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MAY 19, 1992 


May 19, 1992 


O F 


A T 




Congratulations on the successful completion of your 
studies! We feel privileged that you chose the 
University of Maryland at College Park as your aca- 
demic home and, on behalf of the faculty and staff, 1 
thank you for being a part of our community during 
this crucial phase of vour intellectual and professional 
We recognize that in these times of limited resources, it takes extiaordi- 
nary effort and discipline to support an academic life. For our part, we have 
endeavored to hve up to our commitment to undergraduate and graduate 
education bv providing you with as many opportunities as possible to devel- 
op both the broad intellectual interests and the special skills you will need for 
a successful professional life. We are confident that your college education 
will prove to be well worth the time and resources you ha\'e in\'ested, and 
that you will take to your future careers the superior standards and values 
you demonstiated on this campus. 

College Park has experienced a great many changes and challenges dur- 
ing your years here. But even during the most difficult of times, we have 
been able to count on your support and understanding in our efforts to keep 
this university faithful to its mission of excellence. Today, I 
want to thank you for that loyalty and cooperation. As you 
leave the university community to seek wider vistas and fresh 
challenges, we hope you will not wander too far — at least not in 
spirit — from your alma mater. We intend to make you as 
proud of us as we are of you. Please stay in touch. 

Good luck and Godspeed to each and every one of you! 

William E. Kirwan 






MAY 19 

19 9 2 

Cole Student 


Activities Building 

Dr. Kirwan 

9:30 a.m. 

Honorary Degree 



Dr. William E. Kinvan 



Dr. William H. Cosby, Jr. 

IVIaster of Ceremonies 

Ms. Cathrvn Ufema 

Musical Selection 

Department of Theatre 


Soloist, Carmen Balthrop 


Symphonic Wmd Ensemble 

Conferring of Doctoral, 

Conductor, Mr. John E. Wakefield 

Master's and Bachelor's 


Musical Selection 

Dr. Kirwan 

America, The Beautiful 

Samuel Ward /Roger Folstrom 

Presentation of Colleges and 

Universitv' Chorale 


Conductor, Dr. Roger J. Folstrom 


Soloist, Ms. Carmen Balthrop 



The Reverend Peter W. Peters 

The Reverend Weldon Thomas 

Episcopal Campus Ministry 


Black Ministries Program 

Alma Mater 


The National Anthem 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Led by Dr. Roger J. Folstrom 

Steadfast in loyalty; 

For thee, we stand, 


Love for the Black and Gold 

Dr. Donald N. Langenberg 

Deep in our hearts we hold, 


Singing thy praise forever. 

University of Maryland System 

Throughout the land. 

Mr. Roger R. Blunt 


Vice Chairman 

Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Board of Regents 

Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Rhonda Newton 

Kurt Fenstermacher 

Marilyn Lynch 

Senior Council at Maryland 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Jeffrey Alan Jones 



MAY 19, 1992 















O F 


A T 




ollowing the Commencement, 
individual graduation exercises 
for colleges and schools will be 
held at several campus loca- 
tions. Ceremonies are sched- 
uled to begin at 1 1 :45 a.m., 
12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.* 
Guests are urged to be seated 
approximately one half hour prior 
to the designated time for the cere- 
monies if thev wish to observe the 
student and faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and 
friends, are cordially invited and 
encouraged to join with uiuversity 
officials and members of the facul- 
ty at the reception to be held on 
the Mall. The rain location: Grand 
Ballroom of Stamp Student Union. 

Shuttle bus service is available 
providing free transportation aaoss 
the campus throughout the day. 







Campus-Wide Commencement 

9:30 a.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

Agriculture Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Architecture Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Architecture Auditorium 

Arts and Humanities Graduation Ceremonies 

11:45 a.m. Art Gallery 

Center of Adult Education 

Francis Scott Kev Hall 

Language House 

Marie Mount Hall 

South Campus Surge Building 

Tawes Theatre 

Behavioral and Social Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

Business and Management Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Education Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Reckord Armory 

Engineering Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Reckord Armory 

General and Individual Studies Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Colony Ballroom, 

Stamp Student Union 

Health and Human Performance Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Health and Human Performance 
Building, Room 2101 

Journalism Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Tawes Theatre 

Library and Information Services Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Zoology-Psychology Building, 
Room 1240' 

Public Affairs Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. LeFrak Hall, Lecture Hall 

*May 18, 1992 

Human Ecology Graduation Ceremony 

7:30 p.m. Reckord Armory 

Life Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

7:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 


O F 


A T 





College Park, the flagship institution 
of the university's 11 -campus sys- 
tem, is the most comprehensive insti- 
tution of higher education, research, 
and service in the State of Maryland. 
More National Merit and National 
Achievement Scholars attend College 
Park than any other public university 
in the state. 

In fail 1991, undergraduates num- 
bered 25,361 and graduate students 
9,262 for a total enrollment 
of 34,623. This year's 
College Park operating 
budget is approximately 
$570 million, including 
financial aid for some 19/)99 

Students can choose from 
more than 117 undergradu- 
ate and 84 graduate pro- 
grams leading to degrees. 
In 1991-92, the campus 
awarded 5,462 bachelor's 
degrees, 1,437 master's 
degrees, and 517 doctorates. 


The University of Maryland was 
founded in 1807 in Baltimore as a 
faculty-owned College of Medicine. 
Five years later, the growing institu- 
tion was renamed the University of 

Maryland. The Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, the first dental 
school in America, became a part of 
the university in 1840. Later, the uni- 
versity opened schools of pharmacy, 
law and nursing. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural 
CoUege, which would evolve into the 
College Park campus, was opened in 
Prince George's County under a 
charter secured in 1856 by a group of 
Maryland planters. This institution 
became one of the nation's original 
land-grant schools in 1865. After a 
disastrous fire on the campus in 
1912, the state acquired control of the 
college and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature joined 
College Park with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an 
expanded University of Maryland. 
These schools were later grouped 
with the Baltimore County and 
Eastern Shore campuses and 
University College. 

July 1, 1988, marked the dawn of a 
new era in higher education in the 
State of Maryland when a reorgani- 
zation of the state's public universi- 
ties and colleges mandated by the 
Maryland legislature went into 
effect. As a result, the five campuses 
comprising the former University of 
Maryland were merged with six 
institutions governed by the 
Maryland Board of Trustees of State 
Universities and Colleges to form the 
new University of Maryland System. 







The law that created the new system 
designated College Park as the state's 
flagship institution. 


The libraries at College Park consti- 
tute the largest university research 
library system in the Washington 
metropolitan area. The seven 
libraries support over 117 under- 
graduate and 84 graduate programs, 
serve more than 34,000 students, 
2,500 faculty, and 5,500 staff and pro- 
vide vital resources to researchers, 
visiting scholars, businesses, and oth- 
ers throughout the state and region. 
The libraries' holdings include over 
2.1 million volumes, 22,680 subscrip- 
tions to periodicals, and more than 
4.3 million items available in micro- 
film format. The College Park 
Libraries also offer several nationally 
and internationally recognized spe- 
cial collections such as the 
International Piano Archives at 
Maryland, the Gordon W. Prange 
Collection of Japanese-language pub- 
lications, and the Katherine Anne 
Porter literarv archive. 


College Park is the home of a variety 
of exceptional research facilities 
including a computer vision labora- 
tory; a full-scale low velocity wind 

tunnel; a 500 liter computer-con- 
trolled fermentation system for 
research in bioprocess scale-up pro- 
grams; the Center for Automation 
Research; and a quiescent plasma 
device (Q machine) for plasma 
research. Such major facilities as the 
Engineering Research Center, the 
Systems Research Center, and the 
new Institutional Reform and the 
Informal Sector (IRIS) Center con- 
duct research that is especially signif- 
icant to the state, nation, and the 

The Engineering Research Center is a 
major vehicle for extending the tech- 
nical and research expertise of the 
University of Maryland to businesses 
and industries throughout Maryland. 
The center is both a catalyst for prob- 
lem-solving and a clearinghouse for 
technical information resources. 

The Systems Research Center con- 
ducts research in systems engineer- 
ing, artificial intelligence and com- 
puter-aided engineering. Supported 
by a $21 million National Science 
Foundation grant, the center operates 
in conjunction with a program at 
Harvard University and comple- 
ments a nationally-recognized cam- 

pus program of basic and applied 
research in computer science. 

In November 1990, the Institutional 
Reform and the Informal Sector 
(IRIS) Center, funded by a five-year, 
$8.9 million grant from the U.S. 
Agency for International 
Development, was established in the 
Department of Economics at College 
Park. The center's aim is to support 
institutional reforms that will foster 
competitive markets and democratic 
processes in Eastern Europe and 
developing countries. An additional 
$16.1 million is expected to come 
from overseas USAID missions to 
support this project. 

College Park will be the home of one 
of the nation's most important 
research facilities-the 1.7 million 
square-foot, $205 million Second 
National Archives Building. The 
facility will house more than half the 
collection of the National Archives 
and Records Administration, includ- 
ing some of the nation's most valu- 
able historical documents, among 
them the complete records 
of the Department of State 
and 11 million charts, maps, 
photos and docimients from 
World War 11 and the 
Vietnam War. The building 
is scheduled for completion 
by fall 1993 

The proximity of the cam- 
pus to national research 
institutions such as the National 

Institutes of Health, the Smithsonian 
Institution, the USDA Beltsville 
National Agriculhjral Research 
Center and National Agricultural 
Library, and the Library of Congress 
ensures that prime research facilities 
are always available to the universi- 
ty's faculty and students. 


Created July 1, 1989, the University 
of Maryland at College Park Alumni 
Association is designed to strengthen 
ties between the university and its 
graduates and to foster support for 
the University of Maryland at 
College Park. All graduating seniors 
and successful master's and Ph.D. 
candidates receive a six-month free 
membership in the association. 

U N I V E R S I 

O F 





Students graduating today from the 
University of Maryland at College 
Park follow in the footsteps of many 
notable alumni who have distin- 
guished themselves in such fields as 
science, entertainment, the arts, jour- 
nalism, business, law, medicine, and 

As a graduate student in mathemat- 
ics at College Park, Herbert A. 
Hauptman (Ph.D. '54) worked simul- 
taneously at the Naval Research 
Laboratory to devise a method for 
mapping three-dimensional struc- 
tures of molecules. Three decades 
later he and Jerome Karle, his 

long-time collaborator at NRL, won 
the 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 
for their pioneering research. Dr. 
Hauptman was awarded an hon- 
orary Doctor of Science degree by the 
university in 1985. 

CBS News' Connie Chung ('69) 
worked on the Diamondback, the uni- 
versity's student newspaper, and for 
WMUC, the campus radio station, 
during her student years. Another 
successful journalist who received 
his collegiate training at College Park 
is Pulitzer Prize-winning science 
writer Jon Franklin ('70). Franklin, 
who won two Pulitzer Prizes for his 
work as a Baltimore Evening Sun 
reporter, currently heads the journal- 
ism program at Oregon State 

One of the university's most devoted 
sons is A. James Clark ('50), presi- 
dent of The Clark Construction 
Group, Inc., the parent corporation of 
such nationally-recognized general 
contracting firms as The George 
Hyman Construction Company and 
OMNI Construction, Inc. A former 
member of the university's Board of 
Regents, in 1983 Clark made a major 
contribution to the College of 
Engineering establishing the A. 
James Clark Chair in Construction 
Engineering and Management. 

Other notable alumni include 
Carmen Balthrop ('71), a former 
Metropolitan Opera star and current- 
ly associate professor of music at 

College Park; George V. 
McGowan ('51), chairman 
of Baltimore Gas and 
Electric; Joseph B. 
Gildenhorn ('51), current 
U.S. ambassador to 
Switzerland; Rep. Tom 
McMillen ('74), 
Maryland's Fourth 
District Congressman; Mary Stallings 
Coleman ('35), the first woman elect- 
ed to the Supreme Court of 
Michigan; Fred O'Green ('49), retired 
chairman of Litton Industries; Len 
Elmore ('74), Washington, D.C. attor- 
ney and CBS sports commentator; 
Rep. Steny Hoyer ('63), Maryland's 
Fifth District Congressman; Mathias 
J. DeVito ('54), chairman of The 
Rouse Co., and Allen J. Krowe ('54), 
senior vice president and chief finan- 
cial officer of Texaco. 


The black caps and gowns worn by 
the students and faailty in the aca- 
demic procession have been the tra- 
ditional costume of scholars since 
medieval times. They probably rep- 
resent a kind of ecclesiastical dress, 
since many of the scholars of that 
period were members of monastic 

Most colleges and universities in the 
United States have adopted the uni- 
form code for costumes drafted by an 

intercollegiate commis- 
% sion in 1983. Each of 
the three academic 
degrees "bachelor, 
master and doctor" has 
its own distinctive 
gown and hood. The 
bachelor's gown has a 
longer, more narrow, 
closed sleeve extending below the 
knee; the arm fits through a slit at the 
elbow. The doctor's gown has a full, 
bell-shaped sleeve trimmed with 
three bars of velvet. The velvet trim 
on the gown can be black or a color 
indicating the wearer's general field 
of learning: for example, green for 
medicine or purple for law. A list of 
department colors follows. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/Drab 



Education/ Light Blue 


Fine Arts, Architecture/ Brovra 


Home Economics/Maroon 


Law /Purple 

Library Science /Lemon 


Music/ Pink 

Nursing/ Apricot 

Oratory, Speech/Silver Gray 



Philosophy /Dark Blue 







Public Administration, Foreign 
Service/Peacock Blue 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Work/Citron 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The most colorful and distinctive 
part of the academic costume is the 
hood extending down the back. The 
doctor's is the largest of the hoods 
and the bachelor's is the smallest. 
The bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining of various colors in the 
center of the hood indicates the col- 
lege or university which conferred 
the degree. Consistent for all degrees 
is the cap, or mortar board, which 
has a tassel of black or another color 
indicating the field of learning. The 
tassel of the doctor's cap can be gold. 


A degree is awarded for the success- 
ful completion of a course of study. 
There are more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently con- 
ferred by colleges and universities 

The first known degree was a doctor- 
ate bestowed by the University of 
Bologna, Italy, in the mid-12th centu- 
ry. Originally, the doctor's and mas- 

ter's degrees were used interchange- 
ably, each indicating that the holder 
was qualified to instruct students. 
The bachelor's or baccalaureate, 
degree only indicated entrance into a 
course of study preparatory to the 
doctorate or mastership. Gradually, 
though, the bachelor's degree came 
to mean successful completion of one 
level of study in advance of the high- 
er degrees. 


The term "doctor," meaning teacher 
or instructor, originated with the 
ancient Romans for those who lec- 
tured publicly on philosophical top- 
ics. During the Middle Ages, it was 
used as a title of honor for men of 
great learning. It was first made an 
academic title at the University of 
Bologna, which was allowed by the 
emperor to appoint doctores legum 
(doctors of laws). The University of 
Paris followed suit in the year 1145. 
Soon after, popes granted the univer- 
sities the right to appoint doctors 
canomim et decretalium (teachers of 
the canon law) and, when the study 
of civil law was combined with that 
of the canon law, the title was 
changed to doctor utriusquc juris 
(teacher of both laws). The faculties 
of theology and medicine followed 
that of law in conferring this title. 

A doctorate is given beyond the bac- 
calaureate degree and requires sever- 
al years of advanced study, the suc- 
cessful completion of a thesis or 
dissertation, and written and oral 
examinations. The doctor's degree 
represents the most advanced earned 
degree conferred by American insti- 
tutions. There are two distinct types; 
the practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type repre- 
sents advanced training for the prac- 
tice of various professions, principal- 
ly Doctor of Medicine, Juris Doctor 
and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees carry no implication of origi- 
nal research. The University of 

The second type is a research doctor- 
ate representing prolonged periods 
of advanced study. A dissertation 
which usually accompanies the study 
is intended to contribute substantial- 
ly to existing knowledge on the sub- 
ject. The most important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has 
an implication of philosophy for its 
holder, but represents advanced 
research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in 
the United States in 1861 by Yale 
University. The University of 
Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for the 
first time in 1920. 

Maryland awarded the first two den- 
tal degrees in history on March 9, 
1841, and invented the name of the 
degree. Doctor of Dental Surgery 


O F 


C O L L E G 

R K 


The master's degree is an academic 
honor bestowed upon students who 
have successfully completed work 
beyond the baccalaureate. A thesis 
and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister was 
used by the Romans as a title of 
honor, but its present meaning can 
be traced to the establishment of the 
oldest universities. Organized facul- 
ties as they now exist in universities 
were not known then; academic 
activity was limited to seven liberal 
arts. Those who were honored for 
their diligence and knowledge upon 
completion of their studies and who 
had already received the bachelor's 
degree were called magistri artiuin 
(master of the liberal arts). In 1920, 
the University of Maryland awarded 
its first Master of Arts (M.A.) and 
Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in 
fields other than agriculture. 




The bachelor's degree represents 
completion of a four-year course of 
college-level study and is the oldest 
academic degree used by American 
institutions of higher learning. It was 
first conferred in America in 1642 on 
the first nine graduates of Harvard 
College. Maryland Agriculture 
College, which later became the 
University of Maryland at College 
Park, awarded its first Bachelor of 
Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science 
(B.S.) degrees in 1862. 








Board of Regents 


George V. McGowan 
Vice Chair 

Roger Blunt 

Albert N. Whiting 

Ilona M. Hogan 
Assistant Secretary 

Constance M. Unseld 
Robert L. Walker, I'.v officio 

Margaret Alton 

Mary Arabian 

Richard O. Berndt 

Benjamin L. Brown 

Earle Palmer Brown 

Charles W. Cole, Jr. 

Frank A. Gunther, Jr. 

Ann Hull 

Henry R. Lord 

Franklin P. Perdue 
Student Regent 

Chad M. Gobel 

System Administration of 
the University 


Donald N. Langenberg 
Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic 

George L. Marx 
Via' Chancellor for General 

Donald L. Myers 
Vice Chancellor for Adi'anccment 

John K. Martin 

University of IVIaryland at 
College Park Administration 


William E. Kirwan 
Vice President for Academic Affairs and 

Jacob K. Goldhaber (Acting) 
Vice President for Administrative 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice President for Institutional 

Kathryn Costello 
Vice President for Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


College of Agriculture 

Paul H. Mazzocchi (Acting) 
College of Arts and Humanities 

Robert W. Griffith 
College of Behainoral and Social 

Irwin Goldstein 
College of Business and Management 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Computer, Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Richard H. Herman 
College of Education 

Jean Hebeler (Acting) 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter 
College of Human Ecology 

Muriel Sloan (Acting) 
College of fournalism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Library ami Information 

Claude E. Walston 
College of Life Scieiices 

Paul H. Mazzocchi (Acting) 
College of Health and Human 

John J. Burt 



O F 



G E 


ScJiool of Archittxtiire 

Steven Hurtt 
School of Public Affairs 

Michael Nacht 
Administrative Dean for Graduate 
Studies and Research 

Timothy Ng (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for Summer 

Melvin Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for Undergraduate 

Kathryn J. Mohrman 

Officers of Commencement 


Charles J. Beatty 

Industrial, Technological and 

Occupational Education 
University Marshal 
Don C. Piper 

Government and Politics 
John E. Wakefield 

Director of Bands 

Commencement Committee 

Alicia Arkell-Kleis 

Diploma Office 
Mahnaz Bahrami 

Institutional Advancement 
Frances P. Cave 

Health Center 
Earle Connors 

Physical Plant 
Kathryn Costello 

Institutional Advancement 
Carolyn A. Ent 

Institutional Advancement 
Richelle Hammett 

Disability Support Service 
Simone Legacy 

Industrial, Technological and 

Occupational Education 
Nancy Loomis 

Dining Services 
Linda Martin 

Institutional Advancement 
Michael McNair 

Police Department 
Gary Parker 

Intercollegiate Athletics 
Elizabeth Pattison 

Records and Registrations 
Cynthia Walker Reed 

University Book Center 
James N. Robinson 

Environmental Safety 
Barri Standish Sanders 

Commuter Affairs 
Gary Stone 

Police Department 
Robert T. Stumpff 

Physical Plant 
Janice E. Summons 

Campus Parking 
Cathryn F. Ufema 

Patrick Wadsworth 

Dining Services 

Unit Representatives 

Gene Agre 

Diane Barloiv 

Library and Information Services 
Ira Block 

Human Ecology 
jon Boone 

Arts and Humanities 
Anna Cherry 

fane Fines 

Paulette Godin 

Arts and Humanities 
Diana fackson 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Donna King 

Business and Management 
Albert j. Klaimi 

Life Sciences and Agriculture 
John C. Loss 

Joe Murray 

Health and Human Performance 
Bonnie Oh 

Undergraduate Studies 
Vicky Reinke 

Library and Information Services 
Greig Stewart 

Thelma M. Williams 

Computer, Mathematical and 

Physical Sciences 
Elisse Wright-Briscoe 

Public Affairs 

Department of Physical 
Plant, Office of General 
Services/Special Services 
Staff Responsible for Setting 
Up Sites 

Marcellous Anderson 

Robert Armstrong 

Ike Banks 

Leroy Blackwell 


Mordecai Brawer 

Eric Bullock 

Tom Farrell 

Ronald Fenwick 

Larry Garner 

fames Green 

Vincent Haliburton 

Joseph Hayes 

Larry Jefferson 

Man'in fohnson 

Theresa Mullen 

Keith Neal 

Louis Paintedpony 

Eve Reitz 

George Saunders 

Thomas Saunders 

Johnny Sellers 

Rayfield Sellers 

Carolyn Shreez'e 

Charles Stubbs 

Danny Thompson 

Ronny Yee 

Elwood Gross, Flower Arrangements 









A. James Clark, chairman of the 
board and president of Clark 
Enterprises, Inc., (CEl), is a true inno- 
vator and entrepreneur, transform- 
ing a small regional construction 
firm into a national giant. 

As Clark's business interests 
grew, Clark Enterprises, Inc., a 
Bethesda, Md.-based holding compa- 
ny, was formed in 1972 to oversee 
the management of a variety of busi- 
ness activities, including real estate, 
communications and commercial 
and residential construction. 

Clark is also chairman of the 
board and president of the Clark 
Construction Group, Inc., the hold- 
ing company of CEI's construction- 
related concerns and the nation's sec- 
ond largest general building 
contractor as ranked by Building 
Design & Construction magazine, a 
leading industry publication. CCG's 
achievements now include more than 
400 projects nationwide totalling 
over 175 million square feet. 

A member of the national engi- 
neering honor society Tau Beta Pi, 
Clark received his degree in civil 
engineering from the University of 
Maryland at College Park in 1950. 

Following his graduation from 
the university, Clark began his career 
as a field engineer with The George 
Hyman Construction Company, a 
CCG subsidiary. 

By 1960 he became vice president 
and general manager of the 
Bethesda-based construction firm, 
and was named president and chief 
executive officer in 1969. 

In 1987, Clark assumed the title 
of chairman of the board. Under his 
direction, the company has grown 
dramatically, opening regional 
offices in Boston, New York, 
Philadelphia and Hollywood, Fla. 

A recipient of the Distinguished 
Engineering Alumnus award from 
the College of Engineering at the 
University of Maryland at College 
Park, Clark has been a loyal support- 
er of his alma mater. While a mem- 
ber of the university's Board of 
Regents, he was appointed to a blue 
ribbon committee to evaluate 
whether the university should estab- 
lish a degree program in 
Construction Engineering and 
Management. As a result of the com- 
mittee's evaluation and recommen- 
dation, formal courses in that area 
were first offered in 1984. 

Clark was named Man of the 
Year in 1986 by the D.C. Building 
Industry Association and was hon- 
ored in 1987 by the American 
Academy of Achievement. 



LI N 1 V E 

I T Y 

O f 


A T 





Dr. William H. Cosby, Jr. is, by 
any standards, one of the most influ- 
ential stars of the entertainment 
world in America today. Through his 
concert appearances and recordings, 
on tele\'ision and in films, and in his 
personal commitment to support 
education, Cosby has touched the 
lives of millions of Americans. 

His television series. Vie Cosby 
Show, which has completed its eighth 
and final season, is regarded as the 
most successful television series of 
the modern era. His books. 
Fatherhood, Time Flies, Love and 
Marriage, and Chihthood all have 
occupied the number one spot on The 
Neiv York Times bestseller list. 

In conjunction with The 
Carsey-Wemer Company, 
Cosby is producing a new 
version of You Bel Your 
Life, which is being regard- 
ed as the most highly 
anticipated syndicated 
series for the fall. The new 
version of the classic 
Groucho Marx show will 
pro\'ide Cosby the oppor- 
timitv to interact with peo- 
ple from all walks of life 
and from all parts of the 

Cosby and his partners, 
Tom Werner and Marcy 
Carsey, are also producers 
of A Different World which 
is in its fifth season and is 
the only program on tele- 
vision which focuses on 
the college experience. 

Cosby's multifaceted career also 
includes the recent release of a 
Polygram Jazz album, "My 
Appreciation," and a new comedy 
album for Geffen Records, "OH, 

His humor often centers on the 
basic cornerstones of our existence, 
seeking to prox'ide an insight into 
our roles as parents, children, family 
members, and men and women. He 
points out the humor in our lives and 
in doing so touches our hearts. 

Cosby, who received an under- 
graduate degree from Temple 
University and a master's degree in 
1972 and a doctorate in education in 
1977 from the University of 
Massachusetts, has been a crusader 
throughout his career for a better 
world and for better understanding 
between people. Recently, contribu- 
tions by Cosby and his wife Camille, 
who recently earned her doctorate in 
education from the University of 
Massachusetts, to predominantly 
Black colleges have brought national 
attention to the importance of these 







Since lier appointment as the 
nation's 21st Secretary of Labor last 
year Lynn Martin has worked dili- 
gently to promote job security and 
opportunity for America's working 
men and women. 

In her first year, she lias tackled 
such workplace issues as skills stan- 
dards, life-long learning, a school-to- 
work apprenticeship system, health 
and safety, pension portability, and 
opportunity for minorities and 

Under Martin's leadership, the 
Department of Labor has developed 
proposals to empower America's 
working men and women, including 
Job Training 2000, a nationwide 
effort to implement the recommen- 
dations of the Secretary's 
Commission on Achieving Necessary 
Skills (SCANS), as well as the 
Pension Opportunities for Workers' 
Expanded Retirement (POWER) 
plan, the "Glass Ceiling" hiitiative, 
and reorganization of the depart- 
ment to create a new agency focused 
on the new American workplace. 

In her role as Secretary of Labor, 
Martin plans to upgrade skills at 
both the managerial and general 
employee level, build world-class 
training systems that include volun- 
tary industry standards for accredita- 
tion and certification of workers' 
skills, ensure the successful integra- 
tion of new technology and human 
resources to improve productivity, 
and expand the culture among the 
leadership of American companies 
that believes and acts upon the idea 

that a strong and effective employee 
training program is a strategic asset 
to their companies. 

Prior to serving as Secretary of 
Labor, Martin represented the 16th 
District of Illinois in the U.S. House 
of Representatives from 1981 to 1991 
During her service in the House, she 
was the first woman to achieve an 
elective leadership post 
when in 1982 her colleagues 
chose her for the position of 
vice chair of the House 
Republican Conference, a 
position she held for four 

During her 10-year 
tenure, Martin served for a 
time as the ranking 
Republican on the Budget 
Committee and led a suc- 
cessful battle to extend civil 
rights protection to employ- 
ees of the House of 

Martin's career in poli- 
tics began in 1972 when she 
was elected to the 

Winnebago County board, where she 
served for four years. She then 
served in the Illinois House from 
1977 to 1979 and in the Illinois Senate 
from 1979 to 1981. 




O F 


A T 




Till' May 1 992 class roster comprises degree candidates from tlie undergraduate and 
graduate programs at the University of Maryland at College Park. As final action can- 
not always be taken for candidates by the time this program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative only. The university reserves the right to withdraw or 
add names. Diplomas (for other than doctoral degrees) loill be mailed by the Office of 
Records and Registrations. 


David K. Abe Electrical Engineering 

Vie Design and Experimental Investigation of a Multiwai'e Cerenkov as a High Power 

Microwave Source 

Tagreed F. Abu-Taleb Curriailum and Instruction 

The Infliwnce of Self Concept on Childrens' Prosocial Behai'ior 

Deborah A. Adams Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

The Impact of Part-Time Faculty on Full-Time Faculty Perceptions of Workload and 

Collegial Support 

Quadri A. Adeseun Criminal Justice and Criminology 

The Impact of Religious Beliefs and Religious Services on Delinquent Behavior 

]amshid Aflaki Mechanical Engineering 
Fluid Dynamics of Poppet Valves 

Rakesh K. Agarwal Mechanical Engineering 

Prediction of Electrical Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Woven- Fabric Composites 

For Design ofPWB Substrate Materials 

Elizabeth G. Ametsbichler Germanic Language and Literature 

Society, Gender, Politics, and Turn-of-the-Century Theatre: Elsa Bernstein (Ps.Ernst 

Rosmer) and Arthur Schnitzler 

Murat M. Aydede Philosophy 

Sema K. Aydede Economics 

The Evaluation of Life-Saving Programs 

Taghi Azadarmaki Sociology 

"An Analysis of the Roots oflba Khaldun's Social Theory: A Case Study in Sociological 


John Baffes Agricultural and Resource Economics 
Tlie Testable Implications of Market Efficiency 

John W. Bailey Computer Science 

A Re-Engineering Factonjfor Software Component Reuse 

Martha B. Bailey Government and Politics 

The Role of Political Attitudes in Labor Union Decline 

Hema A. Bandaranayake Botany 

Induction, Transformation and Characterization of Herbicide Resistance in Nicotiana 


N D I 

O R 


H. D. Banks Human Development 

The Effect of Setf-Esteem Attitudes and Racial-Identity Attitudes on Academic 
Performance Among African- American Male College Students 

Jessica S. Banthin Economics 

Choice of Health Insurance and Models of Behavior Under Uncertainty 

Mary L. Barcella Economics 

The Cost Stnu-ture and Efficiency of Natural Gas Distribution Companies 

Dawn C. Barnes Radio, Television and Film 
Interracial Romance in Hollyivood Cinema: I965-I975 

Elizabeth Barnes Public Communication 

Spatial Contexts for the Shakespearean Soliloquy : Macbeth Adapted From Stage, to Film, 

to Television 

Ahmed A. Basfar Nuclear Engineering 

Improved Mechanical Properties and Ozone Resistance of Styrene Butadiene Rubber Cured 

by Ionizing Riidiation 

Patricia C. Battle Curriculum and Instruction 

Two Warring Ideals in One Dark Body: A Phenomenological Journal Towards 

Appreciating the Lifeworld of the African American Experience 

Marsha D. Baumeistcr Curriculum and Instruction 

Think. Pair, Share: Effects on Oral Language, Reading Comprehension, and Attitude 

Chantelle M. Beal Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Interaction of Long Chain Quaternary Ammonium Compounds with Textile Substrates 

Edward J. Beecham Zoology 

DNA Damage and Repair and B-Cell Neoplasia 

Thomas P. Bell Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 

Gary E. Benson Computer Science 
Two-Dimensional Periodicity and Matching Algorithms 

Haidee K. Bernstein Special Education 

Public Awareness and Child Find Campaigns Under Part H of Idea: Case Studies of 

Selected States 

Thor Bestul Computer Science 

Parallel Paradigms and Practices for Spatial Data 

Sarvotham M. Bhandarkar Mechanical Engineering 

Thermomechanical Analysis and Fatigue Life Prediction of Plated Through Holes in 

Multilayered Printed Wiring Boards 

Aniket Bhattacharya Physics 

Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation on Hubbard Model for High-Temperature 


Michael B. Blackburn Entomology 

Identification of a Neio Diuretic Peptide from Adult Manduca Sexta 

Elizabeth D. Blake Curriculum and Instruction 

Downtown Continuing Higher Education Centers: An Overview and Case Study 


Betsey S. Blakeslee American Studies 

The Role of Organizational Culture in Employee Response 

Michael J. Blaylock Agronomy 

Selenite Oxidation and Reduction in Acid Soils: Implications for Rhizophere Processes and 

Plant Uptake 

Kara T. Boatman Economics 

Telecommunications and Export Performance: An Empirical Investigation of Developing 


Paul R. Boberg Physics 

The Momentum Transfer and Target Mass Dependence of the (e,e'p) Reaction On Carbon- 

12 and Copper-63 

Antulio N. Bomfim Economics 

Macroeconomic Dynamics toith Strategic Complementarities: How robust are Rational 

Expectations-Based Findings 

Hacene Boukari Chemical Physics 

Evan B. Brody Kinesiology 

The Effect of Varying Concentration Upon Force Alteration and Activation of the Biceps 
and Medial Triceps Brachii During an Isometric Elboiv Flexion Task: An 
Electromyographic Assessment 

Deborah A. Bronk Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Microbialhi Mediated Transformations of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen 

Mark M. Bundy Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
An Economic Evaluation of Maryland's Oyster Industry 



O F 


A T 



Mary E. Burfisher Economics 

Agrkultiire in a US-Mexico Free Trade Agreement: A Computable General Equilibrium 


Thomas J. Burkett Microbiology 

Linda G. Byrd Zoology 

The Use of Molecular Probes to Localize the Nude Mutation on Mouse Chromosome 11 

John R. Callahan Computer Science 

Joyce M. Camacho Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Lace as Textile in the Chesapeake Region of Colonial British America from 1607-1790: Its 

Economic and Social Influences 

Coral S. Carey Health Education 

Humor ami Stress: Defense or Mature Coping Strategy 

Sara 1. Carmona Mathematical Statistics 

A Large Deviations Principle and Wave Front Propagation For a Reaction-Diffusion 


Leslie E. Carter Psychology 

The Effects of Spatial Information Processing on Human Decision-Making 

Rodwell M. Catoe Human Development 

The Effects of the Exposure to Death Events and Grief Resolution Training on the Intensity 

of Bereaxvment of Police Officers 

Dong-Ok Chah Business and Management 

A Cross-Cultured Comparative Study of American CEOs and Korean CEOs 

Ai-Ling Chai Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

A Comprehensive Sampling Design for Oyster Stock Assessment in the Maryland Portion 

of Chesapeake Bay 

Robert L. Champ English Language and Literature 

The Giant in the Labyrinth: Myth and Its Moral Significance in Mark Tioain's A 

Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 

Tien-Sheng Chang Mechanical Engineering 

A Method to Increase the Fundamental Natural Frequency of Printed Circuit Board 

Yu-chen Chang Chemical Engineering 

Tlw Thermophoretic Effects in the Transport of High Temperature Aerosols 

Sin-Chnuah Cheah Applied Mathematics 

Chien-Jen Chen Electrical Engineering 

Vieoretical and Computational Study of Fiber Ring and Loop Lasers 

Jun-Liang Chen Physics 

First-Principles Studies of Ionic and Transition-Metal Microclusters 

Ling T. Chen Computer Science 
Parallel Processing of Image Contours 

Ruey-Shan Chen Entomology 

Characterization of a Granulosis Virus ofHeliothis Armigera (Huber) From Savral 

Lepidoptcran Hosts 

Xiaolin Chen Electrical Engineering 

Dynamics and Control of Constrainer Nonlinear Systems 

Chaoyi Chia Reliability Engineering 

Generalized Conditional Simulation for Structural Reliability 

Eun-Jin Cho Curriculum and Instruction 

The Role of Perspective Taking and Empathy in Preschoolers' Prosocial Behavior 

Sungzoon Cho Computer Science 
Competitive Backpropagation Learning 

Joong D. Choi Agricultural Engineering 
Effect of Intervening Land Use on Runoff Quality 

Damian J. Christian Astronomy 

Special and Temporal Behavior of Low Mass X-Ray Binaries Observed With the Einstein 

SSS and MFC, and the Broad X-Ray Telescope 

Donna F. Christner Biochemistry 

Effect of DNA Conformation on DNA Degradation by Antitumor Antibiotics 

Alan B. Clardy Agricultural and ExtensionEducation 

The Perceptions of Rank and File Employees in Selected Organizations Regarding the 
Organizational Practices that Influenced them to Undertake Self-Directed Learning 
Projects of a fob-Related Nature 

Roberta J. Cochrane Computer Science 

Issues in Integrating Actii'e Rules into Database Systems 

James P. Collins III Applied Mathematics 

An Unsplit Implicit-Explicit Godiinov Scheme for Compressible Gas Dynamics 

William J. Coyle Economics 

The Formation of Distributional Coalitions and Firm Profitability 


A N D I D 


R A 

Beraadette Crosley French Language and Literature 

Rene Depestre et In Defense et I' Illustration ile la Creolile- Haitianile Dans Boujoiir ct la 

Negritmie (19S0) cl Hadmna Dans Tons Mes Rews (19S8) 

Linda B. Cross Human Development 

Narrative Styles in Afriean-American Children: The Effects of SES 

Gilbert L. Crouse Aerospace Engineering 

Eleonora Curio Business and Management 

Variants of Uncertaint[i and Consumer Choice Processes 

Judith A. Dale Kinesiology 

The Relationshiji of Hardiness to Mood Disturbances and Performance in Overtrained 


David M. Dancer Mechanical Engineering 

Thermal-Hydraulics of Pressure Vessels Containing Liquified Gases: One- and Two-Phase 

Transient Transfer Processes 

James P. Darling Electrical Engineering 

Data Parallel Algorithms for the Numerical Modeling of Semiconductor Devices 

Janet M. Davis English Language and Literature 

Dickens Bestian/: Animals as Expressions of Character and Theme 

Betty H. Day English Language and Literature 

"TTiis Comes of Writing Poetry": Public and Private Voice of Lydia H. Sigourneii 

Dinakar S. Desai Animal Sciences 

Developmental Regulation of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-U in Sheep 

V A. Dickinson Nutritional Sciences 

Nutritional Status of Supplement Users and Nonusers in the Second National Health and 

Nutrition Exannnatwn Suwei/ (NHANES U) 

Ellen M. Dikel Health Education 

Utilization of Breast and Cenncal Cancer Screening by Women in Maryland: Prevalences 

and Trends 

Ellen M. Dontigney Human Development 

Mood and Intrinsic Motivation 

Cathryn R. Dooly-Manning Kinesiology 

The Effect of Constant Load Work at Three Ambient Temperatures on Excess Post-Exercise 

Oxygen Consumption in Trained and Untrained Males 

Elizabeth S. Drazek Microbiology 

Cloning of an Epimerase-likc Gene from Neisseria Gonorrhoeae 

George A. Dumais Philosophy 

Philosophy, Anthropology, and Adaptive Explanations of Cultural Behavior 

Ersin Dur Physics 

Unconstrained BRST Siiperfield Theories 

Bryan E. Dutfon Botany 

A Monographic Study of the Genus Anemone L. < Rnnunculaceae) Section Sylvia Caudin 

Dennis G. Dye Geography 

Global Interanniial Variation of Incident Photosyntlietically Actii'e Radiation 

Molly J. Eckman Textiles and Consumer Economics 

The Effect of Age and Sex on Consumer's Aesthetic Preferences for Men's Clothing: A 

Conjoint Approach 

Elyse Eidman-Aadahl Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Wlien the Talking Starts: Discussing Race, Composition, and Inquiry With Teachers 

Mohamed Elbaraka Electrical Engineering 
Optimal Control of Large Space Structures 

Mark P. Elless Agronomy 

Morpholog]/, Mineralogy, and Hydrology of Soils in the Triassic Culpeper Basin of 


Lesley A. Emerson Economics 

Internal Migration in Algeria 1966-77: An Empirical Analysis 

Hossein Esmaili Mechanical Engineering 

Large-Eddy Simulation of Temporally Developing Boundanj Layers with Embedded 
Streamwise Vortices 

Jose G. Estrada-Franco Entomology 

Genetic Differences Among Isolated Populations of Anopheles Pseudopunctipennis From 

Three Countries of the American Continent 

Xinhua Feng Botany 

Involvement of Cytokinins and Protein Kinases in Nicotiana Genetic Tumorigenesis 

Melvin D. Ferrier Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

David J. Fike Economics 

Richard P. Fischer Electrical Engineering 
An 85 Ghz Quasioptical Gyroklystron Experiment 

Gayle A. Fisher-Stewart Government and Politics 
Police Chief Professionalism: Does Race Make a Difference 


U N I V E 

S I T Y 

O F 


A T 



Paul G. Flikkema Electrical Engineering 

Parallel Acquisition of Spread Spectrum Signals with Doppler 

Fekadu Folle Agronomy 

Effects of Tillage mi Organic and Inorganic Phosphorus Forms and Sorption in Soils of 

Maryland and Southern Africa 

Robert A. Forczyk Government and Politics 

Vie Emergence of India as a Great Poiver in an Era of Accentuating Midtipolarity 

Thomas E. Ford Psychology 

The Rote of Motivation and Attribute Diagnosticity in Stereotype Formation 

Wendy Z. Ford Speech Communication 

Influence of Employee Attentive Communication Behaviors on Customer Mood States, 

Seri'ice Cognitions, and Discretionary Behaviors: Evaluation of a Structural Equation 


Patricia A. Francis American Studies 

"Never a Stranger": Margaret Mead as an American Celebrity 

Michael C. Frazier Psychology 

Psychosocial Correlates of Contraceptive Behavior Among Black Male College Students 

Theresa Gaasterland Computer Science 
Cooperatii'e Answering With Deductive Databases 

Dian J. Gaf fen Meteorology 

Observed Annual and Interanniial Variations in Tropospheric Water Vapor 

Nicolas Gagarine Civil Engineering 
Fatigue Life of Highway Bridges 

Eduardo S. Gargurevich Spanish Language and Literature 

El Estilo Es Una De Las Formas De La Edad (Una Biografia De Martin Adan) 

Fernando Garibay-Bonales Mathematics 
Perturbation of the Time One Map of an Anosov Flow 

Patrick R. Gartin Criminal Justice and Criminology 

A Rqilication and .Analytic Extension of the Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment 

Madhur Gautam Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Sequential Decision-Making Under Temporal Risk by Households in Dryland Agriculture 

Jean-Luc Cauvreau Physics 

Anomalous Ion Heating in the Maryland Spheromak 

Janctte C. Gervin Civil Engineering 

Use of Image Processing to Identify Roads and Individual Houses From Scanned High 
,. Altitude Photography 

Marie-Jocelyne Gessner Psychology 

An Interpersonal Attraction Approach to Leader-Member Exchange 

Nita Ghei Economics 

Savings Beluwior and Financial Drvelopmait: A Study for India 

Peter M. Giovanoni Astronomy 

Effects of Relativistic Neutrons on Active Galatic Nuclei Models 

Irene C. Glaser Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Participatory Art-Related Activities on Elementary Students' Ability to 

Retain Information 

Jill L. Goldberg Physics 

Statistical Mechanics of Steps Studied Using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy 

Eduardo Gomez-Saladin Zoology 

Morphogenetic Events in the Life Cycle ofMiamiensis Avidus 

Agnes H. Gottlieb Public Communication 

Women ]oiirnalists and the Municipal Housekeeping Movement: Case Studies of fane 

Cunningham, Helen M. Wmslmc and Rlieta Childe Dorr 

James W. Gray Computer Science 
Multilrvel Security of Probabilistic Systems 

Margaret E. Gray Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

The Education of High School Students With Learning DisabUities m the State of 

Maryland in the Year 2000 

Jeanne Griggs English Language and Literature 

The Development of Ironic Personal Panegyric in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century 

Katia S. Guimaraes Computer Science 

Xian Z. Guo Applied Mathematics 

Multilevel Preconditioners: Analyses, Performance Enhancements, and Parallel 


Indrani Gupta Economics 

Changing Inequalities in Lifetime Earnings 

Sarbari Gupta Electrical Engineering 
Theory and Automation of Penetration Analysis 

William P. Guthrie Government and Politics 

Oil the Role of Interest Groups in the Policy Implementation and Evaluation Processes 

D / D 

O R 

D U ,4 

Kamel N. Haddad Mathematics 

Limiting Notions of the IP Type in the Enveloping Semigroup of a Compact Metric 

Dynamical System 

Gwendolyn F. Hall Policy Studies 

Managing Inlersen'ice Competition: The Relationship Between the Secretary of Defense 

and the jomt Chiefs of Staff 

Ming Han Chemistry 

Coal- and Oil-Fired Power Plants Contributions to the Atmosphere of Maryland 

Ruijing Han Chemical Engineering 

Unipolar Charging For Non-Spherical Particles: Experiment and Theory 

Shirley R. Harper Recreation 

The Irjfluence of Selected Sociodemographic Variables on the Travel Behaviors of Older 

Adult Visitors to North Carolina 

Bronda F. Harrison Agronomy 

Phytophthora Resistance in Perennial Glycine Species 

Ruth Haug Agricultural and Extension Education 

Status and Potential of Rock Phospliate as a Famung Technology in Sub-Salmrau Africa: 
Perceptions of Decision-Makers in the Agricultural Technology System of Burkina Faso 
and Uganda 

Francine D. Hawkins Hearing and Speech Sciences 
Speaker FUice Identification: Searching for Vocal Cues 

Sue J. Hawkins Human Development 

Comparison of Fear of Crime Among Urban and Suburban Elderly 

James E. Hclmreich Mathematics 

Ullrahomogencous Two-Graphs 

Terrcnce H. Hemmer Chemical Physics 

Jean- Yves Herve Computer Science 
Computer Vision for Navigation Tasks 

Sunggi Heu Botany 

Joanne S. Hirsch Human Development 

Changes in the Early Adolescents Schemata of the Holocaust: The Impact of Advance 

Organizers and a Museum Exhibit 

Bonnie C. Hodges Health Education 

Development of an Instrument to Measure Perceived Risk and Perceived Health Education 

Needs of Middle School Students 

Marie E. Holahan Human Development 
An Analysis of Parent-Teacher Communication 

Wen-Shuen Hong Civil Engineering 

Behavior of Tioo-Span Composite Bridge Girders Designed by Autostress Method (ALFD) 

Zhaohui Hong History 

Changing Images of Land Speculation in Western Development-Historians and Shaping of 

the American West 

Alice M. Horowitz Health Education 

Gaps in Knowledge Among Women About Gynecologic and Colorectal Cancer Screening 


Kittybelle A. Hosford Human Development 

A Study of Teaching Self-Efficacy During Student Teaching 

Kae-Sheng Hsueh Nuclear Engineering 

An bitegrated Sinndation Model For Plant fOperator Behavior in Accident Conditions 

Weixing Hu Government and Politics 

Medium Nuclear Poioers and Strategic Stability: "Nth Country Problem" Revisited 

Bo-Hua Huang Meteorology 

Numerical Simulation of the Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the Circulation of 

Tropical Atlantic Ocean 

Dan R. Huang Mathematics 

Generalized Inverses, Topplitz Operators, and Flow Ecjuivalence of Reducible Topological 

Markov Cliains 

Liuqing Huang Computer Science 
Purposive Visual Robotics 

Mu-Hsuan Huang Library and Information Services 
Pausing Behavior of End-Users in Online Searching 

Yunus Hussain Electrical Engineering 

Design and Performance Evaluation of a Class of Finite-State Vector Quantizers 

Stuart A. Isralowitz Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Effects of Gender Role Identity, Anxiety, Sex and Race on Sensation Seeking in 

College Students 

Suad M. Ifani English Language and Literature 
William Faulkner: The Mystery of Language 



O F 


A T 



Ching Y. Jan Electrical Engineering 

Composite Interconnection Networks for Parallel Computers 

Dianne N. Janczewski Zoology 

Phylogcny of the Felidae Based on Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Comparisons 

Jer-Huan Jang Mechanical Engineering 

Transient Radiation Properties of Strongly Radiating Turbulent Flames 

Kyungwha O. Jang Textiles and Consumer Economics 

The Effect of Silicone Softeners and Silane Coupling Agents on Polymerization- 

Crosslinking of Cotton Fibers 

Katherine A. Jankowski Public Communication 

The Battle of Ideologies: A Struggle for Ownership m the Deaf Community 

Scott J. Janz Physics 

Analysis of Non-Thermal Electron Cyclotron Emission Durmg Current Drii'e 

Experiments on the DIII-D Tokamak 

Ming-Une Jen Mechanical Engineering 

The Dynamic Interaction of the Cutting Process and the Workplace in Facing 

Ann B. Jenkins Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Image Analysis for Assessing Appearance Loss in Nylon Carpets 

Shirley Y. Jennings Human Development 

The Relationship of Self -Esteem, Racial Identity, aiui Membership in an Africentric 

Organization to Academic Achievement Among African-Americans 

Christopher Q. Jian Mechanical Engineering 

An Experimental and Theoretical Study of Buoyant Horizontal jet Flames 

Li-Feng Jiang Physics 

Search for "Precursor" Physisorption of 02 and CO on the (111) Surface of Nickel: 

Blockage of Chemisorption by Monolayer Amounts of Neon 

Jiahua A. Jin Physics 

Catalina M. Johnson Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Emergence of Synlaclic Subject m Monolingual Acquisition of Spanish 

Stacy Jordan Economics 

judicial Voting Behavior in Antitrust: Is Tliere a Party Bias 

Timothy M. Jung Physics 

Leed Studies of Vicinal Semiconductor Surfaces 

Thierry J. Jutel Public Communication 

Chiung-Tung Kao Computer Science 

Ncio Algorithms For Geometric Structures: Convex Hulls, Delaunay Triangulations and 

Voronoi Diagrams 

Wen-Yuan Kao Botany 

The Effect of Environmental Factors on Paraheliotropic Leaf Movement 

Alexandres Karagrigoriou Mathematical Statistics 
Asymptotic Efficiency of Model Selection Criteria in Time Series 

Michele V. Karpathian Human Development 

Tlie Effects ofObsemer Self-Esteem on Attributions of Responsibility in Cases of Child 

Sexual Abuse 

David M. Kehne Electrical Engineering 

Experimental Studies of Space-Charge Donwiated Non-Uniform Electron Beams in a 

Periodic Solenoid CImnnel 

Brian L. Kelly Curriculum and Instruction 

Jae-Hoon Kim Meteorology 

Diagnosis of the General Circulation Model Anomalies by the Tropical Sea Surface 


Yangsoo Kim Chemical Engineering 

Modeling and Design of Melt Polymerization Reactors For the Synthesis of Bisphenol-A 


Young-Rae Kim English Language and Literature 

A Thematic Study on Melville's The Piazza Tales 

Maria C. Kirkbride Agricultural and Extension Education 

Best Management Practices on Maryland's Eastern Shore: Influences of a Demonstration 

Farm on Their Adoption 

Sunita Kishor Sociology 

Gender Inequality and Development: A District-Level Analysis offuvenile Sex Ratios and 

Early Childhood Mortality in India 

Michael S. Klassen Mechanical Engineering 
Radiation and Flame Structure of Liquid Pool Flames 

Jody Klein-Saffran Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Recidivism, Employment and Drug Use: A Study of Federal Offenders Released Via 

Electronic Monitoring or Halfioay House Programs 


N D I 

F O R 

R E 

Ruth S. Kobayashi Horticulture 

liilcrfpccific ilybriiiizatiou 0/ /pidora Species in the Section Batatas: Protoplast Tusion 

ami Ovule Cnltiire 

Rita R. Kolb Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Clarence M. Korendyke Physics 

The Optical Design of the Spectrocownagraph: A Near-UV Coronagraph For a Sounding 

Rocket Payloaii 

Sana A. Kotob Government and Politics 

Egypt's Political Instability: The Analysis of Influential Factors 

Alfred H. Krall, Jr. Physics 

Oscillating-Body Viscomctiy and its Application to a Phase-Separating Liquid Mixture 

Kevin Kruger Counseling and Personnel Services 
A Study of the Effect of Merit Scholarship Programs on the Social and Academic 
Integration, Institutional and Goal Commitment and College Grades of Academically 
Talented Students 

Chun C. Kung Electrical Engineering 

Inductive Energy Storage Systems and Photoconductive Semiconductor Opening Switch 

Ohbin Kwon Mechanical Engineering 

Numerical Study of Turbulent Reacting Flow in an Internal Combustion Engine Cylinder 

Ying-Cheng Lai Physics 

Nonhyperbulicity in Classical and Quantum Chaos 

loannis E. Lambadaris Electrical Engineering 

Some Problems of Admission and Routing Control ni Modern Computer Connnunication 


Todd M. Lang Physics 

Rajiv Laroia Electrical Engineering 

Analysis and Design of a Fixed-Rate Structured Vector Quantizer Deriivd From Variable- 
Length Scalar Quantizers 

David A. Latzko Economics 

Wars, Strikes, and Legal Disputes: A Study of Conflict and its Resolution 

Margaret E. Leavy Health Education 

Li Lee Electrical Engineering 

Robustness Study of Systems with PImse-Informed Uncertainty 

Myung-Sub Lee Business and Management 
Neiv Algorithms For the M-TSPTW 

Guang-Dih Lei Chemical Engineering 

Modeling ofContmous Melt Polycondcnsatwn Reactors for the Synthesis of Poly {Ethylene 


Virginia A. Lerch Horticulture 

Genetic and Phcnotypic Diversity Within and Among Species, Croups and Breeding Lines 
of an Impatiens Germplnsm Collection 

Donald A. Lewis Curriculum and Instruction 

Preparing Teachers to Teach an Operation Chemistry Unit in Eighth Grade Science 

Classes: A Comparison of Different Teacher Training Techniques on Student Learnmg 

Junhui Li Engineering Materials 

Elastic Properties and Microstructures of Premartensitic FCC Alloys 

Qi Li Physics 

Resonant Ionization Mass Spectroscopy (RIMS) as a Tool For Non-Linear Spectroscopy in 

Atomic Calcium Under Strong Optical Fields 

Yiwei Li Applied Mathematics 

Theoretical and Numerical Problems of Constitutive Laws of Plasticity and Their 

Yan Liao Mechanical Engineering 
Dropwise Evaporative Cooling of Solid Surfaces 

Feng L. Lin Business and Management 

Reliability Constrained Integer Progranuning Models With Applications to Facility 


Hongchin Lin Electrical Engineering 

Efficient Self-Consistent Device Modeling by Deterministic Solution to Boltzmann 

Transport Equation 

Po-Yang F. Lin Electrical Engineering 

Regular VLSI Layout Structures of CMOS Circuits 

Zheng Lin Computer Science 

Task Scheduling For Parallel Execution of Logic Programs 

Zhichao Lin Chemistry 

The Study of Particulate Source Apporl ionment Using Enriched Stable Rare Earth Isolopic 




O F 


A T 



Nancy C. Lindley Music 

Singer Radiana Pazmor and American Musk: The Performer as Advocate 

Peter J. Linstrom Chemical Engineering 

Model-Based Statistical Process Control for ContinKOiis Processes 

Mark A. Little Agricultural Engineering 

Computer Simulation Predicting Water Temperature in a Solar Aquaculture Pond 

Dehua Liu Horticulture 

Physical and Biochemical Studies of Dormancy in Apple Buds 

Shaohua Liu Physics 

The Study on Metallic Impurity Band in N-Type GaAs 

Yadong Liu Physics 

Automatic Speech Recognition and Neural Network Classifiers 

Pamela E. Lowry Economics 

Trade, Development, and Social Capability: An Empirical Analysis 

David Lynch Economics 

Advertising, Product Differentiation and Competition: Advertising's 

Effect on Price in the Distilled Spirits Industry 

Theresa M. Mackey Comparative Literature 

The Origins of Disenchantment: European and Hispanoamerican Countermodels 

Anil P. Macwan Nuclear Engineering 

A Simulation-Based Approach to Model Errors of Commission in Following Emergency 

Operating Procedures 

David J. MacCallum Philosophy 
Quantum Logic and Possibility Structures 

Margaret A. Malanoski Economics 

The Sensitivity of Structure-Performance Results to Errors in the Measurement of 


Yolanda E. Mancilla Psychology 

Social Networks and Social Support in Transcultural Transitions: The Case of Latin 

American Immigrant Adolescents in U.S. High Schools 

Frederick R. Mangnibang Education Policy, Planning, and Adnunistration 

loanis K. Marmorkoy Physics 

Many-Body Phenomena in Low Dimensional Semiconductor Micro-Structures 

Gemma A. Marolda Government and PoUtics 

British and German Economic Relations With japan: Strengthening the 'Weak Link' in a 

New Western Security R egime. 

Francis J. Marra Public Communication 
Crisis Public Relations 

Stefan E. Martin Linguistics 

Topics in the Syntax of Nonstandard English 

Joseph J. Marusiak Public Communication 

Images of British Cinema: A Study of a Critical Attitude Towards Motion Pictures 

Julius J. Matasi Chemistry 

Intermolecular Reactions of Cyclopropylcarbene-Chromium Complexes With Alkynes- 

Application to the Synthesis of the Prostacyclin Derivative, GR-PGI 

Richard W. May Civil Engineering 

An Analysis System for Evaluating the Structural Performance of Asphalt Concrete Mixes 

Michael J. Mazarr PoUcy Studies 

Minimal Nuclear Forces and U.S. National Security 

Jane B. McGuigan Counseling and Personnel Services 

Attrihutional Style and Depression in Chronic Pain Patients Receiving Worker's 


Pamela S. McMahon Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

Used by Managers, Service Providers and Customers Quality Attributes in College and 

University Foodsen'ice 

Mary H. McManus EngUsh Language and Literature 
African-American Modernism in the Novels of Jessie Fauset and Nella Larsen 

Mark H. McNair English Language and Literature 

"On One Fixed Point": The Evolution ofFreneau's Rational Philosophy 

Mark A. Mellon Zoology 

Acetylcholine Receptor Aggregation in Aneural Myotube Cultures: The Role of Neuronal 

Factors and a Model For Local Induction 

Edward K. Menchey Agronomy 

Dihaphod Development and Phenotypic Selection for Lodging Improvement in Tobacco 

Bahram Meyssami Chemical Engineering 

A Systems Approach to the Automation of Process Modeling Activities 

Cherie V. Miller Chemistry 

Molybdenum Profiles in Sediments as an Historical Record of Anoxia in Chesapeake Bay 


A N D I D 

O R 

D U 

Doug K. Miller Kinesiology 

A Comparison of the Effects of Hill Traini}ig, Weight Traimng and Sprint Training on SOO 

Meter Run Performance 

John P. Miller Kinesiology 

The Effect of Resistive Exercise on Glucose Uptake and Insulin Sensitivity in Middle Aged 

Michael F. Miller Government and Politics 

Samer Minkara Electrical Engineering 

Microelectronic Realization of Logic Functions Using Solitons 

Nicole F. Minnick French Language and Literature 

Montaigne, Moderation and the Religious Wars in 16th Century France 

Robert L. Moore American Studies 

A Cultural Anahfsis of the Life Stories of Some Women Wiio Began Teaching in American 

Public Schools 1916-1938 

Rene A. Morales-Brignac Psychology 

Financial Rrward Systems For R and D Employees: Motivational Characteristics and 

Relationships to Organizational Effectiveness 

Julio Morales Kinesiology 

The Nature of Physical Education Programs for Children Classified into Different 
Criterion Reference Standard Croups for Aerobic Capacity 

Daniel Mosse Computer Science 

Fault Tolerance Techniques for Real-Time Systems 

Mildred R. Naquin Health Education 

Perceived Stress and Coping Styles of College Smokers, Nonsmokers and Former Smokers 

P. J. Narayanan Computer Science 

Barbara D. Nazelrod Curriculum and Instruction 

Teacher Caring: A Study of the Enacted Curriculum 

Nathan S. Netanyahu Computer Science 
Computationally Efficient Algorithms For Robust Estimation 

Raymond T. Ng Computer Science 

Reasoning With Uncertainty in Deductive Databases and Logic Problems 

Vivek M. Nirkhe Computer Science 

Application of Partial Evaluation to Hard Reel-Time Programming 

Sam H. Noh Computer Science 

William J. Nordling Psychology 

The Effects of Attachment Styles on Couples Communication, Conflict Styles and 


Leo P. O'Hare Aerospace Engineering 

Maneuvering of a Reentry Vehicle Via Magnetoaerodynamic Forces 

Mary K. O'Neill Aerospace Engineering 

Optimized Scramjet Engine Intergration on a Waverider Airframe 

Hasan S. Oktay Mechanical Engineering 

Marilyn J. Olson Curriculum and Instruction 

Prospective Teachers' Familiarity With Instructional Activities Recommended For 

Elementary School Geography 

Lawrence H. Ong Mechanical Engineering 

Visualization of Turbulent Floivs With Simultaneous Velocity and Vorticity 


Eric N. Opp Physics 

Kelvin-Helmholtz Instabihti/ in Systems With Large Effective Lmnor Radius 

Stanley Osfazeski Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Transport of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Aqida Aquifer of Maryland, USA 

Eduaxdo J. Osterfag Computer Science 

Jurgen Pannock Mechanical Engineering 

Performance Evaluation of Refrigerant Mixtures in Heat Pumps 

loanna Pantazi-Haliassou Psychology 

Marital Satisfaction and Division of Satisfaction With find Consensus Around Household 


John A. Paquette Physics 

Long Period Pulsation Events in Precipitation and Fields at the South Pole 

Kyeongsoon Park Engineering Materials 

Structural Studies of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors and Ferroelectric Relaxors Using 


Sechoul Park Business and Management 

Seong R. Park Mechanical Engineering 

An Experimental Study of Passive Drag Reduction in a Turbulent Boundary Layer by a 
Riblet Surface 



O F 


A T 



Shirley C. Parry English Language and Literature 

Roman C. Pausch Agronomy 

Katharine A. Pawelko Recreation 

Defining the Nature of Visitors and Their Recreational Experiences on the Delaware River: 

A Social-Psychological Perspectii'e 

Nelson R. Petulante Mathematics 

Indefinite Theta Functions and Functional Equations 

Thi Pham Physics 

Far Infrared Properties of the Superconducting State of YBCO Crystals 

Philip M. Piccoli Geology 

Geochemistry of Apatite in Felsic Magmatic Systems 

Delois M. Powell Microbiology 

Taxonomy of the Marine Genera, Hyphomonas SheiuanellalAlteromonas Based on Serology 

and Membrane Protein Profiles and Analysis of Tyrosinase Activityin H fannaschiana 

Meredith Ramsay Government and Politics 

The Effects of Culture and Social Structures on Economic Dei'clopment Policy in Two 

Small Towns: Toward a Tlieory of Rural Regimes 

Xiaonong Ran Electrical Engineering 

A Three-Component Image Model For Human Visual Perception and its Applications in 

Image Coding and Processing 

Alice E. Reagan History 

Donna V. Redman Psychology 

Accessibility as a Mediating Factor of Illusorii Correlation 

Anne M. Regan Counseling and Personnel Services 

Search and Commitment Processes in White Racial Identity Formation 

Shane L. Regdos Chemistry 

Radiopharmaceutical Quality Assurance Utilizing Neutron Activiation Analysis and Post 

Column Reaction Detection 

Ana M. Reyes Psychology 

The Interrelationships of Cultural Frames of Reference, Social Processes.Task Processes and 
Project Outcomes over the Life Cycle Of Multicultural Task Forces Composed of Anglo- 
Americans and Hispanic- Americans 

George Y. Richardson Engineering Materials 

X-Ray Topographic and Dislocation Mechanics Characterization of Cleavage in MgAllOi 

Spinel Crystals 

Prabaddh R. Riddhagni Nuclear Engineering 

Numerical and Experimental Detennination of Energy Dqxjsited by Fast Electrons in 

Plastic Tubes and Wire Insulations 

Judith M. Riggin American Studies 
The Sexes, the Sixties, and Doris Day 

Chloe E. Ringer Botany 

Infection Cycle Components and Their Role in Gray Leaf Spot Epidemics 

Alicia B. Rios Spanish Language and Literature 

Moral y Luces (La Idea De Nacion y Cultura Nacional en la Epoca de la Independencia 


John W. Roberts History 

Putting Foreign Polici/ to Work: The Role of Organized Labor in American Foreign 

Relations, 1932-1941' 

Robert C. Rogers Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
A Case Study of Student Retention at Tioo Maryland Community Colleges 

Kathleen A. Romanik Computer Science 

Approximate Testnig Tluvri/ As Applied to Geometric Probing and Software Complexity 

Calhy C. Romeo Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

A Test of Path Goal Theory: The Effects of Leadership Faculty Satisfaction in Public 

Baccalaureate Nursing Programs 

Juan C. Romero Engineering Materials 

Instability and Segregation at Interfaces in SiC Reinforced Composites 

Dana J. Rothlisberger Curriculum and Instruction 

Effects of Video Modeling Preparation on Student Instrumental Audition Performance 

Achievement and Performance Anxiety 

Nancy A. Runion English Language and Literature 

Incorporating the Syllogism into the Teaching of Writing 

Carol A. Russell Geology 

Sediment Shape Variability in Chesapeake Bay: Implications For Sediment Transport 


N D I D 

O R 


G R 

Edward S. Rutherford Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

The Rcktiaushii' of Lnml-Sttige Growth nmi Mortality Rates to Recimtment Striped 

Bass, Morone Siuatilis, in llie Chestipeake Bay 

Elizabeth W. Rutman Mathematics 
Computing Primary Decompositions of Modules 

Nalin H. Samarasinha Astronomy 
Temporal And Spatial Inhomogeneities in Comets 

Clemmie M. Saxton Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

The Design and Field Testing of an Organizational Productivity Measurement and 

Improvement Model in School Foodservice 

Marjorie E. Scaffa Health Education 

The Dez'elopment of Comprehensive Theory in Health Education: A Feasnbility Study 

Marco A. Scarpetta Biochemistry 

Characterization of Hybrid Escherichia Coli-Bacillus Megaterium Proton-Translocating 


August Schomburg Business and Management 

An Empirical Study of the Effects of Industry Context on New Product Innovation Rivalry 

in Three Diverse Industries-Telecommunications, Computers, Brewing 

Catherine E. Searle Mathematics 

Positively Curved Manifolds With Large Symmetry Groups 

Philip N. Segre Physics 

Rayleigh Scattering From Non-Equdihrhim Fluids 

Joseph E. Serafy Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

The Quantification of Fish Assemblages Associated With Macrophytcs: Investigations in 

Tidal Freshwater Chesapeake Bay 

Robert G. Shackleton Jr. Economics 

A 55-Sector Dynamic Macroeconometric Interindustry Forecasting Model of the United 


Courtney A. Shaw Textiles and Consumer Economics 

The Rise of the ArlistjWeaver: American Tapestry Weaving 19i0-1990 

Charlene Sheets Mathematics 

Graphical, Numerical and Algebraic Representations in Computer-Rich Environments 

Chiao-Yung Sher Computer Science 

Ning Shi Engineering Materials 

TItermo- Mechanical Behavior ofSk/Al Composite Materials 

Diana M. Shih Zoology 

Expression and Developmental Control of the Human Embryonic Beta-Globin Gene in 

Transgenic Mice 

Troy Shinbrot Physics 

Using the Butterfly Effect to Direct Trajectories in Cliaotic Systems 

Halia C. Silins Curriculum and Instruction 

Leadership For School Reform: A Test of a Transformational and Transactional Model 

Katherine J. Silvester Business and Management 

Firm Performance, Accounting System Choice, and Nrw Manufacturing Technologies 

Patrick J. Sime Mathematics 

On the Ideal Class Group of Real Biquadratic Fields 

Sarah E. Sinopoli English Language and Literature 

Melinda S. Smale Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Risk, Disaster Avoidance, and Farmer Experimentation: The Microeconomics ofHYV 

Adoption in Malawi 

Grady A. Smith English Language and Literature 

Frulovisi's "Peregrinatio " and "Eugenius ": A Translation With a Life of the Ptayiorighl 

Jennifer C. Smith Psychology 

The Insider's Viav of Wliat Works in Marital Therapy: Clients' vs Therapists' Perceptions 

of the Effective Factors in Marital Therapy 

Michelle A. Smith Food Science 

The Influence of Waslung on Some Physico-Chemical Quality Attributes of Mechanically 

Deboned Turkey Meat 

Steven G. Smith Chemistry 

Chemistry of Thallium (I) Complexes of Tris (DiphenylphosphinoyD- Mclhanide 
Chalcogen Analogs 

James H. Sniezek Jr. Zoology 

A Systematic Analysis of the Class Phyllopharyngea (Protista, Cilophora) 

Richard J. Soderlund History 

Crmic, Laze and Labor in the Worsted Industry of the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1750-1850 

Georgia L. Sorenson Curriculum and Instruction 
Listening to Leaders: Emergent States of Leadership 

Lee A. Spector Computer Science 
Supervenience in Reactive Planning 



O F 


A T 

C O L L E G 

P A 

Jane W. Spruill Human Development 

The Relationship of Mother's job Characteristics to Work Commitment to Their Maturity 

Deinands and Perceptions of Their Children 

Krishnamurthy Sriiamesh Public Communication 

Tlie Impact of Societal Culture on Public Relations: Some Case Studies From India 

Mark T. Steen Biochemistry 

Characterization of the Operons Containing the Nisin Gene, in Lactococcus Lactis 11454, 

and the Subtitin Gene, in Bacillus Subtilis 6633 

Anne O. Stevens Economics 

Vie Theory and Policy of Automobile Emissions Control 

Judith G. Stough Special Education 

All Investigation of Relationships Betioeen Transition Policies and Practices For Disabled 

Youth in Ten State Education Agencies 

Pablo-Straub Barros Computer Science 

The Nature of Bias and Defects in the Software Specification Process 

Hong-Te Su Chemical Engineering 

Dynamic Modeling and Model Predictive Control Using Generalized Perception Networks 

Patrice Suleman Botany 

Factors Affecting the Development ofFireblight in Vegetative Tissues of Apple 

Ki H. Sung Mechanical Engineering 
Adaptive Control of a Flexible Manipulator 

Granger G. Sutton III Computer Science 

Learning and Topographic Map Formation in Neural Networks Using Competitive 

Activation Mechanisms 

Malle A. Tagamets Computer Science 

Mwaf fak A. Taib Agronomy 

Nitrogen Management for Corn and Winter Wheat Production in Maryhtnd 

D M. Talbot Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Multimethod Study of the Diversity Emphasis in Master's Degree Programs in College 

Student Affairs 

Sami G. Tantawi Electrical Engineering 

An Over-Moded Gyroklystron With Tuning of the Penultimate Cavity 

Leandios Tassiulas Electrical Engineering 

Dynamic Link Activation Scheduling in Multihop Radio Networks With Fixed or 

Changing Connectivity 

Thomas L. Tatum Chemistry 

Release ofAl.As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Ph. and Zinc in a Coal Leachate, and Their Removal 

From Solution Undergoing Neutralization 

Maria Testa Mathematics 

Tlie Analytical Index of Families of Unbounded Linear Fredholm Operators Determines 

Bifurcation for Families of Nonlinear Operations 

Richard L. Testa American Studies 

Tlie Moving Picture Palace, Providence, Rhode Island, 1925-1960 

Theodore N. Thomas History 

The Roles of Women in the Confessing Church 1934-1945: Pastors' Wives and 


Katerina M. Thompson Zoology 

Jianhui Tian Computer Science 

Nam-Kiu Tsing Electrical Engineering 

Computer Based Techniques for Control System Design with Applications to Rotorcraft 


Aviezer M. Tucker Philosophy 

The Philosophy of Charter 77 Signatories 


N D I D A 

O R 

D U 


Pamela R. Turner Textiles and Consumer Economics 
All Economic Analysis of U.S. Cotton Exports 

Bnice D. Umbaugh Philosophy 
Realizing Rationality 

Alan R. Van Tassel Government and Politics 

The Rail Garrison Peacekeeper ICBM: A Case Stmh/ in Governmental Politics 

Venugopal K. Varma Mechanical Engineering 

Robotic Eml-Effectors-Optimization and Stabilitii Issues of Grasping 

Dimitrls V. Vassiliadis Physics 

Nonlinear Dynamical Moiicling and Prediction of Magnetospheric Activity 

Fernando E. Vega-Sanchez Entomology 

Plant Disease Effects on Plants, and on Co-occurring Vector and Non-Vector Insect 


Alekos Vidras Mathematics 

Interpolation and Division in the Space of Entire Functions With Grozvth and its 


Filia Vonta Mathematical Statistics 

Leslie V. Voth Special Education 

Coal Setting and Strategy Use as a Means for Improvement of the Written Language Skills 

of Junior High Students with Learning Disabilities 

Stephen Voth Economics 

Assessment of Technological Levels of Centrally Planned Economics Virough International 


Ding M. Wang Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 

Critical Environmental Issues For Programs in Technology Education at the Middle and 

Second School Levels 

James M. Wang Aerospace Engineering 
Dynamics of Helicopters with Dissimilar Blades 

Liqin Wang Engineering Materials 
The Deformation oiTiBljNiAj Composites 

Shiuh-Luen Wang Electrical Engineering 
Physics-Based Modeling of Hot-Electron Effects in Mosfets 

Tien-Chun C. Wang Curriculum and Instruction 

Present and Potential Instructional Use of Computers in Art : A Delphi Study 

James E. Washington Counseling and Personnel Services 

Ann B. Wass Textiles and Consumer Economics 

The Transition from Natural to Synthetic Di/cs in the I9th Century American Textile 


Diane E. Weaver History 

Becoming Real Politicians: Maryland Women and the Expansion of Politics, 1900-1930 

Jian Wei Chemistry 

Studies of Eqiulihrium Properties of Steps and Kinks Using High Resolution LEED 

Joan M. Welker History 
Winegrowers in the Gironde, I870-19M 

Dennis P. Weller Art History 

fan Miense Moleimer (160911610-1668) : A Painter of Messages and Merriment 

Jeffrey F. Werling Economics 

MIDE: A Macroecoiiomic Multisectoral Model of the Spanish Economy 

Sherry J. Wetchler Economics 

Child Support Aivards: Public Preferences, Public Policy, and Government Behavior 

Frederick H. Wilhelm Mathematics 

Gromov-Hausdorff Distance in the Presence of a Lower Curvature Bound 

Elsie A. Williams American Studies 

Jackie Moms Mableif. African American, Woman, Performer 

Rodney G. Williamson Kinesiology 

Nonconscioiis Information Processing: Differences Between Expert and Novice Tennis 


Joanne L. Worfhington Curriculum and Instruction 

A Descriptive Study of Teachers ' Interactive Decision-Making in the Secondary School 

Choral Music Rehearsal 

June Wright Curriculum and Instruction 

An Investigation of the Relationship of Narrative Competence on Four and Five Year Olds 

and Parental Behavior During Book Reading and Replica Play 

Stephanie K. Wright Human Development 

Physiologic and Behavioral Responses of Children to a Stressful Medical Procedure 

Bi-Chu Wu Mechanical Engineering 

Design Optimization of Nonhierarchical Engineering Systems 



O F 




Daoping Wu Linguistics 
Serial Verb Constructions 

Bugao Xu Textiles and Consumer Economics 

The Application of Image Analysis to Textile Materials: Fiber, Carpet and Nonuwen 

Sedigheh Yamini-Roodsari Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

Effect of Carbohydrate Feeding on Bone Parameters and Calcuim Homeostasis in a Type II 

Diabetic Rat Model 

Jeng-Dar Yang Chemical Engineering 

Cell Inactivation by Air Sparging in a Mechanically Agitated Bioreactors 

Rui Yang Electrical Engineering 
Nonholonomic Geometry, Mechanics and Control 

Runhua Yang Meteorology 

The Influence o( Vegetation and Soil Moisture on Surface Weather and Atmospheric 


Melissa F. Yao Government and Politics 
Tlie Dissolution of Voluntary Groups 

Betty J. Yearous Curriculum and Instruction 

The Lmnt m College Calculus: Assessing Student Understanding and Teacher Beliefs 

Xuejun Ying Physics 

Collective Excitations of Wide Parabolic Quantium Wells 

Won J. Yoon Chemical Engineering 

Free Radical Polymenization in a Continuous Filled Tubular Reactor With 

Multifunctional Initiators 

Helene W. Young-Myers Business and Management 

Performance Issues in Shared Memory Multiprocessors: A Study of Database Transitive 
Closure Algorithms 

Marie A. Zannis Health Education 

Health Educators' Use of Microcomputer Technology in Graduate Programs 

Xiaochuan Zhang Government and Politics 

The Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment in China 

Jian Zhou Electrical Engineering 

Optimization Algorithms, with Applications to Engineering Systems Design 

Guang Zhu Chemical Physics 

Brian E. Zimmerman Chemistry 

"The Structures of Light Even-Even Te and Odd-Odd Sb and I Nuclei" 


Norman R. Anderson Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
A Comparison of the College Aspirations and Achievements of Afro-American Secondary 
Students in Rural Somerset County Maryland During Pre-desegregation (2965-69), 
Immediate Desegregation (1971-75), and Later Desegregation (1985-89) Periods 

Maria Bonilla Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 

Perceptions About the Importance of Keyboarding Skills for College Computer Science and 

Business Majors at Inter American University of Puerto Rico 

Vivian B. Ferguson Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
An Assessment of an Information Data Base to Identify Characteristics of Ninth-Grade 
Students Wlio Have the Potential to Become Absentee Students: A Case Study of a 
Mar\/land Suburban School System 

Martha J. Fields Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Determinants of Interagency Coodination in the Implementation of the Infants and 
Toddlers Program in Maryland 

Ardith L. Harle Curriculum and Instruction 

A Description of Peer Support Systems of School Principals m Relation to Tlieir job 

Satisfaction and Feelings of Isolation 

Margarita E. Hodge Curriculum and Instruction 

A Suri'ey of Perceii'ed Common Listening Text Needs in Inter-active and Non-interactive 
Settings for Second Language Listening Instruction in Postsccondary Education 

Linda W. Lymas Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

A Study of the Use of Power Bases by Middle School and High School Principals and Their 
Effect on Teacher Satisfaction 

Rochell Peoples Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Students Enrolled at Maryland's Four Traditionally Black Public Institutions: A 
Comparative Assessment of Their Experiences With Implications for These Institutions 

Gary L. Thrift Education Policy, Planning, andAdministration 

The Degree of Implementation of Middle School Principles m the Baltimore City Public 

Schools as Perceived by Middle School Principals and Team Leaders 

Friedel U. Warner Curriculum and Instruction 

An Action Science Study of Educators Engaged in Learning Model II in a Participatively 

Managed School 

John Williams Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Factors Associated With Fund Raising Success at UNCF Institutions 

William G. Wise Curriculum and Instruction 


A N D I D 

O R 

D U 



Charles H. Atwood Music 
Si7»fii Ckiis Vs. Shtvia Brown 

Donna K. Eastman Music 

Sir Gawaiii and the Green Knight — An Opera in 3 Acts 

Carolyn N. Hague Music 

Tape Dissertation Eugene Hartzell and Balduin Siilzer: Selected Vocal and Chamber 

Works Written in Austria Between WS-Wl 

Pamela J. Jones Music 
The Songs of Luigi Zaninelli 

Kari H. Juusela Music 

Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland: A Oiamber Opera 

Edla J. Stephenson Music 

Cliamher Piece for Indonesian Gamelan Ensemble and Western Instruments 

Julie A. Stone Music 

Shuko Watanabe Music 

A Survc]/ of Japanese Solo Piano Music 


U N I V 

R S I T Y 

O F 

M A R Y L 

N D 

A T 






John Howard Beverly, Jr. 
Pamela Jean Carle 
Marsha LvTine Jenakovich 
Hannah Jopling Kaiser 
Bruce Ray Penner 
Howard Alexander Simister 
Andrea Phyllis Sincoff 


James Lawrence Barrett, Jr. 
John Da\id Bean 
Laurence Frank Caudle 
Anne Halle Dalsheimer 
Andrew Keat\' Dan 
Teena Mae Detwiler 
Bonnie A. DeBold 
Silvia Maria di Paolo 
Kevin Joseph Driscoll 
Carol Anne Gilbert-Arozian 
Michael Scott Goodwin 
Julia Arm Heine 
Shirley May Hoppel 
Ivan Seth Klein 
Joanne Ya-Wen Kuo 
Elizabeth Faulkner Leigh 
Bernard Roger Mallat 
Lisa Jeannine MuUikin 
Dieu Huyen Nguyen 
Peter Vincent Noonan 
Dorothy Dee Rosenberg 
John Joel Sangley 
Robert Neil Schiffman 
Helen Shueh 
Heidi Rebecca Sokol 
Myron L. Ward 


American Studies 

Ellen Roney Hughes 
Kermeth Noah Kraner 
Jane C. Opera 
Michael Gregory Richards 
Jeremy Ritzer 
Jeffrey Allan Rupp 
David Michael Weinstein 
Miriam Lee Weinstein 
Deborah Ann Wood 

Applied Mathematics 

Dong He 

Ariyawansa P. Uleperuma 

David Lindsay 

Jens Markus Melenk 

Ross Mohan 

Ramgopal Nair 

John Bruno Nocito 

Art History 

Lois Anne Berdaus 

Cheryl Beth Cohen 

Henry Duval Gregory V 

Li-Ju Hong 

Markella Constantine Magoulas 

Carolyn WiUiams Mcintosh 

Nancy Ritter Petdgrew 

Norma Mitani Uemura 

Carolyn Holly Wyte 

Mark Francis Zapatka 


Michael Hugh Blaine 
Christine Lynette Brogan 
John Michael Cuck 
Patricia Ann Symonies 
Donald Lance Wallace 

Combined History/Library 
and Information Services 

Hope Renae Nisly 

Comparative Literature 

Sally A. Hammouda 
Dragana P. Perovic 


N D I 

O R 

D U 

Counseling and Personnel 

Sharon Marie Aceti 
Susan Mason Crawford 
Daryl Christopher Davis 
Carol Sue DeVault 
Jairo Nelson Fuertes 
Mary Ann Greely 
Lori Ann Hartley 
Stefan Richard Koppi 
Patricia Ann Lewis 
Nestor Ricardo Mantilla 
Emily Elizabeth Marsh 
Colleen Lee McCleary 
Cynthia Michelle Moore 
Lisa Renee Nickle 
Denise Marie Rugani 
David Hyde Ryland 
Angela Ellen Scott 
Jane Emily Shore 
Nancy Lynn Snyder 
Amy Celine Surette 
Rhondie L. Voorhees 
Joan Weintraub 
Joyce Anita Williams 
Arlene Shapiro Wiseth 

Criminal Justice and 

Christina Ruth DeJong 
Barbara Michelle Hanbury 
Ann Marie Hill 
Karla Hoffman 
Christopher Sean Koper 
Richard Alan Lewis 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Barbara Jean Bensur 
Jessica Michele Friedman 
Susan McCurdy Hendricks 
Veena Kaul 
Lori Linthicum Sides 
Gary Phillip Smith 


Christopher Harris Bartlett 
Barry Bernard Brewer 
Wen-Chun Chang 
David Albert Latzko 

Qiang Ma 
Dragan Petrovic 
Sheila Sankaran 
Nathalie Berthe Simon 
Blake Duane Sorem 
Jia-Qi Xu 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Anne Wallace Altizer 
Margaret Conley Hess 
Jeffrey Thomas Kenney 
Ehzabeth Lander Medlin 
Robert Anthony Ramin 

English Language and 

David Anthony Adelman 
Kathleen Marie Anguish 
Jennifer Louise Bacon 
Christina Marie Beckwith 
Christina Lynn Bell 
Steven Brian Canaday 
Sean Michael Carton 
Ursula Stephanie Daniels 
Lori Sylvia Dinkins 
Linda Louise Dove 
William T. FitzGerald 
Thomas Charles Gill 
Christina Eleanor Godlewski 
Mary Frances Goralski 
Sharon Elizabeth Groves 
Melissa Sue Hill 
Deirdre Mariette Kane 
James Alan Keller 
Karen Elaine Kupka 
Stephanie A. MacMillan 
Brendan Paul McDonnell 
Michelle Christina McGinnies 
Glenn Walker Moomau 
Jerome Hunter Nash 
Karen Lynn Nelson 
Mary Noel 

Claire Corcoran Pettengill 
Joseph Anthony Pilaro 
Elizabeth Anne Rockman 
Francis Timothy Ruppel 
Jennifer Lynne Rush 
Eric Lane Sarlin 

Andrea Helene Scopelitis 
Eleanor F. Shevhn 
Sherry Aleta Weaver 
Adrienne Courtney Willis-Dorsey 


David Michael Bois 
Lynda Lee Downs 
Walter Johan Fijn 
Linda Lee Kravitz 
Mary Jane Preston 
Lara Prihodko 
Herbert Andrew Rieger 
Jay Howard Varner 
John Keith Wallace 

German Language and 

LesLee Michele Clauson 
Kate Hammerstein 
Kristine Heidi Homer 
Phoenix F.H. Liu 
Mark Mulligan 

Government and Politics 

Ermias Abebe 
Monica Ann Bramlish 
Douglas Max Brattebo 
Susan Shu-Ting Chen 
James L. Davis 
Keith Langford Dougherty 
Anthony William Kramer 
Richard Evan Mattersdorff 
Lauren Alexandra McDonald 
Patricia Ann Morris 
Joseph E. Naftzinger 
Christl Rikka Perkins 
Bruce Hampton Prater 
Marwan Ghaleh Samnian 
Yin Shen 

Health Education 

Teresa Ellen Downs 
Kelly Lynn Gary-Line 
Alan D. Goldberg 
Maria Eulalia Hernandez 
Nora Lerdau Howley 
Gayle Banks Jones 
Nancy Atkinson Meyer 

Nita A. Page Daves 
Christine Marie Rozanski 
Laura Mygatt Sharon 
Lauretta Alice Stinson 

Hearing and Speech 

Mar)' S. Beers 
Gwynn EUyn Davies 
Kathryn M. Ayala Dow 
Helen Catherine Gallagher 
Paige Lee Gardner 
Louise Anne Gunter 
Rexine Annette Hoes 
Rebecca Lynn Jahed 
Kathleen Marie Kelly 
Tamara Fern Podolsky 
Margaret Anne Pohutsky 
Usha Ramkumar 
Mia Ann Serritella 
Lisa Parris Soslow 
Lynnley Elizabeth Wilson 
Samia Carmen Zarour 


Sara Elizabeth Alexander 
WiUiam George Bixby 
Nancy Lynn Bowman 
William Steven Brohawn 
Denise Zara Davidson 
Bruce William Eelman 
Thomas Edward Eisinger 
Diane Elizabeth Gerard 
Walter Webb Hawthorne III 
David L. Hostetter 
Richard Matthew Ives 
Anita Kassof 
Patrick Thomas Kelleher 
Richard Love 
Nvurka Ivelisse Morales 
Yuka Moriguchi 
Isabel Maria Nogueira 
Paula O'Connor 
Jonathan Brewster Parker 
Matthew Harry Parker 
Lawrence A. Peskin 
David Bruce Pieart 
Douglas Eugene Pielmeier 
Daniel Ian Sheff 



O F 


A T 



Kimberley Anne Theobald 
Edmund F. Wehrle 
Christian F. Wortman 
Zhiguo Yang 

Human Development 

Evelyn Natalie Block 
Janine Smith Ingram 
Rhonda Adele Jones 
Crystal Yvonne McClendon 

Industrial. Technological and 
Occcupational Education 

ChukiNoiemeke Augustine Ohanwusi 

David Jeremy Rudel 



David L. Abels 

Eric Andrew Badertscher 

Ana Arias Barber 

Daniel James Bums 

Virginia Younghee Cha 

Mildred Louise Charley 

Fang-Ju Chen 

Shie-Li Chen 

Arma Lucille Cherry 

Monica Antonette Coates 

Tracy Kirk Davis 

Jocelyn Mann Denver 

Leila Marie Fiester 

Mami Jill Finkelstein 

Juliet Nicole Gilliam 

Jennifer Ann Golub 

Jonathan Scott Greene 

Nicole Maria Gudzowsky 

Tracy Margaret Hassan 

Lawrence Bruce Hodges 

Roberta Carol Hoxie 

Jin Huang 

Jolene Margarite Stephenson Ivey 

Jeffrey Howard Johnson 

Michael James Lapinski 

Min-ni Daphne Liu 

Ra\'Tnond Augustus-Martin 


Glenn Arlan McMahan 

Maithily A. Nandedkar 

Vicki Susan Nordstrom 
Dean James Patterson 
Judith Ann Peasy 
Melody Lynn Petersen 
Mary-Jo Povisil 
Encamacion Lacalle Pyle 
Beverly Jean Rumble 
Farah M. Safiuddin 
Mark Hillel Samisch 
Ana Luz Segarra 
Leah Eve Silberstein 
David Jonathan Sokolik 
Michael Menzies Taylor 
Karen Nicole Vaucrosson 
Setsuko Yamashita 
Mei-ling Yang 


Diane Ruth Baker 

Cassandra Ann Blanchard 

Patricia CanoU 

Nancy A. Chappel 

Shawn Michael Flyrm 

Rhonda S. Giles 

Cynthia L. Girouard 

Beverly Christine Green 

John Christopher Jamison 

Manshik Kim 

Albert James Krotz 

Jean Monica Wallace Libutti 

Debra V. Lindner 

Kellisue Loftus 

Lisa Diane Muga\'ero 

Robert Stanley Nelligan, Jr. 

Eric Michael Pfeifer 

Kellie Ann Schindel 

Richard J. Seibert 

Steve A. Siders 

Nadine Susan Taylor-Tolbert 

Melinda Renee Whetstone 


Jefferi' David Martin 

IVIathematical Statistics 

Daniel Xax'ier Gilroy 
Paul Robert Harris 


Michael Patrick Hernandez 
Susan Eileen Junghans 
Alan Jay Laing 
Ayse Arzu Sahin 
William Alexander Smyth 
Marilyn Jean Timmel 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Carl Linvvood Baskerville 
CarolsTi Ada Laney 
Ting-Hsiang Lin 
Douglas Alan Powell 
Rhonda Stanerson Sebastian 


Fredenck Rains Hickok 
Dav'id Reisman 
Aviezer M. Tucker 


Ahin Nemeno Alvarez 

Lisa Marie Anllo 

Carol Lee Bartels 

Anne Ellem Brodsky 

Maureen Mar\' Corbett 

Roberta Anne Diemer 

Efrat Elron 

Mary Jo Elizabeth Flaherty 

Jennifer Aldrene Holke 

Karen Nancy Lindgren 

AUcia Ann Lucksted 

Scot William McNary 

Marie Lucia Miville 

Lisa J. Murphy 

Kathryn Arlene Niles-Jolly 

Katherine Alexandra Noonan 

Laura Lee Rawnsley 

Beth Sperber Richie 

Jill Marie Scarpellini 

Peter Matthew Selby 

Dominicus Wai-Hung So 

Beth Suzette Warner 

Kenneth Paul Yusko 

Radio, Television and Film 

Bradley Stephen Boeke 
Pamala Suzette Deane 
Thomas Mark Franklin 
Hsiao-Hui Ho 
Deborah L\Tiette Holt 
Tara Yvonne Jones 
Yun-Ju Tai 
Yihung Tao 

Kevin Anthony Wyrauch 
Mingyu Yang 


Karen Elizabeth Andres 
William Delmer Cox 
Brent Allen Flvnn 
Jeffrey Colin Gardner 
Stephanie Elois Gibson 
Siobhan Halmos 
Laura Lvnn Hersey 
John C. Klaus 
Scott Andrew Peckins 
Amy Lynn Randolph 
Nina Suzanne Roberts 
Legnaly Villafane 

Russian Language and 

Anna-Gabriela Pibemaf Garcia 


Donna Tanya Abrams 
DaWd Andrew Cotter 
JoAnn M. DeFiore 
Sean A. Donaldson 
Laurie J. Francis 
Tomas Alberto Henao 
Joan Mary Hermsen 
Yuko Kovama 
Sheng-Che Kuo 
Kathleen Susan Little 
Brenda Lee Marsteller 
Gladys M. Martinez 
Jennifer Marie Rothgeb 
Xiaohong Xu 


N D I D 

O R 

D U 


Spanish Language and 

Jose Alberto Bravo-de-Rueda 
Alvaro Cano 
Lisa Jo Finstrom 
Cora Gabriela Lagos 
Luis Fernando Restrepo 

Special Education 

Suneeta G. jagtiani 
Melissa Sue Sexton 

Speech Communication 

Eric Mitchell Fife 
Kathryn A. Heinbaugh 
Robin J. Landis 
Susan Elizabeth McCreevy 
William Lawrence Primavera 
Mary Margaret Wozny 


Isis B. Pagan-Pena 
Eric Damon Tweed 

Urban Studies 

Mark David Baskin 
William J. Haas 
Terry Marie Hebert 
Trudy Lindsey 
Slade Shannon McCalip 
Kristine K. Thompson 
Xiao Zhang 




Michelle Teresa Allison 
Zeus Castro Araquel 
Amity Arora 
Stephanie Baker 
Douglas Christopher Banez 
Carlos Florencio Bello 
Marianne Canedo Bohr 
Cynthia Beatrice Bosnian 
Paul Michael Brock, Jr. 
Thomas Wesley Brooks 
Timothy John Richard Burkett 
Helen Kathleen Busch 
Rina Calderon 
Joan Ann Cezair 
Wei-Ru Chen 
Chloe Shiuru Chien 
Shu-Shan Chien 
Musa S. A. Collidge 
Junior Linloy Cox 
Daniel Andrew Cronin 
Peter Ryan Culpepper 
Laurel Anne Davis 
Elizabeth delCasHllo 
Adam M. Derechin 
Janet Lynn Dolansky 
Matthew Michael Dorman 
Michael Lee Dorsey 
James L. Duffy 
Victor Daniel Dvmy 
Craig Falk 
Harold Tei Fayorsey 
David Bruce Ferguson 
Anthony Wilson Flake 
Keith Copeland Fleming 
John Reden Franklin 
Naoko Fukunaga 
James Edward Gibson 
Alan Russell Clock 
Marca Jeanne Grattet 
W)Tine Jennifer Griffith 
Lorna Marie Gross 
Sandra Lynne Hamorsky 

David Berkley Hayes 
Karl Patrick Hicks 
Ronald E. Holtz 
Abraham Rami Holtzman 
Juihng Hu 
Tan Wen David Hu 
Linda A. Isaman 
Timothy Darwin Johnson 
Brian Hunter Johnston 
Shaunak Bhagvant Kapadia 
Elizabeth Sunmi Kim 
Kathleen Kirlik 
Robert Randall Klein 
JoJin Andrew Kramer 
Douglas Lee Kruse 
Kit-Fong Leong 
James Levitan 
Amy Pinsker Levitt 
Carol Patricia LeBlanc 
Lawrence David Mandes 
Marvin Marcel Martin 
Amy E. Marx 
Philip James Masiello 
Michael LaviTence Mayer 
F. David Meehan 
Mary Blackwell Meigs 
Lisa Aliice Miller 
Robert Joseph Montenegro 
Todd Edward Moore 
Natalie Patrice Morehead 
Gregory William Morrow 
Benjamin Byrd Newsom, Jr. 
Michael Steven Palgon 
Brian Michael Penn 
Mark E. Pollan 
Julia Kanthilatha Rao 
Amir Raza 
Eric Alan Rosenberg 
Jennifer Lynn Rudibaugh 
Charles Ronald Rumfola 
Kurt Robert Schlimme 
Mary Christine Schultze 
Miles Paul Shore 
Scott James Simpson 
Pavinee Sittivaekin 
Dominique Blandine Smith 
Ricardo Wendell Smith 
William Edward Steele 
Helen Elizabeth Stephens 

Deanne Marie Stevens 
Masao Tanaka 
AH Tezolmez 
Patrick William Toomey 
Hande Sencer Uysal 
Bernard R. Venson II 
Wendy Robin Vermut 
Andrew Daniel Waller 
Jan Lynn Weiss 
Charles E. Westberg, Jr. 
Thomas Wright Wills 
Ceres A. Wood 
Eric Lawrence Woods 
Shih-Yih Yen 

Combined Business 



Kawlka Mikaele Ka'imikukui Daguio 

Combined Law/Business 

Eric Steven Lustig 



Sharon Theresa Bauer 
Kevin Nelson Baynes 
Kwasi Bosompem 
Lilah Haxton 
Ruth Virginia Lampi 
Margi Ellen Maseritz 
Harriet Anike Nokuri 
Tammye Annette Rey 
Jacob L. Richardson III 
Nicholas Paul Sussillo 
David Lloyd Vaughn 
David S. Wessel 
Theodore Donald Wimberlv 



O F 


A T 




Counseling and Personnel 

Dehra Lvnn Anderson 
Brenda Allyn Aswall 
Nancy Elizabeth Averill 
Paula S. Bowling 
Cindy Irene Campbell 
Allison Proctor Daughtridge 
Erika Suzanne Doring 
Thomas F. Duetsch, Jr. 
Brenda Kay Duncan 
Michele T. Estep 
Jill B. France 
Sharon A. Frey 
Stacey Dianne Grabman 
Megan Brady Hartin 
Allison Beth Herstein 
Diana M. Hoover 
Jesse Frank Hudson 
Daphne Yvette Knight 
Lisa Ann Kroner 
Miriam Juanita Langa 
Diane Marie Loomis 
Theresa Ann Messenger 
Alethia Nadine Nancoo 
Robert Gordon Nedwich 
Gretchen Mari Neeley 
Anna Maria O'Shea-Smith 
Vemita Floretta Parker 
Pamela S. Powers 
Jennifer Story Scott 
Kelly Elizabeth Shanks 
Greg K. Smith 
Heather A. Stein 
Katherine E. Lovell Stinson 
Christopher Clair Van Inwagen 
Sharon L. Vincent 
Scott Douglas Young 
Christine K. Zarkos 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Anne Marie Baldini 

Ann Bauman 

Dale E. Boger 

Maria Florence Bovello 

James Richard Carpenter 

Joyce Chia-Hsien Chou 

Ann Marie Coulboume 

Gail Balentine Dufek 

Shu-Chen Fang 

Sherry True Fletcher 

Elizabeth Johanna Gerritsen 

Tamara Lopez Gregg 

Karen Louise Gutekunst 

Krista Elizabeth Johnson 

Laurell Sue Leith 

Virginia Rand Pass 

Doris Rogenski Schevani Pereira 

David Robert Reynolds 

Jennifer Lyn Robinson 

Carol Rohledo 

Debra Carter Simpson 

Cheryl Ruth Stewart-McCaffrey 

Megan Ann Elizabeth Thanner 

Nadine C. Wersing 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Jeffrey Samuel Bloomberg 
Betty Louise Blum 
Sonia Kristi Coleman 
Mary Margaret Dammeyer 
Linwood Joseph Heath 
Tamera Addenbrook Sherr 
Carol Ann Zimmerman 

Human Development 

Susan Marie Boyd 

Mary Catherine Hasemeier 

Susan Forney McAleer 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Michael Meredith 
Martin E. Nelson, Jr. 

Special Education 

Eleanora Yewell Buchheister 
Jill Sharon Buchholz 

Gloria Lynn Cottman 
Marissa Paula Gonsalves 
William Luther Jett 
Erin Michelle Kendrick 
Renee Cherie Lagarde 
Lori Ann Luebkert 
Lisa Thomas McQueen 
Robin Meiners 
Roseann Newell 
Mary Dolores Pachulski 
Bonnie Jean Petrarca 
Marjorie Morris Pomeroy 
Marjorie C. Schwartzberg 
Joan Maria Sheldon 
Maris Anne Spiessbach 
Heather Bonnington Termine 
Stacy A. Weiner 
Vanessa Marie Wilson 
Patience Wells Windsor 


Creative Writing 

Kathleen Hope Berotti 

Stephanie Elizabeth Buchanan 

James H. Buck 

William Philip Farmer 

Terrence Edward Fischer 

Amy R. Gibson 

Bruce Douglas MacKinnon 

Mary E. McGrath 

Sandra Lynn Moser 

Melissa Jo Sites 

C. Jenise Williamson 

Fine Arts 

Lorraine Carol Aldridge-Ey 
Doris Louise Aufschlager 
Eric Wendel Hunter 
Enrique Jaramillo 
Kathleen Onofrio 


Mali Bawa 

Mireille Lellouche Key 


Combined History/Library 
and Information Services 

Hope Renae Nisly 
Steven John Russ 
Paul Madison Wester, Jr. 

Library and Information 

Robin P. Albert 

Paul Bary 

Deborah Ellen Bastacky 

Carol Ann Bean 

Paula M. Bradstock 

Elaine Margot Brand 

Linda Anne Brooks 

Pauline S. Buhl 

David T. Burall 

Hayley Horn Chamey 

Chen-Fei Chen 

Madeline Ann Crisci 

Stacy Leigh DeCoste 

Joan de Graaff 

Josephine Bennett Domingues 

Diana Linn Frazier 

Mary Jane C. Frowert 

Sharon Lynn Furst 

Joseph Leo Grabenstein 

Jongseon Han 

Steven Reed Heinold 

Michele Levine Hoffman 

Arlene Virginia Howard 

Mu-hsuan Huang 

Whei-Ju Huang 

Kathleen Parker Hutton 

Beryl Jeannine Johnson 

Jermifer Gordon Kusmik 

Li-Hsiang Lai 

Evelyn Catherine Larsen 

Ling-Ling Li 

Constance Elizabeth Manwell 

Eugene Edmond Matysek, Jr. 


D 1 

O R 

D U 

Lynn Paige Meininger 

Evelyn C. Moessinger 

Allison Smith Mulligan 

Kenneth Joseph Nierwienski 

Scotti Longan Oliver 

Cynthia Winfield Pierce 

La Von Duddleson Proufy 

Dolores Ann Raff 

Stuart Ragland III 

Susanne Luise Maennik Ridenour 

Julia Ashley Robinson 

Mary Elizabeth Rude 

William Thomas Ryan 

Teresa Ann Sample 

Beth Webber Schmelzer 

Christel Vonderscheer Scott 

Steven David Shapiro 

Gregory Dale Shinsky 

Marie-Denise Simms 

Barbara Olmstead Stommel 

Shueh-Hui Su 

Lucy Wise Thrasher 

Yi-Wen Tseng 

Kathleen Ventre 

Sharon Beth Vicoli 

Alesia Scott Walker 

Elizabeth Jean Wetzel 

Hilary Anderson Whitehill 

John A. Winterson 

Whai-Jy Irene Wu 



Wendy Anne Anderson 

Shu-ling Chen 

Linda Louise Eagleson 

Lisa Ann Erickson 

Michele Marlow Giovannini 

Yoshinori Hosaka 

Melanie Louise Latzko 

Thomas Vincent Licata 

Thomas Alan Maurice 

Marie Elena Michalopoulos-Warren 

Judith Conner Olbrych 

Samantha Jane Phillips 
Harold Eugene Riley, Jr. 
Karla P. Scott 
Claudia Anni Stalh 
Donald Franklyn Stapleson 
Ilpo Tapio Suikkanen 
Marvin Elieser Suson 
Barry C. Trent 
Ann Ellsworth Walker 
Dana Lee Warren 
Hsiu-Chen Yu 




Combined Business 



Kawika Mikaele Ka'imikukui Daguio 

Public IVIanagement 

Penny Ann Berrier 
John Peter Hausoul 
Peter Karl Bailey 
Lisa Ann Calise 
Debra J. Cammer 
Michael James Carlson 
Sean Shannon Engle 
Karen Elizabeth Hoehn 
Rita Ann Hughes 
David Glenn Johnson 
Christina Maria Kolbjornsen 
William Franklin Mabe, Jr. 
Andrew Frerichs Maddox 
LaDonna Maria Mason 
Mary Madeline Murphy 
Adelita Sophia Orefice 
Jeffrey Dennis Philippart 
Ronald Alan Ray 
Bryan David Sakolsky 
Leslie Ellen Schafer 
Robin Leigh Snyder-Maples 
Thomas Christian Snyder 
Dean Richard Thompson 

Aaron Bernard Watkins 
Gordon Keith Watts 
Todd Matthew Wilde 


Sondra Denise Battle 
Jayne Galbraith Bourke 
J. Noah Brown 
Kathleen Avis Crawford 
Philip A. DuBois 
Jeffrey Charles Erickson 
Carolyn Crutchfield Johnson 
Ruth Anne King 
Charles John Riggle 
Michelle Elizabeth Long Seith 
Edward Russell Simms 
Linda Ann Stewart 
Douglas Michael Vitagliano 
Branco Vlacich 


Aerospace Engineering 

David Rice Arterburn 
Steven Barron Brooks 
David Jonathan Debrestian 
Farhan S. Gandhi 
Kevin Leath 
Eric Samuel Lester, Jr. 
Judah Henry Milgram 
Moghen M. Monahemi 
Joseph Orso 
Pierre- Yves Ouillet 
Pascal Picavet 
Nicholas G. Stamatakos 
Naruhisa Takashima 
Peggy Lea Toot 
Stephen Richard Tumour 
Reginald Guy Williams 

Agricultural and Extension 

James Harding Baird 
Donald Byrd Marston, Jr. 
Maria Cristina Oliveira Veloso 

Agricultural Engineering 

Jung Duck So 

Olayinka Abiola Williams 


Bruce Bowden Bagley 
Susan Lamb Davis 
James William Lewis, Jr. 
Genevieve Mukaperezida 
Paul Richard Shipley 
David Russell Walker 

Animal Sciences 

Laura Essary Gill 
Celia Noelle Hambleton 
Damon Anthony Job 
Kathryn Frances Valente 


Tamara Toby Heifer 


Martha L. LigOn 


Keight Uhuru Luyegu 

Business and Management 

Charies Scott Lambert 
Anant Preet Singh 
Airton Jose Teixeira 

Chemical Engineering 

Annette Darleen Billman 

Leslie Bernard Carroll II 

Lo-Min Liu 

Scott J. MacGregor 

Suzanne Edna Prickett 

Chi-Tai Yang 

Ning Zhang 

Chemical Physics 

Melody Avery Owens 



O F 


A T 




Elizabeth Ann Cox 
Shengjun Wang 

Civil Engineering 

Hasib Ajaz 

Myrofora Anastasi 

Quazi Anwar Ban 

David Christopher Barrv 

Cairole Lynn Bernstein 

Alok Bhardwaj 

Vivek Kishore Bhatnagar 

John Aman Blanchard 

Charles Kwasi Boateng-Addai 

Hsiao-Lun Peter Chang 

Pi-Jung Chang 

Mohammad Safdar Chishty 

Chi- Yuan C. Chu 

Yen Chuang 

Obiora Samuel Chukuka 

Richard David Cook 

Kenneth Edward Derrenbacher 

Jeffrey Dean Draper 

Yazdan Emrani 

Vijayagopala K.N. Gupta 

Rabih Haj-Najib 

Roger William Harte 

Joseph L. Hartmann 

Pamela Powell Kenel 

James Joseph Kilgallen 

Satit Kitsurachai 

Satgur Singh Klar 

Hsueh-Fen Sharon Kuo 

Delayne Robert Lange 

Stephen Eugene Leatherman 

David Matthew Levinson 

Brian Joseph McKenna 

Matthew McNan,' Miller 

Matthew Alexander Miltenberger 

Ravi Kiran Nangunoori 

Kellis Le\'on Nobles 

Hitendra K. Patel 

Christian Guy Prescott 

Kenneth Raymer Roberts 

Steven Mark Rochon 

Sonal Paresh Sanghavi 

Arif Shaikh 

Nikhil Madhu Shirodkar 

M. Heather Shivdasani 

Inderbir Singh 

Thavaputhiran Sivapalan 

Da\-id B. Smyth 

Jiangeng Song 

Kanathur Narasimhamurthy 


Lance Edwin Traver 

Alfred Obiora Uzokwe 

Linden E. Walters 

Lawrence Ross Chaim Washer 

William Jackson Wright 

Computer Science 

Garth Stanley Barbour 

Jeffrey A. Bastow 

Pravin Bhagwat 

Scott Ian Blanksfeen 

Udayan Narayan Borkar 

Hsiang-ti Chang 

Chen Chen 

Peter Da\id Cucka 

Ross David Emery 

Erik Gerhard Hoel 

Shyh-In Hwang 

Patchanee Ittarat 

Barrv Allen James 

Brian Patrick Kettler 

Zahidul Alam Khandaker 

Dennis Kah-Yuk Lee 

Ningda Rorry Li 

Xiangjun Liu 

Michael Jonathan Otterman 

Sunil Paliwal 

George Panagopoulos 

Ping Li Pang 

Richard Lee Potter 

Debanjan Saha 

Carolyn Scott 

Sheiyao Augustine Su 

Cem Tanyel 

William Macklin Thomas 

Cynthia Lynn Woods 

Tianxiong Xue 

Electrical Engineering 

Scott Bradley Abbott 
Amr E. Abdelmonem 
Scott Evan Anderson 
Savitha Balakrishnan 

Cecil S. Christie 

Jin-Bor Chuang 

Hung-yi Chuchen 

Ali Mohamed Darwish 

AmeUa Icaranom de la Rosa 

Vishwas C. Deshpande 

Mark Edward DeSilets 

Shing Fung 

Shan Gao 

Nitin Kumar Garg 

Joseph Atilla Gregor 

Reginald E. Harrison 

Peter John Schultz Heim 

Jean Marie Huber 

Sali! Vijay Joshi 

Suryakumar V. Josyula 

Madhusudhan Rao Kadari 

Vivek Khuller 

Taihvun Kim 

Ut-Va Koc 

Ravikanth Kodali 


Pei-Yu Lee 

Ming Lu 

James Patrick Lynch 

Michael Eugene Lynch 

Daryl James Marvin 

Sanjay Mishra 

Devaloy Muniz 

Sanjeev Munjal 

Ahsun Humayun Murad 

Chandrasekhar Nagasundaram 

Srinivas Nagulapalli 

Narasimha K. Nayak 

Osamu Otani 

Vinod G.J. Peris 

Hanif Perwad 

Manikamika Ramanujan 

Kartik Ramaswamy 

Dayid Vincent Roderick 

Uday Shankar VS. 

Ranjeev Kumar Singh 

Surinder P. Singh 

Alan Roy Soudakoff 

Deepak Srinivasan 

K.P. Sunil 

Jason Cheng-Lun Tsai 

Elizabeth Carlson Wilcher 

Frederick Charles Wire 

Steven Christopher Wifczak 
Gregory Jon Wolodkin 
An-Yeu Wu 
Hirad Yazdankhah 
Terence Ky-Lipp Yee 
Yu-Neng Yeh 
Lily H. Zhu 

Engineering Materials 

Daniel Thomas Brower 
Prasad Chaparala 
Raghuveer Vankayala Gupta 
Aashish Sidharth Nanavaty 
Elaine C. Soltani 


Brenda Carol Bull 
Gustavo Hormiga 

Family and Community 

Ann Arlene Battle 
Lori Lanette Brooks 
Susan H. Carruthers 
Michelle L. Clossick 
Gladys W. Considine 
Patricio Eltit Cumsille 
Kathryn Ann Derse 
Joanna Marie DeWolfe 
Anne E. Groves 
Thomas Russel Hoover 
Karin Elisabeth Malm 
Annette Marie Northan 
William Francis Northey, Jr. 
Huei-Na Su 

Aviva Simcha Fox Tessler 
M\Ta Jean Waters 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Daniel Madrzykowski 
Daniel James O'Connor 
Randall James Shearman 

Food Science 

Marilvn Jane McGrath 
Denise Trainer 
Maria M. Wallack 


D i D 


O R 

D U 



Cheryl Hapke Petrina 


Derong Liu 
Lenore Jane Nash 
Michael David Reinsel 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Rebecca Diamond 
Gloria Fidalgo Cordova 
Kelly Patricia Fowler 
Heather Jean Grant 
Carol Susan Impara 
Elisabeth C. Jurgens 
Mary Teresa Kane 
Susan Kay Kramlik 
Jane Patricia Morgan 
S. Joan Rourke 
Kathleen Ann Ruben 
Seppideh Sami 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

John Arthur Ahola 
Ronald D. Anderson 
Elizabeth Lenore Bettendorf 
Katrin Rose Bockstahler 
Anne Casey 
Rachel Donham 
Shinichi Endo 
Kimberly Morgan Fluetsch 
Gina Lynn Galimberti 
Neil Jay Greenberg 
Philippe Francois Hensel 
Josie S.T. Klapper 
William Ahlering Kuhn 
Robert Gerard Lindgren 
Deborah Jean Morrin 
Erik Michael Smith 
Richard Lee Takacs 
Michael Rene Williams 

Mechanical Engineering 

Zeynab Abdullahi 
Ajit Gabriel Ariyanayagam 
Ajay Kumar Arora 
Sudha Balakrishnan 

Jie Chen 

Yin-Hsin Chen 

James H. Conner 

David Frederick Fordyce 

Xiaovu He 

Craig William Higgins 

Hsiang-Fu Hsieh 

Feng Huang 

Scott David Johnson 

Govinda Raju Khanchustambham 

Amy jean Kinsey 

Benjamin Chaoning Liu 

Yu-Lung Lo 

Janet Hurst Lockerby 

Robert Lotkowictz 

Craig Howard McCordic 

Srinivas Nagendra Mogalapalli 

Farukh Navaid 

Mark Andrew Neuman 

Manuel Dejesus Oliva 

Chandrasekhar Pusarla 

Howard James Rathbun 

Timothy David Smith 

Barry Dean St. Pierre 

Patricia Julia Fonseca Turner 

Shailendra Verma 

Kai Wang 

Lie Wang 

Lawrence Andrew Wilson 

Boping Xie 

Wei Ye 

Jianjun Zhang 

Zhan Zhang 


Christopher Allen Frye 
Benjamin Paul Kirtman 
Yuhe Liu 
Jianping Mao 
Paulo Nobre 
Peitao Peng 
C. Adam Schlosser 
Zengxi Zhou 


Mohammad K. Ahmad 
Ositadinma Ogugua Opara 
Elizabeth Lee Read-Connole 

Nuclear Engineering 

Mohammad Ahsan Farooqi 


Dong Chen 
Myunggyu Kim 
Robert Lahmann 
Zhaoyu Liu 

William Drewery Malone 
Raymond Carl Nelson 
Paula Ann Sydenstricker 
Douglas Howard Williams 

Poultry Science 

Gregory Scott Fraley 
Thomas Seyliard Hammack 
Michael Douglas Kreger 
Katherine Patricia Weld 
Clarence Alvin White 

Reliability Engineering 

Frederick Danzy 
Patrick Robert Hoff 
Yun Huang 
Jose Cyrano Ruiz 
Farzaneh M. Tafreshi 

Systems Engineering 

Harold Lloyd Arnold, Jr. 
Timothy I. McDougall 

Textiles and Consumer 

Vishvaroop Agarwal 

Susan Schurig Bowman 

Lesley-Alicia Bernadette Delahunty 

Lisa Marie Heidel 

Thomas Patrick Keane 

Susan Downs Reed 

Stacy Louise Smirlock 

Claire Louisa Sudassy 

Liping Margaret Zhang 


Janet S.Y. Chang 
Jennifer Sue Hayes 
Paul James Hubbard, Jr. 
Patrick Douglas Lorch 
Sarah Elizabeth Mabey 
Michael Frederic Morton 
Joy Ann Williams 


Advanced Graduate 

Jennifer Ridgely DuLaney 
Mary Ann Greely 
Colleen Lee McCleary 
Cynthia Michelle Moore 
Arlene Shapiro Wiseth 


Master's Level 

Gladys W. Considine 
Nita A. Page Daves 
Margaret E. Downey 

Historic Preservation 

John W. Bauckman 
William J. Haas 



O F 


A T 









n i 

'•^^■•V ifi If 1 

1 J y 1^1 ? 


Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Samson Adedayo Adegbile 
Benedict Amelia, Jr. 
Christopher Lee Banko 
Jennifer Lynn Beasley 
§ John Leo Bishow 
Shantel Renee Brown 
Duane Edward Browning 
Carlos Max Cells 
Kathleen Custer 
Rafael Luis Diaz 
Richard Grainger Edmunds 
Santo Giordano 
William Calvin Grav 111 
Stephen William Heineman 
Karl Robert Baron Heiser 
Pamela Anne Hochhalter 
Dean Patrick Hof 
Daniel R. Howland 
Brenda Sue Irwin 
Narendra Natha Jha 
Jarrett Anthony Johnson 
Joshua Leon Kelly 
Pamela Ajuandem Khumbah 
Lisa Andrea Marder 
Mary Elizabeth McDonald 
Christopher Steven Miller 
Pamela Marie Millner 
Michele Jeanette Minogue 
James Stanley Nastek 
Carol E. O'Hara 
Deepa Patel 
Kevin Gerard Perlstein 
Simon Njaka Randrianarivelo 
Donald Lee Rathmell, Jr. 
Amy Martina Reidy 
Dwayne Marcellus Ross 
Gina Teresita Sagnay 
James Edward Sandwisch 
Tiffany Mia Scott 
Jennifer Lyn Stembridge 


Edmenson Louis Suggs 
Suzanne Elizabeth Swab 
Brian Alan Traub 
Luis R. Vallecillo 
Raja T. Wahie 
Timothy Abel Walker 
Robert Andrew Warner 
Samer Antoine Zelof 

Animal Sciences 

C. Chris Barnett 

Curtis Andrew Baughman, Jr. 
+ Melody Marlaine Billingham 
+ Kathleen Robinson El Said 

Sherryl Ann Fetter 

W. Colin Judge 

Alison Mary Martini 

Elizabeth Cecilia Miller 

Natalie Christina Morris 

Combined Agri-Veterinary 

Trisha Elaine Marsh 
§ Lora Jean Stahl 
* Steven Daniel Thaver 

Conservation Soil, Water and 

Christme Anita Coffin 
Eddie Vernon Franceschi 
Michael Thomas Kozak 
Thomas Meixner 
2nd Degree: History 

Crop Science 

Ethiopia Desalegne Beshah 
William Courtney Craft 
Jon Burdette Sewell 

General Agriculture 

Gordon Wallace Trabue 


Robert Ernest Beal 
Jane Christina Dahl 
Theresa R. George 
Catherine Annette Hoffman 
Katherine Marv Jennings 
Edward Emil Kaloc 

§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magna cum Laude 

• cum Laude 





David Scott King 
John David Kokoski 
William Henry Phillips U 
Maria Elena Ramos 
Timothy M. Wild 

Natural Resources 

Michael Andrew Callahan 

* William Paul Crum 
Janet Marie Depew 
Michael Joseph Farley 

§ Leyla Emine Lange 
Peter Ian May 
Adam David Rottman 

* Kirsten Marie Sanda 
Betsy Silver 

Erik Charles Stone 

Phong Lap Trieu 

Paul Joseph Truntich, Jr. 

* Michael Bryan Whitt 
Jeffrey P. Zahn 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

Michael Donald Augustin 


Bachelor of Science 


Jose Maria Arriola 
§ Kevin Paul Bergeron 

Konial Bhatia 

Patrick Rajkay Blevins 

Stacie Jean Broadwater 

Robert Jay Brody 

Evan Ari Bronstein 

Eric Robert Carle 

Eun-Kyu Thomas Cha 

Craig S. Compton 

Raymond Clarke Finger 

Brennan James Garrett 
• Margaret Hartley Gervasi 

§ Sumnm cum Ijiude 
f Magna cum Lande 
* cum Laude 

Stacie Kav Hahn 

Rachel Lea Halpern 

Kenton Stuart Hanlein 

Herman Ilaw Hernandez 

Diane Lambourne Holling 

Joanne Joe 
§ Martha Jane Kaepplein 

Mohammad Ishtiaq Kamal 
2nd Degree: Urban Studies 

In Sook Elizabeth Kang 

Saumya S. Kaup 

Yuri Crystal Kim 

Anna Kirshtein 
§ Paul Gottlieb Klee 

Brian Douglas Laug 

Neetha Sheba Philip Mathai 

Kelley A. Moore 

Eduardo Jose Navia 

Kristin Lynn O'Connell 
+ Diane Gail Odell 

2nd Degree: Individual Studies 

Victor Luis Orio 

Jeffrey Jay Osmond 
2nd Degree: Sociologi/ 

Allan F. Cadigal Pacheco 

Keith Anthony Palma 

Sarah Frances Pecora 

Jeremy Howe Polster 

Michael D. Quinn 

Noushin Rashtian 

Laura Michelle Reynolds 

Gerardo Felipe Rivera 

Mark Manuel Resales 

John Edward Ryan 

Carey Anthony Scott 

James Warren Scruggs, Jr. 
§ Barbara Jean Sebastian 

Steven Howard Shaffer 

Michael Brien Sheedv 

Robert Carlton Stafford 

Steven C. Teller 
t Diana Kay Travis 

Scott King Walker 

Bambi Lynne Wilson 

Chun-Hsi Wong 

John William Wright 

Mojgan S. Zare 


Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Merri Cohen 
Kenna Hodgens French 
Gerald Anthony Jovel 
Christopher John Komisar 
Nicole Christine Moldovan 
Paula Vieira Romero 

American Studies 

Gail Helen Bagno 
Kenneth M. Bell 
Seth Lee Berkowitz 
Albert Bloomfield 
Erin Ranee Borschow 
Carlos M. Carvajal 
Aaron N. Fortier 
Heather Lee Hayes 

* Cecilia Karin Kullman 
Wayne Alan Mann 
Amy Kathryn Olsen 

' Ira Saiger 
Thomas Sapontzis 
Francine Shawn Sless 
Matthew C. Supran 
Andre' L. Williams 
Crystal Lynne Wills 
Vivie Yen 

Art History 

Elizabeth P. Allner 
Christi Michele Barnes 
Carolyn Anne Bastian 
Douglas Eugene Beard 
Angela Kathleen Celev 
Haelim Choi 
Theodore Eric DeLony 
+ Suzanne Marie Gillis 
§ Louise Weaver Greene 

* Brynne Ashley Keens 
Leslie Aourdyne Knee 

David Andrew Lazun 
Lisa Soraya Martinez 
Dominique Ann Morrone 
Elissa Beth Reback 
Jason I. Rosenfeld 
Susan Ayda Said 

* Rosemary Sarsfield 
Adera Scheinker 
Shelly Ray Slayton 
Michelle Eileen Sussmann 
Whelan Shue Wang 
Susan Elizabeth Wiley 
Lara Woodman 

Classical Languages and 

* Sharonne Lenora Albick 

2rd Degree: History 
Zachary Pieter Biles 
John Charles Bullock 
§ Use Winkelmann Daehler 

William Russell Deiss II 
§ H. Gaius Stern 
2nd Degree: History 


t Jill Maree Blizzard 

* Diane Marie Carter 

2nd Degree: Kinesiological Sciences 
Theresa Mary Day 
Kimberly Ann Long 
Marion Leigh McCarthy 
Susan Marie Williams 

2nd Degree: Speech Communication 



O F 


A T 



East Asian Languages and 

t Brvan Roger Buck 

Ind Degree: Computer Science 
Maria Chang 
Wing Yan Chau 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Bill Miu Fai Choi 
Regina Margaret Cronin 

Ind Degree: Finance 
Kirsten Wilhelm Greenhawk 
John E. Gregg 
Francine Katherine Hahn 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 
Won Kyung Kim 
§ Kimberly A. Scott 
§ Elizabeth Laurel Shannon 

Ind Degree: ]ournalism 
Tanzie Marie Windham 

English Language and 

Eric Robert Adams 
Jason Greg Adess 

* Michele LaCroix Alvarez 
Mona Jahanaz Ameen 
Marne Johnson Antonuccio 

t Stephen Blodgett Armstrong 

Deborah Ann Ashman 
t Dean Stuart Austin 
t Joseph Robert Ballmann 
Ind Degree: Engish Education 
Joseph Michael Beckley II 
Joanne Therese Belevich 

• Michael J. Belsky 
§ Betty Jean Bernard 

John Joseph Bertinatti 
Nisith N. Bhatt 
Sydne Susan Blanco 
Gavle Stacy Bloom 
Jeanette Michelle Bond 
§ Matthew Allen Bretz 
Ashley L. Brovm 
Teri Lynn Brown 
Toya Meichele Burhanan 
Nicole C. Calabro 
Kevin M. Carlson 
Alice Sung Hyon Chong 

David Eugene Clark 

Sean Drew Cockerill 

Robin Lisa Cohen 

Jill Marie Conaway 

Laura Anne Cosgrove 

Cullen Patrick Cowley 

Bridget Erin Cross 

Joanna Lynn Cumbie 

Melanie Irene Cummings 

Jan Robert Danielsen 

Lurdes Maria Lima da Maia 

Benjamin Harry David 

Dana Marie Davis 

Gregory Michael Derwart 

Scott A. Dickinson 

Mary Diane Duffy 

Mark D. Eagle 
§ Nadine Sirun Ekrek 
§ Melody Patrice Elliott 

Andrew Christopher Ellis 

Nathaniel Stewart Ely 

Ashley Elizabeth Emanuel 

Teresa Lynn Eyet 

Shane Haris Finkelstein 

Adam David Fleischman 

Susan Denise Frank 

Pia Elise Fulcher 

Gina Marie Galgano 
Ind Degree: English Education 

* Sara Kristine Gaughan 
Julia Taylor Golbey 

§ Susan Janice Grill 
Craig W. Grossmueller 

Ind Major: Radio, Telei'ision 

and Film 
Joseph Brian Hall 
Joseph Ke\in Hall 
Beth Suzette Halpem 
Jamal Ryder Hayden 
John Alvin Hermann, Jr. 
Cristin C. Hickey 
t Karen Patricia Hoffman 
Corrie Ann Hoogstra 
Edward Paul Hunsberger 
Chong Bom Hwang 

Ind Degree: Finance 

* Christine Carol Innerst 
Ayfer Shaza Jafri 

§ Jeffrey Alan Jones 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Cynthia Chien-Hsin Jong 
Colleen Jennifer Joyce 
Tarri Michelle Joyner 

Ind Major: Sociology 
Aroni Kabir 
§MaryW. Kafes 
Patrick Michael Kane 
Sean William Kerwin 
Patricia Hee Kim 
Kern David Kimbleton 
James Totten Kirkland 
Katie A. Komer 
Dan B. Kozak 
Erik Kenneth Kunz 

* Carol Ann Labus 
Alex Charles Lakatos 

§ Sherry Ann Lau 
Marguerite Ruth Lee 
Stephanie Rose Leveque 

Ind Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Steven David Levine 
Kelli Renee Lightfoot 
Ravmond Lin 
Mary Celeste Lucid 
Kevin Noel Ludden 
Jason D. MacGloan 
Laurie Anne Mathews 
Robert Keith McCaskill 

2nd Degree: Anthrpotogy 
Kathleen Alana McGirr 

* Shira Leiba Meirovich 
Nicholas E. Mendoza 
Christopher Eric Michels 

+ Afshin Molavi 
Steven Joe Moore 
Matthew S. Mullally 

* Stephanie Natalya Muravchik 
Andrew Stephen Nietubicz 
Kim Anne O'Connell 
Ernest Steven Palmer, Jr. 
Kevin D. Patrick 

Eric Kendall Pavlat 
Richard C. Peal 

2tui Degree: Economics 
Lisa A. Perez 

Mary Elizabeth Teresa Pettinato 
David Keith Pinkler 

John Jeffrey Plakans 
Carla Dawn Porter 
M. Deborah Beltran Potes 
Marc Nathaniel Powers 
Caroline Quijada 

* Sarah Nafees Qureshi 
Jennifer Lynne Rademaker 
Lori A. Rand 

Gordon Scott Redding 
Mark William Robeson 
Ind Degree: French Language 
and Literature 
Elizabeth Anne Rodgers 

§ Christopher James Romig 
Peter Franklin Rose 
Terry Ann Salyer 
Jeimifer Lynn Scholten 
Sherri Lee Schweitzer 
Kenneth Douglas Scollar 
Lisa Worthington Shedd 
Angela Sheffey 
Kelly M. Shough 
Jane M. Simpson 
Laura Lee Smith 
Michael Eugene Smith 
Christopher Adin Snowhng 
Stacey Marie Spinella 
Kimberly Anne Starr 
Ind Degree: English Education 

t Susan Stearns 

§ Michelle Lee Stoddard 
Teresa Nicole Taylor 
Natalie Michelle Tiemey 
Thomas B. Towles 
Marian Urquilla 

* Dana Gayle Vogts 
Wolfgang Willard von Maack 
David Meriweather Wakefield 
Lorette Sylvia Julia Weldon 
Elizabeth Compton Welk 
Erin Timothy Witter 
Jonathan Philip Wolfe 

Issa George Ziadeh 

§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magna cum Ijiude 

* cum Laude 

N D I D A T E S 


U N D 

R G R 

D il A T E 

D E G R 

E S 

French Language and 

Christina Kathryn Albaugh 
Michael Lawrence Cochran 
Ban Binh Diep 
Colleen Majella Dollard 

2nd Degree: Spmish Language 

and Literature 
Marie-Catherine Michele 

Marta S. Ferragut 
Denise M. Frickson 
§Sonia Ivanovs 

* Marni Lynn Kallins 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Stephanie Rose Leveque 

2nd Degree: Engtifh Language 

and Literature 
Annie Yin Sheung Lui 
Estela Maria Martinez 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Atosa Rahbani 
Mark William Robeson 

2nd Degree:Engtisli Langhuage 

and Literature 
Patrick Shannon Rutledge 
Fabienne Jacqueline Santel 

German Language and 

Patrick John Brannan 
Joseph Francis Conklin 
Paul Dea 

Deborah Lynn Mathias 
Stacy Stanlee Pickett 
2nd Major: History 


Hibba Eltigani Abugideiri 

2nd Major: French Language 

and Literature 
' Sharonne Lenora Albicker 

2nd Degree: Classical Languages 

and Literature 
Denise Rene Allen 
Sheldon A. Altschuler 
Jo Ando 
§ Matthew Evan Bennett 

§ Sunnna cum Litidc 
f Magna cum Ijiude 

* cum Ijiude 

Michael Ian Bersofsky 

* Janice Lesley Bhatia 

* William Thomas Brown 
Thomas H. Cohen 

Thomas Willard Coppersmith, Jr. 
Scott Anthony Deters 
William Bern Dickinson, Jr. 
' Helga S. Duester 
Heather Elizabeth Ersts 
Len Ari Familant 
Jonathan Francis Crickmay Frith 
John P. Garvey 
Aileen Elizabeth Gormley 
Martha Stewart Holland 
John Michael lerardi 
Lee Durand Kahler 
Walter T. Kamprad 
Martin Kastner 
Wayne Douglas Kimmel 
Charles Edward Kirchman 
Myrel Jane Kurzman 

* Eric Jay Langer 

* Chanan Levy 
Elizabeth Leona Levy 
John Joseph Lowney 
David McDermott 

t Thomas Meixner 

2nd Degree: Conservation, Soil, 
Water and Environment 
i Ryan P. Misler 
Katherine Marie Nelson 
Avril Renee Nicholas 
Megan Mary O'Brien 
t Amy Michele Parrish 

2nd Degree: Sixial Studies Education 
Laurence Jay Plotkin 

* Claire Anne Powell 
Edward William Powers 
Alan Edward Rebar 
Margaret Mary Regan 
Carey Scott Riordan 
David Norman Risley, Jr. 
Katherine Lynn Ryder 
Felice Beth Saporta 
Tara Renee Scholtz 
Kathleen Sharon Sheehy 
Edward Matthews Sherwood 
Tanya Liesel Shields 

* Rajinder Singh 

Morton Murray Smith, Jr. 
Michelle Sparacino 
t Frederic Wells Spencer 

* Tracey Lynn Stecklein 
§ H. Gaius Stern 

2nd Degree: Classical Languages 

ami Literatures 
Heath Peter Bond Stockton 
Peter Holden Sutherland 
Maura Benay Taylor 
Robert Walter Theall 
Ellen Hope Thornton 

* Deborah Jane Truitt 
Lida Margaret Verner 
William Edward Zachem 
Stefanie Sue Zimbler 

Interior Design 

+ Julie Lynn Bowman 
Elizabeth K, Hill 

Jewish Studies 

Cindy Michele Agranov 


Paula Miller Jacobson 
Michael Jerome Marshall 

2nd Degree: Phdosopin/ 
Harold Lee Sinton 

* Carol Ann Sniegoski 


Dora A. Savignac 
Sarah Mary Shannon 
Midori Wataru 


Mariana Quental Almeida 
Robin Michelle Armstrong 
Kenneth David Beer 

* Anna Bonta 

Mark William Brugger 
Karl Behrens Celarier 
+ Maureen L. Cohen 

2nd Degree: Radio, Television 

and Film 
Daniel Anthony Cones 
Jonathan David Harris 
Mark R. Kovach 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Michael Jerome Marshall 

2nd Degree: Linguistics 
James Vincent McBride 
Michael Joseph McQuillan 

* Linda Ann Parascandola 
+ Mark John Parascandola 

Christine Elaine Piesco 
2nd Degree: Marketing 

Edward Anthony Scuderi 

Julie Elaine Sieracki 

Frances Alana Suskin 
2nd Degree: Russian Language 
and Literature 



O F 




Radio, Television and Film 

Sora Ahn 

LaTanya Sonya Anderson 
Hagop Aram Balekjian 
David RoUo Barnes 
Elizabeth Rae Barnhart 
Karen Ross Blanks 
Cari Michele Brodsky 
Katharine Lynn Burdette 
Steven Michael Cady 
Allen Chou 
Jason Eric Closic 
Elizabeth Chamberlain Cobun 
t Maureen L. Cohen 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Beatrice Alexandra Costas 
Karen Sue Daborowski 
Erin Kathleen Dillon 
Joseph Michael Dincau 
Christine Anne Duffy 
Mary Kathleen Dunwoody 
John H. Fersinger 
Ana Maria Fisher 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Elisa Deborah Fleischer 
Adam B. Frank 
Leslie Minnette Furr 
Michael Sullivan Gearhart 
Christopher Neal German 
liana J. Getz 
Jamie Seth Goldberg 
Angela Denise Hawkins 
Joseph Salvatore Incaprera 
John Dudley Jacobs 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Gregory Scott James 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Hillary Ann Johnson 
Aisha Daniella Jordan 
Cari Shawn Kaplan 
Nomi Beth Katz 
Steven Corey Kavovit 
Delious Timothy Kennedy 
Peter Douglas Kidwell 
Kelly Ann Kjaldgaard 
Amy Michelle Krueger 

Robyn Dawn Lee 
Ruth Elizabeth LeFaive 
Amanda Beth Liptz 
Daniel Frank Loukota 
Debra Lee Malenovsky 
Catherine Lynn Maselka 
Anne Michele Masucci 
Michelle M. Michael 
Ruth Caroline Morgan 
Samuel Robert Morrison 
Philip Andrew Och 
Peter Paul Osman, Jr. 
Brian Robert Pascale 
Allison Lee Paterson 
Arleene Perez 
Leslie Allyson Pippo 
Frank Joseph Plumer 
Michele Grace Prettyman 
Daniel Louis Rabinowitz 
Renee Pamela Rachelle 
Sarah Rachel Reitkopp 
Deborah Ann Rickert 
Cynthia J. Rinaldi 
Lisa Michelle Rudolph 
William David Rutan 
Kenneth David Sandler 
t Gabriel Raymond Shadid 
Evan Michael Shenkman 
Jennifer Kim Silverman 
Leigh Ann Simon 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Laura W.B. Taylor 
Amy Lynn Thomasson 
Jose C. Vazquez Bou 
Michael Anthony Vazquez 
Karen Lee Wells 
Nicole Dana Yablon 
Steven Glen Morrison Yates 
Mari Carmen Zamora 
Ina B. Zuckerbrot 

Romance Languages 

Katrin Lynne Marshall 

t Rhonda Lynn Newton 

Rebecca Sue Wilkinson 

Russian Area Studies 

Jeffrey William Beaudoin 

* Lauren Meryl Davenport 
Katherin Paula Koorbanoff 
Janice Lorraine Osman 
Brett Allen Throne 
Natalie Zacharin 

Russian Language and 

William Jones Davis 111 
Stephen T. McHale 
Caterina Caroline Panos 

2nd Degree: Government and 


Robert Sean Pfost 

William Patrick Rivers 

2nd Degree: Aerospace Engineering 
Frances Alana Suskin 

2nd Degree: Philosopln/ 

Spanish Language and 

Grace Irene Andreichuk 

Kristina Lajuan Brown 

Christina Rosalinda Crussiah 

Ranjit Singh Dhindsa 

Colleen Majella Dollard 
2nd Degree: French Language and 
§ Jerome E. Farley 

Katherine R. Free 

Melissa Anne Kelley 
§ David Louis Mandell 

John William McKisson 

Hope Charlene Skwer 

Melissa del Carmen VanSice 

Speecli Communication 

Tracey Anne Adams 

* Halelly BarSever 
Alicia Veronica Bello 
Michael Luis Berrio 
Suzanne Nicole Bottari 
Lenne Delores Boyd 
Pamela Lynn Brightman 
Vincent Delmas Broadnax 
Jason David Brodsky 
Synette Marie Brown 

Christine Marie Caliguiri 
Daniel C. Champeau 
Daniel DeArmas 
Simone DeBlasio 
Dionne Alexis Dougall 
Laura Andrea Dowe 
Jennifer K. Feldgus 
Aiuie Marie Fields 
Glenn Adam Fleischman 
Adam Lee Greenberg 
Crystal Michelle Harper 
Lisa Michelle Hartnett 
Julie Michelle Hitt 
Tracy Ann Hoar 
Jason Eric Hoffman 
Mica Lynn Hughes 
Rene Bettis Hunter 
Colleen Ann Hurley 
Belinda Jay Hurt 
Nicole E. Jervis 
Jennifer Nan Jones 
Marissa Jill Kaplan 
Robyn Michele Katsoff 
Elizabeth Ann King 
* Lisa Eileen Kraus 
Leigh Madison Marvin 
Robin Alani McClain 
Scott Carroll Melanson 
Tonya Renee Mitchell 
Maria Mindy Najman 
Robert Andrew NicoU 
Lesley Lorraine Paul 
Jeanmarie Peachey 
Mindy Beth Pondfield 
Patrick John Kennedy Roddy 
David Scott Rosengarden 
Jarrett Michael Schube 
Lauren Michele Schwalbe 
Stephanie Joy Shanfeld 
Asaf A. Shaposhnick 
Min Jung Shin 
Meghan Leslie Squire 
Mara Heller Steinbaum 
Rachael Hutchinson Walder 
Susan Marie Williams 

2nd Degree: Dance 
Susan Marie Williams 
Neil Joseph Zuckerman 

§ Summa cum Laudc 

f Magna cum Lnnii- 

* cum Ijuuic 


T £ 


U N D E R C R 

D U 

T E 

D E G R 

E S 

Studio Art 

tAlejandra M. Abella 
William Turner Adams 
Hassan Mustafa Al Atrash 
Jennifer Lynn Berger 
Anne Elizabeth Boemer 
Lara Nicole Burtscher 
Kathryn Josette Camina 
Polly Harrington Chamberlain 
John Charles Cliff 
Melinda Maria Conrad 
Kelley Claudine Deblois 
Stacy Susanne Demaree 
Kathleen Dinges 
Susan Lynn Fraley 
Anthony Ricardo Garrett 
Gregory William Giannetti 
Jennifer Marie Gilbreath 
Michael DeLayne Gurklis 
Cathy Ann HoUoway 
Elizabeth Anne Holtry 
Aung Phyo Htay 
David K. Huang 
Bretta Grace Kievit 
Laura J. LaFond 
Robert J. Mercado 
Matt Mercer 
Kristen Marie Petersen 

* Dena Elizabeth Ragan 
Gustavo Alfonso Rincon 
Mirna C. Sayegh 
Susan Cara Schwartz 
Richard Salvator Scolaro 
Stacey Anne Seward 
Claudia Gabrielle Sgro 
Hadieh Marjan Shafie 
Tracey Anne Sheeley 
John Harris Staton 
Gretchen Courtney Trainor 

* Eugenia Tzikas 


Daniel Allen Abramson 
Tara Beth Conolly 

* Katherine Margaret DeVore 
Tara Patricia Ford 
Edmund Iverson 

§ Surimia cum Liude 
f Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Deidra La Wan Johnson 
Lori Ann Lentner 
tjohn Michael McNew 
Steven T. Pelekakis 
Stacey Lynne Ross 
Howard Maldon Stregack 

Bachelor of Music 

Robert Scott Carr 

* Hiroko Yamazaki 

IVIusic Composition 

Paul Andrew Lindenmann 

Music Tlieory and 

Michael Hewitt Adams 

Bachelor of Science 
Advertising Design 

Susan Vanleer Bechmann 
Sarah Lundy Choate 
Beth Gorman Dawson 
John J. Dona to 
Samantha Jane Goldstein 
Nancy Young Kim 
Emery Todd Kiraly 
Joanne Sheri Minerbi 
Brett Alan Moeser 

* Kerstin Andrea Neteler 

* Que-Mea Rhee 
Christopher Alan Smith 
Diane Lee Sutton 


Jo Ann Anderson 

Interior Design 

Amy Margaret Cheffy 
Kirsten McElwaine Gordon 
Gretchen Prince Hesbacher 
Georgeanne Graydon Lumpkin 
' Deborah K. Pulzone 
Edward James Scirghi 

► Commencement 
Cover Designer 


Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Jeffrey Alan Mewbourn 
Christopher Howard Page 
David Taft Terry 
Craig Anthony Thompson 

2nd Degree: Government and 



Briece R. Edwards 
Richard Conard Fitzpatrick 
John Edmond Graminski 
Dennis Harold Gryder, Jr. 
Francine Katherine Hahn 

2nJ Degree: East Asian bmguage 

and Literature 
§ Marcey Lynn Jastrab 
Blair Alyson Levin 
Paula Jean Lewis 
Robert Keith McCaskill 

2nd Degree: Englisli Language 

and Literature 
Yvonne Marie Parker 
Eugene David Shekhtman 
+ Tracy Lynne Shiflett 
Nancy Louise Simon 
Michael M. Walsh 
Christopher Rowan West 

Criminal Justice 

Mark John Bruce Arrowsmith 
Gamal Francis Awad 
Tonya Jean Balderson 
Jaye Ballard 
Adam Charles Becker 
Steven Todd Begleiter 
§ Paula Berman 
James Thomas Bonner 111 
David Everett Boober 

Garvill Leon Booker, Jr. 

+ David Michael Brown 
Gordon Mitchell Brown 
Gregory Charles Brown 
Joseph Lavell Brown 
David Patrick Buck, Jr. 
Bryce Aaron Buell 
Lisa Diane Buente 
Jonathan Dale Capps 
Douglas Michael Carr 
Stephen Michael Chaikin 
Michael Eliot Chapnick 
Tandra Lynn Chavis 
George G. Cherian 

§ Alicia Dawn Chubb 
Kenneth Mitchell Cohen 
George Jonathan Coleman 
Mary Catherine Colp 
Kirk Patrick Considine 
Angela Kathryn Cosimano 
Walter John Coulther, Jr. 
Gina Renee D'Onofrio 
Joseph Vincent Dagen 
Randi Joy Davidoff 
Cherie Juliet Dewberry 
Efren Martin Diaz 
Anthony J. DiGirolomo 

§ Christine Amanda Doyle 
Kurt Joseph Ellinger 
Steven Richard Enis 
Michael Ian Fischgrund 
Craig Charles Reischer 
David Ronald Friedman 
Jami SueGaluskin 
Amy Giannetti 
Trevor Lee Gill 
Lamar Omayra Gonzalez 
Lynnette Ann Gorham 
Lilly Ann Guerra 
Matthew Lee Hargus 
Karen Sue Hogarth 
Derek Maurice Holt 
Sean Robert Howley 
Tasha Marie Huffman 
Scott Adam Joseph 
Sherry Anne Julien 
Joan Robin Kafitin 
Hans Kapur 
Jamey Marc Kaufman 



O F 


A T 



Kristine Ann Kennedy 
John Charles Kipfer 
Lori L. Kim 
Steven H. Krein 
§ Bruce Eric Kubu 
John Marvin Laughton 
Michele Leath 

* Wendi Lauren Lev 

* David Franklin Le\y 
Rosa Emerita Maldonado 
Kevin Nolan Markow 
Thad Cullen Martin 
Vivian Martorell 
David Lawrence McGill 
Michael Toshiyuki McKnight 
Steven Curtis Mead 
Cristian Andres Miranda 
Omar K. Mohammed 

Traci Lorraine Moran 
Jason Michael Norton 
Susan Christine Of'tley 
Phyllis R. Palmer 
Christine Marie Pape 
David Thaddeus Parker 

* Stephanie Anne Picolo 

2nd Degree: Sociology 
Scott Carl Powell 
Stacy Lee Prim 
Sandra Michelle Quick 
Paige Heidi Richman 
t Amy Lynne Roistacher 
Kellie Lynn Schell 
Lauren Gaile Schneiderman 
Jeffrey Marc Schonsky 
Brian Kenneth Schwanke 
Zachary Bradford Schwartz 
Mario Nicole Sclafford 
Keith Michael Scott 
Vanessa Nicole Scott 

* Jeanette Marie Scrocco 
David Kadan Sell 
Mark Andrew Sheelor 
Susan Sangsook Shin 
Gregory Allen Shorty 
Mary C. Simpson 
David Michael Sindidc 
Randy Slovin 

Stacey Renee Smallwood 
Robert Scott Smith 

William Wyley Snow IE 
Julie A. Stansell 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Kathrvn Louise Steigerwald 
Anthonv Joseph Strano 
Reid Mitchel Suplee, Jr. 
Troy Mahlon Taylor 
Troy Alan Tennvson 
Eugene Everrett Thomas 
Michael Eric Thomas 
Kennedy Earle Alexis Thompson 
Joseph Carmine Tufano 
Mary Denise Twigg 
Mark Lavvson Veney 
Wayne Anthony Vincent 
James Peter Vouzikas 
Eric Michael Wallberg 
LawTence David Weaver 
Dawn Lynne Weeks 
Brian Clayton Wells 
* Elizabeth O. West 
Leslie Denise West 
Cheryl Denise Williams 
Ericka Nicole Williams 
Scott Richard Williamson 
Jennifer Diane Willner 
Thomas Edward Windebank 
Clabe WilUiam Wright 
Delories Evette Young 
Robert Bemhard Yunger 111 
Hala N. Zarour 
Michael John Zotto 


Steven David Artzi 
Tonja A. Bell 
t Heather Lynn Certner 
Brian Herbert Clark 
James Matthew Cronin 
Faith W. Culp 
Cynthia Ann Cummings 
Dena Elisabeth Feldman 
Cynthia Ann Hazel 
Rodney LaMont James 
Jennifer Marie Manix 
Thomas Andrew Mills 
Jerald David Milwit 
Rachel Ellen Morris 
Denise Cecilia O'Brien 
Lisa Kay Pavelchak 
Alexis Russell Piquero 
Karen Ellen Porter 
Mark Robert Robbins 
Jere Marie Salazar 
Mark Peter Steffen 
Fawn Elizabeth Walters 


Abdulrahman Ahmed Abdi 
Yensen Aliamin 

2nd Degree: Finance 
* Paula Jean Altobelli 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Erika Anne Amble 
Jorge Ernesto Amselle 
Daniel Michael Bart 
Thomas Joseph Bode, Jr. 
Alexander Bollman 
Robert C. Booth 
Edward Jay Bynum, Jr. 
Neeva-Cayle Anna Candelori 
Daniel Bruce Carson 
Kasseem Alexander Cartwright 
Rohit Ar\ind Chitale 
Ravi N. Choudhry 
Jae Jin Chung 
Brian Alan Collins 
+ Juan Francisco Coto 
Pradeep Kumar Dadlani 
Callan Marc Javid 
Caroline Narie Dessart 

§ Helene Berenice Ducros 
2nd Degree: Government and 

Russell Allen Ege 

Donald Lee Ferguson 

Bruce Thomas First 

Michael Kenneth Friedman 

Jason Robert Gaer 

John Steven Garabadian 

James Andrew Gatlin 

Jason Peter Goldstein 

Brian Neil Gorgei 

Richard A. Green 

Scott Stuart Greenspan 

John Kevin Hahn 

Thomas James Harmon 
+ James PhiUp Head 

Yoav Helman 

Omar Rafael Hernandez 

Stephen Walter Humphrey 

* Amy Yi-Ming Hwang 
Alexander Xavier Jackins 
John Dudley Jacobs 

2nd Degree: Radio, Television 

and Film 
Musa Bassadi Jawara 
§Jeffrey Alan Jones 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
FraiJdin Kang 
§JohnM. Kautter 
+ Robert Earl Kenison 
Woong Sup Kim 
Sabrina Nadira Kontner 
Ananth Krishnamurthy 

2nd Major: Finance 
Viola Kuo 
RoUie Lai 

Jean Elizabeth Leahy 
Kang Eun Lee 
Steven Leonard 
Chris J. Levantis 
Jessica Lynn Lev^ 
Jonathan L. Lewis 
Kyle Garvin Logan 

* Alexander Joseph Lustberg 
Terence Sean Masterman 
Robert Edward McMahon 
Thad Brenton Miller 

§ Summa cum Laitde 

t Magna cum Laude 

' cum Ijiude 


F O R 



Steven Dennis Moore 
Edwin Clarke Moses 
Daniel Francis Murray, Jr. 
Edward Matthew Nebens 
Matthew John O'Brien 
Chude Chukuka Okonjo 

Ind Major: History 
Fernando Toms Orrego 
Rae FeUce Patterson 
Richard C. Peal 

2mi Degree: English 
Felita Allessandra Phillips 
Hans Anthony Plate 
Erik Artis Plato 
Kelly Michelle Pride 
+ Myles Moses Ransom 
Eric Shawn Rosen 
Andrew Ira Rosenfeld 
Gregory David Russell 
Angelo Marcus Sands 
Jeffrey David Santos 
Michael Jay Schiller 
Andra Joan Schultheis 
Shawn Jeffrey Sefret 
Farzad Shirzad 
§ Matias Silvani 
John Michael Simko 
Lisa Ann Siptroth 

2iid Degree:Recreation 
Scott Christopher Stallard 
Melvin Stephens, Jr. 
Paul Herbert Streaker 
Heather Lynn Tancredi 
Steven Craig Taylor 

* Thomas David Teles 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Nicholas Damon Vaccaro 
Tarick Mofid Wahdan 
Michael Charles Walter 
David Benjamin Walters 
Eric Stanton Weiss 

* Stefan Andrew White 
Anthony Thomas Whitson 
Tyler Crane Williams 
Mary-Patricia Wilt 
Jeffery Scott Witte 

Ken Ts2-Keung Wong 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Jerome Dwight Wright 

§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cutn Laude 
' cunt Laude 

Michael P. Xenofondos 
Daniel Young Yang 
Emile Yang 
Jaime Teodoro Zeas 

Government and Politics 

Robert Scott Abramson 
Clinten Joseph AUgair 
Michelle Cristina Alonso 
Shannon Renee Altman 
Heidi Anne Angel 
Mark Edward Arden 
Peter V. Armstrong 
Curwin Millian Ash 
James Ethan Atkins 

§ Katherine A. Avery 
Kenneth Craig Ayres 
Jeanette S. Barbari 
Shari Lynne Barsky 
John Andrew Bartolomeo 

§ Sharon Beth Bauman 
Paul James Begey 
Susan Renee Belville 

* John B. Benedetto 
Lawrence Brett Berman 
Caela Colleen Bintner 
Stephen Bruce Black 
Lucy Michiko Bonarek 
Luisa Amelia Bonilla 
Kevin Michael Brownstein 
Carlos Humberto Caceres 
2nd Major: Spanish Language 
and Literature 
Peter John Cafaro 
Clark Patrick Campbell 
Elizabeth Anne Camuti 
Lisa Margot Carrington 
Carolyn Janice Casey 
Cecilia B. Catubo 
Angela Marie Cedrone 
Lisa Michelle Chait 
Robin Jill Chepow 
Samantha Lee Cherry 

§ Denise Cheung 
Won Young Choi 
Kathryn M. Cindric 
Joseph Edward Clavelli 

+ Paul Martin Coffren 
Alfred Robert Collie 

Matthew Satoshi Collins 

+ Frances Gloria Colon 
Erinn Kathleen Cooley 
Jon Christopher Croft 
James Edward Crossan 
Wendy Dyan Crossan 
Alexandra Lynn Curran 
T. Christopher D'Avico 
Carla L. Dauphin 
Erica Marie Davis 
Gregg 1. Deitch 
Monique Suzanne Delhomme 
Lori Elaine Dellon 
Joice Dementshuk 

t Gabriella Anna Dera 

* Ron Howard DeKelbaum 
Howard Efram Diamond 
Brian Charles Doheny 
Jonathan Adams Dorsey 
Jennifer Ann Dowd 
Catherine Jane Eaton Doyle 
Thomas M. Drummond 
2nd Degree: Chentistry 

§ Helene Berenice Ducros 
2nd Degree: Economics 
Kenneth Eugene Ecker 
Todd Grady Ellis 

§ Diana Lynn Embrey 
Abayomi Adewunmi Fashina 
Kurt David Fenstermacher 
2nd Major: English Language 
and Literature 
Roman David Ferrer 
Mark Campbell Finneran 

§ Kim Christine Fitzpatrick 
E. Scott Frank 
Ivan Michael Freedman 
Christopher Patrick Freeman 
Kimberly Ann Freeman 
David Walter Fricke, Jr. 
Thomas Russell Gallagher 
Lisa Michelle Gart 
Joseph Harrison Gillette 

2nd Major: History 
Daniel Jay Ginsburg 
Michael Robert Goldberg 
William Howard Goldberg 
Evelyn Edith Gorin 
Kimberlv Inez Greene 

Raymond Franklin Greene 111 
Sharon Kaye Griffin 
Talaya Annette Grimes 
Christopher Todd Gross 
Peter London Halpern 
Michael Alan Hargrave 
Michael Dean Hempfling 
Jacqueline Meg Herman 
tjason Craig Hess 
Rene Tricia Hicks 
Regina Mary Higginbotham 
Edward Richard Holland 
Sharon Lorraine Hopkins 
Brent Kevin Horwitz 
Kym Elizabeth Howarth 
Camilla Michelle Huston 
Maria A. lalacci 
* Lauri Beth Ink 

2nd Major: Economics 
Gregg Evan Jachn 
Gregory Scott James 

2nd Degree: Radio, Television 

and Film 
Nanci Jill Javetz 
Brenda Michelle Jefferson 
Sean Edward Jenkins 
John Glen Johnson II 
Thomas Michael Juhasz 
Edward Guion Kain 
Jonathan David Kantor 
Danielle Marie Keemer 
Kevin Michael Kelly 
Robin Dianne Kennard 
Shaun Paige Kerman 
Scott Drew Ketchen 
Sureka Vijayakumari Khandagle 
Margaret Louise Kircher 
Holli Ann Kirchner 
Donna Maria Klimes 

2nd Major: Economics 
Amy Renee Kramer 
James Patrick Krebs 
Julie Anne Kreshtool 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Andrea Ruth Krugman 
Kirstie Lynn Kummer 

2nd Major: Economics 
Gil Isaac Kuper 


U N I 

E R S I T Y 

O F 


A T 




Larrv R. Lawrence 
Caroline Clare Leakan 
Calvin Wing Hung Lee 
Lawrence Aaron Leikin 
David J. Leone 
+ Andrea Fay Lessner 
Andrea Joy Levine 
Heidi Lynn Levine 
James Allen Lockwood 
Elissa Justine Logue 
Andree Marie Luddy 
Mary Grace Luetkemeyer 
Howard Alan Lux 
George Dent Lynch III 

* Marilyn Theresa Lynch 
Scot Matthew Madill 

§ Chris tiane Mallet 
Michael Edward Marmelstein 
Kendra Anne Martello 
Nathaniel Varney Massaquoi 
Clifford Joseph Mauton, Jr. 
Lynne A. McAlvanah 
Thomas Joesph McAndrews 
Sally Anne McCarthy 

* Elizabeth Anne McClarin 
Douglas MeKin McClure 
James Jonathan Meng 
Stacy Raquel Mensh 
Carrie Anne Michos 
Daniel Jason Miller 
Jeffrey Robert Miller 
Jonathan Mark Mirsky 
Christopher Snowden Moore 
Evan Lloyd Mugmon 

Scott Tliomas Murchie 
Cris Edward Murty 

* Margaret Anne Napoii 

+ Daniel Benjamin Navarro 
t Dawn Korryn Nichols 
2mi Degree: lourmlism 
Samson Nikoomanesh 

* Christie Colleen Noll 
John M. Novella 
James G. O'Hara 
Jennifer Lynn Olds 
Timothy Douglas Olhy 
Michael Jason Orleans 
Ralph Andrew Orta 

Caterina Caroline Panos 

2nd Degree: Russian Language and 
Marina Parkhomovsky 
Suzarme Marie Paszly 
Vicki Marie Payne 
Bruce Edward Pechacek 
* Eric Josh Pelletier 
Robert Andrew Peterson 
Jennifer Lind Pilon 
Jeffrey Jon Pivovamik 
Jak August Plihal 
Dawn Anne Predmore 
J. Robert Reed 
Brian Andrew Reffkin 
Suzanne Elizabeth Restrepo 
Eugene Joseph Riddle 
Jason Christopher Ridgell 
Nicholas Andrew Ritzmann 
Lena Samih Rizkallah 
Ebon Wvler Robinson 
Fabian Ernesto Rocamora 
Catherine Nicolo Rochino 
Federico Jose Romero 
Steven Harlan Rosen 
Jeffrey Michael Rosenberg 
Kelly Nicole Rote 
Ayse Aydan Sahin 
Betty Pui Tei Sang 
Michelle Anne Schmitt 
Gregory B. Schuyler 
Chel Nicte Schweitzer 
Stephen Andrew Seay 
Hui Won Seo 
Helen Shapiro 
James Patrick Sharp 
Deborah Lynn Sherwon 
Frank R. Silady 
Mark Jeffery Simmons 
John Joseph Smee 
Gregory \TD Smith 
Darren Scott Soodak 
Alexis Leigh Spencer 
Pamela Ashe Stabile 
LaShawne Michelle Steele 
Glenn Matthew Steinhandler 
Katherine Leigh Stevens 
Jill Ilene Sugarman 
Mara Leanne Sussman 

Michael Edmond Taylor 
Craig Anthony Thompson 
2nd Degree: Afro-American 
David John Thorp 
Matthew Brian Toro 
Gary Scott Tosadori 
Joseph O'Brien Troy 
Shannan Kathleen Turner 
Eric Martin Underriner 
t Maximillian Francois Van Orden 

* Alexis Rachelle Vaughan 
Cesare Guglielmo Vodopia 
Alexandra Helene Vought 
Alayna Rene Waldrum 
Charles Yu-Qiao Wang 

2nd Major: East Asian Languages 

and Literature 
Richard J. Weitzman 
Deadra Ann Whayland 
Romy E. Williams 
Sharon Beth Wolff 
Sherri Lynn Wood 
Cvmthia Wooten 
Vicki Lee Yost 
Marc LawTence Zayon 

* Andrea Jill Zemil 

Hearing and Speech 

Katherine Bozman 
Karen Lynn Briggs 
Marci Robin Cherrin 
Wendv Danielle Cimino 
Kathrvn Denise Crowe 
Jodi Ann Elovitch 
Patricia Helene Fenwick 
Gail Susan Friedel 
Gina M. Gomez 
Leslie Ann Green 
Sandra Fang Hsu 
Michelle Stacey Katz 
Michael Edward Kaufer 
Naomi Rishe 
Rachel Eva Rouffe 
Jennifer Susan Snyder 
Gail Sara Solganik 
Michelle Elizabeth Stewart 
Susan Marie Valaike 
Karen Elizabeth Whittle 


Jill Leslie Arends 
Amy Elizabeth Arleth 
Debra Jill Axler 
Brvan James Baird 
Paula Andrea Baraona 
Benjamin Gregory Baron 
+ Dana Lynne Berry 
Arthur Raymond Berst, Jr. 
Daniel Edward Blandford 
Julie Beth Blaufarb 
Jeffrey S. Blechman 
Melissa Gail Blomberg 
Gar)' Andrew Blumberg 
Patrick Anthony Brown 
Jessica Bruckner 
* Tanya Michelle Bryan 
Dawn Salese Buckley 
Indye Alane Caplan 
Marissa Elena Carey 

Kristin Marie Carlson 

Madhumita Chattopadhya 

Alhson Jill Cohen 

Lisa Cohen 

John Joseph Coughlin 

Duane Allen Cranford 

Michelle Lorraine Deskevich 

Kim DeRosa 
t Dorothy Ann DeVoe 

Deana Lynn Dietz 

Monique Phuong-Trang Doan 
§ Dionne Rene' Dobbins 

Maureen Elaine Donohue 

Carol Elizabeth Driggs 

Michael Jason Duncan 

Stacey Catherine Elner 

Fannv Guadalupe Espinoza 

Christopher Donald Fabiszak 

Laura Theresa Farkas 

Liza M. Fernandez 

Caroline Elizabeth Garrison 

Eleni Dimitrios Giakoumakis 

David William Gilbert 

Kerrin Eileen Gill 

* Jacob Arthur Ginsberg 
Beth Alexandra Goldberg 

• Jill Michelle Goldberg 

2nd Major: Criminology 

§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magna cum Laude 

* cum Laude 





Jamie Robin Gordon 
Kari A. Gordon 
Michelle Sondra Gottlieb 

* Kimberly J. Gregson 
Melissa Margaret Gribbon 
Nanci Michelle Grossman 
Michele Marie Grupe 
Kristin M. Haas 

Keith Martin Hamburg 

Ann Margaret Harmon 

Sandra F. Hart 

Andrew J. Hiller 

Sharon Gacho Hobson 

Ambrose Erik Hochrein 

Valerie A. Hofstein 
t Robin Ann Hoppes 

Yvonne Y. Hu 

Tonya Faye Humes 

Christine Hwangbo 

Miriam Sonya Ikle 
t Ceylan Isgor 

Michelle Robin Jacobs 

* Joan Mary Jeranek 
Libby Ann Jolkovsky 
Kristen Susan Jones 
Staci Michelle Kaplan 
Elizabeth Joy Klafter 
Cynthia Aileen Komisar 
Lauren Korba 

Jamee Dawn Kriegstein 

Denise Lanier 

Kimela Ann Ledbetter 

Seong Hun Lee 

Brad Mitchel Lipsig 

Lionel Lourenco 

Stephen Philip Luckabaugh 

Sharon Jeanne Lukacz 

Marcia Ann Mancuso 

Debra Allison Marlowe 

Melissa Sue Mautz 

Angelo Michael May 
2nd Degree: Finance 
t Amanda Veronica McAndrew 

Melissa Ann McKenzie 
t Theresa Kathleen McManus 

Natalie Mendez 

* Martin Charles Metro 
Robert Patrick Michel 
Jesse Stuart Mitchell 

§ Summa cum Laitde 
f Magna cum Laude 
'cum Laude 

Craig Steven Newell 

Margaret-Anne C. Nix 

Cindy Lee Noah 

Claire Robin Oberman 

Elisa Renee Oler 
2nd Degree: Accounting 

Scott Ryan Olson 

Christina Orfanou 
* Pamela Jane Paperman 

William L. Patterson 

Michelle Marie Peck 

Adrian Edward Pilgrim 

Bridget Rosanne Pointer 

William Chenault Pope, Jr. 

Ehzabeth Ann Raabe 
+ Aree Joshua Rand 
§ Patricia Ann Rao 

Raina Monika Rath 

Stacey Carol Ray 

Scott Christian Redmond 

Lisa Helaine Resnick 

Jeanette Lee Roberts 

Mignon Kelly Rupard 

Suzanne D. Saah 

Jennifer Karen Sanford 
2nd Major: Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Lori Robin Schelling 

Jennifer Schlosser 

Lauren Jill Seidman 

Alyson Marci Serota 

Patricia Renee Shobe 

Monica J. Shuster 

Katherine Paige Sisserson 

Lori Juanita Sloan 

Barbara Anne Smego 

Dennis Ray Snow 

Heather Alise Swithen Spofford 

Mark Alan Spriggs 

Christine Kay Stebbins 

Cynthia Lynne Stephens 

Steven Glenn Strober 

Janet Lee Thornton 

Debra Ann Tiano 

Kimberly Diane Tuckerman 

Sherri Lynette Van Guine 

Stacey Lynn Vance 

Kimia Vaseghi 

Erika Sofie Vogt 

§ Lisa Faith Waldman 
t Karin Elizabeth Wallace 

Scott Michael Walsh 

Erica Warshavsky 

Gary Stephen Weinberg 
t Donna Elaine Weiss 

Daniel Eric Weissman 

Tari DeVon Williams 

Linda Ann Tuur Willin 
+ Caren Alyse Winokur 

Katherine Mae Yaskin 

Dorene J. Zager 
t Natalie Fern Zaidman 

Jennifer Lee Zimmerman 
t Deborah Lynn Zubalik 

Tanya Nicole zur Nedden 


* Chervl Ann Atkas 
Stephen Joseph Barker 
Laurie Michelle Belief 
Lori Lisa Berkowitz 
Gerald Christopher Boock 
2nd Degree: Accountnig 

§ Elissa Fran Budow 
Suzette Burton 
AnnMarie Audrey Camp 
Jill D. Cannon 
Stephanie Caplan 
Shannon Eileen Cavanagh 
Angela Rose Charles 
Miaeng Cho 

Joseph Frederick D'Alonzo 
Susan Marie Dame 
Jacqueline Louise DeSimon 
Julie Ann Duffy 
Christian Carroll Erlandson 
Denise Melanie Fisher 
Laura Marie Giegerich 

§ Jennifer Rachel Gilbert 
Mami Tara Goldstein 
Colleen Marie Grimes 
Vivian Corrine Hickman 
Kristen Lee Hoff 
Jeffrey Alan Honigstock 
Holly Michelle Johnson 
Sheri Lynn Khanna 
Dong Hwan Kim 
Sharon Eun Young Kim 

Paige Alison Legum 

* Sheila Lynn Leicht 
Lori Ellen Lieberman 
Katalin Manglitz 
Malcolm M. Martin 
Barbara Elisa McGregor 
Craig Stuart Mesure 
Jan Stacey Miller 
Robin LaRae Miller 
Dermine Antoinette Milligan 
Marc James Moran 

Eileen Ann O' Berry 
Jeffrey Jay Osmond 
2nd Degree: Architecture 

* Diane Christine Peter 

2nd Major: Criminology 

Rebecca Joy Petrlik 
' Stephanie Anne Picolo 
2nd Degree: Criminal Justice 

Ladan Rahnema 
§ Anne Catherine Rhea 

Theresa Yvonne Roberts 

Wendy Lin Roelle 

Sean Thomas Savio 

Jamie Lynn Schapiro 
§ Jane Elizabeth Schmirler 

Stephanie L. Semones 

Bernardo Alban Serrano, Jr. 

Angela Lynn Seymour 

Kimberly Beth Silhanek 

Kimberley Ann Sokolsky 

Karrin Bellamy Solomon 

Monica Elaine Soo 

Christine Lee Squier 

Alyssa Nadene Stein 

Rachel Hunt Thompson 

Lara Rachel Turkel 

Todd Allen Violette 

Jeimifer Lyn Wagner 

Wendy Ann Weiler 

John Patrick Wetmore 

Rebecca Ann Williams 

Shannon Lee Williams 

Samantha P. Winter 

Michelle D. Wright 
t Ruth Ellen Zerwitz 


U N I V E R S I 

O F 


C O L L E C 


Urban Studies 

Brad CoUett Aabel 

Da\id M. Adelsberger 

Linda Sue Anderson 

David Eric Aronstein 

Jonathan Todd Bloom 

Michael leuan Brown 

Scott Austin BrouTi 

Gregorv- Alexander Cichy 

Mark Allen Depo 

Denise MeLina Detry 

Pamela Jane DeWys 

Michele Denise Diggs 

Evan Jeremy Ehrlich 

Abir Salah Elshanawany 

Thomas Gary Erculiani, Jr. 

Jeffrey Jay Frederick 

Charles Edward Hillman Freeman 

Peter Joseph Ceiling 

KathrvTi Margaret Creen 

Rolf William Crigoleit 

Adam Kenneth Haight 

Gregory Alan Hershey 

Alexander James Hirtle 

Heather Dawn Jackson 

Darren Jerome Johnson 

Allen Brent Jones, Jr. 

Mohammad Ishtiaq Kamal 

2nd Degree: Architecture 
Jeffrey Michael Katz 

Jonathan David Krieger 

Eric Robert LawTence 

Stephen Farber Levin 

Carol Susan Lushine 

Randi Alene Marcus 

Anne Rebecca Marrinan 

Erik Maschler 

Da\id Bernard Maxwell 

Christi Ann McDonald 

Olga Mendez 

Stephen B. Miller 

Jennifer L. Mizroch 

James Rodrigo Mora 

Kristi Ann Morse 

Jamila Unwala Naqui 

Terence J. Noonan 

Larissa Michele Pease 

Keith Alan Peloquin 

Mark A. Phillips 

Daniel William Prunzik 
Marc D. Reibman 
Andrew Dale Richards 
Ruben Alexander Roca 
Kimber Bruce Rosswork 
Steven L. Shapiro 
James Joseph Sheridan 
Morry Steinbach 
Brian Jay Temer 
Suzanne Elizabeth Thayer 
Michael Shelly Wipranik 

Bachelor of Science 

Ronald Lee Allen 
Thomas Leffingwell Clemence 
Robert WUliam Doyle 
RavTnond Marshall Fleetwood 
Jeffrey Keith Joseph 
Lee A. Keitz 

Virginia Jean Kupperian 
Eric Brian Lacy 
Sean Cyrus Light 
* Sara Elizabeth Loechel 
James Edward Lynch 
Charles Joseph Maxa, Jr. 
J. Mukherjee 

2nd Degree: Social Studies Education 
Scott Alan Nutivell 
Julie Marie Olson 
Michael Gaston Oudemans 
Debra Lynn Ryan 
Terence Lawrence Sosnowich 


Carol Stephanie Acevedo-Rodricks 
2nd Degree: Microbiology 
§ Da\id Charles Airey 
Richard Howard Berkowitz 

* Maria Consuelo Brito 

§ Susanne Martha Brunhart 
+ SuZanne Marie Chaves 
+ Patrick Miao-Hsin Chen 

Stephen Ernest Corson 

Jeffrey Russell Dean 
§ Joshua Adam Feinberg 

* Jennifer Griffin 
Mildred Rae Hart 
Karyn Lee Hood 

§ Jeffrey Howard Kahn 

Lisa S. Karson 

Mark R. Kovach 
2nd Degree: Philosophy 

Michael Stuart Leibow 
tjean Lisette Martinucci 

Michael Eugene Moon 

Glenn Michael Norwicke 

Richard Bond Pollard 

* Wayne Kim Rhee 

+ Noemi Gabriela Romano 
2nd Degree: General Biological 

* Cindy Marie Schaeffer 
Laura Ellen Smart 

* Barry Scott Solomon 
John Howard Steffy 
Lisa Marlene Stein 
Ronnette Lajuan Thrower 
Michael Christopher Via 
Maria Elizabeth Vonakis 
Delroy Cassell Wright, Jr. 



Bachelor of Science 


Karine Aghajanian 
Tiffany Thomas Ake 

* Shir Ashar 

Ricardo Andrew Craig Ashby 
Robin D. Babson 
Christopher M. Bagosy 
Gerald Christopher Boock 

2nd Degree: Sociology 
Christopher Hansen Bourdon 
Gregor)' Curtis Bowen 
+ Robert Joseph Brennan 
Angela Marie Bridges 

* Lori Lapham Burge 
Melanie Aim Burke 
Delores May Burkhardt 
Anthony Thomas Calderazzi 
Sara Jean Canova 

Jeffrey Allen Case 

2nd Major: Finance 
Randall Matthew Cathell 

2nd Degree:General Business 

and Management 
Brian Ping Keung Chan 
§ Yiu Cho Arvin Chan 
Christine Dervise Chance 
Todd Eric Chase 
Theresa Rene' Chick 
Eugene Edward Conn, Jr. 
Antonio Correa 
Mark Da\'id Crotzer 
Tonya Crowl-Gifford 

* Erica E. Cruickshank 
Marshall Da\is 
Samuel Leroy Dickey 
Brian Fettig Dougherty 

* Daniel Fernando Duchovny 
Susan Marie Dudeck 
Alfred Joseph Dumit 111 
Wei L. Eng 

§ Summa cum Laude 

t Magna cum Laude 

* cum Laude 



U N D E R G R 

D U A T E 


Julia Shipley Foley 
§ Laurie Denise Fox 
Ronald Charles Garrett 
Merena George 
Wayne Winston Gibbs 
Jena Rochelle Girardi 
§ Michele L. Goodman 
Jennifer Michelle Gordon 
Holly Anissa Gray 
Christopher Allen Grimes 

2>id Major: Mamgement Science 

and Statistics 
Cynthia Anne Guerra 

2nd Major: Marketing 

2nd Degree:Transportation 
William A. Gunnulfsen 
Ping Guo 
Gary Alan Hall 
Terrence 0\'id Henry 
Stacey Lynn Herman 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Scott Samuel Herold 
Marion Ethel Herrington 
Charles Lawrence Hicks, Jr. 
Josefine Hsu 
Yueh-Pao Hsu 

* Pang L. Huynh 
Sakurako Hyodo 
Gladston N. James 
Ken Hendrikjohanning 
Charles Howard Kaplan 
Philip George Kaplanis 
Patrice Alycia Katrinak 
Alisa Lynn Katz 
William Francis Kelly 
Susan Liane Kissinger 

* Angelina Dorothy Koutsos 
Vicky Wai King Kuan 
Michele Louise Lazur 
Cheuk Yu Lee 

Kun S. Lee 

James Theodore Lemanski 

Jonathan David Lerman 

Victoria Lev 

Deidra Renee Lipscomb 

Jun Victoria Liu 

* Jill Marie Louis 
Jacqueline Eve Lowy 
Helen Lucks 

Darren Lee MacLennan 
George Stergios Markopoulos 
Anita Michelle Marshall 
Maria Scolastica Mastroianni 
2nd Dcgree:Ceneral Business 
and Manageinent 
2nd Major: Marketing 
Lance Maddalon Mclnerney 
David K. McNair 
Gary Jason Merwitz 
Karen Joy Monoker 

* Melissa Gail Monger 
SangWon Na 

* Iftikhar Naim 

Michele Veronica Newman 
Yvonne L. Ngai 
Nhan Thanh Nguyen 
Gal Kevin Nir 
Kenneth Stephen Noe 
Kathryn Mathile Noonan 
Robert Adams Noyes 
Russell Curtis Odom 
Elisa Renee Oler 
2nd Degree: Psychologii 
t Robert Walling Oliphant 
Jeaneen Lucille Oyer 
Michelle Amy Pecker 

* Hang Thi Pham 
Maria Pizanias 
Sharla Michelle Powell 
Jennifer Eve Riesberg 

' Donnell Marie Rini 
Maurice George Roberts 
John Rogel 

Melissa Susan Romano 
David Scott Rosner 
Sarah Kathryn Rust 
Sophia Hanna Sakhleh 
Adam B. Salti 

* Scott Robert Samels 
Ruben Sanchez-Maldonado 
Jeffrey Robert Schechter 
David E. Scheiman 
Nikole Krista Schejbal 
Bruce Scott Schulman 
Mark Neil Seidel 

Rakesh Gokuldas Shah 
Sejal Gokuldas Shah 
Sherry Lea Shumaker 

+ Joseph John Slovick 

Jeriesha Rose Smith 

Lisa Ann Smutek 

Tae Sook Song 

Diane Marie Sparks 

Maggie Kv Tan 
+ Tracy Ann Tascher 

Elysa Dawn Teeman 

Dung Le Thai 

Buu-Linh Tran 

Huong Thien Tran 

Vicki Lynn Triplett 
§ Yee Ming Fanny Tsang 

Michael John \ander Vat 
2nd Major: Management Science 
and Statistics 

Catherine H. Wang 

Rhonda Michelle Ware 

Vernon Rex Ware 

Christopher Allan Warfield 

Gene Mark Wasserman 

Richard Wei 

Joseph R. White 

Sandi Michelle Wiesberg 

Michael Scott Wood 

Jason Marc Yanowitz 
2nd Major: Finance 


Thomas Jordan Adams III 
Nancy B. Al-Bader 
Yensen Aliamin 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Andreas N. Anastassopoulos 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 

2nd Major: Marketing 

• Valerie A. Beckhardt 
Peter Karl Berneburg 
Robert J. Blitzstein 
Wendy D. Bourne 

2nd Major: General Business 
and Management 

* Gretchen Marie Briki 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Craig Stephen Brodsky 
§ Paul Francis Caron 
Carlton Eugene Carter 
John Richard Collins 
Steven Coradetti 
Robert Holland Cox 
David Lawrence Crabtree 
Regina Margaret Cronin 

2nd Degree: East Asian 

Languages and Literature 
§ Thomas Patrick Daly 
Jessica Linnea Dancy 
Jeffrey Ronald Deacon 

2nd Major:Transportation 
Alina M. de la Guardia 
William Thomas Derby 
Scott Erik Dubin 
Mark Harris Elenowitz 
Edward Meneses Figueroa 
Martin Saul Friedman 
Loren Cecilia Gazelle 
+ Monica Ann Gibson 
Peter Andrew Gobell 
David Bennett Goldsteen 
Steven Scott Goldstein 
Nathan Adam Gowen 
t Matthew Abner Hahn 
Rodney Rueben Halm 
Nahid Handal 

2nd Major: Economics 

§ Summa cum Lmde 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 



O F 




Rehan Ahmad Haque 

2nd Degree: Marketing 

2nd Major:Cenerat Business 

and Management 
Michael Hugh Harper 
Stacey Lynn Herman 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Daniel B. Horan 
§ Chong Bom Hwang 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Rhonda Lynn Hysell 
Ronald Walter Jackson 
Neeta Jha 

Michael William Johnson 
Roland Leigh Keech, Jr. 
Matthew E. Killam 
Do Young Kim 
Dulika Viranjani Kodikara 
Kyong J. Koh 
Ian Da\-id Kramer 
Christine Anne Laheney 
Milind Apparao Lengade 
t Johnathan Charles Lemer 
Micheal Stephen Lipshultz 
Kevin Thomas Lynch 
Marc Anthony Madison 
Brigitte R. Magnani 
Steven Alan Maltz 

Shawn Thomas Martin 
2nd Major: Economics 

Angelo Michael May 
2nd Degree: Psychology 

Kevin F. McKenna 

Barbara EUen McLaughlin 

Carol Nangle McMahon 
+ Scott C Miller 

Maria Elena Montero 

Wayne Richard Moore 
2nd Major: Economics 

Brian La\\Tence Moran 

Jermifer Lynn Morvick 
2nd Major: Economics 

Christian Vu Nguyen 
§ Julie Marie Ortmann 

Scott Anderson Palmer 
* Cristopher Shane Parcelles 
§ Joseph WiUiam Porterfield 

Roscoe Howard Price III 

C. Patrick Putorti 
t Beverlv Ann Rebar 
Barr\' Evan Reiferson 
Mark Allen Rider 
Christopher Michael RoUer 
Eve Roussopoulos 
Marc Christian Rupinta 
Timothy Guy Schmitt 
Heath Oiven Seaman 
Alan Paul Seto 
Da\id Maurice Shapiro 
Henrv Hung Shiu 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Bishal Kumar Shrestha 
Michael Allen Sowers 
Terralene Herborg Stewart 
t John Young Stokes II 
John Francis Studds 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
§ Cynthia Arlene Sturtevant 
Mark C. Swan 

* Richard M. Tansing, Jr. 
James Blair Towe 

Katy Solomos Tzamaras 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Scott John Valentin 

* Susan Verderame 
Natenapa Jewel Wattanavee 
Eric Robert Weaver 

John Anthony Winkle 
Michael Robert Wirt 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Matthew Heath Wolkofsky 
Adrian Renee Wright 
§ Joseph Michael Yaffe 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Daniel Patrick Young 

General Business and 

Terrence Andre Barr 
David J. Callahan 
Terrence Phillip Callas 
Gretschen Dale Camp 
Lisa Hancock Case 
Randall Matthew Cathell 
2nd Degree: Accounting 
Wing Yan Chau 
2nd Degree: East Asian 
Languages and Literature 
Christopher Lee Cox 
Sandra Marie Cross 
KelU' Ann D'Agostino 
Bany Da\id Danz 
David J. DiPaolo 
Marc Lewis Douglas 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Michael Fasone 
John-Paul Flaim 
David A\T Frand 
t Virgirue Henriette Gaiddon 
2nd Major: Marketing 
Tunde Gondan 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Thomas Phillip Goodwin 
Kathleen Lorraine Greenan 
Marc Eric Harris 
Abigail Margaret Jones 
Yoko Kitazoe 
Tasha Lewis 
Ana Cristina Lopez 
2nd Major: Spanish Language 
and Literature 
2nd Degree: Marketing 
Tatiana Ramzi Mansour 
Maria Scolastica Mastroiaimi 
2nd Major: Marketing 
2nd DegrecAccounting 
t Kelly Suzanne McCleary 
Katherine Marie Miller 
2nd Major: Human Resource 
Patricia L. Murphy 
Lenore Alayne Nagel 
2nd Major: Marketing 
Timothy Patrick Noonan 
Adrian Olson 

Teresa Marques Passarinho 
Alan Fred Perr)' 
+ Corina Ploscaru 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Kimberiy Ann Quinlan 
Michael Peter Tutalo 
Amy Teresa Wathen 
Steven Mark Wener 

Human Resource 

Nancy Jane Blackburn 
Teresa Aim Fuller 
Gillian Itzel Gadpaille 
Laura Ellen Kazden 
WilHam Allen King IV 

2nd Degree: Transportation 
Tracey Lynn KUne 
Kimberiy Denise Lew 
Steven Allen Maged 
Bonnie Lynn Moscoe 
Julie Theresa Nolan 
Lynn Judith Rabinowitz 
John Da\id Sallah 
Joanna Schiller 
Melissa Nan Schwartz 
Erika Robyn Silverman 
Katherine Diane Smith 
Kristen E. Stack 
Benjamin Augustus Sunderiand 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Jennifer Lynn Swatsburg 
Thomas Tracy Vannoy 

I Summa cum Laudc 

t Magna cum Laude 

' cum Laude 

N D I D 



D E G R E 

Management Science and 

Vincent Edward Bourdeau 
+ Seong W. Chung 
Kevin P. Donnelly 
Tammy Lee Green 

2nd Major: Finance 
Stephen Rex Kimbleton 
Brett Ir\'in Kleger 
Khanh Tuy Phuong Lam 
Frank H. Lin 
Estela Maria Martinez 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Brian Hyttel Olsen 
Asli Yucel 


Kathleen Marie Anadale 
Canice Ann Angelici 
Stacy Beth Ardman 

2nd MaJLw: Tranf:portation 
George Assimakopoulos 
Priscilla Anne Azaula 
Kimberly Anne Baird 
§ Mark William Balog 

2nd Major: Finance 
Katherine Tyler Beaver 
Allison Wendy Beer 
Jennifer Lynn Berg 
David A. Bolner 
Marijuana Dawn Brockington 
John Hugh Brown 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Marc Bowman Brown 
David Allen Burgan 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Elizabeth Marie Buswell 
Theresa Arme Byrnes 
Rebecca Ooioy Caruso 
Jeanette Alayne Chambers 
Eva 1-Wen Chen 
Ryan F. Child 

2nd Major: Finance 
Lisa Marie Coccia 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Alison Beth Cooper 
Patrick Andrew DeHart 

§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

David Nathan Dorr 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Christopher Alan Duncan 
Paul Thomas Durkin 
Stephen Michael Early 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Janice Elaine Ebert 

* Dana 1. Eitner 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 

2nd Degree: Transportation 
Phyllis W. EUerman 

2nd Major: Finance 
Daniel Christopher Esser 
Christine Kay Fanning 
Kristin Maria Fenstomocher 
Robert Andrew Fink 
Mark Edward Fitzmaurice 
Tliomas Scott Fossett 
David William GarfiiUiel 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Robert E. Geisler 
Maria Randi Ginsberg 
William Jonathan Gnade 
Janet Beth Greenberg 
Holly Marie Hagan 
Rehan Ahmad Haque 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 

2nd Degree: Finance 

* Elizabeth Faye Herreid 

2nd Major: Transportation 
April Michele Hughes 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jennifer Joanne Isaman 
Jennifer Lynn Jones 
Philip James Kahler 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Adam Jay Kaliner 

* Mami Lynn Kallins 

2nd Degree: French Language 
and Literature 
Matthew J. Kane, Jr. 

* Sheila Kapur 

Sonia A. Khatri 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Eric James Kieley 

2nd Major: Transportation 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Judith Mercedes Knezits 

* Michael Joseph Kurtyka 
Vivian Lee 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Gregory H. Lese 

* Timothy Paul Ley 
Stephen Joseph Lombel 
Ana Cristina Lopez 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 

2nd Major: Spanish 
Bret Ian Lutsky 
Jennifer Lynn Matthews 
Patricia M. McBride-Finneran 
Audrey Virginia McKenrick 
2nd Major: Finance 
Joanne Patrice McKinnon 
Sandra Jean Meadows 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Thomas Jay Miller 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Joseph Paul Millman 
John Joseph Paparello, Jr. 

* Craig Russell Parrish 

2nd Major: Finance 
Christine Elaine Piesco 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Cheryl Lee Reid 
Mark Vincent Ritacca 
Tracy Jill Roth 
Sharon Elizabeth Schilling 
Suzcelle Mella Sembrano 
Beth Linda Shapiro 
Julie Heather Shapiro 
Melissa Shefrin 
Jason P. Siegel 
Leigh Ann Simon 

2nd Degree: Radio, Television 

and Film 
Craig Russell Solomon 
Michelle Sherrie Springer 
Andrea Gayle Stroike 
Eva Marie Summers 

Moochieh Tsai 
James Joseph Veillette 
Matthew Remo Vigano 

* Pamela Louise Volm 
Alexandria Walter 
Alan Jay Wayne 
Eric L. Weiss 
Shelly Ann Wood 
Angela Marie Xenakis 
Lubo Zizakovic 

2nd Major: Transportation 

Production Management 

David Phillip Boell 
2nd Major: General Business 
and Management 


Teri Lynn Bristol 
2nd Major: Marketing 
Tracey Lynn Doebling 

* Dana 1. Eitner 

2nd Degree: Marketing 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Joseph Francis Forkey 

2nd Major: Finance 
Cynthia Anne Guerra 

2nd Degree: Accounting 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Luis Carlos Gutierrez 
Luis Sandro Jaramillo 

2nd Major: Marketing 
William Allen King IV 

2nd Degree: Human Resource 

Kelly Ann McGoldrick 
Tom Junesuk Oh 
Mark Richard Scribner 
+ Charles David Spotts 
Linda Julia Wang 




R Y L A N D 




Bachelor of Science 


Wesley joe Butts 
Jay Hong Chong 
Da\id Elmore Coleman 
Renee Paula Dudley 
GuruTej Singh Khalsa 

2nd Degree: Aerospace 


Computer Science 

Anuradha \'asant Abhyankar 
+ Da\id McAdams Baggert 

2nd Major: Linguistics 
J. Todd Baldwin 
Sean Thomas Barrett 
Darrell T\Tone Blake 
Sang Hsom Boo 
Donald Jon Boulia 
Christopher Keith Braganza 
* Bryan Roger Buck 

2ud Degree: East Asian 

Languages and Literature 
Michael Andrew Bull 
Christopher Anthony Bulleri 
Jun Nong Chen 
Wei-Fan Robert Chen 
Peter Kirk Dahlstrom 

2nd Degree: Mathenmtics 
James Albert Markwood da Silva 
Azim Salim Fahmi 
Lisa Michele Frantz 
Charanjiv Singh Gadh 
Manoj Kumar Gilra 
Shane Eric Gustafson 
Paul Hagger 
Torrey Lyn Harmon 
Christopher Alan Holmes 

Tae Hun Kim 

Vi\ien Wai Ying Kuan 

Truyen Canh Lam 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Ki Hun Lee 
Michael Thomas Lee 
+ Sung Youn Lee 
Heng Cheong Leong 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Daniel Joseph Le\nne 
Aaron J. Lieberman 
Chanh Lienvongkot 
Matthew Carlton Louderback 
Holly Sue Lund 
Thomas Glen Magorka 
Michael John McDonald 
Michael James McManus 
Cvrus Hoshedar Minwalla 
Da\id Victor Moy 
Christopher David Nebel 
2nd Major: East Asian Languages 
and Literature 
Nicolas Anthony Nemil 
Michael Wayne Ogbum 

Michael Anthony Pasquariello 

Lv Keo Peang-Meth 

Laura Lisbeth Pefia 
+ Krista Beth Peterson 

Rosaria Sara Puglisi 

Luan Robert Quan 

Sally Jane Rizzo 

Raymond Gregory Roberts 

Geoffrey Todd Rusk 

Matthew Thomas Russotto 

Mark Allen Schleifer 

Christopher Michael Schoppet 

Da\id John Schuetz 

Dale Sercu 

Haris Shah 

Pardeep K. Sharma 

Jon Eric Spangler 

Mary Lydean Ratdiffe Spangler 
+ Lisa Sharon Spicknall 

Carolyn Amelia Rast StanoyeWtch 

John Adrian Straathof 

Christopher George Sylvain 
2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 

Hao That Ton 
t David Tran 

Teresa Maria Villegas 
John A. Walker 
* Hugh B. Warren 
Deborah Ann Whitener 
Henry Kwok Leung Yu 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Rudy Santoso Zulkamain 


Jefferv Chen 

William Beauchamp Lodder, Jr. 

Raymond Yang 


David William Ballard 
An Marc Barkan 
Diana Kristine Blauciak 
Pablo Esteban BonangeUno 
Valleri LvTin Boyd 
Nina Marie Bragunier 
§ Isaac F. Brownell 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Dermis Ward Buckman 
Lynn Chvong Chen 
Johnnie L. Coleman, Jr. 
Peter Kirk Dahlsh-om 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Jeffrey Dean Elkner 
Raymond Louis Gilbert 

2nd Degree: Physics 

2nd Major: Astronomy 
§ Emiliano Gomez 

2nd Major: Astronomy 
Sotiria Hayes 
* William Scott Jarboe 

Oather Monder Jones 111 
§ Eric Wanen Justh 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Zahid Mushtaq Khan 

2nd Degree: Aerospace 

Jiun Hwang I^i 
Heng Cheong Leong 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
James Howard Leveque lU 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Elizabeth Louise Liskey 
Pauline Moy 
Saghi Sonya Nabily 

Chantal Ostwald 
* Corina Ploscaru 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Managanent 
Kama Croop Rummage 
Vadim M. Sapiro 
Robert Charies Schwendinger 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
t Sanjeev Poomachandra Shukia 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Adam Martin Spatz 

2nd Degree: Mechanical 

Kara Yvette Speights 
Boiuta Elizabetha Terry 
Lilia V. Torshina 
David Brian Tross 
Da\id John Urevick 
Glenn William VanDerWoude 
Marshelle Renee Winestock 
Zhi-Hao Zhang 

§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magna cum Laude 

* cum Laude 




T E 

D E G R E 

Physical Sciences 

Olasunkanmi Alliu Bello 

Matthew William Bragaw 

Lori Michelle Broom 

Lawrence Alan Corp 

Dung Anh Doan 

Michael Eric Dudley 

Stephanie Lynn Fauver 

Daryl Monroe Fuller 

Ananthan Natarajan Gounder 

Sun Woo Kim 

Herman Masculine Leuterio 

Scott Alan Maisel 

Marian Martin 

Vincent Quoc-Dung Nguyen 

Robert Thomas Noonan 

Sanjayjayanti Patel 

John Pepe, Jr. 

Eric James Rommal 

Heidi Rubin 

Nestor Henrio Suarez 

Michael Christopher Talley 

Chung Wing Alexander Yu 


l.'t'l AttaBiddier 

I ,L-rry M. Blumenstock 

Robert Edwin Bodine 

Raymond Louis Gilbert 
2nd Major: Astronomy 
2nd Degree: Mathematics 

John Lewis Hinrichs 

Gilead Kedem 

Tomoko Kitazoe 

Richard Paul Lambert 
+ Paul Evan Lynch 

2nd Major: Mathematics 

Michael D. McGreevy 

Yilmaz Winslow Rona 

Wanda Elena Savarese 

Lorien Arwen Schroeder 

Scott Norbert Treude 

Sunil Anandu Vernekar 


Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Eileen M. Alfieri 
Jina Yi 

English Education 

Alexis Ann Adams 
* Joseph Robert Ballmann 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Melissa Dawn Branstetter 
Kelly Denice Buck 
Charles Jason Cook 
Sharon Janeen Dickens 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
William Kelley Eidem 
Gina Marie Galgano 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Kirsten Ann Hansen 
Jessica Lynn Hawk 
Kimberly Anne Starr 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Jennifer Lynn Stephens 

Foreign Language Education 

Phaedra A. Alexandrou 
Karen Ann Chadbourne 
Brooke Leigh Davis 
George Wells Drumwright, Jr. 
Veronique Marie Greene 
Saida G. Guzman 
Marlena Janette Moore 
* Ana Maria Perez 

Social Studies Education 

Linda Beth Bernard 
Stephen Charles Frickx 
Adrienne Lynne Kellert 
J. Mukherjee 
2nd Degree: Geography 

Amy Michele Parrish 
2nd Degree: History 
Michael Houston Sterling 
Amy Renae Stuven 
Jennifer Lynn Tyler 

Speech and English 

Douglas Wilbert Anthony 
Melanie Beth Folstad 
§ Rebecca Beth Kushner 
Renee Kelli Ray 

Bachelor of Science 
Art Education 

Jennifer Lee Bowcutt 
Ryan Andrew Hench 
Anne Ghormley Kramer 
Natalie Susan Scott 
t Jennifer Susan Tallmadge 

Business Education 

Benjamin Butler 
Kristin Ann Coughlan 
Allyson Yvette Gilbert 
Glenn Dwight Sober 

Distributive Education 

Cyndee Ann Richards 

Early Childhood Education 

Geraldine Ellen Bell 

Helene Magdalena Blackner 

Diane Beatrice Burdin 

Lee Taylor Gardiner 
§ Bonnie Francine Gruenfeld 
* Sheryl Lynn Holland 

Elizabeth Anne Hoyle 

MaryBeth Lemanski 

Britta Eugenia Osborne 

Andrea Beth Richman 

Julie Ann Schwan 
t Lois Anne Williams 

Stacey Lyn Wolffs 

Elementary Education 

Gina Marie Andreone 

Ilene Tracy Battleman 

Aliza Beth Baumel 

Allene Cohen Becker 

Sheri Lynn Berube 

Denise Marcelle Brasser 

Francie M. Breckstein 

Elizabeth Anne Breig 

Michele Kay Bunker 

Elizabeth Gonzales Burns 

Kristin Leigh Caldwell 

Matthew Mowery Campbell 

Angela Michelle Capozzi 

Caroline Jeannine Chance 

Amy Elizabeth Choromanskis 

Jennifer Marie Cray 

Trad Lynn Ellis 

Nicole Margaret Entwistle 

Jodi Robin Feinstein 

Laura Eileen Fingeret 

Anna Julia Fitzgerald 

Jennifer Marci Freeman 

Phyllis May Friday 

Christine Yvonne Gifford 

Robert Paul Glaze 

Holly Elizabeth Goodwin 

Janice Ellen Greif 
+ Amy Theresa Hanley 

Maura Ellen Hanley 

Hilary Beth Hartley 

Erik Weston Hebeisen 

Marcia Ann Heikkinen 

Grace Youn Huh 
* Claire Jeannine Inbody 

Chul Won Jeon 

Kathleen Mills Kerr 

Stacey Lynn Keshner 

Mary M. Kiani 

Melinda Amy Lagnese 

Ah Young Lee 

Debra Gail Levine 

Donna Frye Mamula 
Christine Elise Manning 
Tammy Marie Matthews 

Barbara Lynn Moskow 
Thipamala Pananon Moy 
Somayyah Sussan Nahidian 
Eun Hyang Hannah Nam 

§ Sumnm cum ijiude 
f Magna cum Liude 
* cum Laude 


U N I V E 

S I T Y 

O F 




Robyn Michelle Nierman 

Susan C. Palumbo 

Anda Paucitis 

Man' Margaret Pessoney 

Roberta Helen Poire 

Lynne Marie Robinson 

Stephen Michael Rosenberg 

Lisa Karen Schulman 

Theresa Ann Simonds 

Kristina Marie Sipe 

Shawn Louise Slagle 

Michele Laurie Span 

Karen Lee Tucker 

Nicole Leaiuie Turpie 

Lisa Ann Ushenvood 

Vicki Ansof Vaughn 

Jodi Da^\'n Weiss 
t Kathleen B.White 
Mila Vivian Wichmann 
Wendv Lee Wilson 

Ann Patricia Yanaros 

Chi Ching Yu 
* Catherine Lee Zimmerman 

Home Economics Education 

Lee Ann Franklin 
Margaret Kiupp McGugan 
Melissa Arm-Blair Sanders 

Industrial Arts Education 

John Paul Hollyfield 

Industrial Technology 

John Hans Boxeri 
MeUssa Ann Cook 
David Christopher Graves 
Matthew Whitfield Herrold 
Rafael Eiuique Lopez 
Carry Louis-Charles 
James William Mattingly, Jr. 
Edward Thomas MuUaney 
Jeffrey Thomas Nyswaner 
George Anthony Plummer 
Karen Lvime Russo 
Lane Douglas Salins 

Mathematics Education 

t Jov-Ann Rose Mendelsohn 
Frederick Paul Senger 
Maryrose Loftus Spriggs 
Pamela Lyim Wilson 

Music Education 

Kathryn Elizabeth Griffin 
Hei Jung Shin 

Science Education 

Thomas Joseph Albert, Jr. 
Edward Craig Albright 
John WiUiam Barracato 
Alyson Mary Donoghue 
Aaron Mathew Gray 
Alexander T. Hammer 
Bruce Malcolm Hislop, Jr. 
Leslie Margot Lindgren 
Patricia Ann McKiiJey 
Jimmie Dale Mowder, Jr. 
Edward Naus 
Clinton Alfred Sandford 
Parshotam Dass Sharma 
Donald Glen Wiggins, Jr. 
2nd Degree: Chemistry 

Social Studies Education 

Cathenne McKeever Conyers 
Richard Otto Herberger 
Rebecca Patton Logan 
Elizabeth Anne Shahan 

Special Education 

Rachel Yael Arbeter 

Lisa Noel Canby 

Andrea Lynn Farber 

Nicole A. IfiU 

Maria Theresa Jahn 

Kristi Lvn JohiTson 
* Janice Jean Jorden 

TraCT Lee Knight 

Denise Ann Koscielniak 

Rebecca Susan Lee 

Noreen L. Nutter 

Katherine Ellen Pennington 

Stacey Joy Perlin 
§ Marv Elizabeth Reese 

Tracy Ellen Romo 

Karen Ann Skrypzak 
t Eileen Marie Sminkey 
Benjamin WiUiam Smith 
Elizabeth Aime Solomon 
Angeline Ruth Summers 
§ Cherylyn T. Torguson 
t Jermifer Christine Van Horn 
Tami Marie Wisniewski 

Theatre and English 

Amanda Joy Anderson 


Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Phillip Albm Adams, Jr. 
Farbod Afkhami 
Joel Robin Becker 
Morris Samuel Berman 
* CO. Lee Boyce, Jr. 
Claude John Brown 
Gregory Francis Bulla 
Angelo Campini 
Asif Bahar Choudhury 

Michael Sean Connelly 
Roger Thomas Costopoulos 
Kenneth Wayne Dawson, Jr. 
Saqib Jamil Farooqui 
Paul A. Fomess 
Joseph Lawrence Forsythe 
Jennifer LvTin Gagliardi 
David Arthur Goldstein 
Vikram S. Gowda 
Joseph D. Greulich 
Steven Robert Handler 
T. J. HoUeran 

Hoang Thai Hong 

Michael Kevin Hutchinson 

Masoud Iranpour 

•Tammy Lee Jones 

John B. Julo, Jr. 
Michael Gerard Kaczmarek 
GuruTej Singh Khalsa 

2nd Degree: Astronomy 
Zahid Mushtaq Khan 

2nd Degree: ^Aathematics 
Helena H. Kim 
Timothv Jon Kotche 

* Lauren Kathleen Kucner 
James Brock Lennon 
Leonard Victor Magday 
James Andrew McGovem 

Mark Allen Miller 
Envin Paul Moedersheim 
DavsTi Marie Neelan 
Quang Xuan Nguyen 
John Bruno Niemczuk 

Anthony Dennis Olszewski, Jr. 
Flavia Francesca Palini 
Thomas Mark PaUan 
Franklin Inkyu Park 

* Robert Todd Parker 
Michael Scott Pritzlaff 
David Llovd Rabine 
Tharen Rice 
William Patrick Rivers 

2nd Degree: Russian Language 

and Literature 
WiUiam George Rutledge n 
Theresa Helen Scotto 

* Stephen E. ScoviUe 
Deborah Lea SeweU 

Divyang Ravindra Shukla 
RusseU Mark Snyder 

* Robert Andrew Sotack 
Christopher Ramond Stephens 
Eric John Vandersall 
WiUiam SuUivan Vincent 
Richard George Wajsgras 
Ronald Barry Walden 
Marvin PhiUp Warble, Jr. 
Christopher Stevens White 
Thomas Lawrence WUson, Jr. 
Edmond Wong 

Keith Anthony Zaranski 

§ Summa cum Ijiude 

f Magna cum Laude 

* cum Laude 





Agricultural Engineering 

Yvonne Gilma Had 
Scott David Homer 

Chemical Engineering 

Joseph Edward Ambrozewicz, Jr. 

Frances Dill 

Eric Jon Eller 

Michelle Diane Heard 

Erik Benjamin Kulstad 

Jeffrey Scott Lanning 

Joseph Simon Leyson 

Samy Said Mikhail 

Jonathan Conrad Mortimer 

Minh-Quan Khuc Pham 

Paul Henry Shriner 

Elizabeth Sue Skalnek 

Christopher James Spangler 
* Eric William Hearn leather 

Cinnamon Nancy Tinsley 

Carolyn Anne Williams 
' Wayne Xu Yang 

Civil Engineering 

Nyree Dawne Adkins 
John A. Ascosi 
Jose' Penas Blanco 11 
Gregory Melton Boyd 
Craig Stephen Bradford 
Bradley Vincent Brubeck 
Frederick Joseph Carey 
Laura Marie Carper 
Amy Elizabeth Childress 
Richard Edward Cutshaw, Jr. 
Derrick David Dasenbrock 
Peter Edward Dunn 
Irit Elazar 
Heidi A. Elssmann 
Thomas David Ferguson, Jr. 
Charles Russell Frushour 111 
Robert John Geist 
Rani Vaishali Codbole 
John David Green 
J. Stacey Hart 
Joseph Edward Huesmann 
Yacoba Inkumsah 
Warren Edwin Johnson, Jr. 
Richard Paul Kercher 
Jan David Lastuvka 

§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Seyed Mohsen Maali 
Christina Sonja Maenner 
Robert Joseph Miller 
Marwan Faris Mustafa 
Robert Michael Payne 
Robert Edward Rice, Jr. 
Kurt John Robinson 
Rolando Dancel Roy 
Robert Joseph Schwartz 
Beth Delight Shearer 
Allen Russell Shutt 
Ravinder Singh 
Kristofer Leffingwell Singleton 
Timothy James Slonaker 

Electrical Engineering 

Robert Edmond Ackerman 

* Joseph Franklin Alder 

§ Matthew William Archer 
§ Jonathan Daniel Baker 

Gaurav Bhatia 

Bradley Donald Blanche 

Hans Alexander Breden 

Kelly G. Bricker 
§ Isaac F. Brownell 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 

Hoan Chung Bui 

Liviu Burducea 

Rodney Bernard Burke 

Keith Allen Butler 

Bernard Pak Cheung Chan 

Quyen Chau 

Hong Sol Cho 

* Si Hyung Cho 

Scott Thomas Christie 
Thomas Charles Cincotta 
Randy Lee Clayton 
Darryl Earl demons 
Laura Amy Cohen 
James Christopher Cotter 
Alexander Theodore Couloumbis 
Will Jennings Crampton 
Jeffrey David Crockett 
Osama M. Dajani 
Maurice Edward De Vidts 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
John Eric Donohue 
Derek Andrew Edwards 
Aaron David Falk 

Kathleen Agnes Farley 
Gregory Joseph Forbes 
Franlitz R. Fuentes 
Lambros Yianni Georgiou 
Steven Kenneth Gompers 
Terry Wallace Griffith 
David Brian Hamilton 
Jaleel Hasan 
Xiong He 

Jeffrey Glen Houser 
Michael Damien Houser 
Eric Edwin Howell 
Richard Teh-Sui Hsu 
Rajasekhar Jakkampudi 
Jeffrey Alan Jones 

§ Eric Warren Justh 

2 mi Degree: Mathematics 
Muhammad Faisal Klian 

§SvenHiralal Khatri 

+ Khoa Tan Binh Khuu 
Elizabeth Carole Kovanda 
Helen Ching-Chun Kwok 
Benjamin C. Lee 

* Tai Hong Lee 

James Howard Leveque III 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Christopher Alan Lieb 
Russell Lynn Lloyd 
Fernando P. Lopez 
Mark Earl Maggitti 
Christopher Anthony Maio 

* Douglas T. Massey 
Kenneth James McCaughey 
Shilpa Lalit Mehta 

Eric Joseph Meyer 
Brian Monroe Middleton 
+ John Robert Morris 
Joseph Edward Myer 
Margay Katherine Nanzetta 
WahiduUah Nawabi 
Alexander Hy Dang Nguyen 
Hoang Huy Nguyen 
Thang Quan Nguyen 
Tu Huu Nguyen 
Ehud Oentung 
John Muth Osterman, Jr. 
Albert C. Park 
Cheol M. Park 
Dixit D. Patel 

Chieu Duy Pham 

Long Ngoc Pham 

Harold Luco Pierre 

Timothy Francis Piety 

Eric M. Poh 

Raymond Chi-Kwan Poon 

Daryl Mark Ribeiro 

Rhonda Lynn Rogers 

Shannon Olivia Rowland 

Gautam Roy 

Nikita Saxena 

Robert Charles Schwendinger 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
All Reza Sedighian 
Syrakes Mahendra Shah 
Julie llese Shapiro 

* Shwu-Lin Sheu 

t Sanjeev Poornachandra Shukla 
2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Mark Francis Slaney 
Lisa J. Smith 
Shawn David Smith 
Ronald Joseph Stattel 
Michael Aaron Stein 

* Seema Sud 
Christopher George Sylvain 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Lillian Seifter Symonds 
Savy Tan 

William Edward Teter 
Joseph Rathinam Frances A. Thomas 
Shelby Alana Thomas 
Mark Alan Thomson 
Luis Garcia Torregrosa 
Denise Tran 
Dung Quang Tran 
Thanh-Khiem Quang Tran 
Trang Thao Tran 
Quocanh Q. Vu 
Steven Michael Washington 
David Lee Wolf 
Ken Tsz-Keung Wong 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Teddy Chen-Tung Wu 
David Albert Yacono 

* Kai Yuen Yan 
Joseph David Yaver 
Henry Kwok Leung Yu 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Radu Zuba 



O F 


R Y L A N D 

A T 



Fire Protection Engineering 

Michael Allen Bourdeau 
Matthew Gilbert Braxton, Jr. 
Rita Ann Drwila 
Craig Stuart Fischer 
Joshua Mark Fleischer 
Brian Richard Fox 
Francis Andrew Hauf 
James Henry Hogenson 
Carolyn Gail Holmes 
Michael John Joanis 
Eric G. Kearns 
Kamal Mohammad Khan 
Kara D, Lombardi 
Hammad Ahmad Malik 
Brian James Montgomery 
Isa Yousef Saah 
Thomas Joseph Schneller 
Matthew Thomas Smith 
Robert Wilson Stubblefield 
Craig Patrick Thompson 
Derrick Michael Tjernlund 
§ David Vincent Tomecek 
Jonathan M. Wells 
Creshona Stephony Whitmyer 

Mechanical Engineering 

Theodore Thomas Abromavage, Jr. 
David Middleton Anderson 
Preeti Bahvant Bagalkotkar 
Thomas Everett Belk, Jr. 
James Michael Bouchard 

* Thomas Robert Boyer 
Gregory Scott Bright 
Ujin Cha 

Tae Ho Chang 

* James Lawson Cooper 
Kevin Dale Cox 
Andres Cruzat 
Anthony Joseph Davenport 
Brian Keith Day 

Robert Sture Dewell 
Edward Alonzo Dove 
Thomas Edward Dunn 
Lawrence Hamilton Durling 
Christopher Thomas Dyke 
Brian Da\'id Edwards 
Luis Roberto Feliciano 
Alan Lloyd Frazier 

Paul Brian Fugate 
Gina Marie Gantt 
Matthew Joseph Garvey 
Michael Stephen Gibson 
James Dominick Hamilton 

* Craig E. Hampson 
John Anthony Haren 
Nicole Maree Hill 
Yong S. Joe 

* Cassandra Lynne Johnson 
Abraham Kefyalew 
Steven Daniel King 
D.Keith Kirk, Jr. 
Sandhya Kumar 
Stephen Russell Laurine 
John Scott Lepkowski 
Dominic Lepore 
Matthew John LeBlanc 
Susan Elouise Mathews 

* Lisa Dawn Mauck 
Glen Avelino Medina 
Barton Soriano Miranda 
Pamela Anne O'Connor 
Matthew Arnold O'Hara 
Onvema Uzodinma Okonjo 

2nd Major: Economics 
Stephen Joseph PauU 
Hine Phet Phonthachack 
Kostantinos Michael Photiheg^anakis 
Philip Ray Prather 
Michelle Alice Puis 
Samir Puri 
David Wayne Render 

* Eric Alan Schade 
Scott Kalb Scherping 
Kevin Wade Silbert 
John Anthony Simansky 
Adam Martin Spatz 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Brandt Stanley Stogdale 
Gregory Milton Stone 
Brian Gerard Struntz 
Gabriel Antonio Terrasa 
Dararith Un 
Stephen Lloyd Vail 
Binh Viet Vo 

* Robert Jude Wagner 
Johnny Charles Walker 

5 Glenn Antone White 

Paul Stephen White 
John Scott Williams 
Joy John Wycliffe 
Wilson Yan 
Gwoping Yang 

Undesignated Engineering 

Jon W. Cotield 
Atif Ahmed Faridi 
Mark Edward Plater 
Saihillah Khan 
Christopher Robb Lee 
John Robert Massari 
Shaun Eric McGarvey 
Erika Sonia Sagranichiny 
Carl Austin Snyder 
Kathleen Ann Williams 


Bachelor of Science 

Health Education 

Christine Frances Bauman 
t Jennifer Lynn Beaudin 

Amy Christina Blinkhom 

Ann Marie Cantwell 

Gianna Lynn Caruso 

Craig Chapman 

Susan Beth Glantz 

Kelly Marie Hamilton 

Shawna Lynn Henry 

Stephanie Kipnis 

Regina Lynette McCoy 

Kerry Ruth McElhenny 

Mary Quinn McFarlin 
§ Marie Angel Yeh 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Pamela Anne Althoff 
Janet Barrick Anderson 
Nicole Lucienne Amone 
Andrea Marie Baldwin 
Holly Elisabeth Baldwin 
Rebecca Marie Barrett 
David Randall Bertsch 
Heather Jeanne Carr 

* Diane Marie Carter 

2nd Degree: Dance 
Evan Robert Christman 
Catherine Sue Cusack 
Rosanne Justina Dietrich 
Amy Teresa Ellis 
Jordan Scott Hadell 
Brigid Anne Gallagher 
Karen Elizabeth Gerwig 
Paul M. Kafig 
Valerie Ann Kostyal 

* John Wayne Krieger 
Robert Howard Lessenco 
Robert Thomas Long, Jr. 
Michelle Adina Malek 
Gregory Scott Matheny 

James Lee Anthony Matthews, Jr. 
Steven Todd McGKnn 
Geoffrey Hyman Miller 
Veronica Louise Miller 
John Edward Neely 
Brian Albert Nugent 
Kimberly Ann Palechek 
Paula Lynn Partlow 
Heather Radcliffe Powell 
Catherine Leigh Repass 
Mark Ian Saffer 
Deborah Kim Schwartz 
William Henry Scott, Jr. 
Karen Elizabeth Stover 
Sara Maria Strike 
Gregorv' Powell Teselle 
§ Lynne Dobrovolnv Tretter 
Derek Jay VanReenan 
Jared Scott Votta 
Da\'id Louis Weiss 
Romy Lyn Wiederle 

§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magna ciwt Ijiude 

* cum Laude 





Physical Education 

Michael Francis Caro 
Susan Charlotte Dickerson 
Elaine Marie Hutchison 
John Edwin Jeffries 
Jeannie Marie Kenney 
Kristen Kathleen Manikas 
Mark Andrew Pierson 
Sharon Elizabeth Rohr 
Nancy Louise Singleton 
John Edward Smith 
Amy Elizabeth Strong 


Cheryl Marie Amann 
M. Harper Ambrose 
David Rodney Boyer 
Pamela Anne Calingo 
* Danielle Nichole Dale 
Steven Douglas Martin 
Gregory John O'Connor 
Kenneth Carl Panassidi 
Rita Louise Paoletti 
Jason Harris Port 
Jamie Beth Rosenberg 
Michael Patrick Ryan 
Teresa Dumais Schnurr 
Lisa Ann Siptroth 
2nd Degree: Economics 




Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

Evangelia Drosos 

Melissa Maklan 

* JoAnn Ilene Meren 

Community Studies 

Rhona Eileen Knoblock 

Consumer Economics 

Joseph Wayne Ashley 
Michael William Bartelt 
Carol L. Barton 
Glen E. Baskin 
Deborah Renee Berlin 
Danielle Lisa Bragin 
Christian Joseph Calure 
Fiorella Luisa Carmelino 
Seth H. Chalnick 
Michael A. Conmy 
Heather Lynn Downey 
Shelly Aviva Finkel 
Noel Evan Fisher 
Brian Andrew Fitzpatrick 
Raymond Daniel Flavin 
Russell Anthony Goodwin 
Eric Charles Haislip 
Tracy Anne Hamblet 
Carla Kay Hamson 
Tasa Yvonne Hardaway 
Denise Marie Harrison 
Peter B. Hegyi 
+ Glen J. Heitmarm 
Scott A. Heppe 
Irene Catherine Jenkins 
Michael George Kapsilis 
Michael Lawrence Kolin 
Eric Alan Kraftsow 
Amy Beth Kuessner 
Elena Laverde 
Eric Jordan Leff 
Allen Robert Levy 
Gina Grace Lipsitz 
Lori Ann Mahoney 
Michael Nicholas Metzger 
William Arthur Morgan 111 
Stuart Alan Osterweil 
Betty Pierre Saint 
Lauren Dayna Plaut 
Darren Wayne Port 
David L Prince 
Giannina Mari Riollano 
David Adam Rosen 
Andrew Williams Russo 
Nestor Armando Sainz 
Lisa L. Santangelo 
Steven Lee Schwartz 
Alberico Mario Sessa 

Daniel William Sewell 
Amy Sharapan 
Craig J. Siegel 
Robert John Wagman, Jr. 
Jennifer Marie Wills 
Ronald Scott Yeager 
Laura B. Zingarelli 


Meredith Lee August 
t Jeannine Bernardini 

Lindy S. Davis 
§Janet Marie Dragon 

Susan Victoria Fazio 

Maria Teresa Font 

Patrice Alane Johnson 
+ Sherri Lynne Johnson 

Jeffrey Michael Katz 

Karin Lane Kennard 

Jill Elizabeth Lattman 
tAUisonG. Miner 
t Tracey Christine Stamates 

Experimental Foods 

§ Patricia Ann Acker 
Janice Arlene Fabina 

Family Studies 

Elizabeth Ann Adam 

Dale Margaret-Ann Alexander 

Elizabeth Ellen Alt 

Elizabeth Lee Andres 

Deborah Rachel Bauman 

Lori Faith Berman 

Michele Loren Brutman 

Kristin Maria Carbone 

Karen Marie Cordero 
t Pia Rae DiSciuUo 

Michele Cathleen Driskell 

Robyn D. Felman 

Michele Heidi Fishbein 

Susan Rachel Franco 

Lisa Michelle Frank 

Jennifer Lynn Gerlitz 
§ Linda Anne Gordon 

Victoria T. Greenfield 

Tara Jyll Halper 

Eileen F. Heaps 

Sylvester Von-Winston Jackson 

Deborah Lynn Jacobson 

Hae Ju Julie Kim 

Lisa Gail Kinstler 

Nancy A. Knox 

Judith Gail Lassman 

Stavroula Leontsinis 
§ Jill Erin Levy 
§ Eileen Savage Miller 

Lisa I. Model 
§ Meghan Elizabeth Moriarty 

Danielle Carleen Morton 

Nicole Geraldine Munoz 

Steven Howard Novak 

Melinda Raymond 

Carla Davette Robinson 

Jodie Beth Rubin 
§ Tracey Lynn Scott 
2nd Major: Psychology 

Kathryn Anne Shipley 

Maris Singer 

Jennifer Amy Strauss 

Jan S. Talotfa 

Kristen Alana Timbol 

Aileen Niki Vourliotis 

Kimberlv Nancy Weiss 

Foodservice Administration 

Debra Renee Craven 
Wendy Jill Mandel 
David Michael Menton 
Andrea Hope Spencer 

Human Nutrition and Foods 

Brickte Lyn DeBass 

Institution Administration 

Michelle Tracey Elkin 

Management and Consumer 

Cima Ali 
Leslie Ann Ames 
Lawrence Bergenfield 
Sandra Lee Broadwater 
James Edward Catsos 
Shelley Lynn Cavanaugh 
Sharon Patricia Clohessy 
Christopher Scott Dail 
Joanne Carol Gearrick 

§ Summa cum Laude 
f Ma^na cum Liudc 
' cum Laude 



O F 


A T 



Matthew Evan Goldberg 
Charlene Marie Graham 

Michele Nicole Latimer 
Kristina Cathryn Lohrman 
Lawrence Jay Mesmer 
Kimberly Katie Mitchell 
Kevin Moultrie 
Kimberly Dail Newman 
Tammy Teresa Prince 
Jason Michael Scheinberg 
+ Alisa Lynn Scheiner 
Karyn Mara' Schneider 
Elizabeth Mamee Schoeman 
Deborah Eden Small 
Evan Meredith Stanton 
Denise Marie Thomas 
Melinda Sue Witczak 
Juhe Tam'si Wood 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Andrea Lon Albro 
Lee-Ann Bailes 

Michelle Ann Bartlett 
Ana L. Carrera 
JoAnn Carmela Castelli 

Michelle L. Chalphin 

Michele L. Chapman 
Sang Kweon Cho 

Wendy Anne Cornish 
Samantha Elaine Crowther 
Angela Deidre Dobbs 
Isabel Christina Fabara 

Melissa L. Harris 
Sonia Lenise Huntley 
Kathryn Sue Jones 
Susan Y. King 
Donna Michele Knoll 
Laura Michelle Kushner 

Wendy Jennifer Lashin 

Woohyun Lee 
Stacey B. Leonetti 
Karen Brook Lemer 
Sharon R. Leshner 
Lisa Elena Lindsey 
Helene Deborah Manos 
Haley Lvnn Marcus 
Danielle Lynne Maskell 
Sung Hee Oh 

Joanna Ohring 

Kimberly Beth Oser 

Aela Park 

Tracy Michelle Patterson 

Linda Melanie Perla 

Amy West Rea 

Lisa Kery Schobel 

Melissa Beth Shor 
§ Rene'e Diane Smyth 

Jill Ellen Stein 

Terry Lynn Talarico 

Beth Alyse Temes 

Kristine Nicole Timpone 
* Simone Petronella Visser 

Stacey A. Zorowitz 

Textile Science 

Christina Marie Walker 


Bachelor of Arts 

Jill Helene Applebaum 
Alicia Anne Bachtell 
Andrew Levris Bailey, Jr. 
Brooke Suzette Cummings 
Vicki Ann Davidson 
Amy Beth Dawson 
Susan Elizabeth Delaney 
Andrea Michele Duckworth 
Michelle Jill Edelstein 
Lisa Jill Estreich 
Helena Dora Feldman 
Pamela Beth Flax 
Todd David Freundlich 
Cynthia Elaine Glass 
Donna Marie Goffredo 

2nd Major: Dance 
LaviTence Peter Grayson II 
Matthew WilUam Green, Jr. 
Jessica Jordan Gregg 
Tamara C. Gronet 
Andrew James Grunig 

Bormie Lynn Harris 
+ Monique Devorah Hayward 

Lisa Susan Hennick 

CorUss Nicole Hill 

Lisa Beth Hoffman 

Gail Ann Hogan 

Linda D. Jenkins 

Kimya Imani Jones 
t Stephanie Ann Kinsey 

Nancy Eileen Lawson 

Wendi A. Levy 

Stephani Merrideth Lewis 

Steven Da\'id Lin 
* Katherine Dawn Linkous 

Brian Garman Liu 
' Caron Lee Maclnnis 

Kieca Marie Mahoney 
+ Sara Gale Malone 

Erin Maria McClintock 

Lynda McCullough 

Julie Ann MuUer 

Lara Denise Ohver 

Greta Lynn Palmer 

Laura Ann Petrecca 

Sarina Roffe' 

Catherine Darlene Shank 

Judy Angeline Shaw- 
Maria Gabriella Sinicropi 
+ Jeffrey Christian Staggs 

Jerufer Staudigl 

Mark Allen Swanson 

Susan Carol Tasca 

Dana Terwilliger 

June Margarete Varady 

Pamela Ann Vaupel 

Tan Vinh 

Christine Patricia Wong 

Bachelor of Science 

Malcolm Mason Allen III 
t Laura Karin Baartz 

Michael J. Baldwin 

Stephen James Beard 
t Bonnie Lynn Bernstein 

Jeanne Frances Bernstein 

Kathy Jean Blecker 

Monica Karen Boner 

Stephen Edger Bonnin 

Diana Lynn Buczek 

Laura Suzanne Bunk 

Antony Dodd Burton 

Jermifer Kathleen Campbell 
2nd Major: German Language and 

Paul Edward Cashier 

Courtney Allison Chamberlain 

Charies Wayne Coffey, Jr. 

Rachel Susan Cohen 

Vicki Ann Compter 
§ Erin Anderson Coruiers 

Deena Lee Copeland 

Roberta L. DaCosta 

Ulf Magnus Dahlgren 
t Danielle Avivah Dardashti 

Alicia Beth Daxis 

Amanda Jill Da\'is 

Elena De Cea-Naharro 

Tara Denine DeVeaux 

* Mary Ann Theresa Dorsie 
Marc Lewis Douglas 

2nd Degree: General Business 
and Management 
Miriam Ebony Dowtin 
Maureen Ann Duffy 

* Charles Andrew Ellinger 

* Jennifer Ann Erena 
Brian Stephen Evans 
Shelly Elaine Fagin 
Neale Andrew Faunt 
Louis Michael Ferrara 
Lisa Michelle Fletcher 
Kimberly Charon Foreman 

t Mi-Ai Andrea Gaber 
Amy Beth Glaser 

2nd Major: lounialism 
Margarita E. Gomez 
Ana Maria Gonzalez 
Andrea Leigh Goulston 
David B, Grinberg 
Irene Beth Grossman 

Melinda Lvtle Hamilton 
Stephanie Lyim Hampton 
Lisa Ann Hanawalt 

Michele Renee Harman 
Danielle Olvmpe Hawkins 
Yanick Toni Hazlewood 

§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magtm cum Laude 

* cum Laude 





• Lisa M. Helfert 
Katherine Lee Herring 
Neff Karl Hudson 
Holly Jean Jarman 
Traci Annette Johnson 
Nancy Lee Jones 
Bonni Lynne Kaplan 
Sheryl Marie Kent 
Julie L, Klebanoff 
Jari Beth Kochman 
Michelle Brooke Mabel 
Erin Cathleen Maly 
Vonulrick Brendon Martin 
Misha Lei McAllister 
Pamela Hope Michael 
Jocelyn Michaelson 
Meredith Leigh Miller 
Monica Raissa Miller 
Paula Jo Modarelli 
Nekisha Lee Mohan 
Laura Lynne Needham 

+ Dawn Korryn Nichols 
2nd Degree: Government 
and Politics 
Kristin Elizabeth Offermann 
Edson B, Olds V 
Michael Terrence Padian 
Rachel Doris Pancik 

§ Beth Alisa Panitz 
2nd Major: Journalism 
Amy Jan Peiken 
Ivan Le Roy Penn 
Allison Beth Price 

§ Kimberly Michelle Putnam 
Susan Elaine Ratay 
Maria Joy Ratner 
Stephanie Lynn Reynolds 
Michele Dawn Rogge 
Jennifer Lynn Scherr 

§ Elizabeth Laurel Shannon 
2nd Degree: East Asian 
Languages and Literature 
Nancy Suzanne Sierakowski 
Scott Charles Speaker 
Kevin Joseph Steams-Bruner 
Leslie Elaine Sternchak 
Lisa A. Tawney 
Daniel Patrick Taylor 
Kevin Wayne Taylor 

^ '^ummn cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Audrey Phyllis Thomas 
Duncan Alexander Tinling 
Lisa Michele Walker 
Lisa Claudine Wallace 
Regina Denise Washington 
Tonya Whitfield 
Stacy Michelle Wrucke 
Michele Ann Yapsuga 


Bachelor of Science 


George Christopher AgriteUis 

Bela Bhat 

Ronald Carl Butler 

Eileen Mary Doane 

Thomas Martin Flores 

Neil Spencer McLaren Geoghagen 

Eric Leon Gilkerson 
§ Raymond M. Hsu 

Mohammed Aslam Khan 

Sarah Anne Kipp 

Francoise Giao-Phuong Le 

Kevin Scott McCracken 
§ Seong Jeong Noh 

Elif Cemile Tuvalo 

Laura Conway Walsh 

Ernest Olester Washington, Jr. 

David Lawrence Wells 

Samuel Yu-Shu Wu 

Biological Sciences 

t Jason Elliott Goodman 
Patrick Sheen Kelley 


§ Sarah Lynn Cronlund 
Shafqat Hussain Siddiqui 


Thomas CoUey 
Thomas M. Drummond 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Ronald Allan Evans 
John Gordon Gruver 
Abigail Pamela Lindstrom 
Ali Navid 
Chien-Hsin Shen 
Hoang Van To 
Donald Glen Wiggins, Jr. 

2nd Degree: Science Education 

General Biological Sciences 

Edward Jeremy Adam 

Douglas Phillip Ahrens 

Shahriar Anoushfar 

Eric Bernat Baylin 
t Wendie Katrina Beck 

Aaron Brian Bell 

Donna Marie Berman 

Amanda Lea Bond 

Charles Raymond Bourne, Jr. 

Amy Lynn Bridgeman 

Michelle Jean Burrill 

Luis Humberto Bustillos 

Ronald Carl Butler 

Tanya Marie Butler 
♦ Stuart David Cataldo 

Jan Cervenka 

Sona Navinchandra Chitalia 

Richard Weston Cleveland, Jr. 

William David Clyde III 
+ Joy Lynn Collins 

Hiosmina Yansi Cruz 

Emelyn Joy Dacquel 

Elizabeth Ann Daly 

Rami Issa Daoud 

Yinka Kari Davies 

Dennis Allan Drenner 

Marie Cecile Fonrose 

Shannon Jamie Fox 

Patricia Vevian Frigillana 

William Daniel Fuller 

Jennifer Collins Gavin 

Taraneh Ghazinoor-Naini 

John Robert Greensfelder 

Robert David Greenwald 

Joshua David Grill 

Gavin Leon Henry 

Hui-Chuan Ramsay Hsieh 

Heather Marie Hughes 
+ David Seung-Hyun Hwang 

Boris lonin 

Robert Joseph Ishak 

Melinda Ann James 

Erik Rowland Janus 

Matthew Paul Kehoe 

Ann Elizabeth King 

Jennifer Leigh Kirby 

Ian Edward Kirk 

Sandra Christine Koch 

Hyung M. Koo 

Eun Joo Kwon 

Stephen C. L'Hommedieu 

Po M. Lam 

Liane Marie- Yolande Langbehn 

Ilka Natasha Langston 

Eddie Sang Lee 

Gai Mi Lee 

Diane Marie MacDonald 
• Krishna Mallik 

Jonathan David Millen 

Mark Steven Milofsky 

Amir Houshang Moazzez 

Ibis Vanessa Molina 

Susan Lorraine Morrison 


Cynthia Anne Overholser 

Young D. Park 

Karen Marie Patla 

Joanna I. Pessaroff 

Peter Spiro Petropoulos 

Patricia Tram Phan 

Rebecca Hart Pitts 

Hamid Reza Pourshojae 

Adebowale Prest 

Becky R. Prima 

Jeannine Marie Rahmoeller 

Neil Rais 

John David Ritter 

Stacey Elizabeth Robbins 

Kelley Marie Roche 

Michael Howard Rokhsar 

Noemi Gabriela Romano 
2nd Degree: Psychology 

Gary Marc Rothenberg 


U N I V E R 

I T Y 

O F 


C O L L E 


Marilyn Sanchez-Maldonado 
Craig Frederick Schaefer 
Ajay Kumar Sethi 
Ladan Shayesteh 
Clinton Tracey Shettle 
Sonita Kathleen Singh 
Christian Peter Skofteland 
Gay Cameron Smith 
Keelin Gregg Smothers 
Kristina Lyn Strupczewski 
Michael Eric Suls 
Sanjukta Sur 

Lisa Barbara Tannenbaum 
Jamil Mousa Tannous 
Laura Anne Trapp 
Luis Miguel Viddo 
Lourdes A. Villacis 
Rebeccah Jane Waff 
Kevin Kuhn Webb 
Brett Everette Weedon 
Matthew C. Wolfgang 
Linda Eudora Wong 


Carol Stephanie Acevedo-Rodricks 

2ud Degree: Psycholog]/ 
Therese Louise Berry 
Saudia Shameeza Deen 
Leyla Susana Diaz 
Danton Sterling Dungy 
Marcia Susan Fullem 

* Ellen Anne Gale 

Gary Duane Galloway, Jr. 
Juan Jose Gan 

2mi Mtijor: Biochemistry 
Adrian Michael Goldstein 
Huniaira Haider 
Chiler Hasan 
Barrijon Cyril Holder 
William K. Lin 
Heath Bartom McAnally 
Rachel Ellen McDuff 
James Francis Parsons 
Denise Helena Pittas 
Elizabeth Lucy Pullias 
Karlheinz R. Skowronek 
Lesley Anita Smith 

* Kara Noelle Smolinski 
Paul David Snyder 

Gerard Rock Tiffault 
Rock Gerard Tiffault, Jr. 
John Francis Van Ness, Jr. 
Heui Ra Yoo 


Mohammad Abdolvahabi 

Deborah Kimberly Louella Andes 

Hooman Behravan 

Tara Louise Burke 

Bo Hae Byun 

Lourdes Brigida Cayosa 

Thomas Thawatchai Connolly 

Milana Vera Dolezal 

Alicia Marie Feddor 

Kirsten Michele Gaffke 

Kurt VanOhrmer Garrett 

Mark Alan Kline 

Thienquang Dat Le 

* Hang Thu Ly 

* Diana Lynn Miglioretti 

* Homero Juan Mui 
Gary S. Nakhuda 
Atsuko Nishioka 

* Diane Laurette O'Reilly 
Richard Michael Palmer 
Rajdeep Singh Parmar 
Paula Joy Rucki 

Scott Alan Schaffer 
Melissa Kathryn Schehlein 
Ronald Robert Schuchart 
Huvanh That Ton 
Kevin David Tucker 
Quocanh The Vu 
Tanyech Patricia Walford 
Karen Lesley Walker 
James William Warren 
Russell Dean Werlinich 
Patricia Bik-See Wong 
Carveth Newton Worth, Jr 
Brenda Lynn Zimmerman 




Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Markus Sean Helniin 
Diane Gail Odell 

2nd Degree: Architecture 
Lynn Bernadette Poe 
* Daphne Penelope Quinn 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Reginald A. Bookard 
Marva Elizabeth Lewis 
Pamela Joy Martin 
Da\ad Martin Milligan 
Elizabeth Catherine Reeves 
Valerie Ann Strunk 

Bachelor of Science 
Individual Studies 

Richard Craig Buell 
Deborah Anne Fox 
David E. Kushner 
Seth C. Moskowitz 
Da\'id Edmund Obler 
Jolin Frank Saniorajczyk 
Gerard Louis Viverilo 


Afro-American Studies 

Lucy Michiko Bonarek 
Miriam Ebony Dowtin 
Kimya Imani Jones 
Dennine Antoinette Milligan 
Stacey Carol Ray 
Alayna Renee Waldrum 

East-Asian Studies 

Maria Chang 
Christopher Eric Michels 
John Thomas Rimer IV * 

Liberal Arts in Business 

Albert Bloomtield 
Kirsten Wilhelm Greenhawk 
Christine Carol Innerst 
Christopher Adin Snowling 
Issa George Ziadeh 
Laurence Jay Plotkin 
Tanya Liesel Shields 
Katrin Lynne Marshall 
Pamela Lynn Brightman 
Leigh Madison Marvin 

'Graduated August 1991 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Wesley Joe Butts 
Thomas Willard Coppersmith, Jr. 
David Arthur Goldstein 
Rodney LaMont James 
Robert Thomas Noonan 

§ Sutrima cunt Laude 

f Magna cum Ijiude 

* cum Ijiude 








Adams Group Award to the out- 
standing Journalism senior in 
May 1992: 

Charles Ellinger 

Stephanie Kinsey 

Isidore and Annie Adler Scholarship. 
Soo-Kyung Kim 

Administering Council for Theatre. 

Tara-Beth Conolly 

Tara P. Ford 

Karen Hemphill 

Deidra Lawan Johnson 

Lori Lentner 

Howard Stregack 

Suzl Tasca 

Advertising Sequence Award to the 
outstanding Journalism senior in 
December 1991: 
Rachel Lllla McAndrew 

Aerospace Engineering Department 
Academic Achievement Award. 
Deron C. Burton 

Alcoa Foundation Scholarship 


Eric G. Kearns 

Mark A. Lazo 

Alpha Rho Chi Medal to a graduat- 
ing student of architecture who has 
made a distinctive contribution to 
school, life, embodying the ideals of 
professional service and leadership. 
Helen Shueh 

American Association of University 
Women, College Park Branch 
Graduate Student Awards. 
Meredith Ramsey, PhD, 

Political Science 
Amy Kinsey, MA, Mechanical 


American Defense Preparedness 
Association Award (AFROTC). 
David A. Goldstein 

American Institute of Aeronautics 
and Astronautics Outstanding 
Achievement Award to the student 
who has made the most outstanding 
contribution through scholarship and 
service to the student branch. 
William S. Vincent 

The American Institute of Architects 
AlA Certificate to a graduating stu- 
dent of architecture for academic 
Carol Anne Gilbert-Arozlan 

The American Institute of Architects 
AlA Medal to a graduating student 
of architecture for outstanding over- 
all academic achievement. 
Peter Vincent Noonan 

American Institute of Chemists 
Award to an outstanding senior for 
scholarship in chemistry and bio- 
Seong Jeong Noh 

American Legion Outstanding Senior 

Award (AFROTC) to the cadet best 

described as the Outstanding ROTC 


Robert T. Noonan 

American Legion ROTC General 
Military Excellence Award 
(AFROTC) to a senior (Gold Award) 
in the upper 25 percent of the ROTC 
class, and who has demonstrated 
outstanding qualities in military 
leadership, discipline and character. 
David A. Goldstein 



O F 


A T 




American Society of Agronomy 
Award to the outstanding senior in 
agronomy who has demonstrated 
superior scholarship, leadership 
activities and personal traits. 
Scott J. Madison 

American Society of Mechanical 
Engineer's Senior Award . 
Kathryn J. Mirecki 

Analytical Chemistry Award. 
Jay Weiner 

Andersen Scholarship. 
Carlos Rorencio Bello 

James R. Anderson Award. 
Sara Elizabeth Loechel 

School of Architecture Dean's Thesis 
Award for Fall Semester 1991. 
Dieu Huyen Nguyen 

School of Architecture Faculty 
Award for Excellence in 
Andrew Keaty Dan 

School of Architecture Faculty 
Award for Excellence in 
Diana Kay Travis 

School of Architecture Faculty 
Award for Academic Excellence. 
Shirley May Hoppel 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award-Masters. 
Lisa Jeannine Mullil<in 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award-Senior. 
Carey Anthony Scott 

Baltimore Sun Journalism 
Scholarships for Minority Students. 
Traci Johnson (Senior) 
Edward Heard (Junior) 
Dan-Thanh Dang (Sophomore) 
Shanon Murray (Freshman) 

S. Meyer Bamett Retail Management 


Marvin Marcel Martin 

Robert Battista Award recognizing 
an outstanding senior conducting 
research in the area of Organic 
Anne Broadwater 

The Harold R. W. Benjamin 
International Fellow presented to a 
worthy graduate student majoring in 
International Education or 
Comparative Education. 
Julia R.Bates 

Paul Berg Scholarship. 
Ivan Penn 

Mary McCleod Bethune Award pre- 
sented to the Black junior or senior 
class student who has contributed 
the most significantly to the advance- 
ment of the Black student communi- 
ty of the College Park campus and 
the general interest of the university. 
Karen Brown 

Bnai Zion Award for Excellence in 


Andrew C. Gutman 

Shira L. Meirovich 

Broadcast News Award to the out- 
standing Journahsm senior in 
Broadcast News. 
May 1992: 
Elizabeth Laurel Shannon 

J. Y. Bryan Prize for Investigative 


Cheryl L. Reidt 

J.Y. Bryan Prize for Photography. 
Lisa Helfert 

Harry C. Byrd Award /Sally S. Byrd 
Award presented to the male and 
female members of the senior class 
who during their collegiate careers 
have most nearly typified the model 
citizen and have contributed signifi- 
cantly to the general advancement of 
the interests of the university. 
Paul Carlson 
Krishna Mallik 

James Edward Miller Chapman 


Keith Copeland Reming 

Chemical Society of Washington 
Award to the outstanding senior in 
the Department of Chemistry and 
Michael Bogdan 

Chevy Chase Women's Club 


Renee Smyth 

Chicago Chapter SFPE Scholarship 


Rita A. Drwila 

Commandant of Cadets Award 
(AFROTC) to a senior cadet for out- 
standing performance as a Support 
Officer. This cadet most successfully 
exemplifies the "Complete Staff 
Robert T. Noonan 

Commander's Trophy to a senior 
cadet who exhibits outstanding corps 
leadership and is explemplary in all 
aspects of character, behavior, atti- 
tude, and academic excellence 
Robert T. Noonan 

Margaret Cook Award by Prince 

George's County Heritage, Inc., and 
presented by the Prince George's 
County Historical and Cultural Trust 
to a graduate student in recognition 
of excellence in the field of historic 
Ted L. Stressor 

CRC Press, Inc., Freshman Award. 
Shou-ou Shan 

Creative and Performing Arts 

Scholarship Awards. 

Tara P. Ford 

Deidra Lawan Johnson 

Lori Lentner 

Howard Stregacl< 

Susan Daugherty Scholarship. 
Yvonne Gagne 

Dean's Scholarship (Journalism). 
Nancy Lawson (Senior) 
Jennifer Day (Sophomore) 
Elaine Rae Rubin (Freshman) 

Philip L. DeCamara Jr. Memorial 
Scholarship Award sponsored by the 
American Fire Sprinkler Association 
to an outstanding senior. 
Sheryl L. Gallahue 
Brian T. Rhodes 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food 
Association Scholarship Award. 
Jon B. Sewell 

The Frank DiFederico Book Award 
to the outstanding graduating under- 
graduate major in the Department of 
Art History and Archaeology. 
Rosemary Sarsfield 









Dudley and Louisa Dillard Prize in 

Economics to the outstanding senior 

majoring in economics. 

Matjas Silvan! (Senior) 

Neena K. Chaudry (Junior Co-Winner) 

Steven J. Snyder (Junior Co-Winner) 

Drake Award (Chemistry). 
Viseth Ngauy 

Terrv Margulis Dunlap Scholarship. 
Tara-Beth Conolly 
Deidra Lawan Johnson 
John-IVIichael IVIcNew 

Education Alumni Award presented 
to the outstanding seniors in the 
College of Education. 
Debra Frizzel 
Cyndee A. Richards 

Electrical Engineering Department's 
Outstanding Academic Performance 
Award to a junior for outstanding 
scholastic achievement. 
Paven K. Agarwal 

Electrical Engineering Department's 
Outstanding Service Award on the 
basis of demonstrated service and 
Aaron D. Falk 

Wilson H. Elkins Citizenship Award 
to a senior who has displaved out- 
standing involvement and leadership 
in campus activities and who has 
contributed to the general advance- 
ment of student affairs. 
Dawn K. Nichols 

College of Engineering Leadership 


Kostantinos Michael Photinakis 

College of Engineering Alumni 
Service Award. 
Shwu-Lin Sheu 

College of Engineering Alumni 
Student Achievement Award. 
Jonathan Baker 

College of Engineering Dean's 


Eric Meyer 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Electee 
Award to a new member for out- 
standing performance in the electee 
program and for participation in stu- 
dent activities. 
Spring 1991: 

Brian K. Classon 
Fall 1991: 

Robert E. Ackerman 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior 
Award to a senior in electrical engi- 
neering for outstanding scholarship 
achievement and service to the soci- 
ety and department. 
Spring 1991: 

Amlt D. Shah 
Fall 1991: 

Man T. Wong 

The William L. Everitt Student 
Awards of excellence presented by 
the National Engineering 
Consortium to outstanding students 
majoring in electrical and computer 
engineering who have demonstrated 
leadership and professional interest 
in communications and computers. 
Isaac F. Brownell 
Eric W. Justh 

Family and Community 

Development Outstanding Seniors. 

Danielle Elisa Furnan 

Linda A. Gordon 

Jill Erin Levy 

Danielle Carleen Morton 

Family and Community 
Development Outstanding Graduate 
Gladys Considlne 

Frank J. Fee, Jr. Memorial Award 
sponsored by the National Fire 
Prevention Association with a full 
scholarship to an outstanding stu- 
dent selected by the faculty of the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Linda M. Giordano 
Jon C. Scheer 

Fire Protection Engineering 
Chairman's Award. 
Barney A. McCollum 

Fire Protection Engineering Faculty 


Carolyn G. Holmes 

The Morris Frankel Scholarship 

given to a graduate student pursuing 

a career working with disabled 


Leslie Victoria Page-Voth 

Friends of the College Awards 
(Education) presented annually to a 
high academic achieving undergrad- 
uate or graduate students. 
David Banks 
Steven Boden 
Christine Carr 
Mary Cloos 
Mark Dennis 
Patricia Dingle 
Gifty Dowuona 
William Eidem 
Jairo N. Fuertes 
Rhonda Gill 
Stuart Isralowitz 
Janet Jackson 
Margaret McGugan 
Bonnie Rich 
Donna M. Talbot 
William T. Tate 
Panagiota Tsonis 
MIchele Young 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of the 
Maryland State Golf Association to 
students in agronomy displaying 
academic proficiency, participation 
in extracurricular activities, and who 
have an active interest in golf turf 

William H. Grund 
Robert C. Larsen 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial 
Medal awarded by the Prince 
George's Countv Alumni Club to the 
outstanding female and male gradu- 
ating seniors from Prince George's 

Melody Marlaine Billingham 
Jerome E. Farley 

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship 
Basil Eldadah 
Audrey Fernandes 

The Walter J. and Elmira Staley Hahn 
Scholarship Award to an undergrad- 
uate student committed to a career in 
elementary education. 
Janet Lee 

Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award. 

Kate DeVore 

Deidra Lawan Johnson 

P. Arne Hansen Award to the out- 
standing departmental honors stu- 
Adrian M. Goldstein 

Robert M. Higginbothni Memorial 
Award (Mathematics). 
Emiliano Gomez 


U N I V 

R S I T Y 

O F 



A T 



The Donald B. Hirsch Prize by the 
Language Center for outstanding 
work in foreign language study svith 
revelance to international culture, 
commerce, and diplomacy . 
Chinese: Marie Windham 
German: Colleen Bollin 
Hebrew: Shira Meirovich 
Italian: Wendy Lin Somera 
Portuguese: Frances Colon 
Spanish: Ed Blaik 

Walter V. Hohenstein Fellowship 
Award (Phi Kappa Phi). 
Krishna Mallik 

The Joyce Tayloe Horrell Award to 
the graduating undergraduate 
English major with the highest over- 
all GPA. 
Jeffrey Alan Jones 

Joseph W. Houppert Memorial Prize 
to the undergraduate student for the 
best essay on Shakespeare during the 
academic year. 
Nislth N. Bhatt 

l-loward Penn Hudson Scholarship. 
Bruce Seidel 

Human Nutrition and Food Systems 
Outstanding Seniors. 
Patti Acker 
Janet Dragon 

The Institute of Electrical and 
Electronics Engineers Outstanding 
Student Award to a member who has 
shown outstanding commitment to 
the organization and to the Electrical 
Engineering Department. 
David H. Meakin 

Jay Jackson Scholarship. 
MI-AI Gaber 

Rolf Jensen & Associates Scholarship 
Award to an outstanding junior or 
senior with a demonstrated interest 
in Fire Protection Engineering con- 

Christopher A. Relder 
Isa Y. Saah 

Kappa Tau Alpha Graduating Seivior 
Award to the graduating journalism 
senior with the highest academic 
December 1991: 

KImberly Dawn Neumann 
May 1992: 

Elizabeth Laurel Shannon 

Professor C.R. Karp Award 


Fawzi P. Emad 

Ethel Kesler Leadership Award pre- 
sented by the Department of Campus 
Recreation Services to the women 
adjudged to have provided the high- 
est degree of leadership and service 
to the recreational needs of students, 
faculty and staff at the university. 
Heather Carr 

Leidy Scholarships to outstanding 
juniors in the Department of 
ChemistTi' and Biochemistry. 
Velia Mitro 
Lucie Yang 

Peter P. Lejins Memorial Fund. 
Bruce E. Kubu 

The George Levitine Book Award to 
an outstanding graduating under- 
graduate major in the Department of 
Art History and Archaeology. 
Suzanne Marie Gillls 

Isabel R. MacDonald Memorial 

Award to an outstanding graduate 


Ernesto J. Quintero 

The Donald Maley Scholarship 
awarded annually to a high academ- 
ic undergraduate student. 
Jennifer A. Perry 

Dean and Mrs. Charles Manning 


Daniel Abramson 

Marsh & McLennan Scholarship 


William J. Burrus 

Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press 
Association Award. 
Mi-Ai Gaber 
Ivan Penn 

Maryland State Firemen's 
.Association Grant. 
Daniel B. Szepes 

McCormick & Company Master in 
Business Administration Scholarship. 
Scott James Simpson 

Mechanical Engineering Department 
Chairman's Award. 
Glenn A. White 

.Mechanical Engineering Department 
Academic Achie\'ement Award. 
Stephen C. Dassoulas 

Mencken-Bode Award (Best 
Dissertation in American Studies). 
Renee Curry 
Mary Murtha 

Merck Index Award (Junior). 
Dina Elaraj 

Merck Index Award (Senior). 
Reno Nguyen 

Merck Index Award (Sophomore). 
Steve Shih 

Montgomery County Press 
Association Scholarship. 
Jon Greene 
Suzan Revah 

Andrew J. Moyer Memorial Award 
to a deserving graduate student. 
Pamela L. Sharpe 

National Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship 


Jonathan Baker 

News Editorial Sequence Award to 
the outstanding Journalism Senior in 
News Editorial. 
December 1991: 
Stephanie Elise Shapiro 

NOR-AM Turfgrass Scholarship 

gi\en annually to a turfgrass student 

in the last year of his/her academic 

program to aid in the professional 

development of future turfgrass 


Joseph A. Gallagher 

Omni MBA Scholarships. 
Ronald E. Holtz 
Charles E. Westberg Jr. 

James R. O'Neil Scholarship Award. 
Joshua M. Reischer 
Salvatore J. Izzo 
Kara D. Lombard! 

The Phillip L. and Ora T. Ordwein 
Scholarship .Annual award to a 
minority undergraduate or graduate 
student majoring in the field of early 
childhood elementary education. 
Jennifer A. Perry 

Tlie Pelczar Graduate .Award. 
Philip M. Piccoli-Geology 
Ira V. Rothstein-Physics 








The Hugh Perkins Fellowship to an 
outstanding student in the Institute 
for Child Study. 
Nancy Hart 

Phi Kappa Phi Chapter Fellowship 
David Waldo 
Kara Smolinski 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award. 
Oeno M. Photinakis 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding Service 


Lisa D. Mauck 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding 
Sophomore Award. 
Fred A. Householder 
Michelle D. King 

Gertrude Poe Scholar. 
Sarina Roffe 

Dr. ]ohn T. Portz Honors Award. 
Andrea P. Dvoredsky 

The Augustus!. Prahl Fellowship for 
outstanding work in graduate study 
in Germanic and Slavic Languages 
and Literatures. 
Hlltrudls Arens 

Public Relations Sequence Award 
awarded to the outstanding 
journalism senior in Public Relations. 
December 1991: 

Tracy Lynne Smith 
May 1992: 

Monique Hayward 

The Judith K. Reed Scholarship to an 

outstanding graduating major in the 

Department of Art History and 


Louise Weaver Greene 

Robert M. Rivello Scholarship in 

Aerospace Engineering Award to the 

junior in the Department of 

Aerospace Engineering who has 

attained the highest overall academic 


John W. Sarbean 

Robert W. Schirmer Award to the 
outstanding students for scholastic 
achievement, demonstrated service 
and leadership. 
Rita A. Drwila 
David V. Tomecek 

The ]. Logan Schutz Scholarship pre- 
sented by the Student Alumni 
Association to a student exhibiting 
outstanding leadership abilities in 
academic and extracurricular pur- 
Gina Jun 

Leland E. and Catherine B. Scott 
Award to the outstanding graduate 
student in the Department of 
Pamela Rene Mattis 
Judith Russell Purman 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the 
to the outstanding senior in 
Kara N. Smolinski 

The Sigma Circle of Omicron Delta 
Kappa Leader of the Year to one 
member who has demonstrated the 
most outstanding leadership within 
the circle and on the campus. 
Dawn K. Nichols 

Sigma Delta Chi Award, 

Washington, D.C. Professional 


Dawn K. Nichols 

Lisa Walker 

Sigma Gamma Tau Outstanding 
Achievement Award to the student 
who has made the most outstanding 
contribution through scholarship and 
service to the student chapter. 
Ih-Cheng Shih 

Society of Automotive Engineer's 
Senior Award. 
Craig E. Hampson 

Society of Fire Protection Engineer's 
Outstanding Senior Award to the 
most outstanding senior in Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
David V. Tomecek 

Society of Fire Protection Engineer's 
Outstanding Sophomore Award to 
the most outstanding sophomore in 
Fire Protection Engineering. 
Richard R. Kaiser 

Society of Fire Protection Engineer's 
Student Chapter Award for distin- 
guished and outstanding service to 
the chapter. 
Mark Hopkins 

Dr. Mabel S. Spencer Scholarship 
awarded in honor of Dr. Spencer, 
distinguished former professor in the 
College of Education. 
Mary Yeates 

Henrietta Spiegel Creative Writing 
Award granted to the outstanding 
graduating senior whose creative 
writing efforts were judged by the 
creative writing staff to be superior. 
Eizabeth Weik 

Morgan Stanley Scholarship. 
Karl Patrick Hicks 

Wendy Lou Stark Scholarship. 
Robin Mohlhenrich 
Stephanie Hampton 

Reuben Steinmeyer Award for aca- 
demic excellence and citizenship. 
Denlse Cheung 

Student Commencement Speaker for 
the Journalism ceremony. 
December 1991 
Daniel Thomas Rohn 

Robert J. Taylor Academic 
Achievement Award. 
Steven E. Unger 

Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Outstanding Senior. 
Renee Smyth 

Theatre Patrons Association 
Scholarship Awards. 
Kate DeVore 
Elizabeth Galo 
Lori Lentner 

Ralph J. Tvser Scliolarships. 
Janet Lynn Dolansky 
Karl Patrick Hicks 
Scott James Simpson 

University Honors Best Project 


Mojgan Ahmadzadeh 

Anna Bonta 

Kelly Heyboer 

Jeremy Louis Korr 

John Wilkinson 

Donald Wiggins, Jr. 

Veterans of Foreign Wars Award to a 
senior cadet who demonstrates capa- 
bility and diligence in the AFROTC 
Thomas W. Coppersmith 

Washington Press Club Foundation. 

Kara Hatton 

Karen LeVon Bonner 

Westinghouse Scholarship. 
Marca Jeanne Grattet 


U N I 

E R S I T Y 

O F 


C O 




Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy 
for the senior who has made the 
greatest career contribution. 
Walter Ander Williams 

Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy 

for the unsung hero of the current 


Gregory Alvin Mines 

Atlantic Coast Conference Plaque to 
a male and female senior for excel- 
lence in scholarship and athletics 
Kurt Kendall, Men's Swimming 
Mellisa Smith, Women's Tennis 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos Trophy to 
the outstanding offensive lineman of 
the year. 
Reid Mitchell Suplee, Football 

The Charles H. Beebe, Jr. Award to a 
woman athlete for excellence in 
scholarship and athletics. 
Donna Lee Zubalik. Women's Track 
and Field 

The John T. Bell Swimming Award to 
the outstanding swimmer or diver. 
Trent McNicol 
April L. Tassi 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the out- 
standing senior baseball player. 
Drew G. Johnson 

The William R. Campbell Swimming 
Trophy to the senior male and female 
letter-earners who have contributed 
most to swimming, 
Vincent A. Carmosino 
Doreen L. Miller 

John Carlson Award to the outstand- 
ing team member in Men's Soccer. 
Lawrence Smedley 

William P. Cole 111 Memorial 
Lacrosse Award to the outstanding 
David Willard 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a member of 
the football team with the highest 
scholastic average. 
David Marrone 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silver Trophy to 
the most improved defensive 
Lacrosse player. 
Brian Burlace 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the gradu- 
ating male senior athlete who during 
his four years of varsity competition, 
lettered at least once and attained the 
highest scholastic average. 
Juan Goto. Men's Tennis 

Jack Faber-Al Heagy Unsung Hero 
Award to the Lacrosse player best 
exemplifying determination, will to 
win, and pride in accomplishment. 
Gravin W. Craig 

Dr. John E. Faber, Jr., Silver Helmet 

Award to the football student-athlete 

for outstanding second effort this 


Michael Jarmolowich 

The Tom Fields Award to the most 
important member of the cross coun- 
try team based on the qualities of 
leadership, dedication to excellence, 
attitude and personal achievement. 
Gregory C. Early 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 
Trophy to the most outstanding 
wrestler of the year. 
Thomas Miller 







John W. Guckeyson Award for schol- 
arship, leadership, and athletic abili- 


Mark James Douglas, Men's 

James H. Kehoe Award to the senior 
female athlete who symbolized the 
commitment, dedication, spirit and 
will to win and excel in athletics. 
Michele Sue Uhlfelder, Women's 

Rav Krouse Senior Award to the 
most valuable football player. 
Larry Melvin Webster 

Larry Levitt Memorial Award to the 
outstanding freshman men's 
Lacrosse player. 
Steven W. Hayes 

Peter Lowery Award to the soccer 
team member exemplifying academ- 
ic excellence, leadership and distin- 
guished citizenship on campus. 
Jeffrey S. Ulehla, Men's Soccer 

M Club's Founders Award to a 
senior athlete for outstanding athletic 
ability, academic excellence, upright 
character, and distinguished citizen- 
Nigel Burdett, Men's Soccer 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy 
offered by William E. Krouse to the 
Maryland student-athlete who has 
contributed most to wrestling while 
at the University of Maryland at 
College Park. 
Thomas Miller 

Maryland Award to the senior resi- 
dent of Maryland who is adjudged 
the best athlete of the year. 
Mark James Douglas, Men's 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr. Award to 

the senor Baltimore area resident 

who has contributed the most to his 

or her sport. 

Michele Sue Uhlfelder, Women's 


Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the mem- 
ber of the men's lacrosse team ren- 
dering the greatest service during the 
Mark James Douglas 

Silvester Watch typifying the best in 


Kurt Ross Kendall, Men's Swimming 

Talbot T. Speer Award for excellence 
in leadership, scholarship, and gen- 
eral all-around abihty. 
Kurt Ross Kendall, Men's Swimming 

James M. Tatum Award to the out- 
standing tackle on the football team. 
Larry M. Webster 

University of Maryland Alumni 
Swimming Association Scholar 
Athlete Award to the swimmer who 
has compiled the best combination of 
academic and aquatic records. 
Doreen L. Miller 
Trent J. McNichol 

Dr. Reginald Van Trump Truitt 
Award to the senior attack-man in 
lacrosse for scholastic attainments 
and team performance. 
Robert Mark Wurzburger 

A.V. Williams Award for the 
Maryland football player who has 
exhibited outstanding sportsmanship 
during the year. 
Lubo Zizakovic 

James Weaver Post Graduate 
Scholarship Award 
Marco Turra, Men's Tennis 


The Varsity "M" yearly letter award- 
ed to those student-athletes deter- 
mined to be deserving of such by 
their respective head coach. 

Baseball (1990-91) 

Steven T. Begleiter 
Charles W. Devereux 
Cary Dimmick 
Edward P. Ferko 
Craig Johnson 
Drew Johnson 
Kevin B. McGonnigal 
Kenneth S. Noe 
Timothy O'Neill 
Scott R. Olson 
John M. Rayne 

Basketball (Men's) 

Vincent D. Broadnax 
Matthew J. Downing 
Francis L.M. Horton 
Garfield A. Smith 
Walter A. Williams 
Lubo Zizakovic 

Basketball (Women's) 

Dwuana M. Lee 
Suzanne M. Panek 

Field Hockey (1991-92) 

Elissa H. Beckman 
Judith E. Finke 
Laura J. Harmon 
Irene Horvat 
Nicole C. Metz 
Lisa Kay Rowe 
Sabrina Salam 
Amy L. Schubert 
Maureen L. Scott 
Boukje E. Vermeulen 
Vicki L. Yost 

Football (1991-92) 

Hugh Brown 
Daniel DeArmas 
Joel Goode 
Richard Harris 
Gregory Hines 
Michael Hopson 
Sylvester Jackson 
Michael Jarmolowich 
Ralph Orta 
James Sandwisch 
Derek Steele 
Anthony Strano 
Edward Suggs 
R. Mitchel Suplee 
Eugene Thomas 
Michael Thomas 
Larry Webster 
Lubo Zizakovic 

Golf (1990-91) 

Ronald J. Thomas 
Daniel Zimring 

Gymnastics (1991-92) 

Bonnie L, Bernstein 
Ginger N. Collins 
Beatriz J. Corteguera 
Kara E. Klaus 
Kristin Lynne Konn 
Sara R. Krimins 
Nicole Lefcourt 
Jennifer 1. Lorion 
Diane Volpe 

Lacrosse (Men's) (1990-91) 

Gravin W. Craig 
Mark J. Douglas 
William P. Hayes 
Matthew W. Herrold 
Charles H. Kaplan 
Robert M. Wurzburger 

Lacrosse (Women's) 

Pamela Anne Althoff 
Jennifer C. Fink 
Leigh Ann Frendberg 
Christine A. Macko 



O F 




Heather R. Powell 
Kimberly A. Terhorst 

Soccer (Men's) (1991-92) 

John R. Maratta 
George Petrou 
Lawrence Smedley 
Morry Steinbach 
Jeffrey S. Ulehla 

Soccer (Women's) 

Louise E. Boden 
Elizabeth C. Cook 
Nancy J. Powers 
Heather J. Ro\ve 

Swimming (Men's) 

Vincent A. Carmosino 
Scot M. Madill 
William E. Teter 
N4ichael C. Walter 

Swimming (Women's) 

Kellv A. D'Agostino 
Doreen L. Miller 
April L. Tassi 
Lara Woodman 

Tennis (Men's) (1990-91) 

James E. Ashworth 
Grover G. Cantwell 
Anton J. Cohen 
Juan F. Coto 
Jeremy C. Loomis 
Gregory J. O'Connor 
Marco Turra 

Tennis (Women's] 

Julie A. Cady 
Aleli Clemente 
Michelle L. Daigle 
Illy Dominitz 
Patricia A. Katrinak 
Lisa M. Rosenburg 
Robin Sue Spiegel 
Boukje E. Vermeulen 


Track/Cross Country (Men's) 

Christopher A. Ciamarra 
Malcolm P. Drewery 
Gregory c. Early 
Kehin T. McQuen 
Steven G.M. Yates 

Track/Cross Country 
(Women's) (1990-91) 

Rhonda A. Boarman 
Lisbet C. Cehrs 
Natasha N. Criss 
Cvnthia A. Hazel 
Joarme P. McKinnon 
Christy 1. Peters 
Deborah L. Zubalik 
Donna L. Zubalik 

Volleyball (1991-92) 

Colleen A. Hurley 
Andrea L. Mandella 

Wrestling (1991-92) 

James R. Brasco 
Kevin C. Brown 
Keith J. Burgess 
Mark R. Eckenrode 
William P. Ferencz 
Vasilios N. Lahanas 
David J. Land 
Thomas J. Miller 
Marc C. Papa 
Stephen T. Woods 
Ke\in C. Walsh 
Jeffrey Howard Kahn 
Wayne Kim Rhee 
Laura Ellen Smart 









Cheryl Ann Atkas 
Gerald C. Boock 
Stephanie Caplan 
Susan Marie Dame 
Jennifer Rachel Gilbert 
Diane Christine Peter 
Jamie Lynn Schapiro 
Kimberly Beth Silhanek 
Ranchel Hunt Thompson 


Tonya Balderson 
Bryce Buell 
Tanra Chavis 
Alicia Chubb 
James Cronin 
Christine Doyle 
Dean E. Feldman 
Craig Fleisher 
Jami Galuskin 
Lilly A. Guerra 
Tasha Huffman 
Steven Krein 
Bruce E. Kubu 
Jerald D. Milwit 
Omar Mohammed 
Traci Moran 
Phyllis Palmer 
David T. Parker 
Stephanie Picolo 
Alexis R. Piquero 
Sandra Quick 
Brian Schwanke 
Cheryl D. Williams 

Undergraduate Students 
May 1992 

Karin Aghajanian 
Shir Ashar 
Christopher Bagosy 
Gregory Bowen 
Anthony Calderazzi 
Randall Cathell 
Steven Coradetti 
Antonio Correa 
Erica Cruickshank 

Daniel Duchovny 

Holly Gray 

Karen Healy 

Stacey Herman 

Charles Hicks 

Charles Kaplan 

Alisa Katz 

Susan Kissinger 

Angelina Koutsos 

Jun Victoria Liu 

Jill Louis 

Elizabeth McClarin 

Darren MacLennan 

Melissa Monger 

Iftikhar Nairn 

Gal Kevin Nir 

Russell Odom 

Robert Oliphant 

Michelle Pecker 

Donnell Rini 

Sara Rust 

Sophia Sakhleh 

Scott Samels 

Ruben Sanchez-Maldonado 

Jeffrey Schecter 

Sherr)' Shumaker 

Joseph Slovick 

Tracy Tascher 

Richard Wei 

(Business Administration) 
Undergraduate Students 
May 1992 

Lori Burge 
Mark Balog 
Paul Caron 
Marc Douglas 
Michele Goodman 
Ananth Krishnamurthy 
Jacqueline Lovi^ 
Timothy Lev 
Andrew Mendez 
Scott Miller 
Julie Ortmann 
Christopher Parcelles 
Craig Parrish 
Elizabeth Randall 
Scott Samels 



O F 


A T 



Joseph Slovick 
Charles Spotts 
Eva Summers 
Benjamin Sunderland 
Cynthia Sturtevant 
Susan Verderame 
Pamela Volm 
Joseph Yaffe 
Mohammed Zaidi 

December 1991 

Kevin Majane 
Kim Marshall 
Laura McKenna 

Graduate Students 

Michelle AUison 
Gordon Bell 
Paul Brock 
Michael Cinquemani 
Adam Derechin 
Edna Falk 

JeanPhilippe Faweau 
Anthony Flake 
Alan Clock 
Ronald Holtz 
Timothy Johnson 
Brian Johnston 
Charles Lambert 
KitFong Leong 
Eric Lustig 
Gregory Morrow 
Hwee Fung Ng 
Rowena Roberts 
Scott Simpson 
Adam Stetser 
Ali Tezolmez 
Hande Uysal 
Mitchell West 
Jeffrey Wingenroth 


Feng Lee Lin 

(National German Honors 

Patrick J. Brannan 
Paul M. Coffren 
Jessica L. Dancy 
Stacy S. Pickett 

(Electrical Enginneering) 
December 1991 Graduates 

Henry W. Matthews IV 
Rajesh Sivarajan 
Mehul K. Undani 

May 1992 Graduates 

Robert E. Ackerman 
Jonathan D. Baker 
Quven Chau 
S\-en H. Khatri 
Elizabeth C. Ko\'anda 
Tai Hong Lee 
Margay K. Nanzetta 
Timothy F. Pietv' 
Dars'l M. Ribeiro 
Shwu-Lin Sheu 
Sanjeev P. Shukla 
Shawn D. Smith 
Seema Sud 

Thanh-Khiem Q. Tran 
Trang Thao Tran 
Quocanh Quy Vu 
Kai Yuen Yan 

(Financial Management 
Undergraduate Students 
May 1992 

Valerie A. Beckhardt 
Paul F. Caron 
Andrew D. Mendez 
Scott C.Miller 
Julie M. Ortmann 
Christopher S. Parcelles 
Susan Verderame 

Graduate Students 
May 1992 

Paul M. Brock, Jr. 
Ronald E. Holtz 
Douglas L. Kruse 
Eric S. Lustig 
Scott J. Simpson 

December 1991 

Frank W. Knapp 
Eric A. Rosenberg 

August 1991 

Jeffrey K. Windland 


Robert Doyle 
Jeffery Joseph 
Lee Keitz 

Virginia Kupperian 
Sara Loechel 
Julie Olson 
Debra Ryan 


Carol Barton 
Ann Battle 
Jeannine Bemardini 
JoAnn Castelli 
Sharon Clohessy 
Gladys Considine 
Wendy Cornish 
Brickte DeBass 
Alicia L. Delahunty 
Janet Dragon 
Melissa Harris 
Denise Harrison 
Patrice Johnson 
Sherri Johnson 
Elisabeth Jurgens 
Wendy Lashin 
Elena Laverde 
Jill Lew 
AlMson Miner 
Meghan Moriarty 
Lauren Plaut 
Da\id Prince 

Susan Reed 
Tracey Scott 
Amy Sharapan 
Jan Talotta 
Ann Wass 

(Dedicated to the promotion 
of t/ie highest ideals of schol- 
arship in the Field of journal- 
ism and mass communica- 
Graduating Seniors 

Laura K. Baartz 
Bonnie L. Bernstein 
Laura S. Bunk 
Erin Anderson Conners 
Magnus Dahlgren 
Danielle A. Dardashti 
Mary A. Dorsie 
Monique D. Hayward 
Lisa Helfert 
Nancy E. Lawson 
Katherine D. Linkous 
Caron L. Maclnnis 
Sara G. Malone 
Dawn K. Nichols 
Beth A. Panitz 
Elizabeth Laurel Shannon 


Gina .Andreone 

Chris Armiger (December 1991) 

Matthew Bennett 

Isaac BrowneU 

Denise Cheung 

Andrea Eh'ordedsky 

Ellen A. Gale 

Leigh Howell 

Raymond M. Hsu 

J. Dudley Jacobs 

Lori E. Kline 

Ananth Krishnamurthy 

Heidi Levine 

Krishna Mallik 

Tom Meixner 

Rhonda L. Newton 

Dawn K. Nichols 

Laura Shannon 









Margaret Shematz (December 1991) 

Keelin G. Smothers 

Lora Stahl 

Theresa Stattel (December 1991) 

Gene M. Wasserman 

Ruth Zerwitz 


Cuauhtemoc Kuonen 
Alexander Joseph Lustberg 
Andrew D. Morton 
Cisa Yvoime Riley 
Scott Christopher Stallard 
Thomas David Teles 

(National student/faculty 
society for outstanding lead- 
ership in scholarship; athlet- 
ics; social, service, and reli- 
gious activities; mass media; 
and the creative and perform- 
ing arts.) 
(May 1992 Graduates) 

Gina Mane Andreone 
Deborah Ann Ashman 
Jonathan D. Baker 
Wendie Katrina Beck 
Michael Joseph Belsky 
Bonnie L. Bernstein 
Monica Karen Boner 
Susanne M. Brunhart 
Anthony Dodd Burton 
Paul Francis Caron 
Denise Cheung 
Erin Anderson Conners 
Kelly Ann D'Agostino 
Daniel Nelson DePuy 
Katherine DeVore 
Tracey Lynn Doebling 
Nadine S. Ekrek 
Robert Christopher Ekstrand 
Kathleen Agnes Farley 
Kurt David Fenstermacher 
Leigh Ann Frendberg 
Mi-Ai Andrea Gaber 
Peter Andrew Gobell 
Donna Marie Goffredo 
Amy Beth Gooen 

James Philip Head 
Herman Haw Hernandez 
Katherine Lee Herring 
Sheryl Lynn Holland 
Christine Carol Innerst 
J. Dudley Jacobs 
Kimya Imani Jones 
Stephen Rex Kimbleton 
Ananth Krishnamurthy 
Katherine Dawn Linkous 
Sharon Lukacz 
Krishna Mallik 
Sally A. McCarthy 
Joanne Patrice McKinnon 
Thomas Meixner 
Jonathan Conrad Mortimer 
Daniel Benjamin Navarro 
Rhonda Lynn Newton 
Dawn Korryn Nichols 
Christopher Shane Parcelles 
Jennifer Ann Perry 
Laurence Jay Plotkin 
Kimberly Michelle Putnam 
Rhonda Lynn Rogers 
Tracey Lynn Scott 
Elizabeth Laurel Shannon 
Laura Lee Smith 
Keelin Gregg Smothers 
Barry Scott Solomon 
Elizabeth Anne Solomon 
George John Stathis 
Tracey Lynn Stecklein 
Paul Herbert Streaker 
Michael John Vander Vat 
Rebeccah Jane Waff 
Gene Mark Wasserman 
Tari Devon Williams 
Ruth Ellen Zerwitz 
Stefanie Sue Zimbler 


David Charles Airey 
Nadia Anjov 
Jonathan Daniel Baker 
Halelly Barsever 
Sharon Beth Bauman 
Wendy Katrina Beck 
John B. Benedetto 
Matthew Evan Bennett 


U N I V E 

S I T Y 

O F 


R Y L A N D 

A T 



Dana Lynne Berry 

Maria Consuelo Brito 

Kenneth Brown 

Isaac Franklin Brownell 

Susanne Martha Brunhart 

Bryan Roger Buck 

EHssa Fran Budow 

Kristin Marie Carlson 

Patrick M. Chen 

Denise Cheung 

Joy Lynn Collins 

Juan F. Coto 

Sarah Lynn Cronlund 

Robert Christopher Ekstrand 

Melodv Patrice Elliott 

Jennifer Ann Erena 

Joshua Adam Feinberg 

Liza M. Fernandez 

Virginnie Henriette Gaiddon 

Ellen Anne Gale 

Lisa Michelle Gart 

Carolyn Gates 

Sara Gaughan 

Jennifer Rachel Gilbert 

Suzanne M. Gillis 

Emiliano Gomez 

Michele Lee Goodman 

Jennifer Griffin 

Alexander T. Hammer 

Monique Hayward 

James Head 

Lisa M. Helfert 

Karen Patricia Hoffman 

Christine Carol Innerst 

Joan Mary Jeranek 

Traci Annette Johnson 

Jeffrey Alan Jones 

Eric W. Justh 

Jef Howard Kahn 

Marni Lynn Kallins 

Elizabeth Jov Klafter 

Lauren Kucner 

Rebecca Beth Kushner 

Eric J. Langer 

Sherry Ann Lau 

Michael T. Lee 

Andrea Fay Lessner 

Hang Thu Ly 

Marilyn Lynch 

Paul Evan Lynch 

Sara Gale Malone 

David Mandell 

Amanda McAndrew 

John Michael McNew 

Shira Leiba Meirovich 

Eric Joseph Meyer 

Christopher Moore 

Homero Juan Mui 

Daniel Benjamin Navarro 

Rhonda Newton 

Dawn K. Nichols 

Christie Colleen Noll 

Claire Robin Oberman 

Beth Alisa Panitz 

Amy Michele Parrish 

Corina Ploscaru 

Sarah Nafees Qureshi 

Aree Rand 

Myles Ransom 

Wayne Kim Rhee 

Noemi Romano 

Cindy Marie Schaeffer 

Kimberly Ann Scott 

Tracey Lynn Scott 

Elizabeth Shannon 

Mafias Silvani 

Rajinder Singh 

Gail Michelle Sirota 

Barry Scott Solomon 

Lisa Sharon Spicknall 

Kimberly Anne Starr 

Susan Stearns 

John Young Stokes 

Cynthia Sturtevant 

Jennifer Tyler 

Glenn William Van Der Woude 

Dana Gayle Vogts 

Lisa Faith Waldman 

Karin Elizabeth Wallace 

Donna Elaine Weiss 

Deadra Whayland 

Stefan Andrew White 

Caren Winokur 

Joseph Michael Yaffe 

Natalie Fern Zaidman 

Ruth Ellen Zerwitz 

Brenda Lynn Zimmerman 


Dorothea Victoria Abbott 
Alejandra Ahella 
Thomas Henderson Abraham 
James Aspinwall 
Cheryl Ann Atkas 
Susan M. Ator 
Charles Henry Atwood 
Sirkka H. Auvinen 
Katherine Avery 
Laura Karin Baartz 
David McAdams Baggett 
Matthew Baker 

Kenneth L. Bailey 
Anne Marie Baldini 
Joseph R. Ballmann 
Mark William Balog 
Jo A. Banky 
Jonathan S. Batten 

David Batty 

Sarah Michelle Baum 

Michael Belsky 


Matthew Evan Bennett 

Kevin Paul Bergeron 

Paula Berman 

Dana L. Berry 

Seema A. Bhagwat 

Janice L. Bhatia 

Deborah Elizabeth Bibeau 

James M. Birger 

John Leo Bishow 

Wendy Ilene Blumson 

Colleen Jo Bollin 

Robert Dale Bourque 

Julie Lynn Bowman 

Patricia L. Brandt 

Jennifer A. Brennan 

Robert J. Brennan 

Consuelo Brito 

Ginger D. Sticker-Brown 

Janet Louise Reinhold Brown 

Kenneth Guy Brown 

Melissa M. Bryant 

David T. Burall 

Deborah Jeanne Burdette 

Lori L. Burge 

Joan A. Burke 

Hall Frederick Butler 

Jeanette M. Calvert-Coffren 

Damiel Joseph Carafelli 

Paul Francis Caron 

Stuart David Cataldo 

Joseph C. Catania 

Lourdes Brigida Cayosa 

Sarah H. Chapman 

Cristina Chau 

Neena Kumari Chaudhry 

SuZanne Marie Chaves 

X. Lucy Chen 

George M. Chinnery 

Bun Jin Cho 

Neeraj Chopra 

Chu, In Joon 

Paul Martin Coffren 

Frances G. Colon 

Gladys W. Considine 

James Cooper 

Carol Susan Cox 

Emily A. Dahlin 

Osama M. Dajani 

Mary Margaret Dammeyer 

Janet Marie Gorden Davis 

Steven A. Dell'Acqua 
Anne L. Denicoff 
Laura Aileen Denny 

Gabriella A. Dera 
Carol Sue DeVault 
Kate DeVore 
Dionne Rene Dobbins 
Josephine B. Domingues 
Christine A. Doyle 
Thomas Jason Druzgal 
Helene B. Ducros 
Gail Balentine Dufek 
Bobhi J. Dunlap 
Kirk William Dunsavage 
Herb Walter Edetsberger 
Robert C. Ekstrand 
Kathleen R. El Said 
Basil A. Eldadah 
Lisa R. Evans 
Joseph Michael Fanning 
Sheila Jennifer Feldman 
Alene Whitaker Fisk 
Kim C. Fitzpatrick 
Elizabeth Rose Flage 
Alexis Jill Fogel 







Tracy L. Fortima 
William L. Fourney 
Elizabeth J. Francis 
Todd Baxter Friend 
Colleen O'Donnell Frost 
Virginie H. Gaiddon 
Dana Cheryl Garris 
Sara K. Gaughan 
Monica A. Gibson 
Anna Kathryn Gilcher 
Suzanne Marie Gillis 
Michael L. Giuliani 
Howard Gobioff 
Shanna Bervl Gold 
Jill Michelle Goldberg 
Eileen Goldschmidt 
Jason Elliott Goodman 
Michael D. Grant 
Mary A. Greenberg 
Louise Weaver Greeme 
Judith Naomi Grossman 
Anabela C. Guedes 
Katherine Towle Hake 
Craig E. Hampson 
Amy Theresa Hanley 
Louis R. Harlan 
James Philip Head 
Erik Weston Hebeisen 
Lisa Helfert 
Gabriele A. Hills 
Karen P. Hoffman 
Marie Holahan 
Sheryl Lynn Holland 
Joan Davis Holmberg 
Fred Householder 
Dannielle Husinga 
Cheryl F. Hutchins 
Lauri Beth Ink 
Linda Carol Irvine 
William S. Jarboe 
Kevin E. Jenkins 
Joan Mary Jeranek 
Charla Gay Johnson 
Kimberly Ann Johnson 
Deborah L. Johnston 
Davenia V. Jones 
Jeffrey A. Jones 
Stephen Michael Jones 
Kari Henrik Juusela 

Martha Jane Kaepplein 
Brian Douglas Kajutti 
Sheila Kapur 
Anita Kassof 
Karen Lee Kautsky 
Theresa K. Kelety 
Robert Earl Kenison 
Khuu, Khoa Binh Tan 
Jeong Hun Kim 
Mee Hyacintha Kim 
Michele M. Kin 
Michael Harrison King 
Stephanie Ann Kinsey 
Jennifer L. Kirby 
Robin Marie Kirkley 
Paul G. Klee 
Lori Ehzabeth Kline 
Kristine Ann Kowalski 
Kathleen J. Kratz 
Llisa Eileen Kraus 
Sunnie Kuhleman 
Marie Eileen Kuhns 
Jennifer G. Kusmik 
William J. La Cholter 
Bruce alien La Fleur 
Alberta M. Ladymon 
Charles Scott Lambert 
David J. Landis Jr. 
J. Corde Lane 
Katherine E. Lavery 
Francoise G. Le 
Robson F. Leal 
Michael T. Lee 
Christine Lehmann 
Guang-Dih Lei 
Evan Keith Leopold 
Michael Leotta 
Andrea Fay Lessner 
Daniel Joseph Levine 
Danielle Levitan 
David J, Levush 

Ann Lieberson 
Debra Vincenti Lindner 
Virginia N. Lloyd 
Sherman C. Lo 
Dan A. Lundien II 
William F. Mabe Jr. 
Holly Lynmarie Mahurin 

Krishna Mallik 
Marcia A. Mancuso 
Mary K. Marchone 
Kendra Anne Martello 
Katheryn Anna Wasylczuk Mathes 
Barbara Fleet Matthews 
Kelly S. McCleary 
Renee A. W. McCullough 
Jennifer A. McCuUum 
Margaret Knipp McGugan 
Laura M. McKenna 
Joy-Ann Rose Mendelsohn 
Lisa Ann Meshbesher 
Nicole Ellen Meshbesher 
Brian Alan Michalowski 
Patricia L. Mieike 
Diana L. Miglioretti 
Amy A. Miller 
Eileen S. Miller 
Ryan P. Misler 
Velia C. Mitro 
Meghan Elizabeth Moriarty 
James Robert Barrett Morrison 
Gregory W. Morrow- 
Rebecca Hope Mugmon 
Charles Edward Murray III 
Virginia Lee Myers 
Joseph E. Naftzinger 
Shizuka Nagata 
Iftikhar Naim 
Margaret A. Napoli 
Daniel Benjamin Navarro 
Karen Lynn Nelson 
Lois H. Neuman 
Rhonda Newton 
Lisa Renee Nickle 
Linda A. Nies 

Katherine Alexandra Noonan 
Julie Marie Olson 
Mancur Olson 
Sharon Rose O'Malley 
Diane Laurette O'Reilly 
T. NoreneO'Sullivan 
Margaret A. Owens 
Susan C. Palumbo 
David Jai-il Pang 
Beth Alisa Panitz 
Jurgen Pannock 
loanna Papandreou 

Pamela J. Paperman 
Mark J. Parascandola 
Eric Joon Park 
Matthew Songjun Park 
Sooky Wynne Park 
Craig R. Parrish 
Martin E. Patt 
Eric Josh Pelletier 
Mary M. Pessoney 
Diane Christine Peter 
Chris Alan Peterson 
Glenn D. Pflum 
Laura C Plantinga 
Jonathan D. Polanin 
Joseph W. Porterfield 
Derek Anthony Poulin 
Claire Anne Powell 
Deborah K. Pulzone 
Leslie A. Purke 
Muoi Tran Quach 
Charlotte J. Quinlan 
Daphne Quinn 
Serap Deniz Rada 
Suvarna Umakant Rajguru 
Elizabeth S. Randall 
Kimberly A. Ransom 
Lisa Emily Ray 
Wayne Kim Rhee 
Luis Costa Ribas 
Bonnie B. Rich 
Donnell Marie Rini 
Nina S. Roberts 
Jennifer M. Ross 
Mitzy Amelia Ruiz 
Carol A. Russell 
Ira Saiger 

Teresa Ann Sample 
Jane Frances Sander 
Cindy Marie Schaeffer 
Leslie Ellen Schafer 
Steven J. Schuster 
J.M. Schwarz 
Kimberly A. Scott 
Douglas M. Scoville 
Gabriel R. Shadid 
Megan Elizabeth Shannon 
Jane E. Shore 
Karthik Shyamsunder 
Kruskaia M. Sierra-Escalante 



O f 


A T 



Scott ]. Simpson 
Andrea P. Sincoff 
RoseMarie Slider 
Joseph ]. Slovick, III 
Cathlene F. Smith 
Joseph L. Smith 
Matthew H. Smith 
Tracy L. Smith 
Kara Noelle SmoUnsld 
Teresa Snow 
Steven Jon Snyder 
Barry Scott Solomon 
Karrin Bellamy Solomon 
Lisa Sharon Spicknall 
Deep Singh Sran 
Erik Stafford 

Carolyn A. R. Stanoyevitch 
Patricia a. Staughton 
Susan Stearns 
Robin Stedfeld 
Mark G. Steimer 
Claude Max Steinberg 
Sylvia S. Stewart 
Gina J. Subilia 
Seema Sud 
David A. Sumner 
Leah Sungenis 
Michael M. Swisdak 111 
Jennifer S. Tallmadge 
Richard M. Tansing, Jr. 
Thomas D. Teles 
Ginger L. Thomas 
Robert Swan Thomas 
Cynthia E. Tidier 
Elizabeth A. Tippets 
Janice Ann Trawinski 
Lynne Dobrovolny Tretter 
Deborah Jane Truitt 
Michael Hoi Ming Tse 
Benjamin L. Uecker 
Dawn M. Utara 
Denis O. Vanmol 
Susan Verderame 
Nalini Verma 
Eric Vesper 

Christopher Michael Voell 
Pamela L. Volm 
Lisa Waldman 
Karin Elizabeth Wallace 

Liqin Wang 
Mary Elizabeth Wang 
Scott Allan Webber 
Theresa Marie Webster 
Daniel Seth Weile 
Jessica Phyllis Weinberg 
Jay Steven Weiner 
Donna E. Weiss 
David S. Wessel 
Kevin Brian Whalen 
Deadra A. Whayland 
Jonathan Wilan 
Galen J. Wilkerson 
Kara Lenore Williams 
Mary Alice Wilson 
Barbara Anne Wolfsdorf 
Lucas Aaron Womack 
Lucie L.-N. Yang 

Doris M. Yochum 
Heui Gyeong Yoo 
Natalie F. Zaidman 
AlAndrea J. Zemil 
Stephen Walter Zielke 
Catherine L. Zimmerman 

(Beta Zeta Chapter) 

Charles R. Bourne, Jr. 
Lourdes Cayosa 
Neeraj Chopra 
Stephen Crawford 
Emelyn J. Dacquel 
Brickte Debass 
Alfred Flerlage 
Adrian Goldstein 
Jason E. Goodman 
Raymond Hsu 
Frederick Kaplan 
Jennifer L. Kirby 
Francoise Le 
Krishna Mallik 
Homero Mui 
Atsuko Nishioka 
Diane O'Reilly 
Peter S. Petropoulos 
Patricia T. Phan 
Rebecca H. Pitts 

Martha Shrader 
Keelin G. Smothers 
Rebecca J. Waff 
Patricia Wong 
Brenda Zimmerman 

National French and Italian 
Honor Society 

Aileen M. Mootoo, President, Alpha 

Xi Chapter 

Nawal A. Asfour 

EricT. Bensel 

Kirsten M. Bergstrom 

Michael L. Cochran 

Ellen Young Ellis 

Andrew R. Galuppi 

Christopher M. Giordano 

Maria Leticia Gomez 

Francoise Henriette 

Shana L. Kilness 

Joseph H. La Marche 

Maria R. Lopes 

Rhonda 1. Newton 

Frederique Paccagnella 

Susan E. Riser 

Isabel P. Saboia 

Fabienne J. Santel 

Cybele D. Seeds 

Wendy L. Somera 

Eric C. Walker 

Deborah Y. Wassertzug 

Emily G. Wheeler 

Rebecca S. Wilkinson 

Marissa J. Wilner 

Anna Venttsel 


Psychology Honor Society 

Arthur Burst 

Suzanne Chaves 

David Cone 

Dorothy DeVoe 

Dionne Dobbins 

Joshua Feinberg 

Jennifer Griffin 

Nanci Grossman 

Jamie Gordon - Vice President 

Michelle Gottlieb 

Keith Hamburg - Treasurer 

Karyn Hood 

Joan Jeranek - President 

Libby Jolkovsky 

Kristen Jones 

Jeffrey Kahn 

Marcia Mancuso 

Debbie Marlowe 

Amanda McAndrew 

Martin Metro 

Robert Michel 

Cindy Noah 

Pamela Paperman 

Cindy Schaeffer 

Monica Shuster 

Lori Sloan 

Laura Smart 

Barry Soloman 

Thomas Teles 

Stacey Vance 

Lisa Waldman 

Donna Weiss 

Tan Williams 

Caren Winokur 

Deborah Zubalik 

The National Political 
Science Honor Society-Alpa 
Zeta Chapter 

Paul Martin Coffren 
Helene Berenice Ducros 
Lisa Michelle Gart 
Lawrence Aaron Leikin 
Kendra Anne Martello 
Eric Josh Pettetier 


Preen B. Bagalkotkar 
Heather M. Barrowman 
Robert M Beaton 
Scott K. Bordenet 
Lowry J. Brooks 
David C. Brown 
Brian D. Cavett 
Nai-Lun J. Chiang 
James L Cooper 
David P. Fries 
Philip M, Goodwin 








leffrey B. Haendler 
Craig E. Hampson 
f\rvinder S. Kakar 
5ang-Kyu Kim 
Laura H. Knox 
Pamela T. Lambert 
David J. Landis 
Vlichael D. Lanier 
5usan E. Mathews 
[acko C. Obadia 
Vlatthew A. O'Hara 
Vliclnael J. Pease 
ennifer C. Pletsch 
ihane E. Powers 
Vlichael ]. Price 
Hloward Rathbun 
Richard Ridley 
Pimothy P, Rothrock 
5C0tt K. Scherping 
oseph D. Schmidt 
Laura E. Sheffield 
<evin W. Silbert 
^dam M. Spatz 
George J. Stathis 
Vlichael H. Tse 
Stephen L. Vail 
Vlichael J. Wallace 
jlenn A. White 
oy ]. Wycliffe 
effrey W. Zach 


Fire Protection Engineering 

A'illiam J. Burrus 
Rita A. Drwila 
Craig S. Fischer 
Brian R. Fox 
5heryl L. Gallahue 
Douglas A. Ingerson 
Eric G. Kearns 
Barney A. McCullum 
Brian T. Rhodes 
rhomas ]. Schneller 
Robert W. Stubblefield 
David V. Tomecek 


Claude J. Brown 
Jennifer L. Gagliardi 

Tammy L. Jones 
Gurutej S. Khalsa 
James B. Lennon 
Quang X. Nguyen 
Flavia F. Palini 
Tharen Rice 
William P. Rivers 
Ih-Cheng Shih 
Russell M. Snyder 
Robert A. Sotack 
William S. Vincent 
Thomas L. Wilson Jr. 

International English Honors 
Society for Outstanding 
English Majors 

Eric R. Adams 

Stephen Blodgett Armstrong 

Joseph Robert Ballman 

Joanne Belevich 

Michael Belsky 

Nisith N. Bhatt 

David A. Breen 

Mary Lou Carrigan 

Lorrie Grace Craig 

Lurdes da Maia 

Jan Robert Danielsen 

Dana Davis 

Kurt Fenstermacher 

Susan Frank 

Pia Elise Fulcher 

Craig Garland 

Dana Cheryl Garris 

Trad A. Johnson 

Jeffrey A. Jones 

Mary Kafes 

Kern D. Kimbleton 

Kathryn Komer 

Brick Kenneth Kunz 

Carol Ann Labus 

Alex Lakatos 

Marguerite Lee 

Steven David Levine 

Shira Meirovich 

Kim Ann O'Connell 

Eric K. Pavlat 

Frank J. Principe, Jr. 

Sara Pula 

Joanna M. Raczynska 
Peter F. Rose 
Terry Ann Salyer 
Laura Lee Smith 
Stacey Marie Spinella 
Susan Steams 
Natalie M. Tiemey 
Lorette Sylvia Julia Weldon 


Robert E. Ackerman 
Jonathan D. Baker 
Deron C. Burton 
Amy E. Childress 
Laura A. Cohen 
James L. Cooper 
Osama M. Dajani 
Eric J. Eller 
Kathy A. Farley 
Craig E. Hampson 
Cassandra L. Johnson 
Tammy L. Jones 
Lauren K. Kucner 
Erik B. Kulstad 
Matthew J. LeBlanc 
Edwin Tai Hong Lee 
Douglas T. Massey 
Lisa D. Mauck 
Eric J. Meyer 
Matthew A. O'Hara 
Chieu Pham 
Rhonda L. Rogers 
Scott K. Scherping 
Shwu-Lin Sheu 
Sanjeev P. Shukla 
George J. Stathis 
Seema Sud 
Eric W. Teather 
Shelby A. Thomas 
Thanh-Khiem Tran 
Micheal H. Tse 
William S. Vincent 
Glenn A. White 
Hui H. Wu 
Joy J. Wycliffe 
Kai-Yuen Yan 




O F 


A T 


E G E 






Mariana Quental Almeida 
Jonathan Daniel Baker 
Wendie Katrina Beck 
Anna Bonta 
Gretchen Marie Briki 
Susanne Martha Brunharf 
Denise Cheung 
Maureen L. Cohen 
Melody Patrice Elliott 
Emiliano Gomez 
Daniel Joseph Levine 
Rhonda Lynn Newton 
Christie Colleen Noll 
Sarah Nafees Qureshi 
Ira Saiger 
H. Gaius Stern 
Mara Leanne Sussman 
Scott King Walker 
Donald Glen Wiggins, Jr. 
Da\id Lee Wolf 
Ruth Ellen Zerwitz 




Charles Ravmond Bourne, Jr. 
Danielle Avnvah Dardashti 
Gregory Joseph Forbes 
Cynthia Elaine Glass 
Kimya Imai\i Jones 
Laurence Jay Plotkin 
Keelin Gregg Smothers 




With High Honors in: 


Matias Silvani 


Jeffrey Alan Jones 
Patricia Hee Kim 


Janice Lesley Bhatia 


Emiliano Gomez 

With Honors in: 
Computer Science 

Paul Hagger 

Lisa Sharon Spicknall 

Criminal Justice 

Tasha Marie Huffman 


Cvnthia Ann Cummings 


Erika Anne Amble 
Robert Earl Kenison 
Ananth Krishnamurthy 
RoUie Lai 
Jonathan L. Lewis 
Alexander Joseph Lustberg 
Paul Herbert Streaker 
Thomas David Teles 


Janice Ellen Greif 
Eileen Marie Sminkey 
Cherylyn T. Torguson 


Jonathan Daniel Baker 
Lauren Kathleen Kucner 
Eric Joseph Meyer 
Sanjeev Poomachandra Shukla 
Glerm Antone White 


Nisith N. Bhatt 
Sherry Ann Lau 
Laura Lee Smith 


Matthew Evan Bermett 
Rajinder Singh 
Frederic Wells Spencer 
Deborah Jane Truitt 


Adrian Michael Goldstein 


.\nna Bonta 

Mark John Parascandola 


Raymond Louis Gilbert 


David Charles Airey 
Maria Consuelo Brito 
Jennifer Griffin 
Jeffrey Howard Kahn 
Wavne Kim Rhee 
Laura Ellen Smart 

Urban Studies 

Peter Joseph Geihng 
Rolf William Grigoleit 
Alexander James Hirtle 
Heather Dawn Jackson 
Mohammad Ishtiaq Kamal 
Stephen Farber Levin 
Larissa Michele Pease 
Michael Shelly Wipranik 


Diane Laurette O'Reilly 








Gina Andreone 
Deborah Ashman 
Jonathan Baker 
Wendie Beck 
Michael Belsky 
Bonnie Bernstein 
Monica Boner 
Susanne Brunhart 
Tony Burton 
Paul Caron 
Denise Cheung 
Erin Conners 
Kelly D'Agostino 
Daniel DePuy 
Tracey Doebling 
Nadine Ekrek 
Robert Ekstrand 
Kathleen Farley 
Mi-ai Gaber 
Peter Gobell 
Donna Goffredo 
Michelle Goodman 
Amy Gooen 
Michael Grant 
James Head 
Herman Hernandez 
Katherine Herring 
Sheryl Holland 
Sonia Huntley 
Christine Innerst 
J. Dudley Jacobs 
Kimya Jones 
Stephen Kimbleton 
Ananth Krishnamurthy 
Denise Lanier 
Stephanie Lewis 
Katherine Linkous 
Sharon Lukacz 
Krishna Mallik 
Malcolm Martin 
Sally McCarthy 
Joanne McKinnon 
Carrie-Anne Michos 
Jonathan Mortimer 
Daniel Navarro 
Dawn K. Nichols 
Jenniter Perry 
Jennifer Pilon 
Laurence Plotkin 

Kimberly Putman 
Stacey Ray 
Rhonda Rogers 
Tracey Scott 
Elizabeth Shannon 
Frank Silady 
Laura Smith 
Keelin Smothers 
Barry Soloman 
Elizabeth Solomon 
George Sta this 
Tracey Stecklein 
Paul Streaker 
Michael Vander Vat 
Rebeccah Waff 
Gene Wasserman 
Rebecca Wilkinson 
Tari Williams 
Ruth Zerwitz 
Stefanie Zimbler 


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