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Commencement Program 
170th Commencement 
University of Maryland 
College Park Campus 
May 19, 1973 


May 19, 1973 

10:00 a.m. 

Cole Student Activities Building 


Dr. Charles E. Bishop 

Chancellor, College Park Campus 

University Symphony Band 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


The Rev. Dr. Richard Eslinger 

United Campus Ministry Chaplain 


Led by 

Mr. Fague Springmann 


Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 

President of the University 

Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 
Chairman, Board of Regents 

Monologo Di Gerard from 
Andrea Chenier. U. Giordano 
Mr. Springmann, Baritone 
Battle Hymn of the Republic 
(arranged by Fred Waring) 
University Chapel Choir 
Conductor, Mr. Fague Springmann 


Mr. Howard K. Smith 


Dr. Elkins, Honorary Degree 

Dr. Bishop, College Park Campus 

Alexis Julia Leonard 
Graduating Senior, Microbiology 
Dr. Bishop 

Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold, 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 


The Rev. Robert T. Gribbon 

Episcopal Chaplain 


University Symphony Band 



College Park is dedicated to 
young people. The Campus gives 
each student, to the extent that he 
wants to accept it, the chance to 
encounter new persons, new ideas 
and new Interests, all of which he 
could hardly find elsewhere in 
such variety. The student may 
discover ancient Greece and Rome 
for the first time; he may try his 
hand at art; or he may use a 
computer to help design a better 
environment for man. 

But whatever he investigates, 
whether it is under a microscope, 
or out in space or within the 
human mind, his experiences 
sharpen his vision and improve 
his judgment. He learns in and out 
of class, by relating to many 
people his own age and by dealing 
with a cultured faculty. He is able, 
in these many ways, to better 
define his directions and his goals. 


Men of varied personalities and 
interests instruct our students, 
men whose work ranges from the 
study of physical forces to the 
study of man in all his complex- 
ities. One professor studies 
properties more fundamental than 
the atom; another measures laser 
distances to the moon with an 
accuracy of inches; another sim- 
ulates a computerized "electric 
avalanche" to study the effects of 
lightning; another leads students 
to excavate the ruins of Pompeii; 
while still another visits Maryland's 
marshes to better understand and 
ultimately preserve for all of us 
one of Maryland's particular 
treasures, the Chesapeake Bay. 

One way to describe this 
Campus is through a discussion of 
its students and faculty. But other 
points of view are interesting too. 


Located just nine miles from 
the National's Capitol, the College 
Park Campus is among the largest 
university campuses in the country 
in terms of total enrollment. It is 

situated on 1,300 acres and has an 
annual budget over $100 million. 
Last year more than $2.5 million in 
scholarship aid assisted almost 
5,500 students on the College 
Park Campus. Over 7,000 degrees 
were conferred. 

More than 35,000 students are 
enrolled at College Park and 
25,500 are enrolled in the fiscally 
self-sustaining programs. The 
teaching and research staff in- 
cludes more than 3,000 full-time 
and part-time personnel. 

Undergraduates may major in 71 
programs; graduate students may 
major in 61 graduate programs 
leading to advanced degrees. In 
the number of doctorates granted 
annually, the University ranks 
among the top 30 institutions in 
the nation. 


The University had its be- 
ginnings in 1807 with the establish- 
ment in Baltimore of the College 
of Medicine, an entirely faculty- 
owned institution granting the 
M.D. degree. When its name was 
changed to the University of 
Maryland five years later, it was 
given power to confer additional 
degrees. The first dental school 
in America, the Baltimore College 
of Dental Surgery, became a part 
of the University in 1840. Sub- 
sequently, the University opened 
schools of pharmacy, law and 

Under a charter secured by a 
group of Maryland planters, the 
College Park Campus of the 
University, then called the Mary- 
land Agricultural College, opened 
in 1859 and became one of the 
original land-grant schools in 1865. 
After a disastrous fire in 1912, 
the State acquired control of the 
College and bore the cost of 
rebuilding. In 1920 the State took 
over the faculty-owned University 
in Baltimore, merging it with the 
State-owned institution at College 
Park to form the present day 
University of Maryland. 

In 1886 the Delaware Con- 
ference Academy was founded 
by the Methodist Church in 
Princess Anne, Maryland. The 
State acquired this institution in 
1926, making it a division of the 
University of Maryland in 1948. 

It was made a Campus of the 
University system in 1970 as the 
University of Maryland Eastern 
Shore (UMES). A new Campus 
known as University of Maryland 
Baltimore County (UMBO) was 
opened at Catonsville in 1966. 


The University has developed 
outstanding opportunities for 
research in the biological, physical 
and social sciences. Among the 
exceptional research facilities 
are: the 140 MeV cyclotron; two 
Van de Graff accelerators; an 
assortment of computers; the 
nuclear reactor; a full-scale low 
velocity wind tunnel, and several 
small hypersonic helium wind 
tunnels; the center for materials 
research; the psychopharmacology 
laboratory; the quiescent plasma 
device (Q machine) for plasma 
research; rotating tanks for labor- 
atory studies of meteorological 
phenomena; the laboratory for 
basic behavioral research; and the 
astronomy observatory. 

In Clark Lake, California, the 
University owns one of the largest 
radio telescopes in the world 
operating in the short wave band. 
In addition, the University is a 
member of the initial group of 
universities incorporated to 
manage the world's largest protron 
synchrotron, located at Batavia, 


University libraries include ap- 
proximately 1,250,000 volumes on 
the College Park Campus, 10.000 
subscriptions to periodicals and 
newspapers, plus over half a 
million microform units, slides, 
film strips, prints, music scores, 
and recordings. The new $7 
million Undergraduate Library has 
a seating capacity of 4,000 stu- 
dents and is among the nation's 
largest. The library features a 
recreational reading collection of 
5,000 paperbacks, a quadrophonic 
concert room, color video tape 
players and playback units, en- 
closed rooms equipped with 
instructor's consoles for the study 
of nonprint media materials, and 
wireless stereo headsets for tapes 
of lectures, plays, speeches, and 


The programs offered on the 
College Park Campus are distin- 
guished not simply because of 
their variety, but also because of 
their organization. The Campus 
has undergone a thorough re- 
organization, the result of years of 
study, and has an enlightened and 
flexible structure more responsive 
in certain ways to the student's 
needs than before. The new divi- 
sions, the relationship of the 
schools, colleges, departments, 
programs, and institutes are com- 
plemented by new and open me- 
thods of taking a degree. The 
comprehensiveness of the plan 
and its responsiveness to students 
are its chief characteristics. 


The black caps and gowns 
worn by the students and faculty 
in the academic procession are of 
ancient origin. They have been 
the traditional costume of the 
scholar since medieval times and 
probably represent an adaptation 
of the ecclesiastical dress since 
many of the scholars of that 
period were members of monastic 

An intercollegiate commission 
in 1893 drafted a uniform code for 
costumes which has since been 
adopted by the majority of colleges 
and universities in the United 

Each of the three academic 
degrees— bachelor, master, and 
doctor— has its own distinctive 
gown and hood. The bachelor's 
gown is distinguished by its long 
pointed sleeve. The master's gown 
has a longer, narrow, closed 
sleeve, extending below the knee; 
the arm is passed through a slit 
at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's 
gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve 
with three bars of velvet. The 
opening of this gown is faced 
with wide velvet bands. The velvet 
trim may be black or of a color 
indicating the general field of 
learning of the wearer, for example, 
blue for philosophy, green for 
medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive 
item of the academic costume is 
the hood which passes around the 
neck and extends down the back. 
The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the 
smallest. The bachelor's hood is 
often omitted. The color of the 
velvet edging indicates the field of 
learning. Below is given a list of 
department or faculty colors. 

Agriculture Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities . . . White 
Business Administration, 

Commercial Science Drab 

Dentistry Lilac 

Economics Copper 

Education, Pedagogy . Light Blue 

Engineering Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture ... Brown 

Forestry Russet 

Home Economics Maroon 

Humanics Dark Crimson 

Laws Purple 

Library Science Lemon 

Medicine Green 

Music Pink 

Nursing Apricot 

Oratory Silver Gray 

Pharmacy Olive 

Philanthropy Rose 

Philosophy Blue 

Public Health Salmon 

Physical Education . . Sage Green 

Science Golden Yellow 

Social Service Citron 

Surgical Chiropody .. . Nile Green 
Theology and Divinity .... Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences Gray 

The colors of the silk lining 
exposed in the center of the hood 
are those of the college or 
university which conferred the 

The cap or "mortar board" is 
uniform in design for all degrees. 
The tassel may be either black or 
the color of the field of learning. 
The tassel of the doctor's cap may 
be gold. 

Certain institutions in this 
country and abroad have academic 
costumes of distinctive color and 


A degree is awarded for the 
successful completion of a course 
of study. There are more than 
1,600 different academic degrees 
currently conferred by American 
colleges and universities. 

The first known degree was a 
doctorate conferred by the Uni- 
versity of Bologna in the middle of 
the 12th Century. Originally, the 
doctor's and master's degrees were 
used interchangeably, each 
indicating that the holder was 
qualified to give instruction to stu- 
dents. The bachelor's or baccalaur- 
eate degree indicated only entrance 
upon a course of study preparatory 
to the doctorate or mastership. 
Gradually, however, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean successful 
completion of one level of study 
preparatory to the higher degrees. 

From Europe the use of academic 
degrees spread to English uni- 
versities. Harvard University, 
William and Mary, and Yale 
followed the British pattern in the 
United States. 


This is a term meaning teacher, 
or instructor, applied by ancient 
Romans to those who delivered 
public lectures on philosophical 
subjects. In the Middle Ages, from 
the 12th century, it came into use 
as a title of honor borne by men of 
great learning. It was first made 
an academic title at the University 
of Bologna, in Italy, which received 
from the Emperor the right of 
appointing doctores legum (doctor 
of laws). The University of Paris 
followed in 1145. Soon after, the 
popes granted the universities the 
hght of appointing doctors canonum 
et decretalium (teachers of the 
canon law); and when the study 
of civil law came to be combined 
with that of the canon law, the 
title was changed to doctor 
utriusque juris (teacher of both 
laws). The faculties of theology 
and medicine followed that of law 
in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and 
science, and occasionally in 
theology and law, is given beyond 
the baccalaureate degree, and 
requires two to five years, the 
writing of a thesis, and the passing 
of written and oral examinations. 
The doctor's degree represents 
the most advanced earned degree 
conferred by American institutions. 
There are two distinct types: the 
professional or practitioner's 
degree, and the research degree. 
The first type represents advanced 
training for the practice of various 
professions, principally: Doctor of 
Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, 
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 
Juris Doctor and Doctor of 
Pharmacy. These degrees carry 
no implication of original research 
and are classified by the U.S. Office 
of Education, with bachelor's 
degrees, as the first professional 

The second type of doctor's 
degree is classified as research 
doctorates representing prolonged 
periods of advanced study usually 
accompanied by a dissertation 
which is designed to be a sub- 
stantial contribution to existing 
knowledge on the subject. The 
most important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no longer 
has an implication of philosophy 

for its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the 
major fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United States 
by Yale University in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded af 
the University of Maryland In 1929. 


The master's degree is an 
academic honor conferred upon 
students who have successfully 
completed one or two years' work 
in advance of the baccalaureate. 
A thesis and an oral examination 
are usually required. The word 
magister connected with a qualify- 
ing phrase, was used among the 
Romans as a title of honor; but its 
present meaning must be traced to 
the time of the establishment of 
the oldest universities. Regularly 
organized faculties were not then 
known as they now exist in the 
universities. The whole circle of 
academic activity was limited to 
seven liberal arts, and those who 
received public honors on the 
completion of their course of stud- 
ies, for their diligence and knowl- 
edge, and had already received 
the degree of baccalaureus 
(bachelor) were called magistri 
artium (master of the liberal arts). 

The first M.A. and M.S. were 
awarded at the University of 
Maryland in 1922. 


The bachelor's degree represents 
completion of a four-year course 
of study of collegiate grade and is 
the oldest academic degree used 
by American institutions of higher 
learning. The degree Bachelor of 
Arts was first conferred in America 
in 1642 on the first nine graduates 
of Harvard College. 

The degree Bachelor of Science, 
was awarded to the first four 
graduates of Harvard University in 




Charles E. Bishop 

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 
Daniel L. Bratton 

Vice Chancellor for Academic 

George H. Callcott 

Vice Chancellor for Academic 

Planning and Policy 
Thomas B. Day 

Vice Chancellor for Administrative 

John W. Dorsey 


Dean of the College of Arts 

and Sciences 
Thomas J. Aylward 

Dean of the College of 

Robert B. Beckmann 

Dean of the College of Human 

Marjory Brooks 

Dean of the College of 

Gordon M. Cairns 

Dean of the College of Education 
Robert F. Carbone 

Dean of the School of Library 

and Information Services 
Margaret Chisholm 

Dean of the College of Physical 

Marvin Eyier 

Dean of the College of Journalism 
Ray E. Hiebert 

Dean of the School of 

John William Hill 

Acting Dean of the College of 

Business and Public 

Joseph F. Metz, Jr. 

Administrative Dean for Under- 
graduate Studies 
Robert E. Shoenberg 

Administrative Dean for Summer 

Sessions Programs 
Clodus Smith 

Administrative Dean of Graduate 

David Sparks 




Wilson H. Elkins 



Dr. Richard H. 


Jaquith, Professor, 

Vice President for Agricultural Affairs 
Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 

Vice President for Academic Affairs 
R. Lee Hornbake 

Vice President for General 

Donald W. O'Connell 

Vice President for Graduate 

Studies and Research 
Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. 


Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 

Vice Chairman 
Richard W. Case 

B. Herbert Brown 


F. Grove Miller. Jr. 

Assistant Secretary 
Mrs. Alice H. Morgan 

Assistant Treasurer 
L. Mercer Smith 

Mrs. Michael J. Deegan, Jr. 

George C. Fry 

Young D. Hance, ex officio 

Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 

Edward V. Hurley 

Hugh A. McMullen 

Emerson C. Walden, M.D. 


Mr, John Wakefield, Director, 
Bands, Commencement Commit- 
tee on Arrangements 


Dr. Robert C. Wiley, Professor, 

Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, 

Associate Dean, College of 


Committee Members 
Mr. Ulysses S. Glee, 

Office of Student Aid, Ushering 
Mr. James R. Collier, Director, 

University Relations (College 

Park), Publicity 
Mr. Robert J. Beiter, Professor, 

Agricultural & Resource 

Economics, Platform 
Mr. John T. Broadbelt, Supervisor, 

Physical Plant, General 

Physical Arrangements 
Dr. G. M. Cairns, Dean, College 

of Agriculture, Guests 
Mr. J. W. Wilson, Records and 

Registrations, Program 
Ms. Patricia S. Higgins, 

Food Services, Food 
Mr. Ray Lewis, 

UMporium, Bookstore 
Dr. Conrad Link, Professor, 

Horticulture, Floral Arrange- 
Dr. George Marx, Professor, 

Counseling and Personnel 

Services, Faculty 
Ms. Carol C. Grain, R.N., 

Health Services, First Aid 
Mr. Amos R. Meyer, 

Professor, Markets, Guests 
Mr. William Reith, Physical Plant 

Platform, Physical Arrange- 
Mr. D. P. Royal, Assistant Director, 

Physical Plant, Information 
Mr. E. P. Shrewsberry, Acting 

Director, Physical Plant 
Physical Plant 
Mr. Jerrold Witsil, Director, 

Public Safety, Public Safety 
Mr. L. B. Jankowski, University 

Police, Traffic Control & 




Irmgard Fliigge-Lotz is both an 
outstanding woman and an inter- 
nationally known engineer. 

Born in Hannover, Germany, 
she attended the Technical Uni- 
versity in that city graduating with 
the degree of Diplom Ingineur 
in 1927. She became an assistant 
in Applied Mechanics and received 
the degree of Doctor of Engineer- 
ing in 1929. 

She was with the Aerodynamics 
Research Institute in Gottingen 
from 1929 to 1938, advancing from 
research scientist to Head of the 
Department of Theoretical Aero- 
dynamics. From 1939 to 1945, she 
was a consultant on aerodynamics 
and the dynamics of flight for the 

DVL (German Aeronautical 
Research Establishment). She 
served as Chief of a Research 
Group in Theoretical Aerodyna- 
mics at ONERA (the French NASA) 
in Paris during 1947 and 1948. 
Since 1949, Dr. Flijgge-Lotz has 
been at Stanford University, where 
she was appointed Professor of 
Aeronautical Engineering and En- 
gineering Mechanics in 1960. 

Dr. Flugge-Lotz was awarded 
the title of Professor Emerita in 
1968 and is the author of two 
books, Discontinuous Automatic 
Control, one of the most valued 
engineering texts in use in the 
world today, and Discontinuous 
and Optimal Control, and of about 
fifty technical papers. She is a Fel- 
low of the AIAA, a Member of 
Sigma Xi, and recipient of the 
1970 Achievement Award from the 
Society of Women Engineers. Her 
particular fields of specialization 
are theoretical aerodynamics and 
automatic control. 

The value of the contributions 
of Dr Flugge-Lotz to basic re- 
search in the aircraft industry as 
it developed in Europe, America 
and Asia is equalled only by the 
affection and esteem in which she 
is held by the generations of sci- 
entists whom she trained. 

The public, too, the beneficiary 
of her work, owes her gratitude as 
one of those responsible for the 
growth and importance of the 
aircraft industry on which our 
economies and pleasures often 

Dr, Irmgard Flugge-Lotz is 
awarded the honorary degree of 
Doctor of Science from the Uni- 
versity of Maryland. 



Co-anchorman of the ABC 
Evening News since May 19, 1969, 
Howard K. Smith is one of broad- 
casting's most knowledgeable and 
honored news commentators. 
Since joining ABC News in 1961, 
he has reported on most of the 
important news events of the past 
decade for both the ABC television 
and radio networks. 

A Rhodes Scholar and graduate 
of Tulane University (1936), Smith 
also studied briefly at Heidelberg 
University, where he began what 
was to later become an intensive 
study of Nazism. He is the author 
of three books. Last Train from 
Berlin, The State of Europe, and 
Wastiington, D.C. 

In May, 1972, Smith accompanied 
President Nixon on his summit 
meeting with Soviet leaders in 
Moscow as chief of the ABC News 

In 1960, Smith moderated the 
first television debate between 
then Presidential candidates Ken- 
nedy and Nixon. In 1966, he visited 
Vietnam where he originated several 
programs for the highly praised 
series, "ABC Scope: The Vietnam 
War." In 1971. he was the first 
television news commentator to be 
granted an individual interview with 
President Nixon on live television. 

Before joining ABC News, Smith 
was with CBS for 20 years. During 
most of that time he was chief 
European correspondent covering 
the major international news stories 
of two decades. In 1961, he was 
appointed chief correspondent and 
manager for the Washington 
Bureau of CBS News. 

In 1944, Smith covered the 
Allied sweep through Belgium, 
Holland and Germany. He was in 
Marshall Zhukov's headquarters in 
Berlin on the day in 1945 when the 
Germans surrendered to the Rus- 
sians. In 1946, he covered the 
Nuremberg War Crimes trials. 

In 1939, Smith left Oxford to 
work for United Press in Copen- 
hagen and then, in 1940, was sent 
to the United Press Bureau in 
Berlin. He joined CBS News as 
Berlin Correspondent in 1941. 

Born in Ferriday, La., May 12, 
1914, he is married to the former 
Benedicte Traberg of Copenhagen, 
a former Berlin correspondent for 
a Danish newspaper. 

He is awarded the Honorary 
Doctor of Laws from the Uni- 
versity of Maryland 


The May 1973 class roster is 
comprised of degree candidates 
from the undergraduate and 
graduate programs at the Uni- 
versity's College Park Campus. 
As final action cannot always be 
taken for candidates by the time 
this program is printed, the list 
of candidates here is tentative 
only. The University reserves the 
right to withdraw or add names. 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. David S. Sparks, 
Dean for Graduate Studies 

Kazuo Abe, DC. 

Nuha Nairn Abudabbeh, DC 

David A. Ameen. Va. 

Philip William Anderson, D.C. 

Kenneth Allen Archer, 

Janie Sitton Beers, Md. 

Barbara Marshall Benning. 

Ronald Alan Berk, Md. 

Willis Walter Bixby, Md, 
Jesse Parker Bogue, Md. 
Walter George Bolter, Md. 

Frances Torino Bond. Md. 

Elaine G. Breslaw, Md 

Carol Abatemarco Brignoli, 

Carlo Joseph Broglio. Md 

Frank S. Budnick, R I. 

Physics: Differential cross section of K-P elastic scatter- 
ing between 1,4 and 1,9 GeV/c 

Rehabilitation Counseling: Offender Risk Taking and Stimu- 
lation Seeking Behavior: An Experimental Investigation of 
Two Hypotheses 

Economics: Welfare Economic Analysis of Forced Busing 

Counseling and Personnel Services: Rehabilitation Coun- 
selor Training & Experience As Function of Accurate Per- 
son Perception 

Agronomy: Effects of Nitrogen Fertilization and Soil Temp- 
erature on the Growth and Quality of Autumn-Saved 
Festuca arundinacea Shreb, and Dactylis gtomerala L. 

Human Development: A Comparison of Shoplifters and 
Non-shoplifters: A Study of Student Self-Concepts 

Science Education: An Investigation Concerning the Dif- 
ferential Effects of Five Selected Cloze Procedure Dele- 
tion Patterns on Narrative Science Material 

Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum: Individualizing 
Instruction The Effects of Student Choice of Task Se- 
quence and Method of Instruction on the Performance of 
Specific Tasks 

Nuclear Engineering: Neutron Flux Distribution in Strongly 
Absorbing Gaseous Media 

History: Violence and Oppression in North Carolina During 
Reconstruction 1865-1873 

Economics: The Theory, Development, and Application of 
National Economic Budgeting with Special Reference to 
England, Sweden, and the United States 

Human Development: Enhancement of Self-Concept Through 
Elicitation of Positive Self-Assertive Statements and Posi- 
tive Social Reinforcement 

History: Dr. Alexander Hamilton and the Enlightenment in 

Chemistry: The Self-Association of the Acridine Orange 
Monovalent Cation in Aqueous Solution 

Electrical Engineering: A New Approach to Telemetry 
Data Processing 

Business Administration: Crime Correlated Areas: An Eval- 
uation of the Impact of High Intensity Police Patrol 

William James Burns, N.Y. 

Matthew James Canaris, Md. 
Edward William Cassidy, Md. 

-Wallace K.L, Ching, Md. 
Joan D. Coley, Md. 

Celeste McMillan Colgan, Wy. 
Curtis Alan Coutts, N.Y. 

Louise Thorpe Crissman, Md. 
Harry Gordon Crowcroft, II 

Janice Gail Davidson, Ca. 
James Floyd Davis, Md. 
Joan Carolyn Davis, Ga. 

John Del Gaudio. Md. 

William Austin Dempsey, 
III, N.C. 

Stuart Diener, Md. 

Lois Margaret Fanta Dirkes, 

James Joseph Dougherty, 

Georgia H. Duffee, Md. 

Paul D. Elstein, Md. 

-Meng-Teck Eng. Md 

Richard Linwood Faircloth, 

Eleanor Rita Feldbaum, Md. 

Rudolph Joseph Fiorillo, Md. 

Neil A. Fiore, N.J. 
Linda B. Gambrell, Md, 

— David Franklin Gates, Md, 

— Fredric Allen Godshall, Md. 
Joseph William Grant, Va. 

Roberta Ruth Gribbon, Md. 

Institute lor Child Study: The Effects of a Group Process 
Staff Development Program on Attitudes of Psychiatric 

Institute lor Child Study: Frustration. Aggression, and In- 
strumental Catharsis of Aggression 

Counseling and Personnel Services: A Comparison of the 
Effects of Behavioral Rehearsal Under Group and In- 
dividual Treatments 

Electrical Engineering: Sequential Machines and Coset 
Partitions Defined Over R-Modules 

Early Childhood-Elementary Education: The Relationship 
Between Growth in Self Concept As A Learner for Boys 
in a Reading Clinic and the Following Variables: Reading 
Achievement; Cognitive Style: Clinician Assessment of 
Progress: and Auding Ouotient 

English: A Reading of Browning's Parteyings With Certain 
People of Importance in Their Day 

Physical Education: The Relationship of Social Values and 
Attitudes Toward and Participation in Physical Activity 
and Sports Among College Students 

Spanish: Pablo Palacio, A Precursor in Spanish American 

Mathematics Education: The Effect of Verbalization of In- 
dividually Dehved Mathematical Generalizations on Trans- 
fer at Two Age Levels 

American Studies: A Comparative Investigation of the 
Journalism and Lectures of Charles F. Browne 

Industrial Education: A Comparative Analysis of Eleventh 
Grade High School Students' Work Values 

Human Development Education: The Development and Val- 
idation of an Instrument to Measure Affective Meaning 
Using Abstract Symbols 

Chemistry: Transition Metal Complexes of Unsymmetrical 
Bis-Phosphorus Ligands 

Business Administration: The Relative Importance of Vendor 
Characteristics and Buyer Information Sources in the 
Vendor Selection Process 

Institute lor Child Study: A Study of Self-Concept Change in 
Stutterers As A Function of an Intensive, Traditional 
Speech Therapy Program 

Institute lor Child Study: The Relationship Between Open 
and Closed Mindedness and the Perception of Positive 
and Negative Feedback 

History: American Economics Assistance to France and 
French Northwest Africa. 1941-1945 

Germanic and Slavic: From Naturalism to "Seelenkunst" - 
A Study of Carl Hauptmann's Prose Works 

Government and Politics: A Longitudinal Analysis of the 
Legislative Behavior of Freshman United States Senators 

Chemical Engineering: Nonlinear Feedforward Control of 
the Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Process 

Zoology: The Effects of Thiouracil. E- Aminocaproic Acid 
and Age on Factors Related to the Natural Atherogenic 
Resistance of the Male Wistar Rat 

Government and Politics: Perceptions and Attitudes of 
Local Administrators Toward Their Work Environment, 
Clients, and Lower Status Groups 

Music Education: The Efficacy of Channel-Alternated Re- 
cordings for Spatial Differentiation of Sound Along 
With Visual Materials and the Development of Aural 
Discrimination Relative to Musical Form, Style, and Tex- 

Counseling and Personnel Services: The Effects of High 
and Low Ambiguity of Task Instructions and Exposure 
to a Model on Verbal Behavior 

Elementary Education: The Effects of Student Decision 
Making Upon Spelling Achievement and Attitude Toward 
the Spelling Curriculum 

Mechanical Engineering: An Experimental Investigation of 
the Effect of Upstream Conditions on the Downstream 
Characteristics of Compressible Turbulent Boundary Lay- 

Civil Engineering: Artificial Development of an Atmospheric 
Boundary Layer Flow Model in a Wind Tunnel 

Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum: The Relation- 
ship between the Organizational Climate of Elementary 
Schools and Teachers' Morale 

Secondary Education, English: An Evaluation of Auding as 
an Aid to Comprehension of Literature for College Students 


Jay Waldo Grosmark. NY 
Dennis Michael Harrison, Md 

Robert J. Hearle, Md 

■ Edward Matthew Herrmann 

Emmetl Lou Holman. Va. 
Thomas Shih-Bin Hsu, N,C, 

John James Hudak, Ct. 

Bruce Delbert Hutchison, 

Chanel Ishizaki, Uruguay 

Subramania Jayaraman, 

Wilbur Lee Johnston, Jr., 


Lalita Kaul, DC 

John Vanderveer Keller, 

Claramae Stevens Knerr 

Eunsook T Koh, Md 

Thomas Bernardus Henncus 
Kuiper. Md. 
- Tzoan Chiang Kuo, Md. 

Alum Toivo Laasanen, Ma- 
William Charles LaBozetta, 

James Joseph Lakso, Pa. 

Robert Allen Langel, III 

John Edward Lavery, Oh 

Pamela Reynolds Lee. Tx. 

Dorothy Shannon Lonegan, 

Therese G. Mackie, Md. 

Anne S. MacLeod, Md. 

Robert Campbell MacPhail, 

Barbara Louise Magaw, Md. 

Sidney Alpern Manning, 

Betty Jean Maycock, Md 

David Robert Mayer, DC. 

Science Education: The Relationship Between Achieve- 
ment and Laboratory Skills to the Number of Experi- 
ments Performed by the High School Chemistry Student 

Institute lor Child Study. The Relationship Between Per- 
ceived Parental Attitude Toward the Daughter During 
Childhood and Subsequent Tendency Toward Emotional 
Disorders in the Daughter 

Secondary Education: The Identification and Measurement 
of High School Chemistry Laboratory Skills 

Mechanical Engineering: The Effect of Low Surface Energy 
on the Boiling Water Heal Transfer from Submerged 
Horizontal Tubes 

Philosphy: The Epistemic Status of Perception 

Chemistry: Morphology and Growth of Polyethylene Crys- 
tallized under High Pressure 

Physics: A Study of the Fermi Surface of Cobalt by the de 
Haas-van Alphen Effect 

Counseling and Personnel Services: A Comparison of In- 
structions and Social Reinforcement as Related to "Crea- 
tivity" in Children's Drawings 

Civil Engineering: Surface chemistry of Activated Carbon: 
Its Influence on Absorption from Aqueous Solution 

Electrical Engineering: Multi-photon Conductivity in Semi- 
conductors and Measurement of Picosecond Pulsewidth - 

Government and Politics: Children in the World: Their 
Images of Selected Foreign Policy Issues and Their 
Perceptions of Various Aspects of International Political 

Nutritional Sciences: Studies on the Responses of Rats to 
Meal Feeding 

Psychology: Responding Maintained by Sinusoidal Cyclic- 
Interval Schedules of Reinforcement: A Control-Systems 
Approach to Operant Behavior 

Psychology: An Empirical Comparison of Two Predictor 
Battery Construction Methods 

Nutritional Sciences: The Role of Diet and Insulin in 
Cholesterol Biosynthesis 

Astronomy: An Analysis of Type ill Burst Positions 

Civil Engineering: Elasto-Plastic Behavior of Composite 
Slab-Girder Highway Bridges 

Physics: *P Elastic Differential Cross Sections between 
1.2 and 2,3 GeV/c 

Secondary Education: Effect of Brief Aptitude-Occupa- 
tional Orientation on Development of Congruity of Ca- 
reer Interests with Aptitudes 

Economics: A Technique for Choosing Between Direct 
Foreign Investment and Domestic Investment in Produc- 
tion for Sale in the Domestic Market in Developing 

Institute lor Fluid Dynamics and Applied Mathematics: A 
Study of High Latitude Magnetic Disturbance 

Mathematics: Solution of a Class of Quasilinear Dirichlet 
and Neumann Problems by the Method of Moments with 
a Posterior: Error Bounds 

Government and Politics: An Analysis of the Influence of 
Tribalism on the Political Development of Southern Africa 

Speech and Hearing Science: A Comparison of Oral Stereo- 
gnosis and Vibrotactile Threshold Measurements on 
Normal-Speaking and Sibilant Articulation-Defective Chil- 

French and Italian: Etude Linguistique et Psychologique 
d'un Remaniement des Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles: Les 
Facetieux Deviz de La Motte Roullant (1549) 

History: A Moral Tale: Children's Fiction and American 
Culture, 1820-1860 

Psychology: Effects and interactions of scopolamine and 
d-amphetamine on schedule-controlled responding in 

English: The Female Characters in Prove Chivalric Romance 
in England, 1475-1603: Their Patterns and Their Influence 

Psychology: The Effects of Viewed Violence on Aggres- 
sion and Hostility 

Institute lor Child Study: Comparison of Contest Oriented 
and Non-Contest Oriented Girls on Self-Esteem, Achieve- 
ment Motivation, and Physical Coordination 

English: The Hermaphrodite and the Host: Incarnation as 
Vision and Method in the Fiction of Flannery O'Connor 

Kenneth Elliott McConnell, Jr , 

James G. McCrystal, Md. 

Milton William Meyer, Md. 
Phyllis R. Miller, Md. 
Regis B. Miller, Wi. 
Wayne R. Miller, Va, 

Charles David Miron, Md. 

Karel Montor, Md. 

•Robert Eugene Munson, 

Richard H. Needle, Md. 

John Anthony Neh, DC. 
Judith N Neri, Md. 

Sally W Nicholson, N C. 

Stanley Royce Nikkei, Ma 

James Frank Novotny, Md 

Brian Patrick O'Connor, 

N J. 
Ruth Mikell O'Donnell, Mt. 

Robert Oudemans, Md 
Osborne C. Parchment, Md. 

Helen C. Parker, Md 

Franklin James Peterson, 

Gale Eugene Peterson, la. 

Joseph Thomas Piechocki, 

Charles A. Pinder, Md. 

Branka Fridman Popmijatov 

Dorothy Jean Pugmire, Ut. 

Roger Hunt Ratcliffe, Md, 
Phillip Leon Rayford, Md. 
Charles Dennis Reese, Md. 
Robert Bruce Reppa, Va 

Economics: Estimating Consumer Demand Systems from 
Cross-section Data 

Industrial Education: An Application of Sower's Normative 
Sponsorship Theory to Identify the Industrial Arts Co- 
operating Teacher's Role in the Student Teaching Or- 

Agronomy: Absorption and Release of Ammonia from and 
to the Atmosphere by Plants 

Social Foundations: Preretirement Education: A Factor in 
Retirement Adjustment 

Botany: Systematic Anatomy of the Xylem and Relation- 
ships of Flacourtiaceae 

Recreation: A Study of the Administration of Public Recrea- 
tion Services Where Children and Youth are Enrolled in 
Year-Round Schools 

Psychology: The Effects of Interpolated Continuous Rein- 
forcement on the Extinction of a Response that was Es- 
tablished by a Partial Reinforcement Schedule 

Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: An Experi- 
mental Study to Determine whether High Grade Point 
Average Students Produce Significantly Different Brain 
Wave Patterns than do Low Grade Point Average Stu- 

Chemical Engineering: Volume Fraction and Slip Velocity in 
Vertical Countercurrent Liquid-Solid Flow Systems 

Health Education: The Relationship of Sexual Attitudes and 
Sexual Behavior to Ways of Handling Contraception 
Among College Students 

Economics: Income Expectations and the Accumulation of 
Real Cash Balances 

Comparative Literature: Reginald Pole and Jacopo Sadoleto: 
Two Divergent Humanist Positions in the Catholic Re- 

Institute lor Child Study: Relationship Between a Cartoon 
Measure of Humor and Certain Measures of Mental 
Health in Fifth Grade Students 

Sociology: An Interracial Neighborhood in Washington, 
DC: Its Development and Structure 

Microbiology: Differentiation of Four Adenovirus Types by 
Macrophage Migration Inhibition Test Procedures 

Economics: An Income Side to an Input/Output Model of 
the United States 

Counseling and Personnel Services: Sex Role Attitudes of 
Student Personnel Professionals as Measured by the 
Situational Attitude Scale - Women 

Geography: Simalungun Agriculture: SomeEthnogeographic 
Aspects of Dualism in North Sumatran Development 

Mathematics: Asgeirsson's Mean Value Theorem and the 
Possibility of a Well Posed Problem for Ultra Hyperbolic 
Differential Operators 

Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum: Selected vari- 
ables as factors in prediction of promotion of Nurse 
Corps Officers in the US Navy 

Physical Education: The Effects of Selected Combination 
of Anabolic Steroid Amphetamine and Protein Supple- 
mentation Upon Weight Gain and Endurance Perform- 
ance of Male Wistar Rats 

History: President Harry S Truman and the Independent 
Regulatory Commissions 

Chemistry: The Determination of Plasticizers in Biological 

Industrial Education: A Study of Selected Quality Control 
Activities as They Were Practiced by Three Leading 
American Automobile Manufacturers: 1903-1911 

Botany: Effects of boron and manganese on growth, yield, 
and seed composition of Cutler soybeans 

Institute lor Child Study: Relationship Between Methods of 
Classroom Reintegration and Peer Acceptance of the 
Emotionally Handicapped Child 

Entomology: The Role of Larval Antibiosis in the Expres- 
sion of Resistance of Alfalfa to the Alfalfa Weevil 

Zoology: Pituitary-Ovarian Relationships in Prepubertal 

Science Education: A Study of Administering a Biology 
Pictorial Classroom Test by Four Different Procedures 

Government and Politics: Israel and Iran: Their Develop- 
ment, Interrelationship, and Effect on the Indian Ocean 


Pamela Wolfe Roblyer. Md. 
Mary Chllds Rogers. Md. 

Richard H. Rosswurm. W.V. 

»- Stephen Sacks. Md. 

Neil Joseph Salkind. Md. 

Thomas Knowlton Sawyer. 

— Donald Wayne Seaton, Md. 

Richard Guy Sedlack. Md, 
~ Bijay Kumar Sharma. India 

Tutsie Silapalikitporn. Md. 

Gary James Sollazzo. Md. 
Gloria Ann Strickling, Md. 

Robert Scott Tennyson, Md. 

David John Thompson. Md. 
Donald G. Triezenberg. 

Harry Brandriff Tunis, Md. 

Thangasamy Velusamy, 

— Richard A Weller, Md. 

George Lawrence Wheeler, 

Edward Hartwell White, Jr., 

David Joseph Wilburn. Md. 
Anne Herndon Wilcox, Md. 

Spencer Wilson, N.M. 

Stephen Kwok-wai Young, 

Salah Abdelrahim Yousif, 

Jerald Jay Zeger. Md. 

Sister Mary Edward Zipf, 

English: The Poetry of Samuel Johnson: A Study of His 
Poetic Theory and Works with an Emphasis on the 

Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: A Study of 
Duplication and Coordinatron in Functions Performed by 
Staffs of the Instructional Media Offices at the Central 
Office Level of the Baltimore County Public Schools 

Government and Politics: Political Knowledge: Jacques 
Maritain's Integralism 

Mechanical Engineering: Interaction of a Three-dimensional 
Fluid Jet with a Nearby Wall Boundary 

Institute lor Child Study: A Developmental Study of a 
Measure of Spatial Rotation 

Zoology: An Analysis of the Principal Genera of Amoebae 
in Surface Waters of Chincoteague Bay, Virginia with 
Descriptions of Species 

Mechanical Engineering: Radial Elastic-Plastic Stress Wave 
Propagation with an Unloading Shock in a Circular 
Disk by the Method of Characteristic and Successive 
Elastic Approximations 

Sociology: Riots as Disasters: An Exploratory Case Study 
of Selected Aspects of the Civil Disturbances in Wash- 
ington, DC, April, 1968 

Electrical Engineering: Usefulness of Bioelectronics in 
studies of Neurophysiological Systems, with an investiga- 
tion of the Stepping System 

Institute for Child Study: Interpersonal Compatability and 
Interaction Process of Interdisciplinary Psychiatric Teams 

Philosophy: Ryle on the Concept of Thinking 

Early Childhood-Elementary Education: The Effect of Hand- 
writing and Related Skills Upon the Spelling Score of 
Above Average and Below Average Readers in the Fifth 

Music: Five Anonymous Seventeenth-Century Chamber 
Works_with Trombone Parts, from the Castle Archives of 

Physics: A Study of 30-300 MeV Atmospheric Gamma Rays 

Physics: Capillary Surface Waves in a Diffuse Liquid-Gas 

Secondary Education: The Effects of Differential Rehearsal 
and Presentation Strategies on the Performance of a 
Mathematical Algorithm 

Astronomy: Polarization of Supernova Remnants at Centi- 
meter Wavelengths 

Chemical Engineering: The Particle Size Effect on the 
Cathodoluminescent Intrinsic Efficiency of YVO^In 

Chemistry: Synthesis, Molecular Structure and Charge Sep- 
aration of Cyclopentadienylidene Dihydropyridines and 
Dihydroisoquinolines, and Related Model Compounds 

Industrial Education: The Development of Interchange- 
able Manufacturing in Selected American Industries - 

Human Development Education: First Grade Entrance Age 
as a Factor in Sixth Grade Achievement Across Readiness 

Psychology: Effects of Self-esteem, Motive to Avoid Fail- 
ure, and Order of Presentation on Consideration of Dis- 
crepant and Nondiscrepant Vocational Interest Inventory 

History: Experiment in Reunion: The Union Army in Civil 
War Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia 

Physics: A Three-Body Model of Direct Nuclear Reactions 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: The Kashm El- 

Gerba Settlement Scheme of Sudan 
Chemistry: Synthesis of Activated Primary Ammoalkylphos- 

phonates as Selective Enzyme Inhibitors and Monomers 

for Polymerization 
Microbiology: Effects of Deuterium Oxide on Bacterial 


1 Doctors 


Diane Marie Abbate. CT. 
Mitchell Wayne Ackerman, N.Y. 
Joseph M. Adams, MD. 
Stephen J. Andriole, MD. 
Necati M. Arcan, MD. 
Joel Arsenault, MD. 
Joyce Biggs Atkins. MD. 
Mary Orsinger Aylesworth, MD. 
June Ruth Bailin, MD. 
Polyxeni Artemis Bandaloukas, MD. 
Vittoria Marie Barge, MD. 
Paul Stephen Barnett, MD. 
Jane Anne Barry, MD. 
Mary Theresa Batt, MD. 
Sharon E. Baxter, MD. 
Joanne E. Becker, MD. 
Robert Henry Becker, MD. 
Brian William Bergemann, PA. 
Kenneth N. Bergmann, MD. 
Marilyn Ruth Berman, MD. 
Virginia E. Blair, MD. 
Thomas L. Blakeney, MD. 
Marc Stanley Block, MD. 
Julian Mayer Bloom. MD. 
Joanne Schilling Blum, N.C. 
Lucille Frances Bluso, MD. 
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Thomas Charles Borzilleri, MD. 
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Jose'Germa'n Ca'rdenas, MD. 
Susan Berkowitz Carlson, MD. 
Patricia B. Chamberlin, VA. 
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Kathleen Chalfont Christensen. MD. 
Mark MacNeal Christhilf. MD. 
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Raymond Lee Compton. MD. 
Jacqueline Cooper, MD. 
Merritt Keith Coplin. MD. 
Diane Wilson Cormicle. MD. 
Donald Glenn Craig, MD. 
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Marie Henry Darne, MD. 
Thomas Norman Daymont, MD. 
Robert Joseph DeAngelis, MD. 
James Michael DeGeorge. MD. 
Sandra Harrison Dewey, D.C. 
Sandra Joyce Donnell, MD. 
Joyce Ann Dornburg, MD. 
Stuart A. Dorow, MD. 

Karen Ruth Dorsey. MD. 
Julia I. Douglass, MD. 
Susan Rudolph Drachman, N.Y. 
Kenneth C. Drake, N.J. 
Lorraine Susan Vinograd 

Duberstein. MD. 
Dennis M. Dundore. PA. 
Mary Elizabeth Dunn. MD. 
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Marilyn Dianne Ecke. MD. 
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Irene Baer Friendly, MD. 
Steven G. Futernick, MD. 
Donna Charlene Galebach, MD. 
Carol Ann Gallagher. MD. 
Judith M. Gansberg, N.J. 
Michelle Gelkin, MD. 
John Joseph Gluch, Jr.. VA. 
Elizabeth Ann Goldman. MD. 
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Penny Anne Jamitz, MD. 
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Anita Coronel Jones, MD. 
Edwin Carlton Jones. MD. 
Howard Theodore Jones, MD. 

Marvin V Jones, DC. 
Stephanie Jordan, MD. 
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Michael John Keating. MD. 
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Catherine Simpson Maynard, 

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Man Phathanothai. THAILAND 

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Charlotte Leighton Savin, MD. 

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Shahine Shams, MD. 
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Margaret Wells Sharrer, MD. 
Patricia Diane Zielinski 

Shively, MD. 
James W. Shufelt. MD. 
Raymond Philip Singer, IL. 
Rosalind Diane Singer. D.C. 
Ronnie Sue Sirota. MD. 
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Mete Bahaeddin Sirvanci, MD. 
Anita M. Smith, MD. 
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Alice Bendet Speizman, MD. 
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Gloria Anne Spina. N.Y. 
Eugene Merrill Sprague, CO. 
Michael A. Sprague, MD. 
Raymond Voss Spring, MD. 
Larry Ellsworth Stenswick, MD. 

Masters 1 1 

Ward Robert Stewart, N.J. 

Neil Morgan Steyskal, MD. 

Geoffrey G. Stilley, MD. 

Suzanne Stockfisch, VA. 

David Stephen Stofa, MD. 

Gerald Francis Szucs, MD. 

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James Alexander Tomasetti, MD. 

John W. Travis, MD. 

Ralph Trettel, MD. 

Alfred Thomas Tudor, VA. 

Jean-Louis Turlin, FRANCE 

Frank James Urabeck, WA. 

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Paul Jonathan Vineis, MD. 

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Terrance Patrick Walbert, MD. 

Harvey Walden, MD. 

Ronald William Wall, CO. 

Mary Ellen Walsh, PA. 

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Ida Annett Nold Williamson, MD. 

Sandra Maxine Jones Wilmer, MD. 

James John Wiltshire, MD. 

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Stephen Gaehr Wright, MD. 

Martha Mary Wulfsberg, KS. 

Carolyn Ann Wurm, MD. 

Hsiao Ming Yee, MD. 

Judith A. Young, VA. 

Gladys B. Zaidivar, MD. 

Adam Henry Zynger, MD. 


Grayson Lance Abbott, Jr., MD. 
John Acevedo, MD. 
Stephen Peck Adamson, MD. 
John Henry Adier, MD. 
Barbara Joanne Allen, VA. 
Dale Holloway Allen, MD. 
Barbara Marie Andes, MD. 
Steven William Anschel, MD. 
Walter William Arbogast, Jr., MD. 
Mevlut Ersan Arin, Ml. 
Mark Robeson Bailey, MD. 

Stephen Jerome Baluch, MD. 
Robert Orrin Bartlett, MD. 
Mulugeta Bekele, ETHIOPIA 
Sanford Michael Benett, MD. 
Donald Louis Bini, MD. 
David Blank, MD. 
John William Bolland, N.J. 
Arthur Lewis Booth, MD. 
Donald Enfield Brand, MD. 
Earl Sanford Branscomb, GA. 
Shelesa Allison Brew, MD. 
Patricia Ann Brousil, MD. 
Allen Sylvan Brown, MD. 
Charles H. Brown, MD. 
Russell DeAtley Brown, MD. 
William Brzozowsky, MD. 
Lawrence Albert Buennagel, MD. 
John Thomas Burkley, MD. 
Victor David Burns, MD. 
David Allen Bushi, MD. 
Donald Gene Busson, MD. 
Dawn Eileen Carlson, D.C. 
Joel A. Carlson, MD. 
Kenneth Charles Carr, OH. 
Douglas Edwin Chamberlain, MD. 
John James Chino, MD 
Walter Frederick Christensen, Jr. 

Robert John Coladonato, MD. 
Drew Arlen Copeland, VA. 
Michael Dexter Cowing, MD. 
Robert H. Creecy, MD. 
James Preston Gulp, MD. 
Edwin Lewis Outright, VA. 
Alan Joseph Darion, N.Y. 
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Leomine Vinton Dickinson, Jr., MD. 
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James Elmer Dinger, MD. 
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Albert 0. Gaskill, III, MD. 
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Marshall Douglas Gibson III, IN. 
James N. Haek, MD. 
Indira Maureen Hairston, MD. 
Barbara Stewart Harman, MD. 
Ray Haygood, MD. 
Murray Wayne Hefley, MD. 
Barry Stephan Hillman, MD. 
William Monroe Hinckley, MD. 

Edward Lawrence Hultgren, Jr.,MD. 

Arthur H. Imirie, MD. 

Morgan Sandford Johnson, MD. 

William E. Kallas, MD. 

Indra P. Kambo, MD. 

John Michael Kamrad, II. MD. 

Howard T. Kaplan, MD. 

Din M. Karmand, AFGHANISTAN 

David Warren Keifer, NB. 

Bernard Francis Kennedy, MD. 

Albert James Klavon, MD. 

Robert Edward Kleimann, MD. 

Richard C. Knipscher, N.J. 

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Linda Ling-sung Ma, MD. 

Redge Allan Mahaffey, MD. 

James Bernard Mandel, MD. 

Robert Louis Martino, MD. 
Jean Maclennan Maryak, MD. 

Geoffrey Toya Masaki, MD. 

Gary Lee McCarney, MD. 

Mark Patrick McKinnon, MD. 

Aristophanes Metropoulos, D.C. 

Paul M. Meyer, MD. 

Michael Cyril Miller, MD. 

Isabel Moreno, VENEZUELA 

Mir Massoud Mortazavi, MD. 

Phylis Ann Moser, MD. 

Thomas John Moynahan, Jr., MD. 

Earl Joseph Mummert II, FL. 

Snehal Munshi, MD. 

Emmett Lee Murphy, MD. 

Steve Nabers, MD. 

Michael Sidney Nash, MD. 

Richard Burton Newton, MD. 

Mary L. Nichols, N.Y. 

Eugene Harvey Owen, MD. 

Dale John Panton. MD. 

Douglas Lee Park, MD. 

Karungulam N. Parthasarathy, MD. 

John Frank Patrick, Jr., MD. 

Pete Nicholas Pavlos, MD. 

Tim L. Pay, MD. 

Argeu Lemos Pelosi, Jr., BRAZIL 

Karen M. Petersen, MD. 

Eric Andrew Peterson, D.C. 

Reva J. Petty, VA. 

Steven Marc Pine, MD. 

George Plucienkowski, N.J. 

Rita Poretsky, MD. 

James Thomas Pretchard, MD. 

Lawrence Patrick Purtell, MD. 

Francis Marion Putnam, MD. 

John Morgan Ramistella, MD. 

Sydney B. Randall, MD. 

Wayne Sylvan Rasband, VA. 

Gregory Alan Richards, MD. 

Clinton Thomas Richmond, MD. 
John D. Roberts, Jr., MD. 
Ernest O. Rogers, VA. 
David Donald Royston, MD. 
Charles Keltner Salter, PA. 
Frank Alvin Saus, MD. 
Richard Daniel Schlotfeldt, MD. 
Michael A. Schroedl, VA. 
Richard Kevin Sciambi, MD. 
Eldon Allen Seifert, MD. 
Edward Andrew Serp III, MD. 
Gordon Bradford Shea. MD. 
Timothy Walter Sheen, MD. 
Harry Edward Shisler, MD. 
Malak Ibrahim Shoukry, MD. 
Diane D. Slowen, MD. 
Jane Mason Small, MD. 
Anne Tietjens Snyder. MD. 
Royce Omar Snyder, MD. 
Bruce Lyie Steger, MD. 
William Lynn Summers, Ml. 
Seshagiri Rao Tammara, MD. 
Anthony Eugene Thomas. TX. 
Nelson Charles Tillou, MD. 
William Charles Tinklepaugh, MD. 
Mark Haskell Torrence, PA. 
Victor Chock Toy, D.C. 
Joseph Winston Trumbauer. MD. 
Lee Albert Twentyman, NY. 
Gerrit Van Ommering, D.C. 
James Richard Wardell, MD. 
Joseph Abner Ware, W.V. 
Frank J. Wasowicz, MD. 
Robert Anthony Weber, MD. 
Ronald Clarence Willard, MD. 
Dan Kent Williams, IL. 
Daniel George Wolf, MD. 
Lennard J. Wolfson, MD. 
Chungwah Wilson Wong, 

Joseph Ling Young, MD. 
John William Zondio, PA. 


Pamela Kemper Albert, DC. 
Winston Haldeman Ambrose, MD. 
Alfreda Joanne Appel, MD. 
Beverly S. Bailer, MD. 
Willie L. Banks, MD. 
Charles Lester Barnhart, MD. 
Gretchen K. Becker, MD. 
Vincent Bertone, MD. 
Irene Harriet Blum, MD. 
Charles Perry Bosmajian, Jr., MD. 
David Clarke Bowen, MD. 
Phyllis K. Braun, DC. 
Judith Virginia Bressler, MD. 
David Samuel Broida, MD. 
Keith L. Burroughs, MD. 
Louise Nuckols Burroughs, MD. 
Margaret Zitzewitz Caldwell, MD. 
Carlota Josephine Campa, MD. 
Carole Christine Carter, MD. 

1 2 Masters 

Merry Catherine Casey, MD. 
Angela Chang, HONG KONG 
Ina Evelyn Chapman, MD. 
Verna Marie Chiarello, MD. 
Gary L. Clarke, MD. 
Dorothy Isabella Cleveland, MD. 
Ralph Barry Cleveland, MD. 
Faith Naomi Coddington, MD. 
Karen Laura Cole, N.Y. 
Sharon Quick Collins, MD. 
Richard Thomas Conway, MD. 
Samuel Lee Cooke, MD. 
Elaine Clark David, MD. 
Yondre Laqualita Davis, MD. 
Patricia Anne Daly DeBonis, MD. 
Linda Ellen Dierstein, IN. 
John Irvin Ditty, MD. 
Brian Joseph Donahue, N.Y. 
Richard Dror, MD. 
Laura Ann Dubin, MD. 
Sheila A. Dunne, DC. 
Susan C. Emerson, MD. 
Genevieve Gilchrist Farmer, MD. 
Carol Ann Feinstein, FL. 
Robert Hayes Feitz, MD. 
Virginia Weaver Feitz, MD. 
Bonnie Jean Feldman, N.J. 
James Michael FerstI, OH. 
Richard Sydney Field, MD. 
David A. Fisher, MD. 
Meriam B. Flam, MD. 
Monica Faye Fleischmann, D.C. 
Marie Kinney Fortune, MD. 
William Thomas Fowler, MD. 
Louis Earl Frenzel, Jr., MD. 
Marjorie Louise Kay Gardner, MD. 
Ruth Sylvia Garfield, MD. 
Mary Elizabeth Garrison, VA. 
Barbara Lee Gilbert, MD. 
Jean Katherine Gilbert, MD. 
Joan Lynn Gilbert, MD. 
Cathine G. Gilchrist, MD. 
Bety H. Giles, MD. 
Ann T. Gold, MD, 
Ann Meyerson Gold, D.C. 
Dorcas Neal Gracey, MD. 
Patricia Martin Graham, MD. 
Mary A. Grande, MD. 
Elizabeth A. Green, MD. 
Barbara Jean Greig, DC. 
Mark Griffith Hanna, MD. 
Lana Winifred Harding, MD. 
Marian Wise Harper, MD. 
David B. Heard, MD. 
Catherine Jo Helm, MD. 
Jean Henyon. MD. 
Deloris Jean Hinckle, MD. 
Bonnie Hayman Hlxson, VA. 
Nadena Olivia Holden, MD. 
Sally B. Holtz, MD. 
Norma Belson Honick, MD. 
Clifford Hubbard, MD. 
Dennis E. Hulen. lA. 
Mary Emma Hunt, MD. 

Thomas Joseph Hunt, MD. 
Robert Ahearn Hutson, MD. 
Dorothy Burrows Johnson, MD. 
Joann Washburn Johnson, MD. 
Pearl H. Johnson, MD. 
Elaine Dorothy Kacmarik, MD. 
Bobbie Ann Karpf, MD. 
Shirley Kay, MD. 
Jeannette M. Keaveney, MD. 
Russell William Keiser, MD. 
Ravenell Keller, Jr., MD. 
Thomas James Kemp, MD. 
Colette Ellen Kettle, D.C. 
Ethel Louise Kirchmer, MD. 
Arlene Kolman, N.J. 
Deborah Joan Kroll, MD. 
Thomas Joseph Labonte, MD. 
Katherine Hope Landis, MD. 
Charlotte Nelson Landvoigt, MD. 
Ruth Marie Latimer, MD. 
Joan Marie Lauer, MD. 
Eleonore Lehr, MD. 
Elizabeth Ann Lewis, MD. 
Alice Hunt Lindsey, DC. 
Madonna Beatrice Loosbrock, MD. 
Harry Kent Magalotti, MD. 
Anne Gushing Magner, R.J.M., MD. 
Betty June Manchak, MD. 
Joyce Towne Mason, MD. 
Harry Paul Mazur, MD. 
Gordon R. McAfee, MD. 
French Boyd McConnaughey, MD. 
Ava Lee McKenney, MD. 
Joan Phyllis Medway, MD. 
Michael Emil Mitch, MD. 
Elin R. Modjeska, MD. 
William Francis Molloy, MD. 
James William Moore, Jr., MD. 
Marsha Lynn Moore, D.C. 
Mary M. Moore, MD. 
Michael Archie Moore, MD. 
Alice Anne Morris, MD. 
Gretchen Louise Nethken, MD. 
Bertha B. Newman, MD. 
Anne Berman Nissen, MD. 
Linda Lou Nore, MD. 
Marlene Furst Novitsky, MD. 
Charles John O'Connor, MD. 
Harold Herbert George Oliver, NO. 
Grant Walter Ortel, MD. 
James John Passante, MD. 
Cheryl Denise Penna, PA. 
Brenda Harriet Peterson, N.J. 
Sandra Luanne Pihl, MD. 
Zennie Ree Pinckney, MD. 
Gordon L. Rehmeyer. MD. 
Ann Stimson Reiling, IN. 
Carl Denny Roberts, MD. 
Donald Hewitt Roberts, MD. 
Susan Bahike Robertson, VA. 
Rosalie Miller Robinson, MD. 
Susan Marie Rogner, MD. 
Elaine Grace Ruggiero, MD. 
Donna Jeanne Russell, MD. 

Margaret C. Sadowski, MD. 
Maria Beatrice Salvadore, MD. 
Lawrence Patrick Schlude, MD. 
Joan Elizabeth Scott, MD. 
William Edward Scott, MD. 
Susan Beth Shanik, N.J. 
Barbara Anne Shankman, MD. 
Everitt Samuel Simms, MD. 
Muriel K. Skolnick, MD. 
Margaret Alice Smith, MD. 
Lucy Jackson Spain, DC. 
Gloria Greenberg Specter, MD. 
Carole Ann Starr, MD. 
Howard Nathan Stein, MD. 
Cecile H. Strange, DC. 
Phillip Glenn Stroup, MD. 
Helen Louise Swanson, D.C. 
Lloyd Stengle Tyler III, MD. 
Sharon Louise Valdez, MD. 
Ronald Albert Valenti, MD. 
V. Jeanne Vaughn, MD. 
Charles P. Wachsmuth, MD. 
Susi A. Walter, MD. 
Nancy Jean Weigant, MD. 
Karen Lea Weiss, MD. 
Bernadette Elizabeth Welch, MD. 
Melissa Ann Wilkins, MD. 
Pauline Elizabeth Adkins Wood.MD. 
Clifford Winston Woodward, Jr.,MD. 
Jeanette Flory Woodward, MD. 
Heather K. Young, MD. 
Roberta Ann Zimmerman, N.J. 


Kells Shapleigh Boland, DC. 
Richard H. Daumit, MD. 
Robert Morris Degarmo, Jr., MD. 
John Wesley Demler, MD. 
Philip Gilbert Enstice, N.J. 
Gregory Wayne Fletcher, VA. 
Dennis James Gillen, OH. 
Herman Walter Heilemann, Jr., MD. 
David Leslie Henson, MD. 
Richard John Kulick, PA. 
Kirk Edel Lehneis, MD. 
William Arthur Longwell, D.C. 
Gerald J. Mazur, MD. 
Frank Leonard Milman, MD. 
Edward Paul Moritz, MD. 
Sefa Bahattin Ocak, TURKEY 
Bernnard K. Reece, MD. 
Eugene Leslie Shaver, MD. 
Alan Murray Stapleton, MD. 
Larry B. Wenz, MD. 
Morgan Smith Whiteley, Jr., PA. 
Roman Joseph Whiting, MD. 
Guy Raymond Wiebking, MD. 
John Louis Willow, MD. 


Florence Atkinson Alston, MD. 
Evelyn Goss Altemus, MD. 
Ann Thieler Arrowsmith, VA. 
Rochelle Lafferman Bock, MD. 
Barbara Elaine Bomgardner, PA. 
Beverly A. Brannan, MD. 
Carrie M. Brickhouse, DC. 
Gwendolyn A. Burton, MD. 
Christine T. Callahan, MD. 
Marilyn Flora Cooke Carlon, MD. 
Madeline Eleanor Cohen, NY. 
Dorothy Jean Cornell, NY. 
Craig Henry Cromar, MD. 
Annette Irene Dayton, CO. 
Paul Wilson Deafenbaugh, MD. 
Constance Pierce Dickson, DC. 
Laurence Scott Dickter, MD. 
Geraldine L. Dubow, MD. 
David Daniel Duff, DC. 
Mary Kate Dugan, D.C. 
Mary Ruth Duncan, VA. 
Martha Anne Eastwood, MD. 
Mary Eisenbach, MD. 
Jenrose Weldon Felmley, D.C. 
Edward Rinker Fishpaw, VA. 
Sharon Anne Fitzgerald, MD. 
William Alan Fulton, PA. 
Karyl Dianne Garn, VA. 
Janet V. Gauthey, VA. 
Susan Marie Giusti, VA. 
Sandra P. Gohn, MD. 
Laura Lee Gossett, MD. 
Marie A. Gozzi, MD. 
Lily G. Griner, MD. 
Linda Chaney Gustafson, MD. 
Kenneth Weldon Haynam, MD. 
Charlotte Thornton Holland, MD. 
Mary Kahle Jordan, MD. 
Jean H. Joseph, VA. 
Max Tullis Leek, MD. 
Karen Levitan, MD. 
Kathy Zeigler Lindemer, MD. 
Barbara Jean Marsh, MD. 
Linda Jo Maser, MD. 
Dennis Damlan McDonald, MD. 
Eileen Sullivan McMurrer, D.C. 
Theresa A. Meserve, MD. 
Ruth Mayo Milin, MD. 
Mary A. Neal, IN. 
Anne Hall North, MD. 
Patrick John Petit, MD. 
James Elwood Poole, VA. 
Dana Meiggs Reisse, MD. 
Bong Soon Rim, VA. 
Nancy K. Roderer, MD. 
Mary Catherine Schuiz, MA. 
Miriam Elizabeth Schwartz, MD. 
Mario Gwynne Sherman, CT. 
Gertrude Boruta Sherwood, MD. 
Gene W. Smith, MD. 
Janet Natalia Stahl, MD. 

Masters 1 3 

Eloise Verdelle Stevens, MD. 

Joan Marie Stiffler, MD. 

Marianne Goodrich Swain, MD. 

Caro A. Taylor, MD. 

Joan Roby Taylor, N.J. 

Charlene Murphy Thompson, MD. 

Patricia P. Tugwell, IL. 

Helen Virginia Vandersluis, VA. 

David Meriwether Wakefield, MD. 

Susan Mary Woodcock, MD. 


Ronald George Amos, MD. 
Ronald James Barnett, MD. 
Gary William Dinn, MD. 
Marajean B. Marvin, MD. 
Frederick L. Toner, KS. 



January 31, 1973 
Robert Charles Bruce 
Douglas Andrew Morehouse 
Robert Kenneth Thompson 

March 26, 1973 

Barbara Lynn Achenbach 

Rachel Christine Myer 

June 3, 1973 

Charles Virgil Anderson 

Anthony Van Butler 

Robert Wesley Holtzclaw, Jr. 

Pearl A. McCray 

Agnes Mary Olayvar 

1 4 Masters 


Candidates will be presented 

by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of 

the College 

Stefan Dennis Alexander, MD. 
Richard Peyton Bartlett III, MD. 
Theresa Ruth Bauman, MD. 
tJohn Andrew Benson, Jr., MA. 
'Karen Lee Bernhards, MD. 
tPamela Jean Blank, MD. 
James Richard Bordick, PA. 
■John Carter Bowie, MD. 
David Joseph Breerwood, Jr., MD. 
Stephen Alan Brower, MD. 
tDaria Ann Cain, MD. 
William Schroeder Campbell, D.C. 
Michael Henry Chapman, MD. 
Robert Benjamin Clopper, MD. 
tSteven Arthur Dawson, MD. 
Pamela Diane Dick, MD. 
John Byron Duvall, MD. 
'Carl Dennis Ealy, MD. 
John Leonard Feustle, MD. 
Eddy Jay Forman, MD. 
tJohn Kenneth Garner, MD. 
Jeanne Ann Gill, MD. 
Kenneth Jacob Goldscher, MD. 
Jim Goodwin, MD. 
Robert Michael Gordon, MD. 
Richard Francis Griffin, MD. 
Roy Joseph Haaser, MD. 
Steve G. Haines, W.V. 
Katharine Lee Hanson, MD. 
Donald L Harper, MD. 
Louis S, Hyde III. MD. 
Carol Shifflett Jones. MD. 
Lee Scott Joseph, MD. 
tMarc S. Katz, MD. 
Sandra Ellen Kempske. MD. 
Ralph Scott Lawrence, MD. 
Wayne Elwood Leppo, MD. 
David K, Liskin, N.J. 
Gerald Franklin Luttrell, MD. 
Ralph Gordon Lynch, MD. 
■Robert Lawrence Mackey, MD. 
John Edward Mackiewicz, N.Y. 
Tirso Guillermo Martinez, MD. 
■Justin Kevin Mathias, MD. 
Michael Owen Mealy, MD. 
Jeol Richard Merchant. MD. 
David James Michaels. MD. 
Mark Warren Michie. MD. 
Albert Joseph Modery, Jr., MD. 
Elizabeth Lambert Moore. MD. 
Mitchell Hal Mosbacher. MD. 
David Cal Mullen. MD. 
Jason Monroe Myers. MD. 
Stephen George Newman, MD. 
Peter William Nichols, MD. 
Gerald Sidney Northam, MD. 

Gerald Clark Odiand. MD. 

Paul Nelson Parsons. MD. 

Rita Margaret Pelczar. MD. 

Michael F. Permenter. MD. 

Jeanette Isabel Poffenbarger, MD. 

Terry Eugene Poole, MD. 
■Polly Jeanne Prichard, VA. 

James Laurence Ralls, MD. 

Wayne Douglas Reichardt, MD. 
tFrances Mae Reid, MD. 
tMadonna Marie Reisinger, MD. 

Franklin Alan Rosenstein, MD. 

Neel Carpenter Row, MD. 

Brian Dale Rudert, MD. 

Lynn Frances Rybikowsky, MD. 

Gregory Harold Sahm, MD. 
tThomas David Schaeberle, MD. 

Donald Monroe Schwartz, Jr., MD. 

Stuart Darryl Shifrin, MD. 

Scott Alden Sinex. N.J. 
■Philip Anthony Snow. MD. 

Warren Eugene Steiner. MD. 
■Robert Francis Stewart. MD. 

Helen Stone, MD. 

John Willard Stott. MD. 

James Gilbert Stuart. MD. 

John Sheridan Tanner, MD. 

James Joseph Thomas, MD. 

Mark William Townsend, MD. 

William James Troup. III. MD. 

Thomas E. Tuccinardi. Jr.. MD. 

Frederic Keith Underwood. MD. 

Daniel Van Schaik. MD. 

Robert Douglas Vogel. MD. 

Daniel P. Wagner. MD. 

Kevin M. Wagner. MD. 

Kim Arthur Walbe, MD. 
tDorothy Jo Wallace. MD. 

Thomas F. White. MD. 
■prank J. Zayac. N.J. 


Candidates will be presented 

by Mr. John W. Hill. Dean of 

the School 

Kaya Sahin Arikoglu. MD. 
tMargaret Ritchie Axtell, D.C. 

Marie Celeste Baker, VA. 
■Zvi Barzilay. MD. 

Jay Ira Brown. MD. 

Michael Justin Dowling. MD. 

Thomas Donovan Eckhardt. MD. 

Stephen Douglas Empie. MD. 

Jaime Alberto Gutierrez. MD. 

Nicola Marietta Hain. MD. 

Frederick Eric Hjertberg, MD. 

Bruce Edwin Hutchinson, MD. 

Dennis Richard Jankiewicz. MD. 
■Charles Edward Knight, MD. 

*with honors; fwith high honors 

■Luella Williams Mast, MD. 

Richard Nicholas Loope, MD. 
tFred Charles Miller, MD. 
tStephen Alan Muse. MD. 

Lawrence Eldon Root, MD. 

Logan Campbell Schutz, MD. 

Lu Mai Seto, MD. 

Mary Emily Spencer. D.C. 

John Philip Stainback. MD. 

John Dudley Staley. MD. 

John Raymond Van Fossen. Jr..MD. 

Jeffrey Smedley Wolf, MD. 

Farruk Yorgancioglu, MD. 


Candidates will be presented 

by Dr. Thomas Aylward. Dean of 

the College 

Jeffrey Abarbanel. MD. 

John Emerson Abbuhl. MD. 

Issam S. Aboulhasan. MD. 

Athene Susan Adams, MD. 
tBruce Friend Adams. MD. 

Douglas Allen Ader. MD. 

Steven Aaron Adier. MD. 

Alice Grace Aisley, TURKEY 

Mary Katherine Allen. MD. 

Vicki Helen Althaus. MD. 

James Edward Aquino. D.C. 
■Robert Frederick Arnold II, MD. 

Susan Rice Arnold. PA. 

Ronni Lynn Aronin. MD. 
tJohn Scott Ashlin, MD. 
■Joe Carl Ashworth, MD. 

Reynold Philippe Auckenthaler, MD 
■Jane Margaret Axe, ENGLAND 

Roy David Axelrod, MD. 

Barbara Ann Babecki. MD. 

Dexter Martin Backus. MD. 
'Laura Ellen Bafunno. MD. 

Debra Ann Baker. MD. 

Maybin Steele Baker III, MD. 

Marlyn Balaban, MD. 

Frederica Mabel Banning, MD. 
tRichard A. Banvard, MD. 

Rebecca Randall Baratta, MD. 

Arthur Leon Barge, Jr., MD. 

Thomas Haynie Barksdale, III VA. 

Robert Alvin Barlow. MD. 

Peggy Annette Barnes, MD. 

Kathleen Barrett. MD. 

Patricia Ellen Barry, MD. 

Michael Jay Bass, MD. 

Susan Ruth Bass, MD. 

Frances Maria Bateman, MD. 

Thomas Raymond Bateski, MD. 

Phyllis Rowland Bauer. MD. 

Gretchen Louise Baugh. CA. 

Steven Victor Baumgarten. MD. 

Hale F. Baycu. MD. 

■Bruce Abbey Bayer. MD. 

Madelaine Anne Bayly. MD. 

Lory David Beach. MD. 

Faith Susan Beall. MD. 

Christopher Lee Beard. MD. 
tVickie May Beard, MD. 

Howard John Beaudet, MD. 

Denise Marie Sondheimer 
Beckett, MD. 

■Diana Gale Beckett, MD. 

Jacqueline Elaine Bees, MD. 

Sheila Ann Beiman, MD. 

Brent Harrison Belknap, MD. 
tPamela E. Bell, AZ. 

Thomas Patrick Seller, MD. 

Gary Alan Bellin, MD. 

Robert Harold Benesch, MD. 

Michael Bates Bennett, MD. 

Steven Michael Bennett, MD. 

Robert Martin Bensetler, MD. 

Constance Christina Berg, MD. 

Marlene I. Berliner. MD. 
tCarol Shore Berman. MD. 

Robert Ernest Berrio. MD. 

John Daniel Berry. MD. 

William Michael Bertram. MD. 

Keith Gerard Bevington. MD. 

Charles Edward Billings. MD. 

Susan Ruth Binder. MD. 

William Lawrence Bird. Jr., MD. 

Marietta Hope Birdself, VA. 

David Fredrick Bischoff, MD. 
tConstance Andree Bissell, FL. 

Judith Ellen Blackistone, MD. 

Richard Alan Blackman, MD. 
■Lawrence Ingler Blackwood. MD. 

Charles Walter Blaine. MD. 

Charles Francis Blair, MD. 
tCarol Susan Blass, MD. 
■Lorie Ellen Bleiweis, MD. 

Suzan Fran Blivess, MD. 

Jeanne Elizabeth Block, MD. 

Robert Martin Bogan, MD. 

Stephen Nickolas Boliek, MD. 

Daniel L. Bondroff, MD. 

Stuart Wells Bonning, MD. 

Mary E. Borders. MD. 

Joseph Francis Bowden. Jr.. MD. 

Norman Charles Bowles. VA. 

Janice Lee Bracht. MD. 
'Steven Louis Bradbard. NY. 

Anne Wilson Bradley. N.C. 

Rod Eric Bradshaw. MD. 

Barbara Lynn Bramman, MD. 

Vincent Michael Brannigan. MD. 
"Mary Elizabeth Braun. MD. 

Phyllis Gail Braunstein. MD. 

Starann Marie Breit. MD. 

Robert Nathan Brenner III, MD. 

Linda Cech Brewer. MD. 
Jay Gregory Bricker. MD. 
Suzanne Marie Brinks. MD. 
'Karen Fran Brooks, MD. 

Bachelors 1 5 

James Richard Brow, MD. 

Clifton Luculus Brown, Jr., IVID. 

Karen Lynn Brown, MD. 

Miclnael Harry Brown, MD. 
•Pauia Allen Brown, MD. 

Virginia Elizabeth Brown, MD. 
tMartin Thomas Brumback, MD. 

Margaret Pamela Bryant, MD. 

Patricia Lynn Buck, MD. 

Eileen Marie Buckley, N.Y. 

Eileen Regina Buckley, N.Y. 

Richard Ely Buddemeier, MD. 

Susan Jane Bunnell, MD. 

David Arthur Burgess, MD. 

Dorothy Ann Burkle, PA. 

John Michael Burley, MD. 

Celeste Louise Burns, MD. 

Charles Ernest Burt, MD. 

Charles Herbert Bury, Jr., MD. 

Thomas Joseph Bylsma, MD. 

Francis T. Byrne, Jr., MD. 

Lawrence Michael Byron, Jr., NY. 

Ilhan Merih Cagri, MD. 

Robert Adam Callaway, Jr., MD. 

Penelope Caminis, MD. 
*Sharon Margaret Canavan, MD. 

David Bryant Canine, MD. 

Margaret Kathleen Canter, MD. 

Elizabeth Ann Carey, MD. 

Sara Jane Carey, MD. 

Robert Alden Carlson, MD. 

Lynn Joan Carpenter, MD. 

Gail Rene Carr, MD. 

James Edward Carr, IV, VA. 
"Dennis Ernest Carrai, N.Y. 

Randall Joseph Carreira, MD. 

Hugh Bruce Carrick, PA. 

David Sean Carroll, MD. 

J. Thomas Carroll, MD. 

Thomas Arthur Carscaden III 

Carter Huston Castle, MD. 

Sally Boone Castelman, MD. 

William Richard Cates, MD. 

Barbara Ruth Cavanagh, N.J. 

Wayne Archie Cawley, MD. 

Susan Centers, MD. 

Paul Gordon Chambers, MD. 

Richard Scott Champion, MD. 
tPatricia Irene Chastain, TX. 

Michael Edward Chelotti, N.J. 

Joanne Chepaitis, MD. 

Maurice Christian Cherest, MD. 

Wendy Chervev, N.J. 

Barry Glen Chlebnikow, MD. 

Edward Louis Chrisinger, VA. 

John Brady Chrismer, MD. 

James deMoss Christopher, MD. 

Patricia Catherine Christy, MD. 

Vincent Victor Ciccone, MD. 

Charlsea Dee Clark, MD. 

James Alan Cleaver, MD. 
Isabel Carole Clerman, MD. 

James Reynolds Clifford, PA. 

Karen Jo Clifton, MD. 

Geoffrey Guest Clopton, MD. 
"Robert Eugene Cluck, MD. 

Charles G. Coe, Jr., MD. 
"Sara Wooddell Coe, MD. 

Nelson Edward Coffin, MD. 

Allan Henry Cohen, MD. 

Diane Lynn Cohen, PA. 
'Jay Dennis Cohen, N.Y. 
■Joseph Saul Cohen, MD. 

Marcia F. Cohen, MD. 

Sheila Mary Cohen, N.J. 

Susan Laurie Cohen, N.J. 

Daniel Colacicco, MD. 
"Audrey K. Coleman, MD. 

Merle Lee Colglazier, Jr., MD. 

Ruth Cecilia Colglazier, MD. 

Marcia Lee Conlin, MD. 
"William G. Connelly, MD. 

Frank Wayne Connoley, MD. 

Christina Louise Constantine, 
tJean Marie Constantine, N.Y. 

Lenore Constantino, MD. 
"Allyn Ann Cook, MD. 

Bryna R. Coonin, MD. 

Glen Copeland, MD. 

Elizabeth Rose Costello, MD. 

Victoria Smith Countee, MD. 
"Robert Leighton Cox, D.C. 

Arthur Philip Crawmer, Jr., MD. 

Elizabeth Ann Crecente, MD. 

Richard C. Crepeau, MD. 

William Thomas Grouse, MD. 

Mark Alan Crowder, MD. 

Sara B. Croxton, MD. 

Brian John Cummings, Jr., MD. 

Dorothea Jeanne Curcio, MD. 

James Lawrence Curran, MD. 
tPamela Elaine Curran, N.J. 

Steven Wayne Curtis, MD. 

Patricia Lynn Curto, MD. 

Andrew ClaytonCushing, Jr., MD. 

Bruce Lauren Custis, MD. 

Candace Cuthbert, MD. 

Maurice William Cutler, N.J. 

Stephen Elliot Cutler, MD. 
"William Patrick Dalton, MD. 

John William Damadio, N.J. 

Paul John D'Anna, MD. 

Gerald Robert D'Antuono, N.J. 

Jerry F. David, MD. 

Kenneth Harry Davis, MD. 

Michael John Davis, MD. 

"Thomas Charles Dawson, MD. 

Richard Allen Day III, MD. 

Deborah Jane Dean, MD. 

Michael Stephen Dean, MD. 

Stuart Barry Deckelbaum, MD. 

Andre J. Ernest Decko, MD. 

Philip Charles Decter, N.J. 
"Rosemarie DeDonato, N.J. 

George Esteban Delgado, MD. 
"Raymond M. DeMarco, N.J. 

Stanley Denis, MD. 
Michael Harvey Dennis, MD. 
Brian Joseph Depenbrock, MD. 
•Elizabeth Der, D.C. 
Thomas Joseph de Seve, Jr., MD. 
Patricia Ann Devaney, N.J. 
Ronald Allan DeWitt, MD. 
Susan Thompson Dexter, MD. 
Larissa Maryann Diachok, MD. 
Dereda Wise Dickinson, MD. 
tLyndall Marie Dickinson, MD. 
tDavid Gower Dicks, MD. 
Joanne Marie Diener, N.J. 
Elena Digirolamo, MD. 
Kathleen Marie Dillon, MD. 
Daniel Ira Dinnin, MD. 
Geoffrey Paul Dirksen, MD. 
Lawrence Dobres, MD. 
Catherine Dobson, MD. 
"Nanette E. Dobson, MD. 
Christopher Joseph Doerrer, MD. 
fKaren Sandra Doetsch, MD. 
Mary Theresa Dondero, MD. 
"George James Timothy 

Donnelly, N.Y. 
Ann Therese Donoghue, MD. 
Mary Elizabeth Dore, MD. 
Debra Beth Dorfman, MD. 
Charles Carroll Dorsey, MD. 
tJohn Thomas Downing, MD. 
"Kathleen Strickland Downs, MD. 
Kevin William Doyle, MD. 
Elaine Louise Drawbridge, N.J. 
John Clifford Dryden, MD. 
Patrick Anthony Duck, MD. 
Jeffrey Robert Dulberg, D.C. 
"Paula Christine Dunfee, MD. 

Dennis Patrick Dunlavey, MD. 

Christine Marie Dunleavy, MD. 
tDavid Lee Dunnigan, MD. 

Patricia Jean Hawkins Ealey, MD. 
"Mary O. Eckels, MD. 

Steven Eric Edelman, MD. 

Anne Katherine Edwards, W.VA. 

Amy Lou Ehrlich, PA. 

Sheila Rae Ehrlich, MD. 

Richard Lee Eikner, MD. 

Kipp Leslie Eisenberg, MD. 

Linda Eisenstadt, MD. 

Susan Rena Eiss, MD. 

Herman Ellington, MD. 

Sandra Lee Elliott, VA. 

Gary Michael Elson, N.J. 

Candace Lynn Ely, MD. 

Susan Emery, MD. 

Donna Lee Ensor, MD. 

Andrea F. Epstein, MD. 

Lawrence Elliot Epstein, MD. 
tCharles Stephen Ernst, N.Y. 

Jean Marie Estep, MD. 

David Clyde Estes, MD. 

Carol Lynn Evans, MD. 

Nancy Jean Ewanciw, MD. 

David Talbott Fair, MD. 

Scott Richard Fair, MD. 
Jacqueline Patricia Fairchild, MD. 
Joseph Emilio Falconi III, MD. 
Robert Leslie Falkenstein, MD. 
John Francis Fannon, MD. 
Martha Jean Farmer, MD. 
Susan Elaine Farmer, MD. 
Barry George Fay, MD. 
Paula Cynthia Feig, MD. 
tRobert Dixon Feighner, MD. 
Stephen James Feinberg, MD. 
Jerome Ira Feldman, MD. 
Martha Christine Fendley, MD. 
Dale Myrtle Ferguson, MD. 
Lee A. Ferguson, MD. 
Jeffrey Scott Fieldson, MD. 
Sheldon Fine, MD. 
Jack Fingerhut, N.J. 
James Arden Finke, MD. 
Gary Firestone, N.Y. 
Brenda Sara Fishbein, MD. 
Susan Leslie Fishbein, MD. 
Johnny Will Fisher, MD. 
Claire Elizabeth Fitzberald, MD. 
Sharon Willocks Flanagan, VA. 
James Michael Flatley, MD. 
David Fleishman, MD. 
Dominic Joseph Fleming, Jr., MD. 
Margaret Cecile Flott, MD. 
Betty Ann Ford, MD. 
Craig Charles Ford, MD. 
Sterling Eugene Ford, MD. 
Deanna B. Foreman, MD. 
Viola M. Forrester, MD. 
Deborah Joy Foster, MD. 
Ralph Daniel Fout, MD. 
"Mark Stephen Fowler, MD. 
Valiant C. Fowler, MD. 
Deborah Susan Fox, GERMANY 
Harold Jenkins Fox, Jr., MD. 
Janet Sue Fox, MD. 
John P. Fox, DC. 
Elaine Nancy Franklin, MD. 
"Iris Ruth Freedman, MD. 
Amy M. Freeman, MD. 
tJodie Carol Friedman, VA. 
Mark J. Friese, MD. 
David Arthur Frisch, MD. 
tMartha B. Frith, MD. 
tStephen D. Fromang, FL. 
"Sol Max Fulero, MD. 
Catherine June Galati, MD. 
Marie Christine Galiano, MD. 
tJoseph Daniel Gallgher, MD. 
Susan Meadows Gambrill, MD. 
Jean A. Garber, MD. 
Susan Lee Gardner, MD. 
Rochelle Riva Garner, W.VA. 
Gary Anthony Garolfalo, MD. 
Patricia Garrett, MD. 
Robert Elliot Garver, N.Y. 
tDeborah Joyce Garvin, MD. 
Patrick Leo Gary, MD. 

1 6 Bachelors 

Keith Alan Gasman, N.Y. 

Marvin Edward Gates, MD. 

Evelyn Louise Gathright, MD. 

Peggy Ann Gatlin, MD. 

Robert Karl Gebhardt, MD. 

Judith Leslie Gelfand, N.Y. 

Kathy Dee Geller, MD, 

Louis Edward Genevie, Jr., MD. 

Janet Louise George, MD. 

Michael Allen Gerstein, MA. 

Evelyn Diane Gevantman, MD. 

John Edward Gibbons, Jr., MD. 

Daniel Richard Gigler, MD. 

Thomas Anthony Gilkey III, MD. 

Phyllis Helen Giller, MD. 

Steven Jeffrey Gillman, MD. 

Maria Fran Gilson, N.Y. 

Richard Hayes Ginnett, MD. 

Michael H. Glaser, MD. 

Mark Terry Glazer, MD. 

Rodney Holman Glover, VA. 

Robert Mark Goeken, MA. 

John Louis Goertler, NY. 

Morton Joseph Gold, Jr., MD. 

Lawrence G. Goldberg, MD. 

Stanley Daniel Goldberg, MD. 

Thomas Rutledge Golden, MD. 

Kathie Gail Goldfield, N.J. 

Marcia Robin Goldklang, MD. 
'Karin J. Goldsmith, N.J. 
tSusan H. Goldsmith, MD. 

Connie Jo Goldstein, MD. 

Neil Jeffrey Goldstein, MD. 

Teryl D. Goldstein, MD. 

Jane L. Goldweber, N.J. 

Sharon Rae Goodwin, VA. 
tWilliam Barnett Goodwin, MD. 

Neil Jeffrey Gordon, MD. 
"Lawrence Michael Gotfried, N.J. 

Ellen May Gottschalk, MD. 
tLeslie Dana Gradet, MD. 

Elaine Ruth Graff, MD. 
tRuth Anne Graham, MD. 

Donna Hennessey 
Grant-Alexander, MD. 

Emeline O. Granum, VA. 

Steven Francis Graver, IL. 

Sheila Frances Green, MD. 

Harvey Merrill Greenbaum, MD. 

Clayton Greene, Jr., MD. 

Leonard Greene, MD. 
"Thomas Vaughn Greenfield, MD. 

James Edward Gregory, MD. 
"Michael Henri Griffin, MD. 
"Sherman David Griffith, MD. 

Luann Adele Grondzik, MD. 
tNancy Lee Guiland, MD. 

Grace M Guldi, NY. 

Doris M. Gulin, MD. 
•Elizabeth Agnes Hall, MD. 

Robert Dickinson Hall, VA. 

Edward Louis Hamburg, D. 

Dennis Alan Hamburger, MD. 

Timothy Francis Hamill, GA. 

Mary Adrienne Hammond, MD. 
tBarbara June Hanson, MD. 

Michael Lee Happe, MD. 

Brian Kevin Hardwick, FL. 
"David Paul Harrington, MD. 

Alfreda Elizabeth Harris, D.C. 

Ernest A. Harris, Jr., MD. 

Linda Key Harris, MD. 

Nancy E. Harris, MD. 
tVirginia Leslie Harris, MD. 

Yvonne Harris, MD. 

John Charles Hauf, MD. 

Kathryn Lilian Hawvermale, MD. 

Cindy Lou Hayman, MD. 

James Andrew Haynes, MD. 

Stephen Jay Haynes, MD. 
"Corinne Dorothy Hayward, MD. 

Christopher Lee Heer, MD. 

Ralph Philip Heilman, MD. 

Diane Dorothy Heim, MD. 

Nora Helfgott, MD. 

Lisa Margaret Henderson, MD. 

Stephen Alandale Henderson, MD. 

Robert Charles Hendrickson, MD. 

Ilene Nancy Heneson, MD. 

William Downey Henley, Jr., MD. 

Raymond Joseph Hentz, Jr., MD. 

Steven Elliot Hercenberg, MD. 

Judith Gordon Herman, MD. 
"Judith Barton Herron, MD. 

Lois Barrett Hessberg, MD. 

Anne Fontaine Hewitt, MD. 

Deborah Leslie Heyman, MD. 

Thomas Dennis Hinton, Jr., MD. 

Joseph Ira Hirsch, MD. 

Michael Paul Hoagland, MD. 

Thomas Dewayne Hobgood, MD. 

Suzanne Crawford Hodson, MD. 

Charon Beth Hoffmann, PA. 

Gregory Conklin Hoke, MD. 

Bernard Martin Holland, MD. 
Hollingsworth, N.J. 

Richard Jamard Holt, Jr., MD. 

Louis Jacob Holzknecht, Jr., MD. 

James Bradley Hook, MD. 

Michael Jay Hoover, MD. 

Vicki Kathleen Hoover, MD. 

John Edward Horan, MD. 

Kathleen Ann Horn, MD. 

Arlene Claire Horowitz, MD. 

Bert Howard Horton, N.J. 

Donald Neil Hotchkiss, MD. 

Judith Ann Howard, MD. 

Jennie Hsing, MD. 

Laura Michele Hubbard, MD. 
fMark Aaron Hubble, MD. 

Teresa Lee Hudson, MD. 

Denise Leslie Hughes, MD. 

Edward Charles Hugler, MD. 

Therese A. Humphrey, MD. 

Shelley Hurwitz, MD. 

Karen Parker Hutcherson, MD. 

Emily Kathryn Hutto, MD. 

Mary Ellen Huzzard, VA. 

Judith Lynn Isaacson, MD. 

Lawrence Stanley Iserson, MD. 

Margie A. Lurato, MD. 

Bentley A. Jackson, Jr., MD. 

Charles Clude Jackson, MD. 

Barbara Jane Jacobs, MD. 

Patricia Marie Jacobs, MD 

Kay Louise Jacobson, VA. 
tSally Irene Jaffe, AL. 

Linda Frances James, MD. 

Olivia Louise James, MD. 
tPatricia Lynn Jamison, MD. 

Elaine P. Janzegers, MD. 

John L. Jarrell, VA. 

Jill Cathy Jason, N.Y. 
"Marcia Jestaedt, MD. 
"Robin Lynn Jeweler, MD. 

Sissel Johannessen, MD. 
"Jean Burns Johnson, MD. 

Susan Frances Johnson, MD. 

Margaret Wysov Johnston, VA. 

Ruth Louise Jones, MD. 

Susan Lea Jones, MD. 
tWilliam A. Jordan, MD. 
tLynne Deborah Judelson, MD. 

Janis Lynn Judson, MD. 

Andrea Lee Just, MD. 

John George Kaestner, MD. 

John Walter Kahoe, MD. 
"Lois Kampinsky, MD. 
tDeborah Jean Kaplan, MD. 
tSari Heller Kaplan, PA. 

Abraham Kaplansky, MD. 
tElizabeth Alexander Kappel, MD. 

Mary Delaney Karell, MD. 

Sheri Maria Kassel, MD. 

Barbara Susan Katz, MD. 

Myra E. Katz, N.J. 

Naomi Kawin, MD. 
"James Victor Keating IV, MD. 

Philip John Kelly, N.J. 
"Sandra Lee Kemick, MD. 

Eva Abt Kemp, MD. 

Stephen Alan Kent, MD. 

Ritch Lee Kepler, NY. 

Barbara A. Kerchner, PA. 

Janet B. Kerger, MD. 

Susan Lynn Kerney, N.J. 
"Myra Susan Kessler, MD. 

Kevin Eugene Kilcullen, MD. 

Michael Wayne King, MD. 

Terry Michael King, MD. 

Paul Marshall Kipper, MD. 

Susan James Kitsoulis, MD. 
"Jane Frances Klaric, MD. 

Sharon Lea Kleinberg, N.J. 

Sherry Ilene Kline, MD. 

Robert Ernest Kluge, MD. 

Armella Mary Kniedler, MD. 

Laurence Harwood Knighton, MD. 

Annie Emma Knowles, MD. 

Diane Allison Knud-Hansen, MD. 

Carl Mathias Koch, Jr., MD. 

Gregory John Kolb, MD. 

Irenes. Kolb, MD. 

Ryna Komitzsky, MD. 

Mirko John Kopajtic, MD. 
tSusan Lesley Korfanty, VA. 

Irene Diane Korson, MD. 

Kenneth Andrew Kraft, MD. 

Michael Jonathan Kramer, MD. 

Robert Adam Krause, MD. 
'Karen Linda Krausen, PA. 

Frances Ann Krepchin, MD. 

George John Kressley, MD. 

Ann Marlene Krieger, MD. 
"Matthew James Krieger, MD. 

Nancy Alice Kronstadt, MD. 

Robert Henry Kruelle, MD. 

Janet M. Krupp, Ml. 

Robert Bruce Lamar, MD. 
tWilliam Howard Lancaster, MD. 

Charles Lloyd Landes, MD. 

Stuart Warren Landsman, MD. 

James Rowland Lane, N.J. 

Jennifer Helen Lang, MD. 

Joanne Ruth Langenegger, MD. 

Christine Wanda LaPatka, MD. 

Richard Brady Largent, MD. 

Rolfe Wayne Larson, MD. 

Douglas Lee Lashley, MD. 

Ida Laufer, N.J. 

Patricia Aileen Laughlin, MD. 

Alan Eugene Law II, MD. 

Arthur Joseph Lawrence, MD. 
"Deborah Faye Lawrence, N.J. 

Douglas Edward Layne, MD. 

Kenneth James Layton, Jr., N.J. 

Marilee Faith Lazaris, MD. 
"Michael Emmett Leaf, MD. 

Joan Theresa Leahy, MD. 

Margaret McClure Learmouth, MD. 

Stephen Jay Lee, MD. 

James Patrick Leer, MD. 

Linda Carol Leggett, MD. 

George Michael Lehman, MD. 

Edina Barsi Leidenfrost, MD. 

Christine Joy Lenander, MD. 

Susan Mary Leonard, MD. 
tMichael A. Leone, MD. 
"Marsha Joan Lerner, MD. 

Rhoda Elaine Lerner, MD. 

Marvin Bruce Levinson, N.Y. 

Janis Lee Leventon, MD. 

Alyn H. Levin, MD. 

Eileen Susan Levin, MD. 

Marion R. Levine, MD. 

Susan Janice Levine, MD. 

Randi Levinson, N.J. 

Arthur J. Levy, N.Y. 

Marjorie Anne Pelton Lewis, MD. 

Peter Charles Lewis, MD. 

Peter S. Liapis, MD. 

Denise M. Liard, MD. 

Marc S. Lieberman, MD. 
tTimothy Dale Liebermann, MD. 

Bachelors 1 7 

Linda Sue Liner, MD. 
Marl< H. Lipsitz, MD. 
Michelle E. Lipson, MD. 
Rhona Lishinsky, N.J. 
Anita Marie Listman. MD. 
Amy Littlepage, MD. 
Robinette Camille Livingston, D.C. 
Joanne Arleen Livornese. MD. 
John Robert Lloyd, MD. 
•Elena Rose Locantore, N.J. 
Christine Anne Lohmeier, MD. 
tMary Rita LoJacono, MD. 
tNuncy Elizabeth Long, N.J. 

Byron Rutt Loubert, MD. 
Keith Anthony Loveless, MD. 

Bonita Joan Lovitz, MD. 

Sheila Karen Lowenstein, N.Y. 

Todd Earl Loweth, MD. 
tFrances E. Ludman, MD. 

Lavi/rence Ralph Ludwick. MD. 

Dante Francis Lupinetti, MD. 

Carol Elizabeth Lutz, MD. 

William Husing Lyies, MD. 

Joan R. Lyon, MD. 

Jonathan Robert Lyon, MD. 

Mary Christine MacDonald, MD. 

William MacLachlan, DE. 

Frances Rochelle Maddy, N.Y. 

Mary Lynn Magee, MD. 

Kathleen Laverne Maio, MD. 

Mary Geralyn Malloy, MD. 
tJulia Kouis Mamani, MD. 

Paula Ruth Mandelman, MD. 

Theodore L. Manekin, MD. 

Francis James Manus, MD. 

SaMy llene Marcus, MD. 

Joel Alan Margolis, MD. 

James J. Marinko, PA. 
"Nancy L. Marks, MD. 

Lee Alison Martin, MD. 

Charles Elmer Martino, MD. 

James D. Martone, D.C. 
tMary Virginia Maruca, MD. 

Barbara Ellen Marx, MD. 

Stephanie Ann Masakowski, MD. 

Anita Elizabeth Mason, MD. 

Mark Anthony Mastro, MD. 

Alexander Mathews, MD. 

Beth Sanford Matranga, MD. 

Ann H. Mattheis, NY. 

Paul Rhodes Mattix III, MD. 

Michael James Maurer, MD. 

Elaine Annette Maxson, CO. 
tBarbara Elizabeth Maxwell, MD. 

Susan Diane May, MD. 

Dan Ellis Mayer, MD. 

Hillary Fern Mazer, MD. 

Jeffrey Mazer. MD. 

Michael Raymond McAbee, MD. 

Jean Marie McCabe, MD. 

Stephen Arthur McCabe, N.Y. 

Thomas Robert McCabe, MD. 

Welford James McCaffrey III, DC. 

Meredith Anne McCain, MD. 

Celeste Louise McCall, MD. 

Susan Lyn McCally, MD. 

Mary M. McCarthy, MD. 
tRichard Daniel McCarthy, MD. 

Karen Lissa McClellan, MD. 

John Edward McClure, MD. 

Linda Darlene McCord, MD. 
tPatrick John McDonough, MD. 
•Carol Joyce McFarland, VA. 

Dorothy Patricia McGee, NY. 

Margaret Elizabeth McGrath, MD. 
•Mary Vidella McKay, MD. 

Richard Jerald McKinney. MD. 

C. Keith McLendon, MD. 

Mark Philip Meader, MD. 

John Richard Mech, MD. 

Bruce William Meckler, MD. 

Judith Donna Mercer. MD. 
"Deborah Lynn Meyer, MD. 

Eric Gordon Meyers, MD. 

Stephen Walter Michaels, VA. 

Barbara Paula Miller, MD. 
"Brian William Miller, MD. 

Deborah Clare Miller, MD. 

Jeanne Holman Miller, MD. 

Jerry Alan Miller, OH. 

Juliana Alexis Miller. MD. 
"Laurette Virginia Miller, MD. 

Michael Ross Miller. MD. 

Terry Raymond Miller, MD. 

Larry Lee Mills, MD. 

Jill Diane Milstead, MD. 

Laurence Alan Mintz, N.J. 

Judith Ellen Mitchell, MD. 

Daryl Gwyn Moeller. MD. 

Stephanie Jane Moerman, MD. 

Lois Jane Monsheimer, MD. 

Diane Lynn Moore, MD. 
tNancy Jean Moore, MD. 

Charlotte Theresa Moran, MD. 

Marjorie J. Moritz, MD. 

Michael Morris, MD. 

Robert Carroll Morris, MD. 

Judith Lesley Moses, CA. 

Jerald Paul Mosgin, MD. 

Bonnie McLean Moss, MD. 

Caren Lynn Moss, MD. 

Barbara Ellen Mueller, MD. 

Mallory Forbes Mullen, PA. 
tJoseph A. Mullin III, MD. 
fValerie Mullin, MD. 

John Vincent Mulvey III, MD. 

"Sarah A. Munson, MD. 

Deborah Kay Murphy, MD. 

Michael Earl Murphy, MD. 

Pamela Loucks Murphy, MD. 

tAgnes Glynn Murray, MD. 

Denise Suzanne Murray, MD. 

Josephine Antoinette Muzzy, MD. 
Larry Ross Myers. MD. 
Elliot Jay Nadelson. MD. 

tLarke Lee Nahme. MD. 
Robert Lucas Nelson, MD. 
Eva Lee Newell, MD. 

Donald Raymond Newhouse, MD. 
David James Newson, MD. 
Geraldine Grace Newton, MD. 
Dorothy L. Nichols, MD. 
Peggy Hammond Nickerson, MD. 
Anne Catherine Noctor, MD. 
Norman Christian Nogic. MD. 
Kathleen Amy Noonan, MD. 
Nancy Brenda Noonan, MD. 
Lynn P. Nordhoff. MD. 
Russell Caius Norris. MD. 
"Gertrude May Novicki, MD. 
David B. Nowlin, IL. 
Albert P. Nucciarone III, N.J. 
Jerry K. Nussbaum, MD. 
Phillip Barrie Ochs, MD. 
Eileen Marie O'Connor, D.C. 
Theresa H. Olson, MD. 
Thomas Mead Olson, MD. 
C. Michael Osborne, MD. 

Philip G. Ostrander. Jr., MD. 
'Constance Louise Otradovec, MD. 
Janet Mae Otte, MD. 

Thomas Alan Ouska, MD. 

Walter Herbert Ousley, Jr., MD. 

Hugh W. Owen, MD. 

Joseph H. Pachino, MD. 

Pamela Joan Pagliochini. MD. 

Lawrence Daniel Papier, MD. 

Joel Samuel Papier, MD. 

Janet Nancy Parker. MD. 

Bryan Patchan, MD. 

John Thomas Paul, VA. 
"David Ross Paulson, MD. 

Dolores Evelyne Paunil, MD. 

Natalie Sue Paymer, MD. 

Arlene M. Pearlman, MD. 

John D. Pearson, MD. 

Linda Pearson, MD. 

Edward David Penn, N.J. 

Robert Carl Pennington, MD. 

Steven Paul Pennington, MD. 

Herbert Carmone Perone, MD. 

Nita Ellen Perry, MD. 

Beth Alice Peters, MD. 

George Zacharias Petros. MD. 

Steve Franklin Phillips, III, GA. 

John Monroe Picard, MD. 
"Michael Francis Picciano, MD. 

Gary Lloyd Pierson, FL. 
"Joanna Louise Pierson, MD. 

William Lyndsai, MD. 

Nancy Ellen Plachta, MD. 
tDavid Ross Podolsky, MD. 

Paul Michael Polansky, MD. 
"Frank Richard Pollack, MD. 

Jay M. Pollack, MD. 

Lloyd Evan Pollack, NY. 

Lee Ryan Poole, MD. 
•Jolene Mary Potter, MD. 

Priscilla A. Powers, D.C. 

Linda Lee Poyourow, MD. 

William Thomas Pratt, MD. 
tElaine K. Prensky, MD. 

Shelley Ruth Price, VA. 
•Thomas Howard Price III, MD. 
"Brian James Pritchard, MD. 

Sharon Lynn Procuniar, MD. 
"Nancy Wilde Prothro. MD. 

Carolyn Elaine Prout. MD. 

Arnold David Punsch. N.Y. 

Robert D. Pushkin. MD. 

Harry Rand, N.J. 

Eleanor E. Ratcliff. MD. 

John Collins Raymond, MD. 

Patrick Edward Reale, MD. 

Barbara E. Ream, MD. 

Edward A. Reback, MD. 

Gregory Robert Reed, PA. 

Kathleen Ann Reed. MD. 

Maureen Teresa Regan, MD. 

Shawn Carolyn Rehm, MD. 

Neil Elliot Reichenberg, N.J. 

Donna J. Reidy. MD. 
tCarolyn Isabel Reines. MD. 

Timothy Craig Reno. N.J. 

Sharon Lee Ressler, MD. 

Bonita Carol Rick, MD. 

Claire Rita MacDonald Rideout, 

David William Ridley, MD. 
"Susan A. Ritterpusch, MD. 

James Patrick Roan. MD. 

Scott W. Roberts, MD. 
"Mary Katherine Robinson, MD. 

Michael John Robinson, MD. 
tRobert Alan Robinson, MD. 

Eric Jay Rofel, MD. 

Marc Roffman, MD. 

Christine Louise Rogan, MD. 

Robert Gerald Rogers, MD. 

Virginia Covington Rogers, TX. 

William L. Rogers, Jr., N.J. 

Thomas Michael Rooney, MD. 

Dorothy Ann Rorabaugh. MD. 

Robert Allan Rosen, MD. 

Susan Ellen Rosen, PA. 

Joan Helene Rosenbaum, MD. 

Michael Allen Rosenberg, MD. 

Gerald Robert Rosenfeld, MD. 

"Judith Bram Rosenfeld, MD. 

Diane Teresa Rosier. MD. 

Joel Rosow, MD. 

Linda Freda Ross. MD. 

Paul Allan Ross. MD. 

Samuel Thomas Ross, Jr., MD. 
tJoel Anthony Rothberg, MD. 
tMorey David Rothberg, MD. 

Carol Nancy Rotman, N.Y. 

Henry A. Rubin, MD. 

Amy Lynne Rubinstein, PA. 
tMalcolm Roy Rubinstein, MD. 

William Milford Rudd, MD. 

Shelley Rae Rudick, MD. 

"Deborah Amanda Rudy. MD. 

Jonathan Mills Ruhe, IN. 

Carol Susan Ruskin. MD. 

John G. Russo, MD. 

1 8 Bachelors 

•Elizabeth Ann Rutherford, MD. 

Janet Lorraine Ryan, D.C. 

Mary Virginia Ryan, MD. 

Rochelle Lynn Sachs. MD. 

Steven G. Sager, MD. 

Marian Elizabeth Sale, MD. 
tJoanne Hussmann Sales, MD. 
'Deborah A Salganik, MD. 

Margaret Ann Saltarelli, MD. 

Robert Gene Samet, MD. 

Jon Leslie Sandler, MD. 

Sharon Ann Sanford, MD. 

Riccardo Alfiero Sarti, MD. 

Jean Burnett Saylor, MD. 

Paul James Scalzone, MD. 

Kathleen Anne Scepaniak, MD. 

Robert Griffin Scharper, MD. 

Holly B. Scheckner, N.J. 

tBarry Benjamin Scherr, MD. 

Delilah Cloice Schmitt, MD. 

Robert P. Schneider, MD. 

Albert Clayton Schofield, MD. 

Michelle Patricia Schuller, MD. 

Peggy Lee Schultz, MD. 

Dorina Louise Schuiz, MD. 

George Vanfoseen Schwab, Jr., MD. 

Amy Gail Schwartz, MD. 

Barbara Ann Schwartz, MD. 

Robert Bowman Schwartz, PA. 

Saralee Schwartz, PA. 
■Heidi Schwartzapfel, MD. 

Jennifer Scott, MD. 

Roseanne Scotti, N.J. 

Joseph M. Scovitch, MD. 

Anne Stiles Seal, MD. 

Eric Warren Segel, MD. 

Joseph Anthony Segreti, MD. 

Thomas James Sehler, MD. 

Harry Richard Seibert, Jr., MD. 

Mary Faythe Selway, MD. 
■Julie Rose Swvigny, MD. 

Thomas Daniel Seward, MD. 
tAngelika Shalter. MD. 

Deborah Marlene Shanker, MD. 

Kathleen Alice Shannon, MD. 

Steven Edward Shapiro, MD. 

Carole Ann Sharp, MD. 

Laurie Anne Shatzer, MD. 

Evelyn Virginia Shearer, MD. 

Stephen Mark Sheinbaum, N.Y. 

Carl Dubois Shelton, MD. 
tLola K. Sherman, MD. 

Richard Lance Shields, MD. 

Ronald Lynn Shuey, MD. 
tJeffrey Ira Shulman, VA. 

Barbara Mae Shuman, MD. 

Blanche Muriel Shuman, MD. 
tFrank Barry Shuster, MD. 

Robert Frederick Sibley, Jr., MD. 

Gary Lee Sievers, MD. 
■Marie Lorraine Sigler, MD. 

Robert Hal Silberman, MD. 
tMarc Shelby Silber, MD. 

Fred Howard Silverstein, DE. 

Marc A. Silverstein, MD. 

Harry Edwards Simmons, MD. 

Thomas Berry Simpson, VA. 

Jeffrey David Singer, MD. 

Candida Diane Sinicrope, MD. 

Maria Ann Siravo, MD. 

Paula Beth Slan, MD. 

Janet Ruth Slipow, VA. 

Michael Alan Slomovitz, N.J. 

Mindy Kaye Small, MD. 

Joan Deborah Smelkinson, MD. 
■Alan Eugene Smith. MD. 

Deborah E. Smith, MD. 

Eileen A. Smith, MD. 

Gary John Smith, MD. 
■Jack David Smith, MD. 

Joan Anne Smith, MD. 

M. Elaine Smith, MD. 

Marilyn Shelley Smith, MD. 
■Nancy Jill Smith, MD. 

Robert Russell Smith, MD. 

Sarah Ellen Smith, MD. 

Susan Sharpless Smith, MD. 

Myra Ellen Smotkin, PA. 

Barbara Beeson Snyder, MD. 

Betty Neuter Snyder, MD. 

John Stewart Snyder, MD. 

Margaret Mary Solomon, MD. 

Steven Ira Solow, MD. 

Pamela Mary Somers, MD. 

Rocco Robert Soraci, MD. 

Gail Ellen Sorgen, MD. 

Michael Christopher Spata, N.Y. 

Elizabeth Thrift Spearing, MD. 

J. Brooks Spector, MD. 

Donald Winston Spencer, MD. 

Carlo Robert Sperapani, MD. 

Alan David Sperling, MD. 

Stuart Lloyd Spingarn, MD. 
tLaurie Sue Spiro, N.J. 

Gail Rimmer Spivey, MD. 

Anne Marie Sprague, VA. 

William Taylor Spruill, MD. 

Mary Louise Stack, MD. 

Patricia Ann Stafford, PA. 

Stephen Anthony Stahl. MD. 

Diane Marie Stalker, MD. 

David Edward Stanford, MD. 

Farron B. Steel, MD. 

George Edward Steel, MD. 

Susan Beth Steele, MD. 

Karia Eileen Stefansson, MD. 

Steven Mark Steinhauser, N.Y. 

Nancy Ann Steinhorn, MD. 
■Mary Ellen Steinitz, MD. 
tGeorge Jerry Stepanenko, MD. 

Marie Stepanenko, MD. 

Walter Charles Sterbach, MD. 

Alan Bruce Sternberg, MD. 

Deborah Jane Stevens, MD. 
tJohn Edward Stevens, MD. 

Patricia Kathleen Stevens, MD. 

David Eugene Stevenson, MD. 

Janice Elaine Stevenson, MD. 

Kenneth Edwin Stewart, MD. 

Jacqueline Denise Still, MD. 

Katherine Deborah Stinson, MD. 

John Edward Storms, Jr., MD. 

William Laurence Stoudenmire, MD. 

John Michael Stowell, DC. 

James William Stratton, MD. 

Vernon Franklin Stricklin, Jr., MD. 
tLawrence Edward Strickling, MD. 

Thorn Mark Strok, MD. 

Andrea Kathy Sugar, MD. 

Daniel William Sullivan, Jr., MD. 

John Herbert Sullivan, MD. 

Catherine Loretta Sumner, MD. 

Rhonda Gail Surles, MD. 

Karen Haines Swank, MD. 

Mary Kathleen Sweeney. MD. 

John Michael Sweet, MD. 

Janet A. Sylvester, MD. 

Bruce Douglas Szmajda, MD. 

Worthington Heaton Talcott, MD. 

Margaret Marie Tana, MD. 
■Larry Edward Tanenbaum, MD. 

Nina Rose Tartakoff, MA. 

Gerald Herman Taub, MD. 

Diane Lynne Taylor, MD. 

Janet Mary Taylor, VA. 

John King Taylor III, MD. 

Devra S. Telsey, N.Y. 

Mary Alice Tetro, MD. 

Andrew Lee Thibadeau, MD. 

Gloria Jean Thomas, MD. 

Marjorie I. Thomas, MD. 
tMaureen Ellen Thomas, MD. 

V. Joan Thomas, MD. 

Kenneth Lyie Thompson, MD. 

Timothy Ward Thompson, MD. 

Susan Debra Thorne, MD. 
■James George Thorpe, GERMANY 

Karen Anne Thrift. MD. 
■Jean Margaret Thurston, MD. 

Peggy Joan Tinker, MD. 

Reginald Nathaniel Todd, MD, 

Virginia Bruce Tolson, MD. 

John Elias Tompros, MD. 

Michael Edward Toomb, MD. 

Barbara Cavins Torr, MD. 

Bruce Alan Townsend, MD. 

Judith Carol Trammell, MD. 

Jean Elizabeth Travers, MD. 

Paul Joseph Travers, MD. 
■Sharon Frances Hunter Travers, 

tNancy Lynn Travis, MD. 

Mell Randolph Traylor, VA. 
tFrancine Karen Troy, N.J. 
tEileen Trzcinski, MD. 

Virginia Tsai, DC. 

Verondo Tucker, MD. 

Dona Marie Turner, MD. 

Stanley Jules Turner, MD. 

Wayne Kenneth Tyson, MD. 
tMichelle Dianne Uhl, MD. 

Freida Danette Valentine, MD, 

Charles Nelson Vance, MD. 

Carol Ann VanVliet, MD. 

Antonio Vasaio, MD. 

Phyllis Merle Vespignani, MD. 

Craig Richard Villalon, MD. 

Thomas A. Villaverde, MD. 
tAlan Kay Virta, MD. 

John Anthony Vitarello, Jr., NY. 

Thomas E. Volz, MD. 

Alexandra VonBretzel, MD. 

Steven William Voshell, MD. 

Sandra Helene Wachterman, MD. 

Gregory Gary Waeber, MD. 

Dana Elizabeth Wagner, MD. 

John Louis Walch, MD. 

Dale Susan Walden, MD. 

Jon Mason Walk, PA. 

Christine Marie Walker, MD. 

Colette Ann Wallace, VA. 

Karen Gail Wallace, MD. 

Richard Anthony Walsh, PA. 

Robin Phyllis Warner, N.J. 

John David Waryas, MD. 

Frederick Marion Waterhouse, MD, 

Susan B. Waters, MD. 

Claude Marc Watsky, NY. 

Roger Campbell Watson, FRANCE 

Nancy Louvenia Weaver, MD. 

Jacqueline Lee Weber, MD. 

Jay Stanley Weinberg, MD. 

Risa Ellen Weiner, MD. 

Theodore Paul Weiner, MD. 

Fern Toba Weinstein, MD. 

Ira Stephen Weinstock, MD. 

Robert Morton Weisblatt, MD. 

Ruth Linda Weiser. MD. 

Michael Jay Weitzman, MD. 

Michelle Welan, MD. 

Mary Martha Weldon, MD. 

Wayne E. Weller, MD. 

Thomas Frederick Wert III, MD. 
■Diane Nilsen Westcott, MD. 

Judith Ann Wetzel, MD. 
tTeresa Ann Wetzler, MD. 
tJames G. Wheeler, MD. 
tJane Pierce Wheeler, DC. 

Hugh Dennis Whelan, MD. 
■Marilyn Debra Whitcomb, MD. 

Elliott Neal White, MD. 

Jeanne Frances White, MD. 
tPatricia L. Whiteside, MD. 

David Arthur Whitman, N.J. 

Larry Paul Wiedey, MD. 
■Susan Natalie Wiener, MD, 

Kandee K. Wilber, FL. 

Kandee K. Wilber, DC. 

John Lawrence Wilk, Rl. 

Regina R. Wilkinson, MD. 

Earl Patrick Williams, MD. 

Joyce A. Williams, MD. 

Judith Ann Williams, MD. 

Beverly Jo Wilson, DC. 

Elizabeth Ann Wilson, MD. 

Robin C. Wilson, MD. 

Bachelors 1 9 

Robert Harlan Wiltse, Jr., MD. 

Barry Richard Windheim, MD. 

Ronald Wayne Wineholt, MD. 

Stephen Hamilton Wines, MD. 

Stanton Ross Wingrat, MD. 

Martha Mary Winter, MD. 

Sandra Louise Wipf, MD. 

Carol Barbara Smith Wise, MD. 

Dorothy A. Wise, PA. 
'Steven M. Wishnow, MD. 

John Wesley Wisor, Jr., MD. 

Jacqueline Diane Wohl, MD. 

Janice Gail Wolf, MD. 

Sally Jan Wolf, MD. 

Susanna Y. Wong, MD. 
*Mary Jane Wood, MD. 

Christine Marie Woods, MD. 

Kim Kristine Woolschlager, MD. 

Roberta Frances Woronow, MD. 
"Leah C. Wrenn, MD. 

William David Wrigley. MD. 

William Michael Wrocklage, N.J. 

Jesse L. Yoder, MD. 

Hannah Virginia Yost, MD. 

Aubrey Stanislaus Yowaiski, MD. 

Steven Leigh Zangwill, MD. 

Homayoun Zarrinnahad, IRAN 

Catherine Zimmerman. MD. 

Paula M. Zipp, MD. 

Milton Zucker, MD. 


Susan Anibal Abbott, MD. 

Thomas Bernard Abrams, MD. 

Ruth Ann Aleshire, MD. 
•Elliot Aleskow, MD. 

George Richard Anderson, Jr., MD, 

Karen Lee Ansman, MD. 

Daniel Lloyd Antle, MD. 

Marshall S. Applestine, MD. 

Arthur Eugene Asaki, MD. 

Ray Morse Atcherson, MD. 

Janet Tilson Augustine, MD. 

Marsa Dee Aultman, MD. 
tAbraham Avidor, MD. 

Hugo Baby, MD. 

Martina Vernettie Baden, MD. 

Barbara Colleen Bailey, MD. 

Bruce Edward Baron, MD. 

Caroline Jean Barry, MD. 

Paul David Bederson, MD. 
tClara I. Beeman, MD. 

Robert Strickland Blackie, MA. 

L. Frank Byron Blaisdell, N.J. 
tAnita Marie Blanar, MD. 

Robert Blasco, MD. 

Barbara Elizabeth Blaszek, MD. 

Morris B. Bloom, MD. 
tCarIa June Bock, MD. 

Elizabeth Marie Bossong, MD. 
"Franklin Elwood Boteler, MD. 

Jack L. Branham, N.J. 
tRichard T. Branoff, MD. 

Gayle Anne Brenchley, MD. 
"Marc Steven Bresler, MD. 

Harvey Paul Brilliant, MD. 
tPhilip F. Bronovi^itz, N.Y. 

Stephen Craig Brooks, MD. 

Viona I. Brown, MD. 

Michael Collins Bruegge, MD. 
•Joseph Kenneth Buchanan, MD. 

Leonard R. Buckheit, Jr., MD. 

William Elliott Bunting, MD. 

Robert Franklin Burgess, MD. 
fTimothy James Burton, MD. 
"Michael P. Bustin, MD. 

Peter Louis Calomeris, MD. 

Nicholas Valmas Caloyianis, MD. 

Michael Paul Cancro, MD. 

Ronald Lee Cannon, MD. 

Sally Ann Cannon, MD. 

Antonio Ignacio Cardona, MD. 

Christine Elise Carty, PA. 
"Jerome Steven Casper, NY. 

Joanna Castrilli, MD. 

Timothy Lee Chambers, MD. 

Anthony F. Chite, MD. 

Steven John Choy, MD. 
fJohn Mark Christian, MD. 

John Whittaker Christman, Jr., MD. 

Victor E. Church, MD. 

Joseph Samuel Cohen, MD. 
tStephen Douglas Collier, MD. 

Briah Kerr Connor, Jr., MD. 

James Mitchell Coombs, MD. 

Gary Patrick Costenbader, MD. 
tMorris Jacob Creeger, MD. 

Nancy Lee Daffron, MD. 

Donna Marie D'Amore, MD. 

Arati Dasgupta, MD. 
tMarcia Hollis Datlow, MD. 

David Roscoe Daughters, MD. 

James Alan Davis, MD. 
tRuth Elizabeth Dayhoff, MD. 

Henry Albert Debaugh, Jr., MD. 

William Thomas De Felice, N.J. 

James Michael Dempsey, MD. 

Beverly Ann Dennison, MD. 
tCiaire Leigh Denton, MD. 

Salvador Peter de Perignat, MD. 
tAlice Marie Deppe, MD. 

"Paula Sue Depriest, MD. 
tMark Steven Diamond, N.J. 

William Charles Dill, MD. 

Anthony Francis DiPaula, Jr., MD. 
fRobert Cameron Duncan, MD. 
Steven A. Durocher, MD. 
tLinda Sue Edwards, MD. 

William Charles Edwards, MD. 
Lawrence Steven Eidelsberg, MD. 
Stephen Barry Eisenberg, MD. 
Steven Simon Eiserike, MD. 
John DeCamp Elder, MD. 

■Richard Mark Epstein, MD. 
Duane Charles Erickson, D.C. 
Leslie Haynes Ernst, MD. 
Martin Ettinger, MD. 

George Christian Evering, Jr., MD. 
Robert Roy Ezor, N.J. 
James Fredrick Farley, MD. 
Jeanne Ann Farr, MD. 
Walter Richardson Farrow, Jr., MD. 
Christian Fazi, MD. 
Richard Jay Feldman, MD. 
Charles Dana Fisher, MD. 
David Charles Flyer, MD. 
"Diane Carmen Fones, MD. 
Wayne Chao Foo, MD. 
Howard Thomas Ford, MD. 
Mary S. Forsht, MD. 
Tracy Ralston Foust, MD. 
tGary Norman Fox, MD. 
■fsamuel David Friedel, MD. 
Paul Douglas Gammill, MD. 
G. W. Garber, MD. 
tLinda L. George, MD. 
Carol Elizabeth Gerken, MD. 
•Alan Stuart Gertler, MD. 

Paul Edward Giza, MD. 
"Roberta Joan Gloger, MD. 

Michael J. Goldberg, MD. 
tNeil David Goldberg, MD. 

Caria Ann Goldbloom, MD. 
tBrenda Esther Golden, MD. 
*Lee William Goldman, N.J. 
"Gerald Goldstein, MD. 
'Jordan Alvin Goodman, MD. 

Leonard Steven Gordon, MD. 

Gregory Chris Grapsas, MD. 

Erick Alan Gray, N.Y. 

Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg, MD. 
"Susan Nancy Greenberg, N.J. 

Barbara Susan Greenspan, MD. 
tKathleen Jo Griffin, MD. 

Richard Alan Gruen, MD. 

Maria Alejandra Guille'n, MD. 

Michael Thomas Hargadon, MD. 
'Richard Alan Harnish, MD. 

Russell Wayne Harris, MD. 
"John Stephen Harshman, MD. 

Jeffrey Alan Havenner, MD. 

Peter Fulton Havenstein, MD. 
tMarlene Theresa Hayman, MD. 

Thomas John Hayward, MD. 

James William Heenan, Jr., MD. 

Donald Gilbert Hicks, Jr., MD. 

James Martin Hill, MD. 

Charles R. Hiller, MD. 

Emil Hirsch, MD. 
"Timothy Kane Hirzel, MD. 

Ralph Julius Soliday 
Hoffacker II, PA. 

Gregory Conklin Hoke, MD. 

James Francis Hollan III, MD. 

Stephen Murray Holland, MD. 

Michael Barry Horenstein, MD. 

Debra Ann Hornack, MD. 

Ann Lillian Huang, MD. 

Paul Everett Huie, MD. 

Karen P. Hummell, MD. 

Richard R. Izac. MD. 

tCarol Ann Jablonski, DC. 
Guy Dana Jackson, MD. 
Barbara B. James, MD. 
fJohnny James, MD. 
Clark Benjamin Jamison, Jr., MD. 
tThomas John Jankowski, MD. 
Michael King Jason, N.Y. 
John Kenna Jennings, Jr., N.Y. 
Dale Bradford Johannesen, MD. 
Louanne Joines. MD. 
George Owens Jones. PA. 
'Carol Daine Jori, MD. 
Andrea Pierpont Justice, MD. 
tEileen Elizabeth Kane, MD. 
Irwin Gary Katcoff, MD. 
Jon Alan Katis, MD. 
tAndrew Katz, MD. 
Arnold Lee Katz, MD. 
Sandra Lois Katz, MD. 
Alona B. Kay, N.J. 
Charles Shirley Kenney, MD. 
'Scott Michael Kessler, N.J. 
Carolyn Diana Fluharty King, MD. 
David James Kitahara, MD. 
Narcy Gregory Klag, MD. 
Jeffrey Miles Klein, MD. 
Jonathan Klein, N.J. 
Joanne Mary Knight, ME. 
Stella Meredith Koch, MD. 
Richard Paul Koiler, MD. 
tEdward Lee Korn, MD. 
Arthur Sheldon Kovens, MD. 
Debra Jean Kozak, MD. 
tMargaret Ruth Kozakoff, MD. 
Alan Mitchell Kramer, N.Y. 
Robert Saul Kravitz, MD. 
Constance Lee Kregloh, MD. 
tJeffrey Marc Kreps, N.J. 
Joseph John Kupin, MD. 
Howard Lewis Kur, N.J. 
John Paul Kurdyla, Jr., N.J. 
tJanice Susan Kush, MD. 
'Robert Joseph Kushlis, MD. 
Ellen Maude Kyle, MD. 
'David Allan Lacher, MD. 
Richard Edward Lambert, MD. 
tPhilip H. Lavine, MD. 
Judy Oi Lee, MD. 
Roger Lee Leilich, MD. 
tAlexis Julia Leonard, MD. 
Sheldon Craig Levin, MD. 
David Sander Levitt, MD. 
John Brian Lewis, MD. 
Gloria Jan Lieu, MD. 
•Robert Michael Lilley, MD. 
Ronald Edmond Lindsay, MD. 
William Aubrey Linton, Jr., MD. 
Bruce Evan Lockman, MD. 
Peter Krass Loewenheim, MD. 
Philip Edwin London, N.J. 
Richard David London, MD. 
Paul Randolph Lorch, MD. 
John Bruce Lord, MD. 
'Marc Alan Lurie, MD. 

20 Bachelors 

James Sellmer Lyerly, MD. 
Edward Joseph Mack, MD. 
Samuel E. Maddox, Jr.. MD. 
*Eva Magiros, MD. 
Cathryn Lucille Malligo. MD. 
Gary Robert Mandell, IN. 
Eugene Thomas Manion, MD. 
"Susan K. Marshall, MD. 
David Wayne Martin, N.J. 
Barbara Darlene Matysek, MD. 
Thomas John McKenna, MD. 
Raymond John Mechak, MD. 
tGlenn Steven Merevi/itz, MD. 
Darryl Franklin Metzler, MD. 
tJohn Russell Michener. MD. 
Timothy Hall Mihle, MD. 
Thomas Anthony Mikoni, MD. 
Irene Miliotis, TX. 
•Elizabeth Louise Miller, MD. 
Marsha Paula Miller, MD. 
tSusan Meryl Miller, MD. 
*Edv\/ard Barry Mishner. MD. 
Bonnie Sharon Molofsky, MD. 
Newton Samuel More, MD. 
*Mary Eugenia Morley, MD. 
Leo Aloysius Morris, MD. 
Miles Webster Morrow, Jr., MD. 
Susan Margaret Moseley, MD. 
John Firor Moses, MD. 
Mehrdad Mostaan, MD. 
Michael Jay Nachlas, MD. 
Michael Stuart Nelson, MD. 
Lawrence John Neureither, MD. 
tAlice Meredith Newman, MD. 
Mark Francis Niederkofler, MD. 
Marvin B. Nolt, MD. 
Julie Anne Norberg, MD. 
Paul Edward Norton, N.Y. 
Nicholas Joseph Oleynik, MD 
Phyllis L. Olfky, MD. 
Michael Roy Ordun, MD. 
"Gregory Faulkner Page, MD. 
"Walter Timothy Palmer, MD. 
Yvonne Michel Palumbo, MD. 
Jean Parry-Hill, MD. 
John Thomas Paul, MD. 
Keith Allen Peck, MD. 
tCarola Isabella Redone, MD. 
Douglas Stephen Penvose, MD. 
William Joseph Pepper, MD. 
Judith Rae Peres, MD. 
Gerald John Petrone, MD. 
"Gregory Nolan Pinkerton, MD. 
tMicheal Charles Pistole, CA. 
Robert Bruce Pitts, MD. 
Jay Harvard Plesset, MD. 
William David Plies, MD. 
"David Larsen Porter, MD. 
Martin Howard Potash, MD. 
John William Potocko, MD. 
Gary Charles Prada, MD. 
Jeanette Louise Pryor, MD. 
Gary William Pushkin, MD. 
Kenneth Baker Quick, MD. 

Ronald Alan Rader, N.J. 
tNaomi Ellen Ranee, CA. 
Brian Philpot Randall, Jr., MD. 
Marilyn M. Rawlings, MD. 
Dennis Gregory Read, MD. 
tSteven H. Resnick, MD. 
"William Robert Reynolds, MD. 
David Womack Rice, MD. 
Theodore Edward Ritter, Jr., MD. 
'Mark Wayne Rives, MD. 
Albert Glenn Rizer, MD. 
David Spencer Robinson, Ml. 
Edwin Lee Robison, MD. 
Rudy James Rodriguez, MD. 
Linda Grezzo Roepke, MD. 
John Andrew Romero, MD. 
Lynn Mary RossmeissI, MD. 
Steven Bela Rubin, MD. 
"Valentina Russack, MD. 
Janet Rae Russell, MD. 
tPenny Lorraine Russell, MD. 
David Michael Russo, MD. 
Armando Pompei Saavedra, D.C. 
Joel Sidney Sachs, MD. 
Victor Manuel Salcedo, MD. 
"John Thomas Salkeld, MD. 
Elliott Samet, MD. 
"Howard Martin Sandler, MD. 
tMichael Howard Sandler, MD. 
Gary David Sandman, MD. 
John Jospeh Santoro, MD. 
Michael 2. Savitsky, N.Y. 
William Emery Scaglione, MD. 
Charlotte Louise Schaefer, MD. 
tMonica H. Schaeffer, N.J. 
Stuart David Schatz, MD. 
tEric Schechter, MD. 
James Walter Scheffel, MD. 
"Louis Leo Schimel, MD. 
Christine A. Schmitt. MD. 
Linda Gay Schnabel, MD. 
Carl S. Schulten, MD. 
Henry Paul Scott, MD. 
Kameron Marie Seely, MD. 
Marsha Ann Segal, MD. 
Kurt William Seland, N.Y. 
Glenn Joseph Sellick, MD. 
Ginny Sells, MD. 
Polly Demuth Seward, MD. 
Marvin Bernard Shackman, MD. 
Claudia Lee Shaver, MD. 
Michael Lee Shepherd, MD. 
Thomas L. Shields, MD. 
Howard Philip Shockett, MD. 
Sopia Dianna Siguel, D.C. 
Brett Evan Skolnick, MD. 
Lois Catherine Slacum, MD. 
Robert Joseph Small. MD. 
Douglas Leonard Smith, MD. 
Lindsay Ann Smith, MD. 
Mary Regina Smith, MD. 
David Allan Snyder, MD. 
David Fred Spector, MD. 
Carolyn Lee Staples, MD. 

Charles Kirkland Stark, Jr., MD. 

William Edward Starner, MD. 
"Yolanda Maria Stassinopoulos, MD 

Simon G. Statter, MD. 

Michael Arthur Steele, MD. 

Francis Xavier Stefanski, MD. 

Joseph Lawrence Stefanski, MD. 

Gary Elliott Stein, MD. 

Marc Joel Stein, MD. 
tPatricia Lee Steinbach, MD. 

Richard Jay Steinberg, N.J. 

Warren Robert Stenvall, N.J. 

Fred Howard Stewart, MD. 

Robin Coe Stoll, MD. 

Anne Louise Stracke, MD. 

William Theodore Strahan II, MD. 

Donald Isaac Swaner, Jr., MD. 

Anna Cecelia Swift, MD. 
tBetsy Jane Syckes, MD. 
tStephen Lee Sylvan, N.Y. 

Alex Maurice Taylor, MD. 

Hope Cathlin Taylor, MD. 

R. Ward Terrell, MD. 

Kris Walter Thoemke, MD. 

Merrill Franklin Thomas, Jr., MD. 
John Ahalt Thompson, MD. 
"Barry Frank Tilles, MD. 

Frank P. Tise, MD. 
tStephen Howard Uretsky, N.J. 
tStephen James Utts, MD. 
tDavid Paul Via, MD. 
James Elijah Victor III, MD. 
Nancy Elizabeth Vieira, MA. 
tLawrence Gibbons Votta, Jr., MD. 
Stephen Robert Wachman, MD. 
James Russell Walker, MD. 
Jeffrey Herrmann Walther, MD. 
Phillis Anne Warden, MD. 
Barbara Lynn Warren, MD. 
William Marshall Watt, MD. 
Robert L. Weiler, MD. 
Donna Wachter Wemple, MD. 
Raymond Alan Wertheim, MD. 
Joseph Richard Whelan, MD. 
tPatrick William White, MD. 
tCarol Ann Widmayer, MD. 
Frederick John Wieker, MD. 
"Gregory Allen Willett, MD. 
Ronald Mitchell Wilson, MD. 
"John Edward Winslow, IL. 
Norman Dexter Wodell, MD. 
Maurice Gordon Wolfe, MD. 
Frank Eugene Wright, Jr., MD. 
Anthony Bernard Yazek, MD. 
Richard Norton Young, MD. 
Thomas Joseph Zuacha, MD. 
tStephen Murray Zemel, MD. 
Elizabeth Eleanor Zucker, MD. 


Mary Ellen Baughman, MD. 
Michael F. Boule, MD. 
David Lee Cole, MD. 
Georgiana Ruth Frost, MD. 
Victoria Marie Fuggi, MD. 
Rebecca Ann Littig, VA. 
Jonathan M. Rabben, MD. 


Candidates will be presented 

by Dr. Robert E. Shoenberg, Dean 

for Undergraduate Studies 

Millicent Lois Aymold, MD. 

Virginia Anne Beers, MD. 

Michael O'Brien Carmichael, MD. 

Ruth Karen Charnow, MD. 

Lorraine Lillian Davis, MD. 

Angela Marie DePasquale, MD. 

Thomas Edward Goebeler, MD. 

Kyle Michele Hugo, MD. 
"Joanne Ellen Inoff, MD. 

Fred Jacobowitz, MD. 

Michael Lewis Kaiser, N.Y. 

Roger A. Knable, MD. 

Albert Franklin Lankster, AL. 

Roger Wesley Martine Malik, MD. 

Linda Joyce Maynor, MD. 

Valerie Denise McNeal, MD. 

Susan K. Nonn, MD. 

Deborah K. Oldham, MD. 

Gary Opper Silverman, CT. 

Mary Jayne Tesh, VA. 
tMarjorie Pearson Wenner, MD. 

Robert Thurman Williamson, Jr., D.C. 

Bachelors 21 


Candidates will be presented 

by Dr. Joseph F. Metz, Jr., Acting 

Dean of the College 

•Riccardo L. Aboe, VA. 

Jerrold David Abramczyk, MD. 

Larry Thurston Adams, MD. 

Michael Jay Agetstein, MD. 

O. Daniel Ahalt, MD. 

Louis Anthony Alcarese, MD. 

John Vincent Alcazar, FL. 

Gary Michael Anderson, MD. 

Michael Joseph Andrew, MD. 

Arthur Paul Archambault, MD. 

John Miller Atkins, MD. 
tBipin Aurora, MD. 

Miles Jay Austin, N.Y. 
Gary Alan Bailey, MD. 

James Edward Ball. MD. 

Harold Hersh Balser, MD. 

Gregory Eugene Barcase, MD. 
tKenneth Paul Barnhart, PA. 

Robert William Beadles, MD. 

Robert D. Bellamy, Jr., MD. 

Richard Jonathan Bennof, MD. 

Alan Wayne Berger, MD. 

Richard Alan Barman, MD. 

Gerald Francis Bernard MD. 

John Rowley Betts, MD. 

John Joseph Bickford, CT. 

Stephen Gerald Black, MD. 

Robert Andrew Bobonick, CT. 

Robert Mauk Bodell, KY. 

John T. Boertlein, Jr., MD. 

Larry DeMar Boggs, MD. 

Frederick William Bollinger, MD. 

Gregory Brent Bolster, MA. 

James Edward Bortz, MD. 

Gary Leonard Boswell, MD. 

Donald J. Boteler, MD. 
tKenneth Alan Bour, MD. 

Bruce Montague Bowen, MD. 

James Thomas Bowen, PA. 

James Russell Bowie, MD. 

Timothy Charles Brannan, MD. 

Ronald Clarence Brewer, MD. 

Donald Leroy Briggs, Jr., VA. 

Denis Keith Brokke, MD. 
tCarl Gilmore Bronson, MD. 
tRandolph Neal Brooks, MD. 
tCarroll Ambrose Brown, Jr., MD. 

Charles Patrick Brown, MD. 

John Brown III, MD. 

James Arnold Bryant, MD. 

Bernard Francis BuBerl, MD. 

Dennis Gerald Buckler, MD. 

Jeffrey Thomas Bumgarner, MD. 

Paul Fletcher Burdett, MD. 

Anthony Jerome Burgess, MD. 

John Scott Burgett II, MD. 

Gary Louis Burkey, MD. 

Bertha M. Butler, D.C. 

John James Butler, MD. 

Roger W. Cales, MD. 

Michelee Camer, MD. 

Ernest A. Capelle, Jr., MD. 

James Edward Caponiti. MD. 

Michael Joseph Caporaletti, MD. 

Christopher Charles Carlson, MD. 
■Jerome David Carr, N.Y. 

Thomas Anton Carter, MD. 
'Susan F. Casey, MD. 
'Jane Ferguson Chambers, MD. 
tAudrey Suk-Kuen Chan, MD. 

Chein Ying Chang, MD. 

Robert L. Charamella, MD. 

Arundel White Cheney, MD. 
tDoris Ann Chew, MD. 

John Andrew Chin, MD. 
tCraig Alexander Clagett, MD. 
tTimothy Stephen Clark, MD. 
'Stuart Henry Clarke, Jr., MD. 

Richard William Clemens, MD. 

Richard LaMont Clepper, MD. 

Suzanne Frances Clulow, MD. 

Gregory Ralston Cohen, MD. 

Herman Charles Cohen, MD. 

Clarence Larry Combs, MD. 

Janis Elaine Combs, MD. 

William Fleming Conger, MD. 

Thomas Gerard Conley, MD. 

Paul Clifford Cooke, DC. 

Thomas Vincent Costantino, VA. 

Thomas Ryan Cotterell, MD. 
tNancy Lynn Cox, MD. 
■John Allen Craft, MD. 
'Priscilla Ruth Cram, MD. 

William Emmett Crane III, PA. 

William Ellsworth Craumer, Jr., MD. 

Thomas Walter Crockett, MD. 

Buna Bishop Cumbie II, MD. 

Lawrence Wayne Cunningham, MD. 

Kevin Owen Curnyn, VA. 

Robert J. Curran, N.Y. 

Richard Charles Curtin, MD. 

Richard Stephen Dalgewicz, MD. 

James Luther Dameron III, MD. 

Richard Anthony Darling, MD. 

James Clayton Davis, MD. 

William Llewellyn Dawe III, MD. 

Charyl Lynn Dayton, MD. 
"Douglas Bryce Dearie, MD. 

James Craig Defibaugh, MD. 

James Robert Deprey, MD. 

Charles Henry Deuber, MD. 

Robert William Dillon, VA. 

Robert David Dolinsky, MD. 

James Patrick Donnellan, MD. 

Elizabeth Jean Dorasavage, MD. 

Frank Edward Doub, MD. 

Irwin Neal Dreskin, MD. 

Jackson R. Driscoll, MD. 

Gerard M. Dunne, VA. 
tBarbara Ellen Duran, MD. 
tJoAnne J. Durbin, D.C. 
'Edward James Dwyer III, MD. 
"Barbara Ann Dybalski, N.J. 

George Dixie Earman, VA. 
tAlan Bennett Eden, MD. 

Herbert Bruce Edkins, Jr., MD. 

David Michael Eisenstadt, MD. 

Osvaldo Esterban Endara, 

Paul Charles Ergler, Jr., MD. 

Dean Vincent Errigo, MD. 
tFrank Bernard Evans, Jr., MD. 

Philip James Fabrizio, MD. 

Peter Allan Faico, MD. 

James Wilson Farber, MD. 

Michael Stephen Febrey, MD. 
"Bennett Louis Feitelson, MD. 
"John Charles Ferrara, N.J. 
"Michael Patrick Ferris, MD. 

Thomas Dean Fick, MD. 

Russell Scott Follin, MD. 

Mary Luanna Forinash, MD. 

David Lee Forrest, MD. 

Raymond Charles Foster, MD. 

James Gregory France, MD. 

Joseph L. Franke, Jr., MD. 
tMichael Joseph Frederick, MD. 

Daniel Kevin French, MD. 

Robert William Frost, Jr., VA. 

Michael A. Gaines, MD. 

Charles Joseph Gaiss, N.Y. 

Wayne Edward Galinat, MD. 

John Thomas Gannon, MD. 

Raymond Garabito, Jr., MD 

Roger Allen Gardner, MD. 

John Lybrook Gates, Jr., MD. 

Lamidi Afolabi Gbadamosi, D.C. 

Andrew Gegor, Jr., MD. 

Gary I. Gelrud, MD. 

Rudolph Lyie Gilbert, N.J. 
tJames H. Gill, Jr., MD. 

James Thomas Gillette, MD. 

Robert Martin Gilwee, MD. 

John Carl Glaser, MD. 

Lewis Richard Glassman, MD. 

Edwin Jay Glatzel, MD. 

Bethea Leigh Gledhill, MD. 

Robert Francis Glickert, MD. 

Glen James Godwin, MD. 

Joseph Gold, MD. 

Richard Bruce Goldberg, N.J. 

Steven Fredric Gordon, MD. 
'Mitchell Edmund Gorochow, N.Y. 

Richard Lee Gossard, MD. 

Benjamin Louis Green, MD. 

Morey Mitchael Greenberg, VA. 

John Gregory Greenfeld, MD. 

Philip Anthony Gregoria, MD. 

Ward Willson Griffith IV, MD. 

Marlin H. Groff, MD. 

Mark George Gruber, N.J. 

Donald Paul Gush, Jr., MD. 

'Michael John Gutierrez, MD. 

Paul Leslie Guttenplan, CT. 

Guy Douglas Haas, MD. 
tJames Robert Hater, MD. 

Paul Michael Hagen, MD. 

John Thomas Hall, MD. 

Terry Duane Hall, MD. 
tThomas Cummings Halverstadt, MD. 

James Robert Hamilton, MD. 
"Mitchell Stacy Harman, MD. 

Tony Harned, MD. 

Holmes Douglas Harper, Jr., MD. 

Malcolm Richard Harris, MD. 

Javed Akhlaq Hashmi, PAKISTAN 

Warren M. Haslup, Jr., MD. 

Charles Howard Hathcock, MD. 

Eugene John Haugh II, MD. 

Deane Martin Hausler, MD. 

Mitchell Brent Haven, MD. 

Robert Leo Hayden, Jr., MD. 

Herman Carl Hellman, MD. 

Gary Lee Henkel, MD. 
"Steven Paul Henne, MD. 

Craig Shane Hensley, MD. 

Chet Hepburn, VA. 

James Franklin Herbert, Jr., MD. 

Leroy Francis Herbert III, MD. 
tMarc Aaron Herbst, MD. 
"Peter Laking Hickling, N.J. 

Darrell Hildreth, MD. 

David Richard Hill, MD. 

Roger Saint John Hilton, MD. 
"Anh Ngoc Hoang, MD. 

Mark James Hodgson, MD. 

John Louis Hoffman, MD. 
"William M. Hoffman, Jr., MD. 

Michael Owen Hogan, MD. 

Robert Wayne Hoheisel, MD. 

James Edward Hopkins, MD. 

John Clifford Horney, MD. 

Richard Hozik, MD. 

Sandra Lynn Hruska, MD. 
"Leigh A. Hughes, MD. 

Gary Philip Huss, MD. 

Nicholas David Hutchins. MD. 

Richard Smith Hylton, MD. 

John Joseph Jakubik, MD. 

Richard Howard Jesneck, MD. 
"Girish Kumar Jindia, MD. 

Craig Howard Johnson, MD. 

Thomas B. Johnston, MD. 

Michael Pierce Jones. MD. 
tStephen Kenneth Jones, MD. 
"Joseph Gary Juras, MD. 
"Allan Kalkstein, N.Y. 
"Edward J. Kallas, Jr., MD. 

James Joseph Karl, MD. 

Sheldon Robert Karlin, N.J. 

Shelly Robert Kaufman, MD. 

Thomas Michael Kennedy, MD. 
"Jeffrey William Kenney, MD. 
tMarilyn Anne Kessinger, MD. 

Linda Louise King, MD. 

Ronald Leonard King, MD. 

22 Bachelors 

Peter Ronald Kirrane, MD. 

Paula Myra Kirshstein. S.C. 

Earl Lee Kitchens, MD. 

Michael Matthew Klein, N.Y. 
"Frederic Michael Kline, N.Y. 

Joseph Carroll Klingenberger, 
Jr., PA. 

Dennis Michael Koch, MD. 

Ralph Howard Kozlow, MD. 
fSusan Margaret Krassa, MD. 

Francis Joseph Krimm, Jr., MD. 

Gerald Raymond Krum, MD. 

Steven Michael Lacey, MD. 
tThomas Landis Lackey, MD. 

Hoa Thi Lam, MD. 

John Michael Lancaster, MD. 

Ronald Dale Lane, MD. 
tSteven Edward Lane, MD. 

Roland David Langevin, MD. 

Dennis M. Lassiter, MD. 

John Francis Lauria, N.J. 

Robert William Lawrence, MD. 
tSidney Laytin, MD. 

Stuart Irwin Layton, MD. 
'John Brooks Leahy, MD. 

Kenneth Jerome Levine, MD. 

Donald Andrew Lewis, N.Y. 

Jeffrey William Lewis, MD. 

Linda Ann Limberger, MD. 
*Armando Esteban Linde, MD. 

Larry Alan Linn, MD. 

Robert Michael Lipovsky, MD. 

Robert Mark Lippert, MD. 

William Joseph Llewellyn, MD. 

Larry Steven Lorber, MD. 

Robert Ellis Lowy, MD. 

Michael John Loyco, MD. 
tJoseph Allen Maddox, MD. 

Robert Alan Magee, MD. 

Walter John Malecki, Jr., MD. 
tPatrick Michael Maloy. MD. 

Joyce Ann Manchester, MD. 

Joseph Michael Mann, MD. 
'Bernard Dominic Manzone, MD. 

James Joseph Maria II. MD. 

Francisco Javier Marin-Price, MD. 

James Joseph Martell, Jr., N.J. 

David Ramsey Mathes, MD. 

Robert Alan Mazer, MD. 

Edward Thomas Mazzullo, MD. 

Donald Grant McAdams, MD. 

James Charles McCarten, MD. 
fMyra Lee McCauley, MD. 

William Edward McClean, MD. 

John Francis McCloskey, MD. 

Patricia Ann McCloud, MD. 
tJames Walter McConnaughey, MD. 
tJeffrey Paul McCoy, MD. 
'Helen Louise McDonald, MD. 

Thomas D. McGann, D.C. 

John William McKenna, MD. 

Gregory Dean Meacham, MD. 
tVeronica E. Meade, MD. 

David Garry Mencarini, MD. 

Frank Neil Menditch, MD. 

Gus Edward Mercanti, MD. 

Larry Franklin Michael, MD. 

Thomas Howard Mielke. MD. 

Michael Miller, MD. 

Patrick James Miller, MD. 

Robert Victor Miller, MD. 

Thomas Charles Miller, MD. 

Paul Stanford Minsker, MD. 

William Minton Mooney, Jr., MD. 

Donald J. Moore, MD. 

Frank Brian Morgan, MD. 

David Bruce Morrison, MD. 

Leroy Sidney Morton, MD. 

Michael Stephen Moseley, MD. 

Bernard Michael Mudd, MD. 

Andrew Roy Mullins. MD. 

Dorothea Emma Murrison, MD. 

James Henry Myers, MD. 
tKaren J. Myers, MD. 

Waseem Naqvi, MD. 

Lawrence Neale Newhouse, MD. 

Ronald Joseph Nicholas, MD. 
'Norman Arthur Nickel III, CT. 

Geoffrey Lawrence Nolan, MD. 

Robert Alan Obrycki, MD. 

Thomas Patrick Omailey, MD. 
'Frank Charles Orifici, MD. 

Alice Louise Orzechowski, MD. 
•Robert Louis Passerelli, MD. 
"Michael Stanley Paukstitus, MD. 

Gary Miles Peterson, MD. 

John T. Pizzillo, Jr., MD. 
'Glenn James Polser, MD. 

Edward Berkley Powell III, MD. 

Thomas E. Powers, MD. 

Charles Ora Price, Jr., MD. 

Nancy Rose Prince, MD. 

Daniel Richard Puma, Jr., MD. 

Gary Ray Purcell, MD. 

Steven Raymond Putnam, MD. 

Richard Donald Ragan, MD. 
tBeverly Jean Rapee, MD. 

Charles William Reilly, MD. 

Isaac Reitberger, MD. 

Oscar Lyder Reksten, MD. 

Richard Ellsworth Ressegger, MD. 

John Fleming Reutemann, Jr., MD. 

Carolyn Virginia Richards, MD. 

Andrea Therese Rigas, MD. 

Mark Ewing Riley, MD. 

John Michael Ring, MD. 

David Mitchell Rivlin, MD. 

Guy Michael Roberts, MD. 

Les D. Rodner, MD. 

William Joseph Rody, MD. 

William Harry Roelle, MD. 

Thomas Francis Roesle, MD. 

James Sloan Calwell Rogers, Jr.MD 

Harlon Scott Roman, MD. 

Ronald Russell Roos, MD. 

David Henry Roots, MD. 

William Vincent Rosano, MD. 
'Jeffrey Steven Rosen, MD. 

Steven Jay Rosenblum, MD. 

Bryan S. Ross, NY. 

Dale Leslie Ross, MD. 
'Harry Mark Ross, NY. 

William Randall Ross, MD. 

Sharon Ann Rowan, MD. 

Benjamin Lee Rudasill, MD. 

George Culbertson Safford, Jr., MD. 

Sammy Salamy, MD. 

Diana Jean Sansbury, MD. 

James Joseph Sarnowski, N.J. 
"Keith Edward Scandora, MD. 

Terry R. Schadoff, NY. 

Mark Ferris Schafer, MD. 

David William Schmucker, MD. 

Carol Louise Schneider, MD. 

Dale Walter Schoen, MD. 

David Bruce Scholar, MD. 

Diane Schultz, N.J. 

Leon Elmer Schumacher, MD. 

Robert Anthony Schwartz, MD. 

Bradley Thomas Senn, MD. 

Donald Neal Sentman, Jr., MD. 

Ronald William Shafer, MD. 

James Sharak, N.Y. 
tEugene Timothy Shawaryn, Jr., N.J. 
tPatricia Mary Shields, MD. 

Jay William Shorb, MD. 

Aviva Esther Shulman, MD. 

Donald Ross Sigrist, MD. 

Richard Steven Silbert, MD. 

Edward Joya Silva, Jr., MD. 
'Judith Hope Sirkin, PA. 
'Gerald Rex Sizemore, MD. 

William Frederic Smart, MD. 

Albert Wayne Smith, Jr., MD. 

Dennis Leroy Smith, MD. 

Donald Lawrence Smith, MD. 

John Charles Smith, VA. 

Patricia Ann Smith, D.C. 
'Mark Allen Snyder, MD. 
tNorman Alexander Snyder III, MD. 

Karen Paulette Staats. VA. 

Paul Anthony Stea, MD. 

Richard Clark Stellhorn, MD. 

Donald Charles Stewart, MD. 

Edward Joseph Stoltz, MD. 

David Bruce Stone, MD. 

Roger Howard Strisik, NY. 

Douglas Angelo Strouse, MD. 

Teresa Ann Stubblebine, MD. 
Jerome Joseph Sullivan, MD. 

Richard John Sumner, Jr., MD. 

Carl Joseph Sutkus, PA. 

Michael Charles Swarr, MD. 
tDouglas Ingles Swinburne, MD. 

William B. Sylvester, MD. 
tMarguerite Marie Szawlewicz, 

Harry Lee Sze, MD. 

William Keith Talbott, MD. 

John M. Taylor, MD. 

Andrew John Tempel, MD. 
tStephen David Terman, MD. 

Michael Anthony Terry. MD. 

Gerald Michael Thomas, MD. 

Charles Stanley Thomason, MD. 

Jonathan Thompson, MD. 

James S. Tighe, MD. 
'William Lee Tomlinson, MD. 

Lee Joseph Triplett, MD. 

Victor Troiano, N.Y. 

Robert Brooks Trumpower, MD. 

John Albert Tucker, MD. 

Richard Merrill Tupper, MD. 

Carl Edward Twigg, Jr., MD. 

Thomas Nathan Tyson, MD. 

Bruce Dominic Valvano, MD. 

Christopher Dean Villa, MD. 

Thomas Alan Virkus, lA. 
tWilliam Earl Wade, Jr., VA. 

James C. Wagenmann, MD. 

Elliot Howard Wagner, MD. 

Woodson B. Ward, MD. 

William H. Warehime, Jr., MD. 
tThomas Paul Warfield, MD. 
'Lawrence Jay Warman, N.J. 

Gary Richard Warren, MD. 
tJames Thomas Warren, Jr., MD. 
tWilliam Kean Weaver IV, MD. 

Theodore Frederick Weber, MD. 

Paget Jo Webster, MD. 

Greg Norbert Wegznek, MD. 

Charles Robert Wehner, MD. 

Warren Morgan Wells, Jr., MD. 

George Kenneth Wetzel, Jr., MD. 

H. Winship Wheatley III, MD. 

Matthew Ward WhItcomb, MD. 

James Michael Whittaker, MD. 
tDavid Stephen Wilk, MD. 

Richard S. Wilkie, N.J. 

Gregory James Williams, MD. 

Scott Lansing Williams II, MD. 

Howard Emerson Wilson, MD. 

Joyce Murphy Yarwood, MD. 

Yuen-Kim Yee, DC. 

Edward Cardwell Yegan, Jr., MD. 

Alexander Yonych, Jr., MD. 

Douglas Troy Young, MD. 
"Robert Zimmerman, N.J. 

Bachelors 23 


Candidates will be presented 
by Dr. Robert F. Carbone, Dean 
of the College 

tFlorence MacBride Allen, MD. 
tJackie Ann Alt, MD. 

Michael Joseph Amaral, MD. 
'Joan Loren Axelroth. PA. 

Kathleen Bielawski Barnes, PA. 
"Shelley Jean Barnhart, MD. 
'Gilberte Monique Batter, MD. 

Constantine Harry Bayz, MD. 

Jane Barker Beardsley, MD 

William Alan Bibb, MD. 

Katherine Joan Bishop, MD. 

Helen Bojko, MD. 

Peggy Ann Born, MD. 

Edward Thomas Bowser, MD. 
fPamela Jean Bozzi, MD. 

Delia Glyn Bristow, MD. 

Claude Michael Buchanan, MD. 

Leilani Marie Burda, MD. 

Candle L. Burr, N.J. 
tRebecca Lynn Cain, MD. 

Sharon Lynn Cartner, MD. 

Vivian Lee Cassell, MD. 

Carol Centers, MD. 

Helen Magdalene Kovar Chamberlin 

Carole Diane Chansky, MD. 

Barbara Jean Clodfelter, MD. 

Linda Sue Cohen, MD. 

Leslie Minter Cohn, MD. 
tTerri Suzanne Crain, MD. 

Sharon Kathleen Crandall, MD. 

Diane Allan Crossett, MD. 

Carol Grace Daughn, MD. 

Mary Patricia Delaney, MD. 

Patricia Alanna DiBattista, MD. 

Mary Jean DiPietro, MD. 
tCynthia Ann Dorland, MD. 

Dorland, MD. 

"Linda Sue Dudley, MD. 

Sharon Veronica Dunlap, MD. 
tRaymonde Emsellem, MD. 
"Catherine Frances Flynn, MD. 

Elizabeth Nelle Furlano, MD. 

Catherine Patricia Gaffney, MD. 

Beatriz Reyes Gavilan, MD. 

Robin Beth Gold, MD. 
"Estelle Goldberg, MD. 
tDiane Gayle Goldsmith, MD. 
•Ellen Sue Gordon, VA. 

John William Gould, MD. 

Jill Lynn Grahl, MD. 

Linda Darlene Groomes, MD. 

Wendy Barbara Haimes, MD. 

Laurence Wayne Hansch, MD. 

Ann Dulany Hartley, MD. 

Charlene Ann Hayman, MD. 

Susan Elizabeth Herrell, MD. 

James Daniel Hess, D.C. 

Margaret Lydia Higdon, MD. 
tCathryn M. Hiller, MD. 
"Beverly Lynn Hoffman, PA. 
Kathleen E. A. Hoffman, MD. 
James Watson Hoopes, MD. 
Martha de la Ree Hopper, MD. 
Faye Horstman, MD. 
Franklin R. Horstman, MD. 
Bernadette Sartori Hurley, MD. 
Joan Elizabeth Hydorn, MD. 
Eileen Mary Hylind, MD. 
Gwendolen Gorham Irani, MD. 
"Sharon R. Jalowsky, MD. 
Carolyn Freeas Jennings, MD. 
Judith Mae Johnson, Ml. 
tSharon Lynn Karst, N.Y. 
Pamela Sue Kirby, MD. 
Kay Kotz, MD. 
tJudith Lynn Kravetz, MD. 
"Mark Steven Krikstan, MD. 
Ronnie Harriet Krissoff. N.Y. 
Marjorie Doris Krome, MD. 
'Karen Lee Laird, MD. 
Sue Carol Laniado, N.J. 
Isabelle Teresa Laucka, MD. 
Lynn Arden Leventhal. MD. 
Ruth Susan Levin, MD. 
Judson Duley Lincoln, Jr., N.Y. 
Janet Deborah Little, MD. 
Elizabeth Dalziel Lockwood, MD. 
tCheryl Meredith Lowe, MD. 
tSharon Meredith Lowe, MD. 
Cecilia Ann Lusk, MD. 
Patrick Henry Malone, MD. 
Patricia Ann Mangum, MD. 
"Phyllis Eileen Manker, MD. 
tNoel Franklin Marks, N.J. 
Alfreda Helen Martino, MD. 
Cordelia Ortunio McCool, MD. 
Lynda Marie McFarland, MD. 
Dorothy Patricia McGee, N.Y. 
Charles Roger Mcllwain, MD. 
"Phyllinda Alice Metzger, MD. 
Gail Miller, MD. 
Thomas Harvey Mills, MD. 
Christine C. Misal, MD. 
"Deborah Denise Monroe, MD. 
Eric Franklin Moore, MD. 
April Morgan, PA. 
Linda Taylor Mosser, PA. 
Maureen Ann Murray, N.J. 
Allen Barry Myrowitz, MD. 
Linda A. Ostrander, MD. 
tAnja Kaarina Palmer, MD. 
Julie Ann Parkins, MD. 
Sandra Rae Pearlman, MD. 
Linda Perrygo, MD. 
Elaine Susan Pines, MD. 
tMary Etta Port, MD. 
Mary H. Rasmussen, MD. 
'Michael John Ridge, MD. 
tLeslie Jean Robbins, MD. 
JEllen Paula Rothstein, MD. 
Cindy Robin Rotter, MD. 

James Edward Royalty, MD. 

Betsy Ann Saffos, MD. 

Cheryl Lee Sailer, MD. 

Gail Rebecca Schikevitz, MD. 

Carole Ellen Schneider, MD. 

Linda Sue Schwartz, MD. 

Sherry Ann Serlo, MD. 
'Kathy Elizabeth Slagle, MD. 

Barbara Marie Slavin, MD. 

Susan Haworth Smith, MD. 

Richard Brooke Sniffin, MD. 

Gail Katz Snyder, MD. 

Spencer Richard Solomon, MD. 

Joe Ann Stevens, MD. 
tCarol Lee Tourault, MD. 

Fotini D. Tsintolas, MD. 

Lauren VanBuiten, MD. 

Judy Gale Wais, MD. 

Sharon Diane Wallman, MD. 

Celestine Delores Watkins, MD. 
tMarcia Wendy Weinberger, MD. 

Mary Kathryn Welling, TN. 
tNancy Ruth Weyel, MD. 

Gail Susan Wheat, MD. 

Kathy Jean Whisman, MD. 

Beverly Gaye Whitehead, MD. 

Alicia R. Wilderman, MD. 

Christopher William Wilkens, MD. 

Carol Estelle Winn, MD. 

Leslie Sue Zllber, MD. 


Lorraine Barbara Abdow, MD. 
Sherrilynn Abel, MD. 
Christine Bernice Absher, MD. 
Sharon Marie Achstetter, MD. 
Beth Lee Ackerman, LA. 
Donna Marie Adams, MD. 
John Dana Aldridge, MD. 
Margaret Gertrude Alfonso, MD. 
Mary L. Allen, MD. 
Maryon Foster Allen, VA. 
Sharon Ann Almon, MD. 
Gary Ralph Alston, MD. 
Sherrie Lee Amernick, MD. 
Katheryn Lucille Anderson, MD. 
Linda Sue Aston, MD. 
Barbara Jane Back, MD. 
Maureen Michele Bailey, MD. 
Dennis John Ball, MD. 
Francis Marion Baranson, MD. 
Marianne A. Barger, MD. 
Diana Margaret Barnes, MD. 
Kathleen DuVal Barnes, MD. 
David Calvin Bartilson, MD. 
Carol Ann Battista, MD. 
Robert Carl Baugh, MD. 
Julie Ann Beardmore, MD. 
Jan Bridgeford Beckman, MD. 
Millard Stephan Bennett, MD. 
Steven Mark Bennof, MD. 
David Edward Benson, MD. 
tCharlene Barbara Berger, MD. 

Sherri Hann Berkman, MD. 

Gary Louis Besosa, NY. 

Brenda Matthews Bierley, MD. 
"Harriet Binder, MD. 

Nancy Sue Birdsong, MD. 
tBarbara Lois Birx, MD. 

Frederick James Blachly, MD. 
fLinda Patterson Blackistone, MD. 

Charles Blank. Jr.. N.J. 

Robert Blasco, MD. 
'Cynthia Margaret Blick, MD. 

Lawrence Philip Blonder, MD. 

Claudia Dale Bloom, MD. 

Joseph Gregory Boarman, MD. 

Janis Yeatts Bombard, MD. 

Linda Sheila Bonnett, MD. 
"Susan Joan Borek, N.J. 

Stephanie Ann Borys, MD. 

Rachel King Bouton, MD. 

Sarah Rodman Boyle, MD. 

Roberta Elaine Branthover, MD. 

Beth Ann Brautigam, MD. 

Barbara Ann Brechbiel, MD. 

Jill Breslow, NY. 

Patricia Catherine Brewer, MD. 

Ruby Elaine Brice, S.C. 

Jan Bridgeford. MD. 

Gary Sidney Broughton, MD. 

Francis Roland Brown, MD. 

Maria R. Brown, DE. 

Naomi Brown, NY. 

Sandra Margaret Brown, MD. 
"Brenda Kaye Browning, MD. 

Christian Lavern Bruno, MD. 

Wendy Ann Buchanan, MD. 

Mary Ann Burke, MD. 

Maurreen Carley Bussink, MD. 

Johannes Albertus Buwalda, MD. 

Claudia Lee Calarco, MD. 
"Sandra Lynn Caparell, MD. 

Eileen Carasso, MD. 

Stephen Deyerle Carnahan, MD. 

Kathie Anne Carpenter, MD. 

Dale Philip Carrigan, MD. 

Deborah Ann Carter, MD. 

Patricia Lynne Carter, MD. 

Susan Archibald Cassidy, MD. 
tDeborah Jean Castner, MD. 

Joanne Maria Cataldi, MD. 

Kathy Lynn Channick, PA. 

Kathleen Ellen Chapin, MD. 
tDeborah Ann Charnell, MD. 

Sandra Hardwicke Child, MD. 

Linda Chin, MD. 

Joyce Sunga Wei Chow, MD. 

Earle J. Chute, MD. 
tCeleste Arlene Ciango, MD. 

Terry Lee Ciker, MD. 

Nancle Gail Claery, MD. 

Susan Jan Clark, MD. 

Patricia Ellen Clements, MD. 

Donald Howard Clifton, MD. 

Karen Marie Murphy Clydesdale, 

24 Bachelors 

Deborah J. Cohan, MD. 

Carole Sue Cohen, MD. 

Donna Jean Cohen, MD. 

Judith Merle Cohen, VA. 

Sheila Pearl Cohen, MD. 

Christopher Michael Cohl, MD. 

Margaret Ann Colbert, S.C. 

Cynthia Anne Collins, MD. 

Mary O'Keefe Conley, MD. 

Sue Ranslow Connell, MD. 

Maureen Ann Connolly, MD. 

Cynthia Lee Conrad, VA. 

Kerry Ann Corcoran, MD. 

Thomas Earl Couteau, MD. 

Louise C. Cox, DC. 
"Sharron R. Craig, MD. 
tDonna Lee Crampton, MD. 

Patricia O'Neal Crapster, MD. 
tDavid Leslie Culpepper, MD. 

Patricia Ann Daly, N.Y. 

Deborah Ann Daniels, MD. 
'Carolyn Elaine Darne, MD. 

Susan Marsha Davidov, MD. 

Bonnie Ann Dearborn, MD. 

Therese Eileen Delahunty. 

Sharon Kruger Demb, MD. 
"Thomas Allan DeMott, MD. 
tDiana Lynne Densock, MD. 

Mary Lynn Derenberger, MD. 
tMary Ellen DeSarno, MD. 
tDonna Rae DeWitt, MD. 

Patricia Marie Dials, MD. 

Marilyn Dinerman, N.J. 

Deborah Adeline Donovan, MD. 

Thurman J. Doolittle, Jr., MD. 

Ronald Ashley Doughty, MD. 

Jonathan Walter Dower, MD. 

Fielder Bradford Downes, MD. 

Kim Elee Duame, MD. 

Theresa O. Dubsky, MD. 

Christopher M. Duck, MD. 

Kathleen Ann Duffy, MD. 

Robert Forrest Durgin, MD. 

Karen Deborah Dworken, MD. 

Concetta Dwyer, MD. 

Franklin Dabney Eastham, IV, MD. 

Pamela Lee Eckhardt, MD. 

•Carolyn Sue Eden, MD, 

Margaret Ann Edgington, MD. 

Judy Ediowitz, MD. 

Kurt S. Eisentraut, MD. 

Leslie Ann Kroening Ellis, MD 

Denise Helene Enten, MD. 
tElaine Deborah Erdman, MD. 

'Josephine Mary Errigo, MD. 

Ronald Craig Erwin, MD. 

R. Thomas Fairfax, MD. 

Anne Phillis Federman, MD. 
tGregory Alexander Feil, MD. 

Iris Beth Feldman, MD. 

"Gene A. Fensterwald, MD. 

Martha Louise Fenton, MD. 

tSuzanne Naomi Fergusson, MD. 
Patricia Susan Fernandez, MD. 
Lawrence William Fickus, MD. 
Ronnie Sue Fields, MD. 
'Carolyn Winkler Figiia, MD. 
Margot Kay Filling, N.J. 
Roger Hewitt Finch, MD. 
Barbara Lynn Finifter, MD. 
Pamela Ann Flora, MD. 
Marjorie Bernice Firshein, MD. 
Mary Anne Fisher, MD. 
Deborah Ann Fishier, MD. 
tDenise Carrol Fiske, MD. 
'Susan Marie FitzGerald, MD. 
Sharon Kay Footer, MD. 
Carolyn Oglesby Foran, MD. 
Debra S. Ford, MD. 
tJanice Lee Forney, MD. 
Daria Marie Foster, MD. 
Darlene Marie Fowler, MD. 
tKathryn Louise Fox, MD. 
Sharon Beth Fox, MD. 
Dineen E. Franclemont, MD. 
tJacqueline Ann Franz, MD. 
Rachelle Frenkel, MD. 
Meredith Jill Freshman, MD. 
Arlene Nancy Friedland, MD. 
'Wendelin Susan Friedman, N.Y. 
Judith Sinclair Fries, MD. 
'Rosemarie Fuchs, MD. 
'Virginia Louise Fuese. MD. 
Elizabeth Nelle Furland, MD. 

William Orazio Gallerizzo, MD. 

Enid Carlson Gast, MD. 

Louise Sarah Gerson, MD. 

Susan Donna Gerzoff, N.J. 
'Linda Jean Gettle, MD. 

Robert William Gilbreath, FL. 

Milton Randall Gill, MD. 

Gregg Michael Gochnour, MD. 

Elizabeth Ann Goings, MD. 

Denise Julia Golato, MD. 

Barbara Shari Gold, PUERTO RICO 

Margaret Ruth Gold, MD. 

Carole Beth Jacquelme Golden, MD 

Rachel Cope Goldfarb, MD. 

Elizabeth Joanne Goldsmith, MD. 

Eileen Gale Goldstein, MD. 
tMindi S. Golnick, MD. 

Nina Ruth Gordon, MD, 
tPaula Gordon, MD. 

Thomas Joseph Gorman, MD. 

Milton Edwin Goss, Jr., MD. 

Samuel Richard Goss, MD. 

Joanne Goughler, MD. 
"Frank George Grahn, MD, 

Martha Conklin Gregoria, MD. 

Noel M. Gregos, MD. 

Mary Gayle Griesbauer, MD. 

Flora Ann Griffin, MD. 

Lenore Jane Gross, MD. 

Judith Ellen Grubman, N.J. 

Emily Meryl Grufferman, NY. 

Henry Charles Gurule, MD. 
tSarah Jane Hall, MD. 
'Sherry E. Hamburg, MD. 

Carol Lee Hammond, MD. 

Frieda Maureen Haney, MD. 

Bonnie Lee Hansen, MD. 

William Robert Harrington, MD. 

Shelley Sue Hams. MD. 

Cheryl Lou Haupt, MD, 
'Barbara A. Hayden, MD. 

Brenda Marchell Healy, MD. 

Melinda Anne Hedrick, MD. 

David Albert Heidel, MD. 

Sue Ann Heller, MD. 

Carol Marie Hennessey, MD. 

Ellen Kathleen Herman, MD. 

Ann Marie Herr, MD. 

Katharine Harriet Hess, MD. 

Janice Gail Higbie, D.C. 

Walter Wallace Hill, Jr., MD. 

Helen Alieen Himes, MD. 

Martha Ann Hoehn, D.C. 
tNancy Sharon Hoff, MD. 

Robert Clark Hoffman, MD. 

Susan Ann Hoffmann, MD. 

John Solomon Hoke, MD. 

Evelyn Rima Holdridge, 

"Jeanne Ellen Holets, MD. 

Karen Rae Holland, MD. 

Peter Franklin Holzberg, MD. 

Janet Lee Homberg, MD. 

Ruth Susan Horowitz, MD. 

Melba Lee Houston, Ark. 

Peter Wayland Hudson, MD. 

Jeanne Marie Hughan, MD. 

Jeanne Humiston, MD. 

Rita Cecile Hummel, MD. 

Carol Ann Hurst, MD. 

Patricia Arlene Irani, MD. 

Ronald Dean Ireland, MD. 

Patricia Ann Iserman, MD. 

Beverly Sue Jacobson, MD. 

Shirley Jean Jenkins, MD. 

Karen Ann Jettmar, MD. 

Anne Beth Jeweler. MD. 
'Bonnie Joanne Johnson, MD. 

Helen Lucy Johnson, MD. 

Robert Gordon Johnson, MD. 

William Michael Johnston, CT. 

Kathleen Anne Jones, MD. 

Paula Anne Jones, MD. 

Patricia Kathryn Joyce, MD. 
fTheresa May Kacena, VA. 

Linda Eve Kalicka, MD. 

Julie Ann Kalins, MD. 

Diana Marie Kaminski, MD, 

Theodore Kaminski, MD. 

Linda Joy Kanarek, PA. 

Wendy Nancy Kane, MD. 
'Barbara Lynn Kaplan, MD. 

Frances Kaplan, MD. 

Karen Irene Kaplan. MD. 

Wendy Lynn Kaplan, MD. 

Marcia Ellen Karu, MD. 

David Elliot Katz, MD. 

Antoinette Eleanor Keck, MD. 

Lynn Bern Kedan, MD. 
'Mildred Josephine Keir, MD. 

Roger Leon Keller, MD. 

Sherry Carol Kesselman, MD. 

Catherine L. Kieffner, MD. 
tStephanie Marie Kimberlin, MD. 

Alison Mary Kimlicko, MD. 
tJohn Daniel Kinsel, MD. 
'Stanley John Klem, MD. 

Edward Walter Klijanowicz, MD. 

Elizabeth Parmelee Kline, MD. 

Kristin F. Knutson, MD. 

Karin Anne Kobre, MD. 

Randy Lynn Kramer, N.J. 

Nora Rav Kronenberq, MD. 
tFern Dian Krouk, N.J. 

Judith Yvette Kuperberg, MD. 
"Jeffrey Norman Kurtz, MD. 

Sharon Beth Kushner, MD. 

Jane Merul Lacheen, PA. 

Diane H. Lambert, MD. 
tAnnette V. Lambson, MD. 

Eileen T. Lancellotti, NY. 
tMichele Sue Landman, MD. 

Suzanne Candace Laragy, MD. 

Donna Joyce Larkin, MD. 

Lynda Susanne Larson, MD. 
"Frances I. Laterra, MD. 

Deborah Lee Leaf, MD. 

Naomi Mae Leefer, MD. 

Toni Lyn Leizear, MD. 

Roberta Lependorf, N.J. 

Denise Catherine Lepore, MD. 
tKaye Lynn Letaw, MD. 
tFrances Sharon Levin, MD. 

Susan Reid Levin, MD. 

Ann Louse Liberatore, MD. 

Phyllis Ellen Lieb, MD. 

Karen Joy Lieberman, MD. 

Joseph Wilkins Lingg, MD. 

Libby Anne Lingo. MD. 

Lynne Beth Litsky, MD. 

Nancy Susan Lobe, MD. 

Joanne M. Lockwood, N.J. 

Alfred W Lookingland, MD. 

Patricia Anne Lord, MD. 

Edward Thornton Love, MD. 

Roxann Keiko Luttner, MD. 

Karen Marie Luzetsky, MD. 

Debra Ann Lyman, MD. 

William Ronald Lynn, MD. 

Cynthia Dianne Lyons, MD. 

Kathleen Ellen MacNutt, MD. 

Janet Antoinette Madej, MD. 

Kathleen Nadia Maguire. MD. 

Jane Lai Mah, MD. 

Janice Adele Malin, MD. 
tJeanne Mae Mandell, MD. 

John Guy Manfuso, III, MD. 

Bachelors 25 

tMichele Manos, MD. 

Sally Jean Marshall, VA. 
tWilliam Hughes Marshall, MD. 

Victor D. Mastropieri, MD. 

Stephen Rubel Matters, MD. 

Deborah Ann Mattingly, MD. 

Diane Sue Max, MD. 

Lynda Jean Mayer, MD. 

Anne Elizabeth McCarthy, MD. 

Beniti Elizabeth McCarthy, MD. 

Deborah Jean McCready, MD. 
*Donita Jane McGeary, MD. 

Denise Patricia McGillicuddy, MD. 

Martha Randol Mclntire, MD. 
'Sharon Louise McKim, V^. 

Mary Alice McMahon, MD. 

Mary Kathleen McMahon, MD. 

Jo Anne McPhail, MD. 

Barbara Jane McQuown, MD. 

Ilene Marsha Mehlman, MD. 
"Nancy Ellen Mencke, MD. 
"Michael Dennis Merson, MD. 

Dorothy Eve Messick, MD. 

Kathryn Leslie Michaiek, MD. 
"Alice Temple Milam, MD. 
tSusan E. Wiest Miles, MD. 

Monica Lou Milhorn, MD. 
"Catherine Mary Milkie, MD. 

Ann Paulette Minor, D.C. 

Carole Bernice Minor, MD. 

Ina Mirman, VA. 

Francine Ina Mirochnik, MD. 
tAnne Frances Moeller, MD. 

Catherine M. Moes, N.J. 

Deborah Durham Moore, MD. 

Wade Kenneth Morral, Jr., MD. 
"Faye Louise Morrison, MD. 
"Janice Marie Mortko, MD. 

John Fredric Mosley, MD. 

Kathleen Joan Mundell, MD. 

Beverly Sue Munves, MD. 

Joan D. Murphy, MD. 
"Kathleen Alyce Murphy, MD. 

Joann Murray, MD. 

Carl Allen Naylor, MD. 

Janice E. Neumann, MD. 
fElaine Flora Neustadt, D.C. 

Corinne Niller, MD. 
"Jean Louise Nixon, MD. 

Mary Agnes Noonan, MD. 
"Dianna Marie Noplock, MD. 

Rosemary Novak, MD. 

Karen Louella O'Connor, MD. 

Virginia Birdelle Gheim, MD. 

Bonnie June O'Neale, MD. 

Susan Fav Oppenheim, MD. 

Grady Dennis O'Rear, MD. 

Carol Joyce Ornazian, MD. 

Row/ina Loretta Overstreet, MD. 

John Michael Owen, MD. 
tMary Kathleen Padden, MD. 

Marion Elizabeth Pallas, MD. 

James Thomas Parker, II, MD. 

tAnne C. Paskovi/, N.J. 

Michael Wellborn Patteson, MD. 

Lynn Karen Pattison, MD. 

Joan Wiezorek Peacock, MD. 

Frances Lynn Pearson, MD. 

Joan Carol Perdue, MD. 

Vicki A. Perler, MD. 

.Victor Joseph Persico, Jr., MD. 

Barbara Lu Pettit. MD. 

Carol Beth Pincus, MD. 

Jeffrey Bernard Pitt, MD. 

Carol Louise Plant, MD. 

Laverne Pitts, MD. 
"Diane Plimack, MD. 

Deborah Courtney Poole, MD. 

Maria Gail Postal, MD. 
tNancy Livingstone Powell, D.C. 

Patricia Jean Pozarek, MD. 

Marilyn Susanne Press, D.C. 

Mary Lou Pritchard, MD. 

Janis Lee Pszwaro, N.J. 

Rebecca Lynne Pugh, MD. 

Ronnie Frank Pusateri, DC. 

Janice Marcia Raffel, MD. 
"Rebecca Mooney Ragusa, MD. 

Marsha Kay Raiford, MD. 

Donald Eugene Ratliff, VA. 

Christine A. Reed, MD. 

Christina E. Reichhart, MD. 

Christine Elizabeth Reiter, MD. 

Sherry Ilene Remer, MD. 

Margaret Lien Reuyl, MD. 

Susan Jane Rhiel, MD. 

Pauline T. Riccio, N.J. 

Pamela S. Richardson, MD. 

Patricia Ann Ridgway, MD. 
"Susan Carol Rfmmer, MD. 
tDonna Leslie Rinis, MD. 

Janet Marie Ritter, MD. 

Marilyn Ann Roberts, MD. 

Ellen Wendy Robinson, MD. 

Monica Cheryl Robinson, MD. 

Sue West Robinson, MD. 

Margaret Hanns Robling, MD. 

Ilene Susan Roemer, N.J, 

Bruce Ronis, MD. 

Alan Richard Roogow, MD. 

Carolyn Sue Rose, MD. 

Renay Iris Rosenblum, MD. 

Ronni R. Rosenblum, N.Y. 

Linda R. Ross, MD. 

Shelley Beth Rothstein, MD. 

Richard Kuh Rowen, FL. 

Raina Solomon Rubin, MD. 

Sarah Elizabeth Russell, MD. 

Dwight E. Ryals, MD. 

Joseph Santo Sagona, Jr., MD. 

Patricia Lynn Sandler, MD. 

Carol Lynn Sapperstein, MD. 

Deborah Ellen Sass, N.Y. 

Margaret Catherine Saunders, MD. 

Pamela A. Saunders, MD. 

Mary Lee Schaub, MD. 

tStanley Albert Schaub, MD. 

Eileen Fran Schectman, MD. 
"Francine Gail Schiff, MD. 

Deborah Ann Schilling, MD. 
"Francine C. Schneider, MD. 

Madelyn Sue Schott, MD. 

Carol Jean Schwab, MD. 

Evelyn Dorothy Schwartz, MD. 

JoAnne Ellen Schwartz, MD. 

Risa Susan Schwartz, MD. 
tTerri Chayt Schwartz, MD. 

Aleta Jacqueline Scott, MD. 
tGail Susan Scott, MD. 

Bonnie Lynn Sefekar, MD. 

Myron Ronald Segal, MD. 

Lauren Eugene Seifert, MD. 
fRita Lynne Seligman, N.J. 
"Dorothy Mae Seward, MD. 

Thomas William Shand, N.Y. 

Susan Shane, MD. 
"JoAnne Elaine Shapiro, MD. 

Linda Shapiro, MD. 
tKaye Marie Shedlock, MD. 
"June W. Siegel, N.Y. 

Leslie Siegel, MD. 

Lynn Diane Silverberg, MD. 

Martha T. Simon, MD. 

Peggy Joy Simon, MD. 
tJanice L. Sims, MD. 
"Mary Beth Slaninka, N.J. 
"Amy Ellen Slavin, MD. 
'Faye B. Slye, MD. 

Debra Fern Smiley, MD. 
fRosalind Bingham Smith, MD. 

Linda Diane Snyder, MD. 

Ralph Edward Sodano, MD. 

Susan Laurel Solomon, MD. 

Arlene Mae Soodak, MD. 

Cecilia Marie Speake, MD. 

Donna Maria Spedalere, MD. 

Pamela H. Spitz, N.Y. 

Mary Audrey Spivey, MD. 

Mary Waters Sponaugle, MD. 

Mary Rita Stahl, MD. 

Saundra Victoria Stanback, MD. 

Elise Hope Stecher, MD. 

Vicki Ellen Stillman, N.Y. 
"Barbara Anne Stolarz, N.J. 

Stephanie Bunnell Strebe, MD. 

Edith Susan Strenger, MD. 
tRuth Ellen Strocchia, MD. 

Susan Marie Strunk, MD. 

Nancy Dee Swiger, MD. 

Cynthia Anne Tapman, MD. 

William Carroll Tench, MD. 

Mary Beth Teplitsky, OH. 

Jean Marie Terebuch, MD. 

David George Thier, MD. 

Mary Janis Thoma, MD. 

Cheryl Ann Thomas, MD. 

Barbara Ann Thrasher, MD. 

Deborah Marie Titelman, MD. 

Linda Sue Tolchin, PA. 

Margie June Toy, MD. 

David Gerard Trahan, MD. 

Mary Theresa Trainum, MD. 

JoAnn Marie Triplett, MD. 

Nancy Helene Tucker, N.J. 

Sue Ellen Tucker, MD. 

Susan Lind Unkle, MD. 

Thomas Peter Shaw Valantdas, 

Barbara Banister Valente, MD. 

Deann O. Verdier, MD. 

Leslie Ann Verostic, MD. 

Ethel Jordan Vitale, MD. 
tCheryl Lynne von Briesen, MD. 

Margaret Anne Wadsworth, MD. 

Allison Lynn Waldstein, MD. 

Henry Charles Waldvogel MD. 

Shirley Jean Wallace, MD. 

MaryBeth Walsh, MD. 

Monica Jean Walsh, MD. 

Kenneth Price Walton, MD. 

Spencer Triplett Ward, MD. 
"Linda Jeanne Watt, MD. 

Alice S. Weinberg, N.Y. 
"Miriam Weiner, MD. 

Sabina M. Weinstein, VA. 

Helen Lynn Weiss, MD. 

Deborah Weisz, MD. 

Dale Alan Weldy, MD. 

Harold Jon Werner, MD. 

Ray William Wethington, MD. 
tJames John Wharton, MD 
"Sharon Elizabeth Wheeler, MD. 

Brenda Griffin White, MD. 

Sharon Rochelle Wiggs, MD. 

Kari Wijsmuller, MD. 
tDebra Lee Wille, MD. 
tJoyce Marie Williams, MD. 

Bruce Edward Wilson, MD. 

Dania Lynn Wilson, MD. 

Don Stuart Wilson, MD. 

Mark William Winkelman, MD. 

Elizabeth Anne Winkler, NY. 

Janet Kay Winstead, MD. 
"Ellen Audrey Wismann, MD. 

James Michael Wolff, MD. 

George Joseph Wonneman, Jr., 

Carmen Rosalie Woodmansee, MD. 

Linda Jean Woodward, MD. 

Katherine Ann Worthington, MD. 

Joyce Woulff, MD. 

Carol Ann Yaden, MD. 

Michaline Ann Yopconka, MD. 

Susan Jill Zagoren, N.J. 

Louise Williams Zimmerman, MD. 

26 Bachelors 


Candidates will be presented 

by Dr. Robert B. Beckmann, Dean 

of the College 

Timothy Nelson Ake, MD. 
■John Wesley Allender, II, MD. 

William Ronald Ames, MD. 
"Harry Robert Anderson, MD. 

Enrique Angel Juan Astiz, MD. 

John Jackson Bagby, MD. 

Edward Albert Bauer, MD. 

Timothy Harry Beacham, MD. 

Joseph Kingston Beale, II, MD. 

Stephen Lance Becraft, MD. 

Roger William Bell, MD. 
■Russell Lee Bellamy, MD. 
■Ronald Bert Benjamin, MD. 

Vincent Howard Berg, MD. 

Stephen Bruce Berman, MD. 
tRobert Wayne Blank, MD. 

Jay Biumenkrantz, MD. 
tRonald Edward Boston, MD. 
. Gary Nelson Boughan, MD. 
• Frodor i ok Ghar l oo Brad l ey, MA. 

James Gordon Brasseur, MD. 
tSamuel Bronstein, MD. 
"Charles S. Bucans, MD. 

John Bumanis, MD. 

Robert Francis Bussink, Jr., MD. 

John William Callahan, Jr., MD. 

Robert Paul Carrion, Jr., MD. 
tJames Lynn Carter, MD. 

William Dunbar Chambliss, MD. 

Jason T. Chan, MD. 

Anil Kumar Chaudhry, MD. 

Potcr Y i m Leung Cheung, MD 

Tony Fanglin Chew, MD. 

Gerald R. Clark, MD. 

Gilbert Carl Clise, II, MD. 

Richard George Clisham, MD. 

Stewart Carlton Cluck, MD. 

Chris Comuntzis, MD. 

Gary Edward Connor, MD, 
'Dale George Coppage, MD. 
tStephen Lewis Craig, MD. 
"Michael Aloysius Criste, MD. 

George Keith Custer. MD. 

David Lawrence Daly, MD. 

John A. Dean, MD. 

Stephen Alan Debelius, MD. 

Michael B. Deitchman, MD. 

Victor Thomas Demko, MD. 

Robert William Dempsey, MD. 

Robert Paul Dennison, MD. 

Thomas Lynn DeRienx, MD. 

Stanley Gordon Dolan, MD. 

Alan M. Dunn, MD. 

Eric R. Ehst, MD. 

Gregory Eisenstadt, MD. 

Robert William Ellis, MD. 
"Peter Harrison Emmons, MD. 

Check C. Eng, MD. 

Arthur Don Engelen. MD. 

Roy Robert Evans, MD. 

Stephen Henry Eyclesheimer, MD. 

Paul Douglas Fleck, MD. 
• flogcr Warren f l ynn, MD. 
■John Perrin Galloway, Jr., MD. 

Francis Joan Gambel, Jr., MD. 

Bruce Edward Gardner, MD. 

Daniel Jay Goldstein, MD. 
■Edward Frederick Gonzalex, MD. 

Thomas Steven Gutmann, MD. 

Michael Edward Hammett, Jr., 

David Bruce Harder. MD. 

David William Harris, MD. 

James Robert Henkel. Ill, MD. 
< W illl am Garter Hilli ord. MD. 

Michael Douglas Hogan, MD. 

John Philip Randolph Hopkins, 

Edward Raymond Huber, MD. 

Roberto Manuel Mian, MD. 

Leigh D. Johnson, MD. 
tCharles David Kahn, MD. 

Jo3cph Pau l Ka l lvoda, MD. 

Donald Glenn Kallgren, MD. 

Karl F. Kershner, PA. 

John Edwin Kester, Jr., MD. 
'Charles John Klein, MD. 

Marshall Asher Klein, MD. 

Ronald Lynn Kolbe, MD. 

Lawson Norman Kratz, Jr., MD. 

Robert Eugene Kuhns, MD. 

Russell Nyce Kulp, Jr., MD. 
tJames Russell Lambrechts, MD. 

Thomas H. Lewis, MD. 
" Mark Edw i n Lindlcr, MD. 

Chester Thomas Lipton, MD. 

John Albert Lunsford, MD. 
■Stephen Sean Mack, MD. 

Charles Clark Magin, MD. 

Thomas Allen Marr, MD. 
'James Paul MarrichI, MD. 

Niles Ross Mason, MD. 

Thomas Robert McCarthy, MD. 

Robert James McKay, Jr., MD. 
tWayne Thomas McKee, MD. 

Gregory Monroe McLaughlin. VA. 

Blair Sterling Metz, MD. 
'Dale Carl Meyer, MD. 

Dennis Lloyd MIchelson, MD. 
tGlenn Stevens Miller, MD. 

John William Miller, MD. 

Marc Anthony Mogavero, MD. 

Thomas Vinson Morris, N.J. 

Wei Ming Moy, MD. 

Ronald Alvin Nawrot, MD. 

Ol e |j |' i e i i Pau l N e w h ous e , MP. 

John Howe Ng, MD. 
"Parviz Niktash, MD. 

Dwight Charles Nixon, MD. 

Gary Nichael Noland, MD. 

Carl John Ochs, MD. 

Paul Francis O'Donnell, MD. 

Ronald Dean Ostrow, MD. 

Dennis Lee Parker, MD. 

Kithung Pat. HONG KONG 
tRichard David Peacock, MD. 

Steven James Peirce. MD. 

Frank John Pesce, MD. 

Robert Lance Peskin, MD. 
■Joseph Piekarski, Jr., MD. 

David Stirling Piatt, MD. 

William Alan Poppe, MD. 

Alan Martin Poston, MD. 

Oilman Rogers Price, MD. 

David E. Prosen, MD. 

Don Rametta, N.J. 
"Thomas Jay Reedy, VA. 

Jose A. Reig, MD. 

David Lynn Renshaw, MD. 

Charles Robert Riblett, MD. 
tCurtis Arnold Ritter. MD. 
' W illi am Ch e ster no lll nB, MD. 

Jan Stanislaus Sadowski, MD. 

" Jo hn Edwa rd Gehadc. N.J 

John Melton Schlueter. MD. 

Walter Herman Schmoeller, MD. 

Raymond Jeffrey Schultz, MD. 

Steven Max Sederbaum, MD. 

Michael Jay Shama, MD. 

Jonathan Judd Sheperd, MD. 

James Donald Shields, Jr., MD, 
tRobert Reynold Sidi, MD. 

John Robert Sipe, MD. 

Douglas A. Skoog, MD. 

Barry Alan Smith, MD. 

Robert Carlton Smith, MD. 

Ronald Douglas Smith, MD. 

John Robert Sofinowski, MD. 
• Ocrnafdo Tomas Sol i a, MD. 

Leonardo Hiquiana Soriano, MD. 
tDean Paul Spacht, MD. 

Richard William Steeg, MD. 

"John Francis Stetson, MD. 

Richard Francis Strauss, MD. 

Steven Wayne Stultz, MD. 

David S. Sugarman, MD. 

Joocph r. Tohon. MD i- 

Terry Norman Tapley, MD. 
tEugene Serge Tehansky, MD. 

Alessandro Tesoro, MD. 

Stephen Richard Thomas, MD. 

Edwin Dorsey Thompson, Jr., D.C. 

Lloyd Joseph Tilghman, Jr., MD. 
tPieter Jan Traas, MD. 

Daniel Patrick Vance, MD. 

Honry E. VanDourocn, MD. 
> Gregory Stephen Voroo, MD. 

Leslie Kenneth Vipond, MD. 

Wyatt Thomas Wallace, MD. 

Dani el Lou i s Wa l s h , MD. 

Sheng Tsuen Wang, MD. 

RaymnnH Fdw^rri Wphpr MD, 

^MVlichael H. Whalen MD; -4fr 
William Clarence Willirig, MD. 
tDavid Allen Wolf, MD. 
Robert Alan Young. MD. 

« D i m i tr l oo A. Zaf i r i o, MD. - 
tSteven Elliott Zaiesch, MD. 

Neal Martin Zarin, MD. 

■ Ra l ph Car l ton Zc l tmon, CA. 
tNelson Douglas Zeroth, MD. 



Bachelors 27 


Candidates will be presented 
by Dr. Marjory Brooks. Dean 
of the College 

Roberta Marie Ahern, MD. 

Margaret Mae Alford, MD. 

Jacquelyn Doris Arnold, MD. 

Marlen Baege, N.J. 

Sally Marianne Behrendt, MD. 

Lucinda Ann Beline, N.Y. 

Chia Yin Bien, DC. 

Jo Ann Biles, MD. 

Allyn Elizabeth Billingsley, MD. 
tBarbara Lois Birx, MD. 

Theresa Gail Bladen, MD. 

Margaret Christine Bracken, MD. 

Sherrie Lyn Breault, MD. 
'Claudia Dianne Brogden, MD. 

Jill Elaine Brown, MD. 

Sylvia Jane Brubaker, MD. 
tMartha Clark Burgess, MD. 

Shelley Ann Burkoff, MD. 

Geoffrey Oscar Carter, MD. 

Mary Kathleen Carter, MD. 

Yeli Cassinelli, MD. 

Margaret Ritchie Cole, MD. 
fJanine Scot Coren, N.Y. 

Angela D. Cross, MD. 

Joyce Lyn Davidson, N.J. 
fjenny Lynn Davis, MD. 

Wendy Elizabeth Dunenfeld, MD. 

Susanne Klioze Edelson, MD. 

Margaret Patricia Estes, MD. 

Muriel Beth Fielder, MD. 
tKathryn Cross Finegan, MD. 

Karen Marie Finnell, MD. 

Barbara Sue Galate, MD. 
tClara Rose Garvey, MD. 

Kaye Elizabeth Gastley, MD. 
tKathy Land Gelbart, MD. 

Janice Ivy Gelman, MD. 

Karen Ann Golda, N.J. 

Ruth Lynn Gorelick, MD. 

Sandra Green, MD. 
"Jane Ann Griffith, MD. 
'Melody Ann Grimm, MD. 
'Gwen Mary Grossmiller, MD. 

Gloria L. Hamer, MD. 
tCatherine Ellen Hammer, MD. 

Solveig Paulson Hardin, MD. 

Benjamin T. L. Hardy., Jr., D.C. 

Mary Margaret Hardy, MD. 

Allan Eugene Heasty, MD. 

Cyma Rifka Cohn Heffter, MD. 

Cynthia Anne Helmick, MD. 

Sandra Henning, N.J. 

'Sharon Diane Hewitt, MD. 

Susan Annabel Hill, N.J. 
tBarbara Nancy Hoffman, MD. 
"Denise Rochelle Holtzman, N.J. 
tSharon Jean Hoover, PA, 

'Roxanne Hout, MD. 

Barbara Lynn Hughes, MD. 
tStephanie Marie Hughes, MD. 

Elaine Ann Hutchins, MD. 
'Ellen E. Ives, PA. 

Bonnie Catherine Izard, N.Y. 

Mary Anne James, FL. 

Hazel Diane Johansen, MD. 

Lois Woronka Johnson, MD. 
'Valerie J. Johnston, MD. 

Lynn Hilary Jordan, MD. 

Karen Anne Kandra, MD. 

Rebecca Ruth Kanen, VA. 
tLynne Marie Kennedy, MD. 
'Debra Sue Kessler, MD. 

Marlene K. Kiddy, MD. 

Miyoung Kim. MD. 

Jerry Steven Kivitz, MD. 

Sharon Ann Kocsis, N.J. 

Mary Koutoures. N.Y. 

Barbara Joyce Lane. N.J. 

Robin Gail Lutz, N.J. 
tPaula Magoulas, MD. 

Jane R. Malone. MD. 

Christine Starr Mathiesen, MD. 

Colleen Maudette McBride. MD. 

Jean Marie Measell, MD. 

Barbara Delaney Mechler, MD. 

Beverly Jane Metz. MD. 

Kathryn Ann Meyers. MD. 

Kathleen A. Michael, MD. 

Marilyn Dolores Miller, MD. 

Brenda Kay Moore, MD. 

Patricia Huggins Mudgett, MD. 

Jane Cordelia Muirhead, MD. 

Lois Joy Myers, MD. 

Karen Marie Nasuti, MD. 

Kathryn Lee Nugent, MD. 

Jane Frances Oberhofer, MD. 

Margaret Louise O'Neal, GA. 

Kim Allysa Osborne, MD. 

Dorothy Louise Palmer, MD. 

Josephine Ann Palumbo, MD. 

Carol Susan Papiermeister, MD. 

Judith Ann Patrick, N.J. 

Freda Louise Patton, MD. 

Laura Ann Pellenbarg, MD. 

Janice Ann Peters, MD. 

Barbara Ann Pinckney, DC. 

Randi Gayle Podell, MD. 

Ilene Myra Pollack, MD. 
tJoyce Lynne Pollitt, MD. 

Albert Tyrone Powell, MD. 

Laurie Proger, MD. 

Karen Rebecca Putens, MD. 

Trina M. Rabovsky, MD. 

Vincene Frances Raul, MD. 

Carol Lee Rombro, MD. 

Jane Ellen Roper, FL. 

Nancy Jane Rossi, PA. 

Terry Leigh Saffos, MD. 

Lois Ann Santaniello, CT. 

Alice Elizabeth Sattler, MD. 

Sandra Clark Schafer, MD. 

"Carol E. Schlossnagle, MD. 

Robert Howard Schnabel, MD. 

Stephen Jay Schultz, MD. 

Joan Ellen Scotch, MD. 

Maureen Gore Seyford, MD. 
'Dale Long Sheldon, MD. 
'Diane Amati Sikorski, MD. 

Dominic Vincent Simone, MD. 

Nancy Virginia Slechta, MD. 

Kristina Lee Somers, MD. 

Carolyn M. Stefan, MD. 

Kathy Stokes, N.J. 

Margaret Laine Tapman, MD. 

Joy A. Thompson, MD. 

Leslie Thomson, MD. 
'Karan Marlene True, MD. 

Sharon Roberta Trueman, MD. 

Suzanne Turner, MD. 

Mary Ellen Varney, MD. 

Susan Elizabeth Veader, MD. 

Loraine Ann Vitelozzi, MD. 

Theresia Vonallmen, MD. 
'Joanne Voytilla, MD. 

Adriene Diane Warner, MD. 

Brenda Joyce Waters, MD. 

Barrington Ivan Wormley, MD. 

Mary Victoria Wygant, MD. 

Jill Wilson Ziegler, PA. 

28 Bachelors 


Candidates will be presented 
by Dr. Ray E. Hiebert, Dean 
of the College 

Lois Weller Adams, MD. 

Paul David Bailey, MD. 

Roxanne Washburn Bailey, CT. 

John Francis Boyle, MD. 

Timothy Francis Brant, VA. 

Ernest Wayne Bush, MD. 

Bruce Richard Carey, MD. 

Sonia Joann Chromiak, CT. 

Katherine Clark, MD. 
tRochelle Caplan Cohen, MD. 
tJohn Lawrence Conley, MD. 

Keith Donald Connor, MD. 

John Patrick Craven, MD. 

Jan Reid Davidson, MD. 
tDebra Loua Dean, MD. 

Jan S. Deneroff, N.Y. 
tSharon L. Dorfman, MD. 

Susan Dreiband, MD. 

Anna Marie Filippi, MD. 

Diana Christine Fischer, MD. 

John Edward Frantz, MD. 

Michael Robert Freed, MD. 

Kathleen Theresa Goldbeck, MD. 

Sara Dena Green, MD. 

William J. Hagen, MD. 

Benette Harrison, MD. 

Judy Ann Henderson, MD. 

Dennis Alfred Hogan, MD. 

Marilyn P. Hurwitz, MD. 

Paul Andrew laderosa, MD. 

Jacquelyn Ray Jackson, MD. 

Carol L. Jaka, MD. 

David Abraham Kolman, MD. 

Frederick Jay Landau, N.J. 

Rafael Ignacio Maldonado, D.C. 

Renee Louise Martin, MD. 

Kenneth Paul Norkin, MD. 

Esther K. O'Brien, MD. 

Lynn Marie Palau, MD. 

Kathleen M. Parker, MD. 

Daisy Ann Patrick, MD. 

Donna M. Peterson, MD. 

Masona Lou Queen, MD. 

Wanda Lorraine Queen, MD. 

Randall Patrick Reardon, MD. 

Constance Marie Roos, MD. 

Neil William Sandier, PA. 

Christina Rose Schauble, MD. 

Linda Ruth Schwartz, D.C. 
tPaul Anthony Skocz, MD. 

Steven Terry Smith, MD. 

Steven Glenn Swartz, MD. 

Robert Bruce Tanner, MD. 

James Emmert Thomas III, MD. 

Joan Elizabeth Thomas, MD. 

tMitchell Jaye Tropin, MD. 

Linda Marie Watts, MD. 

Helen Kathleen Waugh, MD. 

Willis Daniel Webster, MD. 
Helen Colleen Wei. MD. 
Patricia Ann Wheeler, D.C. 
Carl Arthur Whisner, MD. 
Use Sonja Whisner, MD. 
Steven Zaks, MD. 


Candidates will be presented 
by Dr. Marvin H. Eyier, Dean 
of the College 

'Susan Mary Arm, GA. 

Margaret Jeanne Baldwin, MD. 

Christine Moore Barnhart, MD. 

Cindy A, Bereson, MD. 
'Beverly Jean Bloodsworth, MD. 

Mark Allen Bowman, MD. 

Pamela Jean Boyd, N.J. 

George James Boyer, MD. 

Brent Eugene Boylan, MD. 

Douglas Arthur Bremerman, MD. 
tJulie Lynn Brooks, MD. 
'Dominick Bucci, N.Y. 

Ronald Boyd Caldwell, MD. 

Gerald Thomas Carney, N.J. 

Rita F. Collier, MD. 

Karen Irene Collinge, MD. 

Linda Covington, MD. 

Katherine Clark Crowley, MD. 

Mary Jane Dempsey, MD. 

Donna Clark Denison, MD. 

John Milton Derrick, MD. 

Pamela Katherine Drake, MD. 
'Robert Francis Dredger, Jr., MD. 

Robin Lynn Edwards, MD. 

Paul John Fahrner, MD. 

Mary Jo Fangmeyer, MD. 

Mary Anne Farrell, MD. 

Ellen Sue Finkelstein, MD. 

Bonnie Lee Fisher, MD. 

Harriett Josephine Eraser, MD. 

Jane Marie Ganz, MD. 

Rachelle M. Garten, N.J. 

Roseanne Klein Glick, AL. 

Mary Susan Gorsuch, MD. 

Anthony Eugene Greene, MD. 
tPatricia Harley, VA. 

Andres Erich Heger, MD. 

Daniel Werner Heger, MD. 

Joanne Holford, MD. 

Andrew Cameron Hoy, MD. 

Mira Ellen Kalpin, KS. 
fKinee Vern Kaplan, MD. 

Cassandra Parker King, MD. 

James Joseph Kirlin, Jr., MD. 

Robin Klein, NY. 

Kathleen L. Kuchta, MD. 

Mary Beth Labozetta, MD. 

Brona S. Levin, MD. 

Charles Francis Lewis, Jr., MD. 

Michael Nicholas Lishack, PA. 

David Kirk Lovell, MD. 

Elizabeth Ann Lux, MD. 

James Michael Manley, MD. 

Robert George Manz, MD. 

tSara Jane Mclntyre, MD. 

Joyce Carol McKay, VA. 

Joyce Lynne McKay, MD. 

William Kirk-Patrick 
McLaughlin, NY. 

Brien Aloysius McMurray, MD. 
tRuth Lyn Meese, MD. 

Thomas Lee Miller, Jr., PA. 

Timothy Alan Moore, MD. 

Carol Z. Ossi, MD. 

Mara Piluras, MD. 
'Stephen Louis Proia, MD. 

Larry John Raum, MD. 

James Michael Reidy, MD. 

Suzanne Hara Reuben, MD. 

Carole Ann Rigdon, MD. 

David Howard Roby, MD. 

Kermit Frederick Ryland, MD. 
fMary Evelyn Schmidt, N.J. 
tKaren F. Schulte, N.C. 

John Frederick Schultz, MD. 

Robert William Shafer, MD. 
tSteven Alan Shaw, MD. 

Robert Earl Sheldon, MD. 

Michael Bert Sherin, MD. 

Raymond A. Sherry, N.J. 

Charles Christy Smith, MD. 

William Allan Stever, MD. 

Roger William Strock, MD. 

Martha J. Suffae, MD. 

Ann Larue Thomas, MD. 

James Louis Thorpe, VA. 

Carolyn Dorothy Twohig, MD. 
'Steven Louis Valencia, MD. 

Jon Van Orden, MD. 

Barbara Gail Wagaman, MD. 
'Joseph Lee Watts, MD. 

James Barry Wesner, MD. 

Sandra P. Worth, MD. 

Bachelors 29 


Second Lieutenants. US- Air 
Force Reserve 

Robert Alvin Barlow 
David Joseph Breerwood, Jr. 
Stewart Carlton Cluck 
William Gerard Connelly 
James Clayton Davis 
Gregory William Diachenko 
Theodore Russell Dunn 
Eric Richard Ehst 
John Bothwell Fisher 
Paul Ridgely Gehrmann 
Thomas Anthony Gilkey, III 
Richard Hayes Ginnett 
Morton Joseph Gold, Jr. 
Paul Edgar Gresham 
Michael Lee Happe 
Leigh David Johnson 
Douglas Edward Layne 
Stephen Keith Lentz 
Leon Litow 
Gary Robert Mandell 
John Dale Mitchell 
Bernard Michael Mudd 
Robert Bohumil Noha 
Geoffrey Lawrence Nolan 
Dennis Heny Rowinski 
Raymond Jeffrey Schultz 
Jonathan Judd Sheperd 
Carl Joseph Sutkus 
John Ellas Tompros 
Gregory Gary Waeber 




Candidates for bachelors' degree eligible to graduate "With Honors" or 
"With High Honors" are so indicated in the alphabetical listings by college. 
These persons are eligible for the appropriate designation if they have 
completed at leasttwoyearsof resident work (60 semester hours) at the time 
of graduation with a scholastic average of B or higher. (Computation does 
not include grades for courses taken during the last semester of registration 
before graduation.) The candidates must also rank in the upper fifth of the 
graduating class in their respective colleges. "With High Honors" is awarded 
to the upper tenth of those in each college, if they qualify, and "With Honors" 
is awarded to the second tenth of those in each college, if they qualify. 

With Honors in Psychology 

With Honors in Spanish . 
With Honors in Speech 
and Dramatic Art 


Judith Clare Alpert" 
Bruce Abbey Bayer 
William G. Connelly 
Ruth Elizabeth Dayhoff 
David Gower Dicks 
Robert Cameron Duncan 
Mark Aaron Hubble 

Sari Heller Kaplan 
Mary Vidella McKay 
Deborah Denise Monroe 
Nancy Jean Moore 
Constance Louise Otradovec 
Valentina Russack 

With Honors in Textiles and 
Consumer Economics ... 

With Honors in Zoology. 

Marcia Hollis Datlow 
Susan Lesley Korfanty 
Jeffrey Marc Kreps 
Larke Lee Nahme 
Sharon Frances 
Hunter Travers 
Joanne Arleen Livornese 

Karen Fran Brooks 
David Gower Dicks 
Karin J. Goldsmith 
Ira Robert Greenstein *■ 
Mary Rita LoJacono 
Nancy Ellen Plachta 
Jane Pierce Wheeler 

Barbara Lois Birx 
Lucinda Ann Beline 
Rena Rodeman " 
Jo Ann Snyder *' 
JoAnne Voytilla 
Kris Walter Thoemke 


With High Honors in Astronomy John Mark Christian 

Andrew Katz 

With Honors in Economics Armando Esteban Linde 

With Honors in Economics Francisco Javier Marin-Price 

With High Honors in English William Howard Lancaster 

Nancy L. Marks 
Nancy Wilde Prothro 

With Honors in History Joel Anthony Rothberg 

Moray David Rothberg 

With High Honors in Mathematics Mary Eugenia Morley 

Eric Schechter 

With High Honors in 
Microbiology David Paul Via 

With High Honors in Physics John Russell Michener, 

David Larsen Porter, 
Lawrence Gibbons Votta, Jr. 

With High Honors in Psychology Philip H. Lavine 

With High Honors in Spanish Patricia Irene Chastain 

Michael A. Leone 
Alan Eugene Smith 

With Honors in Chemistry Thomas Joseph Zaucha 

With Honors in English Donald Notley Cook ** 

Joyce Susan Latter*" 

With Honors in Government 
and Politics Joseph Daniel Gallagher 

With Honors in Mathematics Raymond George Crafton ** 

Robert Louis Kirby ** 
Phyllis Kolmus," 
Edward Lee Korn 
Armando Pompei Saavedra, 
Marsha Ann Segal 

With Honors in Philosophy Jesse L. Yoder 

With Honors in Physics Arati Dasgupta 

Gregory Faulkner Page 

"Graduated December 21. 1972 






(Junior Women's Honor Society) 

Jacqueline E. Bees 
Pamela J. Blank 
Gayle A. Brenchley 
Randi Chalal 
Claudia J. Corbett 
Joanne J. Doody 
Ellen A. Gaffney 
Susan N. Greenberg 
Alice P. Helms 
Sandra Henning 
Barbara M. Hoffman 
Karen A. Jettmar 
Mildred J. Keir 
Joan M. Leafiy 
Randi O. Levinson 
Nancy E. Long 
Dorothy P. McGee 
Catherine M. Massie 
Kimberii Melvin 
Jennifer L. Metelits 
Faye L. Morrison 
Sharon M. Pats 
Joyce Lynne Pollitt 
Judith K. Rib 
Rena O. Rodeman 
Saralee Schwartz 
Jean E. Toula 
Jacqueline Lee Weber 


(The National senior tionor society 

for women, recognizing service, leadership 

and scholarship) 

Constance A. Bissell 
Rochelle Caplan 
Ellen Ann Gaffney 
Jane Ann Griffith 
Mary Anne James 
Elizabeth A. Kappel 
Randi O. Levinson 
Nancy E. Long 
Joyce Lynne Pollitt 
Judith Karen Rib 
Rena O. Rodeman 
Janet L. Tyner 


(A national honorary fraternity, open to 
honor students, both men and women, in 
all branches of learning) 


Samuel J. LeFrak 


Archie Lee Buffkins 
Mary Fair Burks 
Elwyn E. Deal 
Beatrice Camille Fink 
L, Schuyler Fonaroff 

Karl E. Gettle 
Robert K. Hirzel 
Richard J, Marasco 
William M. Pender 
George W. Starling 
Kenneth F, Stough 
Virginia Li Wang 

Graduate Students 

Anna C. Alt 

Mary Lou Sweet Anderson 

Kenneth Allen Archer 

Sylvia Cada Auton 

John W, Avitabile, Jr. 

Harold Kent Baker 

Mary T. Batt 

Robert Henry Becker 

Margery E. Berman 

Lucille F. Bluso 

Sally Scott Rogers Borchert 

Ronald Angelo Bosco 

Margaret Ann Boyle 

Lee Aubrey Burcham 

Harry F, Bushar 

Donald S, Cannon 

OIlie Mae Carroll 

Mary Elizabeth Celmer 

Raymond Clar 

Richard Alden Cooper 

Edwin Slover Crawford 

Jane Duryea Cummings 

Paul Wilson Deafenbaugh 

Lemoine V, Dickinson, Jr. 

Constance Pierce Dickson 

Carol Ann Distasio 

Paul A. Domoto 

Jean Donham 

Willa Garner Duff 

Richard M. Eberst 

Michael S. Epstein 

Meredith M. Fernstrom 

John E. Fisk 

William Freas 

Steven G, Futernick 

Linda B. Gambrell 

Judith M. Gansberg 

Roberta S. Gardella 

Dov Gil 

Vic S. Gladstone 

Lydia Jane Goatcher 

Carolyn McCants Goering 

Richard Warren Grefrath 

Marguerite Edmands Grier 

Ronald Price Grimes 

Mary Virginia Frazier Harich 

Barbara Stewart Harman 

Maxine H. Hill 

Ming Teh Hsu 

Judy Carol Huffman 

Sydney V. Jackson 

Robin B. Jaffe 

Grace Marlene Jonke 

Barbara Ann Kapinus 

Robert E. Laird 

Stephen H. Leventhal 

Kim G. Levi 

Lillian L. Liu 

Michael Anthony Lofaro 

Kevin John Lyons 

Kathleen T. Madigan 

Ronald W. Manderscheid 

Barbara Jean Marsh 

Jean Maclennan Maryak 

Jane Brady Matanzo 

Alice Marie McGill 

C. David McGlothlin 

Julia Rudyne Miller 

Eugene J. Mroz 

Hani Mohamed Negm 

Josiane Nespoulous-Neuville 

Dorothy Ruth Nowack 

Rosemary O'Brien 

S. Mary Mel O'Dowd 

Katherine H. Packer 

Sigrid Rita Papademetriou 

Jennifer Marks Peck 

Sharon Shields Peterson 

Iris J. Prager 

Lawrence Patrick Purtell 

Karen L. Rancourt 

Mary Brigid Rapp 

Richard L. Resurreccion 

Jerilyn K. Ribovich 

Gary F. Riggins 

Caria J. Rosenblum 

Susumu Sakakibara 

Nancy-Jo M. Scheers 

Gary V. Schultz 

Paul W. Seaver, Jr. 

ReNae Sherman 

Joyce Lee Shields 

James W. Shufelt 

Barry B. Shultz 

Rosalind Diane Singer 

Gail Elaine Stuart 

Robert C. Sword 

Rita Susan Tall 

Roger Tatum 

Joan Roby Taylor 

Lillian R. Taylor 

James Franklin Turk 

Gordon J. VanderBrug 

Sylvia Stoler Wagonheim 

James S. Ward 

William T. Waugh 

Carol Weber 

Sharon Ruth Wiebking 

Gerald A. Wilson 

Joan M. Wolle 

Kuo-Eng F. Wu 

Joe K. Yabu 

Jeffry Wen-Hu Yeh 

Undergraduate Students 

Michael David Abell 

Agnes A. Alcott 

Judith Clare Alpert 

James J. Alter 

Judith White Anacker 

Harry Robert Anderson 

John Arnold Andrew 

Mary Angle 

Marsha Gail Ansel 

Linda Sue Anthony 

Norma Lee Arcilesi 

Debra K. Artino 

Gisela Mueller Asher 

Muriel Charlotte Ashley 

John Scott Ashlin 

Karen L. Ashlin 

Joe Carl Ashworth 

Barbara Ann Avellini 

Abraham Avidor 

Laura Ellen Savely Bafunno 

Anthony G. Bailer 

Cynthia Ann Bailey 

Madelyn Elizabeth Ball 

Karen Spear Ballesteros 

Richard A. Banvard 

Julene LaHam Bartel 

Zvi Barzilay 

Bonnie W. Bauer 

Bruce Abbey Bayer 

Vickie May Beard 

Holly Beardsley 

Katherine L. Beinecke 

Bruce Webb Bennett 

Deborah Lee Benz 

Charlene Barbara Berger 

Marianne Ellinor Berlin 

Carol Shore Berman 

Harriet Binder 

Thomas Michael Bircumshaw 

Constance A. Bissell 

Bert Black 

Anita Marie Blanar 

Pamela Jean Blank 

Robert W. Blank 

Carol S. Blass 

Lorie Ellen Bleiweis 

Barbara Ann Bloom 

CarIa June Bock 

James J. Boney 

Gloria Marshall Borgrink 

Franklin E. Boteler 

Robert Clarence Bower 

Sheila Teague Bowman 

Pamela J. Bozzi 

Beverly Joan Bradford 

Andrew Martin Brasch 

Marc Steven Bresler 

Sharon L. Briggs 

Philip F. Bronwotiz 

Karen Brooks 

Randolph N. Brooks 

Bethany Jane Brown 

Carroll A. Brown, Jr. 

32 Honors 

Martin Thomas Brumback 
Wayne D. Bryant 
Alice M. Burch 
Pamela Marie Burkhardt 
Dorothy Burt 
Maureen Carley Bussink 
Billy F. Butler 
Rebecca Lynn Cain 
Ann Calvin 
John W. Carman 
James L. Carter 
Jerome Steven Casper 
Deborah Jean Castner 
Christopher Carroll Catledge 
Judith Diane Caulk 
Tina Cernugel 
Kitty Kit-Ching Chan 
Patricia Irene Chastain 
Eleanor Chelimsky 
Doris A. Chew 
Kathleen Ann Childs 
John Mark Christian 
Celeste Arlene Ciango 
Vivian Shirron Cline 
Sara Wooddell Coe 
William G Connelly 
Allyn Ann Cook 
Janine Scot Coren 
Hugh J. Cottington 
Nancy Lynn Cox 
Stephen Lewis Craig 
Harold G. Craighead 
Donna Lee Crampton 
Morris Jacob Creeger 
Diane Bolger Cunningham 
William Patrick Dalton 
Ray J. Davis 
Steven Arthur Dawson 
Ruth Elizabeth Dayhoff 
Rosemarie DeDonato 
Raymond M. DeMarco 
Thomas A. DeMott 
Carol Gill Denham 
Diana Lynne Densock 
Claire Leigh Denton 
Paula S. DePriest 
Elizabeth Der 
Mary Ellen DeSarno 
Lyndall M. Dickinson 
David Gower Dicks 
Nanette E. Dobson 
Karen S, Doetsch 
Jacqueline Masters Doney 
Sharon L. Dorfman 
John Thomas Downing 
Kathleen Strickland Downs 
Sharon Smith Drescher 
Linda Sue Dudley 
Barbara Chenault Duff 
Mary Susan Dugger 
Paula Christine Dunfee 
Michelle Ann Duval 
Mary Eckels 

Linda Edwards 
Sara G, Egorin 
Camille Eheart 
Corin Lois Eisenstein 
William K. Elderbaum 
Teri Ann Emig 
Elaine Deborah Erdman 
Charles Stephen Ernst 
Joan Kurlander Eskow 
Gregory O. Faith 
Denise Carrol Fiske 
Anne Marie Fleming 
Diane Carmen Fones 
Janice L. Forney 
Joan Holden Forsythe 
Mark Stephen Fowler 
Kathryn Louise Fox 
Stephen Louis Frey 
Samuel David Friedel 
Stephen Douglas Fromang 
John R. Frost 
Rosemarie Fuchs 
Robert T. Futrell 
Jerome James Galinsky 
Joseph Daniel Gallagher 
Stephanie Lynn Gallarda 
Charles K. Gantz II 
Kathy L. Gelbart 
Sam I. Gellens 
Linda L. George 
Jeffrey C. Gerrish 
Paul Alan Gertler 
Elizabeth Gibbons 
Vincent Peter Gibbons 
"Kay E. Ginader 
Roberta Joan Gnatt Gloger 
Brenda E. Golden 
Edward Jay Goldman 
Karin J. Goldsmith 
Mindi S. Golnick 
Paula Gordon 
Lawrence Michael Gotfried 
Ruth Anne Graham 
Frank George Grahn 
Susan Nancy Greenberg 
Leonard Greene 
Michael Henri Griffin 
Sharon Kaye Griffith 
Donna Jean Haenftling 
James Robert Hafer 
Thomas Cummings Halverstadt 
Catherine E. Hammer 
Jeanne S. Hammond 
Barbara June Hanson 
Stanley G. Harger 
Richard Alan Harnish 
Thomas Carleton Harris 
John Stephen Harshman 
Carol Suzanne Hart 
John R. Harwell 
Helen M. Hatfield 
Linda Maury Lynch Havlicek 
Ernestine Hawkins 

Marlene Theresa Hayman 
Harold Douglas Haynes 
Corinne Dorothy Hayward 
Gene D. Hecker 
Lee D. Hemink 
Marc Aaron Herbst 
Judith B. Herron 
Sharon Diane Hewitt 
Maria McDaniel Heyssel 
Susan B. Himmer 
Timothy Kane Hirzel 
Barbara N. Hoffman 
Jay Collins Holbrook 
Carrol Lee Hoover 
Sharon J. Hoover 
John D. Hopkins 
Mark Aaron Hubble 
Leigh A. Hughes 
Carol Ann Jablonski 
Leroy R. Jackson, Jr. 
Stuart L. Jacobs 
Johnny James 
Melody Cecilia James 
Patricia Lynn Jamison 
Thomas John Jankowski 
Michael King Jason 
Raymond Louis Jellison 
Marcia Jestaedt 
Jean B. Johnson 
Deborah Lucille Jones 
'Thomas R. Jones 
Carol Diane Jori 
Lynne D. Judelson 
Abdusamad A. Kabir 
Theresa M. Kacena 
Mary Elizabeth Kaigler 
Lois Kampinsky 
Sharon Gail Kanter 
Barbara Lynn Kaplan 
Deborah Jean Kaplan 
Kinee Vern Kaplan 
Richard Allen Kaplan 
Sari Heller Kaplan 
Elizabeth A. Kappel 
Andrew Katz 
Marc S. Katz 
Deborah J. Katzenstein 
Christine Ann Kelly 
Lynne Marie Kennedy 
Bruce Richard Kermit 
Marilyn Anne Kessinger 
Barry Steven Kessler 
Myra Susan Kessler 
Scott Michael Kessler 
Sherry Lee Kinland 
John D. Kinsel 
Jane Frances Klaric 
Millie Francis Knapp 
Billy Koch 

Kenneth D. Kondritzer 
Cherry Lynn Koontz 
Susan Lesley Korfanty 
Margaret R. Kozakoff 
Jeffrey Marc Kreps 

Marguerite Rose Krista 
Martin Harris Kroll 
Fern Dian Krouk 
Janice Susan Kush 
David Allan Lacher 
Thomas L. Lackey 
James C. Lackie 
Chernll B. Laird 
Winifred A. Lambert 
William Howard Lancaster 
Michele Sue Landman 
Steven Edward Lane 
Margareth Lange 
Frank Edward Latimer, Jr. 
John Luther Laurrell 
Sidney Laytin 
Dale Bernice Lazzari 
Mary Elizabeth Leatherbury 
Faith Fei-Mei Lee 
Henry You Chee Lee 
Nancy Beth Leenson 
Frank Anderson Leonard 
Michael A. Leone 
Marsha Joan Lerner 
Frances Sharon Levin 
Paul Michael Levin 
Jill LeBoff Levine 
Rose Tendler Levine 
Melissa A. Lewicki 
Robert M. Lilley 
Elena Rose Locantore 
Mary Rita LoJacono 
Nancy T. Lord 
James G. Lovelace 
Cheryl Meredith Lowe 
Sharon Meredith Lowe 
Frances E. Ludman 
Marc Alan Lurie 
George William Lytle 
Karen L. Maddox 
Eva Magiros 
Paula Magoulas 
'Joseph B. Maloney, Jr. 
Dolores Maminski 
Jeanne Mae Mandell 
Antigone J. Maroudis 
Barry R. Marts 
James R. Mathes 
John Gary Matthews 
Barbara Elizabeth Maxwell 
Richard D. McCarthy 
Carl Preston McCartney 
James Paul McCaslin 
James Walter McConnaughey 
Carol Joyce McFarland 
Sara Collette McGill 
Sara J. Mclntyre 
Mary Vidella McKay 
Wayne T. McKee 
Alma Jeanne McKenna 
Sharon Louise McKim 
Alice M. McLaurin 
Ronald Meier 
"Christine Anne Meleski 

'Outstanding Juniors 

Honors 33 

Victoria L. Mellor 

Glenn Steven Merewltz 

Judith N. MIchaelson 

Weldon E. Mllbourne 

Susan Elizabeth WIest Miles 

Linda Fay Miller 

Susan Meryl Miller 

Kathleen A. Mllnes 

Shelly Ellene Mintz 

Edward B. MIshner 

Anne Frances Moeller 

Debra Morganstein 

Sarah Alison Moseley 

Jerald Paul Mosgin 

Joseph Mullin 

Valerie Mullin 

Lawrence E. Strickling 

Ronald Bruce Sullivan 

Wendy Gail Surkis 

Betsy Jane Syckes 

Stuart M. Tabb 

Nancy Tankelson 

Delores Marie Taylor 

Hope C. Taylor 

Hannah G. Teitelbaum 

Ruth F. Temin 

Dorothy H. Tepper 

Stephen D. Terman 

Maureen Ellen Thomas 

Karen Anne Thrift 

Kathi H. Thursfieid 

Carol L. Tourault 

Sharon Frances Hunter Travers 

Francine Karen Troy 

Lana Lee Turner 

Michelle D. Uhl 

John D. Underwood, Jr. 

Stephen Howard Uretsky 

Stephen James Utts 

Helen Marianne Vaitaitis 

Jaime A. Valencia 

Donna Maria Varette 

Lois Ann Bleifus Vargas 

David Paul Via 

Cheryl Lynne vonBriesen 

William Earl Wade, Jr. 

George William Walker, Jr. 

Dorothy Jo Wallace 

Miriam Mary Wallace 

Monica J. Walsh 

Valerie Doris Ward 

Sheila A. Warner 

Linda Jeanne Watt 

Cathy Lee Weaver 

William Kean Weaver 

Marcia A. Weber 

Marcia Wendy Weinberger 

Diane Nilsen Westcott 

Teresa Ann Wetzler 

Nancy Ruth Weyel 

James John Wharton 

Jane Pierce Wheeler 

M Debra Whitcomb 

Patrick William White 

Patricia L. Whiteside 
Carol Ann Widmayer 
Debra Lee Wille 
John S. Willett 
Dale Wilson 
Shelia C. Wilson 
John E. Winslow 
Steven M. Wishnow 
Peter Francis Witt 
Mary Jane Wood 
Bob Worthington 
Leah C. Wrenn 
Miriam Mimi Yudkoff 
Karen Murphy Zaranski 


(Civil Engineering Honorary Society) 

Timothy H. Beacham 

John W. Callahan, Jr. 

Dale G. Coppage 

Stephen L. Craig 

Tony C. Eng 

Roy R. Evans 

David W. Harris 

Charles J. Klein III 

James R. Lambrechts 

Thomas V. Morris 

Robert L. Peskin 

Ronald D. Smith 

David S. Sugarman 


(Honor Society of Hebrew Language 

and Culture) 

Rhoda M. Berez 

Pamela J. Eisenstein 

Ruth A. Flatow 

David Fleishman 

Cheryl S. Friedman 

Stephen H. Hamburg 

Joseph L. Kraut 

Amy F. Lipp 

Wendelin I. Lipp 

Tobi L. Lipshitz 

Marsha S. Markman 

Marsha E. Merrick 

Rhonda S. Perlman 

Elaine S. Pines 

Sheri L. Rowen 

Mark H. Scheiner 

Anthony H. Schwartz 

Doris Schwartz 

Iris E. Wernikoff 

Anita M. Wolke 


(National Honor Society in Education 

Jackie Ann Alt 
Rebecca Lynn Cain 
Sandra Lynn Caparell 
Susan Archibald Cassidy 
Sheila Pearl Cohen 
Carolyn Elaine Dame 

Mary Ann Fisher 
Denise Carrol Fiske 
Susan Marie FitzGerald 
Janice Lee Forney 
Jacqueline Ann Franz 
Paula Gordon 
Mary Gayle Griesbauer 
Sarah Jane Hall 
Susan Elizabeth Herrell 
Jeanne Ellen Holets 
Janet Lee Homberg 
Rita Cecile Hummell 
David Elliot Katz 
Mildred Josephine Keir 
Alison Mary Kimlicko 
Judith Yvette Kuperberg 
Jeffrey Norman Kurtz 
Annette V. Lambson 
Kaye Lynn Letaw 
Cheryl Meredith Lowe 
Sharon Meredith Lowe 
Noel Franklin Marks 
Lynda Jean Mayer 
Donita Jane McGeary 
Sharon Louise McKim 
Michael Dennis Merson 
Susan E. Wiest Miles 
Catherine Mary Milkie 
Faye Louise Morrison 
Anne C. Paskow 
Joan Carol Perdue 
Barbara Lu Pettit 
Elaine Susan Pines 
Deborah Courtney Poole 
Ellen Paula Rothstein 
Betsy Ann Saffos 
Terri Chayt Schwartz 
Kaye Marie Shedlock 
Martha T. Simon 
Laurie Sue Spiro 
Mary Rita Stahl 
Edith Susan Strenger 
Carol Lee Tourault 
Cheryl Lynne vonBriesen 
Sharon Elizabeth Wheeler 
Debra Lee Wille 


(Journalism Honorary Society) 

Alice I. Bailey 
Rochelle Caplan Cohen 
Denice L. Darrow 
Debra L. Dean 
Sharon L. Dorfman 
Phyllis S. Hecht 
Jay A. Kernis 
Charles H. Neighbor 
Paul A. Skocz 
Lou G. Swerda 
Mitchell J, Tropin 


(Home Economics Honorary Society) 

Initiated, Fall, 1972 

Cynthia Bailey 
Kathy Gelbart 
Pamela Medd 
Sally Sites 
Sr. Mary Gilbart 
Patricia Murphy 
Jenny Davis 
Dyann Dash 
Rosey Epp Garvey 

Initiated, Spring, 1973 

Nancy Erwin 
Dorothy Waugaman 
Patricia Sinclair 
Barbara Harmon 
Faren Mitman 
Mary Goddard 
Stephanie Hughes 
Jane Ann Griffith 
Diane Sikorski 
Mariann Jordon 
Dale Sheldon 
Valerie Johnston 
Kathy Stokes 
Susan Hill 

llene Pollack Tropin 
Sandra Green 
Theresia Von Allmen 
Camille Eheart 
Lois Luckman 
Betty Perloff 
Christine Bohner 
Deborah Brotman 
Jayne Bassett 


(Mathematics Honorary Society) 

President: Kaye Shedlock 

Vice-President: Marsha Segal 

Secretary: Carol Ann Widmayer 

Treasurer: Bruce Lipschultz 

Anita Blanar 

Susan E. Brodsky 

Thomas Butash 

Nancy D. Como 

Stephen L. Craig 

David J. Crockett 

Ruth Dayhoff 

Alice Deppe 

David M. Dyer 

Steven Eiserike 

Mary S. Forsht 

Sue Ann Glass 

Roberta G. Gloger 

Emily Hannah 

Patricia Huhn 

Robert L. Kirby 

Janice Kush 

Don J. Lindler 

34 Honors 

Levin R. McGarvey 
Elizabeth Ann Meehan 
Jonathan Merzel 
Kathryn L. Ostberg 
Carola I, Redone 
William C. Quinn 
Elaine Remsburg 
Gail Robbins 
Robyn Rosen 
Lynne Rosenthal 
Armando Saavedra 
G. Patrick Sand 
Eric Schecter 
Patricia Shields 
Andrew D. Smith 
Michael D. Sokoloff 
Dale Weinstein 
Michael Ann Wells 
Charlotte B. Williams 


Spanish Honors Society 

Graduate Students 
Peggy Arenas 
Anthony Barilla 
Diane Burrows 
Donald Burrows 
Ronald Carillo 
Thelma Cox 
Ernesto Cuesta 
James Fish 
Jose Gil 

Teresa Goldberg 
Leonor Guillen 
Sally Kube 
Ann Lesman 
Cesar Oro 
Agustin Perez 
Bradier Rivera 
Francine Schreiber 
Paul Seaver 
Jim Turk 

Undergraduate Students 
Suzanne Arnold 
Madelaine Bayly 
Delia Bisgyer 
Constance Bissell 
Pam Bohrer 
Carol Bond 
Bill Brown 
Rebecca Cain 
Maria Carmona 
Dennis Carnell 
Patricia Chastain 
Alicia de la Torre 
George Delgado 
Janet Goldstein 
Leslie Gradet 
Ann Graham 
Selly Grucci 
Ann Harkins 

Michael Hawkins 
Joseph Higgins 
Sharon Karst 
Sandra Kemick 
Karen Krausen 
Diane Leiner 
Michael Leone 
Julia Mamoni 
Cindy Odien 
Maria Riutort 
Laura Sauter 
Allen Smith 
Linda Tur 
Marcia Weinberger 
Karen Wintermyer 
Catherine Zeitsoff 


(Aerospace Engineering Honor Society) 

James G. Brasseur 
Eric R. Ehst 
Bruce E. Gardner 
Daniel J. Goldstein 
Glenn S. Miller 
Jonathan J. Sheperd 
John D. Smiley 
Dean P. Spacht 
Steven E. Zaiesch 


(Physics Honorary Society) 

John M. Christian 
Jordan A. Goodman 
Robert J. Kushlis 
Philip E. London 
James S. Lyerly 
John R. Michener 
David L. Porter 
Lawrence G. Votta Jr. 


(Engineering Honorary Society) 
John W. Allender 
James J. Alter 
Harry R. Anderson 
Alfred T. Barnard 
Norman L. Baumgarten 
Russell L. Bellamy 
Ronald B. Benjamin 
Bert Black 
Robert W. Blank 
Ronald E. Boston 
Samuel Bronstein 
Charles S. Bucans 
Richard B. Bunevitch 
James Caldwell 
James L. Carter 
Robert S. Chelemer 
John M. Colclough 

Dale G. Coppage 
Stephen L. Craig 
Hassan A. Dayem 
Bing N. Der 
Robert J. Divilio 
Michael N. Dwyer 
Peter H. Emmons 
Roy R. Evans 
Frank T. Fawcett 
William L. Feeney 
John P. Galloway 
Bruce E. Gardner 
Nelson E. Gardner 
Daniel J. Goldstein 
Edward F. Gonzales 
William J. Guit 
Stanley N. Hack 
Richard C. Hansen 
John E. Herring 
Robert L. Higginbotham 
Joseph P. Hopkins 
Charles D. Kahn 
Charles J. Klein 
Marshall Klein 
Paul W. Knopfle 
James R. Lambrechts 
Stephen S. Mack 
Kevin R. Madigan 
Wayne T. McKee 
James P. Marrichi 
Dale C. Meyer 
Steve Miller 
Sei H. Newkirk 
Parvis Nicktash 
Patrick J. O'Neill 
Douglas R. Ousborne 
Richard D. Peacock 
Joseph F. Piekarski 
Robert L. Powell 
Soni Rajive 
Rassa Rassai 
Thomas E. Richtmyer 
Mark S. Riggle 
Curtis A. Ritter 
Jonathan J. Sherperd 
Robert R. Sidi 
John D. Smiley 
Dean P. Spacht 
Jamie A. Valencia 
Howard O. Wilson 
Ronald J. Zacjek 
Stephen E. Zaiesch 
Nelson D. Zeroth 
George H. Zinkgraf 


(Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

Christine Anderson 
Donna Annis 
William Campbell 
Colleen Carruthers 
Laurence Gushing 

Marilyn Devine 
Keith Dixon 
Lawrence Eidelsberg 
Donald Farmer 
Robert C. Fry 
Mark A. Goodwin 
Joan Gotthardt 
Henry Hill, Jr. 
George Hochmuth 
Thomas Hollenshade 
Gary Lee Hubner 
Janisse Jackman 
John Jochum 
Curt Lunchick 
Lee S. Malone 
J. Kevin Mathias 
Christine Meleski 
Elbert Merrill, Jr. 
Elizabeth Moore 
Robert M. Mueller 
Frances Reid 
Steven Reid 
Helen Rogers 
Lynn Rybikowsky 
Richard J. Sinsky 
Joanne Smith 
Donald Viands 
Dorothy Wallace 
Neal Widdowson 
Joan Wright 


(Economics Honorary Society) 

Robert M. Bensetler 
Daniel Colacicco 
James H. Gill 
David R. Hill 
Thomas L. Lackey 
Francisco J. Marin-Price 
Richard D. McCarthy 
Helen L. McDonald 
Lee R. Poole 
Mary K. Robinson 
Patricia M. Shields 
Lawrence E. Strickling 
Stephen D. Terman 
Eileen Trzcinski 

Honors 35 


(Seniors elected in 1973) 

Judith C. Alpert 
John S, Ashlin 
Abraham Avidor 
Carolyn S. Bailey 
Karen S. Ballesleros 
Jan Berlin 
Constance Bissfll 
Anita Blanar 
Philip F, Bronowitz 
Timothy J. Burton 
Stuart A. Chalew 
Kitty K. Chan 
Suzette A. Chandler 
Patricia Chastain 
John M. Christian 
Jean M. Constantine 
Barbara R. Cummins 
Rosemarie Dedonato 
Lyndall M. Dickinson 
Karen S. Doetsch 
John T. Downing 
Robert C. Duncan 
David L. Dunnigan 
Charles S. Ernst 
Robert D. Feinghner 
Denise Fiske 
Diane C. Fones 
Gary N. Fox 
Stephanie L. Gallarda 
Linda L. George 
Jeffrey C. Gerrish 
Karen Goldsmith 
Susan H. Goldsmith 
Evelyn B. Gross 
Patricia L. Harris 
Virginia L. Harris 
Marlene T. Hayman 
Carol A. Jablonski 
Patricia L. Jamison 
Lynne D. Judelson 
Eileen E. Kane 
Barry M. Kessler 
Scott M. Kessler 
Susan L. Korfanty 
Margaret R. Kozakoff 
Jeffrey Kreps 
Janice S. Kush 
Philip H. Lavine 
Alexis J. Leonard 
Timothy D. Liebermann 
Robert Lilley 
Nancy E. Long 
Marc A. Lurie 
Barbara E. Maxwell 
Ellen M. McCarthy 
Mary V. McKay 
Ronald B. Meier 
Susan M. Miller 
Joseph A. Mullin 
Larke L. Nahme, 
Deborah L. O'Neill 

Lynn A. Ostrinsky 
Constance Otradovec, 
Carola I. Redone 
Michael F. Picciano 
David R. Podolsky 
Elaine K. Prensky 
Naomi E. Ranee 
Michael C. Rey 
Mary K. Robinson 
Robert A. Robinson 
Morey D. Rothberg 
Elizabeth A. Rutherford 
Howard Sandler 
Michael H. Sandler 
Sabine K. Schmidt 
Karen M. Schmukler 
Heidi Schwartzapfel 
Kaye M. Shedlock 
Lola K. Sherman 
Frank B. Shuster 
George J. Stepanenko 
Lawrence E. Strickling 
Betsy J. Syckes 
Sharon P. Travers 
Michelle F. Uhl 
Stephen J. Utts 
Patricia S. Warren 
Diane N. Westcott 
Marilyn D. Whitcomb 
Patrick W. White 
Stephen M. Zemel 

(Juniors elected to Phi Beta Kappa) 

William Fitzpatrick 
Waldtraut Jedamski 
Gary Magram 
Karen O. Mclntyre 
Jonathan Merzel 
Dwight Price 
Rona B. Rubin 
Charlotte B. Williams 


(Physical Education, Recreation, and 
Health Honor Society) 

Graduate Students 
Geraldine A. Allen 
Donna M. Chite 
Nancy C. Dosch 
Kenneth C. Drake 
William K. Elderbaum 
Linda L. Farrah 
Lawrence W. Fielding 
Christian E. Gronbeck 
George R. Kinnear 
Edward R. Levy 
Patricia A. Long 
Godfred Ndika Ngoh 
Janet K. Vizard 
Stephen F. Wilson 

Undergraduate Students 
Beverly J. Bloodsworth 
George J. Boyer 
Darlene P. Brewington 
Robert F. Dredger 
Kristina Gilbertson 
Jon M. Hohl 
Joanne Holtord 
Bernadette M. Humphrey 
Deborah A. Hutchinson 
George C. Kallas 
Mary Joanne King 
Mary Jo Leadbeater 
Patricia A. McGuire 
Ruth L. Meese 
Sharon G. O'Neill 
Gwynne S. Nishino 
Mary E. Schmidt 
Karen F. Schulte 
Patricia M. Shepard 
Linda K. Stevenson 

36 Honors 


Milton Abramowitz Memorial Prize to a lunior or senior student maioring in mathematics 
who has demonstrated superior competence and promise for future development in the 
field of mathematics and its applicalions- 

Awarded to Mary E. Morley, Eric Schecter 

Agricultural Engineering Department's Outstanding Student Award is presented to a 
student in Agriculture Engineering on the basis of scholastic performance, participation in 
the ASAE National Student Branch, and other extra-curricular activities 

Awarded to Parviz Niktash 

Allied Chemical Scholarship Award is presented to a student in Chemical Engineering 
on the basis of intellectual capability, scientific ability, breadth of interest and leadership 

Awarded to Michael S. Edwards, Jr. 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the senior member of the group who has maintained the 
highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have been in attendance 
in the institution for the entire time 

Awarded to Alexis Julia Leonard 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award to the graduating senior members who 
have at the end of seven semesters maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta Average, 3.50 
or higher 

Awarded to: 

Jackie Ann Alt Alexis Julia Leonard 

Charlene Barbara Berger Marsha J. Lerner 

Carol L. Berman Nancy Elizabeth Long 

Anita Marie Blanar Cheryl Meredith Lowe 

Pamela Jean Blank Sharon Meredith Lowe 

Pamela Jean Bozzi Agnes Glynn Murray 

Sandra Lynn Brauner Larke Lee Nahme 

Alice M. Deppe Anne Cheryl Paskow 

Karen Sandra Doetsch Joyce Lynne Pollitt 

Janice Lee Forney Nancy Helen Regan 

Jacqueline Ann Franz Judith Karen Rib 

Diane Gayle Goldsmith Donna Leslie Rinis 

Mindi S. Golnick Gail Susan Scott 

Paula Gordon Kaye Marie Shedlock 

Leslie Dana Gradet Laurie Sue Spiro 

Marlene Theresa Hayman Yolanda M. Stassinopoulos 

Nancy Sharon Hoff Patricia Lee Steinbach 

Lynne Deborah Judelson Carol Lee Tourault 

Eileen Elizabeth Kane Francine Karen Troy 

Deborah Jean Kaplan Eileen Trzcinski 

Sari H. Kaplan Marcia Wendy Weinberger 

Marilyn Anne Kessinger Carol Ann Widmayer 

Michele Sue Landman Debra Lee Wille 

Alpha Zeta Medal to the student in the College of Agriculture with the highest cumulative 
scholastic average at the end of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Bryan M. Jenkins 

The Alumni Award is presented by the Engineering Alumni to the graduating senior who 
has most successfully combined proficiency in his major field of study with achievements 
in the social sciences and humanities. 

Awarded to Stephen L. Craig 

American Association of University Women. College Park Annual Graduate Prize. 

Awarded to Patricia D. Reichelderfer 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Chairman's Certificate is presented 
to the branch chairman in recognition of service and leadership. 

Awarded to Daniel J. Goldstein 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Lecture Award in recognition of the 
best student branch lecture The award consists of a one year associate membership in 
the society. 

Awarded to Jan S. Sadowski 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Outstanding Achievement Award is 
presented to the student who has made the most outstanding contribution through scholar- 
ship and service to the student branch. 

Awarded to Daniel J. Goldstein 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Scholarship Improvement Award is 
presented to the senior from Aerospace Engineering who has made the greatest improve- 
ment in scholarship from his junior year to his senior year. 

Awarded to Marc A. Mogavero 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Award to the junior member of the Student 
Chapter who attained the highest over-all scholastic average during the freshman and 
sophomore years. 

Awarded to Harry L. Sponseller 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Professional Achievement Award by the Na- 
tional Capitol Section to an outstanding chemical engineering student. 

Awarded to Jaime A. Valencia 

American Society of Agronomy Award to the outstanding senior graduating in Agronomy 
who has demonstrated superior scholarship, leadership activities and personal traits. 

Awarded to Daniel P. Wagner 

American Society of Civil Engineers, Maryland Section Award to a student member for 
outstanding service to the chapter and for demonstrated interests in extra-curricular 

Awarded to Charles V. Raubacher 

American Society of Civil Engineers' Outstanding Senior Award. 

Awarded to James R. Lambrechts 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award to the senior member who contributed 
most to the local chapter. 

Awarded to Ronald L. Kolbe 

American Society for Testing and Materials Student Award is given in recognition of the 
demonstrated interest and meritorious work in the courses related to the activities of the 
American Society for Testing and Materials. 

Awarded to James R. Lambrechts, Demitri Vvedensky 

The Appleman-Norton Scholarship Award to a senior major in recognition of excellence 
in Botany 

Awarded to Walter Timothy Palmer 

Baltimore Sun Scholarship to outstanding Journalism students: donated by Baltimore 
Sun Newspaper 

Awarded to DeWayne Wickham, Denice Darrow 

David Arthur Berman Memorial Award is presented to the student majoring in Chemical 
Engineering with the highest cumulative scholastic average at the end of the first semes- 
ter of his junior year who has been elected to Tau Beta Pi. 

Awarded to Harry L. Sponseller, Paul Lancer 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal to the sophomore who has attained the highest scholas- 
tic average of his class in the College of Engineering. 

Awarded to Marianne Abercrombie 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for Excellence in Hebrew 

Awarded to: 

Rhoda M. Berez Joseph L. Kraut 

Rebecca Chernick Marsha S. Markman 

David B. Diamond Neil A. Plotnick 

Robin M. Epstein Paula Ruth Rabb 

Fred A. Fishman Sheri L. Rowen 

David Fleishman Steven Saper 

Rachelle Frenkel Doris Schwartz 

Cheryl S. Friedman Fred Solomon 

Gisele Green Barbara T. Trombka 

Lorraine Josowitz Debra J. Wexler 

Abigail F. Kaufman Anita M. Wolke 

Honors 37 

The Carroll E Cox Scholarship Award to the outstanding graduate student in the De- 
partment of Botany during the last year. 

Awarded to Robert William Kiger 

CRC Engineering Science Achievement Award is presented to a junior in the College of 
Engineering for outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service. 

Awarded to Joseph B. Maloney 

Dance department award in recognition of outstanding contributions to the department 

Awarded to Mary Louise Stack. Joan Anne Smith 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food Association Scholarship to a student who has shown a 
versatile background and an active interest in agronomy and soil fertility work deserving 
of recognition 

Awarded to Marilyn B. Devine 

Electrical Engineering Unde-graduate Association Award is presented to an undergrad- 
uate in Electrical Engineering in recognition of outstanding service and leadership. 

Awarded to Lawson N. Kratz. Jr. 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior Award is presented to a senior in Electrical Engineer- 
ing for his outstanding scholastic achievement and service to the society and department. 

Awarded to Nelson D. Zeroth 

Lester Ivl Fraley Honor Award to a Junior or Senior student of outstanding character 
majoring in the College of Physical Education. Recreation, and Health who has demon- 
strated concern for citizenship and has shown superior scholarship in the University. 

Awarded to Mary Jo Leadbeater 

Emmet Gary Scholarships of the Maryland State Golf Association to three students in 
Agronomy displaying academic proficiency, participation in extracurricular activities, and 
who have an active interest in golf turf work 

Awarded to .... Michael J. Doetzer, Gary A. Phillips, Glenn S. Shields 

The James Douglass Goddard Memorial Medal to a male and female student who are 
native residents of Prince George's County and have demonstrated outstanding scholastic 
achievements and scholarly attributes. 

Awarded to Mary Rita Lojacono, Edward Lee Korn 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the two members of the senior class who have 
done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University 

Awarded to Joseph A. Mullin, Judith C. Trammel! 

p. Arne Hansen Memorial Award to the Outstanding Departmental Honors Student in 

Awarded to David P. Via 

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship to an outstanding Journalism student. 

Awarded to Deborah Robey, Eugene McGuire 

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Awards: 

Awarded to: 

General News; Photojournalism: 

Robert Maginnis Ernest Bush 

Michael Powell Robert Hobby 

Features: General News: 

Rosemary Beales Anne Farrington 

Deborah Prager - Robert Maginnis 

Editorials: Investigative Reporting: 

Robert Maginnis Joan Jacobson 

Charles Neighbor Robert Maginnis 

Spot News: 
Aletha Yurewicz 
Peter Mekeel 

Robert M. Higginbottom Award in memory of Robert M, Higginbottom. a compassionate 
and dedicated young man. an honors students of mathematics, who lost his life in Vietnam; 
to an Outstanding junior student majoring in mathematics. 

Awarded to Edward L. Korn 

The Homeland Garden Club of Baltimore award to the student with the highest scholas- 
tic average in Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture. 

Awarded to Pamela Jean Blank 

Joe Elbert James Memorial Award to the graduating senior in horticulture on the basis 
of scholarship and promise of future achievement. 

Awarded to Pamela Jean Blank 

Charles Manning Prize. 

Awarded to Susan Binder - Department of Art 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Association Award to the junior in the Col- 
lege of Engineering who during his sophomore year has made the greatest improvement 
in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Robert T. Higginbotham 

Maryland-Delaware-D.C- Press Association Annual Citation to the outstanding senior in 

Awarded to Rochelle Caplan Cohen, Charles H. Neighbor 

Maryland Turfgrass Association Scholarship to a student demonstrating academic pro- 
ficiency in Agronomy, participation in extracurricular activities, and an active interest in 
commercial turf work. 

Awarded to Walter T. Kunenetz 

Montgomery County Press Association Scholarship to an outstanding Journalism senior 
residing in Montgomery County. 

Awarded to Susan T. Levitan 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award to the senior in mechanical engineering who has made 
the most outstanding contribution to the University. 

Awarded to Mark W. Shreeve 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to the most outstanding sophomore in mechanical engineering on 
the basis of scholastic average and instructors' ratings. 

Awarded to Nadine M. White 

Public Relations Society of America, Baltimore Chapter. Annual Citation to the outstand- 
ing senior active in public relations 

Awarded to Sharon L. Dorfman 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the outstanding senior in microbiology. 

Awarded to Alexis J. Leonard 

The Sigma Chapter. Phi Delta Gamma Award to an outstanding woman who has com- 
pleted the requirements for doctoral degree. 

Awarded to Genevieve M. Haddad 

Sigma Delta Chi Citation for Achievement at the University of Maryland 

Awarded to Michael Powell 

Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honorary Fraternity) Award for Service and Excellence in 

Awarded to Karen Krausen 

Society of Fire Protection Engineers Outstanding Senior Award to the most outstanding 
senior in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to Timothy Callahan 

Society of Fire Protection Engineers Outstanding Sophomore award to the most out- 
standing sophomore in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to Robert J. O'Laughlin 

Department of Spanish and Portuguese Award for excellence in Teaching (Graduate 

Awarded to Alice Perry, Theresa Goldberg, 

James Fish Misael Mastrapa 

Reuben G Stemmeyer Award presented by the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha 
to the outstanding senior in the Department of Government and Politics. 

Awarded to Michael C. Spata 

The University of Maryland College of Agriculture Alumni Chapter Senior Award pre- 
sented annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding collegiate accomplish- 
ments which typified the model student and contributed significantly toward the advance- 
ment of the University's College of Agriculture. 

Awarded to Pamela J. Blank 

38 Honors 

The University of Maryland College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Chapter Student Award 
presented annually to an outstanding senior man and woman student in the college who 
have demonstrated outstanding collegiate accomplishments in scholarship, leadership and 

Awarded to Alexis Leonard, Etjward Korn 

The University of Maryland College of Education Alumni Chapter Award presented an- 
nually to the senior male and female students who have demonstrated outstanding service 
toward furthering the highest ideals of education 

Awarded to Mary Etta Port, Noel F. Marks 

The College of Engineering Alumni Chapter Award presented annually to the senior who 
has demonstrated outstanding scholarship and contribution to the College and University 
through activities and leadership. 

Awarded to Nelson D. Zeroth 

The University of Maryland Senior Award of the College of Human Ecology Alumni 
Chapter presented annually to the student who has demonstrated exceptional sctiolarship, 
leadership, and service to the college. 

Awarded to Paula Magoulas 

The University of Maryland Alumni Association Outstanding Student Leader Award pre- 
sented annually to an outstanding senior man and woman student who have demonstrated 
excellence in leadership, citizenship and scholarship. 

Awarded to William G. Connelly, Joyce Lynne Pollitt 

Honors 39 




The Maryland Ring, a memorial to Charles L, Linhardt, Jr., to the Maryland male resident 
who is adjudged the best athlete of the year. 

Awarded to Timothy C. Brannan 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in college 

Awarded to Robert M. Bodell 


The Atlantic Coast Conference Plaque to a senior for excellence in scholarship and 

Awarded to Stephen D. Froinang 


Vincent Bateman 
Thomas Law 
Thomas Maser 
Christopher Quail 
Stephen Shaw 
Craige Smith 

Robert IVI. Bodell 
Darrell L. Brown 
Jack Neal 
James M. O'Brien 
Howard L. White 

Albert P. Carey 
John K. Umbarger 

William R. Carter 
Joseph W. Jackson 
Wilkie L. Nunn 

Raymond Bednar 
Timothy C. Brannan 
Timothy F. Brant 
Christian B. Cowdrey 
Gerald A. Erhard, Jr. 
Stephen D. Fromang 
Michael A. Gaines 
Ronald N. Keckman 
James J. Martell 
Donald E. Ratliff 
Michael D. Reitz 
Arthur L. Seymore 
Robert S. Tucker 
James W. Tweedy 
Ray W. Wethington 


Eric Stevenson 

James Clifford 
Richard DuschI 
Thomas Schaeberle 
Gary Weber 
Marvin Levenson 
Alexander Yonych 

Donald Hicks 
Gary Silverman 
James Wesner 

Edward A. Doebler 
George S. Myers 
Patnck J. McCall 
Richard D. Ragan 


Vincent Bateman 
Robert Cilento 
Adrian Druzgala 
Thomas Hendershot 
Kevin Hicks 
Tyrus Hunt 
David Kurtz 
Derek Lang 
Thomas Law 
Robert Madden 
Thomas Maser 
Christopher Quail 
Kenneth Shaw 
Stephen Shaw 
Craige Smith 

Robert M. Bodell 
Darrell L. Brown 
Owen A. Brown 
Leonard J. Elmore 
William D. Hahn 
Maurice Howard 
John H. Lucas 
C. Thomas McMillen 
Allan Morris. Mgr. 
Jeffrey Nakamura, Mgr. 
James O'Brien 
Richard J. Porac 
Thomas J. Roy 
Howard L, White 

Albert P. Carey 
John E. Coffey 
Richard S. Cornwell 

Mitchell E. Dakelman, S.A. 
Anthony V. Garner 
John E. Kubis, S.A. 
Otto A. Mazzoni 
Daniel M. Rincon 
John K. Umbarger 
David B. Webster 

Tim D. Andreadis 
William M. Bernhards 
William R. Carter 
Joseph W. Jackson 
Robert P. Lovisa 
Donald H. Malnati 
Wilkie L. Nunn 
James A. Sager 
Elliott Schwartz 
Russell C. Smith 

Robert H. Avellini 
Raymond Bednar 
Kevin L. Benson 
Timothy C. Brannan 
Timothy F. Brant 
Daniel A. Bungori 
Louis G. Carter 
Christian B. Cowdrey 
Guy S. Deltz 
Gerald A. Erhard, Jr. 
James B. Franklin 
Stephen D. Fromang 
Michael A. Gaines 
Monte D. Hinkle 
LeRoy D. Hughes 
Ronald N. Keckman 
Dougles E. Lort, Mgr. 
James J. Martell 
Istvan Mike-Mayer 
William Murphy 
Albert A. Neville 
Barton J. Purvis 
Donald E. Ratliff 
Michael D. Reitz 
Charles W. Riggleman 
Stanley C. Rogers 
Frank J. Romano 
Frank Russell, Jr. 
James J. Santa 
Kenneth M. Schroy 
Ken W. Scott 
Arthur L. Seymore 
Robert F. Smith 
Robert S. Tucker 
James W. Tweedy 
Patrick J. Ulam 
Paul E. Vellano 
David G. Visaggio 
Robert E. Wagaman, Mgr. 
Kevin A. Ward 
Donald R. Weiss 
Ray W. Wethington 
Randy L. White 
Joseph E. Younge 
Steven L. Zannoni 

Mark Diley 
Mark Herrmann 
George Marucci 
Ray Massing 
Arthur Mieike 
Roger Simpkins 
Eric Stevenson 


Thomas J. Armenti 
Farzin Azarpour 
Ercument Berilgen 
Gary Blaise 
Frantz R. Brea 
David Chesler 
Gary M. Ciany 
Patrick Cunningham 
Peter Hamilton 
Larry Kern 
Turgut Omer Pence 
Bohdan Puzyk 
Michael Sidlak 
Peter Steese 
George Taratsides 
Michael White 
Michael J. Wilson 
Federico Winckelmann 
Isaac P. Cocke, Mgr. 

Paul Barrett 
Charles Berke 
Dennis Carter 
James Clifford 
Richard DuschI 
Matthew Glenn 
Michael Goodner 
Thomas Killion 
Marvin Levenson 
Steven Mattatut 
Kevin Moore 
James O'Connor 
Peter Pedersen 
Robert Petrovich 
Thomas Schaeberle 
John Simone 
Gary Weber 
Charles Wight 
Alexander Yonych 
Edward Gurka 


Robert Garmany 
Donald Hicks, Jr. 
John Lucas 
Howard Nelson 
Gary Silverman 
James Wesner 
Federico Winckelmann 

40 Awards 

Edward A. Doebler 
Cy C. Jernigan 
Patrick J. McCall 
George S. Myers 

Terry E. Myers 
Steve D. Nickolaus 
Peter G. Pappas 
Thomas W. Pappas 

Timothy M. Rowan 
Robert A. Stover 
David L. Strauss 
Richard D. Ragan 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current season 

Awarded to Ronald N. Kecman 

The Alvin L, Aubinoe Basketball Trophy tor the senior who has contributed most to the 
squad during the time he was on the squad 

Awarded to James O'Brien 

John T Bell Swimming Award to the senior letterman who has contributed most to 

Awarded to Charles Berke 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to Craige Smith 

The Andrew M Cohen Tennis Trophy to the member of the tennis team who, judged by 
his teammates, contributed the most to tennis. 

Awarded to Robert Garmany 

The George C. Cook Memorial Scholarship Trophy to a member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to Stephen D. Fromang 

Geary F Eppley Award to the graduating male senior athlete, who during his three years 
of varsity competition, lettered at least once and attained the highest overall scholastic 

Awarded to Stephen D. Fromang 

Herbert H Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of the year. 

Awarded to David Strauss 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed most to 
wrestling at the University 

Awarded to Patrick J. McCall 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., Swimming Trophy to the senior letterman who has con- 
tributed most to swimming 

Awarded to James Cliftord 

Bob Beall - Tommy Marcos Trophy to the best football lineman of the year 

Awarded to Paul E. Vellano 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University has rendered 
the greatest service to football 

Awarded to Donald E. Ratliff 

The Robert E Theofeld Memorial Trophy to the golfer who most nearly exemplifies the 
competitive spirit and strong character of Robert E. Theofeld. former member of the box- 
ing team. 

Awarded to Eric Stevenson 

University of Maryland Alumni Swimming Association Scholar Athlete Award to the 
swimmer who has compiled the best combination of academic and aquatic record. 

Awarded to Thomas Schaeberle 


Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus H. C. 
Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908. to the member of the senior class who during his 
collegiate career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done most for the 
general advancement of the interests of the University 

Awarded to Frank Shuster 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An award presented annually as a memorial to Sally 
Sterling Byrd, by her children, to that female member of the Senior Class who best exem- 
plifies the enduring qualities of the model woman. These qualities should typify self- 
dependence, courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, willing- 
ness to sacrifice for others, strength of character, and those other qualities that enable 
the women of our society to play such a fundamental part in the building of the Nation. 

Awarded to Randi Levinson 

/(wards 41 


AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION AWARD Presented each year to the outstanding Senior 
Cadet who has excelled in Field Training, possesses individual leadership characteristics, 
ranks in the upper 10% of his class in the University and the upper 5% of his ROTC class 
and has outstanding promotion potential. 

Awarded to Paul R. Gehrmann 

AIR FORCE ROTC VALOR AWARD (Gold), Presented for an outstanding voluntary act 
of valor, by a cadet, involving physical risl< without regard to personal safety and requiring 
courage to a high degree. The act must involve exceptional service to an individual or to 
the country viiithout regard tor self-interest or remuneration. 

Awarded to Edward A. Brault 

AIR FORCE TIMES AWARD Presented to the Senior Cadet who has demonstrated out- 
standing ability, initiative, and distinguished himself in bringing constructive attention to 

Awarded to Robert B. Noha 

THE ALUMNI CUP Presented to the Second Semester Air Science Senior Cadet who 
has achieved the highest cumulative grade point average within the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Leon Litow 

each year to a Senior (Gold Award) and a Junior (Silver Award) in the upper 25% of his 
AFROTC class demonstrating outstanding qualities in military leadership, discipline, and 

Awarded to (Gold) Thomas A, Gilkey 

(Silver) Peter A. Paff 

AMERICAN LEGION ROTC SCHOLASTIC AWARD Presented each year to an outstand- 
ing Senior (Gold Award) and Junior (Silver Award) who are in the upper 10% of their class 
in the University and upper 25% of their AFROTC class, and who have demonstrated high 
qualities m military leadership. 

Awarded to (Gold) Gregory W. Diactienko 

(Silver) Kathryn A. Thompson 

Presented to the outstanding Senior Cadet who is preparing for a career in this technical 
area and has demonstrated outstanding qualities of military leadership, high moral charac- 
ter, and definite aptitude for military service 

Awarded to John R. Sullivan, III 

standing Sophomore or Junior Cadet in Category IP who is a member of the Arnold Air 

Awarded to Gerald B. Fink 

COBLENTZ MEMORIAL CUP Presented to the best drilled Flight within the Corps of 

Awarded to James E. Warwick 

Commander, Flight A 

COMMANDANT OF CADETS AWARD Presented to the Senior Cadet whose increased 
officership potential has been significantly reflected in a Cadet Corps activity under his 

Awarded to David J. Breerwood 

Cadet who has demonstrated high qualities of dependability, good character, adherence 
to military discipline, and leadership ability. 

Awarded to Maurice E. White 

qualified Sophomore Cadet who has demonstrated qualities of dependability, good charac- 
ter, adherence to military discipline, leadership potential, patriotism, and an understanding 
of the importance of the American Heritage. 

Awarded to Richard S. Mitchell 

DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS CUP Presented each year to the Senior Cadet who 
has displayed outstanding leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. 

Awarded to Michael L Happe 

GENERAL DYNAMICS AFROTC CADET AWARD Presented to the Sophomore Cadet 
who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and who possesses a positive 
attitude, good personal appearance, high personal attributes, military courtesy, and high 
officer potential 

Awarded to John A. Pasqual 

SUN NEWSPAPER AWARD Presented by the Baltimore Sun Newspaper to the best 
drilled Sophomore Cadet in the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Frederick D. Van Valkenburg 

THE GOVERNOR'S CUP. Offered each year by His Excellency. The Governor of Mary- 
land, to the most outstanding Squadron within the Corps of Cadets 

Awarded to Stewart C. Cluck 

Commander, Squadron I 

Studies cadet(s) recognized as the most improved within his year category (freshman, 
sophomore, junior or senior). 

Awarded to (Gold) Geoffrey L. Nolan 

(Silver) Peter LeMaire 

THE NATIONAL SOJOURNERS AWARD. Presented to an outstanding sophomore or 
junior cadet who has contributed the most to encourage and demonstrate Americanism 
within the Corps of Cadets and on the campus 

Awarded to Glenn S. Podonsky 

PROFESSOR OF AEROSPACE STUDIES AWARD. Presented to the Senior Cadet who 
has distinguished himself through excellence of leadership in the Corps of Cadets 

Awarded to Thomas N. McKnight 

GEORGE M. REILEY AWARD. Presented to the member of the Flight Instruction Pro- 
gram showing the highest aptitude for flying as demonstrated by his performance in the 

Awarded to Richard L. Barnes 

RESERVE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION AWARDS. Presented to the Senior Cadet (Gold 
Award) and Junior Cadet (Silver Award), demonstrating outstanding academic achieve- 
ment in AFROTC subject matter and highest officer potential Ribbons of merit are pre- 
sented to members of the Freshman and Sophomore classes 

Awarded to (Gold) William G. Connelly 

(Silver) Yaroslaw A. Stawnychy 

SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION AWARD. Presented to a Junior Cadet in the 
Two-Year Program or a Freshman Cadet in the Four-Year Program who has shown a high 
degree of merit in his leadership qualities, soldierly bearing and all around excellence in 
the AFROTC program studies and activities. 

Awarded to Glenn S. Podonsky 

42 Awards 


College of Agriculture 
School ot Architecture 
College of Ails and Sciences 

Atro-American Studies 
American Studies 








French and Italian 

Germanic and Slavic Languages 

and Literature 

Government & Politics 


Physics and Astronomy 



Spanish and Portuguese 

Speech and Dramatic Art 


Dining Hall - Denton Complex 
Main Auditorium - Architecture 

Room 0100 - Woods Hall (Conference Room) 
Room 1111 - Woods Hall 
weather permitting - Lawin of Woods Hall 
inclement «iealher - Skinner Auditorium 

Room 1154 - Fine Arts Gallery, Tawes BIdg. 

See Agriculture 

Library - Chemistry Department 

Rooms 0103. 0105. 0109 - Undergraduate Library 

Studio - Building EE 

See BPA 

Tortuga Room - Student Union 

Room 0220 - Foreign Languages BIdg 

Room 0250 - Commons Room of new wing of 
Foreign Languages BIdg 

See Agriculture 

See BPA 

See BPA 

Francis Scott Key BIdg - History Department 

Rotunda - Glenn L. Martin Institute of Tech, 

Skinner Central Auditorium - and Commons Room 

Ground floor ot Skinner BIdg. 
Music Recital Hall 

weather permitting - behind Chapel 

inclement weather - Skinner BIdg.. (Student Lounge 

and Seminar Room) 
Physics Lecture Hall. Room 1410-1412 - Physics Building 
Room 1250 - Zoo-Psych. BIdg. 
Room 0231 - Student Union 
Room 0220 - Foreign Languages Building 
Tawes Fine Arts Theater 
Room 1220 - Zoo-Psych. BIdg. 


College of Business and Public 

Business Administration 



Government and Politics 

Information Systems 

Computer Science 
College of Education 
Administration. Supervision 

and Curriculum 
Counseling and Personnel 

Early Childhood-Elementary 


Industrial Education 

Institute for Child Study 

Measurement and Statistics 

Social Foundations 

Secondary Education 

Special Education 

College of Engineering 

College of Human Ecology 

College of Journalism 

College of Physical Ed. 

Library and Information Services 

Undergraduate Studies 
(General Studies) 


Room 1 101 - Tydings Building 
Room 0117 - Tydings Building 
Room 2100 - Tydings Building 
Room 1108 - Tydings Building 

Room 2100 - Tydings Building 

Room 3316 - Computer Science Center Lounge 

Room 1210- Education Building 

Room 1230 - Education Building 

Room 0114 Complex - Education Building 

Room 1121 - Education Building 

Room 1315 - Education Building 

Room 1203 - Education Building 

Room 1203 - Education Building 

Room 1220- Education Building 

Room 1242 - Education Building 

Cafeteria Section, Dining Hall 2 - Cambridge Complex 

Maryland Room - Mane Mount Hall 

Lobby - Journalism Building 

Room 0108 - Cole Field House 

Room 0109 - Undergraduate Library Building 

Room 1115 - Undergraduate Library 


emergency exits and seating 

fire exits 

main entrance 
&fire exit 

flow 7 


Arts and Sciences 

Graduate School 

Human Ecology 

Physical Education, Recreation 

and Health 
Arts and Sciences 

Row 4 




General Studies 


Business and Public Administration 




^ en 


2 S 


2 2: 


4> W 

a 2 
r* en