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Full text of "Commencement One Hundred and Forty-Eighth Year [2011]"

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La Salle University 


C O M M ] NCI \l 1 \ I 

i wo fHOUSAND Eleven 

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LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

(jommencemenl ■ '•■;>■ 

Sunda>. Ma\ 15.2011 

William R. Sautter. Chairman. La Salle University Board of Trustees, Presiding 

PRJX ESSIONAL (Pomp and Circumstance)* EDWARD ELGAR 

INVOCATION* John William Piree 

National anthem Francis Scott Key 


I U e /'resident for Student Affairs and Dear. 

A GRADUATE SPEAKS Patrick Sean Terranos a 

CONFERRING OF Honorary DEGREES Brother Michael J. McGinniss. F.S.C., Ph.D. 



(The Christian R and Mary F Lindhack Award is presented for Distinguished Teat king) 



GRADl All 

Doctor of Psychology in Cluneal Psychology 

Thomas A Keagy. Ph.D. 

Dean. School ot'Arts and Sciences 

Master of Science m Nursing 

Master of Science m Speech-Language Pathology 

Zane Robinson Wolf; Ph 1) . K \ . I A A N 

Dean. School of Nursing and Health Sciences 

Master oj Business Administration 

Paul R Brazina, M.B \ . ( l' \ . c M.A. 
Dean, School of Business 

Master oj S< letu e m Computer Information Sciein e 
\lasier of S< tem e in Information Technology Leadership 
Master Oj \rt\ in Professional and Business ( uinmumeation 

Master qj irts m c eniral and /.astern European Studies 

Hastei qj \rts in Clinical Psychology 

Master qj Arts m ( Imn al-C 'ounseling Psyt holog) 

Muster a/ Ins in I .dm utum 

Muster qj Iris in Bilingual Bn ultural Studies 

Master of Arts m Theology and Ministry 
Mastei at his m History 

Muslei qj i'ls in 11 SOI 

I bonus \ Keagy, Ph l) 

Dean, School oJ am-, and Science! 

Mastei qj s< iem ■ in Instrm tumid Tet hnology Management 

Joseph \ i gnu Ph.D 

Dean, ( ollege ol Professional and ( ontinuing Studies 


Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Bachelor of Science in Suintion 

Bachelor qfi 

Zane Robinson Wolf. Ph.D.. R\.l \ \ N 

Dean. School of Nursing and Health Sciences 

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 

Paul R. Brazina, M B At |> \ . t M \ 

Dean. School ofBusineSS 

Bachelor qj Social Work 

Bachelor oj s 

Bachelor qj Iris 

I bonus A Keagy, Ph I) 

Dean. School oi Alts and Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 
Joseph V I i-r.iv I'll 1) 

Dean, i ollege ol Professional 

and Continuing studies 

4ssot iate m irts 

I bonus \ Keagy, Ph D 

Dean. School ol \rti and Sciences 

Joseph ^ I gnu, Ph I) 

Dean, i ollege oi Professional 
and i ontinuing Studies 

* i iu- tudi 

mini itu- \i.i.Uinu Proceaaioo hat left the field v I 

U'lll.ltlW ill,' I II, Wl I 


Victoria Blair Barry 

B.A., Eugene Lang College/New School University; 2006, Liberal Arts 
M.A., La Salle University, 2008, Clinical Psychology 

Victoria Barry is completing her clinical internship in the integrated care track at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, 
Mich. Barry provides behavioral health services as part of an interdisciplinary team in a number of medical clinics, including internal 
medicine, infectious disease, and obstetrics and gynecology. She also is heavily involved in ongoing behavioral medicine program development 
initiatives at both Wayne State and through the Detroit Health Department. Barry is passionate about women's health in particular, and 
she hopes to continue to work in this vein in the future. Her clinical dissertation is titled "HPV Knowledge and Consistent Condom Use: 
An Investigation of Group Differences in a Female College Sample." 

Lisa-Ann Judith Cuccurullo 

B.A., Manhattan College, 2002, Communications 

M.A., Manhattan College, 2004, Counseling Psychology 

M.A., La Salle University, 2008, Clinical Psychology 

Lisa-Ann Cuccurullo is completing her clinical internship at Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System in New Orleans, La. As 
an intern, she provides empirically supported treatments to veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal ideation. 
Cuccurullo's clinical dissertation is titled "Trauma Symptom Presentation Among Suicidal Patients." Cuccurullo will continue her clinical 
and research work as a post-traumatic stress disorder postdoctoral fellow at Southeast Louisiana Veterans Heath Care System. 

Veronique Regina Deutsch 

B.A., State University of New York at Binghamton, 2002. Sociology 

M.A., Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus, 2004, Experimental Psychology 

M.A., La Salle University, 2007, Clinical Psychology 

Psy.D., La Salle University, 2010. Clinical Psychology 

Veronique Deutsch completed her clinical internship at The Devereux Foundation in August 2010. There, she provided cognitive behavioral 
therapy for adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems, conducted assessments and research, and educated families in parent 
training and behavioral modification. Deutsch's clinical dissertation is titled "Practitioner-Scholar Psy.D. and Scientist-Practitioner Psy.D.: 
Further Implications for Training. Internship, and Educational Issues in Clinical Psychology." Deutsch is now completing a postdoctoral 
fellowship at Just Kids in Riverhead, N.Y., providing therapy for pre-school children in special education and their families, conducting 
functional behavioral assessments, and training staff and teachers in empirical behavioral interventions. 


Lauren Sara Egbert 

B S Washington and Lee University. 200-4. Psychology and Biology 
MA. La Salle University 2008, Clinical Psychology 

Lauren Egbert is completing her clinical internship at the Hawthorn C enter in North\ ille. Mich There, she pro\ ides empirically supported 
treatments to children, adolescents, and families in both inpatient and outpatient settings Egbert's research interests involve examining the 
cognitive strategies that adolescents use after experiencing a stressful life event Her clinical dissertation is tilled "Cognitive S 
Emotion Regulation in a C lmicallv Referred Sample of Adolescents " Egbert plans to return to Philadelphia to continue her clinical 

v in -s SgrascJ I •■geam 

B A , American University, 2004, Psychology 
M l La Salle I niversity, 2008, Clinical Psychology 

Ann Sgrenci 1 angsam is completing her clinical internship at Princeton House Behavioral Health I here, she provides empincallv 
supported treatments to individuals struggling with a \anet> of ps> etiological disorders within a partial hospitalization setting During 
her time at Princeton House, she has also gained specialized training in treating adolescents and adults struggling with eating disorders 
in an inpatient setting I angsam's research interests include examining the psychosocial stressors USOCiated with women's health 
issues Her cluneal dissertation is tilled •Parenting Perfectionism and l\v etiological Distress in Mothers Diagnosed with Cancer " I angs.uu 
will continue her research and clinical work as a postdoctoral fellow at I he Renfrew Center in Radnor. Pa 

H i Lafayette College :»'"> Psychology and I 
\l i La Salle University :<i<" Clinical Psychology 

Megan I averv is completing hei clinical internship .it the Memphis \ \ Medical t enter, where she provides fb< 

interventions t<> a variet) ol medical patients and works as an integrated membei ol several interdJacspUnar) medical teams i jver\ \ 
msearcfa interests primiril) fall within the realms ol bariatric surgeiv obesit) and oncolog) Her clinical dissertation examined potential 
psychological barriers to cervical cancel screenings inoverweighi and obese women 1 averv is unking forward tocontinuii . 
at the t leveland ( link nexi yeai through s bariatric surgerv health psychology fellowship 


Rachel Hilary Miller 

B.A., Lafayette College, 2006. Psychology 
M.A.. La Salle University; 2008. Clinical Psychology 

Rachel Miller is completing her clinical internship at Milton Hershey School, a residential school serving at-risk children and 
adolescents from families with low incomes, limited resources, and social needs. There, she provides therapy, consultation, crisis 
intervention, and psychological evaluations. She has a particular interest in working with children and adolescents who have 
experienced trauma and/or maltreatment. Miller's clinical dissertation is titled "An Investigation of Callous-Unemotional Traits and 
Treatment Outcomes in Adolescents." 

Shannon B. Myers 

B.S., Ursinus College, 2003. Psychology 
M.A., La Salle University 2008. Clinical Psychology 

Shannon Myers is completing her clinical internship at the Greater Hartford Clinical Psychology Internship Consortium, where she 
provides treatment to veterans from various eras, including Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Vietnam War, 
the Korean War, and World War II. During her internship, Myers has gained specialized training in the areas of health psychology, 
geropsychology, and provision of empirically supported treatments to veterans. Myers' clinical and research interests include coping 
with medical issues, the impact of chronic illness, and preventive health behaviors. Her clinical dissertation is titled "Maternal Cancer: 
Examining the Relationship between Family Functioning and Children's Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms." Myers will continue her 
career in health psychology as a postdoctoral fellow at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey/University of Medicine and Dentistry of 
New Jersey. 

Jayme Beth Oltarzewski 

B.A., Goucher College, 2006, Psychology 
M.A., La Salle University, 2008, Clinical Psychology 

Jayme Oltarzewski has a passion for empirically supported treatment of anxiety disorders and has worked in multiple settings, 
including general outpatient, community mental health, inpatient, private practice, and university counseling. She is completing her 
clinical internship at Ancora Psychiatric Hospital in Hammonton, N.J., where she conducts individual therapy, group therapy, and 
psychological testing with committed patients with severe mental illness. She also completes one day of her internship a week at the 
Rutgers University Student Health Service — Camden Campus, where she provides individual therapy to students. Two of 
Oltarzewski 's additional clinical interests, mindfulness and weight management, formed the foundation for her dissertation, which 
examined the utility of mindful eating as a weight management tool in a non-eating-disordered population. 


Hcmisha Jitendra Patel 

B.A . Rutgers University, 1999, Psychology' 
\1 A . John Jay College 20D2. Forensu f'wchology 
U A . La Salle University, 2008, Clinical Psychology 

Hcmisha J. Patel is completing her clinical internship with the Federal Bureau of Prisons" Federal Medical C enter Dev a 
providing specialized individual and group therapeutic services to federal inmates with a history of severe mental illness, substance 
use, and or sexually offensive behavior In addition. Patel evaluates pre-trial federal defendants for referrals related to competency to 
stand trial and criminal responsibility Taken together, she has gained specialized training in prov idmg a variety of treatment and 
assessment services to an underserved population within a correctional setting Palel's clinical dissertation is titled "Detection ^\ 
Feigned Psychotic Symptoms on the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory -2-Rcsiructurcd Form (MMPI-2-RF) A Cultural 
Profile and Comparison of Simulated Malingerers'' and is under review for publication 

\li\ Park Sarubbi 

Hl.l niversit) oj Maryland, 2004, Psychology 
\l I La Salle I raversity, 2008, Clinical Psychology 

\\\\ Sarubbi is completing hci clinical internship at Moniefioie Medical C enter Albert I insiem College of Medicine in the 

child adolescent track I here, she provides dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy with multi-problem youth 

Sarubbi's research interests include investigation of mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches Hei cluneal dissertation is titled 
I Kperiential Acceptance and Psychological Well-Beinj in Korean-Born Adoptees " Sarubbi will continue her clinical ca 

pnsldoetoial fellow at the ( olumhia I Diversity ( Imie foi Anxiety and Related Disorders 

Erin Elizabeth Scarth 

B s /.■,.„ \wtl ntversity, 2000 Psychology andSoct 
\l S s ii University of Thorn 
\i i La Salle University, 2007, Clinical Psychology 

I mi Scartfa is working si the Devereux I oundation Mapleton program with adolescents who have .i bistor) ol trauma and I 

problems Scarth completed hei internship ai the Devereux I oundation Mapleton program in August 2010 During her internship ai the 

Fvlapleton program, Scarth gained specialized training in s variet) ol trauma-informed, empiricall) sup) ■• children 

ami adolescents Ha research interests include children and adolescents with s bistor) >'t trauma with a focus on child ms 

Scarth 1 1 linicaJ dissertation is titled "Relationship Between Mtachmeni Securirj and I motion Regulation in M 

maltreated ( hildren " 


Amanda Leigh Skowron 

B.S., University of Pittsburgh, 2006, Psychology 
M.A., La Salle University; 2008, Clinical Psychology 

Amanda Skowron is completing her clinical internship at the Towson University Counseling Center. There, she provides individual 
and group treatment to undergraduate and graduate students in order to help them reach academic and personal success. Skowron has a 
strong interest in utilizing mindfulness-based treatments to treat anxiety disorders as well as to promote stress management. She has 
created and implemented a Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Reduction Series, which has allowed students to find a balance among 
all of the demands placed upon them. During her time at Towson University, she has also gained specialized training in implementing 
group treatment for substance abuse disorders and eating disorders. Skowron's research interests include examining how mindfulness 
can improve one's well being as well as examining different areas of women's health. Her clinical dissertation is titled "The Role of 
Assertiveness and Cognitive Flexibility in the Development of Postpartum Depression." 

Laura Ann Thackray 

B.A.. La Salle University, 2006, Psychology 
M.A., La Salle University, 2009, Clinical Psychology 

Laura Thackray is completing her clinical internship at Southern Arizona Psychology Internship Consortium. There, she provides 
empirically supported treatments to adults struggling with substance abuse disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and mood and 
personality disorders. Specifically, she works within an intensive outpatient program providing group and individual therapy to 
individuals with co-occurring disorders (substance abuse and other psychological disorders). Thackray 's clinical interests include 
providing empirically supported treatments for trauma and borderline personality disorder. Her clinical dissertation is titled 
"Prevention of Postpartum Depression: A Pilot Study." Thackray will continue her postdoctoral work at Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital in 
San Diego, Calif., where she will provide cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy to individuals coping with 
mood disorders and borderline personality disorder. 

Meghan Tuohy Walls 

B.A., The Pennsylvania State University, 2005, Psychology 
M.A., La Salle University, 2007, Clinical Psychology 

Meghan Tuohy Walls is completing a one-year clinical fellowship at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital in Baltimore, Md., with a 
specialization in pediatric psychology and weight management. Prior to the fellowship, she completed her pre-doctoral internship at 
Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. There, she also specialized in pediatric psychology with an emphasis in oncology. 
Walls' research interests include prevention, screening, and interventions in pediatric health populations. Her clinical dissertation is 
titled "Parents' Perceptions of Mental Health and Quality of Life in Pediatric Oncology." She will continue her research and clinical 
career at A.I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Del. 


Sara E. Walters-Bugbee 

B.A., Guilford College. 2003. Psychology, 
M.A., La Salle University. 2007, Clinical Psychology 
Psy.D . La Salle University, 2011, Clinical Psychology 

Sara Walters-Bugbee completed her pre-doctoral internship at the VA Gulf Coast in Biloxi. Miss Her clinical dissertation is titled 
"Banatric Surgery and Female Caregivers' Differences in Dietary Practices. Child Feeding Practices, and Household Food Purchases *' 
Walters-Bugbee is completing a postdoctoral fellowship in medical rehabilitation at the Edward Hines Jr VA Hospital in Chicago, III 
In this capacity, she is gaining specialized training in the evaluation and treatment of veterans diagnosed with blindness low vision. 
spinal cord injury disorders, and traumatic brain injury polytrauma Recently, she has forged a relationship with the Chicago 
Lighthouse and Jesse Brown VA Medical Center as a research consultant to assist with the generation of a manuahzed treatment to 
address low -level depression and vision rehabilitation outcomes in a \eteran population Walters-Bugbee's current professional and 
research interests include \ision-loss rehabilitation, social support in rehabilitation settings. impro\ing doctor-patient communications, 
and professional psychology training in ethical and multicultural competence 

Michael Andrew Williston 

HA University of Delaware, 2003 Psychology 
\l i La Salle i niversity, 2007, Clinical Psychology 

Michael Williston is completing his clinical internship at the Connecticut Yallcv I'svchologv Internship Program, where he provides 
empirical]) supported treatments at a public-sector communitv mental health center whose mission is to treat individuals struggling 
with severe and persistent mental illness who do not have medical insurance He is also gaming specialized training in treating 
individuals who have been found incompetent to stand trial or not guiltv bv reason of msanitv Williston'l research interests include 
examining interventions that encourage underserved populations to attend psvchotherapv appointments His clinical dissertation is 
titled "Brief Acceptance-Based Intervention fol Reducing Missed I list Appointments at S Communitv Mental Health ( enter " He is 
replicating this research while 00 internship and serves as | consultant tor similar research Bl the I nivcrsitv ol Pennsylvania His 
publications include a chaptei titled "Seeing through Clearei eves Mindtulness and acceptance-based behavioral interventions in the 
school " 

Zane Robinson Wolf, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N., Dean 


Susan Alexander. B.S.N.. Pan/ah University; 1993, Nursing 

Fatima Bangura. B.S.N.. Temple University, 2008, Nursing 

Kiristin Bre Barber. B.S.N. . Bradley University, 2004, Nursing 

Patricia \Y. Belaneio. B.S.N.. Excelsior College, 1993. Nursing 

Robert Raymond Binczak, B.S.N. . Thomas Jefferson University, 2001, Nursing 

Reem Ann Bivin. B.S.N. . Mahatma Gandhi University 2000, Nursing 

Kevin C. Carney. B.S., Drexel University, 1989, Business 

Jacqueline H. Cooper, B.A.. Villanova University, 1981, Psychology 

Juanita Lamar Davis-Carter, B.S.N. , La Salle University. 1993, Nursing, M.B.A.. Eastern University. 2005, Healthcare Administration 

Lisa Docherty. B.S.N., University of Scranton. 1996. Nursing 

Jeanne Ragan DeFrangesco. B.S.N., Gwynedd Mercy College, 1981, Nursing 

Sherell M. Everett. B.S.N. , Temple University. 2003. Nursing 

Robert Allen Fink. B.S., Millersville University. 2001. Speech Communication 

Kelly A. Flanigan, B.S.N., Temple University. 2005, Nursing 

Patricia Freeman, B.S.N.. Thomas Jefferson University. 2003, Nursing 

Jane A. Gatewood, B.S.N., Widener University. 2000. Nursing 

Agnes Ann Gentile, B.S., University of St. Francis, 1999, Health Arts 

Beth Gold, B.S.N. , Immaculata University, 2008. Nursing 

Allison C. Gossar. B.S.N. . Moravian College, 2008, Nursing 

Elizabeth A. Gurski, B.S.N., Immaculata University, 2005, Nursing 

Laura Peri Gurten, B.S.N., Drexel University, 2005, Nursing 

Courtney Marie Harrigan, B.S.N., Immaculata University, 2005, Nursing 

Katie Hooven, B.S.N.. West Chester University. 2006. Nursing 

Samala Jackson Dalene Huger, B.A.. Eastern University, 1994, Biology/Health Sciences, B.S.N., Widener University, 2006, Nursing 

Andria Renae Janos, B.S.N. , Villanova University, 2003, Nursing 

Dancan Kapkusha, B.S.N. , La Salle University, 2008, Nursing 

Michelle Lynn Kelly. B.S.N., La Salle University. 2008, Nursing 

Tarik S. Khan, B.A.. Davidson College. 1996, Theatre 

Kevin Allen Kirk, B.S.N., La Salle University, 2007, Nursing 

Anzhela Kogan, B.S.N., La Salle University. 2007, Nursing 

Terry- Ann Levy-Brown, B.S.N., La Salle University, 2002, Nursing 

Katie Donovan Liberty, B.S.N, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 2002, Nursing 

Nakeisha J. Little, B.S.N. . La Salle University, 2006, Nursing 

James Mackey, B.S.. Salisbury University. 1995, Liberal Studies 

Josephine Catherine de Guzman Malgapo-Trinh, B.S.N., Temple University. 1995. Nursing 

Ma. Kristina A. Martinez, B.S.N., Chinese General Hospital College of Nursing, 1998, Nursing 

Denise Masilotti, B.S.N., Hahnemann University, 1986, Nursing 

Amanda R. Mazaleski, B.S., St. Josephs University. 2000. Elementary/Special Education, B.S.N., Drexel University, 2004, Nursing 

Linda McCuen, B.S.N., Temple University. 2000, Nursing 

Kathleen H. McDade, B.S.N.. Immaculata University. 2001. Nursing 

Edward John McGrath III, B.S.N., University of Pittsburgh, 2006, Nursing 

Julia Ann McLoughlin, B.S.N, College of Mount Saint Vincent. 2002, Nursing 

Jenika Miles, B.S.N., Holy Family University, 2005, Nursing 

Kimberly A. Molinari, B.S.N.. Widener University. 1997. Nursing 

Mary-Margaret Monser, B.S.. The Pennsylvania State L'niversity. 1987, Human Development 

Carly S. Muenker, B.S.N., West Chester University of Pennsylvania, 2007, Nursing 

Brian T. Mullin. B.S.N.. Widener University. 1996. Nursing 

Wendy Ann Noll, B.S.N.. Drexel University, 2005, Nursing 

Karen Sue Ottaunick, B.S.N., Immaculata University, 2006, Nursing 

Kamini H. Patel, B.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 2003, Health Policy Administration. B.S., Villanova University, 2005, Nursing 

Angela M. Peagler, B.S.N. , Drexel University. 2004. Nursing 

Cyndi H. Phung. B.S.N.. California State University, 1999. Nursing 

Ann Catherine Pokorny, M.S.. St. Joseph's University, 2003, Health Administration 

Alycia Suzanne Reger, B.S.N., University of Pennsylvania, 1998, Nursing 

Danielle Christina Reynolds, B.S.N. . Thomas Jefferson University, 2004, Nursing 

Tarena Nicole Rivera. B.S.N. . Thomas Jefferson I 'niversity. Nursing 

Kristin Ann Rosato, B.S.N.. Neumann University, 2006, Nursing 

Nicole Marie Ross, B.S.N., Immaculata University. 2007, Nursing 

Valerie Anne Rupp, B.S. N., Temple L'niversity. 2004. Nursing 

Roseann C. Silver. B.S.N., The Pennsylvania State l'niversity. 1996. Nursing 

Kathleen Joan Smith, B.S., University of St. Francis, 2001, Health Arts 

Susan Elizabeth Snyder. B.S.N.. Hahnemann University, 1990, Nursing 



Anna Grasela Staniszessski. 0.5. .V. La Sulk- University. 2005. \ursing 

Theresa Stine, B.S., Philadelphia University. 2005. Health Care Administration 

Jamie K. Tambunno. B S \ . Temple University. 2005. Sursing 

Kimberly Ann Tobin. B.S.S.. Eastern University. 2001. Sursing 

Jacqueline M. Brodenek Trasser. 0.517V . I niversity oj Phoenix. 2006. Nursing 

Lovely S. Varghese. B S.N College oj Nursing, Fun. Bangalore. India. ] ou 0. Sursing 

Anne Mane Yolker. B A . San Francisco State University. l uuu . Liberal Studies 

Susan Wall. B S V , University of Cincinnati. 2005. Nursing 

Donna Mane Walters. B.S ' S '., Catholic University of America, 1985, Nursing 

Elizabeth Ann Whelan. B.S.N.. Holy Family College. 1995. Nursing 

Julie Lynn Winer, B S X . The Pennsylvania State L niversity, 2007, Nursing 


Dayna Leigh AUavena, B S Kutztown I 'niversity <>l Pennsylvania, 2004, Speet h Language Pathology 

Ashle> Rose Anderson. B S . La Salle I niversity. 2010 Speech-Language-Hearing St tern e 

(una Mane Bellia. B A . James Madison I niversity. 200°. Communication St iencei and Disorders 

Stephanie Mane Boag, HA La Salle I niversity. 2009, Psychology 

Chelsea E. Butler, B.S., The Richard Stockton College oj Sew Jersey, 2008, Speech Pathology andAudiology 

Melissa Jane ( aims, B 4 2004. Cahrim College. Special Education and Elementary Education 
Danielle ( alabria. li S la Salle L m\ersit\. 2010. Speec h-Language-Hearmg S( leiu e 

Desirec ( appuccio, B.S.,1 a Salle i niversity, 2010, Speech-Language-Hearing S 

KailK n Sarah Cardcll. HA West Chester I niversity of Pennsylvania, 200°. Communicative Disorders 

Jilhan Mane Carmen. BA l niversity of Delaware, 2008, Psychology/Linguistics 

Das id I) Can. Jr . B l Kn hard Stockton ( allege oj Nett Jersey, 2009 Speet h Pathology and Audiology 

fins \l ( iccrone, 0.5, Kutztown t niversity, 2008, Special Education Speech-Language Pathology 

Colleen Patricia Colbridge, B S . Bloomsburg t niversity 2009, Audiology and Speech Pathology 

Christina Connelly; B s . La Salle L niversity 2009, Speech-Language-Hearing s< ienct 

( belsea Mane Conner, B s . La Salle I 'niversity, 2010, Speet h-Language-Hearing S 

Stephanie I amen deMello, B s ll. -si c 'hester I niversity <>> Pennsylvania, 2009, Speet k Language Hearing £ 

Jacqueline Derby, B I l niversity of South Florida, 2t><>~ Communication Sciences and Di 

Maureen Dobbs, B s La Salle l niversity, 2010, Speet h-Language-Hearing v 

Patricia Regius Dormer, H s la Salle I niversity, 2oi<> Speech- Language-Hearing 

Jenna I c.ih Duil'ield. BA l iu\ersii\ oj \lar\land-( ollege Park, 2009 Speech Language Pathology 

( arolyn Ruth Durfee, B.S I niversity of \<» Hampshire 2009 Communication Sciences and Dh 

wintiicN Hailperin, B i Hofatra ( niversity 2006 Psychology 

Kaitlyn Patrice Hiltner, B s Easti 'arolina i ntversity, 2<)<> u Communication Sciences ana : < Horta.0.5 The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey . , "" v > Speech Pathology and Ami 

K.uic I sun Johnson, H S ( tntral Un higan ( niversity 2009 ( 'ommunication l> 

Heather Kauffinan.0 i Temple University /vvv Communication Sciences and D 

\shlcs VmyKeatea /» s La Salle University 2009, Speech-Languagx 

loan Fallon I % .ill. 0.5 La Salle University, 2010 i 

Susan McClintock W I Rutgers University 2005 English t< i Jamt 

Michelle Diane McNichols, 0.5 Clarion University 1999, Education 6 

Language Pathology 
Katherine Miller, B i West Chester University of Pennsylvania 2006 I 
Beta) Diane Molden, us Bloomsburg University 2 
table) rheresa Owens, 5.5 La Salle University 2010 Sp ee c h -Languagi 
Emma Petrucci, B.S La Salle University - 1 "/" S 
Sarah < lemeni Reed B 

M.usK.itc Kems H s La Salle University 7009 s 
leannettel Ki//i>. /m Bloomsburg University 
Kan \iiue Rohm, H s Bloomsburg University 200i 
st. us I oe Spezzano i In adia i ■ 

Stephanie \nn Sleevev 0.5 La 5 

Mm ... I sun Iblas, Hi Lay 
Uesaandra Vslerio, 0.5 La So 

kclls l eigh Wood I 

Paul R. Brazina, M.B.A., C.P.A., C.M.A., Dean 


Lia Alaniya, B.S., M.S., The Volga State Academy of Water Transport, 2005, Accounting 

Johnson S. Alex. B.B.A.. Temple University; 2002, Computer and Information Science 

TiAnn Nicole Applegate, B.S., University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 1994. Accounting 

Maurizio Armenti, B.S.. Rider University, 1998, Finance 

James Albert Asciutto. B.A., 2003, Political Science 

Matthew D. Baker, B.S.. The Pennsylvania State University 2007, Finance 

Keisha Stockman Barrett, B.B.A., Temple University, 1998, Risk Management/Insurance/International Business 

Renata N. Bass, B.S., Morgan State University, 2004, Hospitality Management 

Robert D. Bearce, B.S.. Rider University, 1997, Business Administration, M.S., Nova Southeastern University, 1999, Management 

Information Systems 
Netha D. Bell, B.S., Drexel University, 1999, Operations Management 
Kristine Piazza Belser, B.S., Rosemont College, 1998, Management 

Brian David Bershtein, B.S.. The Pennsylvania State University, 2002. Administration of Justice 
Birad Deepak Bhatt, Bachelor of Commerce, University ofMumhai, 2000, Accounting, Master of Commerce, University ofMumhai, 

2003, Accounting 
AnnMarie Biase, B.S., Delaware Valley College, 2004, Business Administration 
Daria Boguslavskaya, B.A., Pace University, 2006, Political Science 
Justin P. Bohn, B.A., University of Hartford, 2009, Criminology 
Ryan Michael Bolig, B.A., Lycoming College, 2006, Accounting 

Viktoriya Bondarenko, B.A.. M.A, Belgorod State University, 2006, International Economics 
Kayleigh Nicole Bosco, B.S.B.A., La Salle University. 2010, Accounting 
Martin E. Braam III, B.S., Villanova University, 1978, Business Administration 
Lisa Marie Braun, B.S.N., Gwynedd-Mercy College, 1999, Nursing 

Amy Elizabeth Brazina. B.S.. The Pennsylvania State University, 2008. Recreation. Park and Tourism Management 
Ashton Lee Breder, B.A., La Salle University, 2008, Philosophy 
Brianne Siobhan Brown, B.S.. Drexel University, 2007, Communication 
Candice Brown, B.A.. Bennett College for Women, 1998, Business Administration 
Michael A. Bruno, B. SB. A., La Salle University, 2010, Accounting 
Kevin S. Burney, B.B.A.. Temple University, 2008, Legal Studies 
Keyona Butcher, B.A., West Chester University. 2004. Psychology 
Timothy Gene Cabata, B.S.B.A., La Salle University, 2003, Finance 
Gentil M. Cabral, B.S.B.A., La Salle University, 2007, Accounting 
Jessica Caccamo, B.A.. Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, 2005, Psychology 
Michael A. Camut, B.S., The Pennsylvania State University. 1990, Electrical Engineering Technology 
Todd Michael Capobianco, B.S.B.A., La Salle University, 2003. Management Information Systems 
Juliann Carruol, B.S.B.A.. La Salle University, 2009, Finance 
Lauren Bella Caruso, B.A., La Salle University, 2007, Philosophy/ Political Science 
Suzanne Cassidy, B.S., Drexel University, 1991, Information Systems 
Nicole Protin Cavallaro, B.S.. Montclair State University, 1991, Business Administration 
Can Cetin, B.S., Istanbul Technical University, 2009, Industrial (Management) Engineering 
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Kevin William DiBricida, BS, St Josephs University, 2000, Decision and Systems Sciences 

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Yuliya Drobakha. B S , Drexel University 200°, Finance and Legal Studies 

Jessica Lynn Duffy. B.S.B.. Rider I 'niversity, 2002. Finant e Computer Information S\ stems 

Tiana Renee Escofil, B.B.A.. Temple I 'niversity, 1998, Law and Business 

Rebecca Kristine Feeney. B.S., Gwynedd Men | College, 2001. Business Administration 

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Karen Rachael Fey, B.S. Drexel University. 2005. Information Systems 

Keed Finch, M S . The George Washington I niversity 2000. Information S\ stems B A imerU an L mversin. 1993, JuStk t 

Patrick Joseph Flaherty, B.S Villanova I niversity. 200.V Mechanical Engineering 

Alan Frank. B.S., Millersville I niversity. /WA, Accounting 

Andre Freed. B S . Drexel I niversity. 2006. Finant e l< < (muting 

Ekaterina Galiy, B S . Wilmington I niversity, 2008, Finance 

Catherine J Gallagher, li S ll I La Salle I 'niversity 200l. Accounting 

Knsta Lynn Gallagher, B.S.B A . La Salle I nnersity 200S. Accounting Marketing 

Michael James Garbuii. B A . Bloomsburg I niversity, 1995, Psychology 
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( arolynA Geiger, H s Millersville I niversity, 2003, Business Administration 
Agnes Ann Gentile, B.S., University of St Francis, 1999, Health Arts 

I reVOI I DOmai ( iet/. B S . Albright ( 'allege. 2007, Business Administration I'olitu al Si i>"i * 

GregOT) M, GilettO, B S . Albright ( 'ollegt 2008, Business Administration Digital Media 

Olga Girshevich, B.B.A Temple I niversity, 2005, Finance 

Greta Gjana, B B i Temple i 'niversity, 2008, International Business 

I k.hi GOcmen, B i Anadolu l mversti\-Fskiscliir. 2D06. Economics 

Ian Hail ( ioldwasser, B I Temple I niversity, 2005, Broadcast Journalism 

Kell) Helen Goodwin, B I Temple I niversity, 1996, Mathematics 

Hodd Goughnour, B s Temple I ni\ersit\. 2oos. Health Information Mana gemen t 

Jennifei Marie Gouldthread-Kanian, B s B i Bloomshurg l niversity. 2oo" Marketing 

Michael I rancii < rualano, B.S., I niversity «/ Pittsburgh, 2005 Veunui iem • 

Asinsh ( Gugnani, M.S., Lawrence Technologn al l mversit\. 2<h>I Information Systems 

VilemGuryca, M.S Charles I niversity in Prague, ( hemistry 2<hii I'h D Charles University m /'■ . 

Stephen] Halasa,A5 Lebanon Valley College 1996, iccounting and Management 

Pierre Haxaire, /' S / re* i niversity < allege, 2002 Physiotherapy 

< aroline Anna Holzgreve, B i Schlllet International I niversity, 2007 International Relations and Diploma.. \ 

K.nie Hooven, 9.5 \ West { hestet ' niversity, 2006, Vurslng 

( hriatopha Mark Huff, B.S Widenei I niversity 2000, Hospitality Management 

Kenneth Louis Hutchison, B.& Lehigh I niversity 2004 Mechanical Engineering 

i Dickinson ( ollegt 19% German 
ran Isrousse, B.S., Towson University 2004 Mass Communication 
Kyle i lohnson, B.S., < 'larkson i niversity, 2001, Mechanh .// / ngim i 
Dancan Kapkusha B S \ La Salle I niversity. 2006 Vurslng 
Binre Karabekirogullaii £ i Ylldlz Technical University 2009 Economics 
lennifer Keashon /' s Gwynned Mercy College 2006 Business tdministraitorvO 
Rachel Christine Kelly, B.S Ellsabethtowi counting 

AmyM Kennedy, B.S.B t Bloomsburg University 2006 Mc 
Natalia Khelmer, i< S sun, i ntversity oj Van )">k at Stony Bi 
Christopher >ft Kimtia, £.££ i La Salle University 2010 Iccounting 

orotic Koenig, £ i lemple University 2003 Journalism 
layyip Koaoglu, B.S Middle East Technical Unlvt 
Matthew Kruvcxuk, B.A Millersville University 
Frank J Kugler,A££ i Shlppmvburg University 7006 Finance 
I mi l eigh Kiihn. ft s i niversity ■•/ \."/A ( aroHn 
Michelle! Laiudlotta,£ i Lycoming Collegt 2007 Busim 
Michael i I stone, B.B i lamp 


Michael D. Lauwers, 5.5. West Chester University, 2000. Marketing 

Nicole Renee Edna Lee. B.A.. Hampton University. 1095. Political Science. M.A.. La Salle University. 2006. Professional Communication 
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Africa. 2008, Management 
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Stetanie Doctor Shea. B.S., Drexel I 'niversity, 2006. Photography and Marketing. MS /)/> u I Instruction 

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Manisha Sheth-Mehta. B S Drexel I niversity, 2006. Business Administration 

Mehael Siaca\elas. B A Vex Jersey Institute oj To. hnology, 1998, C 'omputer and Information V u m . M S W M Jt > << | 

Technology, 2001, Management 
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Patricia Ann Sil\a. B S Villanova t niversity, 2005, Management Marketing 

Gurjot Singh, B3 J l niversity of Houston, 2004, Marketing 

Nicholas I- rank Sipicv B.S B A I a Salle I niversity, 20D6 Management Marketing 

Timothy Randolph Snyder, B s B A. La Salle I niversity 2<>lti Accounting 
Justin A Solomon. B S I niversity of Cincinnati, 2005, Gra/>hn Design 

Patrick Spicer. H S B I La Salle I niversity, 2006, l< . ounling FUuMt e 

I ric Michael Stano, B s King i ( ollegt 2002 Marketing 

I i Sun B s West ( hester l Diversity, 1999 lecounting 

timothy J Satellite B.S., The Pennsylvania State University 2007 Management Marketing 

Dim.iin.lie Sus. B S dn i nedd Men i ( allege 2002, ( omputi 

\il.ini \l Sweeney, £.£ Widener University 2009. International Business 

Matthew Francis ["holey, fl i Cabrtni Collegt - , ""- , English and Communication 

Nicolette Marie rhorapson, £.5 lh. Pennsylvania Stale University 2009 Business tdnunistmticm 

l aum li'ML' B s Wldenet i niversity 2002 Business idministration 

Irene Traktovenko, B.S Drexel University 2003 Business idministration 

Brian frost, £.££ i LaSalh inn, ism 2i>i"< /man., \iai . 

Jennifer Erin I nn&, B.S The Pennsylvania State University 2002 Business L 

siik.iei Vtneke, B.S Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven ( >m,>>.: 

BusuH u Idministration 
lacquelineM \>> HH i /.»!/•/. University 200? International But 
Martin Vbgl S I Communication IcademyBasei 2010 Marketing 
Philippe von Ins, B.S Uestal Business School 1996 Business tdnunh 
lohn I mncia Weiss III./* s \4tllersvUU I niversity nlstration 

Nicole Marie Westerfer, £ i /.»!/■/. Unlvi l mil Westphal, it s Georgia Institute 

Me, hanii ai I ngii 
rhomas Martin White, B.S Rider University I9t 
Hani Petet Widmet S S B 

lohn \ntun WllCOX, H I I he Stat, I nlvi 

Derrick Rosario Williams, B.S Templi Ui 

lohn Hamilton Williams in. S 5 & bseph I I -. . 


Jeffrey William Wilson, B.S.. Rowan University; 2007, Business Administration 

Rakesh Yadav, B.S., University of California, Riverside, 2003, Business Administration 

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Thomas A. Keagy, Ph.D., Dean 


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Edita Kaminskaite. B A Sun) Empire State College, 2006. Communication and Mass Media 

Salome Khardzeishs ill. B.A . Technical t niversity of Georgia. 2008, Humanitarian V ient tS 

Elizabeth A fCemmeiy, B A , Shippensburg University. 2004, Art Communication 

Nicole M. Kenned>. B A . Hest Chester I niversity, 2010, Psychology 

A/mi Kossou, BAA 'ntversity of Lome. l uo 2. Sociology 

Michal Krajsa. B A . Australian Catholic I niversity. 2009. Marketing 

Christina Mane Kump. B A La Salle I 'niversity. 200H, Communication 

States Anne Lang. H S li I . La Salle I niversity, 2009. Marketing 

Lauren I). Lass son. BAA niversit) <>t Pittsburgh. 2007, Communication Rhetoric 

Kira Mabr\, B A Rosenwnt College. 2008, Business Communication 

I atima Araluce Martin. B I / nnersidad Com/>lutensc de Madrid. 2003 Journalism 

Kathleen Morton. B A . Wilkes L niversity, 2005. History 

Annemane \agle. B S . Philadelphia ( niversity, 2006, Marketing 

AlhM.n Nasi*, Hi La Salle I niversity, 2000, English 

Christopher A Nelson, H i Temple I niversity, 2001, Public Relations 

Brittoe) ( Nichols, B.S Wllersville l niversit) ofPA 2007 Speech Communication 

( hristins I mil) Notsrfranccsco-HeiL. B I . Hot) Family I niversity, 2004 Psychology 

Alice M O'Brien, B i La Salle I niversity, 2004, Communication 

( sniIii.i \Ic|.hk1[j Hernandez I'ardo. B I I niversidadLa Salle 2007, Business and International had, 

[vans Piknovi, B i Empire state c ollegt 2009, ( ommunication and Mass Media 
Markett Podlesskovi, 5 i Empire State College 2009 Communication and Mass Media 
I ouii Handrick Poinson, BA., I ntversite /> Etat D 'Haiti, 2001, Applied UnguistU i 
Zakira Nichole Railing. B i Howard Untverstt) 2003 Political Science 

Stevefl Kendall. B Ala Sail.- I niversity, 2009 C ommunuation 

Sakinah Richardson. B i Temple Universit) 2003 tfrican American Studies Biology 

Andress Guidelli Ross, £ i COCi ollegt in Brazil 2004 Journalism 

ll. in. i Sadflkova, B I Empire State College 2009 c ommunuation and Mass U 

MelisssM Schep acar t e r. B i Rutgers University, 1997 History 

Cara Terese Schisvo, £ i La Salle Universit) 2003 Criminal Justict S 

Islet foseph Mike. B I Indiana I ntvertit) Oj Pennwhama 2010 C omnium, a:. 

ShereetaN Stroud B i therma University 2006 Criminal Justice 

Muii.imiii.uii.iini/* / University of Peshawai 1993 Mass Communication 

Odessa late, a i lh, Pennsylvania State Universit) 2010 i 

Muhammed Yagmurovich t International Turkmen Turkish Universit) 2004 Eng 

tndraaN [ucka i< i Si Josephs University 2ous English 

Patrice luu-niie. /( i i mm, rslt) oj Pit 

lenna Marie linnet. /v i /'. Solas Untverstt) 2010 Communication 

[eras vachova, B i < hark i ' nlversti) In Pragtt 

Neall Webb, £.5 Kutstawn Untventiy 1994, Psyd 

UUaon Mark Wright, i Gmvyeburg i 


Emese Margareta Bone, B.A.. Bubes-Bolyai University, Romania. 2000. History 

Adam D. Briggs, B.A., University of Hawaii. 2006. Russian/Political Science 

Maria A. Chinchevaya, Diploma. South Federal University. Rostov-on-Don. Russia. 2009. Foreign Languages and Literatures 

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Alexander Edward Nalencz, B.A., Dickinson College, 1997, Italian Studies 

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2008, Forensic Psychology 
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Raina Alidjani, B.A.. Temple Universin; 2008, Psychology- 
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1981. Education 
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Christine (ihal>. B.S., Rutgers l niversity 2006, Exercise Science 

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Humanities 2002. Sot nil /'\w hology 

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[arynt hristine Heat, B I l niversity of Delaware 2008, Psychology 

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lahsiU Johnson. B i La Salle University 2006 Ps 

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Amanda Kuih Kimball, n i WUttrsvUle University 2008 Prj 

Ingrid Grace King. £ 

Jenna Marie Kipp, B 1 LaSallt University 2008 Pi 

Debra tan Klemmer, h s Thomas Edis ■ 

Nataliya Krylata, BSt \.» York College of TheasaJonlla 70 

1 leni 1 agon, h S Panteion 1 niversity oj Social and Politim I 

1 hriatopha \ 1 ec h . B 1 ■ 

leaaeM Main,* 1 Millers* 

Candace kprilManela /•' 1 \rcadia University 200? Psyci 

Stephanie Manning, B t Rutgers 1 •■ 

loannia Manolakoa, B.St ' niversity ofBedfordshin 

Stac) Md tUmXy.B < Holy Family University 1999 /">>.■ 


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Education/Special Education 
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c blorado 1998 Social Science 
l \ Burgei i< i l a s.iilt University 2004 Criminal Justice 
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YVette Velle Loftau i is Community College of Philadelphia 1989 Accounting B a | 
Donald < i< Pretty, Jr., B.S Drexel University 200 
( imsiiii.i MacDonald Phillip* K.nn.>-». /* i v Joseph I i niw • 
lulu- \l.ui Sandoz, /' S Washington State i nivei 
x i l.i I Ventura Hi Untversldad Domlnicana Oi 

Educacidn y Cultura 2003 Marketing Managi 


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Euphemia Eleanor Aboagse 
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rricia n Bishop 

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Kathleen Boland 
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Janet Brisbonc 

[anisha Broadnax 
La'Kesha \ Brook* 
Shameka I Broun 
Bnttnes I lizaoeth Buehler 
Sade i Burgee 
( atherine ( abellj 
Marie < arcel 

I li/.ibelh April < aies 

( atalina < eleita 
Guiddel Pierre ( bachoute 
Gladyi ( barlemagne 

Melissa 1 ills ( hau 
Mane PatCale < li.iseiiet 

( hristina t amille < hriatinzio 
Sara Noelle < hybiruki 
I lena < ipriano 

\ ( isse 
Mane I selmc ( leiee 

Dawn Mane ( ook 

S. mi. mill.. Roae( ook 

( hristinc Marie < oopa 
Natalia » erain < opes 

kimbeils \ ( Oppola 

t hriatophei i I in/ 

( hristopha Roben t ulla 

K.nilsn D.mieK 

( .mi Davidaon 
Katherinc d d.isis 

I .iss .11111.1 I 

Marva Denyi Dawson 
Meghan Ryan Deppenachmidt 


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Crystal Jade Oilman 
I lease ( undraw -\\ right 

I beresa Marie Golden 
Melissa Anne Gooda 

Khristma Gotsak 

I auren Grabowski 
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\pni Suzanne Gueeo 

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I ina I in Hang 
c snthi.i Rae Hargrove 
( onietta Henderson Harold 
Deborah Hams 

Kens \iiii Has 

Mliaon Nicole Henneat) 

\ Hems 

lacquelyn Michele Herbert 

Sn/amie Heililis 
( lienelle Hmmon 
knstm Mane HladCZUk 

De Nyahal UaeHobba 
kmanda Danielle Howard 
i kerne B tkiddeo Bamei 
i ii.m.i Indelicato 
Mish.i i orac lackaon 

I I K.I N 

\miometle \ lemison 

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NadezbdaN Kolesnikovich 

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Alysen J 1 arsen 

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Gloria J lasss 
Wing Si - 

I rica M l ebman 
Vlldan Has ta l each 

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Banac 1 ynne Maddre) 

Jenmtei Mai 
\ isian Mai 

Dana M Martin 
Manna Mane MaMim 
\ atmala M V 

Stephanie M 


Sheila NT 

t aiilin M( 


'. Iibnann 


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Kevin Cevallos 
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Danielle I eigh C ahill 
Jorge Antonio ( anion 
Christina ( ait) 

Andrea Marv ( asella 
K>an Patrick ( assar 

Steven I ei ( beng 
( hristina ( herrj 

Shahidul II Chowdhurv 
Ralph Sean ( ollins. Sr 
Robert I ( onnoi 

( oHeen Marie ( osgrove 

John I ( ostcllolll 
Jacob William ( Oatigan 
Stephen Robert ( oulter 

Kristen M ( ourchain 

Anionclla ( UCC 

iel Danish 

Brittan) Shae Decka 
Derek I Dickens 
Samanths I D'unperio 

Sean Mkliacl DonohuC 

Michael I Doonei 
Kimberi) I amen Drudini 

( s titln.i Dulls 

Kevin M Dunn 

I allien I li/al>eth Dunn 

Michael m Dupiriah 
lohn i ckhaitn 
Margaret m i nune 
I mil) loeephine I nneotroul 
Roben William I a/a 
Nolan Michael i ignani 
Matthew Ryan I ada 

Zachary Noah Feierstein 
Ebony Niqua) Fox 
Kevin Eugene Fuqua 
Melanie Ann Gamble 
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Bianca A. Giunta 
Christine Marie Glaasef 
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James Robert (iuntle 111 
Elizabeth Haddow 
Gabrielle Ashton Hanson 
Donald Henderson 
Keisha Acua Elise Hodge 
Rashon Maurice Howard 
Zachar) I hayer Huff 
Allison L Hut/ 
Ryan Karl Inkrott 
Alexander B Jones 
Gart) Jones. Ji 

Patrick Stephen Joyce 

1 auren Michele Jus/c/uk 

Mar) ( atheline Kehla 

Kathleen Mane Kenned) 
Kanitha Keo 
Matthew Kcrrv 

I eonard I Knobba III 
Kelli Koaiek 
rracie I Kozempel 

( hiistuphcf M Kuhk 
t vnlhia Ann Kuppe 

Dino kustuia 

Vnthon) I I sganelli i\ 

Adam l am 

tnalicia l indaa) Whitehead 

lian/i I iu 

Sarah \llvsun I unn\ 

I lizabotfa I uta 

lohn Mallo) 

Miian I rancii Marrai 

Mat. n III 

\ihIhm I eaha) Met all 
Mama I lisabetn M< I 
i mi i indaa) McDermoa 
Sean i homaa M< Kenna 
I aura i M 

Brian Michael Mc Samara 
Thomas C Mehrer 
Francis Cyril Merriman 
John R Miller 
\lae\e Erin Milligan 
Brandon Miniscalco 
Thomas William Monagle. Jr 
Caroline Michelle Moore 
Austin M Murre) 
Megan Sash 

David Charles Savior. Jr. 
Matthew Brad) Selsen 
Stephanie Anh Hong Nguyen 
Kristin Nolan 
Sean Joseph Solet 
Sman Onal 
James M O'Neill 
Justm M Pagliacoetti 
Yilna I Ruth Palmer 
Megan Pro\ ido Palos 

Kristen M Paoletti 
Ravi M Patel 
Joseph l\ 
I rk Peterson 

John Petoliuo 

\ alien. Pierre- 1 OUtS 
Bradlev John Pieiras 
Michael R Pio. Jr 
John William Piree 

Nicholas William Porcaro 111 

Scott Michael PotOSk) 

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Kevin \ngelo Pustizzi 
Devon Jerome K.imtord 
\.iula Keineikaite 

Patrick Ri 

Kathleen Reynold! 

Ryan roddRkhta 
Roben B Rkketts n 

I Bwrence Stephen Rinaldi. Ji 
Nadia Ruainko 
Gianno P S 
i hristina s 



Brigid Kathryn Smith 
Frazier A. Smith 
Ann Christine Stasson 
Andrew John Still 
Laura H. Stockett 
Maura C. Stratton 
Jessica L . Striffler 
Charles John Taylor III 
James L. Thomas, Jr. 
James Higgins Tobin 
Gregory C. Torchiana, Jr. 

Nancy Nguyen Tran 
Adam C. Tridente 
Nicolas G. Trum 
Brenna M. Trush 
Erica Caitlin Vile 
John Michael Vitalo 
Lisa Vu 
Hao Vuong 
James M. Wagner 
Emanuel Fletcher Waktola 
Patricia A. Wallace 

Megan Lee Watts 
Ryan David Wenzel 
Karyn DeShon Williams 
Jamea S. Wilson 
Tynehl Shanita Wilson 
Raymond Yantosh 
Kevin Andrew Zaballero 
Anthony Michael Zampirri 
Vincent Zappulla, Jr. 
Jeremy Joseph Zarou 
Christina M. Zeigler 

Michael Adams 
Noe Amaro 
Adrian Lee Canty 
Kaitlyn Bonney Cheezum 
Natasha E. Cubler 
ShellihA. El 
Natalie M. Fangras 
Betty E. Pimentel Feliz 
Magdalene M. Forgie 

Thomas A. Keagy, Ph.D., Dean 


Arnette Gonzales 
Tonya B. Grant 
Clinton Blake Graybill 
Elaina Sherik Howard 
Travis Joseph John 
Stefanie Kulyk 
Rosemarie C. Lowe 
Yesenia Maldonado 
Carmen Y. Borrero Mateo 

Nahir Pulido 

Tamika Michelle Purvis 

Eulalia Cruz Rios 

Lisette Rose Sanchez 

Yoanny Santos 

Candi E. Rodriguez Vargas 

Anita Joy Wilkerson 

LaJuan L. Young 

Stephen Nicholas Altamuro 
Daniel T. Anderson, Jr. 
Sean Patrick Bannon 
Justin H. Bourgeois 
Thomas D. Bowers 
Mallory Campbell 
Drew William Carlton 
Anne Marie Cassidy 
Theresa C. Cassidy 
Aubrey L. Cefalo 
Mark Christopher Del Monaco 
Dimitri Deryce 
Arianne E. Evans 
Stephen Jacob Fredericks 
Timothy Gallen 
Elroy Fernando Galvis 
Christina Gethers 
Luke Giordano 


Perry Golia 

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Anthony C. Medeiros. Jr. 

Marcos R. Moran 

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Bobby Dung Tri Nguyen 
Catherine M. O'Gorman 
Kevin Pack 

Jessica Amesbury Phillips 
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Keyona N. Polk 
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Brittany Simone Studwood 
Michael D. Swiss 
Mei Tang 
Nary Tep 

Veronica Sapphire Ventura 
Timothy Waterman 
Victoria Patricia Woll 
John R. Yeiser III 


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Matthew T. Albi 
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Brooke Alicia Amster 
Dilcia D. Angeles 
Ryan Craig Anger 
Emily Anne Apisa 
Sandra Aponte 
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John D. Arganbright 
Ashley Nicole Arnold 
Alexandria Ascnsio 
Alexis Nicole Backus 
Anthony L. Hanks 
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Brianna Cathenne Clayton 
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Mary Theresa Conners 
Tiffany Ashley Connor 
Daniel F. X. Connors 
Colleen CaraCostello 
David Joseph Crow lev 
Leah Cunningham 
Regina Cunan 
Amy M. Czulada 
Maeve Ryan Daly 
Stephanie Anne D'Amore 
Steven Enrico Danker 
Nydia Davila-Acosta 
Lauren Michele Dc Angchs 

Rachel Elizabeth Deaner 
Rollin Kun Deas 
Ashleigfa Caitlin DeLuca 

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Mauds Sulda Desrosiers 

Eric Thomas Devlin 
Christine Suzanne Diana 

Andrew Diaz 

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John I meal Dunn 

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Samantha Garcia 
Mark Garganan 
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Nicole Giacinto 
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Sannada Donna Mana Cjibson 
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Tiffam Pleshette Gillespie 
Ashton Giordano 
Christopher Nicholas Goins 

Mateusz J Golen 
William Henr) Gonzalez 
Stetama GrajaJea 

Darxle Gumn 

(una Mi/abeth Gulh 

Keith William Gutierrez 
Lauren Alvetia Guv 
Christian Guzman 
Gregory Hall 
Jill Catherine Hallgren 

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Anika Khan 
Erin Jane Kiley 
Albert Kim 
Andrew J. Kind 
Patricia Kowalski 
Christine Elizabeth Koyithara 
Meghan Marie Kraenbring 
Audrey Elizabeth Kulpa 
Fayeann Queen Laidler 
Leah A. Lapszynski 
Marco Latrano 
Darrel Lau 
Richard M. Liebig 
Kaitlyn Linsner 
Suzanne Elizabeth Lipovsky 
Antonio Israel Lopez 
Margaret J. Lorenzo 
Christopher Joseph Lucarini 
Lauren Ludwig 
Anthony J. Machcinski 
Karen E. Mahoney 
Justin Alexander March 
Laura K. Mastrangelo 
Christopher M. Materia 
Sean Michael Matteo 
Mathew P. Mazzola 
Erin C. McBride 
Danielle McCord 
Kathleen Mary McGuinness 
Sarah Elizabeth McManness 
Liam A. McManus 
Sean T. McMichael 
Kelly Maureen McMullen 
Karen McShea 
Katelyn McWilliams 
Clara Antoinette Menton 
Christopher William Meyer 
Matthew Mitchell 
Damaris Montano 
Erin Leigh Mooney 
Michael Kevin Moran, Jr. 
Jill Morris 

Jennifer M. Morrison 
Rose K. Motley 
Denniston Augustus Muir, Jr. 
Michael Murphy 
Alexandra Nicole Murray 
Marisa J. Mykulak 
Celeste Nicholson-McNeil 
John P. Nicolo 
Brittany Nolan 
Gabrielle Nettke Nolt 
Kevin North 
Erin Marie Nugent 
Sara Raymond Nugent 
Kristy Oberneder 
Colleen O'Donnell 
Michael J. O'Neill. Jr. 
Holly Orr 

Emily T. Paffett 
Ryan Pancoast 
Victoria Lynn Panepinto 
Thomas D. Pannulla 
Matias Pareja 
Nichole E. Parsons 
Matthew Rightmyer Patrick 
Matthew J. Patterson 
Kelly Payne 
Victoria Marie Pellerito 
Mareeda Sharee Perry 
Courtney Marie Petersen 
Eric A. Pettersson 
John N. Phillips 
Shayla Katherina Marie Piekarz 
Andrew Tyler Pierce 
Ashley Marie Pimentel 
Laura Pizza 
Stefanie Poehacker 
Shannon Elizabeth Prendergast 
Keren Alexis Prescott 
Angela Elizabeth Pressley 
Shakiara S. Pressley 
John Michael Purcell 
Lindsay Nicole Pursoo 
Jennifer Lynn Quilter 
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Nora Rose Rafferty 
Shannon Francis Raffington 
Joseph Regina 
Edward John Reinbold 
Ariel Reyes-Pena 
Taryn E. Richards 
Yaidymar Rivera Rivera 
Ashley Nicole Roberts 
Eleanora Courtney Robinson 
Natalie Anne Romano 
Caolan John Ronan 
Barbara Anderson Roque 
Daniel Matthew Rosenberg 
Michael Louis Rotella 
Trisha Michelle Russo 
Emma Cecilia Ruth 
Annette Rzetelski 
Lara A. Sajnacki 
Claire A. Salmons 
Salvatore Michael Sansone 
Jose A. Santiago 
Jenna Ashlie Santore 
Zanetah Iris Xanthe Sasser 
Hesham Sayed 
Mara Schnellenbach 
Rebecca Lee Schramm 
Gabriela Alina Schulte 
Jennifer Scicluna 
Giuseppina ScottoDiCarlo 
Kristen Seredinski 
Kearston Marie Shaffer 
Sara H. Shaw 

Matthew John Sheehan 

Ryan Thomas Sherry 

Tyler Justin Shields 

Ashleigh Michelle Sicilia 

Adria Denise Simms 

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Loren Christine Wojcik 

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Carly Grace Ziegler 

Joseph Y. I gras. Ph.D.. Dean 


Verna Brown-Tyner 
Stephanie Elizabeth Camp 
Victoria Diane Delia 
Kristin Noel Fullam 
Erin Kathleen Gavaghan 
Patricia Guenn 
Isaac \1 Hamm III 

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Thomas A. Keagy, Ph.D.. Dean 


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COLLEGE OF PROFESSION \l \M)( oniini inc. sii mi S 
Joseph v l gras, rii. I).. Dean 

\SS()( I \| I IN \R|S 

Nacbd R Davidson 
Dell \i i dwards-Burke 
Susan m Hagnei 

Donna Mane Renin 
Richard koslcln> 

rhomasl Ma. .11 III 

Donna \ Mills 

. Votes, on . icat/emic Q)re&& 

The history of academic dress begins in the early days of the oldest universities. A statute of 1321 required all "Doctors, Licentiates, and 
Bachelors" of the University of Coimbra to wear gowns. In England during the second half of the 14th century, the statutes of certain 
colleges forbade "excess in apparel" and prescribed the wearing of a long gown. It is still a question whether academic dress finds its 
sources chiefly in ecclesiastical or in civilian dress. Gowns may have been considered necessary for warmth in the unheated buildings used 
by medieval scholars. Hoods may have served to cover the tonsured head until superseded for that purpose by the skullcap. The cap was 
later displaced by a headdress similar to ones now recognized as "academic." European institutions continue to show great diversity in 
their specifications of academic dress. However, when American colleges and universities adopted a system of academic apparel a half- 
century ago. a code was devised for all to follow. 

Gowns — The gown for the bachelor's degree has pointed sleeves and is worn closed. The gown for the master's degree has an oblong 
sleeve, open at the wrist, with the sleeve base hanging down in the traditional manner. The rear part of the sleeve's oblong shape is square 
cut and the front part has an arc cut away. It may be worn open or closed. The gown for the doctor's degree has bell-shaped sleeves and 
may be worn open or closed. Bachelor's and master's gowns have no trimmings, but the doctor's may be faced on the front with black or 
colored velvet and with three bars of the same across the sleeves. If color is used, it is the color distinctive of the subject to which the degree 
pertains, and it matches the edging or binding of the hood. 

Hoods — Hoods are lined with the official color or colors of the college or university conferring the degree. The binding or edging of the 
hood is the color indicative of the subject to which the degree pertains, except that the doctor's cap may have its tassel of gold thread. 

Caps — Mortarboards are generally worn as part of the academic costume. The long tassel fastened to the middle point of the cap's top is 
either black or the color appropriate to the subject. It is customary for degree candidates to wear the tassels on the right front side before 
degrees are conferred and to shift them to the left when the degrees are awarded. This custom is in some respects a substitute for individual 

For all academic purposes, including trimmings of doctors' gowns, edgings of hoods, and tassels of caps, the colors associated with the 
different subjects are as follows: 

Agriculture - Maize 
Arts, Letters. Humanities - 
Commerce, Accountancy. 
Business - Drab 
Dentistry - Lilac 
Economics - Copper 
Education - Light Blue 
Engineering - Orange 
Fine Arts - Brown 
Forestry - Russet 
Journalism - Crimson 
Law - Purple 
Library Science - Lemon 

Medicine - Green 

Music - Pink 

Nursing - Apricot 

Oratory (Speech) - Silver Gray 

Pharmacy - Olive Green 

Philosophy - Dark Blue 

Physical Education - Sage Green 

Public Administration - Peacock Blue 

Public Health - Salmon Pink 

Science - Golden Yellow 

Social Work - Citron 

Theology - Scarlet 

Veterinary Science - Gray 

Adapted from "An Academic Costume Code and Ceremony Guide," American Universities and Colleges (Washington. D.C.: American 
Council on Education. 1959)