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iigm^u v^.. 





Today, we officially proclaim that you are an educated member 
of the community, prepared to compete and participate fully 
in the challenges and responsibilities of adult life. Many of 
you, 1 know, are anxious to seek wider vistas and exciting new 
roles when you leave this community of scholars. 1 hope, 
however, that your life's journey does not distance you too far 
from your alma mater; at least, not in spirit. We plan great 
things for this university, and we intend to make you as proud 
of us as we are of you. 

I am confident that the education you have received here will 
serve you well in the years ahead. At College Park, we have 
tried to live up to our uncommon commitment to 
undergraduate education by providing you with as many 
opportunities as possible for developing the broad intellectual 
interests, the skills and the dedication you will need for 
success in the professional world. 

It was a pleasure to have you with us during this important 
phase of our history. My colleagues join me in wishing each 
and every one of you success and happiness as you take your 
place in the long line of Maryland graduates who have 
enlightened, ennobled and enriched our community, our state 
and our nation. 


ease stay in 


6^^ ICmmom. 

William E. Kirwan 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 
9:30 a.m. 


Dr. William E. Kirwan 

University of Maryland at 
College Park 

Master of Ceremonies 
Ms. Kate Ufema 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. L. 
Richmond Sparks 

Musical Selection 

Members of the Maryland 


Dr. Paul P. Traver 


The Reverend 

Weldon Thomas 
Black Ministries Program 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Paul P. Traver 


Dr. Donald N. Langenberg 

University of Maryland 

Mr. George V. McGowan 


Board of Regents 


Dr. Kathryn J. Mohrman 
Administrative Dean 
Undergraduate Studies 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Mr. Jeffery Todd Adler 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Kirwan 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's 

Dr. Kirwan 


The Reverend 
Weldon Thomas 

Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty; 
For thee, we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Sparks 

MAY 23, 1991 


Architecture BIdg.— Aul 

Following the Commencement Convocation, individual 
commencement exercises for colleges and schools will be held 
at several campus locations. Ceremonies are scheduled to 
begin at 11 :30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.* Guests are urged to be 
seated approximately one half hour prior to the designated 
time for the ceremonies if they wish to observe the student 
and faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially mvited and 
encouraged to join with university officials and members of 
the faculty at the reception to be held in the Grand Ballroom 
ot Stamp Student Union. 

Shuttle bus service is available providing free transportation 
across the campus throughout the day. 

Cole Student Activities Building 

9:30 a.m. Campus-wide Commencement Convocation 
1 1 :30 a.m. Busmess and Management Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Behavioral and Social Sciences Commencement 

Zoology-Psychology Building, Room 1240 

1 1 :30 a.m. Librar>' and Information Services Commencement 

Memorial Chapel 

1 1:30 a.m. Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

2:00 p.m. Agriculture and Life Sciences Commencement 

Health and Human Performance Building, Room 2101 

1 1 :30 a.m. Health and Human Performance Commencement 

Reckord Armory 

1 1 :30 a.m. Education Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Engineering Commencement 

Stamp Student Union — Colony Ballroom 

1 1 :30 a.m. General Studies Commencement 

Stamp Student Union — Hoff Theatre 

1 1 :30 a.m. Journalism Commencement 

Tawes Theatre 

1 1 :30 a.m. Arts and Humanities Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Afts and Humanities Commencement 

Architecture — Auditorium 

1 1 :30 a.m. Architecture Commencement 

LeFrak Hall 

1 1 :30 a.m. Public Affairs Commencement 

*May 22, 1991 , MemorwJ Chi^, 7:30 p.m. . Human Ecolog>' Commencement 

The Campus 

College Park is attracting many of the best students in the 
state of Maryland. This year's freshman class is the brightest 
in the university's history with an average SAT score for all 
students of 1087, and more National Merit and National 
Achievement Scholars attend College Park than any other 
public university in the state. 

In Fall 1990, undergraduates numbered 25,671 and graduate 
students 9,166 for a total enrollment of 34,837. This year's 
College Park operating budget is more than $570 million, 
including financial aid for some 16,1 18 students. 

Students can choose from more than 1 20 undergraduate and 
85 graduate programs leading to degrees. In 1989-90, the 
campus awarded 5,615 bachelor's degrees, 1,300 master's 
degrees, and 463 doctorates. 


The University of Maryland was founded in 1807 in Bal- 
timore as a faculty -owned College of Medicine. Five years 
later, the growing institution was renamed the University of 
Maryland. The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, the first 
dental school in America, became a part ot the university in 
1840. Later, the university opened schools of pharmacy, law 
and nursing. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural College, which would 
evolve into the College Park campus, was opened in Prince 
George's County under a charter secured in 1856 by a group 
of Maryland planters. This institution became one of the 
nation's original land-grant schools in 1865. After a disas- 
trous fire on the campus in 1912, the state acquired control 
of the college and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature joined College Park with the 
professional schools in Baltimore to form an expanded Uni- 
versity of Maryland. These schools were later grouped with 
the Baltimore County and Eastern Shore campuses and Uni- 
versity College. 

July 1, 1988 marked the dawn of a new era in higher educa- 
tion in the State of Maryland when a reorganization of the 
state's public universities and colleges mandated by the Mary- 
land legislature went into effect. As a result, the five cam- 
puses comprising the former University of Maryland were 


Charles B. Calvert was one of the founders of the Maryland 
Agricultural College which later became the University of 
Maryland. Deciding that commercially sold bricks were too 
expensive, he set up a kiln to produce his own, and on August 24. 
1858, he laid the cornerstone for the first building on the campus. 

merged with six institutions governed by the Maryland 
Board of Trustees of State Universities and Colleges to form 
the new University of Maryland System. The law that cre- 
ated the new system designated College Park as the state's 
flagship institution. 


The libraries at College Park constitute the largest university 
research library system in the Washington metropolitan area. 
The seven libraries support over 125 undergraduate and 
nearly 80 graduate programs, serve over 34,000 students and 
2,500 faculty, and provide vital resources to researchers, visit- 
ing scholars, businesses, and others throughout the region. 
The libraries' holdings include nearly 2 million volumes, 
22,526 subscriptions to periodicals, and more than 4 million 
items available in microfilm format. The College Park Librar- 
ies also offer several nationally and internationally recog- 
nized special collections such as the International Piano 
Archives at Maryland, the Gordon W. Prange Collection of 
Japanese-language publications, and the Katherine Anne 
Porter literary archive. 

Research Facilities 

College Park is the home of a variety of exceptional research 
facilities including a computer vision laboratory; a full-scale 
low velocity wind tunnel; a 500 liter computer-controlled 
fermentation system for research in bioprocess scale-up pro- 
grams; the Center for Automation Research; and a quiescent 
plasma device (Q machine) for plasma research. Such major 
facilities as the Engineering Research Center, the Systems 
Research Center, and the new Institutional Reform and the 
Informal Sector (IRIS) Center conduct research that is espe- 
cially significant to the state and nation. 

The Engineering Research Center is a major vehicle for 
extending the technical and research expertise of the Univer- 
sity of Maryland to businesses and industries throughout 
Maryland. The center is both a catalyst for problem-solving 
and a clearinghouse for technical information resources. 

The Systems Research Center conducts research in systems 
engineering, artificial intelligence and computer-aided en- 
gineering. The center , which received a $16.9 million, five- 
year grant in 1991, operates in conjunction with a program 
at Harvard University and complements a nationally recog- 

nized campus program of basic and applied research in com- 
puter science. 

In November 1990, the Institutional Reform and the Informal 
Sector (IRIS) Center, funded by an initial $8.9 million grant 
from the U.S. Agency for International Development, was 
established in the Department of Economics at College Park. 
The center's aim is to support institutional reforms that will 
foster competitive markets and democratic processes in East- 
em Europe and developing countries. An additional $16.1 mil- 
lion is expected to come from overseas USAID missions to 
support this project during the next five years. 

College Park will be the home of one of the nation's most 
important research facilities — the 1.7 million square-foot, 
$205 million Second National Archives Building. The build- 
ing will house more than half the collection of the National 
Archives Records Administration, including some of the 
nation's most valuable historical documents, such as the entire 
State Department record, 1 1 million charts, maps and photos, 
and documents from World War II and the Vietnam War. The 
building is scheduled for completion by fall 1993. 

The proximity of the campus to national research institutions 
such as the National Institutes of Health, the Smithsonian 
Institution, the USDA Beltsville National Agricultural 
Research Center and National Agricultural Library, and the 
Library of Congress ensures that prime research facilities are 
always available to the university's faculty and students. 

University of Maryland at College Park Alumni 

Created July 1, 1989, the University of Maryland at College 
Park Alumni Association is designed to strengthen ties 
between the university and its graduates and to foster support 
for the University of Maryland at College Park. All graduating 
seniors and successful master's and Ph.D. candidates receive a 
one-year free membership in the association. 

The Graduates 

Students graduating today from the University of Maryland at 
College Park follow in the footsteps of many notable alumni 
who have distinguished themselves in such fields as science, 
entertainment, arts, journalism, business, law, medicine, and 

This decorative, bull's eye window welcomes visitors to the Main Administration Building. 

As a graduate student in mathematics at College Park, 
Herbert A. Hauptman (Ph.D. '54) worked simultaneously at 
the Naval Research Laboratory to devise a method for map- 
ping three-dimensional structures of molecules. Three 
decades later he and Jerome Karle, his long-time collaborator 
at NRL, won the 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their 
pioneering research. Dr. Hauptman was awarded an honorary 
Doctor of Science degree by the university in 1985. 

CBS News' Connie Chung ('69) worked on the Diamond- 
back, the university's student newspaper, and for WMUC, 
the campus radio station, during her student years. Another 
successful journalist who received his collegiate training at 
College Park is Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer Jon 
Franklin ('70). Franklin, who won two Pulitzer Prizes for his 
work as a Baltimore Evening Sun reporter, currently heads the 
journalism program at Oregon State University. 

One of the university's most devoted sons is A. James Clark 
('50), president of the George Hyman Construction Co. and 
president and chairman of CEl Construction Inc., the 
umbrella organization for engineering and construction com- 
panies that include OMNI and Hyman. A former member of 
the University's Board of Regents, in 1983 Clark made a 
major contribution to the College of Engineering that led to 
the establishment of the A.J. Clark Chair in Construction 
Engineering and Management. 

Other notable alumni include Carmen Balthrop ('71) a for- 
mer Metropolitan Opera star and currently assistant professor 
of music at College Park; George V. McGowan ('51), Chair- 
man of the board of Baltimore Gas and Electric; Karl W. 
Meyer ('49), president of University of Wisconsin, Superior 
Campus; Rep. Tom McMillen ('74), Maryland's Fourth Dis- 
trict Congressman; Mary Stallings Coleman ('35), the first 
woman elected to the Supreme Court of Michigan; Fred 
O'Green ('49), retired Curator of Textiles, Smithsonian Insti- 
tution; James R. Buckler ('70) current director of the 

Smithsonian's Office of Horticulture; Rep. Steny Hoyer ('63), 
Maryland's Fifth District Congressman; Anne Truax Darling- 
ton, creator of "Wall Street Week" and current director of the 
International Production Group for the Maryland Center of 
Public Broadcasting; and Allen J. Krowe ('54), senior vice pres- 
ident and chief financial officer of Texaco. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in 
the academic procession have been the traditional costume of 
scholars since medieval times. They probably represent a kind 
of ecclesiastical dress, since many of the scholars of that period 
were members of monastic orders. 

Most colleges and universities in the United States have 
adopted the uniform code for costumes drafted by an intercol- 
legiate commission in 1983. Each of the three academic 
degrees — bachelor, master and doctor — has its own distinctive 
gown and hood. The bachelor's gown has a longer, more nar- 
row, closed sleeve extending below the knee; the arm fits 
through a slit at the elbow. The doctor's gown has a full, bell- 
shaped sleeve trimmed with three bars of velvet. The velvet 
trim on the gown can be black or a color indicating the 
wearer's general field of learning — for example, green for medi- 
cine or purple for law. A list of department colors follows. 

The most colorful and distinctive part of the academic cos- 
tume is the hood extending down the back. The doctor's is the 


Arts. Letters, Humanities/ 

Business Administration, 
Commercial Sci- 

Dentistry /Lilac 
Education/Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/ 

Fores tty /Russet 

Home Economics/ 



Library Science/Lemon 




Oratory, Speech/ 
Silver Gray 


Philanthropy /Rose 

Philosophy/Dark Blue 
Public Administration, 

Foreign Service/ 

Peacock Blue 

Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage 

Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Work/Citron 

Theology and 

Veterinary Sciences/ 

largest of the hoods and the bachelor's is the smallest. The 
bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining of various colors in the center of the hood indi- 
cates the college or university which conferred the degree. 
Consistent for all degrees is the cap, or mortar board, which 
has a tassel of black or another color indicating the field of 
learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap can be gold. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course 
of study. There are more than 1,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred by colleges and universities 

The first known degree was a doctorate bestowed by the Uni- 
versity of Bologna, Italy, in the mid- 12th century. Originally, 
the doctor's and master's degrees were used interchangeably, 
each indicating that the holder was qualified to instruct stu- 
dents. The bachelor's or baccalaureate, degree only indicated 
entrance into a course of study preparatory to the doctorate 
or mastership. Gradually, though, the bachelor's degree came 
to mean successful completion of one level of study in 
advance of the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The term "doctor," meaning teacher or instructor, originated 
with the ancient Romans for those who lectured publicly on 
philosophical topics. During the Middle Ages, it was used as 
a title of honor for men of great learning. It was first made an 
academic title at the University of Bologna, which was 
allowed by the emperor to appoint doctores legum (doctors 
of laws). The University of Paris followed suit in the year 
1 145. Soon after, popes granted the universities the right to 
appoint doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the 
canon law) and, when the study of civil law was combined 
with that of the canon law, the title was changed to doctor 
utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). TTie faculties of theol- 
ogy and medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

A doctorate is given beyond the baccalaureate degree and 
requires several years of advanced study, the successful com- 
pletion of a thesis or dissertation, and written and oral exami- 
nations. The doctor's degree represents the most advanced 
earned degree confened by American institutions. There are 

two distinct types: the practitioner's degree and the research 
degree. TTie first type represents advanced training for the 
practice of various professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no 
implication of original research. TTie University of Maryland 
awarded the first two dental degrees in history on March 9, 
1841, and invented the name of the degree. Doctor of Dental 
Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The second type is a research doctorate representing pro- 
longed periods of advanced study. A dissertation which usually 
accompanies the study is intended to contribute substantially 
to existing knowledge on the subject. The most important of 
these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication 
of philosophy for its holder, but represents advanced research 
in any of the major fields ot knowledge. It was first awarded in 
the United States in 1861 by Yale University. The University 
of Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor bestowed upon stu- 
dents who have successfully completed work beyond the bacca- 
laureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister was used by the Romans as a title 
of honor, hut its present meaning can be traced to the estab- 
lishment of the oldest universities. Organized faculties as they 
now exist in universities were not known then; academic 
activity was limited to seven liberal arts. Those who were hon- 
ored for their diligence and knowledge upon completion of 
their studies and who had already received the bachelor's 
degree were called magistri artium (master of the liberal arts). 
In 1920, the University of Maryland awarded its first Master of 
Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in fields 
other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and is the oldest academic degree 
used by American institutions of higher learning. It was first 
conferred in America in 1 642 on the first nine graduates of 
Harvard College. Maryland Agriculture College, which later 
became the University of Maryland College Park, awarded its 
first Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) 
degrees in 1862. 


Board of Regents 


George V. McGowan 

Albert N. Whiting 

Ilona M. Hogan 
Assistant Secretary 

Constance M. Unsaid 
Assistant Treasurer 

Roger Blunt 

Wayne A. Cawley, Jr. 
ex officio 

Margaret Alton 

Mary Arabian 

Richard O. Bemdt 

Benjamin L. Brown 

Earle Palmer Brown 

Charles W. Cole, Jr. 

Frank A. Gunther, Jr. 

Ann Hull 

Henry R. Lord 

Franklyn Perdue 
Student Regent 

Joann M. McCartney 

System Administration of the University 


Donald N. Langenberg 
Deputy Chancelhr 

Jean E. Spencer 
Vice Char\ceUor for Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Raymond J. Miller 
Vice Cfiancellor for Academic Affairs 

David S. Sparks 
Vice Chancellor for General Administration 

Donald L. Myers 
Acting Vice CharKellar fur External Affairs 

John K. Martin 

University of Maryland at College Park Administration 


William E. Kirwan 
Vice President far Acoiiemic Affairs and Provost 

J. Robert Dorfman 
Vice President far Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice President far Institutional Advancement 

Kathryn Costello 
Vice President for Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


College of Agriculture 

Paul H. Mazzocchi (Acting) 
College of Arts and Humanities 

Robert W. Griffith 
College of Behai'iorol and Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
College of Business and Management 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Computer, Mat/iematical and Physical Sciences 

Richard Herman 
College of Education 

Dale P. Scannell 
College of Engineering 

George P. Dieter, Jr. 
College of Human Ecology 

Laura S. Sims 
College of Journalism 

Reese Cleghom 
College of Library and Information Services 

Claude E. Walston 
College of Life Sciences 

Paul H. Mazzocchi (Acting) 
College of Health and Human Performarv:e 

John J. Burt 
School of Architecture 

Steven Hum 
School of Public Affairs 

Michael Nacht 
Administrative Dean for Graduate Studies and Research 

Jacob K. Goldhaber (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for Summer Programs 

Melvin Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for Undergraduate Studies 

Kathryn J. Mohrman 

Officers of Commencement 


Charles J. Beatty 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
University Marshal 
Ebn C. Piper 

Government and Politics 

John E. Wakefield 
Director of Bands 

Commencement Committee 

Frances P. Cave 

Health Center 
Earle Connors 

Physical Plant 
Kathryn Costello 

Institutional Advancement 
Carolyn A. Ent 

Instituaonal Advancement 
Cornelia F. Goodwin 

Diplorrui Office 
Richelle Hammett 

Disafctd Sttuknt Services 
Mary Lou Hutchison 

University Book Center 
Simone Legacy 

Industrial, Techrmlogical and Occupational Education 
Nancy Loom is 

Dming Services 
Linda H. Martin 

Institutional Advancement 
Michael McNair 

Police Department 
Gary Parker 

/ntercoilegiate Athletics 
Elizabeth Pattison 

Records and Registrations 
James N. Robinson 

Environmentai Safety 
Matthew W. Sheriff 

Dming Services 
Bam Standish 

Commuter Affairs 

Robert T. Stumpff 

Physical Plant 
Janice E. Summons 

Campus Parking 
Gary Stone 

Police Department 
Kate F. Ufema 

Communication Arts Unit Representatives 
Gene Agre 

Diane Barlow 

Library and Information Seriices 
Jane Fine 

Donald Giffin 

Arts and Humanities 
Diana Jackson 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Albert J. Klavon 

Life Sciences and Agnculture 
George F. Kramer 

Health and Human Performance 
John C. Loss 

Joseph G. Mattingly 

Business and Management 
Bonnie Oh 

Undergraduate Studies 
Jo Paoletti 

Human Ecology 
Greig Stewart 

Thelma M. Williams 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
Elisse Wright 

Public Affairs 


A staunch advocate for improving the quality of the 
undergraduate academic experience for College Park's 
24,000 students, Kathryn Jagow Mohrman has been Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies at the University of Maryland at 
College Park since 1988. 

As dean, she is particularly known for emphasizing the value 
of students' critical thinking and for working to encourage 
close collaboration between students and faculty. She is also 
a strong advocate for synergy between teaching and 
scholarship at a research university. 

Many of the changes overseen by Mohrman were outlined 
originally in the plan, "Promises to Keep: The College Park 
Plan for Undergraduate Education," popularly known as the 
Pease Report. TTiis plan calls for a major restructuring of 
undergraduate education at the university. 

Some of the innovative changes at College Park during 
Mohrman's tenure include enhancement of the University 
Honors Program, creation of the Division of Letters and 
Sciences, which is a general college for undecided students, 
establishment of the Francis Scott Key merit scholarship 
program for outstanding students of all races and 
backgrounds, improvement of the Distinguished 
Scholar- Teacher program, expansion of undergraduate 
research opportunities, and creation of the Center for 
Teaching Excellence. 

She also has brought to College Park the innovative Lilly 
Teaching Fellows Program, a curriculum and faculty 
development project supported by a grant from the Lilly 

In addition to her administrative duties, Mohrman teaches 
regularly in the university's School of Public Affairs. Her 
special interests include federal higher education policy and 
the process of policy implementation. In February 1991 she 
was invited by the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Education 
Arts and Humanities to give testimony at the opening 
hearing on the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. 

Mohrman received her Bachelor of Arts degree in History at 
Grinnell QiUege, where she was also selected to membership 
in Phi Beta Kappa and Mortar Board. She received her 
master's degree in American History at the University of 
Wisconsin, where she was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, and 
her Ph.D. in Public Policy at George Washington University. 


...-..•..C'-iy.. ■. ■.-".- ■-;. . ■XVj'^'fi.'y? 

• •. •.■^•-:■^ A'.■:•/S^/i;cc:■^:^^^^^^^; 





Doctor of Philosophy 

Azzedine Abbaci Chemical Physics 

Global Thermodynamic Behainar of Fluids and Fluid Mixtures in the 
Critical Region 

Karen K. Abrams Psychology 

Disordered Eating Attitudes and Behavior, Negative Psychological 
Adjustment and Cultural Assimilation: A Comparison of Black and 
White Female College Students 

Aisha A. Alsubaey Botany 

C/ujrocterijation of an Extracellular Phenol Oxidase from Pyricularia 

Steven A. Altman Honiculture 

Changes in the Activity arul Expression ofCatalase in Cut Carnations 
and m Response to Inhibitors of Ethylene Action 

Kathryn A. Alvestad Human Development 

Relations/iip o/Motii'ationo/ Orientation to Achievement m the 
Computer- Asiisted-lnstruction Lab 

Michele Ammouche Comparative Literature 

The Crisis of the Language of Values: From Sade to the Decadence 

Karim Amrane Mechanical Engineering 

Simulation of Vapor Compression Heat Pumps with Solution Circuits 

Sheila M. Andrew Animal Sciences 

Tissue Energy and Protein Mobilization During Early Lactation in High 
Producing Dairy Cattle 

Suian A. Aydinel Human Development 

Beliefs About Control and Coping With Infertility 

Hema A. Bandaranayake Botany 

Selection and Characterization of Linuron-Resistant Mutants in 


Chitta R. Baral Computer Science 

Semantics of Knowledge Bases and Their Combinations 

Hee-Kyung K. Bark Business and Management 

Three Essays on Testing Asset Pricing Models in the Korean Stock 

The May 1991 class roster comprises degree candidates from 
the undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of 
Maryland at College Park. As final action cannot always he 
taken for candidates hy the time this program is printed, the 
list of candidates here is tentative only. The university 
reserves the right to withdraw or add names. Diplomas (for 
other than doctoral degrees) will he mailed by the Office of 
Records and Registrations. 


Chantelle M. Beal Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Interaction of Long Chain Quaternary Ammonium Compound with 
Textile Substrates 

Gabrielle E. Bedewi Business and Management 

Multiattnbute Acceptance Sampiing Plans and Their Properties "A La 

Angela M. Bednarczyk Special Education 

Story Grammar Instruction far Students with Comprehension Problems 

Tritobia H. Benjamin Art History 

The Life and Art of Lois Mailou Jones, American Artist 

Lorraine Bemer Human Development 

Parental Perceptions , Interpretations .and Feelings About Their 
Relationships with Their Young Adolescent Children. 

Naveen V. Bhat Chemical Engineering 

Identification and Control of Dynamic Chemical Processes Using 
Backpropagation Networks 

Naipei Bi Aerospace Engineermg 

Contribunons to the Experimental Investigation of Rotor/Body 
Aerodynamic Interactions 

Martin T. Black Astronomy 

Analysis of Gravity and Topography on Earth ar-id Venus: 
Comparisons of Uthosphenc arid Sublithospheric Processes 

Rex 1. Blankinship Business and Management 

Query Optimisation and Data Allocation on Distributed Database 
Systems: An Integrated Solution Approach 

Hans P. Bluem Electrical Engineering 

Harmonic Interactions in a Free Electron Laser 

Paul R. Boberg Physics 

The Momeruum Transfer and Target Mass Dependence of the (e ,e'pl 
Reaction On Carbot\-l2 and Copper-63 

Deejon Bradby Psychology 

Racial Identity Attitudes of Black Students and Academic Persistence 
at a Predominantly White University 

Linda C. Brigham English Language and Literature 

Revolutionary Icons: Romanticism, Shelley, and the Semiotics ofC.S. 

Evan B. Brody Kinesiology 

The Effect of Varying Concentrarion Upon Force Alteration and 
Actifation of the Biceps and Medial Triceps Brochii During an 
Isometric Elbow Flexion Task: An Electromyographic Assessment 

Jacqueline F. Brown Human Development 

The Relationship Betu'een Racial and Gender Discrimination, 
Socialization Messages, and the Self-Esteem of Professional Black 

Susan D. Brown Psychology 

Perceprion of Conspecific Faces b)i Budgerigars (Mehpsittacus 

Jeffrey J. Byrd Microbiology 

Survival and Plasmid Maintenance of Escherichia Coli in the Marine 
and Estuarine Environments 

Jeffrey P. Calame Electrical Engineering 

Studies of Stability and Amplification in an Overmoded Gyroklystron 

Roberto Camporesi Physics 

Geometric Representation of Propagators arvi Quantum Effects in 
Spacetimes uwh Symmetry 

John M. Canning Computer Science 

Recognizing Defomwhle Objects- A Set Srmke Methodology 

Sergio R. Cardenas-Garcia Computer Science 

Software Evaluation Based on Multiattnbute Formal Specifications 

Daniel O. Casco Business and Management 

"The Generalized Backhauhng Problem and Other Topics in Vehicle 

Jinhwa Chang Aerospace Engineering 

A Study of Viscous Interaction Effects on Hypersonic Waveriders 

Sun-Lai Chang Mechanical Engineering 

The Mechanics o/ Backlash-Free Geared Roboric Mechanisms 

Chang- Yu Chao Economics 

A Cross-Sectional and Time-Series Analysis of Household Consumption 
and Personal Consumption Expenditures Forecast 

Dar-Zen Chen Mechanical Engineering 

Dynamic Analysis and Synthesis of Geared Robotic Mechanisms 

Lioun W. Chen Chemical Engineering 

A Hierarchical Decision Process for Fault Administration 

Ying-Huei Chen English Language and Literature 

Thomas Hardy: The Borderer 

Hungchien Chien Microbiology 

Cloning and Genetic Analysis of Restriction arul Modification Systems 
from Neisseria gorwrrhoea 

Marie-Magdeleine Chirol Comparative Literature 

Ruines et Imaginaire de la Ruine dans le Roman du 2Qeme Siecle: 
Proust, Carpentier, Cela, Duras, Nyssen,]ean 

Kyuman Cho Chemical Physics 

Measurements of the Magnetooptical and Thermooptical Properties of 

Zhiping Chu Chemical Physics 

The Application of Stimulated Raman Scattering to Atmospheric Lidar 

James R. Coates, Jr. Kinesiology 

Sport in the A/rican-American Community of Baltimore, 1890-1920 

Mary C. Cogar Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Effectiveness of Dream Interpretation 

Alice H. Cornelison Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Black College Students: Perceptions of the Effects of Early Integration 


William J. Coyle Economics 

The Formation of Distnbuticmal Coalitions and Firm ProfiuSihty 

Neal E. Craft Nutritional Sciences 

James K. Crowley Geology 

A Spectral Reflectance Study of Phya Evaporite Mineral Deposits and 
Related Geocherrucal Processes 

Andrew D. Culhane Electrical Engineering 

Advanced Coprocessors far Mathematical Transformations with 
AppUcations to Diffraction Analysis 

Renee Rose Curry English 

"Please Come Flying": The Augural Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop 

Dzwo-Min Dai Civil Engineering 

Sen/ice Reliability on Congested Waterways 

David M. Dancer Mechanical Engineering 

Thermal-Hydraulics of Pressure Vessels Containing Liquified Gases: 
One- and Two-Phase Trar\sient Transfer Processes 

Steven W. Daniels Physics 

Rapid loruzation in Argon Plasmas 

Patricia A. Davis-Giehrl Government and Politics 

The Uses and A^Tuses of Economic Statecraft: West German-Polish 
Relations. 1969-1990 

Edward J. Demarco Economics 

The Effect of Corporate Income Tax Rules on the Portfolio Choice 
Problem of Commercial Banks 

Clifford V. DeSouza Physics 

Transport Coe^'cients and Their F/i«:tuanons in Disordered Fermi 

Lucia R. Dillenburg Botany 

The Physiological Ecology of Competition Betu'een Temperate Forest 
Vine and Tree Species 

Gerard T. Dinardo Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
The Design and Development of an Adaptive Fishery Resource 
Sampling System: Fishvnap 

Christine H. Dispas Comparative Literature 

"Lucky's Delinum: A Suspension of Breath" (Psychoanalytical and 
Comparative Study of Contemporary Drarrm and Film) 

Kathleen A. Dolan Government and Politics 

Politico/ Dei^e/opment in the Non-Troditionoi Family: An 
Examination of Single-Parent Families 

Gifty M. Dowuona Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Family Background and Educatioiial Achiei'emeni in Ghana; A Look 
at Male and Female University Entrants From Residential Schools 

Eva \. Doyle Health Education 

The Effect of Communicatar Similarity and Expertise Upon Nutrition 
Attitudes arul Behavior Among Brazilian Adolescents: A 
Cross-Cukural Perspective 

Robert D. Doyle Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
Primary Productton and Nitrogen Cycling within the Penphyion 
Community Associated with Emergent Aquatic Macrophytes in an 
Amazon Flood Plain Lake 

Julia Dragolovich Zoology 

The Control of Glycine Betaine and Its Role in the Cellular Adaptation 
to Hyperosmotic Stress: A Horseshoe Crai Model 

Bryan E. Dutton Botany 

A Monographic Study of the Genus Anemone L. (ranunculaceae) 
Section Sylvia Gaudin 

Emma K. Dutton Zoology 

Characterization of Acetylcholine Receptor Aggregation in Cultured Rat 

Eric R. Ebeling Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

The Question of Public Education in Early Maryland 

John J. Echeverry Psychology 

"Talcing the HIV Test: Behaiioral Consequences, Patterns of Distress, 
and Perceptions of Social Support" 

Pamela J. Edwards Government and Politics 

Masoud Eghbarieh Government and Politics 

Maged I. Elhelbawey Civil Engineering 

Definition of Improved Modeling Procedures for the Analysis of Bridge 
Structures L'nder Truck Loading Using Weigh-in-Motion 

Catherine M. Engstrom Counseling and Personnel Services 

University Faculty Attitudes Toward Revenue and Non-Revenue 
Student- Athletes 

Patricia K. Esborg Sociology 

The Family's Construction of Past Stressors: Clues in the Measurement 
of Family Stories 

Martin Farach Computer Science 

Dictionary and Approximate Matching in One and Two Dimensions 

Gerald W. Farrar English Language and Literature 

The Reminiscences: A Study of the Autobiographical Impulse in the 
Work of Thomas Carlyle 

Brian D. Farrell Entomology 

Phylogenetic Study of Host- Affiliations in the Milkweed Beetles 
Tetraopes (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) 

Alan E. Feldman Physics 

Neutron Transition Densities from 48Ca fp,p') 

Sue E. Ferrara Public Communication 
Responsible foumahsm and Social Drama 

Alexander B. Filuk Physics 

Particle Confinement and Fueling Effects on the Maryland Spheromak 

Carolyn M. Fink Special Education 

School-Life Histories of Incarcerated Women with Learning Problems; A 
Retrospective Study 


Cathleen S. Fisher Government and Politics 

Deasionmakmg Processes in the Federal Republic of Germany: 
Panen-[s uf Influence and Autonomy 1979-1987 

Helen S. Flagg Curriculum and Instrxiction 

Computer Use fc> Teachers in the Com()rcherLsit'e High Schools of the 
District of Columbia: Purpose , Extent and Factors Affecting Use 

Richard V. Folea Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

An Exploratory Study of the Effect of Har\dling and Processing on 
Student in/onnation Quality in Five East Coast Public Secondary 

Fekadu Folle Agronomy 

Effects o/ Tillage on Organic and Inorganic Phosphcrrus Forms and 
Sorption in Soils of Maryland arid Southeni Africa 

Lynne E. Ford Government and Politics 

"The United States Political System: Adolescent Perceptions and the 
Role of Citizenship Education" 

Marina L. Foschi Albert Germanic Language and Literature 
Ueber Friedrich Schlegeb Theorie Des Witzes 

Bruce L. Frank Chemistry 

"Investigations of the Mechanisms of DNA Degradation by Antitumor 
Antibiotics Via a Double-Label DNA Probe" 

Jeffrey B. Freedman Electrical Engineering 
Video Compression 

William C. Fuqua, Jr. Microbiology 

Melanin Bios7nt/iesis in the Manne Bacterium Shewanella Colwellian : 
Molecular arid Biochemical Characterization 

David M. Gariff Art History 

Guiseppe Grandi (1843-1894) and the Milanese Scapi^iatura 

Patrick R. Gartin Criminal justice and Criminology 

"A ReanoJysis and Critical Evaluation of the Minneapolis Domestic 
Violence Experiment" 

Thomas G. Gates Aerospace Engineering 

A Numerical Investigation of 2D and 3D Normal Sonic Injection Into 
a Square Duct 

Paula J. Gaynor Animal Sciences 

Effects of Diet Composition and Animal Characteristics on Blood 
Metabolites, Millc Yield and Composition 

Behzad Ghaffari Electrical Engineering 

Multiaccess Protocols and Data/Voice/Video Integration in Satellite 
and Hig/i-Copocit)! Optical Netu'orfcs 

Peter M. Giovanoni Astronomy 

Tlie Effects of Relarit'i^nc Neutrons on Nonthermal Active Galactic 
Nuclei Mtxiels 

Gail A. Gordon Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Barry I. Graubard Mathematical Statistics 
Methods for the Analysis of Complex Sumei' Data 

Joan E. Grenier-Winther French Language and Literature 

Edition Critique Des Poesies etde la Correspondance de jean De 
Werc/iin , Senechal de Hainaul CXVes) 

Emmett H. Griner Business and Management 

Capital Investment Decisions , Shareholder Welfare , and Irvider 
Ownership m the Large Corporate Firm: An Empirical Investigation 

Robert D. Grober Physics 
Pliotoluminescence of InSb 

Richard B. Groskin Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Factors Affecting the Use of Research in Policy and Management 
Decisions m Three Maryland Criminal Justice Agencies 

Harris L. Gruman Comparative Literature 

Agents of Hope: Historical Desire and the Question of the Subject in (he 


Ming Han Chemistry 

Cooi- and Oil-Fired Pouier Plants Contriijutions to the Atmosphere of 

Lawrence M. Hanks Entomology 

Ecology of an Armored Scale Insect Pseudaulacaspis Pentagona 
(Homoptera: Diaspididae) 

William G. Hanne [^ucation Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Ful/illment of the Community College Comvnitment: Presidential Roles 
in Maryland 

James M. Harding Comparative Literature 
The Resurgence of Negated Origins 

Leon L. Harper Government and Politics 

Dilemmas of Judicial Rei'ieui and Control o/ Adminisrratii'e Decisions in 
the Federal Regulatory Processes in the New Era of Administrative Law 

Bronda F. Harrison Agronomy 

Phytophthora ResistaiKe in Perennial Glycine Species 

Nedra Hartzell Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Schlossberg Transition Model and Re-Entry Anxiety Among Peace 
Corps Volunteers 

Mahmoud A. Hassan Horticulture 

The Biology o/ Agrobacterium Vectored Rubus Traruformation and 
Selection of Transformed Plants 

Francine D. Hawkins Hearing and Speech Sciences 

SpeoittT Race Identi/i'calion: Searching for Vocal Cues 

Sue J. Hawkins Human Development 

Comparison of Fear of Crime Amcng Urban and Suburban Elderly 

Mark D. Heintzelman Zoology 

Lysosomal Enzyme Activities in Two Immature Leukocytic Cell 
Populations Respond to Treatment with 13-C/S Retinoic Acid 

William H. Heller Mathematics 

Frames of Exponentials and Applications 

Mohsen Hemami Mechanical Engineering 

Dynamic Model Optimijation Using Modal Test Results 


Terry J. Henderson Biochemistry 

EvoluBon of /mmunogiobuiin Kappa Chain Gen£ Segments on Wild 

Tilak M. Hewagama Astronomy 

Infrared Polanmetry ofSunspots 

John E. Hickey Human Development 

In Utero Opiate Expoiure: A Risk Factor far Impairment in 
AttenBonoi Processing 

Jing Y. Hong Radio, Television and Film 

A Cnticoi Study of Two Documentanes About Life in China: A 
Cross Cultural Communication Approach 

Suen Hou Physics 

Precision Measurement of the 1$ Mass and Width 

Changlien Hsu Government and Politics 

Export Processing Zone and National Development — Taiiwin 
Experience in a View of Political Ecorwmy 

Shaobing Hua Botany 

Molecular Charactenzaaon of Photosystem U 23-hDa Polypeptide and 
its Gene m Nicotian 

Margaret T. Human Counseling and Personnel Sen.'ices 

Parent Satisfaction and Compiiance with Recommendations Following 
Psychoeducational Assessment of Children 

Eva T. Hutinet Qimparative Literature 

Teresa o/ Aula and S. Weil, Mysac Rebels Fighting for a Sacred 
Feminine Space 

Fu-Kwun Hwang Physics 

Measurement of Magnetic Properties of Confined Compact Toroid 

Ahmed M. Ibrahim Civil Engineering 

Risk-Based Inspection Metiiodo/og> for Structural Systems 

Bryan C. Jack Economics 

Essays on the Voluntary Provision of /ntemationai Public Goods 

Mary-Ellen O. Jacobs Education Policy, Planning, and 

Diary of an Ambivalent Daughter: A Hermeneunc Exploration of 
Maxine Greene's Discursive Landscape 

Carol S. Jeffers Curriculum and Instruction 

Through the Keyhole: Phenomenological Glimpses of Life in the 
Pre-Service Class, "Art for Elementary Teachers" 

Robin R. Jenkins Economics 

Municipal Demantl for Solid Waste Disposal Services: The Impact of 
LIser Fees 

Garry Jennings Government and Politics 

The Localist Diffusionist Model In Judicial Decision Making: How 
Lower Court Judges Formulate National Policy in Equal Protection 

Daniel L. Jett Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Li-Feng Jiang Physics 

Search far "Precursor" Physisorption of 02 and CO an the (111) 
Surface of Nickel; Blockage of Chemisarption by Monolayer Amounts 
of Neon 

Nai-Yong Jing Chemistry 

Studies on the Electron Transfer Photochemistry of Selected Herbicide 
and of Aromatic Imide with Silylenol Ethers 

Jessica R. Johnston American Studies 

The Intimate Battle o/ Self-Control: A Cultural Analysis of American 
Weight Control Efforts 

William P. Kachman Counseling and Personnel Services 
An Investigation of Code Su'itching Behanor of Deaf Children 

Jonathan J. Kandell Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Effects of Group Homogeneity -Heterogeneity Based on Cognitive 
Sryle on the Quality of Group Decision Making 

Todd M. Kapitula Applied Mathematics 

Stability of Traveling Waves with Application to Ginsburg-Landau 

Henry E. Kelly Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

A Comparison of the Perceptions of Teachers Employed in Private 
Catholic High Schools Administered by Lay and Religious Pnncipois 

Karen M. Kester Entomology 

Ecological and Behavioral Constraints Imposed by Plants on the Insect 
Parasitoid, Cotesia congregata u (Say) 

Charlotte A. Kitcher Curriculum and Instruction 
Learning to be a Change Facilitator: A Multi-Case Sti^y 

Sook Y. Kim Microbiology 

Molecular Genetic Studies of Sucrase Gene o f Vibrio Choieroe 

Yong S. Kim Government and Politics 

The Ego Ideal, Ideology, and HaRucinaaon ( A Psychoanalytic 
Interpretation of Political Violence in an Oriental Cultural Cimtext) 

Yong-Jick Kim Chemical Engineering 

Modeling and Optimal Application of Aqueous Two-Phase Systems to 
ABE Fermentation 

Benjamin Kinard Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

An Evaluation of the Actual and Preferred Role of Library Media 
Specialists in a Major Urban Public School System 

Gail H. Kirby Textiles and Consumer Economics 

L'.S. Textile Fiber Demand in Major End- Use Markets 

Randall E. Knack Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 
Error Estimation Methods for Latent Class Models 

Harumi Kobayashi Psychology 
Contextual Cues in Object Naming 


Clarence M. Korendyke Physics 

Predicted Optica/ PerformarKe and Design of a Near-UV 
Coronagraph: a New Instrument to Observe Ion Temperatures and 
Electron Densities in the Inner Corona 

Alfred H. Krall, Jr. Physics 

Osci//aring-B(xi7 Viscometry and its Application to a Phase- Separating 
Liquid Mixture 

Martha W. Krampf Human Development 

The Post-Divorce Griet'ing Process of the Spouse Who Perceives 
Willful Abandonment: An Interpretive Study 

Chun C. Kung Electrical Engineering 

Application of the Optically Activated Semiconductor Opening Switch 

David C. Labaree Chemistr>' 

Deserpiiime S\'ntiiesis Employing tlie Zu'iitenonic Amino-C/oisen 
RearrangementA'^en/cert Cyclization Approach 

Joseph D. Lakey Mathematics 

Weighted Norm /nequaiities far the Founer Trar\sform 

Bruce C. Lamb Comparative Literature 

The Problem Standpoint in Hegel's Phemenology and its Relarion to 

loannis E. Lambadaris Electrical Engineering 

Some Problems of Admission and Rouring Control in Modern 
Computer Communication Networks 

Douglas J. Lamdin Economics 

The Effect of Shareholder Taxation on Share Price Behavior: Ei-idenee 
from the Tax Reform Act of 1986 

Margaret D. Langeler Human Development 

A Stu<i>' of the Quality of Posed Voluntarv Facial Expressior\s in 
Blind. Deaf, and Control Students in Residential and PuWic School 

Karen B. Lechter Psychology 

Decision Maying Urvier the Influence of Bias 

Isac Lederman Government and Politics 

Ven/ication o/Coni'entional Arm Control Agreement m Europe 

Chao-Pin Lee Chemistry' 

Jyh-Jone Lee Mechanical Engineering 

Synthesis and Control o/Tendon-Drii'en Manipulators 

Sheng-Lian Lee Chemistry 

Wonshik Lee Electrical Engineering 

Development of High Performance N-Channel luP FET's; Surface 
Possivati(m and Interface States 

Paulette L. Levantine Zoology 

Devebpment o/ Competence to Metamorp/iose in Crassostrea giga 

Liyou Li Electrical Engineering 

Near Field Electromagnetic Problems m Biological Materials 

Ming-Guang Li Electrical Engineering 

Intermixing Optical and MicTouave Signals in GaAs Microstrip Circuits 
and Its Applications 

Thom Lieb Public Communication 

Ms.-i7ig the News: Mass Media Ctwerage 0/ Women's Issues and the 
Feminist Movement, 1963-1977 

Chen-Chou Lin Mechanical Engineeting 

R'memanc Synthesis of Bevel-Gear-Type Robotic Wrist Mec/ianisms 

Zhi M. Lin Electrical Engineering 

Automatic Mixed Analog/Digital IC Layout Compiler 

Chuang-Chun Liu Electrical Engineering 

Identification and Universal Data Compression for Hidden Markov 

Ritu Lohtia Business and Management 

A Transaction Cost and Resource Dependence Based Model of 
Bu>er- Seller Relations 

Liang Lu Physics 

The Effective Hamiltonian Approach to the Effect of Fluctuations on 
Propagation and Interactions of Wares in Plasma 

Zichun Lu Chemistry 

The Development ofChiral Exclwnge Inert Metal-Nucleotide 
Complexes as Probes of Kinase Actit'e Sites 

David L Ma Electrical Engineering 

Double Crystal Topography Characterization of Mechanical Stress 
Related Effects on Silicon Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect 

David C. MacEnany Electrical Engineering 

Ba>esian Change Detection 

Wayne A. Mackay Horticultute 

In Vitro and In Vivo Selection for Myrothecium rondum Resistance in 
Melon using the Ph>totoxin Rondin E 

Elizabeth A. Mackey Chemistry- 

Enliancement of Neutron Capture Prompt X-ray Activation Analysis 

Yolanda E. Mancilla Psychology- 
Social NetUJorlcs and Social Support in TranscuUural Transinuns; the 
Case of Latin Amencan Immigrant Adolescents in L'.S. High Schools 

Colleen M. Mansbach Psychology 

Cognitii'e and Psychosocial Correlates of Academic Achievement among 
Growth Hormone Deficient Children 

Toby L. Mapes Microbiology 

Proline BiosNnt/iesis m Neisseria gonorrhea 

Gwendolyn R. Maples Health Education 

Influence of Laughter on Selected Dimensions 0/ Human Health through 
a Biographical AnaKsis 

Alfredo A. Marchetti Chemistry 

Charge and Moss Dismi>unon in Cl-induced Nuclear Reacttons 


Deanna B. Marcum American Studies 

The Public Library m Rural America. 1878-1920 

Francis J. Marra Public Communication 

Crisis Public Relations 

David R. Martinelli Civil Engineering 

Investment Planning of Interdependent Waterway Improvement 

Mark D. Matlin Physics 

On Some Features of the Five-Dirr\er\sional "Witten Bubble" 

Jill F. McGowan Mathematics 

Lower Bounds on the Diameters of Space Forms 

Charles H. McLaughlin, Jr. Industrial.Technologicai, and 
Occupational Education 

The Interpretation of EnnVonmental Movements withm Manual 
Arts, Inrlu5tnai Arts anii Technical Education 1880-1985 

Susan L. Miller Criminal Justice and Criminology 

The Deterrent and General Preventative Effects of Sanction Threats 
an Violence BeMveen Intimates 

Pamela Mills-Forman Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Process of Practicum Supervision 

Robert R. Miner Mathematics 

Generaii^ed Similarity Manifolds 

Mohamed S. Mobarak Poultry Science 

E^ect of Feed Restriction on Male Reproductii'e System 

Julio Morales Kinesiology 

The Nature of Physical Education Programs for Children Classi^ed 
into Different Criterion Reference Standard Groups for Aerobic 

Barbara E. Morris-Troiano Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Use of Structural Equation Modeling to Test a Causal Model 
Relating Key Variables to Compulsive Eating and Bulimia m 
Undergraduate Women 

Lhadj Moumena Civil Engineering 

Non-linear Finite Element Analysis of Soil'Structure Interaction in 
Approac/ies to Bridges 

James L. Mount Counseling and Personnel Services 

Using Stones to Promote Pro-social Behavior in School-aged Children 

Helen L. Mulligan Zoology 

Energetics and Development ofStnped Bass ( Morone saxatilis ) and 
Striped Bass X White Boss ( M.chrysops ) H>bnd Larvae 

Mary V. Murtha English Language and Literature 

Nathaniel Hawthorne's Sketches: The Role of the Narrative Persona 

Sharon L. Nelson Human Development 

Maureen A. Ngoh Chemistry 

Spectroscopic Study of Uranus and Titan: IR arul NIR Spectra of Some 
Condensed Hydrocarfxjns and Nitnles 

Sarah E. Northam Human Development 

An Investigation of the Relationship Beiu'een Identity Foreclosure and 
Perceived Job Stress 

Kenneth J. O'Connell Civil Engineering 

Risk Analysis of Statistically Based Acceptance Plans for the 
Construcrion of Midway Pavements with Application to Density of 
Bituminous Concrete 

Edna R. O'Connor Special Education 

Teacher Perceptions and Beliefs about Behavior: Implicarions for the 
Placement of Black Children m Special Education Programs for Youth 
with Emotional Disturbance and Behavior Disorders 

Offiah O. Offiah Agronomy 

Mineralogy, Limmg Value, and PossiUe Vanadium Hazards of SWAN - 
Gypsum as a Soil Material 

Marilyn J. Olson Curriculum and Instruction 

CoTKeptual Understandings Teacher Education Students Express During 
Computer Map Acovity 

Mary A. Opdyke Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
The Effect of Gender on Parental Involvement on H.S. Students' 

Julia A. Oriani Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

Physical Activity, Obesity, and Age-related Differences in Flavor 
Perception Demonstrated by Sensory Evaluation of Baked Products 

Michael D. Osterman Mechanical Engineering 

Placement Methods for Electronic Components on Printed Wiring 
Boards Based on Reliability and Routabilit\ Measures 

This is one representation of the 

Maryland mascot, the diamondback 

terrapin, once a plentihil creature in 

the state's estuaries. 


Leslie M. Palmer Microbiology 

Molecular Genetic Analysis of Bio/ummescence in Vihrio cholerae 

Jiqin Pan Electrical Engineering 

Fast Identificatton Techniques for Control Systems 

Kalpana Panigrahi Nutritional Sciences 

Effects and Mechanism of Trans Fatt^i Acids on Lipid Metabolism in 
3T3-L1 Cells 

Pil S. Park Applied Mathematics 

Iterative Solutions of Large Sparse L'near Systems of Equations 
Arising From Queuing Netwcrrk Problems 

Julianna C. Pax Nutritional Sciences 

Effects of N-3 and Trans Fatty Acids on Neonatal Survived and Fatty 
Acid Composition of Brain and Liver in C57B16 Mice 

Karen S. Peddicord Health Education 

The Relationship of Employment Versus Nonemplayment to Perceived 
Stress, Anxiery, Depression, Se(/-Esteem, and Social Support in 
Pregnant Women 

Songzhi Peng Zoology 

Probing the Structure and Structural Ctumges in a Mitochondrial 
Channel VDAC 

Susan Perkins-Parks Cour\seling and Personnel Services 
Organjjationai Skills Deficits in Learning Disabled Children 

Elgin S. Perry Applied Mathematics 

DisfribuPOTui/ Properties o/ Parameters Derived from Leslie Matrix 

Thi Pham Physics 

Far Infrared Properties ofYBA2 Cu3 07 Crystais: Superconducting 

Patricia H. Pinto Human Development 

Nurses' PercepBons of Barriers to Psychosocial Nursing 

Zygmunt Pizio Psychology 

Visual Shape Recognition m Humans and Computers 

James Piatt Philosophy 

Saving the Meaning: The Cipher Theory of Synonymy and the 
Problems of Cross-Cultural Translation 

Delois M. Powell Microbiology 

B. P. Prince Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Study of Personality Types of Educators and Preferred Discipline 

Caroline B. Purdy Chemistry 

Isotopic and Chemical Studies ofAquia WcUer Evolution with 
Emphasis on Chkmne-56 

Branislav M. Radak Physics 

Type // Superstrings in Curved Background - Low Energy Urrut and 

Ravi Ramaswami Electrical Engineering 

Modeling Geometry Effects on Tunneling Conduction and Degradation 
o/MOS Structures 

Robert A. Redmond Kinesiology 

Shane L. Regdos Chemistry 

Radiopharmaceutical Quality Assurance Utilijing Newtron Activation 
Anaiysis and Post Column Reaction Detection 

Robert C. Reid Special Education 

Ejects o/ Sel/-Monitoring o/ Attention and Sel/-Monitoring of 
Performance on Attentional Behaviors and Spelling Performance of 
Learning Disabled Students 

Ching-Yun Ren Physics 

Slud> ofChiral Confirung Model with Vector Mesons 

Moon-Whoan Rhee Business and Management 

Unobservability Problems and Tests of the Traditional Asset Pricing 


Tina Richardson Psychology 

A Projectiiie Approach to the Assessn^nt of Racial Consciousness in 
White Americans 

Robert C. Rogers Industrial.Technological, and Occupational 

A Case Study of Student Retention at Two Maryland Conrniurdty 

Roberta M. Romeo Human Development 

Factors Affecting the Ability of Registered Nurses to Recognise and 
Identify Selected Emotions from the Videotaped Faces of Young, 
Middle-Aged and Older Women 

Amy L. Rovelstad Mechanical Engineering 

An Examination of Vorticit> Transport Along Particle Paths in a 
Numerically Simulated Turbulent Channel Flow 

Philip J. Rybczynski Chemistry 

Studies on the Synthesis and Reactivity of Organo-Manganese 
Pentacarbonyl Complexes 

Nalin H. Samarasinha Astronomy 

An Analysis of Temporal And Spatial Irdiomogeneities in Comets 

Harry W. Sappington Counseling and Personnel Services 
Structured Conceptualizations of Counselor Trainee Concerns at 
Varying Levels of Training: A Further Examination of the Development 

Pichan Sawangwong Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
Chemotaxonomic Approac/ies for Tracking Phytoplankton in the 
Chesapeake Bay 

Gretchen A. Schlabach Kinesiology 

The Effects of Training and Detraining on Dietary Fat Intake and 
Cortxcosterone Rhythms in the Osbome-Mendel Rat 

George R. Schmidt Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

The Behavioral Paradigm m Curriculum Writing In One Public School 
System: The Hidden Revolution in American Education 


Linda Schnapp Special Education 

A Study of the Effect of Age and Setting on Attention Deficit 
Disordered Students 

August Schomburg Business and Management 

An Empirical Study of the Effects of Industry Context on New 
Product Innovation Rivalry in Three Diverse 
Industries — Telecommunications, Computers, Brewing 

Luise S. Schuetz Physics 

Quantum Chaos in Systems with Ray Splitting 

Mary C. Scott-Little Human Development 

Caregiver Causal Attri{>utions Regarding Child Misbehaviors: 
Relationshifis to Caregiver Characteristics and Responses to Child 

Jeannette G. Sedlacek Human Development 

A Study of Relatior\ships Among Con/Iict-hand/ing Styles, Levels of 
Experienced CcmfUcl,]ob Satisfaction, and Job Perfonrmnce in 
University Residence Hall Assistants. 

Marie T. Sergent Counseling and Personnel Services 

Critical Incidents in Counselor Supervision: Test of a Development 

Robert G. Shackleton Economics 

A 55-Seclor Dynamic Macroeconometric Interindustry Forecasting 
Model of the United Kingdom 

Hossam M. Shalaby Electrical Engineering 

Distributed Hypothesis Testing u^ith Data Compression 

Michael R. Shaw Chemical Physics 

R/SM Vanatioruil Theories: An Approach to Solvated Electrons and 
Colloidal Stability 

Charlene Sheets Curriculum and Instruction 

Graphical, Numerical and Algebraic Reprresentations in 
Computer-Rich Environments 

Chiao-Yung Sher Computer Science 

Chyuan Y. Shiau Food Science 

Characterization and Utilization of Oyster Shucking Liquid Wastes 

Shiuh-Pyng W. Shieh Electrical Engineering 

An In/ormation and Privilege Floui Model for Intrusion Detection in 
Con^uter Systems 

David A. Shulman Computer Science 

Regularijation of Inverse Problems in Low Level'Vision Preserving 

Kenneth A. Smith Business and Management 

Top Management Team Dynamics, Strategy and Performance 

Michelle A. Smith Food Science 

The Influence of Washing on Some Physico-Chemical Quality 
Attributes of Mechanically Deboned Turl<£y Meat 

Ruth A. Smith Health Education 

The Effect of Relaxation and Mental Irruigery on Perceived Self 
Efficacy, Weight Loss and Body Composition 

Terrence P. Smith Agricultural and Resource Economics 
The Role of Time in the Demand for Outdoor Recreation 

Paul Solomon Library and Information Services 

Information Systems for Children: Explorations in Information Access 
and Interface Usability far an Online Catalog m an Elementary School 

John C. Sommerer Physics 

The Effects of Noise on Nonlinear Systems Near Crisis 

Richard B. Sowers Applied Mathematics 

Some Asymptotic Rest<lts /or Randomly-Perturbed Reaction Diffusion 

Minas E. Spetsakis Computer Science 

Noise Robustness in Dynamic Image Interpretation 

Brigid A. Starkey Government and Politics 

State, Culture and Foreign Policy: Exploring Linl<ages in the Muslim 

Mark T. Steen Biochemistry 

Organisation and Molecular Biology of the Production ofNisin and 
Subtilin , Two Lant/iionine -Containing Antibiotics 

David L Steinberg Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

The Effects of the Participation of Chapter I Elementary School 
Students, as Tutors and Tutees, m a Cross- Age Tutoring Program, on 
their Academic Achievement 

Sharon S. Stoliaroff Psychology 

Gregory W. Stone Geography 

Differential Sediment Supply and the Cellular Nature of Coastal 
Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama During the Late Quaternary 

Aris M. Stylianopoulos Physics 

Finite Temperature Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime 

Xiaobai Sun Computer Science 

A United Analysis of Iterative Methods for the Solution of Nearly 
Uncoupled Markov chains 

Ki H. Sung Mechanical Engineering 
Adaptive Control of a Flexible Manipulator 

David G. Swartz Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
A Decision Support System for Marine Recreational Fisheries 

Diane K. Swartz Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Relationship Bettveen Selected Personality Variables. Coping 
Ability, Achievement and Satisfaction with the Environment 

William F. Tate Curriculum and Instruction 

Prospective Secondary Mathematics Teachers' Understanding of the 
Function Concept 


Chung-Te Teng Electrical Engineering 

Two Artificial Neurcd Netwcrrk-implemented Robust Vision Models 

Lone L. Thomas Zoology 

Structure and Function of the Mitochcmdrid Chanr\el, VDAC 

Mona-Rae Thompson Sociology 

Charactensacs of Women in Predommandy Mcde Occupations: A 

Elizabeth J. Tiemey Chemistry 

Total Surface Area CalcuLitions for Organometalhc Compounds as 
Predictors for Toxicity and Chromatographic Retention Indices 

Len Tischler Business and Management 
Person-job Personaiiry Fit and Work Success 

Alice L. Tracy English Language and Literature 

George Henry Lewes and the Carum of the Victorian Novel 

Robert E. Trempe Business and Management 

The Productivity of Domestic Passenger Airlines in the Era of 

Eric W. Trumbull Theatre 
The American Worker's Musical 

Suan-Wei Tsay Electrical Engineering 

VLSI Realization of Neural Chemicoi Pools and Their Apphcaticms 

Seniz U. Turner Chemistry 

Stt«iies on the Reactivity of Cyclopropyl (Methoxy) 
Carbene -chromium Complexes 

Brian R Turner Physics 

Moiecuiar Photofragmentation with an Ar F* Excimer Laser 

Pamela R. Turner Textiles and Consumer Economics 
An Economic Analysis of U.S. Cotton Fiber Exports 

Bruce D. Umbaugh Philosophy 

Barbara L. Van Dahlen Psychology 

The Impact of the Stepfamily Environment on Adolescent Self Image 

Kathy S. Vandell American Studies 

Molding American Character: National Identity in Children's Fiction, 

Gretchen Vanderveer Education Policy, Planning, and 

Cognitive Complexity and the Career Achievement of Higher 
Education Administratcns 

Natalie H. Vania Philosophy 
Ignoring the Good 

Carol D. VonDohlen Zoology 

Ecology and Evolution of Life Cycles in the Hormaphidinae 
(Homoptera: Aphididae) 

Robert J. Waldman Sociology 

International Peacelceeping: Conditions of Conflict Control 

Chuen-Chung Wang Chemical Engineering 

The Effects of Sampling and Classification on Aerosol Size and 
Electrical Mobility Distribution 

Shujen Wang Journalism 

Critical Factors Influencing International News Coverage: A 
Comparative Study of Six Countries' News Treatment of the 1989 
Chinese Pro-democracy Movement 

Lawrence A. Waters Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Presidential Leadership in Historically Black Colleges and Universities 

Mary P. Watkins Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Phenomena Related to Clinical Decision Making in Patient Care by 
Experienced RNs Educated in Three Types of Nursing Programs 

Cynthia A. Weaver Counseling and Personnel Services 

Relationship of Locus of Control, Self-Esteem, Guilt, arui Depression to 
the Weil-Being of Adidt Children of Alcc^lics 

E. L. Wehrle Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Development of American Knitting Technolog^i to 1914 

Sunny S. Weiskop Physics 

Benjamin L. Welch Physics 

Ultraviolet and X-Ray Spectroscopy of Neon Z-Pinch Plasma 

Jacques R. White Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
Seasonal Stud> of Zoopkinkton Dynamics in Chesapeai<e Bay 

David E. Wilt Radio, Television and Film 

Stereotypical Images of Uruted States Characters in Mexican Cinema 

Paula Woods Counseling and Personnel Services 

Racial Identity and Vocational Type of Black College Students as 
Related to Academic Major Choice and Expressed Occupaticmal Choice 

June Wright Curriculum and Instruction 

An Investigation of the Relationship of Narrative Competence on Four 
and Five Year Olds and Parental Behavior During Book Reading and 
Replica Play 

Nancy D. Wright Library and Information Services 
A Citation Context Arudysis of Retracted Scientific Articles 

Janet S. Wyatt Health Education 

Family Coping and Level of Health of Parents with Technology Assisted 
Home-Bound Children with Respiratory Disabilities 

Judy A. Xanthopoulos Economics 

Marginal Effective Tax Rates: Forty Years of Tax Policy and Its Effect 
on Marginal Effective Tax Rates 

Wei Xu Chemistry 

Haejin Yoon Curriculum and Instruction 

An Investigation of Korean Kindergarten Teachers' Verbal Questions 
and Kindergartners' Verbal Responses During Group Time 

Jong H. Yoon Physics 

Dimensional Reductions In Gravity Theories 


Lei Yu Physics 

Fracud Distribution ofConvected Particles and Transition to Chaos 
for Random Maps 

Xiaoping Yuan Computer Science 

Michael G. Zeliff English Language and Literature 
John Keats: Hig/imindedness and a Jealousy for Good in His Poems 
Volume of 1817 

Pinghui Zhang Chemistry 

Structure -Function Studies of Glutathione S - Transferase 

Zhiming Zhang Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Determinants of Service Expenditures by Households in the United 

Kang-Min Zheng Chemistry 

Expenmenta! Studies of the Thermodyrwmics of Equilibrium 

DcKtor of Education 

Joann G. Alspach Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

The Self-directed Learning Readiness of Baccalaureate Nursing 

Ronald A. Anderson Curriculum and Instruction 

Social Studies: A Mor^iland Cumcular Framework: An Impact Study 

Edwin F. Bokee Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
A Study of the Admjnisrratii'e Trainee Propam m Anne Arundel 
Counter Public Schoob 

Janis P. Currence Curriculum and Instruction 
A Profile of the High School Dropout as a Learner 

Clarence E. Golden Curriculum and Instruction 

Students' Perceptions of Academic Competition and Cooperation in 
the Middle School 

Donald G. Hoes Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
An Analysis of the Relationship Betifeen Principals' Style and Behavior 

Steven G. Lottes Curriculum and Instruction 

Preparaaon, Attributes, and}ob Satisfaction: Three Case Studies of 
Special Education Teachers for Seriously Emotionally Cfeturbed 

Kay N. McEIvey Curriculum and Instruction 

EarK Black Dorchester 1776 - 1870: A History of the Struggle of 
African Americans in Dorchester County, Maryland, to be Free to 
Make Their Own Choices 

Diane L. Mumford Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

The Cogrutive and Affective Outcomes of a Gifted and Talented 
Science Program for Students of High Intelligence Achieving at 
Different Levels 

Shana L. Pankratz Curriculum and Instruction 

Rochell Peoples Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Students Enrolled at Marykmd's Four TraditionaUy Black Public 
Jnsntunons: A Comparatii'e Assessment of Their Experiences with 
Implications for These Institutioni 

Sandra A. Prillaman Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

A Study of Predictors of Success far English 9C Students on the 
Maryland Writing Test 

James M. Ryan Curriculum and Instruction 

E^ect of Exposure to Disabled Population on Vocatioruil Rehabilitation 
Counselor's Attitude Toward Disabled People 

Judith M. Sherman Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of a Prior Knowledge Vocabulary Acnvation Strategy on the 
Reading Comprehension of Fifth Grade Readers 

Karen S. Spencer Curriculum and Instruction 

Barbara P. Stouffer Curriculum and Instruction 

A Comparison of Beginning and Experienced Teachers in Their 
Management of Classroom Transition 

Rita J. Womack Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Teacher Modeling Think Ahuds on Student's Ability to 
Idenafy Mam Ideas m Reading 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Elizabeth J. Barber Music 

The Works o/Hayne van Ghi^eghem, A Complete Recording 

Christopher J. Ford Music 

Eleven ]azz-lnfluenced Works for Concert Saxophorw 

John A. Krebs Music 

The Solo Piano Music of Alfredo Casella 

David R. Miles Music 

An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Contemporary Euphonium Solo 
Literature by American Composers 

Shuko Watanabe Music 

A Sun'ev of Japanese Solo Piano Music 

Kwang-I Ying Music 

Keith R. Young Music 

The Saxophone Solo and Chamber Works of Charles Koechlin 


Master of Applied 

Jennifer Scott Galbraith 
Ariana Hemandez-Reguant 
Patricia Mane Parkinson 

Master of Architecture 

John David Bean 
Victor Keith Burbank 
Arnold John Capute, Jr. 
Julia Ann Heine 
Joanne Ya-Wen Kuo 
Robert James Lee 
Bernard Roger Mallat 
Christopher Stewart Morrison 
Paul Edward O'Connell 
Helen Methvin Payne 
Forrest J. Pecht 
Charles Franklin Poat 
Christopher John Redecke 
Vicki A. M. Sadrzadeh 
James George Shetler 
Martin Paul Shore 
William Michael Stevens 
Myron L. Ward 
Francis Tliompson Wheeler 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Michael Busnach 
Thomas H. Frank 
Frank William Johnson IV 
Ursula Christine Koelsch 
David G. Lott 
Mary Ann Melpolder 
Jelifrey Allan Rupp 
Miriam Lee Weinstein 

Appplied Mathematics 

Sharon Marie Crook 
William Frederick Detlefs 
James Patrick Dunyak 
Ariyawansa Perera llleperuma 
Michael Dewayne Miner 
Ross Mohan 

Paul Stephen Timmel 
Pablo Manuel Ruasol Zafra 

Art History 

Amy E. Day 

Malia Elizabeth Finnegan 

Anthony Geber 

Li-ju Hong 

Renee Antoinette Kidd 

David Lind Olin 

Karen Nordstrom Sinderson 

Joan Ruth Stahl 

Lee Allison Vedder 


Thomas M. Hayes 
Richard Edmon Prior 

Combined History/Library 
and Information Services 

Huei-Lin Chuang 
Glenn Russell Gardner 
Todd Joseph Kosmerick 
Birgit Prelle 

Comparative Literature 

Todd Silas Garth 
Scott Joseph Kieserman 
Kevin Vincent Meehan 
Paul Benjamin Miller 

Counseling and Personnel 

Nancy A. Bruns 
Myra Lee Burgee 
Wilt'ried Manfred Otto Busse 
Stuart Adam Isralowitz 
Patricia Ann Lewis 
Nestor Ricardo Mantilla 
Susan Ruth McCam 
Cynthia Michelle Moore 
Jennifer Shimer Piper 
Erin A. Rooney 
Julia C. Watson 
Kathleen Faith Wiersema 
Arlene Shapiro Wiseth 
Daniel Mark Woods 
Samuel Alan Zack 

Criminal Justice and 

Lisa Diane Bastian 
Elizabeth Rachel Friedman 
Michele Alicia Harmon 
Richard Alan Lewis 
Deborah Diane Linnell 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Judith Kerschner Kierstead 
Robert Jay Moore 


Gregorio E. Arevalo 
Josephine Valerie Arpaillange 
Barry Bernard Brewer 
Cindy Ellen Cohen 
Jonathan Jay Fox 
David Albert Latzko 
Tancred Charles Lidderdale 
Isidoro Mazza 
Vyjayanthi Rajagopalan 
Kamala Rajamani 
Cherian Samuel 
Christine Ann Wnuk 
Suying Wu 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Minakshi Goswami 
Marilyn G. Johnson 
Lauren M. Rubley 
Eva Dorothy Zang 

English Language and 

David Anthony Adelman 

Christina Marie Beckwith 

Joseph Michael Bizup 

Eric E. Bond 

Grace Cavelli 

Kelly S. Childs 

Sue Karen Cornish 

Mark Herbert Crawford 

Loma Beth Ellis 

Kevin Fertick 

Mary Elizabeth Giroir 

Christina Eleanor Godlewski 

Mary Frances Goralski 

Samuel Franklin Hankin 

Tara Jeanne Hart 
J. Andrew Hubbell 
Jeanine Hurley 
Susan Fields Joseph 
Mahmud Kibria 
David Lawrence McDuff 
John David Mock 
Andrew Carson Naprawa 
James C. Panousos 
Anne Lynn Pax ton 
Claire Corcoran Pettengill 
Jane Peach Porter 
Kathleen Anne Reilly 
Carol Ann Sanders 
Andrea Helene Scopelitis 
Stacy Ann Steinberg 
Sherry Aleta Weaver 
Cynthia Wimmer-Moul 

French Language and 

Nathalie J. Davis 
Jo Ann Hinshaw 
Elizabeth Lynn Keller 
Melissa Meredith Saurman 


Thomas J. Culliton 
Wayne Paul Dulaney 
Walter Johan Fijn 
Gregory Thomas French 

German Language and 

Donna Ann Kinemey 

Government and Politics 

Elizabeth L. Blake 
Laura Susan Bloodgood 
Kathleen Marie O'Brien 

Thomas Patrick Coffman, Jr. 
Karen Grahling Duggar 
Beth Anne Henson 
J. Joseph Hewitt 
Karen Lynn Ipe 
Gregory Galen Lebel 
Stephen Richard Leventhal 
Bryan Archer O'Byme 
Claudia Renata F. Mota Pinto 


Decorative bull's-eye windows adorn the east and west pediments of the Turner Building. 

Douglas Wayne Poole 
D. Wayne Rhodes 
William Troy Simmons 
Lynn M. Traunsteiner 
William Michael Wright 
You-huei Yu 
Lawrence Edwin Yungk 

Health Education 

Edward Russell Cowen 
Lisa Kay Gilbert 
Alan David Goldberg 
Lynn A. Guardiani Jenkins 
Gayle Bemette Banks Jones 
Kristine Elizabeth Mansky 
Sarah Armentrout Miller 
Kathleen Marie Morgan 
Louise Murphy Simmons 

Hearing and Speech 

Amy E. Cameron 
Moira Ann Daley 
Janet Marie Dillingham 
Susan Esperanza 
Brenda Leigh Ellsworth 
Elizabeth Ann Hine 
Tara Lynne Hirsch 
Virginia Patricia Hoey 
Carin Marie Howerton 

Amy Cheree Knapp 
Cheryl Stoner Kramer 
Suzanne Marie Nibeck 
Susan Lenore Phillips 
Carol Marie Poage 
Sonja Lynn Rose 
Altha Sheewayne Campbell 

LaGuinn Parsons Sherlock 
Kimberly Ann Sullivan 
Lisa Caryl Weiss 
Karen Elaine Wells 
Teri Susan Wilson 
Marcia Ellen Wolf 


Helen Therese Boscoe 
Laurent Carta\Tade 
Jon Colin DowUng 
Yael Simpson Fletcher 
Janet Louise Grape 
Vernon Edward Horn 
Ke Ching Hung 
John Francis Jamele 
Joseph Owen Litney 
Patricia Ann Loughran 
Matthew MacKenzie 

Steven Nathan Mesirow 
Nyurka Ivelisse Morales 
Robert Wallace Morrow 

Jennifer Ogilvie 
Russell John Rockefeller 
Sarah Paradise Russell 
James Burrow Shuman 
Leikun Teferra 
Mary Deborah Phillips 

Human Development 

William Alan Miller 
Melanie Lanning Morrison 
Lisa Dawn Perry 
Barbara A. Usher 
Shelley Jo Weber 

Occupational Education 

Doreen Lynn Derigo 
Kathleen Marie Desmarais 
Chukwuemeke Augustine 

David Jeremy Rudel 


Ana Anas Barber 
Sarah Lucy Beyer Kelly 
Dmna Garrett Boltz 
Anne Marie Calmes 
John L. Cummins 
Kathy A. Ehgartner 

Anthony Michael Fowler 
Roberta Carol Hoxie 
Yi-Hui Huang 
Setsuko Inaki 
Cindy Ann Jones 
Daniel G. Lorenzetti 
Karen Lee Louden 
Anastasia P. Lyra 
Cristina Manzano 
Rebecca Jane 

Dean James Patterson 
Martha J. Phan 
Mary-Jo Povisil 
Matthew Beynon Rees 
Joy Martina Shay 
Gary E. Shrout 
Rebecca Dougherty Williams 
Robert Jeremiah Woodruff 111 
Tyrone M. Woodyard 
Mei-ling Yang 


Andrew Carlton Barlow 
Christine L. Blesy-Krohn 
Kathleen Jean Haberman 
Julie Hamon 
Douglas Keith Jones 
Cynthia L. Keim 
Karen Higgins Koffler 
Heather Lynn Lewis 


James E. Melia 
Audrey Menkes 
Daleen Joan Resnick 
Cathleen Mary Schulien 
Steven Anthony Siders 


Tliomas Klein 
Lina Zilionyte 

Mathematical Statistics 

Jung Hyun Kim 
Marsha Ellen Reichman 
James Francis Troendie 
George Tzavelas 


Harold K. Knight, Jr. 
Alan Jay Laing 
Kathleen Marie Madden 
Tristan Nguyen 
Pyeong-Suk Woo 
Valentino ZiKca 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Tmg-Hsiang Lin 
I'Kinna Lynne Neumann 
Dorothy Chandler Prats 


Catherme L. Anderson 
Jonathan Famey Cox 
Keith Allan Erickson 
Harold William Goldstein 
Melita J. Murray 
Natalia Janice Peart 
Frances Ruhinetti 

Radio, Television and Film 

Bradley Stephen Boeke 
Jennifer Nan Bruns 
Juan Cheng 
Scott McGilvray Forhes 
LeRoy Edward Frtxim 
Hsiao-Hui Ho 
Victoria Lyn Leroy 
Kevin John Mohs 
Christina Marie Mugno 
Leanne Norton 

Alejandra Ramirez 
Christian Alherto 
Michael Jude Widomski 
Yueh-Yu Yeh 


Delair David All 
Mary Anne Cunningham 
Laura Lynn Hersey 
Norma Jean Kawecki 
Ann Glascock Ketterer 
Scott A. Peckins 
John Michael Tucker 

Russian Language and 

Loren Allen Billings 
Leslie Giordano 
Karen Paige Laslie 


Kay E. Anderson 
Corinne Ann Bordieri 
Julie Ann Dawson 
Morten Ender 
Pamela Gindoff 
John Patrick Hammill 
Ziwei Lu 
Karin Ann Mack 
Scott J. Mc Kearney 
Jennifer Marie Rothgeb 
Jeffrey Stewart Thomas 
Zong-Yee Willson Yang 

Spanish Language and 

Pablo G. Mora 
Angela Maria Perez 
Josephine Salvador-Riggione 
Maria Luisa Torres 

Special Education 

Stephanie Cohh 

Speech Communication 

Carolyn Janette Bargman 
Mary Anne Brenkus 
Michelle Danielle Kost 
Harry Lee Pritchett 


Luz Maria Correa 
Jay Tiiomas Plum 
Tracey Ann Tokar 

Urban Studies 

Mark David Baskin 
Alan Jay Hochman 
Sheryl Marie Holder 
Daniel J. McCarthy 
Joseph Wesley Parker 
April Ann Showers 
Ahdirahman Yaharow 

Master of Business 

Business and Management 

Stephen Mboro Andoseh 
Elif Ates 

Samuel L. Atzeff, Jr. 
Denise Joy Baum 
Deborah Fite Booker 
Jeffrey Lyle Brewer 
Patrick Matthew Bright 
Anne Melick Brumbaugh 
C. Phillip Bundy 111 
Charles Caputo 
Diane Calder Clelland 
Phyllis Miriam Cobum 
Gregory Atvill Conner 
Raymond Milton Conrad 
Brenda Lee Cornish 
Mary Ellen Cranford 
Mary Ryan Dillingham 
John Richard Dwyer 
Scott Patrick Ehrhom 
Eric J. Ekeroth 
Robert Gore Fangmeyer 
Marita Jean Femald 
M'liss Lee Freeman 
Stephen Austin Gaines 
Laurie Evans Gavrin 
Mereida Darcelle Goodman 
Kathleen Ann Grahl 
Katherine Lynne Gray 
John Kennedy Guerrero Ortiz 

Jeffrey Bejan Hatef 

Ctouglas Martin Heck 

Peter Clem Hemme 

Mark Jay Hill 

Sandra Cimerman Hirsch 

James Donald Homer 

Stacey Lyn Hostetler 

Ching-Ping Hu 

Carl Huppert 

David Raymond Impara 

John Charles Lane 

William Schuyler Lankenau 

Daniel Liberman 

Joseph Richard Linehan 

Yong Liu 

Andrea U. Lohrmann 

Kent Paul Madigan 

Tomeatha O. Malone 

Kimberly Anne Mantello 

Jack Lee Mason, Jr 

Lisa Marie Matkowski 

Laura Diane McCall 

Donald Todd McCormack 

Joi Dian Mills 

Sheila Louisa Nalikka 

Jeannette Nance 

Valentine C. Nwandu 

Sunithi Pankaj 

Shannon Wingfield Perry 

Jennifer Maeve Pitsenberger 

Scott Edward Powell 

Pierre Antoine Pozzo di Borgo 

Deborah Ruth Purchase 

Elisabeth Remmelts 

Dawn Rae Revis 

Vandana Sama 

Amy Mills Shilling 

Jeffrey David Sisson 

Eric William Smart 

M. Athena Soussa 

Daniel Lawrence Spar 

Laura Kathleen St. Claire 

Tracy Anne Stallone 

Katia Stephen 

John Francis Tan Sun Kuan 

Christopher David Thayer 

Bruce Howard Thomas 

Yuanyuan Tsai 

Anthony Eugene Tyree 


Ken David Uematsu 
Melinda Michiko Weant 
Amy Waterman Weber 
Kristin Anne Wilson 
Stacey Woolfork 
Heather Ann Wright 
Henry T. Yang 
Andreas Nikolaos 

Gary Michael Young 
Michael David Yu 

Combined Business 



Leslie Michael Carter 
Natasha Veronica Leskovsek 

Combined Law/Business 

Christopher Todd Schenken 

Master of Community 

Mary C. Bandziukas 
John Augustus Cook 
Scott Alan Darrell 
Brigitte V. Fessenden 
Scott Daniel Nelson 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Denise Marie Blair 
Timothy Michael Burton 
Gloria S. de Rosa 
Cynthia Ann Drucker 
Norma M. Fedder 
Betsey Lee Fuller 
Allison Beth Herstein 
Jennifer L. Hilbom 
Cynthia Simcho Hill 
Colleen McShalley 

Judy Dianne Johnson 
Karen Klemm-Husselbee 
Victoria Anne Leahy 

Timothy A. McGuriman 
Robert Gordon Nedwich 
Barbara Louise O'Malley 
Cheryl Elyn Palmer 
Nancy Ellen Rankin 
Beth Elise Shapiro 
Sandra Sue Tuttle 
Jane Lai Mah Woodbum 
Scott Douglas Young 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Rita Carolina Crider 
Melany Pingaye Deem 
Max Paul Desilets 
Rudolph Joseph Filers 
Betty J. Grove 
Janet Ernst Hamer 
Sharon Ann Hesse Hedrick 
Anne E. O'Neill Howard 
Beverly Mayherry Johnson 
Janet S. Jones 
Karen Ann Locke 
Emma Bailey McAdams 
Kimberly Maria Miller 
Karen Lee Oliver 
Carol-Lee Glenn Phelps 
Maureen Louise Roche 
Deborah Faith Smith 
Craig Steven Solomon 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Susan Marie Rittenhouse 

Valerie Ann Coffey 
Jeanette Rogers EXinston 
Dawn Elizabeth Hanaway 

Barbara Trisko Lampe 
Sherril Lynne Lilly 
John Thayer Stewart 
Christina James Watts 

Human Development 

Lisa Marie Bender 
Rebecca Sue Brenneman 
Teresa L. Browning 
Lisa Rene Carr 
Renee Lynn Dobratz 
Sujata Mhatre Finn 
Mary Ellen French 
Carole Ann Glotfelty 
Ernest Frederic Gregg 
Lu Ann Gregg 
Cathleen E. Lipscomb 

Nan P. luculano 
Katharine Cornell Kierstead 
Adrienne Phillips Koram 

Rosalind J>in Lancaster 
Kimberly Ann McClennahan 
Suzanne Bemadette Mitchell 
Josephine Ann Muniz 
Douglas Ray Oxford, Jr. 
P. Lenora Powell 
Carol Wolfe Slagle 
Jacqueline Elaine Stuck 
Jo Ann Vent 
Cheryl Ann Wheaton 
Edward S. Wildesen 
Linda Joan Wolf 

Special Education 

Linda Jane Cates 
Denise Marie Lienesch 
Nicole Renae Lloyd 
Thomas Braden Moore 
Cheryl Ann O'Fiesh 
Cindy Diane Selber 

This bull's-eye window graces the front pediment of the Reckord 
Armory. Built in 1944, the "new" armory, as it was then called, was 
first used for commencement exercises on June 27, 1945. 


Master of Fine Arts 

Creative Writing 

Patricia Leland Adams 
David Biespiel 
Ann Victoria Christie 
Mildred Rodgers Crary 
Sara Jane Fisher 
Suzanne A. Greenberg 
Donald Paul Haspel, Jr. 
Cynthia Anderson Matsakis 
Sarah Rowena Pleydell 
Patricia Weems Rawlings 
John Van Kirk 
Barbara Jean Vogt 

Fine Arts 

Michael George Dean 
Andrew Miles Dunnill 
Yolanda Helen Kurek 
Xiaojia Peng 
Maria L. Swafford 
Pamela June Thompson 


Mireille L. Key 

Master of Library 

Combined History/Library 
and Information Services 

Huei-Lin Chuang 
Glenn Russell Gardner 
Todd Joseph Kosmerick 
Birgit Prelle 

Library and Information 

Marco A. Almeida 
Carol Feeney Bartlett 
H. Michael Eiennett 
Kathleen Marie Best 
Monica Maria Butsch 
Susan Carol Cline 
Susan Carol Collins 
Sean Alan Coxen 
Mary Beth Adams Dorsey 
William Joseph Eagle 

Louise G. Frank 
Janice P. Fridie 
Christine W. Girsdansky 
Marjorie A. Goethe 
Birgit Liddy Gruenberg 
Helen Ann HiUer Hills 
Rebecca Ayres Isaac 
Kristine Dell Kaplan 
Christina Kormanski Krause 
Margaret Lukowski Lambooy 
Daniel Christopher Lech 
Daniel Scott Lehr 
Joan Marie Levinson 
Cheng- Yun C. Liang 
Karin A.-C. Lyttkens-Blake 
Mary J. Madsen 
Lisa B. Mages 
Joseph James Maniscaico 
Julia Magdalena Manzo 
Hamilton Keith Maynard 
Nan McFerren 
Ya-Chun Meng 
Karen E. Morgenstem 
Jennifer Lynn Myers 
Myra Alexander Paul 
Karen A. Quinn-Wisniewski 
William John Rafter 
Leslie M. Ream 
Marin Kay Ritter 
Joan Donovan Roach 
Monica Anne Scott 
Joella Katherine Seymour 
Margaret L. Trautman 
Katherine Ruth Uhl 
Patricia L. Van Slyke 
Elizabeth Louise Vandivier 
Marjorie Victoria White 
Lydia Elizabeth Wilson 
Sally Cliff Wolfe 

Master of Music 

Rodolfo T Brito 
Meii-Fu Chen 
Allis Ann Druffel 
Lisa Ann Erickson 
William Thomas Harris 
Lois Carol Hawkins 
Shellie Kay Johnson 

Eve M. Komhauser 
Liang- Yin Kuo 
Kyung Won Kwon 
Yasuhiro Miura 
Suzanne Jeanette Morin 
Karen Beth Olson 
Samantha Jane Phillips 
Wai Ling W. Pong 
Diane M. Rose 
Jean-Anne Teal-Greenshields 
Tanya Sophia Thielke 
Amy Amelia Thomas 
Lisa Marie Walhout 
Thomas Ethan Ulysses 

David Edward Warf 
Alexius Kenneth Wong 
Kris Michael Zinkievich 

Master of Public 

Combined Business 

Leslie Michael Carter 
Natasha Veronica Leskovsek 

Public Management 

Kenneth Brian Adkins 
Paul William Baker 
John Deween Bird II 
Paul M. Carroll 
Mark Gordon Czelusta 
David William Evans 
Gregory Glen Geisler 
Eric Gerald Griego 
Robert Saeed Habashi 
Ruth Ellen Heikkinen 
Melissa Ann Houghton 
Ralph Eugene Jackson 
Michael William Mack 
John P. McKenna, Jr. 
Jeffrey Charles Mounts 
K. Stephen Piper 
Bryan David Sakolsky 
Vincent D. Schaper, Jr. 
Michael Thomas Schmidt 
Thomas Christian Snyder 

Geraldine Maliwat Tolentino 
Edward John Turner 

Master of Public Policy 

Jody Ann Breckenridge 
Michael P. Cook 
Stephen Carl Gerwin 
Alan Roger Heck 
Terri Lynn Kratovil 
Takahiko Kudo 
Hunter Loughlyn McKay 
Wayne Mark Morrison 
Charles Monahan Murray 
Ann Frances O'Neill 
Anthony Oliveto 
Ann I. Sapp 
Michelle L. Seith 
Veronica Grafton Smith 
Betty L. Valdes 
Yan Zhang 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Gregory Stephen Agnes 

Anthony Donald Botting 

Robert Franklyn Boyle 

Wai Yip Chan 

David Cochran Fleming 

Ranjan Ganguli 

Brian Matthew Garrison 

Hugo Arturo Gonzalez 

Steven J. Ingle 

Jang-Yeon Lee 

Lawrence Dean Martin 

Eric Scott McCartney 

Daniel Ira Newman 

Joseph Orso 

David William Shaffer 

Michele Anne Staisloff 

Naruhisa Takashima 

Christopher Tarpley 

Agnes C. Todorov-Wozniak 

Anita Lynne Tracy 

Joseph C. Tyler 

James Walker Weber, Jr. 

Peter Scott Weinberger 


Agricultural and Extension 

Nancie Wettrich Clarke 
Gregory Robert Gorman 
Donald Byrd Marston, Jr. 
Elizabeth Ann Same 

Agrucultural and Resource 

Miriam Euclides Brandao 
Rhona Maria Lantin 


Kevin Gray Donnelly 
Grace Mary Madariaga 
Vincent Robert Pantalone 111 
Mark E. Radecke 
Paul Richard Shipley 

Animal Sciences 

Lisa Renee Banghart 
Mary Beth Miller 
Kathryn Frances Valente 
Jian-Zheng Zhou 


Robert Anthony Gruendl 


Tsai-Hsia Li 

Keight Uhuru Luyegu 

Business and Management 

John P. Dawyot 
Amita Goyal 
Teresa Louise Grimes 
Daniel Guetzkow 
Liying Huang 
Ram L. Kumar 
Nandini Prashant Lonkar 
D. Timothy McCormick 
Jennifer DeWire Michaels 
Naoko Steams 
Noah E Stem 

Chemical Engineering 

Leonidas A. Constantinou 
Daniel Reid Kuespert 
Li-Ying Yang 


Bertha Allen-Henry 

Gautam Chatterjee 

Karen Denise Jones 

Jong-Man Kim 

Ann Denise Nichols-Ziebarth 

Civil Engineering 

Charles Albert Babendreier 
Aladdin Adnan Barkawi 
David Christopher Barry 
Purvi Bhaskar Bhavsar 
Elizabeth Constance Butler 
Hsiao-Lun Peter Chang 
Amin Mohammed 

John Christian Damm 
Stuart David Foltz 
James Ellis Gentry, Jr. 
Charles Alfred George 
Jacob George 
Mark Allen Hainsworth 
James R. Hinda 
Wan-Dong Kim 
Tung Ann Lin 
Dagmar Kohl Llewellyn 
Brian Joseph McKenna 
Saeed Milani-Nia 
Ravi Kiran Nanguncxjri 
Richard Robert Parker 
James Lee Preston 
Farrukh Ur Rahman 
Mamadou Sevede 
Rajeshkumar D. Shelat 
Jogesh Singh Sondhi 
Li-Hsing Wang 
Jie Yao 
Faycal Adel Zahreddine 

Computer Science 

Sedat Akyurek 
Cengiz Alaettinoglu 
Andrew Paul Balinsky 
Rodrigo Assis Botafogo 

Jennifer A. Carle 
Ling Tony Chen 
Charles Joseph Daniels IV 
Michael John Fitzpatrick 

Naresh Chand Gupta 
Shyh-In Hwang 
John Robert Meyer 
Steven Douglas Miller 
Partho P. Mishra 
Maya Ramamurthy 
Doreen Renee Revis 
Manas Chandra Saksena 
Carolyn Scott 
Jeanne Ann Shands 
Elliot A. Shefrin 
Stephen Joseph Smith 
Robert Alan Spangler 
H.V. Srinivasan 
William Macklin Thomas 
Clare R. Voss 
William Joachim Weiland 
Yu Chung Wong 
Noura Fares Zoubeir 

Electrical Engineering 

Scott Bradley Abbott 
Kevin LeRoy Anderson 
Nerlagunte Bheemarao 

Umesh Bakhru 
Dhiraj U. Bhatt 
Philippe M. Burlina 
Andrew Todd Caldwell 
Donald W. Carter, Jr. 
Kakali Chaki 
Tzuchu Chang 
Yu-Wen Chang 
Jeffrey Satterwhite Chavis 
Wei-Sung Chen 
Chiu-Ping Chien 
Donald Mitchell Comwell, Jr 
Amelia Icaranom de la rosa 
Bruce Allen Douglas 
James Douglas Dworkin 
Hadi Abdul-Hamid Fakhoury 
Eric E. Funk 

Todd Anthony Gixidrich 
Michael Philip Gordon 
Vasudha Govindan 
Tao-Long Hsiao 
Yu-Shu Hu 
Tzyy-Wei Hwang 
Ming Jia 

Luis Orlando Jimenez 

Meenal Vinaychandra Jobalia 

Suryakumar V. Josyula 

Farbod Kamgar 

Yuan Kao 

Daniel Charles Kerr 

Lawrence Melvin Klass 

Tuan Anh Le 

Cheng-Chieh Lee 

Mark David Levin 

Lidan Li 

Chih-Hsien Lin 

Sam Chien-Shin Lin 

Chih-Cheng Lu 

Tsung-Hsien Lu 

Michael William Morin 

Serdar Muslu 

Tien Pham 

Edel H. Quinones 

Nol Rananand 

David Vincent Roderick 

Jonathan Christoph Rolf 

Marc de Savigny 

Devang S. Shah 

Muhammed Ahmed Shamma 

Sangeeta Arun Shirsekar 

James Aurele St. Pierre 

Fred Raymond Steinberg 

Michael Andrew Tope 

Paul Nam Tran 

Perry Louis Vessels 

Steven Christopher Witczak 

Wayne Alan Wong 

Ghin-Yeh Wu 

Ivan Kin-Kuen Wun 

Hirad Yazdankhah 

Gang Ye 

Yu-Neng Yeh 

Feng-Lin Yu 

Kee Yiu Yu 

Engineering Materials 

Si Cheng 

Garrett Leslie Childs 

John C. Musall 

Ling Wang 

Eric Joseph Wuchina 



Angel Antonio Peiia 
Carlos Jesus Pereira 

Family and Community 

Viviana Azar 
Gary Edmond Clark 
Jeanne Marie Elrod 
Melissa Ann Gregory 
Lori Elizabeth Perkins 
Cory Allen Reich 
Stephen Charles Walwyn 
Myra Anita Waters 

Food Science 
Chen-Jang Liu 


Janet McCray Batzli 
Huey Jen Chen 
Pamela Jo Hathaway 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Seema Avinash Bhagwat 
Jana Lea Landkammer 
Dana Lynn Macalalad 
Seppideh Sami 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

John Paul Craig 
Patricia Carbonara Goffinet 
Melissa Anne Holloway 
Michael John Klebasko 
DeKirah Jean Morrin 
Leah M. Oliver 
Helen Kundtz Rosselli 
Jacqueline Savitz 
Scott Ernest Seibold 
John I^ivid Stubblefield 
Richard Lee Takacs 
Lisa Volgenau 

Mechanical Engineering 

Shakil Ahmad Ansari 
David Louis Antonio 
Robert Franklin Charette 
Yeong-Shu Chen 

You-Hong Cheng 

Liou Chu 

Craig Gavin Haider 

David Bennitt Harris 

Chonghao Huang 

Tao Jia 

Charles Henry Kidder 

Jeong Hun Kim 

Kuan-Yuh Ko 

Charles Randall Lamh 

Christopher Michael Lashley 

Lingxiao Li 

Yu-Lung Lo 

Robert Craig McSavaney 

Charles Dean Milligan 

Chen Oyan 

David Alan Penn 

Madhu Sudan Ramavajjala 

Douglas M. Ries 

Susan King Roden 

Kristina Gretchen Whipple 

Wei-Yuan Xu 

Kui-Sun Yim 

Nian-Ning Zeng 

Qian Qian Zhang 

Sanyi Zheng 


John Montgomery Cart, Jr. 
Jae-Hoon Kim 
William Randolph Moak 
Olga Poulida 
Homg-Syi Shen 
Nian Zhang 


Muhammad K. Ahmed 
Shawn Marie McLaughlin 

Nuclear Engineering 

Jonas Geduldig 


Timothy Charles McNair 

Richard Alan Schoenwiesner 

Craig Michael Zelig 

Nutritional Sciences 
Laura Power 
Virginia Wilson Worthington 


Sayoko Jean Blodgett-Ford 
Valerie Michele Browning 
David Hunter Devine 
David Allen Falconer 
Allen Jay Gould 
Kenneth Albert Hennacy 
Teresa Marie 

Shaohua Liu 
Tseng Mei-Ling Ren 
Kathleen Margaret Rush 
Jeffery Mark Saul 

Poultry Science 

Frank Anthony Attard 
Katherine Patricia Weld 
Clarence Alvin White 


John Brindley Hogan 

Reliability Engineering 

Denis John Koutsandreas 

Systems Engineering 

Donald Roy Augenstein 
Neil Ramaswami Paragiri 

Textiles and Consumer 

Susan Schurig Bowman 
Jian Xiang 
Liping M. Zhang 


Roberta Lynne Davis 
Daphna Francoise 

M. Andrew Newman 
Cynthia Anne Rote 
John Andrew Scherrer 
Suzy Ruth Ellen Steele 

Graduate Certificates 

Advanced Graduate 
Specialist Certificate 

Myra Lee Burgee 

Donald A. Davis 
Stuart Adam Isralowitz 
Adrienne Phillips Koram 
Cynthia Michelle Moore 
Julia C. Watson 
Arlene Shapiro Wiseth 
Samuel Alan Zack 

Graduate Certificates 
in Gerontology 

Master's Level 

Nancy A. Bruns 

Nancy A. Goldsmith 

Yaacov Kabilo 

Marjory Gillingham Marvel 

Ann E. Merck 

Robin J. Miller 

Graduate Historic 



Edson Harding Beall 
Brigitte V. Fessenden 





Maryland's flag, bearing the arms of the Calvert and Crossland 
families, was first flown in its present form at Gettysburg Battlefield 
in 1888 to dedicate monuments to Maryland civil war veterans. 

College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Darlene Adams 
Cristin Nicole Ameme 
Brian David Bailey 

* Aileen Lori Banks 
Sheryl Lynn Boyer 
Jack Martin Bradford 
Thomas Warren Brockett 
Charles Lxiuis Brohawn, Jr. 

t TTiomas Jerome Brunton 

* Maria Angela Bunag 
Courtney Deanne Carter 
Paul Christian Charron 
Michael Patrick Daley 
Angus Howard Day 
Kathleen Rita Dessources 
John Jay DeBerardinis 
Minerva Suck de la Paz 
Malcolm Edward Diggs 
Michele Marie Fisher 
Peter Sean Fitzgerald 
Elizabeth Marie Flerlage 
Brett Andrew Gamer 
William Michael Gloyd 
Richard Allan Godsey 
Brian David Gross 
Matthew Maurice Groves 
Paul Martinot Groves 
Dana Leigh Hall 
Patrick Joseph Hanner 
Sharon Eugenia Harris 
James Roger Hitchcock 
Jeffrey Glenn Jahick 
Marc A. Jerome 

Barry W. Johnson 
Alisa Dawn Jones 
Ahmed Homaune Kayoumy 

Timothy Leo Keefe 
Michael Leonard Kelly 
Pamela Ajuandem Khumbah 
Michael John Kurzmiller 
Caroline Michelle Lake 
Howard Samuel Lev 
Donald William Lipke 
John James Malloy 
Robert John Martin 
Ronald Winfred McDaniel 
James Franklin Mischke 
Monglan Thi Nguyen 
Stephen A. Noyes 
Nishith Ramesh Patel 
Thomas Andrew Powers 
Jason William Raivel 
Sherman Lee Roberson 111 
Kevin Christopher Rooney 
Victoria Jung Ryoo 
All Ahukar Omar Scego 
Jeffrey Andrew Sperling 
Kent Richard Tomchick 
Paul John Waltnip II 
David Brian Waters 
James L. Wetzel 
Scott David Zolak 

Animal Sciences 

Paul Douglas Adams 11 
Ewa Gorski 

Adrienne Michelle Homatko 
Deborah Lynn Meadowcroft 
Patricia Joanna Marie Painter 
Rujuta C. Raichura 

* Karen Ann Rasmussen 

t Lisa Carol Reiter 

§ Summa cum LauAe 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Lauife 
* cum Laude 

Stefan Arnold Rosario 
William C. Stuart 
* Amy Christine Talhott 


Agriculture- Veterinary 

Shari Jean Sprague 

Crop Science 

William Courtney Craft 

Food Science 

Karin Maria Deklau 
IDenise Elaine Frehertshauser 
Christopher Allen Hathaway 
Richard Lee Hudscin 
Marci Helene Krug 
Carol Ann Kunetz 
Rebecca L. Newman 

General Agriculture 
Daniel Hoch 


David Edward Coble 

* Daniel Alan Hockman 
Suzanne Klick 
Brian Edward Morales 
Marguerite Pierce 
Craig James Schwartz 
Dean Bennett Statler 
Michael Lawrence Wood 
Thomas Steven Zyla 

Natural Resources 

Wanda Diane Cole Adams 
Ruth Teresa Cassilly 
Christopher Glenn Clement 
Arthur Joseph Coppola 
Theresa lola Corless 
William DeOzro Davis 
Stacy Renee Gray 
Alicia Clotilde Lizarraga 
Michelle Ann Mackavage 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

Michael John Kaminskas 

The floral "M" provides a colorful focal point for those who live and 
work on campus as well as for those who visit here. Located at the 
intersection of Campus and Regent Drives, the "M" was created 
in 1975. 

School of Architecture 
Bachelor of Science 


Michael D. Alexander 
Mustafa Ali 

Edward Joseph Andrews 
Deanna Lyn Baumgardner 

* Shara Lee Beckman 
Hugh Michael Bernstein 
Robert Branch Berry, Jr. 

t Omar Bradley Beukema 
Nida Kristina Chesonis 
Raymond Anthony Connor 
George Andrew Elvin 
James Welton Gaines, Jr. 
Hetal Anilkumar Gandhi 
Linda Marie Gilbert 

t Roy Gilbert Griffith 
Christina Marie Hagis 
Scott Sam Herold 
Jeffrey Michael Hyman 
Amy Suzanne Jackson 
Jeffrey Matthew King 
Radovan Z. Kovacevic 
Christina Q. Lee 

* Jyh-mei Lee 

Vincent Michael Lee, Jr. 

Moshe Benjamin Levi 

Daniel Mark McDougal 
t Courtney Elizabeth Miller 

Jennifer Anne Miller 

Karim Adel Musfy 

Robert Bohdan Nehrebecky 

Cheryl Marie Pendasulo 

Lauri Ann Pritchard 

John Joseph Prokop 
t Daniel Francis Rice 

James Travis Ritenour 

Dana Ellen Rosengarden 

Muhammad Ali Sami 

Linda Nancy Shueh 

Anne M. Stenger 

Karen Leah Tadmor 

Charles Andrew Thomas, Jr. 
t Robert Daniel Weaver 

William Jordan Willard 

Jeffery Scott Williams 

Mark Charles Woolley 
Patricia Ann Wynkoop 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Robert Benjiman Behrend 
Seth W. Bloch 
Sarah Ann Convissor 
Meredith Lisa Diamond 
Jason Todd Feinberg 
Suzanne Marie Fleming 
Tara Marie Fretz 
Sandra Jane Hall 
Robert Jeremey Hardesty 
Denick H. Hsu 

* Amy Lynne Klein 
Jose Ugo Leary 
Michelle Pamela Levy 
Stacey Beth Markowitz 

t Russell Scott Massey 

* Kerri Lynn Mattes 
Janet L. Meyer 
Kimberly Ann Monastero 
Margaret Mary Moody 
Suzanne Elizabeth Naff 
Lisa Rivera 

Marci Ellen Wertlieb 
Michelle Ann Wiesenbaugh 

Art History 

Christi Michele Barnes 
Cindy Anne Medley Buckner 
Melissa Anne Casazza 
Marlene Yasmin Cea 
Leslie Eileen Chamberlin 
Tara LeAnne Cliff 
Danielle DiPaola 
Dana Leigh Dreyfuss 
Elizabeth Ann Evans 
Laura Lynn Griffith 
Ghia Nabil Haddad 
Charlene Dee Haskell 
Mark Throm Hihschman 
Melissa Cheryl Hill 
Caroline Young Hwangbo 


Jennifer A. Kleiner 
Tracy Ann McKay 
Sarah Elizabeth Moore 

* Leandrea Sue Prosen 

* Katherine Ann Romba 
Vicky Anne Roth 
Michael Patrick Samsock 
Kevin Andrew Stevens 
Andrew Frank Tedesco 
Barbara Anne Wolf 

Classical Languages and 

Mira Beth Kofkin 


Jennifer Cristine Blizzard 
Rhonda Simone Boozer 
Maria Hope Garrity 
Michelle Lee Hall 
Christina Marie Morrissee 
Heather Elizabeth Oldfield 
Franki Rachelle Radin 
Rachel Hillary Saffer 
Johanna Elizabeth Seltzer 
Lauren Ilyse Winter 

East Asian Languages and 

Sarah Allison Adams 

* Shari Lynn Beaty 
Marguerita Maria Cheng 
Jo Anne Flewellen 
Seung Eun Lisa Hall 
Deidre Maureen Kelley 
Yuen M. Lee 
Thaddeus Samuel Mann 
Jeffrey Lawrence Masters 

* Matthew Seiichi Matsui 
Shiun Oh 

Jonathan Allen Reed 
Marquis W. Seidel 

English Language and 

Q)lleen Barbara Amberman 
David Todd Andrews 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Tamar Leah Barshay 

Jeffrey Mark Baumstark 
Lynn Marian Boiko 
Christopher A. Boylan 
Linda K. Brown 
Robyn Lynn Brown 
Andrea Denize Bryant 
Toya Meichele Burhanan 
Hilary Tina Buxton 
Monica Cecilia Cabezas 
Wendi Sue Calbi 
William Derrick Castleberry 
Prabir Chakrabarty 
John Christopher Charles 
Christine Ann Chilcoate 
Megan E. Clark 

t Heather Louise Cockerham 
Kevin M. CoUeran 
Rosalyn Marie Collier 
Kenyetta Renee Coner 
Stephanie Irene Conway 
Dawn-Marie Loan Comett 
Elizabeth Ann Cribbin 
Kevin S. Croissette 
Michael Walter Dass 
Peter Geoffrey Davidson 
Michael McClellan Den- 
Jennifer Mary Dickerson 
Diana Carol Dickey 

§ Jennifer Cecilia Dickey 
Jeffrey Alfonso Dillard 
Rosemary DiBenedetto 
Margetta Palma DiFilippo 
Coleen M. Dougherty 
Gina Maria EVjwnin 
Christina Marie Drayer 
Kathleen Patricia Duffy 
Steven Geoffrey Eggert 

t Nancy L. Esau 

Jeanine Helene Farrall 
Timothy Edward Flood 
Donna Lynn Gibson 
Sally Marie Gimon 

* Ann Marie Gogniat 
Cynthia Elaine Gonzalez 

* Robert Winston Greyber 
Mary Claire Hamilton 
Linda Marie Hame 
Leah Marie Hayes 

Ann Louise Hyde 

Thomas Kennedy lovino 

Cindy Jacobson 

Jacqueline Bouvier James 

Drew Gunther Johnson 

Julie Allyn Kaneshiro 
t Matthew David Katz 

Jill Katzen 

Mary Celeste Kazyak 

Jennifer Ann Keats 
t Laura Jeanne 


Loretta Rebecca Kelly 

Hyun Joo Kim 

Hyun Yung Kim 

Ji Soo Kim 

Min Hui Kim 

Julie Ann Kircher 

James Frederick Kirchner 

Christopher Albert Klair 

Lori Jean Klein 
t Todd Harris Kliman 

Karen Elizabeth Koppel 

Cynthia Rachel Krips 

Lara Elizabeth Langseth 

Melissa Therese Lareau 

Laurie Leigh Larkin 

Laurie Anne Lawrence 

Katherine A. Lewis 

Susan Jean Lewis 

Yodia T Lo 

* Michael Edward Lucero 
Charles Edward Luey 
Mary Dorothy MacDonald 
Tanya M. Manderson 
Donna Marie Marotta 
Colleen Elizabeth Matthews 
Barbara Kaye McAllister 

* Lauri Lynn McEntire 

* Joanna Lynn Migrock 
Matthew James Moran 

* Rachel Fae Morstad 
Young Wtx) Nam 
Patrick R. Nelson 

* Christopher Carlyle 

Maureen Ellen O'Neill 
M. Angela Olson 
Ernest Steven Palmer, Jr. 
Ann Mane Pellicano 

Steven Charles Pinchuk 

James William Pope 

Valerie Annette Powell 

Mark Joseph Quinn 

Anissa Martina Raiford 

Christopher Scott Randolph 

Marci Beth Rappaport 

John Michael Ribas 

Eve R. Rifkin 

Beth Allyson Robin 

Karina Julia Rollin 
§ Lisa Joy Rosner 

Stephanie G. Rubin 

Colleen Marie Ryan 

Kimberly D. Ryan 

David Collins Rymer 

Heather Melissa Sachs 

Lillian Samantha Scherr 
§ Eleanor Schissler 

Gregory S. Schofer 

Daniel Jason Schuck 

Sarita Manuela Maria 

Esther Simpson 

Courtenay Monique Smith 

* Melissa Lee Smith 
Therese Mane Smith 
Cierra Y. Song 

§ Rachel Lisa Strong 

* Jill Marie Swackhamer 
Sherri Vivien Takift 
PeterWayne Leighton Taylor 
Terry Nicole Taylor 
Michele Lynn Tejada 
Michael Joseph TTiomas 
Michelle Louise Thorpe 
Scott Michael Vennard 
Donald D. Vogel 

Steven Karl Vosmik 
Drew J. Wade 
Angela Marie Walker 
Robert M. Walsh 
Jennifer Lynn Warner 
Montressa Lavon Washington 
Michele Elaine White 
Robert Damien Wot)ds 
Deborah Lynn Young 
Alexandra Beatrice Zuniga 


§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cwn Laude 

French Language and 

* Claudia Blank 

Lynn Michelle Boykin 

* Meredith Ann Bressoud 
Sonia Ivanovs 

Luisa Di Franco Jones 
Denys Marcia King 
Aileen Monique Mootoo 
Denise Marie Rahmoeller 

* Helen Wilkins Robertson 
Mindy Nan Routman 

2nd Major: Studio Art 
§ Bonnie Bader Stahl 

German Language and 

t Gavin Thomas Brennan 
Melissa Elaine Dietrich 
Raymond Mark Gable 
Janine Denise McCall 
Cynthia Ann Mirack 
Tristan Farzan Radfarr 
Suzanne Benner Sanabria 
Steven Brian Toth 111 


Elizabeth Page Adair 
Yuri Alberto Agostini 
Youngkeun An 
Alexandra Celia Austin 
Julie Suzanne Beckenstein 
Anthony Scott Beeman 
Donna Marie Boteler 
HerhertR.W. Brewer, Jr. 
Robert James Burke 
Dona Marie Carstens 
Pauline Marie Com 
Joseph Vincent Cribbin 
Kenneth William Crist, Jr 
* Christopher Raymond 
Len An Familant 
Peter Scott Frederick 
Michael Evan Frew 
Stephen Charles Frickx 
E. Harold Fun- III 
Christine Joann Hellickson 
Margaret Alicia Hobhs 

Michele Angela Houdek 
Rachel Temma Kagan 

2nd Major: Jewish Studies 
Peter Everett Kay 
Janet Mary Kennedy 
Bun Hui Kim 
Susan Kw(x;k 
Richard Bennie Langston 

t Edward Joseph Lindekugel 
Michael Joseph Lysinger 
Sheila Ann Maffay-Tuthill 
Niall Jonathan McCallum 
Mary Elizabeth McDevitt 
Daniel Michael Mclntyre 
David Clarke Miller, Jr 
Kevin David Orth 
Jennifer Elaine Owers 
Jennifer Lynn Pinsky 
Julie Mira Putterman 
Steven Craig Robertson 
Michael Patrick Samsock 
Mark Allen Shaw 
Roger C. Smith 
Susan Elaine Smith 
Christopher Fox Spehr 
Kevin Michael Sullivan 
Jana Marie Svejda 

* Yoshihide Takeda 

Alanna Dorothea Taylor 
Jennifer Lynn Tosini 
Danielle M. Vacchio 
Joel Everett Weiss 
Marc William Zolar 

Interior Design 

Diane A. Gilbert 

Clyde Howard Hastings, Jr. 

Kristina Beth Lassen 

Italian Language and 

t Richard Leigh Greenslit 

Jewish Studies 

Daniel Louis Katz 
Rachelle Rivka Rosen 
§ L. Ariella Zeller 

2nd Major: Individual 


Stuart Anthony Hill 
Michael Jerome Marshall 
Elspeth Jeanne Merenda 
Victoria Lynn Romerstein 
t Carol Ann Sniegoski 


Denise Anne DuBtiis 
t Richard Leigh Greenslit 
Michael Dennis Johnson 

* Douglas Lawrence Komreich 
Shanta Surendra Rishi 
Francis Christopher Shieh 

t Eric James Weitzel 


Girwyn P. Alvarez 
James Michael Barse 

* Paul Lefevre Blackman 
Daniel Anthony Cones 
Gina M. DaMaia 
Judith Alene Firebaugh 
Paul Jung 

Maura M. Keams 
Francis Kisoo Kim 
Charles Robert Reier 
April Kim Sciacca 
Tliomas Newell Van Veen, Jr 

Radio, Television and Film 

Yusut Mustapha 

Julie Beth Ackerman 
Duane Gustav Adler 
Joel Scott Baily 
Christian Michael Barbee 
Jeffrey Steven Bardin 
Julie Marie Barry 
Joshua Alan Bennett 
David William Bittner 
Lorri Lynne Blank 
David Michael Brown 
Philip Elliot Chaiklin 
Gary Edward Cooley 
Teresa Jeanne Corbett 
James G. Dempsey 
Lonnie Andrew Fisher 
Andrew Jay Forman 
Larry Joseph Frances 

Elaine Robin Freedman 
Janice Mayte Garcia 
Marci Alisa Goldstein 
Leslie Michelle Gordon 
M. Andrew Graddy 

2nd Major: History 
Jami Greenwald 
Stefanie Ann Grimm 
Reem Anita Haddad 
Jason Peary Halstead 
Ashley William Holmes 111 

2nd Major: English 

Language and Literature 
Benjamin Warner Howard 
James C. Hutchins 
Michael Steven Jaffe 
Jyoti Jalali 

Malcolm Patrice Johnson 
Heather Leigh Jones 
Michael W. Jones 
Vincent E. Lee 
Alix Louis Leger 
Gayl Stacey Leibowitz 
Julie Ann Lincoln 
Jeffrey Wayne Lyons 
Daniel J. Marks 
Jaime Lynn Marquit 
Kristin Lynn Erlandson 

Joseph Anthony McDonough 
Laura Anne McKieman 
Saundra Michelle McNair 
Jennifer Ann Meisner 
Amy Sue Morris 
Gabriel Andres Nucci 
Lisa Marie Palmer 
Jason Robert Perl 
John J. Pitarra 
Michelle Yvonne Pride 
Kai Anthony Richardson 
David Keith Ricklin 
* Michael Gerald Robinson 
Matthew Robert Roe 
Wendy A. Roit 
Miles Bennett Rosen 
Michelle Elizabeth Sandler 
Julie Claire Segor 
S. Chris Spiliopoulos 
Robert Lee Steibel 


Rohin Lee Steinfeld 
Jennifer Joan Stephenson 
Scott Jeffrey Suchman 
Lauren Beth Targoff 
t Tracey Diane Tressler 
Linda Marie Trigeiro 
Diane Lynn Volz 

* David Meriwether Wakefield, 

Daniel Benjamin Waldman 
Jeffrey Peter Ward 
Eric K. Watson 
Kim Traci Weiner 
Steven Andrew Wood 
Michelle Ena Wright 
Sean Francis Yates 

Romance Languages 

Laurence Carol Bemier 
Kathleen Elizabeth Maskulak 
t Shelly Ann McKenzie 

* Lisa Marie Minnuto 
Georgeanna Lila Murgatroyd 

§ Lisha Brette Werba 

Russian Area Studies 

Christopher Joseph Engel 
John Louis Martin 
t Janet Nancy Pannebecker 
Igor A. Ponomarenko 
Tanya Maria Soltis 

Russian Language and 

t Thomas Peter Walsh 

Spanish Language and 

Vivian Sarah Apter 

* Melanie Anne Barnes 
Olga Carolina Godoy 
Brooke Aleene Kooken 

* Kelly Jacqueline Magnan 
Aiesia Marie McQuillan 
Rosana M. Morales 
Vanessa M. Ortiz- Vazquez 
Carmen Miguelina Romero 

Speech Communication 

Michelle Lynn Anderson 

James Julius Baker, Jr. 
Douglas Brian Barshop 
t Cynthia Joy Bell 
Neil G. Berkman 
Marcella Renee Black 
Syndi Lynn Blum 
Michael Scott Bolesta 
Michelle Renee Boyer 
Michelle Lorraine Brady 
Marjorie Ellen Brown 
Susan Barrie Brown 
Darren Wayne Buchwald 
Thomas Howard BurchiU 
Ronanne M. Comerford 
Laura Elizabeth Conway 
Allison Livingston Cooney 
Kimberly Dawn Eagleston 
Joanne Edwards-Seem 
Michael Eric Fuster 
Tracy Rachelle Graziano 
Kristi Beth Gwyn 
Margaret Joan Hedges 
George McCree Henson 
Craig Allen Johnson 
Richard Allan Jones III 
David Michael Kahl 
Andrew David Kantor 
Lauren Michele Kass 
Erica Marie Kauffman 
Amalia Collis Kent 
Denise Lynn Kesselman 
Donna Gwynn King 
Tanya Nicola Klish 
Sheryl Joy Kuber 
Gregg Michael Lampf 
Karin Tammy Levine 
Karen Elizabeth Levy 
Stephanie Patrice Mince 
Cathy Renee Moss 
James Michael Mulligan 
Franklin L. Namath, Jr. 
Lisa Anne Nezin 
Douglas Brian Nussman 
Randy Lynn Osterman 
Vance Tyrone Phillips, Jr. 
Nancy Michelle Ramus 
Kristin Anne Riggin 
Victoria Ann Roberts 
Wendy A. Roit 

Jeffrey Alan Roth 
Danielle A. Ruggiero 
Jessica Alesandra Sadacca 
Sarah Elaine Schmidt 
Daniel B. Schmucker 
Linda Susan Shapiro 
Matthew Todd Shevin 
Frank Taylor Shull IV 
Marguerite Frances Smith 
Renee Anne Stimmel 
David Tinter 
Lucinda Ann Trela 
Doris Tucker 
Erin Klein Washofsky 
Jeffrey Scott Wellington 

Studio Art 

Laura Lynn Brown 
Natasha Brubaker 
Robert Anthony Bruno 
Deborah Michelle Cohen 
Susan Ann Com 
Huyen Ngoc Dang 
Matthew Edward Dowling 
David Martin Eisemann 
Joseph James Fidance IV 
Jose Antonio Garcia 
Wilfredo Ocampo Garcia 
Lisa Anne Gutierrez-Butcher 
Lisa Louise Hubschman 
William Hing Huie 
Jennifer Ann Kalis 
Elizabeth Kreider Kehne 
Les KoUegian 
Thomas Ronald Long 
Timothy Roger Lyons 
James Thomas Patrick Malloy 
Lisa Michele Mongelluzzo 
Victoria Inez Moore 
Ian Mutton 
Michael A. Neiderer 
Melanie Francis Newman 
Maria Digges O'Rourk 
Sean Brendan Pelan 
Diana Beth Puntar 

2r\d Major: Art History 
Norlina Maria Quillen 
Rebecca Heller Rados 
Cheryl Anne Selig 

Laura Marie Smith 
Thomas J. Spiegelberg 
Douangpanga Zico 

Kimberly Ann Tobin 
Mark Allen Tcxld 
Edward Francis Vendetti 
John R. Yeh 


Pamela Jane Batterman 
Richard Robert Fiori 
Tracy Elaine Flint 
Christine Marie Hirrel 
Simone Diana Garance Key 
Linda Elizabeth Marvel 
Lizabeth Cecilia McNamara 
Andrea May Mongeon 
Jennifer Elaine Owers 
John C. Phillips 
Rebecca Rae Racine 
Joseph Francis Sorge III 
Lisa Dawn Tiger 
Victoria Jean Valentine 

Bachelor of Music 


Anthony Alfred Asero 
Jay Goheen White 


§ Palmyra Evangeline Catravas 
Gabriela Renee Mayer D'Urzo 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Stephen Joseph Alexander 
Michael Stone Clark 
Fiona Adrienne Coxon 
Alyssa Beth D'Arienzo 
John Joseph Donate 
Sharyn E. Fisher 
Dana Marie Fori 
Stacey Ann Galetto 
Jane Elizabeth Garcia 
Anthony Aaron Gary 
Richard Howard George 
Cindy Joy Goldman 


§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Ronald Brian Goodman 
Ghia Nabil Haddad 
Matthew E. Harnett 
Mark Andrew Jackson 
Peter W. Jesionkiewicz 
Anne Corinne Kerns 
Stacy Elizabeth Kramer 
Hang Tri Luong 
John M. Mahoney 
Alexandra Marshall 
Tina Louise McCoUough 
James Patrick McNulty 
Heide Joy Paddock 
Evan Gregory Pontoriero 
Michael Anthony Quigley 
Angela Maria Romero 
Keith Michael Soares 
Gary Carl Spindler 
Scott William Van Der Meid 
Catherine Annette Vass 
Valerie Susan Winer 
Michael Robert Yuen 
• Peterphen Zulkamain 

Interior Design 

Sara J. Bemheisel 

D. James Brang 

Lori Ann Feild 

Alphonso Guster 

Kathleen Ann Jaron 

Kim Arianna Larsen 

Mary Elizabeth Manoogian 

Kenneth Gary Marcus 

Bonnie J. May 

Delores Victoria Metsopoulos 

Paul Christopher Retzbach 

Rosemary Sarsfield 

Carol Jane Saunders 

Harold Steward 

Holly Ann Tompkins 

Ernest Maurice Walker 

Michelle Marie Wamken 

Jin Hee Yoon 

Ellen A. Zeidwerg 

•ComnieiicemOTt Cover Designer 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro- American Studies 

Maretta Chanel Andrews 
Dionne Yvette Brown 
Donnell Raymond Jackson 
Cornelius Johnson 
Carol E. Macey 
Tracy Alfreda Suber 


Natalie Simone Boyd 
t Dale Susan Brenneman 

Vidya Dorai 
t Sarah Paula Enten 

Kirsten Marie Faour 

Rachel Finlay 

Kerri Lynn Gartell 

* Suzanne Elizabeth Hughes 
Jennifer Lynn Matheson 

t Jennifer Marie Moriatis 

* Barry Wade Nowlin 
§ MarlysJ. Pearson 

t Paul Andrew Popemack 
Ali Rad 

* Judith Ann Wallas 

Criminal Justice 

§ James Lewis AUingham 
John Angelo Ardovini 
Cynthia Lou Bartus 
Timothy Matthew Beall 
Dayna Kate Better 
Melanie Elizabeth Bishop 
Tamara Amy Blyveis 
Patrick Kyle Bohrer 
Deana Ann Bradshaw 
2nd Major: Sociology 
Jon B. Braithwaite 

* Seth Andrew Brown 
Susan Kate Carter 
Christopher Casey 

t Raja Chatterjee 
Jerome Stephen Clark 
Erin Sue Coffman 

t Laura Anne Corbett 
John James Cox II 

t Marisel Cruzat 

Robert Colin Darrell 

John Christopher Deeb 

Curtis Paul Delosreyes 

Daniel B. Dhawan 

TTieresa Louis Diggs- Williams 

Mark Shannon Eshenour 

Paul Santo Fiscella 

Scott Louis Flanagan 

Patrick J. Fouty 
§ Mark Richard Fuller 

Richard Lee Gallaway 

Liesl Elaine Gallina 

O'Neil Calvert Glenn 

Saari Lynn Goodman 

Craig Thomas Gough 

Seth Michael Greenberg 

Lalo Alberto Griffiths 

Pablo Alejandro Griffiths 

Brian David Grove 

Kevin Corbett Grunwell 

Sandra Marie Hagan 

Gary Phillip Hahn 

Christine Noel Hargrove 

Mark Joseph Harrigan 

Linda Ellen Heitzman 

Nancy Lee Hoffer 

Michael David HoUis 

Judith Lynn Horowitz 

Melisa Loewe Kelly 

Robert Bernard Kennedy 

Chong Chin Kim 

Sheila Angeline Lancaster 

Susan Kay Lazur 

Monica Lynn Lemon 

Kim S. Levy 

Robert Jefferson Lewis 

Jeffrey Bruce Lunenfeld 

Leslie Michelle Lurie 

Jeannette L. Lyles 

Laurie Gail Malinow 

Laura Kim Mallin 

Jennifer Marie Mankin 

Jeffrey Dru Maybaum 

Peter Anthony Mendicino, Jr. 

Dana Lee Menningen 

Leanne Michalek 

Laura Marie Miller 

EXiane Michael Moe 

Debra Jane Montuori 
Andrew Brady Moore 
Lesley Kyle Moorehead 
Peter Joseph Moriarty 
Mark John Nederostek 
Greer K. Nelson 
Karla Terese Newman 

* Jonathan Vem Newton 
Lisa Michelle Niceforo 
Benjamin Smith Partlow 
William Ronald Pepal 
Craig Andrew Perry 
Linda Ann Peterson 
Brian Edward Ramsey 
Jeffrey Alan Rank 11 
John Michael Rauch 
Christopher Robin Redos 
Alexandre H. Rene 

t Gregory Christopher 

Joseph E. Roach 
Herbert Lee Rubin 
Christine Ann Marie 

Scott Alan Samson 
Lynn Robert Schilling 
Michael S. Schoolsky 
Brian Andrew Schubert 
Matthew Scott Scibek 
Nancy Marie Sheehan 
Leann Marie Shuck 
Carolynn L. Smith 

2rui Major: Sociology 
Eric Matthew Stancliff 
Arthur Arden Staples 
Scot Lawrence Stark 
Jason Alan Stein 
Brian Matthew Stine 
Grace Hae Young Sun 
John Eric Thibodeau 
Sember Juliet Thompson 
John Christopher Timberlake 
Eric John Tuck 
Barry Turtle 

* Elisabeth Anne van Kesteren 
Darlene Patricia Van Splinter 
Jonathan T Vessels 

Jeri Lynn Wallmark 
Dana Edemy Walton 


David W. Whilden 
Mary Elizabeth Whipp 
Shirelle Traci Whitaker 
Andrea Lynn Wolftnan 
2r\d Major: Sociobg^y 
Tracey Heather Wolkowit2 
Peter Leo Worden 
Dick Hong Yuen 


Matthew Edwin Alexander 
Susan Mane Anstead 
Kathy Lynn Bennett 
Susan Patricia Berry 
Brian Keith Broughton 
Lucian Maria Carter 
Michele Marie Cesenaro 
Cynthia Ann Cummings 
Milo Mandel Davis 
Michael Alan Dooley 
Anita Poonam Gauhar 

§ Lisa Esther Hurwitz 
Diana Lucie Kelley 
Jennifer Susan Lachat 

2r\d Major: Psychology 
Daniel Richard Lee 
Joseph Michael Lynch 
Donnell Henry McNeal 
James Clayton Miller 
Denise Cecilia O'Brien 
Maria Anastasia Organt 
Scott M. Sheehy 
Jason L. Stem 
Lisa Marie Tribble 
Constance Ann Voltmer 
Brenda Sue Walker 

t Amy Lynne Wilson 


Lawrence Douglas Adashek 
Jae B. Ahn 

Kathleen Kay Anderson 
Sebastian Jose Barletta 
§ Katherine Anne Bayne 
Susan Elizabeth Beall 
Sylvia C. Bennett 
Maurice Alphonse Berry 
Andrew Ian Bloom 
Allison Boise 

Jacqueline Sonja Booth 

Mitchell Bostelman 
t Gavin Thomas Brennan 

Jeffrey Evan Burton 

Daniel Bruce Carson 

Mark Edward Chambers 

Sang Won Choi 

John Fred Cigolini 

Michael Alexander Collins 
t Steven Anthony Dell'Acqua 

* Rajeev Paul Duggal 
Kenneth Redford Duncan 

§ Laura Jean Dunlap 
Joseph Richard Ellis, Jr. 
Christopher Ossi Eskelinen 
Paul J. Faust 
Michael Brian Fields 
Douglas William Franklin 

t Bradford VanCleve Frishy 

t Michael S. Frissell 
Gordon Richard Froman 
Thomas Jay Gardner 
Ing Ing Goh 
Richard Allen Green 
Monique Marchelle Gregory 
Jay Gulati 

John Douglas Hartenstein 
Ismael Giofredo Hidalgo 
Wiley Scott Hodges 
Jason Masterman Howey 
Ronan Michael Hughes 
Antonio Dwight Hunter 

* Jyoti Jalali 

Martin Leroy Johnson II 
Darlene Deborah Jones 
Alemayehu Kebede 
Debra Diann Keller 
Suzanne Annette Kelly 
David Kubilus 
§ Aveesh Kumar 

Ronald Dela Cruz Lerum 
Kimberly Kathryn Magee 
Thomas Joseph Malarkey 
Philip L. March 
Michael Patrick Markett 
William Patrick Mayer 
Barr>' Patrick McHale 
Timothy McRae 
John Eric Meyer 


S Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Andrew Ross Meyerson 
Thad Brenton Miller 
Brian D. Murrow 

§ Lisa Robin Neuder 
Anthony David Newman 
Brian Christopher Ng 
Beth C. Norton 
Temim Hashim Nusraty 

§ Paul Edwin Nystrom III 
David Wonbean Park 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Dale Matthew Patalinghug 
Tamas Pal Peterfalvy 
Uyen H. Phuong 
David Keith Porter 
Linda Ann Puchon 
Kimberly Michelle Putens 
Martin David Rafifel 
Forrest Augustus Roby IV 
Maria Sherry Rothouse 
Joseph Saul Rubin 

t Monica Sagrario 
Ronald T. Sartoph 
Michele Lynn Schweitzer 
David Scribner HI 
Michele Anne Secco 
Michael Bradford Shaffer 
Neal Mitchell Shapiro 

§ Matthew Tawes Shedlick 
Sang Soo Shin 
Russell Ellis Shipe 
QiUeen Anne Shonk 
Mita Narendra Shukla 
Suryadeep Narain Sinha 
Scott Tracy Slocum 
L. Robert Small, Jr 
TTiomas Carlton Smallwood 
Marina Indira Somwaru 

t Anu Sud 

Anupama Leena Sudhaker 

t Roseanne Tesoriero 
Matthew Guy Thrasher 
Walter Ellsworth Trout 

* Marco Turra 

Christopher Lynn Tuttle 
Michael Brian Weiss 
Sheri Ann Winchell 
Mark Ramon Winestock 
Jerome Dwight Wright 

Anthony Leroy Bruce Young 

* Fikri Yucel 

Government and Politics 

Emad Taha Abo-Bakr 
§ Jeffery Todd Adler 
Bonnie Kim AUers 
David G. Antwerpen 
Celia Martina Caperina 

Grimaldo Alfredo Aybar, Jr. 

* Lyn Anne Bailey 

2nd Major: East Asian 
Languages and Literature 
Raphael Marinos Baloglou 
Joan Marie Barilla 
Christi Michele Barnes 
John Michael Barrett 
Nicole Barrett 
Laura Louise Beall 
Devona Eve Bell 
Lisa Marta Benjamin 
Susan Lee Bennett 
Robert Edward Berger 
Brian Lee Berkowitz 
David Scott Bernstein 
Leslie Anne Bernstein 
Michael Philip E5etley 
Rajani S. Bhatia 

* Holly Meredith Boggs 
Kimberly Franc ine Boulware 
Jeffrey William Bredeck 
Lizabeth Ann Breon 
Lawrence Joseph Brundick 

t Robin N. Burt 

Christine Rene Calhoun 

Jennifer Dawn Campbell 

Elise Jodi Canter 

Ross A. Caplan 

Lisa Elaine Cass 

Craig A. Castella 

Beth Lisa Cherwony 

Jinhyung Cho 

Tina Jin Choy 

Karen Marie Christensen 

Mark Stuart Churchill 

Gregory Matthew Cichetti 

Leslie Ann Claibom 

Gail Denise Claspell 

Katherine Lee Cleary 
Sarah Dianne Coates 
David M. Cohen 
Lisa Michelle Cohose 
Robert Thomas Connolly 
Mark Evan Cramer 
Patricia Lorraine Crawford 
Timi Lajuan Crawford 
Annelise Dachel 
Philip Michael Danisi 
James Isaiah Darden, Jr 
Thomas Christopher De Paul 
Thomas Hunter DeBerry 
Marie Michele DiGiorgio 
Andrew Aaron Donnelly 
Peter Nicholas Drinkwater 

* Darren J. Esser 
Anthony David Fabic 
Lisa Louise Fazzari 
Michael J. Feder 
David Dupre Feiler 
Jay Douglas Feldman 
Patricia M. Fernandez 
Teresa Ann Fields 
Kevin R. Fishman 

* Rachel Dyana Flam 
Brendan Joseph Hanagan 

§ Tammara Lynn Flax 

Bernard Lawrence Foster 

Scott Allen Foster 

Donna Franza 

Kimberly Ann Freeman 

Mary Katherine Friedrich 

llya S. Gamel 

Mark Douglas Gaston 

Lori Jennifer Gauf 

Leon Alfred Gaumond, Jr. 

Douglas David Geary 

Eryn Paige Gittleman 

Matthew Todd G laser 

Michael Ellis Gold 

Eliot Mark Goldberg 

Michael Ellis Gold 

Michelle J. Goldman 

David Alan Gray 

Debra Jill Green 

Deborah Ann Griver 

Cynthia Danette Gross 
t Anne Louise Taylor Guenon 

William Byrd Hafer 
Mary Genau Hamill 
Kristine Marie Handren 
Kenneth Bryan Joseph 

Adam Michael Hasner 
David Nessim Hay 
Tliomas Patrick Hickey 

* Lorena M. Hiep 

Brooke Katherine Hillman 

* Christopher James Hinkson 
John Omar Hishmeh 
David Terrence Hodges 
Susan Aileen Hoffman 

t Carole Helaine Hofstein 
Andrew M. Hudson 
Thomas Calvin Hughes III 
Donald Matthew Hunter, Jr 
Garfield Alexander Hunter 
James Ashenden Hupprich, Jr 
Edgar Cesaire Ikombo 
Shelby J. Jones 
Sarah Emily Kading 
Rami Phillip Kandel 
Michael Neil Kauf 
Richard Scott Kaufman 
Franc ine Cynthia Kaye 
Kevin William Keating 
Janice Susan Kefer 
Martin Anthony King 
Kechia Patrice Kirksey 
Denise Lynne Kosineski 
Jason Scott Krucoff 
Kirstie Lynn Kummer 
Douglas Christopher 

* Meredith Stacy Lawrence 
David Andrew Leary 
Rachel DiPalma Leffingwell 
H. Bmce Leith 111 

James Evan Levitt 
Nicole Miriam Lewis 
John Francis Leyden 
Jonathan Mitchel Lipchin 
Jennifer Mary Little 
§ Terrence Robert Maguire 
Janene Lynette Malmud 
Laura Jean Mann 
Latanya Shaurel Mapp 


This crest adoms the west pediment of Ritchie OsUseum. Completed in 1932, 
the building is named for former Governor Albert C. Ritchie. 

Alan Michael Marblestone 
Susan Lynne Marcus 
Robyn Jeanette McCain 
Sean Patrick McGowan III 
Jacqueline Marisa McLean 
William Melara 
J. William Melrose 
Stacy Raquel Mensh 
Jason Evan Miller 
Laurel Elizabeth Mills 
Louise Robin Modlin 
Joshua Alexander Moldover 
Layne Darren Moskowitz 
Etty Iris Mosseri 
Haratina M. Moutsos 
Lynn Ann Mueller 
Hiroko Murakami 
Sarah Ann Murphy 
Brian Harris Nelson 
Neil Marshall Neufeld 
Paul Anderson Newman 
Jennifer Lynn Norton 
' Paul Edwin Nystrom 111 
James Gerald O'Hara 
Tiffany Claudine OToole 
David Brian Gates 
Michael Jason Orleans 
Erin Li'i Ostrem 
Fernando F. Palacios 
David Thomas Palladino 
Robert Clement Papa, Jr 
Kristin Lee Patterson 
Rachel Shawn Paul 

Carl John Podrasky 
Michael Paul Poissant 
Ellen Mary Popovitch 
Brian Proctor 
Timothy Eugene Pula 
Shannon Adel Quinn 
Lisa G. Rabinowitz 
Atosa Rahbani 
Jami Ellen Ratner 
Sheri Renee Recoon 
Brian Andrew Reffkin 

* Tamara Michele Ribas 

* Joshua Reuben Rich 
Christina Marie Ricker 
Susanne Rose Risley 
Jean-Carlo Rivera 

t Stephanie Celeste Robinson 
Kenneth Lowell Rudd 
Melissa Brooke Sandler 
Michael John Schetzel 
Eric Neal Schloss 

* Carole Ann Schlupf 

* Alan Septoff 
Julie Kate Shapiro 
James Patrick Sharp 
Jennifer Ann Sheehan 
Eugene David Shekhtman 
Felisa Dyan Sheskin 

* Douglas J. Shiring 
Dwayne Edward Showalter 
Robert Daniel Silverman 

* Alexander Moshe Silverstein 

* Rachel Leigh Singer 

Karla Natasha Smith 
Kirsten Bemadette Smith 
Kurt Leland Smith 
Ellen J. Sosis 
Leslie Ellen Sperling 
Kevin David Spurrier 
Halley Steele 
Phillip Steven Stillman 
Paula Marie Tamucci 
Amy Beth Tate 
Stuan Charles Tauber 
Karyn Meredith Taylor 
Michelle Renee Thamer 
Kelly Margaret Thorn 
Lawrence Thomas Tnfiletti 
* Kelly Sue Tucker 

Todd Christopher Tweedy 
Douglas Allen Van Winkle 
Mara Edith Varas 
Brian Alexander Vaughn 
Lisa Marie Vecchiarelli 
Adam David Vexler 
Laura Diane Villareale 
Eric Howard Wadlin 
Elliot Charles Warren 
Kathryn L. Waters 
Michael Charles Wathen 
Heather Monica Webb 
Matthew Henry Colbert 

Dean Douglas Weiner 
Rebecca Renee Whartenby 
Scott V. Wheeler 

§ Joseph Raymond Whiteoak 
Chandra Lee Williams 
Sandra Lou Williams 
Charles Swift Wrightson 
Bryant Chung-Yen Wu 
Robert Mark Wurzburger 
Nicolas Michael Yanischeff 
Roger Antome Yared 

§ Jeffrey Martin Yeatman 
TTiomas Francis Zinzi 
Seth Jason Zlotkin 

Healing and Speech 

§ Elizabeth Susan Anderson 
Becky Lynn Braham 
Melissa Lynn Burd 
Ellen Claire Fenigstein 
Laura Giarratana 
Rebecca Ann Jordan 

* Jill Susan Katz 
Lori Sue Kellert 
Beth Lynne Kussner 
Michelle Dawn Levy 
Nancy Anne Maxwell 

t Susan Margaret McAleer 
Nicol Ann Miller 
Alyssa Robin Needleman 

* Christie Kay Poole 
Asha Rangachar 
Rene Beth Shapiro 

* Melissa Ann Sigwart 
Kimberly Dawn Weynert 
Courtney Jane Wistar 


§ Sumrrui cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 


Joylyn Adeola Ahrams 
Diane Rcx:helle Aten 
Elaine N. Avery 
Jennifer Lynn Backoff 
Keith Morse Bandeen 
James Ross Barrett 
Jill Elaine Barrett 
Aron H. Baumel 

* Trudie Joan Beard 
Nicole Maxelle Beasley 

* Kelli Susan Bechtel 

§ Stephen Dennis Becker 

Beth Mara Benson 

Shelley A. Berger 
§ Miriam Deborah Bernstein 

Lori E. Blitz 

Karen Louise Bosley 

Marian Agnes Bovello 

* Kimberly Ann Bowyer 

* Seth Andrew Brown 
Gahrielle Nicole Bryen 

* Michelle Mane Burke 
t Dawn Carin Carpenter 

Stacy Philice Catlett 
Aimee Lynn Causey 
Jacquelyn Lea Chaillet 
Jocelyn Anne Cheney 
Stacie Jean Ctxhran 

* Judy Lynn Deneau 
Brian L. DeMatte 
John Nicholas DeRosa 
Mark Stephen Eberhardt 
Elizabeth Andrea Edwards 
Dan Scott Eisner 

Dehra Ann Engle 
t George Peter Failla, Jr. 
2nd Majorr: Criminology 

Andrea Mary Fay 

Sharon Anne Feinberg 
t Deborah Anne Fink 

Rachel Beth Fink 

Dawn Lynn Florczyk 

Deborah Lynn Fried 
t David James Fuerlinger 

2nd Major: Criminal ]i4Stice 

Athansia Nicholas Georganas 

* Sonja Geschmay 
Elizabeth Ann Gibson 

John F. Gilbert 
Michael Wayne Gold 
Beth Alexandra Goldberg 
Seana Marie Colder 
Ilise Jo Goldschein 
Emily Anne Guthrie 
Daryl Kim Haherman 
Stacie Harris 
Julie Christene Helm 
Lisa S. Hershberg 
Erik K. Hobbs 
Michele Beth Howard 
§ Dean Scott Hunter 

2nd Major: Criminology 
Jacqueline Ann Jaffe 
Susan Gary Jones 
Pamela Gail Judy 
Cecelia Agnes Kaiser 
Carolyn Kelly Kalbfus 
Jill Cari Katz 
Nicole Anne Kimmel 
Lori Beth Klinger 

* Daniel A. Krieger 
Janice Elaine Kruger 

§ Maureen Eleanor Laferty 
Sally Janes Lee 
Tammy Beth Lefkon 
Amy Beth Levenson 
Helene E. Lewis 
Andrew Todd Liebowitz 
Brad M. Lipsig 
Stephanie Edgar Liskey 
Michael Bradford Luckett 
Mary Beth Maguire 
Laurie Lynn Mart 
Kimberly Iris McDonald 
William Charles Meagher 
Shea Kristine Mertens 
Jennifer Beth Messina 
Karen Marie Muldowney 
Gregory Douglas Orenstein 
Michael Rodolfo Ramos 

* James Michael Reeder 
Roberta Joelle Rochester 
Michelle Anne Rohosky 
Michael Christopher Ross 
Sonja Antoinette Ross 
Wendy Carol Rowse 

* Mitzy Amelia Ruiz 

Lisah Rosenberg Sandler 

Aris Gennady Schulz 

Karen Leanne Scott 
* Stephanie Dee Segal 

Stacey Ceil Shapiro 

Di^ngsuk Don Shin 

Mark Stanley Sincevich 

Robin Jill Skolsky 

Adam Jeffrey Slovis 

L Robert Small, Jr. 

Steven David Sober 

Andrew Howard Soclof 

Elise J. Sookram 

Tara Lynn Sori 

Leonidas Nick Sporgitas 

Katherine Marie Spratt 

Carlenia Jan Springer 

Laura Paige Stallone 

Caryn N . Sussman 

Jean-Marie Sylla 

Tara Rebecca Tamny 

Jacqueline Lee Tate 

Jean Marie Tippett 

Frank G. Trenery 

Jodi Lauren Turkisher 

Rene Marie Vacchio 

Ryan B. Vener 

Nancy Vituli 

Laura Ann Walpert 
§ Allison Rose Waterworth 

W. Christian Weirich 
§ Lisha Brette Werha 

Kathryn Marie Westlein 
2nd Major: Criminology 

Deborah Faye Weston 

Daniel Roque Williams 
§ Alyssa Robm Wolf 

Linda Marie Wright 


Monica Lynette Alexander 
Wendy Spring Aylward 
Elise Dawn Bass 
Rachel Tamar Becker 
Towanda Jeannette Blackman 
Alyson J. Blewett 
* Jacqueline M. Block 
Dana J. Boff 
Michaela Ann Carey 

Robert Clifton Carter 
Melissa Lynn Childers 
Miaeng Cho 
Cho Hee Chu 
Kevin Alan Conner 
Michele Nancy Cunningham 
Lori Ellen Danzig 
Scott Douglas Dunkle 
Max Jean Etienne 
Nicole Robyn Feigen 
Lisa Marie Ferrante 
Kathleen Ann Fitzgerald 
Cindy Mae Furman 
Carol B. Gauntlett 
Dora Andrea Giemza 
Bari-Sue Goldsmith 
Linda Marie Goodwin 
§ Felicia Gray 

Michele Anne Grigsby 
Lisa Jane Hamilton 
Susan Janine Hilaski 
Tammy Lynn Holloway 
Stephanie Elayne Hooks 
Sandra Michelle Hricak 
Thomas Joseph Hurst 
Bridget Ann Jeffs 
Charles Paul Kastan 

* Melinda Marie Kelly 
Huda Umul Khan 
Christine Leigh Korb 
Lisa Lynn LaCava 

* Rachel Elaine Ledden 
Susan Gayle Leder 
Jennifer Ann Legreca 
Paige Alison Legum 
Stacy Lee Logan 
Arlene Garcia Domingo 

Andrea Christine Lynch 
Malcolm M. Martin 
Keith Everett Moore 
Lynn Marie MuUican 
Lara Renee Navarro 
Suzanne Mary Nichols 
Tina Marie Norris 
Eileen Ann O'Berry 
t Pia Kristiina Peltola 
Carole Michelle Posner 
Deirdre Kiwa Redmond 


Anthony Alejandrino 

Sharon Hope Reiser 
Lisa Joy Rothman 
Linda Michelle San Luis 
Gregory S. Schofer 
Caren Michelle Schwartz 
t Youngkee Hong Shin 

* Patricia Ann Simms 
Lauren Dana Solovitz 

t Laura Joan Spencer 
Michelle Sharon Stein 
Glen Alan Teni 
Gwendolynn Tharp 
Bonnie Louise Tongier 
Lisa Jill Weher 
Deborah Ann Williams 
Esther Ruth Williams 
Maya Monardes Williams 
Vanessa Williamson 
Kerry Omar Tarek Womack 

* Christine Zak 

Urban Studies 

Ricardo Alfredo Arroyo 
William Bowdoin Austin 

De'Angelo Lament Bailey 
Scott Michael Ball 
Kenneth Howard Bamett 
Peter Allen Barry 
Tanisha Yvette Baulkman 
Baron Jamal Bell 
Jeffrey P. Bernian 
TTiomas T. Bemsdorf 
Michael Ray Binder 
Andrew M. Bloom 
Jonathan T. Bloom 
Brian Keith Broughton 
Michael Stephen Calica 
Rodger Besley Carter, Jr. 
Douglas Matthew Chaskin 
Allison Joy Cohen 
Marc David Cramer 
Rebecca Elizabeth Davis 
Megan Lorraine Delaney 
Scott Webb Ducker 
Denise Cheryl Dunn 

Abir Salah Elshanawany 
Renay Beth Greenbaum 
Robert Benjamin Gribbon II 
Scott Ian Haimes 
Gregory Alan Hershey 
Charles John Hirsch 
David Franklin Hirschel 
James Christopher Hyde 
David William Jacobs 
James Brian Kapper 
Robert Louis Klein 
Neil Evans Lubell 
Lawrence Peter Lynn 
Randi Alene Marcus 
Ira H. Mark 
John M. Marsden 
William Patrick McLoughlin 
Lorelei J. Mooney 
Rory Jay Nichols 
Angela Marie Noel 
Linda Mane Oravecz 
Wendy A. Pflaum 
Heidi Halligan Piatt 

Marilyn B. Pomerantz 

Karen Lee Reddon 

Ruben Alexander Roca 

Katherine Elaine Sarigianis 

Steven B. Schwartz 

Stuart Schwartz 

Gregory M. Shields 

Karen J. Sloan 

Peter James Smith 

James Gordon Striar 

Jill E. Telesnick 
Brian Jay Temer 

Valanta Lynnetta Thomas 

Cynthia Anne Thompson 

Jeffrey Darren Tomey 
David Steven Turley 
Vicky Valentine 
Kevin M. Verdi 
Oscar Xavier Villavicencio 
Anne Bao-Anh Vinh 
Derrick Anthony Wade 
Kitson Everton Walker 
Lori Antoinette Wilkes 
Michael Dewayne Williams 
Wendell Hoccard Williams 
Mario Javona Wilson 
Michelle Renea Wood 
MarjorieAnn Sabrina 

^^ .aate»rf^4r»i«»??JhJ5-.'';*S*>^'^* 

Crowned with the numeral 
10, the gateway next to the 
Rossborough Inn was a gift to 
the university from the Class 
of 1910. It was dedicated 
in 1941. 


§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Bachelor of Science 


Mary Patricia Bausch 
Kathleen R. Eldred 
Melanie Anne Fregoe 
James Patrick Golden 
Miranda Diane Harris 
Jacques Michael Piou 
Kevin Michael Quinlan 
Kevin Edmund Shaver 
Terence Lawrence Sosnowich 
Terry Lee Waggener 
Gary Lee Workinger 


Michael Keith Ackerman 
t Augusto Fernando Araujo 

Lise Marie Becker 
t Bryna Sara Belitsky 

* Stephen Daniel Cayelli 
Stacey Dee Cohen 
Barbara Arm Cunningham 
Philipp James Donahue, Jr. 
Melissa L. Edwards 

John Chandler Fretwell 
t Karen Elizabeth Gardner 

* Cheryl Elaine Given 
Clifford Scott Goldman 

§ Elizabeth Ann Hrysovergis 
t Paul Levine Kaufman 

Ayesha Khan 
§ Adena Marion Klem 

* Kristy E. Khck 

Alan Kazumi Kuwabara 
Karen Rena Lowe 
Vijay Anand Mathura 
Isidoros Anstidis Mereos 
Marcus Gregory Modelski 
Elizabeth Frances Powell 

* Leandrea Sue Prosen 

* Michael Gerald Robinson 
Clifford Dean Stark 
Christopher Brian Stewart 
Paul Gary Tanenholz 
Jack Velte 

Michael Christopher Via 
Maria Elizabeth Vonakis 

Stacy Bianca Woods 
George Young 

College of Business 
and Management 

Bachelor of Science 


Frederick J. Alger 

Stephenie Lynn Alverson 

James Barron Anschutz 

Zinash Ayele 

Gregory Ennis Bell 

Kidane Gebre Berhe 

Craig Eric Berman 
§ Jacqueline Katherine Bisco 

Kimberly Jean Bonstein 

Barbara Lee Bouman 

Hayley Wynne Braunstein 
§ Eugene James Bredow 

Kenneth Everette Brown 

Charles Thornton Bums, Jr. 

Ellis Eugene Bums 

Timothy J. Byrd 

Tramell Canady 

Michele Marie Chaky 

Lance Allen Chemow 

Sindy York Chin 

Stanley Anthony Cierlitsky 

* Renee Joy Cohen 
Sharon Ann Cohen 
Linda Marie Cool 
Jeffrey J. Corr 
Christina Maria Courtis 
Jennifer Beth Creighton 
Charles Patrick Crickenberger 
Michelle Marie Davis 

Maya Eileen Dillard-Harris 
Minh Anh Ngoc Do 

* Keith Christopher Dorsey 
Clydene Korlei Dowuona 

* David Marshall Drapen 
Elizabeth Capuano Eger 
Israel A. Eiferman 
Lorie Anne Fale 

2nd Major: Finance 

Linda Marie Gaich 
Georgia Galiachatos 
William Clem Gardner 
Dean Richard Gearhart 
Susan Ida Gigioli 
Ruby Goyal 

Melissa Marie Grondine 
Jyotsna Gupta 
Alan Jay Haber 
Sheikh Shakil Hamid 
Eric Bently Hamilton 
t Robert W. Henley 
Glenn David Hemdon 
Claudia Ho 
Valerie Lynn Howard 
Lee Ann Janoski 
Terri Michelle Jarboe 
David John Jensen 
Surita Jolly 
Hamida S. Karama 

* Rhonda Kay Keller 

2nd Major: Firmnce 
Anil J. Khatri 
Edward S. Kong 
Soon 11 Kwun 
TTiomas Truett Lang 
Randi Beth Levin 
Leakhena Lim 
Wilson Napoleon Llerena 
Michael Francis Logan 
Barbara Lynn Long 
Jennifer Marie Lorence 
Ramona Maria LoGiudice 
Shari Lea Lucas 
Sarah Lynne Maher 
Roland Aquino Mariano 
t Steven Richard Marks 

* Elizabeth Anne McClarin 
Lynn Marie McKieman 

t Gilad Mermelstein 

Nancy Lee Merson 
§ Alissa Ann Mooney 

Kelly Michelle Nanney 

Bonnie Elizabeth Neely 

Timothy C. O'Day 

Diane Susan O'Neill 

Zain Omar 

Thomas Stephen Oneto 

Brian James Panfil 

§ Susan Mihyun Park 

Gladys Pati 

Monvalee Phathanothai 

George M. Ramos 

Monika Ingrid Raumann 

Maureen J. Reidy 

Christine Lynn Remmers 

Rocco Ricci 

Janice Lynne Rienstra 

Scott Sean Rodman 

Cindy Ellen Rose 
t Laura Annette Rozas 

Joel William Ruderman 

Kelli Lynn Rummel 

Jill Karen Schwartz 

Barbara Anne Serenyi 

Nilum Sharma 

Megha D. Sheth 
t Priscilla Renee Solomon 

James Largoza Sorra 

Todd Lee Stephens 

David Maxwell Stem 

* Lainie Joy Stem 
Scott Alan Stem 
Robert Francis Summers 
Channary Sun Sreng 
Valerie Margaret Syed 

* Doris Tang 
Lisa C. Tang 
Beverly Lynn Thomas 
Raquel Katherine Vainstein 
Marie Cecile Vallee 
Karen Elizabeth Van Horn 
Shari Allyce Waltzer 

* Sarah Lynn Wester 

t Kimberly Anne Whitmore 
Sophary Chhay Wong 

* Kyong A. Yu 

Susan Antonia Zovko 


Frank John Andrasco 
Jennifer Marie Atzert 
John Nicholas Balazs 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Eric Joseph Barbely 

2nd Major: Econcmiics 
§ Valerie June Barto 


Timothy William Bendt 
2nd Major: Econovnics 

* Kelvin M. Blake 

2rvi Major: Economics 
Jonathan David Bonchick 
Paul M. Brandeis 
Kevin Scott Brooks 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Carla Patrice Brown 
Carolyn Lissau Brown 

2r\d Major: Transpanaaon 
David Mollis Brown 
Han Bui 

David Bradley Carioti 
Naushad Chamdia 
Aliza Che 

2rui Major: Transportation 
Michael Emmett Coffey 
Juan Carlos Echevenia 
IDan E. Eisenherg 
Jacqueline Marie Eno 

* David Lawrence Feldstein 
t Lauren Carol Felts 

David Christopher Franck 
Alicia Beth Freed 
Michael Joseph Gabor 
Caren Jill Gassner 
Shobha Sarah George 
Paul Jason Glashofer 

* Robert Charles Gloekler 
Nathan Adam Gowen 
Scott B. Greenberg 

t John Ebrsey Grove, Jr. 

* Tiffany Anne Groves 

§ Brenda Michelle Fischer 


2nd Major: Marketing 
Cornell Robert Hoffman 
Carl Anthony Junco 
Linda Robin Kallmeyer 

* IraB. Katz 

Paul James Kingman 
Bryan Charles Kissinger 
Scott Theodore Kovacic 
James Gerald Ladas 
Todd Allen Lawler 
§ Cheena Serena Lee 
Yuen M. Lee 
David L. Leib 

Janie Chun-Yi Lin 
George D. Linatsas 

2rvi Major: Marketing 
Anthony Ray Linton 
Jean Mario Andre Lucas 
Elizabeth Margarita 


* Blaine Gary Marder 
Cheryl Lynn Martin 

* Matthew Seiichi Matsui 
Elizabeth Carey McCourt 
Matthew Nicholas McGovem 
Kimberly Ann Meaney 
Lewis Steven Miller 
Alejandro Mirkow 
Vincent Dean Mock 

Risa Cheryl Morgan 
Karen Ellen Newman 
Mark Edward Nicosia 
Dirk Horst Niese 
Edward D. O'Day 
Angela Renee Pad ilia 
Glenn Allan Page 

2nd Major: Marl<£t!ng 
Jeremy Paul 

2rvi Major: Transportation 
Amanda Jean Piatt 

2nd Major: General 

Business and Management 
Nicole Renee Pollard 
Claudia Rathke 
Simran Kaur Riyait 
Valerie A. Rousset 
Timothy David Russell 
William Matthew Russell 
Wayne Bryce Savage, Jr. 
Adam Cory Schaffer 
John Charles Schmelzer 
Charles Frederick Schuler 
Mark Neil Seiler 
Michael Bradford Shaffer 
Ruchi Sharma 
Maureen Jennifer Shere 
Paul Lawrence Shifrin 
Henry Hung Shiu 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Harpreet Singh 
Kevin Michael Smith 
t Ctonald Lee Speidel 

Joshua Spiegelman 
Cleophas Nampoza 

Victoria Lynn Stansbury 
Melissa Jill Stem 
Heather Custis Stone 
Grace HaeYoung Sun 
§ Frank John Supik 

2rvi Major: Marketing 
Rick Stephen Tagler 

* Kenneth Benjamin Tepper 
Thu Melissa Thai 

2rvi Major: Trar\sportaaon 
Amy Beth Trowbridge 
Mark Stuart Tulip 
Robert E. Weissman 
Stuart Alexander Winegrad 
Vicki K. Workman 

2nd Major: Marketing 

General Business and 

David Emory Burks 
June Kyong Bush 
William Gerard Calderhead 
2nd Major: Transportation 
Amy Anne Cieslowski 
Roseann Eileen Cimino 
Nicole Celeste Craig 
Jeffrey D' Antonio 
Mary Ellen Di Bona 

* Sharon Anne Fanning 
Carlotta Anne Farmer 
Patrick Edward Ferguson 
David Alan Fike 

Amy Beth Fischel 
Sandra Anita P Green 
Lisa Ann Hirrlinger 

2nd Major: Transportation 
James D. Horstkamp, Jr. 
Kristy Lynn Kuhayda 
Hong Thi Thu Lac 
Sonia Angela Lewis 
Faye Hartshome Ligon 
Andrew James Machanic 
Jennifer Kathleen MacKay 
William Magazine 
Maria Angelene Maldonado 
Gavin Douglas Marks 

Josha Anne Melton 
Kathleen Anna Moien 
Sandra Denise Nash 
Donna Ruth O'Bryan 
Robert David Odle 

2nd Major: Production 

Carlton Arthur Philpott 
Brian John Prince 
Christopher Eric Russell 
Cheryl Kimberly Sexton 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Laura Ann Skupien 
t Mary Patricia Smith 

Anne Michelle Stackhouse 
Matk Allen Suchter 
W. Scott Warner 
Lee Dana Weiss 
Dawnzella Jo Williams 
Chun Wong 

Management Science and 

Philip Albrecht 
Ekaterina Barsukoff 
Fernando Camp 
§ Paul Vincent Edelmann 
Christina J. Fergetson 

* Edward William McShane 111 
Brian S. Norton 

Gbonda Mohamed Sei 
§ John Scott Sniezek 


Sarah Allison Adams 
Michael Patrick Allen 
Anthony Brian Assia 

2r\d Major: Transportmion 
Kelly Jo Barbour 
Bari Hope Bassman 
Clifford Louis Bobo 
Paula Kelly Bowman 
Jennifer Ann Braman 
Joyce Angela Bruno 
Ruth Calistrat 
Joan Maria Camut 
Laura Beth Capella 

* Kelly Ann Chapman 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Kimberly Conover Clark 


§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Michael Kevin Clark 
Ronald Burton Cole 
Jennifer Jeanette Collier 
Robert Thomas Connolly 
Michael Shane Coughlan 
Holly Anne Cypress 
Kimherly Joi David 
Lorelei De Vera De La Paz 
Gregg Joseph DeBalso 
Mark Charles Dirlam 
Christopher Francis Doherty 
2nd Major: General 
Business and Management 
Christopher Harleigh Baker 

Nicholas J. Evashavik 
Leslie Suzanne Feibelman 
Deborah Karen Felsen 
David Alan Fisher 
Carlito Magalong Fister 
Joseph Patrick Fitzmaurice 
Daniel Fitzpatrick 

* John Robert Fleetwood 
Howard Raymond Retcher, Jr. 
Raymond deGuzman Flores 
Cynthia Fraiman 
Matthew Harris Frankel 
Jennifer Elizabeth Gall 

* Apoorva Natwar Gandhi 
Chantale Juliet Gavlak 
Mark Daniel Gister 
Adam F. Gordon 
Princess M. Gunter 

2r\d Major: Transportation 
Michael Craig Guttman 
Susan Marie Hall 

2r\d Major: Transportation 
Melanie Rachel Hamet 
David G. Henkin 
Christine Diane Hess 
Christopher Chilton Hickey 
Patricia L. Hill 
Michael Andrew Jaffe 
Mary Estelle Johnson 
Patricia Jodi Kash 
Deborah D. Keiper 
Jill Ellen Keltz 
Jennifer Lynn Kiggins 
Virginia Sun Kim 

Richard Alan Kochman 
Elena Michele Koomanoff 
Marjorie Anne Kouch 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Paul Michael Krueger 
Carolyn Emma Kurtz 
Kimberly Anne Ledford 
David Edward Levin 
Lisa Mara Levin 
Michael Alban Leyes 
Kathleen Elizabeth Mayer 
Robert M. Miller 
Joanne Christine Morton 
Yuen Yee Ng 

* Stacy Leigh Norfolk 
Alvaro Ortiz 
Carolyn Marie Parks 

2nd Major: Finance 
Beatriz Rodriguez Perez 
Pamela Ann Petrich 
Fernando Daniel Puig 

2nd Major: FinarKe 
AndrisN. Pukke 
Marc H. Rabkin 
David Scott Racenstein 
§ Ruthanne Shirley Read 
Fabio Riccardi 
Shari D. Rosenberg 
Anthony Charles Rubbo 
Amy Lynn Sadowski 
Jodi N. Sandler 
Zeta Elain Sanks 
Robert Marc Senko 
Amy llisabeth Stein 
Suzanne Strite 
Tricia Jane Thompson 
t Jeffery Paul Trudel 

2nd Major: Transportation 
t Marc Andrew Vassanelli 
Emmett Luther Walker, Jr. 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Lisa Beth Weiner 
Daniel James Wellington 

2nd Major: General 

Business and Management 
Michelyn Patrice Williams 
Cindy J. Wong 
Roger William Woolford 

* Marian K. Wootten 

Hyun Suk Yang 
Roger Ernest Zegers 

Personnel and Labor 

§ Nigel Burdett 

Matthew Wesley Carlson 

Rachel Beth Cutler 

Renee Lynn Davis 
§ Leslie Sue Dodge 

* Samantha Beth Giles 
Reem Anita Haddad 
Nancy Evelyn Hagan 
Julie Christene Helm 
Theresa Diane Jones 

§ Linda May Leary 
Tania Michelle Lebherz 
Tracy Kiyoshi Lloyd 
Linda Marie Pandelides 
Heather Lynnette Parmerlee 

* Shannon L. Roark 
Ann Marie Rogers 
Eric William Sporre 
Jennifer Suzanne Stark 
Anupama Leena Sudhaker 
Lance Conroy Vegren 

Production Management 

J Thomas Knight 

Ernest Earston Rodgers 111 


Catherine Dawn Abel 
Paul Alan Barnes 
Anne Margaret Beasman 
Vicki Lee Howard 
Joseph Craig Dennin 
Christine Ann Ellinger 
Matthew Fitzpatrick Goetz 
Brian Eldon Holt 
Brian A. Johrison 
Dieu Quang Lam 
Karen Deborah Markowski 
Brian Christopher Marshall 
Timothy Raymond McGrath 
Eric Joel Merkow 
Robert Joseph Pinsky 
Sandra Diane Rell 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Michael Scott Schepers 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical, and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Howard Alan Livingston 
David Lawrence Mohr 
Michele Lee Stan- 
Computer Science 
Frank John Andrasco 
Eric Marshall Boesch 

2nd Major: Mathertuitics 
Frederick James Brennan 
Edward Michael Browdy 
Barbara Elaine Brown 
David Andrew Bruton 

2nd Major: Matherruuics 
Giselle Simone Bryan 
Robert Kurt Burkhart 
Tijuana Swanson Cacanindin 
Winthrop Desmond Chan 
Jun Nong Chen 
Nam Shon Chia 
John Patrick Connolly 
Lori Ann Cook 
Robert Benton Crittenden 
Minh Tarn Ngcx; Do 
Edward C. Dorsie 

* Douglas Ralph Edmundson 
Patrick M. Emery 

t Richard M. Ensor 
Eugene Fan 
Wai-Peng Foo 

* Deepa Anne Francis 
Brian Riehl Fuselier 

t Amy Jan Galitzer 

2nd Major: Matherrumcs 
Patrick Richard Gold 
Stephen Bruce Green 
Dreama Darlene Hopkins 
Richard M. Kellogg, Jr. 
Mahmood Ahmad Khan 
Jeffrey Charles Kight 
Changsoo Kim 
Jae Rong Kim 
Jiun Hwang Lai 


Glen Young Lee 
Peter Shinsung Lee 
t Grace Szewai Leung 
§ Jason Michael Lovinger 
t Kenneth Michael Magnani 
2nd Majcrr: Mathematics 
Martin Burl Maier 
Martin William McCoy 
Anthony Tuan Nguyen 
Hoang Minh Nguyen 
Tien Van Nguyen 
Lynda Lou Norris 
Michael Wayne Ogbum 
Cedric Persaud 
Matthew Scott Piermarini 
Rosaria Sara Puglisi 
Peter T. Quach 
Jonas Maurice Queen 
Timothy Bradford Ramey 
Laura Alberta Randall 
Norman Bruce Reich 
Rebecca Chandler Robertson 
HoUis L. Ross, Jr. 
David Allen Russin 
David John Schuetz 
Eugene Schwartzman 
David John Slafkosky 
Richard Eugene Smith 
Oren Lavi Stem 
Beth Michelle Strichara 
Thomas Mark Swiss 
* Roseanne Tesoriero 
Hai Van Tran 
Khoi Quoc Tran 
Thuy Thanh Tran 
Emmanuil Tsangatakis 
John Anthony Walker 
Pao Ho Wang 
Thanitha Yongvanichjit 
Aloysius Sangheum Yoon 


Bradley Clinton Blase 
Margaret Mary Chauncey 

Christopher Mark Danaceau 
Charles Edwin [>evo 



Mark Teodoro Cunningham 

Erin Colleen Dower 

Susan Louise Ferensic 
* Alex Gurevich 

Tasuki Hirata 

Lawrence Denwood Jackson 

Timothy Otto Knieger 

Ying-Hui Christina Lee 

Teresa Anne Lewis 

Samuel Edward Lofland, Jr. 
t llya Lyubomirsky 

Terry Irwin McCarthy 
t Matthew William McGarvey 

Pauline M. Moy 

Kimberly Marie Navarra 

Natalie Ann Norris 

Barry M. Shay 

Fekade Selassie Stephanos 

Wanda Stephens 

Hilbert Hampton Turner, Jr. 

Nobuko Yagi 

Physical Sciences 

Olasunkanmi AUiu Bello 
David Lee Chin 
Austin L. Conaty 
Bradley Ray Davidson 
Scott M. Delcore 
Tung Thanh Do 
Charles William Fischer, Jr. 
Frank J. Font 
Gil Grodzinsky 
Stephen William Kennedy 
Rose Joan Levush 
Stephanie Ann Ritter 
Robin Lavem White 


Kristen Elizabeth Bamett 
Joel A. Biddier 
John Joseph Francis Corrigan 
t Eugene Dantsker 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Rita Nicole DiPaolo 
Subrata Kumar Dutta 

David Paul Fowler 
Mark Ivan Gottfried 
Josephine Nora Humphreys 
Richard M. Kaylor 
James Theodore Kestler 
Samuel Edward Lofland, Jr. 

* David Allen Newbum 

t Kenneth Graham Purchase 
§ Jon Christian Rost 
Arvind Sinha 

* Lawrence Kieffer Warman III 

College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

English Education 

§ Libby Karen Arnold 
Wayne Thomas Batson 
Amy Newell Harrington 
Laura Jeanne Kuntzman 
David Ruben Lebowitz 
Debrah Olivia Liburd 
Judith Anne Luko 
Patrick Francis McCann 
RoseMary Ann McEwen 
Lucia Marie Poole 
Beth Melanie Price 

§ Synthia J. Shilling 
Michael Allen Smith 
Frank Keetch Weatherford 

Foreign Language Education 

t Kirsten Elizabeth Brosamer 
Ann Marie Cadrette 

§ Katherine Anne Dixon 
Anna-Marie Fried 
Jennifer Noelle Gowen 
Karen Gillian Elizabeth 

t Stephanie Rachel Spector 
Dana Marie Williams 

Social Studies Education 

Lauren George 
Lisa Courtney Harris 

Speech and English 

Lois Beth Coons 

Megan Julie Williams 
Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

Linda Louise Mattia 
Kirsten Beth Reitan 
Patricia Ann Tepper 

Business Education 

Ina Reva Bennett 
Gaye Michelle Davidson 
Tricia Lynn Dodson 
Allyn Michelle Fitzgerald 
Douglas Alan Hildebrand 
Joanne Lyruie Karr 

Early Childhood Education 

Juliet Ciardi 
Kimberly Renee Frick 
Debra Marie Frizzell 
Melanie Sue Gilbert 
Kelly Patricia Griffith 
Teresa Ellen Lee 
Clare Therese McColm 
Mary Margaret O'Brien 
Dawn Alissa Rivers 
Deborah Lynn Rose 
Stephanie Alison Scepura 
Kathleen G. Schaeffner 
Patricia A. Schreiber 
Teresa Anne Stant 
Suzanne Stremel 
Sandra Lynn Sullivan 
Lisa Merlene Zinn 

Elementary Education 

Nancy Beth Abrams 
Mark Terence Agent 
Emily Kate Altschul 

t Andrea Sandy Bemath 
Martin S. Bokow 
Monica Eve Brown 

* Audra Lee Burke 
Robin Lynn Burroughs 
Kathryn Ann Campbell 
Gail Kemey Cashman 
Virginia Lee Coffman 
Adeebe Maxine Cogar 
Laura Lynne Day 


§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Sharon Ann Ennis 

Antoinette Farace 

Joyce Ann Fan'ell 

Erica Diane Feit 

Rosita Marie Finn 

Lisa Dawn Fleming 

Linda Jane Folsom 

Mindy Judith Halhday 

Nancy Lynn Herrmann 

Deborah Jeanne Holmen 

Janet Anita Jackson 
* Molly Beth Jacobs 

Chul Won Jeon 

Madie Kilner Johnson 

Renay Chevetts Johnson 

Jennifer Bonsung Ku 

Susan Lynn Langley 

Julie Felicia Lebowitz 

Janet Nancy Lee 

Suzanne Marie LeBoeuf 

Michelise Beth Loiselle 
t Donna Sue MacDougall 

Karen Lee Makris 

Holly Lynn McArthur 

Michelle Lynn Mongeon 

Stacie Ann Moreland 

Susan Elizabeth Mraz 

Moniqua Rene Myers 

Emanuelle F. Pallia 

Sandra J. Palmer 

Alison Maria Praisner 

Helga Jeannette Pumell 

Tracey Lynn Reses 

Renee Benson Sander 

Esther Simpson 

Trina Sue Sobel 

Alissa G. Starley 

Karen Heather Stephens 

Jennifer Elthia Strachan 

Heidi Suzanne Strom 

Amy Eileen Weber 

Jennifer Lee Weigel 

Penny Lee Wright 

Brian Thomas Wynn 

Home Economics Education 

Nancy Israel Br«)ks 
Carole Louise Ehemann 
Naseema Sait 

Michele Denise Switzer 
t Mary Louise Yeates 

Industrial Arts Education 

Brian Stephen Violett 

Industrial Technology 

Yann Alain Bertaud 
Thomas Acheson Black, Jr. 

t Nigel Burdett 

Bradley William Christ 
Kelley Janine Clark 

t Charles Peter Coffman 
James Clarence Cooksey, Jr. 
Shawn Patrick Crispin 
Raymond Louis Falcione, Jr. 
Keith Thomas Eraser 
Todd Phillip Grempel 
Roberto Aramis Gutierrez 
Mark Andrew Hanna 
John Lee Harris 
TTiomas Michael Kaub 
Daniel Zigmund Krivitsky 
Richard Bruce Nickels 
Robert Brian Nickels 
John R. Oberst 
Daniel John Pattison 
Samuel M. Piper 
Robert Michael Poma 
Mitchell Jerome Shon 
David Gunars Straume 

Mathematics Education 

John Y. Baskin 
Stephen Oatis Cheney 
Laurence Howard Cohen 
Nellie F. Grover 
Janel Harra Pearlman 
t Franklin David Silberstein 
John Stanley Way 

Music Education 

t Michael Eric Blackman 

Valerie Ann Brown 

Joseph Cornelius Phillips, Jr. 
t Russell William Wilder 

Science Education 

Renee M. Babiak 
Due Vu Bui 

Lynn Ann Burton 
Anne Margaret Cargill 
Rhonda Cherie Dillard 
Anita Gertrude Goldhar 
Prabhjot Kaur Kakar 
Elizabeth 1. Montgomerie 
Todd Spencer Powell 
Jennifer Lynn Pugh 
Gina Lynne Robinson 
April Marie Talcott 

Secretarial Education 

Maureen Therese Hoffman 

Social Studies Education 

Eric Scott Berthelette 
Edward Robert De Vincent 
Blaine David Eckberg 
Ben Alan Grabenstein 
James Albert Haskell 
Nathan Charles Johnson 
Kyle Carson Landefeld 
Stacey D. Levitan 
Susan Jean Little 
Scott Winslow Mace 
Carlos Rafael Osorio 
Sharon Louise Piket 
Patrick Joseph Saunderson 
Mark Anthony Sutton 
Tracy Marie Thompson 
David Akiba Thursz 
David Bruce Wehking 
Scott Allan Zimmerman 

Special Education 

Janine Gabrielle Bacquie 

Penny Leslie Beller 

Julie Ann Bocker 

Carlyn P. Breese 

Rae Ann Brodie 

Leslie Ann Collins 
* Stacia Anne Collins 

Linda M. Davis 

Jodi Diamond-Yur 
§ Sharon Anne Dillon 

Kelli Marie Ewing 
§ Susan Anne Fearins 

Donna Lisa Fortin 
t Laura Wendy Glazer 

Nicole A. Ifill 
Colleen DeLong Jacques 
Dianne Cheryl Kutzner 
Renee Cherie Lagarde 
Lori Ann Luebkert 

* Pamela Ann MacEwen 
Maree Beth MacLennan 

t Rebecca Carole Mattis 
Tonya Lynne Moneypenny 
Eileen Marie Mulvey 
Karen Elizabeth Rappolt 
Karen Sue Roberson 
Mary Michelle Santa Maria 
Alicia Susan Seaman 

t Karen Lucille Shepard 
Jamie Lynn Wagreich 


James Christ Constandino 
George Alphie Gallant 
Daniel Joseph Weinberg 

College of Engineering 
Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Michael James Amato 
Richard Charles Anderson 
Robert Arthur Arseneault 
Howard Lee Beaver 
Robert Scott Bennett 
Michelle Velazquez Bosset 
Rodney Aldibonti Bryant 
Douglas Chin 
Tien-Seng Chiu 
Alan Thomas Clark 
Joseph Anderson 
Crunkleton, Jr 
Thomas Patrick Poor 
Michele Marie Gates 
Michael Joseph Gillum 
Andrew J. Harrison 
Robert Spiro Kaidy 

t Bernard Edward Kelm, Jr. 
Jong M in Kim 
Khanh Quoc Le 

t Joon Han Lee 


Tonya Michiye Lewerenz 
Dennis Lee Loveless II 
Christopher Robert Lucas 
David Paul Matthews 
Michael All Mohallatee 
Kasra Moinizand 
Donna Marie Parks 
TzuHeng Kenneth Peng 
Jennifer Susan Plotkin 
Pramod Baldev Raheja 
Darren Philip Ryan 
Diane Legaspi Sabal 
J. Alan Sandusky 
David A. Singh 
Douglas Dwayne Stump 
Douglas Philip Vine 
Timothy Patrick Wilcox 

Agricultural Engineering 

Stephen Douglas Cramer, Jr. 

Chemical Engineering 

Benjamin Joseph Adelstein 
Mini Agarwal 
Charles Ernest Arbaugh, Jr. 
Bemhard Friedrich Auer 
Russell S. Batch 
Frederick William Brunton 
Richard F Cassano 

* Gregory Brandon Davis 
Ernest Ogbang Ettah 
Kevin Michael Gill 
Ray Douglas Goodwin 

§ Eric Wayne Harman 
Frank Anthony Highsmith 
Daniel Ftancis Inglis 
Lisa Michelle King 
Lisa Rene Nelson 

* Pasquale Santini 
§ Manu Sehgal 

Jamie-Maray Sigel 
Cinnamon Nancy Tinsley 

Civil Engineering 

David Vincent Albamonte 
Irene Theresa Iwasyszyn 

Arthur Joseph Atencio 
§ Gregory Lee Barnes 
Kenneth A. Berkman 

Daria Lynn Blumenauer 

Donna Jeanne Brinkmeyer 

Richard Lewis Buettner 

John Custer Buffett 

Tonia C. Cannizzaro 

P. Douglas Curtis 

Peter Christopher D' Antonio 

Irit Elazar 

Clive Randolph Ewing 

Michael Alexander Firsow 

Bret Steven Foxson 

Mario John Gangemi 

Daniel William Hartman 

Shahwali Karzai 

Laura Elizabeth Layton 

t Jesse Riordan Lee 
Pamela Jean Lynch 
Shelly Marie Mason 
Larry Richard Mathena, Jr. 

t Kevin James McCormick 
Trinayana Mishra 
Doan Binh N. Nguyen 
Kermeth Charles Oberle 
Bruce Bennett Payne, Jr. 
Sony a Marie Perry 
Bruce M. Pitts 
Anumzziatta Purchiaroni 
Mairav Bonnie Ravin 
Scott R. Rose 
John Kenneth Scabis 
Jeffrey Michael Seiss 
Ermis Sfakiyanudis 
Daniel Michael Sheridan 

t Bradley David Shuey 
Allen Russell Shutt 
Joseph Michael Sowinski 
Lane Webster Swauger 

§ Brian Lynn Taylor 
Mark Roger Thayer 
David Lee Tucker 
Tracey Danette Twyman 
Johannes Albert van 

Randall Dean Voss 
Scott Matthew Wardle 
Michael Charles Weiss, Jr. 

Electrical Engineering 

Vanita Ahuja 

Leslie Lucille Ambrose 
Dimple Indrajit Amin 
t Matthew Stephen Ang>'al 
George Wheelock Arthur 
Matthew William Bando 
Lawrence Edward Bassham 111 
Matthew John Bennett 
Agazi Berhane 

* Nicholas Franz Bertolini 
Brian Alan Bielski 
James Walter Bishop, Jr. 
Maurice Leroy Bitting, Jr. 
Paul Joseph Borghese 
Mark Edwin Bower 
Robert Nathaniel Brown 
David A. Burton 
Michael Todd Cassell 
Bryan Byungjoon Cha 
Lisa Dan Chan 

Xuan Chen 
Achara Chivavibul 
Laurice Hsin-yi Chow 

* Joseph Vincent Colaianni, Jr. 
Gray Hamilton Creager IV 
Steven Wah Der 

Charles Henry Dickson 111 
Barry Frank Durrant 
Subrata Kumar Dutta 
Raymund Capistrano 

Brian Keith Flemmmg 
Michael Bruce Folkart 
Joseph Douglas Graves 
Donald William Gray 

t Francisco Roberto Green 
Kurt William Grigoleit 
Matthew Lorin Groom 

§ Robert Scott Grossnickle 
Eduardo H. Guiraud 
Mazen Mohammad Haddad 
Yemsrach Hailemariam 
Daniel Paul Halper 
Joy Ann Hamilton 
Debra Marie Harmon 
Brian William Hennies 
Tasuki Hirata 
William E. Hopkins 
Terrence T Huang 
Robert Francis Hughes 

Michael Lipscomb Jackson 

Deidre L. Johnson 

Edward Andrew Kaczmaiek, Jr. 

Sheela Kadambi 

Amir Kazemzadehmarand 

Hak Soo Kim 

Hanju Kim 

Ladan Kimiayi 

Patrick Ekutsu Kimvilakani 

Patricia A. Klein 

Rainer T Kohler 

Amy Rose Krezanosky 

Joel Gerard Kruzel 

Charlene Marian Lagerwerff 

Andrew Dana Lawlor 
t Joon Han Lee 
t Tong Lee 

Tony S. Lee 

Victor Markko Long 

Kiet T Ly 
t llya Lyubomirsky 

Raymond Yee Mah 

Phu Viet Mai 

Sumit Manchanda 

Tmku Mannan 

Harry George Mantakos 

Thomas John Mareck 

Christopher J ude Martin 
t Matthew William McGar\'ey 

Mark Daniel Melgaard 

Houman Modarres-Sabzevari 
* Gary Yip Moy 

Stacey Lynn Murray 

Michael Muscedere 

Hien Dang Nguyen 

Rizalito Villadelgado Nicolas 

Kenneth Richard Ormsby 

Melissa Catherine Ott 

Sangsoo Pak 

Amanda Haisuk Park 

Seung Joo Park 

Sheila Devendra Patel 

James Mathew Perschy 

Harold Luco Pierre 

Jonathan Joseph Pletzke 

Arland William Poindexter 111 
t Kenneth Graham Purchase 

Timothy Bradford Ramey 

Hazel C. Reyes 


S iumma cum Lauae 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Paul Andrew Roberts 
Marisol Estevez Romero 
§ Jon Christian Rost 
Donald James Runnoe 
Arun Saxena 
Jonathan Stuart Schiff 
Christian Detlev R. 

Shawn Patrick Scoles 

* AmitD. Shah 
Pejman F. Sharifi 

Viki Annentrout Shifflett 
Bradford Raymond Sicotte 
§ Michael David Smith 

* Daniel Tae Song 
Michael S. Spath 
Thomas Leonard StoU 
Kristin Regina Strohecker 
Hao Tang 

Michael Chung Tang 
Seng Tju Tjong 
Raul Torres 
Thang Quoc Tran 
David Bruce Weinel 
Monique Dionne West 
Gilbert Folk Whitmer, Jr. 
Timothy Dwayne Young 
Bayi Zhuang 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Mohammad Zaal Aldossari 
Venus Rochelle Ballinger 
Christine Marie Campbell 
Robert Hans Deschambeault 
Diane Leigh DeLawter 
HoUis Llewelyn Griffin 
Suzette Marina Hartmann 
Kristine A. Hoiberg 
Michael James Klemenz 
Claudia Jill Klinker 
Anthony Graham Liverman 
Brian Mark McGraw 
Raymond P. Schmid 
Taxiarxis Panagiotis Tzamaras 
Gary Lance Welch 
Creshona Stephony 

Mechanical Engineering 

Keith Anthony Adams 
Bernard Joseph Andrys 
Mustafa Feroz Bahrain 
Craig Leroy Baker 
Craig Steven Barker 
Marcel Brian Joel Belanger 
Jeffrey Scott Blankman 
Christopher Joseph Brown 
Gregory Gerald Burklew 
Eric V. Carter 
Wai Wah Chan 
Ping L. Chen 
Timothy Howard Clapin 
Barbara Ann Czech 
Mazda Ebrahimi 
Timothy Leroy Filemyr 
Rcxco Joseph Fucetola 
Jeffrey Eugene Gilbert 
Paul Philip Gustilo 
Robert Michael Hagood 
John Robert Hampson 
Jeffrey Alan Howe 
Richard Alan Jones 
Shameela Kalim Khan 
Frank S. Kim 
Rebecca Anne Lavash 
Christopher Paul LaMothe 
Joshua Sookeun Lee 
Tzi Shing Jesse Lim 
Denise Lynn Louder 
Dean T Louloudes 
Thomas Chi -Tseng Lu 
Craig Steven Ludwig 
Vedjai Mahanand 
Barry Morris Mathieu 
Daniel Christopher Moore 
Vijay Nathan 

Alexander Bohdan Paschyn 
Stephen John Pentlicki 

* Mark Edward Ramsey 
William Clinton Raynor 
Kevin Mathew Rice 

* Howard R. Richman 
Thompson Robert Richmond 
Jeffrey Scott Robertson 
Jason Bernard Rottman 
Carol Sue Saine 

Kourosh David Shafighi 

Wayne Robert Simon 
Ravinder Singh 
Morton Murray Smith, Jr. 
Anthony Danionne Snead 
Mitchell Solkowitz 
Maria Patrizia SomaviUa 
Desmond A. St. Rose 

Znd Mc^ar: Aerospace 

Hunaid Sulemanji 
Bret Andrew Tegeler 
Adam Joel Thaler 
Hugh Vincent Thomas 
* William Taylor Timberlake, Jr. 
Natalie Yvette Tingle 
Shau-Chi Tse 
Le Quoc Tu 
Rafael J. Vanegas 
Maria Ann Walters 
Brian Mark Welsh 
Maureen Elizabeth Williams 
Robert Patrick Williams 
Keith Dan^ell Wilson 
Nam Sok Yi 
Leo Toma Yon 

Undesignated Engineering 

Steven Robert Biegalski 
Jon William Cofield 
Mark Wesley Dicus 
Anh Minh Duong Tran 
Wayne Howard Franklin 
Robert Gary Gradle 
Jonathan Euijun Hahn 
Jarod Richard Braxton Joy 
§ Chi Hyong Kang 
David Scott Luecke 
Edward Arthur McCoy, Jr. 
Sang Van Ngo 
Grant William Ryan 
Joseph Sanjour 
David Titus Sterrett, Jr. 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Health Education 

Jennifer Ruth Blumberg 
Roderick Leland Chu 
Terry Frances Gramaglia 
Cathleen Harrison 
Anne Marie Hennessey 
Corliss Althea Joseph 
Rebecca Jean Oakes 
La Juanta Gertinette Shack 
Sasha Anne Showard 
Alesia Lynn Wisor 

Kinesiogical Sciences 

Kevin Michael Anderson 
David Randall Bertsch 
lona Rozeal Brown 
Lisa Marie Brown 
Robert Frank Butehom 
William Todd Cade 
Frank C. Chou 
Simon Maxwell Cotton 
Kimberly Frances Fleming 
Patricia Lee Gordon 
Marlon Ronald Hall 
Deborah Maureen Johns 
Denise Michelle Kaminski 
Scott Garrett Kaplan 
Charlene Denice Kelly 
Lisa D. Maraist 
Michelle Lee Marsico 
James Lee Anthony 
Matthews, Jr. 
* Jeffrey Eugene Mikell 
Debra Lynn Miller 
Geoffrey H. Miller 
Jacalyn Renee Miller 
John Gonzalo Pareja 
Eden Elizabeth Smith 
George Joseph Soma 
Michelle Diane Tarkington 
Michele Sue Uhlfelder 
Loretta June Vizioli 
Nia Lavem Ware 


David Gary Wehrenberg 
Nancy Lee Yumkas 

Physical Education 

Oscar Daniel Amaguana 
Barbara Ann Carper 
John Patrick Carroll 
Laura Jean Hennessy 
Frances Eileen Marie Lowell 
George Arthur McClure 11 
Jeanne Katherine Warrington 
John Denver White 


Beth Lisa Berman 
Dory Gean Crump 
Wesley Paul Gaylor 
* Diana Melody Neeriemer 
Dawn Ann Richardson 
Terri Lee Smith 
Carole Beth Vinick 

College of Human 

Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

Kimberly Renea Brown 
* Sui-Lin Stacey Chen 

Jennifer Lynne Evans 
t Sharon Ann Landrum 

Denise Marie McCabe 

Anna Prisekin 

Cristina Sison 

Ramona Lyn Stephens 

Consumer Economics 

Michael Angelo Agro, Jr. 
Teresa Anne Alberding 
Jennifer Sharyn Ascher 
Jeffrey Brian Becker 
Titi Cree Branch 
Michael Timothy Bums, Jr. 
William John Cammarata 
Mami Y. Cassuto 
Jack Allen Cohen 
Michael Cohn 
Brian Andrew Cusick 

Grace Elizabeth Cutler 
Michael L. Esqueu 
Victor Y. Fan 
John Fumai 

Kathleen Irene Gamboa 
Claudia Ann Gerbasi 
Eric Louis Glazer 
Denise Marie Gouldman 
Timothy E. Green 
Michele Susan Greif 
Carla Kay Hamson 
Norris Henry Hanes 
Bouviette Nicole Harried 
Debra L. Hutnan 
Michele Renee Jackson 
Jodi Lyn Kafetz 
Marci Sue Kammarman 
Craig Heath Kirsch 
Basilios John Kouroupis 
Jonathan Paul Lawrence 
Lynn Mastracci 
Frank R. Mazzei 
Felicia Ann Mitchell 
Richard W. Myers 
Sean Patrick O'Neill 
Enid Ocasio 
Melinda Mae Parsons 
E)anielle Kerrin Paul 
Jody Beth Payne 
Terence Marquette Peace 
Heather Elizabeth Pechar 
Richard Louis Pennini 
Susan Brooks Reiber 
Ann Theresa Riddle 
David Adam Rosen 
Wendy Lyrm Saltzman 
Robert N. Silverman 
John Michael Skoviak 
Jeremy Edmund Smith 
Nancy Jill Steams 
Allison Reynette Tucker 
Anita Louise Turi 
Marc Ian Wallen 
Michelle Eileen Wallis 
Vivian Wrightsman 
Robert John Yates 
Dora E. Zarrelli 
Jay Evan Zuckerman 


Michelle Lee Barbazette 

* Susan Ins Guckenheimer 
Terri Lynn Homauer 
Kerry Lynn Kuhrmann 
Shaun F. Mahoney 
Nancy Anne Marcus 
Karen Marie Moore 

* Laurel P. Scheinfeld 
Venus A. Seleme 
David T Ton 
Joseph John Valeri 
Sandra Kim Yee 

Mary O'Regan Youngert 

Experimental Foods 

Ames Perry 

Family Studies 

Sharon G. Askin 
Ivy Joy Chafetz 
Michael Donald Clinton 
Melissa Jill Cole 
Romy Genise Cooper 
Alicia C. Darensbourg 
Jill Colleen Farrell 
Belinda Rudolph Fassett 
Sharon Diane Feniger 
Michele Heidi Fishbein 
Justine Ashi Fuller 

* Paula Mary Ginocchio 
Amelia Gemeny Gload 
Stacey Beth Grossman 
Stephanie Lynn Halpem 
Lee Kathryn Hoyle 
Yvonne Frances Irvin 
Norma S. Kempf 
Jessica Shawn Kirson 
Kimberly Joy Kleher 
Sherry Love Koppal 
Barrie Lynn Krellen 
Amy Dawn Kudler 
Jodi Syrell Kula 
Hillary Renee Lachow 
Cheryl Robin Liss 
Marie Lynette Lofty 
Christine Ann MacDonald 
Tracy Gayle Meringoff 
Marcie Beth Mininherg 

Sharon Lynn Peacock 
Debra Daphna Plewinski 
Melissa Kim Roseman 
t Laura Ann Sandelli 
Mark Allan Schaefer 
Paula Schlafinan 
Jennifer Ann Schoen 
Annette Bums Scroggins 
Julie Anne Snyder 
Lauren Hope Sorof 

* PaulM. Toth 
Kimberly Dawn Trawick 
Melissa Angela Verdieck 
Alyssa Beth Wigton 

Foodservice Administration 

Anthony Dean Pappas 

Human Nutrition and 

Penny Gwendolyn Miller 
Marc Gilbert Schwartz 

Management and 
Consumer Studies 

Lara Adrienne Auster 
Jill Anne Bashein 
Linda Louise Bracken 
Mardith Joyce Buyer 
Maryanne Churchill 

Susan Marie Dulaney 
Karen Liza Escanilla 

* Karen Marlene Faour 
Cindy Sharyn Fenster 
Mitchell Jordan Gross 
Ban Jill Hyatt 
Candace Keller 
Jeffrey David Klotz 
Carol G. Mcintosh 
Jtxli A. Meola 
Lawrence Jay Mesmer 
Abdirahman Mohamed Nur 

* Lauren Dale Podell 
Lauren Jane Rausch 
Patrick Raymond Renehan 
Jacqueline Amparo Sayan 
Andrea Lynn Schulman 
Lauren Jenae Scott 
Elizabeth P. Teipel 


§ SumTna cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Cathy Edwina Anderson 
Michelle Hope Barnes 
Vicki Nichole Beale 
Karen Faye Berman 
Susan Esta Cohen 
Rhea Lynn DeMar 
Kelly Lynn Diedrich 
Michael James Fantus 
Shari Lynn Ferraro 
Jan Marie Ferriola 
Heather Mary Fredericks 
Debra Paige Goldberg 
Melissa Marie Goodwin 
Holly Lee Goss 
Dorothy V. Gottsch 
Tanya Marie Hagey 
Debra Michele Home 
Amy M. Kaplan 
Michele Audra Kaplan 
Mee Young K. Lee 
Marissa A. Leonessa 
Anne Lynch McHugh 
Susan Lynn Merson 
Laura Ann Mcxare 
Julie Lynn Norman 
Kelly Ann O'Connor 
Christine Ann Ponton io 
Marquerite Ann Rivera 
Joaquin M. Rodriguez 
Eileen Ann Rowan 
Jody Allison Rubin 
Julie Annette Ruth 
Amy Jill Salman 
Lisa Ann Sapperstein 
Joanna Lisa Schwartz 
Caroline Elisabeth Stewart 
Jeffrey David Swecker 
Tracy Ann Weast 
Michelle M. Wiltz 

Textile Science 

§ Jennifer Leigh Stone 

College of Journalism 
Bachelor of Science 


Lucinda Jo Alt 
Lisa Applebaum 
Christine Marie Aquino 
Jill Renee Aughenbaugh 
Wendy Elizabeth Babbitt 
Evan Lee Bass 
Rochelle Berger 
Marisa Bianco 
Jonathan Michael 

* Billie Jo Bouic 
Brooks Eugene Bowers 

* Karen Lisa BruU 
Jennifer Lynn Burroughs 
Patricia Lynn Carey 
Paula Maria CasaraviUa 
Kenneth James Che 
Patrick Nelson Clark 
Meredith Deborah Cohn 
Alice Louise Cole 
Stephanie Ronique Curry 
Lori Hope Dictrow 
John Reed Dierken 
Robin Meredith Diez 
Karen Ellen Dinsenbacher 
William Glenn Engle 
Neale Andrew Faunt 
Jane Marie Royd 

Staci Meryl Fogelman 
Demetrio Augusto Ford 
Stephanie Joy Fox 
§ Judith Mae Garza 
Patricia Lynne Gay 
Jeffrey Scott Gaylord 
Lars David Gelfan 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Lisa Meredith Glauber 
Halli Beth Click 
Erin Joy Gold 

* Rebecca Lee Gomez 
Lisa Monique Goodnight 
Gerald William Gottesman 
Annmarie Antoinette Griffin 

t Carole Anne Gromadzki 

Angela Marie Guerrieri 
Justin Gregory Haase 
Pamela Robin Haber 
Denine Rachelle Harden 
Paul Bryan Harris 
Jennifer Carol Hendrickson 
Mary Beth Hennessey 
Keith Jay Hirsch 

§ Nai Hsing Ho 
Peter Holden 
Jennifer Marie Holland 
Linda Dianne Jenkins 
Jacqueline Lee Kaldon 
Ann Elizabeth Kirwan 
Robin Sue Koenigsberg 
Sandra Irene Korolevich 
Gretchen Marie Lacharite 
Geri Layne Landman 
Tadd Joseph Langenfelder 
Laura J . Lesko 
Monique C. Llanos 
Jill AnnevLochte 

§ Gerald Scott Lowe 
Laura Ann Madachy 
Aileen Joan Mand 
Steven Benjamin Mandel 
Christine Jenine Mattfeld 
Rae Lynn Metsch 
Sharlotte Amie Meyerson 
Rae Meredith Mims 
Marc Bancroft Minor 
Jerre Beth Mintz 
Monique Christina Moore 
Tricia Kim Neustater 
Tara Robyn Newman 
Lan B. Nguyen 
Tiffany Omotoyosi Olayinka 
Mary Louise Pappas 
Keith Robert Paul 
Susan Brianne Powell 
Kirsten Anne Powers 
Judith Lea Pray 
Wade Joseph Price 
Eric M. Pugh 
Edward Eli Purvis IV 
Darcy Nicolle Ramisch 
Andrea Michelle Randol 
Indira Priyadharshini 

Maureen Judith Richards 
Felipe Alberto Rivera 
Dana Lynn Rubin 
Kimberly Ann Sage 
Jennifer Ann Saulten 
Sharon Michelle Saunders 

* Lisa Ann Schaefer 
Susan Renee Sherr 
Lisa Beth Siegel 
Prastavna Sinha 
Karen Lynn Sirota 
Howard Jay Skall 
Beth A. Strauss 
Juliet Suzanne Taylor 

* Jan Lucinda Thompson 
Suzanne Michelle Trager 
Stephen Charles Ventimiglia 
Monique Louise Verrier 

§ Kerri Noel Wachter 
Alexandra Pearce Wagner 
Lisa Ann Walker 
Amy Beth Wasserman 
Jenny Lisabeth Weil 
Marc Benjamin Weiszer 
Laura Elizabeth Weller 
Dana Joan Welzenbach 

t Lara Evelyn Wendt 

Tameka Michelle Wheelous 
LaNissir White 
Stacey Marie Whorley 
Jennifer Lynn Willman 
Tanya E. Wolford 
Mama WoUman 

College of Life 

Bachelor of Science 


Ernest Guner Brown 
Henry Sayson Cacanindin 
Charles Edward Daitch 
Jeffrey R. Eby 
§ Christine Lynn Hughes 
John W. Inga 
Amsale Ketema 


Jeanie Eunhee Kim 

Daniel Reeves Kotnarek 

Mojgan Mazhari 
t Binh The Nguyen 

Joshua Reuben Rich 
§ Kendra Ellen Sebum 
t Angele Carolyn Seller 

Mahmud Ahmad Siddiqi 

Imei Siu 

John David Thomas 

Keith Andrew Thompson 

Kien Thanh Tran 

Thu-Thuy T. Tran 


Brooke Parkhurst 


Anne Margaret Cargill 
§ Kenneath Kamfat Chu 
Barbara Anne DiCamillo 
Jason Mitchell Grayson 
Bruce Malcolm Hislop, Jr. 
Susan Elizabeth Hoegy 
Demetrios George Kaouris 
Peter Everett Kay 
t Kurt Ross Kendall 
§ Jason Michael Lovinger 
Lara Noelle Nelson 
Glenn Michael Poch 
Rayette Dione Pollard 
Marc H. Randrianarivelo 
Lori AUeyne Smith 
§ William Howard Swartz 


Kevin M. Higgins 

General Biological Sciences 

Bonnie Marie Abbott 
Christiane Marie Adams 

* Douglas Clinton Allen 
Gary William Angelo 

* Beth Marie Arciprete 
Charles Perry Arnold 111 
Ghada Antoun Asfour 
Marjun Ayati 

Angela Elizabeth Baldwin 
Jeffrey Leonard Bass 
t Alexandra Eve Bely 

Jonathan Renard Brooks 

* Jeffrey Alan Buckel 
Jae Ho Choi 
Darby Sue Clarke 
Peter Evans Craig 
Alicia Tamara Crowder 
Rhonda Cherie DiUard 
John Charles Dillow III 

t Deanna Renee Dooley 
Ward Elmer Elis 
Leily Farhat-Sepahi 
Nicole C. Farley 
Sina Peter Farzin 
Jo-Anne Fung-A-Fat 
Nancy Magdalene Gideon 
Sean Patrick Grace 
Michelle A. Green 
Anna Yumi Hahn 
Jennifer Ann Hamorsky 
Douglas Stephen Hodges 
Diane Juliette Holder 
Alex Garrett Holland, Jr 
Kimberly Ann Hoskins-Huch 

§ Jee Hyun Hwang 

* Kimberly Jeanne Kasmer 
Ravi Kaur 

Mohammed Aslam Khan 
Jolie Alicia Kirtinitis 
Diane Michelle Klotz 
Clare Suzanne Knightly 
Robert Francis Kopeck i 

* Douglas Lawrence Komreich 
Mitesh Bharatkumar Kothari 
Renee Marie Krumenacker 

* Gesa Maria Lamers 

* Katherine Grace Laporta 

* Suzanne Michele Levin 
Richard Tsong-Che Li 
Wen Chi Liang 
Matthew Marsenison 
Pamela Joy Martin 
Matija Marie Matesic 
Siobhan Catherine Maty 
Kyle Christopher McKenna 

* Melanie Louise Mealy 
Donnielle Nicole Mellix 
Jeffrey Alan Merrell 
Sharon L. Meyers 
Renee Anne Miller 

Youngjoo Min 

Mario Anne Muster 
Khatereh NematoUahi 
Raymond Louis Nucio 
Douglas Steven O'Connell 
Cosmas Chiazor Onyekuru 
Abram Outlaw, Jr. 
Cheryl Marie Palicki 
Ronald Cheg-Ping Pei 
Asim Raft 
Sean Re id 

E)avid Younghan Rhee 
Marcus Bernard Rindal 

* Sharon C. Roper 
Barbara Ann Rundquist 
Robert Blair Sammel 
Ana Maria Sanchez 
Peter Johann Schmeissner 
Sandra llene Schwab 

* Peter Stoughton Searles 
Ejaz Anwar Shamim 

* Ambereen Sleemi 
Scott Michael Smith 

* Aron Marom Sobel 
Allison May Speulstra 
Scott Adam Springer 
David Andrew Temporado 
Brooke Edan Thomas 

§ Julie Lynn Tishler 
t Ngoc Thi-Bich Tran 

Jacqueline Ann Urban 
t Carol Ann Webber 

Lynne Ann Whitehead 

Alyson Lyn Wright 


Joseph Pacifico Barrion 
Henry Sayson Cacanindin 
Beth Ann Cairns 
Sonali R. Deshpande 
Sandra May Fox 
Avril Jacqueline Gonsalves 
* Sanjay Banad Jagannath 
Saguna Kantilal Jain 
Douglas Jerome Kovich 
Kristopher William Krausz 
Seema Kurichh 
Luis Eduardo Llerena 
James Leon McArdle 

§ Ohnn Nahm 

* Anhtai Hoang Nguyen 

Shawn David Offutt 

Wanda Jacqueline Olszewski 

C)aksha Naranbhai Patel 

Bindu Pillai 

Amir Abbas Sarkanadeh 
t Mary Rosalind Stofega 

Upasana Vaid 

Steven W. Yang 


Artin Aharonian 
Farzad A:ad 
Richard John Bodine 
James Manin Brock 
Ruth Salvador Caynap 
* Alicia Lynn Chen 
Jin Ah Choi 
David Kenneth Doty 
Ruth Elizabeth Fundyga 
Kirsten Michele Gaffke 
Jennifer Anne Hayes 
Patricia Leigh Henderson 
Scott Andrew Hoff 
Laura Ellen Jacobson 
Hoda Jafari 
Nazila Javaherian 
Derek Keith Johnson 
Amanda Fairley Kearse 
Joseph Benjamin Kubinski 
Jaime Gonzalo Mancilla 
Melin Jonathan Moses 
Jennell Elizabeth Nelson 
Baback Panahbarhagh 
Charles Vansantlaus Quigley III 
Susan Elise Robinson 
Kerry Elizabeth Sanna 
Mahmud Ahmad Siddiqi 

* Jamie Ellyn Sopher 
Michael Drake Stanton 
April Marie Talcott 
Han Tonthat 

* Brian Keith Twedt 
Joy Chia-Shan Wu 


S Summa cum Laude 
t Magna aim Laude 
* cum Laude 

Undergraduate Studies 
Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

* Monica Lynn Case 
Graven Winslow Craig 
Valerie Lynn Haas 
Lenore Janelle Hoover 

§ Scott A. Webber 

Bachelor of General 

Stephen Keith Beardmore 
Nancy Ann DaKay 
Robert Paul Dickie 
Cynthia Ham 
Christopher Ng Lee 
Daniel Karl Lee 
Andrea Elaine Means-Irving 

Paul John O'Connor 
Garrick Wayne Reid 
Danny Thomas Ross 
Sean Vaughn Scott 
Jeffrey Edward Simon 
Luise Marie Small 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Sheila Renee Beach 
t Rachael Eileen McCahan 
Tracey Lynn Schwartz 

Certificate Programs 

Afro- American Studies 

Baron Jamal Bell 
Sylvia C. Bennett 

Terrence Robert Maguire 
Latanya Shaurel Mapp 
Mario javona Wilson 

Applied Social Science 

Julie Christene Helm 
Pia Kristina Peltola 

East-Asian Studies 

Jonathan Allen Reed 

Women's Studies 

Jennifer Lynn Backoff 
Amy Denise Blachowicz** 
Stacie Jean CtKhran 
Carol B. Gauntlett 
Seana Marie Colder 
Anne Louise Taylor Guenon 
Jyoti Jalali 

Suzanne Klick 
Gretchen Marie Lacharite 
Andrea Christine Lynch 
Anupama Leena Sudhaker 
Jacqueline Lee Tate 
Laura Ann Walpert 


Second Lieutenants 

U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Grimaldo Alfredo Aybar, Jr. 
Paul Christian Charron 
Ronald Burton Cole 
David Alan Gray 
John R. Oberst 
**Graduated December 1990 


"A Meeting Place: Night and Day" is a monument created by the late art professor Kenneth 
Campbell. The 15-ton structure, which consists of two 1 8-foot-high pieces, is sited on a 
cobblestone court surrounded by dwarf pine trees just east of the H.J. Patterson Building. 





A spired cupola sits atop the roof of the renovated Microbiology 
Building. Built in 1938, the building originally served as a U.S. 
Bureau of Mines research center for non-metallic minerals. 

Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified for scholarship 
honors on graduation are designated by appropriate symbols 
adjacent to their names within the alphabetical listings of 
departments, colleges or schools. 

Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude are the 
commencement honors for excellence in scholarship. Honors 
are awarded to students with a GPA equal to the highest two 
percent (Summa), the next highest three percent (Magna) and 
the following five percent (Cum Laude) of the GPA distribution 
used in the calculations for that semester. The GPA distribution 
shall be computed each semester from the GPAs of the three 
preceding classes of the student's degree granting unit. 

To he eligible for this recognition, at least 60 semester hours 
must be earned at or transferred with a grade to the University 
of Maryland at College Park and have a scholastic GPA of 



General Honors Program 

Jeffery Todd Adler 
Karen Lisa Brull 
Kenneth James Che 
Achara Chivavibul 
Gail Denise Claspell 
Meredith Deborah Cohn 
Jennifer Cecilia Dickey 
Charles Henry Dickson III 
Erin Colleen Dower 
Sonja Geschmay 
Scott Andrew Hoff 
Paul Jung 

Luis Eduardo Llerena 
Rachael Eileen McCahan 
Jennifer Marie Moriatis 
Brian Harris Nelson 
Daniel Pluznik*** 
Paul Andrew Popemack 
Atosa Rahhani 

Denise Marie Rahmoeller 
Stephanie Celeste Robinson 
Stephanie Dee Segal 
Susan Renee Sherr 
Mahmud Ahmad Siddiqi 
Franklin David Silberstein 
Amhereen Sleemi 
Jill Marie Swackhamer 
Yoshihide Takeda 
Jan Lucinda Thompson 
Julie Lynn Tishler 
Marian K. Wootten 
Hyun Suk Yang 
L. Ariella Zeller 

University Honors Citation 

Kelli Susan Bechtel 
Lynn Marian Boiko 
Kimberly Francine Boulware 
Cindy Anne Medley Buckner 
Prabir Chakrabarty 
Joseph Vincent Colaianni, Jr. 


Christopher Raymond 

Elena Michele Koomenoff 
William Magazine 
Lauri Lynn McEntire 
Binh The Nguyen 
Janel Harra Pearlman 
Elizabeth Frances Powell 
Jean-Carlo Rivera 
Matthew Tawes Shedlick 
Lori AUeyne Smith 
Mary Rosalind Stofega 




High Honors in Biology 

Douglas Lawrence Komreich 
Gesa Maria Earners 
Katherine Grace Laporta 
Sharon C. Roper 
Ambereen Sleemi 
Carol Ann Webber 

High Honors in Criminal 

James Lewis AUingham 

High Honors in Economics 

Laura Jean Dunlap 
Aveesh Kumar 
Matthew Tawes Shedlick 

High Honors in English 

Heather Louise Cockerham 
Jennifer Cecilia Dickey 

High Honors in History 

Rachel Temma Kagan 

High Honors in 

Alex Gurevich 

Honors in Biology 

Peter Evans Craig 

Kyle Christopher McKenna 

Renee Anne Miller 

Honors in Computer 

Eugene Schwartzman 
Heidi Elise Yost* 

Honors in Criminal Justice 

Raja Chatterjee 
Mark Richard Fuller 
Elisabeth Anne van Kesteren 

Honors in Economics 

Stephen John Berardi*** 
Joseph Saul Rubin 
Monica Sagrario 
Sarah Wallace** 
Fikri Yucel 

Honors in Education 

Janel Harra Pearlman 

Honors in Engineering 

Michael Joseph Gillum 

Chi Hyong Kang 
Jesse Riordan Lee 
Ilya Lyubomirsky 
Mark Daniel Melgaard 
Amit D. Shah 

Honors in English 

Prabir Chakraharty 
John Christopher Charles 
Nancy L. Esau 
M. Angela Olson 

Honors in Government 
and Politics 

Sarah Ann Murphy 
Jean-Carlo Rivera 
Alan Septoff 

Honors in History 

Michele Angela Houdek 
Kevin David Orth 
Steven Craig Robertson 
Jerinifer Lynn Tosini 

Honors in Mathematics 

Amy Jan Galitzer 

Honors in Psychology 

Bryna Sara Belitsky 
Stephen Daniel Cayelli 
John Chandler Fretwell 
Adena Marion Klem 
Kristy E. Klick 
Elizabeth Frances Powell 

*graduated May 1 990 
** graduated August 1990 
***graduati;d December J 990 



This filigree window cover was at one time on the old Bureau of 
Mines Building which was built in 1932. The building later became 
the Microbiolog>' Building. 

(Agricultural Engineerit^) 

Karen M. Co\Tie 
Fady Elassaad 
Claude S. Fowler, Jr. 
Feng Gao 
Xiao-pu Huang 
Dale A. Lehman 
Eric J. Powell 
Mary L. Searing 
Jung D. So 
Olayinka A. Williams 

(Social Research for Service) 

Jacqueline M. Block 
Carol B. Gaumlett 
Dora A. Giemza 
Felicia Gray 
Susan J. Hilaski 
Stephanie E. Hooks 
Sandra M. Hricak 
Myong H. Kim 
Melinda M. Kelly 
Andrea C. Lynch 
Pia K. Peltola 
Youngkee H. Shin 
Patricia A. Simms 
Laura J. Spencer 
Michelle S. Stein 

(Criminal Justice) 

Raja Chatterjee 
Pamela DeGeorge 
Micheal Dooley 
EU:abeth Friedman 
Mark Fuller 
Deborah Lmnell 
Leslie Lurie 
Donnell McNeal 
Brian Stine 

Elisabeth Van Kesteren 
Constance Voltmer 
Jen Wallmark 
Dana Walton 
Gerald Wells 


Aileen Lori Banks 

Denise Elaine Frehertshauser 

Daniel Alan Hockman 

Sarah R. Johnson 

Patricia Joanna Marie Painter 

Amy Christine Tallxitt 



Frederick Alger 
Jacqueline Bisco 
Kimberly Bonstein 
Eugene Bredow 
Charles bums 
Neil Bums 
Lance Chemow 
Renee Cohen 
West Coile 
Gregory Comlish 
Linda Cool 
Keith Dorsey 
Elizabeth Eger 
Alan Eiferman 
Dean Gearhart 
Ruby Goyal 
Melissa Grondine 
Robert Henley 
Lee Ann Janowski 
Surita Jolly 
Randi Levin 
Steven Marks 
Joan Mayse 
Radhika Maythur 
Gilad Mermelstein 
Maki Miyauchi 
Alissa Mooney 
Bonnie Neely 
Susan Park 
Lisa Polashuk 
Christie Remmers 
Lynne Rienstra 
Laura Rozas 
Doris Tang 
Tracy Tascher 
Beverly Thomaas 
Sarah Wester 
Kimberly Whitmore 


Kyong Yu 
Lisa Zeller 


(Bitsiness Administration) 
Undergraduate Students 

Valerie J. Barto 
Jacqueline K. Bisco 
Kelvin M. Blake 
Sheri Lynn Bowles 
Leslie S. Dodge 
Paul V. Edelmann 
Cynthia L. Faust 
David L. Feldstein 
Robert C. Gloekler 
Marilyn Huss 
Michael H. King 
Stephen R. Marks 
Radhika D. Mathur 
Peggy T. Miller 
Kurt M. Rau 
Ruthanne S. Read 
Mary P. Smith 
Robert W. St. Pien-e 
Doris Tang 
Barbara]. Thomas 
Deirdre M. Ward 
Eric Warren 
Richard C. WiUette 
John M. Wysong 
Kyong A. Yu 

Graduate Students 

Anthony J. Kammiski 
Thomas V. Kronsberg 
William S. Lankenau 
Daniel Liherman 
Beverly J. Lynch 
Tliomas W. Purtell 
Jeffrey A. Scott 
Michael R. Spaid 
Jow-Lih Su 


Chun-Shyong Chang 
Qiwen Wang 


Nyree Adkins 

Gregory Barnes 
Kenneth Berkman 
Mitchell Bonanno 
Barry L. Brandt 
Bradley Brubeck 
Tinia Canni2!aro 
Alice Caponiti 
Laura Carper 
Jerry Crosby 
Peter DAntonio 
Derrick Dasenbrock 
Scott Edwards 
Mario Gangemi 
Rani Godbole 
Vivek Gowda 
Joseph L. Hartman 
Yacoba Inkumsah 
Richard Jeng 
Deborah Johnston 
Jan Lastuvka 
Laura Layton 
Sonja Maenner 
Shelly Mason 
Larry Mathena 
Kevin McCormick 
Robert Minai 
Robert O'Berry 
Bruce Payne 
John Scabis 
Sangita Shah 
Bradley Shuey 
Kris Singleton 
David Tucker 
Anita Twedt 

(Electrical Engineering) 
May 1991 

Vanita Ahuja 
Dimple 1. Amin 
Matthew S. Angyal 
Achara Chivavibul 
Joseph V. Colaianni 
Steven W. Der 
Robert S. Grossnickle 
Daniel Halper 
Brian W. Hennies 
Owen Jesse Hynes 
Patrick E. Kimvilakani 

Andrew D. Law lor 
Kenneth K. Le 
Victor M. Long 
Raymond Y. Mah 
Amit D. Shah 
Wing C. Siu 
Michael C. Tang 
Thang Tran 
Steven Witczak 

December 1990 

Walid A. Atia 
David D. Badiee 
Roger T Cooley 
Eric J. Fogleman 
Swapana K. Gupta 
Dean G. Jarret 
Ali Khorramshahi 
Deborah J. Lessler 
Deana Joy Lindenberg 
Jasmine K. Narula 
Diem Bui Uyen Nguyen 
Vandana Srivastave 
Gary R. Winkler 
Philip R. Wiser 


(Financial Management 


Undergraduate Students 

May 1991 

Kelvin Blake 

David L. Feldstein 

Brenda M. Fischer 

Alicia B. Freed 

Robert C. Gloekler 

John D. Grove 

Tiffany Groves 

Cheena S. Lee 

Adam C. Schaffer 

Donald L. Speidel 

Heather C. Stone 

Grace H. Sun 

December 1990 

Beth A. Brenia 
William R. Loomis 
Steven A. Prumo 
Syed O.A. Saad 

Graduate Students 
December 1990 

Keith W Dorman 
Thomas V. Kronsberg 

(National Honor Society) 

Victoria Agbro** 
Kathy A. Alexander* 
Augusto Araujo 
Andrea Bemath 
Holly M. Boggs 
Kimberly Boulware 
Michelle Burke 
Raja Chatterjee 
Kimberly David 
Luis T. Delgado** 
Deanna Dooley 
George FaiUa 
Apoorva Gandhi 
Gerald Gottesman 
Michelle Hall 
Paul Jung 
Adena Klem 
Aileen J. Mand 
Laurie Marr 
Courtney E. Miller 
Jennifer M. Moriatis 
Christina M. Morrissee 
Lisa Neuder 
Lan B. Nguyen 
Kenneth G. Purchase 
Daniel F. Rice 
Helen W Robertson 
Stephanie C. Robinson 
Stephanie Segal 
Angele Seller 
Susan E. Shemanski** 
Synthia J. Shilling 
Lori A. Smith 
Michael D. Smith 
Stephanie R. Spector 
Julie L. Tishler 
Margot Fisher Womom** 
* August 1990 Graduate 
**DecemheT 1990 Graduate 




CNational Stiident/Faculty 


May 1991 Graduates 

Jeffrey Todd Adler 

Matthew Stephen Angyal 

Augusto Fernando Araujo 

Joseph Pacifico Barrion 

Wendie Katrina Beck 

Sylvia C. Bennett 

Bilhe Jo Bouic 

Margot Fisher Brown 

Valerie Ann Brown 

Nigel Burdett 

Robin Nichole Burt 

Raja Chatterjee 

Renee Joy Cohen 

Ronald Burton Cole 

Stephanie Ronique Curry 

Kimberly Joi David 

Deanna Renee Dooley 

Adam Jason Fechter 

Tammara Flax 

James W. Gaines, Jr. 

Apoorva Narwar Gandhi 

Shobha George 

Gerald William Gottesman 

Robert Winston Greyber 

Michelle Lee Hall 

Adam M. Hasner 

Wiley Scott Hodges 

Jennifer Marie Holland 

Elizabeth Ann Hrysovergis 

Christine Lynn Hughes 

Derek Keith Johnson 

Paul Jung 

Jacqueline Lee Kaldon 

Kurt Ross Kendall 

Simone Key 

Anne Elizabeth Kirwan 

Eric Eugene Lawver 

Michael Benjamin Levy 

Luis Eduardo Llerena 

Michael Edward Lucero 

Aileen J. Mand 

Russell Scott Massey 

Kyle Christopher McKenna 

Donnell McNeal 

Jeffrey Eugene Mikell 
Courtney Elizabeth Miller 
Felicia Leigh Morgenstem 
Jennifer Marie Moriatis 
Lisa Robin Neuder 
Lan Bich Nguyen 
Kenneth Charles Oberle 
Timothy E. Pula 
Daniel F Rice 
Joshua Reuben Rich 
Stephanie Celeste Robinson 
Adam C. Schaffer 
Susan R. Sherr 
Synthia Joy Shilling 
Mahmud Ahmad Siddiqi 
Michael David Smith 
Lon AUeyne Smith 
Melissa Lee Smith 
Mary Patricia Smith 
Aron M. Sobel 
Stephanie Rachel Spector 
Theresa Maria Stattel 
Paula Nicole Tarlton 
Jacqueline Lee Tate 
Jan Lucinda Thompson 
Julie Lynn Tishler 
Michele Uhlfelder 
Carole Beth Vinnick 
Michael Charles Wathen 
Gerald Carlyle Wells 
Jennifer Lynn Willman 

(National French and 
Italian Honor Society) 

Laurence C. Bemier, President 

June K. Bush 

Richard Greenslit 

Diane J. Holder 

Kathleen E. Maskulak 

Shelley McKenzie 

Aileen M. Mootoo, Vice 

Georgeanna Murgatroyd 
Khatereh Nematollahi 
Denise M. Rahmoeller 
Helen W. Robertson 
Melissa M. Saurman 
Bonnie B. Stahl 



Daniel A. Hockman 
Suzanne Klick 
Marguerite Pierce 
Thomas S. Zyla 

(Political Science Honor 

Holly Boggs 

Kimberly Francine Boulware 
Lawrence Joseph Brundick 
Robin Nichole Burt 
Thomas P. Coffman 
Darren J. Esser 
Jay D. Feldman 
Rachel Dyana Flam 
Tamara Flax 
Christopher Hinkson 
Andrew M. Hudson 
Monica Jewell Johnson 
Meredith S. Lawrence 
Terrence R. Maguire 
Sarah Murphy 
Paul Edwin Nystrom III 
Tamara Ribas 
Stephanie Robinson 
Eric Schloss 
Carol Ann Schlupf 
Alan Septoff 
Alexander M. Silverstein 
Rachel L. Singer 
Leslie E. Sperling 
Anne L. Taylor 

(Mechannical Er^neering) 

Preeti B. Bagalkotkar 
Mustufa F. Bahrain* 
Craig S. Barker* 
Heather M. Barrowman 
Scott M. Blair 
Eric B. Carter* 
Scott S. Chappie 
James L. Cooper 
Jay A. DeVeny 
Mazda Ebrahimi* 
Douglas M. Ferguson 

Cesar Gomez-Hemandex 
Paul P Gustilo* 
Kimberly R. Kolos 
Christopher P. LaMothe* 
T.S. Jesse Lim* 
Dean T Louloudes* 
Thomas C. Lu 
Susan E. Mathews 
Daniel F Nagelhout 
William C Raynor* 
Howard R. Richman* 
Jason B. Rottman* 
Scott K. Scherping 
Kevin W. Silbert 
Richard M. Smith 
Mitchell Solkowitz* 
Narita Surana* 
Scott D. Szoko 
Maria A. Walters* 
Stephen P Wells 
Glenn A. White 
Maureen E. Williams* 
*May 1991 Graduate 


(Fire Protection Engineering) 

Christine M. Campbell, 

Diane L. DeLawter 
Robert H. Deschambeault, Vice 

Kristine A. Hoiberg 
Eric G. Keams 
Anthony G. Liverman, 

Bamie A. McCoUum 
Brian M. McGraw, President 
Brian T Rhodes 
Robert W. Stubblefield 
David V. Tomecek 
Takas D. Tzamaras 

(Spanish Honor Society) 

Jorge Amselle 

Lisa Justice Carmichael 

Susan Garrett 

Olga Carolina Godoy 


Kimberly Hatton 
Melissa Jill Kowalski 
David Louis Mandell 
Kathleen Maskulak 


CNational Aerospace 
Engineering Honor Society) 

M.A. Alwazir 

Richard Anderson 

Jason liecker 

Michelle Bosset 

C. John Brown 

James B. Clegem, Treasurer 

Marco Concha 

Michele Gates 

Michael J. Gillum, President 

Tammy Jones 

Bemie Kelm 

Utpal Koppikar 

James Lennon 

Dennis L. Loveless 11, Secretary 

Kelly McCool 

Michael Mohallatee 

Pramod Raheja 

J. Alan Sandusky, Vice President 

David Singh 

Robert Sotack 

Russell Snyder 

Curtis W. Walz 

Thomas Wilson 

(National English Hoiwr 
Society for Outstanding 
English Majors) 

Tamar Leah Barshay 
Jeffrey Mark Baumstark 
Robyn Lynn Brown 
John Christopher Charles 
Christine Ann Chilcoate 
Diana Carol Dickey 
Rosemary DiBenedetto 
Christina Marie Drayer 
Robert Winston Greyber 
Cindy Jacobson 
Julie AUyn Kaneshiro 
Matthew David Katz 
Jennifer Ann Keats 
Laura Jeanne Keller-Schenning 
Min Hui Kim 
Todd Harris Kliman 
Michael Edward Lucero 
Rachel Fae Morstad 
Jill Marie Swackhamer 






The face of Silenos, teacher and trainer of the Greek god Bacchus, 
was carved from stone in 1 798 by T. Coade, and serves as the 
keystone at the entrance of the Rossborough Inn, the oldest building 
on campus. 

'Adams Group Award to the 
outstanding Journalism senior 
in advertising. 

Carole Anne Gromadzki 

Administrative Council for 

/Richard Fiori 
/ Simone Key 
/ Linda Marvel 

Joseph Sorge 

Terese Spor 

Aerospace Engineering 
Department Academic 
Achievement Award 

M. Alhadi Ibrahim Alwazir 

Ih-Cheng Shih 

Agricultural Alumni Award 
presented to a senior whose 
leadership and service has 
contributed most towards the 
advancement of the College of 

Denise Elaine Frebertshauser 

Agricultural Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Senior Award 

Mary Lynn Searing 

Alcoa Foundation Scholarship 
Award to outstanding students 
in fire protection engineering. 
Creshona S. Abbott 

Alcoa Foundation Traffic 
Scholarship Award to an 
outstanding junior student 
majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Catherine Abel 

Alpha Rho Chi Medal to a 
graduating student of 
architecture who has made a 
distinctive contribution to 
school, life, embodying the 

ideals of professional service 
and leadership. 

Joanne Ya-Wen Kuo 

Alpha Zeta Freshman Award to 
a full-time student in the 
College of Agriculture in 
recognition of scholastic 
excellence during his or her 
freshman year. 
Tracy L. Heame 

American Association of 
Textile Colorists and Chemists 
Jennifer L. Stone 

American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Outstanding Achievement 
Award to the student who has 
made the most outstanding 
contribution through 
scholarship and service to the 
student branch. 
Barbara Dicamiilo 

American Institute of 
Architects AlA Certificate to a 
graduating student of 
architecture for academic 

Christopher Stewart 

American Institute of 
Architects AlA Medal to a 
graduating student of 
architecture for outstanding 
overall academic achievement. 
Francis Thomas Wheeler 

American Institute of Chemists 
Award to an outstanding senior 
for scholarship in chemistry and 
Kurt Kendall 

American Society of 

Agricultural Engineers 
Scholarship Award — Maryland 
ASAE Section to an 


agricultural engineering student 
based on achievement and need. 
Jacqueline Wilson 

American SiKiety of 
Agricultural Engineers Student 
Honor Award by the national 
society in recognition of 
outstanding student activity. 
Mary Lynn Searing 

American Society of Agronomy 
Award to the outstanding 
senior in agronomy who has 
demonstrated superior 
scholarship, leadership activities 
and personal traits. 
Thomas Meixner 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 

Mario J. Gangemi 

Analytical Chemistry Award 
Emiliano Gomez 

Appleman-Norton Scholarship 
Award to a senior major in 
recognition of excellence in 

Peter S. Searles 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award to graduating 
senior in recognition of 
exemplary service rendered to 
the Schixil of Architecture and 
its student Kidy 
Courtney Miller 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award to masters 
degree recipient in recognition 
of exemplary ser\'ice rendered 
to the Sch(.»l of Architecture 
and its student body. 
Martin Shore 

School of Architecture Faculty 
Award to masters degree 

recipient in recognition of 
excellence in design. 
Victor Keith Burbank 

Robert Battista Award 
recognizes an outstanding 
senior conducting research in 
an area of Organic Chemistry. 
William H. Swartz 

Bechtel Award to a civil 
engineering student for 
demonstrated leadership and 
service to the student 
engineering community. 
Mitchell J. Bonanno 

Mary McCleod Bethune Award 
presented to the Black junior or 
senior class student who has 
contributed most significantly 
to the advancement of the 
Black student community on 
the College Park Campus and 
the general interest of the 

Stephanie Robinson 

Broadcast News Award to the 
outstanding Journalism senior 
in broadcast news. 
Becky Lee Gomez 

Harry C. Byrd Award/Sally S. 
Byrd Award presented to the 
male and female member of the 
senior class who during their 
collegiate career have most 
nearly typified the model 
citizen and have contributed 
significantly to the general 
advancement of the interests of 
the university. 

David Adler 

Angela Seiler 

Chemical Society of 
Washington Award to the 
outstanding senior in the 
Ctepartment of Chemistry and 

Christine Hughes 

Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon 
Outstanding Senior Award 
presented to a senior in civil 
engineering exhibiting high 
scholarship, character, and 
congeniality, together with 
practical engineering 

Kevin ]. McCormick 

Civil Engineering Department 
Chair's Award to a student for 
the most significant 
contribution to the department. 

Paul J. DeVivo 

Johannes Albert Van 

Civil Engineering Department 
Outstanding Senior Award for 
outstanding scholastic 
achievement and demonstrated 
service and leadership. 
Alice K. Caponiti 

Charles Connor Scholarship 
from the Baltimore Propeller 
Club for an outstanding 
transportation major. 

Paul Barnes 

Christine Ellinger 

Margaret Cook Award by 
Prince George's County 
Heritage, Inc., and presented by 
the Prince George's County 
Historical and Cultural Trust to 
a graduate student in 
recognition ot excellence in the 
field of historic preservation. 
David C. Berg 

Carroll E. Cox Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding 
research graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during 
the last year. 

Lucia R. Dillenberg 

CRC Freshman Award 
Daniel Jay Podberesky 

Creative and Performing Arts 
Scholarship Awards 

Christine Hirrel 

Simone Key 

Joseph Sorge 

Terese Spor 

Philip L. DeCamara, Jr., 
Memorial Scholarship Award 
sponsored by the American Fire 
Sprinkler Association to an 
outstanding junior or senior. 
Robert H. Deschambeault 

Delta Nu Alpha, Chapter 84 

Emmett L. Walker, Jr. 

Dudley and Louisa DiUard Prize 
in Economics to the 
out-standing junior majoring in 
Matias Silvani 

Dudley and Louisa DiUard Prize 
in Economics to the 
out-standing senior majoring in 

Laura Jean Dunlap 

Electrical Engineering 
Outstanding Academic 
Performance Award to a junior 
for outstanding scholastic 
Khoa B. Khuu 

Electrical Engineering 
Outstanding Service Award on 
the basis of demonstrated 
service and leadership. 
Timothy E Piety 

Wilson H. Elkins Citizenship 
Award presented to a senior 
who has displayed outstanding 
involvement and leadership in 
campus activities and who has 


contributed significantly to the 
general advancement of student 

Denise Cheung 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding 
Electee Award to a new 
member for outstanding 
performance in the electee 
program and for participation in 
student activities. 

Shwu-Lin Sheu — Spring 

Steven Witczak— Fall 1990 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding 
Senior Award to a senior in 
electrical engineering for 
outstanding scholastic 
achievement and service to 
society and the department. 

James E. DeGrange, Jr. — 
Spring 1990 

Dean G. Jarret— Fall 1990 

Wilson L. Everitt Student 
Awards of excellence by the 
National Engineering 
Consortium to outstanding 
students majoring in electrical 
and computer engineering who 
have demonstrated leadership 
and professional interest in 
communications and computers. 

Matthew S. Angyal 

Michael D. Smith 

Frank J. Fee, Jr. Memorial 
Award sponsored by the 
National Fire Protection 
Association with a full 
scholarship to an outstanding 
student selected by the faculty 
of the Department of Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Kristine A. Hoiberg 

Lester M. Fraley Honor Award 
Sandra Denise Buesking 

Gamma Sigma Delta Senior 
Student Award 
Ewa Gorski 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of the 
Maryland State Golf 
Association to five students m 
agronomy displaying academic 
proficiency, participation in 
extracurricular activities, and 
who have an active interest in 
golf turf work. 

Joseph A. Gallagher 

William H. Grund 

Robert C. Larsen 

GEICO Achievement Award 
Scholarship to an outstanding 
undergraduate finance major in 
the College of Business and 
Frank Supik 

James Douglas Goddard 
Memorial Award by the Prince 
George's County Alumni Club 
to the outstanding female and 
male graduating seniors from 
Prince George's County. 
Kenneth Kamfat Chu 
Karen Lucille Shepard 

Robert L. and Frances C. Green 
Scholarship in Agricultural 
Engineering for academic 
achievement and for 
contributions to the university, 
department and student branch. 
Yvonne Flad 

Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award 
Linda Mar\'el 
Terese Spor 

College of Health and Human 
Performance Alumni Awards to 
Outstanding Seniors. 
Gail Susan Drescher 
(Department of Health 
Lisa Marie Gustafson 
(Department of 
Jeffrey Eugene Mikel! 
(Department of 

Homeland Garden Club of 
Baltimore Award to the 
graduating senior who has done 
outstanding work in the 
landscape design and 
contracting option in 

Marguerite Pierce 

Joyce Tayloe Horrell Award 
presented to the graduating 
undergraduate English major 
with the highest overall GPA. 
Jennifer Cecilia Dickey 

Joseph Houppert Memorial 
Shakespeare Prize to the 
undergraduate student for the 
best essay on Shakespeare 
during the academic year. 
Matthew Allen Bretz 

Institute of Electrical and 
Electronics Engineering 
Outstanding Student Award to 
a member who has shown 
outstanding commitment to the 
organization and to the 
Electrical Engineering 

David H. Meakin 

Joe Elbert James Memorial 
Award to the graduating senior 
in horticulture on the basis of 
scholarship and promise of 
future achievement. 
Marguerite Pierce 

Rolf Jensen & Associates 
Scholarship Award to an 
outstanding junior or senior 
with a demonstrated interest in 
Fire Protection Engineering 

Takas D. Tzamaras 

Kappa Tau Alpha Graduating 
Senior Award. 

Kerri Noel Wachter 

James H. Kehi:)e Leadership 
Award presented by the 
Department of Campus 
Recreation Ser\'ices to the man 
adjudged to have provided the 
highest degree of leadership and 
service to the recreational needs 
of students, faculty, and staff at 
the university. 
John Reiter 

Ethel Kesler Leadership Award 
presented by the Department of 
Campus Recreation Services to 
the woman adjudged to have 
proN'ided the highest degree of 
leadership and ser\ice to the 
recreational needs of students, 
faculty, and staff at the 
Jackie Urban 

Leidy Foundation Scholarships 
to outstanding juniors in the 
Department of Chemistry and 

Michael Bogdan 

Seong Jeong Noh 

Peter P. Lejins Memorial Fund 
Mark R. Fuller, Criminal 

Link-Shanks Award to a junior 
or first semester senior who has 
demonstrated the greatest 
improvement in grade point 
average since entering the 
horticulture curriculum. 
Christian M. King 

Dean and Mrs. Charles 
Manning Scholarship 
Linda Marvel 

Mar>land-Delaware-D.C. Press 
Association Award for the 
outstanding senior in the 
news-editorial sequence. 
Gerald Scott Lowe 

Isabel R. McDonald Memorial 
Award to an outstanding 


graduate student in the 
Department of Microbiology. 
Clay Fuqua 

Merck Index Award (Senior) 
Kendra Sebum 

Merck Index Award (Junior) 
Raymond Hsu 

Merck Index Award 
Heidi Hieb 

Mobil Oil Corporation 
Scholarship to an outstanding 
student majoring in decision 
and information systems in the 
College of Business and 

Fernando Camp 

Robin Y. Lin 

Roberto Narvaez 

Andrea Pearson 

Andrew J. Moyer Memorial 
Award to a deserving graduate 
student in microbiology. 
John Gunn 

National Defense 
Transportation Association 
Scholarship to an outstanding 
transportation major in the 
United States. 

Terri Bristol 

Paul Guckenheimer 

William King 

Karen Markowski 

NOR-AM Turfgrass 
Scholarship is given annually to 
a turfgrass student in the last 
year of his/her academic 
program to aid in the 
professional development of 
future turfgrass managers. 
Paul T. Czamecki 

Dr. John T. Port: Honors Award 
Rhonda Newton 

Jane M. Prichard Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding 
teaching graduate student in 
the Department of Botany 
during the last year. 
Wen Ling Hsieh 

Public Relations Award to the 
outstanding Journalism senior 
in public relations. 
Judy Mae Garza 

Warren K. Reed Scholarship to 
an outstanding senior majoring 
in accounting. 
Susan M. Park 

Robert M. Rivello Scholarship 
in Aerospace Engineering 
Award to the junior in the 
Department of Aerospace 
Engineering who has attained 
the highest overall academic 

Stephen E. Scoville 

Robert W. Schirmer Award to 
the outstanding students for 
scholastic achievement, 
demonstrated service and 

Christine M. Campbell 

Diane L. DeLawter 

Leland E. and Catherine B. 
Scott Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in the 
Department of Horticulture 
Janet Carlisle Batzli 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award 
to the outstanding graduating 
senior in microbiology. 
Nahm Ohmm 

Sigma Circle of Omicron Delta 
Kappa Leader of the Year 
awarded to one member who 
has demonstrated the most 
outstanding leadership within 
the circle and on the campus. 
Michael David Smith 

Sigma Gamma Tau 
Outstanding Achievement 
Award to the student who has 
made the most outstanding 
contribution through 
scholarship and service to the 
student chapter. 
Michael J. Gillum 

Henrietta Spiegel Sigma Tau 
Delta Award presented to a 
graduating English major in 
recognition of service to the 
English Department and his 
tellow students. 

Robert Winston Greyber 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineer's Outstanding Senior 
Award to the most outstanding 
senior in Fire Protection 

Christine M. Campbell 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineer's Student Chapter 
Award for distinguished and 
outstanding service to the 

Suzette M. Hartmann 

Rubin A. Steinmeyer Award for 
academic excellence and 

Carol Hofstein 

Theatre Patrons Association 
Scholarship Awards. 

Richard Fiori 

Simone Key 

Rebecca Racine 

Joseph Sorge 

University Honors Best Projects 

Anthony Josephson 

Paul Jung 

Krishna Mallik 

Jennifer Martin 

Gloria Minadeo 

Jennifer Moriatis 

Paul Popemack 

Gaius Stem 

Alisa Tlshler 

Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award to the 
outstanding student in 
investments and security 
analysis in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Syed O.A. Saad 

William and Carolyn Witzel 
Scholarship to students 
majoring in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Julie Ortmann 

Woodward-Clyde Consultant's 
Award to a junior in Civil 
Engineering who has 
demonstrated outstanding 
academic achievement. 
Deborah L. Johnston 



Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball 
Trophy for the senior who has 
made the greatest career 
Cedric Lewis 

Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophy for the unsung hero of 
the current season. 
Douglas D. Stump 

Atlantic Coast Conference 
Plaque to a male and female 
senior for excellence in 
scholarship and athletics. 
Dominic J. Feltham 

Mary K. Kondner 
Field Hockey 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Trophy to the outstanding 
offensive lineman of the year. 
Clarence T. Jones 

The Charles T. Eieebe, Jr. 
Award to a woman athlete for 
excellence in scholarship and 

Yvonne M. Raner 

The John T Bell Swimming 
Award to the outstanding 
swimmer or diver. 
Michael R. Noonan 
Men's Swimming 
April L. Tassi 

Women's Swimming 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the 
outstanding senior baseball 

William J. Meury 

The William R. Campbell 
Swimming Trophy to the senior 
male and female letter-earners 
who have contributed most to 

Kurt R. Kendall 
Amy E. Choromanskis 

John Carlson Award to the 
outstanding team member in 
Men's soccer. 

John P. Garvey 

Michael R. Painter 

William P. Cole III Memorial 
Lacrosse Award to the 
outstanding midfielder. 
Mark J. Douglas 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a 
member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic 

Kenneth C. Oberle 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silver 
Trophy to the most improved 
defensive lacrosse player. 
William J. Ralph 

Geary E Eppley Award to the 
graduating male senior athlete 
who during his four years of 
varsity competition, lettered at 
least once and attained the 
highest scholastic average. 
Nigel Burdett 

Jack Faber-Al Heagy Unsung 
Hero Award to the lacrosse 
player best exemplifying 
determination, will to win and 
pride in accomplishment. 
Andrew J. Claxton 

Dr. John E. Faber, Jr. Silver 
Helmet Award to the football 
student-athlete for outstanding 
second effort this season. 
Jack M. Bradford 

The Tom Fields Award to the 
most important member of the 
cross country team based on the 
qualities of leadership, 
dedication to excellence, 
attitude and personal 

Gregory C. Early 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 
Trophy to the most outstanding 
wrestler of the year. 
Thomas J. Miller 

John W. Guckeyson Award for 
scholarship, leadership, and 
athletic ability. 

Dominic J. Feltham 

James H. Kehoe Award to the 
senior female athlete who 
symbolized the commitment, 
dedication, spirit and will to 
win and excel in athletics. 
Mary K. Kondner 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to 
the most valuable football 

Scott D. Zolak 

Larry Levitt Memorial Award to 
the outstanding freshman men's 
lacrosse player. 

Daniel D. Reading 

Peter Lowery Award to the 
soccer team member 
exemplifying academic 
excellence, leadership and 
distinguished citizenship on 

Nigel Burdett 

M Club's Founders Award to a 
senior athlete for outstanding 
athletic ability, academic 
excellence, upright character, 
and distinguished citizenship. 
Mary K. Kondner 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy 
Offered by William E. Krouse to 
the Maryland student who has 
contributed most to wrestling 
while at the University of 

Matthew S. Caro 

Daniel M. Mclntyre 


Maryland Award to the senior 
resident of Maryland who is 
adjudged the best athlete of the 

William J. Ralph 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr. 
Award to the senior Baltimore 
area resident who has 
contributed the most to his 

Erin L. Brown 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the 
member of the men's lacrosse 
team rendering the greatest 
service during the year. 
Gustav C. Voigt 

Silvester Watch Typifying the 
best in athletics. 
William ]. Meury 

Talbot T. Speer Award for 
excellence in leadership, 
scholarship, and general 
all-around ability. 
Dominic J. Feltham 

James M. Tatum Award to the 
outstanding tackle on the 
football team. 

Jack M. Bradford 

Richard J. Fleece 

University of Maryland Alumni 
Swimming Association Scholar 
Athlete Award to the swimmer 
who has compiled the best 
combination of academic and 
aquatic records. 
Kurt R. Kendall 

Dr. Reginald Van Trump Truitt 
Award to the senior attack-man 
in lacrosse for scholastic 
attainments and team 

Chris R. Conner 

A.V. Williams Award for the 
Maryland kxnball player who 
has exhibited outstanding 
sportsmanship during the year. 
Barry W. Johnson 


The Varsity "M" yearly letter 
awards to those student-athletes 
determined to be deserving of 
such by their respective head 

BasebalK 1989-90) 

Gary D. Dimmick 
Patrick A. Hanulak 
Drew G. Johnson 
Joseph F. Meury 
William J. Meury 
Jason D. Umberger 
Clyde S. Van Dyke 

Basketball (Men's) (1990-91) 

Eric B. Kjome 
Cedric R. Lewis 
Matthew R. Roe 

Basketball (Women's) 

Mary C. Barnes 

Field Hockey (1990-91) 

Lisa D. Buente 
Andrea M. Closky 
Jennifer K. Ulehla 

Football (1990-91) 

Bret B. Boehly 
Jack M. Bradford 
Karl E Edwards 
Richard J. Fleece 
O'Neil C. Glenn 
Norris H. Hanes 
Michael D. Mollis 
Barry W Johnson 

Clarence T Jones 
Franklin L. Namath 
Kenneth C. Oberle 
Glenn A. Page 
Vance T Phillips 
Kevin A. Pompey 
Douglas D. Stump 
Johnathan T. Vessels 

Golf (1989-90) 

Jason W. Raivel 

Gymnastics (1990-91) 

Ronanne M. Comerford 
Jennifer J. Flentke 
Dana E. Walton 

Lacrosse (Men's) (1989-90) 

Graven W. Craig 
Mark J. Douglas 
William P Hayes 
Matthew W. Herrold 
Charles H. Kaplan 
Robert M. Wurzburger 

Lacrosse (Women's) (1989-90) 
Erin L. Brown 
Holly L. Goss 
Mary K. Kondner 
Kimberly E. Leonard 
Mary A. Oelgoetz 
Jennifer A. Shuck 

Soccer (Men's) (1990-91) 

Nigel Burdett 
Simon M. Cotton 
Ronald J. Forline 
John P. Garvey 
Michael R. Painter 
Jonathan M. Wells 

Soccer (Women's) (1990-91) 

Dianne R. Taylor 

Swimming (Men's) (1990-91) 
Kurt R. Kendall 
Brian McGinty 
John E. Smith 

Swimming (Women's) 

Amy Choromanskis 

Tennis (Men's) (1989-90) 
Marco Turra 

Tennis (Women's) (1989-90) 

Melissa L. Smith 
Lainie J. Stem 

Track (Men's) (1989-90) 

George R. Goff 
Jeffrey E. Mikell 
Curtis W. Walz 
Steven Glen M. Yates 

Track (Women's) (1989-90) 
Carla P. Brown 
Timi L. Crawford 
Robin D. Grim 
Jennifer C. Van Horn 
Wendy A. Weiler 

Volleyball (1990-91) 
Marjorie E. Brown 

Wrestling (1990-91) 

Mathew S. Caro 
Michael F. Caro 
Jarrett A. Johnson 
Daniel M. Mclntyre 




-^^X^:-' ■'■ 

■%^ ' 





.-.. -C' 



Mi^'^ ■■ 




Ionic style columns like this one appear on several buildings around 
the University of Maryland at College Park, including the Physics 
Building, Main Administration, and several of the dormitories. 

American Defense Preparedness 
Association Award to the 
outstanding Senior Cadet who 
has received no grade in the 
advanced ROTC courses less 
than B, IS in the upper half of 
total senior enrollment at the 
University of Maryland, has 
participated actively in athletics 
and/or campus activities, and 
has demonstrated outstanding 
leadership qualities. 
David B. Gray 

American Legion Outstanding 
Senior Award to the cadet best 
described as the Outstanding 
ROTC Senior. 
Ronald B. Cole 

American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Award to a senior (Gold 
Award) in the upper 25 percent 
of the ROTC class, and who 
had demonstrated outstanding 
qualities in military leadership, 
discipline and character 
Kenneth J. Ammon 

Commandant of Cadets Award 
to a senior cadet for outstanding 
performance as a Support 
Officer This cadet most 
successfully exemplifies the 
"Complete Staff Officer" 
Matthew D. Lovell 

Daughters of the American 
Revolution Award to a senior 
cadet who is in the upper 25 
percent of both the ROTC class 
and the university, and who 
demonstrates high qualities of 
dependability, good character, 
adherence to military discipline, 
and leadership. Also 
demonstrates a fundamental 
and patriotic understanding of 
the importance of ROTC 

Ronald B. Cole 

Reserve Officers Association 
Award to the senior cadet 
(Gold Award) who 
demonstrates outstanding 
academic achievement In 
AFROTC subject matter and 
highest officer potential. 
John R. Oberst 

Commander's Trophy to a 
senior cadet that exhibits 
outstanding corps leadership 
and Is exemplary in all aspects 
of character, behavior, attitude 
and academic excellence. 
Kenneth J. Ammon 

Military Order of World Wars 
Award to a senior cadet that 
excels In all military and 
scholastic aspects of the ROTC 

Paul C. Charron 

Veterans of Foreign Wars 
Award to a senior cadet who 
demonstrates capability and 
diligence In the AFROTC 

James B. Clegem 

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Cover Design ; Peter Zulltammn 
tUusnatum Stephen A Darrou 
Editin and Coordtnaun LmJa H Mamn