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Table of Contents 

First hello, and then good-bye 

How quick is the time 

When friends meet with friends for awhile 

You gave to us. we gave to you 
Love has been born 

And like a child, runs so quickly through life 
And grows up 

Love grows when Christians unite 

So much love, it's hard to untie 

And it hurts more when we say good-bye 

But its worth it with Jesus 

Cause you know it with Jesus 

We wouldn't even know the meaning of love 

Friends will come, and friends will go 

All throughout lives 

It's so fine to have friends in the Lord 

'Cause all those friends, we'll see again 

On the day we go home 

Won't it be such a special reward? 


Students and Faculty 
Staff and Administration 








• 1982, Straight Way Music 

ASCAP, a division of Jubilee Communication, Inc. 

All rights reserved, 

Vsed by permission 

First hello, and then good-bye 

How quick is the time 

When friends meet with friends for awhile 


Opening "> 




6 Opening 

J N 

ARE . . . 

1 Ipening 7 



8 Opening 


\ fiif 

. ■ f ~~ 

« > 

*. mm 

( )|iciiing V 

The COMMONER staff feels that it is our 
responsibility to recognize those who were the leaders 
of the era coming to an end. The 1985-1986 
COMMONER is dedicated to . . . 

Dr. Theodore C. Mercer 

Dr. Karl E. Keefer 
Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Mr. Kermit A. Zopfi 
Dean of Students 

Opening II 

Dr. Theodore C. Mercer 

President of Bryan College 


Dr. Theodore C. Mercer was the elected president of Bryan College in June 1956, completing thirty years in 1985-1986. He was born in Spring 
City, Tennessee on September 3, 1920. Dr. Mercer received an M.A. in 1944 from Bob Jones University and continued his postgraudate 
education at the University of Chicago and Houghton College. He married Ora Alice Moore on August 24, 1944. Dr. Mercer was licensed to 
preach at a Methodist church in 1938 and ordained to the ministery of a Baptist church in 1942. Between teaching, preaching and working the 
Mercers had three boys; Theodore Chelton, John Moore, and David Mark. 

Dr. Mercer is the fourth president of Bryan College, having succeeded Dr. Judson A. Rudd in 1955. At the time enrollment was 250. Since then 
enrollment has doubled and accreditation was granted to Bryan in 1969 by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. During his 
tenure as president the hilltop campus has undergone major expansion: renovations of the Administration Building; construction of H.D. 
Long, Huston, Arnold and Woodlee-Ewing Residence Halls: Bryan Village, married student apartments; Summers Gymnasium; Annex; Rhea 
House, official residence of the president; and Rudd Memorial Auditorium and the Fine Arts Center. In addition to these physical 
improvements, the spiritual commitment of the college has been not only maintained but enhanced. Additional accomplishments include the 
two advisory councils developed to aid the Board of Trustees: The National Advisory Council and the Rhea County Advisory Committee. The 
Staley Distinguised Scholar Lecture Series is scheduled annually. Also added to the yearly agenda are: a Pastor's Conference and a Family Bible 

Dr. Mercer has been active in community service from Cub Scouts, PTA, and Band Parents to L'nited Givers (local Chairman for ten years), 
American Cancer Society (state and regional levels). Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, and the Dayton Chamber of 
Commerce, on which he served several terms as a director. 

12 Opening 

Dr. Karl E. Keefer 

Vice President for Academic Affairs 

1957-1966 and 1979-1986 

Dr. Karl E. Keefer has served Bryan College in some capacity for 24 of his 43 years in college administration. Dr. Keefer first served at Bryan 
from 1957 to 1966 as academic dean, administrative vice president, faculty member, and for a time as dean of students. From 1971 to 1979, he 
served on the Bryan Board of Trustees. Dr. Keefer returned to the administrative staff of the college in 1979 as the vice president for academic 
affairs, the position he has held these past seven years. During these seven years as academic dean, Dr. Keefer has seen many changes at Bryan 
including accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, an increase in student enrollment, and an increase in the number 
of faculty members with earned doctorates. 

Dr. Keefer began his career in college administration just one year following his graduation from Bob Jones University in 1942. He returned to 
Bob Jones and served as Registrar for four years, 1943-1947. During that time he also continued his studies, receiving his M.A. in Religion in 
1947 from Bob Jones. He then changed positions at BJU and served as the Dean for the School of Fine Arts for the next six years, 1947-1953. 
Dr. Keefer was then the Dean of Washington Bible College for the years 1953-1957. He then came to Bryan and served for nine years. And, at 
this time, he continued his education at the University of Chattanooga and was awarded the M.Ed, in Educational Administration in 1960. 
Leaving Bryan in 1957, he became an Associate Professor in the Graduate Center at the University of Tennessee/Memphis, serving in this 
capacity the next three years. He then moved to the University of Tennessee/Martin where he was the Dean of the School ot Education the 
next ten years. He earned his Ed.D. in Educational Psychology and Guidance from the University of Tennessee/Knoxville in 1965. It was 
during his years at the University of Tennessee that he was a Trustee at Bryan. 

Dr. Keefer married Sue Thompson, June 20, 1942. The Lord has given Dr. and Mrs. Keefer two fine sons: Karl Elton Keefer III and Thomas 
James Keefer. Dr. and Mrs. Keefer plan to live in Dayton following retirement. They will continue to involve themselves in both Dayton and 
Bryan community affairs in the years to come. 

Opening I '• 



Mr. Kermit A. Zopfi 
Dean of Students 

Mr. Kermit Zopfi entered Bryan college for his first years of college in 1946. At that time Bryan was not accredited so Mr. Zopfi transferred to 
Wheaton College where he received a B.A. in Bible and History and an M.A. in Christian Education. After receiving these degrees Mr. Zopfi re- 
turned to Bryan to help set up the Christian Education field. In 1952 Mr. Zopfi became the first proffessor of Christian Education. He also 
taught History of Western Civilization, English History, History of Missions, Philosophy of Missions and Methods of Missions. He served as 
head of the Christian Service Association (now known as Practical Christian Involvement) and as advisor for the class of 1955. 

On September 5, 1953 Mr. Zopfi married Gleneale Faulks and continued at Bryan College for the next two years. Mrs. Zopfi was in charge of 
the college print shop. In 1955 they left to begin work with Greater Europe Mission in Germany. After a fifteen year association with GEM he 
served for two years at Azusa Pacific College as Financial Aid Officer and as counselor in Student Development. Mr. Zopfi earned another 
M.A. while at Azusa Pacific, this one in psychology and counseling. 

In 1972 President Theodore Mercer invired Mr. Zopfi to return to Bryan College as Dean of Students. Mrs. Zopfi became the switchboard op- 
eratot and secretary. Mr. Zopfi became Assistant Professor of German. During his time back Mr. Zopfi has also served as advisor to the 
Student Senate and Student Union and as Chairman of the Student Life Council. He has been on various committees and councils, coordinated 
the Missions Conferences, and worked closely with President Mercer in chapel scheduling and the keeping of the college calendar. For seven 
years he has served as Treasurer and Membership Chairman for the Association for Christians in Student Dcvelopement, a national 

14 Opening 

Dpening L5 


You gave to us, we gave to you 
Love has been born 






Class Officers 

The 1986 senior class features Rick Swift and Patty Wiens as Student Union representatives, 
Robin Greene as secretary, and Stacy Walker and Ken Johnson as Senate representatives. 
Kneeling are Paul Lindstrom — vice president and Kevin Wishard — president. Keeping class unity, 
making lasting friends and encouraging their walk with the Lord are goals the officers would 
like to see within the class. 

Robert Lewis Alderman 

Terri L. Alderman 

Letitia Elaine Allison 

18 Seniors 

Kathryn Inez Alongi 

Jitendra Kumar Banerjei 

Holly Ruth Barnes 

Klizabeth Ann Barrett 

Richard Bartlett 

Kathleen Hazel Beatty 

Mile* Travu Belcher 

Cedric K. Benner 

Daniel Mark Bice 

Seniors 19 

Diana Mary Bradshaw 

Sharise Marnee Bucklen 

John Frederick Bruner 

Shawna Rae Bucklen 

Debra Naomi Bryan 

Denise Lynne Cole 

Donna Leigh Cole 

Sara Beth Crawford 

Anna Maria Culpepper 

20 Seniors 

Carol Louise Cummings 

Diane Marie Dempsey 

Fred Duong 

Colleen Ruth Durgin 

Ann Luise Edwards 

Jay Wesley Efird 

Matthew Ian Eggefl 

Mark David ligner 

Deanna Plorei Ellison 

Seniors 21 


Lori Constance Emmott 

Lucretia Ruth Felton 

Jonathan Robett Fickley 

Colleen Mary Fischer 

Linda Kay Foley 

Kimberly Renee Freers 

Calvin Lamar Frizzell 

Arthur Gaston 

Virginia Arring Gentry 

2' .Seniors 

Kelly Michelle Given 

Michael George Goad 

Elizabeth Ann Goetzman 

Robin Elaine Greene 

Don Paul Gross 

Robert Ian Hay 

Donald Robert lliljjcman 

Penny Rae Holmes 

Pam Kay Howell 

Seniors 23 

Laura Louise Huie 

Kenneth Arthur Johnson 

Mark Walton Jones 

Jonathan Wesley Klaus 

Carolyn Gail Knapp 

James Harwood Koan II 

Sandra Kay Kuhn 

Cynthia Marie Lambert 

Karen Lynette Lee 

Jarmo Miika Lehtinen 

Deborah Ann Lilley 

Paul Anthony Lindstrom 

Peggy Susana Lopez 

Esther Virginia Lyle 

Karen Renee Mains 

Jim Martinez 

Kathleen Dawn McManus 

David Robert McNeil 


Darlene Susan Middleton 

Vicky Lynn Mohl 

Esther Nock Nicholson 

Vincent Nwankpa 

Paul Norris Olson 

Donald Clayton Parks 

Jeff Scott Patrick 

John Dixon Pierce 

Jeffrey John Pipe 


Ruth Agnes Purdie 

Charles Perry Relfe 

Deborah C. Richardson 

Edward Truman Robbins 

Sheryl Lynn Robinson 

Eric G. Rudd 

DtniMr l.ynee Savage 

Kimberly Dawn Sexton 

Tamara Ruth Shive 


_ Douglas Benjamin Sloan 

Cynthia Lee Smith 

Ruth Arlene Snyder 

Joy Amy Stoddard 

Thelma Marion Sugantharaj 

Rick Charles Swift 

Gennifer Lynn Szego 

Hubert Lamar Townley, Jr. 

Hiep Dinh Tran 

'26 Seniors 

Nanette Kathleen Turner 

Thomas Howard Tyler 

Stacy Marie Walker 

Patricia Ann Wiens 

Keven Ivan Wishard 

David Shawn Wolf 

Dcrmc A. Wolf 

Jeffrey Judson Woodman 

Not Pictured: 
John Carpenter 
Kd Jackson 
David Lamberson 
David Mercer 
Patty Ruth Parker 
Linda Hafer Pectol 

iRffv* m 

W Vv m M 

Rick Swift: "Watch out, Miss America!" 

Kevin Wishard, senior class president, setting an example. 


Jim Martinez, a face in the crowd. 

Donna Cole: The face of the 80's. 

Move over Rambo, here comes Woodman! 

ion mr (it i •>>(u\ n it- ivuiouv 

fta Mnorln 

Linda Foley and Esther Nicholson catch up on the days events. 

John Pierce: "Pardon me, Dr. Mercer? No, I do not hear any loud music' 

30 Seniors 

Kathy Beatty: "Wanna cruise? 

Darlene Middleton caught off guard. 





\ ' w- j 4 

Joe Thomas and Tammy Shive strolling through the field. 

Dinh Tran: "I Japanese salesman!" 

Cedric Benner making his mama proud. 

Jon Kliui The few, the proud, the union! 

Vincent Nw;inkp,i md Edith: "You arc so heauriful to mc.' 

Seniors 31 

Lamar Frizzell and Anthony McClanahan "Would I lie to you?" 

Debbie Richardson and brother: "Yes, John, the name of the 
game is STUDY!" 

32 Seniors 

Top left: Mark Jones— "A one and a two and a . . . " Right: Don Paul Gross— "I 
know your I.D. card is here somewhere." Bottom left: Fred Duong — "A penny for 
your thoughts!" 


Class Officers 

Top row left ti. right: David Nye, president; Tom Burton, .Student Union; Kyle Howard, Student Semite; Hat 
Nemcik, vice president Bottom row, left to right: JaneUe Iverson, Student Senate; I.ori Lesnett, Student 
Union; LiM Itarth, secretary. 

Juniors 33 

Top left: Jeff Pinder — music to my ears. Above: Dave 
Harvey — "Go ahead. Punk, make my day!" Left: Who's 

Lisa Barth 

Debbie Barwick 

Randy Beatty 

Amy Beckham 

Beth Branson 

Becky Brewster 

Alice Burklin 

Tom Burton 

Dan Butler 

Esther Carballosa 

Richard Clack 

Kenneth Cole 

Wendy Cole 

Sherry Cooney 

34 Juniors 

Craig Cornelius 

John Darnell 

John Davidson 

Lori DeBoer 

Marti Decker 

Gavle Dixon 

Helen Dyar 

Cheryl Echols 

Terry Elsea 

' ■ « I" "^ 

Juniors 'i'i 

Mark Habermas 

Caryn Harris 

David Harvey 

Elaine Hostetler 

Robin Hough 

Above: Sherry Cooney — "Old MacDonald had a farm 

Janelle Iverson 

Glenda Johnson 

36 Juniors 

Soma Knecht 

Lori Lesnett 

Above: Mark and Lori Habermas — "Honey, did I leave the iron on? 

Sharron Licking 

David Lines 

Tammi Love 

Karis Maroon 

Glenn McClain 

'.' ( u 

-.'. ■ 

( hamel '.'• • 

Bc< ki Mk hfllski 

Daryl m-.ih— i ....i 

Juniors 37 

Schaun Myers 

Patrick Nemcik 



1 - 




Jeannine Northey 

David Nye 

Chris Oehler 

Anita Paluso 

John Patton 

Martha Payne 

Jeff Pinder 

Jeannette Notthey and Steve Huber: Smile, smile, smile! 

Lori De Boer: "Now what do I do?" 

James Schrock 

38 Juniors 

t jj ! 

v ; ~zm 

Jim Shellev John Bruner and David Bracy: Who are you looking for, 


Tammy Sill 

Lannie Smart 

Stephanie Smith 

Blair Hurm: Contemplative or burned out? 


Trace* Snyder 

Cathie Scarce 

Leslie Stringer Melanie Stucky Jonathan Tucker 


Karen Turner 

i i urnei 

Millie Welsh 

Regina Wiley 

1 diii Wilson 

Juniors V) 

Above: Andy Rice catches up on current events. 


Above: Jonathan Tucker, "Play me a song, Mr. Piano Man.' 






rfJvL yTfa^dat^^t 

40 Juniors 

Above: ". . . but where's the 
pool?" Left: Lisa Batth, "I'm 
supposed to check all of them?" 
Lower Left: Daryl Mullholand — 
Mr. AT&T. Lower Right: Craig 
Cornelius collects class dues from 
Freshman, Cari Huelskamp. 

Above: Tom Burton with Freshwoman twin, Dee McFadden. 





Class Officers 

Becky Hill (lefti if the Senate representative. Next to her is Stephanie Shackelford, Vice President; followed by Dan Snyder, Senate representative; Mary 
Wildnh. Union representative, Kim Hayncs, the leader and President; and Ruth McCormack, secretary. In the reclined position is Jon Whiteley, Union 

Sopl lores 11 

Vicki Arnold 

Keri Baker 

Celesta Beachy 

Above: Alan Keay — "Meet me at the beach.' 

Above: Kim Hayes — "Where is that tough administrative 
offensive line I've heard so much about?" 

Brian Black 

John Boggs 

David Bracy 

David Branson 

Jonathan Brice 

Ellen Chadwick 

Misty Chambers 

Heidi Chrouser 

42 Sophomores 

Above: Kathy Edwards — "Washing 9 to 5, what a way to pay 
for college!" 

Raul Cruz 

Kathy Dean 

Susanne Dixon 

Doug Engcr 

Sandy Enlow 

Lori Farney 

Valeric- Ryan and John Kellcy: In Search of . . . (Lunch?). 

t M \ 

Mr i.i r ■ Gerberii h 

K.nliy < rray 

Sophomores 4 1 , 

Stephanie Hicks 

Becky Hill 

Ronny Howell 

Stephen Huber 

Beth Hyle 








4. \ 


• r^ 

Above: Binu Abraham and David Clothier sharing tea and 

Jennifer Jones 

Alan Keay 

Sarah Keefer 

44 Sophomores 






Susan Klaus 



Above: Sceve Snvder and Steve Mason — "What is it?" 

Shannon Law 

Deborah Lawalii 

Ken Lowe 

Luann Lowe 

Mitzi Maloney 

Lori Martin 

Ruth McCormack 

Bill McDaniel 

i M MM 

. ' . ■ ■■ 

v,il Patti 

Above the Lion that It from the tribi ofjuduh . " He v. 

Sophomores 45 

David Samples 

Tim Schultz 

Stephanie Shackelford 

Suzanne Sheppard 

Rebekah Sheyda 

Tim Smith 

Cindy Snow 

Dan Snyder 

Steve Snyder 

46 Sophomores 

lanet Strickland 

Christina Sullivan 

Tara Taylor 

Cassie Tucker 

Brenda Vandiver 

Bonnie Wagler 

Jeff Walters 

Min Wildnh 


Charles Walker 

Lisa Webb 

Su»an Wilkin 

Sara Walker 


Patricia Walling 

Jon Whiteley 

Right: Terry Copeland on his way to taking a mid- 
afternoon nap. Below left: Bryan, you light up my life. 
Below right: David Samples, looking for a means of 


Sophomores Al 

Fatigued and proud — Brenda Vandiver. 

"Please Share your apple," says Dan Snyder. 

Ben Crandall — Biker extraordinaire. 

Sandy Enlow rushes to get to class on time. 

Raydell James tells Kevin Thomas, "I ain't cleanin" it up, you do it." 

48 Sophomores 


Class Officers 

Hovering over their President, Todd Pierceall, are the Freshmen class officers. Left to right are Ruth Rinehart, Secretary; Beck-y Miller, Student Union 
Representative; Gregg Lilley, Student Senate Representative; Kendra Thompson, Vice-President; Danny Campbell, Student Union Representative; 
Gretchen Mann, Student Senate Representative. 

hr'.hhicn 49 

f F 


Top left: Todd Pierceall— By day a college student, by 
night a super hero. Above: Vincent "Tex" Pyle — "This is 
my kind of town." Left: TJ. Vetcouteren practices his 
sewing technique. 

Anne Alderman 

Noel Allen 

Brenda Anderson 

Melanie Allen 

David Asbury 

Debbie Ater 

Michelle Bailey 

Kris Bair 

'< \ I . M 

Charles Barber 

\ II' 

Doug Barr 

Yolanda Bartlett 

Jeff Bauman 

Tim Bell 


Kari Bengston 

50 Freshmen 

Anda Broadnck 

Andy Bruncr 

Tara Bucklcn 

Bobby Burton 

Oanxl Campbell 

• ih CarMloM 

' irdi n 

l.nk True k" C.urlsoi 

feanie ( hudwit k 

Freshmen *>! 

Tammy Cheeks 

Diana Christensen 

Claudia Ciciliani 

Faith Codner 

tMi M 

Bruce Currie 

Bryan Dailey 

Erik Carlson demonstrating the "Truck" look. 

Carol Davidson 

Cheryl Dear 

Fred Dolislager 

Melissa Duncan 

Karen Easter 

David Erskine 

Paul Farris 

Mischa Fenner 

Edward Fickley 

Julie Frazier 

Kathy Freers 

Yolanda Garcia 

Phil Garlow 

52 Freshmen 

Angela Gilbert 

Gary Gober 

Walter Gorden 

Chad Gower 


Brian Graham 

Ed Graham 

Darin Gregg 

Jane Hamilton 

Paula Hammat Dan Hatrington 

Mark Hoffo 

Ijjwfi Hoffman 

Sue Hopkins 

Kelvin Hopson Jim Mann and Lori Swaim: "It all began when I was this tall 


LiM Hufl 

Michclc Hull.,,,! 

Kulhy lin|.cllo 

Mil In llr |,n I .Ml, 

Freshmen 53 

Jennie Johnson 



Trisha KJney 

Jacqueline Lee 

Cyndi Lopez 

Lea Johnson 

Mark Jordan 

.7 iWk 

Joy Koch 

Stephanie Lampley 

George Leone 

' fl 

Elaine Lewis 





Irene Loveland 

Leanne Malloy 

Melissa Jones 

Trudy Jones 

Sharon Lawrence 

Tim Leary 

Gregg Lilley 

Mary Lokers 

54 Freshmen 

Freshmen Feet 


Robin Maner 

Kevin Mangum 

■ -^^ ■ 

I? N 





Grecchen Mann 

Cheryl Dear, "Gimme a Break!" 

* f 



, % 

Jim Mann 

Kent Margraves 

Debra Masters 

Dee McFadden 

Alan McManus 

\ i * * '■ 




Becky Miller 

Jane Moore 

Becky Myhan 

David Nelms 

Leigh Nelms 

Mclrna Ncubcrt 

Heidi Nichoff 

Tony Oliver 

Marilyn Orris 

Michele Pearce 


I O.I.I IVt.rjII 

S( nit I'm' 

Si. itr Piles 

Numbri I" ■ ■ 

I reshmen 55 

Vince Pyle 

Gina Raggit 

Tammy Rake 

Ted Raiey 

Cyndi Lopez and Noel Al- 
len, "AYYY!" 

Dan Regal 

Cindy Renegar 

Ruth Rinehart 

Janet Robertson 

Linda Robertson 

Above: George Leone and Bryan Dailey, two peas in a pod. 

David Schrock 

Valerie Ryan 

Sammy Samples 

T 1 


Tom Shanley 

S i 

Anna Smith 

56 Freshmen 


David Snyder 

Terr) 1 Springer 

Dawn Stacy 

Donna Stephens 

Dianne Stewart Sylvia Suganandam 

Jennifer Suggs 

Lori Swaim 

Byron Talbot 

Kendra Thompson 

Fred Tran 

Greg Vandergrift Pam Van Stratum 

T.J. Vercouterer 

■ ^B ^r^ 




k^l . 

r t J 

* mi 



Ijnrtte Voter 

l*rrmc Wagner I I llnigglel under the weight nl Ins .lite. Kevin Minnmi 

I rcshmen 57 

- - 

Tim Combs demonstrates drown-proofing. 

Rodney Walls 

Steve Wanvig 

Bucky Waters 




John Williams 

Beth Wilson 

Jennifer Wilson 




Lynn Wilson 

Jim Woychuk 

Avonda Yeager 

Above: Presidential Scholars — (Back row) Gina Raggio, Kevin Magnum, Ruth Rinehart; (front row) Tara Bucklen, Kendra 
Thompson, Tammy Rake. Right: Carol Romer — "We can rebuild it, we have the technology." 

58 Freshmen 

Staff & Administration 

College President 

President and Mrs. Mercer have served as Uryan's first family since 1956. Mrs. Mercer lias served as hostess lor 
many school functions including the President's Reception and freshman get-tOgethet at the beginning of each 
14 h'K.I year. 

Faculty, Stafl and Administration 59 


Elaine Weyant 
Secretary to the President 

Academic Dean 

Dr. Theodore C. Mercer 

Oops! I thought this was my office 

Betty Wynsema 
Special Assistant to the President 

Karin Traylor 
Secretary to the Vice President 

Dr. Karl E. Keefer 
Vice President for Academic Affairs 

60 Faculty, Staff and Administration 

Joyce Hollin 
Financial Aid Officer 


Smile Rhonda, he's taking our picture! 

David Mercer 
Work Coordinator 

Mildred Arnold 
Secretary in Counseling 

Student Development 

Kermir Zopfi 
Dean of Students 

Paul II Ardclcan 
Associate Dean of Students 

Jo Ellen Zumbrum 
Associate Dean of Students 

Hilda De Klerk 
Resident Director— Long 



|)MtU IllJ'MlJW 

• DirCCCOf Arnr.l.l 

Troy BfOWfl 

l<r\|.fml iJifrtmr Wondlrr 

Murtli.i I'tiolc 
Dim tin (il I Ic-ii If I ■ Services 

Faculty, Staff and Administration 61 

Advancement Department 

Stuart Meissnet 
Director of College Advancement 

Fred Stansberry 
Director of Planned Giving 

Stephen Snyder 
Director of Alumni Affairs 

John Weyant 
Director of Publicity and P.R. 


Kathy Farney 
Secretary in Advancement 

Rebecca Peck Hoyt 
Advancement Office Coordinator 

Eleanor Steele 
Secretary/Systems Programmer 

Glen H. Liebig 
Director of Admissions 

Mark Garrett mingles with students. 

John Farris 
Admissions Counselor 

Juanita Fowler 
Admissions Counselor 

Carol Jennings 
Information Processor 

Mark Garrett 
Admissions Counselor 

Carolyn Ward 

Information Processor and 


Student Records 

Barbara Howard 

Kachy Parks 
Records Secrerary 

Mrs. Howard is always willing to help students. 

. Kinney 

Business Office 

Miry Ai.ii>- Pirroo 

• irf 

Division of Biblical Studies and Philosophy 

Dr. Brian Richardson 
Div. Chair., Prof, of Christian Ed. 

Dr. William E. Brown 
Assistant Professor of Bible 

Dr. Irving L. Jensen 
Professor of Bible 

Dr. W. Gary Phillips 
Asst. Prof, of Bible and Greek 

Dr. Richardson counsels a girl 
about Bryan College men. 

Mr. Craig Williford, Jr. 
Asst. Prof, of Christian Ed. 

Mr. Alan N. Winkler 
Assistant Professor of Bible 

Mr. Wilkins making last minute preparations for his next 

Dr. Brown telling ANOTHER joke to his class. 

64 Faculty, Staff and Administration 

Education and Psychology 

Dr. Mayme S. Bedford Div. Chair., Dr. Nanetre Bagstad Mr. Sreve Bradshaw 

Prof, of Ed. and Psychology Asst. Professor of Education Asst. Professor of Psychology 

Mr. William M. Collman 
Asst. Professor/Health & 

Coach of Soccer 

Dr. Cuthbertion — "Pain is all in the mind.' 

Dr. Fary — "Let me tell you about the wonderful philos- 
ophies of education . . ." 

I* Malcolm I Far) 
.■■ ProfcMCM 

Mr Rick Hughef It Harold Matthewi 

Coach of Batcball and Womcn'i ■. ■ i ..r r i- r . »t r- -. •. . , t >,i i.Iu.ji 


Dr. Duane Cuthbertson 
Associate Professor of Psychology 

Mr. Wayne Dixon 
Asst. Professor/Health & 

Coach of Men's Basketball 

Mrs. Jane N. Tayloe 

Asst. Professor/Health & 


( oach ol Volleyball and Softball 

Faculty, Staff and Administration 65 

Division of Fine Arts 

Dr. Melvin R. Wilhoit 
Div. Chair., Ass't. Prof, of Music 

Mrs. Ruth L. Bartlett 
Ass't Professor of Music 

Dr. John B. Bartlett 
Ass't Professor of Music 

Mr. David C. Friberg 
Ass't Professor of Music 

Mr. David A. Luther 
Ass't Professor of Music 

Mr. Weaver practices his thick brush technique. 

Mr. Luther demonstrates how to sing with one's hands. 

Mrs. Sigrid Luther 
Ass't Professor of Music 



Miss Zelpha Russell 
Tour Coordinator 

Mr. Herb Weaver 
Ass't Professor of Art 

66 Faculty, Staff and Administration 

Division of Literature and Modern 


Dr. Robert L. McCarron Dr. John B. Bartlett 

Div. Chair., Ass't. Prof, of English Professor of Fine Arts Department 

Miss Brynoff and Dr. Kantzer review some En 111 "Literature.' 

^^9H l 







Mr. Frederick G. Bedford 
Ass't. Prof, of Modern Languages 

Miss Betty Ann Brynoff 
Ass't Professor of English 

Mr. Keith Callis 
Instructor in English 

Mrs. Rachel R. Morgan 
Ass't Professor of Speech 

Dr. Richard M. Cornelius 
Professor of English 

Dt Mcfjffon iniemly waiche* the bill >:■"'"' 

Faculty, Staff and Administration 67 

Division of History, Business and Social 

Dr. Robert W. Spoede 

Div. Chair., Professor of History 

and Social Science 

Mr. Richard R. Hill 
Ass't Professor of Business 

Mr. Walter Jahncke 
Ass't Professor of Accounting 

Dr. William L. Ketchersid 
Assoc. Professor of History 

Mr. Jahncke takes a break to 
watch Walt shoot some hoop. 

Division of 

Mathematics and 
Natural Science 

- ♦ 


Dr. Jack W. Traylor 
Assoc. Professor of History 

Dr. Scott jogs to wotk with his dog, Freedom. 

Dr. Martin E. Hartzell 
Div. Chair., Assoc. Prof, of Biology 

Mr. Stephen Barnett 
Ass't Professor of Science 

Dr. Willard L. Henning 
Professor Emeritus of Biology 

Miss Dottie Johnson 
Lab Assistant 

Dr. Phillip E. Lestermann 
Assoc. Professor of Mathematics 

Dt. T. Gordon Scott 
Assoc. Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Robert J. Simpson 
Assoc. Professor of Mathematics 

68 Faculty, Staff and Administration 




David Wright 
Director of Library Services 

Rebecca Van Meeveren 
Library Technical Ass't 

Virginia M. Seguine 
Reader Services Librarian 

Rebekah Ross 
Library Technical Ass't 

Keith Callis 
Library Ass't 


Ginny Seguine consults with David Wright. 

Marti Decker: "I'm sorry but we don't have change for a 

Mrs. Liebig 
Bookstore Manager 

Support Services 


Shirley Holme* 
Director of Support Service* 

Brcnda Wootcn 
Manager of Support Services 

Glcncale Zopfi 
Stcnographcr/PBX Operator 

Wanda Davey 

Multilith Operator and Senior 

Postal Clerk 

Valerie Castlen 
Mail Clerk and Clerical Ass't 

Mrs. Shirley Holmes: "A cluttered desk is the sign of u genius," 

[■'acuity, Staff and Administration 69 

Professional Food Management 

Patsy Gossett, Clara Massingale, John Argo, Devvie Clairday, Patty Dyet, Ruth Price, Doyle Atgo. Not 
Pictuted: Joyce Atgo. 


Joe Runyon 
Ditectot of Maintenance 

J'. '1 

Latry Wooten 
Director of Special Services 

Mr. Cather: "Good Kitty." 

The Commoner wishes to recognize Mt. Cather's twenty years of service to 

Bryan college. We wish him the best in his retirement. 



Gary Ellison 
Grounds Supervisor 

Peter Harris 

William Cather 

Bill Webb 

Lynn Lehtinen 
Shop Sec. 

70 Faculty, Staff and Administration 

And like a child, runs so quickly through life, 
And grows up 


Sports 71 


Above — "Hey guys, the 
ball's over there!" Upper 
right — "Who said Soccer 
wasn't violent?" 



Back row: Steve Sheibley, Sonny Beckham, David Clothier, Eric Wietz, Brian Gerberich, Dan Harrington, David Erskine, Dan Snyder, Dan Campbell, 
Ben Crandall, Keith Franklin, Coach Collman. Front row: Mark Heffner, Duane Jeffers, Tom Shanley, Phil Garlow, Rick Swift, Daryl Mullholand, Dan 
Regal, Andy Rice, Thomas Tyler. 

72 Sports 

Left — Dan Snyder tries to teach an opponent the Bryan High Step. Mid-left — 
Dan Snyder (17) John Boggs (3) and Ben Crandall (4) circle "the enemy" Mid- 
Right — David Erskine practices the "Tm a goalie and I'm proud" stance. Lower 
center — Sonny Beckham boots the ball up. Lower right — Steve Sheibley tries to 
detetmine where to kick the ball. 
























Sports 73 


Far right: Lori Martin reaching sky high. 
Right: Pam Howell sets up a spike for 
Lori Martin. 

74 Sports 

Left: Coach Tayloe gives the team new strategy. 

Below left: The sky is the limit. Below right: Mary Lokers goes for it as Tresa Adams and Pam 

Howell look on. 











3 LTC 


















































































Sports 75 

Cross Country-Men 

With five runners the men placed third in their conference in the Belmont Invitational 

and second in the NAIA All District 24 Tournament. John Bruner received the NAIA All 

District honors for his fourth place finish. Right: The men's team runs a practice lap. 

Below: Brian Vladu going for the gusto. 


Above: Paul Olson, Brian Vladu, Andy Bruner, Mike Goad and John Bruner 

Right: Mike Goad haulin' like a truck. 

Far Right: Paul Olson fighting his way 

through the pack. 

76 Sports 

Cross Country — Women 

As the first officially organized team, the women completed the season with a recotd of 
8-3. Sandy Enlow placed fitst in the NAIA Disttict Championship with Carol Cummings 
at fourth and Michele Pearce at sixth. Enlow received All District honors. The team took 
first in the NAIA District meet. 

Left: Coach Bradshaw uses his psychology to motivate the runners. 

The 85-86 Women's Cross County team consisted of: Carol Cummings, Sandy Enlow, Kim Sexton, Michele Pearce and Susy Lopez. 
They were led by Coach Steve Bradshaw (rear). 

*— ,ir**\ T-. ^np^r 

Above: Michele Pearce heads for the finish 
line. Left: Susy Lopez, "... let us run with 
endurance the race that is set before us." 
Heb. 12:1, Far Left: Kim Sexton maintains 
a lead. 

Sports 77 


Far right — Kyle Howard, 
the friendly Bryan Lion. 
Right: Denise Savage gets 
the seniors on their feet. 

78 Sports 

Love grows when Christians unite 

So much love, it's hard to untie 

And it hurts more when we say good-bye 

But it's worth it with Jesus 

' Cause you know without Jesus 

We wouldn't even know the meaning of love 


PCI Officers 

Practical Christian Involvement functions as a community setvice arm of Bryan 

College, providing guidelines and encouragement to workers in different 

ministries. As a community outreach, PCI seeks to meet the spiritual needs of 

people. It also seeks to further discipleship in the individual Christian. 

Every student has a chance to participate in Bible Teaching, Gospel Gimpers, 
Little Pals, Nursing Home, Gospel Teams, Tutoring or World Outreach. 

Sharon Richardson 
Director of PCI 

Officers: (Bottom Row) Dan Snyder — Little Pals; Becky Brewster — Nursing Homes; Sharon Richardson — PCI Director; Jon Klaus — World Outreach; Darlene Middleton — Gospel Gimpers; 
Mark Jones — Gospel Teams; John Pierce — Bible Teachers, (Top Row) David Lines — Prayer Bands; Shawn Wolf— President of PCI; Sherry Robinson — Tutoring 

Above: Dan Snyder discusses Little Pals with Susan Heasley. 
Left: Becky Brewster smiles as she recalls fun times at the nursing home. 

80 Organizations 

Bible Teachers 

Eleven-year-olds — Donna Cole, Sonya Knecht. Lori Farney, Lamar Frizzell, and Mark Hoffer. Ten-year-olds — Ken Cole, Craig Cornelius, and Kevin Mangum (seated). 

Nine-year-olds— Janet Strickland, Hitendra Banerjei, and Alice Burklin. 

Eight-year-olds— Michelle Hufford, Anita Paluso, Debbie Richardson, Debbie 
Lawalin, Chantel Messer, and David Rose. 

Sever. ;-<h Hranton. I>awn Stacy, Michclc Johnwin, Suzanne , Six-year-olds— (hat k row) Stephanie I In ks, Dan Campbell, Betsy Goctzman, 

Shcppard, Cindy Renegar, Heidi Ncihoff, Gretchen Mann, Mischa Tenner, lire ky Miller, Bonnie Wagler, Pal Ryan, ((runt row) Ruth Purdie, Lori Swain, 
Tammy Oierlcv J«y Stoddard, and Mark Jordan, 

S|»ci l.ihu ,111011 


( Irganizations hi 

Little Pals 

This year's "Big Pals" are: Dan Snyder, Tara Taylor, Joan Reed, Cindy Snow, John Boggs, Anna Smithjohn Williams, Jacqueline Lee, Yolanda Garcia, Dan Harringron, Starr Pitts, Susan Wil- 
kins, Kelvin Hopson, Dawn Hoffman, Ann Efird, Trish Kiney, Tim Leary, Jeanette Northey, Steve Huber and Cheryl Dear. 

Above: Santa makes an early appearance at the Pals Christmas Party. 

Center: Raul Cruz coaches his Little pal at a get-together. 

Right: "Truck" Carlson gets a smile from his little pal. 

82 Organizations 

Nursing Home 

Left — The members of the Nursing Home Ministry for 
1985-1986 are: Front: Cindy Smith, Lori Emmott, Kendra 
Thompson, Becky Brewster Middle: Colleen Fischer, 
Cassie Tucker, Debbie Figurski, Melanie Stucky, Starr 
Pitts, Kari Bengtson, Kim Freers, Susy Lopez, Suzanne 
Smith. Back: Paul Lindstrom, Eric Rudd, David Nye, Paul 
Olsen, Mary Lokers, Steve Snyder. 

Left — Becky Brewster makes a friend. 

Above— David Nye and Debbie Figurski leave the nursing home feeling refreshed after 
brightening son - s day I. ell Steve Snyder turns on his charm. 

( >rganizations 83 

World Outreach 

Above: During the first 

semester World Outreach 

sponsored a Carnation sale 

to raise funds. Below: 

David Lines encourages 

students to get involved in 

a prayer band. 

f*.-ttr iA' 




Everyone VJeicotif 

Above: Officers for 
World Outreach: Jon 
Klaus, President; David 
Lines, Prayer Bands; 
Kathy McManus, 
Student Mission 
Fellowship; Bob Hay, 
Summer Missions 
Program. Left: Jewish 
Prayer Band: (Front) 
Gennifer Szego and 
Miss Zelpha Russell. 
(Back) Kathy 
McManus, Irene 
Loveland, Gina Lyle, 
Elaine Lewis. (Not 
Pictured): Don 
Hilgeman, Colleen 
Fischer, Tim Leary, 
Raul Cruz, Dee 
McFadden, Esther 
Keefer, Sara Keefer. 
Below: Bob Hay talks 
about mission's in 

84 Organizations 

Gospel Gimpers 

Top left— (topi Carolyn 

Knapp. Alan Keay. 

Suzanne Dixon, (bottom) 

Karen Mains. Darlene 

Middleton make up the 

core group. Top right — 

Gimpers in action. Below 

left— Future 


Left — Carol Romer, 
Janelle Johnson, 
Nathan Padgett, 
Carolyn Knapp and 
Sonny Beckham 
(center). Below right- 
Pat Nemcik, Darlene 
Middleton, Marilyn 
Orris, Jennifer Suggs 
and Lori De Boer. 

Organizations H5 

Gospel Team 

Back row: Stephanie Hicks, Janet Robertson, Vickie Perna, Kendra Thompson, Becky Miller, Becky Price, Ellen Chadwick, Suzanne Sheppard, Krista Floyd, Lori De Boer, Sharron Licking, 
Anita Paluso, Christina Sullivan, Heidi Chrouser, Linda Robertson, Jaqueline Lee, Jennifer Suggs, Heidi Niehoff. Middle row: Misha Fenner, Leanne Malloy, Michele Jackson, Faith Codner, 
Sue Hopkins, Ruth Rinehart, Karen Hendricks, Beth Price, Angie Gilbert, Trisha Kiney, Dawn Hoffman, Dee McFadden, Party Wiens, Missy Neubert, Paula Hammer, Tammy Cheeks, Jane 
Moore Front row: Doug Barr, Dwayne Price, Dave McNeil, Tom Burton, Alan McManus, Mark Jordan, Kent Margrave, Nathan Padgett, Larry Gaines, Blaine Hess, Greg Lilley.Jim Martinez, 
Mark Jones (center). 

Below — Gospel team members do their warm up exercises. 

Above — Mark Jones leads Gospel Team in creating a delicacy to the ear! Below — Gospel 
Team prepares to sing for Salem Baptist service. 

86 Organizations 


( Irganizationa 


Back row: Danny Bice (Editor), Doug Pearson, Mike Goad. Middle row: Miss Brynoff (Advisor), Sandy Kuhn (Design Editor), Sonya Knecht (Copy Editor), 
Lori Farney, Amy Beckham (Feature Editor). Front row: Kay Powell, Shari Metzger, Joy Koch, Karen Lee, Dawn Kinter. Not pictured: Eric Rudd (Sports Edi- 
tor), Laura Huie, Laura Kaufmann, Jon Klaus, Matt Eggert, Glenn McClain. 

Sonya Knecht smiles as she reads Danny's editorial. 

Lori Farney and Joy Koch pondering over a letter to the editor. 

88 Organizations 


Below left: Thelma Sugancharaj giving pictures new 


Below middle: Debra Masters — Celebrity Chicken. 

Below right: Kris Bair sizing pictures. 

Back row: Knsten Turner. Mr. Weyant (Advisor), Debra Masters, Kris Bair, Jim Shelley (Layout editor), Gina Lyle. Middle 
row: Mark Hoffer (Photo editor), Sara Walker, Susan Wilkin, Karen Turner. Front row: Raydell James, Lamar Townley 
(Editor-in-chief). Not pictured: Lisa Webb (Business manager), Thelma Sugantharaj (Copy editor), Nathan Padgett, Candace 

Left: Karen and Kristcn Turner work manlier Above M;irk llofler and Gina Lylc — 
"There's nothing to be afraid Oi in the dark room," 

Organizations 89 


This years Student Union consisted of: (Back row) Diane Dempsey, Dan Campbell, Mary Wildish, Patty Wiens, Rick Swift, Anna Culpepper, Dan Butler, Lori Lesnett 
(front row) John Whitely, Becky Miller, Tom Burton, Betsy Goetzman, Tim Smith. Not pictured Dave Harvey. 

Above: Union officers are Tim Smith, treasurer; Betsy Goetzman, secretary; Diane 
Dempsey, vice president for personnel; Anna Culpepper, president; David Harvey, vice 
president for activities. Above right — students at a union sponsored picnic. Left — Becky 
Miller draws up a poster for the David Meece concert. 

90 Organizations 


\ A Ll 


The purpose ot Student Union is to provide fun and exciting activities for the student 
body. This year's Student Union has set the goal of honoring Christ through: more 
creative activities, good organization, credability, and unity within Union — the results 
being a greater school unity. 

Some of this years activities included a Costume Party, the David Meece Concert, a 
Freshman Scaveger Hunt, Musical Chairs, a trip to the Alpine Slide and, the almost 
traditional trip, to Six Flags. 

Upper left: Diane Dempsey and Rick Swift set up to sell David Meece Concert tickets. 
Center left: Several Union members prepare to watch "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," 
at the Costume Party. Below: Fun and games at the Musical Chairs outing. Lower Left: 
David Meece, live and in concert. Lower right: Diane Dempsey, Dan Campbell, Mary 
Wildish and Patty Weins represent the male-female ratio at Bryan. 

Organizations 91 


Student Senate is composed of: (Back row) Kyle Howard, Gretchen Mann, Jim Koan, Janelle Iverson, Stacy Walker, Anna Culpepper, Becky Hill, Dan Snyder, 
Suzanne Dixon, Kim Haynes, Ken Johnson; (front row) Dave Nye, David Lines, Craig Cornelius, Greg Lilley, Dinh Tran, Kevin Wishard, and Don Paul Gross. 

Above: Students are encouraged to show school spirit during the Senate sponsored Pep 
Rally. Right: Senate uses their bulletin board to wish students a Merry Christmas and a 

sane finals week (if that is possible). 



92 Organizations 


Student senate has been actively preparing since last spring for this year, selectiong Prayer, People, and Projects — in that 
order — for its priorities. 

One of Senate's first concerns was the newly-arrived freshman class. They were properly oriented and inititated with a 
visit to town, the Preisdent's Reception, and an early morning walk to Pocket. Traditional Homecoming activities 
included class competion during Sprit Week, Homecoming Court, and the banquet. Broccoli Bowl ("friendly" 
competition between Bryan, Covenant and Lee) was held for the first time in four years. Also, Senate reflected and acted 
on such student concerns as sale of pornographic material at a nearby convenient store. In addition. Senate had much 
discussion of moral and governmental issues as they related to the responsibilities of Christian college students. Senate 
stressed accountability and unity among student organizations on campus through encouragement and periodic reports. 

Koinonia (a bi-weekly time of sharing and fellowship among students), Senate chapels, coffee houses, and much prayer 
constituted Senate's endeavors to stimulate a strong spiritual atmosphere on campus. 

Upper left — Gretchen Mann and Gregg Lilley pay close attention during a committee meeting. Center left— Student 
Senate — DRESSED TO KILL Center right — Suzanne Dixon "Why do I always have to take notes?" Lower left — Dinh 
Tran "Where are the chopsticks?" Lower right — "This is the way we sweep the sidewalk, sweep the sidewalk ..." 

Organizations 93 



La <| 

The 1985-1986 Concert Choir: (Front row) Ruth Purdee, Missy Neubert, Paula Hammer, Melissa Jones, Glenn McClain, Darryl Gravett, Vince Pyle, Vicky Mohler, Tara Bucklen, Missy Goss. 
(Second row) Gina Raggio, Debbie Lilley, Cheryl Dear, Janet Strickland, Patrick Rudd, Steve Snyder, Bob Hay, Ted Raley, Ruth Snyder, Helen Dyar, Irene Loveland. (Third row) Mr. David C. 
Friberg, Becky Brewster, Becky Hill, Bambi Hallows, Kyle Howatd, Tom Burton III, Edward Fickley, Jim Woychuk, Jonathan Tucker, Betsy Goetzman, Cathie Starce, Suzanne Sheppard. 
(Fourth row) Stacy Walker, Karen Mains, Sonny Beckham IV, Jonathan Fickley, Dan Snyder, Nathan Padgett, Brett Roes, Eric Weitz, Bonnie Wagler, Kris Bair. 

Above: The Choir officers are Jona- 
than Tucker, Vice President; Karen 
Mains, Secretary; Ruth Purdie, Trea- 
surer; Bambi Hallows and Debbie 
Lawalin, Robe Chairpersons; Jona- 
than Fickley, President. Far right: 
"A-one-a-and-a-two-a ..." Right: 
The crew for the presentation of the 
Bach Symposium. 

94 Organizations 

Chamber Singers 

Back row: Leslie Stringer, Kim Haynes, Raul Cruz, Dave Harvey, Jonathan Garrett, TJ. Vercouteren, Celesta Beachy, Carol Reese. Front row: Lori Lesnett, Elizabeth Filter, David Lines, Jim 
Koan, Blaine Hess, Byron Talbot, Susy Lopez, Becky Myhan. 

Organizations 95 

Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

First Row: Amy Black, Trisha Kiney, Esther Carballosa, Beth Branson. Second row: Kathy Edwards, Jacqueline Lee. Sarah Keefer. Brenda Vandiver, Lori DeBoer, Sharon Licking, Lori Swaim, 
Lisa James, Tammy Rake. Third row: Leanne Malloy, Blaine Hess, Kathy Dean, Daryl Mullholand, Kyle Howard, Dawn Stacy, Sonny Beckham, David Branson, Kent Margraves, Tim 
Hostetler, Fourth row: Jim Koan, Tom Burton, Dr. Mel Wilhoit, Doug Barr, Julie Fredrickson. 

Center right: Move over CHICAGO, here comes the Bryan Brass. Bottom right: Officers: Jim 
Koan. Vice President; Sharon Licking, Secretary/Treasurer; Trisha Kiney, Publicity; Kathy Dean. 
President; Kent Margraves, Stage Manager. Below: Leanne Malloy and Blain Hess hard at 

96 Organizations 


Top left: Bryan students are given an opportunity to rapell down the Administration Building. Above: 
Karis Maroon prepares to take the big ieap. Middle left: ROTC Cadets were Doug Sloan, Jim 
Martinez and Terry Elsea (not pictured). Bottom left: Doug Sloan introduces the speaker in chapel. 
Below: Colonel James Meredith speaks at the Veterans Day chapel. 

Organizations 97 

Hilltop Players 

Hilltop Players acted out Thornton Wilder's "The Matchmaket" which was presented 

November 1-2. Mrs. Rachel Morgan, the advisor, was very pleased with the production. With 

numerous freshmen participating Mrs. Morgan hopes to develop the already present talent. 

Top right: Jonathan Fickley 

dressed to go out on the town. 

Above: "Holy cabooses! Kissed by 

a girl!" Right: Trisha Kiney listens 

to advice from an older woman, 

Stephanie Smith. Far right: Loti 

Emmot and Jitendra Banerjei 

taking a break from practice. 

Bottom right: Lori Emmott gives 

Todd Piercell a piece of her mind. 

98 Organizations 

Friends will come, and friends will go 

All throughout lives 

It's so fine to have friends in the Lord 




During the week of Freshmen Orientation, freshmen experienced several days of testing, 

informational sessions, goal setting workshops, and learning games. Mr. Ken Fromeke was the 

coordinator of the activities. This year's Orientation was highlighted by small group leadership 

sessions conducted by members of Student Senate. Craig Cornelius was the acting president of 

the incoming class. The freshmen participated in a community clean-up and got better 

acquainted at Dr. Mercer's home and during the President's Reception. 

' MX 

Top right: A new crop of freshmen. Above: John Williams makes Dayton shine. Middle 
top: Eric Wietz makes his debut. Middle bottom: Kellie Breneman tries to guess who has 
the ring. Above right: "Help, the zipper is stuck!" Right: Come on, Edward Fickley, those 

games can't be that bad! 

100 Activities 


Top left: Another one of those Fteshmen games. Top right: Freshmen find out eatly 
one of the dangers of college life. Middle left: Danny Campbell meets Mr. Zopfi. 
Middle center: Doug Barr waits in front of Long for a friend. Middle right: Andy 
Bruner and Cari Huelscamp say "Cheers to you." Bottom left: Eric Wietz, Angie 
Gilbert and Dave Rose find something to ease the tension — laughtet. 

Activities L01 

All College Picnic 

The college picnic is the time when the whole school gets together for fun and fellowship. 

Thete are plenty of games, food, and friendships to be made or renewed. After the games and 

the food, you are on your own to "suit your fancy", whether it is hiking, football, 

horsebackriding, basking in the sun, swimming (in the pool or icy falls), or . . . It's the last time 

to "relax" before the semester takes a running start. 

Top right: "Well, here we are . . . now 

what?" Above: Donna Howell prepares for 

pre-lunch calisthenics. Center: A group of 

students impersonating a field of wheat. 

Center right: The human AMOEBA 

102 Activities 


Top Left: Players watch as Jay Efird sets 
the ball. Centet left: John Williams pops 
the ball back across the net. Center: Even 
in intramurals there is a certain amount of 
"scouting the opposition", right guys. 
Above: Troy Brown returns the ball with 

Activities HH 








Si* M 


. __1 J 

Above: Alumnus Keith Franklin (1985) attempts to take the 
ball from Dan Snyder during the Homecoming game. Upper 
right: one of the two Lions dedicated by the class of 1980. 
Below: Holly Barnes, "Jeepers, Creepers, Where'd You Get 
Those Peepers?" Right: Move over John Trovolta, here 
comes Doug Barr. 

Center: Patty Wiens lets the little girl in her shine. Above: Freshmen Homecoming Court — 
Gina Raggio, Cheryl Dear, and Susan Heasley. Left: David Egner (1961) speaks at the Alumni 

104 Activities 


i pp i righl 1 Ian Ri gal pn pan i to booi thi ball past \»s opponent. Above: Two visitors, 

ilong with Lea lohni and fonathan Brici watch with interesi during the Homeci ng 

fi .11 ities Led Roben P and Darin Gregg del istrati ho« everyom I "roots" come 

Mur during Spirit Week. 

Ac tivitics Ktt 

Broccolli Bowl 

The Broccolli Bowl is a time of friendly 

competition between Bryan, Covenant and 

Lee Colleges. Competition includes such 

things as a car push, tug of war and 

foosball. This year Bryan won the 

covented broccolli colander. 

Left: Dan Snyder, Jeff Woodman, Troy 

Brown, and David Nelms represented 

Bryan in the Men's Car Push. 

Above: Jeff Pinder demonstrates the 

advantages of being a pool shark. Center 

right: Troy Brown: Ugh! Right: Glenn 

McClain, Jonathan Tucker, Kyle Howard 

and Jonathan Garrett — Bryan's Barbershop 

Fourtet singing "Doe, a deer, a female . . ." 

Far right: Bonnie Wagler, Christina 

Sullivan, Melanie Allen and Heidi 

Chrouser — Girls car push? 

106 Activities 

North/ South Game 

The North/South Game is the football 
game between students ftom the North 
and students from the South. This year the 
Yanks somehow managed to beat the 
Rebs. with a score of 21-13. 

Far left: Jonathan Fickley initiates the 
squash squad on quarterback Steve Mason. 
Left: Mr. Paul Ardelean, "I didn't realize 
an arm could be pulled off that easy." 

Center left: Todd Pierceall— Rebel with a 
cause. Way above: Southern Bells Cassie 
Tucker. Molly Barnes, Kelly Given and 
Anna Culpepper ring out cheers for their 
team. Immediately above: Ken Smith, 
Andy Bruner and Jim Woychuk— Rainy 
Daze. Left: Ain't that a pretty hole? 

Ai iiviiics 107 


Left: Dr. Howard Hendricks, author and speaker, provided a series of messages during the 
Staley Distinguished Christian Scholar Series first semester. Below: Jim Koan leads the 
student body in "The Wave" at a Student Senate sponsored "pep rally" chapel in the gym. 


Right: Gregg Speck provided both entertaining as well as challenging messages for the 
second semester Spiritual Life Conference. Below: Mr. Zopfi, "Has Rock gone too far?" 
Lower right: Ken Boa, noted apologist, gave an outstanding series oriented toward total 
development as a Christian. 




108 Activities 


Left: Dawn Kinter and Larry Gaines enjoy the Argo's Thanksgiving spread. Below: 
"Pappa" Weyant plots a way to embaress Elaine. 

■\Y» v ~**^ 

Center left: Jeff Fairbanks and Becky Myhain make small talk while waiting for the 

festivities tu be>;in. Above: Stuilents enjoyed seleilini; i r [lie sumptons variety pro 

vided at the Christmas "Feasi " Left: Dan Snydei and Katliy Kdwards provided some dI 
(he entertainment at the Thanksgiving Mancjuet. 

Activities WW 

Dorm Life 

Right: During the year there were several 
inter-dorm activities, including this "Day at 
the Beach" between Woodlee-Ewing and 
Long dorms. Far right; Liz Barrett and 
Avonda Yeager — The party begins after a! 

Center left: Two students demonstrate the appropriate way to "roll" an R.D.'s vehicle, Center 
right: Many students find their rooms to be a great place to study. Above: Diane Dempsey, 
Lori Emmot, Robyn Glass and Anna Culpepper enjoy the pool at Arnold dorm. Right: 
Jonathan Tucker and Larry Gaines attempt to study comfortably on a Woodlee-Ewin bunk. 

110 Activities 

Den Life 

Center left: Kenneth Cole makes his contribution to PCI via Centipede, Above: The pre- 
season Soccer field! Left: Raul Cru.2 and Dcnise Cole use the Hen for studying purposes. 

Ai tivitics I I I 

December Graduates 

Right: Cindy Smith poses fot a picture during a banquet. 

Below: December Graduates are (Bottom row) Ann Edwards, Kim Sexton, Cindy Smith (Top 
row) Dave McNeil, Mark Jones, Don Hilgeman, Vincent Nwankpa, (Not Pictured) Denise 
Cole and Truman Robbins. 

Right: Ann Edwards returns during the second semester to 
watch a basketball game. Far right: Dave McNeil will be a 
horn blower missed by the band. 

112 December Graduates 

Second Semester Additions 

Left: Laura MacKintosh is glad to be back at Bryan 

Students that began at Bryan for the second semester are: Front: Ammi McGrath, Dee 
Strickland, Pamela Prater, Beth Emery. Back: Daran Rodriguez, Jeff Harrelson, Philip 
Hay, Timothy Hostetler. Not Pictured: Ethel Austin, Brian MacKenzie, Laura MacKin- 
tosh, Anita Pippin, Dana Stone, Bob Tullberg. 

Top: Tim Hostetler appreciating Bryan basketball. 
Above: Ethel Austin finds adjusting to dorm life simple. 
Left: Tim Smith shows Brian Ma< Kenzie i orrect Brian etiquette, 

Si i unil Semester Students 1 1 5 

Engaged Students 

Not pictured: Clyde Armstrong 

and Diana Bradshaw, Matt Eggert 

and Marsha Meservey, Mark Egner and 

Sheryl Robinson, Brian Eisenhower and Regi- 

na Wiley, Tim Green and Stephanie Shackelford, 

Dave Hobbs and Ruth Snyder, Ken Johnson and 

Marcia Thigpen, Jim Koan and Carol Reese, Clayton 

Lopez and Laura Huie, Joe Thomas and Tammy 

Shive, Nathan Padgett and Ann Edwards. 

Clockwise: Lucy Felton and Lamar Townley, 
Donna Howell and Brian MacKenzie, Bambi Hal- 
lows and Kyle Howard, Gina Lyle and Bob Hays, 
Diane Dempsey and Walter Sermons, Debbie Fi- 
gurski and Dave Nye. 

114 Engaged Students 

Married Students 

■ xn ifui l)rt,iir Wolf. Hur- 
ried Hudents ai the Married Student* Banquet. Mo 

I. Villi 

and Mukj i ■ and Lewi* Alderman, Jim 


Not pictured: Rick and Yolando Harriett, Ronnie and Kelly Cox, John and 

Hi. 1. 1 1., I i,.. 1. 1 ■.mi, I )ci .iii.I (, ,ii\ HIiMMi, Mail .11 1. 1 i mii 1 1 i.i ' Irissom, Mark and 
I. on . I il ami '.in ■ |.m 1. miii. I la vu I ai ii I Itrlh l.aiiilii'ison, Ken ami l.uann 
I. owe. Tony .mil Nam y Mi ( I. in. ih. m. Vincent and lidith Nwankpa, Don and 
Katliy I'arks, Jell and Michele Pipe, Traccc and Dan Snyder 

Married Students 115 

Family Ties 

I mi 
|M oc, © K BR <** "* ma 

Twins: Kristen and Karen Turner. (Sister, Nanette, not pictured). 

Sisters: Toni and Jennifer Wilson. 

Cousins: Phillip and Bob Hay. 

Twins: Donna and Denise Cole. 

" 0* ; 

■ «' Jl 


fc- >Jl 

' t ~ ~ M- 

1 1 9 

* 1 

(Above) Sisters: Tara, Sharise, and Shawna Bucklen. (Bottom right) Brothers: Steve and Dan Snyder. 
(Sister, Ruth, not pictured). 

(Not pictured) Sisters: Kathy and Chris Alongi, Esther and Liz Carballosa, Debbie and Pam Figurski, 
Kathy and Kim Freers, Esther and Sarah Keefer, Cyndi and Susy Lopez; Twins: Jeannette and Jeannine 
Northey, Becky and Beth Price; Brothet and Sister: Ann and Jay Efird.John and Becky Hill, Tim and 
Elaine Hostettler.Jon and Susan Klaus, David and Joan Nelms; Brothers: Doug and Drew Bowman, 
Edward and Jonathan Fickley, David and Sammy Samples, Dinh and Fred Tran; Cousins: Andy Rice 
and Kathy Dean, Janet and Linda Robertson, Robin Hough and Gregg Lilley, Fred Duong and Dinh 
and Fred Tran, Lisa James and Esther and Sarah Keefer. 

Brother and Sister: Sonny and Amy Beckham. 

116 Family Ties 


Canclicls 117 

118 Candids 

Advertisement defined: 

A notice designed to attract public patronage. 


Rogers Rexall Pharmacy 

North Market Street 

Congratulations to the Class of 

Compliments of 

Dr. S.E. Nichols 


Dr. W.F. Casteel 

Modern Way Cleaners 

Laundromat 24 hrs. 
7:00-5:30 M-F 8:00-12:00 Sat. 

120 Advertisements 

Advertisements 121 

122 Advertisements 

Stan's Pharmacy 

138 East First Ave. 

Best of Luck 
Class of 1986 




520 South Market 

520 South Market 





1 ' "" 'Wi w» 

«!■* «■■ 

The Gem Shop 

Richland Park Shopping Center 

Dayton Flower Box 

406 North Market St. 

Advertisements 123 


o< flhci Counli 


Dayton George Calfee Spring City 

Chairman of the Board 

775-3942 365-9551 

W. Third Ave. „ , Front St. 

Samuel L. Swarrord 


Robert Aikman 
Robert Bennett 
Charles Blevins 

H.B. Collins 

Stan Gravett 

WTor^Z Systems, Inc. 

Ill East First Ave. 

10% Discount To Bryan Students 

Dayton Styling Center 

182 East Second Ave. 

Nancy Wilkey Cherri Rucker 

Manager and Stylist Stylist 

Beverly Henderson 

Redkin "Wolff Tanning 

Products System" 

10% discount to Bryan Students 

Latest Styling for guys and gals 

124 Advertisements 




Abel Hardware 

North Market Street 

Grace Bible Church 

\>x \>j\<- I. Linebaugh, l J astor 



Full -Line Vending 




(615) 775-6863 

1810 North Broadway 
P.O. Box 172 Dayton, Tn. 

Larry Coulter, President 

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Sunday School 

9:45 am. 

Morning Service 

11:00 am 

Evening Service 

7:00 pm 


Prayer Meeting 

7:00 pm 

First Baptist Church 

Dr. Patterson D. Ellis, Pastor 

3d and Cedar 


This space is dedicated to 

the MEMORY of 
the Challenger crew 

January 28, 1986 

Gregory Jarvis 
Christa McAuIiffe 
Ronald McNair 
Ellison Onizuka 
Judith Resnik 
Dick Scobee 
Michael Smith 

For much to be 

Much has to be 


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Ackno wledgements 

Sincere thanks to the following people, 

for their contributions to the 

1985-1986 COMMONER: 

David Branson 


Raul Cruz 


Jonathan Fickley 


Bob Hay 


Kathy Impello 


Jon Klaus 


Jim Martinez 


John Weyant 

Patience with 

the editors 

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