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Commoner 2002 

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

administration bui 
New Student Hanc 
campus for the firsl 
Dr. Dan Wilson. 
New design of the ' 
New Open Dorm p 
into their new b™' 
Computer Tech 
the list goes on 

Full of many i 
hill has been challengii 
freshman experience ei 
time, while the returnir 
stride and adjust to the 
men it takes a few mon 
and make themselves c< 

it w ■ tiw isavj 1 1 1 ■«•] l rsr» Tim 

life. Our sophomore class began this year with 
enthusiasm and confidence as they put one year 
behind them. The infamous junior class took 
the challenge of planning Junior/Senior and still 
kept up with their usual "junior socials." The 
seniors charged ahead with Graduation close in 
sight. Each class is unique and offers some- 
thing rare to the campus. As the years pass b\ 
each class will change and be even more unique 

With all of the changes of this year, it 
still important to remember our Lion root; 
Always be mindful of those who came be: 
us and laid the road. Know also that eacl 
student adds a piece to the road. Contini 
learn from the past as you look to the future. 


With the fire of 2000, the Ironside Memorial Library suffered 
major damage that would in the end be a blessing in disguise. Most 
of the books shelved on the third floor were completely ruined and 
the books of the lower floors endured incredible water and smoke 
damage. The library staff stood and watched as the flames burned, 
saddened and discouraged by the damage, yet not defeated. As soon 
as clearance came from the firemen, the staff was in the building 
sifting through the ashes and soot. As they salvaged what was not 
completely destroyed, the staff began making plans for the future. 

The future would hold a summer of major construction and 
rebuilding for the library. With an entire building for the library alone, 
the staff had major work to do. They spent hours ordering new books 
and replacing the old ones. The staff had more in mind than just 
books for 'ol Ironside. The building has two small conference rooms, 
a large sitting area with tables, chairs and couches, a computer lab, a 
snack room, and many other new amenities. 

Although the library has gone under many changes in the past 
year, there is one thing that has remained the same - the staff. The 
same friendly faces are there to greet students. The staff helps out in 
anyway possible. From talking about research to talking about the 
weather, the staff is always there to listen. Students are not the only 
ones to benefit from the helpfulness of the library staff. Professors can 
also benefit from their resourcefulness and knowledge. The staff 
helps professors with class resources as well as technical support. 



This year's Commoner is 

dedicated to the staff of 

Ironside Memorial Library 

for their hard work, long 

hours, servant attitudes and 

amazing abilities to make a 

difference in the lives of 

those around them. 




When freshmen arrive on campus they are a little 
nervous, a little excited and usually not very pre- 
pared for the activities that are about to take place. 
The first week of school involves Bryan College 
throwing out the welcome mat and freshmen and 
transfer students running in at various speeds. Wel- 
come Week is a time for the new to meet with the 
old and get the true feeling of Bryan student life. 
There are games, devotionals, seminars, and 
small groups. But most of all there are new friend- 
ships made and old ones regained. 

Current students volunteer to help move new 
students into their dorms. 

Robert Papenfuss and David Dahlke direct traffic. 

Rudd is always packed for opening session of welcome week. 

Long lines and registration, can we just 
say "fun, fun, fun?" 

The army of volunteer students is loaded 
up and ready to deploy their services. 


Ready to Tackle Bryan Hill... 

Everyone meets in the cafeteria to find out their 
small group assignments. 

Annie Dickerson helps unload a few things. 

. . .just what will the 

year hold? No one 

can even guess... 

Emily Scheck 
unpacks in her 
new room. 


Dr. Myers leads a study on Nehemiah to students at the conference. 

Heather Steele, Anne Rob Jones, and Paula Heathershaw getting 
comfy on the couch. 

Adam Parker and Aaron Strode contemplate ideas 
for the upcoming year. 

leadership retreat 

This year's Student Leadership Conferences were 
both exciting and purposeful. We started the year off in 
August with the theme of "The New Bryan College," em- 
phasizing the newness of campus facilities and the impact 
we as student leaders could have on campus. The retreat, 
which focused on renewing an attitude of service for student 
leaders, opened up with a dinner at Dr. Brown's house and 
concluded with an all-day service project of moving count- 
less numbers of books from storage into the not-yet-com- 
pleted library. It was a great time of catching up with friends 
and getting ready for the year that lay ahead. 

The conference in January was a time of student 
leaders meeting with members of administration to hear the 
staff's thoughts on student issues and to provide student 
feedback to staff questions. The interaction was valuable 
both in building student/administration relationships and in 
allowing the students to glean leadership wisdom from the 
administration. Dr. Jeff Myers also conducted two sessions 
of study of the book of Nehemiah. focusing on how Nehemiah 
as a leader was able to build and maintain a vision in the 
midst of opposition. For those involved, it was a good time 
of refocusing and preparing for the second half of the school 

Phil, can you close your mouth, please? 

Brandi Gaskey. Paula Heathershaw, and Myra Goza chat 

6 Leadership Retreat arter one of the meetings 

Heidi Rew, Brandi Gaskey, and Katie Buttram smiling 
pretty for the camera. 

all-college picnic 

The picnic took place on a sunny afternoon on Au- 
gust 25 lh at Chester Frost Park. The event started out with 
games consisting of "The War," a chicken fight where the 
goal was to break the egg on the opponent's forehead, a 
mattress relay race, and Tug of War. The activities seemed a 
success as cheering or direct participation took place by most 
of the students. After the games students took a break and 
enjoyed delicious food provided by Pioneer Food Service. 

The crowd watches in disbelief as the freshmen ladies 

defeat the senior men. 

Ben Williams, Tiffany Rosenberger, Jim Hanson, Karyn 
Biebel pose before "war" begins. 

The Seniors think that they can outsmart the juniors 
by cheating with 3 on 2. 

Some of the junior girls take a break from the day's 


Junior men push slightly ahead of the sophomore men 

in the mattress races. 

"I did not know what to expect from the picnic, since it was my first time, but I was very 
impressed overall with the games and the food." Freshmen Megan Tyser 

All College Picnic 7 

Freshmen Talent Show 

8 Talent Show 

Andrea Walker, Amy Hobbs, Pricilla Pearson, and Taran Bowling 
enjoy spaghetti at a Huston 3rd floor activity. 


Dorm Life: 
The Bryan Way 

Dorm Life 9 

October 1 st -5 th 

Students reveal 

their school 

spirit by 

dressing up for 

the five 

theme days. 

Above: Celebrating celebrity day: Julie Crawford as 
Gwinn Stephonie, Nathaniel Isler-Williams as Erkel, 
and Whitney McChristian as Vivian from Pretty 


Left: A group of students not wanting to 
"go with the flow" decided to come up 
with theirs own theme day. Here they 
celebrated "Goth Day." 

Below: Erik Park's celebrity look-a-like was a 

dead give away as he completely mirrored 

Johnny from Karate Kid. 

Right: The Petitte sisters 
sporting their class colors. 

Left: Reid Daniels went all out for "Country Western 
Day" with his cowboy attire. 

We love our lions! 


Spirit Week is always an exciting time for stu- 
dents as they get a chance to express themselves 
by dressing unusually. Spirit Week 200i consisted 
of Country Western, Celebrity, Class Color, Future, 
and Spirit Day. 

Not all students went along with these themes, 
however. A group of students decided to celebrate 
in their own way with their own themes such as "False 
Religion Day" and "Goth Day!' 

The way the students chose to celebrate this 
day varied, however, all had one purpose: to show 
the love and support of the Bryan Lions. 

Above: Yee-ha-look 

at those cowgirls! 

Jenny Ruark, 

Becky Kalz, Jewel 

Gardner, and 

Rachael Palmer. 

Left: Winnie 
Buck and 

Johnson show 
their spirit by 
wearing their 
school colors- 
red and gold. 

Left: Bethany Roberts and Anna 
Henderson celebrate "Future Day. 

Spirit Week \ % 

Although Homecoming is a typical, annual celebration on the hill, October 5-7, 2001 was anything but typical. 
The week prior consisted of Spirit days, a pep rally sponsored by the BC Cheerleaders, and a banquet hosted by the 
sophomore class. Saturday was quite a finale for the campus. 

Blustery and unusually cold, the weekend brought much excitement. As Alumni gathered from around the 
globe to reminisce and fellowship, current students prepared for the fun. Saturday centers around a men's soccer game 
and half time festivities, but this year things got off to a late start. Due to vehicle trouble the opposing team caused the 

kickoff time to be pushed back 
the MC for the day, and the 
mittee entertained Alumni, 
around campus to post signs 
The 2001-02 Home- 
awaited the convocation of the 
coats and blankets, the court 


several hours. As Dr. Tray lor, 
Homecoming planning com- 
someone frantically ran 
about the time change, 
coming Court anxiously 
festivities. Donning winter 
made their way to the field in 

'good 'ol boy' Southern style pickup trucks provided by Adam Drake and IV Smith. Although the crowd was sparse 
and the game had still not begun, the show had to go on. Alumni, faculty and students cheered as the court candidly 
walked to find their places on the field. 2000-01 Homecoming Queen. Christina Senter was on hand to crown this 
year's senior royalty, Winnie Buck and Adam Parker. 

The opposing men's soccer team finally arrived and the BC Lions took to the field. The game is not just a sport 
on this fall Saturday. The game is a time to see old faces and make a few new friends. Amidst the crowd, tears of joy 
and cries of laughter are often heard throughout the game. Despite the many fans and the cheers of the Homecoming 
crowd, the BC Lions fell to the opposing team for a 0-2 loss. The Lions may have lost that Saturday, but the spirit of 
the Lion was rekindled that weekend and will live on forever. 

iavafe ,■■:„ 


"Homecoming 2001 is 
going to be spectacular! 
Reunions, games, events 
for current students, and 

alumni both..." 
Alumni Ministries Office 

The weekend began with a sacred 

assembly. Students, faculty, staff, and 

friends shared in a time of worship and 


The Whole crew. These 

students represent their 

individual classes on the 2001- 

2002 Homecoming Court. 

12 Homecoming 

Bryan's Homecoming 
Queen and King, Winnie 
Buck and Adam Parker, 
pause for a picture after 
being crowned. 

A couple of Bryan students 

partake in the Homecoming 

inflatable games. 

During Homecoming week, the Alumni 
children are entertained with a VeggieTales 
VBS program. Left: Dinisha Brown is 
ushering some of the children to the next 

Alumni are looking back at the days 

they spent at Bryan and the familiar 

faces from their time on campus. 

Dr. David Luther sharing a 
laugh with Bryan family and 

Homecoming 13 






Mr. James R. Barth Ms. Jerri L. Beck 

Mr. Bernie Belisle 

Mr. Matt Benson 

Dr. Paul Boling 

Dr. Steve Bradshaw Mrs. Tracey Bridwell 

Mrs. Melody Benson 

Dr. Jeff Bruehl 

Ms. Valerie Castlen 

Ms. Christy Cotter-Catlett Mrs. Jody Cheon Dr. Richard Cornelius Mrs. Jan Cruver Mr. Mark Cruver 

Tf «*> <** \f?M 

X -~ | 



. Winnie Davey 

'M-* ■ ■**« 1 


WL x^fwhM 


Marcy Froemke 

Ms. Myra Goza 

Mr. Tom Davis Mr. Preston Douglas Mrs. Leta Dyer 

Mrs. Alice Gray 

Ms. Jan Green 

Dr. David Fouts 

Faculty and Staff 17 


3* T- i 

2 ] 

r* 1 

Dr. Stephanie Hartz 

Mr. Terry Hill 

Mrs. Cathy Jones 

' mm 
Dr. Peter Held Mrs. Krista Hetzel Dr. Brian Hill Mrs. Dianne Hill 


Mrs. Beth Hixson Mrs. Sharon Honeycutt Mr. Tim Hostetler Mrs. LaVonne Johnson 

Mr. Matt Jones 

Dr. Whit Jones 

Dr. Ruth Kantzer 

Dr. Bill Ketchersid 

Mrs. Margie Legg Dr. Raymond Legg Mrs. Darlene Lestmann Dr. Phil Lestmann Mr. Keith Lindley 



ill r 







Dr. Sigrid Luther Mr. Lloyd Milligan 

18 Faculty and Staff 

Mr. Bruce Morgan Mrs. Judy Olsen Mrs. Sharron Padgett 

Mrs. Janice Pendergrass Mrs. Janet Piatt 

Mr. Phil Pranger 

Ms. Anne R. Rader 

Mr. Earl Reed 

Mrs. Polly Revis 

Dr. Ernie Ricketts Mrs. PaulaKay Ricketts Mr. Brett Roes 

Mrs. Lenita Sanders 

Mr. Bud Schatz 

Mrs. Judy Shetter 

Mr. Tim Shetter 

Mrs. Alana Toliver Dr. Mel R. Wilhoit 

Faculty and Staff 19 

Faculty Pictures Not Available 

Mr. Mark Anderson 

Dr. Bob Andrews 

Mr. Jim Arnold 

Mrs. Nikki Arnold 

Ms. Dara Ballard 

Dr. Stephen Barnett 

Mr. Keith Bates 

Mr. Ted Boyd 

Mrs. Beth Bradshaw 

Dr. William E. Brown 

Mr. Randy Burnham 

Mrs. Diana Buttram 

Mr. John Carpenter 

Dr. Jim Coffield 

Ms. Jill Reeves Constance 

Mr. Michael Crook 

Ms. Jalena Cruse 

Mr. Rodney Edmonds 

Mrs. Marlene Fouts 

Dr. Ken Froemke 

Mr. Stefon Gray 

Mr. Maxie Green 

Mr. Jim Hallengren 

Mrs. Kem Harris 

Dr. Martin Hartzell 

Mrs. Kathy Hathaway 
Mrs. Jennifer Hattley 
Mr. Roy Hattley 
Mrs. Gale Hood 
Dr. Beth Impson 
Mr. Randy Justice 
Ms. Laura Kaufmann 
Dr. Dana Kennedy 
Mrs. Teresa King 
Mrs. Pat Kinney 
Dr. William Lay 
Mr. Isidro Loaizo 
Dr. David Luther 
Ms. Stephanie Mace 
Mr. Matt Marcus 
Mr. Ron Masengale 
Dr. David Masoner 
Mr. Morris Michalski 
Mrs. Dee Mooney 
Mr. Tim Mooney 
Mr. David Morgan 
Dr. Rick Morton 
Dr. Jeff Myers 
Mr. Marc Neddo 
Mr. Sam Olsen 

Mr. Michael Palmer 
Dr. Ron Petitte 
Mrs. Ann Pope 
Dr. Travis Ricketts 
Mr. Frank F Rouse 
Mr. Doug Russell 
Mrs. Kathy Russell 
Dr. Ann Sidebothom 
Mr. Roger Simmons 
Dr. Bob Simpson 
Ms. Bevin Sims 
Mr. John Stonestreet 
Mrs. Kelly Stultz 
Dr. Jack Traylor 
Mrs. Karin Traylor 
Mrs. Tami Tullberg 
Mr. Mike Weller 
Mrs. Linda Wenger 
Ms. Yvonne West 
Mr. Herman W. Wolter 
Ms. Allison Womble 
Dr. Todd Wood 
Dr. Sandy Zensen 
Mrs. Sharon Zensen 

20 Faculty and Staff 


'Renac Anderson 

Carlos Ayala 

Andrew San 

"Kristen Baldwin 

"P 3*% 




Secky Slesch 

£>isa Soehmer 





Jenny Sradshaw 

Aaron Sraun-'Duin 

Kelly Sraun~<Duin 


24 Seniors 



/> &^ 


— _BB" 

Jodi Suttram 


CDelissa Cairns 

senior chapel 

Going against the traditional senior chapel presentations, this 
year's senior class came up with something more meaningful. 
Led by a committee class members participated in skits and 
dialogue characterizing the senior class through the years. 
Some included skits making fun of boys, the differences in 
classes and chapel between senior and freshman year and also 
several inside jokes. A video followed the performances. The 
video captured students giving testimonials and thanks to profes- 
sors and staff they have been impacted by since being at Bryan. 
After this sincere display of appreciation the senior class, faculty 
and staff gathered on the stage for a time of prayer. Each 
president of this senior class offered a prayer for the faculty and 
staff. As the faculty continue in their ministry here at Bryan the 
seniors will move on to other things. This chapel marked a 
turning point for senior chapels and will hopefully pave the way 
for many more to come. 

Top: After chapel many seniors and faculty ex- 
pressed their appreciation for one another with hugs 
and farewells. Senior Jessica Saxon hugs her 
advisor and Business professor, Dr. Jeff Bruehl. 

Above: Seniors Sarah Cantrell 
Drake, Kristen Baldwin, Matthew 
Murphy, Michael Carter, Aaron 
Braun-Duin, and Noel Wilhoit give 
a bit of dialogue throughout the 
chapel presentation to give some 
insight about the past four years at 

Right: After the closing prayer, 
Senior CE Major Brad Cook gives 
his advisor and CE professor, Dr. 
Rick Morton a hug. 

26 Senior Chapel 

Left: Noel Wilhoit gives her dad, 
Dr. Mel Wilhoit a poster to 
commemorate his appearance this 
year as a member of the popular 
boy band, N'SYNC. 

Right: Senior Aaron Braun-Duin 
entertains the crowd with his last 
comical nonsense monologue. 
This speech was one of four or 
five during Aaron's time here at 

Right: Anndrea Mathers gives 
a short testimonial about what 
' the faculty and staff have 
meant to her the past four 

Far Right: Rachel Schmitt, 
Joie Stone and Kelly Braun- 
Duin put on a fabulous skit 
about dorm life their freshman 

Left: Molly Gaeta has the sign 
thing down pat during the senior 
year chapel skit. 

"1 -»o 


Jennifer Dillinger Clinton Donough 

'Phillip Douglas 

Sarah Cantrell Drake 

*#? ■:._■■ w% 


Julie Drown 

Daniel Duncan 

13rian Eisenback 




CDiles Ericson 

Saulo Pranca 

CDollu Gaeta 




!Kannah Hammond 


Jo Harvey 

Jeremy ^Ryan ^Hatftled 

??(?*' »*2 

Anna ^Hawkins 

gft ~n*. 







'David ^Henderson 


£eah Jiochanadel 

Anna ^Henderson 




"Kristin ^Hughes 


By 7 " f **■ 



Brie Jiutchison 



"Kristen Immel 


Amy Jenkins 

Seniors 29 

Senior Trip 

Thirty-three gals and forty-five women plus two Lestmann's took off on Friday, April 
26th and headed south to the beautiful beaches of Destin/Fort Walton, Florida. The 
week was full of fun in the sun, long walks on the beach and hours of making memories 
with lifelong friends. One night during the week the senior class gathered to share one 
last meal together at the Hog's Breath Saloon and Restaurant. 

Above: Seniors gather around to eat a few 
chicken fingers and sandwiches before hitting the 
track at the Race Track Fun Center. With a 
storm on the horizon students ate quickly and 
headed in for tests of speed and agility behind 
the wheel. The rain held off until later that 

Right: Guys and gals suffer under the scorching 
sun as they play in the week's Senior Volleyball 
Tournament. With so much talent among the 
teams, everyone who particpated became a 

Destin, Florida. 8+ hours in the car. Two bridges. 
Getting lost. Watching movies. Hanging out with 

friends. The 
Lots of sand 
ous nights, 
leyball tourna- 
fights. Getting 
burned. Lots 

Sandman Motel, 
dunes. Scandal- 
Eating out. Vol- 
ment. Seaweed 
of sun streaks, 
and juice. Wor- 
with the Rev. 

ship service ■ 
Peter Cleek and music with Kent. Not enough 
Chick-fil-a. The race track. Putt-putt golf. Hog's 
Breath Restaurant. Good times. Good memories. 

Spring 2002 


J ^v, 





<Robert Kendall 

John ICetchersid 

N_ - /' 

Joe "Kelley 

Daniel *King 

Ualarie "Kleckner 

Aler 'Klymovych 

Sam 'Kostreva 

Jason £amb 

CDichclle £argent 



'Kristi £estmann 

Josh £indsey 

Jodi £ong 

32 Seniors 

*i*OHb- . : '$%& 



Caura £uster 

David (Dann 

Allyssa (Dantooth 

"Paige COartin 


v jf 

Sarah CDartin 

Anndrea CDathers 

Alicia (DcBlrath 

K f : 

Uyler CDctDilliams 

John (Ditchell 

Jonathan CDobley 

(Datt (Durphy 

Steven (Dyers 

Daniel TJathan 



Kristin Baldwin 

To the Following People, I leave the following items . David Arute: a picture of me to take with you to the library so it will feel normal for you next year. Annie Dickerson: joy for daily 
living; you are loved! Jon "with no h" Fullmer, my twin: to you I leave my thesis. I only had to write it; you did the hard part* reading it. Nate Humphrey: an airplane ticket to anywhere if 
only I could afford it, I would really give it to you. Amy: thanks for being a part of my life- you're awesome Rachel Kaetterhenry: "what?" It will be a truly sad day for me when I don't walk 
down the hall and hear your whistle. Joe Kelley: giggles and pointless stories to distract us from studying. Adam King: someone who loves word games as much as you do for you to play 
with. Danny King; Thwack. Psst, pass it on! Anndie: The best room ever (Houston 222); reading random facts and quotes to each other; you're a better roommate and friend than I could 
have hoped for. Don't forget that you're weird, just like me. Rev, my valentine: silly masquerade costumes, other fits of laughter, and all my dirty dishes. Jana Sault: days filled with just 
enough melancholy and all the right words. So what exactly does that mean? Yeah, I'm not sure. Rachel Snodgrass: I'd leave you my thoughts, but you already think too many of them. 
Joie Stone: a vision for the future and dresses made just for us. Genevieve Toth: a big pile of dirt to play in I mean, excavate. Noel Wilhoit: a free ride to Nashville whenever you need 
it. Alisonho Viner: "don't touch the rock;" shared tears; my thanks for always giving so deeply of yourself. Cassie, Robin, Sarah. Jo, Kelly, Joie, Michelle: one more trip to Knoxville. 
Thanks for the welcome you all gave me. You girls rock! Use, Cosset, Zoe, Nikkita. a strange tale of love in the outdoors and indoors and well, pretty much everywhere Bon appetite! 

Erica Black 

To God be the Glory for all that He has done! I Erica Black, do bequeath unto the beholders of this will and testament the following: Abby: I leave you with cups of joe for all our trips to the 
coffee shop, my weekly appointments with "Benny Boy", and a Friendship that goes beyond words. Words cannot express how much you mean to me' I thank God for your friendship and I 
have enjoyed spending time with you! I pray that God will bless you as you walk in His will for your life! I love you girl! Kimberly: I leave you with "Electric guitar" to take care of and to get it 
out every once in a while, a copy of Shrek, CMA nights, loads and loads of bubbly, country favorites, indisposed toothbrushes, and all of our great nights! I thank God that I was able to share 
my SR year with you as my suitemate and my dearest friend! I could not have made it through this year without you! 1 value our friendship always! All of my friends and you know who_you 
are: I leave you with your last few years at Bryan College. I pray that God would bless you as you pursue God's plan for your lives! I thank you for all of our fun times and the friendship that 
each of you has shared with me. The ones who put dreams in my head: thanks for the times you made me laugh. Matt and Melody: there is so much that I want to say. Thank you so 
much for your friendship, but more than that, thanks for being my mentors and encouragement for the past four years. You will never know fully the influence you have had in my life. Matt: 
thank you for all of out talks and for helping me with time management. It has been a real treat to be able to just hang out in your office or go for a walk and just talk about life and what God 
has been doing in our lives. Thanks for all of your encouragement! Melody: thank you for being an example of what a godly woman should be. Thank you for all your compassionate, caring, 
and loving spirit. Thank you for also taking the time to talk with me as well. I love you both! Dr Dan, Heather, and Mikeala: It has been a real treat getting to know you all! Thanks for 
sharing your family with me! I have enjoyed just hanging out, having dinner and playing with Mikeala! I love you guys! OSL Staff: all of you have been a real joy to hang out with. I have 
enjoyed just hanging out in your office and having some laughs! You and your ministry have had a tremendous impact on my life, and I thank God for each of you! You will all be in my 
prayers! I love you guys! Dr. D, Dr. Luther, Kelly, Tara: I have loved getting to know you all! You are very special to me! Thank you for the times spent in Chorale, for letting me get to 
know you as a family! I love you guys! Michael Landry: "Yo Queiro Michael Landry". Student Body: I pray that as you continue your years here at Bryan College hat you would encourage 
each other as brothers and sisters in Christ and that you would keep Christ Above All! Build Relationships that will last forever! Faculty and Staff: I thank you for teaching me these four 
years! It has been a privilege having each of you as professors and friends. May God Continue to bless you as you teach these young people not only about what you have learned by about 
Christ. My sister Megan: 1 leave you with the next four years at Bryan College. I pray that you form relationships that will last a life time, grow in knowledge, let Christ shine in your life and 
may these next four years be the best in your life! I love you girl and I pray that your experience here will be extraordinary! For I know the plans 1 have for you declares the Lord, plans to 
prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 

Aaron Braun-Duin 

To: Isaac Antanaitis. We gave you the privilege of the basement at a young age, now 1 give you the chance to return the favor to some young, promising prospects. David Arute: I give you 
full control of the wedding ring piercing business and all of my stock options with John. Blake Bohler: I give you clear sailing academically now that Marco and Micro are out of the way, a 
solid 8 minutes a game next year, and a new mop to clean the floor with. David Branson: I give you much thanks for fixing my car. Josh Brown: I give you another practice like the one 
where you went 12 for 15 from the field with 9 assists and only a few turnovers. It was a magical day for all of us. Candi Caudill: I give you thanks on a job well done managing throughout 
the years. Isaac Chiles: I give you the perseverance, strength, and grit to stay with and learn a complicated sound system like the Worldview one. One day with blood, sweat, tears, and a lot 
of hear you will master the intricacies of the play and stop buttons. Michael Clark and David Landrum; Fellas, what can I say? The students have now become teachers. I am so proud of 
you both, now I give you the opportunity to find some your lads of your own and mentor them to the tope remembering your roots with us on first short. Matt Correll: Chief, Theo, The, 
Tiger, Matty C, we have had some good times. I now give you the challenge of imparting your staggering knowledge of the Simpsons into another who is worthy. Reid Daniels: I give you 
the best summer of your life without getting hurt so you can have and awesome year in basketball next year. Adam Drake: I give you first of all thank yous upon thank yous for everything 
you have done for me, and I also give you whatever basketball ability I have left so you can go out and dominate intramuraJs next year! Gene Henley: I give you the chance to play offense 
during practice next year, and maybe even during games! Donnie and Ronnie Kier: Boys. I don't know what to say? I give you the okay to continue to hold it down the way you have been. 
Keep it real, while continuing to represent. Josh Locy: I give you the remembrance of the special kiss that we shared, a father you really want to come to your games. Austin McElroy: The 
green light on any three in the gym. Muhammed Lihalja Muhafaset: I give you much pain for what you did, you and your band of wild pineapples. Jordan Musselman: I give you more arch 
on your shot and my hops (oh, no wait, that would be a curse)! Faith Phaneuf: I give you the order of taking care of my boy. Charlie Phillips: I give you a contract so you can take tips for 
Tyler to new levels of success. Jeff Rohman: I give you my FBI badge, okay if I had one. Michael Stone: I give you a slower metabolism so next year you can go to work on scrubs like 
Brandon and Locy! Chris Travis: First of all I give you all my speed, and secondly I would like to give you many more kids just like Cameron, and the sooner the better! Brad Wright: I give 
you the responsibility of taking care of young Brett. He is still little and scared in this big world, so do me a favor and put your arm around him and tell him that you love him for me. I also 
give you the thoughts of all the good times that we had! Brett Wright: I want to give you and Erica an awesome life together and also a memory of all the times we had on the vans or just 
hanging out. 

Kelly Braun-Duin 

To Donnie and Ronnie (my Eskimo friends), I leave with you the tradition of watching the movie. White Christmas, every December, even if it doesn't snow and the tradition of cheering on 
SVCA girls at NACA. Thank you for all your encouragement and support! Adam: I leave you with a bigger truck! I leave with you the courage to try new foods and exciting new things. 
Also a huge hug and thank you from me for your constant friendship! Chasity: I leave you with the memories of late night runs to Taco Bell in the rain, good tear-jerking songs, and talks that 
I will never forget. Thank you for so many good times; wish there were time for more! 1 love you! Sarah Elizabeth: I leave with you more time to do things for yourself, because you do so 
much for so many others. Also I leave a lifetime supply of encouragement notes- Thanks for all the ones you sent me! I leave Brook the desire to lead the team to many victories. To 
Cassidy I leave the title of "Captain," you will always be "C" to me! To Faith I leave a big "thank you" for all the talks and times you made me laugh. To Alissa (and Lucas) I hope for you two 
a love that lasts a lifetime! To Laura, my caravaner, pepper partner, roommate on trips, and dear friend: I leave you a peaceful night's sleep with no kicking, shoving, or cuddling. Also, I 
leave to you with all my education books and the patience to deal with another Aaron. To the entire Volleyball team I leave you all the drive to bring home some trophies. To Coach I hope 
for you a happy marriage and a successful season next year. To my fellow education major friends, 1 pray that you take with you the wisdom passed on to us by many professors and the 
ability to pass it on to our students. Good luck and may God Bless you in all your future endeavors. No matter where God leads you may you never forget Bryan College and all that you 
learn in class and out. To Michelle, I leave with you a television that has the WB station so that you never miss 7 ,h Heaven. Also, I hope for you and eternity of good students as you begin to 
touch so many lives with your career. Erin, I hope for you the courage to follow your dreams wherever they may take you (Seattle). And I leave with you an apology for not spending enough 
time with you when I had the chance. Let's not make that the characteristic for the years to come. Thank you for your devoted friendship! To Michael, Byron, Steven, Sarah Kate, and Joie 
I leave you with the memories of when our friendships were first formed four years ago. Over the years we have grown and changed a lot. but one thing has remained the same our strong 
friendship. I hope for us the ability to remember all the good times and leave the bad times behind. My prayer for us is that we have patience, love, strength, courage, and perseverance to 
make this time we have shared becomes something that lasts a lifetime. May we never forget to send Birthday and Christmas cards and may we each know that the others are just a phone 
call away. 1 love you and I will miss you all. May God be the glue that keeps our hearts bonded together forever. To Aaron, my husband, my buddy, my babe, my very best friend, my 
confidant, my "Mr. Fuzzy Bear", my knight in shining armor, and my "Scraunie." Thank you so much for the past 8 years of love and for the many more to come. I could not think of anyone 
else I would rather share it with. I love you! 

I, Matthew S. Clark, being of sound mind and body, leave the following items to my fellow Bryan Lions: Isaac Antanaitis: I'm leaving you my spot in Tips for Tyler so you can let everyone 
know how rad you are on the guitar. Good Luck writing songs with Chuck though. Aaron Braun-Duin: You can have all my old issues of Guns and Ammo. I'm sure you'll find a creative 
way to put them to use. Mike Carter: I want you to have my SHOT CLOCK, and I've also got this CD that I want you to have by a band by the name of Marvelous 3. I think you'll like 
them. Ben Carver: All my POM homework. Michael Clark: I'll be sure and leave you specific direction as far as what my post-graduate plans are, so that you can follow in my footsteps once 
again when you graduate. Matty C/Tiger/Theo: I am leaving you your wallet- you left it in BV along with a bunch of CDs and Besch's TV/VCR. Also, I've got this great gray wool jacket 
and a couple of pairs of blue jeans that I want you to have. I hope you like them! Miles Ericson: Tickets to Our Lady Peace so you wont have to sneak in the back next time, and while I'm 
giving tickets, I'm also leaving you a one-way ticket to China (as God as my witness, that's the last time 1 will ever bring that joke up ). Jordan Musselman: a few hours of sweet, sweet free 
time. Steve Myers: A high five, a pat on the back and a ton of respect. Matt Palmer: Remember my fish, OFB? He's all yours! Adam Parker: a lifetime supply of contact lens cleaning fluid. 
That would almost be more for me than for you, but oh well Charles Phillips: I'm leaving you my stamp of approval for every song that you write for the rest of your life. Also, a decent 
cola, and all the gray .85 guitar picks that I've been stealing out of your room. Sarah Revell: A suitable male companion for Little Baby Richard. I'm keeping that ridiculous sign you made 
though! Mike Sheddan: My Johnny Cash poster. Cash= real country, my friend. Ivey Smith: I'm leaving you with the $1,000 I owe you for all the rides you gave me back to my house. 
Also I want you to have my very favorite baha. Treat it good, OK? Chad Snavely: The ability to sleep in, and be lazy and unproductive for just a few minutes. I wanted to leave you 
something coffee related, but I think you've pretty much got all your bases covered there Jennifer Wilson: I'm leaving you with the peace of mind and the ability to move on concerning 
how much better I am than you at bowling. Once I'm gone, hopefully your soul can find rest. Also, I'm leaving you the rest of the series of "Demented-Looking Animal Birthday Cards". 

Joanna Harvey 

Renaldo Adkins: colorful, numbered sports jerseys to last you a lifetime and one special girl to call your own! Silvia Ayala: when you leave Bryan College you would find a roommate as cool 
as me that you can stare at the helicopters fly past your windows with and that one special notebook that you can write in every night! Andrew Bah: that you would always be careful with 
your gun. Josh Bales: a great voice for all time. Blake: never lose the accent, Kid! Jenny Bradshaw: That you will always be as smart as your dad, yet more easy going! David Branson: and 
everlasting line of cars to fix and the Mustang of your dreams! Aaron and Kelly Braun-Duin: I'll let you tape Friends for me every time it comes on for forever! Winnie (Fred) Buck: a free trip 
back to West Virginia and a lifetime supply of dump salad! Jodi Buttram: a lifetime supply of juiceboxes! Mike Carter: plenty of time with Faith to get you through life. Vinnie Castillo: I 
guess I'll hang out with you every now and then. Matt Correll: an incredibly cool hat that you will never let anyone borrow again! Reid: a beautiful girl who likes to hunt and dip snuff. Erin 

Davis: no more classes with Dr. Bradshaw! Amber Delph: I'll live in your spare bedroom forever and we will always be friends! Joe Delph: a new dog to replace your three-legged dog 
Skippy! Daniel Harvey: you will always be my favorite brother. Jenny Heaton: a one year subscription to Reader's Digest and a free guide to writing both a State of the Union Address and a 
Review of Literature. Leah Hochanadel: That you would never face a mountain too high to climb and that you will never meet a person smarter than you. Nate Humphrey: the ability to 
never stop laughing. Cassie Joines: 50 new and improved slap bracelets of all different colors and patterns. Anne Becky Kalz: a free trip back to West Virginia and a lifetime supply of dump 
salad. Adam King: that you would never run out of your crazy clothes. Allyssa Mantooth: a lifetime supply of Chili Hot with Beans. Anndrea Mathers: an ice-cold root beer with me on a 
hot summer day. Tyler McWilliams: a new red Nike bag! Faith Phaneuf: get Carter even if you have to run in circles to catch him- that's right keep running Faith! Charlie Phillips: all the 
playtime in the world. Jake Puckett: another fun class with Dr. Dan and a brand new copy of To Kill a Mockingbird from a special friend. Bryon Rossi: a new body pillow because "I decided 
to go with the body pillow thank you". Chad Snavely: all my DC Talk CDs. Joanna Stone: I'll let you wash the dishes and then we can talk about starving ourselves and working out every 
day. Chris Travis: that I will always be your friend. Robin Wedekind: you can watch Dawson's Creek with me every Wednesday until they stop making the show. Carrie Wilson: I'll let you 
pick out your surprise Christmas present every year whether it be black shoes or an orange jacket! Jennifer Wilson: I'll tell you the differences in you twins everytime we go through the 
tunnels until the end of time. Brett Wright: a bonfire by your house every Saturday night until you graduate. McKenzie Wright: a lifetime supply of diet coke and a drawing and story-writing 
contest with my brothers whenever you feel ready. Bradley Wright: (I saved the best for last). All the West Virginia paraphernalia in the world, the use of my fabulous car whenever you 
want, visits to your friend Jim's house from time to time, my help in making quality videos with your new digital camera when you need it and All My Lovin!!! 

I Phillip Douglas, being of sound mind and able body, bequeath my responsibilities, memories, and worldly processions to the following respected individuals. Brian E.: Remembering road 
trips and long talks about life. Stop procrastinating. There is nothing wrong with being a nomad. Dave M: Molecular, physics, limnology. Where would 1 be without your patient aid? I 
leave you with the memory of Henry McKenna and everything he represents. Tyler M: Keep your room clean. Thanks for all the "free cokes" and snacks. Matty P: I leave you with the 
precious gift of unlimited playing time. The Birmingham hanging time we never got. Jake P: Late night discussions about females. The memories of the snake hunting we never did. Lasting 
roommates. Andrew Bah: I leave helicopter rides and backpacking. IV: I leave camping at Buzzards and bottle rockets. Ben "Carv". I leave you Coach Z's jokes, road trips, and rooming. 
Noel W: I leave you all my old homework and spontaneous trips to Apple Barn. Phil Smitty: ER volunteering. Sarah M: I leave you with memories of Olive and Rosemary's. Thanks for 
your love and support. You're my favorite cousin that I went to school with for four years. Katie H: 1 leave you micro labs, but most importantly I leave Ben Carver under you supervision. 
Nancy M: I leave you with the memories of pleasant philosophical discussions down by the river. Quality bluegrass music, and the comfort that 1 will learn how to play the banjo some day. 
Kerri W: Thanks for all your help in my classes over the years. Do well in med school. Don't forget anything I have taught you. Aaron C: "Mr. Pink". You were a great roommate. Your 
taste in music and clothing is fantastic. Keep hanging out with Priscilla P Eric N: the nicest guy I know. Thanks for the George Strait concert. Remember Don Knots' movies. Johnny U: 
We have been across the Atlantic together, done Edinburg and Loch Ness. I am proud of you and what you have accomplished. Ashley R: you should thank Doc Hartzell for your nutrition 
grade. Remember late night study sessions and projects. Most expensive first date ever. Wanting to date "Mr. Bryan College" but choosing me instead. Most importantly our friendship. 
My "little" brother Gray: I leave you my legacy, small as it was. Keep away from strange women. Do things that interest you and always study hard. 

Kristen Rae Immel 

I, Kristen Immel, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath to my first real roommate- Amy, life eternal for lamby pillow and for Matt- the ability to pretend he's not sleeping next 
to you. I'm glad you ended up together. To Colleen- well, where do I start? Freshman year memories my best at BC: the rainy day festival. Lapping mud puddles, wrestling matches 
(you'll always win) and remember that time that you gave me a huge bruise on my arm? Oh, wait thanks for your friendship through the many different stages. "I'll love you forever, I'll 
like you for always. " J-Mob- I'm glad we were partners I learned so much from you. You're good at what you do. Don't loose your passion Josh Bales and the rest of the ministry 
council of 200-2001- "the buses will wait", thanks for the fun time and hear to hears guys. You mean so much to me Bradley-thanks for your friendship and letting Jeff crash. Live your 
dreams, buddy. Molly- you are the Best minister to women ever! Your heart is such and encouragement to me. Knock 'em dead in Africa my money's on its way. Win- what do you say 
to someone like you? I Love You! Thanks for the push to live for Jesus. The persistence I've found with you is hard to find. Never stop pushing me . (even when I'm on the east coast of 
Africa) Sarah- my roommate and my dear, dear friend. Thanks for sticking with me through everything. The memories with you are too many to mention. Eating party mix at Tara's. . 
alarms going off in the middle of the night the RWM (now gone forever praise the Lord!) Vashti and 'the family' and so much more! Here's to predictability and talking in bed with the 
lights off. I love you! Jenny- I love your heart. Never stop pursuing all of who He is. I'm glad for all we've been through together. Hard times are the best times. And He has made us 
stronger. I love you Jens. Beck- thanks for your consistency and creative tips. Your Godly example has meant more to me than I've ever let you know. No guy deserves you. Lets be 
friends forever. I mean that. Sister-1 can't tell you how thankful 1 am to have been able to spend the last tow years of my life with you! I'm so proud of who you are becoming! It's a big 
change from the . well, the old days. Don't ever compromise what you believe for the sake of other people's opinions. You are an amazing woman and God will use you in your last few 
years here in big, big ways surrender your heart to Him-all of it Come visit lots and take care of the H when she gets here You know I love you like none other. Tara, Greta, Molly, Jenny, 
Juli, and Debbie- I love you gals! I'm so thankful for your friendship with A and me. Keep loving each other and pushing each other towards Jesus. Be an example for the kids that follow 
after you. Take care of each other! I love you! "P"- I'm thankful for our junior year and where it's brought us. You are one of my best friends. An amazing man of God with a heart that 
is focused and willing to be broken and stretched. Wherever you end up after grad, give it your all. Always see Jesus in everything and if you ever need a long talk, you know my number. 
Thanks for investing your life. And to Strode as well as Parker you guys have done above and beyond what I expected this year. Believe it or not, no matter what state this school is in 
when we leave, YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE. Remember that. You both mean the world to me. To Kami, Emily, Janelle, Rachel, Megan, Canaan- I love you girls! I hope our time 
together has shown you more of Jesus. Never stop surrendering ALL of who you are to Him. Pass on what you've learned to the girls that follow you. And teach them to pass it on to 
others. Make a difference where you are. I'm praying for you still David Arute- the bestest gal in the world doesn't deserve you. Thank you isn't enough for all that you've meant to me. 
You pushed me to go beyond the surface stuff I'm glad we're "real friends" learning partner. I love you (more) friend. And for everyone who I'm leaving behind- don't settle for 
mediocrity. My prayer for you is that you realize that there is always more of Him to know. Don't stop digging. Love each other well and don't just let phrases like that roll off your back. 
Anything that you have learned- put it into practice or it's meaningless. Make a difference pour everything you have into what you do refuse to stay where you are. He's calling you 
higher listen and follow. There's nothing else besides that I love you guys. 

I, Michelle C. Largent, do hereby leave these memories and tokens to my dear friends: Sarah Cantrell Drake: parties at your house, decorating for Jr/Sr, trying to get the columns into the 
Tahoe, your wedding, pictures, I will always remember your laugh! Kelly Ambrose Braun-Duin: 7 lh Heaven, comparing hair color, long talks about life, Retta and Mis conversations, student 
teaching stories, thanks for always reminding me you love me! Joie: Hawks game, trips to my house, six flags, hugs, and love! Andrea: our accountability bench, thanks for convincing me to 
ride with you to the FCA retreat, trying bras on at Wal-Mart, making a billion hearts for the Valentines Banquet. Amy: becoming friends at the FCA retreat, singing into our hairbrushes, our 
night of fun at Wal-mart. Decorating Matt and Jonathon's car, Superbowl Sunday at Palmers, Cheetos. Matt: road trips, driving to Atlanta. Brad: Virginia Beach trip. Your blue truck, 
Garth, "She's everything", Mr.T's. Phil: twin ponds, painting your kitchen, white BMW. Jonathon Mobley: a no bean Mexican pizza, "That don't impress me . .", freshman years social and 
Christmas banquet. Kathi: trip to MN and Atl, Joel's surprise party, thanks for your unconditional friendship and love! Jennifer and Carrie: Ed courses. Hidden Valley, caroling, our great 
conversations about nothing really! Sonia: an old Mercedes, experimenting, trips to my house, spring break adventures (sand everywhere), soccer, alpine sliding, trying to fill up Matt's car at 
an empty gas station, sneaking out, streaking the bowl, SAM. Sarah: (roomie!) Sonic runs, trips home, riding horses, naps, conversations in our sleep, talks with the other's mom, classical 
music, coffee, praying together, "I love you", notes on our board, you will always hold a special place in my heart. Steven Myers: JG 2000, thanks for being the awesome guy you are! 
Kristen B: "Captain Obvious", I am just sorry it took us three years to become friends. Cassie: "Jo Jo", a new season of Dawson's, cleaning up after the fire, trips to our houses, membership 
to my self help library, outfit advice, AL trip, Callaway gardens, spam, afternoon naps. Robin: A cowboy, 2f, November birthdays, lifetime movies, sentras rule, sorry for throwing up in your 
car, fun with tuna fish, driving around Dayton causing trouble, 80's outfits! Anna: 3 rd and 4 th Long memories, a person underneath you bed, "ways to annoy your roommate" email, stall # 2. 
Hannah: taping your singing, Christmas caroling, showers with no curtains. Jason Wasser: Kids Kollege. Alicia: English tutoring, guy talks, practicum. Kristi: Christmas banquet freshman 

I, Kristi Marie Lestmann. of normally sound mind and capable body do bequeath the following: To Keri-Lynn and Maeci : the best roommate you ever had; Mindalina, 
Wendell, and Double C: great suitemate wars and good times; Angelina: a foreign man who can dance, drives to Chatty, and enough onions to last the rest of your life; 

Jen Mac: "I can't believe we're having a conversation about the word !", a shoulder to cry on, a faithful prayer partner, and a best friend for 5 years and counting; 

TimmyMac: "Why don't YOU shut up!" Sita and Esperanza: great tours and many laughs, "Have you seen my navel?" a morning run when Sita almost died, and D.C. 
hot dogs; Lauren, Amy. Crystal, Maeci. Hope, Shannon and Jenny: the best prank ever played in Bryan College history(and yes, we WERE better than all those guys!) 
and framing Crystal for it; Crystal: Passion '99, prank calls, duct-taping you in your room, great long talks, and "Time to make the doughnuts!" Giggles, a bestfriend since 
high school who has a beautiful heart: I leave you good health, a great student teaching experience, and a family of your own; Rachel P: a summer job in the forest, a 
beautiful smile, a heart of gold, and countless encouraging words; Vanny: a fun trip to K-town, some deep talks, a caring heart, a deeper desire to know our Father; Kati 
Elise: a great rest of your college career with no stress, "I need two biscuits with gwavy. .now!" P-O-S-H, posh! "Have you the wing?" fun tennis matches, silly cheers, and 
all the cheeks in the world; Mya Jane : a friendship that I wish I would have started long ago, Sherwood Forest, "SO. . ." our dates, Alison Krauss, and a man worthy of 
your heart; Winnie : more creativity because you and I know you don't have NEARLY enough (right!) the ability to write in lower case letters, a job without kids around, a 
spanking clean driving record, and skirts! Jones: the best brother I never had, a faithful prayer warrior, a fellow teacher, and great friend- Nuttin' but love! Matt and 
Cathy : great role models and godly influences, much teaching, a listening ear, forgiveness, tough times, dinner, and team work; Myra : a great first year together, many 
funny mishaps, the boiler room, and a great prayer warrior and hugger; Daddy : a wonderful teacher and Godly father who instilled a love of learning in me and way too 
many math problems- thank you for your wisdom, love, support, and quiet strength. I wish I were more like you. Mama: a shoulder to lean on, someone who always 
believed in me and let me cry when I made the many mistakes I've made, a loving and generous lady who's made my life more bearable than it ever should have been, 
and who's always welcomed me home- I love you and owe so much to you. Thank you for preparing me to live my life as a woman who understands her roles as a Child 
of The King, a loving wife, and a patient mother. To my girls on ARNOLD 3 -: I love you girls more than you know, and you each captured my heart in a different way 
this year. I would not have enjoyed this year as much as I did were it not for YOU. I wish you each the best, and I pray that God draws you to Himself like never before! 
Never forget all our crazy times up on the floor, for they are some of the best, and I will look back on those treasured times with you and smile. If you ever need anything, 
please call me. To Ceste : no more back pain; Lizzie - a non-typecast part and strict room points; Val - a clean room for a week and opera; Zanne - dirt to dig in and naked- 
ness; Piety : choir buds and a wonderful life with Seth; Charity - tea parties; Audrey - coffee breaks and good talks with a friend; Laura - another business suit; Bethany - the 
best nanny job in the world; Elainers - Bachelor Lobstermen of Maine Calendar 2003; Rachel - an amazing gift for journalism and met deadlines for the rest of your life, 
Ethel - more play time and a kissable man! Stink- a shower and # 6 (two hands) and hopefully the last; Sarah : no more theses; Ingers: Peanut Butter and your laugh; 
SarahDaBara : a good black man and a degree; Natalie: skim milk and all the art supplies you'll ever want ; April : a proof- reader and a wonderful friend; Kerri - two letters 

<» -to. 

Sin** 1 ' 


Stacie bourse 

Chasity Oldham 

(Datt 'Palmer 


Andy "Park 

Adam 'Parker 

'Rachel "Pendergrass 


/ JiVfe 

Cerrence 'Peterson 

April 'Phillips 



Sarah 'Revell 



V J! 

*Bethany 'Roberts 

36 Seniors 

'Bryon 'Rossi 



"Pete <Ryan 




rfOfr dBN 

Sonia Samuelsen 

'Rachel Schmidt 


Sheila Shaver 




?&* ^n 

jrV -Cg> 


Cezar Sih 

"Karla Silva 

Artgie Smith 

Cassie Smith 

IV Smith 


9hil Smith 

Chad Snavely 

Seniors 37 

two letters after your last name and a wonderful friend; Jodi: a great teaching career; Kathrvn - Minimester 2001, stock in the Winnie-the-Pooh company, and all those 37 
kids you want; Kleiqh - more animal print clothing; Veronica - the license to wear those great pants your mom hates; Jenny - a Moon Pie, another sign, fast food; Tara - a 
Moon Pie, another sign, fast food, and a great life with Brandon; Slick - another hat, Miss Wooly Worn Festival 2002; Sara P- the ability to make anyone laugh and 
enough confidence and humility to laugh at yourself, too; Jules - a man who can keep up with your fast-paced, fun personality; Ashley- a few talks with much wisdom 
imparted (thank you!) and the Immodium AD- need I say more? Paiqerooni - Choir Tour 1999- the best roommate and nearly dying on the way to church; Becky - a man 
who likes coffee as much as you, and a pumpkin; Esther - a personal secretary to keep you organized; Beverly - a Frechman who can dance the waltz with you; Sande- your 
crazy pants-and-legs dance; Jessica - a career as a journalist. 

Steven Myers 

To all freshmen, sophomore, and junior guys - you guys haven't come close to what we've accomplished! (maybe you helped out, but we started it all) To all of you who 
never brush your hair - Good work! Keep the dream alive! Sasha Morgan - the ability to know about someone's love life without having to ask every intricate detail. Mike 
Sheddan - Hank Williams Jr. Matt Correll - anything having to do with the Simpsons. Nathan Dewhurst - a wolverine costume. He was the cutest wolverine ever. To all 
involved in the famous weeklonq stakeout - good work. Covenant's a bunch of little girls. To all of the elite who made runs with me - it was real. 1 commend you all on 
never really being caught. I'll pass the honors on to those of you who deserve it. You'll know who you are. To Ren -actually starting and finishing a basketball season. To 
all- freedom in Jesus Christ and a most blessed life as you serve Him with every breath you breathe and every moment you exist. 

Matt Palmer 

Remember when- Rebecca Walker stuck her hands in Tyler's mashed potatoes. . .we went train-hopping my fish that mysteriously died. If you know who did it, tell 
me.-.when IV went off the Soddy rope swing and got "hurt." Mr. T's when that alarm went off in chapel when the chapel seats got unscrewed somebody relocated 
Bruce's office Midnight Carolers got paintballed by Uncle Hutchy Amy Jenkins rejected me for a whole year before she finally admitted she was madly in love with 
me Matt, Tyler, Miles, Dave, and Crowe all got engaged My sister rocked hard at Varsity Soccer this year. .1 sat on the bench for Varsity Soccer this year . .we got 
Rebecca to drink a carton of sour milk. Ben Home fell in the lunch room, and his tray spilled on the Argo's decorations for an upcoming banquet . Gobbles. . Ledbetter, 
Jarvis, Mitchell, and all the others we lost Spring Break last year (at the beach) Snow Skiing last year at Snowshoe . Mike Veloz flying off the snow-sled behind IV's 
truck, and busting his ribs so bad he had to go to the hospital. . I fell off a motorcycle. I fell off Dave's car (while he was driving). . our Class beat the seniors last year in 
Intramural Football Tyler fell on his face at last year's talent show. . Kent Suter's "Magic Tricks" and "Gospel Preaching" you came here, and there was nothing but a 
fresh start with friendly people who didn't yet know you. This has been an incredible place to laugh, cry, pull pranks, learn, and grow. I value every person and every 
instance I have taken from Bryan College. Coming here has made all the difference in my life, and I thank God for each of you who have impacted me in even the 
smallest way. Never again will we have so many people wanting to commune with us and pray for us out of a personal and earnest love. To all upcoming classes at 
Bryan . I leave the hope of such funny events, good and bad times, and friends that can challenge you to better understand yourself, truly live each day, and help you 
understand what it means to seek after Jesus. 

I Adam Parker, upon completing my time here at Bryan College, do leave the following to those who have made my life here incredible: First, to Jordan Musselman , the 
greatest friend a man could ever have, where should I start? I leave you a lifetime of shared memories of playing the drums, riding bikes, wiffle ball, basketball at all times 
of the day and in all weather conditions, riding the bus and carpool for hours on end (while driving everyone crazy with the drums!), the glory days of Trinity (324!) and 
our years on 4* Short. Also, to make your life complete, I leave you a never-ending supply of Sunkist, Twinkies, and Sean Connery; a $4 million dollar weight training 
facility in your backyard; a growing love of coffee; a Rodeo fitted with every possible accessory you can dream of; the ability to study for 10 minutes for a Hartzell test and 
ace it every time; and a lifetime of holidays spent together. 1-2-3 family! Thanks for all the memories made, and the many more yet to come. You're the best, man. To 
Clinton Donouqh - I leave a car that you never have to worry about; a different roommate from now on, plenty of late night talks about whatever; and appreciation of 
three and a half years together. To Aaron Strode - I will leave above all the ability to always pursue your dreams and make them reality, to live a life completely void of 
mediocrity, I leave the presidency of an organization where you can follow the 10-70-20 rule whenever you want to; patience with people who don't do what you want 
them to; and the hope that one day you will finally make Laura's reams come true. Don't forget, you said I could stay In the Lincoln Bedroom. To Eric Nidiffer - I must first 
leave three knocks on the pipe, followed by a BAM-BAM. all taking place in a time "back when was OK." Eric, the one semester we roomed together was one I will 
never forget. Thanks for all the laughs and all the conversations when 1 fell asleep while you were still talking. If I could, I would leave you all I have, because maybe then it 
would pay you back for all the things you gave me and would never let me pay you back for. But since you would never take it all, I leave you better luck at setting me up, 
the memory of me jumping 10 feet in the air when something grabbed my leg; a huge green frog and other things to throw across the room at me; all the antique books 
you could ever want; a dream job ministering to kids; and a great life with your bride. One day, I'll be privileged to say I know the great Eric Nidiffer. Here's to all the 
holidays we'll spend together with the family — the 5-year plan is in effect! To Chad Snavely - 1 leave a wood-paneled study furnished with a fireplace, leather reading chair, 
and a massive supply of great books; a lifetime supply of Starbucks. Gevalia, and Cafe Rapperswill to be enjoyed while reading in the study and continuing the Saturday 
afternoon tradition (did we ever actually start that?) a great job where you can still get paid to drive and see your girlfriend; and many hours on great golf courses around 
the world. Thanks for the "gizolden" memories- see you at Thanksgiving and Christmas! To Kristen Immel . I leave plenty of circles and psyches, a life lived on the edge, 
and memories of Malibu and the Lookouts, where it all started. Thanks for the encouragement, and never lose who you are. To Catherine Strode . I leave lots of time in 
the Deerfield well, what the heck, I leave you my best friend. To all the 4 - Short boys . I leave the memories of wasting huge amounts of time talking about nothing, 
doing dumb stuff, and loving every second of it. To Anndrea Mathers , I leave the church, the hill, and the fulfillment of all your dreams in life. To Matt Clark , I leave your 
own set of contact lenses, cleaning solution, and a nightly ritual. To IV Smith and Jonathan Moblev , I leave the memory of the first time we ever "talked about it." 

Bryon Rossi 

Dr. Myers - a tour of the campus; Mr. Belisle - Little Shop of Horrors; Stoney- my ability to speak without thinking on Worldview trips; Esther Bragg - keep dancing; Vinny - 
darts; Kami Collins - your own coffee shop world tour; Isaac Chiles - Carmen the Champion, Tait and the magic of over-compression, and "Get out my face"; Katie 
Halvorson - the ability to make a chapel announcement in under eight minutes; McKenzie Wright- more procrastination; Rachel Kaetterhenry - The FBI; Jamal Marshall - a 
47-foot Sea Ray for off-shore fishing; Mike Sheddan - a Hank Jr. And Hoobastank world tour; Chapman - enough wins to even the money you spent on real chips; Charlie 
Phillips - rock n 

roll. What little I had of it while here is now yours. Stay strong; Danny Reid - the joy, love, understanding, and recognition that good and great music can and does come 
from places other than the independent and underground music scene; Mike Stone - the magic that was in the video I made of you. I can see it inside of you. . let it out; 
Josh Locy - a reason for pictures with orange juice riding a wave of compassion; Blake - The Dave Matthews Cover Band; Gene - the Dirty Lion; Ren - a full season; CJ- 
Intro to Biology and endurance to keep breaking it down. Jon't, my friend, Jon't; Brett Wright - my fireworks, and never having to parse a noun again; Brad Wright - a 
cookout and a bonfire every weekend. 

I, Chad Michael Snavely leave to the following- Aaron Braun-Duin - a lifetime of 4 lh short memories. . FOLLOW CHRIST!!! DO WHAT IS RIGHT. . My hostages from 
the sophomore class retreat . Michael Carter - memories from London and 4 lh short . Ben Carver - my limited keyboard abilities. . the appreciation of great piano 
music Matt Clark - a coffee pot that won't wake you up at 7 every morning. . a record deal so the rest of the world can hear your incredible guitar abilities. . my guitar 
(you used it more than me). . a dime. . Michael Clark - a quarter for the jar. . Brad Cook - a good conversation over a good cup of coffee. . Morton memories. . Matt Correll - 
a fun night of line-dancing. . Clinton Donough - a Mach 3. . Miles Ericson - a subwoofer. . the ability to get the water temperature in the shower right (and the self-control to 
hold your tongue when you can't). . . Chris Gardner - a better decision. Jonathan Mobley - the ability to dial a "9" before I make an 800 call .a dime. . . Sasha Morgan - great 
conversations, great banquets, and lots of fun . . Jordan Musselman - a bright future, a good night's sleep, many long conversations to come. . a dime. . actually, make that 
two dimes. . .1,2,3,. . . Eric Nidifer - a green frog, a friend named "Wayne," a chance to be reunited with the Gingleheimer Gang, reminiscing about the days when "you 
know what" wasn't wrong, a real CD player and some big speakers, oh wait. . .a dime. . Adam Parker - a study with all the essentials (you know what they are), a lifetime 
supply of good books, a good cup of coffee, many incredible trips to Panera and many incredible conversations about coffee, books, music, girls, our dreams, the future, 
and most definitely our studies, a journal and an amazing pen, a leather chair, an Eager and Jones CD, oh yeah, did I mention books and coffee? A dime. . Charlie Phillips - 
a future in the music industry . . Bryon Rossi - a record deal and a well produced album. . Laura Smith - the sympathy of a life with Strode. . Aaron Strode - a decent golf 
game, memories of cafes, pubs, loaded potatoes, Puppetry of the Pen, and not getting lost in London, a keyboard so you can play Ode to Joy to your heart's content, a 
normal smile for the camera, my vote when you run for the presidency, a dime. . Catherine Strode - a lifetime of gratitude. 

Joie Stone 

Brett and Erica - peace and quiet- I will miss you two! Mark Whitlock - 100,000 chocolate chip cookies. Erik Parks - plenty more late nights in the tech lab. . Mike Clark - 
raw ramen noodles, and some of my many drugs. . . Melissa Connor- stardom . Brooke Fleming - friends who care as much as you do- you are precious!. . . Charlie Phillips - 
Hah! You looked!. . . Mr. B. - another Steel Magnolias cast!. . Mr. Palmer- an author you never heard of . Mr. Myers - students who share you incredible passion. . Erin and 
Chas - We didn't make the best of roomies, but you both have become the best of friends. Thank you for your enduring friendship. . . the rest of the old "Six Pack" - the 
memories will stay with me forever. We have some "intoxicating" times!. . Steven and Bryon - your forgiveness and love by far surpass that which is required by friends- a 

sister could not ask for kinder or more kinder or more compassionate brothers Kelly and Sarah - without you both, I would not have been able to make this journey. Let 
us never lose sight of what we have and remember to hold on to each other forever. I love you so much! 

I, Aaron Joseph Strode, being of sound body, mind and soul do so enact this statement as my last will and testament upon departure from Bryan College. To my 
loving sister Catherine I bequeath life without an annoying brother, counsel for relationship, fun with "The Rock," and I guarantee that you will not make it. To Jordan 
Musselman I bequeath my sister, a fork, and life without your mentors. To Ruth Schultz I bequeath more circles of trust, lots of fun in b-classes and the guarantee that I 
will find him. To the lmmel sisters I bequeath peace for sisters and many great thanks for continual friendship and the encouragement, and to Kristen lots of conversation 
relating to a vision for the future. To Storie, Wasser, and Suter I leave thanks for the accountability, encouragement, and friendship that I will never forget, never forget 
the night at the knob. To Miles, Aaron, Steve, Mike, IV, Andrew. Matt. Nate, Greg, David. Mark. Jordan, and others who have already left , I leave lots of 4 ,h Short 
memories, perverse moments and serious moments, thanks for the fun. To Gardner I leave a Kirby. To Matt, a U2, Jazz, and Techno marathon. To Arute , 4* Short is 
yours and thanks for your encouragement. I can't wait to see how you will impact lives. To Clinton 1 leave the hope of an incredible life with Charis and the request that 
you please grow your hair back. To Mobley I leave great times in the 'Burg, life as a SEAL, and the knowledge that God has something special planned. To Nidifer . 1 wish 
you were here, but I still leave you thanks for the encouragement and 1 knew you would be the first. To Snavely I leave my basement, excellence in golf, and my expecta- 
tions that you will one day be a dominant force in your industry, if you can't see it you can't use it. To Parker I leave the hope of the girl at the coffee shop, a Barber, 
$100, cake cutting skill, a golf game, and the encouragement to pursue your dreams. To Laura Smith . I leave an incredible vocabulary, walks in the park, the snow 
mountains, too many memories to leave, a plethora of love and the promise that 1 will never truly leave. To all I say, thanks for your friendship and encouragement; never 
settle, never set your sights low, pursue your dreams and don't close the doors, let God close doors, make an impact and change the world. 

1 Rebekah Tidwell. being of sound mind do hereby leave the following to: Molly - the brain, marbles, falling on the walking bridge, getting lost in Chatty and asking the 
transvestite for directions, Molly loves S.E., the jerry-rigged CD player in your car, Tommy Boy, your alarm clock. Ruth - the laughing attack in Marketing, our canoe trip 
and me dropping the canoe on you, those dogs in front of the sign on the way to Chatty, Ruth loves I.D., workouts at the Y, fashion no-no's, the fugitive, sale, VRD 9000. 
Laura - "OK, I'm coming out ." Swedish fish, shoving you off that cliff behind Huston in the snow, nakedness. Molly, Ruth, and Laura - the smell of Christmas, sledding in 
the laundry basket, Freedom Nazi, our controversial soccer game in the park, fill or bust. Josh C . -homeless people, the ability to lose anything and everything. Jenny- 
"Friends," Jenny loves J.C. Susan - knocks on the wall. Danny - Dr. Bruehl's belt purse, VRD 9000. David B. and Josh L .- "But most of all I'd like a big bowl of. . ." Sarah - 
London, "Want to see my belly-button ring?", The disciples and the dark side, "Joseph," "My love for you is deeper than a 6" David S.- Jennifer Knapp's water bottle 

I, Kerri Wenzel, being of random mind after four years of fun, laughter, tears, craziness, and good times, do hereby bequeath the following possessions and memories to 
my beloved friends. To Shmapril - more purple pig pants, another great bed, lots of eucalyptus, fake fights and bruised eyes, many rides on the Mansfield carousel, another 
night at the Hotel Strasbourg, no more studying for Anatomy, midnight episodes of jumping on the bed, flip-flops for every color of the rainbow, and ladybugs in your bed 
at home. Ingrid - a new way of brushing your teeth, plenty of shampoo and shower gel, a cold room with lots of blankets, Ooltewah pride, peanut butter, a visit to 
Baltimore so we can swing in the park again, boxes of Cheerios for midnight snacking, and an ever-clean toilet. Sarah M.- plenty of tickle fights, a more attractive 
nickname than "Big Martin," sprints around the soccer field, trips to visit Rachel, goop for your feet, and the best coffee in the world. Veronica - an appreciation for Cafce's 
music, Augustine out loud, WWJD? bracelet, honey, and a friend who plays dumb when you ask a question. Claire - a unique style of tennis, my cough medicine anytime 
you want it, more water attacks on your class officers, drastic hair cuts, "How Beautiful" in another wedding, and a chance to steal some reindeer. Jodi L.- many wonderful 
duet partners. Debra - jogging partners who don't make you feel like you have to talk, lots of scrapbooking, skis that won't let you fall when you're standing in line for the 
chair lift, and an occasional run in the rain. Kristi Lestmann - pipe cleaners and hot glue, a red room in your first house, a better version of the Nutcracker, water fights and 
opportunities to continue writing great Christmas poetry, and another chance to prank a house while you sit in the kitchen looking innocent. Sarah R .- a career that will 
not require you to wear shoes, every beach in the world in a bottle, Tae Bo workouts, and a friend who does a better job at dying your hair red than I did. Chris A .- tow 
trucks, house at the beach, a singing debut with Michael of O. Brother Where Art Thou music, flowers from the front of New York City, Fred Williams and a big 
scholarship, a gigantic Christmas wreath, the champion trophy for Spanish, and a dog like mine. Ben N.- many more twigs of Christmas cheer, chocolate chip cookies, 
rice and raisins, and a cool Ooltewah t-shirt. Russ - your favorite movies- do you actually have three?, chocolate chip cookies, more friends who enjoy watching the news, 
pots of chili, the ability to tell when it is cold outside, and a hang glider trip from Buzzards to the Ad building. Tim S.- children's stories in Barnes and Noble, a better trip 
to Sellersville, a big can of honey roasted peanuts, and creative pranks against the India team. Aaron G.- scrubs with a tie, canoeing on the Tennessee River, a Christmas 
tree with a red felt skirt, many readings of Lord of the Rings. Todd S.- beds pushed together, Brittney Spears on your wall, and more snuggly corduroys. All of My Biology 
Friends - a chance to actually show off all of that molecular that we learned, zinc fingers, viagra pens, canoe trips to Chickamauga Lake, one more chance to study 
anatomy in a baking trailer while watching "The Godfater," an in-deoth study of the orbicularis oris and myhlohyiod(?), a million embryology slides, flies that survived the 
fire, and a successful future. I love all of you! 

The Last Will and 

Testament of the 

Class of 2002 


<t — -J* 

^Heather Steele 

'Rebecca Steiner 

Joanna Stone 

Jason Storie 


Aaron Strode 

-» .'J*H 

'Kent Suter 




'Rebekah Indwell 

(Dike £5imblin 

David £x>mijn 

*** '% 


Gen t?oth 

Jonathan Urquhart 

40 Seniors 

Jason Luasser 

*Robin IDedekind 

-9- „.-«\l 



Kerri IDenzel 

CDartha lOest 

Sarah IDhite 

Jennifer £ynn U)ilson 




Tioel IDilhoit 




.*.•;'> ; 

Seniors 41 






m ft Aril 

■ • i> - ' "■!- 

ft* 1 ! I 

' )* ?■• J ,- ' 

■J ■■■'>;■ -V 

..."but we're 
mostly just 
learning to love each 
other and. have a 
blast while we do it. 








— iHfll ^ 

Joey Amadee Ingrid Anderson Chris Angelo Bob Angrove David Arute 

Kent Ashley 

Josh Bales 

Liz Beaty 

Kimberly Berry 

Lisanne Boling 

Katie Buttram 

Susan Canida Sarah Carpenter Angela Carr 

Hannah Carr 

Shelly Carroll 

Ben Carver 

Vincent Castillo 

Candi Caudill 

Stephen Chapman Warren Cole 


.-* ^p 

' ■' 1 

\ 1 

1 ■ w 



:: :I- 

k iiL. 

J ' 

Josh Cone 

Matt Correll 

Julie Crawford 

Class of 2003 43 

Mathew Croxton Rebekah Darling 

Elaine Davis 

Bryan Day 

Annie Dickerson 

Jessica Dorian 

Sarah E. Drake Dawn Dresselhaus Kelly Elledge 

Kathleen Fischer 

Brook Fleming Jonathan Fullmer Jewel Gardner Brandi Gaskey Donnie Gleason 

Brandi Grant 

Rachel Held 

Joshua Henderson Kimmie Hil 

Jenny Hughes 

Katie Hughes 
44 Juniors 

Nate Humphrey Joshua Jahncke Allison Johnson Cassie Joines 

Kristi Lawson 

Jon Lay 

Lucas Lewis 

Josh Locy 

Katie Lott 


Class of 2003 45 

Matt Lowe 

Sasha Morgan 

Josh Lowery Quentin McCuiston Abby Miller 

Mya Morrison 

Lizzy Murphy 

Rachael Palmer 

Scott Perry 

Amalia Peters 

Valerie Petitte 

Jonathan Phaff 

Ken Miller 

Sara Perelman 

Charlie Phillips 









Rachel Pierce 

Gerianne Powell 

Jake Puckett 

Sande Ray 

Danny Reid 

Heidi Rew 
46 Juniors 

Suzanne Rogers 

Jenny Ruark 






Tim Shorey 

Todd Smith 

Kauri Tallent 

Kedric Webster 

Abi RusseL 

Ruth Schultz 

David Sewell 

Michael Sheddan 

Charity Simmons Debra Smith 

Laura Smith Tammy Smith 

Rachel Snodgrass Andrea Spangler Ceste Stanly Jennifer Swenny 

Michelle Todd 

Adam Van Pelt Jen Vanden Heuvel Alison Viner 

Chris Wesson 

Mark Whitlock 

Alan Wilkes 

Claire Williams 
Class of 2003 47 

No Photo Available 

Ashley Tyner Brooke Wilson Jennifer Leigh Wilson Amber Woodlee 

Renaldo Atkins 
Wesley Blanton 

Blake Bohler 

Beau Boutwell 

David Branson 

Reid Daniels 

Muriah Freeman 

Kathryn Hallquist 

Ky Heinze 

Ross Hubler 

Kendra Laird 

Norrissa Martin 
Greg Owens 
Donald Price 

Ashley Rush 
Chasity Snowden 
Beth Stotts 
David Tilley 
Brett Wright 



love 'em 

48 Juniors 




: tw 


: - 




and learning How to 
get along and love each 

otner well." 

Katy Abercrombie Mary Ahlman 

Lauren Barnes 

Henry Barrios 

Jonathan Bashor 

Katie Bennett 

Karyn Biebel 

Jon Blalock 

Greta Bose 

Tara Bose 

Stephanie Bozeman 

Esther Bragg 

■ ' < 




- m 

Jack Branson 

Ron Bridwell 

Dinisha Brown 

*= iv - S3| ! %£i 

Josh Carden 

Ryan Carlton 

Shelly Caudill 
50 Sophomores 

Isaac Chiles 

Michael Clark 

Aaron Clayton 

Rachel Clegg 

Meagan Dougherty 

Matthew Ellis 

\ I 

Ivan Flores 

Melissa Grauman 

Tad Green 

Aaron Groen 

Anna Hanger 

Jim Hanson 

Jonathan Hardin 

Brandi Harris 

Jessica Hendrix 

Jessica Hogan Rebekah Howard Stephanie Huttenhoff Valerie Huttenhoff 

Amanda Immel Nathaniel Isler-Williams Jeremy Jackson 

Colin Jaeger 

Stephan James 
Class of 2004 51 

Anne Rob Jones 

Kara Krogel 

T ^ 

-«v " 




Sara Jones 

James Kendall 

Amanda Kirchner Michelle Knowles 

David Landrum 

Tara LaRoy 

Veronica LeGrand 

Kati Lestmann 

Debbie Lockhart 

Tim Long 

Tiffany Manz 

Jamal Marshall 

Jordan Mattheiss 


1 &■ 

x> \ 

I 'V 








Ashley May Whitney McChristian Natalie McDonald Sarah Meinsma Aubre Mjolhus 

Jordan Musselman 
52 Sophomores 

Melissa Myers 

Ben Norquist 

Toks Olowola 

Tim Opelt 

David Palmer 

Daven Petitte 

Melinda Pangel 

Mellonee Pangel 

Erik Parks 

Faith Phaneuf 

Vanny Phin 

Colin Plank 

Priscilla Pearson 

Hannah Pratt 

Joshua Ray Shannon Reynolds 

Anna Rusch 

Heidi Seera 

Emily Riddle 

Courtney Roberts Tiffany Rosenberger 

Jessica Rupp 

Andy Ryan 

Juli Santmier 

Tim Sewell 

John Shelley 

Megan Sherrin 

Mary Scroggins 

Melody Shetter 

Class of 2004 53 

Adam Smith 

Taylor Smith 

Jennelle Speichinger Aaron St Jacques 

Abigail Staggers 

Julia Staggers 

David Starbuck 

Emily Stiffler 

Alissa Stoneberger 

Kate Strunk 

1:.. ; 

Joni Swanson 

Molly Theg 

Mary Tomyn 

\ V 

Chris Travis 

Wendi Wall 

Dave West 

Casie Whisman 

Katie White 

Ben Williams 

Tim Williams 

Rachel Wilson 
54 Sophomores 

Andrea Woodworth Brock Youngren 

No Photo Available 

Jeremy demons 

Megan Coker 

Lolita Dermody 

Kimberly Dyer 

Bethany Hawkins 

Carlene Kidwell 

Elizabeth Palmer 

Robert Papenfuss 

Hannah Rogers 

Jacy Rojas 

Steve Scruggs 

Brad Wright 


«^*"Luau 55 



...and ready to be molded to 
be servants. 

Jay Abel 

Julie Bailey 

Chris Achter 

Karlisa Adams 



f ' 

? '^-S' 




Ricky Allison Talor Armstrong 

Kristin Barker 

Kim Barlow 

Liz Bass 

Sarah Bass 

Andrew Bauman Christina Baumgardner Tim Biebel 

Jason Blair 

Cheryl Bohanon 

4 i 

Taran Bowling 

Josh Brown 

Katina Brown 

Andy Brubaker Mandy Burgess 

Kathryn Burleson Amanda Carlyle David Chambers Ginny Charles 

Megan Coker 

Class of 2005 57 

John Collins 

Kami Collins 

Kelly Crane 

David Darden 



Erin Daugherty 

Pamela Davis 

Issac Demme 

David Denavarra 

Nathan Dewhurst 

Laura Donohue 

Gray Douglas 

Paul Downer 


Justin Eisinback 


Sam English 

Robert Ferguson 

Crystal Floyd 

Lauren Ford 

Lynn Fox 

Daniel Gleason 

Emily Goodge 

Jennifer Gordon Katherine Halverson 
58 Freshmen 

Stephanie Hamilton Joanna Harper 

Telissa Harper 

Daniel Harvey 

Mary Hendrick 

Erin Higbee 

Amy Hobbs 

Larissa Honeycutt Anneli Horner 

Jesse Johnson Michael Johnson 

Eva Holder 

Erin Keenan 

Courtney Kier 

Katie Kier 

Shelley Kiser 

Janelle Kruger 

Kate Landry 

,'■ i-" 






Alexis Lasseter 

Elizabeth Laxson 

Josh Long 

Amber Maccione Virginia Macha 

Johnna Main 

Jill McAchren 

Joanna McBride 

Jeremiah McGee 

Brian McKenney 

Class of 2005 59 

Randi Mellon 

Amy Morton 

Jen Parks 

Jenny Michaels 

Julie Miller 

Kaleb Milligan Elizabeth Mortellaro 

L& «>\, a 


■.'■ JU wH 

% l 



Katie Mowery 

Tim Newsome 

Robin Nichols 

Allison Norton 

Jessica Petkus 

Alena Pevey 

Brad Poston 

Joey Raboin 

Jessica Raff 

Mark Ramsey 

Rachel Reid 

Jessica Righter 




i I 

Vanessa Roberts 

Matthew Rogers 
60 Freshmen 

Rachel Rosenbaum 

Rebecca Rusch 

Ben Sakatos 

Lekesha Sanders 

Emily Scheck 

Philip Schroeder 

Travis Seera 

Andrew Sewell 

David Shifrin 

'" - ' 1 



Bonnie Smith 

Grace Smith 

Abigail Snead 

Amy Stinnette 

Michael Stone 

Catherine Strode Rachel Tannahill 

Dylan Theg 

Elisabeth Tucker 

Natalie Tullberg 

Megan Tyser 

Josh Young 



-' ^H 

A L» 

Aileen Vaughan 

Sara Young 

Andrea Walker 


i 5 



V 1 




Anne White 

Janell Wright 

No Photo Available 

Havala Bower 

Rebekah Cheon 

Susan Daigle 

Cherrity Davis 

Canaan Dorian 

Nate Elkington 

Brandon Gordon 

Gabe Greener 

Gene Henley 

Terry Hill 

Austin McElroy 

Dillon McElroy 

Will Strickland 

Merelea VanBlargan 

Jeremiah Weis 

Teri Whalen 

Kari Wright 

Class of 2005 61 

Valerie Clark 





f /' . 

/ '/ 

Dan Fry 

Mike Davis 

Teresa Davis 


Becky Duncan 

W** *| 

m, r '"' -1 

fe - : "/^ 


Beth Fisher 

Steve Harmon 

Anita Hedden 

Jason Hicks 

I ,7 

Brenda Hill 

John Holland 
62 Aspire 

William Hovey 

Lori Lee 

Mandy Lewis 


Matt Lipps 


Rosalyn Lofton 

Chris Mason 

Mike McMinn 

Scott Miller 

Cheryl Millsaps 







Nancy Newman 

Sarah Murray 

Debbie Petrey 

Liliana Preston David Reynolds 

Ron Sanders 

Mike Smith 

Tom Solomon 

Shawn Stiger 

Tiffany Thompson 

Diane Walker 

Stacia Williamson 

Not Pictured: 

Rod Curtis 

Matt Damron 

Tania DeFriese 

Brandon Henry 

Mason Hudlow 

Bryan Little 

Lavinia Johnson 

Steve Morris 

Paddi Newlin 

Marie Ownby 

Matt Sigler 

Roger Simmons 

Yvonne West 

Aspire 63 

i: m 


" ' "^"'p" 




-f\!_ - --- 1. 


: L 









; m&sa 

r: f& 



, s,.-:.v 




la^ 1 ' 



flppl /Mi»ii 

JB ■!■ 




V J 


Mm f 




". •'. ■■■■'■■ • 




■-' : ■' '• ■, 









SG A Activities 


1. Kristin Barker, Taran Boling, and Adam King anxiously await 
an exciting day of skiing in 50 degree weather. 

2. Amanda Immel, Anndrea Mathers, and Kristen Baldwin dig in 
to the free pizza at the Brown's house. 

3. Thankfulness always comes first for Brooke Wilson and Jewel 

4. Sonia Samuelsen tries to keep a straight face while watching 
the guys do the best they can at the all-school picnic tug-of-war. 

5. Tyler McWilliams and Charlie Phillips cry over their aches and 
pains after a hard day on the slopes. 

66 SGA 

SGA 67 

Ministry Council 

from left: 
*Molly Gaeta 
knows what is 
really impor- 
tant in life. 
'Josh Bales 
stumps Matt 
Benson with 
*What more 
could Bryan 
College want 
in their 
ministers to 
men than 
these ideal 
'These Prov- 
erbs 31 
women know 
all the good 
stuff is in the 

"It was good to be on the Ministry Council 
this year. As a group I believe that we were 
able to inspire the student body to know, 
pusue, and proclaim Christ and encourage 
others to do the same. I helped plan chap- 
els and provided various growth and encour- 
agement opportunities for the girls in my 
class, but it really all came down to staying 
commited to God." 

-Amanda Immel 

Sophomore Minister to Women 

Debra Smith takes advantage of Todd Smith's polite 
attentiveness to advertise her new favorite Christian 
literature pick. 

Top row, left to right: Student Body Chaplain: Jonathan Mobley, Senior 
Minister to Men: Steve Myers, Junior Minister to Men: Todd Smith, 
Director of Men's Ministries: Josh Bales, Sophomore Minister to Men: 
Jim Hansen, Advisor: Matt Benson. Bottom row: Freshmen Minister to 
Women: Christina Baumgardener, Director of Women's Ministries: 
Jennifer Wilson, Junior Minister to Women: Sasha Morgan, Senior 
Minister to Women: Molly Gaeta, Assistant: Debra Smith, Advisor: 
Melody Benson, (missing from picture: Freshmen Minister to Men: 
Michael Johnson, Sophomore Minister to Women: Amanda Immel) 

68 Ministry Council 




1) Hannah Carr, Abigail Staggers, Kent 

Suter, and Nate Humpreys explain what 

naturalism means to them. 

2) Matt Lowe leads worship for chapel, assisted 
by Leah Hochandael and Kimmie Hill. 

3) After chapel, Bryan students wrote encouraging notes to 
Christina Baumgardner. 

4) Dan Evans and Rachel Held like to get all the spirituality they 
can out of Bryan College and stay after chapel. 

10:00 a.m. An unmistakable time at Bryan. Depending on the day, students 
are scurrying to be part of a corporate worship time in Rudd, meeting a small 
group for discipleship, descending from the hill into the local schools to serve 
by teaching, heading to a class worship or gathering of men and women to 
hear from God's Word. The last few years has seen more variety introduced 
into the chapel programming. Regardless of the form and con- 
tent of the day, the time we have marked aside to be together 
in drawing our affections closer to Christ has remarkable ben- 
efit to our community of faith. Since its inception, Bryan Col- 
lege has placed a premium on spiritual growth. With the 
worldview focus of today and Bryan's mission to"... make a dif- 
ference in today's world", we realize that chiefly this aim finds 
its most significant rooting in a faithful walk with Christ. In the 
words of Dr. Brown in a chapel talk this year, "A faithful life is 
made up of faithful days." In this we find one of the goals of 
spiritual formation on our campus — to move us towards a faithful 
life of serving our Lord by giving opportunity for corporate spiri- 
tual pursuits. As we continue to think through how best to foster 
spiritual growth here at Bryan College, chapel and Tuesday Morn- 
ings is just one of those components. No one program or idea 
can adequately address all of our complex spiritual needs nor 
' should it be tried. In fact, these programs assume a measure of 
self-initiative in the spiritual realm for their own success to be 
known. They are a part of what God uses to grow us in our time 
at Bryan; and yet, an incredibly part beyond our understanding. 
Thus, at 10:00 a.m., we continue to meet together, "singing songs 
and hymns and spiritual songs", receiving truth from God's Word, 
letting others speak into our lives, and serving those around us. 
Matt Benson-Director of Spiritual Formations 

Chapel 69 

"Day o\j P/iayeA 

A time has come again in the life of the Bryan Community. . .a time to pray. The Day of 
Prayer is a unique opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to stop and devote an entire day 
to calling out to our Lord. The Ministry Council, who organizes the events of the day, seeks to 
provide opportunities for various types of participation. The day's events traditionally begin 
with a prayer breakfast where faculty, staff, and students come together and share on a per- 
sonal level and "bear one another's burdens." This year Day of Prayer chapel became a time to 
assemble together and offer prayers of adoration, confession, supplication, and thanksgiving 
to our Father as well as pray for our community, our nation, and our world. The day's events 
came to a close with a time of rememberance as we partook communion together and offered 
praise to our God for what He has done for us through His Son Jesus Christ. For one whole 
day every semester we press the pause button to the normal way of life at Bryan College and 
take the opportunity to enjoy life in a number of ways, whether it be in solitude or in fellowship 
with our closest friends, "approaching the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may 
recieve mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need." 

~ Jonathan Mobley 

Over 100 students 
joined together at the 
Rhea County Court- 
house where they 
divided into smaller 
groups to pray for the 

70 Day of Prayer 

"I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. As you 

make your requests, plead for God's mercy upon them, 

and give thanks." 1 Timothy 2:1 

"Let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. 

There we will receive His mercy, and we will find grace 

to help us when we need it." Hebrews 4:16 

PCI. Practical Christian Involvement. Bryan's very 
own ministry organization. Directed by History professor, 
father, and husband. Dr. Travis Ricketts, PCI is a student- 
led ministry organization that encompasses a variety of 
activities including PALS, Bible Education Ministry, Char- 
acter and Relational Education, Tutoring, Break For 
Change. Students For Life, KidPraise, Senior Adult Minis- 
try and RIDE. By offering such a variety, every student at 
Bryan has an opportunity to find his or her niche in minis- 
try. Some students enjoy working with local kids through 
the PALS program. Others spend an hour or more a week 
with an elderly Dayton citizen through the SAM ministry. 
The time spent with PCI ministries is both challenging and 
rewarding. Some students choose to spend their Spring 
Break serving others, using outhouses, painting, building, 
teaching children, and 'roughin it.' Yet, rarely does some 
one complain about their experience because it is typically 
life changing. 

What do you do every Wednesday evening at 9:30pm? If 
you were a PCI president you would hang out in the PCI 
lab, have a meeting, and sometimes even be treated to 
tasty milkshakes from the nearby cafe. Each ministry is 
headed up by at least one student each year. The ministry 
presidents spend countless hours making ministry contacts, 
organizing teams, and enlisting and encouraging ministry 
members. This year senior Bible major, Jason Storie, has 
led the team of presidents. Each week he offers Biblical 
advice and encouragement as well as practical helps for 
the ministry presidents. 

Kathryn Hallquist, Emily Riddle and Sara Perelman relaxing 
for a chanae. 

Allison Johnson and Eric Nidifer fight over who gets more of the 
coupons to use in the shops of Gatlinburg. 

As Jason leads he takes some 

time to come up with some 

more wisdom to impart to the 


72 PCI 

Julia Staggers and Leah Hochanadel 

are taking a break in the kitchen while 

on the retreat. 

Travis enjoys taking time out to play a 
friendly game of leg wrestling with his 
lovely bride, Sherri. 

Practical Christian Involvement 73 

Freshmen Andy Sewell and Jen Parks pose with their BEM class. 

"Looking back on a difficult year for BEM could make a 
person frustrated or even angry. For me, I am simply 
thankful. Bible Education Ministry (BEM) has been a 
part of Bryan for over fifty years. This past year we 
had around 70 Bryan students going into the elemen- 
tary schools around the county teaching lessons and life 
values from the Bible. As a teacher myself, I loved 
seeing my kids faces light up when I walked into the 
room and hearing their questions and laughter. Even if 
they didn't remember every lesson that I taught, they 
did remember that I was there every week and that I 
really cared about them. Now as president of BEM, I 
have been able to see a different aspectof the ministry: 
the effect it has on the teachers. Interacting with 
people here on campus encouraged me so much. I 
loved the way students here really started to get enthu- 
siastic about the ministry. However, these past few 
years we have know that BEM's days were numbered 
with the move to eliminate religion from the schools. 
Early this year the courts decided to rule against BEM 
in the favor of Freedom From Religion Foundation in 
Wisconsin. The trial, both in the courts and in our 
hearts holds a lesson for us. It is my hope that the loss 
of BEM will inspire students to really put their heads 
together and think of new ways to reach kids in this 
community. There are hundreds if not thousands of 
ways to minister. The question is: who is going to do 
it? BEM had a great history and will hopefully encour- 
age a ministry-filled future." 

-Emily Riddle, Junior 
BEM President 

Talor Armstrong teaches an enthusiastic group of BEM students. 

- W^- -^A>^- Dabble. . -Cu-id- 4A,is I 0_ 


-txuss -you* o!i\ys-~Mejry muc^y* 


"I wish that the judge would change his mind about you guys coming 
to see us." 

Letters that Junior Rachael Palmer and Sophomore Debbie Lockhart 
recieved from their second grade BEM class at Graysville Elementary 
School expressed the sentiment of the kids about the discontinuation 
of BEM. 

Channel 12 News interviews Junior BEM teacher Molly Gaeta 
to get the latest opinion on the controversy over teaching the 
Bible in Rhea county schools. 

74 BEM 




Left: Jen Parks 
reads a story to 
her captive 
audience at the 
YMCA. She and 
Andy's initiative 
in continuing to 
teach BEM will 
surely be fruitful 
and open the 
door for other 
possibilities in 
our community. 

Above: It's really all about the kids. These Rhea county 
kid's faces light up to learn more about the truth of God's 
Word presented in a way they can understand. 

"I loved teaching. With Ist-graders, it was 
definitely an adventure, but the kids enjoyed 
it, and to see them learning something so im- 
portant was an awesome experience." 
-Sheri Laws, Junior 
Rhea Central BEM teacher 

Jen and Andy creatively teach the story of David and 
Goliath with a lifesize Goliath poster. 

BEM 75 

"This has been a tremendous year for the C.A.R.E ministry at Bryan College! The fall semester went 
extraordinarily well! Bryan students were able to spend much quality time with Dayton City students teach- 
ing them valuable character lessons that will hopefully impact the people they become. For most of the 
second semester, things continued to go very well! We then saw many changes occur that we never ex- 
pected to see when the 

Halfway through the 

spring se- mester the 

decision was made to temporarily suspend the C.A.R.E ministry in order to strengthen it so that it could 
expand to fill the void that formed with the removal of the B.E.M ministry. This task continues and we hope 
to have a very solid, God-honoring character education ministry ready to go in the fall! Thanks to everyone 
who has been involved in PCI this year! You are an incredible blessing to many!" 

-Tim Williams, Sophomore 
CARE President 

76 CARE 

Julie Crawford sits and enjoys 
the company of the women at 
Laurel Brook Nursing Home. 


"My favorite moments have 
been those in which I just sat 
with some of the ladies and 
held their hand. Their per- 
spective on life and the Lord 
is completely different from 
mine, and it has truly been 
a blessing to focus on those 
in a different season of life. 
Afterward, I am left pensive 
and greatly encouraged." 

-Julie Crawford 

Tim Shorey brightens an elderly 
man's day with a visit. 

Julie Crawford and her friend 
patiently wait for assistance at 
the front desk. 
SAM 77 

His Hands 

a 0>i 

Back row: Renee Anderson, Tad Green, Brad Poston, Scott 
Perry, Mary Hendrix, Sande Ray - President. Front row: Julie 
Miller, Kathryn Burleson, Melissa Grauman, Jenny Michaels. 

Below: Renee Anderson, Sande Ray, Tad Green, Jenny Michaels, 
and Melissa Grauman practice "Think before you Thay it" 

Julie Miller, 
Scott Perry, 
.Sjjjjj: Mary Hindrick, 


Burleson, and 
Brad Poston 
practice "Jesus 
Loves Me" 

The puppets of Melissa Grauman and Sande Ray get into a friendly 

His Hands is a tremendous asset to the ministry 
of PCI. The puppet teams have been to 
Northgate Mall, First Presbyterian of Dayton, 
and Walden's Ridge Baptist Church. Even 
though BEM and CARE were cancelled in the 
middle of the year, teams were still able to 
witness to children in other capacities including 
events during Homecoming weekend. Melissa 
Grauman, Brad Poston, and Amy Hobbs led the 
teams this year, performing skits and songs 
including "J.P takes a Vacation" and "Think 
before you Thay It" 

"Thank you team leaders and team members for 
a great year and I charge you to continue grow- 
ing in Christ as you witness through puppetry." 

Sande Ray - His Hands President 

Team Members not pictured: Anne White, Sam English, 
Amy Hobbs, Anne Rob Jones, Jessica Righter, Abigail 
Staggers, Sara Meinsma 

His Hands 79 

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Belize! 

A day in Belize started every morning at 5 or 6 
amISome brave souls took showers, but most of us 
found that if you waited until the end of the day, 
the water was a little bit warmer. Following 
personal devotions (often under the pavillion), our 
entire team met for breakfast and then group 
devotions. Usually by 8:00am we had all piled 
into the bus to head for our first meeting of the 
day. We had the chance to visit high schools and 
a lot of elementary schools. The kids were won- 
derful. Not one person on our team will forget the 
time we pulled up to Bermudian Landing and the 
kids were crawling all over the fence with excite- 
ment just because they wanted to see us and play 
with us. The goal was to make sure that, by the 
time we left, every kid knew that he or she was 
loved. Throughout the couse of the week we 

te<- *.$) 

traveled to a Spanish village (on the border 
of Mexico), and a Mayan Indian village 
(four hours south of our camp). We 
almost always started with a program that 
involved several skits, songs, a testimony, 
and then the 'wrap-up,' which explained 
the Gospel. Several of us had the 
priviledge of leading children to the Lord! 
It was awesome! To close out the day, we 
ate dinner as a group (yeah beans and 
rice!), and closed the evening with our 
'highs and lows' for the day. By the time 
'light's out' rolled around, everyone was 
; ready to hit the sack. It was a week of 
5 growth, encouragement, and many chil- 
dren coming to know the Lord! Nothing 
H sums up our week better than a mural 

seen on the side of an outhouse - 'Jesus is 
Lord of Belize!' by Leader Karyn Biebel 

Team Memories: Getting acquainted with the 
many outhouses in Belize. Experiencing the 
coldest day in the history of Belize. Mud and 
Sewer sliding. Snorkeling with the barracuda 
and jellyfish. Eating parrot! 

Team members: Sponsors Matt and Melody Benson, 
Robert Papenfuss, Sande Ray, Amber Woodiee, 
Karyn Biebel, Anne Rob Jones, Joe Kelley, Silvia 
Ayala, Kami Collins, Molly Theg, Rachel Tannahill, 
Rebekah Darling, Rachael Palmer, Lucas Lewis, and 
Brock Youngren. 

80 BFC- Belize 

Serving at JAARS in North Carolina! 

The North Carolina BFC team played a 
support role at JAARS (Jungle Avaiation And 
Radio Services) under the supervision of Tim 
Hunter, a public relations representative. Our 
housing was two apartments in the same 
complex complete with kitchen, four 
bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living {5 

room... great accomodations. As support, the 
men found themselves applying safety paint 
to curbs and walkways to alert pedestrians. 
The women were assigned to day care and 
housekeeping. They deep cleaned two 
apartments in which missionaries on furlough 
stay. These jobs were significant in that they 
freed up other men and women from these 
responsibilties in that they could better 
perform their jobs. We spent our evenings at 
missionaries houses, eating, and getting the 
skivvy on what it looks like to be a 
missionary and a member of the JAARS 
vision. We also had the priviledge to take a 
ride in a plane one afternoon at the 
hospitality of our hosts, by Todd Smith 

Team members: Becky 
Gossell, Todd Smith, Dr. 
Rick Morton, Natalie 
Tullberg, April Phillips, Paul 
Downer, Brad Poston, and 
Jessica Hogan. 

Amazing times in Arizona with Indian friends! 

Valerie and Beth pose 
with some of the Apache 
I women from the church 
at which they worked. 

Jesse, David, Josh and 

Rachel (from Concordia 

University) hang out with 

some of the kids as they 

hang out on Adam. 


David, Jaime, Jason, and Susan lead the 
worship for one of the church services. 

Jesse, Dr. Dan, David, and our faciliator 
Jeff work on the walls and ceilings, getting 
them ready to finish and paint. 


Dr. Dan. 

The Man. 

During our week in Arizona we spent a lot of time with 

the Apache children, getting to know their culture and the 

people in it. We conducted Vacation Bible School three nights 

during our stay there, and we also spent the week engaging in 

work projects at Canyon Day Lighthouse Family Church. We 

put 'schlack' (spackling) on the walls and ceilings of the new 

Sunday school building, an addition to the church; we painted the exterior of the church; we picked up 

trash, which was present in large amounts on the reservation; and we played with the children and chatted 

with many adults. Around the middle of the week, nine or ten of the girls spent a day at Canyon Day 

Elementary School. During our excursion day, 
we went to historic Ft. Apache, where we toured 
the museum and went to a local Apache cem- 
etery; we went into Geronimo's Cave; we went 
to a local site where ruins exist from a previous 
settlement; and we had a scenic drive through 
the mountains. Though we were tired and a bit 
sick for the majority of our trip, God taught us 
incredible things about the other side of 
America — physically and spiritually. 

**i "%^^-mir 

82 BFC-- Arizona 

SNOW!?!? In Arizona?!?!?! Team Arizona from left to right: 
Valerie Pettite, Kedric Webster, Susan Canida, Beth Eppinger, 
David Henderson, Sara Perelman, Dr. Dan Wilson, Liz 
Mortellaro (lying in snow), Jesse Johnson, Erin Higbee, Ben 
Norquist, Adam King, Sarah Carpenter, Annie Dickerson 
(laughing hysterically at Adam's feminine squeal), and Jason 

Equipping the Saints in Weyer's Cave, Virginia! 

One group of students took the challenge 
to ride in a van together for hours upon end and 
work at a warehouse full of junk. Their purpose 
would include turning a lot of the junk into trea- 


sures to send to missionaries around the world. The 
ministry of Equipping the Saints in Weyer's Cave, 
Virginia involves taking old stuff, fixing it up and 
sending it off to missionaries for a discounted price. 
The group spent the week sorting 
through piles of clothing to send in huge 
tractor-tr ailor-size containters . 

Other activities included spending time 
with alumni and pastor Danny Campbell, 
a rural church fellowship and many oth- 
ers in the local community. The Bryan 
team sought to serve in area possible. 
With the jokes of Dr. Fouts to keep them 
going all week, this team made a great 
impact on a small place in rural Virginia. 

The Virginia team is posing on the steps of the old, rural 
school building which houses the ministry of Equipping the 
Saints. This team joined together for the cause of Christ to 
make a difference in lives around the world. Upon returning 
to school the Virginia team was known for it's longterm group 
connectivity and their love for Fouts' puns. 

Above: The team taking a break on top of 
the 'clothes mountain' in the Virginia ware- 
house. Adam looks to be the only sane one 
of the bunch. 

Above: The VA team posing for a more sophisticated shot atop the 
'clothes mountain.' 

BFC ~ Virginia 83 

__iathera Team 

ieuthera team spent a week working alongside 
Eleuthera Bible Training Center staff in Eleuthera, 
Baffinias. The group joined local missionaries, Paul 
and Lisa Voss and taught through lifestyle and sports 
evangelism. The team also helped out with cleaning 
and light construction work at the Bible Training 
Center. This team helped to cultivate many relation- 
ships with the local community. There are many new 
believers in Eleuthera who desire strong discipleship 
and true fellowship with other believers. The Bryan 
team focused on this during their week of ministry. 

The Eleuthera team hanging out at the beach in the afternoon. 
Feel the love. From left: Paula Heathershaw, Melody Shetter, 
Ruth Schultz, Hugh DeWeerd, Jenny Bradshaw, Ken Miller, 
David Tomyn, Andrea Walker, Phil Pranger. Abby Snead, Kent 
Suter, Sarah Drake, Jessica Dorian, Shelley Caudill. 

s% - 





Nicaragua Team 

,y i 

Jessica Dorian, Shelley Caudill, Jenny Bradshaw, and Ken Miller 
doing some painting and construction work. Jenny, behave 
yourself with that paintbrush! 

Yeah concrete! The |SS 
Eleuthera team was 
fabulous at pouring anu 
mixing this fun stuff. 

The Nicaragua team spent a week working 
alongside AMG and alumni Pat Ragan. The team spent 
the majority of their time doing construction and playing 
with children. They first arrived in Managua, a larger 
city in Nicaragua, and stayed at Chosen Children Minis- 
tries, a local orphanage. From there they traveled by bus 
for 7 hours to a smaller village where they would spend 
time with the local church. About half of the team 
worked with some of the local church members on 
building a classroom at the school while the other half of 
the team played games with the school children during 
their breaks. The team also attended worship services at 
the church and spent time with the youth at the church. 

Nicaragua is in a hot climate and has rainforest- 
like land. The team was able to experience this weather 
most of the week and was even able to go to a farm area. 
At -the farm team members tasted a bazillion different 
kinds of fruit and got to get their own coconuts straight 
from the tree. 

The most impactful parts of the trip for this team 
were the times to .share the love of Christ with other 
believers and with the local community through encour- 
agement. Giving a hug to a child or talking (in broken 
Spanish) with a local vendor were memorable moments for 

84 BFO-Eleuthera/Nicargua 

Tutoring President Charity Simmons patiently teaches 
the concepts of reading to the child she tutors. 

Nathaniel Isler- Williams. Jonathon Blalock. Whitney McChristian. 

Leah Hochanadel, and Claire Williams pose with all the children 

they tutor at a local church. 

Tutoring is a ministry focusing on at-risk kids in the 
community and their educational needs. The Bryan tutors 
go to a Methodist church in Dayton and The Brighter Vision 
Learning Center, which is a government building in the hous- 
ing project. Most of the children ride vans to the tutoring 

Tutoring at the church is rather crazy and wild. The 
tutors often feel like celebrities when they walk inside be- 

cause the children sur- 
round them when they 
enter the building. The at- 
mosphere at the center is 
a little calmer because there are fewer kids in a concentrated area. At both locations, 
getting the children to focus can sometimes be a challenge, but tutors get to know and 
love them personally through their interaction. 

Tutoring is a wonderful ministry for the kids. Some have learning disabilities and 
need individual attention. Others just want to be loved. Regardless of their academic 
abilities, all of them are needy. The kids sometimes tell the tutors stories about their 
families that can break even the hardest heart. The opportunity for tutors to reach 
out is amazing. 

Above: After 
they are 
finished with 

Williams and 
his friend- 
play on the 

86 Tutoring 

Claire Williams and her friend 
balance themselves on the 

The children Leah tutors are all smiles after they finish 
reading a book together. 

Abigail Staggers sorts and hangs up donated 
children's clothing. 

Students For Life is a PCI 
ministry involved in 
aiding the local 
Dayton Women's 
Care Center. 
for Life 
trates on 
and abstinence 
education, as well 
as, encouraging 
college student aware- 
ness of issues that are 
related to the ministry 

II | I 


Carrie Lee and Julia Staggers take inventory of the massive but 
popular stock of diapers. 


One local mother goes through 

donated clothing with her young 


SFL 87 

Kedric Webster and his pal Damion taking a break from rollerskating. 

Victor and Brian running through the 
pumpkin patch. 

88 PALS 


This year we have 
done many different 
activities. Some of 
them include the fall 
hayride at Jewel 
Farms, our annual 
Christmas party, pizza 
parties, ice cream sun- 
dae night, an Easter 
egg hunt, and an end 
of the year 

rollerskating party at Crystal Springs! One big and different thing this year was 
being able to give each little pal an age-appropriate Bible for a Christmas gift. The 
little pals absolutely loved them. The big pals wrote a special note and picked out 
some verses that would be meaningful to the kids. The rollerskating party was a 
new adventure and it sparked many exciting faces as we said our last goodbyes 
before the summer. — Allison Johnson, Pals President 

Left:"Casie Whisman, don't squeeze 
Grace too hard!" 

Above: Shannon Reynolds and her pal 
Stephanie try to stay warm on the hayride. 

Beverly Davis and Brittany 
stopping to pose for a picture. 

Ingrid Anderson; Allison Johnson and her pal. Anay 
and Sarah Martin with her pal, Frankie, get ready to 
play some cards during the ice cream sundae party. 

Brock Youngren's pal, Jennie, 
trying to do the limbo. 

PALS 89 

C A R A V A N 

Every student remembers the anxious- 
ness that comes in high school when trying to 
decide which college is the right fit. Caravan 
attempts to take away some of this anxiety by 
allowing high school students to spend a week- 
end on campus and experience not only classes 
but also college life. There are special activi- 
ties for Caravaners to attend and current stu- 
dents are encouraged to go and socialize with 
the high school students who are interested in 
Bryan in order to show 'real life' at Bryan. 

Jody Cheon prepares for Caravan games. 

David Starbuck converses with 

prospective students over a 

bowl of ice cream. 

Dawn Dresselhaus serves up 
fabulous dessert during the ice- 
cream social. 

David Palmer and Andy Brubaker show off their creative shirts 

specially designed for Caravan. 

Ted Boyd digs for the cherry in a pan of whipped cream, attempt- 
ina to beat the clock and come out victorious over the other teams. 

90 Caravan 

Some Caravaners chat and get to 
know one another. 

Jody Cheon and 
Terrence Peterson begin 
a tour for a group of 
visiting high school 





Ambassadors are students who 
devote themselves to the promotion of 
Bryan College. Campus tours, hous- 
ing overnight visitors, and running Cara- 
van are just a few of the many things 
of which ambassadors are responsible. 
To be selected for an ambassador posi- 
tion, a student must be chosen by a 
faculty member or current ambassador 
based on active campus involvement 
and spiritual witness, as well as an abil- 
ity to make visitors feel at home. Pro- 
spective ambassadors also have to go 
through an interview process where 
they show the ability to answer ques- 
tions about Bryan College. Ambassa- 
dors are a very important part of Bryan 
College recruitment, and being one is 
quite an honor. 








Beth Eppinger 
Michelle Largent 

Sasha Morgan 

Terrence Peterson 

Kent Suter 

Lisanne Boling 

Hannah Can 

Rebekah Darling 

Beverly Davis 

Dawn Dresselhaus 

Jim Hanson 

Jessica Hendrix 

Whitney McChristian 

Mellonee Pangel 

Priscilla Pearson 

Jake Puckett 

Jess Rupp 

Ryan Walker 

Paige Martin 

Veronica LeGand 

Rachel Kaetterhenry Ambassadors 91 





John Stonestreet talks to the audience during a Worldview 

Aaron Braun-Duin and Hannah Carr act in a skit. 

'The concept of Worldview is so interwoven with 
the subject matter of classes at Bryan, that I sometimes 
forget that the idea is actually revolutionary. Traveling with 
the Worldview Team is a continual reminder." - Jen Vanden 

Jen Vanden Heuvel is one of the members on the 
Worldview Team. The Team travels to many states. The 
main objective is to promote a Biblical Worldview to high 
school and college students, and many others. The Team 
members challenge the audience to educate themselves on 
Naturalism, Transcendentalism, and Theism. One mem- 
ber said, "as Christians, we are neither to condemn nor 
ignore our culture. Instead, we are charged to engage it, 
and I believe that we are better able to do so when we 
understand our own worldview and the worldviews that 
surround us in the media." 

Seniors Michael Carter and Aaron Braun Duin work on the 
computer to create new Worldview skits. 

92 Worldview Team 

1) Part of the World view Team pose for a picture on 
one of the many trips. 

2) David Starbuck, Elaine Davis, Abigail Staggers, 
and Rebekah Tidwell play roles in one of the 
conversational skits. 

3) The Worldview Team taking a break on one of their 

long travels. 



Some of the Worldview Team goofing off in between performances. 

Worldview Team 93 

"Hi, I'm your RA 
this year. Let me 
know if you need 
anything." RA re- 
treat. Floor deco- 
rations. Fun floor 
times. Disciple- 
ship. Love. Hard 
times. All-in. Late 
night talks. "Who 
forgot to get per?" 
Food in Phil's apt. 
Meetings in the 
Brown's base- 
ment. Munchies. 
Bonfires... at the 
pier and on cam- 
pus. Having your 
own room...yipee! 
Strict room. 
Study breaks. 
"Want to be en- 
gaged? Be an 
RA!" Yeah Bruce! 

Resident Assistants 

Office of Student Life 

I I * ■ . | L 

"--■ '■■■■ — i I 

Hm • M : 

...OLS . oh, 
Br uuuuuuuuuce . " 
Emails and phone 
calls from Mrs. 
Judy. Points. 
M&Ms from 
Bruce. Picking up 
goodie bags or 
flowers. Counsel- 
ing and advice 


Melody or Dr. 


k J^ 

Phil and his 
seadoos. Cathy's 
cooking. Myra 
holding the fort 
down in Long. 
Krista sharing her 
daughter with a 
bazillion girls. 

This year's staff: 

^ C h80n Racial ■*» ■ lds 
achel Clegg Shan" 011 

Winnie WinnieWinnie WinnieWinnie Winnie Winnie 

The Commoner 

Not so common. 



96 The Commoner Staff 

Kristi and Keri read every 

page of their yearbooks. How 

about you? 

Who in the world thought 
that computers would make 
our lives easier. just 
makes one more thing that 
can break and make my life 

So, have you ever been on a yearbook staff? Have you ever thought 
about joining one? You should if you actually read all the words on the 
pages. Creating a book from scratch is not an easy job. But it is a job that 
is rewarding and most colleges do not experience this at the same level 

that we do at Bryan College. Chances are that you'll see your picture in our book. Chances are you'll know most 
of the people on the pages. Chances are most of them will know you. So this book is a remembrance of this year, 
as crazy or as boring as it may have been. It captures a few of the smiles and crazy moments, with a mixture of the 
somber ones. We try our best to give a visual 
journey of the year, only a taste of what it has 
meant to each of you. We try to give something 
solid that can be looked at 25 years from now and 
bring a smile to your face and a reminder of the 
work God has done in your life these few years 
here. So, if you ever want to make an impact that 
goes beyond the four years on the hill, join the 
Commoner Staff. If not, enjoy these few pages 
and don't forget the hard work that went in to 
making it just for you. 

Bud Schatz, our advisor, 
considering how he could 
work for the Triangle instead. 

Rachael, are we 



Our Page is the Best 97 

The Triangle 

Some Bryan students spend their 
Wednesday evenings going to PCI meet- 
ings or hanging out with the FCA crowd 
or even going down to Chatty to witness 
to customers at Northgate Mall. But a 
few brave souls spend their evening in 
the Communication Arts building putting 
out the campus newspaper. 

The Triangle staff, led by Rachel 
Held and a team of editors, works hard 
to inform the student body. The Triangle 
has taken on a whole new look this year 
and has been the talk of the campus at 
times. One can often look around a 
classroom on certain afternoons 
and see the majority of the stu- ^ 
dents browsing their copy of 
the latest Triangle. 

One feature this 
year has been "The 


House Perspec- 
tive" by Tim 


Shorey . 
and informa- 
tional piece 
keeps the campus 
abreast of the activi- 
ties and thoughts of the 
men of Rhea House. The 
editorials this year have also 
been insightful and poignant. 


1 : 



The Imaginary Invalid 

The cast of the Imaginary 
Invalid. Back row: Josh 
Long, Quentin McCuiston, 
Brian McKenney. Tad 
Green. David Shifrin. Philip 
Schroeder. Jon Blalock. 
Front Row: Jessica 
Hendrix. Michael Landry. 
Abi Russell. Pam Davis, 
and Lizzy Murphy. 

It looks like Jessica fell 
asleep standing up. 

Above: Abi stumbles over her words. 

Center: The lawyer and the wife try to con- 
vince 'the invalid' to change his will. 

''I must turn so that Father won't see me blushina.' 

"Oh dean he fell asleep in mid-sentence. What was he 
going to tell me?" 

100 Hilltop Players 

"I've killed her." 

"One of the most unique 
experiences of this produc- 
tion was the opportunity to 
be ridiculous while exclaim- 
ing, 'Jubilate! Jubilate! 
Vivat, vivat, vivat Argan!' 
or 'Excelente! Excelente! 
Argan is inteligente! Vivat, 
vivat, vivat Argan! He 
knows all the doctor's jar- 
gon!'" ~ Jon Blalock 

Below: Watch out for the doorframe. 
They'll get you every time. 

Michael Landry and Lizzy Murphy, two of 
Bryan's best thespians. 

David Shifrin plays a pretty good 
old man. 

Below: "He doesn't need to be stuck with the big 
needle, there is nothing wrong with him." 
"But the doctor insists." 

The entire cast, posing as doctors, go through a long explanation of what 
is wrong with "the invalid". 

Crossing Delancey 

Crossing Delancey is a play set in modern 
times about a girl who lives in New York City 
and works in a small bookstore. She must 
make the choice between the author, who she 
thinks she loves and only wants one thing 
from her, and the pickle man, who gives her a 
new outlook on life and tries to woo her, that 
her grandmother and the matchmaker are 
throwing at her.. 

The Hilltop Players did a wonderful job with 
this production. Perhaps the highlight of the 
production is when Joie Stone throws a glass 
full of wine into the face of Brian McKenney. 
During production week Muriah Freeman got 
sick and stuck to the stage motto, "The show 
must go on." But on one occasion she was 
too sick to perform, so Abi Russell, the stu- 
dent director, took the roll of the grand- 

Grossing Delancey cast members Lizzy 
Murphy, David Shifrin, Joie Stone, Brian 
McKenney", Muriah Freeman. 

"I wish she would just stop talking. I wish he would leave." 

"Such a good girl 

"This is my bank." 

"Look, she's 
reading my 
book. Time to ' 
talk about how 
good a writer I 



j i . 


1 H 

■ f '"« 

11 y ff;i 


iilltop Players 



Below: Joie Stone looks over Brian McKenney's shoulder as 
he autographs a her book. 

"No more. I can't take any more." 

Crossing Delancy 103 


This Spring Bryan's Hilltop Play- 
ers put on a fabulous rendition of 
Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella. 
With a marvelous cast and crew this play 
kept audiences of all ages laughing night 
after night. Many hours of rehearsal and 
setting the stage were put into the pro- 

Through the support of area do- 
nors the theatre department was able to 
purchase several wireless microphones 

which added to the play's sound quality. Each 
year the Hilltop Player's plan to improve these 
areas of sound and lighting and this year was no 

The production was directed and designed 
by Mr. Bernie Belisle. with musical direction from 
Dr. Mel Wilhoit. Also junior Jessica Hendrix or- 
chestrated all of the choreography. 

104 Hilltop Players 


Jonathan Blaylock 


Ceste Stanly 


Melissa Conner 


Abigail Russell 


Heidi Rew 


Quentin McCuiston 


Elizabeth Murphy 


Brian McKenney 


Kate Landry 


David Shifrin 


Bryan Day 

"I will never forget Friday night's performance 
when Quentin reached over to get the tray with 
the cake on it during the performance of "Your 
Majesties Dance." He turned around and his 
pants just fell down. That wasn't supposed to 
happen and I had no clue what to do. It took 
everything I had not to laugh so hard on stage 
where everyone would hear me! Come to think 
of it, Quentin had many problems with his pants 
- he was just a big guy!!!" ~ Bryan Day 

Townspeople: Emilie Belisle, Jonathan Blaylock, 
Bryan Day, Muriah Freeman, Joey Hamrick, Emily 
Hendrix, Jessica Hendrix, Jessica Hogan, Mary Clair 
Jones, Michelle Knowles, Kristi Lawson, Josh Long, 
Matt Rogers, Suzanne Rogers, Peter Schottleutner, 
David Shifrin, Aaron St. Jacques, Will Strickland, 
Rachel Wilson 

Orchestra: Shelly Caudill, Janelle Kruger, Laura 
Elder, Jeff Ferrell, Joanna McBride, Kelly Crane, 
Tim Opelt 

"During one of the performances of Cinderella, I totally 
botched a line. The dialogue was supposed to go like this: 
Portia: 'You know what they always say!' 
° Joy: 'Uh. . .Uh. . .an idle mind is the devil's work 

Portia: 'That's what they always say!' 
For some reason one performance, I couldn't remember 
my line to save my life, so it came out like this: 
Portia: 'You know what they always say!' 
Joy: ' devil is the mind's workshop?' 
Portia: 'That's what they always say!' 
We didn't even get offstage without cracking up, and once 
we were off, we belly laughed for about five straight 

~ Abi Russell 

Crew: Aaron St Jacques, Abigail Russell, Jessica 
Hendrix, Quentin McCuiston, Kelly Crane, Suzanne 
Rogers, Melissa Grauman, Muriah Freeman, Brad 
Poston, Matt Rogers, Roy Hartley, Jason Lamb, 
Jonathan Pfaff, Aaron BraunTJuin, Bryan Day 

Cinderella 105 



HE ^-t 




- ^ H ^yT 

mm lg ^mwk %."'""" m 

Hannah Pratt, Bryan's very own, world- 
famous dulcimer player. 

. m *':.'■■■•-'" 

■ # ' 

MmJkkM A. * It ft V 

ik : %^^5^il 

amr^m '■ !K * ■■ w 

• lltn - 

If t..i.a ■ r.i : ' 1, ' . 


L ; „*'»* *y « 

J mIjUaI 

: '"-«" - * 

* - ^ -. _ ■■ 

-1' 1 llMB &w 

i * Jfi-ui 

i . ■ -w ■ -" 

S JK' 11 >'IK Sst&l^l 

ili!i : " i * 

Chorale Members: Renae Anderson, Erica Black, 
Muriah Freeman, Katherine Halvorson, Eva Holder, Jodi 
Long, Melissa Myers, Mary Tomyn, Martha West, 
Claire Williams, Rachel Wilson, Crystal Floyd, Jessica 
Hendrix, Kristi Lawson, Kati Lestmann, Elizabeth 
Murphy, Gerianne Powell, Hannah Pratt; Suzanne 
Rogers, Ceste Stanly, Kerri Wenzel, Jonathan Blalock, 
Beau Boutwell, Bryan Day, Donnie Gleason, Jeremy 
Jackson, Josh Lowery, Aaron St. Jacques, Peter 
Schlottleutner, Will Strickland, Chris Wesson, Kent 
Ashley, Clinton Donough, Quentin McCuiston, Brian 
McKenney, Michael Landry, Jonathan Mobley, Tim 
Opelt, Matthew Rogers, Jason Wasser, David West." 

106 Chorale 

Above: Ceste Stanly, Lizzie Murphy, Kristi Lawson, 
Michael Landry, and Jonathan Blaylock entertain them- 
selves with children's toys during Spring Break tour. 

Freshman Eva Holder chats with guests in the foyer 
before the Chorale concert. 

Bryan College Chorale is 
directed by Dr. David Luther and 
accompanied by Dr. Sigrid Luther. 
The Luther husband and wife duo 
do a fabulous job with Bryan's 
magnificent musical troupe. The 
group does many concerts 
throughout the year at local 
churches, on campus and during 
Spring Break tour. This summer 
the group will travel to Europe for 
a couple of weeks to share the 
love of Christ with the world 
through music. 

Martha West, Muriah Freeman, Crystal Floyd, Suzanne Rogers, 
and Lizzie Murphy enjoy fun times on rainy days during tour. 

Chorale 107 

The Chamber Singers 

The Chambers Singers: 
Back Row: Renee 
Anderson, Beau 
Boutwell, Martha 
West, Aaron St. 
Jacques, Charlene 
Kidwell, Kent Ashley, 
Crystal Floyd, Jason 

Front Row: Claire 
Williams, Josh 
Lowery, Jodi Long, 
Jon Blalock, Ceste 
Stanly, Lizzy Murphy. 
Very Front: Michael 

Michael Landry takes a 
moment to talk about the 
Chambers Singers 

Renee Anderson does sign language to a song 
sung by the Chambers Singers 

- 1 


Chambers Singers on a sleigh ride. 

Martha West sings a solo during the 
Christmas Concert. 

Aaron St. Jacques, Martha West, Jeremy Ryan Hatfield, Charlene Kidwell, 
Jason Wasser, Ceste Stanly, Beau Boutwell, Claire Williams 

108 Chamber Singers 

The Tapestry Singers 

Meralea Van Blargan, Whitney 
McChristian, Jessica Righter, Muriah 
Freeman, Jessica Hendrix, Erica Black, 
Mrs. Kelly Stultz, Wendi Wall, Rebekah 
Tidwell, Mary Tomyn, Jessica Hogan, 
Alexis Lasseter, Bethany Hawkins, 
Ashley Tyner, Kristen Baldwin, Vanny 
Phin, Andrea Woodworth, Melissa 
Grauman, Kristi Lawson pose for a pic- 
ture with the big red lips. 

Before every concert Mrs. Kelly 

Stultz would remind us to wear 

makeup, especially lipstick. So on 

time we asked all the girls to come 

early and we passed out these wax 

lips in order to surprise Mrs. Stultz. 

Tapestry Singers 109 

HKC hristmas 

Brad Poston, Paul Downer, 

Megan Tyser, Megan Coker, 

Christina Baumgardner, Pam 

Davis, Natalie Tullberg, David 

Shifrin, and their dates. 

Larissa Honeycutt, Jesse Johnson, 
Keli-Sue Gilmore, Hugh DeWeerd, 
and Hugh's brother. 

Aileen Vaughn, Kristin 
Hushes, and their dates 

The Christmas Banquet, planned by 
the Senior class, took on a more laid-back 
atmosphere this year. The dress code was 
casual, but the tradition of each person 
designing hand-made corsages and bouton- 
nieres for his or her date was still kept. 

110 Christmas Banquet 

Jf- Banquet 

Jake Puckett, Bonnie Smith, 

Brad Cook, Taran Bowling, 

Adam King, Rachel Reed, 

Donnie Kier, Emily Scheck, Joe 

Kelley, and Kelly Elledge. 

The entertainment for the evening was a con- 
tinual movie montage made up of clips from 
various Christmas movies, old and new. It 
was a fabulous evening for students to gather 
together to eat and fellowship. 

Robert Papenfuss, Melody 
Shetter, Jeremy Clemmons, 
Jessica Dorian, Elizabeth 
Laxson, James Kendall, 
Stephanie Hamilton, Ryan 
Walker, Alissa Stoneberger, 
and Lucas Lewis. 

Hannah Pratt (and her 

date), Jessica Rupp, and 

Michael Clark. 

Christmas Banquet 111 



Q/bfiewtu^es IBaflOpet 

Top Left: Debbie Lockhart. Jenny Michaels. Greta Bose. Amanda Immel. 
Amy Norton, and Tara Bose smile for the cam. 

Top Right: Jim Hanson gets ready to dance, while Jewel Gardner tries to 
convince him otherwise. 

Left: Ben Carver. Katie Hughes. Brook Fleming. 

and Kent Suter smile after a nice dinner. 

Bottom Left: It's time for the boys to strike a pose. 

This year the Freshman class was in charge of the Valentine's Banquet 

PARTS. The hrstgame was The Not So Newlywed Game. The Bensons 
Browns, Coffields, and Lestmanns were the game participants. The 
second game was a question and answer session where a notecard with 
a specific word was placed underneath a random seat and whoever had 
the card under his or her seat had to ask a question with that word 
in it. Dr. Coffield and Dr. Brown were the designated ones to 
answer such questions while the rest of the student body laughed 
hysterically. among all the beautifully dressed students, p am d avis 
and Phil Schroeder won the "best dressed " couple and Jim Sanson and 
Jewel Gardner won "most interesting" couple. 

114 Valentine's Banquet 

Top Left: Joni Swanson, Abigail Staggers, Michelle Knowles, and Julia Staggers 
prepare to knock 'em deady 

Top Right: Newlyweds Larissa and Jesse Johnson dress for the occasion. 
Below: Rebekah Howard and David Starbuck. 

Valentine's Banquet 115 



Esther Bragg 

shows her 


soccer style 


keeping the 

ball under 





: ~ -j&. 




Junior Mya Morrison, amoung many other talents, has 

perfected the skill of balancing the ball on her right toe. Next 

on her agenda: teaching Senior Lisa Boehmer to keep her 

118 Women's Soccer socks pulled up over her shin guards. 



at Reinhardt College 


Toccoa Falls 


Asbury College 


at Toccoa Falls 


at Cumberland University 


Milligan College 


Bluefield Collge 


at Virginia Intermont 


North Greenville College 


at Montreat College 


Covenant College 


Mid-Continent College 


at Tennessee Wesleyan 


King College 


at Brevard College 


at Tennessee Temple 


Back row (1 to r): 
(trainer) Esther Jackson, 
Abby Snead, Katie 
Mowery, Valerie Pettite, 
Anna Hanger, Kerri 
Wright, Lisa Boehmer, 
Mya Morrison, Esther 
Bragg, and Coach Marc 
Neddo. Front row: 
Megan Bales, Katie 
Hughes, Tammy Smith, 
Becky Kalz, Rachael 
Palmer, Kara Krogel, 
Jenny Hughes, and 
Aubre Mjolhus. 

Women's Soccer 119 

, •ft ci- - - - ■ m&i ■tS> -. © ■ -' 

■■** ■ i-.-JBF'"" TTi i- ¥-•> ►', 

• •- *#>■ 

W" 1 


*. -■*&* 

120 Men's Soccer 

Asbury College 


at Toccoa Falls 


at Cumberland University 


Milligan College 


Bluefield Collge 


at Virginia Intermont 


North Greenville College 


at Montreat College 


Covenant College 


Mid-Continent College 


at Tennessee Wesleyan 


King College 


at Brevard College 


at Tennessee Temple 



2001 Bryan College 

Men's Soccer Team 


Jordan Mattheiss 


Isidro Loaiza ^ 


Stephen Chapman 


Phil Douglas 


Tyler McWiiliams 


Danny Harvey 


Henry Barrios 


Dan Kenton 


Douglas Gray 


Jamal Marshall 


Russell Courtney 


Daniel Nathan 


Cesar Silva 


Mark Ramsey 


Matt Palmer 


Joey Amadee 


Ben Carver 


Daniel Gleason 


Vincent Castillo 


Josh Ray 


Brian Eisenbeck 


Jason Blair 

</> I > X 

p to in to 

5 o» «n ai 

6 Q. £Q. 

J do ft 

3 2. 9 

_i sr. «* ai 

I- 5 o =■ 

3 •< Hi 

<* >. n «/> 


*- ' N 
to ^ w 

=! £ £ 

9- £ 
» J5" 2. 



Men's Soccer 





"We were all focused 

on the same goal, 

everyone wanted to 

play and win; and 

no one minded 

working hard for it." 

Kelly Bruin-Duin 


/ * m^X 



Back row (from 1 to r): Trainer Mike Weller, Student Trainer Brandi Harrie, 
Rebekah Rusch, Laura Smith, Erin Keenan, Kim Barlow, Anna Rusch, 
Melissa Conner, Cassidy DeRaad. Front row (from 1 to r): Trainer Mike 
Crook, Catherine Strode, Randi Mellon, Faith Phaneuf, Amber Braun-Duin, 
Amalia Peters, Alyssa Stoneberger, and Brook Fleming. 

122 Volleyball 









ream Score 

Team Score 

; Asbury 3-0 

Covenant* 3-1 

Brenau 1-3 

Milligan* 1-3 

j Lee 0-3 

King* 0-3 

Oglethorpe 3-0 

Johnson Bible 3-2 

Lee 0-3 

UVA Wise* 3-0 

I TN Temple 0-3 

Bluefield* 3-1 

Montreat* 0-3 

Brevard* 3-2 

NCCAA Region 

TN Wesleyan* 

Ohio Valley 3-0 

Sept. 11, 2001 

Asbury 3-2 

Milligan* 0-3 

Union University 3-0 

j King* 0-3 

TN Wesleyan* 3-0 

TN Temple 0-3 

Brevard* 3-1 

i UVAWise* 3-0 

Montreat* 0-3 

; Bluefield* 3-0 

Covenant* 3-0 

; Johnson Bible 3-0 

Union College 0-3 

j TN Wesleyan* 3-1 

Union 3-1 

AAC Tournament 

Cumberland College 

UVA Wise 2-3 


Montreat 1-3 


, -. 

■^_ ^ - 



"Overall, we had a great season, 
even though we did not finish where we 
would have liked too. This is my fourth 
year playing volleyball at Bryan and it has 
been by far the best team I have played 
with; we were more spiritually minded 
and we got along very well. I consider 
each of my teammates a friend. There 
was definitely a strong sense of unity. 
This is the most unified team I have 
played with at Bryan. I could not have 
asked for a better Senior Year season, 
besides of course, bringing home the first 
place banner! However, I am very con- 
tent with the season as a whole. " 

Kelly Bruin-Duin Co-Captain 

Volleyball 123 

Tiffany Rosenberger and Kati Lestmann 
discuss their secret plans to trip the refs on 
the next play. 

i "It was such a privilege to work 

{ with these precious young 

^™H women. Each one brought a 

unique and wonderful presence 

to our team. Our team captain, 

UKati Lestmann, provided great 
leadership in taking a new team 
and teaching us all the "ropes." 
Each girl brought a great attitude and a 
willing spirit with them at every practice 
and game." 

124 Cheerleaders " Paula Ka ^ mc * etts 

l to r: Tiffany Rosenburger, Kati Lestmann, Megan Bales, Katie 

Hughes, Paula Kay Ricketts, Mandy Burgess, Rebekah Darling. 

Lauren Ford. Not pictured: Paige Martin and Ginny Charles, 

Cheerleaders 125 

Becky, get in front of her! 

Back row (1 to r): Trainer David Sewell. Coach Jim Arnold, Valerie 
Huttenhoff. Katie White, Kate Strunk, Kimmie Hill, Taylor Armstrong, 
Brandi Harris, Dr. Jack Traylor, and Assistant Coach Beck. Front row 
(1 to r): Sarah Bass, Stephanie Huttenhoff. Liz Bass, Holly Davis, and 
Becky Blesch. 


"I believe that this season was tremendous in many 
ways. The most important thing that happened 
this year is that our players and coaches were chal- 
lenged to maximize their God-given abilities. Wins 
and losses were truly inconsequential for the 2001- 
3002 Lady Lions. The "bottom line for us was get- 
ting the most out of the talent that God has "blessed 
us with and doing so in a manner that is worthy 
of our calling as believers. At times, this can be a 
very tough task. All things considered, I was very 
proud of our girls." 

-Coach Jim Arnold 

Get the ball, Sarah!! 

We had the most fun and made 
some pretty unique memories on 
our road trips. Kimmie Hill 

sn's Basketball 

NAIA Awards 
Becky Blesch was 
NCCAA Mideast 
Region Player of the 

Liz and Sarah Bass 
were first team All- 
Region Players. 

Katie White was 
Mideast Regional 
NCCAA Honorable- 
Mention squad. 

Coach Arnold yells out the 
next play for his girls. 

"Keep driving to the basket!! 

Womenfe Score Board 


Ozarks Chrtn. 
Knoxville Col. 
TN Temple 
Atlanta Chrtn. 
Alice Lloyd 
TN Temple 
Virginia Intmt. 

67-74 L 

87-47 W 

99-63 W 

93-45 W 

76-78 L 

84-52 W 

76-72 L 

92-52 W 

87-74 W 
103-74 W 

84-68 W 

56-68 L 

77-71 W 

85-64 W 

93-72 W 

82-57 W 

UVA Wise 


King College 

Alice Lloyd 



TN Wesleyan 



TN Wesleyan 

Virginia Intmt. 



UVA Wise 

Alice Lloyd 



(far right): 
"Liz, aren't you 
supposed to be up 
on your feet?!?!" 

(below): Coach Arnold gives out a 
new strategy during a time -out. 




E 1 "S Fft ' ~ 

Brett Wright dribbles quickly around his opponent. 

Above: Coach Mo' gives some quick instructions to his players before the game begins 
Right: Coach Mo' yells out some plays to his players during the game. 

* r £ 


Back (L to R): Mike Weller ATC, Student Coach David Amite, Coach 
Terry Hill, Jordan Musselman, Jeff Rohman, Brandon Gordon, Michael 
Stone, Josh Locy, Gene Henley, Blake Bonier, Managers: David Cham- 
bers, Shannon Reynolds, Candi Caudill. Front (L to R): Austin McElroy, 
Dillon McElroy, Chris Travis, Brett Write (co-captain), Head Coach Mor- 
ris Michalski, Jared Jones (co-captain), Aaron Braun-Duin, Michael 
Carter, Josh Brown 

128 Men's Basketball 

Season Stats 



Toccoa Falls 

Atlanta Christian 

Covenant College 

Middle TN St. Univ 

Lee University 

Pensacola Christian 

TN Temple 

Alice Lloyd 

Lee University 


TN Temple 

Pensacola Christian 


VA Intermont 


UVA Wise 



Alice Lloyd 



TN Wesleyan 



TN Wesleyan 

VA Intermont 


UVA Wise 

AAC Conference 
Alice Lloyd 
UVA Wise 































91-103 1 
1 00-56 F 

W 77-71 

W 77-71 

W 76-75 

L 79-50 

Josh Locy wips around a UVA Wise player 

The thing that 
I'll miss the most is 
being with the team- 
-long road trips with 
the guys, hanging 
out at the hotels, 
funny comments in 
the van, and just be- 
ing together. 

-Jared Jones 

Chris Travis drives the baseline. 

Michael Carter gaurds his opponen 

Jared Jones shoots from the three point line. 

Men's Basketball 129 


The women's team: 

(from 1 to r): 

Heidi Seera, Courtney 

Roberts, Melissa Myers, 

Megan Sherrin, Kati 

Lestmann, Kimberly 

Dyer, and Coach Bob 


Sophomore Courtney Roberts wonders where her team- 
mates Kati Lestmann and Kimberly Dyer got their cool 
water bottles during a short break from warm-up. 

lite -'■ x- > v :- . %._■-: \Wk-t^w^s .■^■■ : :i-:^ 

jk S^f- : - -■ J £,^H# 

Sylvia Ayala anticipates the ball and leans in for the kill. 

Kati Lestmann perfects her style in making the bal 
sail over the net. 

130 Tennis 

The words of the man 

himself, the Coach 
and Dr. Bob Andrews: 

The men's team: 
Back row (from 1 to r): 
Terry Hill, Kent Suter, Travis 
Seera, Reid Daniels, and 
Coach Bob Andrews. Front 
row: Josh Long, Andew 
Bauman, Carlos Ayala, and 
Ross Hubler. 

Tennis 131 


lie Bike Team 

Sfii ft ^ESss 

Thanks to 

Debbie for 

using that 

camera to get J 

us a few ''*'" jjj 
shots' 1 m 

132 Team Screme 


The goal of intramurals is to provide an opportunity for 
students to experience healthy competition with and against class- 
mates. More importantly, it is fun! Games include anything 
from basketball, volleyball, and football to badmitton, ultimate 
frisbee, and tenni s. toWhat better way to burn off some energy 
and deal with the stress of classes than playing your favorite 
sport and having fun with friends? And hey if you win the cham- 
pionship, you get a t-shirt! No wonder so many students are 
involved with intramurals. 

Anna Rusch takes a foul shot while Casie Whisman and Sasha Morgan 
try to distract each other. 

Bob Angove demonstrates 
his mad tennis skills. 

Even the faculty and staff get in on intramu- 
ral games. Representatives from OSL, 
faculty, and Admissions along with spouses 
tried their skill against the students in 
basketball (and they usually won!!) 

Joe Delph looks for an 
open teammate during a 
fast-paced men's game. 

Ruth Schultz and Lisanne Boling 
wait for the ball in perfect "ready- 


intramurals 133 




The Den of the Lions has a time of fellow- 
ship every Wednesday night at 9:00. Fellowship 
of Christian Athletes meets for fun, food, encour- 
agement, and worship. Throughout this year the 
attendees of FCA have become closer as friends 
and also as brothers and sisters in Christ. 

FCA at Bryan College focuses on relation- 
ship building and on kingdom building. The 
leaders of FCA this year united to create an at- 
mosphere of support for each other. The goal 
behind the support group was to capitalize on 
each other's gifts and then use them for the work 
of the kingdom here at Bryan. Ephesians 4:11- 
12 says, "And he gave some apostles; and some 
prophets; and some evangelists; and some pas- 
tors and teachers." 

FCA has taken some huge strides in order 
to develop into a club that will make a difference 
here at Bryan and further in the Dayton commu- 
nity. As we look forward to another year, we will 
continue to make Christ-centered friendships with 
each other. 

~Brook Fleming 


i m 

134 FCA 

ir**»r,| p 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 135 

Above: Matt Clark dedicates a song to Dr. Fouts Top Right: 

Peter Schottleutner and Donnie Gleason jam while playing their 

rendition of "The Way You Look Tonight" and "Can't Buy Me 


Below and below right: Jonathan Mobley and Kauri Tallant 

make up a perfect hosting couple for the evening. 

On April 06, 2002, Bryan College put on its annual talent 
show that all students are invited to perform in or just simply 
view. For two consecutive years in a row, veterans Jonathan 
Mobley and Kauri Tallant hosted the show and the crowd found 
them quite humorous, as usual. The participants included 
those all the way from the Freshman to the Senior class. The 
skits consisted of musical performances, interpretive dancing, 
and poetry reading. The show would not have been complete 
without the continuation of the "Jackbutt" video directed by 
Charlie Phillips, Stephen Chapman, and Mike Sheddan. Al- 
though students were initially reluctant to sign up, over fifteen 
acts were performed and the show was well attended by Bryan 
students, faculty, friends, and family. 

136 Talent Show 

Talent Show 

Above: Charlie Phillips belts it out as he plays different versions 

of multiple songs dedicated to Dr. Fouts 

Below: Josh Lowry tickles the strings of his electric guitar 

Above: Chris Farney kicks it while John Fullmer busts a style 
Below: Taylor Smith making an attempt to imitate a skit 
performed by the infamous Chris Farley 

Talent Show 137 

The annual Masquerade on the riverboat 
is always a memorable event. It is when we get 
the chance to go to extravagant lengths to dress 
up and have a fun night with our friends. The 
fun, food and fellowship, and this year the live 
band, made the night all we hoped it would be. 

1. Shelly, Casie, Kesha, and Vanessa are on the 
lookout for their knights in shining armor. 

2. Matt Corell keeps the girls occupied with his 
stunning good looks and fashionable pop-belly. 

3. Andrew Bahman and Jesse Johnson tyr to 
steal the show, but Joey Raboin knows his kilt 
and blue face paint are what every girl wants. 

138 Masquerade 

1. Sarah Carpenter, Rebekah Tidwell, 
and Molly Gaeta take a break from their 
game in a league of their own. 

2. Danny Harvey and Daniel Gleason are 
excited that they finally get to wear their 
favorit outfits without being made fun of. 

3. The live band did wonders to cool 
down the dancing this year. 

4. Carrie Wilson, Hannah Hammond , 
Jennifer Wilson, and Sonia Samuelsen 
still can't fool anyone even with these 
"innocent" school-girl uniforms on. 

Athletic Banquet fj\ 

Men's Tennis: 

Most Valuable Player: Carlos Ayala 
Most Improved: Tracts Seera 


Woman's Tennis: 

Most Valuable Plaver: Kimberlv Dyer 
Most Improved: Melissa Myers 

Woman's Soccer: 

1st team NAIA All South Region, 
1st team All-conference, NCCAA 
National Tournament Team, 
NCCAA National Player of the 
week, NCCAA Mid-East Region 
Plaver of the vear: Abbv Snead 
AAC 2nd team All-conference, 
NCCAA All American Honor- 
able Mention: Becky Kalz 
NSCAA Scholor Athletes: Becky 
Kalz (3rd team), ]ennv Hughes, 
Valerie Petitte, Rachael Palmer 
(Honorable Mention) 
AAC All-Academic team: Valerie 
Petitte, Rachael Palmer, Beckv Kalz 
NCCAA All Mid-East Region 
team selection: Mya Morrison, 
Abby Snead, Beck)' Kalz, Anna 
Hanger, Rachael Palmer, Esther 
Bragg, Jenny Hughes. 
Most Valuable Player: Abby Snead 
Most Improved: Rachael Palmer 



140 Athletic Banquet 

Men's Soccer: 

NCCAA Scholor Athletes: Ben 

Carver, Isidro Loaiza 

NAIA Ail-American Scholor 

Athlete: Ben Carver 

AAC All-Conference Team: 

Jamal Marshall, Josh Ray 

AAC Scholor Athletes: Henry 

Barrios, Ben Carver, Phil Douglas, 

Bnan F.isenback, Isidro Loaiza, 

Jordan Mattheiss 

Most Valuable Player: Jamal 


Most Improved: Brian Eisenback 

AAC Coach of the Year: Dr. 

Sandy Zensen 

Men's Basketball: 

AAC All-American team: Aaron 
Braun-Duin, Michael Carter, Jared 
Jones, Josh Locy, Jordan 
Musselman, Jeff Rohman, Michael 

AAC All-Freshman team: 
Brandon Gordon, Josh Locy 
AAC All-Conference: Chris Travis 
NCCAA Mid-East Regional 
Team: Jared Jones- 1st team, Brett 
Wright and Josh Locy-2nd team 
NCCAA Honorable Mention All- 
American: Jared Jones 
NCCAA Scholor Athletes: Aaron 
Braun-Duin, Michael Carter, Jared 
Jones, Josh Locy, Jeff Rohman, 
Jordan Musselman, Michael Stone 
Isaiah 40:31 Award: Jared Jones 
Most Valuable Player: Brett Wright 
Most Improved: Michael Carter 

Woman's Vollyball: 

NCCAA Mid-East All-Region 

Team: Brook Fleming, Randi 
Mellon, Kelly Braun-Duin 
NCCAA Mid-East All Tourna- 
ment Team: Brook Fleming, Laura 

NCCAA/NAIA All-American 
Scholor Athletes: Brook Fleming, 
Kelly Braun-Duin 
AAC Scholor Athlete: Brook 
Fleming, Kelly Braun-Duin, Laura 
Smith, Amalia Peters 
AAC All Conference and All 
Tournament Team: Brook Fleming 
AAC Freshman of the Year: Randi 

Most Valuable Player: Brook 
Most Improved: Anna Rusch 

Woman's Basketball 

All-American Team: Kate Strunk, 
Becky Blesch, Valerie Huttenhoff, 
Katie White, Kimmie Hill 
NCCAA Scholar Athlete All- 
American: Beckv Blesch, Kimmie 

NAIA All-American Scholor 
Athlete: Becky Blesch 
NCCAA Mideast Region Team: 
Katie White (Honorable Mention), 
Liz Bass, Sarah Bass, Becky Blesch 
(player of the year) 
AAC Awards: 

Liz and Sarah Bassxo-freshman of 
the year 

Sarah Bass: 1st team all-american 
Liz Bass: 1st team all-american 
Becky- Blesch: 1st team all-american 
NAIA Awards: Sarah Bass finishes 
1st in nation for free throw shooting 
NCCAA Awards: Liz Bass finishes 
1st in nation in free throo 
shooting(different minimum 
requirements for NCCAA and 

Most Valuable Player: Becky Blesch 
Most Improved: Hollv Davis 

Virginia Schmickl Music Award: 

Eva Holder 
Mary McDonald Groves Music 
Award: Jonathon Blalock 
M.A. Cooley Memorial Music Scholar- 
ship: (picture 3) 

Ceste Stanly, Claire Williams 
James H. Cooley Scholarship: 
Quentin McCuistin 
Harold C. Almond Scholarship: 

Hannah Pratt 
Roe F and Zelma I. Black 
Memorial Scholarship: 
Mary Tomyn 
Theodore C. Mercer 
Scholarship: (picture 1) 
Beth Eppinger, 
Tim Shorey 
Catherine McDonald 

Miguel Ayllon 
Nannie K. McDonald 
Education Scholarship: 

Priscilla Pearson 
The Lawrence E. and Lillian C. 
Payne Scholarship: (picture 4) 
Tim Williams, James Kendall 
Robert and Nita Anderson 
Memorial Scholarship: 

Jim Hanson 
Elinor Fox Baker Scholarship: 
Ingrid Anderson 

The Charles A. and Theda F Thomas Scholarship: Hannah Carr 
Psychology Achievement Award: Ashley Rush (picture 5) 
Ann Burwick Scholarship: Rachel Kaetterhenry (picture 5) 
The Mercer and Bernyce Clementson Memorial Scholarship: 

Wesley Blanton 
Al Page Memorial Scholarship: Jennifer Sweeny 
John Graves LeDu Scholarship: 

Norissa Martin, Jessica Hendrix, Quentin McCuiston 

Paul McCarthy 
Scholarship: David 

Triangle Service 
Rachel Held 

Honors Day 

History Department 
Outstanding Under- 
classman Award: 
Jill McAchren 
CRC Freshman 

Achievement Award: 
Katie Lott 

Richard "Archie" Cole Memorial 

Danny Gleason 

Rev. Sypolt Athletic Scholarship: 
Danny Harvey 
Paul Long Scholarship: 
Tim Opelt 
^^ Commoner Award: 
Cheon, Erin Daugherty 
(assistant editor) 
Lizzie Reis-Orin A. Keach 
Educational Fund: Tim 

D.B. Rice Scholarship: 
Nathaniel Isler- Williams, 
Debra Smith (picture 6) 
John D. Lawson Scholarship: 
Nathaniel Isler-Williams 
R. Kent and Margie B. Mann 

Todd Smith, Candi Caudill 
Warren and Karyn Wells Scholarship: Toks Olowala 
Dwight W Ryther Scholarship: Jenny Ruark 
Ralph E. and Rebecca H. Toliver MK Scholarship: Megan 

BellSouth Scholarship: Lauren Ford 
United Parcel Service Scholarship: Julie Miller 
Maytag Scholarship: Wesley Blanton 
Staff Member of the Year Award: Kern Harris (picture 2) 
Outstanding Teacher Award: Dr. B. Ketchersid (picture 2) 
Haynes Hilltop 
Scholarship: Jessica 

Other awards 
given out at other 
ceremonies not 

Honors Day 141 

it's all 



Dr. Sidebotham is retiring this year after many years serving the 
Education Department. 

By offering licensure in Elementary Educa- 
tion, Music, PE, Biology, English, History, Mathemat- 
ics, and Psychology, the Education Department 
Touches the lives of many of the students at Bryan 
College. Practicums in area schools begin during 
the freshman year, giving students authentic field 
experiences early in their chosen career. Education 
classes provide current educational theory and prac- 
tice, along with many opportunities to present pre- 
pared lessons, lesson plans, and bulletin boards. The 
final semester consists of a fifteen-week student teach- 
ing experience that provides two separate grade 
placements. After passing the Praxis II Examina- 
tions, students completing their programs are eligible 
to receive licensure from the Tennessee Department 
of Education, which is reciprocal with many other 
states. Our goal is to develop professional educa- 
tors who believe in the importance of understanding 
content, the development of their students, and the 
role of individual differences in the context of a Bib- 
lical Worldview. 

Becky Young assists the Education 
Department during the week. 

Dr. Marcy Froemke teaches as her 
class listens intently. 

Education Department 143 

Psychology Department 


The Psychology Department integrates a knowl- 
edge of psychology with Biblical principles in order to 
give students a clear and Biblical understanding of psy- 
chology. The professors use a variety of ways to help 
students understand the material that is taught, from 
carrying egg "children" in Childhood Growth and Devel- 
opment to having special speakers come in and explain 
how adolescents think. The highlight of the year was 
the American Association of Christian Counselors Inter- 
national Conference held in Nashville. About forty Bryan 
students attended the conference and were able to hear 
well-known speakers Larry Crabb, Josh McDowell, and 
John Eldredge. 

The theme of the Psychology Senior Seminar this year 
was 'Connecting and Community' and how the body 
needs to function in order to give comfort and encour- 
agement for others in need. They read The Safest Place 
on Earth , by Larry Crabb. 

144 Psychology Department 

Languages Department 

A memorable moment happened 
in stumping Dr. Cof field. I had done 
some review on the "board with my 
phonetics students. It was so pretty 
and colorful that I decided to leave it 
up. Dr. Coffield uses the room after 
we do. Later I asked him what he 
thought about what was on the 
board. He said, "Usually I can make 
some intelligent comment about 
things left on the board, but I just 
looked at that and had no idea what 
it was all about. 

-Lloyd Milligan, 
Professor of Linguistics 

Lloyd Milligan casually sits on the desk while teaching his linguistics class. 

Dr. Ricketts says that the best thing 
about the Language department is the 
good- looking professors, but that's not all 
its got going for it! The Department of 
Language and Linguistics offers quality in- 
struction in several languages: French, 
Spanish, Greek, and Hebrew. The Lan- 
guage Department cares about its students 
also. The professors feel that learning a 
foreign language is not just a part of a Gen. Ed requirement, but an 
important part of obtaining an education. In the future, the Language 
Department wants to develop majors in all the languages and 
linguistics as well as begin clubs which will give the students better 
exposure to the culture and life of the language groups. 

Mark Cruver escorts Dr. Ernie Ricketts to his Greek class. 

Language Department 145 

Math Department 

Dr. Simpson grades math tests. 

The student workers for the math department pack up to leave after a long day of 

grading and tutoring. 

The Math Department at Bryan Col- 
ege focuses on enabling students to reason logi- 
cally and systematically in every area of life. 
Vlath courses encourage careful attention to 
ietail and checking work before submission, 
vlath courses also expose students to relating 
heir faith to the mathematical aspect of reality 
is well as every other aspect of math. A vari- 
ety of career options are available to math ma- 
ors. Teaching, technical research, engineer- 
ng, physical science, and statistician work are 
ust a few jobs that math majors can choose, 
vlathematical people also tend to do well as 
Bible translators because of the analysis in- 
/olved and their ability to deal with symbols. 



W* y 

Dr. Lestman answers a students math homework questions 

146 Math Department 

Business Department 

.fM-fiaH ' !* •*■*• L ""''''* -^ V* ilj " 

Dr. Lay prepares for teaching his next math class. 

Debbie Woodworth visits with her daughter Andrea while she works 

The Business Department is made up of faculty who have obtained graduate degrees from major universities in 
their teaching areas and also have business experience. This experience enables the professors to focus the coursework of 
the business classes in specialized areas, which also means that Bryan business majors are getting their money's worth. 
The main goal of the Business department is to teach students business knowledge as well as integrate biblical truth into 
the classes, while not compromising the content of the courses. Bryan College students have scored in the 98 th percentile 
in a nationally normed business exam. This statistic alone displays the quality of the business department at Bryan 
College, which is made up of professors who care about students and their future. 

Dee Mooney takes a break from number crunching. 

Dr. Breul, you just can't get enough of that smile... 

Business Department 147 

Bible Department 

The Department of Biblical Studies 
offers courses in Bible, Philosophy, Christian 
Education, and Ancient Languages (Greek, 
Hebrew, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics). The 
Bible professors include Dr. Paul Boling, Dr. 
Bill Brown, Dr. David Fouts, Dr. Ernie 
Ricketts, Dr. Dan Wilson, Dr. Rick Morton, 
Mr. John Stonestreet, Dr. Bob Andrews, Dr. 
Doug Russell, Mr. Matt Benson, Dr. Peter 
Held, and Dr. Sandy Zensen. All of these 
professors play a part in making the Bible 
Department a great place. After four years 
of learning, seniors are faced with two final 
tasks to complete. Through the Senior Semi- 
nar capstone course majors prepare for Bible 
orals and a senior thesis which are both cru- 
cial elements that must be completed before 
graduation. Students become Bible majors 
for various reasons. Some want to go into 
ministry-being a pastor or youthpastor-others 
want to go into full-time missions, and others 
just want to gain the knowledge provided 
through the Biblical Studies tract. No matter 
what path Bible graduates choose, they will 
always be impacted with the knowledge that 
was gained in their years at Bryan. 

How does Dr. Boling find time to sit at his desk when he has classes to teach, 
mentor, pianos to play, and a family to care for... amazing. 

uiys to 

B jtYAfN C O L L E GE 

Dr. Fouts is often found socializing with students during meals. 
Here he is with junior, Annie Dickerson. 

"Dr. Dan is the coolest man in the world (be- 
sides my dad, of course)!" says Susan Canida 

Dr. Morton in a rare shot of a serious conversation. 

Bible Department 149 


Senior Joie Stone talks with Dr. Myers after class 

The purpose statement of the Department of Communica- 
tion Arts is to "provide students the opportunity to examine, study, 
and practice principles and processes of the traditional and artistic 
forms of human communication." This purpose statement is made 

possible through three Communication Arts professors: Mr. Palmer, Mr. Belisle. and Dr. Myers 
sor offers insight to many Communication majors in the area of class schedule advising, graduate school 
counseling and even general life issues. One great aspect of Bryan's Communication department is each 
professor has a variety of unique gifts. Dr. Myers specializes in leadership development and children's commu 
nication. Mr. Belisle works best anywhere close to a stage and a group of thespians and Mr. Palmer delights 
many with his English anecdotes and words of wisdom. 

Caught in the act! Mr. Belisle works at his desk. 

grading papers. 

Each profes- 

Mr. Palmer wheels the T.V. to his 
classroom, but not without pausing to 
flash the camera a smile. 

"You go here, and you go here! r Mr. Belisle directs students as Dr. 
Wilhoit and Tim Opelt await their cue. 

1 50 Communications Department 

Winnie Buck waits to see the finished 

product from Josh Locy's video, 

hoping she'll get her big break. 

Communication Technology 151 

History Department 

"This year's senior history majors were a fun and 
great group of students. Several times, Dr. Ketchersid has 
made the comment about us that 'You all are pretty differ- 
ent!' We've had fun presenting to the class, and we were all 
fond of Jared Jones' PowerPoint presentations! Dr. Traylor 
got us using the phrase 'takin' a fade' to refer to missing a 
day of class, or getting an assignment pushed back. We are 
all thankful for the 'fades' throughout the years." - Senior 

Gen Toth 

"One of the things that I've enjoyed most about 
Dr. Ketchersid's class is his unusualy and witty 
sense of humor." 

Josh Ray 

"To those of us in Dr. Ketchersid's American 

Civil War class, the Civil War was not about 

states rights or slavery as most people think. It 

was about chocolate." 

Rachel Clegg 

Dr. Travis Ricketts prepares to start on of his classes. 

Those students who feel that being 
in college means being out of touch 
with the world, have no excuses if 
they are in one of Dr. Jack Traylor's 
history classes. Each morning he's 
up at 5:00 A.M., checking the net- 
work news and the Internet for the 
latest in these areas. This informa- 
tion goes onto a PowerPoint pre- 
sentation, which he presents to his 
classes in a classic 'news and weath- 
erman' style. 

152 History Department 

tr 1 


by Daniel Nathan 

The death of Assistant Professor 
of Education, Dr. Ken Froemke, is what 
this article could have been about. But 
due to a surprising sequence of events that 
everyone who witnessed called miraculous, 
this article is about life, its fragility, and 
how one man almost lost his. 

Froemke walked into Summer's 
gymnasium at about 10 a.m on, Feb, 28, 
to run his daily two miles around the 
basketball court. As usual, he was alone 
on the court. Ten minutes into Froemke's 
run, sophomore Chris Travis came into the 
gym to play basketball with his son 

"My son always wants to play 
basketball, and I had decided to take him 
to the court that day," Travis said. 

Travis also said he did not take 
much notice of Froemke and Cameron just 
started shooting and playing around. But 
the situation was about to change 

"After Cameron and I had played 
for about 30 minutes, I heard Dr. Froemke 
fall from the bleachers, slamming his head 
on the court floor," Travis said. 

Travis sprinted up the bleachers 
and into Athletic Director Dr. Sandy 
Zensen's office. "I think Dr. Froemke has 
passed out," Travis told Zensen. 

Zensen ran out of his office, called 
head athletic trainer Mike Weller, who in 
turn told women's basketball head coach 
Jim Arnold to dial 9 1 1 . Arnold called 911, 
men's basketball head coach Morris 
Michalski called Froemke's wife, Marcy, 

while Zensen and Weller raced down to 
the court. They saw Froemke turning blue 
with his eyes rolled back into his head, 
and without a pulse, or as Zensen said, 
"Practically dead." 

Zensen and Weller immediately 
began to administer cardiopulmonary 
resuscitation. Zensen did the chest 
compressions while Weller did the 
breathing, and after the second CPR cycle, 
breath returned to Froemke, and he began 
gasping for air. It had been about two 
minutes since he had collapsed. 

With Froemke brerathing again, 
Zensen and Weller stopped CPR, rolled 
Froemke on his side, and used a tongue 
compressor to hold down the gasping 
man's tongue and keep his windpipe open. 
A minute later Froemke was breathing 

Four minutes later an ambulance 
arrived, Froemke was wheeled into it and 
sped to Rhea Medical Center escorted by 
his wife. Zensen wept as the ambulance 

"It was at that point I realized I 
had almost lost a friend," he said. 

After getting his heart stabilized, 
medical center staff called Froemke's 
cardiologist Dr. Stephen Stubblefield in 
Chattanooga. Froemke was then taken 
to Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga 
where an angiogram was immediately 
done. The angiogram, which basically 
involves dye being injected into the 
arteries, showed that Froemke had four 
blocked arteries. Erlanger surgeons 
immediately decided that quadruple 
bypass surgery was necessary. 

The next day, March 1, Froemke 
went into surgery. The surgery, which was 
performed by Dr. Stephen Martin, lasted 
two hours and went smoothly. Veins were 
taken from Froemke's leg and used to 
create "detours" around the blocked areas 
of his arteries. 

Four days later, Froemke was 
allowed to return home to continue his 
recovery. The major part of the ordeal 

was over, an experience that Zensen said 
"drove home how fragile and brief life is." 

"Why?," is the question Froemke 
said he finds himself asking God. "I am 
asking Him what He has for me, and what 
he wants me to do differently in my job, 
with my relationships and life in general." 

Of all that happened to him on 
Feb 28, Froemke said he was most 
impacted by what he called "two very 
miraculous events." First, the fastest 
member of the basketball team happened 
to be in the gym when the attack occurred. 
Travis' speedy reaction brought Zensen 
and Weller to Froemke's aid. Secondly, 
he found it miraculous that both men are 
the best-qualified men to perform CPR on 
campus and were also in their offices at 
that time. 

"It would have been very difficult 
for one person to perform CPR," Froemke 

"If we had gotten there about four 
minutes later, and his condition had 
progressed to a cardiac arrest, at which 
point his brain would have begun to be 
damaged, we would have lost him and 
CPR would have been ineffective . . . The 
whole experience gave me a new 
appreciation of how fragile life is," Weller 

"I did not see a light at the end of 
a tunnel, or become suddenly aware of 
some profound truth. I think the message 
from this is that we should not be too busy 
with the cares of the world that we forget 
to be open to the Lord," Froemke said. 

Weller said he and the others who 
were directly involved with saving 
Froemke's life were simply doing what 
they had to do. 

"We were at the right place at the 
right time and God put us there" said 

Zensen, who could also be seen as 
a hero said, "Ultimately, the credit needs 
to be left at the feet of our Savior." 

Froemke is still recovering at home 
and should be back on campus in a month. 

Liberal Arts~Dr. Ken Fromke 153 

Some of the girls demonstrate their "we're soaked and you want to take a 
picture of us, NOW?" faces. 

2. Josh Lowery and the Chorale make up a big part of the Music Program. 

3. Dr. Wilhoit and the brass ensemble show some of their horn magic. 

4. Dr. Wilhoit is prepared for the annual assalt of the music majors during his 
Fine Arts class. 





-Freshman at the Chorale Concert 

^ 5. Dr. David Luther shows his passion and love for the music program. 
\ 6. Hannah Pratt adds unique flavor to the music program with her skill on the ham- 

mered dulcimer. 

8. Kerri Wenzel and Jodi Long play a grand duet on the grand piano. 

154 Music Department 





1 . Dr. Legg astounds his students 
with his knowledge. 

2. Dr. Jones conducts seminars 

with members from his Freshman 

English class. 

3. Dr. Impson helps Anna Neff 

understand the thoughts and 

insights of Shakespeare. 


The English Department went through 
several changes this year once the Admission 
building was constructed and the modules, that 
were once their offices, were moved. These three 
professors (Dr. Legg, Dr. Jones, and Dr. Impson) 
were moved into the Student Life Center and their 
offices replaced the computer lab that used to be 
there. One of the many advantages of the moves 
was the construction of the writing center, placed 
in the middle of these three offices. Here, sev- 
eral seniors assist those who need help with home- 
work and papers. 

English Department 155 

Computer Science 

Earl Reed is giving instructions 
to Michael Clark. 

Only 3 pages to go! Freshman 
Canaan Dorian types up an 
English Paper. 

Beverly Davis 

and Janell 

Wright are 


working on the 

computer to 

finish up 


Computer Science at Bryan College is new as a major course of study 
as of the Fall Semester of 2001. The Computer Science major stresses a 
broad education across the field with specialization opportunities in four areas. 

A grant to Bryan established the faculty position and provided 
money to equip a Computer Science classroom. In August 2001, the 
C. S. classroom, ADM 106, was outfitted with 29 new PC's and a 
SUN database server. 

Each Honors Week, the Computer Science Program recognizes 
a rising sophomore with the Paul McCarthy Scholarship given in me- 
morial to a Bryan Graduate. 

The Program sponsors a Computer Science Practicum for stu- 
dents who have a summer job related to Computer Science. Students 
receive three hours credit for CSCI 472. 

Karyn Biebel pretending to work 
on her French homework... 

15& Computer Science Department 

The world of biology. Yes, a strange world that a few brave souls dare to 
venture. It's a world that has a history of respect and dedication, mingled with 
rare humor, late nights, and near insanity. Ask any Biology major whose had 
a Hartzell class and you will gain a new respect for us. Ask any student 
whose juggled three labs a week what it is like and we won't be able to 
describe it justly. Ask us why we chose our major and you'll get a variety 
of answers. Some of us strive to be doctors; others want to be nurses. 
Some want to go into education, medical research, or creation science. Some 
don't have a clue, but know they have a desire to delve into God's creation. That is the 
amazing benefit of being a biology major. We get a unique perspective on God. We are 
surrounded by knowledge of His intricate creation-every new fact is another way for us to learn 
about God. And that is what God has called us . to: to 

about Him and bring glory to His name. 

Dr. Hartz? Dr. Hartzell? How in 
the world did that happen?!?! 

Dr. Hill: reminiscing of the old monster movies 
as Janell Wright takes a break from her lab. 



Dr. Wise, explaining the 
origins of the universe. 

The ecology class takes a break from their "educational" 
field trip to the Wooden's Apple House... don't you just 
wish you were a Bio. major?!?!? 

Some of the seniors show their true 
feelings about Molecular lab... 

Biology Department 157 

Dorm Life is about pillow 
^^ fights, all night study groups, 
\£ movie marathons, discussions 

till the early morning hours, 
C J and, of course, food. 

Whether you like it or not, 
D Bryan College is your home 

away from home, and many 
bJk at Bryan make the most of it. 

Roommates Bob and Jon pose for a picture at the 
college picnic in August. 

Mike and Jamal enjoy each 
other's company in 
Woodlee- Ewing. 

L imM 

Arnold Second enjoying a hayride with their floor mother, Lynne 

160 Dorm Life Brown 

The girls of Second Long: Hannah Pratt, Anna Hanger, Jessica Rupp, Kristin 
Davis, Ali Vaughn, Paula Heathershaw, Rachel Clegg, Michelle Knowles, Alissa 
Stoneberger, and Kate Strunk. 

Newly engaged 
1 Kristen Immel 
shows off her 
ring during a 
floor meeting. 


Have you ever 
wondered if there is 
anyone out there in 
the vast masses of 
people who loks like 
you or acts like you, 
talks like you or even 
picks their nose like 
you? Most of you 
have probably at least 
allowed this thought 
to cross your mind a 
time or two. For 
some Bryan students 
the answer to this 
question hits close to 
home. Cur- 

rently at Bryan there 
are 7 sets of twins. 5 

of the 7 are identical 
twins. Julia and 
Abigail Staggers and 
Josh and Megan Bales 
are fraternal twins. 
Josh is also the only 
male in the whole 

Having these 
twins around can be 
quite confusing at 
times especially when 
the sets first arrive on 
campus. After awhile 
the campus learns 
that each twin is 
definitely an individual 
with unique qualities 
that set them apart. 

Middle of page: 
The Wright sisters - 
Kari and Janell - are 
freshmen from the big 
metropolis of Boone, 
North Carolina. Kari 
is pursuing degrees in 
Biology & History and 
Janell is pursuing a 
degree in Biology. 
Kari plays varsity 
soccer and Janell is 
involved in various 
activities on campus. 

The Wilson twins - Jennifer and Carrie - have been roommates all four 
years of college. They are both Elementary Education majors. Carrie will 
be marrying Senior Tyler McWilliams this summer and Jennifer will be 
pursuing a teaching position in North Georgia. 

162 Twins 

Above: Freshmen Liz and Sarah 
Bass fro m Chattanooga, Tennessee 
add amazing talent to an already 
amazing varsity women's basketball 
team. Both girls are reserved yet 
winsome and great additions to the 
Bryan student body. 

Left: Valerie and Stephanie 
Huttenhoff from Cleveland, Tennes- 
see join the Bass twins on Bryan's 
varsity women's basketball team. 
These girls add a little Southern 
charm to life on the hill. 

Above: Freshmen Courtney 
and Katie Kier from the great 
state of Alaska have come to 
Bryan to add to the legacy of 
the Kier family. Their grand- 
father is a Bryan alumni and 
their brothers - Ronnie and 
Donnie - are current students 
as well. The Kier gals will 
easily fill the big shoes set 
before them. 

Above: Abigail and Julia Staggers 
from Indianapolis, Indiana are true 
jewels. Abby and Julia can both 
always be found serving in some form 
on fashion around the Bryan campus. 
Julia and Abigail work closely with 
the Students for Life ministry and the 
Dayton Women's Care Center. 

Right: Josh and Megan Bales, an- 
other set fro m Chattanooga, Tennes- 
see, are the unique male/female twin 
set on campus. Josh enjoys music 
while Megan's talents lie on the 
soccer field. 

Twins 163 

;■%,',!"■• .'m'MJM 

Amanda and Kristen 
Immel. "Amanda, why 
% did you forget to tell 
me to wear makeup?" 

Danny and Rachel Reid. After seeing Danny as 
the 'Organ Man,' Rachel may be having second 
thoughts about coming to school with her brother. 

% «\| 

Michael and Matt Clark. 

The Clark Brothers. 

Typical Michael. 

Typical Matt. 

Rachael and Matt Palmer. 
Matt has a personal body- 
guard, his favorite sister 


<3» <»■' 




Jessica and Canaan 
Dorian. Overachiev- 
ing must run in the 
family. Jessica and 
Canaan are Bryan's 
favorite youngsters. 

Siblings 167 

Rain, rain go away. Come again another 
day. This was the tune being sung by many Bryan 
family and friends on Friday, May 3 rd as thunder- 
storms threatened to continue through Saturday 
- Graduation Day. The Class of 2002 will never 
forget their graduation festivities. It has been about 
40 years since graduates and their families held 
graduation indoors rather than on the lawn of the 
triangle. Although the rain dilemma causes some 
stress and strain because of limited space, many 
family and friends gathered in the Latimer Center 
and Brock Hall to view the ceremony. 

The 2002 Senior Class chose Adam 
Parker and Sarah Martin to speak on their be- 
half. Both Parker and Martin gave thought- 

i68 Graduation 

B§ j. 

jwmZSS Iff 

provoking and challenging speeches. But the 
real hero of the day was Senior David Dahlke. 
A Christian Education major from Chattanooga, 
Tennessee, David gave all glory and honor to 
God our Father as he crossed the stage walking 
rather than rolling in his typical wheelchair fash- 
ion. There was not a dry eye or untouched 
heart in the room. David's accomplishment that 
morning is more inspiring than any words ever 
spoken. Way to go Dahlke! 

Graduation 169 


"Q)e thank our God upon every remembrance of you, al- 
ways in every prayer of ours making request for you with joy, for 
your fellowship in the gospel form the first day until now, being 
confident of this very thing, that ']ie who has begun a good work 
in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ." 

'Philippians 1:3-6 

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and 
cometh down from the "Father of Eights, with whom is no vari- 
ableness, neither shadow of turning. 
James 1:17 

TRanle ipw (jo/l (A youfi (bid wonfe at 

'EwpA CoBkge, most ojj- di tfcoagR. th t/ticfe, {pi not gioing up. 


Mow. and Dad 
r O&oudks 4:10 
6 Jews 13 


George £. Smith, 10 

" T 



Vsalm 32:8 

tOe love you! 

Dad, CDom, 
'Katie, Uaylor, and £eila 



LDe rejoice with you 
on the completion of 
your college educa- 
tion. We thank God 

for you and the 

blessing you are in 

our lives. 

As you move from here, remember 'Proverbs 

3:5-6: "Crust in the Cord with all thine heart 

and lean not unto thine own understanding, in 

all thy ways acknowledge 'Kim, and 'Be shall 

direct thy paths." 

CDom and 'Dad 


'By God's own choos- 
ing, \H'\$ hand formed 
you and is making you 
the person 'J{e intends, 
liou are special to 'Kim 
and to us. 'By Jiis 

gracious provision, you were able to attend Bryan 

College and to complete your education there. By iHis 

grace, you lack nothing to enable you to fulfill His 

special purposes to serve the Cord Jesus Christ in 

whatever you do. Continue on through your life in 

the confidence of 'Jiis love and grace. We love you and 

thank God for you. 

CDom and 'Dad 

"'Behold, children are a gift of the Cord; 

Ghe fruit of the womb is a reward." 

"Ps. 127:3 


Sv/e. coufck't be any wiate. 
p/ioad o(j yoa! faomq tRat 

you seeJe to use yoa/i 

God-gtoi tafkts to sstiz 

<fck is th gieatest bfesing 

iktt a pai£Kt can to. 


Daol Ma*, 6 QaoMk 

"Whatever you do, do 
your work heartily, as 
for the Lord rather than 
for men; knowing that 
from the Lord you will 
receive the reward of 
the inheritance. It is the 
Lord Christ whom you 
Colossians 3:23-24 


I was truly blessed 
when God brought you 
into my life, I'm so very 
-proud of you. I know 
you wdl influence 
many lives with your 

Love ; 


Sarah Amanda Martin 

We Cove you, 
Your family 

"Trust in the Lord with all your hean, and lean not on your own understanding; in 
ail your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths" 

Prover6s 3:5-6 

From SomerSport 

To high school, then 

To Lionland 

And Vietnam, 

From kindergarten 
(Did you pass?) 
To college grad 
(At last, at last!) 


Becky Sue, 

We've always been 

So proud of you! 

Your family 



you do to the 

Lord. Trust 

Him to help 

you do it and 

He will." 

Psalm 37:5 


Always trying to be tfte cool guy with 
the shades andthe hot car but always a 
blessing to Mom and L We art protuf of 
you and we continue to look forward to 
your growing stronger in Christ You have 
your whole lift before you and if you stay 
intheWordandclosttothtLordj Hewitt 
continue to use and bless you 


Mom and Dad 


Congratulations Bethany. 

God has blessed us wok you. 

We love you. 

Your family 


Watching you grow 
from that sweet little 
girl to the beautiful 
woman you are now 
has been truly amaz- 
ing. We look for- 
ward to continue 
watching you grow 
in His grace, love and beauty. 

Love always, Mom and MeCissa 
Jeremiah 29:11 

Congratulations, Andrew! 

"'lor I know the. p forts I have for you, declares the 
Lord, 'Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to 
give you HOPE and a FUTURE. Then you will call 
upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to y 
ou. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with 
all your heart! " Jeremiah 29:11-13 

We are proud of you and love you. 
Mike and Murial Bah, Elizabeth & Brian. 

Angela Noel Wilhoit: 

Wealth and fame can't 
begin to compete with the 
blessing of having such a 
wonderful, talented, beauti- 
ful, loving, and Godly 
daughter. Mom and Dad 
are proud of you. Con- 
gratulations on another of 
your many achievements. 

What an acwmplishment'. 
We are so proud of you, 
Anna. The Lord has 
awesome things planned 
for you and our prayers 
will always go on with, 
you. Always "be a Jesus 
girll" Epfaesians l:17-19a 
Love you bunches. Mom and Dad 

Hallelujah! The Lord 
is good and greatly to 
be praised! Our dear 
son, Philip, graduated 
from Bryan College. 
We love you so much. 

Jeremiah 29:11: "'For I 
know the flans I have for you, deelares the Lord, 'flans to prosper 
you and not to harm you, flans to give you hoft and a future'." 

O 3 ra (' L (s o iCc£- yv T\ c:i)e. (C 

^cAe^a±lu J£sun%s J^f&oUs Jld-tMsvLa, ■Jlx-oc'iJC 

of tfhopO \ 

tulations to... 

Love, Dad, Mom, 

Aimee, Ryan, Taylor, 

Rebecca, Chris, Josh 

and Ansley 

God Bless you Kent! 

man of many hats, 
we sure know where 
your faith is at. Fori 
you wear it proudly 
here or there, you 
live your faith most 
anywhere. Through 

Christ there's 
nothing you can't do! 
our message is clear 

yes we love you! 
Your family is proud 
of the things you've 

done, you're a 
devoted follower of 
God's very own Son. 

So off you go to 

tackle your dreams, 

the time's gone by sc 

quickly it seems. 

You're a wonderful 

Christian, everyone 

knows that, 

Hip hip hooray for 

The Kent in the HAT! 

Proverbs 3 

"The Lord bless you 
and keep you, 

The Lord make His 

face shine upon you 

and be gracious unto 


The Lord lift up His 

countenance upon 

you and give you 


Numbers 6: 24 - 26 

I ■■■■■■■■■■ 


Jennie Lynne Burleson 


Congratulations on your 


We are so very proud of you. 

You are a blessing in our lives. 

J,we, 'TKom and *Dad 

178 Randomness Rocks 

Randomness Rocks! 1 79 








*m'jm: y., : 




I fife «c 

•V I \-60> 

r fy 


182 Randomness Still Rocks 




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Senior Orals 
Each seni 

speaking at OraL,. 
ation. Christ Above 

So many thin< 
nave changed thi 
year on the hill, yet 
there are man 
things that will 
never change. Al 
low the Bryan traditk 
md the Lion legacy to ^ t ,, 
on to better rather than bigger things 
and to all new things. 

■sss^ 3 * 



r *K£N