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Looking back . . . 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

Bryan College 
Volume 41 


Looking back . . . 


I see a hill 

with winning scores . . . 


V- * ■ 

L ion power 

and waiting lines . . . 

\ Hi / 


Argo 's express 

with varied melodies . . 

Handel 's Messiah 

'■' : :vfc:-«feS 

and challenging classrooms . . . 


Room 305 


with community outreach . 


*¥ ^ 


1 Fl— : 1 


■ Jfv "'****■- 


■ <■> 1 v P 



< • ' 

-■— ■ ^^L^ , 

t4k ilJHB 1 


- .71 \ 

1 *,w II 


— — - 






■ j 

' 4 3&l 



■ •i 


PC wB^ ¥F 1 



H If \ 






and a closer bond . . . 


F s 




looking ahead . . . 

I see a vision 

of lives 
reaching out 
through Him 

New faces, 

new roles, 

new situations 

greeted me when I arrived. 

Student leaders made plans 

to guide, 

to improve, 

to entertain, 

to test. 

And then 

receptions welcomed me 

into the family. 

Getting acquainted at Dr. Mercer's. 

Aren't Bryan couples cute? 

18 Preparation and Orientation 

Jerry rides again. 

The community churches introduce themselves 

The big test: endurance. 

Preparation and Orientation 19 

Hectic, confusing hours, 

long, tiring lines, 

schedules meeting requirements, 

advisors patiently helping — 

thus another year begins. 

Kay Arthur . . . 

sensitive, deep, 

challenging me to love the Lord 

with all my being, 

preparing me for a deeper commitment. 

At Bryan? 


Yes, I'm healthy, Melodie. 
20 Registration and Spiritual Life Week 

Kay says, "Praise the Lord!' 


Meet your Student Union. 

Meet the President. 

Registration and Spiritual Life Week 21 

Working with faculty, 

forming better relationships, 

dealing with problems, 

building and benefitting — 

Student Senate was there 

enriching Bryan life. 

Besides keeping us in line, 

the Resident Assistants 

helped us to grow spiritually, 

and I learned that we serve each other. 

Bryan's neighborhood cops. 

Not again! 


"Five points anyone? 

22 RA's 

ABOVE. Front Row: S. Roberts, C. Johnson, B. 
Shondelmver, B. Grimes. Row 2: T. Varney, D. 
Decker, D. Mercer, G. Fath, L. Efird. Not pictured: 
B. Spoede, J. Wilke, N. Adams. LEFT. Seated: Sec. 
- P. Baker; left to right: Pres. — J. Tubbs; V.P. — 
B. Brewer; Bus. Mgr. — G. McLawhon. 

Student Senate 23 

S i| 

'Which version is this?" 

'O well, skip it." — Dr. Anderson 

"O well, back at the ranch!" — Dr. Richardson 


Dr. Ray Ortlund 
24 Division of Biblical Studies 

Mrs. Ray Ortlund 

Mr. Kent Tucker 




3) SET AMRr 


^' « DBWti -HI PttfVfR ,rZft W/ tt J> 
El H< KB «awj WKe JWJ fc/u 5 

TH , i ^<m v uu 

n*»£ rf-mtra <-« 4U. ^ CfHTiicj 

e»«» Matsot c««wt 
r -> MIC - OfWEO «s 5nwr5 

utfnfp iii..-,' 

PttfcMWC i It 
PMWM ,„,(■, „ , : 

1 Turner*-^ 

^ 4* b< ^Mt"'fK£ get 1 
ft.WNf J) t k , 

iifn/rfL) ■(.,.. ; 

t FtMlT >ii»i»« i 






"■ Ice j ^.mm^i^i CoiKL. 

it » fr.^jiufGoi 


"•'- ^ 3Ew ,-j fei '■ '*" 6££E£ 

ap'j k*)M*t 



I i-ri I iV'.oi) 'k, U.S.. ~ 

[ I j i-, Agfl.fcffl H< G«"^ 


^ COO/ 

THE m&i 

— vT7\ 

ux*Ji »f \ 

THE Crtmnfe 


** U " fc*4kV jUyjtj 

/ learned so much: 
facts from the Old Testament, 
analyses from the New Testament, 
probing insights from the Staley Lectures 
all working in my life. 

"Tell me everything you know." — Mr. Andrews 

"Let's pray, please." — Mr. Winkler 

Divison of Biblical Studies 25 

Wedding rice, already? 

Everybody sing. 

'Oh. no. Not you!' 

26 President's Reception 

Nervous freshmen and transfers 

grew more anxious as the lines formed, 

and upperclassmen reminisced. 


two by two, 

the couples made their way 

through streamers 

into the sea of faces. 

'Are you kidding?" 

"Let's get this over with. " 
President's Reception 27 

President Theodore C. Mercer . 

. with Mrs. Mercer — laborers together. 

28 Dr. Mercer 

f. '-.■•:•■: •'i*.'''.- 

I met a man. 

He cared about each person he met 

he had fixed pursuits. 

Yet, he was down to earth — 

he remembered so many things. 

And then, 

I realized 

why God had made Dr. Mercer 

president of Bryan. 

Walking beside him, 

I saw another leader. 

Dr. Bartlett also set a pace 

of diligent service. 

He sifted and weighed ideas, 

and kept the academics solid. 

Vice-President John B. Bartlett 

Plans for the Rudd Memorial Chapel are revised again. 

Assistant to the Vice-President Larry Levenger. 

Bartlett and Levenger 29 

One Saturday in September . 
I remember 
Winding roads, 
Blue skies, 
New friends, 
RA 's and games, 
Singing and praying, 
Faculty serving lunch, 
Hiking and picture taking. 
One Saturday in September . 
I remember 
A very fine day. 

No number — no food! 

Squirrels in the tree. 

30 All-College Picnic 

Igj -~-^$~ 

The allurement of the dav: Fall Creek Falls. 

The annual balloon throwing contest. 

We chose our company: one or twenty. 

All-College Picnic 31 

Steak nights, 

Banquets and luncheons, 


Hard work and long hours — 

Everyday and every meal 

A total involvement of the Argo team. 

'One ton of flour, please.' 

Moving right along . 

What a shine! 

32 PFM 

Last one, Neil. 

Once a month, it's real steak. 

Married Students' Banquet 

PFM 33 

The Andrew Sisters? 

'And now . 

"Where am I going?" 

Lonely Hearts Club! 

34 Freshman Talent Show 

Julie Andrews — for real? 

A glimpse of laughter, 

A glimpse of love, 

A glimpse of the Lord, 

A glimpse of life — 

A profile of the Freshman class. 

"We love you, Kermit! 

"Turn on your light, Jane." 

Freshman Talent Show 35 


If *• «B 


jyE' 1 



'2KC103— KCl + 30 2 " — Dr. Grieser 

'The vitamin E did it." — Mrs. Giesemann 

'Praise the Lord." —Dr. Henning 

Mix it right, Eddie. 

36 Division of Natural Science 

Dr. Bumfeld challenges Bryan thought. 

Adding . . . 

Dr. Paisley and Dr. Grieser 

Planning . . . 

nursing student program 

Testing . . . 

a new chemistry major 

Learning . . . 

the Science Department. 

Lecturing . . . 

kidneys and Dr. Bumfeld 

Majoring . . . 

education and industry 

Strengthening . . . 

the Mathematics Department. 

Pop quiz: "What was Potter's time?" —Mr. Matthes 

"There's glory for you." —Dr. Barnhart 

Division of Natural Sciences 37 


Tom Potter 



We're proud of our team ! 

New heights, 
Polished trophies, 
Glory to the Lord - 
Cross Country '74. 

1974 Cross Country Scores 

Bryan Invitational 

Fisk Invitational 
































I .Of 









38 Cross Country 

wfiwrt vsk&Sfc '**%&*& 

I* ';.— ■. f. .-0/'"'lV 
Mike Wood 

Isaac Munyua 


m**- ivmhk»; 'iwwfc.. ' 

! ' 

Know ye not that they who run in a race run 
all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, 
that ye may obtain. 

I Corinthians 9:24 

Prayer before practice really works. 

Cross Country 39 


?\Zk -::-: %%*" 

K i ifep 

Wayne Scott 

Ed Seales 

Dave Maynard 


Dave Martin 

What now, coach? 



1. to r.: Managers J. Tubbs 
and D. Fiet. Coach: Lloyd 

40 Cross Country 

The grand finish 

Running is such a physical drain, 
Why didn't I refrain from such a sport? 
Praise the Lord! It must be His perfect will, 
Otherwise, it would have killed me long ago. 
My dependence on Him has grown because I run, 
And now I long for the day when the race will be won. 
Take my running, Lord, use it for Thee. 

— Wayne Scott 

Chris Hatten 

Mike Hodge 

Cross Countrv 41 

Cross Country team is 4th in NCCAA. 

A year of good footwork. 



After a shot, the big challenge begins. 

Tom Potter finishes 3rd. 

Our greatest glory consists not of never falling, 
but in rising every time we fall. 

— Goldsmith 

Soccer team is 3rd in NCCAA. 


Rl: P. Shaver, C. Kwangwari. K. Baker, C. Grant, Coach 
Reeser, D. Beaty, T. Faugl, R. Ballard, M. Robeson. R2: 
Mr. Andrews, N. Magnussen, J. Bugg, S. Beaty, J. Shal- 
anko, D. Price, S. Lahdeaho, B. Cooper, J. Vega, L. Ger- 
raann, C. Peacock. S. Cline. R3: P. Craymer. R. Miller, G. 
Porcella, P. Price, J. Cline, T. Fellows, P. Githuka, E. Jack- 
son, M. Jordan. 

The Lions in action 

44 Soccer 
























District champions 



Central Wesleyan 

Tenn. Temple 


Tenn. Wesleyan 





Univ. of South 




Tenn. Temple 

Toccoa Falls 



Loosening up 

I watched them . . . 


and improve. 
I also remember . . . 



and victors. 
I now recall . . . 

a smile, 

a memory, 
and a season of Lion soccer power. 


Soccer 45 

A challenge for the team from Dr. Mercer 


Bryan defense 

Head work at its finest 

46 Soccer 

District champs 


Another goal on the way 

Prayer precedes each game 

Soccer 47 

It was a time we shared — 

painting boxes and stuffing shirts 

for float competition, 

cheering the Lions to victory over Toccoa, 

watching Bev being crowned as queen, 

preparing for the banquet at the Bryan depot, 

seeing our old friends. 

It was a time we shared . . . 

Bryan Homecoming. 

A tip of the hat, and he's finished. 

T. Rich, so. ; B. Shondelmyer, sen. ; D. Johnson, fr. ; T. Bates, jr. 

48 Homecoming 

&■>■■■'■' .-^i. ■ 

, v ■ 4 

^ ;' ^ >■ * **"?-* ■ **■■ . ■ 

-v -u-^e**^*;^ 

Part of the excitement: arrival of the court 

' '■ . 


z> ■ •>*■ 

Nancy makes way for the 1974 queen. 

Homecoming 49 

Building and achieving, 
Working and adding, 
Reaching the 50,000th volume, 
Obtaining new audiovisual resources — 
We watched our library further develop. 

Student workers are capable aids. 

Library Assistants Mrs. Harriet Anderson and Mrs. Rebecca 
Van Meeveren 

Head Librarian Miss Virginia Seguine 

50 Library 

President Mrs. Spoede 

I remember seeing 
birthday cakes, 
well planned bazaars, 
fashion shows, 
new equipment, 
couples' retreat, 
answered prayers — 
all adding up to a 
thank you to our BWA. 

■< «fl 


1 I 

l^v Jk 


I M 



The newest fashions 


Fashion Coordinator Jean Owens 

BWA 51 

Prayer groups were also held in the dorms. 

It was a quiet morning. 

John Layman spoke of truth. 

Classes ceased for awhile as 

the Lion's Den filled for prayer. 

It was a quiet day, 

bringing me closer to others and Him. 

Mr. Layman 

. • • 

m « 

52 Day of Prayer 



The light crew adds intensity 

Behind the scenes 

the Hilltop players 

prepared costumes and makeup, 

programmed scenery and sound, 

and prayed for oneness of cast and crew. 

On the scene 

the Hilltop Players 

relived the Diary of Anne Frank, 

creating three nights of 

intense feeling and reality. 

George Hamm volunteers to help build. 

Hilltop Players 53 

Tension mounts in the attic. 

"Monday, the sixth of July, nineteen hundred . 

Hanukkah celebration 

54 Hilltop Players 


row 1: M. Mehaffey, sec; Miss Ross, advisor; 
B. Hershberger, v. p.; row 2: B. Raab, treas.; 
S. Ridgley, sec; standing: K. Patman, pres. 

Despair prevailed the evening. 

Peter and Anne prepare to depart. 

Hilltop Players 55 

Choir officers, row 1: C. Barker, choir accompanist; M. Trail, pres.; E. Smith, 
treas.; row 2: J, Armstrong, stg. mgr.; C. Davis, v. p.; row 3: P. Blount, co-sec; 
R. Rummel, co-sec. 

"The McKemy Twins" 

56 Choir 

- ^ ►j^ifr ^*v *0*tn ^^- 

m . rmm m w'iiw* *'' '™*- ** 

Fancy picking at the variety show 

The choir filled the year 
with bake sales and slave sales, 
concerts and spring tour. 
The choir filled the audience 
with laughs at the variety show, 
and awe at Handel's Messiah. 

Choir 57 

Madrigals being sixteen of voice, 

performing in tux and gown, 

a finer form of harmony 

blended into unity . . . and Bryan. 

Choralaires being a keynote, 

performing for the Pops Concert, 

for the BWA, and for the Christmas banquet, 

blended into a highlight of Bryan. 

Rena Hanna, accompanist 

Choralaires brightened Christmas festivities. 

1. to r., row 1: B. Boggs, N. Toole, J. Welch. D. Koch; row 2: 
S. Dekker, C. Ham, S. Meyerink, R. Hutchins; row 3: N.R. 
Lieb, T. Poland, K. Shaver, A. Layman; row 4: B. Arnold, 
R. Hanna, N. Hanna, M. Kirtley 

58 Choralaires 

1. to r., row 1: P. Blount, B. Shondelmyer, V. Carney, V. Hudson, L. Friend; row 2: Dr. Greasby, C. Barker, T. Fouts, R. Rummel, C. 
McKemy; row 3: D. Jewett, D. Camp, D. Jones, H. Drake. B. Schrauger, L. Efird, M. Trail 

Madrigals practice twice a week. 

Performing for the Bryan family 

Madrigals 59 

Expanding . . . the Edge 
delivering . . . Spring concert 
broadening . . . pops concert 
growing . . . Bryan Band. 

••••■-. :--^r ^^. v . -----^ :'-><r-r 

Bryan's new pep band 

Left top, 1. to r., row 1: M. Barrett, E. Turner, D. Turner; row 2: C. 
Stickler, J. Lowery, W. Scott, S. Strauss; Above, 1. to r., row 1: C. Rob- 
bins, lib.; E. Turner, lib.; G. Sturms, lib.; row 2: D. Ashby, sec; D. 
Smith, pres.; B. Boyd, v. p.; Left bottom, 1. to r.. row 1: D. Jewett, L. 
Friend, J. Clothier; row 2: R. Gordon, B. Boyd, J. Armstrong, R. Barger 

Top, 1 
row 2 

1. to r. 

to r., row 1: C. Robbins, G. Sturms, M. Kirtley, S. Edwards, B. Bodlien; 
S. Jones, Z. Fairchild, K. Hartley, R. Green, B. Arnold, D. Ashby. Above, 
row 1: L. Bailey, K. de Rosset, B. Canatella, N. Hudlow; row 2: L. Kla- 
P. McBride, D. Smith, E. Starbuck, G. McLawhon 

Band 61 

Growing with Bryan, 
clearing new spaces 
for ceramics and sculpture, 
sponsoring Rhea County Concerts, 
introducing a new band director, 
assisting with student recitals — 
the Fine Arts department 
provided a cultural boost. 

"My, the natives are restless." Dr. James Greasbv. 

There's only "one way" to paint, Right, Skeeter? 

"Pretend you're holding a baseball." Mrs. Mary Holt 

"Let's get out the red crayolas." Miss Burkhalter 

62 Division of Fine Arts 



H. «i'« ■ 

.1^— — - 

, \ 

- ... 

j^m f a 

'What's art to vou?" Mr. Kent Julliard 

Ron Hudson — one of the many Rhea County Concerts. 

Division of Fine Arts 63 

Trees not lit, 

doors decorated and glittering, 

late night cramming, 

color sparkling the banquet . . . 

Christmas '74 was filled 

with mixed emotions. 

Mrs. Arnold joined us for the banquet. 

\ *' : 'i ' '* j. " -f 

- ■ ■ t V 





; ? * 



■ 3K 


*! '■/■'.'■ *T **> ^V 

>.'■• j 

Pi.,, J 

■'^''; "B~ 

BSH5 !^iajr> 



. i' T ; 



• *1I 


tar 4r*.- c , 



Cedar Hill open house 

Christmas spirit 

64 Christmas Activities 

Dr. Richard Ruble 


Christmas entertainment 

in Arnold 

Christmas Activities 65 

An enthusiastic start, 

an encounter with dynamic life, 

nine meetings urged me higher. 

Spiritual life week 

with Mel Johnson and Mark Corts 

rained a call to be . . . 

"Alive for 75." 

Mr. Germann speaks to the married students. 

Mr. G. McCune inspires witnessing. 

Dr. Mark Corts 

66 Christian Life Conference 




Dr. Mel Johnson 

Dr. Anderson led the communion service. 

Special music was a part of the program. 

Early morning prayer groups for the conference 

Christian Life Conference 67 

Passing people . . . 

I found I could share myself 

and my Lord. 

A new channel, PCI, 

helped me to communicate my faith. 

Through different programs 

designed for each interest, 

I discovered that we were here 

to share what we had learned. 

68 PCI 

Directors initiate new changes 


Weekly Bible Clubs establish new relationships. 

Reaching out . . . Dayton. 

Student preachers head gospel teams. 

A moment of cheer. 

Jesus loves me. 

1. to r. — Row 1: C. Rothenbach, Sec; S. Strauss, Pres.; T. LovegTen, 
Dir.; B. Tatum, V.P. Public School Ministry; P. Decker, Sec. Row 2: 
J. Lacey, V.P. SMP; S. Smith, V.P. Fish; L. Wheeler, Chapel Coordina- 
tor; C. Loshbough, V.P. Gospel Teams; B. Schrauger, Financial Chairman. 

PCI 69 

President Steve Strauss. 

Gospel Teams are often seen in local churches. 

Singing brings some cheer at the nursing home. 
70 PCI 

Movies are a part of Awana Clubs. 

'Will you help me?' 

'And then Jesus . 

Getting acquainted. 

"And this is the program, Larry." 

PCI 71 

Above, I. to r., row 1: Judy Welch, Beth Axrahamson, Debbie Jefferson, Ruthanne Ralston; row 2: Peggy Woodward, 
Mike Oliver, Wade Thompson, Dennis Hoover, Tom Keeping: row 3: Rick Hawkins, Charles Perkins, Imeyen Akai. 
Bottom, 1. to r., row 1: Rose Szczepanski. Susan Meyerink, Becky Land, Frances North; row 2: Tim Staples. Franklin 
Varela, Beth Mundun, Sammy Blanchard. 

72 Second Semester Students 

Day Students 73 

Quicker and less complicated, 
altered by the increased attendance, 
second semester registration 
undertook an agreeable deviation. 

74 Second Semester Registration 

Mr. Mike Albrecht 

Supervisor of Janitorial 

Miss Kim Alt 
Assistant to the Registrar 
Mrs. Harriet Anderson 
Library Assistant 
Mr. Robert D. Andrews 
Dean of Men, Instructor 

Mr. Vern Archer 

Mr. Doyle Argo 
Manager of P. F.M. 
Mrs. Mildred Arnold 




Dr. John B. Bartlett 

Vice-President and Academic 

Mrs. Mayme Bedford 

Dean of Counseling Services 

Mr. R. Carlos Carter 

Business Manager, Instructor 

Mrs. Violet Cather 

Clerical Ass't in Administra- 
tive Services 

Mrs. Hilda Daugherty 

Miss Wandy Davey 
Director of Administrative 

not pictured: 

Mrs. Rebecca Watson 

Clerical Ass't 

Mr. William Cather 


Mr. Dennis Childers 


Miss Karin de Rosset 

Dean of Women 
Mrs. Norma Fath 


Staff and Administration 75 

Mr. Brent Ferguson 

Admissions Counselor 
Mrs. Wilma Harrow 

Accounts Payable Clerk 



Wtom* * > 


Mrs. Joyce Hollin 

Secretary in Student Aid 
Mrs. Shirley Holmes 

Manager of Support Services 

Mrs. Mary Liebig 

Bookstore Manager 
Miss Melodie Linebaugh 

School Nurse 
Mr. Terry Lovegren 

PCI Director 

Not Pictured: 

Mr. James N. Johnson 

Mr. Burch Porter 

Mr. Frank Schmiekl 
Bryan Village Maintenance 

Miss Madge Hughey 

Secretary to Director of 

Mr. James Hughson 

Assistant in Financial Aid 
Mr. Larry Levenger 

Director of 

Mr. Glen Liebig 

Registrar, Associate 

Academic Dean 

Mrs. Barbara McDowell 

Loan Clerk 
Dr. Theodore C. Mercer 

Miss Rebecca Peck 

Executive Alumni Secretary 
Miss Anice Pence 
Head Resident of Huston 

76 Staff and Administration 

Mr. Larry Puckett 

Admissions Counselor 
Mr. Charles H. Robinson 

Ass't Director of Public 

Miss Zelpha Russell 

Director of Admissions 
Miss Miriam Sailers 

Ass't in Counseling Services, 


Mrs. Helen Stanfield 

Clerical Ass't in Support 

Mrs. Eleanor Steele 

Secretary in Public Relations 
Mrs. Linda Summers 

Secretary to the Registrar 
Mr. Lynn Wheeler 

Male Resident of Cedar Hill 

Mrs. Hilda Winkler 

Clerical Ass't in 
Administrative Services 
Mrs. Betty Wynsema 

Secretary to the President 


Mrs. Virginia Schmickl 

Secretary to the Academic 

Mr. E. Walter Serra 

Admissions Counselor 
Mr. Russell V. Stansbury 

Director of Special Projects 



Not Pictured: 
Mr. Earl Walker 

Mrs. Elsie Porter 


Mrs. Gleneale Zopfi 

Secretary in Public Relations 
Mr. Kermit Zopfi 

Dean of Students, Assistant 


Staff and Administration 77 



-_' J. 

' jL 


Mrs. Cliff Barrows 
Greenville, SC 

Dr. C. Markham Berry 
Atlanta, GA 

Mr. W. C. Hilleary 
Spring City, TN 

Miss Ruth Huston 
Emmalena, KY 

Mr. James Barth 
Poland, OH 

They reviewed the past, 
planned for the future, 
improved the present. 
They prayed for Bryan, 
then watched us grow. 

. Dr. Karl Keefer 
Martin, TN 

Mr. D. Lewis Llewellyn 
Sebring, FL 



Mr. Robert Norris 

Dayton, TN 

Dr. Charles Stanley 

Atlanta, GA 

Dr. J. Wesley McKinney 
Memphis, TN 



. W. Earle Stevens 

Memphis, TN 


C. Barry Whitney <- 

Augusta, GA 

A start . . . Western Civilization 
a commitment . . . thirty history majors 
apian. . . Bi-centennial 
a department . . . History. 
Modernizing . . . computer marketing 
adding courses . . . quantitative analysis 
meeting issues . . . business seminar — 
the department of business. 

"That's interesting." Mr. William Ketchersid 

'Back in Texas ..." Dr. Robert Spoede 

The History department supplies many helps to the students. 

Perspectives' meeting offers time to discuss the issues. 

80 Division of History, Business, and Social Science 

"Where's my briefcase?" Mr. Martv Collins 

This is for all you business types." Dr. Robert Jenkins 

"This is illegal, but ..." Dr. Arnold Fitzgerald 

The library provides business machines. 

Division of History, Business, and Social Science 81 

Initiating new ideas — 

Kappa Delta Pi. 

Adding more certification — 


Art and 

Special Education. 

Practicing methods — 

Full day student teaching. 

Adjusting techniques — 

Experimental psychology. 

Preparing for next year — 

Senior teaching assistants. 

These compose a joint effort of the 

Education and Psychology department 

Seniors teach PS 102. 

82 Division of Education and Psychology 

'Hall, whv did you foul him?" — Coach Wayne Dixon 

'Holy Cow!" — Coach John Reeser 

Kappa Delta Pi Officers: 1. to r.: Mr. Hill, advisor: S. Ridgely. v. p.; S. Bradshaw, pres.; C. Cropp, sec. 

'You hot dog." — Miss Miriam Sailers 

67 Seniors complete certification. 

Division of Education and Psychology 83 

"Present, don't tell." — Dr. Richard Cornelius 

"What do you think?" — Mr. Jerry Sawyer 

'Notice the horizon in this picture." — Miss Ruth Kantzer 

'Parlez-vous francaise?" — Mr. Fredrick Bedford 

Speech class builds confidence. 

84 Division of Modern Languages 


It was a year for 
Spanish pen-pals, 
creative writing class, 
planning for Dandelines III, 
speeches and term papers — 
and the Language department. 

'Isn't that sweet," — Miss Rachel Ross 

"While in Guatemala ..." — Mr. Glen Liebig 

"At the German Bible Institute ..." — Mr. Kermit Zopfi 

Division of Modern Languages 85 


Bill Brewer leads 

A few thoughts from the Word 

86 Koinonia and Praise Time 

■ . uiiiwiwui'wnuMi 

Koinonia meetings. 

- r 

Praying collectively as a body 

I remember . . . 

Sunday nights, 





I remember . . . 


Koinonia and Praise Time 87 

The four-fifteen practices, 

the prayer after games, 

the thousandth point for Begley, 

the new team pushing for victories, 

the big win against Carson-Newman, 

the announcing by Jeff Tubbs . . . 

Basketball '75. 

Q. Crabtree; D. Begley, Capt.; J. Cline. 

1. to r.: Row 1 — S. Thacker, D. Turner, M. Buckley, M. Hall, M. Newsome, N. Borja, Row 2 — D. Blanton, B. Hardy, M, Eldridge, Q. Crabtree, R. 
Jones, M. Hathaway, Row 3 — T. Lane, Coach Reeser, D. Begley, J. Cline, Coach Dixon, R. Stansbury. 

88 Basketball 

Mike Hall puts pressure on Temple's Dan Smith. 





Tennessee Wesley 

Olivet Nazarene 




Toccoa Falls 





Tennessee Wesleyan 







Tennessee Tempi 




Toccoa Falls 



Tennessee Temple 

Tusculum • 

Bryan jumps off to another victory. 

Basketball 89 

Mike Hall passes off in unfriendly territory. 

The partisan Bryan crowd anticipate a basket. 

Dan Begley shoots his patented jumper against Trevecca . . . again. 

90 Basketball 

'In Your Eye!" 

"The Edge" provides half-time enter- 

Basketball 91 

. : 


Rachel Cowen 

Jackie Powell 

Lois Tarbotton 

Gwen Guerin 

The squad encourages the team. 

92 Cheerleaders 

Half time 


Libby McKemy 

Alternates L. Pothoven and L. Shalanko 

With an added spirit, 

more stunts and jumps, 

more posters in the halls, 

candy surprises for the teams, 

the cheerleaders backed the Lions all the way. 

Supporting the cross-country team 

Basketball 93 

L. to r.: Row 1 — J. Vega, R. Woodring, D. Hewlett. D. Metzger. L. Klabunde. B. Graham: Row 2 : W. Chapman, J. Lowery. A. Givens. D. Decker. S. 
Elder. G. Criswell; Row 3 — B. Herum, S. Bailey. A. Revis. P. Harris. R. Holder. P. Shaver. J. Bruehl; Not pictured — Statistician & S.I.D.. J. 
Bennett; bat bov, John Argo. 


A. Givens, capt.; Coach Dixon; D. Decker, capt. 

94 Baseball 


Pitcher Anthony Revis 

From the new fall baseball 

to the increased strength of the rookies 

to new wins, 

the Lions watched 

growth and improvement. 

• ■■"1m 

Captain Al Givens 

Baseball 95 

Women's sports — 
a show of teamwork, 
rewarded efforts in volleyball, 
improved scores in basketball, 
a sense of fellowship and fun. 

96 Women's Sports 

Volleyball team. Center: Coach D. Zopfi; V. to r., row 1: C. 

Thompson, J. Steele, S. McGill, L. Shalanko; row 2: D. Koch, 
B. Arnold, L. Burt, L. Goehring. Not pictured: J. Neff, M. 
Pierce, B. Turner. 

Basketball team. 1. to r., row 1: S. Thacker, mgr.; J. Hawk- 
ins, L. Crabtree, C. Powell, K. Williamson, B. Wentworth, S. 
McGill, mgr.; row 2: J, Tubbs, coach; J. Steele, B. Arnold, S. 
Tucker, L. Burt, J. Arnold, L. Spencer, J. Brown, C. Gordy, J. 
Steele, J. Shalanko, coach. 

Women's Sports 97 

The pool champion — Neil Magnussen. 

iaV««™r>^2?; ■ ".« 

98 Intramurals 

A chance for fellowship, 

a chance for class competition, 

a chance to unwind — 


Class competition in basketball 




i*'Im '.mm/. 

South 53 — North 

V 4 :'i»l!: '■ „, 

Jim Anderson and David Mercer lead in ping-pong. 

Intramurals 99 

Right, 1. to r., row 1: B. Hershberger. treas.; V. 
Bentley. v. p. of personnel; K. Baker, pres.; row 2: 
G. Franklin, v. p. of activities; G. Criswell. v. p. of 
sports; G. Guerin. sec; T. Goetz, publicity mgr. 
Below, 1. to r., row 1: W. Scott, G. Henry, J. 
Cline, B. Ely; row 2: R. Miller, D. Jewett, P. Car- 
ter. Terri Rich, Tina Rich. 


100 Student Union 

'Where, oh where. 

SU provides ping-pong balls. 

SU members provide entertainment for new students. 

Showing movies with the new projector, 

planning a steamboat ride and a roller skate, 

sponsoring concerts and a sweetheart banquet — 

the Student Union supplied entertainment and activity. 

Student Union 101 

Marion Gray, Bryan alumnus 

Randy Mathes 

Fator's version of "Classical Gas" 

102 Student Union 

Ross and Bowles 

Finis and Marie Fator 

Student Union 103 

The boat ride provided a few laughs. 

You're nothing but a hounddog. 

104 Student Union 

f.T.T.T.'^s^T'JBiT'X r.r-.r.'r.r-.'r.'r.T.'r.r 

A night on the river 


Students wore their favorite grubbies. 

Faculty joined in the spirit. 

Student Union 105 

Bringing exclusive information, 
going beyond entertainment, 
extending Bryan '$ scope — 
the newly formed Hilltopper 
grew from experiment to reality. 

Sports Writers: C. Hatten, G. Criswell 

Writers, 1. to r.: G. Price, D. Gainer, Tina Rich, Terri Rich, V. Campbell, S. Cline 

106 Hilltopper 

S. McGill, Business 
mgr.; J. Hitzelberger, 
Assistant editor; T. 
Headlee, Editor; G. 
Criswell, Sports editor 

Hilltopper staff. 1. to r.: S. McGill, J. Hitzelberger, T. Headlee, G. Criswell 

Hilltopper Photographers: B. Pugh, J. Shalanko 

Hilltopper 107 

"So with a vigorous shove 
we launch our boat from the bank. 
— H. D. Thoreau 

Emily Hall, Editor 

-j. Copy editor 

Linda Degerman. Layout editor 



HJ>> _ * 

85g| "f9W 


'■A ■, f 



Miss Kantzer. Adviser 


108 Commoner Staff 


Joanna Lesley, Typi 

Commoner distributes picture packets 

John Shalanko, Photographer 
Commoner Staff 109 

Patty Baker 
Kathy Baldner 
Carris Barker 
Loren Baughman 

Nancy Adams 
James Anderson 
Dianna Ashby 
Russell Bailey 

110 Seniors 

1. tor. — R. Brown, V.P.; Sue Vandervert, Sec; J. Wilkie, Pres. 

Frank Davis 
Mary Lou Davis 
Sharon Davis 
Marilyn Eisenback 

Seniors 111 

Grace Ely 
Rhonda Evans 
Jamie Fairweather 
Gary Fath 

Who's Who — David Smith 
112 Seniors 

Steve Goehring 
Ron Gordon 

Seniors 113 

Who's Who — Carris Barker 

Robert Knapp 
Eunice Knouse 
Debbie Krueger 
Lawrence Gridley 

w ^- "- 

Jan Leininger 
Judy Leininger 

Gcrri Lewis 
Bob Lester 

Huy Le Quan 
Syd Ingle 

Who's Who — Chuck Davis 
114 Seniors 

Jan Lovegren 
Cindy Marshall 

Elaine McGuire 
Carol McKemy 

Joia Neff 
Timothy Neff 

*"' ij: 

Sandra Neumann 
Steve Parcell 

Who's Who — Gary Fath 

Jill Meznar 
Edra Miller 
Leslie Mishow 
Jon Neddo 

Who's Who — Steve Bradshaw 
Seniors 115 

Marshall Peterson 
Ron Pyles 
Terri Rich 
Stan Roberts 

Valery Parker 
Karen Parrott 

Who's Who — Sue Vandervert 
116 Seniors 

Marcia Rowsey 
Daniel Senseman 

Sandy Shoemate 
Carmen Sharpe 

Bev Shondelmyer 
Gary Siefers 

Who's Who — Boh Conrad 

David G. Smith 
Ellen Smith 

Beth Sneed 
Dennis Stayton 
Joy Steele 
Judy Steele 

Seniors 117 

Who's Who — Bob Tatum 

Karen Underwood 
Sue Vandervert 
Jon Van Deusen 
Barbara Waggoner 

118 Seniors 

Anna Mae Workman 

Martha Walker 
Coke Watson 
Lynn Wheeler 
Robert Whisman 

Who's Who — Jack Roddy 

Seniors 119 

j i \ r~ — [ i" . \ r 

>f | 


Dr. Mercer officiates the closing exercises. 

120 Graduation 

gg "<"*'- m 

Seniors give their life verses. 

Marching forward, 

quoting from Genesis to Revelation, 

listening to Dr. Mercer and student speakers, 

leaving Bryan hill, 

and climbing new ones . . . 

I remember graduation as 

a commencing for future ideas and ideals. 

Graduation 121 


: 5 3 

< ; :?r *>:-*£ 

Fr. Class officers: 1. to r. — T. Varney, pres.; L. Currie, sec; D. Kelley, v.p. 
122 Underclassmen 

Underclassmen 123 

124 Underclassmen 

Elaine Burns, Jr. 
Robin Bursmith, So. 
Scott Bursmith, Sr. 
Louise Burt. Fr. 
Elizabeth Cammenga, Fr. 


1m Wgi 

Ward Chapman, So. 
Karen Church, So. 
Louise Ciliberto, Jr. 
Doug Clark, Jr. 
Jerry Cline, Fr. 


Lou Broome, So. 
Dorothy Brown, Fr 

Janet Brown, Fr. 
JeffBruehl. So. 

Mike Buckley, Fr. 
Jay Bugg, Fr. 

Sarah Cammenga, Fr. 
Andy Camp, Fr. 
Barbara Canatella, Jr 
Verna Carney, Jr. 
Thomas Chapin, Jr. 



Ron Cline, Fr. 
Skip Cline, So. 
Walter Clothier, Fr. 
Paul Combs, So. 
Deborah Conrad, Fr. 

Underclassmen 125 


* <!.-.. * " ' *" 


Bob Cooper, Fr. 
Al Cordova, Jr. 

Gloria Cordova, So. 
Linda Coulson. Fr. 


Gary Criswell, Jr. 
Steve Criswell, Fr. 

Jim Cropp, So. 
Jackie Curell, Fr. 

Lori Currie, Fr. 
Karen Daniel. Fr. 

Marti Daniels, So. 
Thomas Daniels, So. 

Rachael Cowen, Jr. 
Linda Crabtree, Fr. 
Quentin Crabtree, Jr. 
Pete Craymer. Fr. 
Greg Cromartie, So. 


126 Underclassmen 

Danny Dark, So. 
Kevin Davey, Fr. 
Beth Davies, So. 
John Davis, Fr. 
Dan Decker, Jr. 

I - I- / 

Underclassmen 127 

Tim Faugl, Jr. 
Tim Fellows, Fr 



Jayne Flenniken, Fr. 
Pam Flythe, So. 

Zana Fairchild. Fr. 
Rick Farney, So. 

June Ferry, Jr. 
David Fiet, Jr. 

Gerald Fonte, Jr. 
Terri Fouts, Jr. 

Mike Eldridge, Fr. 
Becky Ely, Jr. 
Marion Ely, Fr. 
Margaret English, Jr. 
Tonya Everhart, Jr. 



Janet Fowler, Fr. 
Gary Franklin, So. 
Debbie Gainer, Jr. 
Mary Beth Gamble, So. 
Diane Garren, Fr. 

128 Underclassmen 

■"•Saw,- 3TC9 "\W«i 


Underclassmen 129 

Gwen Guerin, So. 
Scott Hale, Jr. 
Emily Hall, Jr. 
Mike Hall, So. 
Wesley Hall. Fr. 

Deborah Hampton, Jr. 
Nora Hanna, Fr. 

Rena Hanna, So. 
Janet Hardie, Jr. 

LeAnne Harrington, Fr. 
Phil Harris, Fr. 


Karen Hartley. Fr. 
James Harvey, Jr. 
Marti Harvey, Fr. 
Jim Hatfield, Fr. 
Mike Hathaway, Fr. 

•jt. . ?*\ 

130 Underclassmen 

Chris Hatten. Jr. 
Jan Hawkins. Fr. 
Jean Hawkins, Fr. 

Brenda Hay, Jr. 
Ted Headlee, Jr. 

I ■■:*■ 



Kerry Hefley, Fr. 
Jerry Heiple, Fr. 
Nancy Helmick, Jr. 
Mary Jo Hemme, Jr 

Verna Henegar, Fr. 
Christa Henry, Fr. 
Bonnie Hershberger, So. 
Jan Herring, Fr. 

1 i 

May Hinsdale, Fr. 
Jan Hitzelberger, So 
Stan Hodgson, Fr. 
Don Hodkinson, Sr. 

Grace Howard, Jr. 
Nancy Hudlow, So. 
Vicky Hudson, So. 
Charlene Humphries, So 
Rebecca Hutchins, Fr. 

Brian Herum, Jr. 
Don Hewlett, Fr. 
Bob Hicks, Jr. 
Mark Hicks, Fr. 


Becky Hollingshead, So. 
Beverly Holt, Fr. 
James Hoover, Jr. 
Lavenia Horton, Fr. 

Underclassmen 131 

132 Underclassmen 

Underclassmen 133 

Charlie Loshbough, So. 
Jeff Lowery. Jr. 
Carolyn Lurtsema, So. 
Neil Magnussen, So. 
Michelle Mehaffey, Jr. 

Sylvia Maye, Fr. 
Donna Mayer. So. 
David Maynard, Jr. 

Greg Manning, So. 
David Marshall, So 
David Martin, Fr. 
Pam Martin, Fr. 
Wilma Mason, Fr. 

Luanne Maze, Jr. 
Pat McBride. Fr. 
Paul McCarthy, Fr. 
Howard McDowell, So. 
Sheila McGill, So. 

V* *t L ■ 

134 Underclassmen 

Libby McKemy, So. 
George McLawhon, Jr. 
David McLeod, Fr. 
Andy McQuaid, So. 
Gwen McQuaid, So. 

Sue Meissner, Fr. 
Mike Melton. Fr. 
David Mercer. Jr. 
Dennis Metzger, So. 
Mary Miller. Jr. 


\ * '?<y\ 

Roddy Miller, Jr. 
Billv Mills. Jr. 

Cathy Minturn, So. 
Nancy Mitchell, Jr. 
Mary Morgan, Fr. 
Isaac Munyua, Fr. 
Thomas Murrell, Fr. 

Underclassmen 135 

Valerie Nanfeldt, Fr. 
Karen Nestor, Fr. 
Mark Newsome, Fr. 
Carolyn O'Connor, Jr. 
Susan Oliver, Jr. 

Chip Padgett, Fr. 
Randy Paeplow, Jr. 

Pam Parrott, Fr. 
Connie Peacock, Jr. 

Bill Peeples, Fr. 
Penny Pero, Fr. 

Ron Poinsett, Jr. 
Patricia Poland, Fr. 


Glenn Porcella, So. 
Sherry Posey, Fr. 
Lois Pothoven, Fr. 
Tom Potter, Jr. 
Tom Pousche, Jr. 


136 Underclassmen 

Cecelia Powell, Fr. 
Jackie Powell, Jr. 
Joanne Preitz, Fr. 
Doug Price, Fr. 
Gloria Price, So. 

Robert Pugh, Fr 
Paula Purser. Jr 

Lynn Puzey, Jr. 
Tim Puzey, So. 

■■•-■ J !■■ ■ . VV . i F-A- ■» ■ 

SI \ 

Chu Minh Quang, Fr. 
BiffQuarles, Jr. 

Billie Raab, Jr. 
Calvin Reed, Fr. 
Anthony Revis, Jr 
Sue Rexilius, Fr. 
Tina Rich, So. 

Sue Ridgely, Jr. 
Cathie Robbins, Jr. 
Cathy Robertson, Fr. 
Mastin Robeson, Jr. 
David Robinson, Fr. 

' : -I 

David Rohne, So. 
John Rowland, Jr. 
Vicki Ruark, Fr. 
Paul Ruddock, Jr. 
Robin Rumrael, Jr 


Underclassmen 137 

138 Underclassmen 


Loretta Spencer, Fr 
Walt Spivey, So. 
Becky Spoede, Jr. 
Larry Stansfield. Jr 
Earl Starbuck, Fr. 

Chip Stickler. Fr. 
Mary Stephenson, Fr 



ml fm 1 . y i \ wm, a . . 

Debbie Sterrett, So. 
Steve Strauss, Jr. 

Underclassmen 139 

Bill Tiller. So. 
SueTimblin, Jr. 
Nancy Tinker. Fr. 
Juanita Toole. Fr. 
Kathy Triplett, Jr. 


Sissy Tucker, Sr. 
Moya Tullos, Jr. 
Bitsy Turner, Jr. 
David Turner. So 
Esther Turner. Jr 

Lori Utz, Fr. 
Dave Urbanick, Fr. 
Dorothy Van Der Poel, Fr. 
Candy Vanderschaaf, Jr. 
Tom Varney, So. 

140 Underclassmen 

Joy Witzky, So. 
Michael Wood, Fr. 
Roger Woodring, Fr 
Diana Yats, Fr. 
Rhonda Yaughn, Jr 

Terry Veer, So. 
Jose Vega, Fr. 

Cynthia Warren, Fr. 
Brenda Wentworth, Fr. 

Charlotte Whitlock, Fr. 
Christine Wigden, Fr. 
Jim Willey, Fr. 
Fred Williams, Fr. 
Connie Winkler, So. 

Paula Walker, Fr. 
Diane Walton, Fr. 

:'..'. • ' '''.."' ' . ' \ 


Barry West, Fr. 
Sherry West, So. 

Dorothy E. Young, So 
Dorothy L. Young, Fr. 
John Young, So. 
Paul Young, Jr. 
Doug Zopfi, So. 

Underclassmen 141 

Class of 77 

umbrellas of pride repel God's raindrops of love. 

let your umbrella down. 

it's raining today. 

And the things 
that thou hast 
heard of me 
among many 
witnesses, the 
same commit 
thou to faithful 
men, who shall 
be able to teach 
others also. 

II Timothy 2:2 

Class of '78 

142 Class Ads 

Lord, break me to make me. Fill me with Thine over- 
whelming compassion for the lost. 
Leave me with an unsettled soiil until I learn to abide 
in Thee 
Live in Thee. 

Try me; prove me with the fire of Thy wisdom. 
Take me, mar me, destroy me . . . only to be remade — 
Like Thee! 

Jeanie Stevens '65 

Class of 76 

". . . Will I recall the good times of shared 
laughter that came from such simple things 
as having a coke, or enjoying the fresh 
summer sun ? Was I alone or was I a real 
part of them? What will I remember? . . . " 

Jerry Niedziela 

Class of '75 


Thrift Store (775-2937). 

Helping to meet our needs, 
strengthening our town, 
making the yearbook possible, 
the Commoner wishes to thank 
the Dayton community 
for its continuing interest in Bryan. 

Hy-Way Gardens, E. Second Ave. (775-0625). 

Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Rev. Kermit Zopfi (775-3928). 

144 Ads 

Corner of E. Third Ave. and N. Market St. (775-2822) — Member F.D.I.C. 

Ads 145 

Arnold Motor Co. (775-0331). 

Southern Silk Mills — Businessmen. 

Southern Silk Mills Hwv. 27 S. 

Southern Silk Mills (365-5163). 

Dayton Flower Box (775-0677). 

First Federal (775-1522). 

146 Ads 

> m ■ m m m m m m m m w mm m www 

The Gem Shop (775-2013). 

Hubert Kir by 
The Friendly Storekeeper 


M&J Super Market 

Richland Park Center 

Dayton, Tenn. 

M andJ's (775-1515). 

Student Union. 

Don's Men's Shop (775-1233). 

Walker's Music Center (775-2196). 

Ads 147 




P. 0. Box 8 Hy. 27 By-Pass 

Dayton, Tenn. 37321 
Office 775-0727 

Residence 775-3668 

State Farm 
Insurance Companies 

Home Offices: 
Bloomington, Illinois 

State Farm Ins. (775-07271. 

Shibley's Fabric Center (775-0455). 

Morgan's Furniture (775-0313). 


• ■ 





•s * 

■ in 


■ ■•■ 

■ ■■' 

• a 
■ ■ 

*■«»■«••■■»«■*«■■■«■» '■■■■■■■■■* 

»■■•«»•«»•■«■*.««»■■■■ '••■"■! 
• •••••■•■■a*- 7 -«•«»■■ ' •■■■"■"I 



r E jjQJgaljfcPlai CO. 

THE T te^,a^£ STORE 


i IB H 

Cary and West (775-1545). 

M and W Clothing (775-0371). 

1 ,*•*• 
Robinsons' Drug (775-1611). 

148 Ads 


Robinette Motel (775-9717). 


Phillips Jewelry (775-0979). 


Modern Way Cleaners (775-9551). 

Church of God (775-1201). 

Eagle's Nest Barbershop W. Second Ave. 

Ads 149 

Business Equipment. 

Cotton Shop (775-1911). 

First United Methodist Church ( 775-0262 ) . 

Morrison's Suzuki and Tire Co. (775-9305). 




Hotel — Restaurant — Institutional 
Wholesale Meats 

BAR S MEATS — Since 1899 

Cudahy Foods Co. (867-3073). 

150 Ads 

N. Market St., (775-1141). 

■ Owner and druggist — Mr. Richard L. Rogers. 

Ads 151 




Border's Motor Co. (77 

HlffiWWIIIi— UMMM» i — m HI I 

Beard-Walters Ford (775-1811). 


Student Senate. 

Richland Wash. Hwy. 27. 

Pasquale's Pizza (775-0284). 

WDNT (775-2331). 

152 Ads 

The Bake Shoppe (775-1663). 


Family Shoe Center (775-2937). 

Hardy's Hwy. 27. 








Pay Utility Bills Here 

Open 8:30 am Till 9 pm 
Sunday I pm - 9 pm 

Kingwood Drugs (775-3500). 

Ads 153 

Tony's Drive-in (775-9992). 

This page has been removed due to 
privacy concerns. 

This page has been removed due to 
privacy concerns. 

Administration and Staff 75-77 

Advertisements 142-153 

All-College Picnic 30,31 

Band 60,61 

Bartlett 29 

Baseball 94,95 

Basketball 88-91 

BWA 51 

Cheerleaders 92,93 

Choir 56,57 

Choralaires 58 

Christian Life Conference 66,67 

Christmas Activities 64,65 

COMMONER 108,109 

Cross Country 38-41 

Day of Prayer 52 

Day Students 7 3 

Division of Biblical Studies 24,25 

Division of Education and Psychology 82,83 

Division of Fine Arts 62,63 

Division of History, Business and Social 

Sciences 80,81 
Division of Literature and Modern 

Languages 84,85 
Division of Natural Sciences 36,37 
Freshmen Talent Show 34,35 
Girls' Sports 96,97 
Graduation 120,121 
Hilltop Players 53-55 
Homecoming 48,49 
Intramurals 98,99 
Koinonia 86 
Library 50 
Madrigals 59 
Mercer 28 
N.C.C.A.A. 42,43 
P.C.I. 68-71 
P.F.M. 32,33 
Praise Time 87 

Preparation and Orientation 18,19 
President's Reception 26,27 
Registration 20 
Resident Assistants 22 
Second Semester Registration 74 
Second Semester Students 72 
Seniors 110-119 
Soccer 44-47 
Spiritual Life Meetings 21 
Student Senate 23 
Student Union 100-105 
Trustees 78,79 
Underclassmen 124-141 

Aldrich, Debbye 
Anderson, Cathy 
Armstrong, Chris 
Arnold, Betsy 
Arthur, Jane 
Bailey, Lee 
Barger, Roy 
Barrett, Mike 
Beaty, Steve 
Beene, Sheryl 
Boggs, Beth 
Borja, Nina 
Botbyl, Nancy 
Brea, Liz 
Breece, David 
Brookins, Bret 
Brown, Dorothy 
Brown, Janet 
Buckley, Mike 
Bugg, Jay 
Burt, Louise 
Cammenga, Elizabeth 
Cammenga, Sarah 
Camp, Andy 
Cline, Jerry 
Cline, Ron 

Clothier, Walter 
Conrad, Deborah 
Cooper, Bob 
Coulson, Linda 
Crabtree, Linda 
Craymer, Pete 
Criswell, Steve 
Curell, Jackie 
Currie, Lori 
Daniel, Karen 
Davey, Kevin 
Davis, John 
DeJager, Paula 
Dollings, Larry 
Dunlap, Sheila 
Edwards, Sheri 
Eldridge, Mike 
Ely, Marian 
Fairchild, Zana 
Fellows, Tim 
Flenniken, Jayne 
Fowler, Janet 
Garren, Diane 
Germann, Luke 
Gillenwater, Blan 
Glover, Jim 
Glover, Mary 
Goehring, Lynette 
Gordy, Carol 
Green, Rhondda 
Grimes, Brenda 
Gulley, Angela 
Hall, Wesley 
Hamm, Carri 
Hamilton, Lee 
Hanna, Nora 
Harrington, LeAnne 
Harris, Phil 
Hartley, Karen 
Harvey, Marti 
Hatfield, Jim 
Hathaway, Mike 
Hawkins, Jan 
Hawkins, Jean 
Hefley, Kerry 
Heiple, Jerry 
Henegar, Verna 
Henry, Christa 
Herring, Jan 
Hewlett, Don 
Hicks, Mark 
Hinsdale, May 
Hodgson, Stan 
Holt, Beverly 
Horton, Lavenia 
Hutchins, Rebecca 
Inzer, Nancy 
Ingram, Pam 
Jackson, Ed 
Jensen, Karin 
Jochums, Heather 
Johnson, Dottie 
Jones, Dan 
Jones, Rob 
Kelley, Darrell 
King, Dennis 
Kirtley, Martha 
Klabunde, Larry 
Koch, Betty 
Koch, Donna 
Krick, Marcia 
Kwangwari, Christopher 
Kyker, Frank 
Lahdeaho, Seppo 
Lane, Mary 
Layman, Antoinette 
Levengood, Kathy 
Lord, Kimberly 
Martin, David 
Martin, Pam 

Mason, Wilma 
Maye, Sylvia 
McBride, Pat 
McCarthy, Paul 
McLeod, David 
Meissner, Sue 
Melton, Mike 
Morgan, Mary 
Munyua, Isaac 
Murrell, Thomas 
Nanfeldt, Valerie 
Nestor, Karen 
Newsome, Mark 
Owen, Spring 
Padgett, Chip 
Parrott, Pam 
Peeples, Bill 
Pero, Penny 
Poland, Patricia 
Posey, Sherry 
Pothoven, Lois 
Powell, Cecelia 
Preitz, Joanne 
Price, Doug 
Pugh, Robert 
Quang, Chu Minh 
Reed, Calvin 
Rexilius, Sue 
Robertson, Cathy 
Robinson, David 
Ruark, Vicki 
Samuelson, Cindy 
Samples, Lee 
Scott, Wayne 
Seal, Ed 

Seiford, Frances 
Shalanko, Lydia 
Shoemate, Ronald 
Skinner, David 
Slaick, Cindy 
Smith, Anne 
Spencer, Loretta 
Starbuck, Earl 
Starch, Debra 
Stickler, Chip 
Stephenson, Mary 
Taylor, Jenny 
Thrasher, Deborah 
Tinker, Nancy 
Toole, Juanita 
Utz, Lori 
Urbanick, Dave 
Van Der Poel, Dorothy 
Vega, Jose 
Walker, Paula 
Walton, Diane 
Warren, Cynthia 
Wentworth, Brenda 
West, Barry 
Whitlock, Charlotte 
Wigden, Christine 
Willey, Jim 
Williams, Fred 
Wood, Michael 
Woodring, Roger 
Yats, Diana 
Young, Dorothy L. 

Akins, Patrice 
Armstrong, Jeff 
Arnold, Joan 
Bailey, Steve 
Baird, Allison 
Barge, Becky 
Barnes, Kathi 
Barnhart, Garry 
Bartlett, Jennifer 
Baugher, Linda 
Bayne, Gary 
Bottoms, Richard 

156 Index 

Boyd, Bill 
Bradley, Eddie 
Brooks, Bob 
Broome, Lou 
Bruehl, Jeff 
Bursmith, Robin 
Chapman, Ward 
Church, Karen 
Cline, Skip 
Combs, Paul 
Cordova, Gloria 
Cromartie, Greg 
Cropp, Jim 
Daniels, Marti 
Daniels, Thomas 
Dark, Danny 
Davies, Beth 
Degerman, Gary 
Dekker, Sue 
Dillinger, Frankie 
Dresdow, Joyce 
Durant, David 
Efird, Larry 
Eggert, Tim 
Elder, Skeeter 
Farney, Rick 
Flythe, Pam 
Franklin, Gary 
Gamble, Mary Beth 
Githuka, Ngugi 
Goetz, Tom 
Grosh, Pam 
Guerin, Gwen 
Hall, Mike 
Halvorsen, Lindy 
Hanna, Rena 
Hershberger, Bonnie 
Hitzelberger, Jan 
Hollingshead, Becky 
Hudlow, Nancy 
Hudson, Vicky 
Humphries, Charlene 
Jackson, Rhonda 
Jelley, Danny 
Jewett, Doug 
Johansen, Debbie 
Johnson, Carla 
Johnson, Steve 
Jordan, Mike 
Kincaid, Carol 
Lieb, Nancy Ruth 
Liebig, Linda 
Liebig, Richard 
Loriot, Susan 
Loshbough, Charlie 
Lurtsema, Carolyn 
Magnussen, Neil 
Manning, Greg 
Marshall, David 
Mayer, Donna 
McDowell, Howard 
McGill, Sheila 
McKemy, Libby 
McQuaid, Andy 
McQuaid, Gwen 
Metzger, Dennis 
Minturn, Cathy 
Osborne, Linda 
Porcella, Glenn 
Price, Gloria 
Puzey, Tim 
Rich, Tina 
Rohne, David 
Schmid, Sue 
Schrauger, Brian 
Schwenk, Nate 
Shafer, Sheila 
Shalanko, John 
Sharp, Darlene 
Shin, Hyoun 

Spivey, Walt 
Steele, John 
Sterrett, Debbie 
Sutton, Wayne 
Taylor, Kim 
Thacker, Susan 
Thompson, Celeste 
Tiller, Bill 
Turner, David 
Varney, Tom 
Veer, Terry 
West, Sherry 
Winkler, Connie 
Witzky, Joy 
Young, Dorothy E. 
Young, John 
Zopfi, Doug 

Adams, Debi 
Amos, Gary 
Austin, David 
Baker, Ken 
Ballard, Randy 
Bates, Tippi 
Beaty, David 
Bennett, Jon 
Bentley, Vicki 
Blankman, Drew 
Blanton, Don 
Blount, Phebe 
Bohall, Dan 
Brandon, Jerry 
Brooks, Eugene 
Burns, Elaine 
Bursmith, Scott 
Canatella, Barbara 
Carney, Verna 
Chapin, Thomas 
Ciliberto, Louise 
Clark, Doug 
Cordova, Al 
Cowen, Rachael 
Crabtree, Quentin 
Criswell, Gary 
Decker, Dan 
Degerman, Linda 
Dekker, Pam 

Drake, Hodge 

Ely, Becky 

English, Margaret 

Everhart, Tonya 

Faugl, Tim 

Ferry, June 

Fiet, David 

Fonte, Gerald 

Fouts, Terri 

Gainer, Debbie 

Gerber, Jan 

Gerber, Jerry 

Grant, Charles 

Hale, Scott 

Hall, Emily 

Hamilton, Janice 

Hampton, Deborah 

Hardie, Janet 

Harvey, James 

Hatten, Chris 

Hay, Brenda 

Headlee, Ted 

Helmick, Nancy 

Hemme, Mary Jo 

Herum, Brian 

Hicks, Bob 

Hodkinson, Don 

Hoover, James 

Howard, Grace 

James, Edward 

Janke, Mary 

Jensen, Donna 
Jobe, Jennie 
Johnson, Dennis 
Johnson, Lynn 
Jones, Dempsey 
Jones, Sarah 
Kaiser, Karen 
Kelley, Larry 
Kelley, Lorrel 
Lacey, John 
Lane, Tommy 
Lesley, Joanna 
Lieb, Lucy Jane 
Lowery, Jeff 
Mehaffey, Michelle 
Maynard, David 
Maze, Luanne 
McLawhon, George 
Mercer, David 
Miller, Mary 
Miller, Roddy 
Mills, Billy 
Mitchell, Nancy 
O'Connor, Carolyn 
Oliver, Susan 
Paeplow, Randy 
Peacock, Connie 
Poinsett, Ron 
Potter, Tom 
Pousche, Tom 
Powell, Jackie 
Purser, Paula 

Puzey, Lynn 

Quarles, Biff 

Raab, Billie 

Revis, Anthony 

Ridgely, Sue 

Robbins, Cathie 

Robeson, Mastin 

Rowland, John 

Ruddock, Paul 

Rummel, Robin 

Samuelson, Craig 

Schiller, Linda 

Schneider, Shirley 

Shaver, Kathy 

Shaver, Paul 

Shepherd, Jim 

Simmons, Bob 

Simpson, Susan 

Smith, Susan 

Spoede, Becky 

Stansfield, Larry 

Strauss, Steve 

Sturms, Grace 

Tarbotton, Lois 

Taylor, Sarah 

Thayer, Greg 

Theilig, Bette 

Thompson, Shirley 

Timblin, Sue 

Triplett, Kathy 

Tullos, Moya 

Turner, Bitsy 

Turner, Esther 

Vanderschaaf, Candy 

Yaughn, Rhonda 

Young, Paul 

Index 157 

House 3 

The Villa 

158 Candids 

!B*53 : '»»-zi'r ■ 


The 1975 Commoner was lithographed by Delmar Printing Company of Charlotte, N.C. under 
direction of its Knoxuille office. The cover is an embossed Burgandy lexitone with a Spanish grain 
with a black overtone rub. The paper used throughout the book is Warren's Dull Enamel. The end- 
sheets are sixty-five-pound Hammermill finished in pale ivory. Color pictures were produced by off- 
set lithography with a four-color separation and a four-color process. The spot color in the opening 
section is printed in PMS 462 ink. Headline type is 24 point Century Schoolbook. Body copy and 
ID. 's are 12 point and 8 point Century Schoolbook respectively. Senior and underclassman portraits 
were by Delmar Studios of Charlotte. Press run was 625 copies. 

Candids 159 

And looking ahead . . .