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Pennsylvania Museum and 

School of Industrial Art 



Thursday Evening, May 25, 1916 

at 8 o'clock 


Introductory Remarks . Theo. C. Search, A.M., President 

Address . . By Ralph Adams Cram, Litt.D., LL.D., 
Subject — " The Dawn of a New Day for Art." 

^wnv&in& of ^xvlotttn^ nnd lUrife* 
Address to the Graduates ... By President Search 

By Richard Schmidt's Orchestra 

Diplomas, Prizes and Certificates 





Robert Adolph Baur Joseph Stephen Janoka 

Marguerite Carmel Becht Phila McClellan Linville 

Frank Ramsey Davis Elizabeth Pilsbry 

Louis Ewald Mildred Anderson Post 

Edward Howard Suydam 

Normal Art Instruction 

Vera Elizabeth Bashelier Elizabeth Teresa Norris 

Harry Wilcox Fawcett Charlotte Hubbard Segur 

Allen Randall Freelon Robert Simonton Shriner 

Alice Hunter Hibbard Mildred Rems Smedley 

Olive Jacobs Herbert Albert Stiles 

Earl Jerome Taylor 

Interior Decoration 

Bertha Ruth Bibo Ralph Eugene Ohmer 

Emily Stevenson Crooks Edna Sylvania Underdown 

Anne Ethel Hart James Norman Van Artsdalen 

Helen Adele Mann Isabella Tait Watts 


Regular Textile Course 

Lewis Lenard Amsterdam Charles Webster Neeld, Jr. 

Thomas Joshua Brown, Jr. Walter Michael Pierson 

John Fulmer Edward Joseph Quinlan 

Charles Foss Gilmore Frederick Meredith Rapp 

Edward Winne Halpin John Harry Schwehm 

William Lyle Holmes, Jr. Walter John Single 

Jacob Herman Jacobs Samuel Edgar Staines 

Walter Hewetson Lorimer Frederick William Stolzenberg 

Charles William Mann Lott Hsien Tsang Wei 
John Frederick Wittenberg, Jr. 

Chemistry, Dyeing and Printing Coarse 
Louis Friedman John Raymond Murphy 



Frederick Gra£E Prize : $20.00. For Architectural 


Awarded to Howard Rile 
Honorable mention to Karl B. Hoke 

Henry Perry Leiand Prize: $15.00. Offered by Mrs. 
John Harrison for the best work in Illustration. 

Awarded to Helena Day- 
Honorable mention to Louis Ewald 


Associate Committee of Women's Prizes: 

First: $20.00. (Elizabeth Duane Gillespie Prize.) For 
the best work in the course in Industrial Drawing. 
Awarded to Blanche Camero 
Honorable mention to Agnes Briggs 
" " " Leston Betts. 

Second : $10.00. For Decorative Design. 
• Awarded to Albert Levone 

Honorable mention to Wade Lane 

Third : $10.00. For best work in Stenciling. 
Awarded to Reuel Spangenberg 
Honorable mention to Sonia Englestoff 

Emma S. Crozer Prize: $20.00. Offered for the best 
group in Modeling. 

Awarded to Mary E. Tressler 
Honorable mention to Lola Moore 

Emma S* Crozer Prize: $20.00. Offered for the best 
work in Drawing. 

$10.00 awarded to Helen Ayers 
$10.00 " " Robert Baur 

Honorable mention to Hildegard Lupprian 

Caroline Axford Magee Prize: $20.00. For such work 
as may be determined by the Jury of Awards. 

Awarded to Florence Blair, for Carpet and Rug Designs 

The Mrs* Thomas Skelton Harrison Memorial Prize : 

$15.00. For Wrought Iron. 
Awarded to Harry Rosen 

F. Weber Prize: Drawing Table. For the best work 
in Instrumental Drawing. 

Awarded to Leston Belts 
Honorable mention to Winifred Lambdin 
" Blanche Camero 

Girls* Industrial Art League Prize: $10.00. For mer- 
itorious work by a Student member of the League. 

Awarded to Lola Moore 

Honorable mention to Marion E. Hempt 

G. Gerald Evans Prize: $10.00. Offered by Mr. G. 
Gerald Evans, of the Advisory Committee, for a piece 
of Cabinet Work meritorious in design and execution. 

Awarded to Claudius Breiner 
Honorable mention to Charles A. Kepp 
" Dorothy Boyle 

Mrs* Thomas Roberts Prize* $20.00. To be awarded 
at the discretion of the Principal. 

$10.00 awarded to Mary B. Sweeny, for Byzantine Em- 
Honorable mention to Ada Goforth Hittner 
$10,000 awarded to Charlotte Segur, for Jewelry 
Honorable mention to Delia B. Stevens 
" Emily Hamersly 

Herbert D. Allman Prizes: $10.00. Offered by Mr. 
H. D. Allman, of the Advisory Committee, for the 
Surface Design showing best effect of contrasted color 

Awarded to Sonia EnglestoflF 
Honorable mention to Merle W. Jewell 
" Louise Baker 

$10.00. For the best design for Wall Paper. 
Awarded to Ernst Dorrell 
Honorable mention to Frank Horn 

John Harrison Prize: $25.00. Offered by Mrs. John 
Harrison for work in Wrought Iron. 

$15.00 awarded to Claudius Breiner 
$10.00 awarded to Ingersol Olmstead 

Charles Godfrey Leiand Prize: $15.00. Offered by 

Mrs. John Harrison for work in Wood Carving. 
Awarded to Malissa Shupert 
Honorable mention to Annabell Turner 
" MaryTressler 

Emily Leiand Harrison Prize: $15.00. Offered by 
Mrs. John Harrison for work in Wrought Iron. 
Awarded to Philippo Bonaventura 

Mrs. Joseph F^Sinnott Prize: $10.00. Offered by Mrs. 
Joseph F. Sinnott for the best executed piece of Garden 

Pottery in cement. 

Awarded to Mallie Roth 
Honorable mention to Dorothy Castor 
" " " Alfio Bonaventura 

Mrs. Francis Forbes Milnc Prize: $10.00. To be 
awarded at the discretion of the Principal. 

Awarded to Malissa Shupert, for original Period Furniture 

Honorable mention to William Sparks 

Mrs. William T. Carter Prize: $20.00. For the best 
work in Costume Design. 

Awarded to Dorothy M. Bennett 
Honorable mention to Edith R. King 

Miss Lea Prize: $20.00. For the best work in Water- 

Awarded to Florence W. Deck 
Honorable mention to Mildred Holmes 
" Edward T. Miller 

Mrs. J. L. Ketterlintjs Prizes: $10.00. For the best 
design for a cover for the Museum "Bulletin." 

Awarded to Elizabeth Pilsbry 
Honorable mention to Charlotte Segur 

$10.00. For consistent decorative quality of illustrative 

Awarded to Mildred Post 
Honorable mention to Conrad Dickel 

John J. Boyle Prize: $10.00. Offered by Mr. John J. 
Boyle, of the Advisory Committee, for general excel- 
lence in Modeling. 

Awarded to Marion Hempt 
Honorable mention to Ruth Stewart 


Miss Mary E. Sinnott Prize: $10.00. For the best work 
in sgraffito pottery. 

$5.00 awarded to E. Frances Braddock 
$5.00 " " Ida Pearson 

Mary Lacretia Ramborgcr Prize: $5.00. Offered by 
the Alumni Association for the best set of sketches 
made in the Costume Class. 

Awarded to John J. A. Dixon 

Honorable mention to Henry C. Pitz 

Mabel Bradley Holbrook Prizes: $5.00. Offered to 
Section I Illustration Class for the best nature work. 

Awarded to Hettie Wenzel 
Honorable mention to Noble Beacham 
" " " Frances Hunter 

$5.00. To Section II Illustration Class for best 
advanced nature work. 

Awarded to Henry C. Pitz 

Honorable mention to Mildred Holmes 
" Kathleen Mason 

Joseph T^ Bailey Prizes: $15.00. For the best sketches 
of animals from the Zoological Gardens. 

First: $10.00. 

Awarded to Henry Pitz 

Second: $5.00. 
Awarded to Kathleen Mason 
Honorable mention to Hildegard Lupprian 
" " " Modestino Martino 

: 8 

Mrs* Jones Wister Prizes: $10.00. For original work 
in Interior Decoration. 

Awarded to Ralph Ohmer 

Honorable mention to James Van Artsdalen 

$10.00. For original design in Leaded Glass. 
Awarded to Reuel Spangenberg 
Honorable mention to Edward Walton 

The Mrs* Rodman B. Ellison Memorial Prize: $15.00. 
Offered by Mrs. Wm. H. Walbaum, for such work as 
may be determined by the Jury of Awards. 

Awarded to Henry C. Pitz, for Pageantry Costuming 

The Philip Mtthr Memorial Prize: $25.00. For best 
work in drawing from the cast. 

Awarded to David Samson 
Honorable mention to Edward T. Miller 
" Earle J. Taylor 

The Arnold & Foster Special Prize: $25.00. For best 
example of Water Color Painting made on "Arnold 
Unbleached Paper." 

Awarded to John J. A. Dixon 
Honorable mention to Florence W. Deck 

Prize Scholarships, for School Year 19 1 6- 19 J ?• 

Awarded to Leston Worth Betts 
" " Agnes Martha Briggs 
" " Marjorie Eastlake 

" Dorothy Shoemaker 
" " Irene Guerry Starr 


Charles Godfrey Leiand Scholarship, for School Year 

Awarded to Otilie Phillipe Bachman 

M» Theresa Keehmie Scholarship, for School Year 

Awarded to Margaret Ellen Harper 

Aspasia Eckert Ramborger Scholarship, for School Year 

Awarded to Mary Bahls Sweeny 

Edward Tonkin Dobbins Scholarships, for School Year 

Awarded to Harold Samuel Brecht 
" Merle Wesley Jewell 
Charles Leslie Penell 

« « 


The National Association of Cotton Manafactarers 
Medal. For general excellence. Regular Course. 3d 

Awarded to Charles F. Gilmore 

The Henry Friedberger Memorial Prize: $10.00. To 
student ranking second in general excellence, Regular 
Course. 3d year. 

Awarded to Jacob H, Jacobs 
Honorable mention to Walter M. Pierson 
" Charles W. Mann 


The ^* Textile World- Journar' Prize: $15.00. To 
student of Day Chemistry, Dyeing and Printing Class 
attaining the highest rating for the year's work. 
Awarded to Louis Friedman 

The ** Textile World-Jotfrnar* Prize: $10.00. To 
student of Evening Chemistry, Dyeing and Printing 
Class attaining the highest rating for the full three- 
year Course. 

Awarded to Thomas Kenney 

The Associate Committee of Women's Prize: $10.00. 
For best Jacquard Design with executed fabric. Regu- 
lar Course. 3d year. 

Awarded to Walter J. Single 
Honorable mention to Lott Hsien Tsang Wei 
*' " " Charles W. Mann 

The Thomas Skelton Harrison Prize: $1 5.00. To student 
of the Evening Class attaining the highest rating for 
the full three-year Course in Chemistry. 
Awarded to Frederick Huber 

The Miss Clyde Prize: $10.00. For best Jacquard 
Design with executed fabric. Regular Course. 2d 

Awarded to John Soler, Jr. 

Honorable mention to William F. Bartelt 

The Joseph Elias Prize: $10.00. For best designed 
and woven Jacquard Silk Fabric, Silk Course, 2d year. 

Awarded to Claude R. Good 
Honorable mention to John H. Gunning 


The John G^Carrtith Prize: $10.00. For highest rating 
in the Wool Course. 2d year. 

Awarded to John R. Cullis 
Honorable mention to John K. Taylor 

The Krotit & Fite Mfg. Co Prize: $10.00. For highest 
rating in Cotton Course. 2d year. 

Awarded to Abe Marshall Loeb 
Honorable mention to John W. Little, Jr. 

The Mrs. Joseph F. Sinnott Prize: $10.00. For highest 
rating in the Chemistry, Dyeing and Printing Course. 
1st year. 

Awarded to John C. Trimble 
Honorable mention to Ralph A. Frissell 

The Joseph Elias Prize: $10.00. To student attaining 
the highest rating for year's work, Evening Jacquard 
Course, 1st year. 

Awarded to William L. King 

The Herbert D.AIIman Prize: $10.00. Offered by Mr. 
H. D. Allman for the best practical color scheme for 
woven stuffs, including rugs and carpetings, to a mem- 
ber of the 2d year Day Class. 

Awarded to Carl E. Hecht 
Honorable mention to Abram Brandt 

The Delta Phi Psi Fraternity Prize: $10.00. For 
general excellence in Weave Formation and Fabric 
Analysis. 1st year classes. 

Awarded to M. L. Schwartzman 

The Delta Kappa Phi Fraternity Prize: $10.00. For 
best executed work on the Hand Harness Loom. 1st 
year classes. 

Awarded to James O. Inman 
Honorable mention to John F. Speacht 

The Phi Psi Fraternity Prize: $10.00. For best exe- 
cuted work in Color Harmony and Design. 1st year 

Awarded to P. E. G. Ericson 
Honorable mention to John F. Speacht 

The Elizabeth C- Roberts Prize: $10.00. To student 
producing the best specially designed and woven Jac- 
quard fabric. 

Awarded to Charles F. Gilmore 

The Mrs. Rodman B. Ellison Memorial Prize: $10.00. 
Offered by Mrs. Wm. H. Walbaum for the best exe- 
cuted work on the Power Harness Loom. 2d year, 
Regular Day Class. 

Awarded to Ferdinand Bray 

Prize Scholarships, for the School Year 191 6-1 9 J7* 

Awarded to Ernest T. Hand, Jr. (First Year Regular 

Awarded to William Frederick Bartelt (Second Year 

Regular Course) 
Awarded to E. S. Millspaugh (Second Year Chemistry 

and Dyeing Course) 
Awarded to Ervin B. Wilmer (First Year Regular Evening 

Awarded to Joseph Stoll (Second Year Regular Evening 




Industrial Drawing (Certificate A) 

Eva Snyder Ahrens 
Ella Beaver. Baker 
Mary Olivia Beddoes 
Helen Bertolette 
Leston Worth Betts 
Erma Gertrude Betz 
Elizabeth Montague Boher 
Helen Brey 
Agnes Martha Briggs 
Mildred Buckley 
David J. Cain 
Eleanor Brown Campbell 
Blanche Gonzalez Camero 
Louise Joscelyn Cheshire 
Alice Elizabeth Crowther 
Sarah Elizabeth De Frehn 
Alma Alice Doremus 
Elizabeth Russell England 
Eleanor Mary Erhardt 
Anna Viola Foulke 
Charles Milton Addams 

Bernard Joseph Fullmer 
Anna Marie Gallagher 
Una Anne Greenwood 
Ellen Hall 

Miriam Elizabeth Hart . 
Marguerite Wright Helms 
Leslie Henderson 

Marion Elinor Hengst 
Horace Leonard Hess 
Frank Erwin Horn 
Margaret Urquhart Johnson 
Daisy Blanche Keim 
Frederick Charles Knight 
Winfred Lambdin 
Erwin Shive Leidy 
Frances Leusch 
Esther Robert Lippincott 
Margaret Howell Maull 
Ruth Winifred Morse 
Helen Aaron Moses 
Marion Elizabeth Neisser 
Ralph Eugene Ohmer 
Esther Helen Parker 
George Edward Ramsden, Jr. 
John Craig Roak 
Marion Sayrs 
Kathryn Scheifer 
Dorothy Shoemaker 
George Curtis Sponsler 
Irene Guerry Starr 
Kathryn Florence Stein 
Mary Bahls Sweeny 
Holton Atkinson Vance 
Frances Wait 
Blanche Clay Wallace 
Edward Warwick 

Grace Hallam Wass 


Surface Design and Color (Normal) 

Mabel Bock 
Harold Samuel Brecht 
Eleanor Madeline Costa 
Georgie Marguerite Curns 
Marion Lucile Day- 
Anna Gertrude Dunbar 
Herman Christian Fromuth, Jr. 
Elsie Caroline Hallowell 
Marie Elizabeth Hauer 
Margaret Campbell Hoopes 
Frank Erwin Horn 
Merle Wesley Jewell 
Margaret Godshall ICairer 
Frences Leusch 
Katharine Montgomery 



Marion E. Lutz 
Dorothy Fischer Margulies 
Ella Kelly Markley 
Emma Knight Markley 
Alice Thompson Miller 
Madeline Closson Moyer 
Catharine O'Donnel 
Otto Ludwig Pahl 
Fay Elizabeth Read 
Armand Tunon Ricci 
Kathryn Scheifer 
Gertrude Catherine Schmidt 
Virginia May Scullin 
Robert Simonton Shriner 
Elizabeth Faloon Taylor 
Margaret Rankin Walter 

Constructive Design 

Elizabeth Sophie Arnold 
Dorothy Robertson Boyle 
Dorothy Anna Castor 
Margaret Scott Cunningham 
Margaret Farrand 
Harry Wilcox Fawcett 
Ellen Hall 


and Modeling (Normal) 

Marian Elsetta Hempt 
Charles Ambrose Kepp 
Lola Rae Moore 
Mallie Edna Roth 
Marjorie Clair Slocomb 
Ruth Bernice Stewart 
Mary Tressler 




Beatrice Lloyd Barker Margaret Campbell Hoopes 

Marguerite Carmel Becht Hildegard Lupprian 

Isabel Putnam Chase Modestino Francesco Martino 

Frank Ramsey Davis Margaret Robinson Perkins 

Ralph Dunkleberger Clare Blanche Perskie 

Florence Dorothea Fisher Henry Clarence Pitz 

Mildred Holmes Harold Vache Stevenson 
Robert James WilHams, Jr. 

Interior Decoration 

Elias Jay Heck William Emley Sparks 

Ralph Eugene Ohmer Gertrude RittenhouseSummerill 

Charles Rowe Anna Lee Taylor 

Philomena Wise Shadle Geraldine Shoemaker Tyson 

Jeanette Malissa Shupert Natalie Shoemaker Tyson 

Normal Methods (Design) 

Bertha M. Bitner Beatrice E. Minnick 

Ethel Brinton Alice M. Moffet 

Agnes C. Call Lyola Charlotte Pedrick 

Margaret M. Hall Nellie M. Pyle 

Barbara R. Hamilton Martin William Schoenberg 

Florence May Johnson Clara L. C. Stevenson 

Mary L Lee Alice P. Steward 
Elizabeth A. Widdicombe 

Special Normal Methods (Design) 

Summer Session, July, J9J5 

Kathryn O. Bowers Jessie Leonora Paul 

Carolyn D. Breneman Anthony Pessalono, Jr. 

Florence Burke Elizabeth D. Schaffhauser 

Edith Myrtle Chase Kathrine Muhlenberg Schmucker 

Kathryn G. Davis Eudora Sellner 

Laura Doman Clara Henrietta Slaugh 

Laura Karuza Shirley Spain 

Sarah K. Lamb (Mrs.) Carrie M. Troxell 

Mary Claire Mc(^loskey Edward Warwick 
William Wright 



Day Classes 

Cotton Coarse — Two Years 

Gilbert Evans Ackerman John Watson Little, Jr. 

Albert Thomas Dosser, Jr. Abe Marshall Loeb 

Silk Course — Two Years 

Claude Raymond Good Carl Candid Mattmann, 3rd 

John Haytock Gunning Robert Donald Quin 

Wool and Worsted Coarse — ^Two Years 

Claude Albert Brumbach Mortimer Sylvan Levy 

John Ratcliffe Cullis Charles Elwin Lewis 

Edwin Miles Glauber Frank Everett Nutter 

John Kenneth Taylor 

Yam Manufacture Course — Two Years 
George Lamar Westcott 


Day Classes 
Two Years of the Regular Textile Course 

WilHam Frederick Bartelt Ben Yoke Lee 

Abram Brandt George Edward Linton 

Ferdinand Bray Auguste Georges Lommens, Jr. 

Morris Brown Arthur Stuart Mawhinney 

Malcolm Graeme Campbell, Jr. Robert Dunham Millspaugh 

Donald Elmore Dietz Milton Morganstern 

Howard King Edgerton Marshall Vallence Moss 

Clarence Louis Ederer Henry Philip Orlemann, Jr. 

German del Gallego Christian Friedman Rosenthal 

Carl Emanuel Hecht John Soler, Jr. 

Frederick Stritzinger Krecker Ralph Emerson Springer 


Two Years of the Chemistry, Dyeing and Printing Coarse 
Harold Joseph Daigneault David Frederick DriscoU 

Edwin Stiger Millspaugh 


Evening Classes 
Regular Textile Coarse — Three Years 
Frederick P. Burkart Frederick Jagush 

Charles E. Lever 

Chemistry Coarse — Three Years 
F. J. Gutekunst Frederick Huber 

H. C. J. Gutekunst J. H. Moran 

Chemistry and Dyeing Coarse — Three Years 
John Bussell Winfield S. Quigley, Jr. 

George Dougherty John F. Ripley 

Thomas Kenney Warren R. Scatchard 

Joseph McGlinchy William B. Scatchard 

Edward H. Tyson 


Evening Classes 

Weave Formation — Three Years 

WilHam Hooker, Jr. John E. Normington 

Charles Lutz, Jr. Thomas Parkinson 

Robert McWade Charles L. Saylor 

Samuel D. Worthington, Jr. 

Fabric Analysis and Calcalations — Three Years 
John Angus John E. Normington 

Silk Fabric Analysis and Calculations — One Year 
Calvin Fredericks Frank Peters 

Milton Hinlein Walter C. Sittner 

H. L. Hoffmeier George E. Whittle 

Jacqaard Design — ^Two Years 

George Ault Luke Gillespie 

A. W. Schofield 


Wool Yarn Mantifactarc — ^Two Years 

Arthur C. Flexer 

John H. Senior 
Russell C. Osborne 

Worsted Yam Mantrfacture — One Year 

John Thomas Brady 
Harry Flanagan 
C. Herbert Harrigan 
John B. Harrigan 

Russell C. Osborne 
William G. Rhine 
A. Sakamoto 
Carl F. Woltman 
Elwood B. Wright 

The following students of the Textile School have completed 
the work of the year in classes for which no certificates are 
awarded : 

John W. Barnes, Jr. 
Jerome Bernstein 
Ralph A. Brennan 
Donald J. Brown 
Nicholas B. Browne 
Adolph T. Campbell 
W. F. Christman 
J. Norman Clark 
Harry A. Davidoff 
Henry W. Dunham 
Philip E. G. Ericson 
Albert L. Francis 
Ralph A. Frissell 
Felix Fromm 
C. B. Gilmore 
Earl H. Greth 
John P. Hagerty 
Ernest T. Hand, Jr. 
James Y. Humphrey 
Frederic L. Hess 
James O. Inman 
Robert M. Jaffe 
William H. Jefferies 

Charles D. Jencks 
Fred. W. Johnson, Jr. 
Louis Joseph 
Karl L. Kelso 
Herman L. Knoppel 
Edward Konner 
M. L. Leopold 
Duane M. Lillibridge 
George E. McLean 
Sidney Morganstern 
Nelson L. Newmark 
Bertram E. Oughton 
Robert C. Reinhardt 
Julius Robison 
Milton D. Rosenau 
Perry Rosenheim 
Milton H. Rubin 
Joseph E. Ryan 
M. L. Schwartzman 
Albert R. Simon 
John F. Speacht 
John C. Trimble 
Walter H. Weber 


Pennsvlvania n)u$eum and School of Industrial J\rt 

Location of Exhibits in the Annual Exhibition of 

Students* Work at the School Building 

Broad and Pine Streets 


ENTRANCE LOBBY— Illustration and Architectural Drawing. 

AUDITORIUM — Life Class. Antique Classes. Costume Class. 
Illustration Class. 

MAIN EXHIBITION ROOM (North Wing)— Work of Classes 
in Design. Plant Analysis. Ornament Study from Casts 
and Historic Examples. Bookbinding. Stencils. Metal 
Work and Jewelry. Designs for Wall Paper, Printed Silks, 
Oil Cloth, Rugs, Carpets, Lace, Costume, etc. Work of the 
Industrial Drawing and Normal Classes. 

Decoration. Stained Glass. Landscape Gardening. Water- 
color Studies. 

ORNAMENT CLASS 'ROOM.— Historic Ornament, Furniture, 
Costume, Wrought Iron, Work of the Normal Class. 

MODELING ROOMS (Fifteenth Street End of Building) — 
Pottery, Cement, Terra-Cotta. Models for Metal Work, 
Fountains, Carving, Medals, and Decorative Panels. 


AivUMNi Room — Costume and Sketch Class Work. 
Surface Design Room — Course in General Design. 


COMMITTEE ROOMS— Fabrics for Decorative Interiors from 
Historic Motives, Fancy Silks, Brocades, Sydneys, Tapestries, 
etc. Heavy Draperies. Draperies with Motives and Color- 
ings from Antique Examples. Steamer Robes and Rugs. 

MAIN EXHIBITION ROOM (South Wing)— Fancy Ginghams, 
Fine Grade Mantel Cloths. Medium Grade Plaids. Woolen 
Suitings. Men's Wear. Shirtings and Shirt Waistings. Sam- 
ple Ranges, including upwards of 3,000 patterns. Illustrations 
of Courses in Cloth Analysis, Fabric Structure, Color Har- 
mony, Carding and Spinning, and Chemistry and Dyeing, 
including such Novelties as Use of Formaldehyde in Dyeing, 
Application of Titanous Salts as a Bleaching Agent, Prepara- 
tion of Fast Shades on Cotton with Sulphur Dyes, Studies 
in Chlorinated Wool in Dyeing and Rendering Fabrics Un- 
shrinkable, Tests of Methods and Efficiency of New Inven- 
tions in Dyeing, Shades on Union Goods and Leather.