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ersitv of 

is to be a DlRCG 






iversity. ^ 

""Our ofoal at the Universitv of Maryland is to be a 
place where excellence is achieved through diver- 
sity. A place that reflects the diversity of our state 
and the cultural richness of our world. A place 
where one can challenoe the ideas of another while 
affirming the human dignity of all. A place where 
diversity is not only tolerated but celebrated..." 

William 1'.. Kirwaii. Pic^iili'iil 
I'liiversitv ul Maixlaiid al Collefie Park 


2 President's Message 

3 From AKimni Programs 

4 From the Senior Council 

5 Campus Map 

6 Order of Commencement 

7 Schedule of Events 

8 The University of Maryland 

13 Graduating Student Speaker 
Supriya Goyal 

14 Commencement Speaker and 
Honorary Doctor of Public Service 
Hillary Rodham Clinton 

15 Honorary Doctor of Science 
Robert E. Fischell 

Honorary Doctor of Science 16 

Yuan Tseh Lee 

Distinguished Alumnus 
Joseph D. Gildenliorn 


May Graduate Degree Candidates 18 

May Undergraduate Degree 

Candidates 45 

Scholarship Honors 73 

Awards and Scholarships 76 

Honor Societies 83 

Athletic Awards 91 

Student Marshals 94 

Commencement Officials 95 

U N I V 

S I T Y 



to the 


Congratulations on the successful completion of your studies! It has 
been a pleasure and a privilege to have you as a student at the Uni- 
versit)' of Maryland at College Park. As you take formal leave of 
your university, my colleagues and I would like you to know how 
much we \'alue the outstanding contributions today's graduates have made in 
so many different areas. The laurels you have won in scholarship and in artistic 
performance, in athletics and as young leaders, have brought added luster to 
this venerable institution. 

On our part, we have endeavored to provide you with an ideal environment for 
nurturing your special interests and talents, and for developing the broad 
intellectual and cultural perspectives you will need to compete successfully in 
the professional world. We are confident that your College Park education will 
prove to be well worth the time and effort you invested in it, and that your 
experience here, both inside and outside of the classroom, will ser\e you well in the years to come. 

We hope, too, that you will cherish the friendships you made here, and that College Park will always evoke the 
happiest of memories for you. Please continue to support this institution and its destiny as the flagship university 
of Maryland. Although you will be leaving this campus to explore new vistas and face fresh challenges, we hope 
that you will visit often and that you will always remain connected in spirit to your alma mater 

Good luck and Godspeed to each and every one of you! 

Sincerely yours. 

William E. Kirwan 

Congratulations on achieving the ultimate goal of your 
undergraduate years. On behalf of the University of Maryland 
Alumni Association, I would like to add our very best wishes to 
those you have received from your faculty and other university 
friends. As President Kirwan has told so many recent alumni, you'll always be 
a part of us, and we hope you'll keep in touch. 

Your commencement ceremony today includes a special tradition. You will be 
officially inducted as a member of the University of Maryland Alumni 
Association by this year's association president, Ed Williams. Your six-month 
membership card and a list of benefits and services may be found on the inside 
back cover of the Graduahon Handbook. If you no longer have your 
handbook, please stop by the Office of Alumni Programs located in the 
Rossborough Inn. We will be pleased to issue you a new membership card and 
provide you with more information. 

Wherever your plans take you following graduation, you'll find Maryland friends and professional contacts 
by staying involved in alumni activities. There are more than 30 academic, regional and special interest 
groups — including our newest, the Young Alumni Club, which you may find to be of particilar interest. And, 
of course, attending Maryland athletic events is always a great way to get together with fellow grads. 
Regardless of how you choose to stay involved, our purpose remains the same: to respond to the needs and 
interests of all alumni, and to support your continued interest in and loyalty to the University of Maryland at 
College Park. 

Again, best wishes for all the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead. 

From Alumni 


Joan Patterson '66 

Executive Director, Alumni Programs 

U N I V 


Today we are gathered together to recognize 
all those who have accomplished 
something great. Each and every one of us 
has achieved a goal that we set several 
years ago. Do you remember your first semester, or 
the first stranger you met that became a friend? 
Looking back, you and your classmates could 
probably not imagine that you would finally be 
leaving as a graduate of the University of Maryland 
at College Park. 

We have each followed a unique path but have 
reached a common destination. As seniors, it is 
easier to list the ways in which we are different from 
each other than the ways in which we are bound 
together. We are accustomed to describing students 
in groups — commuters, residents; members of ethnic, 
religious, or professional organizations; students in 
particular departments and colleges. These 
differences should be admired and respected as 
should the many qualities we share. 

From this point, you can reflect on past journeys. 
Remember what you learned along the way about 
who you are and what you are capable of achieving. 
Know that your time spent at the University of 
Maryland at CoUege Park will help you arrive at 
your next destination, fully prepared to reach your 
highest goals in life. 


Monifa Brooks and Robert Kuklewicz 
Senior Council Overall Co-Chairs 

The Spring Graduates 

Five Most Popular Master's Degrees 

l.MBA 136 

2. ME, Counseling and Personnel 72 

3. MS , Engineering 60 

4. MS , Electrical Engineering 39 

5. MS , Mechanical Engineering 35 

Five Most Popular Undergraduate 
Majors of Degree Applicants 

1. Criminology and Criminal Justice 195 

2. Government and Politics 184 

3. Accounting 157 

4. Psychology 143 

5. Journalism 120 

Number of Applicants for Degrees 

Total Doctoral Degrees: 346 

Total Master's Degrees: 1,159 

Total Bachelor's Degrees: 3,335 

Colleges with the Most 
Degree Applicants 

1. Behavioral and Social Sciences 812 

2. Arts and Humanities 601 

3. Business and Management 511 

4. Engineering 345 

5. Life Sciences 314 

6. Education 204 

7. Computer, Mathematics and 
Physical Science 150 

Campus Map 

Paint Branch Drive 

CA Represents Metered Parking 
■i Represents BuikJirtg 

Order of Commencement 

May 23, 1996 Cole Student Activities Building 9:30 


Dr. William E. Kirwan, President, 
University of Maryland at College Park 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. Mitchell P. Hebert 
Department of Theatre 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Mr. John E. Wakefield, Conductor 

{Musical Selection 

The Maryland Chorus 
Dr. Paul Traver, Conductor 


The Reverend Susan Astarita 
Episcopal Ministry 

The National Antiiem 

Performed by Valeria Foster {Director of the 
Maryland Gospel Choir) and the University of 
Maryland Chorus 
Dr. Traver, Conductor 


Mr. Lance W. Billingsley, Chair 
University of Maryland System 
Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Ms. Monifa Brooks 
Mr. Robert Kuklewicz 
Co-Chairs, Senior Council 

President's Distinguished Alumnus Award 

Mr. Ed Williams, President 

University of Maryland Alumni Association 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Supriya Goyal 
Graduating Senior 

Musical Selection 

America the Benutifid 

— Samuel Ward, Composer 

— Carmen Gragon, Arranger 
The University of Maryland Chorus 
Dr. Traver, Conductor 


First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton 

Conferring of Honorary Degrees 

Dr. Kirwan 

University of Maryland Alumni 
Association Induction 

Mr. Williams 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Kirwan 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's Degrees 

Dr. Kirwan 

Presentation of Colleges and Schools 



Reverend Astarita 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Mr. Wakefield, Conductor 

Alma Mater 

Hail! Alma Mater; 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyaIt\'; 

For thee we stand. 

Love for the Black and Gold 

Deep in our hearts we hold; 

Singing thy praise forever 

Throughout the land. 

Floor Seating Arrangement for Graduates 








Library and 



Alts and 

Health and 









Business and 



and Natural 

Life Sciences 

and Physical 



Schedule of Events 


ollowing the Commencement, individual graduation exercises for colleges and schools will 
be held at several campus locations. Ceremonies are scheduled to begin at noon, 2:30 or 5:00 
p.m. Guests are urged to be seated approximately one half-hour prior to the designated time 
for the ceremonies if they wish to observe the student and faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially invited and encouraged to join with university 
officials and members of the faculty at the reception to be held outside on McKeldin Mall. The rain 
location for the reception will be the Grand Ballroom of the Stamp Student Union. 

Shuttle bus service will provide free transportation across the campus throughout the day. 

Campus-Wide Commencement 

9:30 a.m. Cole Student Activities Bldg. 

A. James Clark School of Engineering 
Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Reckord Armory 

Agriculture and Natural Resources Graduation 

Noon Memorial Chapel 

Architecture Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Architecture Gallery 

Arts and Humanities Graduation Ceremonies 

Noon See Different Locations Listed Below 

American Studies-Women's Studies: 
Skinner Bldg., Room 0200 

Art History: Art/Sociology Bldg., Room 2309 

Art Studio/Desigiv Art/Sodology Bldg., Room 2203 

Dance-Public Communication-Radio, Television, 
Film-Speech Communication-Tlieatre: 
Tawes Theatre 

Foreign Languages-Classics-Linguistics: 
Tydings Hall, Room 0130 

Histont-lezvisli Studies-Russian Aren Studies 
Program: Physics Bldg., Room 1410 

Music: Tawes Recital Hall, Room 1125 

Philosophy: Marie Mount Hall, Room 1400 

2:30 p.m. Tawes Theatre 

English Language and Literature- 
Comparative Literature 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Cole Student Activities Bldg. 

Business and Management 
Graduation Ceremony 

2:.30 p.m. Cole Student Activities Bldg. 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Education Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Reckord Armorv 


Health and Human Performance 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Health and Human 

Performance Bldg., Room 2240 

Journalism Graduation Ceremony 

5:00 p.m. Tawes Theatre 

Library and Information Services 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Zoology-Psychology Bldg., 

Room 1240 

Public Affairs Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Van Munching Hall, 

Tyser Auditorium 

Undergraduate Studies Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Anne Arundel Hall, University I 

Honors Program Lounge 

May 22, 1996 

Life Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

7:30 p.m. Tawes Theatre 

The University of 


at College Park 


Flagship campus of Maryland's 11-institution 
system of higher learning, the University of 
Maryland at College Park is the most 
comprehensive institution of higher education, 
research, and ser\-ice in the state. The university 
offers 98 undergraduate majors, 87 master's 
programs, and 68 doctoral programs in 13 schools 
and colleges. 

The university is one of only 30 public research 
universities that are members of the prestigious 58- 
member Association of American Universities and 
the only public institution in the Maryland-D.C. 
area with membership in the nation's most 
distinguished honor society. Phi Beta Kappa. It is 
classified as a Research-1 university by the Carnegie 
Foundation by virtue of the range of its 
baccalaureate programs, the amount of federal 
support received, and the number of doctoral 
degrees awarded each year, sharing that honor with 
the top research universities in the country. 

Fall 1995 College Park students at a glance: 

Total enrollment: 


Graduate Students: 












Average age: 


States represented: 


Countries represented: 




Among public universities in the Association of 
American Universities, College Park ranks among 
the top in the percentage of African American 
undergraduate students. In addition, the university 
has the largest number of African American and 
other minority faculty members among its peers. 


The University of Maryland was founded in 1807 in 

Baltimore as a facult\'-owned College of Medicine. 

The medical school 

was considered 

one of the top 

schools in the 

country, attracting 

notable professors 

and lecturers from 

throughout the 

world. In its 

beginning, tuition 

cost $140, grades 

were sent home 

weekly to parents, 

and students could 

obtain room and board for $300 annually. 

Five years later, the growing institution was 
renamed the University of Maryland. Despite the 
name, the university was not considered a state 
institution as it was still ovimed and operated by 
faculty. Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, the 
first dental school in America, became a part of the 
university in 1840, awarding the first Doctor of 
Dental Surger>' (D.D.S.) degree in 1841. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural College, which 
would evolve into the University of Maryland at 
College Park, was opened under a charter secured 
by a group of Maryland planters in 1856. In addition 
to spending one hour each day hoeing or plowing 
on the college farm, students took a broad range of 

courses in ancient and modem languages, 
natural sciences, English, and mathematics. After 
a disastrous fire on campus in 1912, the state 
acquired the college and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature combined the 
College Park institution with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an expanded 
University of Maryland. The entity eventually 
grew to include campuses in Baltimore County, 
the Eastern Shore, and University' College, a 
continuing education institution. 

The following decades saw the increasing 
growth of student population, excellence in 
programs and curricula, and the burgeoning of 
the University of Maryland at College Park into a 
nationally recognized research institution. 

July 1, 1988, marked the dawn of a new era in 
higher education in the state of Maryland, as the 
fi\e components of the university were merged 
with six other state universities and colleges to 
form the University of Maryland System, and 
College Park secured its flagship status with a 
mandate to become one of the pre-eminent 
research universities in the nation. 


The unique role of American research universities 
in advancing science and technology' has kept the 
United States in the forefront of innovation and 
prcxJuct development. Research dollars from 
federal and state agencies, corporations and 
foundations fuel much of the basic and applied 
research activity of the University of Mar>'land at 
College Park's faculty and graduate students. 

The uni\ersity has unique facilities, research 
centers and institutes that attract new research 


•This year's freshman class has an average SAT score 
of 1111 and an average high school grade-point- 
average of 3.25. 

•ARCO's book, hn/ League Programs at State School 
Prices, rated the University Honors Program 
among the nine best in the nation. 

•l/.S. Ntirs and World Report rated Maryland's 

business and engineering programs in the top 25 
among all public and private institutions. 

•Last year, faculty researchers at College Park were 
awarded almost $150 million in competitively 
funded research and development awards, an 
increase of 83 percent since 1988. 

•No other university in the Mid-Atlantic region has 
more top 20 graduate programs in computer, 
mathematical, physical sciences, and engineering 
disciplines than College Park, according to a 
recent analysis by the National Research Council. 

projects and funding, as well as provide 
expanded knowledge in business, science and 
technology. The A. James Clark School of 
Engineering houses the Glenn L. Martin Wind 
Tunnel — the most advanced aerodynamic 
testing facility of its kind on any university 
campus — and the Neutral Buoyancy Facility, 
which simulates weightlessness for space 
research, the only such facility on a university 
campus. Other specialized facilities include: 
Computer Vision Laboratory 
Bioprocess-scale up Laboratory 
Laboratory for Ion Beam Research 

and Application 
Superconductivity Research Center 
Laboratory for Plasma and Fusion Studies 
Psycholinguistics Laboratory 
Computer-assisted cartographic laboratories 
Developmental Psychology Laboratory 
Center on Aging 


Programs of public service are central to the 
overall mission of the university. This philosophy 
is reflected in the wide array of programs and 
initiatives that benefit the state's business, 
agriculture, and education communities. 

With more than 900 high technology firms in the 
three-county area of Montgomery, Prince 
George's and Frederick, the university has found 
abundant opportunity to extend its business and 
technology outreach programs to the region. 
Many of these programs are part of the 
Engineering Research Center, which operates the 
Tedtnology Extension Service, the Technology 
Advancement Program, and Maryland Industrial 
Partnerships, all programs designed to provide 
Maryland entrepreneurs and small businesses 
with research facilities, technical assistance, 
administrative support, and access to technology 
that will advance their economic base. 

The Institute for Systems Research has formed 
partnerships witli major corporations, including 
Martin Marietta, Westinghouse, BFGoodrich, 
Hughes Aircraft, and Dupont to apply advanced 
systems research to solving industry problems in 
the fields of communications, manufacturing, 
controls and robotics. 

The Center for Renaissance and Baroque 
Studies works in conjunction with Maryland's 
high schools in using theater to explore 
personal and social issues relevant to today's 
society. Team Maryland also works with area 
public schools by having student athletes serve 
as mentors to young students. Each semester 
student athletes act as role models to as many as 
5,200 students. 

U N I V 


The University of Maryland at 
College Park features a 
diversity of cultural and 
recreational activities. Four art 
galleries, more than 200 annual 
musical performances, and 
countless dance and theater 
productions, expose audiences 
to the broadest range of 
programs in the arts. And 
intercollegiate, club, or 
intramural sports provide 
students of all levels an opportunity to 
participate as spectators or athletes. 


The seven libraries at the universit)' constitute 
the largest university research library system in 
the Washington metropolitan area, providing 
vital resources to researchers, visiting scholars, 
and businesses throughout the region. The 
libraries' holdings include over 2.2 million 
volumes, 19,309 subscriptions to periodicals, 
and nearly 4.8 million items available in 
microfilm format. College Park libraries also 
offer several nationally and internationally 
recognized special collections such as the 
International Piano Archives at Maryland, the 
National Trust for Historical Preservation, the 
Katherine Anne Porter literary- archive and the 
National Public Broadcasting Archives. 


With alumni clubs from Miami, Fla. to Taipei, 
Taiwan, the Alumni Association strives to keep 
and strengthen ties between the university and 
its graduates. Member events such as pre-game 
parties, bull roasts, picnics, golf tournaments. 


dinner cruises and subscription to 
College Park magazine help keep alumni 
connected to the university and to each 
other. All graduating seniors and 
successful master's and Ph.D. 
candidates receive a six-month free 
membership in the association. 


Graduates of the university go on to 
distinguished careers in a variety of 
fields. Chosen from thousands of qualified 
alumni, an inaugural group was inducted into 
the University of Maryland Alumni Association 
Hall of Fame in April, 1995. They included 21 
outstanding individuals who have brought, 
and continue to bring, great honor to their alma 
mater. Their achievements are as varied as their 
lives, but they all have one thing in common: a 
degree from the University of Maryland at 
College Park. 

Carmen Balthrop, B.A. '71 

World-class soprano and mentor to aspiring 

Harry Clifton "Curiey" Bird, B S. 08 

Legendary university president for 18 years 
A. James Clarii, B.S. '50 

Construction magnate and benefactor 
WilliamP. ColeJr., B.S 10 

Congressman and member of UM Board of 

Regents for 25 years 
Mary Stallings Coleman, B.A. '35 

First woman elected as Chief Justice, Michigan 

Supreme Court 
Geary F. Eppley, B.S. '20, M.S. '26 

Devoted career to university as dean of men and 

athletic director 
Charles F. Fefferman, B.S. '66 

Youngest winner of Field's Medal, mathematics 

highest award 

Her1>ert A. Hauptman, Ph.D. '55 

Co-rccipicnt of 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 
Jim Henson, B.A. '60 

Creator of the beloved Muppets 
Steny H. Hoyer, B.S. '63 

Public servant to Maryland for nearly 30 years 
Carlisle Humelsine, B.A. '37 

Leader of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 
Wilbur Munro Leaf, B A. '27 

Creator of "Ferdinand the Bidl" story 
Samuel J. LeFrak, B.S. '40 

Internationally acclaimed urban planning leader 
Parren Mitchell, MA. '52 

First African American student and Maryland 

Jane Cahill Pfeiffer, B.A '54 

First woman to head a major network; named 

chair of NBC in 1978 
Judith A. Resnik, Ph D. '77 

Pioneering astronaut: died tragically in 

Challenger shuttle disaster 
Chun-Shan Shen, Ph.D. '61 

President of Taiwan's National Tsing-Hua 

William Woolford Skinner, B.S. 1895 

Nationally prominent agricultural research 

Adele H. Stamp, MA. '24 

Dean of women at Maryland from 1922 to 1960 


Reginald Van Trump Tniitt, B.S. '14 

Leading naturalist ami marine biologist; 
pioneered Chesapvake Bay research 

MillardE.Tydings, B.S. 10 

Introduced legislation to create Unii'ersity of 
Maryland in 3 920 

The University of Maryland Alumni 
Association Hall of Fame is located in the 
Commuter Lounge of the Stamp Student 
Union. Periodically, the Alumni Association 
will induct other graduates in to the Hall of 
Fame — its highest honor. 


Early commencement ceremonies at the 
University of Marj'land were marked with 
great fanfare and celebration. The faculty gave 
huge banquets for the graduates the night 
before the event. The following morning, 
crowds gathered to watch the young graduates 
parade. It was a gala social occasion, attracting 
not only friends and relatives, but the 
fashionable elite of the day. At the ceremony, 
prayers were recited, speeches were made, and 
honorary degrees were awarded to 
distinguished figures from across the country. 
Finally, as the audience cheered and threw 
flowers, the graduates came forward to collect 
their Latin-inscribed degrees. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the 
students and facult\' in the academic procession 
have been the traditional costume of scholars 
since the Middle Ages. The ordinary dress of 
the scholar, whether student or teacher, was 
similar to that of a cleric. Caps and gowns were 
probably worn to keep students warm in 
unhealed buildings. Many medieval scholars 

were tonsured, like monks, and hoods served 
to cover their shaved heads until the skull cap 
later took its place. 

Even after the Civil War, most students at 
American universities wore caps and gowns 
daily while in residence. These varied in design 
until they were standardized by the American 
Intercollegiate Commission in 1894. At that 
time it was decided that all robes would be 
black. Colors on the trim of the gown were also 
standardized to indicate the scholar's academic 
A list of department colors follows: 

Agriculture: Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities: White 

Business Administration, 
Commercial Science: Drab 

Dentistry: Lilac 

Economics: Copper 

Education: Light Blue 

Engineering: Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown 

Forestry: Russet 

Home Economics: Maroon 

Journalism: Crimson 

Law: Purple 

Library Science: Lemon 

Medicine: Green 

Music: Pink 

Nursing: Apricot 

Oratory, Speech: Silver Gray 

Pharmacy: Olive 

Philanthropy: Rose 

Philosophy: Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Foreign 

Service: Peacock Blue 
Public Health: Salmon 
Physical Education: Sage Green 
Science: Golden Yellow 
Social Work: Citron 
Theology and Divinity: Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored to represent an 
academic discipline or it may be black. 
Officially, the tassel is permitted "to lie where it 
will" on the mortarboard. However, numerous 
institutions have adopted the practice of having 
degree candidates wear the tassel on the right 
front side at the start of the commencement 
ceremony and then shift them to the left side 
after degrees are awarded. 

Student Marshals 

Elected through a nomination process, student 
marshals are senior leaders who play an 
important role in the graduation ceremony. 
Student marshals assist in organizing the 
thousands of graduates, leading them smoothly 
through the coirunencement procession. They 
also supply extra caps and hoods, and bobby 
pins to keep headwear secure. May 1996 
marshals are listed on page 94 of this booklet. 

Senior Gift 

The senior gift is a university tradition dating 
back 84 years. The first senior gift, the iron gate 
entrance at the Rossborough Inn, was given by 
the class of 1910. As this year's gift from the 
graduating class, seniors have elected to donate 




funds for a new fountain to be placed in the 
center of the future traffic circle at the West 
Gate entrance off Stadium Drive. 

The purpose of the senior gift is twofold. Each 
year the senior class leaves behind a 
memorable legacy for new students and 
visitors, and provides the imiversity with a gift 
that enhances the campus atmosphere. 

Past senior gifts have included: the Testudo 
statue (Class of 1933), the lights around the 
"M" in the traffic circle on Campus Drive (Class 
of 1986), and the restoration of the Chapel 
chimes and clock face (Class of 1992). 


A degree is awarded for the successful 
completion of a course of study. There are more 
than 1,600 different academic degrees currently 
conferred by colleges and universities 
nationwide. The University of Maryland at 
College Park offers degrees in 98 
undergraduate majors, 87 master's programs, 
and 68 doctoral programs. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The doctor 's degree represents the most 
advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct 
types: the practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type represents 
advanced training for the practice of various 
professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Juris Doctor, and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees do not involve the completion of 
original research by the student. The University 
of Maryland, at the professional school in 
Baltimore, awarded the first two dental degrees 

in history on March 9, 1841, and invented the 
name of the degree. Doctor of Dental Surgery 

The second type is the research doctorate 
representing prolonged periods of advanced 
study. A dissertation which usually accom- 
panies the study is intended to contribute 
substantially to the body of knowledge on the 
subject. The most important of these, the Doc- 
tor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication 
of philosophy for its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in the United 
States in 1861 by Yale Universits'. The 
University of Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for 
the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor 
bestowed upon students who have successfully 
completed work beyond the baccalaureate. A 
thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. In 1920, the University of Maryland 
awarded its first Master of Arts (M.A.) and 
Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in fields other 
than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents the 
completion of a four-year course of college- 
level study and is the oldest academic degree 
awarded by American institutions of higher 
learning. It was first conferred in America in 
1642 on the first nine graduates of Harvard 
College. Maryland Agriculture College, which 
later became the University of Maryland at 
College Park, awarded its first Bachelor of Arts 
(B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in 1862. 

Honorary Degree 

Each year the University of Maryland at 
College Park awards honorary degrees to 
persons approved by a campus committee, the 
provost, the president, and the university's 
Board of Regents. Through the bestowal of 
these degrees, the university seeks to recognize 
outstanding achievement in government, 
business, education, science, and the arts. In 
recent years the committee has sought to 
recognize individuals in the greater 
Washington-Baltimore area who have made 
significant contributions to an improved 
quality of Ufe in the region. Honorary degrees 
have also been awarded to graduates of College 
Park who have gone on to enjoy notably 
successful careers. Past honorary degree 
recipients include Isaac Asimov (1977), Eubie 
Blake (1978), Bill Cosby (1992), Hugh Downs 
(1988), Ralph Ellison (1974), Milton Eisenhower 
(1958), Jim Henson (1978), Hubert H. 
Humphrey (1965), Lyndon Baines Johnson 
(1963), and Andrew Wyeth (1964). 


Supriya Goyal called from the University of London to say that she 
would be back on campus May Wth from her semester's study 
abroad. She spent her time there she says, "focusing on the 
humanities, since for the rest of my life I will be studying 
science". Her double degrees in philosophy and neurobiology, her 4.0 
cumulative average, and a list of honors and activities that fill a two- 
page resume mark her as an outstanding scholar, scientist, and leader. 

She is a thoughtful and enthusiastic member of the university 

community. "Over the past four years I have become a mature, 

confident, and educated individual as a result of my experiences at the 

University of Maryland" she says. "I have come to realize that true 

learning is not about the accumulation of facts, but rather about 

acquiring a mode of thinking that allows one to examine an issue from 

several different viewpoints. 1 think what I will remember most are the people I have had a chance 

to get to know — both professors and students. They have had a direct influence in shaping my life, 

offering me new perspectives with which to view the world." 

Ms. Goyal has pursued her education in and out of the classroom with vigor and intensity, making 
the most of the multiple opportunities the university affords. In addition to her studies, her 
involvement in the University Honors Program and the Central Judicial Board, she has been 
contributing editor for the literary magazine, staff writer for the student newspaper, and production 
assistant at WMUC radio. She worked on a research project with Professor Stephen Wolniak 
studying the mechanics of nuclear envelope breakdown in the Spiderwort plant, and as a student 
programmer in the Department of Computer Science. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Golden 
Key Honor Society, Mortarboard and Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society and 
received the Sally Sterling Byrd Citizenship Award among other honors. 
She credits her professors in philosophy and biology for their support, guidance and 
encouragement. "I don't think any other state institution can boast having such a large student 
body and yet such personal teaching," she says. "The university has nurtured my love for both 
science and the humanities and has prepared me for my future by teaching me how to think 
critically, analytically, and conceptually." 

Goyal has been accepted to the prestigious Junior FlexMed Program at Johns Hopkins School of 
Medicine, where she plans to become a doctor who can integrate science and humanism into her 
care of patients. "I am a firm believer that healing is both a mental and a physical process," she 
states. But she wants to be equally involved in medical research, realizing that "discovering new 
knowledge is essential for the continuing progress of science." 

She is a woman of high ideals and impressive intellectual skills. A graduate who will continue to 
honor her university as she brings honors to herself. 

Supriya Goyal 
Student Speaker 


U N I V 

Hillary Rodham 


Honorary Doctor 

of Public Service 

In the past year, Hillary Rodham Clinton has represented the 
United States as First Lady at dozens of conferences, dinners, 
and state occasions. She has published a national best-seller, 
\'isited U.S. peacekeeping troops in the Balkans, testified before 
the Whitewater Commission, celebrated her daughter's sixteenth 
birthday, campaigned energetically for the re-election of her husband 
and appeared on Oprah. She is without question the most well- 
known woman in our countr\^ and one of the most active. 

She is also a woman who speaks clearly and eloquently on the 
subjects that ha\'e shaped her career as a lawyer and First Lady: 
children, the family, health, education equality of opportunity, and 
the responsibOity of politics to respond to these issues. HUlary 
Rodham sounded a prophetic note as valedictorian at her own 
Commencement from WeUesley College in 1969. "...for too long our leaders have used politics as 
the art of the possible.. .The challenge now is to practice politics as the art of making what appears 
to be impossible, possible." 

She was bom Hillan,' Diane Rodham in Chicago, Illinois on October 26, 1947, eldest child in a close- 
knit Methodist family. She was a National Merit Scholar and president of the WeUesley College 
Government Association, graduating with high honors. At Yale Law School, she developed her 
strong concern for protecting the interests of children and their families, and met Bill Clinton, a 
fellow student. 

After graduating from WeUesley, she served as staff attorney for the Children's Defense Fund and 
also worked on the Watergate impeachment proceedings before "foUowing her heart to Arkansas" 
where she and Bill were married in 1975. Their daughter, Chelsea, was bom in 1980. 

As First Lady of Arkansas for twelve years, HiUary Clinton founded the Arkansas Advocates for 
Children and Families, and intioduced a pioneering program in home instruction for preschool 
youth. She was named Arkansas Woman of the Year in 1983 and Arkansas Mother of the Year in 


During the first two years other husband's presidency, Hillary' Clinton embraced the enormous 
challenge of heading his Task Force on National Health Care Reform — a true attempt at making 
"what appears to be impossible, possible." That effort was part of what she considers her public 
responsibilities as First Lady, a role she works hard to balance with her own career and family. Her 
new book, "It Takes a Village," is both touching and provocative in its dedication to these ideals. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton has transformed the domestic poUcy debate in this country with her 
words, but, even more, with her actions. In her role as First Lady she exempUfies the courage, 
conviction and concern of a true leader. 

Robert Fischell's bright path across the universe of space 
technology, engineering innovation and biomedical 
in\entions would put a comet to shame. This student of 
engineering and physics, whose 36-year career at the Johns 
Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory was the launching pad for 53 
U.S. patents in both aerospace and biomedical technology, is a truly 
remarkable scientist and inventor. 

Fischell's first major invention was an implantable, programmable 
artificial insulin pancreas for persons with diabetes. The device 
controls blood sugar with only three or four insulin infusions each 
year, instead of the one to two injections each day required by 
traditional therapies. In a nine-year trial by the National Institutes of 
Health, the artificial pancreas has dramatically reduced complications 
of diabetes, including blindness and other vascular and nerve disorders. 

In 1984, Fischell was honored as U. S. Inventor of the Year by the U.S. Senate. Well before that, he 
had been recognized in three different years by Industrial Research magazine for creating one of the 
hundred most significant inventions of the year. NASA honored him with an Exceptional 
Engineering award in 1980 and an Individual Achievement award in 1982. In 1987, the New York 
Academy of Sciences presented him with the Gold Medal for Contribution to Aerospace Science 
and Technology, and, in 1988, he was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame. 

Fischell's recent innovations include a medical device that assists in procedures like balloon 
angioplasty, providing better access to coronary arteries and relieving much of the post-procedure 
pain. He has also created a radioisotope stent — a small wire mesh cylinder that is implanted into 
arteries after surgery to prevent them from closing up — that promises to improve post-operative 
recovery for millions of patients and to replace many heart by-pass surgeries with a simple, non- 
surgical procedure. 

This outstanding alumnus of the University of Maryland (M.S. Physics, 1953) has generously 
provided the means to establish the Robert Fischell Industry-University Lecture Series in the 
College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Science, to further the ties between university 
research and the needs of society. 

Robert E. 
Class of 1953 
Honorary Doctor 
of Science 


U N I V 

R Y L 

Yuan Tseh Lee 

Honorary Doctor 

of Science 



r. Yuan Tseh Lee, president of Academia Sinica in Taipei 
and Nobel laureate, has led a distinguished career in 
research and science education during more than thirty 
years in the United States. 

A native of Hsinchu, Taiwan, Dr. Lee received his education at 
National Taiwan Uni\'ersit)' and National Tsinghua University, before 
coming to this country to study at the University of 
^^^ California-Berkeley. After earning his doctorate, Lee spent six years 

|M^^^B ' at the University of Chicago's James Franck Institute before returning 

^^^^^K 4^ to Berkeley as a full professor of chemistry in 1974. 

^^^^H ^^ A member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Lee shared 

the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1986 with colleague Dudley R. 
Herschbach and Canadian John C. Polanyi for work in the dynamics of elementary chemical 

Lee's current research in molecular structure and dynamics uses crossed molecular beams and 
advanced laser technology to explore molecular reactions involved in combustion chemistry and 
atmospheric chemistry. He also investigates the dynamics of intramolecular energy transfer in 
chemically reactive systems. 

Dr. Lee recently returned to his nati\'e Taiwan to become president of Academia Sinica, the most 
prestigious research organization in that country. He has initiated several important projects in 
science education and has been a key leader in Taiwan's major education reform. 

The Academia Sinica shares close ties with the University of Maryland at College Park in many 
important areas of research, from statistics to physics, archaeolog}' and languages. A new Institute 
of Astrophysics wiU join the Berkeley-Ulinois-Maryland Array projects in millimeter wave 
astronomy, reinforcing an international circle of influence for Dr. Lee and the University of 

In addition to his outstanding contributions to scientific research and discovery. Dr. Lee is known 
by colleagues as a man with a deep sense of social responsibility and international concerns. He 
has been active in promoting international scientific exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan 
and mainland China 

Joe Gildenhom took his Universih' of Man'land degree in Business 
Administration ('51) to Yale Law School ('54), and has been mixing law 
and business to his advantage ever since. A lifetime of successful 
practice, civic responsibilitv and senice to his country places former 
Ambassador Gildenhom in the most distinguished ranks of College Park 

His career typifies a man with close ties to his family and community With 

high school friends, Gildenhom helped found a law practice in Washington, 

D.C., in 1959, specializing in corporate law and real estate. In the late '60s, he 

and his law partners formed a real estate firm. The ]BG Companies, which 

has developed and managed many of the most important office buildings 

and hotels in the nation's capital. JBG has grown to offer comprehensive real 

estate development, property management, consulting and investment 

services. Their management portfolio encompasses more than 8 nuUion square feet of commercial property as 

well as 3,(X)0 residential apartments. 

JBG developments have included the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetovm and the Holiday Inn in Old Town 
Alexandria. Recently the firm purchased an office building in the weU known Watergate complex. 

Gildenhom serves as chair of the Franklin National Bank in Washington, D.C., and is on the board of several 
public corporations, including the Mills Corp. and Biscayne Apparel, Inc. He has recently been appointed 
vice-chair of the D. C. Sports Commission. 

Staying close to his roots in the greater Washington area, Gildenhom has been active in civic and charitable 
organizations in the Jewish community for many years. He has held leadership positions with the Hebrew 
Home of Greater Washington, the United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Washington, and is currently a 
trustee of the United Jewish Endowment Fund. Gildenhom's contributions have been recognized with the 
David Ben Gurion Award from the State of Israel, the Humanitarian Award from B'nai B'rith, and the 
Leadership Award from the Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs, among others. 

In 1989, President George Bush named Gildenhom to the post of Ambassador to Switzerland, where he 
served for four years during some of the major historical e\'ents of our century, including the dissolution of 
the Soviet Union and our country's successful role in the Gulf war. He and his wife. Alma, a 1953 graduate of 
the College of Education, live in Washington, D.C., and are actively involved in the business, cultural and 
civic life of the area. 

Joseph B. 
Class of 1951 
1966 President's 
Alumnus Award 


U N I V 

Graduate Degrees 

Christopher K. Allen Electrical Engineering 

Image Effects and Optimal Control of Space-Change Dominated Particle Beams 

May 1996 

Dale J. Allen Meteorology' 

Effect of Chemistrxi, Advection, and Convective Mixing on the Global 


Distributions ofF-71, Rn-222, and CO: Results from Model Calculations Driven 

by Assimilated Data 

Mary K. Abbey Curriculum and Instruction 

Guided Response Journal Writing: Effectiveness at Postsecondary Level 

Glenn E. Allen Physics 

Elementary Algebra 

A Search for the Galactic Origins of Ultrahigh-Energy Cosmic Rays 

Peter A. Adams American Studies 

Ibrahim Arafat Go\ernment and Politics 

Homecoming to Graduation: Cycle of Extracurricular Social Education in an 

Regional Redefinition in Post-Soviet Central Asia 

American High School 

Frederick J. Augustyn Jr. History 

Allyson D. Adrian Speech Communication 

Reading and Reform 

The Relationships among Communication Satisfaction, Job Satisfaction, and 

Organizational Commitment: Linear and Fuzzy Models 

Steven M. Babin Meteorology 

A New Model of the Oceanic Evaporation Duct and Its Comparison with Current 

Vinod K. Ahuja Agricultural and Resource Economics 


Efficiency of Resource Use in Common Property: A Case of Land in Siib-Saharan 


Colleen M. Bachman Counseling and Personnel Ser\'ices 

Transitioning Students to Less Restrictive Educational Placements 

M S. Ailstock Plant Biology 

Classification, Culture and Compartmentalization Strategies of Submersed Aquatic 

Benjamin Bachrach Electrical Engineering 


Robust Control with Structural Constraints on the Controller 

Tomoko F. Akada Botany 

David A. Bader Electrical Engineering 

Organization and Expression of Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase Genes in 

On the Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms for Combinatorial Problems 

Nicotiana Tabacum 

with Applications to Image Processing 

Jawad Y. Al-Khal Mathematics 

Angela S. Baker Biochemistry 

The Construction ofS-Unimodal Maps That Admit A T-lnfinite Absolutely 

Investigations of 2-Aminoethyl-Phosphonate Biodegradation Enzymes 

Continuous Invariant Measure Wliich is Infinite an Every Interval 

Renee A. Baldi Psychology 

Emadadeen M. Ali Chemical Engineering 

The Effects of Self-Referent Beliefs, Memory Complaints, and Depression on 

Optwiization-Based Tuning Strategies for Linear and Nonlinear Model 

Judgments of Learning in Young and Older Adults 

Predictive Controllers 

Usree Bandyopadhyay Economics 


Essays on the Role of Distribution Costs and Services in International Trade 


Lionel Banege Electrical Engineering 

Large Deviation and Effective Bandwidths for GIGII Queues in Series 

John T. Bamett Applied Mathematics 

Zero-Crossings of Non-Gaussian Processes with Applications to Estimation and 

Carol L. Bartels Psychology 

Understanding Men Wlw Batter: Validity of a Batterer Typology and Implications 

for Treatment 

Joseph N. Beatus Human Development 

Body Image, Self Concept and Factors of Adjustment to Disability m Spinal 

Injured Persons 

Fassil B. Beshah Civil Engineering 

Performance ofFRP Reinforced Concrete Beams and Stabs 

BiswajK Biswas Animal Sciences 

Molecular Basis of Antigenic Variation of a Strain Specific Surface Antigen Gene 

of Ehrlichia Risticii 

Anita J. Blodgett American Studies 

Keepers of the Gate: An Analysis of Protestant Evangelical Fiction 

Syeda S. Bokhari Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Altitudes of Migrant Pakistani Families Towards Purdah and the Education of 
Women in a Secular Environment 

Jonathan W. Bolton English Language and Literature 

Personal Landscape: British Poets in Egypt During the Second World War 

Calvin A. Bond Chemistry 

The Geochemistry of the Magothy Aquifer, Maryland, Using Chlorine-36 and 

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry 

James C. Booth Physics 

Measurements of the Frequency-Dependent Microwave Surface Impedance of 

Superconducting YBa Cu O Thin Films 

Christopher F. Boyd Mechanical Engineering 

Tire ProtCLtion Foam Behavior in a Radiatiiv Environment 

Kathy M. Boyer-Shick Special Education 

Self-Speech: The Effects of Self-Speech on the Problem-Solving Abilities of 

Children with and unthoul Learning Abilities 

Eric P. Bravemian Psychology 

Iiircstigafion the Rclalianship between Trainees' Mental Models and the 

Transfer of Training 

Richard J. Brown Applied Mathematics 

Anosov Mapping Class Actions on the SU(2)-Representation Variety of a 

Punctured Torus 

Lorna B. Browne Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
What Does it Mean to be a Noncustodial Father? 

Carolyn E. Buser Education Policy, Planning and Admirustration 

The Relationsliip hetiveen College Participation and Violent Behavior in a 
Post-Secondary Correctional Education Program for Incarcerated Women 

Rachel H. Byrd English Language and Literature 

John Foxc as Truth-Maker: A Study in Historiography and Persuasion 

U N I V 


Kathryn A. Caldwell Human Development 

Peter C. Chen Aerospace Engineering 

Adolescent Attachments, Working Models of Relntionsliips and Relationships to 

Development of a Smart Rotor with Induced-Strain Actuation of Blade Tzvist 

Social Competence and Emotional Adjustment 

Qiming Chen Linguistics 

Donna D. Cameron Health Education 

Tlic Structure of Noun Phrases in Chinese and Its Consequences 

.4 Study of the Relationship among Physical and Metital Health and Faith 

Maturity in Seventh-Day Adventists 

Chang-Kuo Cheng Economics 

Impact of Bdmgual Education on Educational Attainment 

Evelyn Canabal-Torres Spanish Language and Literature 

Cesar Valtejo: Dolor y Representacion 

Mondher B. Cherif Engineering Materials 

Nonlinear Damping and Domain Instabilit]/ in Amorthous Terfenol D Thin Films 

LIdia M. Carrera Plant Biology 

Effect of Planting Dates and Plant Density on the Dei'elopment of Gray Leaf Spot 

Gloria Chi-Fishman Hearing and Speech Sciences 

(CIS) of Corn 

Tongue-Palate Interaction in Discrete and Continuous Sivallozving 

Ericka M. Cederstrom Chemistry 

Chahngmln Cho Aerospace Engineering 

Investigations of the Synthesis of Phenanthrenyl and Hydroxylated Indolzidineby 

An Improved Assumed Strain Shell Element Formulation with Bubble Function 

by Photosensitized and Mannich Cycliations 


Mihaela Chamberlin Biochemistry 

Hui-Hsien Chou Computer Science 

t^iiietics of ATP Hydrolysis Catalyzed by the RecBCD Enzyme of Escherichia Coli, 

Self-Replicating Structures in Cellular Automata Space 

in the Presence of Oligodeoxythymidirte Substrates 

Betty G. Chung Psychology 

Yun-Hsi 0. Chang Reliability Engineering 

Focusing HRM Strategies Toioard Service Market Segments: A Three Factor 

Fuzzy Linear Regression and Its Applications to Reliability Engineering 


Prasad Chaparala Reliability Engineering 

Michael J. Ciocci Biochemistry 

Field and Temperature Acceleration of Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown in 

Cloning, Overexpression and Identification of the Second Nucleophile in 

Intrinsic Thin Silicon Dioxide Films under Static and Dynamic Stress 

Phosphonatase in Bacillus Cereus 

Dong Chen Physics 

Craig A. Clagett Government and Politics 

Recurrent Neural Netu'ork and Its Application in Grammatical Inference 

Funding Star Wars: Senate Hearings and the Strategic Defense Initiative 1984-93 

Huey J. Chen Horticulture 

David C. Cochran Government and Politics 

The Color of Freedom: Race and Contemporary American Liberalism 

Jihong Chen Biochemistry 

Structural and Mechanistic Investigations of Glutathione S-Transferases 

Michael D. Cook Economics 

Families or Schools: Accounting for the Convergence in Wliite and Black Academic 

Jin M. Chen Civil Engineering 

Performance 1970-1990 

Biological Chromate Reduction under Anaerobic Conditions 

C A N D I D A T 


Mary E. Corrigan History 

The Transformation of the African- American Family in the District of Columbia, 

David A. Cotter Sociology 

Rural Poverty and Rural Restructuring in the 1980s 

Karen W. Cowell Health Education 

Osteoporosis Prei'ention Behaviors in Premenopausal Community College 


Stacy G. Coyle English Language and Literature 

Modernist Literary Couplings and Dickinson and Whitman, H.D. and Pound, 

Bishop and Loxoell 

Kelly A. Cunningtiam Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 
Oxygen Toxicity and Antioxidant Protectiiv Mechanisms in Nitrogen-Fixing 

David M. Dancer Mechanical Engineering 

Natural Convection in Tanks Containing One or Two Fluid Phases 

Hung M. Dao Electrical Engineering 
GraplucaTAlgebraic Analysis of Ring Netzvorks Reliability 

Maiiorie L. Davidson Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
The Effects of Mandatory Service Learning on the Attitudes Toward Civic 
Involvement of a Selected Group of High School Students 

Ellen K. Deluca Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Crossing Cultures: The Lived Experience offordanian Graduate Students in 

Madeline G. Derbyshire Public Communication 
Living, Energetic Beings 

Sergio G. Desouza-Machado Physics 

A Study of the Linear Perturbations to the Ion Distribution Functions hi a Gas 

Discharge Plasma in the Presence of Electrostatic Ion Waves 

Diane L. Devaul American Studies 
Motherwort Quilts and Art 

Barbara S. Dezmon Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

A Comparative Analysis of the Relationship between Student Perceptions of School 
Climate and Academic Achievement among High-Achieving Versus Loiv- 
Achieving African-American Students in Suburban Middle Schools 

David R. Dickens Human Development 

The Effects of Parenting Styles on the Self-Regulation Skills of Their Children 

Laura M. Dickinson English Language and Literature 

"A House That Tries to Be Haunted," Emily Dickinson's Poetic of Transgression 

Patricia A. Dingle Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Loio-Achieinng African-American 

Males and Other Loiv-Achievers in Art 

Hartmut G. Dobel Entomology 

Habitat Structure and the Suppressing Role of Spiders on the Population 

Dynamics of Salt Marsh Inhabiting Planthoppers 

Jeffrey J. Dodd Mathematics 

A Syinplolic Stability of Monotone Shock Profile Solutions of a Modified KdV- 

Burger's Equation 

Sean A. Donaldson Sociology 

Daniel M. Dowling Physics 

The Aslromeinc Lxpansion and 3-D Structure of Eta Carinae 

Ashutosh Dubey Economics 

Optimal Investment Plans of a Firm with Alternative Planning Horizon and Tax 

Expectations: An Empirical Study of the U.S.Durable Goods Industry 

Jeanne A. Dussault Curriculum and Instruction 

Implementation ofNCTMs' Professional Standards Using Nonroutinc Problem 


Barbara L. Eaton English Language and Literature 

loiiiney's End: A Theater Histori/ of Shakespeare's Cymbeline 



Lorna B. Ellis English Language and Literature 

Appearing to Diminish: Groicth and the Case in the Female Bildnngsroman 

Sutatip B. Emery Entomology 

The Role of Mnnduca Diuresin m Water Regulation in Manduca Sexta 

Morten Ender Sociology 

Soldiering on the Information Super Higlmmy: Interpersonal Communications 

During Military Operations in the Post Cold War Era 

Jessica L. Epstein Biochemistry 

A MultidiscipUnary Study of DNA Replication and Damage, Mechanism of the 

Dnah Helicase of Ecoli and the DNA Cleaving Esperamicin Antibiotics 

Britt E. Erickson Chemistry 

Vie Speciation of Molybdenum in Sulfidic Seawater 

Kamran Etemad Electrical Engineering 

Multiscale Discriminant Analysis and Recognition of Signals and Images 

Diane M. Everman History 

The Aqueduct at Caesarea Maritima 

Majid A. Faani Tabriz! Nezhaad Mechanical Engineering 

Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Enhancement of Ozone- 
Safe Refrigerants 

Hassan Fallah-AdI Electrical Engineering 

Applying High Performance Computing for Atmospheric Correction of Remotely 

Sensed Data 

Liang Fang Electrical Engineering 

Vector Operations on Nested Permutation Networks 

Vung-Fu Fang Mathematics 

Local Existence for Semilinear Wave Equations and Applications to Yang-MUls 


Daqing Feng Mechanical Engineering 

Computation of Stress Intensity Factors for Structure Steel I-Beams 


Dino C. Ferri Chemistry 

Development of Inactiimtors for Monoamine Oxidase 

Janet D. Filer Special Education 

The Psychometric Properties of the Evaluation of the Early Interventionists Scale 

Roxanne H. Fisher Plant Biology 

Hormonal Studies of Pass, an Arabidopsis Mutant Altered in Organ Elongation 

Mary J. Flaherty Psychology 

Recruitment and Retention of At-Risk Parents for Violence Prevention Parent 
Training Programs 

Mary Flannery Economics 

The Effects of Relaxed Regulation on Inter-State Telephone Prices 

Larry W. Forrester Kinesiology 

A Dynamical System Perspective on the Development of Running: Loioer Limb 

Coordination in the Developmental Transition from Walking to Running 

Judith W. Fowler English Language and Literature 

The Classical Renaissance and Modern Corpora on Imitatio: A Route to Teaching 

Style in the Academic Discipilines 

Lisa C. Frankes Curriculum and Instruction 

One School Opens Its Doors: An Ethnographic Study of an Elementary School 

Voluntary Program 

Linda R. Freeman English Language and Literature 

Always with You: The Church and the Depiction of Poverty in Selected 

Mid-Victorian Novels 

Jonathan C. Friedman History 

The Lion and the Star: Centile-Jewish Relations in Hessen 1919-1945 

Vanessa E. Friedman Government and Politics 

Over His Dead Body: Women, Violence and Murder as Metaphor 

'Kathleen M. Fritz English Language and Literature 
fean-Paul Sartre's Theater of Indeterminacy 

'December 1995 Ph.D. Graduate 


MAY 199 

John H. Fyock Jr. Psychology 

The Use of Stereotypes in Strategic Self-Presentation 

Phyllis A. Gallagher Agronomy 

Nitrate Kcmoi'ai m Riparian Soil and Groundioater: Field and Laboratory Studies 

Jack F. Gallimore Astronomy 

The Emgniatic Sei/fert Nucleus of NGC 1068 

Shama Gamkhar Economics 

The Impact of Federal Intergovermnental Grants on State and Local Expenditure m 
the United States 1971-1990 

Sanjeev Gandhi Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Study of Cellutosic Smoldering Using a Simulated Ignition Source and Thermal 


Antonio Gareia-Lozada Spaiush Language and Literature 

£/ Pensamiento Critico de Carlos Arturo Torres 

Travis C. Glenn Zoology 

Microsatellite DNA Variation within American Alligators and Wliooping Cranes 

Parke T. Godfrey Computer Science 

An Architecture and Implementation for a Cooperative Database System 

Scott J. Goetz Geography 

Remote Sensing and Carbon Flux Modeling of Net Primary Production in the 

Boreal Forest of North East Minnesota 

Arnold C. Goldberg Physics 

Measurement of Electron Transport Properties of GaAs/AlGaAs Superlattice 

Minibands Populated by Intersuphand Transitions 

Jose 0. Gonzalez Mathematics 

On a Category of "Uniform" Spaces 

Kannan Govindarajan Poultry Science 

Studies on the Effects of Certain Preslaughter Factors on Stress Responses and 

Meat Quality Characteristics in Broilers 

iVndrew P. Goyke Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Distribiilion. Abundance and Ecology of Pelogic Fish in Lake Ontario 

Wayne D. Graham Kinesiology 

Skeletal Muscle IGF-I and ICF-1 Receptor mRNA Responses to Chronic Resistive 

Training in Post-Menopausal \Nomen 

Beverly C. Green Kinesiology 

A Social Learning Approach to Youth Sport Motivation: Initial Scale Development 

and Validation 

Robert A. Gruendl Astronomy 

Spiral Structure and Global Star Formation Processes in M51 

Weiming Guo Electrical Engineering 

Design and Optimization of Sparse Crossbars for ATM Switching and Parallel 

Elhum Haghighat-Bakhshai Sociology 

An Examination of Ncopalriarchy and Islamic Idealogy: The Effect of the Oil 

Revenue and Development Process on Female Employment 






Patricia M. Hahn Psychology 

An Expiomtioii of Psychopathy and Substance Abuse in a Community — Penalties 
Criminal Justice Population in North Carolina 

Dejiang Han Meteorology 

Longu'inv Radiative Transfer through Broken Cloud Fields 

Sara E. Hanna Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

The Nature of Staff and Student Interaction as a Function of Social and Academic 

Integration in a Small College 

Mark R. Hardin Entomology 

Tritrophic Level Interactions: The Ecological Consequences of Host Plant Choice 

Tara J. Hart English Language and Literature 

Tender Horizons: The American Landscapes of Austin and Stein 

Stephen E. Hartmark Sociology 

D. P. Haspel Jr. English Language and Literature 
George Washington Cable's CivU War 

Daniel L. Hatten Physics 

Above Threshold Dissociation of the Carbon Monoxide Dication at High 


Scott T. Hayes Physics 
Communicating with Chaos 

Kenneth W. Heger History 

Prison Reform in American Occupied German]/ 1945-1952 

Peter J. Heim Electrical Engineering 

Semiconductor Optical Preamplifier 980 iim Direct Detection Receiver for 

Satellite-to-Satellite Communication 

Keith B. Hermiz Applied Mathematics 

Raylcigh-Benard Convection Driven Shear: Models, Stability, Dynamics and 

J. J. Hewitt Government and Politics 

Strategic Prospects for Mediating International Disputes 


IHichael D. Hill Engineering Materials 

Effects of Cyclic Loading on Electrical and Material Behavior of PZT 

Thomas Y. Hiter Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Teacher Participation in Managerial Decision Making in Kentucky Elementary 

School: The Role of School-Based Decision Making 

Susan E. Hoegy Chemistry 

/; Studies of the Mechanism of Action of Monoamine Oxidase H: Synthesis of 

Indolizidinc and Quindizidine Alkaloids by SET-lnduced PhotocycUzations 

Joel M. Hoffman Linguistics 

Lisa D. Holden-Pitt Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Listener's Ratings of Response Confidence and Speech Quality in the Measurement 

of Consonant Perception 

Jennifer A. Hoike Psychology 

Predicting Job Performance: A Cojnparison and Integration of Personal and 

Situational Factors 

Cheryl C. Holland Psychology 

Exposure to Homelessness and Community Violence: An Exploration of Parent 
Adjustment, Parenting Behainors, and Child Behavior among Low-Income 

Odette B. Home Curriculum and Instruction 

The Impact of Adventure Learning on Team Development Using Intact Teams 

loithin the United States Postal Service: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis 

Tseh-Jen Hsieh Engineering Materials 

Growth, Microstructure, and Superconducting Properties of High Tc 
DyBa2Cu307-x Thin Films Prepared by Ozone-Assisted Molecular Beam 

Yi Hu Plant Biology 

The Molecular Mechanism of Potato Spindle Tube Viroid (PST'Vd) Replication and 

Disease Symptom Expression 

Jeffrey D. Huffman Physics 

A Study of the Quasifree (p,2p) Reaction on 2H, 3He, and 4He 



A D U A 


19 9 6 

Ahmed H. Hussein Agronomy 

June W. Jones Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Soil Chronofunctions in Submerging Coastal Areas of the Chesapeake Bay 

Profiling Corrupt DEA Agents and Their Careers 

Euyheon Hwang Physics 

Kimberly A. Jones Art History 

Elementar}/ E.xcitaticnf in Low Dimensional Semiconttuctors ami 

Resurrecting History: jean-Paul Laurens and the Politics of History Painting 


During the French Third Republic, 1871-1914 

Karen H. Hyllegard Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Honglyoul Ju Physics 

An Investigation of Ethnic Patterns of Gift Expenditure in Three Product 

Transport and Magnetic Properties of tlie Ti and Mn Perovskite Oxides 

Categories: Clothing, Toys and Money 

John F. Judge Mechanical Engineering 

Dorothy C. Hyman Kinesiology 

A Study of the Transient Performance of Refrigerants and Refrigerant Mixtures 

Motivation and Sources of Enjoyment from Exercise and Sport Exercise Across 

in Vapor Compression Systems 

the Adult Lifespan 

Panagiotis Kalaitzis Molecular and Cellular Biology 

Diane S. Illig Sociology 

Cloning and Expression Analysis of Tomato Abscission Cell Wall I lydrolases 

Instrument Dn'clopment for Assessing the Dynamics of the Division of Labor 

within Lesbian and Gay Households and Families 

Christine M. Kelly Curriculum and Instruction 

A Researcher's Exploration to Personally Define the Nature of Environmental 

Katrien Jacobs Comparative Literature 

Responsiveness: A Grounded Theory of Environmental Responsiveness 

ihc Liistncnibcrmeut of a Once Sublime Performance Artist 

Wayne A. Kelly Computer Science 

Yimin Ji Meteorology 

Optimizing within a Unified Transformation Framexoork 

Modeling the Asian Summer Monsoon with High Resolution Regional Eta 

Model: The Impact of Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly 

Brian L. Kemp Aerospace Engineering 

Kinematic Modes and Assumed Strain in Finite Element Modeling 

Paul R. Jivoff /.oology 

Mate Guarding and Individual Reproductive Success in the Blue Crab, 

Daniel W. Keogh Chemistry 

Callinectes Sapidus 

A Study of the Effects of Unpaired Elections in Intermediate Oxidation State 

Complexes of Molybdenum and Niobium 

Valerie C. Johnson Government and Politics 

The Political Consequences of Black Suburbanization: Prince George's County, 

Sanjeev P. Khudanpur Electrical Engineering 

Maryland, 1971-1994 

Model Selection and Data Compression 

Charies E. Jones Zoology 

Dong S. Kim Government and Politics 

Qiuvititatwe Aspects of Platelet Membrane Transfer and Its Pathologic 

Socml Welfare Policy of the East Asian and Latin American NICs 


Jae-Hoon Kim Meteorology 

Christopher T. Jones Aerospace Engineering 

Diagnosis of the General Circulation Model Anomalies by tlie Tropical Sea 

Advancements in Helicopter Frequency Domain System Identification 

Surface Temperature 

U N I V 

R S I T Y 




Jongbae Kim Physics 

RemormuHzation Effects in the Supersymmetric Preonic Approach to Unification 

Yanghee Kim Curriculum and Instruction 

Relationships loith Peers ami Play Behavior of Children in Two Different Sized 

Classes: Teacher-Mediation or Peer-Mediation 

Young B. Kim Electrical Engineering 

Performance Evaluation of Nonlocking Space-Division ATM Switches 

Young-Rae Kim English Language and Literature 

A Thematic Study on Melville's "The Piazza Tales" 

Dallas M. Kindopp Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Educational and General Expenditure Changes Associated loith Tuition Increases 
in the SDA Higher Education System 

Jacqueline E. King Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Improving the Odds: Factors that Increase the Likelihood of College Attendance 
among High School Seniors 

David A. Kirby Zoology 

Epistatic Selection and the Evolution ofDrosophila Introns 

Maria K. Kirk Curriculum and Instruction 

A Teaching Intervention for Reading Laboratory Experiments in Introductory 

College-Lei'el Chemistry 

David R. Kiubes Government and Politics 

Conventional Strategic Bombing and Compellence 

Ki-Seog Ko Government and Politics 
Politico-Economic Theory of Public Social Welfare 

Ut-Va Hoc Electrical Engineering 

Lozv-Coinplexihj and High-Throughput Fully DCT-Based Video 

Cosima Knieger Human Development 

Ho-w Do Mothers Cope with Feelings of Anger Toward Their Young Children? 

Oh S. Kwon Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Three Essays on Natural Resource and Environmental Economics 


Su-Yuan Lai Biochemistry 

Sequencing and Cloning of 4-Chlorobenzoate: Co A Ligase, 4-Chlorobenzoyl CoA 
Dehalogenase and 4-Hydroxybenzoate Thiosterase in Alcaligenes Sp. Strain A13007 

Yi-Sem Lai Physics 

Appilications of Laser-Activated High Temperature Superconducters 

Alan J. Laing Mathematics 

On Higher Lei'el Singular Moduli 

James E. Lange Psychology 

Alcohol Expectations: The Role of Mental Representations and Need for Closure on 

the Identification of Aggression 

Laura M. Larco Music 

Ritual Sound: The "Mesa" in Northern Peru 

Katherine A. Larsen English Language and Literature 

A Voyage 'Round the World by John Diinton: A Crictical Edition 

Paula M. Leddy Entomology 

Do Natural Enemies Relegate Azalea Lace Bug to Architecturally Simple Habitats? 

Marian J. Leerburger Government and Politics 
U.S. National Security and the War on Drugs 

Terr! L. LeMoyne Sociology 

Does Hyperrationality Reveal Much about the Automobile Industry? An Empirical 

Investigation of a Tlieoretical Construct 

Wenbin Li Physics 

Rayleigh Scattering from Liquids, Liquid Mixtures and Polymer Solutions in 

Nonequilibrium Steady States 

Suh Y. Liang Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 
Mammalian Herbivory and Environmental Cliange Effects on Bottomland 
Hardioood Forest Dynamics 

Chi-Kuo Lin Civil Engineering 

Dei'elopment of a Dynamic Traffic State Monitoring System 

N D I D 


Chih-Lung Lin Computer Science 

Context-Based Approaches for Aerial Image Exploitation 

Chujen Lin Electrical Engineering 
H-lnfmity Robust Adaptive Control 

Rosemaiy S. Lindle Kinesiology 

The Relationship of Muscular Strength, Age and Gender: Concentric vs. 
Eccentric Force Production 

Hong Liu Computer Science 

Automatic Validation of Multi-Process Communication Protocols 

Jingsong Liu Civil Engineering 

Wu Liu Physics 

Hall Conductivity Sign Reversals of High Temperature Superconductor 

YBCO Films 

Jason D. Lohn Electrical Engineering 

Automated Discovery of Self-Replicating Structures 

John E. Losey Entomology 

Synergism betu'een Ground and Foliar-Foraging Predators ofAphids in Alfalfa 

Shuming Lu Speech Communication 

Small Talk in Chinese Cultural Communication and Chinese-American 

Interculturat Contacts 

Luis E. Luchsinger Horticulture 

Quantification of Peach Fruit Maturity, Chilling Injury and Changes in Cell 

Wall Composition during Storage 

Jie Ma Molecular and Cellular Biology 

Hormonal Regulation of GlcNAc-IPhospate Transferase 

Qiang Ma Economics 

A Multisectoral Bilateral World Trade Model 

Patricia D. Mail Health Education 

Cultural Orientation and Positive Psychological Status as Protective Factors 

against Problem Behaviors in Southwestern American Indian Adolescents 

Muthukumara S. Man! Economics 

The Impact of Trade Policy on the Environment and Natural Resources 

Richard S. Marriott Engineering Materials 

The Porte\/in-Le Chatelier Effect and Luders Bands: A Revealing Correlation 

Louis A. Martin Human Development 

The Relatwiisliip of Spirituality and Personality 

Laura M. Martins Spanish Language and Literature 

£» Primer Piano: Genero, Contemporaneidad y Representacion: Cine y Literature 
en Argentina (1955-1969) 

Kenneth M. Mashon Radio, Television and Film 

Programming Control and Cultural Power: A History of the Prime-Time 

Teleinsion Schedule, 1946-1960 

Charies A. McCormick Economics 

Groundwater Contamination and Property Valves 

Margaret M. McGowen Chemistry 

Pseudomonas Putida 3-Carboxy-Cis, Cis-Muconate Lactonizing Enzyme and 

Bacillus Subtilis Adenylosuccinate Lyase: Mechanistic and Evolutionan/ 


Judy McNair-DuBose Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Cynthia J. Mills Art History 

The Adams Memorial and American Funerary Sculptture, 1891-1927 

Maura E. Mitchell History 

A Troubled Godless Place: Conceptions of Faith, Church and Cult in the 

Communes of the Central Vaucluse, 1830-1905 

Marie L. Miville Psychology 

An Exploratory Assessment of the Inter-relationships of Cultural, Gender, and 

Personal Identity among Latinos/as 

Duduzile L. Moerane Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Recruitment and Selection Practices Influencing the Advancement of Women to 
Administrative Positions in SA University 

U N I V 

Melissa D. Molloy Special Education 

Gaming Aaeis: At-Risk First Graders and Their Expert Teacher Co-Creating 

Reading Ecologies 

Angela M. Moore Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Tlie Effects of Arrest and Victim Cluiracteristics on Misdemeanor Domestic Violence 

Kenneth A. Moore Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 
Relationships betzveen Eelgrass Growth and Survival and Environmental 
Conditions in Chesapeake Bay 

Diana P. Nagel Coimseling and Personnel Services 

Most and Least Helpfid Events in Career Counseling: An Exploratory Counseling 

Process Study 

Garret L. Nelson Psychology 

Wliat IS a Job?: A Role-Theory Perspective 

Michael J. Nusca Aerospace Engineering 

Numerical Sitniilation of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in the 
Nonequilibrium Chemically Reacting Ftowfield about a Hypervelocity Projectile at 
Low Altitude 

Philip F. O'Connor Business and Management 

The Resolution of Financial Distress and the Firm's Claims Structure 

Chukwuemeke A. Ohanwusi Industrial, Technological and Occupational 

A Case Study: The Perceptions of Selected Stakeholders on the NOAS in Nigeria, 

John E. OIney Marine Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Community Structure, Small-Scale Distribution, and Feeding of Larval Fishes in 

an Estuarine Plume 

Qiyuan Pan Horticulture 

Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Photosynthetic Carbon Allocation into Sorbitol and 

Other Carbohydrates in Apple Mains Domestica 

Jeffrey J. Papa Education Policy, Planning and Adnunistration 

Prediction of Undergraduate Students at Liberal Arts Colleges in Relation to 
Level of Academic Preparedness 


Camran V. Parast Biochemistry 

Mechanistic Studies of Pyruvate Formate Lyase 

Annegret Paul Mathematics 

HOiVe Correspondence for Real Unitary Groups 

Nlrmaljit S. Paul Business and Management 

Thomas M. Payerle Physics 

Positive Pton Absorption on 7L; at 265 MeV 

Emily J. Perl Counseling and Personnel Services 

Getting an Inside Perspective on Outsiders' Experience of Community: The 
Experience of Women of Color Attending a Predominantly White University 

Joseph E. Peters Microbiology 

A Physiological and Genetic Investigation of Selection Induced Mutation in 

Escherichia coli 

Patricia J. Petri Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Comparison of the Quality of Life of Seriously Mentally III People Wlio 

Participate and Do Not Participate in Structured Day Programs 

Susan L. Phillips Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Frequency and Temporal Resolution in Elderly Listeners with Good and Poor 

Word Recognition 

Bobbette P. Pippenger Economics 

Tlic Intersection of Organizational Form, Regulations and Agency Theory: A 

Study of Executive Compensation in the Banking Industry 

Alexis R. Piquero Criminal Justice and Criminology 
Advances in Deterrence: A Review and an Empirical Test 

June M. Poon Business and Management 

An Investigation of the Interactive Effects of Learning Style and Cross-Cultural 

Training Methods on Trainee Reactions, Attitudes and Self-Efficacy 

Rostam Pouroushasb Civil Engineering 

Retrofitting Fatigue Cracked Composite Beams by External Pressure 

N D I D 


R E E S , M 

Susan M. Powers Linguistics 

Phnigf Mtirktrf, Pnmouiis and Subjects in the Acquisition of English 

Budhan S. Pukazhenthi Animal Sciences 

Giwiete Inteniction in Domestic ami Nondomestic Fields: Role of Protein Tyrosine 

Phosphontlation on Sperm Capacitation, Acrosome Reaction and Oocyte Penetration 

Tracey R. Pulliam Chemical Engineering 

Optimal Expressison and Separation of Recombinant HIV-Fusion Peptides 

Chandrasekhar Pusaria Mechanical Engineering 

Dt's(?»i and Fabrication of Hybrid Optical Receiver Using Flip-Chip Bonding 

Ravi Ramanathan Engineering Materials 

Determination of Fiber Orientation in Nonwovens Using Image Analysis 

Kartik Ramaswamy Electrical Engineering 

High Power Electron Beam Generation and Microwave Generation in a Pseudo 

Spark Discharge 

Patricia L. Randolph Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Effects of Noise Bandwidth, Frequency Resolution, Temporal Resolution and 

Speech Enhancement Techniques on Speech Perception in the Elderly 

Lillie S. Ransom Journalism 

Perceptions of Disability Magazine and Newsletter Editors about Their 
Publications and Thoughts on the Disability Community, Advocacy, 
Mainstreaming and Diversity 

John Reilly Electrical Engineering 

Dei'elopment and Analysis of a Nonlinear Dynamic Inverse Control Strategy 

Luis F. Restrepo Spanish Language and Literature 

Las Elegias de Varones Ilustres de juan de Castellanos y la Construccidn del 

Niievo Reino de Granada 

Christina H. Reynolds Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
The Relationship betiveen Teacher Participation in Shared Decision Making 
and job Satisfaction for Elementary School Teachers 

Ramin Rezaiifar Electrical Engineering 

Optimal Resource Allocation in Cellular Wireless Networks 

David IM. Ribnicky Botany 

Tlic Role of Auxin in Cassot Embryogenesis 

Christopher B. Rice Economics 

Urban Agglomeration Economics During a Period of Rapid Industrialization: 

the United States, 1889-1919 

Kathleen L. Rice Counseling and Personnel Services 
Building Bridges: The Experience of Anti-Racist Pedagogy 

Prabaddh R. Riddhagni Nuclear Engineering 

Numerical and Experimental Determination of Energy Deposited by Fast Electrons 

in Plastic Tubes and Wire Insulations 

Gail L. Rocheleau Biochemistry 

Processing of a Group I Intron from A Multiple Intron r RNA Precursor of 
Physarum Polycephalum 

Ralph K. Rogers Jr. Kinesiology 

Cardiorespiratory Response to Exercise after the Venous Switch Operation for 

Transposition of the Great Arteries 

Thomas R. Rogers Civil Engineering 

A Conceptual Communication System Model Applied to Construction 

Patricia A. Ross Philosophy 
Physician in Philosophy of Science 

Timothy A. Ross Government and Politics 

The Impact of Industrial Areas Found in the Community Organizing on East 

Brooklyn 1978-1995 

Randolph H. Rowel Health Education 

Reducing Interpersonal Violence among Adolescents: An Evaluation of a School- 
Based Violence Prevention 

Frances Rubinetti Psychology 

Empathy, Self-Lsteem, Hopelessness and Belief in the Legitimacy of Aggression in 

Adolescents Exposed to Pervasive Community Violence 


Robyn A. Russow Human Development 

The Effects of Graphing Calculator Experiences on Conceptual Understanding 
of Algebra 

Vineet Sahasrabudhe Aerospace Engineering 

Integrated Rotor-Robust Flight Control System Optimization 

Cherian Samuel Economics 

Stock Market and Investment: Investigations at the Firm Level 

Naveen Sarna Economics 

Macroeconomic Policy Determinants of Growth: A Cross Country, Time-Series 

Analysis for Developing Countries 

Eugene D. Sattler Zoology 

A Morphological, Vocal and Genetic Analysis of Interactions between the 
Hybridizing Chikadess Parus Atricapillus and P. Carolinensis in the Appalachian 

Louis A. Schmidt Human Development 

A Test of a Neurophysiological Model of Fear Regulation in Children 

Patricia F. Schofield Special Education 

School-Based Decision-Making and Its Perceived Effects on Sti4dents in Special 


John D. Schwartz Recreation 

An Experiment to Detcrmme the Effect of Catch and Catch-and-Release on 
Fishermen's Attitudes and Behaviors 

Gaiy S. Selby Public Communication 

Rhetoric and Apocalyptic in Neiv Testament Epistles 

Elizabeth A. Seldomridge Human Development 

The Influence of Confidence, Experience and Knowledge on Speed and Accuracy of 

Clinical judgments among Novice and Expert Nurses 

Carolyn L. Seubert Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Third World Folk on a First World Stage: A Phenomenological Study of 
Participation and Learning in the Arts 

Sally D. Shelbume Art History 

Jackie Ferrara: A Sense of Place in Life and Art 

Zhengfu Shi Sociology 

Dynamics of Institutional Change: China in Comparative Perspective 

Win-bin Shieh Mechanical Engineering 

Design and Optimization of Planar Leg Mechanisms Featuring Symmetrical 

Footpmint Paths 

JaeSung Shin Textiles and Consumer Economics 

A Study on Hydrolytic Degradation of Polyibuthylene terephlhalate)l(tetramethy- 

lene oxalate) Copolymer 

N D I D 

R A D U A T E 

Tariq M. Shukri Nuclear Engineering 

Mcthodohgi/ and Tools for Performing a Full Scale Dynamic PRA of Nuclear 
Power Plants 

Sarah E. Sinopoli English Language and Literature 

Edward M. Smith-Rowland Physics 

Elect roma;^nctic I'roJtiction of the Neutral Pion: Probinf> Finite Density Effects in 
the Vector Meson Propagator 

Stephen J. Smith Computer Science 

Task'Netuvrk Pla)ining for Bridge and for Microwave Module Manufacture 

Steven G. Smith Marine Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

A Lengtii-Cohort Apjproach to Crustacean Stock Assessment Incorporating 

Discontinuous Growth 

Robyn Snyder Bauer Kinesiology 

The Effect of Exercise-Induced Hypoglycemia on Selective Measures of Central 
Neri'ous System Functioning in Elite Cyclists 

Clemmie Solomon Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

The Relationship among Educational Achievement, Psychosocial Development and 
Learning Styles of African American College Freshmen 

Claire C. Souryal Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Pi) Violations of Probation Conditions "Signal" Criminal Recidivism?: A 
Multisite Examination 

Venkataraman Srinivas Aerospace Engineering 
Aeroelastic Analysis of Advanced Tiltrotor Aircraft 

Barbara J. Stephanie American Studies 

Clarence Cook and the Rise of Art Criticism in America: 2870-1890: His 

Influence and the Changing Role of the Critic 

Thomas J. Stone Applied Mathematics 

The Malheinatical Problem of Crack Propagation and Its Numerical Treatment 

Louann W. Styllanopoulos Art History 

Choice and h unction: The Ancient Audience and Mosaic Decoration in the 
Churches of Macedonia Prima, 400 AD to 600 AD 

Sheiyao A. Su Computer Science 
Virtual Panels at Your Fingertips 

Robert 0. Sullivan Jr. Sociology 

Religiosity, Social Support and Copting Abilities as Intervening Variables 
in the Relationship betzveen Unemployment and Mental Health Outcomes 
General Motors Plant Closing Study 

Samuel R. Swift Music 

The Complete Works for Cello and Piano by Ludivig van Beethoven 

Yuen-Yee Tam Plant Biology 

lAA Turnover in Lemna Gibba 

Jason A. Taylor Physics 

The Contribution of Continuum Reprocessing by Stellar Winds to AGN Specta 

Kimberly L. Taylor Chemistry 

Investigations of the Reaction Mechanism Catalyzed by 4-Chlorobenzoyl- 

Coenzyme A Dehalogenasc and 4-Hydroxybenzoyl-Coenzyme A Thioesterase 

Bruce A. Thompson History 

The Civil Right Vanguard: The NAACP and the Black Community in Baltimore, 


Ayse S. Tokar Civil Engineering 

Rainfall-Runoff Modeling in an Uncertain Environment 

Anita L. Tracy Aerospace Engineering 

Anah/licnl and Experimental Investigation of Elastically Coupled Composite Rotors 

Tung-Duong Tran-Luu Electrical Engineering 
Visualizalioii and Clustering of Multidimensional Data 

Soledad Traverso-Rueda Spanish Language and Literature 

Juan Einar: La Angustui de Vivir Con El Dedo de Dios en La Nuca: Un Estudio de 

La Narrativa Vanguardista de Juan Emar 

Kwang-Horng Tsai Mechanical Engineering 

Partitioned Hieraicliical Learning Control System for Industry Autonomous 


U N I V 

Nombasa Tsengwa Agronomy 

Developing a Novel Technique to Introduce Genes into Maize 

Melvin L. Tucker Agronomy 

Mark D. Turner Economics 

The Effects of Part-Time Work on High School Students' Academic Achiei'etnent 

Stephen R. Tumour Aerospace Engineering 

Helicopter Flight Dynamics Simulation Wtih Advanced Aerodynamics and 
Structural Modeling 

Andrew I. Vakhutinsky Business and Management 

Fault Tolerant Rerouting in Broadband Multiclass Networks 

Clare R. Voss Computer Science 

Interltngua-Based Machine Translation of Spatial Expressions 

Kathleen E. Wallner Psychology 

Executive Functioning and Its Relation to Planning Skills in 7 Year-Old Children 

Catherine M. Walsh Human Development 

Critical Tlunkutg Disposition of University Students in Practice Disciplines 
(Nursing, Education and Bitsiness) and Non-Practice Disciplines (English, 
History and Psychology): An Exploratory Study 

Emel Wang Applied Mathematics 

Studies on Inverse Elliptic Boundary Value Problems and Applications in Defect 


Xiang J. Wang Mechanical Engineering 

Interface Effects on Wave Propagation 

Zhou Wang Physics 

Riometer Absorption Associated with F-Region Plasma Structures 

Douglas B. Ward Journalism 

Tracking the Culture of Consumption: Curtis Publishing Company and the 

Origins of Market Research 


Myra J. Waters Counseling and Personnel Services 

Racial Identity and Social Support as Predictors of Psychological Distress and 

Academic Performance among Black College Students 

Edward T. Weiland Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

The Effect of Participation in the Maryland Assessment Center Program on 
Southern Maryland Assessors 

Richard E. Weise Hvmian Development 

Alice A. Weldon Spanish Language and Literature 
Silence, Ethnics and Gender in Bolivean Women Novelists 

Yuh-Chyun Wey Chemical Engineering 

On-line Monitoring of Fermentation with Fluorescence, Light Scattering and 

Near-Infrared Techniques 

Edward B. Whereat Plant Biology 

The Ecological Significance of Evergreen Leaves or Steins to Two Temperate 

Woody Vines 

Dorothy Y. White Curriculum and Instruction 

Equity in Mathematics Classrooms: The Question and Response Patterns of Third- 
Grade Teachers in High Minority Population Scliools 

Michael E. White Aerospace Engineering 

Kim J. Whitehead Education Pohcy, Planning and Administration 

A Study of Process Variable in Magnet Schools and School Minority Enrollment 

Reginald G. Williams Aerospace Engineering 

Experimental Investigation of the Floiv Field Above a Plane Rectangular Wing at 

High Angles of Attack 

Rae A. Wuestman Curriculum and Instruction 

Student Teachers' Reflection On Learning and Teaching: A Qualitative Study of 

Theory-Practice Relating 

Boping Xie Mechanical Engineering 

Simulation of the Effects of Cooling Process on Part Morphology and Development 

of the Optimum Cooling Windozvfor Injection Molding Process 

N D I D 



Xiaoqin Xu Physics 

Transport Properties ofNd2.fiefiuO^ and RNiO} (R = La, Pr) 

Prasad V. Yalamanchili Mechanical Engineering 

Evaluation of Electronic Packaging Reliability/ Using Acoustic Microscopy 

Dan Yang Civil Engineering 

Investigation of the Scaling Laios for Centrifuge Modeling of Frost Heave 

Jennifer A. Voder Go\ernment and Politics 

Elite-Building and Ike Consolidation of Democracy in the Former German 

Detnocratic Republic 

Jaesin Yoo Business and Management 

Queuetug Models for Staffing Sen'ice Operations 

Masao Yoshimura Physics 

long Range Correlation for Quantum and Classical Lorentz Gases in 

Shih-Tsung Yu Chemical Engineering 

Microbial Production of Dorosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 

Joan M. Zenzen American Studies 

Promoting National Parks: Images of the West in the American Imagination, 


Kaichang Zhang Chemical Physics 

Diffusion and Thermal Diffusion in Liquid Mixtures and Polymer Solutions 

Xiaodong Zhang Chemistry 

Mechanistic Studies of DNA Degradation by Antitumor Antibiotics with 
Synthetical Nucleoside Acids 

Zengxi Zhou Meteorology 

Studies of Low Freiiuency Variahdity in Tropical Atlantic 


Kathleen E. Blanche Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Personal and Professional Characteristics Perceptions of Barriers and Strategies 
of Women in Different Lez'els of the Superintendency 

Gladys I. Camp Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

The Effects of the Extended Elementary Education Program in the Primary Years 

Eva B. Garin Curriculuin and Instruction 

A Multiple-Site Case Study of Schools Participating in the Action 

Research Process 

Norma M. Martof Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Wliat Are Effects of Experience on Teachers' Beliefs? 

Colleen P. Seremet Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Identifying and Defining job Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction Factors for 
Elementary School Teachers 

Jean P. Tien Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

A Comparison of Alternatively and Traditionally Certified Teachers on Teacher 

Efficacy and Students' Perceptions of Their Classroom Environments 


Robert S. Beard Music 

Selected Works for Solo Piano by Theodor Leschetizhj: A Performance 
Tape Project 

Nathan A. Buckner Music 

Phdip Anthony Corri: His Life and Piano Works, with a Neiv Edition 

l-Fen Chang Music 
Dissertation Performance Project 

Phillip A. Collister Music 

The Oboe and the Baroque Bass in J.S. Bach's Vocal Works 

Leneida M. Crawford Music 

The Pertoniiiiiue of Contrasting Roles in Selected Works ofG.F. Handel 


U N I V 

R Y L A N D 


Thomas Hall Music 

Friinci'sco Urio's Te Deum: A Performing Edition and Performance 

Matthew R. Halper Music 
String Quartet 

Eileen J. Hutchins Music 

Performing the Piano Music of Claude Delmss}/ 

Sherrie Norwitz Music 

Contemporani Music for Viola: Music of American Composers Written 

Since 1970 

Nitai Rochell Music 
Co}}certo for Flute and Strings 

Ji-Sook Shin Music 

A Comparison between the American and Korean Composers in the 
Tzventieth Century 

Jean-Anne Teal-Greenshields Music 

"The Prince of Song: " Franz Peter Schubert (1 797-1828)— Songs from 

His Youth 

James L. Turk Music 

"All-Night Vigil," Op. 59 by A. Gretchaninoff: A Nezc Edition and 

Critical Commentary 


N D I D 



May 1996 


William Allen McKinney 
Alecia A. Parker 
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American Studies 

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Applied Mathematics 

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Art History 

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Comparative Literature 

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U N I V 



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Health Education 

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Gregory Francis Martel 
Joshua Lambeth Montfort 
Rovenia Louise Mutcherson 
Lisa Petrucceli 
Patricia Lois Rhea 
Yves Riedrich 
Steven W. Smith 
Ruth Mary Stuart 


Tzvetelina Vladimirova Scorza 

Mathematical Statistics 

Rong Cai 
Chun-Kuo Li 
Amy Chao-yung Peng 
23ienshao Zhong 


Matthew Joseph Agin 
Christine Gwendolyn Beaber 
Bipasa Biswas 
Glenn Ronald Easley 
Jason Paul Schultz 
Keith Michael Slonski 
Katherine Lockard Stedman 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Amy Theresa HanJey 
Kelly A. Kordish 
Wen-Ling Kuo 
EUen Judith Sosis 


N D I D 



Frank Scott McElreath 


Alexis lean Adams 
Christopher Sean Brittan 
Jodi Deborah Jacobson 
Joshua Joseph 
Thomas Chester Lehman 
Mark Anthony Mann, Sr. 
Heather Eileen Tedesco 
Joshua Elias Wilk 


Leslie Ann Lefer 
Valerie Jean Oliver 

Russian Language and Literature 

Jennifer Lee Gregory 
Inna A. Hardman 
Barbara Johnson 
Shanshan Li 


Karen Jana Beckett 
Man,' M. Delorey 
Sean A. Donaldson 
Amanda Loreta Foster 
Stephen Erik Hartmark 
Erika Christine Hughes 
Julie Nathanson Jakopic 
Tallese Damille Johnson 
Yun-Chiao Kang 
Rose Marie Kreider 
Joseph Leonard Kroart III 
Amy Elizabeth McLaughlin 
Laura Michelle Moore 
Timothy Patrick Moran 

Spanish Language and Literature 

Michele Ann Lt)wers 
Carolyn E. Vines 

Speech Communication 

Heather C. Balas 
Erica Hope Bloom 
Angela Norma Campbell 
Lisa Ann Clouse 
Nathaniel I. Cordova 
Lisa Marie Gring-Pemble 
Mar\' Elizabeth Knish 
Simon James Levifthwaite 
Roslyn Ann Singer 


Edith Phyllis Catto 
Shanan Marie Custer 
Nicholas Newlin 


Tamara VVodiska Abramowitz 
David K, Aiken 
Karen Ann Arras 
William Cooper Baldwin 
Craig Edward Bednarovsky 
Brett Douglas Beldner 
Howard Steven Berry 
Rachael Helen Beuchler 
Kristen Elizabeth Bickell 
Jonathan David Blatt 
Elizabeth Claire Boehmler 
David E. Bowen 
Monica Angelique Brissett 
Matthew D. Brusch 
Robert Patrick Buck 
Lan Cao 

Alexander G. Centeno 
Catherine Yi Chen 
Yung-Jie Chen 
Fook Keong Ching 

Roger Wing-Fu Chu 
Taylor Speer Classen 
Robert M. Cohen 
Peter Brandt Cole 
Edward Allen Creskoff 
Ross A. Darrow 
Gregory Scott Denicola 
Gabriella Anna Dera 
Gia Olana Dore 
Anne Irene Dysart 
Nikoloz Enukidze 
Frank Michael Fichera 
Mark E. Fitzmaurice 
Lori Kame FitzGerald 
Marc Jason Fribush 
Marcy Robin Friedman 
Vineet Gambhir 
Christopher Edward Ganley 
Walter Harmon Gilligan 
Stephen Lloyd Gould 
Gina Kieu Nga Grinkemeyer 
Avantika Gupta 
Michael Richard Hanlon 
Kelly Tubman Hardy 
Laurie Skirkanich Harrison 
Ryan Matthew Holmes 
Scott Paul Houldsworth 
Shih-Feng Hung 

Ahmet Hurbas 
Shih-Ching Jeng 
Christian Thomas Jennings 
John Joseph Kakaty 
Valerie Elizabeth Kaplo 
Aron William Katz 
Brett Aaron Katzner 
Andrew Eric Kaufman 
Vadim V. Khokhlov 
David Y. Kim 
David D. Kimbro 
Laura Jean Kirkpatrick 
Gina Lee Koprowski 
Brian N. Krasnigor 
Dannielle Lerro La Rosa 
Dean Jonathan Landsman 
Peter William Latartara 
Roary Lemont Lee 
Marco A. Loayza 
Christopher Scott Logan 
Elizabeth Logan 
Tara Louise Long 
Deborah Lynn Lucas 
Anthony S. Lundquist 
Mark Andrew Lysynecky 
Katharine Brett Mardirosian 
Cheryl Lynn Martin 
James Hampton Mason 


Amit T. Mehta 

Jennifer Marie Miller 

Mark Patrick Miller 

Susan A. Miller 

Sanjay Padmanabhan Nayar 

Michael M. Ocampo 

Kentaro Ogata 

Siddharth Ohri 

Stephen Charles Pattee 

Jo- Ann Arlene Pearson 

Patrick Fitzwilliam Pendergast 

Christopher Edmund Pick 

Lara Suzanne Pollner 

Estee R. Portnoy 

Michael Ryan Price 

Melissa Price Punch 

David Michael Putro 

Brian P. Quinlan 
P. Pramada Reddy 
Christopher H. Russell 
Marc Steven Russo 
Didem Kavadarli Sagiroglu 
Anil A. Shah 
Kimberly Alma Sharp 
Deborah M. Shemony 
Sang Soo Shin 
Seungwook Shin 
Melissa Field Shusterman 
Michael David Snyder 
Joseph Charles Sobus 
Freda Lanette Spears 
Miriam Steinitz 
Ann Marie Stolz 
Thomas Joseph Stoudt III 


Gaylord Wayne Swaby 

Chiao-Mei Tang 

Turkan Tankir 

Hooi Leng Teo 

Karim A. Touami 

David John Trebilcock 

Eric David Tresser 

Sheng-Chien Tseng 

loakim George Tsiligkiroglou 

Aydin Omer Tuncer 

Jeffrey Allen Turner 

Robert Deacon Van Niman 

Matthew S. Walls 

Jinglin Wang 

Yinshun Wang 

Adam W. Watson 

Russell Lee Weaver 

Todd Charles Weller 

Phillip Lee Williams 

Karen Wiseman 

Roger Yun-Jae Woo 

Alexandra B. Wyllie 

Craig Masawo Yamaoka 


Kelly Errol Carter 
Suleyman Cengiz 
John J. Chung 
Deepak Prannath Gupta 
Michael David Hall 
Sanjeev Kalanidhi 
Michael O'DeU 
Omar Zia Naeem 
Steven J. Robertson 
Amit Jaykumar Shah 
Dharmesh Harkishan Shah 
Lance Aiman Whitaker 
Charlton Gerard Wilder 
Ji-Tsung Wu 
Yang Yang 


Lisa Michelle Armstrong 

Juliana Carmazzi 

Eugenia Carol Dan 

Stephanie Davis 

Steve McKindley-Ward 

Robin F. Schaeffer 

David John Sylvester 

Stephanie Karen Forester VonFecl 

Kui Zhao 


Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Carol Ellen Abold 
Bernardita Aninat 
Ibis Danitzia Aponte 
Daniel Clay Ballantine 
Eric C. Bickel 
Roy French Blakebum 
Michele M. Boak 
Diana Elisa Brazzeal 
Susan D. Buccola 
Alison Shoun Bums 
Billy Joe Campbell 
Janet Leslie Cam 
Bennadine Virginia Carter 
Michael Ryan Chisholm 
Mary Susan Coffman 
Edward Lee Cole 
Kathryn Marinda Craven 
Doreen A. Curtin 
William Augusta Davis Jr. 
Mary Frances Dishaw 
Leon Wendell Dockery Jr. 
Hiromi S. Edwards 
Joseph P. Entwistle 
Teresa Ellen Gerberg 
Francesca MacArthur German 
Melissa Ann Geronimo 
Deborah Ann Greenbush 


R A D U A T 

D E G R 

Duane Lee Grooms 
Dolores Pearl Harris 
Linda Beth Hoke 
Raymond Keith Hutchison 
Tonya Jackson 
Anja S. Johnson 
Keven I. Kamalieh 
Julie l.ynne Keeler 
Lisa Byrd KoUer 
Marion Levine 
Sharon E. Lewis 
Julie Norma Love 
Susan Marie Magnuson 
Jacqueline Marie Martin 
Thomas Odell Moore 
Pam Dawn Murray 
Frances Katherine Myrick 
Noriko Nakachi 
Nami Nakahodo 
Marc Neiderman 
Ulaunda Leah Nunn 
Pamela M. Perry 
Sandra S. Pilotte 
Guy Colby Pope 
Mark Anthony Ryales 
June G. Sanchez 
Jeanne P. Schierhoff-Slade 
Coleman Bruce Schupp 
Tracie VanHooser Setzler 
Peter Roy Shepard 
Andrea Renee Smith 
Jung Won Suh 
Susan S. Sutton 
David Paul Tardiff 
Tara Lashawn Thompson 
Margaret Patricia Turner 
Angeline Guns Wagaman 
Sheryl Lynn Kline Ward 
Carol Cynthia Wellington 
Amy Susan Wells 
Pamela Eileen Whittle 

Amy Marie Wilms 
Veronica Winegarner 
Jennifer Beth Winer 
Lisa Kaye Young 
Angela Kay Zieleck 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Phyllis Hull Akturk 
Sana Ahmad Al Bustan 
James Jacquin Andrews 
Helga Werdecker Bibbins 
Linda Ruth Boarman 
Mary Kathleen Bracken 
Shu-Chen Chen 
Michelle E. Engebretsen 
Jennifer Chambers Froh 
Susan Dorothy Galbraith 
Elaine Garvin Kelly 
Paula Marcia Kovinsky 
Christina Leigh 
Lisa Elaine Eveland Malaev 
Ann Heather McCallum 
Theodore William Mueller 
Babatunde F. Oke 
Sarah Jane Parmenter 
Ann Marie Troy 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Debra Lyn Calvert 
Laura Michelle Johnson 
Shirley Ann Johnson 

Human Development Education 

Danna Pleshette Bobo 
Brenda Kay Damario 

Occupational Education 

Robert Bruce Wright 

Special Education 

Janette Wood Beavers 
Susanne Greenholz Bezushko 
Christine Lee Bichy 
JeanAnne Holmes Breisch 
Lynda Martha Callender-Rivers 
Mary Evelyn Cooper 
Brian Edward Coughlan 
Maggie Jane Dickson Detchon 
Frances Vanessa Diggs 
Cynthia Lee Drew 
Blondell Ford 
Kristi Lyn Johnson 
Barbara June Lee 
Michal Elizabeth Lewis 
Margaret Ann Manger 
Laurel Michelle Manthey 
Gary Miles 
Paul Brian Reilly 
Susan Marie Schuster 
Julianne Carla Sinnaeve 
Christopher Thomas Sperl 
Marci L. Spiotta 
Angeline Ruth Summers 
Diana Marie Tenaglia 
Gretchen Ann Super 
Sonia Silva Teixeira 
Keery Lynn Wolf 


Md Shamsul Arelin 
Pavani M. Bhanu 
John Eugene Hendershot 
Syed Arshad Hussaini 
ASM Ekramul Islam 
Lisa Marie Keser 
David Gerald Morgan 

David Wayne Morsberger 
Thomas Kieran Mowbray 
Babak Atkin Nouri 
Hadiyun Quaiyum 
Rana Ahmad Saad 
Arun Saxena 
John Christopher Stokes 


Creative Writing 

Ann Mary Benvenuto 
David Anthony Durham 
Jessica Jennifer Grant 
Stephanie Halloran 
Elizabeth Hart Heffelfinger 
Michael Anthony Honch 
Ted Emmitt Howard 
Patricia Hee Kim 
Susan Weller Kim 
Shara May McCallum 
Elizabeth Ann Prodey 
Linda Dee Ramey 
Jennifer Kathleen Riccitiello 
Patricia Elam Ruff 
Kellie E. Tabor 
Lauren Voloshen 
Elizabeth Anne Wilding 
Garth B. Wolkoff 
Jacqueline R. Zakrewsky 

Fine Arts 

Larissa Elizabeth Bank 
Julia Sargent Catron 
Hsin-Hsi Chen 
Shay Kristin DeGrandis 
Bryant Theodore Guerrero 
Susan Lee Main 
Larry Herbert Mullins 
Werner Radau Paul 
Meena Sharifv-Funk 



Andre D. Harrington 
Robert William |ohnson 


Library and 
Information Services 

Vickie L. Allen 

Seth R. Atkinson 

Rosada Hess Bennett 

Christine Irene Black 

Nadine B. Block 

Jeffrey Thomas Bowen 

Joanie Diane Bradford 

Carla Joanne Buckley 

Wendy Judith Carter 

Shu-Fen Cho 

Juliet Ann Cordon 

Martha Jane Daly 

Ann Marie Davis 

Nathaniel Massie DeBruin III 

Suzanne Powell DeMuth 

Jane Ogburn Dorfman 

Robin Eileen Emrich 

Sarah Gwinn Endres 

Stacy Marie Finley 

James Andrew Fitch 

Michael Bryan Gannon 

Amanda Cecilia Hanson 

B. Kristen Hax 

Sue Ann Hoadley 

Gregory Alan Kaminski 

Deborah L. Kapper 

Peggy Joy Lauer 

Christine Lee Lenschow 

Michael John Lewis 

Helen G. Makosky 

Robert Charles Maranto, Jr 

Catherine Namovicz McNamara 

Jacqueline R. Miller 
Virginia Porterfield Phelps 
Stacev Antoinette Pickett 
Barbara DeVries Randolph 
Janice Zeva Rosenberg 
Susan Michele Ryan 
John Edward Steme 
Noel Lana Tavano 
Susan McGuirk Thomas 
Kimberly Grabeel Tremble 
Deborah Kathryn Wade 
Susan Maura Wagner 
Susan Elizabeth Westenbarger 


Jeffrey Craig Burka 


Jodi Lee Bunnell 
Jennie Anne Levine 


Daniel Eric Abraham 
Jodi Lambert Blount 
Lisa Maria Corbett 
Vicki Lee Eschelman 
Thomas K. Fowler 
Chimi Sandy Gumulak 
Eunae K. Han 
Kunyoung Kim 
Michael Brien Linthicum 
Martha Mary Mac Intire 
Heather Jean Marsh 
Linda Coleen Mayes 
Betty Teresa Mazzeo 

John Middleton McComb 
Siobhan M. McGuire 
Jay Eric Niepoetter 
Jeannette Lee Oliver 
Casey Erricson Olney 
Angela Powell 
Jennifer Mae Rodgers 
Matthew WilUam Rupcich 
Ruth Z. Skrzesz 
Jozef Surowiec 
Xiao-Jun Wang 
Jeeyoun Yoo 


James Joseph Patton 
Deadra Ann Whayland 
Daniel Charles Addess 
Dawn Michelle Carpenter 
Eric Austin Carzon 
Kimberley Eloise Cole 
Debra Leigh Dymersky 
Chad Jeremy Erspamer 
Elaine D. Gaynes 
Christopher Michael James 
Michael Thomas Kunst 
Sara Elizabeth Oberlies 
Christopher Whitehead Parr\' 
Jason Eugene Pate 
Theresa Ann Renner Smith 
Fredd Thomas Sapp 
Naledi Marie Saul 
Mark Howard Speckhard 
Second Degree: Criminology 
and Criminal justice 
Ross AUen Stem 
Kevin Michael Stone 
Kurt Alan Wendt 
Yasunori Yamauchi 


Elizabeth Harrison Daley 
Donald John Patti 
Rhonda Newton Smith 


Katharine Miles Abeshouse 
Lori Marguerite Anderson 
Beth Ritchie Chung 
Marv Gael Dolan 
John P. Duffy 
Venus MicheUe Eagle 
James Willard Hemphill 
Linda Jane Lay 
Barbara Edith Lord 
Michelle Miskinis 
Joseph Patrick O'Neill 
Daivis Petraitis 
Edmund Thomas Piasecki 
Philip Martin Schuler 
Beth Aim Sciumeca 
Jeffrev Hugh Tumarktn 
Fabiola Vethencourt 


Aerospace Engineering 

Mohammed N. Alharbi 
Camille Wardrop Alleyne 
Donald Allen Barnes 
Andrew Richard Garber 
Brian Robert Hester 
Melanie Kristine Hurt 
Jin Hee Kim 
Jennifer Lynn Knack 
Makiko Kosha 
Scott Karol Kuczma 
Steven Patrick Kuester 




Christopher Max Mairs 
Ian Kelly Matlick 
Subhobroto Nath 
Timothy Curtis Rivenbark 
John Warren Sabean 
Divyang R. Shukla 
Keith Peter Soenckscn 
Lynn Mary StodghiU 
Sudha Veeramani 
Mantian Martin Zhu 
Julianne Zimmerman 

Agricuttural and Extension 

Phillip Ndi Azah 
Vickie Denise Martin 

Agricultural and Resource 

Elizabeth Regina Colegrove 
Scott A. Miller 
Jin Qian 

Agricuttural Engineering 

Kevin Joseph Coyne 
Venila Reddy Kodmur 
Mark Stephen Perencevich 
Eric John Powell 
Catherine Angela Wells 


lanine Baratfa 
Juliet Marie Cartron 
Patrick Eugene Elia 
Kenneth B. Ingram 
Pablo Alberto Kalnay 
Mark C. Magness 
Jill E. Martin 
Leonida K. Mwenesi 
Ronald David Myers 
Jennifer Ann Olear 

William Henry Phillips 
Ana M. Sanchez 

Animal Sciences 

Maria hette Duenas 
Kathleen Powers Hughes 
Sarah Milczanowski Hyatt 
Kenneth Frank Kalscheur 
Cassandra Marie Moore 
Xu-Shen Zhou 


Patricia Louise Daukantas 
Donald J. Horner 
Meredith MacKenzie 
Chun Xu 


Chandramouliswaran Ishwar 

Business and {Management 

Kozhakhan K. Abenov 
James E. Diskin Jr. 
Bonita Jones Harris 
Leslie Len Hinshaw 
Jongryong Kim 
Yang Li 

Chung-Ling Liu 
Quang Xuan Nguyen 
Nirmaljit Singh Paul 
Wei-Chen Pai 
Derek R. Sharp 
Frank Charles Skopec Jr. 

Chemical Engineering 

Vanisree Annadata 
Feng-Jon Chang 
Hsu-Wei Fang 
Sugianto Hanggodo 
Yu-Chen Hu 
Minh-Quan Khuc Pham 
Roscoe A. Sincere 
Miguel Angel Valle 

Chemical Physics 

Michael Winston Carter 


James Sterling Shapiro Harter 

Yuhui Li 

Rong Ling 

David Kenneth Rees 

Julie Lynn Van Valkenburgh 

Jun Van 

Civil Engineering 

Brent Griffin Anderson 
Scott Douglas Austin 
Mark David Behrens 
Moninder Singh Birdi 
James Christian Brown 
Matthew Burns 
David Alan Carlisle 
Alberto Jose Cattabriga Poppi 
Joel Vincent Caudill 
Joseph Leo O'Neil 
Joan Carroll Peyrebrune 
Rajeev Poluri 
Jasenka Milan Rakas 
Daniel Patrick Scott 
Mehmet Yalcin Serf 
Sangita Satish Shah 
Dwight Earl Shank 
Thavaputhiran Sivapalan 
Kevin Robert Slates 

J. Michael Sowinski Jr. 
Alan Wayne Staggs 
George John Stephanos 
Cynthia-Clare Tagoe 
Teotonio D'Alva Torres 
Hsin-chung Tseng 
William Patrick Wagner 
Glenn Alden Washer 
Thomas Ransom Weissinger 11 
Mary Catherine Wiedorfer 
Dawit Zena 
Yuan-Lung Cheng 
Rudolph Show-Chung Chow 
Jeffrey Stuart Cooper 
Million Demissie 
Anil Kumar Dhondi 
Kevin Lewis Dill 
George Eid 

Philippe Jean Luc Espitallier 
Kimberly Marie Fisher 
Nestor Armando Flores 
Evelvn Sandra Gebauer 
Robert Joseph Gries 
Thomas Martin Heil 
Bhaumik V. Hotha 
Kuangda Hsu 
Huayang Hu 

Joseph Edward Huesmann 
Thomas Hans Jacobs 
Shalini Jayasundera 
Hope Katcharian 
Jiung-Ting Ke 

S I T Y 


Murali Kirthi 
Stephanie P. Kuzio 
Delayne Robert Lange 
Robert A. Larsen 
Wensheng Liang 
Aaron Ray Love 
Marc Elliot Mandel 
Christine D.E. Murphy 
James William Murray 
Bhagavan Neelakantachar 
Joseph Leo O'Neil 
Joan Carroll Peyrebrime 
Rajeev Poluri 
Jasenka Milan Rakas 
Daniel Patrick Scott 
Mehmet Yalcin Sert 
Sangita Satish Shah 
Dwight Earl Sharik 
Thavaputhiran Sivapalan 
Kevin Robert Slates 
J. Michael Sowinski Jr. 
Alan Wayne Staggs 
George John Stephanos 
Cynthia-Clare Tagoe 
Teotonio D'Alva Torres 
Hsin-chung Tseng 
William Patrick Wagner 
Glenn Alden Washer 
Thomas Ransom Weissinger II 
Mary Catherine Wiedorfer 
Dawit Zena 

Computer Science 

Brent William Agnew 
George Apostolopoulos 
Bryan Roger Buck 
Hongling Chen 
Ardas Cilingiroglu 
Ross Garrett Cutler 
Rohit Dube 

Hyeonsang Eom 

Ladan Gharai 

Tayfun Gol 

Sandeep Gupta 

Jack Shang-Ji Hsu 

Glenn Simmons Iwerks 

Bjorn Thor Jonsson 

Michael James Kiker 

Ibrahim Korpeoglu 

Michael Kudryashev 

Wonjun Lee 


Nelson Padua Perez 

Jungshin Park 

JuUe Marie Pointek 

Fan-Tao Pu 

Oliver Nicolas Seeliger 

Mine Ulkii Sencan 

Marko Antero Teittinen 

Reiko Tsuneto 

Zhanying Wang 

Charles Louis Ward 

John William Wetterstrand 

Li Zhang 

Zhijun Zhang 

Wei Zhao 

Electrical Engineering 

Gaurav Arora 
Deepak V. Ayyagari 
Paul Prehn Bey Jr. 
Subbaraju V. BudhaRaju 
Ko-Hsing Chang 
Wen-Lung Cheng 
Ching-Hsiu Chiang 
Marilyn Elizabeth Cordy 
Rockya Rosa Coulibaly 
Amab Das 
Hong Fan 

William Joseph Grant 
Sonjai Gupta 
Mehrdad Hassani 


Hsin-Yuan Ho 

Wei-kai Hong 

Khursheedul Anam Khan 

Gebran Keith Krikor 

Ming-Hsin Kuo 

Ji-Woong Lee 

Fu-Lung Li 

Chung-Kai Lin 

Daniel R. Lupo 

Vadim Polyakov 

Haroon Mohamed Rafik 

Javad RazavUar 

Alfred Russell Robertson 

Doron Chaim Shalvi 

Daniel Tae Song 

Murari Srinivasan 

Hsuan-Jung Su 

Yi-Jung Su 

Stoehr Ekachack Sukachevin 

Sean Christian Tippett 

Jaibharat Valluri 

Prem Viswanathan 

Hsin-hsiung Wang 

Kwang Bin Yao 


Engineering Materials 

Michael Adam 
Sasvifati Biswas 
Mark Steven Eroding 
Frederick Hyowon Lee 
Alberto Pique 
Krupashankara Mysore 

Edgar Robert Seydel 
Ming Sun 
Kang Xu 
Chien-Ping Yu 


William M. Curtis IV 
Kimberly Arm Nesci 

Family and Community 

Carolyn Therese Biggs 
Kathryn Ducat Brown-Huamani 
Pao-Yun Chen 
Michael-Enoah Duvall 
Thelma Lorraine Harley 

Family Studies 

Jennifer Ann Becker 
Byron DeWitt Breland 
Heather Dawn Gendler 
Erica Lynn Larson 
Judy Kay Marblestone 
Stephanie Jo Neidermyer 
Gina Marie Wertalik 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Gerard George Back III 
Chi- Wen Chang 
John Fitzgerald Devlin 
Nelson Collins Dunston 
Linda Mary Gallahue 
Gerald Augustus Haynes 
Mark Hopkins 
Cheol H. Lee 
Dermis M. McCrory 
Arif Muhaimin 
John Vincent Veltre 

Food Science 

Lingfei He 
Melody H. Kuo 
Reem Kassatly Raji 


Cathleen D. Brown 
Ronald G. Colyer Jr. 

G R A D U A T 

19 9 6 

Mark Robert Frank 
William Stephen Greenwood 
Kevin Kemball Houghton 
Feng Jiang 

Denise Renee Muriceak 
Michael Edward O'Connell 
Alison Borden Schwab 


H\a Chalia Cuadrado 
Zhengyi Fang 
Yanwen Gong 
Jennifer L. Kujawski 
Tamela Dawn Michaels 
LeeAnn DeWitt Murray 
Katherine Kelly Stephenson 
Jingjiu Wang 
Christopher Jon Worden 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Florence Fungai Chanetsa 

Julie Ann Hettinger 


Farida Y. Mohamedshah 

Anna Maria C. Van Der Sluijs 

Simin Xu 

Chuanyi Zhang 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Amv Corker Freise 
Ann Margaret Gallagher 
Sandra Elizabeth Grace 
James Dixon Hagy 111 
Jennifer Anne Harman 
Benjamin D. Haskell 
Loren Larkin Kellogg 
Leyla Emine Lange 
Julie Anne Latchum 
Jeffrey Randall Merrell 

Kellie Christine Merrell 
Koichiro Nakanishi 
Eric Daniel Nelson 
Samuel Paul Orlando Jr. 
Jennifer Lynn Pearson 
Kenneth I. Penland 
Dan M. Rice 
Carol A. Richardson 
Gene C. Rilling 
Sean Michael Smith 
Robert Brian Sturgis 
David Carl Stutzer 
Kim Arnold Turner 
Ho-Shing Wan 
Jennifer Lee Zelenke 

Mechanical Engingeering 

Thomas Robert Boyer 
Kwok-hung Cheung 
William Chu 
George Raphael Dold 
Douglas Muir Ferguson 
John Eugene Hendershot 
Adrian A. Hood 
Melvin Joseph Jung 
Rajesh Ramanand Kamath 
Satheesh Kulankara 
Mark E. Kumagai 
Arun Kunchithapatham 
Giang V. Lam 
Melissa Anne Lederer 
Huynh Xuan Luu 
Kevin Walter Lyons 
Bharath Madhavan 
Brian Allen Markey 
Richard Michael McMahon Jr. 
Azhar Hussain Mirza 
Marc Steven Nathan 
Mark Alan O'Clair 
Mohif Pande 
James Bohling Pfeiffer 

Vijay Sundar Ramachandran 
Kevin Thomas Ritchie 
David Scott Stargel 
Jingsong Tang 
G.B. Vasanth 
Vani Verma 
Shirley Hsiao-1 Wang 
Kung-Hsu Yeh 


Myoung-Hwan Ahn 
Mathew Anthony Barlow 
Hsun-Kai Cheng 
Ying Dai 

Michael Sean Dinniman 
Jared Keith Entin 
Paul Kelley 
Ching-1 Lin 


Jhumka Ghosh 
Marcus Bernard Rindal 

Nuclear Engineering 

June-Ho Chang 
Richard J. Goffi 
Scott Douglas Kniffin 
Wayne Clark McCullough 
Dennis Rothenberger 
Jason Henry Schaperow 
Xiliang Wu 


Kancham Chotoo 
George C. Ho 

Josephine Nora Humphreys 
Jolin Mastin Lafferty Jr. 
Adolfo Massimo Riitano 
Richard Albert Scheper 
Elena Sheiba 
Gregory Wade 
Richard Bart Wagreich 



Mimi MeeYoung Ghim 
Kristin Jensen Heaton 

Reliability Engineering 

Stephen Eric Bryant 
Qing Yan Chen 
Laura Lynn Collins 
Tianjia Huang 
Anant S. Kasture 
Sanjay Kumar 
Kuang-Tzung Liang 
Subhash C. Mondal 
S. Swaminathan 
Yiyuan Xu 

Survey Methodology 

Wilham Clair Davie Jr. 
Mary Cecilia Davis 
Lisa Muggeo Feldman 
Julia Elizabeth Klein Griffiths 
Eileen Moira O'Brien 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Nancy Benton 

Roxanne Elizabeth Bogart 

Norman Alan Bourg 

Steve Burns 

Xu Duan 

Andrew P. Martin 

Sonal L Pandya 

Gina Sedaghatkish 

Kevin L. Skerl 

Susan Alana Stenquist 

Jennifer Anne Taylor 

Keith Campbell Winston 

Systems Engineering 

Ralph Arcaro 111 

Olivia Treniece Butler 

Giles Colbert Charleston 

Glenn Vincent Fink 

Rohit Mahajan 

Mark Daniel Melgaard 

Sandhya Kumar Mittu 

Gary Yip Moy 

Adil Elahi Rajput 

David W. Rush 

Lisa Patrice Summers 


Jin W. Chun 
Lloyd Edward Clark 
Ousmane Doukoure 
Kathleen McMackin Nowlin 
Michael David Smith 
Mosabber Uz Zaman 

Textiles and Consumer 

Marylyrme Bauer 


Aaron Brian Bell 
Laura Elizabeth Bennett 
James Randou Carpenter 
Eric Otto Klineberg 
YeunShin Lee 
Andrea Lynne MandeUa 
Linda Joyce Miller 
Donald Joseph Sejkora 
Agnes De Lemos Velloso 
Timothy Bowen Werner 
Kevin Lee Willison 
Dorothy Helen Wynne 

Women's Studies 

Elissa Auther 
Virginia E. Bell 
Amy G. Cox 
Kelli C. Levi 
Erin Senak 
Millinda Jane Taylor 




May 1996 


Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineeringy 

John Francis Bourgeois 
Christopher Robert Broderick 
Second Degree: Mathematics 
Marco M. Castrillo 
Stephen Phihp Chaykovsky 
Andrew Stephen Chomey 
John Delarue 
Rick Allen Funchion 
tAdam Spencer Howell 
§Teng-Cheng Hsu 
George I. Huh 
Robert Charles Jacobson 
§Sang Ki Lee 
§Kuo-Chia Liu 

Charles Linford McConnell, Jr 
Long Ngoc Nguyen 

Second Major: General Business 

Thinh Nguyen 
Student Marshal 

tjulieta Perez 

Milan Govind Rami 

Second Degree: Computer Science 

Peter Rasmussen 

Robert Ryan Renyer 

James Andrew Rinko 

Paul Duraikan Samuel 

Federico Camaligan Sanidad 
Second Degree: Psychology 

Michael John Schroder 

David Arthur Simms 

Joao-Paulo P. Costa Sousa 

Andrew Francis Szabo Jr. 

John Frederick Teter 

David Michael Tuomey 

Craig Eric Vogel 
George Ivan Wofford 
*Lavi Rizki Zuhal 

AgricuKural Engineering 

§Mathevv K. Robins 

Chemical Engineering 

Jonathan Earl Blake 
Charles I. Boyer Jr. 
*Kavita Dhanesh Butani 
Glenn Ervin Gasner 
Emmanuel Omotayo George 
Tara Ghaffarian 
Muni Ghimire 
Sergey Grinberg 
Susan Jeannette Guenther 
Susan Jennifer Hodgson 
Kenneth Roger Hwang 

Second Degree: Biochemistry 
Sean Patrick Illig 
Paul L. Jacobs 
Rachel N. Jacobs 

Second Degree: Biological Siienrrs 

Chauncey Bayarculus Johnson 

Second Degree: Chemistry 
Edward Yun Kim 

Second Degree: Biochemistry 
Edward Alan King 
Eric Brian Leaman 
Edmund Ho Lee 

Second Degree: Biochemistry 
tSilvia Maria Leong 
Jeannie M. McDermott 
Matthew Dylan Nowakowski 

Student Marshal 
Donald Modafeme Odiwo 
Christopher Curtis Piekarski 
Ahmad Sadr 
Jerry Steven Salan 
§Darryl Bacon Sampey 
Dui Kanma Cosphiard 

Kristen Diane Wagner 
John Frederick Whitcomb 
§Jacinta Kadoma Williams 

Student Marshal 

§ Sitmtna cum Ijiude f Magna cum Laude *cumlMude 


Civil Engineering 

John T. Armstrong 
John F. Arrieta 
tChatpong Assavakarint 
Amos Kwame Egyir Baah 
April Marie Bamett 
Stephen Earl Bennett 
Mitku Berhanu 
Gary David Bilyeu 
Michael Dean Blattau 
Nathan John Blattau 
Jermifer Angela Blockmon 
Charles Blood Clark Jr. 
David Paul Cloud 
Laura Clare Conley 
Anthony Francis KaUani 

Nicole Ferran 
Christopher Alan Garland 
Thomas Francis Gavin 
Michael C. German 
Kelly Patrick Gillispie 
Bruce Daruel Goddard 
Daruel Scott Goldfarb 
Louis Anthony Guy 
Gregory Patrick Hainsworth 
Christopher John Hauge 
Ernest G. Heinrichs 
Alaric Jon Hergenroeder 
Chiristopher William Huff 
•Rodney Duane Jones 
Moshe Kafra 
Raz Kaminitz 
Jean Anne Kapusnick 
Arpad Fabian Kovacs 
Thierry R. LeBoulch 
Basem Alfred Makar 
Jude Thomas Mandes 
Michael Dennis McGarity 
Kimberly Ann Myers 
Long Ba Nguyen 
Larry W. Overbay 

Manish L. Patel 
David Warren Peake 
John Joseph Peperone 
Douglas Jay Piper 
John Samuel Rentschler, Jr 
Eric R. Rothermel 
Robert Anthony Sadorra 
Anthony Lee Taylor 
Pallav Bharat Thakkar 
Steve Theodoropoulos 
Eric Paul Tievy 
Christopher David Wells 
Michael Joseph Werner 
Nicole Angela White 
Jennifer Marie Wood 
Jessie L. Yung 

Electrical Engineering 

Asgedom Abbay 

David Montgomery Agro 

Nathan O. Alinsod 

Kiran Radhakrishna Annavarapu 

David Joshua Ansel 

Susan Aryamanesh 

Thomas Frank Atelsek 

Alka Shashikant Athavale 

Kapildeep S. Bakshi 

»Colin C. Bell 

Michael Paul Biancaniello 

Scott Andrew Bonner 

Eric D. Bose 

Kyle Loren Bostian 

Sean Christian Brown 

§Christopher James Buehler 

Second Major: Computer Science 
Vinh Huy Bui 
Hung The Cao 
§Eylon Caspi 

Second Degree: Computer Sciatce 
*Kevin Scott Caster 
Alieu M. Ceesay 
Di-Ge Chang 

§Angela Shau-Han Cheung 

Student Marshal 
Nick Corsaro 
Wm. Dennis Grain 
Chris Blaine Daniel 
Rajesh Surendra Desai 
Ronald Michael DeMartin 
»Dan Te Dinh 
Hieu Trung Do 
Thien Dinh Do 
tjohn Thomas Dowdal 

Second Degree: Computer Science 
*Heba Mohamed El-Erian 
Carlos Humberto Flores 
Patricio A. Garcia 
John Steven Godfrey 
Antonia Christina Grigoropoulos 
Sukrite Gupta 
§Minhtri Tan Ho 
Angela Marie Hodge 
tMichael Wayne Horn 
Vu Quang Huynh 
Calvin Jong-Suh Im 
Abhishek Jain 
Chih-Wei David Jiang 
Tanya Dacia Johnson 
Naresh Ramana Karamchetty 
Payman Kaveh 
*Jin Xue Kuang 
Joseph John Kubinec 
Adauctus Stephen Kuffar 
Cornell Eugene Lawrence 
Daniel G. LaPointe 
*Hung Le 
Doron Lean 
Man Chun Lee 

Second Degree: Computer Science 
The-Lin Lee 

Second Degree: Computer Science 
Makayi M. Lendo 
Raden T. Li 
David Shang-Kang Liao 

Kok Ping Liew 
Tyrone R. Lindsey Jr. 
Steven Seng Lui 
Tamasin Stacy Marders 

Second Major: Sociology 
tHayden Allen Metz 
Paolo Davidian Moore 
Matthew Kim Nguyen 
Thai Tuong Nguyen 
Padma Vathi Nibhanupudy 
Joanna Faith Nickerson 
§Carl Jeremy Nuzman 

Second Degree: Mathematics 
Daniel Edward Orejuela 
tLeila Sze-Yi Pak 
Ajithamol G. Pattasseril 
tStephen Marshall Payne 
tjonathan Michael Pecot 

Second Major: German Language 

and Literature 
Steven Edward Peters 
Nittaya Pimchaipong 
Heidi Jean PohUiaus 
tXiaofeng Qi 
Ganesh Ramachandran 
Ronuny Rempas 
Constance Lee Rempe 
David Nigel Ribeiro 
Bowen Leo Rice Jr. 
Lawrence Maurice Roberts Jr. 
Arun Kishor Sabnis 
Bouna Sail 

§Hemanth T. Sampath 
*Ming-Chen Shih 
Hardeep Singh 
Andre Slaughter 
Stephanie Tosheko Slaughter 
Jay Hyok Song 
Therese Ann Soma 
Amsatou Sow 
Michael Louis Straub 
Narin Suphasindhu 


§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


MAY 1996 

Shikha Suri 
Fassil H. Tadesse 
Tsung-Wen Tsai 

Second Degree: Coinpuler Science 
Boo H. Voon 
*Tong Wang 
Anthony Roberto Waul 
Susan Michelle Winters 
Chiawei Wu 

Second Degree: Economics 
Joltn Gerasimos Yakoumatos 
Michael Arthur Yankus 
Kwan James Yau 
Satish Yelamanchili 
Young Seung Yoon 
»Chi-Zen Yu 
Kevin Moonjo Yu 

Engineering — Applied Science 

James L. Driessen 

Engineering — Materials 

§Vijav A. D'Souza 

Fire Protection Engineering 

James I'atrick Begley 
Tariq Khalil Bsharat 
Scott Edward Dillon 
Tanva Michelle Eaton 
James Edward Gibbons III 
Brian Scott Grove 
David Richard Hood 
Keun Duk Kim 
John Edward Krawiec 
Mason Leon Magid 
Megan Anne McNeimey 

Second Degree: Psychology 
Anish Krishna Murthy 
Terry E. Schultz 
Nimay Kumar Sinha 

Student Marshal 
Daniel B. Szepesi 

Mechanical Engineering 

Thierry Christian de Raet 
Samuel del Castillo 
Amy Beth Avitabile 
Robert Lee Ayers 

Second Major: Mathematics 
Jasdeep Singh Bhusri 
David Andrew Binney 
Diego Bonta 
Jason Stuart Brooks 
Jeffrey R. Busa 
Jose Luis Chavez 
Mengwei Chen 
Paul Tuising Chin 
'Aris Costaki Cleanthous 
Shane Perry Cohen 

Second Degree: Anthropology/ 
tScott Alan Cooper 
John Philip Coyne 
WilUam Dahl 
Ashish Dashottar 
David Brian Dawson 
Melvin Hufana Dedicatoria 
•V. Boyd Despard 
Thang Hong Duong 
William Charles Du\'all 
John David Ellis 
Jonathan Twain Eubank 
*Robert Thomas Floyd 
Alex Roy Folk 
Aaron Stefan Frazier 
*Brian Paul Gearing 

Student Marshal 
Anupom Ghosh 
tSummer Lyrui Gilbert 

Student Marshal 
Trent Austin Greenwell 
Robert Jason Guice 
Russell David Hester 
David Cholung Ho 
Luis Alberto Hung 
William Edward Jones Jr. 

Lucas William Juzwiak 
Daniel Joseph Kenny 
Ezmeralda Tarek Khalil 
Se Sung Kim 
David Jason Krause 
Karin Marie LaDuca 
Won Chang Lee 
§Andrew William Lotz 

Student Marshal 
Nathaniel Kelsey Low 
•Eric Laumbach Luft 
Chander Parkash Magoon 
Jermaine Edward Martin 
Daniel Christian Martins 
'Donald Randolph Mase 
Brandon Gerald Mason 
Joseph G. McGinnity 
Eric David McMillan 
Gerard Mercier 
Mark W. Miller 
Jacqueline Nancy Morales 
Steven Anthony Mummey 
Manuel Eduardo Nalda 
Tuan Anh Nguyen 

Second Major: Computer Science 
Christopher Keiu Olsen 
Kenneth Douglas Owens 
*Shailesh A. Patel 
Michael Stuart Poston 

Second Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Benjamin David Queen 
Chad Da\'id Reithmeier 
Michael Robert Rich 
*Jayna Elisabeth Richardson 

Student Marshal 
Douglas Gordon Rowse 
Jakob Lynn Schmucki 
Catherine Hyehyun Shim 
Surendra K. Shrestha 
Kevin Abiose Smith 
Ilene Linda Sokolsky 

Daniel Joseph Sosnosky 
Douglas Matthew Sunshine 
Matthew Wagenhofer 
'Donald James Walker 

Second Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
"William Andrews Walker 

Second Major: Computer Science 
Adam Michael Ward 
Shane William Warren 
Damon Clark Webster 
Randolph Lee Wheeler 
Jonathan William White 
Valerie LetiHa Wilder 

Student Marshal 
Robert Andrew Wolf II 
Allen L. Wu 

Nuclear Engineering 

Dena Jean Belschner 
Kirk Adler Flippo 

Second Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
•Virgel T. Purr 
Charles Russell Garbe Jr. 
Stephanie Jean Herlth 
John Houston Penny III 
Jodi Lynn Schoutese-Furr 


Bachelor of Landscape 

Richard Teague Budd III 
Terrenco Michael Burns Jr. 
Kenneth Glenn Castillo 
Tracy Cofield 
LcMs Ruth Jacobs 
Gene Andrew McGarry 
Amy Deborah Miskiewicz 
Christopher Martin Moore 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 



Beth Muccino 
Kelly Ann Schwabik 
Philip Keith Sclafani 
Pritesh Kanu Shah 
Da\'id John Trrnnbull 
Susan Marie Trumbull 

Bachelor of Science 

AgricuKural and Resource 

Jule Ellen Burton 
Craig Eric Cherkas 
*Hushmand Jonathan Cott 
Joseph Michael FlvTin 
Marco A. Fortini 
Jarrett Anthony Johnson 
Daisuke Kawabe 
Stephen Michael KeUey 
Mary Anne Lustan 
Ahmad Mudallali 
Ernest Scott Page 
Bryan Jeffrey Price 
Maruf Singer 
Scott R. Trager 
Darren Francis Waak 

Animal Sciences 

Geoffrey Grayson Adams 
Jeremy Thomas Albomoz 
Kelly Marie Dougherty 
Paul Douglas Dumbra\'o 
'Kristen Dawn England 
Ruth Rumsey Gilbert 
Christina Lynn Guhni 
Kelvin T. Khoo 
tBarbara Marie Leotta 

Student Marshal 
Allison Roxanna Elaine Miller 
Heather Arvn Novak 
Christopher Adam Obenschain 
Marisa Dawn Pasekoff 
Katherine Amelia Ross 
Aaron Eugene Sanders 
tHeather Ann Stup 
tCeorge Frederic McLeod Taylor 
Claudia Ulrike Walter 

Second Degree: Microbiology 
Emily Hammond Wilson 
Reed L. Zaroff 
Lynn Elizabeth Zimmerman 


Conservation Soil, Water and 

Brian Matthew Dorsey 

Second Degree: Crop Science 
Melinda M. McNair 
Jennifer Marie Whelan 

Crop Science 

Brian Matthew Dorsey 

Second Degree: Conservation 
Soil, Water and Environment 


Andrea Jean Buege 
§Jeanne Lisa Cheung 

Student Marshal 
Lisa Johnson Christie 
Anne Mar)' Didato 
•Dana Gebhardt 
JuUe Tara Halstead 
Heather Kristine Jones 
Randi-Beth Konikoff 
*Elysse Sondra Lakatos 
*Tammy Felice Lakatos 
*Teresa H. Lau 
Darla L)Tm Mileni 
Sharon Rubinstein 
Debra Dawn Schulze 
Mar)' B. Sistrunk 
Shayne Jessica Small 
§Rebecca Jillian Soule 
Aliceson Kay Swigart 

Food Science 

♦Michelle G. Tan 

General Agriculture 

"Benjamin Eric Almquist 
Student Marsiial 
Second Degree: Government and 

Dawn Marie Knill 
Student Marshal 

Human Nutrition and Foods 

Mi C. Cho 

Anthony Vithara Heng 

Allyson Cher Kahn 

Natural Resources Management 

Julie Kristen Bortz 
Student Marshal 
Mark Lynn Carroll 
Alexandra Cockbum 
Adam Dennis DuBrowa 
Jackson Kenneth Fisher 
Eric Prentice Gates 
Elizabeth Morgan Gillespie 
Michele Kathrvn Gula 
Pamela Elizabeth Home 
Matthew Joseph Kulesza 
Paul Michael Leonard 
Carla Ann Lukehart 
Joanna Katherine Mitchell 
John Eugene Mudd 
Christopher Lee Perrygo 
*Laura Louise Taylor 
James Alfred Wagner 11 
Toby Scott Wilson 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

Jeffrey Dale Da\'is 
Britton Walker Dudley 

Kurt Ernest Nortman 


§ Sumtna cum Laude f Magjia cum Laude * cum Laude 



19 9 6 


Bachelor of Science 


Olumide Oseyemi Akinsade 

Azhar Ameen 

Lauren Deane Anderson 

Jason W. Atkin 

Jennifer R. Atlas 

*Liatt Avigdor 

Regina Carmen BarkduU 

Student Marshal 
Mathew Tristam Braun 
tCarla J. Cole 
Michael Stephen Crary 
Bob King Cuk 
Todd Emerson Durell 
John-Paulo Martins Femandes 
David Paul Greger 
•Dana Christine Hammer 
Edward Edgar Haungs 
Randall Milton Hawkins Jr. 
Hilary Beth Jameson 
Melissa Ann King 
tBrett Owen Lundmark 
•Andrew David Miller 
Steven Monroe Moore 
Erick Christian Morgan 
John A. Mucciarone 
Tung Thanh Nguyen 

Student Marshal 
Mark Andrew Nook 
•David Lee Peabody 
tKarcn Lynn Pitsley 
•Monika Rabe Pruessner 
tAntonio Roberto Oliveira Rebelo 
Young Bae Rhee 
Heather Karen Ring 
John A. Santospago 
•Amy Melissa Stitely 

Robert Mark Voelker 
Sang Hon Yi 


Baclielor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Rebacca Lynn Mabie 

Second Degree: Journalism 

Lisa Arm Pate 

Darwin Junzen Miranda Sison 

Russell Albert Stacy 

Second Degree: American Studies 

American Studies 

Seth J. Auster 

Timothy Charles Buckley 

Jonathan Dunn Burr 

Jennifer Cross 

Elizabeth Ward Downing 

Bridgette Angela Gettier 

Jason Page Lambros 

Helenmarie Meiser 

Mayumi Ono 

Jenrufer Lauren Schwed 

Russell Albert Stacy 

Second Degree: Advertising 

Miho Takagi 
Stephen Dunbar Wilson 
tAngela Joy Wish 

Art History 

Julianne Berkowitz 
•Allison Anne Boyle 
Susannah S. Brur« 
Ricarda Lynn Pangelin Cepeda 

Second Degree: Individual Studies 
Christine Mary Clark 

Carolyn Elaine Conner 
Cheryl Arm Criswell 
Sabina Peri Fogle 

Second Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Christian Gabriel Galuppi 
Wendy Ginsburg 
tErika M. Greene 
Diana Chong Min Hong 
Rose Allison Ir\-ine 
Alicia Nicole Jackson 
Shireen Adib Jarrar 
Jin Joo Kim 
John Anthony Lang 
Jennifer Ward Lee 
Lisa W. Lee 
Nicole Suzanne Levine 
William McNeil UI 
Michelle Martin Moore 
Amy Joanne Nakushian 
Rebecca Denise Raznick 
Cindy M. Sanchez 
Krista Jennings Schreiner 
Annissa Anne Sheow 
Brigitte Nelly Shoff 
Collette Cathleen Tomayko 

Second Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Cassandra Sophia Tsaknis 

Second Degree: Sociology 
Noelle Kristine Unger 
Lara Nicole Wedderburn 
Christine Lynne Williams 
Nicola Viola Winterton 
Fetneh Nazanin Zilka 

Second Degree: Art Studio 

Art Studio 

Kristin Lynn Alfano 
Eun Jin Bae 
James Edward Bell 
Laurie Cammarata 

Kanika Sharifa Clay 
Thomas Earle Cole 
Norma Jean Dunn 
Cynthia M. Fernandez 
Abby Juliette Forlander 

Second Major: Art History 
Stacey Marie Fuller 
John Kevin Hahn 
Chan Hui Han 
Eric Christopher Hankins 
Kenneth Leon Harrell Jr. 
Seon Ah Heo 
Candice Anne Holleran 
Yuchun Carrie Hsieh 
Eric Christopher Johnson 

Second Major: Art History 
Michael David Jones 
Kristen Nicole Ketchum 
Jill Margaret Kissh 
Andrea Nicole Lachter 
tEleise Beth LaPorta 

Second Degree: Biological Sciences 
Annie Yanghee Lee 
Shirley Lin 

Marjorie Neeltje Marquez 
Napoleon Andaya Martinez 
Jeffrey Mercer McArthur II 
Melody D. Meyers 
Hope Lauren Miller 
Karen Amelia-Ann Minott 
Jerry J. Nestor 
Scott Alan Parks 
Scott Vincent Patti 
Chandler Ramelli 
Jacqueline Christina Rangs 
Chiristine Renee Redding 
Steven Eric Rife 
Kristin Victoria Roach 
Sarah Muriel Rothenberg 
Arezoo Safavipour 
James Ayodele Sawyerr 
tCarrie Ellen Schreiber 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magtrn cum Laude ' cum Laude 


U N I V 


Jason Michael Slaysman 
Cresin Draon Smith 

Secoiui Major: Afro-American Studies 
H. Michael SoUoa Jr. 
Paul Jonathan Stalker 
Jorge Luis Suarez 
Mario Rae Swan 
Emily Susan Tappan 
Toan Trieu Thai 
Martina Thompson 
Rodrigo Pidlaoan Vallar 

Second Degree: Biological 
Peter William Viscomi 
§Eugene Jose Walsh 
Scott Jerome Welsh 
Denise Renee Woofter 
Chun-Ting Yeh 
Paul Matthew Zeman 
Fetneh Nazanin Zilka 

Second Degree: Art History 


Ji-Hyeon Park 
Isabelle Pfandler 

Classical Languages and 

tElisabeth Mary Herschbach 
Deborah Lauritzen Schnabel 
*Kendra Kae-Wen Shih 

Second Degree: Biological Sciences 


Deborah Elizabeth Burgess 
Jennifer MaxLne Byrd 
Jennifer Lynn Colandrea 
tLucretia Lenore Mitchell 
Abdul Karim Mustapha 
Robin Andra Search 
Vicki Renee Wooten 
*Jolie Danielle Yawitt 

East Asian Languages 
and Literature 

Christine Chongsu Hong 
Sang Joon Kim 

Second Degree: Foreign Language 

Soul Lee 
Erik Levin 

Second Degree: Japanese 

English Language and Literature 

Arezu Maryam Akmal 
Giilsen Deniz Ali 
Amra Alirejsovic 

Second Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
James Victor Anton 

Second Major: Psychology 
Melissa A. Atheneos 
Mark Aziz 

tChristine Anne Bailey 
Matthew Charles Baker 
Ginger Theresa Barksdale 
Erek Lawrence Barron 
Mitchell Bassion 
Veronica Maria Blake 
William Blumenfeld 
Cynthia Arm Bock 
David Eric Breslof 
Hope Lynne Brown 
Michael David Brown 
Stephen Jin Brown 
David John Bryson 
Staci Renee Bumpus 

Second Major: East Asian 
Languages and Literature 
Donald Richard Bushell Jr. 
Kathleen Anne Caisse 
*Maria Caminiti 
Melissa Ariana Case 
Susan Soohi Chong 

InBum Chung 

Second Degree: Philosophy 
Lisa Ann Ciampa 
Alison Kathleen Clancy 
Kimberly Rae Clarkson 
Diane Karin Creighton 
tLisa Abbie Crowe 
Buna B. Cumbie III 
Kenneth Cummings 

Second Major: Russian Language 

and Literature 
tjennifer Elizabeth Cunningham 
Moira Clare Cusack 
Courtney Gunther Donahue 
Edward Stuart Dulin 
Katherine Dayton Echols 
Jennifer Leigh Ehrhardt 
Searmon Marie Fallon 
Patricia Dianne Feeney 
Steven Rowley Fisher 
Michael Anthony Foschetti 
Elaine Christine Gast 
Randy Scott Ginsberg 
Matthew Paul Gold 
Carrie Elizabeth Greenstein 
Matthew Bryan Gross 

Second Degree: Biological 
Andrea Karina Grynberg 
June Pearson Halsted 
Cory Deirdre Harmon 
Rosana Hemakom 
Andrew Marc Hirschhom 
Laura Joan Lee Howard 
Amy Elizabeth Hutchins 
Chawndese M. Hylton 
Jason Ross Isenberg 
Trista Elizabeth Jacobson 
Varteni Sarkissian Jarian 
Karen Margaret Johnson 
Gail M. Johnston 
Kathleen Renea Johnston 

Kenneth William Jones 
Melba Loren Jones 
William Todd Jones 
Keondra Dineen Joyner 
Julie Alexandra Kaplan 
Jacqueline Elizabeth Keeling 
Andrea Nicole Keller 
Eugenia Maria Kerasiotes 
Do Hee Kim 
Tasha Colleen King 
Christopher L. Klein 
Steven Charles Kletzkin 
Leslie Michele Kohut 
Nancy Cassandra Krause 
Gerald Dale Lee Jr. 

Second Degree: Speech and 
English Secondary Education 
Stephen Hwai-Ping Lee 
Sharon D. Lilly 
Brenda Charlene Lippert 
Maurice G. London 
Chanda Marlene Lupunga 
Christy Marlene Maier 
Darlene Denise Manley 
Suzarme Joan McClean 
Shawn Peebles McDonald 
Elisabeth Veronica McVoy 
James Jeffrey Mercurio 
Hal Samuel Miller 
Kimberly Anne Mink 
Staci Moore 
Kristen Leigh Murphy 
Robert Walter Neighoff 
Shelley Christine Nichols*?* 
Katelyn Aime O'Brien 
Tirzah Jane Alisabeth Orr 
Natalie Lynn Ostrow 
Kimberlee Ann Paone 
Daniel S. Fames 
Carlo Toll Paul 
Jeanene Michele Perkins 
Toan Phuong Pham 


§ Sumttm cum Laude t Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


MAY 1996 

Shad Cameron Piiole 
Robin Leigh Porter 
Michael Stuart Poston 

Second Degree: History 
Wadei Hannania Powell 
Christine Ellen Power 
Hannelore Bruel Quigley 
Cecilia M. Ramos 
Frances Joyce Raynor 
Carolyn Dawn Reid 

Second Degree: Jewish Studies 
Deborah Noreen Roche 

Second Major: Psychology 
Alex B. Roehner 
§Alexis Burrell Rohde 
Denise Marie Sanchez 
Suzin Eileen Schneider 
Susannah Lea Schwartz 
Michael Anthony Scott 
Alison Jane Shepard 
Kara Michelle Silber 
Kelly Renee Simons 
Charles Gordon Smith 
Edward Genesok Sohn 
Stuart Benjamin Speicher 
Brian T. Spero 
Jeffrey S. Spiering 
Justin Charles Stockdale 
Kathleen Antoinette Stone 
Natalie Cathryn Bagaporo Stover 
Jennifer Jeanne Tambone 
Hector Luis Tapia 
Christi Lynn Tavano 
tCatherine Elizabeth Thomas 

Student Marshal 
Dwight Ewing Thompson 
Antionette Emma Toomer 
John Joseph Troise 
Kevin Stuart Tucker 
Maria Tzanakis 
§David Christopher Van Echo 

Second Degree: Biological Sciences 

Heather Maria Vasquez 
Julie Anne Vermillion 
Stephanie Louise Vinson 
Benjamin Alan Wamboldt 

Second Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Lisa S. Warnick 
John Frederick Warnock 
Pia Lynn Warren 
Kevin Andrew Wasik 
Maggie Sue Weil 
Jennifer Lynn Weir 
Timothy Scott Whitler 
Jessica Sunshine Whitmoyer 
Michael Murphy Wiley 
Jason Leigh Willency 
Marci Lauren Witt 
Woyneab Miraf Wondwossen 

Second Major: Speech 

Linda Christensen Wright 
Gilbert Yaker 
Michael J. Yuan 

French Language and Literature 

Helen R. Brown 
Natalie Nicole Burton 

Second Degree: Psychology 
Anita Michael Elaraj 

Second Degree: Elementary 

Sabina Peri Fogle 

Secoiid Degree: Art History 
Hosanna Fonrose 
§Libawit W. M. Girma 

Second Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Michelle Lynn Hatch 
Jill Katherinc Jinks 
Denise Andrea Julien 

Second Major: History 
Karen Jo Kreitzer 

Angela Sigrid Lambrecht 
Brian Elliot Montgomery 

Second Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Edward Lucas Nemil 
Suzanne Jeanette Proujan 
Ayman Fikry Rizkalla 

Second Degree: General Busienss 

and Management 
§Cynthia Janet Symancyk 

Student Marshal 

Second Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 

German Language and Literature 

Kirk Adler Flippo 

Second Degree: Engineering- 

Klara Ann Hall 

Thomas C. Lu 

Alice Carol Maass 

Daniel Seth Meisner 

Lauren Marie Proctor 

Second Degree: Foreign Language 

Elena Katharina Rochman 

Anne Catherine Sempos 

Richard Scott Vitale 

Donald James Walker 
Second Degree: Mechanical 


Daniel Emory Alexander 
Alexander Matthew Bieber 
David Robert Blazina 
Deborah Michelle Bond 
Kevin Lynn Bruening 
Carlos Ernesto Canales 

Second Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Nick John Canzone 

Christopher Steven Captain 
Kevan Larry Clarke 
Cynthia Anne Coley 
Robert Lee Crawford 
Eric Raymond Crowley 
Michael Anthony Cuccolo 
Andrew Easton Daniels 
Mehul Jagdish Desai 
Timothy Monroe Dixon 
Craig D. Ellish 
Kwami Ewusi-Mensah 
Andrew David Feinberg 
Christopher T. Folwell 
tLisa Malka Frydman 
Afonso Wilson Garcia 
Patrick David Gardner 
Geoff G. Gerstel 
Brian Lee Glassberg 
Timothy Jude Green 
Gary Roy Harmon 
Andrew Lawrence Hausman 
Samantha Delice Hayes 
Linda Anne Himes 

§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 

M A R Y L A N 


*Susannah Alice Hirsch 
Nhu-An Thuy Hoang 
Deirdre L. Hollingshed 
tjermifer Ann Johnson 
Scott Nathaniel Jones 
Kimberly Anita Kabatt 
Steven L. Kay 
John Patrick Keenan 

Second Degree: Government and 

Jennifer Hodgin King 
John David Klossner 
Joanna Lea Lathrop 
Sara Michelle Levison 
Jeremy Paul Licata 
Matthevkf Benjamin Maggitti 

Second Degree: Government and 

Joseph Randall Magnas 
Richard Allen Marx 
Kevin Gordon Mason 
Christopher Michael McDermott 
Shane McMichael 
Daniel Jason Miller 
Gary Clark Miller 
Mark Huu-Hoang Moffatt 
William James Montgomery III 
Shawn MacArthur Moore 
Jose Dario Morales 
Robin Ilene Mordfin 
John Fitzgerald Morin 
Thomas Francis Myers 
Michael William Nattel 
Chanel Leigh Norton 
Stephen Ronald Nosalik 

Second Major: Classical 

Languages and Literature 
Sun Young Pak 
Carol Elaine Pollak 
Jermifer Meaggan Pollitt 

Second Major: American Studies 

Michael Stuart Poston 

Second Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Maureen Regan 
Ian Abraham Richmond 
Ned Christopher Ritzmann 
Patricia Lacher Roberson 
Kwame Rudo Romaine 
Frank Ruiz 

Matthew Francis Sbaschnig 
Hooman Shafiee 
Mark Shatrowsky 
Stephen Christopher Sheedy 
Daniel Hyimg-Sub Shin 
Crystal Nanette Smith 
Andrew Ross Sonnabend 
Jay Paul Spagnola 
James L. Spathis 
Jennifer Lynn Sullivan 
Jeffrey Allan Taylor 
Jennifer Anne Taylor 
Jonathan Eric Taylor 
Joseph Urbaniak 

Second Degree: Government and 

Sidney Lynn Wheeler 

Second Degree: Government and 

Emily Wolfson 
Matthew Alan Wray 

Interior Design 

Josefina Marie Patterson 

Italian Language and Literature 

Gregory Murdock Rankin 


Shaw I. Feng 
Lisa Yukiko Galbreath 
'Charles Hugh Homonnay- 

Andrea Michelle Hurlen 

Erik Levin 

Second Degree: East Asian 
Languages and Literature 

Daniel C. Myung 

Second Degree: Accounting 

Hee Jung Yoon 

Jewish Studies 

*Tom Ashar 
Ronen Aviram 
Shira Maya Kandel 
Sara Kovensky 
Carolyn Dawn Reid 

Second Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Matthew Y. Siegel 


John Edward Drury 
'Jeffrey Nicholas Heinz 

Second Degree: Mathematics 
Terence Charles Lynch 
Emily Jeanne Massey 

Student Marshal 

Second Degree: Biochemistry 
'Carol Ann Sniegoski 
Reshma Jyotir Vyas 


Paul Alden Bachmann 
Barbara Ann Balkoski 
Cheryl Phyllis Bennett 
Fee-Foon Chew 
Jonathan Dunham Davis 
Jennifer Lee Jaasma 
Eric Steven Lemer 
Aida B, Mahmood 
Brian B. Shamash 
Winona Frances Stanback 


David G. Allan 

Second Degree: Journalism 
InBum Chung 

Second Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Karen Lynn Connell 
Frank Anthony Curreri 
Andrew Charles Diller 
Courtenay Dahkota Fought 
Steven Ross GiUson 
§Supriya Goyal 

Second Degree: Biological 


Graduating Student Speaker 

Student Marshal 
David M. Greenhut 
Jeanine Lynn-Marie Harris 
§John Curtis Herman 
Tracy LaNelle Jeffries 
Dennis Henri Kapoyos 
Kyle Mitchell Kuzmick 
Samuel A. May 
Myung Ja Oh 
Tara Jolene Scheufler 
Kelly Ann Schuler 
Julie Elaine Sieracki 
Jonathan Holbrook Smith 
David Martin Sullivan 

Radio, Television and Film 

Tyme Michael Gigliotti 
Eileen Frances Leahy 
Michael Edward Moore 
Oscar Nils Gustaf Nestell 
Dwight J. Paris 
Audrey G. Portman 
Thomas Andrew Prather 

Romance Languages 

Mayra E. Gonzalez 
Sabrina Rose Simpson 


§ Siimma cum Liuide f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Russian Area Studies 

Joseph Michael Huculak 
Laura Lynne Kinkcad 
Scott Francis Nichols 

Russian Language and Literature 

Amanda Lynn Babcock 
tErik Joseph Blender 
Yong Sun Cho 

Second Degree: Finance 
David Dwight Jalufka 

Spanish Language and Literature 

Gustavo Jose Alonso-Moreno 
Wendi Leigh Barradale 
Renzo Andree Bejarano 
Heather Ann Brown 
Ariane Pui Cheung 

Second Degree: Marketing 
Joanna Cope 
Maureen Patricia Fallon 
§Libawit W. M. Girma 

Second Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
tSarah Elizabeth Goeddel 

Second Degree: Education-Music 
§Anne M.J. Hafner-Goodson 
Anika Tuere Ingram 
Bounheng Inversin 
Bernard Larry Jones Jr. 
Nicole L. La Borde 
Hwajeen Lee 
Mark W. Lee 

Andrew Joseph MacGloan 
Sean Patrick Marshall 

Second Degree: Journalism 
Katherine A. Morse 
Elizabeth Ann Norton 
Lisa Erendira Nunez 
Patricia C. Reyes 
Elizabeth Goldie Schwartz 

H. Drew Shinderman 

Second Degree: Goivrnment and 

Jennifer Beth Silverstein 
Amy Rebecca Smith 
§Cynthia Janet Symancyk 

Second Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Dandre Simone Thornhill 
Jennifer Dawn Worley 

Speech Communication 

Deborah Sara Aaronson 
Mindy Leigh Amster 
James Albert Baker 
Michael James Bischoff 
Marcella Renee Black 
Laura-Lee Blake 
Stefani Blatt 
Marcy Rachael Bloom 
Jennifer Melissa Bums 
Christa A. Catanoso 
Marisa Lyrme DiNatale 
Jonathan David Dosik 
Wendy Ruth Duval 
Brent Harold Ellwood 
Carolyn M. Flyer 
Robert Earl Forte 
Tynette Carmel Galltin 
Jesse Hyam Gordon 
Jarrett Lee Gounaris 
Jason Douglas Grant 
Peter William Haber 
Charles Gordon Hammann 111 
Chan Her 

Douglas Montgomery Hider 
Arnie Hayag Ignacio 
Carmelita V. Jones 
LaDonna Renee Jordan 
Margaret Elizabeth Kelly 
Tara Lynn Kiernan 
Linda Lazo 

AUyson Corey Lipton 
Nazie Farnaz Malayeri 
Abby Danielle Miller 
Randi Mollo 
L. Kendall Moody 
Kimberly Molly O'SuUivan 
Amy Beth Orringer 

Second Degree: Government and 

Peter Yvan Ostella 
Kimberly Ann Osweiler 
Aashish J. Parekh 
Kimberly Pease 
Brad Alan Quint 
Pete Brian Regala Jr. 
Kimberly S. Reiter 
*Egan Gwen Robinson 

Second Major: Sociology 
Audra J. Rubin 
Tracy Lynn Schaefer 
Jay L. Schumer 
Dori Gwen Schwartz 
Michael David Shahan 
Eric David Shuster 
Joshua Edward Stern 
Adam A. Stettner 
Michael Patrick Stoop 
Christopher Ernest Streight 
Lyntina Vera Townsend 
Brian Roy Virgona 
Ronald A. Wadel Jr. 
Hali Sutton Wallach 
Douglas M. Warner Jr. 
Alisha Lynn Weiner 
Kathleen Marie Winegrad 
Brian J. Woel 
Man-Ying Wong 


Barbara Aiine Addis 
Christine Marie Brown 
Cherie M. Davis 

Michael Allan DeCoursey 
Anna Helena Drum 
Benjamin David Fishman 
Rory Ellen Freedman 
Scott Anthony Hartsock 
Phaedra Lee Henley 
tLily Wei-Siang Hung 
Robyn Gail Lewis 
David Lawrence Marcus 
Douglas Wayne Montequin 
Meghan Marie Murphy 
Darcey Ann Pickard 
Jerry Scott Richardson 
Arpad Balage Sayko 
Meghan Alyssa Truesdell 
James Grady Weatherford 

Women's Studies 

Kia T. Burch 
tSara Katherine Daly 
Stephanie Neuben 
Susan Bailey Richards 
Jacqueline Shirlee Sicard 

Bachelor of Music 


tjennifer Maria Hamady 
Yuha Lee 


Jaime Albert Tauler 


+Eun Ha Chung 


tSuzanne Laumbach Luft 


§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Lttude ' cum Laude 

U N I V 


Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

*Daniel Conrad Archer 
Omar Alfonso Eaton-Martinez 
Keri-Lee Gottieb 
Brenda Joyce Mack 
'Thembi Lise McWhite 
David Jason Orr 
Kelvin Lamont Reaves 

Stiidoit Marshal 
James Adolphus Rotan II 
Maiya ReChetta Sutton 
Michelle A. Williams 


Irene Calis 

Shane Perry Cohen 

Second Degree: Mechanical 

Paula Lynn Corson 
KeUy Eileen Decker 
Clayton Terrill Gaither 
Laure Danielle Kaylor 
Glenn David Kirksey 
Arthur Stephen Krupicz II 
Karen Jane Olsen 
Nicole Brooke Robbins 
Heather Marie Spector 
*Tara Alicejohn Stachura 
Andrew William Tobiason 

Second Degree: Biological 

Simone Villares Pereira do Vale 
*Megan Michelle Wilkinson 

Second Major: Afro-American 


Criminal Justice 

Michael Steven Brewer 

N. Elizabeth Coble 

Carlos Roberto Corretjer 

Frank Gomez Jr. 

Kevin Michael Holdredge 

John James Lally 

Maoneyi Mariyawanda Nzuwah 

Benjamin Ken Okabe 


Dennis James Handel 

Jeffrey Alan Puffenbarger 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Jason Christopher Agamaite 
*Irene Michelle Ahmed 
Deborah Joyce Ailes 
Alan M. Alsheimer Jr. 
Jeffrey Altschul 
Ali Amirhooshmand 
Christopher Jay Anglim 
Carlo J. Arquillano 
Tiffany Nicole Bailey 
Keren Luba Baki 
Shelley Lynn Ballman 
Jessica Brooke Bigelow 
Craig A. Bluhm 
David Lawrence Bock 
Charles Edward Boyers 

Second Degree: Psychology 
Barton Kenneth Brady 
Michelle Marie Bridges 
David James Bright 
Wayne C. Bristol 
Gretina JaneU Browm 
Christina Marie Buck 
*David Michael Bums 
tEdgar Wade Wood Burroughs Jr. 
Robert Jason Cadrette 
Carlos Ernesto Canales 

Second Degree: History 

Jessica Lee Carlsen 
Daedra Carrio 
*David Vaughn Casey 
John-Marc Tismo Castro 
Nanci E. Chalkin 
April Michelle Cheek 
Michael David Cheng 
Robert George Chomo 
Scott Anthony Conte 
Sandra Ann Cottone 
Kevin Michael Craig 
Laura Elizabeth Ann Delano 
Marcus David Dixon Jr. 
Cynthia Marie Dougherty 
Christopher Valentine Drazdys 
Tanisha Edmunds 
Roxanne Gwendolyne Edwards 
Scott Paul EUas 
Michael Eugene Ellison 
Stuart Benjamin Emerman 
Yolanda Mariana Enamorado 
Lisa Michelle Epstein 
Shannon Dawn Erb 
Kathy Mariana Estrada 

Second Degree: Sociology 
Dean- Anne Orinthia Evans 
Jeanita Diane Everett 
Cleveland Everhart 
William Brian Fabey 
Christopher Michael Farmer 
Lisa Susan Feldman 
Brian J. Flanigan 
John Bryant Franklin 
Lisa Alexandra Frascino 
Jason Edward Freedman 
Stacy L. Friedman 
Kip Jay Fulks 
Caitlin Garrison 
Kevin Paul GUlen 
Robert Patrick Gillis 
Emmanuel B. Glyphis 
Lome Leigh Goralnik 

Christopher John Greco 
Kathleen Elizabeth Gress 
Michael F. Gross 
Benjamin G. Cruder 
Patrick Wayne Hampson 
Kathleen Anne Heavey 
Sarah Elizabeth Henriod 
Dechanta Consela Hill 
Lisa Marie Holstein 
Kevin Patrick Horan 
James Rudolph Izzard Jr. 
Karen R. Jacob 
Angela Irene Jacobs 
Scott William Johnson 
Darrin Keith Jones 
Jacquelyrm Marie Jones 
Eggert Johann Jonsson 
Robb Andrew Jorgensen 
Elizabeth A. Joseph 
§Jeannie Pittillo Kauffman 
Delbiuy Samuel Kayode 
Kristen Nichole Keiser 
J. Candi L. Keyes 

Second Degree: Psychology 
Mason Adam Kirsch 
Julie L. Komiske 
Marc Alan Kraus 
Kirsten DeHa\'en Kruhm 
Christopher Guy La Marca 
Debbie Wing Ming Lai 
Anastasia Jeanette Lambros 
Maria Teresa Reyes Lara 
tDebra Leigh Leach 
Bryan Richard Lee 
*Nicole Lynn Leeper 
John Hartnett Lewis 
Christopher Bradley LeFever 
Meredith Hope Linker 
tBrian Anthony Loffredo 

Second Major: Government and 

Chad Loube 


§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 



19 9 6 

Arthur Joseph Mackie 
Andre Manigault Mahasa 
Jennifer Michele Manning 
Scott Allen Marcum 
Tiffani Adele Marks 
Jason Marrero 
Gabriel Gustavo Matus 
John Lawrence Mcintosh 
Blair George McMillen 
Melissa Dyan McNair 
Lee Rashard Meggett 
Stephen James Mellynchuk 
Scott A. Mendelson 
Dana Rae Miller 
Brook William Minnick 
Shawnta Javaar Minor 
Craig Eugene Moody 
Terence Sean Moore 
Carrie Elizabeth Moreland 
Kristopher Brook Morton 
Scott Michael Mullen 
Dale Patrick Murphy 
Laura Ethel Nelson 
Chung Thai Nguyen 
Brian Daniel Noerr 
Barbara Ann Novak 
Margaret A. Okibedi 
Dundas Orr 111 
Gregory Jere Ossont 
Vishwas Mahendra Parekh 
Michael Todd Pamis 
Sidney Paul 
Gisselle W. Peralta 
Jennifer Lynn Pema 
Katina D. Phifer 
Spencer Ivan Pines 
Cherylyn Plante 
Craig Allen Poist 
Brandon Calhoun Poole 
Daniel Herbert Popp 
Ralph Dorsey Quillen III 
Daniel Matthew Radebaugh 

Sabeena Nasir Rangwala 
Darric Dion Rather 
Caren Anne Reader 
Darlene Anne Richey 
Carol Deneen Riley 
Richard Alfago Roberts 
Steven Norwood Roeseler 
Marni Blake Rosenblum 
Alyssa Sharon Rosner 

Second Major: Sociology 
Michael Nathan Rubin 
Peter M. Rudolph 
Haleh Safaipour 
Patricia Laurie Salan 
Sherill Hope Sampson 
Sukhvir Singh Sarai 
Rebecca Amy Schaffer 
*Amy Jewell Schlegel 
Brian Scott Schroeder 
Brett Sean Semel 
Hansen C. Seto 
Tara Ann Shea 
Davina Lynne Sheinbach 
Gerald Anthony Shepard 
Michelle Lynne Siegman 
Kevin Owen Simon 

Second Major: Sociology 
Margo Barbara Siwanowicz 
Cor^tantine Andrew Skandalis 
'Robert Glass Smallwood III 
Thomas Paul Snopik 
Mark Howard Speckhard 

Second Degree: Public 

Erica Leigh Stames 
Heather Rose Stutts 
Scott Mitchell Swichar 
Lily I. Telle 
John Barry Thomas 
Shaun Michael Trunk 
Walter D. Ty 
Michael Scott Vadon 

Daniel Librado Valencia 
Alvin Jose Vanderbull 
Rodney Publico Villorante 
Second Degree: Economics 
Craig Michael Walden 
Erin Brooke Wehnert 
tjason Hal Weiner 
Neal R. Weinstein 
§Todd Jason Weinstein 
Jacqueline Marie Welch 
Tina Marie Werbickas 
Angela Nicole Whittaker 
Jennifer Danielle Wilhoit 
Bertram Don Williams 
Harriet Lynette Wilson 
Thomas E. Wise 
Robert Scott Witthohn 
John Henry Wolford 
Jared Ian Yablon 
George Peter Zouzoulas 


Mohamad Nazim A Samad 
Komran Reza Aghazadeh 

Jung Hun An 
Richard George Anderson 
Lavinia Ella Arpon 
Dawn Dulany Austin 
Russell Frank Bell 111 
Robert Milton Boyd 
Andrew Patrick Boyle 
Melissa Arm Brerman 

Second Degree: Finance 
Wyanie Aminatu Bright 
John Anthony Bumside 
Justin David Campbell 
IlKyo Chong 
Michelle SoYeon Chu 

Second Major: Goivrnmenl and 

Thomas Christopher Coombs 
Stephen Michael Darcy 
Andrea De luri 
Paulo Leonardo DosSantos 

Second Degree: Mathematics 
Cliristopher Edward Feltnian 
Michael John Fergerstrom 
Juan Eugene Foreman 


§ Siimma cum Laude t Magna cum laude ' cum Laude 

U N I V 

I T Y 

R Y L A N 

Anthony Earnest Frame 
Leonard Frankel Jr. 
George Nelson Freeman 
tjoseph Gentile 

Second Major: Italian Language 

and Literature 
Bahar V. Ghaffari 
loe Anthony Gilbert 
Sean Adam Glazar 
Andrew Alan Greenhouse 
Dharmini Shenya Guruswamy 
Bryan C. Hinds 
Thomas Walter Horstkamp 
Vanessa EsteUe Hradsky 
Norman Newton Ingram 
Sanjeev Jayanna 

Second Degree: Computer Science 
Sunita Joshi 
Arttaya Juntima 
Matthew Taylor Kachura 
Namita Kathuria 
Ramsey Dean Kazzi 
Dave Lowell Kenyon 
Chul Hoon Kim 
Steven Andrew Klapper 
Jason Brian Laird 
Juliet Lee 

Second Degree: Biological 

Ting Lin 

Evan Jacob Lipson 
John Michael Madden 

Second Degree: Comfniter Science 
Marcia Rozul Magalona 
Jose Luis Marini 
Tomeya Ledawn Miller 
Brian Tait Mock 
Michael Angelo Montante 
Gregory T. Nelson 
Jean J. Nestor 
Sylvia K. Okafor 
Hector Pacheco 

tVaishali Nagesh Pai 

John Gary Parks 111 

David Prins 

Mohammed Nijamul Rahat 

Macarena Soledad Rivero 

Eva Rodousakis 

Dana Clark Royall 

Erik D. Rushing 

Douglas William Russell 

John Robert Ryan 

Erik Atso Savisaar 

Stella Sebhatu 

*Yuching Elaine Sepulvado 

*Robert S. Tanner 

Meng Hsien Tsai 

Christopher Edward Tutas 

*Johan Lodewyk Van Der Ven 

Melinda D. Vargas 

Sara Brifa Viets 

Rodney Publico Villorante 

Second Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Colleen Walton 
Quinn A. Warner 
Jeffrey Allen Welsh 

Second Major: Historx/ 
Robert Troy Wilbanks Jr. 

Second Degree: Finance 
Henry Ma Wong 
Chiawei Wu 

Second Degree: Electrical 
Chad Edward Yates 
Elena D. Zepeda 

Government and Politics 

Patrick Andrew Aiken 
Benjamin Eric Almquist 

Second Degree: General 

Karen-Maria Anderson 
David Wayne Ashton 

Scott Lawrence Auster 
Heather Lynn Austin 
Donald Kelly Avart 
Christopher Sadig Awad 
*Eric John Balliet 

Second Major: Economics 
David McLoughlin Barron 
Michael Scott Becker 
Inna Berkovich 
Erick Roger Bermudez 
James Anthony Biddle 
"Mark Alan Black 
Eric L. Bohm 
Kenneth Perry Boho 
Jose F. Bonangelino 
Tammie Christine Boyd 
Tony Edward Brannon 
Barrie Dana Bratt 
Dennis James Bushta 
Jocelyn C. Campanaro 
Brian Marc Candee 
Amitava Chaudhur)' 
Adam Renfro Chrisney 
Tae Won Chun 
Gail Denise Claspell 
-Kelly S. Cohen 
Eric Lee Cole 
Stacey Gayle Conn 
John Edward Cox 

Second Major: Sociology 
§Antony Somerset Cruit 
Kevin Michael D'Eustachio 
Alisa Danielian 
Ebony Alicia Davis 
Mark Jason Dean 
Lisa Maria DelGaudio 
Qwynn Jurelle Dolmo 
§Kevin Mahoney Dorsey 
Kristen J. Dumas 
*Michele Teresa Dunlop 
tjonathan Lome Edelson 
Marc Todd Edelstein 

Marc Philip Endres 
Evelina Erickson 
Jennifer C. Escafio 
•Heather Helena Felsen 
Steven Prescott Fentress Jr. 
Michele Dana Finkelstein 
Tanya Leigh Flores 
Michelle Jean Freihofer 
Christine Marie Galleher 
Ellis Howard Dale Gallimore III 
Maria Lynn Gamble 
Johanna Maria Gavalec 
Michael Alan Gerstein 
Robert J. Girard II 
Jennifer Goldman 
Jason Mark Goldstein 
Hugh Joseph Graham 
Stephanie Gray 
Stephanie Rochelle Gross 
Christopher Michael Gruin 
Michael Paul Guercio 
Luis Rembert Guevara 
Craig P. Gwozdziewicz 
Jacqueline Nicole Harf 

Student Marshal 
Shekennan La Trice Hayes 
§Mehssa Anne Heame 
Thomas Michael Henry III 
Jason Crist Hessler 
*Cathy Ann Hinger 
Scot Allen Lewis Hinshaw 
Patrick Scott Homer 
tCatherine Anne Howard 

Student Marshal 
Anne Moore Howell 
Lavan M.C. Hoyoung 
Rhoda Joy Hsia 

Second Degree: Matherruitics 
Michelle Valerie Hudacsko 
Brenda Marie Humberson 
Monique Iris Hunter 
Jin Seok Hur 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * CKm Laude 




19 9 6 

Amy S. Israel 
William Perez Jackson 
+ Kevin Daniel Jaffe 
Kathryn Mie Johnson 
Bahareh Kamali 
Todd Michael Kaufman 
John Patrick Keenan 

Second Degree: History 
Tonya Nicole Kelly 

Second Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Julia Ellen Kiner 

Second Major: Economics 
Amy F. Kleitman 
Kimberly Lynn Krashoc 
Kathleen Marie Kraus 
Sean Eric Kreiger 
Michael Nathan Kunselman 
Marcie Ellen Laderman 

Second Major: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Elizabeth Ann Laufer 
tRobert David Lee 
Lisa Marie Lelo 
'Michael Lipitz 
Brian Robert Lochhead 
David Shelton Mack 
Matthew Benjamin Maggitti 

Second Degree: History 
Karen B. Maley 

Second Degree: General Business 

and Management 
*Mala Malhotra 
Whitney Apperson Maltese 
Jesse D. Marr 
tjeffery Neal Mascott 
Shila Mashhadi Shafie 
Megan Elizabeth Mason 
Mark V. McBride 
Michael Jamison McGrath 
John Peter Menacho 
Lisa Pilar Messenger 

Kimberly Ann Meyerdirk 
Jodi Ann Mintz 
Jennifer Beth Moeller 
Sean Patrick Mulcahy 
Christopher Martin Murray 
Daniel Marcos Myers 
Desiree R. Myrie 
Berthe K. Najjar 
Brandon James Newlands 
Marie Joelle Nicolas 
Kristy Lynn Nishimoto 

Second Degree: journalism 
Adam Matthew Novick 
Peter Eugene O'Neil 
Amy Beth Orringer 

Second Degree: Speech 

Charles Raymond Owens 
T. N. Ozerol 
Connie Ann Park 
•Jeffrey Howard Perry 
Yvens Anthony Pierre-Antoine 
Stephen Michael Plotnick 
Nathan John Pollock 
Eric W. Pray 
Cartia Marie Quander 
Cyrus Loren Raafat 
Timothy Christopher Radigan 
G. Brooke Randolph 
Cara Jean Reimann 
Matthew Richard Ritter 
Andrew Jonatlian Rogers 

Second Major: Economics 
tTanya Rogowsky 
*Lisa Rachael Rosenhaft 
Todd Christopher Russell 
Christine Adib Saah 
Gina Marie Samperi 
Liza Annette Sanchez 
Matthew Wiley Scheflen 
Brett Jeremy Schneider 
*Janet Elizabeth Scire 

John Albert Scott 
Julie Arm Seller 
Michael Serrano 
Kerry Ruth Shahan 
Faisal Sheikh 

Second Major: Economics 
H. Drew Shinderman 

Second Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Stephanie Michele Simpson 
Keith Michael Slutskin 
Matthew James Smith 
Neil Richard Smullian 
Jessica Lynn Spanberger 
Craig Jared Spector 
tPriya Sridharan 
Lesli Dawn Stockwell 
Troy Lee Taylor 
Amy Lynn Tenney 
§Ami Anil Thakkar 

Second Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Miltiadis Nikolaos Theologou 
Parichart Tunpaibool 
Joseph Urbaniak 

Second Degree: Histoiy 
Robert Lawrence Vaughan 
Poorvee Anil Vyas 
Elizabeth Warren Wagner 
Godfrey B. Walker 
'Andrew Mark Wciner 
Sidney Lynn Wheeler 

Second Degree: History 
Matthew Wiederrecht 

Second Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Todd Graham Willis 
tMary Rebecca Wymer 
Matthew Benjamin Younger 
Robert Marren Zinsmeister 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Claudia Christina Acosta 

Second Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Blake Alyssa Adelman 
Kristine Frances Blais 
Kasey Ann Cleveland 
Risa Sharon Cohen 
Isabel De Juan-Jocher 
Alice Eleanor DeSousa 
Caryn Romy Diamond 
Jodi L. Eizenberg 
Kimberly Beth Folbaum 
Christine Denise Graves 
Alan David Gross 
Angela Noel Groves 
Kellie Marie Hartle 
Susan Rhodes Hellyer 
Lauren H. Hert 
Caryl Herrington Howard 
Joanne Hyun Kim 
Monica Lyn Kirkland 
Katherine Elizabeth Krienert 
Elise Liebman 
Michelle Lobach 
tHolly Lynn McCleary 
*Laura Marie Newton 
Pollyanna Amelia Orlich 
Einat Packman 
Shari Dawn Pincu 
tFelice Carrie Raskind 
Amy Beth Rohe 
Alicia Agnes Sabatino 
Michele Luci Sabatino 
Claudette Louise Sanchez 
Catherine Cecelia Sanford 
Meredith Lauren Schatzman 
Stefanie Joy Schiff 
Michelle Ellyse Solomon 
Laura Ann Sprague 
Mary Samantha Stanford 
Amy C. Thek 


§ Siimma cum Ijiude t Magna cum iMude ' cum Ijiude 

Anne Marie Wagener 
Shari Alyson Weiss 
Jessica Ruth Willis 
Jonathan Marc Wohlberg 
Jennifer Zink 


Nicole Lani Abeya 
Ali Abrishami 
Paula Alarid 

Shawnequa Alexis Albert 
Meredith Suzanne Apel 
Darcie Lenore Arnold 
Cheryl Lynne Arrington 

Second Major: Family Studies 

Student Marshal 
Darren Craig Banks 
§Linda J. Bannister 

Angaria Baruah 
Kristen Mary Beard 
Elizabeth Reilly Becker 
Janina Rochelle Belgrave 
Portia Leigh Bennett 
Ginger Godley Blunt 
Erika Marlene Berger 
Jerome Robert Bouchard 
Charles Edward Boyers 

Second Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Mary Elizabeth Branch 
Harry Bradley Burger 
Melissa Belle Bumeston 
Glenda Palencia Carbon 
Amy Elise Carlson 
Maria Suzanne Chambers 
Stacev Ellen Chok 



Carol Lynn Clark 
Lori Cohen 

tStephanie Lyn Cohen 
Jason Scott Cohn 
Debra June Cook 
Matthew Elias Dash 
Liza Serena DeAngelis 
Padrick Theil Doyle 
Kalani Uthpala 

Kumari Edirisinghe 
§Cheryl Cole Finnegan 
Corinne Elaine Fisher 
Mark H. Flasar 
Brian Ted Friedman 
Kevin Christian Frissell 
Daniel Seth Gildenhom 
*Cheryl Elyse Glickler 
§Sandra Lynn Goldstein 

Student Marshal 
Virginia Adelina Gordillo 
James Alexander Grant 
tRobyn Joy Greenberg 

Student Marshal 

Second Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Sandra A. Guidice 
Misty Michelle Hanks 
Scot English Hanna 
Saera Bano Haque 
'Stephanie Elyse Harris 
Tina Marie Harris 
Corwin Francis Hastings 
Maria-Elena Seni Hauzer 
Todd Ryan Helman 
Garth R. Henning 
Amy Beth Highstein 
Nevin Brooke Hilliard 
Joseph Carl Huddle 
Stacey Marie lardella 
*Sonja Terell Johnson 
Spencer Farrell Julien 
Jonathan Todd Karpa 

J. Candi L. Keyes 

Second Major: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Letisha D. Kishna 
Kelly Samantha Klein 
Kevin Scott Lacey 
Kimberly Noel Lane 
Paola MarieUe Lavu 
Timothy Sedar Mark LaBarre 
*Yung-Mei Leong 
Dara Gayle Lev 
AUyson Jill Leven 
Jesse Eric Levitt 
*Rachel Lieberman 
James Jay Liesener 
Kathy Jo R. Like 
Michele Gary London 
Tracy Jill Margolies 
Kristen Lynn Martin 
Stephanie Ann Martz 
Craig Stephen McManus 
'Christine Elizabeth Miller 
Scott J. Mogar 
Noel EUzabeth Mollica 
Megan Elizabeth Murray 
Melvin Anthony Murray 
Paul John Nagle 
Amy Robyn Nichols 
Louella Peralta Nicolas 
Hyon Son Pak 
Hyun Ah Park 
Karen Marie Pasta 
Shreya A. Patel 
tElizabeth C. Pearson 
tStephen Merrill Pepper 

Second Major: Government and 

Rebecca Marie Peterson 
Kathleen Kristin Purtell 
Kimberly Anne Reiss 
Hal Joshua Resnick 
Lisa Anne Richardson 


,,-*.. + \A^.-,„ 



19 9 6 

Hope Dayon Rippeon 
Todd Freeman Roberts 
Sandy Leticia Rodas 
Christopher Garret Roseboom 
Allison Brooke Rubin 
Jill Allison Rudick 
Stephanie Winifred Rumer 
Treviette LaShim Sauls 
Jennifer Elyse Scharf 

Second Major: Criminology and 

Criminal lustice 
Veronica Ann Schweizer 
Jacqueline Marie Segue 
§Eve Rebekah Shandler 
Nurit Sharon 
Hyeyoung Shin 
Elyce Marie Sikora 
•Maria Lorena Silvani 
Amanda Ellen Sisson 
Tiffany Stella Sitaras 
Lisa Ann Smart 
Kristen Lynnette Smith 
Monica Victoria Smith 
Ana Helena Rotta Soares 
Eric Douglas Solomon 
Patricia Freitas Souza 
Linda Ann Spranger 

Second Major: Art Studio 
Christina Sullivan 
Dana Marie Susak 
Christo Terzidis 
Ahmed Jumal Thornton 
Jermifer Robin Tozzi 
Jessica Vaserman 
•Kimberly Ann Wartha 
Michael John Webster 

Second Major: Sociology 
Nicole Cari Weidenbaum 
Bria Weldon 
Anthony Robin Wheeler 
Alison Jane White 

Shane Nathaniel Wilden 

Second Major: Criminology and 
Criminal justice 

Dana Lynnett Williams 

§Leah Nicole Wingeart 

Diana Leigh Witmer 

Ursula Margaret Wugin 

liana Mandy Wyloge 

Juliay Sunmin Yu 

Erich Alexis Zincke 

Second Major: Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 


Karin Marie Abbagnaro 
Michael James Allen 
Louis Raphael Aronowitz 
Martin Lee Barron 
Lacey Noel Beatty 
Allison Bettridge 
Jennifer Lyn Blake 
Ronald Stephen Bowyer 
James Githens Carver 
Jenny Chia-Cheng Chang 

Second Degree: Accounting 
Jennifer Marie Clarke 
*Lauren Suzanne Conley 
'Rosalind Joy Connelly 
Shawn Raymond Cronin 
Jill S. Deutsch 
Gillian Samantha Diamond 
Ricardo A. Epps 
Kathy Mariana Estrada 

Second Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Audrienne Melissa Featherstone 
Jennifer Lynn Fleshman 
Ronald Irwin Francis 
Andrea Lynn Frankiewicz 
Henry Joseph Franklin Jr. 
David Friedman 
Jill Galuten 

Leanne Sara Gerson 
Brian Kenneth Glover 
Orlando Gonzalez 
Raquel Miren Guerricagoitia 
Thomas Frederick Harris 
Sheri Ann Hill 
Troy Robert Holland 
Yasong Hwang 
Marisa Arme lacono 
Diana Vanessa James 
Janise Cecelia Johnson 
Rachel Sarah Landsberg 

Student Marshal 
Valerie Lyn Lasoff 
Lonnie Kieu Le 
Patrick Stephen Lineberry 

Student Marshal 
Stephen Luke MacDonald 
Katherine Lynn McDonald 

Second Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Linda Michele Meliani 
Erin Leigh Mikulak 
Jennifer Ann Miller 
Kedra Devonne Mitchell 
Jason Xavier Mollica 
Joshua Wolf Montague 
Hope Francine Morrow 
Susan Meister Murphy 
Gifti B. Nadi 
Harry Ivan Neal 
Danielle Beth Offen 
Michael Todd Pearce 
Parind Janak Raval 
tEden Michelle Rome 

Student Marshal 
Melissa Joy Rosen 
Jessica Hope Rosenbaum 
Daniel Harold Rosenzweig 
Nicole L. Russo 
Nikki Keir Simpson 
Cory Alison Smith 

Cassandra Sophia Tsaknis 

Second Degree: Art History 
Fred Gent Viers 
John David Walsh 
Keith M. Walsh 
Ross Michael Weisman 
Jennifer Lynn Wilkinson 
Jennifer Jeanne Windsor 
Jessica Bess Winkelstein 
Jennifer Renee Yaftaw 
•Andrea Meg Zimmerman 

Urban Studies 

Edwin Elliott Bowers 
Da\'id Bernard Maxwell 

Bachelor of Science 


Maria Salome F. Anulacion 
Angela D. Bost 
Tara Allegra Brundick 
Adrienne DeBlasio 
Guendalina Rivera Faust 
Joseph Andrew Funk 
Jason Scott Hornig 
Kevan Ellis Jones 
Lauri Gayle Leff 
tTyrone C. Ligon 
Scott Kenneth Mitchell 

Second Major: Geography 
t Ann Elizabeth Piesen 

Second Major: Art Studio 
Nathan Herschel Pollack 
Jean M. Porter 
Louis Francis Saffell 
Matthew George Seybold 

Second Degree: Physical Sciences 
•Robert Allen Sohlberg Jr. 
Jonathan David Stovall 
Trent Bryden Surles 
•Michael Lothar Timpke 


§ Summa cum iMude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 

U N I V 



Anisa Cott Ahangarzadeh 
Yasmeen Ali 
Kerri F. Arenholz 
•Jennifer R. Blum 
Michael Allan Boretz 
Juliet Michelle Bowen 
Natalie Nicole Burton 

Second Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Heather Ann Cornell 
Holly Jo Gingell 
*Sheri Heather Grand 
Cindy Michele Grosshandler 
Katherine Anne Hill 
Julie Marie Hudnall 
tScott PoUak Hykin 
Jodi Michelle Jacobson 
Eric Burton Remington Johnson 
Ryan Cochise Kaltsukis 
Amy Nicole Krachman 
Ryan M. Kra\'en 
Meegan Hyatt Lawson 
Stefanie Linn Lee 
§Gretchen Mary Lichtner 
Frank Russell Lucas 
§Kathleen Elizabeth McCinness 

Second Degree: Chemistry 
Megan Anne McNeimey 

Second Degree: Fire Protection 

Joan Elizabeth Natoli 
Jonathan A. Oler 
Amanda Olsian 
Lucille Catherine Pipemi 
Kendell Adair Reichhart 
tRobert Brian Ross 

Second Degree: Computer Science 
Federico Camaligan Sanidad 

Second Degree: Aerospace 

David Jo Scaffidi-Domianello 

Sharon Andrea Scotland 
Thomas Christopher Segar 

Second Major: Afro-American 

Ewurama Eggayba Shaw-Taylor 
Ruth Christine Taylor 

Second Degree: Computer Science 
David Michael Thomas 
Jacqueline Rebecca Thompson 
Seth Mitchell Tuwiner 


Bachelor of Science 


Donald Alfred Acker 
Gregory Michael Adams 

Second Degree: Biological Sciences 
Shahzad Masood Afzal 

Second Major: Finance 
Nimisha Agarwal 
Marcus Allen Assia 
Matthew Jay Bae 
Lynette Baird 
Justin Benesch 
Edward Carl Bennett 
Elliot Reaves Berman 
Ayalew Berye 
Adam John Bethon 
*Melissa M. Bissen 
Jamie Max Brenner 
Tyrone Anthony Brooks 

Second Major: Marketing 
Mary Frances Busbee 
Debra Karen- Anne Byam 
Mark R. Cabrera 
Vincent Michael Catania 
Lilo Chan 
Jenny Chia-Cheng Chang 

Second Degree: Sociology 

Sonila Sagfiir Chaudhary 
Steven Tungtso Cho 
-William W. Choi 

Second Degree: Finance 
Lei-Peng Chong 
Shafat Hussain Choudhury 
Tanvir Saad Chowdhury 
David Stanley Clurman 
Nicole Lynn Coates 
Marie Terese Del Bianco 
Michelle Nicole Desrosiers 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Melanie Paige Diak 
Milton R. Dodge 
Lori Ann Dube 
Judy Ann Duncan 
Thomas Edward Dyer Jr. 
Scott Philip Elsky 

Second Major: Finance 
*Maria Beth Espina 
Dino Fasce 

Second Major: Finance 
Sara Fikre 
Daniel Gregory Fox 
Donna Marie Frazier 
Neal A. Gantert 
Gregory Edward Gisriel 
tCaroline Ruth Gnau 
Debra Lynn Gordon 

Student Marshal 
Veronika J. Gorog 

Second Major: Finance 
Brian Michael Graime 
Jesse Mario Griffin 
Cynthia Ann Haynes 
Roberto Ho 
Silvia Ho 

Second Major: Finance 
Mark Jeffrey Hollander 
Yoke Fun Hoo 
John Thomas Hoover HI 

Secoiui Major: Finance 
Nathaniel Jerome Humes 
Tiffany Thuy Huvnh 

Second Major: Finance 
Amy Suzanne Ireland 
Matthew Wayne Jackson 

Second Major: Finance 
Walter Leo Jackson, Jr 
Anna S. Jeong 
Bryan David Jolson 
§Sheela Kailasanath 

Student Marshal 
Mallik S. Kalyandurg 
Kleanthis Eleftherios 

Brian Abraham Katz 

Second Major: Finance 
Konjit Kebede 
Mony Keo 
Tae Hui Kim 
tYong Ja Kim 

Second Major: Finance 
Yong Suk Kim 
Matthew Colby Kinsey 
Alice Camille Klinker 
tPeter Francis Kratz 111 
Mugila M. Krishnan 
Tehwei Da\'e Ku 
Joseph Wade Kuhlmann 
Robert Mark Kuklewicz 

Student Marshal 
L. Michele Lambert 
Stefanie Lyn Langer 
Cornelia LavTie 
Hanjoon Lee 
Seimg Jae Lee 
Stephen Bernard Liberati 
Chuan C. Lin 
Margaret Mary Loftus 
Carolyn Ann Maloney 

Second Major: Human Resource 



§ Summa cum laude f Mama cum Uiude * cum Laude 



Michael M Maroof 
VVilma Claire Massiah 
Jaya Mathur 
Michael Jon McCuUough 
Alfred James McMurray Jr. 
*Scott K. Meacham 
Kathryn Lynn Meehan 
Constance Perry Meenehan 
Jorge Johny Mendez 
Kevin Joseph Miller 
John Vincent Miraglia 
Tiane Bemadette Moody 
Robert F. Morino 
Daniel C. Myung 

Second Degree: Japanese 
Matthew Rvan Nagle 
Javier Alejandro Neciosup 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Sandy Nicopoulos 
James Sang-Dae Oh 
Laura Beth Opack 

Second Major: Finance 
Frances C. Paul 
Albert C. Peal 

Second Major: Finance 
John Canty Pitsenberger 
Elizabeth Anne Pluebell 
Marie Alicia Potter 
Michael John Prete 

Second Degree: Marketing 
Scott M. Price 
Mahesh Rajagopalan 

Second Major: Finance 
Christie Arm Ream 
Seoung Tae Rhim 

Second Major: Finance 
Karen Sue Rhodes 
Keba Uletia Riley 

Second Major: Finance 
§Kate Rebecca Roth 
Benjamin E. Seidlich 

Kevin S. Shapiro 
Melissa Nicole Sharlow 
Michelle Lynn Sheets 
Wendy Leigh Simpson 
Kenneth Joseph Slater Jr. 
Vasanthi Srinath 
Mark Edward Stuart 
Haifan Julie Tao 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Sonal Ranchhod Thakkar 
Alan Michael Tominack 
Shari Rachael Trantas 
Marie Arlene Trimeloni 
Cindy Hui-Yu Tsai 

Second Major: Logistics and 

Kelly Tsang 

Lauren Clare Tuennecke 
Eric Harold Tuff 
Josh Phillip Unterman 
§Patrick Michael Valenti 

Student Marslial 
Ritchie Yabut Vehemente 

Second Major: Finance 
Noah Garrett Wallach 
Ken Hongbin Wang 
Sheau-Fang Wang 
§Tao Wang 

Student Marshal 
Michael Christopher Weaver 
Elizabeth Warren White 
Joan Michele Wilkinson 
Michael Jared Wodotinsky 
Maxine Stephanie Wright 
Jennifer Lynn Yeatman 
Jean Chi-In Yu 
Cheryl Anne Yuen 
§Darin Raymond Yuhas 
Scott Lee Zarret 
Amir Khesraw Zekrya 
Linda Ling Zhang 

Stephen Bradford Zimmerer 


*Timur Abdulov 
tChristina Marie Addabbo 

Student Marshal 
Sonia S. Aghera 

Second Degree: Management 

and Statistics 
Michael Eugene Allen 
*Ilya Alter 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 

Third Major: Accounting 
Elizabeth Anne Ampagoomian 
Antonio Aquia 

Second Major: Economics 
Eric Arfin 
Nada Nicole Azzu 
Second Major: General Business and 

Susan Lynne Benik 

Second Major: Economics 
Scott A. Berman 
*Jennifer Anne Bond 

Second Major: Music 
David Aaron Borden 

Secoihi Major: Marketing 

Melissa Ann Brennan 

Second Degree: Economics 
Howard Jeremy Brock 

Second Major: Accounting 
Mark C. Broski 
LaShaun Renee Butler 
Carlos Eduardo Candido 
Second Major: General Business and 

Sudhir Chand 
Daniel Brian Chasan 
Ila Brie Chates 
Yong Sun Cho 

Second Degree: Russian 

Language and Literature 
•William W. Choi 

Second Degree: Accounting 
Douglas Alan Clayton 
Taneka Nicole Coates 
Barbara Coleman-Blackwell 
Second Major: General Business and 

Daniel Thomas Crosby 
Marta Elena Curbelo 
John Michael Delano 

Second Major: Accounting 
Zeyn Ebrahim Desai 
Stace\' Lvnne DePiano 


S Suimiia cum iMude f Magna cum Laudc ' cum Lamte 

R S I 


Frank Anthony Dimina 
John Robert Douglas 
Erdal Elmas 
Su-Yi Fan 

*David Alan Fawcett 
Michael Justin Feltz 
Ryan Maughan Fleming 
Masouda Gizabi 
Jeremy Samuel Gold 
Melissa Jan Goldsmith 
Melissa Lee Grace 
Jonathan Brad Hackerman 
Samrang-Vattana Hai 
Jason Bryan Harleston 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
'Lei Ho 
'Gordon Hui Jr. 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Abiola S. Idris 
Ryan Andrew Jolson 
Vemae Jones-Seals 

Student Marshal 

Second Major: Accounting 
Gene Jung 
Shalni Khianey 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Josh H. Klein 
tMargarita Koonina 
Konstantinos G. Kqutromanos 
Kerri Jill Kramer 
Christopher Jon Kuehl 
Jeffrey Richard Kuntz 
Robert James Lane 
Brent Andrew Layman 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Michael Kim Lee 
Margaret Arm Velasco Ly 
Daniel G. Magnas 

Atiya Yasmin Mahmood 
Donato Antonio Mastrangelo 
tjoshua H. Meltzer 

Student Marshal 
Charles Edward Menacho IV 

Second Degree: Marketing 
David Michael Miller 
Scott David Miller 
Robert Adam Morgenstem 
Ketty Myrthil 
Robert Eric Newman 
Phu T. Nguyen 
Thi Hong Nguyen 

Second Major: Marketing 
Kristina Dawn Nimn-Evans 
Adebiyi Odegbile 
Natalie Marie Oden 
Matthew Barrett Orendorff 
Scott Anderson Palmer 
Vasilios Andreas Papaioannou 
Joseph Daniel Paparello 
Yong Joon Park 
Albert C. Peal 

Second Degree: Accounting 
Gabriel Eduardo Perez 

Second Major: Logistics and 

Se Ming Samuel Phan 

Second Degree: Economics 
True-Thanh Thi Phelps 
'Angela Yvonne Prince 

Student Marshal 
Mahesh Rajagopalan 

Second Degree: Accounting 
David Andrew Reich 
Keba Uletia Riley 

Second Degree: Accounting 
Erik Lee Robinson 
Lilleth M. Robinson 
Lisa Diane Robison 
Lynn Anne Romano 
Amy Lynn Rozek 

David Andrew Rudisill 

Second Major: Human Resource 

and Management 
Brendon J. Russo 
Gregory Scott Savage 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Adam Keith Scherr 
Jason Matthew Scott 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Michael Tyrone Settles 
Abdulkadir Ahmed Sharif 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Joty N. Singh 
Bryan David Stein 
Courtenay Lyrm Strauss 
Sanjay Subramanian 

Second Degree: Economics 
Roman S. Tomarev 
Michael George Toomey 
Geeta Kumari Trehan 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Nick Bryan Tressler 
Dimitrios E. Tzamaras 
Jonathan Blair Valz 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Michael Christopher Walker 
Jason Matthew Ward 

Second Major: Marketing 
Jonathan David Weiss 
Troy Daniel West 
Jason Paul White 

Second Degree: Economics 
Robert Troy Wilbanks Jr. 

Second Degree: Economics 
James Mark Wilson 
Johnny Man Yun 

General Business 

Laura Citro 

Nilam Rajendra Desai 

Ian M. Gates 

Danielle Marie Krolick 

Elizabeth Anne QuartuUo 

General Business and 

Ji Young Ahn 
James Edwin Anderson III 
Monica Denise Bailey 
Jeffrey Allan Berritt 
Richard Carl Bethman 
Angela Marie Bowie 
Sarah Kathleen Briscoe 
Suzanne Bums 

Second Degree: Marketing 
Joseph Richard Cacia 
Wendy Maribel Carrasco 

Second Degree: Finance 
Andrew P. Chi 

Second Major: Logistics and 

Joseph David Chikvashvili 
Evan Charles Christoe 
Patrick Doyle Cummings 
Charity Colette Deeb 

Second Degree: Marketing 
Lorraine Dious 

Second Major: Logistics and 

Jamie Lyn Edelman 
Bonnie Lynn Elgamil 

Student Marshal 
Marcus Walter Ernst 
Stephen Eduardo Estrada 

Second Major.Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Thomas Michael Fallon 
Claudia Fiedler 
Joseph Daniel Gordon 


5 Suuiiiui cum Laudc f Ma'^nn cum Liutde * cum Laude 


*Eitan Cozhansky 

Second Major: Finance 

3rd Major: Marketing 
Jodi Renee Grant 

Second Major: Marketing 
Marlene Roth Hai 
Yu-Chia Erica Hao 

Second Major: Marketing 
Jason Bryan Harleston 

Second Degree: Finance 
Bachar Abdullah Hijazi 
Blair Grant Hill 
'Gordon Hui Jr. 

Second Degree: Finance 
Jodi Lee Israel 
Anna-Lena Johansson 
Tliomas Jason Klevinsky 
Vanessa Lee 

Second Major: Logistics and 

William Lee 
Milena Lefterova 

Second Major: French Language 

and Literature 
Shari Ann Lemer 
*Beatriz Lovejoy 

Second Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
'Kristen Elizabeth Luby 
Joseph Timothy Lynch 
Karen B. Maley 

Second Degree: Government and 

Kevin James Mamon 
Eric Eugene Mayo 

Second Major: French Language 

and Literature 
Katherine Lynn McDonald 

Second Degree: Sociology 
Brian Elliot Montgomery 

Second Degree: French Language 

and Literature 

Andrew James Mullin 
Laura Judith Myoncs 
Alejandro Jair Neciosup 
Julie Michelle Nelson 

Second Major: Finance 
William Edward O'Leary 
Alexander David Oxenham 
Jason Scott Pell 
Hana L. Peltz 
Kevin Audette Plank 
Zachary Michael Reid 

Second Major: Marketing 
Ayman Fikry Rizkalla 

Second Degree: French Language 

and Literature 

Second Major: Finance 
Carol M. Schuhart 
Jeffrey Edward Schwenk 
Susan B. Sickinger 

Second Major: Human Resource 

Jin-Ee Siew 
Trevor Alan Stone 
May Tamai 
Mai Thanh Ton 

Second Major: Logistics and 

Geeta Kumari Trehan 

Second Degree: Finance 
Nguyen Cong Trinh 

Second Major: Logistics and 

Dorothy Ursulet 

Second Major: Marketing 
Mark P. Ventre 

Second Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Daniel Bryant Walsh 
Matthew Wiederrecht 

Second Degree: Government and 

Frances Shamar Woodard 

David Stephen Wright 
In-Chol Yoon 

Second Major: Economics 
Song Choi Yoon 

Human Resource Management 

Timothy lari Forrester 
Debra Caren Glazer 
*Farjana Meherin Hamid 
Bonnie Atkins Lee 
Amy Leigh Mitchell 
Mary Catherine O'Connor 
Alyssa Gail Oberman 
Gillian Natalie Phillips 
Theotonius Rozario 
Donna Hanna Sakhleh 
Crystal Dawn Sanders 
Budi Widjaja 

Second Major: Production 

Jeremy Christian Yazinski 
Amy Lynn Zellman 

Logistics and Transportation 

Jason Scott Carey 

Second Major: Marketing 
Anthony Michael Conti 

Second Major: Marketing 
Craig Erin Domielly 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Thomas Joseph Duckhorn 
Mark Thomas Everitt 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Gregory Charles Geiger 

Second Degree: Marketing 
Eileen Gonzalez 
Jeffrey Robert Halper 
Daniel James Hartensveld 
Seung Bin Ji 
James Nicholas Klunder 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Robert Eastwood ICnapp 

Second Major: Marketing 
Timothy Nelson Mathews 
Darren Michael McCue 
Bertan Hasan Omer 
Peter David Pourzand 
Tracey Jean Rupard 

Second Major: Marketing 
Hyok Sang Son 
Alex W. Stainburn 
Benjamin J. Tash 
Geoffrey Aaron Wilson 
Elliot Robert Zimmerman 

Management Science and 

Sonia S. Aghera 

Second Degree: Finance 
Joy O. Babalola 
Jae Yong Baik 
Jeffrey L. Chambers 
Flora Chen 
Kang-Yi Chin 
Michael Roger Dodd 
Marvin Odell Jones 
Kim Lien Thi Ly 
Jeanette Neo Majova 
Tracy Steffen McAteer 

Second Major: Accounting 
tAllison Leigh Palmer 
Soon Seok Park 
Nruti Sureshchandra Patel 
Minh A. Pham 
Rosemarina Sarita Singh 
Mary San-Tzao Wang 
Yi-Jen Yang 

Second Major: Management 

Sciences and Statistics 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 

N I V 




Miriam Isobel Afram 
Carolyn T. Aliaga 
Yared Difaye Assefa 
Tracy M. Bailey 
Nell Eryn Banks 
Jennifer Ann Thomas Best 

Second Major: Human Resource 

Jacquelyn Gabrielle Bevere 
John Pierre Bonin 

Second Major: Logistics and 
tKathleen Marie Bradey 
Cory Steven Brown 
Suzanne Burns 

Second Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Ariane Pui Cheung 

Second Degree: Spanish 

Language and Literature 
Vilasinee Raymie Chobchean 

Second Major: Logistics and 

David Chu 

Jason Isadore Cohen 

Katrina Collins 

Second Major: Logistics and 
Karen Lopez Connor 
David Patrick Conrades 
Lauren Michele Cooperman 
Nicole K. Corba 
*Dana Marie Craig 
Jonathan Paul Cusa 
Michael Anthony D'Andrea 
Charity Colette Deeb 

Second Degree: General Business 

and Management 
*Romi Pax DeAngelis 
Rebecca Lynne DiGangi 
Ilene Iris Edlitz 
Simone Denise Farrar 
Scott David Forcey 

Second Major: Logistics and 

Chervl Elena Forman 

Gregory Charles Geiger 

Second Degree: Logistics and 

Adam S. Green 
Charles Andrew Griffith 
Samrang-Vattana Hai 
*Traci Michele Hill 

Student Marshal 
Carrie M. Honig 
Jaime Lynn Hope 
Scott Glen Horowitz 
Jason Christopher Howlin 
Jerome Olivier Huyghe 
Richard Douglas Judy Jr. 
Kwanyoung Jung 
*Lori Cindy Kantor 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Ross Lawrence Kaplan 
Meredith Leigh Karp 
Karen Marie Kiersarsky 
Inwha Kim 

Thomas Chen-Husan Koo 
Caren Denise Krachman 
Brian Lawrence Krampf 
Kelly Jo Lakey 

Second Major: Logistics and 

Kelly Jean Lavan 

Second Major: Logistics and 

Jennifer Michele Lloyd 
Jennifer Irene Lorion 
Carrie D. Marshall 
Charles Edward McGeiver 
Charles Edward Menacho IV 

Second Degree: Finance 
Robert Michael Murphy 
Nicole E. Musher 
Vu Thanh Hoan Nguyen 

Second Major: Logistics and 


Laura Arm Novak 
Andrea Gayle Nurkin 
Bridget Arme O'Brien 
Kevin Michael O'Connor 
Sirichan Omkar 

Second Major: Logistics and 

William Franklin Parsons 
Michael John Prete 

Second Degree: Accounting 
Alvaro Raul Puig 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
*Aynat Dina Ravin 

Second Major: Finance 
William Hirt Reigeluth 
Jennifer Watt Rennekamp 
Thomas Bartholomew Roberts 
Kimberly Ann Rosenberg 
Charles Albert Ruppersberger fV 
Melanie Marie Russo 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Stephanie Terea Saunders 
Patrick John Schlude 

Second Major: Logistics and 

Gina Maria Secretario 
Arash Shirazinia 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Tiffany Tamara SUls 
Erik Steinman 
Kevin Stephen 

Second Major: Finance 
Matthew Bryan Stemberger 
Kathleen Bethany Davis Sterne 
Laura Meredith Stiebel 
Laura Marie Stierle 

Second Major: Economics 
Stevon Alec Sutton 
Matthew Adam Taylor 

§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 




19 9 6 

Kolawole T. Tinubu 

'Elisabeth Anne Tolson 

Christopher Anthony Tornabene 

Tung Le Tu 

Bryant Lamont Turner 

Soo Jung Uhm 

Second Major: Finance 
Cristin Marie Van Brunt 
*Eric Alan Waldman 
David A. Woolwine 

Second Major: Logistics and 

Christopher David Wynne 
Debra Ellen Young 
Todd James Zimmerman 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Jodi Beth Zitofsky 

Second Major: Logistics and 


Production Management 

William 1 Ijddaway Layton 
Second Major: logistics and 

Michael Kyompitlra Sebalu 


Bachelor of Science 


Jonathan Theodore Casser 
Lori K. Fenton 

Second Major: Physics 
•Vishnumohan Jejjala 

Second Degree: Mathematics 

Computer Science 

Joshua Billings Adams 
Aswin Morgan Almeida 
David J. Andrejak 
Sumaira Habib Bajwa 
Robert Lance Burnett 
*Do-Jun Byun 
John Alexander Calingo 
Ruth Aimee Cariaga 
Gregory John Casamento 
tEylon Caspi 

Second Degree: Electrical 

Hei Chan 
Abigail Christine Chapin 

Second Degree: Mathematics 
James Patrick Chin 
Jong Sun Cho 

Second Major: Economics 
Sung Hoon Choi 
Sergey Datskovskiy 
Nimish Surendra Desai 
*Quan The Dinli 

Second Major: Mathematics 
Hung Do 
tjohn Thomas Dowdal 

Second Degree: Electrical 

Sean Chris Emery 
Bret John Evi'in 

Alexander Alexeevich Fedotov 
Ming-Chiang Feng 
Evagelos P. Fotopoulos 

Second Major: Mathematics 
Stephen Erwin Gorospe 
David Christopher Harryman 

Second Major: Mathematics 
An Truong Hoang 
Chuck Chien-Hsiu Hong 
Thomas Raybum Howe 
James Byron Humphries 
Esther Funja Hwang 

Sanjeev Jayanna 

Second Degree: Economics 
Douglas Morgan Johnston 
Russell B. Katz 
John Chongdae Kim 

Second Major: Mathematics 
Jason William Koch 

Second Major: Psychology 
Lak-bing Rainies Kwai 
Shun Kwok 
Jee Y. Kwon 

Andreas Kyprou Kyprianou 
Thinh Quang Le 
Truong Q. Le 
Man Chun Lee 

Second Degree: Electrical 

The-Lin Lee 

Second Degree: Electrical 

Wayne Fee Lee 
*Chu-Chi Li 

Second Degree: Mathematics 
Junshan Li 
Wei-Wei Lin 

Second Degree: Biological Science 
Jimmy Ren Lo 
Peter Hoang Ly 
John Michael Madden 

Second Degree: Econottncs 
Raymond Edward Mosley 
Kevin Moy 
Philip Jeremy Moyer 
Hanh Xuan Nguyen 
Shahram Orandi 
Roger Mark Owen 
Edward Garrett Parris 
Sujal M. Patel 
Alan Clifton Payne 

Second Major: Economics 
Marshall Scott Pratt 

Milan Govind Rami 

Second Degree: Aerospace 

Jonathon Edward Ross 
tRobert Brian Ross 

Second Degree: Psychology 
Kenneth Edward Seiss 
Marc Alexander Sherman 
Brian Scott Snyder 
Barzilai Ernesto Spinak 
'Michael Edward Steele 
Mark J. Tarchalski 
Ruth Christine Taylor 

Second Degree: Psychology 
Leo Joseph Paschal Thomas 
Tsung-Wen Tsai 

Second Degree: Electrical 

Andrei Nikolaevich Tsyganenko 
Ngok Fung Tung 
Christopher David Vance 
Boris A. Velikovich 
'Brian Erik Wellington 
Daniel Jude Wilkinson 
*Troy Darnell Williams 
Christopher Michael Woods 
Felix Kwok Man Wu 
Chae Ung Yoon 
Somkarn Yordmanee 
Zheng Guan Yu 
tjennifer Yuin 
Ming Zhu 


Thomas William Biolsi 
Barbara Ann Fowler 
Cathleen Renee Tenace 


Deborah Ann Ackerman 
Peter C. Baker 
Ivars Peter Balodis 


§ Sumina cum Laude t Magna cum laude ' cum Laude 


Christopher Michael Benedick 
Christopher Robert Broderick 

Second Degree: Aerospace 
Allen Keith Brooks 
§Dursun Ata Bulutoglu 
Gregory Charles Burton 
tPeter Paul Calabrese 

Student Marshal 
James R. Cantrell Jr. 
Abigail Christine Chapin 

Second Degree: Computer Science 
tTheresa Hsin-Tien Chow 

Second Major: Computer Science 
Kenneth Charles Cline 
Paulo Leonardo DosSantos 

Second Degree: Economics 
Jorge Luis Gomez 
'Jeffrey Nicholas Heinz 

Second Degree: Linguistics 
Tat Chi Ho 
Rhoda Joy Hsia 

Second Degree: Government and 

tVeronika Elanor Hubeny 

Second Major: Physics 
*Vishnumohan Jejjala 

Second Degree: Physics 
Carrie Lyn Jensen 

Second Degree: Secondary 

Education — Mathematics — 

Christopher Kamchanaphati 
'Mikhail Grigoryevich Konikov 
Charles Stephen Laing 
tMelvin J. Laney, Jr 
*Chu-Chi Li 

Second Degree: Computer Science 
Lun Li 
§Carl Jeremy Nuzman 

Second Degree: Electrical 


Vincent C. Okoye Jr. 
Yaron Oren-Pines 
Colin Raymond Rose 
tLeigh Ann Stuart 
Melody Marie Talcott 

Second Major: Computer Science 
Paul Andrew Von Kerczek 

Second Major: Economics 
Leone Alesa Wills 
Wen Wong 

Physical Sciences 

Jawad Ahmed 
James Thomas Hughes 
'Jeffrey Donald Maurer II 
William Michael Putman 
Matthew George Seybold 

Second Degree: Geography 
Seema Vyas 
Anthony Warren Woo 


Christopher P. Berry 
§ Anthony J. De Marco 

Student Marshal 
'Vishnumohan Jejjala 

Second Degree: Mathematics 
Agha Raheel Ahmad Khan 
Peter Howell Kivett 
Ian David Pierce 
Philip A. Premysler 
Philip Hamilton Rhinelander 
Colin Lee Shreffler 
Joon Shik You 

Second Degree: Chemistry 


Bachelor of Arts 

Education — Music K-12 — 

Martin Joseph Fischer Jr. 

tSarah Elizabeth Goeddel 
Second Degree: Spanish 
Language and Literature 

Peter John Perry 

Cathryn Inez Wanders 

Secondary Education — Art — 

Jennifer Lynn Berger 
Tracy Lynn Gardner 
Sandra Gutierrez 
Janet Jay Matthews 
Loretta DeLois Reynolds 

Secondary Education — English 
(Language Arts) — Professional 

Michelle Antoinette Anderson 
Tama Gwen Freedman 
Thaddeus Donnell Hester 
Christopher Albert Klair 
Sivonne Kouperstein 
Paula Ann LaVorgna 
Peter McAdams 
Cindy A. Millison 
Patricia Gammon Seitz 
Margo Flowers Sisk 
§Mary Elizabeht Sullivan 
Jessica Rhea Sweeney 
Dawn Christine Ulley 

Secondary Education — Foreign 
Language — Professional 

Sang Joon Kim 

Second Degree: East Asian 
Languages and Literature 

Lauren Marie Proctor 
Second Degree: German 
Language and Literature 

Marci Sarah Schwartz 

John Ray Velasquez 

Ian Cli\-e Wakefield Jr. 

Secondary Education — Social 
Studies — Professional 

Kristin Erin Barrett 
Kristen Jobson Donnelly 
Bryan Robert Hynes 
David Christopher Ketcham 
Warren Steven Levy 
Carolyn Arm McKinney 
Seeta Gorti Narasimham 
Laura Arm Sarantis 
Joseph Micheal Winpisinger 

Secondaiy Education — Speech 
Education — Professional 

Bruce Bernard Brown 
Gerald Dale Lee Jr. 

Second Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Jennifer Rebecca Trammell 

Secondary Education — ^Theatre 
and English — Professional 

Alecia Annette Herman 
Nicole Peca 

Student Marshal 

Bachelor of Science 

Secondaiy Education — 
Art — Professional 

Randolph C. Lentz 
Jeanni M. Pai 
Maria Loida Saldana 


§ Sumttm cum Laude f Magna cum Laude "cumLaude 



19 9 6 

Secondary Education — 
Mathematics — Professional 

Stephanie Christine Giselinde 

Secondary Education — Social 
Studies — Professional 

Rita Kt'macs 

Jennifer Kathleen Ledbetter 

Jennifer Jane West 

Speech and English Education 

Gerald Dale Lee Jr. 

Second Degree: English Language 
and Literature 

Bachelor of Science 

Early Childhood Education — 

Maria Dolores Alband 
Laura Katherine Appezzato 
Karen Valerie Bloom 
Melissa Diamond 
Theresa Marie Dillon 
Kimberly Kelly Doyle 
Randi J. Francis 
Amy Jo Goodman 
Cherie Lynn Grasso 
Linda Anne Haley 
Heather Christine Mutchler 
Sharon Beth Rosenberg 
Madelaine Jae Schwartz 
•Laura Kathleen Tervo 
Mikelle Elaine Velasquez 
Katherine Sue Zeltner 

Elementary Education — 

§Tabitha Leanne Abbott 
Gwyn Anne Ackelsberg 
Donna Jo Albrecht 
Erica Amy Aronson 
Steven Asbacher 
Marina Axaopoulos 
Edward Anthony Barger 
Kristin Marie Barrett 
tNicole Jolon Becker 
Grace Marie R. Benigno 

Student Marshal 
Brian Arthur Blakesley 
Jamie Dee Brodsky 
tNathan Allen Brown 

Second Major: Government and 

Heather Luelle Caldwell 
Cassandra Alecia Catignani 
Jennifer Anne Chase 
Linda Choi 
Kym Marie Clarke 
Moreene Oneatha Clarke 
Kipi L. Condit-Gates 
Dahlia MicheUe Dallal 
Rebecca McCann Daynes 
Amy Nicole De Weese 
Sandra Elizabeth De Vault 
Judith Arm DiGioia 
Melissa Ann Dombkiewicz 
Thelma Lenora Drummond 
Maureen Michelle Dumais 
Anita Michael Elaraj 

Second Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Toni Marie Ethington 
Donna C. Haggart 
Karen Louise Hansel 
Laura Jane Harmon 
Jennifer Beth Higley 

Ruth Loute Huang 
Student Marslml 
Amy Elizabeth Jones 
Kimberly Renee Jones 
Jodi Dawn Kahan 
Dennis A. Keller 
Kathleen Louise Kennedy 
John Joseph Krownapple 
Christina Jung Min Lee 
Jeni Inyoung Lee 
Kyung Hee Lee 
Carey Patricia Lindholtz 
§Jane Ellen Luczak 
Kelly Ljmn MaUns 
Kamela Ann Marin 
Gilda Martinez 
Julie Lynn Meehan 
Jodi L. Mousel 
Jacqueline Ann Newmark 
Renee Susanne Noll 
Jean Hee Park 
Donna Mae Peasley 
Theresa Michele Rich 
Kimberly Anne Ridley 
Deborah Lynn Roberts 
KeUie Nicole Ross 
John Daniel Sarich 
Jermifer Lynn Sartwell 
Amy Aliese Sheppard 

Keira Michelle Silien 
Robynn Mishel Simpson 
Lois Ruth Singer 
Deirdre Frances Smee 
Galila Solomon 
Antoinette Marie Sommerville 
Elanie Christine Starvrakas 
Andrea Suzanne Thompson 
Joan Anderson Touhill 
Hilary Anne Vogin 
Lisa Joy Wible 
Jill Ellen Wiik 
Jill Marie Wilcoxen 
Pamela M. Wilhelm 
Shelly Denise Williams 
Beryl Wai-nga Yeung 
Abby Renee Zweig 
Student Marshal 

Industrial Arts Education 

Gary Michael Schisler 

Industrial Technology 

Clifford Hubert Rodell 
Edward Ruben Rodriguez 
Joe Young 

i Summa cum Ijtude t Magna cum Laude 'cumLaude 


U N I V E 

R Y L A N D 

Secondary Education — 
Art — Professional 

Randolph C. Lentz 
Jeannie M. Pai 
Maria Loida Saldana 

Secondary Education — 
Matliematics — Professional 

James Edward Driscoll 
Jeffrey Lloyd Flowers 
Christie Marie Gardinier 
Carrie Lyn Jensen 

Second Degree: Mathematics 
Michelle Leslie Kiner 
Kelly Michael Lama 
Elisa Robin Metz 
Paula Christine Perry 
Frank Gabriel Sciannella 
Amy Marie Tomasulo 
Kimberly Jean Zanders 

Secondary Education — 
Science — Professional 

Joshua Simon Feldman 

Rhonda Suzanne Krueger Freese 

Angela Anne Garland 

Steven W. Hayes 

Erik K. Hobbs 

William Gordon Keswick 

Ki Hong Min 

Second Degree: Biological Sciences 
William Stanley Moffitt III 
Julian Conrad Pulfrey 
tRaananna Lynn Thlebaux 
Christopher J. Vandernoth 

Secondary Education — Social 
Studies — Professional 

Barbara Eileen Bemey 
Mary Ann DeGennaro 
Thomas Sterling Owens 
Jennifer Jane West 

Special Education — Professional 

Jennifer Lyn Beck 
*Liza Rebecca Bishop 

Student Marshal 
Jacqueline Maryse Caldwell 
Jennifer Louise Crownover 
Jennifer Lenore Doak 
Michael Len-WU Duffy 
Victoria Elizabeth French 
Leigh Ann Fuhrmann 
*Lisa Sue Gorden 

Student Marshal 
Stacey Lauren Gordon 
Cher Lynne Grace 
Kristin Lee Hunsicker 
Sabrina Alvetta Johnson 
Alyssa Kilsheimer 
Toinette Marie Klun 
Eunae Ko 

Melissa Ann Komara 
Eugenia Jermy Krist 
Carissa Ann LaBosco 
Meg Staikides Leeds 
Margaret Ann Victoria 

Daniel John Martz 
Kristin Leigh McLear 

Student Marshal 
*Laura Ann Milani 
Meredith Balmuth Milk 
Christina MiUs 

Student Marshal 
Jon Mark Peabody 
Eidanelle Cacpal Quitania 
tjillian Heather Schonfeld 

Student Marshal 
Jami Melissa Schwartz 
Meredith Lynn Weber 


Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Cara S. Adlman 
Jennifer Ann Albright 
Charles Matthew Auburger 
Kimberly Louise Augustine 
Alison Susanne Baratz 
Renee Kim Bauman 
Miriam Ruth Berlinsky 
Michelle Amy Berman 
Cyntfiia Lisette Buitrago 
Alison Louise Cooper 
Ryan Gerald Crowe 
Heather Weir Denchfield 
Caroline Rae Diamond 
Maribelle Sunglao Dizon 
Louise Jennifer Dogan 
Gail Ann Dombroski 
Anne Marie Donahue 
Allison M. Garay 
Amy Michele German 
"Jennifer Louise Green 
"Catherine Ruth Guenterberg 
Jacqueline Briscoe Harrison 
Talia Sharon Haviv 
Michelle Marie Hebert 
Nancy Ellen Purcell Jackson 
Lisa Lynne Jenkins 
Lauren Beth Kallman 
Ayesha Ahmedi Kazmi 
Lauren Beth Kochav 
Kimberly Victoria Lee-Mott 
Amber Marie Marino 
Alicia Memenza 
Mary Catherine O'Keefe 
Teresa Marie Oxendine 
Julie L. Perlman 
Carla Lynn Perry 

Marquita Lynette Posey 
Pamela Bess Schmier 
Tracy Robin Schwartz 
Nicole Louise Shifler 
Debra Jermifer Shuman 
Trina Arlene Stevens 
David Mendoza Tave 

Health Education 

Elsa Berhane 

Allison Michael Bimey 

Dominic Joseph Cosentino 

Monica Aim Hahn 

Amy Lara Hardcastle 

Mark Edward Hemmis 

Heather Lynn Horn 

Tiffany Joelle MiUer 

Karen Rachel Oik 

Risa Pendroff 

+Tran Ngoc Quach 

Reem A. Saba 

Dayle Ellen Stein 

Lisa Rachelle Thompson 

Benjamin Viri Tiongson 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Lisa Hope Ashworth 
Brenda Ramos Balana 
Kimberly Jean Bartell 
Eva Machele Belew 
Monifa Brooks 

Student Marshal 
Kevin C. Brown 
Eddy H. Chong 
Ayana Coleman 
Rosana Suellen Crupi 
Alexander Pastor Cular 
John James Davidson 111 
Jennifer S. Ettlin 
Patrick M. Flynn 
•Michelle Susann Gallo 
Shannon Pauline Gavin 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laudt 



MAY 1996 

Joseph Michael Gillespie 
Jared Stuart Goldstein 
Sara Beth Grabush 
Nicole Patrice Harris 
Richelle Ann Kaye 
Jeffrey Wilson Kirby 
Allison Beth Kling 
Kenneth Alan Lytle 
Kristin Marie Maloney 
Elizabeth Stacy Margolies 
Nandini Mathur 
§Kiinberly Jean McGlothlin 
Michele Lynn Meltzer 
Staci Lyn Metzler 
Stacy Lynn Naftaly 
Kevin Andrew Nulty 
David Allen Patrick Jr. 
Stephen Dabbay Pelaez 
Chalice Von Radakovich 
Sherri Lynn Rich 
Tami Lynn Riley 
John Paul Sisler 
Laveda Michele Smith 
Kristen A. Sorensen 
Joseph Vincent Spelta 
Jarrad Ryan Teller 
Allen Lee Tiffany 
Laura Beth Trumbauer 
Van Colton Williams 
Andrew Earl Williamson 
Anthony James Wyrwas 
Patricia Rebecca Yan 

Physical Education 

Dana Michelle Coleman 
Leo Li Yen Hsu 
Jamie Lyn Renee Izdebski 
Patrick Lee Keehan 
Joonhyuk Lee 
Meredyth Joy Lipp 
Jody Ellen Matey 
Richard Thomas Nawrocki 

Drew Griffith Offutt 
Romy Lyn Scott 
Mary Elizabeth Stracka 
*Dana Catherine Svejda 
§Dorma Leigh Wagner 


Matthew Warren Corley 
Adam Pratt 


Bachelor of Arts 


Fiona Natasha Adams 
David G. Allan 

Second Degree: Philosophy 
Sharon Christine Amey 
Barbara Jenn Bahnsen 
Autumn Barbosa 
Elizabeth Bekesz 
Carmen Danielle Benns 
Brian Douglas Bierman 
*Abby Leigh Bliss 
Dwayne Anthony Bochnak 
Christopher C. Boyer 

Student Marshal 
Andrea Rose Brahms 
Alistair Wilbar Broomail 
Andrea S. Calderon 
Kerry Morgan Carman 
Mary Kathleen Casey 
Tina M. Cer\'asio 

Student Marshal 
Kiran Carrie Chetry 
Karen Jean Clark 
Kimberly Ann Comba 
Tracy Ann Cooper 
tDana L. Crabbe 
Kathryn Cunningham 

Deborah Ai'm Cusa 
Corey Gerrard Davis 

Student Marshal 
Giuliana De Pandi 
Rebecca Kay Dittmar 
Shelley Lynn Donohue 
Christine Marie Duray 
Amy Ann Edeson 
*Gwen Marie Elliott 
Andrew Shipley Farver 
Ziedah Tyrie Ferguson 

Student Marshal 
Andrea Jeanne Filliben 
Joyann Natasha Forde 
Jessica M. Foster 
Michele D. Friend 
Kathleen Gardner 
Stephanie Frances Gordon 
David Francis Hammel 
Kerry Robin Hammond 
Lorelei K. Harris 
Peter Howard Hebert 
Dana Alicia Hedgpeth 

Student Marshal 
Shannon D. Hendrickson 
Stacey Robin Herbstman 
Christopher Paul Hoffman 
Amie Te-mei Hsu 
Cathy Grace Hwang 
Poorna Jagarmathan 
Vonda Marie Jones 
Sara Joseph 
Eryn Shelly Judd 
Athamandia Kanellos 
Lauren Faith Kaplan 
tEve Jennifer Klindera 

Student Marshal 

Second Major: General Business 

and Management 
Maria Sundai LaGreca 
Jennifer Lynn Legato 
Jamie Alison Levit 

Lori Carole Levy 
Tracey Ellen Logsdon 

Student Marshal 
Rebecca Lynn Mabie 

Seond Degree: Advertising Design 
Jennifer Marie MacLeid 
Stacey Derrell Manley 
Sean Patrick Marshall 

Second Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Robert Glenn Mathis 

Second Major: American Studies 
Roslyn Nicole Matthews 
Heather Ann Matuschek 
Dominic Paul Mendes 
LaRonda Reshall Miller 
Jeremy Clay Mills 
Homeyra Mokhtarzada 

Student Marshal 
Kristen Elise Nelson 
Hilary Blythe Newton 
Ryan Jack NickoU 
Kristy Lynn Nishimoto 

Second Degree: Governmoit and 

Kelly Denise Nolan 
tStacey Angela O'Boyle 


• f 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


R S I T Y O 

R Y L A N 

Christopher Hunter O'Connell 

Student Marshal 
Diane Renee Parisi 
Akweli Parker 
Shawn William Parker 
*Julie Alice Patterson 
Carmen Elise Phelps 
Stephanie Lynn Phillips 
tjody Nicole PoUeck 

Second Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Stephen Brian Pope 
Natasha Christina Pratt 

Second Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
David Blake Pressly 
Kelly O'Keefe Pyne 
Todd Randal Rassofsky 
Michele Lynn Rest 
Sharmon Leigh Rickel 
Stephanie Ann Rinck 
Kera Marlaina Cynthia Ritter 
Joanne Marcia Saidman 
Guillermo Sanchez 
Jennifer Schif f 
Jessica A. Schnuer 
Dalfa Sell 

Joel Douglas Smith 
Katie Ann Snyder 
Stephen Anthony Sobek 
Darren Gerald Spinck 
Ryan James Stallings 
Lainie Dara Stein 
Robyn Elyssa Steinhause 
Sarah Jean Thomas 
Sara Wheeler Thompson 
Travis James Thurston 
Rafael Reyes Toledo Jr. 
Ricardo Vergara 

Second Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Loretta M. Villar 

Andrea Kristina Walker 

Victoria Linda Wentz 

Konstantinos Lawrence White 

Dana Barrie Wigdor 

Snorre Wik 

Joanna Isabella Natalie Wlodawer 

Second Degree: Biological 

David Anthony Wood 

Bachelor of Science 


Kerri Denise Howard 
Christopher Jeffrey Lawrence 
Raymond Michael Smith 
Edgar Francis Salud Villongco 


Bachelor of Science 


Mojgan Abrishami 
Robert David Adams 
Adekunle A. Adeoye 
Ifeyinwa Nwamaka Arah 
Amy Lita Yap Evangelista 
Kervneth Roger Hwang 

Second Degree: Chemical 
Houshyar Karimabadi 
Edward Yun Kim 

Second Degree: Chemical 
Young Jin Kim 
Allison Dorothea Kolody 
*Harrison Q. Le 
Tuan Quoc Le 

Edmund Ho Lee 

Second Degree: Chemical 

Jonathan Leung 

Second Major: Biological Sciences 
Babak Lotfalian 
tMark Elliot Lustberg 
Ronald P. Mageau 
Emily Jeanne Massey 

Second Degree: Linguistics 
Naveed Ahmer Naz 

Second Degree: Biological 

David M. Oarr 
Elizabeth Lynn Parsons 
*Marius Delfin Pruessner 
Angela Rhyne 
Leonard Russo 
Datsen George Wei 

Biological Sciences 

Gregory Michael Adams 
Second Degree: Accounting 

Ghazaleh Afshar 

Mohammadali Khaffafzadeh 

Adolisa Joan Anarado 

Amy Beth Anderson 

Second Major: Psychology 

Gabriella Andreotti 

Nicole Alyse Aqui 

Jorge Antonio Aquino 

Eric A. Arrington 

Yevgenya Aukhert 

Michele Elena Auldridge 

Leslie Jubran Badra 

Joshua Scott Barclay 

Michael Joseph Barry 

Madiha Basit 

Stephanie Lisa Bates 

Amy Elizabeth Beaven 

Steve Sungchol Beck 

•Leslie Michelle BeUoso 

Student Marshal 
Erika Michelle Benns 
Mitchell Greg Berlin 
Aliza Rachel Bemfeld 
'Melissa Beth Bezner 
Melissa Lynn Black 
Kevin William Bowen 
Julie Elaine Bowers 
tHouman Bozorgzadeh 
Kyle Damian Bramble 
Felicia Lynette Breedy 
Bonnie Jean Buote 
Andree Rose Victoria Calixte 
Ana Maria Cardona 
Rachel Laine Camaggio 
Hanadi M. Chalabi 
Yoo Jung Chang 
tAnissa Man-Lai Cheung 
Krishna Chilukuri 
Jason Todd Collier 
Katherine M. Coyle 
Marci Lee Curl 
Melanie S. Darr 
Daniel Harrison Deck 
Manisha Kaur Deol 
Javier F. DescaLzi 
Carey Elisabeth Desjardins 
*Ashwin Sudhir Dharmadhikari 
Heather Anong Dillon 
Russell Louis Dillow 

Student Marshal 
Monica Geraldine Dorin 
Rajiv Dua 
Raj Ranjan Dubey 
Joseph Yu Dumayas 
Gary A. Ebert 
Alexander Mark Eisen 
Paige Renee Elliott 
Brandon Keith Ellis 
•Alexander L. Faynshteyn 
Karon Atoka Ferguson 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude *cumljiude 


MAY 1996 

Rachel Ann Fishlowitz 
Jennifer Lynn Flage 
Ndidi Bonique Foy 

Student Marshal 
tEdwin Rudolph Fuller III 
Namita A. Gandhi 
Keyvan Ganjianpour 
*Arbi Ghazarian 
Jimena Maria Gomez 
§Supriya Goyal 

Second Degree: Phihsopliy 
Jennifer Elizabeth Grant 
Matthew Bryan Gross 

Second Degree: English 

Language and Literature 
Kristen Alyssa Gundersen 
Fady A Haddad 
April Marie Handy 
Brett Philip Harman 
Dien Hoang 
Huong Khuc Hoang 
Robert Eugene Hoesch 
Navid Reza Homayouni 
Andrew Ing-Jer Horng 
Jennifer Anne Huff 
Jung Eun Hwangbo 
Malik Mohammed Nur Imam 
Rachel N. Jacobs 

Second Degree: Chemical 

Zena Kadija Jalloh 
Barbara Latrice Jones 
Caroline Elizabeth Jones 
Jessa Bethany Jones 
Patrick Glenn Jones 
Heidi Kahler 
Yosef Aryeh Kahn 
Chung-Hyun Kang 
Rachel Beth Kapust 
Tara Anne Keane 
Michael A. Kent 
"'hiihnawaz Ahmed Khan 

Joseph Lee King 
Trenna Leigh Klotz 
Sarah Katherine Knox 
Nadim Elie Kodsi 
Samir Elie Kodsi 
Timothy Edward Koles 
Walter Geoffrey Krueger 
Diana Bonbun Ku 
'Rachel Marlene Kulansky 

Student Marshal 
Tae Kwang Kwon 
Heather Renae Larkin 
Nicole L. Lavigne 
tEleise Beth LaPorta 

Second Degree: Art Studio 
Sang Ngoc Le 
Cheng- Yu Lee 
Juliet Lee 

Second Degree: Economics 
Mark Joseph Lewandowski 
Wei-Wei Lin 

Second Degree: Computer Science 
Thomas Michael Loonam 
Kristoffer Stephen Lukowitz 
Tin Dung Luu 
Tan Victor Ly 
Tlianh T. Ly 
N. Nicholas Lysenko 
Stefanie Nicole Magro 
Shailendra Maheshwari 
Svetlana Malinsky 
Jennifer Lynn Matthews 
Kimberley Ellen Mead 
Mary Kathryn Meredith 
Avishai Joseph Meyer 
Kelly Leigh Miller 
Melissa Ordan Miller 
Michael B. Miller 
Ki Hong Min 

Second Degree: Science 
Faisal Zaffer Mirza 

Carla Marie Mosby 
Franklin Augustus Moses 
Melissa Christine Muhl 
§Govind Mukundan 
Dorothy May Narvaez 
Naveed Ahmer Naz 

Second Degree: Biochemistry 
Gwendolyn Morris Neate 

Second Major: Plant and Wildlife 

Resource Management 
*Thao Thanh Nguyen 
Trung Phong Nguyen 
Mohammad Nikpourfard 
Bemadette Obiageri Nwaneri 
Tammatha R. O'Brien 
Obinna Umunna Okoroma 
Kathryn Grace Oplinger 
Dawn Suzanne Overberger 
Melissa Mikyung Park 
Melanie Susan Parsons 
Valerie Alicia Pate 
David James Patterson Jr. 
Stacey L. Pearlman 
Kimberly Anne Perkins 
Todd David Peters 
BChai Gia Phan 
Monique Danielle Pitts 
Marie Angeline Planta 
Brian Keith Polgar 
Sara Jane Pollack 
Joshua Adam Posnan 
Zeba Qaadri 
Lisa Rae 
Amirreza Rafaat 
Parisa Refaat 
Lana Letitia Rigby 
Leonard Barry Riloff 
William Blair Rinnier Jr. 
Geraldine Nicolo Rochino 
Timothy George Roesing Jr. 
Brett Aaron Rosenberg 
Katherine Marguerite Ross 

Renee Lynn Roth 
'Jacqueline Monique Ruttimarm 
Brian Louis Sachs 
'Jennifer Lin San Luis 
Linda Michelle Schneider 
Thomas Edwin Seebach 
Cord William Sengbusch 
*Kendra Kae-Wen Shih 

Second Degree: Classical 

Language and Literature 
James Kaniti Shreeves 
Eugene Sim 
Kamal Deep Singh 
Tara Lynn Smekal 
Robert Christopher Smiles 
Dapl'me De Freitas Scares 
Samuel David Solomon 
Eve Martha Stelzer 
Hillary Lynn Sterner 
•Jamison E. Strahan 
Marc Christian Svendsen 
Cory Neil Tabachow 
Mark Alexander TerriU 
Meredith Dianne Tiboni 
Adrienne Marie Tinana 

Student Marshal 
Andrew William Tobiason 

Second Degree: Anthropology 
Sandra Pei-Hui Tou 
Jack Chih-Pin Toung 
Danielle Tsouderos 
Curt Andrew Tucker 
Rodrigo Pidlaoan Vallar 

Second Degree: Art Studio 
tDavid Christopher Van Echo 

Second Degree: English 

Language and Literature 
Deborah Louise Wagner 
Betty Yu-Wah Wang 
Cecilia Wang 
Chun-Ju Wang 
Sharon Lynn Watts 

siimmn cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


U N I V 

Juliette Laura Way 

Jeremy Nichols Wetter 

Tracy Lynn Wiedt 

Wani Jennifer Wilkinson 

Joyce Elaine Williams 

Joanna Isabella Natalie Wlodawer 

Second Degree: journalism 
Jennifer Keiko Wojcik 
Michael Clifton Wright 
Christopher Hon-Weng Yaen 
Roberta K. Yaklich 
Sandy Yang 
Patrick D. Yao 
Grace Tsou Yick 
Elizabeth Cherian Zachariah 
Alice Rachel Ziskind 
John Martin Zupancic 


Erik Thomas Anderson 
Kristen Rae Brown 
Irene Frances Davis 
Kenneth Arthur Dezio 
John Lawrence Guyker Jr. 
Chauncey Bayarculus Johnson 

Second Degree: Chemical Engmeering 
Rita R.K. Jouhal 
Pilar Teresa Joy 
Nnanna Kalu Idika Kalu 
Charlotte Ann Klein 
Jennifer Anne Kline 
Jason Lee 
*April Ann Ludwig 

Second Major: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Robert Bruce Lyons 
tKathleen Elizabeth McGinness 

Second Degree: Psychology 
James Lydiard Mead 
Eric Leigh Nicastro 
Georgia Renee Pugh 
Wendy Dawn Saunders 

Christopher James Trumbauer 
Joon Shik You 

Second Degree: Physics 

General Biological Sciences 

Marlene Joyce Alilio 
Denisa Maria Domen 
Mason Seth Freed 
Eugene J. Gregory Jr. 
Jacob Aaron Hughes 
Yvonne Margot Keller 

Second Major. Govenmtent and Politics 
Denise Ruby Korb 
Mark Gerard Niembra 
Mary Elizabeth O'Donnell 
Scott William Ripkin 
Susan Lynn Rocca 
Christian Aaron Von Kerczek 
Kenneth Robert Voorhees 


Ateya Munira Arozullah 
Nancy Ann Beck 
David Wilham Bradshaw 
Grace Monica Cotelingam 
Christian Luiz Eriksson de Rezende 
Saeed Eskandari 
§Linda Beth Greif 
Michael Brian Hendershot 
tSandra M. Kao 
*Shahab Ahmed Khan 
Amend Dayan Kpadeh 
Colin Anthony Lacroix 
Christopher David Layfield 
Jermifer CeciUa Lee 
*Anita Katherine McElroy 
Michele Yvette McNair 
Timothy Bernard Meyers 
Joarma Michelle Often 
Sanjay Suryakant Pancholi 
Ana Maria Petrovic 
Jean Jang Phatthanaphuti 


Danilo Altares Puzon 

Shahla Shakeri 

Ali Shojaie 

Andrew Robert Snyder 

Rosanna Centilia Thomas 

Claudia Ulrike Walter 

Second Degree: Animal Sciences 
Sri-Anant Wanasen 
Kenneth E. Warburton 
Katherine Elizabeth Werner 


Michelle Monique Alexis 
James M. Brock 


Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Ricarda Lynn Pangelin Cepeda 

Second Degree: Art History 
Daniel Alan Goodman 
Da\'id Gerald Lorentz 
Timothy Michael O'Neill 
Leslie Ann Powers 
Jennifer Lynn Reece 
Denise Gwen Stang 
Jearmie Deborah Whitler 

Bachelor of Science 

Fashion Merchandising 

Sabrina Morris 
Kristine Nicole Timpone 

individual Studies 

Colby Allison Cooper 
Alicia Anne Martina EifeU 
Susanne Myril Fredlund 
Tiffany Victoria Granberg 
Marcy S. Jacobowitz 

Jason John Pellegrini 
Tarda Lynn Sheremeta 
Aaron Heath Spector 


Afro-American Studies 

Adolisa Joan Anarado 
Felicia Lynette Breedy 
Alicia Nicole Jackson 
Damon Douglas Jones 
Melvin Anthony Murray 
Marie Joelle Nicolas 
Liza Annette Sanchez 
Thomas Christopher Segar 
Lyntina Vera Townsend 

East Asian Studies Certificate 

Lisa Galbreath 

Charles Hugh Homonnay-Preyer 

Women's Studies Certificate 

Julia Becker 
Jennifer Cross 
Leah Davis 
Tanisha Edmunds 
Corey Fisher 
Carrie Greenstem 
Stephanie Grime 
Bounheng Inversin 
Alison Green 
Pooma Jayannatha 
Randi Konikoff 
Sharon Lilly 
Stacey Marders 
Joan Natoli 
Shreyna Patel 
Jody Polleck 
Amanda Sisson 
Susannah Schwartz 
Bria Weldon 
Heather Worley 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum laude * cum Laude 

Scholarship Honors 


achelor's degree candidates who have qualified for scholarship 
honors upon graduation are designated by appropriate symbols 
adjacent to their names within the alphabetical listings of colleges 
or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candidate must meet the 
following general criteria: (1) at least 60 semester credits must be earned at 
or transferred with a grade to the University of Maryland at College Park; 
(2) no more than 6 credits taken satisfactory/fail or pass/fail sahll be count- 
ed toward the 60-hour minimum; and (3) no student with an average less 
than 3.3 will be Considered for a commencement honor. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are shown in the listings as 
qualifying, upon graduation, for the designators Summa cum Laude (if they 
ranked in the top 2 percent of the candidates in their respective colleges or 
schools). Magna cum Laude (if in the next 3 percent), or cum Laude (if in the 
next 5 percent) based on the grade point averages of students in the preced- 
ing three graduating classes of their degree-granting unit. 

3M 1^ 


mmtmrn mml^^ 

m .mSLiJ^^l^^^Emm 

/ 'JK^iklM 

IT^.'»^4AJ^ ^^. 



^'■'^ .J 


Christina Marie Addabbo 
Miriam Isobel Afram 
Anisa D. Ahangarzadeh 
Daniel Emory Alexander 
Amy Beth Anderson 
Gabriella Andreotti 
Nicole Alyse Aqui 
Heather LvTm Austin 
Amanda Lynn Babcock 
Christine Anne Bailey 
Eric John Balliet 
Leslie Michelle Belloso 
Erika Michelle Benns 
Aliza Rachel Bernfeld 
Melissa Beth Bezner 
Jennifer R. Blum 
Jose F. Bonangelino 
Christopher Clare Boyer 
Allison Anne Boyle 
Nathan Allen Brown 
Christopher James Buehler 
Cherie Antoinette Bulala 
Kavita Dhanesh Butani 
Peter Paul Calabrese 
Eylon Caspi 
Yoo Jung Chang 
Amitava Chaudhury 
Joseph David Chikvashvili 
Stephanie Lyn Cohen 
Carla J. Cole 

Hushmand Jonathan Cott 
Bob King Cuk 
Vijay Anthony D'Souza 
Melanie S. Darr 
Romi Pax DeAngelis 
Michelle Elena Dell'Orto 
Michelle Nicole Desrosiers 
Ashwin Sudhir Dharmadhikari 
Monica Dorin 

David Christopher Van Echo 
David Richard Eisner 
Bonnie Lynn Elgamil 
Scott Philip Elsky 
Ziedah T. Ferguson 
Robert Thomas Floyd 
Timothy Ian Forrester 
Tina Serena Foumier 
Edwin Rudolph Fuller 
Christine Marie Galleher 
Tynette Carmel Galltin 
Leanne Sara Gerson 
Summer Lynn Gilbert 
Debra Lynn Gordon 
Supriya Goyal 
Sheri Heather Grand 
Robyn Joy Greenberg 
Linda Beth Greif 
Jennifer Maria Hamady 
Eric C. Hankins 
Melissa Anne Heame 
Susannah Alice Hirsch 
Chuck Chien-Hsiu Hong 
Andrew Ing-Jer Homg 
Catherine Anne Howard 
Kerri Denise Howard 
Vanessa Estelle Hradsky 
Rhoda Joy Hsia 
Teng-Cheng Hsu 
Veronika Elanor Hubeny 
Jennifer Anne Huff 
Lily Wei-Siang Hung 
Scott Pollak Hykin 
Kevin Daniel Jaffe 
Hilary Beth Jameson 
Carrie Lyn Jensen 
Jennifer Ann Johnson 
Jessa Bethany Jones 
Denise Andrea Julien 
Allyson Cher Kahn 


U N I V 

Shira Maya Kandel 
Chung-Hyun Kang 
Rachel Beth Kapust 
Julia Ellen Kiner 
Michelle Leslie Kiner 
Eve Jennifer Klindera 
Jason William Koch 
Allison Dorothea Kolody 
Rachel Marlene Kulansky 
Carissa Ann LaBosco 
Eleise Beth LaPorta 
Harrison Q. Le 
Jennifer Cecilia Lee 
Barbara Marie Leotta 
Jonathan Leung 
Sara Michelle Levison 
David Shang-Kang Liao 
Rachel Lieberman 
Sharon Diana Lilly 
Kuo-Chia Liu 
Tracey Ellen Logsdon 
April Ann Ludwig 
Mark Elliot Lustberg 
Anthony J. De Marco 
Donald Randolph Mase 
Jaya Mathur 

Kimberly Jean McGlothlin 
Joshua H. Meltzer 
Hayden Allen Metz 
Lucretia Lenore Mitchell 
Homeyra Niggar Mokhtarzada 
Carla Marie Mosby 
Kevin Moy 
Philip Jeremy Moyer 
Joanna Faith Nickerson 
Stacey Angela O'Boyle 
Sirichan Omkar 
Leila Sze-Yi Pak 
Kimberlee Ann Paone 
Valerie Alicia Pate 
Julie Alice Patterson 
Stephen Marshall Payne 

Jonathan Michael Pecot 

Stephen Merrill Pepper 

Julieta Perez 

Jean Jang Phatthanaphuti 

True-Thanh Thi Phelps 

Jody Nicole PoUeck 

David Blake Pressly 

Angela Yvonne Prince 

Christine Renee Redding 

Lana Letitia Rigby 

Lisa Rachael Roser\haft 

Jill Allison Rudick 

Jacqueline Monique Rutttmann 

Paul Duraikan Samuel 

Jillian Heather Schonfeld 

Mark Christopher Shaner 

Kendra Kae-Wen Shih 

Jay Paul Spagnola 

Priya Sridharan 

Michael Edward Steele 

Eve Martha Stelzer 

Seth Benjamin Sternberg 

Amy Melissa Stitely 

Cynthia Janet Symancyk 

Ewurama Eggayba Shaw-Taylor 

Ami A. Thakkar 

Catherine Elizabeth Thomas 

Elisabeth Anne Tolson 

Amy Marie Tomasulo 

Patrick Michael Valenti 

Craig Eric Vogel 

Eric Alan Waldman 

Claudia Ulrike Walter 

Betty Yu-Wah Wang 

Kimberly Ann Wartha 

Damon Clark Webster 

Brian Erik Wellington 

Konstantinos Lawrence White 

Todd Graham Willis 

Jennifer Keiko Wojcik 

Elizabeth Amber Wood 
Satish Yelamanchili 
Joon Shik You 


With high honors in: 


Lori K. Fenton 


Robert S. Tanner 
Johan L. Van Der Ven 

Government and Politics 

Amy Lynn Tenney 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Kimberly Jean McGlothMn 


Peter Paul Calabrese 


Anthony J. De Marco 
Veronika Elanor Hubeny 

Spanish Language and Literature 

Cynthia Janet Symancyk 


With honors in: 

Aerospace Engineering 

Kuo-Chia Liu 

B.S. Engineering Materials 

Vijay A. D'Souza 

Chemical Engineering 

Darn,T Bacon Sampey 

Civil Engineering 

Laura Clare Conley 

Computer Science 

Do-Jun Byun 
Robert Brian Ross 
Marc Alexander Sherman 
Jermifer Yuin 

Early Childhood Education 

Melissa Diamond 


Arttaya Juntima 
Macarena S. Rivero 
Meng Hsien Tsai 

Electrical Engineering 

Hemanth T. Sampath 

Elementary Education 

Grace Benigno 
Moreene O. Clarke 

English Language and Literature 

Christine Anne Bailey 

Jennifer Elizabeth Cunningham 

Kimberlee Ann Paone 

Jody Nicole PoUeck 

Rindi Lee Savitt 

Catherine Elizabeth Thomas 

Heather Tirado-GUligan 

Family Studies 


General Business and 

Bonnie Lynn Elgamil 


Barbara Ann Fowler 

Gennan Language and Literature 

Klara Ann Hall 

Government and Politics 

Kelly S. Cohen 
Robert David Lee 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Michelle Susann Gallo 


Veronika Elanor Hubeny 
Mikhail Grigoryevich Konikov 

Mechanical Engineering 

V. Boyd Despard 
Brian Paul Gearing 
Chad David Reithmeier 

Secondary Education 

Rannarma 1 hiobaux 


Leanne Sara Gerson 
Jennifer Ann Miller 

Special Education 

Liza Rebecca Bishop 
Kristin McLear 


Women's Studies 

Elissa Auther 
Kelli C. Levi 
Erin Senak 


Afro-American Studies 

Adolisa Joan Anarado 
Felicia Lynette Breedy 
Alicia Nicole Jackson 
Damon Douglas Jones 
Melvin Anthony Murray 
Marie Joelle Nicolas 
Liza Annette Sanchez 
Thomas Christopher Segar 
Lyntina Vera Townsend 

Boimheng Inversin 
Alison Green 
Pooma Jayannatha 
Randi Konikoff 
Sharon Lilly 
Stacey Marders 
Joan Natoli 
Shrevna Patel 
Jody Polleck 
Amanda Sisson 
Susannah Schwartz 
Bria Weldon 

Commisioning Date: 
MAY 25, 1996 

David Adrian Bush Fox 
Trent Austin Greenwell 
Charles Stephen Laing 
John Lawrence Mcintosh 
Michael Robert Rich 
Maria Eleanor Diaz Sanchez 
Stephen John Soto 
Thomas Oliver Yoon 


Shahab Ahmed Khan 


John Curtis Herman 


Anisa Cott Ahangarzadeh 
Stephanie Cohen 
Mark H. Flasar 
James Jay Liesener 
Seth Mitchell Tuwiner 

East Asian Studies Certificate 

Lisa Galbreath 

Charles Hugh Homonnay-Preyer 

Women's Studies Certificate 

Julia Becker 
Jennifer Cross 
I^ah Davis 
Tanisha Edmunds 
Corey Fisher 
Carrie Greenstem 
Stephanie Grime 

R S I 


Academic and Special Awards 

•Milton Abramowitz Memorial Prize in Mathematics — Theresa Chow 
•Academic Achievement in Theatre Award — Lily Hung, Emily Tarvin 
•Adams Group Award to the outstanding Journalism senior in advertising — 

Konstantlnos "Dean" White 
•Administering Council for Theatre Award (Dept. of Theatre) — Sarah 

Bragin, Demond Fernandez, Annica Graham. Benjamin HIM, Heather Jolreman, 

Gretchen McNutt,Jerry Richardson, Melissa Rowell, Jacqueline Stone, Justin 

Via, Jonathan Willen, Oevron Young 
•Advertising Sequence Award fo the outstanding journalism senior in 

advertising — Kristine Konn {December 1995) 
•Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Chapter Award fo seniors 

whose leadership and sennce have contributed most toioards the advancement of 

the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources — Rebecca J. Soule 

• AlCP Award for highest GPA — Eugenia Dan 

• Alpha Rho Chi Medal to a graduating student of architecture who has made a 
distinctive contribution to school, life, embodying the ideals of professional service 
and leadership — Deslree Marie S. Escarlo 

•Alpha Zeta Freshman Award to a full-time student in the College of 
Agriculture and Natural Resources in recognition of scholastic excellence during 
his or her freshman year — Jamie Rachel Orodenker 

• American Association of University Women, College Park Branch 
Awards — Elizabeth Seldomridge (Ph.D. Award), Shallnl Jayasundera (M.S. Award) 

•American Institute of Architects AlA Certificate fn a graduating student of 
architecture for academic achievement — Kelly Andrew Nelson 

•American Institute of Architects AlA Medal fo a graduating student of archi- 
tecture for outstanding overall academic achievement — Allen Thomas Beall 

• American Institute of Chemical Engineers' Student Chapter Award — 
Sonja A. Sharpe 

•American Institute of Chemists Foundation Student Award — 
Kavita D. ButanI 

•American Legion Outstanding Senior Award presetited to the cadet with 
ROTC grades in the top 25% of the class zvho demonstrated outstanding leader- 
ship, discipline, and citizenship — Trent Austin Greenwell 

•American Legion ROTC General Military Excellence Award presented to 
cadets in the upper 25% of their Air Science class luho have demonstrated out- 

standinf; qualities in military leadership, discipline and character — Chartes 

Stephen Laing 
•American Legion ROTC Scholastic Excellence Award presented to outstand- 
ing cadets in the upper 10% of their university class, in the upper 25% of their 

ROTC class, who demonstrate high qualities in military leadership, and who 

actively participate in student organizations or sports — Michael Robert Rich 
•American Nuclear Societ)' Outstanding Senior Award — J. Houston Penny 
•American Nuclear S^icietv Student Chapter Award — Leadership and Service — 

Jodi L. Schoutese-Furr (1996), Stephanie J. Herlth (1995) 
• American Society of Civil Engineers Outstanding Senior Award — Matthew 

Joyce, Hae-Lem Pak 
•American Society of Mechanical Engineer's Senior Award — 

Beverly T. Roberts 
•Andersen Consulting DIS Leadership Scholarship — Allison L. Palmer 
•lames R. Anderson Award (Dept. of Geography) — Tyrone C. LIgon, Robert A. 

Sohlberg, Michael L. TImpke 
•School of Architecture Alumni Chapter Award (Masters) — 

Cecily Jennifer Feick 
•School of Architecture Alumni Chapter Award (Senior) — 

Tung Thanh Nguyen 
•SchiHiJ lit Architecture Alumni Scholarship Award — 

Antonio Roberto Ollveira Rebelo 

•School of Architecture Dean's Thesis Award Fall 1995 — Su Chen 
•School of Architecture Faculty Award for Citizensfiip — Hilary Beth Jameson 
•School of Architecture Faculty Award for Excellence in Design 

(Masters) — Desiree Marie S. Escario 
•School of Architecture Faculty Award for Excellence in Design (Senior) — 

Caria J. Cote 
. 'School of Architecture Facultv Award for Academic Excellence at the 

Baccalaurate Level — Antonio Roberto Ollveira Rebelo 

•School of Architecture Faculty Award for Academic Achievement at the 
Baccalaurate Level — Brett Owen Lundmark 

•Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture/ American Wood 
Council, Carl E. Darrow International Student Design Competition 
Award — Rrst Prize: Joanne Marjorie Qualey— Third Prize: Allen Thomas Beall, 
Desiree Marie S. Escario, Stacle Kay Hahn 

•Award for Best Envirorunental Paper — Theresa Rscus-Morlarty, 
Stephanie Von Feck 

•O.E. Baker Award to an Outstanding Ceographi/ Graduate Student. Tliis 
award was named after the founder (1942) and first chair of the Department of 
Geography at the University of Maryland, and a world renowned agricultural 
geography and population expert — Freya M. Margand 

•Baltimore County Volunteer Firemen's Association Scholarship Award — 
Scott Golly 

'Baltimore Sun Journalism Scholarship for Minority Students (College of 
fournalism) — Dana Hedgpeth 

•Bechtel Award — Michael Blattau 

•Paul Berg Scholarship (College of fournalism) — Robert Runett 

•David Arthur Berman Memorial Award presented to a student majoring in 
Chemical Engineering with the highest cumulative scholastic average at the end 
of the first semester of the junior year and who has been elected to Tau Beta Pi — 
Elaine M. Gannon 

•Mary McLeod Bethune Citizenship Award presented to the black junior or 
senior student who lias displayed outstanding involvement and leadership in 
campus activities and who has contributed most to the advancement of black stu- 
dent concerns at the University of Maryland at College Park — 
Zledah Tyrie Ferguson 

•B'naizion Award for Excellence in Hebreio — Elelse Laporta, 
Robert Thomas Levlne 

•Broadcast News Award to the outstanding journalism senior in broadcast 
nrws. (College of lourualism} — Nermin Gad (December 199S), 
Homeyra Mokhtarzada (May 1996) 


S I T Y O 

R Y L 


•J.Y. Brv'an Prizes for Invcstigathv Kqjorting (College of Journalism) — 
Alexander Ratz, Andrea Walker 

•H.C. Byrd Award. The Citizenship Prize for Men is an award presented annu- 
ally as a memorial to the late President Emeritus H.C. Byrd to the male student 
of the senior class loho, during his collegiate career, lias most nearly typified the 
model citizen and lias contributed significantly to the general advancement of the 
interest of the University of Maryland at College Park — Ashwin Dharmadhikarl 

•Sally Sterling Byrd Award. The Citizenship Prize for Women is an award pre- 
sented annually as a memorial to Sally Sterling Byrd. The award is given to the 
female student of the senior class who, during her collegiate career, has most 
nearly typified the model citizen and has contributed significantly to the general 
adi'ancement of the interests of the University of Maryland at College Park — 
Supriya Goyal 

•Carolina Chapter SFPE Scholarship — Dorethea Bailey 

•Chairman of Chemical Engineering Outstanding Senior Award — 
Darryl B. Sampey, Jacinta K. Willlanis 

•Chairman of Chemical Engineering Outstanding Junior Award — Susanna 
Naggie, Kathy J. Weishaar 

•James Edward Miller Chapman Education Foundation Scholarship 
(College of Business and Management) — Charity C. Deeb 

•Chi Epsilon Outstanding Senior Award — Karen Gontasz 

•Chicago Chapter SFPE Scholarship Award — James Begley, 
Michael Eversole 

•Civ'U Engineering Department Chairman's Award — Nathan Blattau 

•CivU Engineering Department's Outstanding Senior Award — 
Kimlierly IVIyers 

•A. James Clark School of Engineering Alumni Service Award — 
Cherie A. Bulala 

•A. James Clark School of Engineering Alumni Student Achievement 
Award — Jonathan IVI. Pecot 

•A. James Clark School of Engineering Dean's Award — Brian P. Gearing 

•A. James Clark School of Engineering Leaderhsip Award — Sukrite Gupta 

•A. James Clark School of Engineering Teaching Fellows — Fall 1995: John 
Christopher Birkmire, Stephanie Rodriques Blanco, Stacy Marie Calvert, AJay 
Kumar Gupta, Sok Ha Hwang, Michael David Jenkins, Nnaemeka H. Nwosu, 
James Henry Picket, Jr., Adam Craig Rosenbaum, Lauren Susanne Shook 
Spring 1996: Aria Costaki Cleanthou, Shane Perry Cohen, Sukrite Gupta, 
Karin Marie LaDuca, Matthew Dylan Nowakowski, Jerry Steven Salan, Damon, 
Clark Webster, Jonathan William White 
•Commanders' Trophy /or tlie cadet who exhibits outstanding corps leadership 

and is exemplary in all respects of character, behavior, attitude, and academic 

excellence — Trent Austin Greenwell 
•Charles M. Connor Scholarship from the Baltimore Propeller Club (College of 

Business and Managanent) — James N. Klunder 
•Margaret Cook Award for Historic Preservation (Architecture and History) — 

Meera Nagaraj 
•Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award to the outstanding research graduate stu- 
dent in the Department of Plant Biology during this last year — 

Roxanne H. Rsher 
•Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship Awards — Barbara Addis, 

Christine M. Brown, Lisa M. Cline, Lauren Dutterer, Demond Fernandez, Annica 

Graham, Benjamin Hill, Terra Hollern, Daniel Horstman, Heather Joireman, 

Deborah Leipzig, Jennifer Norkin, Iriemimen Oniha, Jodi Rehmert, Jerry 

Richardson, Meghan Truesdell, Devron Young 
•Susan Daugherty Scholarship Award (College of Journalism) — Eve Klindera 
•Daughters of the American Revolution Award to the senior cadet in the 

upper 25% of their ROTC class and the academic class at their university or 

college — Maria Eleanor Diaz Sanchez 

•Philip L. DeCamara Scholarship Award — Tariq Bsharat, Stephen Hill 
•Michael DeFrance Memorial Scholarship — Andrew David Miller 
•Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key (College of Business and Management) — 

Tao Wang 
•Frank DiFederico Book Award to the outstanding graduating undergraduate 

major in the Department of Art History and Archaeology — Brigitte Shoff 


•Dudley and Louisa DiUard Prize in Economics to the outstanding senior 
mijor in I'cixKDjni s — Dillard Senior: Sachin Sachdeva, 
Dillard Junior: Robert Tanner 

•Terry Marguilis Dunlap Scholarship (Dq)t. of Theatre) — Jacqueline Stone 

•A.I.A.C.C.J. "Bud" Ecaloono Memorial Scholarship — 
Donate A. Mastrangelo 

•Charles B. Edelson Outstanding Accounting Student Award — 
Patrick M. Valenti 

•Education Alunuii Award presented to liigh aeademie acliieinng uniiergradu- 
ate or graduate students — Debra Bermudez, Raananna Thiebaux 

•Electrical Engineering Department's Outstanding Academic Performance 
Award for the lunior Class — RajarshI Gupta, David J. Hawk, Huc-Hlen Iran, 
Baokhanh N. Vu 

•Wilson H. Elkins Citizenship Award presented annualh/ to a senior u'lw dis- 
plays outstanding involvement and leadership in campus actiinties and who has 
contributed significantly to the general advancement of student affairs — 
Corey Davis 

•Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Electee Award — Kevin Shaw, Han-Ron Siah, 
Richard B. Witmer 

•Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior Award to a senior in electrical engineer- 
ing for outstanding scholarship achievement and service to society and the 
department — James B. Roberts, Soma Sau 

•Faculty Appreciation Award — Kul Zhao 

•Frank |. Fee, Jr., Memorial Scholarship Award — Robert Campbell, 
William Josler 

•Financial Executives Institute Academic Achievement Award — Kate R. 
Roth, Patrick M. Valenti, Darin R. Yuhas 

•Fire Protection Engineering Faculty Award — Mason Magid 

•Morris Frankel Scholarship to a graduate student pursunig a career working 
with disabled adults — Shu-Hslen Tseng 

•Friends of the College Award p'resented to high academic achiii'ing under- 
graduate or graduate students. (College of Education) — Tabitha Abbott, Monique 

Better. Lisa Bishop, Shu-Fang Chen, Ellen DeLuca, Anne-marie Glass, Demetris 

Kafouris. Sivonne Kouperstein, Jodi Marcus, Marianne E. Murdock,Colleen P. 
Payne, Barbara Pedevillano, Kathleen Rice, John T. RIdgely, Tonja Rucker, 
Bonnie Saunders, Raananna Thiebauz, Karen A. Wink 

•Gagnon Engineering Scholarship (Dept. of Fire Protection) — Michael Baker, 
Stephen Hill 

•Emmet Gary Scholarship of the Maryland State Golf Association to stu- 
dents in agronomy displaying academic proficiency, participation in extracurric- 
ular activities, and loho have an active interest in golf turf xoork. (Dept. of 
Agronomy) — Britton Dudley 

•Wesley G. Gewehr Pin Alpha Theta Award for the best undergraduate paper 
submitted in the History Department — Kathleen Mary Patchan 

•GEICO Achievement Awards Scholarship (College of Business and 
Management) — ^Joshua H. Meltzer 

•James Douglas Goddard Memorial awarded by the Prince George's County 
Alumni Club to the outstanding graduating seniors from Prince George's 
Country — Kelvin L. Reaves, BSOS, Adrienne M. TIana, Life Sciences 

•Sujon Guha Memorial Award for Academic Excellence — 
Johan L. Van Der Ven 

•Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award (C)ept. of Theatre) — Jerry Richardson, 
Jesse Terrill 

•Floyd B. Heimer Memorial Scholarship Award, Maryland State Firemen's 
Associaton — Scott Dillon 

•Naomi Hentz Scholarship gizvii lo students in the graduate program in the 
College of Education — Elizabeth M. Aitken, Peter Eckel, Jairo N. Fuertes, Lois A. 
Groth, Sue H. Kim, Kauren B. Lohr, Roxanne Moran, Tanya Rivenburgh, Pamela 
SIkowltz, Annie Stevens 

•Robert M. Higginbotham Memorial Award — Sudheer Shukia 

• Donald B. Hirsch Scholarship presented by the Language Center of the College 
of Arts and Humanities for outstanding juniors who seek to apply their knowl- 
edge of French, German, or Japanese to commerce, diplomacy, enghuvring, sci- 
ence, and other domains of public affairs — Sriram Gopal, James Sfekas 

•Walter V. Hohensfein Fellowship Award — Eve Klindera 


•William F. Holin Scholarship — Carlos E. Candido 

•Homeland Garden Club of Baltimore Award (Dept. of Horticulture) — 

Amy Deborah Miskiewica 
• Hoosier Clio Award Ln memor\' of Professor Richard Farrell for the best 

honors thesis in History Department — Jennifer Johnson 
•Howard Perm Hudson Scholarship (College of Journalism) — Michelle Vance 
•William P. Hytche Junior Scholarship awarded to an outstandmg junior of Pin 

Kappa Phi ivith 4.0 GPA— Sheila M. Emond 
•Instihite for Nuclear Power Operations Scholarship) — Dena J. Belschner, 

Virgel T. Furr, JodI L. Schoutese-Furr 
•Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Outstanding Student 

Award — llya Khazanov 
•Jay Jackson Scholarship (College of Journalism) — Andrea Walker 
•Joe Elbert James Memorial Award (Dept. of Horticulture) — 

Mary Ramseur McMeekin 
•Janes Award for outstanding academic achievemerit and senncc to the program 

for the Master of Community Planning Degree — David Sylvester 

•Rolf Jensen and Associates Scholarship — Tony Caro, Renato Molina 
•Journalism Dean's Scholars — Sean Clark, Amanda Crawford, Laura Dennis, 
Jessica Hall, Margaret Smith, Cara Stockhan 

• Kappa Tau Alpha Graduating Senior Award to the graduating Journalism 
senior zvith the highest academic average — Jennifer Hester (December 1995), 
Eve Klindera fMay 1996; 

•James H. Kehoe Award — Edward Lieber 

•Ethel Kesler Award — Megan McNeimey 

•William Simonds King Memorial Scholarship Fund proving one year of schol- 
arship support for a graduate student pursuing a Masters Degree in the College of 
Education at the University of Maryland at College Park — Jeanette L Malone, 
Kimberlee S. Rutan, Sarah K. Talley 

• Ladies Auxiliary of the Maryland State Firemen's Association — 
Stacy Neidhart 

•George Le\'itine Book Award to an outstanding graduating undergraduate 
major in the Department of Art History and Archaeology — Erika Greene 
•Link-Shanks Award (Dept. of Horticulture) — ^Theodore Leo Quinn 
•Donald Maley Scholarship awarded for high academic achievement to an under- 
graduate student — Marcy B. Baudistel, Grace Marie Benigno 
•Dean and Mrs. Charles Manning Scholarship — Jean E. Boggs 
•Maynard Mack , Jr., Award — Catherine Thomas 
•Marsh and McLennan Scholarship — James Begley, Stephen Hill 
•Maryland-Delawar^D.C. Press Association Award (College of 
Journalism) — ^Julle Gammill Gibson, Scott Silverstein 
•Maryland State Firemen's Association Grant — Brian Grove 
•Isabel R. MacDonald Memorial Award to an outstanding graduate student — 
James 0. Levin, Department of Microbiology 

• Mechanical Engineering Department's Academic Achievement Award — 
Joseph D. Newhouse 

•Mechanical Engineering Department Chairman's Award — Andrew W. Lotz, 
llene L. Sokolsky 

• Montgomerv' County Press Association Scholarship (College of 
Journalism) — Mitchell Carter, Josh Specter 

•Andrt'w |. Movi'r Award to n deserving graduate student — 
Yaffa Rubinstein, Department of IVIicrobiology 

•National Defense Transportation Association Scholarship — Mark T. Everitt, 
James N. Klunder 

• National Defense Transportation Association Scholarship , Washington, 
D.C. Chapter (College of Business and Management) — James N. Klunder 

•National Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship Award — Supriya Goyal 

•News Editorial Sequence Award to the oustanding journalism senior in nnos 

editorial (College of Journalism) — Art Kramer (December '95) 
•Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Circle "Leader of the Year" to the member 

demonstrating the most outstanding leadership within the circle and on the 

campus — Kelvin L Reaves 
•Outstanding Planning Student Award for Highest GPA (School of 

Architecture) — Eugenia Dan 
•Outstanding Student in Mathematics Award — Mikhail Konlkov 
•Michael J. Pelczar Award /or Excellettce in Graduate Education — 

James A. Braatz, Astronomy 
•Hugh Perkins Fellowsliip presented to an outstanding student in the Institute 

for Child Study — Charissa S. L Cheah 
•Phi Delta Gamma, Sigma Chapter, for Interdisciplinary Scholarship — 

Kevin Meehan, Comparative Literature Program 

• Phi Kappa Phi Chapter Fellowship Award — Pricllla Dyson, Egan Robinson 

• Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award — Summer L. Gilbert 

•Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding Service Award — William C. Duvall 

•Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding Sophomore Award — Frederick F. Rosenberger, 

Michelle L Shook, Jason S. Souder, Neil Zuckerman 
•Gertrude Poe Scholarship (College of journalism) — Jennifer McMenamIn, 

Paul Relnes 
•Dr. John T. Portz Honors Award — Jay P. Spagnola 
•Augustus J. Prahl Fellowship /or Excellence in German Studies — 

Renate Kasak, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages 
•Presser Foundation Scholar Award — David Heetderks 

•Jane M. Prichard Scholarship Award to the outstanding teaching graduate 
student in the Department of Plant Biology during the last year — Tyler A. Abbott 

•Prince Georges County Alumni Award — Dan Cronin 

•Prince Georges Heritage Preservation Fellowship — 
Matthew Gerald Neumann 

•Public Relations Sequence Award to the outstanding journalism senior in 
public relations — Rebecca Dittmar (May 1996), Jennifer Hester (December 
1995), Robert Runett (December 1995) 

•Judith K. Reed Scholarsliip to an outstanding graduating major in the 
Department of Art History and Archaeology — Allison Boyle 

•Warren K. Reed Scholarship (College of Business and Management) — 
Darin R. Yuhas 

• Reserve Officers Association Award to cadets demonstrating outstanding aca- 
demic achievement in AFROTC subject matter and who have high officer 
potential — Michael Robert Rich 

•Jack B. Sacks Foundation Scholarship (College of Business and 
Management) — Traci M. Hill 

N I V 

•Robert W. Schirmer Scholarship — Dorethea Bailey, Patrick Luce, Neil Wu 

•Patricia Schmidtlein Scholarship — Beatriz Lovejoy 

•Leland E. and Catherine B. Scott Award for Graduate Study in 

Horticulture — Huey Jen Chen, Horticulture 
•Shipleys of Maryland Award for the History Major with the Best Academic 

Record (Highest GPA) — Brian Lee Glassberg 
•Sigma Alpha Iota Scholastic Award — Jennifer Jaasma 
•Sigma Alpha lota Honor Certificate — Lisa Eden 
•Sigma Alpha Omicron Award (Microbiology) — Shahab A. Khan 
•Society of Automotive Engineer's Senior Award — Charles L. Moore 
•Society of Fire Protection Engineering's Outstanding Senior — William Josler 
•Societ\' of Fire Protection Engineering's Outstanding Sophomore — 

Eric Sutula 
•Society' of Fire Protection Engineering's Student Chapter Award — 

Stephen Hill 
•Jean Elizabeth Spencer Award to an outstanding female graduate student in 

Government and Politics — Kathryn M. Doherty 
•Spirit of Maryland Award presented annually during Homecoming in lieu of 

the traditional Homecoming King/Queen honorees. Tlie award is presented to 

students who, through their achievement, best exemplify the "spirit" of the 

University of Maryland. The award is given to a male and female member of the 

setiior class and is presented at halftime of the Homecoming football game — 

Christopher Boyer, Supriya Goyal 
•State Farm Exceptional Student Fellowship Award (College of Business 

and Management) — Joshua H. Meltzer 
•Student Commencement Speaker (Journalism Ceremony) — 

Christopher Boyer (May 1996), Robert Runett (December 1995) 
•Ruben G. Steinmeyer Avs'ard for outstanding senior in Department of 

Government and Politics — Amy Lynn Tenney 
•Charles A. Taff Scholarship (College of Business and Management) — 

Craig E. Donnelly, Gregory C. Geiger 
•Robert J. Taylor Academic Achie\ement Award — Richard Svoboda 

•Theatre Patrons Association Scholarship Awards (Dept. of Theatre) 

Sarah Bragin, Roberta Carter, Benjamin Fishman, Annica Graham, Ferris 

Howland, William Knepper, Jesse Terrill, Grady Weatherford 
•Homer Ulrich Honors Awards in Solo Performance (Undergraduate) — 

Gina Chen — Piano, Michele Gutrick — Voice, David Heetderks — Viola, 

Heather Schneider — Bassoon 
•Homer Ulrich Honors Awards in Solo Performance (Graduate) — l-Chun 

Hsieh — Violin, Sara Rosado — Piano, Jaime Tauler Marimba, 

Catherine Verrilli — Voice 
•University Honors Best Projects Awards — Melissa Covington, Ashwin 

Dharmadhikari, Bettina Hasty, Rachel Lerner, Jason Schneiderman, 

Catherine Thomas, William TuLeor Weinberger 
•University Senior Summer Scholarship Award (History) — Philip Bagley 
'Wall Street journal Student Achievement Award (College of Journalism) — 

Kristina Y. Park 
•Washington Press Club Foundation Award (College of Journalism) — 

Dilshad Husain, Keisha Stewart, Homeyra Mokhtarzada, Autumn Barbosa 
•Olga A. Wemtz "Twink" West Scholarship — Melissa L. Grace 
•Lillian Ernest Wilson Scholarship awarded to a student in the under- 

gradauate program in the College of Education who commits to teaching 

English for two years in Marj'land public schools — Bonnie Saunders 
• Womens Club of Che^•^■ Chase Award for Outstanding Achie\ement — 

Jodi Blount — Piano, Milllcent Scariett— Voice 
•Woodward-Clyde Consultants' Award — Eric A. Kennedy 
•Richard W. Worthington Journalism Scholarship Award (College of 

Journalism) — Erica Pontarelli 


Honors Societies 

ALPHA ZETA (Agriculture) 

Merrill U. Bonder 
Kerri N. Deuchler 
Paul J. Eisenberg 
Kenneth J. Elis 
Charles H. Guzman 
Kelly J. Holland 
Sonia Huang 
Heather S. Hull 
Kelly L. Hydoski 
Erin A. Hyland 
Kelly L. Ireland 
Heidi Kahler 
Dawn M. Knill 
Susan E. Layton 
Jessica M. League 
Karen E. Mulford 
Natalie A. Nash 
Dena L. Owings 
Kevin W. Palmer 
Patty L. Parsley 
Kimberly A. Perkins 
Christopher L. Perrygo 
Jared M. Peters 
Abigail). Peterson-Finch 
Katherine A. Ross 
Mary C. Saathoff 
John D. Schneider 
Duane A. Schulterbrandt 
Carrie A. Sellman 
Marie L. Speak 
Claudia U. Walter 
Lvnn E. Zimmerman 


Melissa M. Bissen 
Howard Jeremy Brock 
Amitava Chaudhury 
John Michael Delano 
Debra Lynn Gordon 
Silvia Ho 

John Thomas Hoover lii 
Nathaniel Jerome Humes 
Kleanthis Eleftherios 
Peter Francis Kratz lii 
Daniel Chiman Myung 
Laura Beth Opack 
Albert Chang Peal 
Se Ming Samuel Phan 
Marie Alicia Potter 
Keba UleHa RUey 
Kate Rebecca Roth 
Melissa Nicole Sharlow 
Kenneth Joseph Slater Jr. 
Haifan Julie Tao 
Marie Arlene Trimeloni 
Lauren Clare Tuennecke 
Josh Phillip Unterman 
Patrick Michael Valenti 
Elizabeth Warren White 

(Business Administration) 

Kathleen Mane Bradey 
Carlos Eduardo Candido 
Bonnie Lynn Elgamil 
Silvia Ho 
Scott K. Meacham 
John Vincent Miraglia 
Angela Yvonne Prince 
David Andrew Reich 
Elisabeth Anne Tolson 


M A R Y L 


Stephen Bennett 
Michael Blattau 
Nathan Blattau 
Laura Conley 
Nicole Ferran 
Christopher Garland 
Louis Guy 

(Hebrew Honor Society) 

Janice Wendi Fernheimer 
Libby KedemShoshana 
Beth Nyer 
Susan Rachel Pfeffer 

Fall 1995 

Ali A. Hashmi 
Matthew A. Locke 
Karen E. Meyers 
De\ yani D. Patel 
James B. Roberts 
Jeffrey Wong 
Spring 1996 
Christopher J. Buehler 
Eylon Caspi 
John T. Dovvdal 
Heba M. El-Erian 
Angela M. Hodge 
Naresh Karemchetty 
Daniel Lapointe 
Hung Le 
David S-K Liao 
Hayden A. Metz 
Paolo D. Moore 
Joanna F. Nickerson 
Carl J. Nuzman 
Stephen M. Payne 
Arun K. Sabnis 

Hemanth T. Sampath 
Ming-Chen Shih 
Stephanie T. Slaughter 
Shikha Suri 

(Financial Management 
Undergraduate Students 
May 1996 
Susan L. Benik 
Jennifer A. Bond 
Carlos E. Candido 
Melissa L. Grace 
Gordon Hui, Jr. 
Ryan A. Jolson 
Margarita Koonina 
Joshua H. Meltzer 
David A. Reich 
December 1995 
Rukmini D. Choudary 
Amrita Mattoo 
Karen L. Komorowski 
August 1995 
Wayne A. Walters 
Graduate Students 
May 1996 
David K. Aiken 
Gregory S. Denicola 
December 1995 
Troy R. Anderson 
James C. Grey 
Francis X. O'Heam 
August 1995 
Andrew J. Mikitka 
Deborah R. Smith 


Nathan H. Pollack 
— President 

Guendalina R. Faust 
— Vice President 
Ann E. Piesen 
Jean M. Porter 
Michael L. Timpke 
Jonathan D. Stovall 


Dedicated to the promotion of 

tlie highest ideals of scholarship 

in the field of Journalism and 

Mass Communications 

Abby Leigh Bliss 

Kimberly Ann Comba 

Dana L. Crabbe 

Rebecca K. Dittmar 

Gwen M. Elliott 

Michael S. Goldsmith 

Stephanie Gordon 

Kara Elizabeth Klaus 

Eve Jennifer Klindera 

Hilarv' Blythe Newton 

Stacey Angela O'Boyle 

Christopher Hunter O'Connell 

Julie A. Patterson 

Jody Polleck 

Heather Rex Rose 

Meredith S. Tchemiavsky 

David Anthony Wood 


Grace Benigno 
Christopher Boyer 
Tina Cerxasio 
Corey Davis 
Ashwin Dharmadhikari 
Michelle GaUo 
Supriya Goya 
Jacqueline Harf 
Dana Alicia Hedgpeth 

Andrew Ing-Jer Homg 
Russell Megonigal 
Jennifer Miller 
Thinh Alex T. Ngyuen 
Christopher O'Connell 
Jody Nicole Polleck 
Melanie Stibick 
Kelvin Rea\'es 
Mark Shaner 
Cynthia Symancyk 
Todd Graham Willis 


Joseph Gentile 
Robert Tanner 
Meng H. Tsai 
Colleen Walton 


Christina M. Addabbo 
Daniel E. Alexander 
Leslie M. Belloso 
Grace Marie R. Benigno 
Erika M. Benns 
Christopher C. Boyer 
Monifa Brooks 
Christine M. Brown 
Tina M. Cervasio 
Melanie S. Darr 
Corey G. Davis 
Cherie M. Davis 
Ziedah T. Ferguson 
Ndidi B. Foy 
Kip J. Fulks 
Michelle S. Gallo 
Kathleen Gardner 
Debra L. Gordon 
Supriya Goyal 
Rob)Ti J. Greenberg 
Jacqueline N. Harf 


Dana A. Hedgpeth 
Trad M. Hill 
Jaime L. Hope 
Andrew I. Homg 
AUyson C. Kahn 
Eve J. Klindera 
Rachel M. Kulansky 
Michael Lipitz 
Tracey E. Logsdon 
Jesse D. Marr 
Emily J. Massey 
Eric E. Mayo 
Joshua H. Meltzer 
Laura A. Milani 
Jennifer A. Miller 
Thinh T. Nguyen 
Christopher H. O'Connell 
Julie A. Patterson 
Jody N. Polleck 
Kelvin L. Reaves 
Jerry S. Richardson 
Kera M.C. Ritter 
Lisa R. Rosenhaft 
Jill A. Rudick 
Jillian H. Schonfeld 
Nimay K. Sinha 
Jay P. Spagnola 
Adrienne M. Tinana 
Amy M. Tomasulo 
Craig E. Vogel 
Colleen Walton 
Todd C,, Willis 
Graduate Students 
David A. Bader 
Christopher T. Jones 
Stephen A. Smith 


Michelle Susanne Gallo 
Jennifer Louise Green 
Catherine Ruth Guenterberg 

Kimberly Jean Mcglothlin 
Dana Catherine Svejda 
Donna Leigh Wagner 


Cliristma Addobbo 

Ghazaleh Afshar 

Syed Ali 

Tiffany Ambrogi 

Tom Ashar 

Rebecca Ashkenazy 

Jessica Austin 

Cliristine Bailey 

Peter Beach 

Leslie Belloso 

Jennifer Benavides 

Barbara Bemey 

Melissa Bezner 

Jennifer Billings 

David Birrer 

Mark Black 

Erik Blender 

Abby Bliss 

Jose Bonangelino 

Jermifer Bond 

Allison Boyle 

Adrianne Brandt 

Susan Bresee 

Daniel Buck 

Peter Calabrese 

Maria Caminiti 

Natasha Chen 

William Wan Choi 

Stacey Chok 

Lisa Ciampa 

Kelly CohenMonique Collier 

Hushmand Cott 

Dana Crabbe 

Jennifer Cunningham 

Melanie Darr 

Anthony De Marco 

Ashwin Dharmadhikari 
Jonathan Dietrich 
Kristina Difrancesco 
Rebecca Dittmar 
Ayn Ducao 
Tanya Dunlap 
Michele Dunlop 
Vijay D'Souza 
Anita Elaraj 
Saeed Eskandari 
Heather Felsen 
Glenn Flaim 
Laurie Fowkes 
Lisa Frydman 
Edwin Fuller 
Tynette Gall tin 
Joseph Gentile 
Michael Goldsmith 
Adam Gordon 
Supriya Goyal 
Sheri Grand 
Erika Greene 
Naomi Greengrass 
Carrie Greenstein 
Linda Greif 
Michael Haddad 
Klara Hall 
Melissa Heame 
Jeffrey Heinz 
Garth Henning 
Cathy Hinger 
Monika Hirschbichlcr 
Kerri Howard 
Catherine Howard 
Adam Howell 
Veronika Hubeny 
Sok Hwang 
Carolyn Isaacs 
Kevin Jaffe 
Vishnumohan Jejjala 
Jennifer Johnson 

Sonja Johnson 
Margaret Joyce 
Shira Kandel 
Sandra Kao 
Anna Karavanov 
Kara Klaus 
KeUy Klein 
Nadim Kodsi 
Rachel Kulansky 
Laura Lai 
Ann Lasken 
Kevin Lawrence 
Robert Lee 
Barbara Leotta 
Sara Levison 
Daniela Ligiero 
Sharon Lilly 
Kirsten Litkowski 
Beatriz Lovejoy 
Ria Lubis 
Kristen Luby 
April Ludwig 
Eric Luft 
Tin Luu 
Jeffery Mascott 
Pallavi Mathur 
Anita Mcelroy 
Kathleen Mcginness 
Nicole Messina 
Marcia Miller 
Jesse Molesworth 
Jazmin Moral 
Michael Neely 
Gila Neta 
Rebecca North 
Valerie Pate 
Mahnaz Pater-Rov 
Julie Patterson 
Stephen Pepper 
Jeffrey Perry 
Rachel Porter 


U N I V 

R Y L A N 

Angela Prince 
Daniela Puglisi 
Felice Raskind 
Frances Raynor 
Egan Robinson 
Heather Rose 
Lisa Rosenhaft 
Mary Nythel Rubin 
Robert Runett 
Kevin Scaldeferri 
Tracey Schuster 
Yuching Sepulvado 
Yuching Sepulvado 
Iris Sevi 
Amit Shah 
Kendra Shih 
Kelly Shipp 
Maria Silvani 
Kamal Singh 
Shamim Sirmar 
Elana Smith 
Meredith Snyder 
Tara Stachura 
Jamison Strahan 
Leigh Stuart 
Jason Taksey 
Robert Tanner 
Ami Thakkar 
Miltiadis Theologou 
Catherine Thomas 
Ronald Trible 
Nai Tsao 
Seth Tuwtner 
Johan Van Der Ven 
Matt Vanderhoek 
Jessica Vaserman 
Kimberly Wartha 
Juliette Way 
Brian Wellington 
Jamell White 
Megan Wilkinson 

Leah Wingeart 
Marci Witt 
Jennifer Xu 
Lei Yu 
Jennifer Yuin 


Joshua B. Adams 
Christina M. Addabbo 
Irene Ahmed 
Steven M. Alban 
Deborah Alfaro 
Amy Anderson 
Christian Anderson 
Roz Anderson 
Nicole A. Agui 
Sharon Auerbach 
Christine Bailey- 
Jason Barbour 
Andrew B. Barto 
Rachel Bastos 
Nancy A. Beck 
Leslie Belloso 
Grace Benigno 
Ruplu Bhattacharya 
Thomas Biolsi 
Sara Black 
Erik Blender 
Dwayne Bochnak 
Julie Bowers 
Chris Boyer 
Houman Bozorgzadeh 
Christine P. Bradford 
Joel Brodie 
Tara Brundick 
Eric S. Cahn 
Peter Paul Calabrese 
David J. Caldwell 
Maria Caminiti 
Bridget Carey 
Letitia M. Cavalieri 

Yum Yu Cheng 
Scott Chidakel 
Veasna Chim 
Kyung Shin Choe 
Peter Choi 
Evan Christoe 
Michelle Chuen 
Tracey Cohen 
Michael Colaianni 
Carla J. Cole 
Andrea Comiez 
Timothy Conley 
Anisa Cott 
Brooke Courtney 
Melanie Darr 
Michelle E. Dell'orto 
Denise Desalvo 
Michelle Deslandes 
Matthew F. Deville 
Kristina Difrancesco 
Theresa Dillon 
Quan The Duih 
Tina Dippel 
Michael P. Distefano 
Heather Dorsey 
Anna H. Drum 
Brian Eisentraut 
Frederick Farah 
Heather Felson 
Anna Liisa Fielding 
Robert Floyd 
Edwin R. Fuller lii 
Alissa Garber 
Eric Geist 
Arbi Ghazarian 
Joe A. Gilbert 
Cheryl Glickler 
Judy Goldman 
Michael Goldsmith 
Sandra L. Goldstein 
Supriya Goyal 

Sheri Grand 
Jennifer E. Grant 
Sheri Green 
Robyn Joy Greenberg 
Linda Beth Greif 
Robert Grolnick 
Yuping Guo 
Ajay Kumar Gupta 
Michael Haddad 
Hui-Jeong Hahm 
Klara Ann Hall 
Matthew S. Hammond 
Cynthia Yue Hang 
Garth R. Henning 
Helena L. Herrmann 
Wendy Hess 
Jennifer Hester 
Stephen Hill 
Navid R. Himaouni 
Robert F. Holsopple 
Christine Hong 
Catherine Howard 
Leanne Howard 
Xiaolei Huang 
Sok Ha Hwang 
Vishnumohan Jejjala 
Dana Johson 
Jennifer Johnson 
Ran Jolson 
Shira Kandel 
Naresh Karamchetty 
Jonas Keating 
Jeannette Kemerer 
NamU. Kim 
Eve Klindera 
Gregory J. Koeser 
Allison Kolody 
Arthur Kramer 
Sterling L. Krauss 
Bonnye Krenzel 
Diana Bonbun Ku 


Kishi Kurichh 
Steven Nicholas Kutchi 
Sundai Lagreca 
Kenneth Lasala 
Elizabeth Lasko 
Michael Layton 
Harrison Le 
Tran Le 
Cory Lebson 
Denise Lee 
Jennifer C. Lee 
Andrew Levine 
Jiasi Li 

Rachel Lieberman 
Nancy Lin 
Peter N. Loezos 
Beth Lowenthal 
Andrew W. Lotz 
Marcy Lukaszewicz 
Dung T. Luu 
Charles Brian Marquardt 
Jeff Mascott 
Brandon Gerald Mason 
Holly L. Mccleary 
Gina Meawad 
Joshua H. Mcltzer 
Hayden Metz 
Valerie Ann Meyers 
Lucretia Mitchell 
Kevin Moy 
Wendy Jo Moyer 
Michelle Murphy 
Joseph Newhouse 
David Nguyen 
Seth Norrholm 
Stacey A. O'boyle 
Melanie Ogbum 
Siragan Ozkan 
Kimberlee A. Paone 
I li/abeth Parsons 
Julie A. Patterson 

Monica Payne 
Suzana Pereira 
Jean-Pierre Pehitjean 
Jean Jang Phatthanaphuti 
Kenneth Plasse 
Jamie Pogach 
Jody Nicole Pollcck 
Luke Pototschnik 
Angela Y. Prince 
Eric Radler 
Felice Raskind 
Kathryn Ratanavanich 
Vipool Rathhod 
Aynat Ravin 
Carolyn Reid 
Suzarme Rey 
Penina Riebman 
Justin Roberts 
Hollister B. Robinson 
Andrew Rogers 
Amy Roll 

Eden Michelle Rome 
Kate Rebecca Roth 
Vivian Roza 
Robert Runett 
Brian Sachs 
Tracy Saff 
Caryn Sagal 
Jennifer Sampson 
Lisa Selznick 
Zachary Shamoo 
Jessica Shapiro 
Markus Shelton 
Daniel Shriner 
Scott Silverstein 
Alison C. Smith 
Christopher F. South 
Daphna Smith 
Therese Soma 
Jenny Span 
Shara Staller 

Katina Stapleton 

Micheal E. Steele 

Melanie Stibick 

Leigh Stuart 

Heather Stup 

Amy Sweeney 

Liza Takiya 

Catherine E. Thomas 

Upton Thomas 

Michelle Tobin 

Elisabeth Tolson 

Ting-Yun U 

Patrick Michael Valeiiti 

Kenneth W. Voritskul 

William Voshell 

Eric Waldemar 

Ping J. Wang 

Sharon L. Watts 

Brad Weinstein 

Wendy Louise Weisblatt 

Steven Weitzman 

Kuan Wong 

Kenneth E. Yeatman 

Debbie Young 

Tze Shin Yu 

Scott Zarret 

Jessica Elizabeth Zellweger 

Katherine S. Zeltner 

Wei Yun Zhen 

Yvette Zilvetti 

Susan Zwolinski 

Initiates Fall 1995 

Tabitha L. Abbott 
Julie R. Ackerman 
Kareem S. Aggour 
Ina S. Alterman 
Gabriella Andreotti 
Mara J. Arkin 
Sharon T. Auerbach 

Diane B. Auxier 
Mary E. Barrows 
Marcy B. Baudistel 
Ellen J. Bayer 
Kingsley E. Bedell 
Bradford S. Bell 
Margaret C. Besanko 
Laurie J. Besden 
Brian A. Blakesley 
Erick J. Blender 
Roxanne E. Bogart 
Meredith A. Bonds 
Quistine L. Bowen 
Christine P. Bradford 
Douglas E. Brammer 
Susan A. Bresee 
Christine Brown 
Heather L. Caldwell 
Carlos E. Candido 
Alissa Kim Carter 
Amy R. ChapLn 
Gina C. Chen 
Stacey E. Chok 
Lisa A. Ciampa 
Kipi L. Condit-Gates 
Timothy A. Conley 
Paul D. Crist 
Erin K. Crotty 
Sara K. Daly 
Brenda K. Damario 
Amy N. De Weese 
Michelle E. Dell'Orto 
Melissa A. Dombkiewicz 
Edward R. Dormald 
Courtney B. Dye 
Gerald D. Elder 
Bonnie Lyrm Elgamil 
Kristen D. England 
Marcia V. Fallon 
Jessica N. Fields 
Adam P. Fine 


U N I V 

Billie J. A. FoUensbee 
Naja L. Frelich 
J. Linda Fuller 
Ann M. Gallagher 

Afonso W. Garcia 
Maryanne Gillette 
Cheryl E. Glickler 
Zahra K. Gordon 
Marie J. Green 
Anne M. Hafner-Goodson 
James D. Hagy III 
Janet S. Harris 
Steven W. Harris 
Karen L. Haven 
David J. Heetderks 
John C. Herman 
Ketty V. Hill 
Kevin D. Jaffe 
Sara N. Jemigan 
Sonja T. Johnson 
Susan R. Jones 
Demetris I. Kafouris 
Ashish Khurana 
Young J. Kim 
Eve J. Klindera 
Mikhail G. Konikov 
Kelly A. Kordish 
Roza Kotlyar 
Bonnye S. Krenzel 
Ann Marie Lasken 
Keith T. Laurent 
Carol A. Lazzara 
EUot B. Levine 
Gretchen M. Lichtner 
James J. Liesener 
Daniela P. Ligiero 
Sharon D. Lilly 
Michael Lipitz 
Susan J. Lof tus 
Jeng C. Lung 

Rebecca L. Mabie 

Joseph R. Magnas 

Laura M. Martins 

Holly L. Mccleary 

Kimberly J. Mcglothlin 

Thembi L. Mcwhite 

Joshua H. Meltzer 

Christine E. Miller 

Siamak Moayedi 

Constance G. Moffatt 

Colleen M. Moore 

Rama T. Morrison 

Amy E. Musk 

Gila Neta 

Joseph D. Newhouse 

Stacey A. O'Boyle 

Francis X. O'Heam 

Jason M. Ostrom 

Rosemary L. Parker * 

Julie A. Patterson 

Jeffrey H. Perry 

Mark L. Plett 

Pamela A. Potter-Hennessey 

Marcel W. Pruessner 

Marius D. Pruessner 

Egan G. Robinson 

Patricia L. Robinson 

Kate R. Roth 

David J. Scaffidi 

Miranda A. Schatten 

Debra P. Schwartz 

Roger J. Shakra 

James F. Shenk 

Janet J. Shin 

Michelle L. Shook 

Maria L. Silvani 

Scott P. SUverstein 

Rebecca B. Simon 

Shamim Sinnar 

Charla H. Small 

Stephen J. Smith 

Lisa B. Solomon 
Raymond J. Stattel 
Michael E. Steele 
Amy M. Stitely 
Tripuri J. Strackbein 
Heather A. Stup 
Deborah A. Suess 
Jason D. Taksey 
Robert S. Tanner 
Michael L. Timpke 
Milka Tokic 
Anita L. Tracy 
Soledad Traverso-Rueda 
Ronald P. Trible Jr. 
Matt M. Vanderhoek 
Rebecca C. Wade 
Jason H. Weiner 
Amanda J. Wendell 
Wendy L. Whittemore * 
Thomas Wildenberg 
Megan M. Wilkinson 
Amy L. Williams 
Troy D. Williams 
Angela J. Wish 
Kang Xu 
Jun Yan 

Katherine S. Zeltner 
Initiates Spring 1996 
Daniel E. Abraham 
Ghazaleh Afshar 
David A. Artigliere 
Jennifer C. Barnes 
Monica J. Beaulieu 
Julia L. Becker 
Hector, L. Benitez-Solivan 
Sarah J. Bias 
Randolph T. Bishop 
Joyce L. Bond 
Jeanaivne H. Breisch 
Nathan A. Buckner 
Rosanna J. Calabrese 

Andrea J. Chastant 
Hillary D. Cherry 
Won H. Cho 
Craig A. Clagett 
Laura S. Collins 
Patrick M. Connolly 
Dominique Y. Cooper 
Matthew C. Cowperthwaite 
Anne F. Cutrell 
Isabel De Juan-Jocher 
Kurt A. Denchfield 
Lisa G. Eden 
Stacey O. Elliott 
Loma B. Ellis 
Heather V. Everett 
Diana M. Fairbanks 
David A. Fawcett 
Janice W. Femheimer 
Samantha L. Ferris 
Cheryl C. Finnegan 
Erin Gale 
Eva B. Garin 
Caroline R. Gnau 
Charles H. Goldman 
Linda B. Greif 
Dena B. Gressley 
Lisa M. Gring-Pemble 
Heather B. Gross 
Cindy M. Grosshandler 
Sandra Gutierrez 
Thomas E. Hall 
Chokchai Hansupichon 
Linda L. Harden 
John C. Harper 
Debra J. Harrington 
Mark H. Hess 
Quynh Tu Hoang 
Edward P. Hogan 
Jaime L. Hope 
Alfonso F. Ibarreta 
Safraz W. Ishmael 


Vemae Jones-Seals 
Jakub Kahl 
Martha E. Keyes 
Kun Yang Kim 
Susan W. Kim 
Christine M. Knab 
Richard A. Kondo 
Steven N. Kutchi 
Elysse S. Lakatos 
Tammy F. Lakatos 
Hung Le 
Edie R. Lebson 
Christina L. Leigh 
Serene S. Liang 
Helen L. Loennig 
Diana L. Lovingfoss 
Frank R. Lucas 
James J. Maguire lii 
Mala Malhotra 
James J. Mercurio 
Tracy S. Middlekauff 
Jennifer L. Midkiff 
Jennifer L. Miller 
Marcia S. Miller 
Nicole L. Miller 
Leonore Moog 
Joseph W. Nassar, Jr. 
Joan E. Natoli 
Tere H. Nickson 
Lynn M. O'Brien 
Christopher H. O'Connell 
Valerie A. Pate 
Kinnari J. Patel 
John Pease * 
Ann E. Piesen 
Olga Polyakov 
Michael R. Price 
David K. Rees 
Cheryl A. Restorff 
Kristin V. Roach 
Mathew R. Robins 
Tanya Rogowsky 

Jason C. Roland 
Jonathan S. Roos 
Frederick F. Rosenberger, lii 
Mary Nythel Rubin 
Amy J. Schlegel 
John D. Schneider 
Sidney R. Schneider 
Debra D. Schulze 
Elizabeth A. Scldomridge 
James S. Sfekas 
Natascha N. Shaikh 
Brian B. Shamash 
Tara A. Shea 
Gregory P. Shook 
Michelle L. Siegman 
Andrew R. Smarick 
Katherine C. Spies 
Bryan E. St. George 
Thomas R. Standa 
Bradford A. Stevkfart 
Jorge L. Suarez 
Ines Taureck 
Kimberly L. Taylor 
Rebecca A. Temple 
Tara L. Torchia 
Yi Chi Tung 
Christopher S. Vaccari 
Annapuma Valluri 
John D. Valter 
Kathleen E. Wallner 
Catherine M. Walsh 
Jianying Wang 
Kim X. Whitehead 
Jill M. Wilcoxen 
Megan B. Wollman 
Brian J. Wolohan 
Alexandra B. Wyllie 
Ghazaleh Zardoost 
Nicole Y. Zdrojewski 


Helen R. Brown 
Anita M. Elaraj 
Sabina P. Fogle 
Libawat W.M. Girma 
Jill A. Jinks 
Denise A. Julien 
Angela S. Lambrecht 
Brian E. Montgomery 
Cynthia J. Symancyk 

PI Pi (Dobro Slovo) 

Amanda Lynn Babcock 
Erik Joseph Blender 
Yong Sun Cho 


(National Political Science Honor 


Benjamin E. Almquist 
Kelly S. Cohen 
Michele T. Dunlop 
Jonathan L. Edelson 
Christopher M. Gruin 
Melissa A. Hearne 
Cathy A. Hinger 
Catherine A. Howard 
Michelle V. Hudacsko 
Kevin D. Jaffe 
Julia E. Kiner 
Michael N. Kunselman 
Michael Lipitz 
Mala Malhotra 
Jeffrey H. Perry 
Andrew J. Rogers 
Tanya Rogowsky 
Lisa R. Rosenhaft 
Matthew W. Scheflen 
Brett J. Schneider 
Janet E. Scire 
Amy L. Tenney 
Andrew M. Weiner 


David A. Artigliere 
David C. Boyle 
Hing F. Choi 
Samuel Delcastillo 
Thierry C. De Raet 
Eva J. Dixon 
William C. Duvall 
Marlon 1. Garcia 
Summer L. Gilbert 
Melvyn Heard 
John K. Horky 
Ezmeralda T. Khalil 
David J. Krause 
Chun K. Lee 
Pei T. Lin 
Eric L. Luft 
Brandon G. Mason 
Joseph G. Mcginnity 
Charles L. Moore 
Steven A. Mummey 
Joseph D. Newhouse 
Steven C. Noe 
Rebecca A. Randies 
Beverly T. Roberts 
Alan S. Romack 
Douglas G. Rowse 
Benjamin C. Shat 
Christopher F. South 
Donald J. Walker 
Jonathan W. White 
Kwok Y. Yu 


Anisa D. Ahangarzadeh 

Meredith S. Apel 

Darcie Arnold 

Cheryl Arrington 

Erika Berger 

Mary Branch 

Amy CarlsonMaria S. Chambers 

Debra J. Cook 



Kalani U. Edirisinghe 
Cheryl C. Finnegan 
Corinne E. Fisher 
Sandra L. Goldstein 
Stephanie E. Harris 
Julie M, Hudnall 
Stacey M. lardella 
Sonja T. Johnson 
Rachel Lieberman 
Joan E. Natoli 
Nurit Sharon 
Maria L. Silvani 
Lisa Solomon 
Leah N. Wingeart 
Diana L. Witmer 
liana M. VVyloge 


Tony C. Caro 
N. John Ordile 
Benjamin M. Scholl 


Lisa Crowe 
Randi Ginsberg 
David Gobbett 
Carrie Greenstein 
Matthew Gross 
Andrea Grynberg 
Deniz Ali Gulsen 
Amy Hutchins 
Trista Jacobson 
Keondra Joyner 
Sharon D. Lilly 
Eric Mein 
Jesse Molesworth 
Kristen Murphy 
Rindi Savitt 
Duane Schroeder 
Edward Sohn 
Catherine E. Thomas 
Tara Thompson 

Maria Tzanakis 
Marci Witt 

SIGMA XI saENnnc honor 


Hung Manh Dao 
Jason Alan Dubow 
Cynthia Paige Gossage 
Marina Rachele Haynes 
Catherine Jean Klein 
Farida Yusuf Mohamedshah 
Ratna Mukherjea 
Kaichang Zhang 

December 1995 

Matthew Francis Assia 

John Christopher Birkmire 

Angela Sae Sae Choy 

William Michael Cooper 

Dean Dubey 

Ajay Kumar Gupta 

Ali Ashgar Hashmi 

Stephen Matthew Hill 

Sok Ha Hwang 

Michael David Jenkins 

Michelle Denise King 

Nnaemeka Humphrey Nwosu 

Christiane Januzzi Queiroz 

James Bertram Roberts 

Adam Craig Rosenbaum 

Lauren Shook 

Sebastian Silvani 

Spring 1996 

Kapildeep S. Bakshi 

Colin C. Bell 

Moninder Singh Birdi 

Christopher James Buehler 

Cherie Antoinette Bulala 

Eylon Caspi 

Angela Shau-Han Cheung 

Scott Alan Cooper 

V. Boyd Despard 

John Thomas Dowdal 
William Charles Duvall 
Vijay A. D'souza 
Robert Thomas Floyd 
Brian Paul Gearing 
Summer Lynn Gilbert 
Trent Austin Greenwell 
Sergey Grinberg 
Angela Marie Hodge 
Mark Hopkins 

Naresh Ramana Karamchetty 
Silvia Maria Leong 
Kuo-Chiu Liu 
Andrew William Lott 
Daniel R. Lupo 
Donald Christian Mase 
Steven Anthony Mummery 
Kimberly Ann Myers 
Stephen Marshall Payne 
Jonathan Michael Pecot 
Chad David Reithmeier 
Hemanth T. Sampath 
Darryl Bacon Sampey 
Edgar Robert Seydel 
Ming-Chen Shih 
Stephanie Tosheko Slaughter 
Donald James Walker 
William Andrews Walker 
Chi-Zen Yu 

Athletic Awards 

David Diehl Award to « male and female swimmer for their commitment and 
dedication to the swimming program — Scot A. Budde, Jenifer Erin Galloway 

Athletic Director's Award to a male and female stndent athlete for their out- 
standing academic and athletic achievement as well as campus and community 
leadership at the Unifersity of Maryland College Park — Tatjana Dulic (Women's 
Tennis). Michael Lipitz (Men's Tennis) 

Charles H. Beebe, Jr., Award to a female graduating senior athlete who 
attained the highest grade point average during her career and u'ho lettered in her 
sport — Michelle Susann Gallo (Field Hockey) 

Geary F. Epplcy Award to the graduating male senior athlete who during his 
four years of varsity competition, lettered at least once and attained the highest 
scholastic average. — Michael Lipitz, (Men's Tennis) 

Dr. John E. Faber, Jr., Silver Helmet Award to the footlmll student-athlete for 
outstanding second effort this season — Jennaine Edward Lewis 

Fierbert Fl. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of 
the year — James Leon Guzzio 

John T. Bell Award (Men's MVP) to the outstanding sivimmer or diivr — Ryan 
Robert Prosser 

John W. Guckeyson Award for scholarship, leadership, and athletic 
ability — Johnny I. Rhodes (Men's Basketball) ■ 

Louis VV, Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player — Stephen 
lames Neuberger 

Hitachi Promise of Tomorrow Scholarship Award — Dana Coleman (Student 

Joe F. Blair "Unsung Hero" Award — Kevin Audette Plank (Football) 

George Boutselis Memorial Award to the letterman -with the highest grade 
point average — James B. Stump (Football) 

William R. Campbell Swimming Trophy to the senior male letter-earner tvho 
has contributed the most to the swimming program — 
Jeffrey Richard Busa 

John Carlson Award to the outstanding team member in men's soccer — 
Douglas A. Smith 

George C. Cook Memorial Scholarship Trophy to a member of the football 
team with the highest scholastic average — Kenneth Allan Lytle 

Charles L. Hoffman Swimming Trophy to the senior female letter-earner who 
has contributed the most to the swimming program — Kimberty Ann Hildebrandt 

U N I V 



James H. Kehoe Award to the senior female athlete who symbolized the com- 
mitment, dedication, spirit and will to win, and excelled in athletics — 
Paula Ann LaVorgna (Track and Field) 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to the most valuahle football player — 
Jermaine Edward Lewis 

Peter Lowery Award to the soccer team member exemplifying academic excel- 
lence, leadership and distinguished citizenship on campus — Russell Alan Payne 

M Club's Founders Award to a senior athlete for outstanding athletic ability, 
academic excellence, upright character, and distinguished citizenship — 
Kelly E. Amonte (Women's Lacrosse) 

James M. Tatum Award to the outstanding tackle on the football team — 
Johnnie Lee Hicks (Football) 

Terrapin Club Award for the greatest career contribution in the sport of foot- 
ball — Jermaine Edward Lewis 

USMSA Scholar Athlete Award to the swimmer who has compiled the best 
combination of academic and aquatic records — Scott Paul Grayson, 
Kimberiy Ann Hildebrandt 

WBAL Academic Award — lUatthew George Kovarik, (Men's Basketball) 

Weaver-James Postgraduate Scholarship Award — Jaime Dee Brodsky 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy offered by William E. Krouse to the Manjland 
student-athlete who has contributed the most to wrestling whde at the 
University of Maryland College Park — Patrick Michael Flynn 

A.V. Williams Award for the Maryland football player who lias exhibited out- 
standing sportsmanship during the year — Michael Tyrone Settles 

Tommy Marcos Trophy to the outstanding offensive lineman of the year — 
Darryl Emanuel Gilliam (Football) 

Maryland Ring Award to the senior resident of Man/land tuho is adjudged the 
best athlete of the year — Johnny I. Rhodes (Men's Basketball) 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr. Award to the senior Baltimore area resident who 
has contributed the most to his or her sport — Michelle Susann Gallo 

(Field Hocke]/) 

Ron Rice "Best Defensive Lineman" of the year — Johnnie Lee Hicks 

Silvester Watch Award typifying the best in athletics — 
Jermaine Edward Lewis (Football) 

Talbot T. Speer Award for excellence in leadership, scholarship, and general 
all-around ability — Johnny I. Rhodes (Men's Basketball) 

SWIMPRO Award (women's MVP) to the outstanding swimmer or diver — 
Jennifer Dawn Josephson 



Awarded to senior student-athletes who achieved a grade poittt average of 3.0 or 


John Davidson, Matthew Kunst, Scott Mogar, Jeffrey Wagner, David Wood 

Denny Judd 

Field HiKkev 

Michelle Gallo, Irene Horvat, Kristen Ketchum 


Craig Fitzgerald, Kenneth Lytle, Scott Milanovich, Richard Roberts, James Stump, 

Alonzo Wallace 


Pete Regala 


Marisa DiNatale, Hilary Jameson, Kara Klaus, Nicole Lefcourt, Jennifer Lorion 

Lacrosse (Men's) 

Michael Bordi, Graham Niemi, Daniel Radebaugh, Todd Weinstein 

Lacrosse (Women's) 

Jamie Brodsky, Deanna Davis, Elizabeth Downing, Laura Harmon, Helena 

Henmann, Kirsten Kruhm, Karen MacCrate, Helen Meiser 

Soccer (Men's) 

Stephen Campbell, Sean Wray 

Soccer (Women's) 

Julie Bortz, Leslie Kerhin, Theresa Rich, Cecily Scarpelli, Erin Taylor, 

Audra Weber 

Swimming (Men's) 
Bradley Isbell 

Swimming (Women's) 

Christina Burch, Kimberiy Hildebrandt, Jordan McAmmond 

Tennis (Men's) 

David Alire, Michael Lipitz 

Tennis (Women's) 

Bresha Byrd, Tatjana Dulic, Lisa Rosenburg 

Track and Field (Men's) 

Edward Hogan,Brian Montgomery,Jonathan Sushinsky 

Track and Field (Women's) 

Melissa Brennan, Valerie Cothran, Vonda Jones, Paula LaVorgna 


Kelley Malins, Kimberiy Mosley, Moneach Surber 


Humphrey Atiemo, Patrick Flynn, Brent Layman, Brian Layman, Martin Margolis 


Alicia Conine, Annette Hunt,Heather Schmidt 

U N I V 

S I T Y O 

Student Marshals 

The Senior Marshal Program, which began in 1991, is an opportunity 
for the campus communiU' to acknowledge outstanding seniors at 
their commencement. The students selected to be marshals were 
nominated by faculty, administrators and staff for their outstanding 
accomplishments and contributions to the Uni\ersity of Mar^'land at College 
Park. We are proud to recognize these truly remarkable students. 


Christina Marie Addabbo 
Carol Jean Aknond 
Benjamin Eric Almquist 
Cher^'l L\Tme Arrington 
Regina Carmen Barkdull 
Leslie Michelle Belloso 
Grace Marie R. Benigno 
Liza Rebecca Bishop 
Julie Kristen Bortz 
Christopher C. Boyer 
Monifa Brooks 
Cherie Bulala 
Peter Paul Calabrese 
Tina M. Cervasio 
Jeanne Lisa Cheung 
Corey Gerrard Davis 
Anthony J. De Marco 
Russell Louis Dillow 
Bonnie Lynn Elgamil 
Ziedah T\Tie Ferguson 
Ndidi Bonique Foy 
Brian Paul Gearing 
Summer Lynn Gilbert 
Sandra Goldstein 
Lisa Sue Gorden 
Debra Lynn Gordon 
Supriya Goyal 

Graduating Student Speaker 
Robyn Joy Greenberg 
Linda Beth Greif 
Jacqueline Nicole Harf 
Dana Alicia Hedgpeth 
Traci Michele Hill 
Catherine Anne Howard 
Ruth Loute Huang 
Vemae Jones-Seals 
Sheela Kailasanath 
Eve Jennifer Klindera 
Dawn Marie Knill 
Robert Mark Kuklewicz 
Rachel Marlene Kulansky 
Rachel Sarah Landsberg 
Barbara Marie Leotta 
Patrick Stephen Lineberry 

Tracey Ellen Logsdon 

Andrew WUliam Lotz 

Emily Jeanne Massey 

Kristin Leigh McLear 

Joshua H. Meltzer 

Tiffany J. Miller 

Christina Mills 

Homeyra Mokhtarzada 

Go\ind Mukundan 

Thao Thanh Nguyen 

Thinh Nguyen 

Tung Nguyen 

Matthew E)ylan Nowakowski 

Christopher Hunter O'Connell 

Nicole Peca 

Angela Yvonne Prince 

Kelvin Lamont Reaves 

Jayna Elisabeth Richardson 

Eden Michelle Rome 

Jill A. Rudick 

Jillian Heather Schonfeld 

Nimay Kumar Sinha 

Cynthia Janet Symancyk 

Catherine Elizabeth Thomas 

Adrienne Marie Tinana 

Virginia Umrani 

Patrick Michael Valenti 

Tao Wang 

Valerie Letitia Wilder 

Jacinta Kadoma Wilhams 

Abby Renee Zweig 

Commencement Officials 


lonce VV, liillingsley, Chnir 

Benjamin L. Brown, Vice Chair 

Earle Palmer Brown, Secretaiy 

Constance M. Unseld, Treasurer 


Lewis R. Riley, ex officio 

Margaret Alton 

Mary Arabian 

Richard O. Berndt 

Nathan A. Chapman Jr. 

Charles W.Cole Jr. 

Edwin S. Crawford 

Thomas B. Finan. Jr. 

Frank A. Gunther Jr. 

Wendell Holloway 

Harrs' R. Hughes 

Ann Hull 

Malkia Singleton, Student Regent 


Donald N. Langenberg, Qmnceitor 

George L. Marx, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

James Sansbury (Interim) Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance 

John K. Martin, Vice Chancellor for Advancement 


William h. Kirwan, ['resident 

Daniel Fallon, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 
Charles F. Sturtz, Vice President for Administrative Affairs 
Reid W. Crawford, Vice President for Institutional Advancement 
William L. Thomas Jr., Vice President for Student Affairs 


I homas Fretz, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 
Ira Berlin (Acting), College of Arts and Humanities 
Irwin Goldstein, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

William Mayer, College of Business and Management 

Richard H. Herman, College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Willis D. Hawley, College of Education 

William W. Destler, College of Engineering 

Reese Cleghorn, College of journalism 

Ann E. Prentice, College of Library and Information Services 

College of Life Sc/t'ncesPaul H. Mazzocchi 

John J. Burt, College of Health and Human Performance 

Steven Hurtt, School of Architecture 

Susan Schwab, School of Public Affairs 

Ilene Nagel, Dean for the Graduate School 

Melvin Hall, Dean for Continuing Education, Summer and Special Programs 

Robert Hampton, Dean for Undergraduate Studies 

M A R Y L 




Charles J. Beatty. Dean's Office, College of Education 

Llniivrsiti/ Marshal 

Don C. Piper, Government and Politics 

Faculty Marshal 

Alfred C. Boyd, Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Student Marshal 

James L. Reveal, Botany 


John E. Wakefield, Director of Bands 


Alicia Arkell-Kleis, Diploma Office 

J. Frank Brewer, Physical Plant 

Earle Connors, Physical Plant 

Carolyn Ent, Institutional Advancement 

Lori King, Records and Registrations 

Simone Legacy, Education 

Maria C. Lonsbury, Commuter Affairs 

Nancy Loomis, Dining Services 

Linda Martin, Institutional Advancement 

Michael McNair, Police Department 

Gary Parker, Intercollegiate Athletics 

Jim Sabelhaus,Pp/ice Department 

Alan Sactor, Environmental Safety 

Bill Scales, Disability Support Service 

Janice E. Summons, Campus Parking 

Patrick Wadsworth, Dining Services 

Cynthia Walker-Reed, University Book Center 

Pam Viands, University Book Center 

Larry Volz, Police Department 


Steven Alves, Arts and Humanities 

Diane Barlow, Libran/ and Information Services 

Katherine Beardsley, Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Betty Beckley, Undergraduate Studies 

Carl Bovill, Architecture 

Ritzie Coleman, Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Jane Fines, Engineering 

Charles Flatter, Education 

Donna King, Business and Management 

Albert Klavon, Life Sciences and Agriculture 

Tom Moore, Arts and Humanities 

Delores Mulligan, Undergraduate Studies 

Joe Murray, Health and Human Performance 

Ann Petrone, Architecture 

Terry Harris Reed, Public Affairs 

Vicky Reinke, Library and Information Services 

Greig Stewart, journalism 

Thelma M. WUIiams, Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 


Marcellous Anderson 
Robert Armstrong 
Leroy Blackwell 
Earl Blake 
John Brady 
Mordecai Brower 
Eric Bullock 
Tom Farrell 
Ronald Fenwick 
Larry Garner 
Elwood Gross 
Bernard Haynes 

Larry Jefferson 
Marvin Johnson 
Keith Neal 
Susan Radisch 
George Saunders 
Thomas Saunders 
Johnny Sellers 
Rayfield Sellers 
Charles Stubbs 
Danny Thompson 
Ronny Yee 

Produced by the Office of Institutional Advancement 

Cover Design: lessica Koman 

Photography: Chan Chao, John T. Consoli, Al Damieger, David Froehlich, 

Lisa Helfert. Rich Horchler. Scott Siichman. Nick Wass, and Bill Weems. 

Project Coordination and Desktop Publishing: Linda H. Martin 

May 1996 




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