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172nd Commencement 
University of Maryland 
College Park Campus 
May 12, 1974 

Designed and produced by the 

College Park Campus Publications Office 

Message from 
Margin Mandel 

I am delighted to extend greetings to 
the 1974 graduates of the University of 
Maryland, and I want to add my con- 
gratulations to those you are receiving 
from your families and friends. 

Each of you is to be commended for 
having successfully completed the long 
and arduous task that enabled you to 
win your diploma. As an alumnus of 
this great University and as Governor of 
Maryland, I share a deep sense of pride 
in your achievements. 

Whether you choose to continue 
your academic training or to pursue a 
career in business or the professions, I 
am sure you will find the knowledge 
and experience you have gained here of 
priceless value in years to come. 

Please accept my best wishes for 
your good health, happiness and suc- 
cess in the coming years. 

Governor \ 


'Today, we will be provided with 
special insights into scholarship on this 
Campus: the systematic collection and 
preservation of what men have learned, 
the generation of new insights and new 
processes, their communication to stu- 
dents, and their application in making 
life more interesting, enjoyable and 
productive. The University of Maryland 
can and does achieve this goal by pro- 
viding conditions under which the 
scholar has an opportunity to challenge 
the limits of knowledge in the develop- 
ment of new theories and processes, 
many of which give rise to the cultural 
and technological advances that charac- 
terize our society." 

Excerpt from the introduction 
of the first lecturer. 
Chancellor's Lecture Series 
March, 1974 
Charles E. Bishop, Chancellor 

Order of 

May 12, 1974 

2:00 p.m. 

Cole Student Activities Building 


Dr. Charles E. Bishop 
Chancellor, College Park Campus 


Pomp and Circumstance, Edward Elgar 
University Symphony Band and Singers 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


The Reverend Wofford Smith 
Episcopal Chaplain 


Led by 

Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 
President of the University 
Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 
Chairman, Board of Regents 


Fanfare for a Festival 
Ron Nelson 
University Singers 
Conductor, Dr. Paul Traver 


Mr. Ralph Waldo Ellison 


Dr. Elkins, Honorary Degree 
Dr. Bishop, College Park Campus 


Mr. C. Thomas McMiilen 
Graduating Senior 
Dr. Bishop 




Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty 

For thee we stand. 

Love for the Black and Gold, 

Deep in our hearts we hold. 

Singing, thy praise forever. 

Throughout the land. 

Led by 

Dr. Paul Traver 


The Reverend Joseph M. Smith 
Baptist Chaplain 


University Band 
Conductor, John Wakefield 

The 4 ollege 
Park Campus 
and the 

The Students 

College Park is dedicated to young 
people. The Campus gives all students 
the chance to encounter new persons, 
new ideas and new interests, all of 
which they could hardly find elsewhere 
in such variety. Students may discover 
ancient Greece for the first time; they 
may try their hand at art; or they may 
use a computer to help design a better 
environment for man. 

But whatever they investigate, 
whether it is under a microscope, or 
out in space or within the human mind, 
their experiences sharpen their vision 
and improve their judgment. They learn 
in and out of class, by relating to many 
people of their own age and by dealing 
with a cultured faculty. They are able, 
in these many ways, to better define 
their directions and their goals. 

The Campus 

Located in suburban Maryland just 
nine miles from the Nation's Capitol, 
the College Park Campus offers a 
diversity of cultural, political and xi- 
entific resources to its students. 

The Campus is a spacious one of 
1,300 acres. Some of its 228 Georgian- 
style buildings overlook playing fields, 
the tree-lined central mall, or rolling 
lawns, while one or two border the few 
remaining open fields of grazing land 
belonging to the University. 

In enrollment. College Park is among 
the 10 largest Campuses in the country. 
Undergraduates enrolled in fall, 1973 
numbered 26,192 and graduate stu- 
dents 7,107 for a total enrollment of 
33,299. This year's College Park opera- 
ting budget is over $1 15,000,000, and 
the University assisted over 6,000 
College Park students with scholarship 
aid in 1973-74. 

Undergraduates may choose from 71 
programs for a major and graduate stu- 
dents from 81 graduate programs. In 
number of doctorates granted annually, 
the University ranks among the top 
thirty in the nation. 

The Faculty 

Men and women of varied personali- 
ties and interests instruct our students, 
scholars whose work ranges from the 
study of physical forces to the study of 
man in all his complexities. One profes- 
sor studies properties more fundamen- 
tal than the atom; another measures 
laser distances to the moon with an 
accuracy of inches; another simulates a 
computerized "electric avalanche" to 
study the effects of lightning; another 
leads students to excavate the ruins of 
Pompeii; while still another visits 
Maryland's marshes to better under- 
stand and ultimately preserve for all of 
us one of Maryland's particular treas- 
ures, the Chesapeake Bay. 

One way to describe this Campus is 
through the interaction of student and 
faculty, but other points of view are 
interesting too. 


The University had its beginnings in 
1807 with the establishment in Balti- 
more of the College of Medicine, an 
entirely faculty-owned institution 
granting the M.D. degree. When its 
name was changed to the University of 
Maryland five years later, it was given 
power to confer additional degrees. The 
first dental school in America, the 
Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, 
became a part of the University in 
1840. Subsequently, the University 
opened schools of pharmacy, law and 

Under a charter secured by a group 
of Maryland planters, the College Park 
Campus of the University, then called 
the Maryland Agricultural College, 
opened in 1859 and became one of the 
original land-grant schools in 1865. 
After a disastrous fire in 1912, the 
State acquired control of the College 
and bore the cost of rebuilding. In 
1920 the State took over the faculty- 
owned University in Baltimore, merging 
it with the State-owned institution at 
College Park to form the present day 
University of Maryland. 

In 1886 the Delaware Conference 
Academy was founded by the Metho- 
dist Church in Princess Anne, Mary- 
land. The State acquired this institution 
in 1926, making it a division of the 
University of Maryland in 1948. It was 
made a Campus of the University sys- 
tem in 1 970 as the University of Mary- 
land Eastern Shore (UMES). A new 
Campus known as University of Mary- 
land Baltimore County (UMBO was 
opened at Catonsville in 1966. 


University libraries include approxi- 
mately 1,400,000 volumes on the 
College Park Campus, 15,200 subscrip- 
tions to periodicals and newspapers, 
plus nearly 750,000 microform units, 
as well as many slides, film strips, 
prints, music scores, and recordings. 
The new Undergraduate Library has a 
seating capacity of 4,000 students and 
is among the nation's largest. The 
library features a reading collection of 
5,000 paperbacks and a book capacity 
of 200,000 volumes. Facilities include a 
quadrophonic concert room, color 
video tape players and playback units, 
enclosed rooms equipped with instruc- 
tor's consoles for the use of nonprint 
media materials, and wireless stereo 
headsets for tapes of lectures, plays, 
speeches, and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research 
facilities are: a 140 MeV cyclotron; a 
nuclear reactor; scanning electron 
microscopes; subsonic, supersonic and 
hypersonic wind tunnels; an electron 
ring accelerator; a precision encoder 
and pattern recognition device; a gravi- 
tational radiation detection system 
including a gravimeter on the moon; a 
quiescent plasma device (0 machine); a 
psychopharmacology laboratory; three 
retro-reflector arrays on the moon; 
rotating tanks for laboratory studies of 
meteorological phenomena; Van de 
Graaff accelerators; a laboratory for 
basic behavioral research; an assortment 
of computers; the Astronomy Observa- 
tory, Center of Materials Research, 
Institute for Fluid Dynamics and 
Applied Mathematics, Institute for 
Molecular Physics, and the Water 
Resources Research Center. 

The College Park Campus also owns 
and operates one of the largest and 
most sophisticated long-wavelength 
radio telescopes (located in Clark Lake, 
Calif.) and a cosmic ray laboratory 
(located in New Mexico). 

In addition to these research oppor- 
tunities in the biological, mathematical 
and physical sciences, research pro- 
grams in the behavioral sciences, social 
sciences and education exist in many 
bureaus and institutes including: the 
Bureau of Business and Economic 
Research, Bureau of Educational 
Research and Field Services, Bureau of 
Governmental Research, Institute for 
Child Study, Institute for Criminal 
Justice and Criminology and the Insti- 
tute for Urban Studies. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by 
the students and faculty in the aca- 
demic procession are of ancient origin. 
They have been the traditional costume 
of the scholar since medieval times and 
probably represent an adaptation of the 
ecclesiastical dress, since many of the 
scholars of that period were members 
of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commision in 
1893 drafted a uniform code for cos- 
tumes which has since been adopted by 
the majority of colleges and universities 
in the United States. 

Each of the three academic degrees 
—bachelor, master, and doctor— has its 
own distinctive gown and hood. The 
bachelor's gown is distinguished by its 
long pointed sleeve. The master's gown 
has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, 
extending below the knee; the arm is 
passed through a slit at the elbow. In 
contrast the doctor's gown has a full 
bell-shaped sleeve with three bars of 
velvet. The opening of this gown is 
faced with wide velvet bands. The 
velvet trim may be black or of a color 
indicating the general field of learning 
of the wearer, for example, blue for 
philosophy, green for medicine, purple 
for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive 
item of the academic costume is the 
hood which passes around the neck and 
extends down the back. The doctor's is 

the largest of the hoods and the bache- 
lor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood 
is often omitted. The color of the velvet 
edging indicates the field of learning. 
Below is given a list of department or 
faculty colors. 


Arts, Letters, HumanitiesAVhite 

Business Administration, Commercial 

Education, Pedagogy/Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 
Home Economics/Maroon 
Humanics/Dark Crimson 
Library Science/Lemon 
Oratory /Silver Gray 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Service/Citron 
Surgical Chiropody/Nile Green 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining exposed 
in the center of the hood are those of 
the college or university which con- 
ferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uni- 
form in design for all degrees. The 
tassel may be either black or the color 
of the field of learning. The tassel of 
the doctor's cap may be gold. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the success- 
ful completion of a course of study. 
There are more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently conferred 
by American colleges and universities. 

The first known degree was a doc- 
torate conferred by the University of 
Bologna in the middle of the 12th 
Century. Originally, the doctor's and 
master's degrees were used interchange- 
ably, each indicating that the holder 
was qualified to give instruction to 
students. The bachelor's or baccalau- 
reate degree indicated only entrance 
upon a course of study preparatory to 
the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, 
however, the bachelor's degree came to 
mean successful completion of one 
level of study preparatory to the higher 

From Europe the use of academic 
degrees spread to English universities. 
Harvard University, William and Mary, 
and Yale followed the British pattern in 
the United States. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, or 
instructor, applied by ancient Romans 
to those who delivered public lectures 
on philosophical subjects. In the Middle 
Ages, from the 12th century, it came 
into use as a title of honor borne by 
men of great learning. It was first 
made an academic title at the Univer- 
sity of Bologna, in Italy, which received 
from the emperor the right of appoint- 
ing doctores legum (doctor of laws). 
The University of Paris followed in 
1 145. Soon after, the popes granted the 
universities the right of appointing 
doctors canonum et decretalium (teach- 
ers of the canon law); and when the 
study of civil law came to be combined 
with that of the canon law, the title 
was changed to doctor utriusque juris 
(teacher of both laws). The faculties of 
theology and medicine followed that of 
law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and 
science, and occasionally in theology 
and law, is given beyond the baccalau- 
reate degree, and requires two to five 
years, the writing of a thesis, and the 
passing of written and oral examina- 

The doctor's degree represents the 
most advanced earned degree conferred 
by American institutions. There are 
two distinct types: the professional or 
practitioner's degree, and the research 
degree. The first type represents 
advanced training for the practice of 
various professions, principally: Doctor 
of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, 
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Juris 
Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 

degrees carry no implication of original 
research and are classified by the U.S. 
Office of Education, with bachelor's 
degrees, as the first professional 
degrees. The University of Maryland 
awarded the first two dental degrees in 
history, on March 9, 1841, and invented 
the name of the degree, D.D.S. as well. 

The second type of doctor's degree 
is classified as research doctorates 
representing prolonged periods of 
advanced study, usually accompanied 
by a dissertation which is designed to 
be a substantial contribution to existing 
knowledge on the subject. The most 
important of these, the Doctor of 
Philosophy, no longer has an implica- 
tion of philosophy for its holder, but 
represents advanced research in any of 
the major fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United States by 
Yale University in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded at the 
University of Maryland in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic 
honor conferred upon students who 
have successfully completed work in 
advance of the baccalaureate. A thesis 
and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister connected 
with a qualifying phrase, was used 
among the Romans as a title of honor; 
but its present meaning must be traced 
to the time of the establishment of the 
oldest universities. Regularly organized 
faculties were not then known as they 
now exist in the universities. The whole 
circle of academic activity was limited 
to seven liberal arts, and those who 
received public honors on the comple- 
tion of their course of studies, for their 
diligence and knowledge, and had 
already received the degree of baccalau- 
reus (bachelor) were called magistri 
artium (master of the liberal arts). 

In 1920 the new University of Mary- 
land awarded its first M.A. and M.S. 
degrees in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
completion of a four-year course of 
study of collegiate grade and is the 
oldest academic degree used by Ameri- 
can institutions of higher learning. The 
degree Bachelor of Arts was first con- 
ferred in America in 1642 on the first 
nine graduates of Harvard College. 

Maryland Agricultural College, 
which was later to become the Univer- 
sity of Maryland College Park, awarded 
the first Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor 
of Science degrees in 1862. 

College Park Campus 

Charles E. Bishop 

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 
George H. Callcott 

Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning 
and Policy 
Thomas B. Day 

Vice Chancellor for Administrative 


John W. Dorsey 

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 
William L. Thomas, Jr. (Acting) 

Division Chairmen at 
College Park 

Division of Agricultural and Life 


Richard F. Davis 

Division of Arts and Humanities 
Thomas J. Aylward 

Division of Behavioral and Social 


Mary F. Berry 

Division of Human and Community 


George J. Funaro 

Division of Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences and Engineering 
Joseph M. Marcheilo 

Deans at College Park 

School of Architecture 

JohnW. Hill 

College of Agriculture 
Gordon M. Cairns 

College of Business and Management 
Rudolph P. Lamone 

College of Education 
Donald Maley (Acting) 

College of Engineering 
Robert B. Beckmann 

College of Human Ecology 
Elizabeth W. Brabble (Acting) 

College of Journalism 
Ray E. Hiebert 

College of Library and Information 


Margaret E. Chisholm 

College of Physical Education, Recrea- 
tion and Health 
Marvin H. Eyier 

Administrative Dean of Academic 

Services and Facilities 


Administrative Dean for Graduate 


David S. Sparks 

Administrative Dean for Summer Pro- 
Melvin N. Bernstein 

Administrative Dean for Undergraduate 


Robert E. Shoenberg 

Central Administration 
of the University 

Wilson H. Elkins 

Vice President for General Administra- 
Donald W. O'Connell 

Vice President for Academic Affairs 
R. Lee Hornbake 

Vice President for Graduate Studies 
and Research 
Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. 

Vice President for Agricultural Affairs 
and Legislative Relations 
Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 

Board of Regents 


Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 

Vice Chairman 
Richard W. Case 


B. Herbert Brown 


F. Grove Miller, Jr. 

Assistant Secretary 
Mrs. Alice H. Morgan 

Assistant Treasurer 
L. Mercer Smith 

Mrs. Michael J. Deegan, Jr. 
George C. Fry 
Young D. Hance, ex officio 
Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 
Edward V. Hurley 
Hugh A. McMullen 
Emerson C. Walden, M.D. 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Robert C. Wiley, Professor, Horti- 

Associate Chairman 

Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, Assoc. Dean, 

College of Agriculture 

University Marshal 

Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, Professor, 



Dr. Eugene Troth, Professor and Chair- 
man, Music 

Committee Members 

Mr. Ulysses S. Glee 
Officeof Student Aid 

Mr. James R. Collier, Director,Univer- 
sity Relations (College Park) 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, Asst. Professor, 
Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Mr. John T. Broadbelt, Supervisor, 
Physical Plant 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean, College of 

Mr. Jackson W. Wilson, Admissions and 

Mr. John A. Goecker, Director, Food 

Ms. Joanne Janus, UMporium 

Dr. Conrad B. Link, Professor, Horti- 

Dr. George Marx, Professor, Counseling 
and Personnel Service 

Mr. Amos R. Meyer, Assoc. Professor, 
Dept. of Markets 

Mr. William Reith, Physical Plant 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, Coach, Athletic 

Mr. Charles Jantho, Director, Physical 

Ms. Carol C. Crain, R.N., Health Serv- 

Mr. Jerrold Witsil, Director, Public 

Mr. L. B. Jankowski, University Police 

Ralph Waldo 
Do(*lor of 
Humane Letters 

With the publication of his novel. 
Invisible Man in 1952, Ralph Waldo 
Ellison became established as a distin- 
guished American writer. The story of 
the harsh experiences endured by an 
idealistic young American black man in 
the South and in Harlem, Invisible Man 
has been called a "classic of our time." 
It won the National Book Award the 
year it was published, has had seven- 
teen printings, and was acclaimed the 
most distinguished American novel 
since 1945 in a writers and critics news- 
paper poll. 

Saturday Review/ said, "It is a work 
of art any contemporary writer could 
point to with pride." When it was 
awarded the National Book Award for 
fiction in January, 1953, the judges 
stated, "Mr. Ellison has had the courage 
to take many literary risks, and he has 
succeeded with them." 

Ellison's reputation as a writer and 
thinker on social and cultural affairs 
grew with the publication oi Shadow 
and Act in 1964, a collection of his 
lectures, essays and reviews. Ellison 
writes of the black American experi- 
ence but sees that experience in the 
context of society as a whole. He is 
concerned with the basic unity of 
human experience and the cultural 
diversity of American life. 

The writer has always shown a spe- 
cial concern for the problems of being 
an artist and has affirmed the primacy 
of the artist's freedom to be an artist. 
When reproached for not being a mili- 
tant activist, he says, "I am a novelist, 
not an activist." 

Over the years Ellison has contribu- 
ted to many collections of short stories 
and magazines including Cross Section 
(1944), Best Short Stories of World 
War II (1957), / Have Seen War (1960), 
The Living Novel (1957), A New 
Southern Harvest (1957), The Angry 
Black (1962), and Soon One Morning 
(1963). He has also contributed to 
Tomorrow, Noble Savage, Quarterly 
Review of Literature and Partisan 

He was born in Oklahoma City, 
Oklahoma on March 1, 1914. His 

father, a construction worker and 
tradesman, died when Ellison was 
three, and his mother supported herself 
and her son by working as a domestic. 
As a young boy, Ellison shined shoes, 
sold papers and played trumpet in the 
school band. He was always interested 
in music and books and in 1933 
hopped freight trains to attend 
Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. He 
studied music but soon began to write 
poetry. After three years at Tuskegee, 
he went to New York in 1936 to earn 
money for his last year in college. He 
never left the city. There he studied 
sculpture, worked for the Federal 
Writers Project, and met Langston 
Hughes and Richard Wright, who 
encouraged him to write. 

In 1939 he began contributing short 
stories, book reviews and essays to 
magazines and for a short time edited 
the Negro Quarterly. From 1943 to 
1945 he served in the Merchant 
Marines, and after the war married 
Fanny McConnell, the director of the 
American Medical Center in Burma. In 
1945 he was awarded a Rosenwald 
fellowship which enabled him to con- 
centrate on writing Invisible Man. 

Ellison received the National 
Academy of Arts and Letters Fellow- 
ship for study in Rome in 1955-57 and 
was visiting fellow of American Studies 
at Yale in 1966. 

In addition to his contributions to 
American letters, Ellison has spent 
many years as an educator. He present- 
ly serves as Albert Schweitzer Professor 
in the Humanities at New York Uni- 
versity and has taught at many univer- 

He has served on the National Coun- 
cil of Arts and on the Carnegie Com- 
mission for Educational Television and 
is presently a member of the Board of 
Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Cen- 
ter for the Performing Arts. 

He received the U.S. Medal of Free- 
dom, awarded by President Johnson in 
1969 and the Chevalier de I'Ordre des 
Artes et Lettres, awarded by the 
French Minister of Cultural Affairs in 

He has received honorary degrees 
from the University of Michigan, 
Rutgers University, Grinnell College, 
Williams College, Adelphi University, 
Long Island University, Tuskegee Insti- 
tute and College of William and Mary. 

He is awarded the Honorary Doctor 
of Humane Letters from the University 
of Maryland. 

for Degrees 

The 1974 class roster is comprised 
of degree candidates from the under- 
graduate and graduate programs at the 
University's College Park Campus since 
December 1973. As final action cannot 
always be taken for candidates by the 
time this program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative only. The 
University reserves the right to w/ith- 
draw or add names. All diplomas will 
be mailed by the Registrar's Office. 

MAY 1974 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. David S. Sparks, Administrative 
Dean for Graduate Studies 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Nuha Haim Abudabbeh 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Offender Risk Taking and Stimulation 
Seeking Befiavior: An Experimental 
Investigation of Two Hypotheses 

Donald Theodore Acheson 

Meteorology: Radiosonde Windfind- 
ing Using Retransmitted Radio Fre- 
quency Signals 

David Byars Addison 

Industrial Education: An Analysis of 
an Evaluation Instrument Designed 
to Evaluate Area Vocational Scfiools 
in the State of Maryland 

Galen James Alessi 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
An Examination of the Effects of 
Using the Hutchings "Low Fatigue" 
Algorithm on Children's Addition 
Scores When Tested at Different 
Levels of Problem Difficulty and 
Under Varying Conditions of Token 

David Raymond Anderson 

Zoology: Optimal Exploitation 
Strategies for an Animal Population 
in a Stochastic, Serially Correlated 

John William Avitabile 

Physics: Theoretical Investigation of 
the Circadian Rhythm 

Mary Margaret Seattle 

Human Development: Articulation 
Defects in Premature Children 

James Berkowicz 

Economics: Bank Holding Company 
Conduct, Structural Change, and the 
Performance of Banks. 

David Nye Bock 

Mathematics: On the Navier-Stokes 
Equations in Noncylindrical 

Loyd Cecil Brown 

Agricultural and Resource Eco- 
nomics: An Economic Analysis of 
the Bolivian Poultry Industry 

Mary Elizabeth Brown 

Psychology: Effects of Social Desir- 
ability on Need Scores on the 
Edward Personal Preference 

Charles Frederick Burrell 

Physics: Application of a Tunable 
Dye Laser to Plasma Diagnostics in a 
Helium Plasma 

Maria Angela Castro 

Psychology: Reactions to Receiving 
Aid as a Function of Cost to Donor 
and Opportunity to Aid 

Kanwal Rattan Choudhary 

Chemical Engineering: Study of 
Particulate Removal Using Aerosol 
Filters and Electrostatic Precipita- 

Leon Astor Clay 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: A Study of Relation- 
ships Among Attitudinal Factors 
and Teachers' Involvement in Educa- 
tional Decision-Making 

Rodger A. Cliff 

Electrical Engineering: The Applica- 
tion of Coding to Improve the Yield 
and Reliability of Semiconductor 

Craig Martin Cook 

Computer Science: Grammatical 
Inference by Heuristic Search 

Warren David Couch 

English: William Hurrell Mallock's 
The New Republic and the Crisis of 

Randall J. Craig 

Secondary Education: The Effect of 
a Culturally-oriented Versus an 
Object-oriented Approach to Study 
of African Arts in Producing Change 
in Aesthetic Preference 

James Herbert Crouch 

Physics: Measurement of the Cross 
Section for n* p— »7r+ ;r* n Near 

Marsha Zelia Hirsch Cummins 
English: Antonin Artaud's The 
Theatre and Its Double : An Analysis 
of Its Genesis, Its Intention and Its 
Influence in Modern Theatre 

Evelyn Hope Daniel 

Library and Information Services: 
The Organizational Position of School 
Media Centers: An Analysis of the 
Role of the School Library and the 
School Librarian 

William Henry Dashiell 

Elementary Education: An Analysis 
of Changes in Affect and Changes in 
Both Computational Power and 
Computational Stamina Occuring in 
Primary and Elementary School 
Children after Instruction in 
Hutchings Low Fatigue Addition 
Algorithm, Practice with Unusually 
Large Examples, and Exposure to 
One or Two Alternate Performance 

John B. Davison 

Chemistry: Selected Studies of the 
fHalomethyl) silylcobalttetra- 
carbonyls, the (MethoxyalkyI) 
silanes, and the bis-SilylcycIo- 

Arthur Daniel Delagrange 

Electrical Engineering: Continuous- 
Transmission Doppler Sonar from a 
Moving Platform 

Donna McCord Dickman 

Hearing and Speech Science: The 
Effects of Three Noise Backgrounds 
on the Sentence Intelligibility Scores 
of Hearing-Impaired Listeners 

John Francis Dillon 

Mathematics: Elementary Hadamard 
Difference Sets 

George Hunt Douse 

Government and Politics: Compara- 
tive Study of Conflict Theory 

T. Darrell Drummond 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: A Study of the Auto- 
nomy Assumed and Exercised by 
Headteachers in Selected British 
Primary Schools 

Fay Helene Dworkin 

Measurement and Statistics: An 
Investigation of Criterion Keying to 
Three Types of Residuals in Order 
to Enhance Predictive Validity 


Hosni Mohamed EInigoumi 

Agricultural and Resource Eco- 
nomics: Transportation Between 
Sudan and Libya as a IVIeans for 
Socio-Economic Development: Beef 
and Oil 

Charles Matthew Erikson 

Chemistry: Relative Nucleo- 
philicities of Metfioxide, Etfioxide, 
Isopropoxide, tert-Butoxide, 
Phenoxide-, and m-Cresoxide Toward 
n-Butyl Bromide and the Relative 
Acidities of Methanol, Ethanol, 
Isopropyl Alcohol, and tert-Butyl 
Alcohol in the Liquid Phase 

Horng Ming Fan 

Civil Engineering: Effective Width of 
Composite Bridges at Ultimate 

Theodore Feifer 

Government and Politics: An 
Analysis of Escalation in the Arab- 
Israeli Conflict, 1949-1967 

Joseph Ambrose Feustle, Jr. 

Spanish and Portuguese Language 
and Literature: Trayectoria de la 
mistica modernista en la poesfa de 
Ruben Darfo, Juan Ramon Jimenez 
y Octavio Paz 

James E. Fitzmaurice 

English: Migration Epics of the 
Trans-Mississippi West 

Marianna Elisabeth Fleming 

German and Slavic Language and 
Literature: Use Aichinger: "Die 
Sicht der Entfremdung"—Ein 
Versuch, die Symbolik ihres Werkes 
von dessen Gesamtstruktur her zu 

Patricia S. Florestano 

Government and Politics: Inter- 
governmental Relations as a Func- 
tion of State Government: A Com- 
parative Study of the Activities and 
Effectiveness of Commissions for 
Interstate Cooperation in the Fifty 

Deborah C. Fort 

Comparative Literature: Contrast 
Epic: A Study of Joseph Heller's 
Catch-22 (1961). Gunter Grass's The 
Tin Drum ( Die Blechtrommel ) 
(1959), John Barth 's The Sot- Weed 
Factor (1960, revised 1967), and 
Vladimir Nabokov's Pale Fire (1962) 

James Pasquale Foti 

Mathematics: Asymptotic Behavior 
of Solutions of Perturbed Auto- 
nomous Contingent Equations 

Morris Frayman 

Electrical Engineering: Quadratic 
Differential Systems: A Study in 
Nonlinear Systems Theory 

Thomas Esteban Gergely 

Astronomy: Decameter Storm and 
Type I V Radiation 

Dov Gil 

Food Science: Freeze-concentration 
of Aqueous Solutions by Rotational 
Uni-directional Cooling 

Barbara J. Glancy 

Human Development: A Compari- 
son of the Effectiveness of Form 
Reading Approaches and Two Levels 
of Supplemental Instruction on 
Disadvantaged Students' Achieve- 

Thomas Joseph Grites 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Student Perceptions and Self- 
Perceptions of Faculty Members in 
the Related Roles of Classroom 
Teacher and Academic Advisor 

Thomas Joseph Hajewski 

German and Slavic Language and 
Literature: Gustav Kuhne's 
Jungdeutsche Novellen: An Analysis 
of the Works and their Relationship 
to Young Germany 

Gordon Leon Hammond 

Astronomy: The Chemical Composi- 
tion and Effective Temperatures of 
Metallic Line White Dwarfs 

William Walter Hellier, Jr. 

Chemical Engineering: Transient 
Analysis of a State Park Extended 
Aeration Wastewater Treatment 

John G. Hennessey 

Mathematics: The Coefficient 
Regions of Starlike Functions 

Henry William Herzog, Jr. 

Economics: The Economics of 
Regional Water Quality Management 
(A Case Study of River Water 
Quality in the Chesapeake Bay 

John Douglas Hey 

Physics: "Central Structure of 
Stark-Broadened Balmer Lines Hg 
and Hi}" 

Robert Lloyd Hoffelder 

Sociology: Social Relations in Later 

Edward Wendell Hosley 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: A Comparison of Two 
Methods of Instruction in Environ- 
mental Education 

Yung-Wei Hsueh 

Electrical Engineering: Titanium 
Dioxide Thin Film in Microelec- 

Cheih-Yein Huang 

Physics: Hadron-Pion Transition in 
Asymptotic Su(3) Symmetry and 
Chiral Su(3) x Su(3) Algebra 

Robert Michael Imphong 

Industrial Education: An Investiga- 
tion of the Factors That Affect Job 
Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction of 
Beginning and Experienced Indus- 
trial Arts Teachers in the State of 

Kozo Ishizaki 

Engineering Materials: An Evalua- 
tion of Lindemann's Melting 
Formula by Sound Velocity 
Measurements on Solidified Argon 

Alan Jaworski 

Mathematics: The Kakutani-Bebutov 
Theorem for Groups 

William Robert Jones 

Agricultural and Resource Eco- 
nomics: An Economic Analysis of 
the Factors Affecting Pari-Mutuel 
Wagering and the Horse Racing 
Industry in Maryland 

David Edward Judd 

Human Development: The Relation- 
ship of Locus of Control as a Person- 
ality Variable to Student Attitude in 
The Open School Environment 

Russel Edward Kacher 

English: Ruskin and the Reviewers: 
Studies in the Social and Economic 
Criticism, 1857-1866 

Wallace Joseph Kahn 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Self-Management: A Study of the 
Differential Effects of Self-Observa- 
tion, Self-Observation with External 
Feedback, and External Feedback 
on the Duration of On -Task 
Behavior oi Children 

Charles Noel Katz 

Physics: Measurements of the Beta- 
Decay Properities of the A Hyperon 

Walter Sommer Kennett 

Animal Science: Responses of 
Lactating Dairy Cattle to Various 
Patterns of Daily Protein Intake 

Hyoung Yul Kim 

Government and Politics: Develop- 
ment Administration: The Case of 
South Korea with Reference to the 
Agricultural Development Program, 

Kwang Tiek Kim 

Sociology: Changes in the Social 
Structure in the Process of Indus- 
trialization in Korea 

Marinus A. Kip 

Measurement and Statistics: An 
Empirical Study of the Effects of 
Differential Factor Structures on 
Discriminant Function Analysis 

Barbara S. Kirkpatrick 

English: "Their Names are Myth, 
Legend, Dust": The Southern 
Mountaineer in Twentieth-Century 

Patricia A. Kirsch 

Human Development: Adolescent 
Identity Formation and Attitudes 
Toward Women and Sex Role 

Norma Joan Kirwan 

English: A Revised Edition of the 
Woodward and McManaway Check 
List of English Plays 1641- 1700 

Stephen Laurence Knapp 

Astronomy: A Description of the 
Cassegrain Amplitude Interfero- 
meter and Disk Diameters for Five 
Late Type Giant Stars 

Frank John Koczot, Jr. 

Microbiology: Analysis of Genetic 
Relatedness Among Three 
Adenovirus-associated Virus 
Serotypes by Competition Hybridi- 
zation and Electron Microscopic 
Heteroduplex Mapping 

Richard Andrews Kurzenabe 

Government and Politics: Homo- 
geneity, the United Nations 
General Assembly, and the Integra- 
tion of the International Political 


Vivien L. Kwiatek 

English: Moment of Truth: The 
Hunt in American Fiction 

Ana Lajmanovich 

Mathematics: Mathematical Models 
and the Control of Infectious 

Robert Emile Lamontagne 

Government and Politics: Pressure 
Group Influence on the Pennsyl- 
vania Constitutional Convention, 

Joseph Parran Lawrence, III 

Electrical Engineering: Adaptive 
Random Searching for the 
Extremum of Strictly Connected 

J. Michael Leibowitz 

Psychology: The Effectiveness of 2 
Variants of the Differential Rein- 
forcement Paradigm in an Alterna- 
tive Response Context as a Function 
of Schedule of Reinforcement and 
Reinforcement History 

William Henry Licata 

Electrical Engineering: Dominant 
Pole Identification Applied to the 
Low Order Modeling Problem 

Paul E. B. Logan 

German and Slavic Language and 
Literature: Die Entwicklungslinie 
des deutschen geistlichen Morgen- 
und Abendliedes vom Zeitalter der 
Reformation bis zur Gegenwart 
unter besonderer Berucksichtigung 
der theologischen Sicht 

John Harlan Lord 

Human Development: Predicting 
Recidivists and Non- Recidivists in a 
Delinquent Population 

Peter Lubitz 

Physics: Ferromagnetic Resonance 
in the 3-d Transition Metals 

Janet Marie Luhmann 

Astronomy: Balloon Observations of 
Low Energy Electrons and the Solar 
Modulation of Cosmic Rays in Inter- 
planetary Space 

Mohammad Maaghoul 

Chemical Engineering: Analysis of 
the Heterogeneous Radiation-Induced 
Crafting of Butadiene Vapor to 
Polyvinyl Chloride in a Continuous 
Recirculating Reactor System 

Dorothy Ingling MacConkey 
Sociology: Teens and the Mass 
Media: A Study of Black and White 
Adolescents and Their Use of Mass 

Jane Brady Matanzo 

Elementary Education: School Sys- 
tem Conditions and Teacher-Made 
Learning Centers 

James Edward McCleaf 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
The Effects of Students' Perceptions 
of a Speaker on Their Recall of Drug 
Facts and Their Opinions and 
Attitudes About Drugs 

Lawrence Herbert McDonald 

History: "Prelude to Emancipation: 
The Failure of the Great Reaction in 
Maryland, 1831-1860" 

Oscar Jacob Meehling 

Human Development: Hemispheric 
Asymmetry for Processing Verbal 
and Spatial Stimuli Through the 
Visual Modality: A Reaction Time 

Jule Dewane Moravec 

Psychology: A Comparison of 
Individual, Croup, and Written Test 
Interpretation Methods in Relation 
to Gains in Accuracy of Self - 

Nancy R. Noeske 

Secondary Education: A Compara- 
tive Study of the Effects of Dif- 
ferent Instructional Treatments on 
Elementary Pupils' Attitudes 
Toward the Urban Environment 

Daniel Malcolm Oberlin 

Mathematics: Some Results on 

Elizabethann O'Sullivan 

Government and Politics: The Rela- 
tionship of Reference Groups and 
Self Esteem to Women's Political 

Eliezer Oyola 

Spanish and Portuguese Language 
and Literature: Los pecados 
capitales en la literature medieval 

Anthony Francis Palmieri 

English: Elmer Rice: A Playwright's 
Vision of America 

Pablo Emilio Paz William Rouff 

Agronomy: Heritability of Mexican Human Development: The Shaping 

of the Self: A Bibliographical Study 

Bean Beetle Resistance in Soybeans 

and Interrelationships with 
Agronomic Characters 

Dorothy D. Petrowski 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: Effectiveness of 
Instruction in Postpartum Care for 
the Prenatal and Postnatal Phases of 

Alice M. Pieper 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: Parents as Teachers: 
The Effects of a Home Visit Parent 
Education Program on the Informa- 
tion Processing Ability and the 
Attitude Learning of Academically 
Disadvantaged Kindergarten 

Robert Samuel Printis, Jr. 

Electrical Engineering: Control of 
Distributed Parameter Systems 

Paul Roger Proteau 

Microbiology: Characterization of a 
Respiratory Peak Occuring During 
the Aerobic Cycle in a Histidine 
Mutant of the Yeast Saccharomyces 

Nancy Nealy Ragsdale 

Botany: Specific Effects of 
Triarimol on Sterol Biosynthesis in 
Ustilago maydis 

Datia V. S. N. Raju 

Physics: Collisional Rate Coeffi- 
cients for the Iron Ions Fe VIII, Fe 
IX and Fe X 

John R. Ratzlaff 

Geography: Effects of Environ- 
mental Characteristics Upon Storm 
Runoff and Sediment Production in 
Selected Middle Atlantic Watersheds 

Kenneth Duane Riddle 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
An Applied Experiment Using 
Verbal Consequating Expressions 
While Students Work a Routine 
Math Worksheet 

Charles Thomas Roche 

Chemistry: Proton Induced 
Spallation of Carbon: Astrophysical 
Implication for Nucleosynthesis of 
Li, Be and B 

of Self Processes in Human Develop- 

Allan Schneider 

Electrical Engineering: Multipath 
Channel Characterization for a 
Satellite Air Traffic Control System 

Robert Friedrich Wilhelm Schroder 
Entomology: A Comparative Study 
of Alfalfa Weevil Populations from 
the United States and Europe 

Peter Stephen Shoenfeld 

Mathematics: Regular Homomor- 
phisms of Minimal Sets 

John Edward Shore 

Physics: Dielectric Relaxation and 
Dynamic Susceptibility of a Model 
One- Dimensional System 

Barbara J. Silver 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
An Experimental Study of the 
Effectiveness of Relaxation Training 
in Reducing the Limiting Effects of 
Test Anxiety on Test Performance 

Robert Fred Silverberg 

Physics: Measurement of the Pri- 
mary Cosmic Ray Electron Spec- 
trum From 10 to about 250 GeV 

Dammon Lee Silvers, III 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Effects of Different Supervisor- 
Trainee Dominance Pairings on Two 
Dimensions of Counselor Trainee 

William Snyder, III 

Human Development: The Inter- 
active Relationship Between Expec- 
tancy for Control and Moral 
Judgment in Young Adults 

Deanna Burnes Sokolowski 

English: The War with Time and 
Self: A Study of Wyndham Lewis 

Clara Leis Stevenson 

Special Education: An Investigation 
of the Impact of Psycho-educational 
Guidelines on Psychological Report 

Darryl Lee Summers 

Human Development: The Effects 
of Aggressive Humor Stimuli upon 
Measured Hostility in Male Adoles- 
cent Delinquents 



Theresa Yuan Sun 

Agricultural and Resource Eco- 
nomics: Statistical Analysis of the 
Demand and Price Structure for 
Selected Shellfishes in the United 

Particia Ann Sweeney 

Elementary Education: The Con- 
struction and Technical Analysis of 
a Test to Measure Scientific 
Thinking, and Attitudes Toward 
Science and Science Teaching 

Mary Louise Swift 

Chemistry: Partial Purification and 
Characterization of a Malate 
Dehydrogenase from Crassostrea 
Virginia , Gmelin 

Dale R. Tahtinen 

Government and Politics: The Role 
of the Single Party in the Moderniza- 
tion Process of Five Middle Eastern 

Orland Otis Van Gunten 

Nuclear Engineering: Three Dimen- 
sional Electron Dose Distribution 

Gladys Gary Vaughn 

Secondary Education: Development 
of a Conceptual Base for Home 
Economics Curriculum in Grades 
Five Through Eight 

William Ellsworth Vincent 

American Studies: Hugh Henry 
Brackenridge: Frontier Commenta- 

Alton Smith Wallace 

Mathematics: Representation 
Theorems for Solutions of Differ- 
ential Operator Equations 

Harold Ray Weirich 

Botany: Comparative Anatomy of 
Myriophyllum spicatum L. from 
Habitats of Low and High Salinities 

William Walter Wilfinger, Jr. 

Zoology: Plasma Concentrations of 
Luteinizing Hormone, Follicle 
Stimulating Hormone and Prolactin 
in Ovariectomized, Hysterectomized 
and Intact Swine 

Terrence Francis Wilmer 

American Studies: Apostle of Truth 
or Advocate of Deception? The Life 
and Times of Ray Vaughn Pierce, 

Peter Stanley Winokur 

Physics: Ion Mobility Measurements 
in Dielectric Liquids 

Robert Thomas Withers 

Physical Education: Anaerobic Work 
at Submaximal Workloads in 
Subjects of High and Medium 

Duk-Joong Won 

Agricultural and Resource Eco- 
nomics: A Dynamic Programming 
Approach to Optimal Management 
Strategies for Loblolly Pine in the 
Delmarva Region 

John Beverly Wooldridge, Jr. 

Spanish and Portuguese Language 
and Literature: A Study and Critical 
Edition of Lope de Vega's El Amor 

Joe Koichi Yabu 

Industrial Education: An Experi- 
ment to Determine Teacher Effec- 
tiveness In a Personalized Teacher 
Interaction Situation and in an Indi- 
vidualized Programmed Instructional 
Package in an Industrial Education 
Methods Class 

Doctor of Education 

Frank Nicholis Carricato 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: An Analysis of the 
Effects of Pass/Fail Grading Proce- 
dures Upon the Attitudes and 
Achievement of Senior High Typing 

Robert E. Laird 

Industrial Education: The Relation- 
ship of the Leader Behavior of 
Principals and Teacher Morale in the 
Vocational Centers of Maryland 

Martha Louise Mead 

Secondary Education: An Investiga- 
tion of the Evaluation and Program 
Review Practices of Selected 
NCA TE Institutions 

Kay Matteson Sperry 

Human Development: The Investiga- 
tion of Selected Anxiety Processing 
Indicators, Seen on the Drawings of 
a Man Produced by Kindergarten 
Children, and the Academic 
Achievement of Those Children in 
the Elementary School 

Doctor of 

Business Administration 

Louis Isaac Rosen 

Business and Management: The 
Legal Process Evolves a Description 
of the Accountant's Disclosure 
Obligation-An In-Depth Analysis of 
the Continental Vending Machine 
Corporation Case 

Doctor of 
Musical Arts 

John Payne Spicknall 

Music: The Solo Clarinet Works of 
Bernhard Henrik Crusell 

Doctors 1 1 

Master of Arts 

Molly Abramowitz 

Shirley A. Al-Doory 

Kathleen T. Alligood 

William Gregory Alvord 

Etta Ann Anderson 

Peter Gordon Andrews 

Margaret Elaine Arenas 

Nancy M. Arnson 

William Charles Arthur 

John F. Azzaretto 

Carolyn S. Bailey 

James Alan Baker 

Mary Theresa Batt 

Patricia Lynne Bauer 

Mariana G. Bell 

Carmen Crowell Brewer 

James Paul Burnett, Jr. 

Mary Lorna Cahall 

Betty A. Caldwell 

John Robert Camou 

Patricia B. Chamberlin 

Hymen Chansky 

Arlene Joan Cohen 

Rochelle Diane Colchamiro 

George Charles Conklin 

Barbara Graham Cooper 

Christa Ruth Cox 

Paul Francis Creegan, Jr. 

Brigitte Marianne Crumrine 

Janice Hope Davidoff 

James Dale Davidson 

Philip John Davies 

Katherine H. Deimel 

Albert Anthony DeNapoli 

Judith Ginaine Dighe 

Robert Allen Duffy 

Betsy Holt Du Meer 

Lawrence Joseph Duzor 

Sara Dziubkiewicz 

Njansi Uma Eleazu 

Patricia Louise Clements Emme 

Barbara Ellis Engram 

Catherine Dolores Esposito 

Grace Ethel Evans 

Stephen Bolyard Fike 

Victor Leslie Farkas 

Gwendolyn Blue Felton 

Marjorie Tribendis Fichthom 

Thomas Richard Fleming 

Maria Bernarda Otero Fletcher 

Cheryl Ann Forbes 

Bonnie Carole Fox 

Gale Frank 

Carole M. Franks 

Eve Judith Frist 

Robert Galka 

Iris Harriett Gelberg 

Jerome Larry Golfer 

Marie-Therese G. Grattan 

Barry Ira Graubard 

Guven Guloksuz 

Richard Walton Hardy 

Kenneth R. Hasel wander 

Alyce Sandra Hasson 

James E. Haupt, III 

Jerome Lambert Haupt 

David Franklin Hedges, Jr. 

Bruno Heidik 

Alfred Brian Helm 

Eugenia Kirk Hommel 

Rita Natalie Horowitz 

Carol Jo Horst 

Stephen Grant Howard 

Linda Margaret Huf 

Carolyn Cheung Hum 

John Lester Ivy, Jr. 

Bradley Warren Jackson 

Catherine Harrington Jensen 

Caria Jean Jones 

Dawn Marie Jones 

Robert Juarez 

Steven Marshall Kahn 

Allison Grace Karslake 

Thomas Earl Kelly 

Brian Vincent Kinney 

Barry Jay Kirshner 

Charles Gordon Kisner 

Linda Lee Koenig 

Thomas Edward Kosterman 

John Kuzma, Jr. 

Clare Ellen Lamiman 

Thomas Bradley Larson 

Richard Wagoner Lauchman 

Mark Alan Ledford 

Mary Ann Bacon Lee 

Ann Rochelle Levin 

Faiga G. Levine 

Evelyn Frances Levsky 

Helen Marie Lewis 

Leon Litow 

Elisabeth Walsh Long 

Danny Arkady Lubin 

Dana Lee Mabbott 

Cynthia Gayle Mack 

Kathleen Therese Madigan 

Anita Marie Marchitelli 

Dennis Rollins Marriott 

James G. McCarthy 

Patricia Ann McCarthy 

Robert Patrick McConnell 

Kathryn Mary Meikrantz 

Michael Alan Meliker 

Page Putnam Miller 

Stephen Fletcher Mills 

Mohammad Younos Mokhtarzada 

Richard C. Morgan 

Paul Bernard Moyer 

Robert Joseph Mullin 

Alexander John Murdock 

Bruoe Thomas Myers 

Robert E. Nichols 

Carol Michelle Novalis 

Paulette Mabereau O'Brien 

Beverly Jones O'Bryant 

Annick G. Orrison 

Nancy Watkins Osius 

Caryn Ann Ostergard 

Thomas Randall Park 

Barbara Jean Parker 

Richard Wayne Parker 

Mary Tuohy Parmley 

Frances Margaret Parsons 

Margaret Valmai Pascoe 

Cheryl Lynn Pfetsch 

Lois H. Pottorff 

Bernice B. Price 

Thomas G. Reamy 

Loretta Christine Rebeta 

David R. Riggs 

Frank C. Roller 

Edwin Clarke Ross 

Charles J. Ryan 

Monwadee Samakoses 

Pamela Satek 

Jack H. Scheyer 

Karen Michele Schmukler 

Betty Brower Schopmeyer 

Francine Schreiber 

Albert Harris Scott, Jr. 

William Charles Sefekar 

Donald Paul Sengpiehl 

Shahine Shams 

Harvey Lawrence Shubert 

Jeffrey Mark Siedenberg 

Katherine Davis Simpson 

Robert Francois Schepers 

Jack H. Scheyer 

Herbert Ira Skolnik 

Eric James Smith 

Janet Kay Monaghan Smith 

Carol Westreich Solomon 

Diane Sonnenberg 

Grant W. Stivers 

Nancy H. Stokes 

John Alan Talbot 

Robert Charles Thomas 

Mitra Toossi 

H. Warren Topelius 

Stephen Michael Tullman 

Diane E. Turner 

Jo Anne Marie Van Batenburg 

Linda S.Walsh 

Christine Stoehr Wells 

Douglas Pel man Wendel 

William Martin Wentworth 

Arlene Virginia Wergin 

John Abner Wethington, III 

Judith Lee White 

James John Wiltshire 

Harvey Woldenberg 

Neville George Ying 

Ruthellen Beiler Yoshpe 

Laurence John Zimmerman, Jr. 
Barbara G. Zimmet 
Andrew A. Zvara 

Master of Business 

Daniel Charles Barnett 

Jill Marie Beierlein 

Joseph Anthony Bennett, Jr. 

Dibyendu Kumar Bhattacharyya 

Gary Salomon Bondi 

John Marc Chittum 

Michael Aloysius Criste 

Dennis Michael Curley 

James Richard Davis 

Rebecca Jean Doman . 

John Colvin Emery, III 

Charles Richard Enis 

Lutz Rainer Filipowsky 

Edward Brinkley Garner 

Jeffrey Irvin Gerson 

William Winslow Glickert 

Grace Ann Greenberg 

Thomas Gutierrez 

Burton J. Haynes 

David Howard Heggestad 

Lawrence Johnson 

Terry Eugene Kridler 

Edward Gwyn Lewis 

Edward Blaine Marr 

Ronald Andrew Matovcik 

Rajive Ray 

Michael B. Rosenzweig 

Gerald Ross 

William James Serelis 

Roman Joseph Whiting 

Grant Allen Wills 

Master of Education 

Judy Aboff 
Gayle V. Amos 
Charles Virgil Anderson 
Claudia Genevieve Arkell 
Harold Kent Baker 
Dorothy Ann Ballenberger 
Marcia M. Barnes 
Jeanne H. Berliss 
Elise M. Bizup 
Linda Marie Blauth 
Carol J. Boggs 
William Viers Bouic, Jr. 
Nancy Catherine Brosnihan 
Jean Lynn Buennagel 
Milagros H. Carrero 
Mary Joanne Carroccio 
Michael David Casserly 
Sharon R. Cook 
Deanna Marie Cooper 
Delores Countiss Datcher 
Doris B. DeAngelis 



Patricia Marie DeLorenzo 
Jean F. deTarnowsky 
Vera Lee Dishiaroon 
Adella Ann Donaldson 
Jean Warfield Donnelly 
Sherman Robert Dunaway 
Gaye Dawson Elswick 
John Dirickson Esham 
Nicholas William Fanatico 
Marsha I. Fein 
Renee Russakoff Firtag 
Ann T. Fisher 
Gloria Monte Fling 
Joanne Marie Foster 
Phyllis Mae Fowler 
Stanley Roy Fox 
Duane Robert Frantz 
Mary Monica Fratino 
Maura Lynn Freibaum 
Marcia Ann Geiger 
Irene Cookson Grunberger 
Frank Warner Hale 
George W. Harrington 
Gary Thomas Holland 
Sherry Phillips Hubbard 
Thomas Joseph Hunt 
Ellen Christine Jenkins 
Marjorie E. Jenkins 
Carl Stephens Jones 
Mary Beth Kaiserski 
John Kalomeris 
Michele Lynn Kanter 
Barbara Ann Kapinus 
Troy Kinney Kelley 
Carol Winston Kidd 
Richard Albert Knight 
Craig Stephen Knoll 
Marilyn L. Kurt 
Mary Ann Labonski 
Thomas Joseph LaBonte 
Frieda King Lacey 
Margaret Wilson Leary 
Marlys Annette Leiter 
Susan E. Lerner 
Thomas Clifford Lillis 
David Hall Magathan, Jr. 
Helen Eleanor Maiale 
Mary Corona Manna 
Geoffrey L. Marcus 
Robert Lloyd Marlowe 
Janet Raleigh Marmura 
Shirley Jean McCann 
Sharon Reidy McCombe 
Ruth B. McDowell 
Dorothy 0. McGuinness 
Gail Kleger McMillen 
Selma Meckler 
Margaret Jeanes Meehan 
Phyllis Lacy Mentzell 
Paul M. Metzger 
Jill H. Milgrom 
Eileen F. Monaghan 

Robert Lenard Moore, Jr. 
Ruth Geraldine Moss 
Alan M. Mostowski 
Francis J. Mulhern 
Bonnie Lee Muller 
Shirley Andrews Munford 
Gretchen Louise Nethken 
Richard Leo Neugass 
Ursula Kochanowski Nogic 
Gail Shirey Northrop 
Charles John O'Connor 
Gladys Biosca Ortega 
Barbara Hardingham Parisius 
Susan Julian Parr 
Joseph Samuel Payne 
Phyllis Southworth Preston 
Phyllis Jean Ramsey 
Lee Anderson Rigby 
Barbara Ann George Robbins 
Lynda Sheila Kroch Rocklin 
William Bart Rose 
Linda Wise Rosenberg 
Anita Bollt Royston 
Laura F. Rubenstein 
Sara K. Rushin 
Edith Bolton Russell 
Janie Elizabeth Russell 
IsabelleG. Ruth 
Cherryl Virginia Sage 
Prudence Claire Santos 
Frieda V. Schaffer 
Abbey Schulman Siciliano 
Joan Pangborn Silver 
Eva M. Simmons 
Muriel K. Skolnick 
Barbara Bowen Snyder 
Melanie Atkins Spears 
Wendy Squires 
Susan Kay Sternberger 
Rebecca Jane Straw 
Mary Alice Strom 
Muriel Shay Tapman 
Edward V. Tildon 
Delbert Woodrow Tweit 
Patricia Collins Vest 
Edward Bartlett Walder, Jr. 
Marilyn Weseloh 
Woodrow Dean Westcoat 
Johanna Page Westerberg 
Charles Herman Williams, Jr. 
John Barber Witty 
Pauline Adkins Wood 

Master of Fine Arts 

Linda Lamoreux Blomquist 

Robert E. Hynes 

John David Melius 

Will A. Newman 

Marcelle Harwell Pachnowski 

Meredith Eagon Rode 

Edward Paul Schiesser 

Harry Steven St. Ours 
Mary Maggie Stres 

Master of Library Science 

Estelle R. Alexander 

Bruce Franklin Ashkenas 

Sylverna Voralease Bardwell 

Timothy Collins Bidwell 

Carol Anne Blake 

Phyllis Gail Braunstein 

Leslie Michelle Burger 

Anne Wynn Carver 

Rosalind Fleet Cheslock 

Calvin Leander Clark 

Karen Schnetzler Coleman 

Nancy Harriet Cummings 

Annette Hamill Dobbs 

John Edvirard Duvall 

Ann Elizabeth Eichinger 

Jonathan A. Eisan 

Lucille Kimble Foster 

Dexter Lenox Fox 

Arglenda Jean Friday 

Barbara Kay Geier 

Marc Jordon Greenside 

Beverly Ann Gresehover 

Jane F. Hawkanson 

Alyce Ruth Helfman 

Mary Jane Jansen 

Mary Jane Kelly 

Generosa B. Latkovski 

Leelia Yvette Leeper 

Nancy Hall Lewis 

Senta Lowen stein 

Karen Anne McClevey 

Roberta Allen McDonnell 

Marguerite Elizabeth McMahon 

Frances Elizabeth Eaton Millhouser 

Donna Louise Morency 

Mary Patricia O'Dell 

Steven Lee Permut 

Jean Anne Perrine 

Christian Petersen 

Andrea Maureen Rauer 

Lynette Bielat Reilly 

Paul Martin Rosenberg 

Helen Elizabeth Morrison Santangelo 

Sarah E. Setton 

Janice Wright Sherman 

Carolyn W. Small 

Sharron Ann Snyder 

Ann Marie Steiner 

Sarah Anna Stover 

Cosmo D. Tassone 

Gloria Gardiner Urban 

Kay L. Varnado ' 

Jane M. Walters 

Susan Whitcomb 

Deborah Ann Wilson 

Deborah Joyce Wong 

Mary Ellen Zuyus 

Master of Music 

Ruth Ann Barnes 
Elizabeth Anne Chezik 
Patti Frances Collett 
James Robert Gibson 
Howard Douglas Klug 
Frederick Peter Morden 
Frederick Littleton Toner 
Rachael Wasset 

Master of Science 

Stephen Peck Adamson 
Mardelle Ann Amstutz 
Walter William Arbogast, Jr. 
Carter Michael Armstrong 
Patricia Ellen Bahor 
Taeil Bai 

George Robert Bailey 
Dale Curtis Barrick 
Barry W. Beals 
Wayne Berman 
Warren Lange Besore 
John William Bieber 
Richard Florencio Blaser 
Ernest John Bonanno 
Robert Kenneth Brooke, Jr. 
Darryl Leneir Brownlow 
James Dean Buchanan 
L. Albert Buennagel 
William Joseph Buracker 
Geoffrey Lynn Burdge 
Robert Leroy Burris 
Richard Allen Cahill 
Helen Bonnie Carter 
Douglas Edwin Chamberlain 
Chin-Yuan Chiao 
Daniel Joseph Chwirut 
Jane Elizabeth Clifford 
Harry B. Cline 
Donald Wayne Coats 
Monte W. Coleman 
Michael Elmer Conner 
Thomas Joseph Conry 
Stanley Bernard Cooper 
Joseph John Copley 
William Joseph Creegan 
Lealan Janet Crosson 
G. Richard Curran 
John Thomas Dalton 
Benjamin Sanders Davis 
Ronald Harry Davis 
Hassan Aly Dayem 
James C. Dempsey 
Douglas Taliaferro Denault 
Fred Warren Dew 
Charles Ira Dick man 
Margaret Revell Dowsett 
Thomas Lane Elmore 
Daniel Martin Ennis 
David Brian Evans 
Rudolph Keith Fairfax, Jr. 



John Joseph Ference 

Robustiano Leon Fernandez 

Alton Leonard Fleming 

Bess Kwei-Fong Fung 

Lilly B. Gardner 

Bernard D. Geller 

Elder Anthony Ghigiarelli, Jr. 

William Ronald Gluck 

Nancy Mac Lean Goff 

Charles Herbert Gonnermann 

Gary Lane Green 

William Lloyd Grogan, Jr. 

John R. Harris 

Ellen Sue Hartenstein 

Elizabeth K. Hedges 

Donald Wesley Heginbotham 

Thomas Lee Hershey 

Dennis Ray Hewitt 

Robert Olander Holliday, Jr. 

Deane Horowitz 

Ming Teh Hsu 

Michael Lewis Hurney 

Kenneth Wayne lobst 

Clifton Edward Jackson, Jr. 

Robert Bruce Jaeger 

Gail Robertson Janes 

Morgan Sandford Johnson 

Lawrence Edward Jones 

Louis J. Kaluzienski 

Howard T. Kaplan 

John Albert Kapp 

Joseph Edward Kennedy 

James Bernard Kiesel 

Ronnie L. Kinsley 

Alan Drew Kurzweil 

David Carl Langjahr 

Kun Jai Lee 

John Mott Lindsay 

Donald Arden Link 

Stephen Edward Livingston 

Charles Gardner Lomas 

Douglas William Maki 

John Harold Melhuish, Sr. 

Charles Gordon Miller 

John Frederick Miller 

Yung Mok 

Carlos Alberto Costa Mendonca E. Moura 

Anne Patricia Shands Neidhardt 

Don York Northam 

Robert S.Norton, Jr. 

James Calvin Oleinik 

Agnes DeWitt Oliver 

Jeffrey Albert Owings 

Eugene V. Paul 

Robert Stephen Pazak 

Linda Lee Poffenberger 

Michael Allan Ports 

Barnett Alvin Rattner 

Randolph Jay Reeoe 

Philip Rowlands Reid 

Nancy G. Resnick 

Kee Woo Rhee 

Glenn Douglas Rill 
Frank Rinaldi 

Andrew Kenneth Robinson 
Linda June Robinson 
Robert Wilbur Rockwell 
Marianne Emerson Russek 
Louis Mark Sardella 
Bernard Sass 
Adrian Richard Schaefer 
Dale Fant Schuiz 
Vivian Betty Sell 
David Lauren Shanks 
Lawrence Elliott Shapiro 
James Michael Sinton 
Michael Sinutko, Jr. 
Richard Gus Slavkin 
Joseph Martin Snyder 
Dennis Ronald Stewart 
Gerald M. Stum 
John Woodruff Thompson 
Gary Gregory Twigg 
George William Usher, Jr. 
Joyce Ann Utmar 
Patricia May Van Hooser 
Jack A. Verson 
David Darley Wagner 
Randal George Wagner 
Alan Kent Walker 
James Anthony Wallace 
William Alford Watson 
Dorothy Owen Waugaman 
William Thomas Waugh 
Thomas Beckwith Wells 
Robert John Went 
Samuel Clement Whelan 
Julie Wierzbicki 
Daniel George Wolf 
William Edward Yanovitch 
Kong Sung Yi 


Master of Education 

January 31, 1974 

Robert W. Holtzclaw, Jr. 
Francis J. Luther, Jr. 
Jeannette Ward 
James Landon Williams 
Denis Phillip Plewniak 


Master of Education 

May 26, 1974 

Earl Eugene Books 
Anthony V. Butler 
George Donald Clav\«on 
Charles T. Dobson 
Stanton K. Lum 
Thomas Alan Malec 
Lois N. McLaughlin 
John D. Mooneyham 
Patricia McGinn Saddlemire 



(ollege of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Gordon Cairns, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Science 

Olusola Agunbiade Akingbala 

Wayne Lewis Armacost 

Oscar Jose Arreaza Ludovic 

Rick Allen Aurand 

Els Benjamin 
'David Francis Bitzel 

Robert Nicholas Blama 

Robert John Bracey 

Vanessa Dale Breerwood 

Richard Robert Brush 

Marcus Kent Baumgardner 

William Sidney Burgess 

Thomas G. Carr 
t Colleen Mary Carruthers 

Andrew Bruce Celmer 
'Mary Catherine Chaney 

Michelle Denise Clark 

John Cecil Colgain 

David Lynn Conrad 

Craig Alfred Councill 

Robert Thomas Crow, Jr. 
'Laurence Clarke Cushing 

Jan is Jeannette Dart 

Gary Leroy Davis 

Vincent DiCamlllo 

Wayne Roy Dittmann, Jr. 

Steven Keith Dixon 
•Michael John Doetzer 

Leroy Alan Donaldson 

Roger Clark Dower 

Wayne Eugene Dunbar 

Teresa Ann Dunnington 

Kenneth Walter Eagleson 

Anthony Joseph Erb 
tRonald Stanley Eydelloth 

Barry Ezrine 

Charles Donald Farmer, Jr. 

Frederick Joseph Faulkner 

Deborah Tilghman Femiano 

Susan Frances Fisher 
'Susan Beth. Fox 

Nicholas Harry Frankos 

Lance Conrad Gardner 

John D'Arcy Gejger 

Edward Glyn Geis, Jr. 

Stanton Andrew Gill 
'Mark Alan Goodwin 

Janet Marlene Gossard 

Richard Paul Goudarzi 

William Haynes Hassett 

Steven David Hempling 

James Hendrickson 

Cynda Ann Henley 

tCalvin Thomas High 

Dale Andrew Hill 

Henry Jacob Hill, Jr. 

Stephen Jerome Hiniker 

Peter Ray Hochman 
'Thomas Lee Hollenshade 

William F.Holt 

Donna Marie Humphrey 

Janisse Arlene Jackman 

Kenneth Winfield Johnson 

Perry Grant Jones 
'James Winfield Katzenberger 

Terry Carlyle Kimball 

Judith Ann King 

Kirk David Lamartin 

Jeffrey Howard Landsman 

Thomas John Lavery 

Rodney Eugene Leatherman 

Jeanette Katherine Lee-Mon 

Gary Robert Letcher 

Steven Jay Levine 
tVivian Oresky Levine 

Lawrence Harper Liden 

Michael Bruce Lipman 

John Burton MacGregor, Jr. 

John Randolph MacMillan 

Mary Ann McLaughlin 
tChristine Anne Meleski 

Charles Walter Metz, III 

Lynne M. Meyer 

Mitchel Howard Miller 

Earl Eugene Mills 

John Mon 

Scott Brian Morris 

Daniel Moses Muller 
'Steven Alexander Murphy 

William Herbert Neal, Jr. 

John Richard Neild 

Brad Barton Nelson 

Charles Elmer Nelson 

Wilbur Wayne Newcomb 

Forrest Richard Oney 

James William Orban 

Joseph Horn Paciotti 
tWilliam Thomas Phelan 

Douglas Paul Phelps 

Gail Tarver Pitts 

J. Robert Powell 

Francis Thomas Rametta 

Richard Vernon Reichard 

James Steven Reid 

Diann Kay Rives 
tGary Lester Rosenbaum 
tNancy Ellen Roth 

Roy L. Rowland 

John L. Royer 

Ardis Louise Rubin 

Larry Abiodun Rufai 

Richard W. Scobey , Jr. 

Patrick Timothy Shanklin 

Glenn Sherron Shields 

Richard Joseph Sinsky 

John Carter Sleeman 

Julio G. Somoza 

Wayne Lee Spenner 

Stephen Heilig Spinak 
'Ann Christine Thomas 
tJames Hamilton Van Etten 
TDonald Rex Viands 

Ronnie Wade Vicars 
'Randall Allan Walker 

Particia Jane Warren 

C. Richard Weaver 

William Page Webster 

James Eugene White, Jr. 

Lynda Kay White 

Neal Michael Widdowson 
tWilliam Logan Wigle 

Barbara Ann Wolf 

Joan Wright 
'Joseph Alan Young, IV 

$»fhool of 
Archil et'iure 

Candidates will be presented by 
Prof John Hill, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Arts 

Carol Winifred Marinelli 
John Gray Russo 
'Felicia Gail Weiner 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Zaki Abdalla 

Thomas Lee Becker 

Rodger Whitmore Braley 

Kenneth Ward Catterton 

Steven H. S. Chin 

Donald Graham Davidson 

Jeffrey Lee DeBois 
tThomas N. Eichbaum 

Ralph Arthur Giammatteo 
'Alan Lee Hansen 

Alan Carl Hoffman 

Patrick John Krochina 

Richard Jan Luxenburg 

Eric Moy 

Robert Conklin Mozingo 

Jo Anne Murray 

Janet Marie Niederberger 

Borislav P. Popovic 
tNancy Helen Regan 

Abraham Rosenthal 

Gary Wayne Shaffer 
'Deborah Anne Snow 
tRobert Dalton Snow 

David Nelson Sternberg 

Charles Richard Williams 

Tollo^e of 
Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

'Deborah Jean Abell 

Bruce Jay Ackerman 

Charles Thomas Agnew 

Bruce Hylan Ainsworth 

Sharman Elaine Altsaugh 
'Leslie Joan Allen 

Jeffrey Alan Alva 

Barbara Ann Amberg 

Andrew Anthony Apollony 

John Stuart Armstrong 
t Rebecca Ann Arnade 

Joseph F. Baclawski 

Robert Andrew Bailey 

Marion Augustus Egbert Linnert Baldwin 

George Joseph Balog.Jr. 

Richard Howard Balzer 

George I. Barnaj 

Rodney Lane Barnett 

Lynda Beth Beacken 

Judy Bennett 

Brian Ira Berger 

Katherine Diana Bernard 

Ernest Steven Birkett 

Julie Susan Birnbaum 

Philip Raymond Black 

Abbie Joan Blinder 

Bruce Alan Blum 

Kent Julius Blumenthal 

Charles Francis Borniger 

Jeffrey Matthew Boswell 

Charles William Boyle, Jr. 
tJoseph Richard Bozicevich, Jr. 

Barbara Sue Bradley 

Michael Henry Bragdon 

Stuart Geoffrey Breslow 

Joan F. Bressler 

Brian Patrick Brown 

Jeffrey Alan Brown 

Lois B. Brown 

Richard Steven Brown 

Thomas Mathew Browne, Jr. 

Paul Casmer Bruton 

Robert Kenneth Burns 

Carol Susan Busacca 

William Joseph Bushwaller 
'Alison Deirdre Cade 
tShelton Marner Cannon, Jr. 

Richard A. Cantor 
tMaria Victoria Carmona 
'Kimball Allan Carpentier 
t Carol Ann Cavey 

Catherine Ann Cavey 
Wayne Archie Cawley, III 

Richard Scott Champion 

Francis Hughes Chapelle 
Charles Max Walter Chapman 

'with honors twith high honors 



Barbara Checket 

Diana L. Chen 

Themi Chumley 

Patrick Raymond Close 

Marsha Reynolds Coates 

Linda Gray Cobey 

Theresa Ann Collier 

Michael William Collins 

John Edward Connolly 

Constantine George Courpas 
tMary Elizabeth Cox 
tMitchell Rex Crawford 

Michael John Creveling 

Susan Belinda Cromer 

Bruce Bernard Cwalina 

Karen Lee Dalton 

Anthony R. Dambriunas 

Hong Ngoc Thi Dao 

Frederick Michael Decker, Jr. 

Ronald Anthony Demory 
•Carol Gill Denham 
'Robert Denis Ramey de Sugny 
•Barbara Stockum Dexter 

Patricia Eileen DiCarlo 

Lee Deborah Dickinson 

Joan Carol Dillon 

Grant Charles Dion 

Maureen Monica Dooher 

Leslie Robin Dreispan 

John Clifford Dryden 

Eileen Martha Duobinis 
•J. Matthew Duvall 
•Robert Andrew Duvall, III 

Francis Xavier Dwyer 

Maureen O'Driscoll Early 

Tom D. Eden 

Joanne Elliott 

Sharon Stewart Emery 

Robert Francis Emond 
•Lynn Epstein 
•David Lee Eskenasi 

Robert Denny Eslinger 

Nancy Jayne Fahey 

Laura Price Fasulka 

Laura Ann Vojislava Faulkner 

Steven Mark Fine 
•Cheryl Ann Fleming 

Douglas Raymond Fonden, Jr. 

Francine Susan Freedman 
t April Renee Freiman 

Pamela Rae Frese 
'Cheryl Sue Friedman 
tGregory Paul Fryer 

Rita S. Fuchsman 

Ted R. Furman 

Jatrice Martel Gaiter 
•Margaret Ellen Gallagher 

Steven R. Ganter 

Deborah J. Garvey 

Suzanne T. Garvin 

Sherry Ruth Geller 
tPatricia R. George 

Roseann Gerold 

•Elizabeth Marie Gibbons 

Marie Therese Giblin 

Ian Leonard Gilden 
tSusan Dale Gillespie 

Margot Sheila Gilstein 
tSheldon Lewis Gnatt 

Bertram Sydney Goldman 

Alan Webster Goodhue 

Larry Paul Goodman 

Mary Estelle Gott 
tCynthia Ann Graffam 

Josephine F. Gray 
*Amy Lynn Greene 

William Lawrence Greene 

Gary Greenwald 

David Matthew Grimes 
•Georgina A. Groleau 

Michael Allen Gross 

Linda Guerra 

Lawrence Arthur Guest 

Thomas Eyerly Guth 

Robert E. Lee Hall 

Thomas Lawrence Hamerski 

John Bobby Jarris, Jr. 

Mary Charlotte Hartzell 

Glenn Donald Hauze 
tRonald J. Hedges 
tJennifer Joyce Welti Heitfield 

Wendy Dianne Hellier 

Robert Aydelotte Henley 

Lynne Beth Herbert 

Steven E. Hercenberg 

Catherine Cupo Herchenrider 

Elizabeth Susan Hesse 

Debora Ann Hicks 

Rosemary Hidalgo 

Ann Marie Hill 

Bernard Hoffman 

Claire Ellen Hoffman 

Patricia Novell Holland 

Robert Ernest Holland 

Kenneth C. Holt 

Peggy Lou Hubbard 
•Stephen John Hubbard 

Frances Anne Hughes 

Lindsey Jean Hundt 

Eric Allen Hunter 

James Robert Hutchinson 

Alanson Saunders Ingersoll, II 

Brian Michael Jude Irwin 

James W.Jacobs, Jr. 

Gary Michael Jaffe 

W. Scott Janes 

Gregory Stephen Jarosinski 

David Francis Jenny 

George Cyrus Jernigan 

Elaine Johnson 

Thomas Moore Johnson 
Novella T. Jones 

tSheila D.Jones 
Frederick C. Kallens 
Mary Deborah Kammann 

Susan Anne Karp 

James Nicholas Kasson 

Barbara Ellen Katz 

Thomas Lynch Keller 
•Kathleen V. Kelley 

Lawrence Peter Kempf 

Gerald Patrick Kenney 

Bruce David Kent 

Cynthia Mae Kenyon 

Hal Stacy Kilberg 

Caria Patricia Kimball 

Martin Philip King 

Claire Rubin Klein 
•Hershel Joel Klein 

Stanley Jay Klein 
•Maureen Klesmer 

Robert Henry Klima 

Ann R. Koch 

Robert Bruce Koch 
t Kenneth David Kondritzer 

James Paul Kotowski 

Steven Jonas Kover 

Phyllis Brenda Kramer 

Sandra Kristin Kryzanowsky 

Nancy Nelson Kurtz 

Thomas John Lane 

Victor Ross Lapides 
•Ernest Gregory Lardieri 
tDon E. Laugh ridge 

Hilary Rae Lavine 

Donald Stuart Lawrie 

Patricia Ann Lazzari 

Steven Gary LeBel 
tJ. Peter LeBoff 

Marvin Lee 

Peter Stephen Lemaire 
t Alexis Julia Leonard 

Bruce Charles Levin 

Donna Levin 
•Craig Alan LeVine 

Judy M. Lew 

Amy F. Lipp 

•Robert Christopher Little 
t Lauren Beryl Lohr 
•Michael Franklin Lohr 

John Charles Loomis 
•Mary Jean Lopardo 

Ramon L. Lopez 

John Gerard Loughran 

David D. Lowrer 
•Christine Beth LubinskI 

Linda Victoria Luckett 

Spencer Craig Lufriu 

Edward Lulie, III 

Julia Fay Lutwin 

Michael A. Macey 

Kevin Patrick Madden 

Diane Elaine Mallos 

Neal E. Malone 

Sharon Joyce Marcus 

Joel A. Margolis 

Denise Theresa Marino 

llene Renee Marks 

Gary L. Martin 

Katharine Tucker Martin 

Kathleen Anne Matisick 

Elizabeth Jean Mattern 

Lynn Marie Maurey 

Anthony E. Mazzei 

Kathleen Nora McCaffrey 

John Bernard McClellan 

John Patrick McGuinn, III 

Cathleen Anne Mcintosh 

Karen May McLane 
T Richard Edward McLawhorn 
tPatricia Elaine McMillan 

Dan Stephen McQuain 

David Metelits 

Tamara Alexandria Michen 
•Helen Marie Miller 

Judith Lynn Miller 

Warren Christie Miller, Jr. 

Carol Tedder Mitchell 

Harry M. Modanoe 

Peter John Moody 

Thomas Fred Morris 

Eva Lynne Motter 

James Allan Motz 

Robert Lee Moulden, Jr. 

Catherine Anne Murray 

Jann Anita Needles 

Steven Todd Neiditch 

Margaret Lee Niehaus 

Annette Rita Nyekan 

Patricia Ellen O'Connell 

Kathleen Mary O'Day 

Elizabeth A. Oglio 

Rose J. Oh 

Edward Barry Olshaker 

Charles Joseph O'Neill 

Michael Terry O'Neill 

Elizabeth Ann Oros 

Carol Lynn Orsinger 

Gary Alan Oshinsky 

Faye Angela Page 

Anne Pah I 
tRita Pando 

Chester Vance Panzer 

Ritchie Alexander Park, Jr. 

Christine Lee Parrott 

Charles Ross Patterson 
•Craig Christian Paulis 

Douglas Mifflin Perkins 

Kenneth Neal Perlberg 

Harvey A. Perry 

Louis Stephen Pettey 

Edward Christopher Phoebus, Jr. 
tDenise Ward Pierrot 

Howard Michael Finn 

Gilbert Edward Plumer 

Donald Wayne Pohlmann 
Lynne Juanita Powers 
Richard Douglas Prail 
Bobbie L. Price 

+Anne Marie Prieto 
Mark Inglis Pritchard 

Sharon Lea Pyne 

•Hollis Raphael 
Charles Garrett Ratcliff 
Edward A. Reback 



'with honors twith high honors 

Charles Michael Reese 

Philip Janney Richmond 

Valerie Ann Riddick 

Susan Janice Rind 

Marfa del Carmen Rivas 

tJanet Marie Robins 

•Dorothy Marie Robinson 

Robert Emery Rose 

Mark Andrew Rosenthal 

Rachel Rosner 

Richard Erie Rudisill, III 

Charles S. Rupp 

Anne Nelson Russell 
tirene Regina Salazar 

Stephen Henry Saltzgiver 

Stuart Fairfax Sands 

Jeffrey Stewart Sanger 

Anthony Charles Santangelo 

Dorothy Mae Saunders 

Jan Robin Schick 

Robert C. Schlachter 

Mary D. Schroeder 

Noel Patrick Schwab 

David Robert Schwartz 

Penelope Jeanne Scrivens 

Sharman Mojeska Sealey 
•Richard Seiden 

Elsie Ann Sellers 
t Louise Bryna Senzel 

John Michael Sery 

Lynne Arlene Shapiro 

Kenneth Lee Shaw 

Robert W. Shelton 

Joel Ira Sher 

Mark David Shugarman 

Steven James Shultz 

Harry Joseph Shutoff 
tCarl Edward Siegel 

Lawrence Steven Silberman 
•Patti L. Silberman 

Elizabeth Logan Skinner 

Patricia Rae Smiley 

Vicki Lynne Smith 

Dayle Ann Smook 
tVictoria Ann Smouse 

Dennis Ray Snow 

Cheryl Colleen Sole 

Margaret Ann Spence 

Joseph Jean Jacques Sperber 

Thomas Alexander Spiro 

Joseph E. Srebro 

Julie Starling 

EHIen Janet Stern 

Marilyn Stoughton 

Susan Jaworski Stranc 

Marlin Everett Strand 

Laurence Rohland Stratton 

Lora Ann Sullivan 

Sharon A. Sullivan 
tingrid Margarethe Sunzenauer 

Julie Ann Sutherland 

Suzan Swanton 

Brian Mower Sv\«eney 

David Stuart Talley 

Richard Albert Tamberrino 
tCatherine Jane Tanney 
t Robert Ira Targ 

Jane Rachel Tenenblatt 
•Craig Martin Terkowitz 

Joe Gordon Tharp 

Jeffrey Paul Timins 

Geraldine Fern Tracy 

Peter Thomas Tracy 

John Paul Treadwell 

Kathleen Jean Tuma 
•Linda Joyce Tur 

Sarah Bancroft Tyler 

Deborah Ann Unitus 

Edward Douglas Valentine 

Charles Nelson Vance 

Diana Patricia Vance 

Sharon Elizabeth Vance 

Pamela Steele Vargo 

Joanne Kathleen Wack 

Kristen Wakefield 

Walter Raymond Wannall, III 

Pamela Ann Ward 

Diane Winifred Washabaugh 

Louise Wassom 

Morag Rae Watt 

Stuart Gary Weinblatt 

Cynthia Ann Weiner 
•Heidi Weintraub 
tRony Werthamer 

Robert David Williams 

Catherine Jo Wilson 

Stephanie Jo Ann Wilson 

Neil Alistair Winterbottom 

Cheryl Lynn Woerner 

Leesa Gail Woolfolk 

Lynn Hammersmith Wyvill 

Mary Elizabeth Young 
John Paul Zanelotti 

Lawrence Fredrick Zucker 

Pamela A. Zulli 

Bachelor of Science 

Joseph Anthony Abruzzo 
Theresa Joan Arvidson 
Zenon Lubomyr Babiak 

•Harold Bafitis 

tRichard Allan Baiter 
Howard Marshal Bezoza 
Albert Richard Bishop 
Michael Paul Blank 

tEdward Nubar Bodurgil 

•Frederick Edward Boland 

tPhilip R. Bowman 
Jonathan Carl Braunfeld 
Bonnie Jean Brinkman 

tAlan Brody 
John Kevin Brooks 
Steven Matthew Brooks 

•Catherine Lynn Bunke 

•Donn Stephen Burkness 
Ann Elizabeth Campbell 

•Beverly Anne Carragher 
Leslie Arthur Cartier 
Vincent John Cerniglia 
Margaret Tze-Ping Chao 

•Thomas Charles Clancy 
William Ernest Cocimano 

tNancy Darlene Como 
Lauren Kay Corbitt 

tjill Christine Cosner 
Sharon Elizabeth Coursey 

tHarold Gene Craighead 
Jeffrey Wayne Cross 
John Braxton Davidson 
Carmella Renee Davis 
Christine Ann DeVille 
Janet Dixon 

Thomas Francis Dowling 
Richard Drayer 
Donald Jeffrey Dvorin 
Janet Eileen Faber 
Robert Allen Feigenbaum 

•Mark D. Feigenson 

tDaniel Joel Feirtag 
Wilbert Lane Fezio 

tBruce Lee Fisher 
Benjamin Stewart Fiss 
Roger John Flaherty 
Teresa Neitzey Flaherty 
Robert Eugene Fout 
David Robert Fowler 
Andrew Fox 
Arthur Courtney Fridley 
Daniel Thomas Friedlander 

tGregory Paul Fryer 
Kathy Arleen Gaglia 
Michael Lawrence Gannon 
William Glazer 

••Rodney Bruce Glotfelty 

tCarol Marie Gonzalez 

tAbby Joyce Goodman 

•Barbara Lee Greenberg 

•Matthew Robert Greene 

•Gary David Grill 
Michelle Rose Guerra 
Ronald Leon Hand 
Wick Timothy Harlan 
George Hatzidimitriou 
Ava L. Healy 
Michael Lee Helfstein 
Nicola Ruth Helwlg 

•Alan D. Hepler 
Brian Montgomery Holly 
Paul Carlton Hopkins 
Alan Wayne Hopson 
Patricia Ann Huhn 
Nancy Jo Hurwitz 
Cynthia Jean Jaworski 
Craig Albert Johnson 
Jonathan J. Kandell 

•John Henry Karwoski. Jr. 

•Harriet Kaufman 
Martin Ellis Kaufman 
Michael Allan Kaufman 
Barry Steven Kessler 

Alan Jay Kleiman 

Barbara Ann Knighton 
tJan Lloyd Kramer 

Mark Brian Kramer 

Francis J. Kriston, Jr. 

Archibald MacMillan Lake 

Karen Ann Lake 

Elias Lalezar-Shemirani 

Clara Suzanne LaMarche 

James Edgar Laskey 

Stephen Leon Lefebvre 

Howard Glenn Lerner 

Michael Anthony Leser 
tGary Howard Levin 
•Benjamin M. Lieberman 

Glenn Joe Lieu 
•Gerald Alan Lipps 

David Ashby Lohr 

Michael John Loppatto 

James John Lucas 

Wayne Edward Luoma 

Carl John Mahle. Jr. 

Robert Raymond Mantoni 

Elizabeth Jean Mattern 

Burt Jay Mazia 

Richard Harvey Mazie 

Joseph Michael McDermott, Jr. 
•Margaret Ann McGarry 
tCharles Thomas McMillen 

Mary Joan Miller 

Richard Alan Miller 

Susan Louise Miller 

Carlton Lindsay Mills 

Frank Bradley Mitchell 

Blake Adam Mitnick 

Lawrence Benjamin Mogen 

Denise Freda Moore 
t Cynthia Ann Morgan 
tStephen Ross Morrison 
tJeremy Seth Musher 
'Sharon Ngan 

Theodore D. Nirenberg 

Joseph Arieh Nord 

Anne Marie Oshman 
tAnna Carmela Palmisano 

Joseph Yip Park 

Richard Neil Polack 

Richard Joseph Porac 
Jeffrey Stuart Pressman 
tDwight Charles Price 

D. James Ramsey 

Nelson W. Rebert 
t Robert Victor Rebois 
t Harvey Douglas Reid 
Margaret Sollenberger Renshaw 
Arlene Susan Richman 
Roger John Robertson 
John Curville Robinson 
John Walton Rodger 
tJeffrey Peter Rosen 
tStephen Jeffrey Rosen 
Barry Warren Rosenthal 
David C. Ryan. Ill 
•George Patrick Sand 

'with honors twith high honors 



Robert Bruce Sando 

Douglas Kent Sater 

Brandt Hilleary Saunders 

Steven Mark Schachner 

John Edward Schaeffer, Jr. 

Jeflrey Lloyd Schamis 
tRobert Lawrence Schiff 

Carl John Schindelar 

Christine Marie Schran 

Elliott Schwartz 

John Frederick Seitz, Jr. 

Gene Joseph Sementilli 

John Charles Sentman 

Howard Douglas Serber 

Daniel A. Shawen 
'Charles L. Shear 
•Diane Katsumi Shimoda 

Michael John Sidlak 
•Fredric Stewart Sirkis 

William Thompson Sither 

Laurel Lynne Smith 

Stanley S. Smith 

Walter Daniel Solomon 
•Edward Timothy Souweine 

Robert Neil Spiegel 
tStuart Robert Stark 

Paul E. Starr 
•Susan Marie Stasiewicz 
t Lawrence Fred Steinberg 

Ernst Nikolaus Steinbrecher 

William Michael Stem 

Jack Leonard Stern 

Robert Charles Strahl 
•David Lloyd Strauss 

Michael Lindsey Stutts 

Victor B. H. Tay 

David Franklin Teitelbaum 

F. Lynn Tidwell 
Kenneth Paul Traum 

Samuel Tsakiris 
•William Walter Tullner 
•Mark Erickson Twigg 
Vicki Lynn Vaughan 
James Jay Walter 
Scott Allison Webster 

tGary H. Weiss 
Thomas Charles Wendorf 

tMichael Floyd Wheeler 

•Robert Pearson White, Jr. 
Dallas Porter Wright, Jr. 
Dennis Karl Yavorsky 
Lane Patrick Zangwill 
Edward D. Zimmerman 
Glenn Owen Zimmerman 

Bachelor of Music 

Kathy Frances Frye 
Margery Swonson Kowal 
Linda Lee Poland 
Kathryn Taft Thompson 

College of 
Business and 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rudolph Lamone, Dean of 
the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Ronald Melvin Aaron 
t Ralph Edwin Allen 
tPaul Nelson Andreoli 

Dennis John Arczynski 

Anthony Dale Armstrong 
•Mark Brent Ashley 

Michael Edward Auerbach 

Gary J. Augustine 
tRichard L. Bailey 

Robert Alan Balin 
tCharles Stewrart Barackman 

Gary Bowden Baxley 
•Gerald Anthony Beatley 

Edward Becker 

Robert Oliver Bell 

Robert James Beran 

Karl Christopher Berberich 

Howrard Steven Bernheim 

Steven Mark Binder 

Stewart Philip Binder 

William Otey Blair, Jr. 

Robert William Bohn 
•Christine Priscilla Boland 

Allan Glenn Bolden 

Joan M. Bozzonetti 

Jeffrey A. Broider 

Eli Benjamin Bronstein 

Gary Wayne Brown 

Robert Z. Brown 

Thomas William Brown 

Espey Theodore Browning, Jr. 
tRobert Leonard Bruchey, Jr. 

Bruce Emerson Burgess 

Richard Merrill Burich 

John Calvin Butner 

Mark A. Butterfield 

Donald Claiborn Caldwell, Jr. 
tEllen Ann Callahan 

David John Callan 
tRichard T.Carhart 

Roger Linwood Cary, Jr. 
Luis F. Castro 

Joan H. Cepko 

David Lee Chambers 
Lindsey Kent Chatham 

tAmelia Annette Chesney 

•Christine Marie Clare 
David Allen Clark 

tDarwin Kent Clisham 
Barry Michael Cohen 
Robert J. Coladonato 
Paul Richard Collison 

•Daniel Moran Conant 

Thomas Carroll Connolley 
Paul Gerarde Cooke 
Edward George Courey, Jr. 
Stephen Patrick Crane 
Janna Crav/ford 
Robert Wayne Crawley 
•Nicholas C. Crecca 
John Michael Cucci 
Gordon Lee Culler 
Eugene Edward Curtin 
Thomas Aquinas Curtin 
tJohn F. Dallavalle 
Jeffrey Packer Darlington 
Gregory Nelson Davis 
Robert Alan Davis 
Walter Randolph Davis, Jr. 
Michael Anthony DeLeonibus 
Steven Michael Denenberg 
Eric DeVos 
•Deborah Anne Dickerson 
Joseph Charles Difato 
Jeffrey K. Diven 

Edward Arther Doebler, Jr. 

Leonard Joseph Domyan, Jr. 
•Arthur Neil Dubin 
Colin MacDonald Duer 
John Daniel Duni 

Louis John Dupski 

Richard Michael Dyer 

David B. Eason 

Elizabeth Kyle Edwards 

John William Edwards 

Edwin Halbert Eldridge 

Richard Louis Engelman 
•Frank Michael Estupinan 

Dallas Randall Evans 

Ronald Harold Everett 

Peter Allan Faico 

Gary Herbert Falconer 

Barry Michael Falkenberg 

Kathleen Farnan 
t Linda Jeanne Fassberg 

John Clinton Fawsett 

Paul Russell Fish, III 

Edward Thomas Fitzgerald, Jr. 

Robert Emmett Fitzgerald, Jr. 

Randall Gene Fix 

Larry Maurice Fleming 

Joanne Foltz 

William Bryan Frambes 
•Roberts. Franco 

Frank Paul Frazzano 

Gary Jay Friedman 

Jules Steven Friedman 
•Marc Allan Friedman 

John Roger Fritts 

Robert James Funderburk 

Gary Edward Garber 

Arthur A. Garrison 
t Laura Lee Garro 

Gregory Earl Genco 
tPatrick Eugene Gioffre 

Marc Laurence Glassman 

•Ronald Brent Glassman 

tJohn Edward Gochenouer 
•Frank Jeffrey Goldenberg 

F. Alvaro Gonzalez 
tThomas Christopher Gorak 
Larry E. Gordley 
Lawrence George Grabarek 
Ronald Jay Granick 
Robert Stanley Greenfield 
Allan Richard Griebenow 
Laurent Robert Grignon 
Alan Frederick Gross 
•Charles David Graves 
•Thomas Brett Haire, Jr. 
•Kenneth Lee Hankin 
John Daniel Hanna 
William Thomas Hanna 
•Richard Wayne Harris 
•Maurice H. Harwood 
Allen Hatfield, III 
tCathy Lou Heavener 
t Lowell Gary Herman 
Mark Kenneth Herrmann 
Gary Sterling Hickle 
James Arthur Hicks 
Steven Gary Hirshenson 
Margaret Ann Hoeike 
William C. Holford 
Allen Bruce Holzman 
tSteven Richard Israel 
David Eugene Ives 
•Alice Marie Jennings 
John Leinen Jodlbauer 
Charles Gilbert Joerdens, II 
Cynthia Louise Johnson 
David Christopher Jones 
Wendy Jones 
Mark Hal Kamins 
Clifford George Kane 
Zev Evan Kaplan 
Judith Ann Kark 
Arlene Stettner Karr 
Daunton Woodrow Kees, 1 1 
Joseph Edward Keimig 
Michael Thomas Kenny 
Richard Michael Kind 
tWilliam Walter Kingston 
Stephen Albert Kirby 
Gerald I. Klein 
Stephen Scott Klein 
Scott Leifer Kligman 
Kevin Karl Kooper 
Robert Scott Kornhauser 
Robert Alan Kozak 
Michael Howard Krebs 
Kenneth Seymour Kreger 
William Robert Kress 
Robert Valentine Kuhn 
Ralph William Kush 
Dennis G. Lamarre 
John Lang 

•Norman Bennett Lapidus 
David Lareau 



'with honors twith high honors 

Harold William Larson 

Barry Alan Lazarus 

Randol Craig Leach 

Lanna Lin-mei Lee 

Anthony Lawrence Lembo 

Robert Lloyd Lenzen 

Hal Paul Levine 
tTheodore Stephen Levy 
•Paul Nickles Lewis 

John David Linthlcum 

Bradley Wade Livengood 

Lee Davis Lodge 
"Nancy Marie Logan 

Mark D. Loop 

Walter Edwin Lorcheim 

John Michael Lorenz 

Donald Francis Loveless 

Robert Lovisa 

Gregory Allen Lyons 

Kathleen M. Lytikainen 

Raymond Macdonald 

Richard MacKenzie 

Jesse M. Maher 

Brian Charles Mahoney 

Harold Frederick Mann 

Victor Gaspare Marmo 

Robert Charles Marr 

David Ernest Marsh 

Dennis Ryan Martin 

Kevin Anthony Martin 
tGerald William Martz 

Raymond Michael Massaro, Jr. 
t Ralph John Mathis, Jr. 

Christian Francis Matthiessen 

David Mazur 

Gerald G. Mazzochi 

Carrol K. McClaugherty 

Paul Michael McDonald 

Jerard Paul McEvoy 
tBarry Clinton McFarland 

Ralph Louis McNeils 
'Brian Michael McVeigh 

Thomas Vincent Meehan 

Ronald Hal Meliker 
"Bruce Stephen Mendelsohn 

Joseph Carl Milazzo 

John Joseph Mitchell, Jr. 
tEdward Joseph Mizerek 

Gary Paul Modzel 

Paul Wesley Moores 

Richard Anson Morrison 

Michael Joseph Morstein 

Larry Jaye Mosher 

Thomas Mowlds 

Craig Roman Munson 

Fernando Jaime Mustafa 

Terry Eugene Myers 

Kathleen Grace Nagle 

Bruce Alan Neirman 

George Robert Neureither 

James Raymond Niblock 

Stevon Dale Nickolaus 

Kenneth MacGray Norton, Jr. 

Marilyn Elizabeth Oehrii 

Stephen Wayne Oliner 
Patrick Francis O'Meally 
tRuth L. Perlnnan 

James Robert Peterson 

Peter Mario Petrillo, Jr. 

Peter Zacharais Petros 

David Michael Plummer 
Louis Miles Pope, II 

Bradley J. Poston 

Thomas Edward Powers 

Francis Joseph Preller, Jr. 

David Hovrard Pritchard 

James Lester Pritchett, Jr. 

Edwin Schlomo Proter 

James Thomas Rabey 

Stuart Alan Rabkin 

Thomas Franklin Rappold 

William Henry Ratcliffe 

Gary Samuel Reines 

Robert Ace Ridgeway 
tGwendolyn Sue Ridgley 
tRichard Allen Roe 

Peter Rosekrans 

Steven Dennis Roth 

Charen Celeste Rubin 

William Klages Rupprecht 

James Hamner Rush, Jr. 

Alexander Lesueur Russell, Jr. 

Jeffrey Edward Sabot 

Stephen Chris Samaras 

John Hill Schaeffer 

Richard Michael Schaeffer 

Joseph Bernard Schaffer, Jr. 

Joanne Frances Schneider 

John Peter Schroeder 

Alan Lee Schupp 

Michael A. Schwartz 
•Margaret Ann Scott 
t Harold Semanoff 

Arthur Lawrence Seymore 

Wayne Hamilton Sheppe 

Donald Richard Siegel 

Wilbert Lawrence Silbaugh 

Mitchell Stuart Silberg 
•Mark Elliot Silver 

Jeffrey Thomas Simms 

David B. Simonton 
•Alan Dana Sloane 

Alan David Smith 

Frank John Smollon, III 

David Wayne Snight 

Joseph Anthony Stevens 

Richard Lowndes Stuller 

Gary Lee Stup 

Marshall Randolph Sullivan, Jr. 

Lawrence Jacob Suls 
•Candice Ann Sylvestri 

Robert Louis Tangreti 

John P. Tankisley 

Charles William Taylor, III 
•Harvey Leon Taylor 

Janet M. Thompson 

Thomas Clemens Traber 

Robert Edward Turner 
James Arthur Urie 

tDaniel Carl Vandermause 
Gary James Wagenheim 
Ronald R.Walker 
Michael Joseph Walsh 
Lawrence Paul Walton 
Theodore Russell Weatherby 

tMarcia A. Weber 
Jeffrey Neal Welan 
Michael Van Westerlund 
Elizabeth Ann Weymouth 
James Michael Whittemore 
Casey Paul Wiebb 

tCarl Bruce Wilkerson 
Phyllis Dobson Willey 
Paul Michael Wudski 
Sheldon Hovrard Zeller 

•Robert Zimmerman 

•Shirley A. Zimmerman 

CoUege of 
Business and 

Bachelor of Science 

H. Michael Abramson 

Christopher Richard Aceto 

Lloyd Alan Anderson, Jr. 

Patricia Anne Ashland 

James Francis Babbitt 

Elizabeth Victoria Barrer 

Mark Joseph Bartels 

James Evans Bentley 
•Richard Lawrence Berg 

John Wayne Berry 

John Michael Bishop 
tChristopher Lee Bliss 

Rudolph Erwin Bohmann 

Sharon Lee Booye 

Frantz-Robert Ernst Brea 

James Cleveland Bridges 

Joseph Jack Bross 

Kenneth Alan Caplan 
tPenelope Carolyn Gate 

Scott Elliott Commander 

William Ellsworth Craumer, Jr. 

Alexander James Crow 

James F. Cunningham 

Jim Chandiram Dadlani 

Bruce Lynn Daugherty 

Anthony Russell Dean 
tMichael Paul DeGeorge 

Barnell Derricott, Jr. 

Donald Michael Dodson 
•George Kramer Downey 

Rosemary Downing 

Joseph Drimer 

Michael Bruce Edwards 

Stuart Terry Eisen 

Steven Louis Feher 

Alexander Ferencz.Jr. 
tWilliam Michael Fitzpatrick 

William Demetrios Georgeson 

•Geoffrey Brian Gilbert 
Gabriel Gonzalez 

James Edwrard Gracie 
•Allen James Graham 

James Joseph Gray 
t Larry Irvin Greenberg 

Eugene Earl Griisser 

Lawrence Allen Gritton 

Edvrard W. Hamilton 

Peter Horace Hamilton 

Robert Allan Hardie 

Richard Eugene Hawes 
•David E. Hecht 

James Westley Hellman 

Lawrence Allen Hendershot 

Henry Duke Hoffman 

Robert John Hoffman 

Philip Richard Jacoby, Jr. 
•Bruce Elliott Kauffman 

Stanley Eric Kensky 

Jeffrey Clark Kline 

Jeannie Kam-Jen Lee 
tMark James Mackey 

Oral McNeil Marple, II 

Lawrence E. Marshall 

Charles V. Mauro 

George James Mazzo 

Robert Francis McCarthy 
•Michael Patrick McGee 

Mark Conan McMackin 

Stephen Joel Midgette 

Jay Vance Miller 

Forrest Elmer Monoskie 

Kevin Joseph Moriarty 

John Joseph Mulkey, Jr. 

John Clark Murray, III 
'Gordon G. Novinsky 

Nolen Leroy Null 

Teddy Lee Okum 

Michael Allen Perry 

Ross Steven Pollack 

Bohdan Puzyk 

Diane Marie Guinn 
tJohn Francis Rathz 
tBruce Harold Reid 

Catherine E. Richter 

Scott Michael Robinson 

Lawrence James Royster 

Gary Stephen Saks 

Percy Lee Sanders, Jr. 

James Joseph Sarnowski 

Todd Stephen Sauter 

David M. Shanholtz 

Richard Barry Singer 

Robert Mitchell Sisco 

Eddy Z. Smith 

Thomas Uhrlaub Snyder 

Robert Craig Steinberg 

Joseph Patrick Sullivan 

'with honors twith high honors 



Raymond Thomas Sullivan, Jr. 

Lawrence Cavan Sutherland 

Mark Lawrence Tyrna Swidler 
'Craig Vernon Swinford 

Dennis Randolph Thomas 
*Guy David Thomas 

Dana Andrew Thompson 
t Deborah LaMar Thompson 

Davis John Tomasin 
tPatrick L. Valentine 
tRobert William Van Giezen 

Meredith Clyde Walters 

Robert Anthony Wasilewski 

Mark John Weihofen 

Marc Gary Weiner 

Eli Thomas Williams, Jr. 

Peter Alexander Witkowski 

Robert Lathan Wylie 

Dale Alan York 

CoUege of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Donald Maley, Acting Dean of 
the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Janet Sue Alcorn 

Marta Francisca Alfonso 

Suzanne Arnold 

Karen Jeanne Ashcraft 

Gloria Lois Asrael 

Stephen Barbour 

Carol Susan Barrett 

Robert Arthur Barrow 

Natalie Jean Bass 

Laurel Catherine Bebb 

Catherine Elizabeth Becker 
f Susan Colette Beckman 

Debra Evette Bigman 

Eileen Robin Bims 

Jean Marie Blake 

Susan Marsha Boker 

Brian Bozzone 

Peggy Roxanne Brady 

Eileen Barbara Breenberg 

Cecilia Kay Brisentine 

Barbara Alyne Chew Broady 

Dorothy Myers Brownell 
•Jo Karen Burnett 

Dana Marie Campen 

Robert Jan Cantor 
•Sharon Alyn Chabon 

Christine Joy Chickillo 

Deborah Ann Cialella 

Joseph Theodore Clark 

Elaine Marsha Cohen 

Bridget Roberta Crowley 
Laura Marianne Crowne 

Joseph Michael Cryan 
Francis William Cummings, Jr. 

tCynthia A. Czarski 

tKathryn Kearl Dammon 
Sarah Ann Davis 
Sarah Austin Denz 
Nicholas J. DeSisco, Jr. 
Theresa Marie Desposito 
Frances Anne Edelen 
Adriane Joy Eiseman 
Toby Eisen 

•Ellen Eisentierg 

•Pamela Jane Eisenstein 
Barbara Ann Evans 
Howard Joseph Ewing 
Mary Frances Fatzie 
Daryle Beth Feistman 
Ellen Carole Feldman 
Susan Carol Ferrara 
Katherine Freeze Ferrell 
Mary Eleanor Finch 
Bonnie Sue Fishkind 
Douglas Scott Foote 
Earl Harrington Foote 

•RoseMary M. Galoosis 

•Ivy Fay Gibs 
llene Gwen Gluckstern 
Jane Susan Goldberg 
Brenda Grace Golden 
Barbara Hannah Goldfarb 

tJanet Paula Goldstein 
Mary Elizabeth Gould 
Michael Joe Harris 
Rosalind Hayes 
Denise Clare Hebert 
Ronald Clyde Hef I in 
Cynthia Anne Hewlett 
Mary Ann Higgins 
Karen Elaine Holtzman 
Louise M. Iskow 

•Lisa Levin Itte' 
Janet Lynn Jenkins 
Ron W. Jessup 

•Franzetta Kay Jones 
Dorothy Marie Joseph 
George Peter Kaleyias 
Cathy J. Kaufman 
Sally-Lou Paula Keen 
Paula Carol Kessler 
Ivy Mae Konel 
Roslyn Merle Kozba 
Rebecca Lea Kraft 

•Olenka Maria Kurylas 
Kristin Lagergren 
Patricia Ann Lanen 
Sarah Verry Leese 
Dorothy Garrett Lerda 
Roberta Sue Levin 
Helene Levy 
Denise Marie Lewinski 
William James Link, Jr. 
Melissa Lowell 
Monna Lee Madron 
Ingeborg Elisabeth Mann 
Dominique March 
t Jo Ann Masano 
Linda Marie Mascia 

Debbie Frances Matz 
Mabry R. McCloud 
Barbara Ann McClung 

tPhillip Ray McDonald 
Elizabeth Jane McGuinness 
Anna Margaret Megregian 
Pamela Christina Ann Mehl 
Susan Gayle Miller 
Anthony Edward Mongello 

•Jean Munro 
Charlene Ruby Nathans 
Mary L. Nonnenmacher 

•Cindy Gail Odien 

tRichardS. Parker 
Marilynn Grace Penrose 
Jose Alberto Perez-Portu 
Karen Elizabeth Perron 
Orest Petrenko 
Debra Ann Pollara 
Paula Francine Portnoy 
Christine Annette Power 
Dianne Alexis Pranger 
Edward William Price 
Walter Ronald Proctor 
Marjorie M. Rogers 
Anton ia Zapata Romine 

tEllen Fran Rosenberg 

tConnie Lou Rubinstein 

•Moira Anne Ryan 

t Laura Jean Sauter 
Deborah Ann Scales 
Christine Lynn Schroeder 

•Everett Michael Shawen 
Martha Carol Sherman 
llene Myra Shochet 
Nancy Ann Sias 
Edvsrard Wilson Slicer, Jr. 
llene M. Slucker 
Susan Elaine Smith 

•Susan Lee Snyder 
Paul Edward Stack 
Joy Elaine Stein 
Cynthia Jo Thompson 
Bracha Barbara Ungar 
Shari Ellen Waldstein 
Debra Lynn Weigle 
Linda Ann Wenig 
Catherine Anne Winter 
Jane Alison Winter 
Timothy Edward Yarbrough 
Michaele Eugenia Yetman 

tCathy Jane Zeitsoff 
Ruth Evelyn Zimmerman 
Robert Thomas Zordich 

Bachelor of Science 

tSusan Phyllis Ageloff 

Deborah Ann Ahrendts 
tLauren Bonnie Alitt 

Ferdinand Altiere 

Elizabeth Anne Altmann 
tRosemary Anne Alvino 

Carol Lee Ambler 

Sheila R. Ambrose 

•Claire L. Ansbro 
Barbara Laraine Antony 
Brenda Kay Armentrout 

•Linda Jean Ashman 

•Anne Athos 
Michele Patricia Auger 
Richard Gottfried August 
Denise Mae Aussiker 
Priscilla Vivien Badeaux 
Susan Jean Banks 
Pauline Margaret Barker 
Jane Maureen Barry 
Judith Ellen Baum 
Ann Lynn Bauman 
Karen Lucienne Bayles 

•Joanne Marie Beardsley 
Shirley Marlene Beaser 
Laura Jeannette Beauregard 
Catherine Jeannine Beck 
Barbara Ann Beckenheimer 
Paul James Becker 
Joseph Sylvester Belt, III 
Steven Mark Ben n of 

•Betty Lou Berenter 
Susan Leslie Berger 
Claudia H. Bernstein 
Rosemarie Springmann Berry 

•llene Barbara Bidle 

•Marrie Louise Billion 
Susan Scott Billmyre 
Marilyn Frances Birnbaum 
Lucy Dolores Blair 
Maureen Elizabeth Blals 

•Leslie Beth Bloom 
David Allen Boboltz 
Scott Christine Bodner 
Mary Frances Bolger 

•Linda Jane Bonsall 
Sarah Elizabeth Borsch 
Elizabeth Burk Bowman 
Eleanor Marie Boyle 
Sylvie Margaret Rosay Bram 
Barbara Marie Brant 
Lisa Nan Braverman 
Katherine Jane Bray 
Monica Ann Breen 
Deborah Christine Brehm 
Linda Jean Brighindi 
Edward Brilliant 
Elizabeth Reed Brown 
Patricia M. Brown 
Linda Lawson Bryan 

•Josephine Dellinger Buck 
Janice Lynn Buff 
Margie Rabun Buranen 
Barry Neil Burke 
Eleanor Anne Burke 
Margaret Ellen Burns 
Melissa Garland Butterfield 

•Marilyn Kay Byers 
Edwin Joseph Callahan, Jr. 
Linda Marie Callahan 
Candace Ann Campbell 



'with honors twith high honors 

t Marie Jeffries Capps 

Margaret Ann Carter 

Donna Maria Caruso 

Kathy Umbdenstock Caul 

Jeanette E. Chamberlin 

Valerie Woodcocl< Chandler 

Wanda Lynne Charity 

Linda Lee Chrest 
tLinda Lee Clagett 

Barbara Ann Claitman 

Karen Denise Clark 

Donna Beth Coady 

Dale Lawrence Coffman 

Margaret Eileen Cogar 

Marilyn Marie Cohee 

Alice Lynn Cohen 

Bettye Lou Coleman 

Sheila R. Collector 
'Carolyn Beth Colmen 

Alisa Beth Cooper 
tAlyse Norma Cooper 

Cynthia Sandra Cooper 

Kathleen Mary Corbett 

Mary Christina Cornetta 

Louise M. Costello 

Harold F. Cdtterman, III 

Elaine Marie Coury 

Barbara Elizabeth Cregg 

Delores Hill Crews 
tRichard Ervin Cross 
"Kathryn M. Crowe 

John Dale Cunningham 

Joan Elaine Curry 

Rebecca Rae Darbee 

Susan Daria Datko 
tSharon David 

Jo-Anne Davis 

Wyndra R. Davis 

Denise Arlene De Libera 

Denise deLozier 

Sandra Jo DeLuca 

Yvonne Rose Deroy 
tCarolyn M. Derstine 

Cheryl Faye DeRyder 

Susan Jayne Dexter 

Nancy Barbara Dillon 

Pauline G. DiPippo 

Anthony Charles Dobrowolski 
'Constance Smink Dodds 

Helen Marie Dodson 

Robert Charles Donati 

Laura Townsend Doshier 

Mary-Noelle Downin 

Kent Howard Doxzon 
•Kathleen Kersjes Doyle 
tJudy Joanne Draisin 

Catherine Flynn Duff 

Paul Dalton Duncan 

Richard Alan DuschI 
tSusan L. Dziedzic 
'Christine Mary Dzikowski 

Lynda Ann Ebaugh 

Anita Jean Ebelink 
'Joseph Wilson Eberhart, III 

Gregory F. Eck 

Judith Rose Ehrlich 

Kathleen Marie Ellis 

Nancy Ann Englehart 

John Anthony Entreken 

Irma Leticia Erazo 
tMartha Gene Esch 

Nancy Marie Evans 

Emily Ann Fairbank 

Donna Marie Falcone 

Susan Kay Faulconer 

Lin Diane Fehlmann 

Rebecca Sucelia Craft Felder 
'Bari Lynn Feldman 

Ronald Arthur Ferguson, Sr. 
tAndrea Michelle Fine 

Cheryl J. Fisher 

Clifford Alan Fisher 

Karan Eileen Flanigan 

Judith Sue Ftom 

Edna Linn Foley 

Mary Irene Forst 

Jacquelyn Ann Fox 

Sara Gail Frankenfield 

Karen Marie Franz 

Bette Ann Frederick 

Carole D. Freeland 

Karen Susan Friedman 
tSusan Frishman 

Beverly Jane Funk 
'Joanna Shari Futransky 

Leslie Ellen Gadow 
'Terese J. Gagnon 

Galen Nelson Galentine 

Diane Marjorie Garrison 

Nancy Rose Gentile 

Frank Edvirard Giambusso 

Niki Marie Giampietro 

Christine Anne Gibson 

Dixie Puckett Gibson 

Marcie Rae Gilbert 

Kathleen Eleanor Gillespie 

Sandra Lee Gillis 

Ronnie S. Gillman 

Judith Barbara Ginsberg 

Eileen Tobey Ginsburg 
tJoAnn Glancy 

Rosa Giuseppina Glorioso 

Sharon Lynn Gnatt 

Gail Harriet Goldblum 

Robert Morris Goldfinger 

Cheryl Louise Gore 

Rosanne Eleanor Gosk 
tStella Ruth Grahn 

David Melvin Gran 

Lance Greenblat 

Ernest Eden Greene 

Roberta June Greenstein 

Ruth S. Gump 

Cassandra Knighton Gunther 

Patrice Anne Haines 

Patricia Elaine Hall 

Kathy Marie Hammer 

Carmen Particia Hansen 

Karen Jean Hansen 

Judith Harans 

David Jesse Hardin 

Terry Harmon 
'Barbara Briggs Harrington 

Marjorie Gayle Harrison 

Sharon Anne Hartge 
tGloria Farley Harvey 

Cheryl Kay Haselby 
'Elyse Wendy Haskel 

Deborah Ann Hawkins 

Nancy Louise Hawkins 

Pamela Mavis Haynes 

Kathleen Marie Hayter 

Carol Barbara Hecht 
tSue Ellen Heidel 

Daniel Hobart Heller 

Linda DuBro Heller 

James Edward Helsel, Jr. 

Margaret Mary Louise Henry 
tSunny Einbinder Hercenberg 

Tori Ann Herriotts 

Mary Kathleen Hersey 
tJean Ann Hockman 
tPaula Beth Hoffman 

Mary Carvie Holland 

Jeanne Marie Holsey 

Margaret Mary Blaine Homan 

Frances Crawford Hossbach 

Brian Ellery Houser 
tGail Louise Huck 

Timothy R. Hugus 

Fred John Hurley, Jr. 

Wylene Silvia Hyson 

Marion Amy Isserman 

Abigail H.Jackson 

Deborah Wrae Jackson 

Francine Rosanne Jacobs 

Susan Irene Jacobs 

Lisa Allyn Jacobson 
tJoye Sutton Jemison 

Everene Beryl Johnson 

Carol Lynn Jones 

Joan Marie Judge 

Kathleen Elizabeth Judge 

Linda Lee Judy 
tDorothy Jill Kaffenberger 

Debra Jeanne Kahn 

Karen Eileen Kaminski 

Susan Elaine Kanyuck 

David John Kaplan 

Robin Sue Kaplan 

Sarah Elizabeth Kaplan 

Tula Karambellas 

Vickie Hope Kassal 

Ellen Sandra Katz 

David Gordon Kawata 

Jane Frances Keen 

Florence Louise Kennedy 
tRegina Elizabeth Kesler 

Deborah Lynn Ketcham 

Debra Lynn Kifer 

Donna Dorene Kim 

Margaret Ann King 

Nancy J. Klem 
'Paula S. Klevan 

'Phyllis Joyce Klopatch 

Irene Adele Klug 

Robert Charles Knapp 

Suzanne Iris Knitz 
'Janis Harriet Kolodner 

Jean Marie Korade 

Joyce Lee Kozosky 

Carol Marie Kratochvil 
'Linda Phyllis Krautwurst 
tSandra Jean Kulansky 

Paula Lynn Kushner 
'Holly Jean Ladner 

Barbara Ann Leach 

Kaye Frances Leishear 

Mary Teresa Leming 

James Russell Lesousky, Jr. 

Arlene Janis Levin 

Sherrie Lee Levin 
'Ann Wray Levine 

Barbara Lynn Levine 

llene Coleman Levine 

Roanne Levitt 

Eileen Judy Levy 

Linda S. Levy 

George F. Lewark 

Judith Sarah Lewis 

Mary Kathleen Lewis 
tCharlotte Gail Lieberman 

Laura Jean Lieberman 

Georgiana Marie Liebrecht 
'Karyn Renee Lief 

Brenda Ann Linthicum 

Robin Faye Litman 

Susan Jeanne Longman 
'Linda Lea Lord 

Susan Kraus Lowin 

Sheila Ann Lynch 

Elizabeth Jean Mac Coll 

Alice Susan Macher 

Jeanne Mary Mahoney 

Valerie Ann Main 

Barbara Tayman Malnella 

Caren Jackie Mallor 

Kristine Lynn Mangene 

John A. Manzari 
'Andrea Hope Mark 
'Esther Miller Marsh 

Martha Ellen Martin 

Dagmar Maria Maszun 
'Mary Sue Maxwell 

Cynthia Marjorie Mayer 
tSusan Schapiro Mazer 

Mary Aileen McCarthy 
tKatherine June McDugald 

Dorothy V. McGovern 

Patrick John McGuigan 

Brigid Anne McGuire 

Kathleen Elizabeth McMahon 
tMargaret Ann Melley 

Stuart Sigmund Melnikoff 

Mary Frances Mendenhall 
'Patricia Anne Mercogliano 

Diane M. Messina 

Sally Ann Messinger 

'with honors twith high honors 



Gregory Louis Meyer 

Evelyn Michael 

Thomas Gregory Milans 

Ina Mollis Miller 
tMarguerite Sue Mlllhauser 

Donna Hazel Minor 

Maureen Judith Mintz 
tShirley Hayden Mitchell 

Patricia Diane Monaghan 

Michele Ann Monge 

Brian Barrett Monks 

Kim Ann Moore 

Loretta Denise Morgan 

Pamela Ann Morgan 
'Sharon Ann Moulden 
tKathie Gale Murlas 

Diane Patricia Murphy 

Marshelle P. Murry 

Maria Gale Narcisenfeld 

Jamie Lynn Nathanson 

Bruno Joseph Nicknadarvich, Jr. 

Roxane Lynn Nicodemus 

Janet Marie Noe 

Marcy Lynn Novick 

Mary Therese Nugent 

Kathleen Teresa O'Brien 

Bryan Michael O'Connor, Jr. 

Carolyn Maureen O'Donnell 

Virginia Anne O'Hara 

Sarah Jane O'Keefe 

Diana R. Olmstead 

John Orner 

Barbara Lynn O'Rourke 

Gail Louise Orrick 

Maria Beatriz Otero Bailey 

Virginia Riehl Otterson 

Stephan Crismond Pahner 

Kathleen Reidy Pappano 

Bonni Gail Parizer 
•Joan Carol Paymer 

Carol Ann Pender 

Sheila Denise Perkins 

Roni Perlman 

Mark Valentine Petonic 

Robert Paul Petrovich 

Brianne Kelly Phipps 

Ronald Manro Pickett 
Linda Jane Pickwick 

Mary Pi I Ion 
Lynn Pisano 

M. Christine Ponow 

Gary Wayne Powell 
Deborah Baker Pratt 
Douglas Dorminique Pruett 
David Peter Ouinn 
Susan Lee Rabenovets 
Robin F. Rainess 
Janetlea Patricia Rankin 
Sara Ann Rapley 
Sondra Ruth Raskin 

*Terri Lee Redler 
Lori Rochelle Reiser 

t Elaine Marie Remsburg 
Elise Quirine Rengers 
Elizabeth Jean Rexroad 

Lois M. Reznick 

Karen Sue Ridge 

Janet H. Robertson 

Emily Barbara Robins 

Judith Lee Robinson 

Claire Ann Robitaille 

Michele Evann Rocheny 

Elizabeth Anne Rodokanakis 

Idabelle Rodriguez 

Kathleen Marie Rogers 
'Lorraine Marie Rohr 
'Patricia Ann Romeo 

Jane Frances Rooney 
•Robyn Sue Rosen 
"Sherry Ann Rosen 

I lene Sherry Rosenblatt 

Ann Gail Rosenheim 

Sandra Kay Rossen 

Betty Jean Rubin 

Diane Marie Russell 

Susan Dale Russell 
tLois Ann Ryan 
tBarbara Clare Salwin 

Michele Lorraine Samuels 
tDeborah Faye Sandler 

Lana Hope Sandler 

Frances Ellen Sapperstein 

Arlene Myrna Sattin 
tShirley Ann Sawyer 

William Raymond Schaffer 

Dorothy Ann Schettino 
tJudith Ann Schillings 

Marsha Ann Schindler 

Melissa Conley Schottler 

Nelda Christy Schucker 

Jean Mary Schultz 

Mona Ellen Schuman 

Helaine Rhea Schwalb 

Debra Lou Schwartz 

Marlene Pam Schwartz 

Robert Steven Schwartz 

Earle Benham Scrom 

Kathryn Louise Seanor 

Deborah May Seidel 

Christine Seidenspinner 

Paula Faye Seidman 

Pamela Ann Sender 
'Nancy Barbara Shapiro 

Janet Lee Shedler 

Nancy Elizabeth Shores 

Shirley Ann Siegert 

Jane Sue Silverman 

Wendy Abel Silverman 

Mary Carolyn Sindall 

Deborah Ann Sklar 

Mary Kay Slavin 

Cindy Ann Smith 

Ellen Hillary Smith 

Janet Lee Smith 
t Kathryn Bonzo Snyder 
tSharon L. Sobieski 

Joyce Ellen Spiel 

Fern Susan Spielberg 

Cynthia Working Stainback 

Richard Earnest Stanley, Jr. 

McCullough Gordon Steen 
Linda Ann Stempler 
Margery Faye Stoltz 
Bonnie M. Storm 
Martha Louise Stouffer 

tBarbara Gail Strang 

tBarbara Sue Stump 

t Rochelle K. Stutman 
Marsha Lynne Suggs 
Kathleen Marie Sullivan 
Pamela Jane Sutherland 
Vivian Avis Sutphin 

'Patricia M. Sweeney 
Patricia Denise Taliaferro 
Cecelia Rose Taylor 

tCoral Jean Taylor 
Jane Iris Teller 
Janis Lynn Thalsheimer 
Gwendolyn Sue Theodore 
William Franklin Thomas 
Carolyn S. Thompson 
Helen S. Tissian 
Anne Elizabeth Toompas 
Kathy A. Travis 
Emily Susan Tredwell 
Georgiana Rose Trent 
Lynn Ellen Troshinsky 
Darlene Lynn Tupper 
Diane Patricia Turnbull 
Kathleen Ann Usilton 
Janet Gail Vanderford 

'Judith Vas 

tJudith Lynn Vause 
Jane Gorton Velie 

t Leslie May Venners 
Richard Charles Vesely 

'Claire Marie Waicker 
Elaine Susan Waldman 

t Karen Waldstreicher 
Deborah Dee Walker 

tPeggy Drisgill Walker 
Denise Eileen Wall 
James Thomas Walsh 
Eugenia Warhol 
Dolores Patricia Warye 
Mark Richard Wascavage, Sr. 
Mary Ellen Watkins 
Barbara Jean Watson 
Frederick William Weaver 
Rebecca Henderson Weikel 

'Leslie Faye Weinberg 
Richard D. Weir 
Alan Jay Weiss 

'Anita Diane Weissman 
Sheila Dooley West 
Patricia Ann Wharen 
Donna Marie Whitbred 
Charlotte Packard White 
Darlene Drake Williams 

'Joanne Teresa Williamson 
Mary Jane Wiltse 
Mary Barbara Wintermyer 
Brenda Marie Wiseman 
Mae Lun Wong 
Katherine Rose Woodhouse 

'Catherine Johnson Wright 
Cheryl Lea Wysong 
William Fulton Yates, Jr. 
Bonnie Yee 
Iris Yospa 
Carol Louise Young 
Linda Angela Zaiewski 
Marilyn Lea Zecher 

'Charlene Belsom Zellmer 
Carol Ann Ziehler 

tJudith L. Zilber 
Peggy Ann Zimmern 
Steven David Zinkhan 

CoUoge of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Beckmann, Dean of 
the College 


Bachelor of Science 

Allan Victor Abelow 

David Warren Affens 
'Dwain W. Alexander 

Cort Thomas Allen 

Lawrence C. Arey 

Enrique Angel Juan Astiz 
'Theodore Donald Atwood 

Joseph Reginald Aud, Jr. 

William Gene Auton 
•Jacob Azhdam 

Jerry Lee Barron 
tStephen Amedeo Basile 

Jack Howard Baum 

Ahmet N. Baycu 

David Anderson Beasley 

Bernard Stanton Beavan, Jr. 

Alan Kurt Beckman 

Andris Bilmanis, Jr. 
tBert Black 
'James Arthur Bleiler 
'Wayne Allen Bollinger 

Joseph John Bonaiuto 

James Terence Boyle 

Stanley Ebersole Brinton, II 

Wallace Leo Brown, Jr. 
t David K. Burton 

Steven Dell Chard 

John Yim-Choy Cheung 

David Ciccolella 

Carl Nicholas Cimino, Jr. 
•John Michael Colclough 

John Paul Corless, Jr. 

Ronald Lewis Corun 

Charles Wayne Craig 

John Harry Cramer 

Charles Ronald Crockett 

Howard Hearne Crosbie, III 

Edward Robert Cushen, Jr. 
tArthur Joseph Dorsey 

Lanier Philip Drake 

•Richard Franklin Dudley, Jr. 




'with honors twith high honors 

Bruce Howard Dwyer 
TMichael Norton Dwyer 
Jerome Paul Ehrhardt 
John Howard Emerson 
Boladale Qudus Erogbogbo 
John Paul Eudaly 

— tw ill l orn Loo Poonoy 

William E. Ferber 
Prono i o M i ohao l P ouot i o — 
Michael Henry Ficco 

Mark E. Flickinger 

Charles Robert Fulton 
Christopher John Garner, Sr. 
Arthur Philip Gile 
Michael Eugene Giltrud 
Thomas Edward Gingrich 
Michael Anthony Giovanniello 
Elliot Lee Gittleman 
Alan Barry Glass 
Julio Cesar Gonzalez 

Daniel L. Goodwin 

Roy Roscoe Gosnell, III 
Frederick Owen Graddy 
Raymond Samuel Grant 
Peter Norman Guay 
tStanley Norman Hack 
•Raymond Leslie Hale 
Stanley McCormick Hargus 
Robert Trappe Hart 
Robert Parker Helgeson 
L. Vernon Hendrickson, III 
Reginald John Henry 
./liiiliiii llii III' 'III i|- 
Joseph F. Hudert 
Donald Stephen Jacobs 
Ffono i o Athorton Jooooko, Jr. - 
•Russell Onas Jansen 
Andrew Charles Johnson 
•Dale Jonathan Kanen 
Steven Anthony Kapinos 
Ajay Kumar Kapoor 
Charles Barnett Kay 
Robert L. Kidd 
"^ul William Knopfle 
Douglas Alan Knowles 

■ Kior l Andre w Tinutoon 
Anil K. Kochhar 

R. Dodd Lawton 

Robert Baumann LeBlanc 
Albert Lee 

tFrederick Chi-Fai Lee 
Jeffrey Waddel I Lindsey 
Eric R. Lindstrom 
Joseph Wilbert Lloyd, Jr. 
•Jjmes Scott Mackley 
t Kevin Robert Madigan 
Ted Lynn Madison 

■ ' B orf v Stuort Morouo - 
Aris Mardirossian 
Dono l d ^ugono Moroho ll 

Robert Gory Mou l or 

Danny Edward McConnell 
Steven Owen McLucas 

Mofc Mcng i o 

tCarl Warren Mertz 

Harry Gilbert Miller, III 
•George Lewis Mino 

Ralph Kenneth Moore, Jr. 

Michael Linwood Nelson 
tRobert Edward Norris 

Richard Glenn Olson 
tDouglas Richard Ousborne 

John Joseph Peers, III 

James Joseph Perkowski 
t Roger Goddard Petzold 

Thomas Robert Pfarr 

Donald Lawson Pommer 

William Lawrence Poole 

Cton l o y C. Prout — 
_jLBichard Alan Quinnell 

Manoochehr Raanan 

David S. Reeves 

Mark Spencer Riggle 

Peter John Rossbach, Jr. 

John Glenn Ruppert 
' — Korij i R yu 
tJafar Saniie 

Charles L. Saxe 
- John £ dword Sohado 

James Michael Schaeffer 
tMaury Schlossman 

T homas Edward Schmitt 

Ruaae ll Gregory Chorpo 

tian Barry Shef 

Carlos Edward Shelton 

William E. Sheriff 

Michael Lee Spangler 

Robert F. Stevens 

Stanley John Stuart 

Phillip Wayne Symonds 

flu i m l d C h a rl ea Toy l or 
•Ronnie Keith Thomas 

Andrew Warren Thornton 
•John Stanley Tracey 

^ilan Trcka 

John Chur Tsao 

Clifton Maurice Tyler, Jr. 

Roy Reed Van Dusen, Jr. 

Roger M. Velez 
tMichael Joseph Veraa 

William Richard Viney 

Kenneth Jerald Wachter 

Lloyd Oliver Wade, Jr. 
__Stanley Dale Walker 
""^Christopher L. Warth 

William Douglas Wathen, Jr. 

Thomas Russell Watt 

Dennis Sterling Weber 

Joseph Francis Welch 

James Joseph Whitmore 
— Lou i o Mottho w W l o l c l o i n ■ 

David Charles Wigand 

Craig Steven Wingo 

Joe-Ting Wong 

James Michael Woolley 

Loak e t t K. ¥ee 

Charles H. Zierdt 

Tollogo of 



Candidates will be presented by 
Elizabeth W. Brabble, Acting Dean of 
the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Janet Carol Alexander 

Joan Lee Alexander 

Mary Eleanor Armstrong 

Alain Arsenault 
tCynthia Ann Bailey 

Susan Jane Barkman 

Janet Ellen Barry 
•Jayne Priscilla Bassett 

Charlotte Elizabeth Beckman 

Janet Lorraine Belbot 
•Mary Vasile Belli 

Ellen Marie Berilla 
•Susan Meryl Bloom 

Robin Ruth Bogner 

Minda Lois Book 

Mary Frances Borrell 
t Deborah Mira Brotman 

Janice Marie Brzezinski 

Coleen Anne Bunting 

Angela Margaret Carter 
•Robyn Renee Cavanaugh 

Haibin Elena Chen 

Meta Amy Chin 

Lori Kathleen Clampitt 

Susan Hill Clark 
tSusan Cobbey 

Paula Kay Coe 
•Ann Meryl Cohen 

Barbara Ellen Cohen 
tHelen Edith Collins 
•Joyce Elizabeth Coonley 

Claire Marie Crerar 

Jane L. Cromwell 

Margaret Ellen Crow 
tElizabeth Jane Davidson 

Mary Helen DeCelle 

Linda Lenore Dehnel 

Sheila A. DeMatteo 

Carol Elaine Diehl 

Eric Harlee Diggs 

Lisa Maria DiMichele 

Steven Phillip Dobbs 

Janna Kay Doering 

Teresa W. Doong 

Andree Lynn Duckett 
•Mary Lou English 

Carolyn Ann Ent 

Maryellen T. Entler 

Robin Beth Epstein 

Donna J. Eull 

Nancy Adele Evans 

Patricia Ann Fairall 

Marjorie Ann Feldmark 

Margaret Carol Fielding 

Barbara Ann Finn 

tArleen Mary Fisher 

tHolly Sue Fisher 
Marcia Ann Flemister 
Venneda Chih-Yi Fong 
Michaelene Marie Franks 
Miriam Patricia Friel 
Judith Ann Fulks 
Janet Lee Gammons 
Donna Sue Garrett 
Ann Louise Garrety 
Deborah Anne Garrison 
Phylis Gail Gates 
Sabine Hannelore Geisse 
Rosemary Gilchrist 
Michael Drue Gillis 
Janice Louise Glasgow 

tMary S. Goddard 
Cynthia Ann Gompert 
Alison Beth Gould 
Kim Christie Gran 

tJudith Ayotte Greenwood 
Barbara Jean Handley 
Deborah Jean Hankia 
Jay Brian Hanlon 
Kathleen Ann Hargraves 
Martha Jean Hemelt 
David K. Henry 

•Irene Dee Hoffman 
Robert Carter Hogensen 
Barbara Lynn Honerlaw 
Kathleen Anne Hoover 
Mary Kathleen Hopkins 
Linda Marie Hossick 
Suzanne Hovaker 
Margaret Janet Hugus 
Joel Ira Isler 
Cassandra Dione Ivey 
Jean Frances Jones 
Margaret A. Jones 

•Susanne Marie Jones 
Michele Patricia Joyce 
Lori Ann Kaplan 
Eileen Leslie Katz 
Elizabeth Ellen Kerkering 
Joanne Rita Kerstetter 
Beth C. Kilbane 
Charlotte Faye King 
Carole Sue Kisamore 
Anna Kitchell 

•Cynthia Kathleen Knupp 
Mary Alice Koppenhaver 
Mitchell L. Kuff 
Robert Barlow Lane 

t Deborah Lynn Leiko 
Janet Marie Leung 

tSusan Joan Levin 

tLois Karen Luckman 
Charlotte Vick Ludeman 
Karen Jean Macri 
Christopher Ann Magee 
Linda Beth Manning 
Donna Lillian Marschke 
Teresa Ann McAllister 
Gail Louise McClaren 

'with honors twith high honors 



•fcBors^^tricia McEwen 
Joseph Irving McMahon, Jr. 
Elizabeth Anne McNickle 

•Patricia Ann Meyers 

•Mary Kathryn Moss 

tCharlotte Slayton Nace 

tRuth Eleanor Nimmo 
Linda Lee Noweli 
Pamela Jean Ondash 
Mary Theresa Osbourn 
Karen Elizabeth Page 
Sandra Amelia Panagini 
Jane Barbara Paris 
Deborah Musgrave Parks 

t Betty Pierce Perloff 
Theresa A. Persick 
Janet Ann Piela 
Michelle Elizabeth Plue 
Anna Dorethea Powell 
Ellen M. Rashbaum 
kathryn Chase Reed 

tCynthia Jean Reid 

•Laura Lee Rexon 
Victoria Valerie Rhinehart 
Carolynn Yutzy Rice 
Dorothy Anna Rideout 
Margaret Elizabeth Righter 
Rosemary Anne Robertson 
Nelida Pagan Rodriguez 
Larry Matthew Rossi 
Sharon Joyce Sachs 
Richard Dale Sanders 
Carol Ann Sauder 
Madeline Lee Schall 
Evelyne Cecile Schettewi 
Ronnie Sue Schindler 
Barbara Fern Schwartzman 

•Robin Gabrielle Seagle 
Janet Lorraine Sehn 
Ruth Ann Seligman 
Carol Joy Shames 
Dorothea May Shifflen 
Barbara E. Sisler 
Beverly Ann Smith 
Kathryn Lynn Smith 
Angela Margaret Sobus 
Sharon Louise Spangler 
Deborah Kay Spielman 
George Samuel Stamathis 
Germaine Leslie Stevens 
Carol Stone 
Vernon Taylor 
John Eugene Thomas, Jr. 
Maureen Ann Thomas 
Claire Virginia Thompson 

t Kathleen Barbara Tresnak 
Robyn Katherine Trower 
Barbara Pollack Turchin 
LaDosca Anne Umbarger 
Jo Diane Vogelman 
Patricia Burton Weitzel 

tAnn L. Wigle 
Rosemary Ann Winter 
Jane Woodcock 
Susan Ellen Wynne 

Frederick Yantz 
Charles Barham Yinkey 
Linda Ann Yurek 

Colloj^o of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Ray E. Hiebert, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Science 

•Adele Lois Abrams 

Robert John Acampora 

Mary Margaret Becker 

Jeffrey T. Bitzer 
tThomas F. Bloom 

James Revel! Brady, Jr. 
•Roberto R. Brauning 

Margaret P. Buchler 

Thomas Anthony Bucket 

William Edward Carney 

Melanie Carr 

Victoria Ann Churchvllle 

Clinton Bennett Confehr 

Michael Spencer Crawmer 

Sandra L. Dawson 

Stephen Michael Delfin 

Dennis Patrick Dunlavey 

Sandra Sue Evans 

Carl Wayman Fowler, III 

Kenneth Lee Friedman 

Leslie Rita Gery 

Robert Eric Givarz 
tDianne M. Grande 

Charles Allen Green 

Ann Carol Gudelsky 

Cynthia Anne Hackett 

Catherine Anne Hartz 

Scott Edward Hettinger 

Robert E. D. Hobby, Jr. 

Donald Barry Hurwitz 
tJay Allen Kern is 

Drucella Ann Knapp 

Lisa Lamprecht 

Paul H. Levin 

Urban Theodore Linzey, III 

Terri Loring 

John Francis Mazor 

Phyllis Eileen Miller 
tToni Joan Mottola 
•Chad Neighbor 

Jon Pessah 

William Leopold Shea, Jr. 
•Ann Marie Simon 

Carolyn Maureena Spears 

Janet A. Steen 

Laurence Birger Steiner 

Barry Pollard Thompson 

C. Gregory Truitt 

Elizabeth Amelia Wasowicz 

John Jamieson White, I II 

DeWayne Wickham 
Aletha Ann Yurewicz 
Carol Ann Zmuda 
Donald James Zuidema 

College of 
and Health 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Marvin Eyier, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Science 

Pamela Davis Alexander 

Jan Leslie Bailey 

William Woodward Beard, III 

Frederick Beyers 

John Michael Birckhead 

Donna Marie Bowers 

Marie Teresa Brooks 

Anne Marie Brown 

Elizabeth Merz Butterfield 

Michael B. Campbell 

Nicholas G. Cardy 

Patricia deHaven Carter 

Patrick Michael Casey 

William Capron Caywood, Jr. 

Dominick Joseph Celia 

Anthony Michael Chite 

Robert Frank Cilento.Jr. 
•Jeffrey Franklin Clark 

Albert Arnold Cole, Jr. 

Henry O. Dahlen, III 

George Emmanuel Detsis 

Linda Jo Dorf 

Linda Mary Elliott 
tAndrea Helen Farbman 

Rosann Foreman 

Nancy Jane Fox 
•Deborah France Grammer 
•Karen Louise Grant 

Carl E. Gronbech 

Joan P. Harrington 
tRita Ellen Hecht 

Larry J. Hill 

Jon Michael Hohl 

James Kidd Humphreys, II 

Carolee Ruth Husbands 
•Deborah Bosse Hutchinson 

Laura Everett Kahn 
tGeorge Christ Kallas 

David Alan Kaufmann 

Steven Edward Kimball 

Jane Emily King 

Mary Joanne King 

George Emmanuel Konstantinou 
tDanielle Mary Krainak 

Gregory Eugene Lewis 
Laura Catherine Lewis 
Leora Ann Link 
Catherine Taney McAuliffe 
Daniel Owen McCabe 
Patrick Joseph McCall 
Barrie Tupper McNiff 
Maxine H. Morgan 
Jessica Bernice Morris 
John Thomas Musumeci 

'Gwynne Sachiko Nishino 
James Notarnicola 

'Sharon Gwynne O'Neill 
James Mark Palese 
Sandra Jean Peters 
Clayton Lee Redmond 
Candice Lee Rester 
Donald Daniel Rosano 

tLynn Nancy Rudman 
Angelo Joseph Sembiante 
Charles Frederick Shilling 
Michelle Lynn Siegel 

•Patricia Ann Sigrist 
Kathie Court Slaughter 

tDebra Joan Slutzky 
Vicki Nelson Stottlemyer 

•Carol Ann Sturges 
Christine Bozarth Taylor 
Lee H. Terwilleger 

tJoan Marie Thomas 
James Michael Turner 
Linda Sue Wilson 
Londa Sue Yee 
Beth Mildred Zeldman 

Division of 
and Life 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Richard F. Davis, Chairman of 
the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Jerald Alan Adelson 

Wendy Sue A\ben 

Felipe CIprlano Alfonso 

James Paul Alligood 

Richard Joseph Altschuler 

Mark Christian Andersen 

Tiina Lydia Annus 
t Robert Ethan Applebaum 

Thomas Howard Artes 

Charles Michael Auer 
•Joyce Lynn Awramlk 
•Mark Henry Beach 
tDarold Kevin Beard 

Robert Glenn Bellinger 

George N. Beltran 

Richard John Berzinski 



*with honors twith high honors 

John Roger Bouffard 

Alan Todd Bradford 

Bruce David Bradley 

Myles David Brager 

Michael Frerick Branagan 

Kenneth John Buckland 
•Jill Eileen Buckwalter 
tSusan Felicia Burke 

Jon James Calomiris 

Kenneth M. Cameron 

Judith Cannava 

Allison Lynn Carpenter 

Adam Brett Chornesky 

Joseph Michael Cirri 

James Richard Clark 

Karen Lee Coates 

Betsey Fay Conrad 

Gary Michael Cooke 
t Joseph Thomas Crowe 

Jeffrey Scott Davis 

Stephen Stephen Demczuk 

Nicholas Anthony DePalo, Jr. 

Daniel Michael Dickson 

Anthony F. DiPaula 

Jon Michael Dooley 

Debra A. Easley 

Dennis Lee Eaton 

Lee Alvin Ecker 
•Ian Scott Elliot 
tDouglas Irvin Ellsworth 

Eric Fred Erbe 

Warren Michael Ernst 

Clifford Lander Fine 

Thomas Benedicit Fioretti 

Jane Ellen Fisher 

Brian Charles Foote 
tMarianne Nicholette Fotiadis 

Donald Douglas Fratz 
•James Randall Freed 

Howard Marc Fribush 
t Herbert Elliott Fried 

Suzanne Marlene Fudold 
•Anita George 
tPaul Alan Gertler 

Norman R. Goldin 

Steven Lawrence Goldstein 

Corinne Grant 

James John Grasela 

Lamont Joseph Green 

Richard Stephan Green 

Michael Gruber 

Robert Bertal Grundborg 

Joanne Catherine Hall 

Patricia Ann Hanlon 

Arthur Stephen Hansman 

Louis HIavinka 

Hedewig C. Hollyfield 

Edwrard Richard Hughes 

Mark Stephen Ifshin 
•Melody Cecilia James 
tWaldtraut Jedamski 

Yvonne Jennings 

Terry Leigh Jones 

Donald Alan Kaiser 

Kathleen Mary Kelley 

Kenneth Alan Kent 

Laurence William Kielt 

Robert Brian Kirsch 
•Deborah Ruth Klein 

Richard Jay Knapp 
•Martin Harris Kroli 

John Paul Kurdyla, Jr. 

Sheldon Ira Laps 

Gary Alan Lieberman 
•Mark D. Lisberger 

Doreen Anne Lovell 

Michael John Lynch 

Robert Yale Maggin 

Stephen Craig Malan 

Keith David Malchodi 

Jonathon Butler Malmberg 

Michael Alan Margolis 

Phillip Thomas Marucha 

Eugenia McAndrew 

Rodney William Mcclain 

Robert John McDonald, Jr. 

Ronald Lee Medford 
•Peter P. Michael 

David Stephen Miles 
•Harvey Stuart Mishner 

Susan Elizabeth Moody 
•Sheldon Lee Morris 

Marilyn L. Morrison 

Richard Carl Mroz, Jr. 

Kathryn Cecelia Muirhead 

Barry Raymond Nathan 

Frank Rollinson Neild. II 

Natalie Elaine Nelson 

Thomas Michael Nork 

Raymond R. O'Neill 
tJoanne Joyce Palmisano 

Mary Angela Paul 

Kathryn Anne Paulhus 

Robert Steven Pence 
t Richard Grover Perry 

Jeffrey J. Phillips 

William Thomas Popomaronis 

Shelley Beth Press 

W. Robert Prier, Jr. 

Richard Edward Quint 

Barry Steuart Rabner 
tJane Merritt Reed 

James Michael Roenick 

Randall Charles Ross 

John Argaut Ryan 

W. R. Schmidt-Scharff 

Lloyd Vernon Schubert, Jr. 

Leo Gregory Schweer 

Mark Aruthur Segraves 

Benjamin Joseph Selzer 
tSharon Lee Senko 

Barbara Ann Sherabian 
•Lynn Mara Shiller 

Stephen John Sikoreki, Jr. 

Kennon Mark Smith 

John George Spanbauer 

Yaroslaw Andrij Stawnychy 

Cathy Ann Stiles 

Paul Morgan Stombaugh, Jr. 

Craig Clayton Stoner 

Hampton Robert Sue 
Cheryl Gibson Sullivan 
Steven Neal Tanner 

tDaniel Kevin Tarkington 
John Joseph Thaler, II 
Robert Charles Tiano 
James Hugh Trexler, Jr. 

tEileen Ramona Trovato 
Susan Ann Vargo 
Theodore Constantine Vassil 
Hayden Alfonso Vernon 
Alice Ann Wade 

•Dorothy M.Walker 
Michael Howard Wasserman 
Nancy Louise Watkins 
Edward Charles Walters 
Kenneth Louie Whitlow 
Alan Ellsworth Winslow 
William Frederick Wolfe, III 
Kevin Upton Wright 
Ralph Cavanaugh Wright, Jr. 

•Eric Monroe Yoder 
John M. Zimmerman 
Diana Marie Zorn 

IMvision of 
Arts and 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Thomas J. Aylward, Chairman 
of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jeanne Ruth Ackerman 

Delia Rose Albert 

Lawrence Roy Albert 

Steven William Allen 
tWilliam Gerald Allman 

David Edward Altvater 
•Ruth M. Amster 

Stephen Earl Arnold 

Francoise Chantal Arsenault 

Josette M. Ash 
tPeter Gregory Ashman 

Christina Ann Auld 

Laurence Matthew Baden 
•Donna Jean Baker 

Donna Jane Balderston 

Gerald Lee Baltzell 

Richard Francis Barker 

Catherine Gail Barnes 

Paul Thomas Barrett 

Frank Robert Bartle 

Mary Ann Pryor Basile 

William Daniel Basinger 
•William Loyd Bates 

Robin Sue Batleman 

Vicki Lyn Becker 

Susan Edith Bennett 

Charles William Berke 

Charles Franklin Blackman, Jr. 

Kristin E. Bohnhorst 

Lois Ann Bolotsky 
tKathlyeen Mary Boos 

Virginia Ann Vicario Bosch 

James E. Boyne 

Allen Frank Bronstein 

Charles David Brown 

Glenda Carol Brown 

Lawrence Kenyon Brown 

William Robert Brown, III 

Michele Marie Burke 
•Alva Yvonne Burras 

Daniel Lemley Cady 

David Douglas Carpenter 

Emily Susan Carton 

Nancy Marie Catlett 

Patricia Lynn Cissel 

Kathleen Mary Colihan 

Cheryl Lee Cook 

Lawrence P. Cook 

John Joseph Corame 

Melanie Ann Corner 

Mary Frances Cross 

Stanley Doyle Curbo 

Michael Louis Curro 
•Rebecca Ann Cusick 

Lorraine Marie Dameron 

Gail Louise Davis 

Tracy Lee Davis 

Anne Catherine Debelius 

Paul Michael Deblinger 

Gwynneth Wilson DeHaven 

Charles John Dellebovi 

Katheryn Mary DeLozier 

Gregory Edward de Lumeau 

John George DeMare' 
"Lawrence Devinsky 

Elena Theresa DeVivo 
tRoberta Anne Diemer 

William Alexander Dorsey, IV 

John Francis Dougherty 

Charles Lawrence Douglas 

Edward Embrey Dove 

Patrick Casey Duncan 

Elaine Eloise Ebener-Keaton 

Philip Enkiri 

Margaret Marie Ewald 

Rodney James Fallon 

Nancy Harrison Fansler 

Steven Craig Farren 
tStephen Anthony Fennell 
'Diana M. Rodrfguez de Ferragut 

Dorothy Frances Flanigan 

Anne Marie Fleming 
•Karen Joyce Frank 

Charles Stanley Frentz, Jr. 

Janet Esther Freund 

Jay P. Friedlander 

Richard Harry Friedman 

Wendy Dale Fromm 

Richard Michael Galitz 

Dale Alicia Ganley 

Linda Joy Garren 
•Carolyn Jan Gewirz 

Anne Winston Ghormley 

'with honors twith high honors 



Gladys Grace Gines 
Joseph Vincent Glorioso 
Robert Alan Goldberg 
•John L. Good 
tCharles Albert Graffam, Jr. 
Elizabeth Carlisle Gray 
•Kevin Charles Greene 
Selly M. M. Gruoci 
Steven McRae Guthrie 
Lawrence Edward Hamilton 
Lesley Paula Harrison 
Eve Harvey 
Mary Martha Harvey 
Deborah Helen Hauck 
Patricia Bern ice Haynes 
Patricia M. Hays 
Janice C. Helsel 
tGregory Clark Hesterberg 

Paul K. Higa 
tBetty Cox Higginbotham 
Spencer Coleman Stanley Hines 
Martha Stewart Holland 
Pamela Lynn Holmes 
Matthew Leslie Holtz 
Rachel Mae Hopp 
Sandra Jane Hoskins 
Clifford Fennell Howard 
William Frederick Huff 
Mark Jay Joffe 
Lisa Margaret Johnson 
Anne Marie Johnston 
David Arthur Jones 
Joyce Irene Jones 
Martin D.Josephs 
Gerald Steven Juha 
Felicia Shelley Kalmowitz 
•Elizabeth Karpovich 
Sondra June Katz 
Charles Martin Kearney, Jr. 
Kathleen Joan Kelly 
Coletta Isabel Kemper 
Lawrence Kenneth Kern 
Mary Anne Kestle 
Terence Edmund Kiernan 
Susan Mae Kimmel 
tSherry Lee Kinland 
Carol Ann Klauber 
James Scott Kline 
J. Gregory Knott 
Robert Dennis Knowles 
Joanne Patricia Koob 
Sandra Ellen Kravitz 
•Louise Purcell Kyanko 
Kathleen Ann Lambooy 
Theodore Roosevelt Laster 
Joan Marie Lawrence 
tLynne Judy Levy 
Andrea Beth Linne 
•Frances Karen Lipinski 
Edward William Lloyd 
Thomas Burke Lloyd 
Renee Georgette Long 
Susan Elizabeth Longhi 
Harriet Elizabeth Harris Lulie 
•J. Christopher Maclntire 

t Maria Celeste Mala 

Steven Scully Maloney 

Joyce Dianne Marcum 

Marsha Carow Mark man 

Madelyn Risa Markowitz 
•Alexander Mathews 
•Michael John Mattie, Jr. 

Robert Stillman May 
tJoan Marie McCloskey 

Melanie Lee McGauhey 

Lisa Rappaport Melman 

Beatrice Menchaca 

James Louis Merfeld 

Carol Jean Merrill 

Richard Allan Milhollan 

David Alan Miller 

Roberta Marie Miller 

Stuart Arnold Miller 

Nancy Kathleen Mi Hoy 

Linda Ann Mills 
•Pama Ann Mitchell 

Marilee Morris 
t Karen Moskowitz 

Lester David Moskowitz 

Brian Leslie Moss 

Kenneth Alan Myers 
•Helen Bernadette Nardini 

Gail M. Nathanson 

Carl William Nathe 

Barbara Anne Nelson 

Robert Alan Nelson 

Mickey Anne Nucker 

Henry Benidict Obermann 

Margaret Therese O'Bryen 

Margaret Mary O'Donnell 

Robert Emmett O'Halloran 

William Vincent O'Regan, III 

Patricia Ottenbacher 

Diana A. Palmer 

Allen Jack Paltell, Jr. 

John Williams Parker 

•Maureen Kathryn Parker 
Leslie Brooks Paternotte 
Laurence Carl Patlen 
Grant Matthew Perry 
Marc Holden Piatt 
Beth Joyce Plein 

tGenevieve Denise Pluhowreki 
Clayton Robert Plummer, Jr. 
John Anthony Pollara 
Patricia Ann Pontecorvo 
Vicki Louise Price 
Barry Neil Putterman 

•Ruthellen Guillen 
Steven Robert Qui lien 

•Edith Lynn Raskin 

•Judith Anne Rasmussen 
Terrence Patrick Ray 
Elias Lynch Rivers 

tJennifer Anne Rogers 
Mary Joanne Ronning 
Margaret Semple Rooney 
Richard N. Rosenhaft 
Janis Mindy Rosenthal 
Stuart Jay Rosenzwog 

tCarol Jean Rossi 
James Edward Runktes 
Thomas P. Russell 
Vincent Patrick Russell 
Pilar Mercedes Saavedra 
Edvwrd Leigh Sawyer, Jr. 
Merle Schlesinger 
tBarbara Ann Schmidt 
Susan Tracy Schocken 
Carrie Lynn Schoenhaut 
Janice Bergman Schumacher 
Elizabeth Schwartz 
•Mary Elizabeth Schwartz 
tNancy Jean Scott 
Alec William Shapiro 
Sharon Faye Shapiro 
Barbara L. Shaw 
Doris M. Shaw 
Deborah J. Shearer 
Jacqueline Gray Shelton 
•Donna Marie Shepherd 
Suzanne Marie Sheridan 
Gail Shaternick Sherman 
Alan Craig Shulman 
James Howard Silverman 
Donald Michael Smith 
Joyce Ann Smith 
Mary Candace Smith 
Yvonne Zemoria Smith 
tMarshall Dennis Sossen 
tWalter William Sparks 
Daniel Gerard Spitzer 
Ewa Joanna Stanek 
•Thomas M. Statton 
Peter Georg Steese 
•Steven P. Steinkraus 
Jean Marie Steuernagel 
Rebecca Lynn Stevens 
Jane Margaret Stoddard 
Pauline Summers Stowell 
Mary Elizabeth Sullivan 
Vicky Sue Surles 
Cecilia Frances Swoboda 
Celia Symborski 
Jane Frances Ta magna 
Janet M. Taylor 
Marilyn Judith Tenenbaum 
Debra Delin Thalenberg 
Wayne William Thiel 
Frederick Roy Thomas 
Shirley Veronica Thompson 
tAlan Lee Tischler 
•Stacey Ann Townsend 
James Stuart Turner 
Robert Winters Turner 
Herman us Cornel is Verdel 
Augusta Maria Villanueva 
Eleanor Patterson Wagner 
Cathy Lynn Waldor 
Judith L.Washington 
tDaniel Barack Wasserman 
Dennis Paul Weiblinger 
Lenn David Weidenhammer 
•Stuart Gary Weinblatt 



Robert Jay Weinzimer 
•Anita Marie Wiebking 
Mary Frances Wilkinson 
Jeffrey Wayne Williams 
Ellen Leahy Willis 
•Mary Ramon Wise 
Karen Beth Wolf 
Robert Wayne Wolfe 
Ralph Woods 
Edward K. Young, III 
Mark Richard Zablow 
Mark Stanley Zelenka 
Linda Joan Zwobota-Martin 

Bachelor of Music 

Joseph Samuel Berney, II 
Keith Allan Fleming 
Mark H. Gruen 
Linda Dale Melvin 
David Jameson Miller 
•David Joseph Pothier 

Division of 
and Social 

Candidates will be pfesented by 
Dr. Mary Berry, Chairman of the 

Bachelor of Arts 

•Phillip Stephen Allen 
Carmela Maria Amelio 
David B. Andrews 
Deborah Ann Andrews 
Susan Jane Antaya 
Wayne J. Antosh 
Constance Loretta Archer 
Thomas Joseph Armenti 
Norman Wayne Arrington 
Kathleen Ruth Arveson 
William Walter Aspinall 
tMiriam Harriet Baker 
Elemer Bako, Jr. 
Lester Alan Barbacoff 
Elizabeth H. Barker 
Mark David Baron 
Mary Ann Barrett 
William Paul Barse 
Margaret Sol ick Batozynski 
Shulamith Beckerman 
Cheryl Jane Belfield 
Belinda J. Bell 

Charles Michael Campanella Bell 
•Joanne May Berg 
Ellen Sue Berman 
tJeffrey Wayne Bernstein 
Mark Leonard Bernstein 

'with honors twith high honors 

Romayne Potosky Berry 

Joseph A. Bigley, Jr. 

Glenn David Blank 

Stanley Jay Bliden 

Alan Block 

llene Sue Bloom 

Genee Blum 

Barry Blumenstock 

Douglas Trowbridge Boiler 

Byron Bombay 

Thomas Aloysious Bonfils 

Lloyd Neal Bowden, Jr. 
tJackie Lynn Braitman 
tGordon Louis Braverman 

Dennis Edwin Brown 

Harry Leslie Brown 

Robert Wayne Brown 

William Robert Brumbaugh, Jr. 
•Fredericka Sue Buechler 
"Suzanne Holliday Burgess 

Robert Alan Burns 
t Robert Earl Campbell 

Albert Peter Carey 

Antonio Thomas Carozza 

Janice Chayt 

Larry Jerome Chernikoff 

Jack D. Chipman 
•Deborra Anne Christie 

Juniata Turner Clarke 

Gerald Allen Clement 

Michael Sanders Cochran 

David Barry Cohen 
•Judith Ellen Cohen 

Robert Michael Cohen 

Costantino Joseph Columbo 

Sanford L. Cook 

Deborah Kay Cranford 

Gary Lee Creed 

Craig Irwin Cronin 

Kathleen Marie Daly 

Betty J. Darden 
t Cassandra S. Daston 
"Carol Gail Davis 

Lucinda Delaney 

Joseph Michael DeLizia 

Richard Joseph de Seve 
"Phyllis R. Diamond 

Harvey George Dickerson 

Charles Henry Dickson 
"Robert Edwrard DiGiacomo 

Robert Bruce Douglas 

Earl LaVerne Drescher, Jr. 

John Patrick Driscoll 

Sara Rebecca Dunkelman 

Carol Jean Dunn 

Daniel Echavarren 

John P. Ehrlich 

Joel Moment Eigen 

Carol Susan Eisen 

Sandra Ellison 

John Charles Elsby 
"Ray Engebretsen 

Jeannette Engel 

Jaye Mark Epstein 
Mary Adele Erdeljon 
Donzella Hughes Evans 
Nancy Truman Evans 
Stephen M. Fadeley 
Joan Anne Farkas 
Susan Ann Farkas 
Daniel Arthur Feldman 
Herschel Stephen Fender 
Marcia Anne Fernstrom 

"Cynthia Ann Field 
Ruth Mae Finch 
John Francis Finneran 
Thomas Robert Fisher 

tLouise F. Fitzgerald 
James J. Fitzgibbons 
Nancy Lee Fivehouse 

"Daniel J. FIxell 
Clara Danette Fletcher 
Jonathan Flores 
Elizabeth Foster 
Ellen Latimer Fox 
Joseph Alan Frauendorfer 
Nancy Louise Frazier 
Donald Louis Frederick, Jr. 
Richard Edward Friedman 
William Eugene Frye Jr. 
Cathy Louise Fuss 
Joseph Michael Gardella 
David Alan Garfinkle 
Robert Mackenzie Garmany 
Nancy A. Garner 
Margaret Jean Gaut 
Ann Lee Gilbert 
David B. Gillett 
Susan Patricia Gleich 
Mary Hilda Godfrey 
Eric Franklin Gold 
Leonard Aaron Goldberg 

"Linda Goldstein 
Jane Catherine Good 
Catherine Cecelia Goode 
Eileen Marie Goodson 

"Joan Carol Gottfried 
Francis Joseph Goulart 
Robert Anthony Greco 
Stuart Howard Greenberg 
Melvin Albert Greene, Jr. 
Nancy H. Greene 
Billie J. Grey 
Frank C. Grice 
Allen Griffey 
Donna Jane Gross 
William R. Grundmann 
Sonia Michelle Hackner 
Helen Harrison Hamner 
John Robert Haram 
J. Hugh Harmon 
Michael W. Harrigan 
Patricia Dean Hartman 
Paul Maitland Harvey 
Mary Margaret Haslinger 
Robert Joseph Hatch 
Paul A. Hayes, Jr. 

Allan T. Healey 
Mark Allen Henry 
"Joanne Marie Hepburn 
Edmund Dennis Hill 
Wendy Than HIaing 
"Anita Maria Hofer 
Andre Jean Houpert 
Marion Corenda Houston 
Donald E. Howe 
Dale Wilton Hewlett 
Helen Hong-Hen Hsing 
Edward Lee Hudgins, III 
Todd Anderson Humphrey 
'David Steven lannucci 
Susan Joy lllions 
Stanley Alan Ingber 
Leo Charles Inglesby Jr. 
Barbara Rita Isaacs 
Diana Lee Jacobs 
Arthur Harris Jacoby 
Cheryl Catherine Jannarorie 
John Stephen Jarmen 
Evelyn Therese Jarvis 
"William James Jenks 
"Catherine Ellen John 
Debra Irene Johnson 
Cheryl Janece Jones 
Ann Frances Jordan 
Pamela Sue Joselson 
Joseph Dominic Judge, Jr. 
Marlene E. Kabot 
Ronald Bruce Kahn 
Sharon Lynn Kahn 
Lorrie K. Kaitz 
Eileen Hedy Kalish 
Pamela Ruth Kane 
Sharon Lynn Kane 
Edwin Dodson Kansler, Jr. 
Victoria Darlene Karbley 
Rona Liegh Karton 
Andrews. Katz 
Frank Martin Kaufman 
Jeffrey Hugh Kaufman 
Steven Carl Kaufman 
Rosemary Kelley 
tGary Matthew Kelly 
Kevin Michael Kelly 
Patrick A. Kennedy 
Kimberley J. King 
Jean Marie Kinnahan 
Michael Joseph Kinnahan 
"Sara Jane Knight 
Stephen Walter Koblish, Jr. 
Raymond Joseph Kolarik 
Gail Ruth Korobkin 
t Lawrence Robert Krevor 
Janet Lynn Kupferman 
Richard Francis LaMacchIa 
Christy Lee Landis 
Francis Patrick Lang 
Robert Donald Large 
Manuel Lasaga 
Albert Lawrence Lauer, Jr. 
Thomas Andrew Law 
Cherry Wah Lee 

tirene Susan Lerner 

Fran Ellen Levine 

Tandy Laurie Levine 

Sherri L. Levy 

Deborah Dowling Lewis 
tBonnie Francine Liebman 

Laurence Lindenbaum 
"Wendelin I. Lipp 
"Lanie Sarah Lipson 

Paul Jeffrey Littman 

Wei-Ying Liu 

James Lloyd Lockard 

Timothy Weston Lorenz 

Carolyn Jeanne Love 

Anna Elizabeth MacCubbin 

Robert Michael Maholchic 

Mary Gerard Malloy 
tMartha Mary Manning 

Leslie Fay Marcuse 

Bruce Clyde Marusich 

Francis Jeffrey Maxwell 

Harry King McAfee 
t Robert Michael McCaig 

John J. McClanahan 

Geraldine Ann McConnell 

Jane Marie McCraney 

Barbara Claire McCullough 

Michael William McDonald 

George Joseph McFarlane 

Doreen Frances McGirr 

Juana Mcintosh 

Patrick Alan Mendonca 

Arthur I. Messinger 

Laura Jean Mllazzo 
"Linda Louise Milgate 

Alfred Woodrow Millard 

Ellen Joyce Miller 

Sherry L. Miller 
"Sandra L. Minch 

James Reaver Mitchell, Jr. 

Joseph Frederick Morey.Jr. 

Francis Xavier Morgan 

Steven Earl Morton 

Gloria J. Moyd 
tGreta Munton 

B. Lois Murphy 

Madeleine Marie Musgrave 
"Holly Dimitra Nalevanko 
"Peter J. Naron 

Albert A. Neville, Jr. 

Merry I Dale Newman 

Terry Sum Yuet Ng 

Diane Virginia O'Brien 

Jerry Raymond O'Conor 

Philip Kenn Ojalvo 

Mark Samuel OIkon 

James Mark O'Neill 

Peter Ornstein 
"Richard Thomas Ostovitz 
tChloe Conaway Pacheco 

Paul Alexander Pappas 

Meredith Dale Pashkoff 
tGary Richard Peck 

Lloyd Nicholas Perrault 

'with honors twith high honors 



John Andrew Perrella 
'Martin L. Perschetz 

Katrina Person 

Phillip Clayton Pfaff 

Anthony Auguste Pineau 

William A. Placek 

Eileen Mary Podany 

Glenn Scott Podonsky 

Barbara Ann Poklis 

George Dennis Pomeroy 

Robert Harold Poole 

Andrew James Posey, III 
•Joyce Lynn Posner 

Arthur William Powell, Jr. 

Russell Wayne Powell 

Leslie Cheryl Pozanek 

Andrew Lane Prince 

Susan Arilla Radcliff 

Mary Lynne Raedy 

Van Thomas Rametta 

Mario Ramirez 

Frederick Douglas Ramseur, Jr. 
t Frederic Gary Reamer 

Shelby Jean Redman 

Catherine Joanne Reed 

Kevin Lane Reidy 

Margaret Carolyn Rhodes 
tJoel Clifford Richmond 

David George Riser 
t David Rogg 

John William Rohrer 

Merle Terry Rokoff 

David S. Rosenberg 
tMark M. Rosenberg 
tEmily Anne Rosenthal 
tCharles Edward Rosolio 

Jennifer Marie Rothgeb 

Ronald Lewis Rowe 
•Amy S. Rubin 

Joyce Carol Saadi 
•Steven Jay Sack 

Philip Carter Salladay 

Ralph Charles Santorelli 

Rudolph Patrick Savage, Jr. 

Lorraine F. Schack 

Robert Joseph Schemel, Jr. 
tJacobo Schifter 

Frederic William Schultz 

•Terry Ann Schum 

Frederick Matthews Schutz 

Shelley Sarana Schwartz 

Elizabeth D. Seaton 

Mark Arthur Segraves 

Joseph John Sgroi, Jr. 
Donald Lee Shane 
tCarol Lynn Shaw 
Kathie Dale Sheffler 

Susan Marlene Sherr 

Gaston Joseph Sigur, III 
Philip Francis Slagle 
Robert James Smiley 
Fred Terry Smith 
Joyce Ann Smith 
Pamela May Smith 
Martha Ivy Sobin 

Carol Beth Solomon 
James Micheal Solyst 
Adele Christine Sowers 
Joseph James Staugaitis 
Harry Lee Staughton 
Kathleen Solveig Stefansson 

•Kathleen Frances Steinitz 
Richard Lynn Stephens 
Michael Stern 

tJoyce Alexis Stevens 
Lucy Alexandra Stevens 
Patricia Harriet Stiefel 
John Harvey Sturniolo 
Andrea Marie Sullivan 
Eileen Agnes Sullivan 
William Thomas Sutton 

•Mary RoseSzoka 
Virginia Louise Takacs 
Frank Taliano 
Joanne Leslie Talone 
John Edward Taylor, II 
Mollie M. Terry 
Robert Eugene Terry 
Edward Lamar Thomas 
Margaret Anne Thomas 
Valorie Jean Thompson 
Karen Hinda Tolley 
Christine Lynn Troeber 
Charles Calvin Tucker, Jr. 

tJanet Marian Tuemmler 
Marc A. Turok 

tSteven Francis Tvardek, Jr. 

•Richard Standish Ulf 
Nick Letterio Vadala 
Nancy Louise VanMeir 
William F. Vernick 
Richard Roy Villa 
Victoria Marie Vinton 
Judith L. Wagner 
Richard Allen Walker 

tRichard John Wallace 
Robert Milton Waters 

t Lawrence A. Weaver 
Edna Grace Wert 
Gerald Robert Wessells 
Charia Gage Whalin 
Theodore John White, Jr. 
Janet Casper Williams 
Deborah Elaine Willis 

tDavid Emory Windmiller 
Kevin Bruce Wol man 
Lewis Nelson Wood, Jr. 
Mary Jo Woods 
Beverly Sue Wright 
Bonnie Wylie 
Nancy Beth Yount 
Patricia Ann Zungoli 
Karen Elaine Zuspan 

Bachelor of Science 

•Gaylene Lynn Abate 
•Lucy Amy Altersitz 
•Gary David Altman 

•Elizabeth Lois Anello 

Cheryl Yvonne Ash 

Steve Forrest Atlas 

Nancy Ann Baginski 

Linda Susan Banigan 

Stephanie Barnes 
•Richard Harris Bernstein 

Frederick Walter Bieber 
tGail Duzure Bober 
tCassandra Lee Bollino 

Lauren Sue Brew 

Andrea Fae Brodie 

Rot)ert Louis Burch 

Ralph Stanley Burdick 

Stuart Joel Burg 

H. Michele Caloviras 

Carol Lynn Cameron 

Diane Beth Caplan 
tDenise Michele Cariski 

Terry Elizabeth Carlson 

Jane T. Cecil 
•Randy H. Cherner 

Dominic Joseph Cicala 

Beth Myrna Cohen 

Joseph Lawrence Cole 

Nancy Lee Cole 

Richard Benhamin Colton 

Gary Alan Cortese 
•Ralph Richard Coughlin 

Curtis Burdette Crandall 

Kathleen Elizabeth D'Ambrogi 

Barbara J. Davis 

Bonita Lee Denner 

Sara Teresa Deutsch 

Helen Rose Drucker 
•Elaine Mildred DuBois 
tDiane Kathryn Ebberts 
tCaryl Rose Edelberg 

Judith Edelman 
tLarry Michael Einbinder 

Joseph Alan Elwell 

Robert Clair Farr 

David Joel Feldmann 

Marguerite Marie Ferry 
•Suzanne Florin 

Hilary Beth Fox 

Paul Jack Fulton 

Joseph Francis Garcia 
•Kathy Ellen Genzer 

Lisa Pam Germain 

Richard James Gibson 

Richard D. Goldman 
•Glen Ray Goldmark 

Marijo A. Goldstein 
tJames William Gombash 

Mark Allen Goren 

Thomas Patrick Gorman 

Alan Loren Gotoff 

Katherine Elizabeth Grosman 

Zarita Hack 

Jane Carol Hale 

Olivia Marie Hale 

Cheryl Ann Hamburg 

Paul David Hampton 

Paul Stanley Hanczaryk 
Susan Gail Hanna 
Richard Lawrence Hard 
Marcia Jane Harris 
Gary Benton Harshbarger 
Denise McMonagle Havery 
Cecilia Stewart Hayduchok 
Tina Ruth Heindish 

•Thomas M. Hemphill 
Donna L. Herman 
James Russell Hobbs 
Stephen Mark Husted 

•Cynthia Anne Joiner 
Michael David Kamins 
Philip Katz 

Shelly Robert Kaufman 
Michael Rosser Kelly 
Gene Marie Kenny 
Claude Ross Kinsey 
Thomas Edward Kirkham 
Ronald Ken Klimberg 
Kathleen M. Koenig 
Sharon Teresa Kohler 
George Harry Koustenis 

tStuart L. Kramer 
Joseph Mark Langlais 

t Laurie Debra Lazar 
Darryl Marc Levinson 

•Patricia Lynn Linden 
Jay Neven Lulser 

tMichael Neal Macklin 
Charles Robert Mainhart 
Robert Wesley Mann 
Robert L. Maples, Jr. 

•Noel Kathleen Marshall 
William Everett Mast 
Stephen A. McCabe 

tKaren Odessa Mclntyre 

•Christine Susan McKim 
Lewis Craig Metzner 
Nancy Jean Miller 
Gregory James Mounts 
Jeffrey Howard Newman 

•Daniel Joseph O'Brien 
Charles Alfred Olson 
Stephen James Opsasnick 
Robert William Parker 
Jean Parry-Hill 
Duane Kent Paulus 
Cheryl Ann Pekala 
Dennis Howard Penzell 

•Jarrett Laurance Perlman 
Bruce Edward Perweiler 

tJon David Peters 
Mitchell Edward Phelan 
Lloyd Marc Pritz 
Douglas E. Reilly 

•Michael Barry Roche 
Norman Michael Rogers 

•Lee Alan Rubin 
Marlene Susan Ruf 
Daniel Joseph Rufo, Jr. 
Caria Gale Sanders 
•Stephen Alan Stakin 
Larry Steven Saunders 



'with honors twith high honors 

Francesco Thomas Scalera 
Gary Michael Schildhorn 
Donald Alan Schloss 
Lesley Trager Schuchman 

•Michael Benjamin Scotti 
Richard M. Seff 
Bernice Shaller 

tGail Susan Sherry 
Christine Maria Shew 
Maureen A. Shoup 

tLeslie Ruth Shuken 
Karen Margaret Shukis 
Jerrold Stanley Siegel 
Mark Howard Silverman 
David Roy Sinett 

tMichael Vernon Sisk 
John Robert Sloop 
Cynthia Louise Smith 
Betty Cameron Somerville 
John Jefferson Spangler 
Leslie Ann Stein 
Lynn Bunting Tegler 
Janicia Thomas 
James L. Troy, Jr. 
Linda T. Tucker 
Kenneth Alan Vinograd 

tValerie S. Wagner 
Mary Beth Walker 
Jeffrey Terry Weinberg 
Jeffrey Howard Weinberger 

tRichard Edwin Weisblatt 
Daniel E. Whitney 
Thomas Craig Wibberley 
Linda S.Wilhelm 
Fannie Mae Williams 
Tracy Lee Williams 
James Chester Witherspoon 

tJosephine Linda Woods 
Walter Donald Wysocki 
Sherry Louise Yolles 

Division of 
and Physieal 
Sciences and 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Joseph Marchello, Chairman 
of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Tim Dimitri Andreadis 

Michael Alan Baker 

Saul Michaels Baker 
•Robert Bruce Banks 

Janet Alexandra Barrer 

Joan Karen Barsky 
tMillard Alfred Baublitz, Jr. 

Alan J. Baumgarten 

Sally Jeanne Bensusen 
•Adam Billet 

George Albert Bishop 

Emil Joseph Blassic 

Charles Andrew Bozman 

Elizabeth Anne Brinker 
'Susan Ellen Brodsky 

Richard Ernest Campion 

Donald R. Carter 

Craig Eugene Cayford 

Phyllis Susan Chovitz 

Gregg E. Church 

Michael Walter Oslo 

Gregory James Coale 
"Stephen Aloysius Cornio 

Jeanne Roberta Corrinne 

David J. Crockett 

William Flather Davidson 
•Edna Mary Didwall 

David William Dugan 
•William C. Evans 
tCheryl Kay Ewing 
•Richard William Fecher 

Lynne Fell man 
•Gustava Gigi Finkelstein 

Elizabeth Ann Flewelling 

John V. Fritz 

Jacques Charles Fuster 

Laurence Goldsmith 
•Emily Hannah 

Michael Patrick Harrington 
•Kevin William Harris 

Patricia Anne Hawes 

Robert R. Heiser 

Christine Ann Hoffman 
tMichael P. Howell 
•Oliver James Inscoe, Jr. 

Douglas William Kammerer 
•Daniel George Kaplan 

George Overton Kephart, Jr. 

Jeanne Louise Kofroth 

Andrew Emanuel Krivonak, III 

Barbara Rose Kupferman 

Elizabeth Carroll Lang 
•Fred David Ledley 

Fred Leise 

Robert Eugene Lewis 

Lora I -Ping Li 
•Miriam Lieblein 
tDon Joseph Lindler 

Kenneth James McCormick 
•Elizabeth Meehan 

Keith Robert Merkel 
tJonathan Lee Merzel 

Gail Lynn Metzbower 

Michele Marie Mondor 

Ping P. Mong 

Gregg F. Morgan 
tMark Brian Morris 

Douglas Wayne Moye 

Walter Marcus Mussante 

Robert Allen Neff 

James William Nussbaum 

Robert Allan Penrod 
Cheryl BarbarAnne Petty 

tWilliam Addison Pumphery, III 

•Timothy Jerome Renk 
Michael Louis Sambor 

•John Richard Samborski 
Richard Stephen Schechter 

tMary Lee Schiavo 
Gary Ray Sell Man 

tJeffrey Brian Shaffer 
Bruce James Smith 
Gary Michael Smith 
Carolyn Hightower South 
Richard Russell Stiles 
Susan Catherine Van Glarik 
JoseAdolfo Villalobos 

•Robert Kenneth Waldstein 
Rhonda Denise Watkins 
John Edward Whiteford, Jr. 

tCharlotte Brinton Williams 
Mary Jeannette Wilson 
Shirley Lynn Wockenfus 
Kathryn Virginia Wright 
Kenneth Allen Yowan 




Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Shoenberg, Admin- 
istrative Dean, Undergraduate 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Robert Lewis Alter, Jr. 

Lawrence Allan Arch 
t Kathryn Louise Bailey 

Virginia L. Beagle 

Anne McSherry Brahm 

George Richard Buzzard 

Howard T. Carolan, Jr. 

Dean E. Cavalier 
tLeonore J. Levenbook deCavallero 

Anne Carole Christensen 

John Patrick Coe 

Timothy Steven Cronin 

Robert Thomas Dent 

Donald Gregory Dorr 

Christine Kelly Farrell 

Paul Joseph Fehlner 

Bobbye Caren Feldman 

Henry Irr Petting 

Robert Phillip Formhals 

J. Martin Gancsos 

Karen Elizabeth Good 

Robert George Gradijan 

Alfred Robert Guerieri, Jr. 

Thomas James Hedstrom 

Randall Gary Hoffman 

Frederick D. Kramer 
Stewart David Leass 
Jeffrey Clark Levine 
Michael J. Lewis 
James Andrews MacLaughlin 
Gary Elwood McDaniel 
Christine Frances McKenna 
Elizabeth Haszard Mester 
John Moroughan 
Charles Bradley Muehlberger 
Ann Clare Noon 
Sharon Lee Osborne 
William Larry Poe 
Bruce Warren Reisman 
Scott Palmer Rice 
Bruce Peter Rocco 
tJeffrey Ike Rosenbaum 
Douglas Matthew Schreiber 
Philip Mitchell Smith 
Samuel Jay Somers 
Tee Edward Taylor 
Paul Emil Vellano 
Mark Irwin Wattenberg 
Gregory Edward Wunder 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserve 

William G. Auton 
David Ciccolella 
John F. Daley 
Craig A. Johnson 
Peter S. Lemaire 
Robert E. Norris 
Paul Pappas 
Edward C. Phoebus, Jr. 
Glenn S. Podonsky 
David P. Quinn 
Yaroslaw A. Stawnychy 
Kathryn T. Taft 
William R. Viney 
John Whiteford, Jr. 

'with honors twith high honors 





Candidates for bachelors' degree 
eligible to graduate "With Honors" or 
"With High Honors" are so indicated in 
the alphabetical listings by college. 
These persons are eligible for the appro- 
priate designation if they have com- 
pleted at least two years of resident 
work (60 semester hours) at the time of 
graduation with a scholastic average of 
B or higher. (Computation does not 
include grades for courses taken during 
the last semester of registration before 
graduation.) The candidates must also 
rank in the upper fifth of the gradu- 
ating class in their respective colleges. 
"With High Honors" is awarded to the 
upper tenth of those in each college, if 
they qualify, and "With Honors" is 
awarded to the second tenth of those in 
each college, if they qualify. 

General Honors Program 

Phillip Stephen Allen 
Frederick Edward Boland 
Jackie Lynn Braitman 
Lynn Epstein 
Sherry Lee Kinland 
Jan Lloyd Kramer 
Fred David Ledley 
Peter J. Naron 
Hollis Raphael 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Chemistry 
Susan Felecia Burke 

With High Honors in English 
Kathleen Mary Boos 
Shelton Marner Cannon, Jr. 

With High Honors in German 
Ewa Joanna Stanek 
Peter Georg Steese 

With High Honors in History 

Stuart Gary Weinblatt 
With High Honors in Mathematics 

Jonathan Lee Merzel 
With High Honors in Physics 

Millard Alfred Baublitz, Jr. 

Harold Gene Craighead 

With High Honors in Psychology 
Karen Odessa Mclntyre 

With Honors in Astronomy 
William Addison Pumphrey, III 

With Honors in Chemistry 
Edward Nubar Bodurgil 
Herbert Elliott Fried 
Deborah Ruth Klein 
Richard Jay Knapp 
Robert Victor Rebois 
Edward Charles Watters 
Michael Floyd Wheeler 

With Honors in Economics 

Robert Denis Ramey de Sugny 
Manuel Lasaga 
Michael Barry Roche 
David Rogg 

With Honors in English 
Betty Cox Higginbotham 
Christine Beth Lubinski 
Patricia Anne McKinlay ** 
Genevieve Denise Pluhowski 
Barry Neil Putterman 
Mary Candace Smith 

With Honors in French 

Josette M. Ash 

Maureen Kathryn Parker 

Barbara Ann Schmidt 
With Honors in German 

George Peter Kaleyias 

Elizabeth Karpovich 

Ingeborg Elisabeth Mann 

Ingrid Margarethe Sunzenauer 

With Honors in Government 
and Politics 

Gary David Altman 

Richard Edward McLawhorn 

Katrina Person 

Louise Bryna Senzel 

Richard Seiden 

With Honors in History 
Kevin Charles Greene 
Alexander Mathews 
Janet Marie Robins 

With Honors in Physics 
Edna Mary Didwall 
Mark Brian Morris 
Mark Erickson Twigg 

With Honors in Psychology 
Sara Teresa Deutsch 
Abby Joyce Goodman 
Barbara Lee Greenberg 
Janet Marian Tuemmler 

With Honors in Speech 
and Dramatic Art 

Roberta Anne Diemer 

Jennifer Anne Rogers 

With Honors in Textiles 
and Consumer Economics 
Alison Beth Gould 
Susan Joan Levin 
Ruth Eleanor Nimmo 
Dorothea May Schifflett 

With Honors in Zoology 
Melody Cecilia James 



'Graduated December 22, 1973. 

Honor Sofieiies 


(Junior Women's Honor Society) 

Rosemary Alvino 
Anne Athos 
Susan Dagnall 
Barbara Dexter 
Nancy Englehard 
Leslie Ernst 
Bari Feldman 
Janet Foitz 
Karen Jean Hansen 
Rosiyn Kozba 
Joanne Palmisano 
Katherine Paradowski 
Susan Rapoport 
Betty Rubin 
Janet Lee Shedier 
Ann Sorenson 
Rochelie Stutman 
Linda Joyce Tur 
Lynn Turner 

Mortar Board 

(The National Senior Honor Society for 
women, recognizing service, leadership 
and scholarship) 

Anne Athos 

Susan Ellen Brodsky 

Judith Cannava 

Margaret T. Chao 

Susan C. Dagnall 

Gail Davis 

Barbara Dexter 

Arleen M. Fisher 

Sandra E. Kravitz 

Susan J. Levin 

Robin F. Litman 

Gail L. Orrick 

Joanne J. Palmisano 

Christine A. Power 

Lynn N. Rudman 

Arlene M. Sattin 

Laura J. Sauter 

Ellen Ann Schoengold (graduated in 

Janet Lee Shedier 
Ann M. Simon 
Rochelie K. Stutman 
Linda Tur 
Charlene B. Zellmer 


Janet Alexander 
Susan Bloom 
Minda Book 
Cynthia Campbell 


Sheila DeMatteo 
Marlene Di Benedetto 
MaryLou English 
Arleen Fisher 
Cheryl Fisher 
Holly Sue Fisher 
Judith Fulks 
Alison Gould 
Susanne Jones 
Barbara Kreager 
Kaye Leishear 
Susan Mastellone 
Mary K. Moss 
Ruth Nimmo 
Barbara Schwartzman 
Carol Stone 
Vivian Troutman 
Martha Walker 
Barbara Watson 
Amelia Wood 
Susan Wyne 
Sue Zippel 


Barbara Anastos 
Karen Costello 
Nancy Gold 
Paula Irwin 
Susan Kamener 
Gloria Kangas 
Constance Kruse 
Ellen Maslow 
Flora Millstein 
Deborah Ollinger 
Gail Poffenberger 
Mary Lee Rynties 
Lynne Williams 
Diane Wynn 

Stephanie Heatwole 
Julia Miller 
Virginia Norton 
Gladys Gary Vaughn 

Phi Kappa Phi 


Mr. Willard Barbar 

Dr. Everett W. Hesse 

Dr. Richard L. Hopkins 

Dr. William Hytche 

Dr. S. S. Kaup 

Dr. Robert G. Lawrence 

Dr. Henry Mendeloff 

Dr. Lawrence E. Mintz 


Dr. James R. Anderson 

The Honorable Louis L. Goldstein 

The Honorable Steny H. Hoyer 

Mr. H. Russell Knust 

Phi Kappa Phi 

Spring 1974 graduate students 

Lawrence R. Allen 

Juanita J. Anders 

Grace Ann Bensimon 

David John Bowering 

Stephen James Brodeur 

Douglas M. Burch 

V. David Burns 

June Dowler Buteau 

Anna Mae Campbell 

Verna Josephine Carson 

Craig Martin Cook 

Elizabeth Magruder Cook 

Randall J. Craig 

Daniel M. Curtis 

Gerald F. Day 

Brian Joseph Donahue 

Akife Nilufer Egrican 

Perry R. Gemmill 

S. David Gertz 

Glenda Goldman 

Sun Ann Goldman 

John Carter Golembe 
Karen Harmening Gonzalez 
Elizabeth Ann Hague 
Florence Elizabeth Hall 
Gerald W. Hopple 
Laraine R. House 
Michael P. Kennedy 
Seung Tae Kim 
Thomas A. Korth 
Mary Frances Kozel 
Betty Jean Martin 
Glenn Ann Martin 
Ramona Hadgis Matthews 
Margaret Maguire McGinty 
Elizabeth Lingrell McWilliams 
Terence V. Milholland 
Roger Norton Nagel 
Virginia Parrish Norton 
Elizabeth Gilmore O'Connell 
Paul F. Ottinger 
Lawrence Richard Page 
Demetrios G. Papademetriou 
Barnett Alvin Rattner 
John Newman Sexton 
Mary Roof Slesinger 
Nancy A. Steinbach 
George Franklin Sterman 
J. K.Ward 
John B. Wooldridge, Jr. 

Spring 1974 undergraduates 
Gaylene L. Abate 
Deborah J. Abell 
•Marianne E. Abercrombie 
Terry Dale Abramson 
Suzanne Denise Ackerman 
James Milner Addams 

*Susan Deborah Alpert 
Lauren B. Alitt 
Vicki Lyn Allen 
Lucy Amy Altersitz 
Gary David Altman 
Elizabeth Lois Anello 
Robert Ethan Applebaum 
Rebecca Ann Arnade 
Scott W. Augerson 
Anne Athos 
Harold Bafitis 
Kathp/n L. Bailey 
Richard L. Bailey 
Kathleen Marie Baish 
Donna Jean Baker 
Patricia Doyle Balassone 
Claire E. Baldwin 
Rose Ann Harford Barnett 
Jayne Pricilla Bassett 
William Lloyd Bates 
Debra Walters Battaglia 
Joanne Marie Beardsley 
Joanne M. Berg 
Eileen Kathleen Berlin 
Marlene Josephine Berlin 
James M. Betz 
Rosemary Elizabeth Bis 
Jane A. Blaase 
"Stevin Hamilton Blevins 
Nancy Ann Bliden 
Thomas F. Bloom 
Barbara Alexis Blum 
Edward N. Bodurgil 
Cassandra Lee Bollino 
Elviann Boothman 
Philip Roger Bowman 
Jackie Lynn Braitman 
Gordon Louis Braverman 
Janet Lynn Brennan 
James Alan Brown, Jr. 
Lois B. Brown 
Thomas Jefferson Brown 
Patsy L. Browning 
Nina Bryson 

Fredericka Sue Buechler 
Susan Felicia Burke 
Jo Karen Burnett 
June Kerner Bussey 
Susan Marie Butler 
Alison Deirdre Cade 
Robert L. Cantrell 
Marie Jeffries Capps 
Denise Michele Cariski 
Maria V. Carmona 
Beverly Anne Carragher 
Candace Mary Carrico 
Sharon Alyn Chabon 
William Guy Christoford 
Linda Lee Clagett 
Judith Ellen Cohen 
Helen Edith Collins 

^Outstanding Juniors 



Diana Jo Combs 
Susan Delane Commons 
Nancy Darline Como 
James Reno Continetti 
Suzanne Durling Cook 
Ellen Linda Coonin 
Alyse Cooper 
Dennis Bowman Cooper 
Richard E. Cross 
Rebecca A. Cusick 
Susan Barbara Cytryn 
Den ice Lee Darrow 
Cassandra S. Daston 
Barbara Stockum Dexter 
Kathleen A. Deska 
Sara Teresa Deutsch 
Phyllis R. Diamond 
Roberta Anne Diemer 
Laurie C. Dietz 

Oresto Raymond Digiondomenico 
Connie S. Dodds 
Ellen M. Douty 
Gregory R. Du Four 
Madeleine Dupree 
Robert Andrew Duvall, III 
Christopher John Duzor 
Beverly Elaine Kinsman Eanes 
Diane Kathryn Ebberts 
Caryl Rose Edelberg 
Ronald S. Eydelloth 
Sharon Louise Faulk 
Barbara Ann Fede 
Mark Feigenson 
Bari Lynn Feldman 
Rochelle Paula Feldman 
Holly Sue Fisher 
Sandra Lee Fleshman 
Suzanne Florin 
Catherine Ann Fons 
Ellen Latimer Fox 
Lois Fox 

Milda Ann Frederiksen 
April Renee Freiman 
Herbert E. Fried 
Helen Sakolsky Friedman 
Angela Gay Frosio 
Gregory P. Fryer 
Lynda L. Fudold 
Rodney B. Fuller 
Terese M. Gagnon 
Laura L. Garro 
Kathy Ellen Genzer 
Patricia R. George 
Carol Marie Gonzalez 
Linda A. Gordon 
Mary Catherine Graeff 
Charles A. Graffam, Jr. 
Cynthia A. Graffam 
William Graves, III 
* Betty Lee Green 

Amy Lynn Greene 

Kevin Charles Greene 

Nancy Lynne Griswell 

Georina A. Groleau 

Angeline L. Guns 

Gregory R. Hager 

Charlene Rae Hall 

James K. Holwager 

Guy Saint Clair Hammer, I 

Alan Lee Hansen 

Gloria F. Harvey 

Elyse Wendy Haskel 

Chantell B. Haskins 

James W. Hathorn 

Cheryl Jean Heath 

Sue Ellen Heidel 

Dorothy L. Whittle Henry 

Alan Dale Hepler 

Sunny E. Hercenberg 

Carol Joan Hester 

Gregory Clark Hesterberg 

Judith Ann Hoffman 

Paula B. Hoffman 

Christine Anne Holmlund 

Linnea M. Horine 

Robert Arthur Howard 

Kathleen D. Huber 

Gail Louise Huck 

Joseph B. Hunt 

Margaret Teresa lanovale 

Nancy B. Jaques 

Kathryn A. Jansen 

Eric W. Jarvinen 

Craig A. Jeschke 

Arthur Rex Jenkins 
'Albert Lawrence Jochen 

Grace Barbara Johnson 

Jo Ellen Johnston 

Sheila D. Jones 

Christopher Kerry Joyce 

David Kalb 
'Virginia Kalb 

Elizabeth Karpovich 

Kathleen Virginia Kelley 

Curtis J. Kelly, Jr. 

Mark T. Kernan 

Alan J. Kimmel 

Deborah R. Klein 

Maureen Klesmer 

Sara J. Knight 

Andre Leslie Koch 

Beth S. Korn 

Miriam Fay Kramer 

Nancy L. Kramer 

Linda Phyllis Krautwurst 

Karen Burleson KuczinskI 

Howard Evan Kweller 

Holly Jean Ladner 

Paul Mark Lancer 
* Cynthia Lawson 

Laurie Debra Lazar 

Francis Douglas League, Jr. 
Fred David Ledley 
Deborah Lynn Leiko 
Wendy Ann Lentini 
John Peter Lerche, Jr. 
Vivian Oresky Levine 
Andrew G. Levy 
Robert Charles Lewand 
Miriam Lieblein 
Bonnie F. Liebman 
Patricia Lyn Linden 
Gerald Alan Lipps 
Nancy Lynn Lloyd 
Janet Logan 
Philip A. Long 
Linda Lea Lord 
Patricia Kay Lovaas 
Christine B. Lubinski 
Julia Anne Macdonald 
J. Christopher Maclntire 
Elizabeth L. Mackie 
R. Patrick Maggio 
Nancy Eileen Maginnis 
Carol M. Marshell 
Faye T. Martin 
Jo Ann Masano 
Donald Lee Mathis 
Katherine Paradowski Matthews 
Mary Sue Maxwell 
Sheri L. Maydwell 
Frank Lynn Mayer 
John F. Mazor 
Margaret Ann McGarry 
Catherine A. McGuane 
Nancy Patricia McGuigan 
*Kathryn Lewis Mclntyre 
Patrick T. McKay 
Carol McLaughlin 
Richard Edward McLawhorn 
Patricia Elaine McMillan 
Charles E. Meador 
Kimberii Melvin 
Habib E. Merchant 
Patricia Anne Mercogliano 
Jack Allen Meyer 
Katherine E. Miers 
Linda L. Milgate 
Rita L. Miller 
Suzanne Klein Miller 
Marguerite Sue Millhauser 
Sandra Minch 
George Lewis Mino 
Edward Joseph Mizerek 
Katherine L. Molesky 
Catherine Finlayson Morales 
Richard L. Morrill 
Sheldon L. Morris 
Stephen R. Morrison 
Mary K. Moss 
Toni J. Mottola 

Sharon Ann Moulden 
Bonnie Lee Muller 
Jan Marie Mulligan 
Dianne Patricia Munley 
Greta M. Munton 
Kathie Gale Murlas 
Holly Dimitra Nalevanko 
Peter J. Naron 
Richard T. Needham 
Patricia Nelson 
Gerald Foster Newton 
Myer Norken 
Peggy C. Nowels 
Daniel Joseph O'Brien, Jr. 
OH, Yeong Hwan 
Anna Carmela Palmisano 
Craig Christian Paulis 
Joan C. Paymer 
Teresa Marie Pepin 
Ruth L. Perlman 
John Michael Peters 
Jon D. Peters 
Denise Ward Pierrot 
Candace Sue Poppas 
Monta Carolyn Powell 
Jay Gary Prensky 
*Sarah Margaret Pritchard 
Ruthellen Quillen 
Diane Kay Rapalas 
Edith Lynn Raskin 
Judith A. Rasmussen 
Frances Mae Reid 
Judy Joy Wannan Rein 
Sherry Diane Reisler 
Joel Clifford Richmond 
Dorothy Marie Robinson 
Marylou Virginia Robinson 
Jennifer Anne Rogers 
David Rogg 
Gary L. Rosenbaum 
Harriet Adelle Rosenthal 
Nancy Ellen Roth 
Judy Royer 
Amy S. Rubin 
Lee Alan Rubin 
Conne Lou Rubinstein 
EmmettJ. Ryan 
Moira Anne Ryan 
Nancy Lehman Ryan 
Rosemary Catherine Salm 
Barbara Clare Salwin 
Deborah F. Sandler 
*Janette Lee Bromwell Saxton 
Laiara Jean Sauter 
Bonnie Leigh Scanlon 
Joanne B. Schaeffer 
*Holly Schermacher 
Paul G. Schruben 
Jeffrey Alan Schuldenfrei 
Terry Schum 
Dorothy B. Sensibaugh 



Nancy Barbara Shapiro 
Everett Michael Shawen 
Charles Lester Shear 
Robert Gerald Shellito 
William Thomas Short 
Patricia Ann Nalani Smith 
Patricia Anne Smith 
Donna M. Shepherd 
George Leo Shepard 
Gail Susan Sherry 
Debra Slutzky 
Victoria Ann Smouse 
Kathryn B. Snyder 
Joan W. Sobkov 
Steven L. Sowell 
Patricia Ann Stafford 
Susan M. Stasiew/icz 
Nancy E. Steele 
Kathleen F. Steinitz 
Steven P. Steinkraus 
Joyce A. Stevens 
Lisa Karen Street 
James E. Strickler 
Judith E. Stutz 
Kathleen Ann Sullivan 
Ingrid Margarethe Sunzenauer 
Patricia Ann Sweeney 
Carol Jean Taylor 
Charles Arthur Taylor 
Craig Martin Terkowitz 
Melvin Glenn Thomas 
Deborah LaMar Thompson 
Edward John Toggart, Jr. 
Stacey Ann Townsend 
Janet Lee Traylor 
Barbara S. Twiner 
Richard S. Ulf 
Stephen A. Valenti 
Judith Vas 
Anita Vedder 
George E. Vinson 
Donald J. Waters 
Elizabeth White Weeks 
Caria Meryl Weinfeld 
Rony Werthamer 
Jerome Hayes Whelan 
Anita Marie Wiebking 
Angela Widdowson 
Jeannette S. Wiley 
Charlotte B. Williams 
JoAnne Teresa Williamson 
Ellen Leahy Willis 
David E. Windmiller 
Mary Ramon Wise 
Mary Phyllis Wivell 
Gloria Enkler Wolff 
Susan B. Wood 
Catherine Johnson Wright 
Susan Mae Wyne 
Kay Helen Yeager 

Charlene Belsom Zellmer 
Ann Walker Zimmerman 

Phi Kappa Phi Initiates 

Fall 1973 
Susan Ageloff 
Ellen Lucile Anderson 
Jaon Allen 

William Gerald Allman 
Rosemary Anne Alvino 
Darby Anne Ames 
Ruth Amster 
Jo Ann E. Argersinger 
David Mark Baker 
Vicki 0. Bandy 
Charles S. Barackman 
Stephen Amedeo Basile 
Millard Baublitz, Jr. 
Mark Henry Beach 
John A. Benson, Jr. 
Sara Louise Bergdolt 
Erno R. Bernheisel 
Rosalie D'Agostino BertonI 
llene Barbara Bidle 
Adam Billet 
Steven Billet 
Christopher Lee Bliss 
Timothy John Brennan 
Mary C. Bison 
Christine E. Bohner 
Kathleen Mary Boos 
Joseph R. Bozicevich, Jr. 
Carol Helene Brenner 
Barbara Ann Briggs 
Arthur Richard Brodsky 
Susan Ellen Brodsky 
Julie Lynn Brooks 
Deborah M. Brotman 
David Alan Bryan 
Jill E. Buckwalter 
Robert Walter Buettner 
Catherine L. Bunke 
Pamela Elsie Burrows 
Robert Earl Campbell 
Richard T. Carhart 
Colleen M. Carruthers 
Barbara Jean Cartin 
Maite Chaves 
Candice Christakos 
Catherine Christovich 
Jay Dennis Cohen 
Cassandra Daphne Collins 
Donald John Conway 
Jill Christine Cosner 
Mary Elizabeth Cox 
Wendy Walsh Cox 
Mitchell Rex Crawford 
Kathryn Crowe 
Joseph Thomas Crowe 
John F. Dallavalle 

Sharon David 
Allan Larry Davidson 
Elizabeth Jane Davidson 
Michael Joseph Day 
Howard L. Dickerson 
Edna Mary Didwall 
Janet Louise Dierker 
Richard A. Donnally 
Arthur Joseph Dorsey 
Judy Joanne Draisin 
Michael N. Dwyer 
Donald Allen Easton 
James Eugene Eckman 
Linda W. Edelman 
Larry Michael Einbinder 
Ellen Eisenberg 
Ian Elliot 
Zoe Ann Enderiss 
Mary Lou English 
Lynn Epstein 
Peter Jong Wei Fang 
Karen L. Faraone 
Linda Jeanne Fassberg 
William L. Feeney 
Andrea Michelle Fine 
Bruce L. Fisher 
William M. Fitzpatrick 
Linda L. Flynn 
Edna Catherine Frandsen 
Karen J. Frank 
James Randall Freed 
Frank R. Funderbuck, Jr. 
Robert Leonard Furst 
Katherine C. Gallagher 
Carol Gensler 
Anita George 
Carolyn Jan Gewirz 
Jocelyn Anne Gibson 
Susan Dale Gillespie 
JoAnn Glancy 
Sheldon Lewis Gnatt 
Mary S. Goddard 
Nancy Carole Gold 
Janet Paula Goldstein 
Abby J. Goodman 
Thomas C. Gorak 
Stella Ruth Grahn 
Barbara Grigsby 
Andrew Jeffrey Hallen 
Sherry E. Hamburg 
Emily Hannah 
Kevin W. Harris 
Susan J. Harroll 
Roy Charles Haven 
Estelle H. Haycraft 
Cathy L. Heavener 
Ronald J. Hedges 
Thomas M. Hemphill 
Berry Cox Higginbotham 
Jay R. Hoge 
Rainer Kurt Hohler 

Gerald M. Hoots 
Ronald Wayne Horseman 
Oliver James Inscoe, Jr. 
Lisa Levin Itte' 
Barbara Jane Jacobs 
Waldtraut Jedamski 
Duane Scott Jones 
D. Jill Kaffenberger 
Sharon Dale Kane 
Annette Ina Karch 
Robert M. Keith 
Gary Matthew Kelly 
Kathleen M. M. Keggins 
Regina Elizabeth Kesler 
Judith Ann King 
Kathleen M. Kiselewich 
Paula S. Klevan 
William W. Kingston 
Patrick James Knight 
Phyllis Joyce Klopatch 
Wanda Elizabeth Kotvan 
Marcia B. Kracknow 
Jan Lloyd Kramer 
Lawrence Robert Krevor 
Aldona Maria Kudirka 
Olenka Maria Kurylas 
Joseph F. Lavin 
Marilee Lazaris 
Keith E. LeCates 
Gertrude Leibtag 
Theodore S. Levy 
Lynn Merle Levyn 
Benjamin Mark Lieberman 
Karyn Renee Lief 
Mark David Lisberger 
Joseph P. Lynch 
Margarette Anna McCann 
Patrick John McDonough 
Bruce Allison McMillan 
John D. Maehl 
Andrea Hope Mark 
Howard Michael Markman 
Luella Williams Mast 
Joseph Medeiros 
Jonathan Lee Merzel 
Herman Meyer 
Peter P. Michael 
Deborah Michaelson 
David Jameson Miller 
Helen Marie Miller 
Helen Rose Miller 
Richard Alan Miller 
Harvey S. Mishner 
Nancy Lynn Molloy 
Richard R. Moreno 
Glenda B. Morris 
Alois Bernard Muench, Jr. 
Sara Munson 
Jeremy S. Musher 
Ralph Mathew Naddeo 



Glenn Alan Nadell 
Joseph John Nagi, Jr. 
Sharon D. Nelson 
Ruth E. Nimmo 
Ellen M. O'Brien 
Mary Kathleen O'Donnell 
Douglas Richard Ousborne 
Donna Marie Owen 
Richard Paul Panko 
Margaret Cook Parker 
Richard S. Parker 
Patricia Marshall C. Parks 
Kathryn Eileen Patchen 
James Howard Patrician 
Betty Perloff 
Frances Marie Pichett 
Genevieve Denise Pluhowski 
Elaine K. Prensky 
Nancy W. Prothro 
William A. Pumphrey, III 
Susan D. Ouarles 
Hollis Raphael 
Terri Lee Redler 
Elaine M. Remsburg 
Timothy J. Renk 
John Duane Reynolds 
Donald T. Rice 
Lorraine Marie Rohr 
Jeffrey P. Rosen 
Emily Anne Rosenthal 
Carol Jean Rossi 
Robyn Sue Rubenstein 
Irene Regina Salazar 
George Patrick Sand 
Lynne C. Saperstein 
Deborah A. Sass 
Robert M. Schaper, Jr. 
Ida R. Scherr 
Marcia J. Scheider 
Richard Seiden 
Paula Seigrade 
Harold Semanoff 
Louise Bryna Senzel 
Jeffrey B. Shaffer 
Ian Shef 

Diane Katsumi Shimoda 
Judith A. Shoemaker 
Barnett Shpritz 
Judith E. Silver 
Timothy Albert Sinclair 
Fredric Stewart Sirkis 
Kim Leigh Skidmore 
Faye B. Slye 
Susan Lee Snyder 
Sharon L. Sobieski 
Larry Nathan Stein 
Susan D. Steinberg 
Lawrence F. Steinberg 
Barbara E. Steinhorn 
Rebecca Ann Stevenson 
Jill Ann Stone 
Barbara Gail Strang 

Barbara Sue Stump 
Rochelle K. Stutman 
Arlene Karen, Suchman 
Mae Tak-May Sung 
Patricia Marie Tana 
Catherine Jane Tanney 
Bernard Lee Taylor 
Deborah Ann Taylor 
Donald Paul Thraikill 
Suzann W. Thrift 
Joseph Paul Tillman 
Vivian Troutman 
E. Ramona Trovato 
William Walter Tullner 
Linda Joyce Tur 
Marilyn M. Turner 
Loressa Uzych 
Joyce Aline Vahle 
James H. Van Etten 
Helga Volz 
Robert E. Walling 
Claire M. Waicker 
Robert K. Waldstein 
Martha L. Walker 
Maryland M. Watson 
Vivi-Anne Watson 
Susan Johnna Weber 
Paul Sherman Wehner 
Leslie Faye Weinberg 
Dale Michele Weinstein 
Heidi Weintraub 
Richard E. Weisblatt 
Anita Diane Weissman 
Maxine Ellen Weissman 
Rita Pando Weitz 
William Alexander West 
Debra Joy Wexler 
Michael F. Wheeler 
Robert P. White, Jr. 
Ann L. Wigle 
Josephine L. Woods 
Susan Woods 
Judith L. Zilber 



Alpha Zeta 

(Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

Martha C. Anderson 
Donna K. Annis 
Rachel L. Bangert 
Colleen M. Carruthers 
Marilyn B. Devine 
Steven K. Dixon 
C. Donald Farmer 
Mark A, Goodwin 
George J. Hochmuth 
Janisse A. Jackman 
Vivian O. Levine 
Michael W. Lloyd 
Curt L. Lunchick 
Christine A. Meleski 
Elbert Merrill, Jr. 
Elizabeth L. Moore 
Robert L. Mueller 
Frances M. Reid 
Helen F. Rogers 
Richard J. Sinsky 
Joanne M. Smith 
Mark Townsend 
Dorothy J. Wallace 
Neal M. Widdowson 

Beta Alpha Psi 

(National scholastic and professional 
honorary fraternity in accounting- 
members elected on the basis of excel- 
lence in scholarship and professional 
service from junior and senior students 
majoring in Accounting in the College 
of Business and Management.) 

December 1973 graduates 
Corin J. Eisenstein 
Caroline J. Ketler 
Charlotte L. Kohler 
James G. Kohler 
Grace E. Krumrine 
John M. Mathieson, Jr. 
Gary N. Michaelson 
Cynthia D. Nachamkin 
Arthur E. O'Brien 
Steven E. Rock 
James D. Russo 
Holly J. Stagmer 
Loman L. Whitworth 

May 7974 graduates 
Ralph E. Allen 
Paul N. Andreoli 
Richard L. Bailey 
Gerald A. Beatley 
Robert W. Bohn 
Christine P. Boland 
Espey T. Browning, Jr. 
Richard M. Burich 
Daniel M. Conant 
John F. Dallavalle 
Deborah A. Dickerson 
Kathleen I. Farnan 

Linda J. Fassberg 
Robert S. Franco 
Gary J. Friedman 
Marc A. Friedman 
Robert J. Funderburk 
Patrick E. Gioffre 
Ronald B. Glassman 
Larry I. Greenberg 
Kenneth L. Hankin 
David E. Hecht 
Lowell G. Herman 
Allen B. Holzman 
Phillip R. Jacoby, Jr. 
Michael T. Kenny 
Ralph W. Kush 
Theodore S. Levy 
Kathleen M. Lytikainen 
Gerald W. Martz 
Edward J. Mizerk 
Ruth L. Perlman 
Michael A. Perry 
Peter M. Petrillo, Jr. 
Bruce H. Reid 
Gwendolyn S. Ridgely 
Margaret A. Scott 
Phyllis D.Willey 

Beta Gamma Sigma 

{National scholastic honorary in bus- 
iness administration— members elected 
from seniors with an overall scholastic 
ranking in the top ten percent of their 
class in the College of Business and 

December 1 973 graduates 
Corin L. Eisenstein 
Raymond A. Imp 
Grace E. Krumrine 
Alois B. Muench, Jr. 
Thomas A. Phelps 
Stephen B. Plitman 
William A. Roeder 
Michael R. Sullivan 

May 1974 graduates 
Ralph E. Allen 
Paul N. Andreoli 
Richard L. Bailey 
Robert L. Bruchey 
Ellen A. Callahan 
Richard T. Carhart 
Amelia A. Chesney 
Christine M. Clare 
Darwin K. Clisham 
Nicholas C. Crecca 
John F. Dallavalle 
Michael P. De George 
Linda J. Fassberg 
Laura L. Garro 
Geoffrey B. Gilbert 
Patrick E. Gioffre 
Frank J. Goldenberg 
Thomas C. Gorak 
Lany L. Greenberg 

Charles D. Groves 
Cathy L. Heavener 
Lowell G. Herman 
Bruce E. Kauffman 
William W. Kingston 
Norman B. Lapidus 
John P. Lerche, Jr. 
Theodore S. Levy 
Barry C. McFarland 
Mark J. Mackey 
Gerald W. Martz 
Ralph J. Mathis 
Bruce S. Mendelsohn 
Edward J. Mizerek 
Ruth L. Perlman 
Bruce H. Reid 
Gwendelyn S. Ridgley 
Richard A. Roe 
Harold Semanoff 
Mark E. Silver 
Guy D. Thomas 
Deborah L. Thompson 
Daniel C. Vandermause 
Marcia A. Weber 
Carl B. Wilkerson 
Albert W. Wood field 
Robert Zimmerman 

Chi Epsilon 

(Civil Engineering Honorary Society) 

Jacob Azhdam 
Bert Black 
Thomas E. Gingrich 
Russell 0. Jansen 
Carl W. Mertz 
George L. Mino 
Roger G. Petzold 
Andrew W. Thornton 
Craig W. Wingo 
James M. Wooley 
Victor C. Zwinklis 

Delta Phi Alpha 

Elizabeth Karpovich 
Ingeborg Mann 
Peter Steese 
Ingrid Sunzenauer 
Terence Kiernan 

Delta Sigma Phi 

(National professional fraternity in 
business and commerce Scholarship 
Key awarded to the senior male with 
the highest overall scholastic average in 
the College of Business and Manage- 

Daniel C. Vandermause 

Dobro Slovo 

(National Slavic Honor Society) 

Charles F. Blackman 
Charles Graffam 
Maureen Dooher 
Robert Schlachter 
Mary E. Schwartz 
Stephen Steinkraus 

Eta Kappa Nu 

(Electrical Engineering Honor Society) 

David W. Affens 
Cort T. Allen 
David Ciccolella 
John M. Colclough 
Edward R. Cushen, Jr. 
Arthur J. Dorsey 
Michael H. Ficco 
Mark E. Flickinger 
Stanley N. Hack 
Raymond L. Hale 
Anil K. Kochhar 
Robert B. LeBlanc 
Harry G. Miller, III 
Robert E. Norris 
Douglas R. Ousborne 
Thomas R. Pfarr 
Richard A. Quinnell 
Jafar Saniie 
Charles L. Saxe 
Ian B. Shef 
Stanley J. Stuart 
Ronnie K. Thomas 
David C. Wigand 

Kappa Delta Pi 

(Students in Education) 

Cynthia Bailey 
Harold Baker 
Susan Beckman 
Susan Bloom 
Cecilia Brisentine 
Deborah Brotman 
Josephine Buck 
Kathryn Crowe 
Vera Disharoon 
Kathleen Doyle 
Judy Draisin 
Susan Dziedzic 
Ellen Eisenberg 
Relpecca Felder 
Ellen Feldman 
Cheryl Fisher 
Cheryl Fleming 
Carole Freeland 
Cheryl Gore 
Stella Grahn 
Thomas Grites 
Karen Hansen 
Stanley Harger 
Carol Hecht 
Paula Hoffman 



Carol Jones 
Kathleen Judge 
Ellen Katz 
Denis Kelly 
Debra Kifer 
Rebecca Kraft 
Holly Ladner 
Kaye Leishear 
Arlene Levin 
Roberta Levin 
Jo Ann Masano 
Phillip McDonald 
Stuart Melnikoff 
Maureen Mintz 
Shirley Mitchell 
Bonnie Mueller 
Gwynne Nishino 
Richard Parker 
Joan Paymer 
Dorothy Petrowski 
Mary Pillon 
Carol Rossi 
Cherry I Sage 
Dorothy Schettino 
Marsha Schindler 
Janet Shedler 
llene Shocket 
llene Slucker 
Kathryn Snyder 
Paul Stack 
Cynthia Stainback 
Darryl Summers 
ingrid Sunzenauer 
Coral Taylor 
Stephen Tullman 
Linda Tur 
Peggy Walker 
John Witty 
Neville Ying 
Iris Yospa 

Kappa Tau Alpha 



Adele Lois Abrams 
Thomas F. Bloom 
Roberto R. Brauning 
John Richard Claycomb 
Karen E. Croson 
Sandra Sue Evans 
Kenneth Lee Friedman 
Dianne M. Grande 
Charles Allen Green 
Cynthia Anne Hackett 
James K. Holwager 
Donald Barry Hurwitz 
Kim Alan Keister 
Mark N. Kernis 
John Francis Mazor 
Peter C. Mekeel 
Beverly Jean Merchant 
Toni Joan Mottola 
Chad Neighbor 

Honorary Fraternity 

Don Prohaska 
Dolores Rose 
Anne Marie Simon 
Janet Steen 
Elizabeth A. Wasowicz 
DeWayne Wickham 


Colleen Dee Berry 
Deborah F. Prager 
Andrew W. Plattner 

Omega Chi Epsilon 

(Chemical Engineering Honors Society) 

Theodore Donald Atwood 
Wayne Allen Bollinger 
Michael Norton Dwyer 
William Lawrence Poole 
Thomas Edward Schmitt 
Robert Francis Stevens 
Michael Joseph Veraa 

Omicron Delta Kappa Society, 
Sigma Circle 

May 1974 graduates 
Dwain William Alexander 
Paul Thomas Barrett 
Stephen Amadeo Basile 
Andris Bilmanis, Jr. 
Bert Black 

Michael Norton Dwyer 
George Stevenson Kemp, III 
Ernest Gregory Lardieri 
Theodore R. Laster, Jr. 
Kevin Robert Madigan 
Charles Thomas McMillen 
Ronald Hal Meliker 
Douglas Richard Ousbome 
Robert G. Petzold 
Martin A. Rabenovets 
David L. Strauss 
ill John S. Tracey 

August 1974 graduates 
Charles A. Irish, Jr. 

Omicron Nu 
Alpha Zeta Chapter 

Susan Barkman 
Catherine Boyer 
Angela Crockett 
Christine Erickson 
Marjorie Feldmark 
Marsha Freeman 
Margaret Golibart 
Judith Greenwood 
Barbara Harshman 
Irene Hoffman 
Carolyn Kuhn 
Bertha Leibershon 
James Naberhuis 
Sandra Panagini 

Jacqueline Schmitt 
Leslie Tobias 
Barbara Turchin 
Jeannette Wiley 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 

(Physical Education, Recreation, 
Health Honor Society) 

Graduate students 
Geraldine A. Allen 
Tina P. Cernugel 
Donna M. Chite 
Nancy C. Dosch 
Kenneth C. Drake 
Linda L. Farrah 
Lawrence W. Fielding 
Christian E. Gronbeck 
John Kochan, Jr. 
Edward R. Levy 
Patricia A. Long 
Godfred Ndika Ngoh 
Jane S. Peters 
Richard M. Schavone 
Janet K. Vizard 
Stephen F. Wilson 

Undergraduate students 
Pamela A. Alexander 
Barbara G. Arm 
Susan M. Arm 
George J. Boyer 
Richard R. Bradley 
Jan Bradshaw 
Barbara A. Braymer 
Darlene P. Brewington 
Marie T. Brooks 
Elizabeth A. Cheslosky 
Robert F. Cilento 
Georgia L. Cordill 
Patricia M. Coster 
Joyce A. Davis 
Frances Ruth Dickie 
Robert F. Dredger 
Elaine S. Fox 
Rachelle M, Garten 
Kristina Gilbertson 
Charles A. Griffin 
Jeanne M. Haffner 
Jon M. Hohl 
Deborah D. Hutchinson 
Nancy McKim Jones 
Christopher K. Joyce 
George C. Kallas 
Jane E. King 
Mary Joanne King 
Christine M. Klishis 
Susan E. Kosisky 
Danielle M. Krainak 
Maryann Krainak 
Linda M. Kramer 
Laura Shipp Lewis 
Mary C. MacAskill 
Tiina F. Magi 
Lynn M. Matthews 

Theodore A. Miller 
Gwynne S. Nishino 
Sharon G. O'Neill 
Ann Poffenbarger 
Gail R. Ragan 
Jackie M. Rose 
Carol F. Rowe 
and Lynn N. Rudman 
Angelo J. Sembiante 
Beverly L. Shaffer 
Patricia M. Shepard 
Patricia A. Sigrist 
Helaine L. Silbemnan 
Pamela A. Steyn 
Vicki R. Stottlemeyer 
Joan M. Thomas 
Matthew T. West, Jr. 
Jane M. Whalen 
Karen L. Wilson 
Cynthia L. Vaughn 
Londa Sue Yee 
Noni A. Zollinhofer 

Phi Beta Kappa 


Karen L. Ashlin 
Peter G. Ashman 
Edward N. Borurgil 
Robert E. Campbell 
Catherine Christovich 
Nancy D. Como 
Mary E. Cox 
Edna M. Didwall 
Bruce M. Duffy 
Mary S. Dugger 
Larry M. Einbinder 
Stephen A. Fennell 
Gregory P. Fryer 
Robert L. Furst 
Susan D. Gillespie 
Carmen L. Gonzalez 
Abby J. Goodman 
Darby A. Gore 
Cynthia A. Graffam 
Kevin W. Harris 
Jennifer J. Heitfield 
Deborah L. Jones 
Fred D. Ledley 
Irene S. Lerner 
Mary J. Lopardo 
Nancy T. Lord 
Judith A. Maslar 
Charles T. McMillen 
Nancy J. Milina 
Sarah A. Moseley 
Jeremy S. Musher 
Joanne J. Palmisano 
Rita Pando 
Jon D. Peters 
Genevieve D. PluhowskI 
Ann M. Prieto 



Margaret L. Quinn 
Harvey D. Reid 
Janet M. Robins 
Emily A. Rosenthal 
Charles E. Rosolio 
Denise S. Schiff 
Jacobo Schifter 
Lynn M. Schiller 
Victoria A. Smouse 
John E. Stevens 
Joyce A. Stevens 
Catherine J. Tanney 
Robert I. Targ 
Daniel Tarkington 
Robert K. Waldstein 
Richard E. Weisblatt 
Debra J. Waxier 
Anita M. Wiebking 


Susan D. Alpert 
George J. Alter 
David A. Blass 
Maria N. Calleja 
Carole L. Chipchin 
Stephen H. Chirumbole 
Eleanor K. Giraldi 
Robert N. Goldberg 
James W. Hathorn 
Meredith V. Olds 
Warren Scott Richardson 
Jeffrey A. Schuldefrei 
Gary C. Strobel 

Pi Sigma Alpha 

(National Political Science Honorary) 

1973-74 Initiates 

JohnW. Allin 

Stephen J. Andriole 

Gregory C. Bannon 

Kenneth P. Barnhart 

Scott Baron 

Richard Bender 

Wayne Ronald Benjamin 

Jeffrey 0. Bramlett 

Richard S. Brown 

Peter T. Burdette 

Dennis C. Carey 

Penelope C. Gate 

William Christoforo 

David Cohen 

Sanford Cook 

Curtis C. Coon 

Mary Elizabeth Cox 

Mitchell Crawford 

Erika P. Cymbala 

Richard J. de Seve 

Barbara Stockum Dexter 

Laurie C. Dietz 

J. Michael Dougherty, Jr. 

Leslie Robin Dreispan 

Gregory R. Du Four 

Isaac Albert Fisher 
Robert C. Fowler 
Richard L. Gibson 
Gary Marshall Gilbert 
Gerard R. Glaser, Jr. 
Debbie Goldstein 
Cynthia Ann Graffam 
MeldonS. Hollis 
Helen Hong-hen Hsing 
Frances Anne Hughes 
James S. Jacobs 
William James Jenks 
Michael David Kamins 
Fredie D. Kay 
Lawrence R. Krevor 
Karen Kucera 
John Lacny, Jr. 
Christy Landis 
Walter R. Loope 
Richard E. McLawhom 
William R. Miles 
Marlene Montague 
Annette B. Moritt 
Don F. Nicolai 
Gordon G. Novinsky 
James P. Oberle 
Edward John O'Connor, Jr. 
Peter Orn stein 
Katrina Person 
Bruce Perweiler 
Marta Porcel 
Daniel L. Powroznik 
Mark I. Pritchard 
Paul F. Robinson 
David C. Romm 
P. Janee Rosenberg 
Charles E. Rosolio 
John E. Rouse, Jr. 
Linda I. Rouse 
Patrick Ryan 
Dorothy M. Saunders 
Sidney Schwarz 
Donald Shane 
Karen Ann Sorkin 
Jacquelyn Stirn 
Joseph Sumilas 
Lawrence C. Sutherland 
Brian Sweeney 
Mary Lynn Tischer 
William D. Updegraff 
Eliana Vera 
Douglas 0. Waikart 
Scott A. Webb 
Irwin Weiss 
Christopher Wilk 
David E. Windmiller 
Evelyn Wrin 

Phi Sigma Phi 

(National scholastic honorary sponsored 
by the Propeller Club of the United 
States— membership elected from out- 
standing senior members of the Univer- 
sity of Maryland chapter of the Propel- 
ler Club majoring in Transportation in 
the College of Business and Manage- 

Mark B. Ashley 

Sigma Alpha Omicron 

(Microbiology Honorary) 

Wendy Albert 
Tiina Annus 
Joyce Awramik 
Mark H. Beach 
Michael F. Branagan 
Jon Calomiris 
Gary M. Cooke 
Janet Dixon 
Douglas Ellsworth 
Suzanne Fudold 
Cynthia Morgan 
Kathryn Muirhead 
Anna Palmisano 
Robert S. Pence 
Stephen J. Rosen 
Elliott Schwartz 
Susan Vargo 
Diana Zorn 

Tau Beta Pi 

Spring 1974 

Marianne E. Abercrombie 
John R. Aberg 
DwainW. Alexander 
Theodore D. Atwood 
Jacob Azhdam 
Charles M. Banz 
Stephen A. Basile 
Andris Bilmanis 
Bert Black 
Wayne A. Bollinger 
David K. Burton 
Horace E. Cascio 
Dennis Y. Chan 
David Chicollela 
John M. Colclough 
Gerald N. Day 
Arthur J. Dorsey 
Michael Dobrzykowski 
Richard F. Dudley, Jr. 
Michael N. Dwyer 
David R. Errera 
John Eudaly 
William L. Feeney 
Michael H. Ficco 

Andree N. Filipov 
Wesley S. Foley 
Michael Giltrud 
Stanley N. Hack 
Raymond L. Hale 
Guy S. C. Hammer 
Ralph Harrington 
Douglas M. Hart 
Robert L. Higginbotham 
Charles A. Irish, Jr. 
Russell 0. Janser 
John P. Jenkins 
David H. Kalb 
Dale J. Kanen 
George S. Kemp 
PaulW. Knopfle 
Paul M. Lancer 
Robert B. LeBlanc 
Frederick C. F. Lee 
Kevin R. Madigan 
Eugenio S. Malhado 
Joseph B. Maloney 
Jeffrey H. Marcus 
Howard Markman 
David C. Mascone 
George L. Mino 
Yeong H. Oh 
Douglas R. Ousborne 
Roger G. Petzold 
Steven W, Prince 
Mark S. Riggle 
Jafar Saniie 
Ian B. Shef 
Dennis S. Sherren 
Harry L. Sponseller 
Richard E. Sutermeister 
Ronnie K. Thomas 
John S. Tracey 
Michael J. Veras 
Dimitri Vvedensky 
Leslie L. Walker, Jr. 
Jerome H. Whelan 
Nadine M. White 
Ann W. Zimmerman 



Aeademif* Honors 

Milton Abramowitz Memorial Prize to a 
junior or senior student majoring in mathe- 
matics who has demonstrated superior com- 
petence and promise for future development 
in the field of mathematics and its applica- 

Awarded to 
Jonathan L. Merzel 

Agricultural Engineering Department's 
Outstanding Senior Award is presented to a 
student in Agricultural Engineering on the 
basis of scholastic performance, participation 
in the ASAE National Student Branch, and 
other extra-curricular activities. 

Awarded to 
Dale J. Kanen 

A. I. A. Certificate for Academic Achieve- 

A warded to 
Nancy H. Regan 

A. I. A. Medal for Outstanding Overall Aca- 
demic Achievement. 
Awarded to 
Thomas H. Eichbaum 

Alcoa Foundation Traffic Scholarship. An 
award of $700 to an outstanding junior stu- 
dent majoring in Transportation in the College 
of Business and Management. 
Awarded to 
Daniel C. Vandermause 

Allied Chemical Scholarship Award is 
presented to a student in Chemical 
Engineering on the basis of intellectual capa- 
bility, scientific ability, breadth of interest, 
and leadership qualities. 
Awarded to 
Eugenio S. Machado 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the senior 
member of the group who has maintained the 
highest average for the past three and one-half 
years. She must have been in attendance in 
the institution for the entire time. 
Awarded to 
Susan D. Gillespie 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate 
Award to the graduating senior members who 
have at the end of seven semesters maintained 
the Alpha Lambda Delta Average, 3.50 or 

Awarded to 
Rosemary A. Alvino 
Claire L. Ansbro 
Joanne M. Berg 
Marilyn K. Byers 
Helen E. Collins 
Jill C. Cosner 
Edna M. Didwall 
Andrea M. Fine 
Susan D. Gillespie 
Abby J. Goodman 
Stella R. Grahn 

Cathy L. Heavener 
Jedamski Waldtraut 
Sheila D. Jones 
Sherry L. Kinland 
Sandra J. Kulansky 
Alexis J. Leonard 
Susan J. Levin 
Christine A. Meleski 
Joan C. Paymer 
Nancy H. Regan 
Emily A. Rosenthal 
Lynn A. Rudman 
Barbara C. Salwin 
Louise B. Senzel 
Carol L. Shaw 
Susan L. Snyder 
Catherine J. Tanney 
Kathleen B. Tresnak 
Linda J. Tur 
Charlotte B.Williams 
Ann W. Zimmerman 

Alpha Rho Chi Medal for University Serv- 

Awarded to 
Jo A. Murray 

Alpha Zeta Medal to the student in the 
College of Agriculture with the highest 
scholastic average at the end of his freshman 

Awarded to 
Michael Strickland 

The Alumni-Hamilton Award is presented 
by the Engineering Alumni to the graduating 
senior who has most successfully combined 
proficiency in his major field of study with 
achievements in the social sciences and 
Awarded to 
Bert Black 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy, to 
the senior who has contributed most to the 
squad during the time he was on the squad. 
Awarded to 
Ernest G. Lardieri 

American Association of University 
Women, College Park, Annual Graduate Prize. 
A warded to 
Nancy N. Ragsdale 

American Institute of Aeronautics and 
Astronautics Chairman's Certificate is 
presented to the branch chairman in recogni- 
tion of service and leadership. 
Awarded to 
Richard C. Bartel 
Herbert W. Schlickenmaier 

American Institute of Aeronautics and 
Astronautics Outstanding Achievement Award 
is presented to the student who has made the 
most outstanding contribution through 
scholarship and service to the student branch. 
Awarded to 
Richard L. Lockhart 

American Institute of Aeronautics and 
Astronautics Scholarship Improvement Award 
is presented to the senior from Aerospace 
Engineering who has made the greatest 
improvement in scholarship from his junior to 
his senior year. 
Awarded to 
Allan V. Abeiow 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers 
Award by the National Capital Section to an 
outstanding sophomore Chemical Engineering 
Awarded to 
Martin I. Hoffman 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers 
Award to the junior member of the Student 
Chapter who attained the highest over-all 
scholastic average during the freshman and 
sophomore years. 
Awarded to 
Marianne Abercrombie 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers 
Professional Achievement Award by the 
National Capital Section to an outstanding 
senior Chemical Engineering student. 
Awarded to 
Michael N. Dwyer 

American Institute of Chemists Student 
Awarded to 
Michael F. Wheeler 

American Society of Agronomy Award to 
the outstanding senior graduating in Agron- 
omy who has demonstrated superior scholar- 
ship, leadership activities and personal traits. 
Awarded to 
Donald R. Viands 

American Society of Civil Engineers, Mary- 
land Section Award to a student member for 
outstanding service to the chapter and for 
demonstrated interests in extra-curricular 
Awarded to 
Jacques Courtillet 

American Society of Civil Engineers Out- 
standing Senior Award. 
Awarded to 
Roger Petzold 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
Award to the senior member who contributed 
most to the local chapter. 
Awarded to 
John P. Eudaly 

American Society for Testing and Materials 
Student Award is given in recognition of the 
demonstrated interest and meritorious work 
in the courses related to the activities of the 
American Society for Testing and Materials. 
Awarded to 
Enrique Astiz 
Rogan Steams 

The Appieman-Norton Scholarship Award 
to a senior major in recognition of excellence 
in Botany. 
A warded to 
Melodye Ann Garner 

Baltimore Sun Scholarship to outstanding 
Journalism students; donated by Baltimore 
Sun Newspaper. 
Awarded to 
Stephen J. Katsanos 
Carol Ostrinsky 
Andrew W. Plattner (honorary) 

David Arthur Berman Memorial Award is 
presented to the two students majoring in 
Chemical Engineering with the highest cumu- 
lative scholastic average at the end of the first 
semester of their junior year who have been 
elected to Tau Beta Pi. 
Awarded to 
Marianne Abercrombie 
Dennis J. Sherren 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal to the 
sophomore who has attained the highest 
scholastic average of his class in the College of 
Awarded to 
David Mascone 

The Donald T. Bonney Honors Award is 
presented to a student in Chemical Engineer- 
ing for the most outstanding contribution to 
the profession as a member of Omega Chi 
Epsilon, the Chemical Engineering Honors 
Awarded to 
Harry L. Sponseller 

Book Award for Scholarly Achievement in 
the Urban Studies Program in the School of 
A warded to 
Felicia Weiner 

Certificate in Afro-American Studies. 
Awarded to 
Novella Jones 
Steven Sack 
DeWayne Wickham 
Angela Faye Page 
Sandra Dawson 
Joyce I. Jones 
Anthony R. Dean 
Harry K. McAfee 



The College of Engineering Alumni 
Chapter Award presented annually to the 
senior who has demonstrated outstanding 
scholarship and contribution to the College 
and University through activities and leader- 

Awarded to 
Stephen Basile 

George Corcoran Award ($75.00 and a 
plaque) presented for teaching and education 
leadership at the College Park Campus, effec- 
tive contributions at the national level, crea- 
tive and other scholarly activities, directed to 
Electrical Engineering education. 
A warded to 
F. P. Emad 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award to 
the outstanding graduate students in the 
Department of Botany during the last year. 
Awarded to 
Alan A. Atchley 
James L. Sherald 

CRC Engineering Science Achievement 
Award is presented to a junior in the College 
of Engineering for outstanding scholarship, 
leadership, and service. 
Awarded to 
Marianne E. Abercrombie 

Dairy Technology Society of Maryland and 
D.C. Scholarship Award to students in the 
Food Science Program who have demon- 
strated outstanding competence and promise 
for future development in the dairy and food 
processing industry. 
Awarded to 
Vivian Oresky Levlne 

Awarded by the Dance Department for 
outstanding service to the department. 
Awarded to 
Kathleen Popper 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food Association 
Scholarship to a student who has shown a 
versatile background and an active interest in 
agronomy and soil fertility work deserving of 
Awarded to 
Martin C. Rabenhorst 

Delmarva Traffic Club Scholarship. An 
award of $250 to an outstanding junior or 
senior, preferably from the Eastern Shore of 
Maryland, majoring in Transportation in the 
College of Business and Management. 

A warded to 
Stephen B. Plitman 

Delta Nu Alpha, Chesapeake Chapter 
Scholarship. An award of $450 to an out- 
standing member of the University of Mary- 
land chapter majoring in Transportation in the 
College of Business and Management. 
Awarded to 
Brenda H. Sanderson 

Delta Sigma Pi (national professional fra- 
ternity in business and commerce) Scholarship 

Key. Awarded to the senior male with the 
highest overall scholastic average in the Col- 
lege of Business and Management. 
Awarded to 
Daniel C. Vandermause 

Distinguished Accounting Student Awards. 
Awarded by the University of Maryland chap- 
ter of Beta Alpha Psi and the accounting 
faculty to the ten senior accounting students 
with the highest scholastic average in 
Accounting in the College of Business and 
Awarded to 
Lowell G. Herman 
Walter W. Mathieson 
Kathleen M. Lythikainen 
John F. Dallavalle 
Paul N. Andreoli 
Ralph E. Allen 
Marsha A. Weber 
Theodore S. Levy 
Patrick E. Gioffre 

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Asso- 
ciation Award is presented to an under- 
graduate in Electrical Engineering in recogni- 
tion of outstanding service and leadership. 
Awarded to 
William D. Morice 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior Award is 
presented to a senior in Electrical Engineering 
for his outstanding scholastic achievement and 
service to the society and department. 
Awarded to 
Douglas R. Ousborne 

Halbert K. Evans Award to the most out- 
standing senior trackman. 
Awarded to 
Andris Bilmanis, Jr. 

Forbes Chocolate Leadership Award to a 
student in the Food Service Program to 
encourage scholarship and future potential in 
the dairy and food processing industry. 
A warded to 
Gail T. Pitts 

Lester M. Fraley Honor Award to a junior 
or senior student of outstanding character 
majoring in the College of Physical Education, 
Recreation, and Health who has demonstrated 
concern for citizenship and has shown supe- 
rior scholarship in the University. 
Awarded to 
Lynn N. Rudman 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of the Maryland 
State Golf Association to three students in 
Agronomy displaying academic proficiency, 
participation in extracurricular activities, and 
who have an active interest in golf turf work. 
Awarded to 
Dennis Allio 
Russell J. Bateman 
Gary A. Phillips 

GEICO and Affiliates Achievement 
Awarded to 

Business Administration- 
Alexander L. Russell 
Computer Science— Jack A. Verson 
Mathematics— Jonathan L. Merzel 
Psychology-Karen 0. Mclntyre 

The James Douglass Goddard Memorial 
Medal to a male and female student who are 
native residents of Prince George's County 
and have demonstrated outstanding scholastic 
achievements and scholarly attributes. 
A warded to 
Denise Ward Pierrot 
William Thomas Phelan 

Gulf Oil Corporation Graduate Fellowship. 
Awarded to 
Orland Jefferson Jones 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the 
two members of the senior class who have 
done the most for the advancement of 
dramatics at the University. 
Awarded to 
Micky Nucker 
Daniel Spitzer 

William Randolph Hearst Foundation 


Awarded to 

General News- 
Joan Jacobson 
DeWayne Wickham 

Eugene McGuire 
Ronald DiCicco 

Peter Mekeel 
DeWayne Wickham 

General News- 
Clinton Confehr 
Deborah Prager 

Investigative Reporting— 
Joan Jacobson 
Victoria Churchville 

Spot News- 
John Mazor 
Andrew Plattner 

William Randolph Hearst Foundation 
Scholarship to an outstanding Journalism stu- 

Awarded to 
Marcia Kass 
Eugene McGuire 
Charles Stott 

Robert M. Higginbotham Award in 
memory of Robert M. Higginbotham, a com- 
passionate and dedicated young man, an 
honors student of mathematics, who lost his 
life in Vietnam, to an outstanding junior stu- 
dent majoring in mathematics. 
A warded to 
Steven Spriggs 

The Homeland Garden Club of Baltimore 
award to the student with the highest scholas- 
tic average in Floriculture and Ornamental 
Awarded to 
Randall A. Walker 

College of Human Ecology Alumni Chapter 
Award presented to an outstanding senior in 
recognition of exceptional scholarship, leader- 
ship and service in the College of Human 
A warded to 
Cynthia Bailey 

Cktilege of Human Ecology Alumni Chapter 
Certificate of Achievement presented as 
honorable mention to an outstanding senior 
from each department in the College of 
Human Ecology. 
Awarded to 

Department of Family and 
Community Development 

Arlene Fisher 
Department of Housing and 
Applied Design 

Sue Ellen Zippel 
Department of Textiles and 
Consumer Economics 

Susan J. Levin 
Department of Food, Nutrition and 
Institution Administration 

Mary Moss 

International Business Machines Fellowship 
for Minority Students 
Awarded to 

Kenneth Charles Dempsey 
Gordon Francis VaughnCooke 

Joe Elbert James Memorial Award to the 
graduating senior in horticulture on the basis 
of scholarship and promise of future achieve- 

A warded to 
William T. Phelan 

Mary Anne and Frank A. Kennedy Scholar- 
ships to outstanding journalism students from 
the estate of Mary Anne and Frank A. 
Awarded to 
Inez E. Connor 
Deborah F. Prager 

Leidy Chemicals Foundation Scholar. 
Edward N. Bodurgil 

Charles Manning Prize in Creative Arts. 
Awarded to 
Thomas N. Eichbaum 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi 
Association Award to the junior in the College 
of Engineering who during his sophomore 
year has made the greatest improvement in 
scholarship over that of his freshman year. 
Awarded to 
Dennis J. Sherren 



Maryland-DelawareD.C. Press Assocation 
Annual Citation to the outstanding senior in 
Awarded to 
DeWayne Wickhann 

Maryland Recreation and Parks Society 
Award to the outstanding senior major in 
Awarded to 
Anne Marie Brown 

Maryland Turfgrass Association Scholar- 
ship to a student demonstrating academic 
proficiency in Agronomy, participation in 
extracurricular activities, and an active inter- 
est in commercial turf work. 
Awarded to 
Jay S. Angle 

Montgomery County Press Association 
Scholarship to an outstanding Journalism 
senior residing in Montgomery County. 

Awarded to 
Danny Parkins 

Noxell Foundation Scholars. 
Herbert Fried 
Robert V. Rebois 
Michael F. Wheeler 

L. W. Parker Memorial Award for Out- 
standing Achievement in Architectural Crafts- 
Awarded to 
Alan L. Hansen 

Phi Sigma Phi— national scholastic honor- 
ary sponsored by the Propeller Club of the 
United States— membership elected from out- 
standing senior members of the University of 
Maryland chapter of the Propeller Club major- 
ing in Transportation in the College of Busi- 
ness and Management. 
Awarded to 
Mark B. Ashley 

Physics Department Outstanding New 
Graduate Students, 1972-73. 
Awarded to 
Thomas Karr 
Seung T. Kim 
Paul Ottinger 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to the most outstand- 
ing sophomore in mechanical engineering on 
the basis of scholastic average and instructors' 
Awarded to 
Keith W. Lindler 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award to the 
senior in mechanical engineering who has 
made the most outstanding contribution to 
the University. 

Awarded to 
Andris Bllmanis 

Pilot Freight Carriers, Inc. Scholarship. An 
award of $500 to an outstanding student 
majoring in Transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
A warded to 
Steven P. Israel 

Public Relations Society of America, Balti- 
more Chapter, Annual Citation to the out- 
standing senior active in public relations. 
Awarded to 
Jay A. Kernis 

Jack 8. Sachs Foundation Award. An 
award of $500 in honor of the Women's 
Advertising Club of Washington, D.C., to an 
outstanding Marketing student in the College 
of Business and Management planning a career 
in advertising. 
A warded to 
Diana S. Greenwald 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the 
outstanding senior in microbiology. 

Awarded to 
Stephen J. Rosen 

Sigma Delta Chi Citation for Achievement 
at the University of Maryland. 

A warded to 
DeWayne Wickham 

Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honorary Frater- 
nityl Award for Service and Excellence in 
Awarded to 
William Brown 

The Leo J. and Rita Sklar Awards in 
General Honors are conferred on four General 
Honors students each year, for excellence in 
scholarship and for outstanding service to the 
University and the General Honors Program. 
Outstanding General Honors 

Sophomore ($150) 
Awarded to 
Mark Kivitz 
John Jefferson Looney 

Outstanding General Honors Junior 

Awarded to 
Mary Frost 
Outstanding General Honors Senior 

Awarded to 
Kathleen Boos 

Society of Fire Protection Engineers Out- 
standing Senior Award to the most outstand- 
ing senior in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 
Awarded to 
Howard M. Markman 

Society of Fire Protection Engineers Out- 
standing Sophomore Award to the most out- 
standing sophomore in the Fire Protection 

Awarded to 
Kenneth E. Bush 

Department of Spanish and Portuguese 
Award for excellence in Teaching (Graduate 
Awarded to 
James F. Turk 
Misael Mastrapa 
Alice Perry 

Excellence in Spanish. 
A warded to 
Gwynneth DeHaven 
Irene Salazar 
Linda Tur 

Reuben G. Steinmeyer Award presented by 
the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha to 
the outstanding seniors in the Departrrwnt of 
Government and Politics. 
Awarded to 
Emily A. Rosenthal 
Charles E. Rosolio 

The University of Maryland College of 
Agriculture Alumni Chapter Senior Award 
presented annually to the student who has 
demonstrated outstanding collegiate accom- 
plishments which typified the model student 
and contributed significantly toward the 
advancement of the University's College of 
Awarded to 
Christine A. Meleski 



scholastic* and 
Special Awards 


The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy for 
the unsung hero of the current season. 
Awarded to 
Ken W. Scott 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy 
for the senior who has contributed most to 
the squad during the time he was on the 

A warded to 
C. Thomas McMillen 

James H. Kehoe Award, to the trackman 
whose dedication to excellence most closely 
exemplifies that of Jim Kehoe, one of Mary- 
land's greatest trackmen. 
A warded to 
Donald J. Fisher 

Jack Faber-AI Heagy Unsung Hero Award 
to the lacrosse player who best exemplified 
determination, will to win, and pride in 
Awarded to 
Stephen H. Adamo 
Dominick A. Mattessich 

Tom Fields Award, to the most important 
member of the Cross Country team based on 
the qualities of leadership, dedication to 
excellence, attitude, and personal achieue- 

Awarded to 
Daniel M. Rincon 

Edwin E. Powell Lacrosse Trophy, to the 
player who has rendered the greatest service 
to lacrosse during the year. 
Awarded to 
Patrick F. O'Maelly 

Joe Deckman-Dam Silber Lacrosse 
Trophy to the most improved defense man. 
Awarded to 
Arthur F. Seekamp 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the 
Maryland student who has contributed most 
to wrestling at the University. 
Awarded to 
Steven D. Nickolaus 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., Swimming 
Trophy to the senior letterman who has 
contributed most to swimming. 
Awarded to 
Charles Berke 

John T. Bell Swimming 
senior who has contributed 

Awarded to 
Robert Hassett 

Award to the 
most to swim- 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding 
senior baseball player. 
Awarded to 
Robert Madden 

Bob Beall— Tommy Marcos Trophy to the 
best football lineman of the year. 
A warded to 
Louis E. Carter 

The Andrew M. Cohen Tennis Trophy to 
the member of the tennis team who, judged 
by his teammates, contributed the most to 

Awarded to 
Robert Garmany 

The George C. Cook Memorial Scholarship 
Trophy to a member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic average. 
Awarded to 
James J. IVIartell 

William p. Cole, III Memorial Lacrosse 
Award, to the outstanding University of 
Maryland midfielder. 
Awarded to 
Frank Urso 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to 
the most outstanding wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to 
Tyrone R. Neal 

The Robert E. Theofeld Memorial Trophy 
to the golfer who most nearly exemplifies the 
competitive spirit and strong character of 
Robert E. Theofeld, former member of the 
boxing team. 
Awarded to 
George Marucci 

The Teke Trophy to the student who 
during his four years at the University has 
rendered the greatest service to football. 
A warded to 
Paul E. Vellano 

Dr. Reginald Van Trump Truitt Lacrosse 
Award, to the graduating senior for scholastic 
attainments and team performance. 
A warded to 
David H. Hallock 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the graduating 
male senior athlete, who during his three 
years of varsity competition, lettered at least 
once and attained the highest overall scholas- 
tic average. 
Awarded to 
Stephen D. Fromang 

University of Maryland Alumni Swimming 
Association Scholar Athlete Award to the 
swimmer who has compiled the best combina- 
tion of academic and aquatic record. 
A warded to 
Charles Berke 

GOLD AWARDS-1973-74 

Leonard J. Elmore 
C. Thomas McMillen 
Richard J. Porac 
Japeth C. Trimble 


Tim D. Andreadis 

Elliott Schwartz 

Daniel A. Bungori 
John Fiedor 
Monte D. Hinkle 
George C. Jernigan 
Warren C. Miller 
William Murphy 
Albert A. Neville 
Barton J. Purvis 
Charles W. Riggleman 
Ken W. Scott 
Paul E. Vellano 
Kevin A. Ward 

Tom Armenti 
Frantz Brea 
Peter Hamilton 
Kenneth M. Norton, Mgr. 
Bohdan Puzyk 
Michael Sidlak 
Peter Steese 
George Taratsides 

Paul Barrett 
Charles Berke 
Stephen Mattutat 
Robert Petrovich 

Rick Aurand 
George C. Jernigan 
Terry Myers 
Steve Nickolaus 
Robert Stover 
David Strauss 


Owen A. Brown 
Leonard J. Elmore 
William D. Hahn 
Maurice M. Howard 
John H. Lucas 
C. Thomas McMillen 
Richard J. Porac 
Thomas J. Roy 
Japeth C. Trimble 

John E. Coffey 
Kevin T. Conheeney 
Richard S. Cornwell 
Mitchell E. Dakelman, S.A. 
Thomas M. Fields, Jr., S.A. 
James J. Kenney 
Kevin G. McGarry 
Allen C. Naylor, Jr. 
Daniel M. Rincon, Captain 
Jeffrey M. Smith 

Tim D. Andreadis 
William M. Bernhards 
Richard J. Chapin 
Mark A. Cullen 
David M. Griffin 
Howard B. Labow 
Donald H. Malnati 
James F. Phillips 
Kenneth C. Poyd 
James A. Sager 
Elliott Schwartz 
Russell C. Smith 
Peter S. Wantuch 

John M. Alkire 
Robert H. Avellini 
Kevin F. Benson 
Alan Bloomingdale 
Joseph A. Brancato 
James A. Brechbiel 
Daniel A. Bungori 
Joseph P. Campbell 
Louis E. Carter 
Michael M. Cielensky 
Guy S. DeiU 
Richard J. DiCaprio 
Paul J. Divito 
John Fiedor 
Ralph E. Fisher 
Edward V. Fulton 
Monte D. Hinkle 
Kim R. Hoover 
LeRoy Hughes 
Richard T.Jennings, II 
George C. Jernigan 
Benjamin Kinard 
Marion Koprowski 



Robert E. Lange 
Istva'n Mike- Mayer 
Warren C. Miller 
Douglas E. Lort, Mgr. 
William Murphy 
John J. Nash 
Albert A. Neville 
Barton J. Purvis 
Robert W. Raba 
Charles W. Riggleman 
Stanley C. Rogers 
Frank J. Romano 
Kenneth D. Roy 
Frank Russell 
James J. Santa 
Thomas D. Schick 
Kenneth M. Schroy 
John Schultz 
Ken W. Scott 
Roderick W. Sharpless 
George D. Shihda 
Robert F. Smith 
Patrick J. Ulam 
Paul E. Vellano 
John Vesce 
David G. Visaggio 
Robert E. Wagaman, Mgr. 
Philip Waganheim 
Harry L. Walters 
Kevin A. Ward 
Donald R. Weiss 
Randy L. White 
Walter White 
Peter A. Zachary 
Steven L. Zannoni 


George Amy 

Tom Armenti 

Farzin Azarpour 

Ercument Berilgen 

Ebenezer Botchway 

Frantz Brea 

David Chesler 

Gary Ciany 

Patrick Cunningham 

Tom Edmonds 

Anthony Griffith 


Kenneth M. North, Jr., Mgr. 

Omer Pence 

Asim Sengun 

Michael Sidlak 

Gonzalo Soto 

Peter Steese 

George Taratsides 

Federico Winckelmann 

Paul Barrett 
Charles Berke 
Sidney Burkot 
Bucky Clemson 
Thomas Cullinane 
Garry DuschI 

Matthew Glenn 
Michael Goodner 
Barry Hartwyk 
Robert Hassett 
Thomas Killion 
Robert Lynes 
Stephen Mattatut 
James O'Connor 
Peter Pedersen 
Mark Rodgers 
Teresa Sch rider 
Stephen Schmidt 
Gregory Sullivan 
Charles Wight 
Robert Petrovich 
John Simone 
Jay Benavent 

Rick Aurand 
Gregory Filipos 
Jack Hoffman 
George C. Jernigan 
Terry Myers 
Tyrone Neal 
Steve Nickolaus 
Timothy Rowan 
Bill Schoy 
David Strauss 


Scott Christopher 
Robert Cilento 
Gary Cohen 
Douglas Daniel 
Michael DeSimone 
Adrian Druzgala 
Robert Ferris 
Rick Greenspan 
Kevin Hicks 
Samuel Housely 
Christopher Hudson 
Tyrus Hunt 
Frank Kemp 
Frank Kolarek 
Robert Madden 
James March 
Robert Niffenegger 
John Norris 
Richard Parks 
Kenneth Shaw 
Timothy Williams, Mgr. 


Adrian Druzgala 
Tyrus Hunt 
Robert Madden 
Richard Parks 
Kenneth Shaw 


Citizenship Prize for Women. An award 
presented annually as a memorial to Sally 
Sterling Byrd by her children, to that female 
member of the Senior Class who best exempli- 
fies the enduring qualitities of the model 
woman. These qualities should typify self- 
dependence, courtesy, aggressiveness, 
modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, 
willingness to sacrifice for others, strength of 
character, and those other qualities that 
enable the women of our society to play such 
a fundamental part in the building of the 
A warded to 
Joanne J. Palmisano 

Citizenship Prize for Men. An award pre- 
sented annually by the late President Emeritus 
H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the class of 1 908, to 
the member of the senior class who during his 

collegiate career has most nearly typified the 

model citizen, and has done most for the 

general advancement of the interests of the 


Awarded to 

Leonard J. Elmore 

Theodore R. Laster 

The University of Maryland Alumni Associ- 
ation Outstanding Student Leader Award 
presented annually to an outstanding senior 
man and woman student who have demon- 
strated excellence in leadership, citizenship 
and scholarship. 
A warded to 

Charlene Belsom Zellmer 
Charles Thomas McMillen 

The University of Maryland College of 
Education Alumni Chapter Award presented 
annually to the senior male and female stu- 
dents who have demonstrated outstanding 
service toward furthering the highest ideals of 
A warded to 
Vincent Joseph Parada 
Barbara Salwin 




Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

'College of Agriculture 

Dining Hall, Denton Complex 

Roonn 1212, H. J. Patterson Hall 
Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Library, Chemistry Building 

Room 1212, H. J. Patterson Hall 
General Biological Sciences 

Room 1212, H. J. Patterson Hall 

Room 0113, H.J. Patterson Hall 


Room 0200 (Central Auditorium), 
Skinner Building 


Room 1200, Zoology-Psychology 

Division of Arts and Humanities 

School of Architecture 

Room 0240 (Main Auditorium), 

Architecture Building 
College of Journalism 

Room 1 116, Journalism Building 
American Studies 

Room 11 11, Woods Hall 


Art Gallery, Tawes Fine Arts Build- 


Registrations Office, North Adminis- 
tration Building 


Room 1115, Temporary Classroom 
Building EE 


Tortuga Room, Student Union 

French and Italian 

Room 3120, Foreign Language 

Germanic and Slavic 

Room 3215, Foreign Language 


Room 2119, Francis Scott Key Hall 


Recital Hall, Tawes Fine Arts Build- 


Room 1 105, Skinner Building 

Spanish and Portuguese 

Room 2215, Foreign Language 

Speech and Dramatic Art 

Theater, Tawes Fine Arts Building 

Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

College of Business and Management 

Room 1101, Tydings Hall 
Afro-American Studies 

Room 0123, Woods Hall 

Good weather— Lawn of Woods Hall 

Inclement weather-Room 0106, 

Francis Scott Key Hall 

Room 1 250, Zoology-Psychology 


Room 1111, Tydings Hall 

Room 2100, Tydings Hall 
Government and Politics 

Room 1108, Tydings Hall 
Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Rooms 01 18-22-24. Student Union 
Information Systems Management 

Room 2100, Tydings Hall 

Room 1250, Zoology-Psychology 


Room 2111, Student Union 
Urban Studies 

Room 2208, Woods Hall 

Division of Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences and Engineering 

College of Engineering 

Black and Gold Room, New Dining 


Room 1410 (Lecture Hall), Physics 

Computer Science 

Room 3316, Computer Science 


Rotunda, Mathematics Building 
Physical Sciences 

Room 1410 (Lecture Hall), Physics 


Room 1410 (Lecture Hall), Physics 


Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

College of Library and Information 

Room 0108 (Student Lounge), 
Undergraduate Library 
* College of Education 

Administration, Supervision and 

Room 1315, College of Education 

Counseling and Personnel Services 

Room 1210, College of Education 

Early Childhood-Elementary Educa- 

Room 1230, College of Education 

Industrial Education 

Room 1121, College of Education 

Measurement and Statistics 

Room 1203, College of Education 

Social Foundations 

Room 1203, College of Education 

Secondary Education 

Room 1220, College of Education 

Special Education 

Room 1240, College of Education 

*Colleqe of Human Ecology 

Maryland Room, Marie Mount 

*College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Room 0108 (Small Gym), Cole 

Activities Building 
Office of Undergraduate Studies 
(General Studies) 

Room 1115, Undergraduate Library 

'Students who have completed Teacher 
preparation programs may also obtain 
a statement of Certificate Eligibility 
with their diplomas. 


A Walking Tour Through ihe ITniversily 
of Maryland's College Park Campus 

There are many interesting educational 
and research facilities on the College 
Park Campus. We have selected some of 
these that you may wish to visit along 
a walking tour. These facilities are open 
on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 
p.m. You are welcome to tour them at 
your leisure. Other points of interest 
on Campus may be toured by appoint- 
ment through the phone extension 
listed after each facility. For general 
information call the Student Union 
Information Center (454-2801). 


Regents Drive 

Open to visitors weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 
4:30 p.m. A schedule of multidenomi- 
national services can be obtained in the 
North Administration BIdg. 

BUILDING-(BLDG. 83) Regents Drive 
This facility houses the Admissions 
Office of the University; Office of the 
Registrar for grade transcripts and com- 
mencement information; and offices 
for student financial aid, housing, and 
Campus employment. 

LIBRARY-(BLDG. 120) Corner of 
Regents and Campus Drives 
Completed in 1972, the library is one 
of the finest in the nation. In addition 
to serving undergraduate students, it 

also houses at the graduate level the 
College of Library and Information 
Services. Stop at the information desk 
if you would like a guide to point out 
the highlights of the library. 

Campus Drive 

A new addition to the Student Union 
was completed in 1972. You can obtain 
a building directory and schedules of 
events and activities at the information 
desk in the front lobby. Guided tours 
are available to the bowling alleys, 
billiard room, ballroom, cafeterias, 
motion picture theatre, and exhibits. 

Campus Drive 

With a permanent seating capacity of 
12,500, the Main Auditorium of Cole 
Fieldhouse is used for basketball games, 
classes in physical education, com- 
mencements, concerts, academic test- 
ing, track, and many other indoor 
activities. Other areas of the building 
contain small gymnasiums, a swimming 
pool, classrooms, faculty offices, a 
ticket booth for athletic events, and the 
Department of Intercollegiate Athle- 

IB LDG. 115) Campus Drive 
You are welcome to visit the Art 
Gallery on the first floor. Offices of the 
departments of art, music, speech and 
dramatic art, and hearing and speech 
sciences are housed in this building. 
University Theatre is also located here, 
adjacent to Parking Lot #1. 
BUILDING-(BLDG. 8) Campus Drive 
You are invited to walk through this 
facility and view displays of student 
architectural designs and the faculty- 
designed sculpture pyramid in the West 

Tours by Appointment 

CYCLOTRON, Department of Physics 
and Astronomy. The Cyclotron is avail- 
able for touring on Mondays from 10-4 
p.m. by prior arrangement. (Ext. 4152) 
The Center of Adult Education is a 
residential conference facility for con- 
tinuing education for adults. Tours can 
be arranged by appointment. 
PLEX. These new modular housing 
units are a unique innovation in student 
housing. (Ext. 4148) 
BYRD STADIUM. Football games and 
track and field events are held in this 
stadium which holds 35,000 spectators. 
(Ext. 4705) 

McKELDIN LIBRARY. McKeldin con- 
tains materials for the use of graduate 
students and faculty. Tours can be 
arranged by appointment. (Ext. 4042) 
Open House is held on the 5th and 
20th of each month at 8:30 p.m. for 
the general public. Large groups may 
call for reservations at 454-3001. (For 
other information call Ext. 3460). 
building on the College Park Campus, 
Rossborough Inn is open to the public 
for lunch from 1 1 :30 to 1 :30 p.m. 
(Ext. 3940) 


ColeFiekl IkHLsc^ Seating 



nuiiii oiilituiee 

Section 1 

Section 2 

Section 3 

Section 4 


Graduate School 

Business and Management 


Agriculture and Life Sciences 


Behavioral and Social Sciences 



Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Arts and Humanities 

and Engineering 

Human Ecology 

Physical Education, Recreation and 


General Studies 




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