leslie Paige Kruger 
Maureen Rhea Liss 
William Thomas Marcoux. Jr. 
Kelly Jayne Morris 

Lynda Denise Moseley 
Elizabeth Murray 
Shelby Myers 
Richard Charles Myrup 
Sheila Elizabeth Nelligan 
Lisa Ann Oliveri 

* Lisa Dawn Perry 
Vicki Yvette Pigford 
Cao'n Sue Pintzuk 
Elizabeth Susan Piatt 
Sharon Ann Rand 
Margaret Sue Shorten 
Stacy Smilen 

Helen Case Sumerwell 
Bradley Tariow 
Vivian Taube 
Zina Manette Thompson 
Susan Stable Vanko 
Leslie Pirie Warren 
Laura Kathleen Yager 

Urban Studies 

Shama Yasmin Akhtar 
Thomas Kenneth Baldwin 
Susan Marie Camardese 
Matthew Yale Cohen 
Timothy C. Connor 
Jack Copetti 
tJames Martin Cunradi 
Chester Tolbert Dickerson III 
Stephen Mark Dorsey 
Peter Rowland Durand 
Kelli Lynn Duvall 
Phillip Conrad Elliott 
Steven David Gatto 
Steven Craig Gold 
Timothy Charies Goodfellow 
Deray Anthony Hodge 
Kelly Ann Hymes 
Jared Teddlie Jordan 
Kevin Paul Kover 
Kenneth Marc Krulik 
Sheila Diane Langnehs 
Karl Anthony Lotane 
Scott Todd Loventhal 
Milagras Rivera McDonald 
Jeffrey Philip Munger 
Adam R. Nachlas 
William Edwin Olen 
Kevin Christopher Robertson 
Richard Alan Seidenfrau 
John Roy Sickler. Jr. 
Debra llene Silver 
Myron Sheldon Watson 
Katherine Ann Wellford 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Bachelor of Science 


Robert Alan Baughman 
Laura Virginia Brown 
Edward Lawrence Evans III 
Laura Murphy Gardner 
Mesfin Kidane Gebremichael 
Fili'pe K. Ho 
Kevin Gary Hosey 
Alan N. Livingston 
Matthew John Lynch 
John Patrick Roa 
Stuart William Simms 
Wendei Alan Smith 
David Francis Toronto 
Barbara Kay Williams 


Jeffrey Dwain Adams 
Martin Joseph Baumohl 

* Michelle L. Bensen 
Stacy Denise Blake 
Kathleen Mary Conlon 
Roseanne Cuccinello 

* Nsoc-Duyen Thi Dang 
Richard John Darnell 
Thomas Decker 

* Mary Ashley Eliot 

* Mary Elizabeth Faccioli 
Versa Euniece Ferguson 
Liska Erika Friedman 
Eleni Getachew 
Andrew Ian Goldstein 

* Rosario Frances Hwang 
§ Stephen Howard Levitt 

* Gary Mitchell Levine 
Holly Anne Liebl 
Jayne Leslie Marcazzolo 
Julia Kay Mathewes 
Lisa Marie McDonald 
Gary Joseph Mlinac 

* Teresa Ann Moran 
Javier Mouriz 
Donald Matthew Poole 
Eduardo Jose Ribas 
Carol Ann Ryan 

Amy Karen Schweitzer 
tJoann Lee Speer 
t David Christopher Summers 

* Kimberly Ann Taylor 
Stacie Lynn Thur 

§ Patricia Lynn Tomsko 
Nancy Katherine Voight 
Gwendolyn Marie Young 

College of Business and 

Bachelor of Science 


Timothy Allen Abercrombie 

Paul Andrew Amick 
§ Alison Margaret Appleyard 

Gregory Scott Atkinson 

Javed Akhtar Awan 

Judith Ann Barnard 

liana J. Batnitzky 

Nathan Douglas Benn 

Edward J. Berman 

Jonathan Jay Berusch 

Lisa Marie Berzonsky 

Daphne Lynn Blasingame 

Abba Jay Blum 

Gregory Walter Bokman 

Kimberiie L. Bortz 
t Denise Gardner Brown 

Timothy Chades Carneval 

Steven Mark Carta 

Paula Jean Chiaradio 

Cynthia Y. Chien 

* Dawn Elizabeth Connolly 
Diane Ellen Crowley 

t Karen Jean Gulp 
Sieng Lan Deng 
Robert Joseph Dragonette 
Mark William Duda 
Theresa Marie Engel 
Teresa Farace 
Timothy Joseph Fargo 
Mary Monica Fluck 
Joe Gunter Former 
Michael David Fraidin 
Jeffrey Alan Friedman 
Scott Chades Garrod 
Robert Harrison Gilfrich 
Diane V. Gill 
Jack Goldberg 
Rebecca JoAnne Gomez 
Andrew Goon 

* Shidey Anne Greller 

2nd Major. Transportation 
Anthony John Vincent Griffin 
Patti Ann Grohs 
Erick Anthony Halpin 

* Todd Steven Hankin 
Rita Gwynette Hebb 
Karen Rose High 

* Christopher Howe 

t Jennifer Ann Hussey 

Hoan Boi Huynh 

Paul Dieter Jackson 

Jane Ann Jeffries 

Walter Wong Jew 

Mary Christine Jowers 

Stephen Joel Kahn 

Merrill Jody Kallish 

Andrew Scott Kasmer 

Bruce Franklin Katz 

Kenneth Richard Keefe 
2nd Major: Finance 

James Edward Kerich 

Anil J. Khatri 
§ Chung Kim 

Daniel Sun Kuk Kim 

Gary Alexander Klig 

Andrew Joseph Komiske 

Mark Krajovic 

* Karen Sue Kyle 
Evan Harrison Lasher 
Paige Pei-Jing Lee 
Mark E. Lewandowski 
David Chades Lewis 
Patrick Shaun Li 
Douglas John Link 
Lorianna Christine London 
Craig Steven MacGibbon 
Dorothy Jean MacKenzie 
Jennifer Wilson Mapes 

* Gregory Martin McCoskey 
Michael Martin McGuire, Jr. 
Jim Austin McMahon 

tJoan Meixner 
John Kevin Messenger 
Tricia Sue Miller 
Eric Brian Mindich 
Patrick Webster Moore 

* Lisa Kay Moorehead 
David Kenneth Moyer 
Timothy John Murphy 
Nagaratnam Nandakumar 

Michelle Vivienne Newman 
Susan Jane Niewenhous 
Noeui Park 
Edwin Lanen Paul 
Albert Anh Pham 
Catherine Anne Plantinga 
Lynn Astrid Potter 
Lawrence Michael Pullen 
Niloufar Razeghi 
Hae Jung Rhee 

William Foster Riddle 
Sharon Paige Robbins 
Karen Samantha Rochester 

* Andrea Lynn Rockwell 
Gregory Brent Rodeheaver 
John Christopher Rodgers 
Edward William Rose 

§ Carl Stephen Rosen 
Kathryn Wagner Rowland 
Aaron Bruce Ruderman 
Denis Michael Russell 
Sheila Adams Sadarangani 
Michael Anthony Seduco 
Kelley Nichelle Shannon 
Bonnie Louise Shub 
Lewis Maurice Silber 
Erin Deborah Singshinsuk 
Barry Steven Snyder 
Craig L. Solomon 
Audrey Vivian Spendley 
Toni Michelle Stadeker 
Ricardo V. Talento, Jr. 
Shiva Akhavan Toyserkani 
Mihir Sanatkumar Trivedi 
Richard Howard VanGorder 

t Edward Franz Vermeer 
Gregg A. Vilschick 
Karen Robin Waldman 
Linda Ann Walsh 

* Daniel Francis Waters 

* Sean Patrick Whelan 

2nd Major: Finance 

* Lily Lai-Yee Wong 
William Man Kit Wong 


Suhaib Jamal Albarzinji 
April Lynne Allen 
James Lovelace Allen, Jr. 
John Thomas Allen 
George Phillip Armstrong 
Frank Anthony Aversa 
John Harold Axley III 
2nd Major: Economics 
t Darren Hugh Baker 
Jeffrey Joseph Bateman 
Jeffrey Matthew Baum 
Daniel Ray Bendt 
Michael Vincent Bork 
Maryann Bowers 
Alissa Penny Brandt 
Chades William Bross 
Michael J. Brown 
Thomas M. Buckley 


* Mona Calistrat 

2nct Major: Economics 
Julia Ann Catuara 
Michelle Pruett Cheneler 
Me Tin Cheung 
t Susan Ann Chirichillo 
William John Chisarick 
Tonia Patricia Clinkscale 
Blaine Holier Coblentz 
Maria Clock Coleman 

* Huston Keith Collison 
Allison Leigh Conners 
David Hugh Jude Conroy 
Ginger Lee Cooper 
Jacquelyn Ellen Daniels 

* Christine Marie De Riso 
Christine Renee De Alley 
Joseph Edward Dever 
Michael Francis DiNenna 
Glen Charles Dryden 
Regina Elizabeth Dwyer 
Danielle Ann Ecker 
James Foster Eckerdt 
Catherine Keeley Ellett 

* Peter Williams Englert 
Gregory Douglas Fairclough 
Jennifer Ann Falter 

2nd Major: Marketing 

Pamela Danielle Feldgus 
Patrick Edward Ferguson 

* Robert James Ferketic, Jr. 
Kay Marie Eraser 

t Eileen Stephanie Friedman 
Fanny Gandelman 

§ Andrea Sylvia Gansle 
Clifford Bernard Geiger 
Brian James Gillette 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Brett William Gold 

tMarlyn Kim Goldstein 
Ranil John Gooneralne 
Andrew Michael Greenstein 
Howard William Groh 
Blake Robert Gronich 
Lee Scott Grossman 
Nilam Kumari Gupta 

* Patricia Ann Hahn 
t Tracy Lynn Hale 

Joseph Clifford Hangarter 
Sieve George Hans 
Dawn Marie Haskins 
Scott Edward Heggs 

Antonio M. Hines 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Amy Beth Hirschberg 
Lawrence H. Hirsh 
Gloria Jane Holt 
Sharon Ann Horan 
Ting Huang 
§ James Edward Jarboe, Jr. 
James Wong Jew 
Matthew Alan Kalb 
Martin Edward Karmann 
Jeffrey David Kalz 
Scott Robert Kipnis 
Paul DeWitt Kohler 
Mary I. Kontorousis 
Frank Raymond Kosa 
Steven Thomas Kramer 
Michele Ann-Marie Kuester 
Derek Raymond Kuipers 
Deirdre DiPalma Leffmgwell 

2nd Major: Economics 
William Robert Lewis III 

Steven David List 
Jane Ellen Litzenberger 
Andrea Jill Mabel 
Karan Macker 
Eugene Irvin Maddred. Jr. 
Hariey John Mann 
Gerald Thomas Marren 
Edward Rodney Martin 
John H. Mattocks. Jr. 
Andreas Nickolaus Mayr 
Michael Francis McGann 
Robert George McKibben III 
Patricia Ellen McKnight 
Robert Alan Messenger 
' Patricia Ann Milinis 
Patricia Anne Miller 
Todd Winslow Miller 
Andrew Roger Newman 
Mehmaz Neyzari 
Lisa Marie Ohrin 
Young Mi Pak 
James Angelo Paolucci 
Stephen Jay Papermaster 
Lome Garth Paskin 
Mark David Paxton 
Jennifer Lynn Pollard 
Jeffrey Wade Potter 
James Donovan Powell 
Marlene Lynne Prinlz 

"*'*=-^ UMi. I- <■■ »». ■ 

i^jhu. •^'ifl^r ^-i^^lSj italic " *' '" ^ — '"^ 


Crowned with the 

numeral 10, the gateway 

next to the Rossborough 

Inn was a gift to the 

University from the 

Class of 1910. It was 

dedicated in 1941. 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Suzanne Joan Rafferty 
Jay Ashley Randolph 
Ian Scott Reddock 
Rick Russell Remeto 
Joshua Rosenstein 
Steven M. Rothenberg 
Lisa Yvonne Routzahn 
Scott Meredyth Rudolph 
Michael Wayne Runkles 
Paula Jean Ryan 

2nd Major. Economics 
Mahru Sabaii 
Robert Victor Santin 
David V. Sayian 

Laura Renee Foumier Schmucker 
Michael Joseph Schreder 
Mark Richard Schultz 
Laurence Samuel Sevrin 
Susan Helen Sevrin 
Janet Lisa Silva 

* Lekha Sivarajan 
Kevin Andrew Smith 
Jeffrey Alan Stoller 
Janette Marie Sullivan 
Laurie Darlene Sumberg 

* Brian Scott Taff 

2nd Major: Economics 
Allen Lynn Tayman 
tAli Tezolmez 
Eric Paul Tievy 
Gregory Alonzo Toison 
David John Trebilcock 
David Robert Troutner 
Robert Lee Ugiansky 
Anthony Joseph Verdecchia 111 
John Valdis Vipulis 
Ellen Georgiana Warren 
Eunice Casandra Harris 

Christine Alice Williams 
Steven I. Wolfe 
Lynne-Marie Wosczyna 
Karen Doreen Yep 
Kevin Brent Young 
Craig Brian Zaller 

General Business 

Tereri Abebe 
Anju Aggarwal 
Bradley Wayne Ahalt 
Gardner Munroe Bolster 
Paul Thomas Brizendine, Jr. 

Gregory Thomas Brown 
Maurette Brown 
Thomas Michael Bruner II 
Andrew Carl Buelken 
§ Charles Phillip Bundy III 
Andrew Douglas Cameron 
Stephen B. Clarke 
Nancy Janyce Conklin 
Matthew Edward Costello 
Jeffrey Lee Dashevsky 
Paul Christopher Day 
Edward Anthony Dunn 
Howard Jacob Eisenberg 
David Robert Elwell 
Kim Dolores Fedor 
John Morrison Garrett III 
Ingrid Bess Gelfan 
Teresa E. Gomez 
David Berkley Hayes 
Sue Anne Hockersmith 
Lady Angela Jenkins 
David Christopher Jordan 
Robert David Kantor 
Mindy Sue Kursban 
David Todd Laurence 
Melanie Lutz 

2nd Major. Marketing 
Tricia Hincken McCourt 
Catherine Lynn Mearman 
Aaron Scott Miller 
Drew J. Miller 
Samantha Lynn Miller 
Richard Adam Moskovitz 
Theodore Gregory Myers 
Lisa Michelle Needleman 
Kirk Von Offerman 
Lawrence David Opack 
John Rija Randrianarivelo 
Steven Thomas Ratino 
Susan Elliott Rohrbach 
David Lawrence Sachs 
Hector Samuel Sanchez 
Laura Lyn Stafford 
Michelle Dawn Stec 
Kelly Christine Steenrod 
Allan Mark Stern 
Barbara Ann Thiel 
Susan 0. Thornton 
Mark Edward Vige 
Christopher John Karol Wassel 
William Alan Webb 
Wendelyn Sanan Wible 
Kristina Lin Yick 

Management Science 
and Statistics 

Arthur Colin Bonds 
Diane C. Brown 
Mark Justin Chambers 
Yohannes Fikre Demissie 
Heba Farouk El Barouni 

§ Andrea Sylvia Gansle 

t Lindsey Carol Gleadall 
David Paul William lacona 

t Linda Ruth Gross 
Hakam Marwan Kanafani 
Rodney Stephen Lew 

t Thomas Pires Lourenco 
Philip Joseph Maddox 
2nd Major. Finance 
Thomas Eugene Makle 
Sean Edward McHale 
Maria Theresa Mickiewicz 
Clementine Moore 
Maria Denise Peck 

2nd Major: Finance 
Randall Joseph Scioli 
Jeffrey Allan Tober 
Roland Mark Travis 
Karin Ann Tucker 
Roland Lee Weeks, Jr. 

* Chun-Ling Wong 


Linda Colleen Abdi 
Pamela Ann Adelman Moss 
Mary Martha Alii 

* Pamela Sue Appel 
Renata Jeanne Baker 
Alphonse Joseph Balzano 
Steven Douglas Bank 
David Steven Bartolone 
Janeane Lynn Bast 
Pamela Dionne Bennett 
Thomas Bryce Berdan 
Beth Stefanik Berger 
Matthew Robert Bingham 
Wendy Ellen Blackwood 
Gwyneth Anne Blattau 
Gerard Michael Bockstie. Jr. 

2nd Major: Finance 
Marco G. Boer 
Andrew Bonds, Jr. 
Guy Glen Brami 
In Hyok Choi 
Victoria Justine Clark 
Michael John Coene 

Julie Sue Colton 
Mary Ellen Cook 
Julie Ann Cooke 
Steven Lee Cuppy 
Deborah Lynn Dawes 
James Jude DeWitt 
John Carmen Donato 
Jill Susan Dudley 
Audra Aline Dyson 
Todd Wilson Ellison 
Gregory John Englerth 
2nd Major: Finance 

* Carl Johannes Erhardt 
Stephen Gerard Eugene 
Tressa Monique Fair 
Michael Madison Fishman 
Joni Lynn Fitzgerald 
Lawrence Steven Ganslaw 
Christopher N. Garabedian 
Stacey M. Gibson 
Pamela Jean Glattes 

* Kent Adam Goeden 
David Martin Goldman 
Aaron John Goolkasian 

* Cheryl Francine Gordon 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Alon Gozhansky 

2nd Major: Finance 
Carlos Tomas Graveran 
Dean Preston Gray 
Albert James Guidry, Jr. 
tYaron Harari 
Lisa Ellen Hauser 
Michele Elizabeth Heary 
Michael Matthew Hill 
Brent Joseph Hofmann 
Robin Marie Honeycutt 
Timothy James Horan 
Daren Wayne Homig 
David Brian Horwitz 
Andrew Joseph Hyams 

* Jeffrey Peter Jamer 
Karen Lynn Johnbrier 
Donna Renee Jones 
Douglas Troy Kans 
KimberlyAnn Kantowski 
Lesley Patricia Keams 
Lisa Edwina Keams 
Gregg Edwin Kendall 
Susan Elizabeth Kirkey 
Kenneth Mark Kitay 
Stephen Wray Kozak 
Michael Jonathan Kravitz 


Michael Steven Krentcil 
Denise Marie LaVardera 
Paul Thomas Leskinen 
Hedi Michelle Mandel 
Meliiza Rojas Manuel 
Donald Patrick Maruca 
Frank James Masin 
Kristie Marie Mensing 
Mar>' Ellen Mess 
Maureen Ann Mudd 
Lee Warren Nadler 
Jamie Beth Nicholas 
Mark Stephen Nitzberg 
John Daniel Norton Jr 
Maureen A. OConnor 
Myung Ran Oh 
Andrea Beth Okon 
David C. Parks 
Michelle Ann Paulison 
Maria Theophania Pavlos 
2nd Major: General Business 
and Management 
Lisa Denise Pedersen 

2nd Major: Economics 
John Paul James Peterson 
Eric Michael Pfeifer 
• Sylvia Diana Prauhs 
Alana Hope Rabbach 
Ira Rainess 

Sharice Paige Raphael 
Ori Meir Reiss 
2nd Major: Economics 

Lana Dawn Rosen 

Lisa Ratner Rosenthal 

Andee Rothman 

Eric Jason Ruggiero 

Jane Heather Russin 

Dieynaba Sail 

Daniel Alan Schaeffer 

Amy Jill Scholnick 

Kristin Dianne Shipler 

Brian Frederick Spillman 
§ Laura Kathleen St. Claire-Tomeo 

Frances Ann Stark 

Todd Michael Stave 

Sarah Lynn Stein 

Schuyler Alexander M. Stewart 
* Curtis Owen Stinnett 

Susan Cindy Stocklin 

Craig Alan Stovall 

Jennifer Anne Streeter 

Michael Scott Suess 

Scott Michael Sutton 

§ Angela Melanie Talbot 
Anne Marie Taylor 
Eric Lee Tupler 
Marc H. Tuwiner 
Kari Ann Vickerman 
Kristin Ann Voorhees 
Fui Liam V'un 
Roberta Jill Wagner 
Gregor>' Louis Weimann 
Richard Allen Weiner 
Pamela Jill Weiss 
Kyle Victor Whitley 
Kathy Eugenia Williams 
Stephen John Yarrish 
David Jude Ziobro 

Personnel and Labor 

Diane C. Brown 

Silvia Elena Canessa de Barletta 

Nelson Bennett FV' 

* Shawna Welsh Deegan 
Vicki Jean Donaldson 
Wendy Sue Goldenthal 
Sharon Marie Halvosa 
Henry Allen Harrell II 
Lori L. Hill 

* Barry Stuart Keller 
Helene Terri Kutik 
Gail Lynn Buran McGill 
Christina Maria Miele 
Jennifer Lynn Payne 
Allison Mary' Pelton 

t Deborah Ruth Purchase 
Wayne Wright Smith, Jr. 

§ Sharon Lee Tasman 
David P. Wartel 
Lisa Brogi Wills 

Production Management 

Joshua Bennett Dinerman 
Lawrence F. Twele 


Teferi Abebe 
Gregg Ira Baxter 
Kimberiy Ann Bilicic 
Peter Charies Chandler 
2nd Major: Marketing 
Jack McCoy Cooper, Jr. 
Gordon Augustus Crandall 
Claudia Elizabeth Cupo 
* John Robert^ Day 

Matthew Andrew Deprey 
Francisco Javier Guillen. Jr. 
Kathryn .\nn Klebe 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Kathleen .Antoinette Langheck 
Warren Edmond Moore 
Patrice Diane Murray 
Kerry Alexander Nelson 
Benjamin Charies Rabinowitz 
John H. Sickman 
Michael Scott Williams 

College of Computer, 
Mathematics and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science 

John William Adams, Jr. 
Carolina Gabriella Albrizzio 
David S. Alderson 
Giovanni Edward Amaducci 
David Meir Armoza 
Ghada Fehmy Ashy 
Linda Gross Baker 
Lawrence Edward Bassham III 
Edward B. Beatty 
Sheri Rose Beauregard 
Anne Marie Becker 
Richard Allan Belford 
Edward Joseph Belisle 
Laura Christine Benedict 
L'yen Hong Nguyen Bui 
Robert Thomas Caffrey 
Alesia Katherine Cain 
§ John Jeffrey Caruso 
Michael David Caspar 
Liana Cervenkov 
Anita Chandran 
Sanjeev S. Chopra 
Christine Chupak 
David Richard Cleary 
Christopher John Cook 
Paul Robert Desrosier 
Asoka Asawa Devadas 
Richard W'illiam Doyle, Jr. 
Casey Ellis Duncan 
Lawrence Charles Dungan 
Dat H. Duong 
John Gregory Edinger 
Ozgul Ezgin 
Jamie Lynn Faulkner 
Chailin Fong 
Karen Susan Ford 
Jeffrey Alan Ghine 
Gregory S. Gray 
William Edward Gribbin 
David Haydn Gw\'n 
Hamid Reza Haririsoud 
Scott Robert Hess 
Gail Carbine Hester 
Kambiz Ilchi 
* Lorraine Dawn Johnson 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Nicholas Joseph Keller 
Andrew Vincent Kispert. Jr. 
Jagath Prasanna Kodikara 
Andreas H. Kolouas 
Han Joon Kouh 
Michael Edward Kraatz 
§ David Kuijt 
Bo Wai Kwong 
Minh Nguyen Le 
William Joseph Ledlord 
Davis Shew-Jeen Lee 
Kin W. Lee 

Parampreet Singh Mahal 
Dawn Nicole Mann 
Mark David Marino 
Kevin Michael McBride 
Behnaz Talaei Minaei 
Fuller Ming. Jr. 
Jasmin Naraine 
Sivakumar Navaratnam 
Maria de los A. Negron Torres 
Khue My Thi Nguyen 
Sinh Van Nguyen 
Helen Gloria Obermiller 
Karen Judith Olsen 
Helen Papadopoulos 
Do-yun Park 
William Leonard Pataky 
William Russell Perry III 
Michael Edward Pettey 
Steve Dzung Pham 
Thuy N.H. Pham 
Barry David Reich 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Kevin James Reinstein 
James Kevin Rice 
Ty George Roach 
Brian Donald Roberts 
David Arthur Sauder 
Stephen Arthur Schoffstall 
Joseph John Schumm 
John Lynwood Scott 
Mary Ellen Selman 
Franclea Juliet Shaw 
Farid Silakhori Shirojan 
Namita Singh 
Mark Sminkey 
Michael Edward Smith 
Sisa Sombat 
Mi Jee Song 
John David Stroup 
Francoise Michaeile Thomas 
Stephen Michael Thompson 

Tham Tai Ton That 
Minh Thien Ton 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Christine Petersen Van Eseltine 
Nhan Thanh Vo 
Robert William VonMoss 
Anh Tuan Vu 
Lawrence Norman Whites 
George Joseph Wilkinson 
Michael Joseph Williamson, Jr. 
Karen Cristina Wilson 
Leslie Wong 
Wai Yee Wong 
Andrea Yiu-Fong Wu 
Michael Anthony Yeager 
Kevin Michael Yelch 
Sylvia Elena Zelaya 
David Joseph Zom 


Shan Lynn Brown 
Cory Alexander Buxton 
Philip Matthew Donmoyer 
Catherine Elizabeth Doudnikoff 
Cameron Bradley Gott 
Leslie Jeanette Hale 
Gregory Allen Krehbiel 
Bruce Anthony Norton 
Daniel Irwin Pennington 
Michael John Rodtang 
Mark Barrett Watson 


tNita Ahuja 

Nathan James Babcock 

Daniel Francis Baker 

Jorge Miguel Barrientos 
* Cara Lee Burgess 

Dean Peter Choulas 

Shiriey Ann Collins 

John Joseph Costello 

William Howell Daffer 

Mike Hieu Dang 

Donald Wayne Flohr 

Christopher Howard Fries 

Sharon llene Gobloff 

Allison Leigh Grimes 
t William Raphael Hix 

Joan Marie Hoffman 

Jerome Isayas 

Patsy Lillian Jones 

Jeffrey Steven Katz 

Jung Hyun Kim 

Georgette D. Kiser 
James Scott Koehler 
Gregory L. Koolbeck 
Jeffrey Allen Krause 
tAllen Ye-Kwang Lao 
Steven Kyle Lindner 
Lynne S. Marion 
Anuja Mehrotra 
Paul Anthony Miletic 
Margaret Joyce Obert 
Douglas Bruce Olson 
Miriam Ellen Osheroff 
Brian Heath Perkins 
Diane L. Reamy 
Kurt Robert Schlimme 

* Kimberly Ann Taylor 
Cameron Hajaran Tousi 
John Joseph Travlsano 
Ken David Uematsu 
Shelby Spader Watts 

Physical Sciences 

Thomas Christopher Abell 
Morteza Marty Afkhami 
William Harold Berman 
Kevin Arthur Bruestle 
Michael Joseph Cohalan Bur 
Pan Gueng Choy 
Tung T. Do 
Martha Fikru 
Theresa Eunsuk Kang 
Rose Joan Levush 
Robert Arthur Lucchesi 

* Michael Aaron Petrie 
Michael Andrew Scire 
Jocelyn Michelle Shaffer 
Geoffrey Grant Stahl 
Karen Elizabeth Timoll 
Robert Travis Williams. Jr. 


Ravi Prakash Bahethi 
t William Raphael Hix 
2nd Major: Astronomy 

Christopher Craig Ison 

Shin Ito 

David Michael Juenemann 

James Milton Kerr 

Christopher Tod Knapp 
§ Thomas Graves Mason 

Timothy Charies McNair 
t Kevin Bruce Moriey 

Mark Douglas Peterson 

John Michael Radman. Jr. 
Melissa Meredith Saurman 
Paul William Schleck 
Madhukesh Siddalingalah 
Scott Thompson Snell 

2nd Major: Astronomy 
Louis Heilbroner Stem 

2nd Major: Astronomy 
Jung ShIkWang 
Jon Christopher Waxham 
John Michael Wllkens 
Michael Frank Zybura 


College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Cynthia Yvonne Jessup 
Wendy Weitzer Kleiner 

English Education 

Janet Lynn Amber 

Helen J. Cheakalos 

William Tadeuse Eby 

Anthony Eric Ferrante 
§ Irene Judith Fred 

Jean Marie lanni 

Lisa Gail Kellert 

Linda Ellen Krakaur 

Amy Lenora Miller 

Jody Lyn Steinberg 
t Jeanne Y. Tesch 

Eiarbara Maria Vogel 

Foreign Language Education 

t Manuel Acevedo Romero 
Mana Pifiera Feldhaus 
Angela Denise Peyton 

Social Studies Education 

Stephen Roland Braun 
t Angela Nell Sugg 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

Sean McDaniel 
Kyra Welliver Seely 

Early Childhood Education 

Susan Carol Anderson 

Susan Amy Bertelmann 

Cari Sue Blinchikoff 

Catherine Lisa Carl 
* Susan Margaret Darley 
tMichele Ann Ennulat 

Teresa Frances Erdmann 

Amy Ilene Feldsher 

Dawn Zina Glaz 

Stacy Lynn Horowitz 

Karin Wieder Huddle 

Dawn Christine Hudgins 

Stacy W. Perciavalle 

Patricia Marie Vaughan 

Robin Ann Wesley 
t Julia Meissner Young 

Elementary Education 

§ Kimberly M. Al-Sutfi 
Julie Carol Anderson 
Mary Anne Auger 
Cheryl Robin Beja 
Wendi J. Blauner 
Nancy Harper Blew 
Michaeleen Blue 

* Elizabeth Ann Bolton 
Colleen Margie Campbell 
Sonya Sayer Charlton 
Loree Chrysinda Cobb 
Tami Lea Conley 
Phyllis Tracy Cooper 
Audrey Elizabeth Coppersmith 
Eleanor Wing-Chi Dea 
Isabelle Chantal Delpierre 
Paige Allyson Diez 

Jill Marie Duvall 
Jennifer Lynn Easteriing 
Paige Denise Eaton 
Lori Beth Emmer 

* Mao' Elizabeth Estevez 
Carolyn Emma Fitleld 
Laura Beth Frayman 
Debra Lynn Goldberg 
Debra Ann Goldstein 
Cynthia .^n Greene 
Lisa Ann Grigg 
Wendy Ellen Gross 
Ellen .i^nne Haneisen 
Lauren Gaye Harris 
Brenda Carol Hart 
Sharon Elizabeth Hawkins 

* Theresa Ann Covington Hayhurst 
Peggy Anne Hewitt 

Margaret Mary Higgins 
Christina T. Hippchen 
t Elizabeth Ann Hoffman 
Eileen Anne Huecker 
Francine Ikley 
Ilene Adele Kaplan 
Mary Susan Kaufmann 
Cynthia Caye Kelley 
Antonella M. Koch 
William John Koustenis 
Lisa Renee LeBlanc 
Mary Ann Lee 
llyssa Beth Long 
Johanna Elizabeth Mack 
Janet Maslousky 
Karen Marie Mcintosh 
Faygah Shavah Mehlman 
Betsy Dale Miller 

Roberta Anne Miller 
Cristina Marie Montanaro 
Peggy Lee Murchake 
Julie Beth Nelson 
Dorothy Jean O'Clair 

* Rachel Celia Packman 
t Betty Lou Persinger 

Leslie Anne Pike 
Cher>'l Paulette Rudio 
Anastasia Martha Ryon 
Elizabeth Ann Scanlan 
§ Kimberly Faith Sheff 
Kelly .\nn Sigwalt 
Charles Russell Spicer 
Michelle Ann Stokes 
Jillian Estelle Tewalt 
Tracey Michelle Tolbert 
Michelle Elaine Warner 
Lori Watson 
Dawn Renee Wilcox 
Cher>'l Ann Williams 
Susan Lenore Wolfe 

General Business Education 

Carol R. Ekwall 
Sherry Lynn Mclntyre 

Industrial Arts Education 

Mark Elliott Lastova 

Industrial Technology 

Michael Backe 

• Donald Edward Demers 
Donald Edward Haller, Jr. 
Dennis William Johnson 
Mark David Jones 
Stewart J. Kapp 
Patrick Joseph Kapust 
Marc Patrick Lavery 
Terrence Michael Malone 
John Charies O'Brien 
Charles Richard Presbury. Jr. 
J. Paul Streett 

Rozita Beatrice Washington 

Marketing and Distributive 

Zedic Randolph Jones. Jr. 

Mathematics Education 

Audrey Lynne Ackerman 
Tyana Ingrid Loraine Irene Boyd 
Grace Shan-Shan Cheng 

Joan Marie Hoffman 
William Brian Johnson 
John Anslow Keenan IV 
Jill Marie Osborne 
James Eari Rhoads 

Music Education 

Karen Diane Alexander 
Alice Elizabeth Leak 
Susan Victoria Vega 

Science Education 

.Arthur Abrams 
Thomas More Belden 
Bernadette May Davis 
Narender Singh Dhallan 
Angela Sue Forrest 
Barbara Jean Hampson 
Wesley Thornton Hubbert 
Jane Elizabeth Johnston 
Paul Howard Konstant 
Ella Jo Kraiman 
§ Donna G. Sinclair 

Secretarial Education 

Lynnette Marie Graybill 
Linda Gale Grubbs 

Social Studies Education 

Paul Francis Buchanan-Wollaston 
Kym .Anne Dooley 
William Henry Flood 
Stephanie Elaine Harris 
Carolyn Maria Hill 
Mary Kathleen Jarboe 
Gordon Spencer Libby III 
Christian William Meyers III 
Thomas Andrew Rea 
Michael Seo 
t Keith Allen Taksler 
Karen B. Tymann 

Special Education 

Julie Alyn Alterman 
Allison Renee Beller 
Eileen Boyle 
Gretchen Bernice Cohen 
Mary Elizabeth Collins 
Angela Lynn Cook 
Angela Michelle Doweary 
Tracey Sue Dunlap 
Kelly Ann Fairclough 
Veronica Virginia Gamer 
Lisa S. Goldberg 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Sarah Todd Gossett 
Christine Marie Hickey 
Kim Marie Hold 
David Scott Klein 
Katherine Lynn Koles 
Connie Yang Kung 
KimberiyAnn Lamphier 
Karen Sue Leonhardy 
Robin Paige Lifton 
* Nicole Renae Lloyd 
Wendy Mattie Peia 
Gloria Nadine Scott 
Suzanne Gretchen Stapp 
Bobbi Michelle Sullins 
Harrison Wells Toy, Jr. 

Speech and Drama 

Julie Newell Yetter 

Vocational Technical 

Margaret Cherry Archie 

College of 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Homayoun Arabshahi 
Shall ni Arora 
Mark Crowell Austell 
Sean Michael Bond 
Kevin Andrew Bradley 
Deborah Ann Elsnic Burgio 
James Edward Cummings 
Michael Thomas Cunningham 
Jacqueline Ann Czech 
Douglas Robert DiPaula 
Michael Ross Eppinger 
Torchia Ann Garber 
Diane Leigh Gentry 
Laura Marie Giza 
Carroll Daniel Graham 
* David Ralph Guernsey 
Paul Kari Gustavson 
Christopher James Huynh 
Robin Dombert Imber 
Michael Joseph Kevin Johnson 
Gregory* J. Kilchenstein 
MinChan Kim 
Joanne Rochelle Leibowitz 
Lori Kay Lencioni 
Laurence Patrick Long 
Frederick Ernest May 
Gretchyn Melde 
Enrique M. Mencia 
Robert C. Miller 
Michael Eric Murbach 
Kichui John Nam 
Viet Hung Nguyen 
Clifton Everett Nichols 
William Kent Nichols 
Mekong Dao Paul . 
Jorge Luis Piquero 
Dean Alan Ridgely 
Robert Lee Roe, Jr. 
Sandra Ann Rollins 
Vincent Dennis Schaper 
Charles Ross Schmidtlein 
Adrienne Marie Sekerak 
Eric Simpson 
Johnny Lee Sipes 
Martin Daniel Skane 
John Louis Snuggs 

James Edward Stakem 

Warren David Stapf 
tNaruhisa Takashima 
t Christopher Tarpley 
t Anita Lynne Tracy 

Kelvin Tuan-Ngoc Tran 

Richmon Soe Tun 

Stanley C. Underwood 

Christopher Payne Van Buiten 

Jay Vaman Waravdekar 

Carolyn Elizabeth Waugh 

Roy Eugene Willingham 

Romae Young 

Agricultural Engineering 

Joseph James Boris 

* Michael F. Lucci 

Chemical Engineering 

t Allen Michael Beard 
Matthew Joseph Chambers 
Shannon Marie Cosgrove 

* Ruth Marie Cowles 
Robert Paul D'Andrea 
Andrew Tan Gatue del Rosario 
Debra A. Dunford 
Angelique Marie Gavlak 
Monica Catherine Holland 
Laura Shereen Hurwitz 
Alcmene Kaloterakis 

John W. Kosher 

Karen Suzanne Lombardo 

Naghmeh Maghsoudlou 

David Llamuel Maitland 

Paul J. Mraz, Jr. 

Hiten Purshottam Padhiar 

John Howard Petrik 

Maria Lydia Salanga 

Douglas William Schuhardt 

James Michael Silbermann 

Christopher D. Sproule 

Walter Noby Strojny 

Foeng Ming Tan 

Hien Thi Tran 

Benjamin Franklin Walker III 

William Yates 

Civil Engineering 

Adham Jadaan Abouassali 
Frank Robert Altobelli 
Irfan Ahmad Alvi 
Elizabeth Scott Anderson 
Daniela Irmgard Appelt 

Gretchen Louise Bauer 
Daniel Preston Beatty 
Eric Ross Becker 
§ Kaye Lorraine Brubaker 
Matthew William Burdette 
Heather Lesley Currie 
Virginia L. Dadds 
William Calloway Daniel 
Alan Jeffrey de Leon 
James Hanley Dorrance 
William Dwight Emory 
Gregory Bryan Fick 
David Reid Flumbaum 
Jonathan Lawrence Groeger 
Zaw Han 

Joseph Edward Horky 
Daniel Isaac Hott 
Jeffrey Alan James 
Joseph Patrick Kittner 
Han Xiang Li 
Ronald Uhlich Main 
David Williams McLaren 
Walter Lyndon Melnik 
Edy Muliawan 
George Matthew Norris 
John Patrick Perini 
John Wessley Rugg. Jr. 
Mary Lee Scheffer 
Daniel Patrick Scott 
Oliver Trethewey 
Miguel Angel Ugarte 
Robert Preston Webb 
Eniolade Olatundun Williams 
Gregg Michael Wollard 
Paul Benedict Woodbum 

Electrical Engineering 

Abdolhossein Abbasi-Gheinani 

Gerard Adamski 

Annette Allender 
t Laurel Tracy Ansel 

Lisa Ann Arlauskas 

David Gregory Barger 

Daniel Steven Beck 
* Brian William Bellama 

Neeraj Bhagat 

Lawrence David Boehm 

Maurice Xavier Boissiere, Jr. 

Lisa Elaine Brittain 

Denise G. Brown 
§ Robert Mark Brubaker 

Scott Joseph Buckley 

Lawrence William Burke, Jr. 



Michael Robert Cammarata 
Su Huei Chen 
Marie Anne Chi 
Stephen Thung Chieh 

* David Chow 
Marcel Clark 
Stephen Crosby Conger 
David William Conover 
Michael Anthony D'Ambrosio 
Babi Das 

Donald Joseph Davis 
tTimothy William Davis 
Brian James Deaver 
Jennifer Elizabeth Deering 
Anthony John DiVenti. Jr. 
Larry Dennis Donaghue 
Rachel Ann Eisenhower 
Marc Israel Felsen 
John Christopher George 
Igor Golberg 

Steven Alexander Goldstein 
Han Gopalakrishnan 
Anitha Gopinath 
Predrag Gudac 
Pantelis Stefanos Halioris 
Bruce Robert Hart 

* Henry Andrew Heikkinen 
Robert Carroll Herr, Jr. 
Christopher G. Hoffman 
Paul J. Holt 

Timothy Duane Hopkins 
Ta-Teh Peter Hui 
Christopher Raymond Hutter 

* Chris lannuzzi 
Anil John 

Manojkumar R. Kalavar 
Michael Joseph Kasinowski 

§ Robert Michael Kazden 

Jung K. Kee 
t Daniel Charies Kerr 
tJahanzeb Qayum Khan 

Sunil Hiralal Khatri 

Kerry Rex King 

* Jeffrey Paul Kostos 
Kerry Kristine Krantz 
Kyle Williams Langford 

t Allen Ye-Kwang Lao 

Chi Minh Le 
tSean Jochai Lev-Tov 

Daniel Aaron Levan 

Gary Mitchell Levine 

Hsiao Yuan Lim 

Anthony Ly 

Sridhar Seshagiri Manthripragada 
§ Thomas Graves Mason 

Eric DeShunn McFariand 

Michelle Cheryl Mclntyre 

Paul Anthony Miletic 

Thomas A. Miller 

Michael William Morin 
tAlireza M. Nabavian 

Waleed Kamal Najjar 

Mbuomda Namondo Nasah 

Tan Minh Nguyen 
§ Hatsumi Takahara Czermak 

Larry Allen O'Ferrall 

William S. Osborne 

Christopher Edward Parker 

David Prescott Parrish 

Odysseas John Pentakalos 

John The Pham 

Lam Ngoc Pham 

Long Thanh Pham 

Jeffrey Wayne Poe 

Christopher George Pollock 

Gregory S. Powell 

Dennis Warren Prather 

Wayne Scott Pulling 

Steven Nelson Reid 

Richard Maurice Ringenbach 

Stuart Lee Ritter 

John Arthur Romano 

Robert Michael Russin 

George Dennis Sampson 
•Michael Scott Savage 

Mun Mohan Sawhney 

Mark Allan Schaefer 

Amir-Abbas Shahegh 

Tharakesh Siddalingaiah 

Hugh St. George Lambert Sladen 
* Wendy Lynn Snyder 

Anthony Minsik Sol 

Malcolm Norman Stewart 

Wesley Lance Strickland 

Gary Ronald Szpatura 

Adrian Tan Chen Yang 

John Francis Tan Sun Kuan 

Ihab Saad Tarazi 

lyad Saad Tarazi 

Brian Joseph Thomas 

Craig Thomas 

Cameron Hajaran Tousi 

Robert Chein Toy 

Dung D. Tran 
t George Maurice Treacy 

John Andrew Uber 
Mohammad-Mehdi Vaez 
Bradley Walter Veasel 
Michael Stephen Violette 
Ramachandran Viswanathan 
t Gregory Charles Walsh 
Michael Eugene James Weiblen 

* David Mark Wendt 
Robert Randall Wilt 
Betsy Mun-Yi Wong 
Wayne Alan Wong 

Shelly Joanne Yost 
Gregory D. Ziemer 
Abdolreza Ziglari 

Fire Protection Engineering 

James Michael Bashore 
Glenn Scott Berger 
Lisa Marie Bossert 
James Dixon 
Jeffrey Edmund Harper 
Jack Lim Hui 
Steven George Krone 
James Bradley Labb 
Chi Kim Le 
Keith Scott Lippincott 
Lyndon Loh 
Daniel Joseph Mathias 
Daniel Edward Niner 
Joseph Alan Pechacek 
Jeffrey John Sabol 
Angela Michele Smith 

Mechanical Engineering 

Jeri A, Balmer 

Daniel Martin Barbieri 

Luis Manuel Basalo 

Fitsum Bekele 

Rhonda Kay Brown 

Perry Hal Buckberg 

Michael Patrick Butz 

Carlos Alberto Cabrera Guzman 

David Michael Comfort 

Lori Ann Conley 

James Hariey Conner 

Carol Lynn Cowan 

Joseph Samuel Cramer 

Stevan N. Cvetanovic 

Richard Glenn Darr 

* Raj Kanwar Deol 
Scott Eric Diamond 

Charies Robert Dickerson 
Alice Elizabeth Dobry 
Stephanie Lynn Dodd 
Michael Douglas Donaldson 
Michael Patrick Dougherty 
Amir Farnoud Ebrahimi 
David John Eisenhauer 
Gerard J. P. Etienne 
Mitzi Ann Eyler 
Paul Michael Frank 
Robert John Gettings 
Jose Antonio Giboyeaux 
Michael Charies Givens 
John Michael Hamilton 
Philip Anthony Harmon 
Denice Lynn Henry 
Mark Andrew Higgins 
Sammy Lee Ho 
Andrea Marie Kasun 
Thomas Eugene Kidwell 
William Edmund Knight V 
Ralph Lindsey Krause 
Callie Li Lee 
Otto Paul Leinhauser III 
Leonard Ryan Leo 
Sui Kwan Leung 
Paul Kuo-Hsi Liu 
Nicole Lynn Maisonneuve 
Keith Edward Mariowe 
Randall William Mateyka 
Craig Thomas Mathews 
Robert Joseph Mink 
Robin A Morey 
Tina Marie Mueller 
Michael Paul Musachio 
Mark Allyn Myers 
Bradley Kirk Noll 
Behshad M. Norowzi 
Christopher Michael O'Brien 
Patricia Ann O'Donnell 
Sanjay Ambalal Patel 
Robert Bruce Patterson. Jr. 
Thomas Lewis Perrot 
Richard Alvin Pinney, Jr. 
Quentin Marcel Proctor 
David Richard Retorick 
Frederick Scott Reyes 
Keith Allen Richardson 
Maria DalleMura Richardson 
Dawn Marie Robinson 
Arnold Joseph Salazar 
Francis Joseph Schima 
Guido Fernando Serrano 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 


Osman A. Sharif 

* Sherif Talaat Shehata 

* Peter Scott Shirley 
James Daniel Simpson 
James Carlton Smith 
Velasquez Stanley Spring 
Steven M. Stein 
Kenneth Michael Stevanus 
Jon Stuart Strickler 
James Alan Stuber 
Philip William Stultz 
John Ernest Tourigny 
Thomas Brian Tryon 
Fredrick Andrew linger 

Ezio Nicolas Vermiglio Kriljenko 
Lisa Marie Walters 
Martin William Whitelocke 
Bruce Arthur Whitten 
Dirk Vanderlast Wiersma 
Lawrence Andrew Wilson 
Frank Xaiver Zappa 
Alan Jay Zawatsky 

Undesignated Major 

Charles John Burk 
Harry D. Felsher 
Cheryl Lynn Goldstein 
Jeong Hun Kim 
Paul John Liposky 
Mitchell Lee Pinnix 
Warren Daniel Simon 
Douglas Howard Walcutt 
§ Maureen Carol Wetzel 
Patricia Marie Zach 
Richard F. Zola 

College of Human 

Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

t Cindy Ka-Yee Au 
Jeanne Elizabeth Bigham 
Donna Marie Boone 
Sharon EJeth Hanerfeld 
Charies Edgar Joynes 
Hyun J. Kim 
Leslie Rae Scott 
Heidi Zollo 

Community Nutrition 

Lexa L. Donaldson 

Consumer Economics 

Michelle Elizabeth Adams 
Roslyn C. Barbera 
Marc Darren Cohen 
Joseph John Crusco 
William D. Doukouris 
Tracy Nan Falk 
Scott Jeffrey Friedman 
Steven Scott Galack 
James Pinkham Gilfix 
Yvette M. Golladay 
Rebecca Kaye Gottshall 
Mitchell Arlen Graff 
Ann Marie Guinnessey 
Craig Gilbert Harris 
Timothy Vincent Hession 
Kelly Ann Homewood 
Thomas Patrick Keane 
• Kenneth George Kubu 
Sharon Joyce Lubach 
Nelson Eastwood March 
Janet M. Margot 
Alan Grant McDonald 
Katrina Anne McHugh 
William Thomas Morton, Jr. 
Jamie B. Moses 
Mark Allen Nelson 
Christopher Dikeyler 
Kathryn Lynn Potter 
Mark Andrew Powers 
Bennett Shawn Pransky 
Joscel Lloyd Quinto 
Steven Eric Rapp 
Stephen Charles Reynolds 

Elizabeth Lee Rolle 
Keith Alan Rosen 
Karen Naomi Rosenfeld 
Cone Lyn Rubzin 
Georgia Konstantinos Siskos 
Lori Michelle Siegel 
Cinde Anne Southcomb 
Helen Elisabeth Tavenor 
Karen Verderame 
Richard Murray White 


Bonnie Ann Altheim 
Dominique Marie Cariier 
Iris Ronnie Cohen 
Jane Michele Dellapa 
Laure Allison Franz 
Amy Elizabeth Gravell 
Florestine Mills 
Elizabeth Anne Morrow 
Robin Susan Nilsen 
Tina Helene Proctor 
Greta Anne Sastre 

* Carol Grosslight Schiewe 
Susan Alicia Schwartz 

* Lauren Michelle Wallach 

Family Studies 

Amy Rose Altschull 
tDebra Lynn Anderson 
Jacqueline Sue Bailey 
Elisa Shari Berkowitz 
Robin Michelle Bogus 
Lisa Patrica Carmiris 
t Anita Denise Castellano 
Nancy Jo Cornelius 
Hopal Cassandra Daley 
Liza Francisco De Guzman 
Deborah Lynn Eason 
Stacey Michelle Endelson 
Suzanne Louise Estelle 
Wendy Fran Feldman 
llisa Beth Fellerman 
Rachel Lynne Fisch 
Kimberlie JoAnne Ford 
Ellen Gersh 

Jeannette Ann Glennon 
Ximena Hernandez-Cata 
Janice Lynn Hockersmith 
Stephanie Joy Holodnak 
Michele Dee Johnson 
Stacey Dawn Kaye 
Mary Ann Keppler 

Celia Davis Lapidus 
Nahjla Mariene Larach 
Susan Michelle Lausch 
Lori Toba Leon 
Patricia Lynn Mayer 
Paula Ann Miles 
Jill Aimee Minette 
Susan Rachel Nisenbaum 
Maria Renee Orenstein 
Caressa Lyn Payne 
Elana Dale Sackstein 
Jodi Karen Sternberg 
Diane Renee Whichard 
Jennifer Leigh Witman 
Jean Taylor Zaleski 
Susan Lynne Zerwitz 

Food Service Administration 

Edward John Buzzanco 
Eileen Marie Langan 

Management and Consumer 

Kenneth Paul Aber 
* Susan Kay Emelio 
Tyrone Eugene Johnson, Jr. 
Kimberly Ann Lewis 
Jill Alison Marshall 
David Frank Morrisey 
Tia Kathlyn Plunkett 
Brian Keith Sandish 
David Adam Stem 
Glenda Soria Zaragoza 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Jung M. Ahn 
Maribel fesora 
Shira N. Benjamin 
Pamela Jean Bentz 
Ella Eliezer 
Pamela Ann Gay 
Irit Simone Gershoni 
Maria Armyn Giraldi 
Sheilah A. Gofstein 
Margaret Ann Gray 
Nancy Beth Halpem 
Sharon Lynn Halprin 
Andrea Susan Haveson 
Helene Marci Hoffman 
Iris Jill Karyo 
Marianne Kasparian 
Kelly Anna-Maria Kater 


Kelly Dawn Katz 
Cindy E. Kirch 
Kathryn Marcia Kirchhoff 
Debra Lynne Lawrence 
Julie Elizabeth Lee 
Elizabeth Ann Long 
Sylvia Lu 

Jacqueline Rose Marchese 
Lauren Gail Matell 
Melinda Sue McClaskey 
Beth Anne McDonald 
Kandace Felicia Needle 
Sheila Margo Pabley 
Taryn Michelle Perkins 
Stephanie Lynn Plancher 
Ronni Yvonne Reibum 
Lisa Michele Rosenholtz 
Monica Lynn Santangelo 
Stefanie Lynn Schwartz 
Marjorie Amy Schwarz 
Kim Alison Shubin 
Gail A. Skarphol 
Sybil Rene Smith 
Susan Marie Steiger 
Tama Elizabeth Stein 
Michele Renee Sweetser 
Sherri M. Talber 
Gerri Beth Tobias 
Jacqueline Vituli 

College of Journalism 
Bachelor of Science 

Emilio Alvarado 

Brendan James Bassett 

Carolyn Ann Bell 

AnnaMarie Eiena 

Dennis E. Birch 

Cheri Debra Bluestein 

Lynne Michelle Brady 

Brent Russell Brezina 

Susan Marguerite Brown 

Steven Glen Cagle 

Cindy Anne Cahill 

Christine Campisi 

Carol Cantor 

Carol Lee Cantwell 

Ik)nni Anne Carr 

Mia Ronit Caspi 
* Joanne Patricia Cavanaugh 

Amy-Beth Chamberlin 

Deidre Frances Comegys 

Jeffrey Allen Corey 

Eduardo Cesar Curlett 

Sharon Anne Curran 

Frank A. Dante 

Candace A. De Felice 

Mary Frances Detloff 

Michael M. DiMauro 

Kevin John Doyle 

Julie Carol Edwards 

William Lansing England 

Amy Rae Etskovitz 

Kimberly Ann Ferris 

Mary Rachel Fogarty 

Antonia Maria Gamboa 

Timothy J. Canity 
§ Michele Ann Gatty 

Robyn Ellen Geller 

Jill Amy Getzenberg 

James Everett Gianiny, Jr. 

Jeanette Jewell Gibson 

Sonya Lynette Coins 

Samuel Bram Goldreich 
+ Julie Lynn Gritz 

David Nolan Groves 

Lorilee Diane Gubala 

Adam Matthew Haber 

Jennifer Elise Hajtun 

Virginia Elizabeth Hanlon 

Kecia Ciana Hansard 

Julie Victoria Hanzas 

Steven Duane Harrison 

Glynis Victoria Harvey 

Maureen Alice Heneberry 

Ronald Hart Heneghan 

Jeffrey Patrick Herbert 
§ Douglas John Heman 

Vanessa Lee Howatt 

Anne Frances Hughes 

Christopher T. Hughes 

Patricia Ruth Humphrey 

Susan Elaine Humphrey 

Marc David lorio 

Melinda Jane Jensen 

Linda Alfreda Jones 

Sandra Marie Kaminskas 
t Katharine Herbst Kaplan 

Tanya Kater 

Paula Jean Ketter 

Kelly E. Kiser 

Karen Ann Klauss 

Jerry Lee Kline 

Lynn Valerie Kraft 

Carole Peterson Krueger 

Anil Kumar Kshepakaran 

Caroline Kweller 

Kristen Marie Lemanski 

Jonathan Paul Lemer 

Tracey Ellen Levine 

Valerie Ann Lieberman 

Amy Lynn Liker 

Alicia Deneise Luster 

Rebecca B. MacKay 

Leslie K. Marmon 

Heather Allyson Massiah 

* Kathleen Theresa McCleary 
Patrick Lee McNamara 
Debra Ann Melnick 

• Sharon Sue Metro 
§ Karen Erica Miller 

2nd Major: English 
Melanee Lorraine Moon 
Brinda Renata Lachani Narayan 
Hubert Arthur Neely II 
Linda Susan Neudorfer 
Elizabeth Ann O'Malley 
Katherine Anne Paragamian 
Tanya Anedra Parker 
Jonathan R. Peace 
Elaine Vaden Quesinberry 
LaVonn Marie Reedy 
Donna Lynn Regester 
Melanie Lynn Richter 

* Lynn Stella Roche 
Jill F. Sagenkahn 
Roseanne Angela Sambuco 

* Kristin Marie Saunders 
Gail Lisa Schofer 
Amy Schwartz 

* Elisa Sari Segal 
Jamie Lynn Shor 
Marcie Sue Shulman 
Charies Michael Smiroldo 
Bryan Rho Smith 
Maureen Kelly Smith 
Sabrina Marie Smith 
Paul Anthony Sorce 
Cecile Largoza Sorra 

* Joan Hanako Tamai 
Grace Velindine Tang 

§ Frances Emily Taylor 

Lori Eileen Terry 

Elizabeth Noelle Thompson 

Louise A. Toy 

Susan Luci Tyndall 

Laura S. Vinogradov 

Tonya Ann Walker 

Anna Seung Wang 

Jami Michelle Wann 

Ellen Michelle Weinberg 

Carolyn Taliscia Wellington 

Debra Lynn Wells 

Nicole West 
§ Rhonda Yvette Williams 

Lisa I. Wolfe 

Lynne Patricia Woodfork 

Francine Denise Wright 

Katrina Lynn Wyatt 


Sarah Ann Zollman 

Margalete Zukerman 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

College of Life 

Bachelor of Science 


Alka Arya 

Sonia Deloris Balfour 
Richard Thomas Ballman 
Thomas Scott E5erish 
§ Brian Patrick Brooks 

* Mark Louis Deli'Acqua 
Christopher Scott Highfiil 
Abdul Wah Karzai 
Moonjohn Kim 
Eamonn David Knights 

♦ Ingrid Charlotte Kohlstadt 
Kuo Wei Liu 

Fred Andrew Locklear 
John David Lucero 
Gina Marie Massoglia 
Chi Ngai Ng 
Robert Paek 
Gregory Ronald Palardy 
tShauna Marie Paylor 
Joan Marie Przybocki 

Adam Solomon 
Steven Michael Strong 
Naghmeh Tebyanian 
Hien Thi Tran 

* George Albert Wilkinson III 


Meena Bansal 
Scott Peter Britton 
tQuynh Thuy Dinh 
Carlton Roderick Hall 
Minia Isayas 
David Gerald Johns 
Jerson Joseph 
Michael Edward O'Connell 
Maria Teresa Ormido 
Corinne Marie Pouliquen 

2nd Major: French 
Ronald Jeffrey Ross 
Carina P. Tan 
Kimoanh Thai 
Richard Henry Wong 

General Biological Sciences 

Curtis Lee Abigail 

Ma Karina Montiague Acorda 

* Nita Ahauja 

Roxane Beth Anderson 
Diane Bell 
D'Anna Joan Berry 
Caroline Frances Boorman 
Darren Scott Brummel 
Mary Claire Callan 
John Sheng-Yuan Chu 
De'Notta Shavonn Collins 
Laurie Mandy Connor 
Andrea Claire Creswell 
Bernard Phillip T. del Rosario 
Brian Paul Devine 
Sven Ingo Ender 
Mary Agnes Erdinc 
Gal Gazit 

Osvaldo Steven Gigliotti 
Reena Goel 

Robert Henry Gruninger 
Leora Yael Hamosh 
Katherine Anne Hatmaker 
Michael Alan Hickey 
Phung Kim Hoang 
Kyle Seth Jablon 
William H. Jones 
Frederick Stephen Kelley 
Kimberiy Anne Kent 
Eileen Amy Kiang 

Renee Marie Krumenacker 
Stephen Clark Lanham 
Stuart Marc Leon 
Jamie Lynn Margolin 

* Adam Mitchell Mecinski, Jr. 
Sharon Lynn Meyers 
Vashti Yvonka Miles 

§ Erica Beth Molz 

tKatayoon Mooraveji 
Lawrence Allan Moy 
Andrea Mae Neuman 
Jessica Hong-Trang Nguyen 
Michael John Norkus 
Bill Panagoulias 

* Tejashri Suresh Purohit 
Thomas Howard Rick 
Brian Keith Rinehart 
Arlene D. Rodriguez 
Toni Michelle Scott 
Lisa Shueh 

Sarika Srivastava 
Mary Elizabeth St. Denis 
Maria Elise Tartaglia 
Rebecca Jean Taylor 
Brenda Bernadette Thorn 
Nedelko Peter Todorov 
Nga Thu Tran 

"A Meeting Place: Night and Day" is a monument created by the late UMCP art 
Professor Kenneth Campbell. The 15-ton structure, which consists of hvo 18-foot- 
high pieces, is sited on a cobblestone court surrounded by dwarf pine trees just east 
of the H J. Patterson Building. 



Thi Thi-Huang Iran 
Heather Anne Walker 
Wanda Renee Williams 
Julie Rachel Wilson 
Kathy Eileen Wolf 
Madeline Anne Young 
Aglaia S. Zellos 


Samantha Aakhtarzandi 

Michael Stuart Anikis 

Ghassan Antoun Asfour 

Robert Michael Braswell 

Bryan Nicholas Burrall. Jr. 

Eun Ah Cho 

Michael Collins 

Debra Ann Ebright 

Kenneth Craig Falcon 

Jonathan William Hirsch 

Vu Hoang 

Taysir Muhammad Jaouni. Jr. 

Crystal Yunjung Koh 

Gregory Donald Larson 

Dong Hie Lee 

Charles Louis Marotta 

Andrew John Martin 

Muluye Ayalneh Mesfin 

Melissa Saqui Mirasol 

Bhavanaben Champaklal Mistry 

Aniko C. Papp 

Jean Marie Przybocki 
§ Lisa Ann Rogers 
* Dawn Maria Scarzella 

Michael Roger Schneider 

Mohamad Shurbaji 

Arpana K. Singh 

Melanie Ann Urban 

Devender K. Verma 


Lisa Jeanette Allen 
Mary Kathleen Bateman 
Jeffrey Robert Carlson 
Kenneth Charles Catania 
Kristen Elizabeth Caveriy 
Christopher Scott Coco 
Ngoc-Duyen Thi Dang 
Daryl L. Dmevich 
Maria Eulalia Fernandez 
James Armstrong Foster 
Robyn Dana Fried 
Karen Ann Goldberg 
Sara Louise Hallager 

Angela Maria Hopkins 
Thuza Htay 
Sue Ann Hunter 
Rosario Frances Hwang 
Jerson Joseph 
Vanessa Lynn Kluth 
Joseph Benjamin Kubinski 
Datquan H. Lee 

* Mandip Singh Parmar 
Daniel Isaac Perlin 
David Howard Plotkin 
Dawn Valaire Quash ie 
Brandt Eric Rice 
Prosper Emilio Sanchez 
Sharon Eileen Silverman 
George Ralph Stallone, Jr. 

t Patricia Lynn Tomsko 
Carrie Ann Trice 
Dawn Marie Webster 
Linda Kay Webster 
Randall E. Wong 
David Alan Zemo 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation, 
and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Health Education 

§ Mary Margaret Landi 
Diane Lee Makar 
Meredith Michel 
Judith Marie Sneeringer 
Margaret Marie Wolfe 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Ramiro Alex Banderas 
Krista Sue Bingaman 
Robin Ann Borden 
Lawrence Jay Bratman 
Michael Wayne Brodsky 
Diego Francisco Crespo 
Nancy D'Erasmo 
Michele Louise Diseati 
Michele Lorraine Eppard 
Robert Colonna Garcia 
Beth Ann Jacobson 
Allison Frances LeVan 
Kimberly Levy 
Stephen Domonick Luca 
William Davis Madara 
Shannon Mary Mastrogianis 
Peter Bergen McHugh 
Rita Naomi Moran 
Tristan Daniel Patrona 
Nan Carol Platte 
Shellie Kae Smith 
William Taft Tyner, Jr. 
Scott Rawlings Werber 

Physical Education 

Susan Paige Ansbach 
Jonathan Stewart Dick 
Robert Ernest Klein, Jr. 
Jennifer Mason Lyon 
Troy Daniel Mackin 
Lynn Menzel Micol 
Samuel Howard Periin 
Rodney Scott Preisch 


Chauntye Eleanor Banks 
t Shawn Marie Brennan 
Felicia Ann Brown 

Karen Gardner Conner 
Robert Scott Finch 
§ Susan Marie Flamino 
Karen N. Hartlove 

* Evelyn Marie Hillier 
Robin Arlene Hirsch 
Phyllis Venice McCormick 

* Susan Irene McNiesh 
Jennifer Lee Price 

* Kelly Lynn Stanfill 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Undergraduate Studies 
Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Farzana Baqir 
tPersaram 0. Batra 
t Beth Elaine Biesemeier 
t Kathleen Anne Cawley 

Melinda Rose Mullin 
§ Etta M. Saunders 
§ Scott Allan Webber 

Bachelor of General 

Wendy Melissa Ackerman 
Thomas Anthony Angel 
Robyn B. Amberg 
Darrell Martin Beall 
David Michael Beall 
Lisa Jill Bernstein 
Dawn Rachelle Blanken 
Debra Lynn Blecker 
Douglas Keith Blye 
Vicki Lynn Bojan 
Glavwdyah Labrousse Bortz 
George Gregory Boyd 
Wayne Vincent Brunson 
Regina Ellen Buchalter 
Joseph Bradley Canter 
Beth Elana Carp 
Pauline Margaret Cassidy 
Harold Castillo 
Lisa Baldwin Cederquist 
Debra Jean Cohen 
Michele Denise Copeland 
Garrett Leonard Dernoga 
Harriet B. Ecker 
Susan Lynn Eitelberg 
Joanne E. Favini 
Audrey Lynne Feldbaum 
Deborah Michelle Fireman 
t Lisa Gale Fleegle 
Debbie Susan Frankel 
Randi Gassman 
Kim Lauren Gates 
Lisa Ann Gilbert 
Michelle Robin Goldner 
Julie Beth Goldstein 
Michael A. Goldstein 
Lorraine Marie Gordon 
Christopher Jon Graff 

James Evan Griffith 
David Michael Groce 
John Patrick Gugerty 
Jeri E. Hall 
Karen M. Hamer 
Steven Paul Himmelfarb 
David Kenneth Honness 
Michael Hrones 
Andrea Jean Jones 
David Scott Kaufman 
Andrea Lynn Kay 
Michelle Patricia Kelley 
Jennifer Gay Kirson 
Karen Klyman 
Jacqueline E. Korolevich 
Lisa Anne Leidecker 
Deborah Morrissa Lewis 
Marva Elizabeth Lewis 
Carl David Manning 
Rene Michelle Marcus 
Marybeth McCauley 
Matthew Frederick McGeady 
Jonathan Edward McHugh 
John M. Mclntire, Jr. 
Katherine Lynn McLaine 
Ellen Gayle Mills 
Jaymi-Ann Nora Mittler 

• Sara Catherine Mobley 
Jill Kimberly Moskowitz 
Leonard Eli Newman 
Neil Kennedy O'Donnell 
Galit Ofer 
Robert W. Ogle 
Tracey Paer 
Lauren Mari Parente 
David Marc Paris 
Susan Debra Pames 
Shari-Ellen Perkins 
Stephen David Pisarski 
Douglas Wayne Poole 
Margaret Louise Prather 
Garry Robert Pritchett 
Ariana Yolanda Quiones 
Pamela A. Rinker 
Karin Jill Sabbeth 
Bruce David Seidman 
Suzanne Patricia Selvaggi 
Robert Michael Shapiro 
Nancy Joy Sherman 
Tracey Lynn Shopland 

tAbby Lynn Silverstein 

§ Dana Michelle Sirkis 
Tina Lynn Slesser 

Timothy John Smith 
Eric David Solomon 
Daniel Brubaker Strickler II 
Eric William Strub 
Mark Albert Sungenis 
Lori Jill Tayar 
Andrew Endicott Thibault 
Angelina Michelle Tinsley 
Alison Lux Treat 
t Debra Lynn Waclawski 
Barbara Ann Weber 
Michael Edward Wojcik 
Christina Bell Wright 
Margaret Elizabeth Yunger 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Jeffrey Bruce Jackel 
t Dana Lynn Ostrow 

Certificate Programs 
Afro-American Studies 

Reubin Cedric Atkins 
Reginald Gene Diggs 
Craig Gilbert Harris 
David Curtis Martin 
Rhonda Yvette Williams 

Applied Social Science 

Kevin Fitzgerald Beares 
Kelly Michael Lama 
Pamela Ann Remeikis 
Heidi Ingrid Wlggert 
Renee Theresa Wilson 

East Asian Studies 

Wayne Edelen Beitler** 
Chris Takazato Bysura 
Chon Arvette Ficklin 
Michael Peter Flaherty 
Maribeth Gamier 
Sean Patrick McCann 
Robert Geoffrey Stevens 
David Michael Woodson 

Liberal Arts in Business 

Julia Mildred Anderson 
Amy-Beth Chambedin 
Megan Plummer Davies 
Cheryl Debra Finkelstein 
Joanne Cafri Friedman'** 
Lisa Hope Gottlieb** 
Stacy Lynne Kurtz 
Tina Marie Lang** 
Jonathan M. Prince 
Seth Edward Riebman 
Laura Edwards Sauer 
Joseph Scott Tyeryar 

Women's Studies 

Kathleen Marie Casey 
Audrey Lynne Feldbaum 
Elizabeth Huyck** 
Katherine A. Kugler 
Samantha Elizabeth Morris 
JoAnne Peterson*** 

* 'Graduated December 1988 
"'Graduated August 1988 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Mark Crowe 11 Austell 
Arthur Colin Bonds 
J. Ronald Brooke, Jr. 
Michael Peter Flaherty 
Andrea Sylvia Gansle 
Keith Edward Mariowe 
Clifton Everett Nichols 
Michael John Norkus 
Robert Walter Slezak 
Wendel Alan Smith 
Wesley Lance Strickland 
Susan 0. Thornton 
Nino Anton Vidic 
John Michael Wilkens 




A spired cupola sits atop the roof of the newly- 
renovated Microbiology Building. Built in 1938, the 
building originally served as a U.S. Bureau of Mines 
research center for non-metallic minerals. 

Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified for scholarship 
honors on graduation are designated by appropriate symbols 
adjacent to their names within the alphabetical listings of 
departments, colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candidate must 
meet the following general criteria: (1) have completed at least two 
years of work at the University of Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 
of which were earned at College Park) and (2) have a scholastic 
average of B (grade point average of 3,000) or higher in University of 
Maryland work prior to the last semester of registration before award 
of degree. 

May 1989 candidates who have met these criteria are shown in the 
listings as qualifying, upon graduation, for the designations Summa 
cum Laude (if they ranked in the top two percent of the candidates 
in their respective divisions, colleges or schools). Magna cum Lxiude 
(if in the next three percent), or cum Laude (if in the next five 
percent), based on the grade point averages of students in the 
preceding three graduating classes of their degree-granting unit. 

General Honors Program 

General Honors 

Amy Berlin 

Brian Patrick Brooks 

Ngoc-Duyen Thi Dang 

Mary Ashley Eliot 

Ingrid Charlotte Kohlstadt 

Richard Wayne Leagan 

Elie W. Mansour 

Joan Meixner 

Gregory John Mertz*' 

Tonia L. Pankopf 

Julia Lenore Sameth 

Douglas William Schuhardt 

Carrie Ann Trice 

Edward Franz Vermeer 

George Albert Wilkinson III 

Departmental Honors 

High Honors in Biology 

Katayoon Morraveji 

High Honors in Chemistry 

Meena liansal 

Mark Louis Dell'Acqua 

High Honors in Economics 

Christopher Bruce Allanach 
Yoosoon Chang 
James Bradley Heil 

High Honors in English 

Christopher Mark Holcomb 
Travis Alexandra Koplow** 
Yong Sun Suh 
Kyna Janine P. Taylor 

High Honors in Government 
and Politics 

Elie W. Mansour 

High Honors in History 

Angela Nell Sugg 

High Honors in Physics 

Thomas Graves Mason 
Kevin Bruce Morley 

High Honors in Philosophy 

Nicole Veilleux 

Honors in Biology 

Osvaldo Steven Gigliotti 

Honors in Computer Science 

Barry David Reich 

Honors in Economics 

Donald Arthur Parr" 

Jayanthi Ramaswamy'*' 

Fedele Fiore Regan 

Lekha Sivarajan 

Shobha Devsena Subramanian 

Sean Patrick Whelan 


Honors in Engineering 

Frank Robert Altobelli 

Irfan Ahmad Alvi 

Thomas Francis Bell-Wright" 

David Brandes** 

Kaye Lorraine Brubaker 

David Chow 

Angelique Marie Cavlak 

Todd Anthony Goodrich** 

David Ralph Guernsey 

Allen Ye-Kwang Lao 

Sean Jochai Lev-Tov 

Jane Lisa Schwartz'* 

Douglas William Schuhardt 

Naruhisa Takashima 

Honors in English 

Phoebe Ann Brown 
llene Michelle Dubin 
Michele Ann Catty 
Kelly Elizabeth Haines 
Neil Alan Manson 
Carol Ann Sanders 

Honors in Government and 

Timothy Philip Thurtle** 

Honors in History 

Brenda Lee Dunton 
Evan Andrew Feinberg 
Paul Madison Wester, Jr. 

Honors in Physics 

William Raphael Hix 
Scott Thompson Snell 

Honors in Psychology 

Ngoc-Duyen Thi Dang 
Mary Elizabeth Faccioli 
Lisa Marie McDonald 
Joann l^e Speer 

Honors in Textiles and 
Consumer Economics 

Thomas Patrick Keane 

Honors in Zoology 

Dawn Marie Webster 

♦•Graduated December 1988 
•••Graduated August 1988 



(Social Research for Service) 

James Allor 

(Nuclear Science and 

Charies J. Burk 
Mirela Gavrilas 
James A. Hoerner 
Chi H. Kang 
Maureen C. Wetzel 



Janice C. Baxter 
Guy R. Brauning 
Kayce A. Cover 
Laura A. Dye 
Kathleen R. El Said 
Denise E. Frebertshauser 
Mildred A. Hayman 
Kobi L. Johnson 
Cristine A. Kepple 
Kurt C. Knower 
Haryean K. Lambert 
Gary E. Seibel 
Sheryl L. Rodgers 
Joyce S. Temple 
David G. Wilson 
Amy L. Wormwood 



Undergraduate Students 
December 1988 

Christopher Clouse 
Alexander Harding 
Judy McDyer 
Bruce Pelleu 
Richard Shafritz 

May 1989 

Gregory S. Atkinson 
Jonathan J. Berusch 
Abba J. Blum 
Gregory W. Bokman 
Cynthia Y. Chien 
Robert J. Dragonette 
Mark W. Duda 

Jeffrey A. Friedman 
Mary M. Fluck 
Anthony J. V. Griffin 
Todd S. Hankin 
Christopher Howe 
Bruce F. Katz 
James E. Kerich 
Mark Krajovic 
Paige P. Lee 
Mark E. Lewandowski 
Michael M. McGuire, Jr. 
Joan Meixner 
Lisa K. Moorehead 
Andrea L. Rockwell 
Carl S. Rosen 
Aaron B. Ruderman 
Barry S. Snyder 
Edward F, Vermeer 
Gregg A. Vilschick 
Daniel F. Waters 
Sean P. Whelan 

(Business Administration) 

Undergraduate Students 
August 1988 

Maria M. Lim 
Jonathan C. Weetman 

December 1988 

Howard L. Eisenberg 
Michael R. Fagan 
Teresa L. Grimes 
Alexander B. Harding 
Marie L. Hirschmann 
Robin D, Jones 
Cecile C. Nouailhetas 
Amber E. Roe 
Sandra L. Rose 
Cynthia M. Russell 
Terrence A. Waak 

May 1989 

Alison M, Appleyard 
Gregory W. Bokman 
Mona Calistrat 
John R. Day 
Christine M. DeRiso 
Carl J. Erhardt 
Robert J. Ferketic, Jr. 
Mariyn K. Goldstein 



Cheryl F. Gordon 
Steven L. [Baker 
Shirley A. Creller 
Stephen E. Brannan 
Tracy L Hale 
Robert H. Carmack 
Yaron Harari 
Lynn C. Gramley 
Jennifer A. Hussey 
Mona D. Hoff 
Jeffrey P. Jamer 
Gerald S. Kolf 
James E. Jarboe, Jr. 
Kathleen M. Lippman 
Thomas P. Lxjurenco 
Clinton S. Lucas 
Gregory M. McCoskey 
Richard A. Lyon 
Patricia A. Milinis 
Marsha K. Millonig 
Lisa K. Moorehead 
Melanie A. Odium 
Jennifer A. Payne 
Dale N. Robertson 
Deborah R. Purchase 
Mao' B. Rosato 
Andrea L. Rockwell 
Celia M. Szarejko 
Carl S. Rosen 
Martin Thomas 
Paula J. Ryan 
Brian F. Spillman 
Angela M. Talbot 
Ali Tezolmez 
Edward F, Vermeer 
Lily L. Wong 

Graduate Students 
December 1988 

Steven L. Baker 
Stephen E. Brannan 
Robert H. Carmack 
Lynn C. Gramley 
Mona D. Hoff 
Gerald S. Kolf 
Kathleen M. Lippman 
Clinton S. Lucas 
Richard A. Lyon 
Marsha K. Millonig 
Melanie A. Odium 
Dale N. Robertson 

Man' B. Rosato 
Celia M. Szarejko 
Martin Thomas 

December 1988 

Suzanne N. Cory 
Yang-Tzong Tsay 

(Hebrew Language and 

llya Gamel 
Hillel Goldstein 
Rena Malka Kane 
Janel Pearlman 
JoAnne Spotts 
Joseph J. Stone 


(Electrical Engineering) 

December 1988 

Kevin H. Berthoud 
Ronald N. Carstens, Jr. 
A. Dirk Fitzpatrick 
Todd A. Goodrich 
Gathering D. Hislop 
Dang Hoang 
Miland M. Joshi 
Ravinder Kapoor 
Kirk A. Kondos 
Robert M. Patchan 
Yale M. Pats 
Sharon K. Phillips 
Leng Ky Sim 
Linh N. Tran 
Leah K. Tucker 
Patricia M. Wright 

May 1989 

Kourosh Baghelai 
Richard Beauclair 
Daniel S, Beck 
Neeraj Bhagat 
Denise G. Brown 
Yen-Ming Chen 
David Chow 
Donald J. Davis 
Brian J. Deaver 
Steven A. Goldstein 
Han Gopalakrishnan 

Behrouz Hadaegh 
Paul J. Holt 
Michael J. Kasinowski 
Jahanzeb Q. Khan 
Keny R. King 
Paul A. Miletic 
Alireza M. Nabavian 
Lee W. Najjar 
Hatsumi T.C. Nielsen 
Gregoo' O'Brien 
Larry O'Ferrall 
David P. Parrish 
Christopher G. Pollock 
Gregory G. Powell 
Dennis W. Prather 
Steven N. Reid 
Richard M. Ringenbach 
Majid Roganizad 
Ihab S. Tarazi 
lyab S. Tarazi 
John A. Uber 
David M. Wendt 
Mohammad-Mehdi Vaez 

(Financial Management 

Undergraduate Students 
August 1988 

Michele A. Lang 
Christopher E. Parotta 
Kathleen L. Rebeck 

December 1988 

Michael F, Canney 
Michael R. Fagan 
Donald K. Jacoby 
Robin D. Jones 
Terrence A. Waak 

May 1989 

Mona Calistrat 
Maria G. Coleman 
Christine M. DeRiso 
Robert J. Ferketic, Jr. 
Kay M. Eraser 
Eileen S. Friedman 
Marlyn K. Goldstein 
Tracy L. Hale 
James E. Jarboe, Jr. 

Patricia A. Milinis 
Ali Tezolmez 
Sean P. Whelan 

Graduate Students 
August 1988 

Kathleen S. Lippman 

December 1988 

Krishna Bachu 

May 1989 

Adam L. Block 
Michael A. Votaw 

(Geography Honor Society) 

December 1988 

Samuel K. Jones III 
James P. McCool 
Alan J. Tumbull III 
Jacqueline Willan 

May 1989 

Robert A. Baughman 
Laura Virginia Brown 
Ellen Elizabeth Cofrancesco 
Lynda Downs 
Edward L. Evans 
Laura M. Gardner 
John Patrick Roa 
Barbara K. Williams 


Kim Dana .-Xbramson 
Bahman Adeli 
Victoria Agbro 
Kathy Ann M. alexander 
Martin Alan Becker 
Holly Meredith Boggs 
Margot Fisher Brown 
Craig Randall Carter 
Theresa Cooper 
Luis Delgado 
Zayd A. Eldadah 
Brad Federman 
David Steven Gregory- 
Jonathan Scott Herstein 
Kisa R. Katz 


Thomas J. Kimner 
Rachel Sabra Libman 
Rosalyn Morganstein 
Jennifer M. Moriatis 
Kelly L. Nash 
Dana J. Neilsen 
Anne K. Nicodemus 
Adam Lloyd Pinchuck 
Ken Purchase 
Daniel F. Rice 
Richard Schoor 
Susan Elizabeth Shemanski 
Alan L. Siegel 
Debra L. Smith 
Michael David Smith 
Julie Tishler 
Mary M. Toyayko 
Jennifer Lynne Wand 
Joyce Sy Wong 
Joanne Lydia Zimolzak 

(Chemical Engineering) 

Allen Beard 
Ruth Cowles 
Robert D'Andrea 
Andrew del Rosario 
Angel Gavlak 
Karen Lombardo 
Naghmeh Maghsoudlow 
John Petrik 
Doug Schuhardt 


Mark Edward Considine 
Sean Patrick Whelan 
Eric William Young 
Donald Arthur Parr 

(National Student/ Faculty 

Undergraduate Students 

Linda C. Abdi 
Karen D. Alexander 
Marcia Bailey 
Daniel S. Beck 
Seth B. Bernstein 
Stacy D. Blake 
Gardner M. Bolster 

Alkesh Brahmbhatt 
Denise Brown 
Mona Calistrat 
Claire E. Cherry 
Susan A. Chirichilio 
Lori Conley 
Mary J. Conley 
John Dixon 
Valerie Ezrin 
Toyin V. Fadope 
James A. Foster 
Cheryl Fridkin 
Lindsey Gleadall 
Denise M. Goode 
Ronald H. Heneghan 
Christopher S. Highfall 
J. Michael Holland 
David B. Horwitz 
Katharine H. Kaplan 
Michelle D. Kost 
Jeffrey P. Kostos 
Abbe Krauss 
Jason Kravits 
Stacy L. Kurtz 
Alicia D. Luster 
Karan Macker 
Kathleen T. McCleary 
Joan Meixner 
Melanee L. Moon 
Lisa M. Needleman 
Tonia L. Pankopf 
Shauna M. Paylor 
Jennifer M. Pedersen 
Deborah R. Purchase 
Donna L. Regester 
Adrian M. Remsberg. Jr. 
Daleen J. Resnick 
Steven L. Richman 
Seth E. Riebman 
Brian K. Rinehart 
Stuart L. Ritter 
Douglas W. Schuhardt 
Sharon E. Silverman 
Henrietta M. Spiegel 
Adrienne J. Thome-Martin 
Heather Walker 
Wendy L. Warfield 
Nicole West 
Maureeen C. Wetzel 
Sean P. Whelan 
Rhonda Y. Williams 
Eric W. Young 
Julia M. Young 

Graduate Students 

Adrienne Athanas-Mclntyre 
Alice L. Harron 
Steven W. Monteith 
Michael A. Votaw 
Robert K. Winegar 

(Human Ecology) 

Bonnie Ann Altheim 
Debra Lynn Anderson 
Maribel Basora 
Jeanne Eliz Bigham 
Amita Castellano 
Iris Ronni Cohen 
Jane M. Dellapa 
Rachel Lynne Fisch 
Irit S. Gershoni 
Janice Hockersmith 
Marianne Kasparian 
Hyun Jung Kim 
Celia d. Lapidus 
Florestine Mills 
Elizabeth Morrow 
Carol G. Schiewe 
Susan A. Schwartz 
Marjorie Scharz 
Lauren M. Wallach 

(International Honor Society in 

Derrick S. Best 
Brenda L. Dunton 
Aaron A. Ghais 
Courtney A. Levin 
Margaret Ryner 
Angela N. Sugg 
Colleen G. Sundstrom 


(Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Academic Honor Society) 


Beth Marie Arciprete 
Elaine Patricia Bowman 
Gavin Thomas Brennan 
Beatrice Mireille Grumberg 
Joelle Denise Meszler 
Kelly Lizabeth Nash 
Wesley Kenneth Schrock 


Nita Ahuja 

Julia Mildred Anderson 
Cynthia Gabbert Bailor 
Theresa Balermo 
Meena Bansal 
Pamela L. Eierry 
Julia Elizabeth Brown 
Caroline Irene Cassells 
Ines Castro 
Eun Ah Cho 
Mark Louis Dell'Acqua 
Kathleen Dimambro 
Quynh Thuy Dinh 
llene M. Dubin 
Mary Agnes Erdinc 
Evan Andrew Feinberg 
Karen Anne Fleming 
James Armstrong Foster 
Robyn Dana Fried 
Shirley Naomi Garcia 
Christopher Gleason 
Denise Michele Goode 
Linda Ruth Gross 
Melanie Ann Hardy 
Patrick Lee Hickerson 
Evelyn Patricia Hogg 
Rosario Frances Hwang 
David Michael Juenemann 
Yun Jung Koh 
Judy llene Kreitman 
Dong Hie Lee 
Jennifer Marie Lynch 
Lisa Hilary Milofsky 
Michele Denise Mummey 
Ann Louise Oriole Nagy 
Bryan Patrick O'Connor 
Christina Abiodun Ojikutu 
Alan Lawrence Patterson 
Michael Aaron Petrie 
David Howard Plotkin 
Brian Charles Potter 
Douglas Alan Powell 
Jennifer Mary Rafferty 
Jaymie Michelle Reeber 
James Maxwell Repace 
Daniel Robert Rodgers 
Lisa Ann Rogers 
Julia Lenore Sameth 
Laura Michelle Scileppi 
Sharon Eileen Silverman 
Dana Michelle Sirkis 
Joann Lee Speer 


Henrietta M. Spiegel 
Brian Frederick Spillman 
Glenn Philip Stohiman 
Steven Michael Strong 
Angela Nell Sugg 
Kyna Janine Taylor 
Kimberiy Ann Taylor 
Melanie Ann Urban 
Nicole Veilleux 
Michael Edwin Walther 
Bemadette Wilkinson 
George Albert Wilkinson III 
Aglaia S. Zellos 
Juliana Zinger 


(Initiates - Spring 1989) 

Kimberiy M. Al Suffi 
Kathy Ann M. Alexander 
Salvatore A. Amodeo 
William F. Andrews 
Kwok K. Au 
Alison A. August 
Linda Baker 
David P. Barber 
William Barron 
Beverly L. Battle 
Mary Bellamy 
Laura J. Bellows 
Ancasi Stephen Berenson 
Lisa P. Ekrkowitz 
Douglas E. Bice 
Lisa L. Bjork 
Ann Brown 
John J. Brown Jr. 
Laura Buck 
Carol H. Callaway 
Theresa Calzarette 
Gary J. Cegalis 
Susan A. Chirichillo 
Stephen Coffeen 
West Coile 
Teresa T. Collins 
Kevin J. Craft 
Jennifer L. Cranfore 
James Cunradi 
Lucia Daubresse 
Dara A. Day 
Bita H. Dayhoff 
Marianne T. De Guilmi 
Kathleen A. Deery 
Kathleen DiMambro 
David L. Dunham 
Sandra Dwiggins 

Laura Dye 
Steven C. Eckels 
William Eckroade 
Christine L. Edmundson 
Michele D. Egan 
Zayd A. Eldadah 
Barbara A. Ellis 
Ayman Elshawwa 
Ross Emery 
Victoria Erdly 
Vivian B. Ferguson 
Mary Ann Ferguson 
Lisa Finstrom 
Thomas N. Fletcher 
David M. Forman 
James A. Foster 
Regina U. Frank 
Patricia R. French 
Cheryl B. Fridkin 
Susan E. Gallagher 
Maribeth Gamier 
Michele A. Gatty 
Violet Gaunce 
Chun Kit M. Gin 
Alison Goettee 
Elissa Golin 
Cheryl F. Gordon 
Rebecca Green 
Francisco R. Green 
David S. Gregory 
Louise A. Gunter 
Patricia G. Hammer 
Leora Hamosh 
Candace S. Hanlein 
Deborah L. Hansen 
Lynn M. Harpold 
Sherry Harris-Owen 
Amy L. Haury 
Gary L. Henson 
Jonathan S. Herstein 
James A. Hoerner 
Karen L, Holyoak 
Ward Jerome Hyman 
Erica Johns 
Eric Johnson 
Tammy L. Jones 
Brian Judy 
Amy B. Kaufman 
Barry S. Keller 
Brian P. Kelly 
Joan M. Kenney 
Kent B. Kimball 
Karen L. King 

John H. Klingelhoeffer 
Wilky Kumiawan 
Elizabeth Lakey 
Frances Landau 
Carol F. Landry 
William A. Lasceile 
John D. Lemaster 
Jenn Sen Leu 
Kathleen Lewis 
Patricia Lissner 
Randi L. London 
Ellen E. Maillar 
Carolyn D. Marlow 
John Marshall 
Gina M. Massoglia 
Linda Matteson 
Gregory M. McCoskey 
Jeffrey P. McDonald 
Kristen E. McElhiney 
Adam M. Mecinski 
Susan E. Merchlinsky 
Arthur H, Miller 
Christopher Monsour 
Douglas Moore 
Teresa Mossi 
Barbara W. Murry 
Mary V. Murtha 
Thomas W. Musser 111 
Akila Nayak 
John J. Nelson 
Mary Kae O'Neill 
John A. Oliver Jr. 
Ulrika L. Oster 
Mandip S. Parmar 
Laurie A. Patrick 
Richard P. Penn 
Kimberiy A. Perry 
Lynn A. Peterson 
Adam L. Pinchuck 
Mary C. Pleffner 
Sharon R. Pollock 
Jill M. Primrose 
Tejashri S. Purohit 
Puneet Rakesh 
Anita G. Ranade 
Vineeta Rastogi 
Ina R. Rawlinson 
Jay M. Rebouche 
Paula Richmond 
Stacey L. Ridenour 
Yi Rong 
Rose H. Rosin 
Katherine A. Rutemiller 

Sue A. Schaefer 

Jill L. Scheldrup 

Amy K. Schmitz 

Jodi E. Schwartz 

Eugene Schwartzman 

Kendra E. Sebum 

Manu Sehgal Shisheng Shang 

Adam Shapiro 

Christopher B. Shedlick 

Teresa S. Shelton 

Marsha D. Somers 

Anne Spiegelthal 

Barry E. Sprecher 

Jill Strass 

Lori A. Struss Layne 

Kimberiy A. Sullivan 

Helen C. Sumerwell 

Daniel Swearingen 

Sharon L. Tasman 

Deborah Taub 

Henry F. Taylor III 

Nancy S. Templeton 

Edo A. Tenaglia 

Kara Tittle 

William D. Tjokroaminata 

Tan N. Tran 

Tung- Phong Tran-Luu 

Sallie A, Varrelman-Chatfield 

Nicole Veilleux 

Daniel Villar 

John F. Wakefield 

Daniel F. Waters 

Linda Williams 

Kevin C. Wilson 

Use Winkelmann 

Boon Lan A. Wong 

Rebecca E. Wong 

Gloria A. Worch 

Susan Wright 

Yu Jen Wu 

Avigayl Young 


(Initiates ■ Spring 1989) 

Tuleen P. Alam 
KathyAnn M. Alexander 
Roberta L. Booth 
Julianna E. Cavin 
Joan C. Chang 
DeNotta S. Collins 
Theresa A. Cooper 
Kayce A. Cover 
Donald J. DeMember 


Neil F. Donovan 
Patricia J. Durana 
Dorie E. Eger 
Paula L. Eisen 
Zayd A. Eldadah 
Mary A. Erdinc 
Ruth E. Fundyga 
Osvaldo S. Gigliotti 
Karen A. Goldberg 
Samantha D. Heburn 
Marc J. Hirschbein 
Rosario F. Hwang 
Dolores Ibarreta 
William H. Jones 
Kimberly A. Kent 
Vanessa L. Kluth 
Denise K. Knickman 
Sally J. Lane 
Linda C. Lee 
Stuart M. Leon 
JohnT. Lill 
Leiand B. Matlick 
Susan E. Merchlinsky 
Kyle M. Miura 
Katayoon Morraveji 
Jessica H. Nguyen 
Eileen T. O'Farrell 
James A. Oliverio 
Daniel I. Perlin 
Beth N. Peshkin 
Tejashri S. Purohit 
Sharon C. Roper 
Eric Serejski 
Lori D. Simpson 
Theodore S. Takata 
Amy C. Talbott 
Ebalinna M. Vaughn 
Duyanh T. Vu 
Lisa S. Walrath 
Kathy E. Wolf 
Joyce S. Wong 
Randall E, Wong 
Lori M. Wright 

(National French and Italian 
Honor Society) 
Undergraduate Students 

Karen Elaine Boggs 
Joline Michaud Celentano 
Valery R. Ciancio 
Jane Parks Creech 
Maria Lucia Daubresse 

Andrew Kramer 
Katrin Lynne Marshall 
Rebecca Jane Munn 
Mary Yoshiko Nash 
Olline Debra Padgette 
Linda Joann Piccirilli 
Tracy Ann Steptoe 
Carol Domenica Villa 
Lisha Brette Werba 
Galen J. Wilkerson 

Graduate Students 

Syeda Saba Bokhari 
Marie Magdeleine Chirol 
Anthony DiSalvo 
Kathleen Michelle Fritz 
Joan Grenier 
Colette Martin Henrietta 
Nicole F. Minnick 


(Floriculture and Ornamental 

Lillian Jeanne Barrere 
Mary D. Bartlett 
Keith B. Caudill 
Michele L. Deitsch 
Susan S. Fellows 
Cristina Clara Gouin 
David M. Holler 
Kristopher T. Jensen 
Charles W. Leasure 
Darrell F. Majeres 
Pamela M. McGrath 
Betsy E. Mendenhall 
Jamie J. Newell 
Linda M. Robertson 
Wayne W. Rose 
Wilhelmina Van de Poll 
Carol L. Worthey 
Michaeline M. Yaffe 

(Mechanical Engineering) 

James A. Bielec 
Samir Dagher 
Michael A. Deeds 
James R. Dickey 
Williamm W. Duvall 
Jeffrey P. Feldstein 
Michael C. Givens 
Brian D. Hall 

David P. Hammett 
Philip A. Harmon 
Richard M. Hauf 
Mark a. Higgins 
Kirsten F. Jorgensen 
Lori L. Keenan 
Amy J. Kinsey 
William Martino 
Craig T. Mathews 
James G. Mattem 
Linda L. Matteson 
Jeffrey A. Metzger 
Robert J. Mink 
Jeffrey J. Morgan 
Mary E. Murphy 
Patricia A. O'Donnell 
Sanjay A. Patel 
Jonathan M. Perritt 
Maria D. Richardson 
John P. Roberts 
Lamont T. Ruley 
Francis J. Schima 
Sharif T. Shehata 
Frederick A. Unger 
Maureen E. Williams 
Kuisun Yim 


(National Honor Society in 


Joel Ephriam Axler 
Michelle L. Bensen 
Seth Bhakti Bernstein 
Stacy Denise Blake 
Roberta Anne Diemer 
Mary Elizabeth Faccioli 
Tammy Lynn Gurman 
Amy Simoneau LeVoci 
Lisa Marie McDonald 
Teresa Ann Moran 
Karin Patricia Stover 


(Fire Proection Engineering) 

Lisa M. Bossert 
Steve J. Ganey 
Jeffrey E. Harper 
Daniel J. Mathias 
Sandra L. Matthews 
Daniel E. Niner 
Jeffrey J. Sobel 

(English Honor Society) 

Deborah Ackerman 
Steve Belli n 
Jonathan Bloom 
Phoebe Brown 
Janet Callies 
Ines Castro 
Eun Kyung Cho 
Karen Choate 
Patrick Corrigan 
Ilene Dubin 
Cheryl Fridkin 
Jeffrey Greer 
Kelly Haines 
Judy Kreitman 
Michael Lonoff 
Lisa Marcinko 
Michael Mathes 
Rayni Moutsos 
Rosemary McEwen 
Edwin Oliver 
Ingrid Orentas 
Jonathan Prince 
Jaymie Reeber 
Daleen Resnick 
Raymond Ryan 
Carol Sanders 
Linda Savaryn 
Dan Schecter 
Rita Schoemburg 
Stacy Schwartz 
Henrietta Spiegel 
Jill Strass 
Jong Suh 
Elizabeth Terhorst 
Diane Vance 






"3 .1, "■ 

Ionic style columns like this one appear on several 
buildings around the College Park campus, 
including the Physics Building, Main Administration, 
and several of the dormitories. 

Administering Council for 


Awarded to: 

Liz Baqir 

Jason Kravits 

Andrea Mongeon 

Howard N. Pippin. Jr. 

Agricultural Alumni Award pre- 
sented to a senior whose leader- 
ship and service has contributed 
most towards the advancement 
of the College of Agriculture. 
Awarded to: 

Mary Kalinowski 

Agricultural Alumni Award pre- 
sented to students who have 
exhibited scholastic excellence 
during their college career. 
Awarded to: 

Jeannette Glover Clew 

Meghan J. Welch 

Agricultural Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Senior Award to a senior in 
agricultural engineering on the 
basis of scholastic performance, 
participation in the ASAE 
National Student Branch and 
other extracurricular activities. 
Awarded to: 
Michael Lucci 

AlAC Bud Ecalono Memorial 
Scholarship awarded to an 
American-born second year stu- 
dent of Italian heritage. 
Awarded to: 

Richard Pulsinelli 

Alcoa Foundation Scholarship 
Awards to outstanding students 
in fire protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Creshona S. Abbott 

Sandra L. Matthews 

Barry E. Sprecher 

Alcoa Foundation Traffic Schol- 
arship Award to an outstanding 
junior student majoring in 
transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 
Craig R. Carter 

Alpha Zeta Award to a full-time 
student in the College of Agri- 
culture in recognition of scho- 
lastic excellence during his or 
her freshman year. 
Awarded to: 

Kimberly J. Kasmer 

American Association of Univer- 
sity Women, College Park. 
Maryland branch, in recognition 
of two outstanding women 
receiving advanced degrees. 
Awarded to: 

Ann Reed Mangels 
Doctor of Philosophy 
Human Nutrition and Food 
Systems Program 
Hanaa Youssef 
Master of Science 
Electrical Engineering Pro- 

American Institute of Architects 
AIA Certificate to a graduating 
student of architecture for aca- 
demic achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Buford Lee Oriksill III 

American Institute of Architects 
AIA Medal to a graduating stu- 
dent of architecture for out- 
standing overall academic 
Awarded to: 

Louis Patrick Lepelch 

American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers Award presented by 
the National Capital Section to 
the outstanding chemical engi- 
neering senior. 
Awarded to: 

Shannon M. Cosgrove 


American Institute of Chemists 
Award to an outstanding senior for 
schoiarsiiip in chemistr>' and 
Awarded to: 
Meena Bansal 

American Institute of Chemists 
Student Award presented to a 
senior majoring in chemical 
engineering on the basis of 
demonstrated qualities of lead- 
ership, ability, character, and 
scholastic achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Robert Paul D 'Andrea 

American Nuclear Society Student 
Chapter Award (donated by 
Building Construction Trades 
Department, AFL-CIO) to a senior 
in the Nuclear Engineering 
Program in recognition of 
outstanding contribution to the 
student chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Maureen C. Wetzel 

American Nuclear Society 
Washington Chapter Senior Award 
for highest overall scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Maureen C. Wetzel 

American Nuclear Society 
Washington, D.C. Local Section 
Scholarship Improvement Award to 
the senior in nuclear engineering 
who has made the greatest 
improvement in scholarship from 
junior year to senior year. 
Awarded to: 
Jeong H. Kim 

American Society of Civil Engineers 
Outstanding Senior Award. 
Awarded to: 
Barry L. Brandt 

American Society of Mechanical 
Engineer's Senior Award to the 
senior member who has 
contributed most to the local 
Awarded to: 
Callie Li Lee 

James R. Anderson Award for 
outstanding achievement in the 
Department of Geography. 
Awarded to: 

Wendy Bratzel 

Alan J. Tumbull III 


Edward L. Evans 


Angel Award to an undergraduate 
English major who has shown 
distinction, extraordinary merit and 
perseverance in his or her studies 
at College Park. 
Awarded to: 

Theodore Hawkins 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award to a graduating 
senior in recognition of exemplary 
service rendered to the School of 
Architecture and its student body. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Edward Wheedleton 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award to masters degree 
recipient inrecognition of 
exemplary service rendered to the 
School of Architecture and its 
student body. 
Awarded to: 

Valerie Ann Nagel 

School of Architecture Dean's 
Thesis Award for Fall Semester 
Awarded to: 

Valerie Ann Nagel 

School of Architecture Faculty 
Award to a graduating senior in 
recognition of excellence in design. 
Awarded to: 

Peter Alexander Pelsinski 

S. Meyer Bamett Retail 
Management Scholarship awarded 
to an outstanding applicant with 
interest in pursuing a career in 
retail management. 
Awarded to: 
Andrew Lieber 

Bechtel Awarded to a civil 
engineering student for 
demonstrated leadership and 
service to the student engineering 
Awarded to: 
Ruth Scannell 

Harold R.W. Benjamin 
International Fellow to a worthy 
graduate student majoring in 
international education or 
comparative education. 
Awarded to: 
Charles Reilly 

Mary McCleod Bethune Citizenship 
Award to the Black junior or senior 
who has displayed outstanding 
involvement and leadership in 
campus activities and has con- 
tributed most to the advancement 
of Black student concerns at the 
University of Maryland at College 
Awarded to: 

Rhonda Williams 

B'Nai Zion Award. 
Awarded to: 

Hillel Goldstein 

Rena Malka Kane 

Boeing Scholarship Award 
recognizing academic achievement 
by a minority student in science or 
Awarded to: 

Flavius A. Caliber 

J.Y. Bryan Prize for investigative 


Awarded to: 

Joanne P. Cavanaugh 

Michele Gatty 

Harry C. Byrd Award to the 
outstanding senior male who has 
typified the model student and 
contributed significantly to student 
interests and concerns. 
Awarded to: 
Seth Berstein 

Sally S. Byrd Award to the 
outstanding senior female who has 
typified the modfel student and who 
has contributed significantly to 
student interests and concerns. 
Awarded to: 
Julie "Voung 

James Edward Miller Chapman 
Scholarship to full-time Masters 
applicants who are residents of the 
District of Columbia. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas Johnson 

Michael Richard 

Chemical Society of Washington 
Award to the outstanding senior in 
the Department of Chemistry and 
Awarded to: 

Michael Harry Wilson 

Chesapeake Bay Roost - Association 
of Old Crows Scholarship to an 
undergraduate student in Electrical 
Awarded to: 

Robert M. Kazden 

Chevy Chase Women's Club 
Scholarship to selected 
undergraduate student in apparel 
design, fashion merchandising, and 
textile marketing and selected 
graduate student concentrating in 
textile marketing and 


Awarded to: 
L ndergraduate 

Thuy Nguyen-Do 

Dawn Vicknair-Hackett 

Nancy Halpem 

Molly Eckman 

Chi Epsilon Outstanding Senior 
Award presented to a senior in civil 
engineering exhibiting high 
scholarship, character, and 
congeniality, together with 
practical engineering adaptability. 
Awarded to: 

James L. Preston 

Chicago Chapter Society of Fire 
Protection Engineers Scholarship 
Award to an outstanding student 
from the Chicago metropolitan 
Awarded to: 

Rita Drwila 

Jefifirey E. Harper 

Civil Engineering Department 
Outstanding Senior Award. 
Awarded to: 

Kaye L. Brubaker 

Margaret Cook Award endowed by 
Prince George's County Heritage. 
Inc., and presented by the Prince 
George's County Historical and 
Cultural Trust to a graduate 
student in recognition of 
excellence in the field of historic 
Awarded to: 

Worthington Peter Pearre 

Dr. Ernest N. Cory Scholarship to 
an outstanding junior or senior 
recommended by the College of 
Agriculture, preferably one 
majoring in entomology. 
Awarded to: 
Benda Bull 

Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award 
to the outstanding graduate 
student in the Department of 

Botany during the last year. 
Awarded to: 

Ann M. Buchman 

Creative and Performing .Arts 
Scholarships in Theatre. 
Awarded to: 

Amie Bermowitz 

Jason Kravits 

Howard N. Pippin, Jr. 

Philip L. DeCamara. Jr.. Memorial 
Scholarship Awards, sponsored by 
the American Fire Sprinkler 
Association, to an outstanding 
junior or senior. 
Awarded to: 

Gerald A. Haynes 

Kathy Jo Smith 

Delta Nu Alpha. Washington 
Chapter No. 84 Scholarship to an 
outstanding member of the 
University of Mao'land chapter 
majoring in transportation in the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
Erin Grace 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key. 
Awarded to: 
Andrea S. Cansle 

Dudley and Louisa Dillard Prize in 
Economics to the outstanding 
junior majoring in economics. 
Awarded to: 

Gavin Thomas Brennan 

Tero' Margulis Dunlap Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Julie C. Johnson 

E.I. du Pont de Nemours and 
Company Scholarship to an 
undergraduate student in electrical 
Awarded to: 

Laurel Ansel 

Francis Fisher 

Anirma Rakshpal 

George Treacy 

Electrical Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Academic Pert'ormance .Award to a 
junior for outstanding scholastic 
Awarded to: 
James E. DeGrange, Jr. 

Electrical Engineering 
Department's Outstanding Service 
Award on the basis of demonstrated 
service and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Denise G. Brown 

Wilson H. Elkins Citizenship Award 
to the senior who displayed 
outstanding leadership and 
involvement and promoted student 
interests and concerns. 
Awarded to: 

Denise Goode 

Rhonda Williams 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Electee 
Award to a new member for 
outstanding pert'ormance in the 
electee program and for 
participation in student activities. 
Awarded to: 

Robert M. Patchan 

ISprirrg 1988) 

Mark J. Haney 

(Fall 1988) 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior 
Award to a senior in electrical 
engineering for outstanding 
scholastic achievement and service 
to the society and department. 
Awarded to: 

James F. McGuire 

(Spring 1988) 

Robert M. Patchan 

(Fall 1988) 

Frank J. Fee. Jr., Memorial Award 
sponsored by the National Fire 
Protection Association with a full 
scholarship to an outstanding 
student selected by the faculty of 

the Department of Fire Protection 
Awarded to: 
Lisa M. Bossert 

Fire Protection Engineering 
Department Chairman's Award to a 
student in the Department of Fire 
Protection Engineering with the 
most significant contribution to 
the department and the university. 
Awarded to: 

Gerald A, Haynes 

Fire Protection Engineering 
Faculty Award to a senior in the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Engineering with the most 
significant improvement in 
academic achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Kathy Jo. Smith 

Friends of the College Award to 
high academic achieving 
undergraduate or graduate students 
in the College of Education. 
Awarded to: 

Carmen E. Bovell 

CreSaundra Sills 

Tom Moore 

Elizabeth Beil 

Lynne Hull 

Franklin R. Horstman 

GEICO Achievement Scholarship to 
an outstanding undergraduate 
finance major in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

James E. Jarboe 

General Electric Information 
Services Co. Award to a junior or 
senior in electrical engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Denise G. Brown 

Michael S. Savage 


General Honors Best Projects 
Award to students who produce an 
outstanding scholarly paper or 
creative work initiated in a general 
honors seminar. 
Awarded to: 

Jeffrey Todd Adier 

Carolyn Jean Gates 

Anna Kathryn Gilcher 

Sarah Johnson 

Jeffrey Jones 

Keelin Smothers 

James Douglas Goodard Memorial 
Medal awarded by the Prince 
George's County Alumni Club to 
the outstanding female and male 
graduating seniors from Prince 
George's County. 
Awarded to: 

Henry Andrew Heikkinen 

Gina Marie Massoglia 

Walter J. and Elmira Staiey Hahn 
Scholarship to an undergraduate 
student committed to a career in 
elementary education. 
Awarded to: 

Julie Stromberg Flood 

Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award. 
Awarded to: 

Jason Kravits 

Howard N. Pippin, Jr. 

William F. Holin Scholarship 
designed to encourage and assist 
undergraduate students interested 
in careers in business public affairs. 
Awarded to: 

Christine M. DeRiso 

Deborah A. Holmes 

Homeland Garden Club Award to 
the graduating senior who has 
done outstanding work in the 
landscape design and contracting 
option in horticulture. 
Awarded to: 
Julia Mary Tucker 

Joyce Tayloe Horrell Award to the 
graduating undergraduate English 
major with the highest overall 
grade point average. 
Awarded to: 
Diane C. Vance 

Joseph W. Houppert Memorial 
Prize to the undergraduate student 
for the best essay on Shakespeare 
during the academic year. 
Awarded to: 
Julie Marino 

Human Ecology Alumni Awards to 
outstanding graduate students. 
Awarded to: 

Michelle Clossick 

Molly Eckman 

Donna Rhodes 

Human Ecology Alumni Awards to 
outstanding junior students. 
Awarded to: 

Melanie Cook 

Rami Dalai 

Alison Goette 

Stacey F. Relkin 

Human Ecology Alumni Awards to 
outstanding returning student. 
Awarded to: 
Carol Impara 

Human Ecology Alumni Awards to 
outstanding self-supporting 
Awarded to: 

Susan Gardner 

Vicky Westphal 

Stephen M. Zanzanis 

Human Ecology Alumni Awards to 
outstanding seniors. 
Awarded to: 

Jane Dellapa 

Rachel Lynn Fish 

Thomas Keane 

Human Ecology Alumni Awards to 
outstanding sophomore students. 
Awarded to: 

Kathleen Murphy 

Human Ecology Alumni Special 
Departmental Award. 
Awarded to: 

Amy Allen 

Heather Helms 

College of Human Ecology Dean's 


Awarded to: 

Patricia Collins 

Susan Gardner 

Alison Coettee 

Thuy Hong-Thi Nguyen-Do 

Drew Shortall 

Dawn Vicknair-Hackett 

Vicky Westphall 

Institute for Nuclear Power 
Operations Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

James A. Hoemer 

Maureen C. Wetzel 

Institute of Electrical Electronics 
Engineers Outstanding Student 
Award to a member who has shown 
outstanding commitment to the 
organization and to the Electrical 
Engineering Department. 
Awarded to: 

Denise C. Brown 

(Spring 19881 

Joe Elbert James Memorial Award 
to the graduating senior in 
horticulture on the basis of 
scholarship and promise of future 
Awarded to: 

Laura Annette Dye 

Roll Jensen & Associates 
Scholarship to an outstanding 
junior or senior with a 
demonstrated interest in Fire 
Protection Engineering consulting. 
Awarded to: 

Jeffrey E. Harper 

James H. Kehoe Award presented 
by Campus Recreation Services to 
the male volunteer who has 
contributed significantly to the 

recreational opportunities for the 
university community. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas A. Powers 

Ethel Kesler Award presented by 
Campus Recreation Services to the 
female volunteer who has 
contributed significantly to the 
recreational opportunities of the 
university community. 
Awarded to: 

Elizabeth A. Terhorst 

Leidy Foundation Scholarships to 
outstanding juniors in the 
Department of Chemistry and 
Awarded to: 

Steven Hamilton Hoke H 

Jamal Yousefi 

Link-Shanks Award to a junior or 
first semester senior who has 
demonstrated the greatest 
improvement in grade point 
average since entering the 
horticulture curriculum. 
Awarded to: 

Victoria Susan Bryant 

Donald Maley Scholarship to a high 
academic undergraduate student. 
Awarded to: 
Kim Sheff 

Dean and Mrs. Charles Manning 


Awarded to: 

Andrea Mongeon 

Maryland-Delaware-DC Press 
Association Award for the 
outstanding senior in the news 
editorial sequence. 
Awarded to: 
Michele Gatty 

Maryland State Firemen's 
Association Grant (a four-year 
grant) to a student who will enroll 


in the Department of Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 
John C. Aceto 

Isabel R. McDonald Memorial 
Award to an outstanding graduate 
student in the Department of 
Awarded to: 

Darren D. Sledjeski 

March & McLennan Scholarship 
Award to an outstanding student 
majoring in fire protection 
Awarded to: 
Chi Kim Le 

Mechanical Engineering 
Department Academic Achievement 
Award to the junior in mechanical 
engineering who has the highest 
scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 

Leslie Ira Bookoff 

Duncan Alexander McTaggart 

Mechanical Engineering 
Department Chairman's Award to 
the senior in mechanical 
engineering who has the highest 
scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 

Laura Ann Creenan 

John Allen Oliver 

Merck Index Awards. 
(Chemistry and Biochemistry) 
Awarded to: 

Quynh Thuy Dinh 

Christine Lynn Hughes 

Cina Marie Massoglia 

Mobil Oil Corporation Scholarship 
to an outstanding student majoring 
in decision and information 
systems in the College of Business 
and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Charles T. Adams 

David M. Keefe 

Brian S. Norton 

Helen M. Thomas 

Suet Y. Tsiang 

Mobil Oil Scholarship recognizing 
academic achievement in computer 
Awarded to: 

Jacquin Morris Buchanan 

Marie Antoinette Kelly 

Kenneth William Rothermel 

Kurt Andrew Westerfeld 

Heidi Elise Yost 

William Morgan Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Andrea K. Dahl 

Gregg Eby 

Michael S. Williams 

Marie Mount Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Stacey F. Relkin 

Andrew J. Moyer Memorial Award 
to a deserving graduate student in 
Awarded to: 

William C. Fuqua 

National Defense Transportation 
Association Scholarship to an 
outstanding transportation major 
in the United States. 
Awarded to: 
Craig R. Carter 

National Defense Transportation 
Association, Washington Chapter 
Scholarship Award to an 
outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland chapter 
majoring in transportation in the 

College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Gregg Baxter 

Shirley Greller 

John Sickman 

Nuclear Engineering Department 
and the Student Chapter of the 
American Nuclear Society, College 
of Engineering meritorious service 
award to a student for his or her 
outstanding contribution to the 
Nuclear Engineering Program and 
the Student Chapter. 
Awarded to: 
Mirela Gavrilas 

Omicron Nu Award to the newly 
initiated student who attains the 
highest scholastic average during 
the first semester. 
Awarded to: 
Beth Crabine 

Omni MBA Scholarships to a 
student of academic excellence 
with interest in career in 
construction management or real 
estate development. 
Awarded to: 
Adam Block 

James R. O'Neil Scholarship 
Awarded, sponsored by the New 
York-New Jersey Chapter of the 
Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers to outstanding juniors or 
Awarded to: 

Glenn S. Berger 

John F. Deubler 

Kathleen M. Ramshom 

Phillip L. and Ora T. Ordwein 
Scholarship to a minority 
undergradaute or graduate student 
majoring in early childhood 
elementary education. 
Awarded to: 

Michelle St. Louis 

Orkand Scholarships to 
outstanding full-time Masters 
students, especially enrolled 
students desiring to change from 
part-time to full-time status. 
Awarded to: 

Michael Kutsch 

Clint Lucas 

Thomas Mitchem 

Hugh Perkins Fellowship to an 
outstanding student in the 
Institute for Child Study. 
Awarded to: 
Tracy Britten 

Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi 
recognizes outstanding seniors for 
academic excellence and 
community involvement. 

Walter V. Hohenstein Fellowship. 
Awarded to: 
William R. Hix 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award to 
the senior in mechanical 
engineering who has made the 
most outstanding contribution to 
the university. 
Awarded to: 

Lisa Marie Walters 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding Service 
Award to a student for outstanding 
service and contributions to the 
Awarded to: 

Kirsten Francis Jorgensen 
Maria Dallemura Richardson 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding 
Sophomore Award to the 
sophomore in mechanical 
engineering who has the highest 
scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 

Sean William Flaherty 

Gertrude Poe Scholar. 
Awarded to: 

Joanne Cavanaugh 


Dr. John T. Portz General Honors 
Award to a junior general honors 
student who has an outstanding 
academic record and who has made 
significant non-academic 
contributions to the General 
Honors Program. 
Awarded to: 

Carole Anne Parish 

Jane M. Prichard Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding teaching 
graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during the 
last year. 
Awarded to: 

Karen E. Kackley 

Ethel M. Regan Scholarship, Prince 
George's County Council of 
Extension Homemakers, Inc. 
Awarded to: 
Kathy Jung 

Ryan Homes Scholarship Award for 
students demonstrating an interest 
in the homebuilding industry. 
Awarded to: 

Jefifrey M. Baum 

Sacks Foundation Tuition 


Awarded to: 

Renata Baker 

Gerard M. Bockstie 

Leiand E. and Catherine B. Scott 
Award to the outstanding graduate 
student in the Department of 
Awarded to: 

Elizabeth Mitcham-Butler 

Scripps-Howard Journalism 
Foundation Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Joanne Cavanaugh 

Shipley's of Maryland Award to 
honor the graduating history major 
with the most distinguished 
academic record. 
Awarded to: 

Angela Nell Sugg 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the 
outstanding graduating senior in 
Awarded to: 

Lisa Ann Rogers 

Sigma Circle of Omicron Delta 
Kappa Leader of the Year Award to 
one member who has demonstrated 
the most outstanding leadership 
within the circle and on the 
Awarded to: 
Shauna Paylor 

Dr. Leo and Rita Sklar General 
Honors Award to freshman/ 
sophomore and junior/senior 
general honors students who have 
exhibited academic excellence and 
contributed significantly to the 
honors program or the University of 
Marj'land community. 
Awarded to: 

Brian P. Brooks 

Anna Kathryn Cilcher 

Joan Meixner 

Paul Popemack 

Society of Automotive Engineer's 
Senior Award to the senior member 
who has contributed most to the 
local chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Gregory Martin Thomas 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineer's Outstanding Senior 
Award to the most outstanding 
senior in fire protection 
Awarded to: 

Barry E. Sprecher 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineer's Outstanding Sophomore 
Award to the most outstanding 
sophomore in fire protection 
Awarded to: 

Christine M. Campbell 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineer's Student Chapter Award 
for distinguished and outstanding 
service to the chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Brian M. McGraw 

Dr. Mabel S. Spencer Scholarship 
with preference given to students 
in home economics education. 
Awarded to: 

Elizabeth Sayles 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship to an 
outstanding student majoring in 
transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Kathleen A. Langheck 
Benjamin C. Rabinowitz 

Robert J. Taylor Academic 
Achievement Award to the 
outstanding junior in fire 
protection engineering by the 
Salamander Honor Society. 
Awarded to: 

Aleskyl L. Szachnowicz 

Theatre Patrons Association 
Scholarship Awards. 
Awarded to: 

Douglas S. Adams 

Liz Baqir 

Amy Berlin 

Jason Kravits 

Laura Ann Miller 

Three Arts Club of the Homeland to 
an outstanding student in the 
School of Architecture for 1988-89. 
Awarded to: 

Kwok-Michael Kwong Au 

TRW Scholarship Award for 
outstanding achievement in 
computer science. 
Awarded to: 

Hillel Dov Steinberg 

Ralph J. Tyser Scholarship to 
outstanding entering Masters 

students from the Washington 
metropolitan area. 
Awarded to: 

Kevin Anderson 

Michael Bowen 

Shelley Harlow 

Donna Sabino 

Joann Walters 

Undergraduate Award to the 
graduating history major who 
achieved highdistinction in his or 
her overall academic record. 
Awarded to: 

Evan Andrew Feinberg 

UNISYS Scholarship to an MBA 
student of academic excellence 
with strong communication skills. 
Awarded to: 
Michael Bowen 

Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award to the 
outstanding student in investments 
and security analysis in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Maria G. Coleman 

Westinghouse Scholarships to 
outstanding applicants, with a 
preference to those with 
backgrounds in science, math, or 
Awarded to: 

George Bent 

Brian Campbell 

Thomas Fellowes 

Jocelyn Hoffman 

John Huettel 

Leslie Hummel 

Jeffrey Luther 

Steven Monteith 

Kelly Welsh 

William and Carolyn Witzel 
Scholarship to students majoring 
in the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Charles W. Bross 

Barry S. Keller 

Robin M. Honeycutt 

Ori M. Reiss 



This frieze is one of several that appears on the front 
of Cole Field House. Also known as the activities 
building. Cole has been the scene of commencement 
exercises every year since it was built in 1955. 

Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball 
Trophy for the senior who has 
made the greatest career 
Awarded to: 

Derrick R. Lewis 

Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophy for the unsung hero of 
the current season. 
Awarded to: 

Matthew W. D'Amico 

Daniel R. Plocki 

Atlantic Coast Conference 
Plaque to a female and male 
senior for excellent in 
scholarship and athletics. 
Awarded to: 

Lori Ann Conley 

Michael J. Raue 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Trophy to the outstanding 
offensive lineman of the year. 
Awarded to: 
Mark T. Agent 

The Charles T. Beebe, Jr., Award 
to a woman athlete for 
excellence in scholarship and 
Awarded to: 

Cheryl Ann Smith 

Bosey Berger Trophy. 1988, 
annually awarded to the 
outstanding senior baseball 
Awarded to: 

Thomas Brian Tryon 

John Carlson Award to the 
outstanding team member in 
men's soccer. 
Awarded to: 

Michael R. Painter 

William P. Cole III Memorial 
Lacrosse Award to the 
outstanding midfielder. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas D. Worstell 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a member 
of the football team with the 
highest scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 

John W. Rugg, Jr. 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silver Trophy 
to the most improved defensive 
lacrosse player. 
Awarded to: 

Daniel P. Coughlan 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the 
graduating male senior athlete, 
who during his four years of 
varsity competition, lettered at 
least once and attained the 
highest overall scholastic 
Awarded to: 
Michael J. Raue 

Jack Faber-Al Heagy Unsung 
Hero Award to the lacrosse 
player best exemplifying 
determination, will to win and 
pride in accomplishment. 
Awarded to: 
Erick W. Stnib 

Dr. John E. Faber, Jr., Silver 
Helmet Award to the football 
student-athlete for outstanding 
second effort the season. 
Awarded to: 

Neil K. O'DonneU 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 
Trophy to the most outstanding 
wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas D. Reese 

John W. Guckeyson Award for 
scholarship, leadership, and 
athletic ability. 
Awarded to: 
Michael Collins 


James H. Kehoe Award to the 
senior female athlete who 
symbolized the commitment, 
dedication, spirit and will to win 
and excel in athletics. 
Awarded to: 
Lori A. Conley 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to the 
most valuable football player. 
Awarded to: 

Daniel R. Plocki 

Larry Levitt Memorial Award to the 
outstanding freshman in men's 
Awarded to: 

Robert M. Wurzburger 

Peter Lowery Awarded to the soccer 
team member exemplifying 
academic excellence, leadership 
and distinguished citizenship on 
Awarded to: 
Michael Collins 

M Clubs Founders Award to a 
senior athlete for outstanding 
athletic ability, academic 
excellence, upright character, and 
distinguished citizenship. 
Awarded to: 
Michael Collins 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy 
offered by William E. Krouse to the 
Maryland student who has 
contributed most to wrestling while 
at the University of Maryland. 
Awarded to: 

Philip G. Brown 

Maryland Ring to the senior 
resident of Maryland who is 
adjudged the best athlete of the 
Awarded to: 

Thomas D. Reese 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., Award 
to the senior Baltimore area 
resident who has contributed the 
most to his sport. 
Awarded to: 

Thomas B. Tryon 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the 
member of the men's lacrosse team 
rendering the greatest service 
during the year. 
Awarded to: 

Douglas V. Poindexter 

Silvester Watch typifying the best 
in athletics. 
Awarded to: 

Michael D. Lambert 

Talbot T. Speer Award for 
excellence in leadership, 
scholarship, and general all-around 
Awarded to: 

Michael D. Lambert 

James M. Tatum Award to the 
outstanding tackle on the football 

Awarded to: 
Warren Powers 

Dr. Reginald Van Trump Truitt 
Award to the senior attack-man in 
lacrosse for scholastic attainments 
and team performance. 
Awarded to: 

John C. Merrill III 

A.V. Williams Award for the 
Maryland football player who has 
exhibited outstanding and 
conspicuous sportsmanship during 
the year. 
Awarded to: 
Chad F. Sydnor 


The Varisty "M" presents yearly 
letter awards to those student- 
athletes determined to be deserving 
of such by their respective head 

Baseball (1987-88) 

Bryan P. Beauchemin 
Michael J. Coene 
Thomas R. Draper 
Brent A. Flynn 
John M. Gavin 
Gerald L. Guzolik 
Patrick A. Hanulak 
Louis A. Holcomb 
Drew G. Johnson 
Peter B. McHugh 
William J. Meury 
Scott J. Patterson 
Charles A. Post 
David L. Sentman 
Richard J. Smith 
Peter W. Spaulding 
Thomas B. Tryon 
Preston K. Warner 

Basketball (Men's) 


Rudolph Archer 
Dave Dickerson, Jr. 
Keith L. Gatlin 
Steve L. Hood 
John H. Johnson 
Mark L. Karver 
Mitchell A. Kasoff 
Cedric R. Lewis 
Derrick R. Lewis 
Tony A. Massenburg 
Teyon 0. McCoy 
Gregory K. Nared 
Rodney 1. Walker 
Brian C. Williams 

Basketball (Women's) 


Felicia A. Brown 
Victoria A. Bullett 
Melissa A. Gaines 
Caria E. Holmes 
Kaisa Maine 
Deanna M. Tate 
Christy A. Winters 

Cross-Country (Men's) 


Mark A. Anderson 
Rowland H. Bedell 
Christopher A. Ciamarra 
Gregory C. Early 
Christopher P. Egger 
Eric H. Hruschka 
Thomas P. Nave 

Cross-Country (Women's) 

Tracy L. Bowers 
Tamara A. DeVore 
Cynthia A. Hazel 
Beth A. Jacobson 
Denise K. Knickman 
Rosalind R. Taylor 
Jennifer C. Van Horn 

Field Hockey (1988-89) 

Lisa D. Buente 
Andrea M. Closkey 
Carla K. Hamson 
Lee K. Hoyle 
Debra D. Keller 
Mary K. Kondner 
Karen G. Lackie 
Carolyn T. Muller 
Janine D. Nyce 
Dawn A. Richardson 
Cheryl P. Rudio 
Kathleen S. Smith 
Kimberly A. Turner 
Jessica R. Wilk 

Football (1988-89) 

Mark T. Agent 
Mike K. Beasley 
Bret B. Boehly 
Jack M. Bradford 
J.B. Brown 
Wayne V. Brunson 
David A. Carr 
Matthew W. D'Amico 
Daniel Dearmas 
Darren A. Drozdov 
Karl F. Edwards 
Christopher D. Pinkie 
Richard J. Fleece 
J. Kevin Fowlkes 
Dean H. Green 


Mark C. HoHand 
Michael D. Hollis 
W. Benjamin Jefferson 
Barry W. Johnson 
Riccardo C. Johnson 
Vernon W. Joines 
Clarence T. Jones 
Michael J. Kiselak 
John H, Knight 
Bren D. Lowery 
K. Brett McGonnigal 
John Nicholas Marchetti 
Richard G. Nelson 
Kenneth C. Oberle 
Neil K. O'Donnel! 
Glenn A. Page 
Daniel R. Plocki 
Warren Powers 
Curtis Blaine Rose 
John W. Rugg, Jr. 
Scott J. Savior 
Karl S. Shoffler 
Irvin C. Smith 
Dennis J. Spinelli 
Reid Mitchel Suplee 
Chad F. Sydnor 
Michael E. Thomas 
Mark J. Walsh 
Larr>' M. Webster 
Scott A. Whittier 
Lubo Zizakovic 

Golf (1987-88) 

Paul David Errity 
Joseph P. Creenvviait 
Paul B. Hiskey 
Joseph R. Hoffman 
Michael P. Kavka 

Gymnastics (1987-88) 

Cora L. Bonstein 
Linda A. Carter 
Shannon M. Mastrogianis 
Yvonne M. Raner 
Roberta K. Saiki 
Paula 1. Smith 
Robin A. Swick 
Victoria G. Volentine 
Dana E. Walton 
Stephanie J. Young 

Lacrosse (Men's) (1987-88) 

Thomas G. tiedard 
Chris D. BuUen 
Christopher R. Connor 
Timothy G. Corcoran 
Daniel P. Coughlan 
Mark J. Douglas 
Gregory P. Duhoski 
Daniel J. Gilday 
Thomas W. Gilmartin 
John P. Gugerty 
Brendan X. Hanley 
Patrick M, Hill 
Christopher M. Lamon 
Jeffrey 0. McNeil 
John G. Merrill 
Timothy K. O'Leary 
Douglas V. Poindexter 
Willaim J. Ralph 
Guy T. Riccardi 
Peter E. Schwasnick 
Michael W. Smith 
Eric W. Strub 
Dennis J. Sullivan 
Charles P. Teubner 
Gustav C. Voigt 
Scott A. Wheeler 
Philip J. Willard 
Thomas D. Worstell 
Robert M. Wurzburger 
Stephen S. Young 

Lacrosse (Women's) 

Kimberly A. Chorosiewski 
Lori A. Conley 
Janet R. Doran 
Carolyn L. Frazer 
Holly L. Goss 
Traci L. Hudson 
Jennifer A. Hussey 
Mary K. Kondner 
Elizabeth R. Law 
Jennifer M. Lyon 
Elizabeth J. Moore 
Carolyn T. Muller 
Mary Ann Oelgoetz 
Amy R. Patton 
Carin M. Peterson 
Michele S. Uhifelder 
Kelli A. Visco 

Soccer (1988-89) 

Christopher T. Bennett 
Paul S. Boardman 
Michael Collins 
Jack Copetti 
Simon M. Cotton 
Dominic J. Feltham 
John P. Garvey 
Richard T. Labonski 
Dominic Macina 
Michael R. Painter 
Russel Sang ■ 
Mat Santora 
E. Daniel Simijoski 
Jeffrey S. Ulehla 
Jonathan M. Wells 

Swimming (Men's) 


Thomas H. Burchill 
Peter W. Burton 
Jae Jin Chung 
David J. Cunningham 
Michael J. Densmore 
Robert A. Dyson 
Lester N. Frost 
Wesley P. Gaylor 
Kurt R. Kendall 
Michael D. Lambert 
Mark A. Lang 
Brian McGinty 
Eric D. Moore 
Brian B. Park 
Michael J. Raue 
Douglas J. Ward 

Swimming (Women's) 


Courtenay A. Carr 
Amy E. Choromanskis 
Holly A. Dietrich 
Michelle E. Heary 
Kim T. Manning 
Melissa Martley 
Cathleen N. Murphy 
Elizabeth A. Pagliei 
Patricia S. Piefley 
Beth A. Spector 
Kelly L. Stanfill 

Tennis (Men's) (1987-88) 

Valerio Baccitto 
Grover G. Cantwell 
Harold Castillo 
Alain Chacon 
Alejandro Chacon 
Jim J. Dearman 
M. Sridahr Rao 
Jeffrey E. Simon 
John K. Zahurak 

Tennis (Women's) 


Claudia Borgiani 
Denise A. Fisher 
Kara D. Lombardi 
Stacy L. Norfolk 
Elizabeth N. Schram 
Melissa L. Smith 
Kerri L. Stem 
Lanie J. Stem 

Track (Men's) (1987-88) 

Duane W. Carlise 
Mark J. Coogan 
Leslie Dixon 
John M. Finney 
Wayne A. Frye 
Corwin R. Gubner 
Quinten T. Howe 
John Perry 
Eric S. Renkoff 
Roar Sollie 
Donald E. Thrower 
Roman G. Wallace 
Steve G.Yates 

Track (Women's) (1987-88) 

Caria P. Brown 
Leslie A. Chambers 
Karen A. Chew 
Timi L. Crawford 
Kellie A. Grady 
Virginia E. Hanlon 
Beth A. Jacobson 
Rayette D. Pollard 
Roaslind R. Taylor 


Volleyball (1988-89) 

Marjorie E. Brown 
Joice Dementshuk 
Pamela L. Krausman 
Andrea L. Mandella 
Jacalyn R. Miller 
Kelli N. Myers 
Pamela A. Rinker 

Wrestling (1988-89) 

Scott D. Buckiso 
Michael J. Care 
Jeffrey J. Giovino 
Matthew L. Groom 
Thomas J. Miller 
Robert C. Papa 
Thomas S. Pfister 
Steven L. Schwartz 
Keith M. Venanzi 
Richard D. Williams 


Designed by Creative Services 5/89 
Cover Design: Margaret Hall 
Illustration: Stephen A. Darrou 
Editor and Coordinator: Linda H Martin 

AFROTC Leadership Ribbon. 
Presented for outstanding per- 
formance in a position of leader- 
ship as a cadet officer. Recognizes 
cadet officers who display leader- 
ship ability above and beyond 
normal expected performance. 
Awarded to: 

Andrea S. Cansel 

Vaughn A. Littlejohn 

AFROTC Superior Performance 
Ribbon. Presented to a cadet for a 
single or sustained performance 
of a superior nature. Recognizes 
achievements which are clearly 
Awarded to: 

Bernard L. Edwards 

Wendel A. Smith 

AFROTC Veterans of Foreign 
Wars Award. Presented to the 
cadet who is actively engaged in 
the AFROTC program and pos- 
sesses outstanding leadership 
Awarded to: 

Wendel A. Smith 

American Defense Preparedness 
Association Award. Presented to 
the outstanding Senior Cadet 
who has received no grade in the 
advanced ROTC courses less than 
B, is in the upper half of total 
senior enrollment at the Univer- 
sity of Maryland, has participated 
actively in athletics and/or 
campus activities, and has 
demonstrated outstanding leader- 
ship qualities. 
Awarded to: 

Bradley A. Orner 

The American Legion Outstand- 
ing Senior Award. Presented to 
the cadet best described as the 
Outstanding ROTC Senior. 
Awarded to: 

James P. Hanson 

American Legion ROTC General 
Military Excellence Awards. Pre- 
sented each year to a senior (Gold 
Award) in the upper 25 percent of 
the ROTC class, and who had 
demonstrated outstanding quali- 
ties in military leadership, 
discipline and character. 
Awarded to: 

Bernard L. Edwards 

American Legion ROTC Scholas- 
tic Award. Presented each year to 
an outstanding senior (Gold 
Award) who is in the upper 10 
percent of the class in the univer- 
sity and the upper 25 percent of 
the ROTC class, and who has 
demonstrated high qualities in 
military leadership. 
Awarded to: 
Andrea S. Cansle 

Commandant of Cadets Award. 
Presented to a senior cadet for 
outstanding performance as a 
Support Officer. This cadet most 
successfully exemplifies the 
"Complete Staff Officer." 
Awarded to: 

Bradley A. Orner 

Daughters of American Revolu- 
tion. Presented to a senior cadet 
who is in the upper 25 percent of 
both the ROTC class and the Uni- 
versity, and who demonstrates 
high qualities of dependability, 
good character, adherence to mil- 
itary discipline, and leadership. 
Also demonstrates a fundamental 
and patriotic understanding of 
the importance of ROTC training. 
Awarded to: 
Craig T. Sloan 

Governor's Cup. Offered each year 
by His Excellency, the Governor 
of Maryland, and awarded to the 
cadet chosen by the Detachment 
Staff as the Cadet of the Year. 
Awarded to: 

James P. Hanson 

Vaughn A. Littlejohn 

George M. Reiley Award. Pres- 
ented to the member of the flight 
instruction program who shows 
the highest aptitude for flying, as 
demonstrated by his or her per- 
formance in the program. 
Awarded to: 

Vaughn A. Littlejohn 

Reserve Officers Association 
Award. Presented to the senior 
cadet (Gold Award) who demon- 
strates outstanding academic 
achievement in AFROTC subject 
matter and highest officer poten- 
Awarded to: 

Wesley L. Stickland