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2 President's Message 

3 From Alumni Programs 

4 From the Senior Council 

5 Campus Map 

6 Order of Commencement 

7 Schedule of Events 

8 The University of Maryland 

13 Graduating Student Speaker 
Joel E. Buzy 

14 Commencement Speaker and 
Honorary Doctor of Public Service 
Senator Bill Bradley 

Honorary Doctor of Public Service 15 
George W. McGowan 

Distinguished Alumnus 
Robert H. Smith 


May Graduate Degree Candidates 17 

May Undergraduate Degree 

Candidates 42 

Scholarship Honors 72 

Student Marshals 76 

Academic and Special Awards 77 

Honor Societies 83 

Athletic Awards 90 

Commencement Officials 93 

C O M M 




to the 


Congratulations on the successful completion of your studies! It has 
been a pleasure and a privilege to have you as a student at the 
University of Maryland. As you take formal leave of your university, 
my colleagues and I would like you to know how much we value 
the outstanding contributions you have made in so many different areas. The 
laurels that the Class of '97 have won in scholarship and in artistic performance, 
in athletics and as young leaders, have brought added acclaim to this venerable 

On our part, we have endeavored to provide you with as many opportunities as 
possible for nurturing your special interests and talents, and for developing the 
broad intellectual perspectives you will need to compete successfully in the 
professional world. We are confident that your University of Maryland 
education will prove to be well worth the time and effort you invested in it and 
that your experience here, both inside and outside of the classroom, will serve you well in the years to come. 

We hope that you will cherish the friendships you made here, and that Maryland will always evoke the happiest 
of memories for you. Please continue to support this institution and its destiny as the flagship university of 
Maryland. Although you will be leaving this university to explore new vistas and face fresh challenges, we hope 
that you will visit often and that you will always remain connected in spirit to your akna mater. 

Good luck and Godspeed to each and every one of you! 

Sincerely yours. 

^£! /Colioo^ 

WiUiam E. Kirwan 

Congratulations on achieving the ultimate goal of your 
undergraduate years. On behalf of the University of Maryland 
Alumni Association, I would like to add our very best wishes to 
those you have received from your faculty and other university 
friends. As President Kirwan has told so many recent alumni, you'll always In 
a part of us, and we hope you'll keep in touch. 

Your commencement ceremony today includes a special tradition. You will be 
officially inducted as a member of the University of Maryland Alumni 
Association by this year's association president, Phil Rever. Your six-month 
membership card and a list of benefits and services may be found on the 
inside back cover of the Graduation Handbook. If you no longer have your 
handbook, please stop by the Office of Alumni Programs located in the 
Rossborough Inn. We will be pleased to issue you a new membership card 
and provide you with more information. 

Wherever your plans take you following graduation, you'll find Maryland friends and professional contacts by 
staying involved in alumni activities. There are more than 30 academic, regional and special interest groups — 
including our newest, the Young Alumni Club, which you may find to be of particular interest. And, of course, 
attending Maryland athletic events is always a great way to get together with fellow grads. Regardless of how 
you choose to stay involved, our purpose remains the same: to respond to the needs and interests of all alumni, 
and to support your continued interest in and loyalty to the University of Maryland. 

Again, best wishes for all the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead. 

From Alumni 


Joan Patterson '66 

Executive Director, Alumni Programs 



C () I. 

Today you complete the journey which was 
undertaken several years ago, arriving proudly at the 
threshold of a new life. When you look back, can 
you see how this journey has changed you? As you 
sit here today, what events stand out in your mind as 
experiences that showed you which path to travel? 

We have each followed a unique path but have reached a 
common destination. As seniors, it is easier to list the ways in 
which we are different from each other than the ways in which 
we are bound together 

We are accustomed to describing students in groups — 
commuters, residents; members of ethnic, religious, or 
professional organizations; students in particular departments 
and colleges. These differences should be admired and 
respected as should the many qualities we share. 

From this point, you can reflect on past journeys. Remember 
what you learned along the way about who you are and what 
you are capable of achieving. 

Know that your time spent at the University of Maryland will 
help you arrive at your next destination. Finally always 
consider our campus to be another home, a stop on your life's 
journey to which you can always return. 




Miranda Clement and Amy Hamilton 
Senior Council Overall Co-Chairs 

Our Spring Graduates 

Five Most Popular Master's Degrees 

I.M.B.A. 142 

2. M.Ed., Counseling and Personnel 57 

3. M.L.S. 50 

Five Most Popular Undergraduate 
M^rs of Degree Applicants 

1. Criminology & Criminal Justice 217 

2. Government & Politics 215 

3. Accounting 178 

4. Psychology 174 

5. English Language & Literature 149 

Number of Applicants for Degrees 

Total Doctoral Degrees: 408 

Total Master's Degrees: 1,008 

Total Bachelor's Degrees: 3,594 

Colleges with the Most 
Bachelor Degree Applicants 

1. Behavioral and Social Sciences 931 

2. Business and Management 609 

3. Arts and Humaruties 505 

4. Engineering 361 

5. Life Sciences 355 

Campus Map 

Paint Branch Drive 

f^ Represents Metered Partdng 
■I Represents Building 

U N I V 

R S I T Y 


O L L E G E 


Order of Commencement 

May 22, 1997 •Cole Student Activities Building* 9:30 a.m. 


Dr. William E. Kirwan, President 
University of Maryland at College Park 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. Mitchell P. Hebert 
Department of Theatre 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Mr. John E. Wakefield, Conductor 

(Musical Selection 

Holiday Song 

— William Schuman, Composer 
University of Maryland Chorus 
Dr. Paul Traver, Conductor 


The Reverend Robert Keffer 
Roman Catholic Chaplaincy 

The National Anthem 

Dr. Traver, Conductor 


Mr. Lance W. Billingsley, Chair 
University of Maryland System 
Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Ms. Miranda Clement 
Ms. Amy Hamilton 
Co-Chairs, Senior Council 

President's Distinguished Alumnus Award 

Mr. Phillip Rever, President 

University of Maryland Alumni Association 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Joel Edward Buzy 
Graduating Ser\ior 

Musical Selection 

The Testament of Freedom 

— Randall Thompson, Composer 
The Maryland Chorus and 

The Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Dr. Traver, Conductor 


Senator William Bradley 


Reverend Keffer 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Mr. Wakefield, Conductor 

Alma Mater 

Hail! Alma Mater; 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty; 

For thee we stand. 

Love for the Black and Gold 

Deep in our hearts we hold; 

Singing thy praise forever 

Throughout the land. 

Conferring of Honoraiy Degrees 

Dr. Kirwan 

University of Maiyland Alumni 
Association Induction 

Mr. Rever 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Kirwan 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's Degrees 

Dr. Kirwan 

Presentation of Colleges and 


Floor Seating Arrangement for Graduates 























Public Affairs 

Library and 



and Natural 

Life Sciences 

Schedule of Events 


ol lowing the Conunencement, individual graduation exercises for colleges and schools will 
be held at several campus locations. Ceremonies are scheduled to begin at noon, 2:30 or 4;30 
p.m. Guests are urged to be .seated approximately one half-hour prior to the designated time 
for the ceremonies if they wish to observe the student and faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially invited and encouraged to join with university 
officials and members of the faculty at the reception to be held outside on McKeldin Mall. The rain 
location for the reception will be the Grand Ballroom of the Stamp Student Union. 

Shuttle bus service will provide free trai\sportation across the campus throughout the day. 

Campus-Wide Commencement 

9:30 a.m. Cole Student Activities Bldg. 

A. James Clarit School of Engineering 
Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Keckord Armory 

AgricuKure and Natural Resources Graduation 

Noon Memorial Chapel 

Architecture Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Architecture Great Space 

Arts and Humanities Graduation Ceremonies 

Noon (See Different Locations Listed Below) 

American Studies-Women's Studies: 
Skinner Bldg., Room 0200 

Art History: Art/Sociology Bldg., Room 2309 

Art Studio/Design: Art/Sodology Bldg., Room 220? 

Classics-Foreijin Languages-Linguistics: 
Tydings Hall, Room 0130 

Dance-Radio, Television, Film-Theatre: 
Tawes Theatre 

History-Jewish Studies-Russian Area Studies 
Program: Physics Bldg., Room 1410 

Music; Tawes Redtal Hall, Room 1125 

Philosophy: Marie Mount Hall, Room 1400 

Speech and Public Communication, Francis Scott 
Key Hall, Room 0106 

2:30 p.m. Tawes Theatre 

Comparative Literature- 
English Language and Literature 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Cole Student Activities Bldg. 

Business and Management 
Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Cole Student Activities Bldg. 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Education Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Reckord Armory 

Health and Human Performance 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Health and Human 

Performance Bldg., Room 2240 

Journalism Graduation Ceremony 

4:30 p.m. Tawes Theatre 

Library and Information Services 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Zoology-Psychology Bldg., 

Room 1240 

Public Affairs Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Van Munching Hall, 

Tyser Auditorium 

Undergraduate Indnidual Studies 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Anne Arundel Hall, University 

Honors Program Lounge 

May 21, 1997 

Life Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

7:30 p.m. Tawes Theatre 


The University of 
IVIaryland at 
College Park 


Among public universities in the Association of 
American Universities, College Park ranks among 
the top in the percentage of African American 
undergraduate students. In addition, the university 
has the largest number of African American and 
other minority faculty members among its peers. 


Flagship campus of Maryland's 11-institution 
system of higher learning, the University of 
Maryland, College Park, is the most comprehensive 
institution of higher education, research and service 
in the state. The university offers 98 undergraduate 
majors, 87 master's programs and 68 doctoral 
programs in 13 colleges and schools. 

The university is one of only 30 public research 
universities that are members of the prestigious 58- 
member Association of American Universities and 
the only public institution in the Mar\'Iand-D.C. 
area with membership in the nation's most 
distinguished honor society. Phi Beta Kappa. It is 
classified as a Research-1 university by the Carnegie 
Foundation by virtue of the range of its 
baccalaureate programs, the amount of federal 
support received and the number of doctoral 
degrees awarded each year, sharing that honor with 
the top research universities in the country. 

Fall 1996 College Park students at a glance: 

Total enrollment: 


Graduate Students: 












Average age: 


States represented: 


Countries represented: 




The University of Maryland was founded in 1807 in 

Baltimore as a faculty-owned College of Medicine. 

The medical school 

was considered 

one of the top 

schools in the 

country, attracting 

notable professors 

and lecturers from 

throughout the 

world. In its 

beginning, tuition 

cost $140, grades 

were sent home 

weekly to parents 

and students could 

obtain room and board for $300 annually. 

Five years later, the growing institution was 
renamed the University of Mar\'land. Despite the 
name, the university was not considered a state 
institution as it was still owned and operated by 
faculty. Baltimore College of Dental Surger\', the 
first dental school in America, became a part of the 
university in 1840, awarding the first Doctor of 
Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree in 1841. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural College, which 
would evolve into the University of Maryland, 
College Park, was opened under a charter secured 
by a group of Maryland planters in 1856. In addition 
to spending one hour each day hoeing or plowing 
on the college farm, students took a broad range of 

courses in ancient and modem languages, natural 
sciences, English and mathematics. After a 
disastrous fire on campus in 1912, the state 
acquired the college and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature combii\ed the College 
Park institution with the professional schools in 
Baltimore to form an expanded University of 
Maryland. The entity eventually grew to include 
campuses in Baltimore County, on the Eastern 
Shore and the worldwide University College, a 
continuing education institution. 

The following decades saw the increasing growtli 
of student population, excellence in programs 
and curricula and the burgeoning of the 
University of Maryland, College Park into a 
nationally recognized research institution. 

July 1, 1988, marked the dawn of a new era in 
higher education in the state of Maryland, as the 
five components of the university were merged 
with six other state universities and colleges to 
form the University of Maryland System and 
College Park secured its flagship status with a 
mandate to become one of the pre-eminent 
research universities in the nation. 


The unique role of American research universities 
in advancing science and technology has kept the 
United States in the forefront of innovation and 
product development. Research dollars from 
federal and state agencies, corporations and 
foundations fuel much of the basic and applied 
research activity of the University of Maryland's 
College Park's faculty and graduate students. 

The university has unique facilities, research 
centers and institutes that attract new research 


•Forty-four percent of this year's freshman class has 
a high school grade point average of 3.5 or above. 

•ARCO's book, hn/ Leaj^ue Pro-ams at State School 
Prices, rated the University Honors Program 
among the nine best in the nation. 

• U.S. News and World Report rated Maryland's 

business and engineering programs in the top 25 
among all public and private institutions. 

• Last year, faculty researchers at CoDege Park were 

awarded almost $150 million in competitively 
funded research and development awards, an 
increase of 83 percent since 1988. 
•No other university in the mid- Atlantic region has 
more top 20 graduate programs in computer, 
mathematical, physical sciences, and engineering 
disciplines than College Park, according to a 
recent analysis by the National Research Council. 

projects and funding, as well as provide 
expanded knowledge in business, science and 
technology. The A. James Clark School of 
Engineering houses the Glenn L. Martin Wind 
Tunnel — the most advanced aerodynamic 
testing facility of its kind on any university 
campus — and the Neutral Buoyancy Facility, 
which simulates weightlessness for space 
research, the only such facility on a university 
campus. Other specialized facilities include: 
Computer Vision Laboratory 
Bioprocess-scale up Laboratory 
Laboratory for Ion Beam Research 

and Application 
Superconductivity Research Center 
Laboratory for Plasma and Fusion Studies 
Psycholinguistics Laboratory 
Computer-assisted cartographic laboratories 
Developmental Psychology Laboratory 
Center on Aging 


Programs of public service are central to the 
overall mission of the university. This philosophy 
is reflected in tlie wide array of programs and 
initiatives that benefit the state's business, 
agriculture and education commuiuties. 

With more than 900 high technology firms in the 
three-county area of Montgomery, Prince George's 
and Frederick, the university has found abundant 
opportunity to extend its business and technology 
outreach programs to the region. Many of these 
programs are part of the Engineering Research 
Center, which operates the Technology Extension 
Service, the Technology Advancement Program 
and Maryland Industrial Partnerships, all 
programs designed to provide Maryland 
entrepreneurs and small businesses with research 
facilities, technical assistance, administrative 
support and access to technology that wtU 
advance their economic base. 

The Institute for Systems Research has formed 

partnerships with major corporations, including 
Lockheed Martin, Westinghouse, BFGoodrich, 
Hughes Aircraft and Dupont to apply advanced 
systems research to solving industry problems in 
the fields of communications, manufacturing, 
controls and robotics. 

The Center for Renaissance and Baroque 
Studies works in conjunction with Maryland's 
high schools in using theater to explore 
personal and social issues relevant to today's 
society. Team Maryland also works with area 
public schools by having student athletes serve 
as mentors to young students. Each semester 
student athletes act as role models to as many as 
5,200 students. 



The UniversiU' of Man'land 
features a diversity of cultural and 
recreational activities. Four art 
galleries, more than 200 annual 
musical performances and 
countless dance and theater 
productions, expose audiences to 
the broadest range of programs in 
the arts. And intercollegiate, club, 
or intramural sports provide 
students of all levels an 
opportunity to participate as 
spectators or athletes. 


The seven libraries at the university constitute 
the largest university research library system in 
the Washington metropolitan area, providing 
vital resources to researchers, visiting scholars 
and businesses throughout the region. The 
libraries' holdings include more than 2.5 
million volumes, 24,000 subscriptions to 
periodicals and nearly 5.0 rrulUon items 
available in microfilm format. University 
Libraries also offer several nationally and 
internationally recognized special collections 
such as the International Piano Archives at 
Maryland, the National Trust for Historical 
Preservation, the Katherine Anne Porter 
collection and the National Public Broadcasting 


With alumni clubs from Miami, Fla. to Taipei, 
Taiwan, the Alumni Association strives to keep 
and strengthen ties between the university and 
its graduates. Member events such as pre-game 
parties, bull roasts, picnics, golf tournaments 

and dinner cruises plus a subscription 
to College Park magazine help keep 
alumni connected to the university 
and to each other. All graduating 
seniors and successful master's and 
Ph.D. candidates receive a six-month 
free membership in the association. 


Graduates of the university go on to 
distinguished careers in many fields. 
Chosen from thousands of qualified 
alumni, an inaugural group was inducted into 
the University of Maryland Alurrmi Association 
Hall of Fame in April 1995. They included 21 
outstanding individuals who have brought and 
continue to bring, great honor to their alma 
mater. Their achievements are as varied as their 
lives, but they all have one thing in common: a 
degree from the University of Maryland, 
College Park. 

Carmen BaHhrop, 6. A. '71 

World-class soprano and mentor to aspiring 

Harry Clifton "Curtey" Bird, 6.S. 08 

Legendary university president for 18 years 
A. James Clarlt, B.S. '50 

Construction magnate and benefactor 
William P. Cole Jr., B.S. 10 

Congressman and member ofUM Board of 

Regents for 25 years 
Mary Stallings Coleman, B.A. '35 

First woman elected as Chief ]ustice, Michigan 

Supreme Court 
Geary F. Eppley, B.S. '20, M.S. '26 

Devoted career to uniz'ersity as dean of men and 

athletic director 
Charles F. Fefferman, B.S. '66 

Youngest winner of Field's Medal, mathematics 

highest award 

Hert>ert A. Haupbnan, Ph.D. '55 

Co-recipient oft 985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 
Jim Henson, B.A. '60 

Creator of the beloved Mupjpets 
Steny H. Hoyer, B.S. '63 

Public servant to Maryland for nearly 30 years 
Carlisle Humelsine, B.A. '37 

Leader of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 
Wilbur Munro Leaf, B.A. '27 

Creator of "Ferdinand the Bull" story 
Samuel J. LeFrak, B.S. '40 

Internationally acclaimed urban planning leader 
Parren Mitchell, MA. '52 

First African American student and Maryland 

Jane Cahill Pfeiffer, B.A. '54 

First woman to head a major network; named 

chair of NBC in 1978 
Judith A. Resnik, Ph.D. '77 

Pioneering astronaut; died tragically in 

Challenger shuttle disaster 
Chun-Shan Shen, Ph.D. '61 

President of Taiwan's National Tsing-Hua 

William WoolfortI Skinner, B.S. 1895 

Nationally prominent agricultural research 

Adele H. Stamp, MA. '24 

Dean of women at Maryland from 1922 to 1960 

w JBf 



Reginald Van Trump Tniitt, 6.S. '14 

Leading naturalist ami marine biologist; 

pioneered Chesapeake Bay research 
Millanl L Tydings, B.S. 10 

Introduced legislation to create University of 

Maryland in 1920 

The University of Maryland Alumni 
Association Hall of Fame is located in the 
Commuter Lounge of the Stamp Student Union. 
Periodically, the Alumni Association will induct 
other graduates in to the Hall of Fame — its 
highest honor. 


Early commencement ceremonies at the 
University of Maryland were marked with great 
fanfare and celebration. The faculty gave huge 
banquets for the graduates the night before the 
event. The following morning, crowds gathered 
to watch the young graduates parade. It was a 
gala social occasion, attracting not only friends 
and relatives, but the fashionable elite of the 
day. At the ceremony, prayers were recited, 
speeches were made and honorary degrees 
were awarded to distinguished figures from 
across the country. Finally, as the audience 
cheered and threw flowers, the graduates came 
forward to collect their Latin-inscribed degrees. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students 
and faculty in the academic procession have 
been the traditional costume of scholars since 
the Middle Ages. The ordinary dress of the 
scholar, whether student or teacher, was similar 
to that of a cleric. Caps and gowns were 
probably worn to keep students warm in 
unhealed buildings. Many medieval scholars 
were tonsured, like monks, and hoods served to 

cover their shaved heads until the skull cap 
later took its place. 

Even after the Civil War, most students at 
American universities wore caps and gowns 
daily while in residence. These varied in design 
until they were standardized by the American 
Intercollegiate Commission in 1894. At that time 
it was decided that all robes would be black. 
Colors on the trim of the gown were also 
standardized to indicate the scholar's academic 
A list of department colors follows: 

Agriculture: Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities: White 

Business Administration, 
Commercial Science: Drab 

Dentistry: Lilac 

Economics: Copper 

Education: Light Blue 

Engineering: Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown 

Forestry: Russet 

Home Economics: Maroon 

Journalism: Crimson 

Law: Purple 

Library Science: Lemon 

Medicine: Green 

Music: Pink 

Nursing: Apricot 

Oratory, Speech: Silver Gray 
Pharmacy: Olive 
Philanthropy: Rose 
Philosophy: Dark Blue 
Public Administration, Foreign 

Service: Peacock Blue 
Public Health: Salmon 
Physical Education: Sage Green 
Science: Golden Yellow 
Social Work: Citron 
Theology and Divinity: Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored to represent an 
academic discipline or it may be black. 
Officially, the tassel is permitted "to lie where it 
will" on the mortarboard. However, numerous 
institutions have adopted the practice of having 
degree candidates wear the tassel on the right 
front side at the start of the commencement 
ceremony and then shift them to the left side 
after degrees are awarded. 

Student Marshals 

Elected through a nomination process, student 
marshals are senior leaders who play an 
important role in the graduation ceremony. 
Student marshals assist in organizing the 
thousands of graduates, leading them smoothly 
through the commencement procession. They 
also supply extra caps and hoods and bobby 
pins to keep head wear secure. May 1997 
marshals are listed on page 76 of this program. 

Senior Gift 

The senior gift is a university tradition dating 
back 87 years. The first senior gift, the iron gate 
entrance at the Rossborough Inn, was given by 
the class of 1910. As this year's gift from the 
graduating class, seniors have elected to create a 
commemorative brick courtyard on the west 

S 1 T ^' tt F M A R ^ 1 

side of the Chapel, formed wth bricks bearing 
the names Class of 1997 graduates. 

The purpose of the senior gift is twofold. Each 
vear the senior class leaves behind a 
memorable legacj' for new students and 
\'isitors. and proWdes the universitii- with a gift 
that enhances the campus atmosphere. 

Past senior gifts have included: the Testudo 
statue (Qass of 1933), the lights around the 
"M" in the traffic circle on Campus Drive (Class 
of 1986) and the restoration of the Chapel 
chimes and clock face (Qass of 1992). 


A degree is aw^arded for the successful 
completion of a course of study. There are more 
than 1,600 different academic degrees currently 
conferred bv colleges and universities 
nationwide. The Universitv of Maryland, 
College Park offers degrees in 97 
undergraduate majors, 94 master's programs 
and 73 doctoral programs. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The doctor s degree represents the most 
adx-anced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct 
tvpes: the practitioner s degree and the 
research degree. The first t\-pe represents 
advanced training for the practice of various 
professions, prindpallv Doctor of Medicine. 
Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy-. These 
degrees do not involve tiie completion of 
original research bv ti\e student. The Uiuversit^- 
of Man-land, at the professional school in 
Baltimore, awarded the first two dental degrees 

in histon- on March 9, 1841, and invented the 
name of the degree. Doctor of Dental Surgeri.' 

The second type is the research doctorate 
representing prolonged periods of advanced 
study. A dissertation which usuaDy accom- 
panies the study is intended to contribute 
substantially to tiie body of knowledge on the 
subject. The most important of these, the Doc- 
tor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication 
of philosophy for its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in the United 
States in 1861 by '^e University. The 
University' of MaT\'land awarded a Ph.D. for 
the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master s degree is an academic honor 
bestowed upon students who have successfully 
completed work be^'ond the baccalaureate. A 
thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. In 1920, the Unrversib,' of Maryland 
awarded its first Master of Arts CM„A.) and 
Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in fields other 
than agriculture. 

The Bachekor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents the 
completion of a four-vear course of college- 
level study and is the oldest academic degree 
awarded bv American institutions of higher 
learning. It was first conferred in America in 
1642 on the first nine graduates of Harvard 
College. MarT,'land Agriculture College, -which 
later became the University- of Maryland, 
College Park, awarded its first Bachelor of Arts 
(BA.) and Bachelor of Science (B3.) in 1862. 

Honorao' D^ree 

Each veai the Uiuversiti;' of Maryland, College 
Park awards honarary degrees to persons 
approved b\- a campus committee, the provost, 
the president and the unh'ersiti;- s Board of 
Regents. Through the bestowal of -ftipsp 
degrees, the university- seeks to recognize 
outstanding achievement in government, 
business, education, sdence and the arts. In 
recent vears the committee has sou^t to 
recognize indhiduals in the greater 
Washington-Baltimore area who have made 
significant contributions to an improved 
quality- of life in the region. Honorary- degrees 
have also been awarded to graduates of College 
Park who have gone on to enjo^ notabh' 
successful careers. Past honorary- degree 
recipients include Isaac Asimov (1977), Ejibie 
Blake (1978), Hillani- Rodiiam Clinton (19%). 
BiU Cosb;i- (1992), Hugh Downs (19BB), Ralph 
Ellison (1974), Milton Eisenhower a^B), Jim 
Henson (1978) Hubert H. Humphrey- (1965), 
L\'ndon Baines lohnson (1963) and AndiEw- 
Wvetii (1964). 

Joel Edward Buzy's path to the podium is unusual. Until six years ago, he 
had never read a book cover to cover. On the morning of his graduation 
from high school 11 years ago, he was told he had not passed French and 
might not have enough credits to receive a diploma. As it turned out, he 
graduated "by a small margin." Relieved, and with diploma in hand, he vowed 
he was through with formal education. 

While friends went to college, Buzy went to work, favoring manual labor jobs in 
which success had little to do with academic skills. He also began to volunteer at 
the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad. At 18, he enjoyed the structure of the 
work, the guidance of his older colleagues, and the satisfaction of seeing good 
result from his efforts. By contrast, in his first years of high school, he had worked 
hard at his studies and failed; by the end of his sophomore year, he had stopped 

Encouraged by his success at BCCRS, he applied for a position with the Montgomery County Fire Department and 
was hired. Over the next few years, he trained as a firefighter, swift-water rescue technician, paramedic, and 
emergency dispatcher. The adrenaline rush of the first three roles always exhilarated him, but he found the greatest 
satisfaction as a dispatcher. "To be a good dispatcher," writes Russell Dawson, assistant chief of the BCCRS, "a 
person must be calm to the point of serenity, and be able to think quickly and clearly and speak distinctly." Dawson 
adds that Buzy is "the best emergency dispatcher" he has ever seen. 

The discrepancy between his professional success — he graduated first in his paramedic class — and his academic 
failures gave Buzy the "new idea" that he "might not be stupid." As luck or fate would have it, his girlfriend, 
Wendy Marsh, was teaching learning-disabled children and noticed that Buzy shared some of her students' traits. 
After being tested, he was diagnosed with a visual-processing disorder that made reading and retaining 
information next to impossible. 

After literally releaming how to read, Buzy decided to resign from the fire department and to give formal education 
another shot. In the fall of 1993, he entered the University of Maryland as an undecided major in the Division of 
Letters and Sciences. Working closely with William Scales and the staff of Disability Support Services, Buzy not 
only succeeded, he excelled. At the end of his first year, his GPA was a perfect 4.0. He continued to volunteer at 
BCCRS and realized that while he was thrilled to possess the clinical skills to deal successfully with medical 
emergencies, he wanted to know more about the science behind those skills. He decided to major in biological 
sciences to further his work in the health professions. 

Last December, Joel Buzy celebrated his 10-year anniversary with the BCCRS. Today, he receives his bachelor's 
degree. In August, he will enter the Baylor University School of Medicine on a full scholarship. And last January, 
while on a trip to Australia, he read six books. Just for the fun of it. 

Joel E. Buzy 


Senator Bill 



Speaker and 
Honorary Doctor 
of Public Service 

Former U. S. Senator Bill Bradley aimouncEd in 1995 that he woald 
not seek a fourth term in the U. S. Senate, but would remain active 
in public life. One wav he has chosen to do so is as Distingiiisfaed 
Leadership Scholar at the UniversitT of Mar\-land's Academy of 

One of Bradle%-'s guiding principles thiou^out his public < 
the strengthening of America's civil society in ways that go beyond 
government "Huough the Academy of Leadership he will guide a research 
agenda that addresses such issues as improving racial relations, restCHing 
economic and personal securit%- to American ^milies, and revitalizing tivil 
societv. The academv. recent benefician* of a five-yeai; five-anDian doBar 
Kellogg Foimdation grant is dedicated to the empowenneotof individoals 
and communities as leaders in initiating positive change. Wth special tocos 
on the inclusion of groups traditionallv under-represented in the political process — young people i 
and members of minority- gnsups — the acti\ities of the academy under Bradle) 's diiectiaa will tap i 
technologies like the Internet to connect communities throughout the country. 

As a senator (Dem.-N.J.), Bradlev worked on both big reforms that protect the future and smaQer 
innovations that touch the lives of individuals and communities. He was the third-ranking Democrat on Ihe 
Senate Finance Committee, and ser\'ed on the Energ\" and Natural Resources Committee and the Special 
Committee on Aging. 

Before his first successful Senate race in 1978. Bradle\- had achieved distinction in academics and athletics. 
He graduated from Princeton Uiuversit\- with honors in American history and was a Rhodes Scholar at 
Oxford where he earned a graduate degree From 1967 to 1978, he served in the Air Faroe Reserc^ HUfiiiwng 
the rank of First Lieula\ant 

Bradlev was a three-time AD American basketball player at Princeton, and won die Sullivan Award as the 
countrv's outstanding amateur athlete. He captained the U. S. basketball team which w-om the gpid medal at 
the 1964 Tokyo Oh-mpics. \%"hen he returned from Oxford in 1%7, Bradle\- joined the New YadE.ICaids and 
plaved professional basketball for ten years, winning two NBA championships. He has written a Tnemnir. 
Life cm the Run, about those years. 

In 19%, Bradle\' published a second memoii; lime Present, Time Past, based on his experience as a US. 
senator, and his travels throughout the countrv. The Universitv of Mary^land welcomes Bill Bradley as a 
consummate leader in the effort to strengthen and transform our ci\il process and honors him today widi a 
Etoctor of Public Service degree. 



rom the date of his graduation from the University of Maryland with 
a mechanical engineering degree to the present day, George 
McGowan has built his public life on two loyalties: the Baltimore Gas 
and Electric Company and service to the community. 

McGowan traces much of his good fortime back to his college days in the late 
'40s and early '50s. As a track star sprinter, he ran the 100-, 220- and 440-yard 
dashes, appropriate preparaHon for the fast track he followed during his life- 
long career at BGE. 

Beginning as a project engineer on several coal-fired energy plant projects, 

McGowan broke new ground as project leader on the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear 

Power Plant, becoming BGE's first Chief Nuclear Engineer. He became a vice 

president in 1978, and was named president, chief operating officer, and 

director in 1980. By 1988 he had risen to the top of the company as chairman and chief executive officer. He 

continues to serve on BGE's Board of Directors and is chair of the Executive Committee. 

McGowan may well be the most active civic volunteer in the state. Over the years, he has served a diversity of 
organizations from the American Red Cross Baltimore Region to the Maryland Chamber of Commerce and the 
Walters Art Gallery. Currently he serves as chair of the board of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the 
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Foundation, vice chair of the University of Maryland Medical System, and 
president of The Center Club. He also holds directorships in numerous civic organizations, including 
CollegeBound Foundation and the United Way of Central Maryland. During his active employment, he served 
on a number of utility-related industry boards and was chairman of the United States Energy Association of 
the World Energy Council. His current corporate affiliations include directorships of NationsBank, N.A., 
McCormick and Company, Inc., Baltimore Life Insurance Company, UNC Incorporated, and GTS Duratek. 

Topping the list of his commitments for many years was his membership on the University of Maryland 
System Board of Regents, where he served for 12 years, seven as chair of the body that sets policy and practice 
at eleven institutions of higher education throughout Maryland. "I feel strongly that when you enjoy some 
degree of success, you have the responsibility to give something back to the community and to those 
organizations that have contributed to that success," McGowan said in 1987, when he was recogruzed by the 
university as a Distinguished Alumnus. "My experience here at Maryland has been significant for me, and this 
school has continued to play a very important role in my life." 

George McGowan is being honored today with a Doctor of Public Service degree in recognition of his civic 
responsibility, his contributions to the advancement of the university and the state, and his effective leadership 
in so many areas of public concern. 

George V. 
Class of 1951 
Honorary Doctor 
of Public Service 





Robert H. Smith 

Class of 1950 

1997 President's 


Alumnus Award 


Robert H. Smith, a 1950 graduate of the Maryland Business 
School, is considered one of the most prominent developers 
in the National Capital area. His family company is best 
known for building the massive Crystal City complex in 
Northern Virginia. 

Smith joined his father's firm, the Charles E. Smith Companies, after 
graduating from the University of Maryland. He correctly predicted that 
Northern Virginia would experience phenomenal growth and began 
assembling parcels of land from abandoned railroad yards and warehouse 
areas for development. His vision and involvement led to the development 
and construction of Crystal City. Now, Charles E. Smith Construction Inc., 
and Charles E. Smith Residential Realty Inc., comprise the largest 
commercial real estate development, construction, leasing, and property 
management firm in Washington, D.C. It is the largest U.S. developer operating in a single market. Bob 
Smith serves as president of the construction company and co-chairman of the board and co-CEO of the 
public company. 

Crystal City is among the largest self-contained urban complexes in the world, featuring 43 high-rise 
buildings on 150 acres. Other Smith projects include Skyline, Courthouse Plaza, Worldgate, University 
Center and Corporate Park at Government Center. The Smith Companies have developed over 16 million 
square feet of commercial space and 22,000 residential units, in addition to retail space, hotels and athletic 
clubs throughout the metropolitan area. 

Smith and his wife, Clarice — a renowned artist — are leading philanthropists in the area. In addition to a 
major endowment which supports Jewish Studies at the University of Maryland, the fanvily has a long 
history of supporting George Washington University, where Bob was a trustee for twenty years. The Smiths 
are major benefactors at the Holocaust Museum and Hebrew University. Bob is a trustee at the Brookings 
Institution, the Washington Airports Task Force, and two family foundations. 

Active in cultural and international affairs. Smith is a trustee and president of the National Gallery of Art, a 
life member and former president of the Greater Washington Jewish Community Foundation, and former 
chair of the Board of Governors of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

The Distinguished Alumnus award is presented annually to an alumnus or alumna who has achieved 
national recognition for excellence in his/her profession or field of endeavor. Nominees are recommended 
by the general alumni body, the Alumni Association Board of Governors or the deans of the schools, 
colleges or institutes of the University of Maryland. 



Candidates for 
Graduate Degrees 

May 1997 


Jordan M. Adelson Chemistry Geochemical Indicators in the Qiesapeake Bay 

Allyson D. Adrian Speech Communication Fuzzy Models of the Relationships 
Among Communication Satisfaction, Factors and Organizational Commitment in 
Three Australian Organizations 

KambUAgazi Civil Engineering A Reliability Analysis of Stream Restoration 

Myoung-Hwan Ahn Meteorology A Neio S02 Retrieval Algorithm Using ToMs 
Radiance Data 

□izabeth M. AHken Education Policy, Planning, and Administration Teacher 
as Self: A Hermeneutic-Phenomenological Investigation of Narrative Inquiry in 

Cara D. Akeriey English Language and Literature The She-Gallants 

Saubhe Al-Dellemy Sociology Personal and Social Factors Associated with 
Social Responsibility Among Arab Students in the United States 

Solomon Alao Human Development Predicting Conceptual Understanding 
with Cognitive and Motivational Variables 

Sharon M. Alston Education Policy, Planning, and Administration A Study 
of the Pattern of Enrollment Differences Among Students Offered a No-Need, 
Merit Scholarship Relative to the Achievement of Institutional Diversity Goals 

Sharon I. Ammen Theatre May Irwin's Strategies of Influence: A Look Back at 
America's "Secretary of Laughter" 

Kay E. Anderson Health Education Preventive Health Care and Modifiable 
Health Kisk Behaviors: How Often Are Patients Asked About Their Diet, Exercise, 
Smoking, and Alcohol Behaviors During Routine Medical Visits and Are Tiiere 
Gender Differences in the Frequency with Which the Questions Are Presented 

M. S. Anthony Theatre "Some Deed ofDradful Note" Productions of Gothic 
Melodramas ui the United States, 1790-1830 

HiKnidis M. Arens Germanic Language and Literature Fine Herausforderung 
Ficr die Germanistile Deutsche Literatur Von Einwander Innen in den Achtziger 

Santiago E. Arteaga Applied Mathematics Parallel Preconditioning for Finite 
Element Discretalations of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations 

Petras V. Avizonis Physics Measurement of the LAGEOS-I Satellite Spin Axis 
and Image Processing in Adaptive Optics 

Benjamin Bachrach Electrical Engineering Robust Control with Structural 
Constraints on the Controller 

Savita Bagga Plant Biology 

Gregoiy Baratoff Computer Science Distortion of Stereoscopic Visual Space 

Edna S. Barber History Sisters of the Capital: Wliite Women in Richmond, 

Virginia, 1860-1880 

Deborah K. Barreau Library and Information Services Information Systems in 

Organizations and the Problem of Ephemeral Information 

Bernard G. Bedon, Jr. Psychology Predictors of Perceived Fairness: A Search for 

Lori M. Bennan Psychology When Flexibility Works and When It Fails: An 
In-Depth Analysis of Alternatives to the Nine-to-Five Work Week 

Karen K. Bernard Music Prejudice, Pride, and Economics: The Neglected Danish 

Operas of Carl Nielsen 

Fassil B. Beshah Civil Engineering Performance of FRP Reinforced Concrete 
Beams and Stabs 

Matthew G. Bevan Engineering Materials Complex Fatigue of Soldered Joints 

Susan C. Boemer Library and Information Services A Study of Novice 
Searchers' Topic Knowledge 


Janette W. Boughman Zoology Social Communication in Greater Spear-nosed 
Bats, Phyllostomus Hastatus 

Robert W. Brame Jr. Criminal Justice and Criminology The Initiation and 
Long-term Frequency of Criminal Offending 

Douglas M. Brattebo Government and Politics Presidential Homework: 
Executive Prepmration For 

Loma B. Browne Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 

Wliat Does It Mean to he a Noncustodial Father? 

Geoffrey L. Buckley Geography Converting Minerals into Merchandise: The 
Environmental Transformation of the George's Creek Valley of Western Maryland, 

Maiy E. Burke English Language and Literature Daughters of Debate: Literary 
Women in Early Modern British Politics 

Valerie A. Cappola Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences Patterns 
of Evolution and Biodiversity of Stomatopod Crustaces: A Cladisiic Study 

Curtis P. Carison Economics SOj Control by Electric Utilities 

Sophia D. Carr Friday Criminal Justice and Criminology Disparity: The 
Man/land Sentencing Guidelines 

Deborah J. Carter Education Policy, Planning, and Administration Factors 
Influencing the Implementation of the Holmes Group Proposal in Two Colleges of 

Lisa P. Case Special Education Mathematical Understandings: How Are 
Students with Learning Disabilities Progressing in the Mainstream? 

James R. Cassata Nuclear Engineering Improved Personnel Dositnetry Using 
Copper Doped LifTLD's and Neural Netzvork Algorithms 

Julie A. Celestin Criminal Justice and Criminology Tlie Definition of 
Community: Implications for Area Studies 


Anuradha Chakicheria Molecular and Cellular Biology Investigation of the Role 
of Unusual Amino Acids in the Processing and Secretion of the Lantibiotic 

Wen-Chun Chang Economics Environmental Conservation and the International 
Dispute Over Whaling 

IMichael P. Chen-Young Economics A Consolidated Approach to Government 

Hongguang Chen Zoology Primary Structures of Two Novel CGMP Gated 
Channels from Imulus Polyphemus 

Hua-Wei Chen Biochemistry Enzymatic Functions of the A7P Hydrolysis 
Subunits of the RecBCD Enzyme from E-Coli 

Yinong Chen Computer Science A Motor Control Model Based on Cortical 
Feature Maps 

Soowon Cho Entomology Molecular Phylogenetics of Heliothinae (Lepidoptera) 
using E-12 and DDC 





Young Chun Sociology Reducing Nomesponse in Establishment Surveys: A Two- 
stage Experimental Study 

Diana M. Ciurczak Chemistry The Analysis of Archaeological Artifacts Using 
Nuclear Methods and Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectometry 

Barbara A. Claffey Agricultural and Resource Economics Interest Groups, 
Wealth and Competition for Federal Outlays 

Nancie W. Clarke Education Policy, Planning, and Administration Life-long 
Learning and Adult Development: A Woman' s Perspective 

Cynthia L. Clement Economics Pre- and Post-Transition Debates in Comparative 
Econonnc Systems: New Insight from Simulation Modeling 

David B. Coakley Mechanical Engineering Surface Shape of Steady Breaking 

luMh M. Colaresi Curriculum and Instruction A Case Study of a Secondary 
School Theatre Teacher 

Zoa E. Conner Physics A Study of Solar Neutrons with the Super-Kamiokande 


Lynn A. Cooper Entomology The Effects of Alternative Selective Pressures and 
Genetic Bottlenecks on the Evolution of Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis Virus 

Victoria K. Cox Spanish Language and Literature La Tirania de Las Moras: Las 
Representaciones de Los Calendarios Andino y Cristiano en el Texto de Guaman 
Poma de Ayala 

Catherine J. Cravero-Dolan Linguistics Parametric Change in French 

Timothy J. Crowley Chemical Engineering Optimal Control of Molecular Weight 
Distribution for Polymer Reactors 

Mario Cnu-Lozano Agricultural and Extension Education Factors Affecting 
Continued Use of Extension-approved Production Practices by Tobacco Farmers in 

Kelly A. Cunningham Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences Oxygen 
Toxicity and A)ttioxidant Protective Meclianisms in Nitrogen Fixing 

Cerene Dahiyat Psychology The Relationship Between Individuation from the 
Family of Origin and Domestic Violence 

Rosalie M. Dance Curriculum and Instruction A Characterization of Aspects of 
the Culture of a Successful Mathematics Classroom in an Inner City School 

James C. Davis Agricultural and Extension Education The Relationship of 
Community Stakeholder Participation to the Effectiveness of U.S. Agency for 
International Development-assisted Nongovernmental Agricultural and Natural 
Resource Development Projects 

Thomas S. Dee Economics Policy Determinants of Educational Attainment: An 
Instrumental Variables Approach 

Diane L. Denny Applied Mathematics A Well-posed System of Equations 

Modelling Near-critical Fluid Flow 

Cedric C. Dent Music The Harmonic Development of the Black Religious Quartet 

Singing Tradition 

Madeline G. Derbyshire Public Communication A Living, Energetic Being: The 
Rhetorical Roots of the I9th Century Women's Rights Movement 

Diane L. Devaul American Studies Mothenoork: Quilts and Art 

Jan B. DeJamette Microbiology Isolation and Characterization of a Hemolytic 
Factor in the Scrum of the Brown Bullhead Catfish (Ameiurus Nebulosus) 

Rujikom Dhanawittayapol Physics Investigation of the Mathematical 
Formulations of (4,0) Supersymmetry 

David R. Dickens Human Development Examination of a Structural Equation 
Model of Antecedents to State Overview Among Community College Students 

Adam L. Dobrin Criminal Justice and Criminology The Effect of Offending 

Lifestyles on Homicide Victimization 


U N I V 


Donald C. Donley Education Policy, Planning, and Administration A 
Comparison of Assessment Center Skill Ratings to Subsequent Ratings as a 
Principal Conducted by the Local Educational Agencies within a Mid-Atlantic 

Keith L. Oougtierty Government and Politics Collective Action and the Articles 
of Confederation: The Impact of Institutional Design on the Provision of Public 

Bruce A. Douglas Electrical Engineering Control of a Flexible Astronomical 

I L Dove English Language and Literature Women at Variance: Sonnet 
Sequences and Social Commentary in Early Modern England 

RosemarieT. Downer Human Development Children's Psychological Well- 
being as a Function of Housing Status and Process Resources in Low Income 

Jeanne A. Dussault Curriculum and Instruction Implementation ofNCTMs 
Professional Standards Using Nonroutine Problem Solving 

Rupa Dutta-Gupta Economics 

Britt E. Erickson Chemistry Molybdenum Speciation in Sulfidic Natural Waters 

Pedro I. Esplna Mechanical Engineering Study of an Underexpanded Anrmlar 
Wall jet Past on Axisymmetric Backward-facing Step 

Zna L. Evans Counseling and Personnel Services Impact of College on Self- 
concept Development in Black Women College Students 

Majid A. Faani Tabriz! Nezliaad Mechanical Engineering Electrohydrodynamic 
(EHD) Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Enhancement of Ozone-safe Refrigerants 

Rictiard A. Ferrare Meteorology NASA/GSFC Scanning Rowan Lidor 
Measurements of Aerosols and WaterVapor 

Mary J. Flaherty Psychology Recruitment and Retention of At-risk Parents for 
Violence Prevention Parent Training Programs 


Anne L. Fliotsos Theatre Teaching the Unteachable: Directing Pedagogy in 
Colleges and Universities of the United States, 1920-1990 

Alan B. Fob Mechanical Engineering An Experimental Study of the Velocity, 
Vector and Velocity Gradient Tensor Fields in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer 

Larry W. Forrester Kinesiology A Dynamical System Perspective on the 
Development of Running: Lower Limb Coordination in the Developmental 
Transition from Walking to Running 

Jonathan Fox Government and Politics Religion, Ethnicity and the State: A 
General Theory of Religion and Conflict with Application to Ethnic Conflict with 
the State 

Bernard A. Frankpitt Electrical Engineering Robust Control of Hidden Markov 
Models From Input-Output Information 

Melissa P. Free Meteorology Volcanic and Solar Effects on Climate Since 1400 

John H. Fyock Jr. Psychology Tlie Use of Stereotypes in Strategic Self-presenta- 

Monica R. Gabbidon Biochemistry Characterization of Binding of RecBCD 
Enzyme to Nucleic Acids 

Amy J. Galitzer Mathematics On the Moduli Space of Closed Polygonal Linkages 
on the ISphere 

Alessandra Gallinari Mathematics 

Leonard P. Galusky Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences Toward 
the Development of Quantitative Soil Morphological Indicators of Water Table 

Sanjeev Gandhi Textiles and Consumer Economics Study of Cellulosic 
Smoldering Using a Simulated Ignition Source and Thermal Imaging 

Michele M. Gates Aerospace Engineering A Semi-empirical Method of 
Predicting On-orbit Single Event Effect Rates Due to Heavy Ions 

Scott D. Gelfand Philosophy Morality and justice as Restricted Benevolence 

N D 1 D 


19 9 7 

Joan B. Gillece Human Development An Amlysis of Publicly Funded Services 
by Disenfranchised Individuals 

Andrew M. Girard Applied Mathematics Semi-deformable Bodies in an Ideal 


Travis C. Glenn Zoology Microsatellite DNA Variation within American 
Alligators and Whooping Cranes 

Parke T. Godfrey Computer Science An Architecture and Implementation for a 
Cooperative Database System 

Heidi L. Gelding Economics Employer Search and the Quest for Information: An 
Analysis Using Firm-level Data 

Jose 0. Gonzalez Mathematics On a Category of "Uniform" Spaces 

Lynda Grahill English Language and Literature Hunchbacks in Literature 

Lewis Gray Human Development Differences Between Violent and Non-violent 
Offenders on Measures of Empathy, Attachment, Parental Acceptance/Rejection 

David L. Green Civil Engineering 

Kevin C. Greenaugh Nuclear Engineering Accident Induced Buoyancy Flows in 
Multilevel Nuclear Facilities 

Christine C. Hakenkamp Zoology Importance of Stream Invertebrates to 

Hyporhcic Functioning 

Sara E. Hanna Education Policy, Planning, and Administration The Nature of 
Staff and Student Interaction as a Function of Social and Academic Integration in 
a Small College 

Mamatha Hanumappa ) lorticulture 

Kevin R. Hardwick History Mirrors for Their Sons: Humanist Gentility in 

England and Virginia, 1500-1750 

John L. Hare American Studies Images of the Family in the Antebellum 
Virginia Novel 

Byron K. Hargrove Psychology Social Cognitii'e Factors Predicting Holland 
Theme Interests and Science-related Career Goals of Black Students 

Pamela M. Harman Hearing and Speech Sciences Rhyme Production in 

Patients with Left and Right Hemisphere Damage 

Benita W. Harris Human Development Portrait of Transitional Living: 
A Case Study 

Rana Hasan Economics Productivity Growth and Technological Progress in a 

Reforming Economy: Evidence from India 

Amy J. Haufler Kinesiology Comparison of Marksmanship Skill Relative to 

Electrocortical Hemispheric Activation 

James E. Haynes Philosophy Semantic Nativism and the Language of Thought 

James E. Hazell History The Puritan Fast Day 

James T. Heaton Psychology The Role of Descending Forebrain Projections and 
Auditory Feedback 

John F. Heidelberg Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Denise C. Herz Criminal Justice and Criminology Exploring Medicalization 

within the juvenile justice System 

Eva J. Hester Hearing and Speech Sciences Relationship Betiveen Narrative 
Style Dialect and Reading Achievement in African American Children 

Stephen D. Hight Entomology Host Range Expansion by Eudryas Unio 
(Hubner), an Oligophagous Lepidopteran Herbivore, on to an Introduced Plant 
Species, Lythrum Salicaria L 

Thomas Y. Hiter Education Policy, Planning, and Administration Teacher 
Participation in Managerial Decision Making in Kentucky Elementary School: 
The Role of School-based Decision-making 

Amanda A. Honeyciitt Economics 

Po-Hsun Hsieh Mathematics Submanifolds of Kahler Manifolds and Their 

Normal Bundles 


U N I V 

R Y L 

Mary A. Huntley Curriculum and Instruction Middle School Integrated 
Mathematics and Science Education: Theory andPractice 

Sunghwan Hwang Aerospace Engineering Frequency Domain System 
Identification of Blade with a Trailing Edge Flap 

Karen H. Hyllegard Textiles and Consumer Economics An Investigation of 
Etiuc Patterns of Gift Expenditure in Three Product Categories: Clothing, Toys 
and Money 

Diane S. Illig Sociology Instrument Development for Assessing the Dynamics of 
the Division of Labor within Lesbian and Gay Households and Families 

Khandakar R. Islam Agronomy Active Soil Organic as a Predictor of Soil Quality 

Shelley M. Jackson English Language and Literature Writers of the (R)evolu- 
tion: Contemporary Southern Fiction in Black and Wfiite 

Hamld Jafarkhani Electrical Engineering Wavelet Coding of Images, Adaptation, 

Scalability, and Transmission Over Wireless Channels 

Carmen V. Janssen Germanic Language and Literature Textile in Texturen: 
Lesestrategien und Intertextuahtat bei Goethe und Bettina Brentano-von Amim 

James S. Jensen Chemistr\' Chemical Studies to Understand the Dechlorination 
Process Used at Wastewater Treatment Plants 

InsikJIn Physics Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices for Gravity 

Wave Detection 

Calvin C. Johnson Criminal Justice and Criminology The Structural 
Determinants ofHojnicide: A Closer Examination of the Poverty-homicide 

Valerie C. Johnson Government and Politics Tlie Political Consequences of Black 
Suburbanization: Prince George's County, Maryland, 1971-1994 

Cheryl A. Jones Education Policy, Planning, and Administration A Study of 
the Implementation of Site-based Management to Selected Urban High Schools 


Christpher T. Jones Aerospace Engineering Advancements in Helicopter 

Frequency Domain System Identification 

June W. Jones Criminal Justice and Criminology Profiling Corrupt DEA 

Agaits and Their Careers 

Ann B. Judge Psychology Psychotherapy and Stigma Scale (PASS): Development 
of an Instrument to Measure Stigma that is Attached to Seeking Psychotherapy 

Marek Kaminski Government and Politics Social Choice and Information 

Hung-Chih Kan Physics Evolution SI Surface Nanostructure Under Growth 

Angelos Kanlls Electrical Engineering Compression and Transmission of 
Multiresolution Data in a Network 

Kidambi S. Kannan Engineering Materials Continuum Finite Element Analysis 
of Nonlinear Magneto-mechanical Interactions in Bulk Magnetostrictive Materials 

Christopher M. Keane Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
Texture-based Geomorphic Classification from a Single Source 


Brian L. Kemp Aerospace Engineering Kinematic Modes and Assumed Strain in 
Finite Element Modeling 

Khalil A. Khan Mechanical Engineering Nonlinear Interactions in Structures 

Mizanur R. Khan Policy Studies Sustainable Development: The Case of the 
Forestry Sector of Bangladesh 

Duduiile L. Khoza Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Recruitment and Selection Practices Influencing the Advancement of VJomen to 
Administrative Positions in SA University 

Sanjeev P. Khudanpur Electrical Engineering Model Selection and Data 


Omid E. Kia Electrical Engineering Document Image Compression and Analysis 

Lisa J. Kiely Coimseling and Personnel Services An Exploratory Analysis of 
the Relationship of Racial Identity, Social Class and Family Influences on 
Womanist Identity Development 

Yeon-Myung Kim CivU Engineering Methodology for Design and Evaluation of 
Airport Terminal Configuration 

Young-Rae Kim English Language and Literature A Thematic Study on 


Nancy L. Kimmerly Human Development Parental Choice of Child Care 

Peter E. Kinberg Govenunent and Politics Presidential Fulfillment of Platform 
and Campaign Promises 

Karen D. King Curriculum and Instruction Instructor Decision-making in 
Reform-oriented Undergraduate Mathematics Classrooms 

Katharine F. Knowtton Animal Sciences Starch Digestion and Glucose 
Metabolism in Lactating Ccrws 

Ki-Seog Ko Government and Politics Politico-economic Theory of Public Social 

Lisa M. Koch English Language and Literature Indecent Exposure: American 
Woiiieii Writers, the Body, and Public Performance 

Padma Kodali Engineering Materials Mechanical and Tribological Properties of 

km Beam Processed Surfaces 

Robert C. Kohout Computer Science Guaranteeing Safety in the Presence of 

Moving Obstacles 

Tamara G. Kolda Applied Mathematics Limited-Memory Matrix Methods with 


Kiml>eriy R. Kolos Mechanical Engineering Capillary Pumped Loop Evaporator 

Performance Investigation 

Shobha Kondragunta Chemistr\' The Impact of Urban Aerosols on the 
Photocheniual Smog Formation 

Leonid Y. Kopylev Mathematical Statistics On Estimation of the Marginal 

Survival Function 

Subramanian Kothandaraman Animal Sciences Molecular Characterizations of 

Polypeptides of an Aquanreozirus 

Amy L. Kristof-Brovm Business and Management Vie Goldilocks Pursuit in 
Orgaiii:uitional Selection: How Recruiters Form and Use Impressions of Person- 

Julie A. Kroml(owslu Business and Management Deming's Management System 
Applied to Performance Evaluation and Reward 

Silvia G. Kuriat Spanish Language and Literature La Transformacion Ideoldgica 
de Los Novelistas Argentinos (1974-1989) 

Shyam Kuttildtad Electrical Engineering Construction of 2-D and 3-D Site 
Models from SAR Imagery 

David M. Laman Chemical Physics Applications of Photothermal Beam 
Deflection to Photophysics and Photochemistry 

Guang Lan Chemical Physics An Analysis of Some Quantitative Factors in 
Cardiac Single Photon Emission-computed Tomography Imaging 


U N I V E R S I 

Pamela J. Lanford Zoology Differentiation of Sensory Hair Cells in the 
Vertebrate Inner Ear 

Stephen E. Lankenau Sociology Panhandling and Other Street Work 

Kun-Jing Lee Electrical Engineering High Quality: Al-Containing Materials 
Regrown on Se-Doped AlGaAs for Optoelectronic Application by Metalorganic 
Chemical Vapor Deposition 

Seogyong Lee Kinesiology Mechanical Control and Coordination in Kicking 

Tsu-Shun Lee Chemical Engineering Biodegradation Strategy for TDG and QL 

Jacqueline Leonard Curriculum and Instruction Characterizing Student 
Discourse in a Sixth Grade Mathmatics Classroom 

Stephen R. Leventhal Government and Politics A Non-linear Analysis of 
Battle Death Data 

James C. Levin Microbiology Genetic Characterization of the Neisseria 
Gonorrhoeae Pyocin-derived Lipooligosaccharide Mutant, WS-1 

Yao W. Li Mechanical Engineering Spatically Weighted Fiber Optic Sensors 

and Their Applications in Vibration Control 

Samuel J. Lightwood Mathematics Fidl Capacity Tiling Families and the 
Embedding of H Subshifts 

Rosemary S. Lindle Kinesiology The Relationship of Muscular Strength, Age 
and Gender: Concentric vs. Eccentric Force Production 

Sharon X. Ling Mechanical Engineering A Generic Multi-domain Rayleigh 
Ritz Thermomechanical Stress Analysis Model for Surface-mount Interconnects 

Kirsten M. Lollis Curriculum and Instruction Writing in Algebra Class: 
Investigating the Effects of Writing on Teachers' Decisions 

Shuming Lu Speech Communication Small Talk in Chinese Cultural 
Communication and Chinese-American Intercidtural Contacts 


Amanda J. Lubell Mathematics Global Interactions with Regular Types 

Alicia A. Lucksted Psychology Empowerment Arrwng People with Serious 
Mental Illness 

Eric D. Lund Marine, Estuarine, and Enviroiunental Sciences The Role of 

Essential Fatty Acids in Striped Bass Reproduction 

Anders R. Lunt Speech Communication The Reinvention of Preaching 

VWian Lusweti Education Policy, Planning, and Admirustration 

International Women Students' Perceptions of Gender Differences 

Cedric M. Lynch Education Policy, Planning, and Administration A Study 
of the Judgment of Teachers and Administrators of the Impletnentation of the 
Effective Schools Correlates and Student Achievement in Selected Title 1 ESEA 
Urban Elementary Schools 

William M. Lynch Curriculum and Instruction An Investigation of Writing 
Strategies Used by High-ability Seventh Graders Responding to a State-mandat- 
ed Explanatory Writing Assessment Task 

Adam L. Lyon Physics A Search for Squarks and Gluinos with the Jets and 
Missing Transvers Energy Signature in a Supergravity Framework 

Jennifer L Mabiy Mass Communication How Post-adolescents Perceive that 

They Use Telnision in Their Lives 

Heniy W. Maingi Agricultural and Extension Education Factors Influencing 
the Use of Extension-recommended Fertilizer Technology Practices in Maryland 

Clarissa J. Maroon Plant Biology Molecular Studies on the Replication and 
Epidemiology of Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid (PSTVd) 

Louis A. Martin Human Development The Relationship of Spirituality and 


Louise E. Martinez Art History Piety and Politics in Disguised Portraits of 
Maximilian I and Martin Luther, 1500-1560 

N D I D 

D U A T 

Margaret P. Maslanka English Language and Literature The Myth Made Me 
Do It: The Influence of Navajo and Chippewa Creation Stories on Transcribers and 
Fiction Readers 

Mark S. Mather Sociology Gender Inequality and Use of Health Care in Rural 

ZoranMatic Reliability Engineering A Methodology for Probalistic Physics of 

John D. McClelland Economics An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of 
Environmental Regulation on the Pulp and Paper Industry 

Sean E. McCluskie Government and Politics The Political Economy of 
Privatization in Eastern Europe: The Cases of Poland and the Czech Republic 

Charles A. McCormick Economics Groundwater Quality and Residential 
Property Values: A Hedonic Approach 

Margaret M. McGowen Chemistry Pseudomonas Putida 3-Carboxy-Cis, Cis- 
Muconate Lactonizing Enzyme and Bacillus Subtilis Adenylosuccinate Lyase: 
Mechanistic and Evolutionary Relationships 

Marielena V. McGuire Biochemistry Investigations of the Nucleotide Binding Site 
and the Mode of Phosphoryl Transfer in Pyruvate Phospliate Dikinase 

Mary Beth Melchior Government and Politics Bye, Bye Miss American Pie: 

Citizenship and Political Socialization in the Wake of Vietnam 

Mary A. Mihok Human Nutrition and Food Systems An Evaluation of the Use 
and Impact of an Enhanced Food Package for Breastfeeding Women in the 
Pennsylvania WIC Program 

Judah H. Milgram Aerospace Engineering A Comprehensive Analysis of 
I Icluopter Main Rotors with Trailing Edge Flaps for Vibration Reduction 

Joyce A. Miller American Studies The Southern Belle in American Cinema 

Marshall G. Millett Nuclear Engineering Development of an Optimized Gas 

Filled Neutron Proportional Counter for Fission Spectra 

Charles D. Milligan Mechanical Engineering The Dynamics of Undenvnter 
Bubbles Near Dcformable Boundaries 

Doo H. Min Agronomy Assessing the Effectiveness of Forage Crops to Utilize 
Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Manure 

Alice A. Mitchell Counseling and Personnel Sen'ices A Psychometric 
Examination of the Oklahoma Racial Attitudes Scale and Its Attitudes Scale and 
Its Relationship to Attitudes Toward Women, People Who Are Deaf, Gay Men and 

Ann E. Mitchell Economics Changes in Poverty and Earnings Inequality During 
Economic Crisis and Structural Adjustment: The Case of Mexico 

Angela M. Moore Parmley Criminal Justice and Criminology The Effects of 
Arrest and Victim Characteristics on Misdemeanor Domestic Violence 

Carlos H. Morimoto Computer Science Analysis of Multiple Motion Models for 
Image Stabilization, Mosqicking, and Video Coding 

David E. Mortin Reliability Engineering A Comparison Betzveen Deterministic 
and Probabilistic Thermal Fatigue Modeling of Wires and Wire Bonds and 
Microelectronic Packages 

Safa Motlagh Chemistry Analysis of Gas Phase Radicals After Conversion to 

Amal M. Mudallali Journalism Evolution of the Peace Process in the Arab Press 

Marianne M. Murawski Music Theory Through World Music 

Keiko Muromatsu Linguistics Integral Relations 

Robert E. Myers Education Policy, Plarming, and Administration 
Maintaining the Public Trust: Core Competencies Associated with Multi-campus 
System Governing Boards 

Diana P. Nagel Counseling and Personnel Services Most and Least Helpful 
Events in Career Counseling: An Exploratory Counseling Process Study 

April Nash Music The Instrumental Eingang in the Classical Era 


U N I V 

llham F. Nasser Human Development Mothers', Fathers', and Children's 
Importance Ratings of Sei'eral Developmental Skills Among a Sample of 
Palestinians in Nazareth, Israel 

Mahir A. Nayfeh Electrical Engineering Bifurcation Analysis and Control of 
Surge and Stall in Aeroengine Compressors 

Ashish Nedungadi Aerospace Engineering A Computational Study of Oblique 
Shock/Vortex Interactions for Supersonic Fuel/ Air Mixing 

Paul M. Needham Business and Management Transshipment Policies: A 
Heuristic Cast Benefits Model for Inventory Managers 

Garret L. Nelson Psychology VJIiat is a Job?: A Role-Theory Perspective 

Bilin Neyapti Economics Budget Deficits and Inflation 

Tao Nl Reliability Engineering Development of Partial Failure Analysis 
Method in Probabilistic Risk Assessments 

Ivan G. Nikolchev Journalism The Post-communist Bulgarian Journalist 

Eiichiro Nishizawa Agricultural and Resource Economics Water Pollution 
from Agriculture in the Context of Land Use Planning 

Dariene A. Nobles Human Development The Assessment of Socio-emotional 
Behaviors of Pre-kindergarten Students in a Public School System 

Michael J. Nusca Aerospace Engineering Numerical Simulation of 
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in the Nonequilibrium Chemically Reacting 
Flou'field About a Hypervelocity Projectile at Loiv Altitude 

Michael E. O'Connell Geology Use of Combined Isotope Systems, CFC Model 
Age Dating, and Hydrophysical Monitoring to Study Surface and Groutid Water 
Flow Paths and Geochemical Reactions 

John D. Occhipinti Government and Politics Beliavior in Institutions 

Jonathan R. Olsen Government and Politics Nature and Nationalism: Right 
Wmg Ecology and the Politics of Identity in Contemporary Germany 


Nicholas S. Ormes Mathematics Strong Orbit Realization for Minimal 

Valentina L. Padula Government and PoUtics Party Campaigning in Italy: 
Changes in Political Communication Strategies Between the First and Second 
Republic: 1983-1994 

Jeyasuria Pancharatnam Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
The Molecular Basis for Sex Determination in Reptiles: A Role for Cytochrome 

Diane J. Patrick Curriculum and Instruction Assessing the Impact of Use of 
the Campus Computing Network Upon Selected Research and Teaching 
Activities of University Faculty 

Kristine Y. Patterson Chemistry Vapor Phase Sample Introduction for 
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry 

Craig L. Pearce Business and Management The Determinants of Change 
Management Team Effectiveness: A Longitudinal Investigation 

Vinod G. Peris Electrical Engineering Architecture for Guaranteed Delay 
Seroice in High Speed Networks 

Monica L. Peny Business and Management Strategic Marketing Alliances: 
Norms, Corporate Culture, Trust, Commitment and the Moderating Effects of 
Contract Structure 

David A. Pierce Mathematics On the Model Theory of Function Fields 

Dennis W. Prather Electrical Engineering Analysis and Synthesis of Finite 
Aperiodic Diffractive Optical Elements Using Rigorous Electromagnetic Models 

Joseph P. Previte Mathematics Graph Substitutions 

Vinasithamby Ragavan Civil Engineering Nonlinear Stability Analysis of 
Stiffened Prestressed Dome Using the Finite Element Method 

Robert S. Ralls Psychology Age and Computer Training Performance: A Test of 
Training Enlmncement Through Cognitive Practice 

N D I D 


Dwigirt E. Randle Biochemistry Nuclease Reactions Catalyzed by the RecBCD 


Claudia U. Ranniger Aerospace Engineering Joint Ant^le and Muscle Actii'ity 
Characteristics of the Hand and Forearm During Simulated Extravehicular 

Farrokh Rashid Farrokhi Electrical Engineering 

Chris L. Rasmussen Curriculum and Instruction Students' Understanding of 
Qualitative and Numerical Methods of Analysis of Differential Equations 

Mayank Raturi Economics Testing for Supergame Behavior in Cellular Telephone 

Sharon M. Reitz Health Education Differences in Knowledge ofCoronan/ Heart 
Disease Risks 

Sheila B. Richardson Human Development Effect of hitergenerational 
Community Sen'ice Experience on Self-perception, Mattering, and Attitudes 
Toward the Elderly for At-risk Adolescents 

Linda Richter Psychology Wishfid Thinking: Mechanisms of Motivated 

Praliaddh R. Riddhagni Nuclear Engineering Numerical and Experimental 
Determination of Energy Deposited by Fast Electrons in Plastic Tubes and Wire 

Susan P. RIordan Counseling and Personnel Services A Factor Analytic Study 
of Attention and Associated Behaviors 

Gary T. Roan Electrical Engineering Analysis of Microwave Devices by the 
FDTD Method 

Russell J. Rockefeller History Their Officers and Magistrates: Executive 

Government m Colonial Maryland, 1715-1776 

Monique Roelofs Philosophy Aesthetic Experiences and Their Place in the Mind 

Kathleen A. Rogers Applied Mathematics Stability Exchange in Parameter 
Dependent Constrained Variables Principles with Applications to Elastic Rod 
Models of DNA Mini-circles 

Randolph H. Rowel Health Educahon Reducing Interpersonal Violence Among 
Adolescents: An Evaluation of a School-based Violence Prevention 

Francis T. Ruppel English Language and Literature Marketplace Romances: 
Artliur, Poe and Hawthorne 

Robyn A. Russow Human Development The Effects of Graphing Calculator 
Experiences on Conceptual Understanding of Algebra 

Suleyman Sahinalp Computer Science Locally Consistent Parsing with 
Applications to String Algorithms 

Arunkumar M. Sampath Mechanical Engineering Schemes for Noise Control in 
Three-dimensional Enclosures 

Abhimanyu Sarkar Molecular and Cellular Biology 

Naveen Sama Economics Macroeconomic Policy Determinants of Groivth: A 
Cross Country, Time-Series Analysis for Developing Countries 

Michael P. Scannell Chemistry Model Studies of ON A Photoreactivation 

Melody E. Schuhwerit Business and Management Comparative Advertising and 

Processing Goals: Implications for the Advertised and Comparison Brands 

John D. Schwartz Recreation An Experiment to Determine the Effect of Catch and 
Catch-and-Release on Fishermen's Attitudes and Behaviors 

Patricia A. Scully Curriculum and Instruction Contexts that Invite Reflection on 
Self as Teacher 

Gretchen B. Sechrist Psychology 

Barbara C. Segnatelli Government and Pohtics Earning Citizenship: 
Intergenerational Socialization and the Role of the High School Civics Curriculum 
in Adolescent Efficacy 

Allison G. Sharp English Language and Literature Metadrama in Three Plays 
by Tennessee Williams 

Tariq M. Shukri Nuclear Engineering Methodology and Tools for Performing a 
Full Scale Dynamic PRA of Nuclear Poiver Plants 

Willa C. Siegel Human Development The Relationship of Risks and Resilience in 
Non-Hispanic and Hispanic Post-Head Start Kindergarten Children 

David M. Silver American Studies 

Jeffrey D. Singleton Aerospace Engineering 

Allan W. Smith Physics Anomalous Sign of the Mixed-state Hall Effect in Type II 

Amy K. Smith Business and Management Custom Satisfaction with Service 
Encounters Involving Failure and Recovery: An Integrative Model of Exchange 

Marie T. Smith Special Education The Effect of Training on the Participation of 
Parents in the Educational Planning for Their Special Needs Child 


Stephen I. Smith Computer Science Task-Network Planning for Bridge and for 

Microivave Module Manufacture 

Steven G. Smith Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences A Length- 
Cohort Approach to Crustacean Stock Assessment Incorporating Discontinuous 

Michael I. Smoliar Geology Re-Os Study ofMagmatic Iron Meteorites 

Dominicus W. So Psychology The Mind/Body Relationship Re-explored: Impact 
of Clients Positive Expectation and Perceived Mind/Body Relationship on 
Tlxerapeutic Outcome of Acupuncture 

Dian Song Physics Superconducting Coulomb-Blockade Electrometer 

Mustafa K. Sonmez Electrical Engineering Robust Speech Recognition by 
Topology Preserving Adaptive Vector Quantization 

Brett A. Sovereign Mathematics Nilpofent Isometry Groups of Compact Hyper 
Lorentz Manifolds 

Robert B. Spence Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
A Description of the Perceptions of Maryland Community and Junior College 
Tech-Prep Coordirmtors and Other Selected Professional Educators Regarding the 
Reading Literacy Component of Their Tech-Prep Programs 

Sanjay Srivastava Chemistry Spectroscopic and Chemical Investigations of 

Barbara J. Stephanie American Studies Clarence Cook and American Art 

David P. Stevens Geography Spatial Decision Support for Regional Planning in 

Developing Countries 

Kenneth P. Stewart Physics Infrared Optical Properties ofNdi CuOi~s 
Thin Films 

Deborah B. Stone Human Development An Exploratory Study Examining 
Visual Processing Associated with Reading Text on a Laptop Computer 

N D I D 


Y 19 9 7 

Louann W. Stylianopoulos Art History Viewer and Decoration in the Early 
Cliristiau Churclics of Macedonia Prima 

Sheiyao A. Su Computer Science Virtual Panels at Your Fingertips 

Shen-Kai Su Food Science The Effect of Ultra and Micro Filtration on the 
Retention of Apple Juice Flavor Entities 

Zhuoyi Su Chemistry The Dynamics of d-anilino-carboxylate and Related Cation 
Radical a-heterolytic Fragmentation Processes 

Shoichi Sugiyama Recreation A Study of Relationship Between Motivational 

Orientation and Productivity 

Alexandra M. Sullivan Health Education How Career Women Who Are First- 
time Mothers Over 30 Cope with Violated Expectations with Multiple 
Roles in the First Year Following the Birth of Their Babies 

Margaret Sullivan Curriculum and Instruction Enhancing Qualitative 
Uiulcrstaiutiiig of Graplis Through the Inclusion of Reflective Thinking 
Activities in College Calculus and Pre-calculus 

Mark W. Sullivan Public Conununication Dangerous Music: The Eternal 

Robert 0. Sullivan, Jr. Sociology Religiosity, Social Support, and Coping Abilities 
as InterveningVariables in the Relationship Between Unemployment and Mental 
Health Outcomes — GM Plant Closing Study 

Craig A. Swanson History Race and American Images ofAlta, California: 

Joseph C. Swatski English Language and Literature Testing Boundaries — 
Rereading Short Story Collections of the 1950s 

Samuel R. Swift Music The Complete Works for Cello and Piano by Ludwig van 

Cissy C. Szeto Psychology The Effects of Acculturation on Proneness to Cuilt, 
Shame, and Transferred Shame Among Asian Americans 

Jose M. Taccetti Physics Gyroresonant Enhancement of the Interaction of an 
Annular Beam Free Electron Laser 

Ali M. Tafreshi Nuclear Engineering A Pulsating Natural Circulation System 

Nanihisa Takashima Aerospace Engineering Optimization of Waveriier-based 
Hypersonic Vehicle Designs 

Peter D. Tamburello I'hysics Measurement of the Top Quark Production Cross 
Section m Proton Antiproton Collisions of Center of Mass Energy of 1.8 TeV 

Dali Tan Comparative Literature Exploring the Intersection Between Gender 
and Culture — Rereading Li Qingzhao and Emily Dickinson from a Comparative 

Liangyou Tang Biological Resources Engineering Empirical Study of Flow 



R S I T Y 

R Y L A N D 



Sara A. Tangren Agronomy Quantitative Relationships Among Groundwater, 
Plant Community, and Soil Morphology 

Dabrina A. Taylor American Studies Fair Lady, Huckleberry Friend: Feminity 
and Freedom in the Image of Audrey Hepburn, 7953-1967 

Jason A. Taylor Physics The Contribution of Continuum Reprocessing by Stellar 
Winds to ACN Specta 

Susan K. Taylor Economics Changing Returns to Occupational Skills and Their 
Contribution to Wage Inequality Growth 

William M. Thomas Computer Science Evolution Approaches for Software 
Engineering Empirical Modeling 

Micliele D. Thomley Astronomy Dynamical Influences in Flocciilent Galaxies: 
An Examination of Structure and Star Formation 

Stephen G. Tibbetts Criminal Justice and Criminology College Student 
Perceptions of Utility and Cheating Intent 

Patricia Tilghman Human Development Black Families Perceptions of the 
School Climate in Relation to the Education and Reported School Achievement of 
Their Children 

Ching-Jung Ting Civil Engineering Transfer Coordination in Transit Networks 

Sampath K. Tinimala Chenrustry Self-Assembling 

Zoran Trajanovic Physics Studies of Anisotropic In-plane Aligned A-Axis 
Oriented Thin Films 

Susan C. Trapp Biochemistry Isolation and Characterization of Macrocyclic 
Trichothecene Biosynthetic Pathway Genes from Myrothecium Roridum: A Case 
Study for Horizontal Gene Transfer 

Hafeez Ullah Education Policy, Planning, and Administration How Do 
Oiaracteristics of Family Background and Teachers Affect Individuals' 
Achievement in Selected Rural Areas of Pakistan? 


Lisa A. Uriievich Music Anne Boleyn, A Music Book and the Courts of Northern 
Renaissance Europe: Music MS 1070 of the Royal College of Music, London 

Barbara A. Usher Human Development The Relation Between Disruptive 
Behavior Problems, Self-worth and Perceived Competence in Middle Childhood 

Juan A. VaMnna Physics The Physics of High Altitude Lightning 

Peggy N. Van Meter Human Development Contextual Prompt for Self 
Monitoring of Reading Comprehension: Effects of Feedback on Conceptual 
Knowledge Acquisition 

Stacy D. VanDeveer Goverrmient and Politics Normative Force: The State, 
Transnational Norms and International Environmental Regimes 

Jose A. Vergara Meteorology Simulation of Tornado with a Full Compressible 
Cloud Model 

Clare R. Voss Computer Science Interlingua-based Machine Translation of 
Spatial Expressions 

Fu-Cheng Wang Electrical Engineering A Novel Nanometer-scale Tunneling 
Field-effect Transistor 

Min-Hua Wang Chemical Engineering An Investigation of the Flow Field 
Generated by Axial Impellers in a Baffled Stirred Tank 

Tong Wang Business and Management Numerical Techniques for the Pricing of 
Asian OpHions 

Xiang J. Wang Mechanical Engineering Interface Effects on Wave Propagation 

Zhou Wang Physics Riometer Absorption Associated with F-Region Plasma 


Juying X. Warner Meteorology A New Long Wave Radiation Model for 
Application to Atmospheric Programs 

Mary T. Weiner Himian Development Raising Bilingual and Bicultural 

Children: Deaf Parents' Perceptions 

N D I D A T E 

G R E E S , M 

David M. Weinstein American Studies Washinglon's Windoxv on the World 

Dorothy Y. White Curriculum and Irwtruction Equity in Mathematics 
Classrooms: The Question and Response Patterns of Third Grade Teaclicrs in High 
Minority Population Schools 

IHichael E. White Aerospace Engineering Hypersonic Shock/Wave/Boundary 
Layer Interactions in the Vicinity of an Expansion Corner 

Stephen E. Wilhite Plant Biology Cloning of a Cene that Confers Gliotoxin 
Biosynthesis and Resistance to the Biocontrol Fungus Gdiocladium Virens 

Elizabeth N. Williams Psychology Perceptions of Serendipity: Career Paths of 
Prominent Women in Counseling Psychology 

Reginald G. Williams Aerospace Engineering Experimental Investigation of the 
Flow Field Ahooe a Plane Rectangular Wing at High Angles of Attach 

Raymond J. Wilson Psychology The Interactive Effects of Caffeine and Personality 
on Autonomic Responding and Vigilance Performance 

Nancy W. Wiltz Curriculum and Instruction Children's Perceptions of 
Developmentally Ap'pnofiriate and Inappropriate Child Care Centers 

Kari E. Wommack Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences Aspects of 
the Ecological Role of Bacteriophages 

Ellen C. Wooten Electrical Engineering Design of a Coordinated Controller 
Based on a Neuron Model of Flight Locomotion in a Locust 

Shanlu Wu Physics For Infrared Magneto-Optical Study of AC Hall Effect in 
YHCO Thin Films 

Douglas E. Wuchina English Language and Literature Sexual Polarization in 
D.H. iMwrence 

Rae A. Wuestman Curriculum and Instruction Student Teachers' Reflection on 
Learning and leacliing: A Qualitative Study of Theory-Practice Relating 

Eugene Z. Xia Mathematics The Moduli of Flat PGL ( ) Structures on Riemann 

Qing Xie Human Development Perceptions of Parents and Only Children of 
Parents' Child Rearing Practices and Relationships Between Child Rearing 
Practices and Only Children's Achievement in China 

Kang Xu Engineering Materials High Temperature Deformation and 
Strengthening Mechanism ofNAIMatrix Composites 

Kefeng Xu Business and Management A Two Location Continuous Review 
(Q, R) Inventory Model with Emergency Transshipments 

Dan Yang Civil Engineering Investigation of the Scaling Laws for Centrifuge 
Modeling of Frost Heave 

Shee Yao Electrical Engineering Diversity Reception, Power Control and 
Channel Allocations in Multi-media, Multi-rate CDMA Netzvorks 

Lisa K. Yarkony History The Discourse of Public Health in Lyon 

Shu-Jing Yen Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation Psychometric Properties 
of IE A Reading Comprehension Test Using Latent Class Analysis 

Shui-Cheung Yip Mathematics 

Youngjin Yoo Business and Management An Empirical Analysis of the Effects 

of Group History on the Appropriation of Video Channel in a Distributed Decision 
Making Environment 

Henry D. Young Engineering Materials 

Shih-Tsung Yu Chemical Engineering Microbial Production of Dorosahexaenoic 

Acid (DHA) 

John D. Zacker Education Policy, Planning, and Administration The Effects of 
Moral Reflection on University Student fudiciary Members Moral Judgement 

Joan M. Zenzen American Studies Promoting National Parks: Images of the 

West in the American Imagination: 1864-1991 

Xiaodong Zhang Chemistry Mechanistic Studies ofDNA Degradation by 

Antitumor Antibiotics xoith Synthetical Nucleoside Acids 


U N I V 

Jie Zhu Chemical Physics Covariance Study of Intense-Field Dissociative 
Ionization ofH- 

Marilyn Zugish Education Policy, Planning, and Administration South Bend 
Center for the Homeless: A Community of Learners 


Barbara J. Campbell Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Clianges in Student Teachers' Thinking and Beliefs About Mathematics During 
the Student Teaching Experience 

John H. Cox Education Policy, Planning, and Administration Tl^e Relationship 
Between the Type of Educational Program and Student Performance for Intensity 
Three and Four Education Students 

Lany D. Coins Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education Comp. 
Invest. Pre-Voc Intervention/Career Maturity-EDM Students 

Patricia M. Martin Education Policy, Planning, and Administration A Study 
of the Actual Versus the Desired Instructional Leadership Role of the High School 
Assistant Principal 

Rhonda A. Munson Curriculum and Instruction Developing Student Literacy: 
A Case Study of an Elementary School 

John E. Smeallie Curriculum and Instruction An Evaluation of an After-school 
Tutorial and Study Skills Program for Middle School Students at Risk of Academic 


Jeongseon Choi Music Western Music in Korea with an Emphasis on Piano 
Compositions Since 1970 

Youngkwon Choi Music Present State of Symphonic Music in Korea 

Neal L. Corwell Music Original Compositions for Solo Euphonium with Tape 

Clifton D. Hardin Music Alessandro Crandi's Messa Seconda a Otto Voc 


Cynthia L. Jay Music Gian Carlo Metwtti: Tlie Women of his Operas, with Special 
Empliasis on "Tlie Medium"; Including a Production of "The Medium" 

Heejoung Kim Music Selected Violin Repertoire by Contemporary Korean 

Hwa Y. Kim Music Jan Ladislav Dussek (1760-1812): His Little Kncmm Works for 
Piano Solo 

Anthony B. Kirkland Music An Annotated Guide to Wind Band Excerpts for 
Trumpet and Cornet, as an Aid to Teaching, Performance, and Audition 

Linda M. Kirltpatrick Music The Pedagogical Philosophies, Techniques and 
Methods of Flutist William Montgomery 

Charles K. McCarter Music Chamber Symphony 

Joy Ratliff Music Women in Pants: Male Roles for the Mezzo-soprano or 
Contralto Voice 

Lino R. Rivera Music Transcriptions, Arrangements, Paraphrases, and 
Metamorphoses for Piano Solo 

Ji-Sook Shin Music A Comparison Between the American and Korean Composers 
in the 20th Century 

Somi J. Shin Music Freedom is Not Free 

Jerry N. Tabor Music Ephemera: for Computer-generated Tape 

Jane L. Tavemier Music Elements of Obsession in Soprano Arias 

James L. Turk Music Critical Commentary on A.T. Grechaninov's AH Night 
Vigil, Op.59 

Catherine J. Verrilli Music Federico Garcia Lorca: Words and Music, A Study and 
Performance of Vocal Settings with Texts by Lorca 

Jia-Yue Yang Music The Performance in Selected Chopin Music 

N D I D 


A D U A T 

Candidates for 



MAY 1997 


Aaron llya Dabbah 
James M. Harmon 
Kathleen M. Lindsay 
D. Sydney Reddv 
Tara Lillian Tetrault 
Joanna Ellen Walshe 
Josephine Margaret Wright 


Kristin Elizabeth Belz 
Donna Gail Cooper 
Jose Luis Gomez 
Joel P. Kelty 
Jeanie Lai 
Chan-min Lin 
Eduardo R. Lyon 
Serge Plishevsky 
Ying Ren 

Ilan Alexander Scharfstein 
Rohan Shivkumar 
Christine Elizabeth Small 
Roberta Bair Watts 
Kent Michael Werner 
John William Wright 
Jinsong Wu 


American Studies 

Marybeth Kavanagh 
Kelly Quinn 
Laurie Sara Sokol 

Applied Mathematics 

Sassan Dehghan 
Annette Michele Evangelisti 
Xiaodong Guan 
Jason Ross Lieberman 
Amy Beth Prengaman 
Jeremy Andrew Warner 
Kimberly Sherrille Weems 
llya Zavorine 

Art Histoiy 

Jennifer Bradshaw Bergman 


Eric Christian Chrol 
Melody Jean Haymire 

Counseling and Personnel Service 

Asa Gudbjorg Asgeirsdottir 
( Graduated December 1996) 
Karen Elizabeth Boss 
Susan Greer Burton 
Christopher Scott Chambers 
Saundra Dean Guice-Long 
Tova Olson 
Robyn Alyse Strauss 
Jennifer Lyn Vest 
Theresa H. Yeh 

Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Kdtlierini' Ann Culotta 
Jennifer Lewis Hodgin 
Heather Ann Houck 
Shelley M. Kirchner 
Ross Levitsky 

Franki Renee Norris 
Andre Blaise Rosay 
Kevin Jay Strom 
Beverly Jean Ward 
Michael J. Wilbur 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Lisa Anne Dejoumette 

Nadine Natalie Hinds 

John Colin Lello 

Mary Elizabeth McDevitt Mukherjee 


Kimberly Naomi Bayard 
Philippe Henri Heiche 
Giuseppe larossi 
Apirat Laosinchai 
Thornton Matheson 
Kiran Dev Pandey 
Patrick Hall Phenis 
Stephen Edward Snyder 
Lan Zhao 

Education Policy, Planning and 

Stephan L. Coggs 
Anne Elizabeth Mullen 
Heidi Schiffert Rotella 
Chih-I Yao 

English Language and Literature 

Franz Karl Adler 
Shannon Yolanda Bradley 
Allison P. Brovey 
Elizabeth Kelly Callahan 
Edmond Y. Chang 
Andrew James Collins 
Chrishne M. Elliott 
Melody Patrice Elliott 
Nancy Lynn Erwin 
Adrianne May Johnston 

Carie Lynn Jones 

Robert C. Kenamond 


Sharon Louise Degraw Knowles 

Jamie Dean McDonald 

Ned Daniel McKinley 

Catherine Marie Romagnolo 

Jennifer Lynne Rush 

Catherine Jean Schum 

Madhurina Shah 

Amy Louise Shulse 

Allison A. Simmons 

Veronica Yvette Stephens 

Julia Ann Sutliff 

Daphne Leigh Swancutt 

Daniel Kurt Virgilio 

Leslie Elizabeth Waters 

Laura Denise WUber 

French Language and Literature 

Ruthanne DuBois 
Brigitte Moretti 


Ronald Lee Allen 
Thomas Frederick Allnutt 
Kirstin L. Beach 
Michael W. Beardslee 
Anuradha Paul Bowman 
Gail Carmichael 
Nancy W. Casey-McCabe 
Jessica Natalie Graef 
Christopher Lee Haga 
Christopher Richard Havlicek 
Michael Eric Howard 
Jay Mukherjee 
Pamela Lynn Nagler 
Jacques Michael Piou 
Paul Austin Purman 
Paula M. Scurfield 
Katherine Leary Sebastian 


U N I V 

David Alan Shirey 
Brenda H. Yoo 

German Language and Literature 

Linley James Hagen 
Eric Jon Klaus 

Government and Politics 

William Carleton Bushman, Jr. 
Kimberly Yvette David 
Erika Leeanna Gordon 
Cedric Gerard Johnson 
Wendy G. Smooth 
Kate McGuire Wesley 

Healtli Education 

Laurie Ellen Barshay 
Ira Lee Berke 

Katherine Hartmann Flint 
Jennifer Lee Higley 
Beth Aim Gallovic Sprod 

Hearing and Speecli Sciences 

Valerie Delar Bishop 

Nancy Freeman-Bums DeViemo 

Dahlia Georgette Dimitri 

Sharon Melissa Garguilo 

Kristine Kingsbury Grimm 

Margaret Packard King 

Kristin A. Krotz 

Susan Elizabeth Mackes 

Aimee Baird Pharr 

Corinne Dile Phillips Romero 

Michael Parmer Rose 


Brian Christopher Bass 
Michael W. Dravis 
Joshua Seth Freed 
David Eugene Habecker 
Alicia Maria-Beatrez Hall 
Matthew Eric Mason 
Kareem DeAnda Murphy 
Christy Erin Regenhardt 
Janine C. Stines 
Mark William Wastler 

Human Development Education 

Ann Turner Feldman 
Pei-wen Winnie Ma 
Wilfridah Mmbone Mucherah 
Janet Ray Parsons 
Betty Cha-hua Ruei 

Kimberly D. Wandzel 
Rosalind Turner Zuses 

Occupational Education 

Amit Reizes 


Jeannine Anderson 

Ta Wanna Yvette Berry 

liana Suzanne Brilliant 

Wei Chang 

Shena L. Crittendon 

Kirby Kathryn Dicken 

Hsiao- Yi Fang 

Loren Christopher Goloski 

Kell\' Renee Har\'ey 

Beatrice Renee High 


N D I D 


R A D U 

Laura Ann Hockridge 

Gordon James Hume 

Meeka Vonetta Jackson 

Sheryl Monique Kennedy 

Christopher Drew Kirkpatrick 

Daniel Jay Kraut 

Jennifer Elizabeth Langston 

Wesley A. Mallette 

Ben H. Owens 

Kimberly Gail Reed 

Kristina M. Schurr 

Maria D. Shepard 

Rose S. Talbot 

Cheryl Ann Taylor 

William Edgar Thompson, Jr. 

Kimberly Claudette Thornton 

Jody L. Walsh 

Nicole Michelle Wise 

Xu Marianne Zhu Yeh 


Alberto J. Baca, Jr. 
Julius Christian Beretta 
Emmanuel Coutoulakis 
Charles Michael Fischer 
Katrina Marie Fogleman 
Michelle Lynne Hedgepeth 
Joshua Lambeth Montfort 
Rovenia Louise Mutcherson 
Kathleen Sharon Rodgers 
Timothy Rvan Rohrbaugh 
Margot Ruth Royer 
Cindy Leigh Waddell 


Marcia C. Loureiro 
Julien Musolino 

Mathematical Statistics 

Lawrence Michael Brown 
Rui Cai 
Zhenshao Zhong 


Mark Douglas Morgan 
Alison Bond Seitz 
Lev B. Vertgueim 
Hui-chen Yu 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Christopher Barton Clarke 
Barbara Anne Holton 
Tracy Annette Hunt-White 


Stexen Victor Alves 
Thomas Raymond Gleason 
David Fred Hull 
Eleonora Eva Orlando 


Mark B. Johnson 
Thomas Gregory Kocot 
Mark Anthony Mann, Sr. 


Valerie Jean Oliver 

Russian Language and 

Henry Jan Hirsch 

Katarzyna Magdalena Lechliter 

Tara Ann Vize 


Matthew Dwayne Bramlett 
Jonathan David Finkelstein 
Jennifer Lynn Fortado 
Amanda Loreta Foster 
David Scott Kastberg 
Joseph Leonard Kroart lU 
Dominic Joseph Perri 
David Edward Rohall 

Spanish Language and Literature 

Amy Nicole Albright 
Fernando Juan Felipe Degiovarmi 
Maryellen Louise DeTurck 
Denise Egidio 
Claudia Edith Mendez 
Rafael Santoyo Mucino 
Marcos A. Perez 
Katherine Anne Thompson 
Raul Vallejo 

Speech Communication 

Mary Kay Albowicz 
Monica Lou Gilmore 
Roxana Sofia GitUn 
John David Hofland 
Simon James Lewthwaite 
Roslyn Ann Singer 


Edith Phyllis Catto 
Heather Michele Downey 
Timothv Graves Gillaspie 


Combined History/Library and 
Information Services 

Seth R. Atkinson 
Tobin Patrick Conley 
Paul David Lagasse 
Jordan Emily Landes 
Heather Lynn Moore 
Kazuhiko Nakamoto 

Combined Geography/Library 
and Information Services 

Richard Hendnk Antonisse 


Christopher Anthony Abbate 
Ryon Hale Acey 
Leopoldo John Feir Acot III 
Anthony Lyrm Airoso 
R. Edward Albert III 
Robin A. Allen 
Amab Bag 
Sumeet Bahl 

Elisheva Elisabeth Barkay 
Clifford Shannon Barney 
Sarah Denny Bartholomew 
Daniel Van Horn Bengis 
Jonathan Joseph Bernstein 
John Allen Bocianowski 
Alexandra J. Boet 
Naresh Kumar Boga 
Kevin Francis Bonavito 
Richard Benedict Bonfiglio 
Brian Maurice Bradford 
Dev Andreas Braganza 
Christopher Nelson Brown 
Jennifer Lyrm Brown 
Gretchen Catherine Buchen 
Jennifer Lynn Coulson 
John David Darby 
Rafael Alfredo De LuqueRory 
John Deermg 
Ravi Dhingra 
John Wellford Dillard ID 
Salvatore A. DiPaola 
Rajesh A. Elayavalli 
David Michael English 
Mary-Wanda Fandifio 
Kermeth Shou-min Fang 
Katelyn Mary Feeney 
Mathew W. Fisher 
Joshua Fenton Flyr 
Christopher Gaudet Frink 
Victoria Lynn Fuller 
Jermifer Payne Garrett 



C O L L E G 

Jon Scott Gilmore 

Ralph U.H. Claser 

Gang Gong 

Peter Dale Gould 

Jacqueline Guerrero 

Darrin D. HaU 

Rajeev Haswani 

Michael Brian Hicks 

Kevin David Huff 

Albert Joseph Ingallinera, Jr. 

Masaaki Inokuma 

Amit Jain 

Clara Elana Kagan 

Dawn Rose Kahler 

Cybele Becky Kamhi 

Ekaterina Kamouchadze 

Saurabh Kanaujia 

Tomohiko Kaneko 

Vijay Kapoor 

Brian Thomas Karaba 

Amar Manohar Karvir 

Heidi Louise Keller 

Fernando Carlos Killian 

Candida Arm Kirkpatrick 

Geoffrey Martin Kitakule 

Polis A. Koudounas 

Hwei-Hwa Kuo 

Yasunori Kuroiwa 

Edward Eric Lamb 

Loretta P. Lambkin 

Jennifer K. Lanciault 

Elizabeth Entwisle Larrivee 

Loren Edward Lay 

Christophe Le Menestrel 

Jaymes S. Lee 

WiUiam H. Lehr 

Brewer Smyth Lister 

Ching-An Liu 

Deborah Marie Long 

Li Matt Ma 

Shenette Yolanda Massenburg 

Cynthia Marjorie McClymont 

Maria A. Melnikova 

Roberto Alejandro Mikse 

Michael Joseph Milio 

Daniel Harry Miller 

Mark Edward Miller 

Naomi Miller 

Sung Kyoon Moon 

John Kenneth Moxley 

Margaret Esther Naab 

Yasuo Nagumo 

Patricia Nash Workman 

Ellen Sheri Nassikas 

Mahendra Vasant Navarange 

Cheow-koon Jason Pak 

James Milton Parker 

Carla Evon Partlow 

Marc James Pearce 

Michele Bucciero Pennington 

Amy Beth Poe 

Ellen Stacy Polinsky 

Gorur R. Ravi 

Hoodi Venkatesh Reddy 

Thiemo Rehlaender 

Gary Wayne Richardson 

Cheryl Eva Roberts 

John Paul Rolfes II 

Steven Michael Rosenberg 

Juan Ignacio Sarmiento 

Paul Robert Scheerer 

Maria Shkaratan 

Frances Bo-kyeong Smit 

Woo Sang Song 

Scott Alden Steever 

Rungting Su 

Banu Suman 

Qingping Sun 

Hiroshi Taguchi 

Toshitaka Takemoto 

Wei Tang 

Donald Murray Tannenbaum 

Eric Heath Taylor 

Tad George Trias 

Monica Elaine Turner 

Sabiha Umar 

Kristi Lynn Vigil 

Mona Vij 

Elizabeth S. Welch 

Jonathan David Wesoky Edward 

Patrick Whitty Sandra 

Lee Williams 

Angela Marie Xenakis 

Wei Xia 

Jingjing Xu 

Carlos Cesar Yammal 

Yang Yang 

Christopher L. York 

Yung-Ping Yu 

Zhexian Zhou 

Eve Renee Zimmerman 

Hugh R. Cameron 


Saleh Nasser Aboud Al Habsi 
Theodore James Brown 
Desiree Alease Butler 
Gregory J. Calleri 
Kwan Daisy Chan 
Brian Lee Christopher 
Monica Maria Contreras 
Han-hoan Due Dang 
Kermin Marzban Gandhi 
Vemice Bemita Gibson 
Kimberly Karel Hancock 
Suhail Hasan 
Sandra Herrera 
Mong-ting Hung 
Vadim V. Khokhlov 
Archana Kumar 
Lilia Hashem Naas 
Theodore K. Woods 


Anne Lynn Corbett 
William Carl Mayland 
Steve McKindley-Ward 
Edward Leonard Strocko 

Counseling and Personnel 

Carol Ellen Abold 
Leah Carol Anthony 
Itsuko Arata 
Susan Decker Buccola 
David Lynn Byrd 
Bennadine Virginia Carter 
Glenna Chia-ho Chang 
Beverly Jean Coe 
Lori Diane Cooper 
Jennifer L. Crane 
Michael David Engen 
Katherine Theresa Fontaine 
Brenda Bea Frickson 
Dennis Alan George 
Jacqulyn Yvette Geter 
Julie L. Goldberg 
Heather Mara Goldstein 
Rufus R. Gonzales 
Alicia S. Harris 
Danielle Elizabeth Hinkle 
Belinda Marianne Jellison 
Nora Keita Jemison 
Debra Ann Josefchak 
Keven I. Kamalieh 
Gina Come Kimos 
Ann Catherine Korty 
Sheila Ann Lord 
Julie Norma Love 
Beth Mallow-Frame 
Jeannette Lorraine Malone 
Lashawn Y. Maxwell 
Mary H. McGroarty 


R A D U A T E 

Martha Fagan Miller 

Thomas Odell Moore 

Derrick William Myree 

Nami Nakahodo 

Chizuko Oshiro 

Michelle Lee Padgett 

Donna Louise Peters-Miyagi 

Kristi E. Phelps 

Guy Pope 

Laura Teresa Rachuba 

Alice Rodriguez 

Jackie Elizabeth Rodriguez 

Cheryl Lynn Runkles 

Jeanne P. Schierhoff-Slade 

Edwina Mae Smith 

Kimberly Dawn Swanson 

Angela Rene Tatum 

Reginald Taylor 

Tonia Marie Thompson 

Kathleen Kearsley Vaillancourt 

Audran Maria Ward 

Eleanor Matilda Holmes 


Leslie Michelle Williams 

April M. Wright 

William Alan Yeager 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Carmen Lily van Zutphen 
Elisa Robin Cohen 
Jennifer Chambers Froh 
Dana Christine Frye 
Joan Louise Goode 
Mary Susan Hattery 
Donna Maria Johnston 
Charles Clinton Jones 
Susan Claire Kirk 
Lana Jeanette Lehr 
Wendy Ann McAvoy 
Carolina McKenzie 
Dana Lynn Pao 
William Kitching Roberts 

Steven K. Sharp 
Gretchen Traas Spencer 
Kathleen Elizabeth Trezza 
Charles Yu-qiao Wang 
Katitti Madrid Watson 
Thomas Walter Wiglesworth 
Nicole Andrea Young 

Education Policy, Planning and 

Christopher Edward Hartmann 
Joyce Farrell King 
David A. Norment 
Alessandra Elizabeth Tsakos 
Elizabeth Whiteside Williams 

Human Development Education 

Jennifer Ann Amerman 
Darlene Rene Daniels 
Yael Eran 

Carolyn Margaret Ham 
Suzanne Kozlov 

Special Education 

Tricia Kay Audi 
Liza Rebecca Bishop 
Paul Arthur Britt 
Anne Marie Dantonio 
Pauline Elise Del Mauro 
Diarme DeVeaux Francis 
Christa Louise Gordon 
Andrew J. Hiller 
Horatio Malik Jabari-Kitwala 
Yvette Turner Jackson-Bey 
Colleen Mary Makepeace 
Meredith Balmuth Milk 
Authrine Agnes RuUow 
Greta Schroeder 
Barbara L. Thompson 
Michelle L. Weiser 
Jennifer Anne Wheat 



Gregory Steven Bensimon 

Patrick Glenwood Burton 

Brian C. Dewitt 

Patrick J. DeShon 

James Leroy Drake 

John Chukwuemeka Esenwa 

Richard W. Garman 

M. Nuri Gurtan 

Thomas Oliver Heikkinen 

Anooshirvan A. Izadpanah 

Baek Soo Kim 

Daniel M. Korn 

Gina Gaither Matthews 

Eiruly Jane Mielke 

Brian James Montgomery 
Negar Moshiri 

Arland William Poindexter III 
Nete Mourier Poret 
Edward Norman Schinner, Jr. 
Kimberly Dawn Slan 
Sheleen Marie Spencer 
William H. Sutliff 


Creative Writing 

Abigail Bardi 

Daniel C. Blasi 

Mary Louise Megan Carrigan 

Michael Robert Clark 

Katherine Elizabeth Cottle 

Bias Geraldo Falconer 

U N I V 


Hoke Smith Glover m 
Ted Eminitt Howard 
Debra L. Laser 
John Christopher McConnell 
Helena G. Mesa 
James John O'Keefe 
Evan Craig Shubin 
DeTarmyia MilUa Towner 
Karen Ann Young 

Fine Arts 

Berj Dikran Kalayjian 
Laura Susan Lowe 
Ana Cecilia Mandrile 
Michael Thomas Russell 
Barclay Ormes Wellman 


Marcia Pendelton 
Andre D. Harrington 


Libraiy and Infonnation Services 

Suzanne Patricia Adamko 
Lisa Christine Bowes 
Sean Kendal] Brov^m 
Lois G. Chester 
Jeimifer Veronica Dahmus 
Paul Alexis Dinsmoor 
Kathleen Ecker 
Rebecca Jean Fitzgerald 
Kinda Evonne France 
Annette Katrina Gaskins 
Allison H. Gordon 
Randall McLean Hopkins 
Magda Jean-Louis 
Stephanie Ann Jefferson 
Deborah L. Kapper 
Theresa Lynn Keifer 

Jay Frank Kimball 
Elizabeth Jean Kloetzer 
John Nelson Landis 
James Bryan Lane 
Mary Josephine Lazun 
Sara Beth Lee 
Scott Alan Leonard 
Rudolph Lewis 
Jermifer Rebecca McDaniel 
Tracy Neckar Meehleib 
EUzabeth Maude Missell 
Karen D. Williams Moroughan 
Kim Marie Pellow-Zhang 
Charles Canterbury Petersen 
Gregory Albert Pike 
Annine Marie Reed 
Margaret Knecht Reingruber 
Tara Anne Riese 
Kristin M. Russell 
Gail Hambrick Sadler 
Sarah Louise Schmidt 
Karalee Gwyn Sheaffer 
Robert Ivan Shellenbarger 
Abdul Moyeed Siddiqui 
Katharine H. Slack 
Donna Marie Smith 
Adiva R. Sotzsky 
Susan Lee Stonesifer 
Lori Lynn Sulmasy 
Victoria Stone Velsey 
Kevin Robert Vrieze 
Stephen Cattell Williams 
Tak-yee Wong 
Tracy Hoyle Yamamoto 


Daniel Eric Abraham 

Maxwell Brown 

You-jin Cha 

Phyllis Jane Crossen-Richardson 

Mary EUa Jester 

Chia-seng Li 
Siobhan M. McGuire 
Michele Bemita Reid 
Cheri Lynn Reiser 
Veronica Millicent Scarlett 
Gylchris Agrenaldo Sprauve 
Jaime Albert Tauler 
Shirley Sanghee Yoo 


Amanda M. Blankenship 
Adam Leonard Carasso 
Christa Dae Cochran 
Kimberley Eloise Cole 
Cynthia Christina Echeverria 
Tracy Anne Hamblet 
Adam Jose Hebert 
Todd Jeffrey Johnston 
Andrew Paul Joshua 
William Joseph Keimig 
Tammy Fitzgerald Mank 
Nancy Carolyn Markoe 
James Jeremy Marsh 
Per-Kristian Cantwell Nelson 
Zachariah Emile Patrick 
Matt James Power 
Theresa Ann Renner Smith 
Robert Charles Sampson, Jr. 
Kasmera AHegra Santiago 
Fredd Thomas Sapp 
Mark Alexander Samey 
Kevin Edward Schmidt 
Beth Ann Shanabrook 
Jason Montgomery Spees 
Ross Allen Stem 
Alexander A. Tulko 
Indira S. Unamboowe 


Scott James Boyd 
Lisa Ellen Comer 
Douglas Peter Dixon 
Kate R. Eldred 
Jeffrey Scott Harris 
Judith Mashinya 
Thomas Francis Moriarty 
Lorraine G. Pearson 
Mylene Sophie Pesce 
Sandra Elizabeth Portillo 

de Yudice 
Charles Albert Poukish 
Atosa Rahbani 
loarmis Tokatlidis 
Theresa Gabrielle Tuano 
Kara Jeanne Unger 


Aerospace Engineering 

Alan J. Coyne 
Dean Dev Dubey 
Brian J. Harkless 
Brian Robert Hester 
Teresa Ann Hunt 
Makiko Kosha 
J. Corde Lane 
Ian KeUy Mathck 
Subhobroto Nath 
Sudha Veeramani 

AgricuKural and Resource 

Janet Elaine Carpenter 
Tony Martin Perm 




I'atric'k Eugene Elia 
lill E. Martin 

Animal Sciences 

Sudha Komaragiri 
Xu Shen Zhou 


Meredith MacKenzie 


David Ross Hilfiker 

Biological Resources 

Mel\in BeiiJiur Benjamin 
Mark Stephen Perencevich 
Catherine Angela Wells 

Business and Management 

V'inai S. Trichur 
Regi Thomas Velutheril 
Ji-tsung Wu 
Xiaopeng Zhang 

Chemical Engineering 

Vanisrce Annadata 
Kimberly Arm Brown 
Nimish Girish Dalai 
Ryan Timothy Gill 
Sugianto Hanggodo 
Zimako Ibe 
Julie Lin 
Nai<hi Liu 
Miguel Angel Valle 
Anthony Albert White 


James Richard Carey 
Myrlene Joseph 
Richard Benton Norton 

Elizabeth Ann Resek 
Pamela Pippin Vaughan 

Civil Engineering 

Manol Andonyadis 

William P. Cantwell 

Jeffrey Stuart Cooper 

Jeremy David Cooper 

Anil K. Dhondi 

Garner William Duvall III 

Philippe Jean Luc Espitallier 

Wenhong Ge 

Preety Goel 

David Lawrence Green 

Robert Joseph Gries 

J. Daniel Handley 

Panja Hanjongkol 

Kinichiro Hoshiyama 

Hope Katcharian 

Daniel David Leonard 

Carlos Fernando Meyer 

Craig Alan Moyer 

Leonie Ngantchie Mpafe 

Shoukat Nawaz 

Joseph Leo O'Neil 

Joan Carroll Peyrebrune 

Rajeev Poluri 

Jasenka Milan Rakas 

Dong Keun Seo 

Kathryn Anne Stewart 

Steven Alien Stokes 

Nancy Alison Straub 

Cynthia-Clare Tagoe 

Xianding Tao 

Aklile Tesfaye 

Anne Tak Tsang 

Hsin-chung Tseng 

Brigida Fatima Van Doomik 

Shiaau-lir Wang 

Mazyar Zeinali 

Guang-chen Zhou 

Computer Science 

Cuneyt Akinlar 
Barry Richard Berk 
Michael David Beynon 
Frantisek Brabec 
Renato A. Ferreira 
Erol Guven 
Vibha R. Harikar 
Tobin Alexander Hill 
Jack Shang-ji Hsu 
Ozgur Huseyinoglu 
Bjom Thor Jonsson 
loannis Kotidis 
Alexandros Labrinidis 
Christopher Adam League 
Michael Thomas Lee 
Meera Mahabala 
Brett A. Milash 
Jiro Okayasu 
Connie K. Peng 
Eric Lee Peterson 
Vasanth Philomin 

Gabriel Rivera 
Kyungdong Ryu 
Suleyman Cenk Sahinalp 
Yoram Jacob Sussmann 
Reiko Tsuneto 

Apinun Tunpan 
Kuang Yeh Wang 
Zhanying Wang 
Zhengyu Wang 
Xiaogang Xue 

Electrical Engineering 

James Paul Anderson 
Mark Delan Arking 
Gaurav Arora 
Chi-shing Au 
Sachin Sudhir Badgandi 
Amit Banerjee 
Michael Joseph Barr 
Junyan Bei 

Subbaraju V. Budharaju 
Michael Paul Buehrle 
Michael Wayne Castle 
Guo Jun Chen 
Jazhen Chen 
Tai-shih Chi 
Hong-Yu Chiang 
David James Copeland 
Cezar Andrei Floroiu 
Frank Edward Fruth 
William Joseph Grant 
Nailah Onida HaU 
Li-fu Jeng 


N I V E R S I T Y 

Brian Francis Johnson 

Suryaprasad Raju Kareenahalli 

Gebran Keith Krikor 

Jia Ylng Lu 

Wei Luo 

Ta-chung Ma 

Alejandra Victoria Mercado 

Anastassios Michail 

Jeffrey Wayne Moorman 

Yuhui Pan 

Vincent Douglas Park 

Piyush Shankerbhai Patel 

Sandeep Rao 

Patrick David Ring 

Alfred Russell Robertson 

Deborah Hannah Santamore 

Chih-chieh Shen 

Peiqi Shen 

Gary Elwyn Spivey 

Sean Christian Tippett 

Jonathan Weinstein 

Shu Yang 

Kwang Bin Yao 

Eric Stephen Young 

Engineering Materials 

Michael Adam 
Frederick Hyowon Lee 
Sucharita Madhukar 
Jaime Morillo 
Sukumar Ashok Srinivasan 
Henry Daniel Young 


Thomas Dean Boardman 
William M. Curtis IV 
Alfred J. Foumier 
Gail Ann Langellotto 
Esther Chow Shaffer 

Family and Community 

Carolyn Therese Biggs 
Kathryn Ducat Brown-Huamani 
Thelma Lorraine Harley 

Family Studies 

Heather Dawn Gendler 
Erica Lynn Larson 
Megan Kathleen Robinson 
Tiffany W. Wagner 
Gina Marie Wertalik 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Tony C. Caro 
Linda Mary GaUahue 
Stephen Matthew Hill 
Theodore Lee Jarboe, Sr. 
Woon Hyung Kim 
Eric Robert Rosenbaum 
Phillip Zachary Tapper 

Food Science 

Lisa Lynn Bird 
Melody H. Kuo 


Ronald G. Colyer, Jr. 

WUliam Stephen Greenwood 

Kevin Kemball Houghton 

Feng Jiang 

Pedro Jugo 

Michael Edward O'ConneU 


Katherine Kelly Stephenson 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Jermifer Lee Brewer 
Mercedeh Deyhim 
Sonali Kumar 
Melissa Ann Robinson 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Shannon J. Busby 
Beatriz Elena Castaneda 
Deborah Grace Danaher 
Peter Grant Hentschke 
Benjamin Kent Jessup 
Leyla Emine Lange 
Amy Jean Liebert 
Donald Robert MacLean 
Kenneth 1. Penland 
Kai Dietrich Scheppe 
Robert Brian Sturgis 
David Carl Stutzer 
Stephanie L. Vann 

Mechanical Engineering 

Anthony Adefolarin Adebonojo 

Caleb Belai 

James Ryan Dickey 

He Feng 

Dimg Thanh Le 

Nina Joan Leko 

Richard Michael McMahon, Jr. 

Azhar Hussain Mirza 

Murali Narayanaswamy 

Mark Alan O'Clair 

Ernest Scott Piscitello 

Michael James Price 


Cathleen Marie Richardson 

Deimion Thomas Searls 

Brian Austin Self 
Anand A. Shukla 
Antoruo Pedro Silva 
Hala Jubran Tomey 
Shirley Hsiao-i Wang 
Dietrich Moritz Wiegmann 


Mathew Anthony Barlow 

Joseph C. Chan 

Hsun-kai Cheng 

Ying Dai 

Brad Lyle Fisher 

Yanwei Ge 

Paul Kelley 

Liqun Ma 

Jess Andrew Marshall 

Chi-Jan Meng 

Baoyu Yin 


Meredith Anne Melick 

Brandt Eric Rice 

Sandra Lavem Robinson Swann 

Nuclear Engineering 

Richard J. Goffi 
Dennis Rothenberger 
Anthony P. Ulses 
Xihang Wu 


Angela Marie Ogawa 


Kevin Gerard Ailinger 
Jaeheum Han 

Josephine Nora Humphreys 
Richard Matthew Mohring 
Sergei Petrovich Nikitin 
Marcia Christine Robson 
Morgan Dane Rosenberg 

D I D 


Kyle Alrich Vick 
Lei Wang 

Plant Biology 

Susan Louise Klincdins 
Ross Albert Rupert 


Mimi Mee Young Ghim 

Amy L. Harron 

Jeffrey David Triblehom 

Reliability Engineering 

Shyi Jian Chang 
Alan James Clark 
Laura Lynn Collins 
Zhihui Duan 
Joseph Thomas Fama 
Carl Nolan Ford 
Matthew Brattin Moury 
Richard Day Toth 
Linghai Wu 

Survey Methodology 

Lee H. Giesbrecht 
Joan Marie Hill 
Ward Rakestraw Kay 
Anne Theresa Kearney 
Theresa Flaig Leslie 
Michelle Meredoc Ruddick 
Johnna Joy Sharp 
Marie Carol Stetser 
DeeAnn Wright 

Keith Campbell Winston 

Systems Engineering 

James Aspinwall 

Giles Colbert Charleston 

Stephanie C. Green 

Mingyan Liu 

Isatou Secka 

John M. Splain 

Lisa Patrice Summers 

Yi-chien Tsou 


Abdul Ghajyur Khan 

Brian Scott Little 

Voravit Satitviriyakul 

Ting-fai U 

Andres German Vizcarrondo 

Jin Wang 


Mojgan Ahmadzadeh 
Mary Cho 
Ahmad Reza Hariri 
Jeffrey Bejan Hatef 
Dino Peter Massoglia 
Linda Joyce Miller 
Tina Porter Rowe 
Rolf Walter Stottmann 
Kevin Lee Willison 
Dorothy Helen Wynne 


Advanced Graduate 

Mario Alberto Cruz Lozano 
Linda M. Sahin 
Tracey Simone Wayne 

Certificate in Environmental 

Kathy L. Brohawn 
Marianna Lee Eberle 
Virginia Arm Lipscomb 

Graduate Certificate in 

Yeon Ok Lim-Moon 
Dale H. Ostrander 
Katherine Anne Simmons 
Rosalind Turner Zuses 

Graduate Certificate in 
Historic Preservation 

Gilda M. Anroman 
Kathryn M. Kasparrek 
Kenneth E. Lord 
Carl T. Morgan 
John W. Wright 

Graduate Certificate in 
Women's Studies 

Carol G. Dorsey 
Adrierme Lee McCormick 
Nancy O'Neill 
Frances Alana Suskin 
Liora Moriel 

Sustainable Developmental and 
Conservation Biology 

Kimberly Jo Agzigian 

Indra Sofia Candanedo-Diaz 


Dustin Kent Howarth 

Carrie Kathleen Meek 

Katherine Grace Munson 


M A R Y L A N 


Candidates for 

May 1997 


Bachelor of Science 

Engineering-Applied Science 

Eric Trevor Carpenter 

Chirag Rajendrakumar Pancholi 


Jennifer Ann Dolan 

2nd Degree: Chemical Engineering 
Michael Lee Swanson 


Phyllis Kay Sauer 


Andrew Blake Barto 
Adina Helena Feliberty 
Craig K. Garland 
Stephanie Jean Herlth 
Michael Vincent Howard 
Timothy Walker Osborne, Jr. 
Steven Christopher Petras 
Sopathom Phongikaroon 
Tansel Selekler 
William Tige Stackler 


Steven Mitchell Wilson 

Bachelor of Science In 
Aerospace Engineering 

Aerospace Engineering 

Jean-pierre Chamoun 
Sheila Marie Cummtngs 
Michael Partrick Distefano 
WUliam Brown Facey III 

Glenn Kyu Hahn 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Jennifer Lea Henderson 
George I. Huh 
Clyde Lee Humphrey, Jr. 

2nd Degree: Mechanical 

§Alfonso Francisco Ibarreta 
Erich Alexander Kolig 
JlU Marie Kulpinski 
Todd Ryan Lardy 
Michael Christopher Lehrfeld 
Mark Steven Lewis 
Hsiang-wei Lu 
Richard William McKnight 
Robert Alan PatUshall 
Ron Yitzhak Perel 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Adam Perkins 
§Luke Michael Pototschnik 
Rex Hay Wu 

Bachelor of Science in 
Biological Resources 

Biological Resources 

Marcia Lyrme Ferry 
Sergio Lazaro Gomez 
Mitchell Bryan Manchester 
Cuong Van Nguyen 
Laurence Murray Patrick 
Linda Marguerite Tello 
2nd Major: Kinesiological Sciences 

Bachelor of Science in 
Chemical Engineering 

Chemical Engineering 

Laurie Elizabeth Aldape 
§Jason Patrick Barbour 
Jerod Robert Buckel 
Jack Shi Jie Chen 
*Siddharth Chandu Chhabria 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 



19 9 7 

Monzer R. Chorbaji 
Jeffrey Lane Clarke 
Michael Due Dang 
Allan Emerson David 
Kristina Lynn Dodson 
Jennifer Ann Dolan 

2nd Degree: Engineering - 

Crista Lyn Fawls 
•Elaine Meredith Gannon 
Tara Ghaffarian 
Sarika Gupta 
Kimberly Michelle Hill 
Lisa Michelle Hunt 
Rachel N. Jacobs 
Tina Latasha Johnson 
•Arthur Gregory King, Jr. 
Melissa M. Klembara 
Gregory John Koeser 
Lysa Lantang 
Eric Brian Leaman 
Krista Leigh Lynch 
Ashish Aaditya Malik 
Maria C. Metzger 
Kristin Marie Mihalcik 
Natalie Belinda Neumann 
Daniel Robert Piasecki 
Derek Louis Robinson 
Alexandre Rossin 
Ahmad Sadr 
Lawrence Adam Schein 
§Sonja Ann Sharpe 
James Minsu Shin 
Elizabeth Antonia Smiroldo 
Chongco Sotipalalit 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Lilernturc 
•Anand Sridharan 
Christopher G. Sufczynski 

2nd Major: Finance 
Leslie Christine Swe 

Scott Warfield Thompson 

Michelle Maria Venable 

§Kathy Jane Weishaar 

Bennett Gavin Wise 

Tamara Angela Maria Wozencroft 

Lu Zheng 

Bachelor of Science in Civil 

Civil Engineering 

Julio Antonio Alegre 
Russell Edwards Anderson 
Maiuy Thai Bach 
Jose Bengoechea 
Travis Joseph Bouck 
Neftali Steven Cajina 
Peter P. Campanides 
Hsiao-kuan Chiang 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Daniel Olin Cook 
Brian Earl Copley 
Shelley E. Corwin 
Jediah John Darke 
John David Dement 
Michael Antony Gallo 
Michael C German 
Kelly Patrick Gillispie 
Karen Theresa Gontasz 
Therese Nichole Gordon 
William Ross Helms 
Lisa Ann Hendricks 
Johnny Daehyon Horn 
Navin Jain 
Bonnie Bo Jiang 
Arthur A. Jones-Dove 
Evangelos Kaisar 
Darnell Everett Kemper 
•Ghassan Sylla Khouri 
Clayton John Gordo Schwab- 


Andrew Craig Langsam 
•John Andrew Ross Mclsaac 
Dimitry L. Mirkin 
Maung Kyaw Mon 
Hae Lem Pak 
Manish L. Patel 
Yogesh A. Patel 
Robert Matthew Pearce 
Douglas Jay Piper 
Gordon Scott Poffenberger 
Sean Carl Punte 
James Odell Redding III 
Sergio Alexander Reising 

John Samuel Rentschler, Jr. 
Antonio Bruno Rigato 
Keith Andrew Riniker 
Jermifer Rae Sampson 
Melbana Seifu 
Clyde Anderson Simmons 
Michael Enn Sirvet 
Ragnar Karl Stefansson 
John Edward Walker 
Anchyi Wei 

Christopher David Wells 
Christopher David Wigginton 
Amber Ying Ying Yau 
Hae Kyun Yim 

Bachelor of Science in 
Electrical Engineering 

Electrical Engineering 

Chadwick Watson Adebiyi 
Anthony John Agro, Jr. 
Eman Amini-Nejad 
Richard Alan Baum 
Melanie Lorraine Bell 
Mirella Blanquera Bengero 
tYogesh K. Bhumralkar 
Michael Paul Biancaniello 

Eliane Bischoff 

Robert Lloyd Blanchard 

Kyle Loren Bostian 

Gary Edward Carr 

Meljumar Tismo Castro 

Minerva Estrella Chandler 

Tommy Chang Yen-ming Chang 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
tBarry Yue Chen 
Hsiao-kuan Chiang 

2nd Degree: Civil Engineering 
Won Hyuk Cho 
Kwang C Chong 
Pei-ta Chu 

Timothy James Clark 
Elliot Howard Cohen 
Anthony James Comberiate 
Pamela Nlki Costianes 
George H. Craig, Jr. 
Thai Quoc Dang 
Dorvna Jean Dolecki 
Devin Earl Drummond 
Thomas Duong 
Christina A. Edwards 
Craig Gregory Elliot 
Vemise Dea Faison 
Anna Teresa Fernandez 
Carlos Humberto Flores 
Barbara Ellen Glaser 
William Elwood Greaves, Jr. 
§Rajarshi Gupta 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
Yue Hang 
Carol Leslie Harris 
§Steven Wayne Harris 
Shelley Anne Heap 
Javier Edgardo Hernandez 
Jeffrey Patrick Homer 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Kenneth Allen Hull 
Andrew Huo 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 

U N I V 

Viet H. Huynh 
Kuljinder Kaur 
tjonas Ryan Keating 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Ilya M. Khazanov 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Bahar Khorram 
Mark Francis Klappenberger 
Pantelis Kourkounakis 
*Anthony Robert Kratz 
*Rishi Kurichh 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Ryan Scott Kuseski 
Cuong Huy Le 
Mankit Betty Lee 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Sze-ling Lee 
Teh-lin Lee 
Makayi M. Lendo 
Wen-chun Lin 
§Amold Sherwood Liu 
Jennifer Kuo-i Liu 
Kevin Michael Loftus 
Nicholas John Mammano 
Khalid Mansoor 
Chris Edward Markiewicz 
Jason Paul Marsico 
Kathleen Kelly McKiught 
Gennady Melamed 
Parisa Mesry 
Charles L. Mills 
Erik Keith Morton 
§Michael James Neely 
Padma Vathi Nibhanupudy 
Michel Ian Pang 
In Ho Park 
Jeong Su Park 
Joseph Anthony Pepe 
Steven W. Perez 

2nd Degree: Government and 

King Yau Poon 

Sanjaya Kishan Rajapatirana 
2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Vipool Chandu Rathod 

John Ochiel Reggy 

Adam Ridzinski 

Andrew Paul Riggie 

David Andres Rodriguez 

Mahtab Sadeghighassami 

Mojtaba Sadeghzadeh 

Ali Safamejadarabi 

Paul James Sayles 

tMiranda Anna Schatten 

Markus Jamal Shelton 

Han-ron Siah 

Angela Renee Smith 

Karey Ann Smith 

Kathleen Marie Stisted 

Rohit Tripathi 

Chun Tse 

Keith Kichan Um 

Eduardo Gurgel Do A. Valente, Jr. 
2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Aastha Verma 

*Baokhanh Nguyen Vu 

Anthony Roberto Waul 

Prince Kainde Williams 

Kuan Wong 

Christina Wu 

Jordan Jianping Xu 

Kwan James Yau 

James Harry Yeatman, Jr. 

Kenneth Edward Yeatman 

Michael Dermis Young 

Tze Shin Yu 

Bachelor of Science in Fire 
Protection Engineering 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Mark Jason Aaby 
Matthew J. Bishop 
Michael Alan Blum 

Scott Suk-jong Choi 
Jeffry Troy Dudley 
Joshua Barry Jones 
William J. Josler 
Jonathan Brown Littlefield 
Brent Richard Luers 
Jason Aaron Lupa 
Stacy Ruth Neidhart 
Natale John Ordile 
Hitesh Dhirubhai Patel 
Atif Mohammad Qureshi 
Benjamin Mark Scholl 
Terry E. Schultz 
Lejay M. Slocum 
Jason Anthony Sutula 
Jill Catherine Wellens 
Sean Patrick White 
Ariam Clare Workneh 

Bachelor of Science in 
Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering 

Wendy Michelle Albrecht 

*David Anthony Artigliere 

Wallace Edward Bolden, Jr. 

Robert F. Bussink 

Craig William Cadd 

Jack Joseph Carmi 

Kevin M. Carter 

Luis Felipe Orlando Catacora 

Fai Chan 

Hong Seuk Chang 

Warren Chen 

Paul Tuising Chin 

Lawrence Eugene Cronise 

Rebecca Maria Currano 

Shawn Grant Denihan 

Ronald Paul Denton, Jr. 

Peter Thomas Devore 

David Alan Diller 

Eva Jane Dixon 

Aaron Stefan Frazier 
tKelvin Rubem Garcia 
Marlon I. Garcia 
Bekele Gedion 
James Prince Gerlach 
Joseph John Gerst 
Heshan Paul Gunawardane 
Brian Stephen Haller 
Kraig Jonathan Hartley 
David Jacques Hatwell 
Thaddeus Stevens Hess FV 
§David Mark Hessler 
Hanhthao H. Ho 
Michael Kevin Hoffman 
Michael William Hooper 
David Drew Hudgins 
Clyde Lee Humphrey, Jr. 

2nd Degree: Aerospace Engineering 
Izuofunneka Victor Iwugo 
Richard Howard Jones 
Jemerson Cheruvelil Joseph 
Sonali Karruk 
Kevin Roy Kefauver 
Kevin Patrick Kenny 
Wniiam L. King, Jr. 
Kevin Michael Kraft 
Steven Nicholas Kutchi 
Jennifer Lagaz 
Mai Anh Thi Le 
Cheng-chieh Lee 
Reggie Hee Lee 
Tina Marie LeMarier 
Zauk Lian 
Pei Tao Lin 
James A. Logan 
Kevin J. MacDonald 
Johnny Andrew Manzari HI 
Solomon Marini 
Anthony Joseph Martinez 
Daniel Christian Martins 
Norman Robert McGlothlin, Jr. 
April Marie Merryman 


§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 




19 9 7 

Michelle Nourian Moore 
§Joseph David Newhouse 
Ted Tai Van Nguyen 
Steven Craig Noe 
Hyun-jin O 
Rafael S. Palmaira 
Anthony George Plummer 
Rebecca A. Randies 
Uzma Abdur Rasheed 
Richard Andrew Renich 
Eric Carlos Rivera 
Beverly Theresa Roberts 
Benjamin Chia-en Shat 
Surendra K. Shrestha 
David Alvin Sonntag 
Mark Andrew Sullivan 
Edwin Louis Surprin 
David Charles Tomayko 
Mark Antoine Tvson 
Adam Michael Ward 
Jamel Latif Wright 
Daniel E-lee Yen 
Darin Russell Young 


Bachelor of Landscape 

Landscape Architecture 

Leslie Nathaniel Ballard IV 
*D. Miles Barnard 
Joyce Sophie Fell 
Christopher Lee Floyd 
Christopher Michael Heine 
Jake Weber Hovermale 
Arlie M. Ison, Jr. 
Lois R. Jacobs 
David Scott King 
Virginia Elsie Leonard 
Matthew Jonathan Mathias 
Heike Nolker 
Kripa Rayamajhi 
Elizabeth Ann Whitmore 
Timothy M. Wild 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Timothy Lamont Brown 
WUliam John Farkas 
Melissa A. Harrison 
Erika Angela Ligon 
Chaitanya Patel 
Sonia Denise Rumph 
Mary Christine Saathoff 
Carrie Ann Sellman 

Animal Sciences 

Beth Ann Beatty 
Mark Andrew Buckel 
Christiana M. Davis 
David John Deans 
tClare Louise Deming 
Kerri Nicole Deuchler 
tTanya Faust Dunlap 
Kyle Matthew Horlacher 
Joseph Hsiao 
Kelvin T. Khoo 
Kelley Marie Kohn 
Gabrielle Barbara Kotler 
Julie M. Kujawa 
Jill Suzanne Maher 
Simone Lynne Reynolds 
Wendy Janette Smith 
Debra Hunsy Stofberg 
Jennifer Suzanne Sussman 
Michael Andrew Tine 

Combined Agri-Veterinary 

•Michael John Watts 

Conservation Soil, Water 
and Environment 

Christopher T. Flannagan 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
KeUy L. Ireland 
Mary EUen Mayforth 
John B. Sender 

Crop Science 

Abiola Olumide Adeyemi 

Mchezaji A. Axum 

Duane Adrian Schulterbrandt 


Heather Lea Allen 
Anna J. Arrowsmith 
Tanya Maria Beitzel 
Alicia Anne Bounds 
Andrea Jean Buege 
Batya Burr 
Mandy Diamond 
Esther Tamar Fleischmann 
MeUssa Ann Freitas 
Susan Elizabeth Galgon 
Darryle M. Guarino 
*Sheri Beth Gumey 
Jennifer Winifred Heyse 
Dorothy Hsiao-chien Hsu 
Michele Kaider 
Debra E. Kempner 
Mindy Kathryn Krause 
Karen Louise LaGois 
Julie Lewy 
Jayne Phuong Ly 
Lori Beth Magaziner 
*Ann Katherine Massey 
Janice Miriam McVicker 
Shilpa K. Patel 
Catherine Myuki Ryba 
Jordan J. Seider 
Brenda Senko 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude 'cum Laude 

Rebecca Keman Slingluff 

Jennifer Erin Tollefson 

Theresa Hoi Ying Tse 

Sharon Turkel 

Jessica Marie Vollmerhausen 

Felix Y. Wang 

Hui Sung Yi 

Environmental and Park 

Kenneth Jay EUs 
Joshua Adam Gregory 
Jason Paul HollLnger 
Joshua Stephen Kepler 
Sterling Lee Krauss 
Steven Wayne Trice 

Food Science 

Yin Chan 

Omri S. Kaufmann 

Mai Tuyet Le 

General Agriculture 

Raymond Todd Harbin 


Caret Wayne Bunting 

(Graduated December, 1996) 
*Theodore Leo Quinn 
Stephanie Luise Wooton 


tMatthew Cranston 

(Graduated December, 1996) 
Cerinda Loschinkohl 
Karen Elaine Mulford 

(Graduated December, 1996) 


Kevin M. Carlsen 
(Graduated December, 1996) 
•Kathleen M. Davis 

(Graduated December, 1996) 
David C. Miller 

(Graduated December, 1996) 
Brian William Murphy 
Eric Scott Nepert 

(Graduated December, 1996) 
Keith Allan Rice 

(Graduated December, 1996) 
Joshua Jacob Zahn 

Human Nutrition and Foods 

Jonathan Jay Chin 
'Joshua Seth Forman 
Heather Danielle-Marie Hladky 
'Margaret Angela Joyce 

Land and Water Management 

Rob Wiley Carey 
Paul John Cisar 
'Nicole Ann Cortese 
Alexander Linton Croft 
Troy Douglas Curry 
Brendan Michael Daly 
Kelly Marie Hogan 
Joseph P. Kaplan 
Michael C. Maddox 
Jared Matthew Peters 
Dana Lynn Pickeral 
Jonathan Lee Skroban 
Jeffrey Anthony Wilhams 

Plant and Wildlife Resource 

Jeru Rebecca Barker 

Margaret Mary Hinkle 
Carolee Maria Mellon 

David Glenn Rahmoeller 
Tessa Rottiers 
Elizabeth Jean Stoffel 
Devin Arthur Winterfeldt 
Kenneth Wayne Woolford 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

Britton Walker Dudley 

(Graduated December, 1996) 
Aimette Helene Para 
Erik Christopher Varacalle 


Bachelor of Science 

Christopher Adewal Adebonojo 
Deborah Lynn Baskin 
David Avram Beker 
Matthew Shawn Buehler 
Stacy L. Carlson 
Dorma Marie Church 
Kirsten Noelle Cleary 
tAnne Frances Cutrell 
Nicole Suzanne Gordon 
K. Alexander Hill 
Edward James Holt 
David Aaron Jaffe 
Donald Loren Keldsen 
Kwang Sik Kim 
Robert Olaf Kirsten 
tBrett Owen Lundmark 
'Kevin Ka-kiu Ma 
Jose M. Mallea 
Andrew M. Manzari 
Stacy McGar\'ey 
Steven Monroe Moore 
Erick Christian Morgan 
Charles Salieu Njie 
Sharon Sejin Oum 

Myma Elizabeth Plaisir 
Amy Michelle Resnick 
tScott Matthew Rosenbaum 
Evan Laurence Rosner 
Daniel Ellis Ruby 
•Tracy Danielle Tenenbaum 
Hilary Anne Thomas 
Erik L. Thompson 
James Edward Upton 
'Scott Alan Welch 
Kieran Ward Wilmes 


Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Andrew Isaac Com 
Adam David Faberman 
Shawn G. Fleming 
Carlyn Marie Foster 
Bridgette Angela Gettier 
Renee Bayla Gordon 
Everick A. Gross 
Alan Jerome Katzker 
Gretchen Grace Knell 
Scott Robert Prouty 
Michael Scott Saffle 
'Jenny Rachel Schulder 
Beth Michelle Slavin 
Stephen L. Wise 

Art History 

Claudina Barrera 

Sara A. Bowman 

Beatrice Alexandra Costas 

Adrienne Marie Ewell 

Amy Beth Gooen 

Michelle Elizabeth Humanick 

Patrick Wayne Knowles 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum laude ' cum Laude 


Ilia Vanessa Kossiaras 

2tid Major: Art Studio 
Michelle Merideth Mann 
§Catherine Sarah Meiseles 

2iid Major: Anthropology 
tDorit Moscovitch 

2nd Major: Art Studio 
Galit Sanzer 
Michelle A. Sejas 
Annissa Anne Sheow 
'Julia Marie Staiano 

2nd Major: English Language and 

Pamela Jean Suzadail 
Kathleen Mary Tobolski 
Laura Grace Webb 
Christine Lynne Williams 

2nd Degree: Speech 

'Michele Suzanne Wirt 

Art Studio 

William Chester Adams, Jr. 

2nd Major: Art History 
Julia Maria Antonsen Bayo' 
Jodi L. Babroff 
Frank Patrick Bilotto 
Davide Callari 
Soo J. Chong 
Kanika Sharifa Clay 
Sigalit Davanzo 
Kelli Jean Davis 
Guadalupe Estela Delgado 
Scott Daniel Dexter 
tTeresa Antonia Dey»» 
Stephen Joseph DiTuUio 
Delsena Johnette Draper 
Leila Ann Dunsmore 
Leah Kyongha Dupre 
Francine Grace Felix 
Kim Jacinth Foley 
'Melissa Anne Fritz 

David Alexander Grant 
Christopher Michael Green 
Cheryl Marie Hadrych 
Kenneth Leon Harrell, Jr. 
Aaron Michael Hayes 
James Alexander Herridge 
Jennifer E. Higgins 

2nd Major: Art History 
*Maia Schmidt Horta 

2nd Major: Indiindual Studies 
Roger Wayne James 
Brian Christopher Jones 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

John Anthony Lang 
Gregory James Learn 
Candice Jane Mahala 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
*Caryn Martin 
Jeffrey Mercer Mcarthur II 
Jennifer Sue McKenzie 
George Mark Melonas 
Kip Lee Miller 
Minh David Ngo 
La V. Nguyen 
Christopher Thomas O'Haver 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Justin Troy Parcelles 
Kimberly Ann Parent 
Brian Webster Pusey 
Roberto Carlos Quiroga 
Andrew Frederick Rhine** 
Allison Denise Robey 
Parakh Kumari Saini 
Laura Stevens Schleussner 
Frank Gerard Sheehan 
Cresin Draon Smith 

2nd Major: Afro-American Studies 
*Thomas Roy Standa 
Amy Lynn Subalusky 

2nd Major: Art History 
Nicole Lorraine Thurber 

Constantina N. Tsavekou 
Christopher John Tylec 
Mark Layne Underwood 
Nicholas Andrew Wass 
Angela Yvonne Wilson 


Sandv L. Nguyen 

Classical Languages and 

Matthew Alexander Colvin 
'Patrick Michael Connolly 
'Hugh O'Donnell MacSherry 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Michelle J. Nolder 
Heather Rene Seekins 


Beverley Lyn Anderson 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Victoria Lynn Baker 
'Andrea Joy Chastant 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language and 

Steven Morris Kellert 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Katrina Jorene King 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Abdul Karim Mustapha 
Angelic J. Searles 
Elizabeth Anna Weaver 

East Asian Languages and 

Ting-yuan Chu 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Soul Lee 
Adrian Edward Murray 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 

English Language and 

David Allen Abrams 
Renate Jill Adolph 
Felicite Agyewah Adusei 
Amin Ben Aniba 
Catherine Nnenna Anyaso 
Nicole Lajuene Ashby 
Jourdain Marshall Augustin 
Heather Hope Austin 
Robert D. Bean 
Danielle Liza Beeber 
Michele Leigh Behrens 
Stacey Annniarie Bentley 
John Anthony Bladen 
Erik Jackson Blankinship 
Donna Redmond Bolin 
Ronald Matthew Bolt 
Carolyn Christine Boyer 
Christine Marie Capobianco 
Jon Christopher Chamblin 
Janine Alyson Chiappa 
Carol Sung Hae Chong 
InBum Chung 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Alyssa Nancy Ciccone 
Jason B. Coady 
Stacy Paige Cohen 
Nicole Binti Collins 
Kelly Ryan Creeden 
Kenneth Cummings 
Laura Christine Currey 
Jennifer Beatrice Dayton 
Elizabeth Joan Domich 
Stephanie Erin Donohue 
Teri Eileen Dorsey 
Joanna Marie Dowdy 
Daniel Lawrence Edelbaum 
Jennifer Robin Edwards 
PUapa Esara 
Brett Wilder Estey 


§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 

*Diana Mary Virginia Fairbanks 

2nd Degree: journalisin 
Stanford Edward Fisher III 
Brian Kennedy Forst 
Catherine Lorraine Fotos 
Sarah Jessica Frank 
Maria Alejandra Franzetti 
Althrisca Lynn Gathers 
*Maria Antonieta Godoy 
Meianie Bemadette Gonzalez 
Shawna Jeanette Gooding 
Patrice Lorraine Aloya Grandison 
Rebecca Louise Green 
Judith Cookson Grunberger 
tReva Gupta 
David Mark Guyot 
tKatherine Spies Guyton 
Jessica Sarah Harding 
Rhonda Shanne Hardy 
Christian Hassan 
Andrea Nicole Haynes 
Kathryn Ann Headman 
Elizabeth Madeline Henkin 
Laura J. Henschel 
§Joelle LeAnne Herr 
Gregory T. Hill 
Sarah Melaney Hinkle 
Lyly Cao Hoang 
Megan Leigh HoUmann 
Christopher Alan Holm 
§Adalaine Baneek Holton 
Anthony Baldwin Home 
Marianne Delinda Hurst 

2nd Major: History 
John Edward Hutchins 
Irina Ivasovic 
Denice Aldrich Jobe 
Elise Sansan Johnson 
John Floyd Johnson 
Steven Morris Kellert 

2nd Degree: Dance 
Donna Stevens Kellogg 

*Tabitha Marie Kenlon 
Christopher Guy Kilby 
Soyoung Kristin Kim 
Mary Elizabeth Kirkpatrick 
Sharon Marie Koch 
Jermifer S. Koh 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Joanna Brooke Koondel 
Michelle Gwen Kurman 
Jason John Kurowski 
Myra Anne Laird 

2nd Major: Russian Language and 

Michelle Cherie Lambert 
Metta Anne Lash 
Chong Yoon Lee 
James Shun-min Lee 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Stephen Hwai-ping Lee 
§Robert Thomas Levine 
Natasha Geneva Lewis 
Melissa Lidz 
Karen Beth Lieberman 
Jennifer Lynn Lipka 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Maurice G. London 
Chanda Marlene Lupunga 
Shenita Malone 
Daniel Michael Markowicz 
Andrew Eric Marks 
Jesse Jovich Marth 
tMaureen Patricia McGee 

2nd Major: French Language and 

Dana Lashan Mebane 
Hugh Wesley Metheny 
*Jesse Marti Molesworth 
tSean M. Moller 
Julie Elizabeth Murray 
Regina Inez Murrell 
Muzette Maree Musil 

Stephanie Robyn Mutchnick 
Patrick Michael Neighly 
Elisa Marie Norris 
Carlo Toll Paul 
Tenia Nitchelle Pritchard 
Monica Yvette Queen 
Hannelore Bruel Quigley 
Maria CecUia Radelat-Diaz 
Jennifer Susan Raffensperger 
Matthew Ashbum RamsdeU 
Matthew John Reider 
Theona Cleopatra Salmon 
Harshita Juhi Saxena 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Allison Beth Scholick 
tiris Yael Sevi 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Mekeba Zavette Sharp 
Tammy ConsweUa Shaw 

2nd Major: Speech Communication 
Dorothy Jean Shipe 
Thomas Edward Simpson 
Alyssa J. Slotkin 
Charles Gordon Smith 
Eric Speck 

Jeremy Scott Stevenson 
Kelci Ann Strait 

2nd Major: Classical Languages 

and Literature 
tTaryn Jill Szerensits 
Noah Grove Teates III 
Amy Jackson Thomas 
Charles Leroy Thome IV 
Carolyn R. Tyler 
Mark Andrew Van Doren 
Trisha Eileen Vorhauer 
Luke Michael Walsh 
Robert William Waxman 
Kimberly Ann Webster 
Timothy Scott Whitler 
Aaron Christopher Wines 
Franklin Emmanuel Yuan 

French Language and 

Pi-Isis Stefana Ankhra 
Rita M. Cain 
Tamara Louise Clem 
§Jennifer Marie Loyd 

2nd Degree: Italian Language and 

Peter T. Nolan 
Dai Xuan Pham 
Erika Janice Pontarelli 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Vanessa Diane Posey 
Azita Rashid Rateshtari 
tElizabeth Jean Talev 
Ann Elizabeth Wolsey 
Na Seung Yi 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 



19 9 7 

German Language and 

Deena F. Bodley 
Wen-chuan Chang 
Jaim Edward Gann 
tjanet S. Harris 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language and 

•Chongco Sotipalalit 

2nd Degree: Chemical Engineering 
tines Taureck 


Andre' David Abecassis 
•Angela Dawn Baccala 
Philip Matthew Bagley 
Matthew William Baker 
tKimberly Joy Bernard 
Wendy Marie Blanpied 

2nd Major: French Language and 

Vanessa Estela Bogaert 
Steven Douglas Broadwater 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Daniel Whetstone Buckingham 
Tonnie Lyrme Byars 
John Carl Celeste 
Margaret Helen Clune 
Robert Lee Crawford 
William Louis Cusick 
Joseph Otis Denson, Jr. 
§Ayn B. Ducao 
Craig McCullough Fitzgerald 
Candra Renae Flanagan 
Jason Aaron Friedman 
David Allen Garrison 
Jacquelyn Maris Geraci 
Bruce Edward Green 
Andrew Everts Greene 
Raymond Charles Gretz 
Dennis Lloyd Hager II 

Jessica Dare Harrison 

tjoseph Roy Henry 

Dorothy Marie Hoffman 

Michael R. Ingoglia 

Craig P. Kelley 

Richard Charles Kelly, Jr. 

Anthony Brian Kitchen 

Matthew Knadler 

Salvador Abad-Santos Lagdameo 

*Bret Eric Leas 

Lyle Jason Link 

2nd Major: Afro-American Stiidies 
Dana Alan Linton 
Shannon Ivy Lipp 
•Kirsten Arme Litkowski 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Edward Brian MacAllister 
*Hammad Shaikh Matin 
Allison Leigh Mitchell 
Toney Williams Moses 
Matthew Joseph Murphy 
Katherine Anne Myers 
Timothy Gerard Myers 
Christina Marie Nemil 
Michael Wayne Norman 
Jennifer Lynn Pitts 
Vanessa N. Pratt 
Sioban Reyes 
Sunah Sandy Ro 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language and 

Philip Anthony Rocca 
Daniel Hyung-sub Shin 
Marcus Ricardo Smallwood 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Sarah Elizabeth Suhre 
James Douglas Treible 
Gregory Michael Voss 
Christine Ann Vosswinkel 
David Thomas Wagner 
Joana B. Zuaiter 

Italian Language and 

§Jennifer Marie Loyd 

2nd Degree: French Language and 

Enrico Marches 


Laura Sherin Montagne 
Michael William Rothberg 
2nd Degree: Economics 

Jewish Studies 

*Nathan F. Adelman 
Tom Ashar 
Yohai Baisburd 
Elana Rene Heideman 
2nd Degree: Psychology 
Shoshana Beth Nyer 
Sheara Leah Sanchez 
Dara GabrieUe Zabb 


Mitchel H. Lee 
Anja Licht McLin 
Kazuyoshi Ozawa 
Keisha Binti Sharp 
*Janet Jaywan Shin 
Miho Tabei 
tNancy M. Taylor 


Alice Park 

Heather Noelle Schneider 

2nd Major: Kinesiological Sciences 
Marlysse Rose Simmons 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
•Rebecca Bonney Simon 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Marc A. Williams 


Heather Lee Bernhards 

Jason Daniel Bottenus 

Timothy Matthew Christensen 

Frank Anthony Curreri 

Craig S. Everly 

Adiatu S. Khanu 

*Hugh O'Donnell MacSherry 

2nd Degree: Classical Languages 

and Literature 
Nathaniel Spencer McCourtney 
Terrence Edward Sauvain 

Radio, Television and Film 

Michael Anthony Lewis 
Michael Edward Moore 
Oscar Nils Gustaf Nestell 

Romance Languages 

§Theresa Ann Currano 
2nd Major: Russian Language and 

Russian Ar«a Studies 

Joseph Michael Huculak 
*Sarah Helen LaSota 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Deborah Jeanne Nieman 

Russian Language and 

Craig B. Caswell 
Sharma Lorraine Leeland 
Courtney Erin McKoy 
Jesse Aaron Mueller 
Nakia Troi Whitley 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 

N I V 

R Y L 

Spanish Language and 

Mosunmola Lara Adeboyeku 
Alison Brook Annex 
•Rafael Terry Beckford 
Cecilia Bonanni 
tHilkka Marja Booker 
Johrina Ayn Cartwright 
Amy Bemice Castro 
*Andrea Joy Chastant 

2ud Degree: Dance 
Dmitri Alexandrovich Chernov 

2nd Degree: Economics 
§Erin Kathleen Crotty 
Bormie Jean Edwards 
Maritza Diana Figueroa 
Roxana Dorila Gamez 
Paula Cristi Glab 
Kimberly Joy Gregory 
tjanet S. Harris 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Eileen Margaret Hawkins 
Amy Eugeiua Horton 
*Ji Hye Hwang 
Michelle A. James 
Nicole Dorothy Jenkms 
Alfredo LanceUotti 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Essence Chavon Dalasia Lee 
Kedist Emily Liggins 
Matthew Scott Mayes 
Kimberly Michelle Mosley 
Alicia M. Moyer 
Elizabeth Ann Norton 
Sunah Sandy Ro 

2nd Degree: History 
Jami Beth Rubin 
'Joseph Bernard Steinberger 

2nd Degree: General Business and 


Michael Nghiep Tran 

2nd Major: French Language and 

§Jorge Juan Velarde 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
John Thomas Watson 

Speech Communication 

Jolie Blair Amershadian 
Danielle Kimberly Benjoar 
Marcella Renee Black 
Allison Marie Busch 
Jermifer Bari Cohen 
Apurva Desai 
Leanne Mirriam Diamond 
Nicole Annette Ellison 
2nd Degree: Journalism 
Alyson Jill GUnsky 
Jodi M. Golin 
Erik Brian Greenstein 
Alphonso Stafford Reams, Jr. 
Krista Marie Ketschek 
Kelly Suzanne Kinnaman 
Jonathan Alan Lieberman 
Gregory Michael Lightner 
William Anthony Liguori 
Kenneth K. Mamaril 
John Constantine Manuel 
Ronny Nagar 
Lisa Michelle Naidrich 
Kimberly O'SuUivan 
Matthew David Pemberton 
Lauren Michelle Ferry 
Marcus David Perry 
David L. Reibel 
Karen Lynn Schandekneier 
Christopher B. Schrader 
Elama J. Smallwood 
Karen Marie Storms 
Nichole Marie Strumpfler 
Lisa Marie Tochterman 
§Patricia A. Villa 

Brian Roy Virgona 
Jason Francis Weyant 
Christine Lynne Williams 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Mitchel Scott Wolfson 
Noel Kathleen Wright 
Theresa Marie Young 
Tamara Ronee Youngswick 


Charles William Benjamin, Jr. 
Matthew John Brady 
*Daniel Pierce Buck, Jr. 
Harold Burgess 
Eugene Paul Byas II 

2nd Major: English Language and 

tBobbie Leigh Carter 
Darian Scott Crouse 
Christopher Todd Davenport 
Armica L. Graham 
Benjamin Bradford HiU 
Pamela Jean Kiker 
Arpad Balage Sayko 
*Jesse John Terrill 
Rae Jennifer Toledo 
James Grady Weatherford 
Michele Beth Weiss 
Devron Troy Young 

Women's Studies 

Erica Malia Arnold 
Farzana Elizabeth Baqir 
ShaUni Batra 
Beth Uise Blauer 
Karen Dee Elrich 
Stephanie Anne HolUs 
Randi Paige Kosten 
Kieran Blake McGrath 
tKeUy Lynn Shipp 
Stephanie Catherine Simmons 
Wendy S. Wang 

Bachelor of Music 

Theresa Caroline Antonetti 
tChin-hu Chen 
James Clay Dennis 
*Julie Marie Ferrara 

IVIusic Composition 

§Da\'id James Heetderks 
Christopher Michael Kaplan 
*Mark Jay Ohland 


*Eun Ha Chung 


Brian B. Shamash 


Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

*Rhome Patrick Anderson 
•Michelle Ann Denevan 
Eugene Churchill 

Brenda Joyce Mack 
Jeffrey Alan Mewboum 
Javonne A. Paul 
Wadei Hannania Powell 
*Kervn Alicia Rose 
James Adolphus Rotan II 
Joshua Frederick Solomon 
Avril Z. Speaks 
Charles Morris Towns n 
Michelle A. Williams 
Natasha Manicue Wilson 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Utude 



Kelly Ann Artord 

Paula Lynn Corson 

tjohn Alexander Patrick Donahue 

Florence Falloux 

Clayton Terrill Gaither 

Kevin D. Giguere 

Jeanne R. Greenwell 

2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

Aliya Robyn Grosfeld 
§Andria Berrett Johnson 
Gabriel Alan King 
Tracy Nicole Knight 
Katie Erin l^ttik 
Edmund Xavier Loughran II 
Chad Justin Martin 
§Catherine Sarah Meiseles 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Alexander Isidor Patapis 
Catherine Leigh Stevens 
Akiko Suginoshita 
Helen M. Vexler 
Elizabeth Amber Wood 
Andrea Zuraf 

Criminal Justice 

Christopher Jay Anglim 
Angeha Marie IselJa 
Vernon Willis Joines 
Kevin Dennard McLinton 
Robbins Lee Powell 
Michael Eric Thomas 
Mark Thomas Walsh 

Criminology and Criminal 

Vomphana Adams 
Arlene Amber Alfano 
Kimberly Ann Allen 
Alan Michael Alsheimer, Jr. 

Seth David Altman 
Mary Elizabeth Apple 
Ara Armen Asatoorian 
Bryan Thomas Bagley 
David C. Bailey 
David Forrest Becker 
John Campbell Beeler 
Robert Fred Bilbo 
Elizabeth Byrd Bliss 

2nd Major: Psychology 
David Andrew Boera 
Lauren Paige Borish 
'Heather Christine Bowie 
Daniel Patrick Boylan 
Steven Taft Brandenburg 
Martina Eulalia Coronado 

Richard B. Brown 

2nd Major: Afro-American Studies 
Patrick Gerard Budock 
Jeffrey Alan Bunge 
Juli Etia Butler 
Gary David Byrd 
Randi Lee Cammeyer 
Patrick Mackin Carey 
David Rocco Castellano 
Jar KwTii Chan 
Charles Gerald Churchville 
Kristin Ann Ciufo 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Malene Ahsaki Clarke 
Sharon Lynne Cloran 
William Hervry CouviUon 
Melissa Ann Cox 
Jason Timothy Crouse 
Whitney Leah Culbreath 
Kimberly Brooke Curry 
Mannan Latif Dasti 
Maria Elena Davila 
Michael Garrido Desousa 
Noe Fernando Diaz 

Paul Anthony Disario 
Suzanne Marie Dougherty 
Michael J. Downey 
Daniel Eatman, Jr. 
Daniel Edward Elias 
Daniel P. Elliott 
Uche Ka Akwu Enwesi 
Jodi Evans 
Danielle Famularo 
Richard Allen Fee 
Robyne Marie Fisher 
Christy Winters Fox 
Gretchen M. Fricke 
Fredrick Sampson Friend 
Rashima Nicole Gamer 
Jeffery Scott Gauges 
Matthew Lowell Gervase 
Amit Ghosh 
John Edward Giller 
Eric Matthew Glass 
Kent Joseph Goins 
Steven Eric Gold 
*Sarita Beth Goldbloom 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Robert W. Gough 
Kimberly Grossman 
Michael J. Gulotta 
Eric William Gunderson 
Jason Paul Hahn 
Farad Sherman Hall 
Ryan Troy Hall 

2nd Major: Sociology 
William Charles Harinan 
Esther Nicole Hartmann 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Ban Suzanne Heller 
Aaron Leo Henne 
Adam Steel Herb 
Dorothy Michelle Heslop 

Christy Ann Hill 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Barbara Dashiell Horsey 
Angela Lovette Horton 
tjeffrey Warren Hunt 
Robert Douglas Hunt 
Jeffrey Randolph Jarman 
Vicente Paviera Javellana 
Fernando Patricio Jimenez, Jr. 
Scott William Johnson 
Douglas Ryan Jones 
Banafsheh Kamali 
Maryse Tricia Karunaratne 
Seth David Katz 
Stephen Jerome Kelly 
Christopher R. Kendrick 
Danita Levon Keyes 
Brian Nicholas Kight 
Anasa V. King 
Jeffrey Thomas Knickman 
Matthew Cyr Knight 
Brian Robert Kohles 
Danielle Laura Kolb 
Matthew Joseph Konrad 
Aristotles George Kontostergio 
Pery Daniel Krinsky 
Franklin Suk Kwun 
Matthew T. Lawson 
Truong Quang Le 
Michael Elson Lim 
Tiffanie C. Lisane 
Danielle Irene Longus 
Stephanie W. Lyons 
Kimberly Anne Lytell 
Gregory Michael Malarkey 
Joseph Anthony Mandeville 
Emerifa Marcella Manley 
Jennifer Michele Manning 
Edward Albert Marsh 
Rosa Maria Matos 
Melissa Lesley Mcintosh 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laudc 

Trevor Lee McNemar 
Melissa Ann Mercury 
Amy Alice Middleton 
David George Miller 
J. Christopher MUtsch 
James Frederick Mirmich 
Patrick Robert Mital 
Randolph Eugene Mitchell 
Christopher M. Mooney 
Robert Jamar Moore 
Christopher CarroU Morgan 
Mark Alexander Motley 
Nathan Stan Mulcahy 
Scott Michael Mullen 
Adrian Edward Murray 

2nd Degree: East Asian Languages 

and Literature 
Denise Deon Nation 
Alicia Michele Nestor 
Quang Dang Nguyen 
Luis Ocasio, Jr. 
Marc Eric Okicich 
*Oneil Hugh Ormsby 
Nancy Jarrett Osmond 
Charles Lovette Owens, Jr. 
Kevin Michael Parker 
Alex J. Parron 
Sidney Paul 
tAUison Ann Payne 
Laura Michelle PeUetier 
Jennifer Taina Perez 
Sergio Perez 
Alexander Jacob Perkins 
Jared Todd Perlin 
Lisa Lajerald Perry 
Katina D. Phifer 
Shibu Philipose 
Erika Felice Piddington 
*Francine Ana Pierce 
Camelia Cassandra Pierre 
Anthony Garrick PindeU 

Robert Anthony Piper 
DanieUe Marie PolLzzi 
James David Purdy, Jr. 
Preeti Puri 
Daniel J. Ramos 
Joshua Brian Riba 
Robinson Ro 
Philip Michael Roche 
Gary Allen Roos 
Matthew Edwin Rottgering 
Michael Kevin Ruane 
Sukhvir Singh Sarai 
Thomas Bading Schantz 
tValentine John Schiller 
Chad Justin Schmick 
Steven P. Schoenfeld 
Sean Brett Sebastian 
Michael John Seilhamer 
Harden C. Seto 
Todd Charles Shatzer 
Timothy James Shaver 
Etienne Omar Singleton 
Richard S. Sinofsky 
Brian Michael Slattery 
Peter Christian Sorrentino 
Courtney Anne Spring 
Omeesha Srivastava 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Kelsey Patrick St. Louis 
'Elizabeth Wilson Steen 
Crystal M. Stucker 
Heather Rose Stutts 
Joanna Elizabeth Sychlovy 
Daniel Wayne Symonds 
Brandi Michelle Taff 
Brian Houston Tanzi 
Karla Michelle Tassey 
Rebecca E. Taylor 
Ratcljff Thomas, Jr. 
Teresa E. Thomas 
Daniel James Travers 

Paul Mark Tucker 
Erin Vaeli 

Nicholas Van Remortel 
David Fairchild Vernier 
Martha Jean Ward 
Joel Carrington Warner 
Jill Cathleen Wedderbum 
Michael Brian Wiechert 
Cornelius Barrington Wilkins 

2nd Major: Government and 

Daniel John WUliams 
Harriet Lynette Wilson 
*Emily Rae Winkelstein 
Timothy William Winter 
Jennifer J. Woods 
Mark Edward Zimmerman 

2nd Degree: Accounting 



Maria De Las Mercedes De Leon 
Komran Reza Aghazadeh 
Jitin Ahuja 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Christopher Lamar Anderson 
Janice Jane Lim Ano 
Brian Matthew Ashby 
Kevin Keunpil Baek 
Elliot Glen Balis 
Edmund Mccomas Bender 
tSean Conrad Burke 
Perry Anderson Cammack 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Mariano Federico Campos 
Bvung Sun Cha 
Dmitri Alexandrovich Chernov 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language and 

Michael Y. Chung 
Gil Chupak 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum laude 



19 9 7 

•Michael Francis Collins 
2nd Major: Government and 
Jennifer Marie Dubicki 
Brian McDonald Duffy 
James Matthew East 
Alpha C. Faeh 
Juan Eugene Foreman 
Alexander De Guia Franco 
Nicholas Andrew Hamilton 
Paulina Heilian 
Pemra Lynn Hemseri 
Quinn Maurice Huggins 
Gregory Andrew Hunger 
Anthony A. Inkumsah 
Sunita Joshi 
H)am Jung 
Ozlem Kaplan 
Namita Kathuria 
Dae Kwon Kim 
Kun Tae Kim 
tAna Kreacic 
Ricardo Llaudes 
Kenny S. Loza 
David Shelton Mack 
Jose Luis Marini 
Kevin Deane Moores 
Dan Uyen Nguyen 
Olamide Olukemi Ogundele 
Pai-hsuan CXi 

Francine Sharmalee Rajakumaran 
Rajiv Ramanathan 

2nd Major: Finance 
tCheryl Ann Restorff 
Lisa Sofia Restrepo 
Alex Reyes 
Joseph L. Robinson 

2nd Major: Government and 

Michael William Rothberg 

2nd Degree: Japanese 

Matthew Jonas Rudo 

Robert William Russ 

John Robert Ryan 

*Sachin Sachdeva 

Rafael 1. Salas 

Stephen Douglas Schermerhom 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Stella Sebhatu 
Gerald Emil Shukert 
Kudzai Sihlangu 
Olga Sklyar 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Marcus Ricardo Smallwood 

2nd Degree: History 
Michaella Marian Stephens 
Chee-yee Tang 
Nestor Lionel Torres 
Federico Tovar 
Matthew Green Trone 
Christopher Edward Tufas 
Sandy Nhi Vo 
Robert Henry Ware 
Elizabeth Keisha Weir 
Taisha N. Winters 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Yat Didi Wong 
Ying San Yeung 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Jason Michael Young 

Government and Politics 

tNara daSiha Christina Janice 

Abshir Hassan Abshir 
tjason David Ahdoot 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Bridget Kirsten Albers 

Allison S. An 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Christopher Galen Apostolides 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Anthony L. Baquero 
Joanna Beth Baron 
Marc R. Baron 
Michael Jason Barrie 
•Hector Luis Benitez-Solivan 
Nikki A. Bethel 
John Edward Biddison 
Bethany Anne Blankley 
Kenneth Alan Blumenthal 
+Lisa Marie Board 
Aisha N. Braveboy 
Lisa R. Brindle 
Steven Douglas Broadwater 

2nd Degree: History 
HaUie Erica Brokowsky 
tLatisha Rene Brown 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Ali David Camara 
Roland S. Carey, Jr. 
Richard Chang 
Andrea Jean Chiller 
Shih-yuan Chou 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Sean Andrew Conner 
Heather Anne Coppley 
Christopher Michele Corchiarino 
Sandra Cecilia Coronado 
Edna Ivonne Corsino 
Michael William Coulter 
Maria A. Crupi 
Carlton Antoine Curry 
Mark Jason Dean 
Martha Carole Denton 

2nd Major: Women's Studies 
Phu The Diep 
Susan Dill 

Michael Christopher Diokno 
Qwynn Jurelle Dolmo 
•Jeffrey Edward Donahue 
Kari J. Draper 
Adam Paul Dubeck 
Elizabeth Duehrssen 
Danielle Anne Dwyer 
Thomas Lee Dyer 
Keith Alan EicherJiolz 
Jennifer Sue Enriquez 
James Vincent Fazio 
•Scott Philip Fink 
Robert C Fitzbag 
John Ira Fleet 111 
Samuel Jason Flippo 
Tanya Leigh Flores 
Jeffrey Daniel Flynn 
Dawn Chante Flythe 
Michael T. Foster 
Jessica Elizabeth Franken 
Bridget Beverly Frederick 
Christopher L. Frederick 
Merj'le Lee Freiberg 
Michael John Friedman 
Melissa L. Frost 
Jon Stephen Fuller 
Laura Marie Fulton 
Alexander Todorov Gabrovsky 
Donald William Gaines 
Joanne Maria Gavalec 
Michael Alan Gerstein 
•Melissa G. Gertz 
Carrie Rebecca Goldstein 
Jennifer Ann Goldstein 
§Aleksander Jerry Goranin 

2nd Major: Economics 
Annamaria Gounaris 

2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

Martha Teresa Graham 
Dena Lyn Graziano 

§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


U N I V 

R Y L A N D 


Randolph Hayden Green 

Charles Allison Greene FV 

Neil Gassen Greene 

tDavid Lawrence Greenspan 

'Lauren Erica Handel 

Lauren Jill Handel 

Mobeena K. Hashim 

Thomas Michael Heruy III 

Andre Lament Hentz 

tCarolyn Leslie HiUer 

Michael Ross Hofman 

Brad W. Horowitz 

tLillian Hsu 

Christopher James Hudak 

Monique Iris Hunter 

Michael Maurice Lawler Jackman 

William Perez Jackson 

Bahar Jalali 

Basheera-Alia James 

Carla Danielle Jeffrey 

2nd Major: Afro-American Studies 
Alex Eugene Jennings II 
George Whyette Jenson UI 
*Matthew Scott Johnston 
Andrea Ljmn Jolliffe 
Regan Alisha Jones 
Tracy Terentia Jones 
Todd Steven Kahn 
Bahareh Kamali 
Anjum Lata Kapoor 

2nd Major: Economics 
*Antonios Karagkounis 
Todd Michael Kaufman 
Diane Marie Kelley 
Shahwanam Abed Khalid 
Christina Marie Kibler 
Martin Anthony King 
Jennifer S. Koh 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Michael Jonathan Kravitz 

Kalliopi Kay Krist 
Kelli Jeanne Lam 
Mon Le Lam 
'Elizabeth Rebecca Lasko 
§Kevin Michael Lawrence 
*Sarah Helen LaSota 

2nd Degree: Russian Area Studies 
Russell LesUe Leaf 
Alana Marie Lee 
Peter Kwong Lem 
Aaron Howard Levine 
*Edward Brian Lieber 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Kara Beth Liebowitz 
Catherine Louise Luzio 

2nd Major: Criminal Justice 
Asit S. Majmudar 
Brenda Ann Martin 
Laura Elizabeth Massey 
Kenshin Matsuda 
John Jeffrey May 
Ryan Paul MccuUough 
Paul Edward McDermott, Jr. 
Yitzchak Samuel Meirovich 
•Jennifer Ellen Messina 
Kimberly Ann Meyerdirk 
David Michael Miller 

2nd Degree: Finance 
'Jennifer Lee Miller 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Randall Jeffrey Minniear 
Kimberly Lauren Morgan 

2nd Major: Afro-American Studies 
Marc Jeffrey Morgan 
Alana Denise Murray 
Robyn Kaye Needleman 
Mark Andrew Newgent 
Nicole Christina Noble 
'Lynn Marie O'Brien 
Daniel Joseph O'ConneU, Jr. 

Mark Vincent Talinao Odulio 
Marlon NeU Osboume 
Margaret Mary Palmer 
Esther E. Park 
Collin Thomas Parker 
James Adam PascareUa 
Meetesh Vinod Patel 
Visal Peang 
Steven W. Perez 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Bhronda Alisa Pinder 
David Isaac Plotinsky 
Bret Aaron Polansky 
Elana Ann Polansky 
Nathan John Pollock 
Julie Lynn Reynolds 
Timothy William Rieger 
Christopher Genaro Rimorin 
Matthew Richard Ritter 
Takeisha Lezjuande Roach 
Blythe Keeler Robinson 
Oksana Salivonenko 
•Jessica Lynne Saltz 
David Brian Salzberg 
Liza Annette Sanchez 
Barak Joseph Sanford 
Sean Keino Sanford 
Michael Brian Sarich 
tMatthew Rutledge Schultz 
Kevin Lee Scudder 
Benjamin Alekzander Sellers 
Parin Bharat Shah 
Eric Justin Simmons 
Michael Wisit Siri 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Stephen Gordon Slater 
Aaron Michael Small 
Jason L. Smilovic 
Alisha Clare Smith 
Douglas A. Smith 

Stacey Ann Smith 

Johnson B. So 

Peer H. Strobl 

W. Thomas Sullivan 11 

'Jessica Christine Teets 

Peter Matthew Ulrich 

John A. Vengroski III 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Michelle Anne Walker 

2nd Major: American Studies 
Quirm A. Warner 
Milton Pope Warren 
Michael Alan Wein 
tZenita Ann Wickham 

2nd Major: Afro-American Studies 
Kathryn Mary Widmayer 
•Aleithea Anne WilUams 
Zenobia Aisha Williams 
Christian Roger Allen Wilson 
Taisha N. Winters 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Eleanor Mary Yannuzzi 
'Fatema Yeganeh 
Hiroko Yoda 
Matthew Alan Zonarich 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Jamie Pam Appel 

Kevin S. Brand 

Jennifer JiU Bricker 

tAmy Elizabeth Brown 
2nd Degree: Special Education- 

Cheryl Lyrm Casper 

Anni Baunhoj Christensen 

'James E. Coker 

Felecia Arm Curtis 

Eric Brian Damon 

Deborah Lynn Pass 

Laurie Michelle Fink 

Cristina Flores Kaloupis 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Allison Carey Kelley 
Cindy G. Kravitz 
Dawn Perri Kusinitz 
Charles Noble Lednum III 
Allyson Beth Levy 
Christopher Chi-hung Lim 
Tara Leigh Lobb 
*Laura Ann Lowekamp 
tShannon G. Marullo 
Lisa Brooke Millan 
Michelle Denise Morgan 
Sarah Elaine Oler 
*Jamie Shira Paul 
Lori Ellen Peiper 
Carol A. Rojano 
Robin Lynn Rudnick 
Jennifer Rebecca Schmidt 
Nicole Anne Seidner 
Lauren Tara Shanske 
tCarla Diane Smith 
Barbara A.S. Walls 
Kristen Ashley Walsh 
tRachel Beth Walters 
Casey Nicole Ward 
Tracie Ann Wamick 
Cynthia Rachel Whipple 
Synde Cara Zalcman 


Mitra K. Aazami 
§Julie R. Ackerman 
Adeleke A. Adeyemi 
Cavon Ahangarzadeh 
Melissa Erika Allen 
Zarina Ameen 
Beverley Lyn Anderson 

2nd Degree: Dance 
Tracie Trinelle Artis 
Andrea Lea Baiocchi 
Lauren Stacey Banks 
Lric Stephen Baskin 

Brendan Aram Basmajian 

§Bradford Scott Bell 

Kara Michelle Bergmann 

Amy Beth Berman 

Brian Arthur Blakesley 

Jeanette Bozzo 

Josephine Bozzo 

Shawn Maurice Callaway 

Carla Sofia Campos 

Michelle Amanda Cantave 

Helen Christine Castellanos 

Teresa L. Caulkins 

Natalie Selina Dawn Chambers 

Kathie M. Chang 

§Hillary Doreen Cherry 

2nd Major: Criminology artd 

Criminal justice 
Timothy Daniel Christian 
Heidi Lee Clagg 
Ashlea E. Clark 
Rashaun Y. Clark 
Melanie Lashawn Cobb 
Valerie Marie Codd 
Abigail Veroruca Cohen 
Dominique Y. Cooper 

2nd Degree: Elementary 

Sandi C. Crawford 
Holly Maria Dant 
•Leigh Ann Davies 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
tAnil K. Dham 
Ashley Anne Di Giulio 
Emily Suzanne Dicdrich 
Kimberly Lynn Dunn 
Peter Yao Edze 
Eliza Shawn Eisenberg 
Alexandre Ekomin 
•Stephanie Lynn Eller 
Denise Claire Falzoi 

§Robin Leslie Pine 
April Nichelle Forsythe 
Jonathan Gelfand 
Darrin William Gerson 
Amy Sharon Golden 
Omar Uddine Gordon 
Lillian Soo Hahm 
Kelly Lynn Hall 
Misty Michelle Hanks 
Rachel Susan Harmon 
Tina Marie Harris 
Esther Nicole Hartmann 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Elana Rene Heideman 

2nd Degree: Jewish Studies 
Hollie Holt Hellmers 
Kelly Marie Holch 
Johanna Hsu 
§Wendy Diane Hunt 
Janice Elizabeth Ingson 
Steven Michael Jennings 
Glenn Zacharis Johnson, Jr. 

Madhu Malti Joshi 
Kalev Kaseoru 
Mi Jin Kim 
Deborah J. Klein 
Stephanie Lynn Kodeck 
Borana Kostro 
Vivek Kundra 
Kevin Scott Lacey 
Laura Bridget Lebovich 
Susan Eunyoung Lee 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Diane Adele Lehman 
Rebecca J. Levin 
Lisa A. Liptak 
Sharon G. Listinger 
Jonathan D. Loo 
Melissa Rachael Low 
tPrank Russell Lucas 
•Stephanie Beth Malamud 
Francisca Vasanthi Mariasusai 
Daniel P. Mason 
Barbara Massignani 


§ Summa cum Laude f l^agna cum Laude 'cum Laude 

N I V E R S 


O L L 

Melonie Renee Mavilia 
Daniel Alan Mcbride 
Lara Kathleen McCahan 
Jessica Lynn McCuUough 
LaVeme Merritt 
*Melissa Jan Miller 
Anjali Rani Mirter 
Oscar Nicholas Mogot 
Ryan Michael Moore 
§Jazmin Rosa Moral 

2iid Major: Spanish Language and 

Marguerite Christena Morgan 
Krisi Yumi Murakoshi 
Lois N. Mwangi 
'Stephanie Dawn Naso 
Casey Anne Nelson 
Tisha Nicole Nichols 

Hope A. Odell 
Young Kyung Oh 
Hyon Son Pak 
Mavis Monica Payne 
Kimberly Michelle PeUicci 
*Janis Heidi Perlmutter 
Cynthia Lynn Pixton 
tNicole Rene Polakoff 
Ranjani Prabhakara 
Catherine Pratsinakis 
Elizabeth Kirkwood Price 
Melissa Eden Price 
Beth- Anne PuUifrone 
Daniel Edison Rimerman 
Chanda Elena Robinson 
Juan Carlos Rodriguez 
Jeanette E. Rojas 
Dauri Kay Rosenfield 

Alan Daniel Ross 
Adrienne Abby Rubin 
Carly Jill Sands 
tjason M. Saunders 
Matthew Joseph Scalisi 
Matte L. Scheinker 
•Christa Kirby Schmidt 
Kathryn Claire Schoeck 
Brandon Michael Schreder 
Kendra Jeanette Scouten 
Kelly Marie Segreti 
Jacqueline Marie Segue 
Sandra Michelle Shannon 
Fran Beth Shechter 
Cole Christian Shelton 
tMadeline Julia Sherman 
tHyeyoung Shin 
•Rebecca Bonney Simon 

2nd Degree: Music 
Keisha Ewunike Simons 
Marshall Scott Sitten 
Staci Michelle Skall 
Christine Ann Smith 
Elizabeth Anne Smith 
Mindy Robin Smith 
Framindhany Elvie Soeprapto 
Eric Douglas Solomon 
Min Hyung Song 
Melissa Amy Sorin 
§Eric Baron Spiegel 
Erik W. Spolnicki 
Erin Courtney Sprague 
Jamie Lynn Streit 
Dana Marie Susak 
Lauren Susan Temer 
Lauren Jennifer Thomas 
Stephanie Ann Thomas 
Jessica Tiemey 
Melanie Lisa Tischler 
Aaron Baram Trus 
Jennifer Laura Tuttle 

Stacy Lynn Tyndorf 
Nicole Marion Vasilkioti 
Christina P. Vellios 
Rocky Wang 
Claire Elizabeth Whistler 
Joseph McLane White 
Eden Loren WoUand 
Michael Andrew Wood 
Alison Heather Wortman 
Jason Allen Yancey 
Sindy lleen Yaniger 
Aaron William Yoh 

2nd Major: Government and 

LaShanda LaShall Young 
Allison Michelle Yupatoff 


Russell P. Acosta 
Charlotte Leanne Agee 
Soo Bin B. Ahn 
Lisa Anne Alton 
Connie Maria Amatucci 
*Leslie A. Bailey 
Grant J. Barrus 
Belinda Diamond Biderman 
Katherine Beth Bomstein 
Ronald Stephen Bowyer 
Orla Elizabeth Burke 
Colby Repp BurreU 
Brian Robert Camphausen 
James Githens Carver 
Maya Adira Chertock 
Robert David Chestnut 
*Lauren Suzanne Conley 
Lauren Christine Connon 
Usheen V. Davar 
§Leah Ruth Davis 
Ronald Eugene Davis 
Judy Juanita Dixon 
Ricardo A. Epps 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 



19 9 7 

Yodit Fikre 
Ronald Irwin Francis 
John B. Gaud 
Melissa Colleen Gibson 
Ross Andrew Goodman 
Alison Ann Greenberg 
Dayonna L. Haile 
Arlene Alexis Harris 
Shawn Monserrat Hu 
Farishte Afshad Irani 
Conya Jabari-Kitwala 
Kiagu Karanja 
Dayna Andrea Konnick 
Ryan Lynn Laubach 
Mary M. Lee 
Amy Lyn Leishear 
Eloise Teena Lepesqueur 
Shawn David Levin 
Brendan Patrick Lewis 
Katina Lasandra Lewis 
Eduardo Jaime Llanes 
Shing Fat Lo 

Stephen Luke Macdonald 
Claire Nyeo Young 

Judith Renee Man 
Tim R. Marcolini 
Brooke B. Maury 
Danielle Often Montfort 
Kyle Emerson Moore 
Lisa Beth Muscara 
'Margarita Lucia Ortiz 
Diahanna Yvonne Padilla 
Craig A. Philip 
Jearue M. Phillips 
Gwendolyn R. Pitts 
Meghan Elizabeth Rich 
Maria Joy Rieman 
Jonathan Robert Rizalvo 
Roy Evan Rosenbaum 
Alfred Sandosharaj 

Robyn Paige Satosky 
2rid Major: Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Jennifer Lori Schapiro 

Joan Marie Hough Schelling 

Pia Ethel Maria Schiavo-Campo 

Seth Schwartz 

Lisa Elaine Schwedt 

Christopher DeVere Seamens 

Laura Irene Seastrum 

Jennifer Lynn Shafer 

Cory Alison Smith 

Linda Arm Somuah 

Melissa Lyrme Therrien 

James Jon Walters 

Deborah Marchanna White 

Ethel Graham Wilson 

Urban Studies 

Edwin Elliott Bowers 

Bachelor of Science 

Andrew John Alspach 
Neeladri Ranjan Bhattacharjee 
Martin Belikha Bibum 
Amanda Marie Bullard 
Joshua Patrick Burrows 
Kesa Royette Davis 
tTodd Stirling Fagan 
Karon Funmiola Greene 
Brian John Guzzone 
Stephanie Nicole Jones 
Thomas Patrick Keck 
Verne F. Kemerer III 
Sean Mathew David Legeer 
Bryan Charles Mitchell 
Neal M. Moran 
Gregory Erik Myhre 
George Bamay Nehrebeckyj 
Dana Ng 

Laura Louise Roberson 
*Laura Elizabeth Rocchio 
§Robert J. Rusin, Jr. 
Louis Francis Saffell 
Anil Shrestha 
Annamaria Skultety 
Wayne M. Smith 
Jonathan David Stovall 
Malinda Taylor 
Patricia Claire Zitzmann 


Araj F. Ahmed 
'Leslie Ann Arthur 
Jeremy R. Bilawa 
Courtney Lynn Brzeczko 
§Serenity Chambers 
Ka-wai Cheung 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
§Daniel J. Dabbah 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Jennifer Lynne Dashiell 
Anthony DiGiorgio 
Christopher Starr Dustin 
*Stacey Olivia Elliott 
tKimberly Lauren Epstein 
Christopher Dean Everette 
Patrick C. Gambaro 
Edward Giles 
Maria-Elena Seni Hauzer 
Christy Ann Hill 
2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Durea Sunny Kim 
Ryan M. Kraven 
Allison Lauren Krohn 
Meegan Hyatt Lawson 
§Daniela Phillips Ligi^ro 
Teri Leigh Long 
Fiona Margaret Martini 
Sanyukta Mathur 

'Catherine Anne McClintock 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Megan Elizabeth McHale 
tMatthew Todd Mouer 
Dangdiem Thi Nghe 
Thanhlong Viet Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Seth Christian Odgaard 
Melissa Leigh Phillips 
Jo Bether Rivera Ramos 
David Jo Scaffidi-Domianello 
tBina Pravinchandra Sheladia 
Erin Michelle Snyder 
Manjiri Babasaheb Sonawane 
Omeesha Srivastava 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Hal David Stein 
'Arash Taleghani 
Rebecca Ann Temple 
Khuyen Tran 
Robin Lynn Wallace 
Lindsy Kristifer Wheeler 
Hannah Yecheskel 
Samana Zaidi 
Ghazaleh Zardoost 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Christine Ann Zeiler 

f Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


U N I V 


Bachelor of Science 


Henry H. Achmad 
Hope Lansang Aguilar 
*Niria Aksenova 
Mariam Khaled Aladdin 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Jason Aaron Aldridge 
Armand Tchotch Angah 
Jennifer Leighton Arrowsmith 
Brian Shenier Bagley 
Brian S. Baick 
Donna J. Bartlett 
Jeffrey A. Basler 
Taiysha K. Beaman 
Aaron Asher Belitsky 
tLaurent Raphael Bensimon 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Adam Neal Berkowicz 
Adam Michael Bolotin 
Michael Dean Brownstein 
Stacey Lynn Burke 
Shaun Alvin Burwell 
Chinh Thu Cao 
Christie Chea 
Ariane Pui Cheung 
Vivian Chin 
Anna Hyekvong Cho 
tWai Lan Chung 
Laura Elizabeth Clagett 
David Blair Clark 
Roy R. Cogliandolo 
Francis B. Cooper 
Robert Sie Cooper 
*Benjamin Theophilus Crandall 

Aaron Cranford 

Charlene Elizabeth Crawford 

Laura Flaminia Dal Molin 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Bryant G. Davis 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Christopher Michael Davis 
Michelle Nicole Desrosiers 

2nd Major: General Business and 

'Jonathan Henry Dietrich 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
Alex Sean Donbergs 
Jeffery Thomas Dorworth 
Rebecca Lynn Horn Dow 
Michelle Annette Dowd-Suarez 
Matthew Christopher Drummond 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Kathy M. Dudek 
Colin Oliver Duncan 
Rachel Tan Eng 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Michael A. Engles 
Mark Edward Eshenbaugh 
Lisa Anne Furman 
Kyla Renee Geatz 
Amdetsion Genanaw 
tjoel Ari Gerstein 
Christopher David Trembelas 

Masouda GLzabi 
Nadia Gizabi 

Frances Anne Goldsborough 
Evens Grammont, Jr. 
tAmy Renee Grossi 
Steve Sun Ching Guo 

2nd Major: Finance 
Amy Veronica Hager 
David Jeffrey Halpren 
Stephania Michele Haris 

Jamillah Kareema Harris 
Gladstone Anthony Heron 
Timothy Randahl Hintz 
Brandon Heath Hosey 
Rong Huang 

2nd Degree: Finance 
*Hsi C. Hui 
Arona Tova Hyatt 
Abiola S. Idris 
Christopher Paul Jodrie 
Michael Ryan Johnsen 
David Shane Johnson 
tjason Travis Jones 
tAlejandra Monica Juffe 
Holley Marie Kee 
Dominique Vissetthida Khieu 
Manuella King 

2nd Major: General Business and 

*Andrea Gail Kirsner 
Michelle Lynn Krause 
*Ronnie Ka Hoi Lai 

2nd Major: Finance 
Cathy Yelan Lao 
§Hong Van Le 
Phuong Kassie Le 

2nd Major: Finance 
tDeborah Lynn Leafty 
tEmae May Lee 
*Mark Jae Uk Lee 
Scott David Levy 
Cindy Katherine Li 
*DarJiang Li 
Qian Li 
§Mengtien Lin 

2nd Major: Government and 

tKirsten Anne Litkowski 

2nd Degree: History 
Rong Liu 
Ying Liu 

'David Scott Lutman 

Phan Thuc Ma 

Eileen Michelle Magid 

Rajeev Marvnan 

Lesia Angelleta Maragh 

Turkessa A. Massiah 

Martha Henrietta Mccu Meyers 

Laurie Jill MiUer 

Scott David Miller 

Lisa Ann Miranda 

Menaben Ramanlal Mistry 

Amy Beth Mohney 

'Darby Ann MoUoy 

Dionne Ayanna Leotha Murray 

Karthik Narayan 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Javier Alejandro Neciosup 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Anh To Nguyen 
'Anh Tu Nguyen 
Mika Nishiyama 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Victor Manuel Nolasco 

2nd Major: Finance 
Timothy Sean Norman 
§Connie L. O'Connor 
Angela Rose Olivito 
Ihekwaba Felix Otiji 
§Mary Catherine Oxendine 
Nanci-EUen HartweU Pask 
Alkesh H. Patel 
Sanjay S. Patel 
Yun Hwa Peal 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Rick James Peluso 
Anthony Harrison Perm 
Karleen R. Peterson 
Michael Glendon Piatt 


§ Summa cum Laude i Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 




19 9 7 

Abdul Razak Rahim 
Sri P. Rapaka 
Siobhan Tara Reddy 
Augusta Robertetta Reeves 

2ttd Major: Finance 
Catherine L. Regan 
*Daphna Elizabeth Richardson 
Sarayuth Ritthawom 
Paul Daniel Robinson 
*Valerie Maria Roman 
Scott Vincent Rosenfeld 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Michael Savocchi 
James Newell Schappelle 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Evan M. Schwartz 
Minerva Sylvia Sicott 
Michael Vincent Scotten 
Christopher Rudolph Scuderi 
Andrea Katherine Sereno 
§lris Yael Sevi 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Usman Shakir 
Michael William Smith 
Juniarti L. Soepangkat 
Jennifer Sarah Styar 
Anthony Hyon Sung 

2nd Major: Finance 
Erik Justin Swift 
Benita S. Tahbaz 
Vandana P. Tailor 
Takemi Takamura 
Jason David Tam 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Brian Philip Tanzman 
Hoa L. Thanh 

2nd Major: Finance 
Andrea Jill Tobin 
Nha Nguyen Trinh 

§Stephanie Louise Trunk 
Jenny Tsang 
Mingchi Tsu 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Karen Scher-ying Tung 
Julie Jiaei Urn 
Neary Ung 

Heather Melinda Vahovich 
Anna Vasilarakis 
Huy-khanh Le-hoang Vo 
tAmanda Jean Wendell 
James Clinton White, Jr. 
•Jacob Lee Williams, Jr. 
Amy Rebecca Wolfe 
*Brian James Wolohan 

2nd Major: Finance 
Chung-jay Yang 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Jie Yang 
Jin Woo Yang 
Lisa J. Yoo 
Mark Edward Zinunerman 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Melissa Deanne Zip 


Oyedeji Vincent Agunbiade 
Jitin Ahuja 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Raffaele John Alessandro 
'Jennifer Marci Alpem 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Mar\'in Amaro 
John Sam Anastasis 
Robert Carl Armbruster 

2nd Major: Marketing 
tRebecca Ashkenazy 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 

Matthew G. Bellucci 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Saumya Kumar Bhatnagar 
Stephen Michael Blair 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Mark Blond 
Donald Kent Booth 
Christine Louise Bouma 

2nd Major: Marketing 
George Covington Bradford 
Beverly Bericia Brown 
Jevon Antron Brown 
William Brandt Butcher 
Jonathan Scott Camps 
Bemedette Cestone 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Matthew Cole Chalfant 
Soma Lisa Choudhury 
Tran Nguyen Chung 
Shereada De Clarke 
Scott Russell Cleveland 
Maria Elena Crespo 
Alin Cubuk 
Wendy Chi Dao 
Tremaine Edward Darby 

Bryant G. Davis 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
John Dale Diedrich, Jr. 
Demetrios John Dimopoulos 
Edward Robert Donis 
Robynn Kendra Dorsey 
Matthew Christopher 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
*Elliot James Everett 
*Adam Jason Falk 
Michael Jon Fellerman 
Robert Michael Fellman 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Jeffrey Patrick Fitzgerald 
David Louis Forman 
Sonal K. Gangar 
Scott A. Gasner 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Roger William Glasgow 
Michael Bennett Goldstein 
Jodi Lynn Gomberg 
Walter Winfield Green 
Carrie Rae Gregor 
Allen Wayne Griffin 

§ Sumnm cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


Gary Allen Gumula 

2nd Major: General Business and 

John Joseph Halvorsen 
Jonathan Frank Ho 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Jerry Kent Hope, Jr. 
Michael Randy Horowitz 
Rong Huang 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Robert Bruce Johnson 
tChrisHne Renee Jordan 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Shannon Nicole Joyner 
Amreen Afroza Kabir 
Steven N. Katchen 
Corey S. Kessler 
Opama H. Khan 
Nathan Man Joong Kim 
Michael Everett Klonsky 
Elizabeth Jean Knerr 
Dwight David Kondravy 
Luke Kennedy Leary 
Hanson Lee 
Jung Han Lee 
Susan Young Lee 
Marc David Lepselter 
Richard Elias Levine 
Jennifer Lynn Lipka 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Carole Michelle Long 
Shagun Malhotra 
Aron J. Marcinkoski 
Erin Patrick Marx 
Giuseppe Antonino MastroeU 

2nd Major: General Business and 

§Karen Ann McDermott 
James J. McGrath 

Jose Francisco Melendez 
Christian James Merz 
Lucas R. Mikiszko 
David Michael Miller 

2nd Degree: Government and 


2nd Major: Marketing 
Chiabia Minto 
Kurt Nicholas McFarlane 
Adriana Leone Newkirk 
David A. Newman 
John Ralph Newman II 
Phuong N. Nguyen 
Mika Nishiyama 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Joseph K. Owusu 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Mehul Babu Patel 
Gary Joseph Pei 
Que-chi Ngoc Pham 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
tMikhail Genrikh Pimenov 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
David Leroy Poe 
Jeffrey Douglas Potter 
Haingo Olivia Rakotoarimanga 
Lakshmi P. Reddy 
Russell J. Rosen 
Seth Rosen 
Scott Vincent Rosenfeld 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
John Edward Rothe, Jr. 
Robert D. Rotondi 
Edgar Orlando Ruano 

2nd Major: General Business and 

David Andrew Rudisill 

2nd Major: Human Resource 


§Gholam Mohammed Saleh 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Samuel Dyer Samedov 
George V. Samuel 
James Newell Schappelle 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Lisa Sari Schlenker 
Jason Brett Schwartz 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Harsh Jitendra Shah 
Rasjad Singer 
Brian Joseph Sison 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Christopher C. Smith 
tElana Rachel Smith 
tVictoria L. Smith 
Stephen Andrew Stelmach 
Likivi Suu 

2nd Major: General Business and 

tBrian Samuel Sweeney 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Matthew Sean Swyndle 
Todd Matthew Szura 
Ann Frances Torrico 
San San Truong 

2nd Major: Economics 
Mingchi Tsu 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Christina Marie Valenti 

2nd Major: Marketing 
John A. Vengroski III 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Daniel Stuart Weiss 
Ivan Gregory Weston 
Scott Alan Whittington 
Scott Jonathan Wiesenberger 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Samuel Savage Yates 

tPolina Zhitomirsky 
2nd Degree: Management Science 
and Statistics 

General Business and 

Putri Rahmadani Abdullah 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Alberto Manuel Alvarez 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Denise Lei Bartlow 
tColette Melissa Bartos 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

EUas Bedada 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Jason Mathew Bercovici 
Farahnaz Boloori 
Barbara Williams Boward 
Juliana Vanessa Brito 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

David Michael Burtnick 
Cynthia Guenther Byrne 
tChad Jason Campbell 

2nd Major: Marketing 
LaKisha Campbell 
Angkana Chareonvootitam 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Miranda Valerie Clement 
Vincent Gerard Colaianni 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Todd Stephen Compton 
Debra Lynn Dehaut 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Christine Nwamaka Enwonwu 
Carolyn Anne Eustic 
Andrew Friedenberg 
Marc Andrew Glazer 
Alvaro Eduardo Gonzalez 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Rita Marie Goodhope 

2>i(i Major: Finance 
David Dixon Goodier 
Michelle Lynn Goozman 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Shelley Eviva Grant 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Judith Rebecca Halpern 
Brian Kevin Hawley 
Vladimir Jacobs 
tMarc James Jannsen 
Brian Christopher Jones 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Brian P. Kapp 
Anthony Daher Kazzi 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Colleen Ranee Kelly 
Gic Helen Kim 

Narongrith Komsatayapongvudhi 
Suwanna Komsatayapongvudhi 
Mark Robert Krukar 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Ching-te Kuo 
Doris P. La 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Kei Yin Lam 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Alfredo Lancellotti 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language and 

Dan Li 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

'Edward Brian Lieber 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Tae Jong Lim 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 


Jennifer Ruth Middaugh 
Michael L. Miller 
Stuart Allen Miller 
Carline Naita Montout 

2nd Major: French Language and 

Igor Mosyak 
Katherine Ann Naftalin 
Diem-chau Hoang Ngo 

2nd Major: Finance 
Steve S. Papaloizos 
Yun Hwa Peal 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Ann Phuong Phan 
Kevin Audette Plank 
Kara Lisa Anista Preville 

2nd Major: Finance 
Thongmaly Raspakdy 
Christina Maria Rizzoni 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Jay Darrin Rubin 
*Cari L. Schlumbohm 
*Matthew James Scott 
Nidhi Sharma 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Yaron Shemesh 
Olga Sklyar 

2nd Degree: Economics 
tjoseph Bernard Steinberger 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language and 

Mason Ashley Tilden 
Ellen L. Trost 
Adam Steven Waxman 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Ru Qi Zhu 

2nd Major: Finance 
Greg Evan Zuniss 

Human Resource Management 

Christopher T. Baker 
Heather Ann Beaty 
Mary Louise Brown 
Christopher Paul Courtemanche 
Lisa Christine Fusco 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Libby Kedem 
Eric James Luke 
Michele Lea Noragon 
Heather Lee Riley 
Janet Louise Robinson 
Tanya Beth Seligson 
Elisha Simone Smith 
Carli Rachel Sperling 
Amy Marie Swann 
Alison Topolewski 
Jill Brockett Wilson 

Logistics and Transportation 

Dana Claire Adler 
tColette Melissa Bartos 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

William Dean Blubaugh 
Juliana Vanessa Brito 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Angkana Chareonvootitam 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Henry Lam Chen 
Jason Conboy 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Heather Dawn Crosby 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Shaun D. Defries 

Kirk O'Neil Douglas 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Kevin John Fitzsimmons 
tTaryn Caprin Harper 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Alice Ann Kassel 
Doris P. La 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Tae Jong Lim 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Lin Siu Low 

2nd Degree: Marketing 

2nd Major: General Business and 

William Stephan Mather, Jr. 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Ian S. Mendelson 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Prinvla N. Neil 

2nd Major: General Business and 

David Wendell Palmer 
Brett Anthony Reindollar 
Brian Joseph Sison 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Damon Brian Stephens 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Angella Young Van Meter 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Heather Rae Wolfe 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Darren N. Wolner 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Alex B. Younoszai 


§ Summa cum Laudc f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 

U N I V 

R Y L 

C O L L E G 

Management Science and 

Edward Winston Abrantes 
Michael Anthony Abromavage 
Christopher Lee Alsop 
Lance Edward Beahm 
Shobha Bora 
Mark Corey Briscoe 
Mireille J. Chaaya 

2nd Major: General Business and 


2nd Major: Accounting 
Craig S. Chanoff 
Warma Chien 
Soo Hong Chin 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Selamawit G. Damene 
Jason Michael Danielian 
Chung-sze Du 
§Kimberly Jo Dustin 
*Joann Yang Hahn 

Gretchen Herring 
Jonathan Frank Ho 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Sunita Joshi 
Baruch Yale Lazarus 
Bong Song Lee 
Ching-lan Lin 
Lawrence Martin Ly 
§Donald James MacFadyen 
Brian Anthony Martin 
Raju George Mattamal 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Ryan Michael McClain 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Sokhna Slynahou Ndoye 
Hung Nguyen 
Jane J. Park 
Vinit Patel 
Eon Rambharan 
Tamara Michelle Rogers 
Steven James Schnee 
Jason Bradley Schweriner 

*Maryarme Fei-wen Shen 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Nurjahan Siddique 
Manish Philiup Sirohi 
Rachel Beth Sitron 
Aaron Michael Sweemer 
Diep Hong Ung 
Jessica Marisa Villareal 
Mary Elizabeth Wagner 
Matthew Floyd Warren 
Gregory Logan Weiss 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
Chung-jay Yang 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Dmitriy A. Yekimov 
Arnold Blackston Young 
tjing Zhang 
tPolina Zhitomirsky 

2nd Degree: Finance 


Lilian Naa Norley Abbey-Bamor 
Sherri Lynne Ackerman 
Ivan Rikio Arakaki 
Yared Difaye Assefa 
Michael Stephen Barbino 
Edward H. Barnes III 
tKenneth Joseph Barrette 
Jennifer Hope Bauman 
Andrew I. Beranbom 
Michael Biftu 
Ryan Wyatt Bissett 
Christopher Andrew Bittner 
Richard M. Blackman 
Stephen Michael Blair 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Michael Ignazio Bonarmi 
Lindi Sharon Brooks 
Taneka Dee Caffee 

2nd Major: Logistics and 


Mario Christian Chavez 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Francis Mark Chesnek 
Christina AdeU Clark 
Jason D. Coddington 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Roger Pontes Coelho 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Leon Marcel Colaco 
Karen Lopez Connor 
Brian Eric Crickenberger 
Heather Dawn Crosby 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Amy Cunningham 
Michael G. Dash 
Garrett Michael Datz 
Heath Ryan Davis 
Bryony Nela Demb 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Shawn Michael Donahue 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Angele Teresa Dookie 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Michael Thomas Ebaugh 

2nd Major: Finance 
Millie Joy Estes 

2nd Major: General Business and 

James Brian Falcone 
Su-sying Fan 
Robert Michael Fellman 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Andres Fernandez 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


Frederick Matthew Feutz 

2nd Major: Finance 
Matthew L. Fink 
Megan Lvnne Foley 
Ben Leor Friedberg 
Tameka Nicole Garner 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Nancy Frances Giarraputo 
Katharyn Kelly Gilmartin 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Jennifer Katheryn Gordziel 
Brian Michael Granek 
Andrew Barrett Hales 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Amy Baker Hamilton 
tTaryn Caprin Harper 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Amanda Jo Hast 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Debra Gail Herman 
Samantha Jacqueline Hershhom 
Edward PhUlip Hinkle 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Huy M. Hoang 
Tahsin Imam 
Alice Tsou Inderdohnen 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Veronica Jerow 
Clinton Scott Jones 
Leonard B. Jones 
Nathan Thomas Jones 
Andrew Z. Katz 

Kimberly Marie Kennedy 

2nd Major: Uigistics and 

Bradley Michael Kesler 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Tanya Lynn Khararjian 
Lara Lee Kim 
Matthew Gordon Klang 
Scott Kluge 
Richard Barry Knee 
Sylvia Serwaa Koranteng 
Ketan Kumar 
Sukwon Lee 
Vivian Yi-hui Lee 
Robert Andrew Locke 
Laura Lopez Serantes 
Lin Siu Low 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Jamie Scott Lowe 
Candice Jane Mahala 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Michelle Suzanne Majonis 
§Chittaran)an Mallik 
Jeff Manno 
Kristyn Lynn Manzi 
Raju George Mattamal 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Katia Ann McKennon 
tTaniel Malia McLean 
Elmus Walter Mosby, Jr. 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Marc Robert Moscowitz 
Margaret Elizabeth Muench 
Heather Lynn Murray 
Winston Michael Nymn 

Rosemary Alloh Owino 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Douglas Elliott Paul 
Felipe Cerbino Peres 
Kimberly Ann Phillips 
Daniel Stuart Pierson 

2nd Major: Finance 
tMikhail Genrikh Pimenov 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Vasiliki Pizanias 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Kampanart Preechatangkit 
Aliya Nichole Purdy 
Stella Unchong Reisch 
Paige Diane Reuther 
Scott G. Rosenberg 
Lauren Solomon Rubin 
•William Raymond Samples 111 
Brian Scott Saroken 
Rachel N. Savoie 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

John C. Schadt 
Kenneth H. Schwartz 
John William Seaton, Jr. 
Kevin Jon Slosman 
Ronnie Lewis Slucker 
Clyde EUsworth Smith IV 
Mark Kevin Smith 
Christina Patricia Somerville 
Jodi A. Stahl 
Philip E. Suissa 
Tracy Eileen Sweitzer 
Michael Aaron Taylor 
Tiffany Tovmassian 
Joshua Michael Wachs 
David Terence Walsh 

2nd Major: Logistics and 


Thomas Lewis Ward 
Ruth Allison Werner 
Joie Erica Williams 
Carole Witte 
Brett Michael Wright 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Shui Kwan Yeung 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Dennis Munkid Yuan 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Michael Scott Zandman 


Bachelor of Science 


Michael L. Asbury 

Aaron Charles Eichelberger 

2nd Degree: Physics 
Lori Michelle Lanier 

2nd Major: Physics 
Adeena Jan Mignogna 

2nd Degree: Physics 

Computer Science 

Patricio Mendes Barao 

Brett William Berkeley 

Seth Daniel Carlson 

§Gil Joseph Carmel 

Wai-kwong Chan 

In K. Chang 

Tommy Yen-ming Chang 

2nd Major: Electrical Engineering 
Sung Hoon Choi 
Adam John Cooper 


§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude ' cum iMude 

John Cragoe 

Benjamin Bach Czisny 

Jonathan Waterman Czisny 

Pourya Dehnadi 

Allan Hernandez Del Rosario 

Deborah Lynn Dompierre 

Aaron Burke Dudek 

David Gregory Durst 

Timotheus Fitzgerald 

Marcelo Silva Gomes 

Chavi Rachel Greengart 

Michael Edward Grupenhoff 

Ajay K. Gupta 

Ara Hacopian 

Christopher George Hemmings 

Edward Patrick Anthony Hogan 

Charles Elwood Hohn 

Sze Chun Hsu 

Safraz Waseem Ishmael 

2nd Degree: Physics 
Hanny Januarius 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
tjonas Ryan Keating 

2nd Major: Electrical Engineering 
Ilya M. Khazanov 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Tigran Khrimian 
Frezer Kifle 
Dae Son Kim 
Patrick Victor Kolbe 
Dmitriy Kolchinskiy 
Ara Armand Kotchian 
Navin Prasaima Kumar 
Chia-lim Kuo 
Rishi Kurichh 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Wai Chiu Lam 
Jennifer Hae-young Lee 
Mankit Betty Lee 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Yuan-chi Lee 

Victoria Leykin 

2tid Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Yingqi Liang 
Wirak Lim 
Michael L. MargoUs 
Steven Aaron Martin 
Lucas Rodolphe Mitiszko 
Roya Mohseni 
Lianaeh Kineneko Mtei 
Montian Natrakul 
Archana Newatia 
Huy Nguyen Ngo 
Binh Thai Nguyen 
Khanh Quoc Nguyen 
Phu Trieu Nguyen 
Christopher Thomas O'Haver 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Chudi Ifeanyi Onyilimba 
Nivesh Patnaik 
Victor Lyle Peters 
Asim Mahmood Qureshi 
tBrian Howard Raderman 
Pranav Chandrakant Raichura 

2nd Mnjor: Mathematics 
Sanjaya Kishan Rajapatirana 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Sheldon Leigh Robinson 
Jacob Michael Rosenhaft 
Gitta Rostami 
Tariq Said 

Jeffery Martin Schweiger 
Gregory Shaw Seidman 
Navin Sharma 
Jin H. Shin 
April T. Simmons 
Bryan Adam Slavin 
Adam L.M. Smith 
Chad Alexander Smith 
Kenitra Denise Smith 
Carol Ann Sniegoski 
Nataliya Snitkovsky 

Van M. Snitkovsky 
Shawn David Sparks 
Barzilai Ernesto Spinak 
Thomas Carl Stamm 
Svetlana GeorgieNTia Stenchikova 
Robert Alvin Sullivan 
Jia Sun 

Kyunghwa Jamie Sun 
Moshe-Dovid Teitelhaum 
Dennis Gia Thai 
Tian Le Tong 
Thinh Due Tran 

Eduardo Gurgel Do A. Valente, Jr. 
2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Kenneth W. Voritskul 
Brooke Tasker Polk Wallace 
Marc Edward Wexler 
David Leander Woodard 
Felix Kwok Man Wu 
Jun S. Yang 
Wing Tim Yeung 
Somkam Yordmanee 
Min-jie Yu 
Xuehong Yu 


Joshua Ian Dreihiss 
Emma Rebecca English 
Sharon Givens 
Matthew Curtis McMillan 
Norbert Ashwtngnui Ndofor 
Jerome Otto Schorr III 
Jason Christopher Willett 


Ivars Peter Balodis 
Carrie L. Basye 
Vincent Paul Flanagan, Jr. 
Arthur James Fleming 

Eduardo De Almeida Graf 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
Glenn Kyu Hahn 

2nd Degree: Aerospace 

Mark Harry Hess 

2nd Degree: Physics 
Hanny Januarius 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Carl David Jewett 
Hyunmee Juhanna Ko 
Adrienne L. Murray 
Shawn M. O'Connor 
Ron Yitzhak Perel 

2nd Degree: Aerospace 

Charles Weber Robertson, Jr. 
*Kevin Anthony Scaldeferri 

2nd Degree: Physics 
§Sudheer Poomachandra Shukla 
•Francesca Monica UgoUni 
Gregory James Werner 
Oman Saeed Wooden 
Demetria Michelle Yeldell 
Ying San Yeung 

2nd Degree: Economics 

Physical Sciences 

Jawad Ahmed 
Bashar B. Al-Hassani 
Jannina Selise Br\'an 
Lawrence Edward Butts 
Peter Gan Chin 
Deirdre Camille Elvis 
Nicolas S. Erbrich 
Michael Damon Gunther 
Sanjay Jayanti Patel 
Terry Reed 
Ali R. Saiyid 
Vem Leroy Shird 
Robert Samuel StoU 
Bruce Henry Webster 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 



Yuri Stephen Achille 
Suresh S. Aryangat 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
Aaron Charles Eichelberger 

2nd Degree: Astronomy 
Mark Harry Hess 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Safraz Waseem Ishmael 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Thu Van Thi Luu 
Adeena Jan Mignogna 

2nd Degree: Astronom}/ 
Aisha Marie Miller 
Christopher Scott Miller 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
Philip Hamilton Rhinelander 
*Kevin Anthony Scaldeferri 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Wayne E. Shanks 
Luke Shipman SoUitt 
Stephen Paul Terrell 
tMatt Vanderhoek 
Michael Derwin Wilson, Jr. 


Bachelor of Arts 


Kelly Scott Burgess 
Cathryn Inez Wanders 

Secondary Education-Englisli 
(Language Artsl-Professlonal 

Daina Hlvira Hreivalds 
Lisa A. Lawler 
§Kevin P. Latulip, Jr. 
Christine Diane Satterfield 
Joseph Torrence Sebastian 

Secondary Education-Foreign 

'Gladys Madeleine Amaro 
Khara Frances Cannon 
Anne MLAe Hankey 
*Rita H. Jimenez 
Yusmedy Keefe 
Anuradha Prabhakara 
Erminia Francesca Rosanova 
Alexandra Lin Rosner 

Secondary Education- 
Social Studies-Professional 

Glenn Edward Blanchard 
Andrew Eppeldauer 
Reginald Lament Gunter 
Christine Demor Kinworthy 
Graham Thomas Molitor, Jr. 
Lynda Marie Motiram 
Karl Richard Neumarm 
Angela Lea Norman 
Sara Perales 
Laura Ann Sarantis 

Secondary Education- 
Speech Education- 

Bruce B. Brown 
Jennifer Joy Mooneyhan 

Secondary Education- 
Theatre and English- 

Christopher I'hijs Roorda 

Secondary Education- 

Stephen Michael Dell 

Brighid Emerson Massey Harpe 

*Laura Leanne Laatsch 

Bachelor of Science 

Early Childhood Education- 

Christen Lee Able 
Jamie Ann Berger 
Rudy Lopez Fernandez 
Felicia Beth Gordon 
Joaime Eunsook Han 
Lori Ann Heinkel 
Ellen Amy Issenman 
Melinda Susan Kurylo 
Jennifer Elyse Robbins 
Adrienne Michelle Smith 
Kim Michelle Smith 
Pamela Ivy Weiss 


'Patricia Breen Dolan 
Stephanie Jean Territo 

Elementary Education- 

Lisa RocheUe Alexander 
Kathleen Anne Atwater 
•Joyce Lynn Bond 
Katharine Arm Brewer 
Evelyn Joyce Burch 
'Rosanna Jean Calabrese 
Dok Ki Chang 
Seong Hee Chu 
Dominique Y. Cooper 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Jan M. Copoulos 
Lauren Tracy Costas 
'Elizabeth Helaine Crickey 
Gabrielle Lisbeth Descoteau 
David DiFonzo 
Felice Raquel Evans 
Nadia Ann Fattaleh 
Brian Scott Feldman 
Vicky Tamara Feldman 
michael Edward Fellin 
§Amanda Jean Freely 
Catherine Elizabeth Garrett 
Andrea Lauren Goldstein 
John P. Gourley 
tNancy Jane Griffith 
'Amy Elizabeth Trip Groetsch 

§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


Pamela Lynn Hall 
Heidi Rebecca Hillman 
Rebecca Ann Hoffman 
Tamara Natasha Hughes 
Larry Allen Hurd, Jr. 
Michelle Anne Jackson 
Jeanine Marie Janowiak 
Kassondra Lynn Jarvi 
Deann Michelle Johnson 
Michelle April Kahenzadeh 
Lisa Yunsin Kim 
Stephen G. Kingsbury 
Jayme Alison Klask 
Tanya Lynn Kujawa 
Debra L. Lawrence 
Joyce Laville-Borja 
Debra Rachel Lebowich 
Andie P. Liao 
Du Ich Lieu 
Regina Marie Little 
Lauren Marie Longmire 
Latonya Antoinette Lynch 
Jennifer Lynn Marinaccio 
Michele Lynn Mcconnell 
Michele Lee Mccracken 
Norma A. Mew 
tjulia Marie Moore 
Jodee Alicia Nassir 
§Michelle Lynn O'Bryant 
Christina Diana Boetcher Patel 
Tracy Michelle Patterson 
Carolina Beatriz Peraza 
Cynthia H. Price 
Jennifer Lynn Rand 
§Cheryl Denise Reed 
Susan Elizabeth Richards 
Rebecca Marian Rideout 
Mark E. Rlnaldi 
Timothy James Rossini 
Leslie M. Schienvar 
Jennifer Lynn Sevilla 
Marie Alma Sharp 

Brenda Lee Small 
Amanda May Spiegel 
Sandi L. Summers 
Dale Anne Tagg 
Nina Zelma Taylor 
Lila Black Toknan 
Martha M. Toronto 
Teri Lynn VanDevander 
Tamika Diane Waller 
Jaime John Webster 
Amy Elizabeth Whalen 
Stephen Janies Whiddon 
Brian J. Williams 
Kelly Marie Wood 
Karyn Rebecca Wulwick 

Industrial Technology 

Edward James Stevens 

Secondary Education- 

Sandra Lynn Camard 
David Wolff Eisenberg 
Laura Melanle Fuese 
Kristina Marie Groner 
Elizabeth Leigh Hellman 
Jennifer Catherine Kozlar 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
John Paul Krehbiel 
Amelia Mariangela Lancellottl 
Kathleen Carbery MacSherry 
Suzanne Miller 
Aileen Lori Ruderman 
Courtney A. Shin 
Jervnlfer Lynn Shoup 
Michael Jason Willard 
Michelle Elizabeth Williams 
David E. Zatz 

Secondary Education- 
Social Studies-Professional 

John Claude Chllders 
Jessica Anna Donehower 
Michael Patrick Garvey 
Warren Steven Levy 
Melody Ayleen Logan 
Marjorie Lynn MehUng 
Sarah Jean Schmidt 
Nathan Henry Schwartz 

Secondary Education- 

Maria Loida Saldana 

Secondary Education- 

Sandra Kay Anderson 
Jonathan Russell Bird 
J. Newton Breese 
Bradley Robert Isbell 
Suzanne Elizabeth Keeney 
Kelly Michael Lama 
Kathryn EUzabeth Mlchallk 
Mark Allen Nelson 
Kristin C. Rath 
April JDawn Thompson 
Derrick Edward White 
Hstng Wei Yao 
Robert James Yore 

Special Education- 

Anne Lenore Barsky 
'Marcy Beth Baudistel 
Sarah Jane Bias 
Stacey Anne Brooks 
Vicki Ann Brooks 
*Amy Elizabeth Brown 

2nd Degree: Hearing and Speech 

Mehssa Ann Bryant 
Jacqueline Francine Catterton 
Teresa Linn Donohue 
Amy Ellen Donze 
tKyrie Elizabeth Dragoo 
Renee Nicole Esham 
tKate Lynd Funk 
Priya Kishore Gokhale 
Danielle E. Haberman 
*Sue A. Hale 

Klmberly Ann Hildebrandt 
*Marisa Rachel Inwood 
Deborah Lara Jackson 
*Bonnye Sheryl Krenzel 
Vivian Jo-lan Liang 
Diana L. Lovingfoss 
Clara Susan MargoUs 
Lisa Michele Martin 
Barbara Anne Monteforte 
Kim Ellen Nieradko 
*Melanie Lynn Ogbum 
*Mahnaz LUa Pater-Rov 
Megan Marie Pell 
Kessem Tamar Schuchman 
Lanetra N. Smith 
Elizabeth Amanda Stonebumer 
Karen Joy VanDerWoude 


William Edward Veasel 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 



Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Jennifer Lynn Altman 
Angela Denise Andrews 
Drue Allison Balaban 
Lynn D. Beck 
Kara Jonelle Beckett 
Melissa Anne Benjamin 
tKimberly Ann Bristol 
Terry Renee Brown 
Shannon Melissa Bush 
Andrea Nagisa Capps 
Jonathan Evan Cohen 
Danielle Christine Collins 
•Katina Nicole Cousar 
Alyssa S. Davner 
Sarah Christine Dawson 
Eileen Grace Deguzman 
Terri Lee Diamond 
Jennifer Lynn Emrich 
§Debra Lisbeth Feld 
Jodi Michelle Feldman 
Lauren A. Fiorini 

Jason Eliott Forman 
Rebecca S. Gady 
Jodi Beth Gershon 
tKimberly Joy Gewirtz 
Karen Lynn Goldberg 
tSharon Elissa Goldman 
Stefani Paige Hendrick 
Lorn William Hinish 
Melissa Dawn Hirschhom 
Katherine Jean Holmes 
Wade Andrew Inge 
Luvronda Teresa Jones 
Leigh Tracy Kagan 
Dena Lerner Kahn 
Kimberly Ann King 
Madera S. King 
Karen Lyn Macerate 
Michelle Beth Maldow 
Julie Margolius 
Jayme Lynn Melnick 
Samantha F. Miller 
Angela Nicole Morton 
Deborah Morgan Mullen 
Thomas Kenneth Norris 
Jaye Michelle Padgett 
§Dimitra Papageorgopoulos 
Patricia Dawn Patrick 
Patricia Ann Payne 
Angelique Cathleen Peerson 
Nicole Robin Perkins 
Nikki Alana Poindexter 
Donna Shari Pollack 
Kathleen A. Reddy 
Stacy Elizabeth Roberts 
Maria B. Rodriguez 
Cornell Russell 
Jennifer Marie Schindel 
'Katherine Lee Seubert 
Kristen Elizabeth Sniscak 
Heidi Dacan Snukis 
Mimi Steinberg 

Michelle Lynn Stevenson 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Jill Eden Strauzer 
Erin Elizabeth Taylor 
Suzanne Rita Toomey 
*Jordana Tuckman 
Kimberlye Brooke Ullman 
Dawn Marie Vie 
Michelle Denise Walker 
Justin Peter Weiss 
Melanie Ann Wiker 
Rebecca M. Winik 
Carrie Ann Wirsing 
Ashley P. Wolf 

HeaKh Education 

Diane Lee Brown 
Lauren V. Buchlieister 
Matthew Phillip Caplan 
Diana Aileen Cubas 
Pritiksha Uday Desai 
Joseph Lee Donnelly III 
Andrea Christine Furia 
Kelly Lynn Howard 
Tamara L. Howlett 
Marci Caren Jacobson 
David Ching-te Kung 
Karen Alicia Mancera 
Leronda Nicole Martin 
Deborah Ann Mcdougall 
Chase Joseph Mishou 
Catherine Rachael Moore 
tRobyn Elaine Pearson 
Pamela Darlene Phipps 
Jenifer Courtney Quarantillo 
Chester Jon Reybitz 
Stephanie Anne Sarkis 
*Amy Beth Siock 
Michael Slow 
Cindy Michele Spitz 
+Tara Lynn Torchia 

Alonzo Dwight Wallace 
Laura Teresa Zimmer 

Kineslological Sciences 

Amanda Lynn Adkins 
*Steven Carl Andrews 
'John Aloysius Baur 
Wendy Kathleen Baxter 
Daniel L. Blatt 
David Arthur Blimmel 
Sara Beth Boughner 
tKarrie Suzanne Bunch 
Guy Anthony Campolo, Jr. 
Marcus Steven Castle 
Caryn L. Cicchino 
Meredith Renee Combs 
Alicia Leslie Conine 
*Cassand Crispo 
Sarah Jane Cusack 
*Lorren Diamond 
tjamie Deneen Dietz 
§Thomas Daniel Feldman 
Maria Angelique Fister 
*Terra Lynn Fitt 
Jenna Rebecca Gladstone 
Edith Randall Goldsborough 
Joshua E. Goodstadt 
Daniel William Gotthardt 
Kevin Andrew Gottschalk 
tTracy Armand Gray 
Dena Marie Gregory 
James Leon Guzzio 
Shirine Abraham Hegazi 
Devonne Horsley 
Douglas Richard Jarrow 
tTori Nichole Johnson 
Jill Elizabeth Kremzier 
Christopher John Lehman 
Dawn Marie Lenfest 
Debra Anne Liebowitz 
Stacey Michelle Lillis 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Uiudc 

U N I V 

S I T Y O 


Christopher Douglas Malhnan 

David Carlton Mashbum 

Brian David May 

Gtna Moore 

Daniel Joseph Oetken 

Stephen Dabbay Pelaez 

Deruse S. Perrelli 

Leonard James Phillips 

Annamarie AmeUa Piccioni 

Melissa Sue Price 

Penny Leigh Ramsey 

§Christine Marie-Mason Rexrode 

liana Holly Sambuco 

Greg Scott Sender 

Michael Heath Silverman 

Lindsay Heather Stewart 

Jervnifer Lee Stonewater 

Sara Allison Tate 

Mark David Trecannelli 

Patrick I. Trimor 

Tracy Lynn Webb 

Richard Edward Wells 

Physical Education 

•Carl Robert Bencal 
Dawn Florence Bytngton 
Stephen Mark Campbell 
Michelle Lynn Cohen 
Paul Nunzie Daniele 
Scott Andrew Gilreath 
Paul Blaine Kirk 
Brian Patrick Layman 
Mario Makela 
Martin Lear Margolis, Jr. 
Anthony Gerard Pykosh 
Michelle Dyan Smith 


Matthew Warren Corley 


Bachelor of Arts 

Fiona Natasha Adams 
Christopher John Adometto 
Alice A. Albeyaz 
Ross Ian Baltic 
Heather Alison Bancroft 
Ryan Stewart Batty 
Kristen Lynn Belcourt 
Ellen Lynn Besner 
Leah Michele Bibbo 
§Randolph Thomas Bishop 
Dwayne Anthony Bochnak 
Danielle Arm Cantor 
Juhe Lyim Caracciolo 
Stephen Paul Corbett 
Diane Elizabeth Crespy 
Lauren Rachel Cutler 
Corey Gerrard Davis 
Rachel B. Davis 
Sara Pilar Delgado 
Deanna Marie DiBari 
Melissa Cara Doherty 
'Deborah Sharon Drucker 
Nicole Annette Ellison 

2tid Degree: Speech 

Alison J. Esser 

2nii Major: Spanish Language and 

Barnabas O. Fadope 
*Diana Mary Virginia Fairbanks 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Karen Jill Fink 
Anthony Joseph Fiteni 
Allison Leigh Foreman 
Jaime Nicole Friedman 

Kelly Patricia Girth 
Kimberly Paige Goldman 
*Payton Markel Goldman 
Abigail Lynn Goldstein 
Erica Laura Grant 
Matthew James Graves 
Stephanie Lauren Green 
Adam Brett Hanin 
Lorelei K. Harris 
tTricia Arme Haust 
Jennifer Ann Hawes 
Stephanie Arm Holmes 

2nd Major: Government and 

•William David Hubbard 
Dilshad Durdana Husain 
Cathy Grace Hwang 
Kimberly Kisha Industrious 
Charles Curtis Iseh 
Dawn Chenita Jefferies 
Gregg Aaron Kanner 
Megan Colleen Kershner 
Carlyn Elizabeth Kessler 
Alan John Konlande 
Sandra Kay Lam 
Adam David Lang 

2nd Major: History 
tSandra Jennifer Levine 
Shari Michelle Levine 
Mariarm Elizabeth Lincoln 
Samuel N. Lonergan 
Jennifer Susan Lord 
Devin Chandler Justin Lowe 
Maria Lopiccolo 
Daniel Brian Lyons 
Gabriel D. Margasak 
Jeffrey Franklin Matheny 
Katrina McGarry 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Catharine Mary Meketa 
tNicole Gabrielle Messina 

Carey Migliaccio 
Kate Elizabeth Milani 
Laronda Reshall Miller 
Gregory Lance Neft 
Cara L. Newman 
Tracy Pamela Newman 
Shawn William Parker 
Roy Thomas Peters 
Jennifer Lynn Peterson 
Erika Janice Pontarelli 

2nd Degree: French Language and 

Richard Mark Porcaro 
Eric Andrew Relkin 
Jason Matthew Reppy 
Michele Lynn Rest 
Julie Kara Reynolds 
Nicole Antonette Richards 
Esta G. lygakos 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Shannon Rae Robertson 
Paul Taras Rosynsky 
Lea Shay Sadler 
Jill Nicole Scott 
Lauren Allison Shyman 
Joshua Loren Spector 
Darren Gerald Spinck 
Kelly Marie Stepno 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Ginger Ann Swiston 
Tracey Monique Terry 
Bao-tram Le Tran 
Salima P. Usman 
Stacy Anne Volovar 
tAnastasia Helen Guadalupe 

Jennifer HaUie Weissman 
§Katrina Juliarma Zielke 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 




Bachelor of Science 


Akash Arya 
Lisa Renee Bishop 
Belinda Lee Bunke 
Murtaza Yousuf Dawood 

2iid Degree: Biological Sciences 
Clara Dey 
§Sachin Dheer 
Manish Kumar Gambhir 
Paul Bruce Garms 
Hanna Ghazi Hanania 
Sharon Moesel Handley 

2nd Major: Biological Sciences 
Jilian Childers Hewitt 
•Thanh D. Hoang 
Janet Susan Hudrlik 
Jerome Wesley Jackson 
Joy Paek Jefferson 
Margie Ellen Kagan 
Hyun Cheol Kim 
Jeannie Lee 
Avi Ezekiel Leibowitz 
tCheuk Tung Leung 
Phillina Ching-yi Liao 
Truong Van Luu 
Helen M. Mahy 
Richard Laurence Mallon 
Achu Fongong Mofor 
Keith Lamont Morris 
William Paul Murphy 
David T. Nguyen 

2nd Major: Biological Sciences 
§Kari Huong Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Taraneh Norouzi 
§Ashley Evan Ross 
Robert Oscar Roswell 

tMary Nythel Pasaporte Rubin 
Vincent Scott Setola 
tOri Shokek 
Paul Edward Torchia 
tRonald Page Trible, Jr. 
Mark C. Weaver 
Nanci Nian Wong 
Ghazaleh Zardoost 
2nd Degree: Psychology 

Biological Sciences 

Angela Abrusci 
Midhat Ribhi Abu-Ghannam 
Sami Khaled Abu-Ghannam 
Jumoke Itun Akirmagbe 
Badia Sami Albanna 
Megan H. Amabile 
Aarohi A. Ambardekar 
Shahram Amin-Darolzabi 
*Ahmed Reshad Amini 
Louis William Andrews, Jr. 
Shamim J. Arastu 
•Rebecca Ashkenazy 

2nd Degree: Finance 
'Nadia Baradar 
Anne Downward Barbehenn 
Margaret Elizabeth Barry 
Lopa Basu 

2nd Major: English Language and 

Melanie Ruth Bautista 
Krista Michele Behney 
Kimberly Elizabeth Dumentat 

Daniel Thor Bergstralh 
Sophia Lorraine Berkel 
Aaron R. Bice 
Mary Bessie Bolleddu 
Margaret Aiken Booth 
David John Bozak 
Constance Ann Brown 

Danelle Yvette Brown 
tLana Kamal Bur 
tjoel Edward Buzy 
Colleen Heather Byrd 
Anthony Jolin Callan 
Huy-khang Thai Cao 
Maria Nihra Capunitan 
Stacy Michelle CecU 
Michael Brian Chait 
Barbara Kelly Changizi 
§Amy Rebecca Chapin 
Elizabeth Anne Charlton 
gNatasha Lisa Chen 
Catherine Marie Cherubin 
Young Suk Choe 
Ting-yuan Chu 

2nd Degree: East Asian Languages 

and Literature 
Emily Bemice Clark 
Melissa Sharyn Cohen 
Christopher Adam Coleman 
Shauna Ann Cooke 
Michael James Crawford 
Julia Mary Crussiah 
tDaniel J. Dabbah 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Danielle Marie Darick 
Monica Datta 

2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

Murtaza Yousuf Dawood 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Tracey Lauren Decter 
Joseph John Demma 111 
Rajwinder Singh Deu 
Rafael Antonio Dela Barrera 
Tere Hope Dickson 
•Etosha Denise Dixon 
Kimberly Duong Do 
Cecilia Maria Duarte 
*Anh-dao Thi Duong 

*Bethany Alice Durman 
Chika Francese Ekezie 
Jaime Robert Elizondo 
Fatima Marie Elnigoumi 
Gregory James Feaga 
Christopher T. Flannagan 

2nd Degree: Conservation 

Soil.Water and Environment 
Sarcih Elizabeth Forbes 
Jennifer Wrenn Fouty 
Nicole Joy Frederick 
Keith John Freebum 
Nancy Rebecca Freed 
Ann Kavitha Gabriel 
Mina Michele Garrett 
Glervn Frederick Gebler 
Peter A. Genis 
*Brett Evan Gilbert 
Robert Patrick Gill, Jr. 
Era Goel 

Jason Matthew Gold 
Martha Gorogias 
Yolanda Renae Graves 
Thomas Lee Gregory, Jr. 
Katherine Nicole Grice 
Angela Elaine Gubematis 
Anirban Gupta 
Jhumka Gupta 

2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

Tarra Guptaa 
Fabio Alberto Gutierrez 
Tarik J. Haddad 
Maryam Haeri 
Peter John Hamlin 
Andrew Donald Hammond 
Keith Anthony Harmon 
Syed Shoeb Haque 
Matthew George Hartman 
Thomas Alan Hasling 
David Jolin Hayden 


§ Surnnm cum iMude f Magna cum Laude 'cumLaude 

U N I V 


Richard Roy Hebert 
Andrea Rhonea Henley 
Michele Cecile Henley 
Amv Beth Hennessey 
Sharon Elaine Hill 
Benjamin Scott Hinds 
Michael Edward Hitcho, Jr. 
Kristian Owen Hochberg 
Melissa Anne Holmes 
Christine Hong 
Shana Day Hopkins 
*Rachel Ann Howell 
Michael Allan Hunt 
Brian Allen Huth 
tjennifer Michelle Janowich 
Phyllis Lee Jarv'is 
tjakub Kahl 
Juei-chuan Kang 
Brian Foster Kelly 
*Christopher WUliam Keruiedy 
Kheang Peng Kho 
Pooja Khurana 
Kim Louise Kiefer 
Anthony Robert Kilgore 
Christina Jinv'ung Kim 
Edward Hyon Kim 
tKun Yang Kim 
Katrina Jorene King 

2mi Degree: Dance 
Jennifer Catherine Koziar 

2nd Degree: Secondary 

Latifa Fatima Jackson 
Bang-trinh Hoang Le 
Christopher M. Lee 
Edward Bong Han Lee 
James Shun-min Lee 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Robert Edward Lee 
Jimmy Wayne Lewis 

Lisa Michelle Lewis 
Sharron Katora Lewis 
David Shang-kang Liao 
Khon Han Lien 
Ann Blake Limberger 
Alexander Barkis Lindell 
Lisa Linton 
Lisa Anne Lukaesko 
*Kieu Xuan Luu 
Katherine Yueh-mei Ly 
Keith Shea Lyons 
N. Nicholas Lysenko 
Tani Mahama 

Channing S. Mahatanankoon 
Sadia Ijaz Malik 
Brian Curtis Malone 
Charlene Marie Maloney 
tPraveen Kumar Mambalam 
Veronica E. Martins 
Joseph A. Matava 111 
Ajay Narain Mathur 
Greg George Matsko 
*Catherine Anne McCUntock 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Maureen Patricia McGonegal 
Thomas John Meals 
§Siamak Moayedi 
Rosemary Nyaboke Momanyi 
Connie Lynn Morton 
Hilal Nakiboglu 
Diem-kieu Ngo 
§Kari Huong Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Tam Nguyen 
Thanhlong Viet Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Thong Huu Nguyen 
True Vy Le Nguyen 
Mala Nichani 
Ayodeji N. Ogunye 

Sok Young Oh 
Jelili Adewale Ojodu 
Obinna Umunna Okoroma 
Damon OrsetH 
Aileen Joan Ostrowski 
Patricia Aileen Padrino 
Robert Corev Palmer 
Tamara Marie Panhuis 
§Robert Ian Pargament 
*Kinnari Jitendra Patel 
Shreya Jagdish Patel 
Aline Bonique Pawlak 
Lori Ann Pester 
•Rachel Lynn Porter 
Anita S. PuUani 
Motahar Qaadri 
Heidi Jill Raffkind 
Hoda M. Rafik 
Yolanda Ragland 
Uzma Ayyaz Rana 
Brian G. Rash 
Antoinette Venessa Reid 
tAndree Elizabeth Reuss 
David Robert Ross 
*Marc Andrew Rowley 
Mohamed Lamin Saccoh 
Mohamed S. Salah 
Christine Natalie Savage 
Harshita Juhi Saxena 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Nicole E. Scangarella 
Cathy Ann Schechterly 
Christina D. Schell 
Michael Erick Schultz 
Latrise Shemelle Scott 
§Amit Navin Shah 
Yasaman Shahamat 
Elliot David Share 
Rishabh Sharma 
Nicole Etelvina Shaw 

tMian Shen 
Jennifer Eileen Silcox 
Sean Anthony Simone 
§Shamim Abbas Sinnar 
Cora L^Tin Sipe 
Carolynn L. Smith 
Nicole Undine Smith 
Jason Richard Smithberger 
Christine Marie Sodero 
Ana M. Soto 
Mary Ellen Strawbridge 
Carin Darlene Stringer 
Michael Eugene StuU 
Sudhita Karumuri Subbarao 
Jennifer Szucs 
Gerard Anthony Tablada 
Joanne Lorraine Tait 
§Jason David Taksey 
Martha Tekle-Haimanot 

2nd Major: Fretich Language and 

Sean Karl TUton 
Virginia L. Tolbert 
Michael Alexander Tow 
Hieu Le Tran 
Lang Thi Tran 
Jermifer Tsai 
*Nai Jen Tsao 
tHenry Chin-hong Tsay 
Craig Michael Tucci 
Alexander Robert Uy 
•Christopher Severino Vaccari 
Amit Raizada Vaid 
Paul Tamas Varga 
Michael Onofrio Vatalaro 
Valerie Ann Vehemente 
§Jorge Juan Velarde 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Peter Clifford Vickerman 
§John Richard Vu 



§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum laude * cum laude 


Hai Ngoc Vuong 
Gopal Ramesh Vyas 
Melissa Lynn Walker 
Billie Rannette Walls 
Adam Jonathan Weber 
Jessica Anne Wilson 
Megan Beth Wollman 
Jennifer Helen Wright 
Tomohiko Yamada 
Atiyeh Yasseri 
Eric Michael YehMng 
Jean Yoo 

Ginger Faye Young 
Kelly Jen-yi Yu 
Selma Yuce 
Ki Chong Yun 
Stephanie Mie Rie Yun 
Lisa Meredith Yungmann 
Daniel E. Yuska, Jr. 
Marie-Claude Zando 


Tracy Michelle Bryant 

Matthew Disney 

Brian Peter Gluckman 

Katie Jean Grover 

Quy Thi Hoang 

Dilrukshi Indira Jayasekera 

Amy Norton 

Emily Christine Ohiand 

2nd Major: Biological Sciences 
Holly Ann Orletsky 
Tewodros Ramet 
Ananya Ruangma 
Judy Yeon Shin 
Vincent K. Shipp 
Stephanie Kay Springer 
Scott Francis Stefan 
Charles Chia-Iu Wu 

General Biological Sciences 

Kyle Chistopher Brickley 
Lien Xuan Dang 
Gerald Ian Keller 
John Tze-chang Wu 


Kristi Denice Bottner 
Shirin Cheraghi Noabadi 
Jennifer Lee Cooperson 
Carole Suanne Crowe 
*Mai Ahmad Dahmas 
Patti Arm Dunsavage 
Kelly Anne Garland 
Dawn Marie Heisey 
Caryn Lynette Jackson 
tScott Michael Katzen 
Tina Khoie 
Oleg Klubis 
Nicole Renee Kochan 
Colin Anthony Lacroix 
Yuen Man Jan Lee 
Joyce Carolyn Leister 

2nd Major: General Biological 

Meghan Eileen Loftus 
Rodolfo Mates 

Stephany Ann-Marie McGann 
*Marcia Susan Miller 
Eun Jung Nam 
Maria Teresa Patente 
Stephen Harry Spohn 
Craig Michael Starling 
Nandita Tandon 
Vathana Edvi Vedamuthu 
*Suneth Dushyanta Wijetunga 
Hina Yousufi 


Bachelor of Arts 
individual Studies 

John Richard Elliott 

Adam Mickelson 

Ye Naing Oo 

Mark Kenneth Oxenberg 

Terry Lee Reed 

Michael John Schuster 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Meredith Kristen Bennett 
Caryl Ann Duckworth 
Jeremy Seth Goldman 
tElena Christina Goumelos 
Jason Charles Grove 
Olga Polyakov 


Afro-American Studies 

Pi-lsis Stefana Ankhra 
Heather Hope Austin 
Nikki A. Bethel 
Melissa Colleen Gibson 
William David Hubbard 
Marsha Dawn Jackson 
Michelle Merideth Mann 
Kieran Blake Mcgrath 
Regina Inez Murrell 
Nikki Alana Poindexter 
Blythe Keeler Robinson 
Cresin Draon Smith 
Derrick Edward White 
Jamel Latif Wright 

East Asian Studies Certificate 

Michael William Rothberg 

Women's Studies Certificate 

Leslie A. Bailey 
Jo- Ann Martine Billings 
Leah Ruth Davis 
Jennifer Beatrice Dayton 
Kimberly Paige Goldman 
Carrie Rebecca Goldstein 
Donna Stevens Kellogg 

Elizabeth Rebecca Lasko 
Sanyukta Mathur 
Esther E. Park 
Rebecca Bonney Simon 
Staci Michelle SkaU 


§ Summit cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


Scholarship Honors 


achelor's degree candidates who have qualified for scholarship 
honors upon graduation are designated by appropriate symbols 
adjacent to their names within the alphabetical listings of colleges 
or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candidate must meet the 
following general criteria: (1) at least 60 semester credits must be earned at 
or transferred with a grade to the University of Maryland at College Park; 
(2) no more than 6 credits taken satisfactory /fail or pass /fail shall be 
counted toward the 60-hour minimum; and (3) no student with an average 
less than 3.3 will be considered for a commencement honor. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are shown in the listings as 
qualifying, upon graduation, for the designators Summa cum Laude (if they 
ranked in the top 2 percent of the candidates in their respective colleges or 
schools). Magna cum Laude (if in the next 3 percent), or cum Laude (if in the 
next 5 percent) based on the grade point averages of students in the preced- 
ing three graduating classes of their degree-granting unit. 


students who have earned the 

University Honors Citation may 
wear red and gold braided cords over 
their academic gowns. 

Julie R. Ackerman 
Christopher John Adometto 
Bridget Kirsten Albers 
Jennifer Marci Alpem 
David Anthony Artigliere 
Suresh S. Aryangat 
Tom Ashar 
Rebecca Ashkenazy 
Heather Hope Austin 
Angela Dawn Baccala 
Karum Bakshi 
Maryam Behesshti 
Bradford Scott Bell 
Hector Luis Benitez-Solivan 
Kimberly Joy Bernard 
Ellen Lynn Besner 
Nikki A. Bethel 
Yogesh K. Bhumralkar 
Randolph Thomas Bishop 
Lisa Marie Board 
David John Bozak 
Katharine Aim Brewer 
Danelle Yvette Brown 
Lahsha Rene Brown 
Daniel Pierce Buck, Jr. 
Rosanna Jean Calabrese 
Seth Daniel Carlson 
Gil Joseph Carmel 
Jack Joseph Carmi 
Richard Chang 
Andrea Joy Chastant 
Barry Yue Chen 
Haoyu Chen 
Natasha Lisa Chen 

HUlar)' Doreen Cherry 
Miranda Valerie Clement 
Matthew Alexander Colvin 
Nicole Ann Cortese 
Rebecca Maria Currano 
Benjamin Bach Czisny 
Jonathan Waterman Czisny 
Mai Ahmad Dahmas 
Monica Datta 
Usheen V. Davar 
Leah Ruth Davis 
Michelle Nicole Desrosiers 
Rajwinder Singh Deu 
Kerri Nicole Deuchler 
Peter Thomas Devore 
Clara Dey 
Teresa Antonia Dey 
Sachin Dheer 
Ashley Anne Di Giulio 
Jonathan Henry Dietrich 
Michael Partrick Distefano 
Etosha Denise Dixon 
Rebecca Lynn Hom Dow 
Deborah Sharon Drucker 
Ayn B. Ducao 
Tanya Faust Dunlap 
Aaron Charles Eichelberger 
Eliza Shawn Eisenberg 
Stacey Olivia Elliott 
Pilapa Esara 
WUliam Brown Facey HI 
Adam Jason Falk 
Anna Teresa Fernandez 
JuUe Marie Ferrara 
Michael John Friedman 
Manish Kumar Gambhir 
Tameka Nicole Gamer 
Brett Evan Gilbert 
Brian Peter Gluckman 
Maria Antonieta Godoy 
Jeremy Seth Goldman 

Abigail Lynn Goldstein 

Pablo W. Gomez 

Aleksander Jerry Goranin 

Nicole Suzanne Gordon 

Elena Christina Goumelos 

Thomas Lee Gregory, Jr. 

Amy Renee Grossi 

Judith Cookson Grunberger 

Heshan Paul Gunawardane 

Michael Damon Gunther 

Reva Gupta 

Tarra Guptaa 

Lauren Erica Handel 

Taryn Caprin Harper 

Taryn Caprin Harper 

Steven Wayne Harris 

Kathryn Ann Headman 

Dawn Marie Heisey 

Mark Harry Hess 

K. Alexander Hill 

CaroljTi Leslie Hiller 

Edward Patrick Anthony Hogan 

Lillian Hsu 

William David Hubbard 

Janet Susan Hudrlik 

Andrew Huo 

Dilshad Durdana Husain 

Safraz Waseem Ishmael 

Carla Danielle Jeffrey 

Margaret Angela Joyce 

Jakub Kahl 

Dena Lemer Kahn 

Scott Michael Katzen 

Jonas Ryan Keating 

Ilya M. Khazanov 

Ghassan Sylla Khouri 

Gregory John Koeser 

Jennifer S. Koh 

Kevin Michael Kraft 

Anthony Robert Kratz 

Ana Kreacic 

Rishi Kurichh 

Mon Le Lam 
Lori Michelle Lanier 
Elizabeth Rebecca Lasko 
Kevin Michael Lawrence 
Sarah Helen LaSota 
Mitchel H. Lee 
Robert Thomas Levine 
Sandra Jennifer Levine 
Mark Steven Lewis 
David Shang-kang Liao 
Edward Brian Lieber 
Khon Han Lien 
Wirak Lim 

Kirsten Anne Litkowski 
Arnold Sherwood Liu 
Meghan Eileen Loftus 
Jennifer Marie Loyd 
Kieu Xuan Luu 
Thu Van Thi Luu 
Candice Jane Mahala 
Chittaranjan Mallik 
Richard Laurence Mallon 
Laura Elizabeth Massey 
Ajav Narain Mathur 
Karen Ann McDermott 
Maureen Patricia McGee 
Adam Mickelson 
Jennifer Lee Miller 
Marcia Suscm Miller 
Siamak Moayedi 
Jesse Marti Molesworth 
William Paul Murphy 
Michael James Neely 
Joseph David Newhouse 
David T. Nguyen 
Karl Huong Nguyen 
Lynn Marie O'Brien 
Ghislaine Laissa Ouedraogo 
Robert Corey Palmer 
Robert Ian Pargament 
Kiimari Jitendra Patel 

Jamie Shira Paul 

Allison Ann Payne 

Steven W. Perez 

Sopathom Phongikaroon 

Francine Ana Pierce 

David Isaac Plotirwky 

Olga Polyakov 

Rachel Lynn Porter 

Anita S. Pullani 

Cheryl Ann Restorff 

Ashley Evan Ross 

Robert Oscar Roswell 

Mary Nythel Pasaporte Rubin 

Christine Natalie Savage 

Harshita Juhi Saxena 

Kevin Anthony Scaldeferri 

Nicole E. Scangarella 

Miranda Anna Schatten 

Matthew Rutledge Schultz 

Latrise Shemelle Scott 

Benjamin Alekzander Sellers 

Iris Yael Sevi 

Amit Navin Shah 

Sonja Ann Sharpe 

Bina Pravinchandra Sheladia 

Mian Shen 

Janet Jaywan Shin 

Kelly Lynn Shipp 

Ori Shokek 

Sudheer Poomachandra Shukla 

Han-ron Siah 

Shamim Abbas Sinnar 

Cora Lynn Sipe 

Elana Rachel Smith 

Kenitra Denise Smith 

Avril Z. Speaks 

Eric Baron Spiegel 

Julia Marie Staiano 

Joseph Bernard Steinberger 

Kelly Marie Stepno 

Taryn Jill Szerensits 

Jason David Taksey 

Arash Taleghani 
Elizabeth Jean Talev 
Noah Grove Teates III 
Jessica Christine Teets 
Rebecca Ann Temple 
Jesse John Terrill 
Melissa Lynne Therrien 
Kathleen Mary Tobolski 
Paul Edward Torchia 
Ronald Page Trible, Jr. 
Henry Chin-hong Tsay 
Craig Michael Tucci 
Karen Scher-ying Tung 
Francesca Monica UgoUni 
Salima P. Usman 
Christopher Severino Vaccari 
Amit Raizada Vaid 
Matt Vanderhoek 
Valerie Ann Vehemente 
Jorge Juan Velarde 
John A. Vengroski III 
Kenneth W. Voritskul 
John Richard Vu 
Rachel Beth Walters 
Michael Alan Wein 
Scott Alan Welch 
Gregory James Werner 
Derrick Edward White 
Megan Beth Wollman 
Brian James Wolohan 
Elizabeth Amber Wood 
Alison Heather Wortman 
Kenneth Edward Yeatman 
Fatema Yeganeh 
Kelly Jen-yi Yu 
Christine Ann Zeiler 


R Y L 



With high honors in: 

Lori N/Uchelle Lanier 


Ana Kreacic 
Cheryl Ann Restorff 


Sudheer Poomachandra Shukla 


Sachin Dheer 
Marcia Susan Miller 
Suneth Dushyanta Wijetunga 
Kelly Jen-yi Yu 

With honors in: 


Andrea Gail Kirsner 
Anh Tu Nguyen 

Art History 

Kathleen Mary Tobolski 

Biological Sciences 

Lopa Basu 
Kari Huong Nguyen 
Tamara Marie Panhuis 
Christopher Severino Vaccari 
Jorge Juan Velarde 
Adam Jonathan Weber 

Chemical Engineering 

Sonja Ann Sharpe 

Civil Engineering 

Sean Carl Punte 

Computer Science 

Suresh S. Aryangat 
Gil Joseph Carmel 
Rajarshi Gupta 
Charles Elwood Hohn 
Wirak Lim 

Gregory Shaw Seidman 
April T. Simmons 
Bryan Adam Slavin 
Jun S. Yang 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Allison Ann Payne 


Nicholas Andrew Hamilton 
Sachin Sachdeva 
Robert Henry Ware 
Yat Didi Wong 

Electrical Engineering 

Yogesh K. Bhimu-alkar 
Barry Yue Chen 
Anthony Robert Kratz 
Arnold Sherwood Liu 
Han-ron Siah 
Rohit Tripathi 
Kenneth Edward Yeatman 


Julie R. Ackerman 
Lauren Tracy Costas 
Heidi Rebecca HUlman 
Charles Gordon Smith 

English Language and LKerature 

Erik Jackson Blankinship 
Carol Sung Hae Chong 
Stacy Paige Cohen 
Robert Thomas Levine 
Jesse Marti Molesworth 
Sean M. Moller 
Harshita Juhi Saxena 
Iris Yael Sevi 
Noah Grove Teates III 

French Language and Literature 

Jennifer Marie Loyd 

General Business And 

Christine Nwamaka Enwonwu 


Emma Rebecca English 

Government and Politics 

Bethany Anne Blankley 
Lisa Marie Board 
Edna Ivonne Corsino 
Melissa L. Frost 
Lauren Erica Handel 
Sarah Helen Lasota 
Alana Denise Murray 
Jessica Christine Teets 


Angela Dawn Baccala 
Philip Matthew Bagley 
Kimberly Joy Bernard 
A)fn B. Ducao 


Carole Witte 

Mechanical Engineering 

Rebecca A. Randies 


Kevin Anthony Scaldeferri 


Bradford Scott Bell 
Stacey Olivia Elliott 
Kimberly Lauren Epstein 
Christopher Dean Everette 
Wendy Diane Hunt 
Daniela Phillips Ligiero 
David Jo Scaffidi-Domianello 
Christa Kirby Schmidt 
Bina Pravinchandra Sheladia 

Secondaiy Education 
Foreign Language Professional 

Khara Frances Cannon 


Lauren Suzanne Conley 
Brooke B. Maury 
Margarita Lucia Ortiz 
Melissa Lynne Therrien 
Donald Wallace 

Special Education Professional 

Amy Elizabeth Brown 
Kyrie Elizabeth Dragoo 
Mahnaz Lila Pater-Rov 
Megan Marie Pell 


Kirmari Jitendra Pate! 


Afro-American Studies 

Pi-Isis Stefana Anklira 
Heather Hope Austin 
Nikki A. Bethel 
Melissa Colleen Gibson 
William David Hubbard 
Marsha Dawn Jackson 
Michelle Merideth Mann 
Kieran Blake Mcgrath 
Regina Inez Murrell 
Nikki Alana Poindexter 
Blythe Keeler Robinson 
Cresin Draon Smith 
Derrick Edward White 
Jamel Latif Wright 

East Asian Studies Certificate 

Michael William Rothberg 

Women's Studies Certificate 

Leslie A. Bailey 
Jo- Ann Martine Billings 
Leah Ruth Davis 
Jennifer Beatrice Dayton 
Kimberly Paige Goldman 
Carrie Rebecca Goldstein 
Doruia Stevens Kellogg 
Men Le Lan 

Elizabeth Rebecca Lasko 
Sanyukta Mathur 
Esther E. Park 
Rebecca Bonney Simon 
Staci Michelle Skall 


U N 1 V E 

Student Marshals 

The Senior Marshal Program, which began in 1991, is an opportunity 
for the campus community to acknowledge outstanding seniors at 
their commencement. The students selected to be marshals were 
nonunated by faculty, administrators and staff for their outstanding 
accomplishments and contributions to the University of Maryland at College 
Park. We are proud to recognize these truly remarkable students. 

Julie Ackerman 

Dana Adler 

Jennifer Alpem 

Rebecca Ashkenazy 

Jason P. Barbour 

D. Miles Barnard 

Bethany Blankley 

Lisa Board 

Joyce LaVUle Borja 

Joel E. Buzy 

Rosanna Calabrese 

Amy Chapin 

Hillary Cherry 

Miranda V. Clement 

Angel C. Coffin-Bero (Peerson) 

Edna Ivonne Corsino 

Theresa Currano 

Mai Dahmas 

Jonathan H. Dietrich 

Stephanie Donohue 

Kyrie Dragoo 

Deborah Drucker 

Ayn Ducao 

Karen Elrich 

Adam Faberman 

Debra L. Feld 

AUison Foreman 

Meryle Freiberg 

Althrisca Gathers 

Michael Gerrunill 

Aleksander Jerry Goranin 

Shelley E. Grant 

David Greenspan 

Amy Renee Grossi 

Amy Hamilton 

Steven W. Harris 

Dilshad D. Husain 

Richard H. Jones 

Alice Ann Kassel 

Tina Khoie 

Alan Konlande 

Pery Krinsky 

Cathy Y. Lao 
Sarah Helen LaSota 
Kevin M. Lawrence 
Kirsten A. Litkowski 
Diana Lovingfoss 
Chitta Mallik 
John Jeffrey May 
Karen Ann McDermott 
Kieran McGrath 
Catherine Meiseles 
Nicole Messina 
Elmus Mosby Jr. 
Alana Murray 
Robyn Needleman 
Mark T. Odulio 
Mary Oxendine 
Allison Arm Payne 
Steve Perez 
David Plotinsky 
Rebecca A. Randies 
JuUe Reynolds 
Joshua Brian Riba 
Shannon R. Robertson 
Ashley Evan Ross 
Brian Saroken 
Matthew J. Scott 
Katharine L. Seubert 
KeUy Shipp 
Shamim Slnnar 
Elana Smith 
Chongco Sotipalalit 
Lisa (Elizabeth) Talev 
Nandita Tandon 
Tracy Tenenbaum 
Ron Trible 
Patricia A. VUla 
Adam S. Waxman 
Kuan H. Wong 


Academic and Special Awards 

• Milton Abramowitz Memorial Prize in Mathematics — Julie Freidlin 
•Academic Excellence Award (Department of English) — Reva Gupta, Joelle L. 

Herr, Adalaine B. HoKon, Tabitha M. Kenlon, Robert T. Levine, Maureen P. McGee, 

Jesse M. Molesworth, Sean M. Moller, Harshita J. Saxena, Iris Y. Sevi, Taryn Jill 

•Adams Group Award to the outstanding Journalism senior in advertising — 

Tricia Haust 
•Advertising Sequence Award to the outstanding Journalism senior in 

advertising — Jason Palmer /Graduated Decemlter 19961 
•Aerospace Engineering Department Academic Achievement Award — 

Luke Michael Pototschnik 

•AGREVO Turfgrass Scholarship— Frank Sterbak 
•Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Chapter Award to seniors 

whose leadership and service have contributed most towards the advancement of 

the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources — Marie Speak 
•AICP Award /or the highest GPA (Urban Studies and Planning) — 

Elizabeth W. Brush 
•Alpha Rho Chi Medal to a graduating student of architecture who has made a 

distinctive contribution to school life, embodying the ideals of professional service 

and leadership — Han Alexander Scharfstein 
•Alpha Zeta Freshman Award to a full-time student in the College of 

Agriculture and Natural Resources in recognition of scholastic excellence during 

his or her freshman year — Virginia M. Duff 
•Alumni Board Scholarship (College of Education) — Emily Anderson, 

Lee Ann Trunkey 
•American Association of University Women Awards — 

Carrie Kathleen Meek, Katherine A. Treiman 
•American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Outstanding 

Achievement Award— William Brown Facey III 
•The American Institute of Chemists Foundation Student Award — 

Susanna Naggie 
•The American Institute of Chemical Engineer's Student Chapter Award — 

Laura S. Collins 



•The American Institute of Architects AIA Medal — 

Katherine Elizabeth Wohlsen 
•The American Institute of Architects AIA Certificate to a graduating 

sfuiietit of architecture for outstanding overall academic achievement — 

John Christopher Bolig 

• American Society of Agronomy — Annette Para 
•American Society of Mechanical Engineers Seiuor Award — 

Ketton W. Lovell 

•James R. Anderson Award (Geography) — Robert Rusin 
•Mike Angel Award — Keici Ann Strait 

•School of Architecture Alumni Chapter Award (Masters) — Joel Paul Kelty 
•School of Architecture Alunvni Chapter Award (Senior) — Scott Alan Welch 
•School of Architecture Alumni Scholarship Award — 

Matthew Shawn Buehler 
•School of Architecture Dean's Thesis Award — Fall 1996: 

John Brian Nagele, Katherine Elizabeth Wohlsen 
•School of Architecture Faculty Award for Excellence in Design 

(Masters) — Jeanie Lai 

•School of Architecture Faculty Award for Excellence in Design 

(Senior)— Le D. Pham 
•School of Architecture Faculty Award for Academic Excellence at the 

Baccalaurate Level — Anne Frances Cutrell 
•School of Architecture Facultv Award for Academic Achievement at the 

Baccalaurate Level — Scott Matthew Rosenbaum 

• ASAE, Society for Engineering in Agricultural, Food and Biological 
Systems Award (Maryland ASAE Section) — Adrienne L. Sheldon 

•ASAE, Society for Engineering in Agricultural, Food and Biological 
Systems Student Honor Award — Marcia L. Ferry 
•O.E. Baker Award (Geography) — Scott J. Goetz 

• Baltimore Propeller Club Past President's Scholarship — 
William Dean Blubaugh, Alice Ann Kassel 

•Banneker Scholarship in Education — Beryle Alexis, Robert E. Smith 
•Harold R. W. Benjamin National Memorial Fund (Education) — 

Beveriy J. Whitest 

•Paul Berg Scholarship Goumalism) — Carolyn Melago 
•The David Arthur Berman Memorial Award — Christopher S. Hall 
•Best Projects Awards (Honors) — Scholarly Papers: Jo-hsin Chen, 

Dan Milam, Carmen Patrick, Leor Weinberger Best Thesis: Ayn Ducao, 

Kevin Scaldeferri 
•Biological Resources Engineering Department's Outstanding Seruor 

Award — Talbot L. Smith 
•B'nai Zion Award — Janice Femheimer 
•Broadcast News Award to the outstanding Journalism Senior in Broadcast 

News (Journalism) — Heather Bancroft 

•J. Y. Bryan Prizes for Investigative Reporting — Axel Kolling 
•Arthur H. Carter Scholarship — Iris Yael Sevi, Brian James Wolohan 
•The Chairman of Chemical Engineering Outstanding Senior Award — 

Jason P. Barbour, Susanna Haggle, Sonja A. Sharpe, Kathy J. Weishaar 
•The Chairman of Chemical Engineering Outstanding Jvmior Award — 

Wei-ting Hsu, Raymond P. Kwiatek 
•James Edward Miller Chapman Education Foundation Scholarship — 

Karieen R. Peterson 

•A. James Clark School of Engineering Leadership Award — 

Beverly T. Roberts 
•A. James Clark School of Engineering Alumni Service Award — 

Jerod Buckel 
•A. James Clark School of Engineering Alumni Student Achievement 

Award — Chongco Sotipalalit 
•A. James Clark School of Engineering Dean's Award — Eva Jane Dixon 
•A. James Clark School of Engineering ECSEL Teaching Fellows — David 

Artigtiere, Jason Barbour, Gary E. Carr, Jeffrey L. Clarke, Elaine Gannon, 

Michael Gemmlll, Klmberly Hill, Louis Hromada, Jr., Thomas Hromada, Kevin 

Kefauver, Brian K. Loughery, Supathom Phongikaroon, Mark Plett, Beverly T. 

Roberts, Lawrence Schein, Talbot Smith 
•A. James Clark School of Engineering Women in Engineering Program 

Service Award — Tina LeMarier 
•A. James Clark School of Engineering Women in Engineering Research 

Fellows — Jennifer Dolan, Elaine Gannon, Mahshad Haeri, Cynthia Hang, Sonja 

Sharpe, Chongco Sotipalalit, Linda Tello, Kathy Weishaar, Kuan Wong, Tamara 

Wozencrtrft, Amber Yau 
•Charles M. Connor Scholarship from the Baltimore Propeller Club — 

Henry Lam Chen, Alice Ann Kassel 

•Margaret Cook Award (Historic Preservation) — Gilda M. Anroman 
•Susan Daugherty Scholarship — Jeff Matheny 

• Dean's Scholars (Journalism) — Donald Williams, Elizabeth Orr, Lauren 
Schachter, Sean Hanley, Jennifer McGee, Amy Stouffer 

•Michael DeFrance Memorial Scholarship Award — Bernard Arthur 
Mansavage (Graduate}, Gamer C. Oh (Undergraduate) 

• Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key — Mary Catherine Oxendin 

• Frank DiFederico Book Award — Dorit Moscovitch 
•Dudley and Louisa Dillard Prize in Economics — Ana Kreacic 
•Charles B. Edclson Outstanding Accounting Student Award — 

Stephanie Louise Trunk 

•Education Alumni Award to a high academic achieving undergraduate or 
graduate students— Emily Anderson, Lee Ann Trunkey 

• Ernst & Young Educational Excellence Award — Stephanie Louise Trunk, 
Amanda Jean Wendell 

•The Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Electee Award — Nicholas J. Kohout, 

Kevin E. Shaw, Han-Ron Slah 
•Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior Award — Christopher J. Buehler 
•Excellence in Teaching Award — Claudia Mendez, Catalina Shorkey 
•Faculty Appreciation Award (Urban Studies and Planning) — 

Mark Edward Showalter 
•Financial Executives Institute Academic Achievement Award — Karen 

Ann McDermott, Connie L. O'Connor, Iris Yael Sevi, Stephanie Louise Trunk 

• Fire Protection Engineering Department Chairman's Award — 
Jason A. Sutula 

•Fire Protection Engineering Department Faculty Award — 

Thomas L. Brown 
•The Morris Frankel Scholarship to a graduate student pursuing a career 

working with disabled adults — Mary Grigal 



•Friends of the College Scholarship Fund award to high academic achieving 
undergraduate or graduate students — K. B. Basseches, Geraldine Duval, Amavi 
Forsythe, Cynthia I. Gibbs, John Kirkpairick, William Liu, Latonya A. Lynch, 
Andrea Nesbitt, Monalisa Pak, John T. Ridgely, Heidi S. Rotella, Leslie M. 
Schienvar, Rossanana M. Snellings, Robyn A. Strauss, Lisa M. Tenley, 
Karen Wink 

•Gagnon Engineering Award — Michael J. Baker, Andrew M. Schneider 

•Gamma Sigma Delta Senior Student Award — Clare L. Denting, 
John D. Schneider 

•GEICO Achievement Award — Bana Rachel Smith 

•General Agricultural Sciences Outstanding Senior Award — Heather Hull 

•James Douglas Goddard Memorial Award — Scott Alan Welch, 
Sarah Helen LaSota 

•The Robert L. and Frances C. Green Scholarship in Biological Resources 
Engineering — Koli A. Leach 

•Sujon Guha Memorial Award for acadanic excellence — Cheryl Ann Restorff 

•J. Carter Hammel Scholarship) — Iris Yael Sevi 

• Ame Hansen Memorial Award — Sachin Dheer 

•Floyd B. Heimer Memorial Award — ^Stacy R. Neidhart 
•Naomi Hentz Scholarship to students in the graduate program, College of 
Education — Wendy S. Abid, Marey Baudistel, Samantha Ferris, Andrea M. 
Giachetti, Jamie Lieberman, Diana Lovingfuss, Sueanne Miller, Cynthia H. Price, 
Glenis Quimby 

•Robert M. Higginbotham Memorial Award — David S. Bindel 
•Donald B. Hirsch Scholarship Award presented by the Language Center of 
the College of Arts and Humanities for outstanding juniors who seek to apply 
their knowledge of French, German, or Japanese to commerce, diplorrmcy, engi- 
neering, science, and other domains of public affairs — Lauren A. Greene, 
Sara N. Jemigan 

•Walter V. Hohenstein Fellowship — Julie R. Ackerman 
•William F. HoUn Scholarship — Bliot James Everett, Karen Ann McDermott 
•Homeland Garden Club of Baltimore Award — D. Miles Barnard 
•Joyce Tayloe Horrell Award — Jesse M. Molesworth 
•Joseph Houppert Memorial Shakespeare Prize — Sarah Sanford 
•Howard Perm Hudson Scholarship (Joumahsm) — Heather Hull 
•The Irwtitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Outstanding 
Student — Marcellus A. Proctor 

•International Test and Evaluation Association (Education) — Jill Walston, 
Shu Jing Yen, Wen-ling Kuo, Jonathan Nevitt 
•John L. Jablonsky Memorial Scholarship Award — Stephen M. Hill 
•Jay Jackson Scholarship — Mona Frastaci 
•Joe Elbert James Memorial Award — Stephanie Luise Wooton 
•Robert W. Janes Award for outstanding academic achievement and service to 
the program for the Master of Community Planning degree — 
Cari Tliomas Morgan 

•Rolf Jensen & Associates Scholarship Award — Antonio C. Caro 
•Kappa Tau Alpha Graduating Senior Award to the graduating jourruiUsm 
senior with the highest academic average (Journalism) — Scott Sihrerstein 
(Graduated December 1996), Randolph Thomas Bishop (May 1997) 
•John Kinnaird Graduate Essay Prizes — Emily Oriando (M.A. Candidate 
Prize), Yung Min Kim (Ph.D. Candidate Prize) 


•Mimi Kuriyama Fellowship honors Masako "Mimi" Kuriyama, wife of His 

Excellenq^ the former Ambassador of Japan Takakazu Kurii/anm, for her inter- 
cultural spirit and commitment to mutual understanding between Japan and the 

United States — Elizabeth K. Eder, Tracy C. Mahoney 
• Ladies Auxiliary of the Maryland State Fireman's Association Award — 

Stacy R. Neidhart 
•The LeFrak Award for outstanding academic achievement — 

Edward L. Strocko 
•George Levitine Book Award — Ilia Kossiaras 
•Lii\k-Shanks Award — Jodi Taylor-Rsher 
•The Isabel McDonald Memorial Award — Lynn Whitehead 
•Sandy Mack English Honors Award — Harshita Saxena 
•Donald L. Maley Scholarship to high academic undergraduate students — 

Holly D. Erwin, Robert E. Smith, Qing Xie 
•Glenn L. Martin Aerospace Engineering Scholarship — Mark Steven Lewis, 

Ron Yitzhak Perel, Luke Michael Pototschnik 
•Marvland-Delaware-D.C. Press Associahon Award 0oumalism) — 

Ten Weaver, Katrina Selke 

•Department of Mathematics Outstanding Senior Award — Sudheer Shukia 
•Mechanical Engineering Department Chairman's Award — 

Joseph D. Newhouse 
•Mechanical Engineering Department Academic Achievement Award — 

Michelle L Shook, Jason S. Souder 
•Montgomery County Press Association Scholarship (Journalism) — 

Jon Solomon 

•The Andrew J. Moyer Memorial Award — Leyla Diaz 
•National Defense Transportation Association Scholarship — Heather Dawn 

Crosby, Alice Ann Kassel 
•National Defense Transportation Association Scholarship, Washington 

D.C. Chapter— Alice Ann Kassel 
•National Fire Protection Association Frank J. Fee, Jr. Memorial Award — 

William J. Josler 

•National Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship — Shamim A. Sinnar 
•NationsBank Scholar — Nrsten Anne Litkowski 

•News Editorial Sequence Award to the outstanding Journalism senior in 

News Editorial — Scott Sikerstein (Graduated December 1996), Anastasia Walsh 

(May 1997) 
•Outstanding Graduate Student in Agronomy — ^Tatyana Chemikova 
•Outstanding Planning Student Award iUrban Sfwdit's and Planning) — 

Anne L. Cort>ett 
•The Hugh Perkins Fellowship to an outstanding student in the Ir\stitute 

for Child Study — Mary Lyons 
•Park and Resource Conservation Foundation Scholarship — Katiyna 

Hayden, Charles Hoovestrol, Laniie Walter 

• Pelczar Award for Excellence in Graduate Education — Pamela J. Lanford, 
Department of Zoology 

•Phi Delta Gamma, Sigma Chapter for Interdisciplinary Scholarship — 
Vitaly Talyansky, Department of Physics 
•Phi Kappa Phi Chapter Graduate Fellowships — Siamak Moayedi, Lei Yu 

• Phi Kappa Phi Dissertation/Thesis Grants — Constance A. Krach, Eliot Levine 
•Phi Kappa Phi Mentor Award — Cynthia K. Stevens 

•Pi Kappa Lambda Scholar — David James Heetderks 

•Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award — Beverly T. Roberts 

•Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding Service Award — Eva Jane Dixon 

•Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding Sophomore Award — Manh-quan T. Nguyen, 

Muhammad E. Abdallah 
•Gertrude Poe Scholarship — Jayson Blair, Joy Stevans 
•Portz Prize— Matt Vandeihoek 

•Presser Foundation Scholar Award — David James Heetderks 
•Prince George's Heritage Preservation Fellowship (Historic 

Preservation) — Kenneth E. Lord 
•Public Relations Sequence Award (o Ihc oulslaitding Journalism senior in 

Public Relations— Wendy Jo Moyer (Graduated December 1996), Nicole Messina 

(May 1997) 
•Judith K. Reed Scholarship — Catherine Meiseles 
•Warren K. Reed Scholarship — Laurent Raphael Bensimon 
•Larry Reich Award for Best MCP Final Paper — Anne L. Cortiett 


S I T Y O 


•The Robert M. Rivello Scholarship in Aerospace Engineering — 

Matthew Scott Ashmore 
•RTKL Traveling Fellowship — Manuel Enrique Rodriguez Fuentes 
•Jack B. Sacks Foundation Scholarship — Leonard B. Jones 
•Sigma Alpha Iota Scholastic Award — Julie Marie Ferrara 
•Sigma Alpha Iota College Honor Award — Jennifer Leigti Wetzel 
•Sigma Alpha Omicron Award — Suneth Dushya Wijetunga 
•The Sigma Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor 

Society "Leader of the Year" award to the member demonstrating the most 

outstanding leadership within the Circle and on the campus — Hillary D. Cheny 
•Sigma Gamma Tau Outstanding Achievement Award — 

Luke Michael Pototschnik 
•Society of Automotive Engineers Senior Award — Charles L. Moore III 
•Society of Fire Protection Engineer's Outstanding Senior Award — 

Robert L. Campbell 
•Society of Fire Protection Engineer's Student Chapter Award — 

Stacy R. Neidhait 

•Henrietta Spiegel Creative Writing Award — Robert T. Levine 
•Student Commencement Speaker for the Journalism ceremony — 

Jason Palmer (Graduated December 1996); Dilshad Durdana Husain (May 

•Charles A. Taff Scholarship — Henry Lam Chen, Roger Pontes Coelho, Shawn 

Michael Donahue, Kevin John Fitzsimmons 
•Homer Ulrich Performance Awards in Music (Graduate) — Wesley Hale 

Baldwin, Cello; Natsuki Anne Fukasawa, Piano; Susan N. Hayes, Flute; Bekah 

Suzanne Hughes, Voice; Dmitri Nazarenko, Piano (honorable mention); Eve 

Elisabeth Wickert, Viola 
•Homer Ulrich Performance Awards in Music (Undergraduate) — Ji Hoon 

Kim, Voice; Benjamin Thomas LynenI, Piano; Maria Alexandrova Martin, Piano; 

Ethan David Miller, Cello (honorable mention); David A. Tauler, Saxophone 
•Leo Van Munching, Jr., Marketing Scholarship — Chad Jason Campbell, 

Chittaranjan Mallik, Carole Witte 
•Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award — Elliot James Everett 

•Washington Press Club Foundation (Journalism) — Dilshad Husain, Keisha 
Stewaart, Kimberiy Industrious 

•Weinberger Scholarship — Jose M. Penafiel 

•Olga A. Wemtz "Twink" West Scholarship — Taryn Caprin Harper 

•Lillian Ernest Wilson Scholarship to a student in the undegraduate program 

in the College of Education who commits to teaching English for two years in 

Maryland public schools — Lisa Lawler 
•Womens Club of Chevy Chase Award for Outstanding Achievement — 

Julie Patricia Duerichen 
•Richard W. Worthington Journalism Scholarship — Amanda Crawford 


Honors Societies 


Charlotte L. Agee 
Leslie A. Bailey 
Robert Chestnut 
Lauren S. Conley 
Lauren C. Cormon 
Leah R. Davis 
Arlene A. Harris 
Brooke B. Maury 
Margarita Ortiz 
Jennifer L. Shafer 
Seth Schwartz 

ALPHA ZETA (AgricuKure) 

Rebecca A. Allen 
Tanya M. Beitzel 
Merrill D. Bender 
Bridget T. Bollinger 
Rob W. Carey 
Lily I. Cheng 
Kyong R. Chung 
Heather L. Ciccarelli 
Nicole A. Cortese 
Katthleen L. D'Ovidio 
Kerri N. Deuchler 
Virginia M. Duff 
Tanya F. Dunlap 
Kenneth J. Elis 
Jennifer M. Galgano 
Charles H. Guzman 
April D. Hall 
Kelly J. Holland 
Heather S. Hull 
Kelly L. Hydoski 
Erin A. Hyland 
Kelly L. Ireland 
Jamie Jonker 
Philip Klavon 
Susan E. Layton 
Jessica M. League 
Ann K. Massey 

Georges Meka-Abessolo 
Karen E. Mulford 
Jason D. Murray 
Natalie A. Nash 
Dena L. Owings 
Kevin W. Palmer 
Patricia L. Parsley 
Jared M. Peters 
Abigail J. Peterson-Finch 
Sophie D. Pratola 
Lisa M. Rowan 
Mary C. Saathoff 
John D. Schneider 
Duane A. Schulterbrandt 
Bernard M. Schulfz 
Carrie A. Sellman 
Marie L. Speak 
Erin M. Thomas 



Nina Aksenova 

Jennifer Leighton Arrowsmith 

Taiysha K. Beaman 

Laurent Raphael Bensimon 

Benjamin Theophilus Crandall 

Jeffery Thomas Dorworth 

Michelle Annette Dowd-Suarez 

Matthew Christopher Drummond 

Michael A. Engles 

Joel An Gerstein 

Amy Renee Grossi 

Steve Sun Ching Guo 

Amy Veronica Hager 

Jason Travis Jones 

Andrea Gail Kirsner 

Cathy Yelan Lao 

Deborah Lynn Leafty 

Emae May Lee 

Mark Jae Uk Lee 

Scott David Levy 

Danliang Li 


U N I V 

Mengtien Lin 
Kirsten Anne Litkowski 
Rajeev Mannan 
Darby Ann Molloy 
Augusta Robertetta Reeves 
Valerie Maria Roman 
Evan M. Schwartz 
Iris Yael Sevi 
Jennifer Sarah Styar 
Brian Philip Tanzman 
Stephanie Louise Trunk 
Jenny Tsang 
Julie Jiaei Um 
Amanda Jean Wendell 
Brian James Wolohan 
Mark Edward Zinvmerman 

(Business Administration) 

Rebecca Ashkenazy 


Daphna Elizabeth Richardson 

Brian James Wolohan 

(Hebrew Honor Society) 

Pnina Leora Laric 
Shirley PhyUis Politzer 
EUsa Lynn Saphier 
Melanie Ann Vogel 
Hiroko Yoda 


Fall 19% 

Koroush Akhavan-Saraf 
Jason D. Calderwood 
Timothy J. Cookson 
Charles B. Marquardt 
Bhavesh J. Patel 
Rahmat Qurbani 

Erich B. Rakestraw 
Paul A. Tittel 
Wei-yun Zhen 

Spring 1997 

Eliane Bischoff 
Meljumar Tismo Castro 
Tommy Y-M. Chang 
Anna T. Fernandez 
Rajarshi Gupta 
Cynthia Yue Hang 
Jonas R. Keating 
Anthony R. Kratz 
Jason P. Marsico 
Michael Neely 
Ali Safamejadarabi 
Han-ron Siah 
Eduardo Valente, Jr. 
Kenneth E. Yeatman 


(Financial Management Association) 
Undergraduate Students 

May 1997 

Elliot James Everett 
Adam Jason Falk 
Ronnie Ka Hoi Lai 
Mikhail Genrikh Pimenov 
Daphna Elizabeth Richardson 
Gholam Mohammed Saleh 
Brian James Wolohan 
Polina Zhitomirsky 

December 1996 

Hyung Kun Ahn 
Darren Perry Astran 
Zheng Wan 
Yang Zhao 

August 1996 

David Wayne Hebrank 

Graduate Students 

May 1997 

Gregory J. Calleri 

Mona Vij 

Elizabeth Susan Welch 

December 1996 

Michael B. Christian 
In B. Eom 

August 1996 

Mert Arinc 


Dedicated to the promotion of 
the highest Ideals of scholarship 
in the field of Journalism and 
Mass Communications 

Ellen L. Besner 
Leah Michele Bibbo 
Randolph T. Bishop 
Deanna M. DiBari 
Deborah Sharon Drucker 
Diana Mary Birginia Fairbanks 

Payton Markel Goldman 
Tricia Anne Haust 
Dilshad Durdana Husain 
Sandra Jennifer Levine 
Maria LoPiccolo 
Nicole Messina 
Wendy Jo Moyer 
Scott Philip Silverstein 
Jennifer Holly Smith 
Stacy Anne Volovar 
Katrina Julianna Zielke 


Imran A. Baig 
Jason P. Barbour 
Andrew P. Birkmire 
Siddarth C. Chhabria 
Jeffrey L. Clarke 
Michael D. Dang 
AUan E. David 
Jennifer A. Dolan 
Kristie M. Evans 
Elaine M. Gannon 
Kimberly M. Hill 







Wei-Ting Hsu 
Edward Y. Kim 
Arthur G. King 
Melissa M. Klembara 
Gregory J. Koeser 
Peter N. Loezos 
Ashish A. Malik 
Kristin M. Mihalcik 
Susanna Naggie 
Lawrence A. Schein 
Sonja A. Sharpe 
Ayal A. Snir 
Chongco Sotipalalit 
Anand Sridharan 
Michelle M. Venable 
Sebastian J. Venginickal 
Kathy ]. Weishaar 
Crista L. Wertz 
Tamara A. Wozencroft 
Loren A. Zech 


Dana C. Adler 

Rebecca Ashkenazy 

Heather H. Aushn 

Nikki A. Bethel 

Randolph T. Bishop 

Latisha R. Brown 

Rosanna ]. Calabrese 

Hillary D. Cherry 

Miranda V. Clement 

Lauren T. Costas 

Usheen Davar 

Tere H. Dickson 

Debra L. Feld 

Meryle L. Freiberg 

Michael ]. Friedman 

Tameka N. Gamer 

Payton M. Goldman 

David L. Greenspan 

Jeanne R. Greenwell 

Amy R. Grossi 
Reva Gupta 
Steven W. Harris 
Benjamin B. Hill 
Edward P.A. Hogan 
W. David Hubbard 
Carla D. Jeffrey 
Alice A. Kassel 
Scott M. Katzen 
Tina Khoie 
Katrina J. King 
Jennifer C. Koziar 
Pery D. Krinsky 
Cathy Y. Lao 
Kevin M. Lawrence 
Edward B. Lieber 
Kirsten A. Litkowski 
Chittaranjan Mallik 
Karen A. McDermott 
Nicole G. Messina 
Elmus W. Mosby, Jr. 
W. Paul Murphy 
Risikat I. Okedeyi 
Margarita L. Ortiz 
Steven W. Perez 
Mark L, Plett 
David 1. Plotinsky 
Erika J. Pontarelli 
Brian S. Saroken 
Christine N. Savage 
Matthew J. Scott 
Jill N.Scott 
Sonja A. Sharpe 
Rebecca B. Simon 
Sean A. Simone 
Shamim A. Sinnar 
Kelly M. Stepno 
Nandita Tandon 
Craig M. Tucci 
Adam S. Waxman 
Adam J. Weber 

Derrick E. White 
Fatema Yeganeh 
Nicole Y. Zdrojewski 

Graduate Students 

Susan G. Burton 
James M. Parker, Jr. 
Stephen J. Smith 


Ste\'en Carl Andrews 
John A. Baur 
Carl Robert Bencal 
Karrie Suzanne Bunch 
Alicia Leslie Conine 
Lorren Diamond 
Jamie Deneen Dietz 
Debra Lisbeth Feld 
Thomas D. Feldman 
Kimberly Joy Gewirtz 
Sharon Elissa Goldman 
Tracy Armand Gray 
Helena Lee Hermann 
Tori Nichole Johnson 
Deborah Morgan Mullen 
Dimitra Papageorgopoulos 
Robyn Elaine Pearson 
Christine Mason Rexrode 
Katharine Lee Seubert 
Tara Lynn Torchia 


Julie Ackerman 
Leslie Arthur 
Rebecca Ashkenazy 
Angela Baccala 
Rafael Beckford 
Kimberly Bernard 
Randolph Bishop 
Lahsha Brown 

Daniel Buck 
Lana Bur 

Amy Chapin 
Natasha Chen 
Dmitri Chernov 
Margaret Clune 
Stacy Cohen 
Monique Collier 
Patrick Connolly 
Erin Crotty 
Nara DaSilva 
Leah Davis 
Michelle Denevan 
Apurva Desai 
Jonathan Dietrich 
Etosha Dixon 
Ayn Ducao 
Tanya Dunlap 
Stephanie Eller 
Stacey Elliott 
Pilapa Esara 
Diana Fairbanks 
Maria Godoy 
Payton Goldman 
Pablo Gomez 
Aleksander Gorani 
Naomi Greengrass 
Reva Gupta 
Tarra Guptaa 
Lauren Handel 
Tricia Haust 
Kathryn Headman 
Joseph Henry 
Christine Hong 
Amy Horton 
Lillian Hsu 
William Hubbard 
Wendy Hunt 
Dilshad Husain 
Margaret Joyce 


R Y L A N D 

Antonios Karagkounis 
Randall Katz 
Matthew Knadler 
Ana Kreacic 
Lori Lanier 
Sarah LaSota 
Kevin Lawrence 
Khon Lien 
Daniela Ligiero 
Kirsten Litkowski 
Maria LoPiccolo 
Stephanie Malamud 
Jesse Marth 
Sanyukta Mathur 
Hammad Matin 
Karen McDermott 
Maureen McGee 
Catherine Meiseles 
Nicole Messina 
Jennifer Miller 
Marcia Miller 
Siamak Moayedi 
Sean Moller 
Jazmin Moral 
Jesse Mueller 
William Murphy 
Robyn Needieman 
Michael Neely 
Gila Neta 
Karl Nguyen 
Deborah Nieman 
Michelle Nolder 
Lynn O'Brien 
Robert Pargament 
Rachel Porter 
Cheryl Restorff 
Sunah Ro 
Laura Roberson 
Adrienne Rubin 
Mary Nythel Rubin 
Jessica Saltz 
Barak Sanford 

Christine Savage 
Harshita Saxena 
Kevin Scaldeferri 
Iris Sevi 
Amit Shah 
Bina Sheladia 
Janet Shin 
Kelly Shipp 
Dri Shokek 
Sudheer Shukla 
Shamim Sinnar 
Cora Sipe 
Elana Snuth 
Chongco SotipalaUt 
Avril Speaks 
Eric Spiegel 
Julia Staiano 
Joseph Steinberger 
Mary Sullivan 
Jason Taksey 
Elizabeth Talev 
Jessica Teets 
Kathleen Tobolski 
Ronald Trible 
Nai Tsao 

Christopher Vaccari 
Matt Vanderhoek 
Jorge Velarde 
Patricia Villa 
Kathy Weishaar 
EmUy Winkelstein 
Alison Wortman 
Katrina Zielke 


Priti Aggarwal 
Araj F. Ahmed 
Leslie A. Arthur 
Ahmed W. Attia 
Shahana B. Aziz 

Leslie A. Bailey 
Barbara A. Bamett 
Katherine P. Beardsley 
Diane L. Beckham 
Diane L. Behall 
Lisa L. Bird 
Steven A. Birdsall 
Peter H. Bishop 
Tamara L. Black 
Scott W. Blackwell 
Jacqueline D. Brant 
Joshua S. Bratspies 
Keely C. Brown 
Kristin M. Brown 
Stephen L. Brune 
Hildegard Buan 
Karrie S. Bunch 
Deborah L. Burton 
Susan G. Burton 
Sean A. Cain 
Chacko S. Chakiath 
Diana TikWai Chan 
Kiran D. Chatani 
Shih-i Chen 
Yum Yu Chen 
Matthew Choate 
Michael B. Chrishan 
Carl L. Church 
Majid E. Cina 
Mary A. Clark 
Patricia A. Colihan 
Michael F. Collins 
Lauren S. Conley 
Timothy J. Cookson 
Nicole A. Cortese 
Katherine E. Cottle 
Melissa O. Covington 
Katherine A. Culotta 
Candace A. Cutting 
Jermifer V. Dalimus 
John P. Daly 
Christina E. Dancz 

Anne M. Dantonio 

Nara daSUva 
Leigh A. Da vies 
Leah R. Davis 
Jennifer A. de Andrade 
Henriette S. deBruynkops 
Apurx'a Desai 
Anil K. Dham 
Jamie D. Dietz 
Deborah S. Drucker 
Sudeep Dutta 
Brian P. Eisentraut 
Alana B. Eliwatt 
Michele E. EUis 
Ongi Englander 
Kimberly L. Epstein 
Lisa Erb 

Kathleen P. Farasy 
Jessica Farquhar 
JuUe M. Ferrara 
Rebecca Fitzgerald 
Don J. Float 
April N. Forsythe 
Mona M. Frastaci 
Keith J. Freebum 
Joshua S. Freed 
Michael P. Garvey 
Raymond T. Gauss 
Teresa A. Gehring 
Alexis Gelb 
Tricia L. Gennantonio 
Joel A. Gerstein 
Brett E. Gilbert 
Seth Glatstein 
Julie Golan 
Sarita B. Goldbloom 
Sharon Goldman 
Beth A. Goodman 
Erica 1. Goodstein 
Allison Gordon 
Michael R. Gouel 
Lance S. Govemale 


Jessica N. Graef 
Cynthia T. Gragnani 
Sheri B. Gurney 
Cathy Haaf 
Glenn K. Hahn 
Joann Y. Hahn 
Sue A. Hale 
Christopher Hall 
Aaron K. Hallberg 
Lauren E. Handel 
Kalim N. Hanna 
Paul W. Harris 
Jennifer K. Hartt 
Kathr\'n A. Headman 
Joelle L. Herr 
Michael B. Hicks 
Carol L. Hiller 
Heidi R. Hillman 
Thanh D. Hoang 
Loren P. Hochman 
William P. Holochwost 
William D. Hubbard 
HsiC. Hui 
Mary P. Hunstad 
Jeffrey W. Hunt 
Anwar Husain 
Alice T. Inderdohnen 
Philip M. Irwin 
Mary Ishibashi 
Pamela M. Jablow 
Jennifer M. Janowich 
Cynthia L. Jay 
Robert S. Jonas 
Carie L. Jones 
Jennifer L. Jones 
Christine R. Jordan 
Margaret A. Joyce 
Michelle Kahenzadeh 
Daniel J. Kapust 
Scott M. Katzen 
Thomas P. Keck 
Christopher W. Kennedy 

Sanjay V. Khare 
Arthur G. King, Jr. 
Francis J. Kinnicr III 
Andrea G. Kirsner 
Eric J. Klaus 
Tracy N. Knight 
Sarah Knox 
Barbara E. Kohrt 
Sterling L. Krauss 
Tanya L. Kujana 
Mary H. Kuta 
Margaret A. Kyereboah 
Stacy E. Landsman 
Lori M. Lanier 
Elizabeth E. Larrivee 
Elizabeth R. Lasko 
Jolie A. Lassahn 
Bret E. Leas 
Christopher M. Lee 
Diane Lee 
Jennifer J. Lee 
Mark J. Lee 
Sang-won Lee 
Sandra J. Levine 
Michael S. Liao 
David C. Lieb 
Edward B. Lieber 
Adam C. Lilling 
Herman Lo 
Brian K. Loughery 
Laura A. Lowekamp 
Jennifer M. Loyd 
Mary J. Luskey 
Nicole S. Macedonia 
Stephanie B. Malamud 
Deborah E. Mandell 
Julian E. Markham III 
Hammad S Matin 
Shannon K. McCleary 
Jamie L. McGlashan 
Maria C. McGlew 
Carrie K. Meek 

Catherine S. Meiseles 
Paul N. Menard 
Dirk H. Menker 
Kristen A. Miller 
Elizabeth M. Missell 
Nasim Moalen 
Richard M. Mohring 
Barbara A. Monteforte 
Julia M. Moore 
Patricia A. Moore 
Angela M. Moore-Parmley 
Liora Moriel 
Bridget A. Morris 
Deborah A. Morris 
Karen A. Morris 
Susan E. Mudd 
Marianne M. Murawski 
Sean P. Murphy 
Avinash Narayana 
Laura L. Nelson 
Diem-kieu H. Ngo 
Anh T. Nguyen 
Michelle J. Nolder 
Kelly A. Novara 
Ellen M. Olson 
Margarita L. Orhz 
Dimitra Papageorgopoulos 
Sheri L. Parks 
Jamie S. Paul 
Mavis M. Payne 
Aaron N. Pearlman 
Robyn E. Pearson 
Megan M. Pell 
Marcos Perez 
Tracy L. Phelps 
Supathom Phongikaroon 
Anne R. Pittman 
Ranjani Prabhakara 
Sunitha Prakash 
Sara B. Raley 
Farrokh Rashid-Farrokhi 
Joy Ratliff 

Suzanne R. Redman 
Cheryl D. Reed 
Margaret K. Reingruber 
Andree E. Reuss 
Daphna E. Richardson 
Robinson S. Ro 
Juli A. Robinson 
Keryn A. Rose 
Scott M. Rosenbaum 
David A. Ross 
Marc A. Rowley 
llya M. Rozenbaum 
Alicia T. Rozycki 
Gail H. Sadler 
Sara Salam 
Tonya N. Salander 
Gholam M. Saleh 
Jason M. Saunders 
Lawrence A. Schein 
Valentine J. Schiller IV 
Amy M. Schlom 
Jason A. Schneidermen 
Carlos D. Schroder 
Brian J. Schroeder 
Karen J. Schwartz 
Heather R. Schwedt 
Ariel J. Segal 
Celia R. Serkin 
Bhavini H. Shah 
Sonja A. Sharpe 
Kevin E. Shaw 
Ehab T. Shehata 
Bina P. Sheladia 
Mian Shen 

Madeline J. Sherman 
Kelly L. Shipp 
Cora L. Sipe 
Brenda L. Small 
Karin M. Smith 
Theresa E. Solury 
Christopher F. South 
Avril Z. Speaks 


U N 1 V 

R Y L 

Dean A. Stein 

Melanie L. Stibick 

Susan L. Stonesifer 

Margaret M. Sullivan 

Vina M. Supetran 

Yoram J. Sussman 

Teresa M. Szczeshiak 

Jennifer S. Tai 

Maltnda Taylor 

Lois E. Tayman 


Jessica C. Teets 

Tara L. Tetrault 

April D. Thompson 

Jason K. Thompson 

Tina L. Tootle 

Thanh B. Tran 

Lee A. Trunkey 

Henry C. Tsay 

Joel J. Tyberg 

Francesca M. UgoUni 

LiUana Uruburo 

Gia A. Vassanelli 

Mayriah J. Velasquez 

Catherine J. VerriUi 

Alexander S. von Streeruwitz 

Wendy L. Walsh 

Fu-cheng Wang 

Milton P. Warren 

Nadra E. Wass 

Jaime J. Webster 

Shannon E. Weedon 

Merry White 

Suneth D. Wijetunga 

Jacob L. Williams, Jr. 

Jeffrey W. Williams 

Katherine E. Wohlsen 

Thomas J. Woodford 

Kevin D. WoodUng 


Ilya Zavorine 

Rosalind T. Zuses 

Biological Honor Society 

Graduating Seniors: 
Patrick C. Gambaro 
Jennifer Koziar 
Damon Orsetti 
Harsita Saxena 


French and Italian 

Marie-Sophie Calderara 
Tamara Louise Clem 
Lauren Amy Greene 
Alexander Theodore Hammer 
JUl Katherine Jinks 
Beth Hillary Lowenthal 
Jermifer Marie Loyd 
Maureen Patricia McGee 
Erika Janice Pontarelli 
Philip Laurence Santoro 
Cynthia Symancyk, President 
Elizabeth Jean Talev 
Mike N. Tran 
llgin Williams 
Ann Elizabeth Wolsey 
Na Seung Yi 

PI Pi 

Dobro Slovo 

Shanna Lorraine Leeland 
Jesse Aaron Mueller 

National Political Science 
Honor Society 

Jason Ahdoot 
Bridget Albers 
Anthony Baquero 

Hector Benitez-Solivan 
Bethany Blankley 
Lisa Board 
Steven Broadvifater 
Latisha Brown 
Michael Collins 
Jeffrey Donahue 
Matthew Eisenberg 
Scott Fink 
Jessica Franken 
Michael Friedman 
Melissa Frost 
Laura Fulton 
Jennifer Goldstein 
Aleksander Goranin 
David Greenspan 
Lauren Handel 
Carolyn HUler 
Lillian Hsu 
Bahar JalaU 
Carla Jeffrey 
Matthew Johnston 
Andrea Jolliffe 
Kalev Kaseoru 
Kalliopi Krist 
Sarah LaSota 
Kelli Lam 
Elizabeth Lasko 
Kevin Lawrence 
Edward Lieber 
Catherine Luzio 
Jermifer Miller 
Lyrm O'Brien 
David Plotinsky 
Julie Reynolds 
Jessica Saltz 
Matthew Schultz 
Cora Sipe 
Jessica Teets 
Michael Wein 
Zenita Wickham 
Aleithea Williams 

Eleanor Yarmuzzi 
Fatema Yeganeh 


Antonio C. Caro 
Stephen M. Hill 
William J. Josler 
John N. Ordile 
Benjamin M. Scholl 
Jason A. Sutula 


Chacko Chakiath 

Peter Chen 

Mai Ahmad Dahmas 


Rhonda Foard 

Nina Garrett 

Christine Hong 

Scott Michael Katzen 

Tina Khoie 


Christine Knab 

Joyce Carolyn Leister 

Marcia Susan Miller 

Siamak Moayedi 

Melody Murray 

Alexandra Newman 

Ghislaine Lais Ouedraogo 

Uzma Rana 

Mian Shen 

Nandita Tandon 

Valerie Vehement 

Suneth Dushya Wijetimga 

Jeya Yogaraj 

Kelly Yu 


Spanish and Portuguese 

Rafael Beckford 
Marja Booker 


Khara Cannon 
Anne Hafner-Goodson 
Anna Maria Gounaris 
Kimberly Gregory 
Janet Harris 
Ji Hwang 
joann Lindberg 
Nicole Macedonia 
Lisa Nunez 
Celines Roberts 
Amy Smith 
Heather Stone 
Jorge Velarde 


William Brown Facey 
Glenn Kyu Hahn 
Clyde Lee Humphrey 
Todd Ryan Lardy 
Mark Steven Lewis 
Ron Yitzhak Perel 
Luke Michael Pototschrdk 
Rex Hay Wu 


Nicole Ashby 
Heather Austin 
Michele Behrens 
Christine Capobianco 
Carol Chong 
Stacy Paige Cohen 
Stanford Fisher HI 
Brian Forst 
Reva Gupta 
Katharine Guyton 
Kathryn Headman 
Megan L. Hollman 
Marianne Hurst 
Christopher Kilby 
Sharon Koch 
Jennifer Lipka 
Maureen McGee 
Russel Megonigal 
Harshita Saxena 
Charles L. Thome IV 
Trisha Vorhauer 
Greg Wilkovich 

Aaron Wines 
Franklin Yuan 


December 19% 

Rob Holsopple 
Louis Hromada Jr. 
Bhavesh Patel 
Paul Tittel 

Spring 1997 

David Arhgliere 
Jason Barbour 
Yogesh Bhumralkar 
Barry Chen 
Tommy Chang 
Pei-ta Chu 
Elaine Gannon 
Rajarshi Gupta 
Mahshad Haaeri 
Kraig Hartley 
Jonas Keating 
Anthony Kratz 

Pei Lin 
Arnold Liu 
Yuzhou Lu 
Michael Neely 
Joseph Newhouse 
Steven Noe 
Mark Plett 
Rebecca Randies 
Jennifer Sampson 
Baokhanh Vu 
Amber Yau 


S I T Y O 

R Y L 


Athletic Awards 

•All- Atlantic Coast Conference Academic football team member based on a 
combination of the student-athlete academic achievement and football-related per- 
formance — Alonzo Dwigtrt Wallace 

•Annual Cross Country Award to recognize and honor that person who made 
the greatest contribution to the success of the cross country team the previous 
season — Ed Hogan 

•Arthur Ashe, Jr., Sports Scholars Award recognizes the academic, athletic and 
community service accomplishments of minority student athletes — Raina Abeni 
Domneys (Women's Track), Gabriella Miyuki Uza (Women's Track) 

•Hennessey Scholarship to a baseball letterwinner who best exemplifies the 
character, determination, courage, loyalty and positive attitude ofjim Hennessey 
'56 — Usman Shakir 

•Charles L. Hoffman Swimming Trophy to the senior female letter-earner who 
has contributed the most to the swimming program — Jordan Mary McAmmond 

•James H. Kehoe Award to the senior female athlete who symbolized the com- 
mitment, dedication, spirit and will to win, and excelled in athletics — 
Kerrie Ann Bowes (Women's Track) 

•VViUiam E. "SuUy" Krouse Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding 
wrestler of the year — James Leon Guzzio 

• Athletic Director's Award to a male and female student athlete for their out- 
standing academic and athletic achievement as well as campus and community 
leadership — Edward Patrick Anthony Hogan (Men's Track), Jordan Mary 
McAmmond (Women's Swimming) 

•Charles H. Beebe, Jr., Award to a female graduating senior athlete who 
attained the highest grade point average during her career and who lettered in 
her sport — Jordan Mary McAmmond (Women's Swimming) 

•John T. Bell Award (Men's MVP) to the outstanding swimmer or diver — 
Scott Paul Grayson 

•Bosey Berger Trophy honoring Bosey Berger '32, to the most outstanding 
senior — Joseph M. Clemente 

• William R. Campbell Swimming Trophy to the senior male letter-earner who 
has contributed the most to the swimming program — Bradley Robert Isbell 

•John Carlson Award to the outstattding team member in men's soccer — 
Leo Patrick Cullen 

•David Diehl Award to a male and female swimmer for their commitment and 
dedication to the swimming program — Jason Michael Brothers, 
Kristen Michelle Emdl 

•Geary F. Eppley Award to the graduating male senior athlete who during his 
four years of varsity competition, lettered at least once and attained the highest 
scholastic average — Edward Patrick Anthony Hogan (Men's Track) 

•Peter Lowery Award to the soccer team member exemplifying academic excel- 
lence, leadership and distinguished citizenship on campus — Russell Alan Payne 

•M Club's Founders Award to a senior athlete for outstanding athletic ability, 
academic excellence, upright character, and distinguished citizenship — 
Katherine Anne Kaufbnan (Field Hockey) 


•Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy offered In/ William E. Kroiisc to the 
Man/land student-athlete who has contributed the most to zercstling while at 
the University of Maryland, College Park — James Leon Guzzio 

•Charles P. McCormick, Sr. Award to the senior Baltimore area resident icho 
has contributed the most to his or her sport — Keith Eugene Booth (Men's 

•President's Cup Award for academic achievement — Jada Anderson 
(Women's Basketball), Michael Bonanni (Men's Lacrosse), Stacy Breidenbach 
(Gymnastics), Peter Coughlin (Golf), Caryl Duckworth (Women's Lacrosse), 
Karim Emara (Men's Tennis), Elizabeth Henkin (Women's Tennis), Edward 
Hogan (Men's Track), Annette Hunt (Softball), Bradley Isbell (Men's 
Swimming), Andria Johnson (Women's Track), Martin Margolis (Wrestling), 
Jordan McAmmond (Women's Swimming), Russell Payne (Men's Soccer), 
Matthew Raydo (Men's Basketball), Naomi Price (Women's Soccer), Sara 
Salam (Field Hockey), Shannon Saltzman (Volleyball), Carolyn Schwartz (Field 
Hockey), Adam Waxman (Football) 

•President's Cup All-academic Team Award to the women's team zoith the 
highest overall GPA for the prior two semesters — Women's Swimming: Alyssa 
Anderson, Regan Billingsley, Jennifer Choich, Kristen Emdl, Erin Galloway, 
Missy Haynie, Gori Hudock, Krista Irish, Dawn Josephson, Diana Liberty, Tara 
Lynch, Jordan McAmmond, Kim Piotro, Katie Polasek, Denise Reitan, Eve 
Rossi, Heather Schadler, Alison Shea, Courtney Smith, Sarah Solomon, Carrie 
Stackhouse, Stephanie Vine, Katie Vitali, Heather Wilson, Rebecca Wukitch 

•President's Cup All-academic Team Award to the men's team with the 
highest oivrall GPA for the prior tuv semesters — Men's Tennis: Dale Cathell, 
Kyle Cerminara, Karim Emara, Jay Kimmel, T.J. Klier, Collin Parker, Jeff Wang 

•President's Cup Community Service Award to student athletes zrho have 
excellend in the area of community public seri'ice — Jada Anderson (Women's 
Basketball), Keith Booth (Men's Basketball), Kerrie Bowes (Women's Track), 
Tricia Burdt (Field Hockey), Kevin Cody (Men's Track), Kalissa Davis (Women's 
Basketball), Marissa DiNatale (Gymnastics), Rodney Elliott (Men's Basketball), 
Rebecca Fink (Women's Lacrosse), Craig Fitzgerald (Football), Karen 
Freeswick (Field Hockey), Dana Gwaltney (Women's Lacrosse), Elizabeth 
Henkin (Women's Tennis), Andre Hentz (Football), Tricia Hunt (Softball), Ryan 
Lynn Laubach (Women's Lacrosse), Jordan McAmmond (Women's Swimming), 
Kim Moseley (Volleyball), Russell Payne (Men's Soccer), Missey Price 

(Women's Soccer), Ryan Rezelle (Football), Shannon Saltzman (Volleyball), 
Lanita Talley (Women's Track), Ratcliff Thomas (Football) 

•Sears Director's Club Postgraduate Scholarship to students who have 
demonstrated excellence in the classroom and have served as athletic support 
personnel — Napoleon A. Martinez (Cheerieading) 

•The Silvester Watch Award typifying the best in athletics — 
Scott Grayson (Swimming) 

•Talbot T. Speer Award for excellence in leadership, scholarship, and general 
all-around ability — James Leon Guzzio (Wrestling) 

•SWEVIPRO Award (Women's MVP) to the outstanding swimmer or 
diver — Kimberly Ann Piotro 

•UMASA Scholar Athlete Award to the swimmer who has compiled the best 
combination of academic and aquatic records — Scott Paul Grayson, 
Sara Anne Solomon 


U N I V 

R Y L 


•WBAL Academic Award — Matthew George Kovarik (Men's Basketball) 

•Weaver-James Postgraduate Scholarship Award to a student who has distin- 
guished himself /herself academically, athletically as ivell as participated in campus 
activities demonstrating his/her qualities of leadership — 
Edward Patrick Anthony Hogan (Men's Track) 


Awarded to senior student-athletes ivho achieved a grade point ai'erage of 3.0 

or above. 

Basketball (Womer\'s) 

Jada Anderson, Nina Ohman 

Field Hockey 

Jennifer Campbell, Alana Eliwatt, Katherine Kauffman, Sara Salam 


James Stump, Alonzo Wallace, Adam Waxman 

Golf (Men's) 
Alan Alsheimer 

Swimming (Women's) 

Kimberly Hildebrandt, Jordan McAmmond 

Tennis (Men's) 
Karim Emara 

Tennis (Women's) 

Bresha Byrd, Tatjana Dulic, Elizabeth Henkin 

Track and Field (Men's) 

Kevin Cody, Edward Hogan, Ihekwaba Otiji 

Track and Field (Women's) 

Jennifer Binford, Kerry Bowes, Anne Ferguson, Andria Johhnson, Renette Kirton 


Kimberly Mosley, Shannon SaKzman, Moneach Surber 


Craig Garrison, Luke Leary, Martin Margolis 


Hilary Jameson, Margaret Quinlan 

Lacrosse (Men's) 
Michael Bonanni 

Lacrosse (Women's) 

Jamie Brodsky, Caryl Duckworth, Rebecca Fink, Karen MacCrate 

Soccer (Men's) 

Stephen Campbell, Russell Payne, Doug Smith 

Annette Hunt 

Swimming (Men's) 
Bradley Isbell 




Lance W. Billingsley, Chair 
Benjamin L. Brown, Vice Chair 
Margaret Alton, Secretary 
Constance M. Unseld, Treasurer 


Lewis R. Riley, ex officio 

Mary Arabian 

Richard O. Bemdt 

Earle Palmer Brown 

Nathan A. Chapman, Jr. 

Charles W.Cole, Jr. 

Edwin S. Crawford 

Thomas B. Finan, Jr. 

Michael C. Gelman 

Wendell M. HoUoway 

Harry R. Hughes 

Kevin Lawrence, Student Regent 


Donald N. Langenberg, Chancellor 

George L. Marx, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

John K. Martin, Vice Chancellor for Advancement 

Joseph Vivona, Vice Chancellor for Administration and finance 


William H. Kirwan, President 

Nelson Markley (Acting), Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 

Charles F. Sturtz, Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

Reid W. Crawford, Vice President for University Advancement 

William L. Thomas Jr., Vice President for Student Affairs 



Alicia Arkell-Kleis, Diploma Office 

Maknaz Bahrami, University Advancement 

Sapienza Barone, University Advancement 

J. Frank Brewer, Physical Plant 

Miranda Clement, Senior Class Council 

Kathy Coffey, Stamp Student Union 

Earle Connors, Physical Plant 

Gene Corcoran, Health Center 

Amy Hamilton, Senior Class Council 

Lori King, Records and Registration 

John Kozikowski, Shuttle UM 

Nick Kovalakides, Chapel 

Nancy Loomis, Dining Services 

Linda Martin, University Advancement 

Gary Parker, Intercollegiate Athletics 

Patrick C. Perfetto, Conference and Visitor Services 

Diana Pritchard, University Book Center 

Barbara Riggs, Diploma Office 

Debra Sable, Health Center 

Alan Sactor, Emnronmental Safety 

BUI Scales, Disability Support Services 

Charles Stubbs, Special Events 

Bob Stumpff, Physical Plant 

Janice Summons, Campus Parking 

Harry Teabout, Physical Plant 

Larry Volz, Police Department 

Patrick Wadsworth, Dining Services 


Craig Arnold, Arts and Humanities 

Diane Barlow, Library and Information Seri'ices 

Katherine Beardsley, Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Betty Beckley, Undergraduate Studies 

Carl Bovill, Architecture 

Ritzie Coleman, Computer, Math and Physical Science 

John Cordes, Undergraduate Studies 

Jane Fines, Engineering 

Charles Flatter, Education 

Brian Horick, College of Business and Management 

Albert Klavon, Life Sciences and Agricidture 

Thomas Moore, Arts and Humanities 

Delores Mulligan, Undergraduate Studies 

Joe Murray, Health and Human Performance 

Ann Petrone, Architecture 

Terri Harris Reed, Public Affairs 

Vicky Reinke, Library and Information Services 

Greig Stewart, Journalism 

Dale VanderWall, Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Valerie Wedge, Education 

Thelma Williams, Computer, Math and Physical Science 

Special Services Staff 
Responsible for Setting Up 
Commencement Sites 

Marcellous Anderson 
Leroy BlackweU 
Earl Blake 
John Brady 
Mordecai Brower 
G. Earle Connors 
Wayne Daniels 
Larry Gamer 
Elwood Gross 
Larrv Jefferson 
Mar\in Johnson 
Susan Radisch 
George Saunders 
Thomas Saunders 
Johnny Sellers 
Rayfield Sellers 
Milton Sirleaf 
Charles Stubbs 
Harry Teabout 
Danny Thompson 
Ronny Yee 

Produced by the Office of University Advancement 

Cover Design: Sheila Sherer 

Photography: Chan Cluto, John T. Consoli, Al Danneger, 

David Froehlich, Lisa Helfert, Noah Lazar, Sheila Sherer, 

Scott Suchman, Nick Wass, and Bill Weems 

Editor and Proofreader: Melinda Berriman 

Project Coordination: Linda H. Martin 

With special thanks to the folks in the Diploma Office 

May 1997