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JUNE 4, 1956 

Processional (the audience is requested to stand) 

Invocation (everyone is to remain seated) 

Francis Bayard Rhein, B.D. 
Rector, St. Peter's Episcopal Church 

Welcoming Remarks 

E. M. Benson, Dean 

Charles T. Coiner, Chairman, Board of Governors 


PMSA Design Award for 1956 

Awarded to the Ford Motor Company for the development 
of the Thunderbird and the Lincoln Continental. 

Presentation of the PMSA Design Award 

to George W. Walker, Vice President and Director of Styling, 

Ford Motor Company, 

made in behalf of the Museum School 

by Paul C. Baldwin, Vice President in Charge of Research 

and Development, Scott Paper Company. 

Commencement Address 
George W. Walker 

1956 Awards for Distinguished Achievement 
to Graduates of PMSA 

to Raymond A. Ballinger, Advertising Designer 
and Henry C. Pitz, Illustrator 

Presented in behalf of the Museum School 

by Irene M. Laverty, President Alumni Association 

Conferring of Degrees and Diplomas 

by R. Sturgis Ingersoll, President 

Presentation of Degree Candidates 

Paul W. Partridge, Jr. 

Director, Division of Liberal Arts 

Presentation of Diploma Candidates 
S. Gertrude Schell, Student Advisor 

Marco Farnese, Organist 

Baldwin Organ, courtesy Strawbridge & Clothier 

Remarks to the Graduating Class PROGRAM 

R. Sturgis IngersoU 

Senior Student Address 

Maitlon T. Russell, Jr. 

Presentation of Gifts to the School 

From the Class of 1956 
Richard A. DeFeo 

From the Student Council 

To the Student Emergency Aid Fund 

Bernard Brownstein, President 

Presentation of Student Awards 

Outstanding Service Awards 
by E. M. Benson, Dean 

PMSA Special Citations of Merit 
by Edward Warwick, Dean Emeritus 

Departmental Awards 

by Charles T. Coiner, Chairman 

Board of Governors 

Divisional and Special Awards 

by Mrs. Malcolm Lloyd, Retiring President 

Associate Committee of Women 

Faculty Achievement Awards 
by Joseph Carreiro, Chairman 
Faculty Council 

Closing Remarks 

E. M. Benson, Dean 

Benediction (the graduates are to stand; the 
audience is to remain seated) 

Rev. Francis B. Rhein 

Recessional (the audience is requested to remain 

seated until the end of the Recessional) 

Immediately following graduation a reception will be held 

in the exhibition galleries for Seniors, 

their parents and friends and guests of the School. 

DEGREES The following students have successfully met the course require- 

OF 1 ments as established by the School's Board of Governors and 

BACHELOR OF K the Board of Trustees, and are awarded the degree of Bachelor 

FINE ARTS ■ of Fine Arts. 

Degrees conferred January 25, 1956 

Art Education 

Janette Estelle Banks 
G. Louise Selig 

Degrees conferred June 4, 1956 

Advertising Design 

Alan S. Weinberg 

Art Education 

Laura Dechnik (in absentia) 
Ruth Thorp Harvey, Jr. 
Mary Elizabeth Lambert 
Martin Lasko 
John Joseph Lesicko 
Neil Lieberman 
Lorenzo Penn, Jr. 
Patricia Ross Quinn 
Judith S. Taylor 

Fabric Design 

Dorothea Rita McCall 


Richard J. Cattafesta 
George Corson Harkins, Jr. 


Max Jerry Katz 

Mildred Patricia Pennington (in absentia) 

Industrial Design 

William Joseph Bradshaw (in absentia) 
Richard Anthony De Feo 
Arthur Leon Friedman 
Dorothy Anne Masteller 
Harry Oakes 

The following students have successfully met the course 
requirements as established by the School's Board of 
Governors and the Board of Trustees, and are awarded a 
Diploma in their respective majors. 


Advertising Design 

Lawrence L. Alten 
Patricia Adele Bennett 
William Joseph Bertuglia 
Nancy Alberga Caless 
Donald C. Cartledge 
Barry Aaron Cohen 
Geraldine G. Cox 
Charles A. Ekwall 
Robert Francis Gantz 
Herbert Jacobs 
Marcia Jacobs 
G. James Jarratt 
Janet K. Kebbe 
Frank J. Molz 
Carol Adele Roeseberg 


Ann L. Simon 
Wayne John Stettler 
Allen Vogel 
Herman D. Volz 

Zen Yonkovig 

Fabric Design 

Patricia Margaret Brust 
Elaine Joan Feldman 
Barbara Ann Fish 
Sandra Lenore Goodman 
Thomas J. Taran 

Fashion Design 

Thelma Amelia Knauke 

Fashion Illustration 

Evelyn Mae Cleff 

Mary Frances Grier 

Lois J. Kaplan 

Edward Maxwell Kurtzman 

NoMi Raia Weinstein 


Thomas Alexander Barron 
Robert Bartlett Dance 
Marguerite P. De Vita 
Richard James Forrest 
Donald George Jackson 
Julie Korninsky 
Robert Louis Layton 
Leonard Lehrer 
Charles Louis Madden 
Robert Francis McGovern 
Marlene E. Miller 
Stanley Miszczuk 
Robert T. Mormile 
Frank Nettis 
Frederic W. Orfe 
Maitlon T. Russell, Jr. 
Charles W. Santore 
Clifford W. Satterthwaite 
Arleen Shanken 
Joseph John Slepicka 
Theresa A. Ulshafer 
Ramona Hope Wachtel 

Industrial Design 

Charles Donald Baxendell 
Leonard L. Cohen 
Robert Irvin Gerofsky 
William F. Helm 
Gary L. Horley 
Robert Leonard Isaacson 
Albert Paul Malischewski 
C. Samuel Micklus 
Joseph M. Pezely, Jr. 
William B. Sklaroff 
Amerigo John Taddeo 

Interior Design 

Michael F. Moreken 
William Reese Tarlton 

A WA R D S The School Awards are made possible through the com- 

bined resources of funds established by the following 
persons, organizations and trusts: 

Mrs. Henry A. Berwind, Jr. 

Emma S. Grozier 

Frederick Graff 

Thomas Skelton Harrison 

Jacob Labe, Jr. Memorial 

Henry Leland 

Art Directors' Glub of Philadelphia 

Philadelphia Museum School of Art 

Mercury-Stat Gompany 

Elizabeth B. Roberts 

Annie E. Sinnott 

Joseph E. Temple 


For the Senior boy and Senior girl who have made the largest contribution to the School in 
point of service, cooperation, interest and general concern for the welfare of the School and their 
fellow students during the four years of their work in the School. The awards are presented to: 

Donald G. Jackson Dorothy A. Masteller 


For the combined qualities of professional maturity and leadership. Awarded to: 

Thomas A. Barron, '56 

William Bertuglia, '56 
Richard A. DeFeo, '56 
Ingrid Jangaard, '57 
Charles Madden, '56 
Harry Oakes, '56 
Wayne Stettler, '56 
Tom Taran, '56 

For outstanding achievement in their majors, on Second, 
Third and Fourth Year levels, departmental awards are 
made to the following students: 

Advertising Design 

Wayne Stettler, '56 
Jacqueline Weidringer, '57 
Richard Hess, '57 

Honorable Mention 
Ann Simon, '56 
Geraldine Cox, '56 

Art Teacher Education 

Judith Taylor, '56 
Jesse Soifer, '57 

Honorable Mention 
Judy Huntzinger, '57 
Paula Freeman, '57 

Dimensional Design 

Raymond Rosenberg, '57 

Fabric Design 

Elaine Feldman, '56 

Fashion Design 

Thelma Knauke, '56 


Fashion Illustration 

Mary F. Grier, '56 


Robert Bartlett Dance 
Robert Francis McGovern 

Honorable Mention 
George Harkins, '56 
Charles Madden, '56 

Industrial Design 

William Helm, '56 

Honorable Mention 
Gary Horley, '56 
William Sklaroff, '56 


Leonard Cohen, '56 

Honorable Mention 
Arthur Friedman, '56 

For outstanding achievement on Second, Third and 
Fourth Year levels, divisional awards are made to the 
following students: 



Jane Steinsnyder, '57 


Robert McGovern, '56 
Leonard Lehrer, '56 

Honorable Mention 
Charles Madden, '56 


George Krause, '58 

Liberal Arts 

Dorothea Rita McCall, '56 


James Beury. '58 

Honorable Mention 
Loring Bixler, '57 


Ann L. Simon, '56 
Thomas A. Barron, '56 

Typographic Design 

William Helm, '56 


W. H. Ely Bequest — Travel Award for Illustrators 
Marlene Miller, '56 

Bocour Award for excellence in painting on the First, 
Second, Third and Fourth Year levels: 


Barbara A. Gillette 


Peter Paone 



Peter Zhuraw 

Arleen Shanken 

Mrs. Henry A. Berwind, Jr. prize for water color 
Robert Louis Layton, '56 

Print Club Prize in Graphics 

Clifford W. Satterthwaite, '56 

Samuel Goldberg Awards in Fashion Design 
First Prize: Charles A. Hanford, '58 
Second Prize: Lois Foreman, '57 
Third Prize: Thelma A. Knauke, '56 
Honorable Mention: Renee Goldman, '57 




To two students in each of the Freshman, Sophomore, 
Junior and Senior Classes who, during the past year, 
have shown the greatest overall development and general 
rewarding growth in their work. The awards are 
presented to: 


James Makrigiannis 

Honorable Mention 
Elizabeth Klase 
Socrates Perakis 


James Beury 

Honorable Mention 
Gerald Buckley 
Richard Henkels 


Jane Steinsnyder 
Mae Gerhard 

Honorable Mention 
William Erwin 
Peter Zhuraw 


Arthur Friedman 
Julia Korninsky 

Honorable Mention 
Herman Volz 

The School's Tuition Aid Scholarship Program for deserving 
Second, Third and Fourth Year Students has been made 
possible through accumulated bequests and gifts from indi- 
viduals and organizations held in trust by the Philadelphia 
Museum School of Art. 


A.J. Abraham 

Alumni Association of PMSA 

W. M. Armistead Foundation, Inc. 

Art Directors' Club of Philadelphia 

Associate Committee of Women 

Charles G. Berwind 

J. M. Biberman 

Chapman Biddle 

Thomas B. Buchanan 

Harry M. Buten 

Samuel B. Cohn 

Philip L. Corson 

James H. Cresson 

Robert P. DeSilver 

Edward Tonkin Dobbins 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eastwick 

William H. Ely 

Esterbrook Pen Company 

Charles H. Eyles 

Mr. and Mrs. Myer Feinstein 

Clayton French 

Elizabeth Duane Gillespie 

Samuel E. Goldberg 

Mrs. Albert M. Greenfield 

Jacob C. Gutman 

Emily Leland Harrison 

John Harrison 

Thomas Skelton Harrison 

Edward Hopkinson, Jr. 

Walter Howley 

C. L. Huston, Jr. 

Morgan S. Kaufman 

M. Theresa Keehmle 

J. Louis Landenberger 

Bryant W. Langston 

Charles Godfrey Leland 

W. Ralph MacIntyre 

Frank Hamilton Magee 

Fredric R. Mann 

Georgia B. McIlhenny 

Mr. and Mrs. John McIlhenny 

Charles V. Neuman 

Philadelphia Museum School of Art 

Aspasia E. Ramborger 

Philip Rosen 

Sol Satinsky 

Joseph C. Scott 

I. M. Simon 

Annie E. Sinnott 

Berthold Strauss 

Leon C. Sunstein 

John M. Taylor 

Joseph E. Temple 

Typographic Service 

Hervey S. Walker 

Fred S. Weber 

William Weightman, Jr. 

Louis D. Weissgerber 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Raeburn White 

Charles Wilhelm 

Rynear Williams, Jr. 

Mrs. John Wintersteen 

Scholarships from this fund for the school year 1953-1956 were awarded to the following students: 

Adams, George M. 
Barron, Thomas A. 
Bates, Suzanne 
Benedict, Walter 
Benner, Robert W. 
Blatt, Eileen M. 
Brady, Richard M. 
Brockman, Donald R. 
CiANFERo, Louise 
Cohen, Barry A. 

Cox, Geraldine 
Cutler, Edward 
DeFeo, Richard A. 
Demitroff, Kathleen 
Earl, Nancy F. 
Erwin, William N. 
Feldman, Elaine J. 
Felker, Donald F. 
FoRMAN, Jay M. 
Garland, Jeanne Ann 

(continued ) 


(continuation ) 
Gardner, Charles H. 
Gessner, Barbara 
Goldman, Renee G. 
GoLLUBER, Susan 
Greiner, John H. 
Grobes, Thelma 
Helm, William F. 
Henkels, Richard T. 
Herr, Benjamin S. 
Horley, Gary Lee 
Inazu, Allan T. 
Jackson, Don G. 
Jangaard, Ingrid 
Kelso, Lois N. 
Kerpen, Ellen 
Knauke, Thelma A. 
Koch, Robert 
Kocsis, James P. 
Luch, Warren F. 
Mashbit, Phyllis 

Mathers, Charlotte 
McCall, Dorothea R. 
McGovern, Robert F. 
Mecray, John M. 
Meyers, Melvin E. 
Miller, Neil 
MoREKEN, Michael F. 
MoRosKY, Sandra 
Morrison, Walter F. 
Morrow, James W., Jr. 
Mozlin, Barbara 
MuLCAHY, Thomas 
Nakashima, Reiko 
Oakes, Harry S. 
Oeljeklaus, Alice J. 
Pezely, Joseph M. 
PiTZ, Julia L. 
Rapp. Adele 
Rarick, William J. 
Reisgen, Herbert, Jr. 

Roessler, Vernon G. 
Rush, Joan H. 
Selig, G. Louise 
Senges, Elsa 
Simon, Ann Leslie 
Smith, Jerry Ray 
Smith, Raymond K. 
Spence, Elizabeth 
Staples, William S. 
Stettler, Wayne J. 
Taber, Eileen R. 
Taran, Thomas J. 
Thomas, Kathryn E. 
ToRODE, Barbara 
Turzanski, Franciszek 
Weinberg, Alan S. 
Wendt, William J., Jr. 
Wurtzel, Alma 
Zhuraw, Peter W. 


Fall Semester 1955-1956 

Banks, Daniel 
Benedict, Walter H. 
BixLER, Rodd 
Campbell, William L. 
Cartledge, Richard A. 
Casciato, Alice M. 
Ellick, Eugene 
Feldman, Madelyn a. 
Fox, Beverly Ann 
Gessner, A. Barbara 
Gillette, Barbara A. 
Ginberg, Helen M. 
Gladstone, Henry E., Jr. 
Glider, Rochelle L. 
Green, Louis J. 
Grobes, Thelma J. 
HoHNSTOCK, Robert L. 
House, Rodney 
Kubicek, John J. 
Leibson, Abraham 

Livengood, Allois Ann 
Makrigiannis, James 
MoFFiT, Willie 
Monasevitch, Paul 
Oeljeklaus, Alice J. 
Proud, Donald H. 
Ricci, Vero 

Russell, Alexander, Jr. 
ScHULMAN, Philip B. 
Schwering, James E. 
Sernoff, Edwin L. 
Shanonsky, Donald J. 
Spence, Elizabeth 
Thomas, Kathryn E. 
Thompson, W. Sharpless 
Torode, Barbara J. 
Weinberg, Ephraim 

Advertising Design II 
Bennett, Stanley N. 
BuRNE, Richard 

Comers, Marsha 
Krause, George 
Santelia, Frank D. 

Advertising Design III 
Fithian, George A. 
Hess, Richard C. 
Jangaard, Ingrid 
Luch, Warren F. 
Muschinske, Emil J. 
Pesini, Anthony L. 
Prosen, Nina 
schaeffer, jules, Peter W. 

Advertising Design IV 
Bertuglia, William 
Cox, Geraldine G. 
Ekwall, Charles A. 
Simon, Ann Leslie 
Stettler, Wayne J. 


VoLZ, Herman D. 

Weinberg, Alan S. 

Art Teacher Education II 
Higgins, Mary 
Hudson, Mary T. 
Hyman, Barbara P. 
Kellock, Mary-Alice E. 
Linker, Theodora 

Art Teacher Education III 
Adams, George M. 
Brady, Richard M., Jr. 
Freeman, Paula E. 
huntzinger, judy l. 
Kolleck, Rudolph C. 
Pease, Allen Y. 
Steinsnyder, Jane Freedman 
Wurster, Franklin E. 

Art Teacher Education IV 
Harvey, Ruth T. 
Lesicko, John J. 
Lieberman, Neil 
Taylor, Judith K. 

Dimensional Design III 
QuiGLEY, B. David, Jr. 
Rosenberg, Raymond 

Fabric Design II 
Gayman, Murrie N. 

Fabric Design III 
Bach, Barbara 
Zhuraw, Marilyn E. 

Fabric Design IV 
Brust, Patricia M. 
Feldman, Elaine J. 
Taran, Thomas J. 

Fashion Design II 
Senges, Elsa 
Shaeff, Patricia L. 

Fashion Design III 
Foreman, Lois A. 
Goldman, Renee 

Fashion Design IV 
Knauke, Thelma a. 

Fashion Illustration III 
Cheverelli, Pauline A. 
Lafferty, Lenore Jean 
Morris, Marilyn R. 

Fashion Illustration IV 
Cleff, Evelyn K. 
Grier, Mary F. 
Kaplan, Lois J. 
Weinstein, Naomi R. 

Illustration II 
Barclay, Katharine D. 
Buckley, Gerald B. 
Garland, Jeanne A. 
Kaufmann, Lois R. 
Lose, Harold D., Jr. 
Malina, Joseph O. 
Mecray, John M. 
Morrow, James W., Jr. 
PiTZ, Julia L. 
Snyder, Philip 
Taber, Eileen R. 
ToMENGA, John E. 

Illustration III 
Ayres, Marion L. 
Barnes, Carroll B., Jr. 
Gerhard, Mae K. 

Illustration IV 
Barron, Thomas A. 
Dance, Robert B. 
Korninsky, Julie 
Madden, Charles L. 
McGovERN, Robert F. 
Miller, Marlene E. 
Russell, Maitlon T. 
Satterthwaite, Clifford W. 

Industrial Design II 
Bakley, Warren E. 
Beury, James P., Ill 
Di Pinto, Anthony J. 
Mahoney, James A., Jr. 
Pennock, William H., Jr. 

Industrial Design III 
Benner, Robert W. 
Bixler, Loring C. 

Industrial Design IV 
Cohen, Leonard L. 
DeFeo, Richard A. 
Friedman, Arthur L. 
Helm, William F. 
Horley, Gary L. 
Isaacson, Robert L. 
Masteller, Dorothy A. 
Oakes, Harry S. 
Pezely, Joseph M. 
Sklaroff, William B. 

Interior Design III 
Snitzer, Herbert 
Wright, Robert R., Jr. 

Interior Design IV 
Moreken, Michael F. 

Joseph Carreiro, Chairman 
S. Gertrude Schell 
Paul W. Partridge, Jr. 
Richard H. Reinhardt 
Jerome Kaplan 
Dorothy Parke 

Helen I. Hartel 
John Baxter 
Henry C. Pitz 
A. Ashton Johnson 
Helen S. West, Secretary 




William Parry, Chairman 
Benjamin Eisenstat, Vice-Chairman 
S. Gertrude Schell 
Paul W. Partridge, Jr. 
Murray Weiss 
Ben Wolf 
William Hague 
O. Ernest Mertz 

Leo Brandenburger 
Jean Francksen 
William Barnett 
Richard Hood 
George Bunker 
Jacob Landau 
Helen S. West, Secretary 



Fall Semester 1955 

President, Don Jackson 
Recording Secretary, Pat Shaeff 
Corresponding Secretary, Dorothy McCall 
Treasurer, Don Kern 

Spring Semester 1956 

President, Bernard Brownstein 
Recording Secretary, Dorothy Masteller 
Corresponding Secretary, Anne Kalcheim 
Treasurer, Richard Alliger 

Freshman Class 

Barbara Gessner 
Elizabeth Klase 
Peter Dean 
Regina O'Neill 
Peter DeFeo (alternate) 

Sophomore Class 

Pat Shaeff 
Don Kern 
Ralph Kelly 
Jules Davis 

Freshman Class 

Robert Hohnstock 
SusANNE Bates 
Elizabeth Klase 
Peter Dean 
Peter DeFeo (alternate) 

Sophomore Class 

Richard Alliger 

Samuel Street 

Ralph Kelly 

Jeanne Binkley 

Richard Henkels (alternate) 

Junior Class 

Bernard Brownstein 
Ingrid Jangaard 
Pat Scott Olson 
Ray Porter 
William Staples 

Senior Class 

Dorothy McCall 
Neil Lieberman 
Arthur Friedman 
Maitlon Russell 
Irene Dowdell (alternate) 

Junior Class 

Anne Kalcheim 
Bernard Brownstein 
Charles Gardner 
William Staples 
Jay Forman (alternate) 

Senior Class 

Dorothy Masteller 
Richard DeFeo 
Alan Weinberg 
Maitlon Russell 
William Helm (alternate) 




Chairman of the Board 
George D. Widener 


R. Sturgis Ingersoll 

Sydney E. Martin 

Secretary and Treasurer 
Julius Zieget 

Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer 
WiLLARD P. Graham 

Dean of the School 
E. M. Benson 

Dean Emeritus 
Edward Warwick 

Director of the Museum 
Henri Marceau 

Carl Zigrosser 
Horace H. F. Jayne 


Ex Offciis 

George M. Leader 

Governor of Pennsylvania 

Richardson Dilworth 

Mayor of Philadelphia 

James H. J. Tate 
President of Philadelphia 
City Council 

Charles I. Thompson 
President of Fairmount 
Park Commission 


Schofield Andrews 

Edward G. Budd, Jr. 

Orville H. Bullitt 

Aaron E. Carpenter 

George B. Clothier 

Charles T. Coiner 

Jay Cooke 

Chester Dale 

R. Sturgis Ingersoll 

Mrs. Stuart F. Louchheim 

Sydney E. Martin 

James Alan Montgomery, Jr. 

Arthur E. Pew, Jr. 

Philip Price 

I. S. Ravdin 

Mrs. Russell Richardson 

Lessing J. Rosenwald 

Floyd T. Starr 

Mrs. J. Stogdell Stokes 

George F. Tyler, Jr. 

George D. Widener 

Mrs. John Wintersteen 

Morris Wolf 


R. Sturgis Ingersoll, Chairman 

Mrs. Walter H. Annenberg 

Cummins Catherwood 

George M. Cheston 

Mrs. Rodolphe de Schauensee 

FiTz Eugene Dixon, Jr. 

Henry F. du Pont 

Titus G. Geesey 

David Gwinn 

Frank T. Howard 

Walter M. Jeffords 

Morton Jenks 

Mrs. John Frederick Lewis 

Mrs. H. Gates Lloyd 

Mrs. Malcolm Lloyd 
Graeme Lorimer 
Wright S. Ludington 
Mrs. Robert McLean 
Mrs. William R. Mercer 
Mrs. Herbert C. Morris 
Lessing J. Rosenwald 
Lawrence M. C. Smith 
Louis E. Stern 
Mrs. Claude R. Tyson 
George D. Widener 
Mrs. George D. Widener 
Mrs. John Wintersteen 



Charles T. Coiner, Chairman 

Max Banzhaf 

George D. Beck 

Mrs. Joseph L. Eastwick 

Mrs. Albert M. Greenfield 

Larry F. Hardy 

Richard B. Herman 

R. Sturgis Ingersoll, ex officio 

Egbert Jacobson 

Mrs. Malcolm Lloyd 

Paul McCobb 

Samuel R. Rosenbaum 

Joanne Seybold 

Hope Skillman 

Helen D. Taylor 

Harold Van Doren 

Mrs. Thomas Raeburn White 

George D. Widener, ex officio 

Mrs. John Wintersteen 

Howard A. Wolf 

Frederick Yost 


Irene M. Laverty, President 

Maurice Freed, Vice-President 

Virginia M. Gifford, Corresponding Secretary 

Helen Stevenson West, Recording Secretary 

Richard Renner, Treasurer 

Louise B. Ballinger 

Richard Hood 

J. Kirk Merrick 
Robert Milnazik 
Anne Potteiger 
Richard H. Reinhardt 
William Ressler 
S. Gertrude Schell 
Arthur Williams 


George B. Clothier, Chairman 
Mrs. Gideon Boericke 
R. Sturgis Ingersoll, ex officio 
Mrs. Stuart F. Louchheim 
Sydney E. Martin 

Earl B. Milliette 
Benton Spruance 
Clinton S. Stiefel 
George D. Widener, ex officio 




Mrs. Malcolm Lloyd 


Mrs. Bertram Lippincott 

Mrs. William F. Machold 

Recording Secretary 
Mrs. H. Lea Hudson 

Corresponding Secretary 
Mrs. Pierce Archer 


Mrs. George B. Junkin 

Assistant Treasurer 
Mrs. Henry S. Jeanes 

Mrs. J. Deaver Alexander 


Mrs. King Baird 


Mrs. Henry A. Berwind, Jr. 


Mrs. Nicholas Biddle 


Mrs. Richard C. Bond 


Mrs. George S. G. Cavendish 


Mrs. Charles C. G. Chaplin 


Mrs. J. Hamilton Cheston 


Mrs. Dorothea Collins 


Mrs. Eckley B. Coxe, 3rd 


Mrs. Joseph L. Eastwick 


Mrs. John Harrison, Jr. 


Mrs. Thomas Hart 


Mrs. J. Bertram Hervey 


Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchinson 


Mrs. R. Sturgis Ingersoll 


Mrs. Walter C. Janney 

H. Fairfax Leary, Jr. 

Richard W. Lloyd 

Henry Lyne 

W. Logan MacCoy 

Staunton B. Peck 

J. Howard Pew 

Alfred Coxe Prime 

Benjamin Rush 

William T. Tonner 

Joseph B. Townsend, Jr. 

Clarence A. Warden 

Morris Wenger 

John Wintersteen 

Edgar Wright Baird, Honorary 

Russell Duane, Honorary 

F. Woodson Hancock, Sustaining Member 


Floyd T. Starr, Chairman 
Donald F. Bishop 
Orville H. Bullitt 
Jay Cooke 

R. Sturgis Ingersoll, ex officio 
William Fulton Kurtz 
George D. Widener, ex officio 
Morris Wolf