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.. 3 




JUN ? 1 1348 



Sunday, June 20, 1948, 3:00 p. m. 
George HufF Gymnasium 


My country, 'tis of thee, 
Sweet land of liberty, 

Of thee I sing; 
Land where my fathers died. 
Land of the pilgrims' pride, 
From every mountain-side 

Let Freedom ring. 

Our fathers' God, to Thee, 
Author of liberty, 

To Thee we sing; 
Long may our land be bright 
With Freedom's holy light ; 
Protect us by Thy might. 

Great God, our King. 


Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 
And never brought to mind? 

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 
And days of auld lang syne? 

For auld lang syne, my dear, 
For auld lang syne ; 
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet, 
For auld lang syne. 

Order of Exercises 

Professor Alan Kemp Laing, A.B., B.S., Master of Ceremonies 

Colonel Harry Augustine Buckley, U.S.A., Marshal 

Captain Phillip Gaines Stokes, U.S.N., Marshal 

Commencement Procession 

Academic Processional March Engel 

The University Concert Band 

Albert Austin Harding, Mus.D., Conductor 


Excerpt from First Symphony Sibelius 

The University Concert Band 

Singing of "America" by the Audience 


The Reverend A. Ray Cartlidge, A.B., B.D. 
Minister of the First Presbyterian Church, Champaign 

Commencement Address 

Henry Townley Heald, D.Eng., LL.D. 
President of Illinois Institute of Technology 


Finale from the Symphonic Poem "Death and 

Transfiguration" Richard Strauss 

The University Concert Band 

Greetings from the Alumni 

Wayne R. Bennett, B.S. 
President of the Alumni Association 

Conferring of Degrees 

George Dinsmore Stoddard, Ph.D., Litt.D., L.H.D., LL.D. 

President of the University 

Singing of "Auld Lang Syne" by the Audience 

The Reverend Mr. Cartlidge 


Ceremonial March — Heritage Benjamin 

The University Concert Band 

The Retiring Faculty , 

Members Who Will Retire September 1, 1948 

Leverett Allen Adams, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology, Emeritus, and Curator of 
the Aluseum of Natural History 

J. LiTA Bane, A.M., D.Sc, Professor of Home Economics and Head of the De- 

Fannie Maria Brooks, A.B., R.N., Associate Professor of Health Education 

Maxwell Jay Dorsey, Ph.D., Professor of Pomology and Head of the Depart- 
ment of Horticulture 

Albert Austin Harding, Mus.D., Director of Military Bands and Professor of 

Mrs. Nell C B. Johnston, A.M., Litt.D., Assistant Professor of Education 

Horace James Macintire, M.M.E., Professor of Refrigeration 

Stella Rebecca Percival, B.Mus., Instructor in Music 

Loring Harvey Provine, B.S., A.E., Professor of Architectural Engineering and 
Head of the Department of Architecture 

Eleanor AIabel Robertson, A.B., B.L.S., Assistant Catalog Librarian, with the 
rank of Assistant Professor 

Anna Belle Robinson, A.M., Assistant Professor of Home Economics Education 

Raymond Stratton Smith, Ph.D., Professor of Soil Physics 

Virginia Hoyt Weaver, A.M., Assistant Professor of Home Economics 

Sigfnificance of Cap Tassel Colors 

College o£ Law Purple 

Library School Lemon Yellow 

College of Agriculture Maize 

College of Engineering Orange 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences White 

College of Education Blue 

College of Commerce and Business Administration Dark Gray 

School of Journalism Black and White 

College of Fine and Applied Arts Chocolate Brown 

School of Physical Education Sage Green 

Division of Special Services for War Veterans Orange and Blue 

College of Veterinary Medicine Gray 



Candidates presented by Coleman Roberts Griffith, Ph.D., LL.D. 
Provost of the University 


Wilson James Frank, Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics 


Philip Maurice Dadant, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 

Robert Lancaster Folger, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 

Robert William Lally, Bachelor of Science from the Division of Special 

Services for War Veterans 
Edward Lee Whitaker, Bachelor of Science in Marketing 

Bronzie Tablet 

Nancy Jane Armstrong, Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Jo Ann Ator, Bachelor of Arts in the Teaching of English 

Carlos Barkley, Jr., Bachelor of Science from the Division of Special Services 

for War Veterans 
Beryl Dawson Bonner, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Charles Rush Broehl, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Design 
Edmond Brown, Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics 
Maurice LeRoy Burgener, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering 
Alice Lorene Burke, Bachelor of Science in Physical Education 
Burton Lloyd Cordry, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 
Charles Merle Crawford, Bachelor of Science in Marketing 
Homer Lee Crouse, Bachelor of Science in Management 
Philip Maurice Dadant, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 
William Burton Davenport, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Donald Nelson Duvick, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture 
Robert James Davisson Evey, Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics 
Benjamin Chatburn Fisher, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Margot Louise Flock, Bachelor of Science in Journalism 
Robert Lancaster Folger, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 
Margaret Forsberg Foxvog, Bachelor of Science in Journalism 
Berle Elaine Garrett, Bachelor of Arts in the Teaching of German 
Harry Junior Gille, Bachelor of Science in Music Education 
Rex Alan Guest, Bachelor of Science from the Division of Special Services 

for War Veterans 
Harold Lee Hauter, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 
Kent Haessler Hobart, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences 
James Donald Hogan, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 
James Loie Honnold, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering 
Adelaide Veronica Jauch, Bachelor of Scierice in Journalism 
William John Jensen, Bachelor of Science from the Division of Special Serv- 
ices for War Veterans 
Harry George Kabbes, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering 

[ 9 ] 

Robert William Lally, Bachelor of Science from the Division of Special Serv- 
ices for War Veterans 
Mary Patricia Lauchner, Bachelor of Arts in the Teaching of Speech 
Martin Lewis, Bachelor of Science from the Division of Special Services for 

War Veterans 
Richard Golden Love, Bachelor of Science in General Engineering 
Charles Edward Marberry, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Paul Leo AIarcinkoska, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 
Mary Lucille Mathews, Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Robert Lee May, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 
Mary Jean McLaughlin, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Robert Carl Menken, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 
William Alexander Michael, Jr., Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and 

Charles Keiter Miles, Bachelor of Science in General Engineering 
James B. Mowry, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture 
William Leo Nelson, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Landscape Architecture 
Sally Jane Pfeffer, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences , 

James William Pierson, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Dorothy Ann Price, Bachelor of Science in Home Economics 
Robert John Rappl, Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering 
Robert Nelson Rasmus, Bachelor of Science in General Engineering 
Charles William Reene, Bachelor of Science in Journalism 
Marjorie Higgins Richey, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kay Watson Ross, Bachelor of Science from the Division of Special Services for 

War Veterans 
Everett Dean Ryan, Bachelor of Science in Physical Education 
Louis Jacob Schaumburg, Jr., Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 
Warren Henry Schuetz, Bachelor of Science in Music Education 
Earl Page Shapland, Jr., Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 
Wayne Simpson, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 
Donald Harvey Skadden, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 
John Henry Smith, Bachelor of Science from the Division of Special Services 

for War Veterans 
Sidney Edward Smith, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 
Howard Steinberg, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 
Er-Ching Su, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering 
Harold Henry Tholen, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 
Herman Franklin Thompson, Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance 
Mary Josephine Wedge, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Edward Lee Whitaker, Bachelor of Science in Marketing 
Robert Swern Wiseman, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 
Ruth Alice Wolfe, Bachelor of Science in Education 
Frederic Louis Zeisler, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 


The College of Law 

Candidates presented by Albert James Harno, B.S., LL.B., Litt.D., LL.D. 
Dean of the College of Law 

The Degree of Bachelor of Science 

In Law 

Arnold Werner Bensew 
John Thomas Coburn 
Angelo Nicholas Gaziano 
Roy Oscar Gulley 
Isaac Jacobsen 
Elden George AIarquardt 
James Thayer Mohan 
Willard Cail Pearce 
Arthur Lowell Price, Jr. 
Fred William Reither 
John Donald Rennick 
Richard Wayne Sterling 

The Degree of Bachelor of Laws 

Donald Joseph Baumann, Ph.B., Loyola University, 1940 

Francis Edward Berg, A.B., Lake Forest College, 1940 

Samuel Shepherd Blane, A.B., Knox College, 1942 

William Edward Brekke, A.B., 1943 

William Henry Carlson, B.S., 1943 

Mathew Paul Cicero, B.S., 1942 

RoscoE David Cunningham 

Ralph John Dady, Jr., B.S., 1947 

John Carl Davis, A.B., 1946 

William Thompson Davis, B.S., 1933 

James Russell DePew, B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University, 1941 

Henry Timmons Dighton, A.B., University of Michigan, 1940 

Dale Wesley Fagan, B.S., 1946 

Charles Dale Ferguson, B.S., 1947 

John Henry Finfrock, A.B., 1947 

William Athanas Ginos, A.B., 1942 

Richard Golze, A.B., 1947 

James Flatt GtOodman, B.S., 1943 

Keith Eugene Hutson 

John Edwin Jacobsen, B.S., I947 

Richard Christoph Koch, B.S., 1947 

Raymond Walter Lamkin, Jr., B.S., 1947 

Frank Bohumil Machala 

Francis Edgar Maxwell 

Harry Ray Mondhink, A.B., 1943 

Donald Ray Overton, A.B., Illinois Wesleyan University, 1943 

Walter Kenneth Porter, B.S., 1941 

Haynes Eugene Reese, B.S., 1938 

George Haskel Simmons, Jr., B.S., 1946 

William Hardin Small, B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University, 1939 

Clark Zim Steward, A.B., 1941 


William Madison Taylor, B.S., 1940 

Charles Robert Vaughn, B.S., James Millikin University, 1944 

James Clarence Wood, B.S., 1945 

Edward John Wright, B.S., 1947 

Elliott Burrill Young, B.S., 1947 

Philip Christian Zimmerly, B.S., 1947 

The Degree of Doctor of Law 

Marion Lee Beal, A.B., 1946 

John Theodore Holmstrom, Jr., B.S., 1942 

Richard Fletcher Morthland, B.S., James Millikin University, 1947 

Robert Leon Patrick, B.S., Southern Illinois University, 1947 

Calvin Russel Stone, A.B., Bradley University, 1942 


The Library School 

Candidates presented by Robert Bingham Downs, M.S., Litt.D. 
Director of the Library School 

The Degree of Bachelor of Science 

In Library Science 

Mary Irene Adams, B.S., Southern Illinois University, 1947 

Richard Lear Anders, A.B., Fenn College, 1946; A.M., Columbia University, 

1947; with Honors 
Ruth Estella Jean Bailey, A.B., Southwestern College, 1927; A.M., University 

of Chicago, 1930 
Dolores Elaine Bakeraitis, A.B., Central Michigan College of Education, 1946 
Anne Mayor Bradford, A.B., Monmouth College, 1935 
Muriel Anita Brown, A.B., Langston University, 1947 
Jean Lorimer Cameron, A.B., Pembroke College of Brown University, 1945 ; with 

IvA Naomi Carr, B.S., 1945 
Sarah ^L^BEL Cash, A.B., Huron College, 1947 
Ethel Jane Gantz, B.S., Ball State Teachers College, 1945 
Kathryn Johns Gloyd, B.S., 1939; M.S., University of Maryland, 1940 ; with 

High Honors 
Doris Evelyn Goodpasture, A.B., Ball State Teachers College, 1947 
Helen Lucille Hager, B.S., Southeast Alissouri State College, I945 
Edward Tesson Hall, A.B., Washington University, 1938; with High Honors 
Oliva Louise Harris, B.Ed., University of Hawaii, 1937 
Marjorie Ann Harvey, A.B., Butler University, 1946 
James Milton Hillard, A.B., Ohio University, I947; with Honors 
BiLLiE Katherine Hurst, A.B., Southwest Missouri State College, 1938 
Martha Jean Irwin, A.B., Denison University, 1947 
Edward Glenn Linkhart, A.B., Ohio State University, 1947 
Blanche Seim Ludwig, A.B., Cornell College, 1942 
Kathryn Louise Luther, A.B., 1944 ; with Honors 
Mary Jane MacDonald, A.B., 1946 

Vernon Emanuel Martin, A.B., Xavier University, 1939 
James Blakely McFerrin, A.B., Erskine College, 1942 
May Wrigley Pearce, A.B., Grove City College, 1942 
Robert Ralph Poland, A.B., Knox College, 1946 
Cecily Reed Rideout, A.B., University of Cahfornia, 1945 
Elizabeth E. Roberts, A.B., 1946 

Dorothy May Short, A.B., Arkansas State Teachers College, I947; with Honors 
Francis Charles Taylor, A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1947; with 

Helen Ulrey, A.B., Ball State Teachers College, 1942 
Norma Helen Worthy, B.S., Southern University, 1944 
Ellen Rita Wrigley, A.B., Mary Washington College of the University of 

Virginia, 1947 


The College of Agriculture 

Candidates presented by Robert R. Hudelson, Ph.D. 
Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture 

The Degree of Bachelor of Science 

In Agriculture 

Pascal Eaton Allen 

Fred Mark Brown, with Honors 

Jerome Joseph Burke, with Honors 

Stanley Wayne Burt 

Ralph Frank Castenson 

James Verne Craig, with Highest 

Robert Francis Dasso, with Honors 
John Otis Dickinson 
George Edward Drake, with High 

Donald Nelson Duvick, with Highest 

Harold Benjamin File 
Charles Sager Finley 
Paul Howard Frederick 
Leo Ray Fryman, with Highest 

James Andrew Gilchrist 
George Washington Goble, Jr. 
Harold Dice Goodwine 
Eleanor Harriet Graham 
Herbert Hyde Green 
Virgil Thomson Harbach 
Walter Grantham Hartzell 
Edward John Hawker 
Carl Henry Heepke 
Arthur Franklin Howard 
John Henry Huelskoetter 
Erich Arthur Jank 
Donald Briggs Johnson, Jr. 
Walter Philip Jones 
Karl Robert Kern 
Ralph Milo Knater, with Honors 
Alpha Boyd Lahr 
George William Lawrence 
Ellis Everett Leighty, with Honors 
Theodore Irvin McCarty, with 

Donald Augustine McCaslin 
Teddy Roy McIrvin 
Jack Charles McKendry 
"Robert J. Metzger, with Honors 
Enloe Fred Moehlenkamp 
Robert Warren Moffet 
Norman Gene Mortonson 
Ralph Welden Mowery, with Honors 

James B. Mowry, with Highest 

Howard Carl Neese 
Carroll Roger Nelson 
Thaddeus Joseph Obal, with High 

Ernest Hughes Paisley 
Otis Darrell Pepple 
William Franklin Pickrell, with 

Roger Morton Rains 
Donald Frederick Rapparlie 
Donald Wayne Ritchie 
Wilbur Lee Robertson, with Honors 
William Thompson Roby 
Kenneth Fay Sallee 
Paul Christian Sancken 
Irl Christian Schahrer 
Eugene Edward Scherer, with 

Highest Honors 
Hartzell Duane Schleeter 
Samuel Leslie Shaw, with High 

Paul Kenneth Sherwood, with High 

David Earl Sistler, with High 

Everett James Smiley 
Harvey Hugh Smith 
Mary Eleanor Smith 
Wayne Clarence Stapf 
John Robert Stubblefield, with 

Russell John Sykes 
Max Stevenson Tessier 
LoRiNG Ben Thompson 
Edward Beverly Trovillion 
Don Fowler Vandiver 
William Albert Velde 
Rolf Edward Vogen 
Alan Worrell Walker 
Frederick Ray Walker, with Honors 
William Kent Warden 
Hubert Julian Wetzel 
James Dial Wood 
Leland Edward Wright 


In Dairy Technology 

Edwin Arthur Bernardoni 
Ellis Eugene Dotson 
Mark Coyne Goodman, Jr. 
Orville Pritchard Gose 

Carolyn Ruth Bluhm 
Robert William Dietsch 
Herman Patrick Quinn 
Mynne Kuhn Schmidt 

Alysious James Keller 
Robert Voss, with High Honors 
George Virgil Wescott 

In Floriculture 

Marjorie Louise Shattuck, with 

Highest Honors 
Frederick William Winterowd, with 


In Home Economics 

Shirley Jean Bolliger, with Honors 

JuLANN Cecelia Brya 

Janice Brown Cardine 

Melba Lorraine Carr, with Highest 

Vivian Leona Changnon, with High 

Liuan ]\L\ry Cholod 
Shirley Dunbar Culbertson 
Mary Frances Feeser 
Joan Louise Geymer 
Lois Caroline Hanselman 
Ellen Patricia Hansen 
Elizabeth Ann Jobe 
Ruth Alice Jones 

Doris Jane Klinefelter, with Honors 
Shirley Korasek 
Muriel Kathryn Lennertz 
Blanche Long 
Mary Elizabeth Luse 
Virginia Grace Marsh 
Patricia Ann Wallace McCreary 
Doris Rita McLane 
Virginia ALa.rie Mero 

Jane Schueller Miles 
Mary Louise Newburn, with Honors 
Harriet Mae Nifong, with Honors 
Alice Riechman Noggle 
Dorothy Ann Price, with High 

Anita Mae Rice, with Honors 
Margaret Cummins Richert 
Mary Rita Ringenbach 
Mary Royer Roberts 
Rosemary Susan Robinson 
Lois Rosalind Ross 
Helen Elizabeth Mary St. Clair 
Martha Elizabeth Samelson 
Josephine Anne Scheck 
Anne Elizabeth Schoenoff, with 

High Honors 
Jean Iris Thompson 
Rozanna Ueberrhein 
Mary Myrth Wallace 
Marilyn Kaehn Wilber 
Marjorie Ruth Williams 
Janice Evelyn Youmans 
Marian Ann Zawila 

In Home Economics Education 

Mary Elizabeth Battles 
Marie Edith Engelman 
Lois Isabelle Finley 
Elizabeth Anne Forsythe 
Eleanor Jean Icenogle 

Dorothy Estelle Manby 
Glenellen Musgrave 
Jenny Ann Segelhorst, with Honors 
Julia Ruth Stahl, with Honors 

In Vocational Agriculture 

Flavius Edward Bennett, with 

Highest Honors 
Clarence John Browning 
David Franklin Byrne, vv^ith Highest 

Denver Carl Corn, with Honors 
Bernard Vincent Deany 
Palt- Clarence Doty, with High 

Harold Theodore Drake 
James Chester Evans, with High 


James Ray Fox, with Highest Honors 

Howard Alan Kendrick 

Lloyd John McElhiney, with Honors 

Charles Ray Moore 

Charles Wesley Nicholson 

Eugene Allen Patchett 

Ralph Burgess Poynter, with 

Highest Honors 
James Thomas Smith, Jr. 


The College of Engineering 

Candidates presented by Melvin Lorenius Enger, M.S., C.E. 
Dean of the College of Engineering 

The Degree of Bachelor of Science 
In Aeronautical Engineering 

John Calvin Beggs, with Honors 
Harold Anthony Bohneberg 
Edward Joseph Brisick 
Ralph Scott Fidler 
Chris George Greanias 
Donovan Ralph Heinle 
Lyman Paul Johnson 
CoNNARD Forrest Karraker 
Vernon George Klockzien 
Henry Couvillon Lessing 

William Valentine McGuire 
Matthew Anthony Medick 
Paul Mike Pahules 
William David Parsons 
LeRoy Eugene Pearson 
LeRoy Maurice Reitter 
True Edwin Surber 
Kenneth Eugene Welch 
Edward Donald Wong 

In Agricultural Engineering 

Harry Harlan Baker 

Randall Lionel Beasley 

Wendell Bowers 

Sanford Walter Brock 

Maurice LeRoy Burgener, with High 

Beverly Jack Butler 

Murray Wayne Forth 
Gurnam Singh Gujral 
Delmar Wayne Husman 
John Waller Mattingly 
Leo Otto Stoeber 
Henry Junior Thomas 

In Ceramic Engineering 

Harry LeRoy Anderson, Jr. 

John Shields Burt 

Bruce Galvin Craig 

Miles Edward Curtis 

James Francis Essenpreis, with High 

Jake Clatter 
Robert George Hicks 
John Reck Hill 
James Edmond Howrey 
Edwin Keith Jensen 

Joseph Charles Kyonka 
Robert Ostrem Martin 
Floyd McCall Maupin 
Frank Gabriel Recny 
Melvin Frank Rogers 
Harold Gene Sowman 
Walter Frederick Stuenkel 
Clarence Rogers Westlake 
Allen Paul Wherry 
James Earl Young 

In Civil Engineering 

Necati Akcaglilar 
Clarence Alexander Anderson 
Hugh Robert Anderson 
Richard Albin Anderson 
Robert Louis Anderson 
Charles Arthur Andrew 
Charles William Barenfanger 
Franklin Archibald Bassett, with 

George William Baugher 
John Lito Bogatto 
Donald Lee Caldwell 
Godfrey Joseph Cardine 
James Curtis Chandler 
Eugene Walter Dingledine 
Floyd Powell Eisiminger, Jr. 

Richard Harry Faber 

Ralph Eugene Fields, with Honors 

Jack Edwin Frank 

Robert Hayes Franklin 

Walter William Junior Giffhorn, 

with High Honors 
Louis Milo Gulledge 
Walter Dean Hays, with High 

Charles Leon Holman 
Nelson Harmon Hubbard 
Charles Levin Jansen, Jr. 
Kenneth Eugene Jensen 
Harry George Kabbes, with High 

Wayne Allen Kiester 


David Lloyd King 
Robert Anton Kroening 
Ernest Louis Kuncicky 
Leonard Albert Kunz 
John Oliver Lewis 
George Willis Mahn, Jr. 
Edwin Hartung Miles 
Edward Lee Mollman 
John Robert Moore, with High 

Charles William Norwich 
Norman Allan Pace 

George Richard Petras 
Richard Brantley Plain 
John Podmajersky, Jr. 
Carl Rebok 

George LaVerne Reiter 
Herbert Adam Schroeder 
Herbert Charles Schultz 
Franklin Fredrick Tanquary 
Roy Thomsen Terp 
Wayne Willis Welge 
Ray Adolph Wente 

In Electrical Engineering 

George Beuttel Bailey, Jr. 

Donald Ray Barthel 

Elmer Bastian 

Russell Arnold Bedford 

Charles Walsh Blood 

Paul Oscar Leroy Carlson 

Floyd Mitchell Cassidy 

Jack Edward Caveney 

George Leslie Clark 

James Albert Conant 

Burton Lloyd Cordry, with Honors 

Philip Maurice Dadant, with High 

Theodore James Deimer 
Raymond Claire Delicath 
John Michael Del Vento 
Russell Warren Dickinson 
Wayne Walter Dierker 
Anthony Michael DiGrazia 
Kenneth August Dippel 
John Gavin Doty, Jr. 
Harry Eugene Elder, with Honors 
Richard Junior Fahnestock 
John English Farley 
Richard Wallace Fetter 
Maxwell Charles Freudenberg 
Kenneth Elmer Gerler 
Harry John Goettel 
Leo Arthur Grant 
Gary Howard Hatfield 
Ernest Lollo Hepp 
Thadeus Boleslaw Hermanowicz 
James Donald Hogan, with High 

Harold Ray Holloway 
Charles Frank Hummel 
Billy Bernard Hunter 
Darrell Vernon Jarvis 
Samuel Smith Jefferies, Jr. 
Arthur Robert Jones 
Granville Guynn Kemp 
Tressa Eileen Kimble 

Robert Glenn Knowlbs, with High 

Thomas Edward Kurtzer 
Robert Glenn Lakin 
Ralph D. Lending 
Wilbert Liebow 
Edward Lovick, Jr. 
Robert Bruce MacAskill, Jr. 
John Robert Massey 
Maurice Ray McCrary 
Ezra Mintz 

Griffin Thomas Nelson 
Roman Joseph Ozarka 
Albert Gene Peifer 
Orville Rhodell Pomeroy, with 

Donald Ditlow Richardson 
Charles Merrill Rieker 
Charles Winfield Rile 
William Ogle Risley 
Allen McCanne Sanford 
Alan Loal Saunders 
Robert Henry Schifferdecker 
Robert Charles Schneider, with 

Lester Louis Smith 
Royle Miles Smith 
Charles William Steele 
Donald Everett Steeper 
John Leonidas Swaim 
Lenix Harold Swango 
Robert Bruce Symon 
Chu Tao 

Norman Harold Tarnoff 
Richard Charles Waldorf 
Arthur Joseph Welcher, H 
Robert Swern Wiseman, with High 

Frederic Louis Zeisler, with Honors 
George Stanley Zilis, with High 



In Engineering Physics 

Howard Henry Bailie 

Edmond Brown, with High Honors 

Robert James Davisson Evey, with 

High Honors 
Wilson James Frank, with High 


Joseph Barr Morrison, with Honors 
Edward Lee Nieman 
Horace Edsall Seely, Jr. 

In General Engineering 

George Andrew Anderson 

Robert Chester Bedford 

Fred Henry Berghorn 

Harold Brickman 

William Hayes Brown 

Edward Manning Freedman 

Richard Lee Hammack 

John Marion Hauck 

Arthur Vincent Houghton, HI 

Robert Claude Knuepfer 

Richard Golden Love, with Honors 

Donald James Lundahl 

Jack Frank Malone 

Charles Keiter Miles, with High 

Donald Overbeek 
Robert Nelson Rasmus, with High 

Charles Harry Sechrest, with High 

Russell Bryant Stephens 
Norman Weiner 

In Mechanical Engineering 

James Craig Adair 

John Adaska, Jr., with Honors 

Aaron A. Aiduss 

HoYT Cecil Ambrosius 

Edward Vernard Anderson 

Richard Milles Anderson 

Robert Holmes Anderson 

David Robert Atkins 

Robert Balfour 

Henry Mortimer Barkow 

Eugene Paul Barta 

Raymond Anthony Bensko 

Henry Stanley Bieniecki 

Edward John Bires 

Frank Joseph Bis 

Andrew Aaron Bjelland 

Charles Marvin Blackburn 

Ted John Bolek 

Dudley Mervine Bradford 

George Bruce Brenneman 

Donald Dayton Bruss 

Robert Willis Cameron 

Roy Kremer Cannon 

Richard Lee Davis, Jr. 

James Edward Dolan 

John Douglas 

William Edward Dycus 

Kenneth Ade Ebi, Jr. 

John Thomas Edwards 

Neil Wallace Eft 

Robert Burton Emery 

Richard Erhardt 

Richard Evans, with High Honors 

Robert Moore Eyster, Jr. 

Harold John Farrar 

Elmer Bernard Fogelsong 

Charles Francis Fry 

Gerald Geraldson, Jr. 

Edward Maurice Gibbs 

Alvin John Gold 

Edward David Graham 

Eugene Grafton Greene 

William Kenneth Haebich 

James Gordon Haller 

Eldon Arline Harden 

Thomas Bartelt Harker 

James Luther Harp, Jr., with Honors 

Leslie Elmer Heideman 

Carl Phillip Hendrickson 

William Charles Jackson 

Robert Eskil Johnson 

Albert Thomas Jorn 

Waldemar Buland Karkow 

Alfred Leroy Kellington, with 

William Kelly 
John Charles Klopp 
Richard Irvin Koci 
Norris Lee La Grant 
Carl Franklin Lantau 
Arthur William Larson 
Harold Arthur Larson 
Ivan Jeremiah Law 
Rowland Dean Lyons 
William Anderson MacDonald, Jr. 
Leonard Peter Malstrom 
William Earl Mattson 
William Edward McCarthy 
Richard Edmund McGrath 
Robert Carl Menken 
Francis Carter Mergen 
Norman Charles Meyer 
Lawrence Schram Monroe 
Larry Richard Moore 
Thorvald Edgar Mouritsen 
Irfan Mehmet Ozacar 


Robert James Piersol 

Robert Spencer Plumb 

Robert Bernard Richards 

James Robert Ross 

Earl Gordon Rltesch, with Honors 

Robert Edward Saizow 

Paul Robert Schaffer 

Carl Joseph Schurenberg 

Earl Page Shapland, Jr., with High 

John Thomas Skinner 
Clarence Hugo Soderlund 

Theodore Louis Sohn 

Donald Stearns 

KuNio Ace Sumida 

Lester Dwight Teachout 

Donald Arthur Thompson 

Theodore Louis Towne 

Robert Eugene Uhrig, with Honors 

Henri Wechsler 

Robert Edward Wilson 

John Thomas Woods 

Arthur Fred Young 

Erwin Elmer Ziemann, with Honors 

In Metallurgical Engineering 

William Richard Apblett, Jr. 
William Wesley Berkey 
Frank Joseph Bolda 
Frank Joseph Bruns 
Robert Roy Ferguson 
Earl Albert Hasemeyer 
Wayne Schroeder Hering 
WiLLARD George Jacobs 
Robert Woods Klann 
Sam Leber 
Raymond Leo McGaughey 

Robert David Millhouse 
Walter Albert Mucek 
Thomas Sherman Noggle 
Margaret Ellen O'Donnell 
John William Pugh 
Lynn George Rowells 
Stewart William Sandberg 
Joseph Blair Selle 
George Frank Tisinai 
Alfred Steven Zorn 

In Mining Engineering 
Charles Donald Borror, Jr. James Marion Fox 

In Sanitary Engineering 

Cecil Wendell Browning Harold Murray Hecker, with Honors 

Robert Vernon Daigh 

The Degree of Bachelor of Naval Science 

George Clinton Curtis 


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Candidates presented by Henning Larsen, Ph.D. 
Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

The Degree of Bachelor of Arts 
In Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Geneva Deptris Adair, with High 

Honors in Psychology 
Jane Teresa Alayu 
Clara Estella Allen 
Helen Louise Allott 
Millie Yvonne Allott, with Honors 

in Spanish 
Betty Jane Altpeter 
Helen Lucille Anderson 
John Cecil Anderson 
Merriam Mae Anderson 
Marcella Ruth Andrews 
Suzanne Appelle 
Ralph Eugene Apple 
William Back 
Emily Marie Bacon 
Joan Thomasine Bailey 
Loretta Giuntoli Bailie 
Georgianna Baker 
Paul Marshall Baker 
Eleanor Patricia Balsley 
George Pickering Balz 
Martha Johnson Barthel, with 

Honors in Sociology 
Malvina Lottie Bartosiewicz 
Jo Ann Baysinger, with Plighest 

Honors in Psychology 
Laura Hester Benner, with High 

Honors in Humanities 
Morton Berman, with Highest Honors 

in English 
Harold Vincent Biska 
Vertus Edwin Bixenstine 
Claire Blaufarb 
Bette Kushner Block 
Betty Ruth Blomquist 
Marjorie June Blood 
RowENA Bloomberg 
Muriel Rae Blum 
Mary Miller Bogar 
Helen May Bond 
Leslie Fee Bond 
Joseph Virgil Bonefeste 
Stuart Jerome Bonem 
Barbara Jeanne Bonne, with Honors 

in English 
Beryl Dawson Bonner 
Catheryn Bowen 
Donald Arthur Bowers 
Jesse Howard Brenner 

John Haswell Brien 

John Allen Brophy, with High 

Honors in Geology 
Nancy Virginia Brown 
Shari Helen Brown 
Shirley Rita Brown, with Highest 

Honors in French 
Emma Lou Browning 
Gertrude Bryant 
Thomas Carl Bunting 
Suzanne Ackerman Burnside, with 

High Honors in Economics 
Eugene Lyman Cady 
James Thomas Carey 
Constance Arlene Carlson 
John Edward Carlson 
John William Coolley Carlson 
Nancy Louise Carlson 
William Bertram Carr 
Frank Stanley Carter, Jr. 
Marshall Seymour Cherkas 
Joanne Choisser 
Mary Ellen Christie 


Gloria Cundall Clark 
Mary Lou Winandy Clark 
Barbara Ruth Claypool 
Helen Louise Cline 
Audrey Blossom Cohen 
Sheldon Francis Cohn 
Patricia Hawley Cole 
William Collins 
Richard Sydney Congleton 
Patricia Lea Connolly 
Evelyn Jay Coodin 
Helen McGavran Corneli 
William Cousins, Jr. 
Nancy Ellen Cress 
Doris Emma Davenport 
William Burton Davenport, with 

High Honors in Political Science 
Newell Edward Davis 
George Joseph Deane 
RowELL Einstein Debysingh 
John Phillip Deibel, Jr. 
Daniel Rocco DeLorenzo 
George Henry DeMers 
Ellen Dolores DeMoss 
RosALEEN Jean Devlin 
Laura Edith Dexter 


Norma Jane Dice 

VixcEXT Sam Di Giui.10 

Hexry Eugene Doxey, III 

Dorothy Helen Doolen, with Honors 

in Psycholog>' 
Portia Annette Dorman 
Joseph James Bernard Drabek 
Philip Drago 
Frances Louise Drennan 
LuciLE Elizabeth Duff 
Louis Alan Dumond 
Esther Virginia Duvall 
Dorothy Kathleen Eads 
William Washburn Early 
Elizabeth Laura Easter, with 

Honors in Humanities 
Natalie Jane Eckland 
Kathleen Ellickson 
Margaret Phelps Engel 
Ruth Cerkel Esserman, with Highest 

Honors in English 
Frank Joseph Etges 
Nancy Jean Evans, with Honors in 

Ethelyn Iris Fink 
Barbara Harnden Fisher 
Benjamin Chatburn Fisher, with 

Highest Honors in Political 

Roger Jean Fisher, with Honors in 

Ned Aaron Fleishman, with Highest 

Honors in Political Science 
Jeaxxe Winifred Flesher 
Verna Louise Flesner 
Paula Ruth Folger 
David Bernard Follender, with 

Honors in History 
Virginia Louise Forsaith 
Betty Louise Foss 
Marilyn Norene Freeman 
Stanley Friedman, with Honors in 

Virginia Eleanor GeLaz 
Ralph Gher, Jr. 
Raymond Stuart Gilbert 
Chester Barush Glucroft 
Sidney Goldberg 
Leon Albert Gottfried, with High 

Honors in English 
Gloria Ann Gould, with Honors in 

Herbert Martin Greenberg 
Richard Aaron Greenberg 
Bette Lee Greene 
Edwin David Griffin 
Mary Margaret Hill Grimmett, with 

Honors in Humanities 
Joan Harvard Grout, with Highest 

Honors in Political Science 
Ellen Bartholow Grubb, with Honors 

in English 

Betty Clarke Gwinn 

Margaret Ann Haan 

Betsy Ross Hall 

Donald Gene Halper 

George Frederick Hammersmith 

Margaret Jean Hampton 

Donna Marie Hanneken 

Ann Harrison 

Romona Lee Hart, with Honors in 

Melvin Manuel Harter 
Mary Elizabeth Haskins 
Margaret Louise Hauter 
Julia Eleanor Hazzard 
Helen Louise Head, with Honors in 

Gilford Harold Hennegar, Jr., with 

High Honors in Philosophy 
Betty Anne Herman 
Robert Frank Hermanson 
Mortimer Glover Hitt 
Kent Haessler Hobart, with Highest 

Honors in Chemistry 
Ralph Jacob Hoerr 
Martha Ellen Holmes, with High 

Honors in Mathematics 
John Karl Hotuiz, with Honors in 

Alex John Hubmann 
Virginia Lee Hudelson, with Honors 

in Social Science 
Eileen Josephine Huebner 
Joyce Marie Hull, with Highest 

Honors in Speech 
Eugene Lee Ice 
Arthur Bernard Ikenn 
Martha Clark Ingram 
Stephen Daniel James 
Rosemary Jeffries 
Anita May Johnson 
Edward William Johnson 
Joan Patricia Johnson 
Phyllis Elaine Johnson 
Norma Jean Johnston 
Audrey Margaret Jones 
Laura Josephine Jordan, with High 

Honors in Psychology 
Harlan Henry Juster 
Helen Elaine Keating 
Charles David Keeling 
Joanne Mary Keepers 
Betsy Ann Kennedy 
Franklin Morley Kissinger, Jr. 
Shirley Josephine Klass 
Margaret Jane Klemola 
Robert Peter Paul Kling 
Edward Frank Klitenick 
Dorothy Rosina Knaus 
Russell Wayne Koenig 
Marvin Kogan 
Michael Albert Kondzella 
Deborah Iris Koppel 


George Wesley Kott 

Johanna Louise Kramer, with Honors 

in Spanish 
Bernice Laffer 
Betty Jane La Mandin 
Barbara Ann Lannon 
Dorothy Jeanne Large 
Helen Naomi Larimore 
Shirley Ann Larsen 
Paul Lasakow 
Idell Joan Lautmann 
Victor William Lello 
Melvin Ellis Levinson 
Mary Ellen Lewis 
Shirley Patricia Lewis 
Elizabeth Fox Lilienstein 
Evelyn Ruth Lind, with Honors in 

Carolyn Elizabeth Linnard, with 

Highest Honors in Entomology 
Betty Frances Lipari 
Thomas Benton Litherland 
Jean Elizabeth Long 
Frederick Joseph Lowrey 
Mildred Mae Luther 
Helena Elizabeth Magnusson 
James Francis Magurany 
May Ann Mahan 
Doris Marie Mallory 
Charles Edward Marberry 
Russell Varnelle May, Jr., with 

High Honors in Social Science 
William Glenn McDaniel 
Norma Lee McKean 
Mary Jean McLaughlin, with Highest 

Honors in Economics 
Katherine Jane Meilinger 
June Marie Mell 
William Alexander Michael, Jr., 

with Highest Honors in 

Frank Michels 
HoLLis Frank Middleton 
Arlene Trilling Miles 
MiLLiCENT May Moffett 
Ward Wilfred Moore 
June Frances Morettini 
Betty Livingstone Mueller 
Herbert Muller 
Grace Beverly Munger, with High 

Honors in Psychology 


KiMii Nagata 
Adele Minette Nedry 
Ruth Linnea Nelson 
Esther Adele Netter 
Phyllis Ann Nickelson 
Alexander Nickett 
Phyllis Jean Nitsche 
Harold Richard Oelke, with Honors 
in History 

Charles Edward Ohlsen, Jr., with 

High Honors in History 
Carol Quimby Oldham 
Donald Benjamin Oliver, Jr. 
Jean Hideko Omoto 
James Edward O'Neal 
Roberta Jean Oplinger 
Richard Searcy Otwell 
Frank Timothy Pacelli, with High 

Honors in English 
Jean Ellen Parker 
Marvin Pechter 
Walter William Peura, with High 

Honors in Political Science 
Sally Jane Pfeffer 
Joyce Cooper Pierce 
James William Pierson, with Highest 

Honors in Mathematics 
Thaddeus Stanislause Joseph 

Pierzynski, Jr. 
Merle Herbert Pindell 
PRisaLLA Gates Powell, with High 

Honors in Psychology 
Patricia Ann Price 
Irwin Probstein 
Marilyn Ann Prust 
Dale Irving Purtle, with Highest 

Honors in French 
Juan Harms Ramos 
Jean Ray 

Stephen Walter Read 
Robert Harold Reeves 
Janet Pogue Reichstein 
Mary Margaret Rhoads 
Mary Elizabeth Richards 
Elizabeth Goldthorp Richart 
Marjorie Higgins Richey, with 

Highest Honors in Social Science 
RosLYN Lois Richman 
Constance Marie Roark 
Charles Leonard Roblee 
Arthur Edward Rose 
Mary Francoise Rose 
Jane Ruth Rosenau 
Martin Rosenberg 
Arnold Rosenbloom 
Barbara Ann Rosenburger 
Rose Lee Ross 
Earl Marion Rubenking 
Gloria Marion Sage 
Angelo Sandrin 
Norma Jean Schaloske 
Jeanne Marie Scharfenberg 
Ruth Carroll Schneider 
Victor Schormann 
JoYicE Flesher Schroder 
Carol Florence Schulman 
Lauretta Helen Schultz 
Lolita Lois Seghetti 
Richard Ivan Sharp 
Joseph Wynn Sheade 


Preston Elijah Shryock 

Herbert Sieck, Jr. 

Lorraine Ann Siemieniec 

Francine Victoria Silbertrust 

Teresa Schumann Simmons 

Elson Cryor Sims 

Marcus George Singer, with High 

Honors in Philosophy 
James Robert Skeen 
Catherine Jessie Snow, with Honors 

in Social Science 
Miriam Fay Solnicky 
Vernon Philip Soukup 
Robert Wayne Spaulding 
Marianne Jameson Spencer 
Betty Ann Stahl 
Wayne Lowell Stark 
Daphne Alice Stavroulakis 
Elaine Blossom Steinberg 
^Larion Ozment Stephens 
Barbra McGinley Steward 
AIarian Jeanette Stone 
Helen AIargaret Storm, with Honors 

in Physical Science 
George Streisfield 
Catherine Mathilda Swanson 
John Peter Sydor, Jr. 
Patricia Alene Taber 
Nellie Takamoto, with Honors in 

Amy Charlotte Taylor 
Margaret Janet Taylor 
Henriet Lee Thal 
Caroll Longeway Thoke 
Barbara Ruth Thomasson, with 

Highest Honors in Psychology 
Isabel Hendel Thompson 
Katholive Thomson 
Margot Lea Ruth Tick 
Mary Louise Timlin 
Ross Paul Titus, with Honors in 

Virginia Bergerie Tomasian 
Frank Joseph Trifilio 
William Leroy Turner 

Jack Kay Tuthill 

Howard Sam Vactor 

Mary Elizabeth Vandenberg, with 

High Honors in Sociology 
Sylvia Ruby Vidalakis 
Margaret Ann Viden 
Theodore Yoshisada Wakai 
Sada Hart Walling 
Lois Patricia Wanen 
Donald Wessel Wangerow 
Joel Benjamin Ware 
William David Warren, with Highest 

Honors in History 
Sidney Jane Watt 
Barbara Miller Weatherly 
Mary Josephine Wedge 
LiLA Mae Wells 
Portia Gemmill Wells 
Charlotte Wenig, with Honors in 

Faithe Eloise Wexman 
Mary Louise Whitnel 
Sharon Jacqueline Wike 
Leslie Eugene Wilbur 
Jane Louise Wildeman 
John Robert Williams 
Lydia Mary Williams 
Mildred Marie Williams 
Neal Patrick Willy 
Frances Hastings Wilmeth, with 

Highest Honors in Psychology 
Marian Ember Wilson 
Donald Wilbur Wood 
Nancy Ellen Worsham 
Florence Jeannette Wrobel 
JuLO Wilma Yackle 
Lewis Johnson Yapp 
Helen Ruth Young 
Phyllis Sylvia Zacovitch 
Edward Zalutsky 
James Edward Zemek 
Harry Zerebniak 
Marilyn Lucile Zimny 
Robert Warrick Zinser 
Elaine V. Zworykin 

Mary Gotti Lasater 
^Largutirite AIary O'Brien 

In Home Economics 

Perdilla Jeanne Rogers 

In the Teaching of English 

Jo Ann Ator 

Marjorie Hinton Brown 

Martha Evelyn Foltin 

Robert Dean Haebich 

Beverly Jean Hafermann 

Lois Helene Klein 

Ann Jane McNamara, with Honors 

Camille Jadwiga Placzek 
Eleanor Elizabeth Sitter 
Dorothy Ruth Urdangen 
Ruth Helen Weimer, with Honors 
Jane Patricia Wilson 
Joy Mitchell Witte 


In the Teaching of French 
Helen Anthony Sue Curtin Jarvis 

In the Teaching of German 

Berle Elaine Garrett 

Barbara Ruth Heinz 

In the Teaching of Social Studies 

Barbara Jean Anderson, with 

Highest Honors 
Harold Ashley Atwood 
Norma Ann Brown 
Ruth Irene Buschman 
Lillian Eileene Cruse, with Honors 
James Martin Doerr 
Michael Philip Foertsch 

Rosalie Adele Hall 

Florence Irene Karwacki 

Harriet Lois Krell 

Carol Ruth Lott, with High Honors 

Patricia Neal 

Ann Maria Potter 

Lewis Martin Robinson 

Joyce Wiener 

In the Teaching of Spanish 

Harold LaVerne Boudreau 
Jane Ruth Caine 
Isabel Hershey Cooper 
Marion Edith Nicholson 

Carolyn Lucille Rudorf, with 

Highest Honors 
Alice Lou Virgin 

In the Teaching of Speech 

Mary Patricia Lauchner, with 

Highest Honors 
Anne Rose Mlinarich 

Joan Lucile Ryan 
Laurel Mae Stiglitz 
Alice Louise Wolff 

The Degree of Bachelor of Science 
In Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Elizabeth Anne Adair 

Milton Judson Alexander 

Leona Iris Arenson 

Nancy Jane Armstrong 

Bernard Martin Aronov 

Miriam Bahcall 

Delphine Baldwin 

Dorothy Dean Battles 

Edward Charles Beck, Jr. 

Janet Benham 

Charlotte Marie Biddle 

Verlee Louisa Billings 

Edward Blackman 

John David Bonnet, with Honors in 

Phyllis D. Brandt 
Sander James Breiner 
Jack Vincent Buerkle 
Mary Janetta Cannon 
James Franklin Carruth 
Barbara Eleanor Christy, with 

Honors in Chemistry 
Lester Woodrow Clutter 
Hyman Lewis Cohen 
Stuart Leonard Cohn 
Dorothy Hope Collier 
Roy Harold Cooley 

Mariellen Damon 

William Dean Davies, with High 

Honors in Chemistry 
Patricia Gene Davis 
James Wilbur Dean 
Marilyn Lois Deardorff 
John Henry De IVIichele 
Marilyn Jean Diehl 
Doris JaNe Dietz 
William Stanley Ditzler 
William Clarence Dolowy 
James Richard Edmonds 
Lorraine Jerald Eisenstaedt 
Russell Anson Eversole 
Haskell Fain 
LuciNDA Ellen Firebaugh 
Robert Dale Garrett 
Myron Jule Gerber 
James Richard Gillan, with High 

Honors in Mathematics 
David Albert Gordon 
James Ervin Grant, Jr. 
Janice R. Greenberg 
William Howell Gregory 
Carol Mona Hafner 
Rawley Sampson Handbury, Jr. 
Rachael Harris 


Ann Hartshorn 

Amy Rose Heltzel, with Highest 

Honors in Bacteriology 
John Melvin Henton, Jr. 
Seymour Solomon Himelman 
Leonard Hoit 
Marilyn Virginia Hopkins 
Muriel Ruth Huber, with High 

Honors in Mathematics 
Marjorie Inez Huudleston 
Doris Elaine Innes, with Honors in 

Sachiko Janet Ishihara 
Arlene Belle Ives, with Honors in 

Frank Edward Johnson, Jr. 
Terry Walter Johnson, Jr., with 

Honors in Botany 
Anne Estelle Johnston 
Herbert Hoover Kaufmann, with 

Highest Honors in Chemistry 
Doris AIae Kelly 
Fred Kern, Jr. 
Constance Kinneman, with Honors in 

Roberta May Kirkpatrick 
Morton Joe Klein, with Honors in 

Margaret Jane Kramer, with Honors 

in Bacteriology 
Ruth Frances Kucera, with Honors 

in Bacteriology 
Gertrude Margarita Kumerlen 
Leonard Laskin 
Oscar Sidney Lenit, Jr. 
Leonard Harold Lieberman 
Elaine Frances Manheim 
Alice Celia Martz, with Honors in 

Mary Lucille Mathews, with 

Highest Honors in Psychology 
Barbara Lou Maxwell 
Harry Walter AIayhew 
Jane I^Ionahan 
Joyce Cynthia Moore 
Lorraine Ruth Motel 
Albert Eugene Murray 
Haydn Herbert Murray, with 

Honors in Geology 
Cecil Louise Myers 
Doris Jeanette Nelson 
Sheldon Alex Nemerovski 
Shirley Nerman 
Charles Wright North, Jr. 
William Albert Oliver, Jr., with 

Honors in Geology 
Edward Rawson Orr, with Honors in 


Blair Leroy Patur 

Robert Flood Penny 

Barbara Mayo Phipps, with High 

Honors in Bacteriology 
Abe Pital 

Robert Grant Pollock 
Earl Prince 

Maynard Edward Pullman 
Carolyn Rose Rausch 
Edward James Riehle 
Barbara Ruth Robinson 
Thomas Michael Roder, with High 

Honors in Chemistry 
Leigh Edward Rosenblum 
Phyllis Bender Rosenthal 
Stanley Gus Rousonelos 
Mary Angeline Scheri 
Herbert Charles Senning 
Lucille Serepinas 
Walter Robert Servos 
Joanne Elizabeth Shanks 
Warren Ernest Shanks 
Gerald Shapiro 
Rubin Shapiro 
Helen Marie Sharp 
Jean Cora Shaw 
Alice Marie Shimer 
Irving Louis Shklair 
Margery June Shols 
Naomi Leah Shulruff 
Irving Norton Sloan 
Morey Eli Slodki 
Laura Joy Soderstrom 
Melvin Spiegel 
Robert Lawrence Squires 
Helen Ann Steer 
Frances Marie Steger 
Marilyn Janice Stern, with Honors 

in Psychology 
Sylvia Gay Su^ard 
Marilyn Ann Thomas 
Lee Hersh Trachtenberg 
Louis Unfer, Jr. 
Elaine Rose Vaculik 
Peter Gus Verges 
Orville William Vogel 
Irving Warner 
Helen Louise Weck 
Norma Schafer Willard 
Helen Jane Williams 
Georgia Mae Wilson 
Virginia Ruth Wilson, with Honors 

in Geology 
Robert Joel Wisner 
Sarah Ann Witherspoon 
Earl Austin Wood, with Honors in 

Alphonse Raymond Wrzesinski 

In Chemical Engineering 

Thomas Peter Binder, with Honors 
Paul Cullen Bradford, with Honors 

Glen Francis Crum, with High 


Ralph "Wathan Fisher, with High 

Wilbur Edward Gehring 
Daniel Wolf Havens 
Stanley Douglas Heden, with High 

James Loie Honnold, with Highest 

Donald David Hornbeck 
George Edward Johnston 
John Hoppe Kalivoda, with Honors 
William Jacob Katz, with Honors 
Max Dale Kelley, with Honors 
Otho Kile, with High Honors 
Edward Allen Kirchner 
Donald Gerald Leavitt 
Bert Jack Levinson 

Norman Mitchell Levitz, with 

Leonard William Okon 
Maximilian Rhoden 
John Ambrose Robinson, Jr., with 

George Granville Roller, with 

Highest Honors 
Jack Wylton Rose, with Honors 
Henry Arnold Snyder 
Blase Joseph Sollami 
Leonard Hill Stidley 
Er-Ching Su, with Highest Honors 
Robert Thomsen Terp, with Honors 
Klaus Dieter Timmerhaus, with 

Almar Widiger, with Honors 

In Chemistry 

Eugene P. Bertin, Jr. 
Arthur Harold Bodenschatz 
John Stephens Bodenschatz, with 

High Honors 
Robert Ernest Burge, Jr., with High 

Gerald Cohen, with Honors 
George John Cvejanovich 
Donald Lyle Dorward 
William Gordon Emshoff 
Robert Lancaster Folger, with 

Highest Honors 
IsABELL Helen Holmgren 
William Lee Jolly, with Highest 

Keith Redman Jordan 
Chester Eugene Kean 

In Speech 

Barbara Louise Annegers 
AuDRE Belport 
Lois Mae Bolle 
Patricia Ann Gallery 
Helen Herndon Fisher 
Mary Barbara Greene 
Marjorie Jane Hawthorne 
Mary Dee Kruh, with Honors 

Mark Robert Kinter, with Highest 

Ann Ada Krull 
Edward Thomas Losin 
Arthur Stuart Neave, Jr., with 

Bert Leonard Olson 
Norman Keith Russell 
Howard Steinberg, with Highest 

Grace Ethel Szosz, with High 

Harris Raymond Till, Jr. 
Robert Alan Uphaus 
Donald Irving Walker 
Joe Raymond Willard, with Honors 


Polly Ann Lauten 
Betty Jeane McIntosh 
Nanette Reddock, with Honors 
June Isobell Stribling 
Sylvia Louise Wacker 
Anna Marie White 
Helen Zellmann 
Jean Zellmann 

In the Teaching of Biological Sciences and General Science 

Samuel Bluestein 
Elayn Ruth Gran 
Marion Green, with Honors 

Helene Shirley Kirshenbaum, with 

Highest Honors 
June Ann Yeaman 

In the Teaching of Chemistry 
Nicholas Athan Poulos, with Honors 

In the Teaching of Mathematics 
Nancy Dryden Radeke, with Honors 

In the Teaching of Physics 
Oren Cornelius Hawse 


The College of Education 

Candidates presented by Willard B. Spalding, Ed.D., LL.D. 
Dean of the College of Education 

The Degree of Bachelor of Science 

In Education 

William Peter Adams, with Honors 

in History 
Robert ExMIl Anderlik 
Margaret Hope Angel 
Jane Louise Ashby 
Marolyn Genevieve Banner 
Lois Lavonne Brandt 
^L'^rilyn Jane Breneman 
Ruth Katherine Bruninga 
John Hagelow Burmaster 
Ruby Jean Burnham 
^L\ry Thelma Butts 
Phyllis Antj Chalk 
Margaret Clevenger 
Lillian Theresa Danielson 
Gr.\ce Dantzker, with Honors in 

Sharlee Todd Davis 
Donna Finch Dobbs 
Evelyn Dueoff 
Elizabeth Marcia Ducey 
Wilhelmina Fathauer 
Rose Lee Feigen 
Evalyn Anderson Ferguson 
George David Fletcher 
Jeanne Warsaw Fox 
John William Funk 
Bertha Louise Gibson 
Joan Grigg 

Albert S. Harnstrom, Jr. 
^L'lX Earl Hiett 
Dorothy Taylor Homer 
Rudolph Emil Hornacek, with Honors 

in Mathematics 
Marjorie Virginia Hyer 
Janice Carolyn Kell, with Honors 

in Education 
Wanda Jean Leach 
Arlyn Ray Lober 
Marjorie Jeanne Macy 
Irwin Harrison Mandel 
Helen Elizabeth Mason 
Betty Heinz AIatyas 
James Charles McMahon 
Marion McAllister McMillan 

Dwight Read Milne, Jr. 

Ruth Romaine Mutchler 

Rudolph Nagle 

Robert McKee Nelson, with Honors 

in Education 
Annette Lucille Newman 
James Edward Norman 
Floyd Albert Olsen, with Honors in 

Edward Emery Paine 
Frances Elizabeth Patrick 
EsTA Thomas Peterson 
Evangeline Catherine Fetters 
Mildred Ann Phillips 
Phillip William Pini 
Ruth Deborah Plotnick 
Marjorie Ella Porter 
Merry Price 
Florence Elizabeth Ray 
Marvin William Robinson, with 

Honors in Education 
Jo Ann Rohde 
Phyllis Jewel Rohde 
Julius Rykovich 
Helen Josephine Schaefer 
Charlotte Mae Schmitz 
AIary Hadfield Shelton, with Honors 

in Speech 
Dean Alvin Shinneman 
Paul Everett Smith 
Shirley June Sayler Smith 
Naomi Jeanette Speckman 
Froncie Rue Speirs 
Rema Vivian Stone 
William John Stoutt, Jr. 
Caryl Louise Strauss 
William Allan Teppert 
Rosemary Clare Tornello 
Mary Belle Weir 
Gloria Eileen Welsh 
LaNor Laughlin West 
Elizabeth Lou Wheeler 
Howard Frederick Williams 
Ruth Alice Wolfe 
Joseph Wendell Zimmerman 

In Industrial Education 

Louis Carroll Anderson 
Lewis McDermut Aurelius 
John Michael Derrxg 

Lawrence Hersh 
Norbert Frederick Holz 
Everett Wayne Slack 


The College of Commerce and 
Business Administration 

Candidates presented by Howard Rothmann Bowen, Ph.D. 
Dean of the College of Commerce and Business Administration 

The Degree of Bachelor of Science 
In Accountancy 

Lewis Elwin Ahlin 

Richard Frank Apple 

John Delbert Barnes 

Robert Allen Bass 

Edward Walker Boehms 

Donald Edward Brennan 

Ervin Frederick William Brinkman 

William George Burns 

Hugh Marquardt Cameron 

Walter Charles Cannon, Jr., with 

Arvid Harold Carlson 
Albert Chaps, with Honors 
Cecil C. Crum, with Honors 
David Luke Cunniff 
Donald Milo Curtis, with Honors 
Glenn Wood Danks, with Honors 
Barbara Jean Davis 
Keck Russell Dawson, with Honors 
Victor Arthur Day 
John Robert Ewing 
Edward Joseph Farrell 
Frederick Clarence Ford 
William Nicholas Frey 
Lillian Catherine Frizzell 
Seymour Tootsie Grossman 
Margaret Parish Hall 
Sidney Wayne Harl, with Honors 
Harold Lee Hauter, with Honors 
Donald Emanuel Hietter, with 

Sidney Fred Jarrow 
Philip Weld Johnson 
Mary Kathleen Keneipp 
Joseph John Kervin 
Victor Charles Klitzing 
Alphonse John Koziol 
Laurence Henry Lenz 
Michael N. Lompart 
Lee David Lutz, with Honors 
Paul Leo Marcinkoska, with Honors 
Marvin Jack Marohn 
Robert Lee May, with Honors 
Ralph McCane 
Marilyn Jane McClure 
Robert Howard Mitchel 
Leo Raymond Montgomery 

Robert Wayne Gates 

Betty Fisher Olander 

Robert Lawrence Pancoast, with 

Kenneth Eugene Pickens 
Elmer August Pintar 
Harold Jay Platt, with Honors 
Joe Harlan Pritchett 
Joseph Henry Purvis 
Carl Claude Quackenbush 
Gene Hugh Rose 
Maynard Bertram Russell 
Louis Jacob Schaumburg, Jr., with 

High Honors 
Glen Curtis Schillerstrom 
Halbert Allan Schussele 
Howard Arthur Scott 
Norman Dean Sebastian 
Edward Stephen Sefcik 
Robert Lee Seifert 
Edward Joseph Seymour 
Richard Thomas Shallcross 
Wayne Simpson, with Honors 
Donald Harvey Skadden, with High 

Sidney Edward Smith, with Honors 
Melvin Junior Sorenson 
Bernard Michael Stapinski 
Henry John Steinhouse 
George Howard Streitberger, with 

John Russel Sunderland, with High 

Katherine Ione Teach 
Harold Henry Tholen, with Honors 
Wilbur John Thom, with Honors 
Walter Lee Throgmorton 
Kenneth Leroy Thurston 
James Lindell Tolliver 
Eugene Ray Voorhees 
John Edward Watkins 
John Edward White 
Leo Akin Whitlow 
William Berkin Wilford, with 

Lowell Eugene Yunker 
Leslie Blair Zucker 

In Accountancy and Banking and Finance 

Kenneth Arnhold Koehler 

Lester Oliver Gluesenkamp, with 
Honors in Banking and Finance 


In Banking and Finance 

Sherman William Miller, with 

High Honors 
Robert Alwin Pearson 
John Landon Randolph 

In Commerce and Law 

Herman Franklin Thompson, with 

Charles Monroe Whitmore, Jr. 

Marvin Golden Freeman 
F"ranklin MacVeagh Hartzell 
James Michael O'Byrne 

Charles Willet Reace, with Honors 
Robert Sherman Weir 
Vivian May Wood, with Honors 

In Commercial Teaching 

Betty Josephine Fordyce 
Roma Maxine Hartman 
Marjorie Eloise Huff 

Mary Lynette Kirby 
Kathryn Bernice Redman 
Robert Lee Schraudt 

In Economics 

Vincent Joseph Paul Bramlet 
Edward William Graham, with 

MoRDicAi Daniel Horberg 
Dickran Sarkis Izmirlian, with 

High Honors 

In Economics and Management 

Archie John Nichols 
Joseph Allen Perry 
Edward Darragh Smithers 
Robert Wortham Wolff 

Margaret Jeanne Fitton, with 

Honors in Economics 
Kathryn Christine Mau 

Frances Agnes Wacaser, with 
Honors in Economics 

In General Business 

Richard Keith Brown 

In Industrial Administration 

Ralph Gero Berk 
Aubrey Berman 
Wilbur Emmet Bethke 
Frederick William Born 
William Kelso Dowling 
Forrest Edward Frederick 
Laurence Spencer Greene, Jr. 
Richard Austin Hade 

Donald Eugene Hannabarger, with 

Donald Harry Hosch 
Howard Kaliner 
Robert Bernard McCarthy 
Harlan Dale Mitchell 
Arthur Richard Slaters 
Alan Norton Wasserman 

In Management 

Albert Lenard Adell, Jr. 
Charles Ralph Armour 
Victor John Barnes 
Paul Ellsworth Bauer 
Stanley Merrill Bauman, Jr. 
Robert David Benson 
Barbara June Bienemann 
John Peter Bilanzic 
Gilbert David Blechman 
Glenn S. Booker 
George Dewey Carlson 
Myron Lee Chapman 
William Peter James Cloppas 

John Miles Corbett 
Homer Lee Grouse, with Honors 
Richard Joseph Eiseman 
Nikles Kavork Hagopian 
Robert Clarence Hasler 
Richard Elmer Hauptfleisch 
John Younker Helmer 
William Allen Hofacker 
Gregory George Jemsek, Jr. 
Robert Alan Johnson 
LiLA Ruth Jones 
Edgar Raymond Kelly 
William Wallace Killelea 


William Henry Lauth 
Sanford Jay Lewinthal 
Arthur Richmond Lindburg 
William Charles Long 
Leonard Joseph Marcus 
Norman Frederick Mayer 
Corinne Lucille McCauley 
Horace Hayward McCollough, with 

Albert Meadow 
Lowell Ernest Miller 
Frank Dwyer Murphy, Jr., with 

Wilfred Eugene Nelson, with 

Donald Richard Olander 
Charles Harper Owen 

John Schultz Ray, Jr. 
Todd Rockstroh 
Herman John Roszkowski 
Edwin Charles Schlosser 
Edward Richard Schwartz, Jr. 
Marshall Dennit Segal 
Edward Frank Walter Sitko 
Eugene Sprague 
Marshall Anthony Storako 
June Armstrong Swager 
Max B. Thompson 
Victor Howard Wall 
Elmer Verne Wallace 
Robert Jefferson Williams 
Russell Bryce Wolfe 
Marjorie Ballinger Wood 

In Management and Marketing 

Bernard Barrish 

Shirley Zelda Bunshaft 

Robert Frederick Doner 

Eugene Andrew Gidcumbe 

James Van Dyke Gongaware 

GiLDA Marie Hasemeyer 

Arthur Augustine Hash 

Robert Eugene Hicks 

Ira Richard Johnson, with Honors in 

Management and High Honors in 


Donald Whitwell Omohundro 

John Grafton Prickett 

Ruth Anne Rasmussen, with Honors 

Herbert Joseph Rowe, with Honors 

Ramona Jean Russell 

Robert Allen Tapscott 

John McConnell Tarrant, Jr. 

Paul Taylor, Jr. 

Robert Warren, with Honors 

In Marketing 

Lila Mae Andersen 

Clyde Murray Anderson 

George Henry Ball 

Robert Kenneth Bandy 

Marvin Baron 

Clarence Robert Branson 

Maurice Leon Burke 

Philip Dean Burris 

James Sheldon Coe 

Donald Allen Countryman 

Charles Merle Crawford, with 

Richard Francis Dean 
Robert Wesley DeWitt 
William Mitchell Doyle 
Eugene Kent Erwin 
Robert Gordon Flesher 
Boris James Glavash, with Honors 
Sidney Leonard Gordon 
Ruth Helen Heilbronner 
William Nicholas Herleman, with 

Burton Abbott Hines 
Elmer George Huss, Jr., with Honors 
Alice Bertha Johnson 
Sidney Marshal Kaplan 
James Charles Kostka 

In Public 
Henry George Zedd 

Melvin Stanley Kusin 
Virginia Ann Lauher 
Stanley Dwight Lee 
Victor Walter Lewkovich 
Irwin Edward Mancbach 
Joseph Blake Moloney 
David Alexander Monson 
James Black Muir, III 
William Herbert Newby 
Earl Robert Payne, Jr. 
Robert Forsyth Quaintance 
John Herbert Roos 
Howard Jerome Sachnoff 
William Jacob Sanders 
Eugene Roscoe Shambaugh, with 

William Carl Snyder, Jr. 
Arthur Lee Squires 
Paul Allyn Sutcliffe 
Oscar John Swanson, Jr. 
Fred William Troxel 
Betty Jean Trudgen, with Honors 
Donald Edward Vollmer 
Daniel Seymour Weiss 
Edward Lee Whitaker, with Honors 
ViTO Bernard Zinzi 



The School of JournaHsm 

Candidates presented by Fredrick Seaton Siebert, A.B., J.D. 
Director of the School of JournaHsm 

The Degree of Bachelor of Science 
In Journalism 

Lois Jean Albertson 

William Weirich Allen 

Matthew Antonio, with Honors 

Fred Gamble Bear, Jr. 

Virginia Lois Bernard 

Irene Sophie Birkeland 

John Richman Boone 

ViLMA Mildred Boubelik 

Esther Janice Brenner 

Mary Carolyn Bryant 

Phyllis Jane Buescher, with Honors 

Stewart Weiss Buhai 

Nancy Phyllis Burns 

Edward Ramon Caplan 

Catherine Joan Chambers 

Lenore Joy Chapman 

Bruce Edward Clorfene 

Alan Cohen 

Charlene Bess Cohen 

Ira William Cole, with Honors 

Joan Therese Collins, with Honors 

Jayne Conley 

Rosemary Corbly 

Albert Joseph DeBarr, with Honors 

Jean Katherine Dilley 

Janet Patricia Doyle 

Audrey Janice Edson 

Rose Doris Enevold 

Nancy Rose Engandela 

Robert William Evans 

Jacqueline Lenora Finerty 

Margot Louise Flock, with High 

Margaret Forsberg Foxvog, with 

Joseph Robert Frank 
Barbara Gassmann 
George Henry Haertel 
Catherine Comstock Hall 
Donald Fred Hermann 
William Lyndon Hoke 
Louis George Horman 
James Harry Hurley 
Joan Barbara Huster 
Richard Henry Iliff, with Honors 
Suzanne Ruth Jacobs 
Adelaide Veronica Jauch, with High 

Lois Gloria Jedlicka 
^Margaret Lucille John 

Dorothy May Johnson 

Valmore Toney Jones 

Earl Russell Kibler, Jr. 

Louis Rubert Klein 

Newton John Krabbe, Jr. 

Jeanne Louise Kurz 

Roberta Jean Lamkey, with High 

Louis Joseph Bernard Lampe 
Phyllis Edith Landerman 
Madeline Joan Lang 
Martha Louise Langham 
Frederick Emanuel Lederer 
Edgar Guy Lemmon, Jr. 
Harold Lee Lemons 
David Lanier Lewis 
Lois Yvonne Link 
Warden Don Longstaff 
Robert Norman Lourie 
Marshall Ira Miller 
Celeste Selma Mishkin 
Bill Reid AIoeckel 
Joan Williams Mueller 
Richard Leo Mullen 
Walker George Mulligan 
Shirley Marie Nagell 
Thomas Paul Nelson, with Honors 
Richard Joseph Newman 
Shirley Claire Novack 
Elmer Olef Aaron Oleson, Jr. 
Grace Helen Olsen, with Honors 
Robert Henry Patrick, with Honors 
]\£argaret Lucille Phelps 
James Raymond Phillips 
John Henry Pittroff, Jr. 
George Mattox Platt 
Mary Elizabeth Porter 
William Lewis Prentiss, Jr. 
Merrill Edwin Prichard, with 

Melvin Albert Randoll 
Marjorie Jane Reed 
Charles William Reene, with High 

Pauline Margaret Rist 
Betty Ann Romm 
Nathan Rosen 
Marvin Joseph Rotblatt 
Betty Ann Rowen 
Jeanne Marie Ruzek 


Jean Louise Ryan 
Eleanor Scholes 
Laurel Jean Shurson 
Fred Sider 

Leonard Herbert Siennick 
Katherine Elizabeth Simpson 
Samuel Lindbergh Smith 
Edna Mae Snyder 
Eva Taubman Steinberg 
Phyllis Ann Steinkamp 
Dorothy Helen Stockdale 
Carolyn Marie Stuhr 

Marilyn Jean Swanson 
James Earl Taylor 
Marilyn Fay Unmacht 
Mary Josephine Ware 
Melvin Charles Waskin 
Geraldine Marjorie Weinstein 
Jo Ann Wetzler 
Peggy Conard White 
Patricia Ruth Williamson 
Irvin Spencer Wilson 
Carolyn Jane Young 


The College of Fine and Applied Arts 

Candidates presented by Rexford Newcomb, A.M., M.Arch. 
Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts 

The Degree of Bachelor of Science 
In Architectural Engineering 

Gordon William Anderson 

Kenneth Edward Belford 

Lee Walt Bransford 

Leonard Noel Davis, with Honors 

William Eugene Davis 

Richard Jacob Drill, with High 

Charles David Edwards 
Paul Theodore Eitel 
Don Akiba Halperin 
Malcolm James Hamilton 
Stanley Herman 
Adam Richard Hydzik 
Jack Hare Jelliffe, with High 

Harvey Kagan, with High Honors 
Thomas Benton Laycock 
Robert William Layer, Jr. 
Gertrude Mary Lempp 
William Joseph McCoy 

In Arch 

Richard Norman Awsumb 

Richard Morton Barancik 

Mary Jane Baucom 

Daniel Ellwood Boone 

Frank Caliendo 

Martha Joanne Darmstadt 

Charles Craig Davis, Jr., with High 

Maurice Robert DesMarais 
Clarence Hess Fisher 
Glenn Greve Frazier 
Robert Kenneth Gerometta 
Neal Owen Hammon 
John Thomas Hart 
John Peter Helleberg, with Honors 

RiCARDO Elias Mendez 

Paul Albert Nelson 

Eugene Howard Nickell 

Donald Edward Nordine 

James Robert Osborne, Jr. 

John Thomas Petry 

Robert John Rappl, with Highest 

Herbert Philo Read 
Herbert Roger Shaffer, with High 

William Alfred Streat, with Honors 
James Richard Swanson, with 

Jerome Atlee Thelander 
John Alvin Thompson 
James Cooper Tillitt 
Jean Evelyn Wiersema 
Francis John Zokaites 


Robert Adolphe Hirsch, with High 

Albert Arthur Hoover 
Philip Koenig 
Charles Carter Minor 
Ernest Robert Norman, Jr. 
James Edward Norman, with Honors 
Kenneth Lindley Rowe 
Charles Atilio Rubinelli, with 

Allen Davis Rudolph, with Honors 
Stephen James Smith 
William S. Tamminga, with High 

Edward Lee Verkler 

In Music Education 

Charles Louis Bergland, Jr. 
Elizabeth Marie Bond, with High 

Ed Melvin Creek, Jr. 
Marjorie Aileen Galutia 
Harry Junior Gille, with Highest 

George AIifflin Hall, Jr. 
Lois Marie Kary 

James William Lane, with Honors 
John Durfey Leslie 
Elizabeth Rose Lutz 

Ethelyn Virginia Mosgrove, with 

Edna Jean Naramore 
Donna Rolison Nelson 
Daniel Joseph Perrino 
Warren Henry Schuetz, with High 

Bernice Virginia Baker Shuman, 

with High Honors 
Robert Melvin Simmergren, with 

High Honors 
Norma Lois Tedford 
loNE Loraine Wolf 


The Degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts 

In Advertising Design 

Charles Rush Broehl, with Highest 

Mary Eleanor Grylls 
Elsie Ruth Holloway 
Martin David Kastner, Jr. 
Carol Ruth Laegeler 
Marilyn Jean Mueller 

Isaiah Hudson Owens 
Donald Norman Page 
Agatha May Schmidt, with Honors 
Margaret Mary Sloan 
Melvin Dale Summers, with High 

In Art Education 

Betty Lou Blair 
Carmen Dora Crown 
Catherine Curtis 
Glory Virjean Haas 

Emily Eileen Stock 
Virginia Hagen Vogen 
Norma Jeanne Wible 

In Industrial Design 

Helen Marie Bartley 
Kenneth Booth Brozen 
Margaret Evelyn Hackett 
Peter Joseph Harrington, with High 

Gale Lynn Hutchinson, Jr. 
Dorothy Marie Kallio 
Walter Roger Lecat 
Eduardo Agustin Pazmino 

In Landscape Architecture 

Louis Frederick Bechtold 
George Shaw Burridge 
Richard Howard Coleman, with 

Bernard John Freese 
Robert Louis Huff 

Alvin Odell Hurst 

John Raymond Mullen 

William Leo Nelson, with Highest 

John Horace Ward 
Jack Wood 

In Painting 

GiLDA Penelope Cowan 

James Joseph Hoffman, with High 

Leopold Bernard Segedin, with High 


Anne Elizabeth Veirs 
Mavis Jean Westgor 

The Degree of Bachelor of Music 

Harry Junior Gille, with Highest 

Mary Jane Martin 
Kenneth Raymond Moore, with 

Gordon Charles Pentz 
Martha Jane Pichon 
Eldon James Pretzlaff 
Sylvia Genevieve Sitavich 

Joanna Elisabeth Stern, with 

Highest Honors 
Lois Eugenia Stern, with Honors 
Eugene Joseph Ulrich, with Highest 

Walter Edward Urben 
Letitia Wannah Wimberly, with 

High Honors 


The School of Physical Education 

Candidates presented by Seward Charle Staley, Ph.D. 
Director of the School of Physical Education 

The Degree of Bachelor of Science 
In Physical Education 

AIary Ruth Abbott 

Louis Agase 

Beverlee Jean Allen ., ^ 

Betty Joyce Ater 

Annice Siler Buckner • 

Alice Lorene Burke,> with Honors 

Irma Jean Campbell 

Frederick Allan Cast 

Ruth Winifred Christiansen- with 

William Pierce Crain 
Thomas William Cusimano 
Norma Bielawski Flanagan- 
Stanley John Fronczak, Jr. 
Helen Ferris Haeger . 
Mary Elizabeth HalL; - 
Marjorie May Harris/--"^' 
Gerald John Hasbargen 
George Leslie PIenderson 
Roger Conrad Inman, with Honors 
John Adolph Jerusis 
Donald Francis Joda 
Eugene Robert Kaczmarek 
James Allison Keith, with Honors 
James Joseph Kilbane 
Audrey Phyllis Kramer 
Marion Everett Kurz ■ 
Harry Shigeo Kuwada 
Barbara Hughes LaBaw^ 
Ada Letitia Loveless ■ 
Charles Wesley Lundsberg 
John Malamazian, with Honors 
Robert Louis Menke 
Troy Lester Meyer 
Edith Lorraine Miller ^ 

Lester Henry Miller, Jr., with 

Betty Ruth Mintun ' 
Walter John Molo, Jr. 
John Joseph Moreiko 
Yvonne Eileen Newton*^ 
Doris Caroline Parsons i/" 
Carl John Pempek 
Theresa Perry 
Carl Donald Peterson 
Paul Bradford Phinney, with Honors 
Otto John Pihera 
Don Austin Porter 
Mary Bernadine Porter,^''* 
Robert Robinson Rehberg 
Meriam Levine Rosen 
juanita roush 

Everett Dean Ryan, with Honors 
Lorraine Savage 

Doris Elaine Schaad, with Honors 
Raymond Schmidt 

Jane Ann Schoonmaker, with Honors 
George Donald Sibons 
Emmett Simms 
Shirley Alice Smidl 
Lyall Warren Taubert 
Carol June Tourtellott 
William Eldin Twichell 
Orell Richard Vanderwater 
George Rial Walker 
Eileen Mildred Winland t^ 
Lowell Leroy Wiseman 
John Morgan Wrenn 
Albert George Zimmerman 


The Division of Special Services for War Veterans 

Candidates presented by Robert Gehlmann Bone, Ph.D. 
EHrector o£ the Division of Special Services for War Veterans 

The Degree of Bachelor of Science 

Harold M. Acton 

Wilbur Leslie Adams, Jr. 

Warren Joseph Alcock, Jr. 

Hugh Allen, Jr. 

John Dayton Anderson 

David Werner Andrews 

Maurice Wymond Angell 

Jo Hunter Armstrong 

William Clinton Bahan 

Kenneth Donald Baker 

Edwin AIichael Baranowski 

Jack Leslie Baras 

Carlos Barkley, Jr. 

Raymond Herbert Barnes 

Darwin Smith Barrett 

Herbert Carroll Barrett 

Charles Wesley Batt 

Carl Julius Beltz, Jr. 

Raymond James Benes 

Joseph Samuel Berkowitz 

Thomas Elston Berry 

Trevor Glynn Bevan, Jr. 

Ervin Peter Blaha 

Richard Stanton Boardman, with 

Harold Lee Bootz, Jr. 
Dyne Verner Bowers 
Robert Gerald Bramel 
Herbert William Brash 
Leonard Martin Bressler 
William Francis Brockman 
Frank McGuire Brya 
James Richard Bryant 
Turney English Buck, Jr. 
William Kingsley Burriss 
Phillip Maxwell Busch 
Frank Randolph Camp 
Jack Mason Campbell 
James Albert Campbell 
Charles Albert Canedy 
Lester Edward Cannon 
Warren Evert Carlson 
Fred Wesly Carrier 
Robert Hill Carruth 
Ted Clement 
Arthur Edward Coburn 
Charles Jacob Coles 
Morton Seymour Comess 
James Newell Cossitt 
Edward James Costin 
Joe Cooper Cravens 

James Nelson Cummins, with High 

James Andrew Cunningham 
Ralph Emerson Darling, with 

Paul Wadsworth Davey 
John Brooks Davis 
Robert Samuel Davis 
Robert Charles Day 
Roger Asher Derrough 
Gerald Quentin Deuth 
Clarence Vernon Dickey 
Charles Tennent Dillavou 
Oral Bernard Dold, Jr. 
Edward Felix Domino 
Louie Wayne Donoho 
Donald Paul Doody 
Arthur James Dufelmeier 
Robert James Duffy 
Edwin Richard Dunkle, Jr. 
Robert Eagleson 
Thomas Christian Eriksen 
Richard Charles Erkert 
Donald Joseph Everson 
Howard Ralph Eyer 
Elwood Junior Farmer 
John Joseph Fedor 
Edward Joseph Fernandez 
Julius Walter Fiebig 
Gerald Herbert Fink 
Jack Corbett Flora 
Jack Frooman 
John Fisher Gainer, Jr. 
Robert Anthony Galecke 
Robert William Garner 
Howard Garnitz 
Zalman Gellerman 
Robert Miles Gibson 
George Franklin Gildner 
Bob Nathan Ginsburg 
Edward Arnold Glenn 
Richard Murray Golden 
Lowell Norman Goldman 
Wayne Kenneth Goodman 
Richard Landon Gray 
William Raymond Robert Green 
Raymond Roscoe Gregg, Jr. 
Roland Wheelock Griffith, Jr. 
James Lear Grimmer 
Rex Alan Guest, with Honors 
Chester Philip Guziel 


Arthur Martin Hairabedian 
Edward Eugene Hamilton 
Ralph Courtland Harpham 
Wilson Glover Harris, Jr. 
Harold Leon Hart 
Donald Charles Hecht 


Robert VVorley Hendricks 

Charles Lambert Hickman 

Dietrich Arno Hill 

Robert Gillespie Hood 

Richard Louis Hoover 

Charles Franklin Hopp 

Philip MacDonald Hospers 

John William Hudson 

John Andrew Hulla 

Charles Edward Hume 

James Robert Hutchinson 

Glen E. Irwin 

Maurice Judy Irwin 

Ralph Wilson Ivens 

Herbert Reddall Jackson 

Terence George Jackson, III 

Robert Andrew Jacobs 

Robert John Jensen 

William John Jensen 

Donald Squires Johnson 

Forrest Neill Johnson 

Kenneth Hugh Johnson 

Charles Edwin Jones 

Edwin Erie Jones 

Abraham Karp 

Alvan Gene Karraker 

Joseph William Kelly 

Frederick Thomas King 

Sidney Dale Kirkpatrick, Jr. 

William Starck Kiss 

Warren Thomas Knowles 

Donald Vincent Kogge 

Mitchell Lawrence Kostro 

Donovan Mershon Kramer 

Floyd Krincer, Jr. 

Algerd Joseph Krukas 

Edwin John Kudalis 

Eugene Stanley Kwasniewski 

Ancil Tilford LaFevers 

Robert William Lally, with Honors 

William Leslie Lambert 

LoY Kirk Landers 

Avery Justin Landy 

William Gerry Lang 

Raymond Phillip Edward Laschober 

Charles Ernest Leighton 

Martin Lewis 

Will Irby Lewis, Jr. 

Burton Worley Logue 

Stanley Phillip Louis 

Jose Hamilton Lowry 

Nathan Lubroth 

Kenneth Lewis Lundgren 

Herschel C. Lurie 

Richard Edward Mankus 
George Earl Mann, Jr. 
James Ward Mann 
Robert Parmelee Manning 
John James Manos 
Gerald Lawrence Mansbach 
Nelson Case Marsh 
Raymond Harold Mathisen 
Paul Joseph Maton 
Edward Andrew McBroom 
Richard Joseph McGurk 
Jean Eldon McMahan 
Otho H. Mendenhall, Jr. 
Robert Herman Mersbach, Jr. 
Robert Paul Messer 
Edward Lawrence Mihelic 
Edward Elias Miller 
Charles Louis Milone 
Burton Wilmot Mitchell 
George Mitziga 
Arthur Lowell Moberly 
David Robb Moffet 
Henry Frederick Mueller 
Burton Mayer Munk 
James Irving Murphy 
Charles William Mussett 
Stuart Allan Narrod 
Robert Leslie Newtson 
Charles James Noth 
Lawrence Marshall Olds 
Johnny William Orrill 
Julian Junior Pallasch 
Gerald Douglas Patterson 
John Warren Peasley 
Raymond Peterson 
Thomas Anthony Picarelli 
Joseph Kryst Plepel 
Karl August Pohl 
William Poppie 
Carman Yates Potter 
Charles Arthur Potter, Jr. 
William Work Preble 
Charles Victor Pregaldin 
Edward Calvin Pritchard 
William John Purcell 
William Devine Randolph 
Byron Joel Ranney 
Duncan Chadwick Reed 
William Conley Reilly 
Milton Robert Rich 
Ralph Carroll Riggs 
James Robert Rindfuss 
LuDWiG Max Rosenberg 
Marshall Herbert Rosenthal 
Kay Watson Ross 
Norman P. Rotenberg 
Jerald Bernard Russ 
William Sacadat 
Robert Dreifus Salmon 
Harry William Sandberg 
Peter John Scarseth 


David Paxjl Schafale 

Edward Harry Scharres 

Harry Joseph Scharres 

John Valentine Schneider 

William Bladel Schroder, Jr. 

Howard Leonard Schultz 

John Joseph Scott 

ELeith Harry Sellers 

James Detmers Shacter 

Irvin D. Shostak 

Odell Etheridge Simmons 

Earline Elizabeth Harris Singer 

Robert Murray Sinks 

Wayne C. Slavens 

Chandler Gates Smith 

James Frederick Smith 

John Henry Smith, with High 

Norman Kenneth Solomon 
Francis Aloysius Somers 
Irwin Spector 
Norman Spellberg 
Robert Samuel Spiegel 
Leonard Spielman 
Richard Seaman Spitz 
Stanley Lucian Stanczak 
Fred Llewellyn Steers, Jr. 
Chris Edward Steier 
Thomas A. Stein 
Leo Karl Stern 
John Archibald Stevenson 
John David Stevenson 
Joseph John Stiak 
Fred Baughman Stokes 
Guy Stone 

Lawrence John Stukel 
Robert Ivan Sturm 
Donald Rudolph Svitak 
Robert Alanson Swan 

James Robert Sweeney 
Theta Agatha Swingler 
William Webb Taft 
Hayward Leroy Talley 
Clarence Taylor, Jr. 
Melvin Tecotzky 
Harold James Teehan 
Tom Truely Thompson 
William Stokes Thompson 
Frank Hilton Thorne, Jr. 
James Mordica Thorp 
John Penn Tomberlin, Jr. 
Henry Albert Tovey 
Harold Donald Tyson 
Louis Edward Ubben 
John Theodore Van Duzor 
Howard Leroy Wakeman 
Dorothy Imogene Walker 
George Mason Wallace 
John Emerson Milne Wallace 
Francis Joseph Walsh, Jr. 
Benjamin Taylor Ward 
James Warrington 
Wayne Doud Watkins 
Frederick Edwin Weber 
Maurice Richard Weiman 
Howard Eugene Weinstein 
Harry Edward Wheeler 
Gardner Russell Whitney 
Albert Edward Wickland 
Charles Edwin Wilens 
Charles George Wilson 
Robert Wilson 
Arthur Witthoefft 
Earl John Wolf, Jr. 
Alan MacKenzie Wyneken 
William Frank Yopchick 
George August Zimmer 


Navy Commissions 

Candidates presented by Captain Phillip Gaines Stokes, U.S.N. 

Ensigns in the United States Naval Reserve 

Ch.\rles Walsh Blood 
Donald Edward Brennan 
Frank Joseph Bruns 
George Clinton Curtis 
James AIartin Doerr 
Ralph Wathan Fisher 

John Marion Hauck 
Stanley Douglas Heden 
Darrell Vernon Jarvis 
Allen McCanne Sanford 
Edwin Charles Schlosser 

Army Commissions 

Candidates presented b}' Colonel Harry Augustine Buckley, U.S.A. 

Second Lieutenants, Organi2;ed Reserve Corps, 
Army of the United States and United States Air Force 

Clyde Murray Anderson, 

Quartermaster Corps 
William Bertram Carr, 

Quartermaster Corps 
William Cousins, Jr., Infantry 
Henry Eugene Doney, HI, Infantry 
Jose Hamilton Lowry, Infantry 

James Ward Mann, Artillery 
Enloe Fred Moehlenkamp, Artillery 
Arthur Lowell Price, Jr., Artillery 
Robert Eugene Uhrig, Air Force 
Louis Unfer, Jr., Transportation 


Pri2;es and Awards 

Allerton American Traveling 

John Gordon Replinger 
Edward Kenneth Usher 

Alpha Chi Sigma Plaque in 
Edward Frank Searight 

Alpha Delta Sigma Plaque in 
Carlyle Edwin Neubauer 

Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship 
Medallion in Commerce 
Edward Lee Whitaker 

Alpha Lambda Delta Prize 

Sally Jane Pfeffer 

Alpha Rho Chi Medal in 
Fred David Shellabarger 

Alpha Zeta Award in Agriculture 
Francis Dale Vercler 

American Institute of Architects 

Robert Adolphe Hirsch, First 
William S. Tamminga, Second 

American Institute of Mining and 
Metallurgical Engineers' 

Jerry Karlovsky, Jr., Firsi 
Lambert J. Mathy, Second 

American Legion Auxiliary 

Illinois Department: 
Charles Arthur Andrew 
Laurence Henry Lenz 
Richard Ferdinand Seehausen 

Urbana Unit 71: 
Lee W. Jones 

Champaign Unit 24: 
Walter W. Winkler 

American Legion Medals 

Robert G. Fessler 
James A. Garman 
James C. Hunt 
John Durkee Pratt 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Aw^ards 

Illinois Section: 
Robert Samuel Wright 
Harry George Kabbes 

American Society of Landscape 
Architects Certificate 

William Leo Nelson 

American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers Prize 
Carl Leo Sonnenschein 

Baker Prizes in Civil Engineering 

James Moody Keith, First 
Harry George Kabbes, Second 

Beta Gamma Sigma Cup in 

Verne Evans Daehler 

Bryan Prize 

Benjamin Chatburn Fisher 

Chicago Tribune Aw^ards for 
Military Merit 

Allen Simon Steinhardt (Junior) 
Robert Botho AIack (Sophomore) 
Garland Young Smith (Freshman) 

Chi Omega Prize in Sociology- 
Mary Elizabeth Vandenberg 

Clark Prize (Phi Eta Sigma) 
Earl Duane Eyman 

Daughters of the American 
Revolution Prize 
Robert Edward McMillan 

Daughters of Union Veterans of 
the Civil War Medal 

Charles Arthur Andrew 


Delta Theta Epsilon Award in 
Physical Education 
Everett Dean Ryan 

English Poetry Prize 
Caroline Lee AIaddox 

Gamma Sigma Delta Prize in 
Leo Ray Fryman 

Thacher Rowland Guild 
Memorial Prizes 
AL^RviN William Robinson, First 
Ira William Cole, Second 
Stanley Russell Marks, Second 

Harker Prizes in Law 

Leo Altshuler (Senior) 
Richard Joseph Faletti (Junior) 

Hazelton Medal in Military 
Stuart Don Pompian 

Home Economics Club Cup 

\''iRGiNiA Lucile Stewart 

Illinois Society of Professional 
Engineers Award of Junior 

Philip Maurice Dadant 
Thomas Sherman Noggle 

Iota Sigma Pi Prize in Chemistry 
Anne Elizabeth Schoenoff 

Kappa Delta Pi Award in 
Floyd Albert Olsen 

Laurence M. Larson Memorial 
Richard E. Sullivan 

Omega Beta Pi Awards in Pre- 
Medical Work 

Scholarship Award: 
Donald Frank Sandner 
Scholarship Plaque: 
Richard Lee Cummins 
James Cleon Hunt 
Perry Lee Lerner 
Georgene Fern Mracek 
AL'^rshall Rosenthal 

Omicron Nu Plaque in Home 
Anne Elizabeth Schoenoff 

Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship 

William Clarence Bennewitz 
Harold Edmen Pendleton 

Phi Chi Theta Key in Commerce 
Barbara Ann Seaquist 

Phi Lambda Upsilon Cup in 

Thomas Raymond Crews 
Gilbert George Kamm 

Phi Sigma Medal 
James Gordon Sternburg 

Plym Prizes in Architectural 

September, 1947: 

Franz Georg Szymanski, First 

Edward Harper Shirley, Second 

April, 1948: 

Robert John Rappl, First 

Leonard Noel Davis, Second 

Adam Richard Hydzik, Third 

Reserve Officers Association 

Champaign County Chapter 
Elmer William Passow 

Ricker Prizes in Architecture 

William E. Benson, First 
John Gordon Replinger, Second 
Edward Kenneth Usher, Third 

Abram Leon Sachar Prize in 
William David Warren 

St. Louis Advertising Club 

Dorothy May Johnson 
Charles William Reene 

Scarab Medals 

Frederick Reed Bates (Junior) 
Kenneth Harrison Mendenhall, 
Jr. (Sophomore) 


Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 

Phyllis Jane Buescher 
Joan Therese Collins 
Albert Joseph DeBarr 
George Arthur Eisenhuth 
M ARGOT Louise Flock 
William Lyndon Hoke 
Adelaide Veronica Jauch 
Norman Kranz 
Edgar Guy Lemmon, Jr. 
Lois Yvonne Link 
Kenneth Alexander Murison 
Thomas Paul Nelson 
Grace Helen Olsen 
Robert Henry Patrick 
Merrill Edwin Prichard 
Charles William Reene 
Lincoln Russell Samelson 
Katherine Elizabeth Simpson 
Edward George Strable 
Citation of Achievement: 
Ira William Cole 

Sons of Union Veterans of the 
Civil War Auxiliary Prize 
Charles Alfred Grosche 

Spanish War Veterans Auxiliary 

William M. Wakeman, First 
John Durkee Pratt, Second 

Theta Sigma Phi Award in 
Dorothy May Johnson 

University Gold Medal 
Earle Elbert Zatloukal 

University Landscape Architects 
Society Prizes 

J. Charles Hoffman, First 
Jack Wood, Second 

Veterans of Foreign Wars 

John Edwin Gilroy 
Robert Edward McMillan 

Veterans of Foreign Wars 
Auxiliary Awards 

Daniel L. Thomas (Junior) 
Robert G. Fessler (Sophomore) 
David P. Hunter (Freshman) 

Voynow Prize in Music 
Fleta Mae Beisner 

Woman's Relief Corps Tablet 

Charles Arthur Andrew 
Donald Gibson Best 
Charles Gilbert Cooper 
William Cousins, Jr. 
Alfred Jean deLorimier 
Charles Marcus DiCiro 
William Walter Erwin 
John Edward Fucik 
John Edwin Gilroy 
Charles Alfred Grosche 
William Allen Hofacker 
Laurence Henry Lenz 
Horace Hayward McCollough 
Richard Ferdinand Seehausen 
JuDSON Morgan Terrell, Jr. 
Thomas Rucker Trafton, Jr. 
Robert Eugene Uhrig 
Forrest Eugene Wilson 






JUN18 1548 




Saturday, June 19, 1948, 10:00 a. m. 

University Auditorium 


My country, 'tis of thee, 
Sweet land of liberty, 

Of thee I sing; 
Land where my fathers died. 
Land of the pilgrims' pride. 
From every mountain-side 

Let Freedom ring. 

Our fathers' God, to Thee, 
Author of liberty, 

To Thee we sing; 
Long may our land be bright 
With Freedom's holy light; 
Protect us by Thy might, 

Great God, our King. 


Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 
And never brought to mind? 

Should auld acquaintance be forgot. 
And days of auld lang syne? 

For auld lang syne, my dear, 
For auld lang syne ; 
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet, 
For auld lang syne. 

Order of Exercises 

Professor Alan Kemp Laing, A.B., B.S., Master of Ceremonies 
Captain Phillip Gaines Stokes, U.S.N., Marshal 

Commencement Procession 

Festival March George Calkin 

Russell Hancock Miles, M.Mus. 
Professor of Music 

Singing of "America" by the Audience 


The Reverend Paul Burt, A.M., D.D. 
Minister of the Trinity Methodist Church, Urbana 

Commencement Address 

QuiNCY Wright, Ph.D., LL.D. 

Professor of International Law, University of Chicago 


Air J. S. Bach 

Professor Miles 

Conferring of Degrees 

George Dinsmore Stoddard, Ph.D., Litt.D., L.H.D., LL.D. 

President of the University 

Singing of "Auld Lang Syne" by the Audience 


The Reverend Dr. Burt 


Toccata Leon Bo'ellmann 

Professor Miles 

An informal reception for the candidates and their 
parents and friends will be given by President 
and Mrs. Stoddard in the Ballroom of the Illini 
Union Building, Saturday, June 19, at 9:00 p.m. 


The Graduate College 

Candidates presented by Horace Montgomery Gray, Ph.D. 
Associate Dean of the Graduate College 

The Degree cf Doctor of Philosophy 

In Agronomy 

Anton Earl Erickson, B.S., 1941 
Earl Reece Leng, B.S., M.S., 1941, 1946 
Russell Turner Odell, B.S., Al.S., 1936, 1940 

In Animal Science 
Upson Stanley Garrigus, B.S., University of Connecticut, 1940; M.S., 1942 

In Bacteriology 
Welton Ivan Taylor, A.B., M.S., 1941, 1947 

In Chemical Engineering 

Thomas Baron, B.S., 1943 

Marvin Freeman Nathan, B.S., Pennsylvania State College, 1943; M.S., 1945 

In Chemistry 

Frederick Neil Baumgartner, A.B., Miami University, 1942 

James Henry Brewster, A.B., Cornell University, 1942 

Lawrence Wallace Byers, B.S., Westminster College, 1938; A.M., Oberlin Col- 
lege, 1940 

Carl Jacob Claus, B.S., University of Rochester, 1944 

Edward H. de Butts, Jr., B.S., George Washington University, 1943 

Roy Everett Dial, B.S., 1941 

Charles Hubert Eades, Jr., B.S., Southern Methodist University, 1938; A.M., 
University of Texas, 1940 

Roland Eric Florin, B.S., 1936 

Van Russell Gaertner, B.S., Bradley University, 194S 

Paul Edwin Hoch, A.B., Ohio Wesleyan University, 1942; M.S., Syracuse Uni- 
versity, 1944 

Roy Donald Johnson, B.S., 1941 

Elliot Nelson Marvell, B.S., Brown University, 1943 

Arthur Ralph Matheson, B.S., 1940 

Allen Charlton Moore, A.B., A.M., University of Texas, 1937, 1943 

George Edward Munn, B.S., Westminster College, 1945 

George Keexe Schweitzer, A.B., Central College, 1945 

Odette Louise Shotwell, B.S., Montana State College, 1944 

Angelo John Speziale, B.S., M.S., University of Oklahoma, 1942, 1943 


Frederick Richard Van Abeele, B.S., Purdue University, 1939 
Jesse Noah Williams, Jr., B.S., University of North Carolina, 1945 

[ 7 ] 

In Civil Engineering 

Robert Aaron Hechtman, B.S., M.S., University of Washington, 1938, 1939 
Melvin Wheeler Jackson, B.Eng., University of Southern Cahfornia, 1943; 

M.S., 1945 
Frank Edwin Richart, Jr., B.S., M.S., 1940, 1946 

In Classics 
Helen Russell Duda, B.Ed., Southern Illinois University, 1934; A.M., 1939 

In Economics 

Charles Emery Bradley, Jr., B.S., James Millikin University, 1942; M.S., 1945 
William Earl Schenk, B.S., Montana State College, 1934 ; A.M., University of 
Michigan, 1939 

In Electrical Engineering 

Leo Victor Skinner, B.S., University of Alissouri, 1930; M.S., University of 
California, 1935 

In English 

Elizabeth Ruth Hosmer, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1935 ; A.M., Bryn Mawr 

CoUege, 1936 
Elva Arline McAllaster, A.B., Greenville College, 1944; A.M., 1945 
Robert Hamilton Moore, A.B., A.M., Indiana University, 1934, 1938 
Edwin Winslow Robbins, A.B., University of Kansas City, 1940 ; A.M., 1941 

In Entomology 

Ralph Burton March, A.B., A.M., 1941, 1946 

Janet Cooper Rapp, B.S., New Jersey College for Women, 1943; M.S., 1945 

In French 
James Fred Marshall, A.B., Indiana University, 1937; A.M., 1939 

In German 

Mark Oliver Kistler, A.B., Dickinson College, 1938; A.M., Columbia Univer- 
sity, 1941 

In History 
Ann Beck, M.S., University of Berlin, 1922; A.M., 1946 

In Mathematics 
Richard William Ball, A.B., A.M., 1944, 1945 

In Plant Pathology 
Richard Alexander Chapman, B.S., Kent State University, 1940 

In Zoology 
Wilbur Lewis Bullock, B.S., Queens College, 1942; M.S., 1947 

Professional Degrees 

The Degree of Agricultural Engineer 
Deane G. Carter, B.S., M.S., Iowa State College, 1915, 1926 


The Degree of Civil Engineer 

John Bolung Lockett, B.S., 1931 
Edward Reed Sanner, B.S., 1932 

The Degree of Mechanical Engineer 
Arthur Paul Larson, B.S., 1932 

The Degree of Doctor of Education 

Kenneth Tones Erasure, B.Ed., Southern Illinois University, 1937; A.M., FA.M^ 

1940, 1945 
John Alexander Fuzak, B.S., M.S., Ed.M., 1939, 1941, 1946 
Lois VivL'\n Johnson, B.Ed., Northern Illinois State Teachers College, 1938'; 

A.M., Northwestern University, 1939 
S.\muel Earl Thompson, B.Ed., Southern Illinois University, 1938; A.M., 194L 

The Degree of Master of Social Work 

Betty Ann Knight, B.S., A.B., 1938, 1939 

Beth Elaine Lewis, A.B., 1943 

Etta Marguerite Mintun, A.B., 1945 

Thomas Theodore Mintun, A.B., 1942 

Jack Otis, A.B., Brooklyn College, 1946 

Elizabeth Seat Scott, A.B., DePauw University, 1944 

Jayne Kemp Taylor, A.B., Howard University, 1941 

The Degree of Master of Arts 

In Chemistry 

Betty Jane Ackerson, A.B., Keuka College, 1946 
Harold John Watson, A.B., Princeton University, 1944 

In Classics 
John Francts Kirby, A.B., 1947 
Joseph Stephen Zupsich, B.Ed., Eastern Illinois State College, 1942 

In Economics 

Marvin Harold Butler, A.B., McKendree College, 1940 
Kuang-Pai Cheng, A.B., St. John's University, 1945 
En-Chi Chiang, A.B., St. John's University, 1945 
Elmore Alan Hale, A.B., Gustavus Adolphus College, 1943 
.\lvin Loren Park, A.B., 1947 

Hung-ju Wang, A.B., National Central University, 1943 
Chao-Hsun Wu, A.B., St. John's University, 1945 

In Education 

ZoLo George Barnett, B.S., 1947 

Myrle Meron Bates, B.Ed., Western Illinois State College, 1942 

Ruth Bozarth, B.Ed., Southern Illinois University, 1941 

Eugene Henry Brumm, B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University, 1940 

Theodorsa Rltimann Day, B.S., Eastern Illinois State College, 1945 

Arlene Winifred Graeer, B.Ed., University of CaUfomia, 192:8 

Virgil Floyd Jones, B.S., 1939 

Louisa Jane Kirsch, B.S., University of Missouri, 1941 

Virgil Ira Marshall, A.B., Illinois College, 1934 


Doris Linfoot Mellon, B.S., 1947 

John Michael Panek, B.S., 1947 

Edward Charles Stonebock, B.S., Bradley University, 1937 

Charles Lewis Strayer, B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University, 1938 

Maud Thomson, B.Ed., Western Illinois State College, 1942 

Joan Thrasher, A.B., Lake Forest College, 1946 

Donald Oneal Trotter, B.Ed., Southern Illinois University, 1940 

John Wesley Walters, B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University, 1943 

Charles Sedgwick White, A.B., Drury College, 1935 

SiGFRED Carl Wikholm, B.S., River Falls State Teachers College, 1941 

Lucille Doris Williams, A.B., Stowe Teachers College, 1946 

WiLMA Louise Wohler, B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University, 1941 

Bertha Wood, A.B., 1946 

In English 

Harold Rowland Brumbaum, A.B., Cornell University, 1945 

Leon Horace Dickstein, A.B., 1946 

Patricia Anne Dolan, A.B., Beloit College, 1946 

Doris Jean Grodeon, A.B., MacMurray College, 1947 

Ann Benson Hall, A.B., 1945 

Roger Harlow Hatch, A.B., Yale University, 1946 

William Charles McAvoy, A.B., John Carroll University, 1946 

Betty Nash Munroe, B.Ed., Eastern Illinois State College, 1942 

JoAnn Perring, A.B., 1946 

Dona Ruth Strohl, A.B., 1943 

In French 

Jay Paul Minn, A.B., DePauw University, 1947 
Claire Elnora Murphy, A.B., Brown University, 1946 

In German 

Raymond Horace Forbes, A.B., Pomona College, 1946 

Alvin Ralph Johnson, Jr., A.B., University of Kansas City, 1946 

In History 

Betty Baer, B.Ed., Western Illinois State College, 1940 

Gene Adam Brucker, A.B., 1947 

WiLBERT Louis Hemeyer, B.N.S., Marquette University, 1946 

LoRAiNE Beatrice Pabst, B.S., Eastern Illinois State College, 1945 

Betty Isabelle Rennells, A.B., Greenville College, 1947 

Donald Fred Tingley, B.S., Eastern Illinois State College, 1947 

Donald George Worby, A.B., 1942 

In Mathematics 

E. Jane Berkman, A.B., Syracuse University, 1947 

Marie Louise Boddy, A.B., 1946 

Ruth Heinsheimer, A.B., Bryn Mawr College, 1947 

In Philosophy 

Donald Earl Dionne, A.B., 1939 
Arthur Raymond Hall, Jr., A.B., 1946 

In Physics 

Lawrence Wellburn Fagg, Jr., B.S., United States Military Academy, 1945 

M.S., University of Maryland, 1947 
Jack Guppy Stateler, A.B., Kalamazoo College, 1947 


In Political Science 
Richard Wirth Taylor, A.B., 1947 

In Psychology 

Shirley Mae Ford, A.B., Knox College, 1947 
Helen Frances Palmer, B.S., 1947 
Victoria Prodan, A.B., 1947 
Roger Gene Stewart, A.B., 1947 

In Social Science 

Russell Myron Shelton, A.B., Shurtleff College, 1947 
Ira Edward Short, A.B., Concord College, 1940 

In Sociology 

Robert Elson Corley, A.B., Illinois Wesleyan University, 1942 

In Spanish 
Richard Beym, A.B., 1943 
Virginia Kuemmel Clutter, A.B., 1946 
Alice Meserve Lane, A.B., 1945 

Patricia Jane Molesta, A.B., Miami University, 1945 
Helen Francis Tate, A.B., 1947 
Esther Louise Vannice, B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University, 1940 

In Speech 
George Washington Cartwright, A.B., Butler University, 1942 

In the Teaching of English 
Frances Louise Reitz, B.S., 1944 

In the Teaching of Social Studies 

Mary Jane Little, A.B., 1946 

Catherine Celia Palecek, A.B., 1947 

Helen Henrietta Peters, B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University, 1935 

The Degree of Master of Science 

In Accountancy 

Bernard Francis Aschbacher, B.S., 1947 

Paul ^Latthew Carruthers, A.B., Duke University, 1947 

Lin-Sung Chiao, A.B., National Shanghai Institute of Commerce, 1942 

Nai-Wen Chou, A.B., University of Shanghai, 1945 

Emory Clark Gaffney, A.B., Baylor University, 1947 

Eh Luh, B.S., National Fuh Tah University, 1944 

Troy Logan Mallory, B.S., 1947 

John Beveridge Molloy, B.S., Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, 

Arthur George Schafer, B.S., 1943 
Richard Liddle Shotliff, B.S., 1947 

In Agricultural Economics 
Warren Eugene Collins, B.S., Western Kentucky State Teachers College, 1947 


In Agronomy 

John Newton Carter, B.S., University of Missouri, 1943 

Robert Kermit Lawson, B.S., 1938 

Herschel Earl Mizell, B.S., 1941 

Harold Marion Smith, B.S., University of Missouri, 1934 

Paul Townsend Veale, B.S., 1933 

In Animal Science 

George Richard Carlisle, B.S., 1947 

Paul Robert Noland, B.S., 1947 

Boyd Thompson Whittle, B.S., University of Idaho, 1947 

In Architecture 

Chauncey Harold Barcus, B.S., 1947 

Paul Carl Henry Brandt, £.S., 1947 

Pu-Yee Chow, B.S., National Central University, 1940 

William Eng, B.S., 1947 

Mostafa Abdel-Meguid Ibrahim, B.Arch., Fouad ist University, 1944 

Edward John Romieniec, B.S., 1947 

Yu-LiNG Shen, A.B., Hangchow Christian College, 1943 

Hwa-Ching Woo, B.S., Chiao Tung University, 1937 

In Bacteriology 

David Floyd Hersey, B.S., Trinity University, 1947 

Clara Vivian Keating, B.S., 1947 

Duane Thayer Maunder, B.S., 1947 

Bernard Phillip Sagik, B.S., College of the City of New York, 1947 

Franklin Henry White, B.S., Shurtleff College, 1942 

In Botany 
Vera Louise Scherer, B.S., Eastern Illinois State College, 1947 

In Business Organization and Operation 

Emil John Demartini, B.S., 1947 

Davis John Driscoll, B.S., 1947 

Henry Levi Freund, B.S., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1946 

David Lee Jadwin, B.S., 1947 

Ting- Wo Mei, A.B., Carroll College, 1943 

AIartin John Murray, B.S., 1947 

Herbert Joseph Schoen, B.S., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1945 

Gerson Lamar Stroud, A.B., Johnson C. Smith University, 1942 

In Ceramic Engineering 

Cedric DeMay Brunner, B.S., 1947 

Mohammed Abdus Subhan Khan, B.S., M.S., Osmania University, 1941, 1943 
Stig Adolf Lindroth, B.S., M.S., University of Uppsala, 1936, 1941 
SusHiL Ray, B.Ch.E., College of Engineering and Technology (Bengal, India), 

In Chemical Engineering 

Yung-Ting Chen, B.S., 1943 

Howard Arthur Messman, B.S., 1939 

Noel Edward Norman, B.S., University of Western Australia, 1943 

Edward Everett Polomik, B.S., University of Santa Clara, 1935 

Giorgio Enrico Segre, B.Ch.E., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1947 

Daniel James Stocker, B.S., Afissouri School of Mines and Metallurgy, 1944 


In Chemistry 

John Lynde Anderson, B.Chem., University of Minnesota, 1947 

Robert Grimshaw Bannister, B.S., Rose Polytechnic Institute, 1946 

Julian Battaile, B.S., Louisiana State University, 1947 

Harold Berman, B.S., College of the City of New York, 1947 

Claire Kraiman Bluestein, A.B., University of Pennsylvania, 1947 

Gerold Morton Grodsky, B.S., 1947 

Charles John Hoffman, B.S., Case School of Applied Science, 1942 

LuN Hsiao, B.Chem., National Tsing Huo University, 1939 

Orin Clawson Keplinger, Jr., B.Ed., Southern Illinois University, 1940 

Paul Kohn, B.S., Rutgers University, 1941 

Jennie Ching-I Liu, B.S., St. John's University, 1946 

Wan-Chen Loh, B.S., National Central University, 1946 

Bertram Alan Lowy, B.S., College of the City of New York, 1947 

Joseph Reece Mann, B.S., 1947 

Leo Mentcher, A.B., College of the City of New York, 1946 

Paul Herman Mohr, A.B., 1947 

Anant Shantar,\m N.'vgarkatti, B.S., Royal Institute of Science, 1942 

Howard Isaac Penn, B.S., 1946 

Edward Francis Riener, B.S., Ursinus College, 1947 

Shirley Joan Baldwin Sandberg, B.S., Wheaton College, 1946 

Allen Byron Simon, B.S., College of the City of New York, 1947 

Wayne Richard Thornburg, A.B., Yankton College, 1940 

Gerald Wexler, B.S., College of the City of New York, 1947 

In City Planning 

Louis Strassler, B.S., 1947 

Charles Marvin Trost, B.S., Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, 

In Civil Engineering 

Tung Au, B.S., St. John's University, 1943 

John Glennon Bedford, B.S., 1947 

John Albert Brooks, B.S., Southern Methodist University, 1943 

Ernest Arthur Buzalski, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1943 

Charles Allen Carroll, B.S., State College of Washington, 1940 

Tsiu-Po Chang, B.S., National Chiao Tung University, 1933 

Stephen Yook Chin, B.S., 1947 

William Ray Cox, Jr., B.S., Harvard College, 1947 

J.vmes Owen Curtis, B.S., 1947 

Oguz Dagdelen, B.S., Robert College, 1947 

Seyfi Erdogan, B.S., Robert College, 1946 

Salih Adnan Erten, B.S., Robert College, 1947 

Melvin Febesh, B.C.E., New York University, 1947 

Mahlon Eugene Gates, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1942 

Arno Glitz, B.S., University of Ports Alegre, 1946 

Thomas Everett Griess, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1943 

Louis George Grimble, B.S., University of Alberta, 1942 

Luis Alberto Truqut: Gurdian, B.S., University of Costa Rica, 1947 

Wright Hiatt, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1936 

Jaroslav Zdenek Jizba, B.S., State College of Washington, 1947 

Edmonde Bernard Kelly, B.S., New York University, 1932 

Narbey Khachaturian, B.S., 1947 

Maurice Leroy Kimbrough, B.S.. 1947 

Waldemar John Klasing, B.S., Washington University, 1938 

Bernt Oscar Larson, B.S., 1938 

Tien-Un Lee, B.S., Chiao Tung University, 1940 

Richard I-hua Li, B.S., St. John's University, 1945 

Samuel Meyer Lipton, B.S., University of Wyoming, 1938 

Hsien Ne Ma, B.C.E., Hangchow Christian College, 1942 


Jaime Alberto Mitrani, C.E., University of Havana, 1946 

Charles Helvetius Mottier, Jr., B.S., 1947 

Eugene Lloyd Peck, B.S., 1947 

John Claude Potter, Jr., B.S., University of Tennessee, 1938 

Leonard Ugo Rastrelli, B.S., 1947 

Allen Wightman Sanders, Jr., B.S., Clemson Agricultural College, 1940 

Gordon Albert Schraeder, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1943 

John Somer Shapland, B.S., 1940 

James Austin Thetford, B.S., 1936 

Lorres Charles Thomas, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1943 

Pao-Chun Tung, B.S., St. John's University, 1945 

Ping-chun Wang, B.S., National Central University, 1943 

Chih-fang Wei, B.S., St. John's University, 1945 

Edward McWayne Wright, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1942 

An-leng Yeh, B.S., National Central University, 1943 

Hsun-kuang Yuan, B.S., St. John's University, 1945 

In Clinical Psychology 

Charles John Bellavia, B.S., Boston University, 1939 
Eric Dreikurs, B.S., 1946 
Anthony Robert Hybl, B.S., 1946 
Forrest Catolet Orr, B.S., 1943 
Harriet Rosa Satz, B.S., 1946 

In Commercial Teaching 

Ruth Jeanette Boston, B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University, 1939 
Jean Ann Galek, B.S., 1947 

In Dairy Production 
Edward L. Brantley, B.S., Tuskegee Institute, 1937 

In Dairy Technology 
Richard Fredrick Pedrick, B.S., 1941 

In Economics 

Virginia McKemie Belt, B.S., Southern Illinois University, 1944 

In Education 

Joseph Duane Beck, B.S., Eastern Illinois State College, 1947 

James Radford Belt, B.Ed., Southern Illinois University, 1943 

William Wesley Busch, B.S., 1947 

James Ben Custer, B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University, 1937 

Kenneth Hermine Darner, B.S., 1947 

Edward Taylor Day, Jr., B.Ed., Eastern Illinois State College, 1943 

Lloyd Thomas Elam, B.Ed., Eastern Illinois State College, 1942 

Alberta Farmer, B.S., Langston University, 1947 

Morris Fields, B.S., 1947 

Charles Anton Fiocchi, B.S., 1943 

Bruce Mark Foiles, B.S., Northern Illinois State Teachers College, 1947 

Carl Mann Forrester, B.Ed., Southern Illinois University, 1941 

Jerome Stewart Foster, B.S., 1947 

Eugene Mark Frederick, B.S., 1947 

Cornelia Sue Gifford, B.S., Bowling Green State University, 1943 

Hewert Guy Gray, B.S., 1947 

Marian Heilman Haller, B.S., Grove City College, 1943 


Ernestine Hanan, B.S., Southwest Missouri State Teachers College, 1945 
Robert Benjamin Hart, B.Ed., Western Illinois State College, 1936 
Frel Byron Honn, B.S., 1947 

Harriet Elizabeth Horney, B.Ed., Western Illinois State College, 1936 
Charlotte Horton, B.S., Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1915 
Ira Edward Weight Huffman, B.S., 1947 
Cloyce Lynn Hunt, B.S., Eastern Illinois State College, 1947 
Marvin Ervin Johnson, B.S., Eastern Illinois State College, 1947 
Dean Nelson Keach, B.S., I947 
Kennard Joseph Manchester, B.Ed., 1947 

Sarah Disa McCall, B.S., Eastern Illinois State College, 1944 
Donald Terrance Mead, B.S., Eastern Illinois State College, 1945 
William McNesbit Powell, B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University, 1937 
Marjorie Anna Pryor, B.S., 1943 

Lela Maude Rainey, B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University, 1943 
Beatrice Lorraine Richards, B.Ed., State Teachers College (Whitewater, Wis- 
consin), 194s 
Edwin Morris Thorpe, B.S., North Carolina Agricultural and Technology Col- 
lege, 1938 
Ruby Alleyne Tutt, B.S., Bradley University, 1943 
Paul Walker, B.S., 1921 

Geraldine Edna West, B.S., Bradley University, 1942 
Craig McClure Yengst, B.Ed., Western Illinois State College, 1937 

In Electrical Engineering 

John Melvin Anderson, B.S., 1947 

Robert Warren Annis, B.S., Kansas State College, 1942 

Roy William Ballard, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1942 

George Bellinger Brown, Jr., B.S., United States Military Academy, 1944 

Joseph Tuck Brown, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1947 

Charles Wendell Dickinson, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1943 

Raymond Horace DuHamel, B.S., 1947 

Leland Gerald Durham, B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1947 

Hansford White Farris, B.S., A.M., Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College, 

1941, 1942 
KouAN FoNG, B.S., National Central University, 1938 
Victor Arnold Franklin, B.S., LTnited States Military Academy, 1943 
SoRAB Khushro Ghandhi, B.S., Benares Hindu University, 1947 
D..\NiEL Martin Harvey, B.S., University of Nevada, 1934 
Frank Clifford Healy, B.S., Massachusetts State College, 1939 
Shizuo Hori, B.S., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1945 


Lorn Lambier Howard, B.S., 1947 

Harold William Katz, B.E.E., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1944 

Paul Marvin Kintner,-B.S., University of Kentucky, 1941 

Lloyd Lorenzo Leech, Jr., B.S., Virginia MiHtary Institute, 194^ 

George Edward Leibinger, B.S., 1947 

Robert Richard Lutz, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1933 

Ernst Albert Maier, E.E., Eidgen Technology Higher School (Switzerland), 1942 

Gerald Dee McMullen, B.S., Purdue University, 1944 

Marshall Miles, B.S., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1945 

Richard Rixgo Moorman, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1934 

John Thomas O'Hea, A.B., Fordham University, 1941 

Thurston Tyler Paul, Jr., A.B., A.M., New York State College for Teachers, 

1935, 1948 
Harry Glenn Portz, Jr., B.S., 1947 

Johannes Samuel Schaffner, E.E., Swiss Institute of Technology, 1946 
Roger Alfred Scholten, B.S., Purdue University, 1945 
John Thomas Shields, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1937 
William Noel Snouffer, B.S., United States Military Academy, 1937 


Arthur William Vodak, B.S., 1942 

David Curtis Weller, A.B., Kenyon College, 1946 

Willis Meyer Whitfield, B.S., Missouri School o£ Mines and Metallurgy, 1943 

Fu HsiNE Yang, B.S., National Wu-han University, 1942 

In Geography 

J. Edwin Becht, B.S., Southern Illinois University, 1947 
Lowell Ted Morgan, B.S., 1947 

In Geology 

Mary Nancy Girhard, B.S., 1946 

John Albert Harrison, B.S., University of Arkansas, 1940 

Virgil John Kennedy, B.S., 1947 

Robert Reid Lamb, B.S., 1947 

Bernard Walden Lynch, B.S., 1947 

Margaret Meda Pendleton, B.S., University of Michigan, 1946 

Lindell Howard Van Dyke, B.S., 1947 

In Home Economics 

Lawnzina Prince Duncan, A.B., 1943 

Eva Val Elliott, B.S., West Virginia State College, 1946 

Elizabeth Attebery Ernest, B.S., James Millikin University, 1944 

Ruth Virnita Keys, B.S., Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied 

Science, 1941 
Lorena Petermann Neumann, B.S., University of Arkansas, 1947 

In Horticulture 
Walter Nelson Brown, B.S., 1937 

In Journalism 

Carolyn Ann Freeman, A.B., University of Colorado, 1947 

Eugene Raymond Liner, B.S., 1947 

Carl Robert Rochat, B.S., Kansas State College, 1940 

In Library Science 

Ruth Iris Caraway, A.B., Texas Wesleyan College, 1939; B.S. (L.S.), Texas 

State College for Women, 1941 
Laurel Ernestine Holcomb, A.B., University of California, 1943 
Margaret Enid Knox, A.B., Maryville College, 1940; B.S.(L.S.), Peabody Li- 
brary School, 1942 
Valera AIaurine Notley, B.S., Anderson College, 1945; B.S.(L.S.), University 

of Chicago, 1945 
Edward Lee Sheppard, A.B., A.B.(L.S.), University of Washington, 1944, 1945 
Howard Woodrow Winger, A.B., Manchester College, 1936; B.S.(L.S.), George 
Peabody College for Teachers, 1945 

In Mathematics 

Joseph Marion Cook, B.S., 1947 

Clemens Bernard Hanneken, B.S., Eastern Illinois State College, 1945 

JuDsoN Sanderson, Jr., A.B., 1947 

Leland Latham Scott, B.S., Southern Illinois University, 1947 

In Mechanical Engineering 

Harlan Daniel Bareither, B.S., 1943 
Jerome Lewis Fox, B.S., 1947 


Stanley Francis Gilman, B.S., University of Maine, 1943 

Eugene Ferdinand Hebrank, M.E., Stevens Institute of Technology, 1939 

Chi-Lung Kang, B.S., Chiao Tung University, 1945 

Tun-yuan David Liu, B.S., National Central University, 1945 

David Henry Offner, B.S., 1947 

Ralph Lloyd Porter, B.S., 1944 

Wayne Allan Ring, B.S., 1947 

Aaron Nathon Waldman, B.S., Cornell University, 1944 

Roy Mathias Wright, B.S., University of Colorado, 1931 

Shee-Mang Yen, B.S., Chiao-Tung University, 1944 

In Metallurgical Engineering 

Wells Eugene Ellis, B.S., 1947 

Nevzat Mehmet Erkun, B.S., Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1946 

In Music Education 

Wiluam Lee Johnston, B.S., Illinois State Normal University, 1946 
Harold Russell Luttenbacher, Jr., B.S., 1947 

Norman Gail Schreiber, B.Mus., Illinois Wesleyan University, 1941 
John Jacob Schuster, B.S., 1946 

In Physical Education 

James Edward Counsilman, B.S., Ohio State University, 1947 

Marvin Howard Eyler, A.B., Houghton College, 1946 

Avis Rae Frank, B.S., Southern Illinois University, 1947 

Eric Lester Hughes, B.S., 1947 

Winifred AIarie Kruzic, B.Ed., Northern Illinois State Teachers College, 1939; 

A.M., Northwestern University, 1942 
Roy Edgar Leilich, B.S., Southern Illinois University, 1947 
Albert Scharf, B.S., 1947 

In Physics 

Joseph John Arlotto, A.B., Hamilton College, 1947 

Justin Calhoun Crawford, A.B., Carleton College, 1947 

Kenneth R. Ferguson, A.B., Albion College, 1944 

Philip Chapin Fisher, B.S., University of Rochester, 1947 

Robert Stephen Foote, B.S., 1947 

Marvin Harold Friedman, B.S., College of the City of New York, 1943 

Richard Elliot Johnson, B.S., Yale University, 1947 

Samuel Harold Levine, B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1947 

Clayton Junior McDole, B.S., Bowling Green State University, 1946 

Theodore Mischel, B.S., College of the City of New York, 1947 

Grace Charbonnet Moulton, A.B., Tulane University, 1944 

Marlin Eugene Remley, A.B., Southeast Missouri State Teachers College, 1942 

Walter Steuber, A.B., Swarthmore College, 1941 

Robert Stump, A.B., Butler University, 1942 

Allan Van Duren, B.S., Indiana University, 1942 

Robert Clinton Waddell, B.S., Eastern Illinois State College, 1947 

Joseph Henry Wegstein, B.S., 1944 

Ephraim Weiss, A.B., Brooklyn College, 1947 

Donald Ernest Willig, B.S., 1947 

Shi-Shu Wu, B.S., National Tung-Chi University, 1944 

In Physiology 

Fred Walter Stemler, B.S., 1946 
Robert Phil Weber, B.S., 1947 


In Sanitary Engineering 
Francis Silas Weir, B.S., 1942 

In Social Science 
Carol Frances Kraatz, B.S., 1947 

In Sociology 
Hyman Henry Frankel, B.S., 1947 

In the Teaching of Biology and General Science 
Lee George Greener, B.S., 1947 

In the Teaching of Mathematics 
George John Brucker, B.S., 1940 

In Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 

Earle Howard Bell, B.S., 1947 

William James Gardiner Cameron, B.S., Queen's University of Belfast, 1942 

Marlyn Earl Clark, B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1944 

Ernest King Frazier, Jr., B.S., 1945 

Charles Calvin Kelber, B.S., 1947 

Ralph Joseph King, B.S., 1939 

Robert Louis Sutherland, B.S., 1939 

Clyde Everette Work, B.S., 1945 

In Veterinary Pathology and Hygiene 

Harold Stever Bryan, D.V.M., Michigan State College, 1944 
Alexander Kennedy Sutherland, B.V.Sci., University of Sydney, 1938 
Raymond Ellsworth Watts, D.V.M., Colorado State College of Agriculture and 
Mechanical Arts, 1942 

In Zoology 

Ta Hsiung Chin, B.S., Cheeloo University, 1935 

Mary Dexter Creager, B.Ed., Southern Illinois University, 1937 

William Jerome Harth, B.S., 1942 

Milton Kletzkin, A.B., Brooklyn College, 1947 

Nicholas Menolasino, B.S., Northwestern University, 1947 

Alice Richards, B.S., Washington College, 1947 

Irving Benjamin Sachs, B.S., 1947 

Dana Paul Snyder, B.S., 1947 

The Degree of Master of Fine Arts 

In Art Education 
Elizabeth Lohmann Faucett, B.F.A., 1941 

The Degree of Master of Music 

William Reuben Brophy, B.Mus., B.S., 1947 

John Elwyn Green, B.Mus., 1946 

Richard Washington Landes, B.Mus., 1946 




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