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3 7P11 02005 9382 

1 1 H e i i 




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in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 


The scene is all too familiar. Sidewalks caked with dirt, 
piles of rocks all over the landscape, and sounds of 
crunching metal to wake us up before dawn. We could es- 
cape it nowhere on campus. We were constantly reminded 
of the construction as we weaved our way through the 
maze to get to class in drafty trailers. But these weren't 
just reminders of the inconvenience; they were reminders 
of the grace that God had given us and the future plan He 
had in store for us. Every strip of yellow tape or orange 
fencing served as a reminder that God's hand was in our 
midst, and we were watching as He was 

Relwlldiif § the Hffl 

Commoner 2001 

Volume 69 

William Jennings Bryan College 

Dayton, Tennessee 


Opening "f 

ver the last year 'Bryan College has seen many changes. Che loss of 
the Administration building has been a change that has devastated many stu- 
dents and alumni. In this year of adjustments the pain was lessened by the 
hope carried with the new construc- 
tion. U)eve begun rebuilding the 
hill and while it will never be the 
same old place we used to know, we 
trust that God will use the changes 
to improve this campus and all the 
people who pass through our new 
doors in the future. 


2 Dedication 

Che spiritual growth of the past year has been immeasurable, but 
physically we have a lot of growth to show. Chese obvious growth spurts 

have taken place under the direction of Gim 
J(ostetler, *Dan Try and the rest of 13ryan College 
Operations 'Department. Tror all their hard work, 
we would like to dedicate this edition of the ISryan 
College Commoner to them. Chey have been in- 
strumental in leading the campus through its con- 
tinuing growing pains. 

Chank you for your work. 

*"«£*; -. 

Dedication 3 

Jake Puckett and Michelle Edwards 
enjoy the fine cuisine. 

Photo by Jewel Gardner 


The school year began a bit early for the "leaders" of the 
Bryan College student body. Over 100 students, ranging 
from the Student Body President to RAs to orientation 
group leaders, gathered at the Hornscreek Retreat Center 
near the Ocoee River for the annual Fall Leadership 
Conference. The three-day conference including teaching 
from Matt Benson, Phil Pranger, Dr. Peter Held, and 
Melody Benson, to name just a few. There were also 
"bonding" times such as rafting down the Hiawassee River 
(quite the adventure!). It was a great start to the year and 
gave the leaders a vision for what Bryan College is and 
what it could become. 

-Sarah E. Drake 

Melody Benson worked tirelessly to 
organize food preparation for the 

Photo by Jewel Gardner 

Sasha Morgan, Katie Buttram, Abby 
Miller, Kelly Elledge, and Leah 
Hochanadel were excited to be at 
the conference. 

Photo by Jewel Gardner 

4 Leadership Retreat 

Matt Benson shares with the group 
what it means to be a leader. 

Photo by Jewel Gardner 

Leah Hochanadel listens intently to 
the speaker. 

Photo by Jewel Gardner 

Lesley Cole and Jewel Gardner 
show their affection. 

Submitted by Jewel Gardner 

Jill Womack, Michael Landry, 
Michael Brown, and Laura Yates 
bond over dinner. 

Photo by Jewel Gardner 

Leadership Retreat 5 

Dr. Bill Brown welcomes incoming students. 

Photo Submitted 






Josh Ray and Seth Mapes put on 
their game faces for the camera. 

Photo by Emily Riddle 

6 Freshman Orientation 

Charis Brice snaps into a Slim Jim. 
Photo by Emily Riddle 

Lauren Barnes introduces herself 
during orientation in Rudd. 

Photo Submitted 

Dr. David Masoner, Mark Cruver, 
and Dr. Bill Brown listen to new 

Photo Submitted 

Orientation Leaders strain to 
hear as near students introduce 

Photo Submitted 

Incoming freshmen pay attention 
as they get their first glimpse of 
college life. 

Photo Submitted 

Welcome Week 7 

All-College Picnic 

Fall Creek Falls State Park 

Jon Lay, Lucas Lewis, David Arute, Chris 
Angelo, and Tim McFarland race Sasha Mor- 
gan to the finish line for the annual mattress 

Photo by Allison Johnson 

fand so the>{ sa>(... 

"The egg thing was so cool." 
-' -&roofce Mlson — 

"I remember being really 

impressed with Dr. Crown 

and how he served lunched 

to all the students." 

—Heidi \Mells~ 


Allison Johnson, Robin Wedekind, Cassie Jennifer McCafferty hangs on for dear life as 

Smith, Dawn Dresselhaus, and Brooke Wil- Travis Stevens avoids getting swatted by 

son relax in the sun as they await their next other opponents. 

basketball game. Photo by Allison Johnson 

Photo submitted 

8 All-College Picnic 

Jill Womack, Karen Chamberlain, Jan Moore, Dr. Brown and his wife dish up some good 

and other Senior ladies struggle for the vie- old BBQ sandwiches to Dr. Lestmann and 

tory in the Tug-Of-War competition. Coach Michalski. 

Photo by Allison Johnson Photo by Sarah E. Drake 

Jill Reeves guards Sarah K. Drake as she tries 
score with the help of her teammate Sarah 
E. Drake. 

Photo submitted by Sarah E.Drake 

As the summer months draw to 
a close, the students of Bryan College 
reunite and for some unite for the first 
time. The first weeks of the school 
year serve as a means to develop for 
us a real sense of community. The 
All-College Picnic is a great way to 
enjoy the closing of the summer 
months in the beauty of Fall Creek 
Falls and to begin to set the social 
atmosphere for the coming year. 
Who would have ever thought that 
having an egg smashed in your face, 
being pulled across a field on a mat- 
tress or being totally shut down on the 
basketball court could be the spark of 
a new friendship? 

By Jonathan Mobley 

All-College Picnic 9 







Melissa Grauman performing her 
clown act. 

Photo submitted by 
Allison Johnson 

The girls act as boys, as they do 
their version of N-Sync's song "Bye 
Bye Bye." 

Photo submitted by 
Allison Johnson 

Miguel gets aquatinted with the girls 
as he impersonates Ricky Martin. 

Photo submitted by 
Allison Johnson 

1 Freshman Talent Show 


Charis and Addie do a hilarious rendition of the song 
American pie. Photo submitted by 

Allison Johnson 

Top: Jessica Hendrix displays her 

dancing ability. Photo submitted by 

Allison Johnson 

Left: Aaron and 

Nathaniel recite 

L ' ^8 

some poetry for us, 
with a jazzy flavor. 


Cool bow Aaron! 



wtr 49 

Allison Johnson 

■L' 'j- ■ ~ ~~JBB 

Tad plays a lengthy, 
stylistic guitar solo 
for us, with no shoes 


submitted by 

Allison Johnson 

Freshman Talent Show 1 1 

Keep Away! Nate Humphrey skillfully 
takes control away from an opponent at 

Donnie Kier scouts the field for the big 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 


Ike ^.V. team it the tno$t fumy tjhoup 
of $uy$ at tckooL Ale kaue a lot of fun 
toqetke* and out coach it a (eahtett 
leader " 

- Mate Huu\$k*ey 

1 2 JV Soccer 

Chris Angelo looks ahead anticipating the long pass down the field. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

2000 J.y. Men's 

00- Ron Bridwell 
01-5teven Chapman 
02-Tyler McWilliams 
03-Tim 5ewell 

05- Nate Humphrey 

06- Charlie Phillips 

07- David Sewell 

08- Josh Qurski 

09- Ronnie Kier 

10- Craig Harper 

(Above) Tyler McWilliams makes a quick cut as Craig Harper runs 
ahead to complete a give-and-go. 

(Below) Greg Owens powers his way past a Hiwassee player to get 
to the goal. 

Photos by Sarah K. Drake 

11- Donnie Kier 

12- Lucas Lewis 
13- John 5t. John 
14- David Starbuck 

16- Brandon 


17- Carlos Ayalla 

19- Miguel Ayllon 

20- Matt Palmer 
21-Chris Angelo 
22- dreg Owens 

Coach Palmer 
shows the team 
the true 
meaning of 
being a Bryan 
Lion by 
gathering team 
members to 
pray after a 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Ronnie Kier gets set to launch a kick to across the field. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

; Q ^ title of page 13 

Goalie Mya Morrison gets ready to throw the 
ball upfield after one of her exceptional saves. 
Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Front row (I to r): Tammy Smith, Becky Kalz, Rachael Palmer, Kara Krogel, and Vanny Phin. Second row: Sharyn Rose, Adrian Dewhurst, 
Lisa Boehmer, Valerie Petitte, Esther Bragg, and Kim Moose. Back row: Manager Winnie Buck, Anna Hanger, Aubre Mjolhus, Mya 
Morrison, Esther Jackson, Jenny Hughes, Megan Bales, and Head Coach Marc Neddo. (not pictured Assistant Melody Owens) 

Photo submitted by Tom Davis 

Co-Captain Lisa Boehmer slides on the field 
to kick the ball up. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Co-Captain Becky Kalz pushes the ball up the 
field towards her teammates. 

Photo by Allison Johnson 

loach's Comments 

"Other than 1 games, we won the games we should have, and lost 
the others to trulf better teams." 

"6ver>j >fear this program is getting better. The returning placers 

have improved steadily, and the talent level of the new placers is 

growing. It is Keeping up with our conference teams, especially in 

scholarship dollars, that poses the greatest challenge." 

"This team has been, and continues to be a blessing to me; they're 
enjoyable to coach and spend time with, which is a good thing 

since I spend hours everf da>( during the season with them. And I 

Know \\\t-\ have a positive influence on this college campus as 

1 4 Women's Soccer 

Sophomore Sharyn Rose uses her mad foot 

skills to sneak the ball around her opponent. 

Photo by Allison Johnson 

H I* J 

Megan Bales, Kim Moose, Tammy Smith, Esther Jackson, Valerie Pettite, Sharyn Rose, anc 
Kara Krogel cheer for their team during the Homecoming game. 

. Photo by Allison JoHNsors 

WomenS Soccer 

Season Stats 



5outhern Wesleyan 


at TM Temple Univ 


at Brenau Univ 



florth Georgia 



Warren Wilson 





at Cumberland Univ 




Trevecca hazarene 


at Virginia Intermont* 


TM W/esleyan * 




at Covenant* 


Virginia Intermont 


at Milligan* 


at King* 



at Averett 


TM Temple 


Aubre Mjolhus 

takes control of 

the ball as she 

dribbles down 

the field. 

Jul . 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Coach Neddo, Lisa Bohemer, Esther Bragg, Megan Bales, Rachael Palmer battles for the ball against a 
and Kara Krogel watch on the sidelines as their team Hiwassee opponent. 

plays on the field. Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Lisa £>oehmer, 
Senior Co- Captain 

"I realty enjoyed plac- 
ing soccer this fear. We 
had a lot of worK to do 
because vie had a totally 
new team, but we got 
through it, and it was the 
best winning fear that I 
have placed here at &rf an 

Women's Soccer \ 5 

(Top Row) Hutcheson, Durante, 
Barrios, Cerna. Ray, Unsicker. Carver. 
Siiva, Davidson. Chapman 
(Bottom Row) Zensen, Marshall. 
Franca. Drumond. Lopez, Nathan, 
Loaiza, Eisenbeck, Mitchell 
Not Pictured: McWilliams, Douglas. 

Photo submitted by Tom Davisi 

Pete Mitchell works the ball down the 

(Above) Armondo Durante weaves 
through a web of Covenant defend- 

(Right) Catch me if you can! A 
defender tries to keep up with the 
swift feet of Ben Carver. 

Photos by Joie Stone and Sarah K. 

Moises Drummond was honored twice this year for his 
outstanding athletic ability. He not only made the NAIA 
Region XII All Region Team, but he was also named NAIA 
Player of the Year for that region. 

The Bryan Lions are not only known for their athletic 
talent, but also for their hard work in academics by being 
named scholar-athletes. 

NAIA- Moises Drumond and Pete Mitchell 

NCCAA- Moises Drumond, Brian Eisenbeck, James 
Hutcheson, Isidro Loaiza, and Pete Mitchell 

AAC - Ben Carver, Moises Drumond, Brian Eisenbeck, 
James Hutcheson, Nate Krogel, Isidro Loaiza, and Pete 

16 Men ' s Soccer 


Jamal Marshal] stretches to keep the ball 
in play. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

2000 hen's 

Season Stats 

15-4-1 overall 


TM Temple 




Toccoa Falls 


VA Intermont 


Taylor- Ft. Wayne 


KY Christian 














TM Wesleyan 








11-0 Emmanuel 


1-2 Covenant (AAC semi-finals) 
4-3 Covenant (NAIA Region XII) 
0-2 Virginia Intermont (Region finals) 

James "Jimbo" Hutcheson's great 
instincts and talent were a 
commanding factor to the 1 
regular season shut-out games 
this year. 

Photo by Joie Stone 

Top Right) Player of the year, Moses Drumond, gets set to launch a kick. 

_eft) Seniors Moises Drumond, Saulo Franca, Tim Unsicker, and Phil Douglas try 

d warm up during an unusually chilly game. 

Photos by Sarah K. Drake 

Men's Soccer *) 7 

The Homecoming Game of 2000 ended in a 
Bryan victory over Kentucky Christian. The 
score was 7-1 , and the guys gave it their all to 
ensure a Bryan College win. As fans lined the 
hillside there was a presence of school spirit 
and pride. We were proud of our Homecoming 
Court of 2000, especially our King and Queen, 
Mr. Travis Stevens and Miss Christina Senter. 





Phil Douglas arrives on the field prepared for victory. 

Photo Submitted 

Bryan's 2000 Homecoming Court 


'^c •- "» 

1 8 Homecoming 

bottom left-Nathaniel Isler-Williams, Jim Hanson, Mike Sheddan, Peter Cleek, Zac Brown, Travis Stevens. Mike Roukas. Adam 
Parker, David Arute, Top left-Anna Hanger, Heidi Wells, Sarah E. Drake, Sarah Martin, Rachel Mizell, Christina Senter, Jennifer 
Musselman, Kristen Immel, Sasha Morgan 

Photo Submitted 

Christina Senter and Travis 

Stevens our 2000 

Homecoming Queen and 


Ben Carver comes in for the steal. 

Photo Submitted 


Mike Sheddan, Sarah E. Drake, 
Sasha Morgan, David Arute - 
Sophomore Homecoming 
Representatives show a little leg - 
it's too late guys, they already 
picked the winners! 

Photo Submitted 

Tim Unsicker faces opposition as he 
gains control of the ball. 

Photo Submitted 

Homecoming \ 9 

Lisa Boehmer - Spirit week brings 
the best out in Lisa! 


From Decade Day to Twin Day we risked all pride 
and dignity to display true school appreciation during 
this year's Spirit Week. All over campus eighties hair 
and delightfully disgusting hot pink and neon green col- 
ors could be seen. The Homecoming Pep Rally finished 
off the week and featured an unforgettable performance 
from each class. 

Kim Vaughn, Toni Celius - Kim and 
Toni pose after a delightful Argos 

Photo Submitted 

Hannah Hammond, Michelle 
Largent, Robin Wedekind, Sarah K. 
Drake, Jennifer L. Wilson, Sasha 
Morgan, Cassie Smith - You girls 
look all too natural in that eighties 

Photo Submitted 

20 Spirit Week 

Anna Kellogg. David Henderson - 
Do you guys do this all the time? 

Photo Submitted 

Travis Stevens. Bryon Rossi - What 
would Joie have to say about this? 

Photo Submitted 

Jon St. John or John Travolta - you 
make the pick. 

Photo Submitted 

Mary Green. Shannon Kilgore, and 
Michelle Largent enjoy fashion of 
the past. 

Photo Submitted 

Spirit Week 21 

5tudent5 were 

entertained by 

the band, Laden 




stand up comedy 


Freshmen Tara Bose, Juli 
Santmier, Jessica Echerd, and 
Emily Stiffler pause to show 
off their pearly whites. 

Photo submitted by 
Jessica Echerd 

"The Homecom- 
ing Banquet 

rocked and the 

sophomores did 
a great 

job planning it." 
--Matt Clark-- 

Jake Puckett, David Arute, 
Seth Mapes, and Josh Bales 
stand proudly behind their 
beautiful dates. 
Photo submitted by 
Allison Johnson. 

Brooke Wilson, Stephanie 

Johnson, Mellonee Pangel, 

Allison Johnson, and Melinda 


Photo submitted by 

Allison Johnson. 

22 Homecoming Banquet 

A Night to Remember 

Music filled the candle-lit cafete- 
ria where friends bonded over Argos 
finest. The event broke up the long fall 
semester and gave students something 
to look forward to. 

The Banquet was planned by the 
sophomores and according to Julie 
Drown, it really paid off. "I loved the 
music and the decorations were beau- 
tiful;' Good food, a fun environment, a 
time to dress up and chill with your 
friends... who could ask for more? 

By Julie Drown 

(Top left ): Ah-how cute, 
Silvia Ayala and Jenna Reams 
pose for a picture. 

Photo submitted by 
Silvia Ayala. 

Miles Ericson and Matt Johnson are dressed to impress. 

Photo taken by Allison Johnson. 

(Above): Argo's was rockin' 
as Chad Brogan, Ben Lavoie, 
and Dan Evans, from the 
Laden band, played their 

Lookin' hot-the wanna-be 
GQ models, Tad Green, 
Robert Papenfuss, Ryan 
Walker, and Steven James, 
pose confidently for the 

Photo submitted by 
Whitney McChristian. 

Homecoming Banquet 23 

Laura Smith shows her flexibility 
and jumping skills as she hurdles 
one over the net. 

(row I) Coach Beck, Harris, Fleming, Smith, Conner, DeRaad, Manager J. Clemons 
(row 2) Hoffman, Stoneberger, Phaneuf, Peters, Ambrose, Howard 
(row 3) Moore, Chamberlin 

Brook Fleming seemingly floats 
with power and grace above a 
player from UVA wise to score. 

Cassidy DeRaad gets a hard spike 
over an opponent. 

All of the Lady Lions did well this season, but there 
were several who were recognized for excelling in 
athletics and academics. 

*Brook Fleming NCCAA All-Region Team and 
All-Tournament Team, 

A AC All-Conference Team and All-Tournament Team, 
and Scholar Athlete 

*Kelly Ambrose - NCCAA-All-Region Team and 
Scholar Athlete and AAC Scholar Athlete 

*Karen Chamberlin- NCCAA and AAC Scholar 

*Laura Smith- AAC Scholar Athlete 

Wu What What? Kelly 
Ambrose shows her versatility 
by taking a break from hitting 
and getting in some great sets. 

Many players contributed this season in different ways. Ev- 
ery girl showed discipline in hard practices and a lot of heart, 
(pictured above: Kristin Harris, Amalia Peters, and Karla Silva) 


2000-2001 Volleyball Stats 
AAC Games 















TM Wesleyan 


UVA at Wise 


UVA at Wise 











Th Wesleyan 






TM Wesleyan 



The Lady 
Lions take a 
moment to 
hear instruc- 
tions from 
Coach Beck 
and cool off 
with some 

All photos by Sarah K. Drake 

"? w&tty enpoueb playing thU yea* and 
especially making new friend* on the 
team. The U$t part, though, m$ meeting 
my roommate and Utt friend, fan jfooote 
(bottom left)." 

-lia^en ChamUdin (top left) 

Volleyball 25 

Mike Roukas, Chad Brogan, Melissa Gann, and Christa Taylor skip rocks on 

Lake Michigan, (submitted by Matt Williams) 

Chad, did Matt and Matt steal your teddy 
bear? (submitted by Matt Williams) 

The Go Canada! 2000 fall break trip passed through 
12 states, covered approximately 3500 miles, consumed 
nearly 250 gallons of gasoline and had the land of Royal 
Mounties and milk in a bag as its ultimate destination. 
Housed in an old, two-tone blue van (affectionately dubbed 
"Vanada") the crew of Melissa Gann, Christa Taylor, Chad 
Brogan, Mike Roukas, Matt Snead and myself ran through 
the streets of Chicago, Toronto and New York City in 8 
days. We met a wonderful assortment of characters along 
the way — Marion Scruggs (Steve Scrugg's grandmother) of 
Kenosha, WI; Willie G., the poet of Central Park; and 
"5X10," a super-cheesy, Canadian "boy band" especially stick 
out in my mind. When we returned to Dayton, none of us 
really wanted to see each other for a few days, but the trip 
has become immortalized, as all road trips do. Go Canada! 

Matt Williams for the 
Go Canada! 2000 team. 

Wall Street in New York City 

The Chicago Theater 

Matt Snead cheeses in front of Niagara Falls. 

Bryon Rossi and Michael Carter dreaming of little white 
bunny rabbits in the back of the van as they travel to the 
next destination with worldview team, (submitted by Rachel 













The Fall Break 2000 Worldview Team, 
(back L to R): John Stonestreet, 
Michael Carter, Dan Evans, Brian 
. t ■£. Rossi, (front L to R) Christa Neeley, 
Erin Seale, Kristen Baldwin, Rachel 
Kaetterhenry (submitted by Kristen 

The women's soccer team had a tournament during half of fall break in Virginia. 
Pictured above is: Valerie Pettite, Winnie Buck, Becky Kalz, Kim Moose, Sharyn 
Rose, Rachael Palmer, Tammy Smith (submitted by Winnie Buck) 

The Greatest Fans on Earth 

"tyf a%eat to be a fyyan lion... 


James Hutcheson, Bryon Rossi, and 
Steven Myers attempt to coach from 
the stands. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

'Ikeif Me iut-phaaiH^tif 
<ji>eat, unrivaled amouc, ail 
out- competition, and we Me 
indebted to tkem. Ikey 
make \pl&ifUc\ at kon\e a 
vonderi^ul experience. Can 
anybody beat tkeml ? 
doubt it!" 


Michael Carter, Sarah K. Drake, 
Kelly Ambrose, and Adam King 
pose during a time-out. 

Photo by Josh Drake 


Wendi Willour, Christina Senter, and 
April Cottrell go all out at the away 
games, as we 

Photo Submitted 

June Laymon, Mary Green, Michelle 
Edwards, Kerri Wenzel, and 
Christina Senter make a good base 
for their enthusiatic future 

Photo by Allison Johnson 

Sasha Morgan and Jim Hanson 
show love for their team and each 

Photo Submitted 

Joie Stone is surprised by the 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Jack Branson and Seth Mapes 
prove their true colors are red 
and gold. 

Photo Submitted 

Bryan College has a reputation around our 
conference - not only for excellence in athletics, 
but for having the most enthusiatic, loyal, and 
dedicated fans! Be it soccer or basketball, home 
or away, the fans are there to support our teams. 
When asked about the B.C. fans, Men's Basket- 
ball Coach Morris Michalski said, "They are sur- 
passingly great, unrivaled among all our competi- 
tion, and we are indebted to them. They make 
playing at home a wonderful experience. Can 
anybody beat them? I doubt it!" Ask any fan to 
give reasons for their dedication and support and 
there's only one thing to say. ... "It's great to be a 
Bryan Lion!" 

-Sarah E. Drake 








October 26-28, 


The Chorus shows a little leg for the camera! 
Photo Submitted 

THE CAST: (back row l-r) Micah 
Odor, Brian Evaul, Michael Landry, 
Steven James, Roger Carroll, 
Aaron St. Jacques, Elizabeth 
Murphy, (middle row l-r) Joseph 
Hill, Michael Moss, Ryan Walker, 
Laura Yates. (Front row l-r) Sara 
Perelman, Abigail Russell, Emily 
Stiffler, Quentin McCuiston, Susan 
Lacey, Whitney McChristian, Jessica 
Hendrix, Andrea Woodworth, 
Anna Pearson. 

Photo Submitted 

30 Antigone 

Susan Lacy and Whitney McChristian 

Antigone is a Greek tragedy by Sophocles. 
This drama deals with the struggle that occurs when 
the laws of man are in conflict with the laws of the 
gods. It is the last play in the trilogy entitled, The 
Oedipus Cycle . 

On October 26, 27, and 28 this play was 
performed by the Hilltop Players. The primarily 
freshman cast gave a memorable performance of this 
difficult play. Stephen James had the lead as King 
Creon. He delivered a stirring rendition of his char- 
acter by pulling the audience in to sympathize with is 
trauma. Elizabeth Murphy and Micah Odor played 
the leaders of the city of Thebes. Whitney 
McChristian received the title role as Antigone, with 
Susan Lacey cast as her sister, Ismene. Haemon, the 
love-sick prince, was played by Ryan Walker. The 
revered Mr. Belisle, who encouraged all cast mem- 
bers to work their hardest, and remember their lines, 
directed it. During the Friday night performance, 
Abigail Russell slipped and fell, which resulted in two 
injured toes. However, even though she was in 
intense pain she persevered and demonstrated the 
truth "the show must go on!" 

By Whitney McChristian 

Top: Whitney McChristian as Antigone in 
great despair 

Above: Steven James 

Photos Submitted 

The cast and crew liven up a little 

Photo Submitted 

Steven James and Ryan Walker — More death 
and despair! 

Photo Submitted 

Antigone 31 





Josh Drake, Sarah K.Drake, Adam 
Drake, Ronnie Kier, Adam King- Is 
this a Drake family reunion? 

Photo Submitted 

Michelle Phaneuf, Megan Bales, 
Jenna Reams, and Kara Krogel, or 
another Spice Girls reunion? 

Photo Submitted 

32 The Masquerade 

Addie Brown, Ellie Brown, Jeremy 
Hatfield, Charis Brice- Time for 
another floor dress code meeting, 

Photo Submitted 

The Masquerade fueled much contro- 
versy this year on the issue of the "dancing 
Christian". Campus was buzzing with various 
opinions on the issue and the Triangle fea- 
tured a number of articles stating the reasons 
for our no dance policy and why they should 
or should not be challenged. Though a cam- 
pus-wide consensus was not reached, every- 
one agreed that the Masquerade of 2000 
proved to be great fun. The costumes were 
crazy and the karaoke was a hilarious display 
of wannabe talent. The winner of the costume 
contest was Josh Cone, who dressed up like 
marshmellow. All in all, the Masquerade was 
a good time to get with friends off campus 
and enjoy each other's company outside of 
the classroom. 

By Erica Herman 

Top: Sonia Samuelson, Hannah 
Hammond, Cassie Smith, Robin 
Wedekind- We heard it through the 
grapevine that you girls should've won 

Above: Warren Cole, Rachel 
Kaetterhenry- The Riverboat, a 
great place for a plumber to meet a 
farm girl. 

Valerie Pettite, Lisanne Boling, 
Allison Johnson, Jenny Ruark, 
Shannon Reynolds, Rachael Palmer- 
We're not in Dayton anymore. 

Photo Submitted 

Mark Whitlock, David Branson, 
Jack Branson, Jake Puckett, Joey 
Amadee, Josh Lowery- The Village 
People, or every day attire? 

Photo Submitted 

The Masquerade 


The banquet 
allowed stu- 
dents to cel- 
ebrate the 
Season to- 


"The banquet 

was a blast and 

it was great to 

see everyone 

looking their 

--Carrie Miller— 

Steven James, Michae 
Brown, Michelle Mundy, Zac 
Brown, David Haase, Toni 
Celius, Christine Dennis, and 
Elizabeth Murphy surround 
the sleigh for a photo. 
Photo Submitted by 
Michelle Mundy. 

Some of the basketball team 
and their friends leave their 
dates to bond with the boys. 
Photo submitted by 
Whitney McChristian. 

Fourth short men give a 
shout out to their brothers 
on the hall. 

Photo submitted by Chad 

34 Christmas Banquet 

The seniors went all out for the 
Christmas banquet as they brought in the 
sleigh, which was a hot spot for pictures, 
and covered the cafeteria in balloons and 
candy. Dr. Legg entertained the students 
by reading the Politically Correct Christ- 
mas Story. A competition was also held 
for the best homemade boutonniere and 

After the banquet the seniors treated the 
students to free bowling at the Dayton 
Bowling Alley. 

By Julie Drown 

Wendy Willour and Hugh DeWeerd, Carrie Miller and Carlos 
Ayala, Whitney McChristian, and Phil Smith seem to enjoy 
each other's company. 
Photo Submitted by Wendy Willour. 

Michael Moss, Steven James, Michael Brown, Nathaniel Isler-Williams, Michelle Mundy, Anna 
Pearson, and Elizabeth Murphy enjoy their bowling rendezvous after the banquet. 

Photo submitted by Michelle Mundy. 

Matt Clark, Carlos Ayala, 
Carrie Miller, Hugh 
DeWeerd, Julie Drown, Phil 
Smith, Whitney McChristian, 
and Wendy Wjllour. 

Photo submitted by 
Wendy Willour. 

Chad Snavely, Sasha Morgan, 
Julie Drown, and Matt Clark. 

Photo submitted by 
Chad Snavely. 

Christmas Banquet 35 

London Trip 

December 26, 2000-January 4, 2001 

Christina Senter, Jen Vanden 
Heuvel, Sarah E. Drake, Kelly 
Ambrose, Joie Stone, Erin Davis, 
Michael Carter, Chasity Snowden, 
Sarah K. Drake, Josh Drake, 
Rachelle Elliot, Brenda Jordan, and 
April Cottrell enjoy a little bit of 
home at Planet Hollywood. 

Photo by Jonathan Mobley 

Oh, the memories 

**P4ding the tube** 

**"Mind the 6,ap"** 

**long bus rides** 

* '"Follow George"** 

* 'shopping at Harrod's** 


**fish and chips** 

**no drink refills** 

**driving on the wrong side 

of the road** 

Windsor Castle, one of Queen Erin Seale, Andrew Bah, Sarah 

Elizabeth's residences. Revell, Kristen Immel, Miles Ericson, 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake IV Smith, Rebekah Tidwell, and 

Rachel Schmitt partake of traditional 
English fare. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

36 London Trip 

Canterbury Cathedral, site of the 
martyrdom of Thomas a Becket. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

It was a cold, rainy day at 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Kelly Ambrose and Sarah K. Drake 
with our beloved guide, George. 

Photo by Josh Drake 

Christmas break meant an adventure in 
London for 48 Bryan students, faculty, and 
friends. Highlights included visits to 
Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Shakespeare's 
birthplace, Westminster Abbey, Bath, and the 
New Globe Theatre. Stars were born as 
Brenda Jordan and Aaron Strode participated 
in "The Complete Works of Shakespeare 
Abridged." Some of the favorite free-time 
activities were shopping, going to the theatre 
(including performances of "Les Miserables" 
and "The Phantom of the Opera"), exploring 
the city on foot and by way of the tube, and 
sending emails back home from the internet 
cafe. One of the most exciting nights of the 
trip was New Year's Eve. The group rang in 
2001 in a variety of ways; the two most popu- 
lar of which were in the famed Trafalgar 
Square and an evening service at St. Paul's 
Cathedral. The trip was an adventure that 
won't soon be forgotten! 

By Sarah E. Drake 

London Trip 37 

Pcuf ofPtcujW 

On October 25 th at 1 0:1 7am, the ministry team 
led by Student Body Chaplain Senior Travis Stevens 
began leading the student body in a variety of activi- 
ties for Day of Prayer. Chapel began 17 minutes later 
than usual as the theme for Day of Prayer is in honor 
of Psalm 10:17, which reads, "You hear, O Lord, the 
desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you 
listen to their cry." 

The Ministry Council planned Day of Prayer 
hoping the students would take the opportunity to 
really pray and seek God, though many students an- 
ticipate the day 
only because 
classes are cancelled. When asked how she took advantage of 
Day of Prayer, junior Carrie Miller said, "In the past Id had good 
intentions to spend time in prayer, but instead Id end up catch- 
ing up on studies and sleep!' Junior Jo Harvey said that she took 
the opportunity to spend money at Hamilton Place Mall last 

Many students use their Day of Prayer to go to Pocket 
Wilderness or the bluffs in Graysville to be alone with God. 
Junior Michelle Largent spent Day of Prayer fellowshipping with 
friends, hiking and studying the Bible. She enjoyed this time and 
plans to do it again next year. 

According to Stevens, Day of Prayer is set apart to get 
serious about prayer and focus on God. He says the goal of the 
Ministry Council on Day of Prayer is to usher the student body 

the presence of God. They accom- 
plished this by mixing things up with the 
environment, lights off and use of 
candles, musical arrangements, reading 
of the Word and teaching of the Word 
by Dr. Ernie Ricketts. The council does 
feel, however, that they "cannot make 
someone want to pray... they have to 
want it for themselves!' 

By Winnie Buck and Julie Drown 

38 Day of Prayer 

Juniors Kristen Immel and Sarah White take time out to 
pray together during the spring semester Day of Prayer. 

Photo Submitted 



Laura Luster, Paula Heathershaw and Anna 

Kellogg enjoy fellowshiping with Marilyn Laszlo at 

the Girls-Only Pajama Party. 

Dec&m l-fu G&wj /\wmq tk, NdHmk 

Miami Coufmmct 


Every other year Bryan College spends the first 
week of the second semester learning about world mis- 
sions and being challenged to share the Gospel around the 
world. This year, Marilyn Laszlo, was asked by the Mis- 
sions Conference Committee, to be the main speaker for 
the January 10-12 chapel special. Laszlo, a '59 graduate of 
Bryan, spent 23 years ministering to and working with the 
Sepik Iwam people of Papua New Guinea. 

The Committee's focus this year was to encourage 
students to "declare His glory among the nations!' The 
week also encourages students to interact with missionar- 
ies. Many representatives were on campus to give stu- 
dents information about missions opportunities. The 
week is not limited to just chapel times. Seminars are 
offered in the evenings on missions-related topics. One 
evening included a girls-only pajama party with Marilyn 
Laslzo. This was a huge hit! A prayer breakfast with 
faculty, staff and students was held as well as various 
opportunities to eat with missionaries. One fun-filled 
evening of the week was topped off by an International 
Coffeehouse hosted by the International students and 
Missionary Kids on campus. They were given a chance to 
share a small glimpse of their experiences around the 
globe and also to share some yummy ethnic foods. 
By Winnie Buck 

Karla and Michelle spend 

time with some visiting 


Toks Olowola and Jennelle Speichinger add a little spice to 
International Coffeehouse. 

Miguel Ay lion and 
Jesus Flores have 
some great 

Missions Conference 39 

Sherlock Holmes or Superman? It's a mystery! 


It takes a special breed of director to know how to 

balance business with fun onstage. After working under Mr. 

Belisle for every other production of my college career, I was 

used to such a breed and must confess to being slightly ap- 
prehensive at the thought of new directors - even if they 

were my good friends. All fears were soon dispelled. It was 

awesome the way the two of them (Christine Dennis and 

Micah Odor) tolerated Lottie's and James' drunkenness, 

Mavis' and my (Edgar's) incessant talking, and Barry's ran- 
dom negligee worked into every 
scene. I might add, for all those 
who wonder, Susan's stupidity was 

not characteristic of the actress behind her. All in all, I would say 
given the incredible cast, the dedication of Christine and Micah, 
the awesome crew, and the all-out fun we had goofing off, "Mur- 
der Room" was certainly a highlight of my semester. 

By Michael Brown 

Though Lottie is dressed and 
ready for bed, the mystery 

The plot thickens! 

40 The Murder Room 

Pictured left to right: Front- 
Anna Hanger, Emily Stiffler, 
and Meagan Dougherty. 
Middle- Michael Brown, 
Quentin McCuiston, and 
Jonathan Blalock. Back- 
Directors Christine Dennis and 
Micah Odor. 

Inspector Crandall and Mavis 
discuss the mysterious 
happenings over drinks. 

In character and out, Meagan 

a.k.a. Susan Hollister sure 

knows how to attract 


All photos submitted by 
Bernie Belisle 

The Murder Room 41 

Coach Dubois, Josh Cone, Isaac Antanaitis, Jordan Musselman, Johnny Urquhart, Bryon 
Rossi, David Arute, Jeff Rohman, Michael Carter, Jordan Mattheiss, David Landrum, 
Manager Candi Caudill, Asst. Coach Daniel Carver (right) Josh Cone scouts the opposing 
team before playing. 

Johnny Urquhart shows his 
perfect form as he lines up for a 

GIVE HIM 3! Issac Antanaitis (above) hits a 
long three. (Right) David Landrum proves 
that Vince Carter is not the only one who 
can dunk. 

This year's J.V team faced change 
with enthusiasm. With a new coach and 
seven new players to the team, spirits 
were high. The team gelled well together 
from the beginning as they won the first 
three in a row. This season was a memo- 
rable one for all of the members as they 
learned to work together. 

By Sarah K. Drake 

42 JV Basketball 

Bryon Rossi's form is only one of the reasons that he 
was moved to varsity this year. 

How many "Templetons" does it take to guard Carter? Mike 

Carter is triple teamed by three frightened Tennessee Temple 


(Bottom Right) Jordan Mattheiss pulls a quick jumper for an 

easy two points. 

J.V. Basketball 

Season Stats 

84-66 Tennessee Temple 
62-46 Valley forge 
67-63 Johnson Bible 
60-7 1 Toccoa Falls 
49-72 Roane State 
57-86 Cleveland State 
60-58 Tennessee Temple 
44-64 Crown College 
50-63 Roane State 
67-105Chattanooga State 
68-96 Chattanooga State 
93-66 Tennessee Temple 
63-76 Cleveland State 
72-84 Tennessee Temple 

Coach Dave 
Dubois brings 
a new flavor 
to the team 
as well as a 
new style of 
coaching that 
proved to be 

S2S2&, T&ftt. GO LIONS 

Working for You -- J CLASS of 1992 

Bryan Colleqe 

Mum tu . 1 

Photos by Joie Stone 

JV Basketball 43 

Nice follow through Kate! 



2r j W3FT ty*S m »* • . 

Standing: Student Manager: Kathryn Hallquist, Student Trainer: Adrian Dewhurst, Brandi 

Harris, Holly Davis, Kate Strunk, Head Coach: Ray Burwick, Brooke 

Wilson, Katie White, Diana Rogers, Brandi Gaskey, Athletic Trainer: Mike 

Crook, Ast. Coach: Coach Jerri Beck, 

Kneeling: Stephanie Huttenhoff, Tara 

LaRoy, Kimmie Hill, Valerie Huttenhoff 

Sitting: Robin Wedekind, Jenny Heaton 


Valerie, just plow her over. 

"Even though we had some con- 
flicts this year dealing with coaching 
and playing, we finally got over all of it 
and started winning some games at the 
end of the season when it counted most. 
With an awesome new coach on the way 
there is already excitement and eager- 
ness for the upcoming season when we 
are GOING to win the conference." 

44 Women's Basketball 

Coach Burwick gives Tara a 
little advice during the game. 

"tficjkliciku come tkwuqlx buitbin0 
aoob tt\'iH$( pteuioudtf." -Coach 1$eck 

plays tough 

Women's Basketball 

AAC All-Freshman Team: Katie White 
AAC All-Confreence (Honorable Mention): 

Katie White 
NCCAA-Mid-East All Region: Katie White 
Honorable Mention: Tara LaRoy and Kate Strunk 

Season Stats 







Blue Mtn. 



Alice Lloyd 









at Covenant 






at Atl. Christian 77 


at Tn. Wesleyan 



at TK" Temple 



at Brevard 



TN Temple 



at Montreat 



at Alice Lloyd 



Tn. Wesleyan 



Atl. Christian 



VA Intermont 



at Milligan 



at King 









at VA Intermont 65 


UVa. Wise 



at Bluefield 



AAC Tournaments 

at U Va. Wise 



at Covenant 






at TN. Wesleyan 50 


Do you 
have it all 

All photos by Allison Johnson 

The women's basketball team started out 
strong at the beginning of year and slowly fell 
apart midway through the season. Head 
Coach Ray Burwick resigned and Assistant 
Coach Jerri Beck took over the head coaching 
spot. By the end of the seaons they ended up 
pulling through and won a big upset when 
they beat Covenant. Their biggest highlight 
was going to the NCCAA Tournament. 

Women's Basketball 45 

Jason Beschta seemingly laughs off his 
opponents at Temple. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

2000-2001 Varsity 
Men's Basketball 







South Eastern 


Tenn. Temple 

Alice Lloyd 

Atl. Christian 





Virginia Int. 


Season Stats 













Jared Jones turns 
to Coach for 
suggestions as he 
has done many 
times in the past. 

Photo by 
Allison Johnson 

UVA-Wise 60-62 

Brevard 72-71 

King 66-67 

Alice Lloyd 82-76 

Covenant 88-64 

Tenn. Temple 65-84 

Milligan 73-77 
Tenn. Weslyan 82-70 

Brevard 80-92 

Montreat 68-75 
Tenn. Weslyan 93-74 

Virginia Int. 79-87 

King 52-55 

Montreat 70-77 

UVA-Wise 83-74 

GVA-Wise 98-85 

Bluefield 61-65 

The guys get 
pumped up by 
their ritual 
huddle before 
the game. 

Photo by 
Sarah K. Drake 



46 Men's Basketball 





i ^ 9 



- -^Bbl^ 

I 71 






Hi-- | IK 

Right Top row- Candi Caudill, Jessie Andrews, 
Coah Dave Dubois, Coach Terry Hill, Aaron Braun- 
Duin, Bryon Rossi, Jason Beattie, Jim Hanson, Matt 
Correll, Michael Carter, Trainer Mike Weller. David 
Sewell, Jan Moore, Anna Neff. Bottom row- Coach 
John Stonestreet, Chris Travis, Brett Wright, Jason 
Beschta, Head Coach Morris Michalski, Travis 
Stevens, Shun Malone, Jared Jones, Daniel Carver 

Below- Brett Wright calls the shots as he brings the 
ball down the floor. 

Photos by Sarah K. Drake 

Chris Travis doing what he does 
best, stealing the ball. 

Jason Beattie rises above the 
crown to tip in an easy two. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Shun Malone keeps his quick 

feet as he defends a player 

from Milligan. 

Photo by Allison Johnson 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

I 1 « . .^9 

Right- Travis Stevens pushes through the crowd of 
Temple players to fight for a rebound. 
Above- Aaron Braun-Duin, Michael Carter, and Bryon 
Rossi scout the floor as they work up the game plan. 
Photos by Sarah K. Drake Men's Basketball 47 

The Bryan Lion Cheerleaders 
wave their pompoms for the 

Megan Bales and Brook Fleming' 
show their spirit to the fans. 

Photo by Allison JoHNsor 



Katie Hughes extended in a 
full by Hannah Hammond and 
Juli Santmier. 

The cheerleaders break it down on the gym floor 
during a time out. 

Photo by Allison Johnson. 

The 2000-2001 cheer- 
leaders broke out with 
new dance moves and 
motivated the crowd to 
get in the groove! 

48 Cheerleaders 

Here the cheerleaders entertain the audience while the 
players re-group during halftime. 


"Hiioole ^J&ewing 

'tjQHKQR ^OMWlOwd. 

Jliie. Cwu^d~COptOk 

Quote from Julie: 
"Our focus this year was 
to get the crowd, more spir- 
ited and we feel we achieved 
that goal. I was excited for 
the opportunity to get to 
know all the different girls 
on a more personal level as 
we worked together as a 
team. I was honored to 
serve them as captain this 

From left to right: Coach Becky Roes, Jonathan Pfaff, Kati Lestmann, Juli Santmier, 
Katie Hughes, Luke Wortham, Brook Fleming, Hannah Hammond, Julie Crawford 

Katie. ^uqRes 

Kail LestwiOm 

Jlii ScMmex 

Cheerleaders 49 

Dr. Brown shows the same positive 

perspective that helped the school 

through the disaster. 


FEBRUARY 4, 2001 

The Fire Reunion gave the school a chance to reflect on 
the past year. The hand of God was easily seen working in 
the last few months. It is still difficult to imagine how some- 
thing so devastating was in our best interest, but there is no 
denying the fact that much good has come from it. Plans for 
renovations have been greatly accelerated. New construction 
has begun ahead of schedule. And most important of all, 
God has taken hold of the hearts of many Bryan students in a 
new way. The evidence of His work and the necessity to rely 
on Him have changed our lives. There is a special bond 
among the students that remember the way things used to be. 
We have a new appreciation for the heritage we had and lost 
in that one night. But this event also serves as a reminder of 
the excitement that is ahead for those who will still be around 
to see the finished product of what God is doing through our generation. Hopefully this service will 
remind us to accept all our trials in an attitude of praise and trust that God knows what's best for 
our future. By Mary Green 

Josh Lowery aids the school 
in worship. 

Danny on drums, with Chris 
and Josh 

50 Fire Reunion 

Faculty, staff, students, friends 
gathered into Rudd 
Auditorium for a time of 

Chris Wesson led us in 

worship just as he did the day 

after the fire. 

Mr. Jim Barth shares some 

All photos by 
Allison Johnson 

Fire Reunion 










From Freshman presi- 
dent Nathaniel Isler- 

"We decided to have 
the banquet off -cam- 
pus and do something 
different this year. 
We heard that the 
Valentine's Day Ban- 
quet was always the 
worst because it was 
planned by freshman 

so we wanted to 

change this and have 

it and have it be the 

best one students had 

ever been to." 

Dave Sewell and Carlos Ayala 

snatch their dates, Angela 

Carr and Anna Hanger's 

crowns for a picture. 

Above: from left to right. 
Stacy Wesolowski, Miguel 
Ayllon, Stephen James, 
Beverly Davis, Vanny Phin, 
Wesely Blanton, Carlos Ayala, 
Anna Hanger, Dave Sewell, 
Daven Petitte, Eric Payne, 
Esther Bragg. 

Becky Gossell, David 

Starbucks, Katie Hughes, Ben 

Carver, Kimberly Dyer, and 

Brandon Prudhomme. 

All photos submitted 

52 Valentine's Day 




The Valentine's Day Banquet was held 
Saturday February 23rd at the Cedine Bible 
Camp in the Jubilee Center. Students filled the 
camp dressed in medieval attire with crowns 
and swords. Awards were given for the most 
authentic crown and sword, the most extrava- 
gant crown and sword and the most authentic 
outfit. The judges were Dr. and Ms. Brown. 
Jim Coffield was the MC, and Dr. Wilhoit, 
Martha West, and her mother, Yvonne West, 
played music. 

The freshman not only had the banquet 
off campus, but also had the faculty and staff 
serve the students. The freshman did a great job 
planning this unique banquet. 

Faith Phaneuf won the "most 
extravagant" crown award 
that Jonathan Mobley made 
for her. 

Laura Foxworth and Vashti 
Pearson exchanged medieval 
crowns to celebrate for the 

HKffl ? - w 


*■* 1 



Suzanne Rogers, Brian Evaul, 

David West, and Geri Powell 

wonderfully dressed for the 


Michelle Edwards, Michelle 
Phaneuf, and June Laymon 
pose and show off their 

Valentine's Day 53 

Belize Team 

■»)■»)■ !■■ 

God's sovereignty brought our team together for a truly incredible expe- 
rience on this trip. Each person was such a servant and everyone was an impor- 
tant part of the team. Our team faced much opposition and came through many 
hard times, it was these challenges that brought us closer together and make us 
realize that we were all going to have to lean on God. God taught us that his 
grace is sufficient and that his strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. Each 
day we would travel out about an hour to a couple of the surrounding villages 
and do a Vacation Bible School type of program in the schools. We used skits, 
puppets, music, and testimonies to share the love of God with these kids. After- 
wards, we would hand around the schools to play with them and look for oppor- 
tunities to share the gospel one on one. In all, we were able to see about forty 
children receive salvation. What a privilege our team had to serve God, and to 
be able to minister to the people of Belize. 

— Sara Perelman 

Belize Team Members: Stephanie Bozeman, Beth Eppinger, Miles Ericson. 
Keliie Hill, Jason Storie, Cassandra Joines, Anne Rob Jones, Lucas Lewis, 
Tobi Magill. Sara Perelman. Sande Ray, Sonia Samuelsen, Steve Scruggs. 
Julia Staggers, Heidi Wells, Amber Woodlee. Brock Youngren, Matt and 
Cathy Jones, Miguel Allyon, and Jewel Gardner. 

Tuesday at 4:30 I was climbing a tree at 
the Mayan Ruins and fell 30 feet to the ground, 
hitting my neck and shoulders. I broke three 
vertebraea and my right arm. One of my close 
friends told me before I went that my first mission 
trip would be life-changing. And it was, and God 
still protected me from suffering any permanent 
damage. I am grateful for God and feel closer to 
Him because He saved my life. 

"Cassandra Joines, Belize team member" 

Standing: Abby Miller, Juli Santmier, Debbie Lockhart, Mario (translator), June Laymon, Ma 
Williams, Bethany Hawkins, Brenda Jordan, Lisa Boehmer, Allison Johnson Kneeling: Melod 
Benson, Matt Benson, Mehgan Arant, and Matt Johnson (not pictured: Pat Ragan — AMG Sponso 








54 Break For Change 

Costa Rica Team 

Our mission's trip to Costa Rica was an incredible 
experience. We were able to minister to the Costa Ricans 
by using our talent of volleyball to open doors to share the 
love of Christ. We played 5 different universities while we 
were there and we held 2 different volleyball clinics. The 
neat thing was we gathered crowds by playing volleyball, 
but then we got a chance to share the gospel message 
with the players and talk one-on-one with them afterwards. 
The communication barrier was difficult at times but it 
was amazing to see how God used us despite this. We 
also got to visit an orphanage and a girls' rehabilitation 
home where we saw 3 girls come to Christ. We all really 
saw God work in our lives individually and it seemed that 
we all learned so much throughout the week. It was such 
an incredible experience that I am so thankful for and that 
I will never forget. 

Karen Chamberlin 
Senior, setter 

Karen holding 
one of the 
orphan girls at 
the orphanage 
the team visited 
one afternoon. 

Bryan College Volleyball Team Back: Cassidy DeRaad, Karen Chamberlin, Melissa 
Conner, Kelly Ambrose, Laura Smith. Front: Brook Fleming, Jan Moore, Jeremy 
demons, Faith Phaneuf, Alissa Stoneberger, Rebekah Howard, Michael Carter, Coach 

Above: Jan, Brooke, Cassidy, and Karen all warming 
The Nicaragua break-for-change trip was incredible! It was a trip loaded with servant 
hearted team members who all had great attitudes. Much of our trip consisted of construction 
work. Our mission was to build a basketball court by hand mixing all the cement. We all 
learned the "cement circle dance" and by the end of the week were sick of seeing cement. 
Besides working on the basketball court, we were also involved with a church. We partici- 
pated in church services, singing, sharing our testimonies, and playing some ball with the kids 
in the park. The main thing I learned from the Nicaraguans was how rich they were in values. 
They truly enjoyed life even though they did not have much. One of my new goals for my life 
is to return to Nicaragua and play on the court we helped build. 

-June Laymon 

up to play their next game. 

Some of Nicaraguan team members taking a break 
from laying cement to talk with the kids at the 

Lisa and Brenda cheezin' with the little girl. 

Lisa and Matt help Antonio lay cement the Nicaragua way. 

Break For Change 55 

Chicago Team 




: .a-- 

Inner-City Impact is an organization that grew 

out of the AWANA movement and was adapted for 

inner-city children. The center in Chicago that Bryan 

students worked with serves approximately 100 kids 

a day and also ministers to the parents in the com- 
munity. The team taught Bible studies, tutored, 

played games and spent one-on-one time with as 

many kids as possible throughout the week. The 

Chicago team also spent the week going into a pub- 
lic school in Chicago. Members were each placed in a classroom where 
they assisted the teachers with any task needed. The children in Chi- 
cago are very lonely and crave lots of attention. The Bryan Team had 
an eye-opening experience but was greatly blessed by the love of Christ 
and His power in the lives of the children at the center and the school. 

Top Right: To prepare for the BFC trip, the Chicago team spent a weekend together in Virginia 
and worked for Equipping the Saints, a ministry that distributes needed supplies to missionaries 
around the world. The girls are taking a break from folding clothes off the clothes mountain. Team 
members include from left: Elaine Davis, Annie Dickerson. Kauri Tallant, Laura Luster, Jenny 
Ruark, Alison Viner, and Winnie Buck. 

Above: As others were enjoying the sunny weather of Belize or Nicaragua, the Chicago team was bundling up to avoid frostbite in 
the Windy City. Team members Tammy Smith, Kauri Tallant, Annie Dickerson, Elaine Davis, Jenny Ruark, Josh Johnson. Alison 
Viner, Laura Luster and Pete Ryan stand outside catching snowflakes as their 
fearless Captain (Dr.) Legg unlocks the van doors. 

Italy Team 

The Italy Team worked with Saints Equipped to Evan- 
gelize during their Break For Change trip. The team's pri- 
mary focus was evangelism. They accomplished this each 
night in the streets of the Italian cities. Through mimes and 
chalk talks the team ministered to crowds of people and handed 

out dozens of 

witnessing tracts each evening. The team also spent 
their days encouraging the various Christian churches 
throughout Italy and getting to know the Italians on aj 
more personal level. 

Above: The Italy team takes a moment to pose for the 
camera. From the left: Kent Suter, Wendy Willour. Matt 
Sneed, Josh Gurski, Andy Ryan, Dr. Ernie Ricketts, Jenny 
Bradshaw, Jon St. John, Amanda Immel, Sarah White, Mary 
Green and Michelle Edwards. 

Left: Almost every night the Italy team enjoyed pizza 
the "real" way - the Italian way! 

56 Break For Change 

Palmer Home Team 

The Palmer Home in Columbus, MS is a home fori 
children who have been abandoned or neglected or| 
whose families felt it was better for them to be there 
instead of at home — it is not state-run and the 80 
children there range from the ages of one to college- 
age students. They are divided into cottages with 
house parents. 
We did a variety of odd jobs around Palmer Cam- 
pus. The first few days we replaced flooring in a 
gym, repaired fencing, worked at their thrift store, and dug post-holes. The remainder 

of the week we did some other maintenance projects and played with the 

kids when they came home from school. A highlight of the trip was that 

we got to minister to a single house mom named Debbie. The girls had a | 

desert and tea night with her while the guys went over to watch her 

cottage of 1 1 boys. It was a wonderful trip — full of hard work and fun! 

Top: The Palmer Home team had a fantastic time ministering with the children in Mississippi. 
The team takes a moment to get their memories on film. Members include from left: Sponsor Tim 
Shetter, Josh Cone, Andy Park, John Mitchell, Melissa Cairns, Dawn Dresselhaus, April Phillips, Megan Daugherty. Kelli Hays, Adam King, Elgin 
Gonce and Ben Lavoie. 

Far Right: Little girls smother Palmer Home team leader Melissa Cairns, but she looks to be enjoying it. 

Left: The Russia team takes some time to relax as 
they wait in the airport to catch their flight home. 

Below: The Russia team stands outside a 
huge Russian monument hoping not to catch 
pneumonia in the below freezing tempera- 
tures. Team members include from left: Emily 
Smith, Hannah Carr, a Russian friend, Ben 
Norquist, Veronica LeGrand, Heidi Rew, 
Ross Hubler, Anna Pearson, Charis Brice, 
another Russian friend, Dr. Ketchersid and 
leaders Christa Taylor and James Mitchell. 

Russia Team 

The Russia Team spent the week teaching and 
doing a good bit of one-on-one ministry. They helped 
in a university a few days and spent the remainder 
of the time with the individual Russian families that 
they were placed with. Despite the freezing cold 
weather, the team had a marvelous time and felt 

Break For Change 57 


The Fine Arts events of the past year have provided a great 
deal of variety for the student body. They consisted of everything 
from clarinets to the musical Oklahoma! The fall concert series 
began with opera soloist, Ms. Stella Sambalis. The next event 
was the Festival of Choir and Brass followed by the much-antici- 
pated Chorale Christmas Concert. The Christmas Concert was 
excellent as usual and set the mood for the coming Christmas 
season. In the spring the series began with a performance by the 
Chattanooga Clarinet Choir, which was a unique change of pace. 
The Bryan College Chorale gave its spring concert and the series 
finished with the spring musical. Oklahoma! was a joint effort 
between the Hilltop Players and the Music Department. It proved 
to be a spectacular performance and a great way to finish of the 
Fine Arts season. 

by Mary Green 


: ' '- ' '■•■' '. l, 

■:,- WMt 
■;. .' ■' 3*g* :v;- ■■■,-"' ;o ■■■■■ J 


■ '■-■ v^^^^r 


j^P?' *^ 

1 i 


W kJ 



,' *%*■ s 

- v-.^l 

^r% v j 

'w: h 

^ *>-*..t-'^J] 

Above and top right: 
Renowned performer Stella 
Sambalis blessed the audience 
by sharing her gift of song. 

The performance of 

Okalahoma! not only showed of 

the singing and musical talents 

of the students, but it showed 

their dancing skills as well. 

58 Fine Arts 

The spring Chorale watches 
Dr. D. for their next cue. 

Dr. David Luther graciously 

receives the applause after 

his Chorale completes a 

splendid selection. 

The cast of Oklahoma! poses 
for a casual group shot. 

Renae Anderson uses her 
knowledge of sign language to 
add a visual and aesthetic 
element to the Chorale's 
spring performance. 

Fine Arts 59 

Caravaners leaving 
Rudd after one of 
their informational 


Mark Cruver 
discusses the details 
of a Bryan eduction 
with a potential 


A time to open up our 
community to the next 
generation. High 
schoolers come and 
experience what its 
like to live on the hill. 

Michael Carter 
surveys the list of 
Caravaners and 
arranges the last 
minute details. 

60 Caravan 

All Pihotos Submitted 

Terrence Peterson 
greets a Caravaner 
family with a smile. 

The 2000-2001 Ambassadors includet 


A group that represents the 
school and steps up to make 
potential students feel wel- 
come. Their servant hearts 
open up a new world for these 
future college students. 

David Arute 
Winnie Buck 
Michael Carter 
Sarah E. Drake 
Michelle Edwards 
Beth Eppinger 
Brenda Jordan 
Michelle Largent 
James Mitchell 
Jonathan Mobley 
Sasha Morgan 

Terrence Peterson 
Sharyn Rose 
Bryon Rossi 
Cassie Smith 
Travis Stevens 
Joie Stone 
Jason Storie 
Kent Suter 
Tim Unsicker 
Jason Wasser 


Kent Suter and 
Michelle Edwards 
go over their 
assignments for the 
day with Jody 
Cheon, the head of 
the Ambassador 

Mark Cruver, Ted 

Boyd, and Diane 

Hill: the Admissions 


Ambassadors 61 

The women's tennis team out to 
eat.: Silvia Ayala, Rachelle Elliott, 
Jessica Weil, Kati Lestmann, 
Coach Bob Andrews, Andrea 
Thedford, and Heidi Seera. 

^_8«fOB-:.SiSS2rriS •— £5' :£>•>.* 


J^ .''iJZ/Z 

/-■. i-i-i , ' „V'.- - 


The women's smile for the 
camera: Silvia Ayala, Rachelle 
Elliot, Jessica Weil, and Andrea 

Andrea serves up. 

We regret the fact that no men's tennis pic- 
tures were submitted and were therefore omitted from 
the yearbook. However, the Commoner staff would 
like to extend their congratulations to the men's ten- 
nis team for their 5-4 finish, which is the all-time best 
finish of any team in Bryan College history. 


62 Tennis 


■ i ■ 

" -JLiir '-*[•■ "4"~" V --*--". , 

The Bryan College Tennis teams 


Silvia Ayala 
Rachelle Elliot 
Kati Lestmann 
Courtney Roberts 
Andrea Thedford 
Jessica Weil 


Carlos Ayala 
Jeff Hall 
Ross Hubler 
Josh Johnson 
Rob Martin 
Mike Sheddan 
Matt Snead 
Kent Suter 

\/ \s \/ \ / \ Z 5 ? 

» Y Y V^ \ 

The Women's Tennis team from the eyes of the fans. 

All photos submitted 

Tennis 63 






31 £T THE 




Jordan Musselmen smiles as 

Becky Gossell adjusts his 


The JR posse takes a break 

from cosmic bowling to pose 

in a picture. 

Chad Snavely, Matt Correll, 

Jordan Musselman, Becky 

Gossell, Matt Clark, Julie 

Drown, Angela Carr, and 

Rebecca Darling at 

the bowling alley. 

64 JR/SR Banquet 


Bouquet 200 J 

The JR/ SR banquet, planned by the juniors, 
was truly a night to remember. Students lined up 
in the cafeteria in anticipation to find out where 
they were headed. The Dalton Trade Center was 
the first of four locations visited by the students. 
Here dinner was not only served, but there was a 
mini Oscar Award Ceremony and murder room 
theme, taking place. After feasting, students 
caravanned over to a marine base to learn square 
dancing techniques. The senior video was then 
shown at a Baptist church where donuts and juice 
were served. By this time it was 3:00 a.m. and 
the night had just begun. To finish off this non- 
stop action night, the students were then directed 
to the Chattanooga bowling alley where they cos- 
mic bowled until 6:00 in the morning. 

by Julie Drown 

Top: Jonathan Mobley holds on 
tightly to the greasy pig that was soon 
after released and chased by students 
in the "capture the poor pig" game. 

Above: The Wilson 

twins and their 

dates, Craig Harper and Tyler McWilliams at the 

Dalton Trade Center. 

Brenda Jordan, Josh Johnson, 

Lisa Boehmer, Steve Jones, 

Karen Chamberlin, and Matt 

Johnson looking good for the 

big night! 

Jason Beschta and Sylvia 
Ayalla square dancing. 

Jr/Sr Banquet 65 

APRIL 5, 6, 7, 2001 

Curly succeeded in getting 

closer to Laurey with his tale 

of a beautiful wagon. 

OKLAHOMA!--starring Jerermy Ryan Hatfield, Michelle Phaneuf, 
Kristi Lestmann, and Eric Payne-was the Bryan College Hilltop Players' 
successful spring musical production. Combining the efforts of the 
Hilltop players, led by Bernie Belisle, and the Spring Chorale, led by Dr. 
Mel Wilhoit, this three day production was truly a success. The actors 
spent long hours for months on end rehearsing and preparing for this 
exciting show by the famous duo Rodgers and Hamerstein. It was truly 
one of the greatest performances held on Bryan hill. 

M uriah Freeman and Kristi 

Lestmann make sure they look 

their best for the production. 

This time, the women get to enjoy 

their dancing techniques, thanks 

to choreographer Laura Yates. 

66 The Hilltop Players 

All Photos submitted by Christine Dennis 

The menfolk show off their 
newly learned dance to the 

Curly paints a lovely picture of 
Judd Fry's funeral in an attempt 
to clear the path to the woman 
he loves. 

Michael Brown, Jeremy Ryan Hatfield, and Eric 
Payne are enjoying their "new looks" a little too 
much before performance. 

This musical had such a gifted cast and was 
incredibly fun for all involved. 

Oklahoma! 67 



' _*^ il laJhlli t' 

•■■*.«' ' 


Above: Matt Johnson, 
Robert Martin, Brad 
Holliday, Miles Ericson, and 
Josh Hood-Team Screme 
(not pictured: Jonathan 

Left: Dedicated fans at one 
of the team's first races. 

Below: Miles cheeses as he 
races over the rough terrain. 

Jonathan Mobley races through the love 
greenery-could that be poison ivy? 

Johnson looks on with eager intensity as 
he starts the race. 

68 The Bike Team 

While mountain biking 
is primarily an individual 
sport, the camaraderie as- 
pect of it is what makes our 
team unique. When you are 
out there trying to push 
yourself while training or 
on the race course, you al- 
ways know in the hack of 
your mind that it is not just 
yourself you are represent- 
ing, but your team mem- 
bers as well. 

-Miles Ericson- 

The Bryan Cycling team has enjoyed another year 
of racing in 2000-2001. Various members of the team 
competed in five races each semester. Some of these races 
were open to the general public, while others were strictly 
collegiate races as the team competed against the likes of 
the University of Florida, Georgia Tech, Clemson, and other 
large universities. 

Matt Johnson and Miles Ericson returned to lead the 
team this year racing in the Expert category. Jonathan 
Mobley returned as well to race in the Sport category, and 
the team also saw the addition of some new members this 
year as Brad Holliday, Rob Martin, and Joshua Hood all 
gave racing a try for the first time in the Beginner cat- 
egory! In addition to racing, the team also sponsored a fun 
ride in the fall open to all students on some beautiful trails 
atop Signal Mountain. 

I have enjoyed this season, and am excited about the 
level of interest that some of the underclassmen have 
shown. As I graduate, I hope that 
the exciting sport of cycling contin- 
ues to be enjoyed and pursued by 
Bryan students in the years to come. 

— Matt Johnson 

Above: Team Screme pauses by the Ocoee Top Right: Matt plummets down the 
for a quick snap-shot. mountainous trail. 

Far Right: Ericson presses on with 

Inset: Josh, Brad, and Matt discuss their all photos taken by Allison Johnson 

victorious races. The Bike Team 69 

Athletic Trainers 

Adrian Dewhurst. Lucas 
Lewis, Eric Hutchinson. Mike 
Weller, Mike Crook, David 
Sewell. and Jan Moore. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

"Xlxe athletic hainew 

often 40 una^eci' 

ateb (on tlxe time and 

enehtjij they beuote to 

HUhtuuHtf ouh neebt 

at athlete*. ' 

-I^oUh PiebekUb- 

?? m*^^ 



y RA^niNK^ 

Lucas Lewis performs an 
ultrasound on Jeff Hall. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

President of Athletic Training, 
Jan Moore, helps Jason 
Beschta before a practice. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

72 Athletic Trainers 

Mike Weller gets a taste of his 
own medicine by being carried 
out of the locker room by his 
student trainers. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Jordan Musselman and Bryon 
Rossi show off the work done 
by the trainers on their ankles. 

Photo submitted 

4^jt Training 

David Sewell helps Matt 
Correll do the superman 
stretch for his back. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Senior Jan Moore 

tells about her 

experience during 

her four years at 


Athletic Training is a very unique field. Most people think 
that all we do is tape ankles and get water. That's all the public 
sees, but behind the scenes, our goals are prevention, recogni- 
tion, evaluation, and rehabilitation of injuries. Our day consist 
of morning hours in the training room for rehab, practices 
during the afternoon, and then studying with the rest of you at 
night (if there's not a game). Oh, we can't forget away games! 
This is when we get most of our experience. . by ourselves. 
This is also the time that we get to know our athletes and 
coaches. Athletic Training is very demanding with your time, 
but very rewarding when you get an athlete back on the field or 
the court. 

The two things that God has been teaching me in my 4 
years of Athletic Training at Bryan are humility and what it 
means to be a true servant of Christ. I will never forget the 
funtonics (Weller) of it all! Mike Weller, head athletic trainer, 
you have been an amazing Christian influence and one of my 
closest friends. I know I would have never made it without 
you. Mike Crook, assistant athletic trainer, thanks for sticking 
this year out! I will miss both of you. 

~Jan Moore 

Athletic Trainers 73 

The basketball team poses for 
a picture after being recog- 
nized by Coach Michalski. 







The table of soccer studs. 




Daniel Nathan and proud 




74 Sports Banquet 

Becky Kalz and Travis Stevens after receiving the Lion 
of Valor Award. 

Coaches John Stonestreet, David Dubois, 
Terry Hill, and Morris Michalski. 

Sports Banquet 

On April 18, 2001 every Bryan 
Lion Athlete was invited to attend 
the sports banquet at Argo's Caf- 
eteria. Here the coaches recognized 
their players for various achieve- 
ments by giving awards and posi- 
tive feedback. 

Stephanie stands with her 
twin sister Valerie Huttenhoff 
after she won the most im- 
proved award for the 
women's basketball team. 

Tammy Smith after winning 
most improved for the 
women's soccer team. 

Sports Banquet 75 

APRIL 25, 2001 

Muriah Freeman 

— Hilltop Players Leadership Award 

Jessica Hendrix 

— Haynes Hilltop Scholarship 

Micah Odor 

— Hilltop Players Senior Award 

Christine Dennis 

— Hilltop Players Senior Award 

The Forty-first annual 
Awards Day ceremony was 
held in Rudd Auditorium on 
April 25, 2001. The Faculty 
appeared in their academic 
regalia to distribute awards 
and scholarships to the de- 
serving members of the stu- 
dent body. Over fifty awards 
were given out, some to mul- 
tiple students. It is a great 
time to honor and recognize 
those who have excelled aca- 
demically as well as in the 
spiritual leadership abilities. 



■ 1 *>o 




^H 5 






Bf ■ 



I f -rt». 

-"**<■ w 


• • 

^■i~" ■ 

Winners of the PA Boyd Award: 
Veronica LeGrand: Freshman 
Sarah Martin: Junior 
Valerie Petitte: Sophomore 
Veronica was also the winner of the 
History of Western Civ. Award along 
with Melissa Connor, Dinisha Brown, 
and Emily Riddle (not pictured) 

76 Honors Day 

Randy Burnham — 5 years 
Diana Buttram — 10 years 
Christi Catlett — 5 years 
Ernie Ricketts — Outstanding 
Teacher of the Year Award 

Kauri Tallant — Warren 
and Karyn Wells Scholar- 
ship and the Ann Burwick 

Alicia McElrath — Brynoff 
Senior Scholarship 
Abigail Staggers — Brynoff 
Heidi Rew — Catherine 
McDonald Communica- 
tion Scholarship 

Winners of the John 
Graves LeDu Scholarship: 
Quentin McCuiston (also 
winner of the Harold C. 
and Ruthanna Almond 
Music Scholarship), Heidi 
Seera, and Norrissa Martin 

Honors Day 77 

Dr. Stephen Barneft 
Mr. James Barth 
Miss Jerri Beck 
Mr. Bernard Belisle 
Mr. Matthew Benson 

Mrs. Melody 

Benson - Director 

of Counseling 


Dr. Donna 

Binkowski - 

Associate Profes 

sor of Modern 


Mr. Ted Boyd ■ 



Mrs. Tracey 
Bridwell - Janito- 
rial Services 

Dr. Paul Boling 

Dr. Jeffrey Bruehl 

- Associate 

Professor of 



Dr. Stephen Bradshaw 

Mr. Randy 

Burnham - 




Mrs. Valerie 

Castlen - Mail 

Zlerk and Clerical 


iam Brown 


Mrs. Diana Buttram 

Ms. Christine 
"atlett - Technica 
Services Coordi- 

Mr. Michael 

Crook - Assis 

tant Athletic 



Mrs. Jody Cheon 





Dr. James 
Coffield - Associ- 
ate Professor of 


Dr. Richard 
Cornelius - 
Professor Emeri- 
tus of English 


Mrs. Leta Dyer - 

Assistant Supervi 

sor of Janitorial 


Dr. David Fouts 
Mrs. Marlene Fouts 
Dr. Kenneth Froemke 
Mrs. Marcia Froemke 

78 Faculty and Staff 

Mrs. Kem Harris 

Dr. Stephanie Hartz 

Dr. Martin Hartzell 

Mrs. Jennifer Hartley 

Mr. Roy Hartley 
Dr. Peter Held 
Mrs. Krista Hetzel 
Dr. Brian H 

Mr. Terry Hi 
Mrs. Gale Hood 
Mr. Timothy Hostetler 
Dr. Maribeth Impson I 
Dr. Dennis Ingolfsland 

Mrs. LaVonne 


Dr. Whit Jones 

Dr. Ruth Kantzer 

Mrs. Sheila 

Ingolfsland - 



i ^\ 

Mrs. Cathy 

Jones - Resi- 

\v ' 

dent Director - 

Arnold Dorm 


Ms. Laura Kaufmann 

Mr. Tom Kemner 

Dr. William Ketchersid 

Mrs. Dana 
Kennedy - 
Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Exer- 
cise Science 

Faculty and Staff 79 

Mr. Robert Lay - 



Mrs. Darlene 
Lestmann - 
Music Depart- 
ment Secretary 

Dr. William Lay 
Mrs. Margie Legg 
Dr. Raymond Legg 
Dr. Phillip Lestmann 

Dr. David Luthe r Dr. Sigrid Lut her 

/ ' 

Miss Stephanie 
Mace -Origins 
Research Assis- 

Mr. Ronald 

Masengale - 



Mr. Bert Miller - 



Mrs. Dee 


President for 



Mr. Tim Mooney 

- Director of 

Educational and 



Dr. David Masoner Mr. Morris Michalski 




\ I 




Dr. Jeff Myers - 
Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Com- 
Arts/Director of 
the Summit 

Mr. Mick Norris 

- Computer 


Mr. Bruce Morgan Dr. Frederick Morton 

Mr. Michael 
Palmer- Associ- 
ate Professor of 

Mr. Marc Neddo 

Mrs. Judy Olsen 

/ > 

Mr. Phillip 
Pranger - Resi- 
dent Director - 

Dr. Ronald Petitte Mrs. Debra Phillips 

/ \f 

Mr. Earl Reed 
Director of 
Science Pro- 

Dr. Gary Philips 

\/ * 

Miss Jill Reeves 



80 Faculty and Staff 

Ms. Anne Rader 


Mrs. Polly Revis 

- Cataloging 




Mr. Brett Roes - 

Director of 
Alumni Minis- 

Mr. Frank Rouse 
- Carpenter 

Dr. Ernie Ricketts Dr. Travis Ricketts 


Mrs. Lenita Sanders 

Mr. Bud Schatz 

Mrs. Judy Shetter 

Dr. Ann Sidebothom 


Dr. Robert Simpson 

Mr. John Stonestreet 

Mrs. Alana Toliver 

Dr. Jack Traylor 

Mrs. Tami Tullberg 
Mr. Michael Weller 
Mrs. Sherry Weller 

Mr. Roger 
Simmons - 
Manager of 
College Mainte- 
nance and 

Mrs. Karin 
Traylor - Admin- 
istrative Assis- 
tant to the 
Academic Vice 

Ms. Yvonne West 

Dr. Melvin Wilhoit 

Miss Allison Womble 

Mr. Tim Shetter 

- Resident 

Director - Rhea 


Mr. Bill Webb - 
Electrical Techni- 


Mrs. Ruth Ann 

Williams - 
Assistant to the 
Alumni Minis- 
tries Director 

v /\ 

Dr. Kurt Wise 
Director of 
Origins Re- 

Mrs. Brenda 
Wooten - 
Financial Assis- 

(not pictured: Dr. Todd Wood, Visiting Research Professor) 

Faculty and Staff 81 

Jessica _AaWs 

Jason Bescfea 

C&ad "Slogan 


Susan Baku 

Lisa BoeiWeA 


G&eW Gawpbei. 

(2icfbid Ba/ines 

Many Bnagg 

Zac "Biown 


Jason BeOtti* 

Knista Bueuninga 


f?ogeA Cawiod 


Danie£ Cawa 


Isidfio Loiza Carfeno 

Kcuiai Chufoeiioiu. 

Jokita Cause 

-Awando Dunatte 

Uli'fvM l \ 

PeM GdeeJe 


Judie Djioum 



fcl '«P 



Lesfce Ccfe 

JaysoH Daoidson 

Moises Dfttowond 



Gfoistine. Dennis 





Lau/ia ^"owottR 

Saab ^nawca 

Me&ssa Gam 


;"" r v>k ^^^ N„ ^ 

Pete Mitchell, Nate Krogel, and Moises Drummond-what in the world are they up 


Erica Herman practicing for Star Search. 


84 Seniors 

June Laymon, Jalena Cruise, Brenda 
Jordan, and Suzi Schmoyer doing 
"interpretive ballet" at a social. 

ttOJhtiS S>iO 

: : ■ ■:■ i — i ; -._ ■;, ...J 

^ j0 ■ 1 ^S <J§ -^ 

The Seniors music students. 

""^^ ™ ™ ^V *IM ^» 

Seniors 85 

fAaW) Qiem 




Kiustin <bl udfow 


SanoR <tless 

Joshua <Wood 

Mason <Wudfow 








KeUin Ingc%s(brd 

SstiW Jacfeson 

JosR. JoRwson 


Matt JoRksok 

Jiatt KnogeE 

SKuk Mab«£ 


"SWota Jondau 

Jason Lout 

Okq Matsfeo 


trusty Kdmza 

'Em Laooie 

JemfoeK McCa{jfreA.ty 


SRowon KiCflofie 


7k Mc^fjadbd 





labftRa Mo& 

Jqk Moo/it 


Travis Stevens comes in for a 
perfect landing! 


A more perfect vacation could never be planned. What could 
be better after a stressful final semester of college than an entire 
week to do absolutely nothing? And no better setting could be 
found than the lovely white beaches of Destin, FL. Almost 80 
members of the senior class made the trip to Destin to spend six 
days in the sun. The class officers intentionally left most of the time 
free so that there were no deadlines to make and few things to 
remember. Lounging on the beach was only interrupted a few times 
for things such as a luau, a Sunday morning praise and worship 

service, and a trip to "The Track" for go- 
carts and gooney golf. Eleven brave mem- 
bers of the group added an exciting first 
to their trip. A Skydiving expedition co- 

ordinated by Matt Johnson took us 14,000 feet in the air and found us safely on 
the ground five minutes later. Overall the week trip was a big hit. The location 
was great; the weather was perfect. There was lots of good friends and fellow- 
ship. We even drew some attention by the contrast our group made against the 
other college groups around. It is just proof that Christians really can have fun 
and behave themselves at the same time. The only complaint heard was that we 
had to go back to Tennessee . . . 

~ Mary Green 

Lisa Boehmer shows off her 
best "Baywatch" impression 
to entertain the group. 

A large group gathered on 

the beach Sunday morning to 

participate in the praise and 

worship service led by Chad 

Brogan and Ben Lavoie. 

88 Senior Trip 

The group poses on the white sand 
following the Sunday morning 

Class sponsor Dr. Jeff Bruehl and 

his wife Darlene show of their 

Hawaiian Luau attire. 

Once the sun went down it was time to hang out and socialize: Suzi Schmoyer, 
Jennifer Musselman, Mary Green, Kellie Hill, Wendy Willour, Charlotte Revell, 
April Cottrell, and Julie Drown. 


At the Luau: Jeff Hall, Jan Moore, Matt Johnson, Karen 
Chamberlin, Brenda Jordan, Daniel Carver, Jalena Cruise, Brad 
Holiday, Jennifer McCafferty, and Josh Johnson. 


Roger Caroll, Christina Senter, and Wendy Willour find an interesting photo 
opportunity while playing gooney golf. 

The Skydivers: Esther Jackson, Brad Holiday, Lisa Boehmer, Josh 
Johnson, Mary Green, Matt Johnson, Wendy Willour, Tim Unsicker, 
Danny King, Travis Stevens, and Jalena Cruise. 

Senior Trip 39 





i it h 

.... H 

1R;4» if 1 

* . 


Sk^Il $ 


Jeiiw(j£ji Musse^OR 


Q/asfai Peaison 


MicMe PRoiifiujj- 

"B/upi Possi 



Law Qadeii 



Dowd Sctoe. 

Suzi ScfcuoyeJi 

CtestinQ Seuta 

"BeUin SwvS 

fJiatt Swxi 

Jkkea Thji\pkd 

T)Om St(Mld 

Judi TofcueJi 

TiaOis SteOeus 

7k (JwSicM 

Chista Tayb/i 

Scott ^eMs 

Ma/rtRa Sv/est 

Matt SvAG&cims 

<Wendi cUilhui 

JoKk S^/iRteJi 

1 . J 'Woffte. 

Q/ate. S^o^e 

Jit Sv/owacle 

Laiwa 6)ates 

Vlo\o Afot _A>aitog& 

Jewtifj-e^ Sams 

Cato S^/oodcad 



Degree Completion Program 

Bryan College has developed a program 
of study designed to meet the needs of work- 
ing adult students. These individuals are typi- 
cally 25 years of age or older, already have 
earned two years of college credit and desire 
to complete a degree. The ASPIRE Degree 
Completion Program allows students who nor- 
mally are employed full-time to attend classes 
in the evening. These classes are held one 
night per week (about 4 1 /2 hours), on the 
campus, and year-round allowing an early 
completion of the bachelor's degree in Busi- 
ness Administration. ASPIRE modules offer 
courses taught in a condensed format which 
are presented with the purpose of helping 
graduates accomplish their career goals and 
becoming more effective as a manager, super- 
visor or business person. 

Commencement Speaker: Amy Vameii 

Amy Renee Parnell, a graduate of Monroe High School, 
Monroe, Michigan, has been chosen by the business faculty 
of Bryan College to represent the ASPIRE program. She is the 
wife of Edsel Parnell Jr., and has earned the Bachelor of Sci- 
ence degree in Business Administration: Organizational Man- 
agement. Amy received a Michigan Competitive Scholarship 
and earned the Associate of Commerce degree with a major 
in accounting from Monroe County Community College. She is 
currently a full-time employee at La-Z-Boy in Dayton, Tennes- 


£?im 'Barnes 
Janet 'Berry 
Cracie 'Bishop 
'Kim Chancey 
Ualerie Clark 
Garnett Craig, Jr. 
COatt 'Damron 
Ceresa 'Davis 
Carry Gibby 

Steve 'Harmon 
Anita 'Hedden 
'Brenda 'Bill 
John 'j-lolland 
LOilliam 'J-fovey 
Sheila Ingolfsland 
Gina Johnson 
COandy Cewis 
"lvosalyn Cotton 

(Dike iDcCDinn 
Scott CDiller 
Cheryl COillsaps 
'Keith 'Parker 
'Debbie 'Petrey 
Ciliana 'Preston 
CDatthew Sigler 
Shawn Stiger 
'Diane LOalker 

TH*? 200 1 /4SP7RS \ 


\ "Ken Akin 

^Rhonda *Kinches • 

I Deanna Chastain 

Jennifer jCittle • 

I Oicki Crumpley 

Drew £ytle • 

| <Darrell <Day 

Brie CDcDaniel • 

• Scott Edgemon 

Charlotte (DcKee j 

• Shawn JUckey 

Denise 'Page • 

• Carol J-followay 

Amy Darnell * 

" David Jlolloway 

Cindy ^Ridge I 

• £;ammy Tiood 

Scott Standridge I 

• Jana Johnson 



- -5» 





The 68th Commencement of Bryan College took place outside on the triangle surrounded by 
the new Student Life Center, the future library, and the rebuilt Administration Building. 

The graduates and faculty were able to exit the unfinished Administration building this year--a 
tradition that had to miss last year's graduation because of the fire. 


Dr. Bill Brown introduces the 
commencement speakers: 

Travis Stevens 

Amy Parnell 

All Photos by Bud Schatz and Susan Canida 

Jason Beschta hugging his mom 
Ruth after the ceremony. 





The Bryan College clock: time 

doesn't stop for these graduates. 

Their lives must go on as they 

impact their world. 

Michelle Phaneuf and June Laymon with their families. 

Graduation ended successfully with tears and smiles as a special group of students 
remembered their time on Bryan hill with their friends and mentors. 



Kelly Ambrose 
Renae Anderson 
Mandy Arnold 
Renaldo Atkins 
Carlos Ayala 

Andrew Bah 
Kristen Baldwin 
Elizabeth Beaty 
Erica Black 

E :^S Jenny Bradshaw 

Aaron Braun-Duin 
Winnie Buck 
Jennie Burleson 
Jodi Buttram 
Michael Carter 

Matt Clark 
Brad Cook 
David Dahlke 
Deena Darshini 
Erin Davis 

Holly Davis 
Hugh Deweerd 
Adrian Dewhurst 
Clinton Donough 
Phil Douglas 

Adam Drake 
Sarah K. Drake 
Brian Eisenbeck 
Miles Ericson 
Dan Evans 

Molly Gaeta 
Elgin Gonce 
Becky Gossell 
Hannah Hammond 
Jo Harvey 



Sue Huber 

Kristen Immel 

Amy Jenkins 

Jared Jones 

Becky Kalz 

Anna Kellogg 

Robert Kendall 

John Ketchersid 

Danny King 

Sam Kostreva IV 

Kendra Laird 

Amber Lane 

Michelle Largent 

Kristi Lestmann 

Jodi Long 


Laura Luster 
Tobi Magill 
David Mann 
Allyssa Mantooth 
Paige Martin 

Sarah Martin 
Nancy Masoner 
Anndrea Mathers 
Alicia McElrath 
Tyler McWilliams 

Carrie Miller 
John Mitchell 
Jonathan Mobley 
Kim Moose 
Matt Murphy 

Steven Myers 
Anna Neff 
Eric Nidiffer 
Chasity Oldham 
Matt Palmer 


Adam Parker 

Rachel Pendergrass 

Terrence Peterson 

April Phillips 

Lara Rader 

Sarah Revell 

Bethany Roberts 

Diana Rogers 

Pete Ryan 

Sonia Samuelson 

Jessica Saxon 

Rachel Schmitt 

Erin Seale 

Angie Smith 

Cassie Smith 

IV Smith 

Chad Snavely 

Heather Steele 

Becca Steiner 

Joie Stone 

Jason Storie 

Aaron Strode 

Kent Suter 

Rebekah Tidwell 

Genevieve Toth 

Jonathan Urquhart 

Jason Wasser 

Robin Wedekind 

Kerri Wenzel 

Sarah White 

Noel Wilhoit 

Carrie Wilson 

Jennifer Wilson 



Joey Amadee 
Ingrid Anderson 
Chris Angelo 
Bob Angove 
David Arute 

Kent Ashley 
Josh Bales 
Megan Bales 
Kimberly Berry 
Wesley Blanton 

Lisanne Boling 
Greta Bose 
David Branson 
Charis Brice 
Ellie Brown 

Heather-Lynn Burton 
Katie Buttram 
Susan Canida 
Sarah Carpenter 
Angela Carr 

Shelly Carroll 
Ben Carver 
Candi Caudill 
Stephen Chapman 
Josh Cone 

Matt Correll 
Julie Crawford 
Matthew Croxton 
Cesar da Silva 
Rebekah Darling 

Elaine Davis 
Joseph Delph 
Annie Dickerson 
Sarah E. Drake 
Dawn Dresselhaus 


Kelly Elledge 

Beth Eppinger 

Brian Evaul 

Kathleen Fischer 

Brook Fleming 

Cari-Muriah Freeman 

Jon Fullmer 

Jewel Gardner 

Brandi Gaskey 

Keli-Sue Gilmore 

Donnie Gleason 

Brandy Grant 

Josh Gurski 

Kathryn Hallquist 

Lindsey Hamilton 

Bethany Hawkins 

Ky Heinze 

Rachel Held 

Joshua Henderson 

Kimmie Hill 


ho l*tiOto ftuMtMc 

ho Woto /itituldU ho Jiltoto fioc&cMe 


ho JiliOto ftu&UMe 


Leah Hochanadel 
Lea Hudson 
Jenny Hughes 
Katie Hughes 
Nate Humphrey 

Christy Hunt 
Joshua Jahncke 
Allison Johnson 
Cassandra Joines 
Audrey Jones 

Rachel Kaetterhenry 
Betsy Keehn 
Joe Kelly 
Seth Kempf 
Donnie Kier 

Ronnie Kier 
Adam King 
Jason King 
Hope Kostreva 
Anita Kroeger 

Susan Lacey 
Michael Landry 
Sheryl Laws 
Kristi Lawson 
Jonathan Lay 

Lucas Lewis 
Katie Lott 
Matt Lowe 
Josh Lowery 
Will McAllister 

Quentin McCuiston 
Anna McSpadden 
Abby Miller 
Ken Miller 
James Mitchell 

ho Jlkoto fiuuUUe 


Sasha Morgan 

Mya Morrison 

Michael Moss 

Lizzy Murphy 

Greg Owens 

Scott Packett 

Rachael Palmer 

Anna Pearson 

Sara Perelman 

Scott Perry 


ho Mofo /luutMe 

ho M"tc /lu&UMe 
t>ut see lelow 

ho %oto fiucXWM 



■ . ■ ■ 



The Sophomores-unique in our own way. We are 

spirited, sincere, passionate, and strong. We have endured the Fire: both 
knowing the worst and looking forward to the best. We are diverse yet are 
one body. We are beautiful and full of potential. We are the Sophomores. 

Valerie Petitte 
Jonathan Pfaff 
Charlie Phillips 

Rachel Pierce 
Amy Poole 

Geri Powell 

Donald Price 



Jake Puckett 

Sande Ray 




ho Jitxoto £u&U&Ue 





Uo "photo flvaitMe 


ho photo ftvaitMe 

Danny Reid 
Heidi Rew 
Suzanne Rogers 
Jeff Rohman 
Jess Roman 

Sharyn Rose 
Jenny Ruark 
Ashley Rush 
Abi Russell 
Jana Sault 

Sara Sault 
Ruth Schultz 
Mike Sheddan 
Tim Shorey 
Charity Simmons 

Debra Smith 
Emily Smith 
Laura Smith 
Tammy Smith 
Todd Smith 


I . 

The Sophomore Class Socials: we 
did everything from dinner on the 
town and pizza at the park to 
fellowship in the cafe and praise 
and worship at the walking track. 
These sweet fellowship times 
were the heart of our class. They 
were simple, fun, and unique. We 
weren't trying to impress any- 

one. We just wanted to have 
come to love so much and 
together in our first two 




fun with the class that we had 
had been through so much 


Rachel Snodgrass 

Chasity Snowden 

Marie Soyster 

Celeste Stanly 

Beth Stotts 

Jennifer Sweeny 

Kauri Tallant 

Michelle Todd 

Jen Vanden Heuvel 

Alison Viner 

Jessica Weil 
Chris Wesson 
Mark Whitlock 

Alan Wilkes 
Claire Williams 

Robin Williams 

Brooke Wilson 

Jennifer Wilson 

Zack Winter 

Amber Woodlee 

to fikoto fivMUUe 



ho l*lioto Jv&ilMe ho l^koto JuaUMe 


ho Jikoto /ioailMe 

Katy Abercrombie 
Issac Antanaitis 
Silivia Ayala 
Miguel Ayllon 
Lauren Barnes 

Henry Barrios 
Katie Bennett 
Karyn Biebel 
Jon Blaiock 
Tara Bose 

Stephanie Bozeman 
Justin Brackett 
Esther Bragg 
Jack Branson 
Ron Bridwell 

Sarah Brooks 
Addie Brown 
Dinisha Brown 
Jason Brown 
Meganne Cairns 

Josh Carden 
Ryan Carlton 
Hannah Carr 
Shelly Caudill 
Isaac Chiles 

Michael Clark 
Aaron Clayton 
Rachel Clegg 
Jeremy demons 
Rebekah Coleman 

Melissa Conner 
Russell Courtney 
Beverly Davis 
Bryan Day 
Cassidy DeRaad 

Lolita Dermody 

Nathan Dewhurst 

Eric Dill 

Meagan Dougherty 

Kimberly Dyer 

Jessica Echerd 

Matthew Ellis 

Michael Evans 

Ivan Flores 

Jared Flowe 

Melissa Grauman 

Tad Green 

Aaron Groen 

Anna Hanger 

Jim Hanson 

Jonathan Hardin 

Craig Harper 

Brandi Harris 

Chris Hawkins 

Jessica Hendrix 

ho fikoto fivaiUMc 

ho l>koto /f t/aclaMe 


: -?> 




Jessica Hogan 
Rebecca Howard 
Ross Hubler 
Stephanie Huttenhoff 
Valerie Huttenhoff 

Amanda Immel 
Nathaniel Isler- 
Jeremy Jackson 
Colin Jaeger 
Stephen James 

Anne Rob Jones 
Michelle Kalenza 
James Kendall 
Michelle Knowles 
botkotoMUMe KaraKrogel 

Alex Kylmovich 
David Landrum 
Tara La Roy 
Veronica LeGrand 
Kati Lestmann 


Debbie Lockhart 

Tim Long 

Tiff Manz 

Seth Mapes 

Francisco Marmanillo 

Jamal Marshall 

Norissa Martin 

Robert Martin 

Ricky Martinez 

Jordan Maftheiss 

Ashley May 

Whitney McChristian 

Natalie McDonald 

Sarah Meinsma 

Aubre Mjolhus 

Amy Moon 

Jordan Musselman 

Alison Myers 

Melissa Myers 

Ben Norquist 

Toks Olowola 
Tim Opelt 

David Palmer 

Elizabeth Palmer 

Melinda Pangel 

Mellonee Pangel 

Robert Papenfuss 

Andy Park 

Eric Parks 

Eric Payne 

Priscilla Pearson 

Amalia Peters 

Daniel Petift 

Daven Petifte 

Faith Phaneuf 


Vanny Phin 
Colin Plank 
Andrew Pohlmann 
Hannah Pratt 
Anca Radu 

Josh Ray 
Jenna Reams 
Shannon Reynolds 
Emily Riddle 
Courtney Roberts 

Jacy Rojas 
Tiffany Rosenberger 
Jessica Rupp 
Andy Ryan 
Juli Santmier 

Mary Scroggins 
Steve Scruggs 
Heidi Seera 
David Sewell 
Tim Sewell 

John Shelley 
Megan Sherrin 
Melody Shetter 
Carla Simmons 
Karla Silva 

Rachel Slikker 
Adam Smith 
Marc Smith 
Jennelle Speichinger 
Aaron St. Jacques 

Jon St. John 
Abigail Staggers 
Julia Staggers 
David Starbuck 
Emily Stiffler 


Alissa Stoneberger 

Kate Strunk 

Joni Swanson 

Alex Tantihachai 

Molly Theg 

Jason Thorp 

Mary Tomyn 

Chris Travis 

Adam Van Pelt 

Kim Vaughn 

Stephanie Wagner 

Ryan Walker 

Wendi Wall 

Heidi Wells 

Dave West 

Casie Whisman 

Katie White 

Sabrina Whitman 

Josh Wierenga 

Ben Williams 

Tim Williams 

Rachel Wilson 

Emily Winkler 

Andrea Woodworth 

Luke Wortham 

Brock Youngren 


Left: The kids seem to really 
like Eric Payne's company. 

Below: Heidi Wells fits right 
in with the kids. 

Above: Megan takes control 
while one kid drools for the 

Left: Kristi Lawson and class 




The BEM Outreach this year went into three 
different elementary school systems and reached hun- 
dreds of kids between the grades of Kindergarten and 
Fifth Grade. Our goal in this program is to allow a 
light to radiate out of the lives of the students at Bryan 
College into Dayton and surrounding towns. We had 
teachers in Frazier, Graysville, and Rhea Central El- 
ementary Schools. The eternal impact this ministry 
has upon the kids we may never truly know, but we 
can know that we have made a difference in the lives 
of kids who will have to answer the same questions 
about living for Christ that we have to. We have defi- 
nitely met our goal which is to simply plant a seed 
into the lives of future leaders. 
In Christ, 

Eric Nidiffer 
President of BEM 


<~e 'S$ £ t 

\^^ ' I Nn O 

Tl U. 

5! 59 6r 61 62 63 64 , 5 66 6? 68 69 70 71 72 73 71 7 

The BEM teachers. 

The CARE teachers. 

James' class is all smiles. 

The CARE teachers go to 
schools that do not allow the 
gospel message to be taught 
to their students. So instead 
they instill the children they 
teach with Christian values 
such as honoring their par- 
ents and the responsibility to 
do the best they can in ev- 
erything they do. 

BEM and CARE 113 

His Hands Puppet Team has an amazing opportunity to minister to chil- 
dren, grades kindergarten through fifth, in the surrounding school districts. Each 
week, His Hands presents a message that encourages personal character to BEM 
and CARE classes. It has been my privilege this year to lead the kindergarten 
through second grade puppet team. I have experienced joy as I've watched the 
children's reactions to the puppets, and seen the impact that we have been able 
to make on their lives. I am thankful to have been a part of His Hands ministry. 

-Jess Roman 


This year, His Hands was given the opportunity to go into the community 
to share God's love through the use of puppets. During the fall semester, we went 
to North River Alliance Church in Hixson to perform for the Sunday School hour. 
This marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship! His Hands went back to North 
River to perform during the Wednesday night AWANA program. On March 31, 
2001, the puppets and puppeteers went to Northgate Mall to perform for the 
children as they waited to see the Easter Bunny. This was an awesome opportu- 
nity for us to get out into the community. Next year, we have been invited back to 
the mall and also to Erlanger Memorial Hospital. Both teams are excited about the 
opportunity, and we hope to go into area hospitals and perform for children's 

-Sande Ray 

Top Right: Some 2 nd graders look 
on as the His Hands puppet 
team performs. 

Above: A Rhea Central student 
enjoys the puppet team. 

Right: Anne Rob Jones and 
David Arute utilize their puppet 
expertise from behind the 

114 pci 

Back row: Erica 
Herman, Tad 
Green, Kim 
Vaughn, Sande 
Ray, Kimberly 
Berry, Julia Stag- 
gers. Front row: 
Jess Roman, Sarah 
Anne Rob Jones. 

Not pictured: 
David Arute, 
Melissa Grauman, 
Abby Miller, Toks 
Anna Pearson, 
Marc Smith, 
Abigail Staggers, 
David Starbuck 



Erica Herman interacts with 

"Whoofer" in a Rhea Central 


Sally and Hank sing a song 
about telling the truth for the 

All Photos Submitted 

His Hands 115 

116 PALS 

PALS this year was very eventful with some new | 
group activities that we had never done. In October we 
went on a hayride and had a bonfire, where we roasted 
marshmallows and made smores-YUM!! There was an 
increased need for Big Pals this year because of the 
great amount of little pals. New Big Pals stepped up 
and helped me out a lot along with the Dayton commu- 
nity. With their help we were able to make thirty Christ- 
mas bags filled with candy and coupons for free treats 
and McDonald's, Sonic, and Arby's. Heartland Grill 
opened one of their banquet room for us to use to deco- >^ 
rate ornaments and eat lots of junk food. The upcom- 
ing year looks to be just as fun with Allison Johnson 
taking over the leadership. 

— Kelly Ambrose, PALS President 

Above: Matt Snead discussing Eschatology with his young pal. 

Below: Big Pals include: Charis Brice. Wendy Willour, Addie Brown, and 

Shelley Carroll at the hayride. 

Top: Abby Miller and Cassandra 
Joines bring their pals to cheer on 
the Bryan Lions. 

Above: Wendy Willour with pals at 
the Easter Egg hunt. 

PALS 117 



Michelle Largent is great with 
the ladies-They all love her. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

"ho matte* kou thetted 

out o* tUeb ? Mi, tke 

people at tke fieHtaqe 

ftoute dwaut made me 

realize tke importance 

ot not kuHMfimi tkwuqk 

life and tafoaqiHq eve^y 


- $a*ak II. fyake 

Sarah K. Drake and Cassie Smith 
always loved laughing with 
Goldie who sadly passed away 
this year. 

Photo by Josh Drake 

118 SAM 

Wendy Willour joins hands with 
two of the ladies of Laurelbrook 
Nursing Home. 

Photo submitted 

Wendy Willour receives her usual 
kiss that is given every week by 
one of her favorite friends at the 
nursing home. 

Photo submitted 

Charity Simmons was a faithful 
friend on her SAM visits. 

Photo submitted 

Paula Heathershaw enjoys 
hearing about the "good oP 

Photo submitted 


SAM proves to be therapeutic for the elderly as well as 
the students. "It all started my freshman year in PCI chapel. I 
knew I wanted to do one of the ministries but wasn't sure which 
one. SAM is the last one I thought I would choose but as I sat 
and listened to what all the different ministries were about, 
SAM was the only one I really felt drawn to. I ended up loving it 
and spent hours with the seniors in the homes, sometimes 
laughing so hard I was clinging to the counter in the lobby. 
Twice people very special to me died but I would never take 
back the time I spent and the memories I made with them. 
Hershall's face would light up like the sun whenever I showed 
up. Queenie was one of the shortest women I've ever seen, only 
coming up to just under my arm, and always wearing a mischie- 
vous smile. This is my third year visiting Laurelbrook and as I 
move on next year, I will genuinely miss the relationships I've 
built. Luwanna, with her red hair, gentle kisses, and mixed up 
thoughts. Ruby and Ruth, who are always together and have 
lived forever. Alma, always working a puzzle and who wants to 
believe in Jesus, but "there's just been too much stuff happen in 
my life..." Then there's Dolores, deaf as can be, always yelling 
about not wanting her skin to be red. Jerry's the beauty queen, 
constantly putting on makeup and fixing her hair. Lyle can talk 
endlessly but has a sharper memory than I do. 

"God has shown me 
a lot the last- few years 
about seeing the elderly as 
real people that I can relate 
to. It has been a wonderful 
experience that I intend to 
continue in some way even 
after I leave Bryan College 
and PCI." 

- Wendy Willour 

SAM 119 

Students For Life 


Students For Life is a PCI ministry that seeks to bring awareness about Life 
issues and lend a helping hand to the community. Being heavily involved with 
the Women's Care Center, this group helps them out through the LifeWalk, 
christmas donations, and Celebrity Serve at the Heartland Grill. They volun- 
teer their time to do whatever is 
needed, serving God by serving people 
who really need a touch of God's love 
in their lives. 

1 20 Students for Life 


Random Pictures 121 


The Bryan College Tutoring Program, one of PCI's ministries, 

focuses on creating one-on-one mentoring relationships between 

underprivaledged children and Bryan students. We minister to 

children through academic tutoring because we believe academic 

achievement is one way for these kids to break the pattern of 

Below: Kim concentrates on 
poverty in which they are teaching the lesson. 

being raised. 

Above: Kathleen encourages her student as he smiles 
despite his frustration. 

We currently work with 

Brighter Vision Learning Cen- 

ter, located in the Dayton 

Housing Projects, and Mt. 

Olive Methodist Church. 

Around 20 children were in- 

volved in tutoring this school 

year. We've seen some re- 

markable progress. 

In keeping with the vision, "Christ Above All," we try to integrate 

the gospel into the tutoring process whenever possible. Many 

Kathleen Fisher, Jessica Hendrix, Kim Vaughn, Matt 
Johnson, Leah Hochanadel, Nathaniel Isler-Williams, Claire 
Williams, and Michael Landry pose with the kids they tutor. 

tutors use the Bible to help students learn to read. 1 personnally had 

the amazing privaledge this year of seeing a little girl that tutor 

come to Christ! Tutoring can be a slow and tedious process at 

times, but seeing the impact of a caring person in a child's life 

makes it an invaluable ministry. 




122 Tutoring 

-Leah Hochanadel, President of Tutoring- 

Michael makes 
learning fun for 
his friend. 

Submitted by Leah 

Jessica and her student have 
become good friends. 

Submitted by Leah Hochanadel 

Leah shows the love the 
tutors have for the children. 

Photo Submitted 

A Group Photo: (Top 
Row) Lolita Dermody, 
Leah Hochanadel 
(President), Kim 
Vaughn, Sherri Laws, 
Charity Simmons, 
(Bottom Row) Brock 
Youngren, Claire 
Williams, Nathaniel 
Isler- Williams, and 
Allison Johnson. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 


Tutoring *J23 

The Yearbook Staff 

The best page in the book 

Sarah K. Drake searches for 

the perfect picture for her 

Photo by Allison Johnson 

Sarah E. 



on sizing and 


a picti 

are while she listens to 

the music of her friends, "LaRue". 


by Allison Johnson 

"The Commoner'/ William Jennings Bryan's 
nickname during his time in the spotlight at 
the beginning of the century, is the basis for 
the name of our yearbook. This year's year- 
book seeks to take memories from all aspects 
of the Bryan College life and put them to- 
gether in a way that will bring laughter and 
smiles for years to come. The hard work and 
long hours will pay off, the crashing of the 
computer will be forgiven, but the memories 
will not be forgotten. It will never be per- 
fect, but because of that it is unique-unique because we are Bryan College, 
unique because we have endured a lot of struggle in the past two years, and 
unique because we seek to know Christ and truly live out a relationship with 
Him. That is what the yearbook is about. It is remembering the years that 
have shaped us: the laughter and tears, the confidence and fear, and the 
hellos and goodbyes. This book is goodbye for some; hello for others. But 
it holds one common theme: we were all molded this year by God as indi- 
viduals and as a community. We will never merely be "commoners": we will 
excel because of our time here. 

126 Yearbook Staff 

A random picture --because I 
have the power! 

Relieve in 

Susan Canida endures another long night battling 
the possessed Yearbook computer... 

Photo by Allison Johnson 

■ ! "-w«HkVVi 

HI 6 

The Staff (left to right): 

Bud Schatz, advisor 

Allison Johnson, photographer 

Jill Womack, editor 

Erica Herman, co-editor 

Sarah E. Drake, co-editor 

Susan Canida, computer guru 

Sarah K. Drake, photographer 

Joie Stone 

Norrissa Martin 

Not pictured: Winnie Buck, Julie Drown, and 

Mary Green, and Tad Green. 

Yearbook Staff 127 


'flp r\ 

- 1 



i:\Miliir \:<lili,r: 

Mr. Matthew Williams 
Associate Editor 

Mr. Michael Roukas 
Assistant Editor 

Miss Christa Ncclcy 

Miss Kristcn Baldwin 
Miss Amy Jenkins 
Business Manager 

Miss Kimbcrly Berry 

Mr. John Carpenter 
Foreign ( "orrespondetit. 

Mr. Ky Heinze 
Staff Writers: 

Mr. Michael Carter 
Mr. Aaron Clayton 
Miss Jessica Bcherd 
Miss Beth Eppingcr 
Miss Rachel f leld 
Mr. John Kctchcrsid 
Miss Alison Myers 
Mr. Daniel Nathan 
Mr. David Palmer 
Mr. Charlie Phillips 
Miss Heidi Rew 
'Hie Triangle is a student publi- 
cation of Bryan College. Opin- 
ions expressed in this publication 
do not necessarily reflect the opin- 
ions of the college. C iucst opinion 
pieces arc welcome. Editors re- 
serve the right to edit all letters. 
Send to: 

Box 7000 
Bryan College 
Dayton, TN 37321-7000 
E-Mail letters and remarks to: 

Weekend Weather: 

Friday] Mostly Cloudy, 
high 72, low 52 

Saturday: Partly Cloudy, 

high 81, low 60, 

Sunday: Pardy Cloudy, 
high 86, low 61 

The Triangle is looking for 

lardworking writers to join 

the staff for the fall 2001 

If interested, register 
for COMM 241 or ENG 241 


S port s 

natura I 

\^ Oh yeah: 
I'm the real 




Putting the "war' Sack in prayer 
bj Christa Neeley, 
Mike Roukas and 
Matt Williams 
This week's theme: 

With special :.- ah 

I j i.. i « wujmmji 

vyimn' l ... j.. 

Odor and L 


Note from the old-school editorial staff 

Sorry, Bryan students. We're so bogged down with Literary Criti- 
:ism homework that we can't provide you with a final episode of Prayer 
>rs! But rest assured that we'll be back next semester... (oh yeah!) 







Junior Officers: Sonia Samuelson, Vice President; Miles Ericson, Male 
Representative; Kristen Immel, Minister to Women; Jonathan Mobley, 
Minister to Men; Adam Parker, President; Erin Seale, Administrative 
Assistant; Cassie Smith, Female Representative. 

Submitted by Adam Parker 

SGA sponsored the Andrew Peterson concert (above) featuring special 
guests Randall Goodgame (bottom left) and Josh Bales (bottom right). 

Photos by Allison Johnson 

132 SGA 




_ J »_L ^ ' 

h '''■'■ \ 

»Hk ■ 

Above: Two acts from the SGA-sponsored talent show - 
(top) Julie Crawford, Michelle Edwards, Carrie Miller, 
(bottom) Lesley Cole, and Suzi Schmoyer all show off 
their dancing abilities. 

Below: Mark Whitlock and Josh Lowery play for sopho- 
more class worship in the park. 

Photos by Allison Johnson 

Freshman Officers: Jon St. John, President; Nathaniel Isler- 

Williams, Vice President; Veronica LeGrand, Minister to 

Women; Jim Hanson, Minister to Men; Anna Hanger, Female 

Representative; James Kendall, Male Representative 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

-2000-2001 Student Government Association- 
Executive Cabinet: 

Kevin Ingolfsland, Student Body President 

Jewel Gardner, Administrative Assistant 

Aaron Strode, Student Body Vice President 

Bryon Rossi, Vice President for Student Activities 

Lesley Cole, Executive Financial Officer 

Travis Stevens, Student Body Chaplain 
Freshman Officers: Pictured 
Sophomore Officers: 

Charlie Phillips, President 

Betsy Keehn/Alison Viner, Administrative Assistants 

Jenny Ruark, Vice President 

Tim Shorey, Male Representative 

Rachel Held, Female Representative 

Josh Bales, Minister to Men 

Sarah Drake, Minister to Women 
Junior Officers: Pictured 
Senior Officers: 

Chad Brogan, President 

Ben Lavoie, Vice President 

Christa Taylor, Female Representative 

Tim Unsicker, Minister to Men 

Rachel Mizell, Minister to Women 

Student Government Association 133 

The Ministry Council 

"The buses will wait..." 

The Ministry Council goes Hawaiian: 
Josh, Rachel, Jonathan, Sasha, Jim, 
Kristen, Travis, Veronica, and Sarah 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Ike f^inithu Council contittt of: 

'liuuii fteuens, (tnbent V)obu CkopUin 
ictikk tyoHjun, ^dm'miitHitiue fiuiitbnt 
James jlutcketon, i)ikecfo» o( fHen't 

$&vak ty&ttin, J)hectOk of Women's 

1<m Umickei; (enlov fyinittet to 1tlen 
bucket }HizeU, (enioy tyiuittet to Women 
^onatkan fHoUeu, Junto* JUinittet to ftten 
liuste* ?mme£, }uniot ftoiuiftei to Women 
~}otk fycXet, (opkomote jHinistei- to 'fiten 
icHik J)t&ke, topkomote ftliniste* to 

Jim Jl&nton, ftetkm&n 7W<n<<tei. to fHen 
Vetonica Letjmnd, fteskmon fltinittei- to 

fy&tt $ fyetodu $enton, (toft (ponton 

BEFORE the Ministry Council Retreat: 
Rachel, Melody, Jonathan, Jim, Matt, Sa- 
rah Martin, Travis, Sasha, Sarah Drake, 
Josh, Kristen, and Veronica. 

Submitted by Travis Stevens 


AFTER the Ministry Council Retreat: (Top 
Row) Sarah Martin, Veronica, Sarah, 
Travis, and Rachel. (Bottom Row)James, 
Jonathan, Tim, Jim, Matt, Kristen, and 

Submitted by Travis Stevens 

Jim gets a hand from hisfellow men's 
ministers - James, Tim, Jonathan, 
Travis, and Matt. 

Submitted by Travis Stevens 

Women's Ministry's fearless leader, 
Sarah Martin, welcomes the ladies 
to Women's Chapel. 

Photo by Allison Johnson 

Christina Senter listens attentively 
in Women's Chapel. 

Photo by Allison Johnson 

The Ministry Council, a branch of 
SGA, is composed of SGA Chaplain for 
Bryan, a Director of Men's Ministries, 
a Director of Women's Ministries, and 
a minister to men and minister to 
women for each class. Together, the 
Ministry Council seeks to encourage 
students to seek Truth and grow spiri- 
tually, "both individually and collec- 
tively through special chapels, class ac- 
tivities, and avenues which encourage 
students in their walk of faith. The 
Ministry Council seeks opportunities 
for students to worship together and, 
believing that fellowship and commu- 
nity is an integral aspect of life, seeks 
to provide opportunities for students 
to fellowship together in a variety of 

-Sarah Martin 
Director of Women's Ministries 


The Political Society 

Beth Eppinger -Vice President 
Rachel Snodgrass -President 
Faculty Sponsor — Dr. Jeff Myers 
Administrative Assistant — Ben 

Hannah Hammond, Michelle 
Todd, Nate Humphrey, Charlie 
Phillips, Jason Thorp, and 
Jonathan Blalock enjoy some 
food and fellowship. 
1 36 Political Society 

Josh Gurski — I think he's just 
here for the Pizza . . . 

Political society had a great 
turnout to hear Dr. Jeff Myers 
in the Lion's Den. 

Ross Hubler and James 
Mitchell debate a little after 
the meeting. 


Jana Sault, Dr. Jeff Myers, Emily Smith and Miles Ericson 
socialize a bit once the meeting is over and the pizza has been 

The 2000-2001 Bryan College Po- 
litical Society is making history. This is 
the first year the school has had an or- 
ganized society to keep politics in the 
minds of its students. Over the last year 
the Political Society has done much to 
raise the political awareness of the cam- 
pus. They were part of a strong push at 
elections time to see that every student 
on campus was registered to vote and 
had the change to get an absentee 
ballot so that they could participate in 
the 2000 Presidential Election. The ef- 
fort was a great success and they have 
continued to remind students of what 
an impact the government has on our 
society and the great need for some 
of us to provide the salt and light 
needed to keep our nation on track. 
The society quickly discovered how to 
draw a crowd ... a lecture from Dr. 
Myers and Free Pizza! 

Political Society "J 37 

The Worldview Team 

Engaging the Culture 

(Top)- Dan Evans, Steven Myers, 
Roger Carroll, Bryon Rossi, Josh 
Hood, Michael Carter, Kristin 
Baldwin. (Middle)- Michael Brown, 
Toni Celius, Christine Dennis, Jen 
Vanden Heuvel, Danny King. 
(Bottom)- Rachel Katterhenry, Erin 
Seale, Christa Neeley, June 
Laymon, Michelle Edwards, John 
Stonestreet, Christa Taylor, and 
Jenny Norton. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Bryon Rossi contemplates 
Theism during Worldview 

June Laymon meditates along 
with Christa Taylor and Christa 
Neeley during a sleepover skit. 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Photo submitted 

140 Worldview Team 

Michelle Edwards and June 
Laymon pose for a picture 
between skits and activities. 

Photo submitted 

Michael Carter, Danny King, 
Michael Brown fight to be Christa 
Neeley's "Worlview" during the 
"Worldview Dating Game." 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

Kristin Baldwin, Bryon Rossi, June Laymon, and Steven Myers 
show the differences in worldviews through a humorous skit about 

Photo by Sarah K. Drake 

^^m ^H ■■» ■ 







The Worldview Team traveled over 10,000 miles 
through nine different states and spoke to over 2,000 
students this year. Many of the students that we visited 
were challenged to test their faith in a new way. We asked 
them to open their minds and approach media — televi- 
sion, movies, and music — from a biblical worldview. We 
surprised most of them with this thought, but there were a 
few surprises in store for us as well. Two elements really 
stand out to me. We teach students to "test everything." 
Early in our tour, we were forced to do the same after an 
uneasy program. Were our motives pure? Did we ap- 
proach and teach our issues correctly? Praise God for the 
peace He gave us when He answered, "yes." Another 
challenge we faced was when we were asked to evangeli- 
cally reach out to students. The nature of our program is 
to teach Christian students, not necessarily to present a 
Gospel message to the unsaved. Again, the Lord blessed, 
and we saw students come to know Christ through His 
ministry of worldview education. 

-Michael Carter 

Worldview Team 141 

"We are so lucky to have such extreme talent here at 
Bryan. I'm so glad they're willing to stay. They could go 
anywhere and succeed." 

-Clinton Donough 

"The Fall Chorale has meant a lot to me these past two years 
that I have been involved in it. I love to sing and glorify God through 
the voice that He has given me. I miss singing in my church choir and 
praise team back home but have been thankful for these two years 
to be a part of another group that worships God through song. Cho- 
rale was always the highlight of my day, a cool breeze of fresh air. I 
will truly miss being a part of it next year." 

-Anna Kellogg 

"They (Dr. David & Dr. Sigrid Luther) are so willing and open to 
help students better understand the music world." 

-Candi Caudill 

Jennifer Musselman and David 
Haase look way too suspicious. 

Erica Black, Michael Landry, 

Suzanne Rogers, Gerianne 

Powell, Judi Toliver, Christine 

Dennis. Did they plan this? 

1 42 Chorale 

The Bryan College Chorale 
performs for a Fine Arts 

Below: Michael Landry, Aaron 
St. Jacques, Ceste Stanly, 
Erica Black, Kristi Lawson, 
Lizzie Murphy, Jodi Long, 
Christine Dennis, Martha 
West, Michael Brown. They 
are all too used to this! 

Tim Opelt, Martha West, Eric 
Payne, David Haase, Gerianne 
Powell, Mr. Whittaker, Aaron 
St. Jacques, Christine Dennis, 
Kristi Lawson, Michelle 
Mundy, Laura Foxworth, 
Suzanne Rogers, Erica Black, 
Lizzy Murphy, Michael 
Brown, Renae Anderson-on a 
Chorale outing. 



Chorale 143 


Dr. D. and Michelle Mundy 
relax after an evening perfor- 



"Chorale and Chambers Singers have been an integral part of my 
college experience. I've been singing for Dr. D. since day one. I re- 
member singing in front of the TV cameras at the Pentagon, on the 
steps of the Lincoln Memorial with jets roaring overhead, in airport 
terminals, and in amusement park lines. I remember singing in so 
many churches, singing so many songs that capture the truth and joy 
of our faith, standing before so many smiling faces. I remember the 
powder-white sand and the clear, clear water of the Bahamas. Chorale 
and Chambers have shaped who I am, and I can't imagine Bryan 
without them. 

Of all professors at Bryan, Dr. D. has had a great, and yet subtle 
impact on my life. He has cultivated in me a love of music, a passion 
for excellence, and a love for the Lord of it all." 

-David Haase 

Kerri Wenzel shows Dr. D 
how it's done. 

Some of the Chambers Sing 
ers performing at a local 

1 44 Chamber Singers 

bottom-Christine Dennis, Judy 
Toliver, Claire Williams, 
Michelle Mundy, Michelle 
Phaneuf, Martha West, 
Jennifer Musselman, Kerri 
Wenzel. top- Jason King, 
Micah Odor, Dr. D, Josh 
Lowery, David Haase, Eric 
Payne, Michael Brown-What 
an attractive bunch! 



' =■ 

I£l " ' 

i^^^ ^Hh 


■■■V ~ ~m 


Christine Dennis and David 
Haase smile for the camera. 

Photos submitted by Christine Dennis 

Claire Will- 
iams, Michelle 
Dennis, Kent 
Brown, Lizzie 
Murphy. - 
These Cham- 
bers members 
show off their 
before the 
usual church 

Below: Michael Brown shows 
off some Chambers propa- 
ganda in hopes for a sale. 



1- " fM 


Women's Chorus 


"Women's Chorus has been 
great. Kelly Stultz is a great director 
and always keeps us laughing. We've 
really been able to grow in Christ as a 
group. Being able to minister to 
people in such a powerful way has 
really been a blessing." 

Muriah Freeman 

"I have enjoyed my experience in Women's Chorus tre- 
mendously! Though I have only been in the group for a semes- 
ter, the experience has spoken volumes to my heart. I feel so 
privileged to get to participate in singing beautiful sortgs of wor- 
ship to my Savior, and also edifying other believers. The group 
has been fun and an encouragement, too. Mrs. Stultz has played 
a big part in that; her skillfulness and exuberance for music, not 
to mention her cheerful and loving personality, has been such a 
testimony to me." 

-Melissa Cairns 

Chamber Singers *| 45 

Andrea and her friend Mary 



Oxford is a city with a distinct emphasis on excellence and tradition. 
The streets are lined with colleges, churches, (and sometimes pubs), that date all 
the way back to the 12005. The city is a vibrant international college metropo- 
lis, with symphonies, plays, live music, street presentations, and always a 
variety of people. I lived with 18 Americans in a house, which was about a 15 
minute walk from the city center. It was neat to walk around the city every day, 
even when it was raining and cold. I had the great opportunity to be a member 
of the Bodleian Library, which has millions oj 7 volumes stored underground. I 
spent most of my days in the library, reading and writina essays _for my tutori- 
als. On the weekends, we usually hung out in the pubs that are so much a part 
of the culture there. We atso spent weekends in London and I got a chance to 
travel to Italy with three friends. It was the time of my life and I woufd en- 
courage more people to go. 


Keble College 

The house that Anndrea 

stayed in-Canterbury Road 


1 46 Semester Studies 

Anndrea and housemates 
hanging out 

Anndrea walking in Florence 



Anndrea and friends in front 
of Windsor Castle 

Photos submitted by Amndrea Mathers 

Oxford University 1 47 

A 5emester in the Rockies: Michelle Edwards 

Spending a semester at Focus on the Family Institute was both 
life changing andjunl It provided a nice interlude to my years at 
Bryan and challenged me to think more deeply about some of life's 
biggest issues-such as what it means to be a disciple of Christ, how 
marriage and leadership fit together, living out both troth and love, 
and how the church should respond to the issues people face today. 
Besides learning in the classroom, we also had praeticum sites where 
we got first hand career experience. I was able to work with Family 
News in Focus-Focus' daily news program. I did many interviews 
for the reporters and had a blast seeing the behind-the-scenes work that 
goes on in a radio station! 

While the class discussions and reading were intense, so were 
the retreats and fellowship times. The Institute puts a high priority on 
creating community among the 80 students. So we had lots of fin 
activities {]ke an all-night bam dance, dinners with Dr. Dobson, 
camp-outs, and a ski trip. In our free time we also enjoyed hiking in 
the beautiful Colorado Monntains, getting to know the professors, and 
going to Air Force Academy football games! I was amazed at how 
Quickly we ad bonded and how we constantly uplifted each other. 

Focus Institute is a unique experience-one I would not trade for 
anything! Jim Elliot once said, "Wherever you are, be all there!" 
That is exactly how everyone who works at the Institute lives! They 
revel in God's beauty and invite us to do the same! 

-Michelle Edwards- 

1 48 Semester Studies 

Michelle and her friends enjoy 

hitting the slopes at Vail during 

their semester in Colorado. 

Michelle poses with some friends in front of 
the beautiful backdrop of the Rockies. 

Focus on the Family 149 



A serious rolling job entitled, 
"Ode to Bruce". 






Dorm Life at Bryan College consists of parties, 
chocolate chip cookies and practical jokes. From rolled t 
trees to water balloons, dorm life always proves to be f 
very exciting. There's never a dull moment when ap- 
proximately 500 students study, sleep, and eat together. 
Dorm Life this year has lived up to its tradition proving 
to be enriching and certainly memorable. 

Oh, Sarah Carpenter, there 
you are. 

Kelly Ambrose and Michelle 

Largent discuss the 

controversial issues of society 

in an Arnold hallway. 

1 50 Dorm Life 

The girls of Arnold l st -some of 
Bryan's finest! 

Elizabeth Beatty and Anna 
Kellogg lounge in the dorm. 

Erica Herman, Jess Roman, 

and Jenny Bradshaw-The 

Supremes, perhaps? 

Matt and Cathy Jones- 
Arnold's favorite Mom and 

Dorm Life 151 

152 Closing 

photos By Allison Johnson 

fiub that wat our year kere on tyryau kill, filled with the utud twittt anb 
turnt of the college life, vie pertevereb like every normd college ttubent. Unlike 
every uomd college ttubent, however, we enbureb the mub anb orange fencing. 
Pie enbureb the long wdkt to datt in the battel*, pie wdkeb where no other 
Viryau college ttubent hab wdkeb anb probably no one ever will, pie hab moveb 

patt the novelty of 
out* dattroomt. pie 
put change anb grow 
pie mtckeb at the 
watcheb at the new 

being burneb out of 
before out* very eye*, 
newroabtwentup. pie 
library took form, pie 

mtckeb at the flbminittratiou builbing lott anb gaineb a thirb (loot, pie taw 
the gimme* from itt new winbowt* fit we lookeb at out reflection in thote 
mirrort, we taw the hue heart of our tckool. h itk about the builbingt or the 
brick. Itt itk the technology or enrollment, pie are briven by the love of fob 
bwelling in our keartt anb giving ut ttrength to enbure the ckanget. fob watk 
\utt \ebuttbing tke Httl~~#e wat rebuilbing our livet anb our keartt. fiub 
that't the greatett project that anyone can uubertake. 

Closing 153 

On the day you were born, our lives changed forever. Our hearts 
are filled with precious memories, joy, and pride. You are a 
special gift from God although this is a time to celebrate, many 
opportunities, rewards, and challenges await you. Each day we are painting 
a picture on the canvas of life with our choices. Choose wisely so when 
the portrait is finished, you will have accomplished the will of God for 
your life. As you go forth into this exciting new phase of life, remember: 

"Trusr in the Lord with all your heart and /earn not on your own 
understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and lie will make your paths 
straight. " (Proverbs 3:5) 
Dad, Mom, Andrew, Willis, and Mia 



1 54 Parent Thanks 

ml limb mil. 

// f 

3L ' 'MmaJumiaMQ 3 : 3 

Parent Thanks 155 

<&%as&tte yite&etff 



^7&/?iec&fte/*e c/i U/?ie t?ze dast^ As/* i/ifo auf Uc^ed. . . 

ant/ cd feee /lo-at fo 
wc/i^d 6>f£ae utc/it/. 


tdid do/i^, 


SPdaf/n $S 

156 Parent Thanks 

Dear Val, 

I am so proud 
that you are a part 
of me and I of you. I 
admire your deter- 
mination and envy 
your love for life. 
Some people have 
the ability to do 
anything they set 
their minds to, but 
ability does not get 
things done. You, on 
the other hand, will 
do everything your 
ability allows and 
more, because of 
your motivation and 
tenacity. As you 
receive the reward 
for your four years 
of labor, I hope it 
brings the satisfac- 
tion of a job done 
with excellence. I 
love and adore you. 


Parent Thanks 157 

Loura Lorraine Foxworth 

Thanks for the song and melody you put in our hearts! 

... from generation to generation... 
And now I know that some day I will join the angels. 
In thanking God for all He's done. 
I'll join with those of every tribe and tongue and nation, 
Singing out the praises of God's Son. 
But I will sing with joy unmatched by heaven 's angels, 
Telling how Jesus died for sinners such as I. 
I 'II join the millions who have been redeemed by Jesus, 
Singing in God 's choir in the sky. 

Ellis Deibler, "I Heard the Angels " 

Love, Mom, Dad, Forrest, & Stirling 

'He is no fool who gives what he cannot 
keep to gain what he cannot loose." 

Jim Eliott 

We love you 

and thank 
God for the 
privilege of 
allowing us to 
be your par- 
ents. May God 
continue to 
richly bless 
your life as you 
seek to obey 

Dad and 

Kellie Marie Hill 
Class of 2001 


We can't believe that you are graduating and moving on in life. You have been an awesome 

brother and a wonderful son. Welove you and are very proud of you. 

Love, Dad, Mom, Allison, and Stephanie 

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give 

you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29: 1 1 

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and 

the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perserverance the race marked our for us." Hebrews 12:1 

1 58 Parent Thanks 

"Angels can fly because 
they take themselves lightly." 
G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936) 

Vashti Elizabeth Pearson 

"For I know the plans I have for you, " 
declares the Lord, "Plans for welfare 
and not for a calamity; to give you a 
future and a hope. " Jeremiah 29:11 
Vashti, congratulations on completing four 
years of diligent study! We love you, and 
we pray that you give your utmost for His 
highest in the future. 


Mom, Dad 


Priscilla & Andrew 


What an achievement. 

We are so proud of 


Keep smiling. 

Love, Mom and Dad 


To our precious son 

who has given us 

so many wonderful years. 

May God bless you as 

you start this new phase 

of your life. 
We love you so much. 

Deuteronomy 31:8 
Mom & Dad 


We have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that 

you maybe filled with the knowledge of His will in 

all spiritual wisdom and understanding." 

Colossians 1:9 

we love you, 
Mom, Dad, Melinda, Josh, Abigal & Nathan 

Parent Thanks 159 

"The Desire Accomplised 

is Sweet to the Soul." 

Proverbs 13:19 

Congratulations, April! 

From Your Very Proud Family 


Dad, Mom, and Jesse 


You have worked hard 

and prepared yourself 

well. We are so proud of 

you and excited to see 

God'snext step for you. 


Mom and Dad 

"Congratulations, Jenny!" 

We love you, 

Daddy, Mama, Greg, Lori & Marl 

'The eternal God is your refuge, and 
underneath are the everlasting arms.' 
Deuteronomy 33:27 

YOu-nique That's the word to describe you. 

You have your own personality. 

Your own sP/R/r, your own heart 

No one can do things in the same way you can. 

No on else has the same taunt* and amjtej that you have 

You are YO^J-nique 

The only you that the world will ever get 
And what a great gift to the world you are. 
Congratulations, Elizabeth 
We love you and are so proud of you!!! 
Dad, Mom, James, and Paul 
Jeremiah 29:11 


"I will rejoice greatly in the Lord, . . . 
For he has clothed me with garments of salvation. 
He has wrapped me with a robe of righteousness . . . 
as a bride adorns herself with her jewels " Isaiah 61 : 10 

"The King's daughter is all glorious within; 

Her clothing is interwoven with gold. She will be led to the 

King in embroidered work" Psalm 45:13-14 

"And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, 
if you will obey the Lord your God The Lord will command 
the blessing upon you . . The Lord will open for you His good 
storehouse ... to bless all the work of your hand . . . ." Deut 28:2, 8, 





Congratulations on persevering through the past four years of hard 
work. Well done! We thank the Lord for His call on your life and your response 
to it. We delight in your giving heart The images from Psalms and Isaiah depict the 
beauty of your life hidden in Christ Your faithful obedience as a King's daughter will 
result in untold blessing for you and those He has called you to serve. May you be filled 
with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, bearing fruit in 
every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God. 

We love you. 

Mother, Daddy, Andrew, 

Angle, Jay, and the rest of the family 

160 Parent Thanks 

The LORD is my stregth and my shield; 

my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. 

My heart leaps for joy 

and Iwill give thanks to him in song. 

Psalms 28:7 

Congratulations, Christine! 

Best daughter, best friend. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Laura Ann Yates 

"Put your hope in God." 

Psalm 42:5b 

We are proud of your hard work 

and dedication. 


Dad, Mom, David, Rob, Janice 

U( Your times are in Jiis hand. " 
(PsaCm 31:15 


What a joy and a pleasure to love 

you—the "eagle" Godmade you. 
We love you so much, 
Dad, Mom, and Nathaniel 

Parent Thanks 161 


P.O. BOX 588 

423-775-6513 * 332-5488 * 447-6990 

FAX 423-775-9797 







GEORGIA LICENSE # CN007703 / 401501 

osnmwUu^^ \j?taM of 200 if 

162 Merchant Thanks 


f-feLpii^g Brw£ii/v College to create 
the flt^vtos-phere of the ^ew Mlllei/u/uum. 



Dallas Office 
1303 Walnut Hill Lane 
Suite 130 
Irving, TX 75038 

Corporate Office 
One Park Place 
Suite 200 
Chattanooga, TTi 3742 1 

Boston Office 
Watermill Center 
800 South St., Ste. 395 
Waltham, MA 02154 

Merchant Thanks 1 63 

Residential Commercial 

Plumbing & Electrical Supplies 


1458 Maley Hollow Road 

Dayton, TN 37321 


Fax: 775-4609 





Business Phone 423-775-2013 

SINCE 1977 

Cheryl Vaughn 

Grace Bible Church 

2809 Old Washington Highway 
Dayton, Tennessee 37321 
(423) 775-5460 

May you experience the presence of the Lord in each 
step that lies ahead. 


pp_i ~-™Z£i.r 

All Items Fixed To Go 
Keith Street Cleveland, TN 

(423) 472-4998 

Stan i Pharmacy 

P.O. Box 309 

7787 Rhea County Hwy 

Dayton, TN 37321 

Stan Gravett, D.Ph. 

(Across from 

Rhea Medical Center) 

Business (615) 775-3030 


Best Western 

U.S. 27 N. 

7835 Rhea County Hwy. 

Dayton, Tennessee 37321 

1 (423) 775-6560 Fax 1 (423) 775-3244 

1 (423) 775-0707 (Restaurant) 

1-800-437-9604 (Reservations) 


Compliments of Dr. Bovine and Staff 

7~homa& P. Bov-ixe, /tf. D. 



(423) 775-3363 

Wishing all Seniors the Best of Luck! 


7794 Rhea County Highway • Suite 101 

Dayton, Tennessee 37321 


JLcflVawk's 'W 

coikc&bk JlcMwuvyJl^ 

Sneadquarters 1 1 

LalVanda graven", Owner 

zoo Met Dr. Unit 7 

r Rfiea County Shopping Center • Dayton, TW • 37321 

(•423; 775-4869 • (413) 775-6147 fax e-mail address 

Swafford's Fabrics 

All Tour Sewing Needs 
(Fabrics, Notions, Lace, Satins, Crepes) 

280 2nd Avenue 


Welcome to Our 

Land Available in 
Dayton & Spring City 
Industrial Park 


Award Recipient for Economic Preparedness 


Sounds good to me v 

Contact: Bill Hollin, Director 

P.O. Box 634, Dayton, TN 37321 
Phone: Toll Free 1-888-238-3263, Pin #1318 

(423) 775-6171 or 775-0361 
Fax: (423) 570-0105 
Mobile: (423) 618-2044 

Clayton's Tire & Service 


Ronnie and Tommy Clayton 

1380 Maley Hollow Rd. 


Dayton, TN 37321 

(423) 775-0337 

P. O. BOX 230 



One of the 

strongest banks 

in America is 

right here in 



N. Market 






Regions, Bank 






Robinson Manufacturing Company, Inc. 

798 Market Street, P.O. Box 338, Dayton, TN 37321 (423)775-2212 




Ask about our Free CNB 
Student Checking Accounts 

Member Cirrus and STAR Networks 
24 Hour Telephone Banking (423) 570-0032 

Time and Temperature (423) 775-1055 

1271 Market Street— Dayton, Tennessee (423) 775-2381 
MEMBER 150 West Rhea Avenue— Spring City, Tennessee (423) 365-4100 
FDIC 420 Market Street, Suite 3— Dayton, Tennessee (423) 775-0039 




166 Merchant Thanks 





1356 Market Street 
Dayton, Tennessee 



1 " 


I Vhjnwtilfi 






Chrysler • Jeep • Dodge • LLC 

4302 Rhea County Highway 




Sales — Service — Parts 
1220 Market Street 
Downtown Dayton 


Merchant Thanks 167 


Amadee, Joey 33, 1 00 
Ambrose, Kelly 

24, 28, 36, 37, 55, 96, 116, 150 
Anderson, Ingrid 100 
Anderson, Renae 59, 96, 143 
Andrews, Coach Bob 60 
Angelo, Chris 8, 12, 100 
Angove, Bob 100 
Antanaitis, Isaac 42 
Arant, Mehgan 54 
Arnold, Mandy 96 
Arute, , Dav 1 9 
Arute, David 8, 18, 19, 

22, 42, 100, 114 
Ashley, Kent 100 
Atkins, Renaldo 96 
Ayala, Carlos 35, 52, 96 
Ayala, Silvia 23, 60 
Ayllon, Miguel 39, 52, 54 


Bah, Andrew 36, 96 
Baldwin, Kristen 27, 96, 1 40, 

Bales, Josh 

22, 50, 100, 132, 134 
Bales, Megan 

14, 15, 32, 48, 49, 100 
Barnett, Dr. Stephen 78 
Barns, Lauren 7 
Barth, Mr. Jim 51, 78 
Beattie, Jason 3 
Beatty, Elizabeth 96, 151 
Beck, Coach Jerri 44, 55, 78 
Belisle, Mr. Bernard 78 
Benson, Mr. Matt 5, 54, 

78134, 135 
Benson, Mrs. Melody 4, 54, 1 34 
Berry, Kimberly 1 00, 115 
Beschta, Jason 2, 72, 95 
Black, Erica 96, 142, 143 
Blalock, Jonathan 41,136 
Blanton, Wesley 52, 100 
Boehmer, Lisa 

14, 15, 20, 54, 84,88, 89 
Boling, Dr. Paul 78 
Boling, Lisanne 33, 100, 116 
Bose, Greta 1 00 
Bose, Tara 22 
Boyd, Mr. Ted 61 
Bozeman, Stephanie 54, 1 06 
Brackett, Justin 106 
Bradshaw, Dr. Stephen 78 
Bradshaw, Jenny 56, 96, 151 
Bragg, Esther 14, 15, 52, 106 
Branson, David 33, 100 

170 INDEX 

Branson, Jack 29, 33, 106 

Braun-Duin, Aaron 3, 96 

Brice, Charis 32, 57, 100, 117 

Bridwell, Ron 106 

Brogan, Chad 23, 26, 88 

Brooks, Sarah 106 

Brown, Addie 32, 106, 117 

Brown, Dinisha 106 

Brown, Dr. Bill 6, 7, 9, 78,94 

Brown, Ellie 32, 100 

Brown, Jason 1 06 

Brown, Michael 

5, 34, 35, 41, 67, 140, 141, 143, 145 
Brown, Zac 1 8, 34 
Bruehl, Dr. Jeff 89 
Buck, Winnie 14, 27, 56, 96 
Burleson, Jennie 96 
Burnham, Randy 77 
Burton, Heather-Lynn 100 
Burwick, Ray 44 
Buttram, Jodi 96 
Buttram, Katie 4, 1 00 
Buttram, Mrs. Diana 77, 78 

Cairns, Meganne 106 
Cairns, Melissa 57 
Canida, Susan 100, 127 
Carlton, Ryan 106 
Carpenter, Sarah 100,150 
Carr, Angela 52, 1 00 
Carr, Hannah 57, 106 
Carroll, Roger 30, 89, 140 
Carroll, Shelley 100,117 
Carter, Michael 3, 

26, 27, 28, 36, 42, 43, 55, 

60, 96, 140, 141 
Carver, Ben 1 9, 52, 1 00 
Carver, Daniel 42, 89 
Catlett, Christi 77 
Caudill, Candi 42,100 
Caudill, Shelly 106 
Celius, Toni 20, 34, 140 
Chamberlin, Karen 9, 55, 85, 89 
Chapman, Stephen 100 
Cheon, Ms. Jody 61 
Chiles, Isaac 106 
Clark, Matt 35, 96 
Clark, Michael 106 
Clayton, Aaron 1 06 
Cleek, Peter 1 8 
Clegg, Rachel 1 06 
demons, Jeremy 55, 106 
Cole, Lesley 5, 1 33 
Cole, Warren 33 
Coleman, Rebekah 106 
Cone, Josh 42, 57, 100 
Conner, Melissa 55,106 
Cook, Brad 96 
Correll,Matt 73, 100 
Cottrell, April 28, 36, 89 
Courtney, Russell 106 

Crawford, Julie 49, 100, 133 
Croxton, Matthew 100 
Cruise, Jalena 85, 89 
Cruver, Mr. Mark 7, 60, 61 

da Silva, Cesar 100 
Dahlke, David 96 
Darling, Rebekah 100 
Darshini, Deena 96 
Daugherty, Megan 57 
Davey, Miss Wanda 78 
Davis, Beverly 52, 106 
Davis, Elaine 56, 100 
Davis, Erin 36, 96 
Davis, Holly 44, 96 
Davis, Mr. Thomas 78 
Day, Bryan 1 06 
Delph, Joseph 100 
Dennis, Christine 

34, 41, 76, 140, 142, 143, 145 
DeRaad, Cassidy 24, 55, 106 
Dermody, Lolita 107, 123 
Deweerd, Hugh 35, 96 
Dewhurst, Adrian 14, 44, 72, 96 
Dewhurst, Nathan 107 
Dickerson, Annie 56, 100 
Dill, Eric 107 
Donough, Clinton 96 
Dougherty, Meagan 41,107 
Douglas, Phil 3, 18, 96 
Drake, Adam 32, 96 
Drake, Josh 32, 36 
Drake, Sarah E. 

9, 18, 19, 36, 100, 126, 127, 

Drake, Sarah K. 9, 20, 28, 32, 

36, 37, 96, 118, 126, 127 
Dresselhaus, Dawn 

8, 57, 100, 101 
Drown, Julie 35, 89 
Drummond, Moises 3, 84 
Dubois, Coach David 43, 75 
Durante, Armondo 2 
Dyer, Kimberly 52,107 

Echerd, Jessica 22, 107 

Edwards, Michelle 

4, 29, 53, 56, 61, 133, 140, 141, 148 

Eisenbeck, Brian 96 

El ledge, Kelly 4, 101 

Elliott, Rachelle 36, 60 

Ellis, Matthew 107 

Eppinger, Beth 54, 101, 136 

Ericson, Miles 

23, 36, 54, 68, 69, 96, 132, 137 
Evans, Dan 23, 27, 96, 140 
Evans, Michael 107 
Evaul, Brian 30, 53, 101 

Fischer, Kathleen 101, 122 
Fleming, Brooke 24, 48, 49, 55, 

Flores, Ivan 107 
Flores, Jesus 39 
Flowe, Jared 107 
Fouts, Dr. David 78 
Fonts, Mrs. Marlene 78 
Foxworth, Laura 53, 143 
Franca, Saulo 3 
Freeman, Muriah 66, 76,101 
Froemke, Dr. Kenneth 78 
Froemke, Mrs. Marcia 78 
Fullmer, Jon 101 

Gaeta, Molly 96 
Gann, Melissa 26 
Gardner, Jewel 5, 54, 101 
Gaskey, Brandi 44,101 
Gilmore, Keli-Sue 101 
Gleason, Donnie 101 
Gonce, Elgin 57, 96 
Gossell, Becky 52, 96 
Goza, Ms. Myra 79 
Grant, Brandy 101 
Grauman, Melissa 10, 107 
Green, Mary 21, 29, 56, 89 
Green, Ms. Jan 79 
Green, Tad 23,107,115 
Groen, Aaron 107 
Gurski, Josh 56, 101, 136 


Haase, David 34,142,143,145 
Hall, Jeff 72, 89 
Hallquist, Kathryn 44,101 
Hamilton, Lindsey 101 
Hammond, Hannah 

20, 33, 48, 49, 96, 136 
Hanger, Anna 

14, 18, 41, 52, 107, 133 
Hanson, Jim 

18, 29, 107, 133, 134, 135 
Hardin, Jonathan 107,116 
Harper, Craig 13, 107 
Harris, Brandi 44, 1 07 
Harris, Kristin 24 
Harris, Mrs. Kern 79 
Hartz, Dr. Stephanie 79 
Hartzell, Dr. Martin 79 
Harvey, Jo 96 

Hatfield, Jeremy Ryan 32, 67, 97 
Hathaway, Mrs. Kathy 79 
Hattley, Mr. Roy 79 
Hawkins, Bethany 54, 101 
Hawkins, Chris 107 
Hays, Kelli 57 

Heathershaw, Paula 39, 97, 119 
Heaton, Jenny 44, 97 
Heinze, Ky 101 

Held, Dr. Peter 79 
Held, Rachel 101 
Henderson, David 21, 97 
Henderson, Joshua 101 
Hendrix, Jessica 

11, 30, 76, 107, 122 
Herber, Susan 53 
Herman, Erica 84, 115, 127, 151 

Hetzel, Mrs. Krista 79 
Hill, Coach Terry 75, 79 
Hill, Dr. Brian 79 
Hill, Joseph 30 
Hill, Kellie 54, 89 
Hill, Kimmie 44, 101 
Hill, Mrs. Diane 61 
Hochanadel, Leah 

4, 5, 102, 122, 123 
Hogan, Jessica 108 
Holliday, Brad 68, 69, 89 
Hood, Joshua 68, 69, 140 
Hood, Mrs. Gale 79 
Home, Ben 97 
Hostetler, Mr. Timothy 79 
Howard, Rebekah 55, 108 
Huber, Sue 97 
Hubler, Ross 57, 108, 137 
Hudson, Lea 102 
Hughes, Jenny 14, 102 
Hughes, Katie 48, 49, 52, 102 
Humphrey, Nate 12,102,136 

Hunt, Christy 101, 102 
Hutcheson, James 28,135 
Hutchinson, Eric 72 
Huttenhoff, Stephanie 

44, 45, 75, 108 
Huttenhoff, Valerie 44, 75, 108 


Immel, Amanda 56, 108 
Immel, Kristen 

18, 36, 38, 97, 132, 134 
Impson, Dr. Maribeth 79 
Ingolfsland, Dr. Dennis 79 
Isler-VYilliams, Nathaniel 

18, 35, 108, 122, 123, 133 

Jackson, Esther 14,89 
Jackson, Jeremy 1 08 
Jaeger, Colin 1 08 
Jahncke, Joshua 102 
James, Stephen 

23, 30, 31, 34, 35,52, 108 
Jenkins, Amy 97 
Johnson, Allison 

8, 22, 33, 54, 102, 116, 123, 127 
Johnson, Josh 56, 89 
Johnson, Matt 

23, 54, 68, 69, 89, 122 
Johnson, Mrs. LaVonne 79 

Johnson, Stephanie 22 
Joines, Cassandra 54,102,117 
Jones, Anne Rob 54,114,115 
Jones, Audrey 102 
Jones, Mrs. Cathy 54,151 
Jones, Dr. Whit 79 
Jones, Jared 2, 97 
Jones, Mr. Matt 54,151 
Jordan, Brenda 36, 54, 85, 89 


27, 33, 102, 

Kaetterhenry, Rachel 

Kalenza, Michelle 108 
Kalz, Becky 14, 27, 75, 97 
Kantzer, Dr. Ruth 79 
Kaufmann, Ms. Laura 79 
Keehn, Betsy 102 
Kelley, Joe 102 
Kellogg, Anna 21, 39, 97, 151 
Kemner, Mr. Tom 79 
Kempf, Seth 102 
Kendall, James 108, 133 
Kendall, Robert 97 
Ketchersid, Dr. William 57, 79 
Ketchersid, John 97 
Kier, Donnie 12, 1 02 
Kier, Ronnie 13, 32, 102 
Kilgore, Shannon 21 
King, Adam 28, 32, 57, 102 
King, Danny 89, 97, 140, 141 
King, Jason 102, 145 
Knowles, Michelle 108 
Kostreva, Hope 102 
Kostreva, Sam 97 
Kroeger, Anita 102 
Krogel, Kara 14, 32, 108 
Krogel, Nate 84 
Kylmovich, Alex 108 

Lacey, Susan 30, 102 
Laird, Kendra 97 
Landrum, David 42, 1 08 
Landry, Michael 

5, 30, 102, 122, 142, 143 
Lane, Amber 97 
Largent, Michelle 

20, 21, 97, 118, 150 
LaRoy, Tara 44, 108 
Lavoie, Ben 23, 57, 88 
Laws, Sherri 102,123 
Lawson, Kristi 102, 112, 143 
Lay, Dr. William 80 
Lay, Jon 8,102 
Laymon, June 

29, 53, 54, 85, 95, 140, 141 
Legg, Dr. Raymond 56, 80 
Legg, Mrs. Margie 80 
LeGrand, Veronica 

57, 76, 108, 133, 134 

INDEX 171 

lestmann, Dr. Phillip 9, 80 
Lestmann, Kati 49, 60, 1 08 
Lestmann, Kristi 66, 97 
Lewis, Lucas 8, 54, 72, 1 02 
Lockhart, Debbie 54,109 
Long, Jodi 97, 143 
Long, Tim 109 
Lott, Katie 1 02 
Lowe, Matt 102 
Lowery, Josh 

33, 50, 102, 133, 145 
Luster, Laura 39, 56, 98 
Luther, Dr. David 59, 80, 

144, 145 
Luther, Dr. Sigrid 80 


Magill, Tobi 54, 98 

Malone, Shun 3 

Mann, David 98 

Mantooth, Allyssa 98 

Manz, Tiff 109 

Mapes, Seth 22, 29, 109 

Marmanillo, Francisco 109 

Marshall, Jamal 2, 109 

Martin, Norrissa 77, 109,127 

Martin, Paige 98 

Martin, Robert 68, 69, 109, 116 

Martin, Sarah 18, 76, 98, 134 

Martinez, Ricky 1 09 

Masoner, Dr. David 7 

Masoner, Nancy 98 

Mathers, Anndrea 98, 146, 147 

Mattheiss, Jordan 42, 43, 1 09 

May, Ashley 1 09 

McAllister, Will 102 

McCafferty, Jennifer 8, 89 

McChristian, Whitney 

30, 31, 35, 109 
McCuiston, Quentin 

30, 41, 77, 102 
McDonald, Natalie 109 
McElrath, Alicia 77, 98 
McFarland, Tim 8 
McSpadden, Anna 102 
McWilliams, Tyler 1 3, 98 
Meinsma, Sarah 109, 115 
Michalski, Coach Morris 9, 74, 75 
Miller, Abby 4, 54, 102, 117 
Miller, Carrie 35, 98, 133 
Miller, Ken 102 
Mitchell, James 57,102,137 
Mitchell, John 57, 98 
Mitchell, Pete 2, 84 
Mizell, Rachel 18, 134 
Mjolhus, Aubre 14, 15, 109 
Mobley, Jonathan 

53, 68, 69, 98, 132, 134, 135 
Moon, Amy 1 09 

172 INDEX 

Moore, Jan 9, 55, 72, 89 
Moose, Kim 1 4, 27, 98 
Morgan, Mr. Bruce 80 
Morgan, Sasha 

4, 8, 18, 19, 20, 29, 35, 103, 134 
Morrison, Mya 14, 103 
Morton, Dr. Frederick 80 
Moss, Michael 30, 35, 103 
Mundy, Michelle 

34, 35, 143, 145 
Murphy, Elizabeth 30, 34, 35, 

103, 143 
Murphy, Matt 98 
Musselman, Jennifer 

18, 89, 142, 145 
Musselman, Jordan 42, 73, 109 
Myers, Alison 109 
Myers, Dr. Jeff 136,137 
Myers, Melissa 1 09 
Myers, Steven 28, 98, 140, 141 


Nathan, Daniel 74 

Neddo, Coach Marc 14, 15, 80 

Neeley, Christa 27, 140, 141 

Neff, Anna 98 

Nidiffer, Eric 98 

Norquist, Ben 57, 109, 136 

Norton, Jenny 140 

Odor, Micah 30, 41, 76, 145 
Oldham, Chasity 98 
Olowola, Toks 39,109 
Olsen, Mrs. Judy 80 
Opelt, Tim 109, 143 
Owens, Greg 13, 103 
Owens, Melody 1 4 

Packett, Scott 103 
Palmer, Coach Michael 13 
Palmer, David 109 
Palmer, Elizabeth 109 
Palmer, Matt 1 2, 98 
Palmer, Rachael 14, 

15, 27, 33, 103 
Palmer, Rachael, 14 
Pangel, Melinda 22,109 
Pangel, Mellonee 22, 109 
Papenfuss, Robert 23, 109 
Park, Andy 57,109 
Parker, Adam 1 8, 99, 1 32 
Parks, Eric 109 
Parnell, Amy 94 
Payne, Eric 

52, 67, 109, 112, 143, 145 
Pearson, Anna 30, 35, 57, 1 03 
Pearson, Priscilla 109 
Pearson, Vashti 53 
Pendergrass, Rachel 99 

Perelman, Sara 30, 54, 103 
Perry, Scott 1 03 
Peters, Amalia 24, 1 09 
Peterson, Terrence 61, 99 
Petitt, Daniel 109 
Petitte, Daven 52, 1 09 
Petitte, Dr. Ronald 80 
Petitte, Valerie 14, 27, 33, 

76, 101, 103 
Pfaff, Jonathan 49, 103 
Phaneuf, Faith 53, 55, 109 
Phaneuf, Michelle 

32, 53, 95, 145 
Philips, Dr. Gary 80 
Phillips, April 57, 99 
Phillips, Charlie 103, 136 
Phillips, Mrs. Debra 80 
Phin, Vanny 14, 52, 110 
Pierce, Rachel 103 
Plank, Colin 110 
Pohlmann, Andrew 110 
Powell, Gerianne 53,142,143 
Pratt, Hannah 110 
Price, Donald 103 
Prudhomme, Brandon 

12, 52, 103 
Puckett, Jake 4, 22, 33, 103 

Rader, Lara 99 
Rader, Ms. Anne 80 
Radu, Anca 110 
Ray, Josh 6, 1 1 
Ray, Sande 54, 103, 115 
Reams, Jenna 23, 32 
Reeves, Jill 9 
Reid, Danny 104 
Revell, Charlotte 89 
Revell, Sarah 36, 99 
Rew, Heidi 57, 77, 104 
Reynolds, Shannon 33, 110 
Ricketts, Dr. Ernie 56, 77, 81 
Riddle, Emily 110 
Rob, Anne Jones 108 
Roberts, Bethany 99 
Roberts, Courtney 110 
Rogers, Diana 44, 99 
Rogers, Suzanne 104, 142, 143 
Rohman, Jeff 42,104 
Rojas, Jacy 110 
Roman, Jess 104, 115, 151 
Rose, Sharyn 14, 27, 104 
Rosenberger, Tiffany 110 
Rossi, Bryon 21, 26, 27, 
28, 42, 3, 73, 140, 141 
Roukas, Mike 18, 26 
Ruark, Jenny 33, 56, 104 
Rupp, Jessica 110 
Rush, Ashley 104 
Russell, Abigail 30,104 
Ryan, Andy 56, 110 

Ryan, Pete 

56, 99 

Sakatos, Mr. Simon 81 
Samuelson, Sonia 33, 54, 99, 132 
Sanders, Mrs. Lenita 81 
Santmier, Juli 

22, 48, 49, 54, 110 
Sault, Jana 104, 137 
Sault, Sara 104 
Saxon, Jessica 99 
Schatz, Mr. Bud 81, 127 
Schmitt, Rachel 36, 99 
Schmoyer, Suzi 85, 89, 1 33 
Schultz, Ruth 104 
Scroggins, Mary 110 
Scruggs, Steve 54, 110 
Seale, Erin 27, 36, 99, 132, 140 

Seera, Heidi 60, 77, 110 
Senter, Christina 

18, 19, 28, 29, 36, 85, 89, 135 
Sewell, David 52,72,73,110 
Sewell, Tim 110 
Sheddan, Mike 18,19,104 

Shelley, John 110 
Sherrin, Megan 110 
Shetter, Melody 110 
Shetter, Mrs. Judy 81 
Shetter, Tim 57 
Shorey, Tim 1 04 
Sidebothom, Dr. Ann 81 
Silva, Karla 24, 110 
Simmons, Carla 110 
Simmons, Charity 104, 119, 123 

Simpson, Dr. Bob 51, 81 
Slikker, Rachel 110 
Smith, Adam 110 
Smith, Angie 99 
Smith, Cassie 

8, 20, 33, 99, 118, 132 
Smith, Debra 1 04 
Smith, Emily 57, 1 37 
Smith, IV 36, 99 
Smith, Laura 55 
Smith, Marc 110 
Smith, Phil 35 
Smith, Tammy 

14, 15, 27, 56, 75, 101 
Snavely, Chad 35, 99 
Snead, Matt 26, 56,117 
Snodgrass, Rachel 101,136 
Snowden, Chasity 36,105 
Soyster, Marie 105 
Speichinger, Jennelle 39,110 
St. Jacques, Aaron 30, 110, 143 
St. John, Jon 21,56,133 
Staggers, Abigail 77 
Staggers, Julia 54, 115 
Stanly, Ceste 105,143 
Starbucks, David 52 
Steele, Heather 99 

Steiner, Becca 99 
Stevens, Travis 8, 1 8, 1 9, 

21, 3, 75, 88, 89, 94, 134, 135 
Stiffler, Emily 22, 30, 41 
Stone, Joie 29, 36, 99, 127 
Stoneberger, Alissa 55, 111 
Stonestreet, Coach John 27,75, 81, 

Storie, Jason 54, 99 
Stotts, Beth 105 
Strode, Aaron 99 
Strunk, Kate 44, 111 
Suter, Kent 56, 61, 99 
Swanson, Joni 111 
Sweeny, Jennifer 105 

Tallant, Kauri 56, 77, 105 
Tantihachai, Alex 111 
Taylor, Christa 26, 57 
Thedford, Andrea 60 
Theg, Molly 1 1 1 
Thorpe, Jason 111 
Tidwell, Rebekah 36, 99 
Todd, Michelle 105 
Toliver, Judi 142,145 
Toliver, Mrs. Alana 81 
Tomyn, Mary 111 
Toth, Genevieve 99 
Travis, Chris 3, 1 1 1 
Tray lor, Dr. Jack 81 
Tullberg, Mrs. Tami 81 


Unsicker, Tim 3,19,89,135 

Urquhart, Jonathan 42, 99 

Van Pelt, Adam 1 1 1 

Vanden Heuvel, Jen 36, 105, 140 

Vaughn, Kim 

20, 111, 115, 122, 123 
Viner, Alison 56, 105 


Wagner, Stephanie 111 
Walker, Ryan 23, 30, 31,111 
Wall, Wendi 1 1 1 
Wasser, Jason 99 
Wedekind, Robin 

8, 20, 33, 44, 45, 99 
Weil, Jessica 60, 101, 105 
Weller, Mr. Michael 81 
Weller, Mrs. Sherry 81 
Wells, Heidi 18, 54, 111 
Wenzel, Kerri 29, 99, 144, 145 

Wesson, Chris 50, 51, 105 
West, David 53, 1 1 1 
West, Martha 143, 145 
West, Ms. Yvonne 81 

Whisman, Casie 111 
Whit, Dr. Jones 79 
White, Katie 44, 111 
White, Sarah 38, 56, 99 
Whitlock, Mark 33,105,133 
Whitman, Sabrina 111 
Wierenga, Josh 111 
Wilhoit, Dr. Melvin 81 
Wilhoit, Noel 99 
Wilkes, Alan 105 
Williams, Ben 111 
Williams, Claire 

105, 122, 123, 145 
Williams, Matt 54 
Williams, Robin 105 
Williams, Tim 111 
Willour, Wendy 28, 

35, 56, 89, 117, 118 
Wilson, Brooke 

8, 22, 44, 45, 101, 105 
Wilson, Carrie 99 
Wilson, Jennifer 101, 105 
Wilson, Jennifer L. 20, 99 
Wilson, Rachel 1 1 1 
Winkler, Emily 1 1 1 
Winter, Zack 105 
Womack, Jill 5, 9, 127 
Womble, Miss Allison 81 
Woodlee, Amber 54, 105 
Woodworth, Andrea 30, 111 
Wood worth, Mrs. Deborah 81 
Wortham, Luke 1 1 1 
Wright, Brett 3 

Yates, Laura 5, 30 
Young, Mrs. Becky 81 
Youngren, Brock 54, 111, 123 

Zensen, Dr. Sandy 81 
Zensen, Mrs. Sharon 81 

INDEX 173 










378.19805 B84c 2001 

Bryan College Commoner 2001