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Southern Illinois University 



May 13 and 14, 2005 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois 


May 13 and 14, 2005 

Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

When its doors were first opened in 1874, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 
was a place where teachers and scholars believed that their graduates should be 
prepared to make useful contributions to the health and strength of society. This is 
still our intention. Outstanding departments, dedicated faculty, thorough and often 
inspired instruction, and a thoughtful blending of old wisdom with new knowledge 
have become the hallmarks of the University. 

Because this is true, we can point with pride to our alumni, many of whom are 
distinguished scholars, business leaders, artists, and public servants, and many more 
of whom are essential to organizations and communities throughout the nation. 

Knowing that classroom learning is only one facet of education, we help students 
learn to play through intramural sports, training in crafts, outdoor activities for 
individuals and groups, a variety of musical organizations; learn to help themselves 
through wellness education, physical fitness training, and counseling; learn to help 
others through fraternal, community service, political, and volunteer groups; learn to 
see and know their surroundings through hands-on projects, field trips, lectures, and 
excursions of their own. 

In encouraging students to explore the avenues and byways of knowledge and 
experience, our aim is to expand their view of the world in such a way that, while 
they focus on the particulars of their careers, they will be able to see their lives and 
their work in the broad context of the communities and the world. 

Board of Trustees 


Glenn Poshard, Chair 

Keith R. Sanders, Vice Chair 

John Simmons, Secretary 

Roger Tedrick 

Marilyn Jackson 

Ed Hightower 

A. D. Van Meter, Jr. 

Rick Maurer, Student Trustee 

Ed Ford, Student Trustee 

Home Town 

Term Expiration 



Spring Grove 


East Alton 


Mt. Vernon 


Sauk Village 










James E. Walker, President 
Southern Illinois University 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 
Southern Illinois University Carbondale 



Table of Contents 

Southern Illinois University Carbondale iii 

Board of Trustees iii 

Table of Contents ". 1 

Candidates for Degrees 2 

Schedule of Commencement Ceremonies 3 

Friday, May 13, SIU Arena 3 

Saturday, May 14, SIU Arena 3 

Saturday, May 14, Shryock Auditorium 3 

Order of Exercises College of Liberal Arts 4 

College of Liberal Arts 5 

Bachelor of Arts 5 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 8 

Bachelor of Music '. 9 

Bachelor of Science 9 

Order of Exercises College of Education and Human Services 11 

College of Education and Human Services 12 

Bachelor of Science 12 

Order of Exercises College of Applied Sciences and Arts 17 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 18 

Associate in Applied Science 18 

Bachelor of Science 18 

Order of Exercises College of Engineering 23 

College of Engineering 24 

Bachelor of Science 24 

Order of Exercises College of Business and Administration 26 

College of Business and Administration 27 

Bachelor of Science 27 

Order of Exercises Graduate School 29 

Graduate School 30 

Doctor of Philosophy 30 

Master of Accountancy 33 

Master of Arts 33 

Master of Business Administration 34 

Master of Fine Arts 34 

Master of Music 34 

Master of Public Administration 35 

Master of Public Health 36 

Master of Science 35 

Master of Science in Education 36 

Master of Social Work 38 

Order of Exercises College of Science 40 

College of Science 41 

Bachelor of Arts 41 

Bachelor of Science 41 

Order of Exercises College of Agricultural Sciences 42 

College of Agricultural Sciences 43 

Bachelor of Science 43 

Order of Exercises College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 45 

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 46 

Bachelor of Arts 46 

Bachelor of Science 47 

Order of Exercises School of Law 48 

School of Law 49 

Juris Doctor 49 

Air Force and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps 51 

The 2005 Excellence Through Commitment Awards 52 

University-Level Awards 52 

College-Level Awards 52 

Academic Regalia 53 

Colors of Tassels and Hoods 53 

The SIU Alumni Association 54 

Southern Alma Mater 55 

Candidates for Degrees 

The following lists contain the names of candidates for degrees, the granting of which 
is contingent upon successful completion of all requirements for the degree. 

An asterisk (*) to the right of the name indicates membership in the University 
Honors program (undergraduate students only). 

A double asterisk (**) to the right of the name indicates the person is a candidate 
for multiple degrees. 

University Academic Honors listed to the right of the name are as follows for 
undergraduate students: 

cum laude 3.500-3.749 
magna cum laude 3.750-3.899 
summa cum laude 3.900-4.000 
The grade point averages above apply firstly to all work taken at Southern Illinois 
University Carbondale and in the case of transfer students then to the total work as 
an additional, but secondary qualification. 

Schedule of Commencement Ceremonies 

Friday and Saturday, May 13 and 14, 2005 

Friday, May 13, SIU Arena 

5:00 P.M. College of Liberal Arts 

Saturday, May 14, SIU Arena 

8:30 A.M. College of Education and Human Services 

11:00 A.M. College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

1:30 P.M. College of Engineering 

4:00 P.M. College of Business and Administration 

7:00 P.M. Graduate School 

Saturday, May 14, Shryock Auditorium 

8:30 A.M. College of Science 

11:00 A.M. College of Agricultural Sciences 

1:30 P.M. College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 

4:00 P.M. School of Law 

The commencement ceremony is an important occasion not only for you but also for 
other graduates, families, and friends. Although it is a happy time, it should not be a 
time of revelry. Your conduct at the ceremony should be dignified. Alcoholic 
beverages may not be brought into either the SIU Arena or Shryock Auditorium ei- 
ther by degree candidates or guests. Security personnel will be on hand to deal with 
alcohol or other distracting objects. 

Professional photographers will be taking two photographs of each graduate as he or 
she crosses the stage. Each graduate will receive a proof print of each of those shots at 
no charge, and will have the opportunity to purchase additional copies or various 
photograph packages at a reasonable cost. 

Order of Exercises 
College of Liberal Arts 

5:00 P.M., Friday, May 13, 2005, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Southern Illinois University Band, Michael Hanes, Conductor 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 

Valedictory Address 

Minta Marie Elsman, Graduating Senior, Linguistics and Spanish 

Presentation of Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters by the College of 
Liberal Arts 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 
Jagdish Bhagwati, Recipient 

Presentation of Distinguished Service Award 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 
Marianne Webb, Recipient 

Alumni Welcome 

Mimi Rosenbloom Wallace 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 
Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Alma Mater 

Southern Alma Mater, Clarke Morgan, Composer 

Sarah Heitmann, Soloist 

Southern Illinois University Band, Michael Hanes, Conductor 


Music for a Ceremony, John J. Morrissey, Composer 

Southern Illinois University Band, Michael Hanes, Conductor 

(Please remain seated until the Recessional is completed.) 

College of Liberal Arts 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 

Albert Melone, Grand Marshal 

Jonathan Bean, Grand Marshal 

Suzanne Daughton, Grand Marshal 

Alan Vaux, Marshal 

Anita Hutton, Marshal 

K. K. Collins, Marshal 

Karen Clayton, Usher 

Toyin Fox, Usher 

Art Kunz, Usher 

Jay Lewis, Usher 

Kay Rippelmeyer-Tippy, Usher 

Matthew Sronkoski, Usher 

Joan McDermott, Reader 

Emma Cervone, Reader 

Valerie Brooks, Reader 

Kevin Sylwester, Reader 
Beth Lordan, Reader 
Frederick Williams, Reader 
Tonny Oyana, Reader 
Jonathan Bean, Reader 
Karen Baertsch, Reader 
Anita Hutton, Reader 
Jean Wagner, Reader 
Dan Silver, Reader 
Pat Manfredi, Reader 
Chrisy Stewart, Reader 
Meera Komarraju, Reader 
Mark Schneider, Reader 
Nilanjana Bardhan, Reader 
David Rush, Reader 
K. K. Collins, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Steven Raymond Abbott, Jr. 

Alex Sylvain Achille 

Buddy Joe Adelsberger** 

Scott William Ahrens sutnma cum laude 

Bradley Joel Akers summa cum laude* 

Angelo Michael Aldrighetti 

Mario Alegria 

Delmar M. Algee III 

Andy Alvarez 

Yed Lorng Anikpo 

Khadidja Arfi* 

Jason Anthony Ascencio 

Casandra Michelle Austin* 

Michael Dean Baker 

Gregory Lamont Barnes 

Jeremy K. Barnes 

Heather Elicia Barrow summa cum laude 

Eric M. Bartels 

Gizelle Lenore Bassett 

Joseph J. Battistoni 

Sarah Jane Bauer 

Kasey Leigh Baum cum laude 

Mark Robert Baum cum laude* 

Roy Melvin Bearden- White magna cum laude 

Amoneeta S. Beckstein magna cum laude* 

Bert Lionel Belasco 

Paul Thomas Bellinger magna cum laude 

Andy J. Belt 

Jessica Leigh Benton summa cum laude* 

Keith Richard Berlin magna cum laude 

Jason Patrick Berman 

Nicholas Lynch Bernal* 

Isabel Eugenia Berrios 

Lisa Ann Bertelson magna cum laude 

Douglas Edward Bertrand 

William Donald Bethel cum laude 

Jessica Lyn Bien cum laude 

Rebecca Lynn Bigham cum laude*-** 

Heather Anne Blackburn 

Rebecca LeAnna Blackwell** 

James D.S. Blair 

Brian D. Bledsoe 

Mollie Lynn Boliek 

Tyson James Bond 

Christopher M. Bondi 

Allison Borsch 

Samuel Charles Boss 

Angela Nicole Boswell magna cum laude 

Vernetta Marie Bowens 

Elizabeth Cecily Bowman 

Calixte A. Brouard, Jr. 

Jamie Jae Brown cum laude* 

Matthew Leavitt Brown* 

Kristen Lynn Bruno magna cum laude 

Amanda K. Bruns** 

Freddie Lee Buckingham, Jr. 

Abbey Lynnette Bueza 

James Jeffrey Bullar 

Amy Kay Bunting 

Candice Nicole Burnom 

Susan K. Bushnell 

Keith Michael Buzzard magna cum laude* 

William Anthony Campana 

Damion Terrell Campbell 

Julia Ann Carian 

Brenna Marie Carriger* 

Kevin Wayne Carroll 

Charles Ivan Carter 

Nicole Lynnette Cash 

Mark Robert Casolari** 

Allison Lee Chamberlain 

Candice Sherrice Chism-Foster 

Brent Alan Christians 

Lukasz Sebastian Chudyba aim laude* 

Jeremiah J. Claussen 

Tabatha Jo Cleek 

Rebecca Marjorie Cler 

Gregory John Cliff 

Erin Nicole Coatney cum laude* 

Alaina Jane Coats 

Bachelor of Arts (Continued) 

Zachary Allen Cochran 

Crystal Lynn Coleman 

Marissa Dawn Collum 

Joseph Steven Commare 

Shelly Renee Conklin 

Aliki Constantinidou 

Sean Patrick Coombe 

Douglas F. Coons* 

David Soals Cox* 

Harry Frank Crawford IV 

Cejae Louise Cross 

Darmille LaRisha Cross 

Patrice Marie Cross 

Brandon Wade Cupp 

Elizabeth Jean Dalton 

Ivas John Dambrauskas 

John C. Davis 

Megan Marie Davis 

Tarah Brooke Davis** 

Christopher L. Dennis* 

Megan Elizabeth Denton 

Greg Ivan Derbak 

Charles Brandon Diercks 

Matthew Lucien Dierker 

Allison Melanie Dirnrnick 

Ashley Marie Dodson 

Tobias D. Donaker 

Hillary Ann Donaldson 

Kimberly Anne Donatich 

Jennifer Nicole Dothager 

Nicholas W. Downard 

Justin Daniel Drone 

Andrea Duke 

Susan Frances Dunn cum laude* 

Renee Danielle Edwards** 

Amanda Marie Elliott 

Minta Marie Elsman summa cum laude*-** 

Sarah Elizabeth Emel 

Melissa Renee Erves** 

Angela Marie Ervin 

Cory Jason Etherton 

Michael Andrew Evans 

Jonathan Poching Farn cum laude 

Tamika Nicole Finch-Hall** 

Amy S. Flood 

Thomas J. Franken 

Matthew W. Fred 

Sharee Danielle Frieson 

Neyfit Fuentes 

Joshua William Gaeth summa cum laude* 

Charles J. Gain 

Christopher Dimitris Galanos 

Paul Garcia 

Ben C. Garrison 

Michael John Gawrysiak magna cum laude* 

Jason Thomas Gietl 

Aron Quintina Gillespie 

Nicole Lynn Gilmore cum laude* 

Sharon Lavern Gladden 

Dustin Mark Goforth 

Lane Annamae Golden- Wenzel 

Justin A. Gould 

Brian John Gray 

Michael Allen Greenwald 

Donald Wayne Gribbin 

William Allen Griffiths cum laude* 

Christopher Charles Guy 

Zelma Kay Halemeyer* 

Trent Joseph Haley 

Erica Marie Hall 

Michael Andrew Hall summa cum laude* 

Kristen C. Hammel 

Jennifer Leigh Hammers 

Cameron Daniel Hand* 

Laurie Katherine Hanselmann 

Jeffrey L. Hanson cum laude* 

Jacob Scott Harbaugh 

Crystal Michelle Harding* 

Kelly A. Harrison 

Dana Marie Harwerth* 

Brandon Glen Heiple 

Sarah Anne Heitmann 

Nicole Lee Henderson cum laude 

Jacob Edward Hendricks 

Jason Philip Herron 

Thomas Edmund Hicks cum laude 

Stephen Higgins* 

Margaret Ann Hoberg 

Ebony Charmain Holden 

Curt Michael Holland 

Christopher James Hollis cum laude*-** 

Kimberly Beth Holt 

John Rebert Holton 

Masayo Hoshino 

Kevin M. Howell 

Michael David Hraha 

Leah K. Huey* 

Nicole Marie Huffman summa cum laude* 

Eric Edward Humes 

Jeffery Eugene Hunter II 

Jennifer Virginia Huson 

Karan Hustedt cum laude* 

Philip Andrew Jellen 

Jikoung Jeong* 

Gerold Andrew Jewell 

Amanda Louise Johnson 

Ann M. Johnson 

Kira Nicole Jokerst** 

Sara B. Jolly* 

Chunece LeVina Jones 

Jarrod Burton Jones 

Larry Gale Jones, Jr. 

Latoya Lanese Jones 

Kristen Rae Judy 

Kristina Jurcevic 

Gabrielle Kang 

Kelly Rose Katricka 

Lindsey Kay Keim 

Jessica Lauren Keller 

Daniel Patrick Kelly cum laude* 

Niya Miranda Kennedy cum laude* 

Elethia C. King 

Jeffrey Scott Kitchen cum laude* 

Ayako Kobayashi 

Laura Ann Koelling * 

Jennifer Janet Kosmatka 

Sarah Jane Kozelek 

Jamie Lynne Kozlov 

Kara M. Kozol 

Boja Kragulj summa aim laude* 

Jill Marie Kreke 

Mark Ryan Kruszynski 

Steven Andrew Krutsch cum laude* 

Shannon Marie Lahey 

Meghan Elizabeth Lamb 

Jill M. Lambright 

Heather Lynne Larson 

Vincent James La Via 

Jamila NaShae Leary 

Christopher Sean Lee 

Daniel H. Lee 

Christopher John Leek 

Jason Robert Leonard** 

Renee I. Liebenstein 

Marsha Kaye Lively 

Bryan Keith Livesay 

Willie M. Lockett 

Adam Michael Lopez 

Gretchen Marie Madsen 

Mollie Rebecca Maeser aim laude 

Phillip Dale Magerkurth cum laude* 

Sarah Grace Maggio 

John Edward Mandernach 

Rachel L. Mark 

Thad Joseph Marrs** 

Sara Faye Marten 

Kristina Marie Martens 

Andrew Paul Martin 

Kristine Erin Martin 

Nicole R. Martinez* 

Nicholas Theodore Mathews 

Michelle M. Mathy*** 

Linsey Nicole Maughan 

Samantha Renee' Mayberry 

Jesse Ryan McCann 

John Michael McCluskey 

Kari Elizabeth McGowan 

Scott Thomas McGuire 

Leslie Nicole McKnight 

Noraihan Md Noh 

Federico Medina 

Jonathan R. Melzer 

Matthew Joseph Meyer** 

Nicole Renee Miller 

Sarah Arensman Miller 

Susan Marie Miller cum laude 

Aisha Nikole Mitchell* 

Jayme Elizabeth Moehle* 

Katrina Colleen Moore 

Lindsey Allison Moritz cum laude* 

Lena Michelle Morsch 

Ibrahim A. Muhammad 

Jay D. Mukerji 

Natalie Marie Mulholland 

Serah Nyanukhwaju Munthali magna aim laude* 

Ajeenah J. Murarsheed 

Frederick David Murphy cum laude* 

Rachel Verna Murray** 

Richard Jon Naber 

Keith R. Newberry* 

Kelsey J. Noack* 

Dee S. Norris 

Duane Paul Nowak 

Gregory Wade Odom II magna cum laude 

Karen Ellen Odom cum laude* 

Obatuyi Temidayo Ogedengbe 

Erica June Oldani cum laude* 

Michael OlimpijeV 

Elvis Ortega 

Mark Michael Overman 

Jessica Lynn Palmreuter 

Brittany Ann Pannell 

Erik Monte Pannell 

Jungam Park 

Nathan Chambers Paskert 

Jennifer Bevin Patrick 

Kristen Cole Patrick 

Anna M. Pender 

Rebecca Lynn Pender cum laude 

Branch' Renee Perry cum laude 

Bethany Christa Peters 

Lavon Nicole Pettis 

Ethan William Pierce 

Martin Lukasz Pietryka 

Ginger S. Pitch cum laude* 

Amber Marie Polivka cum laude*'** 

David Charles Pontious** 

Samuel Lauonce Powe 

Robert E. Powell 

Ryan Matthew Powles 

Aaron Antwione Pratt 

Stephen Paul Pritchard 

Kirsten Marie Propst magna cum laude 

Dana L. Prusacki magna cum laude* 

Katie Lucille Queen 

Stephen Matthew Quigley 

Angie Marie Rabe 

Patrick Thomas Rafferty 

Brandy Michelle Raley summa aim laude*** 

Andrew William Raming 

Jillian Frances Raney 

Valerie Ann Rasp 

Paul Michael Ray cum laude 

Raphi Konstantin Rechitsky magna cum laude* 

Amy Lynn Reddy 

Milo A. Reed 

Suzanne Elizabeth Reese summa aim laude 

Noel Reynoso 

Brooke Renee Rhoades cum laude 

Teresa Kay Riley cum laude** 

Patrice C. Robinson 

Stephen Maurice Robinson, Jr. 

Todd Richard Robinson cum laude 

Lauren Elizabeth Rochel 

Stephen K. Rodgers 

Gerardo Gabriel Rodriguez 

Michelle Nicole Rogers** 

James Ryan Rose 

Dereka LeTese Ross*** 

Tyler Lee Rubach 

Bachelor of Arts (Continued) 

Heather Shawn Russell 

Tiffany Lynn Russell 

Lizet Sanchez 

Colin Scott Sander 

Jeffrey M. Sara 

Hafeez O. Sarumi 

Richard John Saviano 

Amy Marie Schnapp 

David R. Schneiderman 

Jennifer Diane Scholtz magna cum laude* 

Neil Hadley Schueneman cum laude 

Bart Edward Scott 

Tymika Nicole Seawood 

Jeremy Keith Seibert 

Leah Jean Seymour* 

Cassandra Anne Sherman magna cum laude* 

Michael Lee Shields 

Julie Ann Shimko magna cum laude* 

Yuri Shinjo 

Shinichi Shinohara 

Kendra Dawn Shoaff cum laude* 

Allison Jane Shuppara cum laude 

Tasha L. Simmerman cum laude 

Daniel C. Simms magna cum laude* 

Joanna R. Simpson 

Meghan Rose Simpson 

Ryan Daniel Slocum 

Nicholas Charles Smilgys 

Aquia Sharita Smith** 

Christopher Lee Smith 

Kisonah Monique Smith 

Joseph Donald Spair 

Adam Jeffrey Stadel 

Asterios D. Stamatikos 

Schuyler Jack Stephens 

Mollie Anne Stevens 

Shalanda Marie Stokes 

Todd Ryan Strother 

Erica Renee Sweeny 

Tomei Tanaka 

Lisa Marie Tapley 

James Wesley Tarter 

Dimetrice LaKawn Taylor 

Jessica Dean Teasley 

Kasey Rebecca Teasley 

Linley Jean Thompson 

Michael Edward Thompson, Jr. 

Danielle Tindall* 

Mark Alan Tousignant 

Leon D. Tran 

Calliope Helene Tsoukalas summa cum laude*-** 

Gregory Edward Ungurait** 

Kristen N. Van Fossan 

Brooke Nicole Van Hoorebeke 

Robert Henry Vendig 

Timothy Ryan Wagner magna cum laude 

Brandi Enjoli Walker 

Walter Lewis Walker** 

Henry Lee Waller, Jr.** 

Erika Nicole Walls 

Adrian Stephen Wallscetti 

April Elaine Walters** 

Matthew E. Wang* 

Audra Lea Wannemacher 

Brooke Amanda Ward 

Abbey Lauren Warnsing 

William Edward Waterman 

Patrick Jean Watkins** 

Jasmin Marie Weaver 

Timothy Steven Weaver 

Michelle Katherine Weber cum laude 

Lakpong Weeraolankul* 

Elizabeth Jane Wellman 

Katharine R. West 

William Christopher Weston cum laude** 

Abigail Deirdre Wheetley 

Iris M. Whitaker 

Clarinda Marie White 

Eddie White, Jr. 

Levi Brock White cum laude* 

Tremaine White 

Victoria Sue Whitlow summa cum laude* 

Timothy Dale Wiechert 

Bryan Patrick Wienhoff 

Natascha Maria Will 

Derrick Travon Williams 

Donald Theotis Williams 

Jared Michael Williams summa cum laude* 

Jason Dean Williams magna cum laude 

Samantha Brooks Williams 

Travis Brant Wilson 

William Eric Wilson* 

Elizabeth Ann Winchester magna cum laude* 

Jason Scott Wolf magna cum laude 

Joseph Francis Charles Wolz 

Candace A. Woods 

Jeremy Thomas Woods 

Maelynn Tonya Woods 

Anthony Thomas Woolley 

Quentin Eugene Workman 

Maja Virginia Wright-Phillips cum laude* 

Ashlea Dawn Wright 

Brandi Jean Yagow 

Ted Yang 

Aaron Robert Young 

Eleni Zarvou 

Jennifer Leigh Zubal 

Roman Zvyagelsky 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Chelsea Maureen Albritton* 
Lee Eric Allen 

Marcela Angel magna cum laude* 
Ryan Dean Beals 

Noa Beitler magna cum laude* 
Aaron Paul Brookhart 
Lesley Rose Burkett cum laude 
Evan Benjamin Burnette 


Matthew Evan Carter 

Ming Yang Chen 

Anthony John Cotta 

Bryan Matthew de Miranda 

Autumn C. Dunham-Neubert 

Nicole Lynn Edgcomb 

Elizabeth Anne Ellermann* 

Joseph Anthony Falzone cum laude 

Rodolfo E. Fausto 

Christopher David Fleming cum laude 

Rebecca Lynn Frolker summa cum laude 

Nicholas Ryan Gaebe 

Ryan Charles Granger 

Kathleen Tijerina Gray-Clough* 

Isha Satyaprakash Gupta** 

Kenneth William Harris 

Shane Charles Hassler cum laude* 

Brandon Thomas Hefer 

Sebastian Jaramillo 

Paris Michael Karoutsos 

Kathryn Michelle Kloepper 

Alex E. Konkolewski 

Margaret Marie Kramer cum laude* 

Matthew K. Krueger 

Helen Marie Lee 

Sean Monroe Lewis 

Kyle Matthew McCall 

Tim Patrick McDonald 

Katie Elizabeth Morenz 

Clifford R. Newlin 

Shannon Renee Owens 

Justin Douglas Pearcy 

Russell Monty Rose 

Scott Michael Rubens 

Shelley Anne Rudin 

Elzie Wayne Sexton 

Aquia Sharita Smith** 

Brad James Spalding 

Megan Sponsler 

Daniel Kenneth Strabley 

Runa Yamashita cum laude* 

Bachelor of Music 

Shaina Marguerite Benson cum laude 
Kendal Lee Bridges 
Gretchen Michelle Cozby 
Matthew Michael Graziano 
Anna Marie Henry summa cum laude 
David William Hinners 
Audrey Marie Lovern* 
Phillip Alan Meade* 

Marianna Michael 

Jonathan Adolph Perez 

Amber Marie Polivka cum laude*** 

Keith James Shasteen cum laude* 

Ann Claire Talbott magna cum laude* 

Dustin R. Thacker 

Nancy Sue Vineyard McMahon* 

Eleni Zarvou 

Bachelor of Science 

Michelle Acevedo 

Buddy Joe Adelsberger** 

Tiffany C. Akinmuko 

Brian Edward Akins 

Eboney Jacquette Allen 

Almasi Andrew Almasi 

Lisa Marie Althoff 

Felix Lee Anderson 

Erin Kathleen Atkins 

Joseph Michael Bernat 

John Patrick Boma 

Bobbie Jean Bottens 

Nicholas Dafydd Bowlby cum laude 

Benjamin Robert Bowlin 

William Thomas Bowling 

Nichole M. Boyd 

Jason Christopher Brantley 

Anthony John Branz 

Tracey Lynn Brooks 

Brandie Camille Bush 

Andrew Joseph Cesena 

Maeve Laurel Charles summa cum laude* 

Lisa K. Chittim 

Kristin Lee Clover 

Carly Brook Colclasure 

Michael A. Connell 

Derek Martin Conner 

Mason Copley 

Lesley Anne Cox 

Brooke Ashley Crane 

Stacy M. Cripps 

Tristram James Crittendon 

Omotayo Ouyemisi Daniel 

DeCount L. Daniels 

Billie Dawn Davie 

Alison Deelyn Davies 

Tarah Brooke Davis** 

Daphney Desamours 

Stephanie Keys Duncan 

Joni Lynn Easterday 

Kacey Lynn Eisenhauer 

Randy Scott Ellery 

Tyson Keith Ellis 

Michelle Elizabeth Ericson 

Monika Jeanine Eubanks 

Melissa Lynn Evans 

Jessica Faye Fehrenbacher 

Tim R. Fox 

Gary Joseph Gaudio 

Jaclyn Marie Gragnani 

Katrina Alicia Gray 

Marissa Marie Greenwald 

Kacie Michelle Grimes aim laude* 

Mathew J. Gruidl 

Bachelor of Science (Continued) 

April Ann Hadley 

Stetson Bradley Hairston 

Courtney A. Hamm 

Alison A. Hankins 

Heidi Marie Hanson magna cum laude 

Tyree Joseph Harper 

Charles Alvin Harrington 

Beth Marie Hartke* 

Denise Marie Heidbreder 

Corey C. Hendrix 

Cheryl Ann Holder cum laude* 

Jessica M. Hoyos 

Ting-Fen Hu 

Kristen Joy Hull cum laude 

Kaneda Faye Irvin 

Mary Kathryn Johnston 

Bryan Ashley Kagel 

Rachael Elizabeth Moore Keehn 

Jeremy Robert Keith 

Nicole Renee Khaladkar 

Stephen P. Konieczka 

Kevin Matthew Krebbs 

Nicholas Robert Kretch 

Tesheka Miyosha Lee 

Diana Lynn Leech 

Aaron Thomas Leese 

Robyn Nicole Leffler 

Jason Robert Leonard** 

Brenda Joyce Small Henderson Lewis 

Jeffrey George Lewis, Jr. 

Wendy Marie Liming 

Todd Adam London 

Courtney Elizabeth Loos 

Nicole Marie Lopez 

Jennifer Lynn Marcum 

Aschley Wayne Mathew* 

Michelle M. Ma thy*'** 

Ashley E. Maxwell 

Camilla Angelique McAfee 

Benjamin Grant Miller magna cum laude* 

Julian Michelle Miller 

Joseph M. Monahan 

Erin Logan Monette 

Trisha L. Morelli 

Bradley Russell Muller 

Jason LaMar Newell 

Minsook Park 

Michelle Lynn Patton 

Katrina Eudene Peach 

Jennifer Lynn Perry 

Kimberly Anne Puckett 

Jennifer L. Quandt 

Agata Anna Ratajczyk cum laude* 

Janet Lin Ray* 

Gina K. Reed 

Beth Erin Reifsteck magna cum laude 

Angela Reynolds 

Kristen Lee Rhodes 

Karli Suzanne Richter 

Erin Elizabeth Ridgeway cum laude 

Krystal Nakia Sankey 

Jessica Pryor Sawyer 

Twilla Ann Sawyer 

Janee Elizabeth Schuster 

Thornton Everett Shaw III 

Peche Shuttlesworth 

Wayne Alan Sira, Jr. 

Clinton Wayne Smith cum laude 

Robert Joseph Smith 

Michele Lee Stephens magna cum laude* 

Erin Michelle Sternberg 

Georgeen Dee Stevens* 

Kevin Monroe Stewart 

Gayla Marie Stoner 

Karla J. Strum summa cum laude* 

Brittney Lin Taylor 

Richard Joe Tibbs 

Timothy James Ting summa cum laude 

Shao-Hung Tso* 

Twyla Renea Tucker 

Camika Underwood 

April Elaine Walters** 

Yaisa Azizi Watts 

Jeffrey Michael Wheeler 

Andrea Share' Whitehead cum laude 

Matthew Robert Whitlow 

Craig Layne Wilderman 

Jason Michael Williams 

Deborah Jean Williamson 

Courtney Ann Wisely cum laude 

Zachary W. Zimbro 


Order of Exercises 

College of Education and Human Services 

8:30 A.M., Saturday, May 14, 2005, SIU Arena 
(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings, Introduction of Platform Party, and Opening Remarks 

Keith Hillkirk, Dean 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 

Keith Hillkirk, Dean 

Commencement Address 

Stephen B. Thomas, Director, Center for Minority Health, University of Pittsburgh 

Introduction of Senior Class Speaker 

Norma Ewing, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Education and 
Human Services on behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Introduction by Patricia B. Elmore, Associate Dean for Administrative Services 

Alumni Achievement Award Recipient 

Gerald B. Richards, Owner, Richards Forensic Services, Laurel, MD 

Introduction of Alumni Welcome Speaker 

Norma Ewing, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs 

Alumni Welcome 

Mimi Rosenbloom Wallace, President, SIU Alumni Association 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Douglas O. Bedient, Chair, Department of Curriculum and Instruction 

Lyle J. White, Chair, Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education 

David A. Birch, Chair, Department of Health Education and Recreation 

David A. Birch, Chair, Department of Physical Education 

James E. Bordieri, Director, Rehabilitation Institute 

Mizanur R. Miah, Director, School of Social Work 

Marcia A. Anderson, Professor, Department of Workforce Education and Development 

Closing Remarks 

Keith Hillkirk, Dean 

Alma Mater 

Southern Alma Mater, Clarke Morgan, Composer 


Rigaudon, Andre Campra, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIU Alumnus, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Education and Human Services 

Keith Hillkirk, Dean 
Maria H. Mallette, Grand Marshal 
Debra Johnson Jones, Marshal 
Paul E. Bates, Marshal 
Brian M. Rice, Marshal 
Donna M. Wilson, Marshal 
Paula K. Davis, Marshal 
Joanne M. Chezem, Marshal 
Richard F. Bortz, Marshal 
Deborah J. Corker, Student Marshal 
Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, Usher 

Edward F. Little, Usher 
Robert C. Rados, Usher 
Marcia A. Anderson, Reader 
Susan V. Aud, Reader 
Regina M. Foley, Reader 
Kathleen Welshimer, Reader 
Kimberly A. Gray, Reader 
Kenneth O. Simpson, Reader 
Connie J. Baker, Reader 
C. Keith Waugh, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

James F. Abrusci cum laude 
Kurtis Scott Aguilar 
Folajoye A. Akintide 
Courtney Noel Alexander 
Amy Marie Allen* 
Elizabeth Anne Allen 
Marvetta Rae Allen cum laude* 
Matthew David Allen 
Rachel Rejeana Allen cum laude 
Winsome Ann Marie Allen 
Michelle Andrews cum laude 
Kyle J. Annerino 
Erika April Archuleta 
Douglas Edward Arent magna 

cum laude 
Brittany Ann Armstrong 
Steven Douglas Arntz summa 

cum laude 
Jessica Marie Ashlock 
Nancy A. Asian 
Jason Christopher Atkins 
Robert Edward Aun, Sr 
Sonia Ayala 
Michael Allen Ayers, Jr. 
Sharlene Lavette Baker 
Roderick Anasco Ballesteros 
Ellen Marie Banas 
Timothy Earl Barfield 
Christine Lynn Barnard cum 

Melissa Reretta Barnes 
Andre Wayne Barnett 
Misty Lynn Barrington 
Garry Dean Bastien 
Bonnie Lou Bateman 
Ellyce Dawn Baynes 
Candace Elizabeth Beachum 

cum laude* 
Laura L. Bean 
Timothy Mark Beasley magna 

cum laude 
Anthony T. Belcastro, Jr. 
Eric LaMont Bell 
Roger Lee Bell 
Sharon Renee Bellamy 
Katrina Marie Bennett 

Terri Lynn Benson cum laude 

Jane M. Benton 

David Clark Berry summa cum 

Sherrill Marie Berry 
Melvona Phalisa Berryman 
Amanda Margaret Bethel 
Michael Joseph Betts magna cum 

Suzanne Marie Bill magna cum 

Cristy Lynn Bixler cum laude 
Andrew Charles Black 
Rebecca Le Anna Blackwell** 
Shanisha S. Bond* 
Lindsey Jane Bonnell 
Jeannette Catherine Boyd 
Mona Lee Bradford 
Alonzo Earl Branch cum laude 
Lunetha Ann Branson 
Mark Richard Brenckle cum 

Leo Scott Britt, Jr. 
Adera Brooks 
Mary Johanna Brooks 
Robert O. Brooks 
Melva Gordon Brower 
Colin D. Brown 
David L. Brown magna cum 

Mark Allen Brown cum laude 
Mario Denise Brown 
Erin Rae-Verne Bruce 
Amanda K. Bruns** 
Stanley Aundra Bryant cum 

Sharon Lynn Bukovitz 
Lisa Marie Burns 
Sandra Lynn Burroughs 
Brandon L. Burton 
Kenneth Ray Burton 
Donald Sheldon Butler cum 

Jansen Dante Butler 
Ashley Dee Bywater 
Nelia Acuna Cadacio 

Amanda Marie Campbell 

Felica S. Campbell 

Michael Leon Cannon 

Lawrence Alando Canty 

Mia Cardwell 

Brian Andrew Carey cum laude 

Elsa R. Carll* 

Robert Edward Carter 

Cheri Lynn Case 

Joseph Cortez Caston 

David Lee Cato 

Enrico B. Catubo 

Vinay K. Chadha cum laude 

Brooke Christine Chang cum 

Frank Louis Chapman, Jr. 
Daisy L. Chervinko cum laude 
Kelly Lynn Childers 
Samara Jo Cizick cum laude* 
Mark Francis Clancy 
Timothy R. Clark 
David Edward Clarkson 
Roland F. Clay 
Vernice Thomas Clements 
Steven Louis Cohoon cum laude 
Miranda K. Cole 
Carrie Kathleen Collins-Bowen* 
Angela Teresa Collins 
Lisa Sue Collins 
Kimberly Erin Conley 
Nancy Lee Connor 
Brittany Elizabeth Coogan cum 

Jody Frazier Cooper cum laude 
Kristin Bonner Coracy magna 

cum laude* 
Thomas Fears Corbit 
Kerry Elizabeth Corley-Dawley 
Sameria Yvette Cornish cum 

Michelle G. Cortez 
Sophia Lorie Cotman 
Amandra Deon Cotton-Jones 
Evan Ryan Coulson magna cum 

William James Courtney 


Shawna Nicole Cowgill cum 

Rebecca Lynn Cramer summa 

cum laude** 
Jennifer Ann Crawford cum 

Robert Earl Crenshaw 
Ronald J. S. Crook 
Michael Thomas Crumley 
Carlos Cruz magna cum laude 
Rick R. Dade 
Stephen Ray Daiber 
Jennette Natasha Dandrade 
Kacie Michelle Darnell 
Danielle Marie Davila summa 

cum laude* 
Stephen Patrick Davis 
Trina Nachelle Davis 
Amanda Renee Dawson 
Joni Lynn Dawson 
Terry Samuel Delp 
Courtney Monica Denton 
Matthew Otis DeRaps 
David Diaz cum laude 
Jose Marcio Diaz 
Christopher E. Dibble cum laude 
Angela Nannette Dickerson 
Lance D. Dickson 
Kisha Danielle Dillard 
Ashley Elizabeth Dixon 
Deanna Denise Dixon* 
Christopher S. DiFiore 
Stephanie A. DiSanto summa 

cum laude 
Lawanda J. Dogan 
Krystal Marie Dooley cum laude* 
Michael Patrick Dorsey 
David L. Downing, Jr. 
Michael James Doyle cum laude 
Kari Jo Drew summa cum laude 
Roger Allen Drinnon summa 

cum laude 
Laetitia Dubois 
Allison Leigh Dudley* 
Matthew Alan Duff 
Ricardo Bautista Dumangas 
Mecca Tyus Dumpson 
Allison Denise Easley 
Danielle M. Edlund 
Deborah A. Elem 
Anne Marie Emery 
Beth Ann Emmens 
Gretchin D. Emrick 
Rebecca Kea Enburg 
Katherine Elizabeth English 
Mickellynn Renee Escue 
Guia Liwanag Espadilla 
Luke John Esser* 
Michael Andre Evans cum laude 
Allison Susanne Ewald* 
Jeffrey Edward Fairchild 
Sarah Elaine Farm 

John Farides summa cum laude 
Joshua Charles Fauser 
Amy Lynn Feigel 
Yolanda Roshelle Felder-Stowe 

cum laude 
Theresa B. Felix cum laude 
Johnny Ray Field 
Dawn M. Fields 
Tamika Nicole Finch-Hall** 
Donald John Finger cum laude 
James Charles Finkbiner 
Nicholas Robert Fischer 
Gretchen Jean Fisher cum laude* 
Tamara Lee Floodine 
Melvin Lawrence Fogle 
Shawn Kerry Forman 
Thomas Allen Foster 
William G. Fountas 
Linda A. Fox 
Henry Alan Franklin 
Amber Nicole Freeman 
Beth L. Freeman 
Rebecca Jo Frisby cum laude 
Delilah Elizabeth Fritzler cum 

Lori Lynn Fry magna cum laude 
Elvera Frye 

Christopher Charles Fuller 
Richard Gardner Fults summa 

cum laude 
Vanessa A. Gaddis 
Jeanine L. Gallagher 
Morgan Alexandra Gallapis 
Gilbert Donald Gallegos 
JoAnne Brinker Garvin 
David Lee Garison 
Kayce Ruth Garrett 
Nic D. Gates 
Rafael A. Gelpi 
Thomas Anthony Gentleman 
Justin M. George 
Christopher Ryan Gher 
Christopher Rhey Gialloreto 
Albert Kenneth Gibbs 
Gale Elbon Gilbert 
Megan Michelle Gilbert 
Laura Renee Goetting magna 

cum laude 
Sabrina Ann Gooden cum laude* 
Wayne Edward Goodwin cum 

Saverid S. Gorniak, Jr. 
Theresa Lee Goth 
Elizabeth Lea Grandt* 
Jeremy Patrick Gray mm laude 
Sarah Rebekah Gray* 
Anthony Albert Greaves summa 

cum laude 
Donna Marie Greaves 
Rachel Maria Green cum laude* 
Sarah Elizabeth Green 
Erica Nicole Grennan magna 

cum laude** 

Christopher Ahbe Grice* 
Marilyn Kay Griffin 
Jessica Leigh Griggs 
Joseph Hovsep Grigorian 
Melissa Guckin cum laude 
Cindy Janelle Hall 
Jordan M. Hall 
Lada Patricia Harland 
Michael Reid Harmon 
Jennifer Lynn Harris 
Lora Beth Harris cum laude 
'Quantrell Harris 
Daniel Doyle Harrison cum 

Johnny Ray Harrison 
Rita S. Harriss cum laude 
Kristin Lynn Hartel 
Kara Louise Hartung 
Tiffany Renee Hasse 
Tiffany Lynne Hatley summa 

cum laude* 
Andrea Ann Hawkins summa 

cum laude* 
Robert Douglas Hawkins magna 

cum laude 
Jamie DeMarcus Hawley 
Jerod Kurt Hayes 
Travis Lee Hayes 
Richard D. Hedrick, Jr. 
William Howard Hennix 
Glenn Patrick Hermes, Jr. 
Bridget Shea Herring 
James Willard Hesse 
Marie Elizabeth Hesse* 
Elizabeth Anne Hicks 
Bryan Eugene Hill 
Heather Dawn Hill cum laude 
Lindsay Kay Hill summa cum 

Reuben Christopher Hill 
Tanya Renee Hulman magna 

cum laude 
Wilbur Ramon Hines 
Dashaun Chantel Hits 
Earl Leon Hogue, Jr. 
Jane Lee Holcomb cum laude 
Lucinda Marie Holdren 
Kavanzo J. Holland 
Michelle Kiyomi Honda 
Jimmy Carroll Hooker 
Holly Lynn Hooper 
Charity Elisabeth Horina magna 

cum laude 
Erica Patrice Howard 
Leonard Bernard Hughes 
Tiffany Ann Hughes 
Terri Lynne Hutchason 
Sayaka Ikeda 
Ian Coleman Israel 
James Edward Jackson 
Blaire Allison James 
David Lamar Jamison 
Frank J.R. Jefferson 


Bachelor of Science (Continued) 
Rebecca Joyce Jeffries 
Edward Jenkins, Jr. 
Kaelin Jo Jennings magna cum 

Celeste Lavallee magna cum 

Chelsea Martha Lavelle 
David Rex LaRowe, Jr. 

Bradley Kenneth Jenshak magna Miles T. Leader 

cum laude 
Amber Nicole Jeralds summa 

cum laude 
Carolyn Marie Jerousek 
Andrew Johnson cum laude 
Crystal Dawn Johnson 
Gregg Wayne Johnson 
Karen Denise Johnson 
Summer Lynn Johnson summa 

cum laude 
Timothy Craig Johnson 
Antonio Jermon Jones 
Marlon Grandell Jones 
Robert Wesley Jones 
Rodney Joe Jones, Sr. 
George Edward Jordan 
Zainab Bah Kabia 
MaryMargaret Kahanic cum 

Megan F. Kaleta magna cum 

Joseph Edward Kamper 
Arnold Harris Karp 
Shaun Patrick Kelley 
Robert Michael Kelly 
Ryan Timothy Kelly 
Timothy Paul Kelly summa cum 

Jeremy Wade Kemp* 
Leigh Ann Kenow 
Louis A. Kerr magna cum laude* 
Roget Kerstein 
David R. Kessler 
Michael R. Kilcullen 
Jessica Lea Kilpatrick 
Julie Kilpatrick cum laude 
Kecia Monique King 
Willie King cum laude 
Alison Brooke Klingensmith 
Tredith Hortensia Knowlin 
Nao Kobayashi* 
Daniel Koenigsmann 
Jennifer Gwyn Kok 
Joanna Marie Kooistra 
Marinda Jo Kreider 
Melissa Jo Krueger* 
Lauren Elizabeth Kruger cum 

David Merritt Leffler 
Joshua Keith Lemons 
Michael Anthony Lencioni cum 

Brian Shon Lethiot 
John Irvin Lewis III 
Judith C. Lewis magna cum laude 
Stephen Daniel Lewis cum laude 
Melinda Liburd 
Jaime Lee Lingle summa cum 

Cassi Erin Lipsius 
Tracy Lynn Long cum laude 
Jennifer Lynn Longmuir 
Donald William Loomis 
Jean Marie Loomis 
Edwin Lopez 
Jose Lopez 
Clarence Dale Love 
Nicole Ann Love cum laude* 
Leroy D. Lovette, Jr. cum laude 
Theresa Ann Luce cum laude 
Amy Marie Lunde 
Megan Jennifer Luthe cum laude 
Miriam Elizabeth Maas* 
Iran Maisonet 
Laurissa Ann Mallette* 
Brandon Scott Malone 
Jonathan E. Malone 
Rebekah Leah Mandrell* 
Sara Lynn Manus 
Lindsay Rae Marshall 
Marie A. Martin-Poe 
David G. Martin 
Jahmilah Danika Martin cum 

Kimberly Ann Martin cum laude 
Lauren Kay Martin 
Donna Lorraine Martinez 
Priscilla Gail Martinez* 
Andrea Jayne Maschhoff cum 

Mark Anthony Mason magna 

cum laude 
Peggy Helen Mason cum laude 
Gavin M. Massey 
Eric John Matherne cum laude 
Bernetta Louise Matory 
Bernita Louise Matory 
Dave E. Mattes 
Melissa M. Mattingly 

Sheila Kubik-Johnson 
Beverly Laidlow cum laude 
Morgan Kathleen Land* 
Dana L. Landry magna cum laude Justin K. Maxson* 
Robert Brian Lathrop Aaron H. May 

Michael L.O. Latimer, Jr. magna Darrell R. Mayers summa cum 

cum laude laude 

Leslie Ann Lauf Crystal Jo MaLawy 

Michael David McCabe cum 

Abbi Jo McCormick 
Jess Ian McCutchen 
Joshua L. McDaniel cum laude 
Sara Adrienne McDowell* 
Beverly Elaine McElveen 
Keisha Marie McFarland 
Debra Jean McGovern 
Kevin Bernard McKenzie 
Monica Odessa McMullan 
Martin Walter McNicholas 
Johnjalynn Terrell McPherson 
Michael Rene Meadors 
Frederick Denail Meeks 
Heather Nicole Melton 
Stephanie Ann Menten cum 

Jeannine Lynn Merritt 
Chneal Metoyer-Collins 
Gregory D. Michael 
Theresa Michel cum laude 
Sara Hotto Mikesell 
Amanda Lynn Milam 
Regina L. Miles* 
David Alan Miller cum laude 
Michelle Antoinette Miller 
Michelle Chimere Milsap 
Manuel Jesus Miranda cum laude 
Grady Arthur Misselhorn* 
Dennis Lynn Mitchell 
Lisa Michelle Mitchell 
Maria Sue Mitchell 
Seth Adam Mittendorf 
Michelle Renee Mohr magna cum 

Darnell Mondane 
Stephanie Ann Monical 
Clynessia J. Moore 
Lawrence Lee Moore magna cum 

Lyndsey Alecia Moore 
William Charles Moore 
Ramon Morales, Jr. 
Frank M. Morlock 
Ramona Moseley summa cum 

Jennifer Rose Moulton cum laude 
Braden Erik Mueller 
Kari Ann Musser cum laude 
Kent Michael Nash 
Millie lierena Naughton 
Pollyanna Neely 
Clark Rolf Neitzel summa cum 

Jeffrey Todd Nelson 
Julia Blair Noel cum laude 
Angel Nolasco magna cum laude 
Trinisia Rena Nolden 
Brian Scott Norman 
Lena Robin Null summa cum 



Haley O'Dell 

Shelly Le Oakes 

Melissa Rae Oglesby 

Deloris Elaine Oliver magna cum 

Ryan Grant Olson 
Arnold I. Oney cum laude 
Mark Anthony Ortiz cum laude 
Francis J. Ostrander 
James Frank Ottman cum laude 
Dinah Padilla-Harvey 
Mark Stephen Page 
Sandra Ann Page 
Maranda Suzanne Paquette 
Jason S. Parker magna cum laude 
Travlers Ilisa Parker 
Bruce Michael Parks 
Randall L. Parmer 
Marty Darryel Parnell 
Stefanie Ann Pate* 
Bryan Keith Patni 
Dora Lorraine Perez cum laude 
Ernest Lee Pergrem 
Ciara Latrice Perry 
Antoinette Peterson 
Christianna Jane Peterson cum 

Ryan P. Petterson cum laude 
John Wesley Petty II magna cum 

Charles H. Pfennig summa cum 

Steve George Pfohl 
Michael C. Philpot cum laude 
Ena Cesarina Pichardo 
Nata'sha Marshae Pierce 
Joshua Michael Pietrantoni 
Dawn Marie Pinkston* 
William Pitre 
William Alan Player 
Deborah Sue Poblano 
Tamara Ann Poindexter 
Jane Ellen Powers magna cum 

Melinda C. Presnell magna cum 

Jennifer Gayle Pribble 
Mary A. Price 

Wesley C. Prillaman cum laude 
Jessica Petre Prindle 
Theresa A. Pritchett 
Jacqueline Ann Pryor 
Ashley Ann Puckett 
Katherine Ann Pultorak* 
Christine Elizabeth Quick 
Brian Ray Rabacchi* 
Perlita Z. Rafael cum laude 
Heather Renee Ralls cum laude 
Rodanial Ray Ransom 
William Howard Rappaport 

summa cum laude 
Jason P. Raymond 
Amy Lynn Reddy 

Bryan Eric Reed cum laude 

Sherry Ann Reichert 

Craig Anthony Reidl cum laude 

Erik Van Reis 

Kevin Rench 

Brooke Michelle Rendleman 

Melissa Lynn Rice 

Brian Anthony Richardson 

Melissa Ann Richardson cum 

Robin Edward Ricket 
Karen Lynn Riley 
Teresa Kay Riley cum laude** 
Clarice Monique Rodriguez 
Suzette Charleen Rodriguez 
Michelle Nicole Rogers** 
Megan Lynn Rohlfing* 
Heriberto Rojas 
Michael Romanofski aim laude 
Scott Eugene Rood cum laude 
Kathryn Elaine Roosevelt* 
Yair Abraham Rosas 
John Kevin Rose 
Jeffery Wayne Routier 
Diana G. Rouwenhorst 
Richard Rubio cum laude 
Kirsten M. Ruhland cum laude 
Robert Scott Rust 
Nora Elizabeth Ryan magna cum 

Heidi Michelle Sadler cum laude 
Karen Sue Sadowski 
Oriana Anntoinette Saiz 
Curtis Lynn Sampsell summa 

cum laude 
James Clifford Sampson cum 

Bridget Marie Sandschafer 

summa cum laude* 
Lee Marvin Santos magna cum 

Michael Scaife 
Jessica Lynn Scales* 
Tiffany Monique Scales 
John Joseph Scanlon 
Theresa Lynn Schlender cum 

Andrea Helene Schliemann 
Joel M. Schmieg* 
Chirstine Ann Schroeder 
Emily Suzanne Schultz summa 

cum laude 
Jennifer Jean Serring 
Katherine Anne Setchell 
Steven Paul Sgutt* 
Mary Kay Shambora magna cum 

Summer Ann Shasteen 
Nadine Marie Shawah 
Brian Todd Shearer summa cum 

Renita Danae Shelton 
Joncy Renee Shepherd 

Edward John Sherman 
Darence Matt Shine 
Sara R. Shotsberger 
Patricia Ann Sigler 
Lindsay Maureen Simons 
Nathan Andrew Simpkins 
Anthony Sims 
Allen Joseph Sirek magna cum 

Edward Daniel Skeate 
George M. Skerritt 
Christi Gayle Skiles 
Patrick Clarence Smail 
Micah John Small 
Anita Dishan Smith 
Barbara Suzanne Smith 
Gabriel F. Smith 
Janel Nichole Smith 
Julie Ann Smith magna cum 

Stacy- Ann Smith 
Julia Christine Smythe 
Aida A. Solis 
Amy Louise Sommerfeld 
Brandon Richard Southwick 
Danell Ann Spannagel summa 

cum laude 
Jacqi J. Spears 
Willie L. Spears, Jr. 
Mark Ian Spivak magna cum 

Cari J. Sprague 
Jeffrey T. Springer, Jr. 
Julian Devon Springer 
Jeffrey A. Stanek 
Jacob Kiel Stankus 
Loyed D. Stanley cum laude 
Sandra D. Stansbury magna cum 

Lisa Mary Stanton cum laude* 
Leslie Boyd Stark magna cum 

Andrea Renee Steen 
David A. Steidle magna cum 

Kathleen W. Stephens 
Michael Andrew Stephens 
John Russell Stevens 
Amber Nichole Stewart* 
George Eric Stewart 
Temeka Marshelle Stewart 
Courtney Erin Stocking 
Rachael Elizabeth Stocks 
SlyChet Patron Stone 
Teresa Renee Storm 
James W. Stuard 
Marcy Kaye Suchomski* 
Sharon B. Sumlin 
Kori Elizabeth Summers 
Teresa Ann Summerville 
Arjun Suresh 
Jennifer Lynn Sutter magna aim 



Bachelor of Science (Continued) 
Anthony Eric Sutton 
Natalie Ann Sutton 
Casey Lynn Swader 
Aleccia Renae Taborn 
Leanne Michelle Tague cum 

Mary L. Tally 
Melissa Jayne Tanner 
Jessie Joann Tate 
Dawn Marie Taylor 
Joseph Theodore Taylor magna 

cum laude 
Sara Elizabeth Taylor 
Scott Renay Taylor 
Verzell Taylor 
Lakesha Regenia Terrell 
Shaily Thapa 
Sirvesta Lovell Thomas II 
Teresa Thompson 
Erin Lincoln Thorson 
Richard Thomas Tierney 
Leighann Elizabeth Tindle 

summa cum laude 
Bret J. Tkacs 
Amanda Dee Tofall magna cum 

Gregory Stephen Tolentino 
Carson Joseph Tortorige 
Mary Elizabeth Traeye 
Robert P. Trammell cum laude 
Luz Denise Trice 
James Elliott Trudgen 
John Jim Trujillo 
Shane Michael Tuck cum laude 
Malana McClinton Tucker 
Anthony Winston Tungol 

Crystal A. Turbeville summa 

cum laude 
Richard G. Tweedy 
Tiffany Tweedy 
Kaila Jeneen Tyner 
Philip Lee Underhill cum laude 
Gonzalo Martin Valenzuela 
Ernest R. Vaughan magna cum 

Holli Kristen Vaughan 
Tara Janee Vaughan 
Courtney Dawn Vaupel 
Adeleigh Sue Viefhaus 
Onda Mahaley Viefhaus 
Michael William Vincent cum 

Love M. Vinci 
Timothy Phillip Wadley 
Clint E. Waldrop cum laude 
Daveida V. Wallace 
Philip Bruce Wallace 
Henry Lee Waller, Jr.** 
Kathey L. Walquist* 
Matthew Loren Walrod 
Patricia Michelle Walsh 
Joseph Elmer Walters III cum 

Warrington Anthony Walters 
Grant Mitchell Wasson 
Brenda Angelnell Watford 
Reginald Antoine Watkins 
Brent Alan Watson 
Michael D. Watts cum laude 
Robin Hopewell Weisenborn 

cum laude 
Titus L. Welcome 
Larranne M. Wells 

Richard Carter Wells 
Peter Christopher Wengel 
Nancy E. West 
Warren Allen West 
Heather Jean Westfall 
Jacqueline White 
Monica Denise White 
Ronda Bonita Whitecotton 
Kimberly Joan Wichlan 
Michael Wickline 
Brad Murphy Wieher 
Ratanya B. Wiker 
Patricia Ann Wilkening 
Beth Ann Williams cum laude 
Erin Leigh Williams cum laude 
Kimberly Sue Williams 
Ramsay Nicole Williams* 
Shannon Jane Williams 
Anita L. Willingham 
George Edwin Wilson, Jr. cum 

Jacqueline Denise Winston 
Laura Joy Wolfanger summa cum 

Courtney Lyn Woodsides 
Kenneth D. Worthen cum laude 
Melanie Joyce Wright cum laude 
Richard K. Wright 
Vincent Wright cum laude 
Marta Magdalena Wrobel cum 

Robert Dayne Yates cum laude 
Donald Ray Yoder 
Daniel Joseph Zedan III 
Cynthia Michelle Zeman magna 

cum laude 
Justin Derek Zucco 


Order of Exercises 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

11:00 A.M., Saturday, May 14, 2005, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet 

Processional > 

Rondeau, Mouret, Composer 

Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet 

Tim Carr and Ruby Weyburg, Trumpets 

Anna Henry, Horn 

Jonathon Merz, Trombone 

Carissa Mattison, Tuba 

Shannon Schmidt, Timpani 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

Paul D. Sarvela, Dean 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 

Harry Fanning, President, ASA Alumni Constituency Society 

Commencement Address 
Neil R. Swartz 

Presentation of Applied Sciences and Arts Alumni Achievement Award on Behalf of 
the SIU Alumni Association 

Harry Fanning 

Neil R. Swartz, Recipient 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Glenn W. Poshard, Chair, SIU Board of Trustees 

Rickey N. McCurry, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement 

Paul D. Sarvela, Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Fred R. Isberner, Associate Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

William R. Devenport, Director, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies 

Charla J. Lautar, Interim Director, School of Allied Health 

Terry A. Owens, Chair, School of Architecture 

John D. Cotter, Interim Chair, Department of Automotive Technologies 

Jack S. Greer, Chair, Department of Automotive Technology 

David A. NewMyer, Chair, Department of Aviation Management and Flight 

Judith A. Rawls, Director, Off-Campus Academic Programs 

Alumni Welcome 

Harry Fanning 


Karelia Suite, Alia marcia, Sibelius, Composer, Arranged by Professor Edward M. Benyas, 

SIUC School of Music 
Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet 


Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Paul D. Sarvela, Dean 
Nancy Gonzenbach, Marshal 
Mike Behrmann, Usher 
Sean Boyle, Usher 
Bob Swenson, Usher 

Mike Most, Usher 
Sherri Lukes, Usher 
John Voges, Usher 
Fred R. Isberner, Reader 

Associate in Applied Science 

David E. Altier cum laude 
George Vincent Beasley 
Steven Louis Bernert 
Lorraine J. Brown 
Timothy Alan Cipolla 
Jill Marie DiGiacomo 
Sarah Leanne Ellis 
Melissa Dawn Famighetti** 
Eunice Delores Fredrickson cum 

John Ruxton Gibson 
Garrett Elliot Hackett 
Rachel Alexis Hannan 
Jaclyn Suzanne Harmon 

Lars Craig Jobe 
Sung Hyuk Kim** 
William Gene Kirk 
Eric Scott Larson 
Nemanja Lazarevic** 
Alison LeAnn Louthan 
Scott Jacob Malcolm** 
Donald Grant Metz 
Benjamin Grant Miller magna 

cum laude** 
Colin Baker Milligan 
Matthew Lynn Orze** 
Amesh Jitendra Patel 
Andrew Eric Petsche** 

Sara Jean Provart 
Michael Julius Rausch** 
Stewart Blake Rogers** 
Patrick Joseph Roulo 
Patrick Thomas Skonie** 
Brendan Keith Snavely 
Miyuki Tano 
Brian Scott Taylor** 
Linda Thi Tran 
Threec Necole Turner 
Gregory Edward Ungurait* 
Abe John Weber** 
April Dawn White 
Todd Christian Yakel** 

Bachelor of Science 

Brian J. Ackerman 

Aaron David Acree 

Robert Neil Actkinson cum laude 

Iemina Afoa 

Ronald Fredrick Ahlfield 

Mikel E. Alford cum laude 

Raheem Muhammad Ali cum 

James Daniel Allen 
Brian P. Alleyne 
Tara Nicole Alsip 
Stephen M. F. Amponin 
William Bernard Anderson cum 

Christopher D. Angel 
Joseph Lee Angelly 
Manvel Aristide cum laude* 
Andrew Tyler Baker cum laude 
Kevin Dean Baldwin 
Bart Baltrusis 
Jessica Banda 
Jan Robert Banks 
Michelle Marie Barham 
Timothy Allen Barnes 
Elise Mae Barnett 
Benjamin Brian Bartolomucci 
Madeleine Jeanine Bayiha 
Ashlee Marie Beal 
John Paul Beardslee cum laude 
Kevin Mark Beavers 
Duane Latron Bell cum laude 
Ryan Denson Benson 
Brad Daryl Berns 
Juhe A. Bertrand 

Steven D. Betzer 

Aaron Thomas Beyers 

Anthony L. Birrar 

Susan Kathryn Billard magna 

cum laude 
Daniel Lee Bishop cum laude 
Shawn Robert Bizaillion 
Rebecca S. Blair magna cum 

Justin Robert Blanchar 
Donald Edward Blasdel magna 

cum laude* 
Scott Robert Bodziak 
Ashley Allison Boldt 
Vicki Jean Bolton 
Robyn Jennifer Booth 
Lemuel Boswell 
Allison Michelle Boyd 
Susan Marie Boy Ian magna cum 

Parke Alan Bradley cum laude 
Pamela A. Branum 
Daniel Jacob Bridgeland 
Katie Elizabeth Briney 
Nicholas John Briney 
Austin John Brinkman 
Michael Stuart Broeren 
Samuel Lee Brooks 
Scott Thomas Brown, Jr. 
Steven Davis Brown 
Kevin Timothy Bruns 
Andrew Mark Bruza summa cum 

Joulaika Altagracia Buchan 

Barry Bentley Buchanan magna 

cum laude 
Eric Paul Buchheim 
Juhe Renee Burford 
Thomas E. Bush 
Yvonne Easley Byrd 
Timothy Lane Byrnes 
Lauren Annette Caiazzo 
Derrick Caldwell 
Robert Louis Callanan 
Dominick Raymond Cannata 
Bibianna Perla Carlson 
Douglas Frank Carril 
Catherine Elizabeth Carter 
Diane Catherine Casey 
James Edward Caudell 
Cesar D. Chavez cum laude 
Kirill A. Cherepkov cum laude 
Tandra Richelle Chestnut 
Ayako Chiba cum laude 
Crystal A. Chin 
Charles R. Cleary, Jr. 
Brett M. Cleveland magna cum 

Edgar H. Cluchey cum laude 
Jeremy Daniel Coder 
Joseph Dana Coletti 
Andrew Patrick Connolly 
Cameron John Cook 
John Anthony Cordes 
Kyle T. Cortese 
Veronica Jeanette Corwin 
Michael Adam Cotton 
Amy J. Cox cum laude* 


Colleen Marie Coyle 

Jeffrey Allan Craig magna cum 

Dennis Patrick Crain 
Franklin David Crain 
Wilfredo Crave, Jr. cum laude 
Jerry D. Crump, Jr. 
Carlos C. Cruz Castro 
Jean-Paul Cruz 
Michael Albert Cullen 
Zachary Thomas Curry 
Angela Leigh Czapiewski 
Scott S. Danesi 
Sara Lynn Daugherty 
Christopher Allen Davidson 
Alicia Ann Davis 
Allen Bernard Davis, Jr. 
Jonathan Allen Davis cum laude* 
Paul W. Davis 
Susan Lynn Davis 
Tamara Simone Davis 
Christopher Edward Day 
Christopher George Deininger 
Tangela Charnissa Delano 
Jenna Marie Deutschmann cum 

Samuel DeSante, Jr. 
Susan Dawn Dickens cum laude 
Lora Lea Dirnmick* 
Ralph Joseph DiCosimo 
Marlon Dominguez 
Judith Elaine Donnelly 
Timothy F. Doran 
Joseph Robert Dorner 
Arthur S. Douglas 
Elmo Barnett Dowd, Jr. 
Darren Lee Drake 
Thomas Ashton Duggins 
Steven Bernard Duker 
William Charles Dana Dukes 
Tyrond LaGard Duplantier, Jr. 
Agusrin Duran 
Sianatha LaTrale Easter 
Erik Arthur Edgecombe 
Jacques Henri Phillip Edouard, 

James Dean Edwards 
Victor Edos Egharevba 
Kurtess H. Eickelberg 
Nicole Marie Eitmant* 
Dori E. Endicott cum laude 
Jason David Ericksen 
Emmanuel Bassey Essien-Ete 
Marc Anthony Eustis cum laude 
Tamara Rochelle Evans cum 

Christopher Nathaniel Everette 
Hilda V. Fabiani 
Imran Faizi 
Anthony H. Fakhari 
Melissa Dawn Famighetti** 
Gregory A. Feingold 

Jennifer Catherine Feucht cum 

Jason Matthew Fisher 
Kandace Lenae Fisher cum 

Michael David Fisher 
Mark Allan Fitch 
Ellis Lee Flenoid 
Mallory Anne Flinn 
Donica Jean Flint 
Graciela O. Flores-Ochoa cum 

Joseph M. Flores 
Janna LaDean Flowers 
Robert E. Flowers 
Theodore L. Foggy 
Thomas Francis Foley 
Steven Frederick Foster 
George Robert Fram 
Andrea Dawn Frazier 
Jason M. Frazier 
Melinda Renee Frazier 
John David Freehill magna cum 

Desiree F. Freeman 
Randal N. Freise II 
Michael Jonathan Friend 
Jonathan Daniel Froemling 
David Reuben Fromberg 
Brian Daniel Frost 
Cameron Thomas Funk 
Brooke Joelle Funkhouser 
Michael John Fuson 
Dexter Resurrecion Galleros 
Riley James Ganshorn 
Lisa Dawn Garcia 
William Lee Gardner 
Joshua James Garrett 
Eskinder Toquabo Gebretensia 

cum laude 
Clinton Wayne Geiger 
Jeremiah John George 
Charles J. Geraci cum laude 

Carl Allen Green 
Todd Alan Green 
Jonathan David Greene cum 

Joseph Eugene Greenleaf* 
Timothy Aaron Gundlach 
Anne Christin Guratzsch magna 

cum laude* 
Elizabeth Martha Hahn magna 

cum laude 
Gregg Steven Halverson 
pary Hamblin 
Christopher J. Hampton 
Mi Young Han 
Tiffany Nicole Hanberry 
Thomas Joseph Hancock 
Loren Wesley Haraldsen 
James Lawrence Harden 
Thomas J. Hardin cum laude 
James Kenneth Hardwick 
Stephanie Erin Han- 
Ryan Lamont Harris 
Jessica Catherine Harrison cum 

Jason E. Hartle cum laude 
Rodney Dwayne Harvey 
Conrad Dean Haschemeyer 
Darren LeGarrett Henderson 
Devin Alan Henderson 
Raul James Heredia 
Oswald Herrera 
Teresa Herrera 
Tony Wayne Hiebert summa 

cum laude 
Elias Lee Hildreth* 
Katherine Fay Hileman 
Ryan Douglas Hill 
Stephen Lyn Hill 
Jonathan Matthew Hipp 
Travis Dale Hodgson cum laude 
Laurie Ann Holley 
Jennifer Karalyn Hollins 
Erik Bjorn Raymond Holm 

Douglas Austin Gibbs cum laude Ryan Allen Holubek 

Matthew Jon Gierstorf cum 

Michael Lee Gillespie 
Kimberly Monique Gilmore 
Krystal C. Gilmore 
Mark Gerard Ginder 

Amy Beth Hood cum laude 
Magnolia Hood 
Danna Leann Howell 
Brooke Leann Hubbard-Garver 
Barry Dale Huffman 
Michael Alan Hummelsheim 

Darcey Marie Glazebrook magna Ryan Thomas Hummert 

cum laude 
Christopher Marion Godawski 

cum laude 
Daniel F. Godfrey III 
Virginia S. Gomes 
Chris Richard Goodwin magna 

cum laude 
John Scott Gordinier 
Jake D. Goss 
John Thomas Grace 
Leonard Deshawn Gray* 
Leon Emanuel Grazette 

Hal M. Hunt 

Pernell Alphonso Husband 

Sara Ann Insel 

Kumar Venkai Iyer 

Miranda Gail Jackson 

Adrian Jaramillo 

Elizabeth Ann Jenkins 

Mary G. Jenzeh 

Casey L. Johansen 

EnjoLi Jo'Marie Johnson 

Jacob L. Johnson, Jr. 

Jeffrey Scott Johnson aim laude 


Bachelor of Science (Continued) 
Lyndsey Michelle Johnson 
Marcus Lee Johnson cum laude 
Aisha Vernetta Jones 
Antonio Lamont Jones 
Charlette Jones 
Vernon B. Jones 
Arnold Keith Joubert 
Rosario Juarez 
Julianne Marie Justiniano 
Jeffrey John Kaczmarski 
Roberto Martin Karam 
Shonnon A. Kary 

Luis Eduardo Leon summa cum 

Mariza Levario 
Adam Levi Lewis 
Danisha Ann Lewis 
Tracy Marie Lewis 
Julia R. LeMaster 
Rosa L. Lira cum laude 
Melissa Joy Liszewski cum 

Maranna B. Little magna cum 


Glenn Francis Katayama summa Jamie Jo Littleford 

cum laude 
Steven Jason Katz 
Brenda S. Kearney cum laude 
Andrew Joseph Kedzior 
Christine Ann Kerkemeyer* 
Richard John Kerr magna cum 

Paul Lawrence Helmick Keske 
Allan Ketelsen 
Ross Mitchell Kevles 
Ashley Colleen Kewley cum 

Sung Hyuk Kim** 
Dana M. King 
Kris Klesk 
Jeffrey John Knapp 
Jessica Marie Knitter aim laude* 
Kyle Lee Knoche 
Lisa Beth Kobialko 
Robert Joseph Kocolowski 

magna cum laude 
Timothy James Kollar 
Marcin L. Korana cum laude 
Stephanie Lynn Korando 

Daniel Louis Lomax 
Geoffrey L. Lonberger* 
Raymond Norvil Loveall cum 

Kristopher Eric Luke 
James Francias Lupella 
Joseph Thomas Lyons 
William Robert Maass 
Matthew Kolich MacLaird 
Gregory Keith Madson 
Gerald Ty wan Magee 
Melissa Jean Majzel* 
Scott Jacob Malcolm** 
Dax Bradley Malter cum laude 
Scott Alan Maltonic cum laude 
Kevin Charles Manuel 
Bryant E. Marks** 
Jonathon Robert Martinson 
Keely Marie Maschhoff cum 

Troy Joseph Mason summa cum 

Mark Vince Mata 
Lewis Scott Mathis 

Wojciech Karol Koziarski summa Edward George Matykiewicz 

cum laude* 
Brian Michael Kraft* 
Anton Frank Kralj 
David Michael Krones* 
Gregory Thomas Kropp 
Miranda Lee Kumler* 
Matthew Andrew Kurgan 
Elizabeth Marie Kutterer 
Rebecca Louise Lading summa 

cum laude* 
Miranda Amy Land 
Kelly Janette Larson cum laude* 
Clinton K. Lashbrook 
Sara Christine Lask cum laude 
Kathleen J. Laskodi* 
Christopher Thomas Latka 
Lindsay M. Lay coax 
Nemanja Lazarevic** 
Jennifer Denice Leak 
John Alan Legel 
Andrzej Bogdan Lelewer cum 

Maya Nicole Maxies-Clemons 
Stephen Jack McCaskey 
LaToya Leatha McDonald 
Samantha Aisha McKeithan 
Byron Conrad McKenzie 
Randall Dale McPherson 
Lole Theresa Meaole-Morrison 
Kamilah Rashida Meeks 
Hitesh Chandrakant Mehta cum 

Rachel Christina Meinert 
James Durell Melton 
Ashley A. Melvin 
Kofi A. Awuah Mensah 
Brian James Mentgen 
Deidra Marie Milan 
Rachel Dianne Milburn 
Matthew Edward Miller* 
Mark Bernard Minter cum laude 
Jorge Arturo Mireles 
Donavan Edward Miskelley* 
Kentaro Misuda 


Steven Michael Lenke cum laude Jason Fred Moeller 
Jose Antonio Leon Fatima Ibrahim Mohamed 

Ryan Brett Mohr 

Cynthia Lynn Monarez 

Lee William Morgan 

Patrick Dee Morris 

Clint Awain Mosley cum laude 

James Wm. Moss 

Harley Alan Moulder 

Rashieda D. Murphy 

David Matthew Musser magna 

cum laude** 
Eric Christopher Napple 
Christopher David Nash 
Larissa D. Neal magna cum laude 
Toninette Deshawn Neal 
Othoniel J. Negron 
Mary M. Neis 
Ismail Said Nejem* 
Frederick Randolph Newell 

magna cum laude 
Russell Lee Noble 
Joshua L. Norman summa cum 

Robert Mitchel Norris 
Eric Marshall Nystrom 
Matthew Lynn Orze** 
Paul Daniel Panici magna cum 

Scott Robert Anthony Pastorino 
Kristina Lyn Pedersen 
Freddie Perez 
Luke Anthony Peterson magna 

cum laude 
Andrew Eric Petsche** 
Alexander Micheal Grant 

Katherine E. Pigg 
Christina Ann Piatt magna cum 

Michael J. Plotkin 
Margaret Phoebe Plummer 
Antone Wayne Pochon summa 

cum laude 
Ryan David Poffenberger 
Benatare O. Porbeni 
Paul Mark Potvin 
Stacey Marie Powell 
Peter Vlad Power 
Danny Powers cum laude 
Guillermo Wilhem Prado 
John David Prather* 
James Maurice Prendergast 
Christopher Lee Presswood 
Daniel J. Prevett 
Tonya Lorraine Price 
Robert Wayne Prillwitz 
Ahkalamesha Ron De Aisa 

Purdie cum laude 
Quinella Marie Purks cum laude 
Patrick J. Quane 
Anthony Engene Ragland, Sr. 
Lisa Deann Randolph summa 

cum laude* 


Jared Daniel Rankin 
Hitpalsinh Joravarsinh Rathod 
Michael Julius Rausch** 
Amber Reed cum laude 
Ryan Michael Reed 
Nicholas Dean Reinhardt 
Scott Patrick Reinhart 
Jason Bruce Reisner 
Kevin Andrew Restoff 
Timothy Duane Richardson 
Tommy Earl Richardson, Jr. 
Michael Lewis Riddick 
Jacob Charles Riebeling 
Michael Rivers 
Seth Spangler Robert 
Rodney Reynard Roberts 
Tony Ray Roberts aim laude 
Patrick Corneilus Robinson 
Tracey LaFrance Robinson 
Gregory Allen Rodgers 
Hector Jesus Rodriguez 
Ricardo Rodriguez 
Stewart Blake Rogers** 
Scott Randall Rollins 
Ricardo Roman, Jr. 
Andrea Marie Rondeau cum 

Ryan L. Roth summa cum laude 
Isis Ruiz 

James Michael Russell 
Thomas Best Rybarczyk 
Robert Joseph Ryndak 
Aimee Lynn Saari 
Christie Monique Sadler 
Lacy Nicole Sallee* 
Vivian Ann Jones Sanders 
Marianne Santamaria 
Jose Benito Santana, Jr. 
Aaron Mack Scarborough cum 

Britany Luan Schoch* 
Michael Ross Schofield, Jr. 
Neil Wayne Schrock 
Joseph Elliot Schuster* 
Jennifer Kathryn Scudder 
Daniel Enrique Segura 
Patrick M. Selburg 
Paula E. Self 
Ryan Richard Seloover 
Tracy Allen Senstock cum laude 
Jason Matthew Sergeant 
Nuria Alicia Serna 
Randolph Dean Shane 
Troy Cardell Shinard 
Michael L. Shovels 
Terrance Troy Siegrist magna 

cum laude 
Dustin Joe Sievers 
Terri Simone-Lorenz 
Lauren Elizabeth Simpson 
Crystal Danielle Singer 
Michael Gray Singleton cum 


Duane Michael Skidmore cum 

Patrick Thomas Skonie** 
Samantha Dawn Skubish 
LaRonda Annette Sloan 
Mary Elizabeth Sly-Banzaca 
Bryan Elwood Smith cum laude 
James Andrew Smith 
Jason Michael Smith magna cum 

Jeremy Leigh Smith 
Joshua Edward Smith 
Kevin Laverne Smith magna cum 

Lesli Regina Smith 
Lyndsey Morgan Smith 
Sharon Bernice Smith 
Stephanie Dawn Smith 
Shara Diane Sohn* 
Jacqueline Pauline Spencer 
William Shawn Stafstrom 
Eric M. Starr 
Kevin Lynn Starr, Jr. 
Richard Neal Steele cum laude 
Michael Patrick Steinbaugh 
Lucy Ann Stewart 
Geoffrey Robert Stock 
Vincent Xavier Stolarczyk 
MacKenzie F. Stouffer 
Matthew Jeremy Streem 
Joshua Louvel Sunderlage 
Michael Leonard Sutton 
Rosemary Sye 
Brad Walter Szweda 
Arthur Z. Szymala 
Brian Scott Taylor** 
Diane Marie Taylor 
Kim Melisha Taylor 
Valaina Larisse Taylor 
Michael Ray Teegardin magna 

cum laude 
Justin Scott Temple 
Francine C. Tevis 
Darren Gardner Thies 
Samuel Isum Thornhill 
Julie Marie Thorpe 
Billy Tippins 
Maria Elena Tirado 
Nguyen Hoang To 
Carlos Andres Toro cum laude 
Edward Joseph Townsend cum 

Sarah Kristen Townsend 
Jared M. Trexler summa cum 

Bryan Taylor Uhls 
Imeh John Ukpong 
Ismael Valentin 
Angel Ellas Valtierra 
Timothy James Van Kanegan 
Bryan Jason VanApeldorn 
Victor R. Vasquez Garcia 

Thomas Daniel Vaughan 

Pedro Vazquez, Jr. 

Oscar Vela, Jr. 

Corey Evan Velazquez 

Kathryn Inez Verbeck* 

Elizabeth Christine Verden 

Jennifer Lee Verkey 

Joel A. Viado 

Todd M. Vick 

Matthew Ronald Vieck cum 

Heather Ann Vosburgh magna 

cum laude 
Todd Charles Votava 
Jackie S. Wade 
Brian Andrew Wagner magna 

cum laude 
Angeline Walker 
Nicholas Joseph Walker 
Christopher A. Wallace 
James Peter Walsh 
Kimberly Lynn Walter 
Nathan Scott Wamsley 
Jordan Mark Wankel cum laude 
Bryan Scott Warren cum laude* 
Debra P. Washington 
Demetrius Nathan Washington 
William L. Waznis 
Aimee Jo Webb cum laude* 
Abe John Weber** 
Kasandra Lynn Weber 
Lori Ann Weber 
Rebecca Claire Weege* 
Nicole Marie Weisiger cum laude 
Robert Eugene Welky cum laude 
Amanda J. Wells cum laude 
Erica Danielle Wells 
Toby Dean Wentling 
Adam Paul Wessbecher 
Kelly Virginia Westfall* 
Michael Edward Westphal cum 

Claxton James Whiteside 
Margo Noreen Whitfield 
Christopher Edward Wiesbrock 
Roddy Edward Wiggins 
Zach Taylor Wilcoxen 
Jeffry Thomas Wilkins aim laude 
Althea Potts Williams 
David Williams 
Ernest Tory Williams 
Timothy Paul Williams 
Richard Scott Williamson 
David Lawrence Wilson 
James Brian Wilson aim laude 
Mark Allen Wing magna aim 

Richard J. Wingate 
Kevin S. C. Wirth 
Beth Ann Wiser 
Michael Thomas Woelfle aim 

Michael Francis Wolfe 


Bachelor of Science (Continued) 

Edward Daniel Worrell Pamela Yates- Volz cum laude Danielle Ann Zimmerman 

Todd Christian Yakel** Travis William Zilch magna cum magna cum laude 

Aimer Monroe Yancey, Jr. laude Steven Albert Zimmerman 


Order of Exercises 
College of Engineering 

1:30 P.M., Saturday, May 14, 2005, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 

Processional t 

Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

George M. Swisher, Dean 

Commencement Address 

Kevin Jelley, Class of 1981, Electrical Engineering, 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

George M. Swisher, Dean 

Hasan Sevim, Associate Dean 

Lizette Chevalier, Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Glafkos D. Galanos, Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering 

Young Kwon, Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes 

Satya Harpalani, Chair, Department of Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering 

Roger Chang, Interim Chair, Department of Technology 

Student Response 

Stephanie DeRuntz, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes 

Alumni Welcome 

Joe Lenzini, Class of 1984, Bachelor of Science in Engineering 


Rigaudon, Andre Campra, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Engineering 

George M. Swisher, Dean 
Shirshak Dhali, Marshal 
Emmanuel Nsofor, Usher 

Haibo Wang, Usher 
Bruce DeRuntz, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Richard Glenn Adams cum laude 
Raymond F. Allen III cum laude 
Courtney Allensworth 
Gabriel Hernandez Alvarado 
Melissa Dawn Alvey cum laude 
Joyce Elaine Austin 
Lamont Edward Ayers 
Daniel Craig Baker 
Susan Richardson Banning 
Jennifer Marie Banta cum laude 
John Charles Barboni 
Scott Ryan Barham 
Brandon Zachary Barnes 
Michael William Baumann 

magna cum laude 
Jeremiah Daniel Benoit cum 

Steven Christopher Bernas 

magna cum laude 
John Joseph Blauvelt 
Jerome Christopher Bochantin 
Melissa Cary Bopp summa cum 

Joseph Anthony Boyle 
Dax Howard Bradley 
Gary Wayne Brennan 
Christopher Dale Brown 
Jason Craig Bruce cum laude 
Darryl Juan Brundidge 
Wade Emerson Bullard 
Sarah Rose Burnam cum laude 
Douglas A. Busekrus 
Michele Butcher 
Rubens Camejo-Samartino 
Karla Alexandra Caraballo 
Justin lee Cardwell magna cum 

Roberto Carriedo 
Bryan Devince Carter 
James A. Cash, Jr. magna cum 

John Kirk Cathey 
Brent Michael Cearlock 
Hao-En Chang 
Rafael G. Charris 
Darryl Anthony Cherry 
Steven Thomas Clark 
Charles Budd Coerver 
Douglas Albert Cone cum laude 
Allen James Coover 
Patrick Michael Corrigan cum 

Benjamin Jacob Cosyleon 
Beverly Ann Couch 

Jimmie Ward Cox* 

Joshua Joseph Cox 

Tony Cox 

Zachary Aaron Crothers magna 

cum laude 
James Cruz 
Steven Carlyle Dame summa 

cum laude* 
Nicholas Andrew Darr 
Matthew B. Davison 
Doris Rochelle Deakins 
Clarence Monroe Deaver, Jr. 
Kyle Branton Delaney 
Stephanie Marie DeRuntz 

summa cum laude* 
Justin Max Doerr cum laude* 
William Otto Doerr, Jr.* 
David J. Donnerstag 
Phillip Michael Doyle 
Kari Ann Eilerman cum laude 
Mohamed A. Elazab 
Michael Dean Elzy 
Paul Alan Emmerich 
Nikos Entafianos 
Olufemi A. Fajembola 
Neil Douglas Fernandez 
Joseph Patrick Fitzgerald 
Jet Immanuel Flores 
Sharon Kay Forth 
Michael A. Fuhrhop 
Michael Ian Gallagher 
Casy Allen George 
Robert O. Gerner 
James Michael Gibson 
Timothy Riendeau Goodwin 
Justin W. Graff 
Ernesto A. Grano 
Steven Forrest Grant 
Shannon Michael Green 
Stephen Joseph Hadwin 
Adam Jed Hamilton 
Michael Ross Hamlett magna 

cum laude 
Jeran Derk Hammann 
Ryan Wayne Hankins 
Ryan Lee Hanks 
Donald Wayne Heimer 
Christopher George Hendricks 
Jeffrey Louis Hereford 
Daniel Shane Hill 
Brett Wesley Hines magna cum 

Dillard K. Holder 
David Paul Howard cum laude* 

Walter Lawrence Huff 
Daniel Richard Hughes 
Ryan T. Hundt 
Scott A. Hunter 
Rami Mohamed Jibreel 
Benjamin Alexander Johnson 
Jeremy K. Johnson 
Sarah Ellen Jones 
Charles Spencer Kelly cum 

Sean Patrick Kennedy 
Amanda Kay Kiser summa cum 

Daniel Jon Kjolhede cum laude 
Lucas Daniel Klein magna cum 

Mary Ann Kokoszka magna cum 

Christopher Peter Lamport 

magna cum laude 
Robert S. LaFleur 
Huy Quoc Le Nguyen 
Anthony Wayne Lehner 
Shaun Allen Lewis 
Timothy Lee Liefer 
Tyler Evan Lingafelter 
Brian Marshall Lord 
Jody J. MacBlane 
Adam Joseph Mahalik 
Raman Mahato 
Timothy Joseph Majors 
Paul Marchuk 
Michael Martinez 
Mark Allen McCormack 
Jacob Douglas McCoy 
Graeme Alan Mclnnes 
Sean O'Neill McQuade cum 

Derek Wayne Mehrle 
Edward Martin Miklavcic III 
Al Riley Miller 
Karl W. Miller 
Matthew David Miller 
Lynell Wayne Mitchell 
Alyce Mary Monahan 
Derek Seth Moore 
Shawn Malcolm Muir 
Micah Ray Mulvany 
Joshua Edward Musselman 

summa cum laude* 
Ibrahim S. Najem 
Scott Patton Nance* 
Enrique Sylverio Nava, Jr. 
Maribel Neiman cum laude 


Ruth Ann Netrefa cum laude 
Kyle Arthur Neumann* 
Michael James Nickels 
Shane David O'Hearn cum laude 
Deborah Diane Obermeyer 
Kevin Michael Ormbrek 
Bradley Alexander Orr aim 

Ishan Paisal 
Jose Elias Parada-Villegas cum 

Deryck W. Parks 
Michael August Paulionis 
William G. Pennell cum laude 
Erik Alan Perks*** 
Clarence Perry, Sr. 
David Jimmy Pierce 
Eric Paul Ponder 
Joseph Lawrence Powell 
Donnie Cherise Powers cum 

Brian Patrick Price 
Jesse Lee Probst cum laude* 
Pabindra Rai* 
Pat Randall 

David Benjamin Rankin 
Megan Christine Ray 
Kieron Reeves 
John Martin Rice 
Joel Andrew Richardson 
Andrew D. Richart 

Norman Joseph Rivera cum 

John C. Robinson III 
Mark Timothy Robinson 
Adam Blake Rogers 
Jacob Russell Rogers 
Paul Alvin Rose 
Larry Wayne Russell 
Alfredo P. Saldivar 
Lee Anthony Samelak 
Jeffrey Alan Sanders 
John Milton Schmale cum laude 
Marek L. Sedzik* 
Kevin John Seversen 
Vivek Ramesh Shah 
Shariff S. Shakir 
Larry E. Simpson 
Waylon Bruce Smart 
Maurice Smith 
Steven Lee Smith summa cum 

Charles Lane Staley 
John Robert Stark cum laude 
Kenneth E. Stark 
Patrick J. Stephan 
James Thomas Stephens, Sr. 

summa cum laude 
Cornelius Franklin Stewart 
Joseph Edward Stokes 
Travis Scott Stump 
John Douglas Sutton 
Matthew Ryan Swank 

Andrecavell Christopher Taylor 
Tracy Don Taylor magna cum 

Jerry Deen Teel 
Bradley K. Thompson 
Jonathan Eugene Tipton 
Inna Turevsky magna cum laude* 
King James Underwood cum 

Brian Paul VanderLuitgaren 
David Eugene Vinlove 
jKenneth Dwayne Waits 
Jason Ray Walker cum laude 
Jeffrey C. Wall 

George Calvin Washington III 
Kevin Ray Washok cum laude 
James Kirby Weeden 
Joshua James Welker 
Howard Claybon White 
Jimmie Edward Whitehorn 
Rudyard R. Whyte cum laude 
Braxton Keith Wick 
Veranda L. Williams 
Christopher John Wirtz 
Laramey T. Wiseman 
Brandon Thomas Witt cum laude 
Randi Young 
Thomas Z. Zdanewicz 
Richard Joseph Zettler cum laude 
Mark Theodore Zimmerman 
Jeremy Zollo 


Order of Exercises 

College of Business and Administration 

4:00 P.M., Saturday, May 14, 2005, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

Dan Worrell, Dean 

Distinguished Service Award 

William Fenwick, Recipient, Partner 

Fenwick and West LLP, Mountainview, CA. (B.S. Marketing 1964) 

Commencement Address and Alumni Achievement Award on behalf of the SIU 
Alumni Association 

Robert Siracusano, Recipient, Senior Financial Advisor and Branch Manager, Wachovia 
Securities Financial Network, Naperville, IL (B.S. Marketing 1995) 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 
Dan Worrell, Dean 


Rigaudon, Andre Campra, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Business and Administration 

Dan Worrell, Dean 
Gordon C. Bruner II, Marshal 
Sarah Maxwell, Student Marshal 
Michael Haywood, Usher 

Vern Goode, Usher 
Joseph Pineau, Usher 
Vernon Sweetin, Usher 
Linda Seibert, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Jon Ryan Abney 

Daniel Jon Ackerman 

Wale Hammed Adesokan magna 

cum laude* 
Jacob Jon Adkins 
Adekunle Ibiyemi Akisanya 
Saleh A Qader. Al-Zadjali 
Robert Alcala, Jr. 
Allie Rae Anderson cum laude* 
Julian Angel Botero 
Jimmie Joe Attebury 
Joni Kay Baiotto 
Jared Ross Balf 
Amber Nichole Basler 
Brian Isaac Baum 
Lisa Sue Benjamin 
Daniel T. Berck 
Tacarra Denise Birmingham 
Melissa LeAnn Blades cum laude 
George B. Boling 
Erin Nicole Borowiak 
Steven Jay Boswell, Jr. 
Jason Gilbert Bowers 
Christopher John Brawner 
Daniel Bonitz Breckenridge 
Latonya Bridgemon 
Alex James Brnilovich 
Jessica Michelle Brown 
Jonathan Michael Bruns 
Devian Hurst Buffington 
Martin D. Butts 
Michael J. Campbell 
Laura Sue Cheeseman 
Gong Cheng 
Katharine Anne Chodora 
Alana Kay Christian 
Young-Chung Chung 
Natalie Rose Clem 
Brett D. Conley 
Chantal La'Ree Conley 
Monica Lydia-Marie Connell 
Daniel Edward Conrod 
Terry Maurice Cooper 
Karrie Ann Coulter cum laude 
Derek Steven Craig 
Justin Wayne Creasey 
Abby Lynn Dalton 
Stephanie Michelle Dawe 
James Lester Dewsbury cum 

Alicia Robin DeBerry** 
Erica Brooke Dial 
Kathryn Michelle Domeier 

Joseph Paul Dorger 

Mark Richard Dormire 

Ryan C Douglas 

Anthony Alexander Drone cum 

Michael Robert Dunne 
Philip James Elfrink 
Bryant Fitzgerald Ellam 
Anna Corinne Ellithorpe 
Brent Stephen Epplin cum laude 
Jason Bauer Epps 
Lisa Ann Ernsting summa cum 

Yasmine Yahya Farag 
Erin Brooke Feltmeyer 
Kathryn Renee Flatt cum laude* 
Kristen Ranae Fletcher 
Brandon Eric Frederking 
Kelly Marie Frost 
Elizabeth Ann Gibbs 
Charles S. Giet 
Anju Giri cum laude 
Matthew Jacob Glowacki 
Roger Chase Goble 
Travis Vade Gordon 
Michelle Lynn Grant 
Jennifer Lynn Gray 
Erica Nicole Grennan magna 

cum laude** 
Billy J. Groaning 
Nathan James Grzechowiak 
Marita Licet Guerra 
Shasta Ann Hall 
Travis Sentell Hamilton 
Alicia Nicole Hank cum laude 
Lee M. Harms* 
Stephani Tenille Harris 
Takesha Deniya Hicks 
Cynthia Elaine Hillard 
Christopher James Hollis cum 

Mikel Dwayne Howard 
Andrew Ballard Hudgens 

magna cum laude* 
Victoria Jane Hunziker** 
Tee S. Huot 
Megan Walker Hutson 
Ryoka Ishida cum laude 
Stefan Zenon Jabkiewicz 
Kimberly M. Jefferson 
Jason Stanley Jerousek 
Ricardo Jimenez** 
Ian B. Jones 

Joshua Charles Jones 
Lindsay Nicole Keller magna 

cum laude 
Laura Ruth Kemper summa cum 

Soo Jeong Kim cum laude 
Michael James Klepzig 
Sarah K. Kuhnert 
Travis Wade Lane 
Lisa Beth Langa 
Georin LeAnder LaGrant 
Emily Catharine Leach* 
Darci Lynn Leckrone 
Andinet T. Limeneh 
LaToya Latrice* ** 
Blake T. Lotzer 

Ashley Anne Lowrey cum laude 
Daniel Mackey 
Ashley Krishna MacCurdy cum 

Monica I. Mason 
Sarah E. Maxwell* 
Matthew Glenn McCurdy 
Jeffrey Wayne McDaniel 
Marissa Marie McNeil summa 

cum laude 
Paul A. Medeiros II 
John N. Messer 
Duane Curtis Meyer 
Matthew George Miller 
Catherine T. Morehead 
Brian Mortimer 
Joshua Myron Mortland cum 

Cole Michael Moss cum laude 
David Matthew Musser magna 

cum laude** 
Yon Myoung 
Destiny Carlynne Nance 
Joseph Mark Natter 
John L. Neal 
Aaron Lee Niebrugge 
Alyse Ayana Norwood 
Joao-Maria Da Cerveira Nunes 
Lewis Craig O'Brien 
Kerry Jason Olden 
Hardik Kamalkumar Patel 
David Enrique Patlan 
Lacey Amber Perry 
Lindsey Lee Peter* 
Anthony E. Peterson 
Alan Richard Phelps 
Bradley Karl Potts 


Bachelor of Science (Continued) 

Amy Michelle Ragan 
Jessica Nichol Reed 
Theresa Lynn Reed 
Lori Michelle Reiman 
Chad Michael Ribbing 
Chesaree Lauren Rollins 
Jessica Michele Roth magna aim 

Marianna Sofokle Rotou 
Jared C. Rowden 
Jason Michael Ryan 
Joseph Nicholas Saviano 
Jennifer Jo Schuler 
Monica Nolan Schwartzkopf 
Keli J. Schwarz 
Patrick Wayne Sears 
Michelle Suzanne Shaban cum 

Amro Hosni ShawH** 
Cara Jo Ann Skaggs aim laude 
Alexey Slobodnik aim laude* 

Derrick Brewster Small 
April Covaille Smith 
Benjamin Davis Smith 
Carrie Lou Smith 
Keisha L. Smith 
Elizabeth Renee Speckman 
Jessica Renee Stanley 
Kari Lynn Stark summa aim 

Carey L. Steward 
McCabe Culley Strothmann 
Shoko Sugimoto** 
Rico Fitzgerald Townsend 
Gaetana Baldwin Trapani 

summa aim laude* 
Neva Ilean Treadway-Jackson 
Jason M. Trice 
Cassandra Anne Tschopp 
Tanisha Noel Turner* 
Crystal Ann Underwood aim 


Jamie Jurhee Veach 
Sheri Lynn Vickers 
Dora A. Villarreal 
Jeffrey Willis Vincent 
Joshua Ehren Voss 
Levi Ray Wampler 
Timothy Joseph Wampler* 
Lisa M. Wawrzeniak* 
Zachary Mayo Weatherspoon 
Scott Carl Wenger 
Jeffrey Ryan Whitmore 
Benna Renee Williams summa 

aim laude 
Jamese Tenille Wilson 
Jacek Jakub Wiltowski 
Jerimiah Ryan Womick 
Paul Anthony Wright, Jr. 
Brian Michael Wysocki 
Wei Zhao aim laude* 


Order of Exercises 
Graduate School 

7:00 P.M., Saturday, May 14, 2005, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 

Marianne Webb, Distinguished University Organist and Professor Emerita of Music 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Presentation of Awards 

John A. Koropchak, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Dean 
Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

The 2005 Outstanding Scholar Award 

Leonard P. Rybak, Professor, Department of Surgery, Recipient 

The 2005 Excellence Through Commitment Outstanding Teaching Award 

John H. Summey, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing 

The 2004 Richard and Donna Falvo Outstanding Dissertation Award 

Kelly S. Bender, Department of Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry, 

Tibebe Dessalegne Agaze, College of Engineering, Finalist 
Kevin R. Schwarz, Department of Anthropology, Finalist 

Southern Illinois University 2004 Alumni Association Outstanding Thesis Awrd 

Hilla Medalia, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, Recipient 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Graduate School Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 

John A. Koropchak, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Dean 

Welcome from the Alumni Association 

Argus Tong, SIU Alumni Association 


Rigaudon, Georg Boehm, Composer 

Marianne Webb, Distinguished University Organist and Professor Emerita of Music 

Faculty Marshals 

Marjorie Morgan, Professor, Department of History, Grand Marshal 

Mark J. Kittleson, Professor, Department of Health Education and Recreation, Faculty 

Edward H. Shay, Professor, School of Art and Design, Faculty Marshal 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


Graduate School 

John A. Koropchak, Dean 
Marjorie Morgan, Grand Marshal 
John Mead, Marshal 
David Wilson, Marshal 

Ratna Sinha, Usher 
Connie Small, Usher 
Nancy Vorhees, Usher 
John A. Koropchak, Reader 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Khalid Abdullah Al-Regaiey 

Molecular, Cellular and Systemic Physiology, 

Dr. Andrzej Bartke 

Long-Lived Growth Hormone Receptor Knockout 

Mice: Interaction of Reduced IGF-1/Insulin 

Signaling and Caloric Restriction 

Gado Alzouma 

The Popular Reception of New Information and 
Communication Technologies in Niger 

Simon Yemane Aman 
Education-Educational Psychology, 
Dr. Todd C. Headrick, Dr. Ernest L. Lewis 
An Empirical Investigation ofNonparametric 
Alternative to Hotelling's T 2 Under Non- 

Felix Kumah Godwin Anebo 

Political Science, 

Dr. Uday Desai 

The Adoption of Environmental Policy Innovation: 

Water Pollution Permit Trading in the United 


Dorothy Ann Assad 
Education-Curriculum and Instruction, 
Dr. Jerry P. Becker 

Fourth Graders' Problem Solving Strategies in a 
Rural School 

Joe Alden Baker 

Education-Health Education 

Dr. Dale O. Ritzel 

An Examination of the Process and Effects of a 
Simulated Disaster Exercise at a Midwestern 
Ambulatory Outpatient University Health 
Services Program 

Mirjeta S. Beqiri 

Business Administration, 

Dr. Suresh K. Tadisina 

Perception of Waiting Time: Effects of Individual 

Characteristics, Service Design Characteristics, 

and Criticality of Service 

Donna J. Bernert 
Education-Health Education, 
Dr. Roberta J. Ogletree 
Sexuality in the Culture and Talk of Women with 
Mental Retardation: An Ethnography 

Uriel Angel Buitrago-Suarez 


Dr. Brooks M. Burr 

A Systematic Revision of the Catfish Genus, 
Pseudoplaty stoma Bleeker, 1862 (Siluriformes: 
Pimelodidae): Comparative Anatomy, 
Phytogeny, and Historical Biogeography 

Steven Charles Byrd 

Education-Workforce Ed. and Development, 
Dr. John S. Washburn 
The Use of Telecommuting as an Alternative 
Workplace Strategy for Missouri Businesses 

Rupa Chandrashekar 
Dr. John J. Benshoff 

Awareness of Deficits and Perceptions of Quality of 
Life of Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury 

Stephen Brent Clark 
Education-Educational Administration, 
Dr. Randy J. Dunn 

A Study to Determine the Ethical Values of School 
Superintendents within the State of Illinois 

Mark Gerard Collins 

Education-Educational Administration, 

Dr. William Bradley Colwell 

Perceptions of Illinois School Board Presidents 
Regarding Selected Personal and Professional 
Characteristics of their Superintendent 

Patricia Noeldner Cornell 
Education-Educational Adrninistration, 
Dr. Kathleen Kelly McKerrow 
Current Practitioners' Perceptions of the ISLLC 
Standards and Dispositions 

Bruce Damian DeRuntz 
Education-Workforce Ed. and Development, 
Dr. John S. Washburn 

The Importance of Training Content for Six Sigma 
Professionals: Perceptions of Black Belt Trainers 

William Neill Duncan 

Dr. Prudence M. Rice, Dr. Robert S. Corruccini 
The Bioarchaeology of Ritual Violence in Postclassic 
El Peten Guatemala (AD 950-1524) 


Ernest James Enchelmayer 

Dr. David Blakesley, Dr. R. Gerald Nelms 
Rhetorical Iconography: Representing Rhetoric in 
the History of the Visual Arts 

Seokchoo Han 

Engineering Science, 

Dr. Frances J. Harackiewicz 

Compact Multiband Slot-Ring Antennas 

Kathleen A. Harting 

Education- Workforce Ed. & Development 

Dr. Marcia A. Anderson 

Student Learning Outcomes in a Computer 

Applications Module: Online Vs. Face-To- Face 


Wanda Lee Honey 

Education-Educational Administration, 
Dr. Kathleen Kelly McKerrow 
Computer Lab Usage by Rural Elementary 
Classroom Teachers 

Jongbae Hong 

Speech Communication, 

Dr. Bryan K. Crow 

A Comparison of Korean and U.S. American 

Conflict Management Styles as Related to 

Communication Apprehension 

Angela Marie Horvath 

Dr. Alan C. Vaux, Dr. Rebecca J. Weston 
Application of Mixed Methods in Educational 
Research: An Assessment of Field Trips 

Yong Huang 

Environmental Resources and Policy, 
Dr. Benedy Dziegielewski 
A Comparative Study of Downstream Flows and 
Ecologic Impacts ofHydropower Dams 

Elza Nistorova Ibroscheva 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, 

Dr. Jyotika Ramaprasad 

Hostile Imagination at Work: American Opinion 
Makers' Perceptions of the Media Role in 
Stereotypes of Russians and Eastern Europeans 

Peter Edward Jaberg 


Dr. Brenda O. Gilbert 

Evidence for an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 
Spectrum: Factor and Cluster Analysis of 
Nonclinical and Subclinical Body Dysmorphic 
Disorder, Eating Disorder, and Obsessive- 
Compulsive Disorder 

Mohamedi Nasirhusein Kagalwala 
Molecular Biology, Microbiology and 

Dr. Blaine Bartholomew 
Mechanism ofNucleosome Mobilization by ISW2 

Ziqian Liu 

Engineering Science, 

Dr. Farzad Pourboghrat 

Inverse Optimal Control for Dynamic Neural 
Networks (DNN) with Applications to Control 
Design for a Class of Nonlinear Systems 

Jinrong Ma 

Engineering Science, 

Dr. Yoginder Paul Chugh 

Design and Analysis of Coal Combustion By- 
products (CCBg) - Filled Fiberglass Reinforced 
Polymeric Composite Material for Utility Pole 

Heru Margono 


Dr. Subhash C. Sharma 

On the Efficiency and Productivity Analysis of 

Indonesian Firms, Banks and Provincial 


Laura Angela Mastrangelo 


Dr. Margaret Stockdale, Dr. Rebecca J. Weston 

Utilizing Qualitative Data in Multirater Feedback 
Systems: An Examination of Upper 
Administration in a University Setting 

Michelle Renee McGehee 
Molecular Biology, Microbiology and 

Dr. David P. Clark 
Regulation of Lactate Fermentation in Escherichia 


Michelle Diane McGraw-Hunter 


Dr. Paula K. Davis 

Effect of Video Self-Modeling and Feedback on 

Stovetop Food Preparation for Individuals with 

Traumatic Brain Injuries 

Jamie John McNutt 

Business Administration, 

Dr. Marcia M. Cornett 

Earnings Management at Large U.S. Bank Holding 

Companies: A Simultaneous Equations 


Kazuhiko Nakahira 


Dr. Richard L. Grabowski, Dr. Kevin Sylwester 

Monetary Policy in japan Since the 1980s 


Business Adrninistration, 
Dr. Suresh K. Tadisina 
An Analysis and Exploration oftlte Construct of 
Information Systems Agility 

Randall Wallace Phillips 


Dr. Stanford E. Rubin 

Symptom Distress in Pediatric Oncology Patients 


Doctor Of Philosophy (continued) 

Preeti V. Puntambekar 


Dr. Vickram Ramkumar 

Antagonistic Interaction between Transient 

Receptor Potential Channel (TRPV1) and 

Adenosine A2A Receptor (A2AAR) 

Maria Georgieva Raicheva 

Mass Commurucation and Media Arts, 

Dr. Walter B. Jaehnig 

Bowling Alone in a Big Small City: Re-Examining 

the Relationship between Social Capital and Mass 

Media Use 

Silvio Sean Reyes, Jr. 


Dr. Seymour Bryson 

The Relationship of Transition Program Outcome 

Variables among Individuals with Disabilities in 

the Southern Illinois Region 

Sandra Book Rhoads 

Education- Workforce Ed. & Development , 

Dr. Clora Mae Baker 

Teaching and Developing Distance Education 

Courses: Issues Associated with University 

Faculty Benefits 

Rochelle Rueth Robertson 
Speech Communication, 
Dr. Elyse L. Pineau 

Stories from More Sides Now: The Rubik's Cube 
and Other Journeys through Critical Pedagogy 

Subrina Jo Robinson 
Speech Communication, 
Dr. Elyse L. Pineau 

Standing in Solidarity With My Sistas: Oral 
Narratives of Black Women in Academia 

Bret Simon 

Education-Health Education, 
Dr. Fred R. Isbemer, Dr. Dale O. Ritzel 
Differences in Rural and Urban Ambulatory 
Physician Assistant Practice 

Liou Y. Sun 


Dr. Andrzej Bartke 

Local Expression of Growth Hormone and Insulin- 
Like Growth Factor I in the Hippocampus ofGH- 
Deficient Long-Lived Mice 

Steven David Swearingin 

Historical Studies, 

Dr. Kay J. Carr 

A Reassessment of Cherokee Identity Consciousness 

During the Colonial Era: Myth, Historiography, 

and Material Culture 

Flecia Rownia Thomas 

Education-Educational Psychology, 

Dr. Karen K. Prichard 

A Comparison of the Levels of Perceived Stress 
between African American Women Heterosexuals 
and Lesbians In and Out of the Closet 

Matthew Alexander Tornow 


Dr. Susan M. Ford 

Phylogenetic Systematics of the Eocene Primate 

Superfamily Omomyoidea: An Investigation 

Using Dental and Postcranial Data 

Sandra Jean Wilson 

Education-Educational Administration, 
Dr. Kathleen Kelly McKerrow 
A Study of Ideal Mentor Characteristics as 

Perceived by Principals within the Selection 


Jeremy Ryan Wolf 


Dr. Dan J. Dyer 

Synthesis and Characterization of 

Noncentrosymmetric Hydrogen Bonded Liquid 

Crystalline Polymers 

Kenji Yamazaki 


Dr. Margaret Stockdale 

Team Membership and Attitudes toward 

Organizational Change: An Investigation of 

Attitudinal Mediators 

Mohd Pisal Zainal 

Dr. Subhash C. Sharma 
Essays on the Long- and Short-Run Dynamics of 
Macro-Variables in the Pacific Rim Countries 

Li Zeng 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, 
Dr. Walter B. Jaehnig 

Whose Bias is no Bias? The Impact of Source Types 
on Perception of Online News Credibility 


Master of Accountancy 

Brian Edward Calonne 

Indrit Dimnaku 



Shawn Nicholas Odum 

Erick Robert Schwartz 


Master of Arts 

Aunshuman Vinay Apte 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Tadashi Asano 

Administration of Justice 
Moonchan Bae 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Jason Paul Beckham 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Therese Rita Billiot 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Richard Campbell Brown 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Levi Jesse Burkett 

Shih-Ling Chen 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Joseph Andrew Coady 

Kristin Lynn Coon 

Larry Crist 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Rachel Katharine Cristaudo 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Tyler Thomas Crogg 

Brian Glenn DelCastello 

Christina Marie Gould 

John Christian Hatch 

Christy Lynn Hofstetter 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Akm Khairul Islam 

Political Science 
Kristine Louise Jehle 

Eric Newman Jurgens 

Hyun Mee Kang 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Anjanette Lynn Kintzel 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Elizabeth Ann Koenig 


Courtney Anne Lanute 

Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Yu-Lun Lin 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Sean Todd Lipham 

Sandra B. Malone 

Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Robert Joseph McCreary-Mannino 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Branden Corey McCullough 

Kudzai Aggrey Musumhi 

Mass Communication and Media Arts and 

Curriculum and Instruction 
John Guru Njagi 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Erin Leigh O'Neill 

Ayako Ohmori 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Melissa Ann Powell 

Kevin William Powers 

Jonathan Gerard Ricca 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Robert Werley Schneider 

Eric D. Sipes 

Tyrel John Starks 

Elena Theis 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Suthathip Thirakunkovit 

Applied Linguistics 
Brandy Deanna Thomas 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Maria Luisa Villachica 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Matthew Craig Werner 

Megan Elizabeth Woosley 



Master of Business Administration 

Cory Nicholas Cain 

Business Administration 
Su Ee Cheryl Ann Chan 

Business Administration 
Louis Chen 

Business Administration 
Yi-Hsi Chen 

Business Administration 
Wen-Kuang Chiu 

Business Administration 
Sau Lun Thomson Chow 

Business Administration 
Chao-wei Chuang 

Business Administration 
Nicole LeAnn Cundiff 

Business Administration 
Wojciech Stanislaw Doganowski 

Business Administration 
Michael Wade Eaton 

Business Administration 
Austin Charles Favors 

Business Administration 
Aundria Gale Fitzgerald 

Business Administration 
Jean-Fritz Guerrier 

Business Administration 
Donald Ray Holder, Jr. 

Business Administration 
Rajesh Jayakumaran 

Business Administration 
Blake Edward Jones 

Business Administration 
Joshua Leigh Jordan 

Business Administration 
Kristen Janelle Jordan 

Business Administration 

Thomas Albert LaGrua 

Business Administration 
Kevin Wen Liang 

Business Administration 
Debrah Lin 

Business Administration 
Jui-Yi Lin 

Business Administration 
Victor Martin 

Business Administration 
Charles Edward Mayfield 

Business Administration 
Frederick Dzingayi Munawa 

Business Administration 
Amanda Jean Rose 

Business Administration 
Matthew James Souva 

Business Administration 
Rebecca Ann Stefan 

Business Administration 
Gregory Kevin Tannis 

Business Administration 
Chad Michael Toney 

Business Administration 
Rimma Turevsky 

Business Administration 
Maria Luisa Villachica 

Business Administration 
Stacee Lynn Wilhite 

Business Administration 
Andrea Nicole Wilkey 

Business Administration 
Susan Lynne Zamora 

Business Administration 

Master of Fine Arts 

Bradley Don Allen 

Farshad Arninian 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Clinton Lewis Cargile 

Creative Writing 
Samuel Nicholas Dempsey 

Tylur Youngblood French 

Anna C. Goller 

Scott Dean Kemmerer 

Cinema and Photography 
Jason Aaron Kimes 


Gillian Anne King 

Creative Writing 
Thomas Joe Miller 

Chad Alexander Parmenter 

Creative Writing 
Shannon Kelly Petrello 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Daehyun Ryu 

Anastasia Marie Saverino 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Chad Lee Simpson 

Creative Writing 
Melissa Ann Vandenberg 


Master of Music 

Jennifer Rae Cannon 

Marc Alan Henshaw 


Master of Public Administration 

Billye Jean Chabot 
Public Administration 

John David Ralph Gulley 
Public Administration 

Namita Nayak 

Public Administration 
Timothy Arthur Mark Taylor 

Public Administration 

Master of Public Health 

Lizel Alvarado 

Community Health Education 

Master of Science 

Jennifer Ann Akers 

Mechanical Engineering 
Awad Hussin Mohammed Al-Mohy 

Mohan Babu Ande 

Mechanical Engineering 
Sarah Margaret Aytes 

Food and Nutrition 
Jessica Donelle Beebe 

Plant and Soil Science 
Shriram Subraman Bhagavath 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Angela Kay Blanchard 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Michalis Charalambous 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Demetria Larraine Collins 

Communication Disorders and Sciences 
Meghan Elizabeth Connors 

Communication Disorders and Sciences 
Michelle Leigh Crum 

Connie Lynn Darnell 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Emily Bell Daulton 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Timothy Michael Davis 

Civil Engineering 
Jennifer Ann Delaney 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Frederick Brett Denny 

Shirley Ellis 

Communication Disorders and Sciences 
Panayiotis George Entafianos 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Rohit Gambhir 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Lisa Marie Gandy 

Computer Science 
Joan Elizabeth Garrison 

Michael Kevin Gary 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Melissa Marie Gerlach 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
James Wayne Gillum 

Plant and Soil Science 

Scott A. Glasgow 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Hima Bindu Raj Gondlyala Balraj 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Manoj Reddy Gowravaram 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Mary Rose Griffin 

Communication Disorders and Sciences 
Ronda Sherlene Guff ey 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Vishal Gupta 

Mining Engineering 
Robin Marie Hall 

Communication Disorders and Sciences 
Nathan Bryce Harp 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Maria Karin Elisabeth Hassis 

Akhil Sridhara Hiranya 

Civil Engineering 
Ying-Ching Cyndia Huang 

Communication Disorders and Sciences 
Navitha Kambalapally 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Sivaji Kannanthangudi Chidambaram 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Kristie Marie Kemner 

Communication Disorders and Sciences 
Janet Lorraine Kdhlbecker 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Rajiv Konduro 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Naveen Kumar Kuchikulla 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Todd Henry Kuethe 

Agribusiness Economics 
Denise Louise Lankford-Pingel 

Plant and Soil Science 
Delano David Lewis 

Computer Science 
Eric Bernt Lindstrom 

Steven Alon Little 

Civil Engineering 
Michael Thomas Mack 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Ravinder Reddy Madamadakala 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 


Master of Science (continued) 
Nataraju Maheshwaram 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Soumya Marru 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Charles DelCommune McCann II 

Civil Engineering 
Steven John Melendez 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Lara Colleen Metrione 

Julie Laine Michl 

Agribusiness Economics 
Amit Mohanty 

Mechanical Engineering 
Faith C. Monah 

Communication Disorders and Sciences 
Pavan Kumar CV Mudunuru 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Sindhuri Nallabathula 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Sylaja Nallapati 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Patricia Lynn Nugent 

Plant and Soil Science 
Geraldine Yeneda Nzokwe 

Jonathan Nicholas Okon 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Sara Elise Osborne 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Hanna Podolska-Schroeder 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Adarsh Ponnamaneni 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Alexia Potamitou 

Food and Nutrition 
Rachana Punjarla Srinivas 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Krishna Prasad Raghuraman 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Keerthi Rebala 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Nikki Rene Reed 

Communication Disorders and Sciences 
Erin Elizabeth Reiter 

Communication Disorders and Sciences 
Sonia Sue Rhymer 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Garret Kelly Robertson 

Plant and Soil Science 
Jennifer Lea Rolla 

Communication Disorders and Sciences 
Craig Joseph Rouskey 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry 

Mason J. Ryan 

Kavitha Sama 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
William J. Schultz 

Civil Engineering 
Becky August Schwab 

Daniel A. Selock 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Subashini Shanmugam 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Jennifer Deanne Shoemate 

Communication Disorders and Sciences 
Ramona Louise Stacy 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Christopher Lane Stine 

Civil Engineering 
Carolyn Sue Stovall 

Animal Science 
Irfan Sultan 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Satish Kumar Sunkari 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Deepti Thulluru 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Russell Dean Toth 

Prathirna Vadiraja 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Manjula Veeramachaneni 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Srinivasa Rajender Veleshala 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Jamie Marie Waldvogel 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Tao Wang 

Computer Science 
Yunyun Wang 

Mechanical Engineering 
Shannon Marie Webb 

Communication Disorders and Sciences 
Suhendi Widjaja 

Civil Engineering 
Steven Harold Wiemeler 

Civil Engineering 
Yosuf A. Yassin 

Cameron Kyle Young 

Plant and Soil Science 
Matthew Stephen Zechmeister 

Anquan Zhang 

Plant and Soil Science 

Master of Science in Education 

Tim F. Aldridge 

Special Education 
Gabriel Lee Angelly 

Educational Administration 

Shauna Monique Baker 

Temisha Yuette Baker 

Curriculum and Instruction 


Justin Matthew Bathon 

Educational Administration 
Holly Erin Bauch 

Physical Education 
M. Elaine Rawlins Belanger 

Workforce Education and Development 
Latisha Danielle Bell 

Workforce Education and Development 
Kenneth Edward Benjamin, Jr 

Physical Education 
Sandra Ann Blackman 

Workforce Education and Development 
Janice Marie Brown 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Erick Anthony Buitrago 

Physical Education 
LaShonda Renee Carter 

Workforce Education and Development 
Timothy James Chambers 

Higher Education 
Lisa Marie Clanton 

Physical Education 
Shannon Marie Clapsaddle 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Tracy Lynn Colvis 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Cori Ann Conway 

Educational Administration 
Aimee Lynn Dasher 

Workforce Education and Development 
Richard Michael Day 

Physical Education 
Amanda Jane Dearmond 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Scott Allen Dunn 

Higher Education 
Marianna Efstathiadou 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Chad Alden Fehr 

Higher Education 
Tracie Lee Flamm 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Matthew Ryan Garrison 

Higher Education 
Megan E. Garry 

Workforce Education and Development 
Linda Marie Gibbs 

Workforce Education and Development 
Kathy Jean Grace 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Danette Lyane Griffith 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Krisu' Kaye Hanson 

Higher Education 
Kareem Deshazor Henderson 

Workforce Education and Development 
Miranda Faith Hill 

Workforce Education and Development 
John Wesley Horton 

Workforce Education and Development and 

Business Administration 
Martha Ruth Hunter 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Christopher Andrew Hyer 

Melissa Ann Johnson 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Billy Renard Kennedy 

Russell Alan Kooi 

Physical Education 
Tamara Noel Lewis 

Physical Education 
Richard James Licata 

Physical Education 
Chen-Che Liu 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Catherine M. Martin 

Special Education 
Jean Ann Mathis 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Eric Paul Matthews 

Workforce Education and Development 
Tracy Lynn Maue 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Jason Andrew Mckean 

Higher Education 
Kelly Jay McBride 

Physical Education 
Timothy A. Mertz 

Physical Education 
Cary Matthew Minnis 

Workforce Education and Development 
Brian K. Morris 

Workforce Education and Development 
Luis A. Muralles 

Higher Education 
Florence Chuzu Muwana 

Special Education 
Lesley Marie Ogburn 

Educational Psychology 
Dimitra G. Palaskonis 

Educational Psychology 
Naishon Latrice Patterson 

Workforce Education and Development 
William Henry Penrod 

Workforce Education and Development 
Robert Andrew Perez 

Higher Education 
Angelo Raffaelo Perito 

Physical Education 
Tina M. Poliska 

Physical Education 
Josah Christine Powers 

Higher Education 
Julie Ann Pyatt 

Workforce Education and Development 
Theodore J. Rake III 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Megan Leigh Reynolds 

Tracy Robert Rhea 

Physical Education 
Melissa Marie Rupp 

Educational Psychology 


Master of Science in Education (Continued) 

Douglas Scott Sanders 

Physical Education 
Carissa A. Semanski 

Workforce Education and Development 
William Thomas Shaner, Jr. 

Higher Education 
Cathryn Grace Shelton 

Educational Psychology 
Christopher Nolen Short 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Susan L. Smith 

Educational Administration 
Zenabu Ngambo Smith 

Workforce Education and Development 
Brian Ray Snapp 

Suzy Snider 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Lucindy Lachell Span 

Workforce Education and Development 
Philip Dean Stiebner, Jr. 

Workforce Education and Development 
Kendra Eden Sweezey 

Workforce Education and Development 
Allison Stacey Taylor 

Higher Education 
Peggy Ann Van Lake 

Workforce Education and Development 
Tammy Darlene Vicenzi 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Yashica De'Shun Waddy 

Stephanie Leocadia Waldhier 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Melissa Mershon Warthen 

Higher Education 
Gwendolyn Kay Watts 

Higher Education 

Master of Social Work 

Mechal Enina Arnold 

Social Work 
Erica Dawn Bailey 

Social Work 
Roona Uthappa Ballachanda 

Social Work 
Cheryl Joyce Brown 

Social Work 
Katrina Sager Coleman 

Social Work 
Wanda Jean Conrod 

Social Work 
April Dawn Crim 

Social Work 
Phyllis Druscilla Crumbley-Howard 

Social Work 
Amanda Marye Davis 

Social Work 
Sonja Michelle Dowdy 

Social Work 
Courtney Lynn Dunning 

Social Work 
Katrin Elisabeth Durschang 

Social Work 
Julie Ann Elliott 

Social Work 
Tamara Marie Gowin 

Social Work 
Christy Jo Hayford 

Social Work 
April Nicole Hertenstein 

Social Work 
Wendy Lynn Holland 

Social Work 
Todd Jason Holsapple 

Social Work 
Maura Lindsay Howze 

Social Work 
Whitney Louise Ing 

Social Work 
Heather Jane Ingram 

Social Work 
Jalonta Yvette Jackson 

Social Work 
John A. Knecht 

Social Work 
Stacy Renee Lee 

Social Work 
Christina Marie Liepitz 

Social Work 
Anne Marie Lucas 

Social Work 
Jillian Beth Martin 

Social Work 
Brandy Dawn McCamish 

Social Work 
Kimberly Renee McCutchen 

Social Work 
Tiffany Shawn McQueen 

Social Work 
Rachel Margarette Miller 

Social Work 
Markida Jenise Morgan 

Social Work 
Astrid Mosely 

Social Work 
Travis James Nottmeier 

Social Work 
Angela Marie Przygoda 

Social Work 
Lisa Anne Raabe 

Social Work 
Kittie Michelle Riecan 

Social Work 
Mashooq Azad Salehin 

Social Work 
Miranda Galadriel Sellars 

Social Work 


Danielle Brandy Shepherd Sarah Kathleen Usery 

Social Work Social Work 

Kathleen Marie Sollami Michelle Renee Venturi 

Social Work Social Work 

Melinda Sue Squires Sarah Mallory Williamson 

Social Work Social Work 

Steven A. Steiner Diane Woods 

Social Work Social Work 
Marci D. Tupper 

Social Work 


Order of Exercises 
College of Science 

8:30 A.M., Saturday, May 14, 2005, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 

Marianne Webb, Distinguished University Organist and Professor Emerita of Music 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 

Jack Parker, Dean 

Larry H. Dietz, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management 

Brooks Burr, Director, Biological Sciences Program 

Lori Vermeulen, Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Mehdi Zargham, Interim Chair, Department of Computer Science 

Steven P. Esling, Chair, Department of Geology 

Andrew G. Earnest, Chair, Department of Mathematics 

John Martinko, Chair, Department of Microbiology 

Aldo Migone, Chair, Department of Physics 

Richard Steger, Chair, Department of Physiology 

Dale Vitt, Chair, Department of Plant Biology 

William Muhlach, Chair, Department of Zoology 

Introduction of Alumni Achievement Award Recipient 

Jack Parker, Dean 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Science on behalf of 
the SIU Alumni Association 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 

Jack Parker, Dean 

CAPT William R. Norwood, Recipient 

Commencement Address 
CAPT William R. Norwood 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 
Jack Parker, Dean 

Alumni Welcome 

Glenn Poshard, Chair, Board of Trustees 


Rigaudon, Georg Boehm, Composer 

Marianne Webb, Distinguished University Organist and Professor Emerita of Music 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Science 

Jack Parker, Dean 
Bidyup Gupta, Marshal 
Shahram Rahimi, Marshal 

Daren Che, Usher 
Norman Carver, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Emily Marie Bade cum laude 
Wesley Adam Bradbury 
Malissa Ann Bruno 
Kyle Anthony Buesteton 
Angela Lynn Defore 
Cydney Renee Olson Edler 
Kathleen Rebekah Hart 
Jason C. Horton 
Kristine Ann Jacobson sutntna 
cum laude* 

Eric Eugene Johnson* 
Fred Casey Jones 
Rumi Kizawa 
Stephanie Anne Lathrop 
Amy Elizabeth Levin 
Rachel Nichole Malmfeldt 
Lawrence Calvin McGee 
Brian F. McVicker 
Cydney DuPree' Meadows 
Rachel Verna Murray** 

Jennifer Clifford Pawlik cum 

Viraj Asanka Perera 
Bryan Christopher Perkins 
Ryan Stephen Quigg 
Meghan Christine Romano 
Kimberley Anne Stakal 
Douglas Alan Story 
Joseph Robert Stringer cum laude 
Natalie Ann Van Kanegan 

Bachelor of Science 

Lecretia Ann Akines 
Keisha Monique Akins 
Saidath Ayanfounke Alabi 
Kamel Olatoyi Alao Anjorin 
Benjamin Arthur Baptist summa 

cum laude* 
Joseph Brendan Baptist summa 

cum laude* 
Joseph Andrew Baxter magna 

cum laude 
Brian Douglas Beal cum laude 
Shannon Brock Bigler 
Clifford A. Bishop** 
Kimberly Louise Blair 
Sarah Elizabeth Joan Bruer 

magna cum laude* 
Mark Robert Casolari** 
Corey Douglas Clendenen 
Susanna Joy Clutts summa cum 

Jennifer Sue Coray summa cum 

Tracy Marie Crutchlow 
Timothy M. Easter 
Abdullah Fayadh Eisa 
Joshua Adam Felperin 
Robert Keith Frassato 
Crystal Marie Gardner 
Mark David Garrett** 
Jacqueline S. Gilmore magna 

cum laude* 
Chandra Marie Girtman 
Teresa Joyce Gisburne summa 

cum laude* 
Nissa Gabrielle Greene 
Ronique'ka Angenette Griffin 
Erica Lynn Hamm magna cum 

Christopher A. Hanania 
Samuel Cook Hargrove 

Amanda Pauline Harre cum 

Deanna Marie Harwood 
Kendra Roselee Haslett 
Chenique LaShaun Heath 
Mark V. Hoaglund 
Erin Elizabeth Hoke cum laude 
Megan Elizabeth Howard 
Takumi Iizuka 
Mohamed Ishan 
Frank Andrew Iubelt 
Alvin Hayes Jefferson cum laude 
Jamie Laura Kear*** 
Rafe Andrew Kemmis cum laude 
Jason Robert Kozlowski 
Christopher S. Krantz cum 

Heather Colleen Kyle 
Darrin Lee Martin 
Cortez Carl McBerry 
Michael William McClure II 

magna cum laude* 
Kirsten Lindsay McCormack 

cum laude 
David Lee Mincemoyer 
Kelly Ann Ming 
Joshua Daniel Moehle 
Canda Sue Musgrove cum laude 
Jacqueline Marie Oetjen 
Safuri Titilola Ogbara 
Joong-Seok Oh magna cum laude 
Temitope Abiola Oshodi summa 

cum laude* 
Jennifer Lynn Pirkey 
David Charles Pontious** 
Blane Robert Popetz 
Neel Raj Potdar 
Donald Wayman Henshaw 

Darcy Anne Quick 

Kevin W. Quon 

Anita Ruth Rajan summa cum 

Michael Todd Ricke 
Charles George Ricker 
Pamela Yvette Riley 
Kathy L. Rodgers 
Matthew Steven Rogers 
Neal Elliot Rosenthal 
Jonathan Paul Schmidt magna 

cum laude* 
Andrae Marshall Scurlock 
Holly Leanne Simons* 
Brendan Joseph Smith 
Christopher Paul Smith 
Lukasz Soswa summa cum laude 
Eric W. Stead 
Anthony James Stevens 
Kasie Eliabeth Stickel 
Kimberly Rose Stopa 
Jay William Summers 
Charlotte Latoya Johnette 

Steven Allen Tooley 
William M.L. Tucker 
Amanda Rose Uber 
Vanessa Kate Vidal 
David William Vieregge 
Joseph James Viscomi 
Khoa Tan Vo 
Chad Ward 
Carrie Lynn Westphal 
Nicholas Rider Whiting 
Katrina Lynn Willis 
Andrea Dawn Wilton 
Mary Elizabeth Wirth 
Venney Wong cum laude 
Daniel Wade York 
Rashid Zakeri 


Order of Exercises 

College of Agricultural Sciences 

11:00 A.M., Saturday, May 14, 2005, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 

Marianne Webb, Distinguished University Organist and Professor Emerita of Music 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

Gary L. Minish, Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 

Gary L. Minish, Dean 

Commencement Address 

Stephen J. Scates, Senior Manager, Pat Scates and Sons Farms, and Chairman, Illinois 
Soybean Check-Off Board 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Agricultural Sciences 
Gary L. Minish, Dean 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 

Gary L. Minish, Dean 

Brian P. Klubek, Interim Chair, Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems 

Majors: Agricultural Systems, Plant and Soil Science 
Patricia K. Welch, Chair, Animal Science, Food and Nutrition 

Majors: Animal Science, Food and Nutrition 
Steven E. Kraft, Chair, Agribusiness Economics 

Major: Agribusiness Economics 
John E. Phelps, Chair, Forestry 

Major: Forestry 

Welcome to Alumni 

Kevin Koenegstein, President, College of Agricultural Sciences Alumni Association 

Closing Remarks 

Gary L. Minish, Dean 


Rigaudon, Georg Boehm, Composer 

Marianne Webb, Distinguished University Organist and Professor Emerita of Music 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Agricultural Sciences 

Gary L. Minish, Dean 
Christina Marley, Student Marshal 
Brian P. Klubek, Usher 
Patricia K. Welch, Usher 

Steven E. Kraft, Usher 
John E. Phelps, Usher 
Charlotte A. Gibson, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Courtney James Abbott 
Larry Raymond Ackerman 
Dwayne Henry Alward* 
Stephanie Jo Apple* 
Carrie Sue Arms 
Catherine Diane Baker 
Michael Scott Barnhart 
Jessica Ann Barnhill* 
Jamie Lee Bartosik 
Brent Austin Bates 
John Douglas Bates 
Burton Eugene Bickett 
Andrew John Billips 
Alejandra Blanco Calderon 
Lee Ann Blubaum 
Ryan Alan Boland* 
Kevin Charles Bold 
Donald Lee Brachear 
Mark E. Bradshaw 
Michael Eugene Bronson 
Alan C. Buckner 
Christopher Aaron Burns 
Helen Marie Camp 
Adam T. Campbell cum laude 
Mehgan Lyn Castle 
Brett Wayne Chesnek 
Melinda Ann Cobern 
Ryan Todd Collins 
Jason Daniel Conner 
Karl S. Cook 
Brandon Alan Cooper 
Justin Warren Crain 
Austin Eugene Crutcher 
Travis James Deterding 
Jonathan Allen Deutsch 
Crystal Marie Doll* 
Mark Stephen Douglas 
Robert Edward Dueker, Jr. 
Ryan Matthew Ebbert 
Lyndsey Erica Eckel magna cum 

William Ray Evans 
Brandon Lee Everett 
Melissa Anne Fancher 
Daniel Keith Flaherty 
Ejayce Marlene Fox 
Matthew Dean Frey 
John Jacob Gaffher 
Audrey Ann Ganley 
Christine Lynn Goldstein magna 

cum laude* 
Kara Lynn Gruenenfelder 
Melaina Marie Hammond 

Monica Kay Harre 

Lacie Diane Hawkins magna 

cum laude 
Dalton Trum Heath* 
Lisa Ann Hermann 
Daniel James Hoffacker 
John Albert Hogan 
Leah Dawn Holmes 
Justin D. Holsapple 
Ross David Holscher 
Matthew Alan Hughes 
Jeremy William Jackman 
H. Bryce James 
Brian Kyle Jones 
Jennifer L. Jones 
Kazumi Kawauchi cum laude* 
Ryan Michael Kent 
Gregory A. Kessler 
Michael Joseph Kistner cum 

John Robert Klemm 
Nathan John Klount cum laude 
Dallas Wayne Lane 
Jason Richard Launius 
Sheree Lynn Ledwell 
Myung Kyu Lee 
Rachefie Kimberly Lemon cum 

Sarah Ann Lenz 
Derek James light 
Zachariah Aiken Lindsey 
Matthew John Lintker 
Robert Hansell Lockhart cum 

Heather Leigh Longo 
Alexander Sean Mackey 
Julia Ann Malebranche 
Christina Marie Marley summa 

cum laude 
Kevin Brandon Marlow 
Meganne R. McDowell 
William Joseph McGann, Jr. 
Pat J. Meinhart 

Rene L. Mettler magna cum laude 
Gregory D. Meuth 
Suzanne Lynn Meyer 
Ellie Yvette Minder 
Kevin Derek Minear 
Kimberly Suzanne Mines 
Julie Ann Modglin 
Brad L. Moran 
Timothy Patrick Moritz 
Jennifer Lynn Mowrey 

Erin E. Naes 

Jennifer Michelle Nayden 
Maria Jeanette Neubauer 
Bradley Edward Niedbalski cum 

Michael Earl Norris 
Lisa Laurine O'Brien 
Shinji Ogita 
Lisa M. Ortiz* 
Mark C. Orwig 
Rebecca Ann Osterman 
Kyle Wayne Page 
Jeremy Levi Parish 
Dena Theresa Peltonen* 
Ty Allan Phillips 
Thomas Michael Pigg 
Jason A. Pitcher 
Jennifer Renee Purcell 
Frank W. Rafa 
David Christoph Rambow 
Carrie Lynn Rapp 
Adam William Reeg 
Dianna Jo Richards 
Jeffrey Keith Rister 
Betty Lee Rodgers 
Christine Ann Ross 
Matthew Lee Sayers 
Carl Andrew Schmidt 
Jeremy Alden Schmidt magna 

cum laude 
Jonathan Walter Schneider cum 

Wayne Edward Schultz, Jr. 
Richard Schumacher 
Jason Lee Seessengood 
Jennifer Leigh Sheets 
Julie Ann Shutt 
Jennifer Lynn Sievers 
Scott Andrew Sorrows 
Todd Matthew St Ledger 
Matthew Charles Strieker 
Amber Ruth Strom 
Nicholas David Susnis 
Stephen Michael Swanson 
Kacie Anne Taylor 
Molly Margaret Terry 
Paul David Tikusis 
Brandi L. Timm 
Jacqueline Kay Tracy 
Panayiota Tsokkou* 
Nelson Will Van Mere 
Joe Alan Vanderwerff, Jr. 


Bachelor of Science (continued) 

Brian D. VanWinkle Jared Scott Webb Aaron Dean Wright 

Jim Michael Venetucci III Ethan Thomas Weber Erin Saena Yaseen cum laude 

Matthew Quentin Vinyard Sarah Jo Wetzel Ashley Renee Yates 

Daniel George Vonau Jaclyn Marie Willenborg cum Clifford Louis Zbinden IV cum 

Greg Alan Wallace laude* laude 

Heather Elizabeth Waller Tess Elizabeth Williams Amanda Jean Zelasko cum 

Joshua Adam Warren Shaun Christopher Wismer laude* 

Ryan Lynn Washburn Julianna Wodzinski 


Order of Exercises 

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 

1:30 P.M., Saturday, May 14, 2005, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

Manjunath Pendakur, Dean 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Mass Communication 
and Media Arts on behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Manjunath Pendakur, Dean 

Jackie Spinner, Recipient, Staff Writer, Washington Post, School of Journalism (Class of 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 

Walter B. Jaehnig, Director, School of Journalism 

Commencement Address 

Jackie Spinner, Staff Writer, Washington Post 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Degrees 

Manjunath Pendakur, Dean 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 

Closing Remarks 

Manjunath Pendakur, Dean 


Trumpet Tune, David Johnson, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 

Manjunath Pendakur, Dean 
Phillip Greer, Marshal 
John Downing, Marshal 
William Recktenwald, Usher 

Beverly Love, Usher 

Jack Young, Reader 

Jean Kelley, Reader 

Carol Westerman- Jones, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Shanaka Kollette Adams 
Beth Ann Alongi summa cum 

Michael Conrad Anderson 
Benjamin Justus Antoline 
Gregory Gerald Armstrong cum 

Shuichi Azuma 
Kerrill Jo Balek 

Lindsey Hope Bauer cum laude 
Andrea Morgan Behrends 
Jonathan Craig Bell 
Dawn Marie Bennett cum laude 
Michael Darrell Bennett 
David Benney 
Mitchell Craig Berman 
Quintana P. Blue 
Adam Paul Brandt 
Michael C. Burgiel 
Jennifer Ann Burke magna cum 

Joshua G. Buursma magna cum 

Jacklyn Christina Byrd 
Deetria Nichole Cannon 
Rebecca Anne Cascio 
Ian Antonio Chaurero* 
Andrew Lucas Cole 
Kristen Denise Cowden 
Colin Mackenzie Croft 
Keith Richard Crook* 
Molly Beth Crow 
Anne Marie Crumby cum laude* 
Benjainin David Crutcher 
Steven F. Cukierski 
Aisha Simeon Dalley 
Clint Matthew Davis 
James Justin Davis 
Ryan Zachary Deal 
Matt Aaron DeBackere cum 

Jeremy A. Dietrich 
Benjamin Carlisle Doyle 
Thomas Fitzpatrick Dunn* 
Jeffrey John Durso magna cum 

Diana Susan Duy 
Adam Collie Eccleston 
Krystal Marie Eisenbath 
Nicholas Edward Ellingsworth 

cum laude 
Jessica Kathleen Farney magna 

cum laude 

Anthony Michael Ferrari 
James Gregory Foerster 
Adam Christopher Gabor 
Thomas Donald Gallagher 
Matthew Jacob Gamble 
Jonathan Nathaniel Gandy 
Rachel Leigh Gartner* 
Amber J. Gibbs 
Talia Sheree Gilmore 
Erin Michelle Gordon 
Justin Thomas Goubeaux 
Jennifer Lynne Greaney 
Shaun Alan Hayes 
James C. Hedstrom 
Anthony Edward Henley 
Jennifer Danielle Hodges 
Adam Gregory Hofmann* 
Shaun Russell Huhn 
Mia Leatrice Jefferson 
Dayton Johnson III 
Mark Patrick Johnson* 
Robert George Johnson 
Brandi Michelle Jones 
Michael Vincent Kadich 
Keefe Jon Kaupanger-Swacker 
Paul James Kennedy 
Patrick Joseph Ketcham 
William P. Kopke, Jr. 
Carly Anne Kubicki cum laude* 
Sinisa Kukic 

Keith Anthony Kurtz cum laude 
Alison Kay Lamb 
Christopher Raymond LaGarce* 
Gregory I. Lederway 
Mark Robert Mangan 
Catrina Maria Marsh magna cum 

Joseph Martin cum laude 
Jon P. McAlistar 
Lindsey Ann McGregor 
Drew Michael McKiruey 
Mary Frances Metcalf 
Craig Alan Miller 
Otto Joseph Miller 
Lisa Victoria Mitchell cum laude 
Eric Scott Moniger 
Roxanne J. Murray 
Gregory Scott Naaktgeboren 
Chrystal Lea Nause summa cum 

Joseph Brandon Nudelman 
James Thomas O'Leary 
Afua S. Owusu 

Shane Allen Pangburn summa 

cum laude* 
Alexis Elizabeth Parker 
Emily Rene Paschke 
Stephanie Ann Pawlowski 
Alexis Andrea Peeples 
Curtis Christopher Petersen 
Jeffrey Nelsen Quimby 
Edward L. Reed II 
Paul B. Rehder 
Melissa Marie Renz magna cum 

Gayla Joy Risley 
Douglas Lee Robinson 
Janefie Elizabeth Rominski 
Robin Danielle Rossmiller* 
Jason Edward Ruffin 
Michael Colin Russell 
John Charles Savage 
Eric Christopher Schertz 
Heidi Marie Sherrod 
Timothy Dennis Siewak* 
Robert Ford Sinn 
Eric Ryan Skala cum laude 
Ryan Jay Slavinsky 
Jessica Barrett Slider cum laude 
Shawn Richard Smetana 
Kyle Raymond Sorensen 
Karinne Lachele Spencer 
Alyssa Victoria Stafford cum 

Shaun Patrick Stonecipher 
Chase Robert Swanson cum 

Andrew Eugene Thomas 
Andrew Robert Thomas 
Lawrence Chilton Thomas 
Bryan Andrew Tompkins 
Nicholas John Vallas 
Thomas Ian VanOosting cum 

Grant David Warren, Jr. 
Scott Clark Welborn 
Caree Lynne West 
Nathan Joy West 
Joseph Andrew Willems 
Kamal Jajuan Williams 
Jennifer Ryan Willis cum laude* 
Timothy James Wills 
Courtney Mary Wroblewski* 
Nathaniel Jolyan Zacny 
Victoria Ann Zaita 
James Robert Zorn* 


Bachelor of Science 

James D. Adams 
Michael Eugene Alto 
Andrea Michelle Alvey 
Reid Martin Anderes 
Moustafa M. Ayad* 
Megan Kathleen Bailey 
Dean Baker 
Ashanti Jovan Bentley 
Erik Matthew Bieszczad 
Melinda Tiffany Briggs 
Jacey Matthew Cain* 
Tatiana Cecila Canaval* 
Paul Caravelli 
Katrina Jane Challans 
Elisabeth Mary Clark 
Justin Gregory Gustave Cucci 
Terry L. Dean 
David Todd Drohlich 
Jared Paul Dubach 
John Paul Einhorn 
Amber Nicole Ellis 
Erin M. Foley 

Katherine Annette Fortune cum 

Joel Benjamin Gray 
Isha Satyaprakash Gupta** 
Corrie T. Hafner cum laude 
Kristina Noel Herrndobler 

magna cum laude* 
Andrew John Horonzy 
Katherine Diane Howard 
Jane M. Huh 
Megan Ann Laz 
Brandi Elizabeth Lodico 
Robert C. Lyons 
Sunniya Nicole Marquez 
Maria Marro 
Elijah Matthews 
Shronda Shrea McDaniel 
Gregory H. McGee 
Nathan Paul Michels 
Jacob Daniel Moore 
David Lenana Msseemmaa 
Brett Thomas Nauman 
Natalie Ann Needham 

Joshua Nielsen 
Katherine Rose Ostrowski 

magna cum laude* 
Nancy Ann Remkus 
Ashley Tennille Richardson* 
Justin Alan Savage 
Justin Peter Spitler 
Kerry Anne St Joseph 
Andrew Tyler Steavens cum 

William T. Stephens 
Drew Holden Stevens cum laude 
Melissa Jennifer Tawse 
Laura Kay Taylor* 
Bryan Christopher Turner 
Maria Antonia Vazquez 
Amanda Diane Whitlock cum 

Ashley Rebecca Wiehle 
Andrea E. Willard 
David Matt Yates 
Jessica Yorama 


Order of Exercises 
School of Law 

4:00 P.M., Saturday, May 14, 2005, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party and Commencement Speakers 

Peter C. Alexander, Dean, School of Law 

Faculty Rule of Law Citation 

Jill Adams, Presenter, Associate Professor of Law 
Somchai Neelaphaijit, Recipient, Attorney 

Commencement Address 

Julian Bond, Chairman, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People 

Presentation of Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters 

Peter C. Alexander, Dean, School of Law 
Constance Baker Motley, Recipient 

Accepting the award on her behalf, Joseph A. Brown, SJ Ph.D. 

Presentation of Candidates, Hooding, and Conferring of Degrees 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 
Peter C. Alexander, Dean 
Wenona Whitfield, Associate Dean 
Mark Lee, Professor of Law 
Amber Hewette, Professor of Law 
Mark Schultz, Professor of Law 

Class Speaker 

Nathan Craig, Recipient, John S. Rendleman Outstanding Senior Award, Class of 2005, 
Southern Illinois University School of Law 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the School of Law on behalf of the 
SIU Alumni Association and Welcome to Alumni 
Peter C. Alexander, Presenter, Dean 

Paul Matalonis, Recipient, Attorney, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, 
Class of 1984 

Concluding Remarks 

Peter C. Alexander, Dean 


Trumpet Tune, David Johnson, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


School of Law 

Peter C. Alexander, Dean 
Diane Murley, Marshal 
Mark Schultz, Usher 

Wenona Whitfield, Reader 

Juris Doctor 

Adam J. Alstott 

Jill Riley Atkins 

Kenneth Bradley Baren 

Meredith Brianne Barr 

Nicole Janelle Batchelor 

Justin Matthew Bathon 

William Wylie Blair 

Brendan Damien Bukalski 

Sarah Jane Carey 

Kirk Robert Chrzanowski 

Sharon Elaine Cody 

Jason Eric Coffey 

Shannon Michelle Connors 

Nathan A. Craig 

Timothy James Cranford 

Ashraf Hamzeh Darwish 

Charles Yates Davis 

Paul J. Engel 

Whitney Coleman Flota 

Kevin Michael Flynn 

Kyle Adam Fromm 

Michael Joseph Garavalia 

Greg Anthony Gaz 

Krissi J. Geary 

Denise Todden Gibson 

Shaun Singh Gill 

Jaime Michelle Gilrner 


Bryant Gomez 

Derrick Bruce rfager 

Douglas Harrison Hall 

Elizabeth J. Hamilton 

Russell E. Hammer 

Justin G. Harris 

Russell Thomas Hayes 

Nathan Michael Huffman 

Nathaniel Hanyu Hwang 

David Matthew James 

Bradley Dean Jarrell 

Robert Morford Javoronok 

Emily Jean Johnson 

Jason David Johnson 

Daryl J. Jones 

Devin Marcus Jones 

Jason William Jording 

Jennifer Ann Jostes 

Anthony Ryan Jumper 

Paul Mark Kaufmann 

Douglas Bryan Keane 

Richard W. Kemp 

Kerri Shawn Kiger 

Matthew Paul Koetters 

Jessica Lynn Krauss 

Christopher Allen Kurtz 

Daniel Joseph Lee 



Juris Doctor (continued) 

Po Hong Lin 

Laef Nicholas Lorton 

Matthew Aaron Lurkins 

Peter Jonathan Maag 

Kathleen Teresa McCarthy 

Eugene Walter Meurer 

Jennifer Michelle Miller-Louw 

Jennifer Lynn Morris 

Heather Lynn Mueller 

Samuel Anthony Naylor 

Brendan Michael Nester 

Kevin Michael Niemeyer 

Jason Wade Nyberg 

Anne Galey Oitzinger 

Benjamin Joel Overby 

Nicholas Erik Owens 

Jong B. Park 

Snehal Patel 

Sara Barnes Pedigo 

Nicole Bahan Poirier 

Kylie Kaye Poison 

Joseph Curtiss Ponitz 

Winter Daye Ramsey 

Judith Ann Ray 

Lee Vaughn Rollins 

Aimee Suzanne Roper 

Jamie Marie Rose 

Amy Marie Rupiper 

Fadi Bader Rustom 


Brent Larsen Salsbury 

Kevin C. Sanborn 

Lisa Marie Scalf 

Tamara M. K. Shults 

Tiffanny H. Sievers 

Jill Helene Simpkins 

Davina Sweetwater Smith 

Dennis Brian Smith 

Allison Marie Snep 

Samuel Lee Snyder 

Donna Beth Spangler 

Gregory Paul Storie 

Damian Robert Struzzi 

Justin Kent Summary 

Lindsay Sweet 

Scott LeRoy Terry 

Marcus Anthony Thorpe 

David Craig Troutman 

Jennifer Marie Van Fossan 

Stephanie Michelle Wagner 

Andrew Scott Wall 

Eric Ryan Waltmire 

Kelly Whiteaker 

Andrew Michael Wilkerson 

J. Brent Wilkins 

Dailey Elaine Wilson 

Samuel J. Wright 

Ronald Bradley Ziegler 



Air Force and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps 

Listed below are those candidates who, subject to completion of all degree 
requirements, are being commissioned Second Lieutenants. 

Army Reserve Officers Training Corps 

1:30 P.M., Saturday, May 14, 2004, Wham Room 105 

Gaudio, Gary J. 
Herron, Jason P. 

Martin, Andrew P. 
Natter, Joseph M. 

Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps 

3:00 p.m., Saturday, May 14, 2004, Student Center Auditorium 

Briney, Nicholas J. 
Heimann, Lisa A. 
Iubelt, Frank A. 
Jording, Jason W. 
Kosmatka, Jennifer J. 
Lintker, Matthew J. 

Overman, Mark M. 
Pontious, David C. 
Reinhardt, Nicholas D. 
Williams, Jared M. 
Wilson, Seth S. 
Young, Aaron R. 


2005 Excellence Through Commitment Awards 

University-Level Awards 

Outstanding Scholar 

Outstanding Teaching 

Outstanding Term Faculty Teaching 

Outstanding Adrninistration/ Professional 
Teaching Support 

Outstanding Civil Service Teaching Support 

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant 

Leonard P. Rybak 

School of Medicine 

John H. Summey 

College of Business and Administration 

Alberta J. Skaggs 
College of Liberal Arts 

Donna M. Margolis 

College of Business and Administration 
Career Services 

Karen M. Clayton 

College of Liberal Arts 

Sachiko Tankei 

College of Liberal Arts 
Speech Communication 

College-Level Awards 

College of Agricultural Sciences 
Outstanding Teaching 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 
Outstanding Teaching 

College Business and Administration 
Outstanding Teaching 

College of Education and Human Services 
Outstanding Teaching 

College of Engineering 
Outstanding Teaching 

College of Liberal Arts 
Outstanding Teaching 

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Outstanding Teaching 

College of Science 
Outstanding Teaching 

Library Affairs 
Outstanding Faculty 

Jeffrey R. Beaulieu 

Agribusiness Economics 

Nancy M. Gozenbach 

Information Management Systems 

John H. Summey 


Maria H. Mallette 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Sanjeev Kumar 

Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Jonathan J. Bean 


Janice I. Thompson 


George H. Waring 


Christina M. Desai 

Library Affairs 


Academic Regalia 

The academic regalia, consisting of cap, gown, and hood, originated about the twelfth century and were worn 
primarily for warmth. Later, the material of the gown and lining and shape of the hood represented the 
economic and social as well as the academic status of the wearer. 

In 1895, a commission of American educators established an inter-collegiate code for the academic regalia. 
This code, revised in 1932, 1969 and again in 1989, provides a comprehensive system of academic regalia for 
American colleges and universities. While the code specifies black gowns, foreign universities and a growing 
number of American universities have gowns of various colors. 

There are four types of gowns and hoods-the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctor's. The associate and 
bachelor's gowns are the same except for a slight difference in color, untrimmed and have a closed front and 
long pointed sleeves. Women may wear a white collar with the bachelor's gown when no hood is worn. 

The master's gown is untrimmed, may be worn open or closed, and has extremely long, closed sleeves with an 
opening at the wrist. The ends of the sleeves are square with an arc extending from the wrist opening to the 
square end. The doctor's gown may be worn open or closed and has round, bell-shaped sleeves. There are wide 
velvet borders down the front and three velvet bars on each sleeve; the borders and bars may be black or the 
color of the discipline of the degree. 

The hood for each degree has a distinctive form. The master's hood is three and one-half feet in length with 
wider velvet edging and more of the lining exposed. The doctor's hood is four feet in length with the widest 
velvet edging and full exposure of the lining. Hoods are lined with the color (s) of the college or university 
conferring the degree. The color of the velvet edging identifies the discipline of the degree. 

The black mortarboard cap is standard in the United States, although soft tarns are worn at some universities. 
Tassels are usually black, except when no hood is worn, in which case the color of the tassel represents the field 
of study. Doctor's caps may have gold tassels. Upon conferral of the degree the tassel is worn on the left of the 
cap. Caps are considered part of the academic regalia and are customarily removed only during prayer, oath, or 
pledge, and then by men only. 

Colors of Tassels and Hoods 

In the United States the hood is edged with the color of the field of study and lined with the colors of the 
university conferring the degree. Southern Illinois University Carbondale's hoods are lined in maroon with a 
white chevron. Tassel and/ or velvet hood colors, representing the fields of study, worn by students and faculty 
in the academic processional are: 

Tassels (Undergraduate Colleges) 

Agriculture, Maize 

Applied Sciences and Arts, Orange 

Business and Administration, Drab 

Education and Human Services, Light Blue 

Engineering, Orange 

Liberal Arts, White 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, Blue 

Science, Gold 

Hoods (Masters and Advanced Degrees) 

Agriculture, Maize 

Applied Sciences and Arts, Orange 

Arts, Letters and the Humanities, White 

Business and Administration, Drab 

Education, Light Blue 

Engineering, Orange 

Fine Arts, Brown 

Law, Purple 

Liberal Arts, White 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, Blue 

Music, Pink 

Philosophy, Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Peacock Blue 

Science, Gold 

Social Work, Citron Yellow 

Teaching, Light Blue 


The SIU Alumni Association 

The SIU Alumni Association is a worldwide organization dedicated to promoting 
Southern Illinois University, its students and alumni. The mission of the SIU Alumni 
Association is simple: to reveal to the world the excellence of Southern Illinois 
University Carbondale. The bond between you and your University lasts a lifetime, and 
the success of alumni and the institution can be enhanced when both take part in the re- 

Founded in 1896, the SIU Alumni Association now serves over 185,000 alumni 
worldwide by publishing the quarterly magazine, Southern Alumni, and sponsoring 
alumni chapters, reunions, Homecoming and many other activities. 

Benefits you can receive with membership: 
Southern Alumni magazine (quarterly) 
Saluki Pride newsletter 

Social and career networking opportunities through chapter and metro 
outreach programs and activities. 
SIU Alumni Association decal 

Enjoy all of the benefits listed below. Services for which members are eligible: 
Help in locating SIU Friends 
Discount Travel Rates 

Skillsearch membership discount (career networking company) 
Campus Privileges/ Discounts 
Insurance Benefits at Group Rates 
Discounts at Six Flags Amusement Parks 

Contact the Alumni Association to receive a membership application, and to tell them 
your news for consideration in the Southern Alumni magazine. 



SIU Alumni Association SIU Alumni Association 

Colyer Hall Mailcode 6809 Student Center 

Carbondale, IL 62901-6809 Southern Illinois University 

(618) 453-2408 Carbondale, IL 62901-6809 

Chicago Office: Phone (630) 574-7774 Ext. 2 
SIU Alumni Association 
100 Jorie Suite 351 
Oak Brook, IL 60521 


Southern Alma Mater 



dp i J J i 





Hail Al - ma 

Ma - ter 

South - em to 

1 1 r i 









Strong- thru the 

years you stand tri 


f I r 

r r i i 














g^uide us 


ver life's 










Lig-ht that can 

nev - er fail us 

Hail, hail to 










Copy right 19.17 by Board of Trustee*. Southern Illinois I'mvcrmtv 


Published by the Office of Records and Registration, Southern Illinois University Carbondale. 

Printed by Phillips Brothers Printers, Springfield, Illinois. 0505 18M 05/05