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U N 1 V E R S I T ) 

M A k 


^aS-'t^ --^ 1.^ 


S P R 

S P 



U N I V E R S I 

O F 

M A R Y L 

N D 

C O 




Congratulations to each and every one of you on the suc- 
cessful completion of your studies! On behalf of the 
university, I want to thank you for being a part of our 
community during this crucial period of your intellectu- 
al and professional development. 
You and your families can be very proud of the suc- 
cess we are celebrating today. In these times of Umited 
resources, and increased competition, it takes exh-aordinary effort and disci- 
pline to support an academic hie. We are confident that the time and 
resources you have invested in this instihation will serve you well and that 
you will take to your future careers the energy, creativity and commitment 
you have demonstrated here. 

College Park has experienced a great many changes and challenges dur- 
ing your years here. Because we never lost sight of our paramount responsi- 
bility to you, our stijdents, we have been fortiuiate in having your support 
and understanding in our efforts to keep this university true to its mission of 
excellence. We thank you for that loyalty and support. As you leave the 
campus community to seek wider vistas and new challenges, we hope you 
will not wander too far — at least not in spirit— from your ahna mater. We 
will be eager to learn about your successes just as we will want 
to share with you the future advances of your university. 
Please stay in touch. 

6^^ ICyLif^OA/^ 

William E. Kirwan 






19 9 3 

Cole Student 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Activities Building 

Monica Willis 

9:30 a.m. 

Graduating Senior 



Dr. William E. Kirwan 

Dr. Kirwan 


Honorary Degree 

Master of Ceremonies 


Ms. Cathryn Ufema 

Department of Theatre 


Dr. Frank M. Snowden, Jr. 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Musical Selection 

Conductor, Mr. John E. Wakefield 

The Man/land Salute 

Arr. by Jerry Brubake 

IVIusicai Selection 

University of Maryland Chorus 

Holidai/ Song 

Conductor, Dr. Traver 

William Schuman 

University of Maryland Chorus 

Presentation of Colleges and 

Conductor, Dr. Paul Traver 




The Reverend Thomas Kalita 

Conferring of Doctoral, 

Catholic Student Community Center 

Master's and Bachelor's 


The National Anthem 

Dr, Kirwan 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver 



Reverend Kalita 

Dr. Donald N. Langenberg 


Alma Mater 

University of Maryland System 


Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Dr. Albert N. Whiting 

Steadfast in loyalty; 


For thee, we stand. 

Board of Regents 

Love for the Black and Gold 

Deep in our hearts we hold. 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Singing thy praise forever. 

Ms. Eveline Shum 

Throughout the land. 

Ms. Gloria Minadeo 

Mr. Howard Soypher 


Senior Council at Maryland 

Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

President's Distinguished 

Alumnus Award Presentation 

Dr. Virginia Norton 


College Park Alumni Association 


MAY 20, 1993 


O F 


A T 




Following the Commencement, 
individual graduation exercises 
for colleges and schools will be 
held at several campus loca- 
tions. Ceremonies are sched- 
uled to begin at 11:30 a.m., 
n:45a.m., 12:00 noon, 12:30 
p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Guests are urged to be seated 
approximately one half hour prior to the designated 
time for the ceremonies if they wish to observe the 
student and faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are 
cordially invited and encouraged to join with uni- 
versity officials and members of the faculty at the 
reception to be held on the Mall. The rain location: 
Grand Ballroom of Stamp Student Union. 

Shuttle bus service is available providing free trans- 
portation across the campus throughout the day. 



2 , 

19 9 3 

Campus-Wide Commencement 

9:30 a.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

Architecture Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Architecture Auditorium 

Arts and Humanities Graduation Ceremonies 

11:30 a.m. Skinner Building 

11:45 a.m. Tydings Hall 
Tawes Theatre 

12:00 noon Skinner Building 

Art/Sociology Building 

University College Conference Center 

Behavioral and Social Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

Business and Management Graduation Ceremony 

1 2:30 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Education Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Reckord Armory 

Engineering Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Reckord Armory 

General and Individual Studies Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Atrium, Stamp Student Union 

Health and Human Performance Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Health and Human Performance 
Building, Room 2240 

Journalism Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Tawes Theatre 

Library and Information Services Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Zoology-Psychology Building, 
Room 1240 

Life Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Public Affairs Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Tyser Auditorium 

Please note: 
May 19, 1993 

Agriculture Graduation Ceremony 

7:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 


O F 



G E 



College Park, the flagship instihition 
of the university's 1 1 -campus sys- 
tem, is the most comprehensive insti- 
tution of higher education, research, 
and service in the state of Maryland. 
More National Merit and National 
Achievement Scholars attend College 
Park than any other public university 
in the state. 

In fall 1993, undergraduates num- 
bered 21,799 and graduate students 
8,521 for a total enrollment 
of 30,320. This year's 
College Park operating bud- 
get is approximately $591 
million, including financial 
aid for some 21,639 students. 

Students can choose from 
approximately 117 under- 
graduate and 84 graduate 
programs leading to 
degrees. In 1991-92, the 
campus awarded 5,183 
bachelor's degrees, 1,454 
master's degrees, and 529 


The University of Maryland was 
founded in 1807 in Baltimore as a 
faculty-owned College of Medicine. 
Five years later, the growing institu- 
tion was renamed the University of 
Maryland. The Baltimore College of 

Dental Surgery, the first dental 
school in America, became a part of 
the university in 1840. Later, the uni- 
versity opened schools of pharmacy, 
law and nursing. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural 
College, which would evolve into the 
University of Maryland at College 
Park, was opened in Prince George's 
County under a charter secured in 
1856 by a group of Maryland 
planters. This institution became one 
of the nation's original land-grant 
schools in 1865. After a disastrous 
fire on the campus in 1912, the state 
acquired control of the college and 
rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature joined 
College Park with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an 
expanded University of Maryland. 
These schools were later grouped 
with the Baltimore County and 
Eastern Shore campuses and 
University College. 

July 1, 1988, marked the dawn of a 
new era in higher education in the 
state of Maryland when a reorgani- 
zation of the state's public universi- 
ties and colleges mandated by the 
Maryland legislature went into 
effect. As a result, the five campuses 
comprising the former University of 
Maryland were merged with six 
institutions governed by the 
Maryland Board of Trustees of State 
Universities and Colleges to form the 



new University of Maryland System. 
The law that created the new system 
designated College Park as the state's 
flagship institution. 


The libraries at College Park consti- 
hate the largest university research 
library system in the Washington 
metropolitan area. The seven 
libraries support approximately 117 
undergraduate and 84 graduate pro- 
grams, serve more than 30,300 stu- 
dents, 2,500 faculty, and 5,500 staff 
and provide vital resources to 
researchers, visiting scholars, busi- 
nesses, and others throughout the 
state and region. The libraries' hold- 
ings include over 2.1 million vol- 
umes, 19,959 subscriptions to period- 
icals, and more than 4.6 million items 
available in microfilm format. The 
College Park Libraries also offer sev- 
eral nationally and internationally 
recognized special collections such as 
the International Piano Archives at 
Maryland, the National Trust for 
Historic Preservation, the Katherine 
Anne Porter literary archive and the 
National Public Broadcasting 


College Park is the home of a variety 
of exceptional research facilities 

including a computer vision labora- 
tory; a full-scale low velocity wind 
tunnel; a 500-liter computer-con- 
trolled fermentation system for 
research in bioprocess scale-up pro- 
grams; the Center for Automation 
Research; and a Neutral Buoyancy 
Facility for simulating weightless- 
ness in deep space. Such major facili- 
ties as the Engineering Research 
Center, the Institute for Systems 
Research, and the Institutional 
Reform and the Informal Sector 
(IRIS) Center conduct research that is 
especially significant to the state, 
nation, and the world. 

The Engineering Research Center is a 
major vehicle for extending the tech- 
nical and research expertise of the 
University of Maryland to businesses 
and industries throughout Maryland. 
The center is both a catalyst for prob- 
lem-solving and a clearinghouse for 
technical information resources. 

The Institute for Systems Research 
conducts research in systems engi- 
neering, artificial intelligence and 
computer-aided engineering. 
Supported by the National Science 
Foundation and the private sector, 
the center operates in conjunction 

with a program at Harvard 
University and complements a 
nationally recognized campus pro- 
gram of basic and applied research in 
computer science. 

In November 1990, the Institutional 
Reform and the Informal Sector 
(IRIS) Center, funded by a five-year, 
$8.9 million grant from the U.S. 
Agency for International 
Development, was established in the 
Department of Economics at College 
Park. The center's aim is to support 
institutional reforms that will foster 
competitive markets and democratic 
processes in Eastern Europe and 
developing countries. 

College Park will be the home of one 
of the nation's most important 
research facilities — the 1.7 million 
square-foot. Second National 
Archives Building. The facility will 
house more than half the collection 
of the National Archives and Records 
Administration, including some of 
the nation's most valuable historical 
documents, among them the com- 
plete records of the 

Department of State and 1 1 B^P 
million charts, maps, photos ' 
and documents from World 
War II and the Vietnam 
War. The building is sched- 
uled for completion by fall 

The proximity of the cam- 
pus to national research 
institutions such as the National 

Instihjtes of Health, the Smithsonian 
Institution, the USDA Beltsville 
National Agricultural Research 
Center and National Agricultural 
Library, and the Library of Congress 
ensures that prime research facilities 
are always available to the universi- 
ty's faculty and students. 


Created July 1, 1989, the University 
of Maryland at College Park Alumni 
Association is designed to strengthen 
ties between the university and its 
graduates and to foster support for 
the University of Maryland at 
College Park. All graduating seniors 
and successful master's and Ph.D. 
candidates receive a six-month free 
membership in the association. 


O F 


A T 




Students graduating today from the 
University of Maryland at College 
Park follow in the footsteps of many 
notable alumni who have distin- 
guished themselves in such fields as 
science, entertainment, the arts, jour- 
nalism, business, law, medicine, and 

As a graduate student in mathemat- 
ics at College Park, Herbert A. 
Hauptman (Ph.D. '54) worked simul- 
taneously at the Naval Research 
Laboratory to devise a method for 
mapping three-dimensional struc- 
tures of molecules. Three decades 
later he and Jerome Karle, his long- 
time collaborator at NRL, won the 
1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 

their pioneering research. Dr. 
Hauptman was awarded an hon- 
orary Doctor of Science degree by the 
university in 1985. 

CBS News' Coimie Chung ('69) 
worked on the Diamondback, the uni- 
versity's student newspaper, and for 
WMUC, the campus radio station, 
during her student years. Another 
successful journalist who received 
his collegiate training at College Park 
is Pulitzer Prize-winning science 
writer Jon Franklin (70). Franklin, 
who won two Pulitzer Prizes for his 
work as a Baltimore Evening Sun 
reporter, currently heads the journal- 
ism program at Oregon State 

One of the university's most devoted 
sons is A. James Clark ('50), presi- 
dent of The Clark Construction 
Group, Inc., the parent corporation of 
such nationally-recognized general 
contracting firms as The George 
Hyman Construction Company and 
OMNI Construction, Inc. A former 
member of the university's Board of 
Regents, in 1983 Clark made a major 
contribution to the College of 
Engineering establishing the A. 
James Clark Chair in Construction 
Engineering and Management. 

Other notable alumni include 
Carmen Balthrop (71), a former 
Metropolitan Opera star and current- 
ly associate professor of music at 
College Park; George V. McGowan 
('51), chairman of Baltimore Gas and 

Electric; Joseph B. 
Gildenhom ('51), current 
U.S. ambassador to 
Switzerland; Rep. Tom 
McMillen ('74), 
Maryland's Fourth 
District Congressman; 
Mary Stallings Coleman 
('35), the first woman 
elected to the Supreme Court of 
Michigan; Fred O'Green ('49), retired 
chairman of Litton Industries; Len 
Eknore ('74), Washington, D.C. attor- 
ney and CBS sports commentator; 
Rep. Steny Hover ('63), Maryland's 
Fifth District Congressman; Mathias 
J. DeVito ('54), chairman of The 
Rouse Co.; and Allen J. Krowe ('54), 
senior vice president and chief finan- 
cial officer of Texaco. 


The black caps and govnis worn by 
the students and faculty in the acade- 
mic procession have been the tradi- 
tional costume of scholars since 
medieval times. They probably rep- 
resent a kind of ecclesiastical dress, 
since many of the scholars of that 
period were members of monastic 

Most colleges and uni- 
versities in the United 
States have adopted 
the uniform code for 
costumes drafted by an 
intercollegiate commis- 
sion in 1983. Each of 
the three academic 
degrees "bachelor, 
master and doctor" has its own dis- 
tinctive gown and hood. The bache- 
lor's gown has a longer, more nar- 
row, closed sleeve extending below 
the knee; the arm fits through a slit at 
the elbow. The doctor's govra has a 
fuU, beU-shaped sleeve trimmed with 
three bars of velvet. The velvet trim 
on the gown can be black or a color 
indicating the wearer's general field 
of learning: for example, green for 
medicine or purple for law. A list of 
department colors follows. 
Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 
Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Dentistry/ Lilac 
Education/Light Blue 
Engineering / Orange 
Fine Arts, Architecture/Browm 
Forestry /Russet 
Home Economics/Maroon 
Library Science/ Lemon 
Nursing /Apricot 
Oratory, Speech/Silver Gray 


Philanthropy /Rose 

Philosophy/Dark Blue 

Public Administration, 
Foreign Service /Peacock Blue 

Public Health/Salmon 

Physical Education/Sage Green 

Science/Golden Yellow 

Social Work/Citron 

Theology and Divinity /Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences/Gray 
The most colorful and distinctive 
part of the academic costume is the 
hood extending down the back. The 
doctor's is the largest of the hoods 
and the bachelor's is the smallest. 
The bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining of various colors in the 
center of the hood indicates the col- 
lege or university which confened 
the degree. Consistent for all degrees 
is the cap, or mortar board, which 
has a tassel of black or another color 
indicating the field of learning. The 
tassel of the doctor's cap can be gold. 


A degree is awarded for the success- 
ful completion of a course of study. 
There are more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently con- 
ferred by colleges and universities 

The first known degree was a doctor- 
ate bestowed bv the University of 
Bologna, Italy, in the mid-12th centu- 

ry. Originally, the doctor's and mas- 
ter's degrees were used interchange- 
ably, each indicating that the holder 
was qualified to instruct students. 
The bachelor's or baccalaureate, 
degree indicated readiness to enter 
into a course of study preparatory to 
the doctorate or mastership. 
Gradually, though, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean successful com- 
pletion of one level of study in 
advance of the higher degrees. 


The term "doctor," meaning teacher 
or instructor, originated with the 
ancient Romans for those who lec- 
tured publicly on philosophical top- 
ics. During the Middle Ages, it was 
used as a title of honor for men of 
great learning. It was first made an 
academic title at the University of 
Bologna, which was allowed by the 
emperor to appoint doctores legiaii 
(doctors of laws). The University of 
Paris followed suit in the year 1145. 
Soon after, popes granted the univer- 
sities the right to appoint doctors 
cmwmim et decretaliiim (teachers of 
the canon law) and, when the study 
of civil law was combined with that 
of the canon law, the title was 
changed to doctor utriusque juris 
(teacher of both laws). The faculties 
of theology and medicine followed 
that of law in conferring this title. 
A doctorate is given beyond the bac- 

calaureate degree and requires sever- 
al years of advanced study, the suc- 
cessful completion of a thesis or dis- 
sertation, and written and oral 
examinations. The doctor's degree 
represents the most advanced earned 
degree conferred by American insti- 
tutions. There are two distinct types: 
the practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type repre- 
sents advanced training for the prac- 
tice of various professions, principal- 
ly Doctor of Medicine, Juris Doctor 
and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees carry no implication of origi- 
nal research. The University of 
Maryland awarded the first two den- 
tal degrees in history on March 9, 
1841, and invented the name of the 
degree. Doctor of Dental Surgery 


The second ty^e is a research doctor- 
ate representing prolonged periods 
of advanced study. A dissertation 
which usually accompanies the study 
is intended to contribute substantial- 
ly to existing knowledge on the sub- 
ject. The most important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has 
an implication of philosophy for its 
holder, but represents advanced 
research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in 
the United States in 1861 by Yale 
University. The University of 
Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for the 
first time in 1920. 

U N I V E R S I T 

O F 



R K 


The master's degree is an academic 
honor bestowed upon students who 
have successfully completed work 
beyond the baccalaureate. A thesis 
and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister was 
used by the Romans as a title of 
honor, but its present meaning can 
be traced to the establishment of the 
oldest universities. Organized facul- 
ties as they now exist in universities 
were not known then; academic 
activity was limited to seven liberal 
arts. Those who were honored for 
their diligence and knowledge upon 
completion of their studies and who 
had already received the bachelor's 
degree were called magistri artium 
(master of the liberal arts). In 1920, 
the University of Maryland awarded 
its first Master of Arts (M.A.) and 
Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in 
fields other than agriculture. 


The bachelor's degree represents 
completion of a four-year course of 
college-level study and is the oldest 
academic degree used by American 
institutions of higher learning. It was 
first conferred in America in 1642 on 
the first nine graduates of Harvard 
College. Maryland Agriculture 
College, which later became the 
University of Maryland at College 
Park, awarded its first Bachelor of 
Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science 
(B.S.) degrees in 1862. 







19 9 3 

Board of Regents 


George V. McGowan 
Vice Chair 

Roger R Blunt 

Albert N. Whiting 

Uona M. Hogan 
Assistant Secretary 

Constance M. Unseld 

Robert L. Walker, ex officio 

Margaret Alton 

Mary Arabian 

Richard O. Berndt 

Benjamin L. Brown 

Earle Palmer Brown 

Charles W. Cole, Jr. 

Frank A. Gunther, Ir. 

Ann Hull 

Henry R. Lord 

Franklin P. Perdue 
Student Regent 

Margaret B. WoodhuU 

System Administration of 
the University 


Donald N. Langenberg 
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

George L. Marx 
Vice Chancellor for Advancement 

John K. Martin 
Vice Chancellor for General 

Donald L. Myers 

University of IVIaryland at 
College Park Administration 


William E. Kirwan 
Vice President for Academic Affairs and 

Jacob K. Goldhaber (Acting) 
Vice President for Administrative 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice President for Institutional 

Kathryn Costello 
Vice President for Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


College of Agriculture 

Paul H. Mazzocchi (Interim) 
College of Arts and Humanities 

Robert W. Griffith 
College of Behavioral and Social 

Irwin Goldstein 
College of Business and Management 

William Mayer 
College of Computer, Mathematu-al and 
Physical Sciences 

Richard H. Herman 
College of Education 

Jean Hebeler (Acting) 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter 
College of lournalism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Library and Information 

Anne S. MacLeod (Acting) 
College of Life Sciences 

Paul H. Mazzocchi 
College of Health and Human 

John J. Burt 
School of Architecture 

Steven Hurtt 



O F 



A T 



School of Public Affairs 

Michael Nacht 
Administrative Demi for Graduate 
Studies and Research 

Timothy Ng (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for Summer 

Melvin Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for Undergraduate 

ira Berlin (Acting) 

Officers of Commencement 


Charles J. Beatty 

Industrial, Technological and 

Occupational Education 
University Marshal 
Don C. Piper 

Government and Politics 
John E. Wakefield 

Director of Bands 


Commencement Committee 

Alicia Arkell-Kleis 

Diploma Office 
f ranees P. Cave 

Health Center 
Earle Connors 

Physical Plant 
Kathn/n Costello 

Insdtutional Advancement 
Carolyn A. Ent 

Institutional Advancement 
Richelle Hammett 

Disability Support Service 
Simone Legacy 

Industrial, Technological and 

Occupational Education 
Nancy Loomis 

Dining Services 
Linda Martin 

Institutional Advancement 
Miciiael McNair 

Police Department 
Gary Parker 

Intercollegiate Athletics 
Elizabeth Pattison 

Records and Registrations 
Cynthia Walker Reed 

University Book Center 
James N. Robinson 

Environmental Safety 
Barri Standish Sanders 

Commuter Affairs 
Gary Stone 

Pohce Department 
Robert T. Stumpff 

Physical Plant 
Janice E. Summons 

Campus Parking 
Meena Taneja 

Scheduling Office 
Cathryn F. Ufema 

Larry Votz 

Police Department 
Patrick Wadsworth 

Dining Ser\ices 

Unit Representatives 

Diane Barlow 

Library and InformaHon Services 
Jane Fmes 

Charles H. Flatter 

Diana Jackson 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Donna King 

Business and Management 
Albert /. Klavon 

Life Sciences and Agriculture 
John C. Loss 

Thomas Moore 

Arts and Humanifies 
Joe Murray 

Health and Human Performance 
Bonnie Oh 

Undergraduate Studies 
Greig Steivart 

Thelma M. Williams 

Computer, Mathematical and 

Physical Sciences 
Elisse Wright-Briscoe 

Public Affairs 

Department of Physical 
Plant. Office of General 
Services/Special Services 
Staff Responsible for Setting 
Up Sites 

Marcellous Anderson 

Robert Artnstrong 

Ike Banks 

Leroy Blackivell 

Earl Blake 

Mordecai Brower 

Eric Bullock 

Tom Farrell 

Roimld Fenwick 

Larry Garner 

James Green 

Joseph Hayes 

Larry Jefferson 

Mannn Johnson 

Paul Messingese 

Theresa Mullen 

Keith Neat 

Eve Reitz 

George Saunders 

Tliomas Saunders 

Johnny Sellers 

Rayfield Sellers 

Carolyn Shreroe 

Charles Stubbs 

Danny Thompson 

Ronny Yee 

Elwood Gross, Flower Arrangements 



2 , 

19 9 3 

Ruth M. Davis, one of the 
nation's most respected scientists, is 
this year's recipient of the second 
College Park Alumni Association 
President's Distinguished Alumnus 
Award. A summa cum laude gradu- 
ate of the University of Maryland 
with M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in 
mathematics. Dr. Davis was one of 
the first women to receive a Ph.D. in 
mathematics from College Park. 
Dr. Davis, who serves on the 
board of directors of seven Fortune 
500 companies, draws upon years of 
experience in government and pri- 
vate industry as the president and 
CEO of The Pymatuning Group Inc., 
which advises companies on high 
technology issues. She has held a 
number of science positions in the 
federal government, rising to Deputy 
Undersecretary of Defense for 
Research and Advanced Technology 
(1977-79), and Assistant Secretary of 
Energy for Resource Applications 

In addition she has served as 
Director of the Institute for 
Computer Sciences and Technology 
at the National Bureau of Standards; 
as the first Director of the National 
Center for Biomedical Communica- 
tions in the Department of Health, 
Education and Welfare; and as Staff 
Assistant for Intelligence and 
Reconnaissance for the Secretary of 

Dr. Davis is the chair of the 
Aerospace Corporation, and serves 
on the boards of various business 
and professional organizations 
including the Institute for Defense 

Analyses, SotTech Inc., Sprint 
Corporation, Air Products & 
Chemicals and Varian Associates. 
She has been a member of the Board 
of Regents of the National Library of 
Medicine, serving as its chairman in 

The many honors, awards and 
commendations Davis has received 
over the vears include the National 
Women's Economic Alliance 
Director's Choice Award; 
Distinguished Ser\'ice Medals in both 
the Department of Energy and the 
Department of Defense; the National 
Civil Service League Award; Federal 
Woman of the Year in 1972; the 
Department of Commerce Gold 
Medal; and the Rockefeller Public 
Service Award for Professional 
Accomplishment and Leadership. 
Dr. Davis is a Fellow with the 
American Institute of Aeronautics 
and Astronautics, the Society for 
Information Display, and the 
American Association for the 
Advancement of Science. She lives 
in Silver Spring, Maryland. 



U N i 

E R S I T Y 

O F 


A T 


G £ 



Renowned Washington architect 
Hugh Newell Jacobsen, a 1951 grad- 
uate of the University of Maryland at 
College Park, is widely recognized as 
one of the top architects in the 
United States. Since starting his own 
practice in 1958, the buildings he has 
designed have earned more than 90 
awards for outstanding design. 

Jacobsen, who earned his mas- 
ter's degree in architecture from Yale 
University in 1955, is a six-time win- 
ner of the National Honor Awards of 
the American Institute of Architects, 
the highest award for architectural 
design given in the U.S. In addition, 
each year the professional journal. 

Architectural Record, selects 15 
of the best houses in the 
country and presents awards 
to the architects. Jacobsen has 
won 20 times. 

Despite his prolific work 
in the field, he still finds time 
to contribute to arts and pro- 
fessional organizations, and 
he lectures extensively 
throughout the world. In 
1970 he was a visiting profes- 
sor for the Arts and 
Humanities at the American 
University in Cairo, Egypt, 
and in 1971 he delivered the 
Kennedy Memorial 
Fellowship lectures at four 
New Zealand universities. 

His many articles over the 
years have appeared in vari- 
ous magazines including 
Architectural Digest, 
Architectural Record, Neio 

Republic, and House and Garden. He 
contributes periodically to The 
Washington Post on urban design. He 
was also the editor of A Guide to the 
Architecture of Washington, D.C. in 
1965, and currently is a member of 
the editorial board of the Guide. 

Jacobsen was appointed by the 
mayor of Washington in 1976 to 
serve as a member of the Joint 
Committee on Landmarks for the 
Commission of Fine Arts and the 
National Capital Planning 
Commission, and served until 1982. 
He also served as a consultant to 
both the Historic Charleston 
Foundation and the Historic 
Savannah Foundation. He has been 
a member of the board of governors 
and a trustee for the Corcoran 
Gallery of Art, a trustee of the 
Washington Gallery of Modern Art 
and the Washington Theater Club, a 
member of the President's commis- 
sion on Alumni Affairs for Yale 
University, and a trustee of the 
Foundation for the Preservation of 
Historic Georgetown. 

In 1971 Jacobsen became a Fellow 
of the American Institute of 
Architects, and in 1992 he was elect- 
ed an Academician of the National 
Academy of Design, A monograph 
on his life, entitled Hugh Neioell 
jacobsen, Architect, was published in 


S P 

I N G 


19 9 3 

Classicist and educator Frank 
Martin Snowden has enjoyed a dis- 
tinguished career as a teacher, schol- 
ar, administrator and diplomat. He 
has written several provocative 
books on the role of blacks in Greek 
and Roman antiquity, which argue 
that racial prejudice was absent from 
the ancient world. His work, interna- 
tionally known, has influenced such 
varied disciplines as classics, history, 
art and archaeology. 

An energetic, inspiring public 
speaker, Snowden began his classical 
training at the Boston Latin School 
before receiving three Harvard 
degrees: the A.B. in 1932, the A.M. in 
1933, and the Ph.D. in 1944. He pur- 
sued post-graduate work in Rome 
and as a Fulbright research scholar in 

His first book. Blacks in Antiquity: 
Ethiopians in the Greco-Roman 
Experience (1970) won the Charles ]. 
Goodwin Award of Merit, the high- 
est scholarly award given by the 
American Philological Association. 
The Ima^e of the Bhuk m Western Art I: 
From the Pharaohs to the Full of the 
Roman Empire (1976) and Before Color 
Prejudice: The Ancient Vieiv of Blacks 
(1983) followed. Along with his 
many articles in classical and educa- 
tional journals, and his numerous 
public lectures, these books seek to 
darifv and define the issues sur- 
rounding the role of blacks in ancient 
Greece and Rome. 

Snowden started teaching clas- 
sics at Howard University in 1940, 
and eventually became chairman of 
Howard's Humanities Program and 

dean of Howard's College of Liberal 
Arts. Howard has honored him with 
Distinguished Scholar and 
Outstanding Teaching Awards. 

The high quality of Dr. 
Snowden's research has been recog- 
nized by grants and fellowships from 
the Woodrow Wilson International 
Center for Scholars, the American 
Council of Learned Societies and the 
National Endowment for the 
Humanities. He has been named a 
lecturer for the Archaeological 
Institute of America, and elected to 
the board of directors and the vice- 
presidency of the American 
Philological Association. 

He has served as cultural attache 
at the U.S. Embassy in 
Rome and on the U.S. del- 
egation to UNESCO in 
Paris; he has lectured in 
many countries world- 
wide, among them 
Nigeria, Libya, Italy, 
Greece, Austria, India, 
Brazil, and the former 
Soviet Union and 





O F 


R Y L A N D 




The May 1 993 class roster comprises degree candidates from the undergraduate and 
graduate programs at the Uniivrsity of Maryland at College Park. As final action can- 
not always he taken for candidates by the time this program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative only. Vie university reserves the right to withdraw or 
add names. Diplomas (for other tlian doctoral degrees) -will be mailed by the Office of 
Records and Registrations. 


Krishanfhi P. Abeywickrama Botany 

Toxicity of Fusarium Moniliforme Metabolites to Mammalian Cell Lines 

Quadri A. Adeseun Criminal Justice and Criminology 

The Impact of Religious Beliefs and Religious Commitment on Delinquent Behavior 

Djime D. Adoum Agricultiiral and Extension Education 

Factors Affectmg the Initial Adoption of Agricultural Expert Systems: A Survey of Expert 

System Users from California 

Jawad Y. Al-Khal Mathematics 

Vie Construction of S-Ummodal Maps that Admit a J-Finite Absolutely Continuous 

Invariant Measure Which /s Infinite on Every Interval 

Julia L. Albertine Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

Effects of Different Heating Methods and Temperatures, on the Smsory, Physical, and 
Chemical Characteristics of Imitation Crab 

Janice F. Almasi Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Peer-Led and Teacher-Led Discussions of Literature on Fourth-Grade 

Studmts' Abilities to Recognize and Resolve Socio-Cognitive Conflicts 

Fernando Alvarez Zoology 

Vie Interaction Between a Parasitic Barnacle and 3 of Its Host Species Along the East 

Coast of North America 

Luiz F. Alves Marine, Estuarine and Enwonmental Sciences 
The Role ofPeriphyton on the Amazon's Floodplain 

Kathy L. Andersen-Smith Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Three Maryland Educational Partnerships Viewed from an Interagency Arrangement 


Catherine Anderson Psychology 

Prediction of Treatment Compliance in Domestically Violent Men 

Gary B. Anderson Chemistry 

Obsenation and Characterization of Arylnitrenium Ions 

Arma P. Andrews Chemistry 

Experimental Tests for Two Thermodynamic Models for Equilibrium Polymerization 

Walid G. Aref Computer Science 

Query Processing and Optimi:uition in Spatial Databases 


N D I 

O R 

D a 

David W. Armstrong III Kinesiology 

The Role of Beta-Endorphin in Exercising Humans Acutely Exposed to Cold or Hot Air 

Sunil Arya Computer Science 

Nearest Neighbor Searching and Applications 

Roy D. Ashley Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
A Study to Deternune the Perception of Man/land Vocational Educational Teachers as to 
Wliat Trammg and Information Is Needed to Prepare their Students to Comply with the 
Marykmd Right to Know Law Wlien They Enter the World of Work 

Mohamed A. Atoui Electrical Engineering 
Telecommunication Network Reliability Analysis 

Murat M. Aydede Philosophy 

Implementation, Connectionism, and the Language of Thought 

Herlinde M. Ayers Germanic Language and Literature 

SelbstverwirklichunglSelbstverncinun g: RoltenkonfVkte im Werk von Hebbel, Ibsen und 

Bradley S. Baldwin Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

The Natural Diff and Feeding Behavior of Oyster Larvae ( Crassostrea Virginica ) 

Laurie E. Bassan-Diamond Counseling and Personnel Services 
Temperamental Emotionality and Self-Regulation 

Fred M. Beasley Business and Management 

The Impact of Consumer Promotions on Purchase Acceleration 

Faysal A. Bekdash Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 
Coupling Best Management Practices (BMP's) Evaluation Model to Geographic 
Information System fG/S) 

Charles E. Bell Physics 

Meson Bound States with Relativistic Phenomenological qq Potential 

Glen H. Bennett Curriculum and Instruction 

A Conceptual Change Intervention for Stoichiometry Problem Solving m College-Level 

Introductory Chemistry 

Betty Benrey Entomology 

Relationship Betxoeen Development Rate and Risk of Parasitism: A Test of the Slow 
GrowthlHigh Mortality Hypothesis Using the Imported Cabbage Butterfly ( Pieris rapae l 
and the Gregarious Parasitoid Cotesia glomeratus 

Eric D. Benson Business and Management 

Properties of a New Set of Second Generation Process Capability Indices 

Jo-Ann Benlz Entomology 

Vie Nutritional Quality of Poinsettia, Euphorbia pidcherrima , as a Host to the Szveetpotato 

Wliitefly, Bemisia tabaci . and Implications to the Parasitoid Encarsia forniosa 

Carol A. Bertaut Economics 

Stockholding Beliavior in the U.S.: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation 

Robert B. Bertram Botany 

Genetic Resources of Cassava: Evolution and Assessment of Manihot Sect. Parvibracteatae 

Shivarajpur Bhaskar Computer Science 
Fixed Permutation Hashing Schemes 

Gail L. Bjerklie Human Development 

77if E^kf of Cognitive Strategi/ Instruction and Cooperative Learning on Children's 

Interest in, and Learning of. Social Studies Content 

Thomas J. Bodie Government and Politics 

The Political Doctrine Question in International Law 

Ronald D. Bradley Kinesiology 

The Use of Goal-Setting and Positive Self-Modeling for the Enhancement of Self-Efficacy 

and Performance for the Basketball Free Throio Shot 

Robert A. Bragg Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
TTit' Dci'elopment and Evaluation of a Customized Computer- Aided Cost Model for 
Estimating, Analyzuig, and Selecting a Minimal Cost Autoclave Lay-Up Tooling 
Fabrication Process 

Matthew E. Briggs Physics 

Photothermal Deflection Spectroscopy in a Supercritical Fluid 

Evan B. Brody Kinesiology 

The Effect of Varying Concentration upon Force Alteration and Activation of the Biceps 
and Medial Triceps Brachii during an Isometric Elbozv Flexion Task: An 
Electromyographic Assessment 

Amy E. Brown Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

An Investigation of Neuroheliavioral Effects of Low to Moderate Organophosphate 

Exposure in Lawn and Landscape Pesticide Applicators 

Thomas J. Burkett Microbiology 

Nature of an Extragenic Suppressor of Ty Insertion Mutations 



O F 


A T 



Arthur H. Bums Human Development 

Penelope E. Bustin Human Development 

Adolescents' Set f-i.'ercept ions of Functioning and Competence in a Small. Out-of-school 

Task-oriented Group 

Robert P. Butler Astronomy 

Pushing the Limit: Precision Radical Velocities Techmiques and Applications 

Evan A. Byrne Human Development 

A Psychophysiological hivestigntion of Individual Differences Affecting Performance 

During a Complex Monitoring Task m Adults 

Chunsheng Cai Civil Engineering 

Prediction of Long-span Bridge Responses to Turbulent Wind 

Zheng N. Cai Electrical Engineering 

Stage Buffer Design of Multi-level Cache 

John R. Callahan Computer Science 

Software Packaging 

Coral S. Carey Health Education 

Humor and Stress: Defense or Mature Coping Strategy 

Robert P. Can- English Language and Literature 

NationhoodfldentitylWriting: Questions of the Wildspace and the International Division of 


Bernard A. Carver Curriculum and Instruction 

Audrey Chang Physics 

Structural Properties of Silicon and Chromium Microclusters: from Semi-Emprical and Ab 

Initio Molecular Dynamics Calculations 

Eunmi Chang Business and Management 

Agency Control of Multinational Corporations in Korea: An Intercultural Analysis 

Hsin-Chin Chang Electrical Engineering 

Accurate Modeling and Design Techniques of Microwave Band Pass Filter 

I-Ming Chao Applied Mathematics 

Test Problems, Algorithms, and Solutions to Multi-level Vehicle Routing 

Lin M. Chaves Psychology 

Chien-Jen Chen Electrical Engineering 

Theoretical and Computational Study of Fiber Ring and Loop Lasers 

Ming-Huei Chen Mechanical Engineering 

Three Dimensional Semi-Analytical Finite Element Analysis of Fiber Microbuckling in 

Multidirectional Laminated Composites 

Shih-Shin J. Chen Public Communication 

A Convergence Model of Communication and Organizational Group Climate: A Galileo 


Yeong-Shu Chen Mechanical Engineering 

Predicting the Vibrational Fatigue Lives of Chip Components Mounted on a PWB 

Yung-Mien Chen Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanics of Microindentation and Sliding Contact on Thin Solid Film ivith FEM 


Joseph W. Cheng Business and Management 

An Alternative Test of the After Tax CAPM and the Impact of Sivitch in Dividend Policy 

on the Riskiness of Common Stocks 

Chwei-Po Chew Electrical Engineering 

VLSI Optoelectronic Counterpropagation Neural Netzvork 

Ronald Childress English Language and Literature 

Fear m the Art and Life of Henry James 

Ching-Te Chiu Electrical Engineering 

Real-Time VLSI Algorithms and Architectures for Time-Recursive Discrete Sinusoidal 

Transforms With Applications to Video Communitations 

Damian J. Christian Astronomy 

Spectral and Temporal Belmvior of Low Mass X-ray Binaries Observed With the Einstein 

SSS and MPC and the Broad Band X-ray Telescope 

Ki-Seon Chung Sociology 

Stress and Distress: Temporary Labor Migration to the Middle East among Korean 

Construction Workers 

Andrew J. Clark Agronomy 

Managing Hairy Vetch, Cereal Rye and VetchlRye Mixtures for Optimum Nitrogen and 

Soil Water in Corn Production Systems 

Douglas C. Comer American Studies 

Ritual Ground: Bent's Old Fort, Ideology, and the Annexation of the Southwest 

Betty A. Conde Microbiology 

Phytogeny of the Bacterial Families Vibrionaceae and Aeromonadaceae Based on Ribosomal 

RNA Sequence Analysis 


N D I D 

O R 

D U 


Lconidas Constantinou Cliemical Engineering 

Estimation of Properties of Acyclic Organic Compounds Virough Conjugation 

Mathew S. Corson Electrical Engineering 

Multiple Access Protocols for Mobile Radio Communications 

Jonathan F. Cox Psychology 

The Effects of SuperLeadership Training on Leader Behavior, Subordinate Self-Leadership 

Behavior, and Subordinate Citizenship 

William J. Coyle Economics 

The Formation of Distributional Coalitions and Firm Profitability 

Linda B. Cross Human Development 

Narrative Styles in African- American Chddren: The Effects of SES 

David M. Dancer Mechanical Engineering 

Natural Convection in Tanks Containing One or Tzm Fluid Phases 

James P. Darling Electrical Engineering 

Data Parallel Algorithms for the Numerical Modeling of Semiconductor Devices 

Elijah L. Davis Human Development 

Neil R. Davison English Language and Literature 

Silence. Exile and Cunning: ]oyce and the Construction offeioish Identity 

Marc de Savigny Electrical Engineering 
lf....Then....El5e Systems 

Amy M. Decloux Microbiology 

Role of Environment and Mutagenesis in Recovery of E. Coli Mutants 

Alexios Delis Computer Science 

Client-Server Databases: Architectures and Performance Analysis 

Leslie G. Depaolo Human Development 

An Interdisciplinary Investigation and Synthesis of Definitions and Dynamics of Human 

Deitelopment and their Implications for Educational Reform 

Jastej S. Dhingra Electrical Engineering 

Reconfigurable Control in Discrete Event Dynamic Systems Applied to Manufacturing 


Erica M. Dibietz Human Development 

Patricia A. Dingle Curriculum and Instruction 

David S. Doermann Computer Science 

Document Image Understanding: Integrating Recovery and Interpretation 

Guillermo V. Donoso Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Microfoundations of Agricultural Supply Analysis: Modeling Implications and the Role of 

Downside Risk 

Nancy C. Dosch Kinesiology 

The Use of Exercise as a Medical Therapeutic in Mid-Nineteenth Century America 


Annie M. Dunn Human Development 
Extraversion-lntroversion and Spatial Intelligence 

Bryan E. Dutton Botany 

A Monographic Study of the Genus Anemone L (RANUNCULACEAE) Section Sylvia 


Noel L. Eller Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Benefit Segmentation: Implications for the Recruitment of Maryland Associate Degree and 
Baccalaureate Nursing Students 

Diane M. Everman History 

The Aquaduct at Caesarea Maritima 

Hong Fang Mechanical Engineering 

Multilevel Miiltiobjective Optimization in Precast Concrete Wall Panel Design 

Frederick Ferguson Aerospace Engineering 

Expanding the Waverider Design Space Using Generalized Three Dimensional Flowfields 

Richard P. Fischer Electrical Engineering 

An S5 Ghz Quasioptical Gyroklystron Experiment 

Robert A. Forczyk Government and Politics 

77k Emergence of India as a Great Power in an Era of Accentuating Multipolarity 

Hisham M. Fouad Civil Engineering 

Impulse Response Use in the Evaluation of Structures and Foundations 

Patricia A. Francis American Studies 

"Nei'er a Stranger:" Margaret Mead as an American Celebrity 

Michael C. Frazier Psychology 

Psychosocial Correlates of Contraceptive Behavior Among Black Male College Students 

Noah S. Friedland Computer Science 

Utilizing Energy Function and Description Length Minimization for Integrated 

Delineation, Representation and Classification of Objects 

U N I V E R S I T 

O F 




Charles I. Gale Curriculum and Instniction 

The hiflueiice of Microcomputer-Bnsed Labs on Intuitive Conceptions of Temperature and 

Temperature Change 

Madhur Gaulam Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Sequential Decision Malcing Under Temporal Risk by Households in Dryland Agriculture 

Roslye R. Geuss Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

The Organizational Socialization of First and Second Career Teachers: A Study of Selected 


Reza Ghanadan Electrical Engineering 
Adaptive Control ofNonlmear Systems 

Rhonda C. Gill Counseling and Personnel Services 
School Counselors Attitudes Toivard Aging African-Americans 

Peggy C. Golden Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

An Analyis of the Relationship Between the Mathematics Achievement and the 
Mathematics Program Completed f)i/ Students in a Suburban School District in the Middle 
Atlantic Region 

Eliazer B. Golfeiz Reliability Engineering 

An Approach to Modeling Organizational Factors for Safety and Performance Assessment 

of Nuclear Poiver Plant 

Amita Goyal Business and Management 

Incremental Groivth and Reorganization m Distributed Database Systems 

Nanette Graham Criminal Justice and Criminology 
Predictors of Adolescent Drug Use: Differences by Sex and Race 

Beth L. Greenbaum Special Education 

Follou'-up Survey for Students with Learning Disabdities after Exiting a Postsecondary 

Anthony D. Greif Mathematics 
Wlien is Saturation Preserved? 

Arthur C. Grinath III Economics 

Marsha A. Gueruler Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Expanding Shared Gcroernance to Include the Playing Field: Defining a Role for the 
Academic Senate in Athletic Governance 

John S. Gunn Microbiology 

Analysis ofDNA Restriction-modification Systems of Neisseria gonorrhoeae 

Sarah K. Gunnarson Psychology 

The Effect of Motivating Constraints on the Relationship Between Satisfaction, Personality 
,„ and Performance 

Naresh Gupta Computer Science 

Recovering Shape and Motion from a Sequence of Images 

Catherine P. Haar English Language and Literature 

Mary Y. Hama Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Food and Nutrient Consumption Patterns of Households in Puerto Rico 

Sarah W. Harcum Chemical Engineering 

Stress Response Dynamics in Induced Recombinant Escherichia coli 

William R. Harrell Electrical Engineering 

Andrew J. Harris Government and Politics 

Presidents, Generals and Green Berets: Explaining the Rise and Decline of Special 

Operations Forces 

Sharon A. Hart English Language and Literature 
Blake's Jerusalem and Unity 

Spedden A. Hause 111 Curriculum and Instruction 

An Action Science Study of a Functional Working Group Moving from Model I 

to Model II 

Sue J. Hawkins Human Development 

Comparison of Fear of Crime Among Urban and Suburban Elderly 

Theresa E. Hefferan Nutritional Sciences 

The Biosyiitlietic Response of Adult Human Bone Cells in Culture to Extracellular 


Maria E. Heiiuich Spanish Language and Literature 

Inicias del Teatro Independiente en Buenos Aires: El Teatro del Pueblo en 1930 

Terrence H. Hemmer Chemical Physics 

Theoretical Studies ofHydrazoic Acid, Extensions to the RRK and RRKM Theories of 

Uniinolecular Reactions, and Collisional Quenching Reactions 

Aletha S. Hendrickson English Language and Literature 

The Rhetoric oflntiniidatiou: A Study m the Rlietoric of Institutional Poiver 

Kenneth A. Hennacy Physics 

Spherical Harmonic and Effective Field Formulation of Boltzmann's Equation: Derivation 

and Case Studies in One and Two Space Dimensions for Semiconductors 

Paul C. Hershey Electrical Engineering 

Information Collection Architecture for High Speed Network Environments 

D I D 

O R 

R A D U 

Jean- Yves Herve Computer Science 
Computer Virion for Nai'igation Tasks 

Sunggi Heu Botany 

Characterization of hrmA Modulating Hypersensitiiv Response of Pseudomouas Syringae 

pv. Syringae 

Patricia T. Hicks-Harper Radio, Television and Film 

Black Educators, Black Elementanf School Students, and Black Rap Music Artists on 

Educational Entertainnjent Rap Music Video for Pedagogy: A Cultural and Critical 


Orian L. Might Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Building Confidence and Math Study Skills Course on the Mathematics 

Achievement, Attitudes, and Study Skill Belmvior of College Students 

Chi-Kwan A. Ho Human Development 

Gender Role Perception: An Intergenerational Study on Chinese American Women 

David A. Hoffman Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Assessment of the Cognitive and Moral judgment Aspects of Fowler's Theory of Faith 

Development With First-Year College Students Participating in a Developmental Spuitual 


Wen-Shuen Hong Civil Engineering 

Behavior of Two-Span Composite Bridge Girders Designed by Autostress Method (ALFD) 

Cynthia K. Hoover Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Investigation of the Preparedness of Student Affairs Professionals to Work Effectively 

With Diverse Campus Populations 

Maurice B. Howard Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
An Analysis of the Opinions ofTwelth Grade Students, their Parentsj Guardians, High 
School Teachers, and School-Based Administrators about Educational High School 
Features in St. Mary's County, Maryland 

Shao-Hsu Hsieh Biochemistry 

Alteration by Site-Directed Mutagenesis of the Conserved Lysine Residue in the 

Consensus ATP~Binding Sequence of the RecB Protein of Escherichia Coli 

Sen Hu Mechanical Engineering 

Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop of Liquid Cooled Offset Fin Heat Exchangers 

Zonglu Hua Engineering Materials 

Photoluminescence and Structural Studies ofSrS or CiiS: Eii-'*', Sm-'* 

Chuen-Chuen J. Huang Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

An Evaluation of Model-selection Criteria as Alternatives to Pairwise Comparison 


Kuan H. Huang Mechanical Engineering 

Three Dimensional Free Vibration Analysis of Thick, Arbitarily Laminated Composite 

Rectangular Plates and Cylindrical and Spherical Panels 

Liuqing Huang Computer Science 
Purposive Visual Robotics 

Shirley Hymon-Parker Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Bridging the Gap Between Fashion Retail Education and Employment: An Assessment of 
the Benefits and Limitations of Existing Practices 

James R. Irons Agronomy 
Solar Radiation Scattering by Soils 

Suad M. Itani English Language and Literature 

William Faulkner: The Mystery of Language 

Mary A. Jackson Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Concerns of Teachers Toward their Mathematics Training as Part of the Maryland 
School Performance Program 

Alusine S. Jah Agricultural and Extension Education 
Leadership in Agricultural Education in Maryland: Responsibilities of High School 
Superintendents, Vocational Directors and Principals as Perceived by Incumbents, 
Agricultural Education Teachers and Agricultural Interest Groups in Man/land 

Dianne N. Janczewski Zoology 

Phylogenetic Relationships of the Great Cats Based on Mitochondrial DNA Sequence 


Hoyoon Jang Business and Management 

International Transmission of Slock Market Prices: The Case of Multiple-Listed Stocks 

Ming-Une Jen Mechanical Engineering 

The Dynamic Interaction of the Cutting Process and the Workpiece in Facing 

Kisuk Jeon Business and Management 

Three Essays on International Finance: Mean Reversion Behavior of Exchange Rates, 
Forecasting the Correlation Structure of Currency Assets, International Asset Pricing 
Model Using the Mean-Cini Approach 

Carolyn C. Jerdan Counseling and Personnel Services 

Guo-Xiong Jin Physics 

Effects of Critical Fluctuations on Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids and Fluid Mixtures 



O F 


A T 



Brian S. Johnson Computer Science 

Treemaps: Visualizing Hierarchical and Categorical Data 

Phyllis M. Johnson Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 

An Investigation of the Integration of Multicultural Content in Home Economics Teacher 

Education Programs in Institutions of Higher Education 

Stephen R. Johnson Curriculum and Instruction 

Gregory E. Jones Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

The Effect of Sample Size, Number of Categories, Boundary Distribution, and Item 

Discrimination on Item Parameter Recovery 

Linda J. Jones Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Leadership Behaviors of Selected African-American Female Elementary School Principals: 

An Analysis 

Raymond M. Jones Business and Management 

Sharon M. Jones Psychology 

The Transition to Senior Housing: A Test of a Model of Adult Transitions 

Cheryl L. Jordan Recreation 

The Evolution of the Baltimore City Bureau of Recreation (1940-1988) 

Christopher M. Judge Mathematics 

0)1 the Laplace Spectrum of Surfaces with Cone Points 

Thierry J. Jufel Pubhc Communication 

Wim Wenders's Cinema and the Advent of Postmodernity: Negativity, Obscenity and the 

Search for Compromise 

Yu-Hung Kao Electrical Engineering 

Robustness Study of Free-Text Speaker Identification and Verification 

Geraldine N. Kasoff Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Tlie Community Jmish Day SchooL A Neu^ Experience in fewish Education 

Signe J. Kelker History 

Riotous and Disorderly: Policing Shrewsbury 1820-1860 

Gail A. Keller Psychology 

An Investigation of Characteristic WISC-R Profiles of Inner-City Children 

Henry E. Kelly III Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

A Comparison of the Perceptions of Teachers Employed in Private Catholic High Schools 

Administered by Lay and Religious Principals 

Carol Kendall Geology 

Impact oflsotopic Heterogeneity in Shallow Systems on Modeling ofStormflow Generation 

John W. Kennington, Jr. Chemistry 

Part I. Approaches to the Synthesis of the GlycosyjPortion of Nogalomycin: Part II. A 

Novel Method for the Synthesis of Beta Lactams 

Jae-Hoon Kim Meteorology 

Diagnosis of the General Circulation Model Anomalies by the Tropical Sea Surface 


Young-Rae Kim English Language and Literature 

A Thematic Study on Melville's The Piazza Tales 

Timothy W. Kinlock Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Precursors and Correlates of Serious Criminal Behavior Over a Narcotic Addiction Career 

Jody Klein-Saffran Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Recidivism, Employment and Drug Use: A Study of Federal Offenders Released Via 

Electronic Monitoring or Halfivay House Programs 

Cathy D. Knepper American Studies 
The Gospel According to Greenbelt 

Yuan-Kuen Ko Physics 

X-Ray Heated Disks in Compact Binary Systems 

Rita R. Kolb Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Correcting for Nonresponse in Latent Class Modeling Evaluation of the EM Algorithm 

Richard M. Kreminski Applied Mathematics 
Graded Manifolds and Spin Structure 

Carole L. Kuhns Human Development 

Maternal Socialization Practices: Relationship io Children's Social Problem Solving and 

Social Competence 

Ram L. Kumar Business and Management 

Data Integrity and Security Issues in Publishing Three-dimensional Economic Data 

Maura L. Kurkjian Psychology 

Age-Effects on Retinal Sensitivity to Light as Indicated by the F-ERG in Pigeon 

Wha S. Kwon Zoology 

Selection of Nucleotide Sequences that Stimulate Gene Transcription in Mammalian Cells 

Teresa B. Lachin American Studies 

" War and Remembrance:" The War Memorial as Cultural Artifact 


N D I D 

O R 

D U 


Jill S. Ladd Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Differential Experience of the Transition to Parcnttiood for Men ami Women ami How 

Thev Cope 

Pradcep Lall Mechanical Engineering 

Temperature Dependence of Microelectronic Device Failures 

Rhona J. Lambert Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Post-Baccalaureate Reverse Transfer Students Attending Maryland Community Colleges 

Todd M. Lang Physics 

Ann K. Lanphear Kinesiology 

Acquisition of a Striking Skill: Developmental Differences in the Effects of Knoivledge of 
Results, Knowledge of Performance, and Vision 

Vaughn K. Lauer Human Development 

A Study of the Relationship Between Verbal Expression and Classroom Beliainors of 

Learning Disabled Cluldren, Grades 2-6 

Jacqueline S. Lazaiewicz Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Parent Attitudes Toward their Children's School Based on Participation in a Curriculum 
Training Program 

Joseph G. Leahy Microbiology 

Role of Lipase in Hydrocarbon Degradation by Acinetobacter calcoaceticiis RAG-l 

Haeryung Lee English Language and Literature 

A Study of George Eliot's Fiction: The Theme of Vocation and her Politics 

Hai-Tien Lee Meteorology 

Development of a Statistical Method for Estimating the Dmonioard Longioaiv Radiation at 
the Surface from Satellite Observations 

Jang-Ycon Lee Aerospace Engineering 

A Numerical Study of the Starting Process in a Hypersonic Shock Tunnel 

Ker-Tsung Lee Civil Engineering 

Optimization of Timed Transfers in Transportation Terminals 

Sylvia W. Lee Curriculum and Instruction 

Spatial Ability and Achievement in Geometry in Taiwan 

Bao Q. Li Mathematics 

Interpolation and Value Distribution in f 

Hai Li Physics 

Space Charge Instabilities in Gyrotron Electron Beams and Nonlinear Theory of Gyro- 
Amplifiers at Cyclotron Harmonics 

Peter Liebscher Library and Information Services 

Information Seeking m Hypertext: Multiple Access Methods in a Full-Text Hypertext 


Maria H. Lima Comparative Literature 

Decolonizing Genre: Post-Colonial Women Writers and the Bildnngsroman 

Po-Yang F. Lin Electrical Engineering 

Regular VLSI Layout Structures of CMOS Circuits 

Xia Lin Library and Information Services 

Zhichao Lin Chemistry 

The Study of Particulate Source Apportionment Using Enriched Stable Rare Earth Isotopic 


Nancy C. Lindley Music 

Singer Radiana Pazmor and American Music: The Performer as Advocate 

Richard E. Link Mechanical Engineering 

The Mechanics of Self-Similar Mixed Mode Fatigue Crack Grozoth 

Biyue Liu Applied Mathematics 

Linearized Compressible Viscous Navier-Stokes Equations: Discontinuous Solutions and 

Finite Element Methods 

Huifang Liu Geology 

Phase Relations, Crystal Chemistry and Mineralogy in Selected Systems of Lead-Tin- 
Antimony-Bismuth Sulfides, Selenides, and Tellurides 

Lumg-Kuo Liu Electrical Engineering 

Yuan Liu Computer Science 
Null Values in Logic Programs 

Eric E. Liverance Mathematics 

Heights of Heegner Points in a Family of Elliptic Curi'es 

John M. Lorah Physics 

A Measurement of the Fonoard-Backward Asymmetry in the Process Z" -> bh 

Kathleen S. Lossau Philosophy 

Satisficing as a Variation on Act-iltililarian Ethical Theory 



O F 




Huayi Lu Mechanical Engineering 

Long-life Variable Amplitude Fatigue Behavior of Steel Bridges 

Houria Madani Chemical Physics 

Moss and Cliarge Distributions in Iron-Induced Reactions and Excitation Energy Division 

Betiuecn the Fragments of the 672-Mi?V^''ff+'°^Ho Reaction 

Frederick R. Mangrubang Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Characteristics of Leaders: Deaf Administrators and Managers in Employment 

Mazin S. Marji Recreation 

Gemma A. Marolda Government and Politics 

British and German Economic Relations With japan: Strengthening the "Weak Link" in a 

Neio Western Security Regime 

Joy P. Martin Human Development 

Francis N. Mastrota Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 
Modification of Pesticide Granules for Preventing Accidental Poisoning of Birds 

Katheryn A. Mathes Curriculum and Instruction 

An Action Science Study: Re-educating Teachers as Practitioners of School-based 


Margaret E. Matlack Human Development 

Md. M. Maula Zoology 

The Structure of the Cytopharynx of an Undescribed Species in the Genus 

Psendokeronopsis Borrorand Wicklow, 1983 (Stichotrichida, Ciliophora) as Influenced by 


Monde Mayekiso Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Joan E. Mc Keaman Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 
Breeding Bird Distribution and Nest Predation in the Riparian Zone 

Frank E. McFadden Computer Science 

Competitive Learning and Competitive Activation in Cortical Map Formation 

Sheila A. McKenna Zoology 

Biotic and Abiotic Controls of Bioerosion on Coral Reefs 

Sheri M. Meisel Special Education 

Donald W. Meritt Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

The Effects of Cliona truittt, Polydora websteri and DERMO Disease on the Growth, 

Condition, and Mortality of Chesapeake Bay Oysters 

Gregory S. Metcalf American Studies 

Looking for Marlowe: Paratextual CImracters in American Society 

Elizabeth M. Middleton Botany 

The Effects of Ultraviolet-B and Ultrai'iolet-A Radiation on Leaf Photopigments and 


Rebecca A. Mihelcic Curriculum and Instruction 

iisiii^ Participative Decision Making as a Learning Strategy in Introduction to Business 

and Organization 

Michael J. Miller Computer Science 

Molisana G. Molisana Physics 
Shapes of Confined Polymers 

Maria E. Moll-Sureda Spanish Language and Literature 

Transformaciones sujetas a Reccion en la Relacion Autobiografica de Ursula Suarez, Texto 

Chileno dels. XVII 

Soo-Mook Moon Computer Science 
Compile-Time Paralleli:uition: Superscalar and VLIW 

Timothy J. Moore Health Education 

Rene A. Morales-Brignac Psychology 

Financial Rnvard Systems For R and D Employees: Motivational Characteristics and 

Relationships to Organizational Effectiveness 

Cornelius A. Morgan Physics 

Spectroscopic Studies of a Capillary Discharge Used in X-Ray Laser Research 

Susan M. Muller Health Education 

Effects of Exercise Induced Clianges on Self Esteem 

Donna L. Naples Physics 

A-Dependence in Photoproduced jets and Comparison with Hadroproduction 

Arathi Narayan Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Intra-industry Trade in Textiles 

Vijayshankar M. Narayanaiao Engineering Materials 

Fundamental Studies on High Temperature Deformation Behavior of Alpha, Alpha-Beta 

and Beta Titanium Alloys 

Ganet L. Nelson Psychology 

YJIiat is a Job? A Role-theon/ Perspective 


N D I D 

O R 

D U 

Karen K. Nelson Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Merit Pay ami Faculty Motivation at Selected Liberal Arts Colleges 

Phuc N. Nguyen Mechanical Engineering 

Measurements of the Velocity and Vorticity Vector Fields of the Turbulent Near Wake of a 

Circular Cylinder 

Fran L. Nichol English Language and Literature 
"Woman" in Motion: Wdliam Faulkner's Snopes Trilogy 

Haiying Niu Microbiology 

Characterization of 4 TN5 Mutated Plasmids on RSK Locus in Salmonella typhimurium 

Mark W. Nixon Aerospace Engineering 

Aeroelastic Response and Stability of Tiltrotors zoith Elasticatly-Couplect Composite Rotor 


Sam H. Noh Computer Science 

Characterizing Parallel Applications for Evaluation on Massively Parallel Systems 

Sei-Chang Oh Civil Engineering 

Yeong-jeong Ou Mechanical Engineering 

Kinematic Structural Optimization of Tendon-driven Manipulators 

Annette Oxindine English Language and Literature 
The Semiotics of Sapphistry in Virginia Woolfs Fiction 

Barbara A. Palmer Curriculum and Instruction 

Metacognition and Learning from Text: Tlie Spontaneous Comprehension Monitoring 

Strategies of College Freshmen and College Seniors 

Zeqi Pan Physics 

Physics and Photonic Switching Applications of Nonlinear Semiconductor Laser 


Da-Chen Pang Mechanical Engineering 

Improved Magnetic Bearing System Design for Enhanced Stability 

loanna Pantazi-Haliassou Psychology 

Marital Satisfaction and Division of Satisfaction With, and Consensus Around 

Household Labor 

James W. Parham Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Katharine S. Parparian Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Consumption Patterns of the Elderly 

Shirley C. Parry English Language and Literature 
Ambivalence Totvard Community in the Novels ofPaule Marshall 

Selwyn S. Paskowitz Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
Cost Savings from Applying an Item of Supply Paradigm for Part Sourcing 

Paren P. Patel Chemistry 

Roman C. Pausch Agronomy 

Use of^^C and "N Isotopes to Study Effects of Ozone on Carbon and Nitrogen 

Metabolism in Soybeans Crown in Open-Top Chambers 

Katharine A. Pawelko Recreation 

Defining the Nature of Visitors and their Recreational Experiences on the Delaware River 

Susan L. Peters English Language and Literature 

The Search for Order: British Stage Comedies of the 3920s and 30s 

Nam C. Phamdo Electrical Engineering 

Dorrell Philip Human Development 

Political Socialization of Adolescents in Trinidad and Tobago 

May E. Phillips Health Education 

Maternal Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Tliree Motor Vehicle Safety Belt Behaviors 

During Pregnancy 

Olga Poulida Meteorology 

Observations and Photochemistry of Reactive Trace Gases in the Troposphere 

Sandra C. Quinn Health Education 

Reducing AIDS through Community Education (RACE): Evaluating a Church-based 

AIDS Education Program for Black Americans 

Eileen T. Raab Special Education 

Selected Elementary School Principals' Perceptions of the Role and Place of Special 

Education in the School Restructuring Movement 

Shane L. Regdos Chemistry 

Radiopharmaceutical Quality Assurance Utilizing Neutron Actii'ation Analysis and Post- 
Column Reaction Detection 

Stephen P. Resta Human Development 
Graphic Expression in ADHD Children 

Debora A. Rindge Art History 

The Painted Desert: Images of the American West from the Geological and Geographical 
Surveys of the Territories. 1867-1879 



O F 


Y L A N D 



Ehud Rivlin Computer Science 
Recognition in Context: Vision and Purpose 

Daniel J. Roach Curriculum and Instruction 

Attributions of Success or Failure in Art Courses 

Juan C. Romero Engineering Materials 

Instability and Segregation at Interfaces in SiC Reinforced Composites 

Nanqr A. Runion English Language and Literature 

Incorporating the Syllogism into the Teaching of Writing 

Robyn A. Russow Human Development 

Maura M. Ryan History 

Americanization of Immigrant Children by Public and Parochial Schools in Baltimore, 


Alan J. Saalf eld Computer Science 

Conflation: Automated Map Compilation 

Shashikumai K. Salgar Animal Sciences 

Production and Cliaracterization of Monoclonal Antibodies to Surface Antigens of Bovine 

Neutrophils: Neutrophil Heterogeneity and Functional Studies 

Jackie L. Sampers Special Education 

Kathleen W. Sander American Studies 

Entrepreneurial Philanthropy and the Rise of the Woman's Exchange Movement, 


Robin C. Sandlin Molecular and Cellular Biology 

Molecular Analysis of Genes Involved in Lipooligosaccharide Biosynthesis in Neisseria 

Dheeraj Sanghi Computer Science 

Flow Control in Computer Networks Using Deterministic Models 

Sukla Sanyal History 

Jeffrey A. Schaler Human Development 

Factors Explaining Variance in Beliefs of Treatment Providers Regarding the Etiology of 

Gcorg M. Schild History 

BretUm Woods and Dumbarton Oaks: American Post-WarPlaiming in the Summer c^ 1944 

Jodi L. Schneider Psychology 

Biodata Predictions of Organizatiorml Membership: An Organizational Level of Analysis 

Interpretation of Biodata 

Andrew L. Sears Computer Science 

Layout Appropriateness: Guiding User Interface Design with Simple Task Description 

Louiza Sellami Electrical Engineering 

Kanp Echo Lattias Incorporating Hair Cell Nonlinearities 

Mohammad S. Shaikh Mechanical Engineering 
Integrated Feature-Based Solid Modeler for Milling 

Rajeev Sharma Computer Science 

Visual Motion Analysis, Control, and Planning 

Pamela L. Sharpe Microbiology 

Genetic Analysis and Cliaracterization of a lac' to Lac^ Spontaneous Mutation in Vibrio 


John D. Shaughnessy, Jr. Zoology 

Deregidated Expression of the c-myc Proto Oncogene by Atypical Genetic Lesions in 

Mouse Plasmacytomas 

Patricia A. Shaw American Studies 

Charlene Sheets Curriculum and Instruction 

Graphical, Numerical and Algebraic Representations in Computer-Rich Environments 

Zhengfu Shi Sociology 

Dynamics of Institutional Change: China in Comparative Prospective 

Kyuseok Shim Computer Science 

Adimnced Query Optimization Techniques for Relational Database Systems 

Stephen J. Shimshock Chemistry 

Total Synthesis of Tirandamycin B and Tirandalydigin 

Deborah K. Shpritz Education Policy, Plarming and Administration 

The Keller Plan Rei'isited: Use of the Personalized System of Instruction in a Course on 
Leadership and Management Offered to Senior Baccalaureate Nursing Students 

George K. Shuang Journalism 

Political Culture and Political Communication: Government and the Press Relations in 



N D I D 

O R 

D U 

Ana I. Simoes History 

Cheirucal Bond, Valence, Quantum Mechanics and Chemislry, 1927-1937: Converging 

Trajectories, Diverging Traditions 

William M. Simpson, Jr. Aerospace Engineering 

Two-Dimensional Lifting Foil and Circular Cylinder Unsteadii Interaction 

Sarah E. Sinopoli English Language and Literature 

Marie E. Skane Curriculum and Instruction 

Utilizing a Conceptual Change Model unth College Precalculus Students: Amending 

Misconceptions about the Distributive Law 

Suntharalingam Skanthakumai Physics 

Magnetic Order of the Rare Earth and Cu Spins in the Electron Superconducting System 
^2-x C^x '^"04-v <^='^'>' S''!> 

Jeffrey G. Skibo Physics 

H. L. Smith Sociology 

Shaping Union Demands: State Effects Upon the Climate of Nonparticipation m Britain 

and France, 1871-1975 

Jennifer C. Smith Psychology 

The Insider's Vieio of Wliat Works in Marital Therapy: Clients' vs Therapnsts' Perceptions 

of the Effective Factors in Marital Vierapy 

Marilyn Smith Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Intended Outcomes and Perceived Effects of Community Service-Learning for 
Undergraduate Students 

Michelle A. Smith Food Science 

Effect of Selected Washing Treatments on the Physio-Chemical Properties of Mechanically 

Deboned Turkey Meat (MDTM) 

Don M. Snider Policy Studies 

A Comparative Study of Executive Decision Making on Defense: The Beginning and End 

of the Cold War 

Margaret Soderstiom Human Development 
Sfress and Alcohol Use in the Older Adult 

Amjad A. Soomro Electrical Engineering 

Xianxiang Soong Kinesiology 

Influence of Training Intensity on Cardiovascular Function in Children 

Matthias J. Stark Mathematics 
Hyperstngular Integrals and Lipschitz Spaces 

Mu-Chun Su Electrical Engineering 

Theory and Design of Neural Network-Based Expert Systems 

C.K. Subramaniam Chemical Physics 

(e, 2e) Studies of Hydrogen Selenide and Flourinated Benzenes 

Donna L. Swartwout Counseling and Personnel Services 

Increasing Visibdity: Charactistics and Developmental Issues of Lesbian Undergraduate 


Donna M. Tafuri Curriculum and Instruction 

Farhad Tahmasebi Mechanical Engineering 

Kinematic Synthesis and Analysis of a Novel Class of Six-Dof Parallel Minimanipulators 

Mwaffak A. Taib Agronomy 

Nitrogen Management for Corn and Winter Wlieat Production in Maryland 

Yanlin Tang Microbiology 

A Study on CImnnel Catfish ( Ictaliirs punctatus ) Croioth Hormone-Prolactin- 

Somatolactin Gene Family 

Bonnie O. Tanner Agricultural and Extension Education 

Women Agricultural Leaders: A Study of their Involvanent and Potentml for Involvement 

in Entrepreneurial Activity 

Deborah Taub Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Puzzle of Autonomy: An Exploration of the Relationship of Selected Factors to 
Undergraduate Women's Development of Autonomy 

Ruby E. Taylor-Lewis Economics 

The Role of Infrastructure in Productivity and Output Groivth — A Case Study of the 

Group of Seven 

Megan G. Taylor English Language and Literature 

A Straining in the Text: Women Writers and the Deconstruction of the Sentimental Plot 


Susan K. Taylor Economics 

Anthony Teolis Electrical Engineering 

Discrete Signal Representation 

Richard L. Testa American Studies 

The Moinng Picture Palace, Providence, Rhode Island, 1925-1960 

Patricia Tilghman Human Development 


U N 1 V E R S 1 

O F 


R Y L A N D 


P A 

Carolyn D. Tozier Public Communication 

Fifteen Years in the Life of Pauline Frederick: An Historical Study 

Teferi Tsegaye Agronomy 

Geostatistical Evaluation of Field Uniformity and Subsequential Parametric Analysis of 

Corn Plant Response to Wlieel Traffic 

Hwa-Yue Tu Business and Management 
Three Essays m the International Capital Market 

Sekai Turner Human Development 

The Self-Esteem and Self-Perceptions of Parentmg Efficacy Within a Sample of 

Incarcerated Mothers 

Steven L. Van Wagoner Counseling and Personnel Services 

Men Who Batter and the Meaning They Attribute to their Experience with Violence and 

Coercive Control: A Phenomenological Account 

Philippe J. Varlet Music 

Ceol: A Data Base System for the Study of Irish Traditional Dance Music 

Vcnugopal K. Varma Mechanical Engineering 
Robot Grasping — Stability and Optimization Issues 

Stephen Voth Economics 

Assessment of Technological Levels of Centrally Planned Economies through International 


Nimish B. Vyas Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

E^fc(s of an Organophospliorus Pesticide on the Migratory Orientation of Passerine Birds 

Patricia S. Walker Psychology 

The Effects of Motivation, Distractibility and Motor Activity on Sustained Attention and 

Cardiac Reactivity in Opiate Exposed Boys 

Kai-Tak Wan Chemical Physics 

Relation Betzoeen Fundamental Inter-Surface Forces and Fracture Properties of Brittle 


Dun-Xiong Wang Physics 

Christine M. Wamke American Studies 

Ingrouping-Outgrouping Trait among Washington Creek Immigrants 1890-1935 

Sandra H. Warren Special Education 

Assessment of and Accountability for Outcomes of Students with Disalnlities: A Sun'ey of 

Local School District Practices 

James E. Washington Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Investigation of Heterosexual Identified Resident Assistant Attitudes toward Students 

Based on the Sexual Orientation of the Student 

Karen V. Waters English Language and Literature 

The Perfect Gentleman: Masculinity and the Male Victorian Writer, 1870-1901 

Lawrence A. Waters Education Policy, Planiung and Administration 

Presidential Leadership in Historically Black Colleges and Universities 

Kimberly A. Weaver Astronomy 

Donna M. Webster Psychology 

Groups under the Influence: AlcohoTs Motivational and Cognitive Effects on Collective 


Chienhung Wei Civil Engineering 

Priority Programming for Transportation Netimrks Using Artificial Neural Netivorks 

Sen-Jung Wei Electrical Engineering 

Analog and Digital Circuit Applications Using Resonant Tunneling Diodes 

Joan M. Welker History 
Winegrowers in the Gironde, 1870-1914 

David W. White Electrical Engineering 

Peter C. Whitman Applied Mathematics 
Confidence Bounds in Stochastic Linear Programming 

N D I D 

O R 

D U 

Theodore R. Wiberg Human Development 

A Compansuii of the Effectiveness of Instructional Use of Introiiuctory and Intergrated 

Modes of Humor on Short-Term and Long-Term Learning 

Anne E. Wilson Computer Science 
Dennis C. Winkler Chemistry- 
Gregory R. Wolfe Botany 

Characterization of the Photosi/stems in the Red Alga Porphyndnim cruenlum: A Noi'el 
Photosystem I Light-Haroesting Complex in a Phycobilisome-Contaimng Organism 

Deborah R. Wood Human Development 

Mulumebet Worku Animal Sciences 

Structure Function and Cell Biology ofFc Receptors on Bovine Polymorphonuclear 


Patricia S. Wrightson Government and Politics 

The Normative Realism of Rcinhold Niebuhr: A Liberal-Diatecttcal Approach to 

Inlernationat Relations 

Cusui Wu Botany 

I-Fan Wu Electrical Engineering 

Real-time In-situ Ellipsometry for Deposition of Anti-reflection Coatings on 

Semiconductor Laser Amplifiers 

Xin Wu Mechanical Engineering 

An Experimental Investigation for HDI Thm Film in Electronic Packages 

Guangqiu Xu History 

Eagle and Dragon's War Wings: The United States and the Chinese Military Aviation, 


Huakun Xu Engineering Materials 

Effects of Temperature on Fracture of Ceramics and Continuous-Fiber Ceramic Matrix 


Jian-Lun Xu Mathematical Statistics 

Nonparametric Estimation of a Distribution Function under General Biased Sampling 


Shu Yang Chemical Physics 

A Combined Experimental-Theoretical Study of Competition Betxveen Decomposition 

Processes in Small Molecules 

Syun-Ru Ych Chemistry 
Model Studies ofDNA Photorcpair 

Miyuki K. Yoshikami Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Fundamental lemoto Precepts of Human Relationships and Modern Japanese Education 

Gin-Shu Young Mechanical Engineering 

Visual Invariants, Obstacle Detection and Calibration for an Intelligent Vehicle System 

Nabcuan Yu Zoology 

Identification and Characterization of an Acetylcholine Receptor Aggregating Protein from 
Fetal Pig Brain 

Jen-Dong Yuh Electrical Engineering 

Multi-Level Neural Networks, their Applications, and VLSI Circuit Implementation 

Pablo M. Zafra Applied Mathematics 

Theoretical and Computational Advances of the Fictitious Play Method and Its Application 
to Linear Programming Problems 

James H. Zahniser Psychology 

A Short-Term Croup Intervention on the Self for Persons Suffering from a Serious and 

Persistent Mental Illness 

Guifeng Zhang Chemistry 

Mechanistic Investigation of DNA Cleavage Agents by Kinetic Isotope Effects 

Metin Zora Chemistry 


Maggie E. Caples Curriculum and Instruction 

A Comparison of the Teaching Strategies Used by Second-Year and Third-Year Graduates 
of the University of Maryland Master's Certification Program and Traditional Teacher 
Education Programs 

Rita M. Carey Curriculum and Instruction 

A Study of a Plant Closing Process and Its Impact on the Workforce 

Cecelia G. Coffin Curriculum and Instruction 

Patterns of Reflection: A Multicase Study of the Creative Initiative in Teacher Education 

Janet M. Comick Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Vie Role of Transformational Leadership in Achieving a Strong Organizational Culture m 

High Performing Secondary Schools: A Study of Leadership Team Practices 

Mary E. Cubbage Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Explicit Instruction in Argumentation on Community College Freshmen's 

Persuasive Writing 



O F 


A T 




Barbara A. Desrosiers Special Education 

Role Redefinition as a Factor in Regular Classroom Teachers' Mainstreaming of Mildly 

Handicapped Children 

William J. Gerardi, Jr. Curriculum and Instruction 

A Comparison of the Graduates from a Graduate-Lei'el Teacher Preseri'ice Program with 
Those of Traditional Programs Regarding Disposition toward Research and Participation 
in Professional Development Activities 

Larry E. Harrison Curriculira) and Instruction 

A Study of Teacher Satisfaction, Understanding, and Application of the Teacher 
Expectations Module of the Delaware Instructional Improvement Model 

Nancy E. Hawpe Curriculum and Instruction 

Emma B. James Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Elaine B. Kennedy Curriculum and Instruction 

An Investigation Using Independent, Collaborative Pairs, and Cooperative Group Practice 

Modes for Teaching Cardiac Monitor Rhythm Strip Interpretation 

Larry G. Norris Special Education 

A Study of Adolescents with Beliavior Disorders Who Remain m School and Those Wlio 

Drop Out 

Barbara B. Philips Curriculum and Instruction 

Writing to Learn Mathematics: The Effects of WrilinglDiscussion Versus Discussion-only 

on Short-term and Long-term Performance in Trigonometry 

Florence N. Rieken Curriculum and Instruction 

Osmosis in a Tenth Grade Advanced Biology Laboratory-Classroom 

Beth V. Wisecup Curriculum and Instruction 

Emerging Transformational Leadership among Graduates of a Master's Degree Teacher 

Education Program 


Kathleen H. Arecchi Music 

The Political Lament Cantatas ofLuigi Rossi (ca. 1597-1653) 

Jeanell E. Brown Music 

The Chamber Works xoith Piano of Amy Beach 

Murray L. Decock Music 

Pamela L. Kelly Music 

The 50 Ponteias ofCamargo Guarnieri 

Amy F. Muchnick Music 

Brenda Smith Music 

The Performing Teacher: A Study of Performance Teaching in Liberal Arts Education 

Hazel Von Maack Music 

Three Songs for Soprano and String Orchestra 


N D I 

O R 

D U 




Katherine Ann Duffus 
Abdulrahim All Elshandawili 
Lynne Elizabeth Greabell 
Lynn Diekman Jones 
Akiko Noguchi 


John David Bean 
Frank Hsi-Ming Chu 
Basima Fahmi Dahdah 
John Kevin Edwards 
Scott Evan Eschbach 
Gary William Golla 
Michael David Greigg 
Roy Gilbert Griffith 
Herbert A. Heiserman 
Kah Yin Kathleen Kwan 
Peter Gerard May 
Lisa A. Odyniec 
John J. Sangley 
Joy Wanveer Sciabica 
Elizabeth Tillson Shepard 
James Cole Solomon 
Maurice Carroll Walters III 
Robert Daniel Weaver 
Melissa Kay Wilfong 
Carolyn G. Zalesne 


American Studies 

Lucio Benedetto, Jr. 
Michelle Elliott 
Kenneth Noah Kraner 

Jeffrey Allan Rupp 
Dina Marie Smith 
Richard B. Sullivan 
Diana Beth Turk 
Deana R. Whitaker 

Applied Mathematics 

Sassan Dehghan 
John B. Nocito 

Art History 

Renee Deanne Ater 
Elissa Anne Auther 
Maribeth Garnier 
Aneta Georgievska-Shine 
Laurie Donelson Gillman 
Susan Lewis Graage 
Wendy A. Grossman 
Li-Ju Hong 

Leslie Clayton Howard 
Katherine Alexander Mays 
Akela M. Nigrelli 
Cynthia Nugent Pinkston 
Miriam Belcher Ponder 
Maria Amanda Sequeira 
Norma M. Uemura 


Robert Laurence Gallagher 

Combined Geography/Library 
and Information Services 

Deirdre Ann Herman 

Combined History/Library 
and Information Services 

Elisabeth Merchant Anderson 
Diane Patrice Koch 
Aaron Tobias Kornblum 
Steven John Russ 
Gretchen Rebekah Smith 

Comparative Literature 

Dragana Perovic 

Greg Lawrence Westrich 

Counseling and Personnel 

Constance Burcham Almony 

Donna Lindner Almquist 

April Ann Butterworth 

Sandra Sue Cesar 

Carmen Alina De Armas-Valdes 

Carol Jean Dell'Amore 

Marc Jeffrey Goldman 

Steven E. Grande 

Suhad S. Haddad 

Adrienne Joy Hamcke 

Eileen Marie Hershberger 

Shari Beth Kumpf 

Michele Marie Kurtzman 

Wilham Ming Liu 

Ellen Suzanne Meents 

Charles A, Murphy 

Iris Anne Murphy 

Judy Ann Nemeth-Gilotti 

Lisa Renee Nickle 

Donna Ordon-lppolito 

Bonnie Jane Parsons 

Leigh Ann Remy 

Lillian Samantha Scherr 

Linda P. Seidman 

Kevin Michael Sullivan 

Amy Celine Surette 

Jill Marie Swackhamer 

Samuel Alan Zack 

Criminal Justice and 

Diana Beth Carlon 
Brett Chapman 
Adam Lloyd Dobrin 
Denise Christine Herz 
Linda Sue Jackson 
Brian Alan Mattson 
Bradford James Smallwood 
Beverly Jean Ward 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Frederick Robert Collins 
Phyllis Katz 
Christine Marie Kelly 
Mary Jane McAllister 
June Marie Tliwing 
Nancy W. Wiltz 


Helen Emily Banks 

Kuo-hua Chen 
Madhushree Dasgupta 
Rose Mary R. Garcia-Spatz 
Michael T. Kiley 
Asma Lateef 
Ying Lin 

Deirdre Maureen McCulIough 
William Alan Munson 
Sheila Eileen Murray 
Marcia Alves Rosado 
Ricardo A. Sanhueza Palma 
Avery Grace Tillett 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Anne Wallace Altizer 
Suzette M. Chagnon 
Brian Shawn Kelly 
James E. Royalty 
Soledad Teixido Garriga 

English Language and 

Michael Gavin Apfeldorf 
Joseph Ronald Baldwin 
Tamar Leah Barshay 
Christina Marie Beckwith 
Christina Lynn Bell 
Elizabeth Kelly Callahan 
Helen J. Cheakalos 
Kathryn Elder Dobson 
Linda Louise Dove 
Jeanne Marie Durso 
Leigh Anna Eicke 
Louis Andrew Eisenhauer 
Laura Elizabeth Gaines 
Claudia Stup Greer 
Rachel Beth Gross 
Andras Heltai 
Chad Rodney Hermann 
Laurie Jeanne Honish 
Karen Lea Iker 
Maria Karafihs 
Robert Charles Kenamond 
Jeffrey Brian Kochan 
Stephanie MacMillan 
Ellen Theresa McAuliffe 
David Lawrence McDuff 
Linda Ann McKnight 



O F 


A T 



Sean M. O'Brien 
Claire Corcoran Pettengill 
Nicole Danielle Pitts 
Patricia Franks Porcarelli 
Alisse Suzanne Portnoy 
Jennifer Lynne Rush 
Karen Anne Sulbvan Sanders 
Christopher Jon Schnick 
Melinda Mary Schwenk 
Cari H. Settlemyer ffl 
Anne Francis Sheehan 
Juliet Diane Sloger 
William A. Stofega 
Cherie Ann Thompson 
Sherry Aleta Weaver 
Laura Wilber Williams 
Tamela Raquel Yeargin 
Karyn Alinda Zaayenga 

French Language and 

Eric Todd Bensel 
Morag F. Cooke 
Michel Gurmar Darcis 
Aileen Monique Mootoo 
Claire Marie Pollet 


Baron Jamal Bell 

Eric Clayton BrouTi de Colstoun 

Evelyn Evon Cooper 

Lynda Lee Downs 

CaroKTi Kathleen Kelley 

Moon Sung Kim 

Guan-hong Lee 

James M. McManus 

German Language and 

Thomas Decker 
Kristine Heidi Homer 
Rebecca Cartwright Ripple 

Government and Politics 

Peter David Eisenhauer 
Gregory Brent Harrison 
Robyn Yvonne Hicks 
Doyle Kendall Hodges 
Michael Eugene Lebrun 

Todd Alan Masters 
Phyllis Anne Mofson 
Jonathan Mark Morstein 
Andrew Joseph Olek 
Marion Veronika Recktenwald 
Marwan Ghaleb Samman 
Mariatou Amina Sarr 
John George Shortt 
Stacy Dale VanDeveer 

Health Education 

Cvnthia O. Brasseux 
Michelle Mary Buckingham 
Janice Ann Drass 
Marian Dorothy James 
Christine Rozanski Kienas 
Deborah Kathleen Kines 
Hongzhi Liang 
Lynn A. Malkasian 
Susan Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Martin 
Patricia 01geat\' Prather 
Wilhelmena Lee Tamale 
Rebecca Warner Thomas 
Lauretta Stinson Williams 

Hearing and Speech 

Lisa Renee Potter Behringer 
Becky Lyrm Braham 
Lisa D. Brown 
Rachel Eileen Brown 
Louise Anne Cotton 
Mar\' Lisa Debraggio 
Rebecca Ann Jordan 
Desiree Amyx Mackintosh 
Suzanne Maria Prinzo 
Usha Ramkumar 
Asha Rangachar 
Peggy M. Schmid 


Larrv Lee Baker, Jr. 
Bruce Douglas Beard 
Michael Stephen Bell 
William Steven Brohawn 
Virginia Lee Carter 
James Curtiss Foley 
David Curtis Geyer 
Scott Alan Ickes 

Patrick Thomas Kelleher 
Donald Edward Kennedv 
John Daniel Kinnev 
LawTence John Letellier 
Cherv'l C. Mandala 
Andrew Shane Nolan 
Thomas Fritz Olson 
Laura Edwards Sauer 
Nicholas Brow-ning Smiley 
Timothy J. Sullivan 
Kimberley Anne Theobald 
Zhiguo Yang 

Human Development 

Brian Edward Cemey 
Karen Joan McGough 
Linda M. Yokoi 
Astrid Geertruida van Wilsem 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occcupational Education 

Robert Eugene Arsenault 
Albert Evans Powell, Jr. 


Sarah Luc\' Beyer Kelly 

Nancy M. Bracamonte 

Larissa Catherine Brickach 

Howard Jonathan Buck 

Elizabeth Gropman Chang 

Ivonne Camille Cufiarro 

Jennifer Anne Keats Curtis 

James Michael DeSimone 

John Anthony Dignazio 

Steven Earle Drake 

Jennifer Ellen Eddy 

Joanne Marie Ferreira 

William Jarrell Foreman 

Monica Saliyeka Gayles 

Judith Ann Godshalk 

Wendy Green 

Julie Elizabeth Greene 

Orly Konig 

Seema Kumar 

Cybele Christina Cerqueira Lima 

Min-ni Daphne Liu 

Rafael Lorente 

Glenn Arlan McMahan 

Richard William Moreland 

Robin Jo Myers 

David Christopher Pedreira 

Mary-Jo Povisil 

Maria del Rosario Ramos-Gor\zalez 

Ana L. Segarra 

Sonya Sandra Sezun 

Joshua Kristian Shaffer 

Daniel Timothy Shaimon 

Theresa L. Shea 

Leah Eve Silberstein 

Tiffany Louise Smith 

Jacoba Johanna Soteropoulos 

Carma Patricia Spence 

Michael Menzies Taylor 

John Patrick Tiemey 

Kimberly Sabina Vamer 

Paulette Venitia Walker 

Alan Charies Zagler 


Zahava H. Alon 
Kelly Carol Brown 
Terence Clay Byard, Jr. 
Patricia Carroll 
Stephani Susanne Frohock 
Patricia Lee Gordon 
Beverly Christine Green 
Melissa Anne Hallmark 
Mar\' Letha Hankey 
Manshik Kim 
Jon Chxon Laking 
Cara Joy Lockman 
Lesley E. Lougy 
Jodi Ann McCurdy 
Lauren Amy Merkle 
Lisa Diane Mugavero 
Janine Marie Powers 
Nancy K. Raber 
Margaret A. Ridgely 
Jon Andrew Rogers 
April Cassandra Smith 
Cheryl L. Stevenson 
Anthony Vecchione 
Melinda Renee Whetstone 


N D I D 

O R 

D U 



Jeffery D. Martin 
Alan Boag Munn 
Sungki Suh 

IVIathematical Statistics 

Brian Morrow 


Perpetua Kessy 
Bruce Macaulay Lancaster 
Eric Samuel Leifer 
Elisabetta Manduchi 


Lori Michelle Berman 
Sharmistha Bose 
Betty Gen-1 Chung 
Efraf Elron 
lames Evan Lange 
Mara Gwynne Latts 
Laure Marie Lynch 
Tonya Renee Mason 
Dana Georgette McDonald 
Elizabeth Frances Powell 
Lynn Marie Sprott 
Susan A. Stepakoff 
Beth S. Warner 
Paul R. Yost 

Radio, Television and Film 

Suhaib|amal Albarzinp 
Jeffrey William Dickson 
Scott McGilvray Forbes 
Jeffrey Randall Hall 
Deborah Lynette Holt 
Charles Eugene Howell III 


Solomon Alao 
Karen Elizabeth Andres 
Jeffrey Colin Gardner 
Laura Lynn Hersey 
Patricia E. Jenkins 
Anne Berg Keman 
Beth Ann Toomey 
Ping-Wei Tsai 
Ching-Hui Yang 

Russian Language and 

Ewa Natich 
William Patrick Rivers 
Elizabeth Helen Rood 
Irina Popova Van Dusen 


Donna Tanya Abrams 
Sean A. Donaldson 
Laurie J. Francis 
Yuko Koyama 
Gladys M. Martinez 
Richard Allen McElroy 
Peggy Ann Stottmann 
Kelly Wilson-Linger 
Xiaohong Xu 
Jie Yang 

Spanish Language and 

Charlotte E.J. Gruet-Jarquin 
Shelley Ann Jones 
Maria Jose Lopez 
Melbis Rodriguez Straw 

Special Education 

Melissa Sue Sexton 

Speech Communicatioti 

Patricia Karen Blackburn 
Tracy Rachelle Graziano 
Mary Elizabeth Knish 
Courtney Anne Plotnick 
Mary Margaret Wozny 


Chaundra J. Cameron 
Isis B. Pagan Peiia 

Urban Studies 

Edward Lawrence Evans 111 




Angela Ann Adams 

Avram Jonathan Adler 

WiUiam Christopher Bakewell 

Susan Gail Bauman 

Thomas Arthur Bergman 

Joseph Jacob Bergstein 

Shachi Bhardwaj 

Aileen Marie Bizup 

Kristine Paige Blair 

Nancy Virginia Douthett Brandon 

William Holbrook Brehm 

James H. Broder 

Kevin Harold Broome 

Melford G. Brown, Jr. 

Peter Robert Brown 

Matthew D. Brunner 

Sumner Lane Bruns 

Federico Martin Bucspun 

Michael Driscoll Bulger 

Neal Lawrence Bush 

Colleen Campbell-Miller 

Kuo-Hsi Chao 

Joseph Chow 

Christopher L. Christman 

Ming-Tsu Chu 

Kent A. Churchill 

Christopher Oakley Collison 

Cynthia Ann Combs 

Matthew Edward Costello 

Arlene Lucy Crank 

Michael Thomas Cunningham 

Mark William Daly 

Jane Judd Deming 

Patricia Ellen DeBenedetto 

Stephen Joel DeNelsky 

Craig Anthony Dolan 

Robert Patrick Donohue 

Michael Joseph Dorsett 

Michael P. Dougherty 

Colleen Ann Duffy 

Kristi Alison Ervin 

Kirk Andrew Esherick 

Caren Alyssa Forsten 

Jeffrey L. Furst 

Edward George Garnett 111 

Clifford Bernard Geiger 

Eveline Freire Gerck 

Robert Dinwiddie Grigg FV 

Gina Theresa Guarino 

Nick V. Gunya 

David Alexander Hadigian 

John Eric Hagerty 

Jeffrey A. Haslem 

Scott Tyler Hausch 

Roger Stanley Hebden 

Samuel Thomas Hillers 

Hope Rachel Hillman 

Lawrence Harley Hirsh 

Brian Luther Horick 

Ricardo Del Rosario Ibanez 

James Neil Jacobsen 


Matthew Barton Jenkins 

Steven J. Johnson 

Pavel B. Karelin 

Sonya Jo Krawczel 

Connie Melissa Kuhlman 

Erdem Kufukoglu 

Jerry Gregory Lamecker 

Stephen C. Lanier 

Kathryn Ann Lea 

Shih-ning Lee 

Dawn L. Lehman 

Herbert Giovanni Leusch-Carnaroli 

Jennifer Gail Levin 

Jay Stanley Lewis 

Chao Liu 

Michelle Marie Lopez 

Erik Wayne Lytikainen 

Gerald Scott Madeira 

Michael J. Manno 

Kevin Brian Martini 

Michael Scott Meers 

Terrv Denise Melvin 

Karen Elizabeth Meyer 

C. Michael Nath 

Stephen Joseph Neigh 

Jeffrey Louis Neuville 

Robert Frederick Ohmes 

Phillip Douglas Ost 

Cary Ann Pasternak 



O F 


A T 



Jonathan D. Patrick 

Lee Douglas Penrose 

Barton Paul Pesavento 

Richard L. Peters, Jr. 

Sheri Ruth Peterson 

William Marlin Peterson 

Robert George Pezzini 

Theresa Jean Pomeroy 

Dana Marie Quattrochi 

Patricia Ann Raiken 

Robin Sara Riddell 

Cisa Yvonne Riley 

Sujata Roy 

Colleen Honore Ryan 

Thomas Kevin Scanlon 

Guy Whitney Schafer 

Francisco Antonio Schettini 

Joseph Scott Sease 

Michael Bradford Shaffer 

Scott David Siegel 

Robin Carol Ballard Simeonsson 

Howard David Sloan 

David J. Small 

Christopher Lee Smith 

Gregory Ernest Smith 

Judith Ellen Smith 

Kevin Michael Smith 

Paul Dibrell Sowell II 

David Paul Stadler 

Mark Alexander Stavrou 

Richard Paul Ste. Marie 

Michael John Stefanowicz 

Wendy Theresa Stepp 

Richard L. Swick 

Eszter Szabo 

Manoranjan Tayal 

Jack Mitchell Taylor 

Kathleen Mary Taylor 

Jeffrey Brian Thomas 

Edward John Toro 

Marco Turra 

Daniel Thomas Vogel 

Louis Charles Waddle 

John Henry Wagner 

Hsiaoching Wang 

Yi-Ting Wang 

Guenter Weinrauch 

Christopher S. Whitehead 

David Martin Wolpov 

Douglas Christopher Wrenn 
James Oliver Berry Wright, Jr. 
Shiro Yamagishi 
Jan Zika 

Combined Business 



Brocker Clinton Vandervliet 

Combined Business 

Edward Joseph Lindekugel 
Michael Richard Stem 




Toshiko Hino 


Counseling and Personnel 

Janice E. Barrett 
Stacey Ellen Beard 
Leah Ann Caro 
Laura Chaitovitz Cope 
Anne-Marie Cove 
Artemas Marco Dowell 
Mary Brigid Dunn 
Deborah Anne Fink 
Suzanne Patricia Franchetti 
Melissa Rebecca Glee 
Latitia Anne Greene 
Mark S. Gruenberg 
Rachel Valerie Hemdon 
Michelle Christine Howell 
Julianne Jacques 
Teresa A. Johnson 

Adrienne Lynnet Jones 

Jeanne G. Kaufman 

Martha Jackson Kwon 

Lisa Anne Leidecker 

Molly Ann McCloskey 

Annmarie Mascetti Merritt 

Yvette Marie Miranian 

Lisa Gayle Morales 

Karen Sigrid Morgan 

Tamara Fanae Nicholson 

Judith Mary O'Rorke 

P. Maria Papavasiliou 

Sara Elena Rasines 

Mary Leslie Sadler 

Margaretina Teresa DeCicco Sansone 

Jeannie Elizabeth Stewart 

Suzanne Adele Talbot 

T'Wana Dorothea Warnck-Bell 

Anna C. Waterfield-Copeland 

John William Webster 

Judith A. Weigel 

Kathryn Elizabeth Welbom 

Sonya Beth Wolf 

Scott Douglas Young 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Susan Lynn Baker-Lapp 
Jeri Beck 

Teresa Suzanne Butler 
Frederick Robert CoUins 
Stephen Paul Cullen 
Judith Ann DeMott 
Susan Feller 
Julie Cianci Cause 
Sheri LaRue Hite 
Carol Ann Howell 
Mary Jo Durkin Ibanez 
Krista Elizabeth Johnson 
Kathleen L. Kirk-Leason 
Ying-Hui Christina Lee 
Janice Mara Lieberman 
Felicia Thomas Martin 
Susan Marie Martin 
Dawn Rattay-Nicolaus 
Kimberly Anne Schultze 
Russell R. Waugh 
Thomas Kevin Whalen 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Mary Dehmer Brace 

Donna Marie Degnan 

Thomas Michael Edwards 

Linda McCormac Gill 

Kathy Darlene Goldsmith-Perriello 

David Nesbitt Kelsey 

Patricia Anne King 

Carol Lynne Leveillee 

Leanne Jamieson Meisinger 

Toni Cheri Melton 

David Edward Mullen 

Robert Michael Opiekun 

Debra Sue Pearce 

Carolyn Truntich Richardson 

Sylvia F. Rivers 

Richard Joseph Shattuck 

France M. Simelane 

James Duncan St. Croix, Jr. 

Erica Jensen Strass 

Human Development 

Karen Frances Marie Burch 
Merle lanthia Eve 
Lynette Elizabeth George 
Vincent Lloyd Graham 
Monica Bennett Hanson 
Yvonne Ethelie James 
Jennifer Aurelia Lambert 
Lovette Maureen Lovell 
Gail E. Matthews 
Donna A. Smith 
Steve M. C. Smith 
John Patrick Walsh 

Special Education 

Kelly Anne Anderson 
Andrea jean Bergamini 
Rae Ann Brodie 
Jane Kristin Cerny-Gill 
Linda Fong Chien 
Sally Ann Fasman 
Deborah Nechama Felsen 
Amy Jo Katzman 
Hyun J. Kim 
Sungmin Kim 
Karen Jane Lee 


N D I D 

O R 

D U 

Pamela Ann MacEwen 
Rebecca Carole Mattis 
Hillary Joan Poore 
Thomas Andrew Rea 
Emily Stanley 


Creative Writing 

Sarah Merrill Becker 
Joelle Biele 
Christina Clare Daub 
Sean Thomas Enright 
Harvey Roland Hammer II 
Anna Marie Leahy 
Matthew R. Riley 
Sara Havilah Rosen 
Angela A. Vogel 

Fine Arts 

D. Scot Cahlander 
Laurel Farrin Anderson 
Lynn Parker Gearhart 
Sindee Teresa Rayman 
Randy Jayne Rosenberg 
Daniel Jay Sullivan 
Katarina Kim Wong 


Nancy Ann Arnold 
Mali Bawa 

Mara H. Kalish Walker 
William Alrich Price III 




Combined Geography/Library 
and Information Science 

Deirdre Ann Herman 

Combined History/Library 
and Information Service 

Elisabeth Merchant Anderson 
Diane Patrice Koch 
Aaron Tobias Kornblum 
Steven John Russ 
Gretchen Rebekah Smith 

Library and Information 

Eugene Paul Bayer 
Mary Margaret Bird 
Ellen Irene Brewster 
Mary Lvnn Burgess 
Jon Edward Cawthome 
Heather Louise Cockerham 
Kenneth L. Drexler 
Patricia Adele Dunn 
Deborah Regina Feaster 
Robert Eric Gaul 
David Harrison Grabarek 
Marcy L. Halbleib 
Faye P. Haskins 
Gretchen Ann Heller 
Amity Kaye Horowitz 
Richard Stewart Huffman 
Betty Lou Kellogg 
Wade Ralph Kotter 
Frances D. Kunsman 
John Charles Martinez 
Maria Paz Martinez 
Janice Leah Mason 
Kathleen Ann McMahon 
Miroslava Nezar 
Elzbieta Lidert Pelish 
Linda Miller Poore 
Elena Rodriguez 
Sandra Rebecca Rosenfield 
Lisa K. Skinner 
Shirley Ann Souder 
Jill Strass 

Joyce Carlson Trager 
Amy K. Weiss 
Dawn Esther Williams 
Patricia Lynn Williams 
Wendy Ellen Willis 
Sherry Kay Worsham 


Anthony Alfred Asero 
Joan Michele Donati 
Bonnie Jo Dopp 
Randy Leon Hall 
William T. Harris 
William P. Hunley, Jr. 
Cheri Ann Kroon 
Ronni S. Levine 
James Daniel Levy 
Thomas Alan Maurice 
Charles Edward Miller, Jr. 
Judith Conner Olbrych 
Yong Nan Park 
Robert Klein Shaver II 
Marvin Elieser Suson 
Gregory LeRoy Twombley 
Rebecca Young T)rree 




Combined Business 



Brocker Clinton Vandervliet 

Public Management 

Vincent Louis Barrett, Jr. 
Liane Victoria Brewer 
Michael D. Busse 
Wendy J. Ellison 
Andrew Christopher Foltz 
Elizabeth Granata 
Kathleen Anne Holland 
David Alan Marsden 
Tracy Ann McCaffery 
Anthony Neal 
Brian Michael Newberry 
Daniel Quiles Pagan 
Angela Patricia Rodriguez 
Michael William Roosevelt 

Meredith Paige Schneider 
Melissa Hickok Tell 
Kristin I. Terchek 
Kerry Leith Thomas 
Sofia Maria Valencia 
Kelly Nicole Veney 
Perri Sondra Weiss 
Lisa Michele Wiederlight 
Kenneth Robert Wilund 


Joyce K. Clair 

Joseph Lafendrich Dillon 

Sharon K. Duke 

Martha Anne Fabricius 

Mary Wilson Filardo 

Mary Elizabeth Greene 

Christopher Matthias Hickey 

Carol H. Jiacinto 

Nina Louise Kwartin 

Edward Brian Lazere 

Judith M. Lebowich 

John Albert Lipman 

Elise Lipoff 

Marisa Lee Lynch 

William Patrick McCaughey, Jr. 

Nancy Fifield McConnell 

Thomas Irvin Minerd 

Michelle L. Seith 

James Kevin Sillers 

Karen Anita Whiten 


Aerospace Engineering 

Peter Che-Hung Chen 
Philip J. Churchill 
Selvakumar Inbaraj Daniel 
Karl Thomas Edquist 
Kathryn Rosetta Flaspohler 
Sarah Elizabeth Hall 



O F 


A T 



Laurence Patrick Long 

Ashish Nedungadi 

James Daniel Ott 

Robert Cleveland Ranzenbach 

Vineet Sahasrabudhe 

Elizabeth Ann Sorenson 

Venkataraman Srinivas 

Tzu-Liang Yen 

Agricultural and Extension 

Leona Ba 

Agricultural and Resource 

Rita E. Curtis 

Agricultural Engineering 

Feng Gao 
Jung Duck So 


Emma Chnstine Gordon 

Elizabeth Carmen Kirchner 

Monica MarceUi 

Joey N. Shaw 

Jed Thomas Waddell 

Jennifer Lee Wiebers 

Animal Sciences 

Richard Adolph Aschenbrenner, Jr. 

Jodi Lvnn Carlson 

Andrea Lvnn DiCarlo 

Prakash Noel George 

Nagaraja Muniappa 

Prasad Sekar Patala 


Kelly Elizabeth Fast 

Rachel Annette Gibbons 

Seved Mohammad Hadi Hadavi 


Tanaji Mitra 


Stephen Earl Wilhite 

Business and Management 

Godlrey Steele Baldvvm 
Rose M. Ferrin 
Yi-Lin Huang 
Alexander Krakovsky 
Ji Ho Lew 
Yazdi R. Sidhwa 
Lisa G. Smith 

Chemical Engineering 

Leslie Bernard Carroll II 
Ray-Long Sun 
Sam Chuan Cua Yao 

Chemical Physics 

Helen Elaine Dorsett 
Melody Avery Owens 


Anne Marie Becka 
Chifan Thomas Fu 
Zhongyu Wu 

Civil Engineering 

Tarek Walid Abu-Gharbieh 

Mohamad Abu-Kassem 

Carlos Roberto Adorisio 

Muhammad Arif 

Imad B. Ayed 

Ronald Stephen Barbaro 

Gregory Lee Barnes 

Alok Bhardwaj 

Vivek Kishore Bhatnagar 

William Francis Carducci 

Paul Douglas Curtis 

Terry L. Downs 

Cherian Eapen 

Emad Hamdi Elshafei 

Philippe Jean-Luc Espitallier 

Vijayagopala K.N. Gupta 

AH Hirsa 

Christopher Andrew Hudson 

Anil Jacob 

Muralidhar Reddy Kontham 

Shih-Chuan Lee 

Kangzhi Liang 

Uene Joy Lish 

Seyed Mohsen Maali 

Peter James Malmquist 

Martin Marlon Mohabir 
Ravi K. Nangunoori 
Tzung-Youth Pan 
Mohammed Abdul Rafay 
Douglas Richard Rose 
Nikhil Madhu Shirodkar 
Bekir Sisman 
Jiangeng Song 
Tzung-Wen Tang 
Peter F. Taylor 
Dongwei Wang 
Tzu-Hem Wang 
Leimin Zhuang 

Computer Science 

Steven Thomas Bushby 

Yinong Chen 

David Matthew Doggette 

Jeffrey Michael Fischer 

Lynn Susan Rake 

R. Go\Tndarajan 

Christopher James Hetmanski 


Wenfeng F. Li 

Yachai Limpiyakom 

Chi-Chang Lin 

King-Ip Lin 

Xiangjun Liu 

Steven C. Matney 

Asgeir Karl Olafsson 

Richard Lee Potter 

Ron Sivan 

Hillel Dov Steinberg 

Sheiyao Augustine Su 

Michael Bao Trinh 

Shuo-Jen Wu 

Zhaohui Yao 

Electrical Engineering 

Amr E. Abdelmonem 
Walid Ali Atia 
Keith Paul Braho 
Chao-Chung Chang 
Gabriel Chang 
Chung-Hsin Chen 
Richard Chi-Tsuan Chen 
Chih-hsien Chou 
Chang Duk Chung 
Brian Cartan Crilly 

Stephen James Dermis 

Nibir Kumar Dhar 

Samuel Jayakaran Emmanuel 

Kamran Etemad 

Charles Francis Galles 

Fen-Dy Gao 

Shan Gao 

Nitin Kumar Garg 

Kenneth Robert Grossman 

Weiming Guo 

Aravind Hande 

Azita Hatef 

Da\id Robert Helman 

Hsiu-Mei Huang 

Livia Zien Jacunski 

Taih}'un Kim 

Young Je Koh 

Wen-Hwey Liang 

Charles Chien-Hong Lin 

Fang-Tsen Lo 


Nazi Maleki 

Michael Anthony Marsicano 

Matthew Wilham McGarvey 

Sanjav Mishra 

Nital S. Patel 

Craig FranWin Reese 

Donita Veronica Robinson 

John Stephen Robinson 

Gregory D. Rowe 

Piyathad Singhawisai 

Saad Ahmed Sirohey 

John Perkins Stanley 

Hao Tang 

Ye Tian 

Kim-Thu Tran 

Fu-Cheng Wang 

Richard Bernard Wank 

Stephen Paul Wells 

Steven Christopher Witczak 

Raymond Donald Wolson III 


Engineering Materials 

K.S. Chandra Sekhar 
ChengChang Chen 
Jian Ren Zhang 


D / D 

O R 

D U 


Nikhil Mallampalli 

Family and Community 

Walter James Alston, Sr. 
Tanya K. Bailey 
Stephanie Kimberly Clark 
Regina Uliss Frank 
Kiyoko Hiramatsu 
Pamela Jeanne Jenkins 
Norma C. Jimenez De Tono 
Gynny P. Katon 
Robin J. Miller 
Kari Marie Morgan 
Yuri Nozaki 
Huei-Na Su 

James Octavius Taylor, Jr. 
Yun-Mei Ting 

Rre Protection Engineering 

Gerald Augustus Haynes 
Naeem Iqbal 
Daniel Madrzykowski 
Dennis M. McCrorv 

Food Science 

Wendy D. Fox 
Marilyn J. McGrath 


Charles Scott Southworth 


Judith Keane 
Pamela Rene Mattis 
Lorna Carolyn Wilkins 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Kelly Patricia Fowler 
Marilyn Bobbin Novak 
Karen Ann Pratt 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Ronald Da\id Anderson 
John Paul Craig 
Pedro Luis Del Valle 

Suzanne Esther Dorsey 
Kathryn Ann Gloersen 
McDowell Duane Hunt 
Jonathan Richard Johnston 
Josie ST. Klapper 
Leah M. Oliver 
Jeffrey Allan Shenot 
Michael Rene Williams 

Mechanical Engineering 

Scott Cody Atkm, Sr. 

Leslie Martines Butikofer 

Goutam Chatterjee 

Chih-Jung Chiang 

Shawn Lynne Craig 

Donald Lad DeVoe 

Gerard William Durback 

Jillian Y. Evans 

Roger Lewis Fittro 

Shuvanker Ghosh 

Tao Huang 

Ramakrishnan Jayant 

Jong-Shyang Kuo 

I-Ping Lu 

Barry Morris Mathieu 

Richard Michael McMahon, Jr. 

Mylene Sluyter Ouimette 

Riyaz Amir Papar 

S. Prabhukumar 

Vijay A. Ramappan 

Rajesh Ratnakar 

Timothy David Smith 

Shailendra Verma 

Shakun Virmani 

Kai Wang 

Glenn Antone White 

Jianjun Zhang 


Kevm Lawrence Civerolo 
Dejiang Han 
Yimin Ji 
Yu-Ping Yao 


Mohammed Afsar Ali 
Kathryn Anne Busch 
Mehmoush Janbakhsh Najafabadi 

Nuclear Engineering 

Naomi J. Grossman 
Sujita Pierpoint 

Nutritional Sciences 

Janice N. Dorah 


Boyoung Cha 
Che- Wen Tina Chen 
Sangwook Choi 
Richard Murray Kaylor 
Robert Michael Snihur 


James Robert Booth 
James Tracey Heaton 

Reliability Engineering 

David Keith Esslinger 

Kenneth James Farquhar 


Walter James Tomczykowski 

Wilham Blaine Winkel 

Sustainable Development 
and Conservation Biology 

Norman A. Bourg 
Garth Preston Fuller 
Carmen Revenga 
Deborah Winslow Rowan 
Jerome Louis Touval 

Systems Engineering 

Debbie Virginia Bennett 
Molly M. R. Bryson 
Sandra Learae Delancy 
Chandra Sekhar Kadiyala 
Linn L. Oaks 
David W. Rush 
Desmond A. St. Rose 

Textiles and Consumer 

Isabella Gomes Cameiro 
Adriana Padula Jannuzzi 
Thomas Patrick Keane 
Mikyung Lim 
Claire Sudassy Munter 
Ravi Ramanathan 
Jennifer Leigh Reznichenko 
Russell Jan Shew 


Eileen F. Lavan 
John Joseph Tschirkv 


Advanced Graduate 

Steven Richard Alexander^ 
Evelyn J. BataJ 
Meredith Pounds Branson* 
Emily Summers Doherty* 
Jeannine Marie Einnacom* 
Susan Schwalb Gerson* 
Donald Nielsen Jones 
MariellePaz Le\7« 
AnneF. Michaels* 
Iris Anne Murphy 
Russell A. PochJ 
Sara Elena Rasines 
Carl Denny Roberts' 
Lvnn Marie Rogers* 
Arlene Shapiro Wiseth| 
Samuel Alan Zack 


Doctoral Level 
Rhonda Crowe Gill 
Jenny Lu Parker* 
Roberta McNeill Romeo* 

Master's Level 

Pauline Bellesky Campbell^ 

Helen S. Geller* 

Deborah Kathleen Kines 

Patricia Olgeaty Prather 

Linda P. Seidman 

Reber Consuelo Williams* 

Historic Preservation 

David Carl Berg 
Linda Marie Oravecz 

Women's Studies 

Vicki Lynn Ferguson 

j:-Amttrded December 1992 
•-Awarded Aufflst 1992 



O F 


A T 







Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Niccomedo Sampson Annan 

Victoria Renee Barr 

Paul E. Beatty 

Abraham Boimah Belowe 

Gregory Scott Boyer 

Johny W. Chitra 

Tammy Lynn Ciaschi 

Matthew H. Davis 

Gregory Colin Early 

Angelene Denge Elem 

Brian Kien Gorka 

Patrick J. Harrison 

Troy Damon Hershberger 

Robert]. Kelly 

Daniel Richard Kranzler 

Julius Myer 

Kyle Jacob Renehan 

Christopher Lee Robinson 

Heather Sarantis 

Leslie Howard Schwartz 

Gary Michael Sherman 

Oliver Fielding Sherrill 

Lorelei I. Strubbe 

Jeffrey Scott Ulehla 

Maria de Jesus Mercedes Villegas 

Agricultural Engineering 

Neal Roger Sereboff 

2nd Degree: Mecluinicat 

Animal Sciences 

Joanne Carroll 
Suzanne Eva Cheplo 
Tracy Lyim Collins 
Mary Grace Finelli 
Shonda Marisa Gillispie 
Tracy Lynn Heame* 
Christopher Vernon Johnson 
Helen Cora Johnson 

Robert Shawn Landsman* 
Adamu B. Lemu 
Cassandra Marie Moore 
Kristin Maria Otero 
Susan G. Rehwinkel 
Doris Ruth Riot 
Philip Kyrle White 
Rachel Frances Worrellt 

Conservation Soil, Water and 

Valerie Jane Cohen* 

Crop Science 

Sun Kvung Cho 
Humberto H. Zeitler 


Stacey Michelle Chantker 
Nadreh Hadji Mirvahabi 
Linda Allyson Marinace 
Cathleen Arme Peter* 
Jennifer Lyim Skonier 
Jennifer LvTin Walsh 

Food Science 

Diane Hernandez Reyes 

General Agriculture 

Joan Nkeng Awung 


Eric C. Burkness 
Quinn Everett Ditto 
Jennifer Lvnne Gale 
David Allan Gentilcore 
Hans Curtis Metzler 
Dareya Lynn Pourhamidi 
Robert Raleigh Shumate 
Eric Butler Worthen 

Human Nutrition and Foods 

Joshua Ari Bomser 

Natural Resources 

Thomas F. Burke 

Karen Elizabeth Firehock 

Leo Dave Foreman 


§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magna aim Laude 

* cum Laude 





Tara Lee Hudson 
Jeffray Neale Jones 
Gary Carroll Mullineaux 
MaryBeth Salko 
Mark Adam Secrist 
Martha Jane Shrader* 
Jill Felice Silver 
Gregory Eugene Simpson 
Steven Douglas Swarr, Jr 
Kevin Dempsey Tweedie 
Rachel Wallace 
Tshewang Rigzin Wangchuk 

Soil Science 

Michael Lee Stokes* 
Ian David Yesilonis 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

John Randolph Pullaro 


Bachelor of Science 


Brian Douglas Arnold 
Kevin Asbacher 
Allen Thomas Beall* 
Trina Lee Beall 
Sod Han Chae 
Daniel Vicente Chang 
Dina Marie Chin 
Ravi N. Choudhry 

2ini Degree: UrbanStudies 
Constantine John Drakakis* 
Stacy Jean Droneburg 
Marcia Ann Gutierrez 
Christopher Ray Hall 
E. David Hanna 
Julianne Jorgensen 
Jeanie Lai 

Daniel Todd Lavner 
Marc Eugene Laytar 
Pamela Jean Lepp 
James Francis Magrogan, Jr. 

§ Sumtm cum Laude 
f Magim cum hmde 
* cum Laude 

Ronald Malcolm Moore 
Gary Dean Mosesman 
Kerry Lynne O'Brien 
Kristyna G. Olsen 
Serge Plishevsky 
Matthew Ng Poy 
Jeffrey Jacob Resetco 
Joel Andrew Schlauch 
Peter James Schlecht 
Gregory Lee Shelton 
Carolina Silvani' 
Marshall William Snively 
Christian Soliz 
Maria Margaretha Suwandi 
Shawn Michael Wattst 
James Ross Wheeler 
Daniel Murray Wildberger 
Janet Kristine Wilson 
Gayll Annette Worsley 
Stefan Leon Zastawski 
Robert Alan Zavisca 


Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Jennifer Elizabeth Crock 
Jason David Farrell 
Susan Heller 
Robert Henke 
Jean Y. Hwang* 
Hyeekyong Kwon 
Amy Jo Meyerf 
Sharon Rebecca Shalvi 
Paolina Simonpietri 
David Howard Taub 
Jennifer Rachel Wahlberg 

American Studies 

Barbara Nuta Eisenberg 
Aaron N. Fortier 
Rachel Lynn Johnson 
Steven Failor Kerdock 
Jason Page Lambros 
Robert Jason Maloof 
Scott Jason Warren 
Leslie Kay Wisan 

Art History 

Anne Omeda Brockett' 
Sean Michael Campbell 
Shannon Crandall 
Lucille Claire Davis 
Elizabeth Malia Earickson 
Minako Ehara§ 
Amy Michelle Haas 
Samar H. Hussaini 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Lisa Ann Kinter 
Barbara Fleet Matthewst 
Doreen Miller 

2nd Major: Advertising Design 
Beth Anne Molines 
Domenic Joseph Morea 
Catherine Anne Morrison 
Rosemary Jennifer Polk 
Tiffany Lyn Rodney 

2nd Major: Art Studio 
Jennifer Joy Shapkin 

2nd Major: Art Studio 
Frances Maylin Yeh 

Art Studio 

Christian Joseph Amendola 
Anita Wilhelmina Baams§ 
Ten Lynn Baker 
Kimberly Braisin 
Amy Jordain Goetting 
Andrea Renee Gregor 
Bret Gavin Hansen 

2nd Degree: Journalism 

Michael Eugene Harris 
Samar H. Hussaini 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Nancy Young Hwang 
Alfred Ip 

Nicholas Eduard Johnson 
Hariclia A. Katopis 
Wendy Leigh Knicely 
Timothy G. Lynch 
Todd Christopher McPhee* 
Shelly Renee Moffet 
Vanessa E. Nugent 
Victoria Marie O'Connor 
Thomas John Olszewski III 
Noushin Rashtian 
Susan Carol Reynoldst 
Jon James Routson 
Gina Marie Sambolin 
Aya Satake 
Jenny Shyu 

Stephen Erich Vincent, Jr. 
Peter William Viscomi 
Patricia Eileen Watson* 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Kevin Ross Wertlieb 

Classical Languages and 

Maria Julia Anzelmo 
Edmond Y. Chan 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Carolyn Jane Gatest 
Glovenia Caraway Snead§ 
Thomas Wat Tyler 

— ^^ 



O F 


A T 




Lucia da Costa Limat 
Brian Joseph McGahren* 
Ana Cecilia Restrepo* 
Marcy Ann Schlissel* 
Julia Grace Smith 
Alisa M. Wright 

Inti Degree: Speech 


East Asian Languages and 

Michelle Lynn Botts 

Shin Ja Kim 

Patricia Wing Yin Shea 

2nd Degree: Government and 

David Wayne Talbott 
Allen Goodell Tripp 
Riki Ugai 
Stephen Jerome Yates§ 

Engllsli Language and 

Michael Scott Address 
Jason Berg Adler 
Sean Michael Ambrose 
Daniel Micah Amdur 
Michelle Antoinette Anderson 
Demetra Aposporos 
Dean Stuart Austin 
Sarah Greeley Bagnall 
Kamila Bajwa 
Sarah N. Bergmann 
Jennifer Louise Blanchard 
Jennifer Aileen Blongt 
Raahsahn Ameer Bowden 
Debra Racquel Boxman 
Doreen Lee Brienza* 
Erin Heather Brown 
David Lawrence Bruner 
Rebecca Ann Bryant 
Beatrice Romero Bugnosen 
Patricia Marie Buysse 
Brian Hani Calls 
Kelsey Elisabeth Campbell 
Adam Leonard Carasso 
Edmond Y. Chang 

2nd Degree: Classical Language and 


Mi Kyong Cho 

Christopher Randall Cicatelli 

Douglas Matthew Close 

Jacqueline Cohen 

Kristin Merriam Cohen 

Lisa Colaianne 

Nathan Edmund Copans 

Jodie Irene Crivella 

Gregory Ciarla Cummings 

Jodi Michelle Cutler 

Kathleen Lisa Dame 

Dana Ann Damicot 

Stephanie Kamps Davist 

Jerome Mark Dennis 

Mary Andrea Digilio 

Aretha Monique Dooley 

Michael James Dunlavey 

Kelley Brooke Dunn 

Caroline Baker Eames 

Karen Daphne Edwards 

Christian Ferdinand Elkington, Jr. 

Ellen Sara Estroff 

Rachel Lise Exelbert* 

Neil Patrick Fallon 

Damon Francis Femandes 

Robert Vincent Filippone, Jr. 

Bryan Joseph Flynn 

David Alan Ford 

Elvin D. Foreman, Jr. 

Justin W. Fumiss 

Shannon Elizabeth Gaines 

Tay Elizabeth Gieseman 

Alyson Hope Gold 

David Mark Goldberg 

Alison Grabow 

LuAnne Mary Greenaway 

2nd Degree: French Language and 

Glenn Francis Griffith 
Douglas Robert Gunster 
Glenn Andrew Haussman 
Joel Patrick Hinzman 

2nd Degree: Radio, Television and 

Mindy Beth Hirshburg 
E. Ashley Holmberg 
Corrie Ann Hoogstra 
Kimberly Tracey Howze 
Edward Paul Hunsberger 

Naseem Banu Hussain 
Corinne Imberski 
Jamshid Jabbarnezhad 
Johanna Nell Jackson* 
Stephanie Nichole James 

2nd Major: Afro-American Studies 
William Todd Jones 
Tara Elise Jordan 
Pamela May Kessler 
Lisa Michelle Klein 
Patricia Mariya Kollappallil 
Christine Elizabeth Kovach 

2nd Degree: English Education 
Darryl Lampkin 
Brandon Dean Lamsont 
Malinaaz Nurayn Latib 
Jennifer Joy LaRoche 

2nd Degree: English Education 
Julia Caitlin Layne 
Jason David Leadbetter 
Richard Howard Levine* 
David Alan Lidz 
Jeremy Charles Loomis 
Charles Edward Luey 
Stephen Michael Luscher 
William Matthew Lynn 
Lana Marie Lyons 
Kevin Brandon MacKenzie 
Alexander James MacLennan 
Christine Ann Mahoney 
Sean Patrick Manion 
Jennifer Kim Martin' 
Tanya S. Marville 
Casey Patrick McFaden 
Mark Francis McGowan 
Timothy Patrick McKenna 
Renee Martinette McLean 
Eleni Mihas 
Deanna Miller 
Craig Lawrence Miniter 
Andrea Catherine Miottot 
Charles Edward Murray 1II§ 
Susan Elizabeth Nelson 
Stephanie Neuben 
Catherine Beatrice Nevers 
Burke Anthony Noble 
Thomas Joseph Nochera 
Philip Todd Nordlinger 

Kristin Marie O'Connell 

2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

Sean Thomas O'Connor 
Karen Lynn Oosterhous 
Ainisha Bikira Orton 
Adrienne Lisa Parquet 
Daniel Leonard Pearlman 
John Damian Pelletier 
Debra Jean Perhach 
Letiscia Perrin 
Virgii\ia Porterfield Phelps 
Arlene K. Pitts 
M. Deborah Beltran Potes 
Barbara A. Prewitt 
Duan Mario Pryor 
Wendy Julia Reddington 
Scott Christian Redmond 
Shawn Erica Reynolds 
James Keith Rhys 
Cornel J. Rigby 
Stefan Brett Rosenzweig 
Sherry Lisabeth Rubin 
Jennifer Anne Salmons 
Sharon Christine Sank 
Lucas Matthew Scheps 
Melissa Lynn Schissler 
Peter Self 
Daniel Paul Shea 
Marissa Sarah Sherman 
Kelly Marie Shough 
Derek Anthony Sisson 
Cindy Monet Soden 
Mary Arm Sorra 
Dara Afia Sparks 
Stacye Elaine Spencer 
Heidi Ann Spillett 
Jil Springer 

Charles Edward Stewart 
Susan Elizabeth Stuckey 
Dana Floren Sturm 
Angle Lynn Sweeney 
Michael A. Tansill 
Melinda Sue Tennison 
Taralyn Louise Tharp 
Marcela Giovanna Urrutia 

§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magna cum Laude 

* cum Laude 


O R 

U N D E R G R 

D U A T E 


Eric Michael Vesper§ 
Lakaiya Charnai Vines 
Melanie Lee Willielm Wagoner 
William Thomas Walton 
Kim Walters 
Faith Risa Weinberg 
Jennifer Joy Weinstein 
Lisa Fleur Weiss 
Nicole Robin Wexler 
James E. Wilcox, Jr. 
Maureen Anne Wilhere 
Jennifer Lee Williams 
Jenny Rebecca Williamson 
Monica Renee Willis§ 
Stephanie Anna Winter 
Danielle Monique Wright 
Sajeela Yaqub 
Donnette Letitia Young 
Eileen Zagone 

French Language and 

Dina B. Badran 
Angela Beth Bock 
Robyne L. Field 
LuAnne Mary Greenaway 

2nii Degree: English Language and 

Christopher Charles Light 
Maju Dhev Mattamal* 
Suzanne Miguel Podrasky 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Susan Elaine Riser 

2nd Degree: Foreign Language 


German Language and 

Martin Andreas Gedra 
Veronika Bridget Grady 
Santiago Nelson Hernandez 
Sogol Huschmandt 
Heather Margaret Lounsbury 
Kewan M. Siahatgar 

2ud Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Michael Casey Spitler 
Jeanne Stepanova 
Scott Charles Sutton 
Luis Garcia Torregrosa 

§ Sunima cum Ijiude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 


Jae B. Ahn 

Matthew Joseph Amshey 
Lee D. Bacon 
Danielle Barth 
Evelyn C. Becker 

2nd Major: jnuish Studies 
Henry Francis Birckbichler 
Juan M. Bofill 
Christine Marie Braddish 
Michaela Lynn Cavanaugh 
Basil Y. Clarke 
Robert E. Danegger 
Austin Augustin Devereux 
William Bern Dickinson, Jr. 
Robert Firsching 
Barth Corey Frank 
Samuel A. Gilston 
Herbert Clyde Grow, Jr. 
Gary Roy Harmon 
Kristina Paulette Hartwig 
Steven Barry Hofford* 
William Patrick Howerton 
Richard L. Julian 
Reuben Ari Kroiz 
Anthony Paul Mangelli 
Matthew Matera 
Laurie Ramsay Maynard* 
Elizabeth Carol McVannan 
Pamela Ann Mucik 
Steven Adam Newman 
Linda Susan O'Brien 
Edward Warren Olmsted 
Eric Jon Olsen 

2nd Degree: Social Studies 

Amanda Katherine Pantazis 
Benjamin Blair Phillips 
Aimee Jean Robertsont 
Leslie Ilene Schuman 
Robert S. Seidman 
Beth Shevitz 
Kate Anne Slaugh* 
Susan Elaine Smith 
Kwame Kome Kenyatta Stith 
Gina Juliene Subilia* 
Jennifer Diane Taylort 
Karin Marie Thiessen* 
James Frederick Weaver 

Glenn E. Westrick 
Romolo Edoardo Zaffaroni 

2nd Major: English Lmguage and 


Interior Design 

Yijung Chae 

Claire Marie-Christine Foumier 
Debra Ann Riser 
Jeannie Lee 
Alex Neal Levy 
Yvonne Raquel Lopez 
Nadja Mylene Martinez 
Jana Beth Meyer 
Jeffrey Allen Moaney 
Karol Ann O'Connor 
Kristin Michelle Peake 
Russell Andrew Remy 
Margaret Neubert Rosenblatt 
Noreen Elizabeth Shouldis 
Jennifer Noel Tolzman 
Patricia Anne Wallach 
Amy Lorraine Webb 


Cinnamon Rebecca Campbell* 

2nd Degree: Foreign Language 


2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

Christopher Matteo Giordanot 
Janna Alysabeth Hopkinst 
Maria Ruth Schreiber 


Joseph Berlin 

Brandon Lee Cooke 
Hae R. Pak 
Inja Petar Stanic* 
Royce Thurston West 
Cherelyn Ruth Whitney 


Nathan Patrick Gable 
Jonathan David Harris 
Ross Jonathan Kimball 
Christopher Burrell Lewis 
Frank Scott McElreath 
Jennifer Marie Molineaux* 
Leon Francis Shartsis 
Jin H. Shin 
Julie Elaine Sieracki 
David Christopher Smyth 
Jared S. Sweet 

Radio, Television and Film 

Melissa Maria Alonso* 
Kathryn Anne Ashton 
Carley Ann Berkman 
Elizabeth Louise Briggs 
Jamie Lynn Bright 



O F 


A T 



Michael Allen Chamberlin 

Roy Chernikoff 

Stacey Jill Cohen 

Jeffrey Eric Cohn 

Adena Yvetfe Corpuel' 

Patrick Francis Curran 

James Robert Erschen 

Judith Ellen Finke 

Kenneth B. Fredman 

Joanne Marie Gholl 

Karen Linette Green 

Tom S. Quo 

Stephanie Hara Gusow 

Nathan Albert Haskins* 

Lea Ann Hepler§ 

Joel Patrick Hinzman 

2nd Degree: English Lnnpiage and 

Cheri Lynne Horowitz 

Karen Ann Kaiser 

Laurie Jill Kazinoff 

Laurel Anne Kubilus 

Yuksel Kumaz 

Jennifer Lynn Kushner 

Eileen Frances Leahy 

Willie Ray Lewis, Jr. 

Laura Jeanne Lucian 

Christopher Steven Mandrich 

Malyssa Deahann Zuniga McCord 

Stephen L. McDowall 

Dawn A. Merritt 

Jeffrey Robert Murray 

Jong S. Nam 

Steven Michael Newhouse 

Amy Lauren Odhner* 

Carta Maria Toni Passarelli 

Catherine Paterra 

Hilary Peabody 

Laura Jean Polansky 

Brian Christopher Reisz 

John D. Richards 

Russell Ulric Richards 

Tina Hipolita Rodriguez 

Cynthia Lynn Rowse 

Kristin Aline Sandquist* 

Mikki Danielle Scarlotta 

Lisa Joy Schuckman 

Gerard Seabrooks 

Diana Lynn Suthard 

Alyson Renee Tilles 

Sarah Catherine Whorton Waters 

Felicia Meryl Winkler 

Thomas Gleim Wright 

Romance Languages 

Frederique Cecile Paccagnella 
Deborah Yonit Wassertzug* 
Marissa Julie Wilner 

Russian Area Studies 

David Lawrence Ceiling 
Stephen Mark Heinsinger 
Kathleen Anne O'Neill 
Lisa Faye Orenstein 

Russian Language and 

Mary Bridget Allman* 
Erin Patrice Fitzgerald 
Katarzyna Magdalena Kalka 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Kathleen Joan Kratz§ 
Shuk-Lin Kwockt 
David Chartes Rafferfyt 
Laura Antoinette Sheahent 
Mary-Carol Bertine Thompson 
Karen Dale Vassiliev 

Spanish Language and 

Christine Solange Bervard-Massoc 
Justin Larry Bryant 
Mary Frances Busch 
Alphonzo Jerome Butler 
Michel Cacha Castrence 
Jennifer L. Filer 
Frederick John Goodwin 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Joshua Lee Gordon 
Lara Constance Kovacs 
Nina E. Martinelli 

Amanda Veronica McAndrew* 

Alesia J. Meeker 

Maria Marcela Olivares Canon 

Azucena Elizabeth Ortega Cedeiio§ 

Paul Elliott Outlaw 

Irene Noemi Pantelis* 

Mariela M. Perez 

Ana Carolina Pica-Wenderoth 

2nd Degree: journalism 
Marie Chantal Sampah 
Hope C. Skwer 
Cynthia Loretta Thomas 
Marjo Tellervo Toner 
Guy Vincent Tresente 
Laura Helen Warnock* 
Karen Ann Winn 

Speech Communication 

Michel Gelain Antill 
Laura Beth Baker 
Brian John Bocker 
Garth Andrew Bowen 
Toye Tiandra Cartledge 
Douglas Edward Charland 
Marcie Lynn Cohen 
Shawn Brendan Collins 
Joseph Anthony Cooper 
Matthew Blalock Cubbage 
Kara Jean Cutino 
Paul Jamie Davilman 
Stacy Lynn Dentler 
Kelly Kristine Farrell 
Jacqueline Allyn Fox 
Tisha Lee Garber 
Marc Samuel Gentile 
Yoav Joseph Gershoni 
Lisa Ann Goldman 
Monica Ann Hamilton 
Sharon Faye Howell 
Silvana lenzi 
Katherine G. loakim 
Johanna Beth Jacobus 
Pei-Chen Kao 
Dawn Melissa Keer 
Kevin M. King 
Graham Alexander Knight 
Jill E. Korman 

HoUi Beth Leinson 
Dianne Manian 
Kerstin Frances Manning 
John Speriing Martin III 
Lisette Martinez 
Kelvin Thomas McQueen 
Mark Gregory Melikan, Jr. 
Emily Susan Morris 
James Michael MulUgan 
Jennifer Ellen Nicoll 
Stacey Renee Reitz 
Alise Hope Robinson 
Michelle Lee Rodell 
Reena Kaur Sarai 
Michael D. Sarlo 
David Jason Shilkret 
Darren Brett Sodikoff 
Ronald Joseph Staffileno 
Brett M. Stevenson 
Christopher Ernest Streight 
Marc Alan Sumers 
David Matthew Terranova 
Todd Foster Thelen 
Robin Sue Torin 
Jennifer L. Townsend 
Mindy Jill Weinstock 
Leigh Alexandra Wirth 
Kevin Lee Witt 
Alisa M. Wright 

2nd Degree: Dance 
Matthew Jed Ziffer 


Glenn Charles Bowman III 
Michelle Hood Burd 
Robert Michael Crites 
Paula Ann Douglas 

2nd Major: English Language and 

Steven Edward Hadnagy 
Mary Michele Hardy 
Jennifer Gina Kaplan 
Kyle Patrick Kweder 
Michael A. Naleszkiewic 
Julie A. Pearl 
Mark Oliver Rimer 
Laura Elizabeth Thomburgt 

§ Summa cum taude 

f Magna cum Laude 

' cum Laude 





Bachelor of Music 

Nicole Elisa Cherry 
Chimi Gumulak 
Amy Beth Sauers§ 


Carlos Antonio Fagundo 
Bradley Paul Moore§ 
Naomi Uehara 


Tamara Lee Reynolds 

Bachelor of Science 
Advertising Design 

Mary Beth Densford 
David A. Lloyd 
Donald Howard Starr 
Joel R. Woodyear 


Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Maieka Jannel Hansard 
Dawn Michelle Howard 
Carol E. Macey 
Andre Tyrone Vaughn 

2nd Major: Criminal Justice 


Heather Diann Bowie 
Anila Kumari Brennig 
Yara Maria Coelho 

2nd Major: Art Studio 
Marquerite L. Eisen 
Kevin Michael Etherton* 

§ Summa cum iMude 
f Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Mara Rachel Greengrass 
Michael F. Joseph 
Margaret Gregory Knapp 
Erica L. Krug 
John M. Lauck 
Barbara Eloise McLaughlin 
Steven James Moore' 
Amy Ellen Nichols 
Kerry Lynn Ogata* 
Lily Vaziri Parsey 
Janet Marie Pasiuk 
Miranda Lynn Petrillot 
Keya Sau 

2nd Degree: General Biological 

Catherine Ann Schattenfield 
Sharyl Lyn Pattillo Vax 
Megan Ann Wehrstedt 
Jessica Phyllis Weinbergt 

Criminal Justice 

Darryl Andre Adams 
Michael David Adams 
Jeffrey Bruce Alton 
Paul Dominic Ambrosi 
Kevin Arline 
Theodore Au 
Wendy Lynn Bair 
Peter Donald Bamford 
Malaika Oneita Barnes 
Pamela Denise Belton 
Robert Hugh Bond 
James T. Bonner III 
Gary Robert Bosch 
Alison Lee Budd 
Lisa Antoinette Burgess 
Tracy Lyn Caggiano 
Douglas Marc Cain 
Joseph Christopher Campbell 
Daedra Carrio 
Chanchalat Chanhatasilpa 
Seong Ho Chung 
Anthony Ciccarello 
Adam Sean Cohen 
David Barry Cooperman 
Joyce Ann Cowden 
Daniel Sylvester Cronin 
Katherine Maria Culhane 
Maura T. Curtis 

Patrick Joseph Curtis, Jr. 
Jill M. David 
Darrin Lee Davis 
Lee Marc Diamondstein 
Michelle Dawn Dinsmoret 
Malcolm Peter Drewery II 
Darren Alex Drozdov 
Nadine Marie Duhamel 
Robin Michael Dyer 
Stacey Elaine Edds 
Richard Sean Ehrlich 
Timothy Shawn Endres 
Lauren Michelle Erickson 
Kimberly Dawn Estrada* 
Melissa Norwood Frazier 
Ernesta Clarissa Gibbs 
Barry Seth Goldenherg 
Lori Beth Goldstein 
David Jay Goozman 
Wayne Stanley Gosnell 
Christopher David Gotwols 
Cary Stewart Grill 
Derek Wesley Hall 
Robert Clifford Hall 
Christopher Blain Hargett 
Mario Gerri Harris 
Jill Louise Haschen 
Joseph Patrick Hayden, Jr. 
Jessica Naomi Hayes 
Michael C. Herman 
Bruce Barton Hirschauer 
Barbara Ellen Jenkins 
James Alan Johnson 
Robert McKay Johnson 
Brenda Louise Jones 
Shannon Lee Kerns 
Stephen Joseph Kerrigan 
John Kelly Kilboume, Jr. 
Richard Steven Kipfer 
Steven 1. Klein 
Samuel Jay Kolb 
Victoria Jeanne Kurfess 
Jason David Lamm 
Anthony Douglass Lawrence 
Benedict J. Lawrynas 
Kyu Lee 

Robert Wilson Lehman FV 
Megan Marie McDonald 
Michael Joseph McKee 

Rebecca Lynn McKinney 
Michael Toshiyuki McKnight 
Karen Elaine McLaughlin 
Michelle Merz 
Scott Anthony Messina 
Donnesha Yvette Miller 
Eric Michael Miller 
Samuel Seth Millman 
Bobby Leron Mills, Jr. 
Christopher Thomas Mineo 
William Gordon Minkin§ 
Gregory Thomas Mouer 
Kenneth Albert Myers, Jr. 
Thomas Christopher Myers 
Vanita Lanette Neal 
Marvin Yam Ng 
Catherine Elaine Oliver 
Rachel Lee Pierce 
Joseph Michael Pinetti 
Scott C. Powell 
Mark Christopher Reefe 
Michael Anthony Reible 
Richard Jeffrey Rice 
John Thomas Ritter, Jr. 
Joseph Francis Rogan 
Tracey Jill Rothman 
Royce DeWarren Ruby, Jr.§ 
Eric Polin Saladino 
Alyson Beth Segal 
Steven Kenneth Siegel 
Mitchell Ian Silverstein 
Melinda Susan Smiaiek 
Cynthia A. Smith 
Lauren Andrea Sokol 
Corina Joy Sole 
Denise Lynne Soper 
Michael John Stanislav 
Julie Lynne Stein 
James Forbes Taylor, Jr. 
Joanne Marie Taylor 
Eugene Everett Thomas 
Helen Hsi-Yuan Tong 
Thomas Matthew Trott 
Denise Van Schalkwyk 
Kevin Joseph Vernon 
Pete Vitali 

James Patrick Wallingford 
Jeffrey L. Ward 
David Michael Wasser 

U N 1 V E R S I 

O F 




Steven Guy Weikert 
Christopher James Weiss 
Mary Warren Whitescarver 
HalMe Gale Winter 
Laura Renee Woods 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Paul John Wroblewski 111 


Theodore Emanual Anderson 
Victoria Eileen Brennan 
Doug Franklin Cathentian 
Joseph Kyle Forney 
Hoon Muk Kim 
Theodore James Maher 111 
James Tarcisious McCormack 
Gregg Stephen McLaughlin 
Karen Lynn Medrow 
Andrew Scott Meringoff 
James Scott Mitchell 
Catherine Elizabeth Moroz 
Stacy Shay Wiederle 

Criminology and Criminal 

Lisa Michele Alexander 
Richard Samuel Alpert 
Michelle Yvonne Angyelof 
Sabrina Marie Argentieri§ 
Sophia Renee Baker 
Howard Jonathon Bernstein 
Shawn David Berusch 
Michael Anthony Colborn 
Edith L. Coral 
Mark Anthony Dallesandro 
Monica Danielle Davis 
Jason Alan DeLoach 
Kevin George Dobenecker 
Julius Ceasar Dupree, Jr. 
Alexis Jill Fogelt 
Shan Beth Goldstein 
James Gilbert Griffith 
Rosa Maria Guixens 
Cynthia Lynn Hemmick 
Matthew E. Krinsky 
Po Ming Lam 

2nd Degree: General Biological 

Arthur Joseph Mackie 

Victoria Marie Manning 
Lisa Dyan Mattare 
Kimberley J. McGee 
Kye Sung Pak 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Brian Marshall Roberts 
James Daniel Slade' 
Kent Edward Smith 
Lee Ann Turman§ 
Brian Paul Wah 
Ethan D. Yankello 

2nd Degree: Government and 



Anton Francois Albina 
Matthew David Altman 
Shawn Michael Armstrong 
Brian David Arlington 
Susan S. Bak 
Brian Richard Belcourt 
James Michael Bitgood 
Thomas Tyler Bodnar 
Karen Suzanne Bordner 
Gary Kenneth Brown, Jr. 
Robert Stephen Burns 
Paul Henry Carlson 
Valery A. Chambi 
Mita N. Chatterjee 
Neena Kumari Chaudhry§ 
Rohit A. Chitale 
William W.K. Choi* 

Stephanie Jill Cohen 

2nd Major: Sociolog}/ 
Douglas Darren Cooke 
Hung Hieu Dang 
Barry Jay Davret 
Mark Shane Dereska 
Christoph Andreas Dietrich 
Dionne Michelle Duren 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Darlene Olivia Emerson 
Frederick Redondo Ensign 
Tracy Lynn Everett 
Madeline Fayle 
Steven Joseph Fitzgerald 
Michael Francis 
Mahesh T, Gehani 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Keith Albin Gonce 
Michael David Grantt 

2nd Major: Coi'ernment and Politics 
Robert Mark Green 
llya Grozovsky 
Tania Sandrine Hamilton 
Gregory Jon Hilsenrath 
Keefe Lind Hogan 
James Y. Hua 
Allen Lloyd Inghng, Jr. 
R. Christopher Jones 

2nd Degree.Government and 

Kevin Patrick Kastner 
Matthew John Kenneally 

2nd Major: Criminal Justice 
Kayoung K. Kim 
Walter Rae Kirkman 

2nd Major: Criminal Justice 
Viola Kuo 
Vittorio B. Lara 
Thomas John Leary 
Darrell T. Lee 
Ee-Soon Lee 
Jae Hong Lee 
Elmo Joseph Leger 111 
Stacey Beth London 
Santiago Lorenzo 
Matthew L. Lovett 
Julian Van Luke 

Edward Jerome Lynch 
Rodrigo Daniel Maramba 
Ivan G, Marrero* 
Gerard Thomas Marzocca 
Joseph A. Mathews 
Erika Michelle McClammy 
Carola McFaul* 
Lance Gregory McPherson 
Sarah Lynn Merriam 
Virginia Lee Myers 
Jon Kenji Nantot 
Arnold Mark Nash* 
Corey Ernesto Newman 
Tuan Huu Nguyen 
Patrick John Norton 
Joselito Madrideo Ocampo, Jr. 
Connie Lorraine Pendergrass 
Lori Pikulsky 
Hans Anthony Plate 
Suzanne Miguel Podrasky 

2nd Degree: French Language and 

Derrick Anton Prigmore 
Adam Seth Raffel 
Ziaur Rahman 
Gene Mallard Ransom III* 
Claudia Marcela Rios 
Surlenza Regina Rochelle Robinson 
Jason Ethan Rudo 
Robert Royce Satterfield 
Gregory Jay Shaffer* 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Kevin Donald Shaplin 
Matthew Stone Shearer 
Laura M. Siegal 
Matthew Henry Simmons 
Michael A. Sinsky 
Scott A. Sobers 
Maneesha Daniel Solanki 
Lawrence Scott Solow 
Mira V. Stanoyevitch 
Robert Alfred Theobald IV 
Justin Eric van Schaik 
Santiago Hector von Pieschel 
Jeremy Samuel Wagner 
Benjamin Bing Wan 
Mary-Patricia Wilt 
Jaime Teodoro Zeas 

§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magna cum Ijiude 

' cum laude 


T E 




D E 

R E E S 

Government and Politics 

Samson Abdulla 
Gina Marie Adams 
Firas Isam Almaatouk 
Stephanie Ranee Arnold* 
David Anthony Ayoroa 
Daneen Montresa Banks 
Dawne C. Basinski 
Hugh Ronald Battle 
Christopher John Beccone 
Allison Sloan Berg 
Kimberly Elizabeth Blaine 
Adam Scott Blank 
Jason Matthew Blatt 
Tabitha Anne Block 
Joseph William Bonistalli 11 
Jennifer Lauren Borschow 
Michael L. Braunstein 
Jace Richardson Broadhurst 
Sara E. Bruno* 
Terrance Peter Carmody 
Vincent Alex Carmosino 
Eric Austin Carzon 
Joseba Cayero 
Lisa Cear 

Isabelle Chahpoori 
Walter Yong-Yeau Chang* 
Marc David Cimino 
Andrew Blair Clements 
Mark Adrian Coates 
Angela Kay Conroy 
Joseph Anthony Cosentino, Jr. 
Karen Antoinette Cowles 
Cynthia Lynn Cresser 
Tara Coleen Cronin 
Sean Michael Cunningham 
Natalka Irene Czuczak 
Allison Jean Dalseg 
Veena Datta 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Marsha Melissa Denoon 
Ariel Sarah Devine 
Cathy A. DeWeese 
Steven Alan Dingledine 
James Matthew Dore 
Brian Jeffrey Dotson* 
Jennifer Lynn Eig 
Frank Vincent Emerson 
Jeffrey Scott Ettenger 

^ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
• cum Laude 

Nicholas Fontaine Evageliout 

2nd Major: English Language and 

Carol Terry Ewing 
Joseph Michael Fanning* 
Michael Gordon Farrell 
Carmen C. Faye 
Michelle Lori Feldman 
Robert Glenn Feldman 
Guillermo Fernandez 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Elizabeth Rose Flage* 

2nd Major: Russian Language and 

Edward M. Fluhr 
Erik Gordon Folkart 
Lewis Evan Fontek 
Brian Christopher Franklin 
Steven Eric Franklin 
Scott Robert Fredericks 
Beth Michelle Friedman 
Julie A. Furst 

Christopher Patrick Gallagher 
Thomas Russell Gallagher 
Alazne Miren Gandarias 
John Champion Gardiner 
Matthew Willis Gardner 
Heather Elene Garson 
Elizabeth Anne Gates 
Mahesh T. Gehani 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Peter Joseph Giannetti 
Patrick Lee Gilmore* 
Dawn Michelle Gough 
Douglas David Greenberg 
Matthew Harris Greenhut 
Eban David Greer 
Anju Bala Gupta 
Andrew Craig Gutman 
Carrie Guyker 
Matthew J. Haas 
Zebulon Xavier Hall 
Steven Scott Hamer 
Daniel Joseph Hansen IV 
Todd Christian Harris 
Jacqueline HoUiday Bahr Hartzenbusch 
Naoko Hatayama 
Karen Elizabeth Heinle 

Douglas O. Henderson 
Ian Gary Horowitz 
Marianne Jeesook Hwangt 
Michelle Lincoln Jacobs 
Olaf Lars Jaehnigen* 

2nd Major: German Language and 

Phillip Young Jhin 
Andrew Scott Johnson* 
Thomas Wade Johnson 
Luther Griffin Jones FV 
R. Christopher Jones 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Stacie Karen Joyner 
Katarzyna Magdalena Kalka 

2nd Degree: Russian Language and 

Brent Arondel Kearney 
David Christopher Ketcham 
Alia Kholodnov 
Boo Young Kim 
Stacie Renee King 
John Paul Kittelton 
Lars Matthew Klander 
Mila Kofman§ 
John S. Kopsidas 
Adam Jon Krulewitz 
Vasilios Nicholaus Lahanas 
Carlos Ariel Landau 
Clifford Joseph Lande 
Elizabeth Ann Laurienzo 
Baotran H. Lee 
Joung Ho Lee 
J. B. Levine 
Adam Philip Levitt 
Stuart David Lustman 
James Edward Lynch 
John E. Lyons 
Maria Antonette Madarang 
Eric Charles Manas 
David Edward Mayeski 
Catherine Maureen McCuUough 

2nd Degree: journalism 
Joseph Howard Meltzer* 
Joanna Gail Mon 
Rebecca June Morrow 
Adrienne Elise Mosley 
Daniel Lee Moss 

Helen Dorothy Mould 
Thomas Allan Mullins 
Ann Geraldine Murtha 
Julia Margaret Mychalus 
David Jeffrey Nesbitt 
Brian D, Nguyen 
Charm Marcia Nichol 
John Darius Niktash 
Paul C. O'Malley 
Chaka Chuba Okadigbo* 
Scott Russell Palmer 
Kelly Ann Paul 
Stephanie Michelle Pavalkis 
Robbie T. Perry 
Rosemarie Josephine Pileggi 
Kelly Michele Poma 
Geoffrey Alan Porter 
William J. Preston, Jr. 
David Joseph Probka 
Suvarna Umakant Rajgurut 
Erica Christine Reed 
Steffanie Jade Regner 
Robert David Rich 
Scott Andrew Robinson 
Fabian Ernesto Rocamora 
Alison Blair Roe 
Wendy Anne Rogers* 
Craig Stuart Rosenfeld 
Felicia Lynne Roth 
Dana Brooke Rubin 
Rebecca Corinne Rund* 

2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

James Edward Rzepkowski 
Sandra Sacco 
Jay Howard Samuels 
Elizabeth Ann Schade 
James Kent Schenke 
Karen Marie Serio 
Gregory Jay Shaffer* 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Renee Christina Shaffer 
Hsin-Fen Shao 
Ian Alden Shavitz* 
Patricia Wing Yin Shea 

2nd Degree: East Asian Languages 
Thaddeus C. Sheehy 
Susan Hae Shin 



O F 


R Y L A N D 



David McKenna Shonerd 
Lydia Angelina Siguenza 
Stephanie Lynn Skenderis 
Forrest Quinn Smith 
James Michael Smith 
Gregory Carl Soergel 
Mark Howard Speckhard 
Michele Renee Springer 
Alexander P. Stavish 
Robyn I. Stevens 
Shelly Anne Stickellt 
Alan Jay Strauss 
Virginia Millan Jackson Stuart 
Gavin John Sutcliffe* 
Daniel Phillip Svi^eet 
Rajeev R. Tadas 
Bradley Richard Taylor 
Jamie Lynn Tew 
Ronald John Thomas 
Cynthia Elizabeth Tidier* 
Ashley Dawn Timberlake 
Tara Ann Topper 
Nancy Deborah Tunis* 
Keri J. Tuwiner* 
Rukhsana Tayyab Uddin 
Nalini Verma§ 
Margarite Ann Waggoner 
Suzanne Marie Wald 
Karen Lynn Walls 
Adam Wasserman 
William Harris Waters 
Julie Lynn Wellham 
Marcella Anne Wilding 
Christopher Neil Williams 
Leah Renee Williamson 
Paige L.J, Williamson 
Stacey Hope Winn 
Bradley Adam Winnick 
Kara Elizabeth Wood 
Jennifer Lee Wren 
Ethan D. Yankellow 

2nd Degree: Criminal justice 
Vicki Lee Yost 
Joanna Marie Zampi* 
Michael A. Zangardi 
Samantha Anne Zangert 
Andrew Denis Zettler 

Hearing and Speech 

Michael R. Abramowitz 
Tami Jill Alperstein 
Stephanie Lynn Berger 
Julie Ellen Bernsohn 
Sung Ae Cho 
Denise Elaine Clarke 
Shari White DeHority 
Linda Alice Di Camillo* 
Eileen Faye Goldschmidt§ 
Layla Hariry* 

Danielle Margaret Haywood 
Erin L. Knight 
Maria Theresia LoGiudice 
Elizabeth Ann Norris 
Erica Prasch 
Angela Marie Rao* 
Lauren S. Rutland 
Sharon Marie Schultz 
Lori Joy Shamah 
Beth Jacqueline Silverman 
Helen Fry Thomast 
June Mary Valdez 
Elizabeth Leontine Vossellert 
Kristen Marie Wells 
Pamela Jill Zimmerman 


Jose Alberto Aguilera 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Rachel Beth Alpert 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Christopher Jose Arroyo 
Dina Marie Barclayt 

2nd Major: Criminology 
Andrew Howard Bernstein 
Lisa Dawn Block 
Robert Sean Bokman 
Lisa Suzanne Borga 

2nd Degree: Fashion 

Susan Beth Bratman 
Denise Elizabeth Breland 
Deborah Ann Carlson 
Ana Paula Carmo 
Pamela Lyn Carter 

Glen Evan Cathey§ 
Mona Chopra 
Susan M. Ciardiello 
Elisa Gerlyn Cohen 
Thomas William CoUigan 
Matthew Doane Cummings 
Colleen Joanne Da mm 
Emmanuelle Sylvie Defaux 
Lesli Jeneen DeGross 
Robert Paul Dickie 
Monique Phuong-Trang Doan 
Julie Dopkowski 
Chere A. Douglas 
Maureen Christine Edwards 
Sandy Eldabbah 
Jami Lynn Elkin* 
Amanda Amy Farahany 
Dawn Renee Franks 
Barry Todd Freedman 
Gail Garofalo 
Heather Lynn Giddings 
Lori Jennifer Click 
Beth Alexandra Goldberg 
Aron Scott Goldman 
Melissa Anne Goldstein* 
Derek MacGregor Griffith 

2nd Major: Afro American Studies 
Hillary Joy Cruder* 

2nd Major: Criminal justice 
Leah Durst Hater 
Meredith Leigh Hart 
Ariane Francine Haywood 
Amy Kristin Heilemann 
Frank Joseph Hewick 
Tenley M. Higgins 
Richard Frank Hillier 
Jennifer Beth Hirsch 
Laura Jean Hobson 
Laura Lea Hoppenstein 
Patrick William Home 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Laura Juyun Jin 
Adrian Desmond Johnson 
Deborah Lynne Jonas 
Jennifer Ruth Karl 
Edward Kim 
Ann Regina Kirby 
Laura Anne Kitchin 
Stacey Michelle Kodeck 

Kristine Ann Kowalski§ 
Melodie Lynn Krefetz 
Andrea Marie Lakin 
Julie A. Langsam 
Heather Lynn Laschewer 
Danielle Nicole Laskey 
Mary Lynette Lauritzen 
Elizabeth Rachel Layne 
Matthew William Leasure* 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Stacey Ellen Lebowitz 
Tammy Allyson Levine 
Julie Kristie Little 
Maria Lopez 

David William Lounsbury 
Lionel Lourenco 
Susan Lynne Lux 
Beth M. Lyons§ 
Valerie Brigitte Mark 
Marie J. Matte 
Kathleen Elizabeth McCabe 
Jason Scott McCartney 
Christopher John McGrady 
lUana Cindy Meyer 
Adam S. Mimeles 
Thomas Christopher Mooney 
Shari Lynn Nadler 
Amy Lynn Narducci 
Linh The Nghe 
Sheryl Ann Nichols 
Judith Lillian OUerenshaw 
Steven Pachman§ 
Anna Maria Theresa Padlan 

2nd Degree: Family Studies 
Lauri June Palmer 
Keith Albert Pelkey 
Bita Pishevar 
Sandra Puglisi 
Stacey Meredith Race 
Edward V. Radwinsky 
Alia D. Rayford 
Jeiuiifer Ann Resnick 
Arquilla Ridgell 
Carolyn Renee Runco 
Robert Sheldon Russell 
Stefanie Lynn Ruthenberg 
Sabrina Salam§ 
Victoria Ann Sanchez 

§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magna cum Laude 

* cum laude 





Patricia Anoush Sarkissian 

Trisha Ann Schmalhofer 

Debra Ellen Schrier 

Kimberly Lynn Schroth 

Marina Gabrielle Schuchter* 

Martha Montagne Shelton 

Matthew Donald Shepard 

Yoav Shiloah 

Laura Noelle Sinanian 

Jeffrey Taylor Smith 

Frances Susan Spellman 

Carlenia Jan Springer 

Benita Elissa Stearn 

Tracey Loren Steinberg 

Martha Ann Stewart 

Lisa Ann Strichartz 

Julia Seaton Sybrant* 

Cheri Ann Timko 

Ericka Michele Trotman 

Elizabeth Amanda Hunt Van der Ham 

Michelle Dawn VanAntwerp 

I-chuan Wang 

Tracey Simone Wayne 

Kathy Lynn Wells 

Laura Elaine Wilkerson 

Gee Yeon Yi 

Wendy Marie Yowell 


Glenn Kelly Alba 
Eric Sindre Anschutz 
Kristen P. Antoniacci 
Kimberley Lynn Ayre 
Marcus Scott Badgett 
Rima Christine Barrett 
Kevin J. Barth 
Rosalind Emily Berkowitz§ 

2nd Degree: Indmdmt Studies 
Robert Lee Blandford 
Elizabeth Lea Brett 
Michael Richard Brockhaus 
Mary Pagon Buckson 
Erin Keelley Burke 
Joseph T. Byrnes 
Roberta Rose Cayer 
Susan Lee Chang 
Angelo Lucien Consoli, Jr. 
Anthony Joseph Davidson 
Christine Marie Degnan 

Michael Devlin 
Cecily AUegra Diness 
Holly Denise Duke 
Darlene Dukes 
Kevin Michael Elliott 
Steven Christopher Fay 
David Alan Feinswog* 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Molly Elisabeth Foyle 
Barbara Joan Fuller§ 
Maria Leticia Gomez* 

2nd Major: French Language and 

Judith EveGorden 
Wendy Lynn Grachik 
Tracey Renee Hagerty 
Sharon Maureen Haney 
Tara M. Hanley 
Runa Maureen Henry* 
Jeffrey Paul Hernan 
Allison Paige Herold 
Jill Christine Hess 
Tremelle I. Howard 
Rhodene Marie Hubbard 
Deborah Jane Ittner 
Susan Helene Kaminsky* 
Anna Kaufman Kennedy* 
Jinwoo Gene Kim 
Anne Louise Krouse 
Megan Phuong Le 
Rachel Anne Lemkin 
Miles Foster Leon 
Brett Darrin Magiet 
Eric W. Mason 
Jodi Kim Miller 
Diana Jean Mucci 
Daniel Albert Nagle 
Ayoka Zuri Neal 
Minh Yenthi Nguyen 
Christine Rochelle Paul 
Bruce Louis Pickus II 
Anne K. Pine 
Scott Andrew Portner 
Karen Theronia Reed* 
Barrie Rosanne Richman 
Veronica Lynn Riley' 
Laurell Ann Rinker 
David Mark Rothschild 

Douglas Andrew Sanders 
2nd Degree: Psychology 
Rachel Ilayne Schreiber 
Margaret Renee Schumacher 
Laura Jill Schuman 
Tiffany Nicole Scott 
Tanya Eslanda Skipper 
Juliette Sternman 
Andrew Van Rensselaer Stickle 
David White Tuttle 
Kristin Alice Vernon 
Shinette Smith Washington 
Beth Marie Webb 
Michelle Lyn Williamson 
Dawn Denise Young 

Urban Studies 

Michael Ray Binder 
Robert Nicholas Butzke 
Ravi N. Choudhry 

2nd Degree: Architecture 
Eugenia Carol Dan* 
Jennifer Alane Dermody 
Abir Salah Elshanawany 
Sean Christopher Geoghan 
William Thomas Gibson 

2nd Major: Geography 
Mark Alan Griskey 
Francis Leo Milner Horton, Jr. 
Eric Ronell Hurley 
Marsha Rose Kasdon 
Jennifer Fay Kimball 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Michele J. Kindsvater 
Patrick Joseph Labrousse 
Minh Quang Le 
James Rodrigo Mora 
David Glenn Murray 
Elizabeth Nedeff 
Richard Dean Phoenix 
Marc Dolgin Reibman 
Ronald Wayne Schaefer 
David Marc Schwartz 
J. Kenneth Sugarman 
Lauren Elizabeth Thompson 
Mark Anthony Tyer 
Paul Gregory Wiedel 
Corey Wilen 
Wanda Celasha Williams 

Bachelor of Science 

Paula Brumbelow 
Christopher Alan Ciamarra 
Daniel Willis Cline 
Joseph Reed Faasen 
Jeffrey James Fleuette 
Susan Marie Gillettet 
Chad Jordan Godhard 
Robert E. Henriod 
Christopher Michael Jackman 
Keith Zane Kaminsky 
Marc Todd Kravitz 
John Frederick Moomau 
Michele Sabulsky 
Jon Edward Sandelin 
Michael Andrew Wharton 


Beth Kimberly Abrams 
Scott Mitchell Aidlen 
Kenneth Guy Browmt 
Bryant Carter 
Josephine F. Corigliano 
David Thomas Cunningham 
Dolores Eileen Dixon 
Michelle Frances Dolan 
Daniel Jay Feinstein 
Risa Teri Fox 
Lisa Marie Glotzbach§ 
Debra Beth Goldman 
Merry Elaine Griffin 
Kristin Lindon Jensen§ 
Tanzeena Kabir 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Marcia Christine Keating 
Julie Ann Kraff 
Moiuca JaTonya Lathan 
Michelle Leah Levine 
Toni Michele Lewis 
Maurice Gilbert London 
Gloria Marta Minadeo' 
Kelly Anne O'Brien 
Myong Soo Oh 

§ Sumnm cum Laude 
f Maj^na cum Laude 
* cum Laude 



O F 


R Y L 

N D 



Allison Beth Olenick 
Thomas Alan Paredes 
Sandra Michelle Paul 
Matthew Stanislaus Prince 
Karen Roscoe 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Douglas Andrew Sanders 

2nd Degree: Soaologi/ 
Laurie Michele Sherman 
Janice L. Steinbach 
Jennifer Ellen Thompson 
Patricia Eileen Watson* 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Tracy Michelle Wieland 



Bachelor of Science 

Sosanya O. Adebisi 
Stacey Rachel Altbaum 
Mahideep Singh Badwal* 
Jennifer Jane Bates 
Kristen Dale Baumgarten 
Matthew Emilio Bay 
Robert Michael Behrens 
Rachel H. Bell 
Allison Paige Better* 
Shahzad Akram Bhatti 
Heather Jo Biggs 
Chad Everett Blackiston 
Nancy Jean Bonnar 
Peter Dennis Boone 
Derek J. Brent 
Karen Denise Brown* 
Kenneth Francis Brown 
Leslie Ann Brownstein 
Wendy Elizabeth Burke 
Lucas Leon Camacho 
Jacqueline Ann Carroll 

Michele Anne Cerra 
Jaya Chattopadhyay 

2nd Major: Finance 
Li Chen 
Michael S. Cho 
Amy Beth Cloth 
Patrick Lenane Coffey* 
Thomas L. Coffman 
Mara Lynn CoUiver 
Christopher John Comstock 
Kristy Ellen Cunningham* 
Kelly L. Davis 
Maureen Cecilia Denver 
James Stuart Douglas 
Leslie Eileen Doylet 
Aaron Matthew Dudley 
Panhavoudh Till Duong 
Neil Aaron Eisenberg 
Jennifer Anne Ellis 
Pamela Renee English 
Carl Geijer Erickson 
Reginald Sevilla Escalante 
Mary Joanne Fait 
Kevin Christopher Fallon 
Maureen Beth Fitzpatrick 
La tony a Fogle 
H. llene Frank 
Jennifer Beth Geare* 
Sean Michael George 
Ivan Scott Gerstein 
Igor Goldburtt 
Suzanne Gordon 
Cynthia Grabow 
Marc Scott Greenberg* 
Kelly Jo Groves 

Felixon Azores Guadalupe 
Gary Alan Hall 

2nd Degree: Finance 

3rd Degree: Transportation 
Brian David Hampel 
Diana Robin Hartsteint 
Ruth Lisle Hatcher 
Charles Lloyd Henley* 
Joel Thomas Hickey 
Deborah Jeanette Hickox 
Frederick James Howarth 
Josefine Hsu 
Ronnette Latrice Hurley 
Shawnette Lajuan Hurley 
Corinne Anne Ingham* 
Charles Michael Inokon 
Solomon Israel 
Elduise Joyce Johnson 
Timothy P. Johnsont 
Edward Brian Kahn 
Annie Yateh Kao 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Aida R. Kiely 
Patricia Jean Kim 
Virginia Sun Kim 
Kevin Andrew Kimball* 
Jason Scott King 

2nd Major: Finance 
Kimberly Beth Kistner* 
Lawrence Lee Klumpp 
Jennifer Lynn Kreiss 
Raymond Eugene Krouse§ 
Sherry Shuk-Yin Lam 
Philip Joseph Latona 
Andrew Michael Lax 
Jennifer M.A. Lello 
Cindy Laura Levine 
David John Levush§ 
Erik Anders Lindenhall 
David Michael Maged 
Jeffrey Andrew Markowitz 

Jill Marie Martinson 
Mehssa Ann McCoUigan* 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Sharon Marie McDowell 
Michael Thomas McNiff 

2nd Major: Finance 
Bryan S. Mikoy 
Stephanie Gay Millard 
Duane Eric Miskelly 
Dennis Patrick Murphy 
Heather Leigh Muse 

2nd Major: Finance 
Siew Wai Ng 
Steve Huy Nguyen 
Maria D. Nunziato 
Kexan Michael O'Brien 
James Lee Oliver 
Douglas James Palowitch 
John Shinil Park 
Linda Marie Pasqual 
Michael Clinton Perez 
Beatrice Pierre 
Danielle Eunika Piper 
Walter Calley Pittman II 
Jennifer Ellen Pochet 
Lisa Danielle Raiford 
Jayashree Ramaswamy 
Arthur Craig Robinson 
Fabrizio Adriano Roman 
Ira Jeffrey Rosen 
Jonathan D. Sablah 
Shari Lynn Saltzman 
Steven Mark Samowski 
Vandana Kumari Sawhney 
Janine Angela Scott 
Willie K. Senn, Jr. 
Amish Mukund Shah 
Kenneth Patrick Sharp* 
Katherine Lynn Silas 
Anjula Kaur Singh* 
Wannapa Lisa Siriamnuaypas 
Joyce Ann Stratton 
Jeffrey Vincent Talente 
Jeremy Tang 

2nd Major: Finance 
Robin Leigh Taylor 

§ Sumtna cutn Laudc 

f Magna cum Liiudc 

* cum tMude 


F O 



Neil Edward Teehan 

Paul James Thick 

Julie Anne Thompson 

Franklin Howard Tippett 

Drena Diane Todd 

Pooja P. Varma 

Brian John Wallers 

Julia Marv Warring 

Susan Ellen Wasdyke 

Patricia Joan Watsont 

Tammy Lynn Weaver 

Mary Elizabeth Weicks-Jordan 

Michael Scott Wetklow 

John Henry Williams III 

Gary G. Wise 

Elizabeth Zayas 

Pamela Jill Zimlin 


Karen Diane Adamski 
Ajay B. Ajmera 
Sooho Bae 

Kelly Elizabeth Baldwin 
Michael Joseph Berman* 
Brian Deon Brown 
Scott R. Brown 
David Carl Burbank 
Doran Jak Butuche 
David Wayne Capino 
Stephen James Carpenter 
Carl Owen Casserly 
Glenn John Catherwood 
Naveen Chaudhary 
Marguerita Maria Cheng 
Alice Hsiu-Wei Chi 
Mui Lien Chow 
Emily Ann Clark* 
Katrina Michelle Collins 
Stephen Robert Cower 
David Lawrence Crabtree 
Kurt Savio D'Souza 

2nrf Major: Marketing 
Gerald Ralph Davis, Jr. 
Todd Wilson Davis 
Demetrios Nicholas Diavatis 
Steven Marc Dworkin 
David Brian Etzler 
Mitra Marie Ezzati 
L. Marlon Fields* 

§ Sutnma cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* rum Laude 

Jason Eric Fisher 
Francis Patrick FitzMaurice, Jr. 
Tracy Maria Flemming 
John Peter Garcia 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Kimberly Ann Getchell 
Vishva Kishor Gheewala§ 
Kathleen Bridget Gillen 
Timothy Patrick Gleeson 
Keith Alan Goldan* 
Thomas Alan Gray 
James Michael Grueff 
Gary Alan Hall 

2nd Degree: Accounting 

3rd Degree: Transportation 
Phillip Edward Hall 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Patrick James Haney 
Jodie Lorraine Harris 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Jye-Shin Hsieh 

2nd Major: General Business and 

David Keith Hummel 
Ronald Martin Jacob 
Anuj Jain 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Laura Antoinette Jordan 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Annie Yateh Kao 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Jeffrey Frank Kimsey 
Victoria M. Klaiber 
Cynthia Dawn Klein 
Thomas Andrew Kotuba 
Janice E-jiun Lai 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Lisa Jean Lenderman§ 
Michael Alan Liebowitz 
Wilbur Howard Long 
McKinley Robert Lowe 
John William Lukasiewicz 
Donald William Lundgren* 
Rahul K. Mahajan 
John Edward Mandish II 

2nd Major: Transportation 

Stephen Gleason Marcil 
William Lewis Martin II 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Angelo M. May 
Melissa Ann McColligan* 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Andre Stephen McCoy 
Scott Matthew McGraw 
Jason Seth Neches 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Kirk Christian Nelson 
Tina Lynn Norton* 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Chin H. Park 

Alexander Genrikh Pimenov 
Gregory Barton Pollock 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Robert Edward Poulin 
Bradley Lyle Pursel 
Michael Gerard Rafferty 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Daphne Jo Reaume 

2nd Maior: Marketmg 
Vincent Roper Redmond 
Michael Aaron Reich 
Samuel Shapiro Rosenblatt 
Kelly Richard Sanders 

2nd Major: Transportation 

Anita Saxena 
Mark Allen Seaman 
Pouya Sedghi 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Amit Sethi 
Mohammed Shamari 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Virginia Stacy Short 
Charles Curtis Shupe 111 
Richard Christopher Sien 
Joel Mark Silver 
Chris Alexander Simotas 
Kevin Dennis Smith 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Timothy Allan Smith 
Jenifer Brooke Sorkin 
Erik Stafford§ 
Stacey Lynn Sussman 
William Christopher Thorpe 
Ibrahim Tubbaji 
Tracey Susan Utter 
Michael Louis Venturi 
Robert Lee Vines 
Katrina Demaria Walker 
Lana Lavern Walker 
Eric Christopher Wasiuta 
Carol Lynn White 
Darby Marie Whitmore 
Anthony Wayne Williams 
Jason Christopher Wilson 
Sharlene Anna Wong 
Amy Lynn Wurster 
Yasemin Yiicelik 
David Peter Zimmerman 
Angeline Theresa Zine 

General Business and 

Catherine P. Andres* 
May-Belle G. K. Ang 

2nd Major: East Asian Languages 

and Literature 
Fadi Zaki Bahou 
Samuel Bruce Balsam 
Bonnie Earlene Berry 
Lisa Marie Berube 



O F 


A T 



Scott Carlton Bridgers 
Stanton Louis Brownt 
Amber Lyn Chaney 
Christa Mary Childs 
Lilian Maria Coelho 

2nd Major: Finance 
Stephan Matthew Costa 

2nd Major: German Language and 

Patricia Leonard Dawson 
Michael Thomas De Hetre 
Nishantha Champika De Silva 
Himanshu V. Dodhia 

2nd Major: Marketing 
James Robert Foote 
Elena Lina Garcia§ 
Frederick John Goodwin 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language and 

Manuel Antonio Granado, Jr. 
Donald H. Grove§ 
Chauncey Anderson Hall 
LaWorme Michelle Hamlin 
Wendy Michelle Harrison 
Stephen Martin Hauf 
Helen Yurchak Holmboe 
James Wesley Holstein* 
Rebecca Eve Hougnou 
Kenneth Wayne Hughest 

2nd Major: Fimnce 
Deirdre Lynette Jennings 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Matthew Steven Kavlick 
Chiang Kevin Ku 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Tzu-Ming Midgo Ku 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Matthew William Leasure* 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Scott Samuel Londont 
Diane Marie Mageau 
Ty Lindsey Massie 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Thomas Theodore Mavrikes 
Kirstin Elizabeth Mettler 

2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

Doris M. Minikon 

Tracey Anne Morell 
Jason Seth Neches 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Daniel Novak 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Tara Anne O'Brien 
Joseph Scott Parker 
Shanna Nichet Price 
Tracy Diana Rezvani 
MeUssa Beth Rosenthal 
Marcella Theresa Schneider* 
Andrew Thomas Schumacher 
Robert Leonard Schwarz, Jr. 
Manisha Sikri 
Mark Allen Snyder 
Brandon Arthur Swartz 
Stephenye Carmele Tyler 
John B. Walsh III 
Meng-Yuh Wu 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 

Human Resource 

Matthew Charles Bematz 

2nd Major: : Transportation 
Stacy Leigh Brinster 
Sheryl-Lynn Carofft 
Allison Meredith Dudley 
Kristina Ann Kasper 
Kathryn Carol Kreiling 
Sharon Marie Melson 
Michelle Christine Pakenham 
Lisa Ann Praschil 
Elissa Joy Redisch 
Megan Michaela Russell 
Thomas Gemmill Shockt 
Pamela Loveland Sipe 
Michelle Renee Solter* 
Anne Therese St. Martin 
Jacqueline Annette Stern 
Ophelia Aim Williams 

Management Science and 

Chandra Sabine Burrows* 
David Lee Chapman 

Angela Shih-Wei Dang 

Loananh Dang 

Kirk William Dunsavaget 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Won Ki Hong 

2nd Major: Finance 
Stephen Paul Kemp 
Karen Ann Kostelnik 
Bruce Edward Laible 
Robin Yu-Bin Lin 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Ryan Michael O'Colman 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Carios Emiliano Ramos 
Mary Katherine Schroeder 
Meng-Yuh Wu 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Michael Hemu Zhu 


Lori Catharine Avin 
Cynthia Lynn Bitner 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Jennifer Leigh Blount 
Christopher Carl Bragoli 
Debora Lynn Brown 

2nd Degree: Transportation 
Jeffrey Herbert Brown 
Keith John Burgess 

2nd Major: Production Maiwgement 

2nd Major: General Business and 

NataUe Fay Calarie 
Vickie S. Chang 
Shirlee Russell Christiant 
Jeffrey A. Coale 
Sharen Afia Cox 
Erin Marie Craig 
Veena Datta 

2nd Degree: Government and 

David Robert Daughenbaugh 
Karla Eyerly 
Gia Evon Ferary 
Meri Lisa Fish 

John R. Friedrich 
Jennifer Leigh Fuller 
Suha Ghannam 
Laurie Christine Gibson 
Kathy Renea Gilmore 

2nd Major: Transportation 
David Lorenzo Goco 
Brian Meredith Goff 
Adam S. Goldberg 
Jeffrey Keith Greenfield 
Dana Lauren Grube 
Andres Hardouin 
Michael Gamer Hilliard 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Tamara Jean Hughes 

2nd Major: Finance 
Aaron Milton Jenkins, Jr. 

2nd Degree: Transportation 
Tracey Ann Katalinas 
Linda E. Kaye 
Melanie Ann Keane 

2nd Major: General Business and 

John Matthew Kenyon 
Marena Paula Koorbanoff 
Stacy Charlotte Kula 
Sloane Meredith Kurtz 
Andrew S. Kyriakatos 
Jeffrey Scott Lake 
Gary Howard Leibowitz 
Corn Suzanne Levine 
Stacee Allison Lieberman 
Valerie Ann Lim 
Melissa Marie Marsch 
Michelle Athena Marsch 

§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magna cum Ijiude 

* cum Laude 





Alicia Lynne Marshall 

2nd Major: Finance 
Darren Joe McClimans 
Christopher Ryan McGee 
Jaimini N. Mehta 
Gregory L. Milsom 
Mary Christine Moore 
Nancy Kim Moy 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Shari Beth Neiderman 
Kathleen Marie Parker 
Melisa Dawn Parker 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Edward Patrizio* 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Richard Michael Plant, Jr. 
Jordan S. Podell 
Mark Douglas Powell' 
Carla Ann Pruitt 
Scott Purpura 
Peter Samuel Raskin 
Gregaulf Sabbat 
Melinda Kay Schwartz 
Jennifer Lynn Seaton 
Michael Charles Segal 
Brian S. Seligman 
Rachel Tamar Shapiro 
Eveline Belle Shum 
Gary Michael Silber 
Katherine Mary Skalny 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Christopher Sean Smith 
Steven Roy Solomon 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Shannon Elizabeth Sothoron 
Howard Benjamin Soypher 
Deborah A. Standridge 
Tana K. Stanton 
Judith Lynne Stewart 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Diane Lynn Stockman 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Massimo J. Tenaglia 
Jennifer Lynn VanCura 
Stacey S. Warthent 

2nd Major: Finance 
Julia Catharine Weber 

§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum laude 
* cum iMude 

Lara Amy Weingust 
Brian A. White 
Christine Michele Willey 
Michael S. Wolft 

Production Management 

Joseph Francis Beck 
Gislen Elena Gadpaille 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Daniel Patrick Ruark 


Francis Jefferson Bowles, Jr. 
Debora Lynn Brown 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Tae Hun Chi 
Sandra Jean DeBok 
William KenCannon Ferguson 
Semon Gebru 
Gary Alan Hall 

2nd Degree: Accounting 

3rd Degree: Finance 
Pramedai K. Hatcher 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Seth Wayne Hochman 
Aaron Milton Jenkins, Jr. 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Pauline Yoon Kyong Kim 
Michael Henry Mallard 
Lori Ann Piraino 
Wilson Lo Prekker 
Judd L. Rossman 
Monica Cecilia Velasquez 
Jeffrey Christopher Walter 
David Grant Wernek 

2nd Major: General Business and 



Bachelor of Science 

David Edward Moon 
Jonathan David Ross 
2nd Major: Physics 
Daniel Frederick Savarese 
Minhthuyen Binh Tran 

Computer Science 

Omogbemiboluwa Ibikunle 

Sanjay Arora 
Travis Leo Friel Bailey 
Jeffrey Reuben Buchoff 
Boni Caldeira 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Liqin Cao+ 

Bernard Pak Cheung Chan 
Yiu Cho Arvin Chant 
Jin Won Chun 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Vivian May Coburn 
Winston Adrian H. Cockfield 
Gonzalo De Cea-Naharro 
David Olney Dodge 
James Lyons Donohue III 
Kirk William Dunsavage 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
David C. Eccleston 
Amy Lynn Elam 
Jeffrey Albert Fink 
Darron Keith Fuller 
Jason Kieth Gaydovchik 
Howard Bradley Gobiofft 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
David Michael Goto 
Gyorgy Laszlo Grell 

Kenneth Richard Guertler 
Rajan Gupta 

Barry Eugene Henderson 
Mark Allan Holt 
Glenn Simmons Iwerks 
Tanzeena Kabir 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
William Jacob La Cholter 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Kenneth S. Lambert 
Andrew Gwo Lee 
Rockwood Edmund Lee, Jr. 
Charles Shar-Lin Leu 
Robert Vernon Lyda 
Susan Lynne Marshall 
Sallie Simone Marzouk 
Paresh M. Mistry 
Shahrokh Molavi 
William James Morris III 
Anjana Newatia 
Alicia Maria Newhagen 
Loc Phuoc Ngo 
Binh Hai Nguyen 
Ngoc-Van Thi Nguyen 
Tuy Dinh Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Matltematics 

3rd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Charles Albert Pardoe, Jr. 
John Seong Park 
Matthew Scott Piermarini 
Adil Elahi Rajput 
Ann Olivia Reid-Shaw 
Karen Roscoe 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Yvonne Pui Fung Sang§ 
Richard Lee Scutt, Jr. 
Zahid Aziz Shaikh 
Sanjay R. Shastri 
Amish D. Sheth 
John Ho Shin 
Carter Todd Shock 
John Patrick Sims 
Katherine Loraine Stearns 
Ariel Meir Tamches 
Behnam Tchoubineh 
Anuradha Abhyankar Teachout 
Cheng Chiun Tsai 
Franklin Dean Wade 
Scott King Walker 



O F 




Benjamin Clay Wallberg 
Jeffrey Stephen Webber 
Anthony Joseph Wheatley 
Dean Merritt Wierman 
Andrew Farris Wills 
Daniel Patrick Wilt 
Bi W. Yun 


Ronald G. Colyer, Jr. 
Jeimifer Juniper Lee 


Hector Emilio Barbeito 
Pravir Singh Bhatia 

2nd Degree: Physics 
James Matthew Birger* 
James Kevin Bjerkaas 

2nd Degree: Math Education 
Alison E. Bond 
Scott Kenneth Bordenet 

2nd Degree: Mecfmnical 

Sergey Brin* 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
Boni Caldeira 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Cynthia Lee Carlsont 
Laurice Hsin-yi Chow 
Scott Thomas Christie 
Brian Keith Classon§ 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Carrie Lvnn Compton 
Richard Henry Crooks 
Donna Lvnne DeWick 
BiiJi Thuy Do* 
Glenn R. Easley 
Doron Daniel Fieldst 
Michele Lynn Harper 

2nd Major: Economics 
David Te-hui Hsu 
Pohsiang Hsu 
Gather Moncier Jones III+ 
Clara Elana Kagan 
Soo J. Kim 
Jeffrey Adam Kriner 
Craig Travers Lawrence§ 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 

Jignesh Dinesh Majmudar 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Christine Annette Marinaccio 
Jose Antonio Medina 

2nd Major: Economics 
James John Michalik 
Gradv Wilson Miller rV'§ 
James Robert Barrett Morrison 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Leyla Mosavati 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Tuy Dinh Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

3rd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Diane Christina Ruth 
Elizabeth M. Shamash 
Helene Shizu Taira 
David John Talley 
Siak Meng Tay 
William Edward Teter 
Folarin Deloris Tuboku-Metzger 
Catherine Ann Williams 

Physical Sciences 

Kimberh- Ann Blet^o 
Jeffrey Bernard Campilelli 
Carol)Ti A. Costello 
Dung Anh Doan 
Paul Lynden Grant 
David C. Huang 
Michael Joseph LaCola 
Melodie Elaine Mansberger 
Michael Benjamin Murray 
Han Suk Oh 
Sanjay Jayanti Patel 
Shaju Samuel 
Nestor Henrio Suarez 
Steven Charles Turner 
Alan B. Ward 
Bruce William Ward 
Jennifer Lee Wiser 


Brent Willis Baccala 
Pravir Singh Bhatia 

2nd Degree: hAathematics 
Joseph Chie 

Jay Hong Chong 

2nd Major: Astronomy 
David Shaw Chow 
Joseph Eitzgerald Covington 
Sandip Dasgupta 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Abigail Ann Davis 
Andrea Paulina Dvoredsky* 
Zachar)' Alan Eitzen 
Jessica Arm Farah 
David F. Jarrett 
Gilead Kedem 
Bernard Charles Khoury 

2nd Major: Astronomy 
Sean Patrick Larkin 
Wayne Clark McCuUough 
Bong Chin Mun 
Paul Michael Nekoraiuk 
Jearme Marie Nuzman 
Richard Albert Schepert 
Elena Sheiba 



Bachelor of Arts 
Art Education 

Tricia Jane Blake 
Roxanne Griffin 
Miriam Gayle Gunsher 
Robert Carl Hagenbucher 
Edith Marshall Peter 
Elizabeth Susan Mary Turner 

English Education 

Andrea Michelle Baum 
Mariangela Teresa Baxter 
Erika Terese Blair 
Julie Renee Boatright 
Robert Paul Holibaugh 
Damani Konata Ingram 
Christine Elizabeth Kovach 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Joseph Michael Kulenguski 

Jennifer Joy LaRoche 

2nd Degree: English language and 

Kimberlv Jane Lewis 
Jennifer Michele Pendry 
Ana Isabel Torres 
Jonathan Barent Wemple 
Ellen Kinsella Zuyus 

Foreign Language Education 

Annamaria Christine Andreasen 
MeKnda Gail Brock 
Cirmamon Rebecca Campbell* 

2nd Degree: Linguistics 
Terri K. McClain 
Eileen Elizabeth Naughton 
Esther A. Onto Porto Carreiro* 
Susan Elaine Riser 

2nd Degree: French Language and 

Britta Andrea Schlesiger 

§ Summa cum Laude 

t Magna cum Laude 

* cum Laude 

N D 1 D 

T E S 


U N D E R G R 

D U 

T E 

G R E 

Steven K. Sharp 
Silvia Cristina Switzert 

Mathematics Education 

Albert Kuo 

Science Education 

Dana Marie Gyory 

Social Studies Education 

Barbara L. Armstrong 
Sybil Hansel Bailey 
Audrey Dianne Branson 
James Kenneth MacGregor, Jr. 
Alicia Renee McNerhany 
A. G. Montemayor 
Anna Park 

Sandra Molinari Sabioncello 
Helen Anne Sydavar 
Christine Jeanette Valenti 
Frank Joseph Vetter 

Speech and English 

Kathleen A. Colton 
Laura W. Hertz 
Brenda Alice Kahn 

Theatre and English 

Roberta H. Baker* 
William York Deerfield 
Lea Marie Dinges 
Theresa Madeline McCarter 
Kelli A. Midgley-Biggst 
Krista Denise Parker 

Bachelor of Science 
Art Education 

Jill Ellen Flanagan 
Donald Theodore Giles 111* 
Daniel Matthew Jardeleza 
Amy liana Klein* 
Maureen Ann Lohmann 
Heidi Ann White 

§ Sitmttm cum Laude 
f Mtigtin cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Business Education 

Scott Edward Foster 
Carol M.M. Garoes 
Betty LaRue Selby 

Distributive Education 

Dennis Paul Hancock, Jr. 

Early Childhood Education 

Laura R. Baum 

Jennifer Ann Brown 

Abigail Marie Goines 

Agnes Lee 

Susan Marie Mayer 

Afrodite Michas 

Lara Dianne O'Brien 

Terri Lee Rencher 

Ginger Dale Sticker-Brown* 

Sharon Diana Thomas 

Robin R. Walters 

Elementary Education 

Judith R. Agner 

Vivian Rene Aoun 

Marie Laracuente Bendik 

Stacy Lynn Berman 

Joyce Phyllis Bishop 

Wendy Ilene Blumson§ 

Donna Lynn Camden 

Keith Carswell 

Amy Beth Cavanaugh 

Anne Marie Cavanaugh 

Lily York Chin 

Nancy Jane CipoUa 

Kelly Lyn Cohen 

Joela Amber Copeman 

Kathy Lynn Corbett 

Mary Kathryn CuUather 

Maria Lena DiNenna 

Karen Letitia Eisemann 

Sheila Jennifer Feldmant 

Raymond Roger Hanagan 

Kara Anne Gallagher 

Susan Kimberly Gartner 

Nancy Lee Gately 

Elizabeth Therese-Marie Grayson* 

Katherine Towle Hake 

Denise Lee Hershman 

Molly Ann Huecker 

Diane Marie Huneycutt 

Elyse Michele Hyatt 
Tracy Joanne Inguanti 
Sandra Jo Irwin 
Kelly Anne Jones 
Jodi Lynne Kam 
Nancy Huff Kapp 
Sheryl Yvoiuie Krakow 
Jean Olenichak Kugler 
Patricia Ann Larsen 
MaryLouise Latini 
Eun Joo Lee 
Lauren Jill Levitan 
Angela Kay Lewis 
Dana Raquelle Lucas 
Helen Ann Manuel 
Julie Sullivan McHugh 
Jeannine Lee Merritt 
Christiane L. Miller 
Michelle Louise Mills 
Amy Ehzabeth Moore 
Lynn Dana Nathan-Parese 
Angela McGarvey Ogbum 
Christy Leigh Peters 
Alison Kay Pluznik 
Maria V. Psaromatis 
Shari Lisa Radetsky 
Amy Marie Reese 
Julianne Carroll Sackett 
Kim Meredith Salts 
Jane Frances Sander§ 
Kristina Diane Simkins 
Dina Michele Singer 
Kristen Meschelle Smith 
Lori Diane Soper 
Vonda Lee Sweitzer§ 
Tamra Michele Tarr 
Tracey Leigh Teach 
Shawn Rachelle Thomas 
Diane Alison Volpe 
Christin Samantha Walsh 
Hilary Cheryl Wilson 
Lori Kay Yaag 
Carolyn Ann Ziffer 


Lisa Elaine Washington 

Home Economics Education 

Amy Lynn Tucker 

Industrial Arts Education 

Thomas Gore Meyer 

Industrial Technology 

Louis P. Alar 

Vincent Edward Amatucci 
Mark Harrison Cada 
Ross Peter Corbett 
James Howard Gray 
Dennis Ray Kelley, jr. 
Joseph Scott Marinelli 
Thomas Alan Melbourne 
Fulvio Padova 
Brian Roger Poore 
Maziar Rastgoudamavandi 
Ronald Robert Rizzi, Jr. 
Michael Sami Sansur 
Evan John Snyder 
Caroline Jean Spahr 
Mark David Winakur 
Young Han Yi 

Mathematics Education 

Kristina Lee Bell 
Kristi Rich Best 
James Kevin Bjerkaas 

2iid Degree: Mathematics 
Susan Kathryn Boehlert 
John Michael Congleton 
Ottilia E. Kerr 
Donna Marie Kiernan 
John Harold Ring* 
Catherine Thom Riverat 
Mary Lee Sadler 

Music Education 

Rebecca Jean Sa\ ard 
Renee Elizabeth Todd 

Science Education 

Jon Kenneth Boone 
Raymond Joseph Crowell 
Sara Jane Haering 
Jennifer Mary Kidder 
Kelly Ann Lewald 
John Michael Martin 



O F 


A T 



Joon Myong 

2nd Degree: General Biological 

Deborah Richards 
Sherry Anne Staples 

Secondary Education 

Eva Harboe Milne 
Julia Heather Wadlin 

Secondary Education 



Ehan Arlette Leake 

Secondary Education 

Fan Chen Fu 

Social Studies Education 

Stephen Patrick Adley 111 

Charles Bush Askew 

Hyong J. Chon 

James Warren Holdemess 

Angela Bridget Kelly 

Chiaki Maehara 

John Lawson Narvell IV 

Eric Jon Olsen 

2nd Degree: History 
Walter M. Pasquini 
Tara Ann Will 
Lori Jane Zook 

Special Education 

Sarah Lufkin Brunkow 
Mary Thomasina Daily 
Patricia Lyrui Doak 
Carol Lee Hamblin 
Paula Marie Hayden 
Linda Carol Ir\'inet 
Diane Johnson 
Davenia Vanessa Jones* 
Laurel Michelle Manthey+ 
Deborah Ann McDonald 
Shari Nicole Milhnan 
Sheila Denise Mulcahy 
Victor Woodrow Nicholas 
Gerald R. Piatt 

Beth Anne Porter 
Robin Lynn Ratner 
Kara Lianna Reed 
Candace Marie Reno 
Karen Elizabeth Riley 
Mary Jo Ruggeri 
Marcie Sherr Satosky 
Lawrence Cameron Savage 
Marci Rachel Schneider 
Juhe Kay Tomasik 
Anita Louise Winslow 
Naomi Gayle Yett 
Donna Lee Zubalik§ 

Theatre and English 

Katherine Ann Alspaw 
Elizabeth Banks Edwards§ 


Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Farbod Afkhami 
Scott Linwood Armiger 
Andrew Mark Baker 
Louis Allen Bouma 
Steven Patrick Bums* 
Chienyee Chen 
Marco Andres Concha 
Michael Edward Dehner 
Michael Edward Dolan 
D. Craig Drake 
J. Scott Drennan 
Erik Scott Ferlanti 
Jon Kirk Forst 
Gary David Hoehn 
Michael Peter Hurley 
Edgar Andrew Hurtado 
Michael Kevin Hutchinson 
Ayman Yusuf Jarrah 
Jason Donnell Jennings 
Ron Sheldon Keplinger 
J. Corde Lane* 

Edward Gray Little 
Philip Seth Margolies 
Robert Lee Matthews 
Mark Eugene Melton* 
Michael Lynn Miner 
Steven Thomas Nassau 
DUene Marie Nelson 
Phat Tan Nguyen 
Eric Michael Pearson 
Chuong Duy Pham 
Gerald Dennis Rainey 
Michael Sullivan Resner 
Timothy Curtis Rivenbark 
Thai John Sheridan 
Clifford Bergman Smith* 
Matthew Herbert Smith* 
Douglas Davis Snyder 
Burtis Terry Spencert 
George John Tansill 
David D. Webb 
Preston Maurice Wood 
Scott Douglas Yackley 
Tarek Hisham Zahid 
Andrew Scott Zumbrum 

Agricultural Engineering 

Mitchell A. Greger 

2nd Degree: Mechanical 

Chemical Engineering 

Shireen Akhter 
Brent Griffin Anderson 
Z'Lia Elaine Brown 
Karl Thomas Duckworth 
Sugianto Hanggodo 
Eric Lawrence Maase 
Deanna Virginia Madarang 
Ehsa Maria Martinez 
Jacques Benjamin Miles 
Kendall Scott Morris 
Richard Sutton Pepersack 
Sunil Saini 
Roscoe A. Sincere 
Brian James Sines 
Christopher John Terrillt 
Kyong Bae Yoo 
Nejib Sadik Yousef 
Sung Won Yun 

Civil Engineering 

Arthur Mikael Antonelli 
Loretta Bemiece Barranger 
Ibrahim Ismail Basalamah 
KeNin Andre Brown 
Michael James CayeHi 
Barbara Cenalmor 
Theresa Cecelia Cooke 
Virginia Lynn Edmiston 
Jason Scott Engelhardt 
Gregory Wayne Filar 
CaroUne Frances Flaherty 
Nestor Armando Flores 
Patrick Donald Hager 
David Pickering Hamilton 
Christine Lynn Hartmann 
Stephen Tracy Houff 
Leigh Margaret Howell 
Deborah Lynn Johnston* 
Jennifer Dawn Jurgens 
Ira Harris Kaplan 
Kathryn Elizabeth Ketteridge 
Thomas Michael Krauth 
Desiree Adair Lopasic 
William Bruce MacLaren 
Vincent Paul Mammano 
David Jan Pabley 
Yogesh A. Pate 
Martin Eric Patt§ 
MacGregor Hume Paul 
Dana Petranova 
Cynthia Lee Pyles 
Michael Edward Renn 
Jerry Thomas Ricciardi 
Gregory Alan Rose 
Scott Richard Rose 
Eric Wilmer Simmons 
Ian Malone Stack 
David Domirxic Tacchetti 
Lorraine Claire Tennant 
Amadou Tejan Wadda 
James Joseph Yienger* 
Kevin Edward Young 

Electrical Engineering 

Pavan Kumar Agarwal§ 
Brian Redford Bailey 
John Yahya Beklik 
Solomon Tsegay Berhe 

§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magtia cum Laude 

* cum Laude 





Richard Everett Bishop 
Hans Alexander Breden 
Ralph Tzion Brenner 
Timothy Patrick Bresnan 
Christopher Scott Brundick 
Brian William Buchner 
Linh Tat Bui 
Angelo Campini 
Caroline Dey Case 
Shao Whei Chang 
In )oon Chu* 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
Jin Won Chun 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Brian Keith Classon§ 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Terrance Lynn Clingang 
Derrick Duane Cobey* 
Robert Charles Cochran 
Brian Michael Crapoff 
Michael Steven Cuviello 
Eric Stephen Cygnarowicz 
Sandip Dasgupta 

2nd Degree: Physics 
Melissa Marie Dauby 
Anthony Owen Dazzo 
Maurice E. De Vidts 
Duy Hong Duong 
Femie Cesar Felix 
Gregory William Flynn 
Karl David Freeh 
Christopher Scott Fuchs 
John Stephen Gessner 
Syed Amir Ghyas 
Lonnie Russell Glerum 
Raquel Yvette Gordon 
Inna Gorin 
Bradley Paul Gruss 
Najmul Hasan 
Brian Lance Hastings 
Vincent Scott Hawkins 
Chang-An Ho* 
Yun-Juin Hoffman 
Gary Eugene Hoover 
Bradley E. Hough* 
Pankaj Kalra 
Anita Kaul 
Nikodimos Kifle 
James Richard Knight 

§ Sumnia cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Ijiude 

Mark Eugene Kohler 

Anoop Kohli 

Johnnie Athena Konstantas 

Jumoke Oluwakemi Ladeji 

Tung Lam 

Christopher Scott Lanser 

Craig Travers Lawrence§ 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
James Patrick Leavy 
Edward Yu Lee 
Paul Anthony Lennon' 
Yee Fan Leung 
Gen-lu Lin 

Theodore Frederick Linnenkamp 
Jeremy Michael Logue 
Jignesh Dinesh Majmudar 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Jeffrey A. Mann 

Priyadarshee Deeptarag Mathurt 
Paul Alan Maynard 
Duane Joseph McCormick 
Jay Edward McCoy 
Praveen Kumar Meesarapu 
Daniel Eric Monk 
James Robert Barrett Morrison* 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Leyla Mosavati 

2nd Degree: Mathe>natics 
Diemhuong T. Nguyen 
John Tan Nguyen 
Rick Huu Nguyen 
Thien Nguyen 
Tuy Dinh Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

3rd Degree: Mathematics 
Tuyet Nguyen 
Antonios Minas Nicolaidis 
George Joseph Papcun 
Salil Arvind Parikh* 
Dong Chul Parkt 
Jung Min Park 
Matthew Songlun Park* 
Michelle Renee Patton 
Long Ngoc Pham 
Eric M. Poh 
Debashish Pradhan 
Thomas Dean Robbins 
Tesfay Sebahtu 
Surojit Sengupta 

Majid Reza Seyedin 
Nabil Shaheen 
Julie Winnie Shiu 
Kewan M. Siahatgar 

2nd Degree: German Language and 

Marcus Allen Smith 
Daniel Rabin Steinbergt 
Adam E. Sternberg 
Richard Frederic Strub 
Suvir Suren Sujant 
Michael Howard Tall 
Steven Nghi Tang* 
Tak Kit Tongt 
Daniel Vi Tran 
Hien Dinh Tran 
Thanh-Thuy Thi Tran 
Daniel Jerry Trout 
Ting-Fai U 

George Andrew Wallst 
Jia-Ye Wangt 
Thomas Lyden Wehrung 
Jennifer Joelle White 
Lisa Anne Wolff 
Christopher Michael Wolfson 
Hui H. Wu 
David Albert Yacono 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Kirk Thomas Brimmer 
Scott Lee Brown 
Jae Hoon Choi 
Richard Alexander Daley 
Steven Cameron Donnelly 
William Y. Dumayas 
Kevin James Kelly 
David Lawrence Klepitch 
Mark Anthony Lazo 
Jeffrey Charles McLaughhn 
Mark Randy Regimbald 
Jon Christopher Scheer 
Robert J. Thompson 
Jay Howard Torner 
Steven Eugene Ungert 
Michael David Widdekind 

IVIechanical Engineering 

Michael C. Apergis 

Rhea Baker 

Heather Marie Barrowman 

Glen Nasser Bell 
Scott Michael Blair 
Scott Kenneth Bordenet 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Antonio Martinez Bouza 
Rodney Allen Butler 
Michael Cline Cash 
Stewart Paul Castro 
Glen Stewart Causey 
Robert Niel Clark 
Stephen Christopher Dassoulas§ 
David Charles Dodson 
Steven G. Doll 
Francisco J. Dominguez 
Sean Fleming Durbin 
Jonathan David Edwards 
Michael McLeod Farr 
Jackson Scott Foster 
David Patrick Fries 
Sarantos Demetrios Georgopoulos 
Delmar Lewis Gillus, Jr. 
Nadine E. Grant 
Padraic William Gray 
Mitchell A. Greger 

2nd Degree: Agricultural 

Jeffrey Brian Haendler 
Bonnie Lynn Heard 
Paul Joseph Hickey 
Lora Marie Holt 
Paul Allen Hutchins, Jr. 
Christopher Garfield Irwin 
Richard Todd Jones 
Patrick J. Jordan 
David John Kalil 
Sang-Kyu Kim 
Kristin Lee Kraske 
Michael David Lanier 
Atapattu M, Madawala 
Heather Adele McAleer 
John Andrew McNelia 
Matthew Martin McTigue 
Jonathan Mark Middleton 
Kevin Michael Murphy 
Hanna Khalil Nazzal 
Steve Matthew Nemecek 
Dung Quang Nguyen 
Elaine Papavasiliou 
Mark Richard Parker 
Michael Joseph Pease 
Charles David Piercet 



O F 


A T 



Shane Eric Powers 
Michael Jared Pullias 
Joseph Alexander Rauseo 
Ian Allan Rubin 
Mark Ian Rubin 
William L. Ruiz 

2inl Major: Economics 
Neal Roger Sereboff 

2nd Degree: Agricultural 

Kevin Eric Simmons 
Panayiotis Antonis Simonis 
Jeffrey Bower Stroud 
Karen Surprin 
Timothy Dean Sweeney 
Lorenzo Taylor II 
Vu Huy Tran 
Richard Christian Troy 
Michael Hoi Ming Tse 
Nutan Anandu Vemekar 
Michael Jason Wallace 
Roy Lawrence Webb 
Dean Werner Wiggs 
Byong Chan Yim 
Kevin Mecheil Young 
Matthew Joseph Youngmann 
Sang Ho Yu 
James Francis Zahniser 
Khalil A. Zaied 
Raazi Alan Zain 

Undesignated Engineering 

Patricia Rose DeLuca 
Jason Edward Floyd* 
Kendra Mylene Foltz§ 
Hamideh Hamidein 
Larry Darnell McAfee 
Mark Alan Pella 
Robert A. Sealock 
John Patrick Tyler 


Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Meredith Diane Bodine 
Suzanne Lynn Brown 
Daniel Frederick Capshaw 
Roslyn Elaine Coleman 
Darlene Rene Daniels 
Patrice Kathleen Esposito 
Robin Abigail Feldman 
Lorena Todio Fister 
Kelly Noelle Fleshman 
Christine Ann Frazee 
Thembi Walene Garrett§ 
Suzan Maria Gibbs 
Jodie Michelle Gordon 
Monte DeShaune Hanes 
Candace Marie Harmon 
Lisa Desiree Harrell 
Nicole Jane Hopkins§ 
Denise Michelle Horvath 
Richard Jen-Chieh Huang 
Kimberly Lynn Huffman 
Jennifer Renee Kerdock 
Craig Joseph Kripas 
Dwuana Michelle Lee 
Dana Beth Moscowitz 
Maria Herlinda Munoz 
Tiffany Ann Nalepka 
Jody Gayle Newman 
Laura Ten Eyck Nichols 
Anna Maria Theresa Padlan 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Jodi Nicole Polsky 
Elyse Faith Rallo 
Charisse Deloris Rhone 
Tameika Yvette Richet 
Amy J. Rush 
Maria Ann Simon 
Nichole Leonet Simons 
Nancy Tara Stave 

Elinor Marie Walker 
Tisha Tynell Washington 
Jennifer Marie Weicker 
Julie Ann Wells 

Health Education 

Amy Elizabeth Gravell 
Cynthia Marie King 
Alison J. Leskowitz 
Loraine Elizabeth McLarty 
Willard Alexander Sturdivant III 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Gary Allen Berger 
Michelle Lynn Blountt 
Thomas LeRoy Butler 111 
Darren Antuan Colvin 
Stacy Lynn Eichwald 
David Scott Gearing 
Brett Adam Gordon 
Roxanne Lucille Green 
Christine Lee Gregory 
Kimberly Ann Hammett 
Ian Lent 
Clifford F. Long 
Pamela Hilary Love 
Robert Michael Maurer 
Suzanne Marie Panek 
Rebecca Lynn Pelicano 
Andrew James Perlin 
Douglas Michael Sanford 
Lori Anne Sebastian 
Daniel A. Segar 
Dana Radel Smith 
Kimberly Beth Solomon 
Christina E. Sziladi 
Paul David Weir 

Physical Education 

Lorraine Mary Area 
Maureen Lynn Carter 
Christine Ann Ewing 
Gunnar Edward Hempelt 
James Michael Mantzouranis 
Joshua Lambeth Montfort' 
Amanda Anne Stevenson 
Dean Brooke Swink 


Patricia Joanne Bliss 
Matthew Dennis Brady 
Yoshitaka Iwasaki§ 
Charles Robert Kallas 
Tina Rose Lagana 
Ronald Paul Reagan 
Martha Ellen Revis 
Martha Renee Robinsont 
Scott Michael Rosen 
Dena Brooke Sackstein 
Theresa Toner-Polk 




Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

Shanna Beryl Goldt 
Pamela Jo Hite 
Susan Elizabeth Jones 
Jin Hee Kim 
Shelly Ann Martin 
Keisha Bonita Matthews 
Faith D. Peskin 
Ellen Avellar Sloane 

Community Studies 

Lisa Renee Donaldson 

Consumer Economics 

Harry Adam Balsamo 
Audrey Michelle Beard 
Nicole Anyika Bouknight 
Shaun Alvin Burwell 
William Bosco D'Souza 
Joseph Anthony Gargano 
Charlene Andrea Gayle 
Greg Mitchell Gerson 
Shane Hallen 
Brad S. Hendrick 

I Siimmn cum Laude 

f Magna cum Laude 

* cum Laude 

N D I D 

T E S 




Christopher James Henry 
Kristen Laura Johnson 
David Marc Kaminsky 
Lou Kawira 
Ross Adam Kellman 
Robert S. Landow 
Esther Lynn Lyons 
Danielle Denise Manouelian 
Tracy Renee McDonald 
Scott Mathew McMahon 
Howard J. Mofshin 
Lance Allan Moody 
Bryan Ted Orr 
Martha Sharon Parker 
Pota Louise Perms 
Sue Ellen Michelle Peters 
Betty A. Rutishauser 
Nestor Armando Sainz 
Geoffrey David Schwarz 
Lori Robyn Shotlander 
Karen Elaine Smith 
Sidney Clarence Smith, Jr. 
Robert John Williams 


Ivorine Barnes-McGhiet 

Family Studies 

Barbra Ellen Klein 
Kimberly Marie Ondick 
Wenyi Shu 

Alison Beth Tarnofsky 
Matthew Merrell Winger 

IVIanagement and Consumer 

Jennifer Ann Apfelbaum 
Maryellen Arias 
Steven Louis Atkocius 
Julie Anne Brandt 
James Paul Crowe 
Judy Frances Holliday 
Jeffrey Carl Jung 
Cynthia Khalil Kassis 
Jonathan Drew Keller 
Anna Lisa Malakates 
David In Park 
Edit Reizes 
David Aaron Unterman 

Melinda Sue Witczak 
Susan Kelly Zeccardi 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Jessica Lauren Arthur* 
Allison Dana Barren 
Todd Matthew Bennett 
Lisa Suzanne Borga 

2mi Degree: Psychology 
Kristin Kathleen Chase 
Mary Yunjong Cho 
Liliana Escobedo 
Nicole Fenchel 
Pamela Gay Holland 
Jennifer Jablon 
Lisa Beth Kaplan 
Audra Lynn Kincaid 
Dana Leigh Knoll 
Jennifer Hee Lee 
Ellen B. Lindenauer 
Dina Nassim Matar 
Jeffrey Scott Miller 
Jill Michelle Neches 
Erika Lea Nelson 
Loan N. Nguyen 
Dawn Marie Ogelsby 
Margaret Catherine Owens 
Germaine C. Palangdao 
Amy Brooke Perkins 
Claudia Elise Richmond 
Jamie Alyssa Rubin 
Ellen Marie Simpson 
Sheryl A. Stahl 
Shelly Bracha Tepper 
Alexandra J. Trent 
Lynne Louise Trueheart 
Tamiko White 
Sun K. Yang 

Textile Science 

Geraldine Niebauer 



Bachelor of Arts 

Dominique Marie Bourdet 
Jennifer Lynn Bragg 
Jill Paige Brandt 

2ud Major: Spiiiiish Language and 

Mary Alison Burns 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Dennis John Camlek 
Christopher Lee Campbell 
Mitchell Lloyd Caplan 
Jennifer G. Cetrone 
Nicole A. Chrysostom 
Dana S. Cohen 
Elizabeth Nan Cummings* 
Constance Marie Davis 
Jennifer Louise Dix 
Tonya Doby 
Sharon L. Donovan 
Jodi Lynne Douglas 
Aimee Elizabeth Firor 
David Cell 

Miranda Toney Gladding 
Charlene Elaine Glee 
Shana Noel Goldfaden 
Davida Marie Grantt 
Danielle Francine Hamilton 
Bret Gavin Hansen 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Cheryl Elizabeth Haser 
Sangeeta Joshi 
Lee Ann Kim 
Kathleen Ann Kinney 
June Rebecca Kurtzt 
John Patrick Lanasa 
Joseph Benedict Leano 
Linda Carr Lee 
Jo- Ann Miranda Leitch 
Suzanne Lepofsky 
Michelle Stacey Mayers 
Jessica K. Michaelis 
Marni Modelevsky 

Tara Lynn O'Reilly 

Rosemary Ostmannt 

Ana Carolina Pica-Wenderoth 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language and 

Nicholas Gregory Pronko 
Karen Ruth Rae 
Suzan Diane Revaht 
Sara Rosen* 
Guillermo Sanchez 
Rosalee Francesca Sanchez 
Tina Renee Savoy 
Schlain Schmidt 
Douglas Marshall Scoville§ 
Lauren Jill Sklar 
Leslie Gray Streeter 
Alexandra Andreas Tzoumas 
Robert Daniel Velasco 
Kristen Glenn Vickerman 
Erek Sinclair Walter 
Wendy Ellen Wildfeuer 
Jacquelyn Elizabeth Williams 
Lisa Meredith Yungmann 

Bachelor of Science 

Luis Filipe Alexandre 

Eileen Berlin§ 

Jennifer Dianne Callaway 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Michelle Lyn Daigle 
Edward Lawrence Danielian 
Mark Allen Davenport 
Melissa DeBoard 
Diane Marie Duffy§ 
Pamela Ann Dziuba 
Terri Lynn Patricia Egan 
Jennifer Rose Fishman 
Eric William Foulger 
C. Nicole Freydberg* 
Frederic Paul Gallun 
Kara Nicole Gerlach 
Cynthia Elaine Glass 
Marc R. Hausman* 
Edward L. Heard, Jr. 
Allison Leigh Held 
Laura Christine Joehl 
Lisa Michele Kaiser 

§ Sunimti cum Laude 
f Mn'^tm cum Litude 


U N I V E R 

1 T Y 

O F 


A T 



Julia Marie Kiraly 
Brian Harris Krinsky 
Christopher Jeffrey Lawrence 
Thomas Robert Lucia 
Catherine Maureen McCuUough 

2n(l Degree: Government and 

Holly Diana McGann 
David Edwin McGregor 
Amy Suzanne Newman 
Jonathan William Ozer 
Jane Sunhae Paek 
Jennifer Rose G. Pascaran 
Nancy Michiko Pasternack 
Benjamin Frederic Plavin 
Helena S. Seymour 
Nancy Ellen Spencer* 
Lisa A. Tawney 
Kimberly Christine Testerman 
Elizabeth Hope Ticknor 
Rolandmarie Ann Turner 
Kimberly Michelle Valdez 
Tien Luu Vu 

Stephanie Michele Wayda 
Tonya Whitfield 
Lam Wong 


Bachelor of Science 


Scot Christopher Collins 
Asika Kumudini De Silva 
Audrey Maria Fernandes 
Marc Corey Fitzgerald 
Tammv Lynn Galitzer 
Heidi Lynn Hiebt 
Alexander Daekyung Kim 
Victor Huy Hoang Lam 
Nga Xuan Luu 
Velma Ann Reed 
Baotram Le Truong 
Lorissa Ann Villa 
Heui Gyeong Y00+ 

Biological Sciences 

Kevin Randall Bach 
Alison Leigh Berry 
Cristine Ann Chesnek 
Neeli Anne Clute 
James Edward Cody 
Todd Eric DeFelice 
Tara Danielle Ditmore 
Michael Jay Feldstein 
Nathan John Felix 
William Peter Ferencz 
Tracev Cristine Fleischer 
Richard Todd Funk 
LeShawn Erica Gee 
Tanya Geiger 
Nicole Cassandra Gernett 
Rajiv Kumar Goel 
Anay Goyal 
Thomas L. Huang 
Sun Ah Kim 
Eva Fleur Kubiczek 
Amanda A. Lara 
Chanan Levy 
Seth Jeremy Marquit 
Todd M. Mayer 
Catherine Elizabeth Nickle 
Namita Varma 
Seema Verma 


Jung ah Baek 

Michael Andrew Bogdan§ 

2nd Degree: Zoology 
Barbara S. Chong 
Lewis Scott Davis 
Tefera Gezmu 
Tat Chi Ho 
Ward Bond Jacox 
Liza Shinae Lee 
Antonette K. Malabey 
Vella Cristina Mitrot 
Michael A. N'Ghere-elshengo 
Janna Marie Patterson 
Douglas Stewart Purvis 
Michael Adrian Rice 
Kathleen Marie-Burch Robbins 
David Benjamin Walters 
Jessica Lynne Walters 
Jay Steven Weiner§ 

Chun Hsi Yeh 
Joon Shik You 
Misook Yu 

General Biological Sciences 

Leila Afshar 
Ezell Askew, Jr. 
Brenda Austin 
Damien L. Baker 
James Edward Balow, Jr 
Mojgan Besharat 
Sharvari Bhatt 

Thomas Wayne Bonagura, Jr. 
Tanya Marie Butler 
Ramon Buhay Calalang, Jr. 
Lavinia Olivia Calis 
Vincent Cappello 
Aaron Ross Chidakel 
Lisa Rachel Edenbaum 
Basil Adnan Eldadaht 
Terri Lynn Fisher 
Richard C. Forsythe 
Jeffrey Lewis Friedman 
Kathleen Michele Gardner 
David John Garman 
Rebecca Christine Gilbert 
Jeanine Maria Gordont 
Eugeania Patricia Green 
John Matthew Hardin 
Tania Lvnn Hudson 
Ahamed Jiffry Ismail 
Tammy Marie Jamison 
Camille Nicole Jones 
Gerald Ian Keller 
Mehran Khadivi 
Eunjin Kim 
David Charles Krell 
Po Ming Lam 

2nd Degree: Criminal justice 
Katherine Elizabeth Lavery§ 
Denise Renee Lewis 
Shawn Grafton Lowman 
Michael William Maas 
Yolanda Chamelle Mason 
Alok Narain Mathur* 
Alejandro Maynard 
Heather J. McAnulty 
Joon Myong 

2nd Degree: Science Education 

Hina Naseem 

Matthew Aaron Nissenbaum 
Manizhe Elizabeth Noorisa 
Eric Joon-Shik Park* 
Hina Kanti Patel 
Ricardo A. Perez 
Anuja Rastogi 
Tanuja Rastogi 
Douglas P. Robbins 
Stacey Elizabeth Robbins 
Kara Michelle Ruzicka 
Key a Sau 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 
Craig Frederick Schaefer 
Laurie Anne Schuessler 
Sarah Elizabeth Sedriks 
Tara Lee Seyfer 
Erika Brosius Smyth 
Dora Srev 

Terri Lorraine Staley 
Jonathan M. Strickland 
Tracey Marie StuUer 
Millinda Jane Taylor* 
Shelley Lyne Tayman 
Renee A. Thomas 
Karen Denise TurnbuU 
Michele Marie Urban 
Dawn Marie Utara§ 
Arma Rose Velasquez 
Susan Ellen Vickers 
Neveen S. Wahab 

2nd Major: Economics 
Paul Markley Ward 
Rachel Tracy Ward 
Steven Irvin Wener 
Wendy Renee Williams 
Barbara Faye Willis* 
Theresa Lynn Wilson 
Stephen Thomas Woods 
Meng-Shien Wu 
Hoon Dae Yu 
Maryam Zavar 
Craig Elliott Zinderman 


Azita Afshar 
Anthony Dane Brown 
Jeannie Dan Ling Chan 
Ngoc M. Chu 

§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 

■ runt i and, 


T E 



D U 

T E 


Ani Cimen 
Dawn Malaika Curtis 
John Andrew Davis 
Tara Eskandari 
Stuart Arthur Gaines 
Jhumka Ghosh 
Monica Isabel Gonzales 
Stuart Richard Hart 
Chiler Hasan 
Tabitha Kimberly Hill 
Jaroslaw R. Kalka 
Sarah Ruth Krimins 
Noel Desingco Lara 
Farzaneh Makarehchi 
Oon-Soo Ng 
Tan Minh Ngo 
Bao-Thuy L. Nguyen 
David Michael Portesi 
Paul Dominick Repace 
Sanjay Suresh Shukla 
Karen Amy Silverman 
Regina Yvonne Tozzi 
Khoi Quang Iran 
Robert Ra-Nien Tseng 
David Mark Weitzman 
Margaret Susan Williams 
Dawn Michele Williamson 


Alisa Ann S. Alano 
Mohamed Ayube Igbal Ally 
Douglas James Amspaugh 
Peter Arensburger 
Michael Andrew Bogdan§ 
2nd Degree: Chemistry 
James M. Brock 
Heather Irene Cohen* 
Francisco G. Comas 
Kimberly Lee Dailey 
Dorothy Patricia Pedis* 
Kevin David Grayson 
Deborah Ann Herendeen 
Sabrieta Rejeanne Holland 
Haseeb Hassan Kazim 
Tami P. Lass 
Thanh-Hieu Thi Ngo 
Cecilia D. Padlan 
i Anita Natalia Phillips 
I Daven Charles Presgraves 

I ^ Summa cum hiiHie 
, f Magna cum Uiutte 

Monica Calderon Ridgely 
Paula Joy Rucki 
Eddy Fernando Ruiz 
Eric Joseph Schrider 
Emily Graves Severancet 
Chris Haejung Shin 
Kimberly Lynn Snyder 
Tuananh The Vu§ 
Lamar Dean Zoetfel 




Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Joseph Michael Aiello 
Lisa Michelle Armstrong 
Rosalind Emily Berkowitz§ 

2nd Degree: Sociology 
Kimberly Lynne Glaviano§ 
Jennifer Marie Harris§ 
Walter Edward Leon 
Stephanie Natter 
Kay Lawrence North 
Michael James Seibert 
Heather Anne Skapura 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Kim Marie Brazerol 
Gloria Gottlieb Brown* 
Karen Sue Buehler 
Rodney Carroll Caldwell 
Emilie W. Emshwiller 
Alfred R. Guerieri, Jr. 
Patrick Joseph Hannon 
Carol A. Jones-Horton 
Joseph William Kern 
Ian Victor Lagowitz 
Dianne Helen Lambert 
Margaret Ann Maguire 
Mara Dawn Mlyn 
Garry R. Pritchett 
Garrick Wayne Reid 
Marne Joan Rochester 

Sean Vaughn Scott 
Roger William Simpkins, Jr 
Todd Garrett Sullivan 
Karen Marie Truman 
Jillian Louise Vermaat 
Darryl Edward Wright 
Rory Kirstein Zuckerman 

Bachelor of Science 
Individual Studies 

Kirsten Margaret Bergstrom 
Jason Todd Birnhak 
Jeffrey Lee Eiseman 
Andrew Jon Krouk 
Herbert Eric Martin 
Kenneth John Patrick O'Neill 
Nolan Elliott Penney 
Karen Joy Solofsky 
Marc I. Tobias 


Afro-American Studies 

Antonia Renea Cheatham* 
Latithia Rochelle Prince* 
Joel C. Wilson** 

East-Asian Studies 

May-Belle G. K. Ang 
Uen M. Lee* 
Michael Aaron Reich 

Liberal Arts in Business 

Alison Irene Natter** 

Women's Studies 

Brenda Austin 

Jill Natasha Brooks* 

Jodie Crivella 

Anju Gupta 

Anna Kennedy 

Mila Kofman 

Kristine Kowalski 

Nicole Sherrice Norwood* 

Deborah A. Save* 
Leon F. Shartsis 
Tara J. Sheldon 
Karen Leah Tad more* 
Jessica Weinberg 
Julie Williams 

Awarded December 1992* 
Awarded August 1992" 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Sean Patrick Larkin 
Burtis Terry Spencer 



O F 


A T 




Adams Group Award to the out- 
standing Journalism senior in 
May 1993 
Eileen Berlin 

Isidore and Annie Adler 
Scholarship Award (Dept. of 
Chemistry and Biochemistry). 
Steven Poole 

Administering Council for Theatre 

Award (Dept. of Theatre). 

Nancy Arnold 

Mary Arras 

Ben Plavin 

Mark Rimer 

Laura Thornburg 

Advertising Sequence Award to the 
outstanding Journalism seiuor in 
December 1992 
Kevin Morris Peck 

Aerospace Engineering Department 
Academic Achievement Award. 
Sherman C. Lo 

Agricultural Alumni Award present- 
ed to a senior whose leadership and 
service has contributed most towards 
the advancement of the College of 
Tracy L. Heame 

Agricultural Engineering Department's 
Outstanding Senior Award. 
Paul J. Hishmeh 

Alpha Rho Chi Medal to a graduat- 
ing student of architecture who has 
made a distinctive contribution to 
school, life, embodsdng the ideals of 
professional ser\ ice and leadership. 
Michael David Greigg 

Alpha Zeta Freshman Award to a 
full-time student in the College of 
Agriculture in recognition of scholas- 
tic excellence during his or her fresh- 
man vear. 
Johanna M. Froelich 

American Association of University 

Women, College Park Branch 


Elizabeth Regnier Beil 

Suzanne E. Prickett 

American Defense Preparedness 
Association Award (AFROTC). 
Sean P. Larkin 

American Helicopter Society 
Outstanding Achievement Award 
(Dept. of Aerospace Engineering). 
Andrew M. Baker 

American Institute of Aeronautics 
and Astronautics Outstanding 
Achievement Award to the student 
who has made the most outstanding 
contribution through scholarship and 
service to the student branch. 
Robert L. Matthews 

The American Institute of Architects 
AIA Certificate to a graduating stu- 
dent of architecture for academic 
Robert Daniel Weaver 

The American Institute of Architects 
AIA Medal to a graduating student 
of architecture for outstanding over- 
all academic achievement. 
Maurice Carroll Walters III 

American Institute of Chemists 
Award to an outstanding senior for 
scholarship in chemistry and bio- 
Lucie Yang 



N D 


R D 

American Legion Outstanding Senior 

Award (AFROTC) to the cadet best 

described as the Outstanding ROTC 


Sean P. Larkin 

American Legion ROTC General 
MiHtar)' Excellence Award 
(AFROTC) to a senior (Gold Award) 
in the upper 25 percent of the ROTC 
class, and who has demonstrated 
outstanding qualities in mihtary 
leadership, discipline and character. 
Sean P. Larkin 

American Society of Agricultural 
Engineers Scholarship 
Award-Maryland ASAE Section. 
Guillermo F. Mendoza 

American Society of Agricultural 
Engineers Student Honor Award. 
Neal R. Sereboff 

American Society of Agronomy Award 
to the outstanding senior in agronomy 
who has demonstrated superior schol- 
arship, leadership activities and per- 
sonal traits (Dept. of Agronomy). 
Jill E. Petrisko 

American Society of Civil Engineers 
Outstanding Senior Award. 
Lawrence J. Egan 

American Society of Mechanical 
Engineer's Senior Award . 
Kevin M. Young 

Analytical Chemistry Award (DepL 
of Chemistry and Biochemistry). 
Anh Luu 

James R. Anderson Award (Dept. of 


Susan Gillette 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Scholarship Award. 
Serge Plishevsky 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award — Masters. 
Jeffrey Raymond Pulford 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award — Senior. 
DIna Marie Chin 

School of Architecture Dean's Thesis 
Award for Fall Semester 1992. 
Jennifer Lynn Carney 

School of Architecture Faculty 
Award for Academic Excellence. 
Allen Thomas Beall 

School of Architecture Faculty 
Award for Excellence in Design — 
Robert Gilbert Griffith 
IVIelissa Kay Wilfong 

School of Architecture Faculty 

Award for Excellence in Design — 


Shawn IVIichael Watts 

School of Architecture Special 
Award for Service to the School of 
James Cole Solomon 

Baltimore Sun Journalism 
Scholarships for Minority Students 
(College of Journalism). 
Edward Heard (Senior 
Dan-Thanh Dang (Junior) 
Shanon Murray (Sophomore) 

Robert Battista Award recognizing an 
outstanding senior conducting research 
in the area of Organic Chemistry. 
Michael Bogdan 

The Bechtel Award (Dept. of Civil 


Dan Kubican 

The Harold R. W. Benjamin 
International Fellow presented to a 
worthy graduate student majoring in 
Internahonal Education or 
Comparative Education. 
Julia R. Bates 

Paul Berg Scholarship Award 
(College of Journalism). 
Elizabeth Cummings 

B'nai Zion Award for Excellence in 


Gutman Andrew Craig 

Bode Prize (Dept. of English). 
Eleanor E. fleginbotham 

Broadcast News Award to the out- 
standing Journalism senior in 
Broadcast News (College of Journalism). 
December 1992 
Rhonda Ann Boarman 
May 1993 
Diane Duffy 

J. Y. Bryan Prize for Investigative 
Reporting (College of Journalism). 
Jessica Gregg 

J.Y. Brvan Prize for Photography 
(College of Journalism). 
Lisa Helfert 

James Edward Miller Chapman 
Scholarship (College of Business and 
Cynthia Ritchie 

Chemistry Society of Washington 
Award to the outstanding senior in 
the Department of Chemistry and 
Reno Nguyen 

Chicago Chapter SFPE Scholarship 
Award (Dept of Fire Protection 
James P. Begley 

Civil Engineering Cfii Epsilon 
Outstanding Senior Award. 
Martina T. Driscoll 

Civil Engineering Department 
Chairman's Award. 
Raymond Gore Bolton 

Civil Engineering Department 
Oustanding Senior Award. 
Deborah L. Johnston 

Computer Science Department 
Undergraduate Scholarship Awards. 
Nirupama Chandrasekaran 
Samuel Lamphier 
Ariel Tamches 
Huazhang Xu 
Chengyin Ye 

Computer Sciences Corporation 
Scholarship awarded to the out- 
standing entering computer science 
Sivan Ritenstreich 

Commander's Trophy to a senior cadet 
who exhibits outstanding corps leader- 
ship and is exemplary in all aspects of 
character, behavior, attitude, and aca- 
demic excellence (AFROTC). 
Paul M. Oldham 

Charles Connor Scholarship Award 
from the Baltimore Propeller Club 
(College of Business and Management). 
Lori Piraino 

Ms. Tipton Stringer Conrad 
Scholarship Award (Dept. of Theah-e). 
Jenni Blong 



O F 


A T 



Margaret Cook Award by Prince 
George's County Heritage, Inc., and 
presented by the Prince George's 
County Historical and Cultural Trust 
to a graduate student in recognition 
of excellence in the field of historic 
preservation (Sdiool of Architecture). 
Mary Anita Conway 

Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award to 
the outstanding research gradual 
students in the Department of 
Botany during the last year. 
Robert B. Bertram 
Gregory R. Wolfe 

CRC Press, Inc., Freshman Award 
(Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry). 
Karl Kevala 

Creative and Performing Arts 

Scholarship Awards (Dept. of Theatre). 

Mary Arras 

Rob Crites 

Michael Naleszkiewicz 

Mark Rimer 

Susan Daugherty Scholarship Award 
(College of Journalism). 
Jennifer Dix 

Dean's Scholarship (College of 


Jennifer Day (Junior) 

Elaine Rae Rubin (Sophomore) 

Anne Tallent (Freshman) 

Philip L. DeCamara Jr. Memorial 
Scholarship Award sponsored by the 
American Fire Sprinkler Association 
to an outstanding senior (Dept. of 
Fire Protection Engineering). 
Scott A. Hill 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food 
Association Scholarship Award 
(Dept. of Agronomy). 
Jill E. Petrisko 

Delta Nu Alpha — Chapter 23 Award 
(College of Business and Management). 
Lori Piraino 

Delta Nu Alpha— Chapter 84 Award 
(College of Business and Management). 
Sandra DeBok 
Lori Piraino 

Delta Sigma Pi Award (College of 
Business and Management). 
Erik Stafford 

The Frank DiFederico Book Award 
to the outstanding graduating under- 
graduate major in the Department of 
Art History and Archaeology. 
Barbara Fleet Matthews 

Dudley and Louisa Dillard Prize in 

Economics to the outstanding senior 

majoring in economics. 


Neena Kumair Chaudhry 

David Joseph Gelb 


Marc William Solomon 

Drake Award (Dept. of Chemistry 
and Biochemistry). 
Charles Fox 

Education Alumni Award presented 
annually to a high academic achiev- 
ing undergraduate or graduate stu- 
dent in the College of Education. 
Gloria Angel 

College of Engineering Alumni 
Service Award. 
Clifford B. Smith 

College of Engineering Alumni 
Student Achievement Award. 
Kewan M. Siahatgar 

College of Engineering Dean's 


Mary Katherine Lee 

College of Engineering Leadership 


Patricia DeLuca 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Electee 
Award to a new member for out- 
standing performance in the electee 
program and for participation in stu- 
dent activities. 
Spring 1992 
Robert Bourque 
Fall 1992 
Soma Sau 
Peeraboon Hongladarom 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior 
Award to a senior in electrical engi- 
neering for outstanding scholarship 
achievement and service to the soci- 
ety and department. 
Spring 1992 
Sanjeev Shukia 
Fall 1992 
Tracey Smith 

The William L. Everitt Student 
Awards of Excellence presented by 
the National Engineering 
Consortium to outstanding students 
majoring in electrical and computer 
engineering who have demonstrated 
leadership and professional interest 
in communications and computers 
(Dept. of Electrical Engineering). 
Pavan K. Agarwal 
Brian K. Classen 

Fire Apparatus Manufacturers 
Scholarship Award (Dept. of Fire 
Proection Engineering). 
Richard A. Daley 

Fire Protection Engineering 
Chairman's Award. 
Jay H. Torner 

Fire Protection Engineering Faculty 


William Y. Dumyas 

The Morris Frankel Scholarship 
given to a graduate student pursuing 
a career working ivith disabled 
Sheri Meisel 

Friends of the College awards pre- 
sented annually to a high academic 
achieving undergraduate or graduate 
students (College of Education). 
Christine Carr 
Marcja Fallon 
Jairo Fuertes 
Maria Gomez 
Elizabeth Grayson 
Karen J. Helfrich 
Donald Himes 
Amy Hutchens 
Oavenia Jones 
Joey Jones 
Teresa Lunn 
Yonia Mickelson 
Christy Peters 
Janice White 

Emmet Gary Scholarship Award of 
the Maryland State Golf Association 
to students in agronomy displaying 
academic proficiency, participation 
in extracurricular activities, and who 
have an active interest in golf turf 
work (Dept. of Agronomy). 
Brian Grace 
David Smith 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial 
Medal awarded by the Prince 
George's County Alumni Club to the 
outstanding graduating seniors from 
Prince George's County. 
Karin M. Thiessen 
Dawn M. Utara 





Sidney and Sally Goldreidi Dunmrntback 
Scholarship Award (College of 
Debra Durocher 

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Awards 

(Dept. of Qiemistrvand Biochemistry). 

1992 Recipients 

Heidi Hieb (Biocliemistry) 

Lucie Yang (Chemistry) 

The Walter J. and Elmira Staley Hahn 
Scholarship Award to an undergrad- 
uate student committed to a career in 
elementary education. 
Julie Giorgio 

Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award. 
(Dept. of Theatre) 
Mary Arras 
l^ura Thornburg 

Hovd B. Heimer Scholarship Award 
(Dept. of Fire Protection Engineering) 
Daniel B. Szepes 

The Donald B. Hirsch Award for 
Foreign Language Proficiency 
Edmund A. Blaik 

The Donald B. Hirsch Prize by the 
Language Center for outstanding 
work in foreign language study witli 
revelance to international culture, 
commerce, and diplomacy . 
Chinese: Stephen J. Yates 
French: MajCi D. Mattamal 
German: David Patrician 
Hebrew: Steven A. Newman 
Italian: Judith Chalkley 
Japanese: Guy Klemens 
Russian: Jennie Anne Levine 
Spanish: Laura H. Warnocl« 

Walter V. Hohenstein Fellowship 
Award (Phi Kappa Phi). 
Martin Eric Patt 

Willia F. Holin SchoUrship Award 
(College of Business and Management). 
Alicia Block 
Jeffrey Lake 
Lorraine Leipold 

The Joyce Tavloe Horrell Award to 
the graduating undergraduate 
English major with the highest over- 
all GPA (Dept. of English). 
Monica R. Willis 

Josepli Houppert Memorial 
Shakespeare Prize to the undergrad- 
uate student for the best essay on 
Shakespeare during the academic 
year (Dept. of English). 
Kimberly K. Cutright 

Howard Penn Hudson Scholarship 
Award (College of Journalism). 
Jenifer Mattos 

The Homeland Garden Club of 
Baltimore Award (Dept. of Horticulture) 
James Scarborough 

The Institute of Electrical and 
Electronics Engineers Outstanding 
Student Award to a member who has 
shown outstanding commitment to 
the organization and to the Electrical 
Engineering Department. 
Robert Ackerman 

Jay Jackson Scholarship Award 
(College of Journahsm). 
Lisa Yungman 

The Joe Elbert James Memorial 
Award (Dept. of Horticulture). 
Eric C. Burkness 

Rolf Jensen & Associates Scholarship 
Award to an outstanding junior or 
senior with a demonstrated interest 
in Fire Protection Engineering con- 
Christopher A. Fiedler 

Kappa Tau Alpha Graduating Senior 
Award to the graduating journalism 
senior with the highest academic 
average (College of Journalism). 
December 1992 
Mark G. Steimer 
May 1993 
Eileen Berlin 

James H. Kehoe Leadership Award. 
Ian Rubin 

Ethel Kesler Leadership Award pre- 
sented by the Department of Campus 
Recreation Services to the women 
adjudged to have provided the high- 
est degree of leadership and service 
to the recreational needs of students, 
faculty and staff at the university. 
Cassandra Moore 

Ladies Auxiliary to Maryland State 
Firemen's Association Scholarship 
Award (Dept. of Fire Protection 
Jon C. Scheer 

Leidy Scholarships Award to out- 
standing juniors in the Department 
of Chemistrv and Biochemistry. 
John Douglas Burke 
Nwamara Dike 

Peter P. Lejins Memorial Award. 
William Gordon Minkin 

The George Levitine Book Award to 
an outstanding graduating under- 
graduate major in the Department of 
Art History and Archaeology. 
Minako Ehara 

Link-Shanks Award (Dept. of 


Andrew Keniston 

Isabel R. MacDonald Memorial 
Award to an outstanding graduate 
Bonnie Pearson 

Albertus Magnus Award (Dept. of 
Chemistry and Biochemistry). 
1992 Recipient 
Dennis Winkler 

The Donald Maley Scholarship 
awarded annually to a high academ- 
ic undergraduate student. 
Stephen Petrina 

Marsh & McLennan Scholarship 
Award (Dept. of Fire Protection 
David L. Klepitch 

Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press 
Association Award (College of 
Elizabeth Chang 
Ivan Penn 

Maryland State Firemen's 
Association Grant (Dept. of Fire 
Protection Engineering). 
George J. Lannen 
Chalmer T. Lowe 

Mechanical Engineering Department 
Academic Achievement Award. 
Fred A. Householder 

Mechanical Engineering Department 
Chairman's Award. 
Stephen C. Dassoulas 

Merck Index Awards (Dept. of 
Chemistry and Biochemistry). 
Allen Burton 
Milad Pooran 
Jay Weiner 

Mobil Oil Scholarship Award (Dept. 

of Computer Science). 

Deborah M. Brundage 

Dennis R. Grant 

Li-Ching Lynn Ho 

Thomas Gold Owen 

Cherice L. Tyson 

Huazhang Xu 

Chenguin Ye 



O F 


A T 



Montgomery County Press 
Association Scholarship Award 
(College of Journalism). 
Elizabeth Cummings 
Dana Hedgpeth 

Andrew J. Moyer Memorial Award 
to a deser\'ing graduate student 
Dept, of Microbiology). 
Robert Danaher 

National Defense Transportation 
Association Scholarship Award 
(College of Business and 
Sandra DeBok 
Erik Kjome 

National Defense Transportation 
Association Scholarship Award 
(College of Business and 
Francis Bowles 
Kattiy Gllore 
Seth Hochman 
Lorl Piraino 

National Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship 
Award (Phi Kappa Phi). 
Michael David Grant 

News Editorial Sequence Award to 
the outstanding Journalism Senior in 
News Editorial (College of Journalism). 
December 1992 
Carolyn S. Myers 

NOR-AM Turfgrass Scholarship 
Award given annually to a turfgrass 
student in the last year of his/her 
academic program to aid in the pro- 
fessional development of future turf- 
grass managers (Dept. of Agronomy). 
John Pullaro 

James R. O'Neil Scholarship Award 
(Dept. of Fire Protection Engineering). 
Kevin J. Kelly 

The Phillip L. and Ora T. Ordwein 
Scholarship Annual award to a 
minority undergraduate or graduate 
student majoring in the field of early 
childhood elementary education. 
Myra Cephas 

Outstanding Academic Performance 
(Dept. of Electrical Engineering). 
Daniel S. Welle 

Outstanding Student Award (Dept. 
of Agronomy). 
Jill E. Petrisko 

Park and Resource Conservation 
Foundation Scholarship Award 
(Dept. of Agricultural Engineering). 
Martha Shrader 
Rachel Wallace 

The Pelczar Graduate Award. 
Dingbo Zhou 

The Hugh Perkins Fellowship to an 
outstanding student in the Institute 
for Child Study. 
Edmund Chia 

Phi Delta Gamma, Sigma Chapter 
Award for excellence in interdisci- 
plinary research at the graduate 
Ana Simoes 

Phi Kappa Phi Chapter Fellowship 

.Award (Phi Kappa Phi). 

Mlla Kofman 

Jay Steven Welner 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award 
(Dept. of Mechanical Engineering). 
Matthew E. Roberts 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding Service 
Award (Dept. of Mechanical 
Matthew E. Roberts 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding 
Sophomore Award (Dept, of 
Mechanical Engineering). 
Summer L Gilbert 

Gertrude Poe Scholar (College of 


Lisa Clagett 

Prince George's Heritage Fellowship 
Award (School of Architecture). 
Linda Marie Oravecz 

Jane M. Prichard Scholarship Award 
to the outstanding teaching graduate 
student in the Department of Botanv 
during the last vear. 
Roxanne H. Fisher 

Public Relations Sequence Award 
awarded to the outstanding 
Journalism senior in Public Relations 
(College of Journalism). 
December 1992 
Mark G. Stelmer 
Rebecca MarnI TIckton 
May 1993 
Rosemary Ostmass 

The Judith K. Reed Scholarship to an 

outstanding graduating major in the 

Department of Art History and 


Anne Omeda Brockett 

Robert M. Ri\-ello Scholarship in 

Aerospace Engineering Award to the 

junior in the Department of 

Aerospace Engineering who has 

attained the highest overall academic 


Walter J. Stevens 

Sacks Foundation Tuition 
Scholarship Award (College of 
Business and Management). 
Valerie Lim 

Robert W. Schirmer Award to the 
outstanding students for scholastic 
achievement, demonstrated ser\ice 
and leadership (Dept. of Fire 
Protection Engineering). 
Mark A. Lazo 

The J. Logan Schutz Scholarship is 
named after the former executive 
director of the Alumni Association. It 
is given each spring to an undergrad- 
uate who has at least a 3.0 GPA and 
is based on the student's abihty to 
balance schoolwork, extra-curricular 
activities, and any outside work 
(Office of Alumni Programs). 
Eve Kllndera 

Leland E. and Cathenne B. Scott 
Award to the outstanding graduate 
student in the Department of 
Dingbo Zhou 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the 
to the outstanding senior in 
Stuart Richard Hart 

The Sigma Circle of Omicron Delta 
Kappa Leader of the Year to mem- 
bers who have demonstrated the 
most outstanding leadership within 
the circle and on the campus. 
Sheryl-Lynn Caroff 
Marc Scott Greenberg 

Sigma Gamma Tau Outstanding 
Achievement Award to the student 
who has made the most outstanding 
contribution through scholarship and 
serv'ice to the student chapter (Dept. 
of Aerospace Engineering). 
Clifford B. Smith 

Society of Automotive Engineer's 
Achievement Award (Dept. of 
Mechanical Engineering). 
Antonlos M. Nicolaldls 



N D 


R D 

Society of Fire Protection Engineer's 
Outstanding Senior Award to the 
most outstanding senior in Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Steven E. linger 

Society of Fire Protection Engineer's 
Outstanding Sophomore Award to 
the most outstanding sophomore in 
Fire Protection Engineering. 
James P. Begley 

Society of Fire Protection Engineer's 
Student Chapter Award for distin- 
guished and outstanding service to 
the chapter. 
Mark R. Regibald 

Dr. Mabel S. Spencer Scholarship 
awarded in honor of Dr. Spencer, 
distinguished former professor in the 
College of Education. A preference is 
given to student in Home Economics 
Qing Xie 

Henrietta Spiegel Creative Writing 
Award granted to the outstanding 
graduating senior whose creative 
writing efforts were judged by the 
creative writing staff to be superior 
(Dept. of English). 
Brandon Lamson 

Rueben Steinmeyer Award (Dept. of 
Government and Politics). 
KJmberly Blaine 

Robert J. Taylor Academic 
Achievement Award (Dept. of Fire 
Robert D. Golden 

Theatre Patrons Association 
Scholarship Awards (Dept. of Theatre). 
Mary Arras 
Jenni Blong 

Veterans of Foreign Wars Award to a 
senior cadet who demonstrates capa- 
bility and diligence in the AFROTC 
Burtis T. Spencer 

Washington Press Club Foundation 

(College of Journalism). 

Tanara Bowie 

Danielle Hamilton 

Leslie Streeter 

Karen LaVon Bonner 

Wnll Street journal Student 
Achievement Award (College of 
Business and Management). 
Monica A. Gibson 

Woodward-Clyde Consultant's 
Award (Dept. of Civil Engineering). 
Benedict T. Wlble 

Richard W. Worthington Journalism 
Scholarship Award (College of 
June Kurtz 

Student Commencement Speaker for 
the loiirnalism ceremony. 
December 1992 
Tanara Elan Bowie 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship Award 
(College of Busines and Management). 
Seth Hochman 
Stephen MacBride 
Larry Marlowe 
Mark Lucas 



O F 


A T 




Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy 
for the senior who has made the 
greatest career contribution. 
Evers Allen Burns 
Kevin Dennard McLinton 

Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy for 
the unsung hero of the current season. 
Daniel William Pruniik 

Atlantic Coast Conference Plaque to a 

male and female senior for excellence 

in scholarship and athletics. 

Juan Goto 

Men's Tennis 

Donna Lee Zuballk 

Women's Track and Field 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos Trophy to 
the outstanding offensive hneman of 
the year. 
Stephen Anthony Ingram 

The John T. Bell Swimming Award to 
the outstanding swimmer or diver. 
Geoffrey Bryan Wilcox 
Victoria Eileen Brennan 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the out- 
standing senior baseball player. 
Derek A. Hacopian 

The William R. Campbell Swimming 
Trophy to the senior male and female 
letter-earners who have contributed 
most to swimming. 
Jeffrey Jerome Griesbauer 
Victoria Eileen Brennan 

John Carlson Award to the outstand- 
ing team member in Men's Soccer. 
Jason Alexander Lipka 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a member of 
the football team v\ith the liighest 
scholastic average. 
David V. Marrone 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silver Trophy to 
the most improved defensive 
lacrosse plaver. 
Brian Burlace 

Jack Faber-Al Heagy Unsung Hero 
Award to the lacrosse player best 
exemplifying determination, will to 
win, and pride in accomplishment. 
Jon Schoenweitz 

Dr. John E. Faber, Jr., Silver Helmet 
Award to the football student-athlete 
for outstanding second effort this 
John Kaleo 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 
Trophy to the most outstanding 
wrestler of the year. 
David L^nd 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to the 
most valuable football player. 
IVIarcus Badgett 

Larry Levitt Memorial Award to the 

outstanding freshman men's lacrosse 


Robert George Chomo 

Peter Lowery Award to the soccer 
team member exemplifying academ- 
ic excellence, leadership and distin- 
guished citizenship on campus. 
Carmine Isacco 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy 
offered by William E. Krouse to the 
Maryland student-athlete who has 
contributed most to wrestling while 
at the University of Maryland at 
College Park. 
Stephen Thomas Woods 



James M. latum Award to the out- 
standing tackle on the football team. 
Stephen Anthony Ingram 

University of Maryland Alumni 
Swimming Association Scholar 
Athlete Award to the swimmer who 
has compiled the best combination of 
academic and aquatic records. 
Rob Fox 
Maribeth Schorn 

Dr. Reginald Van Trump Truitt 
Award to the senior attack-man in 
lacrosse for scholastic attainments 
and team performance. 
Christopher Scott Dall 

A.V. Williams Award for the 
Maryland football player who has 
exhibited outstanding sportsmanship 
during the year. 
Richard Russell Harris 

James Weaver Post Graduate 
Scholarship Award 
Stephen Thomas Woods 


U N / 

1 T Y 

O F 


A T 


G £ 




Rima Christine Barrett 
Kevin J. Barth 
David Alan Feinswog 
Maria Leticia Gomez 
Tracey Renee Hagerty 
Tara M. Hanley 
Allison Paige Herold 
Deborah Jane Ittner 
Susan Helene Kaminsky 
Anna Kaufman Kennedy 
Eric W. Mason 
Anne K. Pine 
Scott Andrew Portner 
Veronica Lynn Rilev 
Laurell Ann Rinker 
Margaret Renee Schumacher 
Tanya Eslanda Skipper 
Kristin Alice Vernon 
Michelle Lyn Williamson 
Laura Renee Woods 


Sabrina Argentieri 
Richard Alpert 
Chanchalat Chanhalasilpa 
Lee Diamondstein 
Michelle Dinsmore 
Alexis Fogel 
Shari Goldstein 
Derek Hall 
Richard Kipfer 
Gregg McLaughlin 
James Slade 

December 1992 Graduates 

Theresa Derro 
Sherri Exum 
Michael Kropff 
Pamela Norton 
Rinell Randolph 
Jason Potyk 

ALPHA ZETA (Agriculture) 

Aiz Baig 
Suzanne Borst 
Johanna M. Froelich 
Anne Marie Grunberg 
Debbie Gura 

Heidi M. Hartman 

Tracy Heame 

Peter C. Mazzocchi 

Cassandra Moore 

Kris Otero 

Gary Seibel 

Melissa Trocheck 

Jennifer P. Trout 

Jennifer Woodward-Greene 

Rachel Worrell 


Undergraduate Students 

May 1993 

Suhail Ally 
Allison Better 
Heather Biggs 
Nancy Bonnar 
Patrick Coffey 
Thomas Coffman 
Kristy Cunningham 
Kelly Davis 
Leslie Doyle 
Maureen Fitzpatrick 
Jennifer Geare 
Suzanne Gordon 
Marc Greenberg 
Ann Hammontree 
Diana Hartstein 
Ronnette Hurley 
Shawnette Hurley 
Corinne Ingham 
Timothy Johnson 
Edward Kahn 
Patricia Kim 
Kimberly Kistner 
Victoria Lee 
Cindy Levine 
David Levush 
Jeff Markowitz 
Christian McCall 
Melissa McColligan 
Maria Nunziato 
Angelica Reyser 
Fabrizio Roman 
Eran Salu 
Vandana Sawhney 




Amish Shah 
Sandeep Sharma 
Kenneth Sharp 
Margaret Shopland 
Anjula Singh 
Robin Taylor 
Frankhn Tippett 
Julia Warring 
Patricia Watson 
Pamela Zimlin 


(Business Administration) 
Undergraduate Students 
May 1993 

Douglas Allen 

Catherine Andres 

Chandra Burrows 

Natalie Calarie 

Sun Young Cha 

Walter Chang 

Shirlee Christian 

Emily Clark 

Todd DelTufo 
I Elena Garcia 
I Jennifer Geare 
I Suzanne Gordon 

Kimberly Kistner 
; Eileen Kohler 

Miriam Krasner 

Raymond Krouse 

Douglas LaBahn 

Michael Ladas 

David Levush 

Scott London 

Tranh-Phuong Ly 

Neena Mash 

Christopher Mayer 

Din Hong Mew 

Slew Wai Ng 

Derek Poulin 

Leila Ribeiro 

Douglas Ross 

Edward Sherman 

Dennis Talley 

Maryann Wyatt 

SOCIETY (C/iii7 Engineering) 

Loretta Berniece Barranger 
Michael James Cayelli 
Virginia Lynn Edmiston 
Caroline Frances Flaherty 
Christine Lynn Hartmann 
Stephen Tracy Houff 
Leigh Margaret Howell 
Deborah Lynn Johnston 
Thomas Michael Krauth 
William Bruce MacLaren 
Martin Eric Patt 
Dana Petranova 
Cynthia Lee Pyles 
Eric Wilmer Simmons 
James Joseph Yienger 

Honor Society) 

Yossi Amuial 
Elana Barrish 
Steven Adam Newman 
Daniella Barry 
Mike Breitstein 
Aliya Cooperman 
Lisa Frydmen 
Shira Kandel 
Rachel Schneider 
Meirav Rubinowitsch 
Robert Sheinbein 
Carrie Shaw 
Mindi Seidel 


(Electrical Enginneering) 
Fall 1992 Graduating Seniors 

Punit C, Aghera 
Behranemeskel T. Banko 
Karen L. Dotson 
Shobban M. Jha 
Richard M, Mack 
Hai D. Nguyen 
Yoeng S. O 
Stacey L. Smith 
Tracey M. Smith 
Steven C. Witczak 

Fall 1992 Electees 

Hsiao-Kuan Chiang 
Zaid Chieban 
Connie Chun 
Joseph French 
Marc Fribush 
Sonjai Gupta 
Catherine Hillsley 
Peeraboon Hongladaroon 
Jung Kim 
Rohit Mahajan 
Jeffrey Mann 
James R. Morrison 
Paul Qualey 
Long Nguyen 
Vikas Patel 
Soma Sau 
Doron Shalvi 
Prem Viswanathan 
Daniel Weile 
Michael Younkers 

Spring 1993 Graduating Seniors 

Pavan Agarwal 
Derrick Cobey 
Behzad Hadaegh 
Bradley E. Hough 
Hui Huawu 
Christopher Lanser 
Craig Lawrence 
Paul A. Lennon 
George J. Papcun 
Kewan Siahatgar 
Steven Tang 

Spring 1993 Electees 

Rodolfo Bonacci 
Geoffrey Boyers 
Nilanthi Fernando 
Joe Foschetti 
Steve J. Hong 
Romila Tiwary 
Bahram Toghyani 
Anathan Veluppillai 
Sze-Hong Yau 
Choon N. Yoon 


(Financial Management 
Undergraduate Students 

May 1993 

L. Marlon Fields 
Vishva K. Gheewala 
Lisa J. Lenderman 
Donald L. Lundgren 
Tina L. Norton 
Kelly R. Sanders 
Lawrence R. Stauffer 

December 1992 

Hall Butler 
Elizabeth S. Randall 
Erik Stafford 

August 1992 

Michael G. Chang 

Graduate Students 

May 1993 

Colleen Campbell-Miller 
Christopher O. CoUison 
Lee D. Penrose 

August 1992 

Meryl A. Sonon 


(Geography Honor Society) 

Paula L. Brumbelow-President 

Robert E. Henriod- Vice President 

Matthew Barry 

Sheri K. Butler 

Joseph R. Faasen 

Stephen Johanson 

Keith Z. Kaminsky 

Marc T. Kravitz 

Michele Sabulsky 


Jessica L, Arthur 
Ivorine Barnes-McGhie 
Jodi L. Chaikin 
Susan E. Hippchen 
Nicole J. Hopkins 



O F 




Brad N. Kaminsky 
Barbra A. LaPointe 
Kristin A. Link 
Linda A. Marinace 
Lyn Mailings 
Laura Ten Eyck Nichols 
Lara D. O'Brien 
Elyse F. Rallo 
Marc J. Richard 
Justina A. Spiegel 
Tina M. Stephens 
Mary Ann S. Van Duyn 
Leah V. VVarshawsky 
Patricia A. Wilson 
Amv S. Zidel 


(Dedicated to the promotion 
of the highest ideals of schol- 
arship in the field of journal- 
ism and mass communica- 

Eileen Berlin 
Elizabeth Cummings 
Diane M. Duffy 
Nai H. Ho 
June R. Kurtz 
Robin L. Mohlhenrich 
Rosemary Ostmann 
Suzan Revah 
Douglas M. Scoville 
Michelle Renee Solter 
Mark G. Steimer 
Rebecca M. Tickton 


Scott M. Anderson 
Stephanie R. Arnold 
Eileen Berlin 
Jennifer D. Callaway 
Sheryl-Lynn Caroff 
Neena K. Chaudhry 
Michelle Dinsmore 
Diane M. Duffy 
Basil Eldadah 
Renee M. Forcier 
C. Nicole Freydberg 

Lisa M. Glotzbach 

Elizabeth Grayson 

Marc S. Greenberg 

Csaba Hadas (graduated Dec. 1992) 

Diana Hartstein 

Kristin Jensen 

Sung Tae Kim 

Kelly S.Kuykendall 

Suzaruie K. Law 

Kathleen E. McCabe 

Tina Norton 

Kelly Poma 

Sean Poris 

Amy B. Saidman 

Eran Salu 

Sandeep Sharma 

Clifford Smith 

Robert Tseng 

Nahni Verma 

Andrew E. VVerchniak 

Tracy VVilkison 

Barbara F. Willis 

Lucie Yang 

Samantha Zanger 


Neena K. Chaudhry 
Michael D. Grant 
Ivan G. Marrero 
Carla D. McFaul 
Virginia L. Myers 
Jason E. Rudo 
Maneesah D. Solanki 


(National student/faculty 
society for outstanding lead- 
ership in scholarship; athlet- 
ics; social, sen'ice, and reli- 
gious activities; mass media; 
and the creative and perform- 
ing arts.) 
May 1993 Graduates 

Marv B. Arras 
Rosalind E. Berkowitz 
Eileen Berlin 
Kimberly E. Blaine 
Wendy I. Blumson 
Edward A. Botchwey 

Jennifer L. Bragg 
Victoria E. Breruian 
Jamie L. Bright 
Stanton L. Brown 
Kenneth G. Brown 
Jennifer D. Callaway 
Adam L. Carasso 
Paul H. Carlson 
Sheryl-Lytui Caroff 
Eric A. Carzon 
Neena K. Chaudhry 
Sharen A. Cox 
Elizabeth N. Cummings 
Michelle L. Daigle 
Mark S. Dereska 
Diane M. Duffy- 
Andrea P. EK-oredsky 
Basil A. Eldadah 
Joshua E. Elvander 
Kimberly D. Estrada 
Daniel J. Feinstein 
Sheila J. Feldman 
Alexis J. Fogel 
Gislen E. Gadpaille 
Frederic P. Gallun 
Elizabeth A. Gates 
Michael D. Grant 
Elizabeth T. Grayson 
Marc S. Greenberg 
Hillary J. Cruder 
Diana R. Hartstein 
AlUson L. Held 
Lea Arm Hepler 
Laura L. Hoppenstein 
Marianne J. Hwang 
Amy 1. Klein 
Hector E. Knox, Jr. 
Michael W. Kropff 
Michael D. Lanier 
Christopher S. Lanser 
Dana L. Loewenstein 
Kathleen E. McCabe 
Erika M. McClammy 
Catherine M. McCullough 
Doreen L. Miller 
Veha C. Mitro 
Scott R. Palmer 
Sean K. Poris 
Suvanu U. Rajguru 

Angela M. Rao 
Susan E. Riser 
Timothy C. Rivenbark 
Rebecca C. Rund 
James E. Rzepkowski 
Victoria A. Sanchez 
Douglas M. Scoville 
Robert S. Seidman 
Gregory J. Shaffer 
Susan H. Shin 
Eveline B. Shum 
Kewan M. Siahatgar 
Gina J. SubiUa 
Rose E. Thome 
Keri J. Tuwiner 
Michele M, Urban 
Arma R. Velasquez 
Stephen E. Vincent, Jr. 
Julie L. Wellham 
Hallie G. Winter 
Stephan T. Woods 
Samantha A. Zanger 
Donna L. Zubalik 


Leila Afshar 
Nasima Jahan Ali 
Jeffrey Brian Ator 
Matthew Howard Baker 
Jermifer Jane Bates 
Jonathan Stuart Batten 
Rosalind Emily Berkowitz 
Eileen Berlin 
Sima Benin 
Pamela Dianne Blaney 
Jennifer Aileen Blong 
Anne Omeda Brockett 
Sara Elizabeth Bruno 
Deron Cornell Burton 
Joseph Christopher Catania 
Walter Yong-Yeau Chang 
Aaron Ross Chidakel 
William Wan-Kyu Choi 
Carol Jean Corrado 
Stephanie Kamps Davis 
Emmanuelle SyKie Defaux 
Marjorie Devlin Dorak 
Andhra H. Druben 





FGrk William Dunsavage 

Andrea Paulina Dvoredsky 

Basil Adnan Eldadah 

Rachel Evelbert 

Audrey Maria Fernandes 

Doron Daniel Fields 

Elizabeth Rose Flage 

Lisa Marie Glotzbach 

Melissa Anne Goldstein 

Gervasio Gomez 

Ruth M. Graupera 

Kevin D. Grayson 

Michele Lvnn Harper 

Da\id Mark Herbert 

Steven Barry Hofford 

Teng-Chang Hsu 

Marianne Jeesook Hwang 

Olaf Lars Jaehnigen 

Kevin Edward Jenkins 

Kristin Lindon Jensen 

Marija Jevtic 

Tanya Anni Jones 

Melissa Ani Kaftarian 

Clara Elana Kagan 

Katarzyna M. Kalka 

Mi A. Kim 

Herbert Stanley Lambert 

Katherine Elizabeth Lavery 

Neil Richard Lebowitz 

Michael Joseph Leotta 

Heather Lynn Levin 

Mindi R. Lurman 

Kathleen Elizabeth McCabe 

Brian Alan Michalowski 

Grady Wilson Miller 

Jennifer Marie Mohneaux 

Steven James Moore 

Rebecca June Morrow 

Jon Kenji Nanto 

Stephanie Hope Nan'a 

Jeffrey Allen Newman 

Joseph Bang Nguyen 

Azucena Elizabeth Ortega Cedeno 

Didon Marie Pachner 

Camille Anne Peart 

Jennifer Michele Pendry 

Randee Lynn Petrillo 

Kevin Edward Plamondon 

Suvama Umakant Rajguru 

Elizabeth Stacy Randall 
Luis Costa Ribas 
Sara Rosen 
Stacy Michelle Rubin 
James Edward Rzepkowski 
Jane Frances Sander 
Yvonne Pui-Fung Sang 
Alicia Marie Schmidt 
Marina Gabrielle Schuchter 
Rena Lynne Schwartz 
Helena Shin Seymour 
Gregory Jay Shaffer 
Elizabeth Marcie Shamash 
Laura Antoinette Sheahen 
Marc William Solomon 
George J. Stathis 
Mark G. Steimer 
Christopher George Stephenson 
Shelly Anne Stickell 
Helaine Daniela Suskin 
Gavin John Sutcliffe 
Michael Marchand Swisdak 
Jennifer D. Taylor 
Lisa M. Tenley 
Karin Marie Thiessen 
Rebecca Marni Tickton 
Cynthia Elizabeth Tidier 
Catherine Louise Tidwell 
Laura Anne Trapp 
Nancy Deborah Tunis 
Michele Marie Urban 
Dawn Marie Utara 
Carla Christina Van Beek 
Nalini Verma 
Lynn Marie VicchioUa 
Laura Helen Wamock 
Patricia Eileen Watson 
Jessica Phyllis Weinberg 
Jay Steven Weiner 
Jonathan Michael Wilan 
Rita Jane Wood 
Frances Maylin Yeh 
Joanna Marie Zampi 


Shaun Abell 

Darlene Caughey Adams 
Mary Bridget AUman 
Adam P. Altman 

Reid Edward Anderson 
Christine Anthony 
Gloria A. Aparicio 
Stacey Marie Arnold 
Monisha Arya 
Afshin Atabaki 
Scott William Ator 
Phyllis Axtell 
Mahideep Singh Badwal 
Roberta Helene Baker 
Larissa E. Bank 
Dina Marie Barclay 
Michelle Lyn Berger 
Shari Lynne Bernstein 
David A. Birrer 
Jennifer Louise Blanchar 
Jonathan Charles Blum 
Maria del Pilar M. Bouza 
Erin M. Brady 
Mark J. Brager 
Cynthia O. Brasseux 
Rebecca Ann Brennan 
Doreen Lee Brienza 
Alice E. Briggs 
Karen D. Brown 
Jennifer Ann Buczek 
Dennis Bumb 
Christina Lynn Burch 
Doug Burke 
Chandra S. Burrows 
Margery Cammarota 
Ciruiamon Rebecca Campbell 
Stephanie Anne Campbell 
Cynthia L. Carlson 
Sheryl-Lynn Caroff 
Christine Haddad Carr 
Anne Elizabeth Carroll 
Laura Elizabeth Carroll 
Keith Carswell 
Eylon Caspi 
Ziad K. Cheiban 
William W. Choi 
Emily Ann Clark 
Derrick D. Cobey 
Lucinda D. Coddington 
Patrick L. Coffey 
Heather Cohen 
Connie L. Cox 
Brian T. Crane 

Kimberly Kay Cutright 

Michael Dabbah 

Dana Ann Damico 

Eugenia Carol Dan 

Catherine Callaway Dauterman 

Stephanie Kamps Davis 

Todd K. Davis 

William Y. Deerfield 

Laura Delaney 

Steven T. Dennis 

Linda Alice Di Camillo 

Binh Thuy Do 

Kathnn Elder Dobson 

Mary Patricia Doyle 

Jason Alan Dubow 

Barbara Anne Duca 

Diane M. Duffv 

Richard V. Durand 

Minako Ehara 

Jami Lynn Elkin 

Fawzi P. Emad, Jr. 

Barbara Ann Eckert Evans 

Nicholas F. Evageliou 

Rachel Exelbert 

Jill Anne Farmer 

Dorothy Patricia Pedis 

David Alan Feinswog 

Behrooz Fekrat 

Christine Susan Fellows 

Larry M. Fillhart 

C. Nicole Freydberg 

Barbara J. Fuller 

Karuna Ganesan 

Elaine D. Gaynes 

Suzan M. Gibbs 

Summer Lynn Gilbert 

Donald T. Giles III 

Patrick Lee Gilmore 

Christopher Matteo Giordano 

Melissa Anne Goldstein 

Steven S. Golemme 

Maria Leticia Gomez 

Suzanne Gordon 

Elizabeth Therese-Marie Grayson 



O F 




Marc Scott Greenberg 
B. Christine Green 
Michael R. Green 
Charles Arthur Greene 
Jennifer L. Gregory 
Jennifer Griffin 
Donald Grove 
Catherine C. Grubb 
Hillarv' Joy Gruder 
Anabela Do Carmo Guedes 
Andrew Craig Gutman 
Aric Warren Hager 
Gwendolyn Mary Frazier Hall 
Layla Hariiy 
Michele L. Harper 
Faye P. Haskins 
Meredith Leslie Heller 
Melissa F. Henry 
Lea Ann Hepler 
Jeffrey David Herrow 
Elisabeth Herschbach 
Catherine Vail Higbee 
Michael LawTence Higgs, Jr. 
Catherine Ann Hiilsley 
Susan Eileen Hippchen 
Kimberly E. Holland 
Elisabeth M. Holmes 

Donald Hopkins Jr. 
Jaiwa Alysabeth Hopkins 

Donald L. Houck 

Bradley E. Hough 

Ian Stuart Howard 

Richard R. Howard 

Patrick Todd Hurley 

Marianne Jeesook Hwang 

Erica Ruth Jacobson 

Olaf Lars Jaehnigen 

Talitha Cumi James 

Donna G. Jensen 

Frances J. Jordan 

Jodi L. Kam 

Susan H. Kaminsky 

Aaron M. Kane 

Amy R. Kanjian 

Artemis Dimitra Kapsilis 

Anne T. Keman 

Nathaniel R. Kidder, Jr. 

Kevin Andrew Kimball 

Timothy W. Kinlock 

Amy liana Klein 
Cynthia Dawn Klein 
Mila Kofman 
Eileen M. Kohler 
Jeremy Louis Korr 
Kristine Danielle Kowalczyk 
Shers'l Yvonne Krakow 
Miriam Blair Krasner 
Jumana F. Kurawadwala 
Maura Furey Kurkjian 
June R. Kurtz 
Kelly S.KuykendaU 
Shuk-Lin Kwock 
Michael C. Ladas 
William Emerson Lamb III 
H. Stanley Lambert, III 
Patricia Ann Lang 
Ke\in M. Larkin 
Michael Joseph Lawrence 
Harrison Q Le 
William Kemp Lehmann 
Elliot Jacob Leibowitz 
Doug Lemmon 
Chanan Levy 
Michael Keith Liddel 
Edward Lieberman 
Madeline Ann Alese Liggett 
Thomas M. Longazel 
Lu, Rong Ruby 
Donald William Lundgren 
Trinh Thuy Ly 
Heather Diane Lyrui 
Christiane Mallet 
Janet Marek 
Ivan G. Marrero 
Jennifer Kim Martin 
Christian S. McCall 
Rhonda Aline McClendon 
Maureen L. McDonough 
Dru Tavlor McHenr}' 
Andrew G. McLay 
Andrew DaWd Mendez 
Laura C. Messenger 
Yuki Christopher Michii 
Jennifer Adele Minear 
Margaret K. Moon 
Steven James Moore 
Mikelle K. Morris 
James J.P. Morton 

Jon K. Nanto 

Jeremy B. Neilson 

Laura Ten Eyck Nichols 

Shannon Chloe Nickens 

Pamela Lee Norton 

Tina L. Norton 

Lev No\ik 

Sharon A. Noyce 

Lara Dianne O'Brien 

John T. O'Connor 

Hugh Benjamin O'Neill 

Donna Lyim Obermeier 

Amy Lauren Odhner 

Chaka Chuba Okadigbo 

Dong Chul Park 

Camille Anne Peart 

Jonathan M. Pecot 

Rena Lvnne Perlmutter 

Cathleen Anne Peter 

Hilary L. Peterson-Finch 

Pascal Picavet 

Use Helena Pineda 

Marcus W. Plating 

Vadim Polyakov 

Patricia Franks Porcarelli 

Joamia Ruth Porter 

Esther A. Onto Porto Carreiro 

Alan L. Preis 

Kevin Price 

Michael James Price 

Mark Douglas Powell 

Qin Qian 

Paul T. Qualey 

David Charles Rafferty 

Gene M. Ransom III 

Leslie Jane Reinecke 

Ana C. Restrepo 

Veronica L. Riley 

Mary Ann C. Rinderle 

Joanna M. Ritcey 

Sivan Ritenstreich 

Aimee Jean Robertson 

Maria Rogal 

Sally Rosen 

Sharon Ross 

Brenda K. Roth 

Mema D. Roussopoulos 

Rebecca Corinne Rund 

Sabrina Salam 

Yvonne Pui Fung Sang 
Donna Belle Scheungrab 
Thomas J. Schlanger 
Britta Andrea Schlesiger 
Marcv Schlissel 
Carl B. Schroeder 
Emmett Jerrald Scott III 
Frederic Francois Se\'in 
Ian A. Shavitz 
Thomas Shock 
Daniel Shriner 
Karen Lohmann Siegel 
E. Alan Simmons 
Jennifer L. Simmons 
Birgit Simon-Morgan 
Marcus W. Singer 
Kate A. Slaugh 
Clifford B. Smith 
Julia Grace Smith 
Kristen M. Smith 
Gloverua E. Snead 
Carol Ann Sniegoski 
Karin-Heidi Sommer 
Mindy J. Spector 
Michael Denton Starsiruc 
Lawrence R. Stauffer 
Walter Joseph Stevens III 
SheUy A. SHckell 
Stoehr Ekachack Sukache\'in 
Gavin J. Sutcliffe 
Julia Sea ton Sybrant 
Susan N. Takumi 
Dennis F. Talley 
Ariel M. Tamches 
Glenn S. Tamkin 
Steven Nghi Tang 
Lisa M. Tenley 
Karin Marie Thiessen 
Dana L. Thomas 
Jennifer LsTine Thomas 
Cherie Ann Thompson 
Catherine L. Tidwell 
Norma Mitani Uemura 
Michele Marie Urban 
Carla Christina vanBeek 
John William Vanderhoof 
Toni Helmtrud Vanover 
Astrid G. vanWilsem 
Tuananh The Vu 





Ting-Hsien Wang 
Laura H. Wamock 
Shawn Michael Watts 
Janet Hanrahan Weise 
Ezekiel C. Wharton 
Jill E. Whedbee 
Tracy Lynn Wilkison 
Denise A. Wilson 
Barbara Faye Willis 
Michael S. Wolf 
Rita J. Wood 
Helene Y, Yan 
Stephen Jerome Yates 
Joanna M. Zampi 
Martin L. Zerwitz 
Catherine Elizabeth Zipf 


(National French and Italian 
Honor Society) 

Eric Walker-President 

Joseph La Marche-Vice President 

David T. Blonder 

Judv Chen 

Robyne L. Field 

Elisabeth M. Herschbach 

Majii Mattamal 

PI TAU SIGMA (Mechanical 

Heather M. Barrowman 
Scott K. Bordenet 
G. Lewis Brode 
David C. Brown 
Donna C. Buckley 
Kevin D. D'Souza 
Richard J. Duncan 
Stephen J. Freimanis 
David P. Fries 
Amit Ganani 
Aric W. Hager 
Bonnie L. Heard 
Jill M. Hershey 
Adrian A. Hood 
Fred A. Householder 
Arvinder S. Kakar 
. Dung T. Le 
Edward Lieberman 
David A. Moldvay 

Jason A. Parcover 
Michael J. Pease 
Joseph C. Poindexter 
Shane E. Powers 
Michael J. Price 
William R. Rothrock III 
Craig I. Schlenoff 
Kevin E. Simmons 
Marc K. Sours 
Michael J. Wallace 
Monica R. Watkins 
Robert A. Wolf II 
Robert F. Woo 
Michael W. Wu 
Jeffrey W. Zach 
Beverly Zarr 


(Fire Protection Engineering) 

Joseph J. Dahlstrom 

Samuel A. Denny 

Steven C. Donnelly 

William Y. Dumayas 

Bjarne C. Hagen 

Don Hopkins, Jr. 

Douglas A. Ingerson 

Richard R. Kaiser 

Kevin J. Kelly 

Rohit Khanna 

David L. Klepitch 

Mark A. Lazo 

Mark R. Regimbald 

Robert G. Rehwoldt 

Brian T. Rhodes 

Daniel W. Rice 

Jon C. Scheer 

Douglas P. Stoltz 

Steven E. Unger 


Edmund A. Blaik 
Kristina Brown 
Jo Caherty 
Cinnamon Campbell 
Kirsten Dahlberg 
Ana Maria Fisher 
E. Shanti Foster 
Katherine Free 

Frederick Goodwin 
Tania Hamilton 
Denise Hayes 
Katrin Marshall 
Nina Martinelli 
Teresa McClain 
Eileen Naughton 
Rhonda Newton 
Kristin O'Connell 
Marcela Olivares 
Kathleen O'Neill 
Martha Blanca Palmer 
Irene Pantells 
Maria Pelaez 
Darlene Reese 
Claudia Rios 
Rebecca Rund 
Aida Sabato 
Isabel Saboia 
Marie Sampah 
Cytnhia Tidier 
Caria VanBeck 
Laura Wamock 
Heidi Weiss 
Eric Wert 

Rebecca Wilkinson 
Karen Winn 


Emiho Garcia Prieto 


(International English 
Honors Societij for 
Outstanding English Majors) 

Sean M. Ambrose 
Daniel M. Amdur 
Kamila Bajwa 
Jennifer A. Blong 
Doreen L. Brienza 
Edmond Y. Chang 
Radiclani Clytus 
Dana A. Damico 
Rachel Exelbert 
Neil P. Fallon 
Alison Grabow 
Mindy B. Hirshburg 
Stephanie N. James 
Jason D. Leadbetter 

Joanna H. Locke 
Alexander J. MacLennan 
Jennifer K. Martin 
Mark F. McGowan 
Charles E. Murray 
Stephanie Neuben 
Kristin M. O'Connell 
Adrienne L. Parquer 
Debra Jean Perhach 
Lucas M. Scheps 
Derek A. Sisson 
Mary A. Sorra 
Stacye E. Spencer 
Jil Springer 
Susan E. Stuckey 
Melinda S. Tennison 
Taralyn L. Tharp 
Jennifer J. Weinstein 
Maureen A. Wilhere 
Stephanie A. Winter 
Sajeela Yaqub 


(Engineering Honor Society) 

Loretta B. Barranger 
Heather Marie Barrowman 
Scott Kenneth Bordenet 
Steven Patrick Bums 
Caroline Dey Case 
Brian K. Classon 
Derrick Duane Cobey 
Stephen C. Dassoulas 
David Lawrence Klepitch 
Jason Corde Lane 
Christopher Lanser 
YeeFan Leung 
Michael Joseph Pease 
Michael Sullivan Resner 
Sunil Saini 

Kewan Martin Siahatgar 
Brian James Sines 
Clifford Bergman Smith 
Suvir Surew Sujan 
Michael Howard Tall 
Steven N. Tang 
Steven Eugene Unger 
Hui H. Wu 



O F 


A T 




Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified for scholarship honors 
upon graduafion are designated by appropriate symbols adjacent to their 
names within the alphabetical listings of colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candidate must meet the 
following general criteria: (1) have completed at least 2 years of work at 
the University of Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 of which were earned at 
the College Park campus) and (2) have a scholastic average of B (grade 
point average of 3.000) or higher in University of Maryland work prior to 
the last semester of registration before award of degree. 

May 1993 candidates who have met these criteria are shown in the listings 
as quaUfying, upon graduation, for the designators Siimma cum Laude (if 
they ranked in the top two percent of the candidates in their respective 
colleges or schools. Magna cum Laude (if in the next three percent), or cum 
Laude (if in the next five percent), based on the grade point averages of stu- 
dents in the preceding three graduating classes of their degree-granfing 




Kenneth Guy Brown 
Neena Kumari Chaudhry 
Elizabeth Nan Cummings 
Andrea Paulina Dvoredsky 
Nicholas Fontaine Evageliou 
Michael David Grant 
Marianne Jeesook Hwang 
Brandon Dean Lamson 
Stan Young Lee* 
Melissa Eileen Leung* 
Grady Wilson Miller IV 
Adam S. Mimeles 
Gloria Marta Minadeo 
Jennifer Marie Molineaux 
James Robert Barrett Morrison 
Miranda Lynn Petrillo 
Kelly Michele Poma 
Dana Brooke Rubin 
Rosalee Francesca Sanchez 
Gregory Jay Shaffer 
Kewan M. Siahatgar 
Deep Singh Sran* 
Gina Juliene Subilia 
Patricia Joan Watson 
Yasemin YuceUk 




Mary Bridget Allman 

Rosalind Emily Berkowitz 

Eric Austin Carzon 

Alice Hsiu-Wei Chi 

Basil Adnan Eldadah 

David Patrick Fries 

Vishva Kishor Gheewala 

Cynthia Elaine Glass 

Raymond Eugene Krouse 

Nga Xuan Luu 

Christine Armette Marinaccio 

Alok Narain Mathur 

Priyadarshee Deeptarag Mathur 

Jason Seth Neches 

Suvir Suren Sujan 

Millinda Jane Taylor 

Nalini Verma 

Laura Helen Wamock 

Joon Shik You 









With High Honors in: 


feno T. Nguyen* 

Computer Science 

DCOtt King Walker 


Neena Kumari Chaudhry 

Government and Politics 

lohn Loring Watts* 


Abigail Ann Davis 
Andrea Paulina Dvoredsky 
Paul Michael Nekoranik 
Richard Albert Scheper 
Elena Sheiba 


Kristin Lindon Jensen 

With Honors in: 

Rajiv Kumar Goel 
;Keya Sau 


Charles Andrew Piety* 

Computer Science 

bergev Brin 

Bernard Pak Cheung Chan 
Kirk William Dunsavage 
Stephen Michael Jones* 

Criminal Justice 

Douglas Marc Cain 
Jason David Lamm 


Paul Henry Carlson 
Michael David Grant 
Thomas John Leary 
Virginia Lee Myers 
Jon Kenji Nanto 
Gene Mallard Ransom HI 
Robert Royce Satterfield 


Tracy Joanne Inguanti 
Amy liana Klein 
Jennifer Michele Pendry 


J . Corde Lane 
Christopher Scott Lanser 
Priyadarshee Deeptarag Mathur 
James Robert Barrett Morrison 
Martin Eric Patt 
Daniel Rabin Steinberg 
Suvir Suren Sujan 


Johanna Nell Jackson 
Brandon Dean Lamson 
Sherry Lisabeth Rubin 
Jennifer Joy Weinstein 

Government and Politics 

Deep Singh Sran* 


Benjamin Blair Phillips 
Jennifer Diane Taylor 


Glenn R. Easley 


David Shaw Chow 
Zachary Alan Eitzen 
Jeanne Maire Nuzman 


Kenneth Guy Brown 
Gloria Maria Minadeo 


Maria Marcela Olivares Canon 
Irene Noemi Pantelis 
Laura Helen Wamock 


Neeli Anne Clute 

Lisa Rachel Endenbaum 

'December 1992 Graduates 



O F 


A T 




Jeff Albrecht 
Michelle Angyelof 
Stephanie Arnold 
Daneen Banks 
Kimberly Blaine 
Thom Bonagura 
Steve Borger 
Jennifer Bragg 
Ken Brown 
Eric Carzon 
Neena Chaudry 
Derrick Cobey 
Jennifer Collins 
Meg Crosby 
Elizabeth Cummings 
Dave Daughenbaugh 
Stephen Dassoulas 
J. Scott Drennan 
Diane Duffy 
Yvette Duanlewicz 
Kelley Dunn 
Andrea Dvoredsky 
Rachel Exelbert 
Nicholas Evageliou 
Daniel Feinstein 
Alexis Fogel 
Kendra Foltz 
Frederic GaUun 
Marc Gentile 
Marc Greenberg 
Susan Heller 
Jeff Herron 
Laura Hoppenstein 
David Irish 
Stefanie James 
Jay Kilbourne 
Patricia Kim 
Patricia Kollappolillil 
Christopher Lanser 
Andrew Lax 
Michael Leotta 
Chris Light 
Esther Lyons 
Christine Mahoney 
Alicia Marshall 
Terri McClain 
Jennifer Molineaux 
Cassandra Moore 
Rebecca Morrow 

Helen Mould 

Linh Nghe 
Shelly Patton 
Lori Piraino 
Jen Pochet 
Julie Raines 
Jeffrey Resetco 
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