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ittiental Journeys 



OAYTON.TN 3f^*' 






0/1/ • 





Every year I reprise my role as 
Mr. Bryan I am drawn ro wonder 
what the man, William Jennings 
Bryan, felt as he came to Dayton 

I am agam-drawn to the ques- 
tion every tajl as I,mtrgduce him 
to^ tihfe- freshmen aSh'Flollegt'- '' ■ 
through his speech entided, "The 
Value ol an Ideal." 

What I have discoyejea,''r'''Zl. ""(fe 
think, is that he ma\' not ha\'e felt 

any mote 


that sum- 

hierthah he would have felt 
going to any other city in which 
heielt hisiaith was undersiege. 
,- for a. rnan Jike,,M(.-Br)'an, liv- 
ing a-toiTsiStellrli'fef oW that 
affirms what he believed and 
takes, a stand tor those beliefs 
'espite the scrutiny, is not 
dependent on locale. 

Bryan College 


I'iilI.,1, 1-L'bcu;in' 11, 2i" 

Hr,.„i ( ..IlL'gf li.A 'lllKl. U.ivj,.ri, 1"\ '.7',21 

It I am to do his 
memoiy justice in our re- 
enactment of the Scopes 
Trial, I seems to me tha:t 
the challenge is to. help ' 
e see as true a reflectioil. of-"^ 
him and his moral courage as 
possible^ and to so tesemble him'^ 
in character that what 1 do on - ■■ 
stage makes a lastu5g impresilbn,-- 
which honors him. 

Playing Mn Bryan, for mj^jj^s 4 
a way of giving honor to whom - 
honor is due. I hope I do it well. 


■^•Hcnna 'very enthusiasl'ic' ctboul his presid 


\ - 

" """'tStetfth^^jj 


.;% The End of One Era Brings Sadness al Loss, but Hope in the Phoenix ofa New Day 

u.D. in hitjhrr *'^ 
■< "^tyte Universil; 

i,..jno of NtnvF.n^ 

] his bachelor oi" 

uiu Colk-^ge wilh 

:v. He holds t- 

ami i\'- 

BvDi^id HuK.Slafn^'nlei 

"CoJIcsci Aflnimiilralion buildinj 
uouad 6p m on Sunifay evening, 
Fdi (i. before fitotting 10 a ragirn: 
blue It hjch <Jcclr(T>'cd (be ailiti: 1 bud 
Cloaj. iDcluduiEcLtOnunis prufc^- 
son' o(rnxs.anilthelibru> Liti& No 
one H^M injured bj- U>e uncxpecitil 

Freshiain T.innvi Sraiih « li 
iholitstiorijscihcilinn Ftamhci 
Htuion domuiun room. Ok. along 
Will fellow frohmcn Stunn Rok 
ind Allison Johmon. spoita] uuokc 
hiUomrg ftom windaiii in ihe Ad- 
nun lUration building A:6<>Spm 
SnmhcaXial'Jli jndolcncdRichird 
\tr HcllDcrranupihcDanhcianiasi 
iEuniclt aimed hiiIi j Qrcirxu nguutio 
TTicdoor jj ihciDpof [he 
cIoie4. jndlitUnctCT*ilil »*• op™ 'i 
bcciUH: of Lhc heal Mid smoVc 
Through ibe dooii window he ki« 
hoUuay." Kc)hcD»eQiioihcccaml 
g3ir»3> Thji dooi tva cppcn. ami 
Ibc hjllu^ uru 'pilcb bL-Ki utih 
smoke ~ Hdlnerv-dlcdrepdledlt'rot 
ani'cnw insdc \o gn qui. and Iben 
shui the flic doof He Lhrn Icfl ihc 
building and called 911 again before 
bclpi ni! TcsxK coDcge ftla md com- 
piUcr sen-cn. 

Bryan To graduate 39 ol ci]iiniiu>ae 



Inside this tssuc: 

page 3'. 

with Dr. BillBtv^^tlii 
:^iudeni i^:.: 

ran Picsidcni Bill 
a ttmn . Vice PtCB dail Tom Kcmnei 
and Dcui orEnmll mens Tom Sluu — 
ran throu);h ibc buildinj; to nuke aire 
ihaio'enone wjioui. Luckily, ihc 
Administrjuon Building iras unw- 
ajpicd Man of lhc nudenu Hcrt m 
nipper, and the librai> had tloicd 
firanSp ni. uiral ■'p m .I'hemheojm- 
puicr lab n-ai scheduled to reopen 
Whitcfuc inicks armed, a few 
S ryxa LiaiHy membas raced through 
thickcnjilK smoke 10 laiT v\ai files 
jnd cqmpiuern "The ptionO' av 
^euingihc bold liles of the applicant 
iarlhefallsancnci." Slid Shaw. ~Dr 
BioikTi. EUchaid HdlDd and I did ii 
fircRLin'i bngadeuid got Lhe jounl 
filsdiaucTEOuloIthfoBlce ~ Soon 
oAci thai a LiiECJ poup rescued lhc 
i;oiEputer 5cr^'c^. ithich support 
Biyan i \vri> nic and mtraoct syacin 
admin Lstiolion, bailty, ondsuidcnts 
Laier in Ihe ci-ciun^ ritrcrcuialso 
icohncd niuiK rabinets containinB 



Regidcat Mirc 

N'edda cud. '7^> onginjl request u:u 
dbiMUl, bui the fire clucf ant ibai 
thcic's no such Ihin;) as a liicpTDof 
oibind. So (hcs brought id dolliej 
land tcmcnal the cabincu] I v,ia 
^xn' impicQcd Tho' undfr^^iDod 
(be import:ince ofihc imierul and 
moiTd ici>' quidJt. ' 

AlSllpni CjpmnDonnic 
Moore of Ihe Cit> of Dmion Frrc 
Deportmcnl am\cd »ilh the Orscren 
of rireTighieis Moorcwmiwilhhis 
Oist creu up j nalr^tcll. but the bit 
\\3S onapproachablc because of in- 
lcnse.sinokcandHRic[B!(5cs Moore 
reported thai Ihe smoke hod reduced 

Mocre saidthdiiiftetihcinibal 
forsy iiuidc ibc Gremcn aicnl to 11 
~dc(ciKJi« aliack.* or a sualCEi' ot 
ihEfiiiaiKtinnuldm ro 

ilic building 

Firdightcn: tnona, 
led Uie bb. but noi the 
third (loai At oppta.iir 
p m , (lames fbrcdfiomr 
souili ot Ihe ccntr\] looker past the 
riic«3ll Aisiaani Fire Chief orDa>- 
ion Jnd Fitc InioliEatO' for Rhci 
Counn Bcnu Kjyiot rcLued lhc bottle 
■We had an inlenor Mijd:, jbul) ihr 
loolcnv cd in and n^ had lopul I ihcm 
oul BecauseoribedanRersimolved 
ftctoiildn'ticndanjoiKbiickin So 
ibc Grc rolled domi ihc fDor and 
jumped lb: rire\%3ll 1 mo I he somb end 
of llic bmldinj: The fitc acrualK 
rolled 0%'cr Ihc fop of lhe I 
Uk oulsidc and caught ibc olbei roo( 

A sbanaf:e of u^cf abo lim- 
iicdihttifcmcn'sentctncncss Ac- 
coidi ngwKj)Ioi.LbecDllesciSHtll 

Ihis protcd inodeqiuK to the hoses 
demands TIieciciAS»crt (olvcdio 

^^ciion used Ihc Jt^lsblc u-:!!:! be- 
fore lhc> could act agar nsl Ihe Haines 

With nolhinK mote ID slop lis 
paih. the fire ad\'anccd souihM'aid 
olooit ilie third Door H coimimcd 
claiiTOoiii alUi cbssniom and OTn . 
luollv dcMnitcd lhc top flooi of ibc 
I ihraiy al ibcbiuldm!: ssomhcm end 
Accotding 10 Moore ihe die wai 
under contml t» I jOa-m. .Monda> 
nioming, but DrciiKn sta\cd iFic rcn 
ofihcDifhila<Dii1iol hcl spoUand 
rurthet secure lhe 

Appni'aoialehi loOni 
cighi area fire depanmeni.i 

lhe cRbn. .Kco nil nj; 1 1 

Sale J 

ChapUin Ammerman 

ber. It ]•< ex|it"^( I 


Ar-M.MMrni:Ml !im1i]-. \\-.- 


75th Anniuersary/l 

MM "fUMEMmm 






March 19, 1860 
William Jennings 
Bryan born 


W. J. Bryan 
accepted Christ 


W. J. Bryan 
married Mary Baird 
moves to Nebraska 


W. J. Bryan elected 
to United States 


W. J, Bryan's first 
run for President 


W. J. Bryan's second 
run for President 

July 1925 

W. J. Bryan's third 
run for President 


W. J. Bryan named 
Secretary of State 


W. J. Bryan resigned in 
protest of actions taken 



Scopes Trial- W. J. Bryan 


W. J. Bryan 


First dirt moved for col- 
lege in honor of Bryan 


Construction of adminis- 
tration building began 


Stock Market crashed. 
Construction on school 



William Jennings Bryan 

University holds first classes 


Basketball program 
started- Bryan's first 
intercollegiate sport 


George E. Guille named 
first President of College 


First Commoner 


F, E. Robinson Chairman 
of Board of Trustees 


Malcom M. Lockhart 


Dean of Students 
Dwight Ryther 

Cedar Hill acquired. 
Octagon built 

President Judson A. 

Adolf Hitler took power 

First graducation. Eight 






CSA began (PCI prede- 

Students' petitioned 
moving college to 

Classes on campus 
Campus Newspaper, 
Newsette started 

On campus cafeteria 

Pearl Harbor 





19.54 , 

Eight students graduated. 
Only one male, due to 
involvement in war 

Motto changed from 
"God Above All" to 
"Christ Above All" 

Trailerville established 
White Chapel moved 
onto campus 

First Cross country team 

First spring tour forchorale; 
197 of 235" students in 
Christian Service Association 





1963 ^ 

Coinmon Cents 

President Theodore C. 


H.A. Ironside Memorial 

Library dedicated 

Baseball program 

Bryan Village replaces " 
Building added 






Soccer program estab- 
lished; Long Dormitory 
built; Octagon-rec hall 


Huston Dormitroy built; 
Current Bible Annex 
built for music dept. 


Rhea House built. Presid- 
ents Mercer, Hanna, and 
Brown lived there 


Surmners Gym complet- 
ed for $109,000 


Large cross built; 
Arnold Dormitory con- 


Doyle and Joyce Argo 
take over cafeteria 


Christian elementary 
school on campus 


Said to be best year in 
sports history at Bryan 


Rudd Memorial 
Auditorium built for 


Dean Ropp received 
Murchinson Trophy in 


Women allowed on Cross 
Country team 


Dormitory Built; on- 
campus capacity, 484 


President Kenneth G. 


Baseball and Softball 
programs dropped 

2004- present 

White Chapel demol- 

Pool built where school 
dairy farm once stood 

President William E. 


Fire in administration 

building; reconstruction 

President Stephen D. 

2/7 5th Anniversary 

^^When the years have closed around us, 

Memory's scroll will then unfold, 

On the hours we spent at Bryan 

^Neath the red and gold. '^ 

Tliese words are part of tlie Alma Mater of Bryan 
College and liold a poignant meaning to many wlio 
liave come in contact with, the school. From its foun- 
dation 75 years ago, many things have changed at 
Bryan. Eight Presidents, thousands of students, pro- 
fessors, buildings and majors have changed. But sev- 
eral things have stayed the same. Bryan College 
remains a quality academic institution that focuses 
on education as well as spiritual enrichment. It 
remains planted in its foundation, the ideal of 
William Jennings Bryan, who said in 1905, ^'People 
are not paying attention to the Bible. I wish for a 
college that would present Christ first." This section 
is dedicated to showing the growth and history of 
Bryan College as well as to reminisce and entertain 
those familiar with the institution. A special thank 
you goes out to LaDonna Robinson Olson for her well 
researched book Legacy of Faith about the college,as 
well as to the Bryan College Alumni office for the 
use of their resources. I pray the following pages 
will instill the same love for Bryan in your hearts as 
it has in mine. 

Cathy Chapman C05} 

75th Anniversary/3 

A student proudly dis- 
plays a science award 
and his plants. 

This newspaper clip- 
ping from a 1960s-' 
Bryan Newsette S 
state of the art tea 
tools the school U 
recently received. 

Education Department Receives Grant of Teaching Tools 

The odncaliun departmenl at 
Br\-an has received a $2,000 prant of 
teaching tools and reference materials 
frivei) by tlie Minnesota Mining and 
Manufacturing Comiwny to each of 
approximately 700 accredited teacher 
truiriiiig institutions. 

The grant includes three machines 
—a transparency maker and copier, 
a clas-sroom overliead projector, and a 
portable overhead projector. In ad- 
dition. there is a lecture series and 
workshop puidc on visual aids, an ac- 
cessories kit for preparing and using 
transparencies, a set of reference 
books on visual aids, and some 200 
packets of transparency originals on 
various subjects for teaching aids. 

a business meeting in the afternoon 
and the annual homecoming banquet 
in the evening. Ray Childress '55 of 
Pikovillc. Ky.. is president of the 
Alumni Association, and IMiss Vir- 
ginia Scguine '54. of Dayton, is chair- 
man of the Iiome<:oming committee. 

.\ti additional gift of a photo C( I'V 
machine for use in making reproduc- 
tions from books provided bv the class 
of 1965 will complement the larger 

In making the recent SI. 5 inillion 
.^sistance Grant to Education Pro- 
grams, the Minnesota Mining and 
Manufacturing Company is seeking 
to assist the teacher training institu- 
tions in making improvements in the 
entire education system. Through bet- 
ter trained teachers it is hoped to 
produce better sttidents. who through 
their training and motivation will 
help move .\merica for%vard in the 

The new teaching tools will be 
available in the visual aids laboratory 
of the education department. A 
large majority of Bryan students will 
benefit by the instruction in the use 
of the equipment, since approxi- 
mately three-fourths of Bryan's cur- 
rent graduates are being certified to 
teach at elementary or secondary- 

The first graduates of WiUiam Jcnnint;s Brvan Universir\' in 1934. 

Several students in Dr. William Ketchersids Histor}' of the 
War class rejiact the Battle ol Chickamauga on a field trip i 


n 2004. 

4/75th Anniuersary 

**Our goal is to 
realize that aca- 
demics are not 
separate from 
student life. The 
student life is to 
develop within an 
atmosphere and 
environment for 

real learning 

from a Biblical 


Dr. William E. Brown 

Former Bryan 

College President 

Above: Students conduct a science 
experiment in the early 1980s. Right: 
Traditionally, Bryan presidents have had 
a weekly column in the school newspa- 
per. Pictured here is a clipping from one 
of Dr. Mercer's pieces on school devel- 
opment.Below: Dr. Henning prepares a 
specimen for the William Henning 
Museum which took up much of the 
thrid floor of the Administration build- 
ing before the fire in 2000. 

Above: Former President Bill Brown congradulates a 
graduate as she crosses the stage. Below: A tag line 
from the school's webpage depicts a competitive col- 
lege that puts Christ above all. 

T. C. Mercer 

111 the next sevcrnl months ;ind 
for a long time to come, the friends 
(if Bryan will be hearing through 
the mail and from 
personal representa- 
tives about the de- 
\plopment program. 
My purpose now is 
to share with you 
some of the plans 
basic to the pro- 
gram. Development 
is not a new idea 
in education but of 
late it has become 
a necessity rather 
than an extra for the more ambi- 
tious institution. 

Development defined. What is a 
flevelopment program? Basically a 
development program is an overall, 
lotal, unified program of institutional 
planning with both immediate and 
long range goals designed to bring 
about the greatest degree of fulfill- 
ment possible of the objectives and 
ideals of the institution. Develop- 
ment concerns both expansion and 
improvement. It deals with such aca- 
demic matters as curriculum, faculty, 
quality of instruction; it is preemi- 
nently concerned with services to 
students at many levels; it includes 
facilities and equipment; and basic 
to all these, it is concerned with fi- 
nancial resources, which control mat- 
ters such as improvement of faculty 
salaries, increased endowment, and 
educational expenditures such as li- 
brary improvement. 

Involvement. The key to the suc- 
cess of any program is the involve- 
ment of people. For Bryan this means 
the trustees, who are the policy 
makers; the faculty and staff, who 
operate the institution; the alumni, 
who are its products; the students, 
who stand most to benefit from de- 
velopment programs; and all friends, 
old and new, far and near, who can 
be enlisted, without whose sup|iort 
the j)rogram cannot succeed. Devel- 
opment is not something to be car- 
ried on by just a few people (though 
it must have its planners and lead- 
ers) nor is it .something which takes 
place just in an office. It is the mar- 
. hailing in a systematic, intelligent. 

75ih Anniuersary/5 

The B r y a P5 C o l l e g e 


January 27, 2005 | Vol. XXVI Issue XI 

Bryan students use MLK Day to serve community 


n Mon.. JaxL 17. Martin Luther Kingjr. Day. 
Igroupi of Bryin CoUcgc snidenu jnivdcd 
Dayton and (urrounding cotninuniacs to hdp I 
lervc in jny u-ay [hey cculd. This was (he fim I 

BrjTui his officially obicrvcd the bolicby. 

The group of hundred! of nudcnn who pnhacd to 
work dui cold Monday morning v-is jun one special 
ispeci of (his service project. 

A ttcmcfidous aroouni of planning went into tnak 
rng this day of service ponible. accnfding lo Dr. TravTS 
RicLcns, dircaot of Pntctical Christijn InvolirmcriL it 
began undci Ac iniliaiivc of Dr. Stephen Liveuy, ptoj 
dent of the collqy, and a oommiticc wu put togcthct 
to get it utf the ground. Scniot Paul Millu and junior 
Kjic Seal}', the leaden of PCI group StudeniA in 
Service, msdc tniut of the plionc cootacc thai turned 
into service opportunities. 

Deddiog ivfeo to contact was hard, aoconJing lo 
Rjckcto, as dus kind of project w^ new for the college, 
i^culr.' and staff cune up with a list of people dicy 
knew tould use help. Thq' also looked at die informa- 
tion bulletins ai local churches to get some more ideas. | 
Al! the haid work paid off 

"I'm really STunced by how well it wotked.' Ridtcits 
iajd 'Ii was by the grace of God.' 

Students pirtidpicd in a wide variety of projects. 
Thai: induded deaning up brush at scvcial camps, 
nrganiiing bookshelves ai the Dayton library, doing 
wmc major woilc on building;, and washing windows 
while standing cut in the freoing cold Some smaUer 

JwuQi Mut Ijvcuy miu "oili Di>ion reniimi titnc dunng iht Qumbn SinEcis' 

groups went to serve individuab who needed help wih 

jobs they couldn't do tbctnseh-es. 

"Then; ire many people in every coimnunit)- who 

need a (ouch from us as Chrmians," iiid Livcsay. "We, 

in a tangible way. dcrnomtrated our £uth.* 

Students were impacted by the da)' of service also 
"This is the firji time t lot of tfacm have been m i 

lo ih< Kha Cotuuy Knniai' Hdbic. . 
fbKttj Ca/rf Ctipnu 

lai^ service projcci,' ia>^ tcnior Philip Schrocder. ptt$- ! 
■dent of PCI at Bryan. 

Schroeder bdiors this is a great way to show stu- 
dents the needs around ihern, and show them that all ii 
take (o serve is someone willing to help. 

Sec King, page 3 

Above; President Judson A. Rudd poses for a portrait. The current 
Bryan Chapel/Auditorium is named in honor of Bryans third 
president who served from 1933-1955. Top Right: Students were 
dismissed from class oon Martin Luther King day in 2005 to help 
out in the Rhea County community. Right: People entering 
White Chapel, a former WWII chapel that was moved to Br^'an 
campus from Tullahoma, Tenn. Over the years the building served 
as a dormitory, theater, chapel, and recreation facility. 

Above: Several students help in a campus clean-up 
project. Right: Ross King ('52) plays his accordian for 
the child evangelism class that he and Betty Hanna 
Taber C51) conducted. 

6/75th Anniversary 


Bill BoUer TestUies 
Of Blessings in Korea 


.XKi I 


of IJiL- fli:.i 

nuclKJiicL- and quielly ttttlai-ud ihiil 
words could not esprt'ss his deep 
fc-eling uf gratitude Id lh<^ Lord 
for His faith fuJncs.'i [o him in ihe 
past two and a half years. With 
some degret of nervousness he 
added tliat he would rather strap 
on his radio and carbine L'nd creep 
out on a dangerous patrol th n 
face those prcsenl. Yet, in Ihe 
next few minutes, spc-akiiii wjth 
calm torcefulncss. Bill Ri I'cr, it- 
cenlly relumed from war-lorn 
Korea, challenged the hearts of 
those ISstenind with a simple 
testimony of what the Lord ciiuld 
do through a dedicated lif.- in 
Uncle Sam's Army. 

"We can Ihu Lord wh:il, 
when, where, and how, bul we 
must never ask Him why," Bill 
said as his mind went back in 
retrospect to that day \t\ 19S0. 
while he was a student at Bryan, 
when his number had eome up 
before the induction board, and 
within a few weeks he was Iraiii- 
ing at Camp Allerbury. Indiana. 
At that time it was diffieull for 
him to understand the "why" of il 
all. bul in spite of the que.stii.ns 
which found lodging in his mind 
he recognized that Gcd's ways an- 
"past finding out": they are for us 
to accept without reservation. 

May 9, he arrived in Japan and 
in five short days he was on the 
front lines 

was relieved^ ^l^iut Iw 
did Bill real 
fiel to ki 

fit. WilhES-KSr jl 
Christ ^^ ^^ 
class, which yrew rapidly in Ihe 
succcedint< weeks. Several were 
saved, and the Lord's presence was 

It came lime for mtalinn, and 
Bill began preparation aloi^e with 
the others for the trip back home 
to his friends and loved ones, but 
the Lord began to speak In His 
own mysteriouM way, and before 
long Bill knew that the Liird 
wanted him to slop. After a fierce 
inward struggle. Bill l-id his desire 
before the personnel office and was 
soon .-(iEned up for five more 
months on the bleak, baitle-.-icancd 
hills of Korea. He continued the 

Itefore loni; the Lord aw;(rded hi> 
faithfulness with five more souls. 

Shortly ^fler this, llvey were 
sent to the front lines, where the 
Lord answered prayer in sp^rinR 
Bill's comi)any, and two mure fcl- 
ows Were saved — one en an out- 
posL Then oiwrutions were .-diift- 
ed to Infamous "Triande Hill." It 
became mcrea.sinKly hard to keep 
the meetinys coinc. : i>d fewci' an<l 
fewer came out. A "nothlng-i.t- 
Rtjing-io-happen" altitude seemed 
to prevail. 

One day the enemy chose tJill's 
outfit for its first attack on the 
:s could be Iv Id 

him. Back then 

lay hoys who didn't kju>w his Lord. 

and this thought weighed heavily 

on Bill's heait as he was .sent b 'ck 

In Japan to the rriuvale.scfnl hos- 


In the next few week.s. he 
prayed much and read much io 
Cod's Word, One day. findlnK an 
empty room, he dropped to his 
knees and told the Lord Ihil he 
would Ko back to those bunkers 
—back to his buddies that needed 
the Lord so desporalelv. 

After his wounds hr.d healed, 
ho went to Camp Drake, but the 
authoritie-s informfd him that he 

I'll .- 

i-il t 

»-l( Th.' 

Right: Members of an early Bryan newspa- 
per staff report the news, both on-campiis 
and around the world. Below: A message 
from a student serving in World War II is 
posted in the Bryanette in 1945. 

Nuclear plants increase security 

I'/rolB courtert ofjcnnaiee ValUy Authnntf 

Nearby nuclear plants 
cause concerns about 
possible terrorism 

Brett Wrigfai.SiJiffwnier 
HL Edironal Suff 

In a recent chapel Bryan College Vice 
Fresidenl of Sludent l-ife Dr. Peler 
Meld announced that Bryun College 
sludenla need In have an evacuation plan 
thai would keep them away from the col- 
lege for a maximum of five da>"s in the case 
of lerrorisl allack. The thought of terrorism 
in the local area has eautied some sludtnls 
and residents to view nearby nuclear 
power planb>, including Walls Bar Nuclear 
Plant and Sequoyah Nuclear Plani, with 

Waits Bar Nuclear Planl, owned 
iinil operaled by the Tennessee Valley 
Authority ami located just outside of 
neighboring Spring City, is about 15 miles 
MonJieosl of Daylun. Walts Bar Itoasbi one 
active nuclear pressurized water reactor 
thai produced 9.6:^ billion KWh in 2001. 
The Seqouyah Nuclear Plonl, 
according Io one website, "is a Iwo unit, 
light pressurized water (LPW) reactor 
plant., with each unit capable of almost 
I l.W Megttwiitlt-," and is Inflated about 22 
miles soulheiLst of Dayton, in Soddy-Daisy, 

Oak Ridge p^e 4 

Will Churches Behind the Iron Curtain Survive? 

By Ralph ToUvot 

Robert Thompson , RT 2/c, SboemakGr, C?.l. 

^.■[ritin,^ from the U. S. Naval Hospi- 
t"l, Bobby says: 

"I ami looking i&orv^ard to being at 
Pryan IT, somotiire this spring or summer 
for a short time. I have completed Radio 
Technician school. . . I still have my 
heart set on some day being a missionary 
to Cuba." 

In 1948. when we returned to 
China from lurlough, we were con- 
vinced Ihai the best contribution 
thai a [orelgn missionary can make 
to a native churcli is in teaching 
the Word of God. Because of that 
conviction. I laught in Chinese Bible 
schools for Iwo and a half years — up 
until Communist pressure forced 
me Io slop M month.s ago. Now that 
we have both observed In others 
and experienced in ourselves the 
Communist attack on the Christian 
(allh. we are more convinced than 
ever thai fl Is only a Bible-taught. 
Splrll-niled, self-supporting church 
that will endure under 
Some Chinese churches, hottleted 
on foreign money instead of built 
up on meal of the Word, have either 
disbanded or 'often the easier 
course) have succumbed to the lace, 
saving temptaljon to degrade the 

make it more severe when It doe-s 

As In the years preceding 1923, 
.some of us arc unticipaling the re- 
action which will eventually come 
from present-day inflation, I look 
for several years of minor ups and 
downs, such as we have been hav- 
ing, bul accompanied by a g*""''''''! 
upward trend. This will deceive 
many. With such a large gold sup- 
ply, wilh the tremendous govern- 
ment debt, and with our banks in 
such a strong position, wo can and 
probably will have further inflation. 
T.?(.hnoloEic«l improvements lend 
to bold prices down, but the fiscal 
policy of our Governmeni in reaction 
to Russia seems to be the deciding 
factor economically In our day. 

World events make exceedingly 
practical the old motto: "Work as 
though Christ were not coming for 
a thousand years; live as though 
He were coming today." As Chris- 
tians we must not become surfeited 
with the cares of this life. Wc 
should Invest in things which can- 
not he taken from us. There is no 
better Investment than real Chris- 
tian education, both for our stu- 
dents and tor our contributing 
friends, because a dollar so invested 
Is compounded for time and elernlty 
through the lives thus reached dl- 
reclly and Indirectly. 

The completion of the building Is 

of Com- 

se Chris- 
ave remained 
have sought 
•Ir new and 
have exerlert 
a quiet but ever-widening spiritual 
trumpet-call that will be drowned 
out by neither the clang of prison 
gales nor the roar of Ihe exeeu- 
tioner'n rlfle. 

Thls conviction concerning the 
pre-eminence of teaching the Word 
to the national Christians was 
shared, 1 believe, by the majorltj- of 
the .'iOO missionaries of the China 
Inland Mission and like-minded 
societies whom we were able to help 
In Chungking during the great 
evacuation of 1951. 

During these crucial days on 
world mliwion fields — and especially 
In the threatened Far 
East — missions are asking for young 
people equipped to help the na- 
tional churches by teaching — not 
only teaching the doctrines of ihe 
Bible, but, as our Lord emphasized, 
"Teaching them to observe all 
things whatsoever I commanded 
you." Yes, that is Ihe teaching that 
presses His followers to obedience, 
to action in dally living, and thai 
kind of help to the national 
churches can only be given by men 
and women equipped In both mtncl 
and heart and who teach by life as 
well as by lip. 

Wc return to the Far East, the 
Lord willing, within the nexl few 
months, to" Join the new work of Ihe 
China Inland Mission In the Philip- 
pines, Shutout of ourbeloved China, 
we "flee," as our Lord commanded, 
Io this "next" counlty, convinced 
that building up Ihe saved In the 
Word of God is the secret to an en- 
during native church. 


Mrs. Margaret McGowan, former 
music Instructor and well-beloved 
friend of the university, passed 
away at her homo in Portsmouth, 
Ohio, JanuQr>' 23. 

Mrs. McGowan came to Bryan In 
the (all of 1948 and remained en the 
lacully until the spring ol 1950 
when she was forced to take a leave 
of absence of illness. Dur- 
ing her. two years here, she was in- 
structor in piano and organ and di- 
rector of the universily choir. 

75ih Anniuersary/7 

l^^M ^IfHIILiIE'iri!© 

G-AME Day 

8/ 75 th. Anniversary 

As His Lions, 

may we never 

entertain fears 

of losing, but 

only fears of 

winning at 

something that 

doesn't matter. 



'96 Commoner 

Right: A Byran soccer 
player (white) kicks in a 
goal. Far Right: Before 
Summers Gymnasium was 
built in 1 969, Bryan bas- 
ketball teams played their 
games in the gym of the 
local high school. Top: 
Elijah Peters throws out a 
player at first during the 
2005 season. Above: Versell 
Wells dunks a shot in 2004. 
Center: The baseball pro- 
gram was brought back to 
Bryan in 2002/2003. It was 
originally established in 
1960. Pictured here is a for- 
mer player pitching. 

75th Anniuersary/9 

taiMii wmisg „ „ n 

"One of the unwritten rules of 
being in a place of authority at an 
academic institution is that one 
must endure practical Jokes. As 
dean. Ryther endured his share. 
There was the time when President 
Rudd woke him up at 1:00 a.m. to 
ask for help. Some students had 

taken the Hue ducks, which were to So there we were, at one o'clock in 

be prepared for an upcoming meal, 
and let them loose in the upper 
level of the administration building. 
'They were locked in, ' Ryther said 
with a laugh. 'The ducks couldn't 
get down the stairs or out the door. 

the morning, grabbing for ducks. '" 
■excerpt from Legacy of Faith: 
the Story of Bryan College 

10/7 5th Anniuersary 

Top Left: A Hilltop Player 
gets ready for a perform- 
ance. Top Right: The 
1992 cast of You're a Good 
Man. Charlie Brown fin- 
ishes a musical number. 
Left: Professor Harold 
Hill (Brian McKenny) 
seduces the librarian 
(Katie Fridsma) in 2005 s 
The Music Man. Bottom 
Left: A Bryan chorale 
from the 1970s poses 
before a performance. 
Bottom Right: 1981 
Hilltop Players put on a 


75th Anniversary/ 1 1 

1 985-86 Hcindbo'Ok 


ICC fro 

Top Left: Members of the 1971 Student 
Senate pose for a picture. Left: Bryan stu- 
dents try to best the competition at a game 
of tug of war. Right: A newspaper clipping 
about the 1951 Junior/Senior banquet. 
Bottom Left: Students and faculrv' partici- 
pated in a telathon. Bottom Right: Student 
government is known for its negotiations 
with administration, particularly in getting 
rules changed. Pictured here is a girl being 
checked for an "appropriate" skirt length. 


Leaving Bryan Hill at 8:00 a.m.,. 
May 8, 17 carloads of juniors, seniors,] 
and faculty members crossed the Ten- 
nessee River at the Washington ferryi 
and headed northeast for the annual i 
Junior-Senior Banquet. 

After meeting at the Tennessee- 1 
North Carolina border, the group] 
traveled to the Joyce Kilmer Memo- 1 
rial Forest where lunch was eaten and i 
where some of the more ambitious] 
students explored the mourktain trail- ] 

-When the plafsS'-of the hanqujt- 
Tapoco Lodge, North Carolina — was i 
finally disclosed, a few went there] 
immediately to rest and prepare for] 
the banquet while the others either' 
visited the noted Fontana Dam on 
went on a guided tour through the] 
Cheoah Dam and power plant. 

Everyone gathered at Tapoco ] 
Lodge at 6:00 p.m. to enjoy a de- 
licious meal scr\'ed family style which i 
was interspersed with humorous stor- 
ies and special music. A challenging | 
message by the Rev. W. A. Venablc, 
Jr., of LaFayette, Georgia, clima::ed i 
the evening. 

12/75th Anniversary 


Left and Right: Members of the 1954 
forensics club debate a point. Far Right: 
Puppeteers have a mock disagreement. 
Below:Members of the Bryan College 
band practice their instruments. 




__ _gj^£dd.. 

Right: Members of 
the 1934 debate club 
pose for a picture. 
Bottom Left: 
Members of the 1988 
B.E.M. program pose 
for a group picture. 
The Bible Education 
Ministry taught 
Biblical stories and 
values in classrooms 
for over 50 years in 
the Rhea County 
area. Bottom 
involvement in vari- 
ous ministries at 
Bryan reached 2500 
children a week 
according to this 
1961 news clipping. 

Mombon ol the recosU; elocted Chrfstian Service Aaaodation Council 
tao, lott to rijhti Prdncte ttoddo. Vltginlo SogolDo. EfnnJt Zopit Chits- 
Han scrtrtcs co-ordlniTtar, Boberi Vnnkot, Mtss Bootrtw Boteon. advtsor 
Jm Cox. and Rlchoid Hclntoeh. 

CSA Beorganized. New Council Selected; 
Students Reach 2500 School Children Weekly 

To Increase Its ettlclencTy and to 
a u B m c n t Its effect i von cs.s. the 
G«oreo E. Guillc Christian Service 
Association was rMmnniied during 
[he first weeks of the fall qtinrtcr. 
It hns been the purpose of the or- 
cantzatlon ihrouehout the ycara to 
provide opportunity for students and 
staff members to present the Gospel 
by teaching, preaching, sinsln;:. and 
personal work In Dayton and In the 
nelehtKirlng mountain and valley 

The new CSA constltuUon sUpu- 
lates that all students engaging In 
any type of Christian scr\1;c ac- 
tivity must be members of the Chris- 
tian Service Association and that all service is to be reported on 
(OTms proWdod by the eo-ordlnaior. 

Another ch;inge Irum the old set- 
up Is ihat ForeJen Missions Fellow- 
ship. Student Pastors FcIloM'shtp. 
Lay Ambassi^dore, and Chllil Evan- 
gelism FenDwshlp now exist and 
function OB Independent fcllou-shlp 
organizations ivlthoui any organic 
coTir.ectloo to the CSA. 

Richard Mcintosh, a senior from 
Nor^^Blk, Ohio, Is president of the 

glnla Sonulne, Joe Co.x, Boben 
Yunker, and Francis Neddo. com 
prise ii-.a CSA Council which serves 
as the policy-making body. Beatrice 

Batson, arsociate profec-ar of Ens- 


Eighteen thousand ur>ivcT:,|t>' 
friends have been Invited lo attend 
the Gifts- for- ihe-Klng Sen-ice and 
present their gifts to the King, or If 
attendance is impoOTlble, to scad 
tholr rep resent a tli-e gltts of gold, 
nuterlal expressions of their Interest 
in the worJc at Bryan: frankln:tmse, 
irards of testimony or greeting; ur 
mjTrh, favorite \eri;es of scripture. 

In the form of a radio program, 
the third annual Glfts-for the-Klng 
Service win be held In the Brj-an 
Memorial Chapel at 3:30 pm Sun- 
day, December 16. 

Pcc^dcnl Jud-«n Rudd Is to be 
master of ceremonies lor the unique 
program In which several students 
are to read letters o( encouragement, 
tMlImonics. and scripture vcrsei re- 
ceived from alumni, irusieea. par- 
ents of students, and friends of the 

75th Anniversary/ 13 


Top Left: A male srudenrs uses his free time to play the guitar in his Long 
Dormitory room. Top Right: A student takes nap after a hard day of 
classes. Middle Left: Bryan students are icnown tor making sleds out of 
anything or nothing in the rare event of snow. Middle Right: Students 
enjoy dinner. On an average night, students were required to dress in 
their Sunday bests and use proper etiquct Bottom Left: Students and fac 
ulrv' from 1934 gather for a picture. Bottom Right: More sledding. 

14/7 5th Anniversary 


Sunday, October 14, dawned a 
beautiful fall day, but it was more 
significant than that to C3 inhabi- 
tants of Bryan Hill becaU-'-e it was 
the day of the Senior Sneak. 

This year the annual retreat of 
the seniors was more than just an- 
other class outing it proved 
to be a successful sneak. Although 
it is the traditional task of the 
juniors to play detective and catch 
the seniors, every member of the 
class of '52, including eleven fami- 
lies, was off Bryan Hill by 8:45 p.m. 
without arousing even a slight sus- 
picion on the part of any junior. 

After taking their leave of Bryan 
campus, the seniors "snuck" to Fall 
Creek Falls State Park where ihey 
remained until Tuesday evening. 
The program for the two days in- 
cluded Gucli sports as Softball, foot- 
ball, volleyball, and mountain 
hiking; song fests and devotions be- 
fore an open fireplace; and plenty 
of good food and Christian fellow- 


lop Left: Bryan students playing 
ping pong. Top Right: Freshman 
play a game as they as part of ori- 
entation. Below: Two student 
appreciates the natural beauty of 
Laurel Falls, a popular hiking des- 
tination over the years. 

75thi Anniuersary/15 



-■j.nizaiion \\'r,s 

•■JL JL , 
•.ve migi . 

se, IS stronger ^ 
11 the l¥)sts;^| 
f . I comets^ 
I you in -t: 
of a cause 


^''lon, assert: 
t the money 
was the 


tfonn the .;; 


'n dis- 
' cast 

newsefte I 


New Dormitories Brighten 1963-64 Pro! 

liic scuUinc"! 




January-February-March, 1 962 


iinu ■ 



evelopmant plat ihown abo«a the whita building in th* e«nlar it tho adminiifration 
uildlng already in ute. The other buildlngi ara tho new dorinltotioi. feld heuiB. and chapel 
nviiioned {or the future. 


The annuil missionii)' conference sponsored by the campus chapter of the 
'oreign Missions Feliowship will be held Mardi 811 with Dr. Lehman Strauss, 
'astor of the Highland ParR (Mich.) Baptist Church, as the principal speaker. All 
^■HMM^^^H Br^'jn missionary' alumni on furlough are being invited to at- 
^^H^^^Hb tend, and many of these are expected to be on campus for 
^^^^^H^*^ the conference to assist in the speaking, hold interviev.-s, and coa- 
Bl|^ #bA duct exhibits of then mission boards and fields of work. 

W ''t^Htf "The alumni who have been invited to participate arci Mr. 

^^^^^^^ and Mrs, Edward deRosset, Mr. and Mrs. John Edleston, Mr. 
^^B^^^^l and Mrs. Ian Hay. Mr. and Mrs David Huey. Miss &targatet 
^^^Hl^^^H Ann McKinnon. Sir. and Mrs. R. E. Maynatd, Mr. and Mrs. 

Gift of ^35,000 Sparks 
Dormitory Fond Drive 

The $35,000 grant received recently 
from an anonymous donor has been al- 
located for use in constructing a men's 
dormitory. This action was taken by the 
Eiecotive Committee of the Board of 
Trustees at their meeting on December 5, 

The Execuiivc Committee which carries 
on the work of the Trustees between ses- 
sions of the full Board also decided to 
inaugurate a drive for funds in 1962 to 
raise the additiorul money which would 
be needed to finance a dormitory. It is 
estimated that a total of S250.0O0 to 
5300,000 will be recjuired. The architeits 
6rm of Wilson and McCuHoch of 
lotte. North Carolina, are preparing plans 
for the building. These are expcacd to be 
available in a few weeks. Present plans 
are to build a dormitory to house at leas; 
one hundred men. 

This development would be carried out 
according to the master campus de^■clop- 
ment plan which was prepared by the 
architect two years ago and wbich appears 
in this issue. 

In commenting on the gift and the 
plans for a men's docmitor)-. Dr. Mercer 
said, "One aspect of Bryan's ability to 
increase its enrollment is distinctly re- 
lated to new student housing. At present 
our men axe housed in two small frame 
dormitory units and three jpaitmcnis. Be- 
sides the need for Setter standard quality 
housing, there is also the need for ad- 
ditional space to house additionaJ men. 
I think the construction of a standard 
dormitor>- will do a great deal for the 
entire College program." 

■;; Jiil®^#SSfel 


has tm 
;ontest as 
Dugh whicl 



— -"the 

_ I 

i _Ji- 

I, I Bai'. )-'. £. I.abiiuoa. chniiinaa <l lOir t'ooril tl nuitci* I«u ?il'sci. ons 

• ol the uolvenltT'i Ural atudcnta: ond Dean D. W. Rythei. who has b«eo 

I (n :»:* -ccvl 1 .■lm« "930 whoi Ic urJwonlM li;\ opened Its doars tot 

! student!, ore ataown wilb the bust ul William Jennings Bryan. 


resl {")■ 

16/7 5th Anniversary 

'^ih^"!^' Homewming- Missions Conference to 

fell Dvrdrd .""plm ■?'*" U- .-- -^ --^-- ---.- 

^, Juim3.-nK .""i:;^- ^" =",■""'*'. "'"i:; i^ '"-""-^ *. 

JihrtKoli. f'DJl '*llv ™ SumliT Jwraiwa. MitiJ ihU >™r"i ool 

^ Ahsnu noRmxBDe nwu mil \l, •'^ na] \(n. 






^ i\.utobiography 



''You must be 

the change you 

wish to see in 

the world'' 

- Gandhi 

''There is no 

happiness in 

life if the things 

we believe are 

different than 

the things we 


- Camus 

Tide Page/1 7 

Ever ]ock in^kte tha ceare t*iat you paee 

eitoty of 1*16 My wit*i 1*16 purpb hair or 

radio? Coming to Bryan hae brou^t a 

ov6r tte Gour66 of four yaare, wa begl 

otter. Wa bam what JTrin^ a emila to 

w& can go v^^thout showering 

Thie bock \e yoiar 0tory. 
__ Read back ovar tha pagae of your lif i 





on th& highway and wonder aboirt 1;h6 
tha man eingina He haart out wfth "tha 
myriad of etorte^ togat^iar and elowly, 

to dtecovar bite and pieo66 of each 
our roommate's faca and pet how long 

and ettll keep our friends. 


Your autobiography, 
for a yaar and ramamber whan 


"ijSife'' ::''^. 




Si >,;#'' 



Mark Anderson Robert Andrews .Fim Barth Keith Bati 
Winnie Davey Lori Davidson Tom Davis Let.i 
Kennard Teresa King Pat Kinney Sandra 
Pranger Karen Randen Melba Reed Dan 

Tulber^ (^hnrh^c \fiin Pnmn Tacnn Wnco^r 

Buller Dia 

Kem Harri.' 

Jerri Mori 

Brenda S 

Belisle M; 

Marlene Foi 

Legg Darle 

Revis Fran' 

Woltei- To 

Cheon Ada 

Tim Hoste 

Chaiies Phi 

Taylor Jennifer Travis Karin 'i\ 
Elizabeth Buckwalter Randy Biu'r 
Grauinan Alice Gray Stefon Gray 

es Donna Belisle Malt Benson Vance Barger Kari Bollant Matt Bollant Tracey Bridwell Elizabeth Buck\ 

Marlene Pouts Ken Froemlce 
ai|t Legg Darlene Lestmann 
Polly Revi 
den Jody 
eth Hixso 
Stoker Ai 

erl Aal 
t Kinney 
Iba Reed 

Randall Fuller Jarrod Gatlin Myra Goza Melissa Grauman Alici: 
Stephen Livesay Steplianie Mace Ronald Maseiigale Dennis Mi, 


Sandra Leary Carrie Lee Mar 
Daniel Reed Donald Rekoski 

Jason Wasser Cal White Stephanie Wi 
iiiah Caliban Leonardo Calvo Valerie C 

Roy Hal y^ ^, ' Linda Hester 

Dennis Miller Bruce Morgan David Morgan Jerri Morgan Judy Olsen Sharron P;Ki-^l jp„+c\''^"n Janice I 
Donald Shaver Judy Shetter Tim Shetter Brenda Sims Meleah Smith Travis >^ _ . \ lodney s| 

Andrews Jim Barth Keith Bates Donna Behsle Matt Benson Vance Ba'^;>/studying IH 

annex at any 
F™ii< I'i^time during the day or 

Davidson Tom Davis 
Pat Kinne 

Leta Dyer Dan Evans Mar lene Fonts Ken Froeny , 

.egg Darlene Lcstir^^ tne 

Melba R. 
Jason Was: 
Caliban L( 
Hattley P< 
Padgett S| 
Stevens Ei 
Fuller Ja| 
Wooten : 
Paul Jolr 
Joshua Porter ; 

Traylor Tan.i .ui^^.; 

Bumham Roger Butler 

Gray Jan Green Ksni TI 


Tim Shell 





Beth H 

Ken Froemki 




|?0I1 A: 

m Hos 
rles P 
or Je 
Alice O 
us Miller 
. >onald Shav 
rews Jim Ba 
Tom Davis Let?^ 
„iey Sandi'a Lear\ 
Iba Reed Daniel Reed DoiMki Kb 

evening are to observe absolute 
quiet and not converse at all 
Studying together is prohibited 
and couples are not to sit 

inifer H: 
1 Judy 

nda Sims Meleall 
Matt Benson Var 
■S'larlene Fouts Ken Froemke 
garet Legg Darlene Lestm 

Randall Fuller Jarrod Gatlin 

oske Polly Revis Frank Ro 
^nai.i,., -uii i.aLon Jason Wasser Cal White Stephanie Wise Flerman Wolter Todd 
Diana Biittram Jeremiah Caliban Leonardo Calvo Valerie Castlen Jody Cheon Adi 

Peter Held Linda Flester Beth Hixson Tim Flosti 
rt Stephen Paulson Janice Pendergrass Charles Phi 



Myra G oza N 
d Mi 










lud ua 
John S<| 
iMark C| 
Ison J a 
Charles Phillips Jancl Piau .iosiiua Porter Phil 

ker Adam Taylor Jennifer Travis Karin Traylor Tamil 
ridwell Elizabeth BuckiA'alter Randy Bumham Roger 
issa Grauman Alice Gray Stefon Gray Jan Green Ke 
Lestmann Stephen Livesay Stephanie Mace Ronald iviasengale Dennis Miller Bruce Morgan David Morgan Jer 
Rouse Michael Sapienza John Sauve Leo Sayles Douglas Schott Donald Shaver Judy Shetter Tim Shetter Bren(.| 
Wood Brenda Wooten Sharon Zenson Mark Anderson Robert Andrews Jim Barth Keith Bates Donna Belisle 
Crownoble Janet Cruver Mark Cruver Winnie Davey Lori Davidson Tom Davis Leta Dyer Dan Evans Marlene louts Ken Froemke Randall I 
Joel Johnson Paul Johnson Janet Kennard Teresa King Pat Kinney Sandra Leary Carrie Lee Margaret Legg Darlene Leshnann Stephen Livesay Stephanie Maci 
}cm<ct?\20/EuentS Division k-lba Reed Daniel Reed Donald Rekoske "Polly Revis Frank Rouse Michael Sapienza John Sauve Leo S 

Travis Karin irayior laii ^^ ' " ' " "' ' ^ — ' — '■ — "^ " ^^^-^ "^ ' ' " ' — '— "^ ' — "^ ^ ''' Yla 

Randy Bumham Roger l | »9, (■'oi^B-'l) HSsso^jaQ uut;>i '^g. uuBUtfnB;^ EjnBi :avoj puooag -gg, smpujog pjegora 'Z8. ueSjoim 93njg 'jg, tpiBH mjf -^o^ doxl 'ir 

Stefon Gray Jan Green Kem Harris Jennifer Hattley Roy Hattley Peter Held Linda Hester Beth 1 lixson Tim Hoslctler Joel Johnson Paul Johnson Janet Kennar 
Morgan David Morgan Jerri Morgan Judy Olsen Sliarron Padgett Stephen Paulson Janice Pendergrass Charles Phillips Janet Piatt Joshua Porter Phil Pranger K 

Randy Burnhain Roger Butler Diana Buttram 

Stefon Gray Jan Green Keni Harris Jennt 
•uce IVIorgan David Morgan Jerri iVIoi-gan 
'er Judy Shelter Tim Shelter Breiida Sims 
im Barth Keith Bates Donna Beltsle Matt 
:i Davis Leta Dyer Dan Evans Marlene Foi 
ndra Leary Carrie Lee Margaret Legg Dai 
laniel Reed Donald Rekoske Polly Revis 1 

Jeremiah Calihan 

Leonardo Calvo 



alihan Leojis 

Hartley Peter ]W9^^^^ffK- Beth Hixson Ti| 
ron Padgett Stephen ^S^mjanice Pendergrass 
wis Stevens Edward Stobart Rodney Stoker Adam Taylor Jennifer Traxis 

Kari Bollant Matt Bollanl Tracey Bridwell Elizabeth Buckwalter Rand>^ 
dl Fuller Jarrod Gatlin Myra Goza Melissa Graiiman Aliee Gray Sletj 
ivesay Stephanie Mace Ronald Masengale Dennis Miller Bruce M< 
e nza J ohn Sau^'e Leo Sayles Douglas Schott D onald Shaver Jud 


een Kem Harris Jenni ■■ ^. •■.' . 

rgan Jerri Morgan Judy Olsen Sharixin Pa 

ter Brenda Sims Meleah Smith Travis Ste^ 

Selisle Matt Benson^l^^Barger Kari Bo 

arlene Fouls Kj^BpHM^BiKf''^" '"'-iller 

:gg Darlene J^Sj^^^f^^^^^^dV St 

Revis Frnnl^g^^^^^^^im^^gi^n Sauve Leo Sayles Douglas Schott DuJiaiu onavci 

Wolter To; 

'heon Ai 

on Tim 


■ Ad; 

son Tom Day 

mnev Sand^ 
Iba Reed 

'^^\^ .^r ^^:^\<f ^^\^ 


ael Sapient 

nda Wooten 
Janet Cru\ 
mson Paul Johnsoii^ 
latt Joshua Porter Ph 
Karm Traylor Tami Tulb? 

h Piatt 

||h Bates 

Karin Traylor Tami Tulberg Charles Van Eaton Jason Wasser Cal White Stephanie 
_Roger Butler Diana Buttram Jeremiah Calihan Leonardo Calvo Valerie 
pen Kem Harris Jennifer Hartley Roy Hatlley Peter Held Linda Hester 
Jerri Morgan Judy Olsen ShaiTon Padgett Stephen Paulson Janice 
ida Sims Meleah Smith Travis Stevens Edward Stobart Rodjiey 
att Benson Vance Barger Kari Bollant Matt Bollant Tracey 
Ken FroemJce Randall Fuller JaiTod Gatlin Myra Goza 
ne Lestmann Stephen Livesay Stephanie Mace Ronald 
Ilk Rouse Michael Sapienza Jolm Sauve Leo Sayles 
od d Wood Brenda Wooten Sharon Zenson Mark 

r Winnie 

^ -^^ 


ennis M| 
.3tt Donald 
i\obert Andrew] 
Lori Davidson 
a King Pat Kinney 
anden Melba Reed 
Van Eaton Jason Wasser 

er Diana 
in Harris 
ri Morgan 
Ida Sims 

iene Fouts 


s Frank 

Iter Todd 

Bmiiham Roger Butler Diana Buttram Jeremiah Calihan Le.^^^mi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B''' '^dam 

ivieussd uiau TrTirav Jan Green Kem Harris Jennifer Hatlley Roy Hatlley Peter Held Linda Hester Beth Hixson Tim Hosteller 

aid Masengale Denni.. ^,inDa\ id Morgan Jerri Morgan Judy Olsen Sharron Padgett Stei^hen Paulson Janice Pendergrass ChaiJes Phillips 

Dougias'Schott Donald Shaver Judy Shetter Tim Shelter Brenda Sims Meleah Smith Travis Stevens Events Diuision/21 ?nnifer 

ierson Robert Andrews Jim Barth Keith Bates Donna Belisle Matt Benson Vance Barger Kari Bollant ivian tiouant iracey eriaweii tnzaDein uucKwalter 
avey Lori Davidson Tom Davis Leta Dyer E)an Evans Mariene Fouts Ken Froemke Randall Fuller Jarrod Gatlin Myra Goza Melissa Grauman Alice Gray 
;sa King Pat Kinney Sandra Leary Carrie Lee Margaret Legg Dariene Lestmann Stephen Livesay Stephanie Mace Ronald Masengale Dennis Miller Bniee 
landen Melba Reed Daniel Reed Donald Rekoske Polly Revis Frank Rouse Michael Sapienza John Sauve Leo Sayles Douglas Schott Donald Shaver Judy 

Above: Resident Assistant Paul 
Downer and small group leader Will 
Strickland take a break from moving 
new students into the dorms. 

Right: SGA members Ashley Parker and 
David Darden help freshman David 
Beisner move into Woodlee-Ewing. 

22 /Freshman Orientation 

George Young and 

Rachel Gentry's 

small group seems to 

be going well over at 

Dr. Livesay's house. 

New Bryan students 

Above: Freshmen eat with the 
other new students and student 
leaders at the park before head- 
ing to the Rhea County 
Courthouse to learn about 
William Jennings Bryan. 

Right: Bryan student leaders 

Amy Opelt and Dayna Lovlns 

get up bright and early to 

help new students register. 

Freshman Orientation/23 

In Memory of 
Jonathan Matthew "Matt" Wilhoite 

June 27, 1986 - November 5, 2004 

"My soul finds rest in God alone; 
my salvation comes from him. 
He alone is my rock and salvation; 
he is my fortress, I will never be shaken." 
Psalm 62: 1-2 

•*■■■ It 

"I pray that you may be active 
in sharing your faith, so that 
you will have a full understand- 
ing of every good thing we 
have in Christ." 
Philemon 1:6 

24/Matt's Page 

A friend a teammate a student.... a devoted truck enthusiast.... a good ol' boy.... a leftie. 

"I have fought the good fight, I have fin- 
ished the race, I have kept the faith. Now 
there is in store for me the crown of right- 
eousness, which the Lord, the righteous 
Judge, will award to me on that day- and 
not only to me, but also to all who have 
longed for his appearing." 
2 Timothy 4:7 

A boy. ...a son. ...a basketball player. ...a leader.. A+ Student. ...a practical joker 

Matt's Page/25 

Homecomip^ Qourt 

Being a part of the 
Bryan College Homecoming 
Court was definitely a great 

honor. When they 
announced my name at the 
banquet, the people at my 
table were like "Lindsay, 
that's you!" I had been sit- 
ting there looking around 
the room to see who the 
next person called would 
be. Homecoming Court 
was a lot of fun. It was 
great to get to know every- 
one while we were standing 

around waiting to drive 

down to the field. We Just 

had fun and took a lot of 

pictures. We made some 

really great memories that 

day. It was an awesome 

experience, and I am so 

thankful for the opportunity. 

"Lindsay Woods 

26/Homecoming Court 


■ -- ^ 


Clockwise from top: Becca Rusch and Danny Harvey 

(homecoming king); Julie Thompson and Elijah Peters; 

Anna Squires and Luke Peters; Lindsay Woods and John 

Killian; Jen Parks (homecoming queen) and Paul Downer 


Above: Seniors Jennifer Gordon and Brad Poston 

Above: The many phases of Mrs. Congenality 

"Its me Robert 
Goulet. I wanted 
to tell you that 1 
loved the swaree. 
It was delectable. 
The costumes- 
great. The food- 
dellsh. The night 
was filled with 
fun, excitement, 
and wonder. " 



Robert Palmer, Junior 

Above:The Homecoming Mob 

Left: A 
group of 
freinds wait 
to enjoy a 
nice dinner 
together at 
the first ban- 
quet of the 

Below: A delicious dinner with all the trimmings adorned 
by a Star Wars centerpience. 

Homecoming Banquet/27 


Tl?c /Acrcl^a^t 

Matt Rogers, as Old Gobbo, talks to his 
son, Lancelot, played by Wesley Callihan 
about working for Shylock. 

Below: Corey Thompson as the prince 

of Morocco is suitor number one for 

Portia played by Jessicca Long. 

Left: Josh Long as the shrewd 
and cunning Jew, Shylock 

1 T 


i i 



Ben Brown, as the prince of 
Aragon, is suitor number two! 

28/The Merchant of Venice 

These maidens wait on their lady, Portia, hand and foot! 


f \fei)\ce 

28th - 30th 

"Every play is memorable. 
The time your mike fell off 

during the performance, 
the innumerable times you 
and your fellow actors 
were cracking up back- 
stage and trying to shush 
each other - these are all 
precious moments. There 
is, however, something 
very special about 
Shakespeare. In his writ- 
ing we find a wealth of 
wonderful words and wit, 
the likes of which very few 
playwrights since him have 
been able to pen. 
"Memorable" hardly says 
it. "Priceless" may come 
- Nathan Schmidt 

Above: Christina Johnson and Jared Reitnauer 
sit beneath the stars as Jessica and Lorenzo. 

Bassanio, played by Caleb Fendrick, 

speaks to Salerio and Lorenzo about 


Glen Hentz, as Graziano, and Nathan Schmidt, 
as Salerio, overhear an important converation! 

The Merchant of Venice/29 


favorite memory from 
the masquerade was the 'lip 
sync' competition. The girls and 
Jonathan Bales who chorographed a 
dance to "King of New York," from 
Disney's Newsie, were phenomenal. Even 
though the sound wasn't perfect they kept 
on going. Anyone watching could tell that 
they put a lot of time and effort to practice 
for it." 

~ Beth Simon, 

Above: Winners of costume contest, Deborah 
Angrove, Timberly Cox, Rachel Tortolani, Loni 
Layton, and Kelly Patton are some proud puppies 







Above: John Schinler and Drew Phillips fit into trucker 
character nicely. 

Right: Some people just can't let the Communist days go. 

Below: Chris Hoover makes one cute biker chick! 

Above: John Killian and Paul Gutacker breakin' it down in 

their new dresses. 

Below: The RJiea house guys are all boxed in? 


"It all started one afternoon when I noticed a floppy disk taped to my 
door. The disk said, "Find Will Grones, and go to a computer!' On the 
disk was a picture of Wills trash can. Next to the picture, it said, "Look 
under here" When we did, we found an envelope with a book card 
from the library in it. The search was on ... We went to the library and 
found the book with a second envelope in it. This envelope contained 
a card with a website address on it. When we went to the site, which 
was created solely for this, we found the combination and box number 
of someones mailbox in the admin building. Inside the box was anoth- 
er note telling us we had a package in the Office of Student Life. 
Sitting on the shelf in OSL was a VHS tape with our names on it. The 
computer tech was kind enough to let us use one of the five VCRs in 
his room. When we popped it in, we saw a first-person view of some- 
one walking down the hall of Rudd into the band room. Over at the 
music shelf, a hand came out of the unseen, grabbed music folder *4 
and put another infamous envelope in. Will and 1 had no doubt where 
the next clue was, so we headed over to Rudd to see what awaited us. 
In this envelope was another card, this time with the name of an e-mail 
account and the password gowithus. When we logged onto our new 
account, there was one new message waiting for us. The message 
asked us if we had used an exercise bike lately. Back in the Student 
Life Building, we were not surprised when we found another envelope 
taped to one of the exercise bikes. Inside was a ticket for a roll of film 
at Wal-Mart and two five-dollar bills. 1 realized that 1 had work in fifteen 
minutes and wouldn't have time to go down there. I worked for the 
next three hours, chopping vegetables and wondering. When 1 finally 
got out of work. Will and I scooted down to Wal-Mart and 
picked up our roll of film. Each picture was taken of an 
anonymous person on campus holding a piece of paper 
with one word written on it: Timothy Andrew Furnanz 
and William Ernest Grones, would you be so kind as 
to attend the Christmas Banquet with us? We would 
be honored. The last picture was of April Brown and 
Christine Freed, the two instigators of this incredibly elab- 
orate treasure hunt!' -Tim Furnanz 

Susan Brenner sings some favorite 
Christmas songs at the banquet 

Left: Rebecca 
Ketterer signs a 
card to encourage 
people in the nurs- 
ing home during the 
Christmas season; 
Right: Emily 
Bergandine, All 
Vaughan, and 
Heather Couch 
around the 
Christmas tree 

32/Christmas Banquet 







Musicians Peter Schottleutner and 
Nick Kates liven up the atmosphere 


Phil Schroeder, Pam Davis, Joanna McBride, Karl Wright, 
Anne White, DeAnna Stoltzfus, and Dishon Smith 

Christmas Banquet/33 


Neil tj 

Simon's ^^ 



Chris Gorman Katie Fridsma 

Ken Gorman David Blaiock 

Lenny Ganz Josh Long 

Claire Ganz Amanda Sherrin 

Cookie Cusack Kristen Biddy 

Ernie Cusack Brian McKenney 

Glenn Cooper Nathan Schmidt 

Cassie Cooper Jessica Reed 

Officer Welsh Caleb Fendrick 

Officer Pudney Glen Hentz 

/ Below: Miscommunication abounds when ^^ 
Josh Long (left) explains the situation to a hear- 
ing impaired David Blaiock. 

Upper Right: Brian McKenney (standing) realizes a 
ruse is afoot as Josh Long flounders for answers.^ 

^ Above: Glen Hentz, the \ 

assistant director of Rumors, 
makes a cameo as Officer Pudney 

34/Winter Play 

the Scenes 

"During the first act a 

large crash and a 

squeal come from the 

kitchen. Heres how it 

worked: First, Brian 

McKenney dumped out 

a large bucket full of 

metal braces on the 

floor and yelled while 

Kristen Biddy belted a 

very loud, high-pitched 

scream. Glen Hentz 
topped it off by bang- 
ing a 2x4 on anything 
he could find. It was 
V - David Blalock > 

Upper left: 

Jessica Reed 


her message 

loud and clear to 

David Blalock's 


Below: Katie got a lit- 
tle tied up from time to 
time during the play 

/^ Above: ^ 
(right) back- 
ache was 
one many 

of her 



during the 


(From left) 

Josh, David 
and Brian 
throw num- 
bers to see 
who must 
V break the , 

Winter Play/35 

Above: Steve Orner, Keelan Diehl and Justin Lonas say, "If 
only there had been more to eat at the banquet..." 

36/Valentine' s Banquet 

Above: Flowers adorned the 

tables for the decorated 


Below: The saxaphone player 

for this year's Moonlight 

Jazz theme. 

Freshman SGA (from left: Jonathan Bryant, Joel Trigger, 

Demi Bardsly, Paul Gutacker, Andra Branson, John Killian, 

and Jessi Hundley) pulled out all the stops for the 

Valentine's Banquet. 

Valentine's Banquet/37 

Below: Ceren Carper, "trophy 
girl" of the evening, smiles! 

Above: Schindler is joined by 
Parks, Strode, and Mellon. 

A Night at 

Above; Quinten McCuiston and Brian 

McKenney kept the crowd laughing 

as the Masters of Ceremony. 

Top Right: Paul Miller and Heather 

Couch were two of the evening^ 

many presenters. 

Bottom Right: The cast of 

"Tor the Title " accepting the 

Peopled Choice award. 

And the winners are... 

Best Picture: Matt Rogers 

and Josh Long, For the Title 

Best Director: Josh Long, 

For the Title 

Best Actor: David Blalock 

Best Actress: Jessica Long 

Best Original Score: 

Hudson Ellis, 

We Were Spartans 

Best Cinematography: 

Hudson Ellis, 

We Were Spartans 

Best Script: Matt 

Henderson, Beloved 

Best Editing: Matt Rogers, 

The Choices We Make 

Best Sound: Kyle Parks, 

The Everyman 

Best Special Effects: 

Hudson Ellis, 

We were Spartans 

People's Choice: For 

the Title 



"The Oscars 

are the most 

fun we can 

have without 
actually being 


-Oscar winner, Josh Long 

the Oscars 

"The "Rudd Auditorium Rock 
Orchestra" included Danny 
Reed, David Sutton, Chris 
Famey, Christine Pratt, and 
John Schindler (pictured 
below). The Rockers wel- 
comed many guest stars to 
the stage as well! 

Above: MCs, McCuiston and 
McKenney, quizzed Josh Long on for- 
mer Oscar winners, (tie answered 
ALL of them correctly!) 

Above: Ahmahl Amedu rapping. 

Left: Students singing the 
Alma Mater. Right: Peter 
Schottleutner performing. 

Jesse Hundley 

Sophomore, George 

Young performing 

"Liquor War" 


40/Jr./Sr. Banquet 

^ "She ^ 

good, she 

good, and 
she didn't 


What more 

could a 

guy ask 


^ -JD Geib ^ 

/^ On the bus ride >. 

back from Jr/Sr, I fell 

asleep ~ we're talking out 

cold. But I wake up, about 

4:30 a.m., to my seatmate 

whispering, "Olivia, what 

are you doing?" Turns out 

in my oblivion, I was all 

over this guy. Lips literally 

a millimeter away from his, 

arm aiound his chest, head 

smushed against his. Pretty 

embarrassmg. But we 

shared a good laugh, he 

graciously bestowed upon 

me the title of "sleep- 
Kimancer," and 1 resolutely 
ayed awake for the rest of 
the bus ride. 

Olivia Fessler J 

Jr/Sr Banquet /41 








APRIL 14 - 16. 2005 


Left: The citizens 
of River City - 
Professor Harold 
Hill to their stub- 
born Iowa town. 

Right (from left): 
Jeremy Moore, 
Matt Henderson 

and Johnny 

Miller pretend to 

do some serious 

heading in the 



42/Spring Play 

^ "Playing a widowed Irish mother wasn't easy, but the cast and the 
hundreds of audience members made the experience unforgettable. I had 
to become a character that was so radically different than myself, but 
glory be and the saints be praised' it was fun!" - Natalie Hayes ^ 

Spring Play/43 


Above: Chapel speaker (and former Bryan professor) Dn Gary Phillips 
speaks to senior Katherine Halvorson; Below left: The Day of Prayer scrip- 
ture reading; Below right: Mark Cahill teaches on evangelism 




Above: Rudd Auditorium, where it all happens; Below: The steel pan band from Trinidad 
and Tobago have been a chapel favorite for two years straight 


Seruice Day 

Above: Will Strickland and Jessi Hundley 
having some fun cleaning up trash. 

Above: Andy Sewell collecting garbage. 

Below: The whole gang of Bryan students 
gather in the cafeteria ready to work' 

"Seeing Bryan students come 

together to serve people in the 

community on MLK Day was one 

of my favorite things all year. It 

really brought us together as we 

served alongside one another and 

spurred each other on towards 


-Freshman Jessi Hundley 

Above: Kami Cunningham visiting with 

Ms. Polly at Rhea County. 

Below: Isaac Demme, Anneli Horner, and 

Christy Rhodenbeck hard at work! 

MLK Day/45 

Cool Hand Luke played for Bryan students in Rudd. 



Girls from Long 2nd along with Jonathan Bailes 

performed "Fm the King of New York" from 

"Newsies" at the Masquerade. 

^"^^ TlZ2ti 

^ S.&. 






Snow Skif, 


Drew Phillips and David Blailock did an impromptu 
performance during the School-wide Talent Show. 

"I think activities are important at 

Bryan College because they foster 

leadership and develop community." 

-Sophomore, Bonnie-Marie Yager 

A beached whale, a.k.a. Rob Palmer, on the stage 
during the Talent Show. 

46/SGA Actiuities 


David Deuth smiled as he donated blood in the 
"Blood Mobile" which came to Bryan campus. 

'Storytime with Tiigger" at the Talent Show. 

Glenn Hentz and Josh Long kept the crowd in 
stitches as the M.C.s during the Talent Show. 

Widiirc|fct Breakfast 

"My favorite event is Oscar's, 

but I also really enjoy watching 

other people give blood." 

Senior, Amy Hobbs 











Students sang Christmas carols, sipped hot cocoa, 

and munched on cookies during the annual 

Christmas tree lighting ceremony. (The tree escaped 

local arsonists this year!) 


"^ Tree Li 


^oseboU tf>^^ 

SGA Actiuities/47 

/\MUcy /-vuciL-iuiiiuic i\_yau /i.gc:iis iciiui j^iniBiiuii^ juiiciuiaii uav^uii x^aiiiciiiic uaiics juudiiitiii uaiicb L'ciiii Dctiusicy i 

Mitch Bower Jason Braaten Troy Brad1e\ 
Clegg Christen Conrad Emily 
Deweese Paul Downer Joanna 
Holly G 









Christian Rachel Cle, 
Deweese Paul Downer Jo 

Andra Branson Michelle Brenner Susan Brenner April Brown Ben Brow 
Cook Tamar a Cook Heather Couch Kelly Crane John Paul C reel 
Downing J^ Students are not permitted tp wear clothing ordi-\Low 
Gentry T(narily worn by the members of the opposite sex. )e 



Students are not permitted tp wear clothing ordi 
narily worn by the members of the opposite sex. 


Lauren Goodge 

Rachel Gentry Thiago Goncalves 

Glen Hcn' -^-^"'"-"^-"''"'" ^' '"-'jy--^''-'.- p.-^"-^ 

Matt Le 
Corrie Naf 
Jessica "^ 
Beth St. 
Trigger Re 
Ryan Agei 
Braaten Tr 
Emily C 
Brain ' . 
Justin Lon; 

uiaiii J_/U.t 


shlie Pai 
Caye Re 
1 Stewar 
erg Al 
r Armstil 
Shameka Gr 
fe Eva Ho 
ong Dayi 
Rob Pain 
Matt Rogers cnuciTTC 
Stone Kemberlee SIq- 
Melia Warren Ky] 
le Bailes Jonatl 
liicr Susan Bre 
rane John Pa 
-Lowe 01 i 
'*|ll Grones 
imeli Ho 

LasKOwsKe Kai 

uzaucui j\.uiiici jcii rvuyivciiuaii t'diil 

p.,-.n A/rorchaii Benjamin Meadows Emily Meizner Lu 

ihaf -\v 

Steve Orner Rob Palmer Ashlie Parker Rebecca 
Reynolds Jessica Righter Matt Rogers Chuck Rose Nathan 
DeAnna Stolzfiis Barton Stone Kemberlee Storey Sara Stri 
Vaughn Jeremy Vineyard Melia-Warren Kyle Wigington Ka 

Armstrong JonathajL-& 
Tamara C 
Hodge E 
Long Da^ 
Rob Pal 
Matt Roger: 
Stone Kerf 
Melia Wa^ 
Catherine Ba 
Brenner Susa^ 
Crane John 
Lowe Olivia 
Grones John 
Horner Jessica 

MacCready HamiSlTMarkette 

Bailes Jonathan Bailes 
er Susan Brenner April Browi 
John Paul Creel Ashley Criswe 
Olivia Fessler Brian Fitzgerald Victoria" 
es John Gross Paul Gutacker Betsy Hai 
£\\\Tier Jessica Hundley Heidi Immel Sally Ke 
Cready Ha 

an 5cniruuL jonn iunmuier rn uip 

Strickland Will Strickland Alii Str 

trina Wise Anne White Gerry \ 

Sam Barrick Laura B 

Sarah Brown Leant 

Linninaham Julie D 

Lauren Fo 

therine I 

^ffany i 






Lvavid Bei 

Brubaker J 

els David C 

a Christine Frei 

lalvorson Molly 

erley John Killian 


Jen Parks^ 
in Schir 
WV' San 
1 Sari 
'la Flow 
Tnrnel Sally Kelly Ti 
Ben Marshall Benja 

luniv Ajbjouoh '£006 ipisjsqois^i mg :iun[v Ajcjouoh 'c003 'uubuijssi imj :moj puooas 
■uiniv Ajbjouoh >661 'IPZJJBH uiUEpM i896I '3>1uj30JJ u3;x :umiv Xjbjouoh I^QOZ 'liampg uaqdaig :a\oj dox 

Parker Jen Parks Ginny Pellum Bethany Perseghett 
Schimdt John Schindler Philip Schi 
Strickland Will Strickland Alii Stroh 
Katrii4g/Qrganjzaton b/u(sion "' ' ''l^h Jane 11 Wright Joy Wright Kari Wright Bonnie-Marie Yagci ' _. ....^,: >an 
Catuciiiie xsancs joiiainaii joaucs ucuii Bardsley Sam Barrick Laura Barton David Beisner Emily Bergandine Chri^ 
Braaten Troy Bradley Andra Branson Michelle Brenner Susan Brenner April Brown Ben Brown Sarah Brown Leanri 
Emily Cook Tamara Cook Heather Couch Kelly Crane John Paul Creel Ashley Criswell Kami Cunningham Julie D 

ah Brown Leanne Brubaker Jonathan Bryant Wesley Callihan Ceren Carper 










(Vorth Janell Wright Joy Wrig. 

David Beisner Emily Bergandme LunMina uluj) kiisten Biddy David Blaiui.k 
abaker Jonathan Bryant Wesley Callihan Ceren Caliper Cathy Chapman Mimi Christian 

^ Standing around in halls and constant association of couples ^ 
during vacant periods on campus, in the library, in the recreation 
room, in class or practice rooms, in the kitchen when not assigned 
work, is considered determental to the student and the school's 
interests and a violation of the spirit of the dating regulations 


Cathy Chapman Mimi Christian Rachel 

" ^e Justin 
1 Gaber 
:r Rob 
J a Reed 
.D. Geib 
OSS Lee 
St. John 
yn Joel 
Jubcpij oiasciiKc Mitch Bower Jason 
Rachel Clegg Christen Conrad 

; David Darden 

hristine Freed \i\ 

rson Molly Han 

' John Killian E 

s Emily Meizn^ 

on Luke Peters 

iherrin David Sh' 

illivan David Suttoi?"xrory i nompson 

/Wright ^'- ■"■ ' ■ ^ ^ ^' ■ ^ 


f Emily E 

lan Bry 

y Pam 

atie Fri 



ucy Mi 

lia Peti 

ion Sm 

/ Thorn 


•ry Kri 


nme Isaa! 

Gaber Holly Gaskin 


owner Joanna Downing 

ntry Thiago Goncalves 

entz Erin Higbee Amy 

tt Lefever Mark Livesay 

ash Laura Newport Amy 
ica Reed Ashley Kaye 
Beth Stai-buck Ben Stewart 
amuoiey uaniei lomyn Toel Trigger Renee Tullberg Ali 
" ' orge Young Ashley Abercrombie Ryan Agens Talor 
^ iv Joseph Blaschke Mitch Bower Jason Braaten Troy 
li Chiistian Rachel Cl^^yrristen Conrad Emily Cook 
)eweese Paul Dow 
lb Rachel Gents 
igsen Glen 
^s Lee 
s C 

.-.^"^f seci ?^^«r - 

owning Brain Edgerton 
ves Laui'en Goodge 
my Hobbs Brandon 
Justin Lonas Jessica 
Steve Omer 
Jessica Righter 
plzfus Barton 
ener Will 
Hoover Anneli 
Jo McBride Eddie 
ie Parker Rebecca 
ers Chuck Rose Nathan 
one Kemberlee Storey Sara 

Lebekah Tooley Daniel Tomyn Joel Trigger Renee Tullberg Ali Vaughn Jeremy Vineyard Melia Warren Kyle Wigington 
3eorge Young Ashley Abercrombie Ryan Agens Talor Armstrong Jonathan Orqanization Diuision/49 ^^^'^^^ 

Berry Kristen Biddy David Blalock Joseph Blaschke Mitch Bower Jason 

ubaker Jonathan Bryant Wesley Callihan Ceren Carper Cathy Chapman Mimi Christian Rachel Clegg Christen Conrad 
3 David Darden Pam Davis Sara Davis Ethan Demme Isaac Demme Justin Deweese Paul Downer Joanna Downing 

liel Gentry 



.ff-o^^ J 4te= °l 4e* °L.W4*"L„ » *%l«^«'*' 

s"'"::, »s<: "i. ev>cWi,;;*-j»>^;,>t>-»':*o{ *= 


■I ir 
oiirad En? 
mg Brain 
Thiago Goncalves Lauren 

s Jessica Lo' 
teve Orner Ro 
sica Righter M; 
Stolzfus Barton 








J'" *e ;r:,!- -t-!;.?«a; 


From the President 
of the Student Body; 

"SGA: It's intense! It's huge! It's a loveboat of leader- 
ship challenges . . . and always remember that when you 
know why you believe what you believe, belief is - uh- 
probable. To the 2004-2005 SGA crew, thanks for a 
great year, I love you bouquets of paperclips and rubber 
bands. Never stop leadershipping!" 
Presidentially Yours, 

Anneli L. Horner 

One Happy Family aka Executive 
Council: Cory Thompson, Janelle Wright, 
Anneli Hormer, Shameka Green, Molly 
Hamrick, Anne White, and Brad Poston 

"SGA is like a rollercoaster. It's 

moving too fast while you're on it to 

know what's going on and you just get 

off disoriented and even if you throw 

up, you still don't get your money 


~- John Killian 



E\en the Indian Cathy Chapman and 
Pilgrim Drew Phillips love SGA! 
Below sisters in SGA: Kari and Janell 
Wright duke it out with a spatula. 

"SGA is a loveboat run 

by the steam of compassion 

and the desire to make Bryan 

College a better place for 

every person." 

~ Corey Thompson 

The Junior SGA: Sara Davis, Drew Phillips, 
Beca Yarnell, Luke Peters, Christen Conrad, 
Cathy Chapman, Steve Orner, and Rachel Gentry. 


"You're never going to feel qualified to lead, but that's okay. God does- 
n't use perfect people. Probably because they don't exist." 

~ Joel Trigger 

A little bit of sunshine from 
Junior Class President Luke 

"I am so grateful for SGA. It ^, ^ , , , , , i^ u 

^ I he Huggable. loveable Freshman SGA: 

has given me leadership expert- Paul Omacker, Joel Trigger, John Killian, Demi Bardsley, 

ence and training that I will take ^^'^ ^'"''''""- •^'''' """^^'y' Jonhathan Bryant. 
with me for the rest of my life." "SGA is 

~ Alii Strohm my 

boyfriend. " 
~ Demi Bardsley 

John Schindler and Alii Strohm represent- 
ing the hard work of the Sophomore SGA. 

Senior SGAer's: Pam Davis, Kari Wright, David Shifrin, Kelly 
Crane, Issac Demme, Jo McBride. 


J "Being on Ministry V 
Council this year has been 
an integral part of my life here 
at Bryan. It has been an incredi- 
ble opportunity to learn how to 
serve through leading and to 
see how God works through 
even the weakest of vessels" 

Jessi Hundley 

M N S R 


Ministy Council: (back) Pam Davis, Jessi Hundley, David 

Darden, Joel Trigger, Brad Poston, Matt and Jonathan 
Benson (middle) Erin Higbee, John Schindler, Joey Raboin, 
Julie Daniels (front) Drew Phillips, Christen Conrad, and Joy 

A student participating in the 24 hours 

Bible reading in front of the Administration 

Building before the Day of Prayer. 


"Ministry counsel is a really 

fun and crazy. It was different 

than what I thought it was going 

to be. I did not realize there was 

so much administration and 

organization to it. There have 

been some great God-inspired 

moments this year in Ministry 

Counsel. It really broadened my 

horizons and I learned how to 

handle different situtations. 

Over all it was flippin' 


- Joel Trigger 

Pam Davis, Joy Wright, Jessi Hundley, Erin Higbee - the ladies of Ministry. 

52/Ministry Council 

Senate 8004-8005 

Vice President 
Janell Wright 

Olivia Fessler 


Senior - Kari Wright & Isaac Deninie 

Junior - Bachel Grentry & Steve Omer 

Sophomore - AUi S^trohm. Sc Ryan Gaber 

Freshman - Andra Branson & John Killian 

Above: Ryan Gaber (left) and John 
Killian confer with each other on seri- 
ous Senate issues like men's hair length. 

"Senate has been an amazing experience for me, both 
in learning how to lead and learning how relate to the 

leadership over me. One of the times I remember 
well, OSL sent out a change to the dress code allowing 

girls to wear hats, and I was upset about it. I went 
storming to Janell wanting to rant about it in Senate. 
She told me to go see Dr. Held and talk to him about 
it before I came to Senate. I did, and it was amazing 
how well that worked! He explained the decision, and 
it completely took the wind out of my sails and made 
me see how much turmoil could be avoided by going 
to him first!' 
-- Alii Strohm 




pose for a 






Right: Dr. 



with the 

Senate to 





Below: Senior Captian Aileen Vaughan 
in the middle of impeaching a witness 
at the MTSU Invitational. Vaughan 
was also awarded Outstanding Attorney 
at the Regional Troiianameiit in AL. 


Moek Trial 

"I learned a lot and I really enjoyed it. Over the course of 
the year I not only learned about law, but MT also helped me 
develop my public speaking skills. I was also greatly 
encouraged by my captain (Vaughan) and I consider it an 
honor and privilege to try and fill her shoes in the 2005- 
2006 season." 

"It has been the greatest honor and privileg that I had lead- 
ing the team the last two years and beig apart of the Mock 
Trial Program since it began my freshman year. I will miss 
it a lot. Thank you Dr. H for all you have taught me through 
the god times and the bad. I have not only learned about the 
American Justice System, but how to recruit, lead, and 
develop a team of individuals that are passionate about 
reaching the Mock Trial Circuit with the gospel of Christ. 
Note to the future team: Bring home the title (Mimi and Wes 
that means ya'U!) 

54/Mock Trial 

liiaiulon at the MTSU tournament pla\'- 
ing Ton\ Kissner. Brandon was not able to join 
us at the regional tournament due to ilness. 

Lett: John takes the stand as 
golf instructor for Tony 
Kissner, Sand\' Trienen. 


Abo\c: Kelh is directing Minii in a t\piial "court 
room", these are actual class rooms at MTSU or other 
colleges that are hostina: tournaments. 


Tony Kissner was 
an up and com- 
ing golf anture 
pro until that 
tragic day on Jan. 
6. He was 
attacked by a nut 
case on is way 
home. - - 

Martin Dutcher 
was released to 
early from Polk 
Hosptial and 
after he attacked 
Kissner he 


Mock Trial/55 

itjP tKiwvigle 

Dayton, TN 37J21 Thursday, Sept 


i to find out v.'nat the fresh- 
'. Will they prove to be 

Can thev top previous 
as Lc 
.2 Cede 

3ryan' //^ 
nd Ro: 
of "A 

tij Bet 


offices. . . 

. . .Dateline 1959-Br 

excitement: the big 
quet. But here at Brye 
f- Vi p. T-v o ^^pfi^,^ 1 ^ V '~; "* "t srv '-^ " "t . 


il game, flos 
, chat word hasii' 


Not pictured: 
Rachel Felder 
Christina Berry 

Dateline 1963-Four 

to Bry 

announce the them^=-r^" The Royal Jubilee. 

The v;hcle day will be unified under this theme — 
o, soccer tournament, a; uet. 


-at's the way it 
le Hill during the 
;k. of Seotember. 

The banquet will be a true journey into the past. 

The meal will be typical 16th century food, served i; 
i-ourses. Decorations are being fashioned after the It 

.^U4 , ..^TT U.. 

Right: Sara Strickland, Aileen "Ali" 

Vaughan, Corrie Nash, Rachel 

Gentry, Rachel "Rae" 

Clegg, Sara Davis 

Not Pictured: Ryan Agens 

Commoner/5 7 

"The Worldview Team 
is one of the most 
dynamic ministries 
that any college in the 
U.S. is doing." 

~Travis Stevens 

"I have enjoyed being on the team so much. 
Not only is it a great opportunity to minister 
to students in a way that is relevant, but also, 
we develop and grow as a team on our trips. 
The Worldview Team isn't a clique. We come 
from all majors and all classes. Many of the 
trips that I have been on have been with peo- 
ple that I don't know that well, and it is so 
great to get to talk with the other team mem- 
bers. We have fantastic leadership, and I 
couldn't ask for anything more of Travis or 
Miah. They willingly open their homes for us, 
and provide awesome food!" 

"My favorite aspect of directing the Worldview Team has ~ Tiffany Kerley 

been my interaction and investment into the team members 

(and the fun road trips!)." -Travis Stevens 

Travis Stevens and senior Barton Stone check 
out the"worldview." 


"Worldview Team is the coolest 
thing to do at Bryan College. You 
ain't cool unless you on the team." 
~Drew Phillips^ 

Above: Worldview Team goes to the beach. Top right: 
Baby Wolf, Riley Stevens. Below right: Catherine 
Bailes and Sarah Mowry present a worldview skit 

Above: Sporty Travis Stevens 
playing football. Right: Brian 
Fitzgerald and John Shindler 
catching a nap on the bus ride. 
Below: Seniors Paul Downer, 
Jen Parks, and Brad Poston. 


"As I approach grad- 
uation, I look back 

with gratitude on the three years I have 
been privileged to serve with this ministry. I won't 
forget the friendships that developed or the fun expe- 
riences shared with my brothers and sisters in Christ. 
I won't forget the great food and fellowship. I won't 
forget the long van rides that could quickly develop 
into a game of cribbage, a theological debate, or 
something completely unexpected. And I won't forget 
the many lessons I've learned about God and His 
world through the wisdom of His body. As I gradu- 
ate, I look forward to taking the lessons God has 
taught me to my vocation where. Lord willing, I will 
help others to see the difference Christ makes in 

arena of 
life." ~ 

Worldview team members at a retreat at the beginning of the year pondering how to best impact high 
schoolers for Christ. 




" I love being 
able to repre- 
sent Bryan and 
welcome peo- 
ple to it! I am 
reminded of 
when I was 

visiting colleges myself, and so helping prospective stu- 
dents is very exciting for me. It's great to be able to 
have an impact on people who are faced with one of the 
most important decisions of their lives." 
~Laura Barton 

"All I have to do 

is be excited 

about Bryan? 

Sign me up man, 

I can't not be 

~ Joel Trigger 

"I love getting to know 

prospective students 

when they come to 

campus. What a neat 

privilege the 
Ambassadors and I 

have to be involved in 

their lives as God is 

awakening passions, 

visions and direction in 

their lives. see His 
faithfulness in their 

lives!" -Meleah Smith 

Super Ambassador 
David Blailock. 

Above: Krys Hoover is the Bryan 
tour guide for a prospective stu- 
dent. Below:Virginia Petitte and 
Lauren:Goodge pose. 


"I don't do any- 
thing without 

Lauren Goodge 

Yet another Bryan College Tour led by Hannah Marquette. 

"Being an ambassador has been a blast. I love walking people all over the campus and it has been so great 
meeting and hanging out with all the other people who are Ambassadors." -Ashley Harrison 

60 /Ambassadors 

Presidential Banquet. . . .housing strangers. . . .tours. . . .Ambassadors. 

"I felt like the pro- ^ 

fessors genuinely 

wanted me where 

the Lord would 

have me." 

- Illuminator 

Shameka Green giving a prospective 
student a tour of Mercer Hall 

"I really liked coming 

to Bryan on the 

Illuminate days. 

Everyone was so warm 

and sweet and 1 just 

knew that this was an 

awesome school. I am 

definitely interested in 

coming to school 

- A random visitor 

Participants in the Presidential Banquet 

Dr. Hollingsworth and a Illuminator discussing Bryan's 
communication major 

"All the students, 
professors, and 
admissions coun- 
selors were amazing- 
ly nice, and I 
already feel like I 
am a part of this 
- Illuminator 





Illuminate Coffee House Presidential Weekend information packets 


Bryap Qollc^e Ql^oralc 


Above: Dr. David Luther conducts the Spring Chorale 
(Matthew Rogers and Ethan Demme featured in back- 

"We had a lot of interesting ministry 
opportunities both in our singing and 
our interactions with others we met 
during Chorale tour this year. I was 
sick the whole time, but God still pro- 
vided me with so many blessings!" 
~ Jessica Reed 



Front Row (from left): Katie Fridsma, Deanna Stolzfus, Emily Cook, Ashley Abercrombie, 

Elizabeth Kohler, Kelly Crane. Jessica Long, Sally Kelley, Kristen Biddy, Kami Cunningham 

Back Row (from left): Daniel Spivey, Dishon Smith, Glen Hentz, David Blalock, Daniel 

Tomyn, Matthew Rogers, Cory Thompson, Tim St. John, Mark Livesay 



mine! . 

Left: The Chamber Singers 

sing a few selections from 

their repertoire of music at 

the Spring concert. 

Below: Emily Cook sings a 

solo with the Chamber 

singer men during the 

Christmas Concert. 

"Being in Chambers this year 

was absolutely annazing! Singing 

for church groups alnnost every 

week was enjoyable because we 

were able to use the music we 

learned often and we were fed 

VERY well!" 

~ Kelly Crane 






"If _ 

we — — ^ 

don't reach out to these 
students, Christianity may 
suffer greatly in the 
future." -Matthew Smith 







"Student Venture has shown me that there are a lot of students that 
are on fire for Christ, they just need to show it at their schools. " 

~ Matthew Smith 

64/StudeRt Venture 

"Tutoring is 
such a small 
time commit- 
ment for an 
return. Seeing 
the light come 
on in a stu- 
dent's eyes is 
worth any 
amount of 
effort. This 
ministry is real 
and profound. 
~April Brown 


/"Tutoring is not all about schoolwork. It's also \ 

about building relationships with students, and gaining 
\ their trust." ~ Christine Freed / 


Tim Furnanz, Christine Freed, and Alii 
Strohm at a tutoring meeting at Smith s. 

Left: Johnathan Lucas 
and Virginia Pettite dis- 
cuss Tutoring at over cof- 
fee. Above: Tutoring bud- 
dies, Alii Stohm and 
Christine Freed. 

/" Going to \ 
tutor at the jail 
once a week has 
been stretching and 
frustrating, and yet 
so rewarding. I've 
been able to get to 
know some incredi- 
ble people and 
invest in lives that 
many people would 
never consider 
reaching out to.. 
God has really 
taught me a lot 
about myself and 
Himself through 
jail tutoring this 
year. ~ Alii Strohm 

/"Also, jail tutoring is a new venture that we started this year in 
order to help some of the inmates get their GEDs. Getting to know 
some of the inmates has been fun and rewarding. We had our first 
\ person pass the GED a couple of weeks ago!" ~ Christine Freed 


^TdPCMS m Lite 

Lacy Mellon 
leads a smali 

Stephanie Miller with students from Rhea County High School. 

Students for Life members, Taylor Hollingsworth, 

Emily Ricketts, Philip Gray, Rob 

mer. Beth Starbuck, 

Catherine Bailes 

and Drew 


"Smim Tor Lite o^(iAtvizts mKm 
iivl«CSltD itv m?M hwiv's 

m\ Ot PWViDitv(i AeSlitvttvCC CDdCA- 

TiOlv, C^iSiS C0(ltvSCliiv6, P^CGMtvCr 

TC5TS, AtvD SdPPlitS 10 lOCAl tAMiliCS. 

/ACmSCK VOWlvUt^ lUti^ liMC 10 

COdtvStl wO/vxttv itv tvtCD, SPCAK iiv 

lOCAl !1iG«SC^00lS ASOdl AeSlitvttvCt, ^(llv 

tdtvDRAiSt^S tO^ lUt (ttvlt^, AtvD P^OviDt 

6ttvt^Al SdPPO^l tO^ M Cttvlt^ SdCH AS 

ClCAlvitvG, O^GAtviZilvG, SldttitvG 
ttvvtlOPCS, AtvD AivSwt^itvG PWOtvtS." 

- ^IdDttvlS fO^ Lite P^tSiDttvl, 
TamC^A (OOK 

Craig Biddy leads a discussion with high school guys. 

66/PCI-Students for Life 

Above: Betsy Halvorson and her pal at a 

football game. 

Below: Jonathan Bailes with his pal. 

our relationship eo muchi" 


3&\>ey Halvorson 

Right: Renee 
Heberlig with her pal. 



Senior Adult Ministry 

■' ^''^^^'''- 



i^'ji"! •• 





■"**^ - , .:;,.'il| 


]^" ^^1 


, %» ' 




^^ m '■^■^' 4 


W^KKL'- — '--^^^1 ^^^ 




Top-Molly Hamrick chats 
with the ladies during a 

Center-Glade Smith hav- 
ing a discussion with one 
of the men at the assisted 
living home. 

Bottom-Daniel Tomyn vis- 
iting during a combined 
S.AM, and MLK work 

Bottom Right- Cathy 
Chapman, president of the 
SAM ministry, poses with 
a resident for a picture. 

"I enjoy being involved in SAM 

because of the relationships that 1 

have developed over the past few 

years. You can learn a lot from the 

old people and their company is 

consistently refreshing." 

-David Darden 




Left-Chuck Rose always wanted 
to be one of the Village People 
when he grew up. 
Right-Guests look on as Mimi 
Christian is proposed to by a pup- 
pet who was never informed that 
he isn't a real boy. 
Middle Right-Chuck Rose sere- 
nades Chris Hoover while David 
Sutton wonders about their sanity 
Center-HIS Hands performs in 
Guatemala while on a missions 
trip during spring break 
Bottom-The whole gang, led by 
Chris Hoover, drops the facade 
and prove that they really are still 
kids at heart 

HIS Hands, or "pup- 
pets" as most know it 
by, is a thriving ministry 
used to teach children 
BibHcal truths. Through 
short skits and musical 
productions the chil- 
dren benefit by being 
both entertained and 
taught. Even though 
rehearsals are take time, 
there's always room for 

PCI-Hls Hands/69 

R. I. D. E. 

Reachiiig Individuals with 
Disabilfities Effectively 

Ride is a wonderful 
program that encour- 
aged me to dedicate 
some of my precious 
time to serving some- 
one else. I was 
exposed to many dif- 
ferent types of disabil- 
ities and I got to expe- 
rience their joy as they 
accomplished some- 
thing new. Sometimes 
I didn't feel like I 
wanted to go or didn't 
have time but it was 
always worth it when I 
got to see God's grace 
in action. 

- Crystal Hoover 

One of the horses warming up to 
Crystal Hoover 

involved in the thera- 
peutic riding is a volunteer, 
other than the therapist/instruc- 
tor there are no paid positions. 
Those who receive help are individuals, 
usually young people, with disabilities or 
handicaps ranging from deafness, and down^ 
syndrome to muscular dystrophy. The stu- 
dents from Bryan who are involved play a 
key role. There were nights at the riding 
center where they could not have run a ses- 
sion if we had not all shown up. There is 
never a time when we sat around the 
whole time because there is always 
something to be done. 

-Emily Bergandine 


grc ak For C hahge 

top: The painting crew gone mad! 
directly above: Matt LeFever, our 
fearless carpentry leader, gets the 
rafters ready to put up the ceiling. 
below: Alex Brown (Dr. Brown "s 
son) and Danielle Mitchell work on 
repairing screen. 

"I absolutely loved the Jamaica 

trip! Especially learning to sign. 

And learning how to flirt in sign 

language was fun." 

Sara Strickland 


Communication Arts major 

BFC-J amaica/7 1 

God has taught me that He truly does have out best interests 
at heart and that he know His plans and I usually do not." 
~ Aaron Stocks 


Above: David Deuth. Thiago Goncaheb. and 
Mike Hansen minister to Perucvian children. 


Peruvian children the team ministered to while 
on BFC trip. Below, right: The team dances for 
an attentive audience. 

" The most memorable thing about Peru 
^ / wQg the love sho>vn by everyone around me. 

Thought >ve were walking through very hostile terri- 
tory with the riots and all, I felt so much love from 
the children, the Quencheuas in the Indian villages, 
the Wycliffe and AMG missionaries, and from every 
guy on the team. Man, how my heart throbs for each 
and every person I met j 
while visiting Peru. 
My spirit is scream- 
ing right now, but my 
tongue lies paralyzed 
and useless. We all 
felt and discovered 

things we can't 
explain; those things 

are words for the 
spirit, plain enough 
for all of us to under- 
~ Ryan Gaber 

The passion that the 
Peruvian Christian bleeds 
soaked my whole life with a 
conviction to imitate them, 
as they imitate Christ in all 
areas of life." 

~ Steven Chambers 


The team hiked and camped in the mountains of Peru. 


DfC fl^izonfl 

ciflK» tariff J ^ :> 

Laura Newport, Christina Berry, and 
Kimberly Mishow painting 

Kids piled on Sarah Dingus. 

The group outside the Church where they worked. 

The group at the Grand Canyon. 

Group sing-along. 

J "My heart was broken for the Apache V 
kids and teenagers because they have such a 
huge need and desire to be shown God's love. 
The Apache people were precious and the fel- 
lowship withing our team was very special. We 
were also able to see some of God's amazing 
creation by visiting and hiking at the Grand 
Canyon during our free time. God blessed me 
through this trip, and I am continually learning 

from my experience in Arizona. 
"N -Sophomore, Kimberly Mishow /^ 



"And always remember... be flexible!" 
~Christine and Paul 


Dr. Max 
Paul Miller 
Chuck Rose 
Rebecca Ketterer 
Alii Strohm 
Krys Hoover 
Catherine Bailes 
Matt Henderson 
Katrina Wise 
Erin Becker 

"The trip was 

The country 
was beautiful. 
I saw a heart of 
humility and love 
for the Lord like I 
had never experienced 
before in the lives of the 
Guatemalan missionaries. The trip 
to Guatemala gave us all proper 
perspective ...what it means to 
give your life in service." 
~ Catherine Bailes 

"What a wonderful 
experience to see God at work in the 

lives of the Bryan students, the 

Guatemalan children and leaders and 

the missionaries, even though they 

called me 'gordito' (little fat one)." 

~ Dr. Gartman 



Giving tours to prospective stu- A^ 
dents, helping current students with 
finding materials for research 
papers, cashing checks, sorting mail, 
selling textbooks, emailing students 
to let them know what is happening 
around campus, building relation- 
ships with students.. .the list goes on 
and on. Bryan College can only func- 
tion with the small army that works 
behind the scenes and often times 
with very little thanks for the jobs 
that they do. The faces on these two 
pages are just a few of the many staff 
of Bryan College. , 

76/The Faces of Bryan 

!l|i llRi.-:,.,? !■; 1 ^ 

The Faces of Bryan/77 

Resident Directors 

Below: RD Kari Bollant, Seniors Katherine Halverson, Anne 
White, and Katherine Strode. 

and Assistants 

Right; Kami 

Cunningham took 

on position for 

Kara Layden, after 

Kara transfered to 

another college for 

spring 05. 

Below: Senior Taylor Armstrong, RD Stephanie Wise, 
Junior Kim Storey, and Sophomore Michelle Brenner 

Above: (Back) Sophomore Aaron Henningsen, Sophomore Paul Miller, RD Fim 
Shetter, Junior Evan Myers, Senior Paul Downer, (Front) Junior Thiago 
Goncalves, Sophomore Samuel Barrick, Senior Gabe Greener, RD Phil Pranger, 
Sophomore Jeremy Vineyard, and Senior Phil Schroeder 




Being an RA has been one of tfie 
best things tfiat I've done in my 
time at Bryan. In all honesty, being 
an RA has been a way of holding 
me accountable to the things that 1 
should be doing anyway as a Bryan 
student: reaching out to the girls liv- 
ing on my floor and being purpose- 
ful and intentional in developing 
those relationships, being "Jesus 
with skin on" to the people around 
me, and following Bryaris rules and 
holding others accountable to them, 
as well. God has used this position 
of leadership to draw me closer to 
Himself and to point out areas of 
my life that need work. I have also 
learned how to live a lifestyle of 
ministry from being an RA, which is 
one of the most valuable lessons 
that 1 have learned at Bryan. 

78/Resident Directors and Assistants 

^bove: RD RA team at their annual Christmas Party and their last meeting of the year. 

Tid Bits from RA, 
Phil Schroeder 

Being RA is more tinan just hav- 
ing your own room. means 
that everyone shares your room. 

Nothing will get you out work 
quite like the Malaria excuse, it is 
great! Well, 'till you have to 
make up for it all. 

Phil's final thoughts about his 
RA experience end with a story. 

One of the students that I helped 
to move in on Mew Student ari- 
val day thought that 1 was a 
salesman for the MINI. 

Above: Junior Kara Layden, RD Myra Goza, Senior Ceren Carper, and Sophomore 
Bethany Perseghetti 

Resident Directors and Assistants/79 

Life inside 

Phil Pranger hosts the weekly poker game in his 
apartment on the second floor of Woodlee 

4th Long (right) and 3rd Short (above) 

meet for weekly Bible study to pray for 

each others' needs and struggles for the 

following week, to be accountable to each 

other, and to grow closer to God together 


80/Woodlee Ewing 

A Place for Work, Play and 
Spiritual DisciplesMp 

Between Halo tournaments, movies, 
random 'fire drills^ and, of course, 
sciiooiwork, tiiis year in Woodlee 
has definitely been chaotic, but it's 
been a good year. The freshmen are 
starting to get along, and the upper- 
classmen are getting to know each 
other better, and (except for the sen- 
iors) everybody is looking forward to 
another year at Bryan. 




H, 1 






f i3 ^^H 





Fi . "'^^^^Hl 







Aaron Henningsen demonstrates 

what happens to those who fail 

strict room inspections 

Bethany Perseghetti, Caleb 

Ragland, Lawrence LaPlue, 

and Joy Wright exercise their 

Open Dorm privileges 

Woodlee E wing/81 













Above: Holley Halford takes her 
new wheels for a spin! 

"A lot of people 
say that Arnold 
is a tomb, a 
morgue if you 
will; this is not 
true. I have defi- 
nitely stayed up 

with several 
girls in the dorm 
singing Disney 
karaoke in the 
lounge until 1 
am! The girls 
still have mean- 
ingful conversa- 
tions in the hall- 
ways and dance 
parties in the 

- Anne White 

Above (from left): Deanna Stolzfus, Olivia 

Fessler and Janell Wright laugh it up on 

Arnold 3rd. 




Strode and 

Abi Snead 

chill in the 





Right: H||, 

Lauren St. ^^^| 



Above: Virginia 

Petite and Julie 

Thompson start 

the day on the 

right foot... or 


Left: Rhea 

House RD Tim 

Shetter hangs 

out in the 

lounge with 

some of the 

ladies of Arnold 



Living in Long is great because if 
you have had a bad day you can 
always talk to somebody or vent. 
Itfe also funny because we always 
get confused with the guys Fourth 
Long -Laura McFadden 

On Left: Ashley Harrison, Ellie 
Hillyer, Ceren Carper, Lindsey 
Youngren, Lauren Turner, 
Sarah Dingus, Beth Simon, 
Elizabeth Myers, Sarah 
Strickland, Courtney Snyder 
and Rachel Rosenbaum- 2nd 

Long Fourth 
has been an 
experience in 
diversity, a nice 
way of saying 
the girls here 
are crazy but I 
love them! 
- Caitlin Taylor 

Second Long is a 
/ great place to live. There 
' is always someone who wi 

help you procrastinate a little 

longer and then stay up the rest 

of the night with you doing what 

should have been done hours 


Sara Mowery 

Nazarea Cavanaugh, Laura 
McFadden, Lindsey Woods, Katie 

From top: Betsy Halvorsen, Bethany 
May, Bethany Perseghetti, Lydia 
Persson, Kate Sealy, Sarah Mowery 

From L to R: Jackie Holubz, Kathryn Rawley, 
Christy Maraman, Leah White, Laura Dickey 










People are always complaining about how loud Fourth is, but living on it is great because we never 
have to hear anyone else. - Katie Rosenbaum 



Huston Girls 


"Roommates are such a 

special thing. We really 

have each other's back! 

Bread n' Butter!" 


Demi Bardsley 

and Kristen Biddy 

(pictured right) 

The ladies of Huston having 
fun at the "Karaoke Getaway" 

"I have lived in Huston for two 
years and I love it! You really 

get to know the girls on your 

hall when she share those 
lovely community bathrooms." 

-Sophomore Molly Hamrick 

Right: Girls from Huston 
4th having fun! 

R.D. Stephanie Wise drinking a 

smoothie and doing a little 

"coordinated foot movemenf 

at the" Karaoke Getaway." 

Joanna, Katrina, Hannah, Jessi, and Joanne at Sonic! 

"t1on7i3 oJ thiz: Wi§^r' 


The Von-Trapp Family Singers? 

Above: One of the Rhea House Parties 
BelowrThe Rhea House decorated in 
Christmas Hghts... 

David Blalock playing 

Beth Starbuck experiments on Rob Palmer 


Rhea House/85 

Chris Achter Ahmahl Amedu Michael Andrews lalor Aj-mstrong Brad Atkinson Kim Barlow K,atie Bamliam Liz Bass 5 
Drew Cardin Josh Carter Jessica Colvin Tyler Cooke Heather Couch Katrina Couiti-ight Kim Courtright Kevin Crawforc 
Dewhiirst Rodrigo Dias Laura Dickey Hudson Ellis Robert Ferguson Niles Fleet Kathryn Flynh Josh Franklin Tim Fran 
Holubz Abby Humphrey 
Kier Kevin Klav 

Jeremy Givens Thiago Conceives 
Jonathan Little 

Newman tcnsr- lVT,,nn 

Sewell IV 

Felipe Bi 

Amedu ^ 

Carter Je 

Laura Die 

Jeremy G 

Little Jot 


Smith Al 

Westhuizen Zachary Vi 

Andrews Talor Armstrong 

Tyler Cooke Heather Couch Katrina 

Ellis Robert Fergtison Niles Fleet 

Goncalves Lauren Goodge 

Brandon Love Daren 

Rob Palmer Rebec 

Brad Starnes '^- 


Brad Atk 

Couch K 


Lauren Gooc 

Love Daren 

Palmer Rebecc 

Stames Shane S 

Kyle Wagley Vers 

Atkinson Kim Barl^ 

ndon Lov' 
3b Palme: 
i Starnes 
Kyle Wa 
nson Ki: 
na C 
s Gar 
n Perk 

Ben Wharton Ben Wlii) 
atie Barnham Liz Bass 
Kim Courtright Kevin Craw 

Josh Fraiiklin Tim Franklin 
Grey Phillip Gray Gabe Gr 
hristy Maraman Greg Mas 
ters Josh Pool Jeremy 
:ode Jon Sutton Britt; 
White James White 
,Sarah Bass Melissa Bcii 
ford Tanner Crowley Amani 
Tin Franklin Drew Friedrich 

ijah Pet 
atherine Stro 
en Whaiton Ben Wj 
atie Barnham Liz Bass 

Katrina Cotirtright Kim Courtright Kevin Crawfc 
Fleet Kathryn Flyiin Josh Franklin Tim Franklin 
Andres Garcia Glen Grey Phillip Gray Gabe Gr 
McCutchen Joel McLean Cliristy Maraman Gre 
Parker Ryan Perkins Elijah Peters Josh Pool Je 
Stem Will Stokes Catherine Strode Jon Sutton 
Versell Wells Ben Wharton Ben White James \ 
Barlow Katie Barnham Liz Bass Sarah Bass h 
Courtright Kim Courtright Kevin Crawford Tanri 
Katliryn Fl^^aKVliaiHiniliyiniCtn Franklin Drew 


Joel Mc 





All students 
who do not live at 
home are expected to 
eat in the college din- 
ing hall unless other 
arrangements are 
made with the Dean 
of the University. 


Hip Gray Gab 

laraman Greg 

Josh Pool Jei 

on Sutton Bril 

James White I 

•^^jiss Melissa Be 

'^Mner Crowley j 

Friedrich Bet 

;remy Grilley 

latheney Jordc 

iristine Pratt N 

Lacey Swan; 

-c Andrew Wie 

Melissa Bell Craig Biddy I 

Amanda Davidson Sco 

Halvorson Nick Hai 

illey Cassy Gr 

Whitney I 

thryn F 

en ] 




anny I 

r Lindsf 

Medlen I 

Vlark R. ^^^^^^nhryn Rawk 

nson Don Templeman Kellie 

se MattWilhoite Brett Willai 

Bole Troy Bradley Michelle 

tt Davidson Matt Day Jerem; 

nsen Danny Harvey Taylor H 

jioiber Lindsey Guera Gabe J 

hitney Medlen Lacey Mellon 

thiyn Rawley David Reaves 

pieman Kellie Thurman Shat 

oite Brett Willaims Zach Wil 

ley Michelle Brenner Ben B 

son Matt Day Jeremy Deal 1 

DaniTvNfli^^^i^ni^^stv' I 


I HBffiBBBgBiWBSi ii( 

Women may 
have male escorts to 
and from church on 
Sunday mornings, 

meet and separate at 
the gate without loi- 




Grey PliBM||||MUi|g|Mfe^^Bj J| [ iflj^. ^B^k^lflf jfcjBjMMMBBMS^^ ^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^|ne< 

Christy N^^^^^^^^^^H !HdHl|^^^^^S|^^^^H^^9^9|^^'''^^^|^^^^^^^V^''^^ 
Peters JosrMHUWBBIBHBrLhristine PrattNlanrR^mse^K.athryn Rawley David Reaves l^^^^^^^^^^^PKiisch 
Strode Jon Sutton Brittany Swanson Lacey Swanson Don Templeman Kellie Thurman Shannon Van Wormer Beto Villar 
Ben Wigs/Sports D/b/sion ' "" ' ' " ;w Wiese MattWilhoite Brett Willaims Zach Williams Lizzy Wright Nathan, 
Bass Saian cass ivieiissa oeu i^raig oiuuy Liz Bole Troy Bradley Michelle Brenner Ben Brown Phillip Brown Rebeka 
Crawford Tanner Crowley Amanda Davidson Scott Davidson Matt Day Jeremy Deal R'enee Delmotte Mark Despagni N 
Franklin Drew Friedrich Betsy Halvorson Nick Hansen Danny Harvey Taylor Hasty David Haynes Rodrick Holland Jac 

n^u.^ n.. 



- ^ -I- - T -1 

' ' • ' 


■ ^ 

.nner Crowley Amanda Davidson Scott Davidson Matt Day Jeremy Deal Renee Delmotte Mark Despagni Nathan 
Drew fxiednch Betsy^falvorson '^i&y^ixh radio and record players omnipresent, a Chriastian college must'^'^^'^ 


be concerned with the sort of music which is played on these instruments. 
Please note the following points concerning which your understanding and 
cooperation is expected. 


lien Lacey MeT 
ley David Reaves 


;;! slier 
1 Ron 
Ion .Tu; 
Tara Robinson Be 

We start with the basic premise that jazz, rock-and-roll, boogie-woogie, and 
related sorts of music are a liability rather than an asset in the spiritual life ofP^ 
a Christian person. Therefore, a Christian college has a responsibility to guide 
it's students away from these forms of music and toward a good quality, uplift- 
ing form of musical expression. 




i Victo 


We recognize that many pieces of music cannot be easily categorized. Some 
music (which we usually call "classical") is almost without exception accept- 
able to people of spiritual discernment and good taste. Some is clearly unac- 
ceptable. There is a substantial area in between where people will always dif- 

10 Dias 

Car a 

a Colvi 



/ D 
■a Rv: 

'n Phillip Brown Rebekah Byrer E 
ee Delmotte Mark Despagni Natha 
id Haynes Rodrick Holland Jackie HcK 
•nn i e/' Loitering in town on \. 
^^^^1 the part of students is con- 

t^'sidered detrimental to the 

D Vi 

j^^j^ reputation of the 
University and an impair- 

rk llment of the students' 
Christian testimony. 

To meet this need, a joint student-faculty committee functions to screen student 
records for playing in public areas of the campus. This committee consists ofr .'^ 
a representative of the music faculty and two student members chosen by the 
Community Council. 

Any student who has records which he would like to play in a public place may 
have these records cleared by giving them to any member of the committee. 
The committee will listen to them and give him an early decision. A list of 
approved records will be made available at a place to be specified by the com- 

A final area related to his matter is the use of musical instruments in the prac 
tice rooms, studios, and chapel. These are provided primarily for official prac 
tice and service purposes. You are not to use the facilities for recreation or 
other casual purposes, except by permission from a member of the music fac 
ulty. In such cases, the type of music played is subject to regulation, and may 
not include jazz, rock-and-roll, boogie-woogie, and such like 



Kyle Wagley 


n strong 


n Nile; 



en Zachar y Vin sant 
lor Armstij 

, No 
'games will be 

inson Kim 

recreation room 
on Sunday, during 
p chapel periods, 
'during speical ; 
'meetings of a spir-' 
itual nature, or ! 
during the time t 
for class prayer I 


r Ryan 
ill Stoke 
lis Ben 
n Flynn 

ick Christian testimony. ''' ■■' ■■■'"™'':"««f ^ iiflHPlii,; ':k- ..■ Hlilill^h^'^^S^BP^V^^^ ^^^^^ 

licl' 1953-1954 '--- "'" M"'*^ gaBMMMiillliB^ ''^''''|V|* 'e ^^^^^^^^^^^Voel McLean 

1 jk J Ni n| ■^^B^B^^^Bl.' ^.jjJS 1 1 f ^eb^l^^^^^^^Verkins Elijah 

athrynSr ^el Sil ^ 'V^^^^^^HSkiSI'; * lane Stem^l^BBs Catherine 

lar Jorge ,^,.^j^ . .^.^,. t ..„p^: Brendo i. .^..^^.^. .W mAJK^KSlKf^^tKIKIf^'^jiJ^glQy Versell Wells Ben Wharton 
ison Chris Achter Ahmahl Amedu Michael Andrews Talor Armstrong BradA'' '" "" Sports Division/87^ ^^^ 

ilyrer Drew Cardin Josh Carter Jessica Colvin Tyler Cooke Heather Couch Kairma »„ouriTigni j^uti <.^ounrigni jvevin 
lan Dewhurst Rodrigo Dias Laui-a Dickey Hudson EUis Robert Ferguson Niles Fleet Kathryn Flynn Josh Franklin Tim 
j! Holubz Abby Humphrey Jeremy Givens Thiago Goncalves Lauren Goodge Andres Garcia Glen Grey Phillip Gray 

IL^H)^ EaSilii "^©LLII^ID^ILL 

(From I to r): Randi Mellon, Becca Rusch, Catherine 
Strode, Lauren Goodge, Jackie Holubz, Leah White, 
Laura Dickey, Christine Pratt, Abby Humphrey, Kathryn 
Rawley, Christy Maraman. Not included: Kim Barlow 

Above: Kim Barlow 
defends her net 

Randi Mellon and Kim Barlow are ready to 
play ball 


We all had the same goal, 
to be #1. When things got 
rough because of Injuries 
and stuff we all really 
stepped up and got the job 
done. We never gave up, 
we just tried harder and 
even though we weren't the 
best team out there, we had 
the most heart. 

-Christy Maraman 

Above: Game winning hug 

At left: Randi Mellon and Becca Rusch plan thier 

Catherine Strode, Kathryn Rawley, and Becca Rusch staying alert 

Volleyball really 
brought me close to 
my teamates. We 
were together for 
what seemed like 
24/7 for three months. 
You not only really get 
to know the other 
people around you, 
but they help you to 
know yourself better. 
Our team overcame a 
lot of injuhes, hard- 
ships and losses but 
we did it all togeth- 
er... that really made a 

-Leah White 


IL^i^ EdH® 


From (I) to (r): Katrina Courtright, Rennee Delmotte, Bekah Byrer, Shannon 
VanWormer, Lizzy Wright, Kathryn Flynn, Missy Bell, Kate Sealy, Kim Courtright 
Front Row: Betsy Halvorson, Heather Couch, Abby Snead, Whitney Medlin, Liz 
Bole, Coach Sauve. Not included: Krista Bondurant, Athletic Trainer Christy 
Rodenbeck, and Athletic Training Student Tara Robinson 

Lizzie Wright kicks the ball. 

Abby Snead and Missy Bell ready 
to attack the ball!! 

90/Women's Soccer 

We had a fun sea- 
son. We didn't have 
a fun winning record, 
but that will come 
with time. The defin- 
ing moment of the 
season was our last 
game against 
Covenant. We didn't 
leave with a victory, 
but it was possibly 
the best game of the 
season. That victory 
will also come with 

- Betsy 

Above: Heather Couch, Tara Robinson, Liz Bole, Bekah Byrer, 
Kathryn Flynn, Katrina Courtright, and Lizzy Wright enjoying dinner at 

We had such a challeng- 
ing season, be we 
learned a lot about our- 
selves and each other. 
Winning doesn't matter- 
it^ how you play the 
game that matters. 
- Whitney 

Soccer girls can 
be smart, too 

Initiation Day- Kim 
Courtright, Kathryn Flynn, 
Krista Bondurant 


" You girls need to want the 
ball. Itfe the little, white, 
round thing!' 

- Coach Sauve 

Community showers 

Long, long van trips 

"Come watch us cuz we're 
dead sexy:' 

Women's Soccer/91 



In 2004. the Bryan men's 
soccer team added sixteen new 
players to the roster, five of whom 
were freshmen starters. However, 
although the team was young and 
inexperienced, they were talented. 
This talent, in combination with 
hard work, shone on the field this 
season, as the Lions finished the 
season with a record of 11-6 (5-4 
conference). In the words of 
Coach Zensen, "The future for 
Bryan soccer looks promising. " 


1 ^' 







V '^L 1 1[ w 


1^ - 



/. ;\> 







From top: Craig Biddy keeps his eyes on the ball; 
the team gets excited after scoring against Covenant 

Mt. Vernon Nazarene 
1-3 L 

Freed Hardeman 
2-1 W 

Southern Wesleyan 
4-0 W 

U of Mobile 
1-3 L 

Atlanta Christian 
9-1 W 

Toccoa Falls 
11-0 W 

92/Men's Soccer 

Clockwise from left: With some fancy footwork 
Scott Davidson steals the ball; Thiago Goncalves 
gets fouled by the Shorter player; Jorge Vallejo 
outruns his opponent; Goalkeeper Jonathan Sutton 
makes another save 

Wfmf '^^^^S^ 


Covenant Union King Montreal Shorter Brevard Asbury Milligan TN Wesleyan VA Intermont TN Temple 
1-6 L 5-0 W 2-3 L 4-1 W 4-2 W 4-1 W 5-0 W 2-4 L 3-0 W 1-2 L 1-0 W 

Men's Soccer/93 


Top left: Evan Myers, Phil Schroder, 

Keelan Diehl, Bekah Byrer, and Krista 

Bondurant watch a Lions baseball game. 

Top right: David Shiffrin, Andy Sewell, 

Danny Harvey, and Barton Stone cheer 

for the girl's volleyball team. Left: 

Shameka Green, Luke Peters, and Drew 

Phillips watch a soccer game. Right: 

Some girls cheer at a men's basketball 

game. Botton: A crowd traveled to 

Covenant to cheer on the men's soccer 


B l f Jl 



Midnight Madness: 
A definite must for basketball fans 

Drew Phillips 


in a Midnight 




Matt Wilhoit impresses the crowds with 
a slam dunk 

The panel of esteemed 

judges give their scores 

for the contestants during 

the competitions 

"Midnight Madness 

was cool because we 

got a chance to see 

what our basketball 

teams had to bring to 

the season and to get 

hyped about it." 

-Sam Barrick 

Chase Sullivan consults with a 
friend before joining in the games 

Midnight Madness/95 

Knoxville Covenant Martin Methodist King VA Intermont Trevecca Nazarene Brevard 
92-56 W 55-50 W 67-65 W 67-66 W 71-76 L 61-74 L 83-68 W 

Coach Bollant uses the timeout to explain 
the strategy behind the next play. 

Ranked tenth in the preseason poll, the 
Lady Lions basketball team had high expecta- 
tions to fulfill for the 2004-2005 season. 
They set some goals for themselves as well, 
including winning the conference (regular sea- 
son and tournament) and going to the NAIA 
national tournament. Forced to overcome 
some injuries at the first of the season, the 
girls came together as a team, as a family, to 
reach their goals without focusing on personal 
achievements. Coach Bollant commented, "I 
thought we were unselfish with the basketball 

and really were willing to do whatever we 
needed to win ball games!' Their teamwork 
and sacrifice paid off as they finished the sea- 
son with a 26-8 record (22-3 conference). 
Beating Milligan by 18 points in the tourna- 
ment championship game, the Lady Lions 
earned their first AAC Championship in Bryan 
College history. Contributing to their amazing 
chemistry on the court was the girls; friendship 

and support for each other off the court. 

Freshman forward Kellie Thurman said, "[The 

girls] made me feel right at home coming in to 

my freshmen year. I was scared, but these 

girls made me feel like I was special!' 

Lacey and Brittany Swanson play 
tight defense against Union College. 

UVA-Wise Milligan TN Wesleyan King VA Intermont Covenant Brevard Montreat 
71-51 W 69-58 W 69-77 L 77-68 W 74-62 W 74-58 W 57-87 L 88-57 W 

96/Women's Basketball 

TN Temple Montreat Alice Lloyd Union Concordia (TX) North Florida Lee Bluefield 
98-52 W 81-71 W 85-57 W 75-59 W 71-80 L 55-73 L 57-59 L 83-58 W 

What sets this year 
■ apart from all the rest is not the 
' records set, points scored, total num- 
ber of wins, or accomplishments-it is 
each girl on the team that has come to 
mean so much to me 
-Liz Bass, Senior 

; \M ba.t~.d.<a~.yiOJA-..say3L~.--~ 

All week me, Abi Snead, and Lacy Mellon 
would not stop talking about how we would 
be the champions. We put a lot of pres- 
sure on ourselves but that made it 
much more fun and interesting ^ 
-Brittany Swanson, 

> J 

Sarah Bass shows why she was named to the AAC All-Defensive 

Team. No slacker on offense either, she completed her years at 

Bryan as the third all-time leading scorer. Coach Bollant 

describes her as the team's "most complete player." 

AAC Tournament: 

anion 79-66 W 

VAIntermont 63-51 W 

Milligan 63-45 W 

NAIA Tournament: 

Doane (Meb.) 65-70 L 

Liz Bass dribbles past the defender, probably on her way to 

score two of the 2,423 points she amassed during her career 

at Bryan. She is now the Lady Lions' all-time leading scorer. 
Although recognized for her defensive 

skills (ACC All-Defensive Team), Abi 

Snead performs on the other end of the 

court as well and goes up for a shot. 

Alice Lloyd Union TN Temple Bluefield UVA Wise Milligan TN Wesleyan 
92-70 W 70-54 W 71-61 W 78-58 W 75-54 W 82-60 W 71-62 W 

Women's BasketbaU/97 

go bryan lion^! go hryan lions! go bruan liqris! 

men s basketball 

go bryan lions! go bryan lions! go bryan lions! 

Win or lose, the best part of the year fi 
e is going over the past games of the 
jason and watchiijg.-your teammates get 
dunked on. .^jpit^^wj^ 








giving a 

pep talk 

Team members 

during a 

greet starting for- 

break in 

ward/guard Nick 




Jonathan Little (frO, Gabe Greener CsxO, 
Ben Brown Cfr.), Jeremy GivensC?) Cfr.)» 
Jesse Grilley Cfr.), Jeremy Grilley Cfr.), 
Troy Bradley Cso.), and Tanner Crowley 
CfrO intensely watching the game from 
the bench. 

98/Men's Basketball lOveraU Team stats: 

G: 29 

FGM: 874 

FGA: 1843 

3PM: 184 

Mens Basketball/99 

"I will never forget when 1 hit three home runs in one game. I had 

never done that before, and it doesn't happen too often in baseball. 

Also^we got our first three-game winning streak and upset the 

23rd-ranked team in the country!' --Matt Day 

David Haynes gets ready to swing 

Jeremy Potts makes it 
back to first safely 


Eli Peters throws to first for the out 

Ben Wharton leaps onto the 
wall to make the catch 


"We win and lose together. We aren't the most 
talented team in the conference, but we can win 
and will win in the next few years, because we 
know we can go to war with the guys in our 
dugout!' --Drew Friedrich 





Geibo Says: Its a 
Rugby position, get 
your mind out of the 

Line Out 

Geibo says: No, seriously, 
you need to pull your 
pants up! 

f "i^^HI Sophomore Matt Joss 


Geibo says: Random Screaming 



i 1 k 

1^ i; 

' " rj 

Ste\"e Orner and Keelan Diehl 

looking good in thier new rugby 


Captain Steve Orner celebrating with the fellas 


Ggi bg^a^: OUCH! 

102/Sport Clubs - Rugby 

"Rugby isn't about who can give the 

biggest hits, its about who can endure 

the most." 

Freshman Jared Tyser 

"The best thing about Rugby is watch- 
ing Jonathan Lucas running around in 
short Rugby Shorts!" 
freshman Jeff Ruark 

Rug by Terms 

The Overview 

the Ball 

Steve Omer and team against UTC 
Geibo says: PUSH! 


Steve Orner Presenting tlie Ball 

Geibo says: Ladies, come get them! 

Bryan College Ruby Football Club with Fac. Sponsor Col. Pettite 

Sport Clubs ■ Rugby/ 103 

actiel Aaams KOtjert Anarews Koy earger siepnen carnen oenjarnm oaxicr ueiores Deiiy-iNoiwuuu Deiuie oeusie raui Doiiag uau Doyu cMcpjieu Diaasi 
Marcie Froemke Max Gartman Stephanie Hartz Martin Hartzell Brian Hill Randall Hoilingswoith Beth Impsoii Lavonne Johnson Wendell Jones Ruth Kant; 
Luther Sigrid Luther Lloyd Milligan Jeff Myers Michael Palmer Michele Pascucci Ronald Petitte Ann Pope Drew Randle Earl Reed Ernie Ricketts Travis F 

Rebecca Young Sara Young Sandy Zensenr 
Rick Farney David Fonts David Fowle 
Micha I 
Elizabetl I 
Dana Ke I 
Danny 1 1 
Bradshav I 
Kantzer L;| 
Belisle PI 
Lavonne J ' 

Randle Earl Reed Emie Ricke 
Baxter Delores Berry-Norwood 

Randall Flollingsworth Beth iinpson i,avorme . 
Pascucci Ronald Petitte Ann Pope Drew Randle 

idrev.'s Roy Barger Stephen Bamett 

an Stephanie Hartz M 

Uigan JefU 

andy 7 

Da\i'd i 

cer Da\ 

Todd W( 

Beniamin Baxter Delores Berry-Norwood Bemie Beh 
Hollingswonh Beth Impson Lavoi 


jonnson wenaeii Jones Ru 
Earl Reed Ernie Ricketts 
Roy Barger Stephen Barnett Benjamin Baxter Delores Ben-y-Nonvood B' 
Stephanie H 


Zensen R, 

Fowler Ml 

David Lutlj 

Wood Reb. 

Diiroy Ric 

Cotinne Li 

Wilhoit Dan 


Raymond L 



Dana Ken 

Danny Ri 


Kantzer Lai 


Belisle Pa 

Lavonne Jo 

Randle E; 

Baxter Delore? T;u.j>i^^.i.vju^ j^^hUL j^cx.:.!^ j. uu,.; ^^.. i-,vj-u - 

Randall Hollingswonh Beth Impson Lavonne Johnson Wendell Jones Ruth Kantze'r Laura 
Pascucci Ronald Petitte Ann Pope Drew Ra'- 'C 'J Reed Ernie Ricketts Travis Ricketts Cliristy Rodenbi 
Roy Barger Stephen Barnett Benjami'-Cp;^ ^ ^ ss Berry-Norwoc) 
Stephanie Hartz Martin Hartzell B'-^ o"^ V*^ Mngswoith Be 

Jeff Myers Michael Palme- i^\:t'= \\€.'i?'' cc4^ °'^*'"^ ^™ •" 
Zensen Rachel Adam» rciS- . c-0^^ >A.'^ f»V "''^^" Bamett 
Fowler Marcie F- \c,^ -Ne "^ aC^"^ <> ^ ''^^'^ '"^''""' 

David LuthAVvxCO ^V^^ ^^ q-.-> ^ '^ "hael Pain 

mpson Laxonne Johnson Wendell Jones Ruth Kantzer Laaia Kaufmarm Douglas iveni 
Drew Randle Earl Reed Ernie Ricketts Travis Ricketts Cliristv' Rodenbeck Clark Ro 

rwood Bemie Belisle Paul Boiing Gail Boyd Steph 
li Beth Impson Lavonne Johnson Wendell Jones Rut 
Arm Pope Drew Randle Earl Reed Emie Ricketts Ti 
rnett Benjamin Baxter Delores BerA'-NoiAvood Be. 

What to bnne: 


Duroy !■ 
Wilhoit Dai. 
DeGeorge S. -y.^,* 
Raymond Leg, 
Michael Wt 
Elizabeth Card 
Dana Kennedy i 
Danny Ruehling 
Bradshaw JetTBru,^nl 




,e-<^" {o^ 

ms Rob 
e Max 
-er LI 
_. saraYoun 
-J Da^ id Touts L 
.ay Jeffrey Longenecl 
Dan Wilson Kurt Wise T 
tcven DeGeorge Samuel DeRusha 
^ William Lay Raymond Legg Phillip Lestmann Corinne Livesay Jeffrey Lon 
. a impson JackTraylor Michael Weller John Wells Mel Wilhoit Dan Wilson Kurt V 
Elizabeth Buckwalter Elizabeth r„.A.-.„ i.^u^ r. ,...., „...,■ gt.„ .,„ n.--r;,.,-,-..„ ;.„^,„.i d 





Kantzer Laura KaufiTiann Douglas Kennard Dana '^<^tined\'Hp||^^Hj^^9|B^^H||^^M^W;'!^ I^'^'l 

Ricketts Cliristy Rodenbeck Clark Rose Danny Ruehlins^ BSBJil ^^fciM^BiMiii^^iiili^^MHil^r -'<-'> 

Belisle Paul Boiing Gail Boyd Stephen Bradshaw JetT BrP|RBM^^a|||^^BH^HH^^|H'i Jt^I^ii 

Lavonne Joluison Wendell Jones Ruth Kantzer Laura J^^ufillfiKflaBl^QtlBl^^^ Ketc^ 

Randle Earl Reed Emie Ricketts Travis Ricketts Christy ^^pH^Ki^^^Ml||^^^l|^BEJHH':^t>>:t' S 

Baxter Delores Berry-Nonvood Bemie Belisle Paul BolingH|^2S^H|^^HR^QH^nyM^^^^| Elizabi 

Randall Hollingsworth Beth Impson Lavonne Johnson \BilBHWWBWHlBWBWBBBBBBBWRn Dou, 

Pascucci Ronald Petitte Ann Pope Drew Randle Earl Reed Ernie Ricketts Travis Ricketts Christy Rodenbi 

Roy Barger Stephen Bamen Benjamin Baxter Delores Berry-Nonvood Bernie Belisle Paul Boiing Gail Boy' 

Stephanie Hartz Martin Hartzell Brian Hill Randall Hollingswonh Beth Impson La\onne Johnson Wen 

I rmgenecker nn\ id I iithv^r Siirrid I iill'.:- ' !. -\ -' M'"— ;-- J.;-'''' :■-■ '-'';•■ ~' ■ 

Michael Weller John Wells Mel Wili rTJ, Jatusdaej ugof '9/., iqanjaiJSf :Avo.t puoass '19, SMaipuy qog -g/., MBqspejg sasis "gS- s»3>iJ!-a siuJH : ^o-* ^"11 J 
Elizabeth Garden John Carpenter Steven DeGeorge Samuel DeRusha Jason Duroy Rick Farney Da\id Fouts David Fow ler Marcie Froemke Max Ganniaa Si 
Dana Kennedy Bill Ketchersid William Lay Raymond Legg Phillip Lestmann Corinne Livesay Jeffrey Longenecker David Luther Sigrid Luther Lloyd Millig;! 
Danny Ruehling Robert Simpson JackTraylor Michael Weller John Wells Mel Wilhoit Dan Wilson Kurt Wise Todd Wood Rebecca Young Sara Young Sand 


Bedding: blankets, comforter. 

pillow, pillow cases 

Bedroom slippers 



Chair cushions 

Clothes hangers 


Drinking glass 

Fountain pen 


Laundry bag 


Musicals instruments 


Room accessories 

Sewing kit and buttons 

School and work clothes 

Shoe polish and brush 

Sweater or light jacket 

Tennis racket and shoes 

Throw rugs 

Toilet articles 

Towels and wash clothes 

1 04/Academ.ic Diuision 

JeiTBniehl Elizabeth Biickwalter Elizabeth Cardeti .lohn Carpenter Steven DeGeorge Samuel DeRusha Jason Diu'oy Rick Faniey David Fonts David Fowler 

.aura Kaufmann Douulas K.ennaid Dana Kennedy Bill Kc;:!ii.rNii' \A'i;!iani I as' Raxmond l.eea Phillio Lcstmanii Corinne Lisesax !e1Trev Loneencckcr David 


Class and Chanel Attendance 

1940-1941 Student Handbook 

1) Those on the Dean's List 
may have two cuts per course. 

2) Those on the Middle List, 
one cut per course. 

3) Those on Restriction or 
Probation Lists, no cuts. 

4) All students are limited to 
two chapel cuts per half-quar- 

5) An absence from the last 
class of any (bourse before 
vacation and holidays and from 
the first class meeting of any 
course after these intermissions 
counts double. 

arniii Uaxlev Dclorcs Berry-Norwood Bernie 

rian Hill 
; Todd 
. William Lay Raymond Legg Phillip Lestmann 
lins Robert Simpson Jaek Traylor Michael Weller John Wells Mel 

Can you 

guess these 



^aufmann Douglas Kennarc 
^elts Chi 'Sty Rodenbeck Clark Rose Daimy Rii 

Paul Bol "^ ^Stephen Bradshaw JelTBruehl Elizabeth Buckwalter Elizabeth Carden Jolm Carpenter Steven 

nne Johnson '^El\[T/^t-% 'mann Douglas ICennard Dana Kennedy Bill Ketchersid William Lay 

Earl Reed ■ — ^^icfV S\/"1?^T'^'^'-'^ Clark Rose Danny Ruehling Robert Simpson Jack Traylor 

DeloresBT^Ij . ^"^^^-i^tAlC* '''I'^n Bradshaw Jeff Bniehl Elizabeth Buckwalter 

Randall IK , ^^^Ors tr\ ' — ^ y^ J aura Kanfmann Doualas Kennard 

scucc, R- them at it nil ^ ^^apDe^.- ^^54-7 Q^*^^'"heck Clark Rose 

Stephan, ,^^aifl lleutr^i J^^^^Ses anw . ' ^ith thf^ r 's R'^^h 

an Jeff ffi7e ann,, ,^^- Onlv fU " ^^aff m^ \ ^^^ Juniors ^ "s Trav.s 

Zensen c/p. ^"^^ Senior o ^ ^^^ Senior 1 ^^^^ers ar. °"^ to catnU Bernie 

'-- ' ^ed gr,, ^^ one day n , ^^^SS ,o „ P^^mtted ,^^ to ope Drew 

- ' theUn '^' ^^fe and ^""^^ ^^^ snea7'''^^''^d toZ V^^'^k. For 
:lnne l^^'^^^^s^ty .^^^^ Z'TonZ^'^'^^^^ful ^ froZu 

IWtlhoit Dan Wilson ku "^ t^e cho^^r. _, ' "^ Vennr^i- V ^^^^ IS rx^r^ ■ ^ 

ex en DeGeorge Samuel DeRusha Jaso,. „ ^"^^ date ^"Hed to the p^ ^'^^t- 

It Lay Raymond Legg Phillip Lestmann Corinne Li\^ ... -^CQiJ of 

Ftayloi Michael Weller John Wells Mel Wilhoit Dan Wilson Kurt w 

ckwalter Elizabeth Carden John Carpenter Steven DeGeorge Samuel DeRusha Jason i^t..,_ 
Lama Kautmann Douglas Kennard Dana Kennedy Bill Ketchersid William Lay Raymond Legg Phillip Lestmann Corinne Livc.^u. 

Rose Dannv Ruehlina Robert Simnson Jack Travlor Michael Weller Jolm Wells Mel W'ilhoit Dan Wilson 


adshaw Tell Bi i 


Ricketts Christy Rodetibeck Clar 

jlisle Paul Boling dyi-^ — 

ivonne Johnson Wei7 

mdle Earl Reed Er 

:r Delores Berry-Ni 

iall Hollingsworth 1 

Ronald Petitte Ann 

Cger Stephen Barnel 

inie Flartz Martin 

eff Myers Michael 

;nsen Rachel Adam 

bwler Marcie Froen 

ivid Luther Sigrid 

od Rebecca Yoimg 

>uroy Rick Farney 

Corinne Livesay Je 

Vilhoit Dan Wilson 

n DeGeorge Sainuel 

.ay Raymond Legg 

"raylor Michael We 

;r Elizabeth Carden John Carpenter Steven DeGeorge Sainuel DeRusha Jason Duroy 

Brian Hill 
t Andi^ews 
ax Gartman 
Lloyd Milligan 
oiing Sandy 
, Touts David 
•■ Longenecker 
Kurt Wise Todd 
'-'^^usha Jason 
A-'ells Mel 
nter Steven 
V'illiam Lay 
ick Traylor 
lark Rose 
nes Ruth 
ketts Travis 

It Impson 
'pe Drew 
Brian Hill 
rferSSf^rrJ^^.t .^ndrews 
Max Gartman 

Academic Division/105^ 

Rick Famey David Fonts David Fowler Marcie Froenike 

Jones Ruth Kantzer Laura Kaufmann Douglas Kennard Dana Kennedy Bill Ketchersid William Lay P ' ' 

Lonald Petitte Ann Pope Drew Randle Eari Reed Ernie Ricketts Travis Ricketts Cluristy Rodenbeck Cle y^cctuK/Htc i^ic'titu/t/ i v^j^jiylQ^ 

rger Stephen Bamett Benjamin Baxter Delores Berry-Norwood Bernie Belisle Paul Boling Gail Boyd Stephen Bradshaw JeffBruehl Elizabeth Buckwalter 
anie Hartz^Martin Hartzell Brian Hill Randall Hollingsworth Beth Impson Lavonne Johnson Wendell Jones Ruth Kantzer Laura Kauftnann Douglas Kennard 
lelT Myers Michael Palmer Michele Pascucci Ronald Petitte Ann Pope Drew Randle Earl Reed Ernie Ricketts Travis Ricketts Christy Rodenbeck Clark Rose 
:nsen Rachel Adams Robert Andi'ews Rov Baraer Stephen Barnett Beniamin Baxter Delores BeiTv-Norwood Bernie Belisle Paul Boling Gail Bovd Steohen 

Bible Department 

Above: New Testament professor Dr. Wilson, also known as Dr. Dan 

/ " Jlpeyre ail a bupcl^ o^ ^ 

9utcases...i/ery vi/isc putcascs." 

-Sopl^omorc /Aatt Joss, rc^er- 

\ rip^ to tl^e Bible Professors y 

Above: Jonathan Bailes is very 
attentive in his Greek class 

Above: Dr. Kennard; Below: Dr. Doling 

Old Testament professor Dr. 
Fonts in his office 


Ihc Bible professors can be 

found in the Anderson Bible 

Annex... that's right, they get 

their very own building! 

Biology Departmept 

*«l_jLJiJllJ 'j/t 

Above: Dr. Hartzell assists some of the students in 
lab; right: Michelle Bleikamp and Elizabeth Mangum 

i, W ^"'^M.'S^ ^ ^ 


"Beip^ a Biology major is t\)e 

tou^l^est tl^ip^ I tjaue ever dope, 

but I absolutely loue itr 

-Senior, /^pdrea U/all^er 

Above: Biology major Stacie Hahn on a microscope; 
Left: Aaron Mowery and Zack Williams in biology lab 

Biology/ 107 

Business majors at Bryan College anticipate 
four things with dread certainty; 8:00 classes, 
Dr. Lay's Economy tests, corporate dress 
code, and graduation— in spite of our excel- 
j2.nL?ducation_weju_sj_donJj_wanitJo leave. 

Joseph Blaschke, Junior 

Dr. Lay 


Beca Yarnell and Paul Downer in Business class 

Business major- it is like dressing 
up at 8:00 in the morning while 
everyone else is still sleeping and 
people wonder why we look so 
■ "KaTI E "BARfJH AM ,' FrES H M AN 

Keelan Diehl, Sara Davis, Seth Miller, Beca Yarnell, Tim 
Franklin, Nathan Zensen, and Manoel Silva in business 




— ■■ 

■ ■ " 

_.. .__-.-. _. -..- 




9. .i's; 





- - -— -■ m V 





. 1 : :; jTi 

A business major's favorite text 

Sara Davis, ID. Geib, and Keelan Dietil 








Below: Josh Long and Glenn Hentz 
look tongue-tied. ..Comm majors??? 

ticfc- -o* 



Right: Julie 
hard at 

Above: Vince Kreul. Justin Lonas, 
Kelly Crane. Matt Rogers, 
and Steve Orner. 

Right: Da\ id 
Deuth and Mark 
Livesay share 
some affection! 


Wliy we're Comm 

"AJl tlie cool people are Comm 
Msgors!" - Julie Thompson 

"Being a Comm Meyor is all about rab- 
bit trails, extra tidbits, and 
Neil Postman." - LeUa Smith 

"They say we're lazy, they say our 

classes are cakewalks - 1 jvist love 

an 18-page cake!" - Justin Lonas 

"Comm Msgors do it without 
stuttering." - Glenn. Hentz 




Prof. Belisle 

Prof. Palmer 

Communication/ 1 09 

Computer 5c\moe Hi 

^ivrence LaPlue and Arrttiony Pattc-' 


Dr. Earl Reed 


Abcve: A comfuter science 

To bf t: fdpe Vd'ep 

Bdow. Hardworking con-puter 
science n]a]or5 induding Feipe 
Vabjo, RJ Smith, and Joama 

This year weVe been blessed wrtti a new set 

of con-puters, ^ a new set of student 
asefetants to he|9 maintan "berried by or 
feaiese, Ixmrous, and always gccd-natired 
bader, fvt. Earl T. Reed, its been a 0"eat 
year that's seen a lot of changes. W)r. Reed 
has not oriy Lrtfaiiingly provided exerrplary 
badershp 3rd teadriw, to al of lb in he 
classes (sometimes many dassee), bift he 
also has genuinely taken great pah h advanc- 
ing the education of Corrputer Scbnce at 
Bryan Coiege by imprcving cur tednolc^, 
adjustir^ cur classes, and rvd/'w, students h 
al aspects of the bamhg process. Wfth tech- 
nobgy becoming a bigger part of cur \\/e5, t 
is absoLfteiy v\td to cur educator] here at 
Bryan that we bam how to responsibly hands 
technobgy n a Biblical way - and K4". Reeds 
dear direction has been the conr^rstore upon 
which this Christian vbw has been fanded h 
every dase we sre h. 

As we wrap ip this year and look fcnjsrd 

to the next, it wil be excrtiry to see \Aiiat 
God wl be doing among lb "geeks" next 
year. The new equpment, mw classes, 

new students - al wil be great reasons to 
be a Computer Science Major nsxt year, 
but thfe list ba/es out the most irpcr- 
tant reason of at the same "oW' quality 

education that weVe receded whib hcorpe- 
ratir^ the resporsibb, ethbal bader^p 

whdi car orty come from a f rm foundation 
n Chretian tmth 
-Jard Waggoner 

110/Computer Science 



Left: Dr. DeGeorge, 

over the Secondary 

Licensure program gives 

a riveting lecture 

Below: Mrs. Froemke 

gives her Exceptional 

Children class a review 

of the previous weeks' 


Above: Christy Bell, Hannah Lowry, 

Jennilee Elliott, and Tiffany Hatch 

pose before their Intro to Teaching 


Above: Junior Jen Kuykendall teaches 

origami to gifted students from Rhea 


Above: Juniors Mary Gleason, Ashley Hixson, Mindy Gentry and 
Kari Hardin listen to Dr. DeGeorge in Universal Teaching Methods 

"Teaching at Bryan College is a 
joy, especially because 1 am an 

aiunnnus. Watching Bryan 
change (yet fundamentally stay 
the same) through the years has 
provided an interesting perspec- 
tive on life. My favorite part of 
teaching in the education depart- 
ment is supervising student 
teachers. Seeing freshmen 
teacher candidates grow and 
develop as spiritual and intellec- 
tual personalities into young men 

and women ready to influence 

the world through the classroom- 

-what could be better than that?" 

- Mrs. Marcy Froemke 

Education/1 1 1 

6ngli§h ?)i^p5rt^7i^^t 

One thing I've always appreciated about the English department is 

how each of the professors' gifts compliment each other. I've had 

such a diverse experience in taking each of their classes because 

they all have such a distinct teaching style. No wait., my favorite 

part is all the food they keep up in the writing center for us. We 

munch our stress away! - Rachel Gentry 


Left (from top); 

Englisli majors 

Daniel Gleason 

and George 


er^\cs 4 

Both Jenny 
Gordon and Paul 
Miller (right) along 
with Pam Davis 
and Elizabeth 
Barrett (left) enjoy 
a Sigma Tau Delta 
meeting, a nation- 
ally recognized club 
for English majors. 

Right (from left): Danielle Mitchell and Jo fiarper listen during Dr. Impson's 

World Lit II class. 
Below: Dr. Jones teaches his Southern Literature class outside during the 

nice spring weather. 

11 2/ English 

Athletic Training O 
Exercise Healtii Science 



Even though I have been sep- 
arated from Fred, my pet for 

the last four years, I am 

thankful for the family that I 

have here. May Tara soon 

find her heart and get it back 

from Mexico. May Brendon 

always get what he wants 

from Subway. May Chris win 

an argument with Mike at 

least once. And may Michelle 

always ask at least one more 


- Courtney Kier 

Brendon Van der 
Westhuizen performing 

Steven Chambers taping Jonathon Littles ankle 

'm so excited to be part of the 
Athletic Training Program here at 
Bryan. I just love it!! The faculty 
and students that I spend my time 
with definitely add to the experi- 
ence. -Becca Parker 

Tara Robinson and Josh Porter 
working in the Athletic Training Room 

have had a 
great four 
years here in 
the Athletic 

Program. I'm 
really going to 
miss the "fami- 
ly" that I 
have had here 
for the last four 
years. God 
bless you all. 
- Chris Achter 

Becca Parker wrapping Ashley Harrisonfe ankle 
Exercise/Health ScLence/113 



During the fall semester 
Senior History major Justin 
Eisenback was told that he 
would not be returning to 
Bryan in the spring. 
Instead he would trade his 
role as student for the rank 
of Lance Corporal in the 
United States Marine Corps 
and head to Iraq. 

I was activated with 1st Platoon, B Co., 4t]i 
Combat Engmeer Battalion out of Roanoke, 
Va. I am attached to 3rd Battalion, 25th 
Marines. I am in Al-Anbar province, and the 
general mission is to establish a free Iraq, 
able to govern itself, blah blah blah. Me and 
my homies aire concerned primarily with the 
destruction of tinexploded ordnance Cwhich 
could possibly be used by the bad guys to 
make improvised boobytraps) and land 
mines, usually anti-tank, which are occasion- 
ally found in the road. We sometimes 
improve the defensive works in and around 
various bases to help protect from attacks. 
We also do provisional infantry missions, 
meaning we patrol aroiind and look for 
weapons or whatever, just like an infantry 
platoon would. 

I really didn't want to go in the middle of the 
year, but as it turns out, it was probably for 
the best. It messed up my plans for the com- 
pletion of my education, but I think it will 
turn out working better this way. It's a little 
sad that I don't get to see a lot of my friends 
graduate, and I don't get to go on the senior 
trip with them, but it could be worse. 
Besides, I'll have some cool stories I can tell 
when I get back. And another thing, how 
crappy would it be if I was in the Marines for 
6 years during the War on Terror and didn t 
go do an3rthing? 

Lance Corporal Justin Eisenback, USMC 

1 Reasons to 

be a history 


1 . Lunches at the 

Peking House with Dr. 


2. Daily Weather Reports 



Ot?.. i/^vcn<^ 



7. Momma T's 
French Toast 

8. Quality time with 
dead people 

9. Deciding who 
becomes famous 

10. Celebrations of 

3. No work 

Sophomore and Junior 


4. Playing war games for 


5. Creating your own war 

game for credit 

6. Playing trivia with Dr. 


T^noFessoR. of 


Below: Junior Bethany Perseghetti in a Milligan class. 

Above: Sophomore. 
Joy Wright listens 
intently during one 
of Mr. Milligan 's 

Left: A chart on the 
wall in the Language 

Right: A book used in 
a Milligan class 

CJyvri "^^-M^ 

Below: Information on the Semester 
Studies programs 


\_ii->ci?aisc:K:s /=>.r>o 
CY^issior>/^TC.5j ir> 



T 1 ,? 


Le (3k^+ 'S^'Wf 


Languages/1 1 5 




Sarah Brown (sophomore), Renee 
Tullberg (sophomore) and Lauren 
Goodge (junior) 

Dr. Rose deep in contemplation 

^ "After being a 
part of three different 
psychology programs, 
have been blessed to 
end my college career 
in Bryan's. Though it 
took some getting used 
to, I thoroughly appre- 
ciate all my experi- 
ences while attending. 
Even though I am leav- 
ing, I know I am taking 
a world of knowledge 
could get no where 

- Mark Despagni 

David DeNavarra, Christine Pratt, Stepiianie Hamilton, Justin Forgette, 
Leanne Brubal<er, and Dr. Rose talking during Counseling Strategies 

"The thing I like best about studying Psychology is that it helps give me categories of thought to work from 
in understanding identity and relating who it is that God calls us to be to others." 

- John Poston 

1 1 6/Psychology 


8 reasons 
you might 
be a math 

1. You look at 
Pringle's potato chips 
and think of hyper- 
bolic paraboloids. 

2. You traded 
your GameBoy 
Color for a TI- 

/ "My favorite part \ 
of being in the Math 
major is having take- 
home tests. I love hav- 
ing Dr. Simpson as my 
teacher, especially 
when he giggles, and 
Dr. Lestmann cracks 
jokes and puns only 
math majors can 

-Beth Simon 


Dr. Simpson teaching 
Calculus 3 

3. You have ever tried to 
calculate the number of 
blades of grass in your 

!4. You have ever made your 
roommate wake up because 
your cool solution to a prob- 
|lem just could not wait 

/ "I love math because ^ 

unlike English, when you look 
at an equation it cannot be rel- 
ative, it is what it is. That's 
why I love Math." 

- Laura Furlough 

5. You have picked 
pi when asked to 
choose a number 
between one and 

7. You see the word "sin" and it does 
not mean something bad 

6. You know the prime fac- 
torization of your social secu- 
rity number 

\8. Your calculator cost more than 
lyour wardrobe 

Tyler Cook, John-Paul Creel, Ross Lee busily taking 

Math/1 1 7 


Dr. David Luther provides piano accompani 
ment to the voice of Daniel Spivey. 


Above: Dr. Sigrid Luther instructs Eddie MacCready 

and Brittany Fawcett-Lowe. 

"The Bryan music faculty works very hard at combining 
an emphasis on excellence in music with a pursuit of sin- 
cere and personable relationships with their students... 

I'll certainly miss yearly Chorale tours, traditional 

Christmas parties, and other performance opportunities— 

not to mention the faithful instruction and friendship of 

both the music faculty and other other music students!" 

-Senior Eva Holder 

Tim St. John has great skills. 

Dr. Wilhoit sho'ws his conducting students 
what not to do when it conies to eye contact. 


Music students David Blalock, Emily Cook, Jennilee Elliot, 
and Daniel Tomyn gather together after class. 


M^ Education 

Above: cTuniors Melia Warren and Ellie Hillyer along 
with Senior Becca Rusch listen and ponder the devo- 
tion as Dr. Randle is giving it in department chapel. 

Above: Sophomore SOizabeth Myers holding an Alumni 
child in her lap during Missions Mania at Homecoming. 

Dr. Randle's Top S Sayings: 

S. Okay Party People 

4. Julia Claire this, Hallie Rose that 

5. Caution!! 

8. Boo Hiss 

1. Youth Ministry is a funky bird. 

Above: Junior Missy Bell and Senior Ashley 
CrisweU prepare for a class presentation. 

Above: Seniors Will Strickland, Patrick Collins, Aileen 
Vaughan along with Junior Elli Hillyer and Sophomores 
Jeremy Vineyard and Sara Dingus pill in the van in fap 
Micronesia waiting to go to the first Annual Triatholone. 

Freshman Paul Gutacker enthusiastically takes 
notes during one of his jrouth ministry classes. 

Christian Education/119 


Clockwise from 
E top left: Business 
Textbook, Aspire 
Students in class, 
Krystal Building 
in Chattanooga, 
Teacher leading 
class. Students in 

120 /Aspire 

Aspire Pnognam 

Bryan College's Adult Studies Pr^ram 

Robert Andrews, 
dean of Adult Studies 

The Aspire Program began in the fall of 1993. It offers two 
Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration: 
Organizational Management and Business Management. 
We recognize experiential learning, offer professionally rel- 
evant coursework in an accelerated format, and equip men 
and women to become more effective in their professions. 
Bryan College has developed the Aspire Degree 
Completion Program to meet the needs of adult students. 
Each cohort group attends classes one night per week on 
a year-round basis, allowing an early completion of the 
degree. The curriculum is designed to help adults accom- 
plish their career goals and allow them to be a more effec- 
tive manager, supervisor, or business person. 

Teacher leading a class on Financial Management in the 
basement of the Bible Annex Building behind the Library 

I had spent over seven years taking 
evening classes trying to finish my col- 
lege degree. On the path that I was 
using it was going to take many more 

years to complete my degree. The 
Bryan College Aspire Program provid- 
ed me an opportunity to complete my 
degree in a much shorter time. 

The degree that I earned at Bryan has 

been beneficial to my career and it 
has also enabled me to enroll in a pro- 
gram to earn my Masters of Business 
— Keith D. Parker, Maintenance 
and Modification Manager, 

Tennessee Valley Authority 
Watts Bar Nuclear Plant 





"I'm excited about the opportunity to explore 
the how and why of missions. I'm also excited 
about the opportunity to see how 1 can use my 
major to spread the Gospel!' 

--Emily Cooli. Sophomore Music Major 


"1 have never seen God move so much in one 
week. As 1 arrived on Yap, 1 felt as if 1 was 
stripped of all the familiar and left only with 
my faith in God. God began to work through- 
out the two weeks not only in my personal life, 
but through the relationships on the team. 1 
would do it again, and encourage others to go! 
-Ali Vaughan, Senior Christian Education Major 


Above: Robert, Tim, Dave, Stephanie, Rachel, Pam. and Eva posed for a 
quick picture after arriving on the island. 

Above: Ali, Patrick. Will. Jeremy, Ellie, Tim, and Sarah along with two of the 
missionaries on Yap while touring the island. 

answer questions 
' ii-BuckwalteNM^^ 
1 22/Micronesia 


Above: Shelly and Jen are all smiles as they fellow- 
ship with one of the local pastors and his family on 
the island. 


Amanda Held and Emily Goodge engage the 
children recently devested by the tsunami 

Dave Shifrin holds this happy little baby 



"One day, Dave Shifrin, Peter Schottleutner, and I 

got to hang out with several villagers who had 

been affected by the tsunami. At the end of the 

day, the leader of the village said, 'Many people 

have come to help us since the tsunami. Some 

have given us food, others have helped rebuild our 

huts, and some have given us work since our boats 

were destroyed. But none have sat and talked with 

us about our lives and families and futures as you 

have. You are our friends; you are our brothers! 

We were able to pray with them afterwards." 

-Jen Parks 




Jen Parks encourages the women by simply 
spending time talking with them 

"i^^' .affitiV^fe. " ,, 

j''rt, r , "''tf''''K. ''''3^M 








£11) '\ ^^^^H 









1 30 ail 




1 m^iiii 



m S. "■■ 


■ W^^m^- 




David Darden hangs out with some 
Indian men in their hut 

India/ 123 

Alexis Jaeger Natalie Tullberg 
Kevin Crawford Rachr'-^ 


Kaleb Mil 




Dish J 


Robert Fe ; 
Will Sti" '* 
Mark De 
Lucas Gantz Kathryn E 
Matt LeFever Li 
TannahillF — ' '^ 

Brian McKeiiney David DeNavarra Crystal Floyd Cathy Chapman Lucas Gantz Kathryn Burleson 
"™~-''™~'^--™*'''^ter Dishon Smith Daniel Gleason Anneli Horner Matt LeFever Laura Donahue Glea; 
^anWormer Jen Parks Jordan Musselman Rachel "'^^ 
Robert Ferguson Erin Daughtery Joanna Harper 

Will Stt-ickland Amanda Carivl^jQlm Poston L; 

ark Despagni _^__^^^^B''jHfck ^^^^ 

Danny H ■■H||fl^^^H^^H^ ^^ 

T,.r.».r,antz^^^H^H^^^ SI 

: Lei 

ahill ^^^^^^^^^HP^p^^H^teve 
Bol^^^^^^P^^^I^Ha Wi 
For(^^^^^^H|p^^^^Hi^^^ Jonat 

wer ^^^^^^^K^^^^^m ^K 


Cheryl F 
Michael ' • 

Hentz '■ :;.',. 

Randi , ' vii.\ 

Steven : j . ■ 

Andrea ^ , 
Crane < 


Chris Ach 

Anna Ri 

Erin Higl 

Julie Dar 




Renee I 



Katherine ~'- 

Armstrong ...: ^, l» .»s* 

Dewhurst '// Z 
Patrick C 
Seera L '■^J^/Z^ 
Tullberg '"'/^j. 
Rachel Clq v';'t 

JoshL?-- z;*'^^'- 
Eva Holder '-^ 
Alena Pevey 
Young Ri( 
Crystal Floy 
Daniel Gleasc 
Jordan Mussel' 
Amanda Car! 
Kim Barlow 
Harvey Vic 
Kathryn Bur 
Laura Donal 
Demme Kat 
Nathan Maj 
Paul Downe. 

Amy Hobbi ,^^_ 

Tamara Cook Becca Rusch 

- ^IHil 

Rachel Chaulklin Stacie Hahn Gabe Gree 

Davi"^ '^'"'^~'~ ' »*-ti_:j- a»_.i. n 

I Baco 
mily G 

le Li 
hel Hil 
arkRa ^'.,, 
Susai I 

ey Kie '^ 
lelmott J 
inifer ( 
IS Jaegf 
vin Cr 


\ "'-"^--^i. ™s Halvorson 

i '""''■•- rong David 

'hurst Stephi 
''■^•^^ nith Anne V. 

rick Collins 

^-1 I Learme Bru 

\ )erg Brian W 

X^ j ;lClegg Jess 

'^'■^.^i' )sh Long Sh; 

right Andy I 

Eva Holder J 

=~>:,^ Alena Pevej 

"^St _ J 'o^ii^g Ricky 

i .,^-..- 'stal Floyd C 

Gleason An 

^,^ \ ordan Musselm 

y ^rin Daughtery 

\ \ 1 Amanda Ca 

^: \ \. i Kim Barlov 

\^ )anny Harvey 

i_ ^_Jucas Gantz 1 

Daniel Gleason Anneli Horner Matt LeFever 
ks Jordan Musselman Rachel Tannahill Issac E 

Erin qP.«^" -«#fck.^»'"^" 

jltzfus Erin Higbee Andy Sewe 

Raboin Julie Daniels Tim Bieb 

i Vince Kreul Ali Vaughan Tr 

:.achel Rosenbaum Liz Bass Nal 

Courtney Kier Matt Rogers 
h Renee Delmotte Abigail Snea 

i zzy Wright Jennifer Gordon Traj 

Philip Schroeder Deanna Stoltzfus Erin Higbee Andy Sewell Eddie MacCready Alexis Jaeger Natal 
ine Strode Liz Mortellaro Joey Raboin Julie Daniels Tim Biebel Katherine Halvorson Kevin Crawforo 


rt — 4. c* — ^ n^^u^i u:n,,«„ o «u d«««^,, \/;«^« L^^a,,,! 

o iviitimci oiuiic lamaici v^uur. oci^i^a ivusi^ii rimip oi^iiiucuci ucauiia oiuiiiius cim nigucc rtiiuy ocwcii cuuic iviai;v^reauy 

iHentz Shelley Kiser Brad Poston Catherine Strode Liz Mortellaro Joey Raboin Julie Daniels Tim Biebel Katherine Halvorson i 
Randi Mellon Janell Wright Barton Stone Rachel Hillyer Hannah Rogers Vince Kreul Ali Vaughan Talor Armstrong David 
3ven Nies Rachel Chaulklin Stacie Hahn Gabe Greener Erin Keenan Rachel Rosenbaum Liz Bass Nathan Dewhurst . Stephanie 

•ea Walker D a-^'.f'v^' 
onathan Bacon 
Tiily Goodge 
:hroeder Dea . ' 
; Liz Mortelli 

achel H 

"i Anne White 
|ollins Katie Kier 

rubaker Ethan 
IcKenney David 
Jessica Righter 

After Tonight 

The sand slipped away through my fingertips 

And left me to stand here on rocky ground 

But if you falter back I'm in front of you— reaching out for you, 

You know I'll always be here for you 

When the tables turn, after tonight 

You will feel the eyes on you, they 're watching you 

Whispering, "Give up, turn back." 

The wind always changing, foundations are unwav 'ring 

We 'II run on, after tonight 

Thef-e 's a part of you I'm going to take with me 

A breath, I can hold for eternity 

If you 're ready we 'II fly, to the heavens spread wide 

As we go from here, after tonight 

So you 're going away in the morning, 

I'm wishing you all the best as you go. 

I havn 't forgotten the memories you 've stolen; 

The moments are packed in your mind, like your filled suitcase 

And the tears that we 're gonna cry. 

After Tonight, there 's a song left to sing, after tonight. 

Peter Schottleutner ■ •,■ 

Copywright 2005 

)ewhurst Stephanie Hamilton Kim Courtwright Andy Brubaker Robert Ferguson Erin Daughtery Joanna Harper Cheryl Bohanan 
Smith Anne White Kaleb Milligan Eva Holder Jordan Matthiess Will Strickland Amanda Carlyle John Poston Lauren Ford 
'atrick Collins Katie Kier Jonathan Little Alena Pevey Sarah Bass Mark Despagni Kim Barlow Cleon Rogers Havala Bower 
;era Leanne Brubaker Ethan Demme Sara Young Ricky Allison Kari Wright Danny Harvey Victoria Flowers Michael Stone 
llberg Brian McKenney David DeNavarra Crystal Floyd .Cathy Chapman Lucas Gantz Kathryn Burle«"n_ nipn Wpntv 'jhpiipv : 
Lachel Clegg Jessica Righter Dishon Smith Daniel Gleason Anneli Horner Matt LeFever Laura Donal "" ;| 

rlmn Talor AnnsitmncT David DarHpn Olivia PpqqIpt Inch T nna Kafip Flvnn 

0(v-fstbf>her QeM"er 

G^^Bfxil "BoKc 

^^tASon ^^r^ntxe 

L.B.Oiinne. 'SriAboker 



^ .^ 


\ Lw^-_N 






Not Pictured: Ricky Allison, Talor Armstrong, Kim Barlow, Liz Bass, Sarah Bass, Tim 
Biebel, Havala Bower, and Andy Brubaker. 

'Patrick CtJdrvs 


iCiiinberlif CoutttigWt 

k:e//y Ore 


JiidiB. L)on.ieL 


S-rin L^oi«gKfertf 





JoUx 'VoiA Cree( 







T=*ome(o T>« 



Not Pictured: Tamara Cook, Kevin 
Crawford, David Darden 

Not Pictured: David DeNavarra, Mark Despagni, Samuel English, Robert 
.Ferguson, and Crystal Floyd ; • 

Idotfiryn. f~tijmrx 


.ovito VTleorson. 

T^oiniel G(eoson Stjisoin. Gotdc 

Sfoc«e -l-f ohn 

ICa1fiei-ine -l-fo(voi-son Stefftl^onie +4 omiHb*x Jooru^o 4-torper "DonJe( -|-f orvey S-rln. +-f fgbee 

Not Pictured: Lucas Gantz, Gabe Greener, and Glen Hentz 

CXmvi -l-fobbs 


OjnmBli -|-fomer 

sftrv ^^f sen bock die 

CoKrtKey K-ter 

K-ottB. wCiBr 

SV\e.{lexj Kiser 

V/fneent" fCre^f A/lotrtiew 


^roafora P*os:tbrx 

Jessico Kightcr 









A^otttievw T^ogc 

"Rebecca "Ri^sel^ 


T^iUf, Schroeaei- Clruiy SeweU "Dovia S^rfrin 

^,^ , t • Not Pictured: 

Mark Ramsey, Cleon Rogers, Catherine Strode, Natalie Tullberg, and Shannon Van Wormer 


XJistion. ^Snnrrti 

'^^ortom. ^>fb 

Ledo .S»n«tf» 

LeooL L^eGnirxo StolkFuts 

lAJlr\&rv Une. \^e.€»ts (^ove cCoseci orocirudt ms. 

On tf^e ifeor-s we sperit" ot" ^^ixf on, 
'Neotf^ "rt^e r^ci orui go(ci. 

OUiHtom StricMorta "Roe^cf "Toru^o^jH CUfeen VoMaKon OU»areo U^ofker 

"^^ CM>«' nriottb we fittrdi^ stionct- 


-l-forf to tf^ee, o€>U' olnno tnoiter, 
A-A-oil, otAt ^^ryon, -|-f orfl 

Oi^e U/hrti 

T>r T>orx U;;(sorx JorieH tUrig^t 

K-ari iAJriqlrit 

Lett: There have been a number ot engagements that have taken place, the 
first began just after fi-eshman orientation. 

Below: The three sets of twins in our class put together 
a skit called "A Day in the Life of a twin". 

Above: Reinactment of 
Soph Rock Cafe which 
began during Sophomore 
year and continued under 
different names through- 
out the rest of our years 
here at BC. 

Left: Amy Hobbs (not 
pictured Katerine 
Halvorson) host a game 
show called "Name that 

Right: To close chapel 
majors in each depart- 
ment thanked the faculty 
and staff who have pour 
into their lives. 

Above: Chris, Rachel, Rae, and 
Tim on the top deck looking out 
over the port before leaving 
Mobile, AL. 



Above: Janell, Erin, Pam, Rachel, 

and Katie enjoy a chance to soak 

up some sun. 

Left: Liz and Sarah wave their 

napkins at dinner to encourage 

the waiters as they were singing 

and dancing for us. 







i^'y^ ^ 



eixcj' I up' 

Top: Eva and Victoria take a break from 
playing shuffle board.. 

Right: Ricky, Gabe, David, Tim, Lucas, and 
Jonathan wait in library before dinner. 

Left: Randi calling her guy and 
Andy coming like a puppy dog 
during swing dance lessons on the 

Below: During the week we had 
tons of gourmet, including duck! 

Below: Paul and Rachel, enough said. 

Below: David, Jordan, Nate, and Jonathan wait to get off the 
boat as it docked in Costa Maya. 

Left: Alexis, Kelly, Matt, John Paul, Aileen, 

Stacie, and John pose for a picture with their 

waiter , Eddie and assistant waiter, Sonnv. 



Clockwise: Randi Mellon, Andy Sewell, Megan Tyser, and Paul Downer; 
Pam Davis reads from Colossians 3; Olivia Fessler and Eva Holder hold 
their ribbon; Catherine Strode and Jen Parks exchange looks; Daniel 
Gleason reads Robert Frost and T.S. Elliot; Shelley Kiser and Kaleb 
Milligan are excited about Vespers ' 



A~Jir-jt<Hf. ^i-»v0mn<f .1 nrMtt^uu 


Above: Olivia Fessler shal<es hands with (unknown man) as 
she gets herdiplomia (actuallyinside the read folder there is 
just a piece of paper with instructions on where to pick, up or 
return the red folder). 1lHHH^%\ 

Below: Patrick Collins shakes hands with Dr. Livesay before 
walking off the stasfes. 


Left: New graduates walk proudly up the aile to go get 
their diplomia. 

Bottom: On the way into Mercer Hall students say one 
final thank you to faculty and staff. Pam Davis gives 

Dr. Simpson a hug. 


Above: Dishon Smith and other graduates take time to hug their family and 
friends after the ceremonv. 



Above: John Paul Creel and Aileen Vaughan 

pose for pictures after receiving their 

diplomias for all their hard work. 

Left: Matt Rogers and Kelly Crane examine 
their diplomias with Dr. Hollingsworth. 

...fls w WILL mmbm II, 

',-fll'>- . 

Tffi Class Of 2005 in nunbffi 

4967: fnflii^ w mmomon Judy 
412: CtiflPm wf COULD tiflvf finfnDfD 

\ 96: QlflPfiS W DfCIDED TO SKIP 

i 52: tlOUPS 11 Wf£K SPfni STUDTinO (bio AflJOPS) 

f 32: AinuTK fl wffK spfni STUDTino (fVfPTonf fisf) 

IW^ . 4: flLKOLLfOf PIGIO 

2: Days or cfinaLLfD classk 
2: bmw CoLLfCjf PPfsiDtnis 

1 : (JPflDUflTinO CLASS 

,„ Ttiis IS roup Stopt 


The moments are packed in your mind, like your filled suitcase 

And the tears that we 're gonna cry. 

After Tonight, there s a song left to sing, after tonight. 

-Peter Schottleutner, Copywright 2005 



Harden Taylor Hasty Matt Henderson Thiago Goncalves Lauren Goodge Susanna Gordon Shameka Green Lindsey Guerra Hudson 
Elinor Hillyer Ashley Hixson Crystal Hoover Ashley Johnson Ronnie Jones Brook Julius Tiffany Kerley Jen Kuykendall Mark Liv 
Youngren Kimberlee Storey Julie ThompsQr '^ -"ir^n T'lrn-'r l?-'rhf'l,Ware Mel 
Drew Cardin Matt Dav Justin Foraette T\ 

a D luuv 
''Ellis C 
esay Ju 


ivifgan DiatK uy 

hristine Freed J.D 

stin Lonas Jamie i 

^-^Eim St 



Logan 1 1 


Blakeley Sf 

Zach Willi; 

Buckler ( 

Dreiling C 

Neff Lai 

Palmer Ashley Parker Rebecca Pa^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^^^^^l Cardin Matt Day 

Radosevich Sutton L^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^zen Beto 

Blalock Ben Brown Sarah Bro\vn"WB^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^mily Cd 
Mike Hansen Natalie Hayes Renee Heberlig Aaron Henningsen Heidi Immei 
McCutchen Ginny Pelluni Bethany Perseghetti Lydia Persson Asliley-Kaye Renol^ 
Victor Vallejo Jeremy Vineyard Renee Tullberg Jared Tyser Cory Thompson Dai, 
Fleet Josh Franklin Michelle Fnesen Tim Furnanz Tim Cadillac Wes Callihan 
Gruber Paul Gutacker Ashley Harrison Allison Hendrix Logan Hill Joseph ij 
Medlen Johnny Miller Lucy Miller Danielle Mitchell Justyn Mitchell Jeremv 
Josh Small Ashley Smith Cara Smith R.J. Smith Roy Smith Blakeley SpenC' 
Leah White A ' 
Bondui'ant >. : 
Ashley Cris\. 
Fulton McAllist 
Drew Phillips 
Ryan Perkins 
Barrick Ch 
Brian Edgerto[ 

Lee Kar; 
Strickland A 
Brown JonaU 
Gray Phil Gra 
Hannah Mai'kl 
Jared Reitnai] 
Wade Jarrell 
Biddy Mega 
Ellis Christine 
Livesay Justii 
Katie r 
Knsteii I 

Rachel T 
Julie Bail 
Ashley Jol 
Lauren Ti 
James W 
Graham B| 
Kelley R- 
Sealy .'\ 
Apple K 
Nash Jo; 

Woodworth Ashley Abercrmbie Billy Anaya Brad Atkinson Julie Bailey Elizabeth B 
Handsen Kari Harden Tayloi- Hasty Matt Henderson Thiago Goncalves Lauren Good, 

Justin Foi'gette Tim Franklin Chaiiie Gann Mary Gleason Amanda 

'aagoner James White Brett Williams Brendon Witte Tr 

Graham Betsy Halvorson Laura Furlough Su; 

Rebecca Ketterer Emily Meznar 

aanda Sherrin Christina Sir 

.aura Barton Er 



.Andra Branson Charlotte Brown v,,.. ,^..i:,. 
ti : i^ — 1 — ^"11" — =j= — 1 .^ ^ij ^ T-it 1 >/^|-oy Ann 

Couples shall not be together after meals, \arketie 
excepting as follows: after lunch on school days ^ 

ssw for ten minutes or until the sounding of the first 
class bell; after dinner for ten minutes. 

148/CJnderclass Diuision 

Christen Conrad Elinor Hillyer 
Fulton McAllister Hayden McCtiy" 


,ier C 

11 Waj 



ys Brook 

Laura watiington Gerald W 

tmiiy ivuer tvan iviyers Katie inch 

Melia Warren Leila Smith Courtney Snyder Blakely Spencer Anna Squires Tim St. John Luke Pet 

Rebecca Parker Elijah Peters Jason Braaten Drew Cardin Matt Day .Tustin Forgette Tim Franklin Charlie Gann Maiy Gleason Amanda Held Aai'on Henningsc 

Sutton Lacey Swanson Brendon Van Der Westhuizen Beto Villamizai- Jarrell Waggoner James White Brett Williams Brendon Witte Trinity Wood Elizabeth Wri 

irown Natalie Campbell Rebecca Carpenter Emily Cook Kami Cunningham Sherry Graham Betsy Haivorson Laura Furlough Susanna Gordon Natalia Fle( 

Mindy Gentry Rachel Genti'y Ashley Crisvvell Sara Davis Keelan Diehl David Deuth Headier Dreihng Cadierine Chapman Mniam Christian Cliristen Conrad 
Ben Marshall Greg Mast Fnlton McAllister Hayden McCoy Emily Mier Evan Myers Katie Neff Laura Watlington Gerald Woodworth Been Yamell Lindsey 
Luke Peters Virginia Petitte Drew Phillips Jessica Reed Glade Smith Steve Orner Rob Palmer Ashley Pin ker Rebecca Parker klijah Peters Jason Braaten • 

^iftel Isaac N^ -.-., ''' ' — ^-^-^ — ' — a" jia. r "^t ^ — T^ '^— Njies Punches Joseph 

n ,/ Women are reminded that custom makes ^ 

erme Ba)" 

!ve Briai 
'vport A 
Beth St 
Ira Bran.' 
,ong Ho 
tzlaff KatlijS 

Blailock David 
Dingus Molly 1 
lathan Lucas Dar 
ght Geoige You 
Caleb Fendrieh 
Kindra Grc 
yMcFadden W 

^osenbaum Jefi'Ruai 

Jarrell Waggoner Kyle Waglcy Trent Walker Ben Wh 

them particularly responsible for the observance of 
social proprieties; but both men and women students 
'Jwill be held equally responsible for the keeping of 
the dating regulations. Avoid anything that might be [; 
misunderstood. 1951-1952 

Zach Vinsant Tosha Vizueth Wil Wad^ 
■rgandine Rebecca Byi'er Craig Biddy Megan Black Cynthia Blanton Joseph Blaschke Krista t 

jreen LindsfiiUQuerra Hm-i-jiin Fiik chi-i^tini» Pi-ppH I n (";pih \'i;n<-i\' r;pnii-\- i^acbcIG '^"^^' 

nith Coi 

Aaron 1 
fVood El 
anie Mil 
nan Bet 
ker Da\ 
s Laplue 
lie Patto ^ 
kalt Ti 
n Thiag 
ystal HO' 
; Thomp 
ette Tin 
im Sheiij 
att J. 
han S. 

hAngove Stephanie Apple Katie Barham Laura Bailon Erin Becker David Beisner Kristc 
:a Cavanaugh K;'"'"-^ ' ■""'■•■'"lit Timberly Cox Tanner Crowley Amanda Davidson Rodjit.' 
ickie Holiibz Jev'" — — ^_ iKillian Kevin Klay Lawrence Laplue Paul Laskowske 1 

m G) 

Van Der 

a Persson ' 
ared Tyser 
anz Tim 
n Heiidrix 
rell Justyn 
oy Smith 
ers Katie 
rner Rob 
hes Joseph 

Illy Hanirick 
urge Young 
'rich Niles 
o Cassy 
Jeff Ruark 

Hani'.ar- .vKrfKette Leslie iviarun i.-uura ;\;crai,Kien 
Jared Reitnauer Chuck Rose Katie Rosenbaum 
Wil Wade Jarrell Waggoner Kyle Wagley Trent Walker Ben White 
|Craig Biddy Megan Black Cynthia Blanton Joseph Blaschke Krista 
udson Ellis Christine Freed J.D Geib MindyGentry Rachel Gentry 
Mark Livesay Justin Lonas Jamie Gasl^i^BB^hj^hall Greg Mast 
kely Spencer Anna Squires ^iiJ^^^flRfnMHHK Virginia Petitte 
jntheny Britt:any '^'^^"i^t^|fyHH|)Kljl||MJ|U& Oglesby 

snia Biil 

on Mowery 
;ks Chase 

Woods K 
gard Nick 
n Christia 
odwordi J 
ker Elija' 

Lacev Si' 


a girl wishes 
'to visit in the home 

. "i^i^an friend, she will be, 
- required to have written permfs- 

nfromherparents, as well as Written' 
-to r,nT;'^™^"'«-«*-Iftheg^. 

necessaryforhertohaveTwrier ^^-' 
L invitation from the hostess -^ 

^ 1951-1952 

Bailes Sarn 
der Ross 

ivn Corey 

Kellie Pafton John Pazdziora -'i^sh j Vl^^ni^^^RwffiBHBnAH 

Rebekah Tooley Rachel Tortolani Joe^BSBJWilllMBWiiiilH MBiMM^K^^fflB^M ^^^^ ^i' 

Brad Atkinson Julie Bailey ^-■^^'^■■^^^tHi^lffft'ltK& Craig 

erson Thiago Goncalves Lauren Goi'VU^^^UUB^^^Vl^SnHMPMHHHP^rCitierra Hudson 

Crystal Hoover Ashley Johnson Roi^^^B^SB^ffiMHHlllfi^^yJen Kuykendall Mark 
Julie Thompson Lauren Turner Rach?^^HfHBHfifi|^^^^Rmith Courtney Snyder Blakely 
ustin Forgette Tim Frankhn ChaiJie Gan^^^^^^^^^^PRmda Held Aaron Henningsen Joshua 
:zar Jarrell Waggoner James White Brelt^^^^^^PWiaon Witte Trinity Wood Elizabeth Wright 
;ami Cunningham Sherry Graliam Betsy FlalvoSn Laura Furlough Susanna Gordon Natalia Fleet 
■ ',tLi y ^-.]: ' if^fsvii-iKJx^^if^^il -^C:'!"' '.-ife ^cca Kettere r Emily Meznar Stephanie Mille r Kimbery 

When "campused" a \:on Ricky 

;r A, 
er L: 




ivid S 

Anthony Falzon 

ham John Gross Kindra Grosso Cassy GHiber Paul Guta 
te Martin Laura McFadden Whitney Medlen Jolmny Millei 
Rose Katie Rosenbaum Jeff Ruark Josh Small Ashley SmiS 
ir Kyle Wagley Trent Walker, Ben White Leah White Andrew Wiese 


iivc llan.s 

Ginny P>. 

llejo Jerei 

sh Franklii 

student is denied all social 
privileges such as parties, 
games, concerts, going out of 
town, going downtown (except 
in the case of necessity, with 
the permission of the Dean), 
dating, studying in the 
evenings in the library, taking 
part in games, debates, or pro- 
grams, actively holding office 
in any society or organization. 
The "campus" does permit 
attendance at church services 

on Sunday morning. 


on John 

tal Hoover 
ette Tim 
Joss Sally 
nidt Kate 
h Katrina 
iz Jessi 
■y Corrie 


ack Cynthia Blanton Joseph Blaschke Krista Bondurant Mitch Bovver Michelle Brenner April Brown Natasha B Iilkici i.,cicu ^.-ajpc-i ivaue uaud egard Nick 
Freed J.D Geib MindyGentry Rachel Gentry Ashley Criswell Sara Davis Keelan Dielil David Deuth Heather Dreiliiig Catherine Cliapman Miriam Christian 
If; Tiffany Kerley Jen Kuykendall Mark Livesay Justin Lonas Janiie Gaskin Ben Marshall Greg Mast < /•/> 

orth BecaYarnell Lindsey Youngren Kimberlee Storey JuVie Thompson Lauren Turner Rachel Ware CI nderclass Division/ 149 

Virginia Petitte Drew Phillips Jessica Reed Glade Smith Steve Orner Rob Palmer Ashley Parker 

shua Matlieny Brittany McCidston Jesse Naftel Isaac Nunn Tylei^ Oglesby Ryan Perkins Ben Perry Kevin Powell James Punches Josepli Radosevich .lonathan 
VJcKensie Wright Nathan Zensen Catherine Bailes Jonathan Bailes Sam Barrick Christina Ben^ Natalie Best Katie Blailock David Blalock Ben Brown Saraii 
ftie Fridsma Brittany Fawcett-Lowe Brian Fitz,gerald Chris Drunimond Brian Edgerton Charis Davidson Sarah Dingus Molly Hamrick Mike Hansen Natalie 


Abercrombie. Ashley 

Anaya. Billy 

Atkinson, Brad 

Bailey, Julie 

Barrett, Elizabeth 

Bell, Melissa 

Bergandine, Emily 

Beyer. Rebecca 

Biddy, Craig 

Black, Megan 

Blanton, Cynthia 
Blaschke, Joseph 
Bondurant. Krista. 

Bower. Mitch 
Brenner, Michelle 

Brown, April 

Buckler. Natasha 

Carper, Ceren 






■^ fv. 



/'_ 1 



IHf^ ' 


W'wik •^■■r-' 


lUI^H '■•>•»""" 



Kan Harden, Anna Squires. Aubree Sullivan, Jessica Reed, and Elizabeth Barrett 

.D. Geib 

150 /Junior Mugs 

Drew Phillips 

Lots of Juniors!'! 



'f^; ■ ..■ 'ii 

w ' 'M 

i%^ ^Sm 



it~^ 1 

















i'y V 










^^ «^ ^^^1 

: '( 




Chapman. Catherine 
Christian, Miriam 
Conrad, Christen 

Criswell, Ashley 

Davis, Sara 

Diehl. Keelan 

Deuth. David 

DreiUng, Heather 

Elhs, Hudson 
Freed, Christine 

Geib, J.D 
Gentry, Mindy 
Gentry, Rachel 

Goncalves, Thiago 
Goodge, Lauren 
Gordon, Susanna 
Green, Shameka 

Guerra, Lindsey 

Handegard, Katie 
Hansen, Niclc 
Harden, Kari 
Hasty. Taylor 

Henderson, Matt 

Junior Mugs/151 

Hillyer, Elinor 
Hixson, Ashley 
Hoover. Crystal 
Johnson, Ashley 

Jones. Ronnie 

Julius, Brook 
Kerley, Tiffany 
Kuykendall, Jen 
Livesay, Mark 
Lonas, Justin 

Gaskin, Jamie 

Marshall, Ben 

Mast, Greg 

McAllister, Fulton 

McCoy, Hayden 


W^ ID^ss® OIF Iiis®f lais 


Cathy Chapman. Lauren luiii^r. a:id ^iiuir. niuu.->_iLi:uu 

Aubree Sullivan 

Lauren Goodse and Christine Pratt 

152 /Junior Mugs 

Sara Davism Beca Yamell. Lauren Turner. Megan Black, and Rachel Gentry 

Rachei Gentry and Jen Kuykendall 

Elijah Peters 

^^^k > yB^^^^jBji 

Omer. Steve 
Palmer, Rob 
Parker. Ashley 
Parker. Rebecca 
Peters, Elijah 

Peters. Luke 
Petitte. Virginia 
Phillips. Drew 
Reed Jessica 
Smith. Glade 

Smith. Leila 

Snyder, Courtney 

Spencer. Blakely 

Squires, Anna 

St. John, Tim 

Watlington. Laura 

Woodworth, Gerald 

Yarnell, Beca Youngren, 


Storey, Kimberlee 

Thoinpson, Julie 

Turner. Lauren 

Ware, Rachel 

Warren, Melia 

Not Pictured: 

Jason Biaaten, Drew Cardin, Matt 

Day. Justin Forgette. Tim Franklin. 

Charlie Gann. Jamie Gaskin, Mary 

Gleason. Amanda Held, Aaron 

Henningsen. Joshua Matheny, Brittany 

McCuiston. Jesse Naftel, Isaac Nunn, 

Tyler Oglesby, Ryan Perkins, Ben 

Perry. Kevin Powell, James Punches. 

Joseph Radosevich, Jonathan Sutton. 

Lacey Swanson, Brendon Van Der 

Westhuizen. Belo Villamizar. Jarrell 

Waggoner. James Wliite. Brett 

Williams. Brendon Wine. Trinity 

Wood. Elizabeth Wright. McKensie 

Wrieht. Nathan Zensen 

Junior Mugs/153 


Qlassof 2007 

Catherine Bailes 

Jonathan Bailes 

Sam Barrick 

Christina Berry 

NataHe Best 

Katie Blailock 

David Blalock 

Ben Brown 

Sarah Brown 

NataHe Campbell 

Rebecca Carpenter 

Emily Cook 

Kami Cunningham 

154/Sophomore Mugs 

Charis Davidson 

Sarah Dingus 

Chris Drummond 
Brian Edgerton 

Brittany Fawcett- 


Brian Fitzgerald 

NataHa Fleet 
Katie Fridsma 


^^^ t\ 

1f~^ Jmf'n 




Laura Furlough 
Susanna Gordon 

^^Hp'"" '^1^1 

^npi ^il 


^^^^f w'';i> 


herry Graham 
etsy Halvorson 

To the left: John Schindler tries to look ghetto; Joy Wright 
siiows us her gorgeous smile; Sarah Brown. Amy Opelt, and 
Charis Davidson practice their fumiiest faces 

Sophomore Mugs/155 










Left: Ashley Simpson. Sherry 

Graham, and Dayna Lovins. 

Abo\e: Betsv Halvorson 

Molly Hamrick 

Mike Hansen 

Natalie Hayes 

Renee Heberlig 

Aaron Henningsen 

Heidi Immel 

Christina Johnson 

Matt Joss 

Sally Kelley 

Rebecca Ketterer 




^ :t- iMm 

tolnL -^i 



l>..l '■ 

^ ^^.-r ^^ 



\ ^M 




1 ^^M 

^HT ^^H 


Above: Elizabeth Myers. Sarah Dingus. Beth Simon, and Sara Strickland. 
Right: Kara Livesay and Danielle Mitchell. 

156/Sophomore Mugs 

Qlassof 2007 


Katie Fridsma, Paul Miller, Cory Thompson, Brian Fitzgerald, and Emily Meznar. 

Elizabeth Kohler 
Ross Lee 
Kara Livesay 
Dayna Lovins 
Jonathan Lucas 
Daren McCutchen 

Emily Meznar 
Stephanie Miller 
Kimbery Mishow 
Elizabeth Myers 
Laura Newport 
Amy Opelt 

Above; Amy Opelt and Amanda Sherrin 

Right: Laura Furlough, Heidi Immel, and Rebecca 


Sophomore Mugs/157 









Ginny Pellum 



Lydia Persson 



John Schindler 

Nathan Schmidt 

Kate Sealy 

Amanda Sherrin 



Beth Simon 

Ricky Simon 

R.J. Smith 



Beth Starbuck 

Ben Stewart 



AUi Strohm 

David Sutton 

Above right: George Young and Kami Cunningham; 

Christina Johnson, Stephanie Miller, and Renee TuUbcrg; 

Paul Miller and Bonnie-Marie Yager; Lesley Artois 

and Samantha Niezwaa^. 

158/Sophomore Mugs 

Qlassof 2007 


Cory Thompson 
Daniel Tomyn 

Renee Tullberg 
Jared Tyser 

Above: R.J. Smith, Ricky Simon, and Charis Davidson; Below: Kami 
Cunningham and Mike Hansen on Homecoming Court; Sam Barrick as Clark 
Kent and Superman; and George the Mexican 

Victor Vallejo 
Jeremy Vineyard 

Joy Wright 
George Young 

Not pictured: Lesley Artois, Hannah Bizzoco. Troy Bradley, Cynthia Buback, Josh Carter, Jessica Colvin, Tyler Cooke, Robin Cruver, 
Jeremy Deal, Justin Deweese, Peter Fendrich, Gabe Fisher, Jason Fouts, Andrew Friedrich, Ryan Gaber, Erin Gray, Betsy Halvorson, Tiffany 

Hatch, David Haynes, Brandon Hodge, Richard Hodnett, Abby Humphrey, Gabe Johnson, Kalani Lestmann, Brandon Love, Jordan 

Mattheiss, Bethany May, Lacy Mellon, Paul Miller, Sara Mowery, Will Newman, Jayne Nichols, Samantha Niezwaag, Ashley Simpson, Paul 

Soyster, Daniel Spivey, Burkett SwafFord, Brittany Swanson, Bekah Tooley, Ben Wharton, Gerry Woodworth, Bonnie-Marie Yager 

Sophomore Mugs/159 

first tl^ou^l^ts from our first year 


[ "oh snap!" 


\ \ -Chuck Rose 

-Laura Barton 

/ V___^ 


"random" \ 


-Regina Van Gorkom 

"flippin ' 


/ \ 

--Joel Trigger 

J "sliptight talent" 

V ^ 

^ \ -Wes Callihan 


Deborah Angove 

Stephanie Apple 

Katie Barham 

Laura Barton 

Erin Becker 

David Beisner 

Kristen Biddy 

Michelle Bleikamp 

Andra Branson 

Charlotte Brown 

Corey Brown 

Jonathan Bryant 

160/Freshman Mugs 

Tim Cadillac 
Wes Callihan 
Jillian Carr 
Nazarea Cavanaugh 
Katrina Courtright 
Timberly Cox 

Tanner Crowley 
Amanda Davidson 
Rodrigo Dias 
Laura Dickey 
Joanna Downing 
Ruth Ellis 

Natalia Fleet, Kristin Green, Christy Maraman, 
Jackie Holubz, Laura Dickey, and Leah White 

Caleb Fendrich, Jessica Reed, Jackie Holubz, Brandon Hodge, Jared 
Reitnauer, and Amanda Sherrin at the Valentine's Banquet 

Anthony Falzone 
Caleb Fendrich 
Niles Fleet 
Josh Franklin 
Michelle Friesen 
Tim Furnanz 

Freshman Mugs/161 

Tyler Gay 

Glenn Gray 

Phil Gray 

Ann Grisham 

John Gross 

Kindra Grosso 

Gassy Grubcr 

Paul Gutacker 

Ashley Harrison 

Allison Hendrix 

Logan H 
Joseph Holder 

Jessica Long, Demi Bardsley, Kristen Biddy, and 
Andra Branson hanging out in the dorm 

Michelle Friesen, Will Grones, 

and Ashley Smith at the 

Homecoming Banquet 

162/Freshman Mugs 

Ashley Harrison 
cheerfully com- 
pletes pages for 
the yearbook 

"Story time with Trigger" 
at the Talent Show 

Rod Holland 
Jackie Holubz 
Jessi Hundley 
John Killian 
Kevin Klay 
Lawrence Laplue 

Paul Laskowske 
Loni Layton 
Josh Legg 
Jessica Long 
Holli Mancini 
Christy Maraman 

Freshman Mugs/163 

Lucy Miller 

Danielle Mitchell 

Justyn Mitchell 

Jeremy Moore 

Julie Morton 

Aaron Mowery 

Hannah Markette 

Leslie Martin 

Laura McFadden 

Whitney Medlen 

Johnny Miller 

Caleb Ragland 

Paige Ratzlaff 

Kathryn Rawley 

David Reaves 

Jared Reitnauer 

Chuck Rose 








Corrie Nash 


Joanne Olson 

^^^hpp*^ '*^I^^I 

Anthony Patton 

Hi ' ' '^ ^1 

Kellie Patton 

H^Bi». v^l^l 

John Pazdziora 


Josh Pool 

r.,, .lil^^^H 

164/Freshman Mugs 

Katie Rosenbaum 
Jeff Ruark 
Josh Small 
Ashley Smith 
I Cara Smith 
R.J. Smith 

Julie Morton, Jessi 
Hundley, Demi 
Bardsley, Andra 
Branson, and Jessica 
Long at the Masquerade 

The BLAM girls - Laura Barton, Corrie 
Nash, Erin Becker, and Katrina Wise 

Freshman Caleb Ragland (third 
from left) shows off his farm to 
Jonathan Lucas, Keelan Diehl, and 
Glade Smith 

Freshman Mugs/165 

Jeremy Givens blocks a 
shot against Union 

Leah White, Natalia Fleet, Zach Vinsant, David Haynes, 

Christy Maraman, Jackie Holubz, Kristin Green, Lindsay 

Woods, and Laura Dickey know that Zach is the "Secret 

Weapon" on the men's basketball team 

Kellie Thurman 

Rebekah Tooley 

Rachel Tortolani 

Joel Trigger 

Regina Van Gorkom 

Zach Vinsant 

166/Freshiman Mugs 














1 J 





- -< J^^ 







^ l^^^M 




Katie Rosenbautn, Lindsay Woods, 
Nazarea Cavanaugh, Laura 
McFadden, Kristen Biddy, Katie 
Barham at the All-College Picnic 

Tosha Vizueth 
Wil Wade 
Jarrell Waggoner 
Kyle Wagley 
Trent Walker 
Ben White 

Leah White 
Andrew Wiese 
Kyle Wigington 
Jessica Wilkinson 
Zach Williams 
Katrina Wise 

Lindsay Woods 
Kyle Woodworth 

Joel Trigger, Demi 
Bardsley, and Paul 
Gutacker - the 
brains behind the 
Valentine's Banquet 

Kellie Thurman prepares 
to shoot a free throw 

Freshman Mugs/167 

^^ Congratulations, Leanne 

It luusjust oua. lO yeois ago 
tktt we beQOH a joaimaj togefSfi 
owl you toofe iiespQKSibifay (jori 
yoia own educatiOH. Sv/a joined oia 
Reoils Owl ow. kMJs OS, a (jOviiSy 
Owl wOfcM OS tRe Loud dimned 
tjoia pQf R. ^ow we stowl in owe 
ofy wfctt ojou owl "ble Raae occow- 
pfcsRedl Oun piide sfouds obng 
side. 0(5- oim iRontejji&ess jjoi -tRe 
wonde/iljii yoimQ wobvok you Rque 
beCoiiie owl (jon 4e. (MOzaq 
you Roae attained Tofee offi tRi 
you Raite accowp&sRed and aSI 
tRat you Rou-e koimd into ifc 
MoAl, seAUing ouii Loud in aC£ tRat 
you do. TRew. is no 

Leom. 'B'nubQfea 2005 

■^itR tRis iK itund we consfOKtfcj piioy \fii you tRof qua Loud God way count you w 
tRy ojj tRis cd&ng, and tRot by -Wis poweJi Re way fjuJfjtft eUMtj good piuipose ojj 
youRs Owl eilMi) od, p/iompted by youi (jOrtR. 2 TRess.Lll 

S^/ttR. aK. ouji fciae Gud piide, 
Dad and. Mow. 



We are aCC proiid^ o/you.' 

Love onff prayers^ 

Your FamiCy 

K)«. ^to^ &g/<t"& owi w/ei (mi imiie, to- oun, luuvil. 

We, uxumX bt umz pnmd of tjoii aud ijowi, acamfbiluMMll. 

Yom kind, tteaiit cud tmJmlmdiMg uiiM dhaii uumj tb' ijowv hide,. 

Owi uiiilt ton, tjow U a umuue. ofjotj. 

Love, ijou, tlie, mtiU 

Mom,, Dad, cudCoiem 



We are very proud of you! 

Love from Mom, Dad, 

Michael, Press}', and Caleb 

May God use you in His service! 

I love vou Uncle Pat! 



Every time you cross my mind, 1 break out in exclamations of thanks to God. 

Each exclamation is a trigger to prayer. I find myself praying for you with a 

glad heart. I am so pleased that you have continued on in this with us, 

believing and proclaiming Godfe Message, from the day you heard it right up 

to the 

present. There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind tiiat God, Who 

started this great work in you, would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing 

finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears. Philippians 1:3-6 

Congratulations on your achievements at Bryan. We are so 

proud of the young woman that you have become. We thank 

God for the blessing that you are in our lives. We love you. You 

never fail to make us laugh. May God continue to guide your 

-Mom, Dad, and Jennie 

And this is my prayer: that your love may abound 
more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so 
that you may be able to discern what is best and may 
be pure and blameless till the day of Christ, filled with 
fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ 
to the glory and praise to God. 
Philippians 1:9-11 

Then little children were brought to Jesus for Him to 

place His hands on them and pray for them. But the 

disciples rebuked those who brought them. Jesus said, 

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder 

them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as 


Matthew 19:13-14 

Ads/ 169 

Ktmiberly Laursl Court ri^ht 

You ha/e swept lb away... 

...wrth your fcve for others, 
God, and your sen/ant 
attrtude. Wrth Him, you wil 
op far. We b/e you 



Ivbm, Pad, Katrina, 
Joeh, and Joe 

'-K/e cae so pR.oud. o(j you qkcI youii peA- 

sistmce to attain a?£ iRat you hue. 


^•4s you moot into youn ca)i££ii, God says 

to tnust in 4^iM, kos^ on ^tlis undeAStGuding, 

be, conjjidatt tkA -Ut b&gaw a good wo/ife 

in you. 

(jou can do oil tfcngs tKjioug^ i^lis 

sttoigtR, <We. wiK sRow you gA£at and 

Migfay tfcngs, and <tle, Ras cdlhA you by 


LauAfcn CfczObeiK. J^^o^d 

Congratulations Julie! 

We love you and best wishes for the 


Your family 

We- ki/t ijDu, cud am \/mj pnmtd of (jow. Maij 

lie, Lond covShme, tb- kaiL (jow and gii/e- you, uuuuj 

oppo'ilmiUei to- lewt otim. 

Mom,, Dad, and Atuheui 



We are thankful for what you have learned and 
accomplished during your years at Bryan. And we 
are grateful for who you are. We've loved you 
since you joined our family over 20 years ago, and 
we love you even more today. Whatever you do 
or wherever you are, you will always be our Ethan 
and in our hearts. 

It has been, and continues to be, a joy to see you 
grow in grace as you follow our Lord and let His 
word have free course in your heart. We are 
confident that He who began a good work in you, 
will go on developing it until the day of Jesus 
Christ! May your "beautiful feet" carry the good 
news of the gospel wherever you go! 

Ethan Demme 

With love and joy from your family. 

Pop, Mom, Isaac, Joseph, and Johnny 

Congratulations Robert 

From the first moment God brought you into our 
lives, you have been a special blessing. 

Your sensitivity to God's leading, 

your love and respect for us and others, 

your willingness to work hard, 

and desire to do well has given us 

more joy than you can imagine. 

Now, as you move forward into the new 

seasons of your life, there is a great peace and 

confidence in knowing that you stand willing 

and have all you need to allow God 

to fulfill His plan for your life. 

We are proud of you and we love you. 

Mom and Dad 
Isaiah 41:13 



r ^l9 




^t; „V,L 


Ads/1 71 





We have smi you grow 

from a beautifu! young 

girl into a beautiful 

young woman, seeking to 

serve the Lord with all 

your heart. 


1' Kamemlyer as you 
"Go Therefore to Teach 
All Nations" to "Trust 
in the Tord with All 

your Heart" 

He mil neper leave you 

nor forsake you. 


We Love You 

Mom & Dad 

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Hcrzlichen GCuckwunscti 
Hannah and Clean 

Hannah Louis Roaers 

It was 8:40 am on December 50, 1981 wfien God gave us our first and onfy beaudfid baby gir[. From your 
cfiUdfwod untU rww, you Have striven to be tfie wonmn God wants you to be. Tour college years have now 
passed and the greatest adventure in life awaits you. 

We have been truly blessed to have you as our daughter. We look forward to seeing how and where God 
leads you in the future. We love you so much and are very proud of you, our Hannah Banana! 


Mom, Dad, Cle, Nathaniel, &: MicaR 

Phil 3:7-8a "But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ What is 
more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my 

CCeon Louis Rogers IV 

It was 8:3 7 am on February 25, 1984 when God gave us our first precious baby boy. You have striven to 
do your best fiom your early years until now. You have truly become "a man after Gods own heart " 

We look forward to seeing where God leads you. As you begin your studies in medical school we pray it 
will be a time of great blessing. We love you so much and are very proud of you, our Cle Boy! 


Mom, Dad, Hannah, Nathaniel &: Micah 

John 3:30 "He must become greater; I must become less. " 

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To Rachel, our little lamb, 

You've now completed a major milestone in your 
graduation from Bryan College! We know you've 
learned many of life's lessons in your four years 
there— some enjoyable and others difficult. But 
throughout them all, you have witnessed God's 
sustaining power, as spoken of in John 16:33: 

'T have told you these things, so that in Me you 
may have peace. In this world you will have trou- 
But take heart! I have overcome the world." 

And you have kept the faith! We congratulate 
you for your accomplishments at Bryan: for your 
hard work, for support of your fellow students, 
for your reliance on God. We love you, Rachel, 
and we look forward, with you, to many years of 
discovering God's perfect will for your life. May 

9/e ho-e. you and m'/ie l/eMj pAoud ofj- yaJ 



Katie, PijOK andpfcic^^^i^ 

Fu-eij, Katie, and Kng 


£x. 15:2 

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Abigail £iMd 

You, luu/f- hem iucA a, hieuiiy 'tir all of m, Tlumk ijou, ton, amiviiMq God, tir me, tjou, 'w, 

io uiaiuj mmji. We me, cmfukd"Ouit He uila- be^m a, good monk, in, ijou, uiiM fenfect it 

uMtk, daj of Clout Jeita. Pid 1:6 

We lone Ijou! 

Mom, Dad, 

MeLJa, Mdt, MieMk, Joik & NdtU, 

Barton Alfred Stone 

Luke 16:10 "He that is faithful in which is least is 

faithful also in much..!' 

Barton, as a child you became (big?) in doing the 

smaJJ things. Now, god is bJessing you with bigger 

accompJishments. JVfore than graduating from Bryan 

is becoming a man ready to engage the world 

concerning the reality of a life in Christ . We are 

proud of you and we love you. 

IVlom and Dad 

Y^U UAVE. truly B>tEH A QFT FE/7M fJ^P T<? U6. 
CiJEJ6T1AM PEE,i«?N Tl^AT Y^U AR£. \\/E AB£. TE£J^EJ*lP^U6- 

aHd aupp^rt. remem&er t^ alw/aya truat in tUe u?re> 


L/tVe, M^m 6 Pap 

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"He who heeds the word wisely will find good. 
And whoever trusts In the Lord, happy Is he." -Proverbs 16:20 


"The true way to handle a matter wisely is to trust 
in the Lord. This is the clue to the most intricate 
complexities of life. Follow it and find eternal bliss. 
You who trust in the Lord have a diploma for wis- 
dom granted by inspiration. Happy are you now, 
and happier will you be above!' 
-Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning and Evening 


there are no words to 

describe what my 

heart is feeling... 

you amaze me... 

I love you, 


(B2^3© [E)aai5>(B 3^(a©©(gS(B[r Ja^f (Bir 

Congratulations, Alexis! 
I'm so proud of you for being so 
smart and working so hard! You 
have done a great job with school 
and student teaching, as well as 
taking care of me. 

Your Hubby 

P.S. Now we can leave Tennessee! 

does' o-f 

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I ji>ts"f wontie/i ifoi/i "fo fenow I o»n so ficnAti- of i^oo«i I"f is 

Inotd. "h> imogfrxe ljom o»-c now o eo/(ege grodi^o'tei t^oM 

otG. on owesoMae gou«ng C-Kt-istTon wo»nonJ C^od l^os 

Wessed goi/t so *rn>ioKi •^5oon onotrxer clrtctfiter in gouti- 

/cfie w«H begin on CLmq. ^>, wneia H'^*^ become J oIttx 

f-^oi>i(s \jvifei AA*^ fTt-ogers for gooir A/ttttr^ ^»i>«sboncl 

Jiove been. onswei-edL in. "tnis owesome got^ng 
Cl^ristion trxcMnl A^og goiA botl^ be {^ofsf^g toge"tKef 
forevei-i I (ove goi4 botlTi ^oLAt verg f3i-o(y«d AA^mLLLi 

^— ^ '*0j^^^'^ made it! We are so very proud of 
'V Z Jj^ you. You had to overcome a few obstacles 

along the way but God has blessed your 
diligence. May you keep your eyes 
focused on Him as you turn the next 
page in your life. May your life bring 
glory and honor to Him in all that you 
do. Thanks for the JOY you brought to 
our lives. 



/A<' /s^hH' Q^^a^ 


Isaac Demme 


A quarter of a cer^tury ago, God gave you to us, 
and we became a family. For His creation and 
gift to us of YOU, we ore grateful. We loved you 
then and continue to love you as the years go by. 

It has been a joy to see you develop and mature 
during your Bryan years, and while we are sure God 
will use your intellect, we continue to appreciate 
your true heart. You have been blessed with many 
fine teachers and a love for truth, but never forget 
it is not flesh and blood but your Father in heaven 
who is your ultimate Instructor. We are satisfied 
with His work in you, and are in faith for His 
kingdom to be edified through you! 

With love and joy from your family. 

Pop, Mom, Ethan, Joseph, and Johnny 



We.f(A pimd of (jm. 

Mom, Dad 
Jeuuui, cud Jondcui 

Ep/mum 3:17-19 

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As you begin this new 
phase of your live, be 
determined to make a dif- 
ference for the Lord, live a 
life with no regrets, and 
never be satisfied with 

Thank you for making par- 
enthood such a joyful, sat- 
isfying experience. 

Much love. 
Mom and Dad 

"Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee 
the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the 
Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass" 

-Psalm 37:4,5 

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(Jur Dearesi Minnie 

Many times over, you've continued to 
make us proud. As a matter of fact, our 
buttons are beginning to pop on tiieir own 
just to save time! The normal little chal- 
lenges of raising a child in the eighties 
and nineties was 'way overshadowed in 
your case by the joy and laughter you'\e 
brought into our liome - more in these short 
\ ears than some families experience in a life- 
time. Moreover, your desire to honor the Lord 
in everything you do is truly an answer to prayer 
We've been excited to see how God has worked in 
your life, how He's given you a heart for the lost and for those around 
you. As you enter the next 'season of life' we look forward to seeing 
how God fulfills his plan through your life. 

You are indeed a treasure and we consider it an honor to ha\e been cho- 
sen by God to be your parents. 

We love you with all our hearts, 

jKom ancfVacf 


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Dayton, TN 37321 


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on 1st Street) 

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Remember, Smith's Crossroads is open 
Mon-Sat from 10-5 for a little caffeine. 

Grace Bible Church 


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Da\toii, Tennessee 3732 1 

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May you CTcptmncz tfte f restrict 

ofiht Lord in tack step timt Ties 


Spring City 



Soddy Daisy 

"All the Bank You Need" 


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Dayco Crossing5hopping Center 


Leslie & Bill Childs 


Class of 2005 


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from the 

Rhea Economic & 
Tourism Council 





Chamber of Carmetce 

™makln3 ^r&at thln^ happen In 

Dayton, Tennessed 

S-jj'ti',ii;:t[n:tit(;l."T,4ii:£n 1-: 


C-loss of 

Building Character in Young People Since 1868 



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Bohanan, Cheryl - 40, 126 

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Cook, Emily - 62. 118, 154 

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Courtright, Katrina - 90, 91, 161 

Courtright, Kim - 90, 91, 128 

Cox,Timberlv-30, 161 

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Creel, John Paul- 74, 117, 128 

Criswell, Ashley - 38, 64, 119, 151 

Crowley, Tanner - 98, 161 

Cunningham, Kami - 45, 63, 78, 

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Davey, Wanda - 77 

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Davidson, Charis - 20, 155, 159 

Davidson, Scott - 93 

Davis, Pam- 33, 51, 52, 58, 59, 

112, 128 

Davis, Sara - 41, 50, 57, 82, 108, 

151, 153 

DeGeorge, Steven - 1 1 1 
Delmotte, Renee - 90, 128 
Demme, Ethan - 40, 58, 62, 129 
Demme. Isaac - 18, 20, 31, 45, 51, 
53,62, 129 

DeNavarra, David - 1 16 

Deuth, David - 47, 72, 109, 151 

Dewhurts, Nathan - 129 

Dias, Rodrigo - 161 

Dickey, Laura - 83, 88, 161, 166 

Diehl, Keelan - 36, 56, 94, 102, 

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Dingus, Sarah - 73, 83, 1 19, 155, 


Downer, Paul - 22, 26, 41, 58, 59, 

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Downing, Joanna - 110, 161 

Dreiling, Heather - 18. 41, 151 

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Fclder, Rachel - 28 

Fendrich, Caleb - 29, 161 

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Fleet, Natalia - 155, 161, 166 

Fleet, Niles - 161 

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Franklin, Josh - 161 

Franklin, Tim - 108 

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Gartman, Max - 75. 115 

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Gav.Tvler- 162 

Geib,J.D. -40, 57, 80. 108, 150, 


Gentry, Mindy - 111. 151 

Gentry, Rachel - 21. 23.41,50. 

57.74, 151, 153 

Givens, Jeremy - 98, 166 

Gleason, Daniel - 112, 130 

Gleason, Laura (Donahue) - 21, 


Gleason, Mary - 27. 1 1 1 

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Gonzalez, Andrew - 158 

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Goodge, Lauren - 27, 60, 82, 88, 

116. 151. 152 

Gordon, Jennifer - 27, 112 

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Goza, Myra - 77, 78, 79 

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Grauman, Melissa - 76 

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Gray, Philip - 66, 162 

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Green, Kristin - 161. 166 

Green, Shamkea - 27, 50, 61, 94, 


Greener, Gabe - 78, 79, 98 

Grilley, Jeremy - 98 

Grilley, Jesse - 98 

Grisham, Ann - 162 

Grones, Will - 162 

Gross, John - 162, 163 

Grosso, Kendra - 162 

Gruber, Cassy - 162 

Guerra, Lindsey - 151 

Gutacker, Paur-31,37, 51, 119, 

162. 167 

Hahn, Stacie - 41, 107, 130 

Halford, Holley-41,82 

Halvorson, Betsy - 40. 67. 83, 90, 


Halvorson, Katherine - 40, 58, 78, 

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Hamilton, Stephanie - 116, 130 

Hamrick, Molly - 50. 57, 68. 156 

Handegard, Katie - 151 

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Hardin, Kari- 18, 111, 150, 151 

Harper, Jo- 112, 130 

Harrison, Ashley - 23, 57, 83, 113, 

162, 163 

Hartzell, Martin - 107 

Harvey, Danny - 26, 94 

Hasty,' Taylor - 114. 151 

Hatch, Tiffany - 1 1 1 

Hayes, Natalie - 20. 43, 57, 156 

Hay nes, David - 100, 166 

Heberlig, Renee - 67, 156 

Held, .Amanda - 123 

Held, Peter - 52, 77 

Henderson, Matt - 42, 43, 75, 151 

Hendrix, Allison - 28, 43, 162 

Hentz, Glen - 29, 34, 38, 42, 43, 

47, 62, 63, 109 

Higbee, Erin - 52, 83, 119, 130 

Hill, Logan- 162 

Hillyer, Elinor - 152 

Hixson, Ashley- 111, 152 

Hobbs, .\my - 57. 131 

Hodge, Brandon - 54, 62, 161 

Holder, Eva - 62, 125, 131 

Holder, Joseph - 54. 162 

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Hollingsworth. Randall - 62. 109 

Hollingsworth, Tavlor - 66 

Holubz, Jackie - 83, 88, 161, 163, 


Hoover, Crystal - 3 1, 45, 60, 69, 

70, 75, 152 

Horner, Anneli - 40, 45, 50, 131 

Humphrey, Abby - 88 

Hundley, jessi -37, 39, 45, 51. 52, 

163. 165 

Immel, Heidi- 156, 157 

Jaeger, .\lexis - 1 3 1 

Johnson, Ashley- 18, 152 

Johnson, Christina - 29, 64, 156, 


Johnson, Joel - 95 

Johnson, Vonnie - 76 

Jones, Ronnie - 152 

Jones, Whit- 112 

Joss, Matt- 102, 156 

Julius, Brook - 152 

Kates, Nick - 3 

Kaufmann, Laura - 76 

Kelley, Sally - 63, 156, 159 

Kennard, Douglas - 106 

Kennard, Janet - 76 

Kerley, Tiffany - 38, 58, 59, 152 

Ketchersid, Bill - 114 

Ketterer, Rebecca - 19, 32, 75, 156 

Kier, Courtney - 1 3 1 

Kier, Katie- 125, 131 

Killian, John - 26, 31, 37, 51, 53, 

54,55. 80, 163 

Kinney, Pat - 76 

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Koliler. Elizabeth - 63, 157 

:reul,Vince- lOQ, 131 

:uykendall, Jen - 18,40.41,62, 

ll'. 152, 153 

.askowske, Paul - 56, 163 

,ay, William- 108 

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,ayton, Loni - 30, 163 

,ee, Carrie - 76 

,ee, Ross - 38, 58, 74, 117, 157 

.eFever, IVIatt-71, 131 

.egg. Josh - 163 

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ittle, Jonathan - 98 

jttle, Jonathon - 1 13 

.ivesay, Kara - 156, 157 

jvesay, Mark - 40, 62, 63, 109, 


,onas, Justin - 36, 40, 56, 80, 109, 

51, 152 

,ong, Jessica - 28, 38, 42, 62, 63, 

62, 163, 165 

,ong, Josh - 28. 34, 35, 38, 40, 43, 

7, 109, 125, 132 

ovins, Dayna - 23, 157 

owery, Hannah - 1 1 1 

ucas, Jonathan - 65, 17, 165 

uther, David - 1 1 8 

uther, Sigrid - 1 1 8 

lacCreadv, Eddie - 42. 62. 118, 


lagnuson, Nathan - 132 

lancini, Holli - 162, 163 

languni, Elizabeth - 107 

laraman, Christy - 83, 88, 161, 

63, 166 

larkette, Hannah - 60, 164 

larshall, Ben - 58, 152 

lartin, Leslie- 164 

last, Greg- 152 

lay, Bethany - 83 

IcAllister, Fulton - 64, 1 52 

IcBride, Joanna - 33, 51, 132 

IcCoy, Haydcn - 1 52 

IcCuiston, Brittany - 20, 28, 43 

IcCutchen, Daren - 157 

IcFadden, Laura - 83, 164, 167 

IcKenney, Brian - 34. 35, 38, 42, 

3, 132 

Iedlin,Whitney-90, 164 

lellon, Lacey - 38, 66 

lellon, Randi - 38, 88, 89, 132 

lezner, Emily - 157 

lier, Emily -1 52 

liller, Johnny - 42, 43, 74, 164 

liller, Lucy- 164 

liller, Paul - 38, 40, 75, 78, 79, 

12, 157, 158 

liller, Seth - 108 

liller, Stephanie - 66, 157, 159 

lilligan, Lloyd - 115 

lilligan, Kaleb - 133 

lishow, Kimberly - 73, 157 

litchell, Danielle -56, 71, 112, 

56, 164 

litchell, Justyn - 164 

loore, Jeremy - 42, 43, 163, 164 

lorgan, Bruce - 77, 79 

lorton, Julie - 164, 165 

lortelloro, Elizabeth - 133 

lowery, Aaron - 107, 164 

lowery, Sarah - 58, 59, 83 

lusselman, Jordan - 133 

Myers, Elizabeth - 83, 119, 156, 


Myers, Evan - 41, 78, 79, 80, 94, 


Myers, Jeff- 109 

Nash, Corrie - 57, 164, 165 

Nies, Stephen - 133 

Neff, Katie - 1 52 

Newport, Laura - 73, 154 

Niezwagg, Samantha - 158 

Olsen, Judy - 77 

Olson, Joanne - 162, 164 

Opelt,Amy-23, 62, 155, 157 

Orner, Steve - 36, 40, 41, 50, 102, 

103. 109. 153 

Palmer, Michael - 109 

Palmer, Rob - 27, 40, 41, 46, 66, 

85. 153 

Parker,Ashlie-22, 58, 153 

Parker, Becca - 113, 153. 162 

Parks, Jen - 26. 38, 39, 40, 41, 58, 

59, 85. 123. 133 

Parks, Kyle- 163 

Pascucci, Michele - 1 15 

Patton, Anthony - 110. 164 

Patton, Kellie-30, 164 

Pazdziora, John - 56. 164 

Pellum, Ginny - 58. 158 

Perry, Ben - 20 

Persaghetti, Bethany - 20, 79. 81. 

83. 115. 158 

Persson, Lydia - 58. 59. 83. 158 

Peters, Elijah - 26. 27. 40. 101, 


Peters, Luke - 26. 27. 40. 41. 50, 

51.94. 153 

Petitte, Col. - 103. 109 

Petitte, Virginia - 27. 60. 65. 82. 

133. 153 

Phillips, Drew - 19.31,41,46,50, 

52, 151. 153 

Pool, Josh - 164 

Porter, Josh - 113 

Poston, Brad - 27. 31. 50, 52, 58, 

59, 114. 134 

Poston,John-38. 40. 41. 116, 134 

Potts, Jeremy - 100 

Pranger, Phil - 78, 79 

Pratt, Christine - 38, 88, 1 16, 152 

Raboin, Joey-4I. 52, 134 

Radosevich, Joseph - 64 

Ragland, Caleb -81, 164, 165 

Randle, Drew- 119 

Ratzlaff, Paige - 39. 164 

Rawley, Kathryn - 83. 88, 89, 164 

Reaves, David - 164 

Reed, Earl- 110 

Reed, Jessica - 35, 42, 43, 62, 150, 

153, 161 

Reid, Danny - 76 

Reitnauer, Jared - 29, 43, 161, 164 

Rekoske, Donald - 98 

Revis, Polly - 76 

Reynolds, Ashley-Kaye - 158 

Ricketts, Emily - 66 

Ricketts, Ernie - 115 

Ricketts, Travis -77, 114 

Righter, Jessica - 134 

Robinson, Tara - 9 1 , 113 

Rodenbeck, Christy - 45, 95 

Rogers, Hannah - 134 

Rogers, Matt - 28,42, 56, 62, 63, 

109, 134 

Rose. Chuck - 23. 69. 75. 164 

Rose. Clark- 116 

Rosenbaum, Katie - 83. 165. 167 

Rosenbaum, Rachel - 83. 134 

Ruark. Jeff - 165 

Rusch, Anna - 85 

Rusch, Becca - 26. 88, 89. 119, 


Sayles, Leo-21,95 

Schindler,John-31.38, 51. 52. 

58. 59. 158 

Schmidt, Nathan - 29. 35. 42. 62. 


Schottleutner, Peter - 20. 33. 39. 

40.41.85. 134 

Schroeder, Phil - 31, 33, 78, 79, 

94, 114, 134 

Sealy, Kate - 83, 90, 158 

Sewell.Andy-45. 85.94. 134 

Sherrin, Amanda - 28, 43, 62, 157, 

158, 161 

Shetter. Tim - 77, 78. 79 

Shifrin. David -51. 123, 134 

Silva. Manoel - 108 

Simmerman. Christina - 158 

Simon, Beth - 83, 156, 158 

Simon, Ricky - 64, 80, 158, 159 

Simpson. Bob - 1 17 

Small. Josh - 165 

Smith.Ashley- 162, 165 

Smith, Cara - 165 

Smith. Dishon - 33, 62, 63, 135 

Smith. Glade - 21, 39, 40, 68, 153, 


Smith. Leila- 135, 153 

Smith. Meleah - 76 

Smith. R.J.- 110, 158, 159, 165 

Smith, Rov- 19. 166 

Snead. Abigail - 41, 82. 90, 97, 135 

Spencer. Blakely - 153. 166 

Spivey. Daniel - 42, 62, 63, 1 18 

Squires. Anna - 26. 40, 42, 62, 

150. 153 

St. John, Tim -42. 43.63. 118, 


Starbuck, Beth - 19, 41, 58, 59, 

66,85, 158 

Stern, Shane - 166 

Stevens, Riley - 59 

Stevens, Travis - 58, 59 

Stevenson, Belinda - 158 

Stewart, Ben - 158 

Stobart, Ed - 74 

Stobart, Yvonne - 74 

Stocks, Aaron - 166 

Stoitzfus, DeAnna - 33, 62, 63, 82, 

125, 135 

Stone, Barton - 58, 59. 94, 135 

Storey, Kim - 78, 79, 153 

Strickland, Sara - 57, 83, 156, 158 

Strickland, Will - 22, 40, 45, 62, 

119, 125, 135 

Strode, Catherine - 38, 41, 78, 79, 

82, 88, 89 

Strohm.AUi - 19, 51, 78, 79, 82, 


Sullivan, Aubree - 58, 150, 152 

Sullivan, Chase -95, 166 

Sutton, David - 38, 69, 158 

Sutton, Jonathan - 56, 93 

Swanson, Brittany - 96 

Swanson, Lacey - 96 

Tannahill, Rachel - 135 

Templeman, Donald - 166 

Thompson. Corey - 20, 28, 40, 42, 

50,63, 157, 159 " 

Thompson. Julie - 19, 26, 27, 58, 

66,82, 109, 153 

Thurnian, Kellie - 166, 167 

Tomyn. Daniel - 42, 62, 63, 68, 


Tooley. Rebecca - 62. 166 

Tortolani. Rachel - 30. 166 

Traylor. Jack - 1 14 

Trigger, Joel - 37, 47, 51 , 52, 74, 

163. 166. 167 

Tullberg, Renee - 62, 116. 159 

Tullberg. Tami - 77 

Turner, Lauren - 64, 83, 152, 153 

Tyser, Jared - 1 59 

Vallejo, Felipe - 1 10 

Vallejo, Jorge - 93 

Van der Westhuizen, Brendon - 


Van Gorkorm. Regina - 166 

Van Wormer, Shannon - 90 

Vaughan,Aileen - 32. 40. 54. 55. 

57, 119, 135 

Vineyard, Jeremy -78,79,119, 


Vinsant, Zach - 166 

Vizueth, Tosha - 167 

Wade,Wil- 167 

Waggoner, Jarrell - 167 

Wagley, Kyle- 164. 167 

Walker,Andrea-40. 135 

Walker, Trent - 167 

Ware, Rachel - 153 

Warren, Melia - 119. 153 

Watlington, Laura - 27. 153 

Wharton, Ben - 101 

White, Anne - 20, 33, 40, 50, 78, 

79, 135 

White, Ben- 167 

White, James- 100 

White, Leah - 83, 88, 161, 166, 


Wiese, Andrew - 167 

Wigington, Kyle - 167 

Wilhoit, Mel- 118 

Wilkinson, Jessica - 167 

Williams, Zach - 107, 167 

Wilson. Dan- 106, 135 

Wise, Katrina - 20, 75, 165, 167 

Wise, Stephanie - 77, 78, 79 

Woods, Lindsay - 26, 54, 55, 83, 

166, 167 

Woodworth, Gerald - 153 

Woodworth. Kyle - 167 

Wright. Janelle - 50, 53, 82, 135 

Wright. Joy - 52, 62, 69, 81, 115, 

135, 155, 159 

Wright, Kari- 33, 50, 51,53 

Wright, Lizzy -90, 91 

Yager, Bonnie-Marie - 58, 158 

Yarnell, Beca-41.50. 108, 150, 


Young, George - 23, 39, 58, 59, 

112, 158, 159 

Young, Sara - 135 

Youngren, Lindsey - 83, 153 

Zensen, Nathan - 108 

Index/ 189 

I hope that reading through your stories 

is as enjoyable as it was to put them 

together. Thanl^s to all who helped 

create this Yearbook! 

-Sara Davis, editor 


Alice went on, "Would you tell me 
please, which way I ought to walk from 


"That depends a good deal on where you 

want to get to," said the Cat. 

"I don't much care where-" said Alice 

"Then it doesn't matter which wax; you 

walk, " said the Cat. 

"so long as I get somewhere, " Alice 

auueci as an explanation. 

"Oh, you are sure to do that," said the 

Cat, "if you only walk long enough." 


Proverbs 17: 17a "A friend loves at all times..." 

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Proverbs 17: 17a "A friend loves at all times. 




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