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mum K 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

TAa Commcmj^. 7 <^ t/^-Cdkz-oTi. JZOO&-^0 7 O. 

Brjan College. 721 Bryan Drive. PO Box 7000. Dayton, TN. 37321. 423.775.2041. 

In the past, The Commoner has always been 
organized according to topic or discipline. This year, in 
response to the multiple changes that have taken place 
throughout the year, I decided to organize the book 
chronologically. The sections are ordered on a natural 
timeline, beginning with summer and ending with spring. 
Events are organized chronologically within each section 
as well. 

In the background of each spread is also the 
progression of a tree, beginning with roots in the first 
section and eventually sprouting into a mature tree by 
the end of the book. This is to represent the growth we 
undergo not only between the beginning and end of the 
year, but between Freshman Initiation and Graduation as 
well. We are constantly changing and growing with each 
decision we make, and that process is something I want 
this book to capture. 

Maybe you will make all the right choices, ask all 
the right questions, know all the right people. Or, maybe 
you will learn the hard way that life involves making 
wise decisions and requires that you balance your time, 
classes, friends, and activities. But whatever the process, 
I hope you find as I have that the ability to look back at 
what you've learned over the years is invaluable. 

~Britney Lynne, Editor in Chief 


Fsill [/^ 

yOmtcr [/-^ 


S/TTYTl^ \706\ 





-Albert Einstien 

The bjwnning of a n^ schoolj^ear 
proviJesSaui^ess opportunities for f^sh 
starts Whetrfer it's/iaking new friend^ 
tryiog new classe^ getting involved in 
nejF clubs, or thofchance to learn from a' 
jw professor, if is at this point that roo| 
are formed for me rest of the school ye^ 
And how deep »ose roots go will 
determine the shipe the rest of the scJTool 
year will take. 

iS^U77l77lC7' ^i^tr6<£tS 

The PCI retreat was a chance for all Practical Christian Involvement leaders to come together. During 
the retreat, they had several workshops about the techinical side of leadership followed by break out 
sessions about what it means to be a leader and what that looks like for each of the different clubs. Leaders 
were given a chance to write club mission statements, discuss their goals, and determine the directions they 
want their club to go over the next year. The retreat was a great time for everyone to hear about what the 
other clubs were doing and to be encouraging to each other. Ben Norquist also announced that they would 
start work groups which meet once every other week during the upcoming semester to talk about their 
struggles, read Scripture, and to pray together. 

On August 21st, Orientation Group Leaders arrived at Cumberland Springs Bible camp with their 
flashlights, sleeping bags, Bibles, and servant's hearts in tow. Then they had a schedule walk-through with 
Mrs. Kim Tuttle, followed by a row of icebreaker games such as: chatter bugs, bingo icebreaker, alliterative 
introductions, name chain, and seating plan. These games required the OGLs to learn about each other in 
fun and creative ways. Then, after supper. Dr. Hollingsworth spoke on hospitality before everyone 
separated into their groups for prayer and discussion. The next morning. Dr. Liz Moseley spoke to all the 
OGLs before they packed up to head back to Bryan to welcome the incoming freshmen. This year there 
were a total of 25 groups such as the Vicious Kiwis, So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, Knights of Ni, 
Cluster of Awesomeness, and the Soaring Elephants. Photos provided by: PCI^ 

Jared Arthur 

Rachel Bailey 

»an Baker 

[ayla Barnes 

Sam Bamette 

^ A 

Arriving at college is a step in life that intimidates 
most incoming freshmen. What's it going to be like? Will 
my roommate or roommates like me? Who will I sit with at 
lunch? These questions run through a freshman's mind 
constantly. Tori Woodson has some of the same feelings. It 
can be weird and nerve-racking thinking about everything 
to prepare for one's first semester at college. Upon arriving 
on campus, Tori comes to a realization and says, 'Woah, 
I'm actually going to live here!" 

Somewhat anxious about her roommates, 
^ / M Tori didn't know what to expect living in a three 
^/ f person dorm. By the end of the semester though, 
g ^^ her roommates are pretty much like her sisters. 
She later says, 'God put me with 

these girls, and He 
knew what He was 

Sowing ^eed^ for the Future 



and Rick 








Megan Bartlett 

/^rcs/^men- <20 7 3 

Mike Bautista tmilie 


Chris Bernard 

Tyler BlackmairW Emily Anne Blaisinj 


•\comed to Bryan by enjoying snow cones, 
neS'^mdss^ej recreSA\ona\ activites. 

TOP 2 



Caleb Blount 

Jordanna Bollant 

ipssica Bond 

Peter Boyajian 



I F resh .rtWmM a tfJil i e 

[sophomore Sarah/ 
\&ecker pose for a 
pictur|_pn the hot 




Senior Bailey Payne ^iies while in fine for her 

/^res^^TTwn- ^07 3 

Randy Bright 

X Brown 


Sean Bunger 

Morgan Bumette Thomas Burton 





The All College Picnic is a chance 
for the entire student body and 
faculty to get together at the 
beginning of the year to hang out in 
an informal setting. The picnic was 
held at Fort Bluff Bible Camp. Every 
year students and teachers alike 
head up the moutain to have a day off 
and to get to know incoming 
students. Recreational options 
included playing mini golf, 
volleyball, basketball, swimming, the 
Blob, and a water slide. 


Photos provided by: Maddie Poucet 

Rebekah C*ipbell 

Jol%ny Cannon 

Evan Collins 


Oliver Wendell Holmes 

77i6 ^^^S2c/cnt GzTCCtbrs 
<^'3?ysin College 

You are walking down the hall of your dorm, just like you 
do every day, and pass one door near the front of your dorm. 
You know that it's the RD's place, unless you're a freshman, 
then you have no idea who lives there. The resident directors, 
RDs, run the dorms. They are the people who watch over 
everyone and, of course, direct the RAs, or resident 
assistants. What do we know about the life of our RD? For 
most of us, not a lot. Here are some questions about our 
beloved RDs just to get to know a few things about being a 
resident director and how they came to be so. 

stal England 


Vlyra Goza: Arnold 

I w as in Residence Life at another 
institution and saw the opening at 
Br\ an^had been on campus before 
and I liked what the college stood 
tor. I did not attend Brvan. but I 
graduated from the Uni\ersity of 
Montevallo. Montevallo AL in 

Knetlna Anderson: Robinson 

"I started out in .\mold for my first year; 
then I went to Robinson for the next two. 
I realh love hanging out with the girls in 
the dorm and loving them like Christ." 
says Kristina. This is the last year for 
Kristina as a Resident Director at Br\an 
College. She will be moving on to new 
horizons, working for an organization 
called Hope for Opelousas that tutors 
students in schools amongst other fun 
activities. "I feel a great peace in mo\ing 
forward into the future and I am excited 
about the change." 

Tim 5hetter : \NoO(i\ee-Ew\r]i^ 

Kane Harpest 



How did you become { 

Resident Assistant fori 
Cedanille University and I absoluteh 
lo\"ed theministp. of being so deeply 
in\ olved w ith other students. I lo\ed 
ha\ ing the opportunity to pour into 
other people, and eneourage/ 
challenge them in their w alk with 
Christ. I saw the job opening on 
ACSD. I applied, had a phone 
interview, an on-cMapus inter\ iew and 
then got offered ^job!" 

Mattliew Williams: Long 

A\'hile the resident director f)Osition is not 
your 'normal' job. the position comes about like 
any other job. You apply for it and have a 
series of interviews w ith the Dean of Students. 
Nice President of Smdent Li|e. other RDs. RAs 
and Student Life personnej^d students. 
Having experience as an Ra can definitely 
help someone that is looking for an RD 
position, but I \\ ouldn"t say that it's necessar>'. I 
\\ ould most definiteiy call the resident director 
position a 'full-time' job. though a lot of people 
think otherwise because it doesn't t~it into the 
'normal' job model." 

"April of 2010 will complete my 17th 

year at Br>'an (1st year working 

foodservice. 4 full time )'ears as a 

student. 2 part-time \ ears as a student. 

10 years on staff).' 

FUotoe provided by: Ma^ldie Doucet 

Cameron Enale 

Lauren Estes 

Kell\- Findley 

Katelyn Fletcher 

Kristin Fdifeiiberrs' 


This year 15 of 29 Resident Assistants are in their 
first year of serving. When asked how they hope to 
grow during their time as an RA, these students gave 
answers varying from Deryk Rankin's response of "I 
was hoping I would pass 6' 1 " and be as tall as 
Michael Jordan," to Emily McKeehan's answer of "I 
hope to learn what it means to be a true servant." One 
answer, however, was repeated on several 
occassions: the hope to learn to love like Christ. 
sThird year RA, Ben Young says that while serving as 
an RA God has taught him"how to love people 
better." As seen through the lives of the RAs, the 
Lord clearly is working through the Resident 
Assistants here at Bryan. 

Sammy Sciter Ethan Freese 

/rcs/^TTwn- ^O/ 3 

Jana Galambos 

Justin Galemore Taylor Gallimore 

Learning how to be Christ's Hands and Feet 

^ftk Ryan Smith (Woodlee), 
^» Ashley Maye, Kirsten 
; Amling, and Heather 
Laskin (ArnoU), Danielle 
Wilson (Robinson), Paul 
"Tacky" Middlekauf, JT 
Nelson, and Matt 
Williams (Woodlee) 

Photos provided by: Maddie Doucet, Matt Williams arrf'Myra Goza 

Kathryn Garrett 

Shelby (Jarrett 

Sally Giles 

Hannah Glupker 


Practically 6how\r\Q God'e 
To The Community. 

PCI provides an avenue for students to 
take concepts they have learned in the class 
room and to put themlhto action. Some of the 
groups include Testify, Acts II Show Christ, 
Pals, and RIDE, LIFEclub, Lifeblood, Senior 
Adult Ministry, Tutoring, and Evangelism 
Team. Testify and Acts II show Christ spread 
the word by acting and through dramas, where 
as Pals and RIDE are programs that helps kids 
by providing strong role models. Pals is a 
group of students that reach out to local 
children in need of a big brother or sister 
figure. RIDE is an organization in Cleveland 
Tennessee that helps handicapped kids 
through rehabilitative riding. Riding horses 
helps them loosen up their muscles and 
teaches them not only how to ride a horse, but 
how to control the horses and become stronger 
while doing so. 


Jeffrey Greeson Lizzy Gregg 

Josh Harris 

Mesan Hartley 

Jessica Hayes 

Lindsay Haynes 

Tom Hemmings 




I must admit, at first I was not even going to give SIFE a second thought. But once there, I realized 
there were abundant Qpjportunities for anyone; even a floundering freshman such as myself^rom helpif 
Mongolian veterinariai^s to recycling paper to interacting with high school students, SIFE As a place for any 
field of study. SIFE h|is affected me the most by showing me there are more venues for gmling professional 
experien% than what 1 could envision alone. Working with this team and their ideas has expanded all I 
thought I tpuld accomplish within my major. 

Anna LiCausi 
SIFE Member 



r^/thwn- ^O 7 3 

lose Henick ,™ Ethan Hickey 

Ryan Hil 

I have grown so much through my involvement with SIFE! As a transfer student to Bryan College, it has 
given me a place within the Bryan College community, allowing me to connect with faculty, staff and fellow 
students. It has caused me to develop interpersonal skills and to communicate more effectively, and I have learned 
more about myself and others while being given opportunities to exercise my strengths. I've grown close to my 
fellow SIFE members as we have faced deadlines and worked together to accomplish projects for Bryan College 
and the Dayton community. 

Bonnie Fowler 
Executive Vice President 
Bryan College SIFE 


SIFE has established a recycling program for paper and cardboard in numerous locations around campus 
and has currently recycled 3,200 pounds of paper and cardboard. Money from the recycling goes to a business 
called Mainstreet Dayton, an organization working to make Dayton more attractive to people outside the 
community. „ 

This is a hands-on, interactive game in which 
SIFE members played various characters 
(realtors, car dealers, bankers, and so forth) that 
helped high school and middle school students 
make wise financial decisions. _, _ 


SIFE partnered with a Mongolian organization 
called to design a digital game that 
would teach Mongolian veterinarians how to 
make wise financial and ethical decisions. 

pAAp^ ^^T,(tkrG ?7i 

This event gave juniol-s arid""?^ni6rs 5 minute 
opportunities to interact with speakers 
experienced in bank financials, tax preparation, 
resume writing, dressing for success, budgeting, 
and interviewing. 

SIFE partnered with SSTOP and the mayor of Dayton to get a week officially dedicated to raising awareness 
r^fcabout the modem-day form of slavery known as human trafficking in America and around the world. 

Caleb Hopkins 

Christina Horton 

Brian Huff 

Jessaivn Huffman 

Grace Hughbanks 


hbove: Every member of 6GA, from the freshman class to the executive office representatives, after a 
corporate SGA meeting. Below (left): Senior Tori Stewart and Freshman Liz Vest listen to the 
discussion of the dissolution of Ministry Council. Below (right): Junior Evfan Johnson and Senior Andrew 
Davis also partake in the discussion. % 

On Sunday, January 31, 2010, Senate representatives,, 
met to discuss a proposed motion regarding Senate 
Bill 1 , concerning the dissolution of Ministry Council. 

After an hour and a half of lengthy conversation, they 
made their decision. Beginning the 201 1 semester, 
neither the position of Ministry to Men and Women nor 
any of the Executive Ministry Cabinet will exist. 

"Worst case scenario: Ministry Council is permanently 
dissolved," said Andrew Davis, 2009-2010 Co-Vice- 
President of Ministry Council. "Best case scenario: its 
free to become everything it was meant to be." 

-Krissy Proctor, Triangle Vol. ~^' 

XXXI No. 5 

' ■3^mv\ 


iFrc^/imj6?v- ^O 7 3 

Aaron Hunt 

Daniel Impson ,, Lia Johnson 

Meagan Jones 

Meean Jones 

Matt Kear 






Kieing to the Challenge ^ I 
of Leadereh'ip ^ 

Ministers to Women freshman Heather Mclntyre (left) 
and junior Kelly Shannon (right) pose infront of the 
SGA emblem . 

Phillip Meznar helps out with 
more preparations 
for the day. 
When things finally 
started coming together, 
there were some struggles 
along the way. 
" When I first started, I 
had the tendency to f 

micro-manage James. But 
throughout the semester, 
we grew together and 
found a balance between 
our leadership styles." 
says Jessica. 

In the end, the Sophomore 
class is grateful for the 
amazing friendships they 
have fornied with one 
another, the respect they 
have gained, and for the 
leaps and bounds that they 
have grown during this 
time of challenge. James 
says, "I know that when 
the time comes to rise to 
the occasion, I can and I 
will." J 

Photos provided b\ . CaUie Dawkins, Jenifer Manzo arid Triangle 

At first, SGA Sophomore 
Class came together with 
many ups and downs. Due 
to the elected president's 
withdrawal from school, 
Jessica Tameler, then 
vice-president of the 
Sophomore Class, 
constitiutionally had to 
take the president 
position. This left her 
former position empty. 
Jessica says, 

"Luckily, God blessed us 
with finding James 
Holland to take on my 
role, and he jumped right 
into the middle of the 
Homecoming Banquet 

"I agreed seeing how it 
wasn't likely they were 
going to find someone 
before banquet and 
someone needed to stand 
up so I did." says James. 

Ashley Keeley 

Monica Kehrer 

Owen Kilgore 



Influencing the 
Generations to Follow. 

ktrt VirjT^ rj"l i'l I K 1 *i f 67* J c"i3 5"j ji»;i i-; - 



"I joined the Worldview team because I 
enjoyed my Worldview classes at Btyan a 
lot, and desired to work with teenagers. 1 
wish that someone had taught me about 
worldview when I was in high school and 
wanted to be a part of a team that did that. 
I have grown enormously in my time on the 
Worldview Team. Public speaking. leading 
small groups, and connecting with students 
well are all areas that I have learned and 
grown in. I also feel that my spiritual walk 
has deepened as I have been on the team. " 
-ElizabethVan Erem 

/y-cs/vmcn- ^O/ 3 

Amanda Kinsev 

Will Kiper 

Richard Kirk Josh Kirkland Hale\ Koster ^' Caleb Krosh 

"I love interacting with the 
students and watching as 
they connect with the ideas 
we are talking about." 

-Elizabeth Van Erem 

Communicating Through Storias 

"Honestly, more than anything else, bemg an editor has 
taught me persistence. Being an editor means you're one 
of the last sets of eyes to go over a stor>'. The production 
nights can go pretty late sometimes and the responsibility 
rests on you to make sure the facts are exactly right, the 
quotes are correct, the story is clear and applicable to the 
readers. The big challenge for me is just to keep going 
sometimes. But, if you stay at it persistently, the results 
are going to be worth the time you put into it and that 
gives you a really good feeling inside." 

-Sophomore Billy Findley (Sports Editor) 


"Journalists are essentially storytellers. That is why I love being 
in journalism. I love listening to people, because every person 
has a story. People are surprising; their spontaneous; their 
unpredictable. Just when I think that this person will have 
nothing to say, they speak with wisdom. I'm always learning in 
journalism. More than learning the inverted triangle format of a 
story, I'm learning how to better communicate with people. 
What makes a person tick? What are they passionate about? 
When I interview, these are the questions I want to find out. 
Stories are more than lines of facts; stories are about people. To 
find out these answers, it's more than just asking questions; it's 
asking the right questions. This is the most important lesson I'm 
learning. What are the right questions?" 

-Junior Kait Kopeski (Assistant Editor) 

■Frcs^mcTv- J20T3 

Terence Lo\ e 

Andrea Man? 


Laura Mave 

Heather McTnt>'re 

Tim Baldi 
Staff Writer 

Meagan Mclntyre 

Jason McLeod 

Anissa Meberg 

Marcella Melton 

Callie Mersen 

The Editors 

Left to right: 
Freshman Kelley 
Adams (copy 
Maddie Doucet 
editor). Junior 

chief), and 
Freshman Caliie 

The 2009-2010 Commoner staff was unique in several ways. Junior Britney 
Weber was chosen as Editor-in-Chief with only one semester of yearbook 
experience. Six of the seven students on staff were girls, with sophomore Chris 
Leary as the only guy on the team. Also, three of the editors are freshman 
(Maddie Doucet, Kelley Adams, and Caliie Dawkins) with no experience in 
yearbook. Another challenge was having only one photographer on stafj 
Maddie Doucet. 


Despite the challenges of a limited and inexperienced staff, the yearbook^ 
has been fun for each member- from getting to know the yearbook advisor, John 
Carpenter, to the relationships built among the team. 

I i 

"Even though there have been several obstacles we have had to overcome as 

a new team with little experience, it has been exciting to be able to look at the 

yearbook from new perspectives and come up with different ideas," said 

Britney Weber. M 


^rcf/imjen- <20 7 3 

Lance Mi Ihounie Cassie Miracle if Michelle Molzahn 


77ie ^Co7?l77lO?lC7^ 

ip to Bottom: 
iris Leary.Callie 
iwk'me, Leigh 

Let's Make This Book Perfect 

Top to Bottom: 
Britney Weber, 
Desirae Hicl<s, 
Maddle Doucet, 
Kelley Adf ms, 


Photographs provided by: Ma4|ie Doucet 

Christina Morgan 

Joev McSean 

Amy Morris 

Kristen Mounce 

Johannes Muiler 

When Mrsi^ Kimberly Keck started teaching at Bryan three years ago, Women s Chorus 
had a total number of 18 members. Mrs. Keck watched the choir steadily grow over the 
years til last semester, fall 2009, numbered a total of 32 women. However, the choir lost 
seven girls due to some members needing to fulfill other class requirements in order to 
graduate. While the voices of Women's Chorus may change with the seasons, their 
impact on the listeners around them will always be the same. 


Meg Navasso J Jonathan Neal 

C/i^7?i6^crs, Chorale ^ yOo/vicns C/zorus 

Voices Uplifted 


Lindsay Nelson 

Josiah Newport 

Casey Northrup 

Markus Oetti" 

Katharine Offutt 

Jonathan Goff 

Joseph Maughon 

Senior Justin Winters directs his own 



Of all the actors and actresses who had been in\ol\"ed with the Hilltop 
Players, none of them have been in\olved more than Justin Winters. He's 
played a part in almost ever}' pla}' that's been put on since he's been at 

"Before I came to Br}'an. I had nearly no theater experience." 
Winters said. "Since becoming a Hilltop Plajer I ha\'e had the opportunity 
to work with ever}' bit of the theater." 

Justin said all the plays he has been in have been so rewarding but it caj 
be ver>- difficult at times for him. For example, the fall of 2009 was when 
the Hilltop Players put on a play called "The Crucible"'in which Justin's 
character had to act drastically towards one of the other characters. 

For the first time in Hilltop Players Justin W^inters was given the chance 
to \\rite his own pla}' and direct it. Not onh' that, but he had to design and 
build his own set. Justin said. 'If it \\eren't for the Hilltop Players, I 
wouldn't ha\'e the experience to produce this pla}" whatsoever."This ; 

absurdist pla}' he worked so long and hard on was performed Februar}' 19 
and 20, 2010 in Brock Hall and was called "The Complete Books of 
Charles, or, Ha\'e You Seen the Place?" ^r 

/rCf/lTTTj^TV- <^07 3 

Liz Olsen 

.A.nna Ottinaer 

Elliott Paae 

•f add Parker 

Hannah Percy 

James Pevahouse 

T/ic -/i^dltb^ ^lc£Q/crs 


"Sir, the Players are Ready" 

During the years of the Hilltop Players, there 
as been so much growth in the players and 
ven the director, Mr. Belisle. Bemie Belisle 
as been in charge of the Hilltop Players since^ _ 
993. In his 17 year journey as a director, he \jl 
as faced many challenges but has also grown -' 
s a director. 

"When I first arrived I felt that I had come 
•om the frying pan and had been thrown into 
le fire," Belisle said. "But it was what I 
'anted to do - build a program from a good 
3undation that had already been established." 
During the time he has been at Bryan, Mr. 

'elisle says the Lord has been his coworker 
[e also says, "God has sent many talented an 
ommitted students my way." 
Molly Gehring, a senior, has a minor in 

neater. However, she has also been involved ^ 

\ six plays during her time with the Hilltop 


Before I came to college, I had never done 

ny theater outside of Christmas pageants" 

'iehring said. 'During my years in the Hilltop 

layers, I have grown as an actress, director, 

nd tech worker." 

or Gehring, One of the highlights in working 

' /ith the Hilltops Player is the experience and 
ond that she develops with her fellow actors 
/ho help her out in all the plays. 
"We are like a family," she said. 'There is 
Dmething so wonderful about a cast of actors 
upporting each other, growing close, and 
njoying shared experience on and off stage.'j 

'There is a lot of growth in the Hilltop Players and any new 
member coming in the theater is welcome to join. 
However, according to senior Justin Winters, being a 
Hilltop player requires, above all else, dedication. 

'I don't care how much talent you think you have or 
don't have," Winters says.'Theater is not about gifted 
actors; it's about stories that change the world. If you want 
to impact the world and glorify God from a stage, I 
suggest that you immerse yourself in dedication." 


/^7i^/zm6?v- <20 7 3 

Kxissy Proctor Katie Ratliff^f Mandi Reynolds 


Ann-Marie Riley Lauren Roberson Lindsey Robinson 

Photos provided by: Maddje Doucet 

Pablo Rodriguesz 


Cat Rogers 

Julia Royer 

k : '"^ 


Angela Schimpf 


^^tlr ^Hy' ^>^ 

^^Bf "llilo^ 'M^- 





yOoTvicTCs iSocccr 

Finishing Strong 


For the first time in years, the women's soccer team advanced to the % 
Appalachian Athletic Conference for the championship. Sophomore 
midfielder Cynthia Wade said that the team started playing better as 
they unified throughout the season and learned how to accommodate 
each other's playing style. "We are a good team and have the ability 
and talent to play well," said Wade. 'It just depends on how we use it in 
a game." 

Head Coach Mark Sauve said the women have learned to play with 
confidence and have the desire to work for each other. The women' 
team finished third in the AAC for the regular season. 

■£7ij6?t- ^O 7 3 

Aaron Shears Dustin Sheffe}«.» Harry Sherwood 


^■^ Lion's starting I^^^^^Rre a home Q^^^^^K^M 

I. /I Jl 

v^*JM _ ' ■ 

Volleyball is an incredibly mental sport and it is 
hard not to get down on yourself when you make 
a mistake. This year with the help of Jessica 
Etress, fellow defensive teammate, we realized 
that we should not be afraid to make a mistake if 
we are truly playing for the Lord. As long as we 
are playing as hard as we can and giving our all 
for Christ, that is the only thing that matters. 
Growing spiritually and understanding that God 
does not expect perfection or love us less when 
we make mistakes helped me grow more 
emotionally stable. I am so greatful to 

k Coach Sayles and 

JBryan College for 

[providing me with 

Ian awesome 

(opportunity to play 

la sport that I love. 
Upon realizing how 
lucky I am, it made 
me want to work 
that much harder in 
school, in the 
weight room, on the 
court, and in God's 
word so I do not 
waste this 


Before each match. Coach Sayles does a devotion with us which 
allows us to connect on a deeper level. Also, every practice we 
shared prayer requests with each other and continued to keep 
each other updated on the circumstances. It is hard not to grow 
together since we literally spend every minute with each other 
during fall semester,, instead of a bunch of individual players 
who got thrown on a team together, it feels like we are sisters 
and have known each other forever. There is never a dull 
moment when we are together; there is always laughter 

-Sophomore Jessica Jones 

ip, 6et, 5pi 

/rcs^TTWTv- ^07 3 

Taylor Sturgis 

Stacey Tatum 

iMilligan W:3-2 
S. Virginia W:3-l 
Shorter L:l-3 
'Cumberlands W:3-0 
^CAD L:0-3 
Lindenwood L:0-3 
Missouri Baptist W:3-2 
Columbia L:0-3 
Montreat W:3-2 
UVA-Wise W:3-0 
iBluefield W:3-0 
Union W:3-2 
Reinhardt W:3-0 
King L:0-3 

Mrginia Intermont W:3-0 
Covenant W:3-l 
JMount Vernon Naz. L: 1-3 
JBethel L:0-3 
Walsh L: 1-3 

Roberts Wefleyan W:3-0 
Covenant W:3-2 
TN Wesleyan W:3-0 
Indiana E W:3-2 
Lindsey-Wilson L:0-3 
Marian L: 1-3 
Asbury W:3-l 
Union L: 1-3 ■ 

Virginia Intermont W:3-0 
einhardt W:3-0 
Wesleyan W:3-0 
Bluefield W:3-0 
UVA-Wise W:3-0 
Birmingham Soutnem L:0- 
Montreat W:3-l 
Milligan W:3-0 
Virginia Intermont W:3-0 
Reinhardt W:3-2 
Montreat W:3-0 

Union L:l-3 
Asbury W:3-(| 
Bluefield W:3-0 
King L: 1-3 
3 Northwestern W:3-2 
Northwestern W:3-2 
Southeastern W:3-0 
Mount Vernon L:3-2 
King W:3-2 
Campbellsville L:l-3 

Photos provided by: Maddi^Voucet 

Japhet Tormsend 

Courtney Tuggle 

James Tw addell 

Molly Vejwda 

Cross Cc 

f\\waye Running 
the EXTRA m\e 

Over the past four years, I have gotten a little faster and 
become stronger physically, but the real growth I have 
seen in myself is in my discipline and love for the sport. It 
was great coming in as Coach's first freshman girl on the 
team and looking forward to the next four years. Now, it is 
wonderful to look back at that time and think about our 
accomplishments as a team and all the fun we have had. 
Also, I have seen how my leadership has grown. The 
leadership skills I learned from the team have helped me in 
the leadership roles I hold now in ministry. Finally, I 
would like to share this bit of wisdom that Coach Stoker 
has burned into our brains. "Live in the moment." In our 
running, our morning pool workouts, our races, he always 
wanted us to be in the moment. He didn't want us looking: 
to the finish of the race or the end of the workout because 
then we weren't really focused in the present. Instead, he 
wanted us to focus on where we were and what we were 
doing in the moment we were doing it to improve the 
quality of what we were doing. It improved my running. It 
has also improved the quality of life in the relationships I 
have and the ministries I am involved in. 
-Senior Bailey Payne 

Since the beginning of my involvement with cross country, I've grown in 
terms of commitment and dedication. Being a runner takes up a lot of time at 
. this level and it takes a lot of work. Time is the biggest struggle by far. Not 
i only do you have to figure out when you have time to do homework or have a 
social life, you have to find the time to do all the little things that make a 
difference in your performance, like stretching, icing, and going to bed early, 
just to name a few. At this point I am still growing, learning and getting 
stronger every day. My running hasn't culminated at this point which is perfect 
because it gives me a drive to keep getting better. 
^ -Junior Bryson Harper 

Photos provided by: Zach ^uffington 

Julie White 

Zachary "miite ' 

Elisa Whitlock 

Wilkey Wilkinson AnnalisewBHams 

^sirsttc/ iSocccr 

Rodrigo Pigstyo, Harry Sherwood 

The boys Varsity Soccer team did 
remarkably well this year, 
starting out as the underdogs and 
coming out on top. The coach 
challenged the the team mentally 
and physically, especially when it 
came to conditioning. 

/mr/ft^/i- ^073 

Erica Winfrey 

>rdan Pevlin, Tom Hemmings, Jacob GiWardo, Markus Oettig, Curt Hays, Reggie Parks, Paniel O'Kane, Jonathan Houghtan, Hayden Lavo 

University of the Cumberlands ( L-0-2) 
Asbury College (W-2-0) 
Belhavan University (L-0-2) 
Cedarville University (L-1-2) 
University of Rio Grande ( L-0-3) 
Union College (W-4-1) 
Milligain College (L-0-1) 
Tennessee Wesleyan College (W-5-3) 
Brescia University (W-1-0) 
Covenant College (W-1-0) 
Virginia Intermont College C\^6-0) 
Reinhardt College (L-1-0) 
Montreat College (4-1) 
Bluefield College (W-3-0) 
Alabama-Huntsville (canceled) 
King College (L-2-3) 
Bluefield College (W-3-2) 
Union College (W-1-0) 
Montreat College (W-2-1) 
Southern Polytechnic State Uni. (L-1-0) 






Tennessee Wesleyan 




Covenant i 


Tenn Wesleyan (Semi-final) 

Covenant (Championship) 













Sop/ib77iorcs- <^0 7 o2 

Samuel Alvarez Maggie Bailey 


Junior 5eth 

f\oree usee 

fancy footwork 

to steal the . 

ball from 


Worldview, Oh Yeah \Ne Got That Covered 

Dr. Daryl Charles, director of 
Bryan Institute for Critical 
Thought and Professor of Bible. 


SopA^OTTiorcs- -2(9 / -2 

Dr. Daryl Charles is the 
newest faculty member of the 
Christian Studies Department. 
Before joining the faculty at 
Bryan, Dr. Charles was 
Associate Professor of 
Christian Studies and Senior 
Fellow, Center for Politics am 
Religion at Union University 
in Jackson, Tennessee. In 
2007-2008, he was the Williai 
E. Simon Visiting Fellow in 
Religion and Public Life, 
James Madison Program, 
Department of Politics at 
Princeton University. 
Dr. Charles' educational 
degrees include a B.S. in I 
Health Education from West 
Chester State University, a 
Certificate in Germanistik froi 
the University of Siegen 
(Germany), an M.A. in 
Religious Studies from 
Southern California College, 
and his Ph.D. in Hermeneutics 
with concentration in biblical 
literature and theology, 
philosophical hermeneutics 
from Westminster Theologica 
Seminary. :?. 

Showie Bray 

Carey Bryant 

Nick Cahill Amanda Carpenter 


Judd Davis, associate 
professor of (3reel< 

The same God who said, 
'Let there be light," is the 
same God who says, 'You 
are righteous." The entire 
earthly life of the Christian 
is that cosmic microsecond 
between God's 
pronouncement and its 
perfect implementation. 
God's word never returns 
to him void. It happens, 
and it will happen in you. 
-Dr. Jud Davis 

I have always 
liked the following 
from the Roman 
historian Tacitus: 
"The desire for 
safety stands 
against every great 
and noble 

-Dr. Boling 

Z*""^ '. "^ 

-Qr^^.aul Boling, professor of 
■ if J]i^05pphy and Bible 

■ Dr. Scott Jones, 
issociate professor of 
Christian Ministries 

Speaking of growth in the 
practical ministry area of 
preaching. Erasmus said, 
"If we can take elephants and 
teach them to dance, we ought 
to be able to teach preachers 
how to preach." I would add 
to that quote, "We also ought 
to be able to take Bryan 
College students and teach 
them how to teach and/or 

-Dr. Scott Jones 

"When God wants 
to do an impossible 
task. He takes an 
impossible man and 
crushes him." 
-Alan Redpath 

h Becker 

J^'nam'sti'cs sincf J^n^T/si^c 


m like an octopus... I'm ^\/(5ryK^h(5rd' 

-Pr. Pai^e 

I ne\'er intended to study Spanish beyond what was 
needed for my general education Unguistics 
requirements, and I certainly never expected to leave 
Br}an speaking Spanish. In fact, as a freshman, I 
thought language learning was rather boring. Yet, 
somehow it has happened, and I credit it largeh" to the 
Spanish department and all of the fantastic (and 
difficult) classes I have taken under Dr. Pascucci. 

One of my favorite Spanish classes has been Latin 
American Literature. It was pretty great getting to take a 
class about literature and Latin American culture with 
all of the teaching, reading, and assignments in Spanish. 
Our small class would put into practice the Spanish we 
had learned to discuss the literar}- qualities, meanings, 
and world\iew implications of the works v^e read as we 
sipped the coffee that Dr. Pascucci brought ujs^: 

-Junior Jandi Heaven 

SopAbTTiorc^- ^O 7 J2 

Kristin Devito%» Bethany- Diamond Daniel Dodge 

Lana Douglas 

5aniel Downinc 


I took Dr. Bamett's Weather Studies class last fall. I 
have to say, this has got to be one of the most fun science 
lab courses here at Bryan! We not only learned about 
weather systems and how they work (which means that now 
I can look at any weather map and figure out what's coming 
our way), but we also got to launch a high-altitude research 
balloon and collect information about the weather and 
capture images of our planet from REALLY high up... like 
92,000 feet up! We launched the balloon from south-central 
Tennessee and found it about 200 feet up a tree about an 
hour north of Bryan in Harrimcin. It was a really fun 
adventure, and made me actually enjoy science for once! 
-David Beisner 

Photos provided by: Mad^ps Doucet 

Sarah Ferrante 


Dr. Bill HaHe, assistant professor of EnglisH, has been 
teaching at pryan for 5 years \ 

k^ : \ 

So/^Ab/TTon^- ^O 7 ^ 

Hannah Flemming James Folsom 


Luke Foshee 

Rob Franklin 

Steve Franklin .^^onard Gikonyo 


Classes are hard, then you die. 

Beginning with Mr. Dwight Ryther and continuing through the current 
faculty, the English Department has sought to encourage students in its 
charge towai'd excellence. 

There have been six significant changes in the department of English 
this year. 

We have added additional courses in different areas of study to the 

We have added an award of excellence for research writing in honor of 
Dr. Richard Cornelius. The award is given to the senior English major who, 
in the opinion of the English faculty, has written the best senior thesis for 
the year. 

We have seen an increase in the membership and activity of the Sigma 
Tau Delta, the college chapter of the International English Honor society. 

In addition to the regular classes required for a major in EngUsh, the 

Department has added two areas of concentration toward which students may work for a minor in EnglisH^*"*'^ 
teaching English to speakers of other languages and creative writing. 

We have added a travel abroad program to complement a number of the courses taught in the department. 
Following graduation, members of the class will travel to Italy to visit the places they studied in the three 
courses they took during the term. 

The English Department withdrew from the Humanities Division and joined with the Language 
Department to forai a new division: The Division of Literature and Modem Languages of which I am Chairman. 
-Dr. Ray Legg 

T[gnsh"an^^9frconsists of more than me appropriate use of semicolons, knowledge of the Petrarchan 
■"sonnet, and the ability to reach universal truth through the mastery of story. English at Bryan is a culture 
created by the dynamic personalities that teach the classes. Each professor has unique traits that endear them to 
the students — from Dr. Legg's masquerade of pessimism ("Life is hard, and then you die"), to Dr. Impson's 
incredible influence (not impact) on students' precision in language. English students have seen heated battles 
between Mr. Harle and Dr. Jones over the appropriate use of triangles in literature, and have laughed at Dr. 
Jones' frequent hilarities, including (but not limited to) his monkey call, and the Beat Covenant rap. In short, 
the English Department is as classic as Pam Davis' "epic grading music" Pandora playlist. § 

Dr. Bill Ketchersid 


1 pr 





,•,..--;;,, ..^^° 


Trevor Haught Caitlin Hawkins Jared Helms 

Desirae Hicks 

Myles Hixson ^Fames Holland 


The Keet Is 

On January' 18th-22nd Poly Gov students 
attended a Federal Seminar class in Washington, 
D.C. led by Dr. Travis Ricketts. There they went to 
the National Association of Evangelical's Christian 
Student Leadership Conference which introduced 
students to a variety of issues on domestic policy 
and international justice. Students heard 
controx ersial speakers from Congress, the White 
House, Non-governmental organizations and met the 
men and women who are influential in our countr\'. 
The remaining of the trip was spent touring the 
White House, the Holocaust Memorial Museum and 
the United States House of Representatives 
Chambers. Not only were students challenged to 
think critically about their political positions, they 
were challenged to do something with the talents 
God gave them. Students walked more than they 
e\er wanted to but the}' walked away with a taste of 
our countr\-'s capital. 

Photos proyidegj by: MatddigPoucet 

Jacob Huddns 

Kimberly Hyett 

Josh Jones 

Co7? i77U{n2Cait?'ons 


AKA: The Department 
of Miscommunicatlon 

As I review my four years of being a 
Communications major, I see that one 
of my favorite times with the 
department took place the morning 
before graduation day when the 
Communication professors took all of 
the graduating Communication majors 
to the Dayton Coffee Shop downtown 
for breakfast. It was a sweet time of 
reflection, looking ahead, and just plain 
down to earth conversation. Our 
professors showed us by their actions 
and their words that they care about us, 
they want to support us, and they have 
confidence in our potential. They gave 
me some of the best encouragement I've 
ever received during my college career 
just during that one breakfast. 
-Senior Lindsay McKissick 

Sop/i07norcs- ^O 7 »2 

Kemonte Keesee 

Ruben Kinser 

Lydia Kirkpatrick 


for Critical Thou 

r ..I ' 


iity & Psychology . 



On March 19-20 the symposium Christianity 
& Psychology: Five Views, was held. The 
symposium was conversations about the various 
ways christians can relate their faith to 
psychology. There were five views that were 
discussed on Friday and Saturday. 

Eric Johnson led the introduction during 
chapel on Friday morning in which he pointed out 
that each of them had a great deal to offer despite^ 
their differences of opinion. The lectures began 
that Friday night and continued through Saturday 


•C/iologC/ Gc 

We've All Got Issues 


The Psychology Department 
has been a department of 
Bryan College since 1972 and 
is currently led by Dr. Steven 





^nd th "'" "^c? cnrJ^^ ^'^uiHu^ ^^^nied 






'""y field 

It is with regret that I announce the resignation of Dr. Liz Moseley as Director of Counseling Services. For 
seven years Dr. Moseley has been a counselor, teacher, mentor, and friend to students and to her colleagues here 
at Bryan. She has been fully immersed in student life in countless ways; in addition to counseling and teaching 
she has been involved in new student orientation, taught women's self defense classes, initiated the Secret 
, Struggles of Women program, and coordinated disability services. With grace she has performed these and many^ 
other responsibilities with biblical insight, a heart for the gospel, and a sacrificial love for others. 
With our love and deepest regards we wish her success as she assumes her new responsibilities on the faculty at 
Cleveland State Community College. -Dr. Peter Held 



Headlines from the 2009/2010 season: 

Mens' Baseball advances to 
AAC Tournament 

ourtney Knowles is the First 
Cheerleading Signee 

Buffington Sets 5k Record 

Lady Lions [soccer] Advance 
to Championship! 

Amber Smith Leads Bryan 
Volleyball Post-Season Awards 

*^ I 

'* Lions [soccer] Win AAC 

^op^TTwmy- ^O 7 »2 

Jesse Murray Lynnette Mussellf Carl in Nasiatka 


Matt Neises 

Katherine Nelson f' Sarah Newlin 

Photos provided by: Ma^die Doucet 

Nick Pacurari 

Alissa Pasfbura 

Joel Peckman 

Dttstin Puckett 

Josh Raeland 

is I 

Learning to Teach 

Being an Elementary Education major at Btyan is great. Freshman year classes did not consist 
entirely of general education classes. I got to take classes that dealt specifically with my major. The 
professors are one of the best parts of being an education major. Mrs. Saynes was my Introduction 
to Teaching professor and my advisor and she was always available to meet with me ai0 help me 
with whatever I needed. Dr. DeGeorge was my Educational Psychology professor and even though 
it was a two hour night class, it was fun to go to because of him. I have learned so much this year, 
including educational theories and various classroom management strategies and tips to use. I 
would advise anyone who is thinking about becoming an education major to go for it. Bryan's 
education department will not disappoint. 
-Freshman Kay la Barnes 


So/?/i07nor6s- ^O 7 -2 

Lee RiSnmn Sarah Riley \M Anna Roberts 

Brittany Roberts 

Corr\)j Jokes and Adorable Laughs 

Most people would never think of being a math major, I certainly didn't. I hated math in high school. So what 
changed my mind? I learned from Dr. Simpson and Dr. Lestmann that math isn't just about solving impossible 
problems or finding answers that have no meaning in the 'Veal world". Math can teach us about many different 

! things in life. Dr. Lestmann taught us that math influenced many different philosophies that people still hold to 
today and Dr. Simpson shows us how God's understanding is infinite. But math isn't always serious and "boring", 
I mean who else gets to hear Dr. Simpson laugh every minute during a one hour class? Or hear Dr. Lestmann tell 

i his corny jokes every day? Math is fun and exciting. .You'll come over to our side eventually. 

I -Junior Elizabeth Beard 

Dr. Jeffr§y-B^ce, 
lasHociate professor of 
^VlMli Businessj 

As you could probably guess, math isn't one of the more popular majors here. I was even told the other day that 
ath is Satan's pasttime and that I was essentially having satanic worship whenever I did my homework. While I 
ive found myself agreeing with that statement during those instances^pf pulling my hair out over calculus, I still 
jlieve that majoring in math has its perks. | |f 

The math department does win the award for having the most huggable professor, Dr. Simpson. We also have 
r. Lestmann, the king of corny jokes. For what we lose in the boring content category, we definitely make up for 

having the most fun with our professors. It's also kind of funny how every time you tell someone your a math 
ajor, they usually respond, "I'm so sorry." Math majors always get a lot of empathy points. 

So everything considered, math is one of the best majors to be in. And gentlemen, it's always nice to know how 
' help a pretty girl with her math homework. After all, what else do nerds have to offer? # 

Freshman Kelly Findley P^^^^^ provided by :MaJia Doucet 

Clayton Schmidt 

Katie Shaffer 

Calvin Smith 

Olivia Smith 




t Tom Davis: Director of Pubic 

"Probably the biggest help Bryan 
has been in my personal growth is 
the support that's available (OK, 
call it "community"). There always 
has been someone who's willing to 
listen, help sort things out, 
encourage, or prod me to take the 
next step. Professional challenges 
have stretched me in areas where I 
needed stretching. 
Accommodating supervisors have 
allowed me to become involved in 
community service efforts that 
have taught me much about how to 
deal with success and failure. 
Watching God at work on this 
campus has been another constant 
reminder that, regardless of our 
plans, He is in control!" 

Faith Ammen: Promotion & 
Media Coordinator/Adjunct 
EHS Instructor (Stage 

"I joined the staff and faculty 
team just seven months after I 
graduated from Bryan. Life as a 
full time employee is very 
different than being a student. I 
could no longer just waltz into 
the cafeteria for a Diet Coke or 
go back to my dorm room for a 
post-lunch nap. But some things 
stayed the same— Community 
remains a priority as staff and 
faculty dissolve the distance 
between the student body that is 
the norm at other colleges and 
use that closeness to make wiser 
decisions for the school that are 
based on a relational knowledge 
of the students. Making people a 
priority is a characteristic of 
Bryan life that I will keep with 
me for the rest of my life." 

V m \. I 

Kim Tuttle: Special Events 

'The relationships fostered by %^ 
faculty and staff - several of whom 
are now my peers - during my time 
at Bryan was so influential that I 
prayed for years for the ^ 

opportunity to work here. So here I 
am - giving to current students 
what was so graciously given to 
me! I have the opportunity to 
exercise my gifts and passions 
(mentoring, encouraging, teaching, 
exhorting) in my relationships with 
the students and fellow faculty and 
staff! What a blessing! ! Now, as I 
move in to the position of Resident . 
Director, I have the pleasure . . and 
challenge - of investing directly 
into the spiritual, mental, social, 
and emotional lives of Bryan 



^o/p^TTwres- o2(9 / -2 

Jarod Soltis Sarah Stafford' 









The staff at Bnan College work continually and vigorous!}' throughout the year. As the backbone of the 

college. the\ humbh commit their wholehearted time and effort into the aspects that the college needs in 

order to properh' function. The staff is an extemporary' example of Christ's love and servant hood. 

Photos provided by: iviad^ie Poucet 

.\nna Elizabeth Thomas Anna Thomas 

Kvle Thomas 

Nicole Thomas 





Junior Heather Jones has been 
an administrative assistant for the 
Academic Support Center for 
two years. She began as a tutor, 
but decided it wasn't for her. 
However, during her time as a 
writing tutor, she learned a lot 
about writing and is very glad for 
the experience she gained being 
in a tutoring position and for the 
interaction with the students 
which helped her communication 

How cd^r\ I help you. 

"The Academic Support Center at Bryan College exists to ' 
provide a place for peer collaboration, tutoring, and general 
assistance," said Pam Davis, instructor in English. 

WTien it was first developed, the Academic Support 
Center was called the Writing Center, with only English 
majors helping students edit their papers and the English 
Department supporting the center. However, seeing the need 
for academic support in other areas, the center developed into 
the Academic Support Center, in the summer of 2009. During 
that summer, instead of having a small office in the Bryan 
College Librar}', the)' made it became half of the library's first 
floor. The space was transformed to create space for an 
office, a large open workspace, computer kiosks, multimedia 
stations, and a conference room. Also, Professor of English 
Bill Harle directed the center and Pam Davis, instructor in 
English, became director of the Writing Center. This 
opportunity led not oi%: to available help in writing, but also 
in History. Bible. Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, French, 
Mathematics, and the Sciences. 


^Sophomores U 
Showie Bray 


"^ — \ 


and Sarah ^Jl 
Becker *<* 




Welcoming New Faces Everyday 

Showie Bra>' has been an ambassador for a year; she wanted to become an 
ambassador because of her love for Ms. Kim and showing people around the school. 
Through being an ambassador she has grown as a person because she has had to learn 
to adjust to different types of people when giving tours. 

"I think my job is very important. I get to be the first contact future students have with 
current students. I mostly answer questions and show people around." said Bray about 
her impact on the students who are interested in coming here. 

Admission Advisors 

When }"ou are interested in coming to Bryan and you come here to visit for the first time, you will most likely 
be greeted with a warm smile by Kim Tuttle, who works for Admission Department. And not just her. but the rest of 
the staff of the admissions and ambassadors as well. The Ambassadors are students who work for Admissions, 
gi\"ing tours to the students and families who are interested in Bryan College. 

The Admission staff and Ambassadors have done an excellent job with the enrollment for Br}'an: this year there 
were a total of 741 students attending Brjan- 25 1 of them were freshman. At the end of this year, they hoped to 
reach a total of 300 incoming freshman and transfers. Nearly 350 freshmen are enrolled for Bryan in the fall of 
2010. Michael Nichols, director of Admissions, is glad that more students are coming. Nichols said, "The Vision 
2020 Strategic Plan of the college established a number of strategic goals that direct the functions and 
responsibilities of campus offices. Among them is the goal to reach 1200 traditional students by 2020. The growth 

of the new incomina class is consistent with the mission and vision of the institution.'. 

Photos provided by: VAs^Mxe Doucet 


7U dnow 

C\aee of '15 Specialty: Sin^in^ 

Julie Bamett Keith Bauer ; Elizabeth Beard Elizabeth Benscoter Bryan Boling 

^lEaitlin Boronow 

UTiat defines talent? Is it a natural abilit\? A unique quirk? A practiced skill? Or, is it the ability to evoke 
laughter for the purpose of drawing together a group of people? 

On Saturda}'. November 21. over two hundred students watched as freshmen displayed talents from the unusual 
to the adept at the Freshman Talent Show . organized b}' Freshman Class Vice President Amy Morris. 
Eighteen acts performed in the show. o\er half of which involved singing. 

"This show is going to be different from previous years in that there is much more singing, but still a wide 
range of talent. Ho\\e\'er. the genres \ary. and the freshmen have done a great job with the order and layout of the 
o\erall show." said Tim Shetter, who was one of the staff members approving the auditions. 

Acts varied from singing, to juggling, to dancing, to improw and incoiporated upperclassmen as well as 
freshmen, and e\'en family members. 

Playing Just to Have Fun 

Winning Teams: 

Volleyball - Coed Team 12 Mens Team 6 

Football - Seniors 

Basketball - Mens Faculty/Staff Ladies MuUoy 

Foosball - Tim Shetter and Trent Snyder 

Ping Pong - Adam Forgey 

Pool - Kemonte Keesee 

Frisbee - Disc-iples 

Soccer - Freekick 


Rashad Clements Carrie Cookluf Brooke Corbett 


Emily Crist 

Savannah Crowder jMred Cummings 





Amanda Elswick 

It's the first banquet 

of the year. It sets the 

stage for those to 

come. This year's 

Great Gatsby themed 

Homecoming Banquet 

was one of most fun to 

get dressed up for and 

attend. The 

sophomore class SGA 

did a phenomenal job 

on decorating the 

cafeteria to make it 

appear as if you were 

attending one of the 

Great Gatsby 's parties. 

There were multiple 

stages to take pictures 

by and extraordinary 

artwork depicting 

scenes from 
the novel 


This banquet 

was more 


and casual 

than the 



the year. 

' (/wu'ors- <20 7 

Simplicity of Heart \e \te Own Admission Ticket. 

(JicTUors- ^O 7 7 

Ethan Hargraves 

Bryson Harper 

TJ Harris 




3^^/zrr yoc-cjc 

This year, we chose our spirit week themes by polUng class SGAs to 
determine which themes they would like to see us use. After assimilating 
that list into our own list, we narrowed down and voted on the themes 
that we thought would make for the most interesting week. We then 

incorporated each of the classes 
into the spirit week process by 
farming out one day of spirit week 
to each class. They used the theme 
for the day and determined what 
lunch time activity would be done. 
We then decided that, instead of 
doing a long list of evening 
activities when everyone is so 
busy, we decided to simply do one 
big culminating event the last day 
of Spirit Week— our closing * 

ceremonies. While planning and 
coordinating something like this is 
always complicated and bit 
stressful, overall, I really enjoyed 
the experience. I hope the school 
enjoyed participating just as much 
as I enjoyed planning it. 
-Senior Olivia Pool 

a Stewart 

b\omeco\r\'m(^ Court Takes Center 6ta(^e 

Last year on October 2-4, Bryan College held its annual homecoming event. 
Dver 600 alumni from all over the country journeyed back to campus for the 
vent which included everything from banquets and a bonfire to a ceremonial 
ivalk down Bryan's soon-to-be new entrance way. Included in the homecoming 
vents were tournaments in soccer, basketball, and baseball. 

'This year we had the biggest crowd we ever had for a homecoming" Alumni 
[Director David Tromanhauser said. 

' Homecoming Court took place at half time during the soccer game. It was led 
by seniors Joseph Maughon and Lindsay McKissick, the king and queen of the 

Homecoming featured all the traditional elements including the Golden Grad 
Ceremony for the class of '59, the 25th anniversary banquet for the class of '84, 
ind the banquet for the first year alumni, the class of '09. In addition to these 
raditional elements were also a few new features to the Homecoming event. 
iFhere was a tailgate lunch served Saturday afternoon for students to have lunch 
vith alumni. Also, a massive bonfire event Saturday evening with s 'mores and 
><iive music from three of Bryan's student bands. 

2005 King and Queen 
Eric McEachron and 
Kim \NooA)j 

Joseph and Lindsay was a great pick for king and queen because they have 
much in common. Both of them work as senate for SGA their junior years 
ind been great friends during their college years. Both of them had something 
;reat to say each other. Joseph said, 'She's hilarious and she's a good friend, 
md I was really happy for her that she was elected as queen. She definitely 
leserved it."And Lindsay said, "I've learned to enjoy his company and to 
■») etum his sarcasm. I'm gonna miss that kid." 

Photos provided by: Ms^d\e Doucet 

Maggie J^llay 

""IL 1^^ 


Freshman Brian Huff has been active in 
a home school drama co-op growing up. 
His growth in this show was being on a ,.;, 
strict work ethic. He said, 'We worked from | 
7 to 10 every day, and the last week or two !■ 
we worked from 6 to 1 1 . In high school I 
had never been exposed to that kind of 
rehearsal schedule and I think that's really 
helped me become a better actor." 

Junior Rob Hargraves played the main 
character named John Proctor. He said he 
has gown into this play by the experience 
of new emotions on his character. 'I 
experienced the anguish of being a 
hypocrite who despises hypocrisy- a man 
consumed by the desire to do good, and 
yet tormented by the darkness of his own 
heart,"he said. ,^% 


(Jicm'ors- ^O 7 7 

Thomas Katz 

Joshua King 

Kaity Kopeski 

Garrett Lemons Thomas Lobac 

Senior Ben Cunnmgham(left) and senior 
Daniel Prmce(right) get into a heated 
argument as they act out their parts on 

In the Fall of 2009, the Hilltop 
Players put on a play. The CrucibierThe 
Crucible, by Arthur Miller, was also 
performed by the Hilltop Players in j 
1997. Mr. Bemie Belisle who was the 
director of the play said the reason he 
wantedto perform again was because 'the 
audiences and the student body has 
changed significantly since that time and 
I felt it was time to challenge both 
audience and student participants with 
the message once again." 

Freshman Mariana Sterne, 
(right) has had experience in 
theatre since middle school. 
In The Crucible, she was 
given the chance to play a 
very important character 
named Abigail Williams. 
Mariana said'Playing Abigail 
Williams in The Crucible was 
definitely a growing 
experience for me, both as an 
actor and a person." 

ie Doucet 

•ompetlt'we communicators duke it out for credit 

Dorm Wars. Gunshots in a Crowded Room 

Ramenfest. The Legend. Since 2004, Professor of 

Communication Studies Dr. Randy 

HoUingsworth's, persuasive communication 

classes have split into groups and conducted 

campus-wide activities to learn how to plan, 

implement and evaluate a persuasive campaign. 

To receive the best grade, the group must 

persuade the largest amount of students to 

participate in their campaig n. 

communication projects 

are a "collaborative 

learning" experience for 

the students, according to 

Hollingsworth. It teaches 

them teamwork and gives 

them 'field experience" in 

the art of persuasion. The 

project, assigned at the 

beginning of the semester, 

is a short-term campaign 

lasting three weeks. 

Hollingsworth said that 

the purpose of the project 

is to teach students how to 

persuade. They must persuade him to approve the 
project, and they must obtain permission from the 
proper channels such as the Office of Student Life 
and Student Government Association. 

The group then broadcasts its idea through 
posters, email or chapel announcements. This year 
OSL took down some of the Ramenfest posters 
which said BYOB-bring your own bowl. Gunshots 
in a Crowded Room's band name was debated 
because of the recent shootings at other colleges. 
But, Hollingsworth said that the administration has 
given his students multiple praises over the years 
for the projects. 

Superlatives from ^- ^°^^ '"^^'y ^° ^^ 

^ found playing Rock Band 

at Walmart 

When done well, small group communication 
projects help us to provide more opportunities for 
student interaction that we would otherwise be 
unable to create with our own limited manpower," 
Senior Olivia Pool, vice president of on-campus 
events said. 

A popular event continued from last year's 
persuasive communication project was Dorm 
Wars. Juniors Josh Davis and Zach Harrison, 
sophomores Savannah Stroud, Olivia Smith and 

PIstributlon Event 

A: Chad Byers 
Q: Professor most likely 
to cancel a quiz or test Q: Professor most likely 

to show up late for class 

A: Mr. Palmer 

Q: Most likely to be 
c^uoted in the Triangle 

A: Dr. Turner 

A: Mr. Palmer 

Q: Most likely to have a 
cell phone go off in class 

A: Justin Morton 

Tim Baldi, and 
freshman Lynette 
Musser conducted this 
year's Dorm Wars. 
'We played off the 
intense loyalty many 
people have for their 
dorm and facilitated a 
high-action game where 
they could defend and 
conquer dorms," Stroud 

Students dressed up 
according to the theme 
for their dorm and 
attacked other dorms' 

residents with shaving cream-filled balloons. 

Stroud said that it was stressful because they did 

not have enough referees for the game, but it 

was fun to watch. 

-Sophomore Ericka Simpson «_^ 

Photos prov'tded by: Ma^die Poucet 

Justin Morton 

Jennifer Nfflson' 

JT Nelson 

Scott Newton 


(JicTUors- ^O 7 7 

Ashley Pannullo Chelsea Parhai 

Dani Park 


The Fall Musical Showcase was held November 
6th. Featured were our choral groups involving 
over 100 singers, our music faculty, senior music 
major Kim McKennett (playing Brahms' piano 
concerto), and guest tenor Dan Snyder all singing 
a variety of popular music from Broadway and 

Laura Pearce 

Steven Perry 

risten Phelps 

Photos provided by: Ma^die Poucet 

Rodrigo Pigatto 

Jordan Pilgrim ■ 

Cami Plaisted 

Lauren Pratt 



^ncf success /fe^ ?vo ttic^tuti^: 

Julia Pugh 

uTUors- <20 7 7 

ce W Kesse Robin»n 

Diana Rice 

Winter is generally thought to be a time of death- the leaves have fallen, 
leaving the trees bare and skeletal, the flowers have all buried 
themselves beneath the frozen ground, and the birds are nestled deep 
within the confines of jail-like trees, all eagerly awaiting the arrival of 
warmer weather. 

BuPSuylpiittl^ winter is Ji^7ffl^|fl^rue growth. Everyone i^Sffetched 
as new challen^^rise^J^nging with them new life, and a plethora of 
new obstacles threaSfno mature students in every area of their lives. 
They begin toJajii^m as each trial pushes them towards completion. 

James 1:2-4 say^i^Dear brothers and sisters, when trouble comes your 
way, consider it an^cportunity for great joy. For you know that when 
your faith is tested, 3^r endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, 
for when your enduranl^is fully developed, you will be perfect and 
complete, needing nothi 


Stef Shields 

Colby Smith 

Justin Smith 


y?uors- ^O 7 7 

Megan Smith 

Sharon Smythe 

In planning the Christmas banquet, the senior SGA found out that when working 
together as a team things get accomphshed. Senior class vice president Garrett Mclntyre 
said, "It was a eureka moment, like, hey we can actually do this and set things in motion 

for the rest of the year." Years before, Mclntyre was not a huge fan of SGA. However, 

when talking to a mentor he realized that instead of complaining he should do something 

about it. Over the past year the senior SGA became more intentional about the 

disconnect of the whole school in their planning of events and supporting other clubs 

They evolved as a team in the planning process and continued to grow throughout the 
school year. For any future planners of the Christmas banquet Mclntyre advises that they 

should definately be ready to role with the punches and to use the skills of your team. 

/ (JicTUors- ^O 7 7 

Nicole Walker Britney WeBer Dinah WiBster 

Amy Whisman Johanna Wilkening M Katie Wilkins 



"In preparation for a repertoire performance, the performer should be sure 
to know their music well. Not only should they know the correct notes to 
sing, or the right lyrics, but they should also have an understanding of the 
story of the musical piece so that they can communicate the story behind the 
song effectively through their expressions and movements. There are many 
things to think about when perfonning, but the key to a successful 
performance is to focus on the^usic." 

-Junior Patrick Roberts 

Photos provided by: l^jiag Douglas, Leigh Bernex^jgPki Molly Gehr'mq 

Danielle Wilson 

Let's Get Ready to Rumble 

As the crowd gets pumped up for the night ahead, students enjoy the 
free t-shirts, drinks, and food, and participate in the night's activities. 
What is going on? It's Midnight Madness- and the basketball teams put 
up a show for the students to enjoy and to celebrate the upcoming season. 

Coach Rekoske who has been the basketball coach for 6 years said 
Midnight Madness has been going on since before he started coaching at 
Bryan. He is glad that he is able to keep Midnight Madness around 
because of 3 reasons: 'Reason one is to introduce the basketball players. 
Reason two is to help the players get pumped up for the season. And the 
last reason is to get the student and involved." Coach Rekoske loves that 
so many students come out and support the team. 

ffuru'ors- ^O 7 7 


Rvan Yontz 

Alison 'Wung 


Caleb Young 


Varsity Game Results: 

Tennessee Temple 


Johnson Bible College 


Fisk University 


Lee University 


Tennessee Temple 


Reinhardt College 


Union College 


Kentucky Wesleyan Universit 

y L(57-71) 

Covenant College 


Tennessee Wesleyan 


Southeastern Bible Colle ge 


Lee University 


Tennessee Tech Univers ity 


Maryville College 


Pensacola Christian 


Milligan College 


Virginia Interniont College 


Montreat College .,<#^^W(77-57) 

Bluefield College 




Reinhardt College 


Union College 


Termessee Wesleyan V* 


Milligan College ▼ 


Montreat College --,,, ■ 


Virginia Intermont College 


Bluefield College 




Reinhardt College 


iScm'ors- J20 7 O 

Allyson Adams Soraya Andalib 



Lion's Tie for First | 
Place in AAC for First 
ime Since 2000 1 

^ In their final game of the season, the Lions 
asketball team defeated the University of 
Virginia College at Wise 85 69 Saturday night, 
eb 20. This victory places the team in a four- 
/ay tie for first place in the AAC. This is the first 
me the men's varsity basketball team has 
chieved this status since 2000. 

UVA-Wise was one game ahead of Bryan 
oing into the game, but, after what Head Coach 
)on Rekoske said was one of the best team i^ll^l 
fforts he's seen in his six years of coaching at 
iryan, the Lions closed the season not only in a 
e for first place but with the best overall record 
1 the conference. ■ 

'This win justifies a season full of hard work,' 
lid junior forward Keith Bauer. 

With just over two minutes left in the game, 
le Lions extended their lead to 21 points and 
'ent on to finish with an 85 69 victory, 
iinior forward Scott Newton finished the game 
'ith a career high 32 points and 10 rebounds, 
jnior guard/forward Derek Batt finished with a 
areer high 21 points, and junior point guard 
)emond Craig tied his career high of eight 

'We set our goals at the beginning of the 
;ason, and, one game at a time, we achieved 
lose goals," said McCall. 

Bryan's post-season tournament begins this 
/ednesday at 7:30 p.m. here at Bryan. While the 
Dmpetition will be fierce, both Rekoske and the 
'bst of the team have high expectations. 
-Junior Billy Findley 




'^sis ^5t6'<2/.l 

The Bryan College Lady Lion's basketball team 
rebounded from an 18-point halftime deficit to beat 
Tennessee Wesleyan College (Athens) at the Dec. 5 
home game. 

During the first half, the team did not play strong like 
they practiced, according to Head Coach Jamy Bechler. 

'We allowed the other team to get shots instead of 
staying in control," said junior small-forward Jessica 

At the end of the first half, Wesleyan nearly doubled 
the lion's score 23-41. 

However, the team's post-play and defense picked up 
during the second half, according to Southern. 

The team definitely did not quit, said Bechler. The 
Lions refocused during the second half and came from 

The lady lions came back to win the game 70-59. 
'It was a shocking feeling," said Bechler, 'the girls are a 
strong team, but coming from such a loss to winning so 
easily was surreal." 

This game was a huge victory because the Lady Lions 
have been competing with Wesleyan all year, said 
Bechler. None of the members on the team had beaten 
^Wesleyan before Saturday's game. 
\((i 'The comeback shows what kind of teaiil we have," 
said Southern. 
-Sophomore Tim Baldi 

Scnz'ors- <20 7 O 

Caddy Cadillac Hannah C^ieM^ Carolyn Candland 

Rachel Carr **^ecky Claflin 

Seth Crocker 



Tennessee Temple 
Oakwood College 
Hiwassee CoUeg 
Fisk University ^ 
Oakwood College 
Trevecca Nazarene 
Cumberland University 
Judson College 
Reinhardt College 
Union College 
Pensacola Christian 
Covenant College 
Tennessee Wesleyan 
Atlanta Christian 
Tennessee Temple 
Milligan College 
Virginia Intermont 
Montreat College 
Bluefield College 
Reinhardt College 
Union College 
Hiwassee College 
Tennessee Wesleyan 
Milligan College 
Montreat College 
Virginia Intermont 
Bluefield College 
Union (Quarterfinals) 


"I'll Be Home for Christmas," "Come on, Ring 
Those Bells," and "Be Bom in Me" were my 
favorite songs, ,y| 

-Kyle Thomes ~ 

"C'mon Ring Those Bells" was my favorite s^ 
-Alexis Landry 

S^TUors- ^O / O 

Matthew Dee Meggelles Qp^aney Ashley Felker 

Sarah Ferrante 

Trent Gay 


"Playing with the Flute 
Ensemble is something I 
look forward to every 
week. We come up with 
some challenging pieces |l 
and work hard to 
practice and perfect the 
music, and in the end we 
walk off of the stage 
feeling like we've 

-Annalyn Ebersole 

Erin Grayson 

Jen Grove 

Hannah Hamrick 




Note the Creativity 

The smells of coffee and cinnamon rolls greeted 
everyone who walked in the door of Harmony House 
on the evening of Dec. 3. But good luck finding a 
place to stand, let alone sit. 

From about 8 to 10 p.m., the coffee shop in 
downtown Dayton was overflowing with Bryan 
College students attending Singer Songwriter. The 
annual Bryan event, which hosted performers of all 
classes, was held off-campus for the first time this 

'We've always tried to go for a coffee-house feel 
on campus," said senior Elijah Ammen, vice president 
of off-campus events, "&o this year. . .we thought, 
' Why not have it at a coffee house?'" 
Ammen said the main goal of Singer Songwriter was 
to provide students with a place to relax and enjoy 
themselves while drinking coffee and hearing good 

usic from classmates. 

Freshman James Pevahouse opened the night by 
singing and playing acoustic guitar, which was the 
main instrument of 10 out of the 15 performances. 
Guitarists included seniors Abe Roberts and John 
Moore, junior Kelly Shannon and Olivia Downey, 
freshman T.K. King and sophomores Stephen Bryan, 
Kyle Thomas, Adam Coker, Luke Lillard and Jesse 

Kyla Hill 

<Sc?uors- <20 7 O 

Stephen Hill StephanieiHuskey 


Piano w as the main instrument of other 
songwriters. Juniors Josh Jones and Alicia 
Schulze played the piano alone while junior 
Cami Plaisted played the piano and was 
accompanied by sophomore Cynthia Wade on 
the violin. 

iFreshman Emily Blaising perfonned w ith 
the most unique instrument, the ukulele, w hile 
freshman Josiah Newport accompanied on the 

Though there were a few technical issues, 
this did nothing to stop students from enjoying 
the night of music and community, and each 
performance was met with applause and 
cheering. ^ 

And it was the new venue that did the trick, 
'ccording to senior Lindsa) McKissick. She 
said that while past Singer Songw riter events 
have been held in Rudd Auditorium or the 
Lions Den of Latimer Student Center, the 
intimacy of a place like Harmony House ^^^ 
created an atmosphere of iife-giving ^ 


"We throw the w ord " communit)" around so 
often, but that was qualit}' communit}." said 
McKissick. who has attended Singer 
Songw riter every year since she has been at 
Br}-an. S jMk, 

en estimated that the crowd that 

eked into Harmony House numbered close 
to 200 students with a few off-campus visitors 
as well. 

"It facilitated community across classes and 
sub-groups,"McKissick said. "At Harmony 
House, we were all squished together, andit, 
was beautiful." 
-Junior Emily McKeehan 

December 2009 Graduates 

Things I wish someone had told me: 
'Do not go home every weekend during your first semester-even if you are dating someone from back home., you 
will miss out on too many things. I also wish someone would've told me as a freshman to save all my class cuts for 
the week of Thanksgiving Break, so 1 could 've skipped the whole week. 

Get involved in campus life! Have fun in the dorms-getting to know people from all around the world. Go to 
SGA events even if you think you are too cool. Go on at least one Break for Change trip during your years at 
Bryan. Get to know a faculty member on a personal level-and develop a mentor type relationship. Realize that the 
churches in the Dayton/Rhea County area are probably going to be different than your church back home, but ge 
used to it and stop complaining. Go to Pocket Wilderness-even if you aren't an outdoor person. Choose your 
friends wisely, and choose ones that will uplift you and make you want to be more like Christ. If you are not a 
morning person, then don't schedule 8:00am classes every day of the week and expect to do well. Don't 

Graduation was a bittersweet time for me, and the thing I remember most about it was all of my friends, and 
previous Bryan Alums that came back to celebrate this special day with me, and yelling all my nicknames as I 
walked across the stage and received my diploma. 
-Josh Storie 

Dallas Lange 


Emily Lantzer Heather Laskin 

"I ha\ e grow n in pretty much every wa)' during my time at Bryan. Through classes, friends, retreats, and 
experiences 1 have reaUzed that all of the artificial boxes I had drawn around different aspects of myself were just 
that, artificial. True life in Christ affects, colors, permeates every aspect in life. 

M\ time at Br} an has taught me a lot about the importance of relationships, as well. Dr. Bradshaw always reminds 
'students that the most \aluable lessons he learned as a studnet at Bryan came from the time he spent with friends, 
outside the classroom. This is the true testing ground where 1 learned more about living christianly than any 
discussion class could ever teach me. In four years I learned invaluable lessons about honesty, good communication, 
and grace. These times could be incredibly painful, but I am more than grateful for them and the relationships which 
?&r\'ived them. 

Hold loosely to your plans. God has a funny and wonderful way of turning one's world upside down at a 
moment's notice. Have faith that He will be faithful and that everything He works will be for your good and His 

Remember that the 
'experiences you will remember 
most will be with jour firends, 
make the kind of friends who will 
challenge and encourage >ou. 
They will sustain you during 
those crazy times of trial (aka hell 

Graduation was great... totally 
a surreal feeling standing in that 
line watintg to come out and be 
seated, all of us standing there in 
our caps and gowns. I knew that I 
was done at Brjan, but did not 
w ant to leave. I miss it and the 
community (much as we all 
redicule the over-use of that 
word) which has been a vital part 
of making me who I 
am. I am so glad that I went to 

^ -Carolyn Candland 

Photos prov\ded by: Carolyn Cand\^s^ and Josh Stone andf^^ family and friends 

D(5fining Our 
Trua \ 


It started out last semester as a 
project for their Social Psycholog 
class. Students were asked to 
created a slide show containing 
secrets from Frank Warren's 
PostSecret website. 

According to Warren's website is a web-based 
"gallery of postcard-sized images 
posted anonymously to unveil a 
secret." In other words, as Warrei] 
says on his site, these postcards a 
'Shared confessions in art form." 

Now, seniors John Wang and 
Erica Smith and juniors Lauren 
Pratt and Rachel Hewitt have 
decided to take last semester's 
project even further with their 
Research and Design project: 
Masked No More. i 

Smith said that they wanted to 
do a project that was similar to 
Frank Warren's PostSecret websi 
to get students talking about the 
secrets they hold. 

'Sharing your masks is the firs 
step in the healing process," said 
Smith. 'Masked No More is just 
getting people to think about if 
they even have masks they are 
hiding behind." 

ScTu'ors- <20 7 O 

Garrett Mcintyre Kimmy McKennett LindsaXs#^cKissick Allison McLean 


Seniors Erica Smitli and Joinn Wang, and 
niors Jen Manzo and Tyler Winstead after 
creating a music video to "Secrets" 

Masked No More was designed to 
facilitate discussion among peers and 
to promote authenticity amidst the 
student body. 

"We want students to see that they 
aren't the only ones struggling with 
different issues. And it's so much less 
intimidating sharing secrets 
anonymously." said Smith. 

On Monday, April 19th at 4:45 
p.m. in the Spoede Lounge, students 
and faculty held a prayer vigil to pray 
over the campus, asking God for 
healing and strength. 

r In James 5:13-18, James writes of 
the power of confessing your sins to 
each other and praying over one 
another's struggles: 'The earnest 
prayer of a righteous person has great 
power and produces wonderful 

j resuhs." (James 5:16) 

' Cards were displayed on posters in 
Spoede Lounge April 14-21 in an 
effort to encourage students by 
showing them they are not alone in 
fheir struggles. 


^■ r l f l * " ■» 



Bvrr TO 

b e s^jQ^^ , 




^ no 


Paul Middlekauf TTmmy Millsaps 

John Moore 

Meredith Moore 



Katie Newsome 

^cm^ors- J20 7 O 

Daniel Newton Summer Nielsen 

We have a Dream to Help the Community 

This year, Testify's ministiy team spent MLK Day 
serving together! In the morning, half of us raked 
leaves for St. Bridget's Church, the other half went to % 
the hospital and did some landscaping work there. 
We then set out for Wears Valley Ranch in 
Sevierville, TN, where we picked up fallen tree limbs 
and did a presentation for the children there. As a 
performing arts ministry, it was neat to see the 
members of Testify get so excited about serving the 
Lord in a different way on MLK day. We definitely 
learned two things: 1. Serving together builds a team 
like almost nothing else, 2. Don't park your van in the i 
mud after a rainstorm. It just might get stuck. 
-Sophomore Carlin Nasiatka 

'^ "'-' ^ 

Matt Noel 


'anuar}' 18 of this year was the fifth year PCT staff put 
gethier the event MLK Day in which Biyan College 
Dnors Martin Luther King junior by helping the 
)nimunity outside of Bryan. This service project involved 
king, cleaning, picking up trash, pulling down trees, 
wiping senior citizen, and more. This year there were a 
tal of 74 projects that were all spread out around 
ennessee. One group, the PCI group Testify went all the 
ay to Wear Valley Ranch in Sevierville, TN. 
s.fter students volunteer for each project, they have said 
e) feel great because they can see on the peoples' faces 
at the help that it is a real blessing and that it is a 
essing to them to see that and to hear them say thanks for 
1 the help. m 

We left in the morning and went to the home 
of a former Bryan professor. Miss Kantzer to help 
her with her yard. She was very gracious and 
friendly and my friend and I washed windows, 
raked and bagged leaves, and helped her weed her 
adorable little wild flower garden in the back. 
With kindness she got right down on the ground 
with us and pulled and cut roots. As we scrapped 
mud from our tennis shoes and prepared to leave 
we stopped to pray for her. She invited us to come 
back anytime and watch movies in her basement. 
It was awesome and I can't wait for next year! 

Angela Schimpf „, , , , ^ , „ , * 

to — ^ pu^-h^„ — ..i^A u,. Sarah Beck^ 


^ouT^^otto C& Qour cm/7% ^frcmMTi^r tw TTi^ttcr 
/tow t<^ Qour^Ti£n^^/ibr -xj^^s: 


It is so easy to become caught up in the "rush and hurry" 
trying to figure out your Ufe and to reach that next stage 
where everything will magically right itself and plans 
will suddenly seem to become attainable. But life is not 
meant to be lived with both eyes firmly locked on the 
future at all times. It is only when we look back over 
what we have learned and accomplished that we mature. 

^cTU'ors- <20 7 O 

Abe Roberts 

^ /-\ >^ J^ 


"C^nasi^c CoTi^rcncc 


On Eart 

as it is in 



We reall\' wanted 
Engage to enrich 
con\'ersations about 
how we're called to 
be salt and light in 
the world. We want 
our students to 
culti\'ate a rich way 
of living in the 
larger culture that 
compels the w orld 
to consider the 
Gospel. The Brsan 
responded really 
\\ell to our guest. 
And\ Crouch, who 
joined us as our 
keynote speaker. 
Engage is a part of 
an ongoing series in 
kingdom living. 
alternating e\'er\- 
other year w ith the 
-Ben Norquist 




r ^ 


\ "1 






^ ^' k - 

L'-' '- V 

Hale^" Swearingen 

Andrew Sweeny '^ 

Ally Underw ood 




I'd rather have 30 minutes of 
wonderful than a lifetime of 

:^i II 

nothin' special. 

Y Jk 

When I fra: sfw the cast hst with my name next to M'Lynn 
Eatenton, I was completely floored. Being a freshman in the 
JDessert Theater production was a HUGE honor. I was able to 
jleam and grow from interacting and working with experienced 
actresses such as Molly Gehring and Ali Ibsen. Mr. Belisle was 
always very encouraging, especially as the role of M'Lynn was 
full of emotion and maturity that I haven't experienced in my 
own life yet. Although the rehearsals were long and tiring at 
times, and I cried for real on more than one occasion, being in 
Steel Magnolias was truly one of the best experiences of my 
freshman year. 

-Freshman Alexis Landry 





~*^ c tj 


■■■ .i^sSSS 


rUniversity of Rio Grand 

Universit\ of Rio Grande' 
jToccoa Falls 


!fni\ ersity of Rio Grande 

Shorter College 



Tennessee Temple 

Reinhardt College 


Tennessee ^^'esleyan 

Tennessee ^^"esle\ an 

Southern Polytechnic 




Trevecca Nazarene 






r- \'irginia IntSHBgfttt 
L ^Tennessee Temple 


■ Milligan College ; ' 


■ Milligan College 


F* Cumberland University 


Montreat College 


Montieat College 


Lee L^niversitx 


Bluefield College 

» i' 

Bluefield College 

Union Collece 



DeGeorg^- Brian Eisenbadp 


Lions Aim Higli in Track and Field 

We see them out running nearly every day, whether it is warm or cold, sunny, raining or 
snowing. Sometimes even twice a day. They put hours into training their bodies, toning theii 
muscles and refining their movements. P90X is a common phrase in their vocabulary. Nearly 
every weekend they trade extra sleep for long bus rides. Ice baths and ice wraps are routine. 
Even in the summer they receive emails outlining the workouts they are to complete. 

All because they love running. 

It's no wonder with this high level of dedication that the Bryan College Track & Field teaih 
continues to set records. 

Redshirt freshman Alyssia Lindsay set school records in the women's 1,500 and 800-meter 
runs. Friday afternoon Lindsay ran a personal best of 2:27.70 in the 800-meter. In her 1,500- 
meter run the following day she took sixth in section five at 5:02.33, according to the Lion's 

"[Lindsay] has come a long way in a short time and has a bright future," said head coach 
Rodney Stoker. 


ry Fitsimmons ^IL^rian Hill Randall Hoidngsworth Maribeth Impsoi 

Junior Zach Buffington rests 
--. before a meet 


Senior Josh Bradley took second out of 120 in ; 
e men's 800-meter run with a season best of 
51.89. Bradley's time qualifies him for the NAIA 
utdoor Track & Field Championship at the end of 

Junior Zach Buffington also finished with a 
ialifying time for the championship while setting 
school record for the 10,000 ffieter with a time of 
i:02.90. f 

Freshman Jason McLeod won the fourth section 
'the men's 1,500 meter run with a personal best 
'4:03.64. McLeod also ran a personal best the 
"evious evening in the men's 5,000 meter with a 
me of 15:42.26. 

'Buffington's 10k record was impressive and his 
tness and confidence are at an all-time high. 
/[cLeod] continues to improve and set the tone for 
IT freshmen athletes," said Stoker. 

"We C£in only benefit from aiming high," said 


Freshman Rae Jagaer 
scripture over the camp 

"You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and 
with all your might. Andthese words that I command you today shall be on your 

heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them 

when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, 

and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be 

as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your 

house and on your gates." \ 

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 

Fresnman Calliebawkins ;]^^ 
decorates a bannej^isplaying 
the theme verse; j00 


The sunrise hike is-aiways a 
favorite for students willing to 
wake up early. 

2010's Day of Prayer focused on the 
importance of rest, relaxation, and just taking 
a break from the routine of the week. SGA's 
Ministry Council wanted to make this day a 
restful Sabbath that students could take 
advantage. The Sunrise hike took place at 
about six o'clock in the morning. It was good 
to start of this day being out in nature and 
wondering at the marvelous creation at 
sunrise. Both the fall and Spring Day of 
Prayer Chapel speakers, Graham Hill from 
Student Life Camps and Mark Carpenter 
Director of the Lighthouse Counseling 
Center for the City Church of Chattanooga, 
did extemporary in bringing the theme 
together. Other things were offered to 
students throughout the day. Some of these 
things were art rooms, music rooms, prayer 
walks, sporting events like Frisbee, tennis, 
and bocce ball. Communion, bon fires, and 
board games. Also, an interesting aspect of 
this day was twenty-four hour scripture 
reading and prayer. Overall, Day of Prayer 
was a success bringing students a day that 
they could have had a chance to focus of the 
Lord and take a break from the stressful 
schedule of the semester. 




The experience as a whole was just 
incredible. Besides our big trips out of the 
country and on spring break, sledding in the Alps 
was a blast. It took us about an hour by train and 
then bus. The bus ride to get into the Alps was 
beautiful, and once we started sledding we all 
were acting like such kids. We were all just 
getting to know each other. It was good just to 
getaway and have fun with each other. 

Throughout the semester, Hannah Jemigan and I did a 
lot of extra traveling. We went on weekend trips to 
Barcelona, which is absolutely an amazing city. Another 
weekend we went into Paris and two other girls joined us. 
We also got the chance to go to Austria and Slovenia. In Italy 
we went to Verona, the home of Romeo and Juliet, Venice, 
Florence, Rome, we attended an AC Milan game in Milan, 
and Trieste. Udine wasn't too far; that was where we attended 
church. On Spring Break a group of us flew down to Catania, 
which is in Sicily. We traveled around Sicily for about four 
days and then took a train up to the Naples area. There we 
met up with our RD, Jesse, and his friends and over the 
course of 3 days went to Possitano, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, 
Sorrento, and Pompeii. Looking back I think that the area 
around Naples was the most beautiful of all of Italy. 

The best time of the trip was the very last weekend that 
we had to go explore. Hannah and I were supposed to be in 
Berlin Friday afternoon but because of the volcano in Iceland 
our flight was cancelled, so we got on a train and headed to 
Slovenia for a few days. We ended up on Lake Bled which 
was absolutely gorgeous set in the middle of the Alps. The 
amazing part of the trip was the two guys that we met in our 
hostel. As we sat in the living room of our hostel we were 
finishing up our paper for our New Testament Literature and 
Interpretation class for Dr. Davis. Little did we know that the 
two guys were going to ask us what we were writing and that 
we would sit and talk with them about Christ for the next 
five or six hours. After everything that happened that 
weekend, from a volcano erupting to our flights being 
cancelled, we realized that we were not in control of 
anything, and God will get us to the places he wants in order 
to use us whether we plan on it or not. 
lomore Kristin Divito 



anda Da\e}' 


Sc7?icstc?' 7^/^rosi6f(^o?it/ni(ccf ( ^Talc/ Sc/yicstc/] 

^v\Y\q^\Y\q^ the Impossible Dream to Life 

Spring 2008: Junior Robert Ethan Hargraves auditioned 
his freshman year for the musical 'Man of La Mancha," 
which requires a minimum of 12 male actors and two large 
choruses. Only five males showed up to the auditions, and 
two of them had technically graduated, according to 
Hargraves. The musical never made it to the stage that year. 

Spring 2010: Hargraves once again auditioned for 'Man 
of La Mancha" and landed a lead role as a character who 
doubles as both the manservant and Sancho Panza. The 
timing was right for the musical because the right number of 
males auditioned with the talent to perform it. 

'The musical is played out as a play within a play, with 
Cervantes and his manservant acting out the story of Don 
Quixote to their fellow prisoners," Hargraves said. 

Don Quixote tries to 'Hght all wrongs" and views the 
other characters in the best possible light, according to Mr. 
Bemie Belisle. When he encounters a prostitute at an inn, he 
calls her his 'honorable lady."Even though she is not, she 
becomes how he views her because of his influence. 

Belisle said that he has always liked the musical because 
of its redemptive message. It is about the '^ower of seeing 
people in the best possible light despite their depravity." 

'I kind of compare it to how God sees us, "Belisle said, 
'He sees the good in us. He sees the possibilities in us even 
though we are fallen creatures." 

-Sophomore Ericka Simpson 


Margaret Legg Darlene Lestman 

Corinne Livesay 

Vcsi^ for (!^/isinc/6 

Helping the World, Or\& Country At A Time 


"Being in San Diego wa^ time 
of serving and a time of being" 
served. We weren't there to just'% 
serve other people - as if we have 
something great to offer them that 
they can't get somewhere else. Wi 
were there to develop relationships 
with the people in San Diego. We 
were there to live out the church - 
to live out the love we have been 
given by Christ - to the people that 
we met. A lot of our time was spent 
hanging out with people and doing 
life with them. I learned how to 
approach people differently than^ 
do now - to approach them in love 
without expectations or judgments. 
Some of the homeless people I 
talked to were just as giving and 
loving to us as we were to them. 
The greatest lesson I learned was 
how to love and be loved." 
-Junior Hannah Fleming 

Michael Sapienza ^Kennis Scheldt 

Ronald Shaver 


/^d77l /? 


GowY\e, Camerae, Action! 

The hour is waning. All those months of 
writing, planning, filming, editing and 
sweating will hopefully pay off for Bryan film 
majors anxious to see the results of their latest 
films at the Broad Street Film Festival in 
Chattanooga, April 22-24. According to the 
film makers and those planning the event, the 
festival should be a dandy. 

'I think there are a lot of reasons to be 
excited about this because there are such a 
great variety of films coming from Bryan this 
year," senior Phillip Johnston said. 

Last year, Bryan broke with tradition and 
featured films not only produced by the Bryan 
College film department but also by students 
of Covenant College (Lookout Mt., Ga.). This 
year, the festival alterations are even more 

First and foremost of these alterations is 
that the festival is no longer going to be a 
Bryan College event. Rather it is hosted by a 
separate non-profit organization funded by the 
Community Foundation of Greater 
Chattanooga and will be featuring films not 
just from two schools this year but three 
(possibly four counting UTC): Bryan College, 
Covenant College and Southern Adventist 
University (Collegedale. Tenn.). Southern 
Adventist has had an established film program 
for the last 10 years, according to Bryan 
Assistant Professor of Communication 
Studies Chris Clark. 

in '*^ 

Another noteworthy change is that the films will be 
shown on the big screens at the Carmike Majestic 12 
movie theater in Chattanooga. This is a tremendous 
change from last year's venue at the Bijou. 

'This is the biggest step the film culture has taken in" 
presenting its work to the Chattanooga community at 
large," Johnston said. 'It's great for the filmmakers and the 
students." ^ 

The film festival is a three-day event which begins with ^ 
the showing of the films in the Majestic theater on 
Thursday, April 22. All the viewings are open to the 
public. The second day, film students will get the privilege SI 
of meeting and listening to independent film director Scott 
Teems, director and writer of the film 'That Evening Sun." 
And of course, the awards ceremony will take place the 
final day of the festival at the grand Tivoli Theater in 
Chattanooga. i 

The awards ceremony will include many of the same 
elements included in last year's awards night, according to 
Clark, with multiple school bands performing, clips shown 
of the films, the awards and speeches and lots of tuxedos 
and fancy gowns. There will also be three new awards 
offered for this ceremony including awards for Best 
Documentary, Best Original Screenplay and Best Music l 

There was also a professional master of ceremonies 
hired for the event as well. 


amin Norquist Judith Olsen . Sharron^adgett Victoria Pattersgj^il^Seri-Lynn Paul 

/\^?a/iro?l r/iC 

And a Midnight Cruise 

Freshman Class officers and SGA Events Council have 
combined their planning abilities for "A Night on the Riviera" 
spring banquet and cruise scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 27. 

SGA's Events Council wanted to bring back the midnight 
cruise because of its popularity last year, according to Vice 
President of Off Campus Events Elijah Ammen. When the 
weekend of the 27th became available, they checked with 
freshman SGA and coordinated to have the banquet and cruise 
on the same night. 

This is the first time two large events like this have been 
planned for one night, according to freshman Vice President 
Amy Morris. 

The banquet will begin at 6 p.m. with "A Night on the 

'We want people to see and smell the river," said Morris. 
The decorations and atmosphere will create an outdoor 
European restaurant atmosphere. 

'We plan on this banquet being classier than ordinary 
banquets, "said freshman Treasurer Kelly Findley. People will 
be able to focus on table conversation instead of the stage 

At 10:30 p.m. after the banquet, students will begin 
boarding the midnight cruise, according to Ammen. The ship 
will leave the dock at 1 1 p.m. and return at 1 a.m. 
There will be a wider range of activities on the two-hour 
cruise this year. According to Ammen, the cruise will have all 
the same activities that students enjoyed on last year's cruise, 
in addition to a video game arcade, card games and karaoke. 
-Sophomore Tim Baldi 


abethMoseley ^lyerbertPage MichaelPalmer Michele Pascucc: 








Over Spring break, the 
Spring Chorale road 
tripped to Chicago where 
they enjoyed Chicago deep 
dish pizza, witnessed the 
birth of a calf, walked 
through Millennial Park, 
and sang for various 

T'Junibrs JbsH' 

Jones and 
a/Jessica Etress <(■ 

The goal of every Junior Senior Banquet is to 
honor the Senior Class, and this was the driving ^ 
goal we tried to focus on as we went through each 
aspect of the planning process. 

We accomplished this goal by trying to focus 
on the personality of the senior class as we 
planned the trip. Each class has its own 
personality, and as juniors, we have had the pasti 
three years to get to know the senior class and 
learn what things they are passionate about as 
well what things they don't particularly care for. 
Each location was chosen for a specific reason as 
a nod to the seniors. 

An event like Junior Senior is bound to 
stretch any team of college students. It been my 
persuasion during the time I've spent on SGA that 
leadership done properly is really just another 
wa}' of expressing serv^anthood, and the amount of 
time and effort that goes into planning and | 

executing Junior Senior really culminates into a 
grand and unique opportunity to serve. So many 
different details have to be taken into account. 
But I couldn't have chosen a better team of eight 
people to work with, and we learned so much 
about relying on one another to make sure that, as j 
one unit, we were the most responsible stewards 
of the task that we could be. 

-Junior class President Melanie Goggans ^| 


Noowe: Senior Nate Rogers, Juniors Lauren Pratt an^t Jandi Heagen, 

Seniors Ali Ibsen, Elizabeth Yates, and Josh Bogle 

Right: A group of students pose in front of the beautiful scenery 

before going up into the Sun Sphere. 

Below: After eating in Knoxville, the students went to Pigeon Forge 

to Wonderworks. Inside, there were cool games and rides that the 

students could use, suchjas an imaginary earthquake ride and a 360 

degree bicycle. 

Photos provided by: Callie Dawkins 

Saturday morning, May 1, 2010, 
cars begin to quickly leave the 
Bryan hill with great anticipation of 
Jacksonville, Florida. Others left the 
night before to get a head start on 
soaking up the sun. I was among the 
latter group. The arrival to the beach 
Saturday afternoon greeted us with 
the fresh smell of the ocean, the 
smooth feel of the sand, and a 
perfect breeze. Needless to say, I, 
along with the others, became 
instantly relaxed. 

Sunday morning, we gathered for 
a time of worship; there was nothing 
quite as breathtaking to me as 
worshipping the vast Creator while 
viewing the seemingly endless 
ocean. Our days were spent 
enjoying the sand and the sun and 
occasionally we took a break and 
shopped! One night we gathered for 
a delicious meal at the home of 
Hannah Hamrick, and I must say 
this night provided quite the 
bonding time for us all! 

On our final evening we 
gathered for a banquet and quality 
pictures. Jacksonville will now be 
instilled in my heart as a place 
where memories were made, 
friendships were strengthened, and 
an understanding that our Father's 
love would be a bond which would 
last forever. 

-Senior Emily SItzler 

Newsome plasifH^ 
Hannah'Ha pTiricfc-^ 


IcLean, Pamela Sirrt 
Adams, anjj ^aa^^mn) With their theme 
'^hgyear- t^lax Pranks.^ 

I Photos provided by: Jenni Irwin 




A Time of Joy and a 
Time of Sadneeei 

A I 

Saturday, May 8, 2010 was the class of 
2010 graduation. The seniors walked up 
on stage with a smile on their faces, 
knowing they are finally done. These 
'Survivors"use to be a big class- their 
freshman year there were around 190 
students, but now only 77. The class of 
2010 is known for two thing: wining flag 
football and losing Sprit Week. 

This day is a very emotional day for a 
lot of people. The seniors are realizing that 
their time is done at Bryan CoUege, and 
that they are leaving all their friends 


Aimee Crotts, an English Literature major, said 'It's been a long road, so I'm 
glad that the end is finally here. I'm not certain what I'm doing next, but I'm happy 
that it won't include homework! "Aimee is going to miss the most at is all the friends 
that she made, and the environment of love and trust she have grown to cherish. I 
have gown as a person from the encouragement to use my mind in my faith, to think 
things through to their logical conclusions and not just accept anything at face value.' 
'My favorite memory at Bryan was my first trip to Pocket. It was a pizza picnic my 
first week here, with my orientation group. It was a great time... good food, making 
new friends, finding snakes and skipping stones." 

Stephanie Huskey, who majored in Computer Science with a double minor in 
Creative Writing and Mathematics said, 'I'm excited that I'm about to graduate, but 
scared at the same time. One chapter of my life is coming to a close just as another 
chapter is starting. Its both terrifying and thrilling to see what else God has for me in 
this world.", 

'My fondest memory at Bryan came to me just recently. My best friend recendy 
died less than a month. And when she passed away. It was thanks to the love, comfort 
and support of all my friends that I was able to make it through that difficult time." 
After graduation, Stephanie wants to become a Graphic Designer and do freelance 
work in various areas as well as fulfill one of her longstanding dreams of writing a 
book and possibly getting published. 'Bryan has challenged me in several ways to drav 
closer to God and become a better person. I've always been a bit of a loner, but Bryan 
has showed me the value of community and true lasting friendships. And that what I 
going to miss about Bryan the loving community environment." 







lUk>:. r.o -.;^*.vx 



P9 'IB 



















Jon & Kate Plus 8' labeled 

'Poor parents 
have personal 
chef, ricmhi^Sj 
housekeepers > 


Highlights of 09-'10 

- TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" breaks up 

- Lost airs the final seasons 

- Obama passes the healthcare reform bill 

- Tiger Woods allegedly cheats on wife 

- Michael Jackson dies 

- Earthquake devastates country of Haiti 

- Kanye West crashes Taylor Swift's VMA speech 
4 airs final season 


"V/Mol tf»»h»rfo rtnV« 

Ml lift" MA 



Worci§f cavinjOt poirirCbVy e^re^ how proudy we^ are^ of 
you/ andyyour acconipllirhinenty! You/ are/ aw awiOy'^^inj^ 
youAaj^voowiaYvfvdbofcxyvv\pai(ifixy^ May 

(qod/ bleary you/ iw 
aU/ you/ dxr, 
for&\/er and/ ever/ 
You/ have/ reached/ 
for the/ i^ctry avid/ 
captiA/e/ wCthyour 
heart. The/ world/ 
iyyoury to- e^lore/ 
avid/ giA/e^ your 
love/to- On/ wiaklvi^ 
Ot O'heXter place/ 
for cdb. We/ are/ 
hhe^fifed/to- caXi 
you/ Vauj^hterl ! ! ! ! 


'<E}(cm,ineyoursehes to see whether you are in tfie faith; testycnifse&>es. (Do you not reaSze tHat Christ Jesus is in you — 
un&ss, of course, yaufmCtHe test' ^ybuCl trust tAatyou wiUcRscaveT that w« fiai'e notfdi&dtHe test '"How vxpay to 
QotftAatyou unHnot do anyt&iru ivrong. 'Hot that people wilTsee that vx fuive stood tfie test hit that you wiffdb 
wHat is TigHt even thou^H we may seem to fvavefaikd "For we cannot do anytHing against the truth, 6ut onfyfbr the 
truth. ^'HkaregSufuhenevertf^areivea^d-utyouare stmt^ and our prayer is for your perfection. ""Ihis is wiry I write 
these things u^n J am aSsent, that when I come I may not have to 5e harsh in my use of authority — the author^ the 
Lor£gavemefor6uilifit>gyouwp, notfbr tearing you down. ^"Final^, Srothers, good-fy 
^im for perfection, Rsten to wy appeal^ 6e cfone miruf Rve in peace. 
JAM the godcfbve andpeace wiUSe withyou. 
II Corinthians 3:S-11 (mi^ 

■;-- iL 

-_ .-^^ 





.. : 


^liW ""^ . ^^^ 



'■'^ Jm. 






Sarrett Mclntyre 

From the moment you came into this world you 
were full of curiosity, energy, and a passion for 
life. God has woven you with your own sense 
of purpose and direction as well as blessing 
you with a tender, caring, and courageous 
heart. He knows the plans He has for you. We 
have been encouragers and enjoying the 
chapters as they unfold. Although you will 
never pass this way again, we know that you 
will cherish the memories and look forward to 
what is ahead. Live fully, love boldly, and trust 
God completely as you continue to become the 
man God has uniquely designed you to be. 
Proverbs 3:5-6 

We love you! 
Dad, Mom and Heather 



You are our precious gift from Cjoa. VVatcning you 
mature into a strong, SjOolu uoung man nas been one 
of life's greatest jous. 

VVe love uou! 
Morn and ]J)aa 

1 am blessed to call 

uou mu brotnerand 

friend! ^o proud 

of uou! 

Love, Jenn 

I he father [and mother] or a righteous man have great jou; 

fie who has a wise son delights in him. 

proverbs 2^:2+ 



Congrats, Ben 

Congratulations, Amelia 

We could not be more proud of you. You 
are a wonderful daughter ar\d y\o\n friend. We 
love you! 

Love, Dad and Mom 

"Dut these are written that ye might believe 
that Je6U5 is Christ, the son of God and that ye 
may have life through His name." 


-John 20:31 
Thanks for being such a great big sister, Amelia! We are very happy for you! 

Love, Zeph, Marius, Isabelle, Cassie, Fiona, Lul<e, Cecily, Marion, Nicholas and Thalia. 


Where did 23 years go? 

When you were born the wonder was 
"What will he grow up to be?" 

The journey to graduation day has been 

challenging, your persistence, your 

academic achievement, in spite of adversity, 

makes you "THE MAN" that you are.. ..Your 

desire to build God's kingdom; to be light in 

a dark world, makes me proud. I know that 

your dad is looking down from heaven... 


I can't think of a person who knows you 

that has not been blessed by you... I know 

you will touch many lives in the future. 

Love you and praying for you. Momma 

Bro, we talk often about how we came from a 

unique source, there are things that only you and 

I will know, and or get about each other. Looking 

at this picture, I can't help but think about how 

you have come to exemplify, for me, the best 

parts of "the man." 

Love you. Josh 

Timmy, I remember when you used to say you 
were never going to college, and here you are 
graduating. I love you, Timmy, I'm so proud to 
be your lil sis! You have always been there to 

pick me up when I was way too short to see 
what was going on. God couldn't have blessed 

me with better brothers than you and josh. 
Congrats, bro! Love, Smalls 

«■«■■■>■« ijaii^Mj»M>jf»M-i«>Mif«j||»»»JM»j»g»<nmr 

Natlian, der Weise 

^■■■■■■■■■■■■M»««« ■■■■■■■■■■■! 


;il|KI|| r 



J »«M»J ■<■»■■ ■M»«««M«««M»««M««»»«»«»»«««M»»»JM»«»JM»««»M»»»JM»«»JM«J««»««MM«»MJ«JM«W»«»» 1 

"Whatever 3^ou do, work at it with all your 
heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. 
Colossians 3:23 



It v^reis 9:29 a.m. on October 13, 1987 in Dallas, Texas when 
God gave us our second bouncing baby boy. You joined 
your big sister, Hannah, big brother, Cle, and later younger 
brother, Micah. As you have grown into the young man you 
are today, it is most evident to us of 3^0 ur utmost desire to 
serve our Lord Jesus Christ. We look forward tow^ard seeing 
in w^hat capacit3^ God will continue to use 3^ou. Keep striving 
toward being that ^^man after God's own heart.'' We are so 
very proud of you and love you very much, ^^Nathaniel der 
Weise." Congratulations!!! God bless you on your next 
adventure in life, o 

With love always, 

DacC Mom, Micahr Hannah, Cie, Damans and Sarah Orace 


Semcing most all makes and models of H.V.A.C. 

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Bigger hospital 


"^ t 




Bryan College students^ 

on a great year! ^o 

.. -^fitv 

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Abbott, Rachel 6 

Abercrombie, Drew 66 

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Adams, Kelley 6, 29 

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Com, Charles 12 

Corton, Elliot 12 

Corwin, David 12 

Cotter, Courtney 39 

Cresap, Lindsay 37 

Cresap, Lindsey 47 

Crist, Emily 70 

Crocker, Seth 94 

Crotts, Aimee 95, 136 

Crowder. Savannah 70 

Crownoble. Adam 118 

Culver, Kristen 13, 69 

Cummings, Jared 70 

Cunningham. Ben 95 

Cunningham, Benjamin 137 


Daniels, Nathan 13 

Davey, Wanda 118 

Davie, Colton 95 

Davis, Andrew 22, 95 

Davis, Carl 113 

Davis, Joshua 71 

Davis, Judd 47 

Davis, Pam 50 

Davis, Pamela 64, 113 

Davis, Thomas 118 

Davis, Tom 62 

Dawkins, Callie 13,29, 117 

Dawson, Latasha 13 

Dean, Dani 7 1 

Debats, Kara 11,47 

Deck, Stephen 95 

Decker, Josh 48 

Dee, Matthew 16,96 

DeGeorge, Steve 60 

Degeorge, Steven 113 

DeLozier, Janette 66, 71 

Devaney, Meggelles 96 

Devito, Kristin 48 

Devlin, Jordan 13,20,43 

Deweese, Harlee 14 

Diamond, Bethany 48 

Dicks, Brian 14, 68 

Dillard, Matthew 119 

Dodge, Daniel 48 

Doucet, Maddie 10, 14, 27, 29, 73, 74, 


Douglas, Lana 27, 48 

Downing, Daniel 48 

Drake, Jonathan 14 

Dudley, Jessica 14 

Dukes, Seth 9, 49, 71,75 

Dyer, Leta 119 


Ebersole, Annalyn 49 
Edgerton, Lauren 66, 104 
Eisenback, Brian 1 13 
Elswick, Amanda 72 
England, Krystal 14 
Engle, Cameron 15 
Estes, Lauren 15 
Etress, Jessica 72, 132 



Fastenan, Peter 49 
Favorite, Barbara 1 19 
Felker, Ashley 96 
Fendrich, Caleb 67, 119 
Fendrich, Drew 72 
Ferrante, Ben 72 
Ferrante, Kristen 96 
Ferrante, Sarah 49 
Findley, Billy 26, 49 
Findley, Kelly 15, 69 
Fischer, Sebastian 49 
Fitsimmons, Gary 1 14 
Fitsimmons, Melinda 72 
Fleming, Hannah 50 
Fletcher, Katelyn 15, 68 
Flores, Seth 16, 72 
Folsom, James 50 
Fortenberry, Kristin 15 
Foshee, Luke 50 
Foster, Sammy 16 
Fowler, Bonnie 73 
Franklin, Rob 9, 50 
Franklin, Steve 50 
Freese, Ethan 16 
Froemke, Kenneth 1 19 
Fry, Anna 16, 66 


Galambos, Jana 16 

Galemore, Justin 16, 79 

Gallardo, Jacob 73 

Gallimore, Taylor 16 

Garrett, Kathryn 17 

Garrett, Shelby 17 

Garrison, Katie 73, 96, 132 

Gay, Trent 96, 135, 137 

Gebel, Erika 73 

Gehring, Molly 30, 33, 88, 97, 1 10 

George, Amelia 73 

Gibbs, Glenna 42, 66, 73 

Gikonyo, Leonard 20, 50 

Giles, Sally 17 

Glupker, Hannah 17 

Goetz, Daniel 41 

Goff, Jonathan 27, 32, 51 

Goggans, Andrew 97 

Gomez, Tommy 74 

Goss, Carlton 17 

Goza, Myra 15, 120 

Gramig, Kyle 18 

Gray, Alice 120 
Gray, Sarah 18 
Grayson, Erin 97 
Gray ton, Daniel 51 
Green, Janis 120 
Green, Matt 5 1 
Green, Matthew 49 
Green, Stephen 51 
Greeson, Jeffrey 18 
Gregg, Lizzy 18 
Grove, Jen 97 
Guerrier, Astral 74, 93 

Haffner, Anna 18,86 

Hailes, Betsy 51 

Haley, Anna 74 

Hamrick, Hannah 76, 97 

Hargraves, Ethan 74 

Hargraves. Rob 75. 79, 88, 122 

Harfe, Bill 50 

Harper, Bryson 41, 74 

Harpest, Karie 14, 15, 16. 120 

Harris. Amanda 18, 73, 74 

Harris, Josh 19 

Harris, T.J. 74 

Harrison, Zac 75 

Hartley, Megan 19 

Harvey, Jenny 75 

Haught, Trevor 52 

Hawkins, Caitlin 52 

Hawkins, Caitlyn 83 

Hayes, Jessica 19 

Haynes, Caleb 75 

Haynes, Lindsay 19 

Heagan. Jandi 133 

Heidom, Aaron 66 

Held, Peter 120 

Helms, Jared 52 

Hemmings, Tom 19, 43 

Henderson, Christopher 67 

Hendrix, Emily 30, 75, 78, 97, 1 10 

Henry, Natalie 34. 75 

Hensley, Zach 20 

Herrick, Jose 20 

Hess, Lauren 76, 104 

Hewitt, Rachel 16, 76 

Hickey, Ethan 20 

Hicks, Desirae 29, 52 

Hill, Brian 49, 1 14 

ffiU, Kyla 98 
Hill, Melanie 76 
Hill, Ryan 20 
Hill, Stephen 98 
Hixson, Elizabeth 120 
Hixson, Myles 52 
Holland, Bronson 8 
Holland, Chase 20 
Holland, James 52 
HoUingsworth, Randall 1 14 
Hollingsworth, Randy 55, 80 
Holmes, Dallas 20 
Holt, Lauren 76 
Hopkins, Caleb 21 
Horton, Christian 21, 86 
Hudgins, Jacob 53 
Hudson, Winford 121 
Huff, Brian 21, 68 
Huffman, Jessalyn 21, 86 
Hughbanks, Grace 21 
Hull, Anna 53 

Hundley, Jason 30, 76, 97, 123 
Hunt, Aaron 22, 69, 88 
Hurlbut, Emily 76 
Huskey, Stephanie 98, 136 
Hyett, Kimberly 53, 73, 74, 86 

Ibsen, AU 98, 110, 133 
Impson, Beth 50 
Impson, Daniel 22, 87 
Impson, Maribeth 1 14 
Irwin, Jenni 98, 135 


Jaeger, Rae 116 

Johnson, Evan 22, 64, 70, 77 

Johnson, Lia 22 

Jollay, Maggie 77 

Jones, Cori 95 

Jones, Heather 64, 77 

Jones, Jessica 53 

Jones, Josh 53, 77, 132 

Jones, Meaghan 22 

Jones, Meghan 22 

Jones, Millie 98 

Jones, Scott 47, 114 

Jones, Wendell 114 

Jones, Whit 50 

Justice, Brandon 77 

Katz. Thomas 78 
Kear, Matt 22 
Keck, Kimberly 59, 115 
Keck, Stephen 121 
Keeley, Ashley 23 
Keesee, Kemonte 54 
Kehrer, Monica 23 
Kelly, Jordan 23, 73, 105 
Kendall, Aaron 99 
Ketchersid, Bill 52 
Ketchersid, William 115 
Kilgore, Owen 23 
King, Joshua 78 
King, T.K. 23 
King, Teresa 121 
King, TK 68, 99 
Kinser, James 121 
Kinser, Ruben 54 
Kinsey, Amanda 24 
Kiper, Will 24 
Kirk, Richard 20, 24 
Kirkland, Josh 24, 77 
Kirkpatrick, Lydia 54 
Kloc, Chris 99 
Koan,Joy 18,99 
Kohler, Phillip 6, 99 
Kopeski, Kaitlyn 26 
Kopeski, Kaity 78 
Koster, Haley 24 
Kostreva, Faith 54 
Krogh, Caleb 24 
Kuhn, Andrew 25 

Landis, Scott 121 
Landry, Alexis 25, 89, 111 
Lane, Cameron 90, 99 
Lange, Dallas 100 
Lantzer, Emily 100 
Laskin, Heather 16, 100 
Leary, Chris 29, 54 
Lee, Hannah 100, 137 
Legg, Margaret 122 
Legg, Ray5I 
Lemons, Garrett 66, 78 
Leslie, Daniel 25 
Lestman, Phil 61 
Lestmann, Darlene 122 
Lestmann, Phillip 115 
Levi, Katlyn 54 
Licausi, Anna 25 

Lillard, Luke31,55, 83 
Lindsay, Alyssia 40, 55, 115 
Lisch, Dj 55 
Livesay, Corinne 122 
Livesay, Stephen 122 
Livingston, Brian 55 
Livingstone, Brian 76 
Lobach, Tommy 78 
Longoria, Melissa 19, 100 
Lopez, Yuri 25, 64 
Louallen, Amanda 100 
Love, Terence 26 
Lovins, Danielle 78 
Lowdermilk, Rachel 55 
Luther, David 59 
Luther, Sigrid 59, 115 


MacArthur, Bethany 95 

Mace, Stephanie 1 15 

Mackay, Justin 79, 101 

Malloy, Justin 73, 79 

Maness, Caleb 26, 69 

Manz, Andrea 26 

Manzo, Jen 81 

Manzo, Jenifer 79 

Manzo, Jennifer 86 

Markum, Jared 26 

Marshall, Charlee 79 

Martin, Faith 101 

Martin, Nicholas 79 

Masengale, Amy 122 

Masengale, Ronald 122 

Maubach, Josh 70 

Maubach, Joshua 101 

Maughon, Joseph 32, 77, 135, 137 

Maye, Ashley 17, 80 

Maye, Laura 26, 34 

McCall, Xavierian 92 

McCloskey, Kay ley 101 

McCormick, Kelsey 80 

McCue, Jennifer 66 

McEwen, Kevin 56 

McGee, Stephen 56, 99, 132 

McGehee, Natalie 80 

McGowan, Shannon 56 

Mcllvaine, Susannah 101 

Mclntyre, Garrett 102, 134, 135 

Mclntyre, Heather 23, 26 

Mclntyre, Meagan 27 

McKeehan, Emily 16, 80 

McKennett, Kim 16 

McKennett, Kimmy 102 

McKissick, Lindsay 48, 77, 102, 137 

McLean, Alison 27 

McLean, Allison 102, 135 

McLeod, Jason 27, 73 

McPeak, Andrew 80 

Meberg, Anissa 27 

Meberg, Sonja 56 

Mele, Rachel 56 

Meloncon, Matthew 123 

Melton, Marcella 27 

Mergen, Callie 27, 94 

Meyers, Tim 102 

Meznar, Philip 23, 102 

Middlekauf, Paul 137 

Middlekauff, Paul 17, 103 

Milboume, Lance 28 

Miller, Brianna 56 

Miller, Kelly 57 

Milligan, Andrea 80 

Milligan, Carli 36, 57 

Millsaps, Timmy 103 

Miracle, Cassie 28 

Molzahn, Michelle 28, 65 

Moore, John 24, 27, 98, 103 

Moore, Lucy 28, 32, 89 

Moore, Meredith 103 

Mootsey, Jed 28 

Morales, Brianna 28 

Morgan, Anna 57 

Morgan, Bruce 123 

Morgan, Christina 29, 73. 78 

Morgan, Jerri 123 

Morgan, Joey 29, 80 

Morris, Amy 29, 68, 73 

Morton, Justin 8 1 

Moseley, Elizabeth 128 

Moseley, Liz 57 

Mounce, Kristen 29 

Mullennix, Kara Leigh 57 

Muller, Johannes 29 

Mulloy, Amy 57 

Murr, Keilani 30 

Murray, Jesse 58 

Vlusser, Lynnette 58 

Vlyatt, Danna 30 


^ardone, Chloe 30 
^ash, Carrin 30 
iNfasiatka, Carlin 58 

Navasso Gupta, Meg 30 
Neal, Jonathan 30 
Neds, Ben 103 
Neises, Matt 58 
Nelson, Jennifer 8 1 
Nelson, JT 17,81 
Nelson, Katherine 58 
Nelson, Lindsay 31 
Newlin, Sarah 58 
Newport, Josiah 3 1 
Newsome, Katie 104, 134 
Newton, Daniel 104 
Newton, Scott 81 
Nichols, Michael 123 
Nichols, Sarah 123 
Nielsen, Summer 104 
Nielson, Summer 6, 37 
Noel, Matt 76, 104 
Noel, Matthew 137 
Norquist, Ben 6 
Norquist. Benjamin 126 
Northrup, Casey 3 1 


O'rourke, Megan 81 
Oettig, Markus31 
Offuett, Kate 10 
Offutt, Katharine 31 
Olsen, Judith 126 
Olsen, Liz 32 
Ottinger, Anna 32 

Pacurari, Nic 16 

Pacurari, Nick 59 

Padgett, Sharron 126 

Page, Elliott 32 

Page, Herbert 128 

Page, Lauren 89 

Palmer, Michael 54, 128 

Pannullo, Ashley 82 

Parham, Chelsea 82 

Park, Dani 82 

Parker, Tadd 32 

Parks, Reggie 43 

Pascucci, Michele 48, 128 

Passburg, Alissa 59 

Patterson, Victoria 126 

Paulson, Keri-Lynn 1 26 

Paulson, Stephen 126 

Payne, Bailey 10, 16, 40, 104, 137 

Pearce, Laura 82 

Peckman, Joel 59 
Pendergrass, Janice 127 
Percy, Hannah 32 
Perron. David 128 
Perry, Angela 104 
Perry, Steven 82 
Peters, Lizy 105 
Pettit. Ron 52 
Pevahouse, James 32, 69 
Phelps, Kristen 24, 82 
Phelps, Kristin 8 
Pickel, Stephanie 105 
Pigatto, Rodrigo 83 
Pilgrim, Drew 33, 87 
Pilgrim, Jordan 83, 127 
Plaisted, Cami 83 
Pool, Amelia 23 
Pool, Olivia 105 
Portesi, Kiwi 33 
Potra, Cherissa 33 
Powell, Stacia 30, 32, 97 
Pratt, Lauren 83 
Price, Allyson 105 
Price, Mark 33 
Price, Micah 66, 83 
Prince, Daniel 105 
Prince, Rose 33 
Proctor, Krissy 27, 34 
Puckett, Dustin 59 
Pugh, Julia 84 
Pugh, Lydia 106, 137 

Ragland, Josh 59 
Randle, Drew 47 
Randle, Thomas 128 
Ratliff, Katie 34, 73 
Rebman, Danielle 63 
Reed, Earl 127 
Rekoske, Donald 127 
Revis, Polly 127 
Reynolds, Mandi 34 
Rice, Diana 84 
Ricketts, Paulakay 127 
Ricketts, Travis 52, 129 
Rickman, Lee 60 
Riley, Ann-Marie 34 
Riley, Sarah 60 
Roberson, Lauren 34 
Roberts, Abe 99, 106 
Roberts, Anna 60 
Roberts, Brittany 60 
Roberts, Pat 77 

Robinson, Kesse 84 
Robinson, Lindsay 20 
Robinson, Lindsey 34 
Robinson, Shelby 16, 106 
Rodriguez, Pablo 35 
Rogers, Cat 27, 35 
Rogers, Nate 133 
Rose. Clark 57, 129 
Ross, Erin 60 
Royer, Julia 35 
Russell, Stephen 106 
Rustebakke, Anna 16, 84 


Sanders, Audrey Ann 106 
Sanders, Audrey Ann 134, 137 
Sanders, Manda 60 
Sapienza, Michael 124 
Savage, Amber 35 
Saylor, Bryan 24, 80, 127 
Saynes, Kathryn 129 
Schaale, Andrew 84 
Scheldt, Dennis 124 
Scheldt, DJ 67 
Schimpf, Angela 35, 73, 105 
Schmidt, Clayton 61 
Schroeder, Michael 80, 107 
Schultze, Alicia 33 
Schulze, Alicia 84 
Sell, Dwight 107, 137 
Shaffer, Katie 61 
Shannon, Kelly 6, 23, 85 
Shaver, Ronald 124 
Shearer, Paul 107 
Shears, Aaron 36 
Sheffey, Dustin 36 
Sherwood, Harry 36 
Shelter, Judy 124 
Shetter, Tim 14, 16 
Shetter, Timothy 15, 124 
Shields, Stef 85 
Shreve, Laura 85 
Simpson, Bob 61 
Simpson, Ericka 27, 40 
Simpson, Lauren 16, 107 
Simpson, Pamela 107, 135 
Simpson, Robert 124 
Sims, Brenda 125 
Sitzler, Emily 108 
Slikker, Andrew 108 
Smith, Amber 108 
Smith, Andrew 36 

Smith, Calvin 61 
Smith, Colby 85 
Smith, Justin 85 
Smith. Megan 86 
Smith, Olivia 34, 61 
Smith, Ryan 17, 97, 108 
Smith, Vincent 34, 61 
Smythe, Sharon 86, 97 
Snyder, Trent 36, 72 
Solid, Rachel 76 
Soltis, Jarod 62 
Sours, Rebecca 86 
Stafford, Sarah 16, 62 
Starkey, Joseph 36 
Steele, Lydia 62, 76 
Stephens, Alex 115 
Stem, Mariana 65, 68, 79 
Sterne, Mariana 37 
Stewart, Anna 34, 37, 68, 76 
Stewart, Shawnda 37 
Stewart, Tori 22, 34, 108 
Stimmel, Allison 86 
Stoker, Rodney 58, 125 
Stone, Jon 37 
Storey, Katlyn 37 
Storie, Josh 100, 108 
Stout, Justus 6, 34, 86 
Stroud, Savannah 62 
Sturgis, Taylor 38 
Sturtridge, Mary 38 
Sullivan, James 125 
Sunday, Timmy 30 
Swearingen, Hailey 109 
Sweeney, Andrew 76, 137 
Sweeny, Andrew 109 


Tameler, Jessica 62 
Taphom, Rick 8 
Taphom, Ricky 125 
Tart, Elizabeth 125 
Tatum, Stacey 38, 49 
Templeton, David 38 
Tharp, Carra 62 
Tholken, William 38 
Thomas, Alex 38 
Thomas, Anna Elizabeth 63 
Thomas, Anna 63 
Thomas, Anna Kat 86 
Thomas, Kyle 31, 63, 83, 99 
Thomas, Lindsay 109 
Thomas, Nicole 63, 77 
Tipton, Hillary 91 

Tormsend, Japhet 39 
Toth, Ashley 39 
Travis, Jennifer 130 
Traylor, Jack 53, 130 
Tray lor, Karin 130 
Trent, Leighton 109 
Trigger, Jesse 63 
Trigger, Jessi 130 
Tromanhauser, David 130 
Tuggle, Courtney 39 
Tullberg, Hilary 87 
Tullberg, Tami 130 
Turner, Elizabeth 131 
Turner, Ken 47 
Turner, Kenneth 129 
Tuttle, Chris 117 
Tuttle, Nick 63, 135 
Twaddell, James 39 
Twombly, Lauren 64, 74, 111 


Underwood, Ally 109 
Underwood, Kristen 64 
Underwood, Victor 64 


Van Erem, Liz 24, 87 
Van Gorkom, Kyle 76, 87 
Varela, Lia 64 
Varella, Lia 74 
Vejvoda, Molly 39 
Vest, Liz 8, 22, 34, 40, 42, 77 
Vordenbaum, Audrey 87 
Vork, Wendy 110 


Wade, Alisa 40 

Wade, Cynthia 64 

Wade, Steph 37 

Wade, William 131 

Waimle, Adam 87 

Walker, Nicole 88 

Warner, Jonathan 40, 76 

Waters, Christen 40 

Watson, Mallory 9, 40 

Weber, Britney 7, 27, 29, 88, 132 

Webster, Dinah 88 

Weiss, Summer 40, 72 

Whisman, Amy 88, 132 

Vhite, Julie 41 
'/hite, Zachary 41 
Vhitlock, Elisa41,73 
Wiggins, Matt 16, 64, 80 
^ilhoit, Mel 30, 59, 83 
^ilhoit, Melvin 129 
^likening, Johanna 88 
Milkens, Katie 88 
i/ilkey, Marlene 131 
i^ilkinson, Nathan 65 
v^ilkinson, Wilkey 41 
v^ilkinson, Wilky 116 
v'illamson, Kelsey 89 
v^illiams, AnnaUse 41 
Williams, Benjamin 131 
Williams, Ehsabeth 110 
/illiams, John 110 
/iUiams, Matt 14 
/illiams, Matthew 15, 131 
/illiamson, Kelsey 42, 78 
/ilson, Dani 81 
/ilson, Danielle 16, 76, 89 
/ilson, Rebecca 65 
/ilson, T.J. 42 
/infrey, Erica 42 
/instead, Tyler 89, 90 
/inters, Justin 32, 73, 86, 110 
/isthoff, Tori 89 
/olfe, Lindsey 110 
/ood, Sarah 65 
/ood, Todd 129 
/oodall, Alaina 66, 89 
/oodall, April 65 
/oodson. Tori 8, 42 
/ooten, Brenda 132 
/right, Erin 42, 78 
/right, Susan 34, 65 


Zambrano, Luis 43 
Zensen, Sharon 132 
Zimmerman, Andrew 1 1 1 
Zimmerman, Daniel 1 1 1 


''acoubian, Paula 89 

'ates, Elizabeth 110, 111, 133, 137 

'eager, Bonnie Marie 24 

'oder, Daniel 42 

'ontz, Ryan 90 

'oung, Alison 90 

^oung, Amanda 25, 65 

'^oung, Becky 48 

:'oung, Caleb 90 

'^oungblood, John 43 

'oungs, Alexandria 43 




Memoi^-'s scroll. That's what a yearbook should be- 
a chance to look back at ever}thing the }ear has 
encompassed, remembering both the good and the bad, the 
fun and the boring. It should be something we can show 
our kids, our friends, our parents, our families; snapshots 
of our lives together during the past year. It should be 
something that reminds us of the lessons we learned and 
how we've grown. 

From the sprouting tree on the background of each 
page, to the stories of students and faculty, to the 
progressive bar of smdents on each page- all was designed 
to represent the growth of each student throughout their 
college years. For all the friends we've made, the 
professors we've sat under, the memories we've lived- this 
is what grows us and this is what shapes us into who we 
are- and this is what we should remember. 

So here's to growth, here's to the ability to look back 
on some of the best years of our lives, here's to people 
who stretch us, who challenge us, who teach us in the 
name of love. Here's to remembering. 


To all of you who helped make this book all that it is, I owe you my life. 

i ^ 


John and Karin- Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity. You have stretched me in 
ways I can't describe, and I have enjoyed the process thoroughly! Thank you for your 
direction and support- 1 couldn't have done it without you. 

Maddie- Without you, this book would not exist. Thank you for your dedication to getting 
pictures at every event, and for finding them for me when you weren't able to get any. I never 
had to worry about whether you would remember an event. You have been my saving grace 
when I forgot to factor in important spreads, and have kept me ahead of schedule, rather than 
just barely keeping up. Thank you for the dozens of times you fixed pictures for me when the 
resolution was too low, for answering texts at all hours of the day, and for always being 
willing to go above and beyond. I could not have asked for a better photographer. 

Callie- Girl, you are my ray of sunshine. Thank you for always being just as (If not more!) 
excited about this book as me. Thank you for your countless words of encouragement when I 
was unsure about how something looked, for your pep talks when I was convinced the book 
would never be finished, for finishing your pages and then helping out with the others, for 
answering questions when I couldn't answer any more, and for our "editor's meetings"that 
inevitably turned into talking about our boyfriends every time. Thank you for everything you 
.have done- from spell check to captions to finding pictures to asking for copy to listening to 
me vent- 1 always know if I ask you to do something, you will get it done, and it will be 
perfect. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this book. You are a blessing. 

Chris- Thank you for your headlines! You are a master of words. Thank you also for all the 
hard work you put into getting copy for your spreads and for helping me with ideas for other 
spreads. You have gone above and beyond on all of your spreads. 

Desirae- 1 am so excited for you to get to be editor next year! Your love for yearbook is 
obvious in all of your spreads and I can't wait to see what you do with the book next year! 
Thank you for your willingness to help. 

Kelley- Thank you for always being cheerful, even when you were having trouble getting 
pictures and copy for your spreads. You were a joy to have in class and the room brightened 
every time you walked in. 



Leigh- Thank you for all the work you put into your spreads and for completing them- while 
planning a wedding! Thank you and congratulations! 

Kirsten- Thank you for our Happy Hour Sonic dates, and for not complaining when I had to 
cancel to work on the yearbook. You have been a blessing and I am so blessed to have you as 
I a friend. 

Elijah- Thank you for pulling me away from the computer when I was going cross eyed and 
for reminding me to take time to look at the stars or watch Battlestar Galactica. Thank you for 
'your constant support and encouragement, for the sandwiches you brought me in class 
because I forgot to eat, and for continuing to love me, even when I was too tired to be 
comforted. I luff you. 

' -Britney Lynne, Editor in Chief