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Full text of "A Commentarie of John Calvine upon the first booke of Moses called Genesis"

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, ■* 






,^^^P| fobn talmne ^ vpon 

^SR||i^ the firft booke of Mofes cal- 

iSf^MM^ ^^^ Cjenejis : Tranflated out 
V \1*^^^^i^^S5' ofiattne'mtoEnglifhyhyTliomz'i 

P ^^^^^fe. Tymmt, Minifier, 

^Imprinted at Lon> 

don, for lohn Harifin and 
George Bijhop, 
Anno. 1578,- 


-r ,' 


^Totlie right Honorable, my veric 
good Lor de Amhrofe^SarleofWar^ 

wicke,B^ron Liflc,Maifter of her maicftics 

Ordinance ^Kntght of the mofl noble order of 

the Garter, an^ one of her highncHo 

VliHie €ounCcn, 

And to the right honorable Ladie his wife, en- 

creafe of honour ^and true J^ow ledge in 

Fthe ^poJllePauley(right honorahle)condemne tht 
negligence ofmenjbecaufe they behold not the eutdcnt 
fpeEtacle oftheglorie of God which iffet before their 
eyes in the workemanflyt^ of the worlde^ by which they 
wickedly ffi^preffe the light oftrueth: no leffe foule and 
Jhameffil was that ignorance of the original and creation ofrrhmkind 
which almoj} in etiery age and time fo great Ij ^retiailed.The which 
ignorance tmmediately enftted the bmlding of Babylon by the for" 
getting ofthofe things which oHght to hauebeene dayly and howerly 
Jpoken off. For at what time godlejfe men were banifloedfrom their 
natme fotle and dtfperfed , they therewithall abandoned the fure 
worjhip of God: Infomuch that to what part oft he earth fo euer they 
came^they had no cars to bring with the that which they had heard 
of their forefathers y concerning the creating and repairing of the 
worlde . Andfo it came to paffe^that no nation except only the pofie* 
ritie of^brahamJknew by the /pace of two thoufindy cares jeit her 
from whence or when mankind had his originall. zyls for the Ubotsf 
rohich Ttolome befiowedin tranflating the books of(JVlofes into the 
Creeke tongue ^it was at that time more laudable than fruitful: whe 
-as the light which he went about to bring out ofdarknes^was neuer* 
'theleffe through the carelefneffe of men extinguifhed. Whereby wee 
may per c ewe y that they which ought to haue endeuored themfelues^ 
to kpowe the workemaifler of the rrorlde , fought rather by their vn^ 
godlmeffe howe they might be wilfully blmde and ignorant An the 
• meane time the liberal Sciences flortJJjedynens witts were fiarpe cr 
quiche greate pa'tnes euery way was taken : and yet nothing wasfpO" 
\kenofthe cnation oftheworlde . <i/4riftotle the prince ofThilofo^ 
'phcrs,dr^amedofthe etcrnitie of the World, l^kto.his fchoclmatfter 


fjodUMg fomevphdt more neere vnto the Marke,vpa»derednotwiffh- 

fiandiftgfomervhatfrom the trneth. But whether they ^and all other 

natioftj with theWyWere ve'tlfHlly hUnde , or whether they were igno-* 

YAnt through their owne negligence : this hooke ofMofes defernetk 

to he efteemed as a mofl prectous lewelJ , which certifieth vs not on-> 

ly of the creation of the worlde, bnt alfoy howe, after the mortallfaU 

of many God adopted a (^hurch to himfelfe:whtch,was the true wor* 

[htp of him, and with what exercifes ofCjodlineffe the fathers occum 

pted themfehies : howe,pure religion ^through the wicked negligence 

efmen was for a time decayed, and afterward rejlored to her former 

flate: when God made a free couenant of et email faluation with A 

ccrteine people : Howe, of one man withered, and almofl halfe dead, 

there fprangfeede, which fodatnly grewe wto a huge people: and fi-- 

nallyy by what wonder full meanes , God aduanced and defended hts 

chofenfamtlie, though it were poore and dcflituteofalhelpe^and 

enuironed with thoufands ofenimies on euerie fide, Howe neceffarie 

the knowledge of thefe thinges is , your honours by the vfe and 

experience thereof may dceme , Therefore^ the Argument being 

fo dtuine,and accordingly handled by that notable tnflrument of gods 

Church John Caluine^{whofe workes proclatme his praife) and no 

comentarie vpon the fame afore this ttme englijhedj haue thought 

good to fet forth the fame tn our vulgar tongue ^ vnder your ho* 

nours prote^ionjhat a more general profite being thereby reaped of 

my countrie men ,it may bee fomewhat the farther from obliuion. 

And becaufe Iknowe what godlj dehghtjour Noble and vertuous 

Lady tak^th in reading fuch bookes^ I pre fume to ioyne her with 

your Ho'/iour hereinjhat others of her f ex hearing of her honorable 

name^may followe her Godly fleppes with like z.eale tn that religious 

exercife.Forwhat Chrifiian will not thinke tt a 15ooke worthtethe 

readtnq^^which he feet h warranted by your names}Theref ore parte* 

ly the godly z.e ale found out in you by effeEi,andpartely your honours 

courteous likl'^g afore time of my pains this way taken, harteneth me 

to adueture the offer of this poore pre fent, as a tok^ proceeding from 

aivellwifhingminde.Thus hauing bene too tedtotu vnto your Ho » 

noursjmofl humbly take my leauej[?efeecht;iq^ the Lord Godyto de^ 

fend you both with hts pneld^to fuflcinyou irith inuinctble fcrtttude, 

togouerne you with hisfpirit of prudence, ar.d topowre vponyoH all 

mnnncr ofblefftngs. Yo<'r honors mcft« Tymmc. 

^A Table alpliabeticall, contcinincr 

thofc chingcs which arc principally to be noted • 

in thiiS Booke, 

^ Adulterers flialbc puniflid. 457 

AAdulcerie waspuoifhcd in oldc time 

Braliam went outofhiscountrcy by death. 7,g 

by Godjcommaundcmenc. i6i Aducrijtic is more profitable to the 

Abraham was called by grace. 161 godly than profpcritic. 641 

Abrahams thankfulneiTe, i;i Aftldions of the flcfli arc mortified 

Abraham a pilgrim. 1/4 by the holy gholl. ^^ 1^7 

Abraham waj conftant in godb'nclle. Ambicion is the mother of rcDcIlion. 

2.74 . . 9i 

Abraham aducnturcd his life towers Ambition, 141 

fhip God. 17 J Ambition an oldc finnc. i^tf 

Abraham h oppreffed with famine. Anabaptifts confuted. 21J 

27y Aiigels are minifters of the wrath and 
Abrahams infirraitie. • i77.andj^5 FauourofGod, 4ij 

Abraham putteth on armour by gods Angels are our defence as Gods mis 

appointment. 301 niflers. 66^ 

Abraham of£crcth tithes to Mclchife- Anger baniflicth reafon. iSS 

dech. 308 ApoIUcic in Adam. ^j 

Abraham neuer foundc righteoufnes Appaiell ought not to exccede. if> 

but in faith. 311 The Arke builded. 18 y 

Abraham tokcnot Hagar for filthie Aftronomie 11 not to be condened. 57 

luft. 335 B 

Abraham is made the father of the 

- Gentiles by faith. 3S<f Babel builded. 14^ 

Abrahams obedience. :3 7? Bargaines niuft be made by charitie, 

Abrahams boufe was wcl ordrcd. 374 861 

Abraham maketh intcicefsion for Barrenncs of the earth commeth of 

the Sodomites, i: i::i*-- 35)4 our flnne. -f.'. .''.., Hi 

Abraham was 6o.yerei.apilgrim,4^4 Baptifmc fuccedeth circumcifion. ^6$ 
Abraham doth homage vnio the king Baptifme may not be contemned. 36 1 

ofOerar. 4';7 Bcaftes are puniflied for mans lake. 

Abrahams temptation. 471 -j- ^79 

Abraham mourned wiih mcafure for Bcaftes arc multiplycd by Gods blcf« 

Sarah. 488 fi"g. 217 

Abraham prouidcth a wife for Ifaac. Bcaftcs are giuen for foodc to man. 

500 2,1^ 

Abraham dieth in a good age. ^13 ^Beautic is not to be defpifed. 170 
Abimilcchs obedience. 44 1 Beautie & vertue are to be linked toa 

Abfolution Papiflicall. iiy gethcr in choifc. V70 

Adam gaue to cucry preaturc his own Beautie is of(cn times dearly bought. 


75.and74 I ;;.•... -, 2.78 

Adukcric highly diifpleafcxhGod.437 Bcau^ic bringcth with it banc. 7\^ 

f.iij, Bloodtf 

The Tabic. 

BloofJ/Tid cfycth for vcngeancc.ur 
Buriillhiclicucrbcnvfcd. 489 

Buri.ill ofthcdcidc, isao argument 
of thcrcfurrcftion. 7^9 

Buycn ind fcllcri oughc to obfcruc 
cquitic. 4^3 

Catcrplllcrs Sfnoyfomc bcaftscamc 

by mini (inoe. 5? 

Cainc and Habcll were twinncs. ii^ 

Caincs anger is vniuft. J35 

Cainci vntlunkctuUncflc. i}i 

Cainca vagabondc. 145 

Caincs ambiiioa. 149 

Caroall copuhtio is one of the fruits 

offinnc. 'IS 

Ceremonies arc vainc witbout the 

fpirituall worfliip. 172. 

ChaflifcmentisGodsmedcciDc. 11^ 

Cbafliticis our clcancncflc. 69^ 

Chriftianj biuc no fcllowffiip With 
infidels. 69S 

Cor>aipi(cencc corruptcth tic £ght 
ofEuc. 5« 

Contempt ofparcntcs punifbcd. iji 

Confedioa ot our finncs obtaineth 
pardon. 3 Stf' 

Coatraftcs ougbt to be with tbc con- 
lent ot both parties. 514 

Conftflion ought to be vnfaincd.i6o 

Contention betweenc the reprobate 
andthccle^l. 519 

Couctouloefle is infatiablc. 

Circumfition is wUcdgodj coucnanc 


Circuracifionii afigorcof raortifica 

tion. 5«5 

Cu(\omc isddaungercus cuill. ift 



Dayes Daturall and artificiall, 35 

Chauncc doth not dircdvs,bur gods Death is horrible for diucrscaufcsi 

prouidencc. 5^° 7' 

Cham a fcorner. 1x9 Dcathisihe cndof mifcrici, ii<S 

Cherubins and their fignification.ui Death is the bft line. I17 

Children arc the blcding of God 4SO Death belongeth vnto all men. 16% 

5i7.and6t7 Death is ioytull through hope 330 

Children ought cot to mary without Death is the common lot of all men* 

the content of parcnici. 4^ 4.^03. 513 

and ^5'4 Death is aduanragc by Chrift. 7\% 

Chrift prefigured in Adam. y6 Dclpcration is the reward ot too late 

Chriflisourtreafurc. 57 repentance 144 

Chrift makcth our obedience acccp- Diuorces ou^hi not to be made for 

table to God. 131 

Chiift was the laft pricft. 305 

Chrift appcajcd often ti mes vndcr the 

light caufes. 78 

Diflimubtion ought to bccauoided, 


formcof an AngelL ^81 Difsiirnlation bcgctteth crrour 82? 

Chrift is figured by lacobs Ladder Diuifior of tongues is Gods iuft pu- 

Chrift camcoftherribeof Iudah.7SO niihmcnt, 148 

Chnftii not glorious concerning the Dronkcnncs is .1 filthy finnc. 117 

flcfti. 7SO Dronkenncj purnflirdin Lot 430 

The Church hath weakc proccdingi. Dronkards degenerate frcm rcafon. 

Codhath a Church alwaycj rcfcrued Dreamct reucalcd the willof God in 

forhimfclft, 15^ old time " 45.9 

#. E 

The Tabic. 

ThcEirtH maJc fruitcfull ^y Go<J.3j 
The Earth is fubicctvoto rrjAO. 47 
The Earth is accarfcd tor Adams 

fake. I ( t 

£arcringcs,wcre bacJgci of fupcrftiti- 

on. 711 

Elc^ion Lath cuct hai aducrlarics. 

£lc(flion it the firft onglnall of holi* 
net. ^ 53 + 

Elcdio dcpcdeth not vf 6 works. 577 
Elcd and reprobate, 537 

Enuieia Rachel. txi 

Ephraini was by grace preferred bcc^ 

fore Man afsei. 877 

Er the fonncof ludah deftroyed.7^0 
Efautakcth a third wife. 5^? 

Excommunication of Adam. uo 
Eicufingof faultes is our wont. 103 
Excufcs are fubdllic made by the wic 

ked, 139 

Excufes may qoc hclpc ia iudg* 

menr. 140 

Iiteroall andintcrnall worfhipbccs 

long vrto God. 171 

Eztcrnall confersion is a companion 

of faith. 711 

luill mull be rcialled at the Cud. 4 3 1 

Faith purifieth mens hcarti 130 

Faith iuftifieth freely. 130 

Faith is the free gift of God. 130 

Faith and fearemufl be linked toge« 
thcr. 183 

Faith is the feafoning of al facrifices. 

Faith is confirmed by flgnc?. t 6 
Faith ftandeth vppoa Gods promifes. 

Faith is oftcntimci trycd. 151 

Faith is imputed for righteoufnes.^iS 
faith by ;hc meri^c (hereof doth qo( 

iuilifie. 1 1^ 

Faith and a pure eonfcicncc an not be 

fcpcratcd- ^f^ 

Faith is our viftoric. 47J 

Faith failcth when the promi(cfaii 

leth. ^7<j 

Faith hath eucr Tome impcrfe^liom. 

Faith is the difference bctwccne fpiri* 

tuall and carnal! fonncs. 531 

Faith keepeth vs withia our limmits. 

Faith is not without fearc. 66-7 

Faith hath her propcrtic. %-;% 

Feareof death commeth by nature. 


Feades are lawfuhbeing .without ex« 
ccfsc. 4^5 

TheFloodagencrall punifliraentof 
ailmankindc. 147 

The Floodc came in the fpring time. 

Fornicators arc blefsed withgencraa 

tion to their farther deflructio . 4 7 

Fornication dcfilcth t$. 69^ 

Fullocfsc bringeth forth fierceQes.^51 

Gcntlencf fomc time caafcth cruel* 

tie. tfjo 

GcneratioB is included io allliuing 

things. 4! 

God would haue man to be tcpted.^7 
God is prefent euery where. 100 

God flriucih to bnng men to rcpcn. 

tance. 17& 

God is more mercifull in (paring, 

than feuere in puni/hing , 2;} 
God comaundcth not without apro« 

mife. x«J 

God prorcftcth his fcru^rtj. a 81 
Godis difplcafed withfinne. i$l 
God ncucrforfakcth the Godly. 410 
God giuc:h without mcafure. 4^8 

God can do nothing contrarie to his 



The Tabic. 

GocJ fanct!) and c'tftroythvhomc Hcc deled laft. ^ ijS 

'■ vviil. ■ "- ^11 Htuah wasmadcofmins ribbc. 76 

(jod is with VJ miny waycs. ^ <>3 Hcuali was made lubiedl viito Adam. 

Cod IS the giucr ot all good rin'ngcj. 1 10 

^yj.indc>27 Heuah fignificth the mother of life. 

God ncuer difjpointcth his children II8 

of their hope. 595? Henoch was Arangely tratiflatcd. 165 

God wicftcltih with nun by tcntati- Honcftie pcrfvvadeth not io much as 

on?. 67^ profile. 65)^ 

Codrcmicteth finncs without refers Hope maketh death ioyfull. 3^0 

uing any part thereof. 883 Horpitalitie is the cheefe woorkcof 

Godsprouidence. 834 charitic. ^7^ 

Gods promifes are nio{\ firme. 716 The Houfholdes of the faiihfull arc 

Cods mercic and truth are linked tos churches. 3^ ^ 

gcthcr. 669 Hcullioldes niurt be brought vp in 

Gods wordc pilTeth all the benefices the feare o\ God. 3 9. i 

of this life. S54 Hipocrites (cekc 10 excufe their tault 

Cods loDge fuffcranccinfparing fin- by blaming others. 44c 

ners. 331 Hipocrites niake muftc accompte o£ 

Cods children ncuer want enemies. earthly blefsings. 152 

i6y Hipocrites ire moft daungeioas when 

Cods wordc ought to be the warrant ihcy defirefrrcndly cor.icrence.r^7 

ofall our a<rtions. 109 Hipocrites worfliip God in outwar^ic 

Gods wordc ought to hauc his digni- fhewonly. ly^ 

tie. 9$ Hiftorics are profitable to be koawn. 

Cods fufTcrauncc was thecaufeof Ac. ^3(> 

dams fall. 8? J 

Cods greit care for man. 4^ 

Good workes of them fclues are not lacob & Efaa ftriuc in their mothers 

acc.ptablc vnto God, 139 wombe. •• ':■.':. 518 

Good woikcs arc imperkcl. 195 lacob was chofcn by mere grace 530 

Good intents arc not without fin.n* lacob gctteth the blelsing by dilccit. 

Giants io the eaith. 17+ 575 

ThcGiftcsof God are tobcreueren:= lacobsvifion. 55;^ 

ced in his creatures. . 401 lacohs tlunkfulncs. 6ci 

Tlic GiUcs of God are t.ikenfrom v; lacobconlccrated a ftonc. 6or 

when wedoabufc them. 718 Jjceb (hunncd Idelnellc. ^11 

Crace is free and dcpcndcth not vpon Jacob takcth Leah and Rachel to bee 

meritcs. Iv4 hiswiues. 616 

Grace and arewardc will not agiec facobs affli(flions. 717 

together, 483 Jacob prayeth tor Pharao. 8y^ 

TT lacob blclVcth lokphs lonncs. 875 

Jacob dycth. ^09 

Ha"ar comforted in aff]i<ftioo. ^44 Idelnoflccondcmnrd. ^8 

Hatred i^conuarie tolouc. 617 Idolauic is naturally in man. 648 
JUrdncs of harieis worlcihanvnbris Idolaters haucalway adoake. c^z 


The Tabic. 

Imi^e and SimlUtuJcwuh their dif^ Knowledge of all mrn f^^rflral 91 

nk 7"'l' f r. I • AC J '*'' *^°^^^^g<= without God it accurfcd. 
Ihc Image ot GoJii dctornicd la ^ 

f'"- ,•• TT, r 1 '^'^ Kings courts arc full of corrupticifs. 

linmortalitic or tnclovilc. J4i ^ 

Impactcncic preucntcth Gods proi t 

ui-^cncc. 3><j 

Imiration of the fathcri is pcrillouk Labour is mitcigatcd with 107. iii 

r r.- . . 1 ri ^'^ Labor or' the hands doth cot bdonff 

Impcrtcltions ih Ciic belt men. 570 to all men. l-? 

Infidchticis. the rootc ot bUing fto Lamcchcs crucltic. j^j 

, S","*?". , t. ,r , , ^^ Lawcs arc to bee obeyed for confci, 

Inhdclitw begettcth uirobedienco ^ cnccrikc. 34 i 

. ^°? Lawfull fwcaring. 501 

Infamy is put Away by vcrtuous lite. Lcjhs th.inkcs giaing. 617 

^"^7 Lcuy defiled with bloud. 70I 

Infantes dying without ctrcumcifion Light was before tlic world was fur- 

- were voder the prom>le.- 167 Dillicd. j.g 

Intcgritic of the heart is thechicfeft Liohr without Sunne or Moonc. X9 

partofnghteoufiieikv 180 Libertints crrour. 6^ 

JnihumeQtesQf wicked are puniHied. Life without God,is death. 71 

" . ', - . , loS Life of thc'.Lawe. . ipi 

Jnuentionof ArtesisthegiftoiGod. Life accurlled is iKc .beginning of 

')» ; ^ death;: r -•'• • • ■ .' Ij<» 

Iniiocition is 3 prfncipill point of the Libcrall artes proceeded from heas 

worfhipof Gpd. 15 <f ygp^ j,| 

iDcefte betweeo Let & his dau^tcrs. Liberticmay not be gotie by ftealtb. 

Iniuries may not bee recompenced Lot is faithfull to his gueftcj. 407 

wirh loiunes. 654 Lottes wife turned into a piller. ^F 

Jofcpji is (ould for money, 741 faJcc- -41* 

lofcphes temptations. 76^ Lot (bekingaParadifefound hel.zj^o 

lolephwas indued with thcgiftcof Loueofour fciues ouerihioweth e:s 

prophefic 77^ quitie. 6ii 

lofeph was aduanced tohonour.794 Long life is the gift of God. 751 

Jofeph makcth himlelfe knowcn to Luftotthc flelhis reflrained by Mar: 

his brethren, 8^2 riase. 47 
Ifmael temporally blefTed. 5 {4.?/i 

Ifaacrccciucth thccouenaot. 372, xjt 
Iftac wascircumcifed. 451 

Ifmael playcth the fcorncr. 472 Mmis 1 paternc of Go^s wyfctJomt 

Ifmaels pride punifii.'d. 461 41 

3fa.icisc6maunded to be killed. 475 Man is the image of God. 45 

Ifjac was vcrie rich. 551 Mans original] leadcth him lo con- 

Ifiacgiucth th,tQbes vntoGod. 553 ^orde. ^^ 

' l.(iacl a PriQce and ruler. j^j^^j \^c^ ^j jl^c fiift. 70 


MinTcIoiJcfhall conquer Sjtlian. 109 Noahi tcmputioni.' if> 

Mans dioughtf arc corrupted, iij Noahs obedience. ^ ^ ipo 

Man ought not torbid the rfc of Noahs drunkenncfle is punirtieJ witli 

gods gifts. tio pcrpcruall Hiamc. xx% 

Man compared with God is moft Noah tarricth the Lords Icifurc. loS 

Yilc. 358 Nobilities originall. 175 

Manslbulcis immortall. 5H Nouatus error. 711 

Mans hfc is a continaall warrc. ^74 O 

Mans life is but a pilgrimage. 8j^ 

Manichcus error. 85 Othes, ind their end. %f>l 

Men naturally cxcufc their faltcs. S9 Obedience moft acceptable to God 
Mens mindes arc in the hand of God. lot 

558. 68 J Obedience better than (acrificc. \i% 
MechifcdcchblcfTcd Abraham. 301 Obedience in Abraham. i5f 

Mclchircdcchakingandapricft.30^ Obedience in Abimilech. ^ 44' 
Mclchircdech a figure of Chrift. 304 Onan finncthin corrupting his fecdc. 
Jkiifcrics Icadcvs to repentance. Ii<5 75+ 

Mmiftcrs ought to be prouided for. Oracles arc not at this day to be ioo- 

861 ked for from heauen. 51^ 

Mothers mud giue their childrc fuck Origioallfinnc. p^and zij 

themfclues. 4H Originall linncpofTeflcth all the partf 

The Moonc borrowcth her light of of mans bodieand foulc. 10*. 

the Sunnc. 3^ 

Moonc is IclTc than the ftarrc Saturn p 

Mourning at funerals. 5>ii Papiftesarclfmaelites. 4 <^o 

M urdcr is the frutc of malice. I'J 8 Parents are to be bonorec!. it* 

Murthcr is knownc by one meanes Pacicnce hath her fruitc. 141 

or other. i?8 Paradile and the fituatioo thereof. 58 

- Murthercricthfor Tcngeance. 141 Pelagius error. 54 

Murthcr Hialbe punifhed. iJi Peace in death is Gods blefsing. 330 

Murthcr may be committed without Peace puiteth away contentions. 839 

bloodfhed. 740 Peace ought to be iufued. «^7 

Morthcrcr? arc not heard of God. 147 Peace of conkience comracth by the 

Mules were founde out by Hanah. woordofGod. 55^ 

717 Pcnllsarctobeauoyded. 544 

Mafickcisof it felfe comendable. 151 Peifeuerancc ought to be in the faith* 

full. 17^ 

>sj Platoes error. 38 

Pliics and games arc daungeroni for 
Nakedncs the caufc of fliamc. 101 virgins. <>54 

NatJODs arc conquered for their finns Poligimies original. 150 

331 Punilhmcntsarcblefjings. so% 

Noah was prcfcrued by Gods free Poftcnticis the gift of God. ^84 

mcrcic. l^o Poucrtie bringcth diueri commodi* 

Noahicooftancic. ;8i.]^0 (ics. 550 


The Table. 

yrayprmaft be grounded vpon Gods Reprobates arc cucr In citrcmulci. 

worde. 417 j^^ 

Prayer inuft bee fubicct to Gods will Repentance bclongcth not to God.i 78 

506 Reft or labath, which was ihc Icucntb 

Prayer and faith mud bee ieyned to- day. Vand 4 

gcthcT. 669 Reft rpirituall, is the mortificauon of 

preaching of the Gofpell is effectual. thcflcn>. ^^ 

^78 Reft comm:ih after longtrauillc.4'-9 
Prognofticators abufe the fcripturc. Rightcoulncs of (aith. 51J 

35 Rightcoulncs of tlic handci,what it ii. 

The Proniifes of God encourage vs to 4^8 

yclde obedience. 187 Riches are the blefsing of God. 631 

Profperitie inaketb mendronkcn. 313 Riches bring tioublcs with them, ^^o 

Prorpericic commcth from the Lord. Riches brini^ enmuie betwcnc f rcoiis. 

4^-1 i8tf 

Profperitie and aduerfitie arcoftens Riches are a let to many in their cala 

times ioyned together. 550 ling. z84 

Profperitie commeth of God and not Rulers ought to be chofcn for their 

by fortune. 764 vertucs. 7<>j 

Priuate profile cloaked with a corns « 

monwchh. 699 ^' 

Pride is the handmaidc of vnbelecf . Sacraments hauc their effcd- lU 

^51 Sacraments and the worde may not be 

Pride at funerals eiceedcth the pomp feparatcd. iiy 

in raariages. 250 Sacraments arc hclpcs vnto faith. ^6i 

Pride bcgetteth C3nt:mpt of God. 175 Sacraments & the worde muft be ioy» 

ned together. ^6x 

1^ Sacrifices arid their firftoriginall. 118 

Satyrs. 5^ 

The Rainebow was before the floud* Sathan caufcth wedlock to be defpifcd 

lis 77 

Rachell an idolater. 649 Sathan was not created with other crc- 

Rachelldieth in traacllofchildc. 718 atures. 8} 

Rebecca v(ed difceit by a ra(h zealc. Sathan made the ferpeot to fpcakc.5:5' 

5^9 Sathan at the fiift vleih flatteric. 90 

Rebecca was barren for a time. 516 Sathan is an cncmic dd all men. 109 

JLebcllion againft the princc,i$ rebel- Sarah in daungcr of defiling. iSo 

lion againft God. 2.98 Sarah polluted the wedlock bed. 3 ^ ^ 

Rebellion againft the prince is intol- Sarai is named Sarah. y>9 

.' lerable. 343 Sarahs age,death,and buriall. 485 

Reconciliation ought not to be refu« Scorncrs hurt more than bodily pcr- 

fed when our enemies dcfire it. 5(Ji ' (ccution. 4^^ 

Reprchcnfioamuftbcvfed with mo:s Seructus error. 18 

deration. 833 Serpent was only the diucfs mouth Si 

l^eptobaies hauc no; true repentance. Serpents ought ;o put ts in nundc of 

s8o our fall. ^°^ 

The Tabic. 

SctK was bcrnc a fiuncr after the Superftitbn forgetl^ GocJt . a-^ 

flcfli. 15^ SupcrAition hath prcuaiied in all as 

Srriutudc mdtWe original ihcrof. 170 gc$. .,Ii-:'vfL'' :<' ij ■ 649^ 
^cruanislct ftritcoitciimcsbctwtoc bupcrftition and difdaine are linked 
- their MaiftcJ-s. aSS together. 8n 

Sccuriricisa mortallcuil. 414 Swearing is gotten by ciiftomc. 8oy 

Seuen Sacraments in the papafie.4^1 Swearing iawt'uH and vnlawtull. 50* 
bcrurloand tree in the Church . 45 ' 
Signcs and the word muft be ioyned" 'Y 

together. 8*5 

Sigoc5,ana thcyrvfc. a^S Temperanccought ro bcin wcdlocfc. 

Signes confirrac faith. ii<^ 170 

Sinnes are not greater or leflfeaccorai Tentations of two forte?. 473L 

dingtothcouf.vardlhewc. ^4 Tcntations belong to Gods' flockc. 
Sinne^omethnot by imitation. 9S 75^ 

Sinnc prouoketh God. 1/8 Tentation of Adarn.why: 84 

Sinnc caufcth vntempcratc weather. Thankes giuing to God for his bene- 

11 4 fits. zo^ 

Sinne without the bridle of Gods fpi- Thankfgiuingthebcft facrifice. 51 J 

riteincreafeth*. ^2.9 Thamars vaile condcumeth whore* 

Sinnecriethinthe earesofGod. ?92 dome. 75^ 

Sinnc ot ianoranceand of wilfulncile. Three degrees in mans creation. 5S 

45 V Theeiics are afearue ofcuery man* 
Our Sinncs ought eucr to be before face. 14} 

eyes. 887 Threarcninges of God drawcmen to 

Simpliciticofthcheartwhatitis4,8 repentance. 440 

Shame infucd Adams fall. 99 Tree ot life a facrament, 6t 

Slaundcrs happen to the beft. 6]2, True obedience. ^6^ 

The Sodoniits outrage, 405 Tyllage was comauoded by God.ii7 

Sodomc was deftroicd by miracle. 411 Tyihcs and their end. 607 

Societie may bee had lometimc with Tyrants arc Kcmrodes. 141 

the wicked. ?2,i 

Sorrow bringcth vnthankfulnes. 718 ^ 

Sorrovve and fubiection layed on the 

woman. no Vaine fwearing prouoketh God to 

Sonnes Oi'God in deede and in name. wrath. 310 

170 Venue is more precious than beautic, 

Soulc of manimmortall. ^14 615 

The SpiritcofGod , lufteincih all Virall fpirit. 5^ 

ihingcs. i8 Vifions a nd drcames rcucalcd the wil 

Spiritual worfliip is the true worflijp. ©i God m old time. 439 

1^1 Vifions and their end. 5^4 

The Sunnc and Moone bring double Vnfealonable weather is the punifli- 

profit. 35 mcntoffinne. ii4 

Sufferance of ioiurics cndc^h flrife. Vnthankc^ullncfleinCainc. 13<^ 

*8^ Vn^hankciulDcflcioHagar, 33^ 


The Tabic. 

Vowcjlawfullanclvnlawfull, ^oj 

Vowci papifticall. ^04 

VprigKtncfTc ii required of Goddes 

children. 55) 


Warrc is often times taken in haode 
for priuategainc. ;509 

Waters oucrour beadeiare fhutyp 
with the fluces of Gods proui- 
dence. 30 

Wcdlockewasordayncdby God. 7S 
Wedlock doth not fepcracc children 
from their parcDtc I. 7S 

Wedlock commended. 160 

Wickedncdc being ripe , God punia 
Hieth. 393 

Wickcdnes infueth the want of gods 
fearc. 443 

Whoorcdomc in ludah. 7^6, 

Whoorcdomc was punifhcd in olde JeatTi. ^^| 

Whordomcs puni/limcntin ihii life 

ii (hamc. ^. ^ 

Womc arc too proud in appjrcl, 50? 

Woman is ordcincd to be a lie Ipc and 

ftay of mans life. 7^ 

Wordlingci liuc with the dcuill. 1^5 

World is not ctcrnall. m 

World without forn)C. 27 

Worde of God giueth power of bc(# 

ingtoall creatures. 34 

Word giueth life to the Sacraments. 

VVorkei are rewarded by Gcd of fas 
uour. 4gj 

Workes without faiih are iTnfuI. 1 50 
Wilde beaftes ate brideled from hur- 
ting TS. 218 
Windcs and waters obey God. loy 
Wiues may no; lulc their hufbandes 
Joofar. 771 



Pjge. Line. Fault. Corrcftion. Page. Line. Faiile. CorreAioii. 









x8 + 















was com-" 








was not ego 











be faide 

may be faid 











they are 

they are not 





> J'. 

fTHE ^A%GVMENr. ^7 

"Eing iTic ynrpcalccal>Ic wifc^omc of God (loth fliinc in thit 
wonderfull woorkcminfhip of Kcaucn and cirth,thc hiflorie 
of the worldc created cannot, according to the worthincflc 
thcreof,be fufficieDtly handclcd. For fo ilcndcr and fhallowc 
isourcapacitic,That wccarrnotcomprehcndefo great larec- 
neffc of matters: much Icflc can our tongue make a lull and 
perfc(^e declaration oCthcm . But as he dcfcrueth praifc , whiche modcAIy 
ind reuerently cxerciflHPliim felfe in the confiderationofGods workes, al- 
though he atteinc to IclKs then were to be wi/hed; cuenfo if I , according to 
myabilicie.feekc to helpe othersin this kindeof cxcrcife, I truftc that my 
cndcuour will be no lelTe allowed of good men, then the fame Hull be ac- 
cepted of God . I thought it good to make this enterancc for my cxcufc ; 
but withall alfo to admonidi the Readers to bring with them, a fobcr, trac- 
table, gentle, and humble fpirite, if fo be they will profite well with mcc 
in the meditation of Gods workes . Wee beholde the worlde with our 
eyes, we trcade vpon the earth with our feetc, wee feele with our handes an 
innumerable forte of Gods workes, we fmell a fwecte and plcafaunt fauour 
cf hearbes and flowers, wc inioy a huge heape of giftes, and benefice? ; but 
there i« fuch an infinite reach of the uower, goodnefle, and wifcdomeof 
Codin the reric fame thingcs wlicreot we haue knowledge, as amazeth and 
aftonniftieth all our fenfes. Therefore let men content them felues, if they 
haue a fmall taftc according to their capacitie . And we muf^eforunnc t» 
this marke,during the Tace of our whole life, that euen in ourcxtreamc 
olde age wc repent vsnot ofour going forwarde, how little focuerwebcc 
entered into our race. 

Mofes began his bookc atthe creation of the worlde with this purpo/e, 
tliatinthe beholding thereof he might fetGod as it were vifible before 
our eyes« But here certeine peruerfc hcades bufie tlicm felucs.and fcorning- 
ly demaunde, from whence this was rcuealcd to Mofes ? Therefore they 
thinke that he telleth a tale of certeine vnknowen matters, bycaufc he was 
neither a beholdsr of thofe thinges whiche he fhcwcth , nor yet hath lear- 
ned by reading that they wcrefo . Notwithftanding their vngodlincfTe 
may eaiily be put tofilcncc. For if fo be they therefore doe difcrcdite this 
hiftorie, bicaufeitis fetchte from a long difcourfe of ages and times :thcy 
fhall alfo ouerthrowe the propliefies, whereby he forefhcwed iIk vcric fame 
thinges which happened fo many ages afterwardc . Thole thinges, 1 fayc, 
are euidcnt and plaine.which Mofes teftifieth of the calling of tlie Gentiles : 
thefulfilling whereof was almoft two thoufande yearcs aftcrhis death. 
Could not he, -which by the holy Ghofl, forefawe a matter which Hiould be 
done in fo long time to come, vnderftande whether the worlde were created 
by G O D or no,fpecialIy he being taught by a heauenly fchoolcmaftcrjFor 
he doethnotvttcr here hisowncdreames: buthe isthe infrrumcnt oftlic 
)iolyGhofte, to publiHie thofe thinges which were necclTarie to be koowcn 
•fall men . VVncrcai- it fccracjli abfurdic vote ^coi, that iii liii time at the 


T H K A R G V M E N T: 

I ift,tfic ©refer of the creation was by Kirii dcfcribed aii^ <!eclarc^, yvhich he* 
fore wasvnkiiowcn.-tliey doc therein groildy errc.Forhehath not brought 
to !ig!it thinges ncuer heard of bcForc.-but lie was the firft thit commuted to 
wriuug thokthinges ,vvhiche fathers by the fpace cf m in y ye a res had fee 
©ucr to their children, as it were by tradition,fromhir.t!c to hande. Dec 
"we thinks tlut man was fo placed in the earth, tliat he couldc be ignorant 
ot hisowne originall, and ofthe beginning of all thole thingos whjch were 
^iucii vntohim? There isno manofioundc iudgcmcnt tlut will doubce, 
butihatAdam was well inftru(^jd concerning allthingcs. Eutwashc 
afcerwardedumbe? Were the holy patriarches fo rnthankfull, that they 
Ccne. l3. ^^^yuldc buric infilcnccfo neceflarie a doilrine ? Did Noe bceing ad« 
ji„ monifhcd by fo notable a iudgement of God, neglcfte to commit the lam.e 

to pofterities .' Abrahajn is exprcfly named to be a teacher and an inftrudlor 
of his houfliolde. And we knowc^ that when Mofes was farre off, yet not* 
withflanding the knowledge ofthecoitenaunt made with the Fathers was 
commonly vnderftoodc oi all the people . For he doethnot reueale any 
thing as newc, when he fayth that the Ifraelites cameof ahofy ftockc, 
W'hicJic GOD had chofen to him felfe : but lie onely flieweth that which 
all men kn;wc, whichc the oldc men themfetiies had rcceiucd of their 
granJfithcrs , and whiche was amci-ngeft them without all controucrfc . 
So that, we ought not to doubte, but that the creation of the worldc as Jt 
isheredcfcribcd, was knowen before by theoldeandperpetuaM tradition 
cfthc Fathers . But byciufc there is nothing more readic , then for tlie truth 
of G O D to be corrupted of men, that it may as it were degenerate from 
it fclfc in longe continuance o-f time : to the cnd'c a pare and iTnctrc hifto» 
fic might bee reteined, it pfeafed the Lorde to committe the fame to wri- 
ting . Therefore Mofcs confirmed the credit of that do^rine, which he put 
in writing , which otherv/ife by the lightnelTe of men might haue bene for* 
cotten . But nowc I rcturne againcto thcpurpofeof MofcJ,or rather to 
tncpurpofcoftheholy Ghoftc, which fpakc by hrs mouth. Wee knowc 
notGod, whichisinuilible,but by his workcs . Therefore the A poftic 
Kcb. U- 3* notably callcth the worlde, thinges whichc did not appeare . This is the 
rcalbii why thcLoTde»toc»II vs to the knowlcdgcof him, fctteth before 
our eyes the workcmajifh)p of heaucn and earth, and makethhim felfe af- 
I^om.l lo fcr a k>rte to be Iccne in the iame.For hij eternall Diuinitic alfo and power, 
fUl. ly, I. ^i»x:th dicrein, as f.iyth the Apollle . And raoft true alfo is that Ciying of 
the Prophet Dauid, that theheauenstliough rhey haue no tongue, are pro- 
chmcrso' the gloric of Cod.-and that this excellent order of Nature in be- 
ing filentcrjetJi our > howe wonderfull his wifcdomc is . This is fo much 
the more diligently to bee noted, bycaufe fo fewe vnderftande the right way 
loknoweGoJ,and many ftaying them feluci vpon the creatures, rcgardc 
Botthe Crcatourhim(eIfe. Formen for the mofl parte haue thcfe two ex- 
ircame faultcs , namely, that fome not regarding God, app lie all tlicir witic 
and vnderflanJing to theconCderatio of Naturc:and othcrfome neglecting 
theworkesof God.are carried witli foolifh and mad curiofitie tofcekeout 
^circxicc.3o(lidg juuiilc .X9 be occu|>icdm j^c fcirclungout, whereby 


TH E A RG VMt NT: ;^ 

iKou art kept from bcholc^ing the iutlior,is diligcticc il bcfloxYe<3:l)Ut to en- X 

ioy Nature in eachc condition a n<i part, & not to acknowlcdec the auiliof 
otthe benefice, is too filthic ingratitude. Therefore, they whichc without 
godlineflcfcarch out the caufcs and natures of thingcs , and by fpccuUtioa 
rcmoueand (cparat<:God,and the fcnfcofgodlineflcfarre from Ll>cm, /hall 
one dnye vnderftandc the meaning of Paulcs wordex, whjche Luke re- A^.^.iy. 
poncth , ho-,v that God neuer leftc himfclfc without witnefle. For they fhal 
notclcapcvnputiiOicdjbicaufe they were fo deafeand rcufclcfTcjto concciuc 
fuch ma-nifoldc tcftimonics. And they which in no place fee God.whocutry 
wlierc giueth ligncs and tokens of his prefcnce, declare them fclues to be w if- 
tully jgnorant.But although fcornerb doc nowe clcapc by ihcn cau ill J, their 
horrible iudgemeiu (hall one -day declare, that ror no other caufctl':ey 
know not God.lxit bicaufe they are v»illingly & malicioully blind. As tou- 
fchingthofe which doe proudly pafTe oucr the worlde, and fcekc to findc 
God in hisbare-ellcnccitcian not be bur they inufte needes intangle tlxm- 
feluesatthc laft with many abfurde imaginations . For God whKh other- 
wife is inuifible, hath after a forte putvpon him the image cf the \vo<l<te, 
therein to offer himfclfeto be feene of vs. They which vouchUfc not to be- 
lioldc in the lingular figure of heaucn and earth Uichexcellencic.fhall af- 
terward through their doting crrours fuller luft punishment for their proud 
contempt. VVher-eforc,fo foone as we heare with our earcs th e name otGcd, 
cribo&cn asthccogrtation thereof commeth in our mindes, let vs apparcll 
hiva alfo with this beautifuU excellcncie and furniturcrand let the world bcc 
vnto vs a Ichoole, if we defirc to knowe God aright . Hereby alfo their wic- 
kcdncCic iEOaerthrowen, whichebarke againft Morcj,bycaufehe Jhe\v«K 
tliat the world was made in fo fhort a compafle of time . For they -dcma-und 
what moued God fo foudcniy to create the woild.-why he was 10 long idle 
in heauen : and thus fcorning-to their owne dcAru£lion,thcy excrcile their 
witte . The aunfwere of a ccrtcine godly man is fet downe in the Tripartite 
kiftorie, which leuer allowed . For when a ccrteine wicked doggc fcor- 
red God in like manncr,the fame made aunfv/erc , that he was not then {- 
die, bicaufe he had made and ordeincd hell for curious pcrfons . For by 
what reafons (halt thou fatiffie their peruerfe frowardncfl'c,to whome fobn* 
ctie ifcontemptible and hatcfu^ll? And verily they whiche do fo liccntioully 
rcioyce in vexing and difquieting the reft of God , (halt feele through their 
great wickednefle his eternal I force in preparing bell fire. As touching 
vs , it ought not to fceme fo abfurde a thing vnto vs,that God being content 
ted with him filfe, created the worlde no ioon^ r , whereof he had no need'e, 
then when it fofecmed good vnto him . And (rcing his will is a rule of all 
wifedome, we ought to coiitente our fclues with the fame alone. For Au- 
guftine trucly fajthc, that the Minichcisare iniurious vnto Cod, in 
thit they require a further caufe then hiswill . And very wifely headmos 
niih'th.that we ought to inquire no more aft^r the times pa lie hiidingour, 
then after the dift.mces of places. We are not ignorant that the circunc and 
compi(Teof"hc.iucn hath Ins bounds and limites, and that t!ir earth isplaceJ 
in the middeftofthcf micas aroundcball. They which arc offended .that 
Cod crcau«i chc worlde no fooncr, may as well debate the nutter wi'di bifln. 


^ w'ly he nuJc not an innumerable fort of worUcs. And biciufc tlicy account 
this in abfufdc thing , tliacniAny ages hauc pafled without a world, let them 
knowc that this is grcjt corruption of tiieir nature, bicaufe in compariloii 
of the exceeding grcatncllc.wnich remaincth voydc and emptie, heauen anvl 
earth hauc but a very little fpace. But bicaufe both tliccternitic of times, 
and alfo the cndlellcncs of die glorieof God Ihould be a double Labir^-nth, 
let vs content our felucs with this modcftie, that we dclire not to procccdc 
farther then the Lorde calleth vs, by the guidance and direction of his wor- 
kcs . A nd whereas I make tlie worldc as a looking glalle, wherein we muft 
bcholde God ,Iwouldcnot haue icfo taken, as though cither our eyes 
M'creofiightquickeaiough to beholdc that,. whiche the workmanrtiipof 
beai'.en and earth reprcfenteth : or elfe that the knowledge whiche mayc be 
had thereby , maye fufficc to laluation . And bycaufc the Lorde calleth vs 
vnto hiiTi without any profite by his creatures, lauing that wee are made 
thereby iaexcufablc : he hath added ( as it was nccdcfuTl) a newc remcdic,or 
atlciilewifc he hath hoi pen the rudcncfTc ofourwitte by an other hclpc. 
For by tlie Scripture.our guide &: fchoolemaiftrefle he doth not onely /licw 
vnto vs thofe thingcs, whic'c otherwifewc /houldcnotknowc, butalfb 
doth almoftconftrayne vs to beholde the fame : no leiTethcn dimmeand 
thicke lighted eyes are holpen with rpe<n:acles. And here vnto, as we hauc 
hauc faidc alrcadic, Mofes driueth hi5 argument . For if To be riic dumbc 
luftrumcnt of heauen and earth were fufticient, the do(fhineof Mofej were 
lapeifluous . Therefore here commeth a cryar, which ftirrethvpour attcn- 
tiueneflc, to the cndc we may knowc , that we are placed here in this world 
to behold the glorieof God ; and that not onely as wimeires, but alfo that 
we may enioy al 1 thofe riches , whiche are here offered vnto ts : eucn ar the 
Lorde hath ordeincd and appointed them to our vfe. And he doth not one- 
ly generally affirme,that God is thecrcatour of the worlde ; but alfoihew- 
cth throughout the whole hiftorie, howc wonderful! is his wifedome, hif 

foodnefle, his power, and fpecially his great carefulnene for all mankindc. 
urthcrmorc , feeing the cucrlaftingwoorde of God is his liuelyandcx- 
preflc image, he calleth vs thercvnto. So that is brought to paflc which the 
Hcb l^!. ^P^^'^ thatitisnootherwifcvnderfloodebutby faith, that 
2 Cor Ml the worlde was made by the worde of God. For faith properly growcthof 
this , that we becing taught by the minif^crie of Mofes wander not nowe in 
foolifhe and vainclpccuUtions: butdoc heholde the true and onely God 
in hit proper image. Notwitliftandingitmay be obiefted,thattliedo6trinc 
of Paulc is not agreeable with this,wncn heefayth: feeing t1)€ U70;lDebf 

&iifeDomt,Hneix)enot(]5o^tnt))cS2}i(cDonicof ^oD,it pleaCrD (CfoDbf 
rt)cfcoliQ?n«ofp;cflrt)mBtofauc tijcm t1)at bcleeuc, Forfo hegiucthv^ 

to vndcrlUnd, that God \^ fought in vaine by the guidance of vifible things; 
and that there rcfteih nothing els, but that we come dire<^ly vnt© Chrilte. 
Therefore we muft not begin at the elements of this world, butattlicGof * 
pell , which fcttcth before vs Chriil alone with his croffc , and holdetli v$ iq 
the fame. I in vaine they Icckc knowledge in the workeman- 
fl»ij» of the worldc ,Ciccpt diey be fuch as being humbled already with thci 



preaching of the Gofpcll.hauc learned to fubniittc their whole wittc ind vn- ^ ■ 

dcrftindiag of niindc to the foolidiaeirc of the crollc, as Pinlc tcarmcth it. 

We rtiall.l fay ,finde nothing neither aboue nor bcclowc, wlnohc liftcth vs 

vp fo far as vnto GoJ,vntill Chrift haue inftrudted vs in his fchoolc. And this 

thing can notbe, except we be all tirft plunged in the dccpe gulphof hell, 

& be carried out of the fame by the charnot of his crollc abouc die hcaucns; 

that there, by faith,we may comprehende that.whiche the eye ncucr fawc, 

thceare neuer hearde, and which at no time hath entered into our hcartes ^•^*'^**'^ 

& minds. For the earth is not there fct before vs, which may yeald to vs fruit 

for daily fuftenancc^but Chrift him felfe ofFcreth him fclfe vnto vs to eternal 

life : neither doth the heauen through the brightnes of the Sunnc <5c ftarrcs 

illumine our corporall eyes,but the lame Chrill the light of the world,5: the 

Sunne of righteoufncs fliincthin our mindcs.-ncither doth the aycr giue vsa 

vaine fpacc to breath, but the fpiriteof Godhim felfe doth giue breach and x 

quickening power vnto vs.To be Hiort.there the viflble kingdomc of Chrift 

occupiethall thingcs, andhis fpirituall grace is powred vppon all . But 

this letteth not but that wc,applying our Icnfes to the conlideration of Kca- 

ucn and earth, doe from thence alfo delire thofe things, which confirmevt 

in the true knowledge of God . For Chrift is the image wherein God hath 

not onely hisbrefttobe feene, but alfo hishandes and hisfcete. By his 

brcft I mcanc that fecretloue, by which he embraced vs in Chrift. And by 

his handes & fcetc I meane thofe workes, which our eyes beholde. So foonc 

as wc are departed from Chrifte,nothing is fo grolle or finall, wherein wc 

muftnot of necefsitiebcdeceiued. 

Alfo Mofes,although he begin in this booke at the creation of the world: 
yet notwithftanding.he doth not ftay vs in the fame. For thefe thinges alfo 
ought to beioynedtherewith.thatthc worlde wasmadeby God, and that 
man, after he was endued with the light of vnderftanding, and adorned with 
fo many priuileges, fell by hisownefaultc ,andfo was depriuedofall thofe 
benefices, which he had obteined : alfo,that through the niercie of G O D he 
was reftored to the life which he had loft , and that through the bcncfite of 
Chrift, that there might be alwayes fome remnaunt vppon earth , whiche ha- 
uing hope of eternall life, might woorHiipG OD vppon truftofthe fame. 
And this is tlie fcope of the wnole hiftorie,that God hath Co faucd mankind, 
that he hath a fpeciall care for his Church . For this is the argument of the 
booke ; that after the worlde was created, man was placed as it were on a 
theater or ftage, who beholding from aboue and beeneath the wondcifull 
woorkesof God, might reuerently woorHiip the authour. Secondly, that 
all thinges are ordeined for mans vfe , to the endc he,bcing the more bound 
rnto God, might addid him felfe wholy vnto the obedience of his bwc ani 
will. Thirdly, that he was endued with vnderftanding and reafon, thathec 
differing from brute beaftes,might meditate and thinke vppon the bctccr 
life: and that he might go the right way vnto God, whofc image he bare. 
After this foUoweth the fill of Adam,whereby hefeparated him felfe from 
God, whereby it came to pafte that he was depriued of a! I pcrfcdlion . 
Thus MofcJ defcribctli raan ^o be voide of all goodnclTc, blmdc in mindc, 

B.iij, pcrucric 


pcriicrfe in hc.irt , corruptc in ciicryc parte , and vndcr tlic guiltc %i 
ctcrnill death . Bit ftraitc after he addeth the hiftorieof the reftoring, 
where Chrift nilneth wirli the bcncfire of redemption. Hcrcvpon he fettetii 
foorch vnto vs both the lingular proiiidencc of God in goiierning and de- 
fending Iiis Church , and alio commcndcth vnto vs the true woor/hippc of 
Godrdeclarcth >vhercin conlilteth the faluationof men : andcxhorteth vi 
bv the examples of the Fathers to the inuincible fufferance and bearing 
ot'thccroirc.Whofoeuerthcrfore will rightly profit in reading this bookc, 
lethimthinkc vpon thefcprincipall pointes. And fpeciallylet him note, 
tliat after Adam by his mortal I fall,dcft:royed him felfe and all his poft:c- 
ritie , this is the foundation of our fiiuation, this is the originall of the 
Church, that \vc being tjken out of moftdccpc darkencfle, hauc through 
thcmjcrc grace of God obtcincda newc life : that the Fathers throughc 
faithc are made partakers of this life, euen as the fame was offered vn- 
to them by theworde : and that this woordc was founded vpon Chriftc: 
ally that now bv the fame promilc of faluation, whereby Adam was lifted 
vp and comforted in the beginning, all the godly which liucd afterwardc 
v/crc ful^eined . Therefore that thceuerlafting fuccefsion ot the Churchc 
fpranc; from this founteine, that the holy Fathers imbraccing one after an 
other throiii^h faith the promife offered vnto them, were gathered into the 
hnulluAldeof God, that they might be all partakers ot life in Chriftc. 
This ought diligently to be noted, to the ende we may knowe what is the 
ftllov/rtiip of the true Church,and whatis the participation of faith among 
tlic fonnes of God . Seeing Mofes was appointed to be a teacher of the 
Ifraelites, there is no doubt but that properly he had refpclfl vnto them, to 
the cndc they might knowe that they were a people elc(ftedand chofeaof 
God : and that they might fetch the certeintic of this adoption from the co- 
uenant, which the Lordc had made with their Fathers: that they miglue 
knowe that there was no other God,and that there was rto other true faith. 
But he would haiie this felfe fame thin*? alfo to be declared through out all 
ages, that wholoeuer will woordiip God aright, and will be counted mem- 
bers of his Church, mufl follow mo other way then this which is here fliew- 
cd. And as this is the bciMnnine of faith, to knowe tliar this is the true God • 
whome we worlhip: fo it is no final I connfmation of the fame , that wc arc 
fcllowes with the patriarchcsrhicaufe as they had Chnft to be the pledge of 
their faluation, when as yet lie was not come: fo let vs alfo holde fafte by 
God , which reucaled him felte a great while ago vnto them . Hereof alio 
Yic may gather the difference bctwenc the pure and lawful worDiip of God^ 
and all Kilfc and forged woorihipnings, which wore afterward deuiled and* 
inuented both by the fraude of Sathan,and alfo by the pcruerfe prc- 
fiimption of mcn.More(vier wc mufl conlider the gouernment of the chur- 
chf.that the reader miy be afcertcined that God hath bene al^avcs the ke- 
per and prclcruer of the fame t notwithlimdi-ng ro,tliat he hjthe:ceic»rc-d it 
lender the warrcfarc of the crollc. And licre the proper cxcrcifes of the ehurcl\ 
fliew foortli thcn^ fclucsund wc hauc a race let before onr it were 
in a glad.'.whei in wc ought to runrlc with the h'olv Fathers vnto thcaiark 
ofblcffcd immortalicic. Nowlct nhcarc what Nlolcs faith. 


of Mofescomnionly called 



^ CH A P TER . I, 

N the beginning GOD created the hcaucn and 
the earth. 

And the earth was without forme and voyJe, 

and darknclTc was vpon the dcepe, and the Spi- 

rite of God moued vpon the waters, 

2:.^.: ^hen God fayd, Let there be hght : and there was hght 

4 Atfd God fawc the hght that it was good, and God fcpa- 

rated the light from the darkcneffe, 

^ And GOD called the light day, and the darkcncfTe he 
called night . So the eucning and the morning were the firtt 
day. 1>^' 

IV 6 ' Againe God faide, Let there be a firmament in tlic mid- 
deft of the watersrand let it feparate the waters from the waters. 
c 7 Then God made the firmament, and parted the waters, 
which were vnder tlie firmament, from the waters which were 
'aboue the firmament. And it was (b. 

•- 8 ■ And God called the firmament hcauen .So tlie eucning 
and the morning were the fecond day. 

9 God faydc againe , Let the waters vndcr tlie Hcauen be 
gathered mto one place , and let the drie lande appcare. And it 
was fo . 

'-•^Mo And God called the drie land. Earth, and he called the 
gatheringtogetherofchc waters, Seas rand God fawc that it 
Vasgood. 'Mf> -irir^ : ': ! 

u Then God faidc, Let the earth bud foorth tlicbudde 

D.iiij. of 



of tVic Iicartc tliat fecdcJi fcedc , the fruitftill tree which bea- 
rctli fruit according to his kindc , which may hauc his fccdc in 
it fcifc vppon the earth. And it was Co . 

12 And the earth brought foorth the bud ofthehearbe that 
feedeth fcedc according to his kinde,alfb the tree that yeeldeth 
fruitc, which hath his (cede in it(clfc according to his kindc: 
and God (awe that it was good. 

13 So the eueningand the morning were the third day. 

14 And Godfayd, Let there be hghtes in the firmament of 
the heauen, to feparate the day from the night, and let them be 
for figncs and for feafons^and for dayes and for yeares. 

1; And let them be for hghtes in the firmament of the hea- 
uen, to giue hght vppon the earth. And it was (b, 

16 God then made two ereat hdites : the 2;reatcr to 
rule the day, and the leue light to rule the night: he madcalfo 
tlie Harres. 

1 7 And God fet them in the firmament of tK^ fe^^iCfo ^^ 
fhinevpon the earth. 1.- *!« - . 

18 And to rule in the day and in the night, and to (cparatc 
the light from the darkneffe: and God fawc that it was good* 

19 Sotheeueningandthe morning were the fouflhdayc. 

20 Afterwarde God fayde. Let the waters bring foorth in 
abundance euery creeping thing that hath hfc:and let the foulc 
f]ie vpon the earth in tiic open firmament of the heauen. 

21 Then God created the great Wliales & cuery huing thing 
andinouingjwhicli the waters brought foorth m abundance 
according to their kinde,and euery fethered foulc according to 
bis kinde : and God fa we that it was good. 

22 Then God blclled themfaying^Bring foorth fruit and 
multiphc, .nnd fill the waters in the (cas, and let thefoulemul- 
liplic in the earth . 

^ ' 2'x So tlie cucnini^ and the morning were the fiftc da v « 
24 Moreoucr God faide^Let the earth bring foorth the li- 

tiingthing, accordingto hiskinde, cattell , and that whichc 

t:rcepeth,and tiic beaQc of the earth,according to his kindeiand 

it was fix. ijio- 

2^;idethebeaftof the earth according to his 

kind,and the caitcll according to his kindcaud euery creeping 
' thing 


tWog of the earth according to his kindc: and God fawe that ^ 
it was^ood . 
26 furthermore God faid, We will make man in 

our image 

according to our Iikcncs, and let tlicm rule oucr the fidi of the 
(ea,andouerthcfoulcofthcheaucn,andoucrthc bcnlles, and 
oucr all the carth,and oucr cuery thingtiiat cretpctliandmo- 
ueth on the earth. 

27 Thus God created the man in his image : in the ima^c 
of God created he him : he created them male and female. 

28 And God bleflcd them : and God fayde to them , Brmc: 
foorth fruitc and multiplic, and fill the earth, and fubduc it, 
and rule ouer the fifheofthefea^&ouer the foulcof thchca- 
ucn,and ouer eucry beaft that moueth vpon the earth . 

29 And God /aidc,Bcholde, Ihaue giucn vnto you eucry 
hearbc bearing feedjVNhich is vpon al the earth,and eucry tree, 
wherein is the fruite of a tree bearing fcedithat fhall be to you 
for meatc . 

1^0 . Likcwifc to cuery bcaft of the earth,and to eucry foufe 
of thehcafucn^andtocuery thing that moueth on the earth, 
which hach life in it (elfceu^ry greene hearb ilial be for meate. 
And it was fo. 

.-31 And God fawc all that he had made, and lo it was very 
good. So the cuening and the morning were the fixt day. 

"The Commcntarie of Maifter 

^ohn Caliiine. 

1 1 [;I n the bcginning.3 jf its t(D friuolouifi! i tame to crpounti 
tl)i5iuo;De ('beginning) ofCf)j!ft»j?o;ttf)t0 15 t[)t fimplcpiir^ 
pofc of #ofcs /o Hjctoe tfjat tije Ino^loc , as it 10 to b^ fcrnc at 
t!)i0 tap, lDa0 not fimfl)cD ftrcig!)t after tbcbeginnintt, but 
tftatitlDascrcateoa tot'tie ano confufcD Dcdpe aiiD mirture 
of bcaucn antj eardi , &o tijat Ijis fpeac!) mar ^t in t\n<i ImTc 
rcfoIuctx.^)fflH;ft0n<I>aDint!)c beginning cre.ifctj Ijcaticn anD 
eartl^thc^mtbtoagernpticcinD tJciDe . ilnO'b?tf]t£f tca):De 
( created) tjrtoitt^itii t&attlje fame tiJac maoe^tufjicf) was not 

3i5,\7, bcfo;c. 

^ I Q H N' C A L Vn N E«r 

bcfo:c. Jf i3: ^rc0 tjfctft not tljci^rbnie loo.jr^c, lubir fj Cgmfif" 
rtfi to faHjion o: to fonnc, but to uuUc, o; create, JHtjerefo^c 
tfjcfcnft: t6,ttiatt|ieU)o;lDeUjagmaDc of nothing. Mfjcrcb^ 
their Vianitic is ouertl):oU)cn,U)l)icl) tbinU tbat tbc Ujo^Id Uiaief 
amattcraliuapcsluitbout fo;me,anD gatber notbingdfcbp 
tbcnarratiofi of £l3ore£s, tben tbat tbc tio^lDe tuas nctDlpaD# 
ontcD^anD framcD U)itbtbatfD;me, lubicb itUjantctibcfo;:^* 
Wm lua£> a common imagination m olDc time among bca^ 
then men, toboonel^obfcurel^ ano Darhelp bearDetbc fame 
tbercof : acco:Ding t^ the maner of men, tobo falQfie the trutlj 
ofC3oD\nitbftraunge imaginations, '^wtiiis^ tjerp abfuroc 
miDjiot toUerable fo^ Cb.nttianmento labour in fiefentiing 
tljififiltbic errour, asSrcuchusDoetb . ... ..: ^ 

rhcwoiu . sSbcrcfoielcttbiiSbetbc firftfentence, tjatt^etoo^^ltjefe 
' n«t c. j^Q^ cternall: but tbat ii luas crcateD of CDoD. SDbere is no Dout 
crna.i. ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ caUctb tbat cottfufcD bcape , beaucn f carti), tobu 
chc afterlDaroc be nametb tbc luaters .SDbe reafon is^bicaufc 
that matter uias t[)e fauc of tbc' inbtile iuo^toi^ ♦ ami tbis it 
a gcncrdll partition of tbc Uwitoe. E Goct3 £Pflfijt.t)&tfJ tlb^ 
J^)cb^neU)CD:ocGQds in tbe|)lurali number. C2abereiit> Toito 
baucgatbereotbatberctb^ecperfons are noteOtobeinCDoD* 
HDut b t^caufc tbis feemctb to me not to be a founoe p«UDfe of fo 
great a matter,? tuillnot ftano i)pon tbe tuo:oe.5i5ut tbe rea^ 
Dcrr! are rather to be luarneD , tbattbe^ refraine fromfucbc 
t iclcnt I rackte gloOfes. Sbe\? tbinlte tbat tbep baue teftimo^ 
nic againU tbc Arriaiis,top;oue tbc Oitiinitte of tbc ^onnc 
anDofthcfpiritcianDintbcmcane time tbe^ fall into tbe er^ 
rourofSabcllius:b\^c«ufo0^fes-ai>tjetb If reigbt after tbat £lo4 
liim, o: Go J fpat^e , anD that the fepirit of Elohim, o; of God, 
rellcD \3p0n the Iraters. Jf ani? m^ lil^c to^aue ^ tb:ee pcrfonjj 
uotcD, there Ujal be no Diltinction of tbem.if 0: ii Hjat folio toC:,; 
both that the fonnc luas begotten of him felfe, anD alfotbat 
the fpirite 16 not of the ifatbcr but of bim felfe. 3lt fufftcetb mc 
that the plurall number (Gods) founDcti) tbepotoers of OoD,- 
luhich he DccIarcD m iKt^X\x{^X\^t lpo:te.J^D the Scripture, 
81 confeffe, tbongb ii rcckonetb \jp man^ potoers of cDoD : ^et/» 
nalDithftinljingitalluavcscaactbtwfjtotbeiFatber, to bi^J 
iao;De„anD to tJjc ^piritcas alfo toe fljall fa anon . 'iSdnt 
t^ofe abfurDitici^ U)!)icl> i baue toucbcD 00 (Jar ts ifrom iD?ef# 



tiriQ fubtil^ to t!)c pcrfongjtbat loljicljc ^ofcs bad) mo:r Hmn ^ 7 
pip pronounced of aoD^bimfcltc, ^no 3! put ttjis luitl^out r on^ 
troucrfie, tljat (DoD is termed Ijcre acco;iDingtott]Cfirrnnu 
llance of t\)t place^Ui? fur b a title as niigbt crp:cOrc fjis poUicr, 
iDbict) before luas incluoeD after a fo:te in bis eternall crfrncc. 

2 ([And tlic earth was witliout forme and voydc.J J in cr4 
pOUnDmg tbCfe ttoo Epithctcs(vvithout formcand voydc)U)lll 

not be ouer curious. 2Ctje i^eb^ucs tfe tfjcm , luljen tber note 
anp tSing to be cmptie, bot>de, confufed.anD notbino: luo:tl)r. 
a^bereis no Doubt buttbat Jppore£;oppofeoo;fctbotbetbcrc 
againll all creatures,lDbicbe belong to tbe fo;nic,beaiitic,anD 
perfection of tbe too^loe. 3let bs, 3 fap, tahe atuap from tbc 
too;lD all tbofe tbings Usbicb aftertoaro be tuil at)0e:tbcn (Ijal 
Ujc baue tbe fame, a ruoe, bnfurnilbeD, o; ratber a Dcfo;mcD 
and confufcd beape of matter. ^^lberefo;c 3l place tbat tubicb 
be batb added ttreigbf after,boiu tbat darhneflfe liuas bpcn tbe 
face of tbe deepe,in parte of tbat confufcd bovdeneffe : bicaufc 
tbe ligbt began to giue fome D^etue bnto tbe U)o:lde.aftcr tbc 
fame manner be calletb tbe dojpc and tbc luaters, beraufe in 
tbe fame beape tbercluasnotbingfounde o;0able, no; an^ 
tbing difltinct [AadthetSpinteofGod.] ^interpreters baue 
dtuerflp tu^tiled tbw place,, ^ome bcrcbi? bnocrHande tbc 
luinde, ti)t Itibifbe is fo coldc,tbat it needetb not anp refutati* 
on. jaDtberfome bercbp bnderlland tbe eternall fpirite of Cod, 
tbe tobiebe is IdcU : but all men bnderCiand not tbc meaning 
of £pofes in bis tDO.:des*5Ebebarietieofintcrp:ctations coni^ 
mctb of tbe l^eb^uc participle, /i^o;/^/«'^i^<r,. jjiyiU firdlbcU'C 
tubat Sofes meanctb in mt^ iudgeme nt.tdflbbaue bcard,tbat 
befojc^od created tbc U)02lDc, it luas ataft.andrudcbcapr. 
.:ffiolD be tcat\}ttl^ tbat tbe polccr of tljc fpirite iuas ncccini rie 
mfufterninnrtbcfamc. jfo:tbis doubt migbt corncto mniDr» 
Jboln a difoidercd bcapc could ftand: tubcn as tucfcc noiu, tlMt 
tbetiio;>lde.ts pKrcrued bp a moderatiiJn and tcmprrarmx, 
Eberefo;cbcfaitb,tbat tbc rime maffc, tbougb it lucre difov 
dered,U)as fo: a timeniade Cable and ftrnic Lv tbe fccrctc ctft/ 
cacie of tbc fpirite* .Oolo, tberearettuo fignififattons ef the 
^3ebjue b)o:de,tubicb belong to tiiis p:cfcnt pine:: cither that j 
tbe (pirit of Cod moucd o: Ilirred it felfc lapon the luatrrs, . to 
.Qicrcifc bts (Ircn^tb:) o; rife tbat Ijc relied \)^cn thc;n;to fuf* 


rt I OHN C A LV I N E 

tcine thtm, ^ccattfe it Dotfj not greatly bcclortg to tit fumme 
of tbc nutter tufjulic of tticfe tijoii Docft cljofe : lettfje UcaDer 
taKetbat Inbici) lihctb Inm belt, ^ut if tbat confufion of 
tbimts fjarjnttDc oftl)c fecrcte infpiration of0oD, leaft it 
G)oulD b\> ani) b^^ Dccar : !)olu (IjoulD fo fairc anD tittinct an o;* 
^crftant) of it felfc, cvccptitrccciucDHrengtl) from another f 
S!)crcfo:c tbb faynng mud nacDcs be fulfilleo, Sendcfoorth 

PfiU 104. thy rpirice,ancl they lhalbcmade,and thou iJuIt rcnuethe face 

^^' of the earth : c^um as on tbc contrarie parte, fo fmnc as tl^c 
llo^ne taUetf) alua^ ^is fpirite, all ttjingcs turne mr> paOe to 

3 [Then God faidcj/l^oto ^ofetfb^jtngctbind^oDficretobe 
tbc firft fpcaUcr^as tftougb !)e ^aD crcateo tbe malTe of l^eauen 
ano cart^ luiftout tljc U)o;D. But Joljn tellifietf) ttjat none of 
ti)ok tbiagesjluljiclje lucre maDc,U)ere maDe tuitljout it anD 
it 1)5 certciue, tljat b^ tbe fame eff icacie of tije tJDo:D,tl)e U)o;»lD 
luas bcg;onne,bi? iDljicb it ioas perfecteD : but CDou ?jiD not re^ 
ueale bi^ l»o;De but in tbe beginning of ligfjt : bi^caufe m Dif# 
tinction bis toifcDomc beginnctb to be fcene» %ljz tobicije one 
tljing alone is fufftcient to confute ttje blafpfjemie of Scructus, 
E!)efiltbieDO0gebarUetbl)ere, tbattbij8» UiaiJ tlje firlf begins 
hh crJour ""^5 ^^ ^^J^ ljUo;tie,tu!|en vIDoD commaunueti tfjat tbere ftoulDe 
' be lic^ht. ^3 tbougb tbe caufe toere not befo;ie tbe efftct . jano 
feeing bp tbe U)o;De of C^oo tbote tbinges fjad tbeir beeing fou^ 
tenl^,tjubicb luere not befoje^tue mud ratber gatber ti)t cter^ 
nallcCTencetbereof. Wbcrefo;tetbcapoftle£5iuftlpp;iouE tbe 
Diiunitic of Cb^ift bereof,tbat be being tbe too^o of CDod , all 
thinQS lucre createD by, bim . Seructus imaginctb,tbat tbere 
U)a5 a nelu qualitie in CDoD tubcn be began to fpeabe.115ut toe 
xnuil ti)iuHc farre otbcriuife of tbe luo;D of €^oD,a5 ^ iti^ tbe 
iuifc^ainc rcUing in CDoO^anD luitbout t\it tubicbe (^OD coulD 
neuci* be : tbe effect notitntbttanoing iobercof appeared, tubeit 
tb? ligbt toas creatfD . [LcttJicrcbcljght.ljttuajGineccira* 
ric tbat tbere (Ijoiilo be ligbt,befo;c tbe loo^lo coulD be fo ercel 
Icntl^ beautified ano furnifbeD : anD tbiJ? alfo toa^ tbe begin** 
ning of tbe Dittinction . ;anD lobcreas tbe ligbt toas befo:e tl)t 
^ &utme ano tbe ispmne, tbe fame Uias not fo appointee tuitb* 
out caufe ano gtoo confioeration. if 0^ toe arc not mo;c reaoic 



V P O iT G E N E S r S. 

to my! t\)m t i\)tn to t^z tOc potucr of (HJod to mffrumc ntc«, ^ ^ 
iDhofc mmiftcric and fcruicc be tjfctfj.SLtjc ^iinnc ano ipcnc 
Ctuc Uijbt bato 130 . XMc tfj^ongO our opinion include fuc Ijc 
foKcin tl)cni,tl)at if tbcv b^ taken out of tljc iuo^Io, tticrc ma^? 
feme to reft no lircW . £:i)erefo:c tt)t llo^De in tljz tcric o:Dcr 
of tbe creation, teftifictl) tbat tie fjati) tfje ligbt m bw band'tlic ^"^ f^*^ 
lubidj be cangiue tjnto vs \jjit\:}oat t\)c ^unne o: oaconc. ^no S'"'^ ''^''= 
it is ctttcmt tbat tbe ligbt Ijuas fo crcateD,tbat DarhnrlTcfl hao ch'c sunnc 
alfo tbcir courfc ano turne . Wut itjnav be deniaundcd lube- or moohc 
tber ligbt and darhenerre tuere tb^ougbout tbeU)boleU)o:ldc 
intercbaungeablp o;^ b^ courfc : OiUibetber tbep bad tbe balfo 
nrcleofdar&eneire,U)bcntbeligbt twined in another places 
316ut tbtre is no doubt but tbat tbeTuccetTion luas mtercban^ 
geable: ret tobetber tbe dai!iua0euerieU)bcre at once, and 
f be nigbt euerie UJbere,3| leauc tntoucbcd/o; tbat it is not fo 
necelTarie tabe knolune; 

4 [And God fawc the light.]^ofe0 bcre fettetb bcfo:e bfl 
tbe condderation tobicb Cl^od bad of bis 1jdo;Uc Uiitb delectati^ 
fin. 215iit tbis be dotb fo; our fake,f o tbe end toe migbt bnolue, 
tbatdDodbatb made notbing r toitboutfome certeinc reafon 
andcounfelL and it is not merte tbat toe fotnderttanDetbe 
too;d0 of ^ofes, as tbougb be tben began to bnotoe tbat bi5 
too^ketoasgiDd, tobentbe fame toas fini(bcd:but tbefenfc 
idf tbat tbe too^^e tobicbtoe notoe bebolde, is app;oued of 
<Dod ♦ OTberefoje t^is onelp reffetb bnto tjs , tbat toe (Tap 
our felues tjppontbe iudgement of(5od» and tbis is a lieric 
profitable admonition. iFo;,tobereas man ougbt to bende al! 
his fenfes to embzace tbe too;tbes of <3od , toe fee botoe greate 
libertie be tahetb to bim felfe in fpeaking euill of them. 

^ [God called the light,] jEDbatistofarjC^oD toouldtbat 
tbere (bould be fome intercbangcabic courfc of da vs f nigbts, 
tbe tobicb alfo bp i btl foUotoed,tobcn tbe firC dav bad an end. 
iFo;(0od t(Dhe atoa^tbcbeboldingoftbeligbt^tbattbenigbt 
migbt begin anotber dat».ii5ottoitbttanding,tbat tobicb tJ3o.^ 
fesfaretbmai? be turned ttoo toares:eitber tbat tbere toajj 
tbeeueningand tbe moining oftl)e firft dayto: elfe tbat of 
tbe eucning and moaning tbe fiffte dav toas perfected. Iclbi* 
cbe foeuer of tbefc ttoo tbcu cbofeit , it mabcti no maf* 


*^ I O H N C A L V I N E 

Darlu.i5conriaingoftU»opartc0» anobc beginnctfjtbeDa^ 
it prrtfinctl) nothing to our purpofe tooifpute tubctljer tl)ttf 
luas the bctt auD inoa conucnicnt o;^t)f r.Me tmolu that oarfe^ 
nctrc U)as t:cfo;c tmie : lufjcn C^oo UJitbozctue t\)t Itgfit !)c Dio 
(ftuttjptfjctiap.J Doubtcnot buttbat tl)cmoac ancient ifa^ 
t()er3 bnuc foHolne;) tbiu rcafon, tobo accontpte;) ttjc eucning 
app;o:bing,to be tfje eno of r ua^^ano ti)t beginning of tbe Da? 
foIIoiu»ig:boU;beit^ofe0,mtf)i5 placement not about to 
maUc a Laluc, tbe b.^eacbe tobcreof (bouloc be greate tuickeO/* 
tieflfcbnt as 15 faptie alreaof e, be frameo bis fpeacbe to tbe ru^ 
Com: recctueD. ^Slljerefote, ns tbe jfelDes fajUtbl^' ccnncmne 
alltbereafon5ofotberinen,a0tbougb CDoo appointeDtbisa^ 
lone : eucn fo in like mancr are otbers twine babblers, in af^> 
fimung,tl)is o^Der to be p:rpolferons,tDbicb Q^ofes commcn* 
ijctb bere.flhc firfl da y J^ere tbnr erro; is manifelllp ccn# 
futco,lDbub iDoulDe bnue tbe Ido^Id to be mabe in a moment* 
if 0: it is f © biolent a cauill, tbat spofes fb; mttrutfions (aUc^ 
Dianbutetb all tbofe tbinges tubifb be maoe atwice^Mo fire 
Da^es. )i3ut ratber ©ob bimfelfe^to applie bis luo>bes to tbe 
capvicitieofmen,ta)bebntobimrelfctbe fpaceof fire bapes. 
^cligbtl^ patTe oner tbe ercoebing glo;ieof(lDoD,tui)icbfbi^ 
txtti) bere : lubereof commetb tbis, but beraufe toe arc tm bull 
to f onfiDer bis greatnelTe i Jn tbe meane time tbe tanitic of 
cur mint) carrietbts anotbcrtnai?. Eofojrecttbistice(3oD 
tfcD a mode apfe remeDie,U)ben be biatnguifbeo tbe creation 
of tbe tuojlDe info certeme begrecs , to mafee bs tbe mo;je nt^ 
Untitle, So cfiablitl) tbis imagination, a place is bcrie igno* 
Rcc!c.i8.i.rantl\> citeb out ofCi;ccleriaaicus:HcwInchc liucthforcuer 

made ;il 1 things together, jf OZ tt)t OiCjUc HbUCrbC M{\'\i , tubi' 

cbc be bfctb.batb no fucbc fignification : neitljer is it referred 
to tune,but to tbcgeneralitie of tbinges. 

* Or fprca [ • Let there be a fi rmamcnt.]2D!je Vi)m\\t Of tbC feCOnt) ba? 

^iafioucr. ig tijfg jjopD fpace tbiougbout tbe compalTe of tbe eartb, tbat 
there might be a Diuifion bcttoctne beaucn anb eartb.3nD fcc^ 

ing b^ tbefe tJDO>DS, ( In the middcd 0: bctwccne) tbc CFtrcmt 

confufcb beapc is notcb, \jjz ougbt sreatcli? to cttecme of tbis 



dfftfiTCtion.aifOjff^c l^cbjuelDo:Dc Dotb not onelp romp^c^cno 3* 
tt)z luljole rep[ion ofrbc aire, but aCfo Uiliatfccucrifiourrtjs, 
tubicb fornetime 15 talicn of t!)c llatinc0 fo: toeaucn . £:t)ii6 
tbcDifpofitionofftcaucnaiiDof t\)t aire m gmerallp calico a 
Sprcadm^oucrttbe tubiff) fomctimc figniftett botf) atones 
anD fomchmi^ but one of tfyzm : as (^all better appcare in tbat 
iDfjicbfol5olDetf;» pfiLro^.! 

■* SEo tbis Spreading oucr , DautD al!iiDetf> tufjcn 1^0 ftiitb, 

tbat The Lordefprcadcth out the hcaucns like a cortaiiic. g|f 

a];p man ucmaunoc tubetber tbte bo^uncfle loas not firllc : 3| 
anrmere,ii9oUjroeueralltbmse«tJuerc not rcplcnifljeo it)itb 
tuatrr0,pet nottuitbllanDing nolo firtt of all tbc bittant c toas 
oiDeincD, tubereas before tbcre loasa btfo^Dcreb confufton, 
^ofes crpzcffetbarpeciallbre, tbatbcma^ put a Differcnr e 
bettuctne Icatcrs ano tuatcrs : of tubicb UJo;t)cs tbcre arifctb 
a ocreat ooubt . jro.: it is againft common fcnfe,anb alto^etlier 
tncrcuible, tbat tbere are certeine toaters aboue tbe bcauen. 
tii5abcrefo;efomcrunnemto an allegoric, anb interpret tbc 
fame of angels : but terp bifojBcrcDi^. JTo: tbis i$ tome 
an bhboubteD p^mdplc, tbat a^ofes tpeabetb bereoncli^ of tbe 
t)ilibl0fo;meoftbeU)o:loe: let tbem tbat lillleante MtolHf 
g!eani5otberrccrctcartesclfcU)bere. Sl^b^purpofe ofibetOi» 
Ue ©*)oll in t\)is place iDiis, to teac'^e all men generally Ujitbi* 
wit erception: in fo mucbc tbat tbe fame lubtcb Cregorjc p;o# 
nonncetb of pictures anb images falfli? anb ainilTe , truelp hc^^ 
longetb to tbis bifto:te of tbe creation, fo tbat it is a boj^c be-* 
longing mm to rube ann limple ioiotes* 

^bcrefo>e, bubatfoencr tbings be fpcaltctb of^ tlm bctcng 
to tbebeautifull furniture of tbat tbcater tubicbe bclcttctf) 
befo.:e our epes»Mlbcr^bpon 3 affirme^tbat fucbc \uatcrs arc 
tjcre t3nDerff(Db, as tbe ruDe anb bnlearncb alfo map bcbolDe* 
f(OZ U)bereas fome fap, tbat tbep Doe imb;jace bp faitb, tfcat 
tbing lubicbtbcp reabc bcre concerning tbe toaters tubifhc 
are aboue tbe beauens, boloe ignorant foeuer of tbc fanie tbe^ 
ht4t IB not apperteining to ^ purpofc of £Bofes. ano to fcarcb 
furtberfo^a matter tbat is manifeaanb apparent, is fupcr^ 
fluous mt fa tbat tbe clouos lobicb bang in tbe aire are fo i U 
ceo oucr our ^cn^$,tW ft^U ^^^^^ ^nto bs place of b^catt^inff^ 

p;omDencc of ©oD, are tJainel^ puft tjp toitft tbe tjantticof 

thctr ovunc \mttt . Me bnoU)c tJjat tbc ratne is natarallp in* 

, grnDcrcD : but ^oejs flouD fuifirientli? Dec laretb , boiue fcone 

,Ujc ftjillbe oucrtubclincD toitb t|)c fo^re of tbc c louDcs,iffo be 

T'l'cwa- tjjefliifcB o: flopDn;atf B cfl)caucn lucre not ftutbi?tbe!)anoe 

our heads xjf 0oD,0nt) iiot UjitI)out taufe the p^opljcte jEDauiD rrrko^ 

ar (hut vp net!) \)p tbuJ among biiJ mirafte5,tbat He laycth the bcamcs of 

by the flu- his chambers in the watcrs«anD in another placc fje fallctb tjpj> 

i« ot pQ„ ^j,g beauenl^ toaters to p;:aife dDoo ♦ facing tberefo^e 

uiJcn« ° <5oD batb rreatcD tbe clouoes, ano batb placeiJ tbera far abouc 

pui" 0^4.5 ^« : it ougW not to be p:etermitteo f forgotten, tbat tbe^ are 

Dnuen b^ tbe poixier of (Sod, left tbe^ being poto^eD bolune,Do 

il3iolentIi'oucriDfieImetJ5, anofpeciall^ fmng tbe^baue no* 

ilbingfrtagatnft t\iem to reflrrainetbem,buttbe liquid and 

^^baniQjing aire, tofjicbe Uiouloe eaiilp giue place , tnleCTe tbi^ 

iDOZOe p:cuaileD,Lct there be afprcadingoucr among the wa- 

tcrs.)l3iittot^etDo;feeoftbi5dari flpofes batb not added tbuj 
^itotcboiwe tbaf <5od fatoe tbatit toaj? gojd : peraduenture 
ijccaufe tbe pjofitc tbereof tuas not pet eictant, tjntill tbe 
toaters of tbe eartlj toere come into tbeir proper place, tbe 
Ixtbicb U)a0 done tbelaHedai? : and ttierefo;e itis tbere ttoife 
repeated. '^ 

9 [Let the waters vndcrhcaucn be gathered into one placc J 

SLbtsairot£( a notable m(racle,tbat tbe iDaters b^ tbeir de* 
parture, bane giuen place ofinbabitingbntomen . ipo^tbc 
Pbtlofopbcrs alfo Uitil graunt, tbat tbe tDater£( bad tbeir na# 
turall place, tDbtn aj5 i^ofes faptb bicre,tbe^coueredando^ 
ucrlubchncd tbe lubole rartb. ifirfte^brcaufe tbe tuater is an 
clcment>it muft be circular, tbat is, rounde compaffing.jand 
bccaufc It 10 amoK toeigbtierlcjnent tben tbe aire, and ligb^ 
ter tben tbe eartb, it ougbt to coucr tbe fame by compalTtng it 
round about.Allfo inhcras tbe luatcrs of tbe fea being b:ougbt 
into beapc0 giue placc \Dnto men , it is aj5 it tuere fupernatu# 
rail : and tberefo;c tbe fe>cripture in tbis point oftentimes 
i^^l^\^' tommmi)cti)tt^t g©dncircof(Sod:Hchath gathered thcwa- 

^* , tcrs of the fca to^^cthcr as vppon an hcapc, and layeth vp the 
dc|xhcs in his trcafurcs. fcarc yc not rac/ayth the Lordc, or 


V PO'1^ G El^ES T S . * 

will yc not be afraidc at my prcfcncc, whichcliauc placed t!ie ' J/ 
fandeforthc boundcs oftherca,by a pcrpctuall degree that it 
cannot palTc it,and though the wanes thereof rage, yet can not 
they preuailc : Who hath fliutvpthc fea with doorcs,wlkti 
itiftuedandcamcforth,asoutof the wombc: when I made the 
cloudes,as a couering thereof, and darkncfle as the (waddling lob.jJ.t. 
bandes thereof: when I Qabliftcd my comniaundcment vpon 
it, andfct barrcs and doorcs:and fayde, Hitliertorhaltthoit 
come, but no further, and here fhall it flay thyproudcwaucsf 

llett0knoiuctbcr0ftj;eti)atiue Dtucll on tljc un^ p<irec,bc« 
taufcC^oD batl) reinoiif?) t\)t luatcrs b^^ big comtnanocmcnf, 
ttjat t\m miQ;f)t not D:otunc tl)c Woolt cavil), ^ 

11 [Let the earth bud foorthji^itljerto tlfccattf) loasnal^cb 
nuD barren : aitD neti) tbeilo.:DcliiUi)!)i£;tDo:Dcmahetf)tl}e 
fame fruitefulL if o: altljoiigb it Ixjas alreaoie apponiCcD ta 
ib;mg fo:tb fruite : ^et itotluitbttanDing tintill a nelue po\jocr 
p:ofceDeo from t\)z moutlj of dDoD, it Uias? mktt it fl}0ult)e re* 
maine D;teanDtio|?Dc, jfoUlierameluaB not naturally apt to 
b;^iiTg f©:t!) an^ tfjing : ntiti)cx did it beofinnc to buDtie tjn^ 
ttUt{)emoutboftbe3lo;De tpas openeD»|=ojtl)atU»bubSDa# ^ » 
utol^eafeetb cf t^c bcauci^^ , ougljt alfo to be ertehDeO tnto "^ ^ "^ 
tbe eartf) : Ijolu tbat tbe fame toas; maDe b\? tbe Ido;|Dc of tfcg . ^ i 
ILojDe, auD all tbe boafteof tbem bv tbc b^eatb of bis moutf?,' 
3nDtntbatbcarbe0anDtrafli loere maDe befo:etbe ^imnc 
antj £^mK,it came not fo to pafTc hv cbaiince.Me fe tbat tbe 
cartb is noUicmaoc fruitefuU bi? tbe §)unne,£Df tbelubirb o^« 
Der of nature (IDoo luas not ia:no2ant,t»bicb alfo fje after luarD 
o^DcineDtbtittotbeentielDemigbt referrc all tbinges butd 
I)im,begauenocfficc at tbat time to tbe ^unnef spojne.^'^c 
jjtuetb bs leaue to acknotoIeDge tbe fozce tobirb be giuelb bn* 
totbem,euenag b^tfetb tbeir feruiceibut beraufc lue arc 
Uiojnt to attribute tbat to tbeir nature,tubicb tbeii baue from 
anothenit tuas necefTarte tbat tbe (Irengtb ahb poloer iDbtcd 
tbcFfeeme to criue nolue \)\\to tbe eartb^Hioultie be befo:c tbc^ 
lucre createD,%a:itb our tongue \vc c onfcffe tbat tbe firlT caufii 
is fufTtcient enougb of it felfe, ano tbat it batb mirjolc nno in* 
feriourcaufes : but in berie oecDc Ujc imagine tbat Oo!)t3 
impotent aao lame^bnlelTe be be bolpen br tlje fame . J^es, 


' r O H N C A t V I N^E ' 

iDljaf u8 be that reac^ctb bcpoitD tht feunnc, tuljc n be f oniibc^ 
rctlj tljc fi*uitfiilncirc of tijc rartf):^ 2:!;crefo:c tbat tl)ing toljicji 
iDc baue faiDc to.ts Done of Qor> b^ r^k^e confneration , Urns 
moietbeniteceflarie: aetlucma^learnebrtbc tcri? o;Derof 
tije creation , balue tbat CDo^ iMozketb bp bis creatures, not 
m one tbat (lanoctb in nccDc of tbc bclpe of otber5,but bicaufe 
fo it pleafetb bim . Mben be faptb , Let the earth bud foorth 

tlie bud of the hcdrb,that fecdeth fecde^thc fiuitfull tree which 

bearccii fruitc: be gincf b to tinDcrllanD, tbat not ontl^ bearbr0 

ant) trees iDeretbcncrcatcD, but alfotbat tf^t^ botb bati tbc 

polucr of propagation anD imjcnDering giuen tnto tbem, tbat 

oftbcm tbere migbt fpnng fai;tb otijers ♦ Eberefojc bic aufi 

iue fa Dailp tbat tbe eartb Dotb polutc f© jtb of ber lappe tinto 

tjsricbcsin fucb plentiful! U)ire,bicaufcijue fee tbat bearbcs 

hot beare faDe, ano tbat tbe fame feeoe becing ronfeineuin tbc 

bofomeoftbecartb^ts nourillKO tjntill it fp;jinge foifb, an3 

tbat fome trees Doe fpiingfaj;tb of otberfome : Uiemuftnote 

Til- wor - ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ commetb of tbe faioe luo^De , Jf tbercfo;je lue oe^ 

He of Goani^"ntv» Wa)ite0mmetbtopacretbat tbe eartb is fruitfull, 

giucth tbat tbe buD rp;ingetb from fceoe,tbat frutts come to ful! rtpe^ 

power of neCTe, ano tbat t^inzB of all binOvl^^ue incrcafe bebinoc tbent 

being to jjuerp^eare: tbere (ball no otbercanfe be founDetbcntbis,but 

iur«?*" bicaufe cl3oD batb fpotoi oiue, tbat 10 to fap^be batb trttcreD 

bis euerlatting Decree : but tbt crartb , ano tbofe tbingcs tubi* 

rbe p20cce!3e from tbe fame, v«l^ obedience to tbe commanDe^ 

mtnt of C3oo Uibicb tber alujares beare. 

1 4 [ Let there be lights m the firmament.]] ^OfCS paOetb tO 

tbe fourtb Da^,U)bcrein tbe llarres tncrc maDc, fntdc be baD 
creatcD tbe ligbt : but noUie be appouitctb a nctue oioer of na* 
ture,tbat tbc$>unnenugbt bca continual! giucr of ligbt, ano 
tbat tbe ^ane ano&tarres migbt fljine bi? nigbte. ^no ba 
mributttl) tbiiJ oUtcebnto tbcm,tbat luc mat' Imotoe tbat aU 
crcaturca llanDe at bis l»ill, anO ercquute tbat Uibicb be com<r 
maunix^tb. Jro) ^ofes repo;tetb no otber tljing, hut tbat 
OoD bao apomteo rerteine inftruments,U>bif b gaue tbat ligbt 
LT?tbeircDurfe ano turnelubicb teas alrcaoic created bcfoze, 
ICbis is tbe only} Difference,tbat tbe lijjbt luajj oifpcrtt befc;e, 
toberas noU) it p;oca;Detb from ligbtfome ano l^mino; booicss 



V V oiT GENE 5 rs-; C T '^^ 

toWcf) fo tl)i0 t)fc anD purpofc obcT* dPoo.cTo fcpant^ tBc day ^^^J^^ ^^^ 
'^ from the night* ] l^cmcanctt)tl)cartifi(iaUuav,tol)ift) begins ^^,,11 ,,,a 
net!) at tljc rifing of tlic &unnc,anD cntjct!) at tbc fcttmg of ttic xiuficuU. 
fame . jfo; tbe natural! Dap, of tl)C lobictjc fce maOc mention 
twfo;c,fontcmct6 in it tbe nigljt.l^crbp tt)Ou maitt gatl)cr that 
tbeturncs ano intcrcfjaungcablecourfccof oareBanomgt)' 
tc£5 flljaibe altDat»c3 continuall : bpcaufetbe IdojDc of Cod, 
iDtjicb tuoiilD banc tbc h^v^ to Differ from tbe tiigbts^moDcra* 
tetb tbe courfe of tbe ^unne to tbi^ cnD . [ And let them be 
for figncs. ] Mlc muftc notc tbi0 , tbat mics Doctb not c uri* 
oua^ DifculTe fccret mt?ltcrieg:but rcpo;tctb tbofe tbmgs tubi^ 
cbeare knotucn euen totberuDerfo;rtc, anD are m common a doable 
t)fe . anD tbcre is a Double p;^ofitc rec ciueD bi? tbe courfe of tbe profit rc- 
^unnc anD ^mnt: tbc one iB naturall, tbe otbcr brlongctb to [['^l^^J^ 
tiuil o?Dcr » ^nDer nature 3 comp;cbcnDe alfo tillage . ifo; ^Mhc' 
altbougbe fotoinge ano reapinije require tbe arte anD m^^ sunnc 
DullrieofmemretnotlDttbttanDingtbiB iB naturall,tbat tbe & Mooixk 
^unne tbe necrer itcommetb> tbe mo>e it luarmetb our featc 
t)beretueinbabite,tbatitb;^ingetbtbe mod temperate time 
of tbe &p.jing, tbat it caufctb feummcr i tKainter: buttobcr^ 
as men rechon among tbemfelu^s fo; memo;ic fabe I'earctf 
anD monetbcs, tobereas tbepmaheoftbefaiDe)Pcarci5,Datc0, 
reckoning from feareto t»eare,eitber bp tbe creation of tfcc 
lD0.2lDe,o; bi' tbe birtb of Cbiift^o;^ elfe bp tbe reigne of Cb;ii* 
ffianp;mce6, anD iDbcreas tbeti baue ccrteinrfireDanD ap^ 
pointeo Dav^cu^tbat is,(3l fap,) p;oper to ciuil regnncnt. ^cni* 
tion is maDe bere of citber part.^ottoitbffanDing tubr ^ofctf 
callctb tbem figne^, 3 \jDill fl)eU)c in fclu Ido;dc0: bicaufe ccr^ 
teine couriou0 perfons abufe tbi^place^to colour tbeir baine 
p;ognoftication0 : 3 fap tbep are Chaidaeans anD fanaticafl 
perfon0, lobicbe fo;e(beloe all tbinge0 bt? tbe figbte ano De^ ^ 

montfration of aarre0 . )15^caufe £^orc0 favctb , tbat tbc l[lf^,, 
f^xmm anD ^pcone are appointcD fo: (igne0 : tbcr tbmlte abuic thi# 
tbattbcp can Djatwc tobat foeuer tljtv luftc out of tbmi. i5iit pUcc. 
tbepare ealilp confutcD . ifo: tbep arefaiDe to be (igncsof 
rerteine tbing0 : anD not to be noter0 anD fc;e(brU}cr0 of r»U 
tbing0 after our otun U)iL:3nD tobat otbcr tbings Dotb St)oks^ 
fa^ are ficjriCDjbut tijofelubicbpertetneto tbe o;Der of natures 

C/ ! O HN C A E V'l Ni:r 

3 if 0*5 tlje fame ©ou lobtdie c^Dcinctl) Ogncs Uvc, f ctlffictt bi? 
Er1.44.t5 ti?cp;op!)ctG-far4bat!5cb;ingctl)tt'C ficrms cf §:ontl;faicr0 tonan{j[t)t:anDto;biDtirtlj IbcmtofcarctticCgncs ofljcauem , 
Wnt bi'caufe it is cuiocnt , ttiat £P3te goctf) not bci^ouDc ttje 
accuftomcD manner of men ^ 3 fta^ from longer Difputattcm 
%^t i^^b;ae icoztic lo^^hitt) tit)s tranf atc,Ccitcine times,is Ou 
uerflr taUcn of t!)C ^)cb.u!rs : foi it figntfiet!) botlj tbe twnei 
anDtbcfpaccanDalfotbcaCTcmbliestbemfcIucs. "SLi^e Rab- 
bines t)oc commonli? crpounD Ujib plate of tfjcir fcfliual Dai?f s: 
but31t;ocfurtbcre]CtcnD£it,a0firft0?to note tijc oppo^tunu 
tics of tiinciS iubicb in jfrcncbc arc callctJ Saiions,anD in CDn^i 
liii) Scafons: anD alfo al luo;Dli? rniD fo;ircici:nc afTcnibiics.if ur^ 
tl)n*mo:c,£^ore£f conimcnDctirtbe bnfpcal^*cab!c goDncflTe of 
<D £D D tjcrcin, tljat not oncl\? the &unnc anD Wmnt tot illu* 
mine toe cartb>bnt alfo in tlje oarlie tjfecf our lifc^Doein fun^ 
D;ie Unfcgiuctjnto 1)3 otljcr commooittcs » jt remainctl) tl)at 
.>.. luc pnireli? cnioping tljc manifolo benefited of CDoD,ma\> learne 
iiott04j^opi)anetb;oiigt)OurDifo:DereDabufc, fmb crcetlcnt 
rrcaturc£!. 3nti)0mcanctime>letb0 beboloe tljis iDonocrfuU 
li^ojkcmaiftcr, toljo jjatb fo crrcllcntlv DifpofcD and plarctJ all 
tbings^tbat tbc^ doc anCiuere one an otbcr U)itb a molt ftoeete 

ly [; And let them be fbr. Jightcs.] ^tis nccctfaric torc^ 

peate againc tltat lubirb 3! faiDe bcfo:c : tbat Sl^ofcs Doetlj not 

bcreintreatepbilofopbicallr^botuc great tbe &unne iBintf)z 

firmament, anD boUicfaiggeo^bo^e little tbe ^©ne is: but 

ftoloe great ligbt U)e rcf cine from tbem . j?02 intfjisplacebe 

tuljcttctb our mcmo>ie,lcall toe forget tbofe giftes of ^ JI> 

lubicljclueeniop, gD!)crefo;citDoctbfurtbcr bs notbing,td 

tnocrftanDtt)cmeanino(ofj3pofcs, to flieabouctbcbeauenu 

luitb tbe U)ings of p;^efumptwoujf cuncfitie: onel^ let bs open 

our epcs to bcbolDe tbis ligl)t,U)biebe CDoD fcttctb befo:e ts in 

cartb . 15p Inbicbe reafon (as 3 aOmonitbeD bcfn;e) tbeir Unc^ 

^TKc Uconeffcis oucrtb:oti\en,U)bicberep;ebenD ^ofcs,fo;t tbat be 

b!>^owcth OJ*^^<^"otmoiecwtlg. J?o>bebaD ratber refpect tobs,tberi 

jx^rTight to tbe ttarres, eucn as It became a H>in inc. ^nobeluasnot 

from the ignoiant, tbat tbe^pojne baD notfufficientnimmgb^rgbfncs 

sunQc. iit^cr fclfc to Ulumitu t^xavt^ y tjjiUlTct^bo^rol^eD tbe 


tmc from fbe feunnc t but (je counter) tt fUffideHt to ff nfbc3 T -* 
^ f fjat tl)mg iDfticbc tuc all plainelp befjoloc, namely? tbat tfm 
^ojncte agiucr of ligbttntoljfls.e^afjcrcas tbejaaroncmcra 
fay tijat tl}c 05(Dnc is an obfcurc anu fliaDoUjcD booicj graunt 
tfte fame to be fo farrc fo^tb truc,tbat 31 may Dcnte tbc ec^mxt 
to be Darbe . jfoi firft of all , faing ttjat tf)c ^©ne ib bisbcr 
tfjcn tbe Clement of fircitmuftntEDCB bca ficric boDie.i^crc* 
tpon it follolDctb, tbat it cotitcynetb in it iic^t : but becaufe 
It batb rtot fuff icient ligbt to ^j:tenDe bntoljfi: it bo;roluetb 
tbcit tDbicf) it toantetb from tbc ^unne. it^e faitb coparatiuc^ 
lytbatitgiuetblclTehgbt: beraufc tbat is a fmall ponion of 
ligjt U)bicl)e it fenDctb f©;:tb tjnto ij^jjeuenas t^c ligbt of tbe 
^nnne 10 crccDQing. .' 

16 I^rhc greater light to rule the day.] J fait) bcfoie tbat ^Qf 

fc0 Dotb not bf re curioully intreat of tbe fccrcts of natnre,a0 a 
Pbilofopber: ag 10 to be feene intbefe tuo;O0.if irft of all be af^ 
Cgnetb to tbe p!anct0 1 tt arre0 tbeir feate in tbe firmament of 
ljeauen.)15u t tbe Mronomers mat^e a bi0tnction 0; oiffTE;i*encf 
of tbe ^pbeare0: ano bo teacbe alfo tbat tbe fireb ftarres baur 
tbeir proper pface in tbe tirmament.£pofe0 mafeetb tluo great 
Iigbte0 : but tbe attronomcr0 p:oue by ftrong rcafons , tbat 
tbe ffarre caUeb Saturne, tubicbc appearctb to be tbe leaC a^ 
mongalltbereft,byreafonoftbefarrene(re tbereof, isgrea^ 
ter tben tbe C^ojne. X^iB 10 tbe bifference: ^ofe0 lu;ote, com*' 
tnonly ano plainely tbofe tbinge0 tubicbc all tbcfiniplCj tjoior 
of learning anbhnolulctige,t)nr)erllano bt>tommonfenre;but 
tbey fearcb out toitb great labjjur all tbat i0 luitbm tbe reacb 
ano compare of mvnn0 tnifebomc ano bnoerttanomg. ISixt yet /ftron(v 
tbat Diligence oi fcrence i0 not to be Difalotueo o} conoemncD: mic m doc 
a0certeinepb:entiUeperfon0 are tuont toDoe,U)bobolDly re? vttcriy 10 
lect lobatfoeucr i0 to tbem bnhnoiuem if 0; attr ologie 10 not ^' f °^'°*^ 
bnely pleafanttobefenoluen,butalfotcrie p:ofitablc.31t can* "* : ^ 
not be Denicb but tbat tbe fame art Dotb fct fo;tb tbe tuonDcr^ 
full UnfeDome of dDoD. C2IIberfo:e, a0 Imfemen are to be p:ai# 
feb, tDbicbebaue p:ofitably laboured in tbi0 point : euen fo 
tbey lubicb baue letfurc anb abilitie ougbt not to neglect thi0 
feino of ere rcife . ijlleitbcr 10 it (be purpofe of ^fc0 to o;aUje 
ts from tbe ttuDie tbereof, tbougbc be omitteb tboff tbmjJf^i 

jCL . r^ H N OKI r 1 » fi, 

^s fxflDldfj »t£mptT to art. i5at bccaufc f)t l0a«)D;jtja'itc!) fo be i 

teacher hot Buli>Dftt)0ru>c arioigno;5ant^butal(o of tbe lear# 

tieo,b^ coalbc no otljcrtuifc DiCcbargc bis mtctic, tbcn b^ fta^ 

mittOf bfefpeacbc anD rcafoiw after a conmton antj groOc ma^ 

Iter. Jfbc d^onlDbauefpafecn of tbingfi commonly bnbnolus? 

rn : tbc Dnlcarrtcaj migbt bauc compla^nt^y .tiiat tbcfe tbitiQ^ 

lu :rc farre abow5 tbcic capacitic^SDo be (I|o;^,fcemi5 tbe fpiritc 

ofiDoDDot^bcrc generally inflruct^U men; it tsrtomaruell 

tf bcDoefpcciallpcbajre tbofctbutgis U)bicbmai?be twDcrllajD 

THc of all men* 3lf fo be an aftroitomer feUe tbe true pzqpo^tiontf 

rr"h " «^f ^tJ^^^^'^'c*; ♦ bca)aU fuitic tbat tbe ^©ne i^lcOetben tbe 

the Virrc &^tJf f^ ^a^l^o Saturnc , IBut tbiJEf w biODen : fo; it appemttft 

called Si:^ otbcrtuifc to our epc£8,2Dbercro:e £0o(cb ratbcr framctb bim* 

turoc ftlfe to common tfe ♦ $o). feeing tbe ilo^tjeboctb after a fo>t0 

reacbe fo:tb bi0 bano \jnto tjs, tobcn be b;ingetb to palTe tbat 

tue iniop tbe bzigbttielTe of tbc ^unnc ano 9^m\t : boto great 

'iingratttuoe toere it, loillingl^ to Iftut our et?e5 againtt ejrpe* 

tience it fclfe^f 2Dberefo:e,tbere is no caufe lub^ curious per^ 

tbns (boulo Derioe tbc t^nChiifiilneire of £^ofes,becau(c be ma^ 

bctb tbe £^einc tbe fecono ligbt.i?o;5bc Dotb nottall bs bp bn* 

to beaueit, but onel^ p:opounbetb tbofe tbinges lobicb are be^ 

fo:eour e^e« . %tt tbe ^ttronomers bauc to tbcm felues ei 

I)i5bcr hnoiDleoge: neuertbele(re,tbe^ lubicbe from tbc^mne 

recctue tbc Ugbt of tbc nigbt are rep:oueo b\? tbe terie bfe , of 

ingratituOctnleCTc tbei' acknotulcoge tbe gcDOnclTe of dDoD, 

^ 18 [Torulemthcdayjl^eootbnotafcribean^rucbrulc 

to tbe ^unnt ano ^cone > as ma^ Diminifte an^ tbing of tbc 

polDcr of Ooii: but bicaufe tbe ^irnnt ooetb gouerne tbc Dap 

b^ compafling tbe eartb about,anD tbe ^©ne tbe nigbt in iibc 

manner : tberefojc be attnbutetb tjnto tbem>rule» Sinn let tju 

remember tbat tbis p;incipalitie is fucb ^ tbat tbe &unne 10 

thto !ui ncuertbclettc a feruant,euen as tbe ^©ne is a band maioe.311 

«nom. tbe meane time let bs reicct tbe doting errour of Plato, lobp 

giuetb bnto fetarres reafon,ano a minoe. ^et\)ts content our 

felues toitb tbis fimple erpofition,tbat dl^oD ooetb gouerne tbe 

Dapes ano nigbtes bp tbc feruice of tbe &unne ano ^©ne: bi* 

caufe tbe^ are as it iDcre bis cfjarriotcS; tubi([) giuc conueni^ 


i . .. • 20 [Let 

10 [Xct tlic waters bring forth cucric creeping tlilhj^.]] 33^0 j^ 

BfteDav , fouto auD fiflljes lDcrccreateD» 2Df)c blcCTing of OoOi 
IB aDacD,tl)at tl)ty! mai? of tfjem felues bang fcDztl) fto;c of tljcr 
lame kirit^t » Ctjifi w another manner of pzopagation ano m- 
creaGng tl)tn w tbat lufjicbe w in bearbe« ano tras : foj treed 
Iwue tbcir ft renjjtf) ano tertue to fructiffe, t bearbs to groUjo • ; 

grine tu!)icbe p.20f(5cbe of fe&De : but foultiJ ano ^m fiauc 
generation ♦ i^ottoit^ffanDmjj , tbtsfttmctbtobeoitaTenC 
fromreafonvU)l)ereberaitbtbat«ruc£jp2ococv3cD from tbc 
iDater^tanB tberfo;re bcreof fcoffers take ocranon to taml13ut 
altbougb tbere tocre no otber reafon bnt tftw , tbat fa it plea* 
fee (000 :oagbtU)e not to content our reli«« toitb bu^iuDcc/ 
ment:^ MbTl marp not be tulncl) creatco tfte t!3o;^lDe of notbin^* 
bnng f® J tb Wixtts out of tbe luater i M^ tubat mo;e abfnri» 
tJttie (3 p^a^ ^u)ii3 tbere m t\)t ozi^'nall of IBxrtcB ftctn tb0 
toater, fben^ere is tb^ Kubt top^ocotiefromoarkencffci 
SDb«"efo:e,tbet' tobicbeUoe fo peruerfl^ fontrolUbe<Ireat(u* 
mutt toke fo;j bts bengeancc to tbeir Deftrnetion; l^otubcit, if 
ipc tuitfjUano^t^em b^ naturall reafonsf , toe knotuc tbat tba 
itJatert£Jm6;eit*ret3nta t^ie aire, tben 10 tbc^artb, "^ut 
Iw m\ifi f atlw ^iue ieare tmto ^pofes our inftructour,. tob^l 
toulD bn'ng tjsfinto admiration, bptljelMJUfitJeratioaof tbe 
lDo;feefl; of <©oo . ano beril?- tbe IUjjijc^ tbougb be be tbe au* 
tbour of nature,!?et nottoitbaanoing be b^tb not fdlolutD tbe 
o:oer tbereof in rreattng tbe \iio:lBe : tjut rbtrfc ratbcr to IbeUi 
fa)jfl)tbofebocumenft50f biff potDer,U)JuM«S?Jtxonarmiit 
Ds to totonoer . • 'O? dnr; :- > 

' 2ilThcnGodcMtcAihcpc^tc vslialc^.] if^errarifetftaQucflloa: 
queffion-oftbe1wo;rtJe of creating. Jro: at ttjt fira,U)e fn^ tbat 
tfje tDo:loe tnas maue of notl)iHg,btcaurc it tua5 creat^D . flnd 
fcotii #ofeii faitb,tbat fbofc t&trtges feere crratcri,lwt>icbea*^ 
falftioneDofanotber matter* -ffi^W^V tabicbcfa^-^tbatfiUcJ Aafwcrc;, 
Are truelp anb p;dpcrt^ create^') * bic ciufe tbe tuaterc lucre b^ 
ho manner of meaner etpt nM fittt to piocreatc ano inrrnrticr 
tbem,Tccfec notf^ing elfe but a Hiirtlrtg bole : foj tbii5 n)ouiDe 
KcttertbeFclTe ftano, tbat it lijasf tbe flrtt matter of botb : ^^v» 
c!)et6i?p:op2ietieoftb^tuo20e5oetbnotaomttte. li^t J uoc 
not rtiWrawfelSe \Jddiixt odfy^QfttXi^i^u t|?e mutwn: bat 


3f rtftcrfe^! ft af it Dcpcnoctljoftftat D^fo^medaiiD confufeu 
maflPir.luhtcbeU^aiiasitiwcrctbc fpzing o^ founteine of ttje 

G^Sytxot that tbe beciniung of t^ crcatioa^ia to be rec^oneii 
from tbat moment oif time, tuljerem tljeg receiuc tljeir fo;i^ 
me: but bccaufc tbc^ are contetineD in t|)etMboIcboDieU)fji' 
tit 10 maoe of notbing* S>o in refpect of (I)ape, tbe fo;me one^* 
tg \Das aODcD: but tbetreattpniteuerti^elelTe is truel^ faioe to 
belong to tbe tubole ano alfo to tfje partem. S^pfe fifl^es Uibi^ 
c\)c arc bere tranflateo ano termcO WLi^tilcis^ ma]? in mi? iuDg# 
inent be better calleO Tunics, if 0^ it agrectb tuitb tbe U)o:og 
of tbe i^cb; ue ton^wtT^hammm^ Wbcn be faitb, [ Whkhc the 
waters brought foprdi, ] be p;toceet[etb in comt^icnoitig tbe tU 
firacie of tbe tuo>De, in tbat tbe luatercf lucre fo qnicfee of b^a* 
nng^tbat tbe^ bccing oeao in tbemfelue^ , fouDenIg bopco bp 
lining creatures, l^olDbeitiSpofeiSferp^ciretbmoie^ao tbat an 
innumei?abl6fojteoffi(be5 0oefp;jing from tbe Uiaters, be* 
caufe tbe fame luo:o of ODoD ftanoetb. ft|U of fo^^,luljereb^ t^^ 
•nreommiaunoeotbattbing;'*, r ,;. .^^ -. 

•^ 21 [Fhcnepdblcfferfthcm^. ®f tol^at fo;>cet!)i^ 
fing is,b^b^^nb b)^ occlaretb,ifo? dDoo ootb notp^a^ o; bicffi 
after tbe manner of men,tjDbicbe toitb a b^cfec onelp b^ingctj^ 
tbat to patTe^Uibicbe men luitb long tui(be£i ano ocftrcB fcebe* 
SCbcrcfo<:e be bicfletb , lubni be commaunoetb bis creatures 
to grotue ano to incrcafe : tbat i^ to fa^jbc polu:etb fruitful*, 
weffe intfl tbem b^ bij5 U)o;Oe» i5ut it famctb fonoe, tbat <Dob 
fpcahetbto fifbcoano to creeping tbingcs. 3lanfU)crer.y}at 
tbe manner offpeecbeluas no otberU)ife, but tbat it mtgbt be 
tmnerffortw. ifo; tbe fojce of tbe U)o;D iubicb luas oirccteo tnii 
to tbe fiiibco Uias not tran(ito:ie o; taine^ajs tbe cjcperiment if 
(cUie teacbetb : but ratber being con|[;j(^^^d^i|n tbeir nature )if\^\i 
taften roitor,\Dbicb bailr fructifietb* m - v * • ' i 

• 24 [Let the earth brrngfoortbO l^e commet?) to flic C)c( 

Z)a)?,U)bereintbebeatte5 of tbe eartb lucre createo, anotben 

tnan» Let the earth ,(fa)?etb be?) bring foorth huing crea- 

turcs.ll5iit from tobence batb a oeao element lifc:'3Cberefo;e, 
ixitUn part tbcre io no IcfTe miracle^tbcn if d^oo bao bcgon to 
triMeoI noticing i\)oi% ttnnges; ti)t)ict)e be conimaunoetb to 

fOmc fmffj'of ff)C cartb iititj be uotb not tahc matter out oftijt • 
^^rtbias tijoiigl) be (Irooe m nccD tt)crcof:but tbat be ntigbt tbc 
better coniopnc ano knit all tbc partes of the U)o:itjc,\juitb tbc o .^(\i^ 
iDbo^ctt felfc. il^otloitbftanDinq:,itma^bcDcmaiinDco,U)bp "* 

IjercalfobeDoctbnotaDDcbws bleffnig:^ 3 aunfU)cre,tbat Ujc 
mud m tbiBplace fuppofc o; tjnocrftanDc tbat U)bicbe£porc0 ^°^^"^ 
rrp.:e(reDbefio;:e,in tbc like place : altbougb be tioe not noU) rc^ 
peate tbc fame tuojoe fo; iuo;De. 31 far furtbcr, tljat it is ruffle 
ricnt to note tbat tbmg,befaufe£pofe0 fat^tbjtbat lining tbnii 
Qts iuerc maoe after tbeir binoc ♦ Sfo^ tbis oiaribution 
b;ou0bt noUic luitb it fome (table tbing, 0nti it ma\? bcreof be on w"'!*". 
gatberen,tbat generation luas incluDeS,in all lining tbingciJ. cWc" in' 
jf o;^ to U)bat enoe feme tbc particular kinnes^but to multiplle ^ii iiuirg 
gcnerall!?^ [CattcL] &omedftbe!^ebzues put tbis Difference '^^"&^» • 
betiuanecattell>anDtbebealtc0oftbeeartb: tbatcattcll arc 
tbe^ U)bicb (tra^e ano fceoe on bearbes : anu tbat tbcp are 
beaftes lubicb eate flelb. :51But tbelLozUe a little after affignetb 
to eitber uf tbcm tbc common fecoing tjppon bearbes , ^nD 
tnema^pecteii«inrjiuerfeplace£;oftbc fcripture, tbat tbefc 
ttDo luo^Defi TLtt confounucD, ano bfeD^B if tbe^ luere all one . 
5l5ut J ooubt noft , but tfjat ^o(cb after be baD calleD tbc one 
Behemoth iaUDeb tbc otber namefo;amo:e fullerpofitiotr* 
JB^ crapin^Jtbinges, bnoerftanoe bere tbofe creatures lubicft 
are 6f a terrettriall nature ♦ j •. 
\::26 [Wc will make man.3 aitbougbtbis befpoften mtba 
ftitntx tenfeal menitotUutbltanmng tuil confclEe, tbat tftis i5 
afpeccb of one taking as it Inere Deliberation, ^ttbcrto bebatfi 
fct CDoD befo:e tjs commaunoing limply : anD notuc toben be 
eommetb to tbc moffc cpcellcnt luo^ke of all tbe rc(t,be tabetli 
tonfultation. dDoDmigbtbauc commaunocD berea^fo brbt0 
bare lDo;De tobatfoeuer be tuoulD banc Done : but bis purpofc 
luas to gim^ tbis to t^t ercellennc of man , tbat be tuoulD after 
a fo|t Deliberate about biB creation.SDbis is great bono: iubi* 
rbc be toucbctl; fafe to ginc tjnto biet : to tbe confiDcratioit 
tobcreof ipofes bp tbis fpeacb tuent about to p^nokc bs.if o;. 
<!^0D Doetb not nolue begmnc to betbinke bini,U)bat fo:mc be 
iDcre belle giue bnto man, ano iubat giftes U)f re meetcft to a« 
l»o;iie bun ;neitbcrooetb be (tar/tippon it, as tpponabara 


r tnaffcrtbutcucn as toe aumoninbco bcfo:c,fbattbecreatiot! 
of tbc too jlDjtuas DiUnbutcD into fir Darc0 to^ our fake, to tfjc 
cntjc our mintjcs mai? be ttjc better rctemeOjin tlje mcoitatioti 
of 001)5 Vuo;Ucs : euen fo noto^to conimenDe bnto t?0 tfte U)o;r 
tbmeire of our nature, fjc taking confultationabout tljecrea^ 
tins of man,Declaretb ti^dt be taketb fomc grcate ano lln0Ular^ 
tbing m baniie ♦ ffibere arc nmni? tbinges in tijis corrupt na* 
tur e,Ujbicb ma^ bnng contempt : but if tbou U)C^ all tbinged 
rigbtlr> inanofallotber creatures 15 a certeine notable pat# 
tcrne, of tbc IwifcDome, rigbteonfnelTe, anD gcoDnelR of (©oo^ 
31n fo mucb tbat be is rigbtl^ calico of tbe auncient ifatbers 
fjL\^oKOfffA.Q^ytliat i$ to fav,^ little tpo:loe . spo^eouer, feeing 
Man is i fij^ iio^'J naoeo not anr otber counfellcr,tbere 10 no Doubt but 
patcrnc of ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^f^^ j,j^ Dcliberotc tuitb bim felfe^ano tbe geloeij 

dom- ^^^ ^^^^ ^°"^> ^" feijjning tbat <II5oD communicateD bi^ tDo;M)e 
tjoitb tbe eartb oz luitb angcte . ^s tbougb tbe eartb tuere a 
ronuenient counfcller . anotoafcribc tbe lead partoffono^ 
table a lDo:ke to jangel0 , iB abbominable facrilege* Mbere 
toilltbe^finue, tbat toe are created after tbie image of tbe 
eartb 0; of ^ngel0 f iSDotb not #ofe0 btterl? ejrcluoe all 
creatures, tobcn be repojtetb tbat aoam toaff maoe after tbe 
image of di^oD i j^tberfome, tobicb tbinke tbemfelues mojc 
|jDife,bciug ttoice mo;je fcDlilb,fa^ tbat CD ^ 2> fpake after tbe 
maner of p;inces,of bimfelfe in tbeplurallnumber^as if tbat 
barbaroufncflTcUibicbe batb crept in but of a (bo^t tixm^ reig* 
ncD tbcn in tbe too:lDe. 515ut it is Uiell tbattbei^DOggi(btoic# 
beDnrlTc is iornen toitbfo greateblockilb Dulncac,tbattbei? 
inai? beto;ap tbeir fcolilbnelfe turn to cbilo^cn ♦ 2Dberefo;e 
Cballtans ooe berie aptlT> afiSrme bpon tbis te(Hmonie,tbat 
tbere arc mo perfons in (15oD , and tbat (DoD calletb bnto bim 
no fo2rein[nc perfon . l[)ereof toe gatber,tbat be finottb toitbirt 
him fomctobat tobicb iB Dtlltncte : tbat bis eternall totfeHQme 
ani? potoermaprett inJ^inu Clnourimagc] . 3|nterp;etour3 
Doe not agra about tbefe too:Ds,neuertbeleirc tbe greater fo;t 
Doe agree, tbat tbis too^oc (image) is DillinguilbeD from 
ima^e and UkencOe.anD tbis is almofte tbe common Di(hnction,tbat tbe 
firaihruac image confilletb in tbe fubttance : ano tbc fimilituDc in tbe ac^ 
^yha(u'ifc riDentes,2Db^U)bicbtoill b;icfl2 b^^fin^? affirme tbat tjnoer 

"VP OW GENE sis; 

ftc imaffcare rontctncD tbr 5tftc0lo!)icl) Coo liatf) bcftoluco « ^ . 
tppon mans nature: ano tticT? ci:pounDc lihencttc to be free 'J""" 
gifts, But Auguftinc w mo;ccunouB tijcn tt)crca,tnfomucI} then""* 
tbat be fo^getb a SCrinitie in man. if o; toberajs Anilotlc rec* 
feonctb tjp tb:0e polocrB of tlje (bule, namclp, t)nDcrttant5ing, 
mcmo;jie,anu Uiilhbc tahing IjoliJc of tbe fame^froni one Xxu 
nitic aftcrtJDarDeocriuctJ) manp. 3(f an^ reaDer be DifpcfeD to 
tcliQ\)t binifclfe tuitb fuc(j fpcculations , let bim rcaDe tbe i o. 
anD 14. hm^ts of tbe SCrinitic : alfo bis 1 j , bmhc of tbe r itie of 
Cod. 3 f onfclTe tbat tbere is fomclobat in man tobicb rcfr m# 
blctb tbe fatbeMbe fonne,anrj tbebol^ gbcll: alfo 3 do not tt- 
terlp reiect tbat DiHinctto of tbe potucrs of tbe foulc: altbougb 
a moje b:icfe partition,as tbat lubicb contiftetb of tli30 parts, 
Icbicb is mo;te tfuall in tbe mo:c apt f c onucnicnt 
to tbcooctrine of goDlinelfe. Wut tbe Definition of tbe image of 
Cod ougbt to baue mo;ie firmneffe^tben to HanD tjpon fucb r u? 
rious fubtilties. 35>bef3,2e J Define tbe image of CoD,Doe Denic 
tdatit Dotb Differ from bis fimilituDe.ifo;> iDben £pores repeat 
tetbtbe fame afterluarDe, omitting tbis li»o>De fimilituDeo; 
IihenetTe , be is contenteD tbatbe baD ralleD ;aDam bis image. 
3f an^man obiect,tbat £©ofesfougbt tobeb:afe, toben^be 
ttuice repeatetb tbe name of image>tbcre is no mention maDe 
of fimilituDe. Wic fenoto alfo tbat tbe l^ebjucs commonlp bft 
to repeate one tbinge toitb Diuerfe Ico^Des. if urtbrrmo^e, tbe 
pb^afe it felfe (bctoetb, tbat tbefeccnDe luo^De Uias aDDcD in 
If ceDe of an epplicationiLct vs make man (faitb be) m our o wnc 
jmage,aftcr our ownc likcncfTc : tbat iS to fa^, tfjat be ma^ bs 

libetrntoCoDAJtbatbema^bcare tbe image of OcD. Slobc 
fto;t,in tbefifte cbaptcr be mailing no mention of tbe image, 
in If eeDe tbereof prittetb DolDnetbistuo^DefimihtuDe. fioU 
toitbtf anDing,tbe Difference bettuane tbe tuo;Dcs being ta^ 
ken alna^, toe baue not as ret fet Dolune tnto ts^lubat eitber 
luere tco grorce^tobtcbe fougbt tbe fame image in nrans boDie. 
,%berefo;e let tbat blinoe errour l^e DeaDe. ;I)tberfomc,fomej» 
tutjat mo:e fnbtili?, tobo altbougb tbep Doe not mtngmcCoo 
tobaueafaoDie,retnotiDitblfanDingtbeppIafe the unagcof 
Cod in tbe booie of man ; becaufc fo iapiiOcrfull a iuo;lui:?arv 

t O HN C A LV I N E 

I « ftiptljmcfljtljerem . iBiittbw opinion agrit!) noth)itl)tit 
&cripturc,aB Vwe fljal fee. ^s ttifrae is the erpofition of Chry- 
fortome,lu6o refcrrctft,to rnle,tbat U)l;iclj U)as giiic to man, 
ti)atbcniigljtafterafo;tcbeafeconuc (ID£)2t> tponeartbiii 
gouenting ttie Uio:lDe . SDiiis is fome poztion of tbe image 
of OoDjbut vet a tjcric fmal one. liSecaufc tbe image of (!3oD iai 
ra^eo out in tjs b^ tbe fall of i^oam : luc ma^ iuDge iubat it 
Colo. 3 .TO ^y^^g jj^ jjjp rcftonng of tbc fame againe.^aule faitb tirat, Wc 

^P'^*^^ arc through the Golpell tranffigurcd into tlic image oFGod. 

flno acco2Ding to Ijis mcaning/pirituall regeneration is no* 
thing clfe^but a repairing of tfje fame image . ^no lubereas 
be piiicet) tbe fame in rigbteoufncCTe anD true bolinelTe, it is 
l)^ a figure callcD Synecdochey)}}pcn parte is put fo; tbe tobole. 
iro; aftbougb tbis be tbe principal part^^et notlDitbttanoinu 
it is not tlje U^bole . SHberefo^e b^ tbis fpetcbe tbe tobole inte* 
gritie of i^ature is noteo, Iwben J^oam Uias tnouet) \j)i^ a 
rigbt l)nDerttanDing,lDben all bis affections loere o;jOereD b^ 
reafon, tobcnallbisfenfestDeretnco^rupteo, anDtobenbe 
Crucl^ ej;f ellco in all graces. &o tbat, tbe cbiefe feate of <^oDs 
image , luas in tt^t minoe anQ in tbe b^art, tob^rc it baD t^z 
preeminence : notluitbttanoing tber^ luas no parte tubere* 
in fome fparcfees Did not appeare ♦ if o; tbere toas a tempera* 
ture in all partes of tbe foule,tDbicbeconfiftcli of equalitie.3lif 
tbe minoe, t\)t ligbtoftruetnOerll^anDing reigneO: anoto 
t\)i$ Uias io^ncD, as a companion, tt)t linccritic of tbe mintje* 
illltbc fcnfes tuere piompte ano framcDtotb?obeDtenceof 
reafon. 3ln tbe boDie tbere tuas a tttttint equall p:opo:tioii 
to tbat o:Dcr. Ji^oUi altbougb ccrtcint obfcure lineaments anD 
mariics of tbat image rcmaineints: ^et notU)itbfl^anDing, 
tbep are fo corrupted t lame, tbat U)c mat? trulp fap tbat it is 
blottcD out . if or bcfioe tbe Deformitic , tubicbe appearetb in 
cuerie parte to be foule,tbis mifcbiefe fbetoet!) fcrtb it felfe, 
tbat tbere is no parte U)bicb is not infected luitb tbe pollution 

of finne, [In our image, according to our hkciicnejSQfbere' 

as fome luouloebaue tbis tobcfpoken, becaufe tbe image of 
Cod luas (I)adolucd onelt'ttjntill be came to bis perfection : 3 
bnoU) not luljetber it mar ttand o: no. Cbe matter is true : 
bat ret ji tbinfee tbat cpoCcs bad no fucbc meaning, X^is alfo 


• -^ i VP O N G EN ES IS. . 

is frurf? fiiioctfjaf Cl);ift is tiK oncli? image of f!jc jratfjc r : T^ 
but i?ft nottuitbftanDing tbcUio^os of cpofcs recciuc not tbus 
fenfc. to L\y!y in il)C imagcctl^at is,3;n CI);ift.!tPo>couer,man, . 
tljougf) in an otber refpcctc, ts faiDc to be tbc image of 0£)HD. fn'"^ of 
Mljerein ccrteinc of tbc if atber^i arc DcceiucD, lutjo tljouglit otM.n ji- 
that tJje^ uio beate oolunc tlje Amans tcitb tl)iB lucapon,tiiat ucrfc r- 
Ct}:ill oneI\? luas trie image.But tW mtFicuUic alfo miift be ^p^^"- 
(5fiDcrcD,lu!)i? Paul Denietb a luoman to be tbc image of Oco: 
Uibcrcas ^pofcjs giuctl) ttjis bonour generally to botb KinDcs* 
2Cbe folution is b:icfe:b\?f aufe panic tberc toucbetb tbc date 
onebb^UiapofoiftJcnration ♦ 2bberefo:cbc rcflrainctb the 
image ofdl^oD to rule o^goucrnmcnt, b^berebi? tbcmanbatb 
fupcrio;itie ouer tbe Inoman : and tjci il^ it fignifictb no ctfccr 
tbing:,buttbatman batbtbc crcellcncie in tbe Degree of bo' 
Kour . liSut spofes bcre intreatetb of tbe gIo:ie of Cod , lobirb 
fpecialli? fl)inetb in mans nature , luben minoe, UJill, ano all 
tbefenfes,Doeretbefo;ret3Stbe Diutneo;>Der. [ And let them 
rule.] il^ere be toucbetb parteof tbat oignitie, lobcretuitb be 
Decreet to aoo^ne manmamclp^ tbat be migbt banc tbc rule o^ 
Iter aU lining tbinges. 5fo;bemaDebint l^OiOe of tbeU)o;Io, 
anomauetbebeafts erp^effel^ fubiectt)ntobim:Vubobicai;fc 
tbcpbauetbeir proper obetjiencc affigncD tbem , fccme not to 
be \)ni)cr tbc rule antJ btckt of otbers . ijiottuitbftanDing tfce 
plurall number, Let them rule, fteiuetb tbat t'Vjis luas not gi.-* 
ucn to :2lDam alone, but alfo to all \)i^ pofteritie . ^nD tjcrrb^ 
Uiegatber,toU)bateni5eall tbinges toere createO: namclr, 
tbat men migbt Ijuant none of al tbofe tbings tubicb ^c\x coiu 
ucnient anu ncccITarie fo;i tije t3fe of lifciliro in tbc terte o;Df r 
of tbe creatmyt\ic fatberl^eareof ©oo toluaroes man \s bct^ 
tet bebelDe: b^caufe, bcfo,:e be fatfcioneo bini, be furniflijct) ti}c 
iDOjlDetotb all tbinges nccelTarie: pea totbercecDingplenttr^^,^ ^^^ 
of ricbes. &o ^ bcluas ricb before be tua? bo:ne.t2:lberfro:c, ^^^^^^g ' 
if (Dory Ujere fo rarefull fo; t)S before tbat toe baD our bcring, circ fo? 
noVue tbat ine are in tbe toojiDe be tuill not Iraue ts ocllitutc nun, 
offfflDcanoofotberncceiTariesoftbislife. ^m U^berrns ofi^ 
tcntimes be kccpctb bi^^ banos as it tocre fall ftutt, tbat is to 
be imputcD to our finncs. 

27 [[Thus God created thcinan in his image,] CObrrc;» 


T tis^t mafeft mention ajaine of ^ image of (OoD^if fa no tiame 
repetition, jfoj it is a fingnlar token ofttjegoDOnelCeof <E^od, 
tDf)ic!)ecan neuerbc fufficientlp Oeclareo . and U)itba(lfjee 
aonioniftctft ts , from iufjat ere die nc ie W are fallen^tftat tje 
miQ\)t binole m ts a DcCre to recouer tlje fame. Wid^n be ao^ 
Detf) drnobt after,t!)at ^oo creatcD tl)tm male am female^ba 
rommenoetb tnto \)s tfjc matrmioniall ftatcy U)l)crcbp tbc 
focif tic of mankinoe is mamttimi} . Jfo: t!)i£5 fo;me of fpeacb, 

God created man, male and female created he tlicm^ijsf a0 inudf 

Mmiigc tn cffcct,a£( if f)c bat) faiD,tl)at tlje man iB balfc a man,anD tfjat 

racndcar ^^'^ ^^^ ^^"^^ luoinan luas iopnco to \)im fo;a mate, tbat t\)c^ 

tluo might be onc:cuen as fje mo<:e plainelp oedaretb in tlje 

fcfonoc CTfjapter* SLftues alfo is tbe meaning of tbe p.iopljetc 

MaU 1.15 ^.ilar()te,tDi)en be faitb tbat 0ou maoe one man,anD pet tba( 

be bao abunoance of tbc ^pirite ♦ ifo: tbere be tntreatetb of 

^ tbe faitb of locDlocbe, tubicb tbe 3|eU)e0 biu tjiolate tb^ougbc 

tbeir binning of manp luiues: to tbe cnD bemigbt co;recte tbis 

t ice^bc calletb tbat couple of tbe man ana tbe U)oman,tubicbe 

d^oD iopneo in tbe beginning,oneman :tbat euerp man mtgbt 

learne to content bimfelfe iuitb W toife. 

28 [AndGodblc{redthcm.]2Dbi5bIeiringof(I3ol5t0aiJ 
it toerc tb^ fountcine,from tobence manbinDe floUjcD.^no lue 
muft not confioer it in tbe generalitie it felfe onclp , but alfa 
in euerp of tbe particulars.ifo: t»e are fruitful to beget polle* 
ritie, 0: elfe barren , cuen as CDoD giuetb Itrengtb ano tertuc 
to fome, anu Dep:iuctb otbers of tbe fame ♦ 315ut tbe purpoO: 
of*pofc0i5to teacbe bere fimplf , tbat 0Dam luitb bii5 tuifc 
tuere mane to increafe fabe, tbat men at t^c laft migbt reple* 
niHe tbe eartb . ^c luas able to couer tbe eartb luitb n great 
multitude of men at once: but be luoulDebaue ts all to coma 
fa>;jtb of one founteine , to tbe enbe lue migbt baue tbe mo<2C 
r)efireofmutuallconco:be,anb tbat tue migbt tbe mD;:e U)iU 
linglt> imbjaceoneanotberasourotuncfletbe.anbas men 
arc createo to inbabite tbe eartb : fo alfo Idc ougbt to be ccri* 
tctnlp pcrfuaoeD ,tbat<DoDbvitbappointeDoutfomucboftbe 
eartb, as mar fufficc to receiue tbem fo; tbeir babitation^ 
jano tbc inequalitic U)bif b is contrarie to tbis temperature^iu 
nott^injj elfe but a corruption of j^ature^ lobtct^c commetb of 



ttnnt . 3ln tic mcanc time notU)irt)(lant)ing t\)is tlcfTins of 4-7 
Cod p:cuai?Ictf), in fo niuc[)c,tt)at tfte cartb on cucnc fiDe hattj 
fjer i:tI)abitant0,anD an cjrcccDingmukitnDc of men mav finoe 
fo: tt)cm felues an fjabitation m one parte of tbe luoiloc o; o^ 
ti)zv. But \jjz mutt note tbat toljicbc 31 faioe concerning \uciy 
locUe.CDoD luilljaue manhinD to be multipUcD bp generation: 
but not bi? comon copuIation,a5 Do b;jpte beadfi. jfo; be batb 
topneo tbe man to tbc toife^tbat tbep ma^? b;ing fo:tb oinme, 
tbat 15 to farilatufull fccDc ♦ SCb^refo^e let \)s note, to iobom 
Coo fpeahetb toben be commaunoetb tbem to grolue, ano to 
lubome be appointetb bis bletring. ^t batb not giuen libertie 
to men anoiDomen,tbattbei? mav fall into UjanDcring lu(!0 ^^^^ ^^ 
luitbont erception anO a).ime : but beginning at bolie % cbafte TcL^ntd 
lueijlofke, becommetb to generation » ifo; tbixt alfo is too:? from m. 
tbie to be noteD,tbat £pofes b;ieflp toucbetb bere tbofe tbings ^'^^^ i^^* 
lubifb afterUiaro be banoletb mo:c largely?: ano tbat be fo hiU \^ J^^"^' 
ci;oereib tbe, tbat neuertbelclTe it mai? appeare lubat 
iuas Done firft o; laft.i;iottDitbttanDing,fome Demauno tube^ o ucdiorv 
tber fornicators anD aDulterer£f alfo DO beget b^tbe potoerof 
jCoD: tbe iubicbe if it be true , tbe bleffing of C3oD is er tcnocD Aofwcrc 
to tbem alfo. 3 aunflDere tbat tbis is a corruption of Cods 
in(!itution. 0nD Ujbereas CoD bringetb faDe anD generation 
out of tbis filtbie puDDle alfo, noleffe tben out of tbe pure 
fountcine of lDeDloche,tbis turnetb to tbeir greater Dedructi^ 
on. j]5euertbeleire,tbat pure anD laU)fullo:Der ofbrcgetting 
remainetb firme , twbicbe Cod appointeD in tbe beginning: 
tbe fame is tbe laU) of nature, U)bicl)e common fenfe tcarbctb 
to be muiolable . [And fubduc it.] %e conftrmetb tbat tubu:b 
be faioe before concerning rule anD Dominion. £pan luas ^^^n Karb 
createD alreaoie for tbis caufe,tbat be migbt fubDue tbe eartb ti.c cjrth 
to i)im felfe: but tben at tbe lade be b^^D poCreflTion of bis •" ^^^'^"^ 
rigbt,Uibcn be bearetb ^W tbellorDe batb giuen tnto bini: 
anD tbistbing^pofes more full^erpreffetb iu tbc berfe fol^ 
lotumg,U)ben be bringetb in Cod giuing bearbs anD fruitcs. 
iro^ it iB a gre<it matter, tbat iue fcarfelp toucbe nctbing of 
tbe benefites of Cod, Uibicb tue Doe not bnolue to be pernut# 
teD bnto \)s of bim. j?o: otberluife Uie Doe not mo^ an v tbmg 
t»it\) a ga)D confcience, but U)5)cu as W rccetue tijc famc,as it 

. U'cr^ 




Rom I ^^^^ ^^^"^ tjjcl)anrj of tijc llo:D» <^m tl)crfo;cpaule fcacli^fl& 
^om. 14. ^^^^^^ catmganD Dnnhmg laeeooealtuaresf Cnne, tnleflTe 
tDc fjaue fattl) . EftnB tuc are taugfjt to crauc at tf)c ftanDctf 
of (13 S> 2D alone, toljat foeiter is; ncceCTarie fo; Djs. and bv tljc 
tjcrietjfc of tliegiftes lue are erercifeDm meDitating of l)ii$ 
gcDDncflTe^anD of fits fatberl^ care.ifoz to tl)is purpofepertemc 
t{)eluo:Dcsof(I3oD,^cI)olDc3lIjaiie p:cpareo fuftenance foj 
t^a before tljou iuaftmaDe : acUnoluIeDge mce t!)erefo:e to be 
t\)Vf^<'^tl}try lul)op:ouiDeOfo;tbocfo Diligently luljen wsy!tt 
tbonUiaftnotcreateD.^o;jeoner, my earcfnlnclTc batljfur^ 
tbcr ertcnueD it fclfe : it luas tby parte to be carefull: yet not* 
luitbftanDing 3 f)ane tafeen tbat t)po mee U^bidJ belongeo tnto 
t\)€z, t2Il[)ercfo;e,alt[)ouo5l) tbou arte appointco as a careftiU 
bnfbanDe intl)t iuo;rlDe, yet neuertbelerfc tbere ia no caufe 
luljy tbou HoulDft be mucl) careful fo: f fuffenance of beads, 
l^ereof fome gatber, tbat tjntill tbetime of tfje flouoe, men 
tuere contenteo toitb bearbes f fruit,anD tbat it tuas not laUi^ 
full fo; tbem to eate flelfte . ^no tbis feemetb to be tbe mo;:e 
probable, bycaufe (DoD after a fo^te H^uttctl) t)p tbe fudenance 
of man liiitbin certeine bonntes ano limited . i^urtbcrmo^e, 
after tbe flouD Ije grantctb erp^elTely tbe eating of flcH). Igolwaf 
bcit tbefe reafons are not ftrong ynougbe. ifo: on tbe contra* 
rie parte it may be allebgeo^tbat tbe men of tbe firtte age offc^ 
reD facrifices of beaffes . jfoi tbis is tbe latue of true facf ifi* 
cing, to offer tinto (Don notbing elfe but tbofe tbinges,U)btrb0 
\)c batb grauntcD \)nto our tfe . ifurtbermo^e tbxv luere cloa^ 
tbeiJluitb fltmnes: tberefo^e it luaslaU)fullfo;tbemtol?itt 
beaftesXberefo;>e 3 tbinbe it ttjall be better if tue fay notbing 
concerning tbe fame. Ilet it fufFice t)S tbat bearbes ano tbe 
ftuitcB of trees luere giuen tnto tbem fo;^ o^Dinarie fcoDe* 
/jiotluitbffanDing, tbere is no Doubt but tbat tbe fame ferueo 
plentifully fo; tbeir fuffentation anD Delicate farr. ifo; tbey 
tbinfeetoifely, U)bicI;fay,tbattbeeartbiDasfoco;rupteD af* 
tertbeflouD, tbat lue baue fcarfe anymeanetafteoftbatfird 
blcffingtyea ttrait after tbe fall of man it began to b:ing frojtb 
luilDc anD bnfauouric fruits : but after tbe flouD a greater aN 
teration luas maDe. V^olufocuer it is, 0OD tuoulDe notfotter 
nnD nourifliie imn t)p beintily anD fparin^ly: but &e ratfjcr \rs 


-N V PON G tvrsis ..{ ( I 

ftrefc tl)o;t)M piodamctj) liberall plenf fe, tol)(tf)c miaht iiMOit ^9 
J notljmg btlonsing to a ftuate anb plrafiiunt Ufe . if o' sKnTr* 
OttlarctI) boto bencficiall tbc ito;D baflj banc totoarocs thrmj 
gtutng tjnfo ti)tm all t|)inge0 (Ijat tfjcp c oulD luiOjcttiat thnr 
«n0ratituDc nngbt tbercb? be tit ane topoe of txmk. 

31 [And God fawe all that Jic liad made j acaint,in Ifie 

toncIuCon ofttit treatm,S0ohB faitn, tf)at<!5oo aup;oucD nit 
tbat be IjaD maoc.Mberaji be faitb,tbat CDoo faiu,bc fealTtb 
after tbc manner of men. ifo; tije ii.o;Dc tooulo i;atic tl;iB 'bia 
inagcment alfo to be into iss as a rule ano cramplc, that no 
man iniffbt Dare to rpeatjcoitbinlse Of bcrtuifc of Dis teo'Jtes 
ifo; tt IS not macfe tij; ts to Difpute tobctber tbat ouqbt to be 
appjoueo Uibttb be batb alJoiucO: but toe ougbt ra(brr to ftiL* 
rmbe bnto fbefame tujtbout all tontroucrCe. S^te repetif iow 
airoftetajefbbotoelarriutocis tbe ratbncffe of men is: otbcr. 
iDife It bap becne fuflftrient tnouglj to baue fato once, tbat Coo 
tuns pleafeo toitb i)is toojtea . iBut ©on boctb fire times re* 
peate tbe fame, tbat be migbt as it toere tottb fo manv b;iole» 
reftrame oar pjefumptuous boloeneffclobtcbe tontinuallp is 
flceupieQ. ^o;eoHer£pofes crp^eflctbnouj.mojetbrnbe Di»,fo; be aooetbtbe l^eb;uctDo,:oeMcod,tbatisto far. 
txccediiig. <£uene Dap bao bis ftmple approbation, j^otoe 
atter tbat tl>t lum^femanfttppe of tbe luo^lo toas fullr prrfec 
teD,anD all tbmgs pcrftrtlp 6niQ)et,l)e p^onountetb tbat tbej» 
tocre ere tEDmg aiio perfce tip ga>D: to tbe eno toe map ftnotoc, 
tbat tberc is in tbe p^opo^tton of <DoDs totD^lts, fueb e rccllent 
l)crtcttion,as notbtngnieeoe be anoeo tinto tbe fame. 


V^^'l ^"^ ^"« Hcaucns and the Earth were fini/lie<L' 
^^'^ and all the hoaae of them. 

For in the fcucnth day God ended his worUc 
whichehehadniade, and the fcuenthd.iv he 

ted, ^nd n'ade ' '^^ ^'" worke,which God h,d cixa- 

D. . Theft 



i 4 Thefeare iKc generations of the Hcauens,&: of tli c Earcfi,' 
when they were created , in the day that the Lorde G od raadc ) 
the Earth,and the Heaucns. 

5" And ciieric pUnte of the ficlde before it was in the earth, 
and cucrie hcarbe of the ficlde before it grcvve : for the Lordc 
God had not caufcd it to raync vppon the earth , neither was 
there a man to till the ground. 

6 Butamyfte wcntvpfrom thceartli, and watered all thfl 

7 The Lordc GOD al(b made the man of the duft of the 
ground^and breathed in his face the breath of lite, and the man 
wasa liuingfoulc. 

8 And the Lord God plahtcd a garden Eaftvvard in Heden, 
and there he put the man whom he had made. 

X 9 (For out of the ground made the Lord God to growe,euc- 
ric tree pleafaunt to the fightiand good for mcate : the tree of 
life alfo in the middft of thcgardcn,and the tree of knowledge 
o.'good andcuill.) 

I o And out of Hcden went a riocr to water the gardcn,ancl 
firom thence it was diuidcd,and became into foure neades. 

II Thename of one is Pifhon : the fame cooipaffeth the 
vhole lande of Hauilah^whcre is golde. 

12 And the goldeofthat lande is good : there is alfo Bedeli- 
iim,and the Onix rtone, 

13 And the name of the fccond riuer is Gihon:thc fame com- 
paftcth the whole land of Cixih, 

14 The name alfo of the thirdc riuer is Hiddckcll : this eo- 
eth towarde the Eaft fide of Ailiur, and the fourth riuer is Pc- 
rath . 

I f Then the Lord God tookc the man,and put him into the 
garden of Hcdcn.tHat he might drefic it, and kecpe it* 

16 And the Lord God commaundcdthcman,faying,Thou 
/halt eate freely of cuerie tree of the garden, 

17 But as touching the tree of knowledge of good andeuil, 
thou (halt not cate of it: for whcnfocucr thou eatcft thcrcofi 
tliouHialt die the death. 

18 Alfo the Lorde God faidc,Tt is not good tliat the man 
Should be himfdfe alcoc ; I will make him an hclpc mcete for 





Mm; 5i 

19 SotlicLord God formed of the cartli cucric bcaO of tlic 
ficldc,and cucrie foulc of the heaucn , and brought thcmvnto 
the man , to fee howc he wouldc call them : for howfocucr the 
man named the liuing crcaturc,fo was the name thereof. 

^o Themanthereforegauc«amesvntoallcattcII,and to the 
foule of the heauen,and tocuerie bcaft of the fielde ; but for A- 
dam found he not an heipe mcetc for him. 

21 Therefore the Lorde God caufcd an hcauie flccpc to fall 
vpon the man: and whiles he flept , he tookc one of his ribbcs, 
and dofcd vp the dcih in ftead tlicrcof. 

22 And the ribbc which the Lord God had taken fromtlic 
fnan,madc he a woman,and brought licr to the man. 

23 Then the man faidc,Thi$nowe is bone of my bones, and 
flcfhc of my fle/hc . She fhall be called woman,bccaufc the was 
taken out of man* 

24 Therefore fhal! man leauc his father and his motherland 
fhalklcaueto his wife,and they fliall bcone flc/hc.^ - 

2; And they were both naked , the man and his wife, and 
were not ailiamcd. 

T [Thus the hcauens and the earth were finilTicd J t^ofcfl 

fummartl^ rcpeatetfj , tfjat tijc UiOiUcmanftip of bcaucn and 

incmberflJ a gcncrall partition of tfjc U)o;lt)c:as luc fjane farDe^ 
in tic bcgimting of tfte firftCljapter.llBut nolu fjc aoDcft) tftefe 

U)0:D£f,[AndalUhehoa(feof them J WHjcVtb^ fjC mcaiictft 

ibat f be luo;iloe toa^s furntlfteu \x)it\^ all Ijiflf o;namcut£f .ipo;e^ 
Ducr brs Ci;pilogue Dotlj terte plainelr oucrtfooUie tijeir erro^, 
iDbicf) imagine tljat tlje too^loe lju.ii5 maUe in a moment . jroj 
fte p;jonounf et!) tbat the eno Ujas not maoe before tbe firt Dat». 
B^ tf)w U)o;De ii^oatte o;j armic, ^ofes Qiutti) tjs to tmoeri^ 
llanD^tfjat ti)iB U)o;lD tuaiJ perfect anD gvirnilfteD in al pomt^, 
mucbehke t^ntoafjoufe tubic&c 10 turllfilleu anD furnifteo ' 
^i)iH) all manner of ftuflft anD p:ouifion.2vf)e hcaucn tDitbout 
tl)e&unne,tbe^©nejanDllfarre5)l]iouUjebelibe tntoa tjo^o 
anD emptie palace ♦ affobetlje eartb luantcD liuinoccrea^ 
f^urw^tro^^anDplantWiit fl^oute b^ li^c tnto $1 ijo^oe, tooto, 
* .^ D.ij. ano 


r O H J^ C A t V I N E <^^ 

5 * an!5 empHc !)0tifr,<3pD tWtfoit ccaflTcD not from tf;c creaf tott 
of t\)t U)02lDc,befo:e fucij tune as lie {jao m eiierie pointc ftit;* )^ 
(l)eDanofu!fiIIcDttjcfame,tf)atnotljm3mi0!)tb0 ioanting (ti 
«^e inft mcafurc thereof, 

2 [And he rcUcd the feucnth day,3 £penf?aUCt10(luitf)^ 

Qucfticn. witraureDemaunDcD, luljat manner of ccafTing: o; reft t!)i3 
iu<i5.if oj it is ctvtcinCyt\)cLt in rcfpect tfjat Cot) b)? 1)13 potuet 
fuiIciacti)tljcU)o:lDe> ano ^ouernetlj tbc famebi? iis^^^mi^ 
fenfcnourifljett) all creatures anD inrreafetl) tbem alfa, fje iflt 
tm\\^ iuoifung. 'jBicaureifOot) Doe but a little boloebacl^ebii^ 
!ranDe,>inge5 ll^all b^ anD br prrilft, ano come to notbingt 
as ii3 faitje in tbe pfaime. ano 0oD is not rtgbtlr adtnotuleOi* 

Piii.io4- 00DtobetbeCrcatonrofbeauetiam» eartb , but tuben as toe 
attribute bnto ^im tbe continuall fufteining of all tijrnges ; 

OCWDinCf to tbtS ra\nit$ of tbe l^poftle, In him we liuc, moue, 

Anfwcrc and liaueour being^Etjefolution is feuolunr, tbatC^D ceaffci^ 
• from all bis Uiozke, bccaufc be left off from creating netoe 
fo,imcsoftbingcs.5i5i(ttbattbe fcnfenmiPtbe mo:e euiDent^^ 
l^dppearc,bnDer(TAnoetl)at becaufe notbmgmi^btbeluan^ 
tingtotije perfection of tbe U)o:lDe, CoDfettobtsbanDetbe 
drt Dai' to ftniH) bis \mikt fo; euer : ano t\)us mucbe Doe tbc- 

iUO:bC0 of £^0fcs founDe. C From till his Workc which he had 

made.] ifo;be notetb t^z ftate of tbe tDo^bemanflnppe nk 
©otJ luouloe f^aut tbe fame to ftanDc:ti0 if be tboiilbefarv 
tbattbentbe fame i»as accompUlbcD tobicbe Coo ban pur^ 
potoiDitb btitifdf.jn funmie,tbi3 pertcinetb onl^ to erpaelTe 
tbepcrferticn of tbecrcation of tbe tuozfoe : Icbeccbp Vuemag 
dot gatber tbat CJoo foceaQcD,tbat be tuent fo^ eucr from bis 
lDozlje3,U)bicb Ituc ano baue tbeir being onelp in bim. jfur^ 
tbermc:e toe muft note> tljat no otber tbinijgjbut tbofe U)btc!) 
feruefo^tbclatofull ano p:oper furniture of tbe too;jlDe, are 
compjcbenoeD in tbe toozhes of tlje firebapes.CTfe (ball bearc 

C'Oi) fapmg bereafter , Let the c^irth bring foorth bryers 

and thornes. Ulbcrcbr bc gttrctb to DnDcrftauo that tl)t eartfi 
(ball baue another manner of (betoe^ tf)tn it baD in tbe begins 
itmg , li5ut tbe fblution is eafie to be maoe,tbat manv tbingcs 
tobicbarc focneat tijis oav in the too:lDe, are rather co^zrup/ 
.<ton£ ttercof^tbcnpartcof tbe furnUure.iro; f^ icom ns mm 


•^ * rPOlT G E l^E S I S.- 

bcpartct) from ftw ffrffc ougmall, it mutt neeDe s be tbat Iwitb* ^5 
all ttfc U)o;lD bp ano bp uiD Dcgtncratc from \)ib naturc.JuDfjc 
like iuDgcmcnt toe muft \)am conccrniiiq flca^c, liccfroagrH 
taterptllcr0 , sraffctioppers, ariD fucbc like bnrtcfull tDmgcs* 
an all tfjcfe tbinc5C0, J fap, tljere iu a ccrtcine oefoinniic or the 
iuo;lDc,tul)icb ougbt not to be rcri^oncD in tljc o;Dcr of natiuc, ah 
faing tbtUmxz p;occeDctI) ratber of tbc finnc ofmrn,tbcn ftoin ""''"• 
tbebanDcofCDoD.S^bcfctbingcsalfoarccrcatcDof Ooo : but'^'"^", 
Vtt of bim as a rcucnger anD puniflt^cr of our Cnnes. But a5o. C"d!c 
fesconfiDcrctbnotCI^oobcreag annebanDpjeparcDtopnniOj fmncof 
tbc Omiec of men : but as a tDOjjkemaillcr , a builurr, ano a "^*"- 
ricbe bafbantje,lubicb leafte notbing tjnDone tbat miabtfinift 
anb furnilbc \)is iuo;ke. ^t this Dap, tubcn Ice fet tv} Ioo:Idc 
co;rupteD,anb ajs it luere fallen alcai? from biBrreation,let bs 
remember tbat fapmg of l^aule, tbat SDbc creature is fufaicctc 
tnto bamtie,not of bis oiune luill>but tb^ougj; our fault : anD 
lb let \}Sf gronc anD Ogbe,Ujben \Jot arc aomonilftcD of our lutt 

3 [And God bleffed the fcucnth day J jft fi^mctb tbat tbtS 

blelTing is here attributeD to e'en, after tbe manner ofmen: J^om-^it 
fo; tbep bleflfe bim,lubome tber bonourabl^^ ertoH . l^oiubeit , 
in tbis fenfe it O^alDc not Difagrce luitb C-oD^bvfaule bis 
ilelTing is fometime tbat fauour, tobicb be Ibeluetb toluarDrs 
tbofc tbat are bis : cum as tbe It9eb;rues call biitt xDht ble (TcD 
of(:DoD,Uibicb is in fpeciail grace anD fauour tcitb vZ?oD,as, CKn.j4.3j 

loben it is fapDe, Come in thou blefled of the Lordc. C'UCn fo 

iDc map erpounDe tbat to be ti)t ilo^Des blelTeD Dap,tobicb be 
loueD^tbat tbe ercellencieanD luo;tbirtc(Iir of bis Ujo^Ijs migbt 
be celeb^ateD tberein. £po;:eoucr,3l Doubt not but tbat spo'rcs 
b^tbis iDozDe of fanctifring,intcnDcD fat? anD bi? to erp:firc 
fbat lubicb be baD fapcD : &o all ambiauitie is taken aluap : 
becaufe tbe feccnDe tuo:Dcis tbe erpofition of tbe tvftt.ftoz 
tbei#eb;jucU)o;Defigniftetb to feparate anD fclette fromrfiC 
common nurabcr.2:bercfc;e OoD fanctiftctb tbe feucntlj i:av^ 
tDbenCi^oD makctb tt}t fame notablctbat it map bp a fruftnlar 
rigbt anD p:iuilege erccll among tt^c reft . Itaberebp it aU 
fo appearetb, tbat (don baD alhjap a refpcct anD ccnliDcratioiif 
of ineii.3 fapDeibe&^jtbat Uv^ Dages luere fpentc ia creating 

pAi), tbe 



ftc iDOilDc : not ftaf C3on bao nee^e of fuccctD of frac, rt 
Uiljom a tboufanD scares tocre as a moment : but to t^c cno be 
mtgl)t f)olDc t0 intbeconCiocration of \)iis\^ozV,t&, po l)aD re* 
fpect alfo to ti)c (cimc fcopc in bis xcft, jf o: be o:Dcmeo ann ap* 
pointcuibatoa^ iDbicbluas cxcmptcD from tbe rcft^totbw 
7a^ ft ""^f ^P^-^^^^ t)fe.CCl!)crcfo;e this blctlling,i5 notbtnG rlfr, bnt a fc* 
the Lorjc ^^^^^^ confccration , lubcrcbp Cod oeriuetb to bimfclfc all 
' tlirlaboitres, orercifes^ano bunncflfcB of men tbc feucntb Oap. 
Sbifif is tbc latofull mcoitation of the tobole life of man, 
Uibercin be cpercifetb bim fclfe oail^ to confiDtr tl)z ere ccijinjj 
gaj^ncffcrigbteoufncflrejtjertucanD IjaifcDome of CDoD,in t\)iB 
magnificent tietue of bcaiien ano eartb . ^ut bccaufc pcraD^ 
mntvitcmcnmi({,i)t be fomelubat negligent in tbe conGtJc^ 
ration bereof, cucr^ feuentb Oai? iuas fpcciall^ cbofcn ano ap^ 
pointcQ , to fupplic tbat tubicbe migbt be luanling to Dai^ 
Iv mcoitation. jrirtt tbcrcforc (Sod rcftcD : tbcn be blcficS) ti^is 
rctt, tbat in all ag^s it migbt be boll! among men : o> tliejl)c 
appointcD euerie feuentb oap to be a oar of rctt , tbat bis tx^ 
ample migbt be a pcrpetuall rule.^c mull alUm^es remem^ 
ber t\)t enoe.if o; OoD Dio not fimpl\? commaunti man to keepc 
tl)e feuentb Dap bolv,astbougbe bctoere Deligi)tcDU)itbreli: 
but to tbe enoe be being free from all otber buGneffe , migbt 
tbe moze toillinglp ano glaDlp applic \)is minD to tt)c Creator- 
of tbe UjozlDe. irurtbcrmo>e tbis is a boll? rrU, tobicb Deliue^ 
retb mm from tt^c impt:!imzntts of tbe 1do;Id, tbat tbep ma^ 
lubolp bcnoc tbcinfalues to tbe feruice ofCDo5:2nD notue, 
becaufc tbe floutbfulnelTc of men is fo great, to celebrate tbe 
rigbteoufnes,poti}cr,anD tiiifeDome of ii3oD,anD to luetgb ana 
conQoer bis benefites, tbat being Uiell aDmoniHeD tlic^ arc 
neuertbelerre floutbfull,tbereisno ligbt p:ouccaticnaDDeo 
bp tbe erample of OoD,anD tbe commanoc ment is maoe tber^ 
bpamiable.JFo;OoD cannot mo;e gentelp allnre ts to bi^ 
DbeDicnce,o>m32e effectually Hirrc ljstp,tben tob^^ntJein* 
uitetb anD erbo;tetb tstotbcimiuitionofbtm felfc. JFur^? 
tbcrmozc toe mutt hnolue tbat tbis is a common ercrcife, not 
ofoneage, o: of one people onelv, but belonging to all man^ 
ftintJcilftertiiarDe^a nelDC conmtaunDement concerning tbe 
JQ^obbotb U^os giuen in tbe laUie^ tbe U^l^icbe ibouloe b^ pecu^ 


^^ vpoi^ GEN E s I s: 

1 Iter to tit Stints fo^ a time ♦ ifo; it Ido^ a Icjj^li rcrfmcnfe ^^^ 
^ 5f °^i!J^ ^^^ rpirituall rcl!, tljc truetl) iDfjcreof apr carru in 
C^na.2i:hcrcfo;c often tintcc t\it ilo;D te(hfictl),tljar t)c hath 
cmcn ffje fignc of fanctifintion in tfjatolDt people. tClifcrc^ 
fo;c men U)e f?care t|;ae f (je &abbot!j oj reft w ab;oaaterj bp 
f comrmng cf C&;il!e, lue muft Dfe a DiCindton^Uifjat prrtei- 
aiet^ to t&e pcrpetuall retrtmcnt of mane life, anDlubatp^c^ 
f crip bdongetlj to t\)t olue figures, tfje bfc tuberecf luas abo ^ 
IiflieD,Uit»cn tbe truetfj tuas fulfilled. ft)piritua!l red tc f be 
mortification of ebeflef6e,tbattbc fonnes of Coo nugljt no spiritual! 
tno;e line Dnto fbcm felue0,o; pleafc ttjeir otone tuill. ^c^ ^^f^ i» the 
raafe it figured tm &nbbotJi,3| (a^ it Uias trmpo:alL ^no "^^'^^"- 
lDberea0conunaunDcmentlDa0 giuen to man from tbe be/flT 
gmnmg, to erercife tfjemfcIueB mtfje \x}o;(^ip of Ccd, tbc 
famcforiuftfonfidcrationougbttoremaine bntilltbeeno of 

tit U)0;lDe. [Whiche God had created and made . 3 ^crt t\)C 

|etDcs according to tbeir manner, fondly trifle anDfav,tbat 
eod bcmg p.:euentcd b^ t&e cumins of tlje laffe dap, leafte 
^rteme creatures tnperfert:a0 tbt Satvrcsand ctfjerScn* 
£tr0,as tbougb 6e luere oneof tbecommijn fo:t ofcraftefmeii 
JoWb ted neede of tinre . 115? tl)is tbetr fo monlh-uous an er^ . 
roar tftep dec lare,t[)at tbep are caft into a rep:obate fcnre,tbat f^^'? 
n)epmigbtebemade afto^rible erample oftbe U);atb of Cod. which ' 
30 tourbing tbe fenfc and meaning of ^orc0 , fome take it ^^^c the 
tbu0,s:bat Cod created bi0luo>fe0,tbat be migbtmahctbrm:^"'^^^^* 
bccaufe fo fonc as be gaue tbtm poluer to be, be did net iDitb-- T' u "?'* 
tJ;at»e bi0 band from picferuing tbcm. i5ut tbi0 10 a bard er^ Lr 
pofition, ^0 mo;e doe 31 fubferibe tjnto tbcir opinion, lubirbc 
rcferre it tnto man, tubome Cod made ouerfccr and ruler of 
aUbi0luo:Ue0,tbatbemigbtappIictbrm totjfe , andmigbt 
afterafo;tgarni0^ctbem bp bisinduttrie: 3 ratber tbinlie , 
tbatanabfolute foimcofCDods UJo:Ue0i0 notro,a0if!;ebad 
fapdctfjat dDod fo created bi0 tuozto , tbat nctbrng iyantcd 
to perfection : 0: clfe , tbat tbc creation proceeded tbu0 farre, 
tnlill it ims a too;he perfectly finiibcd, 

4 CThcfearcthc gen orations of die hcauensO El^epur-* 

pofeof£pore0lna0dttpdptoingraueinodr mtndC0tbc o;i^ 
CtnaUofbcauen and eart[;,tf)e lobtcbc be tcarmctl) br tH 

U>Mf. name 

a jioato. 




name of gencraf ion, jfo; tijcrc ibaue bciic aliuavej? Ijnf0an&^ 
full a«D txjiclieo perfoi!£(,Uibicb f)<itte gone about to obfcurc tt)C 
glo;ieofCI>oo,eitt)crbi> fcigmng tt)elDo;locto beeucrla(litig> 
o; elic b^ tafemg alu3^ tt)c remembrance of toe creatio. %\)us 
tS^oiuellbp bis craft anofubtiltie, turnttbaUjav'fromCDoll 
t^ofc U)bicbt ercclleo otl^ers in luit tcttiat eucrv' one migl&t be 
a0jD to f)unfdfc.5I<a:&crefo;ie it is nafupcrfiuou0 repartition, 
tD^iebcDoetb inculcate a tl)ingfonerc(rane> tl>dttbe tuo^lDc 
feaofjiiSfbeeincffofmneasitlDa^mdOc, tbat fucb ftnctuteDgo 
mi!j!)t Dirca \}s to tbe founder i autbo:» CinDertlje names of 
IjeancnanDcartf) ,bccomp;ri)cnDctbti)eU)bole furniture, b^ 
a figure calico Synecdoche, of tbc U)bicb be matjc mention be** 
fo:e ♦ &3mc of tbe ^^cb^ucs tbinbc,tbat tpofoJ bcrc at tt^t lad 
rrp:clletb tbceCTcntiall namcofC?£)D,bt!raufe t\iB maicttie 
tno:e b:igbtl^ fljiuetb in tbc U)o.:io being finilbco i furntfftccu 

^ [ And cacry plantc oFthe fccdcl 2Lbi£5 \3erfe bclongetfj 

to tbat UJbicb ti»crit befo.2e,anD in rcaoing is to be io^neo tber^ 
tuilb. JFo: be iopnetb bearbe^ ano plantc^J to tbc ear tb as ap# 
parell, toberetoitb tbcllo;0 aDo;ncD tbe fiimcleaft tl^t nakeOi* 
neflJe tbercof Cboulo be tincomhe ano Ocfozmco .anO altbougb 
l^e batb Ibetueo tbat bearbcief ano trociS lucre createo tbc tbiroe 
tavy pet ncncrtbdcffc be Dotb not toitbout caufe raahe tnenti* 
- on of tbem bcre againetto tbe cnD Uie map bnoU3C,tbat at tbat 
time tbep botb fp;ang,ano toerc p:effrueD,i alfo incrcafcO,af» 
tcr an other fo: tctben toe fee tbem to be at tbt0Oap. jfozof 
fecoebotb bcarbru ano trecij ooc fpraig: eitber clfe tbegraffe^, 
02 flippes, Ooc come ftoitb of an otber rmf c , or Doe grotec bp 
fl)atingvoungoutoftbcgrounDe : tuberctjnto xb iovneotbe 
inDuftricanobanoeofmen . y5i\t tticn tbere t»a0 anctber 
CiiufcCDoDtbtn cloatbeo tbe cartb, not after our tfnall ma* 
ncr notiie : bpcaufe tbere luns no fixoc^no rmte, no plant-^lobt/ 
rbcmigbtgrolueorfp^ing: buttbep fouoeinlp appcareo b^ 
tbe commaunDemcnt of C3oo > ano bp the potuer of biB too^oc; 
E^be ftrengtb continuco in tbem, tbattbei?migbtc(lanoeiti 
tbeir oU)ne nature,not bp t\iis tegetatiuc grotuing^lubicb toe 
nolo bcbol^e , not bp tbe benelite of rapnc , not bp tbe luate^ 
ring o: tilth nfmm : but bicaufe Co'O ioatercD the cartb tmtb 
« tja;^oiu\ if o; be cxxlu!)cCb tU)o tl}in^ ; rapne, from tubenrt 



tbei^tlji^iatoettianD rtcctnctfimtfpnaBnfc^ ttjatftmaptcfcfra: ^ / 
tfcr miturall bunion : anu tbc ttlti^e aof. men , to^tctiG 10 fomt 
belpc of nature . wdbtn^c faitb^ftfiat <Sooi)aD not ravjuo ail 
tJcMjealfofljetotb that it lilje uiijicftc opcnctl)arrtCl)uttctl 
ttjc flouDgates of li?raucn : ano tfjot raijne ano ivoutlj arc m 
Ijis {janDc » 

7 C The Lordc God alfo made the man J2^()at tuf}lCl) ftc I)al 

cmittcD bcfo;c in tbc creation of man, be noluf crpouiiocM?^ 
l)0tjuc tbat f)is boDie teas taUcn cat of tbe cartb . ^e bao fa it>c 
tbat it Myati inaoc after tbc image of 000. .SLbis i)r crcctlcnte 
aauincompai*ablenobilitie:b^ tbc pretence tobcrcof,lcall men Mint or« 
fi)oulDc U)arc p.iOUDc, tbctr firUc o^iginill is fct before tbcm: ^'"-' •» ^^^ 
iubcreh^ tbc^ ma^ feuoU»e tbat rtjc former bcncfitc cantc of an J^/j'^^ ^® 
otbcr* d(fo;j^Mcsifaitbtbatmanl»a«int()c beginmn^jjnuU ^oUc bit 
oftl>ccJ^rt!)»jilctfcDlill)cmcngottoU)canD boadc oftbeerce^prUc 
Icmic of tbeir nature. Conrcrrtingctbcr beafirs it U?n0fai5> 

Let the earth bring foorth euery Iming thing . ^Oluc ^Damg 

faoup 10 faiDc to be of Diift, ano tuantino fenfe, Icallc an^ mm 
ftoulDc be Ocligbtco bc^noc mcafurc in bi0 fletljc. jf 0^ \x)\)aU 
fecucrAc be Cb<itlcarnetb not bumilitiebrrcbr? 10 n:o;ctbcit 
fenflcHc i SDlrat tobtcbc aftcriDarne came from anotber , cotb 
binoe t0 no leffc bnto Ooo . l^tubr it, lyis purpofe alfo \r.a0 
bpfomecrcelltntnotttoputa Difference bettcecnc mananD 
b:utebeallc0.ifo:tfecfc baDtbcir beting out of tbc eartbina 
moment. IBvit m tbat, man iuas fafl^ioneo bp little ano Iitf le, 
bis Dignitft bcrcin 10 fl^etucD to be fpcciall.Jro: lobr tJOtb not 
d^D coimiiaunobim to come mit of tbe eartb aliue (trait Voa^^ 
butoncl^brcawfebc mijbt b^a certcine p^iuilegc cfttUaii 

tbctbin5C0il!jic[)ebeb;oU(tbt CUtcf tbc eartb ^ [ And brea- 
thed in his foce the breath olhtc. 3 Mbat iucqemclit fcdirf 
tnanr of tbc auncicnt if atbers are ofvS ooubt not to fubfcribe 
tnto tlycix opinion, bjJiicbe cjrpounD ti)is pincc of tbe frnfirint 
life of man: dnO fo 3 mtrrp:ete b^eatbiug bcrr to be tfjc time 
iDbicb tbev coll tbc Ciiitallfpirit . Jf anp man cbtrct «nD far, vujn ^'^ 
tbat, 'SClntinxt tbcre ougijt not a Difference to be put be tuutr. riic. 
man ann otber lining cre^wrcs , feeing £pofcs r:ro2trthno.' 
tbmghcre,bnt tbat n^iuQ^i^ic^^t is alfo common roaU : 3 
mmf l»crc,tbat alt|j9ujj& beta t^c infcnoa of tbefouu 

P>b, find? 




unclip be imnf loneBytDWcft mrptrctl) tl)c boDp.anti gfatflb %rt^ 
to ttic Cantc lirengtb asttiuiauiitg : pet notlotttjifanDmiK \X let# 
tctt) not,liut ti)aC i%z fouleitiar !)atte bcr plare anD negree^and 
tbat tberefbje it ought to be fcuereo from tfje ret!. iFirft ^ofc 
Ipeabetb of b^eatbmg : ti^en ^e aODctb,tt^at a foule \b gtuen to 
inan,ti)ticrcljv be inav iiue, ano be e noucu tf itfj fenfc ann rea/ 
foiT./ioluciucbnoIuet&atttietertucffofmaiw foule areui^ 
jKcrfeaHD(tin^;ie . W^zxttt^iz it isf no abfuruitir, if C^ofcs 
.^oucljc notue.onclv one of tbcm, anD omitfctlitbc tinocrllam 
tiinij parte, mention lubercof toajB matjc in tljc firft Chapter. 
Slno tbere are 11):a:Drgree5 to be noteD in t!?e creation of man: 
Tbrcc ac- 5f irlle, tfjat Ije luas a ocaoe boDp maDe cat of tbc grounoe: fe* 
^^Ts *^' conolv^tbatbelua^enDueotuitbaliutng fciile, tuberebptja 
ation "^ bao t)ita» motion: an3 tbtrDlp , tbat Oco ingraueo bt5 image 
int!)i£(roule,tubcrci3ntoii5iopneDimmo;taIitie. [ And the 

nun was made a lining foulclffl^tjepurpofc Of ^OfCB in tbefc 

luo;tJC0 10 notbing elfe, but to fct fto^tb tbe bcgetation an5 
maUing quiche of tbe eartbenbefllrU,lDbcrcb^ it came to palTc 
f Cor ly ^^^^ ^"^^ \^t^^XK to iiue . ^aule batb maoe a comparifon be* 
^j. ' ' tludcne Vm liuing foule, anD tbe qutctiening is^ixxXz. tubicft* 
Cteitt giuetb to tbe faitbrul Wo no otber eno but toteacb tbat 
tbe liate of man Uia0 not ihaoe perfect \x^ tbe perfon of ;aoam: 
but ^ tbifi isf tbe Ongular benefit of Cbit(!,tbat toe map be re# 
nucD into a beauenlp life, tobicb alfo before tbe fall of at)am, 
1000 but eart2;lp:bpcaute ii bao no liable ano firme con0ancte. 

, . 8 [ And the Lordc God planted a garden , ] Jjiotoe £^0* 

fes acDDetb -» iubat condition ano rule ofiiuing tua^ giuen bn^ 

to man. :anDfiraofallbe(betDetb in tobat parte of tbe Ido:Io 

be loa0 placco, anD lobat a bappie ano pleafant babitation be 

bao allotterj tmto bim. l^e faitb tbat tbe ILoiDe dE'OD planteo, 

be applying bimfclfe bp a groffe anO riiDe Ilple to \}^t td^^^mtit 

of tbe common people . jf o;, bpcaufe tbe vms&\t of C3 ^ S) 

can not be fufftcientlp erp^eflfco aiJ it i0 , tbe Scripture x& 

Paradifc iDcont to oefcribe tbe fame after tbe manner of men • 

/ituitcd in ^ojj tbcrfo:e bao planfeD ^Daranifclnbicb be baD garnitb^ 

picalTunt^ e^ alone loitb xant^z pleafantneffcluitb plentie of all fKwiizi^y 

andfruic- an!) luitb all maner of tbe bcft giftcn. ^o;tbi0caufe it iBcaU 

full pUcc. Ud ;3 garoeabotb becaufe of tbe pleafontnei? of tbe (ituation, 



*^ TP ON GENE S is: v 

ismi alfo Bccaufe of efjc bcautic of tf)c fozmc anD fatl^ion . fc^e • *^ 
crfo 3nterp.:ctour bati) not loitljout U)ifc conflceratlon termeD 
tt)C fame ^3arat)irc : bottje tn rcfpect of tfjc it?cb;nc Ido;d : ano 
alfo becaufc Xenophon^oifputing of tfje magnificent t rump* 
tuou0 Garoens ofi^mc^sMtt\i tfte fame namc^tofjic!) fjc fd^tfi 
is a Uio.:t)e of rt)e Pcrfian tongue . 2Dbe fain^ region Ions a 
picke anD cljo-^ce place (aUen out of tljc loficle bjo^loc, Infjuljc 
ti)ello:De gaue t^nto aoamaxj the firft begotten of admen. 
[In Hcdtn J jt w euiDent inoug!) tbat Hicromc Yiat^ trahf^ 

LlteO t\)iS amiJrr,in aUOing tfjefc UjOJDS, From the bes^mning: 

bccanfCiWesrapctljaftertuartiefli, thatCTaineDWlt in tfic 
^ont!j part cf tfiat place.:anu toe tnuCt note tfjat loi^en be \)lni ' 
rcti parauifc in the CBad^fje fpeaketf) in refpcct of tfjt 3cIdcs: • 
fci \)t fjiea!;ct!) t)nto tjte people, Mheret^pon firlt loe gafF^cr^ 
t!]tTt it lya£5 a f:rn:c region lDf)if!)ct!)eIlo;?jappointeb tot&c 
fii-a nun to Dlycil in,£Df t!}C lubicf) J therefore fpeabe b^ lua? 
of a^monition^bcranfe tijere !jaue been fome tobicfj Dio ffretrfi 
tijis jjaroen t^^ongb out all parts of tlje U)o>lD. ^ni^J graunt 
tbat iffobe tbeeartb fjai) not banc afeurfeDfo^jtljeffnncof 
man^all anD cuerie parte thereof , mitivas blrflTcD from if?e 
beginning > fi)ouIoe Ijaue bane tfjc moffe bcautifoll fpcctacle 
botbe of all plentie,ano alfo of pleafauntneffe : to be f&o;te,it 
ftao not ben tnlike to parat5ife,in comparifon of tbe oefo;mi5» 
tit M]k\)c lue notu bebolo. 515ut feting ^pofes in tbi« place vx^ 
pzefTi^tb bv name Hit fituation of the region: tfjev^Uo ijerir aft* - 
furolt trajifferrc tbat lubicbe iB fyolitn of a rerf eitte fpr cral! 
pL:ce>totl;ctDholelKo:>loe,anD there i£J no Doubt, ftsj notrn 
euennctDC, but tbat (DoD cftofeouttfjemdCi* plentiful! anD 
(voxtc piace,a0 tf)efirlf fruitcs of tfjc eartb,tol)iche in fignc of 
fpcciall bonour begauc tnto j^oam, totu&ouieJiegr.tie t!>e 
tjonour of ftefirtJ begotten among men.ifnrtljermoje lue jta* 
tb^r tftat t()t5garDenU)a5 in tbceartb, anD not fitiifile in the 
atrc,a£fomeD;jeameD. ifo: iffobe it (jaD not be^ne a parte of 
our tDo;:lo, it ftoulD not tjaue ban fet againtl lud^a, tctvarrfl 
tfcjiaiC 0aD tbc a!lego;ic5 of Or|n;cn , anD of niff?c Uhc f.rc 
foberciccteD: tobicbc &athan bp btsmoil pcffilcntfifbtitttc 
isentabout to b:mg into the Churcfjcthatcthe bcctrinc cf tte 
J^cnpta^^migl^t fa? Doubtfull^ito iJOpDe of aU iciieintic . '^t 


^^ mat be tftat fame beeing conftrepneobp nccelfitic, baue runne \ 
into an fliUgp;icall fenfe : bccaqfe tbcp neuer founuc facfjc a ^i. 
place in tbc tuoilo as ^ofcjei Dcfcribctb : but luc fee tljat rnanr* 
ty^^ougb a fcoUd^ DeCire of fubttle curiofitte^baue b^ne to muc^ 
nDDictcD to ^llegojic0 » ^ toncl}tng tbis p^efcnt place, tbe^ 
fcoEc!) out tfje tructb in tiatnc luitbout tlje letter, jro; tbe pur^^ 
ppfeof:^orc5 loaB onel^ to fljeUjc, tbat (S^cD createo man fo,z 
tbiacaufejtbatbenngbtbauetberuleano Dominion ouer t\ic 
cartel tobereofbemigbtgatbertlicfruitc, anD migbt learne 
bv Daili' experience, tbat tbe U)o;lDeU)a5fubiectetjntobim» 
taijat Dotb it-p^ofitc to flie in tbe aircanti to leaue tbe eartbe, 
iD&ere (DoD batlj oeclareD bis ga)i5 luill toluarn manhinD:? But 
fou^ man loil (ay^ tljat Sl^bc interp:etation cficerning tbe bea* 
ucnli? bMei$ mo^c fubtile anti D^pe ♦ 3 aunftoer, feeing tbe 
gternall mberitance of man is in beauen, it is rigbt ano meetc 
tbat loe ttnii tbitbertuaro : nott»itbffantjing,lDe muff abioe a 
lubtle in eartb,bnttll tjoe conticer tbe place of foiourne^tjubicbc 
tbe ilo^De UjouIO baue man to b(e fb;t a time, ifo; noU) lue are 
coijucrfant in tbifi biffone,ljDbicb teacbetb tbat ^Dam tuas o;^ 
{)etneoof (J^ootobeaninbabitantoftbeeartb, tbatleaDing a 
tcmpo^all life in tbe rame,be migbt tbinbe tjpon tljc beauenl^. 
glo;ie : tbat tbe llo^oe bao liberally inricbeo bim tuitb an in^ 
numerable fo^te of benefited, bi^tbetafte iobereof be migbt 
ijatber ano perceiue bis fatberl^ loue. anD b^ ano b)?a3ofe0 
to ill aODe,tbat be iuas commaunocD to till tf)t fielDe£f,anb ma* 
hetb mention alfip of tbe fruites, tobicb tore permittee bnto 
bim to cate ♦ M iubirbe tbince5,nettber agree \j3it^ tbe circle 
of tbe £pa)ne,noj ret tuitb tbe regiomi of tbe aire.ano altbougb 
lue baue faio.tbat tbe place of |3ara0ife luas fituate bctluecne 
tberifi:ngoftbcfeunne(U)bicblue call tbe (Sail) anoludara: 
TJptnotluitbffanDingromcmo^c certeinc matter concerning 
tbe region mai? be DemaunDeo. 2Cbc^ tobicbe afftrme tbat tbe 
fame luau nare bnto Mcfopotamia, ff ano bpon reafons tubi^ 
cbe are not altogctber to be contemneD:becaure it is p;obable 
tbat tbefonncjf of Hcdcn UjercneFteaDiopningtotbcflouo: 
Tigris . Wut becaufe tbe Defcription tbereof ftall follolu anon 
br'^orc3bimrelfe,it iiJ better to ocferre tbat lubicbmai? be 
faioetbcreoftill tvgcome tberebnto, Xb^oloetnt^<^tour 



Ijatl) falCSet) tl)w place ,tn maUing of tftc pzopcr name Hcdcn. ^ 
4LMcafiire/3l i^enic not but tbat tbc place loas fo calico of the 
tiehg!jt0 tbat twcre tbcrcm: but ii is cafic to be gattierco^tbat 

the place IjaD a name 0iuent)nto it, tljat it migbt be buo\jijcn 

9 [ For out of the groiincl,ma(Jc the Lorde God to growc .] 

2C!)i3 );}zxiz\nz{\\ tp tl)c tfjirDe tia^ of tlje crcation.lSut ^Dofcs 
rrp;cnrcl\?favjctb, that tf)c fame place toas replenirbetj Uiitb 
all manner of frmtefuUtree0, tfjattlje plentiful! (lo:el)Ourcof 
all tbings ttugbt be tbcre. SCtjetabidjetbe ilo:ue bzougbt to 
pa(reofpurpofe,totl)eent) tbe greeoie oefireof manmigbt be 
4uitboutei:cufe,iftbefcimenotbaingcontentrtiluit!) fucb no^ 
table plentic , tarietie , and tjclicacie of fruites,a0 ii came to 
paffCiOjoulDfetitfelfeatxainfttlje cmnmaunDemcnt of Goo, 
SCbe l)olie CDIjotte alfobpponoccpcconfiocrationttteretbbi? 
£pofe0,!)olu great tbe felicitic of ;aDam luas,to tbe enD bi5 fil^^ 
Ibie intemperancie^mat? tbe moze plainly appcare,U)bo coulo 
not t^witxii bimfclfe UJttb fucb plentie,but be mutt b:eabe in^ 
to tbe fo:biDDen fruite* 2,\\^ it Sxsm ttjameful ingratituDe, that 
\it\xi^ in fo bappie % Delectable a ttatr,be coulD not be content : 
f ea it tnas mo;c ttjen b^utift luft^lubicb coulD not be fatifficD 
U)itb fo great abunoance* Habere tuas no angle o;r comer of ^ 
eartb lubtcb Uias at tbat time barren^nap tbere \13as none.but 
tbe fame ttias t^erie ricb |fruitfull:but^^ bleffing of (Doo tubi^ 
cb in fome otber place tuas but meane,luonDerfull^ baD poitv 
reD out ix felfe into tbis place./jieitbcr loas tbere plcntie onclp 
fo; meate, but tbere Uias anocD alfo a great % Delicate ftucctD» 
nes fo.: tbe tatte of tbe moutb>l Delectable comlines to tbe epe. 
3IDberefo;e, bp fucb gentle anD Uberall permitTion, it Dotb twi^ 
Dentil? inougbe appeare, fjolue infatiable tbe DeOre of man 
toaB. [And the tree oHiFeJl^e calleD \X^\!c^z tree of life, not be^ 
Cv^ufeitgiuetbUfetjntomwm, luitbtbetDbicbbeluasenDucD TKcfirft 
before : buttbat itmigbt be atofeen % a memoziall of tbe life (icrauoiw 
iKbicb fje baD receiueD at V<:^z banDcs of (3od. me hnoluc that 
ii 15 no ftraunge anD tnlDOjnte:) tbmg, fo;z (ii>oD to tcttiftc a no 
Declare \)nto^s bis polcer br ertrmall fignrg . lieDortjuot 
tranfferre bin pobuerintoerternal fignes: butbp tbcmbe rea^ 
tbetb out bi£i bouDe "^xii^ l3S ; becaufe t»c cannot afccnoc vnto 

^ '^ \m totfftottf toe be fjolpen • l^e tuouloe t^erefojc ftaf mmi 
ftoulu remember^ro often afl be tafteo of tbe fruite of tbat tree 
iDbence be ban Ufe : to tbe enoe be mtgbt bnolue tbat be bio 
not hue br bw otonc potoer, but b]p tbe benef tc of <lDoD alone. 
iFtnaUi?,in tbat tree tbere toai3 abifible teftimonieof tbat ren# 
tcrtfclubrrc tt is fat'^tbat ^e liue , moue, ano bane our be* 
ing m <i3oD,C(abcrcfo;ie,tf fd be atJom, being as pet t3nco;rup* 
feo,anD of a pure nature,ffa)Oe xa neeoe of monito.:ie Cgnes, ta 
lean bim to tbe fenotulege of CDOO0 grace,bolu mucb mo;:e neeD 
ftaue \De of Qgns at tbis Dap,in fo great imbecillitie of our na* 
tu re^being fallen from tbe true ligbtf spo;eourr,3 miQibe not 
tbat tobicb certeine of tbe bolr fatbers baue fct ooton, as Au- 
guftmc, ano Euchcrius, botu tbat tbe tree of life tuas a figure 
ofCb^ille, a0be is tbe cuerlafting toaizDe of C^oDti^ea and 
V^ixi tt coulD no otberlDife be a Itgne of life, i\^i in prefiguring 
€f bim. jfo; toe mull note tobat Jobn (aptb intbefirttcbapter 
of bis d^ofpeli : botoe tbat 2Dbe life of all fm^ toas induoeo 
\x\ tbe too;De, and efpeciallp tbe life of men, tobicbe is iopnen 
toitb reaCbn ano tinoerHanoing • Wberefb^ 0oam toas ao# 
monilbeo b^ tbis Qgne > tocballenge notbingto bintlelfe as 
i^is otone,tbat be migbt tobolp oepeno bpon tbe fonne of d^oo^ 
ano migbt feeke lifetnnootbertbenin \^\m. ^utano ifj^^ 
0am, bao life lapeobp in no otbertben in tbetoo;jOeofOoo, 
at tobat time be bao tbe fame xa perfect Hate: ano couloe no 0* 
tbertoife beepe tbe fame, tben bp athnotoleoging bitn to be tbe 
Sutbour tberof: from tobence Ibal toe reconer tbe fame,tobeii 
iX is loH i !let bs knotoe tberefo^e, tbat fo ftone as toe oepart 
from <i:b.2ill>tbere remainetb to bs notbmg but oeatb.3 Itnoto 
tbat otberfome reltraine it to co;po:all life : ano tbinbe tbat 
tbe begetatine o;t quicftening fo;ce of tbe booie toas i^ tbe 
trecjinfomucb tbat tobofoeuer oio once eate of tbe fxwii tbereof 
fljoulDc ncucr languifte toitb age* llSutSlfa]? tbat tbep 000* 
tnitte tbat tobicbistbe pjincipall tbinginlife : namely tbe 
grace of DnDerftaoing.if 0: toe muft altoaps conlloer to tobat 
enoe man toas maoe, ano tobat manner of life toas appointeo 
tnto btm.l^ life toas not to baue oncli? a flo^iflWntJ ano gro* 
toing booi?, but alfo to ejrcell ixi^z gifts of tbe minoe.Concer# 
mng tbe tro; of knotolege of goo ano eutl toe vmA tbus oeter# 

/ tttittc, ftnf man teas nof rdh-aincD from ftc fame, fccrmifc^i 
^ <2>oD looulD ijauc \)im to luanDcr % Urar iwitljout iu^$i:emcnt 
of t^mg0, Itkc tnto tbc b:utc bcal!c0 : but bccaufc be n)ou(De 
not bcmo;jc tDir, tbcn 1005 mcctc ano conucnicnt, ano Icaa be 
f rutting to W oUinc fcnfcf cattmg off tbc ^oUe of Ctjcftoulo 
malic bim fclfe a Juogc of gmD ano cuil.^w firmc p:ocar)cD of 
an cuill confcicnce: tubercbppon it folloluctb, tbat luDgcmcnt 
luas %i\xm t uto bim, tbcrb^ to Difc erne betluane tcrtucs anu 
ticc5.^nD,otbcrU)ifc,tbat tubtcb ^ofcs faioc bcfo:e,cculD not 
CanDcbotD tbat be toas createo after tbc unagc of Cotj: fo;r fo 
mucb as tbe image of CI>oo c opiebcnoetb tnocr iU tbe bnoU)/ 
lege of bim,t)obo is tbc cbiefc felicitie.2Cbcrfo;c tbc Libertines . 
arc ttDife maD,f monfter^ of men,tubicb imagine tbat liie are tcnincr 
rcftozcD into tbe ttate of innocencicif fo be eucr^ one be canctj crrour . 
luitbout iuDgemcnt, at tbcir oiune loil. ^oto loe bnolu tobat 
^ abUcining fro tbe tree of fenoloIeDgc of g(DO f euill mcanetb: 
namclr, ^ iioammigbt not b^air.nnngtbifjo;^ tbat tbingha^ 
^iro bis U)iroomc:but being abbitteo to (I3oD alone, migbt be 
iu!fc onlp b^ bisf obeDicnce. Sberfo;c bnotulcgc \b taken abu* 
fcOl\? in mil part fo; mifcrable erpcrimr t,tubicb man b^ougbt 
^ponbimfelfjin Departing fro tbe onl^ luel of perfect Imftjomc. 
flno tbis is t\^ beginning of fret luil,ljuben jaoam toculD be of 
(itmfelfe alone : f p^efumeo to alTap tubat be iDart able to ooe* 

10 [[And out of Hcdcn went a riucrjspofcs fa)?lb tbat tbcrc 

flotoeD one riuer to luater tbc garden, tubicbe riucr oiuiocD it 
fclfe into foure beaoejes • 2U mtn Doe agree tbat Euph rates anD 
Tigris iDerettDO of tbe beaDes^ Concerning tbc otber tluo 
tberc i5 great r ontrouerfie.^an\> tbink tbat tbefc fourc beacs 
toere Piihon, anD Gihon, Ganges, auD Nilus : iDbofc crrour 
nottDitbttanDingi0fufficientlv^ enougb confutcD br tbc Dif^ 
• tancc of placcs.^no tbere arc fomc lobicb fa^c fo: one of ti^c fc 
IjeaDe^ fo farre as to tbe riucr of Danubic : as tbougl; tbe ba^ 
bitation ofone man crtenDcD it felfc from tbc furtbett part of 
Afia to tbe cnDc of Europa, But fo; fo mucb m Diuers otber 
famofisriucrBpalTcb^tbe fame region, tbcir opinion is bct^ 
fer tobe aUolucD, U»biebe tbmke tbat tlwo of tY,tm are nctcD, 
nltbougb tbcir names be nolu luo^ne out of t3fe.l)cU'beit,tbc 
ooubt is not ret tatjcn aioau , jfo^cpofcsDiuiDctbcnrriiicr, 



b^ lrf)!fb ftc garDen Ictw loatcrcD, into fburc f)cate«. jSnD ft 
is \xjtil enougtj bnotocn, tl}at tf}c tjcaocs of Euphrates ano Ti- 
gris toerc farrc Diftant affunDer ♦ £)ut of tbisltnotfometbui^ 
t)nfolD0tl)cmfcIucj0;: affirming, ti}at bp t^t Dettruction ani^ 
fpopic U)t)irfi ttjc flouDc matic,tl)c face of ttje cartb U^as fbaurt^ 
geo : anD tf)crfo;c tfjcp gfjcOcit migbt come topaffe tijattbe 
courfes of ttje riucrs tucrc troublcD ano turnco another tua^: 
sn&e tuljicfje opinion foemctf) to ma, fu Dcferuc to be rtkttc^ 
tttcrip . jfo; alt&ougb 31 graunt, tbat tbe eartb^fo fame as it 
toas accurlTctJ , toas b:ougbtfromber natural! beautie into 
miferable filtbincffe ano oefo;mitie , ano to a lamentable 
0atc:anD tijat aftertuaroes it \DaB fpotileo in man^ places 
tb;ougbtbc flouoe : fct notluitbttanDingJfa^ tfjat itistl}z 
fame cartb toijicbeluajscrcatetrattlie beginninge. ^o:eo^ 
acr, cpofes in ^p iuDgerncnt applied bis Topographic oz oe^ 
fcription of paraDife to ti^t capacitie of bis age . ^otf 
tuitbttanoing no tbing (b Done^ercept Uie fini> tbat place tbere, 
febere tbe riucrs Tigris ano Euphrates oiuioe ano part tbcm 
felucs out of one cbanello^ltreame. jrirlt note tbat tbere is 
no mention maoc of a fp^inge o > founteine, but tbere is fa^oe 
onel^ to be one r iuer. ano b^ tbe foure beabes 3| bnoerffanoe 
as tuell tbe onginals, an?) fp;tinges, tubereof tbe riuers tabe 
tbeir beginninges, as tbe entnes ano moutbes^toberebi? tbe^ 
flotoc into tbe &ea. /I^olue tbe riuer Euphrates toas fo iot»neii 
in oloe time toitb tbe riuer Tigris in one courfe, tbat it migbt 
iufltl^ be calico one riuer oiuioeo into foure beaoes : efpccialls 
if tbat be graunteo bnto me tubicb is apparent to al mtn^t^at 
fpofcs fpeabetb not aptl^,no; after a pbilofopbicall manner, 
but ruoclp, tbat tbe moftfimpleof allmar t^noerttanocCueit 
fo in tbe firtt Cbapter be callctb tbe &unne anb tbe ^cone tbe 
tU)o pjincipall ligljtes : not bicaufe tbe spone is greater f ben 
tbe otber ^lanctes,but bi^caufe in our figbt it is oecmco to be 
greater . fl^o:ecuer be fametf} to take aiuar.all ooubt , tobeii 
bcfaptbtbat tbe riuer bao foure beaties , bicaufe it tDosOi^ 
ttioeo out of tbe place, Wbat meanetb tbis , but tbat out of 
one toafertourfe tbe tbanels toerc oiuioeD eitber aboue o^ 
beneatb Paradifc f /fioUje atoillfetootonetbe figure before 
^our cues, to tit enoe in reaoing re ma^ bnoerftanoe, tobere 

a iuoge 


^3 itOise tW^oks Wi placeb IS^araotfe. 




Plinicirtfji^iiirt bfflke lu^ifetfjtfjattfjeriuer Euphrates tuas 
ftopttp from tbcOrchcns tbaf it coulDcnotfjaucbisfourfc 
intotbe fea,but b^ tbc riucr Tigris, anoPomponiusMcli, 
mbwti)irDcha)li0,faitl)tbatt|)efaiDe Euphrates bat!) afirmc 
anODirectcpaffagcanotbatit floiuetb not fcoitb of otbcrri-^ 

UtVBy but fo;fabetb tbcm. )i5ut Nearchus, lubomc Alcxamicr 

niaDeaomcrallofbijEfjj^auicanDU^bob^ t)is coiiDuttcfailcD 
tb:ou0bo4it all tbofe countries , faitbtbattbc moutfjc ofrljc 
riuer Euphrates and Babylon, arctb^ee tboufauDji tb^a^bun- 
Pif ^ ferloncjes Dittant . ^no be placctb ti)c moutb o; cntric 

♦ EigKr of 

rho(c fun; 
long! Jo« 
make a 
mile Ira- 
lijn or 
looo. pA- 

^^ of t!)c riuer Tigris in ti^t ertreame part of tht Sufis t b^ tojfcft 
part l)e returning from bis long ano Ujo^tbie naui!jation,met 
t^zMfK; \i)itl)l)i$ j^auic,as;Arrianusrcpo;tet^ in bijs^igljt'' 

bfflhc of tbc gettes of Alexander . 3CbC iDbicbC fcntcncc Strabo 

alfo confinnctb in bis i ^ .boUc. jJiot^ttanDing iObetbcrfceucr 
Euphrates, fallctb o; floU^ctbi it i0 ccrteinc tbat tbc fame ano 
tberiucr Tigris running togetbcr arc OiuiocD. ?gotubcit Ar- 
rianus in \)is fcumtb b©^e lDntctb,tbat not oncli? one cbaiiell 
of tbc riuer Euphrates runnctb into the riucr Tigris, but 
alfo manp b^cnitcs anu Dicbestbpcaufc tuatcrjs fiill aparefrom 
tbe billicgrounDcie; into t\)t t^alc . 0s toucbing tbemerting of 
tfjetUJoriucrsiDbifb 3 baucnotcD in tbc figure, tbc opinion 
of fomc is,tbat tbc licuttcnant Cobaris caufcn tbcm fo to mctc 
ip a cuttclcatl Euphrates bauing bis lubolc fo^c c b^ l)iB ftuiftc 
courfc, tl^oulD inna^t Babylon.)i3ut be fpeakctb as of a ooubt^ 
ftill matter. 3|t i^ tno^t credible , tbat men h^ arte ano mDur» 
trie follotueo tbc courfc of nature, in mafting oirbcsano tiiU 
tcSjtDbcn tbc^ faUic^ Euphrates ran from tbc bigbcrgrouno 
of bis otune accozoc into Tjgris.spo;eoMcr,if iuc ma^ creoite 

Pomponius Mela , Semiramis b^ougbt tbC tiucrs Eu- 
phrates ano Tigris to Mefopocamia, lubtcbcbefo:cl»a£ro>^ 
< anObnluatercD : lubicb is b^ no manner of mcancscrcoiblc. 
^o.:e true is tbat Uibicb Strabo, a Oiligcnt ano paincfull iu;t< 
ter,afffrmctb, tbat tbefe tluo riuers io^ne in one at Babylon : 
anoaftcrU).irDes,DiuiDingtbemfeIucsb^ tbcir fcucrall cba^ 
ticls,are carrieD into tbc rco fca.^ano be meanctb tbat tbc hv^ 
coniuncttonoftbcttvo riuers in one is be^onD Babylon, not 
far from tbc totunc callcD Marsica,as iuc ma^ reao tn tbcfifte 
bokc of Plinie .jfrom tbence tbc one riuer tafeetb bis courfe 
tbjougb Babylon, ant) tbe otber runneth b^ Sclcucia, ttoofa^ 
inous anDtjeric rich cities. 3ifU)c graunt that the fa^rDemee^ 
ting together of § riuers Tigris anO Euphrates, is b^ nature f 
from tbe beginning : all abfurOitie in tafeen aloav. 3f there be 
anp region hnDer bcaucn lobicb ercelletb in plcafauntncffe^in 
plentie of all manner of fruites,in fertilitic, in Oeligbtes , anD 
in other giftes, the fame tbe toziters Doe fpeciallp relebzate 
«no commcno ♦^ Mbcrcfo;e tbc titles of commcnoation be^ 




m VPON GENES 15. C A P : I f. 

W * a • 


jT it t£i libclr tljat t()c region of Hcdcn tuas lituate in ttjofc parttf 
aj0 map appeare bp ttjc p;opljefc0 Efaic, ano tzccHid . :ano ^^^i ,^ 
tD!)crca5 ^cfcs faptb, tljat tbcre tuent a riucr out of Hcdcn, tzc.iz.xi 
3 tljcrcbp tnocrUanD tljc flotutng of ttjcluater: a^ if be Cbculo 
fap,t^at iJoam otoclt on tbc banbe of tfjc riucr, o; In tbat lono 
tuiiicb luos luatereJj on evtfjcr Coc, if tue t^inbe jjcdD to talio 
}daraT)ifefo.jtbat,lul)ic[)i£J conipalTcD about tuitbtljeriucrs. 
i^olubcititmatietbnogrcatc matter, tubctbcr at)amDUJClt 
on tt)i5 fi^c tljc place tobere tbe U)atcr0 iopnc in one, toluaros 
Babylon anD Scleucia, ojintbe tpper parte: It ijB futficietit 
tbatijeinljabiteD t!;at territo;ic Uiljiclic loafi lucll loatercD* 
)i5ittt)0U)e tbc riuertua^ DiutoeD into foure beaded, it map 
eaCilp be percciuctj. jf o; tbere are tU)c riucrii ^x^\i\i\) iorneto* 
gcttjcr in one, aftertuaroes tbep go into ouiers parts. &o one 
riuer 10 \x{ tbc place lubere botb iopne togetber:anrj ttjcre are 
tlDO beatiea in tbe bppcrmoU cbaneb, 1 tluo alfo totraros ttc 
(ea,after tbep begin to be DiuioeD agatne in greater Icngtb* 
3^b^reremainetbaque0ion concerning tbefe names Pi ^^on 
anD'Gihon , ifo; it feemetb not agreeing to reafon, tbat lue 
giue to euerp riuer a double name. )i5ut ii is no nelue tfjing, 
tbat riuers cbaunge tfjeir names, fpeciallp Uiljere tt)crei0 
anp notable note of Difiference • SDbo riuer Tigns ii 
feIfe,Plinic being tbe autbour, about tbe bcaoe 0: fountcinc 
tbereof , \b calleo Diglito : ano after tbat be bao maoe 
manv cbancls , 1 icpneo together againe,it became Pafiugris^ 
JCljercfo^e tbere \^ no abrurDitie,if toe fap tbat ii Iras Diucrf^ 
Ip nameD of tbe courfe tbereof* £po;»eouer,tbere \^ fomeaffini^ 
tiebetluecne Pafin anDPiihon : in fo mucbe ii i^ not bnlihelp, 
tbat tbe name of Pafitigris is tbe imitation of tbe ancient ap^ 
pellation. flnointbefiftebohe of Quintus Curtms concern 
Ring tbe ^iii^^ of Alexander, iDljere mention i^ maDe of Pafi- 
tigris, fomc boabes ba«e,tbat ii \& calico of tbe bo:Dcrers Piia- 
fjn.jiieitber Doe tbe relief tbe circum(lanccsDifagroE:,tuberc^ 
bp ^ofes pcintctb out tb;a of tbe fe riuers.Piihon conipairetfj 
about tbe lano of Hauilah, lubcre golDe groUJctb.CompafTmg 
\& rigbtlp attributed to T\%x\s , bpcaufc of tbe crmUco coniTc 
ti)4t it f^tcljctb loU)er tf)en Me/opocamja^^ao tbe lano of Ma- 
li C'.y. '^"^ ui^^ii 

^Q f H >T C A L V I N « ^. 

uilah , 10 f aften fjere in m^ mDgement,fb: fjaf rfijtoii Iwftfcte 
w nderebnto Pcrfia . jfo; in tl)t 2 vCtjapfer foUoUimg,£pofc5 
tuill l!jcU)c,tljat tbe limdclit s Dtoelt from Hauilah tnto Sur, 
lu!)ifI)ci5nctrcaDioimmgtoC'grpt, lufjcrcb^ mrngocmfa 
Aflyria.SDhtrboincr of Hauilah isfctfe aorainft fl)c frontier 
cf Sur,U)!)ifl) 95orc£( maU£(l) ndcrctnfo Cfgrp^anD toluarDs 
AnTynanlfo, C23l)cret3ponitfoUojuet!),t!)at Hauilah tcnDctl) 
to Sufia,anD to PeHia, jfo: it muftpatjeB be lotoer tfjcn Afly- 
na toluarDcs tbe Pcrfian fca . jf urtljcrjpo^c, it is farrc from 
Cgppt: bpfaufc^ofejEireckonctbtjpmanv nations, tu^irfja 
tnljabitco bet toccnc t!)c bo;Dcr0 of t[)ofc tlDO places. ^Ifo tbe 
Arabians, oflu!)Qmc mention is maoc tliere , lucre neiglb^ 
boil's tjnto tfje Pcrfians , iiioU3,tbat U^bicbc ^ofes affirmetft 
foncerninggoloeanopjecious (tones cometf) to notable pur* 
pofe. ffitfcre remainetb Gihon, tobicbe (as ^ofes affirmetlj) 
toateretb tbe lano of Chus : tulncbe all interpreters call Ac- 
thiopia. Il5uttbe region of tbeMadianitcs, ant) tbe region of 
Arabia tobicbe are bo:Derers, arebt? ^ofes callet) after tbe 
fame name . after tl)e fame manner bts toife in anotber place 
is calleDan Acthiopian , j^nD feeing tbe loluer conrfe of Eu-' 
phrates tenDetb (0 tbat parte, 3 fee not tob^ it (l&oulD be coun^ ' 
teDfo:anabfurDitie,ifitbe teanneDb^ tbe name of Gihon^ 
Jlno tbus tbe fimple meaning of ^ofes is , tbat tbe garoen, 
iDbicbe 00am poOJcCTeOjlDas plentifully? loaterco. tbecbanell 
ofariuerpaffing tbcreb^, lubicbeluas aftertoaroes oiuioeO 

1 > [Then the Lord God tookc the manJ^Otne ^OfeS at)* 

tetb ^ tbe eartb tuas gine to man fo; tbis caufe,tbat benngbt 
cccupit bim felfe in tilling tbe fame.C5Ibert)pon it follotaetb^ 
fbat men toere created to ooe fomeiubat, tbat tber migbt not 
be iole 1 bnoccupieo.SCbts teas a labour pleafannt am full of 
beligbt, free from all tDcarinelTe anD ^;heromne(re . i^otluitb* 
ilanDi^g, feeing C&oD tuouio baue man to be erercifcD in tilling 
of tbe eartb, be conticmneD in bis perfon,all iolencffe. Mbereo 
fo;etbcreisnotbingmo;econtrarie to tbe ojoerof nature, 
tben to fpenoe our life in z^tinq , in Drinking , ano in flarping: 
aiiD in tbe meane time to buUt our feluesluitb no ejrercife. 
^ofe5aooett)tbat;3oamU)a0maoe gouerriourano ouerfeer 




Of ftc 5arDen,t6ercbr to Declare, tljat tpon \\i& couDition luc ^ 
poOcire tljofc tOmgejj luljic!) tl)e llo^De siuetl) tjnto t)0,tbat U)c 
being content luitbtbcmoDerateanDtcnipcratc ^jfcoftljeni, 
map lap Dp in ftoare tfte remainDcr. ^z Uitjicb pofrcOctt land, 
mud fo rcceiue tbc pearelp fruit tfjereof, tbat be Cuflfer not tbc 
Crouno t&;oujjft c arelcflfeneire to Decap, but ougbt to cnteuour 
fjunfelfctoleiiuctbefanieto bis poacritieafl0a)D,O2 rather 
better Vsfi^x{ be f ouno it.ilet bun fo eate tbe fruitcs tbereof,^ be 
toaae notbinj tbiougb riotte, no; futfer anp tbing to pcriOj 
^;oufib negligence.ano to tbe eno tbix; fparingnes map bauc 
place amongeft brj, anD tbat toe map be Diligent in faumg 
tbofc benefited iubicb tbe llo;Dc bath giuentntotjs : Ictcucrp 
man conQDer tbat be is tbe 3lo;jDe6 aeUjarce^m all tbofc tbm.- *^'^" ^"^ 
ce0,tobtcb be batb Dnoer bis bnnD.ano fo it tuill couic to paffe ,,1. '^ 
tbatbeCiallneitber oiCTolutelp bebaue bimfclfe,no^ co;rupt, tham^ 
tb;ottgb abufe,tbofe tbinges U)bicb C'OD Ujill baue niiicD . cU,. ' 

. i6 [;And the Lorde God conimaundcd J <pofcs noU) tca»» 

tbetb tbat itian Uias maDe ruler of tbe eartb,Uutb tbis erccpti- 
on , tbatbciboulDe neuer tbelelTe be fubiect into ecD.a IaU)c 
fe giuen tnto bim in token of fnbiection.iro; it maDe no mat^ 
fcr to ©oD,if be baD eaten of all p fruits of tbc garDen luitljout 
Cjcceptiott/aJberefo^etbefO'biDDingofonetree , toasap^ojfc 
anD triall of obeoience, ;9lnD bp tbis meant s Ccd luoulce bauc 
all manbinD to be enureD, tmvi from tbe beginning, toitb tbe 
reuerencc of bis i!paieaie:euen as ix Uias necoefull , be beting 
aDo:neDanDinricbeDtDitbfomanp ercellent giftes, ftoulDc 
be bflcpt in aloe anD obeDienccleaC be fl^culDe burC fonb into \ 
iuantonnes anD rebellion . jEDbere luas an otbe: fpecial renfon 
tobicb toe touf beD bcfo;c : namelp,tbat ^Dam HjoulDe not Dc# 
firetobemo:etoife i^itw'^^^ comienient.3lDUttbisgencrall 
purpofe of C5oD is to be obferueD, toberebp \}t tooulDcmabc 
man fubiect to bis gouernment .2:bcrfo:etbeablleiningfro 
tbe fruitc of one tros, toas a itxitiwz leaDing to obeDience : to 
tbe cnD man migbt fenotoe i^^i be baD a OuiDer anD i.o;De of 
h\& life, Ijpon tobome be ougbt to DepcnD, anD tobofe belles it 
beboueD bim to obep.:anD terilp tpis \% p onlp rule to Mwt toe! 
anD toitb reafon, fo: mentobenD anD frame tbem fducsto 
fcruc^oo, j^ottoitbttanDing, tbisfeemctb to cifagrectoitb 
•I eii;. tbc 

j-Q I O HN CALVIN £ < 

X -nm 1.5 ^^ Tentettce of ]9aul,tw^en Ije fattb tfjaf tbc latD fo nof gmctt 
fo; tbe lull man.jroj if it be ro:<loam being as ^ct perfect ana 
tncozruptjfjaD no neeue of tftc latDe . But tf)e folution 10 eaCe 
(0 be maDe . if o;j paulc oifputet!) not tfjere, but pzononncetfi 
of tbe common W of lifc,tbvit t^t^ tot) icb runne of tl)eir olone 
acco jDe, are not to be compellcD b^ tlje necelTitie of tbe latue : 
acco2Ding to tbe connnon p;ouerbe, €)f cuill manners fp jing 
CtDD latoes. /iieuertbeleffe beootb not Denie but tbat Coo ap^ 
pointco a lalu fo; man from tbe besimiing,tt)at be migbt taftc 
to \)im felfe bis Ouc anD lalocfnll rigbt. 3lf an^ man obiect tbe 

«. Cor. J.7 otjjjrj. fcntence of |E^aul lobere be aflftrmetb tbat tbe lato !S tbe 
^inilter of Deatb:3| anf\uerc tbat tbe fame is accioe ntaU,anD 
tbat at tbe co:ruptio of mans nature.BnD tbat tben a coman* 
Dement loas giuen bnto man,lDberbi> be migbt bnoto tbat be 
tuas bnoer tbe gouernance of CDoD, HBut 3 ligbtli? palTe oner 
tbefe fmall matters . ^no let bs remember tbat tobicb 31 fpake 
bcfo:e, becaufe it is of greater lueigbt: tbat tben tuc (ball 
frame our liuesarigbt ,!f lueobei? Ooo, anb make bis h)Hl 
tbe rule anu guibe of all our affections . [ Of cuery tree of the 
GardcnJCotbeenb^bammigbttbe mo;jetuillingl^ obe^?, 
Co!) convnenDetb W liberalitie » 15ebolbe , faitl^e be, 3 MU 
tier into tb^ banD all tbe fruites of t\)c eartb, am«urt^ binoe 
of tree . £Dut of lobicbe erceeDing plentie anb tarietie , 3f rc^ 
ferue one tree onel^. Mo be terrifietb bim bp tb^eatening tbe 
puniO^ment, fo: tbe ratifying of tbe latoe.CSabcreb^ tit grea^ 
ter i5 tbe luirkeDneflPe of man,tubom neitber tbis louing com^ 
memo;ation 3f tbefe gifts of 60D, no;j tbe feare of punilbment 
roulD reteine in bifi tiiitit,li5utit mat? bebcmanbeb tobat binti 
of Deatb tbe Lozb meanetb in tbis place^jjt feemctb to me tbat 
toe mull fetcb tbe oefinition tbereof from tbe contrarie : ti»c 
nuift. 3 far, condDcr from tobat life man bib fall, ^e luas in 

Man? life cucrie parte anb contiition bleOTeb: tberefo:e bis life pcrtev 

ac ibc firii. ncD botb to boDie anb foule.feeeing a rigbt iubgement anb tbe 
iulfe moderation of aflfcttions loas in bis foule, life alfo reig? 
ncbtbere : in bis boDietberetuas no manner of bice :U)bere# 
fO!C be toas oltocjetber free from Deatb . 2E^c eartblv life loas 
to bim tcmpo;all,ret nottoitbttanoing if be bab not fallen, be 
^ab gon to bcauen^ tuitf^out oeatb; ficbtulTe; 0; anr \)mty5ut 



• V PON genesis; c ap. it. ^. 

Itofe Dcatl) is mtttozt Ijo^riblc tjnf o t0 : llrll, bicaufc tue are / , 
cmpttcD of all ttjofe gracc0, ad toucljing tljc bor)ic:fc(onDlr,bi^ V'l x 
taurcourfoulcfelctb<Dot)0 curiTc.ELcttJBairofalwbatiBtbcroroI ' 
caufe of Dcatb : furclr, an earaunging o: falling aloap from dciib. 
<DoD.]^0rct)pon it folloluctb tljat bp tbe name of Dcatb al tt)ofc 
mi(ztits arc comp;c[)cnDeD.lul)crtDitl) a^am tb^ougb bis fall 
intanglcD l)inx fclfc.JFo; fo fonc as fjc fell from Cot5 tbc foun# 
fcineoflifc, fjcUjas calf ijolunc from bififoimcrftatc, lolljc 
tm be mic^^it f^tk, tM mans life toitbout (3o^ Uias mifcrti* 
bkam lolf, t tberefo;c nothing mtfermg from Deatb.mfirrc^ i irc wir?« 
fo.:e tbc Hate ano conoition of man,after ftime, is iiiaip r allcD ^ "« coa it 
l>catb,auDtoeD0pnmngoflife. i:bc fo^rolDC£5 ano mUerica ^'*^^ 
hot\} of tbe foulc ano alfo oftlje boDie,UibcrcU)it{) be is r cmpaf- 
fco about fo long as be liuttt) in eartlj, are a fciteine cntric of 
«jcat'a,t)ntai Dcatb it fclfe tjtterlp ftwalloU) Ijim tp. jf o; ^ fcnp# 
ture tearmetb tbem Deau mcn,lubicb being opp::(reD UJiifj tlje 
tp:annie of (in f of &atban,liue to tbeir Deaiuction,rabcrfc;e 
it is a baine f fupcrfluous queftion,bolD dDoD tb^catncD Dearti 
to a^am at lubatiime be OjolD touclj tbe fo^biocn fruit: tubcn 
as be DeferreD tbe punifbmcnt fo; a long time.if o; tbcn jat?ani 
lDa0 giuen bnto Deatb , ano ccatb bcganne biB biuguomc in 
l)im,tjntill tbe grace lubicbe ouer(??aooUjcO \)m\ b;ougbt a re^ 

j8 [; It is not good that Adam fhouldc be alone. ] JJ5otDC 

^ofcs kttctlj fcDitb tbe purpofe of CD£D2) in creating tbe U;o^ 
manitDbicb tuas,tbat tbere migbt be men t pon tl;e cartb, Vubi 
cbe mig^t baue mutuall focietic among tbem fclucs. i^clcbcit 
it ma^ be DoubteD,\ubetber ti)is fentencc ougbt to be crtenDcD 
to generation . if o: tbe U)o;Des fimplg baue tbis Ognification* 
115icaufe it is not gtoD fo; t\)t man to be alone, toe muC create 
fo; {)im a luife, tbat flie map be an bclpe t)nto bini. ji^ottoitb^ 
llanoingH tafeetbemtbus:tbat(!DoD bcginnetb attbefirftfe^ 
gra of bumane focictie : pet tbat bi^J purpofe toar^ to comp:c* 
benD otbcr0,!n tbeir o;oer f place. 2rberfo;e tbe beginning i^ 
gcneralf,2Df)at man is treated tbat be miiiibt be a fociall crea* 
ture lining in forietie.jloiu manfeino coulo not ftnno iyitt)out 
a tuomanif tberfo:e in tbe coniunction of mcn,tbat knot efpc* 
«all]?aptierct[;,tu5)crbv t[;c ^uPjano f V}c tuifegrcU) together 



I O H N C A L V I N E \ 

info oneboDie^f into one roule,cuenn0 nature tt felfef nugbt 
Plato f ot^jer p^ilofopljcrs of mo^e founo iuDgmcnt to fpeaft • 
£po;^coucr, altljou^!) 0oD tttereD tt)is concerning 0tJam, ^ it 
iuafi not profitable foz fjim to be alone:J!iotU)itbftantiinix 3 Do 
not retlraine it to [)W perfon onel^, but ratfter t\)inyit it to be a 
common rule of mans calling : tbat eueri? man ma^ tal^e it as 
fpoltea to \)im felf^tbat folttarines is not gtno.but in bim lubo 
(DoD batb erempteo bi! a fpeciall p:iuilege.^anp tbinhe tbat a 
Cnglc life is bcft,i tberefo:e leaft tbep (boulo be miferable^tbep 
abfteine from loeDlocl^e* 0nD not onelp beatben men baue De^ 
fIneD , tbat it is a bappie life to liue luttboitt a tuife > but alfo 
tbc firtt bto^e of Hicromc againft loumian is ftuft full of b)ic# 
beD rep>ocbes,tuberUjitb be goetb about to make bolp matrix 
monic batefull f infamous,llet tbe tuicfteD lerne to fet againtt 
tbefe \i)ickt^ fuggettios of Catban,tbis fentence of (DoD, tuber* 
tuttb \)t batb appointeb man to a matrimoniall life> not to ^iB 

bertruction,but to bis faluation» [I will make him an helpc.]; 

Qujftion. 3t ma^ be oemantjetJ tub!? it luas not faio in p plural number^ 

Let vs befo;je in tbe creation of tbe man^&ome tbinfe, 

tbatbp t^is fpeacb, tbe Difference tubicb ib betlceene botb feres 

is noteD,anD tbat fo it iis (belueD,botJU mucb mo2e excellent tbc 

AQfvrcrc. manis,tben tbe iDoman. But J lifee better of anotber inter* 

p;etation,tubicb Diffcrctb fomelubat, tbougb it be not altogc* 

tbcr contrariemamelritbat Iwben in tbe perfon of man, man* 

binDeUias crcatcD,tbe comon tuo;:tbines of tbc lubole nature, 

Uias U)itb one title generally aD02neD,U)bcre it is faiD, Let vs 

make mantanD tbat it tuas not nccDfulltobe repeateD in tbe 

creating of tbe tuoman,tDbicb toas notbing elfe but tbe aDDi* 

tioni furniture of tbc man. gt cannot be DenicD, but tbat tbc 

luoman alfo luas createD after tbt image of OoD,tbougb in tbc 

feconDe Degree. iKHberctpon it folloluetb^tbat t^t fame tubicb 

luasfpohen in tbe creation of tbe man, pcrteinetb to tuoman* 

hinD.j^otu feeing ©oDalTignetb tbe tuoman to be anbclpe to 

Woman tbe man,be Dotb not onlp pjefcribc bnto toomen a rule of tbeir 

is ordci- calling,^ tber mar tbe better Do tbeir Dutie: but alfo p:onoun# 

ahci°ana cctbiJmafrimonielbalbeinberieDecDbntomen anotablclta^ 

ftay of " t belpe of life.Het bs tbcrcro:e Detrnninc ^ tbc o;Der of nature 

miai bfc Dotjj fo beare;tl;at tj/c tuoman is abclpcto i man.S^be comon 



/ if 

vp ON genesis: c a p. I I. ^^ 

p;oucrb w^tftat fljc i« 3 ncccffarit cuilltbut Itic ougt)t rattier f ^ 
toljearkcntntotljctDo^o of (£»oD, U)l)icl)cafftrmctt)ttiattbc 
luomani0 giucn totftemantobc n companion ano fcllotjoc, 
lul)icbc ma^ belpcbint to liue UjcIL 3 graunt tbat in tljis co2# 
ruptftate of manbinoe, tbcblctTmg of (D£DD, tubictje td 
bcre t)efcnbeo, appearctb not : but toe muft account tbc caufe 
oftbtecuiUtobctbifi^ namely, bicaufe toebaucaltcrcD tbe 
o;jDcr of nature toljiclj CDoD baD o^ueincD. fi-^i if fo be tbcre re 
tnaineD tbat intcgrttie tobicbc toag m man at tbe be ginning^ 
tbt£(o:mnaunceof(lDo^lboutDbeeutDentlF fetne, anomoUe 
ftodDtemeloDtefboulDreignemtocDlocbe: becaufetbe man 
(boulD baue refpect bnto (DoD>anD tbc tooman tboulD be a bcl^ 
per of bim fbztoarn tberet^nto: tber botb fljoulDe imb;acc toitb 
one confcnt bolic ano fncnolp foctctic./^oto it \& come to palTe 
tb:ougb our fault, ano coemption of nature, tbat tljis bappi«' 
neflTe of toeDlocbe \^ fo; tbc grcateft part Dccapeo in b3 : o<: at J^j^^^p"/^ 
tefttoife ismingleDantjinfectcDtoitbmanp inconucnicncc0. c/ufc of 
l^rrcof come b;alle5,troubIcSrbittcrncDPe, contention0,anD a contcnti- 
buge beape of all euilles . I^ereof it commetb tbat men arc of* on >" ^^ci 
ttXKimz^ troubled toitb tbeir ^\\xzs^^ ano do foDle manv If ttc0 ^°<^^ 
to come,bi? tbe meaner of tbcm. il^otobcittucolocke roulo not 
be fo Defileo tb;ougb tbe totcbeDneCTc of men, tbat tbc blcCTing 
fobicb (I3oD bao once ratifico b^ ^\^ too:Oe, tboulD be tobolp a-" 
bolilbeo anO ejctingmfbeo, SDberfoic in man^ inconuenicncciS 
flf toeolccke,tobicb arc tbe fruites of a Degenerate ano corrupt 
tiature,tbere remainetb romctob^it of tbe goDncffe of CootanD 
in tbe qucncbcD fire,afl it tor re , tbcre remaine nno appears 
notUjitbttanDingfomefparli5.:^nDt3pon tbatp^incipall point 
DcpenDctb tbe otbcr , tbat toomcn being taugbt concerning 
tbeir Dutie, map inoeuour tbem fclucie to maintc rne tbe o;Dcr 
tubtcb OoD batb appointcD, in fcclpmg tlieir bnfbanDCiS . Jt is 
tbe menfi part affo to toeigb ano confiDcr toitb tbcm rclncp, 
tPbatouetictbci? in like manner Otoe tjnto tbc balfepiirfcof 
tbeir kinDc. ^n botbefepesarcmutuaUpbounoceifbcrfoo^ 
tber : ano fo: tbiiJ caufc tbe tooman i3 giuen to tbc \\\^xk to be 
anbelpCjtbatbcmartbetoebimfclfetobeabeaD ano guiot, 
^urtbenno^Ctoe arc to note anotbcr tbing,tobf n Wst tooman 
in i\i\t place is callca tbc mans bclp,tbat neaCFitic \& not tou* , 

C.b* cfccD, 



> T O H M C A L V I M « ^ \ 

riietj, to^crebnto toe arc inDaunjcreD after t\)t fall of 0tjmn* 
ifo; ti)c tooman QoulD ^aiu^ ben an i^elp to tbe man,aIti)ougb 
fte ftao ftcDO in bus; perfect ftnte.ijioto fatng tlje bifeafe of lud 
tuantctb arfmcme,U)ebaueabouble benefitcofC3otj:butt|&e 
latter i$ accioentalL [Mectc for him,Ilo;(aceo;Ding to tbe ^t^ 

b^UCtert,) BcForchiin:idD:,asit were anfwcrablc vntohim* 

if o; altboujb certeine of tbe Rabincs tbinb tbw to be fpoben 
affirmatiucl^ toitboot anp note of Cmilitube: 3 nottoitbftan 
btno: ta1(e it in t^c p;oper fenfe ^ ais tf it toere faio, tbat (l^e i^ 
ts it luere, kvmoiyov^ox xrri^^ccp^vjit^at tB to far? oppcfite^oi 
equiualent, oj anrojcrable. jFo;t tbe tooman is faio to be ouer> 
agatnH tbe man,o; befo:e tbe man.bicaufe (be is It^e anb an# 
f tocrable bnto bim. ^no tljt note of fimilitube fetmettj to nu 
to be aDDeD^becaufe itisn b0;rolJDeD fpeecb*Cbe€';^eekeinterii 
p;eters baue faitbfulli? giuen tbe fenfe. Snb b^re tbe erro^ of 
ttrtcinc 10 ouertb;otoen,tobicb tbink tbat tooman toas mabc 
onlp fb: to increafe f muUipUemanbinbtanb bo rearatne tbe 
too^D (Good,)toberof mention i0maDebefo:e,to generation: 
tbe^ tbinke not t^at a toife toa^i netefl^irte in refpect of aoam» 
becaufe ob pet be toa0 free fro iufkias tbougb ^ toere gineii 
t>nto bim onlp to be a beofelloto : f not ratber an infeparable 
companion of life, ^beras otber0 erpound tbcfe too;tb0 to be 

80 mucb,a0 if be baO fai^^That llic might be readic at hi5 cora- 

raandmcntat i0 a ber t? colD crpoCtionriFo;^ tbe purpofe of flpo* 
fe0 i0 to e):p.:t(re mo;re:a0 oppearetb br tbat tobicb foUotoetIr* 

19 C So the Lordc God formed of the earth J 2iCbi0 IB a 

mo^e large erpcCtion of tbe fojmer fcntence.iFo: fje fait'b tiat 
none of all tbofe creature0 tobieb <^oD bao maDr,toben a muO 
tero;bietoeoftbemtoa0taken9 ton0 founoeto be a nmtt 
mate anD pohcfcllctoc fo; iibam: ncitber toa0 tbere tbat affi# 
nitiz of nature^tbat j^oam migbt cbtofe bim a mate ano com# 
pan ion of bi0 life from out of anp one binb.^citber bappcneD 
tbis tb;oug^ ignorance. Sfox freature0 of euerp feinoc ceme 
f(D;tb befo>c t\)t p:cfence of jaoam : anb be nameb tbem not 
at a benture, but of knoto!ct)ge be gaue to euerp one his otone 
ano proper namtiv^t uottoitbltanDing tbere toa0 no eqnall 
p:opo;t(on bcttoane bim anb tbem. &o tbat^ bnleflfc a toifc of 
tlis otone ftinOc &40 becnc Qium bnto \iim^ be {job bane left bc# 

y^ VPOM genesis; •' CAP. II. ^- 

^ i!i(itf e of a conuenicnf f mate Ijelpc. 0irof!)cfclDO2Uc«,[*"AinJ 1' 
brought tlicoi to the man. ] fignifle notl}tn5 clfc, but ttjat b^ 
gauc tjnto all creatures tbe affection of fubicction, tbat tfjep 
migl7t toillinglp offer tljcm fclucff linto man : tftat tbcv ba^ 
intf familiarly bielueD anu confiOcrcD, fjcinigbtput a ciffe:» 
rence betlueene tljein,bv giutng \)nto tbcm p^joper namcg,ano 
agreeing to tbeir fcuerall natures.^nt) W^x^ gentlenclTe baD aU 
fo remaineo in luiloe beaff es toU)arDc3 nicn, if fo be jaoam bu 
\i^ falling from (IDoi),l)ali not loft }m fuperio;itie i rule lubicb 
<3oD bao giuen bnto \Am. )l5ut fo fane ai5 be began to be obdi* 
nate anD rebellious agatnH dDoD, be felt tbe tterccnes of b^utc 
beaftes againff bim.ifo; fonic are terie barol^ tamet), otber:» 
fomeremainebntameD, nnD fome terrific tstbjougb tbctr 
ffernc crueltie. il^otluitbftanDing tbere remaine Hill certeine 
reltques of tbat fubtection^as tue (l^al fee tn tbe nintb Cbaptcr 
follotuing . ^no lue muH note, tbat ^ofcs fpeahetb of tbofe 
creatures alone,U)bicb come moftneerebnto men : fo^fifljcs 
line as it Uiere in anotber U)o:1d.3s toudjing tbe names lubi^ 
(be^Dam gaue tnto tbem alfo, 3| Doubt not but tbat ^erte of 
them receiueD tbetr p;oper name Ujitb berie gtpo reafon. lout 
tbe tjfe of tbem luitb nianp otber benefits alfo is li)o;n atna^. 

21 []ThcrcforctheLor£lGodcaurcdanhcauicllecpc.3<^l'» 

tbougbtbisotoer of making luoman feemetb nDtculous ano 
fonDe to luicbeD anDtjngoDlie men ,mfomucbe tbat fome fa^ 
tbat ^fcs telletb but afiible : ^t nottoitbftanoing to bs tbe 
iDonDcrfull pzouiDcnce of (3oD l^inetb.if o; to tbe eno tbe con^' 
loaning of manftinoe migbt betbemo^firme,bctooulotbat 
out of one ano l^t felfe fame beginning, as loell the males as 
tbe females (ftoulo banc tbeir o >iginall» !^e maoe tbcrefo:e bu^ 
mane nature \xk tbe perfon of aoam,i tberof be fo^mcD l^^euab 
tbat tbe tuoman migbt be onlp a portion of al manh uioXbii^ 
IS ^z meaning of tb'e tDo;Des,lubicb ioe baD bcfo:e m tbe firlt 

Cbapter, GOD created man, male and female created he 

them/ ^erebp :3[Dani tDastaugbttoltnotDebimfcIfc,aj5bi? 

Ifflfieing in a glalTeranDl^euab in like manner, UJiIImafp to 

fubmitte ber felfe bnto tbe man,as taben out of bim. Ollbf rc^ 

asUftiDO feres bao p20caoeu out of oiuerfe beginnings, 

it bao jpiuen occaGon ettbcr of wutuoU ccntunpt; o; of en uie> 




o; elfc of b.:allc0,nntj conf cntiong. flnD lufjaf raufefiaoep^r^ 
uerfc beaoes to gainfa^ tljisf SSftc narration temctb not c re^ 
Diblc, bcraufc it agrciett) not loitt) cullome . as tboucrti tt [jaa 
mo;ccoloar,tbat men arc begotten Dailp of filtbic ano tin^ 
clcaiic toe, lucre it not fenotunc bp t3fc ano crpcriencc. i5ut 
$bct? obicctc, c^tbcr tbat tbc ribbctubicbeluaB taken from a^* 
tarn iua5 fnpcrfluous : o; rlfe,tbat t6;ougt) tbe abfcncc of tde 
ribbc , \)v& borne t5 lame.SDo bott) tl^efc let ii be anru)ere0> tbat 
tt)e^ finoe great abfuroitic. ^ut if toe fa^, tbat tbe tlo;^De anD 
maker of beauen anD cartb p;jepareD a ribbctoberof be migbt 
make another boo^^J finbe notbing in tbis anftoere oifagree^ 
ing luitb tbc p; onioence of <i^oD.l^oU)beit,tbe otber coniecturc 
\& better allolnco: tbat fometobat toas taken from ^Dam^tbat 
Mt migbt imb;acc part of bimfclfe \mX\^ tbe greater liking ano 
loue. ^e loft therefore one ribbc : but fo^ tbe fame a greater 
retoaro toas giuen tinto bim , toben \^z got a faitbfuU eompa^ 
nion of life : T»eii,tubcn be fatoe bimfclfe to be perfect ano com* 
plet \x\ biiJ toifCjtobo before toas but m an balfc creature, arnj 
AnimacTc berciu luc f ce 3 true image of our i^nitie SsixV^ tbc fonnc of 
ofchriftc <IDoo:fo;^be alfotoasmaOetoeakc^tbatbijJ members migbt be 
ia Adam. cuDucD toitb ftrcugtb ♦ 3ln tbe mcane time let ts note^tbat a# 
Dam toas caft into a beep Oeepe^to ^ cnb be migbt fecle no pain : 
alfOjtbat tbere toas no violent rupture maDe,no; tbat be feltc 
no loffe b^ tbc ribbc tobicbc Uias taken atua^ : bpcaufe (IDoD fo 
iillcb tjp tbe \30TpDc place toitb fle(lj,tbat be migbt nottoitbftan* 
Ding baue fufficient ftrengti) : onelp tbc barDneffe of tbc bone 
toas taken atoa^. ;aifo :3pofe0 tjpon gcoD roniiDcration tfct^ 
tbi3 too:D,maDc,oj builDeD:to teacb tbat at ^ laft in i\^t perfon 
of tbe taoman,mankinD Uia5perfccteD,tubic!)bcfo;jctua£i like 
tnto a builoing begonnc anD not finiUcD. ^tberfome refcrre 
it to gouernaunce:aj3 if ^ofes tooulDc )^mz fatD,tbat tben tbe 
iaU)full o;Dcr of a familtc toas appointcD : tlje tobicb Di^retti 
not mucb from tbe fo;jmer crpofiticm 

Wcaiockc ^^ C A"<^ brought licr to the man,] J^otoc ^ofcS C^CtDCt^ 

was ordci- i tucDlockc toas o^DciucD of C3oD : tbc tobieb is cbiefl^ pzofita* 

ncd of ble to be knoton.if 02 feeing ^Dam tmke not a toife to tjim fclfe 

^od. at bis otoneluillrbut tcDkcbcrtobomettjc l.o;r5eofftrcD anD 

appointcD Dnto \ym : (^crcof tijc (jolmclfc of matrimonicDoetti 


^/^ VPON GEMEjrs. CAP. ir. 

^ft^ better appearcbccaafc tuc fenotoe t^ot Cod is tbc auttjour 7 7 
thereof. 2n|)c mo;e tbat featban [jatfj gone about to t)cftle nwit 
trimonie,t!)e mo:e let lis cftmnc ano reuercncc tbc fcmc^tljat 
it mai? (>auc Due bonour.if oj thereof it IdiII come to palTcthafi 
tljc c[)ilD;^en of (DoD tuiU luitf) a gmD anD quiet confcicncc um 

^ b;are UieDlocke : anti mm ano t^eir tuiuefi toill iiuc ctjaUcI^ 
anD tjoncaip togetber.^atljan ftatt) fougtrf tluo tljmgrjj in (be 
DifcrcDite onD abafeing of matrimonie : tbat bp tbc fjatreD 
tbereoffjc mijjbt bnngm tbc peftilent taUjeoffolcanD fmglei 
life: anD alio ntigbt giue Ubcrtie to maricD pcrfons to do tubat 
mm luft. 2Dbercfo:c tbe luo:tbinetre of matrimonie baing 
rbctoen^fuperttition muft be tci^tn aloap : Icaft it be a lett anD 
fjmDcrauncc to tbe faitbfulI,to fetrpe tbem from tbe bfe of tbc s^rtan ii 
latufuU ano pure oiDinaunce of CDoD . aifo tuc mutt refill tbc the "^m 
lafciuiou0 UjantonneflTe of tbe flc0)e,tbat men map Iiuc cbaffe^ >^t>v iiu-»f' 
Ip tjuitb tbcir toiue£f . m\t if tberc tuercno otber reafon but '"n>*"»«'^ 
tbi^jtbat orccpt iDc botb fpeabc anD tbinUc bonourablp of ma# ";!^'='f*^'^ 

trimonictbeautbourtbercof iBDitbonourcD, tbc fame alone 

tboulDcYumcc : fo; fucb it is iv\)id) {^ofcB Drfrribctb berr. .ox 

'23 CThisisnowcboncofmy boncsj 3ft W DemaunDcD;? ij^-ro.rt 

iDbenccaDambaDtbis l^notuIcDgc : bbo at tbc time tbatO)^ 5^:1: , 
iDas fo>lncD,tDas in a Da^pc Qk^t, 3f toe fap tbat bus U)it luas 
tbcn fo quicfec anD lbarpe,tbat be coulDc iuDge bp eoniccturr0, 
it Ojal be but a lueafec aunfUJcre.l5ut tre nccDe not to Doubtc, 
but tbat CTkjD maDc tbc tr«ftb of tbe mater l^nolnen \jnto bim, 
f ptbcr bp fecrete reuelation, 0: elfe bp bis Uio;Dc. ifo? be 8id 
notbo;roU)etbcribbcoftbeman fo;bw oUmc necerritic, tt 
tbe tiJbicb be moDc tbe luoman : but be tvoulD bauc tlmn tnit 
tottctbcr tbe nto:e bp tl)v$ bonoe: tbe tnbicbcroulDe not be, 
erreptc tbe matter lucre knotunc bnto tbcm , ^ofcs Dctbnct 
cjrp:efle bolDc it tpa6 ftnotucit* j]>euertbele(rc, crccpt luc iinll 
make tbc too^k of cDoD fuperflnousjiuc mutfnfijirc our fcfurs 
i tbe nutbour did manifed botl) tbat miitter.f alfo tbe o;Df r f 
purpofv of Doing it^Dam loas call into a Dccpe Occpc, not to § 
ruD tbe o;icina!I of bistoife migbtbc bitDcn from bim, but 
totakeatuaptbegriefcanDpaine, t^ntillbc baD rercrueirhc 
icneSfe of tbe ribbe taken atuap . aifo ^orc0 fettrtb Dolunc 
tbe name lubieb apam gaue bnto bi0 luife , tbat bp t\)iB tc Oi^ 




^q, .M ^ A t^ TOHN CALVTKB ^ 

' 24 CThcrdorclhall roan lean e -his Father •. 3* I^cretbttte 

Dottt iDSict^er spofcs maket^dDoD tf^ (ptaktt of tbefc tDo;^^, 

0; ^Dam : o;» totjetber be aDDe^ tbw.bim fclfe as a tcacfjer. ®f 

ti)c tDtiich tti2ce,ttic laft lifeetb me bett. 2Lbercfo;c 2porc0 , af^ 

trr be bao biftJJncalli? rcpo^tcD tfcat tubub tbc 3L o:t!c baD Done, 

br (bcujctb alfo tbc enoe of CI^oDjs o;tjinaunfc. 2Dbc fiimme in 

tbisf rtbat among tbe Degrees ofbumaiio focictie, tbtfl istbe 

fbicfc : ant) as it tucremotte bol^, tbat tbe man clcaue (0 bis 

Ujifc.i^nD tbis be amplifictb b^ aoDing a ccmparifon, tbat tbe 

hufbano ougbt to p^eferre W tuife before W fatbcr. anD tbe 

,: ^ ^ .1 ^f atbct is fapoe to be f o.^fafeen, not tbat matrimonie feparatetb 

KUrJige' cbilD:en from tbcir parentes^cj tbat it taWb atua^ otber DUi» 

aoxhnAi ttcfipfnature:fo;ro(lI?oDfl)OiiltJebe ccntrarie to btm felfe* 

di^idTo ^^^^ ^^^"5 ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ totoaroes bis fatber ougbt 

homUcir greatip to be imb^aceo, ano ougbt fimpip in it be c ouns» 

fiihcrs. tto inuiolable anD bol^^^ofes notUiitbffanriing fo fpeahetb of 

luenlccfee , tbat it i^ ItiXz latuefuU to fo^Qibc tbe U)ife,tben|be! 

Biaorcci patentcs, . 2Dbcrefo.:e t\)t^ lubicb graunt oiuo^ces to be matie 

ou.^hcooc ip^ Itgbt caiifes , Doe in one pointe t)iolate ail tbe lalue pf 

«o ^^ nature,anD b;iing tbe fame to nangbt. af tt be finne to Diuioe 

liLi c u tfte fatber ano tbe fonne,if iB greater luicbeDnelfc to bnooe 

icV^ ^ ' tbe knotte, tubicbe v!3 ^SD batb .p;eferreD before all otber. 

\jiiid they ihall be one flcih] . aUbougb it iB not faioe bere. 

And dicy twojhall be one fleih : vet notU)itbftanDmg , in tbe 

fenfc Ibere is; no ambiguitie.ifo? <S>S>S> appointeD not man^ 

toines to ouc man, but one UJife onelti : anD in a gcnerall doc^ 

tnnc bcfaiD(2!23[ife)m tbe lingular number.Jt rettetb tberfo^e 

1^ tbe matrimoniall Unot conCil bctlueene tluo : lubereof it Do^ 

ecb eafil*? apperc^tbat tbcre is notbing IcfTe agreeing to tbe o;«^ 

Dinancc of CDco, tbcn tbe bailing of man^? luiucs.i^otUjtDbeit 

Macipj. oiirS^aiuourCiniC^e Dtfallotuing tbe \)oluntarie Dino;ccsof 

tbe JEelues, alleDgetij tbe caufe : namclv^ Bccaufc it was not fo 

Mili.i.ij. from the beginning: be fommauiicctbtljis firff inllitutionto 

be as an euerlafting rule, )15^ tbe fame^spalac bie alfo c alietfi 

bncljc tbc JcUjcs tbat luere in bis time,to tbe ftrftinttitution, 

imnQ) Made he C9C tlicm ouc horn the beginning i ^nD ^et 


f > VPOW CSIT^.5 TS. CAP MT -.- 

mrc IB no Doubt but that tbefjauiug of itun^ iniucs Jo a c^^ i 

^ 2 >- c And they were both naked.] Jii tftat the tin^etnc (Tr of 

. mcnisxounfcD bncomlicf ncfo^mco.lDbicb m bfafts is coitv 
mcnoable cnougbat fecnietb to be agauift tl)c Digniric of man 
t^c can not fee a man nabcu luitboat ftame : ti^c like fljoint 

,rui not m tftc C-xfit of an alfe, o > a Docrge, oi a bull , flpo^oucr, 
eucri' nun is alijamc:) of tjuj nakcDnc0,f Ijousb be be uol fotie 

. of omxB :, tobcre tbm is that nobilitic , M^cvtbv iuc tutii 
otbersf S:bc caufe of tbw Oiame , bpcaufe it is noluc inb0, 

:^0fc3i]jaU)et!)intbcCbapter follolumjj.iiiioU) it isxumci. 

: ent tp f^^, tbat in a luturefenco^ruptcrhanD no^ DcfilcD^ tbrrc 
h)as notbrng but tbat tubic& \joaB bono^ftblc:iub^rbponu foN 
loto?f b:, t^at Matfoeuer ts in bi? to our iTjame ant) rep>Qcb,iji 
to be imputed to our olnne fault: bicaufe otir parentes bao m^ 
tbing m tbrmfelues tubirb \f>as tjnboncfl, o; tjuccmlicpbutiil 
fucb tiin^, as tJwH ocfileo t\}zm(zlm.$ mi) Cnn^ i 

-^U3t)0o<I,; Litfi .f[:)ijr> Ifr. •)f;r,f(f, h!>) 3jff.i/<. 

Owe the ferpcnt was more fubtile then any 
bcaftofthcficldcwhichethc Lordc God had 
madeiand he fiide to the woman , Yea , hath 
God in^decdciaidc,ye/}iall not catc of cucric 
tree of the garden ioj^^. At <r .laji ' 
.- ^^ And the viroman faidc to-tfce ferpcnt, We catc of the fruicc 
of the trees of the gardcrr.acaiii,^.'i>».J< ^.'Uo'j vn: bnt,?3v/oi 

3 Butthefruitcafthctrec^wTiichij ih themiddcftofthc 
garden,God hath faide,yc /hall not eatc of it , ncitficr tlM %'c 
louche It, Icaft ye d,t. li.m.DJcJ.^iaorlrm hAo?ollA - 
t.n 4 riicntl^ ferpcnt faid tathc woman,yb ilial not^re at ah 
• ^ a.u^^ '^°^'^ IcnoviT, that whence /hall catc t5crof,vour 
Cicsfh.albc opcned,&yci]uJbcrasGodi,kntw'in2:§iod <3c'cuil. 
o So the woman, (feeing thatrhe tree wails^oodloi iiicaic.vS: 
thatit was plcaf4unttothcc)'ot,aoda trcrtoUidefiKd ia^^ct 
i^now^Igf) t<)(>kc of tlicfruittilcrcaf^iiiid did eatr , and. gauc 
f. af.^^ tiqr bi^baad WitJ].kr,atodhoid cater, .^j oj :rir)n 

7 TJicn 

^ J - r o lOH-tl CAtVlME <r 

X^*" T Thentlic C)'cs ofthcm both were opcneJ^and clicy tnewe 
» 'that chcy^ware nakcd,and they fc wed figgc treeleaues together 
and made themfclues breeches. 

• 8 Afterward they heard the voycc of the Lordc God wal- 
^ king in the garden in thecoolc of the day, and the man and his 
,; wife hidd them felucs from the prefcncc of the Lordc God a- 
'. mong the trees of the garden, r ' ^m '*. ^ 

r : ^ But the Lordc God called to thc>man, and faidc vnto him» 
!? Where art thon ^ ' , , 

1 o Who faidc, I heard thy voyce in the garden, and was at 
fraide: becaufc I was nakcd,therefdre Thidde my /clfe» 
11 : And he faide, Who toldc dice that thou waft naked i Haft 
^ thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commaunded thee, that thou 

* fliouldcft not catc if! no cafe ? 

^^ ^2 Then the man'faide,The woman which thou gaueft to be 
with me,rhc gaue me of the trcc,and I did eatc. 

♦ 13 And the Lordc God faide to the woman,Why haft thou 
done this ? And^hdiwoman faJde,Thc fcrpcftt beguiled riic, dc 
I did eate. 

14 Then the Lordc God (aide tothe icrpent, Becaufc thou 
haltdonc this,thouartcarfcd aboue all cattell, and aboueeue^ 
ric beaft of the fielde : vpon thy bellic fhalt thou go, and dull 
(halt thou eatc all tlic dayes of thy hfe. /{ 

i 1^ I will alfbput enimitie betweenc thee and the wonian, 

. and bctwccne thy feede,and her fccdc.t He /hall breakc thine 
head, and thou fhalt brufcs his hcele. lot.-. " ''^ 

16 • Vnto the woman he faidcjl will greatly increafe thy for- 
rowes, and thy conceptions. In forrowe fhalt thou bring forth 
children,andthydeurciihalbctothyhuibande, and he fhali 

'. rule oucr tfacc. io.j -Vtii.; *" 

' 17 Alfb to Adam he faid,Bccaufc thou haft obeyed the voycc 

. 'of thy wific,5c haft eaten of the tree (wherof I commanded thee 
laying. Thou ftialt not cateof it,)cur(cd is the earth for thy 
fake : in forrowe {halt thou eate of it all the dayes of thy life*- 

18 Thornes alfo and thirties fhallit bring foorth vnto thecj 
1 ;indtiioU /halt eatc the hcarbc of the fielde. ; 

19 In the fvi^cadcofxhy face ftialc thou eate bread, till thou 
rcturnc to the Wth ; fop out of it ifi^aR. thou taken, be<aufc thou 

"^ arte 



^r iirt(Iaff,and toduft /halt thou returns i>' 

ao (And the man called his wiucs name Hcuah,bcaufc HiC 
was tlic mother of all huirg.) 

21 VmoAdam alfo and to his wife did the Lord God mike 
coatcs of flcinncs,and clothed them. 

22 And the Lorde God faidc,BchoIdc the man is become as 

one of vs , to know good 6c cuil. And novv,Icll lie put forth hjs 

fcaiidc, andtAkcalib of tlictrcc of life, andcatcand hucfoi 

23 Therefore the Lord God fent him foorth from the gar« 
den of Hcdcn,to till the earth,whence he was taken, 

24 TJius he caft out man,and at the Eaft fide of the garden 
of Heden he fct the Cherubims, and the blade of afvvordc ilia* 
ken to kccpc the way of the tree of life* 

1 fNow the Serpent was more fubtilcO Jll t!)i0 ^Tftnpfcr, 

Spolc0 teclaretf) , tftat man after be tuajs tcceiucc by tijc fub# 
tiltie of ^at^an^ano fcl from Ijtfli mahcr,lua0 totiolp rbangcD, 
anDmaDefo Degenerate, tljattbe image of CoD,acfo:Ding to 
t\)t t0^tclr &c \mi$ maoe^tuas quite f cleanc OefaceD. ;aifo,tbat 
tuitb man,tlje lufjole luo:lDe,tDt)icl)e luas createD fo: tjw fake, 
fell from bis ftrft o^sinall: anD tljat fo mucijc of \)is natural! 
ercellencie luas neftroveD . Wut bcre arifc manv and liarDo 
ifueftions. ifo; lufjen ^ofcs faitb^tbat tbc fcrpcnt Uias mo;o 
fubtilett)enaUot!)erbeaaeu,l)efccmetl)to affirme, ttjat tba 
faiDefcrpcntlDas notmoueDbptbeinftinct of^atbanto oe* 
ceiue man,but b\? ^iB otunc malice, 3 anf locre, tbat tlit natu* 
rallfubtiltie of tbc fcrpcnt toas no lct,buttbat ^atban migbt 
abufctbefametoluo^Uctbc oeftruction of man. jrozfjc ba* 
ningnaDe of an inftrumcnt, cbofcontfrom among all tbc 
beaftcsone^tDbicbcfjefaluetobemollemfftcfoibmt : to be 

Ifto^t, beDcuifeo a lua^, tobereb^ \)iB fubtilc ba^^tcs migbt tbc 
mo;^e eafil^ allure tbe minoc of i^euab. ^e barj a£5 tict no com# 
munication tuitb men : be put tjpon bim tbcpcrfon of a bead, 
I ibnucr tbe tubicb be migbt baue accrdcilllotUJitbftanDing, uv 
terp^etcrjs ooe not agree among tbcmfclue^, in iubat fcnfc tbe 
ferpcnt w calico mo jc fnbtile . i?o: tbc lt^eb:ue\uo;Dcrigmft^ 
ctba0lO0llp;uDcnta5craftw, ^omcJtb^rcfo;eU)iUbauc i^ 

Si '" ^' '* TO HIT CAtVTinJ ^ 

^ t^tn in fte tjfflij partes otljcrf ome in t\)z mill parte ♦ IBot f 

ttjtnUe ttjat ipoto DotU not note tbe ^itt fo mu^e,a0 tie ooetft 

fettc oolunc tbe pjatfe of nature, bccaufe ODoDftaD giucn to 

f &ij5 bead a Cngulr.r quictieneCTe of Icitte aboue otfjer bcatfes: 

but &atban tprnctl) tbc Difpofition tuljicb CDoo gaaebnto tb« 

ferpcnt to fcrue bifi fubtile p^actifc^ ^an^ cauill an^ fa^ tijat 

tbcre i£f mo:e craltenoU) in ccrteine otbcr bealcc£i* Zo tubom 

-3 aunnucre,tbat it (balbe no abfurbitie , if U)e fap , tbat tbe 

gifte 15 tahen from tijt rerpent,lui)icl;e b;ougbt t)cftruction to 

ntanitinoe : eucn as Idc Iball fee aftcrliiaro tbat be tuas otber* 

luifc punilbeo. l^otitbcit tbe Oefcribers of beaUcs Differ not 

inucbe from a^ofcs in t\)is ocfcription: ano crpericnce agro^tft 

tcrie U)el tuitb ti)t famc.ana ti)c !lozt) Dotb not in bame com* maunD l)i3 Difciplcstobeluifeasferpentes* li5utitfeemet?i 

fcarfe reafonable, tbat ^ofes fpeahetb bcre of tbe ferpcnt a* 

Ione,maUing nd mention at all of &atban» 3 f onfetTe tbat out 

of tbis one place,can be gatbererj no otbcr tUn^Mt tbat men 

ioere oeceiueo b^ t^t ferpent . But tbere are teHimonies of 

i^rripture fnfficient, luberebp it is plaincfi? anOmanifeltJi? 

ncTcr- 'p:oueD,tbat tbe ferpent l»as oncIi?tbeDiuele»:inoutb:t(e.canfe 

pent wij not tbe ferpent, but be, is tbe fatber of lyes, a oeceiyer , anD 

onciy the, tbe autbour of oeatb* 0ot\x}itl)itmx)inQjt\)t qmtJtioniB not 

<^*^^'* as yctaunflucrcDj^by ^ofrsmaoeno mention of ^atban. 

*°'^" 3 tuiUingly fubfcribc bnto tbeir iuOgement, Iwbicb fai? tbat 

tbcbolic(!15t)offcDiDtbenofparpcrc tfe obfcure figures, be# 

caafe it teas mccte tbat tbe manifeft Itgbt (boulo be oeferreO 

till tbe bingDome of Cb;ift. 3n tbemeane fcafon tbep;cpbcts 

"tcltifle, tl)at tbe meaning of ^pofes Uias luellbnotjucn bnto 

tbem:\Dben in Diucrs places,tbcv lay tbe caufe of our Dcftruc^ 

tion \3pon tbe oiucll. Wic baue faio in anotber place,tbat ^o# 

fes applietb tbofc tbinges U^bicb be batb ^ntten to tbe capact-# 

tie of tbe common people :ano tbat bppon berie gtno confioc^ 

ration, if a: beU)astoteacbe,notoHelytbetinlcarneDmu(^ 

titim : but alfo in bis time tbe €m^c tuas in tbe Hate 

of infancie, tubicbe as yet Iwas not capcable ofbigber Doc^ 

trine ♦ SDbercfozc it is no abfurbitie , if tbey Iwere fcooe 

'luitb milbe , tnbome hie Unoluc ano confcCTe to be as it lucre 

tofantes acco;otng to t&e time* fi);cire, if toe Ifte better 

VPOH GfiNtSTS: CAP. in. 

•f an otfjer CmilitnDc, ^ofcs tenottobeblamrt, iffjcrtjinfe^ 
tngbimfclfctobemauea fcbmlcmaiffcr of ttjc iio;Dc,ftanDc 
tport cbilDifl^c rutiimcnts anDm(h-uction5.Ct)c^\ul}ict)Dif* 
taint tl)is Umjfiititit , c onucmnc f l)e tutjole regiment of Coo 
ingoucrningtfjcCfturcf). Ilcf tljis fufficctliat tbcLo:r)c, 
bp tbe fecret illumination of 1)15 fjolp fpirite^fupplico all tt]c 
leant of plamencnremc]ctcrnaUtuo;Dcs: cucnas it^ 
appearctt) bi> ttjc p>opljctc5, toljo fatue tbat ^atljan Uuis tijc 
proper entmic of manUinDc,t&c tao:kcmai(Icr of al ciiite^fur* 
nid^et) \j)it\) all manner of fubtilties ano uccitcs to l)urte ano 
to DcUror. %f)trtfo;c, alt^ougb t^t luicfecr) munnur ano re* 
pine, tljere is notfjing in tbi£5feintje of rpeael)cl»l)creU)itl)U3C 
map be ofifenDcD iuftlp , if £porc0 Defcribc ^atban to be tbe 
p;inct of tnrigbteoufnelTe^tnrjer f perfon of fcijBf minitter ano 
inarument, eTpeciallp at fuel) time, as €\)^ift t\\t bcaue of tbc 
Cburcb,ant) >^unne of rigbteoufnelTe, Ijau not ret openir fti* 
neD.^go^eouertljefiltbinesof manis; ingratituDe niD tereb^ 
tlje better appeare : bieaufe,tjuben as a^iam ant) l[)euab fcnclo 
tbatCoiibaoDeliuereObntotbcmall liumg creatures, tolc 
tnDer tbcir fubieetion, futfcreD tbemfelues notVuitbl^anDmg 
to be led atoai' to rebell againl! OoD bp one of tljeir boncfcr^ 
uantes. &o often as tbepbc&elDcanv lining creature mttc 
U)o^lD,tbep ougbf to baue remf b^reo^as tuell tbe mott crccllcnt 
jjotuer ano gouernmcnt of (DoD,as alfo bis fingular gmnnefic: 
ano on tljecbntrarie parte, lubentbei? fatoe tbat tbeferpent 
became an apottata from bis mafter, tbc\! Doe not onclp not 
punilbebim^butagainaiatDfull o:Der,tIjepfubmitte tbem- 
felues to iu beinoc partakers of tbe fame apoftafie. cabat can 
be mo;ic bainous^tben tljis fo great tuicfecDnelTe:' £:bus J take 
tbenameof Scrpcnt,notailego?icallp,as fomefonulrDo , but 
in tbc natural anDp:operfenfe.£©ani' alfo meruell tbat £&0f 
fes fimplv^ anD foDeinlv IfteUjetb tbat um U)crc caft into eur r- 
laaing DcHruction bv tl)t motion of &atban:anD fpcal^erh not 
one iJuo^Dc botoe ^atban bint felfe fell from CotJ . ilno linear 
it came to ualTe^tbat fome bauing tbe fpirit of gioumes. inia^ 
Zim tbat &3tbantiiasmaDeeuillanD perucrfcat tticftrue, 
as be is bere Defc riben to be. X5ut tbe fiill of featban ts p:oiico 
brotber places Df^eripturc;anO it is a trichco crrour^tont* 



I cribc tjttf (S £) D the creation of an euil antj f o^ritpf nafuret ^' 
fo: \})\)m f)e {jao maoc tl)t lJUo;lDe,&e tjimfclfc gauc tcftimonig 
toall^ii5lDo:kc0tbattl)c^tDereejrcat)ingg(DO ♦ Mt)ercfo;e, 
t)0mui!a(rureonrreIucdtjattf)outall controuerCte, t[)at t^t 
beginning of loicIxeDneCfe , tobcreloitf) featftan is enoueo, 
came not of nature, but of Defection, o; falling frcmclDoD , tljj 
f ounteinc of all riglj teoufnes anD tr utfj. 15ut ^ofes onerpaG» 
fetl) bii5 fall noU)e, btcaufe bis purpofei5,b;icfel^to(bcUje, 
tbe corruption of nxms nature, to tbeenoUje map Imotue 
tbat ;a^am toas not maoe to tbofe manifolDc miferics, 
loitb tbe tobicbe all bi^ poftcritie are bei:eo : but tbat tbep fell 
into tbe fame tb:ougbetbcirolonefaulte . OTben men confix 
DertotJU&at,anD^oU)man^ euilstbe^ are fubtecte,tbcit> can# 
not ttap t^tm felues, buttbep muftfrette antJ murmur a* 
gaindOoDjto tubometbe^ im^ixtz amiCTe tt^tiixtt punilbe^ 
mentes of finne» OTearenotigno:antoftbc gruDgingcom^ 
plaintesoftbetDtcket) againU OoD, lubicbefai!,tbatbebat^ 
Dealt mo:efanourabl)?luitbbogg^i5 ano Dogges. Mljereof 
commetb tbis,but buaufe tbep impute not to tbe Cn of ^aoam^ 
t\)is miferable ano pernicious ftdtC9 tnoer tbe tubicbe tue are 
iuearieu, as it vi mate:^)i5ut tbis is farre tDo;fe,tbat t^t^ caH^ 
tpon C^oD t^t internall ^>iccs of p Coule,as bo;^rible blmtsnclfe, 
ob(tinacieagainll(lDoo,tpicbeDDe6res>anD biolent falles ta 
cuill:as tbougb all t^t crfflfecDncffe of our oifpofiticn lurre not 
acciDcntalL SDberefojctbepurpofeof^ofes tna5,b:ieflr? to 
compzcbenQ ano lbeUi,boU) far cur p^efcnt ccnoition oifftretfj 
from the firlteo;iginall: tbat luitb tbe bumble confelTionof 
our fault lue map learneto bcUiaileour fins .Mberfo;ietfieri 
tsno caufe tobp tue flbouloc meruell, tbat be ootbnotp:Oi» 
fecute all tbingcs tobicb might be tuilbeD ano DefircD of euer^ 
one, U)ben he ItanDctb bpontbcbifto;^ieonelp Uibichbe pur^ 
pofcDtolbelue. /Jiotoelue multe oifpatcbc tbat quenion,iii 
' tbe tohicb manp bainc tuittcs tierie much tocarie tbcmfclues, 
WliyGoa^abpOoD fnffcrcD ^Damto be tempteo: feeing be luas not 
fuffcred ignorant iDbat a lamentable cno the fame tbouloe baue i 3n 
^^'^'^, tbat notDCbe batb let featban lofc to piouobe ts to finne.Uie 
^cycmp- ||f(p|t,j>|f (QiM^j|.^nientano Vengeance, after the fall of man 
from bim ; but ui tbat be ftt bun at libcrtic^noturc being pet 



^ «unDe ant) firmcitbcrc w an otl)cr caufe. Cod tl)crtfo;c fuffc* ^ 
red fatban to tempt man,bcing maoe after bus iniapct as vet 
faultlcffe.^po^coucr &c rcloeo to bun tljc ferpent,tubict) other* 
tuifc luoplD ncuer (jauc obepeo biiii. ^bat \13a0 tbig clfe,biit 

toarmeanemmietotbeDeftructioofman^SLbifirecmctbtoic n.c rrroc 
tbe occafion lul)i; tbe Mamchcis appointeo tUio begimungcs, o\ the m*. 
%\)t>^ bauc tbcrefo^e nnagincD^ tbat ^attian lua£( befo;e ^^^^^"• 
dDoD baD bw being : ano tbat againQ; bis luill,bc fougbt to \\\* 
trappc man , ano tbat be IJuajB not onelv abouc man , but alfa 
abouc (Sod bun fclfc .iLbuSjtc ftnn tbe abfurDitie lubnb tbe^ 
fwreu.tbcr fell into an erecrablcmonder of errours: namely, 
tbat tbcre are ttuo Coos:^ tbere i& not one onli? c rcato; of tbc 
iiJOjli):tt)at tbcrigbtcotw (5qo U)fi0 ouercom of ^ moft bnrtub* 
teotuJ.li5utalltbei>U)bicbtbinlie goDlyan& reuerentlfpf jtbe 
polucr of Cor),acUnaluleDcic tbat tbU5 came not tftpaae,but bp 
bis fuffrrance. jfoi UJcmuH firft of al gra«"t tbisijf neceffitie: 
tbat ©pa toffij not igno;ant.lubat (bouloe mwt to pallc : nn^ 
tbat lie coulD banc lette the fame, if it bao fo f^meb gtoo bnto 
bmtlSift Uiben 3 fpeab of CKfffranfe,3( meane tbat bebflO br^ 
terimneD Ipitb biinfclfc U'bat be luoiilo bauct)onc.ii)ct' cof art^ . j 

fetb tJifagramcnt fro nianp,lubo imagine y ;^oam ivas fo left 
io bis free luill ,' tbat Cod Uioulo not baue bab bifi fall . Cb^ 
take ^ fo; granteD to tb^ni^tubicb 3 benie not,boU) tbat tberc 
w nothing leffc probable , tbcn fo^Cob to be counteo tbe caufc 
of finne, of tbe tobicb be batb taUen bengeance U)itb fo mant? 
feuerc puniibJnents.lDUt tuljen 3 fa^ tbat jcloam fel not luitb*' 
out tbe o:tJinance ano appointment of 0oD, 31 boe not menne, 
tbat be batb bene at an\> time pleafeb iuitb fm , 0: tbat fmipl^ 
• be tJDOulD baue tbe commanoemcnt ,lDbicb be bao giurn, to be 
b:oken.iFo;fo mucb as tbefal of ilbam luas tbe ourrtb:oU) of 
rigbt % of gcob o:ber,fo; fomufb as rontumacie ano tbe tranf^ 
ts mofteccrtcine tbat it is againft tbe Uiill of Ci^oD. j'icuertbf ^ • 
I IcOTe none of tbcfc lettetl^but tbat be UjouId baue man to fall gccJs fuf- 
foi a ttxttxnt faufe,tbougb tbe fame be to t)S bnhnouucn . Jt < j^^^-'^ ^ j^« 
cffcnbctb tbe cares of fome,U)ben it is faioe, tbat Cod UjduId ^^ ^"^"j^ 
baue tbe fall of ^oam ♦ But 3 pjar rou Ivbat is hiFCuffrrance f,ij^ 
clfe, tobicb.featbpoloer tottoppcmviftai?; ^a, tuba batb tbe 
.1 if.ii^ • U)ljoU 

O > lOHlTCAtVlNB i 

^ ta!)o!e matter in W banD, but l)te luill f 3lt toere to be tutflieb, 

tbat men IdouId ratber fuffer tbemfelues to be iuDgeD of ©od, 

fben tbjougb iDicbeo raa>nc£i to tahe t)pan tl^tin to iu^jije him. 

)l5ut tbis^ is tbc arrogancic of QeCbe ano blouD,to mafec <^S> 

fubiect to tbe rcafon tbereof, 3 boloe tbifJ as a fure rule , tbat 

•* SDljcre is notbing mo;e contraric bnto CDor^tbcn if toe fa^ tbat 

man tu Jts mm of bim,tbat bis conoition jmgbt be bncerteinc 

ano ooubtfull . OT?)erefo:e 3 am alTureD , tbat be bao Occrae^ 

luitb bimfelfe at tbe ftrft, as^ it became a Crcato;, Uibat ftoulu 

come to paCTe of bim.!^reof tnlearneb gatber amt(re,tbat man 

• linneDnotoffraVDill. ifo: be bimfelfe faletb, baingconuin^ 

ceD ItJitb tbe tettinionic of bis otune confciencctbat be loas tco 

fm in fiitning ♦ Jt it^ anotber qu^ftton, ^betbcr be fiimeo of 

neceffitte, o^ \x^ cbaunce : concerning tbe tobicbe rcaoe in our 

3nftitutiortjef, ant) our bmhe of |3^oeftin4f ion. [A ndfic faid 

to the w(>iiiah.33t t^i» place tbe U>ickeD fco;ne anu mocfee,be^ 

caufe ^ofes maketb tbat beaft to tal^c eloq«entlv>\»bwb one* 

1^ biffetb obfcurel^ tuitb a fo;Ueo tongue. ^D firtt of ail tbee 

Dcmaunoe at tobat timt beattes began to tuare bumbciftbe^ 

SirHio DitxtbenbfeaoilhnctrpeccbeastDeDoe. £ubeaunftuere istn^ 

made tKc ge to bt mabe : tbat tbc ferpent tuas not eloquent b^ nature : 

icrpcoc to but toben^tbanb^ tbe fufltranceof(l^oD;bab gotten bim a 

^^^ mate inftrument,be caufeo bis twigue to fpeabe^tobicbe €00 

alfo permitted. ^ni^J Doubt not, but tbat ^euab perceiucD 

'tbistobeertrao:Dinarie:anDtberefo,je (be greebilp rccciueb 

< tbat y tDbereat (be tuonbcreo. /|iotu,if fo be men iuoge tbat to 

be fabulous anb bainc lubicb is ftraunge ano bnluonteb : 000 

(bal Inoike no miracle. (Ii?oD caufcfb bs to toonccr at bis poUj^ 

ttj in Doing fomcUjbatU)bicbbiffcrctb from common bfe. Jf 

tbercfo:e toe Derioe tbe potoer of C^od, becaufe tbe fame ts nat 

familiar bnto bs,Do toe not (betoe ourfclues to be farre toioe^ 

"ipoieouer^if it femie increDible, tbat beaftes fpake at tbe corni* 

maunDcment of OoD: tobereof commetb it tbat man fpeahetb, 

but becaufe CDoD batb fojmeo bis tongue i 2Dbe dDofpell p?ea«» 

cbetb^bat bonces toerebearD in tbc aire toitljoutanF tongue, 

tofct fa);itb tbe gloiie of Cbnttc: tbisfamctbtobeleflepio* 

. , i Aable tocarnall rcafon, thtn fo; tl^e tongues of b;rnte bcaftctf 

^tofpea^. m\}fit tben tfyM t^g toicbcb finbe bere too^tbte of 


'^^o;^tte i ICo be VAzXty tKffbofoeuer mabctt) ct oD in Ijtaum to ^ 
iietl)C^ucmouroftt)e tuo^loc, ti)e fame tDtllnotOenic tt^ 
potDcrtoluarDtfje creatures, in fo inucfte tbat Ije nia^ tcncbc 
\l\xit beaded to fpeahe ren&bl^ at bus lotll ant) yleafure : rucn 
ass fomctimc be mafeetb of eloquent meu,Dumbc perfons.lSut 
be rein tbc c raftie fubtilencs of ^attjan bctozaprtb it fclfr^ttjat 
berjotbnotDirectli?aflratletbeman,butt)nDerminctf) bun ui 
fbc perron of bid loife* %\^\& fecretc manner cf olTailing and 
feinptin? 10 tco Uiell knolwen tnto tis at ^\s oaptano 31 luoulo 
to <DoD it tDcrcro,tl)atluemigbtlcarnep^uDcntl^ to Defence 
mtr feloc0 • if 0; in tbat part, tobere be feetb t0 tnofte lueabev 
be enteretb in bi7llealtb,Ieatltue(boulDfeele bun befo;cbe be 
f ntereo tobitber be luoulo « SLbe iDoman ootb not rifure to 
talbc luttb tbe ferpent, \iztsivXz ao pet tbere iuad no ocbate : 
tbcrefo;e ^e accounteo bint no leffe i\^zn a oomeHicall bealte • 
3[t ma^ be DemaunoeOjlubat moueo ^atban to lucjhc man^ 
beltruction^fCertcine furious feopbifters baue feinneo, be* 
caufe be fo^efalue ^at tbe fonne of dDoo toos to td^t bpon ^\m 
bumane flelbe , be enuiet) tbe fame aifo : but tbis v& a frtuo* 
Iou0 fpeculation,if 0: feeing tbe fonne of CDoo toas maDc mm^ 
to oeliuer b0 iubicbe tuere loft, frommiferable Drftrurtion: 
toll) couU) be fo;^efa tbat tubitb ftoulo not banc come to patTe, 
ifmanbaonotfinneo? jftoemaprccciueromcctures, it is 
ino^elibelie, tbatbeUias moueotoitbacertcine outragtoiuj 
maoneOe, ae^commonl^tbeocfperate fo^teof men are, tbat 
be inigbt carri^ man luitb ^m i^i eompame into cuerlaftmg 
teftruction, il5ut toe ougbt to content ourfdues toitb ti)i0^^^ ""^* 
reafi)n,tbat be being tbe emmie of ilDoo , tuent to ouertb:ouje d^^ ,cmp 

tbe oiBer iDbicbe \^t b<io fct : bccaufebecoiilb not pull C3oo oirtr Kt\ 
oftte tbiJone , be alTaiteD man, in Uibime bio image (btnco* 
l^n being ouertb:oluen, be fenelutbat.fbeba:riblerortfiifioii 

of tbe iDboIe torfoe (bouloe fblloto^aien ai5 itcamc i^ palTe. 
Srbcrefo:ebe fougbt to opp^eflfe tbegloaeofCoD in tbe per* 
few of man. letting afioe all imaginations of man Jet U0 
'bolDcfaftetbis Doctrine lubicbeis fimple ano foimu.C ^^^ 
hath God in deed faid:'] jBCbts fcntence is DincrCv erpounDcD: 
'f«a,itiJtLf2rfteD,partlT>bicaufeiti0Of itfclfc obfcurc : ano 
'partlE bic^fe of tbe ooubtftiU figuificatiou of tbe ft^eb;uc 



tDD;Oje( Yw,) foaictimc fignifietft Althougli : aiiD rcnietimc. 

How much more, Dauid Kimln taHett) it in tW l<^ft fcnfe t 

anu tliinfeetb tliat ttjcrc paffeD manp luo>t)£5 bettueen ti?eni,be^ 
fo;^e tbe fcrpent came tbus far:tbat is to fat?, i)t bauing fo;^ ma# 
tip rattfes fpohcn euil of ©oD, concluDetb at ^ lad to tbt^i ^flftct, 
i^erefar it Dotb mucb mo:c appcare,boU» cnuioug ano malicif 
oiiBbcbatblftctDcDbimfclfcagaina^oujbpcaufebe batb fo;^ 
biDDcn t?ou tbe tree of l^notulcogc of gtoD ano euill . llBut tbiff 
erpofition, bcQocs tbat it is t© farrefetcbt,it is a!fo[p;oucti to 
be falfebp tbe anfioer of l^cuab. %\)t Chalde^^arapb.jaft tiotft 
better erpouiiD it tbusjjs it true tbat Ooo batb fo^biooen T>oui 
ano fo fcDztb ♦ Jaino to Come it fecmetb an iromc all>anti to otber^ 
fomc a fimple intcrrogatto Jt luere a fimple irtterrogatio U)bi 
cbe (boiilD b;ing Doubting ti)u$ , Can it be,tbat OoD batb fo;^ 
biDDen anp man toeateof tbe tr^Je^'^nti it tuerc ironirall lubu& 
ftoulo caft off taine feare^as tbus: CDoD caretb mucb U)betber 
re eate pf tbe tree o;i not:it is tberefo;^e a fcnde tbing.tbat tou 
tbinke tbat tbe fame is fo;jbit»lien pan,? ti)erefo;je fubftribe to 
tbe fo;jmer fentenee>becaufe it is mo;e p:obable,tbat featban, 
to tbeenlie bemtgbttbemo;jefecrettptieceiue,\i3ent fo;ilJuarDe 
bp little ano little in circuntftani^es ano bptuapes:, tbat be 
migbt leaoe.tbe tuoman to ^contct^pte of Coos commauiii 
i>emrnt.j5ioli3,fometbirtbe/bat()fe«tt»H p;ccifdv Denictb it ta 
be tbe tncuoe of (I5ofll«J)i*tnenba3bearD .liDfljo^s tbtnke^ta 
^ lubome 3 ratfttr a^rce,) tbatl)nb!er;tbe pjctcnre of afkingtb^ 

t.:n : i. caufcbejDotbinoimtltr oifcrcottt; tiJte U)o;De, ano \)erilptbe 
olo interp:etour batbiraoHatco tt,Why luth God f»ydc:^bc 
tuijiclK^altbpugbjJ iwc'tiot altogetb^r $Jli?ioe,.pet notluitb> 
ftanDtngBi ooubttf nottuttbJt tbtfcrptfntftirretb tptboUiOif 
manta DemaunDtbtxnufe:.1ieaafc!(Hberlu&bc cwiloc ntrt 
iu:tbo^aluetjermttiiicfrom(DOtt/:3ubi5 i^atenc pcrtltona 
A rule of tempiationvtuben.lJDaartprrftmOqo tbatitue ougbt nottflo^ 
irucobc:= bepdSoDjbutfofarreastucbaiica reafonoftbc commaiinDc> 
aicocc. mmt.jfM^ it is a true mU aioi^cDiencoi, tohen toe being con^ 
tenteO Uittb tbe bare comaunirmenfjipcrfttanc ctir lehirs tbat 
all Inbidj be commaunoctb:isltuft aho rtgbt ^i\t iubcfcater 
D^Oretb to be luifc bevonoend^ATure ;finte ll^ab^etb off tbe rey* 


ucreitf e of ©0D,anD t\)m w b^ ano br carricD bp fatljan info o^ 

penrcbclUon^ [Of cucry tree of the garden.] £Lljcintrrp;c^ 

tours eppouao ttjis tluo tDa\?cjsi:irirft,tl)at &attian to incrcafc 
tl)ccnuic,fcignefl;t[)atalltl}etree0arc fo;ibit)Dcn« pcatiatl) 
<I3oD commanDcD ti)at t^c (l)0ulD not be fo boloe as to toucft an^ 
onetr«:fseconlil\?tf)cp crpounDcittl)U0, £Sbercfo:c,vclMnc 
nOi hbci'tic to eat^ of cucric tree iuitbout rrccption . £^i}c fo;^ 
mcr rppoQtion ootlj better agree luitl) t\)c oifpofition ofth.c 
Diuell,t[)at bemig[)tmaliciouQ\? amplifie tije matter: ano it 
femetb alfo to be tjpljoloen bp tlje aunflocrc of l)eual). jTo; 
1a)\)cn flje (^^t\)yWiz rate of all,oneonelp e):cepteo:fl)c fanietl^ 
to ouertb^otuc tbe catiill concerning tbe gcnerallp.2o!)ibiti^ 
on . )i5iit becaufe tl)is load mo;c apte to occeiue , to nioue a 
queftion concerning: tbefimple ano bare pioljibition of Ooo: it 
t3mo;e creoible , t^at ^atljan, acco^^Oing to bis craftincfTe, 
beganne Ijis tcniptation bcreat, €m itbctbatOooluonla 
bauepoutogatbcrlruiteofnoonetree i 113iitintbatt[)elcc^ 
maninalictbanftyere, tljatonetra oneli? tuas fo^^biDDcn, it 
maketl) fo: tbc Defence of tijc ccmnianoenient, as if (i)c fljoulo 
Demetbatit ougWnotto feeme barDp; grauous, tbatCco 
baD ercepteo one tree onelv aniii^d fo greate \?arictie ano pkno 
tic of tr^s.E^ustbcrcOjaUbp in tbefc luo^Desagraunting 
t\^^t one tree tna0fo;biDOen: alfo a refutation of tbc cauill, 
tftat(itU>as not barUto abltcine from oiiatra:, lubcre an i\u 
numerable fo:te loere at banoc lubicb tore permitted. Veuaf^ 
couloermrt mo.:ep.iuDentlpano Wiantlr repiilfc tbe tcmpta^ 
tion of S>4fbaiT,tbenluben fte obicrtetlj that a}ec anO bcr buf^^ 
b«no lucre fo liberals Dealt totljaU at tbe iojocs IjanOfS, 
tbat tfecjibertu alreaoic grAuntcDmigbt fuffice tbem, jro; a}C 
memif it) tiiat tbep fi^oiiln be t© bntbanlifuil, iftbev' not be mg 
r ontcnteD U^ttb fo greate ricbc^, DcCircD n^oK tbcn luas mate, 
Wi^nM r«J»tfr tijat ©OD bao fo^birvoen Vmm to catc,o: to 
taucb'tfometbinl^etbercconceluo^De to be^DDcD, as tbougb 
ftc nofeO Cpti oft® mucb fcaeritie: in tbat be fo^bao tt cm a^ 
fo to hwcb.lSat 3 rather interpret, that as vet Qk annccch m 
libeM«ice,anDej^p;c(retb b^r qo^^ fiffcdion, inliixmngrarc^ 
Iniiptbe (omanau:iDcmentofCoD .Pneli>fl)efU)aniett) moc^ 

Wmicmt\>z pumil>ment,b;in0in0 m ? Uoucrbc vP^raDiicn^ 



^ f urf ritiTjercas Cod fjan ccrtemlp p:onounfcD,Yc ^all Jy tfie ^ 
dcatli.&otbatnotpcttjclooman began to Doubt. &l)c babnot 
Cfeatb before bcr epes,as it became ber, if flje became DifobeDi^ 
ent bnto OoDtbtit fl^e IbetDetb bcr felfe to baue but a coioe ano 
fmall feling of tbc perill of oeatb. 

4 [riicnthcferpcnt faydc to the woman. ] ^Otoe &a# 

tbanp:oceeDetbfurtber:anDb^caufc bcfaUie tbat tbereUia;^ 
a fmall bole open tjnto bim,be giuetb a Direct afTaultifo; bi^ 
manner 10 not to goe Dirertl^ to toojke, but tuben toe of our 
sxihxh at otune acco:De,lat? our felue£; open anD nafeeD before bim» l^e 
tth&m^ botb at m firae, alliault mo>c fubtil? bp flatteric : but toben 
^ * ^ be batb crepte in,bc Dare p:ouDlt? ejralte bimfelfe againft dDoD^ 
Cucn afl bere,tbe Doubting of i^euab being tafeen aUia?, be 
pearcetb furtber, totbeenDebemigbtmabeaCmpleDenialL 
tKKeougbttobe inffructcD bp fucbe ejcamplesitotafeebeeDeof 
fli£i baiteiei anD fnare^ : to tbe rnDe Vot toitbHanDing tficm 
in time^mai? D;iue bint aloa^ farre from ti^, lealT be baue ac^ 
ttik to come mo^e neere bnto b0. j^otoe tberefo;^e be Dotb not 
affee Doubtingl^,ajei be DiD befo^e^tubetber it toerc tbe c6man# 
tiement of CDoD in berie DesDe lobicb be aflailetb i tixt be open# 
I^rep:ouetb C3od of a l^e ♦ fm be atfirmetbi tbat tbe tuo;jDc 
iDberbv Deatb toas tb^eateneD, 10 falfe anD batnc ♦ iS DeaDl^ 
temptation,\x)ben afs C3oD tb.:eatening Dettruction,loe Doe not 
ionelTi careleQ^ neglect t&e fame , but alfo mafte a mo^e ano 
fco;tne of d^oD bintfelfe. 

J [But God doth knowcO&ome tbtnftetbat featbanDotft 
terecraftili?commenDe(15oD, as tbougb betoouloe neuer fo^# 
biD men to eate of lubolefome fruite* y^nt tbei? aremanifelll^ 
contrarie to tbemfelue^ : fo;i tbci' alfo confcflfc^tbat in tf)t fou 
•ner member be DiD DifcreDite CDod ttterl^ , as tbougb be baD 
maDe a l^e.£Dtberfometbinbe tbat CDoD 10 rep:oueD of malici* 
oufneCTe anD enute, becaufe be tuoulD Depziue men of mod er# 
cellent perfection: i tbe opinion of tbefe 10 mo<icp;obable..f^e# 
iiertbele0 in mp iuDgement,&atban goetb about to p:oue tbat 
lubicb be baD faiD a little befo:e,tabing a reafon of tbe contra* 
ne,2Dbi0 tree,faitb bejCS-oDbatb fo^biDcn vou,lett be fboulo be 
conftraineD to aDmit rou into tbe for ietic of bi0 glo;ie: tbere^ 

fo;e tfje feare of pnnil^ment 10 fupcrauou0 ♦ an fumme,beDc# 


^ ttfeftftclVuitetobcburtfull, becaufctbc fame i0p:o6tablc ^ 
ant) tD^olcfome. Mtjcn be favtb tbat CI>od Dotb UnoVuc : br rc# 
pjocbetb CDoD U)it!) scloufic , ob if be bao giucn coiumaunD^ 
mciit fb; tbc nonce concerning tbe tra, tbat be niigbt hecpt 
man in tbe loluer begrce. [Yc ihal be as GodsQ feome turnc it. 
YcOiallbe likcvntoAngcIs .3jtma^alfo beput intbcfmcu* 
larnumber,YcfhallbcasGod. jDoubtnot bat tbat fe^attjan 
p;romifctb bnto tbem tbe biuinitie : as if be l>ao fa^De, Ci>cD oc^ 
fraubetb^ouoftbetreeofknolulcbgefo^no otber catife, but 
becaufc beifs afearoe to baue fcUoUics. ^ut^beplaceo not 
tbeoiuine glojieo:equalitieU)itb Oob in tbe perfect fenolo^ 
ledge of goD anD euill, Ijoitbout a colour : but ii \% a metre \^u 
fo>anD Dcceitctointrappetbe miferableluoman.Bccaurcall 
men are naturalli? Defirou5 afUnotuleugctitiBtbougbt tbat Kho^Wm 
ftlicttie conQttetb tbereln» ^utl^lcuab erreo,U)bicbe tern* isdchrtJ 
pereD not tbe mcafure of hnololcOge feitbtbe toiUofCoo. ofiiimcn 
anD ti'e are all oailp fiche of tbe fame i)ifeafe,in tbat toe Dcfire 
to fenoUi xm%t tben is mate i tbtn tbe llo;ji) pennittctbifeeing 
tbe p;incipaU pointe of toifeoome i& ^ frameo fob;ietie to ti;e 

6 [So the woman feeing.:] 2Cbe impure Cgbf of l^^cuab being ^"""^P^"^ 
6ere infecteb tuitb tbe po^fon of concupircence,Uja0 tbe mcffin* "7cV°' 
ger f UiitneOe of an impure beart . &be migbt baue Cnccrclv ti,c tigbc 
bebelDctbetree,tl)atnoluaof eating migbt ftrft baue affailcD oftuc 
ber mmoc, ^^% tbe fartb U>bitb fte gaue to tbe tuo:rjc of Coo, 
Ujas a notable p;efcruer of tbe beart ani^ of all tbe fcnfes. j? olu 
after tbat ber beart fell from tbe faitb ani> obcDicncc of tbe 
iDo;oe, flic bt? anb br co:ruptcD all ber fcnfcs,anD luicfectJiicCfc 
fp:eab ii felfe tb;ougb all partc0,as U^cll of tbe foulc, as of tt)c 
bobte» SCbis tberefo;e is a frgnc of U)ichco fallmg atrar, tbat 
tbetuoman iuOgcD tbe tree to began toeate of,tbat Ojccr- 
cceoinglp DeliabteD ber felfe loitbtbe beboloing tbcrcof,tbat 
Ilje pcrfoaoeD ber felfe tbat it tuas to be DcficcDtoget luifc* 
Uome^b^ tubicbe (l^epaffco before a bunnjcn tuiurs,anD ncuer 
onceluas moueD tottb tbe beboloing cf tbe fame . iro; noue 
her miitoe UranDeretb intemperatelv> tbe b;itJlc ai;i) rayncs is 
i^akenoff,anDfteD.:aUjetbber boD?U)itb ber into tbe fume 

IvUiWUWPfncft . Ihxi^ -auc alfo to licr hu: bandc wiUi 1 cr J 

^^ 10 HN CA L VINE V , 

ftts toife luaiJ temptco,anD pcrfuai5cQ b^ tlje fcrpent : tfje tDl)t^ 
rtc IS b^ no manner of mcane0 crcuible . Jt mat?be nottDit!)j» 
CanDing ^ !)c came llrait aften^ea,befo:e furi) tune a0 tfje U)o< 
mm baD talteD of tbc fruite of tlje trce,fl^e toloe tbe communis 
ratonlubicb IbcIjaD Untlj tbc fcrpent, anb infnnrcD bcr buf^ 
iani) luitb tbc fame baitcs tubereluitb (^z bcr felfc luas Deceit 
ucD. i!nb bccaufc ^pofes Cmpli? rcpo;tctb tbat aoam bio catc 
of tbe fiHiite lobicb \)t receiueb at bis tuities banD,tbe common 
opinion is^tbat be tuas ratber beceiuet) b^ ber alturing mtife;» 
mt\\ttSytl)m perfuabeD b]? tbe Dccciuabic pVouocations of ^a<* 
tY^arxMo tbis enbe tbe failing of paiile is alleDgetj, Adam was 
not dcceiued,but the woman, i3dt paule fpcaUetb tbcre^oncit? 
t.Tioj 1.H comparattucl^.snjerfoje be Di5 not tratrfgrclTe tbe laUie lubt^ 
cbc luas ginen tnto bint onel? to obct? bis iDifctbut alfo being 
t);aU>ne b^ bcr into pcftilent ambition,bccame partaker of tbc 
fame fall anb tranfgrcflfion.anb ]paulein anotbcr place/ai?tft 
not t\)iit finne came bi? (' lDoman,but b\> abam bim felfe.if ur^ 
tbermo:e tbc rep^rofe tubicb folloluctb if raite after,BeIiold A- 
Rom.15.12. dam IS become as oneof vs, plaincl^^ teHifietb -y tbat bc a!fd (mtf 
lilbl^ befireb mo;>e tben luas laluful:anb tbat be bio giuc im^c 
credit to tbe flattering fpeacbes of tbe tiutll , tben to tbc bol^ 
lDo:D of (i3ob»/15otu it may be bemanbeb , twbat p Cnne of tbeni 
botb luas, 31t is tert? cbilbitb^tbat certeine of tbe auncient ifa# 
tb^^rs bane tp;itten,boU) ^ be ioas intikh tuitb intemperancic 
of eating.ifo:, feeing be bab fucb floluing plentic of tbe belt 
fruits^tubat 1 botu man^ cattt^ $ beligbts bab be in one Uinb^ 
Au^^urtinc lu:itetb m neb better, lubofaitb,^ p^ibetoastbc 
beginning of al euils,f tbat manUintj luas loft tb.:ougb pnoe. 
j;iotlJuitbllanr)tng a mo^e fnl Definition of tbe fin,ma^ be take 
out of tbat kiiiD of temptatiOjlDbicb cpofcs uefcribetb: fo; fitft 
of altbe luoman is^ Ie5 atoa^ fro tbe tuo2D of CDod b^ t\)t Decei<» 
liable fiiittcritB of tbe ferpcnt,tb:ougb bnbclecfe . Wberefo^c 
tf^z beginning of tbe fall,lobcrtuitb mankinb U)as onertb:oU)^ 
The be- cn,lDas a Defection 0; ftuaruing from tfjc commanbement of 
^c^A^ims <^^^'^^^ notctbaf men tben fell atoai? from (lI5oD, Uiben lea^ 
fill from "i'^5 bis tDo;b,tbep opcneb tbeir eares to tbe Ities of &atban. 
Gaj. ifo^tl;ercbsioegatfjer,t[)at©ob tuiUbcteneanb bnotoentn 


lf0 too;tt)c: ano tfjat tberfo.jc all rcuercncc of bim is Hjakcn cff ^^ 

luI)cnf)i£;Ujo;Di£;contcncD,2Ll)isisarjoctnncV)criep;ofitallc ^^^j, 
to be Unolucntfo;^ tljc \})o;x^ of Coo ball) bis Olgnitic aniongcll'wcr j 
a fclu: infomucb tbat men rutbincr bcaolong tb^oujrb tbc con^ ought r<> 
tempt tbcreof, arrogate notUiitblfanDing to tbcm fclues tbe ^•i"^^'* 
cbicfe place anDncgrec among tbc too^tbippcrs of Cod. iout "^'S"'"^ 
as (DoD Doetb not otbcrtuifc niiinifcll bim felfc bn(o men tbcii 
bp bijGt luo;D ; euen fo [)iB mateftie c onOlTetb no otberUjife,nci* 
tberDotb biBluo^lbip rematnepureamongettts,tbentDben 
JjDeobepbistuo;D. Mberefo;emfioelitielMa£; tbe rote offal/ irfijciitio 
Img from C?oD,euen as faitb onl^ iovmetb t)s bnto Coo. jrrom ^i^c ^ootc 
bencc flolueo ambition anD pnoe^infomucb tbat firtte tbc tuo^ °* ^*^'''S 
man , tben tbe man alfo teOrcD toeraltetbemfelues againft *'^°^^«*^ 
dDoD. Jf o.i tbei? DID in DccD eralt tbemfelues againft Cod, irben 
as tbev being not contenteD luitb tbc bonour lubicbc OoD baD 
giuen bnto tbem,DctireD to hnoUie mo2e tben luas mccte,tbat 
tbr^ migbt be equal toitb CoD.Mberein alfo monftr uoub m^ 
gratituDc bcUj;a^eD it felfe. SEbep lucre maDe after tbe image 
an^li!?cnctreofCoD:tbis feemeDafmall tbing in tbcireres, 
tnlelTe tbe? Uiere alfo equall . ^oUie, tbere is no r aufe tub? 
toe ftoulDe labour in baine to cictennate ano errnfe tbc finnc 
of ^DamanD of bis toife, as Doecerteine bngool? mcn.Jro; 21' f/?^* 
poftafte is not a fmall offence , but a Deteftable tuichcDnclTc^ *° 
tobereb)? man refufetb to be fubicct bnto bis maber : nav, 
lobcreb? be Dotb retert ano Denie bim.spozcouer it Inos not i^^^ 
poftaSe alone: but otberbainons contumelies anDrep;ocbcs 
againft Cod locrc lo^neD tbereU)itb. featban amifct]) Cod of 
alv^fenuie,! ofmalicioufncCr^totbelobicb foulcanD crci* 
crable flanDer,tbep fubfcribe: at tbe lengtb tbcv not regarDmg 
tbc coimnaunDement of CoDjDoc not onelp giiic place to tbeir 
lufte, but DOC alfo maltetbemfelucs feruaunfes oftbcDiiicII. 
£Co fpCvifee mo:e b;ieflT^ : infioclitie opcncD tbc gate tonmbi/^^^^,^.^^ 
f ion : anD ambition toas the motber of rcbclIion,tbat cur pa-- i,Ti c 0?^ 
rents kttinz tbc fcare of Cod afioe, did caft cff tbe rckc of - ih^ , „i ^^^ 
beDicnce.Jn confiDerafion bereof,paul teacbctb,tbattL':ciirb bdhon. 
tbe DifobeDtcncc of ^am, Onne cutreD into tbe U^o; 'D. L ct bs 
imagine tbat tbcrcis notbing Uio:fc,tbcn tbe tranfgrr llicn of 
ftc commanDancnt ; ?et notU)itljftanDinjj,luc ftall tbcrcb^ 


^ T jj^ofif e Mttk to txtcnmtt o;t Diminifbe at)am5 Ciinc* dDoft api»^ 
pointing bim to be free in all t!)in00,anti tbc liing of t(je U)o;ilD, 
tuoaloe trie bis? obeoience in abfteintng from one tree oncl^. 
2Dbi£( conoition pleafeo not l^im. Ilet peruerfe l^Wo^icim^ 
makeercufe, tbat tbe tooman toas cntifeD tottbtbe bcauti* 
fulneirc of tbe tree, anti tbat t\)t man toaiS intanglco \3)iti t^z 
flatteries of l^eual) : ^et nottoitfjffanoing, tbe mo;»e fuffcra* 
bleanDeanetbattbecommaunoementof(^oDU?aiS(, tbe lefPs 
tollerable luajs tbeir crfflkeDnetTe m refufing to obe^. i5ut lue 
mutt ^et feeUe \)i^l)tr fo; tbc o;iginall anD caufe of finne . fto^ 
tbe^ Durft neuer to baue rebelleo againft dDoD^crcept tbep baD 
firtt refufeD to ^iixc creoite t)nto \}iB tuo.;De ♦ j^nD notbing en# 
tifeo tbem to Defirc tbe fruite,bnt mao ajnbitton . ^o long ai$ 
tbe^ bcleeuing tbe tDo;^De of ©oD,ruffereo tbcmfelues tutlUng^ 
1^ to be jjouerneo of bim^tbeir affections luere rigbf l^ o;iDerel> 
anD framen. if o; tbis cogitation,tbat C^oD ts iufl, lobicb UiaiJ 
grauen in tbeir minoes, toas a notable b;iole : anD tbat no^ 
tbing is better tben to obep \)iB commaunDementes : alfo tbat 
it is tbe fumme of abappie life to be loneo of bim . llBut after 
tbat t^t^ gaue place to tbe blafpbemie of ^atban,tbe^ began, 
as if tbe^ bao been betJuitcbeD,to toant reafon ano iuDgemcnt ; 
ano feeing tbe^ ioere tbe bontieflanes of ^atban , be bao tbeir 
sinncsarc fenfes alfo captiue* spo^eoaerluefenoluc tbat finnes are not 
t"r oHcfTc'r ^^^^^^^ bcfo^t C15oD, acco^oing to tbe outtoaro tbctoe, but af# 
blfo'r/go^ ter tbe inluarD affection . i^olue in tbat tbe falling alua^ of 
according our firtt parcntcs^is faio to be tbe tniuerfall tiettruction of all 
to the out- manUint),it fennetb to man^i tJerie abfuroetano fo;j t^is cau(Cf 
vrardc (ij^^ UjouId glaDl^ la^ tbe blame tpon (©oo. £Dn tbe contraries 
^^^^ parte Pdagius, leatt tbe corruption of mans nature migbt be 
imputeD tnto CDoo, (tobicb be falfel^ fearco,)p:cfumeD to oc^ 
nie o;iginall ftnne* IBut fo grottc an errour is plaineli? confu# 
tei^not oneli? b^ founo tettimonies of Scripture , but alfo b? 
• erpericnce it felfe . SCbe corruption of our nature luas bn^ 
fenolDen tinto tbe pbilofopbers,U>bcn as otbcrluife tber U)ere 
Ujittie inougb. 3no tbis tbeir fcnfelclTc blinocncffe, is an cui^ 
uent teftimonic of o:iginall Cnne ♦ ifo; tubofoeuer arc not 
ttarl^e blinoe. Doe fee tbat tbere is no founDe or U^bole parte in 
ts : tber fee tbat our minoe is ttricton luitb bUmjenefle, ann 


VP OK GENES is: CA?. IIT. jh^ 

^ infccfc^ tuitl) an innumerable fojf c of crrours: tlint all tteaf # '^^ 
fections of our !;cart are full of rebellion ano luicltenncs : anD 
tbat filtljie luaeie; ano otbcr grieuous Difeafes oo reigne tliere : 
alfo tbat all our fenleg do flolie loiti) man)? ticejs.^ut bccaufa 
none but ©oD,tfJ a mccte 3i«^SC of tbw caufe^lue muU content 
DurrclucgluitbfbeiuDgementofbis bolie Ido^dc contcvnco 
in tbc S^criptures. if irS^tbe g^criptureo plauiel^ teacbe tbat Wc are 
iije are euen in our birtb impure anD fmneful. aainc Uja0 tbc ^"^°<=|"' '» 
rauill of Pclagius,in facing tljat (Knne came from aoam to bs ''"^ ^'''^ 
fc^imttation. ifo: SDauio being a£5 ret (but bp in bis motbcrc pr^i. ^17- 
luombe, coulo not be afollobuer of a^am : lubo nottoitblran. ^^^^^^ '^^ 
tim confeiTetb tbat be luas conceiueo in ftnne. loutfo;: a ^^ V'^ " 
mofe large p;ofc of tl)i5 matter, anu foz tbe Definition of 021^ ^,^n. 
jinaUrtnne^reaDeinourbcDfeeofSlnllitutions: fauing tbat 
3j Unllbncfl? in one \jjo:d ll)cUie , boto farre tbe fame ertcn^ 
ttti) it fclfe* Me ooe iuftli? account tubatfoeucr is Defilco anD 
tojrupteD in our nature to be ftnne , becaufe it isnotmcctc 
tbat U»e afcribe tbe fame bnto ©oD. Ii5ut tbc apofilc paule in 
tbc tbtrDc Cbapter cf bis epidle to tbe Romanes , tmhctf) ^^'^ 3- 
tbat corruption is not in one part onelr, but alfo tbat it poITcf' 
fetb tbe tDbolefoule anD euerie parte tbereof, cabcrcbpon it originii 
f ol!o\uetb,tbat tbe^ Doe berie cbilDiCbl^? crre,\ubicb do conficer rinnc. 
ij>iainaU (inne,oncli' in tbe luft anD in tbe ino;Dinatc motion 
Dfappetites:luben as it fulfilletb tbe feate of reafon anD tbe 
lubole bart.(Suiltines anD conDemnation is annereD to Qnne: ^om.^.,: 
th as IDaule fpeakctb/inne came br man, anD Deatb of finnc. ^P^^-^-^ 
miberefo:e in anctber place bep;onouncetbtbatti;earc tbc 
tTiilD;enofU):atb: asifbea)oulDmaUei3Sfubiect toeuerlaf^ 
tin? malcDiction. gn funmie,tbat lueare fpovlcD of tbe nioa 
crcclient giftes of tbe bolie gbolt^of tbc Ugbt of rigb^ 
ttoufneOc , of finceritie,anD arc p^one to all manner of cuill: 
alfo in tbat toe being loll: anDDamneD, arefulicctbnro Deatb, 
It is our conDttionbpinberitance, anD a iuft plague lubicljc 
<EiOD batb laiDe tjpon all manhinDc . j -ioU) if anv man obif cf, 
tbat it is Dniuft tbat tbe guiltlelTeftoulD be pumlbrD fo; the 
Jtnne of anotbrr:3l anfuicre,tbat U)bat gifts foeucr eoD batb 
beaoUJCD t)p5 Ms in m perfon of aDam,migbt tjcnc laVwfulIp 
M ta^m alwai:, fotng !?^ towteolj tranffirclfeo. J?"tbcr is u 

y n&DefulI ffiaf lue flic to that oloc imctgmation of fomc, fjaf 

fouler Ijaiie tfjeir ojtgmal of t^c firft ffotke. if o;r tl^c pofferitie 

tofee not tbcir corruption naturall]? of tlje p;jogente of aoant ; 

tut tl)c fame rat!)cr Depcnoetf) tipon ttjc c;jt)inaunfc of (&oo : 

tu^o a^ lie ^at) at)o;rncD t^t Ui^olc nature of mankinue in one 

Wcbcire niantDitl) moftcwcllnit giftejeifo inl^im,f)c maoe ttjfamc 

■oc the nature nabeD ano bare agatne , £nD not)D, fo fcone as Ire are 

punifhs f o;rupteD in 3tiam, tne beare not tfje puniftment of anctfcer 

"!»o°h°^ mans fault,but toe are Quiltit tft;ougt) our otun fauIt.SCbera 

ia"uif/" isaquettion alCbmoueDoffome, concerning tfje time of Ibe 

fall , 0; ratber of tbe ruine. STbis opinion loas allotueo of hu 

uers, tbat tbe^ fell tbe fame Da^ Iwbereon tbe^ toere createD : 

anD ttjerefo^e Auguftinciu;itetbjtbatbel!(Dbefo; tbefpaca 

of fire boures . OTbereas otfjerfome coniecture , tbat tijz 

temptation of ^atban luas ueferrcD tntil tbe^abb^tb Dai?, 

tbat be migbt p;iopbane tbe 3l£)a^2)€& oa^: it is te# 

rie toeahe»anD t\)t goDlie are aDmonifbeb b^ tbefe lelTonSjttiat 

tbe^taUe not fucbpaines in ooubtfull fpeculations, Bj^as 3| 

cannot befine of tbe timt : fo J tbinbe it ma^ be gatbereo b]j 

tbe narration of ^ofes, tbattbe^biD notions fepepetbebig^ 

nitie lubicb tbe^ bao receiueo. iFo;^ fo fcone as be batb fa^oe 

tbat tbe^ iuere mabe, making no mention of an^ stber mat# 

ter,be paOetb to (bcUic tbe fall . 3|f abam bao Dtuelt luitb his 

tuife^but a little fpace of time^tbe bletRng of CDoD bab not been 

tjaine in inlarging potteritie : but ^ofes meanetb tbat tbeg 

tDere bep;iueb of tbe benefits of (IDoD,befo;e tbe^ bao an^ con< 

tinuaunce to bfe tbem. 3 tberefo^e eatil^ fubfcribe to tbe tt* 

Clamation of Auguftinc,0 mifcrablc free will, which being as 
yet found.had fo final! ftabilitie.anb tO fa^ notbing Of p lbo;t# 

itdTc of time,^ abmonition of Barnarde^is tDc;tbp to be rcmc^ 

b;c^ : Scing wcrcadc that fuch ahorriblc downcfall happened 
Xnowlcec "^ Paradifc:what Hiall we doe,which arc in thedunghillV2!2J8 

>vithout mntt alfo kecpc in remcmb;ance,bp tobat p:ctence anb colour 

God is ac- tbep ano tbcir poaeritie fo^ eucr lucre mo;talli? Dcceiueb^ VHt* 

•urrcd. XV plaiifible tuas tbis flatterie of &atban,Yc /hal kno we both 

good and cuill : but tberefo:e tbat knolulcbge toas accnrfcb, 

bec.iufe it loas bcfireb luitbout tbe fauour of dDob.OTlberfoje, 

DnlclK \})z Wl ioiUiitglE put bppon bs tjjc fame fnares^ let 


V PO>T^ G^NESI 5: CAP. fit; q- 

ft0 ICTirnc to DcpcntJc bppon tfjc bcclic of <!?oT) alone, tut)om lue ^ ' 
fenolDC to be tbe autbcur of all gojt) tbingca. jano bcc aufc the . 

fcdpturc inoiuers places, puttctbts mni!nDcofournaUcc^^^'|'|[^^J* 
neCTe anD nccDe, anu p^onounretb tbat lue inuftc rcccucrin"",^"* 
^\yMt tbat tubicl) lue \)^\\t loftc m iluarii : toe fliviUinot off <■ U 
trult of our fclucsf,lct tia offer our felucs cinpticl^nto Cb;ill» 
tbat be inai? fill ts luitb bic ricbes. 

7 [;And their eyes were opened.] jt toa£; mctt )^ l}cuab£ eves 
lI)0ulD baue a mitt befo:e tbcm,\3ntil bcr bufbaiiD alfo ijuas cc* 
tciueomolu botb of tbcin being bouno togitberloitb the bono 
of infd^tunatc confente,tbe? begin to fale tbetr euill: bc\Dl t it 
tbci' are not toucbeo ac pet Initt) v ferious hnolulcnr.c r . :bnr 
euiLJLbcp arc aftameo of tbeir nakcoiiesf,nctu5ltanDin(t tt^ep 
being conainceo, Doe not bumble tbemfeluefi bcfoieCoD, tbCT' 
fcare not bis iuDgement as it became tbem:t?ca,tbcv ccafe not 
to bafe ano cloabe ttill. jflottDitbttanoin^,bere 10 fonie p;cfttc 
to be fttncjtbat tubcreas a little befc:c tbepmott piefttrnptu* 
ouClp gaue an aCTault to Ijanquifft bcaucn,noiu tbev benig r on* 
tOunoeD iDitb tbe fating of tbeir fljame ano rep;!Ocbe , flee mta 
corners to bioe tbemfelues ♦ j^no tbi5 opening of tbr n^cs in 
our firtte parentes, to beboloe tbeir filtbinclTe, plamtlp ftciu* 
etb,tbat tbep toere alfo conDemnet) \\\ tbeir otone lurjgcment » 
SDbep toercnotaspet calleD to tbe SLribunall fcate of C^oct 
tbcre is none tbat tj^getb tbcm :tbe rtjamcfatt ncs tuhicb com^ 
metb of it felfe, isitnotafurcano tnijoutco tofien of faults 
ffibcrfo jetbe eloquence of tbe lubole IdojId ftal p :ofite notbing 
to Dcliuer tbem from guiltincs,to tubom tbeir oUut confcir ncc 
fe a iuDgc to confelle tbeir fault. )15ut ratber \i tccoctb ts all to 
open our ei^es,^ te being confounocD liritb our oU)ne %\xvz , 
maig giue to (2'od tbe glD;iie, tubicb be oefcruetti . Cod creatt d 
man to be flerible:bctJtD notonlp fufltr bim,but alfo be tooiila coJ ndi 
bau0 fjim temptetJ.ifo: be applieo « framcu v ferpentB tongtc ^j^^^ ^^^^ 
to tbe DiiielUcontraric to i\^z :Dinarie tfe of nature : r urn as. J^^]' ^' ^ 
if a man ftjouloe giue a flcozoe ano buckler into tbe banucg of 
Another • ^cingtbe l3nbappic nioc ano fuccefTe leas fo:e^ 
knotoen tjnto bim,be migb t banc remetJicD tbat U)Mcb 1 c nu 
not. 5i5ut iDben iue lljall come tnto man, Uic ftail fiuoc rtiat 
tc finnco iDiilinBlr? anD not fo mucb b^ tie frcf, ai? by tbe per # 

, i viD. "f^^c 


• r O H ^ C A t V 1 H f 

ttcrfe anil rroikctj motion of tlje minDe , ije neparfcn from 
0oD,!)i0 maber. i^nt\)cv can tuc fai? that it luas a fmall faalt, 
tDben fjcnot bcl^uing tl)c U)o;iOc of (Sod, craltco Ijim felfc a* 
gainft l)im tbjong:!) toichcD cmulation:lDbcn tjc toouloe not be 
ftibiccte tnto bis tuill anB commaunocmcnt : ano iufjcn 
Ij0p;jouDlp fell from bun. SDberefojc, iubat Cnne anD offence 
foettcr 1)5 in tbc fall of our firff parcnte£5,tt reftett) in anO tpon 
(bem : ano tobercas ttjc ctcrnall counfellof CDoo tucnt bcfo;rc 
it,it toantctb not iuft rcafon ano caufe, tbougbtbcfamebe 
IjiDUcn from t^XMt ooc fee tbat fruite Dotb tiail^ fp;iing from 
fucbc bo;rible mine, becaufc vDoo Doetb Icaoc t)s to bumilitie 
bv our oU)ne mifertes : alfo,bccaufc beooetb moje plainly fet 
fcD.:tb bis gcDDneffe^if o;r bis grace is mo;c plentifully poU);zeD 
fo^tbtjppolttbelDO^lDcb^Cb^ifte, t\)tnit\x)a$ bettotueDtp^ 
pon^Dam in tbe beginning . ij^otue^iffobeourreafonUjill 
not reacb bcretmto,it is no meruell if fo be tt)c fecret counfell 
of C^ot) be t)nto tjs like a llabp;^intb. [And they fewed fig. 
tree Icaucs together.] iCtjat tubicbe 3 fa^De befo;^e , tbattbe^ 
luerc letj to repentaunce , neitbcr Ijuitb true (bame , no;j toitj^ 
ferious feare , ooetb noloe better appeare . SCber maoc tfjem 
bzeecljes , o;» aperns of figge leaues. %o Iwbat enoef SCbat as 
itUieretDitb an inuinciblc fo;jte o^ bullDo;:be, tbe^ migbtc 
hxiixt dDoD farre from tbem.2Dberefo;e tbe feeling of tbeir cuill 
toas oncl^ confufcD,anD iopncD luitb Dulneffe, mucli like t>nta 
at):camcin tnquietflecpe* Ebere is none of bs ixjbicb iieri^^ 
DctbnottbeirfoIUe(asin beeuc it luos nr)iculous)infetting. 
fuel) a beile ox couering before tbe cvts of OoD.Sin tbe meanc 
time, toe all are ficke of tfce fame oifeafc : fo; euen at t^z fivfiz 
pztclic of confcience,toe tremble ^ arc aftameo : b^ f b^ tbere 
creepetb in a fauourable iuogemcnt of our felues, tobicbc fea^ 
Uetf) bs to tjainc to^es : as if toe migbt cafil^ mocke anubc^ 
ceiueCDoD. SCbercfo^c bnlcCTe our confcience bemo;ie piclTeD, 
tbere is no crcufc o;^ colour fo t aine, tobertoitb toe uo not con^ 
tent our felues : ^ea, if no ercufc ma^ fcruc^ct nottoitbftan^ 
i5ing,toepleafeourfc!ues, ano tbinkc tbat toe arcterietoell 
coucreD,brtbefo:gctfullncffetobicbc commetb oftbieeoa^es 
fpace.2nobefto:t,3porcsbere oefcribetb tbe coloe and balfc 
H^ooefaiinsof&nnei toljicbe is naturally ingraffcD in tbe 



tmnlJCfiofmen, tbattbe^mnp be mane incrcufablc. i?oN ^^ 
luitbftanDing it map be oemaunrjen^ 3|f our lotiolc nature b& 
infccteD tDitb tbe fpottes of finne: tobp uotb tbcDcfo:mitic ap< 
peare in one parte of our boDiconeli!^ if o; aoam ano Vcuad 
Docnotonelp couertbeirface,o; tbeir b;eft, butaKo tt^cir 
lljameanD ferret partes . 3 tbinfeetljep die it tpon tljis ccca* 
non,tbat men mtgbt commonly Imolue , tbat tbere is no otlicr 
corruption of nature, tbcn in benerious ant> flcftlie luft. i5ut 
tt)t^ ougbt tatucigt) anD confiDcr,tbat tberc luas no lellc caufc 
of name, in tbc crcs ant) in tbe tares, ttjcn m tbe genitall oi 
fecret parte, lobicb as ret loas not cefilco luitb fume : U){)ere* 
as auam i ^euab bau oefileD tbeir eares anD epcs, anu bao as 
itlDercfo^tifieDtbcDiuclL 2l3ut it fufficeO OoD,tbat tbere 
Uias fome note of Oiame in mans booie, lubicbe migbt put bs 
in minoe of finne.jFurtbennoze, as U^e faio turn nolDe,ai5nm 
anD !^eua!) bneboe not as pet tbeir filtbineCfe , lubcn as tbcij 
fougbt to Iftun auD [jiDt tbem felues from tbep^efcnce of Cod> 
bp fo flenDer rniD ligbt a couering . 

8 C After vvardc they Iicardc tlic voycc of the Lorde . ] ^01 

tant as CDoD fpaUe, 3Dam anD l^euab bneiii that tbeir ape rntf. 
offircgeleauesDiD p:ofite tbcmnotbingatull,tuitbtbeUjbi' 
cbc t^ep^tbougbt tbcm felues berie Uiell couereD . Q^ofes h)iU 
ttt\) notbing bcre , but tbc berie fame, tobicb rcmametb anD 
tsDailptobefecneeuioentlpintbe nature of man .Ebc Differ 
rente of gcoD anD euill is grauen in tbebcartes of all men as Ro- »• n 
tbe apoftle paulc teacbctb,15ut all men burie anD couer tbcir 
faults luitb bine leaues,bntil (Tod bp bis UiozD Crifee anD tcr^ 
rifietbeir confcience.i^erof came tftc tremblmg confciences,to Men n 
tuitte, after tbateoDbauinct put atnav all fenfelefncCfe, ccn^ turiiiy 
ttrainetb tbem to fjcrebis toice. ^ut lubcras Hicromc tranf^ ^^"^[^'^^^' 
lateD it tbus, After Noonctide , tbe l^^cb^ue tertc is^ At the 
windc of the day .SDbe dl^^eebes, omitting tbc name of lumoc, 
ftaue tranaateD it tljus. At the eucning « SSbus tbere grciuc 
an opinion, tbat aDam Ijauing Onneo about jJojnetiDe , luatf 
calleD at tbe fetting of tbc &unne to luDgement . 15nt 3 doc 
ratber inclme to tbc contrarie coniccturc, tbat tbcp bccmg dao 
toitb tbeir couering,paaeD tbe nigbt in filencc anD reft, tb8 
carfeeneffebaiuisanfjclpebntotbcirbrpocriftc ; afterlu*uD^ 



bkitiQ tf)> oug!)Ip aU>afect» about t^ ino2nmjj,fI)cr rememb;ie!l 
ti)cm (zlncs.iMt bnoUie t&at at nt rifing of tbe^unne, tt^er^ 
rifetlj a fofcljDmtje naturally : tl^tvfm uittl) thiB luamDc , (lDoi>. 
alfo appeared, ami {Bofcs fljoulDc "otnc impzopcrl^ call tbe 
eticihngttDc tljt cmlc of tj?c Da^. jdDttjcra taUc it fo; ttje &oat(i 
part.^iiD foinc tlyink tljat tl}c fame is fulfillco tuljict) ttie fcrip^ 
turcp2onotincctI),tbatt{)CT? lubofc confcicnres accufe tfjem, 
arc atioat'efli afearoc anD out of qaiet, lobcre tijcrcijes no pe:> 
rill 0.: caufe of fearc.l^erct)iito tl)t'^ referrc tbat tiifjirbc 10 ao« 
DcDconccrmnoftbetDinDe, asfbougl) aoam toas afcaroeat 
tlje ratling fal of a Icafc. Wut tbat libif b 31 banc fct Dotone bt^ 
fo>e is tl)e mo:e tnic ano fimple meaning : tfjat tt)e fame lufji^ 
c|)elai? ()i^ intbeDarltenclFeof ttjc nigl)t> tj>as DifcouereDbi^ 
ttit rifing of tl>e &>unne ♦ 0mtttl)ckttt i Oonbt not, bnt tbat 
tl)ere tuas fome notable Ogncof t^c pzefenceof (D ^ U> in 
t^At tDinnc . iro^ altboug!) , as 3 faioc bcfo;c, tljcre is turont 
to be alUjares at tbe ^unnc riCng fomc foft 0: emit luinD,^ct 
fo; all tbat, tbe fame lettctb not> but tbat tbt ILo^oe gaue a« 
ej:trao.>mnartengneoff)iscomming,to toalJen tlje ronfcien^ 
cesof^^am ano^cuab. iFo^faingbcts incoinp;jebcnaiple> 
\})\)m bis U>iU is to manifeft bint felfe tinto men, be put tpoti 
pfii. 104.3 j)im tbofe marfes tuberi^? be migbt bet^notuen .®auiD c^Uet^ 
tbe loinDes tbe mcffcngers of CDoD^bpon lobofe luinges be tU 
tetb>o: ratbcr fleetb tuitb inrretjible ftDiftnclTe: but fo often as 
it feemetb goo bnto bini, be bfetb as twell tbe VuinDes> as c^ 
p. ^ ^ tbcr creatures at bis otone tuill, contrarie to tbe o:5cr of na^ 
The pre? ^^^^ » ffiberefo:e,UJbereas {pofes in tbis place mafectb ntcu^^ 
lenccof tionoftbeUnnDe,bemcanetb in tn^ luDgement, tbat tbere 
God lie- U»as (ftelueD a liraungeanD notable ftgne of tbe neuine p^je^* 
^cry whcr fence, U)bicb greatly? aftonidjxo tbe minDs of our firft parents* 
^otoe, tbis latter rcmcuie of fligbt luas no better tbcn tb^ 
firftc; fo:fomucbas C^iDBD b:ingetb tbtin backcagainead 
tbtp toerc fleeing, loitb bis t)Oi?ce onel^, 31t it \i)nttm , Whe- 
ther /}iaU I (lee from tliy prcfcncc ? If I alccnde into Heaucn^ 
thou artthcre:lflIycdowne in hell, thou art there : Lctmc 
^ take the wingcs of the morning, and rcmainc in the dcpthc of 
thefca: yct'thidier Hiall thylwnde Jcadc inc ,and thy rtght 

hxnii lioldc me » ^c all confcOc t^iB to bc tcue? amj vet ne> 


VPON GENESIS. CA?. iTf: •-.* 

berti^dcflrcUjecearrenottofebe taint ffarfmg l)oalc0 : ano 
tmagine eucrv fbaootoe, to be tntotjff a notable Defence, 
SnD it w not to be omittctJ, tbat man finoing bp erpcrience, 
t&at a fetue leaner Diop;ofiiei)im nothing at all, IjeflcDtotbc 
C)at)oU)e of t\it trees. jfo;i(o is ourguifeano toont Inten lue 
arc evcUiueD from tiainc cauilles, to ccutfc ncU) ercnffs \x:\}u 
cbc ma^ bioe b0 as it Ujere tnoertljc mo;!c tbicUc fijaDoioe. 
tHJljen ^ofefi faitf) tf^at aoam anD bis ioife bio tbem felues 
in tbemiooell of tbctroc of JdaratJife ( fo: fo is the i^cb;ue 
tert:) tue mull note tbat tbc fingular number is put fo; tbc 
plurall: as if be baD faio. Simony tbc trees, 

9 [ And the Lordc God called Adam. ] JpioU) tbe^ Ijoere 

atlonnifteD at tbe borce of tbe ILo;rD d^oD, but baing afearoe, 
tbep lai^ ftill bnocr tbe trees , tntill an otber topee entered 
tno:e effectually into tbeirminDs. ^ofes faitb, tbat tbe Lojij 
callcD jaoam : tuas be not calleD before i Wut tbat luas a con* 
fufeD founce^ tubicf;e toas not fo;ceable inougb to p^eife 
unD b:ge tbeir confciences:tberefo;je <^oD notu commetb mo;c 
tiere bnto tbem,anD caufetb tbem to come fco^tb in tbe miDett 
out of tbe tbicfeeof trees, euen againtte tbeir tuills ♦ after 
tbe fame manner alfo are tue terrifico at tbe topee of C'^D®, 
f f©ne as bis latue fountjetb in at our tares : but bp anD b^ 
loe reekefo:(baDolues,t)ntillbepjeiringts mo;»etebement* 
Ip conttrainetb bs to UanD guiltie before bis iubgement feate. ^-i^^ j-f^ ^f 
^dauk calletb tbis tbe life of tbe latoe^lubcn tbe fame conuin^ the la^vc. 
cingourfinnesbilletljbs, ifo: fo long as toe flatter our feU 
lies, anD are puft bp \i)it\) a falfe opinion of life, tbe latue is 
tieao bnto bs: bccaufe tiie Dull tbe eDge tbereof toitb our barD* 
ttelTe: butlobcn it p^iciietbanD tuttet^ ts mo;e Deepe> tue 

10 [; I heardc thy voycc. ] flltbougb tbiS fccmetb tO bc 

fbe confcflTionofonetbat iB btmtbleD anD call Dotcne : not^ 
tuitbllanDingbf anD bp it tuill appeare, tbat be teas not 
aspctfufficicntlp tameD,no;j b;ioua:bt to repentaunce. l^c 
impute^ feare to tbe tjopce of CD ilD SD: anD to bis na# ' 

feeDneUe : as tbougbe not before be bcarDe <S>iS^ S> fpea* 
king,toitbout feare, nap, be tuas ftoeetclp comfo:teD tuitb \)i» .; 
too;oe ♦ Jn tbat be Doetb not acljnotuleDge tbc caufc of Ib^inc 

<S^Aii, to 

the aufc 1°J^,^^ ^^^if ^^^ ?^»»^^^lf to b^"^ f«c«) a fetling of pmimxtnU 
of/hinjc. f^^^as pet be confcirct[) not 1)15 fault, ip^eucrt[jeIc(re,brp>o* 

/Inn? is in f^J^f '^ "^^ '" °^ P^^^ ^^ ^t^^ boDic oiielp , but reigiietfj in tfje 
all pirtct *^^o^^ man,anD occupietfj all tbe parts of t^e fouir* in fomucft 
of nuns tbat no one parte fjatl) fjis tntegritie. fm \i)it\) lji3 leaues,fie 
hyMc.zni wneueratD&tt tfjeletTcafcaroeattljepjefcnce ofC'OD, 
loaic. H [Who tolde thcc. ] SDtjis 15 an indirect rep:e[ien(ion fo 

rep;ouc tbe negligence of aoam, bmuk Ije ac!jnolulcDget& 
not t\)c faulte m tbe punifi^ment : as if it bao bene fapt)e,tbat 
9oam toas not fim];}l^ afearoe at tfje bo^ee of Coo : but tbat 
m bo^ce of tbe Juoge toas feareful bnto bint, bee aufe be is a 
finner. aifo tbat nakcDneCTe tuas not tbe canfe of feare, but 
tbc foUilneCre of tbe Dice toberetoitb be befifetj bimfclfe : anb in 
tJecDe It Uias intollerable blafpbcmieagainft<5iD2>, tbatbt 
ftugbt t^c oiiginall of tbe euill in nature, jf^ot tbat be accaf^n 
eoD m plains Ido^dcs : hut betnai'ling bis mtferie , ai^ 
in tbc meane time DilTeinbling bun felfeto be tbe mtljtiur 
ebereof,be tuickeDl^ afcribetb bnto dDod tbat febicb be ourtb't 
to take bpon bimfelfe. ^I^Hben CDo?) faptb , H aft thou eaten of 
thctree,be fpeaketb OoubtinglvsnottbatbcDoubtebinryetoe, 
but to tbe enoe be migbt tbe mo;e becpcl^ p;^icke tbe fenfcleire 
man,U)bo being Ocke tutn bnto oeatb, felt not fo^ aU tbat bis 
malaoie^lpcrebp let bs Icarne^tbat Ijoe Ojall p:ofifc our fclucs 
notbmg at all bp loalking in bpluares, but C?oD (ftall aU 
tnapcs take bs taroe in tbelinne ofjaoam . SHbefe Ico^^oes^ 

CConccrning the which I commanded thee that thou /houldcft 

fiotcate,] areaD5ct)totakeaU)aptbe p;etcnce anD colour of 

igno>aunce. j?o: dDoD Declaretb, tbat aoani tuas aumonillieo 

in timcrauD tbat be peritbeD fo; no otber caufe, but bccaufe be 

luittinglp ano toillingli? tbieUi bim fclfe into Dearuction. a# 

5came,tbebatnoufneaeof tt)t finnetrnoteo m t^t tranfgref# 

cWJcncc T^^J^!? rebellion . if o;,as notbin^ is mo;c acceptable tnto 

moftacccp ^^^ ^''^" o^^^^^n^^ 5 fo "Otbiug IS lefTc tolleraUe, tbm men 

tabic vnio Wcnp2£rummgbpponbis rommaimt)emrntcs,t)berfeatbait 

Cod. anotbtiroluneluffe* r . . i:^c,iyan 

,ii C^i^c woman which thou 2aucftmt.3j;iotoc tbc bnfa# 

' v?oii GENESIS. CAP. iir: IQ2 

from being fubDucDi fbatbebur0^tb fcD;tb into mo:c grofTc 
blafpbcniie. 0t tbc firtt be oiD p;iutlp Debate tbe matter tuttb 
dDod : noU)c be beginnetb openli?to eontenu luiti) bim, ano 
ttotitl^ DefenDetb bi:5 caufe. Mberebi? toe fo botu p^cfiunptu* 
ous anD tjntamcD a creature man luas, after be luas fallen 
from (DoD . ifo; a liuel^ image of our corrupt nature is fct 
fcDztb bnto b£f in ;aDam,after tbe time of bis fall.(£uerp one \& ram.i.t4 
tempteo of bis otuneconcupifcence, fa\]tb S^aint James : anD 
13li)ambim felfebaDnot IbetoeD btm felfe rebelliousr agatnlt 
<DoD,but at bis olwnc franfee loilL l^et nottuitbftantiing, as if 
l)e bao fenotone no manner of euill bi? bim felfe , be mane ^&\% 
tDife guiltie \xk bi^ ffeati:2Dberefo^e 3 baue caten,fartb be^be^ Y"" ^^^f' 
raufe (be gaue me.^no not being contenteo luitb tbis, be la^^r |y ' J^|J,^^ 
rtb tbe blame bppon (E5oD alfo , obiecting tbat tbe luife lubicbe 
foougbt tbemtfcbicfe, titas giuen into bis ban^e bv bim. 'mz |nfi^f J»"'e 
nlfo being taugbt ixi tbe fame fcbole of o;jigtnall 0nne,are t© d.^il^^X 
reao^ ano p:ompt to mahe tbe lilte ercufes, but toitbout p:o^ cncc .- and 
fite:fo; boU) foeuer toe colour anD (bift off tbe matter, infioe^- pr.dc brin- 
litienottoitbttanDingis UJitbin,tobicb ieaDetb ts from tbe o^ gcti» ^<^"i» 
beDience of (©oo ; \x^\!Cm V^ g;ioe^ tobicb b;ingetb fc;tb f cn^ ^XqI'^ 
tempte* -^ ^ 

13 And the Lordc God faydc to the woman. ] (iDoD COn' 

tenDetb iio furtber toitb tbe man,neitber is it neeDefuU . ifo.i 
at tbe firffe, b^ a baine Defence , after tbat br a tuicbeo rep20^ \ 

uing , be ratber increafeD bis fault, tben eafeD tbe fame : to 
concluDe, bolD foeuer be gainfa)?ctb,beis nottDitbffauDing 
fouuD giultie.ii>oiD tbc 3uDge turnctb bimfelf to i\^z tuoman, 
tbat tbe caiife of tbem botb being fenotuen, be mav at tbe lallc 
pronounce fcntence^anD x\^z Jnterpjetoures turne tbe tuo^tis 
of Cod tbus, Whcrcfoic haft thou done this^ %\\i tbe lpeb;ue 
pb^afc conteinctb mo;je Ijebemcncie \\\ ii : fo; \i iss a fpeacb of 
nDmiration,as ixi a«ion(lruous ibing.&o tbat ii ongbt ratber 
to be tranflateD,Howc haftc thou done tliis? fls if be baD fa^^D, 
^:U) coulDc \i be tbat it fboulDe come into tbv minDe, to be fo 
rrcDkcD accunfcller to tbn bwlbanOf [The Serpent dccciucd 
mcOl^uab ougbt to baue bene aUonnieD at tbe monftruouf^ 
nefleofbcrlxjiciicDneireitobereoflbeluas aomonifteD. ipoti» 
. vi^ ©.iiij* tDitfjaan# 

'®T tuit[)ffattt)mg O&c wnot filcnt : but 'after t^e example of 6er 
bufbanoe D^c poadetb ouer t\:it fault to another : ano blammg 
tbc ferpcnt fte tbinfeetbber felfe to be free: but foilW.^anD 
impuDcntIp» j?o;» tl)is is ^ funime of ber replie, 3 rcceiueu tbat 
lubicbe tbou fo^baoDeft , of tbc ferpent : tt)c ferpcntloajEitba 
Dcreiucr.li3ut loboconftraineD ^)cuab to bar&en to tbe Deceits 
full perfuafions of tbe ferpent i pca,anD mo:c grccDilr to creoit 
1)10 \uo;Dcs, tbeu t^eluoiDeofdl^oD i 2noben)o:te,botueoiD 
Die rcceiue ntnxy but bp making a bzeacbe , nno fctting open 
an entrp,Ujbicb C^oo bao fufficientlp fo^tifieOf HSu t tbe fruit of 
o:iginal finne euerp lubere lljeUjetb it felferbecaufe fte in blinU 
m ber bppocriOie, IftelDoub tuillingl^ make CDoobjitbouta 
tongue anb Dumbe.^no from tobcnce come fo mm^ murmurs 
tngesDailp^butbecaufe dDoD boloetb not buipeace> fo often 
as our minbeB are blinoeDf 

14 And the Lorcfc faydc to the Serpent. ] ^ee a 

' not tbe ferpent, an be bao Done tbe man ano tbe tuoman : be#" 
caufe in tbe beattetberctoas no feeling of finnetanoalfo be#: 
caufe be luouloe leaue no bope of paroon to tbe biuell ♦ ^e| 
migbt Sx officio, b^ biisf autbo;itie,bauep;tonounceb fentencdj 
tjpon t)^zmy tbougb tb^p bao not bcaro it : 31 fpcake of ^aoanr 
anD l^euab* Mbv tben Doetb be call tbem to an account , but^ 
becaufc be b<ttbacarefo.:tbeirfaluationf SDbis Doctrine iflt, 
to be applieD to our tfc* %^txt neeDeD not an^ action of tbt ' 
cafe , 0; anp folemne fo;me of iuDgement to conDemne t)d ♦ 
CTbcrefo;^e,lunen (I5oD berein inDeuouretbbini felft^to V^^eft 
out of ourmout^ejei tbe confelTion ofour fault^beratber pla^^ 
ctbtljcpartofapbrttcian^tbenofa 3!uDge» WMiBx&thtxzK^ 
PunifTi- fonlubp tbe ito:DebeginnetblDitb tbe ferpent, befo:ebeaD# 
mems of ^y^^jj ,|,p„ ^0 (jjjsjj. punilbmcnt » Jf o; otber punitbmente)5,a0^ 

* 'cm lead ^^ ^^^^ TeD^are be longijtg to cbatlifcmcnt^anD are lapDe tpon 
^tio \t- ^^ to tbiB cnDjtbat tbep map IcaDe ts to repentance : ixi tbir- 
ycDuncc. tbereijsnoncrucb tbing, 15utiti0DoubtfuU to tubome tbe 
luoiDe0arcfpoUcn,U)bctberto tbe ferpent, o; to tbeoiuclL 
flpofes faibc, tbat tbe ferpent teas a fubtile anD craftie bcaft : 
notluitbttanDing it i& ccrteine , feeing &atban fougbt man^ 
t)e(truction,tbatbcU)a0guiltle(reof bis ft^auDe anD malice* 
C4a[berefo;emaD)?e]rpounott?i0 place ^Ueso;icaU]^ : anD tbe 


ing mo:e nearelvi coitQDcreD, tbe readers \wl)id)c arc of foitnD 
tuDijcnicnt C&all eafilr fer^tbat it is a mirt fpcecb . Jf o > <3oD ro i 

fpcal^ctl) to tl)C fcrpf nt , tljat tfie r one luficn belongctl) to tte 
DiiicU. 3if it feemcabfurDtoan^man,tl}atab;Mitrbcaafl[)oulD 
bepimiO^cDfo^tbefrauDeantiDeceiptofanotber: tbe foluti* 
onu5fa(tetobemaDe:t!)at feeing (je luas crcatcD fonnans 
faUe,f)ci0notaccurfet) loitftoutcaufe, notutbatbeiieiturnet) 
fobi0bnrtartDDelh-uction. anotljepurpofeof <&£)© xb to 
p;oue b^ tbis bengeance, botu greatlp be cttamctb matw fal# 
nation : tuzn as if a fatbcr fl)oulo curfe anD ueteft tbe f 1do;jd, 
lubcrclDiCb bis cbili3c tuas aaine. anti bere tue ntuft not onf^ 
confincr lubat rule d^ot) batb oner bis creatures ^ but alfo to 
Xiibat enD be batb treatco tbcm, as to faibe before. Sfo;t\)t e* , 
quitic of(25oDs iubgement, bepenbctb bppontbatb;rtier of na^ 
turc iDbicb be batb ratifieb : tbat be migbt banc nottjing to bo 
Untbbltnbcreucnge* after tbtsfojt tbe rep.zobate are Deliue^ . 

iTb into etemall fire tottb tbetr bobics, tnbttbe bobies tbougb ^cnti of 
tbe^ baue no motion of tbemfehicS',retnott»itbffantJtng tbei? wickcacct 
are inttruments of euilscommitteo . ^sm" U»bat UncbcDnclfe arc puni^ 
foeuer mancommittetb^tjsfarcribrb tobts tjanbes, anbtberc^'Jfiud. 
fb;e tbe^ are counteo poHuteb^toben as notUiitbffanbing tbcr 
monenot tbcm relues,erceptU)bentbe^' being conftraincD ^ 

b^ tbe tuicfeet) affection of tbe beart , ercqtiute' tbattubicbe 
is tberc concciueD . ^co.:Ding to tbis reafontbe ferpentts 
fAioe to tioe tbat, tobicbe tbe btucHbtb ofbimfclfe. 5i5utif 
€>ot) puntlbe tbeocttructtmi of mati fo feiierclr bpon tbe b>ute 
bcaft, mucbe leCTe batb be fparcD &atban, tge antbtmr of 
tbelDbole mifcbiefe: tbetobtcbe (ball hcttct appeare b^ tbe 

COnclufion. [Curfed art thou nbouccueric creature] JEbiB 

curfe of(Bodta)fee place in tbe fcrpent : lDbtr:ebi? it istomtto 
iwffe tbat be is DefpifcD,anb fcarfe toller ablfe to t^ucn atiD 
iicartb,feabing a life berieDaungerous,anb rtplcnilbeo luitft 

l^ail^feares: alfo tbat be is not onelrb^^"^^ ^"^o bs, asat 
mo^tall enimie of manfeinD,but is feuerfb alfufrom all otfjcf 
be affes^ano toarretb after a fo;t Uittb nature.iro? to fe?,tbat 
attbefirftbetostame,infomucbetb?tti)c toman bib not; 
fl>tinnebWamiliarcompamr,il3nttbcUJ0;be0 frtiototng are 


. , mote dart): bee aufc it fomcf b to be naturall tDfjirf) <BoD tt^m* 
tenets fo; a puntf^ment: as t^at be IboulD ttkpc on his btUit 
niiDeatcDuH *,;9Dbt0 obtectton mouetb certeme learneo and 
iutTc men to fa^^tbat tbe ferpent \jjas tocont to go t)p;tigbt9 be^ 
fo^efucbe time a0 &atban bao abufeD bim . )i3ut tbere ll^albc 
no abfurDitie^if tue confcffc^tbat tbe ferpent \Das appointed a^ 
gaiue to bi^ olo ano fc;mer contiition, luberetinto be toajs aU 
rcatjic naturally? fubicct. ifo;^ tbufi be teas tobefuboueOjlDbi* 
cbe bao cjralteo bimfclfe againlt tbe image of <IDoO:a0 if it tucre 
raiD,2]Sboumifcrable and filtbie bead baffp;jefumeUto rebell 
agama nian,tubom 3 baue maDe !lo;l» ano king of tbt lubole 
luo^loe : as tbougb it Ijjere tb^ parte , baing fireD ano nailed 
aj3 it tpere to tl^t eartb,to rcacbe ano ejcalt tbi? felfc tnto i^ea^ 
ucxu £Dberefo;e 9 Doe pnll tbee faacke againe tbitber , from 
tubencetbou baft aOapeD to lift bptb^felfe: tbat tbou maitt 
learne to content tb? fetfe tuitb tb\? Hate and ronoition , ano 
not to feeke an^ mo;e tbe Ibame anD rep;jocbe of man. jjieuer^ 
. '- ^tbcleCfe, be is fo rettraineo from biiE^ lafciuioufncs to bis lucon* 
teo pace anD going, tbat be is alfo perpetually cortoemncD to 

' .; '^^mrlaftin^lbame. SCoeatei»ua,i0afigncofat)ileanD filtbi« 

' l'/*^'it"r<^»fteiDbicbeinm^tuDgenientifitbe fimple fcnfe anD 

meaning^tubicbe tbe teffimonie of (iDfaie alfo confirmctb. ifo^ 

jfiUjM toben be p^omifetb tbe fall anD perfect rettonng ofapureanD 
tuell o;UercD nature, tnDcr t^c kinguome of Cb;jiff jamong o^ 
tber tbtnge£( be reckonctb bp , tbat tbe ferpent (ball bane nuft 
in deat} of b;^eaD. Mberefo;e tbere is no caufe lubt? U?e CboulD ; 
fceke fo; a netoe cbaunge in all tbofe tbinge0 , Ijubicbe ^oUs ^ 

fpeoketb of in tbiB place. j,? 

. If [Iwillairoputcnimitic.]3|irTferp;tefetbi0nmpli',tbat 

mankinDe fball baue altuaps Urifc auD Debate iDitb tbe fcr^ 
pcutcsyos is to be fecne at ti^is Da^ . ifo; it commclb to palfe 
b^ t^z fccrcte feeling of nature, tbatmeuDoalbo^retbcm* 
scTt>-ntc$ 3nti in tbat fomc baue pleafure in tbem,it is mcnflrouB, li5ut » 
trc to put fo often as tbe figbt of ferpentcs ooc b;ing a bo;rour tjnto our 
v9 in mind minoc5,tbe remembiaunce of our fall is rcnueD. ^lfo,3! make 
5*1 °"' it cue fentencc U)itb tYiat lobicbe folloluctbt tHe (liall brcakc 

^ • thy licad,and thou duk brufc his hcclc] jf o; be p:0U0ur.CCtf| 

tt^t tbere l^albe fuci;e batreD^ tbat tbe^ ^alb€ troublefcme^ 



' tifi)tr to otfjer. %\)t fcrpcnt ftalbe an r nimfc t3nto men, anD / 
men libetoifc ft all fahctf)cncff ruction of fcrpcntcfl. ^n tfjc 
mcane time toe fee, tbatdDotJtjfetf) great demcncie in tl^aHU 
0ngmen,intt)atfjegiuetf)tntotbe ferpent no furtjjcr libcr# 
tk^ tfjen to toucbc \)is fjale : Iwhcrea^ fie giuct!) bim polccr to 
luouno t\)C fcrpcnts f)cao» jFo> in tbe namei5 of tjraO anD Ijalc^ 
tfjereis a Difference be tbeene tfte bibber anD tfjc loluer . SinD 
tbusJ ©oD Icauetb a certeinc p;jtnctpalitie in man, becaufe be 
placctbamutuallDefircofburtingfo, tbat nottuitbffanDing 
tbereiflnotaneqtiaU conDttion, bnt tbeman (balbctbe fu^ 
pcriour in tbe conflictc* i^oto toe mull benDe our fpcccb from 
tbe ferpent, to tbe Hutbour bimfclfe of tbe mifcbicfe,anD tbat 
not b^ toai? of comparifon onelt! : fo;j tbrre is alfo a tjerie libe^ 
rail fenfe : becaufe <3ot did not fo poto;e fcoitb bis to?atb bp^ 
pon tbe txttmal inltrument^tbat be fpareD tbe Dine!, in tobom 
all tbe tobolc blame refreD.^f tbe tobicb^ tbat toe map ^ mo;t 
rerteinl^ alTureour felues^firtt ttisneceCarietfjattoenotr, 
tf)at dDoD (pake not fo;^ tbe ferpentes fafte, but fo;j mans fafee. 
ifostO'tobatpurpofetoasit to tbjeatcn toozDes againfttbe 
ferpent, tobicljebe tjnDcrffotienot ^ ^berefo;e a confiDcra# 
tioncfmcntoaiO!baD:botbti)attbe^migbtbe toucbeD toitb n 
greater bo:ro: of tbeir fmnefeeing botoe greatl)? tbe fame Dif* 
plcafcD Qo^ : tbat bcrcof tbe^ migbt taUe folace of tbeir mtfe^ 
rie : becaufe tfje^ felt tbat (H^dD© toas as ret fauo;ablc t?nto 
tbem» ^utnotoe, botoe toeafee anD fruitleCTe an argument 
of goD bope (I)OulDe toe baue,if mention toere maDe of tbe fer# 
pent onlr^^ll men fge:fo; tben no piouifiori toere maDe but fo^ 
tbe trandto^ie life of tbeboDpv£pen ftolD remaine neuerttrtltift 
bonDQaues tjnto ^attjan , toljafljoulDep^ouDl]? trtumpb oner 
t[?em,anD treaDe fl^eir beoDs tnDer bw fat.OTberfo;^e,<!DoD tb 
tomfo;t tbe fainte anD feeble minDes of men, to recreate tfj^ 
oppzcffcD tokbDerperafion,tbougl>t it n(^cp(!arie,tbat tbe tjic** 

tone ouer &atban, bp tobofc fubtil mciptts tbev baD peri^ 
(b2D,lbaulDebcpiomifcDt3ntotbemjtobe fulfilleD in time to 
come, sr^istoastbconelptobolfomemeDicinctobicbmtfib^^, . ^ 
j:atbcr togetfjertbofe tbat toere loft, anotobi^b J^igbt reao;e (omc'^rol 
^'tlDmenijntolifer atbertfoje affirme, tbat (2? ^ S>,tn>aicine of 
•et • tfyt nwtg of xje ferpent wy p;inf ipall^; in tfjis place iiic. 
• Itnte 


ffrife feaff)an,nnt) tfjunncr againtt !)im Ijuei luDgementrtDluV 

c\}t b^Dotl) fo: tiuocaufeg . ifirffe, tbat men ma^ Icarneto 

betuarc of &atban,a£{of a moitall enimic : ^econolv, tfjat 

tl)^^ map luarrc loitl) bint tuitf) an alTureD confiDence anio truH 

f oiicrcome. But altbougib not all Differ in minoe from &a# 

Satinn ii f jjj^i;^ip|sa a great part do cleaue tnto \)ixn ten familiarly : pet 

to IiTmcn no^iDi^i)^^"^i"5>»t ^^fv DeeDe ^atfjan w tljeir enimie : nei^ 

t^cr DOC tijep ceaffe to feare t)im,tul)om ottiertoife be pleafetft 

tuitb bis alluring baptes , auD becaufc be hnotoetb tbat men5 

mi.iDc5 are benteagamtt bint, be craftily infmuatetb bim felfc 

bp litDirect meaner : anD fo be Deceiuctb bnoer tbe perfon of 

anotber,£Dofaefi)o:te, it is a tbinge naturally ingrauenim 

. b£i, to n^unne ^atban as our entmie«3nD <S>S>^ to fl)et)o>tbat 

tbii3 batreD Iball not continue fo^ one age onelp,faitb erp^cflp, 

[^Betwccnc thcc, and the fccdc of the woman: ] tbat is to fap> 

To longaiei manktnDe laCetb anD (ball be increafeo . ^e tbere^ 
fo;eerp:e(letbtbeti}oman,bicaufe as (bebaD gtuen place to 
tbe craft anD fubtiltie of tbe Diuell,anD luas firft DeceiueD^ma* 
feing ber bufbanD partaker of b^c fall :ro (be HcoDe in neeoe of 

fpeciallCOnfolation. Q She fhalltrcadcdownc thy head,] SDbe 

jbapilles b3ue berie iDicfteDlp anD igno;jantlp erpounDeD tbis 
place, applying tbatlobicbe is fpoben bere of tbe feeoe, to 
tbe motber of Ctoifl^. Jn tbe U)o;tDes of ^ofes tbere is no am# 
biguitie o;^ Doubtfull fpeacbe : but concerning t^t fenfe , J boe 
not agree toitb otbers.jf o,i tbep take toitbout controuerGe tbe 
CeeDe fo^ Cb;ilt : as if it lucre faiDe^tbat ik^nc IboulD artfe out 
of tbe \uoman0 fdeDe , lobicbe IboulDe luounDc tbe ferpentes 
bcaD. 3 tuoulDc glaDlp app;ioue tbcir fentence tuitb mp opinio 
on,luere it not tbat 3 fee tbat tbe U)o;d (feeeoe) is to btolcnt^ 
ip iu;jel!cD of tbem . ifo; U^bo U)iUgraunt,tbat a i^otJonecoU 
haiuc is bnDcrltaiDe of one man onelp ^ 0lfo j as ttfc pcrpetuii 
ttie of tbe cnimitit is noteD: fo bp tbe continuall oaDer anD fuc# 
tti![c of ages, bt(to;te is p;^omtfeD to mans feeDe ano polf critic* 
S^bcrfoze 31 do generally interpzete(&ocDc)of pofteritics.lBut 
feeing ctijcrience teacbetb,tbat it cannot be, bp anp mcanes, 
tbat all t\}t fonnes of ^oam (IjoulDc be bicto;js o;^ conqucrcrfi? 
of ttit DiatU, U)e mutte narocs come tnto one beaDc, tbat tue 

ma^ QnDe to \^^Qn\^ tbe buto;ie perteinctbt ^0 l^aule leaDet^ 


V PON GENESIS. CA?. tit; .^^ 

t5 from t\)t fccDc of ab:al)am tnto €fj:iff: htcaixk tiicrc tocrc ^' 
nianv degenerate oz baflarDe fonnen, tteourrb ^nbclecfc: 
ti'i)en:V)ppon it folloU^ctb, tijat ttjc tntticof tl)c bmjic flclDctfj 
from tbCbeaDc . Mfrcrefo^etbcrcnfcll^Ubctnwi^inDgc^ 
ment, tbac mankmoe, lubicb Rattan iDcitt about tooppicCTci 
fl)all at tbe lall batic tbc tjuto:te ann pjeemincnre . 3«tbeJjJ^'^'j*'^^^ 
meane time te mull note tbe manner of oucrcomming^as tbe ^^^, ^5 ".'. 
Scripture Dcfcribetb tbc fame ♦ &atban Iratft bctoe men cap^ than. 
tine in all ages at bi)5oluneluill: and be bol^etb tbat lament 
table triumph to tbis Dar:tberfo;e be is alfo talleD 2Dbe prince ^ohn.n^ ' 
of tbe U)o >lD. li5ut becaufe a ftronger tben be ll^oulti come from ^ ^* 
beanen to fubouc bim,bereof itis come to palTe^tbat tbe tuboic 
Cburcbof (I3od trinmpbetb migbtil^ ouerbimin libeman* . 
«cr tnDer tbetr beane , Ko tbe Uibicbe effecte bclongetb tbuj ^ 

tfi'^in^ of |i3aule,Thc Lorde Ihall ihortly trcldc downc Satlian Rq^ is.idl 

vnder your fcete . w^ tubtcb lPo;jbeje{ be giuetb to tjni&erllatttii 
tbatall tbz faitbfull baue potoer giiien tnto tbem to treat^e 
totune ^atban tjnber tbeir feete, ano to fubouebim, and tbal 
fo tbe bleffing fl^all belong to tbe inbale Cburcb: but luitbal be ^ 

ftmnomftjctbitbat tbe (aitit is onelp begonnc tn tbts luo^lDe: . , 

because: tbcf Jlozbe rrolunetb none but tbofe tbat arc tricD to 
runneanD toliu;cftleluelL 

16 [TotlicvvomanhcfaideO SHotbecnD tbc maielfic 
of tbe JuDgemigbt tbemo;:e appeare,©0D trfetb not my> long 
Utfputation: tuberebi? alfo tu^ peri^eiue botac Uttlebe regari* 
fietb our baiting atin ouertbtuart rpcufeif « 5Lbe ferpent baing 
arraigneo ano accufeci^euab tbougbt Ijer fetfe quit antj fr«*: 
hut<BS>S> notbing regarding ber fl^ifte^, p^onouRcetb fen^ 
tence of conDonnation againfi ber . 2Eberefio>etbefinncr 
realTetb to plcatie bis caufe loben be cometb befo^^e tbe Xr ibu^~ 
nalUitatcof (II3iaD2D: leaft^reDoe mo:c grmionfl^ p;ouo!ie 
l)t6teatbagatnftbtm,iDbome^e bstb alre^oict©mucbof«» 
femicB, ^otneletb5r0EtbekinDcofpum%mcnt \»bicbehc 
laretbtppontbelooman.Mbenfteraitb , rl will multipli<- 
thyforrowcs,] jbe camp:rbentietb all tfeofe paines lubicbe 
tdbmen fuSev from tbat time, in tbe Uibicb tbep bane concci* 
tret , as the loatbiug of meate^faintncOf , tbummges , tuf ari# 
nettc,! an>mttiimi:caU€fo;t^.«ip^,iwrtW ti;c tr^wWing unf,^ 


fobicl^c b;{ttget[) isyiti^ it (Ijarpe anti moffe hitttv pained atrti 

to;mcnt0. jFo;^ it is crctJiblctbat U)oman (ftoulD fjaue b^onjjljt 

fo^tl) toitljout fo;rroU)c , o^ at Icaft U)itt)out fuffcrinct fo great 

patne> tf d^e t)ao aonc ut tier firde tonDttton*^ut \)tt tallttom 

d^oD, maoe bcr fubtect to fucb tncommoDtttes » 

Sorrow sc ^Dfte feconDe pnmft enient tubic be be la^etb ^pon brr is fub# 

fubicfiioa iection. iFo;tlji3fpeacbe,[ThyJuft ikill belong to thy huf- 

arc the wo band,] 15 05 nuicb iH effecte, a0 if be IboulDeDenictbatrb^ 

pun? pa. ij)ouloebefree,o:bcrotune,butriibifcttotberulcof ber buf^ 

^^Sf.'pc^t banoe, to Depenue Dpport bw tuill anD pleafure : as if be 

Gene. 4.7 ^^^^^^ f^V' ^^°" ^^^^ ^^^^^ noticing but tobat tbr bulbano 
Hcuih is luill , as it is faiDe in tbt fourtb Chapter follouung* Vnto 

bound ro thee his dcCnc (hall be fubicdc , and thou flialt hauc the rule 

hcrhui- ouerhim» ctuetifotbelJuomantDbicbcbaDperuerflr ercceoeD 

^*°^^ b^r bounoes , is rcffraineo ano b.nDcleu ♦ ^{ja luas before, 

fubiectetober bufbanoe: but tijat fubicction luasfre^, ano 

alfo nothing fo baroe; lub^reas noluelb^ts cad tiUobon# 

liage ano (erttituDe. 

17 [AlfotoAdamherayde.ljfirfttoemuftnotejtbatnot 
ti^mll^ onel^ourfiraparentes arepuniOjeo, tbattbetu^atb ofdDoa 
migbt reft onl^ bpon tl»o,but tbe fame is generally ertenueo 
tnto all poaerities:to tbe eno loe ma^ fenolue,tbat mankinoe 
IS accurffeo in tbeir pcrfon : alfo tbat tlje^ are fubied oneli? to 
temporal puni(bments,t()at tbei? map c onceiuc bopc of parDoti 
tpon tbe moderation of CDoos to^atb, CDoD Ibeluing tbe caufe, 
iubP beDotb tbuspuni(btbeman,tabctb from bim all occali^ 
on of murmuring. jFo;^ be loanteD all ercufe,tDbicb bao ratbcr 
obe^ bis U)ife tbcn <Doo : pea, lubicl) baO contemiicD <15oD to% 
^is tuiucs fafee,giuing fo greate creoite to tbcttcti^ts of &a^ 
tban,of tlje lobicb Ibe toas tbe melTinger i inth-umcnt,tbat b^ 
toasnotafearDtrattcrouaptoDeniebismaitter. ano tbougb 
be oealctb pzecifelp anu b;^eefelp tuitb aoam, pet notlnitbftan^ 
Ding be tberefo;e ouertb;olMetb tbe epcufe,tDbercbp b^ bad af* 
(aieD to efcape,tbat be migbt tbe moje eafilp Icao bim to re pen 
taunre . after tbat be batb fpohen bjccfelp of tbe tin of aoam, 
bepzonouncctbtbattbeeartblballbe accurtTeo fo; btsfake. 
0o\ji) as tbe blcffing of tbe eartb is calleD in tbe fcriptures,fer^ 
tiUtte 0; fraitefuln^flb ; \»W^ ti^e ^fi^ be bi^ Tccretc potDec 
, a infpireffo 

vp ON genesis: ca?. tit: iiJ-T^ 

Mpircf !), fo tlje curlTc iflP notfting elfc bat tfje contrnrfe p;iua# 
tion o; lacUc, iobcre (DoD U)ittiD;aluctb bis grace anu fauour; 
flnD it oiicbt not to fame abfuroe^tbat tbe punitbment (0 la^^ 
«D tipon tbe eartb,tbougb it be faultleire,fo; tbe Onnc of man. 
iFo;a5tbe firftemouer , carrictb all tbe celcCiall fpbcares 
roimDc \witb it : cuen fo tbe ruinc ano fall of man,ouertb;etoc The firft ^ 
nil creatures, lubicblDcremaoefo^bim, ann luljicb tuere fub»> "loucrter 
te(t \3ntQ btm.ano U)e fa oail^, in refpctt of mcn,tbat tbe con^ aqI^ o "^ 
Hition of tbe U)o;^lt)c cbaungctb accozDing as CDoD is angrie mcrTrrU 
totbtbcm, o^fljeUietbbisfauourtoluarDes tbcm. £po;couer, mumMo- 
to fpeabe p;opcrlv,tbe iDbole tjcngeance is not lapDc tjpon tbe i^i'^ is a cit 
eartb, but tipon man alone . if 0: tbe eartb ooctb not beare ^{"^ ^^"""^^ 
fruitc to it fclfcbut bnto bs, tbat it nrai? i^celDe fo5c atiD fuHe^' solcara. 
naamc to our boluelles. HBut tbe ilo;D luoulo bauc l^is tD;atb 
liheaflcu'jc to ouerflotue all tbe partes of tbe iao;lDe,tbat 
tubtci) U)a\> fccucr man (l^oulDe Im^t^ tbe barnoufnefiDe of finne 
niigbt fcttc it felfe before bis e^es ♦ il5efo;e tbe fall, tbe Itate of 
tbeluo^lDe Ujas a pleafant ano Delectable figbt'anDfpectacle 
oftbefauourofCDoD, anD of bis fatbertieloue totoarcsman^ 
kum. jpt)U?e in all tbe elementes toe bcboltie our fclues to be 
accurtTeD ♦ antJ alt{)0U5b,as tbe ][i?;opbete ©auio favtb, tbe 
eartb is replcniUjeD li;iib tbe mercie of C-oo: pet nottaitbltan;! Piai.^i.^ 
Dingtberct^aitbai coeappearemanifcftfignesofbisalicnati^ ?rr 
on from bs, u>bercluid) bnkffe loc be moueo, U^eDocbc^ 
lu^ip our blinDerieffeano fenfeleflfe bntjcrftantjing. £)nelp,tbe. 
Ho^D bati) DifperfcD certeine marhes f tohensof bis gajDnefTc 
|?ere ano tbere,!eaft anp fo^roloe anci bo^ro; (I)oulD nJDaltoU)c 
ts ^ip.JBut altbougb tbe pure ano liueli? bleffing of cH^od, is no 
tubere to be fan,as it toas luben manluas cntier anO perfect: ; • 
Tet notipitbltanciin0,if t{}at lubicb remainetb beconfiDcreoiti 
U felfe, SDauio Dotb iu(ll\? ano trnelp crp out,tbat tbe eartb is 
full of tbe mercie of CDoD ♦ aifo, £pofes in fairing tbat ilonm eartb, meanetb tbereb^itbat befballeatctbc 
fruitesoftbeeartb^lubicb come fcD>tboftbefame. 2Sbel^e^ 
b;ue iDO^D, fo^ p tDbicbtuebaue bercSorrowc^u; alfo bfeo fe 
patne ant) iBcarineUie; Jntbis place is a comparifon betlueenc 
paincfiril labour auD pleafant ;k)berein;aDam DID fo ercrcife 
bimfclfe at tbe firttej t^ntl^t m afterafo^te plar* ifo^be 

.7 tDOS 

: /t»w 

fo3rn0fcmat»ftiitu0 iDlelr^biit toooefomeU)!jat ♦ CDfi'mfo^^ 

tbc %Qii)z maDB t)im owcrfecr of tftc efc^rDeix to o;cCrc it ♦ HBut 

tD^trcci^ in tbat labour tje bao aftoate ano plcafant ocligW, 

iToto reruilc labour is appointcD t}iito l)un.;^no ^ct notluitij* 

ftanDtng; tbc fljarncnrlTe of tbis pnninjmcnt is mitigatcD 

Toy an(i tijo^ouixb t\}c cltintncit of €5ctJ,becauCc feme lo^ is mircD tcit^ 

labour is ' tftR labfliircs of mcit, to tbc cnoe tbe^ niigbt not be altogctber 

mixjjco- tjntban&cfalI,as3(U)iU Declare in tbebcrfc foUoUjinrj* 

gcihcr. j3 q Thornes alfo and thillles fhall it bring foorth.] i^C 

t)otb mo;jc largely? p^ofcquute tbat Usbicbc be babtoucbco, 
concerning tbe reaping an^ gatbering tbe frmtcij of tbc 
eartb toitb paine anD labour ♦ ^nry be (betoetb tbe caufcbcii 
caufe it Iftall not be tbe fame eartb tubicbe it \msi at tbe Krlt 
to b:ing fo;tb pure anu 0ncerefruite0.i?o: be p;^onouftcetb,3it 
fballcometo paffctbattbefruitefuUnelTe of tbe eartb ftall 
tnrne to tbo:nes,anti to otber imperjimentesf . Wll^at corrupt 
fbinge0 foeuer tbcrefo;^e bo grotDe,let bs fenolue tbat tbe^ are 
not tt^c naturaltfruitesf of tbe eartb,but corruptions Irb'cbe 
Ijaue tbeiro;>iginaIl offinncipeitberiBtbereanpcaufclDbH 
iBc Iboulo murmur againtl tbe eartb, if tbe fame ooe not fatif* 
fie our DeGres,anD tbe labour of tbofc tbat tilletb it,as tbougft 
tbe fame DiotuicfecDl^oeceiue bs tbutratber let tjs confibcr 
The earth ux tbc barrcuucs thereof tbe to^atb of clDoD,anD let bs bcUiaile 
is barrcQ o£,r Qntxts . XW IS alfo falfc tDbicb fome fat» , tbat t\)t eartb 
aancT ^" ^^^ continuance Of time,ootb tuitber alwai?,as tbougb tbe 
°'^"' bailp tieelotng of fruite mabc tbe fame tnearie ano bnluftie^ 
Wut tbe^ iubge mojc rigbtlp i tubif b fap » tbat as tf)c U)icUcD# 
neOe of men increfetb^fo tl)c blelTing of (i^oo lubicb remainctb 
is DiininiQizr} b^ little anb little . ^no beril^ it is to be fcarcb, 
tbat epcept the lDo:lb Doe repenf^tbat tbe greateff part of men 
(ball perilbc Iwitb bunger anb tuitb otbcr great miferi^s, anD 

tbat (boztlp. [Thou (halt cate the hcarbc of the fceldcOSLbiS 

in m^ iuDgcmcnt is tto tttictl^ crpounDcD of fome , tiU)icbe 
tijinhe tbat i^Dam toas Dcp^iueb of all tbofc fruites, tubcrcof 
IjcbaDlibertie to rate before, £Dnclv tbe meaning of <IDod is, 
tbat be (ball loant fo mud) of bis Delicate plcntie,tbat be n)alt 
be conftrcineD to topnc tbcrtuif b fo: ^1 belpe, t|)e bearbcs tnbi* 
c^t areo;oeirteo fo; b;ute beatte^, Jf o; tbe fuifenaiUKe of man 



V PON genesis; cap. itt; 

to})itl)t loaff amiDDcIl tfjat ertaomcc plcntic at tbc firff , tuatf 
mudj mo2C Delicate tl)rn afterUiarties it teas ♦ Coo tJ)crcfo;c 
rj:p:e(rctb parte of t!)e lacbe,t)nDer tbc name of Ijcarbcs : eueti 
asiftl)eiamn:(!joulDcfenDe oitcofbi^ij^obles frcmtl)c tabic 
ofp.:efcnce,tofittcattl)e common bcD:Dc \xiitl)t\)c infcnour 
fo:tc : o; as if a fatber,being offcnDcO \xiit\) l)is fonnr, Q)cnlDc 
fittje bim Iwitlj tbe bica^e of feruauntes : not tljat be fo:biD# 
Dctlibnnallotbcrmcates , butbccaufe beciminilTjcDmufli 
of bis luajntcD Iiberalitie»i;^otluitbffanDing, tbisma^bcta* 
ken to be aoncD in Uecoe of a confolation tas if it \)Cih bene 
farDe,0ltbon5btbc eartbbe replenill^eo tuitb tbo:nc£5 anD 
tI)il!les,\JDbif be ougbt to be onel^ tb^ mother of g©o fruits^rct 
nottuitbff anoing it Dotb tberluitball ^aloe t\}(c tbe futtenancc 
tubif b nolue tbou eated. 

19 [In tlic fvvcate oFtliy face J £Dtbers tranOate iU Labo:, 
but not U)itbout mucb lu.jetting tbe luojoes . ^no br flueatc 
ts tnuerffcDU barn Iabo:,fuIl of luearines,lubicb tb:ougb V ^^^^ 
ficuitit tbereof caufetb flueate.iro.: it is a repetition of tbe fo:^ 
mer fentence, Iwbere it Iwas fato , Thou ilialt cate it with Uj 
bour.Certeincigno^^ant men, tjnoer tbe colour of tbisp!acr, 
tuill tit all men to banote labour ♦ jfo^ <iI5 £D S> commaun^ 
t)ctb not bere, asamaiffer^o; lalucmaher, but be pzonoun- ^rcZui- 
cctb punifl^ement as a gn^sc; , 0nD, if a rule lucre bere p:e!^ cd to UqI 
fcribeo, tben all mutte of neceOTitie be bufban^mcn , anD itonc <\y hbouc 
may* ptacttfe otber fciences : lue mufte tben ftcfec fo^our 
npparefl out of tbe luo^to, anD fo; otber neceffarie tbinttes ap^* 
perfeining totbis life, ^batmcanetb tbe llo.zDed^oD tben:? 
5Fo:f©tb 5 <15oD p^ononncetb as it tuere from bis iuDgement 
feate, tbat mans life from tbat time fa>;jtb (ball be fulUffo:** 
rolDe anD paine : becaufe ^Dam (befeeD bimfelfe to be bntuo;^ 
Ibie of tbat quiet, b^i^pptc^ano io^fullHate, iPbcrctntobe luaii 
rnatje, 3fan^ man obiect, tbat tbcre are mant^floutbfullauD 
iDIe perfons: tfje fame lettetb not but tbat tbis curfc fp:raDrtti 
itfelfcowcraUmanhintie. BTfartbatnoman^^ lloutbfnll in ^^''' 
fo great iDlfiKffe.lDb^rf? is not conff raineD to fttle tbat this br^ 
tongetb tinto fill men . ^ome Uninnt labour a«iD paine : ani> i 

Mianit fdki^'aU fijnt tUt^ tdn faUe frae ibut tbe il ojdc p^cfTctD .< 

aUui^i>arwwi^ttitl)t6c;r^Ue'df fet^iiitwDe, lu^icljcbc lavctb 
••• ^. tjpoii 

» tpott ftem . HBut tue mutt alfo note > tljat laUour k not laiDc 
tpon cucr^ mm alihc>but Coinc arc appointco to labour mo:e, 
ano fomc leffe . £D!)ercfo>c , labour is faiocto bcloncjtotbc 
lubolc boDic , atiD not to be proper to anv one member^ Unt ft 
farrc fcDjtb ajs it plcafctlj t!je 3Lo:De, out of tljc f onnnon anD 
jjcncrall bcape of mifertes, to appoint to cucneuianafer;^ 
teine mcafure. Bin tt^emeanc time lac mulle note, tbattfjep 
tuhicbe DOC quietly fubmittc tljcm fekies tnto fo;rolL'e£f, Doe 
Vceltjc tbeir acceptable obedience tnto dD £) S> : if fobe tbe 
bnotDlcDgcoftbcirrinnc£;bc iopneo\uitl) tl)e fuffcraunce of 
tbc croffctuhicb IcaDctb tbem to bumilitie: but it is faitb onl^ 
tnbicbcofferetl)fnc!>anKrififeVinto cUkiD . )i5uttl}cfaitfjfull> 
t\)t moic tbcp labour in UzkiriQ fullcnance, U)itl) tbe greater 
p:ofite t\)t\! are pzouoJ^co to rcpcntauncc > ano Doe accuffomc 
tbcm fclues to tbe mortification of tbeir flcH^ ^otubcit, CDoD 
to \}i$ cbrltiicn oftentimes remittetb parte of tbis curfe, Icatte 
thc\! (I)oulDe fainte tjn^jcr tbeir buroen ♦ SCo tbe Uibicbe ef^ 

fecte pcrteinetb tbiS fcntencc , ri>cy hfc early , andgoc iatc j^ bcddc: rhcy eate the bread of carcfalncflelBut the Lord iLal 

gmc fleepc vnto his bcloued: jfoi tbe goDlv fccledl^ ^ 2D ni02C 

beneficial \jntQ tbcm,ajti) Do enioi? tbe duectnelTe of bis fat'oer** 

l^ clemenci?, in tl)attbei> are rctto^eDanobuitoeD againe 

bf tbe Grace ofCb.:ilJe : lubicbe Ujas oefileD in 0.0am ♦. I13ut, 

bicaufe in t})t beft alfo , tbe fleCbe muE be rubDuco,it c cmmetbr 

Qftenttmcs to palTctbat tbe (joDlv are luo?ne anti fpente \3)it^ 

great labouns* ano tberiuitbiiU fuffer bunger alfo , SDberefoae 

there ie^notbmg better, tbcnVuben toe being aomonifijeD of 

tJje pjefent fo;rotoe£5 auD paines, to beiuaile our Cumes : auD 

to fecUe fo,^ cafe at tbe grace of Cbnde, tobtcbe toill not oncli^ 

mitigate tbe fbarpenelFe of fo;rotoe> but alfo feafon tbe fame 

iuitb a f iuette temperatun? . But itpofeie Doetb notrecijonbp 

al inconuenicnces anD ana\>ancc£f tobcrtoitt> man batb i«tan;* 

jS^lcD biHtfrlfe tb^oug() finne. jfo^ it is apparent^ tbat all tbe 

Wctkr painc0 of tbis pzefcnt life pzoca^eo out of one fountctnc, tobt* 

tnicmpc- ci)cei:pcricnceteacbcrb to be innumerable. 2ubc intcmpera<« 

fuch hkc ^"^^ of tbeairc, r^^ tbtrntjccfi, tnfcajfonable raiaes, Dzoutije, 

a^e the fru^^'^J^^^j^^^^ ^^ J^^ focucT is ei:trao;!Diiwriein tbc too;lD,are tbC 

jcs oi'iio* fruitcfi of ftm?, jjiciti^c^is t^x anE.oti|cr firftj cau(c of .ctf* 

,^4 ' tafzsi 

V P O M G E N E ^ 1 ^ : CAP. I 1 1 : - •- 

eafe« : tfjc lobicbc i& c on0rmeu tutn h^ ^otticaW fMce : no ' 
toubtjbrcanfctbtfamcramcfrcmtljc ifatbcrs b^ tradition 
as it Ujerc» li5at^ofc0,U)!)Ofou3bt to be b^ccfe accojmngto 
^i$ manncr^tuas contcntr D to tcucl) tt^at Uibub Uias moft^ip* 
parent, a0tbc common people U^crc able to fomp:ebcnoeit: 
that U)emaT?lcarncb^ one example, tbat tbe U)l)ole o;i3cr of 
nature tuas turneD bpfioc ooluue tl):cugt) mans Default . 3f 
an^ man obtecte ac^atne, tbat tbere is no miferte almolt laioe 
tjpon men, tuljicbe ooctb not alfo belong tnto iuomen : 3 vau 
fluere,tbat tbe fame is fo appointeD,to tbe eno te map learnc 
tliat tbe curfe oio floUj from tbc Unm of ^Dam inDiffcrcntlp to 
totb feres o^ KinDesteuen as l^aule teftifiet!) tbat all arc ticao Rom-^TJ-' 
inaoam. SEbereremainetbretone quelliontobcanfUjerco, q^^^^. 
feccinijdi^iS)© attbefirffefifiuingl>opccfpartion,(^cU)eDbun^^' ^°'*' 
felfe fauourable to^oam and to tjis U)ifc , luljr be beginncrb 
a frelbe to punifljc tbcm i Jn tbat fentence , The fecdc of r lie 

v^^oman ihall llrikc the fcrpcntes head : \oaS COntcmcD rcmif^ 

fionof finnes,anD tbe grace of eternall faluation.0nDiti0 te^ 
rieabfurDjtbatcS^D baling once reconctletJ,ftoulD afterluaros 
tn DeeD p;i)fequute \)is anger. Xo anftuere t^is quf ttion tberc 
u tnuentec a DtHtnctton of Double remiiTton, tbat ts to far^ of 
faulte, anD of punifl^ement : toberetjnto afterluarDe tuas alfo 
aDDeDtbe imagination of fatiffactionj3 . SDbei? imagineD tbat Anfwcrc; 
<5oDDiDfoabfolue men from tbe faultc, tbat be reteincD tbc 
punilbcmentftill, intenDingacco;jDingto tbcrtgo; of bijs iu^ AbfoiutU 
fhfcto erequute tbefameattbeleatte toife^a tempo;jall pu^ onapoc- 
oiO^emcnt . llBut tbep tubicbe baue tbougbt,tbat P"niftc^"^*^^^",J' 
mtntcs are fatiffaction0,are p;:epolfcroujB( 3interp.:ctcrs of ^a^fftcs* 
tbc iaDgemcntes of (13 £)iSD ♦ ifo^(I3£)H> Dotb not lucigb aiftm. 
tDbat t\)t faitbfull baue DcferucD in cbaGtfing tbcm ,but guiflic. 
lubat is p:ofitable fo2 tbem againft time to come : anD be ra^ 
tber erccutctb tbe office of a pbvfinan tben of a ^uDgeXber^ 
Uixt it IS a full anD perfect , anD not a balfe abfolution Uibicbc 
be bellotoetb on bis cbilD;xen. 3in tbat be rcceiuetb into fa^ 
ttourtbofelubomeneuertbeleCTe be puniflSetb, fucb cbaixifc^ chaftire* 
mrnt feructb fo: meDicineagainll time to come,anD ougbt not "]«"' *■ 
pjopcrlr to be counteD tbe punilbemcnt of fmnes committcD. a,^,^^^' 
af toerisbtlEConfiDcrljoloegreatetbe fluggifljnctleof mans 

^.i), Difpoation 



DtfpoSfiott is J hoh) great fjis larairiournclTe^ljotii great ftiig re^ 

bellton, boVu mucb bts ligbtitcs, t fcoU) cafic i)i;B fo:gctfuInc5y 

lucluill not loonier vittbcfcueritic of OoD mfiibDutng fjtni. 

3f bcDocaomoniUctjs tuiti) lDo:ties > bcisnotfjearo: tfftc 

atiDc Uripes , luc car: but a little fojtljcm. ^noluijcn itfo;^ 

tuncti) that fjc iB bcarD, tlje flcfljc ncncrtlKlclFe rcbcllctti. 

^f^h^u ilafctuiourncirc o.z tntamcD luantortnclTe , is noticing fo euill, 

^o^fe the" *'^^!^^"i^ batjcncffc of bcart:lt)bic&c^ mtgbt anD fouc 

vnbrideicd fcttctf) it fclfc againUOoD. Jfan^manbcmD«cDU)it!) tftat 

luft. nutUc am gentle fpirite, tljat Ije rcfufctfj not to rocloe obeot' 

cntc i)nto (^oo : vet norlpit|)l!anotng,after one finne commiti* 

tcD,5}e being Gi3 from tijc &ant) of 0i3D,bp anD bp falictb to tbe 

fame,erccpt[)cbekeptbackelJuitbtiolentbano . iLClt)ercfo;^e 

lue mnll tjerc obferue a gencrall rule, tf^t all manner of mi^ 

Miftrics fcries,\D!icret)nto tl)t life of men its fubiect antj irtDaungereD, 

Uidc vs to ^^^ iicccffane ercrcife5,U)f)crebp <3on octb partly leaDe D5 to 

[o^hurai"- *^ repcntance,anD partclp bnngctb t)0 to bumilitie, ano parteli> 

iitie?"and Jn.ii^etl) ts afterUiato mo:c i^i^ilant^to beloare of ttit allure^ 

teachcvs tngintifemcntes of firtne. [V^ntili thou rcturne to dull.] l^e 

to aaoyJe afftruictb tl)cit ti^t euD of a miferable life (I).ill be Dcatl^ : as if 

finae. ^^ fljoulD fai% tl)at ^^auT iI)3ulD coiue at tbe lad tbzoug!) fun^* 

, . Due anD continuall miferres,to the enu of all cuilaXbus tl^at 

^"end 'of ^&if b^ ^^ ^'^^^^ ^^^"=5-^ ^'^^ fulfilled , tbat tlje Deatf) of aoani 

niircnes. began bp anD b^ after tbe Dap of (jis tranfgrclTion. JFo; tbe ac* 

curfeD life ofmancoulD be nothing clfe buttle begmning Qt 

Lircaccur Dcatl). Ii5ut iui)ere is ttje t3icto;ic againlltbeferpent, ifcr*' 

led the be- f reanic Death taus him i Jro: the UiozDes impo;:te , that man 

^1 d"'"h "^''^^ ^^ opp:efreD of Death. 2Chercfo:c the pzomife tuhich tuas • 

*^ "^ * 0iiienalulebefo:cbani(bethaU)ap,fiting ^Dam bpDeath is 

Dep;iucD of all thmges. illfo, there loas tcrie finall hope of 

recoiieringfaluationgiuen. j?o;^31 Doubt not but that thefc 

thuu^eringluoiDs,greatl^ afflicteD tt^c DciecteD niinDes tuith 

fojrotue anD hcauincrrc.)i3ut feeing tljcyf tuere aHonifteD tutth 

fouDen DeUruction, $ luerc not trub ftrifhen tuith the bnotu* 

IcDge oftl^ir fiane :it is no marueli if CDoD Doe dance mo:e 

"bpoutherecUoningtjpafpunifljmcntes, that he might as it 

lucre U)ith reDoubieD (tripes beate them Dolune.5llthough the 

(Oitfolation be obfcurc anD luea^c of it felfe : ^ct notluith^nf 


V PONT GENESIS. CAP. nf. ..•- 

Witg (Dot) mate tf}c fame fufficient to ffai? (fjeir bope, Icaft tfte / 
iDcigljt of tbdr mifcricfi fljoulD ttterlj? oucrUj&elmc tbcm. gri 
tt)e meanc time it tos rueete tftat tbcp (ftoulo be beloc Doujne, 
toitlj tbc manifolnc bcape of inirerie£^,tintil ©oo Ijatfj Vjpicugljt 
in tijtin true t fcriouB repcntaunfe.£po^couer,altf)ou0:b ccatl) 
bcplateD l&crc as tbe lad line, tbat ougfttto bcrcfcrrcDbn^Dp^^j, ^ 
to man: bccanfc notfjino; ftalbc founo in iTioam but ocatb : but the uft 
bp ti)iB mtancB be is p^ouokcD to ficUc fo; rcmcDic in €[)nG. i^^c. 
[For thou art dull.] ^iein^ tfjat tubicb C^D p^opouDctb bere, 
belongetb to nature, i not to \)itc o; faidi : Deatb fccmetb not 
to be accioentall tjnto man. 2Cberefo;e tbat tobicbc loafi faioc 
tefo:e,Thou ihalt die, is taken of fome fpirituaU\i,tubo tbmk 
tbat altboujjb ^tjam baD not finncD,bi0 booie nottuttbftaoing 
fljoulo baue beene feparateu from tbe foule. 15ut feeing paulc 
fpcabctb cuir)cntl^ , fat?in g tbat all Die in iloam , euen as in 
Cbntte tbc^ Hall rife againe : tbis tuounu alfo tuas giucn btj 
finne. 2Cbi5 quettion is caUl^ anfiuereD, Mbr C^oD p^onoun^ 
tetb tbatbeftallrcturnetoDutt, tobicbe tuas taUcn out of 
Hull . if o: fo fone as be tuas aDuaunceD to fo grcate Dignitic, 
tbat tbe glo;ie of tbe image of C5oD fl)ineD in bijn,tbe o<jiginall 
oftbetcrreftriallboDieUjas almotteburieo.j^otD, after tbat 
be toas ocpnueD of tbe Dtutne and celeftiall ercellenrie, tubat 
remainetb,buttbatbeacbnotuleDgebtm felfetobeeartb, b? 
tbe tjerie en!) of life i l^ereof it commetb tbat tue feare oeatb: ^^= ^"''^ 
becaufe a mfTolution cannot naturally be rje(lreo,fo;r tbat it is '^"^'' ^^■ 
m tnimit to nature. SDbe firff man>if be bao ftooe in bis per^ "*^"^^* 
fcctioujUiouU) baue palTcD into a better life. yi5ut tben tbcrc 
t)aD beene no Departure of tbe foule from tbeboDie, no ro;rup;» 
tion,no maner of oeftruction^ano to be fbo>te, tbere bao bcvnc 
no Violent mutation • 

20 [And the man called his wiucs namcHcualh] Kt)C(c 

iDo^^es ma^ be reane ttuo luaTes.if ira,tn tbe timt moie tbcit 
perfectly pad, as, Adam had called. 2Dbis if Iwe app;oue , tt)z 
meaning of ic^ofe s ftalbe , ttjat 0Dam teas terie farre fierci* 
pectubicbe piomifeD to bimfelfc anD tobispoHeritte^lifc to 
pzocecDe from bis tDife,lDbom bcfeltaftemard to be tbe b;iu^ 
cer of Deatb.^no it is tbetjfual manner of ^ofes,as lue banc 
ft6W5alceaDte,not beeping tbe o:Dcr of tbe bifto;uj,to ar>D tbofc 
uJiTii l^.iijf, tbinjjctf 


f Mrttten to!)iclj oug^f to be firlf in o^t)cr. 3^ (!)0« reab if m tU 
ttmcpaft ^tfjoumapett ta^eit either in gou parte, o: in enilC 
part, if 01 there are fome U)!)ict) tbinUe tbat aoam t>chiiTfem^ 
fo:tcDUut|) the bopeofa better ttate, becaufctbc !lo:tje l;ali' 
p:omire:i, that tbc ferpentes heaD Cboulo be iDDim^jeD bp the 
nwua!,ri2 f»3e5c of the U)oman,faUe5 her 3n*)e mother of Ihx. 2D9u0,the 
cifierh the fo:titurje of hief minoe tuac lauoable^and heroicall: feing that 
morhcT of he cotiloe not Ijuithont a haro and fo;e ccnflict^^account her the 
ikciiuiog. nntherofthe Iiuing, tuho before ani?mantoa£;bo:ne, hau 
DzotuneD all men in euerlading oettructicn . 'But bccatife 3( 
fcare lead thuf be a tueabe coniecture : let the readers tueighe 
and f onfider, tJDbether the purpofe of spofes liias not to toucft 
the ralftnes of adam,tuho being ouertuhelmeD tn Death,gauc 
notUiithltanding fuc he a p:oude name bnto his li^ife. and ^et 
nottoithftanding 3 doe not doubt , but that he gathered rou^ 
rage and boldene(re->fo fmne as he ht'^rd the topee of €5od con^ 
cerning the p;o;oging of life : and fo being refrelhed gaiie bid 
iDife her name of life. )l5ut it follolDeth not, that hi0 faith be^* 
tng leucllcd bi? the \vom of ©od, he triumphed ouer death as 
it became him.Xi}us therefore 3 doe interpret it : &o foneas 
!)e had efcapcdpzefent death? and being comfo:tcd tuith fome 
f olace,he cekb^ated the benefite of (13 ilD S) in the name of hi^ 
tDife,lD()ich had happened bnto him contrarie to all hope . 

21 [ The Lord God did make coates.] S^ofeS after a rude 

and grodc manner declaretf) here, that the ilozde t©be fuche 
pairtcs f o; adam and his U)ife,that he made them garmcntcs 
offkinnes. Jfoilt)emu(lnotfotafeehistDo:des, asthonghe 
Ood tnere a 2DaU)er of fbinnes, o: a 2Cat!er«i!ieither is ittto^ 
Diblc that flnunes toere offered bnto them bp ct^mnct: but fee^ 
ing bcaltes luere appomted at the filrtl fo: their bfe : and theg 
noUi being b;gcd Iwith ne lu nccefllfie, hilled rome,Ujith tuhofc 
fhinnes thcv couered them felues: and the^ t©be this deufce 
from thecounftllof theLo^dc. ifojthcU^hiehetaufe, ^ofefl 
talleth<?od thcauthourthrreof . Buttohrtuerrthercladd^ 
iDitb ftarmcntcs of ffeinnes i SDhis fficmcth to me to be the 
reafont beratife their garmentcs beeing made of that mat^ 
tcr, thep rather fatiourcd of that tubiehe tuas beattlie, thi?if 
itfiinnen^^o^of Ujoll !til&;£^iBC>^^ therefore toould ymtouvp^ 

v?otT GEN^siy, CAP. rTr; 

hnitis io uW^t tbciv (iltf^intffz in t()U« maner of <jabifc,no ^ 
lelTc t\}m tl)c^ HID nttf)t firtt in tDcir nobcDneCTe , ano To to re# 
member Onnc . ilicuertfjclcdc toe muft not tjcnte,but tbat be 
ftatb fet befo;jc 1)0 an crampIclDfjercbD ^e migbt acquaint tc ^J'fj^^"" 
iDitb fparing ano fobcr apparell ano 31 toouloc to CDoD tbat bcfobc^ 
fine ano nice perfons luoulD Icnhc l3pon tl)iB^ b)bo ncuer tbinhc and tcmpc 
tljcmfelucfi truiime cnoitgb in appareU,crcepttt)ct?ercaDcinratc. 
p;iDe. /^otttjat all manner of fumpti;OU0 appardl is Ijctt 
conocmneDjbutbecauretubcn immourratefincncOc ano coft 
tscurioufl^ro«gbt,notoncl^©o5 is oefpifcD, luboluonlDc 
Jjaueonr apparella token of a)amcfafinc(re; but alfo after a 
fo;te,lDe U)arreao;ainll nature^ 

22 [[Bcholdc the man is become as one of vs.] 2^510 13 fpo^ 

feeninDen[nonofaoam,bccaufetbepurpofe ofC^cD teas not 
onel^ to p;iche tbe beart of man ^ but alfo to luounoe it to tf^e 
terie rojte.^eitber ^et botft be cruelly? triumpb ouer bim , be 
being miferable anD afflicteo : but ratber tjfetb a mo.:e btolcnt 
anofl^atrpe^remeDieaccoaDtncto t\}t nature of tbe oifeafe. iFo; 
tbougb jaoam Uias; confounDeD ano altonnilfteo at bi^ calami^ 
tierpet nottoitbflanmns be oio not fufficientlp Ujcigb ano con^ 
fioer tbe caufe of bis miferie, tbat being loearte of p;ioe,bc 
might learne to imb^race true bnniilitie . ^02couer,it map be 
tbat ODoD tjfeD not tbifi fco^neagaintt bim, fo mucb as agatntt 
his pofteritie^tbatbemigbte commend moDeflietoallage£p» 
antj^it iDas a lamentable ano grceuous Oabt^tbat be in tobom 
of late,tbebcautic of (I15oO0 image ftineo , fl^ouloe be clao luitf? 
filtbie ffeinnes to couer bis ftame and rep^ocb : and tbat tbere . 
is iimt comlmeflTc in a dead bead tl^zn in a Itue man. [Know- 
ino; good and cuiU.] SDbis cppzelTetb t\)t caufe and o^iginall -* 
of fo great euiil : namely, tbat ^dam being not contcnte?j ^ 
iDitb bxB ftate^aCTii^ed to amende brgijer tbcn luas latufull fo: 
bim : as if it\nerefapdc:Beboldc noiuc luberctnto tbp ambif 
tion batb call tbi%,and tbi? pcrucrfe defirc of t^nLUufuU lvnoU)# 
ledge b:ougbt tl)s:. I^olobrit tbe llonie dotb not \30ucbfafe To^ 
mucb as to talke U)itb bim, but contemptuouOT? b;jingctb bini 
f(D2tb to bis greater infamie. 2Dbus it Uias mccte tbat bis ft^^ * 
lie pnde fljouloc be bnmmered,tbat dcfccnding at tbe iatt i\\t(^ 
tiim felfe^ije migbt mo;c f mo^e miCTehfee of btmfelfe, [As one 

l^.iii^ oi 

/ iOrtir CALVINE 

^•* ofvs.]&ometbtni£c t\)iii tobe fpofeem of Sin^tl&ins ifdSoii 
DID put a Difference bcttUkieae man,being a terrcftriall ann ncf* 
fpifcablc creature,anD tbc cclelftal tttatarc&.Wnt Uns feemctft 
to be a tjerie fiirrc fctcljt crpofiition ♦ SD^efcnfeC^allbemoic 
fimple if ti)ou interpret it i\)m , thereafter auam ftaU be Iifee 
tjnto mc, tbat luc ma^ be fellotoes togctber ♦ anD tuberea^c 
<Eb;ittian5 gatber out of tbis place tbc Doctrine concerning tbe 
tb.:ee pcrfon^ in OoD,3l fcare tbat it iB tco lueake a fonnoation. 
$01 tbis anD t\)z place going befo;^e , are not alifee> U'bcre it i3 
fapDe,Lctvs make man, &:c.ii5ecaure aDam is bere comp;!e^ 
icnncD buDcr tl)isi U3o;tD[VsGbut tbercfomeDiainttion in tbe 

crCcnce of CDCD is erp^jelTeD. [And now Icaft he putfocrthhis 

bandcHSDbis i£! an bnperfect fpeecbe, lubicbc 3 tbinbc is tbuiJ 

to be maDe complcte,i^otD it remainetb tbat from bencefmitfj 

S)e be D;iuen from tije fruite of life.if oj b^ tbefe too;jDe0 5lDatti 

is a:jm3ni(]ieD,tbat tbe panifljment luberebnto be ii^aDiuDgeD^ 

ftaU not be fo> a manient,o; fo;r a (tU) Dares: but tbat be ftall 

l^e altuar a banifl)cD man from tbe blclIcD life.SDbt^'are Decei> 

weD tubicb tbtncfee tbat tbis is fpoben in a contrarie renfMS it 

(IDoD DcnteD tbat tbe tree of life (boulDep;:ofitemaiT,tbougl7 b^ 

DiDeateoftbefame.iFo^beratbcrDep^iusng bint of tbeligne> 

tahctb from bim alfo tbe tbing it fclfe. ^e ttnotne lobat t\)C^ 

TKfr tree ^^^^^ Of facramcntcs areranD it iuas fa^D befo;je, tbat tbe tr«^ 

of life wa» lDa3 oiucn fo: a pIcDge of Iife^ OTberefo;e,to tbe cnoe man 

but a facra migbt feuotju tbat be leas Dcp:iueD of tbe fo:mcr life^a folcmne 

m=nt of ejrconmumication i^ aDDcD mot tbat tbe ILo^D intcnocD to cut 

The firft ^^ f^o"^ ^^^ *^^^ ?J0P^ *^f (aluation : but onclr to tab« atoap 

cxcommu tbat Ijubicbe be bao giucn>tbatbe migbt fceftc fo^ netuc befpes 

nicitioa elfc tubere.ifo; tbere rcmaincD a purgation anD ratirfaction ta 

•f man. j^e maDc ill facriQce0>tobicb migbt retto^e l)im to t^t life to birf? 

be bao lofte . ^t tbe firfir, conununication anD tallit tutth OoD 

gaue life : afterU)arDe0>bc being fallen from CoD> loas to rc^ 

coucrlife in tbe Deatb of <2:b2iftc>tx)bofc life thcnliueD.Jt 

15 mod attdnz tbat man coulD not cnioy life tuitbout the tuil 

of0jD,tboug'abcbaDDtuoureDtbeU)bcle tree. )l5ut0oDiii 

refpect of bis oiDiniince, iopnetb life luith tbe crfernal plcDge,, 

))nti[[ tbe p;omirc lucre tahcn tbcrefro. J?o: tbcrc l»a0 at m 

tiniQ m]i inluarD fo^ce o; bertue in tijc tra : but in refpctt tbat 

V PO>T G EN IS I«:t cap. 717. ^^ 

t^tI)0t)fbt{^reofbclwD»fcalco mtij conanncD bis grace bnto ^^* 
tnan,i)e malietb tbc fame l*t tjtaer cf \ik . ifei be neucr pffec 
rctb anp tlnnstjnto \jsin figures .ticmptfull^ bat be allcnps 
taPictb t)nto bu tuitb effect ; 2Do roncluDc , CDoD tDoulue taUe 
But of tbc banDC0 of man,tl)e mattiJr of trntt tubtcbbcbau gi# 
uen^lcttc be fboulDe pcrfuatjebinifelfe in toaine of tbeperpctu^ 
itic of life \wbicb be bat) left ♦ : 

. 23 [Therefore the Lorchc God fcnt h'mi forthO l^ere ^Qf 

fe5,partlv pjofequutetb tbat lubicb be baa fpoben ccncerning 
tbepnnilbmentla^cD tpport manranD partelp be comment 
Oetb tbc goaOitcCfe of <i>oD,\Dbcrcbv' tbc rigo;^ of tbe iuDgement 
iuas mifigateo . ©oD Dotb mercifully niitigate tbe bantlb^ 
ment of aoamrtobcrt as ^t beleaueth tntabim tbe eartb to 
hSxKll in,ano aOionctb iJnfo bim btsiiuing hv tiltb>tbougb tbe 
fame toere laborious, ifo; tbereof aoam gatberetb) tbat tbe 
ilo;D batb fome care of bini,tDbicb is a teCimome of fatberlie 
loMe»aifo,^ofe0 fpealJctb agaiiie of tbe punilbment , tabcn be 
Declaretb tbat jaoam luas erpeUc?) ^ atiD tbat Chcrubims icere 
fctiuitbttbe blaoe of a (ftafeiitg ft»o;oe,to D;iue btm from ente# 
ring? mto tbe garocn. spofes faptb tbat tbe Gbcjobms Uiere 
fefeon tte eaaefiDe,on tbe tobicb parte man mtgtt bauc entc# 
reD,tffo be bis panose bao not bene ftopt tuttbtbeterrourof 
tbe fbahing: o^ tU?o eogeo fU)o;oe. 2Dberefo!e, Coo grauntinj 
lifcl)utoaDam,ano ^eeloingtmto bnn fuftcnancc, Doetb Co 
^eftr^tnebis beneficence, tbattbereremaineD riliuat^trCiU 
before bis tns fome tokens of bi^ lu;atb : to tbe entie be 
tnigb t thereby confioer ^ tbat be Uios to jpalle to t\}t life frciit 
iubicbe be fell> tb;20ugb infinite miferies, tb;ouo:btc:mjio:aU 
erile,anD tb;iou0;b Deatb tt felfe. jf oj loe muft call to mitto tbat 
iDbicb iJUjD(di>oe,boiwc tbat aoamUias not fo call boU)nc,lut 
tbat fome bopeof pacDon Urns leafte \3nt0bint . ^c luas bani^ 
Q)cDfrom tbatfein(jIiepalacc,UrbercqfbebaD bcnei^o^Dc: but 
T!etbe founDe place elfctubcre tOi)\ucll m. lyc Ujas ocpjiueo of 
bis former ccligbts,\?et be tuantcD not nccclTarfc luftcnance* 
%)e U)as eecommunirateD from tbe tree of life , but a ncU;e r^* 
mepi^ is offcreD in fachfites.^niefap^tbis fljahiiiG fujo^cc 
loas fucb a one , as Uias iwtr aliwa^ ftaht»Vg MHlb tbe cD£;e to^ 

l«aiomaii,Ujut rometiuW; aatURp;;«lfo> tOi5i^>'^.plac^t3nto 
4; ^,t) rcj<^«? 

purpofc of (I5oD ttterl^ to txcltm man out df ^ garDetT,ttiat ftu 
migbtroebcltfedrctu^cre^SttofoirDne a£i tbat pkntifaintQ^ 
anD pleafantncOc of tl^c place tQat; aboIta)CD,tf)e tcrrour of ttji 
ftuojo toas fupcrfluous ♦ :il5^ ttje Chcrubims tfjerc 15 no ooubt 
bi rarind ^^^t^^^^ mcantti^ ^tiQilBi i tijerin ^e framet!) Wm felfe ta 
thm fig. tfjecapacitie of l)i5 people . (DoD baD comanueD t^i^t f too-Chc^ 
oificition. robiiti^Hjoulbbcplaceo at tbearbe of t^ccouenant, tobicljc 
ftoultr fp;^eaDtf)cir luingsoner tftecoucring tl;crcof X()frfo;0 
Ije 15 oftentimes faine to fit bcttoeenetbe Chcmbims , 3|n tbat 
be iDOulDe banc ^ngcte to be painteo after tbis fo:me, tfjerc 
10 no ooubt but tbat tto \ua$ fo appomteo,to beare \s}i^ tbe 
ruDcnclTcdftbe aloe people. ^o;ttbat age neeoen anorequi^ 
Call. 4. J, reo tbilDiift ruotmentcs ano tnftrwtionj, ob paule teacbetfj* 
l^ereoft^ofes bo;irotaeiJ tbe name tobicbe be gaue totbean# 
jjelj: tbat be migbt inure men tuitbtbatfeintieofreuelation, 
tobtcbe be bauing receiuetj ftom (H^oo, faitbfuU^ oeliuereu b^ 
traoition ♦ jfox i3or^ toouloe bau^ all tbat be bneloe to be p;jo* 
fitable fo;i bt5 peopMo be knoljoen tnbi^ fanctuarte « Siita 
toe mull note tbi^ o)Oer,tbat toe fenotoing our otone inffr m^ 
tte,p:efame hot tDttboutD;iomarte meaner ano belpeirto fies 
tnto l^eauen.ifo; otberlDtfe it tnill come to palTe, tbat all our 
tenfes tDil fatle tjs in tbe miooell of our fligbt.SEbe laooer ano 
cbariot at tbat time toas tbe &anctuarie,tbe 0rbe of tbe couc^ 
nant,tbe jaitar, ano tbe SCable toitb tbe appurtenances? ♦ 
Slno 3 call tt)tm cbarriots ano laoocrs, becaufe tbefe figncflf 
luere not o;^Detneo to tbi5 eno,tbat tbe faitbfull Iboulo (i)tit bp 
OoD in tbe tabernacle a0 in a p:ifon , o: (bouloe tit bim to 
eartbl^ elemented : but to tbe enoe tbe^ beeing bolpen lutt^ 
conuenient ano apt ruDimente0,migbt feefte CDoo on bigb. ^0 
E>auioanDC5ei:bia5, baing trueli? inoucD toitb fpirituall 
tinT)erllannirtg5lDcrefarrefrom tbofe groffe imagination0, 
^«^i M to tic Ooo to anp place . :ano ^et fo: all that tbc^' are not a* 
^jaroc to call tbe ilozoe of bcaucn ano eartb, SDbe <3oD \x)\]\cb 
firtetb|i2DU)cllctbbetU)denc tbe Chcriibims, tbat t!)e\? migbt 
kdepc ti)tm fclues anu tbe reft lottbin tbe gouernmcnt of tb^ 
lalu, jf urtbermo:e,in t\)iis place ,tbc i^ngcfcef arc alfo calico afV 
(er g ram^amannoii Chcmbims^bg U)bub tb$ name of tbe bot)]^ 

: :. vr T'p Of 

Vpoi^ <;V^Ps*fl'^ CAP. 'HI. A^, 

ftat angeliJ tocro to c<illci», it- Ijercb^ appearctt). Xbe ^;My £k,iI. 
p^etcCDjcc&ieljjauetljwnamctntotficpzouo UingofjaC)^;^, ^ 
£omparin0 bHn to one ef llje c^kkSt Sng^ls in t)cauen« 

^ CH A P TE'R. i'lil.^ 

Ftcrvvard the man bncwc Hcuali his wifc.wJii- 
che concciucd and barcCainc,and faidc^Ihaue 
obtciiicd a inan by.thc Lordc. r^^' ';• ^ 1 

And againclTic brought fborthhis brother 
Habcl, and Habcl Was a keeper of ihccpc, and 
Cainc was a tiller of the ground. 

3 And in procefTc of time itTamc to paiflc j that Cainc 
broujiht aa obbtion ynto the Loxde of the fruitc of the 
grounde. i 

4 And Habel al/b him felfc brought 'of the fi'rfl frnitcs 
of his /hccpc, and ofthcfatof thcm,and the Lord hadrc/pc6i 
Viito Habel,and to his ofFcring. !> inol iu'l io irncf 

• 1^ But vntoCainc and to his offering he had no regard: 
Wherefore Cainc was cxcecdtog vvrotlijc^ andhis cbuntcnancc 
fell downe^ .r!- nir 1 1*"^ 

6 Then the Lord faidvntoCaine:Whyarie thou wroth? 
and why is thy countenance caft dowries \ . m;- 

7 .lfthoudx>e.\tcH,/halt thou riot bca£cc|)t«df:ahd iftboa 
docft not vvcl!,fi;ibe?iy^hat thcdorerAlfo vmo thcciiis deiirc 
{h\l\ bc{ubio^h,af>djtHoCi ihak rule x^uo* himi zhi iji»A < 

8 ThcnCamofpakc to Habcl his broth'er. And when 
they were in thefcolde. Came rofevp againft Habel hisbio- 
tiicrandi?cWchiiT»iioiv'ioi,nL ^j[ » 

9 Then the Lordc faidc vntoCatnc vWhereJs Habdl 
thy brqthcKi Whd.anofwcrcd,! caniiot tdl^ AjiiLihy brqdicrs 
keeper f.rn oinv nrruA :'h':\vr,J 'in /or; w 'jv ■:yn:^r yni air.-jH 

i.o Agaioc he &id, Whathafl thou;don(C:d»TlTC voyce oCthy 

brothers blonde crycth vnto me from the grounde^ *• ^'^! r^ 

:' . 11 Nowc tbctpfdrc thou 'art c^irflcd'ftbnitiK .cartb^ wLiih 

bath opened hcrmouthto rccciuc tjiy biolJi^ribluucifl&oiit 

"nT ^«,.'^^«" «!'<'" (^altt'll the ground, it ITiall not frtnceroOrlFi 

•'^ (hjluhou bee vppon the earth. ° 

<3 Then C^ine fa»d« to the Lorde,My punidiempnt is <^eai 
ter tiicn 1 can bearc. * • 

,n/f ^''?°'^'='''''°° Ii^f^ "rt me dut this day from the earth. 
and from thy face /hall 1 be hid, and /hall be a vagabonded 
aninnagate in thccarthc, and vvhofocuer findeth mee /hall 

r:!L.h ?*" 't' ^'^ M f ^'"^'^ ^"'° him,Doubtle/re whofoeucr 
nayeth Ca,ne,he /hall be pun./hed feuen foldc. And tbeLorde 

SE, ''P°" *^''"'' '^''^' *ny«anfi„d.Dshimfi.oul4 

-n'j^j T'lcnCainew'cnteout from the prefenceoftheLorde* 
and^dwtlccinthelandcofNod, towardc the Earte fidVof 

■ ^7 ^CaJnealfo knewe Jus wife, whichc conceiued and bare 
Henoch:andhebu,lta citie,and called the name of thecSe! 
by the name of his fonne Henoch . * 

w! I '■^C^^^^P'"'".'''''^' *'"'"« Irad,andlrad bcffat Me- 
gat LaCh "*' ^^"' Mcthu/hael, and Mcthu/LlbC 

19 AfldLamechtooketohimtwowiuest the name of 
the one was Adah and the name of the other Zillah . 

JJ^^i'n;l "f • ^'*h'"'' '^ho wastbe fetheroffuchas 
dwelt in the tentesi an J of fuchas haue cattell 

ther of all that p lay on the barpe, and organes . J n,f ■ V 
r,Jn-n .^"'^^'"^'l^lf!^^"' Tubanf . Who wrought 
TabaTf^ir^"M"^''r'^^ andofvron; andthefiftcfof 

til'^ Then Lamecb /aide vnto hi*wioes Adah.andZ.llahJ 
Heare my voyceye wiuesof Lamech: harken vi.tomyfpeaths 
m V hr^i 7 *'"'!"""?y woundi/.and a youtig .^lan m 

feu'^ti»''r^'"r.^''!r'',?""'SeJ ftuenfoldc, tnily Lamech 
leucotuj tirees'fcucnfoy, .,.«.,. ,; , . . ,.>„./ 

,. 'f y^'* ^''*"'^fwhis wircasaine,and/he!iat^afonhc; 

, and 


an J rhc called his nimeShcth: for GOD, faith flic, hathap*^**^ 
pointed anotlicr fcedeforHabcl,b)'caufcCaincflcwchjm. : 

16 And to the fame Siicth alfo there was borne a fonnc, 
and he called his name Eno(h. Then began men to callvpon 
the name of the Lordc. 

1 [ The man kncvvc Hcuah his wife. ] /^Otae ^OfC3 

bcgmnctbto tJcfmbc t\\t p:opagatton anu tiurcafc of tnan^ 
kiii^e. Jn tfte \ulnci)c!}tao;ie it is lDo;tl)ie to be notcD, ttjat 

i\)is blcffinij of C3 £> 2D , Gro we yc and increafe, iiS not abo^ 

liOjcD tb^oiigb finncrant) not onclp t{)at,but alfo tijat CDou !jaD 
conftrmro a^anis mtnDctbat Ije inigbt not lotbe ano ab!jo;rre 
to beget pottentic anD fccrje.^nD as aoam hnetD in tbe begim 
inngofo:cneration tlje fatberlu moderation of (Dotin tiuatb i 
cuenfo&cis afterloarDe conffrainco actaine to taHe tbccpi 
f reame bitter fruiter of finnr> icben Cainc kiUeD Hbel . 16uf ^^^^^j 
lett)3foaolneanop;oreqiiutea^ofe5tuo;r)e£;» li5p t()el)ao:DCcopu["i'ioQ 
of bnotunig, Ije Doetf) niooeltlv note the carnal! copulation of is inc of 
t'je man aiiO bis Unfe,a matter of it felfe to blun[)eat,li}oitibrit the fruitc* 
tijieri[tl)ine£5 of copulation, is toberechoneOamong the fruits o^ ^i^oc. 
of finnc : becaufe itfpnngetb from tlje intemperancieof lutt. 
anoaltfeouGl) £gofcsDoet!) noterp;cire,tbat<raineano flbel ^1*^"= ^""^ 
lueretlnins:i?etnottuitl)(!anDing,itfecmeti)tome Derie V'^^\^f^^Jl^ 
bable tbat tbci? Ujcre for if o: after be fjao faioctbat ^euab of 
ber firlle conception bat> b:aa5[bt fo^ttj bcr firft brgottan: 
Uraigbt after be aDdctfj, tlK^t a}eb:ou(xbtfo;itb anotijci* alfo, 
SCbus making mention of a Double birtb>bc fpeafectb oncl^ of 
one copulation ♦ S^Sofe iD^jicbt tbinkc otljcrluife, 3I \tmz to 
tbcir fenfe . ij^euertbelefiTe it fetmetb to hk bcrie rrafcnablc^ 
tbat feeing tbe Ujo;^ lo lijas to be replenidTcti tuitb ixxii^ii^rdBi 
tijat not onei»^ ^Taine i iibcitocre begotten at om-conccptconj 
bat man)2 mo^e afterljuarD alfo,ajs ^^ xvi^iks as fciitalcs. [; I 

liaueobtcincd a man by thcLortfjaSbei^^tie IDO'^D Uit^rcbC 

^res bfctlsfignifietb botb to obtein 1 alfo to pottclTetanD it xs^ '\ 

all one in tnttt Urfjetber tua^ tbou tafcc it. SCbe greater \n^^ 
Ux to ftano tjpon*i*,tDhrl6^rattb ftnt fiiebatb obteincD of the I 

ll0;De>. &omc ertWrtiiioe iU 30 if^i^a;^ Sjoulo baiie faioe^ 
l^Kmer^eiiicdainaii'bythctcnc&tcargraCC ot God: attri^ 



bQim f tfjc iLo>D tbc birmng of poftmtitm it te fatee f rt (be 
^^127.5 fMm,€mitn arct(jcmbentaunfeoftf)clio;Dc, anD the 
fruitc of tDc \uombc tjis reiuaroe. £DtOer0, tfjus, 1 Jiauc pof. 
felled the man of God; ^0 if J^cuaf) fljoulD fjatie faiDciJoU) ^ 
tiaucfjim, luljomc d^oo p;jomircD fl^oulo be tbc conqoerour of 

rcDl^ bdecueDtbep?omifc,conccrnmgtJ)e trcatJing Dotoneof 
tljc DuicIiJ fjcao bp ber faD.l^ut tbcr tbnift tbat fl)c loas oecci'^ 
ucD m tbc perron,bccaufc ftc rcftratneD tbat to Came, UJhiffa 
^a5 p;omircD concerning CDbzitt. But m (mm to me to 
be tbemo2e proper fenfei meaning, SDtjatl^euabreiopcmcr 
oner fjer neiue bo; ne fonne, offcretb t^im tmto (25 £D ®, ac the 
iirffc fruites of ber binoe, ^ijcrfo^e 3 tfjinbe it gmo to turne 

It tbnSj 1 hauc obteincd a man to the Lordc : tifZ lubfchc alfo 

commetbmo^en^retmtotbe i^eb;^uepfoa^e. ^ndfljccaf^ 
Ictb tbc mfant neiuelp bo;ne , a man: becaufe Oie fatoe thae 
man^moe U)a0 renetueo, lubome fte anD ber bufbano ban D£# 
Itropcb tb^ougb tbeir Defaulte. . 

2 C And againe llie brought foorth his brother Habcl T 

OTbereof Came tofee bis name, anD in lubat refpecte be tuai 
fo nameD,ts lucHenouube fenoiuen . ifo; bw^otber 
faitbe, tbat Ojoe batb obteineD a man : tberefo:e (be taU 
letb b w name Came. liBut lubp abel baD biB name, it 10 noe 
rrp^dTcD. mbereasfometbinketbstbwmotber calleD bim 
fo m contempt,a0 tbougl) be luere fuperfluous anD almott t)n# 
p;ofitable:it is terie abfuroe.iFo: O^c Uias tuel aouifeD luher^ 
tnto ber fruttefulnelTe tenDeD.i^eitber baD Oje fo:aotfen tbiii 

blemng,Incrcafc ye and multiplic. mXt Q^all in mp iuDgmenC 
fat? mo^e rigbtlp : tbat l^enabbauing m ber firtt bectotten 
fonne Declarer tbe iov tobicbe fouDenlp appeareD, anD baD ce^ 
leb^ateD tbe grace of d^oD, afterluarD in bcr otbcr biitb Iftc re# 
membieD tbemiferies of manlunDe, ^nD in tcric Daoe , the 
netoeblcmngofOoDUjaflnormalloccafion efiot»e. liSnton 
tbe other parte, QecoulonotbcboiDc ber pofferitie tintbouC 
moff bitter griefe anD fo2roUif,tobomc(bebaD,tb20ugb ber 
fault, caa into fornanx? mi(irne0.2i;i)erefo;e Oie UmulD haue ti 
monuTiriitofI)rrf02roUjc crtantm tbe name of berfeconDe 
. Wiane , aoD tooulo mate t^m a fpcc:a(le to M meir,|ybereirt 


Vr ON genesis; cap. ITTI. -'^^ 

ftcv mtf^bt fee tlje toljolc p:05cntc of mans t nnitie. CTbcrca^ ^ / 
fonir blame tbe picpoUerous iuDgcmcntofij)cual)> bccaufc 
lljc rciectcD tf)c goDlic anoOoIicfonnc, in c omparifon cf tbc 
luichc!) anD bnao^licj alloluc it not . if o;j l^cuat) fjatt) caufe 
to rciovcc (n Ijcr firll begotten fonnc. ^nD (Ije is not to be bla^ 
ineOjtbat in tije feconD (i^emaDe a mcrno;iaIl fo^ bcr felfe ann 
fo;otber£5of!)erotjunel3anitie,totbeenDtI)ei' might erercifc 
foenifcliieri in tlje tsailie ccnfiDeration of tbcir miferies. [And 
Habel wns a keeper of iliccpc] il^ofes repo.itetl) not U)I}etfjer. 
botbtbcfe fonnes ofilnamlueremarricD,! kept feueralljou^ 
(eg o: no.2:^l)erfo;ic in t\)is U)e mult fufpenD our iuDgements* 
l^oU)beit,it is mo:c p:obable,tl)at Caine Uias marrie:) before 
be lulleD bis biotber i^bel:becaufc llratgbt afrer ^ofes aotjetb 
fbatbeUnoU)ingbisUufe,begatcbilDjen, no mention becing 
tbcre maoe of marriage.^otb tbcfe b<:etb;^cn folloiueD a traiie Tillage 
Bf!ire,ti)bicbctua3boUeanDlauDableofitfeIfe, jf o;^ tbe tiltb was com-- 
oftbceartbU)ascommaunDeobi?€'OD: ant>tbe labour of ka^ nuuocka 
pinc^ ano feeoing beatles^Uias no leffe boncll tben profitable : ^v ^'^^^^ 
to befto^t, tbe U)bole life ruttike is burtleflre,Qmple,anti mott 
of all frameD to tbe trueo^oer of nature.ifirHofaUtberefo:© ^*» 

ti)isi is to be noteO>tbat tbe^ botb ercrcifcD tbnii felues in la^ 
bours acceptable t3nto (I^o>anD necc Harie fo: the common bfet 
of mans life . ^Slberebpon toe inavrgatbcrjtbat tbcir if atbcr 
floam bat) b;ougb^ tbcm tip tierie toell. S^be iubicb alfo mo;e. 
I^lainclp appeare b^ tbe Teruice of racnficmgtbcdaufetbt famei 
^effifietbxtftat tbcp luere erercifeo in t\)t lup^dtipof © £D S>^i 
Caine ti^ado^z in ouftuaro fljetu liiieo a UjeU.o;DcreD life: ar 
pne tubicb fi)eU)CDbimrelfc outifull toUmrOes (^Jlj in tJje U)o;^ 
lies of goDliiielTe^anD lubicb&got ^is Itmng ant^ |bi0 families 
\pitb boncll auDbp:igbt labour > as it be^amq atb^ifticanD 
^lODeftbpiinjojDfr. antiberc it is ne^^lTarie UvCj^aH (oniintjc 
^at U)i)ic4|;^|ue raiObefo^,tbat.ourfirft|?.i}|rcn^ luere Co tep:t^ 
Vep of tb€ fiuramcut of ©oD0 loW;i,U^i? ibft^ taereerdooca 
fremtbe trer of life, tbat fomeb&pe of faiuation U;as left tnfo -, 
t^cm^tljopleiMjes t»bereoftbev*aouifacfi6cei^,ifO.: Uicmult 
tlwspsrfuaoc our (clues t tbattbfH^^^otrafl^lvccutre tb& .•***'» 
manner of fiKrificiWjgr: but r$ceiuci>t^^ fjjiJ«e fronv(roi> ♦ if q^ 
^«m£tSje^f ottle attributi^tij tije too/f [j.jiyfff.^ gl«l?Jiujri^HttMi.^ 


net tttf fait!): it foUoluctb t(?at fjc offcrcD not tljc fame fottfi/ 

out m comanocmcnt of C^oD, irurt[)crmo;jc,it tuas curr true 

Sim.^^^ «;o«i/bcbcginnin0of tftcUjozlDc, tijat obcmcmeUia^ better 

n)ciirafnficfflr,anD u.a0 the mother of all tertues. cahcrebo-' 

t'^'nt;::: r^fJ'^i^f !!!'^^;'^ cod comnmunDco all U)batroeuer plea. 
of all vcr- *^^ '^^"'* ^fttrolv,ra:mg OcD loa^ alujares lihe Ijimfelfe, luc 
tuzs. ^^y' "ot fav tbat eoD Uias at anp time fimplp oeligbf eb toith 
rarnall ano crteriiall U)o:fl)ip. But it pleafeb bim alluaves to 
ftcrept of tbc farrificeo of tbat firllaae.Bft folloU?etb tberefoje 
tbat tbep \uere fpintuallp officreb bnto bim : tbat is to fai^tbe 
boIicJFatberB oiD not content tbemfelue^iuitbbaineeere^ 
momc0 : but r omp:ebenDeD matter of areater U)eigbt,i mo^e 
mptticall : lubif be tbep c oulD not Doe uTitljout tbe tDO'be. Sfox 
It 15 tbe onelp mlairoe truetb,U)bicbe m erternall fignes Dif. 
eeriietb tbc naturall ano reafonable U)o>lbippe of Cob, from 
tIk wor. ^^*^f ^^^^ ^s sroflfe ano fuperaitious.;anD in berie bfl:De,tbep 
fhippc of fO"ibe not otbrrluifc fmcerel^ beno tbeir minbe to h)o;(bwvz 
God fpnn- OoD, but b^ boringfertifieDof bi^ gmbUjilI anofauour* be^ 
gcthjro:u catifeboluntancreuerencc fp:ingetb from tbc falmgf truff 
of bi0 gojDneflre : and contrariUjifctobatfoeucr [je be, tobiebe 
feletb bi0 iDjatb anc Difpleafure againft bun, is conttraineD 
tb:ougb feare ano bo.:rour to flic^nb tt^unnc bi0 p:^ 
te t&crcfo:e tbat Ooo taking atuar m tm of life.tuljerein at 
J! be bab giuen a plebge of bi0 gracerteffifietb anb becla* 
rctb bmifelfc notUiitblfanbing to bo r^cntlc anb mereiful bnto 
men bv otber meanes.anb loben be aboptetb tbcm to bimfdfo 
tobctoo2(ftipper0 ofbim,beinuttetbtbem alfo to faluation. 
3fanxi man obieet tbat tbe (Dentils bab alfo tbeir facriftces, 
XBbemn t1)erelua5 no pure o.-fbimb religion > tbeaunfUjere 
aeafietDbe mabe, tfjat m(cB fpeahctb berc of rafriftces, 
UUJfuI anb arc(TJtable tntdC?ob,U)bif b tbe Centils fehina to 
mutiit^fOM-uptcbau^ MCim . Hud akbouab tlje ll^ieb^no 
sacrifice. , ltJo:>, tu:ncb«)ore0 ftfetb ln:re>p jopi^rlr fianiftefb d me^mtb 
andchar ig t[)eFfo:f gencralli^ ertehbcbto'all mamier of obwW w5 
^^|o"S- "otiDitbftcW^mgtwmirr gatber, tbat tbc conmraunDemcrtt 
of fnerifti tng Uias gttten to tbc fa^bcru from tbe beainninct foi 
^ , ^U^?" M^ ;ffrr!,tbat tbf crerrifc of gobliwflTe niiabt betbnxi^ 



V PON genesis; cap. nn 

anD alfo all tljat ti^tn l)ao,b0lottgeDt)nfo CDoD. &erormfp,tf;at -^ 
.ftei? migtjt be aDnioni(beD,tf)at tljtv fta^tje in ndDc of fojne f<i^ 
tiffacto;iepurgation to reconcile tljcm felucis tnto Cdod. j3no 
tuljcreas eueric one ofiferetj fomclDbat of tbtii' gorjes , it Uia5 
arolcmnegiuingoftbanfeeg:a0iftbc^te(liftcB b^tfecir pjc^ 
fcnt action ,tba(: f (je^ did cioe tnf o dDcD tuljaf focucr ti)tv baD. 
But t\)t billing of beaHc^ auD tfjc cffuGon of blouD conteinctlj 
fomctobatmo^c: toU)it,tbattbep(6oulo baucDeatfjaliDars 
bcfo;c tljcir cpe^^anD \?et fo;^ all tl>it,a)oulD aflfure tijcnifeluc^ . 
tomaheOoDfancurablcljnto tl)m\. Et]ere iB no mention 
maDc of t\ic racrifices of ^Dam» 

4 [And the Lord had refpeifl vnto Habcl. 3C»0D 16 fa^DC 

to bcbolDc,o;j to bauerefpecttjntoman, tubcn be tJouctjetb fafe 
to lihc anD to loue bim . mnt lue mull note tbe o;>Der lubicljc goocJ ww 
£pofe0 fettetb Dolone bcre . ifo;be Doetb net Oinpl? (beU),tbat k<r»cf 
tbe tuo^lbip i^bicb flbcl gaue bnto dDoD luajs acceptable bnto them- 
ljim:butbc beginnetbat tbe pcrfon : Uibereb^ be giuetb to ^'^^"^^ *^« 
tnDerlfanDe, tbatgojD tuo;jfjes meritenotbinglaitbOoD.nct^ t"ti'"Ta 
tber are tbtv acceptcD of bim, but tobcn as t\)t U)o;l?er is fii fie goh! '" 
accepfeD^auD loueD.ilnD no mcruell. ifo: man beljolDctb after i.sam*!* 
tbeoutiuai>D,appcrance,but(I5oDbebolDctf) tbebeart^ ILb^T^ ^• 
fo;e be eHecmctb not of luo^hcs, but as tbcv p^orecDe from tbe 
fountcine of tbe beart.^ciUbcrebppon alfo it ccmmetb to paGe, 
tbatbcDotbnotonclrDcfpife,butalfo abbo;jretbe of[mnQtti 
oftbeU)icljeD,boUjeolo.2ious focuertbe^ Hjincintbefigbtof 
mcn.jfo; if belubicb is poliuteD tnroulc,ccDe6letbofetljingd 
tiJbicbarepureanDcleane, toitbbis fpottes anD filtljinccre; 
boljoe can It bcbuttbat lubicbe p:ocetDetb from bmi muHbe 
alfo bncicane i Mijm as OoD reiectctb tbe counterfct rigbie^ 
oufnelTcUjbcrcin ti)t Jclrcs boafieD, be fa^tb bv tbe moutb of 
bis P;opbet,tbat tbeir banDs are full of blouDe.^ftcr tbe fame Er^ie.uv 
ertcrnall ll)elDe of luo^hesjiubicb can Dr luDe cur t^ts being 
tcD fletblpjtjanilbctij alrat' in tbe frabt of C>dd . ^nD t\)iB tlm$ 
U)ris knoUinc cucn to t!)e ^catbeh^ U^bofe poets fpeahing of 
tbelnoitbipofCDoD iuitb afincereminDe, rcquirebctba pure 
beart,anDaIfocIeanebanDcs. li^ereofalfo came tbe folcmnc 
rite of iuaHjing before facrifices, among all nations Jl^otoe, 

% fecina 

j2o' tOHl^ CA LVT Nx: 

A^f.i'l.p. ^^I'rt^^^Wr^ohoffcfcttifletb in another place brftemoufft 

>aithpu=' ofp0ter,tbatmcn3 Ijcartcs arc punficD t()joufl[hfaitt?,ana 

Tifieth t|)at tf)e (?ot^ fatljere ftao no otbcr puritie : tfjclfpoftlegatfjr^ 

n^c"' rctl^ not in tjainctbat the oblations of abel lijcre better tljeit 

hemes, j^ bm^cts . fe>o tfjcitfirffc lue mua notctbatluFjatfocuer 

Woi>r'<cf ^'°^^^^^*'^^'5"^^ffo;cfaitb, anD Uibat glojie of rigftteouf^ 

wichouc "^^^ Toeurr ftinctb in t\)t\ny tbe fame are notbing but mccre 

fjitSarc Rnnes : becaufetbe^aredefilcD bi^ tbeir rrote, anODoeftincfee 

iiaucs. tit tbc p:cfeiKe of the llo:oc , to U)!ionic notbing is pleafant 

luittjoul tfte cleonneffe of tbe bart. i luoulo to 0oo tbe^ li?oi:l5 

foiifncr tbis , Uibieb imagine tbat men are apte ano mate 

to rereitic tbe grace of Ceo , br tbeir oUme motion of free tuill* 

Cjentbereiljoiilobenocontroucrficbuttbat dDoD inHiftetft 

luaifica- men ffflcliMano tbat bv'faitb. 2Dbi0ougbtto be our ancbo;^c^ 

tion irccJy j^qIoc : tbat tbcrc is no refpert of luo;lies in tbe iuDgemcnt of 

> ^-^y^ '•• (2>oD,bn- id man be receiueD into fauonr. ^nD tberc is anctbcr 

Uilicrcbnto tue ougbt to r leauc as fad as to tbatmamel^, tbat 

feeing all manhinDe is bateftill tnto CDou , tberc is no otber 

luav to reconcile bimbntofauotir, but bvfaptb ♦ li5ut,faincp 

Fa t!\ if ^'^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ 5^^^^ °^ ^^^' ^"^ ^'^^ fpcciall illumination of 
thilill' ^^^ fpinte alfOjUie map eafiip tbcreof gatber^ tb»^l«aare p;e^ 
g.frc of nmtc^ bv bis meerc grace, no leflTc tben if be fljouloe raife tjir 
God. fromoratb. Bin tbe tobicbe fcnfe peter alfo fa]ptb,tbatiti0 
Acc.15.9. (j^^^^ ^i^jf j^ purifictb tbc bearte bp faitb, iFo,^ tbis n)oulDe not 
a$rdD,bnIcffebc ln:ongbt faitb in tbe bcartcs of mcn,in fucbc 
luife,tbat It migbt be berilv felt tbat it is bis gifts. jjiotDC U)0 
muftfce botoc anD in U)batfo:te, puritie istlit effect of fa vtb. 
3ft is tm fono? aao bafe pbilofopbic, to fa^^ tbat puritie 
is tbe effect of fii^tb^becaufe men fedjtrnot <3oD tbe rcluarDer 
but brfavtbX!)eT»lubicb fpcake tbus>Doe U)boIv buric tbc 
grace of OoDjlubicb tbc bolrgboffep:incipallp commeuDctb. 
£)tl}Ci5 alfo fpcaf^c beric coMy^ U)bicb teach that tue arc pur^ 
gcDbr favtb, onclyfoj tbegifte ofregencration, tbat Ujc may 
be acccpteD tjnto Con . j(oithcv. tjoenot onelpomit tbc one 
balfc part, but r)oc alfo builDe Icitbout a fountiation, tD^en as, 
bicaufe oftbc curfe of m inUin^ , free reconciliation nujft nrcts 
gocbero:c.0lfo,rit:!igOoODDtb neuerfo regenerate bis cbil:» 
t>}V\ in tijis luo;lD;tbat tbev Ooe pcrfvcXlp Ccrue &im,no U)o;ke 
t^ > of 

VPON GI NE S rsr ''^ T CAP. Till . jj. 

Ht tnatt raw be acceptable tjitto btm Imtfroot fef iffnctojfc pnr^ ^ 
tfeat men tmglit learnc to tehe fo;> clcannclfe from anotbcr, k«hour^ 
fo often a£5 tftci? tooulD come t)nto <DoD, SLljcrefo^e tl)ai at tljc^^bc dicrco 
latte dDoD toiH t)auc refpect tjnto pur obcoicnce, lolienljcbe^ acceptable 

i)Olr3Ctl)t30mC!);iftC* vntoGgd* 

5 [But vnco Kainc and to hisoffcr'm^.'JiX'btvm HO tOUbt but 

tbat Caine bcbaueO btmfelfe^as commonlvijl^pocritcu tcUifto 
to picafe Cl^oO offtreD external; a fal]&ion,anti careD 
not to v^lDe ano benDe fjint felfc iu!)oI^ tnto Ifim ♦ 2i5ut IalD<» 
full lD0,:a)ip bere w to offer bnto 000 fpirituall oblations .^t ^,^''^'^^^" 
i0 no meruell if Coo ooe bate and cannot abioe fucbe brpocri^.^J^'^^/yJ'' 
He, iDben b^ fetb tbat tbe fame ts to^neo tuitb crofTef mcnt* woiflup. 
feflt fco:nmg of bim: tubereof alCb it commctb to pafle^tbat bC- 
rciectetb tbeir tuo^ks^tubicb U)itl)0;aUi tbcmfelues from binij 
if oj firlf c, Ijz luil! baue t3£( aoDictco bnto bim : (tcontl^M re^- 
qittrctl) our tuo;jk3 fo;a teftimonieofourobeDiencctotDartJjs 
t5im,buttbefemullcon5e in igfeconDplace.anO tucmuftnotc; 
tbatall unajjtnattomj, U^beretuttb men 000 uallic toitb <?oti^' 
ano Deceiue tbjem felueujace tl^t fruitcs of mfitieUtie. ^ttiu" 
to aUo 10 lO^neD piioe, becaufe tbe tjnbelccuing , contemning 
t\)i grace of tbemeoiatour, ooe carcica^ tnf ruoc tbent felues 
into tbe p;efencc of dl^oo ♦ SCbe Jetoes fonolr imagines that 
tbe obf:atwn0 6f Caine Iwere not acceptable tnto CSotrvfeecaufCi 
be DefratfUma <^cD of tbe rrplemtbeo eare0, offtreo buJfiabmr 
onelr tbofe tbattoereft:onfee, ano balfefull . ^nt bwr Onnc» 
tuas greater ano mo^efecrete, to tntt , tlje tncleaiinefie of bi0 
beartertubereof 3! baue fpoUenieuen as oU tfje contraric part,: 
t]^t filtbie Ittnck of tbe burning uf ttc fat,f oultie not ntafe^e tbei 
facaftre0ofilbel|)leafant bntoC-otj ibtit tbci?. ICEncc pcrfu/i 
me^ \oitb ti)e gcoo ano lioa^tc Qjiell of fa;itb, iJao a pbrafant id^> 

Ui)urvrCain;c-vvas exceeding wroth/] i^CtXlt map bcOfman^-QucftiW^ 

beOjbolDc Caine bnOcrtfa3Detbatbi0 oblations tuereleffcre^t 
garpeo then bi0 b^otbcrs . SCbil^J^cbntes^accp^tiing td tbeit'' 
manner, feignetf)at tbe facrifice of abel Urns confumco tuitb.. Anfwcrc: 
firefrpm teauen. 15ut becaufe iue ougbt 'riot totahe fo mucbe 
Uberfieibnto our fclues, as to b;ing in mtraclcs^luljicbebauct 
no toarrant out of tbe fcripturcs : let ts oefpifc tbe fontic fa4. 

J.iU bics of 


.^ to HN CAtVI>TS 

-3 0f tfjc 3fctD:5.flntJ it U5 mo:e p:obablc,tf)at Came mm a fotr^^- 

, tincture bp tbc continuall fucccCTc ofnuttttBy of {j lubic Ij a^ofefl 

inakct{)mention.^cratD^bwb:otber pzofperctj better tfjcn 

!jc:|tf)crof!)egatbereo,tbvit(IDoolDa3fauo:abIet3ntobi5 bzo^ 

tber,ano tjifplcafeu toitb biitt, :anD Ixje bnotjue tbat bppccrif e^ 

. - ctoincnottjing better tben cartljlr bleffmges . llBut in tbe 

Hvpocrtts perfortofCamctutftaueanimageofa UiickeD man pamteo 

c^cem^of f^, jj^ ^„^3 ^g ^ ^^q notU)itt)ftimDing bis iDicbetineffe UjiU be 

m°orc7h^cn foimtcD uttl, auD iirrogatetb to bim felfe tbe cbiefc place a^^ 

of earthly moiig tbc ^atiictes , SCbefe tuljol^ bentje tbem fcUicsto 

bicH'ings. make 0jD£)fauo:ab!ct)nto tbem b^erternallluo^feesrbnt 

tbcir beartes bcmg replcnifbcD luitb frauDc am Deceipte^tbr^ 

fct bcfo;c bim notbing but rounterfeite fl^eloes : tbat no;« 

tbuTj mav befmccre in tbeir labonous anD patnefuU U3o;>n[5!p, 

butoncl\?amdcre t)ifo; anopainteDlftclD, after tbepte tbat 

taevp;ofitenatbtng, tbc^betea^tbefecretcpo^ron of tbeir 

minDc: jro; then tbep Doe not onel^ murmur againfldDoDjbut 

alfo t[)c^ b:uffc fmjtb into manifeft rage, in fo mucb tbat if it < 

tore m tbem, tbev^ tuonloe glaol^jpuU bim out of bis beauett* 

Ip tb:one. ^\)i3 p;iDe is naturally? ingrafftD in all brpocrits, 

tbat bnDertbe colour ofobemence,tbei?tDOulDmafte (15 ^ S> 

fubiect bnto tbeir toil li5icaufe tbe^ cannot ftunne l^is potuer 

ano autbo:itie, tbev alHir to flatter bim^as if be tere a cbilD: 

in tbcmcanc tun?,tbcy greatly cltiEmiiig tbeir feigneD tovcs, 

tbmk tbiU dDoD is grctlp miurious tnto tbcm^erccpt be allotii 

ano fidetbcm. 13:jt iubcn fee p20rtouncett) tbat tbep are baine 

anOnoti)mgU}D:tb mbisrigbt, ftrfte tbe^beginnetofrette, 

anD afferuiarDc to btfrft fojztb tnto furious outrage. £)nclv 

impictie i£r tbc-lrttc lu'jicbetepctb tbem from beeing recoivs 

nleiitontt) C5£>2> : bnttbeptuoulDebeat peace tuitb C?oD 

after rbcirotuaelDili.'SI!)cliabicf)ebAxingDemei) tbem, t^p 

burnctoitbfurioupinoignation,tui!)icb2bccing concciucO a"^ 

gainft OoD, tbep poUizefcoztb agamUbiscbilDien . &otube!t^ 

<5ai:ie tx) is angrie Untb ^0D,bcUttcix0 bw maonclTc againtt- 

|)i5 innocent b:otbcr. 

6'-:'[ Then t!.e Lode fatcicvnto Came,] ^Olu tbe ILo^re 

tu^ctl) Cnint m bantir, anocitctb him bcfo;e bis Knbiu 
u.Ul feate> to t:)ccaD tLu^ mifcrablc Uj;:tc[) nncj'^t luioU)e,tl;at 



ftep;tofitfD nothing tDit!)W£{ oufrag^.^^ctumiltic banc boncnr 3> 
giucn to bis farrrfice£;,t^e tubicbe bccaufe tjc Doti) not cbtcinc, 
fteismaoeangrie, Blntljemeane tinictjc UoetbnotconODrr, 
that biff otDnctoickcDneCTe us ttje caufc, tijat fte bat!) net fji5 
toilfte.ifo^ if bcbau Unotuen tbeeuill tubi^ tuas bitjtjcn frcm 
I)im, be luoulD bauc left off to complamc am fintjc fault \xnih 
<DoD,anDtorageagainftbw innocent b;totbcr. £^ofes Coctfj 
not cirp;^eflre boio f in tobat fo;jte <DoD fpafeettubetber br a ti* 
fion^o; bp an o;>acle o; topee from beauen , o> cl£{ bp fccret in^ 
fpiration, be felt tbe beauie iurjgcment of (^oo tpon bim. %o 
tj:ali5etbi5totbcperfonofaoam,ant»tofap tbatbeloajs tbc 
|3;ropbete of dDoO , anD an interpreter , in rep^rebenoing bts 
f onnc,i5 tm far fetebt ano alfo colD. 3 beare Uibat gojO men far, 
iDbicbarebotbgoDlieanD learneD",tDbitbe Dallie U)itb fucb 
tmaginations : tbeir purpofe is to commenD anD ertoU tbe tx^ 
ternall minitterie of tb^ lDo;oe,anD to cut off all occaficn frcm 
tbeocluCons of^atban,tDbicbe be ootb infinuate o;crafti^ 
It? conuer in tntjer tbe colour of reuelatiotw ♦ iFo;^ tbere ia 
iTOtbing more profitable J confelTe^tben for goDlp minO£f to be 
feepttjnDertbeortJerofpreacbingitbeobeoicnce of tbe frrip^ 
ture, tbat tbep map not feebe tbe tuoroe of d^oij in erronioutf 
Speculations ♦ Wut toe nxuft note,tbat t\)t iuorDe of ;© 2> 
toas reucalct) bp oracles from t^t beginning , tbat tuben tbe 
famelbouloe beaftertJoarDepreacbet) bp men > it migbtbaue 
tbe more reuerence ♦ 3 graunt alfo, tbat tbe autboritie of tea^ 
cbing toas comitteD to ^tjam: neitber tjoe 3 noubt but tbat \)t 
tiligentlp aUmonilbeDanOtaugbtbiscbilDren. )15uttberuoc 
f© tiiolentlp turctt tbe tuoroes of spofes , tubicbc confioer 
not tbat CD fi) E> fpabe otberUiifc tben bp bis minitters ♦ llet 
tsrafberaffirme tbat d^oD, before fucb time as ttit beauen»» 
ip Doctrine toas grauen in tables of Hones^often times reuea^ 
leD bi5 twill bp ertraoroinarie meanes : auD tbat tW iuas tljt 
foundation tobicbe bare tjp tbe reuerence of tbe luortje: ano 
tbat tbeDoctrine tobicbe iDas ocliuereD bp tbe banDes of men> 
tuaslifeetntoabuilDing.^ut botue mucb tbat tmaginati^ 
finDotb ertenuate anD lueahen ttft foue of CDoos reprebenfiotr, 
al men bnotoe^tbougb 3 bolDe mp peace. JCbcrefore,as afore^ 
time tbe topee of d^oo bao fouuDeo into tbc eares of BDam, 

%ii) infcmucft 


^ 3 4" itifomuc!) fi)at ftc knetxjc alTuremi? tijat CD £D 3© fpafcc : eaenfo 
noU)c the fame i£ DirectcD tnto Caine, 

7 [If thou doe wcll,(lialt thou not be accepted )15^ fftcfe 

tDo:t)C0 CDoD rep;tcl)enrjetl) Cairte , fb; tljat be teas angrie 
tDitboiit a caufe , tubereas be \)iin felfebarc tbe tobolc blame 
of tbe euill . jf oi it \xmB a fcDlilI)e murmuration anD inDtgna*' 
tionU)bicbeU)a0moucD,b^caufetbefacnficri5 mo not pleafe, 
tbe faulte lubereof be Dio not fecUe to amenDe» €uen fo all tbe 
luicbeD , after tbe^ baue a long time, ano tene mucb fretteD 
ant) fumcD agaiatt 0oo,are at tbe lad ronuinceo b^ tbe iutJctCi» 
tnent of (S £D D, infomuri) tbat tbcr oefire in tmnt to la^ tbe 
blame of tbe euil tpon an other. S>ome of tbe ^cb:ue SDocto:^ 
refcrre tbofe luo^oej; to tbe c ountenaunce of Caine , as if (iDoD 
HoulDe p;romife to lifte tp tbe fame y lubicbe at tbat time 
tb:oiiGb foiroloeanogriefe txiasraftDotJone . Others of tbe 
l^cb^ues , o:aU)e tbem to remiCTion of finnes : au if it bat) 
bene faiDe , ©oe toll , anD tbou d^alt baue parDon . liSut bc^ 
caufetbe^Doe imagine a fatiffaction,U>bicbe tjoetb Derogate 
from free parljon , tbep arc farretoiDefrom £^ole5 meaning, 
S^be tbirDe erpofition c ommetb mo;ie neere tbe trutb>tbat liU 
ting \jp, fo: tbe tubicb tue baue here, (acccpteo, ano tobicb tbe 
l^cb:ue l)jo:t) alfo ootb fignifie,)iB token fo; honour after tbifl 
manner : Sphere is no caufe tubP tbou Cbouloctt muitttiv b;o^ 
tbcr5bonour:bccaufeiftboubcbauc tb^ felf angbt,CDoo ftal 
alfo oDuance thee to the fame Degree of bonour^lubo being nota 
offcnDcD i6 thr fins, bath conDemneD tbec to fljamri rep:ocb» 
i3nt this alfo likctb me not.iDtbers interp:et it mo:e fubtilr^ 
as,^ Cainc ftoiilo fino CoD fauoiable bnto bim,an0 fljoulo be 
cafeD U)itb bis graccif be b20ugbt the puritie of tbe heart p^o^ 
f ecomg from faith, lurtb rrternal facrifices. Ks) U)bcm alfo J 
gmc Icuc to life f imov their fcnfe;but 3 feare,lelt tbat tubicb 
tbep U)olD baue,be fcarfe founix.Hicioitie turnetb tbefe \uo;D0, 

Thou (halt be Accepted: Tliou llialt rccciiie : meaning, that 

OoDDocthpiomifearcUjarnctopure ano lalufull luo:flnppc 
lu!5icbeberequircth. .Qoluc that J baue reciteo other mens 
iuDgcnientes,let me titer that U)hifhe T tbiiilie ootb better a# 
gree. Jrirft, thei)eb:i!cUm:ototh fianiftcasmucbeasacfep^ 
ting, anois ttccont4'arieU>ticbeisfettxagain(lreieeting^ 

VPON GENESIS. CAP. iiir; -^ 

jaifo, fdeirtumentioH k made of a matter fubicrt, 35 mtcrp^ctc 5' 
tijc fame to be fpoben of far rificejs, fjoto that dDoD lu lU rccnue 
tbcm,tu!jctttbe^arertg!jtIpoffcreD» 2Ef)cpi)uf)icl) arcdulfuU 
tn ttjc !^eb;iie tonge^lmoU) tbat there ic notbing bcrc Id^ic Gcu 
01 Diftigreeiitg fro tbe p;ioper fignifiration of tbc luo:u. /;io1d,i^ 
tjerie o;ider of tbe matter Icaoetb b£ibcrctnto : tbat(DoDp;io# 
tioucetb,tbat facrifice£i arc rcicct£b,f arc of no p;ice,tD!jen tbe^ 
are offereo amtlTe : f tbat tbep ftal be recciucD,a£i acreptable,f 
of a 0050 fmell,if tbeir offering of tbem be pure f IaU)ful jptoto 
iue fee,botu tniuaCp Came is angrie^tbat bonom* is not Qium c^iad 
to bis facrificejsf , tubicb <^oo is reaotc to imb;iafe 1 to receicte, anger it 
fo tbat tbe^ mtgbt he free from fault jjiottoitbftaDing^lue mull vnhjft. 
Ijere toitball remember tbat tobtcb 31 f^iti befo:e,botD tbat tljt 
pnncipall point of iuell ooing is,tbat tbe goDlie bearing tl^tm 
felues bolDe bpon €lni(t t\it mcotatour, and tjpon tbe free re^ 
conciliation gotten b^ bim , benb 1 frame tbemfelues to ico:^^ 
fijip (i3oD fincerel^ , and toitbout DiCTimulatton . Cberefo:e, 
tbcfe tljDo are linked togetber in one knottettbat tbe faitbfull, 
fo often as tbc^ come ffflztb into tbe p.:efencc of dDod, are com>^ 
mended h]i the grace of Cbutt onclistbcir faults beemg ck:inz 
blotted out: and^etnotlDitbffanding doe b:ing tbitbcr tbe 
truecleanneffe of tljebeart [And if thou doeft not \ve!L]iDn 
tbe contrarie parte, ^od p^ronouncetbabojriblefentencea* *^\ 
gainlt Caine, if be barden bis bcart in tuickednes^and deligbt 
inbisfmne.^ndit isaberie fo^ceablefpacbe: becaufe 0oD 
doetb not onelp ouertb^otoeantjniutt difpleafure, butalfo 
Ibcluetb tbat notbing (ball be mo:e againtt Cainebimfelfe, 
ti^cn i^is olune finnc,U)bicb be folferetb in bis beart, Z^\)ub in 
fetue tuo:ds be rcp^ebendctb tbe tuicked man,tbat be can find 
no diift : as if be lljoulD rar,£Dbou doll p:ofite notljing b^ tb^ 
obllinacie. j?o;,tbat tbou mai^ett baue nctbtng to do tuitb me: 
tb^ ftnneiuillncuerfuffertbee tobeatrcH, but toll (barpl^j 
p:icke tbee^perfequute tbee,t);jge tbee , and tuill not fufifer tbec 
toefcape. !^creof it follotoetWbat bedidnotoneli? rage in 
t^aine and luitbout p;^o6te> but alfo luas found guiltie in i)i^ 
otune confcience,tbougb no man elfe accufed Unx* fm tuber:* 
8S it is faide , Thy finne licth at the doore : it is referred to 
tije in\»ard iudgement of tbe confciencc -, tobicbe p^cffetb fo;c 

%iiiU a 

*3 a f onuicf eD pctd^n htin^ hckttt on tutvic fitjc tin'ffj Ijfe Cn w^ 
3tctt&cU)ukci3attl)cir plcafure imagine tbatC&oti is iolciti 
fteauen, let tbem ftriue as mucljc as tbep can in repelling tljc 
fearcofljisiuDgcment : vet nx)tluit!)ttanDing tje loifl b;^ing 
ebeir fmnc before Ijis iuogcment feate, (tDbicf) tf)c^ feefee to 
Minj'con.^"""^ in Dcfpigbt Of tbcirtatli, ano tftougb tb^ fecbe bp all 
fcienccis aHieancs todoake t[)c famcXftelDt^icfje tuasnottn^noUjeix- 
thoudn J to tbe tcric igeattjcn^as tl^eir facings tellifie: anD tljcre xb na 
witQcflcf . Doubt,U)bcn tbep fap tbat a mans confciencc ff anuetb in ttaoe 
of a tboufanD tuitncftes, anD tubcn t\^cv compare tbe fame ta 
molt cruel Dcat!)>anD pjcfcrre it before anp to:mcnt, buttbat 
Cod luas tbeautbour of fiicbc fpcccbcs,U):efting tbe fame out 
cftbeirmoutbcs. );5ut tbe fpeecbc of ^ofes contcinetb a (in* 
gular fo:ce. ^innt iB faiD to li?cbut ret at tbe Daises, jfo: tbe 
(inner is not bp anD b^ to:menteD loitl) feare of iuDgementj» 
but U)alUct!;as it luere in a large ra)me,feeking all manner of 
Dcligbtes anD pleafures to Deceiue b«n felfe : but tuben be 
tomctb to tbe enD>be mectetb Ujitb Unnt in tbe face t)nlDares> 
SD!)en tbe conkimct is tabcn,bounD,anD to>menteD , tobicbe 
befo:etbougbt It felfe free, anD receiuetb Double punilbment 
fo^ tbe Dela^.CAlfo vnto thee hisdcfire ilialbeO^U 3;nterp;tei» 
tcrs almotte referre tbefe U)o;Des tnto Cnne,anD tbinbe, tbat 
b^ tbis aomonition loicl^eD luftcs are reffratncD,tubicb carrie 
atoar tbcminDcofman. 2Lberefo;re,acco2Ding to tbeir opinio 
on tbis lljalbe tbe fenfe: Jf finnc ar ifc againll tljsz , to fubDue 
tb^tjlubriJoefttbou giue place to tbe fame, anDDoellnot ra<^ 
tber labour in reftraining anD b;iDUng it ^ jfo; it Uias tbf 
part to tame anD to fubDue tbe bnb:iDeleD anD rebellious af« 
fections intbrflclbc 15nt Jtbmhetbattbepurpofeof ^pofes 
is farre otberluife . if o: icpofcs Doetb not fpeahe p^operlp of 
tbe l^ickeDnes it felfe, but of tbeblame anD guilte U)bicb com* 
metb tbereof. jflolu, bolue Iball tbefe too;Des agree, Vnto thee 
hisdcfire ninlbc:» But tbere nccDctb not an^ long refutation^ 
luben 3! lT)all fette Dolune tbe true anD naturall fenfe . Jt (cc^ 
metb ratber to me to be a repjcbenfion,U)berebT» (!?oD accufetb 
, tbcU)icheDmanofingratituDe,tntbatbe mahetb no account 
ikMcacia ofclDcrfl[)ip,anD of tbe bonour of tbe firfl: begotten, ffbe grea-^ 
Cuac. ter tljc beue&tes are Ujlncbc ang of bs ijatlj recciueo at tbe 


6ant)ei5 of ©3tJ,tf)c greater our impictrc fljall fl[)ctoc itttltcto '37 
bcercept lue fabc Diligenrt^ to fcruetljcantbourofgracc^ta 
tDljome iue are bounu. SDI)ongl) abel lucre lelTe regar^cD f Ijen 
l)i£S blotter Caine: ^ct notlpttliftanning,belua0 a Diligent 
iuo.:C^ipper of (Sod . Wut tbe clDer b;^otber tuo^fftippcD CDod 
negligently anD fo;^ a fall)ion,b|? luljore gajonelTe Ije loa^ txaU 
teD to fo great Dignttle : anD fo CDoD ampltfiett) i)t£i dtnne , be*' 
caufeI)eDiDnotfollotucbiflb:otl)er3ibel£ffteppc6,tPf)ome as Gcaj.ic. 
tn Degree of bonour^fo alfo in goDlinelfe be ongbt to baue farre 
ercelleD^ ^nDtbi0pb;^afeofrpeecbei5 t^erie commonly bfeo 
among tbe I^cb;:uei3,2nbat tbe DeCre of tf)e younger fl)oulD be* 
long tmto bun,to iDbofe toil be i^ fubiect.^o ^pofes fpal^e f on^ 
cerning^euabj HiinngtbatljerDefircd^ulD belong linto tbe 
man. 5l5ut tbey are cbilDiCbly fonoe^tufjirb ^2tft t^is place to 
p;roue free tt)iIl.iFo;^ aomit i? Caine it$ aomonitbeD of bis Dutie, 
f inDeuour bimfelfe to fubDue finne,yet notluitbflanDing lue 
cannot tbereof gatber,tbat man Ijatb any potoer of bim felfe : 
becaufeit is mofte certeine, tbat tbe affections of tt)t fleC^ arc Affcaions 
mo.:tifieD by tfje grace of tbe Ijolie gbolfe, lead tbey iftoulD p:e^ ©f the flt2i 
iiaile.j^eitber mull toe gatber 1? toe baue fufficientfltrengtb, J;^^?°"/' 
fo often as dDoD commaunDetb any tbing to be Done : but Ire ^'acc of 
muft ratber remember tbe faying of Auguflinc,Z)^^«<5^;«-J|,e},o!ic 

ifcSyC^ iuhe cjHod vdts , %^at is to fay , Giuc that whichc thou Ghoft, 
commaundeft,and conimaund what thou wilt. 

8 CAnd Cainc fpakc to Habel his brother . j ^omc inters 

p2etetbi0 to befofpoben byCaine,asfifbeDi(rcmblingfalf<» 
Iybisanger,fpafeeb:otberlytoabel.Hicromc erp;Je(rctb tlje 

tUO;De0OffpeacbelcbtCbpaireD,Conie,lctvsgoefoorth . iBut 

in my tuDgement it is a Defectiue feinDe of fpeac^e, ar.D fcme^ 
lubat not erp^eHeD is to be buDerttcoD: nottoitbttauDrug^tobat 
it (boulDe be it is t3ncerteine.ifieuertbeleire,3I tbinfee tbat £po;» 
fes Dotb rep;ebenD tbe UjickeD treacberie of tf^t hypocrite, 
tubo fpeafeing familiarly,bare a countenance of b;jotberly con 
ca:De, Dntill occafion \xias giuen binx :, to commit \)is UJtcfecD 
cnD bo^rible mnrDer.^nD by tbi« erample tue are'at 
hypocrites are neuer ma;je to be feareD> tl^eu toben tbey Dcfire 
conference tjnoer tbe colour of frici:DIbip:becaiife ubentbc^ 
cannot Ijurte by open biotence fo murbe ae tt;ey icouloe , tbr^ 

31,t3, fouocu* 


^ fouUcml^ DiCCmtble tbcm fclucs DcCrous of peace ♦ JBuf tficw 

cru« ^rc 'i^ "^ iJ^P^^ ^bat tfje^ U)ill finfcrel^ beepc faitbfull f.i^nolftip 

dangerous iDitl) mcH, luUict) arc frncIlanD outragiou£{ bcattcff againtt 

when they ©oD,/lieucrtl)clcirc,let t\)t rwDcr tocigb aiiD confiocr^Ujljeftjcr 

^'^^jn • ^'^^^^ ratfjcr ment not,tbat altljoug!) Cainc toasf rep;jcf)cn# 

fncDdfliip. (jcDofCoDt^ctncucrtbrlcOcljc rontcnucD U)itt) tisJ b^otfjer. 

;anD fo tt)i0 fpcac!)c of Came muft orpcnoc tppon tbat lubicbc 

goctb before ♦ 3 am ratbcr of tbw iuDgcnicnt,tbat be oio not 

lietpc anD conceale to bim felfc bis Unchco affection,but b.:uftc 

fdJitb uito tbcaccufation of bw b:otbcr,f angcrl^ la^oebpoii 

b»ntberaufcofbtj5bcau!nc(re» [And when they were in the 

fcldc.]!^crcof U)eQ:atbcr,tbat altbouccb Cainc complavncij 

ofbis b:otbcratbome, vetnottoitblfanDinfibefocouereD bis 

Diuelliil) inaDncflTe \»bercUutb beluaj; mflameOjtbatflbelfuf*^ 

pcctco no U)o;rc matter.jf o;j be referreo reuenge tntill a con^ 

The fruitc ^ixictxt time .^no tbi^ei one luicheD facte euioentlv' oeclaretb^ 

^^^^"^^^'^^^^ luberetnto ^atban carrietb men beaolong , loben tbe^bauc 

' baroeneo tbeir mino in malice,in fo mucb tbat tbeir obflinacic 

Dcfcructb 1 be maoe a notable example bp puntlbment^ 

9 [Where isHabelf JSCbe^ tubicb fcignc tbat^oam n(ktn 

Came fo; biff fonne 0beMjoeUjea!jen t\)c lubole fo.2ce oftbe 

. Doctri ne,lubicb ^ofcs purpofeti to oeliuer bere : 3$, tbat €?oo 

cucr b- ' botb b \? fccret mfpiration, ano alfo hy> fome llraunctc meaner 

wriycdby fi^mmonctb blouDic murDer before bij^Srtbunalffcate, anD 

one mca- tbniitjcrctb as it toerc from beauen againtt t^t fame, jf 02 luc 

aes or o- nuitt \) oloc fattc tbat Ujbicb 3 fa^oc befo;je : tbat as (Doo noUi 

^^"- talbctb ^itb t30 bp tbe fcriptures, fo in oloc time be reuealcD 

bim fclU to tbe fatbers bv fpeccbes from beauenrano after tbc 

fame manner alfo maoe bis inogementesf knotuen totbere^ 

p:obate cbilD;en of tbe ^aintas . ^0 tbe :anoel fpabe to 

agar m tbe tDa)D,aftcr (be luafioeparteD from tbe Cburcb, ajJ 

luc (ball fee m tbc firtccntb Cbaptcr follotoing/Jt mav be tbat 

Cod aflJcD tbiB qucllion of Came b^ tbe fccrete eraminationi 

of bw confcicncc,anD tbat be in libc manner aunftuercD in bijJ 

bcart iDitb fretting ano mummring, ^l^otluitbiJanoing/tDC 

muft tbinke ccrtcinl^,tbat be ^as cramincD not onclr bp t^ti 

crtcrnall toicc of man : but alfo bp CDoO bunfelfe^to tbc enD bei 

migbt f^lcitbat be liao to 00c luitb C?oo , JBut fo often a$ tb« 

vpoN GENES tS. cap. mi p'^ 

our Gnnc£f,let t0 remember tbat (I?oD Dotfj talKc luitt) i30» if o;t 
t{)c intuarDc ftrling,lubcVelDif I) U)c are conuictcU of our finucff, 
fe tbe p:oper Juogcmcnt t)»nll belonging t3nto C'od, U)bere !}c 
tKccutct\f \)ii$ iuriftiiction.^et tbofc tbercfojc take bitne b^ tlje 
erample of Camr^twhofe confcicnces uoe accufe t\)tm^ left tfjei? 
^arDen f ftemfelucs m malice « J?o: tbiis is to fpurne tn tiaDc a^ 
gaiitft (15oD, I to reClt Ouep fpirite, U)ben lue reiect tbofe cogita^^ 
tiom^ tef)ifb are notlnng elfe but p20uocat!ons to repentance, 
UBixt It IS tcD common a fault^to aDDe at tfje laffe, peeuifl) obfti^ obfiinacy 
nacietotbe fiunes befo:e committed, tbat <DoD migbt not be 'J * '^^"" 
obe^cD, tobo conftraincb tbe finner , maugre bis bcaDe, to ^^^^"^^ ^^ 
feele in his minue, bis finne ♦ Mbereb^ it Dotb appeare , boU^e 
greate tbe luickcnneffe of mans oifpofition is^l^bo being con^ 
uicteD auD conDemneu in bis oUme proper fenfe , ^et notUutb^ 
flranDing ceafletb not to fco,:ne ano to erclame againft \)i^ 
guDge Jt is monftruous anD fcnrelefte barDnefte , tbat Caine 
tjauing commttteo fo great luicluDnelTe , obftinateir reiectetb 
<DoDs rep^ebenfion, Uibofc bantie fo> all tbat be couloe not e^ 
fcape, liBut tbis bappenetb Dail^ to all tbe iDicl^eo , among 
tubome tbere is not one lubicb^ Deftretb not to feeme fubtile in ^^ . 
maWng ercufesifo; mans beart is fo inclofeD toitb fucb lur^ arcTubn'. 
feingco:nersanDbpturninges, tl)atit isatjcrie eafie tbing iyn)acic 
fo;> tbe luichet) to aDDc t\)t obftinate contempte of CDob to tbcir i^y the wic 
tuickeonedes : not tbat tbeir obftinacie is barbe encugb to re^ ^^^' 
pell tbeiuUijment of C^oDjbut becaufe tbc^' baruen them felues 
tb:ougb blin^e rebellion ♦ jf o: altbougb tl)cv be bi^JDcn in tbe 
foicfav'D lurking corners, i^et neuertbelcfte t\)cv are tercD auD 
f o;tmeatet) tuitb fecret burning ^.:^ons, :3[nD berebp tbe fo^ce of 
<15oostuligementisplainel^feenerUibicbfo pearceth into the 
ttcelie minDs of tuicUeo men,tbat tbc^ arc conftraincfi in tbeir 
ccnfcienccs to be tbeir otone ^uMts i ^i^eitber both be fuffc r 
tbem to blott out tbe filing of tbeir fault fo^ but tbat tberc re^ 
ma^netb tbe marke c: fcarre of tfee fecring p^on. Mben he De*^ 
nietb i^ be luas tbe kc£;per of his b:otbers life^altbougb bereb^j 
!)e gotb about to repel tbe iu^gment of C3ob tuitb bioient fouc: 
trt notluitbftartning be tbinketb bi'nfelfe to be clearcD b^ 
t.^is cauill, from gUiing an account fo;t)is fiainc brother, 



T becaure it Ijat) no cpp;c(l€ commaunDement of hkpinc tfis 

^ , ^ T o [ What haft thou done; The voyce of thy brothers bloud J 

in fomc'^ ^ofcfJ ftcUietf) bolD Uttlc Caiue p:ofitcD befo;e dDoDbpbaf^ 

cotries is a ttttg o; colourtng l)iB fauU *^t tt)c fird 000 oemaunoeD lubere 

brarenen-bij9b;ott)cr \oaB : ttoluc be cotTiinctb tno^t ncere bnto btni 

ginc rnaJt to maUc l)im,tuiU be mil be, confcffe i)iB Vuicbeonclle. iFo;j nti* 

' aiiNT-fs ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^'^^ ncitbcr tbe racke, nozani' feiiiDc of torment, i5 

byputtin" fobiolent to bjjjc malefactors, as Uias tbijs tbunoer ofOoos 

fircvndcr'!bopcf,tottnUevIame,anD to ouertb;oU)e \)im to confuCom 

much like jfo;C?oD oojtbnot inqiureanvmo;reU)betber be batb tone it: 

rnto Pha- jj^t pzoiiouiuing in one tuo:De tbat bebao Done ity amplifietb 

larif Bull, jij^ ^avnoufnes of bis luicUeD facte, ^o^eouer ivt are taugbt 

bnocr tbe perfon of one man, lobat ill fuccelle tbeir caufe (ball 

baue, U)bicb oare p;efume to pleaoe againft Ooo.iro^ be tobt^ 

Ercafcj ^be hnotuetb tbe tbougbtes of mens beartes,neeDetb not an^ 

may not long ciccumttace of inquifition,but in one too^o fo tbunoeretb 

hci pc ia agamtt tlje tuicbeiJ,guiltie,tbat it is fufficient cnougb to con# 

iudgracnt. Dcnmation.Hbeto^icians place tbe firft feinoe of Defence in De# 

nving of tbe facte: luben tbe facte cannot be DenieD, tbei?fla 

tntotbeftateoftbe qualitie. jfrom eitber of tbefe Defences 

Caine is D^iuen. ifo; C^oD botb p;onouncetb tbat be baD com* 

mittcD tbe muroer, ano alfo Definetb bolue IwicfecD bis facte 

tuas . 0nD bp l)is example lue are taugbt) tbat Ibiftes anD 

coIonreD ercufcs are maoe in taine^toben tbe guiltie finner£f 

are fummoneD to come before tbe iuDgcment feate of © £D S). 

I C ^^c voycc of thy brothers bloude crycth J jf irft of all<I3oll 

(bclDctb , tbat be bnoUietb ano bnoerDtanoetb tbe faulteis 
* of mcn,tbongb none complaine o; accufe: feconDlii,tbat man^ 
life is mo:e Deere bntobim, tbentofuffer innocent blouDeto 
3 betbcDt«itboutpuni(bemcnt : tbirDlv^ tbat be batb a care 
foitbc goDlp, not onel^ folonge as tbep line ,but alfo after 
Dcatb . CartblviuDgesfleepeteriemucb, tnlelfe tbeaccu* 
fer \}3a\itn tbcm : but t\)t ininries Doe fufficientlp p^ouoke 
<3oD of tbemfelncs to take bengeancc:^ea,altbougb he tobicb 
is burtc bolDc bis peace. %\)iB is a tDonoerfull fluecte confo* 
lation to tbe goDip, lul)icb arc bniuCflp bcrcD, Uiben tbe xniu^ 
tics Ooue Mo tbcni; U)l;icbc tbcc quictl]^ fuff^r, Doc of tbeir 


VP OH genesis; cap. I III. -. -r 

OtDftf ac co;jDc p;!cfcnf tficm fcUicis bcfb;jc the 3Lo jDc to rr qutrc * 
tengeance. j^bcl bcltjc tjw peace lolien be tuas flainc : but nf^ 
terbisDeatb^tbebopccofbic bloutJcmaDc amozc fo^eablc^^.''"^^"'' 
triCy then an? eloquence of Hbctojician^ coulee ooe . ^bu0," ' cincc 
opp^elTionanDrilence arc no lettetnto dD ^ © , buttbat ^ 
tje can iuDgc of tbe caufe, tobicbc tbc luo^loe tbinbeflj to be bu^ 
rieD.£D!)!JG; confolatton gtuctb tjnto t£{ plcntifuH matter of pa^ The fruin 
ticnce,U)ben tue beare tbat tuelftall Itofe notbinct of our rigbt,°^ patience 
tf U)itb a quiet miriot toe fuffer iniur ies : pea, (13 £) SD toill be 
mo;e reauie to reuenr;e our caufe, tbe mo;e motieftlp tbat tec 
fubmit our felues to fuffer all tbingc^ : becaufe tbe quiet C^ 
lence of tbe foule, fenDetb fai;tb Urong crie£f, tubicbe niaUe 
i^cauen anD CEartb to rtnc^ of tbem . ^nn tljiB Doctrine Doctb 
not onclp belong to tbe ftate of tbi5p;ierent life, tbatUie mai? 
bnotu tbat tljc fame bt? C^oDij p;jotection is in fafetie amiDtiell 
an innumerable fojte of perilled, but alfo puffetb bs in \}opc 
of a better life : bpcaafe tbat tbev,foz lubom (^oD batb a care, '^^^ 'f"-. 
remainealiue after Deatb.3nDa£f tbifi is a confolatton to tbe "'/''/^J"^^ 
j0[ODlp>fo alfo it is a great terrour to opp^efTojs i luicheD men: °^ Jj^^ 
becaufe viI?cD of bis oU)ne nature, not bg t\)c compulfton of o^ 
tber5,ta1^etb in banbe tbe Defence of fucb caufes^astoanttbc 
tirfence antJ apDe of mm , anD luill be an bnooubteo reuenger 
oftoicbcnncifc, altbougbe be tnbicbe is burte mabeno com^ 
plaint. ^5urtierers oftentimes triumpb,as tbougbe tbe? baue 
cfcapeD p:miibment,bMt <I&od lutli IbcUie at tbe laU tbat tnno^ 
cmt blouu Ujas not Dumbc,ano tbat be batb not faiDe in baine, 

fb^t The death of his SauKftes is precious "in his fight . I^OtU ^^-^-"5 '^5 

great eafemcnt of min?jcb;jingetb this bcttrine to tht faitbfuf, 
tbat tfjeif? fbculti not be ouer carefull fo;^ fteir life, foj tbe lubi^ 
ri)e tbc^ Ifeare tbat d^oD Dotb toatcbef X^t M)it^ is no fmall 
b^iojc anD terraurto tbe urtckesi^ tcbicbe are not afrar^e to 
ftarme mt> to Deiin?^ i'bofe,lab5ini d^oD ^atb talien • ^nber l)iB 
p;otecttan» — » ^i:- ". r •"- 

' nj';£, No wctbjcrcforcdioci wf^urfcd irorti the eartTi, J^JPrf 

fer tbat Caim leas conuinceD of bis \i>i<\m fact, be recciucffr 
ittOvtniient fa^-tg^ Himc ;^nnffrti^£^3>\m\\ttli ibt eartfc ro 
be an uiUrumf tcf bis tcnr^eahrr, becatffe it feiasD^frlcD \x:ith 
ii)i(bcD,mlD ^a^jix^k inia-^er;, i^ tf4Jeif>aD TaiDe^: 5nj^:i mat 


T^ itotoc tJenictOE tfjemurOerttDijicljcttjoufjatt commtffcli : baft 

tbc b;ute anD fenaclTc eartb it felfc tijall rnjuirepumlftmcttt/ 

and tt)i5 mabctb fo; t^c inlargutg of tbc batnoufncs of tba 

facte,as tboucb ^ ccrtcinc contagion ttjereof ramc cucn to tbe* 

cartb, to iubometbccrccution of tbc pimi(b»icnt 15 comnnt'» 

tcD. (Kll)cracfomctbinlictbatcrucltict5bcrc afchbcD to tbc 

f eartbi asifCDoDDiocomparctbcfamctoatDilDcbcaft, toljic!) 

D:cU)c ni tbc blouDe of ^bcl,tbcvliianbcrU)iDe from tbc true 

fcnfc. KatbcrclcmcncicanD gcntlcnclTcm mp lUDucmcnt^u? 

Profopo. attributcD tl;crcbnto,br a figure callcD Profopopoiia: bccaufe 

poiia.isthc ((30 c^^|^i0 abbo;ring filt!)inc0,opcncD bcr moutb to rccciucanD 

of f "crin ^^ ^^"^^ ^^^ ^^^"^' U)bicbc luajs( IbcDDc bv tbc band of Came a 

to^fpcaVc" lJ>ot!)cr. ifo.:fomucb tbc mo2c octcftablc is tbc crucltie of 

man,luljicb abbo;rctb not to fl)cD tbc blouU of bi5 ncigbbour, 

tbcrccciuerlubcrcofiiJtbcbofomcoftbccartb* ^no^ct not^ 

luitljftanDing, luc mutt not fcigne an^ miracle l^tmn^ a0 

tbougb tt)c blouD Iwere fucbt bp b^ fomc ftraunge anb bntoon^ 

tt^ gulpb of tbc cartb : but it is a figuratiuefpacb, tobicb bc<» 

clarcth,tbat tbcretoasmo^c bumamtiein tbecartb -, tbcn 

in man bimfclfc. 5i3ut,in tbat Cainc is noto accurfcD luitb 0^ 

tbcr U)o;Dc0,tbcn Inas aoam at tbc firO": fomc tbinkc tbat ba 

Xuas moic fauourabl\> Dealt tuitball : bccaufe (Dob intcnbeD- 

to fpare mantunoc: lubofe opmion batb fomc colour ♦ 0Dam 

bcarO it faiDC bntO btm^Curfed Ihall the caith.bcfor thy iake:; 

«mD noU) tbe tbunccr ofOoDs bcngcauncets (bahenanb laiDr 
tpon Caine. anb iubcrcas fomc tbinke tbat a tcmpo^all |hi*i 
r ntlbmcnt is notcD,bccaufeit is faiD,Thou art cui fed fiom the' 

cartliiratber tbcn,tr6 hcauen:lcft tbepollcritiexif Cainc,fccing 
all bopc of faluation cut off,(bouH) mo;c Dcfpcratcl^ run into 
tbcir olune Damnation : it fccmctb to me beric tueaSc r ItBut » 
3 ratbcr tbinlie,tbat iuDgcmcnt is committcD to tbc eartt^ W 
tbc cnD <Xainc uiigbt hnoto tbat a jtuDgc toas not to be fougbt • 
far off,anD tbat it luas not nccDcfull tbat xlngcls IboulD come • 
from beaMcn,fa:mg tbc cartb of bcr obanc acco;<)e offcrcD ber 
fclfc to tahc t)cngcaimcc. 

U [When thou Ihalt till the {ground. 1 SCbiS^ tS an crpO# 

fifion of tbc bcrfc going before. JFo: it Dotb mo:c cuiDcntl^ cr#^ 

i^^clfc; U)bat iti^ t9)^m(i:r^ fixm tbt cartb ; namely , iDbcti' 

. ' tb0 

vpoN genesis; ca?. I!!I: ..^ 

fterarfl) toiftftolucti) Ijcr fruit of labour from ber tillers ano *"^ 
inbabifanffi, 3([f ang man obicct,f fiat tUw puniUment luas a^ 
fo:e laioe tpon all mo;tall men m tfce perfon of aoam: 3 aun* 
flucr tbat 3 Doubt not,but tfjatfomtDbatof ttjcblclTinslubic!) 
rcniaineD,Uia£i taben from tbc muroercr , tljat be migbt fale 
tbat tbt eartb Uias an cnimie t^nto bim p;imatel^ . iro2, al^ 
tbougb ^on maUetb bis funne to (l)inc Dail^ Ijpon tbe gcD ano ^|^*^ ^"^ , 
bai): i^ct ncuertbelefTc be puniUjetb tbc (itmes of certeme men IVmOic^h 
fomctime, ano fomctinie tbe finnes of fome one people, UutI; men fc»- 
rai'nes, baples , ano Unnoe£5, fo often as it fecmetb gtootJutotinK*. 
btm, ano fo farrc f©;tb, as it is p;»ofitabIe to teacbe tbfm,ant> 
to put tbem in mino of bis iutsemcnt to come : ano alfo to ao*' 
nionilft tbe tjDo;jlD, b^ fucbe eramples, tbat notbing fljall banc 
tjappicanop^ofpcrousfucfccre, iJobenC'oo is angrie ano Oif^ 
pleafeo . ano CDoo tuoulo ibeUie a fingular erample of male^ 
Oiction in tbe ficfi murocrer, ti^at tbe rememb^aunce tbercof 
migbtneuer be fcgotfen,fo long as tbe U)o:lDe laffeO. [A va- 
gabond and a runnagate (IvAt tlxu be,] ^otu be tcxduttl) blS 

otberptimilbmcnt5lubicbetuas,tbatbefl)oulDnot be in fecu^ 
ritie ano reH in an^ place tubitberfoeuer be cnmc.cpofr s tfetfj 
ttDo tearmes , betlucene tbe lubicbc tbcre is fmall 0; no oiffc 
rence: fauing tbat tbc one fignifictlj K^o luanoer^ano tbe otljcr 
JDo flie. SDbeoiHinction lubieb fomc b:ing,tbat at}agatonD is 
be iDbicb batb no firmc 0^ ccrtcine abioing place : ano a run^ 
nagatclDbicbe ttnotuetb not lubicbe U^av to turne bim : is of 
no li3cigbt in mv^ iuOgement,becaufe it luantetb p2ffife.2:ber?- c^ioe 3 

tomcbe Iboalo be bnftable ano a tnanocrer : as tbeeucs com^ 

monl^ arclubo bane no rell o^'firme abioing » if 0: there iB "^^^^c"" 

tio manner Icoitc 0; conntenaunce of man, tubicb b;ingctb not^'/^^''^"J*^ 

a terrour tjnto tbcm;.ano tbccarefulneHc it frlfe is alfo a l)o:^ mloshcc 

rour iutbem.l5ut tl)i;s fecjnetb nottobea mate ^ conuenicnt , . ^. 

puniflimcnt fo: a murocrer, feeing it is ratber tbe fatUl con^ "^ 

tition of tbc rbilo:encf e;;2)ID: fo: tijcryOf all otber men/ccle 

tbemfelucstobetbcgrcatclipilgruncsintbe li^o^loe* £lnO i.Cor 4, 

^aulclDitbtbe reft of bis companions complainctbattbcv "• 

iaue no otuelling place in tbc tuo:lo. H aunfiuere, tbat Caine AuDrwcre;. 

isnotondi' conoenuKO tn coj^po^iill eriite : but fjatb alfo a 




Ht greater pimtD&ment la toe tpon l^im , a£t tfjat fte ll&all fin&e nd 
parte of tlje eartl),lDberc be Ctjall not be fearefull ano fusitiuc 
mmiutJC. ifO^asagaiD conrdence w iuftlp calleD ab;afeii 
luall: cuen fo a l)unD;cD Italics ano buItoo:hcs , D^all not De# 
liuer t\)t Ujickco from tmquietnclTe, Ebe faitbfnll are ffraun^ 
gers ant) fo:reigner0 in tbc eartt), ano ^et nencrtbelclTe ftjcg 
banc quiet ano peaceable reft ♦ Xtjc^ being oftentimes con^ 
Crainco b^ necetntie,U)anrjcr from place to place,btit Mjitber 
,, (beucrti)eFareD>iuenbi>t!)c tempett of perfequntion, tbe^ 
' liing Ujitlj tljem a quiet minoe : am fo drifting from place to 
placctijei' paflTe tlj lougb tjje too^to m fncbe tuife^tijat tlje^ arc 
cucric lubere tpbolocn iuitb tt)c band of d^oD ♦ &ncb fecuritic 
anu reH 15 not grauntcD to tbe UiicUet), tubo arc tb;eatenetJ h\» 
all creatures : ann altbougb tbe^ fauour tbem, ^et neuertbe^ 
leffc tbe minoe 15 fo DifquieteOjtbat it fufferetb tbem not to be 
at red. After tlje fame manner Caine>altbougb be ftoulDnot 
Ijaue cbaungeD ano OjifteD bis place , couloe not ll^abe off tbe 
feare ano trembling, iubicOe bcbatjconceiueoin bis minoe. 
ano altbougte bee luas tbe firtt manne f bat builoeo a du 
tk : )?et tbe fame is no Ictte but tbat be allua^es tuantjercD in 
i)is oUmc nett. r*^ 

13 QMypuninimcnt is greater tlicnicanbcarc. ] l^reilt 

all 3interp:eters fo; tbe molte parte agree,tbat tbis is a fpacfi 

ofoefpcration: bccaufe Caine, being confounDeO tuitb tbe 

iuDgcmcntofCoD,Dcp:iuetb buiifelfe of allbope of paroon. 

^ Ano tbis IS true,tbattberep;obateooeneuerfeclctbeirmife^ 

^od i^^iic ric^'^"t U)itb p:cfciTt DeHruction: fromlubcnce tbe^ ma^ not 

"wards tUapc : tbat is to fa^,\Dben tbe finncr is obllinate to tbe eno, 

oftooUtc ano batb fco:ncDtbe patience ano long fuflfcrauncc of €»0D^ 

rcpftancc. Sbis IS tljc lutt reluaro of late rcpentaunce : tofcclcbo^ri;^ 

ble to:mcntU)itboutremc:3ic: ifujcmai? call a blinoe, anD 

adonnilbcD fcare of puni(t)mcnt,Uutbout anp batreo of finne, 

» 0; Define of rcuerting,rcpcntauncc . &o JuOas alfo confcfictft 

bis finne, but baing oueriiJUbclmcD luitbfrare,befl^ctbtbe 

Rcpro- p:cfencc of Cod all tbat be ma^. Antj it is tin^oubtcol^ true, 

^.^'y/^";^ tbat tbe reprobate banc no meane. &o longas tberbauean^ 

^;J^4^^.^"rclT,ttjcv> arctjerie carelcCTc and negligent : but loben t\)^ 

cics. Ui.:atlj of O ;£) £) t).:setb t\)m\ > tbeg arc ratber crulbeo to 

f cec^0, 

VPON genesis; cap. imi. 

p&tt^thtn amentjct) • atberefo^c tbcir fearp maUctb tbrm 
tQiait\Uin(onnxcb tbattlicptbmhetppoiT notbingbut ^uer^ 
laftiitg Dcftruttion artD tfjepainc of Ijell . j|iotU)itljlianDing, j 
jDoubtnotbuttfjattbe too;:Dc£f Ijaue anotijcr meaning . jfo;t 

iD^en Cainc fa^Ctb , My puiuihmcnt is greater then 1 can .y 

bearc : t!)oagt) !)c Doctb not hereby crcufe bis finne , beraufc 
Ije 15 D:uien from all cloafeing ano fl)tfume off ^f ^bc famt,vefc 
ncncrtbelelTclicfcmplaiactft oftbe bcamncITc of tbe luDjje/* 
merit* CEucnfotbcoiuel^-, tbougb t\)t^ feelctbat t\}Cj! arc 
iiiff Ip to;mcnteo : ^ct fo;^ all tbat , tbcr rcaflTc not to cricont 
agatnft CD ^ SD tl)c 3!«i5ecf ? anD to lap crueltie fo Ijis f barge. 
aifo ftraigbt after folloluctt) tbo erpofition of tbefe luo^oe^, 

tuben b^ (^^Ctf), Bcboldc thou haft caQmc out this ctay from 
the earth y and froni thyface fliall I bjc hiddc .• JiBp U)bu!)e 

too:De0 be Doetb embentlp miinnur acpatnll: vID^jBD, as if be 
D^ouloe banDle timmoiz baroli? Iben luas metttj luitbout 
anv clemencie o^ mooeration ♦ ^o^ it is; as nmti)t as if be 
ftaofaioe, 3lf fo be a fafe tlDdltng in tl)e.too;toe be oenn 
eo me , ano tbat tljou Uult not toucbefafc to' care fo^ me,\jDba6» 
tben iuilt ti^u r^ociozmki Mere it not better once ta 
ty^ty tben Oailp ta^befubieetcto a tboufano oeatbcjes^f ^berc^ 
b^luegatber, tbattbc rep:(Aatet botu fo encr tlnv be con* 
uitteo anD confounoeo, neuer maiie an cnoe of erclaming: 
tnfomucb tbat of tbcir oton impaticnceano outrage thxyi tahe 
occafion to raile,ao tbougb tbep couloc bang CDoD into batref, 
tbjougb ibclceigbt of tbcir nuferie^Xbifi place alfo moieeui 
tientlp teacbetbjtDbat tbe conciiioncf tagarant lualiiing,o^ 
tbateiciie lua£«,tubcreof£pofc0a little bcfeemaDe mrntion* 
namely tbat tbe Ilo:u bao left Uxtu bira no co;^nf r of tbe rart^ 
too\ucllin,ozqntetlptotafee anprett in.ifo: be being crciii* 
Deo from tbe common rigbt ano Ubertteof men, tbat be migbt 
no mo;c be recboneo among tbe latufuU mbabitantes of tbe 
eartb,faptb tbat be is call out from tbe face oftbceartbranD 
tbat tberefo>e be fliall be a runnagate, b^caufc tbe eartb ibal! 
oeniebimenterteinment: tbat bemigljt be D.:iuen bp necef* 
fitie^to get tbat as it toere b^ tbcft, lubicb be pctTelTetb not b^ 
rigbt.SLobebioocn from tbe face of (Do^is not to be beboloen 
tK rf garoeo of Ooo>o; not to be p:otcctco br bis guaroe , 5lno 

1^* tbt«. 


I O HN C A L VI !<£ < 

tf)iiSfcdnfririont«a tuifnclTt, tD!)icI) C?ou baffj tu;cffcti onf b( 

No cc ^^^^ *^^«^l) ^f f l)^ tuicbcD mtirocrcr , tbat men f)anc no pear^ 

wuh"r except t\)t^ vttt tt)cm fcluca in tt)t p^ouiocnce of (SoD^anD 

Gojj pro- perfuaQc tbcmfclucs tfjat be Ijatft a care fo: tbeir life: anD that 

uidcacc. tfier Doe not inioi' anp of (13ods benefitc0,but Uiben ttjep alTurt 

fljemfcluesf tbat tljc^arc placeu in tljclDo^loe fo^fftiscaufe, 

to palTe their lift: tnDer fjts banoc and cpouernemrnt: ^ifera* 

bic therefore i5 t\)z inltnbititie of ttie U)idicu,tobie()e knotue 

tf)at tljci? Ijaue no one fote of grountie graunteo tnto tfjem of 


*- J4 Whofocucr finticth mc fhall flaymf.] )i5ecaute he t0 

nuinoje tnoer the protection f Defence of (5oD,heconriuDeth, 
that he Ih^ill be fubiert to all iniuries anDbiolcnce : anD iuftli?^ 
Jfo<i the hanne of (DoDonelp Doth luonDerfull}? p^efenit tj^ 
among fo man^ perilles^nD tbev haue fpofeen totfelp, tuhicfi 
llaue not onelr fa^ that our life Doth hang tippona ttueD: 
but alfo tM Uieare come ont of the iBontbe, from a hanD:eD 
^catheff,tnto a tranlitonc hfe.feoiBheit Came Doth not onel^ 
confioer tn thtfl place that bets fpopleD of CDoD5 protection i 
but altoy that all creatures are bt <^oDd appointmctit ar# 
ntcDagatnftbim^to take tennccauncc of the tuicfeeD murDer 
committcD . SDhtB is the reafon luh^bc feareth fb greatlp ta 
incete luith anp man, jfoi feeing man is a creatiirt maDe fo^ 
companie^anD feeing all men Doe natm'alli? Desire miituall tcU 
iotulhip : this is to Ue accotmteD monHruotts^ that the compa^ 
me of oil men toas fcarefiill to this mtirDercr, 

If [Wliofoeucr ilayctb Cainc. J. K^t^ tuhlfhe thinfte that 

this Ujas Caines iDithe^ tt)at he might Di?e once, to be riDD out 
of feare in contmuaUperi!les>ano that the p:olongmgofhi0 
life turnen to hiB affliction: j(j fee not Urith Inhat reafon the^ 
lueremoucD fo to fprake.But the Jetijcs do miiche mo;e ab# 
furolv m maiming this fcntencc:anD Do feigne m thefe tuo2Dj5 
a figure calleD Apofiopcfis, after tbcluhifh fomething not et^ 
p:elIcDtstobet)nocrftajDe:anDthen the^ frameaneU^e fen* 
tencctha5:Hc ^tll iKpumihcd foicnfoidc. 2Dhc\uhicb tbe^ 
luill bauc to be referreD to Caine.i;)oUjbcit ai9T?et thev do not 
agrxt05ethcr concerning thtfenfe. ;S>ome interpret thistjc? 
ru fonislr ofjLtkmzc^f^ \»t Vitili i^ctoe anon * )3>thcr(ome er^ 

poottUeitof tbefload, iubtcbecamel)ppontl)efcueiitb gene/ « '^ 
ration, ano tbat alfo is teric friuolou^ and taine , feeing tbc ^, - . 
fame tuasniot ap^iuatepuniflbment of cne fiocli,bnt gencrallB Lj agene 
belonging to allmanUinjD • put tt^tB fcntence ougbt to be reaj^ Tai pumih 

toOiuiOUall)^ tbU0, Doutkflc whofocucr flaycch Cainc,fliall be mcnt for 
punifhcd fcucn foldci^nO tfjifif ll30:tJe (S^OUtUflc) DOCtl) betO^ mankind. 

fccntbatdDoDtDoulDebaueacare^lcatt an^manlbonlDe reai» 
Dtl^fallto mnrDcr tjj^ot tbat d^oD o^Dcineo a p^iutlege foi 
tbe muroercrs fafee, o.j Ijearo 610 petition tbitt b^caufe jje^o^^^** 
Uiouloe p:auioefo; pofteritics , fo; tbe p;cferuatton of man* [^c pcdn- 
kinti.SDbe o^oer of nature luas monffruouaii tiolated. CObat on of mui 
tooulDc banc come to paffe aftertoarue , tlje malice and p;t^ dcrcrs. 
fumption of men increafing, tjnlelle tbc outrage of ottjcr^ bt^t» 
bene reUraincD tuitb tiolcnt bant)^ jFc;^ Uje Hnolue lubat pcUi* 
knt am oeaol^ po^fon ^atban ofifieretb in mil eramplci?) er^ 
ceptafpaDierememebep;ouiDeD.2nberefo;ie tbe !lo;De p;o# 
nouncetbftiatlJDbofoeuerftaU imitate Caine,ftaU not cnel^ Fui!cx:t 
be incrcufable bi? U^ erample,but alfo (ball be mo;e grecuouf* ^"^p'" *• 
I? punilbeD: becaufe tber ongbt to fee in \)iB perfoi;,l)olu Detef^ J^^*^^*' 
laWe a tuirfteDneflTe tbat i$ beft^e (S5oo . ^5aberefo:e tbei? are '* 
timcb Deceineo,tubicb tbinhe tbat tbe U):atb of C^D; t5 mtti^ 
fiateD b^ tbecuHome ofDnntng^tbe lubtcbe i£(ratbertberef 

bl? tbe mo>e inflamet) , C And the Lordc fct a maikc. ] 3 

fepDe befoje,tbat tbe llo;De graunteo notbing to t\)c murDerrr 
cf fauour,but p^ouiocD fo;r time to come , againll crneltie ^«i> 
bniuft tjioirnce. 2Cberefo^c^ofc£ifa^tt) notpe,tbatamarfea 
lua£r fet bppon Caine>lDbieb migbt be a terrour to all men:be^ 
caufe tbcr migbt beboloe asf in a glaflTc , tbat tbe iuDgcment 
of <I^oD tB to be feareo againU blouoie men . ^ut becaufe tbe 
|Q)friptwreDotbnoterp;:eirel3Dbat manner of fignc tl)iB tuas, 
3!nterp:etoure£i baue gbedeo^tbat bt^ bopi? alluap quakep anp 
trrmbleo. ^ut let it fafiftce l)£s,tbat tbere tua^ fome ttiti^Ie 
marbe,1t)hicb migbt reftraine tbe beboloers tbercof frqm 9 
(cdre ano bolonelTe to burte, 

♦ 16 [[Then Kainc wcnc out from the prefencc of the Lord. 3 

Caine 15 fappe to goe ftoxtb of tbe p;>efence ano figbt of tbe 
ilojDc:becaufe,tDberea5 bttberto be bao liueD tjppon tlit fr^rt^ 
tJnoer tlje 3lo;Dc0 p;Qtcctii)n,notoe be toanoeretb anD roajjitet^ 

a.i/* ab;caoc 

fVom t)itt)er f)i^ ?narD a0 a baiiiajcD man far ftparafetj 

hu<yh i ^^5 tlie picfence of <I^oD.£): elfc t)erilr (tobicb 10 no icflc p20ba«» 

ia»^/« ble ) ^Pdftfli bntJcrffanDctb tfiat lie U)avreD bcfo:e tbe Kvibu^ 

^'"- nallfeateof tbe JnDgcbntiUbeftoulDc be coniDmmeD: anD 

^^t notof CDoD bautng leaft off to fpcahc luitb f)im,bc bauing 

no farling of bii?p:crcncc, gottc fnm elfcluberr , ano fougbt a 

netpcbabitation, trbcrsinbemigbtHaDoluc hitn felfe from 

^^^^i^^^t!?eercsoffbciio:De. 2Ebe lanDe iDhttbcr Caine flcoisral^ 

*" : ■^. k^ tbc lanbc of j^ot^of tbe inbabitant.anD tubcrcaa it is pla^* 

rebon tbcCDadODcof^aarabirct tue map gatber^tbatto be 

true lubicb Ujc fcUDc bcfo:c, tbat :^Dam bab a certeine place al^ 

lotted bnto bim to dIdcU i\h crceltrng all otbers, botb fo;j tbe 

pleafannt fitnation tbcrc of,anD alfo fo; tbe pfcntic of fruitejr, 

^01 itmuQem^^ be a limif^D ano bounbeb place, tubu 

tbe li^etb'duer asamU DiuerT^ coaHes ano partect of d)c 

^iDOjIbe. • ' ' 

*"' ' '' 17 [] Kainc alfo Icncwc his wife. 3 115^? £^0(tS luO^Detf 

^' * . loe mav gatber,tbat Caine bab marrieb a toife before be fleUi 
.4.01 l)i^ bjotber, 0* elfe be IwonlDe baue fait>e fomeiobat noU) con^ 
h?rmng IjiB marrtagcbecanfe it toas a tbi.ig too^fbie^toljc re* 
memb?eo , tbat tbere Iwao a ftUcr foimbe, tuhicbe \Joag'mt a^ 
fcarbe to put ber fclfc into bis banb>U)bc luas hnctoen toljaue 
befileb bim felfe luitb bis biotbers bloubc, anb ratbcr cbofe to 
foHolD a banifbcD man anD a runnagate> flje \)auinq. tbe cboice 
tnber fclfc, tbcntoD\uellm'btrfntbcrsboure. flpo2eoc«r,be 
recitetb tW as a tbing monttruous, tbat Caine, rafting afibe 
nil fcare, of tbe Itobicb be rtiabe mention-^ applicb bis minoe to 
beget cbilmen . ifoi it is mcruell, tbat be, iDbtcbcfcignro to 
Ijini felfe fo man^ tmmka , as tbcrc toerc men in tbe lDo:lt)e, 
Did not ratbcr bibc bim felfe in fomcbcfarte afarre off. %\)ia 
alfo is againft nature, tl)at be being aftonnitbeotuitb feare, 
nn^ feclrng CDotJ to bcbent againd bim, coulD giue bim felfe to 
iinpmanncrofpleafnre. ij^ouie J boe Doubtc^tubetberbe 
bab begotten anvotbcrcbilo:cnbcf02ctbis tune oi no. ifoj 
it (bAir be no nbHirbttie ; if Uie far , tbat tbcr> tobicbe lucre 
begotten anD boine after tbe luickeb facte committcbt arc fpe*' 
ifiall^mcntionerjiasaocteftablefccDrranrjairo tbatbe repo:^ 
lefbtljc blouoie bifpofition anb tofbc manners of t\ic jfatbcr, 


VPOH GIN E S r S, V »! ^C A ?. liu: 

JCfjtetsoutof all .t»ntroucr0e,tftat tfjett are wati^ «£i tuell 
men as tuomen mnitter) : btcaufe i\fc purpofe of £pofe6 iras, 
topiokwtt one tine o; Ibtke onel^,t)nttli)ecame to Hamcct^* 
SD{)erefo;ett)e toufeof Catne tuas a murti mo;e populoucr 
boufe, tben ^pofcs erp^cCTetl) : butfjc toucbingone oncl^oj* 
ntxM rcafon of fte Iwo^tfji? hi^oxk concerning ilamccft,tut5i# 
cbe i)e lutll aDDe anon , oucrpalTett) U)tt!) lilence ttie reH of tbe 
number. n%^ 

. '»^- -[And he built a citic J2Cbi5 at t}je firff fljetoe, fdmietfi 
greatly contrarie, botlj to tbe iuogement of Ood , and alfo to 
ti)t former fentence . JFo; aoam anD tfje reft of bis familte, to 
lubome©^aD baograuntcoafircnanD firme fta^of btoeU 
ling, liuc in pa);ie cottages, o^elfc in tbe open aire, anoooe 
tate tbeir looginges tnoer trees tobere iljcy! cbaunce to ccme: 
Caine t^c bantft)et) man lobome <D £) S> bao commattntieo to 
tDanberasat)agabont)e,beingnotcontentet) luitba p;tuatg 
boufe, buiiocD fo: bint felfe a citit, 1t5ut it is iikeiip,tbat be be^ 
<ngamanofagiiiltieconrcience,ano tbinfeing net bim felfe 
(afr tnougb tuitbtn tbe p;iuate toalles of bis boufe , teuifco a 
netoe manner of munition . Sf^ ;aoam ano tbe reft line niff 
perfeoabioDe tb;ougbout tbefcclDes fo;^no otber caufe,but 
foi tbat tbe^ are lefte afearoe . OTberefo^e it is a token of a 
Cearefull anD guiltie minoe , tbat Caine Delireo to builce a ti^ 
tie, thereby to fcparate bim felfe from otber men : notlnitb* 
ftanmngberebi? It tjoetb appeal e , tbat tuitb bis Diftruftano 
carefulnefle pjiDe ioas io^neo, in tbat be calletb tbe citio 
after bis fonnes name^ Cuen fo often times,Diuers ano fun* 
u;i^atfc£tions,DoeftriueantJtiueftletogetber in tbe beartes 
of tbe iDicbcD . ifeare conceiueD of bis toicbeunefte , caufetb 
bint to inclofe bim felfe luitbin ftronge iDnlles , tberebr to 
fojtifiebtmfrife otbertuifctbcnbaD bene accullomeD : anD 
berebencefpnngetbfcD:tb batnep:iDeanD fiaellmg t^amtie* 
©crilp, be ougbt ratber to baue iuilbcD, tbat bis name migbt 
baue benctuneo fo: eucr» jf^; to Inbat cnDc Ibouloe bis na* 
me beremerttb:eDbut to be accnrfleo .if. ji^ottDitbftanDrng, 
ambition fo:cetb bim to crcctca monument intbcnamcof caiVi 
tbe citie to bis ftocl»e. mbatftjalltoelfay bere elfe,buttbatambuiosb 
iebarDijneDbimfclfeagainfttbe puniajntent , tbat bcniigbt 


• ^•roHN C At V rK^Ktf O t V 

^ f / Ijoltf out Hff aintr ©^3) tl) t HDclling f itrcf^ &f 6fe dbff tna? 

fie^ano,altl)ougbc it b0laU)fuU to Dcfcrtoc our life bpttie 

Thcori- iuallrfi anobitltoo:fec5 of Cities ano cafttcs : vet nottoitb* 

ginaiiof ftaiiDirtg tI)cfirfteo:igmaIloftbcmistobcnotcD: becaufctt 

wiiua CIS 15 profitable, attoa^^fi to bcboloc our faulfcc in t!)e remeoi^ 

Jl^]^"*' tbcmfelucs. anDtobcreas rcrtcinc fcoffcrs Doe DcmaunDe 

tafcatitc Uji()crcanofromU)b«iccCame jjottefoinaitf buiN 

ttrs anD U)o:hcmen to builoc a Citic : ano from lubence bo 

franrpojteo dtUim to mbabitc tbc famerjl in life'c manner ire* 

maunoc of tbcni,bp lubomc tbcf Doc befccue tbat ti;c r itie tuaa 

buitoco of foure fquareD Hones, anD Uutb oreat cunnin^f, and 

no Icffe coft ano c^av^^c , tbc biulDing tfjcrcof fontmuingn 

long time ^ i^o: tue ran gatber notbing bv trie tuo^tes of S^o^* 

fe0,batfbat Cainc loalleD V^i fame arbontfo^bim anobi0 

potf eritie , tuitb eartfj, o;^ elfe U)itb fomc fact) lihc grolle niat^ 

ter. Hs touching tbe inbabitantcjef: cnrn at tbe firft beginning 

of bumane fertiiitie ano increafe , lubcn ttc^ cant^ to tbe ne^ 

pbett)csnepbcU)e,o;tofonne£5intbc fomtb ocgr^of tincall 

Drfccnt , t)iB Cochc gretuc into fo great a numbcr,tijatit couU) 

caQIp make tbe boo^ ofonc :itit. 'r^*^ i^r. ti. . 

ip [] Lamcch tookc to him two wiucs . 3 ^tVt tU0 

The be- fjaue tbe o:iginall of tbe bauing of mc;^ luiucfi tben one, in a 

ginniog peruerfe and Degenerate people : anD ttfz firtte authour 

«>-po'ys^- tbereofatmlDeman,anDborDeofall bumanitie: ^ntU>be^ 

^^' tber be tccrc moueo berebnto tb;jougbe an immoDeratc Dcfire 

to inlarge ^is ttorijc, ao ambitious ano pjouoe men an locnt 

to be : o: tb:ougbcarnalIlutt, It maUrtb no matter: bfcaufe 

bpeitberof t^nn beb:afte tbeljoli? lalueof UjeDlofbe,tobi- 

tbe p:orccDeD from (&o:) . (Dod ban o:DcineD tbat tberc QjoulDe 

be tluo in one flcfbc: anD this tuao tbe euerlafling o:Der of na«« 

lure . llamcrb tb;jougb b^uttCb bcaClr rontr mptnf C'oD, co;# 

ruptetb tbe Ulne of nature, 5rbcrcfo:c tbe Lo;d tnoulDe baue 

t\)c fojrurption of laUjfull ^atrimonte to pjocecDc out of 

tbe boufc of vTaine, anD to beginne dt the perfon of tlamecb, 

tbat tbcp tubicbe baue manp luiue5,ma^ be albomcD of t^e 


2 [Who was the father of fuch asdwcllintcntcs.]^0tu 

)^fe0(bctuctbtbatamonjjtb$cuil5 Wl;id;cfp;ang frcmtbt 


fcdnreofCamc,tlj0rclxja0romcga)Dncfremirt.^o?rtnD!niirn# ' 
ttonofartedanDfucbotf^crUbe tt)tn0e£(>lDi)td)^rcruefo2tt)t . . 
(Ommont)fcantib0nefltcoflifc,t0 tfcc Qiftt ofdDoD not tobi^^j^"-j'^*vi 
rrcfpifcDjano abertue luo^tbie to be p;raifcD.3lt 10 mcracll tbat o^\Zi it 
ttcfame people iDbicbbaD mode fluarucD from aUiiitcgritic, cbcgiftof 
erteileD all t^e red of ^oam^ pofterttie in gtftc^i not to be re^ ood. 
pentcDof» (ij w 

$''^15ut mp iuUgcnicnt ijsf, tfjat jpofes f|jaftc cit:p;efl^ oftfjrft 
nrtts , foontje in tlje familie of Caine , to tfte eno loe mrgftt 
fenolDetbatitlDau notfoaccurlleDoft'ge llo;rj0, but that be 
tnt)U€D t)iB pollerttte tuttb fonie notable gifted. ^0; tt t0 Itbe^ 
lr,tbattbcU)itte6ofotbcr0Uiere not in t\)t nicane time tn^ 
erercifcD^buttbat t^ere locre (omc p;actireo anD f^^U^arD 
men among fbc foimefi of flbani , lubo buficD tbcmfelucs, in 
finDing out ano p:artifingarte5.flino ^pofc^irpzcfivtcnimcn^ 
(etb in tbat peo}ke tbe blctTIng of (u^od lubicb ^aa left^ U)!)fd}e 
otbertuife toaB tbougbt fo be cleane botoe of all gco lbinge0. 
ilet ts knotue tljerfo^e tbat tbe foimes of Caine turre fo Dep;i^ 
ueD of tbe fyitite of regeneration^ tW neuerttclelTc tber tuere 
tnoueo bDttb gifcc£! not to be Defpireo :eiien ajoi tbe erpcricnce 
Ofailage0tearbetl>,botue tbat as tourbing tbe furniture of 
Ibis p^efent life,tbe beames of (£»oDg glo;ie batb alUiaT» O^incD 
in bnbelffuing nations: anD at tbi0Da^ toe fee lubat ertcllent lBcmII 
giftes of tbe fpirite,are (bcD fo;tb bpon <all manbinbe. ^o:e^ artcs arc 
cruer>tbeliberallartesano fctences baue flotueb tobs from prccccHrd 
ibe li^n? l^catben : tnfonmcb as tue mutt neeors afcribe tintfi ^[""'^ ^'«*: 
tbcm 0(trologit, anb tbe otber partes of J^bilofopbie, ]dl)^f 
Ccke, anD tbe o:Der of ctuil gouernement ;anDtberetsno 
ooubt but tbat tbe 1Lo;De batb as liberalli? inricbeb tbem 
Juitbercellent grates, to tbe enoe tbcir impietic migbt-baua 
tbe kfTe ercufc. Di5ut let t s in furbe lotfc \)mt in abiniration 
tbericbesof(2^oDsgrace,lubtcbb^bathpoty:cD bppon tbem, 
tbat toe mucbe mo;:e rllame fbc grace of regeneration , 
toberetuifb be boetb fpcrialli? fanetifie to Wm fclfe bis c* 
ktt SLttty tbougb tbe fiuDing out of barpcs anD fucbelihe 
spuOicall inftrumentes , Dotb ratber ferue fo; pleafnreanD 
beligbt,tbcnfo2nece(ritic:pet notluitbUanDingit ougbtnot 
tois^m^ (Uti^etberfupcrfl^ous> anD mucb IclTe it Defer ueti) to 
*' a* !J,iii;. bi 


^ / '^ be corttJemneD in it felft.^leafurc fe trnhmi mt > tnlefTe it bi 

io'pnt^ tutti) tbc feare of <15oi)i^am) \mtti t(;e ccninion p;20fifc of 

Ma4;ke tumauefoficttc, I5utrttfl)ct5 ttjr confioeratian of ^piififfer, 

isoticretf tWitmai^btnp\y\ie^tot^znutits Df goDlmetTe, anDma^&t^ 

iontncn- fopzoftte incntfo tbat ticious ano tuichcD inticementcn be 

^^ic- not lov^ncD tt)creU)itb: ant) if fa be tljcre benot a tainc DtUgbt, 

Uibif I) bolDctb men int)anitie,brtn50:alDncali!av frombet^ 

tercrercife5.)l5ut aomit that tbe mucntion o: Deuife oftfje 

ijarpc oefcrtictb no p;aifc>tJ^t it w fufficientlp feiioUjen> botoa 

farre tfje p;ofitc of the Carpenters craft crteuDett) it felfe ♦ jn 

f ortc!ufion,tbe purpofe of ipofcs, in mv iuDgement is to teacft, 

tbat tbe fame people fiouriCbco loitb funo^ie ano notable 

0ifte0,U)!)tcbe botb mijjbt mabe thtm inernifabfe, ano alfo 

triigbt be euiocnt tethmomcB of tbe gmtjnrs of dDoo, \$c ifi cat* 

leD SChe fatber of fucb ns oiuell in tentes , becaufe be lua« tbe 

firtle finoer oat of tbat commooitie>lubt(()^ otbecd aGtertuarOif 

foUoljoeo. i; u iv . V 

23 [Hcarc my Voice yc vviucs of Lamcch. 3 jaCbc purpofe 

offlpofcfJifl to frp;eirc tbc crueltie of tbis man, tobenot^ 
luitbttanDin^ kia0 tbe fift from Caine t^ muroerer of 
tis b^otber : to tbe tmc toe ma^ bno\ut, tbat be tuao fo farre 
from being terrifieo bp tbe erample of viDooa bengeaunre, 
lubicbe bebebeloeinbifi greate granofatbers granDfatbcr> 
tbat be U)as tbe mo;e Defpcrate ano ftonie bcarteo* &ucbe ia 
tbe pbfliinacie of the luicfeco : iro> tbcv arc fierce anO oat^ 
ragiouo attbepunilbmentes of Ooo, u^bicbe ongbt to matt 
tbem meefee ano gentle . 2:^be abfuroitie ano baronclTe of tbie 
place,lubicbe batb b<ioujjbt fb^tb bnto b0 Diners tnterp;ctati# 
on? came fpecialli' brreof,tbat tuberas Jd©ofefi fpeahetb as one 
tbatbeginnetb luitb onematter,anOfouoenlr b^eaketb off ta 
onotber,tbe interp;etrrs banc not confiDereo U^berebnto ^i^ 
fpeacbc tenoeD.SDbe 3|cUir*,arco;omg to tbeir manner , baue 
imagines a tjaine fable : as, tbat ilamccb toas a bunter,anO 
blmoc, ano fo^ tbe fame caufc baoabcp to guioe bishanoe* 
iJoUJc Caine lurHing in tbe UicoD^Ujas Dame bv bim UJitb 
an arroluc : becaufe the \iq\! Do:min0 bim to be a tiulDe beaff, 
birectcDbis banoc to (bote at bim . 4I2lberefo;c be reucngeD 
bim (glfe on tbe laDDe>lDl)o ti);ougb l;ui Umntc ofbif(retion> 
;> ; luad 

tons tJ)t caufe of ftc murocr. ffifjus tijc i5no;anfc of rtjc maf^ ^ ^ 
ter biaa^bt to pair:, that eucr^ man imagiitcD fomciwtiatae^ 
co;^tn$ to ^15 olunc fan taOe. But in mp opinion tt}ctr i ux^q^ 
ment t5 true,lul)tc() tume ti)e iHerbc of tbe^p^eterperfect tenfit 
^nto tf)0 time to conic o^ future tenfc^ ^no t)nDcr0ant)e it 
imtfinitcl^ : aa if be oto boafte , tbat \)c luaa K rong ano \iio^ 
lentcnougb) tohtittbemoKe Urongeniinie « jIDt)erefo:c 3 
reaoe tbe tert after t^w manner,! will kill a man^&c. ^nD lue 
mud note tbat otcafton, ns 3 fai^oe, IdMc!) be bao to t)fe fucije 
tathetpttbbu; tutue^.cMchnotoetbatblouDnf^eODerd, as tt)ep 
are a tcrrour to otbers : fo ttjep are bateo of all men, SLfeere^ 
fo^etbetjiolence lubicft toaef in itaniecb mo iultli? terrific f)ts ^ 

lotue0:fo;^ fomucbe as tbe fame 10 oetedeo of all manhinoe : ^? 

left tb^oujTf) a confpiracie all mm ftouloe oppicCTe \^imj\)t cc^ ** 

ferutng tbe ftatreo antj curfe of al men ;^otu ^ofes to eppufle 
I)t0 Defperate barbaroufneOe, toberea^ tbe faire fpeccbed ano 
fmajtbbebauiouroftbe ioiue^^id often times tucontto mi* 
tigate rruell and fierce bufbandes , faptb tbat Jtamrcb tur# 
net) f(D:tb into ttit bofome of bi0 tuines tbe popfon of bi0 cru^ 
eltie.2:be fumme is ttiis, tbat b? faoaftetb tbat be ^atb cou^ 
rage anD firengtb enougb>to terrific mv tbat ourft alfap htm; 
3fn tbefe too^de^^fA man,anD,A yoni man,) is fontcincd a rc<» 
petition ofone tbing,acco:tiing to tbe l>b.zuc pb^afc: lelt anv 
man (bouloe tbinfte, tbatfuno^ie pcrfons are notco: tuiing 
tbat in tbe feconbe b^ amplifietb bi^ furious p2efuntptiorT> 
toiien be boalletb tbat ^oung men in tbe niiooca of their flo^i^ 
fbing age are not able to refill bin : as if be ftouinc tap , i.ct 
tbe molt baliaiit cbampion come fooztb^ano lobat focurr be bc^ 
3 toil ftil bim. 2Dbcrfo;e be is fo farrc from putting b»0 tciucfi 
in bopetbat be tuill benb btm felfe to a mo;e bumane ano tt> 
till life, tbat lihc tjnto a maboe beafic, be fbmetb fo;itb notbin^ 
bntmiirDerartDblouoajsb. Mberebp it ootb eafilp appeared 
llrat be bciitg altogctber repleniOjcD toitt) crueltie,rrteinrD no 
parfeof bumanitie. SDbefc \jaoibe0 (\Dounce, anb burtc) ntair 
be reao Diucrap.Jf fo be Vne tl}inke it grnDto reao tt ti)iiSyin tbe 

jaccufatiue cafe, I wilt kill a manmto my wouncic, and luirtc : 

tbe fenfe ©allbe j J^tjoi^Dc of Mlrare, Dd tfik? tbeonnngcr tbat 
ma^ fail> biipaami? felfe :at niif perifl be & :U3batfactler bc^ 
ti^itiiji j^,b, ti^< 

^T iioe me : becaufc 3 knotoc tocll manege b^ lubat tuai? to t9 
tape » 0nD loc muH make one fentsmc of t^at tubtclje folfotu^ 

4tb : Caific ihaibc aucngcd icucnfoldc, &c» 16at if UJt fcaO ra> 

it^er reaD it in tbs^blattue cafe, tf)D0,3 lutlt tttl a man;tn m^ 

^iDOunt), ano m mi? l)urtc, f ben ti>e tiaue alfo a Double erpotf^ 

hon : ttie firlli£i,;^ltf)ougb 3 Uicrc U)ounDeD,vct notUutftftan^ 

ptng 3 u^oulD htU a man : li^Iiat lotli 3 do ti?m/3 betnig^ tol^ole 

anD free from barme i SCtjc otbrr t0, 3f anp man p;iouol5e me 

tl)2ougl)miurie,o.igoabouttoopp?cflemc,i)efl[)all luell fate 

ti)atbet)8tbtoDocU)ttballronganDt)aUauntman. ifo;> be 

sinn€ the (ball not cftape tnpuntlbeD \x\^i^t feurtettime* 0nDtfji5iii 

oiacritism^iuD5;ementigti)cmo;cfounD crpofition« SDbiB erample 

the Nvorfc tcacijetb , that men doc alfcuarcs orotuc from eutll to tDo;jfe» 

uwixcth. jfQ. ttjeluickeDfatteofCainc UjaBDeteCablc: buttbecrueU 

tit of Lamecbcamc totbatpalTe^ tbatbefpareDnotmanncis 

blotiD.®o;eoucr,UJbcn be fectb tbat bis Ujuiej5 are alfonniftjcD 

tb;Dugb fcarc,be is fofarrc from makeneffe ano pacification, 

tbatbe U)bcttetb ano confirmetb bmifeIfetbenio:e in crucU 

tit. SLb«0 tljcb;:utilb outrage of cruell men Doctb increafe, 

iDbentbevpcrcciuctbattbei^arcbateD: anotbe^arc fo little 

toucbeo U)itb rcpentance,tbat tbe^ arealh)ai? rcaDic p;ell tp 

buric one murDer Uiitb tcnnc mo;e . Mberebpon it r ommetft 

to paCTctbat tbet? ncuer make an enD of CbeDCing blouD , after 

ftat tbcT' baue once imb;mcD tbemfelues tbercU)itb» ^ 

24 [Cainc ihalbc aucngcd fcucn foldc J Sp^ putpofe XB not 

to fette Dotune tbe D;came0 ano Doting imapnationg of all 
men : neitbcr luoulo 3 tbat tbe rraDer^i IboulD loke fo; tbiB at 
m^ banD . 3 tuill elfeU^berc b;ijcflT' ano fparingl\? tout* tbem: 
Cpeciallf if tbcrc (ball be att^ pretence 0; colour to Deceiue : to 
t}^t encc tbcreaDcr5 ma^ learnc altoa^to take becDe tnto 
tbemfelife0,beingfo often times aDmonilbeD. £Dberefo:e ais 
toutbmg tbt0 p :efent place, tubicbe batb bcene Diucrflp hucf* 
tea, 3 care not iubat tbi^ K tbat man batb Uuitten, but tuilt 
boloc m^ felfc tontentcD luitb tbe true anD p;opcr erpofition. 
<3onsU)iUtow>tbatCaincfboulDbeabo2nble crample too^ 
tber0 to flie uiurDcr : anD to tbic enDc be fette bppon bim a 
markcofrcp^ocbe. i^eucrtbelcde, leaft anrmanflioulDfoU 
lolus4^ U)uIu;d fadj \^ (4iDe tyottobatfociwr be U)a0 tbat 

. ■ (Jj^oulD 




Iftoulo Siir?)fm,fte (Ijonfo be pimiC^cD TeuenfolD moje.?iamert) 
UJick^Dl^pcrucrtingtt)isfcntenccof(!5ot», fr o;^ncf t) at bifi fe^ 
ttcrifiet fo;tt|)crcoft)etafeett) greater lil>crtic tcCnne , as if 
000 I)aD oiucn fome fingular p;iuilege to murtjcrerf?. />ot 
that t)c tljoiioibt fo in g(nDearneft,but becaufe1)e being tjovDe 
itifl[)cD,n!tt» in tbc mcane timt in Dalliaunce Ije p:rtent!f f b tl)Z 
name ofOoo : cum as did tbat Dionyfius ^ luften be boaCeD 
Ibat tbe OOD0 did fanodr Defperaf e toicUeD pcrfons, to tbe enD 
^c miffijt put aU)a^ tljat infamic in tbe lubicbe be iuas. itpo;^^ 
fiucr,afl tbe number of feuen in tb^fcriptureCgnifietbaniul^ 
titine,eucn fo fencn folDc tntbiis place, anD in otber placc0 at 
lb, 10 tatot foj rtretDing incre^fe , acc0:Ding to tbi« f aping 

of <C4):ilfce, 1 dy iiot vnto thcc that thou /halt forgiuc thy bro- ^^*"^i- '8 
thcr (euen tinus,bulf feUcntic times fcucn times, *!• . 

v^, 2^ f And Adam knew his wife againej l^ercof fome gaj» 

!!>er,tbafattbat time our firftparentcs lucre iuitbout atx'^ 
off?2ing, faeinn: one of tbeir fonneu toaa Qaine , ano tbe otber 
tan afarrc off in to erile* But it 10 not ft edible, tbaf<^am 
«m^iiab tuerc barren fo m:\n^ vearc0 , fpec taC!^ tbe bUf/ 
fing 5f CDcD being at tyat timt fo plcntlfuU m inlarging man^ 
kiritc. But ratbcr before (ut\)ctimc a^ abcl luars flaine , l^e*' 
wab baD bkm fafraitcfull in b;inging f(D:tb cbi!D;en,tbat fl)e 
baD ma^^Daniij boufe populous . JF^i it loas mcete tbat tbe 

CffectCOf tf)i0 fcntcafe,Cjiovvc ye ^nd multiphe vntiH ye haue 

TC'jUnilhcd tliccarth, l^oulD fpedallv appeare in bint ano in 
I^i0 tyifc. ^2a[bati5tberefo;je tbe meaning cf ^ofciJf ifo;«^ 
fotb tbat onr SrHparcntes being alfcnnilbeoUjitb tbe bo;^*' 
rour oftbetuicbcD mnrDcr, abftetncD fo;j a lubi!e from tbe 
mjitrimonial! bc03e. iro2 it coulo not otberlmfe be, but tl)at 
fte^ fnonlo be ahnoUe quite Difma^cD anD rea^' 
ping that fo;roH)full 1 bitter fruite of tbeir falling from CoD» 
i!nD mbere as nolu CJ^ofcs cucrpalTetb otbcr0,v rf^fon is this 
becaurcbcbaDpisrpofe^ to p:ofequute tbe generation of tbe 
go5befr5 tbe line of ^tb.lBut in ii Cbapter folfoliung^Uihere 
Se faitb>tbat a^5am begate fonncs « Daugbter^: be c cmi::ebcn^ 
Dctb no Doutt manv^lDbtcb lucre bo:ne befo:Jc >c>f tbi of \wbcm 
not^Uanoing no great account is maOe^bcfaufe t^^p vuerc fe^ 


jy^ ^ tOHNCAtVlKB 

paratet) fro tW bonfe tofticb tDo;^flj>ippeD (Dory purgfr,f arfcW 
auD migt)t trulg be countcD tbc c^urrt) of ©oo.cFor God hath 

appointed mc an othpr feed for Habcl . J felje tnCiXmtl) feme 

Other Oiigular feua , iro.j toe faiDe , tfjat otbers lu^re b;ougl)C 
f(D^tb, UjbKbe lucre srolone alreaoie bcfoie tljc Deatb of abef. 
i;3ut 05 niankenoe is p:onc to emll , fo tjis \x)\)ok boufe almoft 
WO br oiucrs nuaim c o;rupteD it felfe . S!Cbcrefo;e "i^cmb 
IhiD coiiremeD but a little bope of tfjc rett of tbc muUituDe,bn* 
fill fufb time a0 C^oD baOraifcObptjnto bera neUic faoe, of 
IjJbome Q)c bopciD better . Mberefo;e Ojemafeetb accoant tbat 
m is Dep;iueD in tbe perfon of abel, not onl^ of one fonne,but 
ofall (be rettofber cbilD;enalfo. 

-'r26 [Then began men to call vpontlic name of the Lord 1 

SDbere is a figure ealleo Synecdoche in tt^is U)o;0 ( call : ) be« 
fnuocirr. caufeitDoetboenerallrcomp^ebenDetbe lubole tooiOjippeof 

21'^" ?u^^ -anD religion is aptlptearmeo of tbe p^tncipall parte 

po.ntof t^^i^of JFo;CoDp;eferretbtbu5Duetie of goDlineife and of 

thcwor. wtbbefo;eauotberfa(rififeB: asiuema^ reaue in t^t fifHc 

fliip of pfalme : reatbis is tbefpirituall iro;tbip of dl^oo^tobicb faith 

Go J. bnnjjctb foj^tbXbe lubicb is p;incipall? luo^bie to benote^t 

becaufe featban goetb about notbing mo;e, tbento ft^ge 

o?f^lQfie,tDitb allmannerofro;ruption, tbe pure too;lbip 

of Ooo; o; elfe to b^ing bs from inuocatingbppon CDoo alone 

to calUpon tbe creatures: ?^.ea,bebatbnotfeaaeo top;a(tifc 

tbis from tbe beginning of tbe too;jlDe, tbat miferablemen 

migbt loearie tbem felues in \)aintin tbe falfe U)o;liippeof 

O £) D . Wut let bs knoine, tbat tbe tobole pompe of aoo. 

ration is notbmg H)o;tbe,ercept tbis p;incipall point of tuo;^ 

lbipingOuDarigbt,bekept» iBoUifaeit inemai? mo:e fimplp 

eFpounoeit, tbat tbe name of CDoD toas at tbat time atiatne 

rememb;ep ano celeb^ntcD . Wut tbe fo:mer fenfr, bccaufe it 

IS mo;e full, ant) conteinctb a p:ofitable Doctrine, ano alfo a# 

greetb iDitb tbe bfuall pb^afe of tbe &cripture,is in mv nmt0 

!^n!lVf'..^?/'^''.''^- ^"^^^ ^^ f°"^^ nnagination , tbat 
lamg gpofcs Dotb not repjcbcnDc bere \s)i(kc\} fuperCitions,' 

peo O i£) i£) pur^ig 0,10 arigbt, religion beinij co^rupten 



VPON genesis; G'CAP. V. ^' - 

among otljcr£J.0nD ^tt nottoiftUanoinigf tijerc is no ooubMjut ^^7 
tbatJaDamanD!^cunl),anDn fcluc otftcrs of tbeir rbilojcn, 
iuere tf)0 true tDoiiftippcrs of C^oo. HBut ^ofcc meanc^b, tbat 
tuicfecDneflTe fjao fo oucrflolueD in tbc IwojlDe at tijat timcttjat 
religion tenocD almoft to oeftructiontbctaufeit rcmaineo onc^ 
I^ in a fietoe men, ano flourifljeo not among ani? one people* 
TH^t map cafilp jjatber tbat ^etlj toajstbegmD ano faitfjfnll 
fcruaunt of <S5 ^ a> . 0no, after tbat be begat a fonne Uhe \}n<f 
to btmfelfe^anD bao \)w l)oufe toell o;oereD,tberc began to apt? 
peare a Diftinct Cburcb 9 ano tbe luo;n)ip of dDoD Ijoag fet tp, 
lubirb rtjoulDc remaine t3nto polteritiejef , &ucba refbjmati* 
on of religion tjua£( maoe in our time alfo: nottbattbe fame 
tDasttterlpertinguifljeobefo^e, but becaufetbere loac no 
cetttint 0; knotuen people, tA)t)icbe calleo bppon tbe name 
of tbe llo;^De, betaufe tbere loas no fmcere p;:oft(rion of faitbi 
ant) bccaufe no finccre religion couloe ani? toberc be founoe, 
^^Hberbp it ootb tco euioentl^ appeare, boU) p;one mtn are to 
fal eitber into grofle contempt of (£'00,o; elfe into fupcrftition: 
Inbcn a£( botb tbefe tuiit^ mult neeoe^ at tbat time ouerflotue, 
feeing !Spb(e0 repo^jtetb it as a miracle , that tbcre tDa0 tbeii 
buti^m^boufe, tuberein tbe luo^d^ip of dDoo luaK t^feo, 

CHAPTER. V. . . . 2; 

His is'tlijebopkeof tlic generations of Acl«<m* 
^^u. In tliq cjay Wherein God cif:«^tccl Jtian , in th«i 

^VlJ-jJikcncffeofGp^imadehchifn^ m^u!. c-. 

Male and female created he tlicm, ancf 
UciTeci tliem, and called their name Adam, 
in the day that they were created . i ■ '^, 

-rk! J jtJSo^c Adam Iti^cdan JiutidreSand £hirti(e'yeares5.«ncl 
bega| ^ ciuld^ in his QW^ic^lik^npfle , 4ftcr lusjfxUgc^^ and caN 
ledhisn^meShcth, * .?iM 

t*. 4) ; jAi^thoday^soCA^im^i^ft^r be bad begotten Shech, 
were eight hundred yearcs,and he begat foni;e$Aod daugh- 
ters* ,,,,, ..,:e;:. .■,^.:}thlr^-^h-^::hon-.)'^:-^ 

S So that all the dayes thatrAdam litttrf, vsxre nine bun;* 


/^ 6 AndSlKthlittc44ab»fl4reda;jd6«cycar€s,anclbcoatc 


, And Shcth liucd after he begatc Eno/li , cigfic liundrci 
and fcucn ycarcs,and begatc fbnncs and dauglitcrs. 

8 Soall the daycsof Shcth wercninchuiidrcd and tweluc 
ycarcsrnnd hcdicd. 

i 9 Alio Enoih hucd ninctic ycarcs^and begatc Kenan. 

10 And Eno(hhucd,aftcr he begatc Kcnan,eight hundred 
ind tiftccnc ycarcs,and begatc fonncs and daughters. t 

11 So aJl the daycs of tnoih were nine hundred and fiuc 
ycaresrandhc died. £ 

1 2 Likcwi fc Kaua liucdftucntic ycares , and bcgate Ma» 
halacl.* •• ^-•^ - * *> \ °^^^ .^ ^ 

13 And Kenan liucd after he bcgate Mahalael , eight hun* 
drcd and fourtie ycares,and begatc fonncs and dau<»-htcrs. i 

14 So all the daycs of Kenan were nine hundred and tcnnc 
ycares: and he died. ;. 

15 Mahalael alfo liucd fixtic & fiuc ycrc$,and begatc Icrcd. 

16 Alfo Mahalael liucd after he bcgate lered , cio^ht hun«* 
drcdand thirtie ycares, and bcgate fonncs and daughters.**' "* 

17 So all the daycs of Mahalael, were eight hundred nine- 
tie and fiuc ycares : and he died. 

1 8 And Icrcd Imcd an hundred fixtic and two ycares . and 
begatc Henoch. 

»^' ^ 19 Thcti Icrcd liucd after he begatc Hcnoch,cight hundred 
ycaj'es.and bcgate fonncs and daughter?. 

20 So all the daycs of Icrcd were nine hiindred fixtic and 
two yercj : and he died. 

va\ Alfo Henoch liucd'fiictic and fiucycares, and berate 

Mcthuihclah. ' .^ ,j 

21 And Henoch walked with God , after he bcs;atc Me- 
thtifhclah, three hundercd ycares, and begatc fonncs and 
oaugl Iters. ,,* 

43 So all the daycs of Henoch were three hundred fixtic 
and hue ycares. 

t J^ c^^f^ Henoch walked with God. and he was no mort 
leenc: for God t<)tfic« him away. . .,., 

J H Mcthu(hcl4baUbliii«4a» Hundred ci-htitfkijf^ai 

V P ON G ENES is; CAP. Vr. j^^ 

ycarcs,andbc[^atcLamech. '-^ 

* 25 AndMcthurhcIahliuccl,aftcrhcbcgatcLamccli,rcucn 
hundred cightic and two ycrcs,&: begatc (onncs & daughters, 

27 Soallthcdaycs of MethufLclah , were nine hundred 
fixtie and nine yc^res : and he died. 

28 Then Lamech Uued an hundred cightic and two yercs: 
and besjatea fonne. 

" 39 And called his name Noah,raying,This fame (halcom- 
fortc vs concerning our workcandforroweof ourhandes, as 
touching the carch,whi<:h the Lorde hath curfed^ . -^ - . 

30 And Lamech hucd after he begate Noah , fiue hun- 
dred ninetie and fiucyearcs,andbegateronncs and daughters. 

3» So all the dayesot Lamech were fcucn hundred fcuen- 
tic and fcucn ycarcs ; and he died. 

32 AndNoahwa? fiue hundred ycarcs oldc . And Noah 
begate Shem, Ham,and laphcth. 

f [^This is the Booke of the genemtions.] Jn t);)i^ Cfjnpfcr 

uhikk vccitM is maOc,!)oU) long it tons ere tW tt)t flouD in^ 
ruet)tf)e creation of tftetDo;tti0^ anDtuitbalia^ofes gathercfj 
fomtubat from tlje biUojic of that time, ano alttjougf) tuc tn'^ 
DerffanD not tbe purpofe of tljc bolie (Dljoft^ \johv be Oath ttjo* 
rougb tilence ouerpalTei) great matteris 1 luo;>t1)ie of remein* ^ 

bjanceipet notU)ttf)ftanmng it w our part to toeigf) f confiocr .j^^^i it 
Diligently man^ tfjinges ,Uii)ich arc l^ept feercte. SiB to; fpec u<» - n r ar 
lations, lufjicb euerie man imaginctft in biia otune cone eipt of » 

light f oniccturcis, 3 allotu not: neither toil 3 be tbe autbour to 
giue libcrtie to tfte reatjcrs to pleafe tl^tm fcIueBi in tijts point: 
but it mav be gatbcreu after a fo:te as it tocre bp a nakctJ ano 
bare narration, tubat tbcllate of tbcir time luas, as tec D^all 
fa in t!)eir places.SDbis too^o (Booke) acro;jDing to t!je pli^nfe 
of tt^c^th;mtat\Qatis taken fo; a Catalogue . 2Lbis tuo^o 
(Generations) fifgnifief I) a continual fuccelTion of a Uoth 0; feiiu 
reo,oz elfe a continuall pjagenie. Ii5ut tlje cnD of fctting Dolon a church 
tl)is Catalogue toa34l)at loc might knoU) tftat there balft ben hath God 
fome, though felue in nimiber,among a greate 02 ratbcr buge^'^^^y* ^«* 
tnultitaDeofmcn,lu5icijehaaeluo;jlhippeD (DjtDE), anl) tbat ['^^^^A'"* 
tbe fame hath bccnc toantJcrfutl^ p:eferueD bp the migbtie ""^*^ ** 
tanoc of ©0^, leaa tijat t&c muwc of ®iPS> a(^oulo be tjtterl? 


1(^0 ' * ' '^^JOHNT CALVINE 

aboIia)crj,anD ffjc fixije of tf)c €\)uvtl)t pcntTje ♦ [ In the Jay 
wherein God created man.] i:?cDoetl)notrefirmnc tfjcjjenc^ 
ratioits to tbc Da^ ofcreatton,fautonclr notctb tijc beginning: 
nntJ toitball Ijc pnttctb a Diflfi rrncc bctUiecnc f {)c firft men anD 
toe red, Uiljomc Cod after a fingular manner b^ougbt fmitb 
into tbts lifcrlubereajE; oti^ers luere bo;ne auD Defccntie-) frcm 
ahigberHofkeanDfromparentes. <anD£pofc£( repeated) n* 
gaine tbat Uibicb be bat) tanght befo;c , boU) tbat ^mn U)as 
niaDeacco>Dtngtotbeimagcof(IDoD: becaiife tbttmlkmic 
anoU)o;tbtne(rc of tbi5 grace cannot be fufficientl^ p;aifeD, 
ijtlDaffmucb tbat man fi)oulo bauctbe preeminence among 
allotber crcdtmca.yBut t^i$ nobUttie is farremo;je excellent, 
tbatbelboulD beliftetmtobisimaiier, turn ais t\)c fonnets 
Iifeetmtotbefatber.iro;OoDcoulDnot Deale mo>e liberally 
toitb bim,tben in imp:inting in bim ^is gIo;ie, tbat be migbt 
be as it luere a liuelie image of tbe loifcoome anb rigbteonfi 
ncnre of Cod . Cbis alfo feruetb to ouertb^otue tbe aaunoeris 
oftbeloicljeD, lubo Uioulo tuillinglv la^ tbe blame of tgeir 
toicUeDneCTe bpon tbe iDo:bemaifter,if fo be it luere not plain* 
Ip ej:p;e(reD,tbat man in nature luas otberluife createD, tben 
be i0 noto maoe tb^ougb tbe fault of bus otone falling atuap. 

Wedlock ^ C^^alc and Female created he them.] Xljefe UlO^US Com* 

ind focic *"^"^ ^be bolic bnot of lueDloclt,anD tbe tnfcparable focietie of 
tic com - tbe man ano tbe luife. iro; after tbat ^ofes hatb namcD one, 
mended, araigbt luap be incluDctb tUio tender one name, ^no be attrt* 
butetb a common name to botb alike, to tbe eno tbe poltcritic 
migbt learne tbe mo>e rcuerentlv to imb;ace focietie among 
tbemfclue5,tubentbc\? fee tbat our firtt parentes luere placco 
DnDer one perfon. mberas tbe imcs do trifle f fap tbat onig 
marricD perfons are calleD ^Dam, tbep are confutcD by y> bif* 
tone of tbe creation.if o; in berie DeeDe tbe purpofe of tbe bolia 
Oboftc m tbis place is notbing elfe , tben to (bcUie^tbat aftec 
lueDlocUe luaB o^DeineD , tbe man anD tbe luife luere as ona 
mart. 0nD be mabetb mention of bleCTing, to tbe cnDe tuc 
ma^ recount tberein tbe tuonDerftill grace of CPoD , bccauft 
itcontinutr> luitbout intermilfion : notluitbftanDrng,let bs 
KnoiD, tbat It luafi fomelubat let anD interrupteD tljiougb tb« 
malice ano touliconeai of men, 

3 CAnJ 


httlebrfo:e, m SBoks botJ, onelppjorcqtiutcmtbclmcof 
prtb m offpaiig of ilDam, to tbe cnD he maT' fct befo:c bs to 
be totmem of tl,c o;Dcr of tlje Cburdj.aiiO icfjercas Ijc fartli 
tijaf J)c bcgatc a tl»{oc in biB oUtnc lifecncflc, it is in part re* 
fcrrcDtotljc ftrft o^isjinall of nature : nottoitbaanDinff, the 
ro^ruption ano pollution is to be notcD, toljicb bciim ojalune 
from bun tl);oiig|) tbcfall, flotoeDtoallpofteritics.Jf fobchc 
ban rcmarncDrounD ana perfect, ^p icoulobauc giuentonll 

P,! f 21 f " ^^^^ ^^"^ '"^ ^'^^ rf «iuco. ffiut notoc loe reabc 
tbnt ^ttt) totf b tbe reft teas ocfilcD, bptaufc tbat acani U)ho 
teas falen atoav from bis ojiginal, coulo bcctet none but futh 

fe !l!'^<'''^ l.\' ^'i^" ^i'" ^"^'f^' 3f anr man obrctt ano far, tbnt 
pctb tuttb bis boun)oIijeluas bp tbe fpcctall grarc of ©oij e. 
JecteD : tbe anfUjerc is rcaop ana cafie to be maDc : botoc t!>-;f 
a fupcrnaturall rcmcoic Icttctb not,but tbat f be tarnall grnc. 
ration mar be poulOjcD Uiitb m rojruptton of Cnnc . SDhcre' 
fo^:c,acro;Dmg to tbe flctft,e»f tb tuas bo^nc a Cnncr: nno Iras s. a w« 
aftertoarorenucDagainebp tbe grace of tbe fpirife. aCbisfo tome a a, 
ro^roiuful an example of tbe bolp patriarcb, offcrcth fcutc Ds "" ^f'« 
large matter of bciuapling our mifcrie. ^'^ ^'••"^ 

4 CAndthedaycsof Adam.ifterheliad begotten Shcth "1 

if trtt of all, toe are to conCoer in tbe number of pcares lulich 
IS bcrcTet Dotone,botoc long tbe boly jDatria tc^ts litieo . jf o ' 
bp tbe fpaceofcretobole ages, luben as notoc tbe familie of 
^ctb to,Ts grotone into a great people, tbe torcc of 3Dam 
nttgbt oatlp refounD tbe reniemb:aunre of tbe creation, o'" the 
faI,anD of tbe puni(^ment,migbt tcftiftc tbe ijope of miuafion, 
tobtcbtoas left after tbe cbaffifcment: ana mtixbt recite tbe 
tiiDgf ments of ©oD,tobcrctoif b al men tocrc to'be inftructeo 
l?)e being once beat) , tbe cbiloien migbt baue giuen to tbcir 
poffcrtttc, as it toere from bano to bano, tbat tobicb tfjcv bao 
icarneo : but tl)c Doctrine pjccdDing from bis moutb, toao 

* 'f nno?e effcctuall, tobicb toas an cpe toitncffc of al tbmas. 

^leut fucb toonocrfull anO monftruous cltttnactc toaf f.inoiig 
nicn,tbat tbe moff perfect part of manhinoe,coii!D not be bcttJ 
m an f bis m tbe obebicnce ana feareof dDoa. 

S [And lie dyed.] Stbis fcntencc tobicb icaaccatofbe 

1, Dcatt> 


Death be- S lias not DcnounccB ti men t« tatnr: ano tbat notoc toe 
'""S""^'" arfEtSotbcfaimturffc, tmocrtbc totjub tctoasfet, 
•"~'"- S cpttocbcDcl,uerct.branott,cr. Jntbc mcanc time, toe 
mua nilisf ""? ^f wb ano confiocr,tn boto lamentable a con* 
Son toe Ca. D, notoc tbat m mmc of Ooo bems abohOKD, 
at leaft toifc blottcB out m \)S, toe fcarcc rfmc a fmaU 
Koto of Ufcfrom tol,cace toe mutt batten tnto ^tf.m 
S IS B'ofitablc to beholD in tbc picture of fomanr ages at one 

Se. a tontinuall tourfe ant. teno? of ©oos tengcante 'M^ 
?a .ft otbertoi c toe Doe after a fojte , imagine ©oo to be ft^:^ 
SfSu-anotocaremozc p:oanctonotbing, tbcn toOzeame 
unmo J5ie to be on tbe e^rtb, crcept noto anu tbcn toe banc 

'n? rS SS ;alkc<l with God.l «ere is no boubf, 
but I l^enocb is fpcciallr PJ^Vfca among otber men, tojen be 
is favD to baue toalbeo toitb ©o5,j^ottoitbaan0tn5,S>etb,(^ 
liorlainan, 'BalacI, anO 3SareD liuco : tobofc goDlmclTe toas 
;?5S ntb Sptergoingbefo:e. anovctttto^^^^^^ 
S barbarous tooiloe, toljicb bao manv ettcUmt tcacbers. 
?abcrStoe gather, tbat tbe bpugbtncffeanogoDUneffeof 
Ss bolvman toas rare,ant. almoft ttngular o ; alone, tobom 
the bolv ©boft crcmptcD from tbe common ojuer "f "«"• /^^^^ 
uertb etre! leatt tbcir peruerfe manners, toitb tobom toe a e 
ronuer an , tarrie ts atoav,bere is fljctoeo bnto 13S a toap to 
Letoirc Jo'pubhnnetuaomcisatiolcnttaupca, brcaufe 

cuHon,c is ... t, f,„t|,cr t ana alfo bi^raufe eucrp man tbtnttctb | ta 

<*'"S"°'" Jc So "no latofnll, tobicbe is tfuall,- rete.ueD. ifo: tbu« 

^Laes take itcbmg one of an otber : ncitber is tbere anp tonj 

Sno^e to ' ffc o: norfome, then that toh.eb commetb of 

cSr mulcr to mu b the mo:e D.l.rtcntlv' tb.s oeftmtion 

of SSt life is to be noteo. bi'cauft l^cnocl; toalheo toitft 

'^"Ltoe let them boatt that litt, tbat fber Ijil^ i'«°^=;"5 ^^ _ 
the uttome of other men. 53ut tbe fptrite of OsDxD bath ap. 
V,o , teo a rule of ga,t, ano goult Ufctoherc mens eran.p es arc 4 
fo;faUcn, tohulj frame not tbeir Ufc anb manners after tbe 



latuc of ©^ID. if o; l)c tobtci) fctrtng afiDe tljc tuo;u of Cot^, 
Ijatb cciucn Ijim fclf to follolu p luo>lD,i£; fo be rcchonct) to Hue j^^^s h* 
Uiitl) tljc DiucU. 5i5ut as 3 ^^rf e a little before, all oi\)tts arc w°th' ti"/ 
notrpopletJoftbep^at^feofrigbtcournclTe : but a fpcciall cr^ dmcii. 
ample 10 rctbefo:ct3S in tbe perfon of one man, tubolTtDDc 
Jeofail in timeof l)o;riblc ronfufion: totlie ente lue ma^j 
learne to gine mo:c regarD Ijnto (II?oD,tben tnto mtih if fo be 
ineli^oulD frame our lines arigbt . fm tbe fpeacbe Ujbicbc 
£!3ofes t}fctli, is as mucbc as if be bao fai^De : Ige, tbat be 
miobt not be t»2alimc aU)ai?U3itb tljc ro;rupticns of men, 
ljaDrefpectl3nto<3£D£D alone, tbat be mtgbt imb;afe goD^ 
lineffe tuitb n pure coufcieuce, eucw as if be t^aD bene in bis 

24 [And he was no more fcene : for G O D tookc him a- 

wny.] %)t (Ijall be contentious Isitbout G)ame, tubicb UJiU 
not confelTe, tbat fomc e)i:trao;jt)inarie matter is bere notcD» 
flUaretaK^enontoftbctuo:lDb?l)eatb: but £pofes plainel^ 
tX]^:.xMlh ttf^t i^enocb tx)as receiuet) of t\)t ilo^oe after a Henoch 
Uraunge manner, anD not after tbe luonteo fo.:te* i^enocb was(>rarc;c 
tberefo^e being in tbe miDDle courfe of life, fouDenlp anD after ly thnfl.* 
affraungefafbwn, t)ani(bcD out oftbefigbtofmen:brcaufc ^^^• 
tbello^Detmfee bim aloav> : turn as Ine reaoe it bappeneo to 
CElias. &aing in tf^t talungaUmr of Ipenocb, ioe banc an 
trample fljetueD of immo^tall life: tbereis no Dcubt but tbat 
tije purpofc of (!D£DID,lyas to lift tppetbem^ntiesofbis 
^ainfes, tuitb afuretruftbefo:cijeatb: anD bi? tbis confola:* 
fion, to mitigate tbeterrourlDbicbctbepmigbtconceiueb^ 
teatb, brc aufc tlycf hnekje^ tbat a better life tuas lar^c tp in 
fio:e fo: tbcm elfetubere* ^utitismeruelt, tbat ^Dam Iras 
Dcp:iueD of tbe belpe of tbis truft anD eonfolation. jroz,fccing 
tbat terrible iuDgement of CD £D 2r>) Thou fl-jalc dye the death, 
founDed Daiip in bis cares, be ficoDc in great necDe of feme 
rcnfclation,tbat be might r onceme fome otber tbuig in teatb, 
tben maleDiction anD Deftruction. x5ut fiftieveares after bis 
t)eatb^o:tbereaboutes, cbaunreD tbetramlaticnofincnccb, 
iDbo fboulD be as atjiabletohenoftbebleCrcDrefurrection: 
tuberb\) be being made famous, mtgbt l»tllmgl|7 p;:epare \)nn 
Iclfc to bis Departure, Wut (mnQ t\}t !lo;jDe in punilljing, mi^ 

Bl.ij. ti^atecs 


^ ^ T f tgatct) %& rigour, anu fcring auam fjim fclfc fiatj fjcaru tbaf 
from 1)13 moutb, luljicb might greatli» comfo:t tjim : fje being 
fontentcD tuitlj tins fernt)c of rcmcoic , ongtjt patiently to 
bearebottitl)ccontmiiaUfroircm X\^\& Ujo:Idc, ariD alfo tfjc 
(!)arpcanDro:rotDfullcnDc: but feeing otlicr fomc, being not 
foUJcllmaructcDbvtbc mamfclt o;adc, to bopc fo^tbcp^o^ 
inifcL) t3icto:ic oucr the ferpcntjtberciuas a common Doctrine 
fo: all the goDlv in the tranQation of l^enoch, that thep migljt 
not grounD their hope tpon mo:taIl life. iFo: ^ofeg Chetuetlj 
thatthis tranflation, Uias a teftimonie of the louc of <© £) © 
toujaroes him,lDhen he io\:neth the fame to his gool^ anD t)p^ 
tight life, pet fo^ all thi^s, to be oep^iucD of life, is not of it 
relfctobcocQreD. 3lt follotocth therefo;^e, that heehaungen 
foj the better place : ^a, anD that tuhen he luas an inhabit 
taunt m the tno:lD, he toas rcceiueD into a ccleffiall countries 
Hcbr.Tt.s. SDhe luhich theiapoaieinhis(l!:pi(Hctothel^eb;iuesplainc:» 
cudioo ip(j.^^fljj^th. )3utifitbeDemaunDcD, ljuherefo:e l^enoch luas 
tranQatcD, anD luhat manner ofconDition he is note in: J 

AnU'crc ''^""^^^^f'^' that b^ a fingular pjiuilege, fuch tuas his paOage, 
asthcpalTagcofothcrmcn OioulD be. jfo; although it Uias 
mccte that he fhoulD put off that luhich U)ii5 corruptible: vet 
notUjithftanDing, be tuas ercmpteD from that Violent fepara^ 
tion luhich nature (bunneth. SLo be ft)o;rte, this tranaatioii 
luas a pleafaunt anD io^fuU Departure out of the tDo:lDe . 
;anD^et fo: all that, he tuas not rcceiueD into heaucnl^glo«» 
rie, butiuas oneli? DiffolueD from the miferies of this p:e<» 
fentlife, t^ntillChzifte, the firll fruites of thofe that rife a^ 
pamc, ftoulocome. flnD feeing he tuas one of the members 
of the Churche, it luas neccITarie, that he OjoulD iuartc bntill 
all tbingcs come fojith together to meete luith Ch;i(fe, that 

chicaion tbrtoholeboDv^mightbeiniteDtotheheaD. Jf an^J man obs» 

Anfwcir!^ KCt thlS fapuig of the ^apoaic^ It IS appointed to al men to dye 

lithi.^ \y once : the aunfVDcre mav eafilv be inaDc, that Death is not a!^ 
tDavaDiuo2Ccofthefoulefromthc boDp : but tberarefapDc 
to Dve, tui)ich put off the corrupt nature, after the fame man^ 
tier that their Death (^all be^ U>homc the laftDai? O^all take re^ 

7^ [And 


"29 [And he called his name Noah, dying: This fatncninl^ 

comfort vsOiiamcff) in tt)t(t tuo^DB p.2omifct!) tnto fjim fclfe 
cafe o<> folate from bis laboures* )15utitmat>facDcmciimucU 
Jwbcrtjpon fjcconcciueo tbifii bopc concerning [jis fonnclubofc 
tuit anD DifpoCtion as ^ct l)c pcrcciucD not herein t!;c JcIdc 
f [jinbc not amilTc, U)(}cn tfjep affirmc tbe fame to be a p^optei* 
00 : but tljcv DOC too Qtoav rcffraine mt to l)ufbanD;jie, \jo\)icl) 
belongctb to all tlje fo;roUJcs of tljis life, tofjict) p:oca:Dc from 
tbe curflDE; of 0oti,ano are tbe fruites of finne. if 0; j am per* 
fuaoet) tbus,tbat tbe Ijol^ fatbers oiD carefttllp figb ant) grone, 
Mjtn as tbe^ being compafreDabontUiit[)foman|?miferies, 
uaili? rememb^eo tbe firtt o^iginall of aU euilles , anb re^ 
counteo t\)tm fdues to be out of tjje fauour of Coo. S:berfo;c 
in tbe labour of tbebanoes, tbere is conterrteo a figure calleu 
Synecdochc:b^caufe bnoer one particular feinD,it comp>rfien* 
uetb tbc miferable ffate lufjereinto manfeinoe tuas falne froi 
tbep no Doubt rememb^eb tbat mitt) ^ofes fpake of before, 
concerning tfje laborious, fo;totDfuIl,anti carcfull life, ixjfjm^ 
tnto anarn luas bounb : fo: fo mucb as tbe luicfeDnes of men 
Datlrincreafingmoje, tbere coulo no Departure be bopcD fo;, 
tnlclTe tbe ilo^D Dio be!pe tmlcofeeD fo j, jt is tcty* UM^ tbat 
tbe? toa^tcD greatly? fo; tbe mercp ofd^^)©, j? 0: faitb tons 
imgbtieintbem, ano necelTitie b^gcD tlxm, in fo mucb, tbat 
tber longeD greatly fo; belp. ^nD berebp tue mat? gatbcr,fbat 
ii^oab baD not ^is name giuen bnto bim tnaDuifeDlp, brcaufc 

^ :Cpofcsnotetb tbe fame, as a tbingtwojtlj^toberememb^eD 
SDbere teas fome reafon in otber tbe names of tbc jFa^bers ♦ 
itotUjitbffanDing, befteU>etb no reafon Vohv tl^en ^tn fo cal^ 
leD, anD ftnnDetb bpon ijlioab alone* thereof tberefo:e tbe con* 
tcntiom reaDcrjnai? not iuDge, tbat tbere is fome peculiar 
tbmg in il^oab, iwbicbbelongctbnottootbcrstbatli>ere be* 
foje bim. mbercfo:e 3! Doubt not, but tbat llamecb IcnfjrD foz 
fome Ifraungc anD tnUiontcD matter to be b:ouabt to oalTe fat? 
bis fonne,anD tbat br> tbe inmmt of tbe fpint. >cme tNnhc 
tbatbeUjasDcceiucD, brcaufe be belecucD tbatbeO^oulDcbc 
€,hziit : but tbe?? b;ing no nmtt contccture bercof. jt is mo;c 
tiUelr, tbat feeing fome notable tbingtoaspjomifcDccncc'r* 

tuniK bis fonncbe coulD not refraine bimfe!fe,but miul mxDes 

il,it). ioinc 

^^y !0 HN CKtV I NE 

topne W otrne tmagtnation toif !> tf)c tiiiwt otac Ictueti as f 
^atntc0 alfo arc \iwt\t to create tbcmeafurc of rcuclation: 
tDbcrcbv It couunetb to palTc, tftat tUciUcuctjncvtfjcrbcaucit 
iio;cartb» i 

^ 32 [And Noali was fiuchundrccfycres oleic] Jfo;jalff!)ai 

iuljicb £|3orcs batb bitbcrto fpohcn c oncrining t!)c if at!jcr0, 
liic rait not gatljcrU)t)ctijcrcucr\? one of t(jcni Uierc the firft 
ijcgottf n 0; no : foj bis puipofeiua5 0ucli?top;jofcquutBtbe 
4CcnfnumIlo:Dcr of the Ctjurcli, 315ut OoD oftentmies to fup^ 
j?:circtlje tjaihe confiDcncc of flefi) anD blouD^batb cfcofcn tfeofje 
"bnto i)im rcIuMuliic!) bp nature are tbe T'ongcH. Sberefo:c 3 
amt)ncertcineU)bctber£l^ofes Ijatb rcbeaifcD tbe catalogue 
cf tbofe U)l)oincCoD p^cferreo bcfo;e otbcrs, 0; elt'e Uibicb baD 
tbe p:incipalitie among tbcirb;etb:cn5 b^ tt)e cigbtofeloec*' 
l^ip ; in like maner,bc^u »ian\? tonnes euer? one baB.fljs totx^ 
ccrning jj^oab, it is UjcI rnougb fenoUjne,tbat be bat) no mo;jje 
fonncB tbcn Unit : tbe tubicb ^ofrs of purpofe oftentimes re^ 
peatetb, to tbe enoc Ujc mai? I^notue tfcat l)is lubolc familic 
tuasfaueD. )i3utm mi? iuDgement, tbev arc mucb ticceiueD, 
tubicb tbiwhc tbat tbe cbattitie of ij5oal> is berc commcnticD, 
ticaufc be IcD a fingle life b^ tbe fpace almofl: of fiue ages, if oj 
it is not faiDjtbat tbis is tbe firft time t bat be marricD a tuifc, 
neitbcr ^ct UJbat vc^e of bis age be began to be a fatbcr. %5ut 
lubcn tbe tunc is (iinplv notcD, luberbt? be teas aDmenifljcD of 
IbcflouDtoccme: JcJ^ofes alfo aDOetb? tbatbcivasafatbcrof 
tba fonnes,almoft at tbe fame time ty^ tbcrc aboutstnot tbat 
JcbaDtbcmnoluealreaDf, hut fai?caufe tbci?U)erebo:nerot 
long aftcr.Jt tbnl cuiDentlv appeare bi? tlje clenentb Cfcapter, 
tbat tbe fiue b'^nJ^icD vcarcluaspalt before fecmiUi^s bo^ne 
Ijnto bim : cocerning tbe otber tUjo,tbere is nolbing certcin to 
be founD,fauing tbat Japbcrb Urns tbe vonger.llBut it is mer^ 
i:ell, ^ fo fcDnctisbcbcarD(»bo'ribleneluesoftbetiettruction 
xjf manl;inD,be luas not, tb:ougb ercccDing fo;i oU), rellrcincD 
from tbe companie of bis luifc : but it Was mate tbatfome 
remnants fboulo be left,bifanfe tbat bcufc Uias appointcD fo^ 
y repairing of v fecono luo:lo.illtbougb U'c reaDe not at tubat 
time bis fons tobe tbcm U}iucs,vct ncttuitbUanring^i tbinle 
Xtjat tbei> UJcr c marricD long before tbe flouo ; but b^ tfjc p^o;^ 


VPON CENESrs. CAP, vi r^ ■ 


S^ Nd it catrie to pan;B,wI,e men began to multlplv 
ciW vpon the tarth, and had begot them dauWum • 

Tiien the fonnes of God fawe the dauRhcers of 

.nen, tl,at they vvere faire : and tooke vnto them 

' A J u T '^r"f'}\'^<'(^^h°",c they had choO-n 

■3 And the Lord faide^n' fpiriteihallnotalwavft "^with 

■ man for that be ,s flefl, ; and h,s dayes /hall be an hun3 

andtwentiey«arcs. ,^°^?* 

'^ I^Tu'"' ^cA"'^ i" *!" "^'"'^^ '" '"'"'"« ^^lys: 8z after that 
r,r '^t^ 'l'''^'"" °f *^°'* ^'^ SO"« '" to the daughters of men 
"- Aey begot vnto them ch.1dren : thefe are nn?l, t" and W 
- bene men of renpujiie a lon» time. "o"t'e.and haue 

; And the Lorde fa we.that th'e wickednede of men was ^eat 

^ ■ .'T ''ff ^n'"'* ^'^'^^''^^^'"^Sinat.onsoftheirS^^^ 
«- Was only euiU continually J • ,:, "'"r'lcattcj, 

«T1,««' (he Lorde repented that he had made man in the 
eartb,and was forrie in his heart. ' 

7 AndtheLordfind,Iwilldeftroyman,whomeIhauecre»* 

ed,fV<,m offthc face of the earth, bothmanand beaft vnj 

■ the worme that creepeth, and vnto the foule tliat fle«h a 

■n- ^Lr ,''""'' «"""'''^'%''t of the Lord. 

j7".'''^f''«S«"«-«io"sofNoah. Noahwasaiuftman& 
>o ^'nd S'"i"K S-"f •o"^^ Noah walked with God 
o And Noah begate three fonnes. Sem,Cham.andIephetb ^ 

wa^£ w>^'^'^"""P'''*'^^'^^«'''«Lorde : tLelrth 
washlled With ini^ui tie. ^«*u» 

,/r„il^;T''''"''^='>'^P''"tbc earth. ^ 

v. M. I '^'^'"''^^''"yt''*"' with the earth. • 

rr ?'*^'*"^ P'ttliic wthmand without with pitch. , 

l--"';- i> And 

^^^ jy And this is the ineafurc whereby thou (lialt nuke it J The 

leno-th thereof fhall be tiiFcc hundred cubitcs, the breadth 

thereof fiuc hundred cubites : and the height therof tbirtic 

cubitcs. ' 

)5 Thounialtmakcawindowcforthcatke, in a cubitc fhalt 

thou fuiiih tlie fame abouc : and thou make the doore 

of the arke in the fide thereof: and thou llialt niakcit with 

,. tlireeloftes one aboue an other. 

17 And bel:old,I,cucn l,wil brinj; a floud ofwatcrs vpon the 
earth, that 1 may dcftroy all flelh, wherein is the breath of 
Lfc vnder heaucn : eucry thing that is in the earth (hal dye. 

28 And I will make my coucnaunt with thee, and thou fhalt 
enter into the arke, thou, and thy fonnes, and thy wife, and 
thy tonnes wiucs winch are with thee.., ,v. . j ; 

i^ Andofallthathueth, what fo eucr fle/hc it be, fhalt thou 
bring into the arkc,of cuery thing a pa\re,to keepe them a- 
liue v\iththec. 

20 And male and female fee that they be, of birdes after their 
kind,and of beaftes in their kind, and of all manner wormes 
oFthe earth in their kind ; a payre of cuery thing ihall Con?c 
vnto thce,that they may be kept aliue. 

31 And take vnto thee of al manner meate that may be eaten, 
and lay it vp in florc by thee, that it may be meate both for 
thee,and for them. And Noah that God 
commaundcd lum,cucn fo did he. 

f. > U ' 

I [When men be^an to multiplie.3 ^o(tB {jauing 0.:UirrI? 

fpoUcit of t[)c tenne patriarcbcs, U)l)o reteincD tbc true U^o;;* 
fl)ip of OoD, QjeUjctb nolo tfiat tftcir boufes alfo Wrc co;rup# 
tco.^nD tl)i6 Declaration \b to be bcgon furtbcr 1 tba\ at ^ fiuB 
l)unD:cD vere of Jjlioaf). if 0: to v cnD be mar P^^eparc tnto i}im 
felfc an enterance to tbc mom of tbc flouD,be Ibcti^ctb firft ^ 
t\)t Uibolc luo^lD \i)iis f o^rupteonn fo niud),)^ nottimg almott 
rcmainetJ bnto Ooo amiott fucb bo^riblc coufufion.anD t tW 
niu^ tbe better appearc, tuc mult renir brr tbis p:innple, tbat 
The vfotia r ^^^ijj ^^^ gg j^ ^^j.^ jl^^„ DiuiDeo into tluo parts : bicaiifc 

Tl ^!nll tbe boufc of &etb unb;af eo tbe pure ano laU)fuU iuojtbtp of 
awopTrl ©00, from tijgtoljicbttjc red wer« fallen. ;Snoaltljoufib all 


tnanl^int) luas tvcattr> to tbisenDcano purpofc, i\)attht fame ^ 
migbt tnuocate anD calUppontbe nmiie of Cod, ano tljat 
tl)crefo:c lincere religion ougbt to rcignc in cucr^ place : pet 
iiotU3itl)ftanDing,bccaufe tlie greater part bao^clDrD itfelfe 
cither to tbe contempt of dDoo, o^ el£( to luicbeo fuperftitions: 
It luas; conuenient tljat tijt fame fmal poztion, lobul) CDou b^ 
a notable p^iuilegeljaDaDopteDbnto l)imrelfe,fl)oulD remaino 
fecluDeo from otijers « 2LI)erefo;^e it tuas fiiltftie ingratituDe, 
tliat tl)e potteritie of &etf) IjaD mingleD it felfetoitl) tbeCai^^^Yani 
nites ano tuitb otl}crp;oplbane nations, becaufe tbe fameof (.unUgc 
Iji£;oU)nefreeU)illDep;iueDitfelfe of tbe molt p;jetiou6 grace in the po 
of dDoD. m^ alfo tuas intollerablc facrilege , to perucrt anD ^cmic oi 
f onfouho tbe o.:Dcr appointee of vI^od . 3t feemetb at tbe firlt ^^^^'' 
fl)eU) berv baine^tbat tbe fonns of vI13oD to^ cbfflfmg bnto tbem 
fairetoiuesfrom among tbe Daugbter$ofmen, H^oulDbefo 
feuerelv conDcmneO.liSut tue mud knotu tbat it \b no ligbt of^ 
fence , to b;eafee t\)C Difference anD o;^oer lubicb ^OD batb ap^ 
pointeD: anD tbat it luas a boll' o^Der ano reuerentli? to be im^ 
b^aceOrfbat tbe too^fl^ippers of €>od fljoulD be feparafeD from 
tuicfeeD nations , tbat tbere migbt be a Cburcb of dDoD tppom 
tbeeartb. 2DbirDlp, tbat tbe fichneOes Inere paft cure , U)ben 
men reiecteD tbe remeDie lubicb ^od baD o:Dei?neD ♦ %o con^ 
riuDe , ^ofes notetb ertreme Difo:Der anD confufiion , U)bcn be 
faitb tbat tbe cbilD^en of tbe goDl^ DiD Degenerate, lubom CDoo 
fjaD cbofen from all otber0,to be as it lucre a peculiar ano p;e^ 
tious treafure to bimfelfe . SDbat olD (able concerning tbe l^* 
ing of Angels loitb ttjomen , is fufficientli? confuteD luitb tbe 
abfurDitie tberof: anD it iB meruell tbat learneD men Uiere be^ 
InitcbcD in olD time loitb fucb grolTc anD monttruous Doating 
t?:eames» mtty! colD alfo is tbe opinion of tbeCEbalDean inters 
prefer, boliJ tbat all marriages betUieene great inoble mens 
fonnes, anD tbe Daugbters of tbe common fo:t areconDenu 
neD » &o tbat ^ofes Doetb not tbercfo;e fecluDe tbe fonnes of 
(IDoDfrom tbe Daugbters of men^astbougb either nature oj 
o:iginall Ijoere notineitberequallojalibe: but bpcaufetbei? 
tDere br aDoption tbe fonnes of Cod , tubome be baD cbofen to 
\)im felfe : otbers migbt like as tbem lilteD. 
af an^ man obiect, tbat tbcr are t)ntuo;tbr to be recboncD 

Jl.tJ. among 


7 among tfje Tonnes of (Dod , tofjicl) Ijao (ftamefulli? fallen from 

tbc faitb f obedience of 03D : t\)c folution is eafic to be maDe, 

IjetDtbat honour is notattribufeD tnfotl^cnt, but t^nto tbc 

Sonncs of gra^e of C3oD,tobicb as i>et ll^inct) in tbofe boufesJFo;^ Iwben § 

r°a '" d ^^^^P^"^^ fpcaUetb of tbe fonnes of 0oD ^ it l)at\i fometinieff 

in n,V,r" refpcrt \3nt0 tbe eternall election , lubicb is not e^ctenoeri but 

ftntotbc LmfallbcirestanD fomctimes to tbe erternall taU 

.,,,,.,. Iinoc,acco2t)in5 to tbe iDbiclj many! are intuarnlplDolues : ana 

altbougb in tcrp oce^ctbcpbe ftraungers, ret neuertbelelTe 

tbct? baue tbe nmxc of fonnes, tjntill fucb tiute as tbe ILo:d re* 

nouncetb tbem . l^ea, Q^ofes Dotb caft tbeir tntbanRefulncfTc 

intbeirteetbbr fobonoiirab lea title, fo; tbat tbe^ fo^falung 

' ' tbe beauenl\? fatbcr,raaoe tbemfelues as runnagates, 

Bcmtic & ^ C That they were faire, ] ^ofes DOtb not p;iecife!p COtt* 

coaiii= Dminctbis.tbatbcautieanDfomUnctreloas refpec teo in c bo* 

nciic 15 0115 ^ines : but becaufe ntcere lud reigneo ♦ jfo;t iDeDlocfee i$ 

"°^ ^.^. ^^ a mo:e \jo\^ tbing, tben foi men to be carried tb:ougb t\)t ta* 

^^'^^ • niticof rbcirei»cs to tbe pleafurc of carnall copulation ♦ ifo^ 

l^efofirtic of life is infeparable,tiibicbe rontevnetb-^ll t&'e 

^nrts of life : emn as tue bearo befo;e,tbat Uwrnan Inds c rea^ 

Bciutic sc f CO to be an belpe to tbe man. 2Ebercfo:e tbat is beaftli? appe^ 

vcrtuc are tite anijhid, lobenUic are fo carried alDavluitbtfjemanung 

kcdToac- ^^^^^^ of bcautie, tbat tbofe tbinges lobicb are p;incipall a'W 

thcr lu'''^ ' notbincc regarded » ilnd i^pofes doctb mo;e plaineli> erp^eflfe, 

ciioux. bolo tjiolent tbe alTault of lull is,tubcn be faitb tbat tbei? tmUc 

out of all, fucb as pleafed tbcm : iDb^rcbr be giuetb to tinder* 

fl-aud, tbat tbercujas nocboicentadeof tbe moje neccffaric 

giftcs, but tbat tbe fonnes of bolp men loanoereO in tbe luttts 

of concupifcence . ^nD bv tbefe iDCDjdes luc are taugbt, tbat 

Tcmpc- temperance is to be imb:accd m bolv' Iwedloche , and tbat tbe 

xancc in pjopbauation tbercof is no ligbt offence lefo:e ۥ jdD SD . jfo j 

wcdiockc U)bo2coome is not bere rep^ebendcd in tbe fonns of tbe faints, 

imbf'^d but tbeir licentious lull: in tbe choice of tbeir luiues ♦ ^nd it 

'^ * cannot be but tbat incontinuanceoftime,tbcfomwsof(jDod 

mud degcnerat,riting fnei? do fo iovne tbemfelues in tbe rofte 

iDitb infidels . ;lnD ibis Unis tbe ertreme fubtiltie of Bilcam: 

Numb. 3 1. ^^ ^.^^^f jj,i^j> IjP jjj.|j^(^ dcp?iued of abilitie to ctirfe^ commaun* 

*^ 5CD luomcn of tyc £paoiamtcs to be painted colonrablv , tbat 



fterd)^? tljei? mtgljt caufctlje people of (D015 to fall info toff ^ 7 
bcnncrrc . %\}m^ feeing in tl)C fonncs of t\)t pat riarci)cs,of 
toljoinc ^pofcs fpcaUctl) bcrc , tl)c fo^gctfulneffe of C>ods grace 
bcfl:oU«cD Vippon tijcntjluas of it felfe a great fame , attiaijat 
.tunc tt)c^ marrieD tnlalufuU^ after tbcir olune luft : tbeao^ 
t)mg of another loickcDnefre muft naocs be Uio;rrc, in tljat 
tf)C^ ininglino; tfjcmfclucs tuiti> tfteluiclieO, p:opl)aneD aiiD 
poU(iteDtl}eU)o;a)ippeofCDoD5 ano fell atuar from the faitb: 
acco^Dtng to tbe iDonteD maimer of tfjis co;ruption,lul)icl) iB 
aliuavc£; fo: ttie moft part U)ont to follolue. 

3 QiVly fpirite (liall not alwayes Ihiuc] 3!tl)0Ugl) ^0(C^ 

Ijatt) H^ctucD alreaDie, tljat ]^ UjozIo tutis come to fuel) U)icbeDi» 
nclTe t impietie,tl)at i& fame outjfjt to be no longer bo,jne iuitb: 
^et neucrtljelclTe 7 totbeeno itmavmojecerteinlv' appeare> 
tljat tbe fame Vengeance Iwas no IclTetull tbcn feuetrer tobere^ 
ijuitb tlje lubole tuo^lD tuas fioallolueD ^p:bc bnngetb in (H?oD 
bimfclfe fpeafeing ♦ jf 0: tbe fetitcnce i& of mo2e lucigljt tubem 
^oD p:onouncetb tl)c fame luit!) \)iB otjune motitb r bo^ tbat 
f Ije iDicketineffc of men i0 mo:e Dcfperate ^ tben tbat ani> bope 
ofbcalingmapappeare: anu tbat ttjerefo.^e tbere i^inoeauf^ 
M)^ tbe^ IboulD be fpareD,anD feeing it tuas abo;ribIe epam? 
pie of tbetu;atb of CDoD, attbe onel^ bearing lubereoflae are 
notoe alfa afraio , it teas neceHarie to be erpetcCTeb, tbat (iDoo 
iuas not oner bal!ie,a0 mouen tuitb tbe feruencie of \D;»atb:»o;t 
tbat be luas mo:efctiere tben tbere loa^icaufe: \xut tbat be 
iuas almoif conttreincD tb^ougb neeellitie, ttterli? toDellro^ 
tbc tubole ljuo:lD,faping one boure ondp. jro; men oftentimes 
ita^ not tbemfeiues , but tbat tbep accufe (DoD cttber of tm 
Viixcl) bad, toben be tafeetb bengeance of tbe linnes of menAi 
clstbep imagine bimto be truell ♦ 2Cberefci;e>lett anpman 
IboulD murmur^a^fes p.2onouncetb bere in tbe perfon of(3oi> 
tbat tbe tuicI^ebneiTe of tbe too>lD luas intollerablc anb mo;e 
obliinate, t\)m tobecureDbr ani^remcDies ♦ 315utbecaufe 
tbel^eb:ueluo;D fignifiietb oftentimes SCoiubge, ant) fome^ 
times SHo Uriue , tbere arife hereof oiuerfe interp;ctati^ 
o«0 . jro: fome crpounD it , tbat <ID £D 2D Uull no mo:e t oncb* 
fafetogiue bntomen tbe gouernement of bis fpirit, betaufe 
tbe W2 C^ljotf planetb in b0 tbe part of a Juoge , U^bcn tbe 

^1 f fic fame illuminctl) \s^ luitF) reafoit, tbat tnc foUoto f (jaf lii6t'«^ 
c^c is rigfjt . Luthcr,acco:Dmg to bis manner , D^aluetf) tt to 
tf)e erternail goucrncment of tl)c fptnt^ lubicb it crcrc ifctl) bi? 
tbe mtnittcric of tl)c 13:opl)ctc0 : as if one of tbc |3atriarc!)e5 
ftau faio in an alTeniblic , Jt is gcoD to malic an cn?3 of crying: 
bccaufc ii 10 not mate tftat tbe fpiritc of (I?oD fpeaking b^ ^0, 
fijoiib UJcarie it felfc an^ mo;e in repejoning tbc U)o:lD, 2Dbi« 
luUuttil^ fpoUcn: but bcraufe tbefenfe oftbeS^criptureisf 
not to be fetcljt from bnccrteine contcctureiJ , 3 i^ce fimpl^ \xk^ 
terp:ct ii thus , Splint the llo:D as Uicaneo luitb tbe obltinate 
(IiffcnccfecDncflcof tbetuo:lD,tJotb tb^eaten p^efcnt tjcnge^ 
ance, lubicb bitlierto be bat> oeferrcD . Jfo; fo long as tbe iL02D 
tjotb oeferre tbe puni(I)nient,be ootb after a fo;jt conteno Iritft 
men : efpcciall^ if be ftirre tbem t)p to repentance citber luit^ 
, tbzeatenings , 0: iuitb tbe eramples of Iigbt cliaffifenientes. 
Go.! con - jjbus be baD contenOcD During tbe fpace of certeine ages SssiX)^ 
bnna men ^tje toozlo , tobicb notvoitbttanDing became luo^fe anu tuo;jre. 
t^ rc*^ca- :^nt) noUi as one tuearieo , be oerlaretb tbat be batb no luff to 
uacc, rontcntje ani^ longer . if 0;, feeing CDoD in callmg V^t tinbelee^ 
wing iQ repentance , bao long contenDeD U}itb tbcm : tbe flouD 
tnaDe an eno of tbe controuerfie ♦ /^euertbeleire,3 ooe not bt*» 
ter l\» reiect tbe iuogcmcnt of Lutlier,boU3 tbat (&0D boning er^ 
perience of tbe irrecouerable toicl^eDneire of men , tuoulo not 
baue bis p:opbetcs to labour in tjaine ant? longer ♦ But a ge«» 
nerall fcntence ougbtnot to be rellraineo to tbat particular* 
Slnt) \jobereas tbe iLo;D faitb, 1 wil not contend for cuei : be re^ 
pzocbetb tbeniluitb tm mucb anD incurable obl!tnacie:anO ep 
p:c(rctb alfo a tcltmionie of tbe long fuffcrance of (S?od : as if 
be n)oulD fiir, tbat ESbere lljall neuer be anp entj of cotenOing, 
crceptbe once cutt off tbe occafionb^ bntuonteD tengeance* 
2Dbe Creches tailing one letter fo j anotber , banc falfificD tbe 
tert tbus: Shal not abide: ^abicb tbev commonlv intcrpzeteD, 
as tbougb men at tbat time U)crc oeniiuc D cf founo anD pure 
tJuDerHanomg . )13ut tbis pertcinelb notbingtx»tb?p:efent 
place. [ For that he is flcih. ] £:bc ccafon is aDDeD , Itcaufe 
tbere is no p:ofite to be bopeD fo: bp contention. 0nD tbe ilo.:& 
faMnetbbereto fet bis fpirite againft tbe carnall nature of 
men. ;nfter tbe lutjicb manner panle atRrmetb;tljat tlje natu^ 



rail man pcrccinctfj not t!)c fftingcii tufitc!) belong to tfte (pu / 5 
ritcof(i3oo:fo.:tt)ci? arefa)litlbncirctintobun.2Dl)crcfo:ct!)c '•Cor.1.14 
fcnfc IS tl)is,t^at ttic fpiritc of CDoD Dotb Difputc in tninc \juitl) 
ficl^,U3l)icb ifif not capcablc of rcafon. J^nD OoD raUctl) men b^ . . 
tbc name officii) tot{)eirrcp:ocI)c,lDbome notlDitbttanDing f^,^^'°f^' 
t)z faiftionco in the begmning after \jis oUmc image. anD t\)iB hil cor:: 
manner of fpeaclje is \>ct^ often tfco in tbe S^cripture* SCbcti raption, ft 
lubicb rcflrainc tbis name to tbc inferiour part of tbe foule, ^^p^^y "i- 
ere grcatli? oeceiueo. JFo;^ feeing tjje foule of man is altogether ^^'^ ^^^**' 
f o;rupteo, ano feeing bis reafon is no lelTe blinoe, tben bts ar» 
fections peruerfe^be is iulllp calleD altogether carnalLSDb^re^ 
fo;e hnotne U)e tbattbetobole man is altogetbir fletl) natu*' 
rall^ , tntill }jt begin to be fpirituall, tb;:ougb tbe grace of re** 
generation, jj^olo as toucbmg tbe luo^oes of ^ofes, tbereiu 
tio Doubt but tbat t\)t^ tontcint a fo;ro\uful complaint of <5oO 
togetbcrUjitba rep;ocb» ^anougbttobaueejrcelleDaUotber 
creatures, fo: becaufe of tbe mino lob^relxutb be tuas incsueo: 
but noU) being DeclineD from reafon, be is like almott bnto 
otbcrbi^altes* (DoDtberefo^e inueigbetb againtt tbe oegene^ 
rate ano comipt nature of man , Ijecaufe tb^ougb tbtir otyne 
fault tbe^ toere fallen to tbat maonelTe , tbat nolju tbc\? Ijuerc 
ino;e like \)nto beaftes t))tn tnto true nitn-, tobicb are fucb ass 
Ibe^ ougbt to be bp tbeir rrearion ♦ 115ut be meanetb^tbat it is 
an accitjentall fault,tbat be fauouretb notbing,but e^irtbtano 
tbat ^ iigbt of LinDerltanuiag being ertinguilbeDibe folloluetb 

IjiSDefireS. [_ AndhisdayeslLalbe an hundred and twcntic 

yeares . ] Ccrteine do Vu:iter3 bane tco groffel^ cxtc%ns Lac- 
tantiusauD otbers, febotbougbt tbat tbe race of mans life l^^^""- 
tboulD be enDcD in tbis fpacc of time : lobtn as it is manifeft, "' "^^^* 
tbat tbere is no fpeacb berc of tbe pnuate life of eueri' one, 
but,tbat timt of repentance is graunteH to tbe tubole tuo;lD, 
i^erc alfo tbelDonocrfuUgcDtineireof dDoODotbfinne^ in tbat 
fje being tnearicD tuitb tbe iMlckeoncITe of men , oeferretb not^ 
tuitbfltanDing as^ettbeeirecution of ertreme tiengeancemo:c 
ti)m an bunujeD peaces . "But bere arifetb fome l^eiue of con^ 
trarietie* Jfo; j^oab Departed out of tbis life, luben be bat) It^ 
«eo nine bunozeD ann fiftie reres. ^nD it is fain tbat be liucD 
after tbeflouD t\)^ buno^eD anli fifcte i^earcs^ ff!)erefo;e |je 


T O W N C A T. V T N E 

^ 7 T lua5 firc!)tmD>cD \>tarc)5 oId, tlic fame Dap f!)at t)c ctifftcD in^ 
to tl)C ^rfcf .^'ll>crc noUvUiaU tlicrc be fouriD tU'cntic ^cattsi! 
3^!ie Jclucs aunflofrc, tliattfjc luichcDnclTc ofmrntncrra*' 
fing/tlici^ Uicrc cut off. 13nt tftcrc is no ntcDc of ttjis fintt/ee^ 
inrt tfce S>f riptprc ,lvljcn it fpcat^ctl) of tl)c fift l)iirD:eD vcare 
of l)fs age , affumrtli not tl^at ht inas notu alrradic ccmc to. 
tl)C faniciinij 11)1(5 is a tcrp t»fuall manner of fpcalUKg>fo2 as 
lucU tl]c brcnnntng of tunc^ ajs tlic cnDe , to be noteD in nmuf 
bers . E^ercfoze, Iccaufe the greater part of tlje fifte buno^eD 
rrarc luas fpent, infomufbtljat beUjas ncerc fine fcuno^jeti 
reares of agcbcis falD lobe fo olDe. 

4 [ TIktc were Giants vppon the earth.]] ^niongf H nia^ 

nv^ fortes of f o:rnptions,lubercU5itb tbe cartb tuas fillco, a^o^ 
Cuntcs. ks reclionetb tjponc fpeciallv in tljis place: namelp, tljat€>i* 
ants raungeo tiolentiv anDti^jannieallp :i5«t 3 tljinbe not 
tbatbefpeaK^etbofalltibemen oftfjat age ano time, butofa 
rerteinc number, tubo being mo;:e puilTant tben ot^ers,p;>e^ 
f nming of tbeir ftrengtb ano migbt,eraltetJ tfjemfelues Uuttj* 
cut laluc ano meafnre . &ome tbinUe tJjat Iber tnere calleD 
ilDiants, bee aufc tl^cy ercecoeo tbe common Itature of menrano 
fome,becaufc tbcv' maocotbersafratoetuitbtbeir gteatnelfe; 
^ut tbeir iuDgment fametb to me mo^e true,t)bicb faistbat 
it is a fimilituSc of a rulbing luater o;^ Violent raine: fo; tbat 
as a tempcft o: tiolentluater falling frcm beanen oefirorctl) 
nno fpoplctb tbe fteloes: eiien fo tbefe biolent tbecues bp tfjeir 
irruptions, banc bzougbt Detriment anDteca)? to tbe luo;lD» 
ii^citber Dotb 35ofes far tbat tbcp lucre of antntuontcD Ita* 
^ tureof boDv:butfaitbonelrtbattI?epk^erc(trongmen . Jii 
r^^' anctber place iEccnfclfebi'tbc famelro^D^is noteD tbctall^ 
neCTc of (laturcitbe lubicb tuas terrible to tbe cipials anD cm^ 
baffaDoars tu-jicb Uere frnt into tbe lanD of Cbanaan. liBut 
S^ofcfl Cijcctb not bcrcDiff erne tboftof \obomebcfpeaUetbiii 
tbisp;cfcnt place, frcm ctbers, fo inuc!) bT' tfteir co<:pnlent 
fjugcr.eflTe , as bv tbe opp:e(r:on anD tjiclencc tobicb tbep tfcD. 
^f irll cpofcs n)cliictb tbat tbere lucre Ciants : tbcn be aDDctft 
tlhit tbere lucre rerteme alfo out of tbat confufeD anD minglcD 
pot^critie, fo fccncas tbe fcnnesof C?oD loyneD tl/nnfelucs 
tuitij tijc Dau£,blcrs of men, Jt tjuD l;a:nc a mcrucU if fucb b:uj 


V P O N GENESIS. C A^I>. V I. ^^ 

Herfall blemiCl^ ariD cozruption, Dottj Ijcrcby mo:c plamclpap*' 
jjcarciii tbat tbe l)ol^ dock luas DcfilcD tuitl) ttjc fame cozrups* 
tton . ^0 great contagion U)t)icb bao DcfilcD a fctoc families, 
Ujbid)ougbt tobaue becnetbebol^boiireof0oD, notbnot a 
little ampliffc tbcgreeuoufnelTeoftbeeuilL S>otbatthe(I3i=» 
antes bao a furtbn* ojiginall , 15ut tbct? aftcrtuaro foUoUjea 
tbeir fcctc tubic&e tuere begotten of tbc minorleD coniunction* 
£ YhcCc are iiiightic. ] SDbc principal! titt Uibtcb luas in tbe(c 
jHiinlDaspiiDc, becaufe tb^^p;efmuingoftbcirlIrengt[),ar^ , 

rogateD mo:c t^nto tbcmfelucjs tbcn Uias meete . p^iDe be^ Pn^<? ^c* 


c con- 

gate t!)e contempt of (3oD : becaufc ttjei? being puftbp luitb j^ 
Difoaine, began to caft off all obeDienceanofubiection ♦ SDbc^ temptoC 
toere alfo imurious ano crucll againff men : becaufe it can^ God, 
not be tbattbe^ Houlobebauetbemfclnesf mouettl^totuarDs 
men, tobicb toill not obep (H5oD . ^ofes aUDetlj tbat tbei? luere 
tnzn of name o^ fame : tnbereb^ l)C gtuetb to t)nrjer(lanD,tbat 
f bep boatteu anti reiopceD in tbeir iutcfecDnelTesf, ano tbat tb^i? 
toere gentlemen tbeenesf. Sinn tljere is no Doubt but tbat tbc^ 
toere fomtoljat mo;te excellent tbcn t()e common fo;t of people, 
b^ lu!)icb ercellencie tbe^ got t\izm fauour anD rcnolune^ii^c*' 
nertbeleflTe, tnDer tbc titlt fo magnificent of ptere^jtbcr ruleo 
foitb crueltie ano opp^elTion : ano b^iniuriesano tmDomgof The ffrft 
tbcir b;etb;^cn,t!)e^^ot "bnto tbcmfelues migbt anb rcnolune^ origioaii 
ano t^is U)as tbc firtt nobiiitie of t\ic luo:lD : leaft an^ man °f ^^^^^i 
fl^oulDtffl mucb Dcligbt in long anD farrefetcbtpettigra?; J "*^' 
fa^ fucb toasf tbat nobiltt(e,as it eralteo it felfc b^ tl^c^ifi^aim . . 

anD contempt of otljers . !^onourablename tsnotberecfit < 

fclfe conDcmneD: fo;> it is necelTarie tbat tbev U)bome tbc ]a,o;D 
ftatb inDucD luitb efpeciall giftes^ bauc tbc preeminence ouer 
others : anD it is profitable tbat tbere be Differences of cffatcs 
m tbc tJUo:lD. 115ut feeing ambition is altoav^ UudkcD, anD tbcm 
fpeciall^^tubcn tp:anntcall crueltie i& io^ncD tbcrduitbiinro* 
mucb tbat tbc migbtier oppzelTetb tbc trnDerling , it is a Uuc^ 
keDneflTe not to be fuffercD : 0nD it is mucb Uio^lTe, lubcn tt}C 
UucUeD fcefee to get tjnto tbcmfelues Dignitic b^? tbcir luichciJ 
factes : anD tbc mo:e bolDc tljat eucrp one is to burt, tbc mo;c 
p^ouDl^ Dotl) ije boaft of tjainc titto, £{)o;coucrpas ^atban lar 



V ^ afumititgp2nrtictoncrto mabcl!C0,t!icrb^fofotmfcrfccf flie 
tructt) of 000, anc to bung ttjc ninic in fufpicionifo tfje poctss 
liaiie fcigneDmanv tljmges fonccrningOlantciJ, lufjcme 3| 
tbinhc tl)cr t!)crcfo:c calico SLbc fonncs of tljccartf) ,becaufe 
tt}c^ (©t^c \)ppon tljcm oomination ano rule , iuitljout an][? ep 
ample of the clocrs» 

5 [And the Lord Tawc that the wickedncrTc of men. ] ^q^ 

ks p:ofcquutctb that lubube \}t bao toucbeo cuen noU) , botn 
/ntliro- ^^^^ ^^^ ^^"^^ "°^ ^® fcucrc oz fo;U)aro in punifljing tbe ttnc# 
popithu beonclfeof thcVoojlo. anobcb^ingetbin O^^SDrpeakmg 
ij a figure, aftcr tbc mannct of men , by a figure calico Anthropopathia: 
by Nviachc bccaufc otbcrUufc becoulonoterp;:c(re tbattcbicblDaeibcrtJ 
^fu\^ necclTaric to be hnotoen : namelt> > tftat dDoD U)a£J not fo;j ant? 
arc'atuil' li?bt caufctto: rcaOili' mouco to octtro^ tbe tuo^jlDc. if o;j tbisJ 
butcd to Uio:o (Sa we ) notctb longe patience : as if be (!)oulo (ay^ tbat 
God for Ooo oiD not p:onounce \\iB fentence fo: tbe oeHruction of 
ourcapi^ men, befo:efucb time as be bi^btnell fane, ano long confioe^ 
wilat tfmc ^^^ ^'^^^^ mcurable ano oefperate iDickeoncfTc. ano tbat lobi^' 
t^ofc thjn fbefolloluetbbatb not a little fo:cc ano bebemencie , botue 
PCS which tbat tberetoas great UiicbeonelTe in tbe eartb.l^emigbtbauc 
belong to parooneo tbc letter (in nes . gf in one part of tbe U)o.:(oonel^ 
lum, arc toicKconefTcbao reigneo, otber countries migbt bnue bcenc 
comprc" free from tbe punifl^ment . li3utnctDe,feeinginiquitieU)a0 
hcnfibio groUjne to the full , anO baO inuaoco tbe tobole tuo;lo :, in fo* 
Gods Ion ^^^^ tbatintcgritielpas to befounoinnoco;mertbercofa' 
fuftVrancf ^V ino^c , it foUoUjctb tbat it Iwas mo:e tbim timcfo;^tbe pu^ 
of the nifftmentto come. Creat toicfeeonelTe tberefo^e reio:neoeue^ 
ivoria. r ^ U)bcre, mfomucb tbat tbc lubole e»irtb luas couereo tberc^ 
luitb . t:2Hberebr tefje,tbat tbc eartbloas not ocffroi^cD 
tjuiti) tbc tlouo of \Daters, befo:e tbat tbe fame iua^ firfto^ 
uerlubchnco luitb tbe beape of ftnnes . [ And that ail the 

xma2,inations of their hcartcs.} ^ofCS batb fljeiurO tf)t caufc 

of tbe flouo m crtemall iDicheoncCTcs inoU^c be piocaoetft 
ftirtbcr, namclT^ tbat men toere perurr(e,not oneli> in tbc 
0ate ano m the cufrome of euill lining : but alfo tbat mtuaro 
tuicheOncCTc Urns mo^e occpelv ingrauen in tbeir beartes, 
then tbat there nugbt be anp hope of repentance. IvC coulo not 
mo;eUue!rc):p:eC&r, that tbe VDicliconelTeUJas fucb^as tbat 



' vPON genesis; cap. vt; 
if fonbc not be cnrcD hy^ an^ mcnncs rcmcrjic. 3(t ma^ be tfjat 
mrnDocfomcttmcs giue tbcm kXutB to (itinc, in tufiomc 

^ iiottDitbftanDing tbere ftall rcmaine fome ijfoo Difpofttioit. 

^ yi5\xt ^ore£( tcacbctb tbat tbei?,of tobome be fpcaUctb,Ujcrc fo 
toicftcDlp DifpofcD , tbat tbcir Uibolc minDe migbt tttcr ano 
b;ing f©:tbnotbtng but tbat Uibicbc iuas; Damnable. anDit 
is a t3erie fb;ceable fpeacbe M}Xt\)z be tifctb . 3t tuas inougb 
tbat be bat) faioe, tbat tbeirbeartetuasctull: but faecing not 
content loitb tbis fpeacb , be aooetb alfo tbefe tuo^ties, [All 

the imaginations oftheirhcartcs was onely euill . ] 06 \t%z 

ftouiD Denie tbat tbere loas anT?D:op of gtoDnclTe mijittbcr^s 

Xx^iV^. CContinuallyJ&ometranllate it: From his firllc m- 

fancicrasifbelboulDe fa^, tbat men bauetuicfeeDneflenatii^ 
rall^ ingraffto in tbem euen from tbeir birtb . 515ut tbe mo;c 
trucfenfeis^S^battbetuoilDe iDastbcn baroeneD and fullp 
fettelco in tbeir tuickeoneCfe, ano tbat tbe^ luere fo farre from 
fc:ingingfa);tbga)D fruit, o: from cpnceiuing an^ lifeingof 
repentance, tbat in continuance of tiynt tbc^ became Iroafe 
ann Ujo;fe . 3nD furtber, tbat it Ijoas not tbe UjicbcDncffe of a 
felLie t»aT?e0, but ofaftinate luicbeDncCc,kibifbe tbe cbil0;jen xu 
reining as ii U)ere b^ birtb rigbt , tranfpo^teb from tbeir pa;» 
rentes to tbeir pofteritte . ^o;>eouer,altbougbe cpofes fpea^ 
ketbbereoftbeluicfecDneirc\ubicbattbat time p:euaiIeDiii 
tbel\io:lDe,^etneuertbelcircageneraU Doctrine is U^ellanD 
aptip taken out from bence: neitberboc t\dt^ Uucft tbe place 
amide , tDbicb ertenDe it to all mankinbe . ^o SDauio tuben 
tje faitb tbat all are gone out of tfce tuavi anb are become tn^ ^[*[ •^ '^* 
p;jofitable, tbat tbere iB none tbat ocefb gab , no not one, tbat ^^^ ^•^' 
tbeir tb:oate is an open fepulcb:e, ano tbat tbe feare of dDcD 
ts not befo:e tbeir eres:be beiuailctb tbe iniquitie of bis tfme» 
^otlDitbdantiing paulc D^aiuetb tbe fame to all mortal men ^^^ ^^ 
ofallagcs^anoiudl^: ifontis no funple complainte of a 
fetpe, butabefcriptionofmankinDe, lubcntbe famebecing 
tjoioc of tbe fpirite of dDoo are left tnto tbem felues » SDbere^ 
fl ^ ioit It iB terie apt tbat tbe obttinate UncUcOnes of men is tm* 
UemneD in tbefe lDo;jDes:foz tbev ban ten long abufcb (bf ^^^* 
nefTcofCDoD . Mitball notlDiajttanoing it is (IkIdcd U^bat 
tbe nature of man is,U)ben it i& bo^o of tbe grace of tbe fpirit 

jk-g I OHN C A LVI NS 

^ ^ C Then the Lord repented him that he had made man 

in the earth. 3 SCbc rcpcntaiifc U)l)if b is !)crc attribiitcD tin^ 

to 0oD 5 Dotf) not p:opcrIv belong tnto tjim, but is rcferreo to 

K-pcntac ^"^ ^^"^^ *^"^ capacitic ♦ ipo: bcc aufe Ivc cannot comp:ef)cnD 

bciongcth bi"^ ii5 be is, it is neccCTarie tbat l>c tranffigure bitn fclfc after 

not vnio a fo :t fo: our fake. S^bat Con cannot repent \mh i^ Ootb twU 

GoJ- Dentip appcarc bv this one tbing,bef anfe notbing bappenetft 

tnto bun t3nlcDl;er)fo:,o:notfo:eretne» SCbe4ikc confiDera# 

tion IS to be bat) of tbat Uibicbc follotuetbjboU) tbat OoD loas 

fo:rie.CoDteriI^ is not greencDoj fo;jrie, tubo alUja^cs re# 

mainetbone ano like bim felfe in bis beauenl^ anD blcITeo 

relt.^ut bcraufc lue can not otbertuife tnterltanD botu nuicft 

v&oD batetb finne,tberefo;e tbe bolr Cl^boft framctb bimfclfe to 

our capacitie.CClberfoje U)e neco not intangle onrfeUies \s^\X}^ 

intricateanDbaroequettions, tuben \i \^ euioent, tuberetn* 

to tbcfe fpcarbes of repentance ano grafe ooe tenD : namelp, 

to tbe eno Uie mav knolue tbat (IDoD Doetb not reckon man fo 

fffine as be \^ corruptee among bis creatures : as if be fl)oulDt 

fa^ : 2Cbis is not m^ toojjke , tbis is not tbe man Ijubicbe loatf 

fd:meD after my image^ anu tobome ? aOo;>neD luitb fucb no* 

tabic giftes : 5 oifoaine to acknololeDge tbis Degenerate ano 

fo:rupteD perfon fo; mine .Mitb tbis agrectb tbat tubicbe i0 

fet Dotone in tbe feconD place concerning rD;irotiue: namelp, 

bolue tbat Ojd is no leCTe offcnDeD luitb tbe grceuous ftnnes 

of men, tbcn if tbe^ OiD luounDe bis bearte tuitboeaolp grerfe* 

^^cre \s> tbcrefo:e in tbis a fecretc coniparifon bettocene tbe 

founoc anD perfect nature, lubicbc OilDia^ bao maDe, ano tbe 

God It corruption tobicbefpzangoffinne.xCbercfoie, if robe lue UjiK 

prouokc a not pjouoke OoD f grccue bim,let ts learnc to bate anD to flee 

by liflQc finne . 5f o: tbis fo fatberlie gajDnelTe anD fufferance ougbt 

to D:a\ue ts not a little from tbe Dcfire to finne, foj tbat <DoD 

tbe mo;e ef!tctuall\? to pearce into our beartrs batb put t)pon 

bim our affections. SCbelearncD baue callcD tbis figure An- 

thropopathi.i,fo oftcu 30 OoDtakctb tbat to bim felfe> lubicbc 

\& proper to bumane nature. 

7 [ Ivvi!ldc(troy man vvhomc I haue created. ] £Dofr3 

ngaine b:ingctb in Cod Deliberating cf tl:e matter, to tbe enD 
tus ma^' tbe better kuoluc t^at tijc lio^loe tuos not DcUro^eo 


VPON CE N E S I S; 'C A p. VT.' j>jQ 

iuifl&ouftfjc UDcpanDfarccpurpofcofdJctj.jFoitlic bolrCMjoft ^ ^ 
luoiilD Ijauc bfi DiUgcntli? aomonifbco fo<: tbis canfc, that be 
migbt cut off all occafion of luicbcD nTurmurmgs,to titter tftc 
lufjicf) luc arc toj reaoie. SDljis Uio;D ((aid ) 10 bcre putjfo;^ pur* 
pofcD 0; t!)ougl)t:bccauf0 tljc iLo;D fpal^c no tuo;U,but inluaru^ 
1^ DctcrmineD luJjat be UjouIdc ooe» z0o;touttM b^^ no naDc 
of an^g ncluc tounfcll, acco.jDiirg to tbe manner of men , tbat 
bcmigbtguie W iuogementasit U»erc of a matter lately 
knoUien : li3ut all tbi£J is fpoken in refpcc t of our infirmitie^to 
tbeenDetoenngbt neucrtbtnUcoftbe flouDe, hi\t tbatalfo 
iucnugbttbercU3itballremembertbat it loac tbe iiift iutigc^ 
tnrntofOoo.JFo>(D£)E> not being contenteo luitb tbe pu^ 
tii(I)ementof men,p;jocarjcD in tailing tengeaunce tppoii 
beaftcsf,t)ponfoule0,anD\3ponall kmtjc of liumg creatures 
tbat are tppon tbe eartb » ^^berein be fcemctbto punilbe 
berontJ all meafure . iro; ^Itbougb tbe imp;etie of men be 0^ Q^^o» 
Diouis tnto bim,i?et fo; al tbat,to Ijubat purpofe luas bis lu>at b 
ertenDcD againft tlic b;ute beaflres lubicbc otfenDeO not f 315ut 
tboft tbings lubicb luerer reateD fo^ mans fafee, f lubicb lineD 
to bis tjfe , periflieo li>itb bimtanD no meruelL %l)t illTes a"^ ^ . ^ 
tbc£)i:en UiitbotberbeaaesbaoinnotbingoffenDctJibutbe^ Aniwcrc 
caufe tbep toere fubiecte tmto man, be falling, tbericere 
D;atuen alfo into tbe fame Dcttruction. %l)t eartb iwas as it ^^^ ^^^^^ 
iuereafto;eboure, replcnifteo luitb all kintie of neceflfaries i,ajaftoi 
anD t)arietie45 of tbingcs ♦ ij^ olue becaufe man batb not cne^ houfe of 
I^DcfilcDbimfelfe but tbe eartb it felfe alfo luitb bis luicbeD^ all picory. 
iieCTcs, ano all tbofe tbinges lubereluitb it i$ replcnifbeD,<DoD 
luoulDe bane alfo ertant in tbe fame a monument of bispu* 
iiifl)ement:euen asa3|uDgetntenDing to punilliea luicUcD 
man, fo; bis greater (bame, fljoulo conmtaunn bis boufc to be 
raceDanD tjtterli? ouertb;joluen.anDalltbisferuetbtoDjiue 
mto ts a bo^rour of linne. jro; lue mav gatljer bolu grecuous ^"^f » 
tbe fame is,i^ puniftment luberof is evtenOetJ tob;jute beafis. p^";^^^^^^ 

8 [And Noah found grace in the fight of the LordJSLbis ^^^^^^ 

is an l&ebzue pb.2afe,lubicbe fignifietb tbat (Don luas fauoura^^ 
bleljntobim. j?o;tbusaretbc i^cbjues luoint to fpeal^e^lf 

I iiaue founde fauour in thy fight: in (tcCDC of tbis , 3if 3 ^^ 

acceptable Ijnto tbe^ ; o;,3if tbouloue me ♦ %ijt iubicbc is 

'- .O t O H IT C A L V! ME 

t|)crcfo:e to be norcv5,bcfaufe cprtrtnc tnlcnrncd. pcrfon^ 

nuke a fon^e collection tijus: 3if fo be men finDc grace befo^j 

(DoD : tbcn Doe tbepbp tbetr olcnemDiillrieauD merited get 

tf)e f.innj coiifclTe tbat .Ooab is farD bere to be acceptable tn^ 

to <!3o^,bccaure !je Uui.ig a balie f a goDlp life , hcpt bim fclfe 

Oh'. :Ct : D ^j^fpotec'^ from Voc pollfitions of t[)C liio:!De i5ut boiu came ba 

Auiwcr ^^ ^"'^*^"" m^egritce,but becatifebe bas alreame p:euenfcDbp ^ 

grace of CDoD:' i£^)erefc;c tljc bcginmng of tlie fauour Xvas free 

Go.u'tcc mcrcie.iiffertbattbeil02i)e batJ once mtbiaccD bim^befeept 

iT>acyanibimt3nocrbiJ5bolvbanDe,tbatbcmigbteuot goc to lu^aclkc 

not mc- ioitbtbcrelIoftbctDo,:loe. 

ri:t5 pre ^ ^ ThcCc arc the generations of Noah . ] 2Cbe l^eb;ue 

^jxh ^^ri)e, p:opcrli' fijnifietb tbiw mucbe : l^olobeit foinetime it 

10 furtber ertcn!)eo,namclp to tbe tubole biffoue of life ♦ ^nD 

tbisfixinctbtobetbefenreof t^is p^efent place, jfo: feeing 

spofeB favoe before, tbat tbereluas one man founoe, Uibome 

(I?o:),intenDin5 to oeflro^ tbe tubole li»o:loe, IdouIdc faucb^ 

biM^ Declaretb tubat manner of perfon be loas* ^no frrtte of 

ai be faptfr tbat be U)a0 iuft anD perfect among tbe men tbat li* 

iieD in loi^timt, Jjieitber ooetb ^pofes iDitboiit caufe iopne 

tbcfe tluo togetber: foi tbe IdoiId as it is alluat^es carieo luiti) 

tbe crternall (briue an^ glone, oecmetb not rigbteoufneffe b^ 

tbe affection of tbe beart, but bp bare Uiozkes .But if loeDe^ 

lire to be accepteo of 0ou,ano to be coiinteo rigbteous befoze 

bim,lDemuft not onel)? frame dur banDes^anoour fecte^ano 

Tiii iQtc- our e^c5,to tbe obcoienct of tbe ilatue , but alfo tbe integritir 

^h'"h ""r °^^^^ ^^"^^^ ^"^ fpeciallv requircDrano batb tbe firft place m tbe 

is ^hc^hc- ^J^fi'iition of rigbtcoufnelTe. iiicuertbeleffc let t35 fenoU)e,tbat 

fcft point not tbc^ are caltcD rigbteous lubiclie are perfect in eacbe 

of r igiuc- pointe,anD in lubom notfiing is luanting : but tber Uri)icb im^' 

ouiaciic. bjince puritie U)itb tbeir tubole beart. jf o: tue hnolue tbat C5oD 

Dotb not Dcalciuitbtbofe tbat arc bis, acco:oingtotbe ertre^ 

mitie, as tofrjuareout tbeir life after tbe perfect rule of tbe 

Ia\ue : fo: fo as bvpocrific reignetb not in tbem, but tl^ pure 

loue of rigbtcoufnes,anO fo as tlie fame poffcltbtb tbeir barts, 

t)e accojDing to bis gooHneffe ano mercie protiouncetb 

tbem initc.S!nsfpoccbe,[;li> Ills generations,] isberv bebc^ 

Hunt ano effectually jfo; be far^ oftm times alreaov,ani> 


V p o IT G E N t s T s;^ H r c A p; vr: //^, 

Breiglif teap ftc repeat 0tb tfje fame acaine^tbat tf)cre loas 
tiotfjing mo:c wrnpt tbm tbat agr.fe o tbat it 10 a Icajnoerful 
trample of conltancictljat he being compaffeD about oneue>' Q^^(\^^^f. 
tit fiDelDitb the filtbinclfeof finrtc0, loaa not&ing at all tl)er^ ^, I j'.pae 
bpinfectcD. OTefejioUjebotwegreate tbefo^e ofcuftomeig, rouscuTii 
infomurttbatnotljingw mo;e tjarDe^tbeittoliucagoDlvlife 
among tbctDicbe5,anDnotto be carrieD alBav bp their ciiill 
tramplc0.&carfe one among an b«nO;cO batljnot tftisDiucl^ 
litfte p^ouerbe in fjisf months wc muil: howle ^mon* the 
Wolucs : ano the greater parte framing to tbemfclues a 
latoe b^ common tifc , tuoge all that tot common ro;t receiue 
to be latjDfulL:)i5ut as the fingular t3ertue of No^h is here p;ai# 
feo,rolet t35 remember that it is here p;efcnbet) tohatlne 
ought to ooe, the tDhole luozloc running headlong into their 
oU)ncDittruction,3(frobeat this oai? the manners of men be 
fo bilious, ano theUiholeo;iDeroflife fo confounoeo thatho^ 
nedie is fclDome to be founoe:mo;e hozrible ano foule tua£( 
the tonfallbn tn the time of j^oah > infomuchc that he hao not 
tfne companion in the li3o:(hippe ofd^oo, ano in the loue ofyi^^^^^ 
righteoufnelTe.BSfhecouloeltanDe againftthe corruptions of ^incicof 
the U)hole iJUo;iloe , ano againtt fuche blache ano tjiolent af^ Noah. 
faultes of iniquitie : there is lefte fo; ts no ercufe , erccpt lue 
runneon the right courfe through an innumerable foUeof ^^^ . 
EomblingblocUesofbices,lDiththe fame courage anofozti^ 
tuoe j^either is it tmlifeel^ ano not agranng loith the ttuttb 
that S^ofes faroe(Gcnerations)in the plurall number,the bet* 
ter to erpzclTe, hotu tjaliant ano inuincibie a champion jl^oah 
ipas,lDhome fo man^ ages chaungeo not.^o;eouer the o;Dcr 
of righteoufnclTe tuhich he obferueo is fet oolune in the terte, 
namel^,that he Ujalbeo tuith <^o^* Che tohtch tertue he alfo 
p;ia^reD in the holie father (l5noch in the Chapter going bcfo2e, 
tuheretoeChetueDtuhatluasb^tbis tobetinDeftcDDe • SDhe 
to^ruption of manners being thus great in theearth 1 if fo be 
i^oah hao rcfpecteo men be hao bene caffe into ap:ofonnoe 
i^abcrinth Qi ma^el^e fe^th therefore one onclp rcmcD),sU)hi^ 
the loas his not rcgaroing of mcn,anD the benDuig of himfclfc 
ixjholv bnto 000, making hint the ftai? of his life. Ci^ hereby it 
appearclbhotoefcDlill^lp t^e papiUcs cr^e , that the fathers 

sp.ii;, are 

art ta be foItotDcu : Ujljett aus tl)c fjolic C^^off tofft platitelr^call 
Ijsfremfollolumgmenotberluifctbcn as tt)cr IcaDctJutJnto 
CoD.^l^ljereas ^ofcs namctb tjiu ti)>«ronnc5ao:amc,f)f Dotb 
it to this tno,tbat toe map fenotu tljat eucn in ttjc grcatett te^ 
uincire,UibcreU)itl) be migbt be almoJIe confumeD,be batJ not^ 
luttbll^anDing o minDe (i;tueii bntx) bun to beget poltcrttte^tbat 
©otimigbt refer ite tobimfclfcarcmnantinftoze. ,. i>.i. ;; r. 

11 [And the earth was corrupccci bcf^orcGod.3 3totbefO;j:J 

nter pat t ^ofes rt)?lDetb tbc luicUcD contempt of (i>oD,fo; tbal 
tberc iDas no goDlmcCTc in tbc U)o:lDcanT> mo2c :tut tbc ligbt 
of rigbtcoiifneifc being put out> all Uicre putfo^tb to fmnejrt 
tbe fcconoe part be Dcclaretb» tbat a Dcilire to b»rt,frauDcs,in^ 
<uriejaf,rapineMnt) all UinDc cf bnrigbteoufncffcjoiierfloluco* 
ano tbefe are tbc fruites of bngouhuclle, tbat men being oncg 
fallen from Oo^, fozgettmg mntuall eqnitic among tbcm 
felues , are carrieD to beallli? crueltie, to rapines , anD to all 
manner of oppzrlTions . 0noagainebcraptb*tbatC^Dfalu0 
fbis^tbatbemigbtecommen'ie ^ntotjs btB ion^pilifiieramfi 
%^e eartb ib bere taken fo: tbc inbabitantcs thereof: ant) 
Creigbt tuap follotoctb tbe erpcQtton^botDe rbat all flefl)e bao 
cozrupteobistPar.-^inDtbenameofflelftifibcrc put in§g©i) 
parte^ano not m tbe eutll as before: but tottbout an^Ctnifier 
rfiic.40-5 meaning,it iB ta\^(^l fo: men,cuen as m otber places of ^crip* 
Zach.i. ture alfo,as lubere it is fapDe> All flcihe fhall fee the glone of 

'3- thcLordc. ^IfO^ Let ail flelli be filcnt before the Lordc. 

13 [God therforc faidc vntoNoah.] ^)ere St^ofcs bcginnetb 
to (bclD bolD /ioab tons pzcferueDiano ftrtt of all be faitb,tbat 
tbe purpofe of OoD luas reuealeutintobim, concerning tbe 
Dettro^ing of tbe U)o:[Dc.&econDlv,tbat commanDeinent tuas 
ciuenbntobimtobuilDc tbe 0rbc. SSbirolf^tbat faluatioii 
h)i\B p:omifeD bnto bim, if be obepcD tbe coimnaunDement of 
Coo in going to tbe i^rbc. STbefepzincipallpointes arefeue^ 
rallv to be notcD: eucn as tbc ilpoftlc,\Dben be fpcabetb of tbe 
ncb.11.3* faitb of .(^oab,iornrtb tbercluitb fcarc ano obeOience. ^nb it 
is ctvttimytW noab toas amnonitbeo of tbe bo^rible tjcnge** 
anc«:U)bicbtuasathanue,totbeent) tbat be migbtnot oncl? 
be confirmcD in tbc bolic purpofe, but alfo to tbe cnD be being 
ronttraiitcD luitj} fcarc, mijjbt tbc mo;c carnedlu fal^ctbt 

' grace 

[,. ■ % 

grafc offered tnto l)un»Me bnotuc,(!)at tof^cn ttclmttctJ 
capetwpnmflictJttje gmDianD ofooiicarc foititimfs mcouraijeo 
tofinne. 3E^^crefo;et!)ep^ortounniti3rafo5rl^ahaoPt1)c puniOj^ 
ment loljicbe tuas to conic , ferueo to tt>t5 enuc^to lj:itilc tte 
mino of tt)cman of ©ooj letttnfliDingalUcT^ b^ litle nno Ittle, 
1)0 mi5!)t toljolp at tbe latt fall into tt)t fame lafc ipioiifnctTe. 
^ottDit&ltantJing , <IDod IjaD rcgarti cfpcctall^ to tfcat otter, 
totbcenotljati^oabfetting t^ut terrible teftrurtion of thz 
tDo^loe , uail^ before his tvcs-fmiqfyt be pjitbeD fo:UiarD tno;e 
and mo:e to feare ano carefulnefle.if oj it tu^ ttecedartc tl^aC 
Jcoefpairingof [)elpclfetol)ere,fl}oulDincluDe!}i5faitf) t trull 
tntbe^rke. Jfo;^ fo long ad ltfetDafiip>omireDtntot}tm in 
tartb,!)e neucr gaue Ijimfelfe to tbc btulDuig of tijearfee, aB it 
became titni:but being fearea toit^ tbe iuogement of <DoDy f;c 
tarnelll^imb:aceotljep;omifcof life, toWcfjctuas matjc to 
%ixih l^e fta^etl) \)imklft no longer tpoit tt)c naturall caufeij 
o;meane£(oflife: butrelletb timfdfe tpontbeconcnant of 
<DoD alone, b^ tuljicl^ be toas luantierfull^ to be p;efcrucD./3o 
labour iBfbaroe ano grccuoustjntol)tm,neitber is fjeoiffon^ 
rageDtDitMn^teDioufnelTe. iFo;^tbep;icfeeofCoOfl tu^atli 
femozetftarpe to fpiirrebtmfo.ilDarDr tben tbatlje migtjt be 
lullcD aClcepe loitb t\)t pleafures of tljc flcflj,o^ luearieD tjnoer 
temptations, o;jelfeoclaveoiuitbt3ainrl)ope : butbcratfjer 
dirretb tjp bimfclfe a0 tuell to flie from Onnes, ub to fixK^e re^ Hcb.u: 
meoie . Hnu tbe 3polllc teacbetb tbat H)is tua£f not tbe leaft 
parte offaitf) :narticlv,fo;z tftat be fearing tt)ofc tiiinztsix)f)i^ 
f be tuere not fecne,t^epareo tbe ^rfee « ^Iben ttjt qucHion is 
offaitbfimplv,tDeonelt?baue confiocration ofmcrcie,anoof ^^ytt^n*** 
tbe free pzomifc : but toben toe luouloe ejcpzelTe all tbe partem |,"J ■^^'J^'"^ 
tbereof,ant> DifculDJ tbe tobole fo2ce anb nature of tbe fame, togcUcr 
toe mull: ofhcfctrttietot?nc feare alfotberettJitb. janointerie ^ 

neeDenomannballcarnclllp at anytime flte tnto tbe iirercie 
ofCDoi),but be luhirb being toucbcD luitb tbe tb:eatening5 of 
Coo,(l)ail tremble at tbe luugcmcnt of eternall Deatb ? lobicft 
tbep Dcnouncc,tbat be mav mtCifee of bis fin0,tbat be mav not 
carelcfl^ bearc tuitb tuicUconelTesi no; Qecpc in biB filtbmeiret 
but ma^ carefully? feehe tbe mcDicmc of bi6 malatiie». ano it 
toaBaaii^uldr^^iuilege oCgracet in tbat C'OD toUic ^oab 

Si^MiU 0^ 

O- ro H^ C AL V I NSt' f^ <r V 

Toffije Qoiotit Uftkbc toa0 to come, ^c oftentimes c ommauni 
Detbtb!^atntnc;e5tobeDenoimccD as^tnlt tt)e rep:obatt ani> 
tbe circle altUctljat calltHg tbem botb to repentance , l;e nui^ 
bumble ttic clctt^ano map mahe tfte repzobatc iJoj?i»e of all er^ 
rnfe.^iSutrecmjjtbt greater part rettcfett) all tbatis fpobeti 
obttinatiir,i)eframctbbUi fp^cb fpcciatli? tot^ofe tbat are 
ti0,tulncbareao yetcurcable, tfjatbe mai? bjingtbemtDnto 
ff ocUnciTe b^ the fearc of bus wDgemetit, %\)t (late ant) conDi^ 
tiorioftticlDicUcDmigbtrameat that tune better, tftcntfje 
carcfuluclTc of j^Oiit) tljc feruant of 0oD.^t)cp carcIcCTelv pica 
feDtbemfetuefimtbeirfinncs ; jfo;^ tucfenoUje lubatCb^illc 
favtb concemmg tbe riotouullate of tbat time .Jntbemeanr 
j-ukc.i;. time,tbenianofOoD,bein5beauvano carefuMiybeD as tbe 
a^- eartb fliouloe b^uc bene oeltro^u euerr boure . But if tbou 
toigbnnoconfiocr ttje enoc> dDoo bcfltolueo an bnfpeahc* 
iibte bcncfttetpponbififeruaunt,U)b^n be toloe btm of tbe 
tmmnient pcriU, to tbe enb be migbt beUjareof tbe fame* 

-' II [ The earth was filicd with iniquitiej CDOD gtuetbbcre 

to bnt)crlfant),tbat men toerc to be oeftroveO> tbat tbe eartfr 
mipbt bepurg:co>tbc lubict) tbcr \uitb tbeir Uiicbconcdc-^Defi^ 
k^.jfoiM Dotb not tt)erefo;e onelrmake mention of iniqui* 
ticanDt)iolence,ofDeceite5 ano inmrtc^ Ujbicbe tbevt^fcDa* 
tnontr tbcmfelucfj, becaufebe UjouId fo2goe its rigbt,but 
becaufe tbus Ujas a mo;c grolTe^anD asf it toerc a palpable tuio? 
teDneOTe. rt 

14 QMakc thccan arkc of Pine trees."] fioloot follotuetb tb^^ 

-ncbuit- comniaunDementofbuilnmgtbearfee,Uberebi!OooDmU)on^ 

An^of Derfull^p:ooc tbe faT>tb ano obcDience of bw feruant. iSutit 

»^Arkc. nccoetb not tbat loe labour mucb in (peaking of tbe builDing: 

crrept fo farre as tbe fame bclongetb to our eoification • 

iftrtte tbe Jcluea ooe not agree among tbemfclucs con^* 

cemmg tbe kinDe of loaitjoe iDbereof tbe Slrbe luas maOf*. 

iFo2 fome mfrrpzet Gopher to be Ceoar> fomc Jf ^rrc , « fome 

^^linc. Hbe^Dvffer airo in tbe loftes anofeucrall twrntB-tbt^ 

caufe fomc tbmcbe that tbe pumpc ttojoe m tbe fourth place, 

iJDbicb rccciucD a(fo the crcremcntes ano other offile • i£>tber 

foincniaite fiue manftori places in the triple foller, of the 

iubi^c tljc bigfrett ferucD fo; the GiuUct ». jajiot^creare fome 

4^ Mjit^c 

V P O W G E N HS T 9» T C A P. V T. .f^^, 

tol)icb tbinUe tW tberc tiwre bat tbzec fcuerall aoimcs intfjt 
f oppe tuitb reucrall partitions letluane . irurtbcrmo^e con^ 
ccrmngtbetuinDotuetUcrtoeDifagree . ifoztbrrcarefonie 

Iwbicbe tbinfce tljat tl)ereU)a»not opg,^liWj but PJHprft.iwiiu 

T SDbcre arc alfo fome tDljictj fat» tbat tlm tocre open to lette 
in tbe av:c. ano otbcrfome fa\>,tbat tbcv toerc maoe cnelp tq 
rccciue t^e Ujjbt i tbat tbcp luerc tberefo^c claOeo Ujitb cb;if* 
tali, ano pitcbco about »3ittometb mo;ep;5obablct)nt0mci 
Jbat tbere tuag but one onel^,anD tbe fame maOe^not to Ictt in 
(be ligbt.but to remaine altuai^es ftutte, fauing at fucb tim? 
astbebfetbercofriequireo tbe fame to be opencD, as Uieftall 
fee bereafter. :ff urtbermo;ic tbat tbere \jua5 a triple foller, ano 
feuerall r(Dmc5 tbcrciur fo;^ a caufe totjs bnftnotuen . iB9o;e Q^f^^^* 
tjaroc i0 tbe quell wa^UJ^cbe w obiecteo , concernmg Ibe 
greateneJle tbereof . j{o% in oloe time, rerteine bngoolie 
men, troublcD^ofes tuitbtbetrfcoffe0anDrco;nei?,fo;jtbat 
in fo fl)o^^te acompaOe of time, be bao fette oolune tbat f^ 
great a multitujbe of liuing creatures taere ftuttebp in tbe 
jarbe, tbe tbiriw parte iDbercof, IjuoulDe fcarfel^ rgnt^in^ 
foure (Elepbantes * Qri2;cn aunfU)creib tbi« obiection,tDba ^^. . 
fartb, tbat ^ofes in fpeafeina of tbe cubite meafurcuieanetb '■ 

a CDconictricall cnbite , tbe UJbicbe is firetimes greater tben ^ 

tbe common cubite : luitb tDbnme agrcetb ^amt A«g,vftinjj ..j ^a .^ i 
in bis i;. ll5cDUeoftbecitieof0oi),^nD in bis fira liSojke of 
quettions bpon C^enefis . 3 graunt tbat tubiebe tbc^ alleage, 
jboUi tbat£pofe0U)as learneD in alimannev luioluUp^e of tb^ 
eji'ptians^but^ettgno.^auntof (H^comitrie* Imt fo^fflimicfi 
as U)e Doe knolue tbat be aiioai^es framed bimfelfe tofpeake 
groffeli? auD r uDel? fo: tbe capacitie pf tbe common fo.:te, ano 
tbat be of pur|30fe abttaineij from curious Difpu^ai^ions, U^jicb 
fauoureo of D^pe learning, i cannot perfuaDa mv felfe tbat 
be contrarie to bis tuonteamaner bfeo m'i Geometrical cim> 
nmg» jtno) 

l^ bid not iw tbe tirac Cbapfer lutreafe of tbe ^tarreff 
jabiloCbpbicallp o: as an aftronpmer , but after tbe coiimioit 
manner fo: tbe ignozantcs fabe, be calleo tbe S)unne arib tU 
ipan^ tU)o sreat ligbtes, ^ tbat \x>inm i« ^"v r^e place ri», 

£p,t). tbat 


fjaeiic fallrt ffimgs of all mtes ann^mes bp tjftialf itatt»ft: 
2»:couer,toljat manner of ftibtfetiJaB fl)cn bfco 3 cannot 
?"i- ^f "If** ^"'''*'^^'' nte,tl)at<Pob ioaa noeiffno^ant/tohont 
ft^ttbOHfall<«ntroHerfi63t)oc atftnotulcDge to be (fje tijiefe 
toojhmatftcr of tfic arhc,) Ijou- inutbc ti)c place Uioulo ton* 
tcfnc,1uJ)ic»)eel)aot«rfmbcD Unto bis fcrtiaunt. jffobc tfjoa 
Wcmoe tlj^crt raojDinarte poUicr of C^oD from fljiB Ijittoiie. 
tUoo mapett fa^ tl)en,tJ)af uiccrc fables are octlarco IBut it 
mmotto (am (0 abfuroe ailjins tinto tjs, tobtcfj tonfeOa 
njat m renmanf rs of tbe Uiojloc tocre fatico b^ a loonoerfull 
mfnKle,ljoU)tt)at nianp ftraungc tbingesareberercpojteOi 
tfjat the ratbcr tbf rb v that fetrctc ann intompjetjcnOble polu* 
cr Of ©oD map tbe better appcarc, tobitlje farre furmountcth 
all ourfenfes. at map be tljat Porhyrius,oj fomc ofljer Dogm 
tortlaffirmctbistobefabalous : betanfe there appearrth no 
tcafon, 0; bccauft it ie tintnonteco^ clfe bee anfe the tomnwn 
t;acr of nature gainefapcth it . 3, on the tontrarie parte,af* 
rirme,tbat thutDhoIeDctlarattonofspofes, if tftocrenoe 

iJl^!!'^".^'? ?''5''^^' ^''""' "* "'"'^' "^rren, ano rioitu. 
tots. !^thcU)huhwthi5hifto;ietuillcon(tDcrthe piofouna 
.«,*iuA "*Pf"«rf of«I5otoomntpotcn<ie, asitismette, ffiall rather 
reucrcntip bcaConntfljeD.thcnofrafioneo pcrucrOp to frojnc 

u ;«c D .• l''ii°°*' of «CJ«ftc.3 ooe toillinglp onrttte the fame, btcaufe 

* ^ '■<'"" ?hl . "" founoneffe m tbe fame. Or igcn alfo pjoraDetb fur. 

Fiuftuin. •"^•"^llcgoncs: but there is nothing mo^e p2ofitablc then 

I.. to nana ^pon the true ano naturallhanoling of matters.Jtia 

tertcmcbp the tcaimonie of peter ^ the arttetoas an image 

of the Cburtb.^ut tt is not mate to frame cuerie part thereof 

ftnto the(^hurtb,a« 3 m QteWe men 3 romctnto fljc fame. 

■ 18 LAndlwiIImalcemycoucnantwiththec.llBcraHrcthC 

foo;Uemanll,tp oftheilrfte tnas berie baroe, ant. bctaufc ma- 
nplpttesmtgbtartfetuhirbc might bicakc oflftbc iuojhe be* 

r«^£?i .^"'u'^P"""'* P*'""'f«' •"''^"eth that bis la. 

Sf.^^i?" L"" '''' '"^'^°^'''' •" *'^'"'^ • ^"^ f 6cn lue Doe glaolg 
wib;ace the (ommaiinomcnts of ©oo, tojjen toe IjaMe a pio* 




wifetornttitfieretoit!), iobicbc teacfjct!) JJifiS tl)at toe labour ' 
tiot in tainc. Mtjrerebf it -appeciretb^^olDifont)!)? tljepapift^ 
jire DccciucD, tofjicb tcactjc tbat men aw leD alDa\? b^ ttjc ooc* 
trineoffaitbfromaDettretouoluelU ifo;lw|)at faint cfcctre 
fl^U iDc baue to ooe; iocU , ercept tut be incourageD tl);iou5bc 
faitl) i ILet ba knoiwc tberefoje.tbcrt tbt p^omifes of (Cots alone Gods pr©: 
t« t[)at \joWh quicken b£(,anDtobicbc infpire flrengtb into all '^i^cs «n= 
cur mcinbcr^ to obe^ dDoot ano tbat loitbout tbcni iue are not ^°"^^^^j ^» 
cncl^ aoutbfuU, but alfo almode Do^oe of courage, in fo J,*^^^'^ J^. 
inucbe tbat neitber tbe feete no^ tbe banoes can Doe tbeir 
Duetie ♦ Siii^ tberefo;:e, fo often as bjc fainte , o; be mo;e 
flolue tbcn tuc ougbt to be to grpo \juo;^ke0,lct t0 call to niin^e 
tbe pjonrifcsj of <!& 3) )iO, tubicfte mai? correct our Qolue* 
iicCTe . ^0, as ^^aulc luitneiretbjl-one is in tbe ^aintes,be^ Color r.t. 
Cdufe ?f.tbe bope lubicbe is laioe tjppe in beauen . Wut fpe^ 
ciallp^leaft tbe faitbfuU Doe fainte in tbe miooca off beir iour;» 
iKP^, itisnccellarietbat tberbe cpnfirmep b? tbeiuo;De of 
tf^i)3t), to tbe enD tbe? ma^ be alTureD tbattbe^ Doe not be^te 
jtbe we, o^lmfetbcir labour: butrefting tbenifelues bppom 
tbe p;omife of dD jhD 2D maDe tjnto t\}tm , t\)c\! follolu CD^aDS), 
JwbociiUetbtbem not Doubting of tbe fucceffe, „', 

,-) 2Dbcrefo:e tbis Comunction is to be notcD, tbat after riiov: 
!©i£)S> commaunoeo bis fcruannt jJio^btoDoebis itill, to .^5^i 
tte enDe be might baue Ijim ofacDicnt to tbe fame, be tedi^etb 
Ibat be rcquirctbnotbing of b»n in Viaine* ItBut iht hmmt 
Df tbis couenaunt, tobereof ^ofes fpeaUetbluas, tliatijioab 
(l)OulDbe in fafetie, altbougb tbe tobole Vuoiloe pcrilbcD Uutb 
tbe flouDe ♦ Jfo; tberc is berein a fecrete comparifon , boU.e 
tbat tlje U'bcle luoilDe being reiecteD , J© gD luouiD niabe 
a fpeciall feao^ue iuitb ii^oab alone • Mberefo;e it bebo* 
iieD jfioabtofctle tbisp^omifeof 0£)D, o.:tbis coucnant 
in 0eaD of an non tuall agamftall tbetcrroursofocatb, c^ 
uenas it Uias tbe purpofe of €^^S> br tbis luo;De onclp 
to omioe life from Dcatb . flnD tbe touenaunt is maDc lx)itb 
Jjim /bppon tbiscontiition, tbat.bisfamijic.inialjt be faucD 
fojbisfaUe: anD alfo tbe b:utebca(fcstorepaiic tbeloo;lDt 
fi)f tbe \ubicbe3i Wlfag mo^c in tbe nmtbe Chapter follow 

k»-»*»%'<^ -• Wk 

jp QAuvI 

19 C And ofiii that liucthOlB^ftwfpeacftc lie mean^fj 
-all liaing creaturejer of toljat binue foeaer tfte^ be . aito tje 
fa^tb tbat tbep toent bp paw^ef, not tbat one pa^ze alone of al 
fembcB tuas rr cciucu iato tbe arbe. jfo; anon toe l^all fee tbat 
cf fome kmOc there toere tb^ec coupleis : ano furtbermozctbat 
Iberc loas but one alone of tbof?: kiribcs lobtcbc loere cicane; 
t»Mcb/loab aftf rluarD offtreo fo;j a fan ifice.)l5ut becaufemc^ 
cioit id b^re mabc oncl^ of offpnng: ano ftoare,tbe number itf 
not crpzeQv fct ooiune : but tbc males are onel^ torncD toittr 
tbefcmale£f,tbatif^oabHujjbttbereofconceiue tbc reparati^ 
onoftbeluboletuo;loe, '• ' ' 

'22 [^ And Noah made, 3 Mltb felue tDO^DeiEf, buf ^tt be* 

Tit gallantl)? ^ofcs commenoetb bere tbe faitb of jpoabSI^bc 

fc!>.ii.7. i5no2antmeruell tbat tbe Bpoftlemabetb bim bcireof rigb* 

teoiifnes iubicbe 10 acco;ji)tng to faitb: ^s tbougbe lubat ber^ 

tuesfoeuer, ano lubat foeifetoaspzaife luoztbiein%boI? 

man, fpian^ not out from tbe fame iuelLiFoz tue ougbt to ti^ 

member toitb tobat atfauUif of temptations, bisniinbetoai^ 

bailt? affaileb . ifirfle tbe buc^nefle of tbe 3rbe it felfe migbt 

Th c afTai- ^aue ouerlnbelmeb al bis fcnfc6,infomucb tbat be migbtb^nc 

tcs which bene bifcouragco from lifting bp bis banoe to begin tbc fame. 

Noahiuf- l^otue great a number oftimber trees luere to be cut ootune, 

fcrcd . i^j (ijg readers confioer: alfo boUi great tbe laboure of cariago 

anD fufb Ube toas . %be bufineOTetDcis a long time alreabi^ 

Differrcb^ifoMtbeboueD tbe boll? fatbertobe occupieo aboue 

a buno^eo T'eares in moft p:befom Iabo;j . ^no toemuttenot 

f binbe tbat be tnas fo fenfeles,but tbat be rememb;jeO al tbefa 

lettes. i3po;eouer it luas fcarfel^ to be bopeb fo:,tbat tbe men 

of tbat age toouloe fuffer^tftat be fljoulce p:omife faluation to 

bimfclfe alone to tbeir ignominie anD rep:ofb.l5efo;ie menci* 

on teas maoe of tbeir beattl^ c rucltic . £:bercfo:e there is no 

Doubt but that tbep oio Oail^ p:ouohcmot)cft anb fimplc mem 

fajf tbout anv caufe.janb this luas a great occafion of fco;ning, 

tbat Jloah in cutting, Dolune the ttff:G in Diucrfe places inoulo 

mabe tbe earth bare, ano Uiouloc Defraube tbcmof oiucrfc 

comntotiities . 

STbe common pjoucrbe is ,XbatlDaitoarbeanb content 
(ious perrons 00 cgnteno about t^e (l^aboiu of tbe^tTc^^bae 



f ben mf gT)f Jl^oal) tbin^c tfiat tftofc pecuifl) nm mat) Cyclopes ^ ^^ 
iDOiiloc DOC , U>f)o being: rrercifco in all t)iolcnce,fougbt bi? all 
means occafion to be c ruclUli5ut tbis l»as tbc p;iincipal tbins 
to infl xnte tbeir maDnc0,m tbat be tb;icatcneD oettruction to al 
men,U)l]enastbevpJOttiireDrca bnto tbemfclues ♦ti^enlv, 
tjnlcffe tbepbao bene reftraincD b^ tl)e mtnft tie banoc of (^oo, 
tbepbaDabuno:»totrme0aonet5bim toocatb. i!>ottuithiran^ 
t)f ng it 15 liUcI^ tbat tbeir outrage ions not fo farre rep^cCfeo, 
but tbat noluean^tben tbe)?oiDfco;ine anDteriDc bint, ano 
aCTaile bim Uiitb Dinerfe tb.2eatcmn(ts anu rcp,>oacbfnlirpca^ 
tbe0. ^eaanD a tbinfte not tbat tbe^ refrained tbeir banoes 
from troubling ano birtoering tbc Uio:fec, 2:^berfo;jc altbougb 
be cb«refuU^ trofte tbc too;>be in bano^tobrcb tuag commaim^ 
Deo bint, vet notUjttbaanding bis conftanctc migbt banc 
quailed a tboufaitt) times ant) mo:c eucri^ ^earctnleffe it baO 
bene ftrmel^ ctroii'ntJeD. spo>eouer fcciiig it i»as a matter of it 
rclfc bnpD(W)le> botue baobc tjictuals fo^onelubolerev^rcf 
l^otnejDtbc pzouiOon antj p;ouin5erfor fo.manr beaHes^ j^^.^, j,;, 
^ is commaunoeD to lai? t)p fo tnttcb as migbt ruffiec fucbe a tcmptati. 
famiiie, fo man^ beafTes, anD fo manic foulrs fo; fojoc fo^ tbe ons. 
fpace often monetbes . iButtbistoas rinirulous fo^bmt. af^ 
tcrbctoas b:ougbt from bufbanDiie to carpenters craft,to be 
f ommaunneo to gatber ooubl^ tncreafe of all tbings fc: ac2e> 
but be bau mucb mojcbufineOe ano trouble in p:ouiDing flo^ 
Iter antj p:ouintjer fo: beaftes tbemrelues.2Lbcrefo;>e it migbt 
be fufpecteo , tbat (Doo oiD mocfec luitbtbtm. SHbe btft tbuTg 
icas tb It be fbouloe gatber togetber beaftes of all hin^ts. 
Zs tbou.ibe be bat) at toill ann commaunrjement all ImlDc 
beaftes T anD as tbougb be coulDc niahc tbem tame : tbat tbe 
molucs miabt be pent bp tuitb tbe 3lambs,tbe X^gers \r itb 
I^are5,tbe ilions luitb £)ren,as ^l)ecptogctbcr in one foulo. 
^ut of al otber tbe greatcft temptation U)as tbis,tbat to fatie 
bis life, be is commaunoeD to go into tbe graur,f luilltnalr to 
Depnuc bimfelfe of tbe aire anD of \)itall fpiritc . if o; tbe one^ 
Iv ftincbe of Dunoc beeing taitbout aire, anD tbe plate alfo fo 
full farlTeD anD ttuft t)p,migbt tbefourtb Dap banc luflcD M 
tbc liumg creatures tbat U^ere intbearfee. !lett)s remem^ 
ber thcfe grecuous, manifoloc^ anD continuall conaicte*? of tbc 

^ ^ 10 HK C A LV I NE 

° f)o!t» paf n'arclj: to ftccnuclDC ma^ fertotDc tiotoe noble a Uu 

Noah his tut it tDa0 to pjofcquutc tl)at to tbe cttDc luljicb <3od bat) tonxfi 

<:onftADcic manDeD.ispofcs faitft in one U302D tbat fje ntaoc itibut tue muft 

conCtjer boU) far abouc maitje; ttrcngtb tbis malie ano luo:l^c/» 

mandjippc is: infomuclitbatit luere better to Die ait fjutt^ 

D;eD times , tt)m to tafee rn band fo labo;ioiis a luo<:lje,tjnleirc 

fje batJ rcfperteD ntjci^e tbcn tftis p:efcnt life . 2Dbcrcfo;e a fin^" 

obsJi- gular ctample of obeDience is bere DcfcribeD \3nf ts : becaufe 

cncc. ^^i^oabfubmitting birnfelfetuboliitnto dDoD, jjauetnto biui 

tbe bonour Due to })is name ♦ Wit knotoe boloe p;iompte anO 

reauie men are in t\)i3 corruption of nature to fehe for fljifti? % 

\ ftarting boles> f bolu loittie tbev be to mafee ercufes to (ftifte 

off tbe obcDicnct Df cI?oD.tM[)erfore,let t)S lerne to go tbrougf) 

all kinryc of impeoimentes, anD not to Qiut place to luicked 

tbougbtcs , tubicbe are contrarie to tbe luo;Oe of (^ idD S), 

ano tobercluitb &atbv"»n goetbabout to intangle our mintjce;, 

to tbe cn^t t\)c^ mav not fclloU^e tbe calling of (IDoD^ fto; CDoD 

ooetb require crpmall^ to bauetbis bonour giuen tintobim, 

tbattoefutferbimtobe iuifefo;t)s • SnD tbfe is tbe true 

p:obationanDtriall of faitb , U)ben as lue being contented 

luitb biscommaunDemcntoncl^jDoe prepare ourfelues to 

tbe luo:he,i Doe not leaue ofif our race^tPbat H^umbling biocbe 

focucr ^atban caftetb in before tjs: but are carried aboue tbe 

iDorlDe tuitb tbe toinges of faitb* £pofes alfo eppreffctb? tbat 

^oab DiD not in one point alone ober ^od , but alfo ^ be txias 

obedient in all tbingesXbe lobicbe iB Diligently to be noted: 

becaufetbereofefpeciallpaborrible confufion arifctb in our 

life: becaufe toe cannot luitbouterceptionfubmit ourfelues 

U»bolpt3nto OoDjbut toljen lucbaue Done fome parte, 

iwe mmgle our affections oftentimes toitb bis tuorD, 

jf or tbis caufe tbe obedience of jjioab is connncn^ 

Ded, fortbatit luas founde and pcrfccte, 

and not lame: infonuicb tbat be omit' 

ted none of tbofc tbingcs lubiclj 





chapter: VI I.' ' 

; i-'.- • ..II 

Nd the torJc faidc vnto Noah: Enter thou 
and ail thy houfc into the Arke: For thee 
haue I fccne righteous before me in this 


Of cucric clcane beaftc thoa flialtc 
take to thee by feu ens, the male and his fc- 
malc,butof vndeane beaftcs by couples, the male and.hisfc^ 

^^^^' Of the foules alfo of the Heauens by feuens, male and kccpe fccde aliuc vpon the whole earth . 

A. For fcucn dayes hence I will caufe it to rainc vpon the 
earth fortie davcs and fortie nightes, and all the fubftancc that 
1 haue made will I dcdroy from off the earth^ 

Noah therefore did according to all that the Lord com- 

^"^^"''Ana Noah was fixchundred yeares olde when the floud 
of waters was vppou the earth ,!w ' -c j t •. 

v.;,'^ So Noah entered and his fonnes,andh.s wife,and his 
fonnes wiues with hira into the Arke, becaufc of the waters of 

* %°Of thedeanebeaftes, and of the vndeane beades , and 
fef the foules. and of all that creepeth vpon »''«."« J; ... 

o : There- came two and tv\o vnto Noah into the Axkc, 
Wihle and female, as G OD had commaunded Noah. 

10 And fo after feuen dayes, the watersofthetioudewcro 

vtioh the earth J""'*J , , .i.'r". >. /• j 

s/^n -In the fixt hundred year« cfNoahstife,.inthefccond 

tnoneth, the feuenteenth day of the the fame day 
V^k M'ihi fountcincsofthegreat-dcrpeiroken vp, and tho 
windowes of heauen were opened. • 

,i And the rainc was vpon the eartli fortie dayes and for- 

:!*"? \"'thc felfefameday entered Noah with Shcm, and 
«at^,Iapheth the fonnesof Moah , and Noalu^w.fe, and tile 
three wiuMof his fonnes with them mto the At-«' , . 

• 4 ••"*J3 




*y X 4 Thc}',anc! cucry beafl after his kindc , and all cattcll after 
their kindc, and cuery thing that crccpcth, or moueth vppon 
the earth after his kindc, and eucry foule after his kindc,eucn 
cuery birdc of eucry fcther , 

1^ For they came to Noah into the Arke, two and two of all 
flelhc, wherein is the breath ofhfc» 

16 And theventcrins; in , came male and female ofali 
flelhc, as God liad commaundcd liim: and the Lorde fliut hira 

17 Thenthcfloude was forticdaycs vppon the eartli,ancl 
the waters were increafcd and barevp the arke, which was 
Lft vp aboue the earth . 

18 The waters alfo waxed firong, and were increafcd ex- 
ceedingly vpoji die earch ; and the Aikc went vppon the wa^ 

terS . . .»; .i ,.j :,, . J. -^■ 

19 The waters preuailcd fo cxcccdirtgly vppon the earth, 
that all the high mountcincs,tI)at are vndcr the whole heauens 

20 FiFtcene cubites vpward did the waters prcuaile, when 
the incunteincs were ccucred. 

■ 21 Then all flcihc pcridicd that moued vppon the 
carthc bothe foulc and cattell, and bcaftes and cuery thmgc 
that crcepcth and nioucth vppon tlic earth, and cueric 

22 Euer)' thing in whofe noftrcis the fpiritc of life diJ 
brcathcwhat focuer they were in tlic dric lande they died, 

23 So he deftroycd cuery thing that was vppon the earth, 
from man to bcallc, to the creeping thing and to the foulc of 
thcHcauen, they were euen dcftroycd from thccarthe,and 
Noali onely remained,and they that were witli him in the 
Arke. vch li; 

24 And the waters preuailcd vpon the earth an hmxlicj 

I r And the Lorde faidc vnto Noah . "} J Doubf nof but tW 

j?ioab luajs often times confirmcD luttb funD>ie o;aclc£J,a5 it 
luas ncceffarie. ![)eljatj alrcaDie b^? ^ fpacc of an loo.percs fu^ 
tUixic:^ Zxmi % jjr^i^uous aOult^,! tije inuincibl^ cljampion fjaii 


V P O N G E N t S I S. CAP. V r T. ^^y 

» gotten tuo;itf)ic t)icto;tc0 : but t\)is tons a mott ftarpc baf tclf, ^ 5 
to btD ttje taoilD anuc , ano to retiomire ttie roiitmon courft of 
iife,tbat lie mi0*t tt^at tjp tjimfclfe in t^c 0rbc, /^oio tljc face The floui 

' of tfie eartb toa^ fuUp beautiti^ , aniJ fipoftsrnotctt) ttje time cimc m 
oftftc ^eare to^erein tjcarbcs Doe fpiinoc, anD trees flourifte. ^'^'^ ^?''^fL 
WLinttr tuas uotD paft , tbDtcb mat«tb totft tfte beauenc an^ "°^** 
tbe cartb tinpleafant tb^ougb fl)arp pincbing eolo> hud glmmie 
tlouoe£J.&o tbat tbc ilo;rj c bofetbc ntomcirt of time to Dcttro^ 
tbe Uio<:l3, euen in tbe liert> temperature of t|je fpnng . jfo% 
^ofeu fattt) tbat tbe begtniung of ibeflooQ toac in tl)e feccno 
tnonetb: Ijolubctt 3 bnolu tbat tbcre are Diuers opinions con^ 
cerninij tbii5 tbing. if oi tbere are rometObicbl)eo:in tbe i?eare 

. attljeautumnall equinoctiall, (U)I)icbeij5 in tbcmonctl) of ^^^"^*[^. 
September toben tbe ^ixvm enter^lNnto tbe figne Libra) ncauu, 
asut tbat D^Der of beginning f \?e^r'e at tbe iJ^onctb of ^arfb> the one 
t0mo:e app:oued ♦ iI5att»benroc«^ritl)e0inttetb iiioaBno v'cn,ai,thc 
^igbt temptation fo;^ ij^oab to Wake tbe UfeU)berelDitb!)e "^'^l^'J^^^ 
baDbecneaccuffomcDbrtbe fpaceofftjc^li^unD^eDveares, anD xh^^Wr- 
to foekc a neU)e Wnbe of life in tbeoape pitt of oeatb * l^e in oaji cqm* 
commaunoeD to goe fajz tb of tbe t3Do:lD,tbat be ma^ line in the noaui . is 
grauctobwtb ^Uja£; m Digging toitb great labotir anD paine, ^^^" ^Jj^ 
«boue a b«ntJ:eD i^eareu ♦ flnD lDberefo;»e is be tbns commah*^ m^ahHs of 
UeD f llBccaufe (iio0v after tbe cartb lna« to be D:otuncD luitb co^iaii" ° 
tbe flouD of Inaters . ilStit as vet no fucb tbing appcaretb : all length, 
men banquet anD l)aunt feaffes : marriages are feUeb;^ateDv and bcg.n. 
tbe^ builD fumptuous anD cofllpboufesitobe ttio^t^ 01101^^ ncchwhca 
tnbere toas to be fine fpe:t anD HotoufnetTe: ewnas our ^a*' en^.rctir 
iiiourCb;ritl tettifiietb^affiirming tbat tbis fame age tuas maDe ,nto the 
t);joniJcn tottb pleafures. ssaberefo^e, tbellojD DiD not Untb^'fi^ft mi:; 
Duteaufe comfo;jt againe tbe minDe of bis? feruauntljoitb a nutcofthc 
nelne p^omife^ left be ftoulD faint ♦ as if be C^oiilD^ber^^^'^^.^^ '^' 
totbou bad ItoutlplaboureD amonge fo man^j offrnces :bnt ""' 
nolo necelTitierequirctb tbat t^ou be^ of gtuD cbetr^ , tbat tbon i^kc 17. 
mapett rrceiue tbe fruite of tb? labour: tbe U)l)ic!)lol?ctbo« zo. 

r" ^ not fo:ijntiU tue \)aines of tbe cartb being openeD . tbe tua- 

*^' ters from all partes tbereofruCbefm^tb, anDtjntillthcflonD 

gates of beauen being plucfettjp, tbe tuaters tbat are aboue 

50^ nmne^aina i\^zn\ luitf) great Violence : but entering in* 

t^-1 ii. to tbe 

TOi: •'*'^ ^(OHN GAL V.I NE l< o ^I 7 

^^T fd tfjc ari^t tiJliile all tbiiiccs are ret quiet, abiDe ffterc m • 
ptac0,t)ntiU fcuen Darr0 : ttien fljall tba flouu fouDrmlp come* 
iLua ai: flrtD altbmigf) tiotu at t]:^iB Oar^ o^actas arc not feougfjt to ts 

n« sr.u: from bcaucH , v^t let t)5 knolw ttiat tlnr rontmiiall mcmtatt* *^ 
;on;i"i -^ CH of tl)c luo^o 15 not iH baiiic* jfo^j afi nclue Doubt0 arife tni» 
"• tot0noU)canDtbeit:^ fo\i3oDccnfirmetf)Durfaitl)imt!)fcnte 
pjomifcso;, other: tfjat fjaumg receiueO Hrengtfte, it mai? 
comeattbclengtl) to perfcctioit ♦ ano it is our part to fieare 
iD'itl) eariuU De fire tbe Uiojo of (1I^0D : anp not tlj^ougtj Iwicb^ 
Difoatne to rcicct rrercifcs , o; to neglect tbem as fuperfluouif, 
tof)ereU)it[) ^e either cberriftjetlj our faith, o: ftirretf) it tp^o;^ 
eonfirmetl) it^ acco^Ding as be perceiuetl) tbe fame^eitber to be 
^ounge,o; Decre<i(ing5o; tueake* 

Obi ai- ^^^^ ^^^^^ ha.u^^pe ughtcous before mcc.'2%l)t%ti;n in 

oa!^ '* faring tbaMbii8ft»wtbemtfeW)i? be faueD i^oab , nameli? 
fo; ibat »je U>a0 wft; feimtb to attribute tbe p;^aife.of falua^ 
tion to tbemerites ofiwo^bes . Jfo; if fo bej^oab be faiieube^^ 
raufc be i$ iutij it follotuetb tbat tue atteine to life hv goiD 
Aunfwerc. ^©^^^0 ^ )i5ut toe ar^^ bKvt iDifci^ to iucigbetbe purpofe of 
000 : nameli? tbat be ibonlo fet one man agmnlt tbe lobole 
c tuoalD : tbat in bijei perfonbe migbt concmmc t^jc tnrigbte^ 
oufnclTeof all men,ifp,j againe be teftifietb^tbat tbe fame ten^ 
geance tobirbe be mtenDeo to tafee of tbe tuo^Uj U»a5 iult : be^ 
caufetbereioa^oneman alone left, tnbKbat tbat time im^ 
.r b^aceo rigbteoufneGc, fo^^lubofe fal^e 0ooiiia£i mercifitll ta 

bi5U)bolefamilie;» /jotlaitb(tanomg,if atipman; obiect tbat 
b^ tbis plaee it is p20«eD,tbat 0^ JD batb refpect tinto men 
tn faumg tbem : tbe aunfiuere is reaoil^ mabe, tbatffi^bift 
ts notbing eontrarie (o (Doos free mereie ano grace : be^ 
raufebe acceptetb tbofe gtftes tubiebe be beflotoetb tjppon 

bisferuauntcs. _ .. :ui,;^ 

ifirtt of all it is to be nofeD, tbat be !ouefbmenfrarl^,i 
h (re/ w ^^^" ^^ '^^ finDetb notbing in .bem,but tbat U)bieb Deferuetft 
acpladc"h batrcD:fo; foniucb as all men arebo;ne tbcebilo^en of to;jottr,- 
not on anobeircsof eternall malcDiction . Jntbisrelpectcbeauop^ s 
mcritcs. tctb tljcm to bimfclfc m <rb;2ilt, anD iuftifeetb tbcm bp bis frd5 ^^ 
nicrcie . ilfterbcbatb reconcilrotbcm tobimfelfe after tbis 
manner , be alfo resentratetb t i}cm br bis tpirite into a nr luc 


vpoN genesis: cav: vit. i^x 

iDljiiirntuftofnccetTtticplcafcCDoDbimrclfe ♦ XDt)usbcDottb 
not Ditcl^ loucitt)cfait&full , but tbeir U)o;tke0 alfo. j^otlMitf)^ vvorkd 
ftanomg lue muft note , tbat becaufe tberew altua^csfome arcaiway 
imperfection i« t»o;*c0,tb0i? cannot be appzoneo but b? mcr* impcrtcO* 
fie, a^bcrefo;:e it ia tljc grace of Ct);^ift lobicb mafect!) iooifees 
of pjice,ano not tbcir dtonelt)o;itbine(re o; merite. pet neucr^ 
tbelcOe tue oenie noC,biitlbat dSoo malfeetl) accompt of tbem, ' ' 

cuen ai8i bere beacbnolulcDgetbanD acceptetl) ttje rigbteouf^ 
nelTe of ifloab, U)btc6 pzocaoeo from W jjrace. ano after tt)is 
maner, as &atnt auguttine/peabetb^be crotonetb biJ? Qift^* 
aifotbat lojbicbe be faitt^fetobe noteu. Thee haucl fecnc 
righteous before nice . W^ iDbtcb facing be Doetb not onel^ o« 
«ertb;otoe all tbe cdtmterfcit (betues of rigbteouftieCfe, tt)ber^ 
ttttbefinceritteoftbe'beartisnottobefounoe , but cballen^ 
getb bnto bimfelfe bwf rigbt : a0 if be IboulD fat?, tbat be is tbe 
oneli? mateantigetoDeemeofrigbteoufncire ♦ CbtJS facing, 
C In this generation, JajfiJj faiDbefo,:e^ fe aODcD fo;tampli^ 
fication:fo: tJjc toicfecondfe of tbat age toao fo farre pad reco^ 
uerce , tbat ittuas counteo a toonoer , tbat ^oab (boulD be 
ttere from t^e conraion^fpot ano ftltbinelTe* 
- -2 c Of cucry deane bcaft . ] !^e repeatetb againc, tbat 
tubicbe be bao fato befb;^e concerning tbe bcaftes : ano not in 
taine* jfoj^it tDas no eatte matter to gatber togctbcr fo 
great a multituoe of ioiloe bealtes out of tbe mountemefp; 
tuoODcs ano oennes, of tbe tnbtci) peraouenture mant? tontjc^ 
toere not fenoUiert: ano mani? of tbem luere w$ Uiiloe as tbofc 
tubomcljaenotuefee; ♦ OTlberefo;ieCDoDincouragetb tbeboli? 
patr tarcb, leaft be being oifcouragcD iuitb tbat great labour, 

fl^oulo fatntj ni»i. 

V, iFiottuitbff^iiiiig bere apptaretb fome fteto of contrartc^ obicOion 
tieattbefirft figbt: becaufe, tobereas bcfo:e be fpal^c of cou^ 
ple$i benoUifpeaketboffcueno . 2Dbe foIutionisJcaCetobeAunrwcrc> 
maoetbecaure bcfo;e tbts tmte ^ofci5 crpjcCfco not ^ number,' 
. but faiDonl^trjat tbe males (boulo banc tbcir females jo^nco 
toitbtbem : as if bebao faio, tbat ^oab bimfelfe teas coman^ 
beo to ftall bp beafts tuttbout regaro, but to cbmfe out front a^ 
m^iig tbem > couples |.{mres (o^iH ^ferttatvon of tb^ fame 
4 0*iU tooe 

V I O H N CA t V I I^E ' 

*^ l^mDebppontljecarth.^uerwtubc fpeabctf? of tire numBerv 

3nD bi^ fcucn antJ fcucn , bnoerltanD not fo man^ pairrj of c^ 

uerp ftinoc/biil tl);ceiie -, to tbe Ujhuije one beaft is aoireo cnct 

nnD abouc rljc cue n paire,fo; farnfice . an& ttit ilo^D toouli^ 

Ijauc the number of ticnnebcallcg taJbe tlj :ecfolD greater tbm 

t|)e reft , bet aufc men ftjoiito mucb mo:e tfe tfjcm tbcn befo;»e^ 

Go(!j pro- {^bcann Uieare lo confioer bis fatherly gajoneffe toiuarocff 

uidcnt t)B : lubercbv bee 10 mouco to-(>aue a confiocration of \35 m all 

*^'^^^f tbrngea. 

^^^' ^ 3 L^^ kccpc fecciealiac vppon the whofc earth.] 2^bat 10 

to rar> tbat ftoar c migb t fp:mg thereof . ll5ut tbi» 10 referred 
to jjioab binifelfe. j?o;i altbcugb C3oD alone (to lpeaftep;joper^ 
it»-)quicljenetb,retn0ttuitbftaRDmgCo5 batb refpcrt tnto 
tbofe ouetie0,U)bieb be batj eniopneD bwf fer uaunt to Doe : anu 
inrefpcctc of the mmitteneo;^ tuaj^ke, beeommaunoetbbmt 
to gatbcr beailcs toptber, tofeeq?ctbcmaItue.0nonomer^ 
uell , feemg tbe nunifters of tbe (H^ofpell are faiD to giue fpin* 
tuallUfe. 3intbefcU:©:De0 tut)icbfcUcU)f,[ Vppon ihcfi'ccof 
the whole earth . ] SDticre IB a Double fonfolation: bcr aufe tbe 
tuaters after tbei? eoucreD tbe face of tbe eartbfo^ atime^ 
tueretotoptjeaUja^ againe, tbattbefareof tbeearfbnngbt 
^p eareD^ie* aifo,bef aufe not onelr /t^oabtbonlDrcnralne 
auuc , but alfo tbe number of beaHes lljoulo be increafcO b^ 
tbe bUlTmgofCDcD, tbat tbepmigbtbemnltip!i7eotb;jougb^ 
out tbe tobole tuo;lD. SDbus in tbe miooftof oeffruetirn, a re* 
QontxQ is p^omifeDbnto bim . ^ofes tabouretb mut b wi t^i^i 
to ftetue tbat Coo fougljt bt all meanes to feeepe ij^oab intbe 
abcDience of bis luo;>D , ano tbat t^t bol^j |i)atriarcbe iclceO 
bimfelfeljnto tbe fame* :\v . r; :::j?'v';r, f 

^ ^cr^ p;ofitable oortrme terilt^/pecfant? tubcn ©ob eitjcr 
p;iomifctb02tb;eatenetbanTtbtnrcttatijitncrcbible : tubeii 
as men Doe not glaolv receiuc anp tftmg^ fciit tfeat \x)l]itl}t fee* 
metbbntotbemp:obable. jj^otre.tScre iiJas notbing nto;c 
rontrarreto tbe uiDgrmcntoffiefbe anDblotiD,tben tbatlbe 
too^lD fboiilD be Dcftro^cD brtbctoorlrrmdillrr fbereof ,be* 
eaufc tins \j):\s to oucrtbJoUi the o>iDer of nature ti»hicb be baD 
eftablitbed. mherrfo^c^Unlelle: jloab bdo fcccne brrp Utefl an* 
inornGjeo of tijis terjulj}c iarqjemeul of €00, Ije neuei* mirlt 


fjarut bcleeueD : lead [jc (l^oulD fainc CDoD to be contraric tnto -^ / 
jbimfelfe. . r'. . .1 

J [[And Noah did according vnto all tliiri^'cs J JCl)!B 10 no 
bare repetition of tlje former fcntence : but spofes comment 
Detb tbc fame^anrj ttje continuall tcno: of obcDiencc in keeping 
all ti)C commaunocmcnts of (DoD : as if be fboulo fap, in tnbat 
part 0; point focuer it plcafcn Cod to p^ouc bt£f obtoicnf e, be 
tua5 altuares tonftant : ^citber is it mate to obcv fome one 
p^otb^r connnaunDcincntof Cl^ot), tbatbairincc pcrfoimeDa 
lame obcoicnc e , tbou ma^tft afterluaro Uutl)D;raU)e tt\^ fclfe* 
jfoz U>e mult remember tb^t failing of &.3;ame0, He whichc umes.i. 

hath forbidden to kill,hath alfo forbidden to lleale. '°- 

. 6 [Noah was fixe hundred yearcs old, ] SgofesOOetb not The fault 

iDitboutcaufeOefrribeaoiainc tbeapceof^oab* jFo; olo age of oia age 
mnonge otbcr \)\tcB batb tbis efper ral!^ , tbat it maftetb men 
tno^e aotitbfuil ano Uia^ioarD . ^mberebp tbe faitb of j5oa!) 
Doctb mo^e euioentlp appeare,U)bicb in tbat generation quai^ 
leD not . Sinn as it \s)as a great bertue not to faint b^ tbe fpace 
ofanb«nD;eO)?earej5:fo biBreauineffe oefcrurtbnot a tittle 
p^aife, in tbat be bdcing rommaiut;5eD to enter into tbe ^rtte; 
obepeo tjuitbout tiela?. Mbereas ^oks a little after anoetb, 
tbat be entered into tbe arbe becaufe of tbeflouD oftoater0. 
It ougbt not to be ejjpounDeo , as tbougb tbe toaterjs; ruOiing 
tppon bim be luas conttrerneo to fla into tbe arke : but be^ 
caufe be. being mabe afraiD luitb tbe tuojb^bebelo bp faitb tbe 
flouD,Uibicb all otbers berioeo. Mberefb:e in tbefe luo^os t)i^ 
faitb is p^^atfeD againe , and tbat becaufe be Itfteb bp bis t^ts 
abouebeauenanbeartb. .•.^•.'.. n 

1.8 [Ofthccleanebcaftcs.] /|iolu0 O^ofes erpjelfetb tbat, 
lubicb a0 pet teas l30ubtfuU,namelp bolo tbebeaftcs luere ga«^ 
tbercD togetber into tbe ari^e . anb be faitb tbat tbep ramc 
luillinglp of tbeir oiune arro^o . Jf anp man tbinfee tbis to be 
abfuro,[et bim call to minDe tbat tubicb toas faio before: bc\u 
tbat in tbe beginning all feint)e of beaded offercDtbemfcUicfi 
to atjam,tbat be migbt name tbem at bis pleafure.flno m tje^ 
rpDeeoeiueboenot fo;i anp otber raufeabbo:re tbe frrtbt of 
tuilDe beafies , but becaufe tuebauing caft afioe tbe feruicc 
ano obeoieme of ©oD,baue loll tbat p?ecminence> lit^bi^b tuas 


♦ ^r 

giiicn t)nfo adiawant) t^is toa^ <15 tt locre a reto:ttta: agame 
of tljc firft naturcat U)!)at time CpoD brought t nto/idal) tf^ofe 
tI)ifrotcsTb!>idjbi' bis labour aitD minfftrrie fictionlD baue 
jp jefenictj. Jf o: .Oorflj Dio no ottjertutfc tope tl)c tntamcD beai' 
ttcjg in bis ilrisc , then bcnncB antj gccfc arc bcpt anu fcDD in a 
jjcnnc o: coupe, jlieitber is tbat tnbicb is aODeD fuperfluoiis^ 
i)OU) tbat tbe bcafts tbemfducs came cum ag dl^oti gaue tonif 
maunocmcnt to /ioab bimfelfc : Jfo^ be giuetb to bnoerttann 
tbat C3oD blertto tbeiibeDteme of jj^oab^^ tbat bis labourmtgfjt 
not be in taiiie . ' '•':'.?». 

3!t toas impoCTible in refpcrt of man , tbat in one moment 
tbcre (I)onlD come togctber fo man^ beaftes of all fo^jtcs* 
^nt bcccaufc ji^oab ftmplp commencing tbe enDe anb fuc* 
relTe bnto (2^05 , crequutetb tbatiDbicbe iB commaunDeo btm, 
(DaBm likcmamier aODctbpoterto bis commaunbemcntf 
l^aft It mtgbt toant effect, ^oId fpeahing p;>operl^,tbis tua0 
tbe pjomife annereD to tbe commauntjcmcnts of (I3oD . SCbere^ 
fo:e toe muft make tbis accompte>tbat tbe faitb of ^oab tuas 
of greater fo:ce tben all topics f nets to take beattes.UnD tbat 
tbe fame alfo toas tbe gate, lobercbi? tbe llions, tbe tiaaolue0, 
tbe 2Siger5,lDitb tbe £Di:en f tbe llambs entreo into tbe 0rtje« 
flno tbis is tbe onlp rcafon, luberbp Ine ouercome all Doubts, 
iDben as Uic being perfuaDcD tbat tbe fameis eaOc tnto dDoo, 
lubicbis tots impoffible, DoeconcciuecourageofbopcMTa 
baue fljeUJCD before botu tbebcaftes entereoin b^ tloo ann 
ttuo. <Mt bauefet douoncalfo Diners opmions concerning tbe 
monetb . ^ou btcauCe tbe l^ebzucs m niuint matters^Doe bc# 
ginnc tbe pere at £parcb:anD in iuo:lDlp matters, at &eptem* 
ber : o: Uibicb is all one, becaufe tUio €qumoctiallsDoe ^it^ 
tbem make a Double beginning of tbe peace : fome tbinke tbat 
tbe facrcD oj bolppcare is becrc noteo: ano otbcr fome tbe 
polituall rearc . 15»t becaufe tbe former 02Der of pcares 
tuas o:DcmrD of <3oD , ano is alfo mo:e agreeing to nature, 
itfemctb mD2c p;obable,tbat tbeflouDcbegnnnc about tbe 

1 1 [;A11 the fountcincs of the great deepc. ] ^pofCS puttctb 

ts in minor of tbe firtt creation, jfo: tbe eartb tuas natural* 
ip coucreo luttb luatcrs : ano bp tbe (ingular goDndEe of 0oD 



if ioatf b;roiigl)t te paflfe^tliattlic^gciue place, lufjcrdjc f|it -^-^ 
jbcalles of the eartft mifjWljaue foinc fpacje giuen tjnto ttjcm* 
artDtbcpbilofopfjerB are conllra^neD to conCcOc tbiu, tfjat 
ttifif agatnd nature, tliat ttje tuaters (ftoulD l^c lotoer tbcn 
tfje eart?) ♦ jaifo tbe bob S)f ripturcrccfeonet^ tppe tbiB a» 
mong tljc miraclcjJ of ^ laDJaD, tljat be rcpcUctb tbc rage of 
•tbe&ra asituuere UJitl) toalloef^lcaft it ftoulDDjotDucpart 
of tlje eartb,lul)icf) 10 ^iucn (0 men to DVuel in, £Bo(t$ alfo faio 
intijefrrftCbapiter^tfjat otbcr Utaterfi luere jjajngc aloft in 
beauen: cucn as DauiD affirmctlj , tljat ttje^ are (but tpp a^ 
it Ujcrc in a bottelL 

2Do conclude , in tbat part of tbe eartb lobicbe 10 to be in^ 
fcabitcD , ^ iiD 3> batb ererteD a 2D?jeatrr fo;i men , ana it xb ^t 

b;rougbte to paCTe bt> bis fecrcti^ potucr , (l>at tbe tnatcrs tn> \ 

Der \^t eartb b;^afte not bppe > no;i tbe toaters abouc tbe l^ea* 
uensfall ootone bppon bs • 15ut notwe^orcs fai?ctb>tbat 
<Doo intenDing to Deftroi? tbe lubole loo;^lti toitb tbe tlouD , re^ 
inoueD tbofe bounDcs ♦ ^w^ bcre toe are to confiDer tbe toonf 
nerfuU counfeUof cID^SD, ifozbetoulD banc IbwtttippeOi jhIoi- 
great plentie of tuaterji ixi tzxitim cbanclfi Oij-bcines of tbe 'I'Oi 
eartb , a£t mi^i banc feruco foz tbe tfeof manner life : but •**^"'' 
ofpurpofe becbdtb itit t0 betinccne ttuo grauc£f, tbat Ujee 
migbt not carclcfli^contemnebisf grace, Uibercbppen Depcn* 
Detb our life, jro^tbe (ij;lemcntofU3atcr> lobicbe tbe ^i^bilo^ 
fopber0 make one of tbep^iiiriples of life, tb;eatrnetbtm^ 
ta b3 Deatb aboue anD beneatb,toere it not tbat tbe fame 
10 rcltrainet) bp tbemigbtie banD of ©iDSD . Mbcrea0 b^ 
faretb tbat tbe founteine0 of tbe tjecpc tore b^oUcn t^ppc, anD 
tbeflouDgates opcnet),tbe)? are spetapbo:icaU fpacbe0, lobcr* 
bp be giuetb to tuiocrftanDe , tbat t^z. luatrrs fiolutD not ac^ 
co;i)in0:totbcirt)fuall manner, no;^ettbatt tbe raine fell a« 
ii: U)a0 U)ont: but tbat tbe mftinction \im\\^ tafeen atoap \xsW 
tbe to fee lua0 fett of enroll , tberetore no mo?c anr lochcs; 
Ipbicb mictbt bolt) faoclte tbe tiolent fo;ce. 

12 I" And the raine vvns vppon the eartli fourtie daycs.J ^ 

.tbougbtbe3lo:0 b;afee tp tbe flouDgatc0 of tbe Umf crs , ytt 
4iotUjitbftaDingbe luoulD not b:eato tbemtp at one moment, 
tbat tber misbt b^ ano br ouerflolue tbe eartb \^i\xX contmucD 

lO H^^ C A LVI NE 

t6e raine b^ t^c fpate of fourttcDapcstpart!^ to the tm i!5oal& 

bv long meuitationnugrfit niozt nrcplp pmt tW in ^10 mind* 

iDjlict) tje baD Icamco befo;:eout of bis tuo;D : ano partly tftat 

the txiicbcD migtjt feelc anD bnolu bcfD;c tbcir Dcatlj,tbat f bofc 

tb:catrmn$c0 lucre not Til t)ainc l9l)tc[)tf)cv fco^nco anuicr* 

tco at.iroi tbcv tobirb bao fo long tinic fco:neO tbe long fuffc^ 

ranccof C3oD,Ujnc tooUbv bp little ano little to feclc tbat ttje^ 

pmffjcj) bi^buj luH luugcincnt, Uiiiicb baD bccne to tbcma^ at 

fable b|? tbc fpacc of an bimOzcD pcarcs.jtlnD tbc Jloir^ ootb of* 

tcntuTt:fi fo ttmptr [jib iuDgmcnti?, tbat mm do better tucigfi 

anDconQDerbprettano Ic^furetbofc tbinges tubicb b\? a rous» 

Dain^ rommtng migbt adontil) tbem. ^ut bere tbe tuonber* 

Min^ w*c- ftil^^tckeonclle of our nature beto;avetb it felfe: tbat if fo be 

kcdncfl: tbe tiijatb of v3d3 Doe fouDeinl^' rome bppon b5 , tue are ama* 

incotc.n- ^eD admcnUittbout all reafon: but tffo be it goefo;tuarD a^i 

fling botii It lucre bt» Degrees, tbc berp cuttome tberof mabetb bs to ton^ 

fu^ -rin^ c ^^^"^ ^^ ^^"^^* becaufe luc do not toillingl^ acbnoUileDge tbe 

o"r Goi^I poiwer of 0OD iDitbout miracles : anD alfo arc eafely barDc* 

aifohij neDattbclifibtofOoDstuozbes^ u 

foudcinc :;'. . \^ [in chc iclfc iaiTic day entered Noah with Sherr J JjiObH 

wrath. foIlolDctb 3 repetition loitb luo:Des ^nougb , acco^Ding as 
£r)ore3 bhefl^ toucbetb tbe bitto;iie of tbeflouD :butT!etnot* 
iuitbftanDing notbing fuperfluous . jfoi it Uias tbe purpofe of 
tbc boli> CDboll to kflcpc Win tbe confioeration of fo bo^riblc 
tengcancctubcrcunto no feueritie of Uio;:DfScoulDbe compa^ 
rable * ^poieoucr notbing is bere Declared iDbicb is not baru 
to be bclecUcb.CCIbcrfo:e£pofes oftentimes repeatctb one anD 
tbe fclfc fame Ibinges, tbat boln farre foeuer tbep be from our 
tnoerftanoing, ^^etnotlDitbltanDinglnemav belecue tbcm^ 
SLbus tbe narration concerning tbe beattes, tenoetb to tbis 
tnrx, tbat bv tbe fartb of bolv ij^oab^ tbe^ Uiere DMtunc out of 
hiojDcs anD Demies into one place, eucn asif tliev baD bene 
IcDD bv tbc bauD of CE^oD . £Sbcrefo:e Uic fee , tbat be Dotb not 
IfanD \jppon tbis point in Dame : to tbc cnoc Idc ma)? bnoU?e^ 
tbat beades of all kinDcs lucre faucD, not by cb^^unct , no: b^ 
tbcinDtidrurofnien: but bvcaufetbeilo^DrcacbcDanDofffc^ 
re^ to jpoab bun fcltc from banD tc bano ; all tbat be tuoulD 

i6 And 


z OX 

\6 [And the Lord iliut him inj /!iCT»tl)Crlljastfji0aM)et) 

iDitbout f aurc,nci?tt)cr ougbt it hQ\)ti\> to be omittcD. jt nccp 
DeototjaucbcncaUnDegatc, luljercat an CUpbantcntcrcD* 
^c^tbcr coulo tbcrc be anp pitcbing fo firnie anD fure,ncither 
coulo tbe tovnteB of tbe arbe be fo rlofeltf ibuU but tbat tbc er^ 
rteDing fozce of tbe iDater tuoulD mafee manp lea{ic0,fpcciall^ 
in fo molcnt a rufliinn; ano tcffing of Ujauc0. ^cfc0 tbf refo^e, 
tocutofftljeoccarionoftiainemunatTinanons, lubicK) fp:tng 
of our tco mucb curiofittc, p^onouncctb in one iuo:oe, that it 
tame not to paffe bp mans art^but by tiiuine mircule^tfjat tbc 
arUc efcapcD tlje oaungcr cf tbe flouo. Habere 10 no coubt,biit . 

tbat J^oab tuas tben tnoueo U)ttb an t^nluontcD Uitt ano Der^ 
tcritte, to tbe tm be migbt omit notbtng fo^ tfte builoincc of 
tbe arfte : but leaft ti)is grace migbt loant fucc clTe, it tuas ne^ 
rellarie,tbat fomctuljat n:o:e fl^oulD be abbeb* ^berefo>e,to 
tbe enD toe migbt not meafure tbe manner of p^eferuing tbe rh av 
flrlje totb tbe capafitie of our fenfe , ^ofe0 tearftetb tbat tbe Ls^rcicr! 
loaters tuere reftretneD from ouertubclmtng tbe ^rfee, not ucdbygod 
onit? bi? pitcb^but muctj mo^e bp tlje potuer of (II5oD,ano bu bw 

17 [ T lien the floud was fourticdaycsvp pontic earth.] 

^ofesalfo is mo^t large bcrcin,to Declare tbat tbe iubolc 
luo^lD lua0 Dzoloneo Uiitb tbe flouD. ^nb tbe Declaration is to 
be rcfcrrcD to tbi0 enD , tbat tue migbt not attribute tbe flouD, 
lubcre\»itb tbeiDO^lDperirbcD,tofo;itui>e :acco:Dtng to tbe 
common cultome of men, U)bo are luont to bnng as it lucre a 
taile, befo:e tbe too^fees of (II5oD,tbereb^ e^tber to obfcure bis 
gajDncflTr, 0: elfe bis iuDgemente0 in ti)cnx, 15ut lubcn it 10 
plainly erp^effeD, tbat lubat fo euer luas in tbe cartb loas Dc^ 
0rot>eD, bercbt?lDegatber,tbattbeiuDgcmenteof Cod tuas 
rerteine anD manifeft: fpecial!p,U)berea0 ij5oab rcmainetb a^ 
lone : b^caufc be imb;accD bp faitb>tbe Ujozd 1l bercin faluati^ 
onUjas conteineD. jlfurtbenno:e, be callctb tbat to minDc 
iubtcbUjefaiDebefo:e, as boluc DcfperatctheluiclxcDncfrcof 
men U)a0,anD boiuc grecuous tbofc Gnncs luere,fti: tbe U)btc!) 
<5oD tuas moueD to Deftrop tbe tnbclc U»o:lDc : \ubo no Doubt, 
acxojDing to bis tnfpealiable clcmcncicbaD fparcD fiis UK;:k^ 
maufljippe, if Ijc tjao faiic t!?at amo:c fauourallcrcmcDic 

jji.b. luoulD 


10 HN C A L V I NE 

ixjoulD 1)300 tahen placc.3nt> be t'o^nctb tljefe ttoo dji'iigris f oy 

gctbcr: ttjat inaiihmDc loas t)cttro^cD,anD tbat ncucrttjcleffc, 

ijioal) UJitt) bis fmmlic lutrc faueo. thereof lue map Iramc, 

tubat it p^ofttcD bint to follotue C^ou alone, ano to fo^fafee tl)t 

too;lo:tbc U)bicb £i3ofc5 Dotb notfo mucb fo;tbcp;a^of tbe 

man, ag to call tjs to tbc mutation of bim» spo^cooer, leatt 

tbc imiltitnDc of tbofc lubirh finnc, ii3itl)D;jaU)c 130 from €5oix, 

\i\t niuft be ccntcntcti to be rco:ncD of tbc iDubct), tntiU facbe 

time as the ilo:D bn tbc berp eno Declare, tbat our obcDiencc 

i.Pct.5.12. is acceptable \3ntobim» Jntbis fenfc peter teacbetb, tljatit 

iuas a figure of ISaptifme, tbat j;ioab efcapcD tbc ccnerall 

flouD : as if be tbouli) far^tbat tbe manner of faluation tDbicb 

iue baue bv i5aptifme, octb agree U)itb tbatueliueraunceof 

^oab:brcaufcattbisDaT!alfo, t\}t U)o;lDeisfnlloftnfaeto 

uers, cum as it luas at tbat Dap: ant) tbat tberefo;je it is nc^ 

teCfarie, tbat lucfcparatc our fclues from tbe greater multt^ 

tuDctbat tbc 3lo:D map Dcliucr ts from DeHruction.after tb€ 

fame maner tbc arkc is aptlp 1 Inel compareD to tbe Cbnre^ 

liSut U^c mutt note tbe fimilituDc, ioberebp tbep Do lueU agros 

togetber : anD tbe fame liheneffe Dotb confiflt in tbe tuo:Dc of 

Cod alone : bpcaufc as i!ioab following tbc piomife of <IDoD> 

efcapcD Uutb biie; Ijoifc anD familie, tinDer a certeineftetueof 

Deatb, from Dcatb it fclfe : fo it is meetc, tbat toe renounce tbe 

lM2lD, anD tbat U)c Dpe^tbat tbc ILo;De map quicfeen ts liutft 

i)is U)o;D : Jf 0; tberc is no fafc ftap of faluation elfctubere* 

DiSutfonDcaretbcpapiltes, luubo builD au^rbeUntbouttbc 


CHAPTER, vur. 

O ^V E God rcmembrcd Noah , and cuery 

bcaft, and all the cattcll thatwas witiihimin 

the Arkc : Therefore G O D made a winde to 

j ! parte vpon the earth,and the waters ceafltd. 

-^ 1 he fouiUcincs alfo of tlic dcapth , and the 

' /windowcsof hcauen were flopped ; and the rayne from 

hcaucn was rcrtreincd, 
,3 And the waters returned from ahouc the earth, goii§ and 
rcturnincr. And after the cud of die Imndrcd and'fiftie day. 


tlic.wacas abated. 


VPON genesis: cap. viir; \^^y 

4 And in the fcucnth monctli, and in the fcucnth day of the ^ 
moncthjthc arke rcftcd vpon the tnountcincs of Arrarat. 

J And the waters were going and dccreafing, vntill the tenth 
monetbin the tenth moneth,and in the firft day of the mo- 
ncthjWere the tops of the mountcincs fcene. 

6 So after four tie dayes, Noah opened thewindowcofthc 
arke which he had made. 

7 And fent foprth a Rauen,which went out going fborth and 
returning, vntill the waters were dryed vp vpon the earth. 

8 Againe, he fent a Doue from him, that he might fee if the 
waters were diminifhed from off the earth. 

9 But the Doue found no reft,for the fbale of her foote:therc- 
fbre fhc returned vnto him into the arke : for the waters 
were vpon the whole earth : And he putfoorth his hand & 
receiucd her,and tooke her vnto him into the arke. 

iO: And he atxjd^ yet other feuen dayes,& againe,he fent forth 
the Doue out of the arke. 

11 And the Doue came to him in the eucning, and loc, in her 
mouth was an Ohue leafe, that flie had plucked : whereby 
Noah knew that the waters were abated from offthe earth* 

12 Notwithftandingjhe wayted yet other feuen dayes,and fenC 
forth the doue,which returned not to him againe any more. 

13 And m the (ix^ hundred and oneyere,in the firft day of the 
firft moneth, the waters were dryed vp from offthe earth, 
and Noah remoued thccouering of th^ arkc,and looked, 6c 
behoId,the vpper part of the ground was drie. 

r^ And in the fecond moneth, in the feuen and twentith day 

of the moneth was the earth drie. 
if Then God (pake to Noah, fay mg: 

16 Gocfoorthofthearke, thou and thy wife: and thy Ibnnes, 
andthy (bnnes wiues with thee. 

17 Bring foorth with thee euerybeaft that is with thee, of all 
flerh,bothfouIeandcattell, and euery thmg that creep cth 
and moueth vpon the earth, that they may brecdc aboun- 
dantly in the earth, and bring foorth fruit, andincrcafc vp- 
on the earth. 

18 So Noah came fborth, and hi$fonnc5, and his wife, and hif 

fonncs wiucs witli him. 

ip Eucry 

^^^ rOHN CALVIN!!^ 

' ip Eucry bcaft, cucry crcq^ing thing, and cum foule, all tliat 
moueth vpon ihc earth, after iheir kindes went out ohiic 

20 Then Noah built an alter vnto the Lord, and tookc of eue- 
ry clcane bcafl,and of cuery cleanc foule,and offered burnt 
offerin2;svpon the alter. 

21 And tl.e Lord fmelled a fauour of red : and the Lord faidc 
in his heart : I will hencefoorth curffe the STound no more, 

^ *jt^ for mans caiifc,for the iramagmation of mans heart is euill, 

eucn from his youth : neither will 1 fmitc any more all 

thiniis liuinci; as I haue done. 

2 2 Hereafter, fcede time and haruefl,and colde and heate, and 

fummer and winter, and day and night fhall not ceafc,(b 

,. Ions; as the earth remaineth. 

\ [NowcGod remembfed Noah.3 i^OlDC £pOfC0 tJcffCfT** 

l)cth fprrialli^ to fpcalic of tijat otlu^r parte, fjoluc tbat ji^oaf? 
iDac oifappointcD of tl)c ftopc of faIuation,U)fiirb CToD IjaD p^c^ 
tnifeD tinto biinXfiis remembrance U)l)ereof £pofes fpeaketl), 
ougljt to be referreMot onlp to tbe outtoartie appearaunc e of 
tbc matter, but alfo to ttje affection of tijebolp father. Jtis 
certeine, tbat fo fcone as (H?£*zD bao receiueD jj^oab tnber bis 
p:otection,beluas ncuer lanminofullofbim. ^ea,it iras no 
leffeaUjonber, tbatbeperiC^eDnotintbep^ifon, tb:ougbtfie 
clofeneire of tbe fame^tben if be being bioU ncD in tbc luaters, 
taD \\\xt\^ iuitbout bicatb. ^no a little before spofes faiDe,tbat 
tbe loaters l3Pcrc reftrcineD b^ tbe fecrete putting bp of (II?odj 
tbattbepmigbt not pierce into tbe arbe* 315ut luben as tbc 
flrlie bao floateD bp tbefpaceoffiuemonetbestpnntbelua/ 
ters, tbat Dclai? Urfjcretuitb tbe !Lo;dc fuffereu bis feruaunt to 
beDifquicteD, anD carrfullptroubleD, nugbt fetme a certeine 
fozgetftilneCfe. iSnt) tberc is no Dcubt, but tbat bis bcart tuas 
fiiuerflr rarriet), U)ben be raU)c bun felfe to be fo long Dclat^eD. 
$^i be migbt coniecture, tbat bis life tuas tbe longer p:olon5» 
^eo^tbat be might be mo:e mifcrablc,tben all otber men. i^nD 
ii^e knoU), tbat luc are luont to fame CDoD to he abfent,bnleire 
\X be luben Ujc Tale bis pjcfencc b^ euiDent erperienre.iFo; ali* 
tbousbbebclocfaabntotbeenoe,' tbe p^omife lub«bbcbaD 


V P O N GENESIS. CAP. V 1 1 r. .^ ^ - 

wtt intbzaccD, n^tt nottwitbCfamjing, tljcre tfl no Dout>bnt tftat ^ 
be Iwas grecuouCip cffai^IcD toitl) Diuers temptations : ^no 
CDaDB>noOoubtofpurpofe, erercifeD Ijisfaitt) anu patience* 
^o: toby luas not tbe luo^lDetJeftro^eD in tfi:ee Da^cc i ^ru> 
tuberefo:e DID ttje Waters flDcIlfiftccnc cubitcs bigtjcr, after 
tbat tbep baD couereo ti)t bi^heft mounteines of a!l : but onl^ 
to the cnDi tbat i;>oab anu bis familie, niiftbt tbe better be in^ 
urcO to nicDitate Upon tbe iutigments of ^oD : anD tbat lubeti 
tbe Dannger tuas palI-> tbep migbt fenolue tbat tbc^ tuere tU 
f apeD a tboufanD Dcatbeis f Jlet bs learne tberefo.:c bt? tbis er^ 
ample, to Itap our felues bpon Coos pjouioence, lul;en be fec^ 
metb moft of all to baue fo:gotten bs. jfoi at tbe laft,e«en b^ 
tbe berp Declaration of belpcbc toil tcftifie tbat be toas minb^ 
full of bs . 15ut if fo be fleflj ano blouD pjocurctb bs to oiff ruU, The tortJe 
tet notluitbtt anoing, let bs not Qiuc place bnto tbe fame : but ^^<^'^«^ 
fofcDueastbiatbougbtenteretbinto our bcarts, bolue tbat ^,''j",^'i^' 
dDoD caretb not fo: bs, ox i$ a fleepe^o^j farre off,let ts llrcigbt ping vs a 
luap bolD againft it tbts bucfeler, SEbe lo:tj Inbifb batb p:omijj nccdc 
fco bi£s belpc to tbofe tbat are in miferie,Unll beipe bs in time, 
tbat toe ma^ feelc in ber^ oeeoe^tbat be bao a care fo: bs.^ei^ 
tber is tbat tobicb is at)DcD of fmall toeigbt, boto tbat Coo re^ 
memb;cDtbeb<:utebealtej5. jfoj ifinrefpectoftbcfaluation 
p.:omifeD bnto men, biiS grace isertenDeotobiuteanotoiloc 
Ijeaaes.rbotoe mercifull Ojalltoetbinfeetbatbetoillbebnto 
bis cbilD;ien, tobcn be batb fo liberallijanD folemnli? giuen bii5 

faitb i [God made a windc to pafTe vpon theO^^erebl? it DOtb 

mo;e euitientlt' appeare, tbat ^ofefii fpeafectboftbeefftct of 
remembrance : fo: tbat ^oab fenetoe in bei^ tabe, ano hn m 
alTureD erperimcnt, tbat (DoobaD care of biialii^e. £po;ieouer, 
toben as Coo b^ t\is fecrct potocr migbt baue t):ic^ tbe eartb, 
be bfeo tbe toinbe : tljc berr fame meanc alfo be tifeo in Di^f wioc?r j sz 
tng bp tbe reb fea, ^no tbus fce tooulb baue it l^notonctbat as .^^^cn o- 
be bao tbe toaters reaoteatbifiifonimaunDcmenttoerrcutebcyGod. 
bi5 to2atb,fo notoe tbe toinoes are in biis bano to remcDie nno 
to belpe. janD altbougb ^ofcs (tttctti ootonc bere a particular 
iittont^ yizt nottoitbftanDing.toe are taugbt, tbat tbe toinoes 
bonotarifeb^cbaunce, but tbat tbe^arcftirrcDbppebrtbc 

wmmaunoemcnt cf Cob> euen aiJ it is faioc in t^t pfalme> 


^ tbattfitrareftcfpflcmemcrfiitgcrsofcD^Da) : anualfo, tW 
<DoD riDctb tjpon ttjcir tuingcfi, Eobcfl^ozt, tbctjarieticano 
contraric motions of ti)c cIcmcntcB, anti tftcir mutuaUcon<9 
flictc6,Do confpirc to pcrfourme obcDicnce tnto CDoD* ^otcB 
alfo aDDcth otiicr fmall tjclpes, b^ lubir b it came to paCTe, tbat 
tbcluatcrs lucre DimmilbcD, anD b:ona;bt to tbeir courfe a^ 
gainc.Sbc fumme is tbi0?tbat ^oo to rcfto;e tbc o:Dcr tubicft 
tic baD firft fct, calico backc tt}t iDatcrs to tbeir appointeo 
bounD0:tbattbetDatcrBoftbcbeaucn0, migbt bang in tbe 
aire as congcalco : tbat otbcrtoatersmigbtlpebtbintbeir 
gulpbcs: ano otbcrs floloe in tbeir feucrall cbanels ano ftrca^ 
mcB : ann tbat tbe Tea alfo mtgbt abtoe m btxt compalli^. 

3 [In the end oFthc hundred andfiftic dayesj^omc tbinfe 

tbat tbc tobolc time is bere notcD, from t^c beginning of tbe 
flouD , tnto tbe Dccrcafing of tbe tuaters : ant) fo tbe^ comp;^e^ 
benofoztieoapcs, During tbc Ijobicb? ^ofcsfaitb) tbattbere 
toas a continuall ravneflSut g Dtfpofc tbc timt tbus,tbat tbe 
ijuatcrsflotueuiuitbnelueflonocsantj mcrcatings, tjntiUtbe 
fo2titb Da^ : ano tbat from tbcnccfcD.:tb5 tbe^ continucD at tbe 
fame ttat>,a bnno^cD ano fiftit bars: if 02 e^tber number ma^ 
lictb fire monetbs anb a balfe,ano fomtobat mo:e.janD ^pofcjJ 
faitb, tbat tbe loatcrs appeared to be fo bimimlbcD, about tbe 
CUD of tbc (mcntl) monctb,tbat tbe arfee ttapeo bpon tbe top of 
a biHjO: at lcft,tbat it ftrahebpon fome grounD.^lfo,tbepurb 
pofe of tbe llo:D toas^to Ibcto b^' all tbis continuance of time, 
tbat tbe bojriblc Dcftruction of tbc UjojIdc, came not bpon tbe 
cartb b^ cbaunccbut loas a manifeft tofeen of bis iubgcment: 
anD tbat tbe Dcliueraunce of i;ioab,luas tbe migbtic tuo.:bt of 
]pts graccDcfcruing to be remr b;cD fo: cucr. i^otubcit^if tbou 
recbon tbc fcucntb monctb from tbc beginning of tbe rcare, 
(tubicb none do,) anD not from tbc time tbat .aoab cntcrcD iixf 
to tbc arUe,tbe rcfi-mg of 1^ art;c,U)bcrcof ^pofcs fpcalictb bap# 
pcncD foincr : namcli?, lubcn as noUic tbe arhc baD floatcD fiue 
monetbs. jf tbis fcconD opinion be rccciucD, toe ftall bane all 
one confiDcration of tbc tcnnc monctbcs: fo: tbe fenfc (bal be, 
tbat tbc tops of tbe mounteincs Inerc fitnc tbe cigbt monetbs 
after tbe beginning of tbe flouD,Conccrning tbc naming of tbe 
mountcinc Arrarat,3i foUoU) tbat Ijubicb is moll receiucD.ano 

VPON GENESIS. CAP: Vlir. * ^w 

ftt nottuitbftantJingi 36 (k no rcafon lDf)p fome ftoulD t)cnic ft -^ 
tij be Armcnia:tt)e tobirf) batt) tl)t mod tjigi) mountcmc0,as § 
molt auncicnf tu^itcrc bane affirmcD tuitb one confcnt. aifo, 
tbe CbalDean paraptjzafc ftetuctft tofjat billet tbcr tocrc, tcr<» 
nimg tbcni ^ niountcms Cardu.ilBut lu!)cra£; 3;ofcpbu0 rcpo; 
tctf) tbat tf)c frattmcnts i pcctcii of ^ arl^c tucre founo tbcre m 
bi0 timt^% !^icromc,tt)at ttic]p rcmaincD in !)is time aIfo,U)t)e* 
tber it be true o^ no,3i Icaue it to tbe iuDgcntcnt of tljc reaoer. 
6 [So after fortic days.]i^ercbt? tue ma^ a:atbcr,boU) mucft 
tl)t minue of tlje bol^ fatljcr tpas greeueD. ^fter b^ prrcciueo 
tbat tbc arke retteo tjpon firme groimo : ^et neuertbclctrc, be 
turftnot open tbe Imnuotwe before tbe fc^tit!) Dat): not bicaufc 
te Ujas DifcourageD quitcbut foj tbat fo fearcfuU an evamplc 
of CDoob tjcngeance, bao (trichenbtmluitbfo great feareanD 
fo;jrolue alfo, tbat fenoU)ing not lobat to Doe^be bept bim felfe 
quiet in tbc cabbine of tbc arhe» at tbc Ia(l:,bc fcntjctb fmtb a 
Kauen, bi? tobomc be niigbt be fiirtbcr certifieb of tbc D^incfle 
of tbc eartb* 3i5ut tbc Mauen finoing notbing but Itinking 
marifte0, bouering about, fougbt b^ anb bp to be receiueb a^ 
jjainc. and 3 Dout not,but t\)c\t i|ioab f bofe tbc Kauen fo^ ti)C 
nonce, tubom be hncto migbt be allureu iuitb tbc fmcl of oeao 
carcafes, to fiee abzoao tbe longer, if fo be tbc cartb lucre nolu 
r);jiel);but tbc Haucn fleeing back againe,luent not farre, 15ut 
31 meruell botuc it came to paCfc, tbat intbc<IDra:hei!Latine 
tranflation, tbc Hauen i$ Denicb to rcturnc againe, contrarie 
to ^ofcjs l^eb^uc ttxtt : $ fpeciall^ feeing it alterctb tbc fcnfe. 
i^creof fp/ang tbcre a fable, l^olo tbat tljt Hauen finbing bcD 
tarian, ftrat'cb, anb ret urneD not to bis fo:mcr roDllc. after 
tW folloUjcb tjaine ailcgo;>ieg,acco;Ding to tbc trifling appe# 
titz of mens curiofitie.li5ut at tbc firll fcnbing fo:tb,tbe JDoiic 
fololueb tbc Hauen,bicaufe be returncb bacbc againe into tbe 
arbctat tbc fecono time tbc SDouc b:ougbt an £'liuc b:auncb 
in bis biliat tbc tbirb ano laft fcnbing fo:tb,a£; bifmia^it in^ 
topcD tbc iubolefcopcbppon tbc cartb tnbcr tbc firmament* 
^onie (fanb bert? curioufl^ tpon tbc xDliuc b;iauncb : bvcaufe 
among tbc auncient fatbcrs, it luas a ftgne of peace : enen a£8 
tbe ilatoicll ijet a token of tictone. i5ut J ratber tbmke tbaC 
t^c£)liuc tree groiuctD not l3pcntt)c mounteinei5> anb ii^ no 
:.. . tjcre 

Q r O HN CA L Vr NE 

tcr^ f^ill free, ana tfjat tljc 3lo;M)t c^aut fomc fiottc fo bte^ ftr# 
uaunt, lubcrcbp be mijjijt gather tW tbc bcft ano moa fertiit 
touatrieB fo;j goO friiites, toas noto purgcD toitb tfjc tuatcrs, 
SDtjep toljicf) tfjoujjbt tbat tljc flonDbcn:anneintl)c monetii 
of September, \)auc t^t tranflationofbaintcHicromeJo^ 
a conftnnation of t!)cir opinion, lutiicfi faitb, tfjat t\)c b2aunc[i 
ijao grocnc Icaucs tpon it. )13ut tljetDO^Ofgof^ofcsbaucno 
fucb tbmg. 0nD it map bc,tl)at tbc liojn intcnDing to rcfrcftc 
ij^oalis foulc, offcrcD a b;jaunclj Unto tljc DouCjluijicI) ioaiJ not 
quigbt couf rcrj tuitb Uiatcr. 

^ If C^^if"GodrpakctoNoali,raving:]aitl)OUgl)ilioabloa3 

Koahs fu. not a little tcrriftcD Uutb tfjc iuD^entent of OoD, ret nottuitb^ 
abriin'" fl^»^w^i3^ bi3 fuffcraunce is commcnoeo in tfjis point, fo;^ t fjat 
tHcLo?JcsJ!)Pbauiniytl)ecartbbefojebii5 c^cs, tDbicNffcrcDamanfion 
Jryfarc. placc,pct fo; all tbat,beDurft not go fojjtb. MicheD men toolD 
attribute tl)iB to ouermucb fearcfulnclTe anD cotuar^ife, but 
pet it is a bolpfeare, tubtcb fpzingctb from tbeobeDienre of 
faitb, Cberefoze fenolue toe, tbat 0oa\) tuas bcpt bache tioitb 
gooli'moDcffir, tbat bemigbtnotfuffcrbimfelfetoiniortbe 
bencffteofnattire, before fucbe time as b^ bwroc tbc topee 
of <r»oD fo? bis iJDarant.Q^ofcB toucbetb tbis luitb fclo tDo:Ds : 
but it is ma:te tbat Wgiue Diligent baoetinto tbc matter it 
fclfe.anD all men ougbt of tbcm felues to remember tbis,bola 
great a tjcrtue it loas, after tbe tnfpeabable vf fefomnclTe of 
one vtare, \s)l)m tbe fiouD ccaOTcD, anD a neloe life appeared : 
tbat fo: all tbis,bc mouea not bis fcote out of tbe graue,lDitb^ 
out tbe cominaunDement of C^oD. 'xD^us loe rcc,tbat tbe bolp 
"* fatber obc^etj, ano beUeueo in (Sonfontinuallr:b)?caufeat 
tbecommannoemenf of Coo, be entercD into tbe arhc: ano 
tbere be kept bim felfctntill Ooo appointed l)iB going out a* 
gaine : ano be ratber cbofc to Ipe in bis flincb^tben to be in tbe 
open aire, tntill brhneUietbatbisgoincrfffiztbtboulDpleafe 
Cod. |^ca,anD tbc fcriptme commenDetb tnto ts tbis moDe^ 
ration,eucn in tbe leatf matt ers,to tbe enD luc nrigbt take no^ 
tbing m banD,U'itbout an aCTurcD confrience.l)oUie mur b IclTe 
is tbe rafl)ncac of men to be tolIcratcD in matters of great 
iDcigbt, if fo be tbcv giu« bnto tbem felues libertic to Doe tbat 
tp^itl) fitnietb goo tinto tbem,Uiitbout tbe luill of Ood. cfflle 
^'.-i mutt 

TFOtf GEHESI5: CAP. txtf. ,qq 

raer? moment>iD()at ui neeofull to be Done : v^t neucrtbc!r(re> 
it i$ our parte to Depeno bppon ^is moutb « tbat toe ma^ be 
certeinclrpcrruaDeD,tt)atU)etahe nothing in bantjc, but ttat ^^*'* , 
iDbic!) w agreeing toitb btB tJo;De. Mtmuft alfo craue tbeTuThtt* 
rptrtteofp^uDenceanOcounfell, lubcretDtt^ b^neucr fatlet^ be the nar 
tbofe^tobtcbe (beloe t[)cmrelue0 tractable anD obedient tobts raRtofaii 
commantjementjfj.Jn tl^ia fenfe ^ofes fbctretb ^ il^oab tocnt °"' *^*' 
fffl;tb of tbe arfee,after be being aCTuret) b? tbe beauenip £D;ia* *°'* 
cle,&neU3Ctbatanetooluellmi;toa0gtuen bnto tjim on tbe 

17 [^That they may brccJc aboundantly vpon the earth.] 

tJSttb tbefe tuo;DC0 tbe lLo>De looulDecomfojt^oab^totbo 
enoe be migbte be alTureO tbat incrcafe luas p;crerucDin tbe 
Srke^tDbicbe l^oulDe be multtplieo to tbe replenifl[)ing of tbe 
lubole U3o;loe.3|n tetue tpo^oes^tbe repairing of tbe loo^lDe id 
p^omifeb bnto /^oab * tW be migbt fenolue tbat tbe lDo;lDe 
faaaa H^ut bp in tbe Sr^e^ano tbat tt IboulD not be a Dcfart anD 
t)o^oe place fo; euer , at tbe figbt loberejof be migbt be quits 

i o [Then Noah built an altar. ] 05 /^oab teff ffieO bi0 0^ 

tebience in mant? tbinges : fo noU) be offeretb bnto bsa biclo 
of bii5 tbanftefulIneflje.^nD tbt0 place teacl^etb bere,tbat facri* T^a^krt 
fices lucre o;t)cincO from tbe beginning to tfjis end, tbat men |'T.^ ^^ 
Diigbt inure tbcmfelue^ loitb fucb erercifesto celcb;ate tbe h,IbcnL 
gfflDncITe of (©oD^anO to gtue bim tbanfees . 2Ebc bare confetti^ fi:ci. 
on of tbe tongue , ^ea tbe fecrcte ,nchnolDUDging of tbe bcart 
tnigbt fuffice (Dod . Il5ut tue l$nob)c,bolDe manjg p^ouoc ations 
our floutb requiretb.SCberfo^e^lDbcras in olD time tbe bolr fa^ 
tbcrs p^ofelTcD tbeir goDlinclTe totearDcg C^od b^ facrtficc^, 
tbe bfe tbereof tuas not fuper fluou0 , ^o:eoucr,it tuas mectc 
tbat tbe^ (boulDc baiie altuareis before tbeir tv^s Cgnes anD 
tofeens, b)berclmtbtbc)?migbtbe atmonitbeo, tbat tbevbaD 
notbing to no toitb <IDod loitbout a mctJiatour./JioUi^tbe ronv 
ming of Cb;ittbatb taben atua^ tbofc oloe (baDob)C0,^bere# 
fb;>eletb5bretbofe fmall belpr0 tubicbe tbe ILo;De batbap^ 
poinfcD.HBut luben 31 fav tbat facriftces b^ere bfcD of tbe bolia 
fatbcrgjto ceUb;{ate tbe benefited of (I?oD,3! fpcabc of one binoc 

^, finiiSi 

-,^ r 0H» C A LVI N2 


^ ^ .finely? . jFo: f\)ifi oblation ofj^oaiyXB inHk^c of a peace otft# 

^ "* ringjano of an oblation of tbc firft fruiter, »it fjcrc it mai? be 

^^ tJcmaiinDco, br U^bat infrinct o;^ motion j;ioab cffcreD a facrfc» 

ficc tinto Ooo: bccaufc be baD no commaiinDcnicnt.J anfiuerc 

Auofwcrc. ^Oat altljougb ^ofcs Dotb not crpzcffclp (bclue tbat Coo gaue 

'commaunDcnicnt tbat be (boulD doc ibis tbing:: ^t neuertbe^ 

IcCTc tuc ma\? giiic a ncrrc gbcITc br tbat lobicb folloluctb, anD 

b^ tbc lubolc o.:Dcr of tbc text , tbat j>ioab Icanco tppon dDoos 

luo:Dc,anD p:cfumeD tppon bis commanOf mcnt fo farrc,tbat 

be pcrfourmcD tbis iuo:^ippc, lubicbe be bnctuc tnooubtcDl^ 

plcafeo bim.^Clc fa^^De bcfo;c tbat tbcrc luas one beaft of cuc^ 

r^hinDcrcfcrucDoucranD abouc tbe cucn paired, ^^noluc 

bane fl)cU)crjtolDbatcnDetbcfam0 UiafffoDonc^llSut it ljoa0 

^ an bnpzofitablc tbing to appoint bcaltrs fo; facrifice , except 

tbisfccrctcpurpofeofCDotiu^ai; rcucaleDto bolt?i|ioab>lJObo 

ll)onlo be a pncft to kill racrificc£;.^o>coucr,^orc5 fa^thtbat 

facrifices lucre cbofcn from among tbe clcane bcaffc£i. 5i5at it 

is certeinc tbat jj^ioab tJio not imagine to bim fclfc an^ Differ 

rcnce: euen as it i& not in tbe UjiU anD cboice of man.CTbere^ 

tppon it follotuctb, tbat be tokenotbing inbauDe, tubercpt 

(DoD biinfclfc tuas not tbe autbour ♦ ^treigbt after alfo £po^ 

fesaDDcti),tbattbefmeUoftbc facriftcc luas acceptable tmto 

FaiAit OoD.^nDlue mutt note tbisgenerall rule, tbat all tDo;iilltp< 

^"^ ^"?'j, pings lubatfoeuer Doc ttinkc before 0oD , tubiebe arc not per* 

Uc"fficc5 f""^^ ^if b tbe oDour of^iiatu toe tberfojc tbat jj^oabiS 

altar toasbuilDcD tppon tbe tuojDe of (ii?oD ♦ ^nD tbe fame 

luo:Deluasa£^afaltctobisfacrificcs,tbattbci,' migbt not be 

tnfauourie ♦ 

21 [^And tfie Lord fmelled a fauour of reQ.] ^ofcS nametfj 

tbat a fmcll of rett,lDberetiitb (Sod tuas p!cafeD : as if be baD 
fa^De tbat be baD bene fullv^fatifftcD ♦ 13ut tbcrc isnotbing 
mo:c abftirDe , tben to imagine, tbat (2?od t)itb tbe ttinking 
fmolic of tbc botjcls ano flcOie tuas plcafcD. "But ^oks berc, 
acco;Dingto bis manner,puttctb tppon Cod t\)t pcrfon of 
man, tbcrebi' to frame bim fclfc to tbe rapacitieof tbe ruDe 
people. J^citbcr alfo mufttuetbinke tbat tbc terv rite of fa^ 
rrificing, tjasofit fclfc acfcptable tnto CDoD,asamcrito;i^ 
ous U)o;U: but lue mutt bauc rcfpcct tnto tbc cao of tfjc Uio;k, 



VPON C5ENESIS: cap: VrTT:*.|« 

Shu not Cant) tipon f be otitiuarDc fljclr c«. OTIjaf elfe tuas tfje * 
pnrpofcofJIioab^butto Declare tftat tbemercieofCoD alone 
iDa3tf)ep;jeferuatioitof[)ifiilife,anD oftlje rattelliDitb Inm^ 
jCljief goDlinclTc caufeD a ^cdd aiiD fludetc fmel before tbe llo^tj, 
cucn asf it is nii?De (n t^t pfalme, What fliall 1 giuc vnto the 

Lordc for alltho^'thingcs that hc;hath done vnto me^lwill P^'alit^- 
takcthecuppcoffaluation, and will call vppon the name of ^^* 
the Lorde.[Thc LordeTaydc in his heart.] %f)t fcnfe 10, tFjat 

<^0U Ijat) Determined neuer after to curlTctfje eartlj* Sinhtlm 
fo^mt of fpeecbe batb in it a great lueigbt. ifo^ altljouslj CDoD 
Dot!) not call bache tfjat iubicf) bebatb fpofeen openly Ujitl; bu5 
ittontbtyet nottDitfjffanDingttiearemo^c afficcteD trfjenUJC 
>)earetbat be i0 fully DetermineD tppon fomclubat iDitbbini 
felfc : becaufc fucb an intoarD Decree DepenDetb by no meaner 
tppon tbe creatures. SDbe fumme is tbts, tbat CDoD b^itb fullu 
DetermineD,neuer to Dettroy tbe too;»lDe any mo.:c U)itb tbc 
flouD ♦ jfo^ tbe luo>De of curffmg is not generally tafeen : be^ 
caufe toe bnotue botue greatly tbe fertilitie of tbe eartb Decays 
CD , after tbat tbe fame tuas co^rupteD luitb tbe iinne of man, 
anD ioe feele Daily by Diuers meanes tbat tl)t fame is curllJcD, 
janD be erpounDetb bimfelfe a little after faying, [Neither will 

Ifmitcanymoreallthingeshuing. ] jfo; in tbefe iU0.2DeS bC 

fpeafeetb not of all manner of tengeaunce : but of tbat lubicbc 
may Deffroy tpt tobole toozlD^auD all manbinD>luitb al liuinu 
tbinges. asifbefljouloefaytbatl^ebaD reffo;jeDtbetuo;>lDc 
foi tbis caufe,tbat it migbt neuer after perifbe luitb tbe flcuD^ 
Ja>o U)ben tbe llo.jDe p:onouncetb tbat be tpill be contcnteD Efa.^4.^: 
iDitb one captiuitie of tbe people onely ,be comparetb tbe fame 
to ^oabs flouD , luitb tbe lubicbe be tuoulDe banc tbc eartb 

D:oU)neD but once. [Bccaufe the thought of mans heart.JSLbiS 

feemctb to be a terie tnlihely caufe ♦ ifo: if fo be tbe iuickcD^ 
nelfcofmanbefo greate tbat it cealTetb not to p;jouo}ie t^c 
tojatbofdDoD, itmuftnecDesbetbat itb;ingDettructiontp;» 
pon tbe U>o:lDe. J^ea dDoD feemetb to be contrarie to bim felfe, 
lubo ftrft aflftrmcb tbat tbe tuozlD iuas to be DcaroyeD,brcaufe 
tbetuicfieDnclTetberccfluas incurable . 115utlue mull banc 
bereafurtber confiDcration of Ui^ purpofe.CDoD luculDetbat 
tbcre tboulD be alUiayes liupon tlj^ eartb feme focictie among 

^.i), men, 


men.ffiuf (f fo be tfter ftoulu be Dclt toitbaU acTODing f o fUjttt 
ocrerte«,tf)cn it Uierc naDefuU tbat t^ere fl^ouloe come cuerr 
Dai? a flouoc. OTltjcrcfoje, t)e p^onoancetti ttat !jc luiU To taba 
tcngeauncc bpoittbe lDicbeDnctre£Joftbcfiee3r«otDo;lDe,tbat 
be toil nottiutbftantjing p;^cfcrue fomc fcnuture of tbc cartb, 
ant) tijat be iDill not taUe atoai^ tbc creatures tobcreioittj bt 
batb at)o:ncD tbe fame* 

Cbus lue fee tbat fucb a luap fe tahcn a^ tuell br tbe pub# 
liquc as bi? tbe fpeciall iuDgementes of £) S> : t^at neuer^ 
tbelcllc tbe tobole ftatc of tbe tuo^lDe aanDetb , anu nature re# 
tainetb ttill bis courfe . flnD fo:romucb as C5od p;onoun;» 
cetbbcre after iDbatfo^te men (ball bcbaue tfjemfelues bnto 
t\)z enDc of tbe luo;lDe , it is manifelte tbat all manhinDe td 
Man una. {jj^efonoemneD of luicUeDncCfe^ijlnDberpeafeetb not bcreon^ 
mon/to Ir of co;irupt manners: butbefaitbtbatUjicbeDneireanDco;^^ 
wicked- ruption is naturally ingraffet) in tbem, from lubcnce notbinj 
ocflc. but tbat lubicb is euill p^occeoetb. liBut 3 mernell fro lutjence 
tbts falfe tranQation came, tbat mans tbougbt is p^om ta 
fuill: Jtisterie likely tbat tbe place tuas t^us co^ruptcH 
oftbofetbat baue tojcuriouai? DifputeD of tbe corruption of 
mans nature, 3lt fameo berie barDe bnto t\^tm to mab« 
man fubicct bnto linne, as a captiue of t be Dtuell^brrefo^e 
to mitigate t\)t matter, tbep faiDe,tbat be luas p;one trnto fin. 
IButfoiufmucbastbebcauenl^JwtJge tbunDeretb frimbea^ 
uen,tbat tbe tbougbtes of mans bcarte are euilUtubat belpetfr 
it to mitigate tbat lubicbc neuertbelelle abioetb faft ano 
firmer SDberefoie, let men bnoUie for a fuertie, tbat tber are 
a cozrupteD U)o;1teman(bip>^wcb as tbep are bo;neof jaoam: 
ano tbat tberefo;e tbe^ fo:me notbing but toickeo tbougbtes, 
tntill fucb time as tbei? are maoe tbe netoe tuortjemanlbip of 
Cb:itte,ani3arebPbisfpiriteframeD intoanetoc life. HnD 
tbere is no Doubt,bnt tbat tbe llo2Dcra^tb,tbat tbe minDc of 
man it felfe is lDickeO,anr) altogetber infertcD \juitb finne, in^ 
(bmucb tbat all tbe tbougbtes U)bicbe p;oceeDe tberefro arg 
ruill. 3|ffo great Defection be in tbe founteinett felfe, ttfol* 
loU)ctb,tbat all tbe affections are euill :ano tbattbe Iworheflr 
are blotter tuiti) tbe fame fpottes : becaufe it iB neceffarie tbat 
ll^erfauour of tt;etr o;iginall . ifo; bebotb not oneli? fav tbat 


V P O >T GENESIS. CAP. Vlli; ^ -^ 

trim tn)fomrtinc0 tfjinbc cuill:but it w a gencrall fptncf),tubu 5 
«!)cconip;tcl)cnDct[) ttjc treeluitf) tfjc fruitcjs.^citfjrr is it coni^ 
h-anc to tl)ue; , tljat carnall men arc oftentimes of a ciuiltif^ 
pofition, tbat tljcv taliC maters in ftanHc iDlncIjc are Ijoncft in 
0)C\De, anU alfo (l)c\ne fmtl) ccrteinc Documented of Vertuc. 
5fo:, becaufc tijevbatic amindc corrupter) twit!) tbe contempt 
cifC3oD,tuit[)pnDc,U)itl)rclfclonc, lijitb ambition, toitbl'^* 
pocrifie, luitb fraiiDc^, and loitb tianiticit cannot be,but tbat 
aUtbcircogitatiDnrsmuftbetntangletJ tuifbfucbtices , a* 
gainctbei? cannot tentjc to a gcoD enue. OTberetjpon it com* 
wetb to paire,tbat tbe^ are uiugeD to be crohcD ano tjntotoaro, 
as t\^t^ are in DecD. j?o;> al tbofe tt)inz^ lubicb oo Deligbt tsf bit 
Der tbc colour of tjertue,are Iibc bnf o ^int co;rupteD luitb tbc 
mutlie cafUe . ifo: as ipoe faiDe befo;e , tbetjcrie affections af^ 
Co of nature, tubicbc are of tbem felues commentiable,arc not^* 
luitbftanrjing DcfilcD tuitb o;iginaU fmne , ana b^ reafon 
of bntempcratncffe tbe\? Doe Degenerate from tbeir nature: 
fucb are mutuall louc betluccnc man anD luife , fatberlv louc 
totJoarDcs tbeir Ci)ilD;ien , anD fucb libe.ilnD tbefe tuozDs tobt^ 
cbeareaDDeD,CFro'^ his childhood, ] Doe better erp;eire tbat originaiJ, 
menarebozne cutll : to Declare tbatfo fconeas b^ age thei? Cnac. 
toare ripe to tbinbe,tbe^ baue a corrupt rmt of tbe minD.SDbc 
l^bilofopbers in tranfferring tbat to a babite o: qualitie,lubi^ 
d)e CDoD bereafcribetb to nature,bely;av tbeir igno:ance»5lnD 
no merucU : fo> tue p!eafe f flatter our felues :fo little lue per^ 
cciut fcolue moitall tbe fidienelTe of linne is^ anD holue greate 
luickcDneirc polTclTetb all our fenfes ♦ ^ottDitbllanDing,ljuc 
mutt ^elDe our felues to tbe iuDgemcnt of C^oD , \x^\\tn be p;o^ 
nouncetb tbat man is fo captiueD tjnto (innc , tbat be ttteretb 
notbing tbat is fouuDe anD fincere ♦ ^otnbcit tue mutt alCo 
note, tbat 0CD cannot be blamcD, feeing tbe beginning of tbc 
fault is in tbe fall of (^ firtt man,bi? lubicb tbe o;Der of tbe cre^ 
ation is ouertb^otuen. ^o:eouer,men are not DcUuereDfrom 
blame f guiltines,b^ tbe p;>etence of tbis feruifuDe:bicaufe al* 
tbougb tbev Doc fall beaDlong into euill : T?et nottuitbttanDing 
tbev are not Djatocn hyf out\»arDe fojce, butb^tbe p<:oper 
motion of tbeir b^arte ; to concluDe, tber ttnnenot, but of 
tbeir oU)nefraU)iU, 


10 HM CAtriNE 

2% [So long as t!ic earth rcinaincth. 3 3(tt ftcfe luditJC5 fht 

luo;lD is rcfto^eD ancaine to bis former ftafc. jro:,ro great coit^ 

fufian ano Dcfo;mitic of al tim^ii Ijar? oucrtubclancD tbe eartfti 

1 Pet 1 ? ^'^^^ ^^ rcquircD to be rcnciucD after a fo:tc agame.Jn confioe^ 

' *^" ration lobcrcof prtcr callctlj it ^\)c olo tDo:lo lufjicf) pntHjcn 

luitl) tfic flouDc. jf urtl)crmo:c tbe flouoc iuas t|)c b^cakino: off 

oftt)co:Dcr nature . ifo: tlje &unnc anD £p©nc ccafleDto 

feitpe tfjeir courfe ant) turnc: tbcre iuas no Difference bettuecn 

Rummer ano tClinter ♦ Mberefo:e ttjc Lo;trje tellrfjct{),tbae 

Ins plcafurc i£S,tl)at all tbinges fijoulDc reccuer tbetr naturall 

Crengf I) againc , ano tbat tht^ lljonlDe returneto tbeirfov 

mer offices anO places » Ojc jtelues Doe Diuioe amilTe tbs 

K^re into fire parts,becaurc ^j^ofes, fetting tbeS>ummcra^ 

gainft p L^intcr^accozDing to tlje common manor of tbe tuU 

gar ro:te,DiuiDetb tbe lubole veare after tbat ro,:t.5lnD tbere iflf 

no Doubt but tbat bv colDe anD beate>bc notetb tbe fame times, 

tlnDer tbe names of S^aoetimr ano l^arucH , be notetb tb^ 

commoDities lubicb men receiue bv tbe temperatneile of bea^ 

uen ano of tbe aire, 3^fany^ man obicrt, tbat vot Do not bebolo 

from pearc to reare, an equall temperature of ^eatber: tbe 

aunfujere is eafie to be maDe: bolu tbat tbe o;Der of tbe luo;lD 

sinne u is troublcD tbioujjb our U)iclieDne(re, infomucb tbat tbere arc 

the caufc j||.^„^ Unequal motionjsi, oftentunes tbe funne Dcnietb to Qiut 

pcra"c w« t)is temperate bcate , fnoiuc anD bailc come in HccDe of DcUje, 

^cj. tbe aire is troubleD luitb Diuerfe tempetts. )5ut altbougb tbe 

iDo:lDe be not fo tempereo, tbat tljere is altuares an equally 

tie n^etlue fee, tbat tbe ojDer of nature p:euailctb, in fucbe 

tuife, tbat eucrie reare l»e baue Winter f Rummer, Dap anD 

nigbt, tbe earttj pelDctb fa);tb ber fruites in Rummer ano m 




Nd God LlcfTed Noah and his fonncs.and /iiid 
vnfo them : Bring foorth f ruitc, and multi- 
phc, and replenilh the earth. 

AKbthc fearc of you, and the dread of 
you (lull be vpon cuery bealt of the carth,and 


V PON G ENiEs IS. c A ?: 1 x: ^-L 

tpon cucry foulc of the Hcaucn, and vpon all that maucth on ^ 

die earth : and vpon allthcjiflics of the fca : into your hand arc 
tJicy deliucrcd . •' ' 

3 Eucry thing that mofucth and liueth flialbc mcatc for you; 
ft^ the grccnc hcarbcs haue I giuen you all thinges^ 

4 But flcfhe with the life thereof, I meane with the Lloudc 
thereof,fli al 1 ye not cute • 

^ For furcly I will require your bloude wherein your liucj 
srcrat the hande of cucry bcaft will I require it;and at the hand 
of man, cuen at the hande of a mans brother will I require the 
life of man. 

6 Whofo Oieddeth mans bloud , in man fhall his bloude 
be flicdd: for in the image of God hath he made man, 

. 7 But bring ye foorth fruite and multiplie, growcplenti- 
fully in the earth , and incrcafe therein, 
V. 8 Godfpakcajfoto Noahj and to his fbnncs with him, 

9 Bcholdcl, euenl^eftablifhmycoucnantwith you, and 
with ymir feedc after you. 

JO And vvitheueryliuingcreaturcthatiswithyou, with 
the foulc , with the cattcll, and with euery beaftc of the earth 
with you, from all that go out of the Arke, vnto euery bcaflc 
of the earth. 

11 And my couenant will I cftablidic with you, that from 
henceforth all flcfh fhall not be rooted out by the waters of the 
fioudc, neither fl^ll there be a floude to deftroy the earth any 

. 12 Then God faide,This is the token of the coucnant,whi- 
chc I make between c mc and you, and bctweene euery liuing 
thing that is with you,vnto perpetuall generations. 

13 I haue fct my bowe in the cloude ,' and it fhall be for a 
Cgnc of the couenant bctweene me and the earth. 

14 And when lihallcoucr the earth with a fioudc, and 
the bowe fhal 1 be fecnc in the cloude. 

If Tlien will I remember my couenant which is bctweene 
mc and you, and bctweene euery liumg thing in all flcflie, 
and there Ihall be no more waters of a floude to dcflroy all 

O.iiij. i5Thcro^ 

V 'IjO HN C A L V I NE > 

i6 Therefore the bo vvc /hilbe in the cIoude,that I may 
fee iC^ind remember the cuerlalling coucnant betweenc God 
and euerie liuing thing, m all flcrhe that is vpon the earth. 

17 GodfaideycttoNoahjThisisthefigncofthecouenanC, 
which I hauc eftabliilicd betweenc me and all flelh that is vp-- 

iS Now the Tonnes of Noah going forth of the Arke,were 
Shem, and Ham,and laphcth. And Ham is the father of Ca- 

19 Thefe are the three fonncs of Noah,and of tliem was the 
whole earth oucr fprcad. 

2 o Noah alfo began to be an Ha sbandman , and planted a 

21 And he dronlcc of the wine, and was dronken, and was 
vncoucred in the iniddcft of his tent . 

22 And when Ham the father of Canaan,faw the nakcdncs 
ofhisfather,hctoldchistwo brethren without, 

23 Then tookc Shem and lapheth a garment , and put it 
vpon bothe their fhoulders,and went backward , and coucred 
the nakedneffeofthcir father with their faces backwarde: fo 
they fawe not their fathers nakedneflc . 

24 Then Noah awooke from his wine,and kncwe what his 
younger fonne had done vnto him, 

2 ^ And faide^Curfed be Canaan;a feruant of fcruants flial 
Le be vnto his brethren. 

26 HefaidmoreoucrjElcflcdbc-thcLordGodofShem, & 
let Canaan be his feruant. 
♦ Or, ^7 God *pcrfuade lapheth that he may dwell in the rentes 

Inhrgc. of Shem^and let Canaan be his feruant. 

28 And Noah liued after the lloud,three hundred and fiftic 
y cares. 

29 So all the daycs of Noah, were nine hundred and fiftic 
ycarcs: and lie died, 

1 [And God blclTed Noah.] !!>crcbt? txjt f omcctnrc , luitft 
bolD great fcare fioal) tuaB affonmUcD^bccmifeCoD fo oftcn^ 
tinic«,anD fo manp \Dny>t3 pzocectjet*) iw confirming f ftrcno:^ 
ttiemnjj Ijuu . Jfo; tol;en £pofc£5 faittj tljat Goo blcCTco j;^oa^^ 


V P O N G E N K S I S/ CAP. T X. - ^ 

artH !)t£8 fonncu,l)e hotth not (hnpl^ mcanc i tijat tijc grace of 7 
fruitfulitcfle luas giucn bnto tbeni : but alfo ttjat tbc purpofc 
of (I^3D luas reuealcD conccrnntg tf?e rc(lo:m0 of tljc U)o;loc a* ^"^«'^^^ 
gaincifo; tbetioiccofd^oo^Uibcrcbp bcfpcal^ctb ^"to tbcm, ^ "3, 
15 annciceD to a blcCfmg.^e Ititoluc that turn the b;juf c bcatts bLa'icg. 
tioc not b:iiig: fcD;tb tbcir roungci but b^? tbe blcffing of C£DE>: 
but i'Bofcs fpcakctb bJ^crc of a p:iiitlc(jc, tuljic be bdongctb tjn^ 
to mm ontlv, 2E^I)crfo;c left tbcfe foure men Uittb tbeir luiurff 
being cbcckt luitb feare, ftjoulo Doubt to ioljat enD tbev ^^cte 
t)eliucrcD,tbe llo^ue djeUjetb tbcm,tu!)at tbe conoitton of tbcir 
lifetftalbctnamclvjtoraifc bp manfemtje from Deatb to life* 
ffi&isbeDoetbnotonelpbp oneantitljefclfe fame lDo;^e re^ 
neUj tbc Ujo;»lD,b^ Uibicb InoiD be created tbe fame at tpt firft: 
but alfo be appIietbbij8UJo:Dbnto men: tW tbei? mtgbt i*^^f^a"J'2r 
cciuc againe tbe ialufull bfe of lueDloche: tbat tbetimtglt^^ °^^ 
bnolue tbat tbe care of begetting pofteritic pleafeD 0oD : tbat 
tbepmigbt trufttbat fogreatc anoffpjing fi}ouIticcome of 
tbeni,a£i b^ tbc fame all partem of tlje eartb C^oulo be replc^ 
ni(ftflD,anD inbabitco againe, altbougb it toere become bo^^Dc 
auD dcfarte* ;^nD i?etfo; all tbiflf,a ronfufeo generation \jons 
not grauntcD bnto men, as? tbat tbei? (ftoulD begette cbilD;cit 
ofUJbome it libcDtbem: but be refto;ictb againe tbe lalue of 
luetjlocfee, lubicbe be bao appomteD ♦ ^m altbougb tbe blen» 
fing of Coo iB after a foite erteuDcJ to Difo:DcreD copulations 
ano matcbcjs,to tbc cnD pofteritie ma)? fp;ing tberof : ^et mt* 
tuitbftanDiagtbefamcLSianauulterous fruitefullnrffe : ano 
none IS Ialufull but tbat tDbicb fp.nngetb from tbe blcffmg of 
OoD p^occcDing from t)is moutb* 

2 [AHo the f'care and dread of yotwO SH^is alfO Cfpcciallp 

belongeD totdercfto^ing of tbcluo;ilDc , tbat men (l)0UiD banc 
tbc Dominion ano rule ouer all otber creatures, ano altbougb 
beafte0,aftcr tbe fall of man, became mo:c fierce ano cruell : 
vet nottuitbftanDmg tbere rcmaincD fome parte of tbat bonu^ 
mon,lubicbc(DoDbaDgiuenattl)ebcginmng. aifobep:omi^ 
fetb tbat tbc fame ftate ft^albc noiu » ^Bt fee tbat UJilDe beads 
boe fall biolcntl^ bpon m£i\y anD tbat tbcr tearc anD rent ma^ 
np in pares : anO bnlefic CDoD ft)0uli3 bziolc tbeir fincc maD^ 
neiT^manUmo Ujcrc btterl^ DeftroreD.s:bevefo;e, tbat lubic!> 

r *^ luc fatoe concerning ttjcDittempcratnre of tbe aire, anti of ffrt 

incqualitic of tunes, bath place alfo in tl)W partt^ilD beatte0 

in bene Dceo do raung;c,f man^ lua^cs are no^fome tnto mtn^^ 

SinD no maruell: fo: feeing lue are DifobcDicnt tnto (IDot),lul)^ 

ftoulonot tbe beaftcs rcbcU againttts^ j|;!cuertbele(re,tbc 

p:ouiDence of C? iD 2) is a fccrctc b:iDle to rcftraine tbcir out^ 

rage, jFo; boto commctb it to paCfctbat rerpcntes fo:beare lis, 

but becaufe be repzcffctb tbcir popfoneo fo;cef i^otn commetlj 

it f palTe tbat S^igers, eiepbants, ilionjf, ^eares,MoIue£f, 

nnU an innumerable fo;»te of fucbe Uiiloe bealles, oo not teare, 

rent,anD Deuour aU tbat belongetb t^nto mcn,but becaufe f be^ 

arc bp tbis fubiection as it luere impounocD i 2Dberefo;je in 

tbatujeremainein fafetie, tue mud attribute tbe fame to 

Cods protection ano Defence. jro;U)bateirema^ tue tbinbe 

tuill come to paffc,tuben as tbei? fceme to be bo;ne fb: our De# 

lI:ruction,ano to burnc iuitb an outragious Defire to burt bs i 

wiMc fltiD tbe b;iDlc, lubcrctjuitb <15^ S> reffrainctb tbe crucltie of 

bcaftcs arc bcattcs tbat tbe\? nxa^ not burte men, is feare ano trembling, 

bruiicd ^jpiji^jj qq^ jj^^jj ingrauen in tbem,tbat tbe^ migbt as it tuere 

||°^"y^"'*reuerence tbe figbt of mem Daniel fpeafeetb tbts fpecialli^ of 

** ' feinges, namelrtbattbe^baueobteineo rule ano Dominion,' 

becaufe tbe !Lo;d Doetb Urifee loitb tbe feare ano D:enD of tbem 

botb men ano beatles. liout as tbat is t\)c firff Degree of feare, 

to DefenD tbe {otittic of manhinDe : euen fo farre fco^tb as (^oD 

batbgiuentntomanagenerallruleouer beattes, tbere is a 

certeme fccret marbe in tbe greatett ano leaft of all,UJbicb fuf^ 

feretb not tbe crucltie of iuiloe bealtes to bane bis fcope. spots' 

iuitbffanDing, tbere is berenotcD anotbcrcommoDitie, tubirij 

alfo furtber ertcnoetb it felfc:namclt%tbat mm mav eniov tbe 

bealTcs to tbcir otunc commoDiticanD ma^ applic tbem to Di/ 

uers bfcs fo: tbcir ncccCTitie. £Dbercfo;e in that idDpcn fubmit 

tbeir ncchs tfuallp bnto tbe vokc:in tbat t\)c ficrcenclFc of bo;* 

fcs is tamcD,in fucb luife tbat tbcp fuffcr men to rioc tbcm,oj 

are contentcD to bcare pachcs anD otber burDens : in tbat 

iil'ne giuc Doton tbcir milke,t fuffcr tbemfclucs to be ItrolicD: 

in tbat alfo fljorp ttanD Itil tnoer tbe bano of tbe (bcarcr,it De* 

penoetb bppon tbis rule, tbe Ijobicb altbougb it be greatly' im< 

piiireD; ^et nottuitJKtanoing it is not bttcrlr abolilftcD. 

3 [Eucric 


3 [;Eucric creeping thing that liucth.] SClje iLo:t)C p;iO* ^ 

cfeetb furtftcr,antj grauntctft tbe bcattcs tnto men fo; fooc, 
tfjattbc\? mar be feoDc iDitl) tbeir flcfbc. ^ntJ becaufc tbtB 
ist tbc firlt time tbat Q^ofcs maketb mention of tbc graun# 
ting of tbis hbertic tjnto men , all interp;jeter£S fo: tbc mottc 
parte gatbcr, tbat ii iuais not lalufull fo;^ men befo:e tbe flouu 
to eate fledge, but tbat tbc naturallfruite^f of tbe cartb oncl^ 
tuere grauntcD bnto tbem fo; meatc . But tbi^ is no firme 
argument* jro^Samoftbisopinion, tbat€»oD giuetbbcre 
tjnto \mxK no mo>e tben be bat) giuen before : but onclp rennet 
rctb tbat tobicb tDa£;tafeenalpar,tbattbermigbt bebolue a* 
gaine tbe poffeflTionijf tbofe gcoD giftes^of tbe lubicb tbe^ luere 
rjep;iueD,if o;^ faing tbeii hilleD before beaHes to offer facrific e 
bnto(lDoo,i feeing ft tuas lalofuUfo; tbemfotoDo,anD of tbeir 
f!iins,to make tbem garments % tentes:31 fee not tubat CboulD 
tiebarre tbem from tbe eating of flefl^ . Il5nt bee aufe it mattetb 
no matter : of lubctber opinion tbou art xxi tbis cafe, 3 affirme 
notbing.C(I!le ougbt to mafee tbis a matter of greater toeigbt : 
tbat tobcrea0 Uie eate flefl^ of beaUeu , i\^z fame i^ graunteD 
bnto \s^ b\? tbe goDneUc of dDoD : anD tbat tuezjoe not tafee tbe 
fame luitb Violence as; tbecnes; f robbersi Do>to fatiffie our luO: 
ncitber Doe toe as tt?;ants fl)eD tbc innocent blouD of beatte^r, 
but DO oncl? take tbat tobicb i^ offercD bnto I30 bi? tbc banD of 
God. OTe bauc bcarD tobat paule faitb , boto tbat 3|t \s Iato«» 
full to eate of euerie tbrngfo tbat toe banc an alTurance of con# 
fcience:anD boto tbat all i^iin^'^ are bncleane to bint tbat im*?^ 
ginetb tbe fame to be bncleane . %w\ from tobcnce bappenetb Bcafics art 
tbis ijnto man,tbat be (boulo eate of all maner meatcs before g'ucn 
Cod toitb a quiet ntinD,anD not tb:ougb bnb:iDleD liccnre^but ^^'^ ^°'^'^^' 
onlp becaufe be knotoe tb tbat (IDod batb DcliuereD tbe fame \x\f 
to bijs bauD bp a ic^ DecDe of gift;? Mbercfa;e,a5 paufc alfo te^ 
llifietb, 2Dbc too^D of 0OD Dotb fanctifie tbe creaturs tnto t0, 
tbat toe ma)? eate tbem purely anD latofullrXet tbat toc:D be 
cleane taken atoap,! b:eaD Hball fecDe no mans boDie,but tber^ 
^iV^ alfo bt0 foule (balbe DcfilcD. S^berefo^e tbere is no Doubt 
but tbat tbc llo;Dc intenDeD to ttrengtben our faitb, tolien be 
plainlv^ tcftifietb b^ a^ofe0,tbat btJ batb granteo Vinto men ttjc 
free t)fc of fle(]b,tbat toe raigbt not eat of tbe fame toitb a Doubt 
fuUano fcarefulUonfciciwc, ^ottoitbflanoingtberctoitball 


be irtttitetl) t)0 f tfjanftcfgiuing. 

2Di)erefo;c pm\c aooctij p^aper to ftc lDo:Dc,U0fim'n0't1^c 

manner of fanctif^ing, bt'tbe fame place tDfjicfjc befo;rc 3ln^ 

ttti . :^ntj noUic luc muftboloc fall that libcrtie, iDbicfjctljc 

EL ^ H S> e l)<itb giucn tnto Vi0,lD()icl)c t)C luoulo fjnuc itj^it'' 

ten in common tabtrrt. ifo: b\?tbiBt)ot>ccbefpeanctbtmtoaU 

the poUcritic of ,f>oat/,tbat be migcbt make bis benefited com^ 

men to all ages » £lo tubat cno feructb tbiB^but onelr tbat tbc 

faitbfullma^ bolcclp cballcnge to fljemfclues, tbat iDbicbe 

Mao tbc^ l^noU) p^occcDcD from Cl^oD tbe autbour i if o: it is a cruell 

©ug'ut not ano tinannicall oiDcr not to be fuffereD, after tbat (ID£Di3D tbe 

tororbid^ maker of alltbingcs^batbopencD tnto tstbe cartb and tbe 

clds^o^iis ^^^^ ' ^^^^ ^^°'" tijcnce U)e nia\? take , as out of bis boufejs of 

" offtce,all manner of fcoDe , fo;^ man to ^uttt tppc tbe fame 

•front t)5 , iDbo is not able to make fo mucbe as n fnaile o^ 

flie. Jfpcakenotoftbc epternall p^obibition : but 3 fa^ 

tbat grceuousiniuriei? Done tnto CDi^SD, luben lue giue fo 

create libcrtic tnto men, tbat tbe\» map p:onouncetbatto 

tjctnlaU)full,tubicbe (13£)SD tuoulDbauclatjfiill:, anDdoe 

binoc mcnsconfcienccs^fetat liberttebp tbetuo^DofdDidDSD, 

ti>itbtbeir fo:geolaU)eiSf. ^no lubereas (E^iDSD rcHraincO 

fbe oloe people, from tncleanebealfes : becaufetbatercep!^ 

iion luas but fo; a time, ^ofc5 bere fpeaketb notbing of 

ibe fame. 

4 C But flefhc with the hfc thereof.] ^omc erpounbe 

tbifijtbus: &0Ctbat peeate not tbat parte o; member tubi* 
cbc is cixttt off from tijc liuing bcaft. 2Dbe tobicbe is not to be 
al(oU)e!3* ^ut feeing tbere is no Coniunction copulatme 
comming bctUiecnc tbefe ttoo tuoiOea, blouD ano life : 3 Doubt 
not but tbat £0oits bauing fpokcn of tbe life, aDDcD tbi0 
tuo:De,blouOc,tocrpounDtbcfame: asifbeffjoulD fap, tbat 
tbe fic\l)t 16 after a fo:te oeuoureD luitl) bis Ufc,t3bcn tbe fame 
bauuig tbc bloucetbcreofinitjis eaten . 2:<ulbercfo:e,lifeanD 
blouD arc not berc put as tbingcs Different , but tbep figmfte 
all one tbmnr. Jj^ot tbat tbc blouD is of it felfc tbc life: but 
bccaufetbctitallfpiritc0 Docfpcciallpconlift tberein ,uire^ 
fpcrtofourfcnfe it Doth rcp:efent life, as a feale anD pleDge 
t!?rreof,ano t\)is is plainclr ftt Dolwne, to ttie cnoe mzn migbt 


ftiemo;jeabfto;reff>eeafmgofblonD.ifo;jiffobcttteabeaa# ! 
1^ anB barbarouiet tl)tng to l)cuoure tbe life > o; to rantne ano 
floallotDetp line fletl^e, men bctD;a^t!)eir crucltie in eating 
blonD.Snt)tti£ieuiDcnttJuyerct3ntotbtiS p^obibitton tenoetb: 
fo; tlje pnrpotcof tbe !lo;tUeig ,in tbe abftepning from tbe 
blouoeofbeall^e0,totnnre mentDitb me^mttic ano gentle^ 
neCTc : leae if tbe^ raungeo t© farre in eating toiloe f©De,tt)e^ 
migbt at tfjclengtb come to tbat patTe^tfjat t^t^ loouloe not 
fpare mang blouD. ^ottoitbttanbing tee mult note , tbat t^ifi 
reftraint iuaie; a parte of tbc olo latoe.Mberefo;e , tbat tubic^ 
Tcrtullian repo;tetb toantetb not fuperttition, botD tbat ttig 
Cb.:ittian£f in biiS time accounted it an bnlatufull tbing to 
taltc of bealtB blouo. ifo? in tbat tbe apoftfes commaunoeo 
t\}z dDentilejei to heepe tbis rite fo;^ a (bo;jte time , tbe^ oio iU 
not to feare mens confcienccs, but left tbe libertie lubicb teas 
of it felfe bolr miD latoefull, Ojouloe b^eeoe offence among tbf 
ruoe ano toeahe* 

S [For furcly I will require your bloucl0115^tbefelD0;bef^ 

tbe ilo:Dc euiDcntlti oeclaretb, tbat be ooetb not fo;biD tbc bfe 
of falouo in refpcct of tbe bealtes tbemfclues : butbccaufebe 
liatb tbe life of men in great p;ice : ani> becaufe tbe oneir ^nor 
of bis latoe is; to commeno bntotbem common bumanitiea^ 
tnongtbemfeluejar.a tbinketbat tbe tobole ttxtz ougbtto b^ 

reaO tbU0 : And vcnly your bloud, whichc is m your liucs,or 
^hiche is to you for life,that is to lay, which quickcncth you, 
and which makcth you to hue in rcfpcft of your bodies, will I 
require: at the handc of cucric beaftc will 1 require the fame t 
At the hande of man, at the handc 1 fay of a mans brother 
will I require the life man . JCbe Oiftinction b^ isWht tb^ 

3letoc0 make foure kin^ts of murDcr yia taine : 5fo; 3 baue 
tjcliuereo tbe limplc anb naturall fcnfe,bolDctbat(ID£D2D 
fo grcatlp tftmnttl) cur life , tbat be totU not futfer mur^ GocI wHi 
Oer0toefcapebnpunilbeo,anl) bcoften times ^^l^^^^^^^^^^r/'^Q^x 
matter, tbereb^ to make their ttudtic tbc mo^e Dctcffab!e, ^ "'^ 
lubif b lap tjiolent bano bpon tbeir nctgbbours.ano tbis is no 
fmall teCimonie of CDoDSi loue totoarosf bs, tbat be tabetb bp# 
ponbim tbe Defence of our lifcano tcltifirtb tbat be toil be tbe 
reuenger of oar i)eatb»<2®^bcrea5 J^ fa^tb, tbat be luill puniOi 


• ^ lOH^ C AXV INS 

r tnm fte hutt foi tfjc f afeihoc a&a^ of man^s lift, ft pttftinttf 
to example ♦ ifoiiffjcbcangnc iuitb tt)e b;utc facades foj 
mans fake, lobicf) t!}.:ong!) a blinDc and t)nb:iDdcD DeCre are 
carricotofcchctbcirfcDDc: tobat doc Ujc ttjinfeelftaU become 
of man^lubicb fallctb tjppon bis b;otbcr,\)niuftIi?,anD crucUi?, 
anD contrari? to tbc fcnfc of nature;? 

6 [Who Co iheddcth mans blouH « ] SCb^fe too;jtlC5 fol^ 

Iotuiug(In nun)rcruc fo; amplification . &omc crpounDe it 

tbn3,W]io Co ilicddeth mans bloud before witncfles^ S)t^tVS 

referre it to tbat l«bicb follotoctb,botu tbat b^ man bis blouo 
fliaUbcd^cDOc . liSut alltbefc interpretations are U);jelfe^ 
2L()crefo:e Uic mull note tl)iit tobicbc 31 fa^Dc befoze, namclp, 
tbat brtbisfpeacbetbe crucltie ano bainoufncffe oftbefact 
10 ratbcr erp;circD,bpcaurc lobofo feilletb a man,D;atDtb bpon 
bimfclfc ti;}c blouo anu life of bis b;^otber^ as toucbing tbe 
fummeoftbc matter tbe^are beceiueu, in m^ tubgemcnt,- 
lubicb tbinhe tbat a politique laluc is bere Cmpl^ fef botune, 
to punifl) muroerers.3 Doc not Dcnie but tbat tbe punit^ment 
U)bicb laUics appoint,anD tobicb ^ur^c^cs erequutcis grouno^ 
CD bpon tljis fentencc of dDoD . l^ut 31 fa^ tbat tbe lDo;iDes Doc 
romp;cbenDe mo;e. Jt ii$ lp;^itten, The bloudthirftic fliall 

not liuc out halfc their dayes. ^nD loe fde tbat fomc D^'C in tl)e 

phi.^^is ^^^ ioares,fome in b.:otbell boufes anD l!ues,anD fomc in tbe 
Murder c- tuarres. Sberefo;^ebolufoeuer£pagillratesDoeiDinfee,(lDoD 
fcapcthnocraifctb tp elfe tnberc ercquuttoners^tubicbcrepa^toblouD^ 
y npuQi- o^cDDcrs tbeir reUjarDe.anD Cod Dotb fo tb;jeaten bengeance 
*^"' to murDerers , tbat neuertbelcCTc, be pnttttl) tbe ftuo;De inta 
tbe ^pagillrates banDe,to punifl) murDers,lcft mans blouD be 

(bcD tuitbOUt puniibment. [Form the image ofGod hath he 

made man.] dDoD, tbc better to confimtc tbe fo:mcr Doctrine, 
tcltifictb tbat be is not fo carefull fo,:mans life fo; nothing, 
anDluitboutcaufc.JfUjcbaue refpect bnto men onelr^tbe^ 
arc not U)o:tbie tbat <DoD ^oulDc care fo; them : but becaufc 
tbcT? bearc tbe image of (IDoD,be countetb binifelfe Ui^ongcD in 
tbeir pcrfon.Cnenfofo; fomucb asmenhauenotbingp:oper 
to tbcmfelues , tubereb^ tljev mai? loinnc tbe fauour of Cod, 
be rcfpectetb bis giftes in tbcm , lubcrcby be is p:ouoUcD to 
louc t!^cm;ano to care fo; tbcm^^nD U)earc Diligentli? to note 


flft t»octrine,!jolDe tliat no man ran be iniurious tnf o (jib h;t^ ^ 
t^;cn,biit be mutt burte (2500 tjimfelfc. Xi)eU)t)icb,ifitU)crcGodif 
tDell imp^intco in ourminocSjtDC iDOuloe bcnio;e flotuc tbcn ^"^^ *^''^" 
iDC be to offer iniui ie0» 31f ant> man obtect^tbat tbc fame u "^*" i' ''^ 
mageufblotteDoutttbc aunfiucre iiJcaftc tobc maoctbat^""' ' 
fome part tbcreofisIcfteaB pet, in fomucb tbatmanOotbe):* 
cell U)itb no fmall fjonou^aifo t^ixc tljt bcauenip iuozbmafier 
i[)imrclfe,f)otu corrupt foeuer man be, batb notlnttbffanoing 
tbe enoe of tfjc firft creation befo;e bus ei?eje;,bp tubofe erampla 
itbecommetb bstotoeigb^totobat eno be batb matic men, 
nnD lubat ercellencie be batb toucbcD fafe to bcDtolue \)ppon 
Ibcm aboue aUotbcr lining creature^?. 

. 7 QBut bring yc forth fruitc and niultiplic.]3gaine bc ben^ 

bctb W fpeacb to jjloab anD to bis? tonnes , tbat be mav erbo?t 
tbem to bane a t^tt to b^ing: fco^tb polTeritie : aa if be IljoulDc 
fat),pcfcctbat31ambenttofbfter anoto oefentje manhinDe, 
Sberefoie enocuour pe pour fclues tuitb metoinlarge tbe 
fame.^no tbercluitball commenoins tinto tbem tbe pjcferua** 
tionoffccije>befearetb tbem fronuommittino; muroers anD 
tniutt t3ioIenfe.JI^otU)itbftant)ing,tbat U)aj5 tbe p;jincipall tniy 
lubicbeStmicbeDbcfo;e: namelp,tbatbcmigW comfo;ttbe 
Xiueakcneo minbesi • ifoi tbere is not a bare commauntie* 
mcnt in tbefe luo;^De5, bnt a p^omife alfo tbcrein is contci# 

8 [GodiaydcvntoNaah.lJLeHetbe remcmb.:anfe of tbe 
flouo fboulD afterluarD b:injj netwe fearer, fo often as tbe bca^^ 
uen (IjoulDe be DarUcneQlmtbclouDes, a£5 tbcugb tbeeartbf 
lI)on!oe be o^oluneD againe, tbis carefullneiTe is taftrn atuar. 
SUio if fo be toe lucigb boti) reaDilp man is inclineD to Didrutt, 
lue tuil not iurjge tbat t\)is tcllimonie tpa5 fuperfluous, vea e^ 
uentoj^oab.^eluaje; cnDueD luitbarareano incomparable 
faptb , infomucbc tbat it tnajd a miracle to bcboloe tbe fame: 
buttberecouloebenofucb llrengtb QfconftanciclJDbicbctbat 
To fo^roljofull anD bo^rible tengeance of C5oD conlDc not terri# 
lie anD quaiIe.SDberefo;e,fo often asf anp ncreatc anD continue 
-aUCfteUjerlljall facme to tb.:caten a flouD bntotbe eartb, a 
ftavisfetagainlltbcramctpporttbc tobicbe ti)c bolie man 
mai>re(lbimfc(fe,^nDaltl;onjjb bi^fonnes bn«emo;enaDir 

?*T of 6fe f onRrmatf on ftm ftimfelfe : ^t nottDft^ffanDfttg tbi 
%oM fpeahetf) fpecialli? fo; btdfa^e* 3nDto ti)t5 enocar^ 

tb^fr; tri^DeJf to be rcfcrrcO 9 Q And to his fonncs whichc were 

with him.] if 0^ !)oU) commct!) it to paHc, tftat dDoD making 
i)is topenant tnitb the fonneo of j^oat),commaanDet[) tbem to 
ftope tocll i j?o;ir®tfte , becaufc tf)ep are io^neo tuitft tbeir 
fat!)0r,tDljo 15 tit p;incipal!>to tofjouie tbe coucnant i$ maoe, 
tbat tbep mistjt be tfte ncptc beirco ano fucr cflo^g of tbe fa^Dt 
fouenaunt.^o;jcoaer,tberei5noooabtbPttf)at tbe purpofo 
of (lD£)Si> l)ua0 top;routoefo;) M^ii^ poUeritie. SDberefo;t 
tbere U)a0 no pziuate couenaunt maoe lottb one famtUe a« 
lone : but fucbe a one as toaff common to all nations , anD 
tDbicbe fball ensure tb:ougbout all age£J, bnto tfje enoe of tbi 
tuojloe . anD fatng at tftie; Dap iDicfeeonefle toetb no lefle a# 
bounoc, tben it DID in tbe Da^eo of #oab: it is mo^t tim 
naocfull, ttjat tbe toatero be rettra^neD bp tf^is tuo^De of 
<Di2)2D,a£;bp a tboufanDcgate^, Ictte tbe^ burflefcD;jtb to 
Dedropbs. i;:2abcrefo;e toe bearing otir felues boloe bppon 
tW p^omife , let bs Itoke fo;^ tbe latter Dar,in tbe tobictii 
fire (ftall purge !^eauen anD Cartb b^ confuming tbem. - 

10 (^And with cucric liuing crciaturc] iSltbong^ tbf 

grace lufjicb tbe llo;tD pjomifetb,is ertenbeD alfo tmto beafte^: 
t^et neuertbelelTe tbe ilo^De Dotb not fpeake in baine to men 
alone 9 tubo b^ tbe fenfe of faitb can comp;ebenDe mis bene# 
Cite . Wit Doe commonly into^ !^eauen ano tbe aire U)itb 
fceades , ano DoeD^aloe all one bitall b;2eatb toitb tptm : but 
tbi5 is no fmall 0; common p;iuilc0c,tbat be npplietb \^ntt^ 
bo bi^ too^De, tuberebi? toe ma^ hnolue ^is fatberl^ lone> 
tDberetoitb be louctb bo* 

janDtbereareberetb;ttDegr0eo tobenotcD,ifo:<ID^ 2) 
M it loere in a pieferit matter maketb a couenatmt tDitti 
i^oab anDtoitb bio familie, tbattbei? migbtnot beafearD 
Dftbcflou^. ^econDlp, beertcnDctbbto couenantbnto po# 
dteritieo , not oneli? tbat tbe continuall fuccelTion of t^t tU 
fecte map come bntootber aacotbutalfOjtbattbep maptabt 
bolDe of bi5 tcftimonie bp faitb, lobicb tocre to be bo>ne aftcr# 
lDarDo,anD xni<x^t aCTure tbcmfcluco tbat it io tbe beri? fame to 
tbem^tobici) uTao p;omtfeD to t^z fonne? of j^oab.3CtitrDlt',bt 


ncclaref!;,tbat \)c U)ill be fanoMrablc to ttip Ivytc bpr^Uc^ (ilfa: ^'- 
oncl? tljat tlje cfFcrt iuitOcut fcnfc ttntJ tnHtillanofiiD: >.niigf)t 
pertciue to tbc DcfcnDing of tl}cir lifc.C^lijcrcbv tl;c if<nQ:anre Afrabapti^ 
of tftc ^nabaptiffrjs ma^^ be confutcD^tulnrlj t)cmc,t8att!)c cc^ ^^^ erroufi 

uenaunt of vDoD uiav belong \3nto 3EtifaJit05bicaufc tbc^ U)ant ^''"^'^'^*^* 
p^efcnt faiti). 0s t^ougtiUJlKrtxBoDfeoinifcfbfaliia^^^^^ 
tboufanDc gencratioiiis;, tfjc Catbcrs of tijc Snfanfc arc Hot aiJ 
meDiato;s, toljofe office i^ to l^eliuer from baiioc to ftanoctljc 
piomifc recciue^ from (©0D» . aa& fo inaay ti$ poc Denie, tfjat 
tfjeir (ifc p;ofa^^lctlJ from t^ijSi3crcKce.iU.i5p;;^tc(:tion cf OoU, 

iteCTc, to be call into cuedaliihg fire* irp;^ altSougl) t^e p;oj 
mtfe be eartljli! : i^ct notlqitIjaan:3tng, ©iDE) luotflD eiiercifc 
tljt faitb of bus fcruaunti5, tbat tbei? miQht fenotu tbat b^ {jitf .i_^ 
fingnlar gtooacite , t\)z^ iiaiic a xerteine DtueUing pFace in 
t\}c eart{);tjnttU fwcji t m^ as tfjeg rpme,Uiito tbpir jnljcritaiice 

.; ji2 CThisisthc token of the CQucnauht.^'0fignefe Thcvfc of 

itp confirme tl)C p'uimtfe, tubcreiriltbe Iwoi^oerfulUncrct; anO fignci. 
jjosDneffe of (© ^£D ll^inet^^: tu|io to mate, Wbaiie a Hebfatt 
beltefe in big tuo^ij, "bouf])cf6 (ifcto bfe fucb fmalf bclpf is ano 
mcmcB. ^nD altboug^ ^ f^aiie fpoUen mo^c fuUi! of tf)e tl^ 
of Qgncs in tl)c fecpno >Ct^pt^r : ;i?et neuertbeleffe, ioe «mu 
b:aflp note fer^^fap tjjc U)o;Dei3 of #ofes, tljat^ 
feparaterj amiite from t&e tuoibe /g'caU tbat t^e luoit)e^ 
♦w(^4y8 ()ic?) tlieipapittes bi^^ft of^,%W)Kbe tljep, cbarme 
jb::eabj>rtoine, o^e, loatqr, anij^^twcb ItHe^luitfe^agtcaU U||^i(^ 
jpertti30,but lubicb b^loetbfait^^,enena;Q| tbCjiloiDe fpeaRetb 
pjaittel^ bere to4)olip'^oafe, anbid biiJ fonnes* \airo,te aDDetb 
tbe feale fo: aifurance (ahe^ jliQJ{),if fo be tbe facramcnt sacwmc^ts 
jje^tahcn atua^ frpai.tbe tbo;iDe, it ccarfctb to be tbat lufjieb it and the 
4s ^alleOi gt muitnao^ 3 fai?, b^a A^orall firtnc, tl)at kmav ^^'°^'^^ ^f<= 

»»jwere^el«Gon5 of &^tban. thereof alfo Uie gatbcrr ttat thiB 

PaitHis CO ^"^^ ^^^"^ '^^ ^^ confirmation of f^ift* ifo;» tiertl^, tU 

wJ by ll'omifc isincf nticn in ttjt rdticnaimt, tobcrc^nto fmtb ongf)f 

figacs, . toagrdc . 3t focmctl) to fome abfurDc, tbat faitlj lljoiilDbc 

.t ftrcngHjcncD Uiitb fncf) fmnlf tjdprs. t5ut tbcr tu^tclj fpcahe 

fo , firfr of all, tucigB not bo^uc great t\)t ruticncfTc anD imbe^ 

iilhtic of ourntinDc rs . ^cconolr^ tt)ev' attribute not the 

ip:atrccflDO,:!^ingtotl}c fccrctc polucr of tf)C fptritc tobicft 

tbcp ougbt. irCi.: it bclongctb to CaD3 alonc,to bcginnc ahS 

to finil^c faitb J buti^ctfjctjfetbfncbinllrnmcntesasiplcare 

^ini^tbc free tbo^it Uitjcrcof l^jctlj in fjim. '*^^ ' ' • " 

■ Jj [;Ihauerccniybovvcinthe'cloudJ15ptfjcrelU0:t>j?,fer^ 

Theiiain- tcincgrcot DintiTcs tucrc moucp to tttnic, tfjat tbc Kaiinc^ 

bowc Nvas botuc Voa5 bcfo;c tfjc flouD : tfjc ixjbjcb ifif frtuolono anD \>mc, 

betorc ihe^eYtbcrOoca^ofcstJuo:ocsinipp.:f, tfjatabolije&asmaiie, 

^^^- xuljtii) tunc no't>cfb:c: buttl;at a marfec Urns; giucn to § fame, 

lp!ji[rt),nncjt][t giuc a ttgnctjnto men of C?otJS grace anogoiij^ 

ticlTc; ''^nbtbatf!)i0 ma? Hje better appeare, let bs call to 

I nunO^ tbat iDbirblue faioe in an otbcr place, botre tbat tbere 

^retertcinenaturall fignes : anofomcfupernatiiralt. 3nD 

•^^ altbopgb tbere ar^.mant? eratnples in tfje Scripture of tljuj 

ttcoitp fD:t, TiettToftditftlhtntiing^tber are ftngular^ncitber do 

tbt^jpefteinctotbe common artoperpet nail life cf tftc Cburl* 

i^. if02 it plcafb tbcHo^be to tlfeeArtblf elements, tubicl^ 

thrgtjtbtas cljarrtotes, to Ifft tjtpt aloft tbemint^cB of hiem 

Cpenfo3ltbinlictbatftebcauenl^boiue,:lubtcb toais at t}:}C 

firift natnrall, i$ bete confccrateo into a figne anD pleDge : ano 

'tt)nt fo anetoe offictis ginen Vntb tbt fame, tofccn a^ ratber 

Dftt felfe,it Of)oulD be tbe Cgcne of a confrane fbtng. ifo: Irgeti 

it Hppearetbj it tb:eafen'ctf) long ra^^riS llettbistberrfo;^^ 

be tbe meaning of tbc luo:t)e£f. ^o often as tbe ra^ne maj» 

hetb J!0« afraioe,beboloe tbeboU^cr ifo: altboiigft if fametlj 

' to ca(:fe rapne to ouerlubelmc tbe eartb ivit neuertbelclTe, it 

fballte alDitncflTcto ton of tbe D20utb fo come : ano fo \>t 

bugbt to (jane greater confioence mt titrft tgerr, ftan iDbeit 

tijcjcawtn is faire anircleare. t^berfro,»e, td'^i^ris^nbcauire 

tobi lue n^oiilD contcnbc li»rtb tbe pbikifopbets, abontlbe 

;5Kavnebotnt :'ifo;t altbongb tbofe colotirsDooarifeofn^*^ 

rail eanfcs; ret fo; all t^at^t^er do great oif^onour tjnto €tt^ 

'■■''■ i»m 

VPON GENESIS,' C^?( IT. ^^j^ 

. lubicfj go about to tahc frpm bim tHS rigljt aii^ rule Uiljid; 6C{ ^ 
|>at[)ouert!)ccreature0, r>' '^ " ^ - 

15- [^Tlicn Will 1 remember my coueoaunr.]^ofcs b:irtg^ 

xn% (2500 fpeaking fo often timefif, teattjetb. tijat tbere arc fpc^ 
ciall partes of tijc U)o;De, ano t\)(it thereof tljc ^gnt$ are to be 
cffeemei), ^nu (ShDH) (jpcafeei^ after (be manner of men, 
lubcn be U\^i\)^ tbat be luiU f^iU to«unDe bis coucnauat at tbc 
fijbtoftbc Hapneboujc* )i5ut tbwpjugbt to be referred to tbc 
fai'tb of men, tbat tlje^' mai? coniiiper, tbat (IDoD is not fo2get^ 
full of bis couenaunt, fo often ag ^exeuealetb bis boujc m tbc 

ClOUtieS. '• M.rrrfVfr 

18 [The Tonnes ofNo^hO^^ofes reckonetb tppe tbe ^n^ 
nes of jjioabj not onl^ bi^caufe be intenoetb to mafee a toap to 
tbe biO^ozie folloluing : h\x% alfq to fet fco^tb tbe mo^:e tbe fo:cc 
of tl)at p;jomife,RepIqi:Hih ye the earth. Jf o: toe Ooe bereof tbe 
better concciue, boloeeffectualltbebleiruigofd^iaDD is, b^^ 
raufeoffofetocperfons in a (l^o^te time, fo erceeoing amuU 
tituDe of men came : anD b^caufe one boufe, being but fmall, 
increateD into fo man^ numbers of nations* 

20 [Noahalfp began to be an husbandman J BJDOenotfa 

inferp;tete 'tbis, as tbougb JlibabtbenfirHbegannetobean 
^ufbantiman : but in mp iuogemcnt , Spofes ratbcr mea^ 
netb? tbat i^oab being comfo^teD againc, tbougb be luerc 
an olDc man,returnct) to bis bnfbanD;ie ano U)onteD labours. 
15ut lubetber be toere aD.:e(rcrofi»ines,o;no, itistincer^ 
ttinz. 31t is commonly tbougbt,tbat tbere U)as no tfe of luinc 
befo:e tbat time. anD mm baue bene tbe mo;ie reao^ To to 
tbinke, b|?caufe it xni^t be an boncfl; epcufe , to mitigate 
il^oab bis Qnne. )i5utitfcemetbnot likely? to me, tbat tbe 
fruiteoftbetine, lobi^be erceiletb all otbcr fruites, Lii? till 
tben neglected ano tjnpzofitable. 0lfo,spofc5 fartb not tbat 
j^oab t^t beri? fame Da^e tbat be D^onhe of t\^z luine, ItMS 
D^onken. 2Dberefo;e omitting tW , 3 ratbcr tbinUe tbat 
toe are to learne b^ tbe o^onkennelTe of jjiool), boiiie foule ^'^E"^'^"- 
an^j Deteftafale a tbing D;onkcnnc(te is. fjui (innc' 

SLbe boll' |i>atriarcbc, Uibicbe luas a notable ant) rare ^ 
trample of moderation ano tempcraunce , fo:gcttuig bim 
felfe after a molJe filtbi^ ano tbamcfull fo;te, Irctb iu^cD 

i?4;* tjppou 

^^^ tjt/poft'fl5c n^onntj/to 6c Wih*^ ti ft b^neWftV^frtT of all ttif m 

t)otuc0:rcatli?tI)crcfo;congl)tlucto imb^arc fobjicfic, lead 

tfjc libc, o: a great bcnlc Ujb:rre matter Ijappcnlmtot^if 3 

winctiic certcinel^ratljcnpijtlcroplicrfaiBelono: ago, tbat Mim 10 

bioud of t\)t blotiD oftbe cartfr: ant) t!;at tt)rrrfo;c li>bcn men to quaffc 

^c.cirth. auD ftuiU intenipcrfttrir^ ftci? arc ituftly puniCljet) of tfte eartfi 

tijcmotfjer. :l3at let ^5 rather remember, tbatbrcanfemen; 

ucc p:op!inne, t(}^oitgb'iftltlbi<? abufe, tfce noble anDp.:eeicu£S 

gift of ^ £> 2>, fce (3 ttje rVitenger. 5lnD let t0 fenolre, tl)at 

0Oi{\) bf tbe intjbcement of<^©S>, l«ai3 maDe an example, to 

K01I1S arc teactie all otljer men, not to mafe^ tljem feluec ti;iqnl!en li3itf) 

kcnncfle is tnmcafnrablebitn^m'^.^Vefik^mififW afteret ro;^tl^e giuen to 

^""Tn tbe frolv fatber,lybobamn(tBbne!)t5 labonr^^ntJ-mahrngfjim 

Lrcucr^fclfemem'eti3iH)lDme;tbt tljat lie tat^etf) &ts tuftre^ 

iuarD. 3Sut (i!>i£) E> fettetb t^ppon fr^maneuerlaaingblof* 

tffiltat t\jtt\ (I)alHx:e tbinbelDtU befall itilebellieiS) an?) nifatii 

able go.:mani3i?ingi3;oitl?art2i anD gluttons^lubcfc m\\v Urife 

^ ant) contention iij tb niafec triallluboean quaflfc moft f 0rit> 

altbongb it be a fljaVpe btnbc of co;jrecticn: i^et notUntfjUan^ 

tling,tbt feruant of <l?oD tnau tucU nealt Iwidj all, tufjen be be^ 

tng'callcD to fob^ietie^ leaft be gofng on to folkluetbetire 

tuberetoitb be ^^^ once DefileD , Iboulii ce0rc\> bim felfe: 

euen as toe fee certeinc OicnharDs tb^ougb ccnttmial ejrccffc, 

tobeD;ctimeoattt)elcng(bttcrem, • . . . /l;:: 

22 [Cham the father of Canaan.3 5CI)(0'f{rCt^lrfff'at?hrtW 

at)t)et5,to increafe ij^oabe grcefe : namelp, iW be Is rrc^u'et) of 

l}is olcne fcnne. jifoi \m mntt alluates remember 5 tbat tfciflf 

punifljm.cnt Icares laio tjpcn bim of C'ODtpartlv^br^atife bis of^ 

fence lua0 net fmall : ano partly, brcanfe <E^ £P ST^ migljt gtue 

a leffon of tempcrauncr,to all pclferities fo^ eiier. JE^^cnf^en^ 

nelTc of it felfe oeferuetb tbis, tbat tbc B;jcnltarte0 fljoulD be 

Drontan^s fco:nei5 cf tbeir olcne cbilo^cn, trbicb tee nefacetbe image of 

<?o dcgcnc. C?£)iD tbeir beauenlp fatber, iw t\)tm felnefif. ^0; berilp, fo 

tatc (roin ji^^^rf) ^0 in tljem l^ctb, D;jcnluirDfi belff o^^ tbetr minte, ano Do 

»"foD. j,j>pjji,e t^)i\n klucB of reafon , tbat tbr^ mar bcgenerate 

intob^ntebealfec. 115ut let tjs rcmehiber, tbat if fo batbc 

llojDe otD fo grceiiouflv pnnitbc one cnelr fault of tbe i)c\v fa* 

tter j^oabj be toill be no Ictfe a moll fciiere reuertger agatnlf 


OcampIe3noU)cbrfo;ctbcirc^c5 0ftt)cfamc. ^cuertficlcflTe, ^,ckTd. i 
Cbam, Difoamfullv fco^inmg Ijis fat!)cr,bcU)2avetb bis luukcD m ^o'rmng 
mfpofition. OTc ftnoU>ct!)at parents arc ncrttjiito Cod, re? i^'j t^ihtr. 
uierentl^ to be tuo;HippeD: am altljougfj t[)ere lucre no bcobs i'^rcmsarc 
no; fennoiijc, nature Dail^ tellett) 100 tbls : am all men Ijaue a^ '° ^'^. ^'°^ 
grecD bpon t^is, tljat goDlp rcucrencc toiuarDe parenf0, is tfjc "*^^ 
motljer of all DertucB.2D!jerfo;rc it muft n^ns be,^ thisi Cbam 
iDas of a U)ickeD anD peruerfe Otfpoiition , loljo baD net onel? 
pleafurc in \)ib fatljcrs Iftamc, but alfo betD;>aiien (be fame to 
i)t0 b;retfeen» Sim ttjis ts no fmall tumbling bloclic : jfirti, 
tbatjfjioalj, t[)enunifterofnian6Caluation, anDtf?ep;mfcof 
tbe repaT?:ing of tbc luo^loe, in fo grceuous oloc age, Ifctft 
D^onke at fjomc. ^ceontil^^biicaufe VDichct) 1 bngoDlp Ctjam, 
tame fo;^tb of tfje fanctuarie of dDoo.CDot) ban cl)Ofcn tiqht fou^ 
Its as a Ijolp number^ ano as a folic purgcD from all D;:o(re,to 
renuc tbe Cburcf). HBut tbe fin of jfioal) notfj fufficientli? fl^elu 
IjolDC naDfull a tl)ing it is to^ men to be (lelDe barfee Uiitb tftc 
bnolc of(!Dot>,bolu tertuous foener tljcp be.2i:i)et5ngoDlmc(fe sin, witK- 
ofCbamDottjfljetuetmtots, botuc 0cepett>era)teofU)iclieo^outthc 
nelTe is in men^lubicf) tail^ groluetfj mo;e,crcept it be Iwfjcre ^"'^'^ °^ 
tfje poter of tbe fpinte is mightier. llSut if m tbe boli? fane tu^ n°1n««l 
avit of (ID£)S) among fo fciue, one Diuell tuas faueO,lett3s not [ah ."""' 
meruell, if at tbis tmr in tbe Cburrbc, lubere tbcre is a farrc 
greater muitituDe of men, tbe tuicUeo are mingleo Untb tbe 
giDO* ^no tbere is no tjoubt, but tbat tl>e minOes of S>b«?m anD 
31apbetb vnere grceuouQt? \i30unDetJ,lubcn tber faluc fwb tiaic ^ 
licD ffo:ning in tbeir b:otber, ano on tbe otber part, tbcir fa^^ 
tber Idling filtbilr tjpon tbe grounu.^ud) a fenle rbange of tbe 
minDc, in tt^tpiincc of tbe netu U)o:lD, anu in tbebDJ\vpatri^ 
>arcb of tbe Cburcb^could no lelTe aftonilft tbr,tben tf tl^r bao 
Cecne tbe arhe to oafl) in peaces, aiiO to perifij. ^euertbrlclTc, 
tbepouerpatfe tbis (tumbling bloflbe, luitb no Icfle courage f 
Hrengtb of minoe, tben tber couer it toitb moDcltic. €bam n^ 
lone tafeetb occafio greeoilp to fcozne ano to tjcrioe bis fatter : 
cuenas tngoolp men are toont to giue offences, tobtcb ma^ 
Ijjing libertte to finnc. j^nD \)is age maftetb bim fo nuicb tbe 
leifc e>;cufable;fo^ ^t t»as iwt a loanton cbilD,U)bub laugbing 

ip.ii;* ran}lH 


^ ratbW betD;5aret) (jis fcDliftncire : he luas notoc afcoue a fjuit/ 
t^ct) i^earcfi oIdc. 2Lt)crefo2C it is lihclr ^ ti)at be DiD tf)U0 irtU;» 
kcDly f riumpftc ouer l)i5 fatber, tbat fje nutrfjt get hbertie to 
tjinirclfctofinnciLUitlioutpumfl[jmrnt. £\^iim lurb toe fee at 
t()ifi(Davi lubo t3er\? grccDiIp fecbe to finoe faulted? in goDanO 
0ODli?mcn, tbatt!)ei>tf)emfeluesnmp UJitljoiit fijamr, gine 
tbem fclues to all manner of luickeDncfie : rea, t^c^ fecke b^ 
mem faultcs, Ijotoe ttjer ma)? Ijaidentbemfeluestotljecon^ 
tempt of Cod. 

23 [ rheii toolcc Sliem and laplieth a garment. ] i^ete 50 

liiel t\)c gotJlinrlTe as ttje motjeffie of tbe tiuo b^tt\)}tn is pm^ 
fcD : lead tlje maieflie of tlnrir father might tuare tile in tfjeir 
c^cs, but that tbcr nia^ altuars rcteinc that renerence inhieh 
thev oiue Ijnto hnn^tber turn atoaf theii* e^es from beholDing 
The mo- ijisihcime. iinDrothe!?teftifre,thatthei5haueatruefarefo;fc 
dcf>ic of JIJJ.JJ. f^f |j^j.g honour,in thinking that their epes IhulD be ntftf 
uphzZ J^^jif ^hei? liuUinglv behelD hiis naUeDncCfe^tuhich toas (hame*^ 
full: anD luithall alfOjthe^ p:ouit)e fo; his honeffie ann (hame* 
iro? as lue faioe in the thiroe <rhapter, the naheDneiTe of majt 
tarrieth toith it fuch a fljamefattneffe^ that no man Dare fcarfe 
IcDke tpon him fclfe,luithout a p^iuie ImtneCfe. 2Dhei? alfo rc^ 
p^ehcnD the toicheDneCTe of their brother, in that be fpareD not 
bis father, ^nD hereby let tjs learne,bolu acceptable tnto dDoD 
fioDlinelfe iSj tohofe erample here mentioneD, is to be account 
teD fo; a notable tettimome of the bol^ dDbPlf . OTherefo^t, if 
fo be goDl^ reuerence totoarDs an eartljlr father,U)as fo nota^ 
blc anD p:aifcU)o;thie a tertue, hotoe much mo;e ought toe to 
reuerencc the holi? maieflrie of (IDiDSD i )15ut terr fonDare the 
}i3apias, tohicb couer the fpots of their iDol,vea,the filthineOTe 
of their tohole Clergie, toith the cloaUe of S)em anD Japheth^ 
3 ccarre,to fpeake hotoc great Difference there is bettoecne the 
rep:orb of j^oah^anD the erecrablc llmcks of fo manv toicheD^ 
nclTcSjtobich Defile heauen anD earth. )£>iit ^inticlj^itl anD hiiaf 
mitreD i3in)ops, toith all that ftltbv rable, muft ncrDes p,:ouc 
tbrmfclucs fathcrS;tohen the\? tooulD banc anv honour giuew 
tnto tbem. 

24 [ Then Noali awookc from his wincj j^lthough .fl^Oah 

baD iud caufc to be afllfauKD ;itt nottoithdanDutg, be might 



vpoN genesis: cap. ix. _^- 

temctobcljanc Wmfelfc fcarfe motjcl!!^ anu graiiel^.' S^c ^ 
ougbt at tl)t IcaC luit'cto hauc bcluavIcD [jiB nunc bcfoic OoD 
fecrctl^ : anD to Ijauc tcftificD alfo ftiB rcpcntaiu claitl) ajamc 
bcfo;icmcn. li5utnoluc,a5tl)Oug!jt)cbaDnotlnngatall cffcn^ 
^cD,t)c tbunDcrctb tcrp fcucrclp agamtt l)is fonnc.iSut n^ofcg 
t>ot\) not fct DoVunc bcrc ttjc angrie fpcarljcs, lubicl) be bttcreD 
in cbolcr ano Difplcafurc: but be ratbcr b;ingetb bint in^fpca^ 
king b? tbc fpirite of p:opbe(ie. t2Ilbercfo:c,tbere is no caufc 
lubi?iociI)oulD Doubt, but tbat tbebolpfatbcrbuinblcbbim 
(elfe trucl^,as it toas conuenicnt fo; bis fault, anb lucH U^e^'^ 
rD ioitb ^inx felffe inbat be b^^ti ueferueD : ano tbat noluc fjc ba^ 
uingparDon, anD bis finne being tahen aUjat^, be connnctb 
ficD^tb as a p^oclamcr of CDods iiiCigment.;^nD tberc is no tjout, 
lut tbat tbc man of (SoD,bcing otberinifc ofnmhc Difpofition, 
f one of tbc bcO: fatbcrs , tjttcreD tljis fcntence toitl; moft bit^ 
ter grctfe of mintie againff bis fonne. l^e fatuc tbat be tius 
luonDcrfullpp^crerueDanicngafetue, anD tl)at be b^D place 
amiDtltbemoftcrcellcntcborcc of manUinDe. /i^oli^e tbcrc^ 
fb>e, be being conftreineD Itntb bis olcne ntoutb to pzonounr c 
!)ijnabanilI)CDmanfromtbcCburcb, tbcreisno Doubt, but 
tbat be figbeD ten? bcauil^at tbe cartTc of bis fonne. 315ut b^ ; 

tbis eraniplc Cod IdouId baut ijs taugbt, tbat lue muHbolDe 
fall tbe conftancic of faitb^if at anr iiim lue fee tbofe fal atuai? 
iDbicb VtJcre to\>ncD tinto ts : anD tbat toe ougbt not to be Dif? 
courageD : \>ca, anD tbat tbe fcneritie tobieb ^o^ ccntmaan*, 
Detbtls^fo to be crercifcD, ^ iue fpare not To mucbjas our otunc 
boluelj^. iinD fo^fojnucbasijioabp^onouncctbnotfobnroa ^.^^^^^^ ^ 
fcntencpj ^Ijut bp tbe inflinct of (II5£)E>, U^e map gatijer bv tljt of^pircnti 
fi)arpncs cf tbe punifljment, bolu abbominable tnto CDoD.tbc pumihcd. 
iuicUcD contempt of parents iii : in fo muclj,tbat it pcrucrtctb 
tbe bolp o^^ct of naturcanD biclatctb tbe maictlie ano pcU^er 
of Cod in tbeir pcrfon,tobonie be b<itb commaunDeo rulers in 
tfteir place anD Degree* 

2f C^^urflcd be Canaan.] jfirll of all it is DemaunDcD,tuby^'^'®°' 
^oab abUeining from curHmg bis fonne, ertcnDetb tljc fcnc^ 
ritie of tbe punifljment lubicb be fraD DrferueD,to bis in?icrcnt 
nepbeto.ipeitber is it agreeing luitb the iuHitc of CoD^to call 
t\)z faults of tlje parents tjpon tljc tlje aunfiucre Anfvvcrf. 

p.uij. is 

^^^ lOHN CALVINfi 

nrwcrc. |i,Qg^^)^^(5 agatnft tbc cbilD^cn, am t\it fitcfee aiiO ^inrcD of 
tlje i«ichcO>t^f t fo; all tlmt^ iKucr 10 trucll no:ainft U}t inno^ 
ccnt,bicanfc tljcr alfo (luilbc founo m fatilMuiibcrfo^c ti is no? 
abfurmtic^if bcpumll) tbctoichcDnclTcof fatbrrs ^.po» t^e rt^ 
piobatc ci)iiD:cn:fo;^ fo mucb as ti)tv muft recDcs be fubicct ta 
l)ifi lu:at[),to loboni be batb not tjaurbcDfafc to gioc |)fe fpirit^ 

Cbicftion ^"^ i^ ^^ utmicll, tbat ^oab ciirffmg ins fonncs fonne, oucr*» 
paCTetb Cbam bts foniie,Ujbo tuad tbc autbcur of tbe tuicheru* 
neffc. Jtfeeinetb to tilt Je toes, tbatronliturrationtxjajetiafiof 
tlje grace of OoDtanD bicaufc tbt 3lo:D tioucbeDfafe, to bcftoto 
on bim fp great bononr, tbc curffc luas laior tpon \)is fonne^ 

Anf>vcrc. ^i*^ ^^i^ i^s^ *^ ^^^"^ comecture.3l Ooubt not,but tbat 1^ punifl^**^ 
mcnt tfl crtrnoco.tinto tbe polleiities^to tbetno tbe greetiouf^ 
ticttc tberofma^ tbe better appeare: as if tbe io;D bat) openly 
Declarcti,^ be bias not r ontcntcD tcitb one mans punitbment^ 
hi}t luoulD baue bts rurffe fo tpeo to pofteritie?^ as ^ it migbt 
jpalTc from age to age.Jn tl)emean timf,Cbum bun fe!f is not 
rremptetj, tiben CoDiu^appmginbts(cnU:itbbinibcapetb' 

Oucrtion. ^^ ^^(^er queffion affo is obirrfeu , tobt' among all tbe 
' fonncsofCbam, C?oD ebafctb onetobeftricfeen, Wui ieafl^ 
Ijoe be tm curions in tbis potnte, let tis remember^ tbat tbc 
iutjgements of dD iS) E>, are not calleo in t3aine a bottomelelTo 
pit : ano t\)atit is tjnmcctc tbat CDoti,bcfo;e tubofe SCribnnaU 
fcati^toe mull all one trap ftano, fljoulD malte bint felfe fubfect 
t3nto our iuDgments,o;r ratbcr to our fmlifi) ratbnelle.l^ cb©^ 

AnrvTCTc. fetb to\)on\ it fcemetb gmtj bnto btm, in tubom he oeclaretb bii5 
grace ano gajOnrlTcrotbers be appointctb to an otber enD,tbat 
tbei'mapbccramplcscfbis lD2atb ano fcueritie. ij^erCtaU 
tbcugb mens minDcs be blmo: pet notUjitbfl'anoing^let ener^ 
one of t3s, luiolDing onr oUme infirmitie, ratbcr attribute tbe 
p:avfe of rigbteoiifnerfc tnto (1I?od, tben tb:ongb niao bolcnes 
to call our fclues bcDlong info tbc bottomli (Tc pit.^bcnCDoD 
accurfftD p U)bolc feco of Cbam,bc namco onip p Cbananites, 
to curCfe tbr abouc otbers.^nD bereof Uie gatber^.^ tbts iut»ge# 
mcnt piocabcD from (IDoD:Uibicb Inas at tbe lengtb p:oneD bp 
i fucceOe* IVi'oat p cooitian of tbc Cbananits fljoulo be,i> oati 



fromflcfl^ iblouDfoulDnotlcame. OTfterfo:cinobrfiircanD ^^ 
i)imcn tf)ingc0, tl)c ftolt? CDl)oft DimtcD bis tongue . £:t)crc 10 
pet ariotbcrobicctionbcbintibnaunftDercu. iFo:U)bcn as tl;c oLk(fHoa 
^criptnrc tcacbctbtbat Cod Dotb punidic tbe (innes of men 
tnto tbc tbirD 1 fcurtb generation , it fecmctb to appoint nnu 
limit tbismcafurc totbelu2atbeofCi?oD:but tbc tengeance 
iDberof mention is maDc notccrtenoctlj it fclfctnto tbc tcntb 
generation. 31 aunfuierc, that b^tbctco^^tjes of Scripture a Aunrwcre. 
latue is not appointen tnto Cod, lubif b be mav not parTc, tbat 
be migbt not be free in punillnng finnes be^onu foure genera^ g o d is 
tions . )3)nclrU)e mull banc rcgarD totbecomparifonofpu^ 
tu(bnicntes and grace : lubcrebp tue are taugbt^tbat Cod is afuiim 
fo iixft a punilber of finns, tbat neucrtbe!efle be is nto;e p^one Y''?^ 
to mercie. s:ijerefd;je let bs leaue tnto bim btfi Iibertie,tc e)r^ ZZ'T 

in puni- 

tcnoe bis bengeancc fo farrefcojtb as itplcafctb btm. [A fer- ^^j^^g 

uaunt of fcruaantes Oiall he bee. 3 SLbe l^cbniC pbiafefignifi^ 

ctb^tbatCbam Ibalbe tbe !aU, o:ti}elo\ue(lo;btifcft among 
feruauntes: as if be bad faid , teis condition fl^all not cnciv be 
fcruife, but toojITe tben common fcruitude. /l^otluitblfanDing obicaioo 
tbe tbundering offo feuerc and bo^rible a pjopbefie fcemetb to 
be but tti mocberie and baine, feeing tbe Cbananites ercelleir 
in arengt6 and ricbes^and bad ber^ large dominions. ^ bcre 
tben is tbis feruitude ^ ifirtt 3 aunfiijcre, tbat Cod dotb fo Auofwcrc* 
tb;ieaten men, tbat be dotb not bp and bp mquute that Uibicb 
l)edenouncetb:andvet notluitbHandingbis tb:eatenings are 
iieuer bo^d and tuitbout effect. gyrcondIr,tbe iudgenrentes of 
Cod are not alUm^^s lapcd open bcfo:e tbc cy>tB of men,neitber 
aretbepbndeiftodeoffletbandbloud . STbe Cbananites ba*^ 
wing call of tbe roUe of bondage and feruitude,lubtcb Cod baa 
lail'ed bppon tbcm,got bnto tbem in 0ccde tbercof rule and dc^ 
minion.llSut altl)ougb tbef triumpbcd fo: a time,^et nottx:itb 
llandinoc tbcir condition befo;te Cod tnas not accounted free, . 

C!;uen as tuben tbefaitbfuH are bniuair opp:eircd and cruellp ^ J^ ^'^"" 
tered of tbe toicfted : y>tt fo3 all tbat tbcir fpirituall hbcrtie is ,1,, f,ith- 
iiot ertinguilbcd befoze Cod. flndUJc mulT be contented tritb luii lutb 
tbisallolnance of Cods iudgemcnt , that Cod p:cmifcd to bis |rc<:domc 
feruaunt 0b?abam tbe rule and dominion of tbe land of €ba^ ^^'^'^ 
tiaan , and bolvetb tit Cbananites at tbc laU to dcllructicn. 

|).b. 3out 


10 H>T C A L V I NE 

1l5i\t bccmtfe tfjc pope fa greatly c ontcndctfj tW be Hot fomi 
tiincss piopbcfic eiica as did : knit luc migl) t tome fa 
Dcnic him all tbings, J Dcrnc not^but tfjat tftc fame title toitfi 
tije tnbicl) be craltctb l)imfclf,i0 giucn to bim of p Ijohe ©Ijod: 
let bim tbcrfo:c be a feriiant of fcruantj5,cnr as Canaan luas^ 

26 [Blcilcd be the Lordc God of Shcm.] jjloab blcOetb tfje 

relief ins fonne5,but after anotberfo>te » ifo;gi>em is placed 
in tbc bigbcft Degree of bono^.^tiiD tl^is is tbe reafon tubi? i!^o^ 
at) in blclTiiig bun.burdctb fo;tb into tbe p;aife of (3oD,t iim^ 
ttti) not bpcji tt>c perfo of nian.iro; (be t>eb;ues,tDben men^ 
tion is maDe of anv rarco; notable crcellencie, bp an^ bv Ijaue 
refpcct bnto Cod. Sbcrefoze tbe bolie fatber^luben be bnDer^ 
HcDDe tbat tct niotl plentifull grace of dDoD luas appointcD bn^ 
to S)eni,fallctb to tbanhfgiuing.^Glbcrebp lue gatber,tbat \)V$ 
fpeacbc p:ocecDcDnot from carnallfenfe, but tbat be fpealtetj^ 
of tbc fccret benefits of 0oD,U}bicb IftoulD be reuealeD in time 
liDng to come» 2So be d^oitM tbefe tuozDs it is to be noteD,tbat 
tjje blcHing of ©cm fl^onlD be Diuine o: bcauenlie» 

27 [[Godinlargc laphctli.] S^bis tranQation being aN 
loU)eD,tbis (Ijalbe t\}c fenfe,tbat tbe pofleritie of Japbelb^lubS 
tbei? baD been fo: a time farre remoueD anD feparateD from tbc 
tentes of ^em,fl)OulD at tbe laft be foinlargeD anD fp^eaD a# 
b;oaDe,tbat tbep (boulD comemo,:eineare,anD dUjcU togetljer, 
as it Inere in one boufe. iiiottoitbHaDing 3 iifee better of tbeir 
tranQation \})\)i^ baue fet it Dolon tbns,CDoD gentilv^ inclm^* 
0; perfuaDe jSapbctb . ^nt tobetber of tbefe ttuo tue folloU)e, 
^oab fo;elI)eU)etb tbat tbere fl)albe a tempo:all Difagreement 
betlua^ne &em anD Japbctb : albeit be reteinetb tbem bctbe 
to bis boufcanD calletb tbem botb latpfnlbeires.illfo tbat tbc 
timefl)allcome,iubereintbevlI)allioi?nc togetber againe in 
one boDie,anD bane one Dtuelling place togetbcr . ^nD it is 
motte certeincjtbat be p^opbefietb bere of tbmgcs bnlmoloeii 
in refpcct of man : anD tbat Cod luas tbe oncl v autboiir tljere^ 
of,tbc fucccQc at tbe latt (IkUjcD. 2C\no tbouHmD anD ccrtcmc 
!)imD>eD rearcs palTcD before fucbe tmie as tbe jjetucs f Cen^ 
ti(csU)eregatljrrcD togetbcr into one faitb. Sijen tbe Tonnes 
of &em,of U)bome tbe greater part tocrc fallen aluav, anD baD 
cutte off tbemfclues from tbe bolie boufl^olo of Ooo^tDcrc ga^, 



ftcret) f O0:ef bcr ajjainc^ (Ijat tl)cp mxai)t DtocU tnticr one f cnf . ^ ^ 
2I^i)c(iI5cntilc;5airofp:inc(ingof iapljetl), U)I)o Ijau luanocrcD 
% gone affrav a long timc,arc rccciucD into tljc fame tent, jfo: tI)c 
Cod b^ a nelu adoption mntje of muers natures one people : ^ ^c"i'i<^» 
fetleD b:otl)crI^ tnitic amog (lranger£f,3nD ting \Jotis bjougt)t 1^7' V 
to pafTe bv tl)c gentle anu milDe topee of OoD,Uit)ieb be ttt creD '^' '"^ 
in tl)e gofpell: anD tljis p^opbefie is Dailp fuIfiUeO as vet^Uibcn 
<DoD eaUctj) tbc DifperfeD (I)eepc tinfo bis flocl5e,f gatberetb fro 
benec f enerie U)berc,tbofc lubicb Hiall reft tuitb ^b^abani, S^ 
faacji Siacob, in the !nngDomc of beaucn. ^nD tjjis is no fmall 
tpbolDer of onr faitb^tbat tbc railing of tbc cScnti(es,U)as net The cii- 
onlv DeervTD bi' t\)c cucrlaftingeounrclof clDoD,biit alfo plainly? I'^go^ the 
tettijiieDbiUbemoutl) of tlje^atriaref) : leaaiucfljoulotbinke ^"""5*^^^'^^ 
tbat it eame to paffc tnlokeu fo;,o; b^^ rbanrc, tl)at tl)tin\)tw ^yl^'Ji,, 
tame of eiicrlafting life,U)as gencralli^ fct bcfo;rc al men.£po;c 

OUer tbefc lUO;DS,[Iapheth ill a I dwel in the tents of Scm]eom- 

menDe tinto ts tbemutuall forietic iDbiefj ougbt to be among 
ti)t fait^fuliFo^^beraufc CDod bao cljofcn to binifclfe a Cburrb 
tpon tbis ronDition,ti)at t\}t)i (lioulD iopne tljem felues to tbat 
pcoplcin luboni tbc rouenant of life redeo, 

28 [AndNoahliued after the floud.] 0ltbOUg!) ^'PofeS in 

bare too;>Ds b,:iefli? toucbetb tijc age of tbc boUe man,f rerho^ 
nctb not tp ti)c T?erelp affairs tobicb txiere luojtbi? to be remf^ 
l);eD: pet fo; all tbat,tf)ofc tbingcs tubicb arc eerteinct VnbieJj 
tbc feripturc fpeaUctb of elfelDbcrc^ougbt to be remnnb;cD of 
tB,Wlit\m tbc compaCfc of an i;o.peres,t!)C poderitie U-bicfcc 
fp^ang of tb^ec fonnes luas fo greatlp inereafcD, tbat it ftiflfiei^ 
entlp appeared, tobat tbis blelfing of(DoDmenf,lncrea(e ye & 
niulciphc.i^e fcetb not one citie onelp rep!eni(I}cD li^itb bis nc^ 
pbcUJS,no,>bij5fce0cfp:eatJ into 300. boiifbol^jes: but manp 
peoples to rp:ing of one, lobiebeinljabiteDgreateanD large 
tomttries, Ebieftuonderfullinlargement bcingatnlble to^ 
ijcn of dDobs gccD Uiill totuartjcs bim^maDebiin no Donbt errrt;* 
Ding iopfull . j^o; abzabani luas alnioUe fiftic peares olDe, 
tuljenbis great graunuc graunbefatber jjioab iJieD. Jn tbc 
ineanetimc, betuas conftraincbtofamanptl}inses^U)i}icbc 

Sncucot; is l^olicminD^ 




SCO omit otber tbirtG^Jibe faluc tn tftc Ijoufe of &cm,tfic &anc* 
ttiarteofCDoD pulIcD00U)nCi ozatlcaHalltotoincanDrenf, 
luftcreinto tl)c fonncB of Japbctf) lucre to be receiucD. if oi fe^ 
ing tbc fatber of ilbzabain bunfelf,leauing \)is p^efireD place, 
erectcD toliimfclfc a p.:opbane tabernacle, tbe remainder of 
tbem iDOB ijcr^' final!, tubicb tuo;fttppeD (IDoD toitb one con«» 
fent of a pure faitb. tClbat greeuous tozmentes of minue , tbia 
bo:nble confufion b;ougbt bnto tbcbolr fatber, it cannot b^ 
tuo:Des be fufficientlp erpicCTeO. Mbercfo:e lue mutt bnotoe, 
tbat tbe eves of bis faitb toerc berp cleare,tubicb coulo bebolu 
fo farre off, tbe grace of ©oo in p:eferuing tbe Cburcb? bcms 
ouerljob^lt"^^ ^itb tbe p;efent iDickeonede of men» 


Owe tliefe arc the generations of the (bnncs of 
Noah, Shem , Ham, and Lipheth : vnto whomc 
fonncs were borne after the floud. 

2 The (bnnes of lapheth were Gomcr , and 

, — Magog, and Madai, and lauan , and Tubal, and 

MeHiech^and Tiras. 

3 And the fonnes of Gomer, AOikcnaz, and Riphath, and 

4 Alfo the (bnnes of lauan, Ehfhah and Tarfliifh, Kittim: 
and Dodanim . 

5 Of thefc were the Ifles of the Gentiles diuided into their 
iandes , euery man after his tongue , and after their families in 
their nations, 

6 Moreoucr,the fonncs of Ham were Cu/lic, <5cMizraim, 
and Put,and Chanaan. 

7 And tiie fonncs of Cufh, Seba, and Hauibh, and Sabtah 
andRaamah, and Sabtccha : alfb the fonnes ofilaamahwcre 
Shcbaand Dcdan. 

8 And CulJi begat Nimrod , who began to be mightie in 

9 He w.'is a mightie hunter before the Lord,vvhercfbreit is 
faid, As Nimrod the mightie hunter before the Lord. 

10 Andtlicbc2,innin«rof hiskin2;domc was Babel, and E- 
calijaiid Accad,and Caiucc!j,in tlie land of Sliinar. 

u Out 

V P o N G Ei^'E Vrt; ^'^ ^'CA f. y; ^' 

1! 'OuJoftliat land came Afhilr , at1<f 9uiWc<!Nimuc]i,ancl 37 
tlic citic Relicboth and Calah: 

12 Rtfcn alfo oetwcneNiniueh & Calah: this is a o;rcat citic. 

13 And Mizraim begat Liidim,<ScAnamim, and Lchabim, 
and Naphtuhym: "^ 

14 Pachrufnn alfb; and Cafluhyni (out of whom came the 
Phihdimcs) and ^Caphtorimes . * Or Ca- 

ij Alfb Canaan begat Zidon his firflborne,andHcth, podociani. 
\6 And Icbufi,and cmori,and Girga/lii, 

17 AndHiui,and Arki,andSini. 

18 And Aruadi,andZcTnari, and Hamathi: and afterward 
\v'cre the famiiies of th'-^ Cananitcs fpred abroad. 

15? Then the borders of the Cananites was from Zidon , as 
thou Cornell to Gcrar vntil Azzah,and as thou gocft vnto Zo- 
dom and Gomorah,and Admah, 6c Zeboiim,cucn vnto La(ha. 

2 o Thefe are the fbnns of Ham, according to their famihes, 
accordino; to their ton^es/ui their countries 3c in their nations. 

21 Vnto Shem alfo the father of all the fonncs of £ber, and 
cider brother of lapheth were children borne. 

22 The Tonnes of Shcm were Elam and Aihur,and Arpha- 
/had,and Lud,and Aram. 

23 And the Tonnes of Aram were Vz 5c Hul, and Gethcr, 

;'■ 24 Alfo Arphafhad begat Shelah,and Shelah begat Eber. 

2y A^nto Eber alfo were borne two Tonnes,the name of the 
one was Pcleg : Tor m his daycs was the earth diuidcd : and his 
brothers name was Ionian. 

26 Then Ionian begat Almodad,and Shclcph, and Hazar- 
tnaueth,and lerah, 

27 And Hadoram^and Vzal,and Dicklah, 

28 And Obal,and Abimael,and Shebah, 

29 And Ophir,artd Hauilah,& lobab. All thefe were the 

30 And their dwellinges was fromMe/Jia,as thougoefl 
vnto Sepharfa mount of the Eafl:. 

31 Thefe are the Tonnes of Shcm, according to 'their Timi- 
lies,accordingto their tongues,in their countries and nation?, 

32 ThcTc arc the Tamilies oT the Tonnes of NoaJi after their 



;r I p-H N Cr/L^L V I N E ^ r V 

generations ?mong their people : and out of thofc wcretjicna* 

tions diuidcd in the earth after the floud. ^ 

I [Thcfe arc the generations.] Jfait^maittbmfte gOJUfO 

UifcuflTe tbe genealogies, tufjicbc^ofcBCcttetljDotDncmtbitf 

Cljapter 1 in tbc neict folloluing j 3 iifalloUi not bis Diligence^ 

flnD fomr interpreters (jauc not t)np:ofitabl^ fpcnt tljcir la^ 

bour anD trauell bereiit* !lct tfjem tbcrefoze fo: all me,imo^ 

tbefruitcanDreUiarDoftbeir labours, j;;iotU)itblTant)ing, it 

Iball be fiifficient fo: mc,b;retflp to toucb tbofe tbinges, iDbicb 

3 tbinhemo;!e profitable to be notetJ, anD for tuljicb caufc J 

t};)inkc ^pofcs batb Iwritten tbefe genealogies. Sfirft tberfoze, 

tbotigb be fcttetb ootune bare names, i?et notijoitbttanoing, 

ine bi^«c in tbem fomc fragment or part oftljebifforic of tbc 

tDorlQ : ant) tbc mxt Cbapter O^all fl^elue, botue man^ ^mvt» 

ijDcre from tljc flouD, ijntiJl tbat timetoberein0oDmaDebi£8 

couenant luitb ^brabam. ^no firll of all,tbis fccontj originall 

of mant^inDe is^ luortbie to be knolune : anu Dctellable is tfceic 

tngratituDe, tubo ii^ljcn tljci? bac bcaro of tbeir fatbers anD 

grantifatbers, Wo^c inonDerfuUv^ the iuorltJ iuas refforeD in a, 

fto:te time : y^ct nottuitbtlanDing, tuillingli' forgot tbe grace 

anDfalnationofdDoD. Z\)t greater part bao quite forgotten 

^ floutj. Utt^ felu gaue regaro boly,or to Uib^i cnD tbev^ luerc 

fauco. £panv i^eares after tbat, b^caufe b^ tbe iuDgement of 

Cod, tbe luicUcD forgctfulneUe of men b^iwing obfcureubuJ 

inertisa gate Uias openeo to t^t l\?es of fatban: bv^ iubofe fub^ 

tiltieitiuasbrougbt to palTe:, tbat tbc taine imaginationjf 

of poets, fpreaD abroaD fucb burtfull fables, tbat b\? tbem t^c 

trutbofOoosluorUes tuasoefareo. £Dbcrefore,tbe gcoDneflfc 

of OoD DID UionDcrfuU^? ftriue Untb tbe tuicUcDncfTe of men:^ 

fo: tbat life U).is fo long DcfcrreD from fucb tntbauhfuU, bru^ 

till), anD barbarous men. ji>oU)e,to fcofftng perfons anD com^ 

mon DcriDcrs, luho count it no abfurDitie,to Denie a maUcr of 

tbeU)o:lD, fucbe a fouDcn replcninjmg anD inlargingoftbe 

lDo:lD,rccmctb incrcDible, anD tbercfore ^s a fable tber fcorne 

tbe fauic. J r onfclTc terilvi)^ if it lucre laU^ful b^' our fenfc ano 

refon, to Dccmc v Vubicb ^^^ofcs reportetbj it migbt be countcD 

for a fable. 13at tbcv'DealetcDpccuillil^anDobninatel^,lubicl) 

rcijarD not (^ purpofe of tljc bolv Oboll, jf or J prav i'Ou,U)baf 



clfe U^ns thcpurpofe of tbc \)0\y^ (Dljolf, but to tjcrlnrc,f!)af tlje ^-^ 

jjoficrific oftlncc men lua0 fo mcreafcD bv tfjc luonucrfull pOi» 

tucrofOoD, auD not naturally, no: after tt/C common o:Dcri 

Jbaf itrepleniH^fD anti ouerfp;>eai3 t\)t luljolc eartb i Sftcr? 

itobtcl) account tbis miracle of (Doo fabnlous foj tbe oreati- 

tieffctbcreofjVDillmiicbleflebeletue, tbatjjioab^ bisfcnneis, 

anD tbcir Unties UiieD aimoDcft tbe tjuaters, tuitb tbe beaHes 

klfo-,Uittbout &nnne,anD aire, b^ tbe fpace of one lubole rcre. 

%>\)iB tberefoie 10 great tuicfeeDnelTe anD outrage, to rco;nc 

itat tMbicb is fpohen, ccncernins tbe repair inix of manlnntje ; 

l^aufe tberein tbe tnfpcaltable politer of€?C>Sootb (bine, 

J^olue mucb better luere it in t\}t bifto;ie of tbofe tbinac Uibi^ 

tbe Ji>oab fatiic loitb bis e^es, not tottbout luonoerfuU aDmi^ 

ration to bebolQ CI?oD,to UionDer at l^is potoer, to fet fcoztb bist 

c[0)DncKe, anQ to aeimoluIcDae Ijis^ fyatW) replcnifoeu Ixiitb in\f^ 

fiieries , no lelTc in refto;jing tbe luo^loe , tbcn in creating tfjz 

fame i ^no toe malt note, tbateueri^p:incipall point i5 not 

fpohcn of, in tbe tb:ce Catalogues tubicb^cfesoefcribctb: 

hnt onir a rebearfall is matje in tbe nepbcloes of j^ioab? iubo 

^loere tbe cbcefe beates of tbe <Denti[e0, i?02 tbereafter, as cp 

'tierr one among tbe b?etb?en ercellet) in tuitte, inbertue,in 

labour, antJtnotbergiftestfo be gotbimrelfeiiameanoan^ 

tbohtie, tn fo mucb? tbat otbers reffing tntjertbeir IbatJoUjc, 

iuillingl^ tie^lbcD Dnto tbem p:eeminence anO fuperiohtre* 

%bcrefoje, in tbe fonnes of Japbetb, of Cbam, ano of &em, 

%ofes recfeonetbtptbofc^enelrtubicblcere famous, anoaf^ 

'ter iDbofe names tbe people IrerecalleD. anti,\iib^ ^iBofcs be^ 

ginnetb at Japbetb, f in tbe fee onD place tcfcencjetb to Cfcant, 

^j^ltbougb tbcrc be nomanifeftraufe : ^et nottoitbHanrjing, 

'ft is probable, tbat tb,e ftrll place i^ giuen to tbe Tonnes of Ja^* 

•^ibet^:) b'icaufe tbe^ ijauing gone tb^^ougb mant? countries ano 

lauingpalTcoalfoouertbcfea, luere oeparteb farrc off from 

tbrir ctinntrie : bicaufe tbofe nations 0: dDentiles tuere [cfTe 

fendldcn to tbe 3:cU}es,tberfo;:e be toncbctb tbem b^ecfl^. 2^1)^ 

fecdnn place be alTignetbto tbe fonnes of Cbam, lubotorc 

'better Iinotune tnto tl]e 3elnes,bicaufe tber Dtoelt ncrre tjnto 

^fitm HSut bicaufe be baD oeterminet) to jnai^e a fui! Dif< 

'co«rfcoftljelrtfto;ic of t^ Cfjnrcfje; t)cc Dcfcrrctf; tf)c p^o* 


I O HIT C A L V I NE 'f 

T gcnic of &0m,from Ui^cncc tl^c fame camctjnfil ffee laffplacc.^ 
tvai)crcfo;c tucmuH not rcgaro in the o;Dcr U)!)iclj fjc {jatb ob# 
fcrii0O,i oignitie of ani: pcrfon, fo; fo mud) n^£0oks ma^etft 
t\)cm cbicfc of all, luljome lie purpofeD lig[)tl^ fo toncljc as ob^ 
fcurc, £po;coiicr, luc mutt alfo note tbis , tijat tl)c cbilD^en of 
tl)is iDo:lo arc aloft fo; a timcinfomucl) tljat tbe Vu!)o(c iuo:Ia 
mav' fjxmc to be maoc fo.: tljcm: but tl^eir glo^ie as it is tranti^ 
f o;ic, fo it tjaniaKtb alcap : f tbc ^tjixvtl) cralling as it tuere 
Ijpon t\)c grouno tm^jcr a bafe anD contcnuicD fo:mc,i6 p;efer^ 
ucDofOoD, tntiUincomicnienttimeBc ma^ ccalt tbc fame* 
Concerning tijc names,3I ^auc faiD alreatjie t\^at 3 leaue to o^ 
ti)er0 tbeir paincfull trauclL £)f ccrteine of tbciu tJjere is ma** 
nifctt p:cDfe to bcmaDeout oftbe fcriptures, as of Cl)us,^iD» 
raim, a^agUai, Cbanaan, ano of fucb li^e : in fome , t&ere arc 
"feery likely conicctures: in ctberfome tbere is greater obfcuri 
tic^ tbcn tljat ani) reafon fo; tbe fameniar be founD , anD tfjofc 
imaginations iDbiclj inttvp;ttcYS b;ing, are partlr lo;etteD, 
partly tnfauone^ ano fucb as baue no colour* Jt fecmetlj to be 
tatnecuriofitie,tofeckefo; feuerall nations in euer^ wam^» 
Wtt)m ^ofes faitb tbat tlje 3(lcs of tbe (Dentiles li^ere Diui^ 
teDfromtbc fonnes'ofjapbetl), tmoerltant) t'ycreb^ tWtJ^z 
countries on tbc otljcrfiDe of tlje fea U^ere DiuiBcD among tljcin 
fclues.iFo; (il^reece^anD italic, f certeine otber maine lanties, 
txiere of tbe ^)cb;ucs accountcD SiflanDcs , no lete tbentbc 
jUboDcs, anu <Ipp:es, becaufe of tl)e fea lubiclj ran betluccne^ 
OTberebv^ lue gather tljat lue fp;ang from tljcfe nations*^., 

8 [Chus begat Ninirod.] jt is certeiue tljat ti]is C^us ij)a0 
tbe ]^:imt oftbe Actliiopians . Concerning W fonne ipin^^ 
rod, a^ofes luntetb a fpeciall biIJo:ie, fo; tljat be began to er^? 
cell aboue tbc bfuall manner » ^uD 31 tlius interpret, tbat flic 
0ate of men iDas tbcn but meane, in fomucb tijat if an^ !>uli 
tbe p;>ccmii;cncc oucr otbers:\;ct fo; all tljat tbe*^ bare no rule, 
neitber tohc tbcv \3nto tljcm an^^ Uinglr autbo;itie, but being 
fontcntcD Uutl) fcmcDigmtie, gouerncD otljersaftcra ciuil 
manner , ano b^^ mo;e autIjo;itie tbcn polwer ♦ if o;Iiin5nus 
faitb,tbat ti)is tuas tbe mofl; ancient ttatc of tl;c U^o;lD. ijiolii 
cpofes faitl), tljat j^iinroiti, as if bcbao fo jgbttcutbat be tua^ 
a mai?,cnio\;cD tl)c^igbeft jbegra^j^o^ UucD as wt?ainj it \» 


tcrldnc tl^at be tuas of great eaimation,anD rcucrenccD ofall T 
mcn»2D!icre Uicrc otbcr cj:ccllcnt men alfo:but fudj laas tijcir 
mooeration, tftat tl)e^ lucre contented to be cquall luitb tbcir 
inferio:iS , U)l)o ratbcr reucrcnccD tbcm of louctljcn as being 
ton(trameDbi?poUicr. Sbe ambition of j^cmroD, b:a!xc tbc 
bounocsof tftis moDellie, ^nD, faing it is euincnt vnougb, 
tljat br tbeift tD02D5 of !tporc0,an euerlaltrng nturk of rep:ocb 
U ret tppon tbc ffi^jant , toe ma^ tbcrcb^ gatber, IjoU) \m\c\) 
amonerate gouernementano rule among men plcafcO Cod. 
ano in t)erie DttDe,lDbatfoeuer be be lubtcbe rememb;etb bim 
felfe to be a man, be toiU glaolr imb;iace focietie luitb otbcrs, 
as toucbing tbe l^eb;ue tDo;iD,it Cgmfictb p;operlp l^unting: 
nottuitbttanDing it is oftentimeief tafeen fo;^ ^cate.llSut lube* 
tber ^ofc5 faitb tbat be U)as ftrong intiuntinci, onnbaun^ 
tbittg bis p:ci?,be meanctb metapbo;^icaUr tbat be luas a mif 
cU man, anu mo;e beaftlic tbcn manlie. Cbefe lno;DeB , Bc^ 
fort the Lordc, fecmctometo erpielTe, tbat jjiemroD U)cnt 
^bouttoeicempte bmt felfe from among tbe number of men, 
euen as p;toube men eiralte tbem felues tb:oagb a bainc confix 
Dtncc, tbat tbc^ ma^ ocfpife all otber0,as it tuere from aloftc» Tyrantcj. 

t; WhcreForc it is faide. As Nemrod :] 2D!)at 15 tO fap, bercof arc Ncras 

commetb a pzouerbe of 2i:i'jante0,tbat tbep arc lihe to S?^enu rod«. 
rot>.anD3looubtnot,buttbat(IDoDU)onlocbauetbe ftrll s:?^ 
rant anu autbour of t^zannie to be bateo ano cuill fpoUen of 

lo^ [The beginning of his kingdoms was Babel] ^0(tB 

notett) bereNcmrodsmanour place : anD be favtb tbat foure 
cities tocre VMcct tnto bnn: 'icubetber be iDcrctbefounbcr 
oftbem,o:tobctberbcetpeUc:)out oftge fam^tb^ rin:bt olw^ 
tiers,?! cannot tcllMn^ altbongb mention is maoe elfe In ere 
of Cbalnecb:pct nottoitbltanDing liSabvIon luas tbc moUc fa^ 
tnouaofall otber : ano 3B Doe not tbinlte, tbat it luae cftb^t 
largcneire,anD tbat tbe builomg tbereof tuas Co grcatc,ar u:o* 
pbane tontcrs mahe repo:t. But it map be tbat fccmg i*- M^as 
a fertile anD pleafant fople, tbat tbc commoDitic of tbc place, 
ttirreD bp otbers afterUjarD to inlargc tbc citic. tCltbcrcof A^ 
riftotlc in bis l^olitiques, comparctb tbe fame bcm? b^ougbt 
from tbe common ojDcr ano p^opo^tion of cities, \3nt0 a n:o^ 
4w. ei, umcc 

r ufitce o; f ottnf ric, l^creof it rommet!), (ijat manr affifrim flje 
fame to be tbe U)o;be of Semyramis: anD fomc,tljat it Itjaj; not 
builDeobv bcr, but garniH/cD onel^ ano iornct) to b;iOge0» 
JCbe lantje of linear is atitjcu to mafee a Difference : be^ 
caiife tbcotijer li5ab^!on alfo lua$in Cgrpt>tobicb men at 
tiiiB Dav call dairum » 113utitig tiemaiintieDljotqei|5emroD 
iua$ a i5ab^lomcal2nr?ant,lul)cna)5^ofes tnffte Chapter 
folloU)ingaDC«:tb>tl)at a SIDcU^cr U)a£i tljcrc be^unne, loljicft 
vcceiucDtljenamcof tbetongus lubifb toercconfounDcD tbere* 
^ome niaUe tins a tiifoznercD declaration, as tbat tbe fame 
iDbicI^c ^pofes iDill fl)eU) bercafter,concerning tbe builDing of 
fbe Soluer, toas b^i o;Der of time ftrft ♦ :ll5iit 3 ratfjer tbinhe 
tljat^^ofecciuetbtbatnamctotbcCitie, lobicb luas afters 
tiiarDcsgiucnbvtljeeuentcfneluc matter. anDtbiststbc 
reafonof tbe conicrture , becaufe iti0p;obable,tbatat i%t 
fame time tbe inbabitantcis of tbat place tueremani^, tobicbe 
ttuke in banoefobuge a t»o:he. Jt ma)? alfo be tbat/liemroa 
fitUinnptoinlarcfcbiJf fameanD potner, b^ tbis pretence in* 
KameD tbeir maD oefire , boti^^ tbat fome notable monument 
tuas builDeD, tnberin tbeir euerlalf ing memo;ie migbt llano^ 
Dl5ut becaufe It is tbe common manner of tbci^eb.:ues, top;o2» 
fcquutetbataftertoarbe>lDbtcb t^^t^^ bane b;afel^ toucbeD, 
3 Doc not ttterl^ reiecte tbat fo;:mer fentence. 

n [ Out of that kndc came AiLur . ] %i is likely? tbat 

0(l)ur tuas oneoftbcpolteritieof ^em. il^otloitbffanDing, 
b^ occafion men commonly! tbougbt^tbat be is fpokcn of bere, 
becaufe U)ben be Dli^elt nerc tnto jj>emroD , b^ ^^^'^^ tiiolenllTj 
trpulfcD from bis fcate . HnD tbat after tbis fo:te ^)QWii m* 
tetb tbe barbarous crueltic of ^0emroD.^nD Ijcrilr tljcfe arc 
l»ont to be tbe fruites of a l^^VMt minor, lubicbc crcccDetb 
AmHpon. bf^io^j) lucafurertDbcreof commetb tbcolDe. p;?oucrbe,Crea^ 
l^ingDomesare great oppzeffions . Jt mud nccDcs be, tbat 
fome bane the rule oucr otbcr fome: but febere ambition li^itXy 
place, ann a Dcfirc to be mo:e loftie tben is erpcDtent, it Dcctb' 
not onclv bnng luitb i^ great anD manifolDc iniurics, but alfa 
tenDctb to tbe fubuerfion of bumane focietie , )i5ut 3 ratbf fi 
imbiacc tbeir iuDanncnMubicbfap tbat ^fl[)ur, in tfjis plac$ 
is not tlje name of a man, but pf alanDc fo ca!Uo hlki^ii^'^ 

vpoKT GENESIS." c A ?: x: y. 

lb tht fenfc (ftail bet/^cmroD not being contented luitf) a larse ' ^' 
wiD plcntifull binsoomcDelircD a great Dealc mo^e^nno crten^ 
ticDtbebo;Der£{ofbtsboimmont)ntoaff*^jjia, t bmloeo tberc 
alfoneiDcitie£f.£D!)erci£;onel^oneplaccoftbe|3;op[)eteraic * 

againft it, luljere ^CfaitI),Bcholclc: the landcof the Chaldeans: 
this was no people: A lliur founded it by the inhabitantcsof 
the vvilderncfTc-.thcy fet vp the towers thereof : they rayfcd the 
palaces thereof, and he brought it to ruiiic. Sfo^ii)t'B}OpVjCt 

fecmeiEf to rai?,t^attfjc cities djerof lucre built b^ tljcrtlTi^^iani^ 
in CfjalDca, MjtrtoiS bcfo;t, t^e inljabttantes tljcrcof Uierc 
feagarant anrj DifperfeD as in a tuilDerneffc^liBtit it ma^ be tbat 
Ibe l^^opbet fpeahctb of ottjcr mutations of bingoonis lubicfj 
«fterU)arDe infuetj ♦ jTe;^ at U)6at timt tbe £^onarcbie tuais 
intbeaff?jianspolucr,tDbenastbei? flouriUjeu tuitb greatc 
abountjance , it is creoible tbat CbalDcajlufjicbc tte^ baD fub^ 
tJueDt^ntotbemfehieSjluasbrtljem ijarnill^eD and inlargeo 
tlnouQti longc peace, infomucb tbat it migbt feenie to be foun^^ 
DeDb^tbem» jano toe knotoir, tbattuben tbe Cbaloeansinf 
Ukc manner tcnbe b^ tJicilence tnto tljeni eniperie and Domi^ 
nioji^J^abv'loniuas eralteD aloftc tuitb tbe mines of jjiiniue. 

.r.;;'M -([ Vnto Sbem alfo the Father . J fl^ofeS intenDing tQ 

fpeaH^ of tbe Tonnes of &bem ^tfetba b^afe p:eface, lubi* 
f be be baD not Done in otbers . ^nD not in baine: if o:, becaufa 
t^is luas a Ilocke cbofen of dDoD , be IdquId frparatc tbe fame 
from Qtbcr nations b^ fome fpeciall noteXbiS alfo is tbe rea* 
fon Ujb)? be (aitt) erp?eap,tbat be luas tbe fatbcr of tbe fonne^ 
ofeber, anDtbatbeluas3!apbetbcsell3erb;otbcr.. jfo; t\iQ 
bictring of g>bcm DiD not generally tt:ttmz it kite to all bis 
nepbelues , but reffeD Ijppon one boufljoloc onclp ♦ Qn^ uU 
tbougbtbenepbeUJsofCDberalfo iuere fallen from tbe true 
ItJO^Iftipof CD £D ©, infomucb tbat tbe Jlo;jtie mtggt inOln 
not tJtterl^ ertinguin^eDjbut buried onclv' fo; a time, tmtfll 
tbat ^b.:am teas calleo, fo^tubofe bonoura fingular nobt^ 
liiiebereis attributcD to tbe ftocheanD name of Cber, fm 
tbe fame caufe alfo mention iB maoe of Japbctb, tijat tbis 
fame p:omifc migbt be conftrmeo , God perfuade laphcth, 
iiuflipgaj' dvycll in the tentcs of Shcni, Jn ttflB place ^fceni 

TT fonoffallrtJt^ebxofter of Cftam, becaufc Ije being cufte ttt 
fromtljeo:OcranD rin;Ijt of 1)15 bjctlr:cn^ tua^as a bantO)* 
CD man. £DncIv tbcb^otljerNDcrcniainetbbettDEcneS^cm 
anD ^apbctl) : bcxaufc alt!ioua;b tbc^ lucre DruiDcD, v^ CdU 
fjaDDctcrnuncDtoiovnctbcm togctbcr ngainc. 05 tcucbing 
the name of Gbcr.tber tcbi^b ocnic it to be p;joper to \\is ftock, 
but ocriue t'je fame from palTage, bi? t\)is onel^ place are fuf# 

C H A P T E R. X I. i 

Hen the whole earth was of one languagc,ancl of 
one fpeachc ♦ 

2 And as they wxnte from the Eaft , they 

founde a plaine in the landc of Shinar,and there 

they abode. 

3 And they faide one to an othcr^Come let vs make bricks, 

and burnc jt in the fire.So they had brickc for ftone, and ilimc 

had thcyinfteadofniorter. 

4 AKbtheyfdidcrGotOjlet vsbuildcvs alfoaCitiCjaiKl 
a Tower,whofe toppe may reachcvnto the Heauert, Uiatvvc 
may get vs a name, leaft we be fcattered vpon the wholt earth. 
' J But the Lorde came downe to fee the Citic and 'Tower, 
Whiche the Tonnes of men buildcd. 

6 And thet-orde faide, Beholdc the people is one, and 
they all haue one langua2;c, and this they bcgm to doc; neither 
can they nowc be ftoppcd from whatfoeuer they hauc imagi* 
red to doe, 

7 Come on, let vs godowne,and there confbundc their 
languagCjthat euery one percciue not anothcrs fpeach. 

8 So the Lord fcattered them from thence vppon all the 
carth,and they left off to builde thecit'ie. 

9 Therefore the name of it was called Babel, bccaufe the 
Lordc did there confounde the lancruae-eot all the earth : from 
thence then did the Lorde fcattcr them vp{X)n all the earth. 

10 Thcfc arcthe i^cnerationsof Shcm : Shem was an 
hundred yeares olde, and begat Arpacfliad two ycarcs after 

AndShcraliucd^aftcr he bc2^t Arpacfliad',fiuc hun- 


VPON genesis: cap; xr: 

.ijwd ycarcs, and begat fonncs and daughters. T ^ 

• 12. : AifoArpadhadliucd|ii,icandthirticycrcs,audbc<^at 

Shelah, • » •; 

13 And Arpacfliad liucd after he begat Shclah foure hun- 
dred and thre? yeres, and begat fonncs and daughters. 

14 And Shelah hued thirtie yeares, and begat Eber. 

If So Shelah Uued after he begat Eber^fourc hundred and 
three yeares , and bcgate fbnnes and daughters* 

16 Likewifc Eber liucd fourc and thirtie ycarcs, and be- 
gat Peleg. 

17 So Eber Jiucd after he begat Pelcg , fourc hundred & 
thirtie yeares, and begat fbnnes and daughters . 

1 8 And Peleg hued thirtie yeares, and begat Reu . 

19 And Peleg hued after he begat Reu,two hundred and 
nine yeares,and begat fonncs and daughters* 

20 Alfo Reu liucd two and thirtie yearcs^and begat Seru^. 
._.3,\ So Reu hued after he begat Scrug, two hundred and 

. ftuen yeares, and begat fonncs and daughters • 
^.•' 22 Morcouer Scrug hued thirtie ycares,and begat Na- 

^^ . 23 And Scrug Uued after he begat Nahor, two hundred 
ycarcs, and begat fonncs and daughters. 

24 And Nahor liucd nine and twentic ycarcs, and begat 

2f So Nahor Hued after he begat Terab, an hundred and 
nint^ene yeares, and begat fonncs and daughters* 

26 So Tcrah liucd feucntie yeares, and begat Abram, 
Nahor, and Haran. 

,, ,27 Nowc thefo are the generations of Tcrah:Terah begat 
Abram,Nahor, and Haran : and Haran begat Lot. 

28 Then Haran died before Tcrah his Father, in the 
landeofhis natiuitic,in Vrof the Chaldeis . 

29 So Abram and Nahor toke them wiucsjthe name of A- 
brams wife was Sarai,and the name of Nahors wife was iVhIcha 
the daughter of Haran, the Father of Milciia,and the Father of 

30 But Sarai was barrcn,and had no children* 

31 Then Taah tookc Abram his fonne,andLot the 

Qji;. fonnc 



fbnncofHaranfiis fonncs fonne, znd Sarai Iik daugTiter Ifi 
lawe, bis fonnc Abrains wife: and they departed together 
from Vr of the Chaldcis, to go into the landc oi Canaan, and 
^ley came to Haran and dwelt there. 

32 So thcdayesofTerab were two-hundred and fiucycrci, 
and Terali died in Haran. 

I [Then the whole yearth was of one language,]] '^^duft 

l)efd:t mention tuas itiaDe of Babvlon bjetfel^ , nolioe ^otts 
ftcUiet!) mo:c largely tobcrcof tl)e place tofee fjis name.aniiLit 
'is a fjitto^ie lucU tuo;jtl)ie to be remembjeu, tofjerein lue ma^ 
fee boUjc greatc iijt rebellion of mm is agatntt CoD , ano Jjoto 
plltfje^ p;ofite in \)iB iuDgementefif ♦ 3^iu alttjougl^ at tbefirCe 
tjietxjc t &e fjainoufneflc of tbe euill appearetfj t\dt:^tt notluitj^* 
0ant)ing tbe puniCbment lubtcb foUotoeD^teftifetb boU) 0reaf# 
l^tbattbinglDbicbtbefe men taifee in banDe bifpleafeD (13oD» 
%bep tobicbe imagine tbat tbe SColJuer toas builoeD totbijr 
enb, tbat itmi^tbt a &anctuarte anD refuge fo;^ t\\t tuicbeD,. 
tf fobe CDoD tntenDcD at m^ tims to ouertb;^otcie tbe eart(i 
toitb a flouD,follotDe notbtng but tljr mtagination of tbeir 
filune b^aine. JFo;t tbe tuozoes of ^^ofeB teno to no fucb tbing: 
but bere onel^ maboe ambition , ano tbe p;tour) contempt of 
^bcl buiL<5(ju winoteTKiLet \^s bmlt)(ai^ tbep) a SDotoer, tl)t top tobere^ 
^^ of mai? react) tnto tt\t beauen, ano let tj0 get ts a name. We 
fe tbe pprpofe antj enbe of tbe luojl^e begun, jfo; tobatfoeuer 
(ball bappen,tbe^ l»ill baue an immo;tall name bppontbe 
cartb : tbus tbe^ljuitoeag it tuerc in DeiVigbt of(S!^ob»ani>tJc^ 
rill? ambition is not onl^ iniurious bnto mcn,bnt peruerfe a^ 
gaindCoD bim fclfe.SCobuilDc a Xo\x)tr,\i)as not of it ftlfc fo 
greate afaultrbut to appointtntatbemfelues an euerlatting 
monument,tDbid)lI)OulDeenDuretb20ug!)out all ages, tbat 
fauo^etb of ercaoing pjtue io^eo luitb tfje contempt of (Dod* 
SlnD bereoffpMng tbe fable of tbe (IDiant0, tbat tbep tboulot 
fet mountcines bpponmounteine^, to pull lupiter out of bi5 
tjeaucniv tb;ione.:antj in bab tbu5 i^llego^ie Differetb not mucf) 
from tbe iDicUcD purpofctubicb O^ofeg toucbetb. iFo;^ fo fajnc 
cr tjjcn U5 mecte^t is ccrteine tjjat liUe <D\mts tljer boc ^arrc 

VPON genesis: cap: xt: 

ijoith (lBoD.2Cf)cr p^ofeflfe not tbi^ tottlb tfteir mouttj: but it can 
not otljcrtoifc be,bat tt)at be mud neeoes oircctlr affailc Coo* 
iDfticb goctj) be^onoc f)ii5 bounocs, 00 tourtjmg tijc time, Be- 
rofus fragment i0tobefane,(ifBcrorastbe autljour offucb 
trifles be to be regaroeD : ) tobere amongcff otber tbinges , an 
ftunozeD ano t]^irtie ^eares are reckoneo bp from tbe flouD» 
Uit)en tf>e^ beganne to builDe t\)C Coljoer.llSut aomtt tbat ttjid 
account Uianteti) a fitteautbour: pet neuertbeledc it tBmo;e 
allolucD tbcn tftat rx^cfeoning of tbe 3|clueff, lubo fct tb;ja bun* 
n^eo ano fo.:tie veareje; bettueenetbeflouD, ano tbe builcmg^ 
^citber batb anotber tuDgement oftbeir^ anp mo;e colour, 
l)oU)etbattberebutloer£( tcoke tbt5U)o;Ue in banoc , kecaufe 
men at tbat time toere berie plentifuU in eucrie place, info^ 
jnucb tbat tl)t^ perceiueb, tbatljp reafon of tbe Dailp incrcafe 
ano multiplying ofmankinoe^ tbe? fijoulDe in a fto^t time be 
f onttraineD to trauell furtber ♦ 5i3ut againtt tbis argument 
tbe fingular bleflTing of dDoD in multipli?ing manbinoe i0 fet. 
S5nt £pofe5 feemetb to take atuap all controuerfie . f[o; after 
be batbmaoe mention of arpaclftao in tbe tbirD place among 
ibefonnce; of J^bem, be bp anu bp nametb peleg bi^ fonnc 
in tbe fourtb Degree,in tubofe time tl)e tongues toere DiuiocD. 
jano b? tbe fupputation of peares, lubicb be fettetbtjotune^it 
■apperetb fo; certeine,tbat tbcre came one onl? age bettueene* 
^iit it is to be noteD tbat it is not fapD, tbat tbe tongues lucre 
riiuiDeo ffreigbt after tbat pclcg toas bo;nc: no; ^ct tbat anp 
tttttint time is p^clfFeD . £©o?coucr, tbis luas aDDcD ouer anO 
abouc all tbe greate miferies of ifioab^tbat be bearo tbat tbiJJ 
UitclijeDcounrelltuastabeninbanDe ofbispolteririe. flno 
tbere is no Doubt but tbat be teas toounoeo i»itb great grieffc 
tuben be faUie tbat tbe? loere fo Ibarpe fet to runne beaDlong 
into tbeir okmeDellruction.liSut tbe !lo;o: tbus erercifcD tbe 
bolie iFatber,cuen in bis ertreame olDe age: toteacbensnot 
to be oifcourageD tuitb continuall conflictes. Jf an? man lilic 
better of tbat iDbtcbe tbe Jelues commonl? boloc, tbcDtui-" 
Honoftbeeartb Iballbc referreo to tbe ftrtte Departures to 
liiuell elfe tobere, Uiljen men began to be DlltributeD nito Di^ 
uers countries: but tbat iDbicbUiebaue bearD alrcao? m fbe 
Cbaptcr going bcfo^e^ concerning ? ^onarcbic of .{JicmroD,is 

fflAiij^ ' contraric 


T r 10 to ft)is .ffinf toe ma^,tf toe toill, allotoc of f !)af luDgcmeni 
10Dhic\)t toas fct Dototie tn ttje mioole place: f^otoe tfiat tftc cott^ 
fittion of tongues bappeneotnoerttje extreme olD ageofpe^ 
Ieg.ifo;l)clmct)almo(lttoobuno;jeD anofo:tierearefif» 0ty 
tlierftall it be abfurije, if toe raDtbat tfje oonnmonof ij^em^ 
rotj laUcD ttoo o; t!);r(t ages, HBut 3,as in mater£( ooubtfulIjUo 
ioillingl^ fubfcribe^tbat tbcre toas mo;je fpace of timt be* 
ttoffne tbe flouD5anD tije purpofe of builDing tbe SDotoer* 

Spo^eouer, toben tpofps fa\)tb,Thc earth was of one language, 

|)e commcnDctb tbe rare grace of (!I?oD : fo;j tijat among men 

farrcDifpearfcD^be toouloe nottoitbdanoing baue tbe bolie 

bonDe of focictic contmiicD> tbat tber migbt bane one tongue 

o; language generally among tbemfclues, ;2lno tieril^? tbe Ot^ 

iierfitieoftongue0i£sto be accounteoasfa miracle. iFo;jf0e^ 

ing tbe tongue is tbe cbaracteranDej:p;jeirer of tbe mihtre^fjoto 

commetb it to paffe tbat men being all partakers of reafonr, 

ano bo:ne to a life in focietie,fpeafee not al one language toge;^ 

The di aiG tberf 2Dbercfo;»e spofes teacbetb tbat tbii^ uefcct, becaufe it x$ 

on of ton- contrarie to nature,i0 accioentaUyanb tbat it isf a punitbment 

gues is a fent bt?(Doot3hto men, tbat tbetr tongues migbt be biuioctj: 

iuji pu- becaufe t\)t^ toicfeeoli? confpireb againft CEkiD . SCbe bnttie of 

cfGod?^ fpeacbe ougbt to baue mainteineD tbe confentofgoDlinclTea^ 

inong tbcm : but tbis route of tobicbe ^ofes fpcaketb? after 

tbep batJ tottbo:atone tbemfelueiei from tbe pure too:(liippe 

ofOon,anDfromtbebolpcompanieoftbc faitbfull, fell to re* 

bcllion againttcT'OD.SUbrfefo.zejb? tbe iutt bengeancc of <Doi^, 

tbcir tongueict toere Diuioct), 

' 2 [They foundapIaineintlicIancfeofShimarJ515^tbefi? 

luo>r)cstoema^coniecture,tbat £pofe£f fpeahetb of j|5emroD> 
imo of tbe people tobicbe be baD gatbereo bnto bim. Wnt ao* 
init,tbat jj^emroD toais tbe cbecfc capteine to builoe fo great$ 
a builDing,tobercbi? be migbt mal^e a frarefull monument of 
his crucltie : ^et fo j all tbat,^ofcs plaincliJ (brtoetb,tbat tbis 
tooiUe toas not taken in Ijanoeb^tbecounfcllano toillofonc 
man : but tbat all confpireD togctber, infomucb tbat tt\t fault 
auD blame cannot be lavoc tppon one o.: a k\})t, 

3[ And tlicy fayd one to another.] 2Cbat IS tO fa^,2CbetmtU 

tualli' uKOuragco one anotl)er: f cucr ic one 5io not onlr grec^* 



bfl^ fef to f)urtanOe , but pzouokcu others alfo If o gtac tfte eit# » ''^ 
tcrp;itfc. [Come let vs make brickc.] ^ofe« h^eanctl),tftat tbcp 
lucre not moueo to tabc tbis tljing in btnioe^b^ tlje caQitctTc of 
t!)e lDo;bc,oa b^ otbcr necc(rtTric6,tiibteb lucre at baitoe : but 
rat!)cr tbat tfjc^ llrotic cucn againl! great ano bavD lettcs.^i? 
iDljic!) § grecuonfrtcflc of tbcir fact ijj incrcafcD. j?o;i !)oU) r oiry 
metb it to palTctbattbcp t^:eanDlucrictlicmrcliH:rintaine^ 
in a painful ano labo:ioug lDo;fec,but o\^f:\^ becaufc hftc tnto ^ ^ 
maDDe men,tbc^ fct tbcmfclues agatnft (Doo y ^Dftcn timci^ -^- • - 
DiflftcuUtcanDf)arDncrrctob;jingcur purpofc about, Dotl) Dir=< 
fourage t)5 front ncrtffarie 1uo2ftcj5 : but tbefcmcnlafUino^ 
ffones ano mo?tcr^T>etfozaUtbat mafte no uoubtc totr^cte 
a builoing: tfjat a}a!l reacft«to tbc f loubeo ♦ OlBp tlji^ mmp\t 
tbercfo;i0 Iweare t<wi(]5l^,\Dberetinto t^e liitt ano titfireof men 
tenbctbltDben tbt^^irc atirbrtioua^ mmbcbrdl^ncn is it is alfo 
fapcD b^ tbc l^catbcn poet : E^be p;jcfHmptuoU£( oafe tafte alt 
t\^m^es inbfinDerfl^anlttntieftillct^bl'tJoingc tbat tx^bicbc i£« 
tnlalDfull.anD a little after tbat be fai?tb: 2Cberoi£f notbiitg 
t© baroe fo: nio;jtall men,2Db;ougb fcDiiftiKCi^lwJiiffaUt t^i 
terie i^eauens. r'iv ir. 

4 [Whofe toppe may reach vnto the hcaucni.] 2Cf)ii^ 

is a i^i?pcrbolical fpeacb,b^ U)bicb tbep greatlv' crtol, tb:ougb 
boaftmg: of tbebuilDing,tbe beigtb tobicb t\}t\> goe about, ^no 
to tbis effect perteinctbtbatijDbicbe tbe^ aooe ffreigbt aftcr^ 

That we may get vs a name ; ifo; tbep mcanc tbat it Halt be 

fncbeat«o;fee, tbat it (ball not omlv mahe tbe bcbotocrfi td 
twonorr at tbefame as at a miracle:bnt alfo tbat it (bat be ^o^ 
feen of,euen to tbe furtbelt partes of tl)e eartb >2in^ tbis is tbc 
continuall mabncffe of (belDo;:lt)e, to neglect beauen,f to fecitt t^^c worU 
fo;immo:talitie in tbe eartb, loberc tbere is notbing but tbat 1'"^.^"^'^^, 
iubiebe is tranCto:ie ano barne.SDberefo:c tbcir care auD (ra-- taiitiTiT' 
well perteinctb to none otber enn,but onlp to get tbem a name ihc earth. 
tin eartb . SDbif^ fo falinoe a oeftrc is iuftl^ beriDco bp tbe p:o^ 
pbete SDauiD in tbe 49.pralme.0nt» fpeciall^ U)bcn as crpcri- rui.45 7. 
cnce(tubicb is tbe fcbajlmaidreire of fcolesjbzingctb notpoftcrii» 
tics^, being taugbtbp tbe eraniplcs of tbeirelocrs,ton fotmoc 
minoe:but matHicCTc reignetb in all ages . Jt is fmoluen tJibat 

iuucnal fa^tb , Oxicly death confcfTcth what weakc and fniaU 
vi,; Q^. thingcs 

things tlie bodies of men are.But not (o muc\)t n& 6eat& eoji 

mtm onr pnoe : neither twtb if mate tsjto conftattamm^ 
m mifenc af our lotte.jFo; often times tijere w mo;e p;jtoe td 
PriJc offu ^^ ^'^"^ I" furteraUeg , tijcn in tl)t pompe anD fokmmtieof 
ocraiici ex attDitbttanOmg toe are taugbt b^ tfjiscrampfe 
cdictbtbc bot»eerpfDtcntatl)mgitiBfo:tjj5tohaeanD toD^ebumblv, 
ITaTfs'at ^"^ ^^^^^ ?* '^^^^f^*^ ^^^^^ P«rte of true p^uoence, firing in m 
marriages f "^^^^ Of ^ur life toe baucDeatlj befo;e our ms, tofjicbe mag 
leaDe tw tjnto mooeaie. Sfo;> tobofocuer Drftretb to be great in 
eartb,firac tbe fame 10 contan!eliou0, ano DifoainfuU againtt 
men,anr) tbm aftertuarDe0 b!0 facrilegtou0 p:efumptit)n bur # 
fi»tb fcoitb againft 000 bun felfe, infomucb tbat iite a (KanC 
be toarrctb agamlt i^t auen . [ Lcaft we be kattcrcd vppon 
^c whole cartdj &ome 3(rtterp;jetoure0 tranHateit, Be- 
fore wc be fcntccrcd. y5ut tbe p;ropertie of tfje tongue toiU not 
beare tbi0.iFoz tbeir Deuife botoe f be^ ma^ toitbtfanoe tbe pe/ 
nil \})])ic\) toa0 Ukt to come bpon tbem: a0 if tbe^ ftoulDe fapt 
Jt can not come to paffe^tbe number increafing , tbat t\}t fame 
countrieftouloealtoa^bolDe tj0 all : tberefo^e toe mull erett 
abuiloing, tobicbc map ke&pe our name tbere fo; euer, al^ 
tboitgb toe be fcattereD intQ Dtueres quarter0 of tbe eartb.^ot# 
toitbttanomg it man be Dcmaunoco , botoe tbe remembrance 
oftbefcattermgtDcomis camein tbeir mmts. &omt con^ 
lerturc tbat jjoab toloc tbem of tbe fame, tobo percciuing tbat 
tbe too:lD fbouloe retnrne to bis former toickeonelTef co:rup^ 
tion0,fo:cfatoe alfo tberetoitb bp tbe fpirite of p;opbefie,a cer^ 
ieme bo;rtblc confufion tobicbe toas to come.anD tbep tt)inkz 
tbat tbe )5ab\ilonian0,toben tbep coulo not oirectlp toitbffanD 
" <3oD, tocnttnDirettlp about to tume atoap tbe pumfl^menC 

tobicb toas tb:eatenco tnto tbem. ^Dtberfometbinb tbat tbe^ 
^J-iopbtficooftbcirotonc punilbmcnt bp tbe fecrete inttinac 
uf tbe bolp Cboftcano tbat toitbout anp intelligence* 

515ut tbefe erpofitions are farre fetcbt : neitber is tbere a< 
tir reafon tobp toe ajoulo D;atoe tbat tobicb tbei? faf , bnto tbe 
curffe tobrcb toas lavco bppon tbem. SDbei? Imctoc tbat tbe 
^artbtoas maoc to betnbabitcD^ano tbat tlje fame eueric 
tobere vctlDcD brr fruitc to nourilljc men : anD tbe multi# 
^uDe it ftUe taugbtfbcm,tbat it couloe not be ti)at tljer Q)oulD 


VPOl? GtNESTS. CAT. XI. j^l 

rmniae tbutf c Dp an? long time toif bin fo ftraif c a compaffe. 
SSe,at4attimetl)CS (^oulDcgoc to nnotbcr plate, 
S tbougDt goDto icauc bcDmocttjtma Zotocrfo;ar6* 

V r But the Lorde came downc.D iPiOfcDCfoUo\UCtbtf)C 

taf tcr parte of tbc tjittom, toljcrcin spofco f cad)ctt) Ijotoe ea* 
St. tte iojo oucrtDy)toct6 tjjcir mat> cntcrpjifcs , ano bjm. 
S to nangtt tl)etr tobole p^ouitto. iFoj tftcre IB BO Mut^^^ 

Sm bolDl? entcrpjifcD that tobicDc tm fta^L purpofe') .n 
SerminDM. Wfirtte S^ofcs tcac!)ctb,tt,at ©f H>fo;a 
mStL tbousDc t,c Dao not fecnc tl);"., to tbc cn^^^^^ 
bicabingoff tf)C toojUc begun b? tbc confufionoftongncs, 
mSthcmojeeuiocntlBOcclare W iul.gcmcnt.i?o?bet)ot!) 
S JntSrrobeare tot^tfte toickeo, tljataaoneanecpe be 
Snot onl? fntfer m to tahe man? toitbeo tbmgcs m bano: 
?u?al2, be m\betb tbem to reiarce at tbe fiuteire b«r^^^^^ 
keo cntetT)jifes,tbat at tbe laft be ma? mahc tteir fal tbc grca^ 
ler ! Z tbe omming ootone^tobereof spof« maftet b men* 
Sn t« ratber referret) tnto men, tben bnto ©oo , tobom toe 
SeSmm^eo b? plate.lBut be mcanetb tbat ©oo tbcto. 
Si" aSengcr bVtttle ano little, a^^^^^^^^ 
flnnfflftlv. aDberefojetbcilojoeoeftcnocDtofe , tbat 10 to 
SieeuioeS oeclareo tbat be hnetoc tocll rnougb. tobat 
tbe31Babt!lonian0tcDlJcinbant)e. >,.* ♦!...- 

6 rBeholdethepcopIcisonc3 ^omcerpotmocittbus, 
H)at<15^ ffi> tomplainetb of tbis fo great toicUconctTe of men, 
that toitb iutt fojrotoe t greefc be pjouoftetb bun felfc to ten. 
geante : not tbat tbere are an? affcttions m bim : but ^ fte 
cnDetDema?learne,tbatbumane affaires a« not ofglctf cD 
of btmranb tbat as bebatb a care foj tbe faluation oftbe fa b^ 
full : fo alfo bebcbolMtb tbctangoDUnclTc of tDctotcfttO, eucn 
as it ta faitje in tbe |I!>falme,Thc countenance of the Lord IS o- p,^, ^^ ^ 

uer thofc that do eu.!,to cut offthe remembrance of them from 
the«rth.^tberromc tbinhe tbat it i&a compartfon f ")« 'f«f \ 

ano oftbe ntoie : as if bcfl)oulo f?.?,3:bcrc are as ?ct but fcto, 
To tbe? tfe but one language onclt:U.bat t1,erefo:e to. th ? 
lotiare t>oe,tf b?rcafcn oftbe mulfituoe tbe? be £"fP"fc') <"' 
40 oiuerc nations i »t it fewctD f^tbccto «»f'tl"'^yjj 

2yj •'- . . lOHN.CALviNS. 

fpMctBtrontraUrasifeoD '^"nloc mnbc tte matter hartt 

pcop eisfemt fogftDrr in a firmc tonfpjracte : ft^P ha'ue a! 
one languattr among tljcmfclucB : l^oU) tfjcrcfoje map the? 

tOcrtohJUanDraOjc truffe : beraufe,ta,l,cn tf,c ScbVol 


hotaSS^h' f '" P-°'"»'"«f f f '"'f t""^ fale U.b.rf,e tbc? 

JnS ^ I' .''."'^ "" '"'^^"'^^ "''f'"^^' ^ou't"^ ealilp be ron* 
Wunoeo. ano tljis is the fenfc of tbe too:j,c0 : J Uiill not tote 

S^a ."""i ""f''.""^'^'' ' tbep mas be ftatfereD iSe 
w»tS i f fi"''' ^.''"'"5 satOcreD togetberagreatcpotoer, 
SL I "^ .? """'^ ^"^" *"*" f f" f 'owow^ro on tbe tontraril 

S^^?' '"'"■ ""f '■'■'Se-J^of tottbttanoing it map be Dcman* 

rSf^'v^^^'^'"''''^*^''^'"'*^ ^"" • tliat crpontion mutt 
JfbS'Sn""'''"!!!!^!^ reiectcD,2Db.5 place'ratberagr«. 

tt»an,attobatt«ncairotbeiLOiDefapDe, Let vsLkemanaf- 

ffioumf,.H,Lh??"' ^5'i«nfttb.B greattpcople:aBifbc 
h ,?. i'.^'L'"^^' *" ''^'' "° '"^"^ of fo^rrigne bc(peB,but tlwt be 

^I^ Of O £) D tbcre arc tb,'a prrfons . ano tbis crampic of 
Coos torngcance pertcinctb to all ages : fb^ men are atoa^tf 

l^JJul^T'" ^""^ •""^'^ *'"^" '« »'«*'^ • ^"0 tf is bitt o:.e tc. 
tt ftefb,tbatCi^oDU)tllbc altoapta an cnimie to fncbc toun* 

M^ i"!"! ^i^^^^^ • •"fo»""tb tbat toe (a bcre a liiielP nnaoe 

J?.ou.x,.3o of tbat U)b.Cb Solomon raitb,TI,erc .s no counfdl, there" no 

bauctbc bIcffuigofOoo, fronHubitljc alone toe arc to Imkc 

vp OK cj^T^t §^i §;•'•"• 'CAT. xr. 255 r 

wtt^c^ come to nnuctW* ano foi (0 mn* as (Dot) pjcnfluiicctb: 
fhat be bvitl) continual uuirr Uritb tl)C tnb:iDlcD ^icCumptiort 
dfmcn , irbatrccucr Uictvii.cinlianuUjitliout His tuiU, aiitll 
fcaucillfucccCrc,altt)ouf);!)allt!)c.creaturcaDf the toaUxtoUe 
Martc Ujitl) t35 . £po:coucr, altl^ongb tbc \do:113c at tbts oa^ 
Lcarc ms curfe : vet ncucrtl)el0fCc, in t^c miDDctt of tlic piu 
m(bntcntanDiro:riblc trample of C'ODfi lx):att) acamft tbe 
ft:ioeof men , tt)C iDonocrTuU gmDncHtofOoD Dotb ftme, foi 
rtatttje nations are aljlc to fpcakemucrs languagca one to 
another : < fpeciaUp becaufetic bath publiOjcD one OofpclU m 
all tongu^0 tl}:oual)out tlje U^ljole to^locano batb maructco 
the ^potties iDith tDt gifte of tongure.mbcreb^ tt wjomc to 
fiacrejbat tftcr are grofen together in tbc tjnitie of ^l)>^!jtf 
fbe toere Afozetimc mtferabli' rjiuiDcD. 3n m^ fcnfertfee tno' 
«het CTaie faitb^tbat all men fljall fpeafec the language of Ca^ Efauii^.it. 
naan bnDer tbe kingtiome of Ci).:iae.: becaufe altbougb tm 
CifferinrounDcofrpeacbe : vet nctbaitbaanomg tbcpfpeaKe 
aH-one anD tfje felfe fame tbrng,ti3ben tbev crie abba, jf atber* 
r^-^.rSotheLordc fcattcred thcra.3 ^pcntoeiT befo.:ett)« 
time bifperfetJ : neitber ougbt tbis to be counted m IteaD of a 
Dunta)ntent,fainc^ it rather floU)ctb from tbe grace ano blef. 
Cnaof ©00 » ^uttbofeUihombcfo;e tbe !lo;DbaDbonDuraw 
i)lP tjittributcD into oiucrs DluelUng places, be note fcatterctft 
iDitb fi>ame ano rep;cclie,'lJifper fmg tbcm here ano tbere , nil 
members of a to:ne bom. EtJts tbercfo,^ iuas not a fimpU 
fcatfering, to replema)e tbe eartb> that tbe fame migbt hauo 
tbe tillers i inbabitants thereof ulucllingjencric iDbere: but a 
tjiolcnt equina fo^tl), becaufe tbc-p;iiuipall bano ofmamter^ 
ningconiunction among tbem^tuas cut a funocr. 

9 rrhcr ore tlK name oticis called Babel] loebolOCbcre 

lubat tbev gotte bv f^luna a name tb;ough foililbe ambition* 
ETbcv Ui\m tbat the rcmemb;>aunrecjf tbeir name Uias gra ? 
uen fo> euer in tbe toU^er : bat Ooid Doth not onelv oifappomt 
tbemof tljeir taine confioencc, but alfo fcttetb l^ppcn them e. 
uerlatting rep:ocbe,tbat tbev might be erecra^jle to aH 
Uvitit^ , becaufe of fo areat nuferie b:ought bpon manKmoc 
t!);oucb tDeir fault . g:i)ev Dao n namC; but not fuclje a one aa 

mincy\})mt mrpt mo;c eo mmklats tbm us mate, 

/nio.pThcfj arc thb generations of Shcm, J Concernrntt t&0 

pyogenic of fi>f)em,95ofcs (jaD faiDc fomelw&at m tbe Chmjter 
goutgbefa;cU)ut nalu be ioi?ncf !) to tf)t nmxcs cf mm Hvacz 
DfvctesM tUc life of tDt iuo;lD ntioftt be bnfenotcn tJnto U0. 
i^^L .1^ ^^^ ^'^'^ tjcff ription tocre cxtanUmm n^oulo not 
Bitotuattfti5 cap, Ooiu muc^ time there Urns from tbt flouD 
to t^je fame Da^,tDl)creiii<i5cD maoc &is couenant tuitl) ^b;a^ 
Oam. ; am) it is to be noteD,tbat CDod fo^ bonours faUe rec^o# 
iTetti:bptbeprarc0oftbclDo;lDfrom tfje piogenie of^hem: 
eutnoBtljtv iDbtcbeare tD;ifer0 of biao.^ies, fette fm^tb tbtir 
^mnicks iDitb tfte mintis of iSmgs,anD noble men.ano vet 
m all'tbat,tljtfi comenDetb noe fo nuicb tijz U)o;tbmc0,f \j)tli 
^ferum(pE<oftbatfamilie,a5tbcirfr0e aooption. ifo^.asUic 

iqail fee anon.tbepoacritie of S?ljcm fo^tb^ greateft part fell 
ntoa? from tbc true Uiozfttppe of.0i)O , OTJjerefo^e tbc^ tsc^ 
lerucD at tbc banner of (H^od not onel^^ to be blctteo out of bi0 
Calendar bmkes, tutalfo to be Qu^tei.clijditeta&enout of.fcbe 
too^lo, .ii5ut^eaa>meD mo;je of bis dectiaii^Uibercbr bcbaD 
Ojofen tbi0 Uocke from amonj all ctber people , tljm tbat Im 
wjoulo fuffer rbe fame to fall fo^ tbtMs of mcn.£:berfo:e out 
wmaii^ of tbe fcnis of g>bem.bc c^wktb cne^rpacl^aoioutof 
tbe fonnes of ^rpaca?aD,be tbosfetb onel^ S>ela:ano out of tbd 
fonns cf feela be tatetb onlp C'bcr,l5ntilljc commctb to ab;a# 
tarn: lubofc calling oiigbt to be accoimteD tbe renuingoftljc toucljmg m refioue, it is likclr,^ before one ago 
luascompletctbcTfclltoluiclteDfiiperfTtttons. ifo^lDbcn be 
raHctb tbc Jciuefi m tbc tcctlut ti)cv: fatbere s:bare and j^a^ 
lorua.M.i ^yo- <PrueD Itrange goD0:lct Us pet fenolu tbe boufc of ^bcm, 
iDberin tbep Ivcre bo:ne, luas tbe iptmli fanctuarte of dDoD, 
lubere pure religion oiigbt fpecialli? to flo;iq> : tub<^t ftMl tu0 
tbinU bappcncD to otbers, lubich niigbjt tone to be as it luerc 
fetat Itbertie from f beginnings lbcrebpafU)elymonarou0 
luifliemies and tintolnardnes of mans Difpofition, as alfb bw 
fiardncs of bart>appcai*ctb.ii5oab I bis fcnnes,bcing e^e tuiti* 
mflfes of p floud,hucd as rct:tbc OccIarcUio of v iiibiclj bil^one 
Dugbt to baue terifted tbcm no lt£re,tbm () ijinbic beboloiiig of 
Ood,n:f?eu lucre inaructcd from tbeir infancie in (i;crcp:ini 


V P O N G E N E S IS'/^ "^ 'C A p. XT. -^"^ 

iJplciStfibtD ©01) Uio!t) be tooiO[)ipcb:f)otw rcttcrctitiv ?)<fi toojt) ^55' 
tuas to be obcicD:U)liat grecuoujs pumfl)ment rcmninetl) fo: al 
f!)ore,U)bicl) Imt b;ohcn tfje o;Der f bM)atll fet:ret fo; all tbat 
eber canot be fjclcbut tbat tlity^ being ro;iriipteO \jb ftci r tanu* 
tit^nmit ncetis faUa\uav\ jJ^eticrtbelelTe, tfccrc w no Dout but 
^ Ijolie jjioab^acfozDing to bis fingular ^eale f noble fo:titiit)e, 
ftriucD by all utaner of means to oefenD tbe glo;jie of CDoD,in fo 
nuirb i^ be Vuas terie earneft f rcuere:vea,f tbuuDereD againft 
ttfc traiterouiS apoHafie of bis nepbeU^cs: ano lobereas it luas 
meetc f all men lI)oulD tremble at bis becbe onlv,tbei' are mo^ 
iieDlDitb nomaner of crrina;rep;jebenfions,tutbeingcarriel> 
nU)ai? \D tbeir outrajjc^tuent on ffill » JLet bs ratber Icarnc bf 
tbis erample,tben by ^ tain flatteries of fopbiffers^boti) fruits 
ful§ corruption of our nature is. Mberfo:e,if.^;ioa{j,&bem,f 
otberfucbc great teacbers^tTriuing fo taliantlpVecuIiJ not re^ 
ttraine tbe impittit of ^ luo,jlo:let bs not maruel if at tbis tiap 
alfo^tbe luft of tbc luo;iD runne t nb:tDleD to all mancr of luir^ 
fecD f bngoDlie tuo^^H^ippings, notloitbdanDing all tbe lets of 
Dortrine,ofamnonitionS:,lof tbe^eatnings.auD berctoitbal tue 
muft note^boU) firme i^ drcngtb of faitb tuas in {^ boly fatbers, 
!)otD ffeofatt tbtir patience , lubo ncuer llachcrcO at fo man^ 
ftubUng (tones lubicb Uiere oailT! raH in tbetr tuar.Ucrv U}etl 
tberfo;e ootb Luther compare t tntpcUable to;mients, iDberXo 
it Ujas neceffarie ^ tbep (boU) be bereis, to many martv;tioms: 
fo; f fallHig alnai? of tljeir hinfmen fro <]?0D,t)iD nalclTemouc 
tf)em,tbcn ?f tbcv bao f^ne tbeir olon botoels rent an:r tc jnc, 
«nD call into Nathans finbe i beU pitte.Xi5ut Itben flK UVoiluc 
luas tbus repleniil^ct! Untb luiclte^ f t3ngct)lr men>CoD Uicn:^ 
fierfulli! Uept a fclDCbtiDcr tbc obenience of bts lio joe,t?)at bci 
tnigbt fane bis Cbiircbe from telTruftion .- Hud alfbougb u^c 
Ijaue ratD,tbat tbc i?atbcr nnB (D^antifatbcr of :^b:a3;r;m were 
apoffataes,^ asit is lit^^el^ nbt onel^ tovvl^ottiiurrs of tbeid 
anccfterje^alfot-tiehiotiDllanninar, beftii;rc tf);oi:gb^'Cti33 cfcc* 
tion,tbe cburcb-lwas tljut bp tft t t^o^'^trt becaufc Con ban f(?^' 
ferueo fomc,'euen tntil^ calling cf^bwmMicbmtijbt U^oji* 
lljip bim arigbtiSpofcs fef Cetb colrn a fcntiniiall Wrc,i To recV 
feonctb tbcm'Up iiii^xlataloacoffaintc* Ulbi^rbv u?c gatlicr^ 
as 3 (belnet) a litle befo:e, tubat great r.c:ci!nt tbc«li»oi?j ma^ 
fec^ of !/is C!)circljC;lul)iclj tfjcut^'i; it coiifiuco cf a fmali luv.u 

^ * her of meti : vtt mmimm^mQ it is p;tktm before thi 

U)I;olel!3o;Ioe. ^ ^ 

lo CS^mwasanliundreaycarcjoIdcJ ifoi fo mud;e atf 

^oft£< fjdtije pul Arpac^iiaa m tbc tW^z plcitty mnom tfje 
^Ui;f^ion. ronnc3 of ^cm, it ma^? be OenmunDco ftoUi it a^rtxtl) tW he 
toa0 bo:ne tujo rearcs after tht noii^rxL^c an(\jom ts caHe to 
Anfwcrc. bc iHdiDe,!^ it cannot be rractlp gatijcrcD out of tlje Catalcges 
iXfbici) tpofcs recitetft,at lufjat turn eucric one tuas b0Mie,fe# 
in^romctiincs fjc alTisrieib to one tbc ficU place , Uifjicljc not^ 
^^itcjaannmg b^ ti)c o>m of birt& 15 t&e latter ♦ £)tljers an^ 
iluere,t()at tbere 10 no abfuroutr, if tgofes Cjelue , tbat Uifteii 
tU)o rcares mere enoeD, be bccgate tfte tbirDe fonne. ^ut the 
fo;mcrannfUier is ratljer to be rec eiueD. 
yij27 [Tliare bccgate Abram J l^crc alfo 0b.iam wpIaceD 
firitanwn5tbcb;etb:en:not beraufebeUmiesp firft begotten 
(ns 3 ticemc:) but becanfe ^ofcs follcluing ratber tl)t frope of 
bwbil!o:ie, toajsnot Uerie farefullin placing tbcfonne^ of 
^Dbare in o;Der. ano it mav be tm be beeorate otber fonnetf 
alfo. ^o;jmtbat£pofe0mabetb mention fpeciall^ oftbmit 
luasnonefo^ Hots fafec, anofo^tbeUiiuesof^faacanDga^ 
cob. anDnotw,tLibp3tbin!ietbat0b;amU)asnottbefir(lbe# 
gotten, 3! ti3mb:ceai? rentier a reafom £^ofe0 faitb immeDi# 
ateli>,tbat SDbare oieo in tbe lanDc Uibere be toas bo;jne,bcfo^e 
b\3 father leaning tbe lanD of tbe CbaiDeans,Uient to ^aran ; 
ano ;ab;am U)a5 t\)m feuentic antj fine peares oloe, luben be 
Icentoutofi^aranto oUidiin the lancie of Canaan ano t\)Z 
number of peres after {> CeatbofSDbareisbere evpicCel^re^ 
Dolune. fio\}) If U)e imagine,tbatbeujas bo;ne tubcn bi« 
iratber toas tb;ee fco;eano tcnncrearcij oloe, uieOjallalfd 
ronfclTe tbat loe lacke tb^oe fco:e yearec : U)bicbe is motte ab# 
ftiroe . Si^fje.Diuination of Lusher, bouj tbat (D iD jp bath 
burieo tbat time in obdnion, to tljeintmtc be migbt bi^a 
from 135 t\)c tn\^ of tbe Uio;lDe, tt 10 firft of all berie fnuolou^ 
anobame: fcconDlr',itmarbe confuteDbyftrme anoeuiDent 
argumenteg . £)tberfome tiolentl)? Uuelt it to tbe former 
^parture : tubo tbmke tbat be aboaoc ffill at l^aran Uiitb l)is 
jratbcr fo^ tbe fpacc of tb;ec fco;e rearer : tbe micljt w t)eri« 
tnrreoible. > ^ 

^•ry;****^'^^ 'mti^ 

VPOH genesis; c a k xr: ^"^^ 

5fo;t to tJDbat cnD (l^oulo tht^ mahe fiicf) long Dclat!,in tftc miD* ^7 
Deft of tljcir tournet? ;r 15u 1 1 jjere naDetb not Ijcrc an\» long Dif^ 
putation. Bin U)f)at^carcofbisaffc0bMmlcftbiBccimtne, 
^ofe0 maUetb no mention: Ije faitb,tljat tubcn be luas fruen*' 
tte anD fine vcarcs olDc, 6c came into tbe lano of Canaan, at 
iDbat time bis father upeD, tofecn fje l)aD liueD tUio ()unD;ctj % 
fine scares. CTbo luill not Ijcrcof gather, tljat fecluaB bo;jnc, 
lu|)cn!)iiE(fat|)crtuaj5abunt);cOanDtI)irtierearesol«:c i )15ut 
6eij3namcDtobet!)efirftamon(5tt)ct();ec, lubomc K\)att is 
fai?De to banc bcgottcn,lul)cn be lua£5 tb;cc fco?e ano ten i?crc5 
oloc.31 confcCTc it : but fucb a recital^niafectt) notbing to p;Duc 
tbc tjcgras; of birtbi as Uie Ijaue fa^De alreaoie. ^citbcr uotti 
^pofcs erp^effe in lubat i?eare of bis life SCbare bcgate fcnncs: 
but oncli? tbat be liucD to tbc age afo^efai^Dc, before be begat< 
tbofe t})^cc fonneSjOf tubonic mention is maoe bere. ^Qbere* 
fo:e ti)t age of^b:abam is to be knoluneb^ tbc otbercompa^ 
rifon : nameli', toben as be attributetb bnto bim feuentie anD 
fiue ^earcs,luben bis fatber Di?eD,liibcfe life reacbeD bnto ttco 
bunD:ep i ftue i?eares. a firme i ftrong argument is alfo Daa^ 
toen from f age of ^arai,3it i$ luell l^nolr»ne,tbat dje tuas but 
tm ^eares pongcr tbcn ab:am. 3if fo be (be Uiere tbe Daugbtrr 
of tbei:ongerb;otber,tbenmull(benece(rariIi?beasolD as l)iB 
fatber. nc^ Mjicl) obiect tbat Ibe iuasi^arbo^s oaugbter in 
latwe, 01 bis oaugbter onli? b^ adoption, t\}t^ b;ing no reafom 
to p;oue tbc famc,but mccre cauiLs. 

28 [Harandyed.] I^arau is fatD to t)t?e bcfo:e bis fatbcrflf 
fare : bi?caufe be left bim aliue. SnD be is fa^^oe to D^e in tbc 
ianoc of bis natiuitie^namel^ in illl.jXbc JeUies of tbe p;oper 
name of tbc place make an appellatiucano far^tbat be ovco in 
fire. ifo;» as tbcp are boloe in imagining fables, tbc^feignc, 
tbatbcU)itbbisb:otberab;abam, b^caufe tbcp batco Bjoola^ 
tricUierc caft of tbe Cbaloeis into tbe fire : but i?et tbat ab;a^ 
ftam etc apcD tb:ougb tbe ronaancie of bis faitb. Wut tbe fourc 
f tUientitbCbapter of Jofualubicb 3 titc^ before, tjotb plains 
I^ Declarctbat tt^e lubole ffocke ano kinreo luas no leffc infect 
teo iDitb fuperttitions, tben tbe countric it felfcljuberetbrg 
tjtwelt. 3 graunt, tbat tljt name is Deriueo from firceuen a;5 
cities are oftentimes nameo crtber of tbeir fituatiou; 0; clfe of 


I O H N C A 1 V I M « 

!ite ofljer wufe.^t mai» be tfeat tf?cT? bept f matntcincts ftrre 
t()C f)Ol^ fire, 1 tbat tfjc &unnc QjincD t^ere mo^e biigfttlp tfje 
in or ber places. ^DtljercUnll bnue tl)eritietobefocaUeD,b^* 
raufc it luas fituate in a bailey, 15ut tberc is no caufe to!}!? 1»0 
ftoalD be curious in tljis point: let it fuffice, tbat ^ofes ba^ 
tiing rpoUen of tlie countrie of ^b^ab^m, b^ ano br ejrp^cflfetbj 
tbat It U)as U; of tlje sCbalocis* 

30. [And Sarai was barren.] l[)et)Ofbnof onel^fa^tbaf^* 

b;am tuanteti cbilD^en, but Hjcloetb alfo tbe caufe, lubicl) tuas 
tlje barrennefle of Ijis tuife : to tljc enD U)e migbt knoU^e, tbat 
it came not to paCTc Uiitbout great iniracle,tl)at (be afteriuarD 
b.:oua:bt fcD:tb 3!faac, as bereafter tee \x)i[\ mo;e fuUv ticclare, 
luben U)c come to tbe fame. ZCbus 0od IdouIo bumble bis fcr^* 
uamt, if 0; tftere is no Doubt,but tbat tbe luant of cbilD:en did 
terpmucb greeucbim. ^efaUietbattljetuicJ^eDmaincreafe 
iDitljoutmeafure, to tbe replenilbing of tbe eartb : be alone is 
Dep:iueD of cbilo:en : 115ut altbougb be i^^cre igno;jaunt of bis 
calling: pet notU)itbftanDing, OoD UjouId makemanifeftin 
bis perfon, as in a glaflfc, from tubence anD boloe tbe €l)Ui(t}B 
IboulD arife : ^0^ at tbat time it lar })ir} bnDcr tbe^eartb? as a 
l>;^ie ttocbe. 

•" 31 [ Then Tharc tooke Abram his fonncQ l^erc ougbt f 

be tbe beginning of a Cbapter, b^caufe £pofcs beginnctb to 
banDle one oftbepjincipallpointes of tbe bofec : namely, tl)C 
calling of iab^abam, ifo; ^pofes ootb not alone Declare, tbat 
H^erab onli? cbangeD, but alfo quite anD tkm fozdnlit Ijis pur* 
pofe:f alfo tbetoetb tbe enD,namelt?,t(jat be leciuing bis natiuc 
fo^le,ta)be bis iourn^,tbat be migbt come into tbe lanD of da* 
tiaan.^dbcrb^ tuemap eafil^ gatber,tbat be toas not fomucb 
tbe autbour ano guioe of tbe iourneT',as bis fons companion, 
i^eitber i^ it ani? let tbat ^pofesaCTignetb Unto bim tbe cbeet'c 
place, astbougb tbat ^biaml»entfcD;tbb^ bis gmoanceanD 
conDuct, ratber tben bp tbe commannDement of d^aDSD. Sfo^ 
tbis bonour is giuen fo: fatberbcoDes fahe . 0nD 3 boubt 
not, but tbat ab^am, loben be falue bis fatber to obep of bis 
otunc acco:D tbe calling of dJoD, be in liHe manner IbelueD bim 
fclfc obeDient bnto bim. E^be autbo;itie tberfo;e ib attributeD 
to t&c fatber;as;tbat be tajfte bw ftn, Jf 0; it t^M moft plainly 


VPON GENtsrs: ^ cat». tit; ^'l^ 

\t^mt anon,fbat 3b;nni tuas callcD of (&ou,bcfo:c fiuli ffmc ^^ 
iwljeonccmoucDftififcDtetoccotoutof^w natinc fo)ic: luc 
rcaD not,^ fiifi fafficr tuas calcD.2nbcrfo;c loc ma^tonucturc, 
tftat tl)e Oracle of (!DoD tuas reuealcD tnto l)mi, bp bis fons re* 
pozt.j^ctbcr DID tbc commatiDcment of Departure: Ict,but t\}cit 
ab;ain tniqfyt ftcto tnto biiS fatber,tbat be tuent from brin fo; 
no otbcr raufe, but fo; ^ be p;efcrrcD tbc comanDcmct of Cod, 
before al otbcr binnaue Duties. 2Dbcfc tluo tbmgs luitbout all 
rontrouerfie,luc gatbcr out bf tbc tuo;Dfi of ^ofes : nanielr,^ 
aib;^am iDas calleD b^ dE^oD, bcfo;c fucbe time as Sl^erab left 
bis countric : alfo ^ %tvaf^ bintfelf rcfpcctcD notbing circ,but 
Miat be niigbt come into p !anD of Canaan , ^ is to fa^, tbat be 
migbt io^ne bimfelfe a billing companion to bis fon. SLbcrc# 
fo;c 3i am aCTurcD, ^ be )sjmt out of bis countrie no long time 
bcfo,:e bis Dcatb. jfo; it isi berr fojlill),^ be being gon out of bis 
tountric, to go Directly to tbe lanD of Canaan,fi)oulD tarric as 
a guea tb;eefco:e;peres in an otbcr tolJunc.Blt is mo^c likely,^ 
tbe mm being ttrickcn in scares, luas UarcD tuitb ficlmclTc f ^ 
luearineffe. anD ^ct notU}itbftanDing,it ma^ bc,^ OoD bclDe 
tbe in fufpeitfc fo;r a time: bicaufc £^ofes faitb,i? tbc^^ Dluelt in 
Cbaran.Btrt it iB miiimt bv ^ lubicb fololuetb,tbat tbe Dela^ 
loas not fo long, feeing tbat ^baam UJcnf foub in tbe fcuentie 
f fift rcre of bis age,U)bo being nolu of a full age,f feeing alf^, 
tbe barrcnneffc of bis Iwife^tuent tbitbcr.jtlnD tbe tobjne tobi^ 
t^t tbe i^cb^ucs call >rbaran,all lu^iters toitb one confent,cal 
CbarraSjtDbicb ii> fituate in ^pefcpotamia.i^otDbeit^LucanqsL 
ratber poetically tben tntlp, placctb it in Ailyria. jt luas a 
place famous atjtbeDettruction of Crailus, ano at tlje ouer<» 
tb;o\ce of t&e Komanc armie* 

CHAPTER. Xir.,.., 

Or the Lordc Iiad faide to Abraliam : Get thet 
out of thy countrie, and from thy kinrcd, and 
from thy fathers boufe,vnto the land that I wil 
Hiewethce. ^ . 

And I will make of thee a great natidn^nd wil 

blcfTc thce,& make thy name great , & thou fliak be a bUfsmg. 
3 I will alfo blcffc them tliat blcffe thee, & curflc them that 

: R.j;\ curlTc 

-'^ I O H N C A L VI NE 

curfle tlicc,and intlVcc fhall all families of tlic earth be hUCTcii 
4 So Abram departed, «uen as the Lord fpakevntoliim J 
And Lot went with him : and Abram was feucntic andfiuc 
yeare oldc,when he departed out of Haran. 

^ Then Abram tookcSarai his wife, and Lot his brothers 
fonne,and all their rubflance,that they ponefledjand the foulcs 
that they had Haran : and they departed, to goc to 
the land of Canaan : and to the land of Canaan they came. 

6 So Abram paiTed through the land,vnto the place of Se- 
cheni : and vnto the plaine of Moreli : And the Cananite was 
then in the land. 

7 AndthcLordeappcared vnto Abram, and faide, Vnto 
th V fccde wil I 2;iuc this land. And there builded he an altar vn- 
to the Lord which appeared vnto him. ; 

8 Afterward remouing thence vnto a mounteineEaftward' 
from Bethel, he pitched his tent,hauing Bethel on the weft (idc 
and Hay on the Eaft fide : and there he built an altar vnto the 
Lord,and called on the name of the Lord. 

9 Againe, Abram went foorth, going and iourneying to- 
ward^the South. -t 

10 Thencamcafamineintheland:thereforc Abram went 
downe into Aegypt,to foiourne there : for there was a great fa^ 
wine in the land, 

11 And when he dreweneare to enter into Acgypt, he faid 
to Sarai his wife : Beholdc, nowe 1 knowe that thou art a fairc 
Vvoman toloolce vpon. 

12 Therefore it will come to pafTe, that when the Aegypti- 
ans fee thee, they will fay,She is his wife; So willthcy killme, 
but they will keepe thee aliuc. 

13 Say I pray thee, that thou art my fifter; that! may fare 
well for thy fake, and that my life may be prefcrued by thee. 

14 Nowe when Abram was come into Aegypt, the Ac» 
gyptians bchclde the woman : for ihe was very feirc. 

'\^ And the Princes of Pharaofawe her, and commended 
her ynto Pharaoifo the woman was taken into Pharaos houfe: 

J 5 Who intreated Abram well for her fake ; And he had 

iheepe,aud becues,and he ades, and men fcruaunts, and maidc 

fcruaunts^aod fhcaflcs^and camels* 

17 Bu! 

vpoN GtKEsrs; CAK tit: ^j^ 

i 7 B^t the Lord plagued Pharao and his houfc with great ^-^ 
plagucSibicaqfc of Sarai Abram&wifc. 

18 Then Phjrao called Abrani, and faidc- Why haft thou 
done this vnto me J Wherefore diddcft thou not tellmc that 
{he was thy wife ? 

19 Why faidcft thou,Shc is my fiffcr,that 1 Hiould take hcc 
to be my wi fe f N^ vy thcjforc jbfi^pld thy ^wiici^kf her an^ ^ 
thyway* ■ » ' -'■•' * v,^ | 

. 20 And Pharao gauc men coramaundcmcnt concerning 
him ; and they conucycd him foorth, and his wife, and all that 
lie had, 

1 QForthcLordhadfaidtoAbramO£nofft^aiDffjet>iro;ti;cD 

tiaifion of tl^eCfiapters ma^ not trouble 0.: Ca^ tt)c rcatHSf 
kt tl)cm iovne tbis fentcncc \s)it}s p tluo laft terfes of p Cfcap^) 
ttr goms bcfoic. it^ofes baD faiDc befo;e,tt)at 2Ceral) t abiam 
tuent out of tbcir contrie^to DUiel in t^e lanD of Canaan.ji^oUi 
Ije ucclarctb) t ft^^ ^cre not moucD raCjI^ fo to Doc, as is tbe 
'0ai£e of ra(^ anD ficble beaDeD men: no^ pet fo; tbe oifiibing of 
|n<( tontriC) as oft timc0 tt bapnet^ to paeutfb I tuaploarD pcr^ 
fons: no.z ^ tbei? tuerc runatuape0,fo; anp euil tbe? bao tionc : 
neitbcr i^ct tbat tt^€>^ luere mowjD bpani? folift) bopeo; mticc^ 
mcnts^as man^ arc carieo tbw I tbat iJDap,tb;oiigb tbcir oU>ti 
Defire:buttbatab;amlJDa£( comanteoofCoD to Depart,! tbat AU^m 
l)c iDoulD not baue nioueo bis fcDte^l6out be baD ben firll U)ar * wet out ef 
ranteDbpfbetuo:DofcI^oD. SDbep li^bicb eppouno tbi;ef, ^ OoD i^'sconyic 
fpake ))nUi ab;ani,aftcr t^t Dcatb of bis father,are eafilp coii^ clmmati- 
fcitcD bp tbcfe U)o;jDs of £pofc5, if 0: if ab?am UiantcD notoc a aemcnp " 
ccuntrie, and UucD as a (traunger elftobcre, tbe commaunDe«' 
tnent of OoD ioere fupcrlluous,U)bcn be faitb^ Goc out of thy 

owne landjOUt of thy countric,and from thy fathers houfe. 3Do 

.tbi«a(foistobeaDDeDtbcautbo;iticQf&t^uen, Ijuboistobe Aacj.?:* 

-iuDgeo a mate interpreter of tbisplace.^)cplainli?teaifietb,^ .m> 
(IDoD appearcD to abzabaui iuben be tuas in b^cfopotamia,lje* beHaieD in Cbaran.SDbc !)e rectfetb tbis oracle, UibKb lue 
itoU)ec>:pounD : % at p laacoiuIuDctb,]^ flb;amfo;tbwcdufe 

• luent out of CCbalDea. j^citl^tr i$ ^ to be neglcctcD,U)bicb Coo 

repcatetb/apinj: I am the Lord which brought thcc out from ^ 

Vi af tlic Chai Jcis. if 0; t&ercbi' Ujc gatber,tbat tbe fame Uiai '**'^*^* 
1 i^Mj, not 

rtof ftr BFrtlttmeitDherin tfje 1Lo;d rear^ct) tjitfo |)im l&t£i f^an^ 
after f)c ijaD 0U)elt at l^aran: but \s}\)i ag pet be Mtuelt at fjcmc 
in CljalDca : flnD tbte commanOfinent of Cod, U?fjtrcof Doub^ 
tmg 10 foDliftl^ maDc, oiigbt to fufficc l))5 to CKcrti);toluj tbe 
coittraricerroun ifo.: C5oD coulD not ftaoe fpobcn after tbii^ 
fo;t,bn!cflc be baD bene, as it luerc, <« tbe miotl of ^i$ ntdy in 
p^ofpcdtie, at quiet ano rett, totbont anv cbaungc of life, a* 
inong bis hinrmcji.£)tberU)trc,bc migbt bauc rephcD ano fafc 

1 hauelcftmy countric : lamfarrc from my kmreci. SDobc 

» fto jt, ^ofes fettctb f©.3tb t\)i^ o:af le, to ]& enb loe map fenotp, 
tbat ilb;am auD JjiB fatber SCerab.ttn^e no^ \ipcn tbem fo long 
a iournep,tvitbout tbe rommanoementofC'ijD.t^lbereb^ alfo 
it appcaretb, tbat Sl^crab Idhs fo dcUiDcd tuith fuperlfition, ^ 
notloitbttanDing be fcareo Ocfti. Jt tuaiei a barii matter fo,: a 
tuo:ne fpcrit olo man,to be D;alDen from bis rountrrc. SC^jere^ 
fdje a certcinc true religion, altbougb rtoatJcD, t>as as pet m 
bis minDc» jfoi tbis caufe, tobcn be fenetoe tbat tbe vMt 
fo.iuafrurireD, from iDbenrc btjefronneificommaitr-rcStoOe^ 
part, be intenoetb not tbere to pcriU) : biit io^nctb bim (tife a 
f ompahion to bim,lobome tbe tlo;t) tiiktt\) aluar. ^bat ma^ 
ner of tuitnefre,3| p^a^ poujCball t bt5 man be in tbe latter ^dv> 
to coni>emnc our QuggiOi negligence f l|^e migbtbaucmaoea 
ten? refonable ercufc,tbat be tooulD be quiet at borne, btcaufc 
be baD receiueo no commaunoement to tbe r ontrarie. IBut bei^ 
ing bUn^e in tbeoarUneffe of mfiDelitie, b^ openetb nottuttb^ 
ItanDing, bus epe0, to tbe fparbe of ligbt obfcureli^ fet bcfo;c 
bim.lBixt \xst at tbis Dat:,U)ben tbe calling of (I?od octb oirert^ 
Ip ano cleerelp (bine t)nto tj£f, are notbing at all moueo. Sinn 
fi^hUct tbifl^ railing of ;ab;am, is a notable erampleoftbc fret mercic 
f»!rae in of<^r).!3at)ab;amp;enenteD(Soo,bi?ani?meriteoftoo;kc5:f 
oUiog A- fame be bnto bim at anp time i batJ be toon bis fauourf #ap> 
>?*■• but let t)6 alvoa^ remember tbat tobicb 31 citeD before, out of 
tbe0):bo2tationof3|ofua, bolue tbat be toas D2oU)neo in tbe 
On^eofioofatrie: but ©oDnolDCofbififotDnegaiDlDill, rea^ 
cbetb f©.:tbbi5 bano, tobjingbint, being out of tbe tuar, into 
tbe rigbt patb. ^e tjoncbetb fafe to open biJJ bolp moutb^ tbat 
fceing Deceiueo liitb tbe fnares of fatban,bc (IjelDeth tjnto biJn 
Haz toa{ of faluation. gno it \» maruell^tbat tbe mtferableanb 

lit loll 

toS man fl^ulD be p;efcrrc^,befb;e fo man^ bol^ U)o;fi){per0 of ^ ' 
^oD,tn fo mud),tbat ti^e couenant of ltfe(bon(o red bpon bim. 
tbcCburcbratfeDbprnbtm, ano b^ xlfoappointcotbc fattier - 

ofalUbefattbfnll. JBattbtstPa^Doneofpurporc, totbccnts 
tDemigbt beboloe in bt^ perfon, a mo^e eiuoent commcnDatt* 
on of tbe grace oftil^oD : j^o; be is an erample of tbe calling of 
td all : iDbcrem Uie platnel)? r^, tbat tljofe tbmgstububart 
notjbp tbe mcere mercie of <BoD,beffinne to be romtbrng, [Get 
thcc out of thy countric] ^ere t«metb to be a fupcrfluous rc# 
petition of toojoeff. 2Co tbi^ effect alfo 10 it,tbat ^ofcs in an 
otber place being fob^jafc, eitrp^elTctb one matter being plaina 
anti eafic,tDitb tbce maners of fpeafeing^f* Wut tbe matter is 
«tbertoife. if 0: feeing tbat enle ano baniftmcnt, is of it fclfc 
fo>rotDfuU, f tbe f toeetneffe of natiue roi?Ie,bolDetb all men al* 
molt bounD bnto tl)t fame, ©ob feebetb br comanbing iab^ant 
to leauc bi« coiintric, tbat be map tb^ougblr P^rce bis minoe. 
Jf be bab faioin one tDo;D,Jleaue tbp countrie,bc bao not a lit* 
tic grineo bim:buti?et fo; al tbat,bcis mo:e p?icfecD,lDben (}« 
bearetb tbat be mua to^Mc bis kinreb^ano l)is fatber boult. 
flno i?ct fo^ al tbatjtuc mutt not tbinlj, tbat <S>o%as a 5Cp;ant, 
batb Oeligbt in tbegreefe anb trouble of bis feruantatbat t^uB 
^ piouetb f eraminetb all tbeir affections, to tbe eno be ma^ 
leauc no lurfeing comers in tljeir barts. ^e fa tbat manp arc 
feruent fo; a time,tubicb are aftcrluarb bcrp coloe. Mljcreof 
tommctb tl^is , but brcaufe tbep fauilD twitbout a foundation i KiiU xcai# 
<5oD tbcrcfo:e IdouId tb^ougblp fift all tbe fenfes of abiabam, 
i bemigbt take notbing in bano ralblp 0; bnabuifcoip, f bp f 
6p repeating bim felfe,migbttoenD bacbe againe. Mberfo;r, 
if fo be loe Defire to foUoto ©ob conlf antlp, lue mutt Diligently 
cal to account al maner of incomo^itics tobicb remaine fo; b£f. 
al oifficulties, f all perills : ^ a fonben jeale man not onl^ bt:D 
f blotfome fo: a timcMt alfo ^ tue map all cur life long b^trg 
foUb tbe fruits of gob!inetre,from a tocl grounDeb rot. [Vnto 
the land that I will fhcw thee Ji^ere is an otbcr triall to p.:c!tc i-j^ ^^ 
iJbjams fattb. iroj lobp botb not ©00 (betue Ijim v lanD out of 
banb,but onlp to tbe eno bp feeeping bis feruant in fufpcnfcbc 
mat? make tbe better triall,bolu truelp fce is abDictcD bnto bis 
too;Of as if ^e l^Quto fap^J coman^ tffcc to go f(D;tb blin^foio: 

i^£ * ' ' o w M c A L r tut 

« amr3( fo>bte e^ja to uiquire toftif^r 3 Uiil kar> t^kMtiltioti 

Ijatiihg DeincD tF)^ contrtc,f^att giuen tfjr Tclfc toboi^ tnto me. 

True ojc^ntJthiisijatruGerpcdmciTtofcKirobeDiphccy tu^eitUjc are 

4icQcc. not Imfe in our oton r onceit,but Dot commit our klut& loljol? 

bnto p lo:ti.JS>o often tberfoze asbercquiretb anp tbingat our 

ianD;3,U)c mutt not be fo c arcfufi fo: tbe fucccITc, ^ eitber fcarc 

o; carcfulncs mav> Hap bs .ifo: it is better to fololu (H^oD blinir 

foloe,tben bp piefuming of our otune toifetromc, to goc atJra^ 

tbioug:b crojfeco bttaaps lobertjnto (> fame leaoctb ts. 3;f ani? 

m.ui obiectttljat tbts is cotraric to tl)c fo:mcr frntence, lobcre 

spjfes faitj,t{)at SLcrab ano libjam lucnt out of tbeir contrie, 

tbat tbcp migbt come into tbc lano of Canaan : tbc anfujcre 10 

is X br» 'fe ^^^^ ^^^^ "^'^^^' "^^ ^^ grauttbat tbe figure Prolepfis is in tl)i: 

prcacmo^ fpcocb of i3r)3fcs,a3 it is aifo foUoluing in tbe name of Betb^U 

of cNingcj, ontr is oftentimes to be founo in t\)t fcripturcs. &it^ hneUi5 

witch are uot iDfjttbcrtbevfboulD couic t but bfcaufe tbep octermiileu 

ahcrwarJc ^r|j tbcui fclucs to comc tubttbcr focuer it pleafcD CDoo to cal 

n^W fet^tc ^^^^^' ^ofcs fpelting in bis pcrfon,nametb a lano lubict toas^ 

fonh Or*! "0^ *^J5 ^^^ bnolun bnto tbcm, but Uias afterluartrCreUJCO bn<^ 

whc ihofc to ;ab.zam. 2Dberfo;e it is true,tbat tbep ^tnt faijtb UJitt) tbitf 

ihin$;cs purpofe^tbat tbep migbt come into p lano ofilanaan : brraufe 

fhaid foi= tbepbauingreceiueo a p:omifc concerning tbe ibciuingtjftb^ 

Ufoxc! ^^ ^^"^ ^"^° ^^"^^^^ futfereD tbem febtes to fcegouernci) by (DoD, 

tmtil b^ ba5 perfo;iir eu tbat in bery Deed, lubicb be batt p;^omi:« 

fet) bnto tbem/feola?bcit,it may be,tbat (DoD phoning boUie ^* 

b:am Ujos affeLtcD,ta3fec from bim all ntviner of Doubting J?o^ 

loe Do not knoU) in iDbat moment of timty tbat tuas reueale?> 

l)ntobim,U)!)icb Cl^oD luoulD baue to be biDDcn from bim, cnlg 

fo: a timz. 3t is fufficient^that ab:am DeclareD tbat be true!? 

obcpeDv^oD, loben as be catting all bis care tpponbi^sp^oui* 

Denre,f as it luerc, catting all tbat migbt let bim into bis lap» 

DoubteD not to leaue bis countrie, being bnccrt£ine iDbere be 

rboulODUiell. jfo.2 by tbis meancs, tljelDifeDome of tbe fletb^ 

CVitaioD ^^^ fubDueD,! all bis affections tameo. i|lotUiitbttanDing,tt 

maybe DemaimocD, luby C^ooDio ratber tranflate \}is feruant 

Anfvfcrc. ^"^0 tbe lauOcof Canaan, tben into tbeCl!;att,lubcriJbc niigbt 

bauc ImeD luitb ctcttinc of tbe boly fatbcrs,S>onye,leatt tbat a 

(Jaunsc mig&t f«mc to be moog fo; tl)c toojffej fay? i be loas 

r ' baou]j!;t 

VPO>^ GENE si S. CAP. XIT, i/fe 

l jouc!)t ftirtjer, ^ be migfit dUjcI tuit!) f)i« great grannDfatljcr ^'"^ 
^em,luf)om tt)cp titmgme to be ^elcbtttDecb. I5ut it t^ulo be 
t)nUlJcl^ I cleanc contrarp,^ ^bjani tODbc !)i5 iournci? to an o* 
tber place,tf t5)c purpofe of Coo tocre fucb. 0no lue reao not ^ 
tc met iDitb ^clcbifcpccb? but lube be returnco from tbe iDar 
of tbe S^onomitcs.llBut botu t)aine tbdr imagination io,U}bulj 
fii)?, tW &cm tDas spdcbifcDecb : luefball fee toben tuc come 
to intreat of ^elcfjifcDecb. ^no as f oucbing tbe matter trl^icb 
toe baue nolue in banoe, luc ma^ gatber,^ tbe purpofe of Cod 
toas far otbcvluife,tben tbc^ imagine,b^ tbe eno tubicb at tbe 
lengtb infucD.SD^ofcnaticnSjbicaufeof tbeiroefperat luicl^cD 
tieifc Vuere \)0UieD to Deitrnction,C3oD toclo baue bis fcruant to 
be a pilfl[rime amoag tbe fo; a time, ^ be migbt tb:iougb faitb, 
bcboloc tb^ irtberitancc of tbat lanD, tbe polllffion tDberof,bi5 
poUeritic (boulD iniov a long time after bis Dcatb» t2Ilbcrefo;c 
f)e loas not comaunDcD to tafeebts iournci? into ^ lannfo; slw^ 
ct'ocr caufe, but onl^ fo; ^ tbe fame luas to be to^neo $ r !<fereo 
uf ber inbabitants bo;^ne tberc, ^ it migbt be giuen to bis fccc 
to it.ilao it luas a m:iter of great tDeigbt,tbat iab^im, 
3tfiiac, an!) Jacob, lucre but fo;reii:e inbabitantc in tbat lano, 
mxo tbat tbei? inib;jacel) tli^ougb faitb> tbat ocmlnicn Ujt:icbe 
-lDasp.:omifeDt3ntotbcmof €oD, to tfce ent) tljcir poUccitic 
migbt baue tbe greater ecurage to inio^ tbe fame* 

2 r.And 1 wJl make of thcc a great nation.] l^itberfO ^ofCS G jj corrc 

SatblI)^lueaijDbat^b;ratua5comanDeDto Do :nolubeaDDctb niaumicch 
a p:omife to tbe comanOment of (lDoD,ano ^ fc;j no ligbt tai\ic» "°f ^'f^- 
iro: tuc being flota to obcr,(2i5oD (boulo commano ts in tainc, ^" J ^ ^^^^^ 
tnlelTc be CboulD inconragci)sluitbtbep:iomifef trull of bis ^' ^* 
grace i blelTing . 2D!)e lobicbjaltbougb 31 toucbeD befo;c in tbe 
fcillone of ificab^ ret 3 doc not noto inculcate the fame againc 
in l)aine:fo; tbis place alfo requiretb 1? fomtobat be faio : 1 t];c 
repetition of tbat Doctrine, tubcreini^fo great tucigbtjougbt 
not to fccmc fuperfluous. jFo^ it is ctvtcinty that faith can not f-u^ nan^ 
llanr),bnlcirc it be builOcD bpon tbep:omifc0 of OoD. Wut on^ p^^ *p-» 
Ip faitb begettctb obeDicnce. 2Cberefo;e to tbe eno our mmocir ^^'^V^* ^'^ 
ttia^ be framcD to follolue C^ilDD, it ionotfuffica^ttocom* 
mauno (implpljubat be U)ouIDe baue Done, bnlrfifc bcp;cmirc 
f)i6 bleffiug tberetjaitbalK janotbe p^omife is to be noteD,tbat 
^b;am G^aU be maoe a greatc pcopfc. lobofe liifc notiuitb^ 

K.tJ* lla«# 

* ^ ff aitt>fng,toa« barren. S^is mi^t ftaac bene bcr^ etttf uaf,{f 
(Sod tiaD offcrcD dope of nz matter it felfe : but noto^fmng tti 
barrennede ot^is lotfe tb;eatenetb tnto fiim perpetual Dep2t# 
ttattonoftbep^omire^ a bare p;omtre tooulo l^ane bene teri? 
coloe> tnledc ilb;af)am did hibol? Depend bppontf^emontb of 
CDoD. tEIt)crcfo;e,be bebolDing tbc barrcnnclTe of bu5 toife,ta« 
kett) bolD bp bope of tbe pzomtfe, tbat be (boulD be a great peo^ 
pie. ^no tbe ]^;opbete Cfaie greotli? eptolletb tbUJ grace, tbat 
Cod b? bis bielTing fo greatly mcrcafcD bis feruant ;ab;abam, 
as to be a great natton,lu^ome be founo alone i folitarie.anB 
tt)isi UJbicb w pjomifcD berc^fe fpofeen tuttb great fo;ce,a0 tbat 
be (boulD baue tbe poaerttte lubtcb tboniD rome ofbis foDe, t9 
be great in nuniber,anD alfo a people peculiar anD cbofen front 
otbers,in fucb loife,as tl)t^ fl&ulD baue a name b^ t^em felues. 
[And will blclTe thccj 2Dbid, parti]? i£{ aDDeD, to eirpounD tbe 
fcntence going before, ifo; lead ^ ab;iam Ibouto Derpaire,<5oD 
piopounDetb bis blclTtng, tobtcb migbt be mo;e miraculous 
tben tbat tobtcb is naturally fdcne in otberSi i^euertbelel&t 
tbis blelling ejrtenDetb it felfe furtber,tben to bis riD: as,tbat 
be (boulD bane p^ofperous ano io^ful fuccelDe in al bis af^ires* 
SCbe tobicb plainly appearetb in tbcfe Ido^db foUoluing, [And 

make thy name great, and thou (halt be a blcfsing.] jfo; bap' 

pinetfe is p^omifeD, lubicb mai? make all men ener^ iPbere to 
UjonDcr, in fo mucb, tbat tber ma^ taUc tnto tbem tbe perfoii 
of ab;am, fo; a fo;jme of blelling, acf an example . £i)tbers re# 
folue it into an flDiectiue, Thoufhaltbeabkfsing, tbat is to 
fa^,ail men ftal blcffe tbce. 5!5ut tbe fo;rmer fenfc Dotb beter a# 
gra.span^ alfo erpounD it a(tiuelp,as if it luere (d:).^n graco 
Cbal not red in tde^^tbat tf^otx alone ma^d intop tbe {'ame : but 
it (ball ertenD it fclfe mucb larger,cnen to all nation.^.2Dbere* 
fo;e 3 DO nolo fo ^ealD tbe fame bnto tbar,tbat it (ball reDonnii 
to tbe tobole too^lD. K5ut Ood commetb not as tct to tbis par# 
ticipation,ns J totll (belne anon» 

3 [i will bicfic alfo them that blclTc thccjl^erc ft gOtnrtTO 

pf ©oD.Dotb toonDerfullp (bete it fclf,in tbat be familiarly ma* 
ketb a conenant iuttb abzam, eticn as me are loont to Do \citk 
tteir fellotocs t companions, ifo; tl;!S is a folemnc fo;ime of 

cooeiiants betto^nc tUtifio anb otbers , i tb€ fame do p^omiro 


^ ? C M 01HE5IS. CA?. XI t. 

ftaf rtc^lDillbed(()crcn<m<c£5o;fricnD£5,oiif (o anofter* 
S:^t0 10 an tnrpc&Ualic plco^e of rare tour, tbat Coo dotf) fo 
far abafe !)im fc!fc fo; our lafec.if o; altl)oucb be fpral^ctb tiere 
to one man jn anotfjcr place be rjcc[arct& tfce fame affection to# 
toartc al Ijw fcutbful fcrnantfl.feo ^ bere tue ma^ gather a gt 
ncraU Doctrine, fjo^ ^^oD Dotb fo loue tB,^ be toill blclTe our 
frrciiDfi^f tabe tcn^eance tpon our enimicc. i^no luc are tau* 
gbt b^ tbw fenteme, ^ tjotoe mucb fo euer tbe cbilD,:cn of CDod ^^ j^ ^^^.j^ 
fabe after pearc:^ct nott6ftanD<n(j,f bep Iftal neaer leant enu arcn ocuet 
mic0. ?H:rilr,ifeucranvntanbcbaueDbimfe!fepeafcabIpa^vfani coi. 
mongmen,fnfornucb i bebeferueo to be bcloueo of all mcn,a^ "»«•• 
b;am ma\? be numb:etj among tfce rt-afe ♦ ^tt notlfittantiing, 
^e iDanteD not rnt'mif £;: btcaufe be ^i\x> ^ Diuell btis aDucrfenc, 
iDbo bati) 1^ tuicfec^ in bis banti,lubcm be ftirrett) bp continual 
Ip to annop % trouble tbc o(dd. SDbcrfo^e f bere is no caufc iob^ 
tbc tatrjan!ifi;ln?0 of ]^ luo;!o iljoulD Difrournge t)3,if man^^ta 
lubome Ire bane li'^nc ^cdD, be our enimie^, f fefee f o burt b5> 
beincf ;;:oua^ctJ tjub no manner cf tniurretbat let tfif content 
ciir felac3 \i3itb tt «? cnlv folacf^f CE:ci) ta!tcti our part.^o;c^ 
tx\t':-,<^ti^ txX)tf.zt^i ';is rerur.iit£! to imb:ace faitb f bumanit^ 
luftb al ig GOt! t>:i alio p tlyv^ tio atHein from al mancr of iniu^ 
rie. ifo; tbis is no fiirall ir.c otu nocmtnit to I elp i)^t faitbful>^ if 
loe bo tbem anr gos^j.dDoD Uul retuai Q it:ne?tber ougbt it a lit/ 
tie to terrifie b5,^ be tbjeatcnetb tnto be tonr, tf toe burt anr ^°^ "^ 

of bis. [And in ihce ihal a\ f^amiiics of the earth be bldlcd. 3 3f ^uK th"^ 

anr man like to tahe tt is place mo:efl^ctgbtUN bpcaufe tbei? f jithiuiL 
iDbicb blf ire tbeir cbilo;e oz frenDs,U3il taiie ]^ name of 2b:ani 
b^ a pzonerbal licjureilct bim tnio^ bw fcnfc, jf o; { pb;afc of ^ 
l^b;ae tong bearctb tf)t5,p jaibiaiit be faioc to be a notable rp 
ample of bappineffc in time to come. ^ottutlanDinnc,3l crtcnb 
tt furtber,bicaufe 3 tbinfe ^ tbe fame ib p;omifeD in tbis place, 
lobicb ®3!3 mo;cplainl^ repeatetb in tbc 22. Cbap.folloUiing* 
anti tbe teftimonie t autbo^itie of ^"^aul leaDctb me berebnto, 
tubo raifbv^ tbe p;jomi& buaB maOe bnto ;ab:amc face, ^ is to 
fa^,bntoCb;iift,43o.vere0 bcfozetbe laUj.:ant) tbefnpputatio 
vof vcrw rcqutretb, f tbc falelTinc; fbculo be pzomifcD in Cb:iff> 
tDbcn be t^^t into t\it lanD of Canaan. SLbercfo:c CDoD m mp 
iuOjjement j);ono«ncctb?tbat al tljc OcntileB fl^oulo be biclTcZ) 



2/?J? ''^ lOHN CALVINE 

* iirljfa feroant 2b;am:bicaafc tftat Cbjtll loan indatJctJ m Ijtf 
lo^ncu. after i^iB ro;t>!}e ootji not onli? giuc tMs to tnoerftanu, 
if be ft a! be an eramplc,bat alfb fteioet!) ijnfo bie tbe cauftof | 
ilcCTitigttljat tbcremap be a fecrct romparifon bcttueen aoam 
uno C!}?ift.iro; Seeing lue are al bo;ne ace urflirDjfo fmne as tbe 
firft man fel from OoD, berc a neUi remcDie w offereo tjitto b5* 
^leitber is tbere a«^ lef, but ^ lue ma^ fetcb tfce blclTing from 
Ubiam bint felfe, b^caufe tbis is fpoken in refpett of Cb;iff<^» 
i^re tbe IcUies Difpute tbe caufe, anu beap bp man^ teftiino# 
nies of fmpture,U)berebi? it mai? appeare,^ to blclTe f to curfc 
in Come notbing clfe, but to toift tocU^o; to totlb !?U^af/> 
ler tbe fame fa(bion.);5ut tbeir cauill isi eaQI? ouertb:oU)ng. 3 
xonfeifc that it it oftentimes true \syW^ tbep fap : but not aU 
t)'ut 10 8 toapcs. iro; iDben it \& faioc,That he might bkflc the tnbc of 
ifi. 65 . j^i Leuic,in thcnamc of the Lord, it tS euiOent rnougb, tbat dDoD 

i& p:orlamct) to be tbe founteinc of all goD tbtngs, tbat Jfrael 
itiisbt not feefee fo; tm ppirt of gobnes from an^ otber.&eeing 
tbcrfoic it is a ooutfal feino of fpeacb,tbei? mutt neeDs confelTe^ 
^i\)tit eitbcr ftis o j i fenfe is to be cbofen, ar co^Ding as it fljall 
bed agree Uiitb tbe caufe. ^s fo: paul,be ttDbe a general rule, 
iDbicb i^ rcceiueo among all tbe goDl^,f ougbt not to be tjeni^ 
CD, boto ^ al manbinD is fubiect t nto tbe cur(Ie:i tbat tberfo;e 
tbe bol^ people \b blcfTeD, tpttb tbe onl^ grace of tbe £pebiato;. 
**' tsabercbpon be concluOci),tbat ig couenant of faluafion^twbicft 
<i^oD maoc \& ab;am,is ncitbcr ff able no; firme,but in €}^nft^ 
S^bns tbcr fo:e 3 interpret tbis p.:efent place,^ (Dob p^tomifetft 
a bleCTing to bis feruant iab:am,lDbicb ftal afterluaros floto f 
f p;ing to al nations,16ut bicaufc tbis mater ftalbe mo;e larg# 
l^ erpounDeo in an otber plafe,3 Do noU) b^ecfl^ toucb v. fame» 
4 [So Abram deparccdO SDbci? tahe tbefe too^Ds to belp tbeir 
crro;,lDbicb tbink ^ goo fpaUc to abjam in Cbaran.^ut p ca# 
uU IS eafilT! confuted jro; after be batb fteiiieD i? caufe of ^ ce^ 
parturetlubicb lDas,bicanfe jab;am toas coarcineo bp (i com^ 
mambement of 0od to leauebis natinz foile:be no\u retnrnetfi 
to V ojDer of ^ bitto<iie. OTb^ ab;am abooe foi a time at l^ara 
toe ftnoU) noticrccpt it toere bic aufe goo laio bis bano on bim, 
i be uiigbt not b? « b\! inio^ ^ figbt of i? lanD, ^ tubicft tbougb 
it tuere i^et bnbnotong : cet notuiitbttanmng^t^ p^efcrreo tbe 

ti4 fSMii 

vroN GENESIS. CAP. xir. 169 

famclcfojcftts rountrie. ipotoc bcwfa^Dctogooutof^* ^ 
ran , that t)t might goe fojtoarn in \)ie ionrmc bcgunnc : m 
tohicb airo the ncrt tcrfc conftrmcth, tobcre he is fn?o to talte 
m toife &arat,anD his itepbc^c JLot tnith tjmi. if 0; as thc^ 
tocnt out of ChalDca, hauing the conduct anU tompamc of 
their father : euen fo notoc ab^ani being the heat) of the fami. 
lie he rutcffiOcth his father in eretuting the fame. lpotobeit,it 
mnv be, that thirJlo,:oe then alfo ertojtcb hun to goe fo;toarD, 
bPtaufc his father DteD in the mcanc time , anD confirmeD the 
foimcr talling,ti)ith a fetono ojatle.ano it is terteine,that the 
obebience of r^ith is pjai'feb in this platc : anb not that nlonc, 
but alfo thcperpetuall perfeuerantc in the (ame. if"? 3 0°"^ 
not, but that the pnrpofe of spofes toae f Iftetoe, that abjam 
as though he ftoarueo from the right tourfe of his ealUng:but 
that he hao altoa^cs the commaunoemcnt of ®0D mint eb m 
his mmbe.&o that f hefc toojces, QAs tlie Lord had 1??^'", J 
|SeitS«o5 rather to referre to tt,t firtt ««I^.;'« «f J' 
fcshab fatoe. that he pcrfeuereo m his purpofc, nnftoathto 
Se to ferue CDoD, teas nothing at all quaileb bp the bcath of 
Ijjojli, a rule fo? the framing of mir tohole life . tO« »"f «n'S^t 
tabe nothing in hanb, but that CPoD ma? be the autbour of the ^^^^ 
fame ifo: luhat fo cuer men Difpute of Wrtuesanb Duties, 
there is no tooiUe too^tbtc to be pjatjfeD, no? Defcructh to be 
retioneb among tertues,but that U-hich pleafeth Cob. £oj ..k,„£. n. 
te him fclfe teaiMh,that he eftanitth mo^e of obcmen^^^^^^^^^ 
if fatrifices. tHHhercfo2e,our life OiM then be toell ojbercD,if 
iDebcpcnb Upo ©obs mouth, ant» tatie nothing m hanb,\uith' 
out his lro?o anb tommaunbcment. , - _ 

ano it ift to be noteb, that he intrcatetb not here of ani? 01 c 
particular too.Uie, but of a general pjinciplc o[ "^f |"S,f. 0°'^; 
f goblv lifc.if oj the calling of abjaham ts hanoleD, Vuhtth ts a 
tommonfigureofthelifeofallthe faithfuH. if "/ f .^.^^""^ 
all generally commaunbcb to fo^faUc our "untrie : ano 3 
Craunt, that this is fpeciall iuflbjamtbutbetoillha .caU; 
men oenerall? fubiect tnto his too^be, anb to fecli* fo? b^ rujj_ 
•f life from his moutij, tf,at t!»e? be not carncb about M 

' tbeir ofen fanfaCc, o; ujitlj i^ imaginations of men. JCfitrfo'e 
brtt)ccrampleofill);am9 tt)c firmc tcntall of our felueB us 
(ommaunDeD> tijat lue ma? liue ano xy^t to dDoD alone. 

The firft ^ CA"<^ t^^ ^ouls which they had gotten in HaranJ &0U^ 

mcptio of tc5 fignific bcre, fcruauntsanomaiocs. ^nDljcreistljcfirtt 

fcruant^ in nicntioH W^c^t IS maDc of feruants o; feruituDctlubcrEbv it vc^* 

ti'.c scnp. pcarctlj, 1^ net long after tbe f[ouo,it came to palTe tfj^ougb tSc 

{urcs. tuirf^e;)n;»jj;> of mcn,tt)at t^e libcrtte U)f)icb br nature twas co^ 

inon to all men, tuos DebarrcD from tbe grcatett part of man* 

kinDc. Ii3ut it can not be caOl^ tolDe^luberf of tbc beginning of 

fcruttuoe came : fauing tbat it is commonly repo^tcD , tbat it 

bCijanne b^ toarrcs : bpcaufe tbeconqueroursUibometije^ 

toke in battel! as captiues, tbe^ conftreineD to feruetbcm: 

Scruftiiac iJn^bercofmenb;ingt[)cnameofbonDmen. 5i5ut lolietber 

was not at tljc^ lucrc oppzcffco b]? tlje latoe of U)arre,o; conHreined tb;ro# 

the begin- ugf) nceDe ano pouertie, twbicb ferueo i\^z firft bonOagc:tbis is 

Ding tiic ccrteine, tbat tije o^oer of nature teas biclentli? co;rupteD : 

of Q^r^ ^^^*^"^'^ '^^^^ ^^^^ tl)erefo;e creatctj,tbat tbe^ mtgbt 6aue xim* 

tuall focietie among t^em fclues. ano altljougb it fee p;ofita< 

tie, tbat fomc baue tbe fuperiontie ouer ottjers: ^et nottoitb# 

ftanuing, tfjere iuas a certeine cqualitie to be obferueD, a$ a^ 

mong b;ctb^cn« 5i5ut altbougb fcruituDe be contrarie to a 

rigbt mot)cration,\iibicl) ougbt to be tuifteD:amj altfjougb tfje 

Seraitudc beginning thereof loanteDnotco;jruption:t?etnottDit|)ttan* 

isnowiiw 5ing, itDott)nottbercfD,:c follotue, tbat tbe life tobicb ijuas 

^"^'* afterluarDes receiueo, UJbieb neccCTitie creufetbjis bnlatufull. 

3b;am tljerefo;e migbt as UjcU pofleffe feruaunts tbat Inere 

faougbt SssiW) monie, as tbe bonoQaues alfo tbat Ipere bougbt 

tn bis Ijoufe. fm tbis common fatting, SLbat Uibicb p;euar^ 

leo not from XX^t beginning, can not tabe place b^ tract of 

time : atjmittetb (asloebnoUjelueUrnougb) certeine erccp# 

tions, anD toe (l)all baue examples tbercof^tn tbe eigbtano^ 

fourtitb Chapter follotuing^ , 

6 [ So Abram parted througlithcbnd.] ^OfeS CiclDetft 

ftere,tbat ^b;iam,fo fojne as !)c luas come into tbe lano/ounD 
not bp ant) b^ a retting place : if 0,2 be faitb,tbat be paCTcO tb^o^ 
u(t;b tbe lanD. feicbem,is not farre from tbe mount ®are?tm, 
tcU)aroe5 t^e toiloern^ffc oiio ^out{^ part» ^tiereroze, tbe 


Vt>0>» (SEIZES! 5. CAP. 5C[T. -i-j 

ldo;^^cs of£0o(cs are as mucl) as if be ftoulD fa^^tbat tfie faitij ^ 
of ^b;am 10 p;ouco agatne, toljcn <25od fuffereu t)im to maUe 
fucba longpilgnmagetl);joiigf)t!)clanD, before !)cgauc\3nto 
Ijtm ani! abiDing place. j?oz !)olue baro atDingwit, tuftcn 
<lI5oD p^omifeD tljat fte tuoulo be bis boatt, not to graunt tjiito 
ftini To mucb as a little co;ncr,luberin be inic^bt fettle bun fclf^ 
li5ut to tbe enD be migbt be mo^e antj mo:e ererr ifeD, ano b:o=» 
ngbttotbcDenrallcfbimfclfe, be is conareincDtoluanDrr, 

aflD to fctcb a long COmpalTe. [ AndtheCananitewasthcnin 

tlic land.] %\)i$ iDbicb iB bcre fpoUen of tbeCananite, is not 
ralblt? aDDcn tb^nufe it U)as no ligbt temptation, to ligbta^ 
mongafalfc, luicUeD, anDcburlifl) nation, mbatmigbttbc 
bolp man tbinh tben,but tbat be tuas betraicD into tbe banus 
of tbe molT ^coiclxt:^ men, of lubome be Ibonlo lbo:tli? be Caine, 
o; elfe leaoe a miferable life among continualliniuries ano 
fo;roU3es i )3i\t \t tjoas p;:ofitable fo; bint, to be tl)u$ erercifetJ 
anD inureD to tbe bopc of a better life, jfo; if fo be be bat) bene 
sentl? anD frienol\? entertainetJ in tbe lanDe of Canaan, be 
tuoiilD baue bopenfo; no better tbing, tben to baue ben a con^ 
tinuall tilDeller tbere. But <!Dod noht maljetb bini to baue at 
f urtber regarD, as to alTiire bim felf,tbat be fl)oult) one Dap be 
Ho^oe of tbe lanrj,ant^ beire alfo of tbe fame, at iDbat timt tbe 
inbabitants tbere loere iJtterlv oeUroveD. £po:cpuer, be ti>a« 
luitb Dail^ bnquietncire,aDmonilbcD to lift tp bis minne bnta 
tjeaucn. jf o.: feeing tbe inberitaunce of tbe lanne, Uja£ fpe r i-» 
all^ p:omifeD tmto bint : anD feeing tbe fame pcrtaineD not to 
his binreD, but fo;j i)i^ fafee onel^ : it foltoli^etbi tbat tbe Innte 
tuas not affigneD Imto bim,as to tbe laft inberitour, lubcreiit 
be tx)as fo ^11 anD tngentl^ banDleD: but tbat beanen is Ut be^ 
fo:e b«n,tberein to reft anD fta^ bun frlfe. 

7 [AndtheLordcappeardvnto Abrsm.] /^otl^elienje** 

iDctb, tbat ^b;am Ijuas notcleane fo;>faften,but tbat Cod fttll 
reacbeD fra:tb bis banD t)nf o binr. jfiotUjitbnanr)ing,if is to be 
iioteD, after tubat fo;te, Ood belpetb bim in bis temptations, 
i^e offeretb tnto bim bis bare tuo:D, anD in fucb ro:t tG>,as il^ 
b:am migbt tbinl^c tbat be teas DcriDeD. l^)e pionom^cetb )^ be 
luilgiuel lanD \3nto bis fceDtbut Ijjbcre is p fceD,U)bcre is tbe 
bope of f^, feeing bcluas xiout rbil^^^^an clo many^ baDalfo 



7 a barf cn toomait to Us toifc i SCljfe thtrfo^c lua^ an bnfauo/ 

Vihh, and ric cofo,:t to t\)t flc(I).15ut faitb fauourco anotljer t6ino;,lDborc 

the proper p;>opcrtic IS to [)olDc all t()C fcnfcs of tijc goolis bouno luit!) tftc 

^c chcrof. f cucrcncc of tl)c iDo^n,)^^ tbc p:omifc of C^oo alone mai? fufftcc^ 

if nr tl5crnio:c,aUI)ougl) (Doo ooti) in i^cri' Deeue cafe ano mi« 

tigatc the mifcrics of !)i5 feruaunts : ret notiuitbttanDmcc, [je 

tjotf) not fatiffic t[)c lul)olc ocfire of t!)e flcfl^jf urtfjcr fQ)2t() tbeii 

is crpcoicnt. l^crcb^ let tjs learnc, tf)nttt)isonclv'remeDie 

oiigl)ttobcfufficientfo;tsinourmiferie£;, luijen CDotj fpea^ 

I^etl) tnto lis b? bis tuo;»Dc, tbat our mtnocs map fceic bim to 

be fauoiirablc t^nto \)b : ncptber is tbe baiole to be UofcO^to tbe 

ino^mnatc Dcfircs of tbe flefli). OoD toill not faille to ooe tbat 

lul)iclj belonijctb t3nto bint, but bp tbe tclfimonie of bis grace, 

h)ili comfort tbe afflicteo. [And he built an aItar.]2Dbis altar 

tuas a token of tbanhfulneire, §>o fcnne as CDoD appeared tDnto 

rhankfuT-' ^""' be erected an altar. SCotobatend;? ^urelp to call tpon 

ociTc, ^be name of (i3od.2Dbercfo;:e tue f0c,tbat be bended bim felfe to 

0iue tbankcs, and tbat in rememb^aunce of tbe bencfite, be 

built m altar. 3!f anp man demaund, Uibetber be could not 

God muft U)o;(bipC15odlDitbouttbe building of an altar :31 aunftuere, 

bcworfhip tbat tbe intDardetoo^Ojipoftbebeart is not fufficient, ercept 

pcd wjtii i^ij^ji jo^„j. tberetuitb an outloarde p:ofeirion ♦ dDodlmeOc 

micd- iKo ^'^^^ ^^ proper feate in tbe bart : but from tbe fame rote con# 

outwardly felTion fpziugctb afterluard as tbe fruit, if o; \vc are created 

and in= to tbis cud, tbat tue migbt offer our fouls and bodies tnto tbe 

wArdiy. |Lo:de. 2Dbe Cananites bad tbeir religion : tbep bad altars to 

offer tbeir facrifices : but ab:am fo; fearc be (bould mingle 

bim fclfe iDitb tbeir fuperllitions, erectetb a domctticall altar, 

Xwbere be migbt facrifice : turn asirbefbouldefetabingl^ 

tbzone fo; Ood in bis boufc. 5i5ut bi?caufc tbe tuo^tbip of C3od 

ccTcmo- iJ5fpirituall:andbi)caufeall ceremonies, tuitbout tbe rigbt 

nic« arc and laUjfull end, are not oneli? tjaine, and notbing tuo;tb, but 

vaincwitiidoalfocounterfettbetrueluo^ftipofdDod, luitb a fo:gedanD 

out ihc faifc a)eii3e, loc muft diligently note tbat a3ofes faitb, tbat an 

worolip "^^^"^^ ^^^ builded to call tpon (Dod. 2Dberefo;te, an altar is a 

which is foweoftbediuineU)o^tIjip:andinnocation, i$ tbefubffancc 

priQcipaii. and tjeritie. K^\)is note, eafili? difcerncti) b^pocrites>from tbe 

true too,:(]^ippers of ©od, iubo arc mo;cliberall in eFternall 


VPON GENESIS, c A ?: xii: 

pompc£ftI)cnij5 moete, ant) reft lx)!)ol\?tpon bare ccrcmoniciJ. ^ ^ 
JS^fjiis all tbcir religion 13 tjnftablc, b^caufe ii tenuetlj to no 
certeinc eriD, SDfjeir finall intention is (as ttiei? rap) to tooidjip 
Cod : but goDlineffe D;alDCtb mo:e ncarc bntoCoD: ano tbcr^ 
foze a trifletb not toitb cjcternall figures , but ix rcfpectctb tbe 
truetbanDfubftance»2C3 be njoit, ceremonies ai^ nootber^ 
iuife acceptable tjnto ilDoo, tljcn as tbei? arc referred totbe 
fpirituall Uio^tftip of (ID0O.2C0 call tpon tlje name of tbc Jlo;tJ : 
0: in tbenamcof tbe iLo;o,is ttoo lua\?c0 ejrpouniDeD ; namelr» 
fo; to p;a^ tjnto dDoD , o;^ clfe to ertoll ^is name luitb pM^fcs. 
3l5ut becaufc p,:a^eranbtbankcfgiuingarettuot()inges,Ui|)i^ Pnicrsrii 
cbc can not be fcparateD : 3 glaDli? allolD botb interp;jctations. ^^^"^^'S^ 
ai5utU)e fareD before in tbefourtbCbapter,tbat tbe ^o^ftjip nl"^b"lc- 
of Ci?oD \^ not notcD bere in tain b^ a figure calleo Synecdoche, paratcd, 
tnoer one kinO:becaurc 0otJ eftecmetf) of no "^wiiz of goDlinetTc 
iito>e,f taketb no facrifice in better parf,tben tbc calling bpon prai.s0.i5 
ftisname:astbel^;iopbetiBDauiDteffiftetb.^nD,ro often as Idc ^'^^^ j'-^* 
reauc Vm name(altar) let ts tberetoitljall alfo remember tfje 
facrificc. ifo; from X^z beginning CDoo UioulD baue manUinDc 
to fenotoe, t&at tberc is no acceHc bnto bini luitbout a faerie 
ficeX!)ercfo^cab;jani out of a gencrall Doctrine of goDlincCTe, 
p;rcpareDabeauenli?iua^to bimfelfe to offer facrifices , tbat 
|iemigbtU)o:0[)ippe CDoD arigbt. 113ut tuc bnoloe tOatOoD 
InasneuerpleafcDluitbtbeblouDofbeaftcs ♦ ^l)crefo:ett 
folloluctb, tbat ab;ams faptb luas Directen bnto tbc blouDe of 
<Dbnftc. 15ut ii feemctb abfurDe, tbat ab;am ererteo an altar obicdion 
to bimfelfe after bis oUme toll, lubo l»as neitbcr a^D;^iea> 
neitber ^et baD be recetueD an^ erp;jeire commaunDement 
from 000.31 anfiDere, tbat b^ i\^t tuo;5es of £pofes i\^% tjcnbt ^^^wcrc. 
i& taken atoap : jfo: be fai^tb XK^i fimpli?,tbat ab;am erected 
an altar tmto dDob : but bnto dDoD tubicb appeared tnto bim. 
JDbcrefo;c tbc altar toas founDcD in tbat rcnelation : nc^tbcr 
ougbt it to be feparateo from tbc famca parte anD anappen^' 
^ix iDbereof onelr \t ts.^uperftition franietb a CDoo to it fclfe Supcrftiii 

• as it beft Itbetb : anb tbcn it Uio^lbippctb bim after funD:ie °"' 
fatftions ♦ Cum as tbc papiftes at tbis Dai? boaae U)itb 
greatep^iDctbattbepluojftippcOoD, tubenas tbcpDoebut 

► tnfikcfpo;tcU)itbt&armafuingl]^U)es, X5ut tbc go:ilineirc of 

^. flb;am 

f + fltirmi 15 ccjitmcncir^ fo; tbat ftc U3c;n:ipi;ei5 c orj til it}) z:^\ 

IpearrD tinto bint,b i' erecting an altai\ ilnt) alt^CDJtti ^ofra 

ftcUJcttj tuit!) tDbat purpofc ab;?am crcctcD an altar > iuljcu ije 

|fai?ti)tl)att)ccallcDtpponCoD tbcre : tljrixlDttNI tiottuitb" 

, CaiiDingbcinferrctljtbattbc fame fniureplrafcDdDoD* jfo^ 

. t!)is frccc!) contcinctJ) a tciIificationoftIjel)olr^l)o(l,tDl3crc^ 

bl> !jc p;onouncctU tJjat ftc Dio riobtlv niiD truclti call tppon tljc 

name ofC^oD. £Dt^crB fcoaaeD,tl;at tljcv? tiiD fiercely luo^ll^ippe 

CaD:but ab;am in onip p;arfing (13oD, rctctfctfj all ttjc rites f 

niHomcs of tftc CDcntilcs, as tljc filtbie p,:opfjanation anD Di& 

fjonouring cf f)is fjol^ namc» 

t Aftcrvvarde reniouing thence] ^2K!)Cn Ire \t^Xt tljat 3b;jam 

remoucDoutoftfjatplare^lufjcretjebatJ builDeD an altartn^ 

toCoD, tucougljt nottoi3ct!ljtebutt!)atfcctt»nj5 coKOraincD 

fo to ncc b^ fome nccelTitie, Xtjcre be foimo boalles Ixarfe fey 

Abaraa uourablcEljerefo^ebercmouetl) \M tentetoanotbcr place; 

fUorim. t'^j)crcfo;c , if ab;iam fuffcretj patiently rontinuall lDantiei» 

rtncjcs: our Delicate tentJcrnelTc cannot beb^an^ meancscp 

rMfable^tuben toe fret againll (iDoo,ercept !je 0raimt bnto ts at 

quiet nett,)i5ut fo^fomucb as Cb^itt batb opcneti beaucn fo;^ t)5 

nnD openly innitetfrtjs tbitber Dail^ bnto bim : toe are fo tafej 

it in g©D part if be toillbauefes pilgrims in tbe too;lo.2Lber^ 

fo;e tbe fumme of ^y[^ place xt^ tbat ab^^amtoas tnttable (as 

^,Cot.4.n toncbingbisaboat)e,)tbe tobicb title |Daulc attributetb tnto 

Cb.nftians. £!9o;coucr,tberrtsama!iifcll figure calleoPio- 

Abrim ^^P^^^^" ^^ too;^e }i3etbcL jro: be fo namcfb tbe place, tbat be 

vas cTn--^ "ugbt applie bis fpeccb to tbe men of bis age. [And he built aa 

ftincinaii altar thcrc:] ^pofcs commcuDctb tbe inccffant ano pcrfeuc^ 

^odiiccs. rant care anDloueofgoDlincffe,lLbicbtoastn 5lb;am» ifoj 

br tbcfctoo;os be giuctb ts to tinOerItanD,tbat to tobat place 

fceuer be remoueo , beerercifcD bini fclfc m tbeerternalltoo;^ 

fi)ippcof(!DoD:botb, tljat be migbt not toc;:fl[)ippc after tbe 

manner of tbe toicbeo : ann alfo that be migbt reteinc bis fa# 

The wick, milic iw fincerc goDlinetfe. ^Snoit rs liheli^ tbatbcrebv bepur* 

kcci would (i^afeD t)nto bim fclfe no fmall britreD:lctanfc tbere is notbing 

^c'n of ^^'^^ teretb tbe '^^{(ikt^ mo;e,tficn a contraric religion,tobere^ 

ihnr'^icii^ fcv tber t)0f Hot oucl^ tl}mhe tbemfclues to becontemnto, but 

fiiuD. ' " fOfo iJtterlr conocmncD of blinoenc8t,;3no Voe hnotoe tbat tbe 


vpoiT genesis: cap: xh: 2*7^ 

Caitanitcs lucre fierce ant> pzout) , amj toj retiie to rcucngc dc^ ' 
fpigijtcs.^lfo it nia^ be,tbat ttjis luas tlje caufe of Ins oroftcnf 
rcmou!nac>fo;^ tljat bw neigljbourcfl iDcrc fo;e offciiDctj at t!)c 
altars Uj^tcb be crccteD, ^ea, in tljat bcluajs not oftcnttuKS Abram ad 
lhjncD,tt otigbt to be referred to t!)c tDonticrfull grace of CDoo. ucnrumii 
^otU)itl)llantJiiiQ:,bccanfctl)c^olk fatbcr!inoU)etI)tbatthi0 ^>^^'^^ ^^ 
XB iuftlv' rcqiiireD of l)im : namtlp, ttjat be ajoulQc traific tbat J^^^^'PP^ 
ftc bat) a fpcciall aiiD peculiar d^oD^and tbat Ije tcouloe not Dc^ ^° 
nicbiin tb:ougI) falfe DiITimulationtbetioubtetbnottopie^ 
terrc tbe glo;iic of C3oD,bcfo;ic bis otnnc life. 

Pl^Agninc Abram wcnt.]2E!)i0 luas tbe tbirD remouing of 
tbe boln ^litijer \xsiK\m a Q)o;tc time,ro foine as be migbt feemc 
to baue founoe an)? retting plac e.Jt is terteine,tbat be uio not 
fo: tbe nonce^to fatiffie bi^ rainnc(as fame ligbt and ficfele per^ 
iam are tuojnt to Doe) runne to ant> fro : but tbere toere cer^ 
teine neccirities,U)bicb erpelleo bim, to ^ end be raigbt learne 
bp continuall tjfe tbat be toas not onelr a pilgrim, but alfo as 
amiferable tjagarant pcrfoa , in \Mz lanDc Uibereofbe tuas 
lto;De.li6ut tljere infueo no fmall fruite of the often remoi* 
iiino(s:becaufe be fougbt all tbat be coulo to Dedicate tnto C3oD 
all tbofe parts of tbe land, tuberetnto be carae, and perfumed 
tbe fame alfo iuitb t(^z odour of bis faitb. 

10 (3 Then came a famine in the lande. ] ^oUje^ofC]} 

fettetb doUme a farre mo.:e fliarpc temptation, luberebt? tbe 
faitb of ^b;am luas tried to tbr qutcUe . if oz be i^ not onel^ 
conftrained to tuander tb;iougb diuerfe partes of tbe land,but 
alfo he is d;iuen into erile from tbat lande, lubicbe (!3oD bad 
giucn i3nto bim and to bis pofteritie . Jt iz to be noted , tbat 
CbaloeatDtWfberiefruitfulhbeeingaccuffomed Iuitb plentie, 
be commetb to ^^aran, tubere afterluardcs it is tbougbt tbat 
fee lined tnell i^nougb^becaufe be toas increafed U)itb fi ruants ^^^^^ .^ 
andricbes. liSatnoluebeeingtb^ougb famine ^i\\xm out of opprdircd 
tbat lande, tuber;; be made account to Icade a bappie and ric&e with u- 
Ufe,p:efunnng Vipon tbe U^o^d i p^omifc cf ^od : tobat m\^\\t mine. 
be tbinhe tnitij bimfclte,ifbebaD not bene lucli armed againll 
X\iZ fnares of ^atbanf lilts faitbbad becnc oncrtb.?olucn an 
bundled times.^ad u>e lmoto,tbat fo often as our crpectation 
\& decciiied,and \:k)^\, matters? fall not out iacco^iOing tc our oe# 

^,i;» fire. 

7 fire, flea&e antr bioiitrc bv> ano bi^ Un^ttl^ tit£i fottjj, dPoU trcreiV 
iictlj tljee . 115ut i^ofcs flfjctoctlj h;kfd^ tjotp taUantli?ab;jaiti 
fuftcincD tbiB Violent aCTauIt. ^e boetb not U)itl) long Difcour* 
fci5 grcatcl^ ronimcnD Ijis conftancic,but in one lno^Dc b^ecft* 
!l? anD fufficicntli? 0[)cluctb tijat be erccllcD pairing meafure, 
tubcn be faitljjtbaf be came into Cgrpt to foiourne tbere^if oj 
\)is mcaiung i0,tbat beneuer a lobit tljt leiTe bept in W tnim 
tbe poffclTion of tbe p^omifeD lano^altbcugb be tuas caft out of 
tbe fame tb^ouab famine, anuflcu to anotber place to gette 
fcDDe.i^nD \Dc are taugbt b^ tbis erample, tbat tbe fer uants of 
Co!D mud ftriue agatnft mani? Icttes , tbat tbep ma]p cnDe anQ 
finitbc tbe race of tbeir calling . 

ifo^Ujemuffaltuapes remember, tbatab^amtuas not 

Abramis fomconeoftbcfaitbfull, but tbe generall fatber of tbemall, 

the father tbat all migbt frame tbem feluesto folloloe bim, 2Dberefo;je, 

T hn\ ^^ tbe condition of tbis p;efent life xb bnftable,anD fubiecte ta 

UithtuiL j^tboufanue alterations : folettjs remember, tbattotubat 

llraiteB foeuer, famine, toarre, anD fucb lifee mutationje; ooe 

D;iue t0, tubicbc notoe nnbtbcnbappen tinto b$ cbntraner 

to our erpectationttjue mull notUntbttanbing l^ape tbe rigbt 

. fourfe,anb^bolD foeuer our booies are carietJtof fro,T'efour 

r!lc7-^s\c f^^^^^ 0"5W to aanoe (tebfatt . anb it is no merucll, focing.tbe 

squired of Cauanites ttiainteineb tbeir life but fo fo , tbat ab;am tra^ 

Abrams conffraiucD p:iuateli? top;iouit)e fo;j btmfelfe , i^^eljao not fa 

ichiidrco. ji^pcb afi one acre of lanb: be bat) to Doc tuitb a cruell anb molt 

luidicD people, tubo Icoulb baue fuffercDbitn ratbcr to perifl^ 

lJuitbbungeranbunD^>eDtimc£S,tbcn tbe^ Iconloe baueboU 

pcnbiminbisneetje.feucbcircumlfances astbefe, doc auu 

pliftc tbep:aifeoftbe faitb auD fo;itituDe,tDbicbe luasin a* 

bMm : jf irff, tbat Uibere as be toas OMp;!c(rcD tuitb famine as 

toucbing bobiliefoDe, be fecoetb bimfclfe Uiitb tbe onelt? p20^ 

mifc of Cod : JS>cconDlv, tbat be is not DMtwen atuap by! ant? 

foKe from that pfacc,(bnt onlv fo: a (bojt timc)U}bere be toas 

comanDeD to'^erin be is far tinlibe to manic mcn,U)bo 

cuerieligbtoccafioncarrictbaluarto fo^fal^e tbeir calling, 

11 ["HcfnidctoSar.'.ihiswifcj lie fl)elUCtb b^rc bOlU0 

flb^am pnrpofeD to fane bis life, U)bcn be Djctue nccrebnta 

mmt t li5ut bccaufe tljis place i& l^c t^nto a roche , i3:>bercat 


VPON genesis: cap. Xll. ^^»^ 

Irttait^ttumblcttwmeetctfjat luelDdg!) foberl\? nnti xtuu ^ ' ' 
rentlr^boU) far 0b;am w tDOztljte to be c):f nfcDjaiiD bolu fnrrc . , 
to be blamco . if irttc of all tbcrefametbtobeaUinijccfllc i'^^/a"^'c^ 
nnpeOlDitb DtlTimulatton, to tlje tubicbe be leaDclbbrs luifr. 
flnD altbougb be botb aftertoarb ercufc buiifclfc,t[jat be licb 
ttot,anb that be fcigneb notbing otbcrU'ife tben tbe c<ifc ffrnt): 
^ti notU)itbttanDnig,bcrcm be luas? greatlr to be bIameD,(bat 
it loafl no gramercic to bim, tbat bis Uufeluau notucfilco. 
if o; \\\ bending ber to be bis luife , be ptittetb bcr bonelttc tit 
j^afarbe* janDbcreofcerteinetuicfeeDbogges take ocrafionto y^^nm 
barbe,anb fa^ tbat tbe bolte ^Datnarrb U)as a XSalDbe to bis nin<icrcci 
tuifetanb tbatbemigbt fubtil^ p;rouiDe fo;biJnfclfe,bcnei^ Hy wicked 
tber fpareb ber bonettie no; bis bonour.liSut luc mav eafili? o^ ^ogg^«- 
acrtbzoUie tbis fpitcfull popfoncb flanber ibusaiameli', ^ i3* 
b;am bab a furtber regarn/ceing be tuas inbueb Uiitb fo great 
courage in otber matters, if urtbermo;e,boU) coulDit be tbat 
\^t (boulbe ratbcr go into (l£gi?pt,tben to returne backe againe 
to l^aran, o; into bis otone countriejbnleffe tbat \n one tbing 
be bab C3ob altuaves before bis e^e^, anb bis p;^om!fc firmer 
Ip fettlebinbis mfnbe^ feeing tberefo;e be neiier fluarueD 
from tbe tuo;De of ^ £) 2D : tbereof alfo "^t ma^ gatber,lub^ 
$efogreath?feareb bis life, tbat be feehetbto fljunne tbe pe# 
rill tbereof, b\) ait otber greater tben tbe fame . ^oboubtbe 
luilbebtobiean bunb;:eD times, ratber tben to ba^arbe \^i^ 
loiaes fame anb creoit, anb to bep.:iue btm felfe of bcr compa^ 
nie anb felloUjlbippelubome be loueb alone . 'B\x\.\^z ronfioe^ 
ring tbat tbe bope of faluation tuas inclabeb in bint, anb tbat 
fte U)as i\^t fbnnteineof tbeCbnrclje of €>ob,anb tbat tbe blcHs 
fingluasp2omifeDtobimanbtobisfeebe in bainctnlcflfc be 
Ciueb: be botb not ncluemafee account of bis life fo; anvp;i^ 
aate aflfectton be bab to tbe flclfte : but bccaufe be Uiouloe not 
Ijaue i\sz effecte of (I5obs calling to tanitbe aU)a\? \\\ bis bcatb, 
fo great a rare be bab to p^eferue bis life , tbat be in refpccf e 
tbereof neglecteo alio tber tbinges. SDbus farrc fojztb be bc^ 
feruetb p;aifc, tbat Defiring to liue to a groo en:^, be luas rr a^ 
Die to rcbaemebis lifeluitb an\? ranfome. 15ut in tbat be Dcuii 
fetb tbis inoirect meane,lDbercbr be mtgbt b:ing bis lutfc iw^ 
to perilj^of aDuUerie,&c feemctb not to be epcufco.lf be bab ben 

i^xiU care 



^^ carcfiiU of f)i£( life, U)!jicb be mirjjt latufiilli' tc, it (Tjonto^ fit 

r/rdni^i ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^"^ ^^^ ^^^ ^''"'^ ^P'^" ^^-3 graunt tljat ^ p;o^ 

is foynci «iocncc of Coti Ictfctb not {' faithful aiip tbiiig at al to p;joiii5e 

wiih a fo: tl)f fclncB: but ro,tt)at tbe^ go not bcvonDe tijeir appointeD 

gooa ia- lionnD0:I)crccf It fclloluct!) ^ :ab;am tohe a rigf)t courfc^but in 

^°'- V ^^**^^ ^^^r h^ crrciDras it bcfallctb ts oftentimes,]^ altbougfi 

tuc bent) our fclucs to (DoDUiarDti^ct notliftanDing^lue fal frS 

fits tuo^Qc tb;oug&t)naDuireD ra(I}cnc(re,m fcekm0tinlaU>fuU 

nicans.ilnD t\}is is comonli? fccnc inDoutfullniattcrj5:beraure 

tu!)cn no fucccITc appccctb>tbe are eafili? IcD aluar into funD^ie 

b^iLM[^0.2:Oerfo:e tbotiglj tbe^be ralli KuDctes,Ujl)icb p^ecife^ 

I)? coDemnc tbis fact of ^b:am: ^ct notlcffanDing a partirular 

fall vs not to be ucnieD, tbat be fearing Deatb to be at banDe, 

committeD not tbe etient of tbc perill Ijnto (DoD,ratber tf)tn ta 

|)a^art5ctbebonellicofbijeiluifc. ^berefc;>c tue are atimcni^ 

tbeo b^ tljis craniple, in tionbtfull anD inttitatt matters to 

rrauc f be fpirit of counfell auu p:uDence of tbc llo^t^ : anD aU 

fb to embrace fobnetie, tbat lue tafee notbing in banDc ral^l^ 

toitbont bis ll^O^De, [ 1 knowe that thou arte a verie fairc vvo- 

Qnefiion. man. j jt majj be &emaunr)eD boine &^arai ccnlD be tbus faire 

bccing an olne tuoman - iro: atimitte tbat Q)t bati bene afo;e 

time a pairing faire i comlie pcrfonage: ^et it niuG-jnecDes be 

tbat veres bao abatetj ber grare: i lue Unolu b^ erperilce bold 

greatly olD f acretJ \u;t.inkles Do Defo^me^euen tbe beH i fairett 

Aunfwcrc cDimtenanccs.jFirfl 3! anfiuerctbat tberc is no Dout,but tbat 

fijere tnas tben mo >e liuclines in men tben tbere is no^tana 

lue hnotiic ^ ttrengtb I life mainteinctb fo;jme i beautie.aifo 

lie r barrennes p;rferncD nuicb ber beaut ie,t tbe tebolc coml^ 

iftapcofbrrboDtc:becaufc tbere is notbingtbatootb Uiekert 

iuomen mo:e,tben tb: often bringing fo;tb of ebilD^en.^no 31 

Doubt not but tbat tbe perfcctneCTo of ber beautieintbatage^ 

Bcamxcis ^^-^^^^^ fingnIargiftofC?aD.)15utlubl?bcU;oulDn0tbatietb^ 

ofccncmis beautlc cftbe bolielDoman to be tuo;nc anD unpaireD fo quic^ 

dcrciy Itelr^ li^e !moU» not, crccpt becaufe tbe comlinrs of ber beautie 

bou-!:t. tuas ip: occafioii of great grafetober bufbanD. ianD common 

erperience teacbctb, tbat Ibev lubicbe are not cmUenteD \i}itl9 

a ioutl^ anD inDiffcrent ccr,iUueCre,Dce fecle to tbeir great Da<' 

mage boto titre ercecDing beautie is. 

n [;ThcrvForcitY\'illccnictopairc ♦ ] ^b;am focmet&^O 



be imnrionr; bnto tfjc (^grptintti? ,fb,: tljnt !)c batb an cnil opi< ' >^ . 
ntonofti)ein,oftDt)oniea£5^ctbct)aDrccdncD no Ijurtc. tlc^ 
nl^ 1 temg ctjnritie isf not fufpicioiijEf , \\t frcntctl) not to tit alt ' ^ 

t)p;ightlr, tl)vU i)C Dotf) not onclp accnfc tljcm of lull , but alfo 
^atl) ti)cm in ftifpicion t)f murtiCi- : 3J atinflocrc , toat tbc 
!)ol^ ftUbcr 15 not afcaroc in baint of ti;ai nation, ccnr crntng 
t{)t UJbic!) \)t bao IjcarDc manv cutll rcpoite^.ainD I)c l;ao aire/ 
Die bao clfc Ujfjcrc fucberperiencc offo great VuicUconcHc of 
men, tljat f;ef)atJiuffcaufctobetJtterI^afcarDc of tljcpjoj* 
pbanc contemners of C'oD . iftotUjitpttanDing, be p^onoun^ 
cetb nothing of tjje (£g\?ptiani^ : but feching to perfnatie ano 
b^ingbie; loifc into tbe fame cpinzonjaomonifbctb ber batime 
lul)at mat! bappen . ant) dDoD c ommamiDrtb t)0 fo to abHeinc 
from toickeD ano finitter iui3gemente0 , tbat neutrtbelclTelrc 
permittetb tsi to beljuareof Graunge nno tnfenotoenmen: 
anritbifiisDonelDitboutiniuring oftbeb^etb^en vipicttuitb^ 
ffantJing, SDenienotbntlbattbisffearelubirb tuaj5 inSb^am 
evcdenc^ : antja pj^epofferoim carefulneCferanfet) bim toin^ 
tangle bimfclfetDttb an otbert)ire,a£i toe bauefaitJealreatte* 

ij {^ And commended her vnto Pharao . ] j^ltbougb 3^ 

b^am finneu b^ fearing tm mucb, anD befo;je tbe timt: ret not:» 
Uiitbftanuing, tbe enueteacbetb tbatbc fearconot intaine: 
^0^ t)is luife bccing fatten from bim^is carrteo bnto tbe l^mg. 
anoflrtte^^pofcs; fpeafeetboftbeCSgrptians generally?: tbeii 
lie commetb to tbe Courtiers* Mbereb^^giuetb toljnDer^ 
0anu, tbatrepo;»tetDa5maDe eueri? tobereof tbe beauticof 
f&arai : anD tbat ttit toas tbe mo;re gr^Dili? interteineti of tbe 
Courtiers, tobo tualfeetCD toilfultr? in toantiering lulfes, H^n^ xin^pf 
lubcreas be aODetb tbat tbe^ toltie tbe feing, tue gatbcr bclue coiKrc? 
Otoe a coemption iti0,lcbicbe at tbis Da^ is to be fonno U)itb < "<•* ^^^^ ^^ 
outmeaCure inJ&ingcs dourtes « iFo;j feeing all tbingrs are corrui>ci. 
tbere garnilbeiJ \tntb fiatteries f faivt fpecbcf?, tbe ^;5oblcn!cn ^'' 
anD CDentlemen pnncipalu cnDenour tbemfclucs to bztng tbat 
from time to time, tubiCij map pleafe tljetr lunges fan^afie. 
SCbus luc fee, tbat be tubicb ^cfiretb to be in Dirpedt fa!icrir,is 
aDt)icteD not onclt? to fernile flatteries, but alfo contcttteDlo 

plai? tbe ^pplcfquire. [ So the woman was taken into Phara- 

os hoDfc] jf 3^ fomtrcl) as fl)e tyas r arrieD alua)^,t ra?) l*,cr a? 
b^tc fo; a time in tije CQnrt;manv ibinke tbat (be lUi^ ccfifcD 

25q iohn calvine 

Sani in *^^^t^^^i»^ • St<^"^ ^^^ "^^ crcDiblc, tijat temj^uItcScrouji^ 
danger of "^^" ^^^13 bci" iH fjan0c,tl)af be fparetj her ^JoniJfftc C!;u3 mucft 
defiling. flb:am Ijao DcfcrueD, Icfjo fubniiUcD not Iji'infelfe to t&c grace 
ofOoD.ncitlicr rccloeo tbe cl;a0iticof fcis Unfe into tw p;rotec# 
f ion ano cuUoDie: but tijc puniftment tofticb foUoU^cD fl-reiGftt 
after, ajcluetl) tljat tije ilo^Dc^aD a care fo,j i^tm botlj : ani> 
tbercbr alfo tuc ma^ gather, tbatfi)eremameD tntoutljeD^ 
0no altboiigb ^ofcc cvp.2eirctlj no futbe tbing in t!)t£i place: 
vet notlDitbttanDing, b\? comparing tbis and tfje IiUello;ie, 
CcD.10.^. (ioijcrcof mention u maDe in tljc ttucntitfj chapter foUotuing) 
lue gatljcr tljat C3oo iuac ber garce ano Defence, at tubat time 
1I)C tuao in tbc fame pcrill.Ooo fuffereo ber not to be ticfileO c J 
abimclccb tbc Uing of (DerarunnD Cball lue tbinfee tbat be ^al^ 
Dco bei* to tbc IdiU ano lull of JBbarao i moulce be not ratber 
baue niaoe ber fubicct to t\)t fccont)c rep.:ocbe,being once alre^^ 
tiie oefileu: tbcn to baue p;jcrcrueD bcr,tiibicbe bao altuares lu 
ueDa cbatte matronef jfurtbermo^cifbe IbetueD bimfelfc 
fofauourabletnto ab;am, tbatbeoeliuereD bij^tuife from 
Ibamcjbding ^ailDcotberel^ntobi' \)m againe: boluecan it be 
iitxi tbat be (I)ouloe not baue pzeuenteo tbe firtt raungerfantt 
it mar perbaps be,tbat greater integritie luas to be founoe in 
tl;at age,inromucbe tbat tbeludesofl^inges tuerenotfotn^ 
b;iDclco ai5 tbei> be notue in fomc places fcmetimes . ^o:eo^ 
uer,fo;fomucb as CDofes anDetb,tbat ab^imtuafifrienol^ an^ 
IibeiMlli' intrcateafo;^araisfa!^e:tue tberebp gatber, tbat 
(be U)as bonourabli? intertcinco of pbarao, auD not account 
tec as an barlot. £Dbcrefo;c in tbat ^ofes fa^tb tbat Oje Ujaa 
carricD into tbe hinges palace, 3 ^t not interpret tlje fame to 
be Donctbat ^)t migbt bv' ano bi? gee Cape UJitb tbe feing: but 
tbat |) bing migbt after a folcmnc jnancr taUe ber to bis tuife* 

J7 [But tlicLorde plagued Pharao.] Jf it^ofcs DiDfunpI^ 

0)cUic tbat (3orjpunia)cD tbe iaing fo; aoulterie committed, 
tbcn it a)ouloc not focuioentlvappeare ,tbatbebaD p;ouit)cD 
fo: tbe cbattttic of ^arai.)5ut feeing be plainly? erp:c(retb,tbat 
tbc Jiinjes boufe luas plagueD fo: fearai ab;ams luife, in m^ 
tuDgemcnt all Uouting is tafecn aluav:bccau(c C^oD fo; bis Ter;* 
wants fakcpnt to bis nu'gbtic lianD in time, IcU &arai Iboul^ 
lie 5cfito. ;ano ijcre tee biiuc a notable Icncn, boiuc carefully 


ttctioix of a contcmncD auD bafc ftraiingcr,againll a mott put* „^clh °' 
fauntUiiigt cucna«tIjis[)i(loiie,aiiD fuel) like, arc celcb;atcD ihoic iKai 

in tijcpfallltc: Albeit they weicfcw in number, ycavcric few, jrc b»s. 
and llraungcrs in tlie landc: and walked about from naijon to I'la '"J H 
nation,fiom one id. 2,domc to an other people: yet fuffcredhc 
no man to doc them wrong , but reproued kinges for their fa- 
kes,faying:Touch not mineannoyntcd, and domy Prophetcs 

noharmc. SCbc U)ljic!)C alfo confirmctb our foimcrcrpoC^ 
tion.ifo;ifC3oDrcp;ouftl)pi}arao,{caa be ftoulDc burta* 
b;am, ttfolIoUictb tljat be kept ^arai^bonourt^nuioIatcD. 
3Lct ts alfo being taugbt hm fuel) cicamplcs bnolue, ttjat ljotP# 
foeuer our fniallncffe in number ano lueaheneffe is r ontenineU; 
befo;e tbe U)o,>lDc:^ct nottuitbflanDtng, tbat lue are precious 
i3efo>e (Sod, infomufb ttjat tje tuil Declare bimfelf to be an enu 
mit tnto femgjSjVea to tht It^bole U)0>lDc fc;^ our fakes.llet \)f$ 
knoluctljatlDearcDcfenDeD b?bis protection , lead tbcbioi' 
lenccanDluiUoftljofetDbicbcarcnugbtier tbento, opp^effe 
0£{. 5l5utitniai!bcDemaunDeo, tuljctber t\)is punilftement Q^cftioo. 
luere iuftli? la^'Detjpon |abarao,o; no : feeing Ije intenoeD not 
neither bp Deceipte, no^^^etb^forccto takealDar anctljer 
mans luife . a aunftuerc tUat tbcDrcoes of men are nottobe Aunfwcia 
t)ecmeDb^ouriu!5gcment,but are ratljerto be eramincDb^ 
<DoDs leuell anD line : becaufe it commctlj to palTe oftentimes, 
tbat tbe llo^De finoetb matter, in^s iulH^ to puntD^c t)5,tubeiit 
a5 tue fetme in our ctoncconceite to bet)o\?D of blame* Uatber 
let kinges learnc out of tftis; l}ifiQ^it to b^Dle tbeir poluer,anD 
in meafure to bfe tbeir autbo^itie , anD alfo to trc tbem fclues: 
toatoluntarielavueof moDcliie. .,,.;. 

if o;, altbougb tberc do not opcnli? appeare ^n\! faulfe m 
Pbiirao : vet nottuitbHanDtng, becaufe be batb not a faitbfuU 
fcbcDiemailTer among menne, lobicbe Dare rcftraine Ijis Uu!l, 
tbe il £) HS> CS cbattifctbljimfrombeauen » ^s toucljing GoJ fccrh 
bis familie, tbc fame iu as luitljout blame: but tbe 31 o:De batb "'»^<^ <>f 
aHua^es iuQ cccaCons, tboug-) biDDrn from ts,tDbr be Il)oulD l^^^^^f. 
punill)c tbofe tobiebe mar f^i"c to be innocent . 3n tbat be "^ll'^un '" 
fpareD bis fcruaunt ;ab;am from punilbemcnt , it ougbt to be fccth uot, 
afcribeD to tiiz fatljei Iv £cr)D,»]eCre» 

^M, jSCThca. 



iS [Then Pharao called Abram.l ^dljarao tlOCfft Uifflg 

f!n>Jc fault UJitf)ab:anMn lobomc all tbe blame tDas, CTe 
rea3cnotl}crctul)ataimfiDcrc:ab.:ammai5c: itmtiyf betfjat 

it map bctbat £^ofc5 oimtttth f txn\% tuijofcptirpcfe 'tD.i^, 
to fljeiuc ijis Dtuinc p:outUcnrc inp:cfcrii..*S\i nb;am,a!TD !;i3 
luifc.^iiD altljoiigb tl)at ab.jam hiieU) ^^(jat tje Umis; iuVtl^ pa* 
nidjco fo; hiiS fa3li(I)ncirc am p;cpoI!crous tDarinclTc: ^ct mU 
tuitijUanuing at anotljcr time be fell into tfjc fame fault, ajs; 
toe n^all fee U3ticn luc come to tbe tame, 

20 [And Pharao gauc cornmandeinent.]] 3(^ tbatJDfjaraOf 

gaue f 6mantjcment,tbat db^mn fl^oalD be fafe contjuctetj out of 
Ijis realme, \)c migljt fame tljerefo^c to do it,to anoine Danger: 
bccaufc ab;am ftao caufei) tbe countne to bate l)im,a£f tijougfj 
!)0l)aDb:o«gl)ttt)efcourgeof (15ootl)itbertotl)f)tm. 15ut be^ 
caufc tljifi coniecture U5 of fmall creDite, 3 mo^e fimpli? inters' 
p;^ete,t^at ab:am l)aD leauc to oeparte, anD bao cerf etne fou^ 
Diers fent toitf) \jix\Xy leatt t)e mi^ljt be mane a p:t^ ♦ if o; tue 
Imotuc boll) pjoiiD tbe CDc^ptians Ujere ano cruel: anD ^b;>am 
alfo toas fubtect tjntotbetrenuie, becaufe be being fouoenl^ 
Itcre luricbeDjCarrico as it ijuerc fpoi^les atoar toitb liinx^ 


Hen Abram went vp from Acg)'pt,licand his 
wifc,and all that he had,and Lot with him to- 
ward the South. 

And Abram was veric riche in cattcll,in fil- 
3 And he went on his iourney from the South towarde 
Bcthcljto the place where Iiis tent lud becnc at the beginning, 
bctwecnc Bethel and Haai, 

4 Vnto the place of the altar wliichc hcc had midc 
there at tlicfird: And tliCrc Abram called on the nameofthc 


<; Lot alfo, who went with Abram, had fhccpc, cattcll, 
and tcntcs : 

6 So that the land could not bcare thcm;tl:at they might 


VPON genesis: cap. XII t. 

c3\vcl together: for their fubftancc was grcatjfo that they could 
not dwell together. 

7 Alfo there was debate bctwecnc the heardnicn oFA- 
brams cattel , and the hcardmen of Lots cattel . (And the 
Cananites , and the Pcrizzites dwelled at that time in the 

8 Then faid Abrain vntoLot> Let there be no ftrife I 
pray thee bctweenc me and thee, neither betweenc thy hcard- 
men and mine lieardaicn : for we be brctlircn. 

9 Is not the whole lande before thee ? Departc I pray 
tlice from nic : if thou wilt take the left hnnd , then will 1 go 
to the right : or if thou ^^o to the right hand > then I will take 
the left, 

10 So when Lot lifted vppehiscyes, hcfawctbatall the 

Elaine of lordane was watered euerie wlicre : (for before the 
-orde deifroyed Sodomcand Gomorrah, it was as the garden 
of the Lordjlike the land of Acgypt^as thou gocft vnto Zoar.) 
•^11 Then Lot chofe vnto him all the plaine of lordane, dz 
tooke his iourney from the Eaft : and they departed the one 
from the other. 

12 Abram dwelled in the land of Canaan, and Lot aboadc 
in the Cities of the plaine j and pitched his tent eucn to So- 

T3 Now the men of Sodomc were wickedjand exceeding 
finners agamfl: the Lord, 

14 Then the Lordefaid vnto Abram, (cftcr that Lot was 
departed from him) Lift vp thine eyes now,& lookc from the 
place where thou art,Northward, and Southward , and Eaft- 
ward, and WeR ward. 

»; For ail the lande which thou fce(l,will I giuc vnto thee, 
and to thy fcede for euer. 

- i6 Andlwillmakethyfeedc, astheduflofthccarth: fo 
that ifa man can number the dufl of the earth, then ihall tliy 
fecde be numbered, 

17 Arifc, walke through the landjn the length thcrof, & 
breadth thereof: for I wiH giuc it vnto thee. 

j8 Then Abram rcnioucd his tent,3nd ramc and dwelled 
in the plaine of Mamre, whiche is in|iebrcn, ^nd bujjccd 




tlicrc an altar vnto tlic Lord» 

l! CT^^^^Abramwcntvpfr^m Acgypt.] 3fn ffte tegtm 

inns Of tbew[wptcr,:^orescommenDcf?)tf)c grace of (!3oD iit 
p;oteftmg:ai)zam:U)(icr0b^ttcamefopairc, tbat &c oionoe 
oncli?rcturnca5amc in farctic, butb^ouGbt tuitb ftim alfo 
great ricl)tsSm tbi5 cirruniffance t£{ to be noted, tbat Uifjen 
^ f eft eg\rpt,bcin5 laocn U)itb treafiire ano c attcll, be palTeD 
m lournev? in ^itact: becaufe it is maruel tbat tbe eg^ptianff 
U30U1D rnffcr tbat to be tranfpo.zteo to anotber plare,lubicb SI 
himx bat) gotten among tbein . aifo ^o(cb a}eU)etb,tbat SI 
hia\m ricbcs lucre no lette tjnto \)im , but tbat be Uient fo v 
tiiaro to tlr: mark conaantIi?,tDbicb be bao fet before bis e^eij, 
bcnonig bnnfelfe tbitberUiaro luitbout faintitXQ 0; luearine^, 
R.chcarc eae l5no\ur boti) greatly man^ are lette \Ji)it\) meane ricbes, 
a let vnto m Co j^y^be tbat tbe^ cannot lift tjp tbeir beao tnto beauem 



n>inv in 

their C.U ^"^ ^^^^ ^?JQ»" ^^^ !)atb inoueD toitb great ricbes , are not 
ling. oncl^ negligent ano aoutl)fuU,buf alfo U)boI^ ojoUineD in tbc 

Abrams ^^^* ^^b^r^fw^ofesfettctb tbet)ertueof^b:amagatnff 
riches hia. ^f^e common ^icc of otber£j,U)ben be Hjeluetb tljat be luas belo 
dcrcd him backc tuitb no inipeoimentsi to come into tbe lano of Canaan, 
nop. fm be migbt baue fougbt bis olune eafe ano rommoDitie,bn* 
der an boncft ercufe, as manp are Ujont to oce: as tbat it Uia^ 
lalufuU fo: bim to abiDc in C-g^pt, bauing tbe fanour of dDoD, 
tubofc blcflTmg be bao felt tbere in large ano plentiful! toife, 
ySnt be fo;gcttctb not lubat (DoD bao Qimn to bini m cbarge, 
Eberefo^c as one at libertie ano t3ntieD, be baffenct b tbitber, 
Inbitber be Uias calleo. ^lbcrefo;e all evcufe is taken from 
ricbe men,if fo be tbep being f<ia titry tnto tbe eartb j giue no 
regaroe tnto (lDoO£5 callmg . Mbcrefo;e tueareberetotahc 
teeoe of tU)o ertrcmities . £pan^ appoint angelicall perfectly 
on to be in pouertie,as if it mere not lalDfull to imb;ace goo^ 
linefj,anti to folIoU)eCDoD,e]rccpt lue cad aluai' all our ricbes, 
JreUje follctu Crates of Thebes, lubo call bis treafureinto tbe 
fea, becaufe be tbougbt tbat becoulDcnotbefaucDtuitbout 
tbcp loereloa. />otU)itbftanoiiig,manv ligbt ano ralbe beaos 
X^ebarricbmen from alUjopcof faluation: mm cis if pouertie 
flIoneU)cretbcgateanDUjaptobeaucn: t\}c Uibicbnottuitb-* 



CanDtng oftentimes Doctl) intaiiglc men imth manv moc Iet£i 
t[)tn DO ricbcfi. Wut Augudine beric iDifcly teacljctb tj£, tijat 
dDoD gatbcretb togctljer tbc ricbc tuitl) tlje pcD^e into all one 
tnfjcritanccof life: becaiifella^arus tbcpco^eman teas tahcrt 
Ijp into tbe bofome of riclje 0b:abam. aifo, lue are to beUiarc 
of tbc otber \)ice:namclV:»lcft tbat ricbcc ttoppe ano binder bB, 
0^ clogge biS fo,tbat luc cannot 30 fo;luarD to tbc l5inr,Dcme of 

3 [^AndlicwentonliisionrncyJ Bl^ tbefe tuo.:t)e6 £l')ofej5 

teacbctb tbat :ab:amU)as not in quict,befo:c fucb tmie a$b^ 
toas returned bachc atjaine to Bethel ^0,: tbougb be pitcbeD 
l)ieitentinmanrplaceis:rct nottuitbHanbin^^bcfcttlcD \^m^. 
fclfc no liibere,to abioe dill in one place . I^e fpeaketb not of 
tbc fe>outb inrefpecte of CEccvpt :but b^meanetb? tbat be 
rame into a parte of &outb juDatanb tfjatfobecameinta 
tbat place , iubere be bao befermineo to abibe after a long 
anb luearifcme iourne^.^ifo i^ofes fljeUietb^tbat be bab tbere 
iHiilDcb an altar afo:e time, anb tbatthen alfo bebabcallei> 
tppon tbenameof tbc !lo;2D:totbeenb toe map bnoUic, tbat 
l)eiDasalU)apconllantintbe luozCbippinccof iaD E>, anti 
in Declaring bis goDlmclTe . G^ibcreas feme afFirmc,t bat tbc 
inbabitantesof tbat place tnere b:ongbtbntotbe purcluo;;* 
(bippe of (I3oD : it iB neitber likelis no: pet to be gatbereb out 
of ^ofes luo^oes . Me baue (betoeb in anotl}er place^tobat 
tbe meaning of tbefe tDOjoes is,SDa call bpcn tbe name of tbc 
JLo;bc:o;,3intbenameoftbe3Lo;^D:namelp,Eo p;ofcire tl)C 
true anb pure luo^H&ippe of dD £D 2> . iTo;: flb:am nil} not: 
ttuelue times onelpcall tpon ©^S> in bis life timet but 
iDben be pjapfeb btm, anb openlp beclareo bp fclcmne feruice, 
tbat be bab no fellolulbippe loitb tbe fupcrCitions of tbc Ccn* 
tiles,beistbenfaibetoxallbpDn (!?idi>D. jalfbougb tbere*. 
fo;ie be allBapes lDo:fl)ippeb CDdd , I erercifcb btm felfe in mi^ 
it?p:arers:vetnotUutbl!anDing,becaufebcbailp ttXtihtt} a-* 
mong men bis goblincOe bp outiwarD p:ofcirion > tfcis be rfuc 
is fpeeiallp p^iifcb bp SDofes ♦ Si:bcrefo;eUntb tbe altar, in^ 
uocation ougbt to be iornco : becaufc bp tbe farnfices lubicbe 
he offcrcb^ be Declarer) tobat <DDD\)t tiio:n)ippcb:to tbe cn& 
tj;e Canamtes mijE^bt Unolue, tbiUljeUJaS? not ^iucn to conu 



^•CLot airo,vvho went with Abram J jijofe follotoeffj « mfcm^ 

momticWcb9b.2amrt;f!trcDb^ m n(i)cstmmclvyt\)at^c 

Voav fcparatcD nno D^uicn from !ji0 jj^cpftcUj^cuen afj from Ins 

boU)c»0,U)bomcf;cIoucD alone, i^o Doubt, if fie f)aDbaD^lrJ 

Riciics ai- Unftcbe luoiilo ratfjcr Ijaue cal! au?a^ its rtcbes^ihen to ba'ue 

njtoft'Tn ^^ff ^'f^^^Jio^^ft^ acfountcD a^btsondpfonne: 

;imci "°^^^'i"^^*^»^^"t5J)efotmDenoofbcrremeDietoauopDcb;jaIIriS 
* anD contention, ^bal toe impute tbisf to bus euil 02 ouermuch 
iuaplDarDnclTe .0.: clfe to tbc pcruerfe pecuid^neOe of bis Mc^ 
pbclDf m\t 3: ratbcr iuDge tbat toe mutt ccnliDer tbe purpofe 
cf Ooo. Jt toa5 to be feareD, tbat ^b;am toouioe baue UkeD 
((D tocll of bi5 p:orperou0 tfJtatt:tum astoealt^ auDp^o^ 
fperitie llintJc tb manp mm . 2i:berefo;je ©oD tcmperetb tbe 
nuatcnetfe of ncbcflfe toitb«bitter [€>all : anD fufferetb not tbe 
ttiinoe of bij3 fcruant to be tm mm\) belicjbteD tfceretoUb » :^nD 
tobenaueceiuable opinion t;getbb£itoDefire ricbeis ino^tju 
natelp>becaufe toe Doe not fecle botoe mant' anD boto great in^ 
tonuemenfe£f tbe\? him ^itl) tbtni, let tbe rememb:aunfe of 
f bi^ billo:ie feme to b:tDle tbat immoDcrate {ouc.aifc faoftcn 
as ricbe men file an^ troubles 0; griefe to fp^ing from f bftr 
ricbesjlet tbem learne to purge tbeir minDes toitb tl)is meDi^ 
nne , leatt tbet' be aDDicteD bcponDe meafure to tbeir p^efent 
gojDes.auD in terie Deeoe tnleflfedl^oD H&ouId b:iDle tfjem noto 
anDtben,tobitber tooulDe mm fall, toljen tbei^ abounDein 
toeltb^agame, if toe be bzougbt into anp crtremitie, let b0 al# 
fofenotoe,tbat©oD after tbis manner fceUetb to cure tbcfe^ 
Crete faultes anD Difeafes of our flcttie . JZo concIuDe, let tbem 
Kiciif s ^^^* ^^'^"^ plcntie,remembcr tbat tbci^ are becfct roimDe a' 
brin- ibo ^^^^ ^^^^ tbo;jnc£i : ano let tbem tabe baDe,leaa tbe^ be p;ic^ 
cncjf bcD.Jlet tbem toljicbe are pcD:e anD Uac plentifull hnotor^tbat 
iDoD bcbolDetb tbcm.leaft tbcpajouloc be mtanglcD toitb cuiH 
anD burf fu! fnares.SDljis Dino:rc qrecneD ab;am trrie mucb : 
but ret be cou»Dc correct mucbe of tbc ferrete emit, lead ricbciJ 
(l)oulDe cboahc tbc feruencie of bisf K^^Ie.ljiberefojc if ^lb:am 
baD noeDe of fucb a pui-gatton to erpcll povfon, let t)0 not mcr^ 
wclliif CDoD oftentimes lading fome puml^ment V-pon ts/ub^ 
zut an J kcepe t^nocr our lauiuioumcffc ♦ jfo; fje Doetlj not al^^ 



b)m& tcWic till tl)C faitYjfiil be fallcn:but p:oiuDctb fo; f bcm, ^7 
ngainc time to come. SChns be co^rcrteD not tbc f ouetoufncflrc 
ano p;iD0 cf Ijis fcruaiit ;ab;ain : but b^ a p^ereniatiuc meoi^ 
rinc be b^ougbt to palle,!^ featban couloc not infect (jic nunoe 
iuitU ani' manner of cnttcemr( baitca* 

7 [ Alfo there was debate] 2D!)at loljicl) 3 bauefpoben nU 
rcaDic concerning ricbci^^muft alfo be tbou0;bt concerning tbc 
greate fto^c,retinne,anD boulbolDc. Wit fix botue ambitiouUp 
a great mani? Dcfirc to baue a great miiUituoc of fer nante£5,e^ H^'^J^ ^'^* 
mn lifec t)nto a lubole people ♦ )i5ut feeing tbc great familie of one hcufc 
3bMm luas fo coftIp,let bg Icarne to be Uiell contentcD luitb brccdc tu- 
fmall families: o: elfe alfo to be quite Uhtbout tbcm if it fccme "i^'f ^^^ 
fo ga3t5 tnto tbe ilo;De. jro; it can not br,but tbat tljcrc muft '^^"^co^*:- 
ticcDes be a great Hirrc anD burlic burlic in tlje boufe repleni^ °°* 
ft CD U)itb a great number of men, 5lnD crperiencc p;jouetb tbc 
p;ouerbe to be truc,tbat a multituDe is commonly terie troui* 
i)lcfome»iJ5otuf,if reft ant» tranquillitie be an bnfpeahable be^ 
nefite : let bs bnoloc tbat b)e are in berie gcoD cafe , lobcn Inc 
Ijane a fmall boufe,anD being toitbout man^^ feruanteig do line 
ijuitboat tumult. Mc arc alfo luarncD to tahc carefull batic 
b^tbiiseramplcleaft&atbanbpintJirectc meanes b;ing t)j5 
to contention » jFo:luben be can not liinole mutuall batreD0 
bettpeene t)0,bc b;ingetb b^; into fo;reine b^aUee anb ftrifes. 
ilotano ab^am Dib agree togetbcr:buta contention being ^°"'^"^^** 
ijetUutnc tbe &bi^pcbcarDe0,be carrietb tbcm t^iolentli^info^ ^ot and a 
inucb tbat tbc^ arc conltraineo to Depart tbc one from tbc o^ bum. 
tbcr. :ant) ^tt notluitbftanDing tbctt is no Doubt,but tbat a* 
fc^amDiDfaitbfullLnnftructebii^ feruantcsto follolue peace: 
but biiS care ano cnbeuour tcofecno fucbe cffiecte,but tbat be 
\)ttcmctti tbat tbci? tuerc like t)nto bloluing belie tues to liin^ 
Die tbc mofte peftilcnt fireofDifco;^De in bis^ boufe. sabcrcfo;e 
it is no merucll, if tbcre arife troubles anD tumultcs often 
times in cburcbes ano congregations tubicbc arc populous. 
9b;am bad about tl);k bunnzcD feruants : anD it ijb tcric liUc^ 
I^ tbat tbe bouHjoloe of iiot tuas mucb IcHe ♦ ^bat tben Ujail 
tuetbinfec Uiill come topalTc among fiuco^ fire tboufr.noe: 
fpeciallp , tuljere t(jei> \i^)icbe contenDe are not feruauntcj, 
Ijutat tbeiroUmcUbertic i J5ut cucnas ioe muftc not 


no .' I O HN C A LVI NE 

be f roubletJ toitl) fuel) offences : To b^ all meaner twc mull hct 
toarc,tl)at tbe contentions tuare not ijot.jf o: cvcept a remeoic 
be p:ouiOcD in timctbe^ Uiill quickcl^ burU foj^tfj into Daun# 

g^rous l)irco;l>0;[ riie Cananite,anci the PherefiteJ^pofes aD/ 

mi) tbiSitoampliftctl)ecmlLiFo;jfrctelletI) tfjat fucbelua^J 

Ibetjeatc of tbccontcntion,t[)at it coulee not be refiraineo oj 

lmtic5atcD,nonot\uitbtbcfeareof p:efent ocffructicn . Wf)t^ 

luercbecfetrounDcabout,Unt[)asman^ enimics,as neig[)<» 

bours.SDfjere toantco notbing tbcrcfo^e to octtrot? tbem,but 

tbe occafion luljicbc ti)t^ ccauc b^ tbeir contentions i b:nllcs» 

Anger hi 2^jj„j5 ^jf^ bUntic HUgcr auo outrage Dcp^iuetfj men of reafon, 

luihech EC ^ttuij^-ittime tf)ei?are grotuen to be epceeDing fjot in feoul^ 

mcQ o££c"n ^i^Q ^uD cbvuiug, infomucb tbat tbe^ rcgaroe not Deatb^tolji^ 

times, cbe tbe\? fee bcfo:e tbeir eiies. i5ut altbougb tbe Cananitcs Doe 

not altoav^ befiegc bsiiiet notUjitbaanDing^tDe are conuerfant 

among enimieSjfo long aslwe are pilgrimes in tbe U)o:lDe. 

OT!)crefo:e,if fo be loe baue an^ care fo; our olone fafetie , o^ 

fo; tbe fafetie ofourb.zetl):en,lctt3S belnare of contentions, 

iDbicbputbsintotbcDcatbfuUbanoesof&atljan* a...: . ; 

8 [And Abram fayd vnto LotJifirll ^^ofes teacfjefj^^ffjat 

ioben ab.:am fatue tbat contention toas grolune be plai>cD tljc 

part of a gojD boufljoloer, tubicb feeUetb to make peace in bis 

fannlie,anDtbcnb^bis moderation focUctb a remcDie to take 

aloai? tbe mifcbicfe.^no altbougb tbe fcruantcs oncli? content 

ttii:y!tt notk)itbflranDing,be fa^tf>not in bainc,Let there be no 

contention betweene me and thee. Bccaufe it Can bene bartJ^ 

s^Tuanti i^ijp^ |jp( tbat tbe contagion of b;aU anD contention luill 

let ftnfc come from tbe bouCbolD fcruahts, to be betlu^ne tbe maidcta 

bccwccne tbemfelues,altbougb otbcrtrife tbe\>uoe agree luell togctber: 

«hcirmai- auD be at tbe latt fo;cffletb 5 tljat fricnDfl[)ippe can not ttanoe 

^^"- t}nb:oken off, ercept be fake to piouioc a remeoie in time, tbe 

hiifcbiefe comming on fo fad ♦ )i5ut be rememb.:etb tl)t bono 

€f blouD anD kinreD : not becaufe tbe fame ougbt to be fuffict^ 

tnt alone to mainteine peace betluecne tbcmtbut tbat be migbt 

tbe mo;e benD ano mollifie tbe minDc of bis j^cpbeUi. jToz at 

iubat time tbe fcare of CDoD is \c(tc effcrtuall luitb bs tbcn it 

i)ugbttobc:itisp:oftfableto tfe otbcr belpes,to kapebsin 

Cbc Doing of cur Duetic»i3Ht noUjc, f^ingUJcareaUaDopteD 


vpoiT GEN IE sis: ca?: X 1 1 r: ^o^ 

attlJ tljofttt to be tbc (onms of Ooi3,to tbc cno toe migiit be hiv 
ef):en mutually one to anot!)er,tbis bolie cSiunctron is Icfic ef^ 
teemcD of t)0 ttien it ou^)t to beyepcept it be able to paci&c :on^ 

9 (^Isnot the whole landc hcfor< thccfl CblS IS ttjZ 

fomemouerattojt tobicbe 3 fpakeof : IjoUjj tbat ^b:am,to 
jjut aUjat' lIrife,tLnUinglv Dcpartctb from bibs rigbt . jf o:, as 
cpi\ovaK.ia, tbatifitofa^, ambition, ^1 a Defire to oucrcome, Ambiiion 
IB tbe motber of all contentions : euen fo,lubenamanDoctbislhcmo- 
qniettv'anb temperately fo;goefojttepartof bis olune rigbt, a thcr otcooi 
notable remcDie is fotmD out to tafeeatua^ all beart burnmg tcuaoui. 
anD bitternclTe.^b^ram migbt toitb an boneft ercufe,bauc ftif^ 
ll? DefenoeD l^is ri(jbt,tubicb be remittetb^but be boloetb bac^ 
notbing to pnrcbafe peace : ano tberefo^e be grauntetb t)nto 
iiB nepbelu bis lutlbe anD DeHre* 

1 o QAnd Lot lifted vp his eyes Jjjs tbe equitie of abjam 
teferaeb no fmall p;tatf0, fo tbe ralbnelTe of Hot is tuoubie ta 
ie blameUjtDbicb ^ofcs uefcribetb bere. ^poDelTie toiltcD bim 
not to tonteno luttb bis fatbers b:otber : ami fo tbe o:Der of 
natare requireo . I^ixt turn as if eneric tuap be ba^ beene tfjc 
fapertour,b^tafectbtbefirIlcboice, f appointetb to bimfclfe 
tbat countrte Uibicbe feemetb to be mo;e fruitefnll ano plea^ 
Tant tben tbe otber. 0nD luitbout all Doubt it mutt naoes be, 
tbat tobofocuer feefeetb grxieoii^ bis olun comoDitie,is bngen<» 
tie totoaro otbcrs . 3ino tberc is no ooubtrbut tbat tbis inbu^ 
ntanitie piicbeD tbe minoe of ab:am,but fcuitb Ukncc be bigef* 
teo tbe famc,lefi;b<ippitl? be miqfyt baue gtuen occafion of neUi 
offence. 0nD toe ougbt altuares tbus to bcbaue our fdues , fo 
often as tuefe tbofe,to tobomc toe arc io\?neD,bnmin5efull of suifcrancc 
tbeir ouetic : otbtrtuife tbere (ball be no eno of troubles , ant) of imuic 
contentions. anDtubcrcasbecomparctbtbcplainecountrie cnJc^k 
tobicb la^ neare to &ooome,bnto tbe parauife of CDod : mani? ^^''^^ 
interp;jeters crponno it,as if bebao faicict^ it Uias pleafant.f 

^ t)eriefruitfnll:bccaufe tbel^cb:ucsralall^ei:cdlctb> tiulne. 

' ^otv6(fanoing,3tbtnfec>Ufjc fame place is notcu, Ixibcre ^^ 

bam loas at tbe firtt planteD:fo: {ipofes fettctb not Dolun a ge^ 

;^j^ neral fimtlitutje,but fattb ^ tbe fame countrie tuas tuel Uinte# 

^ rebteuen as be fatb before of ^ firOtmanfion place of man,botu 
Ibat a riuer being oiuioco into foure parts UMtcrco tbe fame: 

C tbe 


^^ tf)t fame alfo fte atJDttlj concerning parte of CEgrpt • tXihtttli 
ttootbmo^eeutdcntl^ appenre, tbat tn one particular potnf 
mizl\!yt\)is place 10 compareo toitlj fte other tU)o . . 

i3^Now the men of Sodom were wicked J iLotfftongfjfflini 

felfe l)appie anu bletteo, rtat fie fjau fiappeneu bpon fo notabfe 
ableiring:butattt)e laft bepcrcciucotbat tbecboice^tDbtcfi 
be baD taUen botb ral6l\? anu grabtlFi cbaunceo tinto Jimt)n.< 
lacktlt! : becaufe be baD to ooe U)ttbp;^ouDe anoperuerfe peo^ 
ple^to bcare toitb inbofe manners twas a farre mo;jegrieuous 
tbing^tben to tozellle toitb tbe barrenelTe of tbe lanD.SDbus be 
Yoolifhe being iubol^ carricDatoa^ luitb tbe pleafantnclTeof tbep:o* 
^^^"fh^i (pettjis punifteD fo;^ bi? fcDliO) oefire.ano let t5 learne bp tbisf 
Xi^Lot ^rample,not to giue crcDite tjnto our ere^ : but ratber to be* 
toare of tbeir inticemeiit0,leatt tbepenuiron bs tuitb ntan^ t^ 
Lot fcking uille0 bnatoares : euen as Hot tuas , lubo luben be. tbongbt 
a Paradifc" (bat bc DlueUeD in tbe miuoeft of paraotfe? tuas fallenalmof^ 
iouad hell into tbe miODell of bell liBut it feEmethffrangeTtbat feeing tbe 
<iuc{iioa. pyrpofg of £pofcj5 toas to conuemne tbe ^ooomitcfi of ertreniB 
iDickeonelTclDb^ be faitb tbe^ luere euil before tbef^ojiK tubt? 
Dotb be not ratber, r4T,Pcforcjncnf ifo: toben men come fjttoju 
tbe tuDgcment feate of CDob> all moutbes muHnee^es be: l!o^# 
peD,anD tbe U)bole tuo^lo alfb fubiect bnto Damnation, Mber.« 
fo;e it famctb tbat ^pofes fpabe tbus, to ejjtenuate tfieit emi. 
3l5ut t^t matter is otberluife i fo; be^ meanetb- tbat tbev iuer e 
••*»fwcrc. j|Q( tit&izi> Uiitb cmnmon finnes^tobtcb are often time^. founo 
among men,bnt tbat tbep toerc giuen to; bojrible toickebne% 
tiie tt^ tobereof U3as afcenDcD tnto beauen^ano calleD fo;^ tren^r 
geance at the bandes of (^oo,a0 toe l^all fee bereaftcr* j^nb in 
tbat tbe ilo;tDc bearetb toitb tbem fo; a time, ano not onclp fa, 
but alfo fuffercD tbem to Dluell in a moffe frnitefull countrie, 
tobo notlcitbftanDing Ijuere bntoo^tbp of ligbt anb life : let bs 
tbereb^ leame,tbat tbe IcickeD baue no caufc to flatter tf}£m0 
(ieluc5,U)ben p llo;b bearetb Ujitb tbem fo: a time:rea,beban* 
filing tbem gcntlp i liberalli?, b^ J^i^ fb;berance ffriuetb loitd 
tbcir bntbanbefulnefle. j^ottoitbffanDing, altbougb tbe^ trf* 
umpb in tbeir riot.anD are outragiouo againft <IDoD:^et fo; all 
«tbat,tbe (btlD;cn of 0ob are toarnco not to ennie tbetrp;ofpey 

4:itiejbut to tarcie tl^gjllo^Od IciTureitintiU \^ l^^nmtizm 



from ftctV tJ)onfenncire,faUctb tbcm \Dntal)0:riblp ant> fcarc* 
fuUuD5cmcnt2E)f)ercfo^eC^ecbiclfpcahmccoftl3c&orjonutci5p^^.l, ^^^ 
faitb tbat tlje caufc of tbeir Deftrurtion U)as,bccaurc ttjcv tuere ^ ^,^' ' * 
fullof feeao ano Ixjinc^ano rcplenifljeo U)itb all ocluates, nno 
totrt crueU ano p;ouoelolDaroc£( tbe pmie* 

14 [And the Lordcfayd to Abram.]jffiolD 05ofe0 (l)eUiCtb 

after tijat ab^am toas oiaiOeD from fjw ijicptjcto , Coo gauc 
!jim (blace to quitt \)is nimoe* aCbere is no Doubt, but tljat 
tbe oiuo;jce bcttucene ijim anuiLot DiD tuounoe ftimtieric fo;e, 
feeing be toas confframeD to fenDctim atoap, Upborne be Iouc5 
as bis otone life, Wben as therefore be fartb^tbattlje 3io;tJc 
fpabe,tbe circumttance of time is to be noteo : as if be (boulte 
fap, tbat falue tuas giuen bim to beale bi^f grecfe.ano tbus be 
teacbetb, tbattbebeftremeoie to mitigate ano belpelb^rolae, 
is placet! in tbe tuo;D of CDoo, [Lift vp thine eyes now.] Mben 
tbe Ho^De p;jomifetb to ab;ams feeoe tbe lano, loe beboloe biij 
tDonoerfiiU counfell in tbe Departure of llot^e bao appointed 
sno allotteo tbe ianotnto one:if Hot bat) remained ttutb bim, 
tbe cbilo;enoftbemljotbU)oult)bauebancminglctJtO0etber. 
j2D!)etaiife of tbe DirTention tuas finneful,but ttit iLo;jt)e,arfo;# 
Diitg to bii5 bnfpeabeable tDifeDome,turnctb it tinto a ctroo eno 
left tbat tbe pofteritie of Hot DftoulD eniop an^ part of tbe inbe^ 
jritancc. SDbis is tbe reafon M)V be faitb^ Al the land that thou 

fccft will 1 gtue vnto thec,and vnto thy fecdc for eucr.i^bere^ 

foje tbere is no caufe tobp tbis folttarinelTe IftoulD be tco grie^ 
noustnto tbee,(incetbouart to recetue fo notable a reUjaroe? 
ifo; altbougb tbeterie fame toas p^omifeD tjntoab^am alre^ 
tit X ^et nottoitbftanoing,(IBoD notoe applietb bfe p:omife, to 
iremeoie tbe p^iefent fojrotoe. anti tbus toe mtift note,tbat not 
onel^ tbe pjomife is repeated agatne^tobicb migbt ttrengtbcii 
anDconfirmetbcfaitbofab^m:but alfo fbat a fpccf all o;ja# 
dex0 giuen,tDberebp ab;tam mtgbt leame, tbat Tjis fe«je toau 
p;M)uiDeo fij^ toben itot loas feparafeu from btmXutficrs fpc^ 
eolation in tbts ant) in otber places alfo^is notbing i ' '^ 
* ©oD fpake t)nto tMim b^ fome p;jopbet.^ben tbe lant) is p:o# 
mtfetjfo; euer,aperpetuitte fa not^&nplp ment^but fwcb a con 
tinuance as IftotflD bane an ent) b^ § comming of Cb2!ff.6af n 

i«5aUpt^ioo]mantU4ii<&i!^ilo;D mmmt^tijtoii^ftcpiz 


^ i& ix[ ttJitri^ ptafes calico cucrlafftngtbccaufc ^ otfirc of<rfi;jifl! 
Ixjas bv Ins comimitg torcncU)t!)ctDo;lrj.ll5ut tUattrratien 
tubicb Cfcift b;ouQ[bt,toa£; not an aboliffting cf tbe olD pjomt^ 
ffs, but ratbcr a confirmation of (fcm . gn tljat tt)erfo.:e(lDo& 
batl) not notuc ani> peculiar people m tbe lande of Catiaan> 
hixt cucrte lulj^rc DiCperfeo t\iiCi\x^\^o\}t all partes of tlje 
lno^loey tl)at Icttett) not bat tbat tbe euer lading polTeffton of 
tbe lanD tuas rtgbtlr p^omtfco to 0b;ams feeoe^ t)nttlt t^e re^ 
ueVuing to come ♦ 

\6 [ And 1 will make thy fccdcas the duft , ] 3 omitting!: 

all fubtile % curious crpolittbns,U)bcrin otfjers \3ainel^ QjenD^ 

tlje t\xt[ty uoc fimplp interp^cte t^at tbe feeo of ^\}^wa^ is com^ 

parcDtoouft> bccaufeoftbcercieetJtngmultituDe. ^nDtute* 

tie oecu toe are not to fetcb tbe fenfe ano meaning thereof from 

an^ otber>tben from tbc too;jDes of ^ofes . ano it teas necef<» 

Icirie tbat t^\B fboutoe be io^neo , tljat dDoD luoultie raife i)ini 

tjp a feeoe, tobtcb as ^et be toanteo ♦ aDbus loe fae boto dDoo. 

Doetb allU)a^cs heepe btm luitbin tbc compafiEc of bis tuo;De^ 

anobolubetDillbauebtm altDapestooepeno tpoabts mou^ 

t\)t* ab;ram is commaunoeotobebolDe tbeoud :but Uibeit 

tiecaltetbbis eT^estiponbisboufctDbatfimilituDcbatb foli^ 

tarinclTe i luant of fecDe tritb tbe Ouft tobicb is inrumcrablee 

©ootbcrefo^ecballengetbtnto bimrelfetbis potorr ani? au* 

tboai^ie, ano boill baue tbe fame attributets tjnfo bistio;joc^ 

tbattberamemai^befutficientfi);rt«. 2Lbis alfofeemctb ta 

bcmo^e rioiculous, tbat CDoDcommanDetb ab;jamto toan^cr 

aliout^biUillbebatbbtclDeD tbctobolelanoe. Jfo; tolubat 

snoeO^ulDebeooetbis > but onel^ tl;at beraigbt mozeeui^ 

Uentl^ knoUJctbatbeU)asa(traunger,anDtbatbain0 lcea<' 

rieDbiitljcontinualllsnquietnetreintjainc, be migbt berpaire 

flf a (tabic anD firme poCTeffiou t jf o; botoe migbt be perfuaoc 

ftimfelfe tbat be toats llo^oe of tbat lanoc , t?jbere be migbt 

fear fill? D2infce luater ,ti)Qugb tuitb great fnbour fte baD DiggcD 

Tait!> i« iucUs^lSut tbefe arc tbc ercrcifes of faitb>^ it mar bebolo tbat 

©ftcQtiti.cs in ^)Z li)02cc tobicb is far off, anD bioocn from tbe tJucerUan^ ' 

nicd. Ding of tbc flelbe . jfo^ faitb is a bebolomg of thitiQts abfcnt: 

anu H batb tbe luo;iDc as a la)kinp[ glalTe , luber^m it mar be^ 

l^loe t^f i)0oen ^ace ol <^o , ^oo . tbt conoition of ttie sooli^ 

.. ' ' at 


VPoiT genesis; cap: xm: 

attlbii5tja^i0nottnlif?c . iFo;t feeing tftep arc batcu of all ^9> 
men, contcmrtcD I aaunucrcD, fairtfj alfo tftc^ Ijauc noftrmc 
abioing place, but arc fomtimcB D;iucnl)itl)cr antj tl)itt)cr, 
cno ooe ftitfcr nakconclTe ano pcnurie : i>ct nottuitfjaantimg, 
t!)c^ muft taUe Ijoloe of t&e tnlicritanccof f!)c tuo;lDc lubidjc ^'''^'. 
ts p;oinifcD bnto tljcm ♦ 2ni)ercfo;iclett)6lcarnc foto lualUe '^,''/J'' "* 
t^);^ougbtljecart^), t^attuljcntDcarc wIudcd from all reft fj^ti^ 
anD peace, Uie 6auc reccurfc tjnto tlje Icolung glade of (H^oDs 

18 C Then Abram rcmoucd bis tent ♦ ] J^ere fl^OfeS C^ctu^ 

ttbjttiat tde !jolt?fatljerbfleingcomfo;tt£DtDitl) t\)t neluep;o# 
mife of (IDoD,U)ent tb.:ougt) ^ lanD tuttb grct courage, enen na 
tbougb tsttb bts countenance alone be (^oulo fubDue itXl^us 
toe fa botDc greatly tbc tuo^oe of dDoD did p;jofit btm: not tbat 
fie bearD ani? ftraunge 0^ ijniDffinteD tbing from tbemoutb of 
<DoD : but becaufe b^ b^D an apte ano ttmelp meDtctne fo;^ bt^ 
p^tknt grecfc, infomucb tbat tuitb a "faaliant minDe be lifteo 
tjp bim felfe toluarDe beauen. at tbe laft spofe^ fljelDetb, tbat 
tbe mm of ©od bauing finiH^eD hi^ race anD courfe, be rcturj» 
JieT) bacfee agatne to tbetallie of spamre,tbat be migbt Dtoell 
€bere*li5ut once againe beeommenDetb hi^ goDltnefle^fo; tbat 
l)ebautng built an altar, calleDbppon tbe name of (Doo* 3nD 
3 baue alreaDicDiuerfe times eirpounDcD, iDbattbe meaning 
of tbiB w . ^oz be carricD an altar in bis beart: )i5ut feeing tbc 
lanDe tuaci full of pzopbanc anD Defileo altars, U)berebpon tbc 
Cananites anD otber nations DiD faltifie tbe luo^l^tp of (Dqd, 
^b;am p:ofe(lieD tbat be too^lbippeD tbc true dDoD : ant) tbat 
iiotbi?cbannce,butacco:Dingtotbc faftion lubicb toas p;e^ 
fcribcD bnto bim out of tbe Vmo;id of ©oD.SCbereb^ toe gatber, 
tj)at t\)c altar tobereof mention is maDe^taas not loitb^ 
out caufe builDeD b^ btm, but tbat it luas 
confecratcD b^ tbe fame iuo;Dc 
of (IDoD 

T.iiu CHAP- 


C HAPTE R. X I 1 I I. 

Nd in the dciycs of Amrapliel King of SMnafJ 
Arioch King ofRllafar, Chcdor-laomerKing 
ofElarn,ancl Tidal King of the nations. 
Thefc men made wai re vvitli Bera King of So- 
doine, & with Birfha King of Gomorrna,Shi- 

nab King of Admah^and Slicmcber Kingot Zcboiim, and the 

King of Bda,vvhich is Zoar. 

• -3 • All thcfeioyncd together in the vale of Siddim,which« 

is the fa tcefea» 

4 Tvvdue yeres were they fubic^ vnto Chedor-Iaomcr, 

but in the thirteenth yearc they rebelled^ 

^ And in the fourteenth yearc came Chcdor-laomcr,3ncI 

the Kinges that were with him, andfinotcthcRcphaims in 

Afhteroth Kamaim^nd the Zuzims in Ham, and the Eminw 


6 And the Horites in their mount Seir^vnto the plainc d 
Paran, whichisbytlicwildcrneflc. 

7 And they returned and came to Enmifhphat,whic]i h 
Kade/h: and fmote all the countrie of the Amalckices,and al^ 
' the Amorites that dwelled in Hazezontamar* ' 

8 Then went out the King of Sodom, and the King of 
Gomorrah,and thcKing of Admah,and theKing of Zeboiin?, 
andtheKingofBcla^whichis Zoar: and they ioyncd battel! 
with them,in the vale of Siddim* 

9 To wit,vvith Chcd'or-raomcr King ofEIam,3ndTicfal 
King of nations,and Amraphcl king of Shinar, & Arioch king 
of EUafar : foure Kings again (1 fiuc. 

10 Now the vale of Siddim was full of flymc pittcs, and 
thcKingsof Sodome and Gomorrah fleddc^nd fcU there; and 
the refiduc flcdde to the mountcine. 

11 Then they tookcall thefubflancc of Sodomand Go- 
morrah,and all their vi£lua!s,and went their way» 

1 2 They tooke Lot alfo Abrams brothers {bnne,and hil 
fubflance (for he dwelt at Sodome) and departed. 

13 Then came one that had e{caped,and tolde Abram the 
Hcbruc^' vyhichc dwcltinthcplaincofMamrcthcAmoritc^ 


brotlicr of Ellicol^nd brother of Ancr, whichc were confcdc- ^ - 
rate with Abram. 

14 When Abram heard that his brother was taken , he 
brought foorth of them that were borne,and brought vp in hit 
boufc , three hundred and eighteene, and purfucd them vnto 

. 1 ^ Then he and his fcruaunts diuidcd themfclues aga'^nfl 
them by night,and linotc theiu, & purfucd them vnto Hobah, 
Vvhichc 15 on the left flde of Damafcus. 

1^ And he recouercd all the fubftancc , and alfo brought 
againe his brother Lot,and his goods, and the women alfo^and 
the people, 

1 7 After that he returned from the flaughter of Chedor- 
laomcr,andofthcKingesthat were with him, came the King 
of Sodome foorth to mcete him in the vaUic of Shauch, whichc 

18 And Mclchifcdech King of Shalcm brought foorth 
Breadc , and Wmc : and he was a Pricftc of thcmoftc highc 

19 Therefore he bicflTed Him, faying, Bfcffird art thou A- 
brara, of God mofle highc, poflcflbur of hcauen and earth. 

2 And blcfTcd be the mofle highe God, which hath deli- 
vered thine cnimics into thine hand. And Abram gauc him 
tithe of all. 

J I Then the King of Sodome faideto Abram, Giuc mc 
the prrfons,jnd take the goodcsto thy fclfe. 

22 A.nd Abram faide to the King of Sodome, I haue lift 
vp my hand vnto chc Lorde,thc moftc high God,poilell'our of 
bcaucn and earth : 

« t . <*■ 

II 23 That I will not take ofall that is thine , To much as a 
thread or a (hooc latchct , leafl thou fliouldeft fay,! hauc made 
Abram riche, 

SiA%^ I. Saueonely that wl^ich t!ie yout^g men haue eaten, and 
thepartesofihe men which went with ine, Aner, Efchol, and 
Mamre: let tlicm take their partes. 

I [[ And in thedaycs ofAmraphcI .1 SC^c ^ifi^D:lC tpfticlj 

(f btU tm;^ in t^i^ C'japter ^ ti? iuc:t^ic to to rcimnibi^rD« 

Donutcs to rrpcntancc , iDtttj a foftc anu gcntfc cljaidtrfimeiU: 
tnlcJTc tbcv? Ijao b^nc patt tcarljihg^anD Dcfperai^I^ obHinate 
tn tOea* lDtckeDttc£$: but ILot Icart beaten lutti) tbe UxntUmx^ 
S^tByM)o bcmg DcrcttieD Itittb tt)c fat cf tt)e eartb> bao topneti 
fjimfclf tuitb tbc luichctJ ano tngorjiie. ^eccntsl^jbecaufedDcD 
Railing iHcrnc on l)im,ftirret> bp^b^am to be a reiiengcr ana 
Deliucrcr of bim^am to fieliiicr tbecaptiue out of tbc emmieff 
bauDc ♦ t^lberein tbc bnfpcahnble gjntjncffe of <15 £D 2> to* 
tifarDes tljofc t^^at arc bis^ ooetb plamelv ftinei tubcn fo: one 
inani5 fake, be fauetb nian^ mofte bniuo^tbte perrons fo; a 
time . S^irDlr^bccaufeCDoD bat) bonoureD ^b?am icitb no* 
table bictoae,ano blelTed bini b^ tbe nwutb of £peUbtrcuccbi> 
inluboreperrontbelungDomeano p;^tellbcot) toas tbaootueD^ 
«£f appearetb bp otber places of fcripture ♦ as touf bing tbcr 
fummc of tbe bill o;iie,it i^ a bo;inbIe fpectacle botb of tbc co^ 
wetoufnerre^anD alfo of tbe p^iue of man . 
- ^^ankiuoe bat) as r«^ bi«f tb;ee fatbers^&bem, Cbnttt> ariti 
3lapbetb* b^ tbe tigbt of Uibom, al men luere aomonitbcMbat 
tbe^ came c?uer^cboane out of one bduf^» anotberemenu 
b^aunce of tbe o^tginal^ Ijaas a bolie pleoge of b:otbeiip con^ 
iunction,tbat tbe? migbf b^^pe one anotber luitb mutuall duj» 
ties* ijiotluitbftanDing, ambition tafeetb place , infomucb 
tbat foKe of armcs bearctb tbe ftua?> ano euerie one goetb a* 
bout to fuUDue anotber . t]<lIlberefo;e,tuben toe fee at t\iiii Da^ 
^mWtion ?^*"^f^JE; to raife tumult iuitbout meafure, ano to beutie tbeir 
is an oiac iubole pcluer to Iftafee tbe eartb, let bs remember tbaf it is an 
iioac. olDe euill: fewngin all ages atieOiretorulebatbreigneD a* 
mong men ♦ ^itball notUiitbtfanDing, let bs itote tbat fbcrc 
XB no tuojfe fault tbcn baugbtincff^ of tbe itiin^clubtcb man^ 
tbinU to be a noble tiffcction. Cbe ambition of Chadorjapwer 
icas tbe caufc of tbe luljolc luarre : fo; be being inflanieo iuit& 
<ii5cfireto rulc,biougbttb2eeotbers luitbbim to tarnelwitb 
bim in tbe Uwre : iSut as fo: tbe S>oDcmites , p:tDe moueD 
tbcm anD tbcir fcllolDcs tgbeare armour^ tbat tbci^mijjbt 

15nt U)bercas ^ofcs maketb mention of fo man? !^ings : 

J&bem being as vet aliue , (tbougbc of iwuhco men It be fco;* 


VPON genesis: cap. XIIIT. -^^ 

ntt> a^ a fable,) i^ Wb »i it no abfuruttie, if fo be Idc tocv anD ^ / 
confioer tbat fo great an increafc of manhinoc , tuas tfte fill* 
gular ano iuonDerfull tuozUe of Coo . fm feeing tbe lio^oe 
faiQe to jjioab l)intfclfe auD to bis fonnes, Growc yc and muN 
tjplie: ije tbcrb^ ment to lift t\}tm t)p to ti)t bope of tbe renclu' 
tng of tbe li3o;lD , tobicbe ftoulD be farrc mo;ie cjcecellent tbcn 
tbetfuallo^oer of nature* 2Dl)t0 blefTtng 10 perpetually anD 
(l)al laft bnto tbe enD of tbe tDo;jlDe : but it luafl bcbcofcful tbat 
tbe foKc tbcrcof (Ijoulo be at tbat time cptrao^uinarie, tobcre^ 
b^tbofefirft fatbers migbt euiDcntIp l^notue^tbatCDoDbaD 
bcpt a nelu tuo.:lo in no;je.2Dbe potU feigne tbat Deucalion, 
auD bis*' Uufc catting ftonc£J bcbinDetbcm oiDfotoe men after 
tbe flouD ♦ Wut it innft naues be, tbat mifcrabic foulrs lucre 
lieUiDeD tuttb tbefe trifics, luben tbep DcparteD from tbe pure 
truetb of C? J© S> . anD ^atban tfeo "bis fubtile fligbt,to tif^ 
creDite tbe miracles U):ougbt b^ (Doo, Jf o;j,becaufe be couloo 
notfoquicUlp blotteouttbcrememb;zanceof tbe flouD, ano 
tbellraungetncrealingof tbenclo tno;lDe, be DarftencD tbe 141^: 
tninoesofmentuitb cbilotlbe imaginations ^ tbat tbe fame 
migbt be taken fo; a fable^lubicbe aforetime loas fmolueti fo;i 
a certcine ttixttff. ^euertbcIclTe, toe mull note , tbat £pofe0 
calletb all tbofe binges, tDbicbebaotbccbcErfefeateanoau;* 
pontic in an^tolune, o:fmallcompanieofmen, 3!tmapbe 
t»cmaunt)cD,U)betber tbofe lyings iubicb fcllotueD Ch jdorlao- 
meroUjelt farrc otf,o;neare band: bccatifeThideai ijgi calico 
Jiing of tbe nations. STbere are fomelubictje imagine tbatbc 
l^aD t)erie large Dominion ouer Ditiers nations , cucn as if be 
ftaD banc J^ing of iiinges ♦ fllfo tbe olDe Jntcrpzctcr fctcljetft 
Arioch,out of Pontusilubicb ts tjcric abfucD?. 31 ratber tbinh^ 
tbat betiMS fo calleD, becaufc bcbao gatbcreD an armic togcj» 
tber of runnagatcs auD t)agabonoes,U3bo leaning tbeircoimi 
trie came bntobim^ ^ 

2Lberefo;jc,becaufcbis banDciuas notonebonicanD of one 
natiue foplc,bnt a rafral fo:t gatbcrcD togetber from al parts, 
Je is aptli? calico l^ing of tbe nations . Mbereas be favetbv 
tbat tbebattclltoasfougbt in tbe tallic o^ Dale of &iDimJ 
iDbicbe luas tben tt^t falte fea : tbcrc iB no Doubt, but tbat be 
notctb ano meanctb tbeocaofca^ calleD fometimc Afpbaii- 


^ te$ • ^t t)to fenotuc foj iDljome Ijc tua^ appoutfeD a fe^i 

rter , tbcrefo jc (je alUia^ framctb ftis fpcacfje to tf)e capacitie 

DftberuDcfozte : anDtt)t0 (ommonlt'f)CDoetf)mtl)e named 

of places , as I tjauc toucbeD alrcaoic bcfo;c ♦ i^ottuit[)lfan# 

ding, bcfozc tbe luar facgan^^ofes fait!) tl)at ttje inl)abitant£S 

of t&c f ountric in tjiuers places tuerc fmitten f t anquifl^cD. Jt 

IS tjcrie liUcl^? tbat tljc^ all loere fcattereo ano DifperfeD : bc^ 

caufc tl?cv ba^ no C ipteinc tintirr iu?)ofe HanDarD tbet? migbt 

fi£a;t,t3ntill tbc fine hinges mettc luitlj tfjcm, loitb an armie 

tucH appointeD, 0nn altljongbChadorlaomcr, ratber bpt^# 

rannie , tben bv ani? laiufuH antbontie anD poUjer,baD mauc 

foman^ nations tributaries tinto bini, anD fo bis ambition 

is to be DifallclueD: pet nottiutbttanDing, tb^ rnbieetes are 

iuftli' plagueo,becaure f bcv bab tuitbout a e aufe rebcllcb, if o> 

altbougblibcrtic benottobebopeDfo: : ^etnctluitbllaniiing, 

tbc fobicction U)bifl)c \^ once laiDe tppon ts , cannot be caff 

0ff,tuitbout rebellion againll Co^: becaufe all potoer \^ o;Dci# 

Hon. ^.i neD of0 mD 2D :altbougb in tbe beginning it tp^ang from am' 

bition, ant) a bcfire to rule. . . a 

Rebellion 2Dberroje feme of tbe rebellious fo:t are hilleD lifee beaffs: 

againft the otbcrfome^tbougb tbe^ put on armour , ano are reame to re# 

Princc,i$ ftft, ^et tbc^ are put to fligbt : fucb tinfoztunate cbaunce fl^all 

rebellion alltbepbaaetDbicbbenietopaf tribute, ianofucb biffo^iefl 

Jg^l"^ a0 tbis are to be notet), tbat tbereb^ toe mav lcarne,tbat tbe^ 

Do figbt againll CaDSD , lobicbc fate to be toitljou t gouerne^ 


\o \_ And the Kings of Sodomc and Gomorrha ficddc. ] 

Ja)ome erpounbe ii , tbat tbei' fell into tbe )^\XH%\ lubicb i^ not 
iihelT?* feeing tbep toere not igno:ant of tbe places tbcreabou^ 
tcs : tbis migbt ratber bappen to tbe contrnrie parte , U)bicbe 
luereXixaungers ^ fl)tberfome fa^, tbat tbep fell mto tbefe 
^^ixtttiX.^ fauc tbcirlife.l5ut J ratber interp:et it, tbat as men 
tn erfreamc Defpairc tbct* cbanugeD one bcatb luitb an otber. 
as if ^ofes a)oulDfav,tbat tbef lr.o;Ds of tbcirenimics tuerc 
fo terrible \3ntotbem,tbattbcvfcarcO net to cad tbemfclucs 
traulong iiitotbcpittes . Sx^.i fireigbt after be aDDetn, tbat 
tbc)'U)bicbcrcapcDaliue,flcDljntotbc mounteincs .C^lb^re^ 
fc^ U)egatber, tbat tber pcriflijcD U)bicbc fell into tbep:ttes* 
.1'.. fi>nel2 

VPON genesis; cap. xini. .-.^ 

^nth Ictts bnotDC, tbat tbcp tncrc not fo muctctJccducD '^^- 
luitb tljc igno;iance of the placc,a0 tjje^ U)crc OifcomfitcD U)Ub 
fcarc tpf)Kbe caufeo tljeir fall 

12 [They tookc Lot alfo.] Jtte Doubtfull toll ctfjer Hot 
farrieuftill at borne, tubenotbersUJcnt fco^tbto figbt, ano 
luas taUcn tl)crc of bw emmies : oi iDbctbcr be luas conttrai* 
net) to put on armour luitb tbc rcC of tbc people. llSut bccaufc 
^ofc0 maUctb no mention of bim, but iuben be cometb to tbe 
facbmg; of tbe titit, it is a p;iobabIe ronitcture, tbat tbe fbir* 
milbc being cone , be tuas tafeen Dnarmeo at borne. Jrirff, 
bere tuc fee, tbat fo;roU)e and trouble 10 rommon botbe to tbc 
guilUtotbe gcDtj. ^econtlp,tbat tbe mo;enarre tbat tue are 
tOTincotolDiclteDanDtrngoDlp men, lobenCIJoD poloKtbblfls 
bengeaunce bppon tbem ; tljc foner \)iB fcourge commetb bn^ 

13 [] Then csmc one that had cfcapcd J %f)i$ 10 tbe fcfOnH 

part of tbe Cbapter,lDbere ^ofes Declaretb,tbat tuben OidDSD 
IcD&eD bppon \)i^ feruante Hot > \)t gaue ab;:am bnto bim to be 
bis belper ano Deliuerer, to free bim out of tbe banoes of bijJ 
enimieiS . ^ut bere arife Diuerfe quettions , ^betber it 
toere laluful fo: ab^amjbeeing a p:iuate man,to arme bis fa^ 
tnilie againff l^inges, auD to taUe in banue open Umrre. J fo; 
m^ parte Doubt not,but tbat as l)C \Jomt to battell, banng ar^ 
tneDlDitbtbepoU)eroftbeboli? C^bolf: fo alfo be tuasfurnt^ 
tbeo U)itb tbe commaunbement of ® ;© ©> tbat be migbt not 
palTe tbe bounces of bis r ailing* 

Jfieitber ougbt tbis to fccme neln , feeing bis caHtng loas 
fpeciall.i^c tnas alreabic created iAing of tbat lantje.fllitougb 
tbe poffclTion luas DcferreDbntillan otber timc:pct notUntV 
ltantJing,C3oD luoulDe giue fome fmgular tchen of bis pcUier, 
lDbicbetoasast?et bniinotuen bnto men : ^ucbe a begins 
mngU)ereatJeU)as in^pofcs, loboluilcDtbeCgvptian, be*' 
fo;e be openly p^ofeffeD bim felfeto bea rcuenger anODeli^ 
uerer of bis countriemen . 

janu tbis is therefore to be notet),to tbc enb tlmt tbev M)id) 
ttUvt to DcfenOe tbem t tbcirs bv t>uit of riyo;jD,fo ofte!! as an^ 
fo;ce is offiercb bnto tbrm, mrg^jt notmal^e tbis cccD a rnlcltj 
Ccruc ti^jeir tnnw^^er^aftcr U^v^ l^al f^pttiat ^ feinc Ab;am pa^ 




tkntlv antj quietlr futfcrcD inhmts , iDfticlje mtgM no Itffe 
Jjauc ftirreD bis muiue . aifo , that au^ain tofee noffjina m 
!ianDet)naDiufet)li?,butU)a0ratliernppomteD ant) ftirrcDtjp 
of d^oD to t\^U tntcrpnfc, it ©all plainl^^ appcarc anon b^ ttie 
commcnoation tDf)icl)c^clc!)ifcDcct)ginct() f)hn. SDfjcrefo^c 
let 1 affurc our fclucs^tftat be tQ3fec t?)i0 tDar in banoc b^ tfte 
Onjalar Dtrcrtion of t\)t l)0l^ CDtjott . 3if an^ man obiect,tbat 
neucrtbclclTcbe pjocecocD further t()enlr)a5 mdetc, lubcnbe 
fpov'IcD ttie conqucrour0 of tf)cir pjcv' ant) captme5,anD fet tbe 
&oDomitejEi at Iibcrtre^tcbif b lucre not committeo to bts garb 
ano Defence : 31 aanfiucre,tbatrcentgitij5 emDent,tbat CDoo 
W%B\^isi 0uioe,ano tbe autbour of tbe cnterp;jife^ tbe tubicbe 
tstobegatbereDbPtbealloUiance tbcreof, tbere is no caufe 
lubi? toe ibouloe oifpute of bw fecrctc tutigement. 2Cbe ^otjo^ 
mites, tbeir ncigbboures bccing bettroi^eD , tuere referueo to 
a mo;e beauie iuogement,becaure tbe^ luerc tbe luo;jtte of all 
otber. STber efozc be ttirretb tp bis feruant Sb^nm, to Deliuer 
tbofetbattoere aomonitbcD br a cbaftifment (ftarpc tnougb: 
to tbe enoe tbet> migbt be maoe tbe mo;je mercufable. $)o tbat 
tbis fpcciaU inttincte of tbe boll! CDbotte, ougbttobe ti;jalDeii 
into example no mo;e , ti^m tlje lubole luarre t3i)\)icbt ^z 

^s toucbing v mcflTingcr tpbtcb b;wugbt nclues f o ab:am of 
tbe ouertb:olDe of § g>oDomites: 31 alloUi not tbat tubicb fomo 
imagine : namclp, tbat be luas a goDlt? man. IMt mayf ratber 
coniccture, tbat be becingfleD from bis bonfe, anD fpo^ieoof 
all tbat be baD, came l)nto0b;jam, tbat be migbt fintie fome 
fjumanitie at bis banDs . j^b^am is bere callen an i^eb^ue, bcp 
raufe be came of (Sber, if o; it is tbe name p;joper to bis kin^ 
reo.anotbe bolt?CI?boftpubli(betb bereagainc bonourablp, 

tbat tbe fame (todJC ll»aS blclTcD . n Whiche were confederate 

w itii Abram] . gt apcarctb tbat i^bjam in cotinnance of time 
loas moicfricnoli? mtertcineD,m fo mnrb tbat be bao frcno^ 
Ibippeam) familiaritietDitbtbePeJincfsoftbclanoc ♦ f[0% 
tbe noble terfncs tbat U)f re in bnn , ma'j: tiicjn to tbmUc 
tbatbclDasam;innottobel)crpifcD.pra^raipgbc l)im felfc 
• fjao fo great a familie,be migbt banc place among tbe lyings, 
tnlelTc be bao bcr^c a m«re (Irannger anO fotourner . 



yBiit 0£>D tDonlD thus p2cmDcfoA bis peace, bf a tcm# 3^* 
po;all If ague, in fo tmicfic that fee luas ncuer mircD \i)ii\j 
t\)o(t nations • ilno tbat all this bufinerfc U)aB DirectcD bp 
0;^D, lucina^bftcbvcaQlp r oniectiire, becaufe bis atJbc* 
rentes Durll allailc luitb greatc perill , foure binges , acco:« 
tinq^ to tf)C date of tbc time, of fufficient ftrenn;tb,anO foura# 
gious tippon truft of t)icto.:te . nerilf^ tbe^ UjouId ne# 
ucr fo: a ftranngers fafec baue cntcrp^ifeo fo farrc,bal) it not 
banc br the fecrctc motion of OoD» 

- 14 [When Abrani heard that his brother was taken.] £^0^ 

fesb?rtflpfl[jeU)ctbtbc canfe U)br ab^amtojfeetbislDarrem 
l)an0:namelv,tbat be might Dcliuer his confine out of captiui^ 
tit ♦ 3ln the mcanc time let bs remember that tohich 3 faio 
ljefo:e,thathcarmeDnothtmfelfet)natJuifeO[p, but br Cons Abramar. 
appointment,tx)ho hats maoc him llo;De of the lanDe . ^ofes ,r,cd him- 
f alleth thofc iuhich accompantco :^b2am to the fielo^fernants: fdfc ai 
but not fache as toere trainee bp in feates of tuarre, asmanv ccchap^ 
thinfee: but mmpiuogement rather fuche, as tuerc brought 1^^°^"'"^ 
tppebnDer his hanMnd tore tnoer his Difciplinefrom their 
thili>ebfflDc,infomuchethatthe^ fought couragioufl^ bnDer 
bis faith anD eonDuctc, anb lucre reaoic to fuffer ant' maimer 
8f perill fo; bis fahe . :3nD in fo greatc a familie , lue are to 
ronfiberjbefibe the enDeuouroftheholie father, thebleffing of 
<DoD, b^ lnhichc he iuas increafeo berono the common m^ 
ijDonteD manner, 

ly (^ Then he and hisfcruauntes diuidcdj ^^omefaf, 

that Ilb:am alone, toith his houfljoloarmie , fell bppon their 
cnimies. £Z)therfomc, that he^ano his tti;a confeDcrates Di^* 
MiDcD tbemfelues into feuerall trcopts, that ther might terri^ 
fie their enimir s the mo;:e , £)tbers alfo thinhe, that it is an 
^\);ut ph:afe,in ffeaD of,2LO b;eabe tippon the face, ano into 
the miODeftof thnr enimies . 3 rather allolue the feconoe 
rjrpoCtion, that encountering Imth the enimies on oiuerfc 
partes, he fouDenlp ama^eo them . if 0; to this effect ferueth 
the circmnHance of timcbecaule ther afTaileo them m the 
^no altj&oujjljc ii)t finbc fucljc examples in the p:ophanc 



3^^ ftiffo;{c5, Of p lftebolDnc0 wt noflDif()ftanomg,ft ouglif fo hi 
afcribc^ to t^e faitb of ab;am,tbat be ourft toitb a fmall bann 
inuaoe a great annic,ant) p;jout)c alfo of tbebicto^ie anD fpoilc' 
a little before gotten • ano in tbat be maoe a full conqucft of 
tbcm quicbel^ Uiitlj little atJO,anD luitbout fearepurfueo tbofc 
iDbicb tpere farre moc in number tben biB fioe, lue arc to at# 
tribute tbe fame to tbe grace of CDoo^ 

17 J^Came the k'ingof Sodom foorth.])3[ltbougb tbeWng 

of J^otjom hncU)C,tbat ab^am armcD not bimfrlfe, but fo;^ \}vs 
binfeman ilots fake : ret notluitljftaniJing, fo; bonours fake 
1)0 goetb f©2tb to mat bim; tbat be migbt fljeUi bimfelf tbank«» 
f ullljnto bim. jfo;: it is tbe mittit of bumanitie , to acknolu^ 
lengc tbofc benefited tubicb are beltolueD on b5,as toell br oc^ 
cafton ant) cbaunce,a0 of purpofe. ano, all tbis turnetb to tbe 
greater glozie of (IDoo,tbat ab;tam£f bictojte toaii fo folemni* 
f eD. I^e namctb tbe place alfo tobere tbe king of ^oDom mette 
iuitb :ab;jam : namely?, in tbe icings Dale : tl^t tcbicb 31 tbinke 
iuas fo called offomeJ^ingratber fo; tiiB pleafure, tbenbc^ 
caufe J^ingeflf bfeo to meete tbere* 

18 [And Melchifcdcch King of Salem.] ffibtS fe tbc tWrft 

Mclciiife- pjtncipal point of tbis Cbapter,tbat ^elcbifeoecb b^ tbe rigbt 

^^tk cf P^i^^®^^ bleCTeD ab;am tbe cbeefe fatber of tbe Cburcb^re^ 

Imibu" ceiuing bim loitb a banquet, ^ toke of bim titbesXbere is no 

t)oubt,but tbat C^oD intentJcD to make | bitto;ie of ab;am fa* 

fnou0,anD to be remembzeo of all pofteritiejci , bi^ tbe comming 

oftbis i^ing alfo to meete bim. 115utamo;ebigbanD ercel^ 

! j lent m^fJllerie luas bercMtball tb^Dotoeo . Jf 0; feeing tbe bolie 

•' l^atriarcbe, lubomc <Doo bau eralteD to tbe moftt bigbtiegra 

of bonour, fubmittcD bimfclfcta flpelcbifeoccb 5 tberc isno 

l)oubt,buttbatbeappointeDbimtobe tbe beaue alone of tbe 

. iDbole Cburcbif 0; lioitbout all controuerfie,tbe folemne blef* 

Cng>tubicb#elcbifeoecb tfurpetb to bim felfe , tuas a figne o( 

p^incipall Dignitie. Jf an^ man obiect anD fa^itbat be tuas a 

p^iefte : teas not ab;iam alfo a p;iette f 2Eberefo2e <3ot> DotJ 

berecommenotmtobs fome lingular tbing in ^elcbifeoecbf 

toben be p^fcrretb bim before tUe fatber of all tbe faitb^ 

ftillSBut it d^M be better to \»zii\) ano oifcuOie all tbe too;bcd 

VPON GENESIS. CAP. Xllli: ^^^ 

In o^beras tfje^ Ire, tbat twe nia^ aftertoarD gather tbe bcf f er i ? 
t\ie fumnic of ttje matter,3[n tljat tje gaue ab;am anu bifi f om* 
pante tntertctnment, tt lDa0 kutgUe : ano bUfTins p;opcrl2 
belongcti) to tlje office of pjieOfjoD, 

2Ct)erefo;je toeoujjbt too^uer tftetoo^tie^ of^ofcfit!)u0: 
Cl^f IfljifcDccb i^ing of &alcm brought fcojfb b^aftc ano toinc: ^^c'diifc^ 
ano being tbt pacft of ©0D,be blelfeD ab;am. &o toe (balt^*^.^ * 
attribute tbat tofjicb belongetb to either perfoit, feucrallp.i^c^ p°ncft a. 
refren^cu tbe toearie ano tjungrie armic \x)it\) kinglic libera* h. ' 
litie : ano bee au(e be toa£f a P;iette, be blefleo \x)it\^ a fole mnc 
rite of p;a^er tbc firfte begotten fonnc of dDoD, anO; tbefait 

0no altbougb 31 oenie not, bat tbat tl)iB toa£i tbe moffe an* 
cient manner, tljat tber tobiebe tocrc binges^ ereeuteD tbe of#^ 
ficeof|a;tiettb©oeairo: /liottoitbllanDing it appearetb, tbat 
tbis toa5 nn ertrao^oinarie tbing in ^elrbifeoeeb, in tbat 
^ge.ipeitber batb be an^ common title giuen bnto bim, toben 
l>^iH)d^itftb<ot)e is fanoe to be confirmeD b^ tbe fpirite « Me 
fenotoe botu coiu-upt religion toas eueric tobere at tbat tinw^ 
foben as Mxmi bim felfe,. tobicb fp;jattg from tbe bolt? If orfec 
of ^em ant) €ber, loas toitb bis fatber anD granntfatbrri^. 
D^otoneD in tbe oeepe gulpbe of fuperllitions. 2Eberefo;e ma# 
up imagine tbat tbis cpelcbifeoecb tuas &cm :to Uibome J 
can not fubrcribe,being Ictte br man^ reafons. fm tbelLo;t)C 
tuouloe not banc noteo a man too^tbie of euerlaHing mcmc^ 
ric,toitb a netoe anD obfcore name onelp , tbat be migbte re^ 
maine bnhnotoen.agaiiie,it is not Iihelp, tbat be came out of 
tbe dDalfe into juoea,neitbcr can toe gatber anr fucbe tbing 
out of ^ofes too;^De0.. 

aCbirolp, if &em bab btoelt tn tbe lanne of Canaan , 3^ 
b^am toouloe not baue toanoereD about in fo long a compatre^, 
as ^ofes bitberto batb oeclareo tbat be oio ^ bntill be baa 
feene t falnteD bis great granofatber . :anD tbe at monition of 
tbe apoftle is of great toeigbtmamclp tbat tbisipelcbifcDecb, 
fobofoeucr be toas,came as it toere from tbe clouOes tnto bs, lUh.^^ii 
toitbout o;iginaL,i toitbout enoing,iro;t in aman tmhnotoen, 

4t» toonogrfnU Qxm of ^ ^^ mt}i mo;e b^igbtis ^;ine: bcti 
" laufe 


lOn^ C A LVl NK^ 

caufenmiDDett (fjccojruptwn^oftljelDo^ltijfje onelp tDawfi 
iinccre mainteincr am f&llotoerof goDlinelTe, inttjatlanDe, 
3 omitf c tbe Doting DicamcB tobic^c Hicromc ijeapett) bp tn 
Uniting to Euagrms,lcaffe 31 be troublcfome to t\)c tcanttist 
luitbout Unite, 3 am cnfilp perfuaDcD, tljat S>alem t$ taken 
fo; i^ierafalem : anD t^i0 opinion is inolte alloloelu l^otobe^ 
tt, if anv man b^io ratber imb^acc tt)c contrarie opinion, tljat 
it toas a totone fituateo in tbe tallic, 3 gainefa^ it not . 
Hicromc in tbis point Difagmtf) : notUntt)ffanuing,tbat lobi^ 
rl)e be C^luctb in an otber place, botoe tbat in bis time tbcre 
iDcre remaining tcrteine monumentes ano tokens in tbe olo 
mines of ^^clcbifeDecbs palace , feemetb to me not creDible. 
^o\D it reaetb, tbat lue fe bolue ^pelcbifeuecb bare tbc 
figure of Cbnttc, anD teas as it toere tbc image of bim . £Dbc 
lDo:Dcs are tbe IB^opbet S>auiDes,Thc Lordcfwarc,and will 

Mclchifc - "<^^ repent : T hou art a Pricdfor eucr, after tlic order of Mcl- 

dcch a fi- chifedcch.l^firtt placet) biin<"biJ5kingliefeate,ant)tbentic 
gurc of giuetb tnto bim tbe bonour of p^^ieftbcooe ♦ HBut it is cntomt 
chriftc. (ijgf t{jef0 tlj3o officcs loere fo feuerall in tbe time of tb^lato^, 
tbat it toas tnlalcefuU fo^ !£iinges to take tjnto tbem tbe 
p>ieltbfflt»c,£omittetbatit leas true iobicbe Plato fa^tbt 
anD ctbcr of tbc poetcs alfo, tbat it tuas tbe common cuftome 
i)f tbe ©entiles, tbat one man fl^oulD be botb i&ing anD \^iitti: 
ytt tbe fame belonged not fa^ an^ mcanes to ©auio anoto 
lispotteritictDbomctbc la\weWerI^ fo^baODc tbc office of 

%\). . efo;e it tuas meete tbat tftc fame lubicbe tnas o;Def «» 
ncD bp ©00 in tbc time of tbe aloe laluc , (l^onlDc be ab:ogateli 
in t\)C pcrfon of tbis p;iefl . jflcitber is it toitboat caufe,tbat 
Hcb.7.10. tbe ^pottle atfirmjcth tbc neU) pncttbcDD to be better f mo;c 
crcellcnttbcntbat olOcanD (ftaooUJctJ pjieHbratie, iMbtcbcis 
fonfirmeobvanoatbc )i5utbntill U)c come Unto Cbatlc, toe 
n)all not finDe tbis i^ing ano p^icft , tubicbc bao tbc p;ccmi^ 
ncnce among ail tbc rcCt^ 

ano as tbcre tuas neucr an^ man be fiDc <XbHff,Uibicb luas 
comparable to q^clcbifcuecb in Digmtietcucnfo berebi? toe ga^ 
ibcr^tbat ip erpJclTe image of CDb^ift toas ofitrco to tje fatbcri^ 


vpoN GENESIS. CAP. XI II r: •p';* 

fo;gcDbrbim felfc : butteaifietbU)l)ercfo;ett)ehmgt)cineof 
<r^;ift luns o;DeincD b^ ^oD^miD confirmcD \})itl) an otljc: ;anD 
tbcre is no Doubt, but tbat tfjc fame luaje; taugbt long agcr b^ 
Ibc fatber^.Xbc fnmmc is tbij3,tbat vTb^ift Ojall be fo tbc ncrt 
J&ing tnto C ^ SD, tljat bcftiallbealfoanncvntcDap^icac, 
ano tbat fo; cucr: 2Cf)C tobicbc ts bciv p:ofitabIc fo^ ts to 
knolne, tbat lue mav Icarne to topnc tbe Innglr potucr cf 
Cb^iac, Ujitb tbc office of p^iicftbajDe. ESbebcrrrftmctljcrc^ 
ib^ctubicbo^Dcmcotbconcl^anDcucrlalling piica, tbatbe 
min:bt reconcile bs tnto dDoD, anb after biisfaciificeotircrcD, 
ini(5btmaUcmterce(rionfo;ib£(, isalfoabrngoferccEtiingpo^ 
tuer to faue bs ano to oefeno bs, bp f)i^ protection. SDbus it 
f ommetb to patTe^tbat lue p^efuming bpon bis Defence,tio p;e:» 
fent our felues U)itbout fearebcfo;^ tbe face of (IDot),U)bom Uic 
fenoluelxuUbefauourab(ebntob5, anotrudtngto bis inuin^ 
dble arme, toe bolol^ boad agatnll all kintit cf enimies. 1i5ut 
tbei? U)[)icb biuioe one office from tbe otber,tearing Cb:ilfe in 
paces, marnte tbeir faitb, ano bep^iuc it of balfe ber ffa^. ^U 
fo it is f be notcb, tbat Cb;ifte is calico a feing fo; euer, lil^e 
tjnto ^clcbifeoecb. jro; feeing tbc Scripture alTignctb no ena 
of bis life, but leauetbbini, as it lDere,aliuctb20ugbo»tall 
agesiitpaintetbanDfcttctb foiUb bnto bs in \)isi perfon, a 
figure, not of a tjmpoiall, but of aneuerlaftingbingtome. 
ano feeing Cijxide b^ bis beatb bntb fulfilleo tbe office of a 
P;ieffe,it folloluetb tbat bp tbe fame one facrifice,<DoD is once 
pleafeb, in fo mucb? tbat nolo lue neebe not fake fo; an^ otbcr , 
reconciliation.Mberefo;e all tbep boe great iniurie bnto bim, 
^nb Doerobbebimoftbatbonourtubicb^obb'itbgiuenbnto xopncf^s 
bimbpanotbe, tubicb eptber fetbpotberfacrificestofatiifienowc bu; 
fb:finnes,o; make otbcr ^;ieffes. anb3ltuoulDtoCDoDtbat chuft. 
tbis bad bene toifel^ tPCtgbeDoftbeanncienttu:iterscftbc 
Cburcb. ifo; tben tbe^ tooulo not fo cololp, ano fo igno;ant^ 
tp baue tranflatcD tbe b;eaoe anD tbe bjine, to tbe timilitiiDe of 
Cb:iff e,anb of £pelcbifebecb,lubicb confiffetb m matters farrc 

spbep baue tbougbt tbat ^clcbifeticcb is tbe image of 
Cf);iae;b^caufe6eoffiereDb;eabeanDtuinc . if o; tbev aODCf 

^. tljat 

^ tW Cbnft W\) Offer CD W 'uotjvslufjirfj ts tfjc liuclr anu tjfiftr* 
Veiling b:caDc : ant) (jis bloun, U)l)ic!) is tijc fpintuall D:inbc. 
Hcbr. 7.1. ^^^ ^!J^ ^polllc in 1)15 €pilllc to tftc l^zb^ucsy txmlv rollers 
' ting, am parttrularlr p;oreqmitnig all tbatjiubcrcin spek |iu 
fe^ccf) l]aD anv fimilituDc luitb <:n[);in:,fpcakctb not one Uio^tie 
Df b:raDc ano fo be tbc ftibtilc curiofitie of Tcrtullian 
anDnicbUftcbctrnc, itlon^tcrrmucfjncgligcnrc, mDifciif;' 
firig timv particular pomt^tuljict) luas of fmall tDcigi)f,not to 
fpcakc one tooioe of tbe p;jmcipall matter. flnD concerning 
tl)e pneftboDc, faing tt)c :apo(lle maUetb fo large anD cract a 
iJifcourfcboUJC groITc fozgctfulncCTe luas t[)ij3,not to toucl) tfje 
notable Hicriftce, luljerein tbe U)bolefo.:ccoft!)ep?icltbffii3e 
U)7.0 nulnoeo ^ 13? tfte blerring anD titt^cs^ Ije p;ouctt) t)is Ijo* 
nour : but l)oU)c mucft mo;c aptl^ ferueD t\)i$ fo; ttjc purpofe^ 
tijat be offercD in tfje figure not lambes ano calues^but tlje life 
Dftl}t luo.zlD,tljat is to (ap tbc boDp ano blouo of Cb^ifte i 15p 
tbefc rcafonsf, tbatoloe nnagination isfuff(cicnt{\Toucrt!)?o<' 
lDen.i9otDbeit,luc mai? take out of tbe tuo^Des of :?pofe0 a con^ 
futatton plaine vncugb. iro.: tucreaDenot tljere, tljatan^ 
tiling tuas offereD\)nto0oD,but in one tcpt be fa inb tbu0. He 

oftercd brcadcand wine.- and being the Pricft of the molMiigh 

God,hc blefscd him. tHfto feetb not tbat tbc Hclatiue belongs 

ctljto botb U)o;De0 : anD tbat tberefo:e ab,:am Uias rcfrc* 

1!)^^ as UjcU U)itb b^caDc anD lDine,as bonr^ireD \}}iti^ the bkU 

frig '^ i5at bcr? riDiculoufl are tbe papiftes;, liJbtcb lu^icil the 

oblation of tbe b;caDe anD U)lnt,to tbe facrifice of tbeir S^alTc. 

The Pa- if^-fo"i^^^<^^^^WfeDecbliUc tnto tbcm, b:eaDe anD tuine 

pift« will ^""tt^ neeDes beofftreD in tbc ^Paflfe. Mbcre tbcn is tran* 

be like to fubi!antiation, Icbicbeleauetb notbing but bare figncsf ^U 

Mcichircs fo, loitb Ujbat p^efumption Doe tbev Deliuer tbe boD\? of Cb:ift 

<JccU. ^0 tjj0ij. facrificers to be offercD i tuitb ^Jobat colour, feeing tbc 

fonne of OoD 15 c alleD tbe onlv' fuccerrour of SJ^clc biftDccb, doc 

tbep appoint an innumerable conipanie of fucccHouns i iEber<» 

fo:e lue fee, boU) groflfclp tbev doc not ouIt' Dep:ajue tbijs place, 

but alfo babble tuitbout an? manner of colour. 

19 [He blcfTcd him.] ClnlcCfc tbcfc tlDO partcg,Hc was the 
Pried of Goct.f He blcfTcd.Do agree togetber,^ofe3 rrpoztetfj 
Hotting ^erCjbut ti;at toljicf) ij5 c5mon, jfo^ men Do blclTe one 




an ce!)er:tf)at is to fav,t jjci! tuin) lucl one to an otficr.iSut Ijcrc 
tticp:icftofCDoDii5DcfcribcDt)ntot0, luf)o bptl)cautbo;itie 
of 1)15 officcblcirctl) bis infcrto;. if o^ ftc IdoId neucr bauc p;2C^ 
fumeD to blcCre ^b;am, t3nlc(rc be bao bnotonc tbat in tbifl 
point be crccUeD bmi. after tbuj maner tbe LcuiticaU piicOs 
arc tommaunncD to blcCTc tbe pcopletf <^o^ p^cnufetb tbat ibc j^'"/"<^»i 
fame iTial be effcctual^o (IbJiftafcenDing into bcauen,liftui5 ^^''•^^•^^• 
t3pbi5banD£(,bIc(ret)bt)5apoftlcfii,a£5 tbenunillcr cf tbe grace 
of Ooo : f tben tua0 tbe trutb of tbis figure pcrfo:mci).if o: l:c 
tcaiftcD.tbat tbe fatbcr baD giuen tnto bim autboiitie to blcCTc 
tbe ilbnrcb^be M)ic\) luas p?efi(jureD in ^pelcbifcoecb. QBlef- 
fcdartthou AbraraofGod.] ffibe ptirpofeofspelrbifcDecbifl 
to confirmc f ratiftc to bolrab?am,tbe grace of tbe Diuine fal<» 
ling, jro; be meanctb tbat bonour,U)bereU3itb Ood bao cfpeci<» 
all^ aDoineD bim,cba)fing bint from al tbe rell4 atiopting bmi 
to be l}i6 fonn. ^no be calletb €>oo,bi? li^bom ab;am taas tbo;* 
rcn,tbe potTctrer of beauen f cartb:to put a mffcrenc e betluecnc 
Ijim f tbe falfe iools of tbe OentileisJ. afterluarD,(I^oD at)o;neD 
l)\m felfe luitb otber titles, tbat br a moje neere note,bc migbt 
make bim felfe familiar t)nto men,tabo acco:tJing to tbe tani^ 
tie of tbcir nature, luben tbet? bcare tbat eoo is tbe mafecr of 
beauen f eartb, ceafe not to tu<int)er t ntil tbc^ taniOj atoar in 
tbeir olun imasinationc. 15ut bicaufe Coo tuaB alreatJV' feno- 
loen l3nto abiam, t feeing bis faitb luas fo:mcD br' manr 02a<» 
f Ic0> ^clcl)u'e:!ecb tbougbt it fufftc if t bv v title of tbe creation 
to tcilific,^ It U).ifi ^ true i onli? Cod, Inborn ^him\ Ujo:(bip^ 
peD.anD altbougb be bim felfe alfo ban tbe fincere tuo :Q)ip of ip 
true (IDoD:^et nottoitbaanoing,be calletb ab^am t\\t blctFet) of 
CoD,in rcfpect of tbe euerlaaing couenant: as if be Iboulo far, 
tbat br rigbt of inbcritance, tbe grace of Cod rettetb tpon one 
ff oc!te f btnreo, bicaufe onl^ ab^jam tuas cbofen from among 
tbe iDbole 1do>Id. ESbere 10 alfo atjueo a fpcciall gratulation of 
tbe bicto:ie, but not fucb as is comonl^ bfen among p;opbanc 
nien,lDben as one of tbem ertolletb an otbcr toitb twine pjai^ 
fee : but a^elcbifeoecb giuetb tbanl.*es to Ooo: t mabctb v ^ic^ 
tojt? tDbicb V !)Olf ma bao gotten,as a feale of bis fra calling. 
20 [And Abramgaue him tithes.] Mere are fome tubicft 
alter t^is tticty% fa^,^ titbcs toere giuen to aWam; but tbe ^ 

ai;. pottta 

^-.» lOHN CAT. VINE 

3 pottle fcacfjetb otbcrUiifc, Ijotwc tljat tcntfjcs lucre giuen tu 

5leuim tbe lopncs of0b>am, fixing ttjatflb; am offtrcD titles 

to a mo >c crc client p;jiclTc. janD it is abfuroc, tbat men luill 

l)auc ttjem to be mo;c cbeefe : bpcaufc if ^elcbifcDecb I) lO bene 

a ?D;ictt, be flijoulD rattjer banc recciueo titbeiS,tben giuc n tbf ♦ 

Wnt there is no Doubt, but tbat ^b:am in tbe perfon of 9^tU 

f bifcDecb, off ercD bi6 gift tnto OcD, v i" ^"f b titbes be migbt 

Ahnm of. ^^^^^f ^^^ ^^^ fb'^t be bao bnto bim. :ab:am tberfo:e of bis o\june 

fcrccii tis' accozD, otfereotitbefo: ^BclcbifcDccbs faUe, tbat be migbt bo^ 

thcs to no: bis p^ieftbmti.^nD fiting it is euiocnt,tbat tbe fame luas 

Mdichifc- not Done amiflfc, ncrtbcr Untbout cai;fe,tbe ilpoaie gatberetfj 

Hcbr *"^*^' ^^''^ *" ^^^^ ^5"^^ ^'^^ ileuiticall p^ieabone loas fub^ 
''^' ie(ttatbep;ie(lbcDDeof<E:bntte. ifo;otbercaufesafterU)arD 
ImDer tbe time of tbe latue, <3o^ gaue commaunDement,tbat 
titbesfl^oulDbegiuentotbe Jleuites : iieuertbclcflfe, in 3i^ 
bzams time it luas onel^ a bolp oblation^anD a pleDge anD te^ 
llimonieof tbanhfulneffe. jI^ottoitbttanDing, itistjncerteine, 
iuljctberbeoflfcreDtbetentbeofbis fpoples, o; of bis gcoDcsf 
tubicb be baD at borne in bis boufe. But bpcaufe it is not like# 
If , tbat be luas liberall of otber mens gcDDes,anD tbat be gaue 
t\)c tentb part of tbe p;ei?, luberof be IjdouId not tour b fo much 
as a tb:eaD : 3 ratber eoniccture, tbat tbefe titbes luere ratbcr 
taken of bis otone gmDes. i^olubeit, 3 affirme not tbat tbc^ 
luere pa^eDeuerpfeare as fometbinl^e : ne^tber coulo beat 
tbat time giue it bf traDition : but it twas a folenme Oeclara^ 
tion,tbe effect tubereora)o;tIi? after foIIolceD. 

21 [^ The kin z; of Sodomc faidc to ASram.]] Ii5f caufc £pO^ 

fes baD b:oUen off tbe ffo;ie of tbe feing of &oDome,in mafeing 
mention bp tbe Uia^ of tbe hing of &alem,bc nolue returnetft 
totbefameagainetanDtcacbetb, tbat tbe king of &oDomc 
met toitb ^b:am, not onlp to gratifie bim,but alfo to giue tn^ 
to bim bis Due relnaro. 2bberefo je be remittetb tjnto bim tbe 
iDboIe p:ep, erccpt tbe men : ^s if be ftoulD fap,3it is a greate 
benefite tbat 3 baue recouereo m^ men:as fo; all tbe reft,tabe 
it fo; tb^ reluarD. :anD tbis is tooubie of p;aife,tbat be fbelr* 
etb bim fclfe tbankfull tjnto man : if fo be be bao not-bene tn# 
tbankfull tnto (13 i£) S), in tbat be luas maDe neuer a lubit tbe 
fetter,nestbcr b^ bis fcueritu^^no; bv' ^is cUmcncte^ 




01fo it ma^ be, tW tljc man being ptn jc, anu fpoi>lcD of all W 
00)03, tb:ougl) ferutle Dtdtmulatton of moDclIie, fought to get 
ttje fauour of ab:am,tbat Ije migbt at tbc Icaft inio^ tbc p;ifc# 
ner0,ano tl)C cmptic citic. ifo;!)ercaftcrUJC(I)aUfa,tl)attbc 
^ooomit)5 lucre tnmtnoftil of tbe benefit rccctiieD,lDbrn bot^i 
p:ouDl^ ano luicbculp tbc^ tcrco bol^ iiot. SDbis oloe ccrcniot 
nic toas licr^ apt to erp^cCTe tbcfoKcano nature of an oatb. 
^o: bp bolDing tjp our banoe tjnto bcauen, tee ^:\x>t tbat vi e 
calK^oDtobeatuitnelTe: ano alfo a reuengcr, iftocDecrirx, 
^o; bv tbw eicternall gctf ure tbcp tcIlifictJ,tnat tber appeaUo 
fotbep;cfcnccof©iDS>, making biJnastucUtbeDefcnDcrof 
truetbias alfo tbe puniO^cr of perinrir. jjiottritbttanoing, it 
map fame ftrangc, lubp ab:am fo eaGip is moueo to fluearc : 
^o: be fenelu tbat tbis reiierence Uias to be giuirn to ttc name 
of C3oD,tbat tDe(boulJ5 bfe tbcfame fparingIr,anD onip fo; ne« 
iclTitic. 3 anfluere,tbatbe bao a Double caufe toflDearc. ifo> 
bpcaufe falfe anD tnconllant men, are luont to meafure otber 
men bp tbem-fclucs, tbep feloomt ^iuz crebitcbntorimple 
luo;w . %\it iHing of ^otjome tberfo:e liioulD bauetboujjbt, ' 
tbat ;^b2am baD not iw gcoO earned fozgonc bii5 rigbt, iJnlelTc 
be baD bfcD luitball tbciiame of (1D;JDSD. ilgainc,it luas neref# 
faric tbat all men (l^oulD fee ano bnolue, tbat be Ujcnt not to 
iuarre fo: bire. SDbcbtHonesofalltimefibcc fuffinentlp Xita 
xlarc, tbat tbcp iDbicb banc bao iull cau/c of luarre, bane not* 
lDitbttanDing,fougbt tbeir olune p;:iiiatc c ommotnties. 0nD 
30 men are U)tfc to finoe(l)iftc0, ano to mahe ercufes, fotlje^ 
ncuerluanteaufes, altbougb ccuetoufncireonlrp;icketl;em 
fo:U)arDe. 2Dberefo;e, tnlclTc ;ab:ambaoaontIrrciecter5(br v/an'sof- 
fpoilcrf of tbe tuarre,it luoulD quit^:Ip baue bene repc:teD,tfcat certurct 
tnoer tbe colour ofrecoueringbis !unfman,be ctrdDii'^i fcuctbt ' i^^ " «« 
tbe piCT'- 2^be Wm\i repo:t,it bebcDucB bini r arefulfv to fttai, ^''^^^ '"^ 
not onciv fo;? \ii3 oUtne fahe, but alfo fo> t^c gjc: v of Coo, tc ["oj/iW 
tubomefi}OuiO banc bene giuenfomefmider note. spc:cDrcr, 
flbzam tboimbt gc^ to arme bim felfe luitb tl^t name cf Ceo, 
as lu*tb a buckler, aaainC all tbe intirmg fnares of rcucrouf^ 
nelTc. jf o: tbe yiir\% of^oDom luoultJ not banc reafleDjto tempt 
bi0 minoe bp oiuers meaner, bnleCTc tuitb gentle r[;ca(l;C0,ull 
i)ccaaou bao bene cut off in xinxt. 

4 + 

in vainc, 

2JQ '* • r'OH N C A LVI NE 

^ 23 [So much as a thread or a rfiooc IntdictJ 2Cf)e ^thmcS 

ftaue an tnpcrfcct fojmc of fiDcannn:, lubcrem is f be bntjf r^ 

llcn:)0 a U)if$ing fo> piinitljmcnt. ^zmctimts a full f rpjcflfioii 

r.Sainu.14 is to be fouiiD in tbe S>cripture£f : as^TJic Lord do fo and fo to 

ine A-c. j^otU)itbttanDing,bvcatire it is a bojrible t\:)inq to Wilt 

into tbcljanDrs of tbe lining dDot), to tftcenDagreatec'conffi^ 

tmt ni.ip be niaDc of an otbe^tlns tnpcrfeit anD b:of?rn fpeacfjf 

fc-Kljctf) men, to ioeig!) amicotinoeriuitli tfiemfduesUJbnt 

t{):pcioe : ifo: itisasmucbasifrDepfl}oulbIa^tfeeirf)anD0 

t)pon tijeir uiontl),anD fl)o«H) b:eaUe offin tbe mmcVi of rbeir 

fpeacl)» ^nD t!)i0 is mod certeine^tliat men at no tune fUieare 

prouokcch ^^^!^^"^ "^ ^^"^"^^ ^"^ ^!>^V' p:onoUe tht bengcance of (II?^S tof 

Goj V^ ^ ^"^^b^^i^P^" ^^^^^^f ^"^ mal^ebimtbcirenimie* [Lealhliou 

im:h. ^iioiildcft fay,! haue made Abram rklV.3:^!tb8«gb t\)t(t \JOO;\}S. 

fmm to note a baugbtie mtnbe, t<D mucb oeOring a name : vet 
ttotUjitbHanDing, b^caufe ^bjam in tbis point is rommenceo' 
hv tbe bol^J c!3!)oft,tbis loas bolp foitftntie of tbe miiiDe. 113ut 
an erreption is atiDctJ : namely?, tbat be luiU not 4)aue \)is hbt^ 
ralitiebnrtful to bis? fellotues, no> ^et maUe tbem fnbiert bnta 
his ^a\x^^s,^o^ t\)is is mt t\ic left part of tertne,foto cro xueH, 
tbat tbouconttreine not antJtrcotbersbntotbi' erample, as 
bnto a rule» liet euer^ one tberefo:e conftoer^tubat bis callmg 
&otb require,Urbat belongetb tinto bis Dutie,!cl! b^ tbcir ouju 
luil,tbep be miurions one to an otbcr. j?o> it is tcomucb impe^ 
rious lua^UjaronelTe, to mahc tbat tubicb ti^e foilcVu as rigbt, 
to bein ftccDc of a laU) bnto otbers, tubicb niai^ not be b^ohen* 


Ftcrtlicfcthina;s, die word of the Lord came to 
Abram in a vifionjfavino;.- Fearcnot Abram, I 
am thy buckler, and thine cxccedmg great re- 
ward c. 

And Abram fiidcjO Lord God, what wilt thou 
giuc me^fccini^l 2;oe child le(Tc,afid thcllcwardcofmine iioufc 
is this Ehczer oFDamafcus ? 

-; A^aine, Abrrtin faidc, Bcholde,to me thou hafl giuen no 
fccdc : whcrrorc,lQe,a fcruant of mine houfe flialbe mine hcirc. 
4 Then bchold,t!ic word of the Lord came vnto liim/ay- . 



in<', He fliall not be thine licirc, but one that iLall come out of / 
thine ownc bowels,hc Oiall be thine heirc. 

^ Morcoucr,hc brought him foorth, and faidc, Locke vp 
riowe vnto heaucn, and tell the ftarres, if thou be able to num- 
ber them : and he (aide vnto him,So (hall thy feede be. 

6 And Abram bclccucd the Lordc, and he counted that to 
him for rigliteoufnefTe* 

7 Againe, he faidc vnto bim, lam the Lordc that bro- 
U2;btthceoutof VrofthcChaldcis, togiucthec this landc to 
inhcritc it, 

. 8 Andhcraide,OLordGod,whcrebyfliallIknowe,that 

9 Then he faide vnto him, Take mc an Hcyfer of three 
yeares olde, and a ihe Goate of three yeres olde , and a Ram of 
three yeares olde, a Turtle doue alfo,and a Pigeon, 

10 Sohetooke all thcfe vnto him, and diuided them in 
the middcn::,and laid euery peece one agamfl: an other : but the 
birds diuided he not. 

1 1 Then foules fell on tlic carcafcs , and Abram droue them 

1*2 A nd v^'hen the Sun went do wn,thcre fel an hcauie flcpc 
vpon Abram:and loe,a very fearefull darkncrTe fell vpon him. 

13 Then he faid to AbramJCnowe tliisof a furetie,thnt thy 
fcedc lliall be a ftraungcr in a land that is not theirs, foure hun- 
dred yeres,and Ihal fcrue them : and they ihal intreat them euil. 

14 Notvvithilandmg,the nation whom they flial feruc,will 
iudge, and afterward Hiall they come out with great fublfance, 

ij But thou /lialtgoc to thy fathers in peace, and flialt be 
buried in a 2;ood a 2:0. 

. 16 And in the fourth generation they fliall come hither a- 
gaine : for the wickednelleof the AnioritesisnptyetfuU. 

1 7 Alfojwhen the Sunnc went dpwne, there was a darknes, 
and beholde, a fmoaking fornacc, and a firebrand, which went 
betwecne thofe peeces. 

18 In that fame day the Lorde made a coucnaunt with A* 
i>ram,faying, Vnto thy fcedc hauc I giuen tiiis lande, from the 
riuer of Aegypt,vnto the great riucr,the riucr Euphrates. 3 • 

> 19 TheKenites,andtheKcnizitej,andthcKaduionites, 
* . ^ . i V.iiij. 20 And 


J ^ 2d AndrIicHittitcs,andthcPcnzzitc5, andtlicRcpfiai- 

21 TIic Amoritcs alfojand the Canaanitcs,and the Girga* 
rhites,3nd thcGcbufites. ^ 

! [The word of the Lord came to Abrnm.]] ^cttrtcp tijaf al 

t\)in^5 tDcre noiue in pcacf , anD acco:Ding to tl)c hart r> tjcftre, 
f fns Viifion map tome to be fuperRuouc : cfprcta!h% tlic Iic:nc 
fO:nm.iunDfngf)tsfcrnanltobect'5©:i cljcrrc, a^ if fje trcre 
fo:ro\ufuU ano afflictcti Untt) feare. SLbcrcfc^c/ome intaginc 
(!)at 0b.jam being rcturnco from tfjc Ddiucrauj.ce of big; UM^ 
man,\Da3 annopco fomc manner of lDav,tc[?rrccr^orcs ma* 
hetl) no mention : euen as tbe 11 o:d oftentimes t-mnllcthbi)^ 
fcruant3,leatl tljei' (ftoulD reioi^ce to mncij in p^cfperitie: ano 
tbatU)benab:am 1030 ran* Douine, be tw as eredeo againe bp 
an otbcr miracle. llDtit brcanfe no fucb tbing can be gatberco 
outoftbe U)o;»oes of ^ofes, 3 itiOgetbaftteretiTas another 
caufe* Jf irtt,altbon(5l) \fc bao commentation of all men,tbcrc 
is no uonbt, but tbat Diners cogitations came into bis minoe. 
flltbougb Chadorluorner ano bis a^bJ^rents, Icere oucrccme 
in battelUpet notU)itbl!ant)ing,;ab.Mm b^^ p?ouol;eO tfjcm fn, 
tbat tbep migbt toitb a netue fupplie, alTaple t\)t lanDc of Ca^ 
naan againe, /jicitber toere tbe inbabitants of tbe lano quite 
tuitbout fearc of tbat pcrilL 0iro,as great felicitiebatb enuic 
aftoaps iorneo U^itb it,ro ^b:am beganne to be fubicrt to maa 
n\? fmitter repo:ts, after be baD p:erumeD to fiiirmitb itiitb tbe 
ronqnering armie of fonre kings, Sbbere migbt alfo a falfe (nf* 
Jjicion arife, astbatitluonlDinlbo:ttimecomctDpairr, tbat 
be UjouId b rno bis fo2ce.lDberluitb be bao alTarleo tbe fo<ireinc 
feirtgs>a5ainll bis neigbbours anD barbonrers. Cbercfoze^ad 
tbe t3icto:ictnrneD to bis boni)ur,fo tberc is noooubt^bnt tjiat 
it maDe bim feareful! ant) fufpccteD to manv.ano of man^ alfo 
to be batcD : feeing all men lucre afr aioc of bis firengtb ano 
Ijappie fuccelTe. 2^berefo:e it is no meruell, ifbeUjeremoueu 
ant) t)cri? careftill,t)ntill CDoD comfo:teD bim againe tb;ongbl^ ' 
twitb trutt of bis belpc airo,tbcrc migbt be an otbrr cnc of tb^ 
ozacle : namely tbat CD^DD migbt p2euent m contrarie tise. 
Jioi ab;am being p;ouD of tjjc \jrcto;ie, mifibt forget t)i^ f^U < 

linj5 : 


VPOM GfrNRSTS. CKt. XV. 5|2 

itiiff • in ro mutlj, tljat be migbt fdchc to get pjintipalitie, anU^ ' 
KtiS rtocariucffeofatonnDciinc life, ant) rjUfomncffc 
of continuall bcration,mtgbt Defire better fojtuncano a mo;c 

mitet aat£ of life, anDU)c hnoto Ijolu cafilr men man be maoc p^ofptrJ- 

mrSST, mo bcfoie tW banitic enterctb into tDe mrnoe -« a-" 
5 '5SSSSep«ttetl)l)inun^^ 
fUftll Sc ti,at refti "g bin» felfe tljereon. t,c mm fefpife a I 
Smnia. Oottinfi!firincing,bvcaufc tDts toojo,! care not, 
founoXastl ottgft OoD teoulo comfojt t,im,betnff in fojroto 
Sure, it i wS tfjat he tto-De in nabc of fome futh ccnfii* 
«nf S brauf? lie fatoe tbat man? ciQ nuilitioufir fpeabe a > 
Sftljis Son": rno auol)ifiolceagcint,aur.nerofman,r 

ttteK\jubcit It nm btm C^o" ""tfe ^ot «' ^ «f°^^ 7; 
Eli m % fearc, 'orcanfe be tuns grtatlv! afi aice in MOe : but 
Kent) 5 n xbt learne ftcutlr to e ontcnn->e ano f rcao In^ 

ifSaofatac, a^o as t!)on ma?a banc r.ic auonrabjcbnto 
S ?S no oiufe to5;r tbou (DonlDeft be afraiDe Eorrc 
fS e' ? u bci"? contented a.itb n.c alone in tU lBo^lD,goe foj. 

ther oeocn-J thots bcon beaiicn, tljen fettle tli-fclfet)i,»n toe 
farf, %?ie fo it teas, ^o^ renoUetlj Ijis fmutunt bn^ 
Wm fhnuinn tliat farrs greater bcncfifesteerelattJCbp foi 
Slu^SiS t ffi ttm relfe bpon m bittone ^^ gefca 
faith, thatCDoD fpalie in a biftoii:\cI)ercbrl)?5H'ctbtobn. 
SanS, bat feme bifiblc Bgnc of tbe glojie of OoD, toas at). 
S So the luojo : to the eno the Oracle might hai.e the g rea. 
Jer au%o%ic, anMbis toa« one of the ttoo c^mnarie mea^^^^^^ 
KbHXSoatoastoontintiine patt, to mamfctt b.m fcife 
S t^cSopbctes, eaen as it is fctDolui!eu.tbcba,l;eof 
5umbe'« rFeare not Abram.] although m tbc tevt tpr p:o. „,„.,.., 
SSe the laf ttr : ret nottoithftanoing, bP «>:" .t goetb lu. 
fo'e tbicaiifc tbeecnfirmatioH ocpenoetb bpon ibc fame, Lp 

• to'bi b C50D beliuereth the heart of Sb:am from fc^r^O^s r, 
ho2 cth abjam to be of a quiet minoc : bnt U'hcrebpon is fuch 
fcSe bmScD,but tohen a0 tbjougb faith l"e are pcrfuaoeo 

, ;S S" rcth fo; b0, m DO rca oar fcluw b^on hi. j:otuj 


AT ^^^'^'■ff'e fbcpjomffcbafbtljcfirff place, liofocfhat 
©00 ,s Dis bucUler,ano a fuffiritnt large rrtJaroc : toS 
totbEerljojtatioinsannwDas an appniDir, Feaienot hi 
faufe bca)omD bcarc Dim ftlfc bolo of Sa LS aS a« 

Juo;Dcsmapl,cmo:cplau,e, U.e ittmScSS 

Hare not Abram .• bycaufc I .n, thy bptbcSc 

of b ick'cr,f,c mcanrtf, ^ ab;am m be alWave ISSi rall.ns b.mfelf a rctoarD,be Ojeto h SS? 
to be umcicntfo; bnn.ano a« tbis toa^ inVefpS of bSS 

luas not all ano f be funinte of tbofe bcnrfites, tohith OoTb-,1 

. ictcmmt> to bettoioe t,pon Dim : curn fo 1 1 baJSlS! tha? 

tbe nitne is pjonnfeo Dnf o bs alMn tbe perfon of on" nTan J« 

fau tbrnbopce befpeaketb Dailt; to all bte faitbfnll fSntJ 

^ bpf aufe be batb once taken bpon bim tbeir Oefcn e, he" toars 

Ijautnff a care to pjcferue tbeni in fafct/e, « to pS tbSh 

Coil, a IM potoer ant. as CoD attribntetb to b m felfe tbe oSre of a 

""goJ'y- bl-,L^..^n ;.!f *''"""'' ""^W. to be bnto bs m Mbe of a 
bjafen ioali, tbat m anp manner of periUs toe feare no n.o« 
tben IS ronuentent. 15utbpfauremenbemgcompaffe"a"out 
to tb muers ano mnnmerable beCres of tbe flcB,, are noto ano 
tben toaucnncf, anu are alfotromutbeaootrteDtotbeloueof 
m pjefent Ufe,f be otber part follotoetb.toberetpSo tS, 
ut rn I' "?" " ?*^''i'"^ *" ^^' f"" Vcrftction of a bleffeD 

teiiatte.2:bts,tf It toere toell pnnteb in our mtnOes,boto that 
n God r onfittetb ti)c ebafe ano full perfect ion of sS tES 
toe toomo eafilp nwoerate our mcbcJi affri oniSirb boS 
Terablp b.fquiet b0.anD tbe fenfc is tbis.tbat toe (ball be tE 
perfectly bappic, toben©^© is fauourable fanto bs Jo? S 
botb not onclp beape bpon bs all plentte of bis amDneffc • but 
alfo offf retb bim felfe bnto bs to iniog. /3otoe tobaSt tbSf 
fuus. 6. "'^" ""f «« moje,toben tbe? tniop CM>S^ , m^uit> bnetoe 
S "^''^''l""^' nieant.tobo faptb,tbat an ewellenf lot toa» 

ES?h""' ^^''"^''^' ^"^"^ ^'' ^'^ mberitaunre. »,! 
DEcaufctbercwnotbtng barber, tbcii tob;tDlct[;etoichcDaf. 



fcrtioHiK Of tticfic(I),anD b^caufc t\)t tntlnmhfulncrrc of men w^^ 
fo ftltbie tiiiD fo U)icUcD,tliat OoD nciicr fatifftctlj tl)cin,C£^D 
Dotl)notfimplvuaUt)imfcIfca rcUjarDC, but atcr^largcrc^ 
tuarD, U)})crciuit() it bcrommctbtjfirumncnthno be content 
tcD» anD the fame is berp plcntifuU matter of truft, ano an 
infallible ffav^ o: p:op. ifo; lubat fo euer be be tbat perfiiatetb 
Ijim felfe, that ftis life is p;otecteO hy> ttje banD of C3 £> D, ano 
f bat be ttjall neuer be mi.ferablc, fo long as be is fauotirablc 
tnto bim, ann alfo tbat ioil! flee tnto tins bauen, in all bis Di^ 
ftrelTes ant) troubles : be IballfinDeamoIlercellentremeDic 
in all afflictions, ^ot tbat tbe faitbfull arc clcane bo^De of 
nil feare and care,fo lono: as tbev arc todcD amono; tbe luaues 
ofperilisanofojrotDcs : but bi^caufefcarefulncffeismitiga^ 
teD in tbcir minijes: anti as tbe protection ano Defence of CoD, 
is greater tben al perils, fo it ouercomctb fcarc tb^ongb truft-. 
2 [O Lord Godjvvhat wilt tliou] 515^^ \xil}icl) appellation 
luemaT? gatber, tbat tbere loas fome toUen of Oons glo:ie to 
be f^ne in\f t)ifion,fo tbat ab:am notbing Doubting of tbe au^ 
tboi,migbt loout fcarc burft fmztb into tbis bopcc. if o; feeing 
fitban is a luonDcrful p:actifer of Dcceit^t DeluDetb men bv fo 
mm\! IcgerDcmaines, tmDer tbe colour of OoDs name,it luas 
meete,tbat tfeerc flioulD be a notable Difference to be fecn bv tbe 
true anD cclediall o:acle3, iDbicb (I)Oulo not fuffer tbe minDcs 
of tbe bol^ fatbers to Doubt. 2Cberefo.:e in t\;)t t3ifion, lubercof 
mention is maDe,tbe maiettie of OoD luas reuealcD to 3b:ani, 
lubicbmigbtfutficcfo; tbcaHuranccofbisfaitb. jj^ot bicaufc 
CDoD appearcD fucb as be luas : but fo farre fmztb as be inigbt 
becomp^ebenDeDofbumanc fenfc. llSutbcftxmetbtobebauc 
bint fclf fcarfe moDcftlp, tubo neglecting fo magnificent a p:oi 
mife, complatnetb of tbe toant of foeDctanDmurmuretba^ 
gainft (DoDjbrcaufc bitbcrto be baD giuen bim no fecDe. cabat 
coulD be mo:c to be DcQrcD, tben to be receincD into tbe gar DJ 
anD p;iotection of (DoD^f b^ tbe fruition of bun to be blctTc Drjt 
feemetb tberfo:c to be a fcarfe moDeil obiection, \s)hcn ab:anT, 
as it iDtrc, not regarDing ^ bcncfite incomparable Uibirh Vo^s 
offercD tnto bim,!S not quiet i contenteD,t)ntiU be batb fiXDr. 
i5ut ftrft tbe bolDncffe anDfranUncffe of iibzams fpcarl) is to 
be CFCufcD, bicaufc tbe J;o;d fuffcrctl; ijim to cntl into bis lap^ 






tbc cares iDljtrclDitf) Sxsz are tcrcD, ano tbc troubles tubere^ 
tuitl) luc arc opp.:cIIcD.&cf oncIr,tbc cno of tlje complaint isto 
Ic conliDcrcD.iFo: l)c Dotb not fimpli? tcacf),ttot Ije is foUtarie: 
lut bpcaufc tl)c effect of all tbe p;omifes oepcnUet) tpcn fceoc, 
ljcr)otl) not iDitboutcaufc require, tfjat fo necclTaricapleDgc 
ft oulo be giuen Dnto l)im . if o;5 if fo be tbe Ijope of tbe blelTing 
nnu faliiattoii of tbc luo:lD,ftanDctl) onelv' tjpon feD0c,Ujbcn be 
falDc iW> be lunateD tbis p^incipall part, ii is no mcruell, if 
otfjcr tbinijes Doc as it iyere tanilbe atoa^, o;at leaftUJife, 
not plcafe bis m^nDc, no; fatiftic ^S^ oefire. 3nD \\^\^ is tbc 
Ijcrp rearon,iubv OoD Dotb not cnlp i^^kt in gtoo part tbc conu 
plaint of bis fcruaunt, but airoDotbb^anDbi'ber^fanoura# 
blp beare bis requcft. flpofcs attributetb to ab;jam tbat a€cc 
tionlubicb is naturallp incioent in all men : but tbislettctb 
iiot,but tbat be bao a furtber rcGaroe, Ujben be fo greatlp Defi^ 
rctb an beire to come out of bis lotincs. 0nD in ter^oao,fberc 
p:omife5 tuerc not outof bis xtm^^ Vnto thy fccdc will I giuc 

tills hind: j^lfo, In thy fccdc /hall all the nations of the earth bc 

blcdcd. £>f tbc lubicb,tbe firll teas fo annercD to all tbc rett, 
tbat tbe fame being: taken aioaT?,tbe otber lucre of fmall 02 no 
crctjife at al. But fbe latter conteinct) in iU^ tobole fra pleogc 
offaluation» 2Dbcrefo:e jab;:am Dotb rigbtlp iv^iXwy^z tntbc 
fame all tbe p^omifes of dDoD. [Scemi; 1 goe childledc Cbis 
IS a ^:tapboncall fpcacb.Mc fenolue tbat our life \% lifee bn# 
to a racc.ab:am being noU) of a goD a0e,fa^tb,tbat be is p.:o^ 
caDeo fo farrcfcDztbi tbat tbcre is but a litlc of bis race bebinD 
tnrumie. i;ioU)e, fa^tb be, 31 amalmotrcometotbegoale: 
tbercfo:c tbe race ofmi? life being cnDcO, 3 tball ore toitbout 
cbilD:en. ^no to make tbc matter mo;c bai?nous, be faitb» 
tbat a ttraunge man (ball be bis beire. 3t map bc,tbat ab;am 
bougbt tbis &p:ian of S)amafciis,!n ^cfopotamia.^no tber^ 
fo.:c i\\ contempt anODifoeineof bim,ab:am fpeabctb tbus : 

3 [WlicrcForc, loc, a feruaunt ofniinc houfc /hall be mnic 

hei re.]^^ if bc Iboulo fap,spiferable is mp ftatc and conDition, 
Obicaiou in fo mucb,as 31 can not bauea free man to fucreeDc me. ^ot* 

luitbffanDing, ii map be ocmaunDcD, botoc be coulo be of S)a^ 
Aafwcrc. mafco,ano j^u^ams feruant of bis boufe. 2I^be folution is tlco 

)s^:xis to bc maDc:bc \^ callcD tbe fonnc 0; feruant of i;is boufc, 


V PON GE^TE S T S. CAF. XV. a.^ 

tiotb^f aufc l}t toa0 haim in tl^t fame, but onl^ bzoujtiif bppc ^ 
tfjerein : oi ttjat be came out of iSDamafcuc, bvcaulcbiB fatber 


4 [HcihallnotbctliinchcircO l^erebp tue gatbcr, tbat 
3b:am3 bcfire luas acceptable bnto CDoD. ^bercof alfo tbat 
otbcr folloU)ctb, tbat ab;am Ijoas not moucb bT> an^ affect 
tion of tbe flctfee, to mahe tbis petition : but luitb a bolv ano 
0ODl\?Dcfire,toiniovtbcblciringlDbicb tuas p;omircD. ^no 
<5oD Dotb not onlpp;:omirebnto bnn fceDc,but alfo a great na^ 
tion, lubicb fljoulD be in number anbmultitubeequallUjitb 
t()c Oiirrcs of beaucn . 2i:be^ U)l)icb crpouno it ailcgo;icallr, 
|)otDe tbat a celettiallfaoe is p^omifeb, Uibicb iscomparcoto 
tbe ftarreSjCballfo; me baue tbeir fcnfe : but let be ratbcr im* 
biacctbatU)bicbii5mo2efounb, as tljat, b^tfjefigbtanobc^ 
tjolDing of tbe aars,ab:am0 faitl) iwas bolpen. jf o: tlje ilo;D, 
to maUe bis feruants tbe better affecteb, ano tbe mo:e cffcrtu* 
Rlll?toperceintot!)eirminbes, after bebatbl^nochebattbcir 
cares br bis u:o;be, botb alfo b^erternall fignes lift bp tbcir God mo. 
rpes, to mafte tbem giue mo:e Diligent bccoe. tJCabcrefo^e tbe ucth vs by 
fiabtoftbeftarresUjasnotfuperfluous, but tbe r^"'^^ ougbt ^^^;^^;;;^^ 
to'baue (tricfecn ab;ams minoe luitb tbis cogitation : CDu)£) ° 
lu^icb U)itb bis 1do:o onlv b;^ougbt fo^tb fo fouDcnlr, To great 
nt/armie, tbat tbereUntb be migbtaDo:ne tbe beaucn o: fir* 
mamcnt, lubtcb toas befo:c bovDe ano emptic : can not be re* 
pleniO) mp borbe ano emptic boufe,tuitb face ano pcacritic i 
£po:couer, it is not neccOfarie, tbat tuefcigneo; imagine tbis 
tiConto be in tbe nigbt, b^caufe tbcn tbe Carres apprarcD, 
lubicb are not in tbeba^ time fecne, i?o;,faing tbis Unis tone 
in a biaon,ab:am batJ a luonbcrfull bictue, lubicb openly fiie* 
into anb fct fco^tb fecret anb bibocn tbings, ^o tbat,alt()ougb 
be moueb not bis faite : ret nottuitbftanbing, be migbt be b;o# 
ugbt out of bis tent bv a bifion o^D^eame, j^oij) it map be be* 
maunoeo, of bobat fccoe tbe p;:omife is to be bnoeramDc. Jfoz 
it is ttrtcinc, tbat neitber tbe pofleritie of Jfinael no; of CTa a 
are rccfeoncD in tbis o;ber : b^caufc tbe laU.fuU fate is to be 
rccfeoncD from tbe p:omife, lubicb Ooo tuolb banc to rca bpoji 
afaac anb Jacob, ^ottuitbaani)ing,tbcfamc Doubt arifctb co* 
arning tjje pofteritic of 3lacob;bi:caufc manr tuljici? p;occcDcD 

i oixt of tut ff ocfeaftcr tfjc flclftc, being t^er^citcraf an^ ff4rfit# 
tu apc3 from tbc faittj of ttjcir fatijerB,baiuC()cD tbcm felue^. J 
nuniu)::r^, tW. tl)i^ (entente iscrencrallpertcndcDtoalHJjc 
p:3plc,lu:)0)tt 0xioftaD a&opi^cci bnto Uim felftbaC bicaafe ma^^ 
nL> lu:r? o:aU)ii aUJap tfcougbtbcir inaDcUtie,U}e mutt tome 
bnto CSnftc, UJbo pettetb a Difference belUJcene the true t t\)c 
falfc fonticfi. after tfrifii ntaner tljc poarritie of ab;ain is b20^ 

• ugfjt bnto a fmall number, tbat it mig&t aftericaro jjrolo to a 
greater, ifo; in €i):A(t p ©entiles are alfo gatbereD together, 
f are bp faitb grafreD into tbc boDp of ab;cibam,tbat tbei? ma^ 
tjaue place among bis latufull Connes,x£oncerning tbe tnbicb> 
U)e toill fpcake mo;e m tbe feitentepntb €baptcY foIlolDing. 

6 [And Abrambelccucd the Lord.] i^lue fruitfuU anU 

precious a Doctrine tbis place conteinettj, noneofbsUjoulD 

conitttuve^ tm^flTe tbat iaauleftaOopencD tbe fame bnto bi^* 

. 3i5ut tbis iiJ toonDerfull 1 monftruous, tbat feeing tbefpirit of 

Cod batb kinoleD fo great a ligbt: ret fo; all tbat,manp inter*' 

p:eter5,as if tbep tuereblinoe^gropeanD teUe^luanDering a5 

in tbe DarhneflTe of tbe nigbt. 3 omit tbe ^etoeg, bbofe blinD^ 

Roni.4.3. nelTcis commonly bnotune.lBut tbep lubicb bab |i)autea bers 

plaine interp;eter, baue fo bnfauo^lf co^rupteD tbe fame, tbat 

it IS amon(ler,as J fa^D,to bebolo.i^oU)beit,bercbi? it appear 

hX"ucr ^^^^' ^P^^ f^^b^" ^""0 ^5e rougbt anv tbing mo;e,tben eitbcr 

fought to ^0 CFtmgnifb, 0,: elfe to Dep:aue tbe free rigbteoufnes of faitb> 

acft?oychc iobicb is bcre plainly crp^eOeb* SDbe Uio^Des of ^ofeai are,Hc 

rightcouf. belceucd the Lordc, aiid that was accounted to him for rightc- 

^11^ of oufneiTc. 3(n tbe former p!ace,tbe faitb of ab;ram i^ comment 
• ' DcD,tubereU)itb be imb;raceD t\\t p;omife of ©oo.&econDlr^tbe 
pzaife anD commenDation offaitb it felfe is aODeD, bpcaufea* 
b;am got rigbteoufnelTe tbereb^ befo:e(:5oD, ano tbat bp im^* 
putation. iFo;r tbe l>b;ue Ido;d lobicb ^ofes bfetb,is rela- 
tiuelp referreo to tbe iuDgement of <iI5oO:as in p pfalme tubers 

Pfa to<f w ^^ ^^ faiD,Thc zealc of Phinccs was imputed to him for rightc- 

Lcui.17.4. better appeare hv tb^ contrarie. 3ln ileuiticus it is faiDe,tbat 
c.sam.19. tbe peace offering being offereD, iniquitie (ballnotbeoffereli 

'5'- to a man» againe,Thc bloud fhall be imputed to jjj jj ^ faiO,Lct not the King impute wickedncfTc vnto mc.2Co 


V P ON^CXnK S T 5. CA?. XV. ^.-^ 

fDcrWcO atfo agr^tll tf)Cji plarc , They imputed not mto the ^ ^ 
jncny i nto whofe handes they dcliucrcd the monic for the buil- 

<iing t tljat \B to far,tl}ni fcDkc not account of tt)cm fo; tftc mo* 
tiie : butpnt tbem lit trull luitb tl)c payment, jjiotoe let tis rc# 
(urne to ^porcs.cBucn as toe account ttcni guiltic before Coo, 
to li3f)ome tfteir iniquitie ts imputco,eucn (o to lufccmc t)cim# 
putetb rig!)tcourncire,t!30fe J}C allcUjett) fo; iu(t.^t)crfo:r,b2 
tije imputation of riccbtcourncs^abjam Uiag rccciucD into tti 
o;^Dcr awD number of rigbteous men.ifo;^Baul,to ft)clDpIam<» 
Ip ti)c foice, naf ure,o; qualitie of tbis rigbteoufneCTe, b;tngctf) 
lj0 to tf)e bcuenl^ tinbunall feate of (Doo.2nberfD;jc tbep Co but 
folifl>l? trifl0,tDl)iclr D;aUi tljie to f fame of boneftie as ttjougb 
ab;am lucre counter) a lutt ano rigbtcous man in bis affairs, 
^eitbcrDoetbe^anv'k(ret5no:antlyco;irupttbe ttxt^ lubicfl 
fai?,tbat ;ab;am gauc tnto (DoD tbc glo^ie of rigbteoufnclTcin 
fomucb,tbat beDurHfafcI^ trud tjnto bis p^omifes, acftnolc^ 
IcDjinn: bim to be faitbfull antJ true,iFo;i altbougb ^ofes Dott^ 
not c):p:circ tl^t name of CDoo: r^t notU)itbff anDing,tbe bfuall 
manner of fpeacb in tbe Scriptures taUctb atuai? al air.bigni# 
tit. ir^irtbermo^jc, itis no leffe blinoncffetbcnnnpuocncic, 
tubentbis is faiDcto be imputet) to bim fo^ rigbteoufneffc, to 
mingle anotber fcnfc,tben tbat tbe faitb of ab;:am lUiiB recfeo^ 
tie:» fo: rtgbteonfncirc before C3oD.:)15ut it feemetb to be abfurD, obicftioo 
tbat ab;2am ^a^ iufiificD, bicaufe be beleeueo p bis fatj tbculD 
i)C cquall U)itb tbe Ifarres in number. i?o: it coulD not be but 
a particular faitlj , lubicb fufficetb not to tbe full rigbtcoufncs 
cf man. if urtbcrmo;e,of U)bat tf^tt toas an eartblp ano tcnu 
po,:all p2omifc,to eucrlaHing faluation ^ 3 anfluerctbat tbis Aofwcfb ; 
brieefc, tubereof tpofes mafeetb mention, is not rcHrcinco to 
one member, but comp:ebcnlietbtbetuboIep;:omireU'bicbis 
bere fct Dolon. aifo^tbat iab:am Din not iocigb anD c(f a me the 
pzomifeD fccOe b^ tbe p;cfent Oracle onelv, but bp otbcrs alio, 
luberitt a fpccial blclTing tuas anocD. mbcrbr U^e gatbcr,tbat 
fje bopeo not fo: anp common fecDcbut fo; fucb a fecocUbcrnt 
{ tDo^lo tuas to be blerfes. 31f anp man tuilfuilp prrftft tcrrtn, 
^ tbe fame is tu:clf CD Unto Cb;uft,lDbicb is comonlp fpolicn of 

tbc c(}il^ien of ab5am:firlt,itcan notboDcnieOvtbat (:?cD Dotb 
noiiu rcii^ate o^ recite ashlnc t^ep;omirctubicb bcfo;e be bao 


T O H N <: A L V I N^« V -> q v^ 

ma^c i)nto Jte fcr itant, tl^t it migljt anf toere bte f emplamf; 

if o;^ tue baue (a^t^Cy anD t^e matter it fclfe Dotb platitlp p;oue» 

tijat b^ ^ confiDcrattoii'^of the pjomifeD blclTmg, ab^am tr»a« 

conftrcmeu fo o:reatl)> to Voifli) foz f«oe. Mlberetjpon it folio* 

Iwetl), tbatl)etcDlicnott()isp;omirc, a.-j oiuiDeDfromotberu. 

^ut to Ictalltbiff paflfe, loc imitt conODcr U)l;at is intenueJi 

^crctbat tbcreb^ lucmai? iuDge of tlje fatt() of^biam.<D!^k> 

Dotf) not p:omife tbief o; tbat tbmg onl^ tnto bis fer»ant,cueii 

as fomctimc be bcftoluctb alfo fpcciall bencf!trs bpon tbe l)n# 

bclauing: notluitblfatiDinQ:, tbat tbc^ baue no tatte of bis fa# 

tbcrl^ lone : but be tettlfietb, tbat be tuiU be fauourable bnto 

bini, auD confinnctb biirty p^efunnng bppon bis Defence anu 

grace, in tbe trull of faluation. i?o; U»bo fo euer batb dDoD ta 

bis inbcritaunce, tbe fame reiorcetbtiot loitb tranCtone ioi^: 

hilt being as it luer e lifteo bp bnto beauen, poflTeffetb tbe per# 

feet io^ of euer lading life. anD tuearealltobolDefatttbitf 

Goi^s pro- grounD,tbatalltbcp;omifesof(lD^SD, tubtcbaremabetotbc 

«cd"from f^^^&^"*^' ^oe flo^^ ^r°^ ^^ ^^^ merc^, anD are teftimonies of 

hil mercy. ^^ f^tberl^ loue,ano of bis free aDoption^Vobereon tbeir falua^ 

* tion is builDeD. Stberefoiejtoe fa^ not tbat ab:am Iwas iulli* 

ficD, fa^caufe be t©be bolDe of one loo^D,concerning tbe beget# 

tinc^ of pofteritie : but b^caufc be imb;aceD 0oD fo; bis fatbcr* 

Faith by i?«^itber Dotb faitb iuftifie bs fo; an^ otber caufe^ but ontr foz 

the mcricc tbat it reconciletb bs bnto dDoD : anD tbat not fo; tbemertte 

thereof tbereof, but loben as toe receiue tbe grace otfereD to bs in tbe 

doth not p2omifes,i being certeml? perfuaDeD.^ Ice are beloueD of CDoo 

juftihc. ^Qj ij^g fons,Doubt not of euerlaUing life, if o; be tobicb attei* 

netb to rigbteoufnerre b^ lDo;ks, bis merites are rechoneD be^ 

foze(I3oD. iSut toe take bolDe of rigbteoufncOebi^faitl), toben 

as <©oD reconciletb t)S freely tinto ^im. Mlberebpon it follo# 

loefb, tbat tbe merites of tuoikes Doe ceatTe, lobenasrigbte* 

oufncffc is fougbt b^ faitb. if o; it mutt nccDcs be,tbat (DoD gi* 

uetb tbe fiimeofbisotone free toll, anD offcretb tije fame in 

bis loo;D>tbat euer^ one migbt poffeffc tbe fame b^ faitb» Co . 

tbe enD tbis map be tbe mo;e eafilp bnoerttoDe, lubcn ;Spofe5 

faitb, tbat faitb tuas rcputeDto jabiamfo; rigbteoufnc(re> be 

meanetb not tbat tbis fattbloas tbe firaanD^nncipalltaufe 

ofri£^teoufne(l^ tobici^e id catlcD tf^e effoieut cau(^ bpttbc { 


VP O N G ENE S IS. CAP. XV. ^<», 

luftifieD, bpcaufe fjc refting tjtm fclfc tppon tijc fat!)er!v cidD# 
ncflfc of dDoD, truftcD to bis mare mcrci?, ano net to bini fclfe, 
no: to f)i0 tncritts. ifoz tbts is fpcciall^ to be notcD,tl)at fait^ 
bo:rol»etb rigbteoufncfle from an otber, of tf)c lubicb toe arc 
Dcftitute in our fclues. i)tbertoifc, panic ftoulD compare 
faitb Iwitb lDo:kes amilTclubcn be intreatetb of tbc obteminu 
ofrigbtcoufncflJc. ^no tbc mutuall relation bctiranc tbefree 
pzomifc anD faitb, takctb atoa^ all Doubting, ^j^otoc tbc cir# 
cumdaunce of time is tobenotcD. 0b;amlDasiu(lificDbi? 
faifbiHTan^ T?cres after tbat be toas calico of CDoo^nno Icauing 
Ijis countric, toas a luilling pilgrime, ano luas alfo a notable 
erample of patience anD conttancie, after be babtobolrgiucn 
bim fclfc to bolmclTe, anD after be Dailt? crerciQng bim fclfe in 
tbefpirituallanDerternallluo;^tpof(Do09 bao liucD almoin 
an 5lngclicall life. Jtfolloluctb tberefo;e, tbat turn to tbe 
tJcr^cnDofourlife, U)e are b;jougbt totbeeuerladingfeing^^ 
Dome of CDoD, bj? tbe rigbtcoufnclTe of faitb. 3n tobicb pointe, 
man^ are to groCTcl? DccciucD . %f)tv graunt tbat ngbteouf^ 
ncffe, tobicb 16 freely giucntntofinncrs, ano is offcrco bnto 
tbe bnUio;jtbie, i^ recciucobi? faitb onclp: but tbcrrcftrcina 
tbistjnto a moment of time, as tbat be i^ rigbtcous br gojo 
tDOikcs, iubicb ftom tbe beginning batb once gotten ngbte* 
DufncCfc b^ faitb. flftcrtbis manner faitb i£^ no otbertbmg, 
but tbc beginning of rigbtcoufnctre : anD rigbteoufncHe confix 
Hctb in l\io;bcs, During tbc tobolccourfe of life. ^utt\}tis 
mutt necDcs be out of tbeir luit,lubicb arc tbus foilift anD tri^ 
flmg. if o: if fo be tljc angclicall integritic of ^b:am continue 
tng in faitbful courfe fo manv ^earcs,coulD not bclpc bim,but ^^ram 
tbat be mull fla to faitb, tbcrcbr to atteine to rigbteoufncOc : ^^"J;^ '^^- 
lubcre in tbe lubolc too;lD Ojall lue finDc fo great a perfection, ""^tcoV 
lobicb ma)? abioc tl)t figbt anD p:cfcncc of (Dod i SDbcrcfo^e b^ cdic "u"t ' 
tbc o:Dcr of time toeccrteinlp gatber, tbat tucmuft not place inUitb. 
t^t rigbtcoufnclTe of U)o;fecs, in (leeDc of tbc rigbtcoufnclTe of 
faitb, tbat tbc fame map perfect tbat tobicbc tbe otber batb 
Ijcgunnc : but tbat tbc faints arc iulTifiieD b\! faitb, fo long as 
tbep line in tbcluo:lc. 3ff anp man obiect,tbat;ab<:am firftbe^ 
toucDCJoD, iDben be follotoeDt[;c caller, anD conunittcD bim 

3:. fclfc 

i rclfc f f}i^ ^mvnc mh ttkmt : fte folutfon w enlte (o be 

inaDc, tfjnt tfeerc is nobbing fpohcn bcre,at tifjat ttmc jafa^<^ni 

bcftan to be mftificD,o; to bclaue in (DoDrbut m one -pi icc it is 

DcdarcD, boU) be tiiajj iuaifieo fo; all tljc time ttat be liucDcn 

rareb> ^o; iffo be ^ofcjsbvaiiDb^ after bis firftcalUnitfcaD 

f[)o\icn tbuj5, tbc fo;^efaio cauitlation CjcultJ baue ban mo;c to^ 

Iour,a0 tbat it toas a beginning; rigbtccsafnes of faitb,anD not 

perpetual Wut nott) feeing after fa long fontinuancctje is Uil 

fuD to be ri0btcaui5,it Dotb tbcrbv eafil^ appeare.^ tbe g>aint0 

are inftifico freelp:, tutn bnto ccatb. 3 ronfeflfe, tbat after tbc 

faitbfull are regenerate b^tbe t^ixitc of (3oD,tbe maner of iu* 

flifving Dotb fomtubat Differ froiii tbe fo^jnien if o^ tbci^ tubieb 

are bo:ne onl^ of tbc flcfl^ tbofc 0oD reconriletb to btin felfe, 

being clcanc bovb of all gcobneCTe : anD tub^n as Ijt fintjef b no# 

Ibing i\it\)tmi but a bo;rible brape of euils, bp imputation be 

accotmtetb tbem foj rigb^eous. 0hd toAnbcnie be giuetb tbe 

k'-Tmuft'^ fpiriteoffanctiftcationf ri0btconfneire> tbofe bcccmp^eben^ 

be VdUc- ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ QiUts. ^o;eoucr, tbat tteir gob tco^fees ma^ 

counted pleafe Oorj,tbe^ alfo muft nci^s be iudtlrcD bpfrcc imputatio: 

goo J by \)icauk elfe tbev are alluapes bnpcrfcct. j;^euertbclcire,tbis i& 

free impu- uj^ infallible rule, tbat men are iullificB before (Do!), fa^ bthtt 

YoicQoi' "^"-' ^ "°^ ^^ tuo,ilung,bntill tbep obteine grace br faitb,bt^ 
Mufc tbe^ cannot beferue a reluarD b^ iuoihes, j^ntj lubrreas 
^aule afterli^arD afTirmctb, tbat ^b;am Iran not bv b3o:fes ^ 
rigbteourncCre,\Bbicb be baD bcfc:c circumrifion,!^ notbing at 
al repugnant luitb tbc fozmer Doctrine. 2Dbus ^ HpoCle paul 
inakctb bis argument : ^b;jams circumctfionluas after bis 
rigbteoufnetTc b^ o.2t>er of time: tbcrfo;e it coalD net be p caufe 
tbcrcof : jf o: it imitt nececrarilv go before bis effect. 3 confelTc 
airo,tbat ^Daule goetb about bt? tbis reafon, to p:oue,i^ tuo^lis 
are not mcrito;xious, but bp tbe couenaunt of tbc lalue : of tbe 
t)^iti} couenant,circumcificn iti put as a fcale anb toben.HDut 
as panic botb not i^cdnt tbe fo:cc anti nature of circumcificn, 
out of tbe pure ^ true o^binauncc of (DoD,but ratber Difputetb 
ncco:r)ing to tbcir capacitie f tJuuerHanoingr ^itl) ^bome Ijt 
batb to Doreucn fo be tcucbctb net tbe couenaunt Wcit\) be bnD 
tnai^z bcfo:e luitb ^b:am, fo: tbat tbe mention tbcrof tuas fu<' 
ycrfluous to tbc p;clcnt caufc. loQt]} tljcrcfo^c ftaune in fo;.cj, . 



btcaufctljc rigbtcoufnclTc of iib;am ran notbeattribnfcDfo ^ > 
t^c coucnaunt of tfjc latoc, \s)\)m ag it tocnt lcfo;c tirciiincirr^ 
urt. ^lfo,tjjat eijc rigbtcoufncCfc of tfjcmoft perfect fo:tc,ccn# 
Cittcti) fo; cucr in faith, Mjtn as ;ab:am lutt^ all tt)c crccllcn« 
cieofbws tcrtucs, after tbc long anD no brfTeUngularrcue^ 
rcncc of C5:2Dx>,tuas notlottbttanDing^iullifeD b^ faitJi. if o: 
this alfo is finally luojtbic to be notcD, t&at t[)c fame tuljtf b is 
fterc fpoken of one man,i£t attrifauteD to al tbe cbtlo:en of CDco* 
jfo; feeing fje XmB not toitboutraufecalleStbcfatberoflfje 
faitbftjll^ nnt) alfo feeing tber0arcnotmociuat?estoatteinfi 
falnation, ^tt^ rigbtfull;^ paule teacljetb,tl)at a reall,f not a 
perfonall rigWeoufneffe is oefertbeD fcere* 

7 [;I am the Lord that brought thee out of Vr.]115^f ai!ft it 

ielongetl) gretlv bnto t.0>to bane Coo tbe guioe of our tcfiDlc 
life^to tbe cno Uiemap Unolue, tbat loe are not toitbont caiifc 
entered into a certeine Doubtfull tuap: tbcrefo:e tl)c 3lo;D ccn^ 
Itrmetb jab;jam in t\)t race of bis calling, ano ^uttttl) bim in 
fninOe of tbe firft benefite of bis oeliueranceras if be Ijab faicc, 
3, after a baDreacb^Dm^fjanDeouttjntotbce, tbatBjmigbt 
lj;ingtf)aoutoftbe5oepepitoft)eatb^ banc tbus farre f(D;t& 
p jofequuten m^ grace. SDbou tberefo^e aunfiuere me in lifee 
manner^ b|? going fo^toarDe conffantli?, anoboepetbpfartfi 
founue ant) perfect, from tbe beginning to tbe cnD. ^ca^ tbitf 
'is fpoUen not onlp in refpect of ^b;am, tbaf collecting tbe p^o^ 
mifcs of 0£)© from tbe ftrll o;iginall of bis faitb, be migbt 
jnaheoneboD^ : but <a'fo to tlje cno all tbe gcDlt'ma^learne, 
tbat tbe beginning of tbcir calling Dio flciuefrombimtoa^ 
b:am tbe fatbcr of all : ano fo migbt bolDlp bcaft Uiitb paule, ^. , 
tbat t^t^ fenolue, tbat be Uibome tbe^ baue beliruen, ano tbat fj ^ 
(DoD lubo bat) cbofen a Cburcb to bim felfe in f be perfon ofSL^ 
b;jam, IdouId be a faitbfuUkeqper of tbe faluattoncommittcD 
tjnto \)im. ^nD tbat t&e JLo,:t)e fattb^fje U)as tbe beliuercr of a;* 
b.:am to t^is eno, it bcreb^ appearetb : b^caufe Ije iot?netb tbe 

, ^jzomife, tobicbbe is nolne about to make, Untb tbe firffre^ 

bemption : as if be lI)oulD fa^,2Cbis is not tbe firft time luber;» 

in J begin to p;jomire bnto Vmtijis lanbe. j?o;,fo; tbts caufc 

<^t)aueBlb;:ougbttbeeoutoftbi? countrie, tb^it 3 migbt make 

/ fb*^o;oeanoi;ciretbercof. 

• ^ 




fame fo;mc,l^ll t j)ou nugfjteH tfjinhe ttjat tftou luaft DecciucD, 
d; fcD U)iH) baine tuo:D0 : ano 3 commaunD tfja to remember 
tfjefirft fouenant, to tfjc enD tl)t nelue p<:omifc mar Icsne 
tjpona better pillcr, iubicb notoe after eerteineKares pall 3 
Ojicaion ^ ^^ ^°*"^ Godjvvhcrby fhal I know Jjt famet^ terp ab^ 
fiirD, tbat ab:am lufjicb fir'tt belecncD tlje fimplc \juo:d of 000^ 
f moucD no queftion eoncerning tbe pzomifes matie fcnto bim, 
reafonetb tbe matter noU),U)betl)er tbat be true tuf)icb \}c\jtaf 
retb out of tbc mouth of 0od,o; no. ^urtbermo?e,be mttl) 
fmall bonour tjntoCl^oo, lubo t)otb not oneli? murmur agamll 
!)im tubcrt berpeal^etb>but alfo requiretb a confirmation of tbe 
P'rOmi^c^ to be otbertoife maDe. $po:eoiter,from \xi\^mtt com^ 
mctb tbc ImotDleDgc of faitb^but from t\}t tnojo^ jab;am tber^ 
fo:c oefiretb intaine, tobeafTureO oftbe future poOeirion of 
tfje lanD, fo long as be DcpenDctb not tjpon ti)t moutb of CoD^ 
3 anfloere, tbat n)t !lo;b notb fometime graunt tbt6 tnto bis 
fbt!D:en, to obiect freely t^ofetbingesUJbieb come into tbeir 
mint), iilieptber tjotb be ueale fo pzecifel^ tuttb tbf, but ^ be iDtf 
fuffcr bimfelfe to be DemaniDcD of queaions. J^ea,tbe mc:e cer^ 
tenl^ be toas perfuaijctj tbat CDoo tuas true,i tijt mo;e tljat be 
lua5 atJtiitfeD bnto bis tuoiue, tbe mo,:e familiarlp Dotb be cad 
1)10 cares into bis lappe. £po:eouer,it map be,tbat tbe long De# 
lap t»as no fmal let tmto bim.after tbat ^oo bao belo bim m 
fufpenfe a great part of bis life, notoe being ftricben in age, 
ano bauing notbing befo:e bis eres, but tieatb anD tbe graue, 
Ije fullp pzonouncett) tbat be fi&all be i,o.:iic of tbe lantjc» janD 
?et fo J all tbat, be ootb not fo; anp biff icultie refufe ano reicct 
tbat iDbicbemigbt fame mcrcoible: but Wteretb tbe grccfe 
lubicb inljoarolp Dtfquieteo bim. anb tbisisratberatelli^ 
monieoffaitb, tben a figne of tnbelccfe, tbat ^t queftionetb 
iDitbOoo. SCbeloicUer), bifaufetbeirminuesaremtangleD 
toitb biuers cogitations, do at no bano giue eremite to bis p^oo 
mifes : but tbe goolp lubirb faie tbe impcnimentes that are in 
tbe flclft, tbep giue place, lell tbcr (lop tbe tuav to tbe luo^o of 
CoD,anD fdebe a rcmeoie fo; tjjofe \)iceS; lu!)icb tbep hnoUie to 
be in ti}zm fclucs* 


V P O N G E N t S I S. C A ?. X^: 

^ottoitbffanuinjj, it in to be not eD, tbat tbcre locrc f erf c mc 
fpcctall motion£{ in tbc ^ainteSj toljmneitiBnotlaVufuUat 
tiiwi Dai? to D;^atDC into ocamplc. if o.t b^caufe (E^ccbias anO 
(2?eDcon required certcincmiradc0, it iB not our parte to rc# 
quire tbe like, ilet it fufficebs to afhe a confirmation, tobicft 
tbc llo;rD ^00 batb tbougbt goo to cb©fe after bis otune toill. 
9 {[Take nic an Hcyfer J ^ome tranOate tbis otberUjife, 
turning tbe number of peares, into tbc number of bea(!e£f> fa 
tbat tfit^ luoulD bane tb;jee of euer^ fe^t : notluitbftanoing, 3 
like better of tbeir interp;^etation, tubicb t)nDeraanD tbe fame 
of tbe age* aitbougb (H^oli tuoulD not oenie bijJ feruaunt tbat 
Ipbicb be afkeuttiet nottoitbllanDing,be granted not tbat U)bi^ 
cbc migbt fatiffie tbc Defire of tbe QtCti, if o; lobat certcintie o;^ 
atfurance toulo be conceiue,br tbc killing of a be^fcr^of a gotc 
anD of a ramme ^ ifo.: tbe eno of tbe facrifice, of tbc lubicb tue 
fl^allbearemo^e anon, tuas tjnknotone to 0b:am. Jntbat 
tbcrefo.:e be obe^ictb tbe comma^tDement of Ooo loitbout con^ 
trouerfie, of tbe tobicb nottL»itbftanoing tbere appearetb no 
pjoftte, be Dotbtbereb^p:oue tbe obeoience of bis faitb:ne^^ 
tber ootb bis^ ocfire teno to an^ otber enu, tben tbat tbe let be/ 
tug taken atua^,be migbt reuerentl^?, as it Ujas matireft bint 
felfe tponrtbert!)o;D of c©oD» :ILet bs tberefo^e learne quietly to 
imbiace tbofe bclpes ano fta^es, lubicb ^oD offeretb tntoljs, 
fo: tbe confirmation of our faitb,altbougb tbe^ are not agreea^ 
ble to our iuDgcmcnf,but fame ratber to be to\?e0:bntiU at tbe 
lengtb hy> tbe effect it ootb plaineli? appeare, tbat be batb twnc 
nofbing IcfTc tben tjallie tuitb t0» 

lo [And diuidcd them in the middeO:.] SCotbeeUDnO 

part of tbis facrifire migbt tnant a mplterie^certeinc interp;e^ 
ter5 take great paines in curious fcanning of tbc fame ♦ 515ut 
tue mull imb,:acc fob;xiette, ns 3 baue alreaDie lbelueD» tob^ 
be is commanDeo to take tbce kinDcs of beaftc0,bcfioe birOes, 
3 confeHc 3 can not tell : ercept it loere bi? tbat tarietie^to oe^ 
clare,tbat all tbe potteritie of ab;tam,of tubat ttate anti conDt^ 
tion fo euer tbc^ loere of, toerc to be offereu bp fo;t afacrifice, 
tbat of all t\)c people,i of euer^ part, tbere mijjbt be maDe one 
racrifice. 2Dbere arcalfo otber tbings, tbe reafon lubcreof if aj 
, man curioufl^i fake at m? banDcs, 3 iwill not be albamco to 

mi* confclte 

^ I O H IT C A L V I N X 

3"* tonfefftm\? irntozanci* : licaufc 31 map not rnnnefljiougfjUn^ 
ccrtcine fpctulattonn. 15ut tbis 15 tlje funi tn mp tuogcinent : 
t<:it)cr£fls (Uon tommauttDettj tfitbeafttif to be billei?, t)c ftei» 
iDctb tufjat ti)c conoition of tt)e Church ll^al be.abjam tuilfteu 
to b0 alTurcD comrritiitg tbc pzomifcO mltf ritancc of tfee iano : 
^otu he is taught, that there fhal be a beginning at Death:that 
is to rav>that he anD bis mull D^^^c, before the)? inicp the rule of 
ti)c lanD» (EQhcreas becommaunOcth the flatncbtaUcs to be 
cut in pcccci3, It 15 creDible, that this iuas the aunt ient rite in 
maiiingcoucnaunts, UJhtchc came aftertoaros nlfobntothe 
C^ntiles^ 1 iuas alluap put in bfe at fuche tinie,as thev either 
cntreo into ani? (ocittic^o;, mullcreD an arnne.if 0; the compaiJ 
nions 0; fouloicrSjluent through the partes oiuioeo, that the^ 
might the mo:cfirmdi>grotue together into one boo^, being 
incJuDcD in the facrifice together, Suhe iiVophet 31eremie ttftu 
fieth^that this Uias the bfuall manner of the 3letDes,raptng in 

Icrc.34. 18 ^^)^ pcrfon of Ool) thus, I wil giue them into the hands of their; 
cnimies, that haue broken my couenaun^t, and haue not kept 
the vvordes of the eoucnaunt which they had made before me, 
when they cut the calfe in tvvaine,3nd pafTcd betwene the parts 
thereof: The Princes of luda, and the Princes of Hicrtifijlem^ 
the Eunuches,and the Priefks, and all the peoplcpf^tfie lande* 
\\ducli paflTcd betwene the parts of the calfc.i^oVDbeit,it focmcth 

tnto mcthat there tuas here a fpecial reafon^as that the3lc?D 
aonioniflijeD the ffoche of ab:am,tbat the fame fljoulD not onlp 
be lifee bnto a Deao carcaf^but alfo to acarcafe rent ant) to;tnc 
in paces. ifoi fcruituoe loas mo?rgrceuous then Death it felf> 
tuith the U)hic!) feruituDe the^ tuere opp^ctfcD fo;j a time : not^ 
U)ithftanlring,bicaufe the facrificc iii offcreo tinto CPou,Death it 
fclfe iB hyf ano bp turneo into a nclue life, ^no the reafon lub^ 
abzam fetting the parts one againttanothcr,framcth f fittet^ 
the togcthenUias this:bicaufe thep lucre to be gathercD toge«f 
ther againc out of their oifTipation f confuCon. antihotubarD 
a thing the rettozingofip Church is, ano boU) it i& rcpIcnifhcD 
tuith many^ troubles, the hoiroz ^ fcare lohich came bpon a* 
b2am,fufficientlp ajelucth, uHc fa thercfo;e,that tU)a things 
arc. here fet f(D.itl):%H haro bonoagc anD fcruitnoctuhcrUiith 
tftecbilo<:en of ilbpam tocrc to be p;crrcD almott to Death, anti 


fobiuttlontaifotbe redemption, Wclj Iftoulti be a nofable^ ■ 
pleOgc of (25005 aooption, 2no,m tbe fame eramplc, ti)z gene* , ^^^^ 
raUconoitionoftl)eCf)urc[)i5fetf©;tljt)nto\)5, cucnasituj^j \^^^ 
t^ep:oper office ofdDoo to create tbe fame ofnotbing> ano to chuich, 
ratfe tt Dp from oeat^. 

1 1 QThcn foulcs fell on the carGifcs.JSltftOUgfj tljC fo?CfaiD 

beaUcdloereOeDtcateDtobea facnfice to dDoDr^et notU)ttb^ 
ftanDing,tl)e (amt are not free from tbe rauening ano tioUncc a 
of tbefoulcs.ifo^tljc faitftfulUftcr tbat tljc^ are recciucD into 
CoD0 p20tection,are fo oefenDeD luitb bis tjano^tbat neucrtbe# ^ 
lelTe, tbe]? are affa^IcO from all partes rounDabout:lJDbena« 
tf)c U)o;lD anD Siatban, ceaCTe notto tDOjhetbemm«cl)trou# 
ble ano bufineffe* SDbcrfo^e Ictt tbe facnfice be tJiolatcD Uifcicti 
lue b^ue once offereo bnto d^oo, but tbat it mat? remaine pure 
an^ tjnburte, tbe contrarie alfaults ano lettcs are to be repcU 
Ico^not lottbout trouble ano labour. 

12 Qllicrc fell an hcauic flcepe vpon AbrnmJ ^otue f^t 

ttOion is mingleD tuitb fieepe. &o tbat tijc llo;oe io^netb tboCc 
tlDo ^tnoes togetber, Vubtcb a little befo;e i xttcDoutoftbe 
tloelftb Cbapter of tbe bcofee of Jl^umbcrs , lubcrc it is fart)e. 

When I appearc to my feruaunts the Prophctcs, I Ipeake vnto 

them in a vifion or drenmc. jpcntion ljua5 maoe of a bifion : 
nolue^ofes (betoetb^ tbat a D:eame leas alfo aooeD. ^cfiDc 
tbis, tberc vuas alfo a bo.^rible fmolte,to tbe eno j^baam migbt 
iinolJDe.tbat it Iwas no common o^eamc, but tbe fpecial \x)o^kz 
of (i3oD.ii)oU)beit,it batb fome p^opo^tion iuitb tbe p;jcfcnt o<:a^ 
tlCytutn as b^ ano bp Cpoo Declarctb b^ bis olunc l)uo;Des,fa^tf 

in^l Knowe th is for a furctiCjthat thy fecde iTiall be a Granger, 

&c. Wic bauc fa^oe elfetuberc, tbat it is not tbe guife of tb« 

ilo^D to bl^are tbee^es of bis fer«ant0,luitb tiaine fl^elDS ano 

outUiaroe appearances : but tbat Ibe p:incipall partes in tifi^ 

ons,baue altuares belonged to tbe l)uo^oe.£Cbcrefo;:e a onntbe 

fljetoe is not berefet before abjam to beboloe, but fa^anoja^ 

, cleannereDtotbefamcbeis taugbt, lubat tbe erternall ano 

tjifiblefignemeanctb . ^nDitistobenotcD, tbat before ;a^ 

huvn bao one fonne giucn bnto bint , be bearetb tbat l)i(S 

feeoc tl^ll be a captiue ano feruannt a long time . iro^ 

/ tijus tbe Ilo.:oe Oealctb \»itl) bis feruauntcs ; b^ alluave^ 

/ ;a ^MiU bcflln^ 

3 bcgmnct!) at tJ0aflj,f bat quicUcniiig; f!)c Dca^fir ma^' altua^f ^ 
tijebctter Dcdarcbis polucr.S^bicf Oiid:l)ttobei5rd^rc&>partl^ 
fo: ^b:am3 fahc : but tl)c ilojD bad ef^cciallp rcfpert bnto bt^ 
>^ poUcritie, Icatt tbcr fljotilo faint in their fo^rolues anD trou* 
blc0,tljc cnD U)!)crcof tbc 3lo:uc bao p:omifcu lIioiilD be iovfiill 
antj ijappie: fpcciaU\? feeing: tbc long r ontinuanc c it fe!f0:,\Dan^ 
tcD not erccieDirtct v^l^fomnctfe. 3nD tb2ce tbing0 arc fct DolDiie 
I b)' Degrees: i?iriT,tbat tbc cbilB:en of ^b:am muff be pilgrims 
fourtie rearcs, bcfo:c tbc)' fliouloiniov^tbep^omifeDinberi* 
* t?intc : ^econolv, tbat tbci> fljoulD be fcruantg : StbirtJlV) tbat 
^ tbc^ (IjoulD be bngentli? anD cruelli' intreateo, Mbcrefo:c, 
luonDcrfuUanDfingularlDagtbcfaitb of ^baam, in tbat be 
U)as contentcD iuitb fo fo^rolnfuH an o:acIe, anD belecueD tbat 
C3oD\DoulDbebisDrliuercr^ loben btismiferiestucrcfomcto 
tbc fulLi!iotU)itbff anDing,it mai? be DemanDeD,bo^ tbe nuni^ 
brr of vcares Dotb agree, ^ome beginne t\}t fupputation from 
tbe time tbat be luent out of i^aran. But it foemctb mo:c p;o=* 
bable, tbat tbe time tubicb tamt betlueene iB onlr noteD : as if 
it baD bene faiD:,2b!)i' pofferitlemuff neeDejs pcitientfi^ tuaite i 
bicaufe 31 am not DctermincD to pcrfcnne tbat lubicb 3J noloe 
p:omifc^ bntill fourtie reares are erpireD:fo> fo longfbattberr 
fcruituDc continue. BinconliOeraticn bereof, spofooifaitbitt 

Exo.11.40 CTODus,tbat tbe fbilD:en of jfraelDluelt tn (tQvpt fourebun^ 
D;cDanDtbirtic\?eare3:ti)benasnotUiitbffanDing, toe ma^ 
rtatber out of tbe (ixt Cbaptcr, tbat tberc lucre not abpnc ttwo 
buno;ieD anD tbirtie reares crptreD, from tbc timt tbat Jacob 
came tbitber, tmtill tbeir Deliueraunce. Mberc tben fl^aU luc 
finDetbcotbertluobunDKDvcares, but in refpect oftbco.:a^ 
clef HDftbetobicb matter, all Doubting is tahcnatuarb^ tbc 

Gali. 5.17 aipofflc, U)bo rcckonetb fo mani' peres from tbe free couenant 
of lifc,bnto tbc publidjing of tbe laUie. %o concluDe,<3oD Dotf) 
not ff)cUic boU) long tbc fcruituDe of tbe people (IjoulD be from 
tbe beginning to tbc cnD : but botoc long be liioulD fufpcnD o;^ 
Deferrc bis pzomifc. ^nD lubereas be omittetb tbirtie scares, 
it 10 no ncluc tbing,no> fclDomc bfcD, luben reares arc not cx^ 
actl^ reckoncD, to toucb onl\? tbc greater fummes. ^no lue fee 
!)crc tbat fo: bieuities fake, all tbat time is bcrcDiuiDcD into 

foure ages, 3Cbcrcfo;e in tbe omittinjsof a little fpacc,tbere i« ^ 





no abrnrDitic at all, %i)is fpcciallv w to be conOt3crct),tliat t\)t - '^ 
HojtJjto ercrcifc t!)e patience of tjw fcruantSjticfcrrctl) Ijie pao*' 
mifc fac\?onD fourc agc^, 

14 [The nation whoiTiethcynia]lferue.]#OtDaconroIa<' Coawill 

tion is aorjcD^tubcrin tljis is tfjcfirtt anu p;iincipall tl)ing,tt)at rcucngc 
<Don ttdifittl) tl)at be Uiill be a retienger of bis people. CTbtr ^ ^^^^ cuii 
tjpon it follotuetf), fbatfjebatli a care fo;j tfte faluation of tfjofe ^""" ''''^' 
tofjomcbeimbiacetb, ano IttiU notfuffertljemtobetjcreoof ""*"°^^ 
tbe luicfeeo ano tjnn^ooli', tuitbout renenge. 0no altbonglj be 
plainly? p:onouncetb!)cre, tbat be tuill tafeetengeancctjpon 
tbe Cgpptians : f et neuertbeletfe, tbe fame iuDgement erten^ 
oetb it fclfe to all tbeenimies of tbeCbiircbe : eucnas£Wofc5 
alfoertenoetb tbe fame to all ages ano nations, in bis fong, 
concerning tbe puni(I)mrnt of tbe 510,20, lubicb Ifta! ligbt tpon 

alltiniullpcrfcqnnters, facing, Vengeance andrccompcnfcDcu. 32.35 

arc mine.2Dbercfo,2e fo Often aslue are bafrolv oralf iDitball of 
fr:ants(tbe Uibicb i^ a tbing tervuommon to tbe Cburcb) let 
t\)i^ be our cornfo^t^tbat after our fufferance batb ben (ufficu 
tntly! {>:oueb bt? t\)t crotTc, CDob,at tubofeplefure toe are btim*' 
bIet),U)tlfbetberam<JtuOge, torecompcnfetnfoourenimirs, 
tbeiuff reluart) of crueltie tubicb tljei' noUi crcrcife?* %tt tbem 
nolue reio^ce Untb D^onhen tov, at tbe lengtb it luillappcare 
by! tbe eno it felfc, tbat our miferics are bappie, ano tbeir tri^* 
umpbesmotttnbappie^ bv'caufc tbe^baue(lDoD tbeir enimic, 
iDbicb ii^ careful fo;jt)s. 115uf let bs remember t tuemuft giue 
place to fbe tu;atb of C3o0y tmn as pauk erbo^tetb, leaft lue R^n^-^^^if 
be carieD beablong to oefire reuenge»t^^te muft alfo giue place 
t)ttto bope,tbat tbe fame mai? hol^e bs bp^bemg opp;>circD,ano 
Cgbing bnoer tbe buroen of miferies.JCo iuDge a nation^is as 
muc\) as to call to iuOgement,tbat Ci?oD nmv openly? (belue bim 
felfe f be a iubge, loben be bi^tb bene long filent ano at reft. 

19 I^Thoufhaltgoto tHy.fathers inpcace. 3 l^itbertotfte 

lLo:Dc batb Irolieobpon bis feruant^b:amai«J bis polferifir, 
to tbe eno tbe confolationmigbt be common to all: ^olue be 
turnctb W fpeacb to bim aloiic^ b^caufc be tfojDe in nctrjir of 
fpecrall confirmation . 0no tbis is a remei^ic to mitigate bis 
fo:rolDe, b^caufe be (I)oulDDi'e in peace, after be came to bis 
Cj:treme oloe age.3(n tW fome e^pouno tljis of a gentle t)eatb> 

MX iDljCll 



i«!)cn no fo:aj o: tiolcnceximifetb the fanie:o; of an eaCe nta^ 

h)l)en a$ tbctttalllpirite^f doc failcluiUingtpano naturally, 

ano lift it fclfe ocpartcti) b^ tbe rtpenclTe ttjercof, toitljoutanH 

feclmg of grerfe, it is in mi? iuogenicnt a ter^ coloe imagina# 

tion. ifo; tljc purpofc of 9^o(tB toa^ to erp:c(rc,not onelp tljat 

ab;amftoulDbeat)0rpolocman, but alfo tbattftefameolog 

agcof OufljoiilDbe peaceable, ano enoco toitb a ioffull ann 

quiet pcatt). 2D!}erefo;e tbe meaning i0,tf)at altbougb ab;am 

To long as be litieD, ft oulD not iniop t be polTcirion of t\)t lanoe: 

set fo; all tbat, be (boulot banc matter ofrettanoior, info 

mucbe, tbatbauingbappil^cnceD bis life, be uia\> peaceably 

fioetjntobisfatbers. ano in t)er^ D^oe, oeatb ootb p;ind<» 

pallp Difcerne ano fcparate tbe cbtlD;en of (S>^S> from tlje rf# 

p;obatc, inbiofelptani^ronoitiontnltfe, is abnolloneanOa# 

^^ J We :fauingtl)atmoft commonly, tbecbilo;enof (ID^DSDare 

Peiw io P"^^^^^^<ift- laberefo^te peace in oeatb, ougbt to be ac* 

dlnh is ^ou«^^^ a fingular benefite, tbe tobicb w a tettimonie of tbat 

Gods bicf Di(fereuce,ijptricb 31 toucbco tutti notoe. SDbis alfo p^cpbane 

fing. anD l^eatben men groping in tbe uarfec, bauetbougbt. Plato 

ill bis firft bcoke Dc Rcpublica,citetb a t)crfe of Pindarusboto 

tbat tbei? tubicb baue liueo a bol^ ano t)p;jigbt (ife,fljall bauc ai 

(\i)eztt bope folloluing tbem, lubicft fufteining mens beartes, 

anonouriftingoloeage, greatly gouernetb anb o;ioeretb tbe 

luauering minDc of men . anb bpcaufe it mutt neeoes be, tbat 

men,lJubofe conftienccs boe accqfe tbem, Doe mifcrabl^ greeuc 

t ' ano berc tbem felues among funb^ie to;ments,tbe poet affirm 

ming tbat bope is tbe rdoaroe of a goD confcience, calletb tbe 

fametbenurffeofolDc age . Jfo; feeing roung menintbcir 

^outb, being farrefetfrombeatb, car^lcffclptabetbeirplea*' 

Aire, tbe tueahnelTe tobicb is in oloe men, puttetbtbemoail^ 

in minoctbat ibeg mull Depart bence. ^o\jDe,c)rcept tbe bope 

Hope mi- ^^^ ^ttttt life DiD comfort tbem, tbere is notbing left but mi* 

kcth death ferable feares. 2Do be ft)o;t,tbc rep:obate plcafing ano oeligb^ 

joyf uU. ting tbem felues all tbe time of tbeir life,anD flaping carelrfl^ , 

in tbeir Hnnes, tbeir Deatb mult nocres be troullefome, lubeti 

as tbe faitbfull commend tbeir foules into tbe banoes of dDoD, 

lintbout feare anD fozrotoe. OTberetpon alfp Bilcam.U)a> 

Ku.ij.xo.iconaremeo t9 burlt fcD^tbintotbi^t^m^^jtif^tmyroulcdicthc { 

dutfi \ 



icath of the righteous^ iBut b^taixU mcn baiicnotinflictt^^ 
ftanDc ant) potocr fuel) an enD of Ufc lulitct) is to be luiajcD to, 
fteilOiD in p:omifm5 to [)is feruaunt ^bam a peaceable anD 
qtiict Deatl), teacbet[),t!)at t(>c fontc is fjis fingular gift ani3 be* 
ncftte. anD tue fee tbatrucn lungs of migbt, ano all otbers 
iDbtcbunagmetbemfelucstobeblerrerjin tlje tDO^lDe:^ are in 
tjcatb troublcD ant) fearcfull : bpcaufe tJ^tv arc pztcbt tDitft tljc 
falmg of tbcir Citnes^ anD bebolDe notbmginDeatfjbutDe* 
^ruction. J5at ;ab:am Uicnt to bis Death luilling anD m^* 
fiilljlDfjen in Jfaac be M an alTureD pleDge of (DoDa blcffing,f 
fenetu tbat a better life tuas laiD tp in flo^c fo> fjittt in tcauen. 

i6 Qpor the wiclcediieirc ofthc Amontesisnotyetflill.J ^, . ^. 

Jtfeemetbtobeaberp ab&uDc renfon tubicb Ijc mai^et!), as *^ '''^ 
tbattbccf)ilD;icnofab:amroiilDnotbc faueD, but bv tbe De^ 
Cructionofotbcrs, 31annfU3ere, tbat toemuftmoDcfti^anDAnrwcrc. 
!)umbl)? Qiut place to the fecrete purpofc anD counfcll of CDoD. 
liS^caufe be b^^ Gtnen tbat iauDe tnto tbc Jlmo;>ite0,tbat tbe^ 
nhgbt be tbe perpetuall inbabitants tbercof, btgiuetb to bn^* 
Der(IanD,tbat be can not luitbout iu(t caufe gine tbe poGi^CTion 
tbcreof tjnto otbcrs .^s if be CboulD fav',31 U)il graant tnto tb^ 
feDetbcDominionanDpoflrelTionof Jtbis lanDe, toitbout iniu* 
ringanp otber.SDbelanD 10 at tbis Dai? poffelTeD of tbe latufull 
oUnier0,toU)bom 3! baue giuen tbe fame. ;i3ntill tberfo^e tbei^ 
l^auc DeferucD by tbeir toictoDnes^to be hyi rigbt erpelleD tber^ 
fro,^ Dominion tbcrof djal not torn to tby pofteritie* SDbus be^ 
teacbctb bnn^tbat tljz lano mall bemaDe tjoiD, to remnenclo 
inbabitants, anD tbis 10 a notable p!are,tcacbing,tbat Dloel^ yj.jjon, 
leng p!ace0 in m lobole iu.o:loearefoappointcDbntomen,arcconqi,« 
tbat tbe JlojD p^efeructb euer^ nation quiet in bi0 feueral Qa^ red for 
tion, tntill fucb time a0 tbe^ D;iue t\)zm fclues fronttbence, *^'"' ^°^ 
his tbeir otone Unm$. fm inpolluting tbeplace of tbeir ba^ 
bitation,tbet? Doc after a fo;te, b;»eakc tbe bouuDs anD^ limits, 
lubicb (IDoD batb fet iuttb bis oume banDe, anD icbicbUb^ulDe 
otbertoife remaine tjnmoueable. £po;eouer, tbe llo^Dccom^ 
menDetbbere bis long ruaFi:raunce. SDbeamo^itesUieree^^^^^'^^"^ 
nen at tbis ttmebntDoitbie to DUicll in tbc lano : i?et.noniiitb^ fuffcraocc-. 
ftauDtng, tbc llo^De Dotb notonelpfuttcinetbcmfojatime, 
kut alfo grauntctb tjnto tbcm foure ages, to repent than,- 



0itt) licreb)? it appcarctb, ttjat it is not in tain?, tfjaf fo oftmi 
times l)C affirmctb I)im itUt in tbe fcripturc, to be aoiue tnt0 
iDMtfi. iSut tbc mo;c gently' tljat fjc fuifcrctlrmcn, if at tfjc 
latt tljcr repent not, but rcmainc obftinatc, tbe ino^c feuerel^ 

Rom.i. 4 ooft be puniOie fo great tntbanbfulncffe, SDbcrefo^e |Daulc 
fartb, tbat tbep tubtcbe natttr tbemfelues in tbeirfinnc0, 
bcape tip tnto tbcm felucs tuzatb ajjainft tbc Dap of tu^atb, 
iubereas tbe patience ano bountifulnes of (Son inuitetb ttjcm 
to repentaunce : anD tbat tbep do fo little benefite tbem felueiJ 
b\? Delar, tbat tbe (barpnctfe of tbe punilbcmcnt is DoubleD: 
cum as It bappencD to tbe amontes, lubont tbe llo^De at tbc 

^ . latt commaunoeD to be tjtterlp riDteD out, in fo mncb, as tbc 
\)tt^ infants lIjoulD not be fpareD. 2Dberefo;^e tuben toe bcare 
tbat di^oD Dotb lojfee luitb filence from beauen,tDntiU fucb timz 
as iniquities come tntotbeir full, lettJSfenotDc, tbat it is no 
time tben to be fluggillie anD negligent, but ratber let euer^ 
motbcrs fonne ttirre tp bim felfe, to p;»euent anD turne atoai? 
bis beauenlt? iuDgement anD beauie lD:atb. 31t luas long Cnce 
faiD bi? a t^eatben man, tbat ti^t tju.2atb of dDoD commetb floto^ 
Ip fojtoarD to tafee t)engeance,but tnben it commetbat recom^ 
penfetbtbe long tarriance, toitb tbe tueigbt anofeueritieof 
punilftment. ^2Itberefo:e,tbere is no caufe lubp tbe rep:obate 
ft oulD flatter tbem felues,luben be faretb as tbougb be did not 
bebolDe tbem : fo^ bicaufe be fo reftetb in beauen, tbat be ceaf# 
fetb not to be p iuDge of tbe lDo;tlD, neitber Dotb be in timt fo^f 
get bis Duetie. £po2eouer, lue gatber bt? tbe luo:Des of ^ofes> 
tbat fpaceofrepentancc is fograunteD to tbe reprobate, tbat 
l^et fo: all tbat, tbep are alreaDie toloeD to Dettruction* 

17 QBcholdc, a fmoaking fornaccj SDbere toaS aDDcD 3' 

gaine a netne bition to confifme tbe creDite of tbe o; tbc 
firtt,ab;am toas adonilbeD toitb a tbicke Darbneffe : notoe in 
tbemiDDettoftbefmoahingfo;jnace, be feetb a burning fire^ 
b;anD. £0an^ tbinbe tbat it loas tbe facrifice tubicb toas con^ 
fumeD U)itb fire : but 3 ratber interp:cte itj to be a fignc of tbc . 
Deliueraunce tubicb tDas to come,iDbicb agraD toitb tbe mat«« 
tec it fclfc. ifo: tbere are ttoo things in Ibetue contrarie, tbc 
DarkneCTcoftbefmoabe, anD tbeb;^igbtnefreoftbefireb2anD, 
Tt?crcbg ab;tam bnetoc it ft oulD come to padc^tbat ligbt at tbc ^ 

lengtl) \ 



Icttgf!j(!)3uIoarireontofDarfencrrc. Wit mutt allDai^cfi tebc ^^^ 
to finoe a p.:opo;tionf an argecmcnt of figncs toitf) tljc t^mgu 
lijmficD, tl)att|^e^maj?beaiifU)£rabIconetotbc otbcr, li5ut 
Ijcre in luozti, libcrtie 10 p:onu(cr) to ab;ams fecDe in tbc min^ 
Dcll of bonoage. ^no tlje ftate of t[)c Cburcl) conlu not be mo^c 
liuclp oepaintcD f(D;tb, tben luben OoDmaue a burning firc^ 
b:anD to come out of tfte fmoaUe, lead tbeDarbnelfe of afflifti:» 
on3 f^DulD ouerlubclmcbstbut tuebaue gcoo bope of Iife,cum 
in ocatb: bicaufe at tbe laU it luill come to paffe^tljat tbe 3lo;D 
luill Hjine tinto bs, if fo be lue offer our felues a facrificc bnto 

18 [In that fame day the Lord made a couenaunt with A- 

bram.] 3 Ujillinijli' aDmit tbat ^W^ 3 toucDcD befo;je, Ijclue 
tljat tbe couenaunt toas; matJe after a folemnc fafliion, tubeni 
tijz beattes ujere oiuioeD in pcccetf . fm it fcemetb to be a rcpe^ 
tition, toljerein be teacbetb to lubat end tftat facrifice ferueo, 
iubereof (je fjatb maoe mention.OTbere alfoluc ma^ note ttat 
iubicb 31 facile, feotue tfjat tbe luojD is allwares iopneo taitf? 
fi3ne3,!ett mens t'^ts iljoulo be feo b^ baine ceremonies tuiib^ 
.out fruit. dDoD commaunoed bealles to be offereo bnto \iim : 
butbealfdOielneDtbeenDanubfe, b^ aomng tbe couenaunt* 
£po;eouer, if fo be tlje Ho^t) mal^e a league o> couenaunt toitb 
ts, bi> facramcuts anD bitible fignes,U)c gatber,lbat tljcp are 
telfimonics of bis grace, ano feales anD plcOgesoffpirituall 
graces anD benefites tobicb fpang thereof. 




19 [ThcKenites,nndtheKcnizices.] l^etIjcrefo;erecUo 
netbbp tljt nations, Uibofc lanbes be intenbcb to giue to tlje 
tbilo^en of ;ab:am,to confirme tbat lubicb \}t ban p;iomifeD be^ 
fo;e, concerning tbe multipl)?ing anu inlarging of bis fccD anD 
pofteritie . iro; it tuas like to be no fmall bano cf men : but a 
buge multitude , to lubom tbe lozn appointetb fo large a DUiei^ 
iing. 115cfo:e be bab fpoftcn of tbe ^mo;ites onlV) Vubofe guett 
anbinbabitant (peraDuenture)at tbat time ^b;am Vuas:ljut 
noUje to amplifo bis grace, ^^recUonctbbp all ttercHpar^ 

1 XTO wc Sarai Abrams wife bare him no cliildrcn, and iTice 

iud a moidc au Acgvptiaii^Ha^Ar by mn:c, 

2 And 

^ ^ 




1 And Sarai faid vnto Abram,Bchold,nowc the Lord fiat!i 
rcftrcincd mc from child bcring.l pray thee go in to my maid: 
it may bc,that I ilial rcceiue a chiidc by her. And Abram obey- 
cd the voice of Sarai. 

3 Then Sarai Abrams wifc,tooIce Hagar hcrmaidc the Ae- 
l^vpcian, after Abram had dwelled tenne yeares in the landc of 
Cannnn,andgaue her vnto her husband Abram for his wife. 

4 And he went in vnto Hagar, ck ihe conceiued : & when /he 
fa we that ihe had concciucd,her dame was dcfpifed in her eyes. 

5 Then Sarai faid to Abram,Thou doell mc wrong,! hau« 
giuen mymaideintothy bofomc, and Hie feeth that ihe hath 
conceiued, and I am dcfpifed in her eyes .-The Lord iudge be* 
t weene me and thee. 

6 Then Abram faidc to Sarai, Beholde, thy maidcis in thy 
hand^doe with her as it pleafeth thee.Thcn Sarai dealt roughly 
Tvith her:wherefore n-ie fled frotrt'her. 

7 But the Angel of the Lord found herbefide a founteinc 
ofwatcrinthe wildernes,by thefounteinintheway to Shur. 

8 And he faid,Hagar,Saraii maide,whence commeA thou, 
and whither wile thou go f And ihe faidc, I ficc from my dame 

9 Then the Angel of the Lord (aid to her .- Rctarnc to thy 
daiiic,and humble thy felfevnder her hands. 

I o Againe,thc Angel of the Lorde (aide vnto her, I will (b 
greatly increafc thy feed, that it ihal not bs numbered for mul- 

II Alfo the An2;el of the Lord (aid vnto her : See, thou art 
with childe,and ilialt beare a foimc, and flialt call his name lih- 
macl; for the Lord hath heard thy tribulation. 

12 Andhcfliallbea wildcman : his hand /hall be again ft 
cuery man, and euery mans handc againft him : and he (hall 
dwell in the prcfence of all his brethren » 

13 Then fhc called the name of the Lord that fpakc vnto 
her, ThouGodlookcftonme: For flic faidc, Haue I not alfb . 
here looked for him that feeth me? 

14 Wherefore the well was callcd,Bccr-la-hai-roy:Ioc,it il 
betwcencKadcfh,and Bcrcd. 

1$ And Hagar bare Abram a fonnc: Aiid Abram called his \ 

fonncJ \ 



tonnes namc,\vlncli Ha2;ar barc,IflimacU 

i6 And Abrani was fourcfcorc and fixe }'carcs oldc, wlictt 
Ha^ar bare him liLraicl. 

I [;Sarai Abrams wife] l^crcQ^ofe^lM^itetbancfectitlo* 
r:c, Ijoluc that ^arai htim Uicarie of tbc IongDelap,tcuifcD a 
Ujcii^ b]^ her fcli'c coittrarie to IJje Idozdc of (!3otJ> feljercbp fije 
inigtjt rcceiuc fixDc of bcr bufbunoc. &ht faloc tfeat fl)e luas 
larrcn,anrj pad tlje age cf cbilrjbearmg. ^bc intaginctb tbcr/ 
fo:e, tl^at a neliic remcDic is to be fougbt, tbat ^b;tam miobt 
inio^ tbc pjomifeD blclTing. SnD tbcptirpofcoftabingafc* 
f 0ii5 tuifc, came not from ab^im, but trcm &ara!, as Cgofes 
platnlr tljelDetb : to tbe cn:3 Ire ma^ fenolDC, tbat tbc bcli? fa^ 
tijcr luiis not moue^ luttb iwH to tbis marriage, but tbinlung ^ J^^^^^j 
m fucbe tbingluasmoueD tbcretjntob^tbepcrfuafionofbis ^'^""g^"; j^.^ 
luifc. ij5otU>iibO:anDtng, it mai? be DcmauriDe5>lDbctbcr ^a^- fiijhk lu(t 
rai oneli' fo^ tbe Defire of fecDe, appointed ber maioe to (upplie 
l)erplare. ^ometbinkctbatonliitobctbecaurc, ffiutitfi^ 
metbnotcrrDiblebntome, tbat tbe gool^ matrone tuasnct 
pnuicbntotborcpcjonufesr bt^bicb tuere fo oftentimes matje: 
twito ber bufbano. janDalltbeccoDlrouabttobeperfnatcDof 
tbis, tbat tbe motber of CDoDs people, luas a cou^pamon anD 
partaker of tl;)c Time grace toitb bcr bufbantj. ^arai tbcrefo^c 
tiionotnaturallp, ottelrastwomcnDoc, beftre a cbilcie: tut 
fb:oiiQ:b tbe Defux of obtcimngt&eblclTtng, ti^-bicb Ibc feneU^e 
©00 ba^ p;onufeD,(bc tDillrngl^ grauntcD ber tueDicclj ht^ tn^ 
tonnotberinot bpcaufe tl)e maMb a Diuo:ce betlnctne bcr 
anD b?r bufbano, hut bicaufe Ibe affignetb an otijer Unfe to ber 
IjufbanDjbTrUibame l)z iniqi)t baue cbiit^Kn. j^nb inters tecD, 
if fo be (be Cbou!^ \)mt befireD a cbilDe after t\)t common ni<:n^ 
ner, (bi^itioalD ratber baue remcmb:eDtabauc Done it bpa;» 
tioption, tbcn to banc abuittteD afcconD luife. jfoz \joz hnotuc 
botjD great V beateofgealoufieis in ijacmenXberro^c (be fo:# 
getting ber riabt,bi[> tbe beboloino: of ^ p;Dmife,tbinltetb tjpcii 
^ iiotbing but of bringing f(D.:tbcbtiD2en to ab;aKi. ;aiuo;t!;:e 
txdmpkM li^bicb tue receiue no fmall fruit, if o; tbe ocfire of 
^arai luas fo lauDable, anD to be pjaifeu in tc(vtct cf tre cnD 
aiiD iutentjlubereunto it tenbcD,^ iieuertbelelTe in tl;e accopli^ 
Iftincj tljeeof^ajc ccmmUtco nQ fmall ofccnce;fo; tlj^at C^c beina 




i)"^ nof f onfenfcD fo be luitljont £l)<lD:0n,DeparteD from fte lDo;ue 

. of(Dou,tbatftcmigf)timot>tt)ecflfectoftl)cUjo;iD. ^[jenl^e 

gooTintc t ^c^3()ctb ^er barenncff*: ano olD agclljc Dcfpairctb, cwcpt Oje 

Wis not ^^Z^t cbilD:en to ab;am b^ an ot[)tv mcanrB:bcrcm Q)t oflfen^ 

%vithout DeD.15ut boU) Dcfpcrate anD paft bopc To tutt t\)t matter Iwajs: 

fiflnc. ^0t iiottDitblfanDing, (l^e ougbt to baue tafee notbing in banc, 

luitbouttbcluillof C3oD, anD crcepttbc fame bao bene agrees 

Sarai poK ^"5 ^i^b tftc laUifull o^Ocr of natnrc. CoD UioulD baue mani» 

lutcth the femo to fpnng from bolp Ujcolocke : but ^arai pcrucrtetb tbc 

wediockc latuc of UjeDlofUe, in polluting tbc marriage beo, lubicbtuas 

bed. appointeo onlp fo; tvuo.j^eitbcr Dotb tbis ercufe p;jcuaile,tbat 

(be tooulD banc ber a cone ubmc in ffeeoe of a luife : bicaufe toe 

ougbt allua^ to bolDc tt^iB faft as a fure rule, tbat tbe tucman 

is io^neo bnto U)c man, tbat tbep mrgbt be tlno in one fletbe. 

aitbougb at tbis time polygamic, o; tbe bauing of manp \x)i* 

ut£ p:caaiIeD tuitb man^: ^et nottuitlitt anning, it U)as neuer 

in mans luill o; polucr, to abrogate tbat lalrr, br tobirb tiro 

lucre mutually bntt togctber : i^cptber toas ab;am luitbout 

fault in tbat be bearhneb to ber fcolilb ano p;epotterous foun<» 

fe!. 2n!)erefo;e^ as tbera(bne(reofS>araiU)asro;rupteD, fo 

tbe reaoineCTe of ab;am is Ico^tbte of rep:cbenQon, ano tbe 

faitb of tbcm botb falleD^not in tbe fubltance, but in tbe mean 

it felfe,o; o:Der of Doing, in making bade to feebe fdeDe, lubicb 

loas to be bopcD fo; at tbe banDes of (I5oD,lDitbout tbe latofuU 

o;Dinaunce of (Sod. OTbcrbi? alfo luc are tuarneo anD taugbt, 

tbat (DoD Dotb not commaunDinbainctbofetbatarebisfer^ 

ua.nts to be quiet, anD to loatte toitb Itlence, fc often as be De# 

rmpiticn= ^^rretb ano fufpenDetb tbeir Dcfircs. ifo; tbe^ lubicbmabc 

cic prcuco batte befo;c tbc time, Doe not onclp p:euent tbe p:ouiDcnce of 

tcth Gods CDoD,but alfo not being content Uiitb tbc tuo;D of C>oD, Do run 

prouidccc-be^onD tbeir bounDes. But it famctb tbat fearai baD refpett 

bnto an otber tbing, lobo not ontlv, DcfrrcD tbat ab:am migbt 

be maoe a fatbcr, but alfofetl5ctbtob;ing\jntoberfclfetbe 

rigbt anD bonour of a motber. 3 anftoerctbat feeing He hnelu . 

tbat all nations loere to be blrtTcD in tbc feeDe of jab;am, it it 

no meruell if (be IdouId notbeDep;iucDoftbefocietieofbo^ 

nourtleatt (be being cut oflf from tbcbol^anDblelTcDboDr, 

migbt be as a rotten member, anD a fo;reiner alfo from tbe v 


p;omifcO faluation. [Bare him no children, n HLbis fecnien)to ^^' 
be put foicrcufcfaUe.anu in t3cneiittise ^ofeis giuctbtiSf to 
t)nDerrtani3,ttiatf!jcDitjnotfaUe foiafuppltcfo p;'ocaDfrom 
tf)C maiDc£5 U)onibc,bcfo;c fuel) time as ncceCTitie rcquireu tijc 
fame.^riD Ijis Uio^oe^ Declare, tbat Ifte did moDcfil\? anDpa^ 
tientl^^Uja^tetofeetDljattbeilo^De tooulDe Doe,bntiliruc!)c 
time a0 all bope tuas taken cleane aluavslDften be favt!) tijat 
be baD ^wi t)p ber tuomb tbat Ibc migbt btare no mo;ie.CQIbat 
fault tbcn (ball tuefinD toitb bft^^urel^ b^rem (Ije luas to be 
blaincD,fo; tbat a;c DiD not call ber U^bole care bpon tbe 31o;jd, 
\^\xi ti[?cD biff potuer to tbc o^oer of nature , anD reftraincD Vc^z 
fame to bcr dnne fenfe . ^aifo, becaufe (be gatbcring bi? tbe 
timepaft, lubatlboulDe after luaroe infue, confioeretb not 
tbat tbe li^ombe loariin bu( b^uDe to open againe i iDbicbc bo 
baDtbuttebp. '^■'- ••'•'' 

2 [It may be that I Hiall receiue a childc ty her. ] %\^t 

^eb;^ue tciete \b accoiDtng to t\^t letter , It may be that I may 
be builded by her , %^t U)bicb ijs ^etapbo:tcall^ fpoken, be^ 
^iufecbilD;enareabuiloin^,ahDa!5 it luere a bolDing bpof 
tbe Hoclie.^nD ^arai b^ tbe rigbt of bef potucr anD fupcrio^i^ 
tie cballcngctb tinto ber fetfe tbe cbilDe, lubicbe i^)a(tar Inac to 
b^ingfrDjtbjbecaufeberniaiDcs Dionot b;ingfcD;tbfo;tbenp 
feluei5,euen a£5 tbe^ baD not polucr oucr tljcir olon boDies.ainD 
tbat (be fpcakctb firft bnto ber bufbanDe , Ibc Doctb not oncl^ 
aomtt a concubine ^Inbtcb (boulDe beais bi0 i^arlot : but alfo 
Ibe fo;cetb tbe fame bpon bint . ^nD bereb^ it appearetb, V(^^i 
IjDben mm are mo;ie luife ixi tbeir otnne conceit tbcn is mate:, 
tber eafil^ tberbp fal to atfa^ meaner tbat are bnlaluf ul.SEbe 
affection of &araifp;mgetb from t\it ^eale of faitb:bnt bc^ 
caufetbeiisnotfubicct bnto C^oD to tarric btffleifure^^fljc bi? 
anD bv fallctb to polpgamiejtbat is , to V^z aDmitting of moe 
luiues tben one,tbe Inbicb luact notbing clfe,but tbe co;rupti^ 
on of latufull iDeolocke. 115ut ftting ^arai,liibicb Ix^as fo boIi» 
a tuoman,a£i a paire of belloluef; kinDlctb anD p:ouoltctb ber 
bufbanoc to tbe fame impatience^ U)btcb Iwas in ber fclfe : lef 
ts berebp learne, botue Diligentlv' lucougbt to luatcbe, Icaft 
&atban circumuent bs Uiitb anp fecrete Deceiptc .ifo; be Dotb Satiun ;» 
not onlr fubo;ne ano craftily fet fo;tb ^z luicfeeo ano bngoD^ ^ ^"^f >ic 

|3, Ji^cnmuc. 

6:> ik to afrnilc onr faifb,aU ffjat tht^ cm opcnl^', but alfo fomei 
^iiHcs be fcttctlj tpon tJB p;iuil^,anD br (lca{t[j,bp giDi) f fim# 
iJ<enifn,tl)<2t!)cniat? oppjiifc tw tiiuiarcs. X\}trtfo^ toe 
«tuft bctoare of bis traiaca on cncrrraoc: kH b^ feme meartjj 

i3^ Otbcr bctltlJcnninDc tJS. [And Abr«n obeyed the voice of 

5arai.3 STbc fattb of ^b;am failcfb , tobcn be Declining from 
tbeiwo;o of CoDjfirtferotb bimfdfcbp tbe p;jcwof at ion of bis 
iuifcjto be wrricDt^ fe^a rcmcoiciDbtcb toasfojbitiurn b^ 
CoD.i;}otluitbaanDin5,bc bolDetb faft ttje founDation^bccaiifc 
be Doutetb not,but tbat attbelaatetbalfinDedDouto be frue. 
^p tl)c \Dijicl) eranipleteeare faugbt,^ tbcrew norawre Mjs 
luc ftoula be Difconrageo, if to be &atban at an^ time Ojabe 
our faitb,fo^ tj^c frutbof diJoobe not tahen out of our bearts* 
irurtbcrmp.je5l«ing|jDefia:tbatjab^am,ls;bo bao lu.2el!1e6fo 
nianp ^eares ,asf an inuincible Cbampion , anD batj ctohe tbo»' 
wn0broman^barDeliraitc£;,i5otb nbUitnone moment giuc 
plarcto temptation: tobicbof tsiuiUnot beafeavDof tbelifee 
fcviWi 2:!)erfo;e altbougb Uie baue Hcdd a long time conlf anti» 
Ipinttwj fai>tb: vtt n?nertbeleire,luenraa oail^ p^a^ Wtt9 
Oo07fbati}eleaDetenotmtoiempatioit r -i, : ^^a 

: 3 [And gauchcrtaitethufbandcAbram.] mofhljtri 

f rp^teffetb l»bat t be purpofe of g^arai tcas.if o; Ibe neitf^er iiif 
tcnoeo to mate ber boufe a Wmbdl boufe, no:^et ber felfe ^ 
5i3aU)De to ber bufbano. ^ottoitbHanising, J^agar is bcrc bn# 
p.Mjpcrli? calleD bis U)ife,fo2 tbat rontrarie . to tbe latuc of C?o^ 

^Unsv ^^'^^^"3ft^'^"^^^^'*^wngcbtD.mberefo;cletb0kno\jue^ 

tnioinati- t^s marriage iuas fo bnlalufull,^ it Uw0 a meane betloane 

onsTiauc toboJ^cDome ano lueoloche . SLbe hijc bappenctb to all imagii* 

iiUuccciTc nations anoecuifeslybicb areto^neoto tbeUixi^DofCDDO.irej 

altl)ougb tbe^ be xloakeo loitb an boneft pretence : ^et not^ 

iuitbaanumg f iKre id cou-uptton in tbem, tubtcbc oeacncra^* 

tctb from tbe puritie of CDom lco:oe,anD Defiletb tbc fame. - , 

4 [Her dame was dcfpifcd in licr eyes. ] li^cre ^ofeiJ 

(betoctb i punilbment tobirb follotoetb ouermucb bafte. SLbe 
greatcft fault Uws in &arat:becaufe nottDitbtonoingabjam 
tuas txD reoie to ronfcnt, <I^oO ootb iuftl^? puniOj tbem botb ac^ 
co;Ding to tbeir oeftirt, ^arai,U)bicbe luas bcrie mucb f avczt^ 
«oiis,ti)as befpifco of ber biinomarDc : ano ;ab^am is nifquie*' 



ttcirfiij^tn^ffetnerB puninjeU : anD tbat tbc uctufc bntlj no 
fucfeirc,tiit)icl) b^ing fomiD out an!i tmashieD b^ &arni , toas 
tcD rcDil\? foIlolDeU anu imb:acetj of 0b:am. OTit!ialls\i3c \mt 
an erample of tntfjnnfeefulnctTc fct befo:« t5£J in ^agar, tobo 
bauingrecciucD a notable bcncfiteantj honour, began to ^if^ M^^'n 
Dainc5)crnttarc(rc.5lnDkcanfctbwii5t(D coinmonaiifleafr, /[''" *"'" 


Icttbc faifljfuil enure tbemfclues tuitb fuffcrauncc,^ if to be 
t[)e^berotjngcntlv' rcluartieD fo;jft)e gcoD fumes tbci' banc 
tionctjnto otbcrs.HBut fpeciall^ let {? infirmitie of ^arainsouc 
tiSjtDljicI) cannot beare tfte contempt of fjer maf De. 

^ [Thoudoeftme wrong.] SLbisalfoluas a parte Of p«o 
nift)nient,tbat ^arai toas t>Mmblet>, tbat ^ migl)t forget ber 
felfc fo; a time, t beittj ercceDrnglt> mouetJ l»itb anger,migf)f 
fo Ijnb^flrteol^ bet^aue ber felfc.^ba fjao alr0t)ie,fomucb min 
\zx la^^ oucrtb;ol»en bcr buftam^: anu notu peeuiO^li' fbora^] 
gctf) agaiiUl l>im toitbout caufe o: fault in bim. ^^l tbt alleD^ 
grtbnotbing^tub^rein abzamistobe blamed, ^be Cc^.ffetb' 
%i\xi m tbe tretb that (be batb giuen bcr FranmnartJ into bis bo^ 
fome,13Sr complainetb tbat fbe is^^notne DefpifcD of her : but 8j.e 
trieo not t?et ab^ams minociubetbcr be toou^oe Defc noe an«^ 
will caufe o; no b^^ bi^s maintenance l^wi fo blinoe is tbe rag? 
of li):atb,tbat itis raf[)lT? carried euerie luair, t^m rafl}l? i^\\\ Wrath b^ 
Demnctbtbofe,tDbicb are altogijtbertnitbout blame* Jf euer biu.dc* 
anA>.tuomanU)as of meefte anu gentle fpirite, ^araf tpas tbe 
famc.&iKingtberefoAeUie fee tbat nieeluas b:ouf?btioimpa^ 
f ience br one ofl^nce, tbe mi^jeeiiorie one of tis ongbt to eiioe^ 
uo: our ftlueSjto temper our affections. CTlie Lord iud2;c te- 
twcene ineand thcc,]&b^ abufetb i\)t name of €^oB , f almoin 
ftiigettatb tb<vtreuerence iBbicb is- fo greatly rommenccti to ^ ^ 

goDlie.^be appcaletb^to X\)i iubgement of (!^oD. ^Ibat is ^\^ 
dfetbuttobnngTieftrutfionbppcn^er ofe'uebeatif jFcjlvljcn' i. ^ 
€5oD batb fet bimfelfe a Jutige betluarne tbent, be muff wkxii^' 
tafec Vengeance tpon one of tbem. 0b;:ambautionno nnurie,. 
3t rettctb tberfoje ^ (be fc^le p tengrance of (I?cD,U)bofr U);at[r 
fl)e rafl^l^ lDia;etb to ber felfe^o: to ber bufbnrio. 3 f ^ofcs batr 
fpoUen tbis of an^ p;^0pbane,oj beatben tiH)man,ft mtglit \ymz 
bene conteumeD as a t^fuall ti)ing.But nofo tbe H o?B ftcliictl; 
in k jcrfon of tbe motbcr of all tbe faitbfull;fira bc\ne 'ciclent 



^ccouDl^, \)o\joz greatly tljcv are blinDcD, tu jjkfje pleafe tbcm 
ftluc5 in t&eir otonc ooingcs, to tfte enDc tue migbt Icarnc to 
irtllruct our fclucs^fo often a5 our oUinc caufe w in tjui fjanu^ 
0iwtl)cr tiding alfo is berc fpccialp tDo:tf)te to be notcii,name^ 
" Jp, tl)at tlje quictcff ano bett o^ncrcD boufcs luant not fome^ 
timcB biMci^ : ^ca^antj tljat tfjis ruill cntcrctb turn into tbc 
Ct)urcbc of Cod. iFo;tt)cfjoufcofabMm iDbicbe i£( troubltD 
iDitb contentions, \Joas (as luc hnoU^c) a liuelie image of t^e 
C&urcb.astonctjtngDomeaicall b;rallcs,tue luioluetfjattbc 
tljxkft parte of a fociall ano fellotulie life , luljtcbe tfte 3lo;tie 
tjatb o;ueineD among men,confiaetb in lueDlocke:anD ^tt not^ 
lDitfjfiant5ing,tljeref}appen oiuerfe incommooitie0,tDf)icbt no 
ns it Ujere blemift tljat gcti (late. 2Co ouercome tbefe grecfes, 
tbefaitbfnil muft arme ano prepare tbem felues. %bt iobicbe 
that tbc^ ma^ tbe better ooe, tbet? mutt tueigb anD conaoer 
tbe oiiginall of ttjis euillifo; tobat troubles fo euer men feele 
ano finue in t)eOlocke,tbe^ muft attribute tbe fame to finne* 

9 I^Bcholdc thy mayde is in thy handc J 3it appearetb b^ 

tbe anftoere of jab?abam,boto great bis bnnianitie ano mooe^ 

(tie teas • l^e b;alletb not loitb ^is luife : ano altbougb f)is 

caufe be beric gcoo^^et nottoitbftaoing, be Dotb not ff ifli? ffano 

in tbe fame:but toillingl^ fo^goetb tbe toife lubicb teas giuen 

tnto bim.ano,to purcbafe peace,bc fettetb apart al bnfbano^ 

like antJ fatberli? affection, if o; ioben be retoetb ^agar to tbe 

plefureof ber angriejDame, be berctb not luitb ber as a toifc: 

but after aktb^te caretb not fo^ tbe CaeOe lubicb Ibebab conceit 

aeD in ber toorabe. ^no tbcre is no ooubt , but tbat be tuas fo 

tniloe f quiet in bearing toitb ^ intcmperancieof bis U)ife, be 

caufe be bat) founo ber obeDient bntobim all ber lubole life. 

Siriis obc j;> otU)itbttanoing,it toas a great tertuc to b;jiDle bis mino m 

flu" "h A ^° ^^^^^ Din5aine.li3ut bere it map be Demanoeu , boU) tbe care 

bram to of tbc blcffeD tctu oepartcD tben out of bis minoe . i^agar is 

be trafta- grc^te iDbicb cbiloe ; be bopctb tbat tbe faoe fijall come fco^tft 

bie, of ber,bp Ujbicb faluation is p;omifeD bnto tbe tuo^loe. Mbp 

Dotb be not ratber neglecting ^arai i bcnoe \)iB loue anO care 

ijnto tbe fame i l)trcby* loe gatljer, tbat all tbt cogitations of 

men DOC \)anifi} alua^ ano fmohc/o fojneas anv grec^ 

'' ' tious 


noud temptation commctb. ^c bauing taUcn a \Difc Uiitfjout 
tbc conimautiDcmcnt of (DoD, tljinbetb tljat ttjc matter fallctji 
out lucll ann bappilv, lubcn t)c fcctf) l)cr quicUe iuitt) cbiluc, 
anDbeUhctf)tuellofbisfa)lia)p;cruniption» IBixt luljencon* 
tentionrouocul^artfet!j,i)ctmoU)ct!j not U)f)attoi3oe,l)eca^ 
ftetb atuai' all tjopr, oj at Icall tuifc fo^gettetb tljc fame: mtn 
as It mull naoes happen tmto t£i, fo often as lue take an)> 
tbing in Oanoc luitbout tftc U)o:Dc of OoD, infomncfcc tbat Uic 
faint mm at tl)c ftrfte blaft of trembling : of tbe tobicbe tbis 
10 tbe oneli? ftabilitfc,to banc (Sou tbe autbour. Ji^euertbeleOc 
eoD purgetb t\)t faitb of bis feruant from all fpotte : jf o; be 
mingling bis olune ano bis toiues imagination Icitb tbc 
\Do;Dc of CDon, batj as it tuere cboafeeD bis faitb» tC:lbcrefo;c 
to tbe enD tbe fame migf)t ftine againe to tbe full,tbat furplus 
is cicane cut off. after tbis manner , CDoD fetting bimfelfe a* 
gainft onr loicbeD counfcls, calletb ts out of flccpie fluggitb^ 
nrUe to perfecte rememb:ance.a fimple p^omife luas maDe,3f 
iDillblelFe tb^ feetie . ipolue&araia)eat)t)ctb berimagina^ 
tion,tbat tbere (ball be no fccnc, but tbat tobicb fboulo be fup* 
plid) bp i^agar ♦ %i}is corruption of mans imaocination, 
iuberetuitb tbe p;iomi(c leas oefo^meo, mutt neetjesljeluipeD 
aloa^^tbat 3b;am migbt conceitienotbing but tbat tubicbc 
p;ocaoeo from tbe pure tuo;>Tje of €»otJ, [ Then Sarai dealt 
roughly with her.] jt toas a teric barOe tl)inQ fo; titt am^ 
tit tjuoman,to tepc a meafure in rep^cflfmg tbe intolcncit cf 
ber maiDe . CTiberefo^e it ma^ be tbat l^e toas mo:c cruell tp* 
pon ber tben tuas mecte^becing not fo minofuU of ber tn\tic,a^ 
fljetbougbtbokJeOje migbt be reuengenfo: tbe offence com^ 
mitteo . liDecaufe £pofcs crprefiTctb no greater matter, i? im^ 
b:ace tbat tubicbe is certeine : boUic tbat §)arai tjfcDl^erau:* 
miitic in rcp;eiring tbe ttomacbe of ber matte, awn tuc mav 
tuDgc bi? tbc euent,tbat !^agar \s)aB mouet; to fia:,not fo m:icb 
b^tbecrueUieofberS!>ame,asbi>beroUjnc obftinacic. l>cr 

, oUme confciencc tiirj accufe ber : neitber is it liljclic tbat ^.v 
rai tuoub not baue becne fo greatli? moneo, taitbout granoits 
offences . s:bc tooman tbcrfb.:e bccing of a rerui!eDir:30fition» 
ano terie ffubbcrnccboferatbertoflct, tbcn b\! buinble at- 

y fenolulcoging^jf ber fauit, into faucur againe. 

I^^iij* 7CBut 



^. ^ lOHN CALVIl^E 

^T 7 [ButtlicAng;clofthcLordcfounclchcr.3 ^ttt\xitHt0 

tauc[\)t\}Q\jot gcntlvano faiiourabl^ tf)c^oM tt^\tt\)la)itb 

t&ofe thiit arc its , alt^ougb ttjcf Ijaue DcferiicD grecuous pu^ 

mtl^incnt. Sis bcfozc be mitigafcD tljc puniftcment of afoam 

auD S>arai, eucn fo nolu tuitf) a fatbcrlie countcnaunce fjebc^ 

Ijolocttj yagar : ttjat be ma? bellotoc bis grace ano louc tpon 

the Uiljole fanulie.i^c Dot!) not lufjoli^ fpare tbcm, to mamtein 

tljcir firfi:but co^vcttctl) tfjem bp moderate rcmcDtes.Jt 10 te^r 

ric lifedic tOat tuben l^agar U)a£i romc into t!)c tuilDcrnrire of 

S)tir,(ftctbougl)toftbcreturncmto ber rountrie* ji^ottuitb*' 

danoing it fecmctb tbat mention U^as niaDe of p tDiloernes, to 

tbc cnD U)e mai? Unotue,i^ fl)c being mifcrablp affIicteD,luant)e* 

rcD out of V figbt of men^tntill ^ ^ngel m^ettti) tuitb ber, ^na 

tbougb ^ofe)5 ejcp^cffctb not tbe fo.iinc of ]g tjifiont^et 3 ooubt 

notjbnt tbat be appearcD in tbe tijape of a man^ boDp^toberein 

iieuertbeleffe tbere fbinen nianifeft toljen5 of beaueni? glo^ie^ 

8 [ Hagar,Sarais maid JB? tbt£i maner Of ratling,tbe 0ngel 

Decliretb,^ t!)ougb l^agar toere efcapeu ber a^iff relTe bantJ0i 

Libertlc pet nottuitbftanDing ftc remainco ber feruant:bicaufe libertic 

may not uiap not be Qottm b^ ftealtb^no; ?et b? running aU)ai?5biit b^ 

be gotten nianuniiffionjo; uifcbarge b? leaue . aino bp tbis tjopce ^on 

^y health. j^j>^^^jj^t{jat be alloluetb of ciuil gouernnicnt,i tbat tbc hitiU' 

bing thereof is not epcufable* i^arD U^as p condition of ferui^ 

tnOe at tbat time : ano ijue are to giue tbanf^es tnto tljt Ho^Xi^ 

tbat tbe fame barbarous ruocncire is aboUfteo. 0nO pet not" 

toitbllanDing^dDoD p:onounccU fro beauen,tbat it pleafeD bim 

tbat feruants fljoulo beare tbe poke^euen as alfo h^ tbe moutfi 

Epiic .<?. 5. of JDauJcfcruaunts arc not c allcD f libertie : neitber ootb be 

ocp;iue cpaiftf rs of tbeir iDfe: but onelp commanuetb tbem to 

be gentip 1 hbcrallp intreateo. 3it is alfo gatbercD bp tbe cir^ 

L cs ar ^ utti^ancc of time,tbat U)e mult not onlp fo; nccclTitie obcp p 

loTc" "* il^oliticall I €iml goiiernmenttbut alfo u^e mult be fubiect to 

bcycd for tDboiromeIaluc5fo;confncncclahe.j?o; altbougbl^^agartbc 

c:.nfcicncc fugitiuc^coulo uot bc fo;?cablp b;ougbt to obctiicncc,pct not\i 

^^^ • ItanDing ber conoittcn luas not chaungcti bcfo;:e Cod. i6p tbc 

fame argument it is p;oueD,tbat if ^ailfcrsatanp timcDoe 

Deale mo;re barDlp luitb tbeir fcruants tbcn is meet,o;j if tbofc 

iubicb are in autbo^itie DoeIapamo;iC beauie burociitppom 

tbeir fubiectcs tbcn tbep can bearQ: pet nottuitbltanDing tbeir 

rigc; f cpp;ctricn (s (c bc abiODcn; neither \)mz tlfti anp iixa 



cmifcfo call off tfte t'okcaltfjougt) tfjc^^joet© impcriouQp tt* ^ ""^ 
rrcirctf)cirautbo;jitic.2Dobc lJ}o^f,ro often as toe piirpofcto 
DcfraiiDc anv mail of fjis riQ[!)t,o: to fl^afeeoffour lalufullcal^ 
Img,lcttl3et3o^ccoftbc0ngeirountjmour tares ^ eucnasif 
OoD C^ouID pul t)0 bacbc Id t)t£( tjaitD.SDfje^ tDf)tcf) I^auc p^ouo;' 
1^ o;^ crucl^ ruleo, Iftall one Da^ gtuc an acconnt tnto CoD:3;n 
^ meane tiine,fubiect£{ mud abioe tbeir rtgo;^,ti!l dDoD p^ouioc 
a remcoic fo: tbe famcloljore p;opertic is to lift tjp tbc abier t, 
anQ to cafe ^ opp;cireD.3if a coparifon be maDc , tbc aatbo;jitie 
of magittratcs 10 far mo;jc tollcrable^tbcn teas tbat olo ^an 
Certljip . anti tbc poljoer f autbo^itie of tbc countries natii^ 
raUi? to be beloucn, f tuo^tbie of fauour* 3lf fo be tbe fligbt of 
i^agar luerc fo;biODen b^ tbe comantjcmcnt of (I5oD,murb leffe 
lotlbcbcarctDttbtbe rebellton of tbat people, lubtcb U)tll rife 
againtt tbcir pjinceto: toitfj tbe obftinacie of tbofe tl^ilD^tn^ Rebellion 

tubicb tDlll not obC)^ tbcir parcnte0» [ From whence commcft ^g^'"^ 

thou ?] I^e tnquiretb not, nB of a ooubtfull matter : but to tbc |, -ntX"! 
cno l^agar mrgbt fenotoe tbataU ejrcnfeUja^tabenatoar^be raMc. 
piccifelp rep;rebcntietb bcr fiigbf : as if be bab faio, 2D!)ou ba^ 
iiing fo^faken tbv abioing place Halt pjofite tl)i2 felfe notbing 
h^ toanoung about : b^caufe at laft tbou (bait not efcape tbe 
tano of (©ob,tDbicb bau placeo tb® tbcre . Jt map alfo be ^ be 
taff etb in bcr tcetb tbc Departure fro tbat boufc, lobicb at tbat 
time loafli tbc eartblp fanrtuarie of <3oD:fo; fte Ujas not igno^ 
rant,^ dDoo luds too;j(l^ipeD tbere,after a peculiar fo^t.^no al^ 
tbougb n)c Dotb inoirectlp accufebcr mittretTe of crueltie,fa\»^ 
ing,tbat tbc flietb from bcr Dames p:crence:t?et ncuertbcleCfe, 
tbc angel to fake aUiap all crcufe,commanDctb bcr to rcturnc 
ano to fubmit bcr felfe.lBp iubicb lD0;jD6,firft be giuetb to tn- 
DerttanD,tbat tbe bonoe of fubiection is not oiffolueD, bp tbcir 
Ceuere anb rigo:ous ruling tubicb are in autbo;^ttie : feconbip subraiiTi- 
f>e lai?etb tbe U)bole blame tpon i^agar, bpcaufe (be baD (lub> °" '' '^ , 
bernl\) retiidcD ber midrelTerano forgetting bcr Hatcf conbitio infJrioiK^ 
bao eralteo bcr felfe mo;^e p<ioublp antj bolol)? tbcn beecanica rowardc 
maibferuant.2Do concluDcfeeing (fte is iuttlyi punifbcD fo; bcr ti cir ru- 
offences,be comanDctb bcr to feeb a remcoic b^^ amcntjing tbc, p^nours 
ano in tjcric DecD/cing notbing is better tbcn to pleafc i> feuc^ 
ritic of tbofe tobicb baucpolocr oucr ts,tuitb obcDicncc f fuf? 
france:Uibc tbcp are offcnDco \jo our p;to,tbe fpccial^^ lue mutt 
gnocuo; curfclucs to b;ijig tbf to gcntlencs br our fubunflTion* 

^Mij, 10 [Iwiii 


DTT JO [ I will fo -greatly incrcafc thy feedc. 3 Zomtig^ 

Vi)c Offence , anD aICo to maUe lier obcp tbe commaunDcinent 
iDljixb !)cbaD giuen bnto t)cr nio:e glaDl^,{jep;omifctI) ableO 
Cng in tbc cl)ilDxr 1k1;icI) Hjc bare in ber Uicmbe ♦ d^oD might bi? 
his aatbo;iite batic c onunaunDeD ber to Doc tbat tobicbe iuai 
niccteani^rigbt: but to tbc cnDc ^agarmigbtDoctbatmo;^^ 
0lat)lv^ iDbici) (be ijnrlJD bclongcD to bcr Ductie^bc alluretb bcr 
toobcv^(a5it lucre) bpfairei flattering fpcccbcs.ano to tbitf 
cnD pertcine tljc p;omirc3> Uibcrcbi> be callctb tjs to bornnta; 
vie obctJicncc. Jro: be luillnot after a feruilc manner , t>;aluc 
l30,tbatluema\Jbcfonl!raincD toperfourmctbat, lubicbei^ 
commaunucrjlisttbcrcfoic bcio^jnetb tberctoith gentle ano 
fatbcrlic allurements,*? tjcaletb no leffc ltberaU\> Uiitb t3S,tbea 
toitb cbilr);icn. Hnu lubcreas tbc angel p:cmtfetl)tbatbc tuiU 
tjoc tbat, \xi\nc\)t is proper to Oou alone, tbere is no abfurDi^ 
tie at all tbcrcin: jfo: (Dot) tifuallp giuetb autbontic to biicf 
minilf ers lobome be fcntjctb^to fpcafee in bis perfon,to tbe cnD 
ftis tuo^D mav' banc t\}t greater cretiitc anD maieftie ♦ ^olubc^ 
if, 3 mifliUe not tbat inbicbplcafcDman^ of tbe auncient fa^ 
tbcrs,boto tbat €\)M tbe meoiatour luas alboaves cb^fe in 
all o;jacles,ano tbat tbis is tbe caufctobl? tbe maieffie of (Don 
is attributed bntoaingels,^f tbe tubicbe matter,3 baue faioc 
fomelubat befo:e , anD mo;e (l&albc faiDc bereafter,bDben tnc 
baue better occaCon. 

11 [Andllialt bcarc a fonnc] ffi^e 0ngel crpOUnDCt^ 

if.Tiw! a tbat tubtcbe be baD b.2ccfli' fpoben concerning tbe tbat 

reprobate, it coulDnot bc numbcrcD fo;imultituDc, rniD be beginnetb at 

ycr tempo ^fniacljlubo ibouiDbc tbcbcaD t o.iigtnalL ^nD altbougb Ujc 

tally bici. ^^^^ j.^ f)creaftcr,tbat be loas a reprobate: ret neuertbclelTc, 

* betJoudjCtb fafeto giuet3ntobiman bonourablc name,aDo;^ 

ning tbe fame tjaitb a tempo;all beneftte, tbe partaker lubcrcf 

tuas 3|fmacl,bccaufe be luas tbc fonnc of ^b.zabam. Jfo; tt^us 

3 interp:et it: namelr> tbat (DoD looulD baue a monument to 

remaine to all poacritics,of bis fatberlr gmDnrSjlubicb be tx^ 

teuDcD tolnarDcs tbc lubolc familie, anD offp^ing ofab;attu 

5Fo; altbougb tbe couenant of euerlatting life belongcD not to 

^fmaeltret notlnitbttanDing, to tbc cnD be migbt not be (|uite 

ioiDeofgraccjCoDappotnteDbimtcbe tbe fatljcrofa great 


V I^ O N G ENE S I S... w CAP. XVT. 

ant) famous nation. anDtbuslMefec,tbatb\>ft)cl3icU)cofffti£; jt^ 
picfcnt life, his gcDDnrOc crtcnDcD it fdfc to tbe carnall fauc 
of abjam.^2^l)crfO20,if fo be be \i3oulD bauc Jfmacln name aii 
cuerlaftingremcnib^aunccofbistcmpozallbeneftte, ourin- 
cratitutje flball not be botnc Uutball,\3nlcirc lue celcb;a(e h\s 
Ijeauenli' anD euerlafting grnce5^,bntilt bcatb . [For ih.c Lord 
liath heard thy tribulation.] Wit reabe not tfjnt i^^agnr in ber 
rrtremitie fell to p:af er : anD tljis Ixic ma^ rather t cnicc tirre 
b\! tbe tuoznes of £pofes,tbat tbc^Jigcl came of, btJ^cljune ac^ 
co;:bc,tDbcn (be toas attonilbcb in bcr nuferies . gt is tberc^j 
fo;je to be noteD, tbat CDcD batb refpect bnto men tU)o manner 
ofU)are5tobclpctbem:eitbertnl;entbep noc fcnmblr crane 
bis faitb anD belp,o.: clfr loben be oeliueretb tbem out of tbcir 
tniferies^Untboutintreatie.^nobeispjcperl^ faiDcto tjearc 
tbein,tDbicbe boe call bpon him, as a teliutrer br tlicir p;^a^* 
ers.^otU)itbffanDing,fomctimcs, Inben nien lieffill anD fat? 
notbing,anD Direct not tbeir pjai'ers tjnto bim , becaufe tbe^ 
arc amafeD,be is faiD to beare tbeir mifencs.Jtis lifeelt'jtbat 
t\}iB latter iuas fulftlleD in it)agar,becaufc;<PDD of bis oluncac^ 
f 02De meetetb toitb ber,as d}e UianDcretb tb;cKigb tbe Defer te» 
Di5ut,becaufebefuffcretb tbe bnbeleeuing to be berie mucb De^ 
ftituteof |)is belpe,tintilltbc^,beingliiearieD initb long mifc^ 
ries,Do faint^oj elfe futferetb tbem to bt b|?.anD b^ ouerlubef^ 
meD: let none of bs beare tuitb our negligence: but being ab- 
,;monilbcD tuitb the feeling of our miferies, letb^falicbim 
tuitbout Dclat', Jn tbe meane timt nottuitbff anDtng, tbts fer^ 
tiftb greatly fo2 tbe confirmatwn of our faitb, botu tbat tljc 
31o;d Uiill not Defpifc our p:arers,tt)bo Uutb bis bclpe p,:cuen^ 
tetb tbe negligent anD nug^gi(be:anD tbat be, luliicb t$ p:efent 
to tbofe tbat M\t t^im not^luill be muche mo;c fauourable to 
tbeir goDlr p;>apers. [And he ilialbe a wilde man J SDbe ^ngei 
Dcclaretb tDbat manner of man^gfhTacl fljall be. 3n m^^ iuDge^ 
ttient tbe fimple meaning is,tbat be Ibatbc a man of tuarrc , f 
fearcfull tol^is enimies,m fo mucb tbat no man fljoulD p:o;^ 
uoUe bimluitbout reucnge. &ome erpounD tbe l^b:ue iDo:o, 
^ be (boulD be a Jf o;2re(ter,f giuen to bunting of IcilDc beads* 
^ut iDe KceDc not fctcbe tlft erpofition from anv other ti^in^y 
tbcn from tbe tertc it felfe : i?o,: b^ ano br after it follcUjetfr, 

f,1o, Hrs 


,> . r OHN C A LVINE 

His han J flaal be againft all mcn.and cucric mans hand a2;airtrt 

'jhini- ^ottuitbffanoing it map be DemauttDeD, lafjctfjcr tbitf 
ougljt to berwfeoncD among tl;c benefits of dDoD^to DcfeiiD tiz 
ftatcof Ins life b^ Dtntof fUio^Dc, tobcn a0 Mtbing is oio;c to 
be Defirco tijcn peace. 3^1)e anf locr map be maoe,tljat Jfmael, 
tijong!) all bis migbbonrs D^ulD luar againft btm,f confprre 
t)is oeatb: pet nottuitbftanDing^bc alone Iftoulo be of fnfficienC 
arcngtt) to tuitljllano i repulfe all tbeir aOaults. ^ixt j tbink 
tbat tbc angel Dotb not p^omife anp full graceibut fome mean 
imtj tjnpcrfect gift. uMt oujjbt fpeciallp to Defire to baue peace 
U)itb al nien.5i3etaure tbis is Denicb to Jfmael , ^ tubtcb is fe^ 
cono in ojoer is gtuen bnto bint , as ^ be fl)oulD not giue place 
to bis enimies,but (l^oulD be drong i baliant to repulfe tbeir 
fo;ce. 0nD be fpeaUetb not of tbeperfon of one mmj but of tbe 
Mjole p;ogenie.iro; ftat tobicb f olloUietb^belongetb not apt^ 
Ip to one man.3!f tbts erpofition map pleafe, a fimple f meere 
tleffing is not bere pzomifeo^but a tollcrablei f meane date, 
^ Jfmael map feele i knoioe, tbat be toitb bis pofferitie receii" 
ueo fometubaC from tbt banoes of (IDoD,fo; biis fatber ab;ams 
fake.$^o ^ it is not to be reckoned among tbe benefits of dDoD^ 
to bsue all men Ijisi enimies, t \s)itb tjiolence to reCift all men: 
but tbis is aooeo as a remeDie ano mitigation of t\)z eail,tbat 
be ll^albe able to iuitblf anO ^is enimics,tDbo fljall baue man^ 

at)uerfaries. [And he ihall dwell in the prefcncc of all his brc-> 

thrcu J feecing tbis onelp pjoperlp belongetb bnto t^t people, 
Ijoe map tberebp tbe better perreiue^ tbep are beceiueO,U^biftl 
rellraine tbis pLice tnto tbeperfon of 3ifmaeL anootbers 
interpret tbis place,tbat tbe potteritie of 3;fmael (ball baue a 
firme nlDclling in tbe p;iefence of bis b;jctbzen in Dcfpigbt of 
tbeir tdctb: as if be fliouto fap,tbat tbep Iboulo biolentlp occu^ 
pie tbe lanD, luberein tbep otolt^altbougb tbebjetbzen toent 
about to toitbftant) tbe fame.anD otberfome b;ring a contrarie 
iuDgcmenttas tbat tbe Jfraclites, tbougbe tbep toerc among 
inanp enimies : pet notluitbttanbing ti;at tbepftolo not iuant 
frienoes,f b;etb;ien . 5i5ut 3 allolue neitber opinions : fo; tbe 
angel ratber meanetb, tbat bis people Ojalbc feparateo from 
tbe reft: as if be (boulo fap, l^e (ball not be a part o^ member 
jof one nation,but be ftall make a Uibole bobiean fo mntb tbat 
tbc fame fljall baue a peculiar ano fcucrall name. 

-" 13 [SCfjCtt 


13 [Then flic called the naiticoF the Lord.] 3fDoubtnot 3t/ 

but tbat ^oka incanttlhtbat l^)agar,after tfjat fljc loan atmio^ 
ttiO^cD by! tfje jangcUljautigct) tier minoe: (f bamg fo fubDacD, 
turneD bcrfclfc top^^av^crs aim iittrcatic.d&rcept pcraoucnturc 
t(jc confeirion of tfte tongue be ratf)er notcD fjere> ffjen ff cbaur 
ging of tbe nnnDc.3l nottoitbttantjing ratber tncliixe bercbnf 0, 
tbat ii?agar being of a ttubbcme Diipofition bcfo;^ beginnetb 
noto at tbetaII:toacknoU3let)getbcp;iouiDenccof(IDoD . I5ut 
tubcras fome tbink tbat be ts calleD tbe ClroD of tbc l5iCon>trbi^ 
tbe appearetb anu reuealctb bimfclfe bnto men> it is t© mutl} 
tu:cfi;cD.i^itber l^agar fuming to ber felf to be biolentlp car^ 
ricD ano D?a\Dcn tb;ougb tbe Defcrte bt tbaunc e, feelef b nolo 
f confeiretb:,t!)at buniane affaires are goucrneo h^ ^OD. liSut 
ti^bofoeuer is perfuaoeo ^ C^oD regaroctb bnvty tbe fame mutt 
tieeos beperfuaocDjtbat be tualketb^as it toere before bis ties. 

[Hauc I not alfo here looked for him >^ that fecketh after mc:'^ 

%\)C obfcuritte of tbi3 fentence bntb caufeD manp erpolitions^ 
Certcine of tbe l^eb;ues far , tbat l^agar nieruclleu iuben fl;e 
faloe tbe angel : becaufc (be tbougbt tbat (Don luas feene no 
tobcre but in:ab?ajns boufe . IButtf^is ib teriecoloe, nno tbc 
ambition iDbicbe is in tbe 3^U)es ^ inalretb tbemtbosoften^ 
times to Dote, Iuben as tbe^ tubol^ benOe tbem (elues to boatt * 
of tbe bonour of tbcir Ilockc . ;a)tberfome interp;ete it tbus : 
l^aue 3 Imkco after mv bifionf SDftat is to fap, fo Qolul^, tbat 
in feeing 3 (boulo be bliiiDe. after tbe iutjgemeut of tbeftmeit 
tbebifion of t)agar Uias tloo foloe ttbcfira^erronious: feeing 
Ibe app;ebenDet3 nothing tbat toas bcanenlie in tbc angeltbut 
tbe otbcr loas true,after tbat fl&e iuas toucbeD loitb tbe feeling 
of tbe SDiuinttie ♦ Jt fccmetb to fome tbat a negatiuc anCtucrc 
!S to be bnoerUmti: as if be (boulD fav%3! falD bim not going a^ 
tuap:as if i^agar gatbercD b^ § fouDcn bantfting aluay , tbat 
it tuas t[}c ange! of 0oo, Jn tbe fecontrmember alfo tbc inters 

prefers Difagroc. Hierome turnetb ity Tiiat fecketh mc backe- 

. vvarde . E^be iDbtcbe man^? refcrre to an obfcnre bifion : tbat 

it mar be a S^etapbo;icaU fpcacbe. jfoh as toeoo not perfect^ 

l\?ftnoU)e men tobcntbeirbacfes aretotoartiusreuenro tbe\? 

arefaiDetofec (25 £D 2) bis bacbepartes , to iDbomcbcboctb 

y not plainel^ manifcft bimfclfe to tbe full. Sno tbis opinion is 

J commonli? receiueo ♦ ;©t&crfomc tbinhc tbat %^ofcs bfcD a 

[ ^ontro^ 


- - I HN C A LVI NE 

tontrmz figure : To? bi'<I5oi)0 bacbe tbtptjnDcrffam) § telutg 
of Ws i»?atD: cmn a0 Ijiu fare is faioe to fljine tinto I30, 
iDljcn t)c lijcU)ctti Ijiinfclfe mcrfifnll ano fauourable* ? 

:^ 2:i)uB,arco;Mngtotbciriuogcnicnttb^renfci£f,3i t\)Ou^t 
ttjat 3 tjatrrltapcD , tbat Jiwigbt no mo;e befubicctetottje 
cbadifemcnt f ca;rcctioa of 0oD : Wat bcrc 3 fcclc alfo, ttat 
tic ij5 Difplcafco nutb me, ano againft me . l^itbcrto 3 tjauc 
b:dcfl^(^cUieotbeiuDjjEnitnt of otbcrs ♦ anD alttjougb it is 
not mf purpofefoHanoe in refiitiiigeucn? eppolition: T)etne<» 
ucrtbcleffe 3 fav fralp? ffcJt "one of tl)rrc 3intcrp;rcters bauc 
atteineototbeminocofipofc3, 3 gl<^^lv rcceiue tbe opinion 
J5f fonie ,lDl)if be tbinke tbat l^agar ooetb tuonuer at tbe gou^ 
nclTe of (D £1) E> , lobo bao rcgaroe tnto ber alfo tucn in tbc 
DcfcrtclButtbe/ameis neitber notbing, no^^t all, ifirftof 
all, i^^agor rcp^ebenoctb bcr felfe,tbat tubereas at tbe ftra ftc 
iuas toj bliuDc,(I)c noln openeo ber e^es ten flolwel^ anO ncgli^ 
gcntlptobeboloeC-oo. iFo;> Cbe ampliftetb ber floutb b^tbc 
xirciimftanreof tbe place ant)of tbe time ♦ XMl^m as CbeeluaiJ' 
taugbt brepperience oftentiraeg, tbat tbe i,o;bc bat) regaroc 
tjnto ber: pet neuertbeleCTe^tn (butting ber e^es, Ibe bao con^ 
tcmner)t>isp^ouiDence,euen as if (be bao tumeo atua^ber face 
iubcu be olfereo bimfelfe imto ber openly :fio\x^c Hjez accufetb 
ber fclfe,fo; tbat (be Iwas no Xconer aluakeojb Ccone as tbe Zn^ 
gel appear co:. ai(btbeconlxDerationof tbeplaceis ofgreatc 
iuctgbt, tbat CDoo^tDbicbe bao alioai^es tcftifieDtbatbe Ijoas 
p;jcfentii)itbberintbe boufeof^b^am, ooetb noiDe folloU)^ 
ber bixing a runnatoa^ euen in tbe luiloerneffeXbis iuas t© 
grodc bntbanUcfulncire,to be ioilfullp blinoe at tbe p;cfencc 
jofCDoo: anotuben (be knctue, tbat be oiobeboloe bcr, not 
to lift bp bcr cres to Icobe bppon bim . i5ut tbis as vet luas 
mo;c fil tbic bliuonclTc, luyen as (be banng a bagarant pcrfon, 
ano an crile ,liias iuftlv puni(!)eD fD> ber \)ntoVuaronc(re, OiD 
not etten tben hnoU>e,tbat tbe liojoc did IojUc bppon ber, ano 
tbatbeluasp2efc4it»j!ioUJcluefoe tubercbnto tbis rep;ebcn^ < 
ficn tenoetb,"115cfo:e tbis time J baucnotfougbtc2?oo,neitber 
baue 3 bao rcfpcct bnto bim,but conflramcD,luben as be boK^ 
rbco fafefirft to Icakc bppon me : noU)C alfo becing in tbe loiU 
Dcmc(re:anotbcrcafflirtcD luitb manv mUcrtes, 3 ougbt at \ 

vpoN genesis; cap; xvr; 

fijclatt fo fjaac bene aiuafeenctj, but after nifnc oId lutDttt J 3t? 
roulD not fe, ncitbcr baD 31 at an^ time liftcD tp mine eves 
t3nto ii?cauen, tnlefle tbc3lo^Dc|jaD Doucbeo fafc firll to icoUc 
tpon mc* 

14 [ Whcrforcthc place was called. ] 3 tfjinfee tbat !^a^ 

gar gauc tbis name tnto tbe place, fo;tbat (be not bcmg 
contentcDlDitbenefimptefonfelTiDn, tuouloeb^uc fbecracc 
Df dDoo tcttificD anD fct fa»;tb in time to c cmc : ano tbcrfo^e (be 
iieliuereD tbe tettimonie tbereof 30 it tocre frorti bano to bano* 
l^crcb^ tue gatber, botoe profitable a tbing it fe, to be tamcD 
tuitb ttrip0£5,fo> tbofe tobicbc arc not bumbleD b^ tbeir otunc 
acco^e.^agar lobicb l»a0 altoa^es rebelliou0,anu ^tio afo;ic?' 
time btterli' (balien ofFtbe ^oalje, appearetb notu to be a ncUi 
lDoman,aftcr tbat tbe barDncCTe of ber bart Iwas broken \Joiti 
inifcrie.i^otubeit^rbe toas not fnbDueo Ujitb ttripes onel^,but 
b^abeaucnliebiltonairo,U)btcbe maoe a full conuerfton in 
fter.auD tbe berie fame is necelCarie ft; bsf: namclr^ tbat <15oD 
rballitingtefluitbbisbanDe, bnn^ttl) tw; b^ bws fpiritebn^ 
to mecUcnelTe.abis name tubicbe Igagar Qintfb bere bnto tbe 

IJlace lignifietb tbus mucbe, The well of the lining and feeing 

«iiec»S)ome Of tbe l^ebjues rap, tbat tbis nametoas giuenof 
3irmacl iDbicbe loas aliue ano fatue dboo : as if tbcre lucre a 
tcltimonicofoouble grace, tbat Bifwiael reniueD from Deatb, 
ano tbat <Bo^ bcbelo Ipagar bis motber. ^ixt tbep 00c marme 
amilTe tbofe tbinges,U)bicb are ioi?neD togctber ♦ ifo; i^agar 
luoulD banc it brtoiuen, tbat Ifte ioas regarDeb of tbe liuing 
<DoD,tbeautbourofIife* T 

i; £Ancl Abram called his fbnncs nanie,which Hagarbarc 

vnto him, lfmacl.]i^agar toas commanDeD to giue tbat name 
tjntoberfonnerbut^pofcs folloUietb tbe o^oerofnaturcbc*' 
caufe tbe fatbers h\> giuing tbe name, Declare tbe poUicr Mn^ 
cbetbcpbaue ouer tbeir fonnes . anoluemapconiccturc, 
tbat l^agar luben (be tuas returned boinctoloe all tbofe tl}in^ 
ges iDbicb bao bappencD.SDbereforeab;:am .(ftelDctb bimfclfe 
tbanfefuU anD obcDicnt bnto d^oti, bccaufe be botb namctlj bis 
fonne acco;iDing to tbe commaunticmcnt of tbe angel, ano al^ 
fopjav^fctbtbcgtDDneire of<2oD, in bearing tbe mifcrics of 
i9agar» . 

:' CHAP 


" tOHN "C AL VI Nf 

C HAP TEE. XV XI. , t 

Hen Abram wa^ninctic ycarcs olJ and ninfj 

thcLordc appeared to AbraHi,andraydevn* 

to him,I am God all fufficicnt , walkc bcfor« 

mc^and be thou vpright» 

And I will make iny coucnant bctwccnc mc 

and thcc^nnd I will multiplicthcc exceedingly. i 

3 Then Abraiiivfcll on his facc^ud God talked with liimj 


' 4 Behold, I make my coucnant with thcc,and thou Hialt 
be a Father of many nations: 

J Neither fhall thy name any more be called Abram^ 
but thy name fhall be Abraham : For a father of many nations 

6 Alfolwill make thee excwding fruitefuH , and will 
make nations of thcc: yea, Kinges fhall proceedeof thce» 
■ 7 Moreouer I w»ll eftabhfhe my coucnant betweene mc 
«nd thee,and thy fccde after thee in their generations, for an c- 
cerlartingcoucnant^tobcGodViUo thcc and to thy (ccdcaf** 
tcrthce." • »>.„.•.. <(. 

Vii 8 And I will gVuc tlicc^nd^^thy ftedc after thcc the lancfc 
wherein thou art a ftraungcr r cuen all the lande of Canaan for 
an eucrlafling pofle{l'ion,and I will be fheir God. 

9 AgainCjGod faydc to AtM^ahan7,Thou alfo (halt keepc 
my coucnaunCjthoudnd thy fcedc after thcein their gCneraCi- 

1 o This is my coucnant which yc Hiall kccpe betvf cenc 
mcc and you and thy fcedc after thee. Let cueric mancluldca- 
mong you be circumcifcd* 

n That is,vc /hall circumcifc the forefkin of vowr flcfh : 
and it fhall be a (Ignc of the coucnant bctwccnc me and you, 
r> 12 And cueric manchildeofcightdaycs old among you 
^Hinlbc circumcifcd in your gcnerations,as well he that is borne 
in tliy Iioufc,as hcthat is bought with monic,of any Hraungcr 
%vhich is notof thy fccde, 

13 He that is borne in thine houfc, and lie that is bought 
with thy monic^muft nccdes be circumcifcd , fo niy coucnant 

Aall be in your ficflic/or an cucrlafting coucnant. , ' 

14 But 


14 But the vncircumcifcii nianchil(Jc,in whoFe ficflic tl) e y^ 
fcrt-cncinnc is not circumcifcd, cucn that pcrfon fliaU be cut off 
from his people^becaufc he hath broken my coucnant. 
? . 1.^ At tcrwarde God faydc to Abraham, Sarad thy wife 
fiialc thou not call Sarai,but Sarah lliall be her name. 

16 And I will bleile her,and will alfo giue thee a fonne of 
hcr:)'ca,I will blelle her, and rhefhallbc the mother ofnati- 
ons : Kmgcs alfo of people fliall come of her, 

17 Then Abiaham f-cll vponfiis facc,and laughed, & faydc 
inhishcart,Shallachildcbe borne vnto him that is an hun- 
dred ycarcs olde? and /hall Sarah that is ninctic ycares oldo 

^ IS' And Abraham faydc vnto God: O that Ifinacl might 
liuc m thy fight. 

19 Then God (aydc, Sarah thy wife Hiall bearc thee a 
lbnncindeedc,andthou fhalt call his name Ifaac,and I wilic- 
(bbUlhcmy-couenant with him for an eucrlafting coucnant, 
and with his feedc after him, 

io And as concerning Ifmacl , 1 haue heard thee : loe, I 
hauc bicflcd him,and will make him fruitcfull,and will multi'^ 
piic him cxccedingly.Twclue princes ihall he begct,and I will 
make a great nation of him. 

♦ V 21 But my couenant willl eftaUifhc with Ifaac, whichc 
Sawh fliall bcarevnto thcc,the next ycarc at this feafon, 
V? ii": And he left off talking with him , and God went vp 
from Abraham. 

' 23 Then Abraham tookc Ifmacl his fbnnc, and all that 
were borne in his houfe, & all that was bought with his nionic 
that is, cuerie man childe among the men of Abrahams houfe: 
and he circumcifcd the forefkmncof their flcilie m that feJfc 
day,as God hadcommaunded him. 

24 Abraham alfo himfelfe was ninctic ycarcs olde and 
nine, when the forefkinnc of his fleihe was circumcifcd, 

2^ And Ifmacl his fbnne was thirtccne ycarcs old when tl:c 
forefkinnc of his fle/he was circumcifcd. 

25 Thefclfc fame day was Abraham circumcifcd and 
JfmacI his fonne. 

V And all the men of his houfe, both borne in his 
Aj-ti iioufc. 


'5<^ houfc^and bought with raonic, of the firaungcrs , were ciw 
cumcifcd with him. 

1 [ When Abrani was ninctic ycarcs oldcand nine J 

fc£i oucrpaffetbtbirtane scares of jab;am0 life, not bt?caufe 

notfjiitj fjappcneo m t^nt time Ino^tbie of rcnicmb;iancc : hut 

bicaufe ^ fpirit of dDoD ctjofeat [)t£; otoneplcafure tbofc tijmgtf 

lubirijc tucrc moff nccclTaric to be ftnoiuen ♦ ^m fo;t g©D con<» 

fiDerattonbclI)ctet1j,boU)mtKbe time toas fpcntefrom tbc 

time t&at ifmael tuas bo;ne, tntill Jfaac luas p:omifcD : to 

tt)ccnDclucniavlinoU)e tbat be fta^eu bintfelfe bppon tbat 

fonne , lubidje luas at tbe laft to be reiecteD , ano tbat be iuas 

DcliiDcD luitb taine bope . K\)us loe fee botue f be ILo;d Defcr*^ 

reo bim^anD it ma^ be tbat bc,tb:ougb biJJ otun fault, Dela^ea 

tbe p:omife, in potting to fall to a feconue marriage, j^ot^* 

luitbttanDing,becaufe S^o(ts fpeafeetb ofnofucbetbing, ^ 

kaiie it to otber menff itiDgement ♦ %tt b0 be contented to 

talte tbofe tbings lubicb are certeine: namelv^tbat ^h^am bc^ 

fng contenteo U)itb biis onel^ fonne,oefireo not otber Xeeoe.3i5e^ 

fa;je,tbe toant of ilTue ftirreu bim tp to p^w^ anu figbe tiail^. 

ifo^z tbep:omifeof(IDoD U)a£i fo ingrauen in bisminDe, tbal^ 

earnettip DeGreD tbe accomplifl&ment oftbefame ♦ jl^oluebe 

falfcf^iueeming tbatb^ bai)bti5 0efire,b^tbeligbt ofbiisfcar* 

iiall fonne,be is carrieo atua^ from Uefiring tbe fpiritaal feeD, 

£po;eouer,tb0 luontierfullgrotincff^ofdDaD b^rein tl^Ujetb it 

felfe, tobcn ^b;am is b;ougbt to a netu bope contrarie to hia 

e):pectatton and DeD[re,anD bearetb at a fouDaine tbat tbe fame 

is giuen tnto bim^tubicb be neuer tbongbt tpon to affee. 3lf fo 

be be baD Dai!p c raueD tbe fame b^ p;ja^er£f, it loolu not fo tui0 

Dentin baue appeared bnto ts,tbat tt^c fame U)a£; granted tn* 

to bim bp tbe free gifte of (IDoD,a£; notu it appearetb being offt< 

red bnto bim,be neitbertbinbingbpon no; craning tbe fame. 

/iotlx)itbttanDing,befo;re lue come bnto Jfaac , it is neeOefull 

t!)atU)econfiDertbcojDerant)placeingof tbe U)o;De0 of tbe 

SEcrt. Jpirtt of al 95ofc£; faitb tbat tbe J.o;tj baD appeared bnto 

bint : to tbe eno We map hnoltie , tbat tbe Oracle \x)as b^ougbt 

not onelp bp fecrete reuclation, but alfo tbat a bi<ion tuas ab^ 

beo.ij?o;coueritU)n3noDiimbc bificn, but it|;aO tbetoo;D 


• 1 

itctJ tnfo it, lufjcf cb^ ab;i^ms faith loafi; p;o8tcD . i^otue efie 3^5 
lDo:Dc contanctlj tftis in a bieefe fume, t[jat (13od niaUcttj a co^ 
iicnant loitl) ab^am, aifo it Dcclarctl) tobat manner of tbing 
^c couenaiit it fclfe tB , ano lad of all tbc fame coucnant ts 
CgneD tuitb a fcale. 

, ^ [ r.lm God all fufficient. ] S^btS tS 35 mucbc afil if tfjC 
1lo;bc (boulDc bauc faiDc , tbat be is (Irong i migbtie rnougb 
to p;otcct jab:ani:bif aufe our faitb can ncucr otbertoifc llanD, 
tbcn lub^n as toe bcintj certeinli? perfuatJCD,tbat tbe onlp garD 
^nDp:otectionof(IDotjisfuflftcrcnt fo> tjs. Doe bolDlp tcfpifc 
lubatfoeuer in tbe too:ltie is againll our falnaticn . <25 £D 2> 
tberefoje Doctb not boaft of bis poluer, lubicb Inp bitJbe in bim 
felfe, bat of tbe fame lubicbc be ftetoetb totoaroe bis cbtlD;en, 
tbat thereof ^b?am migbt conceiuc matter of trulf . SDbus 
in tbefetuo^Ds a p;^omifeis incluDed.Bln making tbe rouenant 
<IDoD requtretb of bis fer nant , obedience. Wut CDoD faiD not 
tn tjaine tbat be is a ttrong (25 ^ 2D , ano armeo tuitb potuer, 
to befenoe tbote tb^ m*e bis : becaufeit iuas meetetbat^«» 
hiam ftoHlDe be called bacfee from all utber tbinges, tbat 
temtgbtgiue bim felfc to dDod alone. iFo;jno manfl^all at a* 
tt^ timebentje bimfclfetjnto CD-oo, butbe tubicbe Dcfpifing 
tbe creatures , bcboldctb bim a lone . and, tbe poUjer of <IDod, 
Ijcing once bnolucn tjnto bs,ougbt fo to carrie ts to tbe admi^ Cocfs 
ration tbcrof, and tbe reuercnce of bimougbt fo to poircCTe our P°^f^ 
mindes, tbat notbinglbouldefta^ tjs from luo:lbipping and °o",f,^^g 
feruingbim. 213ut,b^caufe tbe epes of CDodbaue rcgardeto vsfcruc 
feitband trutbof tbe bcarte, ab;am is commaundcd to m^ him. 
deuour bimsfelfetobetipngbt . i?o:tbe ^eb:ues r^ll bim 
anl3p:igbt and perfect man,tobicbts not of a dccctptfull and vprfgi^r. 
double minde, butiDbicbcfincerel^imb^acetbtbatlDbicbis "^^^^;«^- 
ngbt. I 

%obt llfeo:te, tbe integritie Icbercof mention is made drca. 
Ijere, iseuentbecontrarielobrpocniie . and in tjeriedctde 
tubentuebauctodoeVuitb (I3ii)2D ,luecan not diflfcmble* 
*i]^otDe,toelearneout of tbefe luo^des , to Vobat cndc C?od 
gatberetb a CTburcb t3nto bim fclfc : namely] , tbat tbcr migbt 
Ije bol^ lubome be b^tb called . 

Ebefourodatwn ofOods calling, is t\)t ftxc p;omifc : but 

Gods chil 


^ *. 

ften thie foUotocth ftraitc aft cr^tljat ttiti' conftf rafc miD fcffc 
tfjcmfeluestotfjcnoljtcourncflreof <3iD&>l»l)omc i)c batft 
cbofcittobc a peculiar people to ftimfclfe ♦ if o; be aooptetft 
cbttD^etitntoi^imlippont^tjeieomitttorr, tbatbciu It!>eman« 
itcrmigfttbc accotmteoanDljonourcDajsa jfatber ,3110 aji 
*c I^eti) not : fo far rigW Ijc re^iretb mutuall faitbof t6oC» 
ftat arc biiS . cclbcrcfo^je let ts Imolt)e>tl)at (3S>0 is tl^crej^ 
fo:ematrcfenoljucnA)ato tfte faittifulU tbattbe^ migftt Hoc 
tnuer bte figf)t : anD niialit molic Ijtma JuDgc Kotoncli? of 
ftcir U)o;kes, but alfo of tbctc tbwigbtcs . mijercbr alTo toe 
jjatljcr^tbat tbcrc is no otbcr marlic to Direct tjs to IcaD a goD* 
lie ano tjp^igfjt life, but ondr tbu5j tl;at toe toljoli: Depeno Xi^f 
fon dDoo • 

2 [ I will makcmy coiwnant^ 3 ii^OtoC 5c beginnctfr 

mo;ie plentifully' anD full^ to erpounoe tfjat, toljtttje Ijefta^ 
ijjafl^ toucbeD. tCte faioe tbat tbe couenant to!)W}e (2^ 2) a> 
tnaoe \i)itl) Sib^m con01leO of ttoo partes . %it firffe parte 
is a telf imonie of ftk lone , toberetnto tbe p;om<frof a blcf^^ 
Den life toas anneiretj.antv tbc otber parte is an erto^tation to 
afincereocfiretofollotoeanuimb^acc rigb^eoufhtOf ♦ IBi^f 
caufe (D ;^ S> b^one too;:iie bai^ $tuen a Itsbttalte of bis 
fait^, ant) Defccntjru b^ ano h^Ut^ enoe of tbc callinij, tobf* 
cbc toai8 y tbat ab;am mtgbt be t)p;tgbte : to tbe intents 
!)emigbttbcmo;etoillingltienDeuourbi»t felfeto frame bts 
tninDe anu life^ ajEftoclltatbcrcuerence of (15 2) © , ns ta 
integritte t a nvo;t ptentifnll becharation of grace is aDOeD, 
zs if €^0 bab fatot : ^ebolbcboto fauourabl^ 3i Deale Hxiit!^ 
fteetifoj 3 DO not b]? miMe autbo;jitii awDrigbt alone,require 
integritie oftbectbut Jotoingnotbingt)nto tbsty Doefralij 
ofmi?relfet)oucb(<ife to makea couenant btttosne me ano 
tb®. !jpo;couer , be fpcaketb not as of a netoe matter : but rc^ 
netoing tbe remembrance of tbe couenant tobicb b^ bab mabe 
iicfb;e,bc in better toife confimictb « eftabliCbetbttrceertein^ 
tietbercof. ifo;(I52)S> ijjnottocDntto btternetoco;iacle0, 
foab;ogatetbecreDiteof tbcfirlfe, 0; tobicbe mtgbt obfcure 
Ibcligbt tbereof, anb mitigate tbe fo;ce oftb'e fame ihvtt 
be conttnnetb toitb one teno: tbofe p;omife0 tobicbe bebatb 
encegiaen * Wbcrefo;C;m t^cfe toopoeii ^is tMsoiin^ U^ 



HfifWngclfe, buttocffablitftcanD ratific ftat coucnant , cf 
tl)C tob^c ^;abam IjaD fjcarB btfo;e:ano be makctb erp;cire 
cnetitioH of tt}at p;incipall pointe, coiTCcrning tbc multi# 
plying of tbeCccDc, lut)icbe aftertuaroc be oft^n ttmc5 repeat 

3 C TlicoAbramfcllonhisfaccJ tnekttfltDcfbatfbiS 
tuas tbc aunctciit manner of iDOrfliipping. jab;am tefltifictft 
tbatbeknoUjctb © 3) S> , «f iuftofc figbt all fleC&c ougbtto 
Ic filcntrf to bumble it fclf^: alCo be oeclaretb,tbat be Dotb re# 
feiue anB louingl\? «nb;acc>tubafrocuerOooinlenueo to fat?. 
t23tbercfo;cif tbi3 tuere a confeCTion of fattb , luc mull note, 
fbatfaitb, tubicbe rcftctb tppon tbc grace of (Sot>, cannot raitti ni 
be feparatco from a pure confnence. CDoo fn otftring b w grace * p*^^^ ^oa 
tntoab.zam, requtretb of bima flncere affection to hue an ^"^J^" ^ 
t)p;igbt anb boll? life.ab;abam in p^oftrating bun fdfe^becla* fcpau°ca.^ 
Tctb tbatbeooctb obcbtcntlt? receiuetbcm botb • SDberefo^a 

letbs remember, tbat tr»tt bone anb tf)c felfefamc coniuncti* 
on of faitbjtbc frd? aboptionAi^berein our Valuation conHttctb, 
w to beio^neb tottfj netDnefle oflifc.anbaltbougb ^b;am tt* 
teretb neuer a tuo;be: ^et ^lottaitbttanbing be fpcabetb mo;c 
l^latnl^ in bolbtng l\i& paLOhnm tf be crier} luttb a loUibe ana 
fl^^ill Do^ce , tbatbeobereDtbelDo;Dci)f0oD , 

4 [ BchoMc I make my coucnant with the ♦ 3 Jntbe p^O' 

ttoune ( I) tbere w a great (BmpbafiB t^ fo^ce » ^o; firft, ©oo 
^ere Declaretb^tbat it ts be tubtcb rpeaketb:to § cno bt^ luo;bf 
map baue i^ mo;e autbojitie.^oi,brcaufe our fisitbcan not be 
butloeb elk lobere^tbentppon bis euerlaHing trutb^tbu; fame 
ougbt to be bcclareb Dnto tjs all otber t^inQts^ tbat tbc 
matter tobicbe be fettetb befo;te t)0, p;ioceebetb out of W 
moutb. 2[^berefo:e tbi0 i^ fpolken,tbat ^b^am migbt be quiet 
in minbei anb tbat all Doubt bmng ta^en alaap^be mtgbt rei^ 
cciuc tbe p;ofereD conenaunt . ^bereof ap;ofitableboc# 
trine <0 gatbcred , tbat faitb mull necediJrili? be rcferreb tjn^ 
.toCob:bpcan(ealtbougball 0ngd0 anb men talke toitb b0: 
1?et nottcutbSanbing^tbei? ll^all neuer baue lb greate autbo;i< 
tie, as to Oa^ our minbei. 

;anb it cannot be, but tbat toe mnll nab0 tuaucr , till tbui 
^Iw^ce bum from ^eauen,I,cuen I.Mfjerbp alio it appcarctb* 

S^^. tubal man* 


3^^ manner Of rcKgi'ort.tfje religion of tbe^apaffe id, tufjcnas in 
tbc ftecDc of ttjc luoiOc of © £) 2> 5 onclr ttje Dcmfcs^ano ima^ 
gmntions of men arc boaftcD of. 3nD, ttjep arc luftlp fub # 
icct to a contuuiall tuaucringjanD Doubting,U)l)irij DcpcnDing 
tpon tlicnioutlj of nicn,notUiitl)outinmrictnto(25oD, attru 
bute mo;jc\3!ito tbcm,tt)cn UJ mate. 15ut let ts bans none o^ 
tbcr beginning of faitl)>tt)cntbi£f,(I)notbttereD of euerie one, 
but p,:occe5ing from tbe moutb of Ooo alone. ^ISIUjerefo^e, ab 
ttjotigl) ncucr fo great a multitiioe of men,oo fet tbemfclues a^ 
gainft tl)i0,ano oo p;ouDli? c rie out, Wc,vve: ^et neuertbeleflTc, 
let tbis tjoicc of Oot),I, l,p;euaileto confounD ttjefouno of tbe 

plural number, [And thou (halt be a father of many nations.] 

l^ere,a qucftton mat! be oemaunueD, lufjat multituDc of nati«» 
ons tbofeUjcre,labereof mention is maoe Ijere . Bit is tuell i^ 
nougb Unoloen ttrat tJtuers nations fp;^ang from tf)e bolie |Da^ 
triarclje . $Qi Sjfmacl gretu into a great people : on tbe otber 
parte tbe Sioumcans loere tuonoerfull^ inlargeD : of bis otijet 
fonns aIfo,lDbom Ceturabare tjnto bim, came great liinrcDs^ 
3i5ut £pofes bao fnrtber regarD: namclr.tbat ^ C^entilcs tuerc 
to be D^alDen into tljc (loche of ^b^im b^ faitb^altbougb tbe^ 
fp;ang not from bim,after tbe flell^: of tbe toljic!) matter Paul 
is a faitbfuU 3interp;eter,ano tuitnclTe . if o; be ooetlj not ga^ 
A^nmlj ^^^ together tbe arabians^tbeSDumeans^ano otber nations 
maac th: tubicb migbt maUe ab;ama fatber of man? nations : but te 
father of ertenoetb tbe name of fatber, to tbe lubole tJUo;lD>tljat p ^mt 
the Gcnriis jiigg from all partes migbt gcolue into onefamilieof ;ab;am, 
by iii\M. loijicije otbcrU)ifeU5erefa>reigners,aniJ a farre off. 3 confeffe 
tbat tlje ttueiuc tribes,!! (doc fo; a time in fteeo of fo mani? na#^ 
f ions: but onclp to tbis eno,tbat tbei? migbt be a fo^cfbctuinu 
Df tbat buge multituDc,U)bicb at tbe laft luas b;oiigbt toge^- 
tf)er into tbe ftocUe of ab:am. ^no tbat ^ofrs meanctb tbofe 
fonnes,U)bicb being regenerate bv faitb , palTe into tbe name 
anoCocUeof 2b.:am, itisbr tbisoneli' reafon fufficientl? 
p^ouctj. Jro; tbe carnal lloch of ^Inam couID not be DiuiDeo in*^ 
to Diners nations, but tbat tbevUibubeloeretieparteD from, 
tbat t3nitie,muft necoes bt? ano b? begin to be counteD Uraun^ 
l^ers. ^? ' 

SCfjust^c Cl)urc!jljat!)cattfo?t!)ttie3iftiiaclites,tba 35w\ 




tnearw, and otfjew tbat tbep migbt be reputeo nnt) taftcn fo; ^ ^ 
fo;rcigncr0.OTl)crefo;e, ab;amluasnottljercfo^c calico tl;c 
father of manp nations, bT>caul'c l)i5 fccDc Ions to be uiuiocD 
into Diuerfe peoples, butratbcr tbat tlje tartctieof nations 
IftoulDbe gatbereo tnto bini.^lfot-K cljaunging of bis name, 
in aDDCD in ffceoe of a pleogc f feale, j?o; be bcginnetb no\u to 
be calico I^bjabam, tbattljc name it felfemigbt bcginneto 
teacbe,tbatbcfl)o«lanotbctbe jratbcr of one feinrco : but 
tbat a pyogenic lljoulo arife tnto bun out of an crcoeoing muU 
titaotj contrarietotbe common manner of nature, jro; 
tbis caufc tbc ILo^oe fo often times repeatctb tije pjomife^ 
ifo^t^c repetition it felfeteac&eti^tbaC tljcreis no common 

7 [ And thy fcedc after thee , ] SCtjCre is no OOubt, but 

tbat tbe Hojoe piittttl) a oiflferencc betlDcene tbe ftoche of a^ 
|j:am , ano tbe rett of tbe Uio;jloe . j]5olue let tjs fa Uibat peo^ 
pic be meanetb 2I^l)ep are oeceineo tobicb tbinbe tbat tbe elect 
onel^ are bcre noteo,ano tbat all tlje faitbfull are comp,:eben^ 
lieoiDitbouterception, ofluljat people fo euer tbei'came as 
toucbing tbe flcfte . JFo;^ tbc Scripture fpeaketb againU t\)V3, 
tbaf tbe Ilocftc lubicbe p;oaxoeo out of ;^bMms lovnes, luas 
peculiarly? anO alone receiueo ♦ 0notbeooctrineof paule is Ro.ij.itf-. 
plaine concerning tbe naturall fonnes of ab.:am, Ijolue tbat 
tbcpU)erebol!cb;auncbes,brcaufetbe^ fp^ing outofaljol^ 
rmte.aifo, Icattan^ man fl^ouloe reft raine tljis to tbelfta^' 
noiuesoftbe lalue, o^ fl^ouloe trifle toitban allegoric, be 
plainly fljctoetb in an otber place, tbat Cf):itt came to,& 
minitter of tbe circumciOon . Mbcrefo;e,tbere is notbing 
mo;c cctttine,ti}m tbat dDoo ma^etb bis coucitaunt toitf) tbc 
fons of ab.:am,U)bicb fp;ang naturally? from bim,3lfanp man 
obiectc tbat tbis agrcetb nottuitb tbefentencc going before, 
lubere iue faioe tbat tbct? lucre reputco t\)t lalucfuU fonncs of 
flb:am befo;»e CD mD © , tobicb beeing tb;ougb faitb ingraffco 
into bis boOie,make one familie : tbe reconciliation is caOe to 
be maoe, fo as toe appoint certeine rnio oifliinct ocgroes of ao^ 
option,^ tDbicb nia^ appeare out of funO;ic places of &crip^ 
ture. In tbe beginning, befo:e tbis couenant loas maOc,tljc 
conoition of tije U)i)ole tvo^loe toais all one ano aUl^e • ^ut 

Xi\i (io 

v^ 515utfo (wm as it luacf far^e^ Iwillbe thy God, and th« 
God oFthy f^cde after tiKc^tfic c^rcl) tuas Diuioeo frcm otbcr 
nattoft£(,cueii as in tijc crcafion of tl)cU)o^lD0 , tljcUg!jt came 
Dili of DarhcncfiTe. Ebmtf)e people of gfraci , as ffcc florhe of 
C'otJ, U)as rccciucD into liic; cU)ncfl}ccpefoloe:otbernationfif 
crrcDtfiJongfiDcfiirt places, moiinfcincsf, auD iii!©i>esf, Iihe 
UulDc ^eallcx;. K>mnz tljis^ tiin[nitie, luf)ereb^ tbe ctjilD^cn of 
^bzamcjcccllcoallotljcr naticns, ucpcntcu tjpou t^e luo;Ds 
Bf(^oD abne>t[jcfra: atJoption ofOoD pcrtcrncD to (tern all 

HpU 4 is ^" 5^"^r^ll • f'^^ ^f ^0 be tbat Wmlt Depuue tlje (DentilcB of 

^ <I3jcDD, anoofeuerladiucr life, bccaufc tljci? lucre tttamv 

ger0 fromtbeccucnantnt foUoluetb tbatalltbejrraclitc^, 

lucre tfjefanulie of tbeCljiircbc anDtfce fcnncs of (ID^S>, 

Cal2w.ij. «"^ b«^ii*f s of cuerlaaincj life . Sn^ altbouglj tbep f rcellcD tbe 
Gentiles, b^ the grace of 0oD, not bv nature : ano flje inberr^ 
tance of (H^oDs Uingtionie, came tntc tfeem bp p^jcmifcanD not 
hy> tbe fledge : vet nolUntbllantiing, by nature tbep are fcme^ 
times rarCK; to tiitfer from tbe vttt of tbc tiio;lt)e» paule cal^ 
let!) tfjcmS>aintCi5bp nature tbecaufe tljeilo^De luoulDenot 
f rtentiebiiB grace to tlje tubqlc farre bt' a continaall o;Der anD 
fuccclTion. Jntbisfenfctbet^lubtcf/eUjere bclocuing among 
tbe 3jelucS)arc notlDitljnranting called bp Cb;:ift,2Cf5e fonncs 

Wat 8 11 ^^^^^ bcaucnli' ferngocme. jficitbcr is tbat lubicb paulc faitlj 

xom j.8* repugnant to tbis^liolne ttjat not all lubicl) arc of fib;am, arc 
' ' to be recfioncolaUifuIl Tonnes tbccaufetber are not tfcccbil^ 
D;en of p^omifcbut of tije fiellje onclp* 

if o: iberc tljc pjomife is not taUen generally? fo: tbc ertcr^ 
nallluo2i)c, bt? lubicbe (!DoD bcllolueo W grace as loeUHp-' 
pon t!K reprobate , as t)ppontf}eelcftc:but it ought to be 
rrftraincD to tbc cfFcctuall calling, lubicl) be tnluartli? fcalctl) 
bubisljolicfpiri^e* ;anD tbat Ibc cafe ffanoetb tlmsr itma^ 
cafilv be p:!OueD. j?o: tbc p:onnre Uias common to all men,b^ 
lubiclje C£DH> a:)o\itcr) t!;cm all to be their fonnes.Jt can 
not be DcnttD but that tberctn euerlfifting faluation loas ctfe^^ 
rcDtoalL c,^ibatti»erera:emeanctb paule,in tbat be oenictd' 
rcrteinc to be acfountcrj Tonnes br the rigbtc of the p^omife, 
but onelv becaui c be t)iTpiiteth no further concerning the grace 
iifi^c^ outU'arclbtut (rf ti;c TiuncpUijcreof ll;c elect cnli^ tn^c 


tCfcff uallpf \13crc nota appcarctl) tjttto bg f too fo:t5 of rotmfiJ. ^ -^ • 
intfjeCOwretje, jfohbecaixfttht tDt}olcljoDi?ipftIic people is Twofortt 
gatljcrcDlji'oneanDtbc fclfc fam^ Ijouc into t\)z fijccpctobe ?• ^'"^°^* 
0f (DoiJ,all men luitljout exception in tins rcrpect,are couutcD ' V''"" , ^ 
ftnneSjanD tljc name of tbc C&urcb bclongeti) generally to all ' '"" '" 
men: but in tliefecrctcfanctuarie of 0oDjnootljcrs arccoini? 
tcD t\:)c founcs of 0aD, tljen tbc^in Ivtjcmc the p;onnfe ic ra< 
tifteD b^j faitli i^inu altljougf) tliis Difl'ercncc fp:tnget{; from tljc 
fountcmc of free election, fromtoljence alfo faitbit felfc art^ 
fetl) : \?ct notUjiti)lranDin(j,becaufc tlyt purpofe of Coo is f)iD^ 
Oen from bso fit felfc, ti)crefo;eU)C oifcernetljc true fonnes 
froaibaltarDes^bptbcmarheanDbatigc of faitljanD inltDeUi« 
tie.2^f)is rcafon and Difpenfation continueo bntilltij^ public 
lljing of tbe CDofpell : anD tbcn tbe partition Uiail being ta^ Eplict.H 
feen atuar,CI:oD maoc tbe (E'cntiles cquall \})itl) tfje naturall 
fonnes of ilb^am ♦ 2Dbat toas tbe renetoin^ of tbe tuo^loe, 
tufjerein f be^ began to be calleo fonnes, Mjicl) afo,:c tbat timz 
tuere ff raungers. j|iottuitbftanDing,fo often as comparifon is 
maoeljcttuticnctbeJetuesanQ tbc<l?entiles, tbcinbcrrtance 
oflifie is attributes bntotbem aslaioefull ano b^ rigbt ap^ 
perte^ning to tbcm, but to t[)e d^entiles it is fai^De to be acci^ 
i3entaU,o;>commingasitluerebv'lottc ♦ Bin ti^z meant time 
that oracle is fulfille d , b^ lubidjc (S'OD p;»onufeD tbat ab^am 
fi)ouloebetbc fatbcrofmani? nations, ifo^tubereasattljc 
firtte^bi? a continaall teno;^ , the nepbcioes fucceeoeo tt^e natu^ 
ral fonnes of ab:am,ano t\)t bleffinfli^gtnning at biin,fp,2eaO 
it felfe to tht nepbetues : tbe commin]$ of €hli^t b^ a t^nitc 
contrarie o;tier,io^neo tbcm to Ijis familie, lobiclje aforetime 
loereDiuiDeD from bis fe^De: at ttielatt tb^Jelues Uierc catt 
tieane out of tfje D©:es,rauing tfjat toitb tbem rcmainetb tbd 
l)iDDen feetje of election , tbat tbc rcninantes migbt bcfaucD^j 
3|t laas neceflTarietbat thn$ mucht (ftouloe be f^otoi eoncrr/y 
ning tht feetie of ^bzam^tbat tberebi? Uie migbt baue a plainc 

. toai' niaOe t3nt0 tbofe tljinges tobicb follote. [In their gene- 
rations, ] SCfjc Cucceffion of generations plainel^ telTifretlj, 
tbat t!)epofi:erities of abjamtuere fo tahen into tbc Cburcb* 
tbatcbtto^cnlftculDc be bo^nebntot&cmjtubic&c (ftoulDebc 
^ |;cireff of tljcfwnc grace* '• - -i 

' c ' xMj, Jlffcr. 

3^^ i!ftcrtbi0 manner it is caUcD an cucrlafttng coucnanf tnfo 

tbe rcnctuina of t^e luojlti, iubicb bappcnrD bv^ tljc coming of 

Ct):iftc,3confcfrctl)atitUjantctl) cno, anDtljat it map p;jo^ 

pcdr be f allctj c ncrlaOinr;, \x\ tftat \i pcrtrtnctj) to tljc iubole 

Cburcb: but ret tbis mult altoares abiDc firme,tbattbe o:Dcr 

of generations, b\? Vc^t comming of Cb:iftc,Ujas partelp \^%^f ^ 

fern cff^ano partely? cbanngeO '^ becanfc tbc partition toall be/ 

ingtafeenalDai',anDattbelengtb,tbe natui aU fonnes bcingp 

tiifinberiteD , ab^im began to banc an affociate binreD cbofeit 

ont of tbe parts of tbe tOO^lD. [To be God vnto thee.]i5l? X\^^ 

DnetDo:u,UiearepIainelvtaugbt, tbat tl;isUiacaanrituaU 

couenant,matJc not \\\ refpcct of tbis p^efent life onli^but tbat 

ab;am migbt bv^ tbe fame, conceiue (jcpc of euerlafttng life^ 

anD being tifteDbp^asbigbe as beauen, migbt tafee fcclDecf 

founli,ant) perfect bletreonclTe. ifo: tbofc tubom CDotJ auoptctft 

to btmfelfe, to be bis people, be alfo mafeetb partafecrs of biiJ 

rigbteoufnefTe.anti of all bis blelTings , anD giuetb bnto tfcent 

alfo i\}t inberitance of life ♦ 3let ts tberefo;e note, tbat tbi^f 

is tbe piincipall point of tbe couenant , tbat be, lubicbe \% tbe 

Coo of tbc liuing,ann not of tbe ueau,p;omirctb tbat be luil ba> 

tbe CDoD of ab.:ams cbiltJ.:ett. 3it folloluctb alfo, vs \i ioere in 

l!oct)eofaniniargement,tbatbe p>onouncetb, tbat be tuill 

giuebntotbemalanDe» 3 confclfe tbat fome greater matter 

tuas conteineD,anD fliatjotDeD bnuer tbe lantj of Canaan : ne# 

nertbeleflTetbefameisnolette, but tbat bis p;icmtfe tuasan 

nt)tJition,o; an nppentiit iffbat p;iincipall point , i will be tby 

Go^, janD altbougb Cao^Cfttmctb againe, as afojc , tbat be 

tbillgiuetbelantjtoiib^t'ihtbimrelfe: T'etneuertbeleffe, let 

tjs ftnoloe , tbat be neuer iniopeD tbc rule rtjcrcof , but ttat 

tbe bolie Jf atber luas contenteD tuitb tbc rigbt tbereof, aU 

tbongb be bao no polTefrion of tbe fame : ano tberefo^e be paG» 

feu out of bis pilgrimage in peace to tbe bingocme of beauen* 

3gainebcrepeatetb, tbat be iBtll be aCDoo tjnto tbcpoaeritic 

Df^b:am , tbat tber migbt notttaptbemfclues tppon tbc 

cartbe , \i\\i tbat tbe^ migbt conQ^er tbat tbei? tocrc IcDCc to a 

l)igber place, 

9 [Thoual/bilialtLcrpemy coucnint.n Chien aS itt 

%m% palle, coucnanfi5 iocrc not ondr to^Utcn )x\ conmion ta^ 


ircs,bnt alfoUjcrelucDnt to be gmuen in b^ntrc,o;jin0cnc,to 5 
the cut) t\)cv nugt)t be tl)c better rcmcmb:ct):cucn fo noln Gou 
^rauctl) biscoucnantmtl)efIcfl}cof^b;am» jfo: circuniciri^ 
on,U)a0(as it lDcrr)a folcninc monument of tbat aDopticn, b^ 
iubicbctbclToclicof^b^amUmjef cbofcn to be a peculiar pco^ 
pletnto CDilDSD. SCbc gonliebaD before, ott^er cercmontc0, 
lubicbe certiftcD tljtm of tf)c ncrace of (Doo : but nolo tbe !lo:D 
fcaletbanclucouenantluitbttneluljtnticoffiijne. 15nt IdIj^ 
bernffereDmanfeinOc, fomanp acres to Umnt tliis tellimomc 
ofbi3(Trace,tberearonishiDDenfrombs: fauingtljatidc fee 
it Uiasi tben inflituteD, lubenbccJicfc bnto bnnfelfe cue cer^ 
ttinc nation: tlic tul)icb tbing oepcnDetb tpon bis ferret eoun^* 
feU.nnDa!tbonn:l)(peratJuenture)itUiere a mo;je apt o:tier of 
teacljinttito gattier a fumme of tbofc tfjings, tDbif be are to be 
fpphenofcircumcifion: r^t notU)itb(tanDing, 3 toill foHoUie 
tbe ozner of tbe ttxtc , tbe tubicbe 3 tbinUc agrectb better 
iDitb i\)c office of an interpreter. 

ifira, feeing ^ofes calletb circumcition tht couenant of circumci- 
(D£DD,lDetbereb^gather,tbat tbe p.:ortufe of grace tuasin^ iionis caa 
cIuDeD tberein ♦ j?o:,tffobeamar^eonelrj 0: feale of tbe icdccdi 
crternall piofeflft'on baD bane left bnto men , tbe name of co^ couenani. 
ucnant UioulD b^ no manner of meaner baue agrccD tbere^ 
lintb> ttetubicbe ftanoetb not in fo:ce, ercept faitbbeaun^ 
fluearablctbereto. 3nt) tbis is common bnto all facramente0, 
f baue tbe toortie of CDod io^neo bnto tbcm , luberebr \)t tie^ 
claretb \jim felfe to be fauourablc bnto bs , ant) calletb bs to 
tbcbopeoffaUiation : ^ea,afacramentis notbing elfe, but a Un. 
tbe bifible luo;:oe , 0: a picture,anD image of tbe grace of CoD, mcnt dc- 
\i)l)itl)c mo2c plainelr (zttttlj out tlje U}o;De . V^'uitvcfoic^ fi"^^- 
iftbercbeamuruall relation, bcttucene tbeli3o:l5e anDfaitb, 
ft foIloUietb tbat tl)is enne ano bfe^is appointeo fo facra^ 
mentes: nnmelp, to b^lpe, increafe, ano ccnfirmc faitb. 
3n^ tbc^jlDbicbe uenie facramentes , to be bdpcs bnto faitlj, 5,^^^^ 
o:tobepjop;:c0 anD fta^es of tbeU3o:tje to confirme faitij, mcnt$ arc 
tbc^ muit iicet)rj5 blotte out anO Deface tbe name of couenant: I'cipcs vn- 
becaufe, eitJjcr QWID offeretb bimfelfe tbcrc a couenant ^^^i^^^- 
niafeer, anDp:omifer, f Dcceiuc : 0^ elfc faitb finuctb fome^ 
lujjat tbcre, lubercboitlj it mavbpboloe it fclfc, anDUi;ere«f 

:s,b, b]? 


^ ^ bpit mrirfongrmctljcccitcinfi0ti;cr0of. ^ut) aKbougfjlui 
mutt remember t\)t t^ittimtion bettoccnc tbc lignc ar.D t\}c 
inom: vt:t notiuitljttanDiiig,lct t36 bnoU)e,tf)at fo fame as tljc 
(ignc f omiuetl) befo.^c our rT?cs,tbe U)o;D oug&t to founlJ in our 

^- r m- 5 ^"^ tbat , tu^cn 30 in fftw place ab:am fe cornntauntierj 

muft rr^ to liDcpc tbc coucnant^CSoD notii not onelr commenti bnto \)iin 

loyncJ th«^ bare tfc of a ceremonie : but^Ifo be itJOulDc tjaac bnn to 

NviVn the giuc fpectali rcixarDc bnto ttjt enD. itlnn in terie DccDcfamg 

uorJc. ti)c p:cmtfe is ttjc foule of tbc figne: lijben tljc fame ii$ fcpara^ 

teDfromtbcfigne:, tbereremainetb nothing butaocaDcano 

tjatn^ Itijbt.SLfcts is tbe rcafon U)bl' Ice fai' tbat tbc iDapittcsf 

|)aue abolifl)eD tbe facramentes : becaufetbe tjoirc of OoD 

being taken atua^, tbcrc remainetb notbing i\\t\)cm but 

Uumbefrgnrcs.antj it is tjeriebaine tbattbei? eptoll in tJitoe 

6f tlyc iDO^oe tbeir ^agicallconiurattons, ifo: it cannot be 

ralletj a couenant^bnlctTc tbc fame being plainly reuealeD,i5 

fo fetne of t)s,tbat it ma^ builDeour faitb :from tbc lubicbc 

tbofepiai?er0arefflrre IJuiDe, iubicbctfe ontlg an ejtternall 

gettnre,anQ aronfufeo U)bifpering» 

j^olD lett3£( marke botu i^ couenantis rigbtlr Itept: name^ 
Iplubcn tbc iuo;oe going befo;e,lDe embrace tbe figne fo;a 
tcllinionie anD pleoge of grace . ifo: as dDoD binoetb bini 
felfel3ntot£:bT»bisfeale,fobeconDitionetb tobaue oftstbe 
confent of faitb vino obeoicnce ♦ fllfo it i^ U)0;tbie to be noteO 
lubicb follotretb. 

[Bctwccnc mc and thcer. ] mhtttb^ loc are taugbt^ffjat 
a facrament ooetb not onel^ perteinc to erternall confcflTt*' 
on: but Hjat it is alfo a miooie pleogc betUj^ne CDjdDD, 
nno tbe confcience of man . £:berefo;e,U)bo fo euer be be 
^l)icl)c is not tJirerteo tnto (I3£D2), bp facramenteflf , be 
jp^opbanetb the tfc tbereof. £po;eouer,tbe name of couenant 
155 Dcnominatiuel^ referreo to circumcifion, tbe lubicbe is 
fo iopneo Ijoitb tbe luo;Dc,tbat it cannot be feparateo from tbe 

lo [Lctcucric man cliildc among you be ciroimcifccf.] 

illtbougbCoDp^omifeotbat tbingto menanDUJomrntoge*' 



fficr^ tiilncfjebc aftcrluartc confirmcDbD circunuirion: ret ^ ^ 
notU)iei)ffanDing,l)e confccratctb tbc people tnto Ijim fclfe tn^ 

DcronchiiiDc. . . ^ 

;^o: feeing b\? tl)ij3f figne, tl]c p;^cmire \& rcnfirmcD , \d])P 
the Vpad luitl)OUt crceptioii maoc to men j anD Ixjomen : 
(ano it is ccrtemc, t!}attuonicn astuellas men bauc ratjc 
of confirmation : ) it foUotuetlj^tbat tbe fictne tuac o;oemcD 
fo: bntl)c fcjfcs fahc . iJ^citljer is it am? Irttc, tbat all arc com> 
waunDcDtobepartabcrsofCacramcntcs , if fo be tijerluili 
r£fei'iean^fruitetl}crebp:feecaiifena p;ofite commctij \3nt0 
tl)ofc,Ui!)icl?c nc(TlC£t tbeUfcoftljcm . m tlj^ foucnant of 
ۥ00 U)as p:tnteD ano ctrauen in tl}c boDieis of tl]c males fo^ 
tbiscaufe, tbattfee luomen alfomiettebe partaUeris of tbc 
famefignc, . ^ n rL-^ ^^ 

II [Ycrhidlcircumcire die forclkinnc of your lielh.] <4t 

t!)e firlte ajclDc t!)i5 commaunocmcnt ma\! fame fonoe ano 
rioicnlous* Ebc bolie couenant,lcljcrcb\? rigl)teoufncCfe,faL» 
tiation,anD bappincft'c is p:omifeD , is tjanoleD : iubercb\? alfo 
ttjefaoeof ab;am is oifcerneD from otbcr nations, tbattt 
migbtbe bolic anD bleHeD.^oli^e^to bauctbcbaticte of fo great 
a m\?aerie fet in tlie partes of Ojamc, \ul]0 U)ill alloli) it meetc ^ 
anu conuenicntf »it as it toas mate fo;r ^b;am to be a 
fa)le,tbat!)emia[3taiclrel)im fdfcobcDrent bntoCI^oDieucn 
fo,\i3l)0 foeuertuiUbe \utfe,tbe fame muft foberlv anlj re^ 
iierentli? receius tbatiuljicljc<i?;Spfa:mctlj fajlulji' to com*- 

ano I'Ct fo; all t!)at,tue mutt inqutre anti fce^bctbcr tbere 
appeare bcre an^ p:opoUion 0: liUcnctfe bettueene the bifible 
Cgncano tijc tinm fic^mfieo. iro: tbc fiancs l^bicbe Cod batlr 
o^DclneD to cafe our infirmitie , mua necoes be framcD to 
fiur capacitie,lcait tlje^ be tnp.^ofitable . an^ it Is lin*elr,tbat 
tbcllo;jDefcztUio caufes commaunDcO tijefo^ediinneoftljc 
flctlictobc ctrcumcifeD: narnelv* to HjetKe tfeatUijat faeucr ^•^^^^^^^. 
is beaotten b^ man -, is corrupt ant) fmncfull : ano alfo , t^^at ^„„ ^^^ 
faluarion loas to come cut cf tbe blfCfeO fecue of ribnv.u. nvoMufcs 
ifirae of all tljcrefc2e, lobat p2opcr tbing fo euer mm omnuQ- 
iaue bD tijcir £c«eraticn, O ^ P Ijatte couDcmncD thc^^^'^- 
^ ^ * fame. 


^ T fame irt circmncifi:on : tfjat flje co^rupf ion of nature bkin^ ^t* 
clarcD, tl)e fame mav? b>mg tYjcm to tbc mo;tifi?uig of tbc flelft. 
mbcrebpon alfo it folIoU)ct!),tl)at it tuas a fignc of repent 
taimcc. /jiotlritbffanoing, tbcrein alfo tbc bleffing luljicljg 
luas p;omifcD in tl)e focDc of J^b^am , iDas fcalcDaiio iioteD. 
t(I3:ijcrcfo:cifitfccmcabfurDeroanpman,tbat the plcDgc of 
fo erccllcntanDfinguIar grace luaflfgiucn in tf)at parte of tbc 
boDic: let bim alfo be aO&ameD of bis faluation,lubicbe flotoeD 
out of tbclopncs of ab;ram: but tbus it ple;ifet) (13 £) 2D to 
mahc the tuifeoome of tbe lDO.:loe fffllifljencrrc, tbat be migbt 
beateDolJone tbemo;e tbe p^ioeof flcn)e . ^no tbus nolue 
tbe feconoe time , ine baue tbe reconciliation bctluane 
<Doo anD men DeclareD bi? tbis rignc , tbe tubicb reconciliation 
luas offerer) in <Z\)i\ft . jfo^ tbe lubicb caufcpaule calletb ity 
Sbefeale of tberigbtcoufneCTeof faitbXcttbijs; be fufficientl^ 
fpofecn concerninjj tbe p^opo;tion of tbe tbinof , ano tbe 

12 r Andcuery mancliilde of eight daycs oldc » ] Jl^oiue 

<Dou appointetb tbe eigbtb t)a^ fo; circumcifion: luberbp it ap^ 
Baptifmc ^^^^^i^ (fjat it luas parte of tbat gouernment,t)ntjer tbe ti3bi' 
more cade cbe be tDOulDc baue tbe oloe people ei;ercifeD . ifo; greater li^ 
then cir- bcrtie is permitted at tbis tia^, in tbe aDminiftration of li5ap* 

cumciliou tifUie^ 

^o:couer, fome tjcnietbattbere nectJetb not an^ curtou^s 
Uifputation aboute tbe number of Da^es; becaufetbel.o;oe 
Ijatb fpareu tbe tcnDcrnclTe of infantes : fo; tbat it loanteD 
not perill, to luounDe tbem becing netoli' boine.^nu altbougb 
be coulDc biing to pafTc tbat circumcifion migbt burt notbing 
atall:Detncuertbelcire,tberea)allbeno abfuroitie bcrein,if 
toe fav^^ bebaDaconfioeration oftbeirtenDcragctoocclare 
tjnto tbe Jelues bis fatberl^ louc tmn to tbcir infantes . Eo 
others tbis focmetb t© colocano therefore tbcv' fechc fo.:a fpi- 
rituallmrtterie in tbe number of Dares . SEbci? tbinbetbat 
bv tbe fcucnoaiies tbis pzefcnt life U)as flllcgo:icaU^ notcD: 
anD tbat OoD commaunDeD tbe infantes to be circumcifeD tbe 
cic^btb t)av5 to a)cU)e tbat U^e muft meDitate t^pon tbe mo^tifi*' 
cahon of tbe flcfte , all tbe courfc of our life : but ?et tbat tbe 
fiimeisnot perfecteo tjntill tljc enDe tbereof , Augudmc 





hKq Docmctb tijat <3 £>0 iaJ) refpcrfc fotbc rcfurrccfwn 
Bf ^C():itte , tobercb^ ertcrnall circumcifion Uias aijolii» 
fttD, ano tbc trutb of tbc figure offeree . 3t is terie likr,auO 
agreeing luitl} reafon,t!)at tfje rourfe oftljis p;c(ent life is no^ 
tcDb^tlje number of feuen. SDbcrcfo^c it ma^^ fame tbattbc 
Jlo:r5ctiatl)puttot!)ecigl)tl;oar>to figure anDfet f(D:tt) tl)c 
beginning of a nclue life . Wut bvcaufc tijereis no reafon 
giuen in tbe S>cripture0, J Dare fo;j rerf cine affirnie notljing* 
^t2KI)erefo;e let it fuffice t)0 to Ijoloe t^at \3}l)icf) iB certcinc anD 
founDc: nanurll^tbaf OoD in tbis figne fo rep:erenteD tbeciycum- 
Deflruction of tbeolDeman,tbat neucrtbdcCTe be migbt a)cine ^'^^° ^^ ' 
tbat!)erctto;etbnicnt)nto life» C As weWhe tliAcisbomcin jfo"^^^; 

thy houCe, as he that is bought with mortic. '] C!5ot), in fom^ 

niaunoing j^b^am to circumtife all tbat loere tnoer tjts 
potuer^tbereb^Declaretb bis fingular long totoaroe bolv :3^ 
lj:am:bpcaufebecop;el)enDetb bislDboIc fyjuk tjaoer grace* 
^2HebnolDctbatferuante0in tbeolDe timeluere fcarfeli'ac^ 
tounteD antong tbc number of men ♦ 3l5ut CD £) S>, fo;^ tbe 
IouctbatbtbaretoU)arDefn.0 feruant^aoopteo tbemtobefji^ 
Tonnes » SDotbismercienotbtngatallcaube aW)eD, tteitber 
istberean^tbing comparable luitb tbe fame . K^t putieot 
!le(l>alfo is beaten DoU)ne,U)Ijen OoD luitbout refpccteofper^ 
fon£(,tabett) botb bonoe ano free to bimfelfe.HSut in tf;e perfon 
of ab;am be p;ctcribeD tbts latoe tnto all bis feruautes, tbat j^^ j,^^^ 
tbe^migbt labour to b;ing all tbofe lobicbe are fubicctt^nto (csof the 
tbem,iatotbc fame focietie of faitb . iro.: ener^ bonfe; of fairi.iuii 
tbe faitbfull ougbt to be a feuerall Cburcbe ♦ STb^ rcfo:e if ^^^ chut- 
toe Dcfire to be goDlp in tJccDCrUje mulicuert! oncofbs entfC'' ^^"• 
uourourfelues to frame our bcull)olDe to tbc obciiicnceof 
^ £D SD ♦ £nD ^b^am is not conrmaunDetJ oncli' to offer 
and oeoicate tjnto tbc il^DEJDe tbofe tbat tuerc bo:ne m 
bis boufe, but allotbersaIfo,\D!}tcbc Ije afterluarDe bougbt 

13 [ For an eucrlaflins; coucnant . [ 'iL\}is place mar ttl'a 

loaves be tn^crffajDc : citbet tbat OcD p:omirctb tl?at bis 
grace fljall be euerlaaing,of tbc Uibicbe, circumciftontuasti 
tcflimonie anDpleDge:o; elfetbatbc tuculDebaue tbefigne 
to be obferuco ano bcpt fo; euer . jf 0; m^ part, 3 ooubt not> 


^iS6 '®"*^ CALVINB 

3 ^utm tJjuJ pcrpcttiifte ougijt to to nfetm to the Wff* 

of m ffgnc, ouffbt note to be at tiis oac among the Kcl^ 
are ^n mp iuDgcra«tt Dcmurt. iFoj tfte/Kte S 
£ fl^arunc, o^Ca«raIir«lc, W,rreb,uo ff ougK 

I4U.C , t!,c pcrprtuitie of tiine,U.t,tcb is attr JbtifcD fo the tc?c! 
mon«£i.ft!)clatt.E, tuascnDcDfora.neasCl):iac anpcnrcD 
CDC Ecmpic 11.30 tl,c ptrpctiiall fcate of 0£'S>, as if S 

lu,atf cM h,£ ,s n>y reft for mer,herc wil I awcll.CljC fanrtifi* 

«i?. ^^^''2i^«««. flni>Pctfo:allfljat,tocmulfnotDcnicSc 

«jat €b:ta, after tljis manner, tnoJatcB tfjc latoerflw nun* 
flucrc IS eafic to be raaoe, ffjaf tl,e tfttmall tfe toa0 ft ab "o. 
gates, tijat tbc tructlj tJjcreBf to«s ettabUnjc D . ifoz bv the 
tommtnc of Cftuttc at tbc lart , tirtumciContoasSS 
BCD, tOat I mtgot alluapes tonf tnue,ant. tbaf tfjc fame !oZ 

«antmisif,tbccaabli(fteD, tof,icl,e€ot.ontcmaDc S S 
JDc djatmgtug of tbc tifibte 6m njoulo trouble mv mX 

t'.T^^^l"'^'' tbatrencluinsof tbe U«.>loe. iuKf 3 
fpabe, tlje totwlje renouation,b,:instns luttfj it a tcrtcine tw 

ftdcnc tranfitojie . E:()erefo;c,alt^ou0!) tljc bfe of cirtumt ifion 
mm : ^t not^itmntme , tbe f^c cealTcff, noS^K 
conenant fof euer : if fo be fftat sCfjjiffc be apSo n ci foj a 

aT.'^^lu^"^^"'^^^ ^«"' ""fi'-nitt. tfic tf uctft. 
ano tbaf tlje crtcrnatl arcumcifion tcaffcD , bt» the rem* 

Ceaof i^viule: tobo not onclp tcatlxtb tbat toe arc tireum* 

5oloC.. t,fe|. bp fbc oeatt, of Cb^itte, fpirituall", ni ZSh%^Z 

naUOgne: butlje appointctblBaptifincbrnamcinrnTOeof 

in'r.S"J! r"""^"^' ![' f'^^'' ^""^ ""umeifion/a,!; 
*nc»rciimciffon are al on«:bccauG: fbcn it Uxw a filing rnoifft. 




rcrtt, antj of no lucigf)f . XMi^tvtfo^c tfjeir crraur is fgnfn 
fcD,lu!)ubc t&iiilic ttjat tbc fanic ffattOctboffo^rtftiUamflng: 
tl)c3cUic0,asapccutmrCn:nebeloitc!:tng t?nto tf)cm,lDMcbg 
oiigW ncucr to be ab^ogateo • 3 f onftCDc tfjat tl)c fame lead 
pcrmitfco buto tbcm fo;t a time, tntiU tbcltbcrtic U^ljicbf 
Cb;itlb;ougbtlua£r better hnoljocntbut &,tbat tfje fame ciri» 
tumfffionretcmcDnotberfo;jte. if o; it tuerc tcric abfurDe, 
to make an cmrie mtotbeCburct)cVDitbttooftijnc3atonce: 
of tbe Uifncbe tbc one miijbt tcdifie, ano app:oue, tbat Cb;iitt 
tofomc: anDt!;cott)cr> mi2l;tbeafijjure,(asitU)frc)off)i5 

14 [But t?ic vncirciimcifccl mandiilclc.]] So fF)C eno cir^ 

cumciCon migbt be tbc mo;e imb;aceb, C3 jbD £> tb.:catcnetb a 
grttuou0 pmiif^wnt atraina tbofe bubif be ne^lertc tfjc fame. 
atnb as tbereb^ it appearctb,b^Uj great a tare be bau , fo; tbe 
falnation of men : cuen fo tbeir negfigc nrc is rep:ourD . ifo;t 
foing 0£).S>, ft gently? offcrctbaplctrgryanbcouenant of 
fits loue^ anb of eucdatthig life : to Uibat enD aoDetb be tb;ta# 
tenmgs^but onel^ tottrrrcbppcrtbeirflafftncfler tobc^angbt 
to r^mne toitb all ^ligenre f C\yis tb:eatcmng tbercfo^e of 
tbcpunin]immt,notctb mcnof foulcingratituDe: faeraiifeei* 
tbertbe^ rcicct tbcgrare of C?£)D,o? clfe contemne tbe fame. 
£Po,:eoHer, tbw place tcacbetb, tbat fiube contempt ftati not 
cfcapc bnpuniCbco.^iO becanfe Ooo tbicatenetb pnntlbment Miata 
onelV to ocfpifers , lue gatber tbat tbe bncircumeifion uf in*^ aying be 
fanteSyDtDnotbingatalfbnrtetbemrifCobttbe^ bfelibefo;e ^o'^ ^W 
(be eigbtb bap. ifo^ tbe bare p;omife of CJod loajs effectaall i^ "^^'^ ^^'^ 
nougb to tbeir faluation . ^eitber bio be fo confinne tbe fome ^cTe *„otl 
toitb crternall feales, tbat be tpeo W po toer bnto tbem^ 0no withftan* 
spofcs tahetb atoap all controutrfie of tbiJ mattcr-»aDbing tbr (Jmgvndcf 
rcafon : namelp,tbat they? mabe tbe couenant of <3oD of none ti^« p^o- 
Effecte . 5lno toe knotoe, tbat tbe couenant luas not b;o^ 
ken,toben abilitie ann poloer tuas tahen aUia^?. JLct bs l^nolD 
tberefoje tbat tbe faluation of ab^amsltocke, tonsTncluDeb 
in tbis tDo;De, I will be the Godof thy fccdc. anb altbongbc 
circumciffon came in llffi>e of confirmation: pet nottuitb^ 
Canning, it oio nothing at all DiminiH^ t\^ fo;tcr;anD arcngtb 
fifties tio^oe* 



6 ISBiitbtcmtt it is notin tijc lutH of men f o fcp^trafc f^ofe 

The (Tc^nc ^^i"sc^iltif)tcl)c 000 fiatb lorncD togctter : no man roufo dc5. 

and t!,r ^P^fCiO; ncgkct tl)^ figncbiit \)c mullalfo rei>cttljc luo;D,anD 

\vord may Dcpnuc !iim fclfc of tt)c facntfitc tftcfe offcrcD , SLfjerefo^c 

not be ic- C5oD To kiicrdv pnniflKD t()c negligence ond^^. 0nD tffo be a* 

pirated, j,^ infantes iuerc ocp^iueD of tfje feale of faluaf ton bv Death, 

ijefparcD t&em,bcrauCet&epDiDnDt!)ing ataUcontemne tbe 

couenant of C^oo . ainD tberamcconliDeration is to b^ fjaD at 

He tliat tbis Dar of 13aptifme . mbatfoeuer be be , tfjat at t(ji0 Dat^ 

bTJZ^ ' neglecting Baptifme, feignctb bim fclfe to be contenteD toif h 

zdnCcih^ ^^^^ ^^^^ Piomifctreaoett) t^nDa bts fate, fo mwcbe as in bim 

thcbioBci liefb^tbebtoubofCIjnacco; atleatt tuife fufferetbit not to 

ofckxiii. floU)e,tolDn(l&eant)cIeanfebiBcbilD^cn. S>o Dep^tuation of 

grace, tubicbe isaiuftpunitbment,foIIotDetb ttit contempt 

of tbe Cgne : becaufe b^^ a UjicfeeD feparation of tbe ftghe,f tbe 

iuo;De, tbe couenant of CDoD rs to;ne afunDcr ano b;ofecn mn 

f appoint Damnation to infantes , lobomc fouDen Deatb fuf^ 

fereD not to be offcreD to 3i6aptifme , faefo;je tbat tbcparent^j^ 

coulDc bcin mv point negligent, is crueltie fp;ong fro»i 

fuperffition. mut tbere is no Doubt , but tbat tf)e p;icmirt 

dfo pcrtemetb tnto tbera » anD lobat is mo:e abfntDe,tbeA 

tbat tbe figne flljonlD take aluap tbe fo^ce of tbe p;omifr; tubi^ 

fbe (igncU)as aDDcDfo;jatonfirmationof tbe fame f OTberc^' 

fo:e\»e mutt tbus moDerate fbe tulgar opinion, bi? tubicbe 

it is faiDe, tbat liSaptifme is foneceOaric, tbat totbout tbe 

fame tbere can be no faluation , leaft toe tpe tbe grace of €>dd 

anD tbe fo >ce of tbe fpiritc to ept^rnaU Ognes, anD accnfe dDoD 


[ Bccaufc he hath broken my concnantO 'ifo;^ tbentbC 

tommnt of CD £D D is bept, tuben tb:ougb faitb l«e imb:acc 
tbat U)bicb be pzomifetb. 3!f anp man obiect tbat infants U.ere 
gniltIe(rcoftbisfault,tDboasrctUianteDrearon: 3 anfUiere 
that this twice ougbt not t© mucbe to be ));act} , as tbougbe 
i3o\) njaDcmfantesgmltieoftbcirotune fault: but toe muff 
note tbecompariron,tbatas 0£DD aooptctb in tbe perfon 
of tbe father tbe infant to be his fonne : U)ben the father refu? 
fethfuchea bencfite, the infant is faioe tobaniOjchimfelfe 
from the Cbiircb^ 



4ro> tfjat IB tbc meamnc of ttjw fpcacfj, That pcrfon fhall bcc ) ^ 
curofffrom his people : tftat U5 to fa^, from tl)e people iDljiclj 
dDoobaucljofcntntoljimfelfc. mfjereas fomc erpouiiD it, i 

that tbei? lucre not 3!clue0, ncrtljcr ret t^at ttiei? lijerc to be 
rechoneo among tbe people, to lutjome tncircumcifion luas 
left * it 10 tcD coloe. 3Lf)e)? muft p;of aoe furtl)er,as,tl}at Ocd 
iDiU not acltnolulcDece tljcm to be 1)10 people, ti^btcbc UjiUnct 
Carrie the bntjgc of bis at)option. 

1^- CSarai thy wife flialt thou not call SaraiJjOolD tlje ilOiU 

p^omifett) tbat tUe latufiiU fccoc G^al fp^ing from ab:am &l}e 
toafiCas 3 faio)ta) raft,U)bcn as Ojaappointen ber Ijantmam 
U)itf)out an^ commaimnement of dDoD to fuppiie ber place: f 
abzam alfo luas ten reaoie, iDbo tco fojlilbl^ I raa)lr foliciucD 
biBlDife, lobicblDcnt about to pjeuentC^oD. |^et notUiitl;^ 
(lanDing tbe fault of tbem botbe letteo not, but tbat Cou ma^ 
bctb luioUien tljat be toiU 5iuet3ntotbem tbatfat)c, of tbe 
Uibicb tbcv toere almott paft all bope. Mbereb^ tbe free gojtj^ 
ne0 of C3oD Dotb mo;e plainly apeare : becaufe, altbougb men ^^^^j .^ ^^^ 
bT? tbeir letter Do binuer tbe courfc tbereof : ^et neuertbelelTc \^^ s.^a, 
it commetb t^nto tbem . ilno, (I3oid cbaungetb Sarais name, for the m^: 
tomakeber erccUencie mo;c famous , lyl)icbcinbcrfo;imercrca{c o£ 
name U)as IclTc boiiourable. ^o tbat noUi OoD ioill baue^a^ \^ouomu 
rai luitbout al erception to be accounteo a ilaDie anu ^l^^ince: 
tbe iDbicb is erp^eCTeo in tbe tert,luben Coo p;cmifetb tbat be 
toil m^ tnto bcr a fonne : out of lubome at tbe latt, j;;iation£8 
ani) limcTS CboulD fpjtng. ^no altbougb at tbe firft fl)cujc,tbis 
is a tervHarge bleCTmg: ret fo; all tbat, it is farre mo;e fruits 
ful, tben \i appearetb to be in too^nstas toe ftall fee anon, 

17 [Then Abram fell vponhis face, and laughed.] %\^\S^ 

tuas a teffimonie,not onlv of reuerence,but alfo of faitb. if 0: 
ab:amnotbnotonli?lDo;(bip<^oD, but alfo giuing tbanfees, 
teftifictb i be ootb receiue ano imb^ac e b^ faitb, ^ iobtcb toas 
p:omifcr? concerning a fonne.i^ereof alfo luc gatbcr be laugb^ A^nm 
CD, not tbat be DefpifeD, citber counteofo;^ a fable, o;reiec^ laughed 
* tcD Vc^t p:omife of dDoD : but as \i \^ oftentimes Done in tbtngs ^fj^ '°y > ^ 
not IcDkeD fo>, be burttetb f©;tb into laugbter,partlr fo: iov, % \^,,^ll 
partly bicaufe be tuas as \i luerc befioc bimfelfe luitb aDmira^ 
tion. /llicitbcramj of tbcir opinion, lubicb tbinke tbat tbis 

aa. laucb^er 


uias Ituciotrc aaoiulftco : tijc vuJjirl) alfo tl}t mxt intcrrcttatio 

rCilfinnctl),U)!jCn Jjc faiO, Shal a childc be borne vnto him that 
IS an hundrc( ycres old? JfOi altljOugl) l,t rctCCtCtb tXOt t luDlCh 

toas rpc«n Dp tbciinsci as tatuc : ret im'mmmma, ijc 
teclarctij Dim fclfe to be no of bcrUiifc alRrtcD, tbcn if fee baa 
to rome luoncciful nctDfs.stjuc ti,e „ctone(rc of tfjc tb/ns 
fw'^« y b'"M"ro>mitb ^,foi a am timcbc ts attonifgcDmna 
Vtt noiluif !)ffaiitnnff,bc bnmblctb Urn frlf before Oct,f bciiis 

Rom.4. li. ""^J"" f^^'fi^ ^Pon the cartb. iFo:,tbat tbts U-as no fucach of 
Doufattng, paulc ttaificti) to m Konianco, iubo tentrth tbat 
aujaia confiDcrco bis boDp, bring luttbcrcD i aeao, cpf bcr tbe 
ban-cnncirc of S>arai0 Uiombe : 0} tbat fjcDoubtcDofthepjo;. 
mifc of eoD tbjoiigb bnbelflcfcbaf t be bdcucD tb; bopc, 
bepono all bopc.anD tcbcras jpofcs raitb,tbaf CAbram iiid in 

hll , J,!« ? °^ ""w ^° '5'^''P''^f'^ if'^s fjoueb be roccitieo t\,is in 
»i r !, '^^,"«""P : '"'t 33 manp tbtngs bappcn Unto bs ten. 
ammmts troublcfom fbougbt came info fjis mtno.mbae 
mcanctb tbis.f bat a fonnc Jljailc bo,:ne tnfo fjim, Uibich is an,on buHD^ci) rcarcs olo i I5ut tbis fd-metb to be a rerfeine contcn" 
tion, beftooenetbcrcafonofflett),anl)faitb. jfo: altljotiab a« 
Sf^^?2f^i'^"'!"^ P'''^''^*'"5 btm felfc facfo,:e ©oD.fubmtttctl) 
515 mmseto bis U-ojd: pet ncucrtbclcffe,b£ is troufalec as ^ct 

Anfwcrc. SS. '^i-!' .""^' °l^^' "^'"Sf- 3 anftoerc,^ tbis amniraticn 
Uioitb mo not a:n!c V polucr of dDoD.toas not cotranc to faith: 

«;'ff'.^/h'',o^' ^^r ^?'^"f^«^f' "'O tf"; iJctter appeare , in tbat if 
paffeD tbjoijg!, fo baro a llrctgbtXbcrfojc be is not repjclic n, 
t>eo,biraure be Iau3beti,as &arai Inas in ^ Cbapter fololnitirt. 
.b [And Abramlaidc vnto God.J ab;!am Dotb not notuc 
toonocf fcrretip Imtbin bim fcIfc : but be niaUctb bis vctitim 
ana pjaper.t^otobcit.tbis torcr, o if(oj,3! UjouId to CDoa,) If- 
maci might hue in thy figlit, pjocecactb as vct from a troublclJ 
f r^"f' "5 mtno. Jfo.j be contcntctb bim frlfc luttb tbe fcnne 
Wbtcb alreaaic bojne, as tbougb be Diirft not bope foj fo ' 
much as ©oo p;omifctb; not tbat be rcic tfctb tbe p^cinife ron» 
rernmg tbe nclcc faac : but brcaufe be is contcntea tuif (> 
IDC grace lufjicbc [jc bao alreaaic rccctuco, \>nlcffc <!3£D© 


teoiilD furtljcr cirtenu Hs liberalitie tolnarUCB !)im. E!;crfo>c ^ / 
be rcicctctl) not tbat iDbict) tbe llo;D offcrctl) t nto l)mi : but be* 
ina ttmt to imb^acc tl)cfamc,tl)ije;,0 that Ilmad might hue, 
oalTctb from t)im, tl).:ougl) tbc \wcahc tjnnerftanDing cf tbe 
flcOic &onie tbinbc tljat ab;tam fpake tb«s,bicaufc be ti as a^ 
fraioc of bis fir a begotten fonne, leaftdDoo in mm an otber 
fonnc, OioulD taUe aioa\? tbe firrt : as tbougb bi« latter grace, 
fiioulDftuallolyetptbefirft* ISuttbercisno reafonUJbi^Uie 
fl onlD tbinUe,tbat ab:am tuas tbus afraioe. ^nD tbc anfluerc 
of 0orj confutetb tbis fenfe.lDbicb foUot^etb anonXbat tbrr^ 
fo>c tobicb 3 bane alrcaDie fet uotone^is moje certemeiname^ 
h% tbat ab:am pja^eu, tbat tbe grace of 0oo mtgbt be ccnfir* 
mcD tjnto bim, lubcreon be UaneD bim felfe. Sntj t^natuifcDl^ 
be maUctb tbis petition, tuben as tbjongb tor, be cocciucu net 
tbat tobicb be bat) bearo from tbe moutb of tbe i.o;u. SCo line 
before V ilo;D,is as mucb, as to be p^eferncD in faftie tb:ong,!) 
bis Dcfence:o: to be bltffcD of bim. flbzam tberefo;:e crauetb of 
tbeiio^n, tbat be U)illp.:eferue tbat life, iDbicbbebatbs^ucni 

tntojrmacL , . . ,* j -, ^ 

19 [SarahthywifcrhallbcarethccaronreindeedeJ Jtl 

tbefe U)o;DS,tbc tlo:u fiirretb tp tbe Dull mino of bis feruant: 
as if be Iboulo fa^^SLbe beboloing of one grace onlp is a let \}\u 
to tbee,tbat tbou cantt not bigbcr lift tp tbr fdfc: tbus it com^ 
mctbto palTc, tbat tbou tioeatajmucberearcinetbrfenTcs. 
iloU) tbcrcfoze fet tb^ mino mo;e at large, tbat tbou mailt aU 
fo aumit tbat tubicb 3 p:omifc concerning &arai. if 0^ ^ gate 
0f bope ougbt to be open to recctue tbe largencCTe of tbc li3o;D. 

rAndIvMUc(kbhrhmycouenant\vith hmi.] li^e rcaretnetb 

tbefpirituallcoucnaunttoonefamilie, tbat flbjam tbcreb^ 
miabt Icarncto bope fo: m bleHing p2omifeD befo.:e. 5Fo^ bi^ 
caufe be b it) feignco to bim fclf a falfe bope, tuitbcut tbe tuo:o 
of (3o:3,it tuas md:te tbat tbe fame ftoulD be firtt pulleD out of 
bisbcart : to tbc enD, tbat be migbtnolue tbc better ttai? bim 
fclfc t3pon tbe beauenlv^ 0Mcle,anD migbt ancboj fatt bis faitb 
' tpon tbe founo trutb of C5£DD, lubicb faitb luauereti before iti 
falfc imagination, l^c callctb it an eucrlaaing coucnaunt, mi 
tbe fame fenfcU)bereofUjefpal^ebcfo;e* 
fllfo be ei:pjeactb,tbat it Ojal not be tieD to one pcrfon onlr, 

aa.i/. »"^ 



but tf^at it (^all be to tljc toljolc Hockc, b^caufc b^ contiituall 

fucfcrrion, it fl)all come to r^cpoacdtic0» ji5otU)ittil!ant)ing, 

ion -^ cjjsj^^f^ abrurD,tlMt Ooo commanDetb Jfrnacl to bcrirrum* 

Aofwerc. cifcDjlDbom \)z Dcpziucti) of fjis graccj anfU3er,tbat altbcug!) 

iQac re- X^z i^o^D nialtC Jtof tbc firlf begotten anD beaD,frcm tubonie 

cciucth the be luill bauc tbe eouenant of faliiation to fp;ing: vet notluitb^ 

couccanc. ftanDing^be Dotlj not ttterli? ercluuc Jfmacl : but ratber in a^ 

Doptmn; tijc lubole familic of ab;am,be io^netb ^fniael to lji5 

b:otljcr gfaac, as an inferiour meniber,bntill be banilbcD bun 

fclfe from bis fatbcrs boufe, aniD from b:otbcrlr focietie. %}t 

luas not tberefo.:e circumcifeD \\\ baine, bnttll befell from tbe 

f oncnant : the lubicb altbotigb it Ujcrc not tubolv mabc Imtb 

bimtv^et notiuIJanoing, be migbt bane taken part tberof luiti) 

bis b:otber ^faacSDo^be ll)o:t,v ILo:t» b^ tbefe tuo:tis menetb 

notbing elfe, but ^ gfaac (bal be p bcire of ^ p^omifeo blcffing^ 

- , 20 [Andas concerning lilnacl J haiic heard^C noil) 

cchlcth a puttetb a mo:e plainc Difference bettucenetbetujofonnes of 

tcmporaii ^bzaui. jf o: xw piomifing ricbcs to tbe one, antj Dignitic,anD 

bkiiing. otber tbings tubicb belong to i\)x^ p;efent life,be IbeADCtb tbat 

be \Q a fonne of tbe ^^% :ii5ut bemahetb a fpeciallccuenaunt 

iDitb 3faac,U)bicb ercelletb tbe luo;jlD anD tbts p^cfent lifcmot 

tbat be t\xiizV(\ aUiap all bopc of faluation from gfmacl : but 

to teacb tbat faluation mua be fetcbt from tbe ftock of Jfaac, 

lubere it Ojall rctt. ^02eouer,U)e gvitbcr out of tbis place,tbae 

tbe bol\?fatbers lucre not tieD to tbe eartb luitb tbe p;iomifei5 

of OoD : but ratber tbat tbcr luere lifteo bp bnto beauen. J?o; 

iubat fo euer is to be luiOjetJ fo; , xw refpect of an eartfeli? life, 

<3oD liberally ano largely p;jomiretb tbe fame to Jfmael : ano 

vet notuntbdanmng, be mahetb no account of all tbe aiftcs 

lubicb be bcdolDCD bpon bim , xw comparifon of tbe coucnant 

lubicb luas to be ellablia)eD xw Jfaac . ZX folloUietb tbercfo;c, 

^ neitber ricbcs, no: polDer, no; anv^ otbcr tempo;all tbing,is 

p;omireD to tbe fons of {) fpirit : but an euerlaHingbencUictio, 

Temporal Iwbicb XB b^ bopc cul^ poflfrlTeD in tbis U)o:lD. 2Lbercfo:e Icitb 

bicisingcs lubat bene&tes anD pleafures fo euer Uie abound noln: pet ne^ 

^'Ix'llt'o "^^^^^^^^^'^"^ fclicitie x^ tranfitoncbnleiTr tb:ougb faitb lue 

r^rhcaV^ ^"^^^ ^"^° ^^^ beaucnlv bingtiome of C^;i)p, lubere a greater 

ucniy .' ano !jijji;cr blclTmjj is laioe bp fo; bs, 

^ jpottoi(&> 

V?OM GENESIS. C A f . XVTi; mtj^ 

#ofU)itt)(JanUing,tt ma^ be DcmaunUctj, Ipftctftcr abznm fjat) ^ '^ 
a care onclp fo; an eartblp life, U^ben be p^arco fox \:)is fonne^ 
j(ox fo mucb tbello^oe temetb to affirme, luben bcpjonoun* 
cctb tbat be batb giuen tbe famctjnto bint, lubicb be afUcD, 
anD^et mahetb mention ofnomo^etbentwebauefpoUcnof. 
)i5ut it luas not tbe purpofe of (IDoD, to comp^ebenD ti)c icbole 
uclirc anD requett of ^b;am : onelp be giuetb to tjntiei (Tanne, 
tbatbebatbrometonfioerationofSlfmae!, fo;^ U)bottiei!b;am 
baointreatcD : tofl)CtuctbattbefatberscommcnDaticntuas 
nottjoyDe. jfo;^ be UjouId baue it hnoUjuc, tbatbefoloucDAltf 
b:ani,tbat fo; Ub faUe be recciueD tbe tnbole ftock,anD taoucb^ 
XafeD to bcttoloe fomebcnefite o; otbcr tjpon tbenu 

22 QAiid God went vp from Abram J ffibefe tDO;tlC0 fon^ 

tcinr a profitable ooctrine : as, tbat ilb:am bncU) fo; ccrtclnc, 
tbat tl)is tJiQon luas of (©OD: JFo; beretnto tenDetb tbis going 
tp.lBut it i0 neccffarie fo; al tbe goDl\?,tbat (2>od be maoe bnc^ 
iDcn to be tbe autbour of all tbofe tbings lubicb tbcr beare,lc(l 
t^ev be carrieD to ano fro,but ratbcr tbat tbcr mar ^Wv t)e^ 
penD bpon beaucn. anO tubercaj; noU) (I?oD,after be bat) maUc 
anenooffpealting, is not openly eptoUeD into bi^beaucnli? 
glo;pbcfo;eourepe0, tbe fame ougbtnotbingatalltoDimii 
niO^tbeccrtetntieofourfaitb : brcaufeonceafullmanifcaa^ 
tion luas offcrcD in €t)n% luitb tbe tubicb it is mate tbat toe 
be contenteti.ano altbotigb CDoDtJOtb not afcenD tpUjartJ Dail^ 
b^ a tiQblc figne : in tbis notluitbffanotng , bis maicltie Dotb 
no IcfTe fljine, tbat be tranrfo;ming ts into bis image, liftctl) 
Ijfl an bigb. ^Ifo be b;ingctb autbo;itic f nougb to bis Uio;De, 
tuben be fcaletb tbe fame in our bearts b^ bis bolr fpirite* 

23 [And Abramtookclfmaclhis fonnc] ^Olue ^PofeS Abrams' 

commcntietb ^b;ams obeDiencc, bi^caufe be circumcifeDbim°^^^^«"<^«* 
felfc anD bis lobole familic, acco;t)ingas be teas commanDeo, 
if oi it mutt nceDes be, tbat be teas ti)bol\? aDDictcD tmto <iDoo, 
Uibicb is not afraiue to giue t)nto bim felfe a grccuous luounD, 
tubcrebp bis life miq\)t baue come in pcrilL i^)ercbnto alfo be^ 
longctb tbe circumttance of time, tbat be ncferretb not p fame 
tnto an otber Dap, but bp anD bp obepctb tbe commanDcment 
ofdDoD. ^nD pet notluitbttanmng,tbcrr is no Doubt, but tbat 
be Vu;caieo tuitb Diucrs cogitations. 0nD to let )^at![t an innu^ 

aa.ii;; mcrabU 

J i\ mcrabic fo.:f of otlicrs, tljtJJ mipx femicr ome mfo fifu mtntfc,. 
3 baiung bene fo icng tcreb iDitfi nmnp anuc rftttf 0, ano c alt^ 
into oiucrs laniftmcnfc, bauciiotUjit&llanDrng,ncacr riuarj« 
ueo from the Uio:o of CDorjuf bt? ttjis fignc^be iuoulo c oufcrratc 
me to be bi5 feruaunt, tobi' b^^tb be put me off,eucn tJiUill mv> 
CFtixme olDe acte i ZlKHbat nieanctb tbi0, tbat J can not be fa^ 
iicD, bnleflfe 3; fo cut m^ fctfe, as ttnna^ b:ingnipfifetotbe 
craue i But tbic loasa mo:cpIautep2©fe of obcmencc, tbat 
fee bauing ouercome all lets, foUolucD Cod the caller fpa^Dil^i %. 
"tidi^^S^wi oelap. ^no tberem be oiD no Icffc notably Declare biflf 
faitb : biciufcbnlclTe be b^^ certemelv imb^aceo tbc p;omifc0 
of C3j!),be U)onh not baiic bene fo reaoie to obei?. i^ereof tbcr^ 
fG.:e cant? fo great reaDinelTe, bicaufe be fet tbc Uio:De of OoD, 
aa;amn:i3:uen5anDfunD:ie temptations, Uibicb vav^\sX bane 
fX)\\\t\\ bis mino,anv) bane Djatuen Vc^t fame euerp luai?. ^Ujo 
X\\\xi^si alfo are bcre luo^tbic to be notcD. SDfje firft Inas^ tbat 
ab:ain not Difcourageo tcitb t!)e Difficnltie, Inberebp be 
migbt bauc tbe lerTc perfo^mcD tbe outie tubicb b^ tjio oUie bn^ 

CTlc Intotoe , tbat be M^ a greate niuItituDe at bomc , 

.tD!)icblr.asalmo(tapeop!eofitfelfe. 3t leas fcarfc creoible, 

tbat fo man? xxkzw tooulD fuff^r tbemfeUies to be tuouncico,r.o^ 

tbinoc appearing but a fco:ne Sfjus be b^iD g©^ caufe to feare, 

lead \)i d)OulD caufe a great tumult \\\ bis t[\mi boufe:^ea>!eft 

tbc greater part cfbis fcr«ants IboulD rebel agaiiiG bim,luitb 

one confentmotUntb()ranDing,be bearing bim fclfc bolDe bpon 

tbe Ujo^oc of C^ iD D> Itcutl^ taUetb i\\ %^xi^ a matter impof* 


Abrami jfurtbcrmoK, luc fa lubat a tucll oztjcret) boufe be b»^ : 

houfc was tbat not onclp tber lubicbe Uierc bo:ne in bis boufe , but 

ifvci 1 ordc- ftrannge mzx\ alfo,ani3 fucb as toerc baugbt U)itb mon:e,li;cre 

^^^ contcnterj qiuetl^ to tabe tbe tuounBe, Uibiclj taas botb grce# 

uous, anD alfo fbamefuU \x\ carnall fenfe. Jtappearetb tberem 

foze, tl)at :abiam tuas berp carefuU to bane tbcm Doe tbeir 

Duetic . illnD bpcaufe be baD tbem DnDer bolv mfcipline, be 

baD tbc reluarDc of his Diligence : lubicb be rcapeD, m fincing 

tbem fo tractable, iw a matter pad all reafon anB rcacbe or 

man . eucnfoattljisoa^, 0;©fi) f«mctbtocommauntja 


v?0Nr OENis i-s; • c a k xviu: « j^^ 

maftcrimpolTiblctobeoone, iubcn be tooulDcbaucbisclfof*^^^ 
pcap<:cacbcDtotbcljabolcU)o;loc, tbat be migibt rcflo;ctbe 
fame from Deatb to life, ifo; toe te bolue great tbeobttina* 
cte ano peruerfntfTe of all men fo; tbe mod parte Ib : alfo U)it^ 
tioljD man^ anD foueable p;acttre0 , ^atban IJOittjUanOetb tbe 
fame : in fucb txjife, tbat tbere 10 not fo mucb as entric left to 
tije beginning tberrof : ^et nottuitbHanDing, it becommet^^ 
euerp man to Doe ijiis Duetie> anD not to (lap fo; anp Ictte i , 
at tije lad^our cnDeuour anD labour fl)aU baue IM 1 
fruite, altbougb as pet, tbe Came 
potb not appeare. 


\ OT 

,!rf T' 



^^S^>> N D againe,thc Lord appeared vnto him,' 
-^^^ ^ in the plainc of Mamrc, as hee fate in his 
rente doore,about the heate of the day. 
And he lifted vppe his eyes, and looked^ 
and loe, three inenftoode byhim : and 
when hee I'awe them, hee ranne to meete 
them, from the tentc doore, and bowed 
tim felfe to the grounde. 

^ And he fayde,Lord, if I haue nowe found fauour in thy 
iighty goe not I pray thee from thy leruant. 

4 Let a little water I pray you be brought , and w afli your 
fccte,and reft your fclucs vnder the tree. 

5 And I w ill bring a morfcll of breade, that you may com- 
fort your hearts : after ward,yc ftiall goc your wayes : for ther- 
forc are ye come vnto your leruant : And they faidc^Doc cucii 
t5 thou haft faidc,, 

Aa.iiij, S Tbe« 


^ Then Abram made hade into the tent vnto Sarai , and 
faiclc,Make readie at once three meafurcs of fine meale^knead 
jt^and make cakes vpon the hearth. 

7 And Abram rannc to the beaftes,and tooke a tender and 
good caltCj and gaue it to the icruaunt, vsho hafted to make it 

8 And he tooke butter and milke, and the calfe which he 
had prepared, and fet before them, and ftoode him felfe by 
them vnder the tree^and they did Cvitc. 

^ Then they faid vnto him. Where is Sarai thy wife ? And 
he anfwercdjBchoIdejfhe is in the tent. 

I o And he faide, I will certcincly come againe vnto thee, 
according to the time oflifc: and loe,Sarai thy wife fliall haue 
a fonne. And Sarai heard in the tent doore which was behind© 

I I Nowe Abram and Sarai were olde, and ftricken in age, 
and it ccafTcd to be with Sarai after the manner of women. 

1 2 Therefore Sarai laughed within her felfe, faying. After 
I am waxed oldc,and my Lord alfo,fhail I haue lufi ? 

1 3 And the Lord faid to Abram, Wherefore did Sarai thus 
laugh ? fayingjShall I ccrteinly beare a childe,which am oldc ? 

i^ Shall any thing be hard to the Lorde ? At the time ap- 
pointed will I returnc vnto thee,cuen according to the time of 
life : and Sarai fhall haue a fonne. 

1 5 But Sarai denied, faying, I laughed not : for flic was a- 
fraidc.And he faide,It is not fo : for thou laughedlL 

1 6 Afterward,the men did rife vp from thence,and looked 
toward Sodome : And Abram w ent with them, to bring them 
on the way. 

1 7 And the Lord faide,Shall I hide from Abram that thing 
which I doe : 

1 8 Seeing that Abram flial be in A(i<i^y a great and a mlgh- 
tie nation, and all the nations of the earth fhall be blcfled in 

19 Forlknowe him, thathe will commaundhisfonnes,^ 
his houfholdc after him,that they kcepe the way of the Lord, 
'to doe righteoufneiTc and indgcmcnt,that the Lord may bring 

Vpon Abram^that he hath Ipokcn vnto him, 

■i ■ . ■ 20 Then 


«rr«o Then the Lordc faide, Bycaufc the eric of Sodomc and ^ / / 
/Somorrah is great, & bicaufc their finis exceeding grccuous, 
* 2 1 I will go dow nc nov. e^and fee whether they haue done 
altogether, according to that crie that is come vnto me : and 
if not^that I may knowe, 

m^ 22 And the men turned thence, and went towardes So- 
domCjbut Abram ftoode yet before the Lorde. 

2 1^ Then Abram dre w e neere, and faid. Wilt thou alfo dc- 
ftroy the righteous with the wicked ? 

24 If there be fiftic righteous within the citic, wilt thou de- 
ilroyandnotfpare the place, for the fiftie righteous that arc 
therein ? 

25 Be it farrc from thee from doing this thing, to flay the 
righteous with the wicked : and that the righteous fhould be 
cuen as the wicked : be it farre from thee . Shall not the Judge 
of all the w ®rld doe right ? 

26 And the Lord anlwcred,If I fhall finde in Sodomc fiftic 
righteous within the citie,thcn wil I Ipare al the place for their 

27 Then Abram anfwered, and faide. Behold, now I hauC 
begunne to ipeakc vnto my Lord,and I am but duftand aihes, 

28 If there fliall lacke Hue of hftic righteous,wilt thou dc- 
ftroy all the ciiic for fiue ? And he laid. If I Hnde there fiue and 
fourtie, I will not deftroy it. 

29 And he yet ipake to him againe,and faid : What if there 
(hall be found fourtie ? Then he anl'wered, I will not for 
fourtics fake. 

5 o Againe,he faide, Let not my Lord now be angrie,that 
I rpeake : What if thirtic be founde there ? Then he faid,I will 
not doe it, if I finde thirtie there. 

;? I Moreouer, he laidc, Beholde,nowc I haue begunne to 
fpeake vnto my Lorde : What if twcntie be found there ? And 
he anl'wered,! will not deftroy it for twenties fake. 

5 2 Then he faide,Let not my Lordc be nowe angric,and I 
will Ipcake but this once. What if tenne be found there ? And 
he anlwered,I will not deftroy itfor tennes fake. 

3 3 And the Lord w cnt his way, when he had left commo- 
ning with Abram^and Abram returned vnto his place. 

Aa.v, 1 [And. 

) / '^ -rf And agaifw?-thc Lord appeared vnto himj. (JJob TOpesf 

«ttf)tei3ti^amfta:3ine, to rofiSfmef^emumeofbi^rcrmTunl 
toitt) a helxj tJifion, cucn as m faitt) ofti)c »aim muftnms 
be\)o\pe\\t\o\j)tHm tlmh Mntl) fomc ljelpc0 o: otb^r. Jtmap 
alfa bc,t[)nt tl;c p>omifc Uiac rcpcafcD fo; karats fal^c 2^bat 
an5 If Coo tooulD aftertijw fo;t, fct fojitb the (rrratnclTc of few 
firac? i ifo;r t[>c fame rannotbcfo luoifhiipcrtoKcDasitDif 
kmmrmiclf icf pzomtfcD to ^faac, from iufjomc at tfjc falh 
rcDcmptioit ano faluatian OjowId Obtnc tnto tbc too;lD 315ut 
bolwfocorr tbcrafeHantictf), toe fa,tl)at tfjere toas iuff^raufc, 
txrtJP 3fv^ac rs p>6mifcD againe. Concerning tbe Ido^d Mamrc- 
Uietjauefpohen in tbc tbirtoit&CTbapter going: before. 3it ts 
terpiifecirt tbattfjefamctoaisagroue, U)6ere ab;amoU)dt 
fo; tije commoDitie of tbeplace. 

2 [And bcholdc,threc men.] Befoze ^OtcS tomtntti f0 

tbcpnncipall point, be Defmbetb tnto bfitbjebofpitalitieol 
tbe bol? man.^nD be calletb tbe angeLei,men:bifaurc the? ba^ 
urng ^ ftape of bumane boDte£?, CaemeD to be berp men in oaD. 
^nD tbru U)a0 Don of pnrpofe, to t^t enD be entertaining tbeiJi 
as mcn,migbt 5:;cUe biifif cbaritie, m v ^"sefe baue no n^oe 
orour Duetie0,iDbicb are tbe tru.> U)o;ke0 of cbaritie. amcna 
H ^fpiraii. ^?)^f tJ^bofpitaUtie is tbe tbeefeff,bicaufe it is no common bcr# 

ticis the ^"^j^ob^IpC^rangef bnbnolnnemcn,attobofebanDfiU)elQ)&e 
chcdcft fo^: no recompenfe. Jfo; it is tbe common manerof men,to re# 
d^xml ^^^^^^^^ ^"^ '^^ otber,fo; tbofe goiD turns UJbicb tbep receiue 
♦ mutually : but be tubicb u^ curteous i gentle to Qutftts Vo\}ici 
arc aranger5,p:ouetb tbat be is hberall fral^^Ioliing foi no# 
tbmgagame. C(:iberefo:etbebumanitiecf^b:amDeferuet(i 
no fmall p;aifc, in tbat be toillinglp mabetb bnimotone men, 
of iDbom be bi^}) receiueo no benefite,! at Uibofe banoes be bc^ 
peo not to ftno tbe like clemencie,bis gncHes, mberbnto tben 
fcaD ab:am regardc i ft^urelp, to p;oniDefo; tbe neceCTiticj of 
QucittB. ^c fectb tbem toearie of tbeir ionrneiM be tJoubtet^ 
not, but tbat tbe^ are faint iuitb beate,bc confiDeretb tbat tbe 
time of tbe Dap toasberp Iabo;fome to traucllers» ^e Defiretd 
tb?refo;e,to banc tbem cafeD i comfo^tcD, lubicb tbus labour. 
auD in brrp DeeDe,tbe terp fenfe of nature tellctb bs,^ guette^ 
f U)ai]farinc mm art cfpeciallg to be !;oIpcn ; bnlcOe tbe blmD 


loof ofoar felucis, caufe to Dec all fo^ monie anti mompcnfc.^ ' '- 
5ftu none ar6 mo;e Inojtljie of mcrcv t Wpe^tlicn ttjofc Ujfjom 
to)c:fa Dcllitutc ot ft ientjcs, % alfo of DomefticaU commDmtic0, 
a:!)erfo:c \x\. do tunc>l)orpitalitie u;ag bigbl^ cUccmco anions 
alt nations, ncitber teas tbcrcan\»rep:ocf)nio;ei3cteaable, 
ften not to bcacrountcD i caHeD Ijarbo^oue. $^i it is fa^utiOi 
truclticpzouDlr to rjefpifc ttofc,U)l)ich being oeaitutc of al oi# 
toinarie !)c!pc,fa:kc V^nto \}B foz at?oc. ii> otliutbttanutng^it ma^ 
be DcmaunDctj,lJD!)ctbcr ab;»am tuerc Icont to cntcrtatne all ^ 
came. Jf 02 tbcn be a)oulD banc IjaD a greater numbcr,tljcn be 
toulD fatitfie. a anfUicrc,tbat t&e mans \uifeocmc luas fuclje, 
tbat f)c altuavs maT)c a tjiffcrenre of gucUcs.^no in ber^ tcED, 
tbc biDDiua of gucftcs Ix'bcrcof spofes fpcaUetb fjere, ts mo:c 
i\z\\ common.i^citljcr is tftcre an)? ijotibt,but tljat tbe angcltf 
appcaren to be of great oio;nitic, botb bi? tbcir fpeacb^f alfo b)? 
tbcir outtoarD a).^tue,tn fo miicb>tbat ab;jam migbt Decme tf)e 
li»o.ztbic,not onlv of meate % o;inke>but alfo of honour. SLbe^ 
DO to f urioiiQ^ Difculle tbc matter, tofjid) tftinke tfjat be boas 
fo careful to Bo tljis Dutt^^bicanfc be boas taugbt of bis fo:efa^ 
Ibers,^ angcis buerc oftentimes in tl;c luo;li3,bnncr tbe ft ape 
of men. aifo,t[9e fa^nng of tbe^pomr is againa tbis^lDbo De.'Kcb. 15.3 
nictb, tbat neitber benojlLotbnetDCtbc^ngelsattbefira, 
fbinUing tbat tl;cv entertaineO men fo; giiedes. SCbus tbcre^ 
fo;e lue arc to toinktabzam fecmg tbat \^t^ Ujcrc men of bao:; 
a)ip,f of angular evxellencie \\\ ftebi),U)ent to mectc tbem,bOi 
nourablyfalutcatbem, anti intreateDtbcmtorcabtJitbbim* 
ano at tbat oav men boerc mo;e t3pngbt> in fo mucb, tbat bof* 
pifalitiemigbtbcblfeDtDitblcirc Daunger, X%t\\ at tbis Dar, 
men being fo full of falftojtie. Jlbcrefo^e, fo manv Junes ana 
tirtuallmg boufcs Declare our coiruution, anD Do p:oue tbat it 
commctbto palTctb^ougb our fault, tljat tbep;inftpallDuiie 
of bumanitie among "^s^M oecapeD. 

2 [^And bowed him fclfc to the ground.] '^i^ (ignc Of rc^ 

werence luas commonly bfeD among iltwx of tbe Caflr. j9nD, 
iDberas certcineanncrcnt toiteriJbaue gone about to D:aiD <i 
mpftcricoutoftbis, jas, tbatabzamtuo^nbippcDoncof tbcfc 
tb:de tobome be fatuc, anD tbat tberefo:c bebebcIDetb^ougb 
factl) , tb;cc pcrfons iw one C5 © 2> : bvcaufc it \s> \3amc* 




nnD tenting to is bett to omit itSto^ ^t faint btfoxti 
t(iat tt)e man of CDoo To entertameo ^n^cls, tbat be UjouId do$ 
t)t0 Dutte l^nto men. :^nD luberas CDoo aoo^neD btie; bcntgnttte, 
f toucbfafeo to rcioaro f)tm fo, tl)at j3ngel0 offcrco ttf^m (tU 
ms to be bi^ gnettcie;, be t^neUj not p fame, before fucb time aj 
tbep mane tbem fcliies hnolun iDben Dinner tua0 tione.2Dber^ 
fojc it 15 bumancanociuil honour, U)bicb begiuetbtintotbf* 
ioijt in tbat be falutetb one fpcciallp, it is lifeelp, tbat it loas 
tberfojc Done,brcatirc be eiccelleo tbc otber tluo.^o; toe bnoto 
tbatllngelsappeareo oftentimes, loitb tbeir bcaoeCbjifte: 
^0 tbat bere among tbetb;cejanflel5, ^ofc0 mabctbcnetbe 
(b^fc ambafTaoour. 

3 [Go not I pray thee from thy fcruant.] Jwtbatabjam 

fo gently ano earneftli? intreatetb, tbere is no Doubt, but tbat 
be Dotb tbe fame,being moueD luitb tbe caufe afo;efaiDf . ^0^ 

ifbebaDbtlleDcaluesfoAaUtbatbeb^i) tttet tuitbt it migbt 
(fflnebauegiuentpboufe beeping ♦ l^e bonoured tberefo:e 
tbeir bertue ano excellent jjifts,leatt be IboulD rontemnc d^oo. 
ffi!)U£(,be toaff ncitber oftentimes fo liberaU tbat be mtreateD 
iDanDercrs,o: otber common perfons of all fo;ts:noj pet U)a5 
be moueD iDitb ambition, to Ibeljoe bim feIfemo;>e gentle to# 
luarD tbofe tb;jee tbcn be Ijoas toont : but it toas tbe loue of tbe 
gtftes ofc^oD, anD of tbe bertuesCbining in tbem,tbatmoueo 
bim. ^lfo,in tbat be offeretb a mo;fell of bzeabe onlp, be Doti 
not onlp ertenuate ano mahe lede tbe benefite Inbicb be intent 
DeD to giue,to auopoe boading : but alfo to tbe eno tbep migbt 
tbe mo je eaCilp pealD to bis purpofe anD intreatie , luben tbe^ 
toere perfuaDeD,tbat tbep ftulD not be ten cbargable f trouble^ 
fome bnto bim. ifo: moDeft perfons tuill not luiliinglp caufc 
erpenfe 0; trouble.Sbe loatbing of feete ioas berp common in 
tbat time,anD in tbat part of tbe 1uo:Id: peraDuenture,bicauffl 
tbep trauellcD barefa)te,cuen in tbe beate. i^no tbis iuas tbc 
beft remcDie to eafe tDearincffe, if tbep DiD ccle tbeir fate b^ 
tua(btng,being burnt buitb beate. 

^ QFor therefore arc ye come vnto your (cruant.U^e tntHf 

netb, not tbat tbep came fo: tbe purpofe to faUc loDging : but 
be meanetb,tbat tbe fame bappeneD in berp gtoD time, as if be 
Q^oulo fap^tbat tbep lucre not come bp cbaunce into tbat place, 



but that fltcv tocrc Iro tijitber hn tbc purpofc nuoJanDcoP 
Sjoo SDtjcrcfojc be rtfcrrctJ) it to tl)c pjouiDcntc of Coo,tf)at 
thcv came fofttlp into a tonuenicnt plate, toficrc tlKV^ nnjjtt 
rcfrefl) tl)cm fcluciS a tuljilc, 1)111111 tlje !)catc of tfte &im terrc 
imtigatcD. anD fteing it is ccrtcinc,tl,at mm fpate t^ns of 
nit Mr.m minoe, let be b^ bis cvample be perfuaoeD, tbat fo 
Dftcna3 0urb:cth;cnDomBetciuitbt)S, lubub ttanomnacc 
of our bclpctbc fame are offcreo trnto Ms of dDoD. 

6 [Then Abrain made hafte.3 2Dbe Diligence of iibjam til 
tuclcommiiis W sueftcs, io bcrc DcclareD : ano spofcs tbcre^ 
inithall Q)cU)etb, U)bat al«ellfurni(beDant)o:ticreoboufebe 
hao. SCO be Ifto jt,t)c paintetb fcojtb tnto ts in feluc U)o;Des,a 
notable figure of goucrnementDomcftitall. ^bjam runnetu, 
nartl? to toinmano tbat tobicb be tooulo baue Done, ano part. 
Iv to ercrute tbat iu!)icb bclongco to tbe gmonian of tbe Doufe. 
^araitopetbberfelfctuitbintbetent, not to take ber eafe, a >o„fc 
So to DO tbat labour toljicb belongeD bnf o bcr, SCbe fer, -j 8-^ 
uantsarereaDtetoobev). SibiiSisafUjeetcbarmonteotaujcii „,„„„„£ 
D'Dcrco boufctbc tubicb toula not fo fotiDenlp nppearcDnuae ,„ ,1 p„t,. 
cucrp one of tbembao bene accuttomcD toitb longpMtfifcto 
ritTbt DifciplincanD tobereas asofcs faitb,tbat tbe angels ciD 
ea'te.there arifctb a qucttion. &ome erpouiiD it, tbat nm !>V' 
uearcD onlP in otitSuaro flictue to catc . SEbc Uibub tniagma.^ tKc Ac- 
tion co:nnictb into tbcir niinDe from an '>i^erm°''']^l[^[' f"':^ 
fbcp imagine tbat tbcg baD not truebooies, but o««lS f^" a. ^rp-=^^^^ 
fticalboDies.lSut it is farrcotbertutfcmm^taDsmcnt.irtrtt.f^^ji^^^ 

tbis teas noPiopbcticaUtJifion,Uiben images of tbingec ab^ „,„£ bo- 
fciit are fct bcfoje mens eyes, but tbe angels tame inl3crr<i.», and 
Dteacintoabjamc boufc. Cffilberefoje 3 Doubt not, but tbat noc .n.^ 
(Sod ttJbicb maac al tbe tuoilD of notbing.anDlubub is a iuom "•""• 
tcrfullteo:ftmaiacr in faOjioning bis creatures, gauctinto 
tbcm boDics fo? a time, lubcrin t'm might do tbat office Vubt* 
tbe toas conimitteD tjnf o tbcm.anD as tm^ did trutlv luaioe, 
fpeakcanD Doe other 2 iuDge tbat tbcv ciD as truci^ 
cate : not tbat tlrci' lucre an bungcreo, but to the cru. tticn 
might be \3nUnoU)ne,tntil tbe time of rcuclation cmm. fo;C' 
Duer,as *©oD fouDenli: bjoiigbt to nothing tbofc boDics,toi;.ct) 
toerc crcatco fo; a f cmpojal t)fc;fo tbcrt fljal be no aWurome, 


^ tf toe rap, tW t\it mcafc teas tonfumcti tortcf her totfh f f... r.A< 
notbrng be fcr, then to rotent our fdnes to.t(, a fober "Si! ' 

f bat tolnci, became bun to ooc. ffiut l-auing muen p S Z 4 
riwrttte, be noto bcgmnefb to nianifetl bmrfelf in bSS 
p&ereag 99ofc3 one lub.le b,:mgetbmtb:£EperfonSak; 
tng, miD an otijcr tobilc atfrtbiitctb fpeacbc to one alonpfL 
reafon is, bvcaufc tb:ffi at once, rcp'crcnf tL oerrS n.^! 

<cn:,m„ ^'''^^ ^^"^ PMnripall place is giiirn tnto one : bpraufc ChX 
»ndcrti>c MJ'J'cbistfjcliiicIgiinagcoftfjc fatfjer, appearco oftcnhmr* 
for,„c of tnto tbc fatbcre, totiDcr tbcfo^mcofanangeltanDtbean! 
an Angd. 0el3,loborc bcaDc U is, toaiteo Upon btm. ano lubcreas tbe» 
tnqmrc after ^arat: toe mar tbcrcbpgafber, tbat afonneil 

ncITe of tbc fo:mcr ojacle. 

flafetbit, in.k-laft,IvviJlreturne: Hsif ^OD fpcafemtt after 
tbc manner of men,baDfail)e, 3 tinll returnc if lliuc StiC 

^oulDbojrotocafpeacbcfrom men, as if be h.cre moitaH 
<:a!)at maieaie(S pjap i'ou,)a,oulD tbts notable Oracle bane! 
toben tbc eternall faluatton of tbc too^loe is M^ lUm 
f bcrcfo^c bp no manner of meanes be pjoucB,tbat be fo foakT 
bicaufe .f ttterls oucrtb^otoetb tbefoitc ano aufbo'itSf tbc 

P?onnre. EbC tert i«,Accord,„g to the time of lifr ?Sb cJ 

STf fo?'"!l!'T'l''"'"S^''"'«'' «« 'f fbc angel bao ftioe. 
tbat S>ai at ^oulQ tben remainc aliuc. 3IBut it is moit rimiv 
crpounocp of tbc tbilDc. fm CPoo pjomifetb tbat be Lull Smc 

at beiuaanolatofmitimeoftbilDebirtb, tbat ^araimiSf 
bctbcmotbcrofaliuingfonne. J ^ ja-^aimtgoc 

" [Now Abram and Sarah were old, and /Iricken in age 1 

^ofes bjmgctb m tW tcrfcf o tbc cnD toe migbt hnoUic that 

£02,cbtlO;en to be p^omifco to iuojnc ano rrmlteD oloc folbcs. 

L SerHS ah ^"f Jf^'f f ttfO'-'S' a qucffion map be mo, 
«co tonccrnins ab;am ; feing fomtimw men toijitj) arc bcr? 



itlD,!iatic (Trcitgtf) to bccrct cftilD^en : anD in tfeat age tint) tfmc 
rfpcciiill^? It U)a0 a tfjing not tnluontcD. liSut £Qoks fpcaUctft 
bcrc comparatiiicli^ jro;,bicaur£ 0b:am,fo lontr as t)c toas of 
aluftieagcbaDliucDfruitlcflTclLntijtjis \uifc: bcconlD tbcn 
fcarfli? beget cbilo^eiT, luheit l)e luas nolJDc almoft balfc DcatJe. 
l)e begatc Jfmael UJlieu !3C lua^ an olo man, but tnlfflhco fo2» 
^ut noiuc, tljat tjz r^oiilD be a fatber ttDcluc scares after, b^ 
nnolDerpentU)oman,itlua5 fcarfe creoibfc . 0ot\i}itf)tim^ 
tin^, £9ofc£i ttantietl) fpcctallp tpon&araitbrfaufctljeDe^ 
feet antJ let tuas fpeaall^ in ber ♦ 3St cealteD/aitb be^to be loitb 
^arat after tbc manner of tuomen . Wyt lubicbc manner of 
fpeacbc bcmoDcUl^ notetbtbemonetljli? termed, tubicb ap^ 
perteinc to loomtn natiiralli^ ♦ flno tbc abilitie of concciuing 
tCiiUztt) luith ti)t menffruall flnrc. 

12 [ And Sarah laughed within her Iclfe. ] ^bjatjam fja5 

laugbeDfirUe, asUiocfaluc intbeCljapter befo;e : but tba 
laugbter of tbem botbe is not alibe. jf o; &arai is not lifteD 
"bpvbitbamnirafionanDiop, tobelceuetbepzomifc of C^op: 
lut tooifcrcDite tbe Voo^M of <IDoD, ftcc fcttetb fcer buf banoes 
agcagatnft tl)C.timc » ^n^ ^ct notluitbttanDing , flia^Dotf) 
not of purpofe accufe (Doiy of faiajoD o: \)anit\t : but b^^caufe 
D^de m notbtng but iojl^c into tbe matter,(I)e m\t\\! lueigbetb^ 
lD!)at might be naturally none : anu liftetb not \3p ber nnuDc^ 
toU)cigbaiioronfiDertbepoUirrofiDoD, but raflb^V cifcrcDii' 
teth bis tuo;De. £Dbw^> fo often as tuemeafure tbe pzomifes 
of dDDD anti bi^ UJo:[?es, luitb our olune fenfie,ant) toitb tbc 
laljues of nature, iDCDocbuntu^ong, altbougb iDcinttnzjno 
furbe tbrng : b^caufe Ujc giue nottbatbonourtubifbij^t'tic 
tnto biai, Dnlcffe iuemaiic all lettes, in Ijcauen ano in eartb> 

£po;eouer, altbcu'ol) tbe l3nbe!aTe of &araf is not fobe cu 
tufcD:t>et notiiutljCcinmng, die Doetb not nirectlv reietttbs 
Crace of (iDilDSD, but is oncl^ belo backctuitbrnooeHieanD 
n)ame,tbat ll^e migbt not bp anD hv beleue tbat lufctf b fl)e beci^ 
retb. anD ber ter^^ \uo:Des Declare great motieHie. ifc; it is <i 
figne of (l)amefafl'nc{Te,tbat fjbefaitb, Nowe that wc arc wax- 
en oldc, {Lall wc giuc ourlelucs toluft? ^"OberefO^elfttJ^ 

note, tbat tbc purpofe of ^arai Uias nct[)ins lelTjfr ^ben to 





mafei; 'a3oD a liar : but that fl^c \)tttin oncl^ offtnUctJ, fo;^ ftaf 
fi)e inclimncc t© mucb to tbe tjfuall o^oer of nature, gauc not 
Qloiic tnto C3or), to Ijopc to recciue at bis IjanDjef, tbat miracle 
lubict) ibz coulD not conrciue in l)tt minOe . SCfje aomonitiori 
alfo 15 to be notcD, tufjicljctfjcapollleuatbcretb tjereof, tljat 
g>arai calico ^b;am Ijcr Jlo;D» if o- ftc crbo^tetf) luomen after 
Ijer eiCiJmple, to be obedient tinto tljeir bufbanos, 2Cbere arc 
mm^ U^omcn , ^jo^icf) can be contentcD to Qiut tl)is title fcnto 
tbctr bufbanOiJ, ano ^et notUntbftanDing, are tbeir maimers, 
ano fcche to ru le tbem, 15at tbe flpottle ooubtetb not^but tbat 
^virai fo calico ^b;am,euen from ber beart. ano tbere is no 
i5oubt, buttbatftjeoutiruUsperfo^mcDtbatmooellie, lubicb 
in iuo;tJC£f (be p:ofe(ret). 

13 [And the Lord laidc] llBtcaufe tbe maicffie of (I3otJ tuaiJ 

alreoie erp^clfeo in tbe Slngeb^^ofes fettetb tJoUm bis name. 

3no befo;e Uie baue ftetoeD, in tubat fenfe tbe name of CDoo itt 

attributeotnto tbe angel : tberefo^e it is not note naofuU 

to repeate tbe fame tfauingtbat it IS neceffarie to note, tbat 

tb'e loo;D of (S»oD is fo p:ecious tjnto bim, tbat be luill becoun^ 

tco to bep^rfent,fo often as be fpcahetb br bis minilters. jfur^ 

tbermo;e, fo often as be manifcfteo bimfelfetotbefatbers, 

Clj:itt tuas as it lucre t\)c mcuiato:, lubo not oncl\? in rcfpcct 

of tbe U)o;D,bare tbe perfon of Ooo, but alfo is tmlv f elTenti^ 

all^ (DoD ♦ )^i\t bicaufe ^arais laugbter luas not bnolune b^ 

an^iuDgemcntofman, tberefo^e ^ofes plainelr affirmetb, 

tbat (be toas rep:ebenoeo of C3od. ano to tbis enD perteine tbe 

f ircumllances, tbat tbe tent loas bebinoe tbe angel, ano that 

&arai laugbeo luitbin ber felfe,anD not before otbers. 2Dbe rc^ 

p;iebenaon alfo (bctoetb, tbat ^arais laugbter iuas io|?neD 

loitb tnbelcefe. ^0; tbere is no fmall lueigbt in this fentence. 

Is any thing wondcrFiill with God ? 515ut tbe angel rep:ebcn^ 

uctb ^arai, bicaufe fi)e fijut tjp tbe poU)er of (Doo, Uiitbin tbe 

compatTe of bcr reafon ano fcnfe. 2Cberefo:e tbere is a compa^ 

rifonbettucenctbeercecDingpolperof dDoD, anD tbe ftreigbt 

meafure, tubicb ^arai feignco to bcr fclfe biuarnall reafon. 

f^oW U)e foe lubat ^arais offence tuas : namelvsbolD tbat fl)c 

Dio iniurie bnto OoD, not acfenoU)lcDging bis ineftimnble po^ 

tDcr. ano in ters DttOg, lue robbe CIpod of bi^f potwer, fo often 


VPON genesis: ca?. xviii. ^o^ 

3BtdCtjiIfrnat)i0tuc;t)C0,pauleat tbcftrffc blun)c,femc(b ^ ^ 
tcne colDl^ to p:airc >?lb;am0 faiti) , loI)cn [)c fa^tU tbat be 
ronaocrcD not bis; boDic Iviljtcbe tuas DcaD,but gauc glonc \)n^ ^°"''^' ^^ 
to 000 : bccanfc I)c luas perfuat»cD tbat b^ coulDc pcrfozmc 
tbat tDbubctoas p;ionurcD. 515ut if fo be lucticcpel^ fcarcbctbe 
fbuntcineofmtlrua, locftall finDctbatluctbercfo;^ci)oubtc 
Df biflf pzomifcs, b^caufe toe Doe tDtckcDlv? Diniiml^ biJJ poU^er. 
jf o; fo fmnc a£5 an^ barDe matter i6 fet before tjs, all tbat <DoD 
p^omimi) feemetb to be but a tale : T?ea fo fcone as be fpeaUctb, 
t^is DngoDlt? tbougbt creepetb into our bearts^lgoUj ftjall tbat 
come to paOe Uibicb be p;mnifetbf Mbilc toe tbu0 tl;inUc,lac 
txtlunt bis potoer, ti)c buotuleDge lobereof ouercommetb a 
tboufanoctuo;li)en.2Dobefto;te,beDotbgreate iniurie tmto 
CDoOjtobicbebopetb fo; nomo^e at bis bannes, tbenfjccan 
jomp:ebcnDe tuitbin the compalfe of bis capacities /[icuertbe^ ^°'^» 
leircffectDo;^ oftbeaio;^tji3Wgbttobeioi?neDti3ifbpoU)eniriJ; hisTowa 
tbere is notbing mo^e out of o;rDer , tben to inquire lubat CDod „,uft be 
can Doe, not regarDing bis \}}ii\ . iBum fo tbe^Dapifts D:olDne ioyncd to 
tbemfelues in a Deepc llabr^intlje, U)be«tbei:Difputeoftbeg<^thcr. 
^bfolute poller of <IDoD • 

2Cberefo;je,t3nlefrel3ue lotll tntangle ourfelues toitl) ab^ 
furDeD:eames,tbeloo;jDeof CDo^ muft necDcs goe before in 
IJeeDe of a lampe. SDbis rule tbe apottle p^efcribetb t^nto ts, Rom.4.11 

Ixiben befa^tb J am certcincly pcrfuaded that he whichc hath 

promifcd,is alfo able to perforinc. ^igaine tbe 0ngcl repcatetb 
tbe p;omife,boUje tbat be toill come againe , acco;iDing to tbe 
time of life : tbat is to fat! , in tf^t i?eare following , Uifjen tbe 
full time of birtb Iftouloe come. 

If [hut Sarah dcnicdjfaying, I laughed not.] SCblS tS, tl^ 

itotber Offence of fearab^in tbat Cbe tuent about toburie, ano 
couer Ijer laugbter ix)itt) a lie. £nD ^et notluitbff anDing , tbis 
crcufep^oceeDeDnot from oMinate malice, euen as tlje luic^ 
feeb are Uitont to make c^cufes, tbat tbei? ma\i remaine liUe 
, t>nto tbem felues tjnto tbe enDe ♦ ^arab teas otbcrtuifc ai^rc^f 
teD.Jfozlfte repenting ber of ber fa)lia}nerrc , loas notUjiifj^ 
HanDing afcarDe,anDDenietbtbatfl[)e did tbat tbingtubiclje 
Ifte fenetuetJifpleafeD Ci^oD. Mberebp toe gatber,boU)e grcatc 
tjje corruption of our nature is.Mljcrbr it commetb to palTe, 

115b, tm 

jO^ to MN C A L V 1 NE 

5 f^flf tht ttUTt of (5oD> b!)tf !) 15 ttjt IjeatJ of all terf uf ^tticcrri 

ncratctb mtotfcc. flnD it is to be notcD, Uvljereof tlje fcnrciof 

tuijjcq ^cfcs niakctl) mention, fame fo (ouDf nfp inte fearaisi 


fo;e luc (i2 fjcto tne maicHie of ©oDAulien it is feriouHv felt of 

, t5,ii)aijctf) from ts tJulncCTe « ucglin:ence: i U»c nre efpeciall\> 

b;ou^l)t to the fcchno: l)erecf,U)ijen CDaD fittett) l^pon ^isiwcgctf 

mznt rcat,t l^tnaetl) foitl) our fins into tbe ligbt^^lt w not fo, 

for thou laiighcdftJSLtjc antjclccntcnDctl) not \i niant? ti^o;tifl 

but Dotf) p;ccifelv confute tbe falfe teniall^crebr kt lis lernc, 

tfeat \ji}t o^ainfap in l^aine^ U^ljcn toe are rep;oueD of tljc llo^iDt 

bzcmk [)c iDillqnickelv' put tsto filence ^d)itl& one tw&^g. 

SIi^ljcrefo;eiuemuftbetDare,lealt toe foUotrc tfjeir (rubbers 

Meflre,ttibid)egoe about to mochc ©^ 3> tuitb Diuerfe eo^ 

lour5,anD Doe at tlje lall runne fj^aulong into tlje grolTe con # 

tempt of \)m. jfo; botofoeuer be faretb fo; a time,a0 tbougf^ 

tc pcrc eiueD b0 not : rst notluitbffanoin!5>be icill tbunDer a<^ 

c gamll b£{ tuitb tbt3 bo^rible bo^ce, Jt is not as ^ p;jetenbc» 

21^0 be (I)io;te, it is not rncugbe to reuerence t^c tuogemenC 

of C3oD , tnlelTe lue Do trul^ confrlfe our finncs laitbout colon* 

« ring o^lftifttng tfjf off. j^o^ Double oanmation rematinetfrfo;^ 

all tbole , U»bif b^ going aboat to efcape tbc iuDgement of 

<IDoD, fall toDiirimulation,astoarefuge» SDberefo^e toe 

ronfcffi- mutte b;mg tuitb tsa pure confelTion, tljat lue beeing o# 

Dn of our p0j|ig conDemneo, ma^ obtcineparoon . 1l5nt loljcreas C^oD 

fc'incth ^^ contenteD Initb a frienDl? rep;jebenficn,anB Dio not mo;e 

P^Xn. greeuouflp puuiUfje tbe Doable offence of ^arairtoe tbere* 

b^ pcrcciue tbat be gentli? bearetb luitb bii? feruantes , -Za# 

tljarie Ujas mo^e barDl^ trealteluitball,UJbo tuas llrickn 

luk.!.io. Dumbe hj! tbe fpace of nine monetbcs » )l&iit it is not our part 

to pKfcribe a perpctuall latue bnto CD £) &, tubo as be lea* 

Detl) bis leruantes to repentance bppunilbcnicntestcuenfo, 

fo often times as it famcDgcDDbntobim, be bumbletb ti)tm 

fufficientlr jin puniftrng tbem Hotbing at alL Jn &araibe 

tjatb oeclareD a notable erample of bis mere ie rin tbat fjc par* 

r>oningalberoffences,lyoulDbaue ber ncuertbelefferemaine 

fbemotljeroftbeCbnrcb. 3n tbe meane time, tue mull note, 

boU) niiKl) better it ts fo; l3s to be inaDesuiltir before tnitnnnft 



VPoNT genesis: ca?; xviir* 

Wng conninccD, to bol&e our^m to flatter onr fclutu 
inourtin0,euciia0tl>e0reteftpartofp iDo;lDi5 tuonttooo. 

1 6 [Attcrward the men did rile from thence.] ^ofc3 ngatrte 
ralfct!jtb0m,flpert,U)bomel)e plainly affirmcDtobe Angels. 
3l5ut be fo callct!) tiiembicaufc of tljeir fd^meano faftion.^nu 
^t fo;i all t!)at,tDe mutt not tbinke ^ tbci? Iccre uiclofeo U)it^ 
fcumanc booie5,catn as Cfeift tofee tpo l)im our naturcUjitl^ 
uur flell) alfo:but OoD gauc tbc faoDiejEf fo; a tim0,U)l)crin tt)C^ 
migbt be tjiCble to ab;abam,anD talke familtarlr l6 bim.ano 
Slb;abam isfaiD to Icaoe tljcm fai:tbjnot fo; ftumaintits fake, 
ii£s be entcrtaineo tbem at tbe flrCt: but to gtue tbe bonour tiue 
t nto tbe Angels . ifo; it 10 Mint lobicb fome imagine , bolue 
tbat be btlccueo tbem to be |B:opbctcs, tubicbtucrebanilbeD 
fo; tbe lDo;oc» l^e bnetue iDell inougb tbat tbep luere ilngels, 
as luc Ibal fee plainly? inougb <inon* 115ut be foUoUietb tbem iii 
tbe luar^iubonu bcDurft not retcine. 

.. 17 [Shall! hide from AbrahamJ^ntbatcSSotJCOunrclfetft 

16 bimfclfc as cf a ooutfull mattcr^b^ ootb tbe Came fo; mantf 
faUe. jro; be bi'i^ DetermineD bcfo;e already tibat be tuotJJD Do^ 
5i$ut IjiB ptirpofc iDaB! after tW manner :, to mal^e ab;nbam 
mo;e atfcnttue to tueiub tbe caufes of tl)e oeltructicn of ^c^ 
Dome. £nD be b;ingctb ttoo reafons lubv be mahetb IjiB puo 
^ofe Unoluen tsnto bim,bcfo;e lictmutctt) tl)Z fameXbc fii ft 
10 , btcaufe be boucbeD fafe to gtue tinto btm a Cngular p;iui^ 
lege of bciiour.SLbe leconD t«5befaufe tljt fame ftonloe be p;0;^ 
fitablcano fruitefijlltoinntructtbeponeriiies. Svl;ercfo;e m 
tbcfc iuo;De.6 tbe fcopcant) tfe of tbe rcuelatton is noteo . 

18 ■[ A brahani lliilbc in deed a great .ind a mi^^htie nation.] 

SDbis 10 tbe rcafon lubiib IretcucbeD, lubllCoD iueu't) uialxc 
1)10 feruant pauie to tbe bc;rtble Vengeance of b g?oDonuiC0: 
itamclp^bicanfc be bati enijijco b*»nt aboue all olber0 U itb fi^e^ 
tiall gifte0. jf 0; be fo ccntinuctb bi^s bcnefitcc lofcarties il)C 
faitbfulljtbat be increafetb tbem, ano beapetb nctu tpjron (be ^^ j ^^ p^ 
fira.ano after ibt0 maner be Datl^ oealetb Uutb ti0*iro; ItJbat f^°,^ ^^^^^l 
fe ^ caufetubvbcDotl) continual^ beiloin an innumerable (o:^t cfpcciaiiy 
of benefit0 tipon t3r,but btcaufe be batb once imb;aceti b0 \x^it'o whom iic 
Ijis fatberl^ ioue,anD can not Denie bimfclfef £mr^ tbcrcfo;c be ^^u^^^- 
tionoureti; bunfelfe ano W giftes after a fu;teinVi0» ^o^ 


^ t)\}at ftf !)er tfjim tJotlj fjc reckon bp licrc , but Iji^ free ^ifftsf 

£!icrcfb:e be takcttioccafion to HOC gcDO of bim felfc, anonot 
of tbc nicrites of ^b:am.iFo; tbe blcding tpcn :ab;am flctocD 
from no otbcr tbing, tben from t\)c fountrine of Coos gracc^ 
anD U)c Icarne out of tbe place, tbc berie famctbing alfo Uibt^ 
tbe crpcrience tcad^ctb y tbat tbe Cburcbe batb a fecial! 
p.:iuiIcDge,tolinoU)eU3battbc iiiDgcmentcs of (!DoD meane^ 
$ lubercbnto tbcp tcnoe* OoD in punilbing finneSjOpcnt^ p;jo^ 
uetb bimfclfc in bcrie UdcDe to be tbe iut^ac of tbe tuo>lD : but 
bccaufc all tbinges fame to bappen b^ cbaunce,tbe ilo^De tbu 
nctb bv l)is luo;0 bnto bis cbilt);jen,Ieaft tbei? IboulD be blinoe 
iuitb tbe twibelecuers, Cuen fo tong frnce, tuben be arete bel^* 
fffl:tb bifif banoe to all partes of tbe tuo^lne t i?et nottDitbttan** 
Ding be fecptebts bolie U^o?De tuitbin guoa: tbat is to fap, 
^ben be ^i^ H^ril^e al otber nations tuttb blout)Q)cD>anD tptt^ 
aDuerfitie, be noU3itbftant)ing atmontibeD bis elect people 
luitb bis U)o:De b^ tbe p^opbctes, tbat be Uias tbe autbaur of 

. tbofctbingcs:i7cabcfo;etbcUJct)tbatfucbe troubles ^oulce 

'°'^^'^*'^£ontetopa(re,i:uenaj{ it is fai^De in ^mos, ShalLthcre beany 

thing which the Lorde ihall hide from his fcruaiintes the Pro-^ 

phctes? ilettsfenotnetberefo^etbat (DoDis neuer tuearieD>. 
from tbe time tbat be beginnetb to Doe bs gcoD, bntill be top 
ning one grace to anotber^baue ^^ougbt anD acccmplilbeD 
our foluation. i?urtbermo;e,after be batb once aboptcD \)s^f 
ligbtencD our minors bv bis bolie luo;iDe, beboloetb alfotbe 
ligbte of tbe fame tuo;tDe burning befo;je our tvts , tbat 
bp faitb tue ma^ confiDcr tbe iuDgcmentcflt anD punifljmentetf 
of finnc0,tubicbe tbe toicheD carclca^ neglect . %\)U3it becom* 
nictb tbe faitbfull to be occupicD in conCDeringtbcbilIo:if0 
of all times, tbat tber^ma^ allDai^es iuoge out of tbe ^crip^? 
tures,conccrning tbe funDn'e plagues , tubicbe baue p:iuatc/» 
!p anD publiquel^ b^ppencD to tbe UiickeD» li5ut it map be De^ 
maunDeD ,tDbctbcr it luas ncccffarie tbat tbe Dedruction of 
&oDome fl)oulDe be DcclarcDbnto:ab;jabam, before tbe fame 
fboulD come to pafTcJ anftoerc, becaufe Uie are fo Dull in conj» 
fiDering tbc too^fecs of ®oD,tbis reuelation teas not fuperflu^ 



Sllthon^ tht lLo.:D c rictfj>ttjat aDueratieis tfe fcourge of (jiu 
tu;tat!)ino ntan almoft bearbenetti tljcrctjnto: bt^caufc luc at* 
triburctbccaufestotfje pm^tc hnaginations of our ^tiiic, 
anDtfjeaDmonifiontDbicbgoetb befo:c tfjc ^uent, futftrct^ 
tj» not fo to be fenfelcfle, nettljer ^et to imagine fo;jtune, no^ 
anv otbcr fanfic in llaD of (SoDtf iaogmf t£;.2Eb«J5 in tinic paft 
it muit naoes be, tbat tbe fo;etoarningcs oiD moic moue tfje 
people, altbougbttje^toere Home bearteo, tbenif alrcaoic, 
after tfjc pi ago es rcceiucO,tbc?bao bene aDmomfteu bptbe 
}9;opI)ctefl;. OTijercfo^e it is mtztt t^at U>e gather out of t}:)ttn 
a generalUoctrtne* t6aa;t^eiuDgeme^:te0 of <i3£DH>, lubicb 
lot oailp bebolDe,be loitbout p^ofite . ^t ilo^oe Denouncetl^ 
to bi^ fcruaunt ;^b;ram, tbat &oDouie, tobicb as ^et flo^ttbcD, 
«no liueo tn pleafures, D^nl^e peri(^e . l^ereb?, all Doubte ii 
taken alDa^,tbatttpertti^eo not bFCbaume, but lx)a0 afflict 
teo b^ (300 . i^ereb^ alfo tbe raufe tolyicbe is ei:p;elfto,muli 
iia^jB p;ic!te ano ftirre tbe minbg of men farremo^e tfftctu^ 
allp. SCijetjcriefame iufigement moft l»e fjaue bereafter of 
otbers.ifo^altbougbtbeJlo^oeDoetb not fo;eflieU)ebntobtf 
tbofe tbtngs tobtcbe be intenoetb to Doc: ytt not luitbllanoing 
tie tuill bane t)0 to be ercVottneOes of btB lJDo;ke0, ano loife^ 
It?totDe^tbecaure5oftbem : ano not to be occeiueD toitba 
tonfufco bebolotng of tbemteuen as tbe t)nbelesaing, in fee^s 
ing fee not, peruerte tjje enoe of tbem» 

19 [_ For Iknowchimthathc will commandc his fbnncs.] 

SCbe fcconoe reafon tobpCDoo Uiouloe malie jab;^abam of bi$ 
p2tute counfell , loa^s : becaufe be fo^efaUie tbat be l^onlo not 
)o tbe fame in baine, no: iDtt[)out p^ofite.^no t[)e Ompie fenfe 
U tbi£(,tbat^b:abami$ abmitteoto knoloe tbepurpofe of 
<D £D ©, becaufe be luou!oe faitbfull^ Doe tbe Dutie of a gcoD 
t)ou(bolDer, in teacbing tbofe tubicbelDerebttDerbiiscbargc* 
%crcb^ toe gatber,tbat ab;jabam tuas ccrtifieD of p Deftructi^ 
on of S^oDom,not fo;j ^is olun fabe alone,but alfo fo;j bi^ lun^ 
reo anD pottertties falie . 2Dbe Ujbicb is oiUgcntlv to be notcD: 
fo; tbisf fentenccis as mucb in effect as if <5oD comp:ebcaDcD 
al poftcrittcs in tbe perfon of ^b^bam.^nb in terie oao Ooo 
totb not tberfo je Declare \)is toill to bs,^ tbe bnolDleoge tber* 
«f migbt peritft rjDiti \)s;biit tljat toe migljt be toitncflfcs of tbe 

S5b4i^ fame 


^.-^ fame tnfo pofttritits > atjo tbaf ebe^ nngljt tK^lhier ttifxi^Jrrfr 

Gods will ^"^^"^^" ^bt fitmrUJJncbc tbcr l)cWjricn:iue{ir frem l3£; , aj5 i^ 

muiibc totTcfroiiiftaiiOttoUantm. W()?refa;a^ ^iiif t|jcDulu cffa* 

commit- i\)ets tocuDcno: t\)cm itlHC^jto communicate bnto'tijcir tl)iU 

ted to po= 5:cn , tt):[t U)bic!)tbcr ba^e learhcDpf tbc ^.o^zjc . gftcr tbiffr 

fi:riucs. nianncr tucmuH fp;caDf(D;tl) (I^ops triiet&,Icafteiimc man 

be luife to tjim felfc alone : but tijat tl^c^ maj? builDe cneauo^i 

tberarco^Diiiu to tbeir calling ano mraritrc of faitij. ;3ab. 

tberc IS no Doubt but tW tl)c grolTc ignorance Uibicb rcignetU 

in tl)t U)o;lDc, is a iufi punill)emcnt of mens flout&fufucfie,. 

iro;^ tbc greater pr»rte(l)uttljeirct!es at tbe figljt of bcauenl^ 

Doctrine offered trnto ttjem, anD moe cboaiJe tbe rame,anD cara 

not to commit tbc fame to tljeir cbilDf en, Sfterefo^e tfte 3lo;a 

rigbtlv to puniC^e t\)t negligence of tbe U)o;toe, taijetb alua^ 

tbep;icrious treafufc ofljisluo^oe.anD t&cfe iuc,:ties (Aftcc 

hjm,) arc to be notea, b? bubicbe toe are taugbt,tbat ii-e mutt 

not onelB b'^u^ arare of tbofc tobi^Oe are timjtr our gouern* 

tnent, Co long as U)e iiue : but alfo mufi enoeuour our feU 

ocs,tbattbetruetbQf<il5 S) S>,U)()ic!>cis euerlaflring, ma^ 

Iiue anD flouriC^ after our ueatb : tbatabolieruI^ofgtoDUA 

uingma^ remainetubcnasioeareDeaii* . ^m^,, 

ifurtbermo;e,bcreb^ luegatber, tbatbiC^o^iesaretieric 

Kirtorics p:of!table to be ljnoUien> fo;^ tkisJt tt)c? are of fo^ice to terrific*. 

arc profit if 0^ ttjc fccuritic of our flefte batb neeDeoffl^arpe p:icbcs> 

libic to inberclmtb it ma^ be pncfeeD fD;>iparDe to tbe feare of CI?xD2>» 

be know- ^jij, leattanr manfljoulDetbin^ejtbattbiskimieofDoctrinc^ 

*°* pertetnetb oncl^ to llraungcrs , t^e Ho^o^ pzoperli? appoint* 

fetb tbe fame to tbe fonnes of ab.:abam, that iB to far,to tljtx 

members of tbe Cbnrebe. ifo;tbevarefonDeanDpccui(be iiu 

terp^eters, U)bicbe affirme tbat faitbe is ouertb^otuen , if 

mens confcicnccs bctcrrificD. fio^ fiing notbing ii$ mo;^ 

contrarie to faitb t\)tt\ contempt ano ncgligcnce,tbat Doctrine 

muIlnsi:Dcs ticrie iueU agree \joitb tbe p:eacljing of jgraccj^ 

lubichc fubDuctb men to tbe feare of OQD,tbat bcaig afflictcD f 

bungric, tl^c]} map make ball tjnto Cb^iC^e. [That they kccpc 

the way of the l^oidc, ]il5p tbcfe luojDcs £pofes Qiiitt^ to bn^ 

DerltanDe,t[;attbc uiDjjcmcat of CD £) p is p^ojjOMnDeD not. 


i^* ^n, 

.A . 


SaVncc Plcarc tf)cm fcUws in fljcir finnes,anD bccms after 
?hSfoTt tSftrainco, mm^t come bnto tbe sraccof 
i??i 'but alfo tbat m faitbfuU tbtm felucs.toljtcl, arc aire. 

S?Se";atoen bnto ©00 tb^ourcb tbe fcarc of tbc Himc bcn». 
5««:b«talfo, tbattue? migbt be better fra.ncD u. true 
SbStc , tobtcbcbaue alrcactebcgunitc to toojOjippe Coo. 
SStbelatocis not oncl? auaplcable to tbc bcjinnn'S of 
Scntancc, but alfo to tontinuall pjowomecs . mms^or 

tllZSrodoc ri^^htcoufncffc and .udgcment: bebjcef* 

[?(b?S lubattbcli^a^of tbc JLo;De«,U)bcrcof me^^^^^^^ 
SS iSe ^tubcit it iB no full ocfinif ton : but be bjafl? 
Sets bv tbc Duties of tbc feconoc table , tobat <2?od p w 
!?/irrccutrcfboft)5. jpeitbcr is tbts tntoajntcD to tbe 
e> IturtSttbcaocffrJtionofa goDlsanD bp; 
?rtSinSwe of tbc lato . ^ot bstaufe tbaat.c .. 

KoSpStben tbctoo^tbipi* °f f'«'-''"^''^/f,S'2 
inhTth IttftTJB'irtbtl? tDitb tbcir ueigbbours, pjoue tbeir gou* 
Kmlfe fotoarDeS^S> .»? tbc names of risUteouDtcacano 
SmeSc com cquiticbT! tobub euerf man rc' 

Smfmt . 5f toe tbinbe swDD to DiCmsuifte tp^gbt^ 
nXanS bumamtic, tobicbc toerbfc totoaroc 0"r b;e b?e^ r,viuc: 
tohrittoercehctoiwcaUmen' gob ispjopcrlp tallctj rigbtc- ouincflc. 
Sn iS /rb tobmalfo focabtlaincfromaU b«rte,f«uDe. 

;S £le«?e. airoiuosementi0tot^«bc °« ™;:f "J o' '™" 
themifcrablcanooppjcfleD, to Defense gmo caufcs, anofo 
rSSScate be not tjniuaiv bttrtc . ffibcfe are atoe ull 
mSSc tobitb f be 31 © K E) e temmaunoef b bu; fer. 

S sSbeoctapiCD E.Thatthc Lordcnnay bnng yppon A- . 
brim tha Shctrc hath fpokcn vnto him .] £^0fes &l"C ^ iro«n,^- 

Kittani^c, tbat abzabam ftail emo? tbc grate P;;^" «»: 'bZ u 
bnto bim, ifbeinftructtbofc tbat arc committeo *"\° f .pin,,,; 
tbar«,tntbefearcof^ £D E>, anoeouernebtsboufc fhLc of 
St tier tb.^ perfiM* of one «na" a rule is ciucu to all tb«>Goa. 

^ ifOi fbt^ tul)icftc arc negligent in t\^s point,reieef a5 mtic^ 

astntbem itctt), o: at leaa luife, Doe fupp^cffe t^c 0racs 
of CDoD . 2ut)crcfo;c to tire cni5> toe, ano our pcfterities, mai? 
!;aue altuare0 tlK porTclTion of (i5ow gtftes^ toe mutttahc 
fteeoe, that Uic cutte t\)tm not off bp our negligence . ^ot* 
IwitbffanDing, hereof aman fljoulT) falfel^ gather, if the fame 
fl)oulD thtnUc, that he mafecth men faithful! b^ hi0 Oiligence^ 
ano Drferueth that C?oo fljoulo fulfill tbofe thinges , lohiche 
&e pjomifcih. f[Oh this Ujo>De ( That,) is oftentimes tfeo in 
the ferripture, rather to erp;eire the confcquence, then the 
raufe. if o; althoughe t|>e grace of Ooo , onelp beginneth our 
faluation, ano perfecteth the fame : ret notloithftanoing, be# 
raufe in follotoing d^^ijD hiis calling, toe finite our race, 
lue are alfo faioe after t\}Ui mannrr>to diteine Caluation at the 

2 [Becaufc the crie of Sodomc, &: Gomorrha is grcatcj 

^ere the Hoxr^ beginneth to Declare mo;^e plaineli? W purpofe 

to :ab;raham,concerning the Deff rowing of the fine cities.l^oto tf 

bcit, he nameth &oDome,i C^omo.:rha onl^,U){)ich U)ere mo;ie 

famous then the rett ♦ anD befo:e he maketh mention of the 

punifl^ment, he Difclofetb their toickeDneOj^, to the eno abM# 

!)am might fenoloe^that thc^ hao iuftl^ DcferueD to be Dcftrop^ 

eotothertuifethehitl^ozieO^ouiD not feme fo;r eruDition, ann 

CocHf tnffruction » HButhereof commcth a feare to finue,tohenti3e 

dirpicAfcd feele that the teath of CDoD is p;touobeD through niens faults^ 

YfiOi annc ^^ ^^'^^ ^^^ J ^^^ ^ .^ ^^ multiplieD, through tbe gracuouf^ 

neDTe of their toicfeeDnelTe: becaurr,ho\»foeuer the h)ichc^ per# 

fuaDetbemfeIues,toefcapct3npumftco, bi? couering the tr e* 

uils>anD are quietlp bojnc \uithall of men : ret notioithftan* 

Din(T>thcir Qnnt^ muit naoes founo aloft,in the earcs of (iDoD* 

sinfles cry ^[^fjerefo^ethis fpeaclje teacheth bs, that all our DaDes,lD^icfr 

card li t)uethinharcclcanefo2gottcn,comcBcfD>irtbe2I^ribunalfeate 

^od. of €»0D,anD do of themfcluts cal fo; tcngeancc,although there 


21 [IwilhrocdowncnowJ ISecaufe this Inas a lingular 
rrample of the teath of (DoD,Uihich <^od tooulD bane bnotoen 
th:oughout all ages, anD l»hichche fcttctbDotoneinDiuerd 

places of the {Scripture: therefore ^ofcs Diligently ej:p;ef< 
V fetfe 


tncntes of CoD:f ucn a0 in tl)i0 place be c ommcnuetb bntDtjij, 
tt)emoDerationoftl)elLo>Dc, in tljat be uocttj notbipanu bi? 
f buriDcr againft tfje U)icfeet),na: ftraig^t Uhi^ potD;ie ftDjtb bijJ 
tjcngcance : but twben tbe^ tuere grotoen paft Ijopc , tlien Ije 
ttcfutetl) tbat punifl^ment,lubicl)ebc bau fecpt a long tiine in 
fufpcnfc . j;idtf)cr Doctf) tlje 5Lo;t)e tcaifieint3aint,tljat be 
p:of aDetf) to punirtjmcnt in g©D o;t)cr : bee aafe fo often as b(x 
ct)attirctl),U)e tbint^c , tbat be oealetb mo;c fcucrcl^ iuitb t)5, 
tbcn ii3 mate. ?^ea,U)ben au be lua^tetb tjpon t30, luitb ^^x\<> 
ntxM longfuffcrance,tntil toe cometnto tbe fullmcafure of 
our toicketmes : f toben ag our loickerjnes^is mo:c cblf mate, 
t\^x\ tbat it fl)olD be an^ longer fpareottoe not\6l!at)ing,com^ 
plaine of bts t© mucb baftenmg of rigo2:tbcrfo;e,be paintetb wickca- 
fmitbbJscquitie in bearing toitbt0,a0 it loere in a plaine,! "" ^<='"S 
manifea table,to tbe enD,toe mat* Unoto tbat be neucr falletb "P' n °i 
to punia)ing,but toben tDicUeDneffe is ripe. i|ioto if on tbe o^ ^ 
tber iiDe,tDe baue rcfpecte tjnto S^ooome, toe Ibal tbcre bebolD 
a bo^riblc erample of blinoncffe. J?o: tbe ^ooomites p;!0fat)e, 
asiftbei? bao notbing to ooc toitb O £D © : tbep bamng no 
failing of gcoD anu eulU , toallotoe tbemfclues , lifec b;ute 
beattes, in all manner of filtbinccre : tber flatter tbem felues 
in tbeir Gnnes>a0 if tbeT' tljoulD ncuer giue an acccnnt of tbcir 
life . Bccaufe tbis Difeafe^toas iw all ages^t© common, anD 
i& alfo at tbis moll men : it is tjeric necDefull to markc 
tbi5 circumftance,at tobat time , tbe^oocmitcs licentioi?ni? 
raungeu , Ojaking off tbe feare of CDoo, ant) perfuauco tbenw 
felue^, tbat tobat finne focuer tbe^ c ommitteo, tbei? tljall ef^ 
cape bnpunirbeD : tbat d^oo tafeetb counfell , to Dtftrop tbem : * 
antj tbat be toas OirreD t3p toitb tbe lotou rric of tbeir toickcD^ 
nc(re,to come Dotonc into tbe eartb, at tobat time tbep toere 
in a DcaD Cape . l^berefo:e , if fo be CI^oD at anr time oeferre 
i)ts int)gemcnte0,lct ts not tberefo:e tliinfee our felucB to be 
an^ tobit tbe bctter,but befo:e tbe complaints of our iricfecOi' 
ncOTc tjoe toearie bis earcs,toe bceing atoahcD toitb l>is tb;ea«» 
!ening3,let bs indftebatte to plcafe bim in time. )i5nt brraufe 
tbe fuffcrance of CDon, in tbis toife , cannot be comp:cbenDcD 
uf t)0 , £Qofcs biingetb bini m fpeafeing after tbe manner cf 

X>b,b. nien 



men. C W^^'^<^r they hnuc done. 3 ispofrs fjercb]? meaneflfy 
t^t(^ocaniBfofe,tuf)ctber tfjcir fiiincu tore come to tbc 
full mcaftirc : turn-as ^c (am before , tijat tijc iniquiticjo; of 
tl)c ^nozites tocre not aij ret fulfilicD . 2Lberefo;c tbe fummc 
is,t jjat tijt ilo.:D luolD fee tubetber tbep lucre clenne pad rer o^ 
ucrie^cacit as tbci? tbat baue call ttjemfelues beaolong to tfje 
crtrcmitic of einl^sio; tobetber tbcr tuere as pet m tbe mioof 
Dftbcircoarfe, Ijubcreb^ tbep migbt be b^ougbt to a found 
inuiDe: becaufcbe UioulD not tJttcrli? baue Deffro^^cD tbofe 
ritic0,tffobctbeir tuicKcDnelTebaD bccne bg an)? manner of 
meanes curable. S>omc tranflate tbis j gf tijt^ bane Done fo, 
tbeir finall Dcftruction is alreatiie comc:3f not,a luiU ^ bolu 
farre fcoztb tbe^ are to be punifltjeD . 3i5ut tbe fo;mer fenfc Do^ 
etbbeft agree. 

22 I^ButAbram {loodc yet before the Lor Jc] irirff£Pc^ 

fes fa\?tb, tbat tbe mm toent furtber, meanmjj,tbat luben tbe 

f alUc toas enDeu, tbei? bau ab?abam faretuell , tbat be niigbt 

returnc borne* 2Cben be aooetb,tbat ^b;iabam ffojtje Hill be^ 

fo;e tbe Lo:tje : cntn as t\)t^ are tucont, Ujbicb being tiifmiff, 

DO not bT> ant> b\> Depart,becaufe tbcre remainetb fomUjbat ai5 

Vtt to be faitie o^ Done . ^nD ^ofes tierie cunningly , iubcii 

mention is maDe of tbe iournei^attributetb tbe name of men, 

to tbe :angels : but be faitb not, tbat 0b;abam ficoDc before 

men, but before tbe face of C»oD : becaufe^altbougb Uiilb bis 

e^esjbe bebclD tbe Hjape of mcnt^et notUnlbll:anDing,tb;joug^ 

faitb, be bcbclDe C3od . and bis lnojDes Dec fufficicntlj? De^ 

clarctbat be fpake not as tuitb a mo^tall man. t^bereb^ tuc 

gatbcr, tbat tuc Deale terie t)no.:Derlr,if fo be external lignes, 

• lubereb^ 0od rcp:cfcntetb bimfelfe, do binder o: aa\? tjs,tbat 

Ujc cannot come Directly t^nto 0od. Cuie are b^ nature p;onc 

totbisticc: butfo mucbc tbe mo^e lue are to Urine, tbat- 

tb:ougb tbe feeling of faitbi t»c ma? be lifteD bp tjnto d? £) 5p* 

Abram ?)"" ^^^f^' ^^'^^ crtcmall ftgncs bolDe bs bacUe in tbe U3o;lDe^ 

makcthin 5Furtbermo;e,ab;abam cautc bnto(iDoD,fo>reucrence faUe.. 

terccffion jfoi beDoctb uot contentioun? oppofc bimfcifc,as tbougb be 

for the i^aij autbo:itic to mabe intercclTion : but be bumbh? bcfacbetb 

sodomiis i^jj^ ♦ ^j^jy j^j.j.y. ^Q^^g Dcclarctb tuljat greate bumilitic, 



i?nti moncffic, Iwa^in tijc bolic fiit()cr. jDiraimt, tljat t!?t 3/^5^ 
^aintc£{,being fomctimcs carricD atuaVjlDittj tbe fcnfc of t^e 
flclfte, b^^«enottcmpcreot!}cmfduc0, butf)aucouertbU)nrt> 
IpnuirnuircDagainftCDoD: but ab;rabamrpeaUetl)not bixie 
tjttto 0iiDD, otI)crUiifctl)cn.rcucrnitl^: neitbcr uoctb nn)> 
tt)ing cfcapc bis moutI)C, tuo^tljieof rcp;cbcrtftoiT» j^ou 
iuitbttiinDing, let lis to , toitb lubat affection ab:a[jam luas 
ntoucD to mafjc Ijis p^apers fo; tf)e S>0Oonutcs , &ome 
tbinhc tbat be luas mo:e carefull > fo> tbc fauing of bis ne^ 
pbclu Hot alone, tbcnfo;»S^oDoniir, anD tbc reft of tbe cities: 
aiiD pet notUntbOauDing, tbat be beeing ftarcD U)itb tbame, 
luonlD not fccmc to neglect a great people, ann to require one 
man to be giiim tnto binib^ name , Wiit it is not liliel? tbat 
be tfcD fiicbe Ditriniulaticn . 3 Doubt not , but tbat be baD 
rompaffion toluaroes tbe people of fine cities An fo mucb tbat 
be beconnnctb an intercelTour. Ml berefo;e, if fo be lue loeigb 
all tbinges tuell, toe lliall fee , tbat be ban greatc caufe to Doc 
tbis^ ja little befoze, be baD DeliuereD tbemoutoftbeir rni^ 
mies bano : anD noli) be bearetb , tbat tbe^ fouDenlp (ball be 
ueftroveo. l^eniigbtbaue tbougbt icitbbinifelfc, tbat tbe 
fame toarrc luas raHjlv taken in banoe bp bim : tbat CD iD E> 
JaD accuriTcD bis t)icto;ie, as tbougb be bao armcD bimfclfc a^ 
gainft CDoD, fo: t)nU)o;it[)ie anD UiicfeeD men. i^e migbt bauc 
boenelDitbtljefetbougbtes not a little DifquieteD^ 

£^02eoucr , it leas iJcricbarDe to be belecueD , t\)tittl)C^ 
iDereallfoljnttjanUefull, tbat tbepbaD no remcmb;:ance of 
tbeir late Dcliuerancc. Wut it luas not mccte fo; binT,to Dif;* 
putc lintb one luo;De againft CD iaD S> , after be bcarDe, Vubat 
be baD DetermincD to Doe . ifo; be alone t^nolwetb V>erie lucll 
lubat men bane DeferueD, t bclu feuercly it is mcete fo; tljeni 
to be banDleD. CTb^ t\)m Doetb not ^b;abam content bim^ O^enion; 
fclfe,anDbolDebi^ peace f Wi\}^ Doetb be perfuaDe bin:felfc 
tbat fomc of tbe S)oDomites Ijocrc iuft^tubome droD not regar*^ 
Ding intenoetb ttterli? to Deftro^ i 3 aurifcuere, tbat tbc fcnfc Anfwcre. 
irirft, becaufe beleauetbi^nto bim tbe li»bole ImolJUlcDgcof 
tbe it luas mate . aifo, bccaufc oncli' to get con* 
relation, be fobcrli?:> ano bumbli^ intrcatetb* 




3ln tut htahhmttb t!)e oeaructton of fo create a multitude; 
it is no mcrut\l\^t fetlj t^t tm tocre men created after fte 
tntagc of C3 )D D : t)e pcrfuaoctl) bim felfe,e[)at in tfjat greate 
miiitituiie > tbcre turre a fclue perfect men at ttjc leatt, o; elfe 
MottJft-edpgiuentoiDicbcdneire* SDtjat therefore iDfjictje be 
iHtmett) aua\?leable to obteine partion at tbe banO£{ of (IDoo,bc 
obiectetb . ijiotiDitbttanmng^be fomtetb to not amiCTCjin tbat 
fccrequtrctb tbe u^icheo to efcape bnpunifteo fo; ttjt 5000 
fake, jfo: be oefiretb tbat OotJ luouloe fpare tbc place, if be 
founDe ftftie gou men tbere* 3 anftoere, tbat ab;abam5 pe^ 
titioixB ertenD not fo farre, ajs tbat dD iD D luoiilo not toncb 
tbofe Cities U)itb bis fcourges : but onclr tbat be icoulDenot 
Utterly oeftro^tbem: as if be bao faioe:llo;De, boMocuer 
tbou punidje tbe UucbfD , tuilttbou not leaue fome abioing 
place fo; tbe iuft i OTlb^ djouloe tbis region t tterip perift^fo 
long aB tbcre O&al remainc tnbabitants to Dluell in tbe fame/ 
SCberefo^eabjabam ooetb not require, tbat tbe toicfteD bee^ 
tng minglco Icitb tbe gojD, fl^ouloe efcape tbe banoes of ©00: 
but onclp tbat<IDotJ tafeing open puniftcment tpon tbe tobolc 
people, twouloe notljuitbttanoingoeliuer tbegajDjlobube xto 
ntained , from 2)eltruction* 

23 1^ Wilt thoualfodcftroy Ac righteous with thcwic- 

, kcd ? ] 3it is certeine, tbat toben CDod djaftifetb tbe boDie of 
^^dViT ^^^^ °"^ P^^^ » ^^^ 25®t> are oftentimes tafeen luitb tbt re^ 
t° often- probate. JfeoH:>anicl,e^ecbiel,Cft);a0,anofucbotbers,tubi^ 
cim«pu- <be purely lDo;(bippeD(IDo)o in tbeir countrie,lueretJiolentlp 
diihcd to- carrieD into epile: toben as notlwitbftanoing it ts faioe, The 

gctbcr. ^^j.j.j^ ^^H fpucfoorth her inhabitantcs , bycaufcof their wic- 

^^'•^^'"^^ kcdncffc : 516ut, fo; fo mucb as C5oD femietb in outloaro fteto 
f be generally angrie toitb all men , toe ougbt to baue re^ 
fpcct tnto tbe end , lubicb puttetb a great Difference bctujoene 
tbe one ano tbe otber,if 0; if fo be tbe bufbanoman bnoUj botn 
to fepar ate in bistarne tbe tubeate, tubicbe isalfo Iwitb tbe 
djaffc troocntnoertbcfffte of tbe oren,o; beaten out loitb 
tbe flatlc: for better ootb Coo hnolue boUie to gatber togetber 
1)15 faitbfull fernantes,after be batb cbaaifcD tbcm fo; a time, 
from tbe U)icUeD Uibicb are tnp:ofitablc clMffc, (bat tbcr ma^? 
fj^tpcn(betor;ctbcr;i:ea,b^iwiU Declare at tbe lattbi' tbet3e«» 




ric cnu , tliat be tooulDc not bauc tbcm loft, loljouiclic bcalcD ^"'^ ^ 
tuitl) pmuOjincntcs. Jro: be is fo farrcfroin ocftro^ing,fo of^ 
ten a0 \)t nmbetb t)is fcruantcs fubiecte to tcmpo;all punia]^ 
inentes^tbat be ratber bringing a memnnc p^ocurctb tbcir 
faluation. ilnD 3 t)oubt not but tbat Ooo ban oenouuccrj ttie 
lalle octtruction of ^ooom : auD tbat in tbi0 fenfe ab:am af* 
firmctb.tbat it is not meete tbattbe iuftanoUuckcDlboulDc 
pcrifl)c toc^etber. jlieuertbeleffe^tbere (ball be no abfuroitie if 
tue (Av. tbat ab;jabam,becaure be bopetJ UjcII of tbe conuerfion 
of tbc cuilI,intreateD CDoD to fpare tbem: cucn ns it bappcnet[> 
oftentimes, tbat dDoDOeafetb mercifully U)itb feme one peor 
ple,euen fo: a fetues falte. if o; Uie fenoluctbat open puniO)^ 
nientes are niiticratcD : bccaufe tbe iLo:De bcboloetb t}is fer^ 
uants mercifully U^itb a fatberlie eiie.Bln tbe fame fenfe ouijbt 
tbe aunfliiere of (Doo bimfelfe to be tafeen : IFm the middclt of 

Sodom 1 Rndc fifcie righteous, I will fpare the wliolc place 

for their fakes. J^etnotli)itbaanmng, eoDDotbnotbinDebim 
felfeberebvaperpetualllaU)e, tbat it ma^ not be laUjcfuU 
fo often as it feemetb gco^ ^nto bim, to puniO) tbe iDickcD ano 
tbe iutt togctber.anD to Declare tbat be b^itb free poller in bim 
felfe to iuDge,be Dotb not altuareiS l^cepe in tbis point an intif^ 
ferent mcafure . i^e lobicbe tuoulu banc fpareo ^ooome fo^ Mat.22 ^4 
tennc rigbtcous, ticnietb to grant tbis parDon to ^ierufalem. 
3let ts tberefo:e Imotue> tbat (I?oD ootb not bere tve binifelfc 
to anp neccCTitie, but tbat be tbercfo:e fpeabetb tbu£;, to mafee 
tt tbe better Itnotuen , tbat be teas not ligbtli? moueD tooe^ 
0roi'tbeCitie,oftbelubicbe tbere remaineo no one fincerc 

2f [Shall not the Judge of all the worde doe right:'] i^e 

teacbetb not CDoo bis Dutie, a^iifaman (bculoefa^ tntotbc 
3uDge:ConCoertDbatbelongetb to tb^ office, tcbat become 
metb tbis place,ano tubat belongetb to tbe pcrfon:ll5ut be rea^ 
fonetb oftbenatureof(Il^D,tbatiti0impciriblctbatbe (boultj 
Doe anp tbing tntuaiv . 31 araunt tbat tbe tJuicfeeD doc often 
timts murmur againa CDoD b^ tbe fame maner of fpealung : 
but ab:am Dotb farre otbcrtoife . ifo: attbougb be mar^ 
nelletb bolo Ood purpofctb tooelfro^ &oDome, tiibcrein be isJ 
pcrfuaDeo tbat tljcrc Vua^ fon«e number of gojo men : ^tt not^ 



oy MmmAm^tW^tt}^ faff m^ p;^infiplc, tW,%t tmmt h£ 
Voat C3oD, tDljictjc 10 t&e JuDije of tfjc Uio:lDe, ano lufjicOe bo 
nature loncthcquiuc : rca,li3borciinUisa latue of cquiti>, 
aiiD ngljt^fljoalD Decline one iot from rtgljfcoafnefTe* ji>cuer# 
tijcIelTcljrDcQrctbtobcDirpatcljcD oflljis DifftcuUie,tufjere^ 
loif 1) [jc tuas n^reciicD ♦ euen ro,fo often as Diucrs femptationd 
tu:cme togctbcr in our minDc0,anD tofienas tfierefamctf) to 
hcan^ rcpuncnanctco.: contrarietie in tfje Ijuo^Fjcs of Cod , fo 
Ions asloearciirmclir perfuaDeD of Ijirs rigfiteonfncITc, iue 
mat? be bolDe to raft tljofe Dcubte£(,tuljiebe Difquiet bs into Ijts 

!appc,to lore fo^iistfteinfeparable knotted. ^tfixmctS tbaC 

panle tojhc bis annfuicre out of tbis placcbn Uibtcbc befup^ 

&o.H'<^-P^^Cfeibtbctrbfmpbemie,tobicbeaccufe ©oD of iihpictie, Is 

GodvniuRf God forbid . For how Hiould vnrighteoiifnellc 
be in him, whkhc mdgcth the worldc f %\)iis rcafon iB not 

alluapes Of fo;ce among eartblrBfutjgeSjiubo arenolueanu 
tbcn tb;ou5berrourDefeiueD,citbcrmoueDtuitbfauour, ct* 
tberhinDleo \s)itl) batrcD, anDDifpleafure, eitberco;!rupteo 
iDttb b;ibc0, 0^ e!fe are b^jougbt bi? otber mcanei? to imnaire. 
35ut bcraufe none of ttefe are to be founo in <Dor),to lobome it 
fcclongetb naturally to iuoge tbe tuo;lDe , it foUotoetb tbat 
<SoD can no mo:e be b^ougbt from tqniti^ ^ tben !je ran Den ie 
ftimfelfeto beCoD. 

27 [And lam but dud and aOics J flb^tfjam befrmnetf) 

tbusf, becaufe be teoulD obteine parDon. ifo; lubat i? mo:tall 

man, lubenbeiscompareDiDitbCoof SEIiercfo^cbetor.fcf^ 

fctb , tbat be in ttD bclDe , in qucltioning fo familtarii' Untft 

<Dod: notUjitbftanDing, becrauetbatbisbanDrsfutTtrance* 

3t is to be notcD tbat ab^abam,tbc narrer be came tnto CoD, 

tbe better be ftit botu mtfcrable anD abiectetbe conDitionof 

men ts. ifo^ it is omi^ tbe b;ic!:btnctrcof(DoDs g[o;ie, tubicft 

Mancomt:^^^^'^"^^"^^ fbcfmliOje auD D;onUcn truft,U)bicbetbc^ banc 

parca wiih ^" tbcmfctnes , makctb tbem aftamcD , mo buntblctb thtm, 

God, is CCIbofocucr be be tbcrfo;e,tbat famctb to bimfelfe,to be fctnc 

fiioft vile. boDie^let bim Icckc totoarocs Ooo, anD be fliall bi? anD bp con-* 

fcflTe bimfclfe to be no bor^ie. ^o;eoucr iib;abam baD not fo;* 

gotten tbatbeluasinbueD luitbaliuing foulc : but becbai^ 

fttb tbat tubtcbe is mofie rontemptibfe, tbcrrbv to cmptta 



topIa|?tbc»>opln(lcr luUi)<I5aD, Vubcn aslje uccrcaan^ btr 
little anD littlcfrom tbcfirit number , comnictl; at tlje laft to 
DemaunD t&e fijcte qncltioiu S anOuere, tbat tins fFecdjc, and 
talke p;ofoeDcD ratter from a troubleo minoe. jFirll,!)c labour 
wtb earneftli? fo; tbe &>oDomrtes . Mbcrcfo;£ be flmittetlj 
notbingtbat ma^ferue^totaheatjuaiibisrarefuilnGfre. ^tz* 
iiiffCDoDaunfUjearetbbunftilUogcntli?, letbsknolDc tbat 
gb^abam U)a3 not importunate, oitroubfefomebntobtm. j- 
^Xbercfo;e,if;iab^abam intreating fo;j tbe ^otiomttes , luas 
!)earD,t5ntiU be came to tbc W^t petition, mmXyt IclTe luiU Vc^z 
3lo;Dereiectctbcp;!nrer£;ofanvman, lubtcbe aremaoe fo^ 
t!)c Cbnrcbe^anD bonfl^oloe of faitb ♦ SnD berein alfo Doetb 
tbe bumanitic of ab:aljam appeare , tbat dlt!)our[b be ImeUie 
Vc^Kt §)ODomc luas full of all filtbie wruptianu, anb abf)omi# 
nation0 : i?et notlDitbttauoing, be cannot be perfnaneb , tbat 
«ll lucre infecteo iintb tbe contae^ion, ano pollution oftbe faiD 
^bbomination5. But be rather incltnetb to inoifferenric^ 
40(0 tbat among fo buge a multitude tbere iDcre fome goJD mem 
tjnfenotoen^ jfo.:tbiie^i0 abo;riblemontter,tbattbebrape 
ofiDickconcflrc0,ftoulDbefobifperf^D t&;ougbouf tbe tubolc 
Ijobie, tbat no member ft)OulD remaine pure . )l5ut br tbis ej:* 
ample,lDe arc taugbt, boli) &atban p;ocabetb r bi? little ann- 
itttle, tDben Cinnc bat^ onr e gotteatbe ^pper banot . 5inb in 
teric oceoe it is no maruell ,. feeing mert are fo gr catip p:on0 
to iDickennelTe, ano fo reaotc to flioe intotlnnc, if tber? be 
ro;rupteX) one of anotber, tjntill tbc^ altogetbcr be t&jougbl^ 
infcctcD.S'vbcr^efo^e, tl)crc is act!iingm.o;e Dangercug-.ttca to 
liue,o; DlucU tobere luicbcbnes bcaretb tfje ftiia^) Iritrjout xt^ 
ttraint : ^ea,tberri0 no infection fa pefliferou0, a0 tbat t^i^ 
ruption of manner0,tubicbe neither laU)e£:,no,: iifDgcmentc0»! 
no;otberremcoie0can-b,iit4e. ano altbougb ^oftsinJbe 
ncrt Cbapter follotwing , u^-^t^ttM tbe mode filtijie crime 
iDbicJje reigneo in S)otJome •: nottLUtbftanOing, \xst xm& note 
tbat Uibicbt (i^ecbiel tgacbetb , botoe tbat tbc ^ot3onutc0^^Hzc.i<f.4S 
fell not b^ anb bp to fo execrable a IwicfeeDncfTc : but tbatm 
tbe beginning, lecberic anO fulncflc of bjcao reigneo Mim^v^U 
Xix Vi^Ai folUitueo p;iDe auD crue^ic 






Sit fbe Iart,lul)cn tftc^lrcrc b:ou5W fo a rcp;tobafe feitfr, 
tl)cplDcrcD:aU)cninto bcalllicIiiftesalfo.2D!)crcfo;c Iffobe 
Ipe Doe ab!)o:rc tbis cptrcamc outrage, Idc mutt imbjace tcm^ 
pcranccauD fob;ictic : ano tuc mutt aWjoa^tB feare, l^aftc tbc 
crcat plcHf ic oft)irtnall ano fronctJoe dmUjc bs to c)cccirc:leatt 
our miiiDcs f locll tuitb p;itJc,becaufe of ricbctfc , anb lead tjc^ 
liQ\)tts ttirrctjsbp totbe intemperancie of bainc plcafure0» 


Nd in the cucning there came two Angels to 
Sodome: and Lot fate at the gate of Sodom,and 
Lotfawc thctti, and rofe vp to mcete them, 
and he bowed him felfc with his face to the 

2 And he fa ydc, See my Lords I pray you , turne in nowc 
into your feruantes houfejand tarrieall night, and vvailie your 
fccte,and ye iliall rife vp early and goc your wayes ; who iayd^ 
Nay,but we will abide in the ftreate all night. 
, 3 Then he preafed vppon them earnclily, and they turned - 
into him,and came to his houfe, and he made them a feail , and 
did bake vnleauened breadc^nd they did eate, 

4 But before they went to bedde, the men of the citie, c- > 
oen the men of Sodom compalTcd the houfc round about,from 
the young to the oldc,all the people from all quarters. 

^ Who crying vnto Lot, fayde vnto him , Where are the 
men which came to thee this night i Bring them out vnto vs, 
that we may knowe them. 

6 Then Lot went out at the doore vnto them, and /hut the 
doore after him. 
* 7 And (ayde, I pray you my brethrcn^'doc notfb wikcd- 

8 Bcholde nowe I haue two daughters , whiche haue not 
kno wne man : them will I bring out nowe vnto you : and do 
tothcmasrcemcthyou goodronely vnto thefemcn doe no-' 
thing; for therefore are they come vndcr the fhadowe of my 

9 Then they ftyd,Away hence,and they faydejHe is come 
aloncasaftraungcr,andiliallhciudgeand rule; Wc will now 


vporr GENES is: ca?: xix^ 

^calc woorfc with thcc.then with them. So they prcafcd forC t^* 
vpponLot him fclfe^and cametobreakc the doorc. 

I o But the men put forth their handcs, and pulled Lot in-* 
to the houfc to them, and ihuc to the doorc, 

II Then they fmote the men that were at the doore of the 
fcoufc with blindneflc, both ftiuli and great , (6 that they were 
wcarie in fecking the doorc. 

12 Then the men faydevnto Lot, Whome haft thou yet 
licrc, cither fonne in lawe , or thy fbnnes, or thy dauglitcrs, or 
what focuct thou haft m the citie,bring it out of this place. 

13 Forwcwilldcftroy this place, becaufc the <:ry of them 
is grcatc before the Lorde : and the Lorde hath fcnt vs to dc- 
ftroy It. 

14 Then Lot went out and fpakc vnto his Tonnes in lawe, 
whiche married his daughters, and faydc, Ariic , get ye out of 
this place,fort!ic Lorde will dcftroythe citie:buc he fccmcd 
vnto his (bnnes in lawe as though he had mocked, 

ij" And when the morning a rofe, the Angels haftedLot, 
faying, Arifcjt a ke thy wife, and thy two daughters whiche arc 
bere,leaft thou bedeftroycd in the puniiliment of the citic« 

16 And as he prolonged the time, the men caught bothc 
him and his wife, and his two daughters by the handes , (the 
Lorde being mercifull vnto him,}and they brought him forth, 
and /ct him without the citie. 

T 7 And when they had brought them out,the Angel fayd: 
Efcape for thy life , lookc not behinde thee,ncithcr tarrie thou 
in all the plame : efcape into tlic mounteine , Icaft thou be de- 

i 8 And Lot (ayde vnto them, Not fb I pray thec,my Lord . 

19 Beholde nowc thy feruant hath found grace in thy fight, 
4nd thou haft magnified thy mcrcie , which thou haft iLewed 
vnto mec in fauing my life : and I cannot efcape in the nioun- 
tcine,leaft fome euill take me,and I dye. 

20 See nowe this Citie hereby to flee vnto, which is a little 
one,Oh let me cicape thithenis it not a little ciie,and my foxilc 

21 Then he faydc vnto him : Behold I hauc receiuedthy 
rctjueftalfo concerning this thing, that 1 will not ouerthrowc 

Q this 


this citic,ft>r the which tliou haf! fpoKcai 

22 Halle thee, faue thee there : for I carr dbc nothing tifl 
Tliou be come thithcr.l herforc the name of the citic was caJlcrl 

^ 23 The Sunne cfid rile vppon the earth,W'hen Lot entered 

24 Then the Lorcfc rayncd vppon Socfome,and vpon Go^ 
moirah,brimaoneand fire from the Lordoutof hcauen 

^ 2^- Andoucrthrewc thGrecities,(5calltheplainc,^'aIIthc 
inhabitants of the cities,and that which grcvvc vpon the earth 

26 No we his wife beliinde Iiim looked backe , and /he be- 
came a pi Her offal tc. 

27 And Abraham rifingvpearcly in the morning, went to 
tlic place where he had (loode before the Lorde. 

28 And lookmg toward Sodomc,.ac Gomorrah, 5c towarcf 
allthelandeofthe plainc^^beholde, he fawe the finoke of the 
lande mounting vp as the fmoke of a fornace. 

29 But yet when God deflroyed the cities of the plaine, 
God thought vpon Abraham^- fcnt Lot out from the middcfl 

of thedeitruaion, wiienheoucrthrewe the cities wherein Lot 

3 ^ Then Lot went vp from Zoar,and dwelt in the moutr- 
teine with Iiis two daughters : for he feared^ to tdrrie ii^:^oar. 
but dwelt in acauchcand his two daughters, ' 

3t And the elder f^yd vnto the younger. Our father is old, 
and there is not aman jn the earth to come m vnto vs, after 
tiie manner ofall the earth. 

32 Come, we will make our father drinke wire, and lyc 
W'ltlihim.tliatwemay prcferucfcedeofour father. 

33 So they made their father drinke wine that ni^ht,and 
the elder went and lay wifh her father: but he perceiucd not; 
neither when fhe layc downe.neither when ihc rofe vp. 

34 And on the niorrowe,the elder fayde vnto the VOTin^er,' 
Bchcldc,yef{ernight lay I with my father, let vs make him 
dnnkc wme tins night 3lR>,and go thou and lye with him,thaC 
we may prclcruc fecdc of our father. 

3^ So they made their fhrhcr drinke wine that ni^rhtalfo, 
^nd the younger arofc iimi Jay with hmi, but hepercciucd nor, 


vpow Gt^ESTs: cap; xix; ^ .^^ 

iicitlicr when flic lay do wncn either when flie rofc vp. i ? 

35 Thus were both the daughters of Lot wich chilJc by 
their father. 

37 And the elder bare a fonne, and fhce called his name 
Mo;ib, the fame is the father of the Moabites vnto this day. 

38 And the yongcr barcafonne alfo^and ihc calleci hi? 
Hame Ben-iamin;tlic fame is the father of the Axr.aionites vr.- 

1 [And in the euening there came two Ane;cls.] Jt ma|? bc Lot rccei- 

fccmanO0DUi!)\?oncoftbctt):0e0nrtcl3tiaml{jcDa)Dnr, f ttuo ucth aq- 
onli' came to &oDome. 2Elic3|elDcs(as ib/z^ arc bolD in bmz^ S^^** 
ing in fables) affirme^tljat one came to iJcHrop ^ place: f ano# 
ti)cr to pzeferuc Lot. 315ut it appeareth b\? ^ofes Ujojdj;, tbat 
tliis Uiau friuolous : beraufe tec n)alJ foe l&at botb tuere nxitiif 
dcrs of tl)c Deliuerance. SDtjat tuljicljc J rai?De bcfo;e is nio^c 
0»npIe,boluctf)attl)i6U}ns; graunteoto ^biabamin HaDeof 
a fpcciall gracc,tf)at (jI?od (IicuId not onclp fcnD t nto bun tlua 
ft'om among tfjc miODclI of tlje companic of bif; iJngcl5,bnt al^ 
fomo;e familiarly reiicalco bintfelfe bnto bim in bis fonne. 
ifo: one as toe fatocbaD tbc p;incipall place, as cbafe in Dig^^ 
Kitie. 0nD altbongb Cb;iff^ tuas altoaijes tbc mcDiatour : vet 
ttotiuitbffanr)in5,bccanfebel»as mo;jeobfcurelv reucalcDto 
3Lot,tben to iclb;!abam,cnelp ttuo Angels came tmto &otJcnte» 
tXIlbercas £pofcs iiit\x)tti) tbat ilot fate in tbc gate of tbc Ci^ 
tie about tbc euening :man\: aflftrme tbc fame to be bis tjail^ 
r«ffome,tbat be migbt enterteinc guedes. ISccaufcnotliutb^ 
ffanoing QDofcs nifcouerctb not tbe r aufe,tt lucre ralbncffc to 
aff irmc tbc fame fo: a ccrteintie. 31 confclTc tbat be fate not as 
iDleanD floutbfnil perfons are tucont to Dec: but it is no Icde 
p;obable a coniecture,tbat be tuent to meete bis fl){tpeberc!s, 
tbat be migbt be p:cfcnt at tbefolomg o> fl-alling of t{]c djccpc. 
^)is fo gentle intf eating of tbc Angels plainly Declaixtb,tbat 
be tuasa beeper of bofpitalitie . }piotlcitbflfanDing,lybrf;c 
fate in tbe gate of tbc cititjitis bncerteine : ercept it lucre 
b^caufe be Ujonlo kt paflTc no orcafion to Do g©D,1jDbcn be fti tuc 
(trangerspaflcbistjponlubom bcmigbtbelioUie btsbcncuC' 
leace.llet ^ tobicb migbt be fpoben in tbis point,be fcuoibt in 

€t,if, tijc Chapter 




2 [Nay,butwcwill3bic[ein theflrccteall nrglit. ]] 21%^ 

aingcls Doe not bp anD bv' rceltic tftcir ronfcnf , to tfjc cnD tbe^ 
nngbt Ijaue ffte better triall of tfjcgmD meaiungoftbebolie 
man . jfo^ hcDio not carric tbem borne to !l)ts bouCe onelp 
to giue tbcm a flipper: but alfo to tJefenDe tbem from the fo;ice 
ano \3iolence of tbc €iti^tnB . 2Cbercfo;je5tbe Sngels fo be^ 
bane tbem feluesf, euen as if tbe^ fi)ou(o be in fafctie to flecpe 
in tbe bigbe tuat? : tbns tber fareD,as tbougbe tbei' tnDerUa}!^ 
tiottbe Dcfpcrate tDicfeeDnrffcoftbe tubole multituDe. fm^- 
if fo be tlje gates of cities are tberefoze (buttt^ to tiDitbttanoe 
tbc inuafions of tuiloe bcatte0,ano of enimies : bolu llraunge 
ano abfuroe a tbmg v$ iu tbat tbe^fijoulD be in greater perill 
tubicbeliuetuitbinf 2rbcrefo;jetbe angels fpeafee tbu5, to 
mat^e tbe UncUeoneCTe of tbe people mo;:e bainous. ano %ot in 
conllreining tbe angels to come tinta bini, tbat be migbt 
Defenoe tbem from tbe common tDickeDnelTeoftbatKationy 
Doetb tbe better Ibclwe, bolue greate a care be baD fo;» bije^ 
0ueffes , tbat t\)t^ migbt not fudeine an^ rep;ocbe 0^ in* 

3 [Andfiemadetficmafean:.!! 315^ tbefetuO;iJe0,antlb^ 

fbat iDbtcbe fo!Ioluetb5Spofe3teacbetb>tbat tbe angels u^.erc 
mo.2e fumptuouUp UielIcommc2>?tben after tl;e common man^ 
ner . ifo; l.ot oealt not tbus toitrj all men intiifFercntli>,15ut 
iDben i)t percciuetJ tbe iDOJtbmcffe of men ^ eitber b^ tbeir 
fpacbe^o^apparcll, bep^^epareoa Diet fc^ tbem acco;joingl^^ 
againe £pofes faitb^tbat tbe angels oio eatemot becaufc tbei?^ 
Ijao necoe, but becaufe a conuenient time loas not let come to 
reueale tbcir beauenlie nature- 

4 [But before they went to bcddej l^ccre in one ScicheU 
facte , spofes fettetb fcoitt) a liuelie image of ^ooome . if o;r 
hereby it Doetb euioentli? appeare, lubat a oiuelitbe confent 
luas among tbem to all iDicUcmielTc, in tbattbei^allconfpi;' 
reDtogctbcrtocommittefucbebo:riblcanO Dcteltable filtbi^ 
nelTe. I^oUjc great tbrinuicUeDncffeUias, itootbberebpap^ 
peare,in tbat as it tuere Imtb an arm!e,tbtv brfecge tbe boufc 
of Lot ♦ I^oUj blinDe anD bcafllie is tbcir luH, in fomucb tbat 
like b;utc bcattes^boioc of all tijmiKp tijci: runnc to ano fro f 



Dotoc arc at is tljcir fierccnDtfc aiiD f ruclftcm tljicafcnitiff 
forimefuUv m tjoUe fatbcr,anO in atr<.i?tng all crtrrmitics. 
S??Sfo toe sadjer, tbat tijc? toerc not infcctco one 
Sec alone but alfotbat tDcg lucre fallen to a I bolocncffc o( 
fi nmnff infomach tl)at tl)C? lucre Ocuo^D of all Ojame. imo 
Sa pie li faVc alrca.,,) ^°c? "°; J'^,^^^^^^^^^^^^ e.c... ., 

JoeSn cSS? i^crebnto alfo pcrteinctMbe favnng 
nfiSTovt.ctbatC!5oDpum(ftetl)tbe ungooUncffe of men, r„^ ,,t 
?iE hc'SSjtSemouerinto fo great bUnocncirctDat tl,c? 
aSt Ser7laL,anODcmetbe.rboDic«. »^ 
n,lm- b£inafcttcafiDc,tl)C ranesarc tofcD to lutt, filtliie 

?„? ;na^;Lrbaro„fnWc mutt ncct,. b, «"» ^^^ J^S 
Scrs uinosoftokUconclfcsmuftofncccffittcbc mrM> 
Xin5S,tl)attl, moje tl,en a oetojmco tonfu. 

^'"mhcrcfo'ciffobe tlje tjcngcancc of (PoD fell bppon f^e 
^oSnS° niucbe tbat being bltnDcD lu.«3 "f rage, tbe^ 
Sue thcmfelucjs to all kinoc of toithcDncffc : Wc (ball be 
f carfe mo- c fauourabl? Dealt tottball, tobofc tmptette 10 br fo 
SS eSrcufable,b? botoe mutbe tbe truetbof© o 
Smo'enlainclT-rcucaleobntobs. CFfo'" the young to the 
o 5 Cereoncealetb man^ tb.nges, tobkbe tbe reader 
^a^ «Il to minoe of bim felfe : as tbis , tbat be mafeetb no 
mention bv tobomc tbe multttnoe luas Ctrreo bp . £0, 
TSmil UUcUe, tbattbere toere ccrteme ptonebc J : 
bat nottoitbftanoing , toe bcreb? pcrtcme, botue iuilang 
sJd reaDie tbcT! tore to tommtfte i^'««^ '^f ° f J, 
mere toitb a luattbctooiDc, came bp ana bp tmm. 3t mio ^ 
lDctoctb,tbaf tbcretoas no manner of (bamc Icfif '" ^^c m . y 

Scaufe neitber grauitie rearainco t^^;'^^ "'g!" y^jH-r- 
moocate tbe poung men,tobicb became tbat age.p be a^^^^^^^ 

l,e mcanctb tbat all care of bonettic teas aboU!^):0 , mrt. bj ,^ , 
tbe o:oer of nature Um« pcruertetj, tobcn be f^-i^^^-^lf °"1. 
fbcfounct to tbe olDc,tlm' camctagctbcr from m fiuvbcH 

•■"T Im- i?c'tl. a,en3 ^tbottgl, tbc, min.cD a Wo - 

vong and 
Id in So- 


* nbitfc tl)t gttcffs to picpoffcrous lull : vet mthithOmtim^^ 
in luo^Dc f f;cp \vMcm anotbcr thing . jfo; as if 3iot fjao ofl 
fenDcD,inrcccuimgl!raiingcmen intotljeneie, luljcrem fjc 
I)inircIfcDlucItbntn0afo;m§ner,tf)c^ cemmannD tfjcm to 
be b: ougbt f©;tb bcfc:c tbem , S>onie crponno tbiis U)o:D$ 
[Knowc] to banc to DOC carnally, anDfotbc€^:a:hc inters 
p^ctcrs bauc tranflatc d it . 115iit 31 t&intjc tbat tfcis Uio:De 
U)as put in anotbcr fcnfc : as if tt)t^ OjoulD far > Zmtljoill 
Ijnou^c tubat manner of gucttcstbou batt b;ougbt into our 
Citit. ifo: tbs Scripture is lucont moCcUIr to notebptbia 
U)o;iic a matter of fljame. SDbcrcfo^ctbcg^oDomitcsUioulj 
baucfpo!{cnmo2cfiltbiIrof tbeir tictcHablc Ivingloitb tbofe 
men: buttocoucrtbcir inifljcDneac, tberquarcll Uutbtbs 
boIicmanpzouDcIr? intbatbc Dura }};i(mmtotccmz ^n^ 
t^noUicn men ♦ 

Qucrtion. ii^otluitbHantJing, bcre arifetb a qnel!ion • jfo:, if fo 
be tbe ^ctjomites luere \s)(Dnt tbus to bere all ftraungers, 
iDbat t^all U)e fartoas Done to otbers f iro;j tbis tuas not 
tbefirHetimetbatllot began to loDge araungers : anD tl)t^ 
bnD bccne alluares giuen to filtbie plcafure : ILot luas reaDis 
to i)£liutv bis Daugbtcrs to Ibame , anD rep;iorbe , to fctte W 
gucUes free from tbe fame ♦ l^olu oftentimes alreaDie \joa$ 
\)c condraincD to offer t])tm , if fo be tbeir matiDenelTc milf^a 
not bebv an^otber remeDie pIcafcD, lubicbe requireDmen, 
UiitbiDbome tbermigbt ccmmitte fo;jnicationf anD noUic 
if ilot Imetue tbat fiicbe periU toas at banD, beft)oulD ra^ 
tber bane £j;bo.;tcD bis guettes to luitbD^aluetbemfeluesiii 

Jn nrt? iuDgement, altbougb JLot hnetuc tbe manners of 
Aniwcrc. jjj^ ^ jj^^^ jj^ notbing fufpecteD tbat iubicbe bappeneD, as tbat 
tbep luoulD tDioIcntlrb:eaUct3ppcbisbou(Je: anDitfametb> 
tbat tbep baD neuer Done tbrs befo:e . HBnt m DceDe it luad 
moctctbat l^ben tbe ;3ngels lucre fent to talie a eriall of tbat 
people, tljcv IbonlDc all bzeakc into tbis Detcffable facte • 

^\nm the iiiicljcD, after tbat tbcp banc a long time tri:^ 
tmipbcD in tbciriuifKcDncffcDeuoiDeof care, at tbe laCb^ 
ruQjinjj bcaolong fuviouttr? tl;c^ in a moment b^iug tp.pori 


rhfxn thtit olunc Dcftrtiction . 

Mlhcn (» aD 2) tt)crcfo:c tallcD m ^ooonntcs f o luDgc^ 
menu ftetooulabauc tbcm to pUi' tOc latt parte of a ujk. 
hcnUfc, anobpttjc fpiritcof giDDmctrcbcinioKcotljcm to 
SSSaS tVVinourneirc tol,crcof tooulo not fuffi^r t c 
ficftruttton of tl)C plate tff be oefcrrco an^ lonijcr . iro; a» 
?Sc bofmtalitic 6f tbc boUeman lLot,toas aDojncD toitb a 
notable rcujaroe , bctaufe tjntoittinsl? bcrcceiucD angcfi 
SittS ofmcn, aiiD baotbcm bis guettes at bome at bis 
houfc : eueii ia<S> ^ S> ttoke tjcnffcauncciuitbinoje gra> 
S pmSumrtppon tbcfiltbie luft "^^^.^ f^J^ S.' 
ina aboutc to Defile angclB , toere not ""^l^ tn'""°"«J° 
SK men, butalfo (fomucbe asm tbcm lar) tbcr ,^io' 
KtbcTaucnlie slo^ic of ^ P, ^ttl) facrilesiou« 

""??Thcn Lot went out vnto them 3 3n ftaf 3L0f toenf 
foiztbat tbeom^es, anoput bimfelfein naunger, it tbcrc^ 
full ^ofte . a rare tcrtuc tn oeeoe , tobicl)e pjcfcrretb be Lot an « 
"K aSoboneftieoftbegucfte. ^^^"^^^'^'^^^^^^^m^ 

raufe be baD once recetneotbemtnoer bis PJ°t« '"'V: "t -""- 
fcitbaan5in5,tbts fioutneirc of mmoe IS requueD to be m fbe 

fonnc0of ©£)S), tbat tbe? fpare "o^ "'"« ^^'"^tu.^A 
tuetic anDfiiitiiforeAuirctb. ^"0 altboitgDc be luerc a * 
reaoie greatel? burt,bv tbe beficging of b.5 ^f^fj^ = f ^ 
iuitbaanDiHa,hefceltctb.U3itb fatre too:Ocs to pacific tbetr 
fierce mmoes , i^ben b« fimpHi i»t«^tefb tljcm to eaffe 
from rbtir totcbeoncffe , ano feoatbciafetb to tM tbem bS 
m name of b.:otbcr. anD it appc«rctb, botoe erne l tbnr 
fierceneffc luas , ant) bote biolent tbe bcatc o tbrir li'"'^"! 
tbci' mere notbing mouea toitb fo great gcntleneCcano bcfffi^ 
tbtni. ano tbis is tbe eno of tbe Oefcription of fucje beaft' 
iieouirSe , f bat Jmigbt linotoe tbat tbev iuere no pmii. 
ftca, befojc futbe time as tbci' iucre tome Unto tije cptreamc 

euDofluicbconelTe. , ^ , . „ ,.„, .„„ 

ana let t)s rcmembcr,tbat fbcre probate , tobcn tbcr arc 

fcUiiDtDbB tbe iuft tuDgement of <Sod , toe runnc as it toerc 

Cc.m;. »"»P 


<" tDif!) full purpofc thm^ all kim ofmlUnm Doc leauti 
DcteUable botb to OoD ano f o men. "^ 

8 [Behold nowc,I haue two daughters. 3 as (fjetonffan^ 

ne of iiot Dcfcructf) no fmall p^atre,in tljat Ijc am^ciUurcD h» 
irfc fo: tijc Defence of ^is gueacsxifen fo noU) ^ofes O^eUjetfa 
tOattijereUiasaDeferteiorneD tljereiDitfj , luijicf) fometDbat 
blotf eD ^15 fo ercellenf a Dertue . j?o; i)c not kuohma inhat 
to Doe, (at U)!)rrl) point men are at commonlp,in all Doubtfult 
matters, ) mii(ctf) antnIaU)fullremeDie,if02f}^lettetbnot 
to offer l;i5 Daugfjters to tubo:eDome, to pacifte tfjeoutraai^ 
mi0 maDnelTe cf tbe people.iBut a tfjonfano Deatftes ouglit ra^ 
tfjcr to bane bene ruf!ereD,tf)en to baue talren fuclj a luar mu 
T?,e u)itfjilanDmg,rucb almod are all tbe liio^kes: of tSjc featncts 
Ts.L. becaurenotbin^pafletbfrom tbem fo perfect , tofticfj^ w not 
.re ynTcl ^^^^^^ J^f ."i^^rHieD itt fomc potnt . ^oti£;t3;geD totfjerfreame 
fed. nwmtie : anD it is no maruell tbat be offeretb [)isDauabter^ 
to be maoe barlots^lDbenfjefectbtbatbe batb to Doe Mib 
luilDe beaffs.^et neuertbeleffe fje feeljetb iDitfiout aDmTement 
to remeDic one enill ^itt) anotber . ^(21bereas feme tnufc 
bis facte> a miaiUt it not : ^et neuertfjelcde , be Deferuetb to 
be repjebenDcD, becaufe be bcapetb one euiUtppon anotber* 
^iit \x3c arc taugbt bi? tbis erample , tbat tuben tbe 3lo>De 
batb furniOjcD tjs twitb tbe fpirite of inuincible fo^jtituDe, iuie 
mutt alfop^ap, tbat be tuill gouerne ts iuitf) tbe fpirite of 
p:uDcnce, anD tbat be luill neuer fuffertjs to be DeuovD of 
a founDe iuDgement , anD of moderate reafon . ifo^ tt)m at 
tbe laft , tiie tliall rigbttp goe fo^toarDe in Doing of onr Diiette> 
ifintroublefomc matters tue fee luitb a founDe mrnDe,lubat 
is naDefull to be Done, tubat is lalufull , anD Inbat is erpeDiV 
ent: anD arealfo reaDic p;jepareD Uiitbalcining minDe ta 
totbHanD euericpcrill . iro; it is no leffe Dnungcrcusfo;ji 
ciir mtnDcr.', m tailing of euill coiinfellcs, to be rarrieD bitfjer 
«nD tbitber^tben f o be troubleD U)itb feare.^nD being b^^ougljt 
l3nto tbe ertreame pmcbe, kt bs p^ip tnto tbe ILoaDe , tbat be 
iDillopcn fome U)a)^ fo; ts . £)tberfome mafee an otbcrer^ 
xufe fo^ Jlot; as^tijatfje fenctoe tijat Sis oaug])ters fl;oulDc 



notbctrfircD. But I^oubtnot, but f bat be fcchingtbefirft T^i^ 
fbift tbat fame ncvtc to bnnti> crrcti from tbc rigbt ufnv . itlnD 
tbi3 15 luitbont all Doubt, tbat altbougb tbc feoDomitcs p:o^ 
fclTcDnot in pIainctDo:Dc0 , lobata filtbrcDcfirctbc^ bab: 
\ftt iiotlintl)(!ant)ing:,}iot luasfull\? ccrtificb of tbc fame b^ 
tbinr Dailv UucUeDnclTe. Jf anv man affirmc it to be \)crie ab^ 
furbc, tbat tbc lubole people fl)oulD require ttoo men to roni'^ 
mittcfo;m'cationU)itbtbem: 3 aunflDere,tbatbcfaufetbei> 
imagmeDb^fu(lome,anDbfe, tbat tbefameticeluas latt'^ 
fuUfo;tljcm , a felue fettmg tbe matter ab:ocbc, tbe U;bolc 
tnultitubcliias ITirreD tp^dtucn as it commetb to pa(re,lybcrc 
tbere is not an\) bifference matiebetljueenerigbt anbU);ong» 

C^lben }L0t favetb? That for tins cnufe, they came vndcr his 

rooFc, tbe meaning i0> tbat tl)tv ItJcre ccmmittcD tnto bim of 
tbe Jlo:be : antj tbat be fljoulD be falfc bnto tbem , t^nlclTe be 

9 [Then they faid, A way hence.] Jn tbat ILOt tBjfO cl)ur^ 

lidjll' iuitb bis p:arer5,anD tntreatie reietfeb: tben tbe uibic ii 
notlDftaniHg notbing coulD be b;ougbt mo;^e aptli) to qualiftc 
tbeir outrage : bcerebi' it appearetb^lobat tnb^ioeleb f p^ouD 
cifoain teas in tbi^f people.^nb ifrfi: of al tbei' tb^eatcn^tbat if 
be p,:ocecDe to be an intercctfour, be H^all be luo;fe Dealt luitb^ 
all, tben tbofe tubome be DefenDetb . &>econDlr> tbet: caft in 
l)is tcctb, tbat be being a tt raunge man,tafeetb tpon bim tbc 
parte of a iuDge . anD in euerie tDo:D t\)t^ G)eUie,botju greats 
Iptberfti3dlcDU)itbp:iDe. E^be^ fcttc oncagainllamulti*' 
tube: astftbei? Iboulofai?, ^\?lDbat rigbt Docff tboucbaU 
lenge to tb^ fclfe tbc rule of tbe l^bole cifie i SDben tbcv boaft 
tbat t\)c^ are SCotuncfnien^ but be a fb;reigner . ^uebe alfo 
is tbe boaff ing of tbe papiCles at tbis Da^^, againll tbe goDlic 
minittcrs of tbe luo;De: foUbcDobiectbnto tbem,infta^De 
ofarep^ocbe, tbeir fcbDneire:but tbat tbe^ tbemfclues are of 
farre greater number . ^Ifo tbevarep:ouDc of tbeir long fnc ^ 
relTion: anD tberfo;e t\it\! eric out,tbat it ib not toilc^able,t^ae 
tbep lI^oulD be rep:oueD b^^ nelu men . %5ut boU) obfiinatciv 
foeuer tbc toickeD Doe rontcnDc, lenfttbev HjoulDrc^lDe tcx 
rcafon,lct b5 fenolpe,tljat tljcr Doe not craltetlicm fcluc0,but 




to tfjcir ciunc ruinc anD fall. 

lo (^Butthemcnputfoorthtlicirliandcs, 3 3iQ^ilXt£0O^ 

fc0 calletl) tije ZuQtls mtih not t\)^t tljt\> lucre mm in tieeoe, 

liJtbi'Caurctbci'fitjncD to be fucljc in outtuarDc fl)cU)e : ifo^ 

altf)oua:f) t\)c^ bc^iimc to reueale tijeir fjeauenlie poU)er:v'et^ 

Gocj nc- notU)itl){lanDinn:, as vet tbcp Doc not Declare tijat tbev arc j^n^ 

ketiuhc '^^^^ ^^"^ °^^^^ ^^'^^" bcaucn ♦ flnD spofcis tcacljetft fterctbat 

the faith- t!}e 3vo;De, alt()oun;I) Ijc farctf) as tijougl) be DiD not rce,U)beii 

fuiL tbe faitljfull arc in pcrill: f et nottintbffanDing, be ncuer fo;* 

falictb tbcm ^ but rcacbctb fco^tb fjis banDc , cucn at tbe tcric 

jjiiube. Gucn To be DcfcrrcD Iji^ belpe in faiung i^ot^tintill tlji 

tcric ej:tremitie came. 

Ilct ts tberero;c luitb quiet nn'nDcs giuc place t3ntobij5 
}j.:ouiDcncc: anD lettsaWofolIoUietDitboutfcaretbatlubicb 
telongctb Vinto our calling ^ anD lubicbe be tommaun^ 
Dctb .^^libcngbbe futfcretb t^s to be in Daungcr : retnot*' 
tLntbftanDing,beU)ill Declare tbat be tuas ncuer tnminDfull 
ofljs. i?o.:tDe fee, tbat b^caufe i.ot fi)utte tbe Da);>es of bi^ 
boufCjto DefenDbiJS guctte0,be rccciuetb tbe like gG3D turnc 
againe,lubcctbe^ngdstbe gate being opcncD againe Doe 
not onelv recciue bim tinto tl^tm , but alfo bv fettiiw( tbe rai** 
Ics of (Sods pouter againft tbe tuickcD, to Hop tbeir liav? anD 
to kecpctbem off. ^nDtbcvDoc not onclv HcIdc tnto bim 
tbcDutie ofb«manitic:butalfobeeingarnieD luitb tbe potjucr 
of (S £) SD , tbev come to b^i^lpe bim . Mbercas ^ofe^ 
faitbjtbattbemen iuere Ih-iciJcnlJuitbblinDencircjtbcumuft 
not fo tnDcrdanDe tbe fame, as tbougbe tbc^tpcre Ifarlie 
blinDe,aiiD quite Dcp;iueD of tbeir figbt: biittb^t tbcirfigbt 
ioasfoDa^cIcD , tbat 'tbcv coulDc Difccrnc notbing.^nDtbiiS 
miracle luas mo;ie notable , tbcn if tbeir eves baD bene clcane 
put out:bicaufe tbeir epes bemg opcn,tbcv gropcD fo; tbe lua^ 
hUe blinDe men: anD feeing, faU)e nct.^lfo^tbe purpofe cf ^o^ 
fcstuas to orp^eflTe, boU)c fimiic anD ijarDc tbeir ohUinacic 
iuas . 

Cbe^finDe not l.ofs gate: it follctuetb, tbat fbc^ tdhc 
^vcat paincs in fccUing fo; tbe fame . xlnD tbus tbev furioufl^ 
luarreagamttOoD.iout tljia lya^^cnt^ not once, oz to tbe 



JfeoBomitcs cilone :but tbc fame is alfo uailv fulfilled m ff;c T^ 
rcp:obatc, iubomc feaftjanbeUiifcljetbluitl) fucbcniacncrTc, 
tbat tljcv banng mithcn tuitij the ttrong banb of C3£^D, p:(T^ 
rrtoctintb iDickcb obCinacic to InitbftanDc tbc famr. 2nti 
Ica(lui^n)oiilDcfakc furtbcr fo;>an example of tins matter, 
liicfccU)itbU»batfcaref«Upemia)emcntei6,cII5 S> S) bafbpu^ 
iull)cD luanoering Inftes : anD i^ct notluitbrtanDing, tbc tuo^Ii) 
rcalTctb not Defperatelr to runne bcatilong into tbcir Detlruc^ 
tioniubKbtbc)?bebolDeluitb tbcir ci?CiS. 

12 [ Whome haft thou yet here ? ] jj>otDe at tl)t lad tl^t 

angels IbeluctDberefo^etbep rame,ano iubattbep intenDeo 
to DOC . jro; fo barnous Tuuas tbelartacte,tbat!lotfi)oulDc 
noiiicperfuanebMnfelfc,tl)at tbt5 people iuas to befutTcrcu 
tio longer « 

ainD fird tbe^ tayi , tbat ttjc^ came to ticff roi? tlje €itit r 
ll^caufc tl^eir eric luas greate . 115^ lubicbc luo^Dcs ti)t^ 
giue to bnDcrftanD, tbat CDibDS) luas not p^ouoheb tuitb 
one loicltetinede alone : but after i)c fpareb tbem a long time, 
I)e noUJC at tbc laft becing almoft conlf rametr, tb;ougbc tbc 
irreate beapeofluickeDneires,commetbto tnUc punilljement, rhcmonr 
ifoj U)e are tbus to tbinUe, tbe mo^e finnes tbat men do bcapc ^n^c the 
togetbcr, tbcbisbcr tbcir tuidtCDnefTe tcetb arife, anD tbe ?'"^" 
tteerer it commetb tnto <3^B, to call fo; tjengeaunre. f,"^",^^*'" 
^(i:ibcrefo;e,astbe angels bitbcrto tcaifie, tbat Cod batb 
bene long fnffering: fo againctbep ginc to bnDerrranD,tDbat 
manner of enDc all tbc\?fliaU banc, lubifbcDailv?bcaping one 
luicheDnefretpponanotbcr,Doc CtllU)itb greater bolDcnclTc 
mo;eanDmo:c rebellagainftCoD ♦ 

0nD tbcr DOC tbcrefozc Declare tbc canfe of tbc oearuction. 
Not oneli^ to ibc cnD 3lot mtgbt attribute tbc p.:aife of equitic 
anDrrgbtccufncflTctoCDoD: butalfoto tfcc cnDbc bemgmnDe 
afcartJc, migbt make mozc bait to Departe . j?o; fucbcis 
tbcDulnelleofour flell)c , tbat to Doe t^eric coloi^ anD ncgli^ 
gently fttkc to efcapc tbc iuDctement of© £5 D^tinlclTc im 
De tb:ougbli' terrificD Uiitb tbc fcarc tbcrcof : C'uenfo p.o^ 
oij bceiug tlj^ou^blH niaDc afearDc iuitij tljcaouoe, cudc^^ 


T uourct) binifclfe to builtjc tfjc arhc . S:^f)0 angclis puf fl)t 60I5 
fatljcr in goD t)opc,lcaft fjc (IjoulDc fearc, anD tbcrcbti Diffruf^ 
tmg \)i& faluation, ttjoulB make leCTc fjaftc to Depart ifo: tljeg 
tiocnotoncl^pjomifctbatbe ftall be fafe:butalfo t&eti Doe 
iuillinglii graiint tiito bnn hi^lifc, and t[icre iuas na 
f aufc tubv !)c lIjoulDc Doubte , Ujben be faUie tbat tbe liucij 
cfotljcrs alfo lucre Qium bntobim freeli^jasa furplufage^ 
j;^ottuitbttanDinjj,itmar be DcmauiiDcD , lob^ <13oD tcoulDe 
ctfcr 1)15 grace to iDntljanhefuU perfoius , iubicb be fenetoe 
Ix^oulDereiectetlje fame ♦ SDbe fame qucftionmav alfo be 
inoucD foiucrnmg tbe p:eacl)ing of tbc C^ofpell . if 0: (IDm)S> 
t5notio:no;antt{)at a feVoe flgall be partakers of faluatioir, 
eije tubicljc nottuitbiJanDing be commaunDetb to be offereD 
tjntoaUrjencrall^: but tbu0 tbe Ijubeleeuing aremaDe tbe 
nio^cmcpcufable , Uiljentbe^reiectetbe mcHage of falua^ 

Sinn iiot ifi tberefo;te efpeciall^ comniaunDeD to affure 
!)imfelfe of bi^ Deliucraunce , to tbe enD b^ bluing a luo^e 
ftcDfafttruatntbegraceof (25 £D E> , migbt bololi? anD fpee^ 
Dilp make tbe mo;e baff to Departe, notbing Doubting of 
bi£f faluation . ^nD lue mail make a probable conirctureb^ 
tbis place,tbat be baD no fonnes at tbat time in tbe titit : fo;^ 
tben bi? tbe pcrfuafion of tbe 2ngel£i, be iooulD bane gone a^ 
bout to baue DeliuercD tbem ♦ 3i6efo^e tue baue faiDe , tbat 
ije baD \jnDcr W banDe a greate familie of fcruantes : but be^ 
caufc bere mention is maDe onel? of fucbe as Uicre fra, tbcre 
is notbtng fapDe of tbcm» jj^euertbelelTc, it is Iikelie, tbat 
fomeoftbcmlocntf(D;tbtuitb bim, lubicbe carrieD bictuall 
anD otljrr boulbolDcp;ouifion. ifoj bo^e came tbe Daugbtcrs 
b^ tbat Mnc in tbe Dcfcrte mounteinc ,U)bicb tbev P"^ bnto 
tbeir fatber , tjnlclTe certeine tbinges lucre carrieo eitbcr 
b^ acres, b^ Camels , 0: bi? Cartes : U^bercof 9^oks maketb 
no mentions jjiotlnitbftanDing, it mav be tbat among a great 
multituDc,man^ratber cbofe to pcriQic among tbe ^oDomii» 
its , t\)m to accompanie tbeir 31 iD H D CD , in fccking 
faluation. yBnt it is better to leauc tbofc t\)i\\QS t)ntoucbcD, 
iubicb tbe fpirit of OoDbatb not reucalcD^ 

13 C The 

VPON genesis; cap. XIX, ..^ 

13 [ TheLordcfinthfcnt vs todcftroy. ] STfjfspfacC * ^ 

ffacljctb, tbat tijc ^n0;cls are tf)e miniftcrs aslucllof tfie ^^ ^^^ 
lp;atf), as of tfje grace of (I3oD. j^eitber is that ant ^^bit con^ ar" mmi- 
traric lobtcft is fiiiD in another place,tjut)cre angels are p^opcr^ acrs ot ihe 
II? faio to be miniders of bis grace^ano to be o:ucnieD fo: tl)cir wrath and 
faluation>tDliome C3 jaD 5i> batli aoopteo to be bis cbilo^en. »^"°"^ ^^ 
anotbe $>rripture in oiuerCe places tcftifiet(),tbattbecuao^^°'^- 
Dieoftbc goDlie is committeD tnto tdcmranDontbe contra^ Hcb.M 4. 
riepartctt p^onoimcetb, that (13 fl) © erecutetb \)is m^t^ ^f*'^^'- "- 
nicntes b ^ repzobate ange!s . jfo^ it is to be noteo, tbat Ooo ^ ^*' "^^ 
niaketf) t[)c electeD angels cbecfe erecuto^s of tftofc inOge^ 
nienteSjiDbicb be crercifctb b^ tl)t repzobate . jfo^ it lucre 
Derieabfuroe fo: tbis bonour to be attributed tnto tiinels, ^ 

tbattbevlboulDbeaccounte-Dfbe cbecfe erecutioners of dl^otis 
iuQgcmcntes: fo;^ tbei?bocnot luillingl^obe^ bim: butra^ 
tber obftinatclT> raging agatnabiin ^ arenotluitbffantiing 
D:aU)en againtt tbeir luilles to be bis executioners ♦ !let ts 
Itnolue tberfoze, tbat it is not Difagreeing from tljt office of tbc 
rbofrn angcls,to come ciolune armeo to cj:ecute t\)t bengcance 

SCbustbe angel of tbe llo^iDc bcflfroretjin onemgb^tbc ^-^^ 
armie of ^enacbarib, lubicbebeteget) ^ierufalem . KhuB ^j '"*'' 
3E)a^nD faille tbc angel Uiitb a tj^atjuenftuoioeinbis banDe, i.sam.i4. 
tuben tbe people lucre plag:ucl) loitb tbe peftilencc . llSutJi^.^ 
aomonitberj before, tbat tbe angels repeatetbe fame tl;ing, 
iubicbetbe^ baDfaiceto ab.:abam, concerning tbe crie:tbat 
bp tbe Dctettation ano loatbing ot tbe place, tbc^ migbt mahc 
Hot tbe mo:e foztuaroetotahe bis fligbt^ ano migbt ftirrc 
ftim tp, tb;ougb tbc feare of vDotis \x3;atbe,tofcchefalua:^ 

14 [ Then Lot went out. ISCbefaitbof tbe bolieman 
Hot ftrdbcre in appeared, tbiit be luas tb;ougbl^ afcaro,anD 
bumbleD,attbetb?eatenings ofCD^DE). &econt)l^, brcaufc 
tbougb be tuerc in t\)t miDDett of oeltruction : ret neucrtbe^ 
leflfcbe tafeetbbolDeof tbe faluationp<:omifeo bnto bii". ^"^ 
tobereas be inuitetb bis fonnes in latoe to be partakers toitb 
tim of tbc fame , fucbc Diligence bccommetb tbc fonnes of 



4.14. ^ lOHNCAI-VINE 

fiJOfc tbaf are bnocr tijcir IjanDc fromDcOrarttU 
«flrf'„^fi;f?f iiot fnemra not fo tiallie luitfr t&cm of bur/ 

mt u? -y w rittetfj no mojc in ^eaocii as a iuone • ana 
tljer arc foDoeptc m tftcir Cnnrs, bnttll fmS tfcffS 

^^^^^(maUvtbt Hirer tbaf <sl>lS7mSmtt 

toif f) p;oupc rronacs , 0^ clfe oucrpaffe tS, w I) S 
10 roc rcarc of ©£D©, t^at tue mar be altoarro c^rrfoll • 

nf I'^n.'^il!" ^"S^>''^^'J LotOJEbc fattl; ant. aoalinclTc 

toitb foil c bmnanc ano naturall tnfirmttic : brcanfc lie DcS 
ring fbc tunc, luas Ijattcnco fm^tf, bv thcMs mlfZrt 

goc mto rnic, S:!,ub manifoloc rarcs nnD Dc"b?c« Sble 
})cntoab.»niII;cDinan, U.l;u!,c fo;falmi3 !;« iufcana S, 

V V o ^ G E 1^ E $ r s. CAP. X I :x. . j^ 

gcDtjeiS^t^cttctb InmnnkctinnDpcD^t info feme ticfcrtcpfacr. * 

Jn tbe meanc time be confiDcret!) not , tl)at lie mnft cor 
a5 tl)0fe ti)atfuffera)ip\u:arbe are tx^cDnt, Icljo to tbeenoc 
tijcr may ma?^e afafc arriua!l totfteftauciT, call tlictrmcr.^ 
cljanrji^e, anD all tljat tf)ci' Ijanc , into tlje fea . \(^c Dcultctl) 
not, but tbat CT^oo b^t!) fpohen foe truetb : ncitbcr tioil) be 
refufc to goc to another place^as Ije luas ccmmaunDcUtbut 
as it UJere faintm ^"^cr bis infirmitie, anD being intanslcD 
luitbmanrcareieiybccoetb on IMtm f'^^rc anti Coftl^?, UjIjo 
ougbttobviuerunncfpeeoil^.malnngnorcla^. 1i5i\t tbc fpi^ 
rite of (I5£)Jir> bat!7fettebefo:et3f(an crample ofom*flotxj^ 
neCfe anu negligence i\\ bis perfon , tJjat lue catting off all 
floutbfulncffc , fo {cone as tbe b^ciwenlie l3oice fcunDetb tn 
our eares, marreaDili^pzepare oar fekies to cbrp: otber^ 
loire,oneranuaboue tbat aontbfulnetre.tubtcbe ismtsna^ 
turallis ^atban toill make ts to tfe manr tieia^cs . 0no 
to tbc enDe tbe ;angels migbt tbc better fpurre Hot fo^tuarpe,; 
tbep maUe bini afearue, facing, Iieatt tbou be tiettroveu iw tbc 
punilbmi^nt of tbc €itit. ij^ot bccaufe tfcc ^xD iXD (^ 
^oelb call tljit innocent into (be fame Dettruction tuitb tbe? 
fe)ickei3 :' bill brcaufe be is lua);>tbie to periCbe , tobirbc 
iiiill not pjouioe fo^z bim felfe:)peaADbicb being aDmonitbeO 
to bctiJarcjcattctb bun felfe notUJitb^antJing into teCrup;: 
. tion. 

i6 [And as he prolonged the time.] 115ef0,:e, tbC Sngel^ 

i)feDlDa).:rjes:butnoU)e/lmtbtbebariDe, anpterie tccDe, tb^^ 
tjoefas it Uiere)t)iolcntl\'conlfraine 5LDt to Jicparte , ; %)\ai 
negligence is iDontjerfull , tobo being certeuicl^ perfuatien, 
tbat tbe angels tbzeatenniDt in taine, is nctbing atallp^tc^ 
iico fo^tiiaroc toitb tbeir luo^Des, tnttll luitb tbcir bnntjcs 
Ijeis i32aU>en out of tbc cihe. ^ur ^anicur €b^,il^.e falOt^, Mat.tMi 

Akhougluhcrpiritebe wiili-ngry^t thcflcjVieis wc^akc;^. i5ut 

i;ere aU^ojife tJtce is notetfV bctaufc tt^Wflje (ri))Au1^5r'r 
Huggilbncac) , relTratnctb libe fo^liattttrnc eif tlie fpirite, 
infomucbe tbatbl'' Sot};e i^Htttg^it'cnn fcarfc crcci^:. Sr.D 
cuerie mans olniic erperiente is a liiitnefic cf tl^i^ tuiW. 

£:be greater ii}t\\ cMjTf?t*fc be tbe/arr bf tl^e :, 
t&at ttj^i rm2 mcM lt>c'mrelncs^rcOictoTo!lctr CcD;ain5 alfo 



T to hthiart, toff m^ ftoppe mr cares agamff Us the&fe* 
nmg . mm mi tu^ at an? time fo careftillp ano Sr 
t>clp t3;p tbcm fclucs , but tbep totll mil be to batWareeTw 
pomsfbcirDuctte. mo,tl)at\ji\)itii S0o(es faith is Whie 

A'bcnasbctaUinsbtmbp tbebanOe bgbts aiigcte, wS 

ftun out of tbc Cif ic . m it is xxMl fo^ Is to bTt£ 

O^atocnoftcntuncstjiolcntlr, fromffjat place, from tthcnre 

c . ^h '?f^ 1°^ U)«llmslr.3f ettber ritbcffc, o^ bonourB, o aS 

rhchL5f'fh'J?^'l''f ''^°^'T ®^®- »»"'^" 'ttftnllfaUout 
when he *?' ?'^ SmDcs to bc mutiiulftco, 0} tfim fclfe to be pumaico- let 

t.kcth vs IOC fanieftnoUje, tbaf tbc iLo:oc tabctb \)im bp tbc Ijancc \v> 
froworu wufe too,:D8 ana erboitations bao not fuffictentlp pjeuatleo 
ly SCbcrc IS no caufe tberefoje, tub?' toe f^ouloe bejaueo, to 
L^ll^fTl^'M ^ curco ttiitb biolent remeoies, tabcn Dotfrtne 
isnotcffcctuall ynougb to tojrecte tbcm. spofco alfo famctb 
to note a ffreafcr matter, as tbat tbc ticmentic of (©oD ttrone 
to.tb toe aoutofuine of ilof.iFo^ if i„ag „o gramartic to btm! 
tbatbcbts Dela?ms t!)c time , be b^ougbt not Upon bimfelfc 
tbc imminent Deffruttion:nottoitbftanoinc(, tbciLojoc Ooeth 
not onelp pamon bim,but alfo betaufe be to'oulo bauc bim fa' 

Sance ^^^"^ ^"" ""' ''^ *^^ ''^"°'^' Uemafeing as it lucre 

fn'fh,»£¥'P'^°u^y/''^'' ^ Ibistoas aoaeo b? spofcs, 
totbcenoetocmapknotDC, f bat tbc iLo,jDe rcacbctb fronb bis 
Janoc tntobs,notonclpfo,atime, tbatbc maJSc o„J 

ft h wl'f h T "'/''"'"^ ""' "'^ ^°^^^ bnperfect but al' 
fob;mscfbfbcnimctoanfnDc . 2CbiB toas no fmall crare, 
toat tbc rumc of ^oaomc toas foicHjetoco Unto lot, leaft tbe 
famcll)0(iIoe eoinebppon bim tjnatoarcs: tbat alTurcO booc 
toas gmcn tnto bim bp tbc angels : ana tbat at tbc laft be 

fi!f/f.''"^\'',^ *"' "^""^ ""f °f PcrHJ . iiJottoitbaanOina, 
}t , u'"A"°'i""^ fontcntca toitb fo manp bcncfitcs, fl,cto' 
etb tobat be Ibouloe ooe after tbts. JEbus be mahctb bim* 

Jo fhfr^ n« ^^^° *''?^""''' race,t)nt.lIbeQ,oulOceomcDn, 
to tbe full ftnifttng of bis faluation. 

JSut tot is fo;biaDcn to Imljc bcbtnoc bim, to tbc cnae 


V P O N GENESIS. CAP. X\X. ^a i^ 

f)t mig^ht fenoluc, tljat fje left bcbinoc fiim a pcailcnt babifnf i% T 7 
on. irirft^ tbat be migbt bane no manner of Dcfirct3ntctljc 
fame : then, tt)at be migljt tbe better tueijjb anD confirjer,bctu 
great tbe gajDneOTe of (II5£DSD luas, in Deliuering bim frcm tbc 
graue,anD etcrnall Dettruction. ^efo^e ^pofcs fl)cU)eD,boU c 
fruitfull anD erccUent tbat taller antj plaine iDasifrcm benfc 
3loti0 commaiinDeD to Departe^ to tht cnD be migbt fccle, 
tbatbe tua£f DeliuereD, acitluere, outoftbcnucucftoflbip^ 
iD;acke. ^noaltbongb b^ DlueHing at ^ot)ome,baD \)is beart 
anD minDe Dail^ tercD ann Difquieteo: ^et notU^itbftanDing, it 
coiilD fcarfebe, but tbatbe muff neeUeffD^atuefometincIcan^' 
netTe, from fo Dccpe a Cnke ofluicfeeDneffe. /polue tbcreto;ie,bc 
htinq to be purgeD of tbe ilo;t),is tjep;^i«eD of oeligbte^ijlDbcr^ 
in be bat) t© mucb pleafure. 3let tie; alfo berebi? learne, t Ccd 
Dotb notabli? pzoniDe fo; our faluation,luben be tuttttt) off all 
tbofe tbing£f,U)bicb are fuperflujous to tijt Deligb^s of tbe flc (b: 
anD to correct our tcomucbe pampering of our felues, be fen* 
t)etb bs from tbe ruiecte anD pleafiiunt platne^ into tbe Defert 

18 [Lot {aide vnto thcm.]l^ere an otber tice of Hot is re* 
|j;ebenDeD, in tbat be Dotb not fimpl^ obep CDoD, anD fufferetl^ 
not bim fclfe to be faueD at biief UiiU anD plrafure, but Deuifctb 
a neU) Inap fo: bim felfe.CDoD appointetb to bim a mounteine, 
lubieblboulD be bnto bim in ffocDe of a fanttuarie : butbera^ 
tbcr cbofctb t3nto bim fclfe a citit. S^b^^ tberefo:e are Deceit 
iieDjlubicb fo crtoU \)is faitb in t^is p;raier, tbat tfjen make tbe 
fame a perfect erample of p>aring arigbt. i?o;r it is ratber tbc 
purpofe of £pofe0,to teacb^tbat tbe faitb of Jlot tDas not iDbo^ 
h free anD pure from all bicefii. Wic are to note tbis p:incipall 
rule, tbat our p;a\?er5 are alloavs finfuI^tnletTe tbei? be grofi^ 
DeD t pon tbe tuo;D of (Dod. 3l5ut Hot is not onel^ Deffitute of Pr^ycr 
tbe iDo^Djbut alfo p>epofferouO^ pleafetb bim fclfe againll tbe muft bee 
luo:D.&ucbimpo>tumtieDifagratbU)itb faitb. jfurtbermo^e, g'^o""^'^^ 
fouDcn repentance tua0 a puniOjment of fojlilbeDelire. jfO^^J'id 
tbUB all tbep muff of necclTitie U)aner,U)bicb fubmit not tbem "* 
felues bnto (Sod : fofojneagtbe^baueoneDefire, anelueDif^ 
quietneCTecommctbbv anD bip in place, iubifb conffrcinctbto 
f baunge tljeminD. %^us ()&o;tl^ W are to account, tbat Hot 


^ teas not toitbout fault, iDljcn f)c rcqutrctft a cif fe tc be ctucm 
tJMto Ijim to DiucU in. iroz be botlj fettetb &im fclfe agamllr 
tbc comniannDemcnt of (25^21), tubifb be ougbt to banc obc^ 
eu: anD alio Dcfirctb to abtDc Hill m pleafurcr, from tbc ^t^klf 
it Inas p:o5f able fo.: bint to be rcnioucD» Sbcrcfo^c, be Dotb 
eiicn as if a Ucht man (boulD Deferre tbe time of m rutting, 
)0;iO:inking a bitter purgation, tbe tubicb ncrtUittljdanDing, 
t])c Pbrfician p:cfcnbctb» l&olubcit, 3 mcane net tbat 3io?isr 
p:apcrluasclcancbo^Decffaitb: but J ratber tftinkc, tbat 
he iuent out of tbe Inav? fo, tbat not onli? be toent not farrc off, 
but alfo U)bol^ intenbcD to feetpe tbt fame. jFo; be allua^c^i 
DepmDcD bpon tbe too^Dc of CD £D £> : but in one point be fell, 
iubcn be rcquiretb tbe place tobicb Ujas DenicD bint, to be qu 
lien tnto bint, ffibus oftentimes, fome co;rupt ano trou^ 
Llous matter, is mtrcD luitb tbe goDli' oefires of tbe ^atntes. 
^{ici^tbcramilignozaunt, tbat tber are fometimes info;ten, 
bi? tbe lingular motion of tl)e fpirite, tbat tljc^j mav f^nie to 
Depart front tbc Ujozoeuino ^ct notlDitb(lanDing,paire not tbe 
bounDcs tbercof. T>i\t the immoDerafe affection of tbe fleflje, 
betD:apet!)itfclfein!lot, b^caufe beisintanglcutoitbtbofc 
tJcligbtes, Uibicb be outtbt to bane IbunncD. ^nD \)is intoiu 
ttamit is a tcOcimonie of raHinelTe, in tbat be b^ and b'2 repent 
tetb bint fclfe. 

ip [ Bcholcic, nowc thy feruaiint hath found grace in thy 

fight.] l^e feeing tluo, fpeahetb but t)nto one. tSIljereb^liie 

j[atbcr,tbat ilot fta^cD not bim felfe bpon tbe Angels: bic aufe 

be U)as fufftcientlp perfuaCcD, tbat tbep nci>tber baD potiTcr 

p:opcr to t\mn fulues : not pet tbat bis faluaticn tnas put iiu 

to tbeir banDe . £lno be bfetb tbe biclue of tbem no otljcrtuife, 

tben a Icoliing glaffc to bcbolDc tbe face of (DiiDD* ^o:couer, 

Jiot Dotb reckon bp tbe bencfttes of C»iD2>,not fo mucbe to te^ 

ftifie bis tbanbfulneflTcas to taUe bnto bim frlfc greater bolo^ 

Goctgi- nc(retoaf(iemo.:c. ifo:,bpcaufetbega)t)neCreof (!3lDSD is 

uctii wicii j^j^u^j. tucaricD \ji)itl) gtuing, but is libc bnto a bottcmlcffc 

ounnca^ ^^Ij . ^.^^ ^^^^.^ gcutlc tbat Uic fiuDc bim to be, tbe mo;c bnlne 

^^'^' it becomincti) bs to be to bope. i3nD tbis is proper bnto faitb, 

to be confirmee cucr afterluarD, bv tbe crperiments bao of tbe 

grace patt, jJicptberootbJloterre bcrein ; onel^ be fujar^ 



iief?),mpIeaCng!)imfdfcU)itt)outtbcU)o;t)e. 2i:!)crcfo:c tec 
bearing our fcUicB bolDc tipon tijc mere \? cf CD^SD, let tc not 
Uoubttotruftfo^alltbmgefiatbw l)anDe, but cfpeciallv foz 
t!)ofct!)mge£sU)^icf)l)ct)atljp;omifeD, anoiubirb tc pcnnit# 
tetb ts to Dcfirc. 

QI can not cfcape in the mountcmc.]i!;}e murinrrrctfj net tl^ 

gainft (D £) SD, as tfje UnckeD arc luont to oo, of fet pu rpofc : 
notluitbllanDing, b^eaufc tjcffavctbnctlnmfclfclippcntljc 
tDo;Dcof(2?oD, be fiioetbanDalinolifalleti). iro;ilyl)rfC('ireD 
Ijc Dettruction in tbc mounteine, lubcrc Ijc tuas to be p2otcn c o 
luitb tbe banD of OoD : f be tritaetb to bane a (irmc abiding iit 
^ place , Uibicb teas botb neere bnto ^otiome, f fubictt to ibe 
UhepuniCbment, b\? rearcnoftbetnpureanDU)ifheDu;babt# 
tant0 i 115iit fucbe is tbc nature of men, tbat tbcv U)ill raHier 
place tbeir fafctie bpon luilDe beaffcs, tljcn in fccaucn, ^o often 
as tbev? follotue tbeir otone fenfe anD reafon»5iCle fa tbcrefoac 
bolue greatly Hot erreu, tubo fleeing tbcmoanteinc^lnbicl-c 
toasDcfileDUjitb no contagion of tuickcDncflfe, lubirb alfo be 
not be but batcfuU tnto Coo. ^z alleogetb tbat tbefan*e 
15 a little one , to tbe enbe be migbt tbc «io:e eaHlp cb^ 
tcine tbe fame ♦ ^s if be lljoulD fa^, tbat be oneli^ ticfireo a co:* 
Iter, twbcre be migbt abioc in fafetie. jEDbis Uuis U^ell, if 
fo be be bab not Departeo from tbe reding place Itbicb C£E) 
baD appointeo bim_, ano tb^ougb bi^^ o^ne raC^nelTe required 

21 [Bcholde^Ihauerecciuedthyrcqucfl:.] &omeber\?ig^ 

no;iantl^ bereofgatber^tbat Hots p;a^er pleafeD (^roD^brcaure 
be peloeo anD graunteD tbat bnto bim,labicb b^ requirct). fm 
it is no neiue tbing fo;j tbe Ho.zoe to graunt tbat fometrme cf 
fauour, tbe tobicb notluitbltanDing be alloluetb not. 0nD be 
boetb nolue fo beare toitb bim, tbat lljo^tlp after be punifl?el& 
• bis fcoliaineCTe. ^euertbcleffc, fecingbe botb fo gentlv fulfill 
bis corrupt Defires,lDb<^t Hjall come to paCTe, if fo be onr p:ar^ 
ers be rigbtl^ framed to tbe pure moderation of tbe fpi?* 
rite , anD conceiueD from tbc luo:De of(3Q0i ii5iit af^ 
ter tbat tbe 0ngel gaue bim leaue to goc to tbe Defireo 
jlacc; ano alfo b^ eicbo^ting biin againc to maKc Ijalle, be 
*« Po.i^ rcp;c^ 



• rcp:cbcnDetb bw flelDnetfe. [I can do nothing.] Brcaufe ffje 
3ngcl luas fcnt, not oni^ to be a punifter to tfte DeHriiction o