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Full text of "Common sense Pennsylvania German dictionary : with supplement, revised and enlarged ; containing nearly all the Pennsylvania German words in common use"

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Pennsylvania (Jeman 



Revised and Enlarged. 

Containing fieafly All the Pennsylva- 
nia German UUoPds in Con^mon iJse. 

JAMES C. UNS, Proprietor, 


ÜAMES C. lilNS, 


Entf-rod according to Act of Congress, in tiie year 1895, 


!u tl\e Oftice of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, Ü. C. 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1887, 

in the Oflk-e of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 



The only apology that is offered for bringing an 
other dictionary before the public is the want of a com- 
mon sense treatise of the Pennsylvania German lan- 
guage to the wants of the Pennsylvania German who is 
studying the English language. 

This revised edition was not prepared at haphazard. 
It is the outgrowth of many 3' ears and a gr- at experience 
and careful study of the Penns3'lvania German language, 
and will be found far superior and much more simplified 
than the first edition. 

Many consider such a work as folly and of little use, 
but after all, its information cannot be picked up upon 
the street, nor found in the fields 

Its aim is not money and its object not praise. It is 
not intended to instruct those who consider their educa- 
tion completed, but to aid such Pennsylvania Germans as 
are anxious to acquire a knowledge of the English lan- 
guage. -I do not claim this work to be a standard, be- 
cause there is nothing of that kind in the Pennsylvania 
German language, but after a careful study, of different 
waiters, I feel confident that it compares favorably with 
any, and is far superior to man}-. . I a. fact I Qonsider it 
far superior to the first edition. ' • ' * ' 

The necessity for such a treal ise c aniiot be questioned, 
when we are aware of the fact that there are not less than 
eight hundred thousand Pennsylvania Germans in East- 
ern Pennsylvania alone, whose brains and abilities are 
fully enual. if not superior, to those whose mother-tongue 
is the English, or high German. 

Their only deficiency is a written language. The 
question now arises, how shall those eight hundred 
thousand inhabitants to whom English is as much a dead 
language as Latin or Greek, acquire a fair knowledge of 
the English language? 

A very good method is to take a Pennsylvania Ger- 
man word and define it in English. For this purpose 
the Common Sense Dictionary is offered to the public. 
In defining the English equivalent of the German word 
is always given. 

The spelling is taken from the English, that being 
much more simple than the German, as the English 
language, practically or exclusively is taught in our 
common schools, thus making it very simple or eas}' 
for anj-one having a fair knoweldge of the English lan- 
guage to pronounce the words correctly. 

In the hope that this dictionary may facilitate the 
acquisition of the English language, it is given to the 
public, for the use in schools and families. 

Reading. Pa , September, 1S95. 





Able, able. 
About, about. 
Accept, accept. 
Acce^ta, to accept. 
Accommodate, accommodate 
According, according. 
Accordingly, accordingly. 
Account, account. 
Accounta, to account. 
Acknowledga, acknowledge 
Acknowledge, acknowledge. 
Ackshun, action. 
Act, act. 
Acta, to act. 
Acter, actor, performer. 
Actif, active. 
Adarn, horehound. 
Add, add. 
Adda, to add. 
Address, address, 
Addressa, to address. 
Adjourna, to adjourn. 
Administrashun, adminis- 


Administrator, administra- 
Admishun, admission, 
Admit, admit. 
Admitta, to admit. 
Advansa, to advance. 
Advantage, advantage. 
Advice, advice. 
Advisa, to advice. 
Afforda, to afford. 
Aga, own, to harrow 
Agaloab, egotism. 
Agent, agent. 
Agree, agree. 
Agreea, to agree. 
Agreed, agreed. 
Aicha, oak. 
Aichabawm, oaktree. 
Aichel, acorn. 
Aich-haws, squirrel, 
Aid, affidavit. 
Aifeldich, foolish. 
Aifocht, single. 
Aig, harrow. 


Aiga, to harrow, own. 
Aigadum, propert}-. 
Aigasinish, selfish. 
A/gna, to own. 
Aigner, owner. 
Ail, oil. 
Aila, oiling. 
Aildooch, oilcloth. 
Ailend, misery. 
Ailendich, miserable, poorly 
Ailetsich, single 
Aimer, bucket. 
Aimerhenk, bucket handle, 
Aimer-rafe, bucket hoop. 
Aimohl, once. 
Ainer, one. 
Ains, one. 

Ainich, any, agreed. 
Ainichepper, anybody, any- 
Ainlichkeit, resemblance. 
Ainsich, only. 
Air, honor. 
Airgeitz, ambition. 
Airgeitzich, ambitious. 
Airlich, honest. 
Airlichkeit, honesty. 
Airnbreis, speedwell. 
Airwardich, honorable. 
Aishtlich, eastly. 
Aisel, mule, ass. 
Aiseldreiver, muledriver. 
Aiva, level, even. 
Alcohol, alcohol. 


AUahecka, alder bushes. 
Alley, alley. 
Amend, amend. 
Amenda, to amend. 
Amendment, amendment. 
Amount, amount. 
Amounta, to amount. 
Announce, announce. 
Announcement, announce- 
Anty, aunt. 
Ar, he. 

Arbardich, particular. 
Arbeera, strawberries. 
Arblich, contagious. 
Arbsa, peas. 
Arbsinda, original sin. 
Arbshoft, inheritance. 
Ard, earth. 
Arda. earthen. 

Ardepel, artichoke. 
Ardfla, plant lice. 
Artgeisht, gnome. 
Ardlich, earthly. 
Ardlicht, ignisfatuus, will-o- 

the wisp or jack with the 

Ardreich, globe 
ArdshuUa, clod. 
Ardshwom, mushroom. 
Arfawra, to experience. 
Arfawrung, experience. 


Arfinda, invent, discover. 

Arfinder, inventor or discov- 

Arfindung, discovery. 

Arfrish, refresh, recreate. 
Arfrisha, to refresh, to re- 
Arfrishung, refreshment, re- 
Arga, argue. 
Argament, argument. 
Argreifa, to comprehend. 
Argreifung, comprehension 
Arhold, support. 
Arhol'd, recovered. 
Arholda, uphold, maintain 
Arholdung, maintenance. 
Arholung, recovery. 
Arkeuna, to recognize. 
Arkennung, recognition. 
Arkennt, recognized. 
Arkwick, refresh. 
Arkwicka, to refresh. 
Arkwickung, refreshment. 
Arlais, redeem. 
Arlaiser, redeemer. 
Arlaisung, redemption. 
Arlawb. allow. 
Arlawbnis, allowance. 
Arlawbt, allowed. 
Arlawva, allowing. 
Arlonga, to attain. 
Armawna, remind, exhort, 


ri ARWA 

Armawu'd, reminded. 

Armay, Army. 

Armel, sleeve. 

Ärmlich, poorly. 

Arn, harvest. 

Arnara, to support, provide- 

Arn f eld, harvest field. 

Arniedrich, degrade 

Arniedricha, to humble to 

Arnire, renew. 

Arnkarrich, harvest home 

Arnsht, earnest. 

Arnshtlich, earnestness. 

Arnsleit, Reapers. 
Arnta, harvesting. 
Arraicha, attain. 
Arranga, to arrange. 
Arrangement, arrangement. 
Arretta, to rescue, to save. 
Arrick, very. 
Arricksht, worst. 
Arrinnera, to recollect. 
Arrinner'd recollected. 
Arshina, to appear. 
Arshoflfa, to create. 
Arshoff'd, created. 
Arshpawra, to save. 
Arshrecklich, terrible, horri- 
Arsht, first. 
Arshtens, firstly. 
Arwa, to inherit. 


Arwail'd, elected. 
Arwer, heir. 
Arwet, work. 
Arworda, await. 
Assess, assess. 
Assessa, assessing. 
Assessed, assessed. 
Assessor, assessor. 
Assign, assign. 
Assigna, assigning. 
Assigned, assigned. 
Assignee, assignee. 
Assignment, assignment. 
Association, association. 
Associata, associating. 
Audit, audit. 
Audita, auditing. 
Auditer, auditor. 
Augoosht, August. 
Author, author. 
Authoriza, authorized. 
Authority, authority. 
Authorize, authorize. 
Ava, even, level. 
Average, average. 
Aw, too, also. 
Awbafohla, to request. 
Awbafohla requested. 
Awbalonga, to belong. 
Awbata, worship. 
Awbeeta, to offer. 
Awbendmahl, Lord's Supper 
Awbinna, to tie fast. 
A wblicka, to view. 


Awblonsa, to plant. 
Awblosa, to start by blowing 

Awbora, to tap, to bore. ^ 

Awbossa, to fit. 

Awbrea, to scald, to seethe. 

Awbrenna, to scorch. 

Awdale, part. 

Awdechtlich, devout, atten- 

Awdenka. keepsake. 

Awdler, eagle. 

Awdoo, dress. 

Awdreffa, to meet 

Awdreiva, to carry on. 

Aweck, away. 

Awfarrichta, to draw fur- 
rows for seeding 

Awfechtung, controversy . 

Awfeera, to fool, to disap- 

Awfeichta, to moisten. 

Awfeuger, beginner. 

Awferdrowa, to entrust. 

Awfingra, to touch. 

Awfitta, to fit. 

Awfong, beginning . 

Awfonga, to commence, 

Awfressa, to gnaw at. 

Awfawla, to rot, to decay. 

Awg, eye. 

Awga, eyes. 

Awgablick, moment, 

Awgablicklich, momentari- 
ly, immediately. 


Awgabora, iuborn. 
Awgabreed. scalded. 
Awgabut, first bid. 
Awgabutta, offered. 
Awgadoo, dressed. 
Awgadeckel, eyelid. 
Awgaduckter, oculist. 
Awgagriffa, attacked. 
Awgagookt, looked at. 
Awgahore, eyebrow. 
Awganame, agreeable. 
Awganumma, accepted. 
Awgaoppel, eyeball. 
Awgaroda, counseled. 
Awgaroofa, to call upon. 
Awgawana, to accustom. 
Awgawanet, custom, habit. 
Awgawissa, instructed. 
Awgawoxa, liver-grown. 
Awgeld, purchase money. 
Awgevva, to make complaint 
Awg'feer'd, fooled. 
Awg'fonga, begun. 
Awghorricht, paid attention. 
Awg'shlussa, ioined, chained 
Awg'shoft, acquired. 
Awg'shpel'd pinned. 
Awgreifa, to attack. 
Awhara, to listen. 
Awhava, to hold on, 
Awhenka, adhere, 
Awhenker, adherer, follower 
Awhetza, to incite. 
Awholda, to continue. 


Awhong, appendage. 

Aw'horricha, to heed. 

Awich, eternal. 

Awichkeit, eternity. 

Awich-rutser, glanders. 

Awkemling, new comer. 

Awketta, to chain fast. 

Awklawga, to accuse. 

Awknippa, to button on, to 
tie on. 

Awlaga, to invest to la}^ in. 

Awlonda, to arrive, to land. 

Awlucka, to allure, entice. 

Awraa3^a, to begin mowing. 

Awmen, amen. 

'^wmessa, to fit 

Awmocha, to mix, to get 
ones grace or affection. 

Awnaya, to sew on. 

Awndraos-dawg, Saint An- 
drew's Day. 

Awnemma, to endure, to ac- 

Awngsht, fear. 

Awnogla, to nail fast. 

Awrada, to address. 

Awradung, address. 

Awraga, to touch. 

Awreara, to mix, to disturb. 

Awreisa, to take a part for 

Awreiva, to rub against. 

Aw^icht, dish dresser. 

Awrichta, to stir up. 


Awrm, poor, needy. 

Awrmahouse, poor or alms- 

Awrmsalich, poor, needy. 

Awronka, to fasten by means 
of tendrils. 

Awronstzwivel, Indian tur- 

Awrushta, to rust fast. 

Awsafa, to lather. 

Awsahna, to look at. 

Awsahnlich, pleasant to be- 

Awsawga, announce. 

Awsetsa, to start. 

Awsettla, to settle. 

Awsettler, settlers, colonists 

Awsheinlich, evidently. 

Awshicka, behave, 

Awshlogga, post up. 

Awshmaichla, coax by flat- 

Awshmeera, to oil, to grease 

Awshnarra, to snap off. 

Awshnolla, to buckle on. 

Awshoffa, to procure. 


Awshooa, to fox boots to 

new vamps 
Awshpella, to pin on, 
Awshplitta, start to split. 
Awshpritsa, sprinkle. 
Awshpruch, application 
Awshprung, a short run. 
Awshrowva, to screw fast. 
Awshtse, become. 
Awshtawla, re-steel. 
Awshtecka, to kindle. 
Awshteckich, infectious. 
Awshtosa, adjoin. 
Awshtosung, abutment. 
Awshtreicha, to paint. 
Av,^sht reich er, painter. 
Awshtreich - pencil, paint 

Awshtricka, to knit on. 
Awlziega, attract. 
Awtzook, attire. 
Awtzwinga, to force on. 
Awweisa, instruct. 
Awwenda, investing. 
Awwoxa, liver grown. 


Ba-ardicha, to bury. 
Baboon, baboon. 
Backsie, ugly. 
Badarfa, to want. 
Badarfdich, poor, needy. 

Badarfnis, necessity. 
Badecka, to cover. 
Badeena, to serve. 
Badeender, servant. 
Badeirlich, pitiable. 


ßadeita, to mean. 
Badeitung, meaning. 
Badeuka, to conf^ider. 
Badenklich, thoughtful. 
Badolya, battalion. 
Badonka, to thank. 
Badovra, pity 
Badrawga, behave- 
Badrawgung, behavior. 
Badreebt, sad. 
Badreega, to cheat. 
Badreeger, one who cheats. 
Badreegarrie, fraud. 
Badreegung, cheating. 
Badreffa, befall. 
Badrochta, observe. 
Badroga, cheated. 
Batrook, deceit, fraud. 
Badrowra, bewail. 
Badruflfa, befallen. 
Badrunka, drunk. 
Bafalil, command. 
Bafahla, to command. 
Bafeshticha, to fasten. 
Bafinna, state of health. 
Bafolla, to befall. 
Bafreia, to be glad, to make 

Bafreiung, rescue. 
Bafriedicha, to satisfy. 
Bafriedichung, satisfaction. 
Bafulga, to obey. 
Bafroga, to consult. 
Baggage, baggage. 


Bagagna, to meet. 

Bagara, wish, desire, request 

Bagarich, greedy, desirous. 

Bagin, origin. 

Baglaida, to clothe. 

Baglaidung, moulding, ap- 

Baglicka, meet with success. 

Bagnawdicha, to set free. 

Bagnawdichung, pardon, 

Bagrawb, bury. 

Bagrawbnis, burial place. 

Bagrawva, to bury. 

Bagreifa, to understand. 

Bagreiflich, easy, plain, sim- 

Bagrif, idea. 

Bagooka, to observe, to see. 

Bahartsicha. to take to heart 

Bahaiflich, complaisant, at- 

Bahawpt, contend. 

Bahawpta, contending. 

Baheeda, to guard. 

Bahelfa, to make shift 

Bahoft, afflicted with. 

Baholda, to keep. 

Baid, pray. 

Baida, to pray. 

Baid-dawg, Thanksgiving 

Baidhouse, house of prayer. 

Bail, bail. 

Baila, to bail. 


Bairn, trees. 
Bakara. convent. 
Bakard, converted 
Bakarder, proselyte, convert 
Bakarnug, conversion. 
Bakenna, confess. 
Bakentnis, confession. 
Bakesliticlia, to board. 
Bakimmera, to concern. 
Baklaida, to clothe, to dress. 
Baklauchta, defendant. 
Baklawga, to accuse. 

Baklawger, accuser. 
Baklawgt, accused. 

Bakonta, acquaintances. 

Bakonter, acquaintance. 

Bakontmacha, to announce, 
to introduce. 

Bakontmochung, announce- 

Bakontshoft, acquaintance. 

Bakrefticiia, corroborating. 

Bakumma, given. 

Balance, balance. 

Balansa, balancing. 

Baleebt, liked, loved. 

Baleeg. belie. 

Baleega, belied. 

Balobt, praised. 

Balona, to reward. 

Balonung, reward. 

Ballot, ballot. 

Ballota, balloting. 

Bamarricka, to remark. 


Bamea, to care, to trouble. 
Band, band. 
Band box, band-box. 
Bander, panther. 
Bandy, bantum, 
Banennung, denomination. 
Bank, bank, embankment. 
Banker, banker. 
Banknote, banknote. 
Bankrupt, bankrupt. 
Banner, banner. 
Baomda, officers. 
Bar, bear, bar. 
Barawbt, robbed. 

Barawva, to rob. 
Barbawrish, barberous. 
Bardsel, rump. 
Bardselbawn, somersault. 

Bardselbawm shlogga, throw 
a somersault. 

Bardsla, to tumble. 

Bareemt, renowned, famous. 

Bareia, regret, repent. 

Bareid, repented. 

Baricht, report. 

Barichta, reports. 

Bari, barrel. 

Barmadickle, pendulum. 

Barmhartsich, merciful. 

Baramhartsichkate, mercy. 

Baroda, deliberate. 

Barodeshlockt, deliberated. 

Barrick, hill, mountain, bar- 


Bariicka, birch. 

Barricka-bawin, birch-tree. 

Barsht, brush. 

Barshta, bristles, brushes, to 

Barya, bargain, hills, to trust 

Base, cross. 

Basem, broom. 

Basem-shteel, broom-stick. 

Base-ding, felon. 

Basem- welshkorn, broom- 

Base-fever, typhoid fever. 

Bashadicha, to injure. 

Bashadicht, injured. 

Bashenka, to present. 

Bashful, bashful. 

Bashreiva, describing. 

Bashrei vung, description . 

Basits, beset. 

Basitsa, to possess. 

Basitser, occupant. 

Battery, battery. 

Battle, battle. 

Battow, bateau. 

Batzawl, pay. 

Batzawlt, paid. 

Batzawla, paying. 

Batzawluug, payment. 

Batzeiga, testify. 

Bawaga, to move, to stir. 

Bawaglich, movable. 

Bawbsht, Pope, priest. 

Bawda, to wade. 


' Baweis, proof. 

Baweisa, to prove. 

Bawissa, proven. 

Bawm, tree. 

Bawm-gorda, orchard. 

Bawm-messer, pruning hook 

Bawmocha, to open a pas- 
sage through snow. 

Bawm-olich, sweet oil, olive 

Bawmshool, nursery. 

Bawohra, to guard. 

Bawoon, inhabit. 

Bawoona to inhabit. 

Bawooner. inhabitants. 

Bawr, cash. 

Bawra, hay mow. 

Bawrfeesich, barefooted. 

Bawrgeld, cash. 

Baws, boss, master. 

Bawsa, to command, to rule. 

Bawwul, cotton. 

Bay, leg. 

Bayawa, to affirm. 

Bayommera, to bemoan. 

Beat, beat. 

Beata, to beat. 

Bech, shoemakers' wax. 

Bechar, goblet. 

Beck, peck, trestles. 

Becker, baker. 

Beckerrei, bakery. 

Bed, bed, couch. 

Bedla, to beg. 


Bed-lagerich, bedfast. 

Bedlawd, bed-stead. 

Bed-pushta, bed-post. 

Bed-sh trick, bed- cord. 

Bed-soch, bedding. 

Bedtzeech, case for a feather- 

Bedtzeit, bed-time. 

Beed, bid. 

Beeda, bidding. 

Beef, beef 

Beefshtake, beefsteak. 

Beeg, bend. 

Beega, bending. 

Beer, pear, beer, berry. 

Beera, pears, berries. 

Beera-bawn, pear-tree- 

Beer-fos, beer-keg. 

Beevel, bible. 

Beevel-shprooch, scriptural 

Behafe, behave. 

Behafung, behavior. 

Bei, near by. 

Bei-arwer, co-heir. 

Beibringa, to introduce 

Beichta, to bend the knee. 

Beidla, to bolt as flour. 

Beidle, bolt, scrotum. 

Beidle-dooch, bolting-cloth. 

Beidrawga, to bring near. 

Beidricka, to hug, to press 

BeifoUa, to recollect. 

i8 BBLIv 

Beifoos, mug-wort, arteme- 

Beigabrucht, introduced. 
Beihola, to fetch. 
Beiholda, to keep near. 
Bei-kind, a child born out of 

Beikumma, to come near, 

Beil, hatchet. 

Beilaga, to lie near, to save. 
Beiler, boiler. 
Beilaw, by-law. 
Beim-beck, by the peck. 
Beim-beind, by the pint. 
Beim-glana, retail. 
Beim-grosa, wholesale. 
Beinau, nearly, almost. 
Beinawma, nickname. 
Beind, pint. 
Beind-bawm, pine tree. 
Beindblech, tin cup. 
Beindhortz, pine resin. 
Beindtzoppa, pine cone. 
Beis, bite. 
Beisa, itch, biting. 
Beishoflfa, to provide, 
Beishpiel, example. 
Beishpringa, to run together 
Beisich, acrid, pungent. 
Beistzong, pincers. 
Beiwake, by-road. 
Beiwoona, to attend. 
Bell, bell. 

Bella, to ring the bell. 
Bella-knipple, bell clapper. 
Bels, pelt, fur, robe. 
Belsa, to lamm. 
Belsnickle, Santa Claus. 
Belt. belt, 
ßembla, to waste, to hang 

Bendle, string. 
Benefit, benefit. 
Benefishel, beneficial. 
Bengle, a stout fellow. 
Bank, benches, 
Benkle, little bench. 
Bens, penny, cent. 
Besht, best. 

Beshtlie, small calabash. 
Besra, to repent, to better, to 

Besser, better. 
Bettla, begging. 
Bettle, beg. 
Bettler, beggar. 
Bevel, bevel. 
Bicher, books. 

Bicher-binner, book-binder. 
Bicher-shonk, book-case. 
Bick, stoop. 
Bicka, stooping. 
Bicks, rifle, vagina. 
Bicksa-mocher, gunsmith. 
Biflfel, blockhead, pollard. 
Bigbug, aristocrat. 
Bigbuggish , aristocratic, 


Bigbuggerrei, aristocracy. 
Bigla, to iron. 
Bigeleisa, smoothing iron. 
Bild, picture. 
Bilder, pictures. 
Bilder-booch, picture-book. 
Bilder-shtecher, engraver. 
Bildung, refinement. 
Bill, bill. 

Billiards, billiards. 
Billich, cheap. 
Bin, bandage 
Bindle, bundle, package. 
Binna, to bind, to tie. 
Binner, binder. 
Bint, pint, pine. 
Bintblech, tincup. 
Binthorts, pine-resin. 
Binsa, rushes, sedges. 
Bishop, bishop. 
Bisht, are, art. 
Biskotz, skunk, pole-cat. 
Biskotza-fet, skunk-oil. 
Biskotza-growd, skunk cab- 
Biskotza-howd, skunk fur. 
Bisnis, business. - 
Bissel, a little, a bit. 
Bitch, bitch. 

Bitrashtengel, wormwood. 
Bitrazulawd, dandelion. 
Bitter, bitter. 
Black, black. 
Blacka, to blacken. 


Blackbeera, blackberries. 

Blackshmit, blacksmith. 

Blaich p ale 

Blaicha, to bleach. 

Blaid, bashful. 

Blaidheit, bashfulness. 

Blaidla,to inoculate,budding 

Blaim, blame. 

Blaima, to blame. 

Blank, blank. 

Blanket, blanket. 

Blara, to bellow. 

Blawd, leaf. 

Blee, bloom. 

Bleea, to bloom, to blossom 

Bleeknep, flower-buds. 

Blech, tin, tincup. 

Blechel, porringer. 

Blechag'shar, tinware. 

Bleck, logs. 

Bledder, leaves, blades. 

Bleet, blossoms. 

Blei, lead. 

Blei-mind, lead-mine 

Bleip, stay, remain. 

Blei-pencil, lead pencil. 

Bleishoffer, plumber. 

Bleitzooker, sugar lead. 

Bleiva, stay, remain. 

Bleiweis, whitelead. 

Bles, mouth. 

Bleshter, plaster. 

Bleshtera, plastering. 

Bleshterer, plasterer. 


Bleshter kel, trowel. 

Blesseer, pleasure. 

Bletcha, saucer. 

Bletsha, to whip with the 
open hand. 

Bletslich, immediately. 

Blick, plows, glance, to open 
with the thumb and fin- 

BUcka, glancing. 

Blind, blind. 

Blindamisel,blind-man's buff 

Blindhate, blindness. 

Blinsla, to blink, to wink. 

Blitz, lightning, menses. 

Blitza, lightning. 

Blitza-blo, dark blue. 

Bio, blue. 

Bloarfidriole, blue vitriol. 

Bloar-hooshta, whooping- 

Bio barrick, Blue mountain. 

Blo-baryar-tse, golden rod. 

Block, pitch, spot 

Blöder, blister. 

Blodra blisters. 

Bloflfa, to bark. 

Blo-fogel, blue bird. 

Blo-hooshda, whooping- 

Blohuls, logwood. 

Blonk, plank. 

Blonka, planks, to cover 
with planks. 


Blons, plant. 
Blonsa, planting. 
Blonswelshkorn, seed corn. 
Blood, blood 
Blooda, bleeding 
Bloodich, bloody. 
Bloodrode, red as blood. 
Blood-suckler, leech. 
Blood -wartzel, blood-root. 
Blook, plow, 
Blook shlafe, plow shoe. 
Blook-share, plow-share. 
Blooks grandla, plow-beam 
Blooknaws, point of a plow 
Blookszech, colter, coulter. 
Bloom, flower. 
Blooma, flowers. 
Bloomafogel, humming bird 
Blooma-grons, flower border 
Blooma-hoffa, flower-pot. 
Blooma kenner, botanist, 
Blooma lond, flower bed. 
Blooma-ring, wreath. 
Blooma-shtuck, flowerstalk. 
Blooma-sooma, flower seed 
Blose, bladder, bare, naked, 

blow, scold. 
Blosa, blowing, scolding. 
Blosebolk, bellows. 
Bloshter, salve, plaster. 
Blots, place. 
Bloum, plum. 
Blouma, plums. 
Blouma baum, plum tree. 


Blowdra, talk, 
Bluck, log. 

Bluckheisel. log-cabin. 
Bluckhouse, log house. 
Bluckshire, log barn. 
Blufi-, bluff-. 
Bluffa, bluffing. 
Blush, blush. 
Blusha, blushing. 
Blut, bare, bald. 
Blutkeppich, bald-headed. 
Bo, beau. 
Bobbagoi, parrot 
Bobbeer, paper. 
Bobble, chatter. 
Bobbla,, chattering. 
Bobblemoul, chatterbox. 
Bobbler, chatterer. 
Bobkarn, popcorn. 
Boch, brook. 
Bock bake 

Bocka, baking, hounds. 
Bockashtae, brick. 
Bockatzaw, molar tooth. 
Bockatzse, molar teeth. 
Bockmole, doughtray. 
Bocksoda, baking soda. 
Bockuffa, bakeoven. 
Bockuffa kitch, oven scraper 
Bockuff"asheeser, baker's peel 
Body, body. 
Bodder, bother. 
Bodderashun, botheration. 
Boga, bow, arch. 


Boga-fenshter, bay-window- ' 
Bogaflint, bow and arrow. 
Bol, soon. 
Bolla, ball. 
Bolla-britcli, bat. 
Bolla butter, roll butter. 
Bold, bold, fearless. 
Bolka, joist, beam. 
BoUoon, balloon. 
BoUoony, bologna. 
Bolsem, mint, balsam. 
Bolsom-de-moldaw, balsam- 

Bolsenieera, embalm. 
Bolweera, shave. 
Bolweerer, barber. 
B olweerbox, shaving cup. 
Bolweermesser, razor. 
Bol weer pencil , shaving 

Bolweer safe, shaving soap 
Bolweer shade, razor sheath. 
Bolweer shtrap, rasor strop. 
Bombla, to dangle, to loaf. 
Bomblich, loosely, negligent 
Bon, charm, 
Bonna, to charm. 
Bond, hinge, ribbon. 
Bond-worm, tape-worm. 
Bonfire, bonfire. 
Bong, afaid, uneasy. 
Bongichkate, fear. 
Bongonet, bayonet. 
Bonk, bench. 


Bonka bay, bench leg. 

Bonnet, bonnet 

Bonnet-box, band box. 

Boo, boy. 

Boova, boys. 

Boova-lice, tick seed. 

Boova-rootch, a fast girl. 

Booch, book, 

Boocha, beech. 

Boocha bawm, beech -tree. 

Boochwaitza, buckwheat. 

Book, brace. 

Booker, rascal. 

Bookie, back. 

Booklewse, backache, lum- 

Books, laurel, wintergreen. 

Booksbeera, teaberries. 

Boomp, pump, 

Boompabeet, pumphood. 

Boompa box, pump valve- 

Boompa droke, pump-trough 

Boompa shpout, pump spout 

Boompa shtuck, pump staff. 

Boompashwengel, pum-p- 

Boon, bean. 

Boona, beans. [ory. 

Boonagreidel, summer sav- 

Boonashtecka, beanpole 

Boondle, bundle 

Boosh, woods 

Bootsa. core, to clean. 

Bootsamon, scarescrow. 


Booter, butter. 
Booter buck, churn horse. 
Booter fos, churn. 
Booter millich, butter milk. 
Booter muddle, butter print 
Booter shisel, butter dish. 
Booter tzoover, butter tub. 
Bora, auger, to bore 
Borebonk, boring bench. 
Bord, board, beard, chin. 
Bord karrich, gallery. 
Borgamot, bergamot 
Borrick, wig, peruke. 
Bortzard,a fowl without atail 
Boseheit, malice. 
Boss, boss, employer. 
Bossa, to fit. 
Bosgeik, bass viol. 
Bosht, husk, rind, 
Boshta, husking. 
Boshtard, a low land- 
Boshthuls, husking pin. 
Bosht-knawda, parsnips. 
Böslich-, middling. 
Bossem, opossum. 
Bos-shtim, bass voice. 
Boss singer, bass singer 
Botch, botch. 
Botreesel, quail. 
Bouch, belly. 
Bouchfellich, delapidated. 
Bouchgard. belly band. 
Bouch grivles, griping in the 


Bouchwse, bellyache. 
Bouchtzoover, bucking tub. 
Bouts, hob-goblin. 
Bowa, build. 
Bower, farmer. 
Bowera, farming. 
Bowera house, farm house. 
Bowerei, farm. 
Bowhuls, building lumber. 
Braid, wide, broad. 
Braider, broader. 
Braid-beil, broadaxe. 
Braiding, width, braid. 
Braidsht, broadest. 
Brandis, apprentice, 
Brandy, brandy. 
Brase, brace. 
Brase bora, abger bit. 
Brass, brass. 
Braw^f, brave, smart. 
Brawfheit, bravery. 
Bren. burn. 

Brenna, burning, distilling. 
Brenaisel, nettle. 
Brennerrei, distillery. 
Brecha, to break, to vomit. 
Brechmiddle, emetic. 
Brechtich, splendid. 
Breckla, to crumb. 
Breckle, crumb. 
Breddich, sermon, discourse 
Breddicher, minister, preach- 
Bree, juice, gravy. 


Breeah, hatch, scald. 
Breech, breech. 
Breed, breed. 
Breeda, broods. 
Breeder, brothers, 
Breederlich, brotherly. 
Breedershoft, brotherhood. 
Brei, pap. 
Breich, juicy. 
Breicha^ to need. 
Breidichom, bridegroom. 
Bribe, bribe. 
Brief, letter. 

Briefbobbeer, letter paper. 
Briefshade, envelope. 
Briefshreiva, letter writing. 
Briefwecksel, correspon- 

Brick, bridge. 
Brickpeiler. pier. 
Brigel, club. 
Brigla, clubbing. 
Brigelsoup, whipping. 
Bril, cry, spectacles. 
Brilla, to cry, to roar. 
Bring, bring. 
Bringa, bringing. 
Brisk, .brisk. 
Britch, bat. 
Britcha, bats, to flock. 
Britching, breeching. 
Brivy, water closet. 
Broacha, to fallow. 
Brode, bread, fry. 


Broda, frying. 
Brodedake, bread dough. 
Brode grimm el, bread crumb 
Brodegrusht, bread crust 
Frodehonk, bread safe. 
Brode pon, frying pan. 
Brodeshonk, bread safe. 
Brode warsht, sausage. 
Brof., professor. 
Brofit, profit. 
Brol, brag. 
Brolla, bragging. 
Broiler, boaster. 
Broud, gangrene ergot. 
Brondawie, whiskey. 
Brooch, rupture, quarry. 
Broochbond, truss 
Brooder, brother. 
Broodermord, fratricide. 
Brouch, need. 
Brumma, to hum. 
Brummer, steam whistle. 
Brunn a, well. 
Bmnnagress, water cress. 
Br una mower, well curb. 
Bruns, urine. 
Brunsa, urinate. 
Brusht, breast 
Bruset-karn, sweet-bread. 
Brusht-knucha, breastbone. 
Brush tkummet, breast collar 
Brushtloppa, vest. 
Brushtsims, wainscoting. 
Brushtworts, breast nipple. 



Brutsa, to pout. 1 

Brutseck, pout corner. I 

Brutskind, one prone to 1 

Brutsla. fine rain. 
Bubble, baby. 
Bublie, infant. 
Buck, ram, trestle. 
Budboi, potpie. 
Budda, bottom ground. 
Buddem, bottom ground 
Buddem riegel, fundamental 

Budshoft, message, news. 
Buffalo, buffalo. 
Buffalo-howd, buffalo[]robe. 
Buggy, buggy. 
Bull, bull. 
Bulla, testacies, bulls 


Bully, bully. 

Bulsoder, artery. 

Bundle, bundle. 

Büro, bureau. 

Bushel, bushel. 

Bushknipple, country jake. 

Bushtawb, letter. 

Bushtaweer, spell. 

Bushtaweera, spelling. 

Bus, kiss, 

Bussa, kissing. 

Bussel, bustle. 

Bussy, cat. 

Butcher, butcher. 

Butchera. butchering. 

Buttle, bottle. 

By, by. 

Bywohna, to be present. 

Cabinet, cabinet- 
Calculate, calculate. 
Calculata, to calculate. 
Calculashun, calculation. 
Camp, camp. 
Campa, encamp. 
Campane, campaign. 
Campment, encampment, 
Candy, candy. 
Cap, cap. 
Caps, caps. 
Capacity, capacity. 
Cape, cape, 
Capers, capers, doings. 

Captain, captain. 
Car, car. 
Carpet, carpet 
Cash, cash. 
Cashier, cashier. 
Cassimer, cashmere. 
Casting, casting. 
Celebrate, celebrate. 
Celebrata, to celebrate. 
Celebrashun, celebration. 
Cent, penny. 
Certificate, certificate. 
Champion, champion. 
Chance, chance. 


Charga, to charge. 
Charge, charge, 
Charter, charter. 
Chartra, to charter. 
Chasa, to chase. 
Chase, chase. 
Chaw, chew. 
Chawa, chewing. 
Check, check. 
Checka, to check. 
Chilla, to chill. 
Chockey, jockey. 
Chockey-shtecka, guide-pole 
Choke, choke. 
Choka, choking. 
Choose, choose. 
Choosa, choosing. 
Cider, cider. 
Circus, circus. 
Citizen, citizen- 
City, city. 
Circler, circular. 
Claim, claim. 
Claima, claiming. 
Clear, clear. 
Clera, clearing. 
Clever, clever. 
Cloak, cloak. 
Coach, coach. 
Coal, coal. 
Coala, coal. 
Coal-ail, coal oil. 
Coal-ail-con, coal-oil can. 
Coal-ail-fos, coal-oil barrel. 


Coax, coax, 
Coaxa, coaxing. 
Coffee, coffee. 
Coffee-con, coffee-can. 
Coffee pot, coffee-pot. 
Coffee-meel, coffee-mill. 
Colbosfit, calabash. 
Collar, collar. 
Collect, collect. 
Collecta, collecting. 
Collecter, collector. 
Collectshun, collection. 
Collenner, calendar. 
Colledge, college. 
Collick, lime. 
Colmus, sweet- flag. 
Colp, calf. 
Colp flaish, veal. 
Com, comb. 
Comma, comma, cogs. 
Commale, cammel. 
Command, command. 
Commanda, commanding. 
Commander, commander. 
Commission, commission. 
Commissioner, commission 

Common, common, plain. 
Communicont, communicant 
Compare, compare. 
Compara, comparing. 
Comparison, comparison. 
Compete, compete. 
Competa, competing. 


Complete, complete. 
Completa, completing. 
Compliment, compliment. 
Complimenta, compliments. 
Compose, compose. 
Composa, composing. 
Composishun, composition. 
Compound, compound 
Compounda, compounding. 
Compromise, compromise. 
Compromisa, compromising. 
Comrawd, cogwheel. 
Con, can. 
Consert, concert. 
Conclude, conclude. 
Concluda, concluding. 
Conclushion, conclusion. 
Condense, condense. 
Condensa, condensing. 
Condemma, condemning. 
Condem'd, condemned 
Condidawd, candidate. 
Condidawda, candidates 
Condishun, condition. 
Conducktor, conductor. 
Conference, conference. 
Confess, confess. 
Confessa, confessing. 
Confess'd, confessed. 
Confeshion, confession. 
Congress, congress. 
Connect, connect. 
Connecta, connecting. 
Conneckshun, connection. 


Connoon, cannon. 
Consdrawva, currants. 
Consel, pulpit. 
Consider, consider. 
Considera, considering. 
Constitushun, constitution. 
Consult, consult. 
Consulta, consulting. 
Contest, contest 
Contesta, contesting. 
Contract, contract 
Contracta, to contract. 
Convinse, convince. 
Convinsa, convincing. 
Convict, convict. 
Convicta, convicting, 
Convickshun, conviction. 
Cop, cap. 
Copbittle, chapter. 
Coppy, copy. 
Coppia, copying 
Coppy-booch, copy-book. 
Collar-button, collar-button. 

Cord, 1 , 


Corda, cording, cards. 
Corda-dish, gambling table. 
Corder, tom cat. 
Cord-mosheen, cord machine 
Cross-cut-sake, cross-cut saw 
Court, court. 
County, county. 
Cousin, cousin. 
Counsel, council. 

Counter, counter. 
Counterfit, counterfeit 
Countermand, countermand. 
Crowd, crowd. 
Curb, curb. 
Curbshtae, curbstone. 
Cure, cure. 




Cura, curing. 
Cultivata, cultivating. 
Cultivater, cultivator. 
Cupcha, cup. 
Curf, curve. 
Currawsha, courage. 
Cushen, cushion. 

Dabei, with. 
Daichlich, daily. 
Dafor, before, in favor. 
Dagaga, against. 
Dahame, home, at home. 
Daiga, sword. 
Daik, dough. 
Daikich, doughy. 
Daik-mocha, dough kneeding. 
Daik-shofFa, kneeding dough 
Dail, part, partly, divide. 
Daila, to divide, to share. 
Dair, door. 
Dairich, foolish. 
Dairly, small gate. 
Dait, would, 
Dai tzember,'December. 
Dalya, dahlia. 
Dampa, to coddle. 
Danky, thank you. 
Danser, dancer. 
Dar,[^tar, dry, lean, that. 
Dara, to tar, to dry. 
Darbadeen, turpentine. 
Darf, dare. 

Dargla, to reel, to stagger. 
Darlodle, tar keg. 
Darm, bowels, intestines. 
Darmel, giddiness, swoon. 
Darmlich, giddy. 
Darmsaid, cat-gut string. 
Darn, thorn. 
Darnich, thorny. 
Darrabadeen, turpentine. 
Darrich, through, done, tary 
Darrichbora, bore through. 
Darrich-b rech a, break 

Darrich-b renn a, burn 

Darrich-bringa, to squander, 
Darrich-bringer, spendthrift. 
Darrich-broda, to fry well. 
Darrich-falla, to fall through 
Darrich - fawra, to drive 

Darrich -gae, to escape. 
Darrich - gooka, to look 

Darrich-lawf, diarrhoea. 


Darrich - lawfa, flo w i n g 

Darrich'uonner, mixed up. 
Darrichous, by all means 
Oarrichous-net, by no means. 
Darrich - reisa, tearing 

Darrich- sahna, to see through 
Darrich seia, to strain, to 

Darrich-sheina, to shine 

Darrich-shleicha, to sneak 

Darrich - shlogga, to drive 

through, to support scan- 
Darrich-shluppa, to creep 

Darrich - shoffa, to work 

Darrich - shneida, to cut 

Darrich-solsa, salt through. 
Darrich-sucha, to search, to 

Darrich-wox, boneset. 
Darrich - yawga, to chase 

Darrich-tzook, girder. 
Darrichtzwenga, to force 

Dasha, dashing. 
Dasher, dasher, dash-board. 

29 DECK 

Datzwisha,, between, be- 

Daw, dew. 

Dawb, deaf, without a ker- 

Dawdem, date 

Dawdy, father, daddy, papa. 

Dawf, christen, baptize. 

Dawfa, to baptize. 

Dawfshei, baptismal certifi- 

Dawg, day. 

Dawga, days. 

Dawg-booch, day book. 

Dawg-deeb, sluggard, idler. 

Dawg-lenner, day laborer. 

Dawg-luch, lintel. 

Dawg's arwed, day's work. 

Dawgweis, by the day. 

Dawl, dale. 

Dawler, dollar. 

Dawler rose, aster. 

Dawrm, intestine. 

Dawrum, because. 

Daymeedich, humble, meek. 

Daymood, touch-me-not. 

Deadlatch, deadlatch. 

Deal, deal, 

Deala, dealing. 

Dealer, dealer 

Debate, debate. 

Decide, decide. 

Decida, deciding. 

Deck, cover. 


Decka, to cover, to roof. 
Deck-bed, feather-bed. 
Deckel, cover, lid. 
Deckel-glaws, tankard, 
Decksel, adze. 
Declara, to declare. 
Declarashun, declaration 
Declina, to dec'ine. 
Deduct, deduct. 
Deducta, to deduct. 
Deeb, thief. 

Deebshtawl, theft, robbery. 
Deed, deed. 
Deef, deep. 
Deefer, deeper. 
Deefsht, deepest. 
Deen, serve. 
Deena, serving. 
Deener, servant, waiter. 
Deer, animal, door. 
Deera, animals, doors. 
Deera-bond, door hinge. 
Deera-knup, door knob. 
Deera-riegel, bar, bolt. 
Deera-shlus, door lock. 
Deercha, gate. 
Deerashow, menagerie. 
Deerash well, threshold, door- 
Defeat, defeat. 
Defeata, to defeat. 
Defectif, defective. 
Defenda, to defend. 
Defendant, defendant. 



Defense, defense, defence. 
Defeusif, defensive, 
i Define, define. 
Defina, to define. 
Defy, defy. 
Defya, defying. 
Degree, degree. 
Dei, your. 
Deiar, dear. 
Deif, dive. 
Deifa, diving 
Deifel, devil. 
Deira, dearer. 
Deirsht, dearest. 
Deichla, conduit pipes. 
Deiksel, thill, wagon tongue, 

or pole. 
Deikselket, pole-chain. 
Deikselnogel; thill pin. 
Deikselshuol, pole-piece. 
Deimling, thumbstall. 
Deiter, pointer. 
Deitlich, clear, distinct 
Deitsch, German, Dutch. 
Deitschlenner. German. 
Deitschlond, Germany, 
Deivel, devil. 
Deivelsdreck, asafoetida. 
Delicate, delicate. 
Delegate, delegate. 
Delegashun, delegation. 
Deliver, deliver. 
Delivera, delivering. 
Deller, plate. 

DEM 31 

Dem. that one- 

Demada, timothy. 

Demadasooma, timothy seed 

Demand, demand. 

Demanda, to demand. 

Demnoch, according to. 

Demograwd, democrat. 

Demograwdish, democratic. 

Den, this. 

Dengle, to sharpen a scythe 
by hammering. 

Dengle-hommer, scythe ham- 

Dengle-shtuck, scythe anvil. 

Denk, think. 

Denka, thinking. 

Denktzettle, reminder. 

Den wake, this way. 

Department, department. 

Deputy, deputy. 

Der, the 

Derbei, with. 

Derfore, before, for it. 

Derfun, from. 

Dergaga, against. 

Derhame, at home. 

Dernoch, after, afterwards. 

Dertzu, with it, to it. 

Des, this. 

Design, design. 

Designa, to design. 

Desh, vagina. 

Deshelgrout, she pherds' 

Desk, desk. 
Desmohl, this time. 
Determined, determined, 
Detshla, patting. 
Detzember, December, 
Diagram, diagram. 
Diamond, diamond. 
Dichter, poet. 
Dick, thick. 
Dicker, thicker. 
Dicksht, thickest. 
Dick-bockich, full cheeked. 
Dick - keppich, dull. 
Dicky-millich, curd. 
Dick-kup, blockhead, dunce. 
Dick-seckich, punch bellied. 
Dickshunary, dictionary 
Differ, differ. 
Differa, diflferiug. 
DiflSculty, difficulty. 
Din, thin. 
Dinner, thinner. 
Dinsht, thinnest. 
Dinda, ink. 

Dinda-blocka, ink-spot. 
Dinda-flecka, ink-spots. 
Dinda-fos, ink keg. 
Dinda-glaws, inkstand. 
Ding, thing. 
Dinga, things, to hire. 
Dinshdawg, Tuesday. 
Dinsht, service, employ. 
Dinsht-madel, maid, servant- 

Diplich, spotted. 
Dire, dear. 
Direr, dearer. 
Diresht, dearest. 
Direct, direct. 
Directa, directing. 
Direckshun, direction. 
Disagree, disagree. 
Disagreea, disagreeing. 
Disadvantage, disadvantage 
Disappeara, disappearing. 
Disappointa, disappointing 
Disbanda, disbanding. 
Discharge, discharge. 
Discharga, discharging. 
Discussa, discussing. 
Discushion, discussion. 
Discount, discount. 
Discounta, discounting. 
Dish, table. 
Dishbadawd, dispute. 
Dishbadeera, disputing. 
Dishbay, table leg. 
Dishd'ra, to sooth, to quiet. 
Dishdle, thistle 
Dishdla, thistles. 
Dishdleera, to season, to fo- 
Dish-dooch, table-cloth. 
Dishfliegel, table leaf. 
Dishmesser, table knife. 
Dismiss, dismiss. 
Dismissa, to dismiss. 
Dismiss 'd, dissmissed. 

32 DODE 

Dispatch, dispatch, message. 

Display, display. 

Displaya. displaying. 

Disposa, disposing 

Disposed, disposed. 

Disrespect, disrespect. 

Disreshpectful, disrepectful. 

Dissecta, dissecting. 

Dissolve, dissolve. 

Dissolva, dissolving. 

Dissolushun, dissolution. 

Distance, distance. 

Distributa, distributing. 

Distribushun, distribution. 

District, district. 
, Dits, teat. 
I Divide, divide. 
I Divida, dividing, 

D'no, then. 

Do, here. 

Doba, paw. 

Doch, roof 

Dochdrups, eaves. 

Dochfarsht, ridge-pole 

Doch fenshter, dormer win- 

Doch-kondle, spouting. 

Doch-lawda, hatchway. 

Doch-shtool, strut and purlin. 

Docks, raccoon, or ground- 
Docksbanich, badger. 
Document, document. 
Dode, dead. 



Dodes, corpse. 
Dodadraik, bier. 
Dodaglaid, shroud. 
Dodalawd, coffin. 
Dodawogga, hearse. 
Dode-shlogga, to slay. 
Doddledoub, turtle dove, 
Dodge, dodge. 
Dodga, to dodge. 
Dollar, hither. 

Dom, dam. 
Domino, dominoes. 
Domohls, at that time. 
Domp, vapor. 
Don, then. 
Donk, thank. 
Donka, thanking. 
Donkbawr, thankful, grate- 
Donkesward, worth thanking 
Donksawga, to offer thanks 
Donksawgung. thanksgiving 
Dons, dance. 
Donsa, dancing. 
Doo, you. 
Dooch, cloth. 
Doodle-sock, bagpipe. 
Doodsend, dozen. 
Doodsendwise, by the dozen. 
Doom, dumb. 
Doomel, hurry. 
Doomla, hurrying. 



Doomeldich, hurry up. 
Doompich, close, hot, unven. 


Doomhata, ^^^^^^"^^• 

Doomkup, blockhead. 

Doon, ton. 

Dooner, thunder. 

Doonera, thundering. 

Doonershdawg, Thursday. 

Doonk, dip. 

Doonka, dipping, immersing 

Doonker, Baptist. 

Doonkle, dark. 

Dooner-wedder, thunder 

Doonkes, gravy. 

Doonkle farwich, dark color- 

Doonsht, vapor, mist. 

Doop, make a spot, point. 

Doopa, pointing,points, spots 

Doopmeisich, sneaking 

Doo's, do it. 

Dooshper, dusk. 

Doowock, tobacco. 

Doowockshtick, tobacco 

Doowocksbree, tobacco juice 

Dop, walk heavily. 

Doppa, walking heavily, to 
grasp for. 

Doppich, clumsy. 

Dopple, a clumsy fellow. 

DORE 34 

Dore, large gate 

Dorm, gut 

Dorrigle, stagger. 

Dorrigla, staggering. 

Dorrich, through 

Dorrichgse, abscond- 

Dorsht, thirst 

Dorshtich, thirsty. 

Dort, there 

Dorta, there. 

Dos, that. 

Dos dich der gook gook het, 

go to grass. 
Dose, dose. 

Double-g'sichtich, double- 
faced, hypocritic 

Double-sinnich, ambiguous. 

Dow, dew. 

Dowb, dove, pigeon. 

Dowbert, male dove. 

Dower, pity, last, dower. 

Dowera, pitying, duration. 

Dowerhoft, durable. 

Dowma, thumb. 

Dowsand, thousand, i,ooo. 

Dowsendgildergrout, genti- 

Dowva, doves, pigeons. 

Dowva-koshta, dove cot. 

Draft, draft. 

Drai, turn, curve, crank. 

Draia, to turn, to twist. 


Draiargel, grind-organ 
Draibonk, turn bench, turn- 
ing lathe. 
Draid, kick, step. 
Draida, kicking, stepping. 

Draider, a kicker, treadle. 

Draid power, tread-power. 

Drai-handle, winch. 

Draina, tears, train. 

Draw, at, to, into. 

Drawer, drawer. 

Drawg, bier, carry. 

Drawga, carrying. 

Drawm, dream. 

Drawma, dreaming. 

Drawmbuch, dreambook. 

Drechter, funnel. 

Drechter-blooma, morning- 

Drechter-koocha, funnel 

Dreck, dirt, mud. 

Dreckluch, mud hole. 

Dreeb, cloudy, 

Dreebsawl, grief, sorrow. 

Dreffa, hit. 

Dreftsa, cheat. 

Drei, three. 

Dreib, drive. 

Drei-bainich, three-legged. 

Drei-eck, triangle. 

Drei-eckich, triangular. 

Drei-foch, three-fold. 

Dreifoos, tripod 


Dreisich, thirty. 

Dreisichshter, thirtieth. 

Dreitzain, thirteen. 

Dreiva, driving. 

Dreiyarich, three years-old 

Dreuk, a watering place. 

Drenka, to water animals. 

Drenkaimer, watering-buck- 

Drep, step. 

Dreppa, steps 

Drepsla, a slight shower. 

Dresh, thresh. 

Dresha, threshing. 

Dresher-bril, goggles. 

Dresh-den, thresh-floor. 

Dreshder, pomace, pummace 

Dresh- flegel, flail. 

Dresh mosheen, threshing- 

Dress, dress. 

Dressa, dressing. 

Drick, squeeze. 

Dricka, squeezing. < 

Drickla, drying. 

Drickning, drouth, drought- 

Dridel, dower, one-third, (>^) 

Drill, drill. 

Drilla, drilling, sowing with 
a drill 

Drill-bora, whimble, steel 

Drill-sake, hacksaw. 

Drim, trim. 

Drimma, trimming. 


Drimmiugs, trimmings. 
Drin, in, inside. 
i Drink, drink, 
j Drinka, drinking 
Dripla, to walk with small 

Dripple arwed, chore. 
Driva, over, across. 
Drivver, over, across, done. 
Driveleera, to pester, to 

Droch, dragon, kite. 
Drocha-luch, cave, cavern. 
Drode, wire, waxends. 
Drode-gorn, shoemakers' 

Drodeshtumpa, shoemakers' 

Drode-tzong, pliers. 
Droke, trough 
Drom, rum. 
Drom rot, toper, tippler, 

drunkard, sot, 
Droof, on, upon. 
Droofg'shnopt, died. 
Drook, print 
Drooka, printing, dry. 
Drooker, printer. 
Drookerei, printing office. 
Drook dinta, printing ink. 
Drum, drum, about it. 
Drumma, drumming. 
Drumbade, clarion. 
Droom-sake, crosscut saw. 

DROON . 36 

Droon, whale-oil. I 

Droona, down, below. 
Droonar, under, below. 
Droonk, a drink, trunk. 
Droop, drove, flock 
Drous, out, outside. 
Drover, drover. 
Drowa, to trust, to marry. 
Drowb grape. 
Drowrich, sad, sorry. 
Drower-leit, mourners. 
Drowra, mourning. 
Drowva, grapes. 
Drowva hen gl e, cluster of 

Drowva-karn, grape-seed. 
Drowva-ronk, grapewine. 


Drowva-shtuck, grapevine. 
Drowva wei, grape wine 
Drull, a slow run, troll. 
DruUa, to run slowly. 
D rumple, jews' harp. 
Drussel, trestle. 
Druvva, up, above. 
Du, you. 

Dub. top of a tree. 
Duchter, daughter. 
Duchter-mon, son-in-law. 
Duckter, doctor. 
Ducktera, doctoring. 
Dudder, yolk of an egg. 
Dulla-bloom, tulip. 
Dulmetsher, interpreter. 
Duty, duty. 

Eadricha, to chew the cud. 
Earn, bee, him, his. 
Eama, bees. 
Eama fresser, bee eater. 

Eamakarb beehive. 
Eama koshta, J 
Eama rose, honey comb. 
Eamashtond, bee stand. 
Eama shwarm, bee swarm. 
Eamens, ant, pismire. 
Ean, him, himself. 
Eana, their. 
Eck, corner. 
Eckich, cornered. 
Eckshtse, corner store. 

Eckshtaenich, checkered. 
Eckshonk, corner cupboard. 
Edita, editing, to edit. 
Effa, stoves. 
Effect, effect. 
Effecta, effecting. 
Effectif, effective. 
Effentlich, public, openly. 
Effengalish, Evangelical. 
Effengalium, gospel. 

Ehra, her, hers. 
Ehna, theirs. 
', Ei aiga, to harrow in as seed. 


Eiarnda, to harvest. 
Eibeesa, to suffer loss, to be 

Eibendla, to cover, to hem. 
Eibicka, to fold in the edges 
Eibild, vision. 
Eibilda, to imagine. 
Eibildung, imagination. 
Eibinna, to bind . to wrap up. 
Eibringa, to collect. 
Eibrooch, burglary. 
Eich, you. 

Eidarra, to shrink in drying. 
Eider, udder. 
Eidex, lizard. 
Eidrawga, to yield, to store 

up, to carry in. 
Eidreiva, to collect. 
Eidrook, impression. 
Eifaidla, to thread, to lace. 
Eifeera, inducing. 
Eifeichta, to moisten. 
Eifensa, fencing in. 
Eifer, ardor, zeal. 
Eiferich, zealous. 
Eifloos, influence. 
Eifol, random or sudden 

Eifolda, to fold in. 
Eifolla, to fall in, to cave in, 

to recollect, to remember. 
Eigae, shrink. 
Eigalawda, invited. 
Eigaricht, fixed, arranged 


Eigaweid, dedicated. 

Eigevva, to hand in. 

Eigong. entrance. 

Eigonga, shrunk, consented. 

Eihakla, to hook in. 

Eihenka, to hook in. 

Eihocka, to cut in, to hoe in 

Eihola, overtake. 

Eiholda, to keep back, to 

Eihoucha, inhale. 

Eikawfa, to buy, to purchase. 

Eikucha, to decrease by boil- 
ing, to boil down. 

Eikumma, income, to recol- 

Eil, hurry, owl. 

Eila, hurrying owls. 

Eilaga, to lay in, to salt. 

Eilawda, to load in, to invite 

Eilawduug. invitation. 

Eileidung, introduction, pref- 

Eimocha, preserve. 

Eimovera, to immure, to 
wall in. 

Einaia, sew in, to sew up in. 

Einemma, to take in. 

Eir, your. 

Eireiva, rub in . 

Eireara, to mix. 

Eis, ice. 

Eisa, iron. 

Eisaya, to sow. 


Eisaga, to saw into 

Eisaigna, consecrate, bless 

Eisakeidel, iron wedge 

Eisamind, iron ore. 

Eis cream, ice cream. 

Eiserlich, outward 

Eisetsa, install, set in. 

Eisharra, scrape in. 

Eisharfa, to remind, to en- 
join urgently. 

Eishenka, to pour in. 

Eishleasa, lock in. 

Eishlofa, fall asleep 

Eishlummera, fall into a 

Eis-hoka. ice hook. 

Eishlogga, to stike by light- 

Eis house, ice house. 

Eishponna; hitch up. 

Eishter, oyster. 

Eishtuppa, to stuff in, to fill. 

Eishparra, to confine, to pen 

Eishreiva, subscribe. 

Eisich, icy. 

Eisicht, insight. 

Eis kold, ice cold. 

Eisolsa, to salt. 

Eis shivel, lump of ice 

Eis soup, hyssop. 

Eis tzoppa, icicle. 

Eis tzong, ice tongs. 

Eiwaicha, to soak. 

38 END 

Eiweia, dedicate, initiate. 
Eiweiung, dedication. 
Eiwendung, objections. 
Eiwickla, wrap up. 
Eiwanderer, immigrant. 
Eiwooner, inhabitant. 
Eiyawga, to chase in. 
Elbadritchelcher, a mythical 

Elboga, elbow. 
Eld, age 
Elder, older. 
Eldera, parents 
Eldeshter, elder, presbyter. 
Eidlich, elderly. 
Eldsht, oldest. 
Eleckshun, election. 
Element, element. 
Elevate, elevate. 
Elevashuu, elevation. 
Elevata elevating. 
Elevater, elevator. 

Elf 1 

^^f; I eleven. 

Elf-mohl, eleven times. 

Elft, eleventh. 

Elefont, elephant. 

Emsich, active, diligent, in- 

Encurrage, encourage. 

Encurraga, encouraging. 

Encurragement, encourage- 

End, end, duck. 


Eiida, ending, ducks. 
Enderich, drake. 
Endecka, discover 
Endecked, discovered. 
Endlich, finally, at last 
Endorse, endorse 
Endorsa, endorsing. 
Endorser, endorser. 
Endwakes, endways. 
Enforsa, enforcing. 
Eng, strait, narrow, asmathic 
Engaga. engaging. 
Engaged, engaged. 
Engagement, engagement. 
Eng-brishtich, asthmatic. 
Engle, angel. 

Eng hartzich, narrow minded 
Engkeitel, coecum. 
Englenner, Englishman. 
English, English. 
English sols, English salt. 
English gronkhate, scrofula, 

King's evil. 
Endwedder, either. 
Engrava, engraving. 
Engsht. most narrow, fear. 
Engshtlich, anxiety, fear. 
Enkel, grand-son. 
Enklin, granddaughter. 
Enjoya, enjoying. 
Enjoyment, enjoyment. 
Enroll, enroll 
Enrolla, enrolling. . 
Entra, entering. 


Entertaina, entertaining. 

Entertainment, entertain* 

Entitla, entitles. 

Entitled, entitled. 

Ep, if, whether. 

Epmoles, sometimes. 

Epper, somebody, some one. 

Eppes, something. 

Epple, apples. 

Epplebame, apple trees. 

Epple bawm, apple tree, 

Epple blooma, apple blos- 

Epp1eboi,1 , . 
Epple pie, /apple pie. 

Epple dumplins,apple dump- 

Epple karna, apple seed. 

Epple koocha, apple tart. 

Epple jack, applejack. 

Eppel lawb, apple leaves. 

Epple mawla, crushing ap- 

Eppel sas, apple sauce. 

Equal, equal. 

Equaliza, equalizing. 

Etlicha, several. 

Es, eat, that, it, the. 

Esh, ash, ashes. 

Esha bawm, ash tree. 

Esh lawk, lye. 

Essa, eating. 

Esser, eater. 


Es shtick, lunch. 
Es shtoob, dining room. 
Essich, vinegar. 
Essich fos, vinegar barrel. 
Essich grook, vinegar jug. 
Essocha, eatables, victuals. 
Estzeit, meal time. 
Evada, evading. 
Evashun, evasion. 
Evil, evil. 

Evidence, evidence. 
Ewa, but, though. 
Evvafeel, immaterial. 
Ewer, boar, hoggish man. 
Evversich, upwards. 
Ex, axes. 
Exact, exact. 
Exactly, exactly. 
Examine, examine. 
Examina, examining. 
Example, example. 
Except, except. 
Excepta, excepting. 
Executa, executing. 
Executer, executor. 
Executif, executive. 



Execushun, execution. 

Exercise, exercise. 

Excuse, excuse. 

Excusa, excusing. 

Excused, excused. 

Exhibita, exhibiting. 

Exly, a little ox, or ax. 

Expenda, expending. 

Expense, expense. 

Expensif, expensive. 

Expella, expelling. 

Experiment, experiment. 

Experiment a, experimenting 

Exposa, exposing. 
I Express, express. 
I Explain, explain. 

Explaina, explaining. 

Explanashun, explanation 

Exploda, exploding. 

Expressa, expressing, to send 
by express. 

Extenda, extending. 

Extensif, extensive. 

Extra, extra. 

Extracta, extracting. 

Face, face. 
Facing, facing. 
Fact, fact. 
Factory, factory. 
Faich, fit. 

Faig, clean. 
Faiga, cleaning. 
Faiger, cleaner, scavenger. 
Faigfire, purgatory. 
Fail, fail, miss. 


Faila, failing, missing. 

Fail'd, failed, missing, ailing 

Fail drit. misstep. 

Failer, mistake, error, fault. 

Fail grif, mistake, blunder. 

Failure, failure. 

Fail yohr, a year of scarcity. 

Fair, fair. 

Family, family. 

Fan, fan 

Fancy, fancy. 

Fanna, to fan. fanning. 

Fardilk, eradicate, 

Fardilya. to eradicate. 

Fardraid, twisted. 

Ferdreesa, to displeas. 

Ferdrussa, displeased. 

Farling, farthing. 

Farnicht, destroy, annul. 

Farnichta, to destroy, to an- 
nul, to annihilate. 

Farnemma, understand. 

Farnoomma, understood. 

Farrawell, farewell, adieu. 

Farreb, color, paint, 

Farreb pensil, paint brush. 

Far^richt, fear, furrow. 

Far richt^, to do, to execute. 

Far richt^a,üoing, executing 

Far^richta, fearing, to be a- 
fraid. [fearful. 

Farrichterlich, dreadful, 

Farry, forwards. 

Farshd, verse. 

41 FARTZ^ 

Farshda, heel, heels 
Farshich, forwards. 
Farsht, ridge. 
Farsich, forwards 
Fart, away, off. 
Fart blosa, to blow away. 
Fart dowra, to continue. 
Fart dreiva, to chase off. to 

drive away. 
Fart fawra, to haul away, to 

drive away. 
Fart fieega, to fly away. 
Fart gae, to go away, to leave 
Fart gablosa, blew away. 
Fart gadrivva, chased away, 

drove off or away. 
Fart gayawgt, chased off. 
Fart g'fawra, hauled away. 
Fart g'flugga, flew away. 
Fart g'hulfa, helped along. 
Fartg'shickt, sent away. 
Fartg'shproodga, ran away. 
Fartich, finished, complete. 
Fart koomma, to get along. 
Fartle, quarter 
Fartle dawler, quarter dollar 
Fartle-yarich, quarterly, [on. 
Fart mocha, continue, keep 
Fartshicka, send away. 
Fart shpringa, run away. 
Fartyawga, to chase away. 
Fartz, fart. 
Fartza, farting. 
Fartzae, fourteen. 


Fa-tzae dawg, a fortnight. 

two weeks. 
Fartzich, forty. 
Fartziega, move away. 
Farva, coloring, dyeing, col- 
Farver, dyer, colorer. [ors, 
Farvich, colored, variegated 
Fasa, facing. 
Fashion, fashion. 
Faver, favor. 
Fa vera, favoring. 
Fawbla, fable. 
Fawda, thread. 
Fawdem, thread 
Fawn a, flag, corn tassels. 
Fawr, ride, haul, drive. 
Fawra, driving, hauling. 
Fawraun, fern. [riding. 
Fawrd, bars, drive. 
P\iWsnocht, Shrove Tuesday. 
P'awsnocht koocha, dough 
Februwar, Februar}', [nuts. 
Fecht, fight. 
Fechta, fighting. 
Fecliter, fighter. [gilist. 

Fecht boolly, champinn pu- 
Fedder, pen, feather, 
Feddera, feathers, pens, 
Fedder deck, feather bed. 
Fedder fee, poultry. 
Fedder fossing, bed ticking. 
Fedder keidel, quill, [bacon. 
Fedder shoouka, shoulder of 
Feddersht, foremost. 


Fedra fees, fore feet. 
Fedra tzse, front teeth. 
Fee. cattle, fee. 
Feeder, feed. 
Feedra, feeding. 
Feega, to join, joining. 
Feeish, beastly. 
Feel, much, many, feel. 
Feela, feeling. 
Feelarlei, various 
Feelerrei, to feel about. 
Feel frose, glutton. 
Feer, four, lead. 
Feera, to lead, four. 
Feerd, fourth. 
Feer eckich, square, four 

Feer feesich, four footed. 
Feerfeldich, four fold. 
Fees, feet. 
Fegel, birds. 
Fegel misht, guano. 
Fegel's nesht, birds' nest. 
Feicht, moist, damp. 
Feig, fig. 
Feiga, figs. 
Feiga bawm, fig tree. 
Feil, file 
Feila filing. 
Feina, to fine, fining. 
Feind, foe, enemy, fine. 
Feiner, nicer. 

Feindlich, hostile. dislike 
Feindshoft, hostility, enmity 

FEIv 43 

Fei. skin, pelt. j 

Feld field | 

Feld bredicher, chaplain. j 

Feld marshal, field marshal. ; 

Felder, fields. [ver 

Feld hinkle, field fare, plo- 

Fellich, fully. 

Felsa rock, rocks. 

Felsich, rocky, 

Felya, felloes, 

Ftndoo, vendue, public sale. 

Feudoo groyer, auctioneer. 

Fens, fence. 

Fensa, fences. 

Fensamouse, chipmonk. 

Fenshter, window. 

Feushler laida, shutters 

Fenshter lawda, shutter. 

Fenshter rawm. window- 
sash . 

Fenshter sheib, window pane 

Fenshter sits, window sill. 

Fenshtra, windows. 

Fens pushta, fence post. 

Fens riegel, fence rail. 

Ferainich, unite. 

Ferainicha, uniting. 

Ferainich' d, united. 

Feraira, beqfieath. 

Ferair'd, bequeathed. 

Feraryera,to irritate, to tease, 
to vex. 

Fer arj-erlich, provoking, 

Fer aryerwis, vexatioti. 
Fcrbeeg, bend out of shai e. 
Ferbeega, to bend out of 

Ferbeet, forbid, prohibit. 
Ferbeeta, forbidding, pro- 
Ferbei, past, over. [teeth. 
Ferbeis, to crush with the 
Ferbeisa, crushing with tlie 
teeth. [ing 

Ferbesra, repairing, improv- 
Ferbesser, better, repair, im- 
prove, [tered, repaired. 
Ferbesserd, improved, bet- 
Ferbin, bind. 
Ferbinna, binding. 
Ferbinnung, covenant. 
Ferbiacka, blackening. 
Ferbleet,bloomed, blossomed 
Ferblenna, to dazzle, to 

charm, to blind. [craft. 
Ferbloot, besmear with blood 
Ferbloota, besmearing with 
^ blood. [ink or dirt 

Ferblotcha, to smear with 
Ferblotched, besmeared with 

ink or dirt. [ing- 

Ferblutsa, to injure by fall- 
Ferblutst, injured by falling 
Ferbocka, used in baking. 
Ferbodder, bother, confuse, 


Ferboddera, bothering, con- 
fusing, perplexing. 

Ferboga, bent out of shape 

Ferbombla, to neglect. 

Ferbookert, spoiled, crippled 

Ferboonna, bound, tied. 

Ferbootst, ill favored, small. 

Ferbrotcha, spoiling through 
ignorance or carelessness. 

Ferbowa, building up. 

Ferbow'd, built up closely. 

Ferbracka, to boast, to brag. 

Ferbrea, scald, hatch. 

Ferbreed, scalded, hatched. 

Ferbrech, break. 

Kerbrecha, breaking. 

Ferbrecher, criminal, felon. 

Ferbren, burn. [scorch. 

Ferbrenna, to burn up, to 

Ferbrend, burned, scorched. 

Ferbrild, prone to crying. 

Ferbrucha, broken, fractured 

Ferbudda, forbidden, pro- 

Ferbust, burst, exploded. 

Ferbusta, exploding, burst* 

F erdail, divide, share, [ing. 

Ferdaila, to divided, to share 

Ferdailed, divided, shared. 

Ferdailung, division. 

Ferdarb, spoil. 

Ferdard, withered, dried up. 

Ferdarsht, dried from thirst. 

Ferdarshta, thirsting. 


Ferdatva, spoiling, spoiled 
Ferdawa. digest 
Ferdawung, digestion. 
Ferdeeu. earn, deserve. 
Ferdeena. earning, deserving 
Ferdeened, earned, deserved 
Ferdeensht, do you earn ? 
Ferdeiheukert, excessivel)'. 
Firdinsht, employment. 
Ferdom, damn. 
Ferdomma, damning. 
Ferdomnis, damnation. 
Ferdomt, damned. 
Ferdoonkle, darken. 
Ferdoonkla, to darken. 
Ferdoonkled, darkened, 
Ferdraid, twisted. 
Ferdraida, to trample. 
Ferdraya, to twist. 
Ferdreesa, displeasing. 
Ferdreiva, to drive away. 
Ferdroos, offense 
Ferdrussa, offended. 
Ferdrowa, trust, confidence. 
Ferdubled, doubled. 
Ferduld, confounded 
Ferenner, change, alter. 
Ferennera. to change, to alter 
Ferennerd, changed, altered. 
Ferennerlich, changeable 
Ferennerung, alteration. 
Ferfail, miss. 
Ferfaila, to miss 
Ferfail'd, missed. 

Ferfeer. mislead, seduce. 
Ferfeera, seducing. 
Ferfeered, seduced, misled. 
Ferfeerer, seducer, tempter. 
Ferfeerung, seduction. 
Ferfelsha, to adulterate, to 

Ferfelsht, adulterated 
Ferfelshung, adulteration. 
Ferfinshtered, eclipsed, ob- 
Ferfleck, stain. [scured. 

Ferflecka, staining. 
Ferflecked, stained [demn. 
Ferfloocha, to curse, to con- 
Ferflooch, condemn. 
Ferfloocht, cursed, cou- 
Ferfolla, due. [demned. 
Ferfowl, rot decay. 
Ferfowla, rotting, decaying. 
Ferfowled, rotted, rotten. 
Feifreera, to freeze. 
Ferfressa, to bite, to gnaw 
Ferfronseld, fringed. 
Ferfulga, to persecute. 
Fergabens, vain, una wailing 
Fergse. evaporate, dissolve, 

pass away. 
Fergeb, forgive. 
Fergelsa, to geld, to castrate 
Fergelsd, castrated, gelded. 
Fergelser, gelder, castrater. 
Fergelshter, to scare, to 

terrify, to frighten, [ened. 
Fergelshter'd, scared, fright- 


Ferges, forget. 

Fergessa, forgotten. 

Fergevva, forgiven. 

Fargifta, poison, poisoned. 

Ferglaid, disguised. 

Ferglaida, to disguise. 

Ferglawga, to make com- 

Fergleich, compare, [plaint. 

Fergleicha, comparing. 

Fergleichlich. comparable. 

Ferglennera, to lessen, to di- 

Ferglicha, compared. 

Fergneacha, to satisfy, con- 

Fergneach, contentment 

Fergneach'd, satisfied. 

Fergonga, past, gone, dis- 

Fergraiser, magnify, enlarge 

Ftrgraisera, magnifying, en- 
larging, [fied. 

Fergraiser'd, enlarged, mag- 

Fergraiserings glaws, micro- 

Fergrawva, to bury, to inter. 

Fergroasta, to mould. 

Fergroatst, moulded. 

Fergrots, scratch. 

Fergrotsa, to scratch. 

Fergrotst, scratched. 

Fergun, begrudge, envy. 

Fergunna, begrudging, envy- 

Fergun'd, begrudged, envied 
Ferhaila, to conceal, to keep 
Ferhailed, secreted, [secret 
Ferhair, reprimand. 
Ferhaira, to give a hearing, 

Ferharta, to harden. 
Ferheed, prevent. 
Ferheeda, preventing. 
Ferheila, proiiC to crying. 
Ferheldnis, relation. 
Ferhex, bewitch. [witch. 
Ferhexa, bewitching, to be- 
Ferhext. bewitched. 
Ferhinner, prevent, hinder. 
Ferhinnera, preventing, 

hindering. [dered. 

Ferhinner'd, prevented, hin- 
Ferhobost, overlooked, neg 

Ferhocka, to cut to pieces 
Ferhocked, cut to pieces. 
Ferhoonger, starve 
Ferhoongera, starving. 
Ferhoongert, starved. 
Ferhoonsa, to spoil. 
Ferhoonst, spoiled. 
Ferhootle, entangle. 
Ferhootla, entangling. 
Ferhootled, entangled. 
Ferhousa, to spoil. 
Ferhost, hated. 
Ferhous, spoil. 
Ferhousa, to spoil, spoiling. 


Ferhous'd, spoiled. 

Ferkartza. to shorten. 

Ferkartz'd, shortened. 

Ferkawf, sell 

Ferkawfa, selling. 

Ferkawf'd, sold 

Ferkclda, to catch cold. 

Ferkeshdicha, to furnish 

Ferkeshdicht, boarded 

Ferkindich. announce. 

Ferkindicha, to announce. 

Ferkindiched, announced. 

Ferknippa, to knot. 

Ferknipt, knotted. 

Ferknuttled, knotted. '^ 

FerkuUabeer'd. spoiled, con- 
fused, terrified. 

Ferkwetsha, to bruise 

Ferkwetsht, bruised. 

Ferlaid, downhearted. 

Ferlaiga, to mislay. 

Ferlaig'd, mislaid. 

Ferlaigla, to deny. 

Ferlaigled, denied, [away. 

Ferlaina, to rent, to lease 

Ferlaisa, to read. 

Ferlarna, to forget. 

Ferlawfa, to go astray. 

Ferleebt, fond, loved. 

Ferleer, lose. 

Ferleera, losing. 

Ferleicht, perhaps, may be. 

Ferlenger, lengthen. 


Feriengera, lengthening 

Ferienger 'd,lengLhened, pro- 

Ferlesha, to quench. 

Ferleshter, defame. 

Ferleslitera. defaming. 

Ferletz, injure. 

Ferletza. injuring. 

Ferlong, desire, crave. 

Ferlonga, desiring, craving 

Ferlougt, desired, craved 

Ferloompa, delapidating. 

Ferloampt, delapidated. 

Ferloosht, loss, damage. 

Ferlooshteera. to enjoy, to 

Ferlora, lost, astray. 

Ferluffa, astray, [don, leave 

Ferluss, rely, depend, aban- 

Ferlussa, relying. depending, 
abandoning, leaving. 

F^ermaig^ property. 

Fermaira, to increase, to 

Fermawla, to grind. 

Termissa, to miss. 

Fermixa, to mix, to blend. 

Fermixt, mixed, blended 

Fermocha, to bequeath 

Fermooka, to move, to stir. 

Fermoota, presuming 

Fermootlich, probably. 

Fernemma, mistaking, [nul. 

Fernichta, to destrov, to an- 


j Fernochlussa, neglecting. 
• Fernumma, understood 

Ferocht, despised. 

Ferochta, despising. 

Ferochtung, dierespect. 
j Ferordna, enacting. 

Ferraiter, betra3'er. 

Ferreis, tear. 

Ferreisa, to tear. 

Ferreiva, to rub. 

Ferrick, displace. 

Ferricka, to displace. 

Ferrickt, displaced. 

Ferrissa, torn. 

F'erriva, rubbed. 

Ferroonsled, wrinkled. 

Ferrote, betray. 

Ferrota, betraying. 

Ferroeter. betrayer. 

Ferruppa, to tear to pieces. 

Ferrupt, torn to pieces. 

Ferrusht. rusted, corroded. 

Fersaiga, to saw- [vide for 

Fersaina, to mistake, to pro- 

Fersanka, to singe, to scourge 

Ferseima, to neglect, to miss. 

Ferscimt, neglected. 

Fersetsa, to change. 

Fersheedlich, varied. 

Fersheedna, various. 

Fershen, despoil. 

Fershenna, despoiling. 

Fershenner, to beautify 

Fershennera, beautifying. 

Fershinna, to skin, to tear 

the skin. 
Fershit, spill. 
Fershitta, spilling. 
Fershlaif, lose, carry away 
Fershlaifa, losing, carrying 
Fershlees, lock. [away. 

Fershleesa, locking. 
Fershlofa, sleepy, [pieces. 
Fershlogga, to break into 
Fershloop, hide. 
Fershloopa, to hide. 
Fershloppa,to spill carelessly 
Fershlussa, locked 
Fershmeer, besmear. 
Fershmeera, besmearing. 
Fershmeer'd, besmeared. 
Fershmels, melt. thaw. [ing. 
Fershmelsa, melting, thaw- 
Fershmock, taste. 
Fershmocka, tasting. 
Fershmockt, tasted, [smoke. 
Fershmoke, to blacken by 
Fershmoka, blackening by 

smoke. [smoke. 

Fershmoked, blackened by 
Fershmulsa, melted. 
Fershneid, cut to pieces, 

castrate. [to castrate. 

Fershneiea, to cut to pieces, 
Fershnidda, cut to pieces, 

FershofFa, to work up. 
Fershoft, worken up. [save. 

Ferslioona, to protedl, to 
Fershoonna, spinned. 
Fershpawra, to rot, to decay. 
Fershpow, bespit 
Fershpowa, bespitting. 
Fershpow'd, bespitted. 
Fershprech, promise. 
Fershprecha, promising. 
Fershprenga, to burst, to 

Fershpring, burst [plode. 
Fershpringa, to burst, to ex- 
Fershpritz, besprinkle. 
Fershpaitza, to besprinkle. 
Fershpritzt, besprinkled. 
Fershproonga. bursted. 
Fershprucha, promised, be- 
Fershreck, fright, [trothed. 
Fershrecka, frighten. 
Fershrucka, frightened. 
Fershtae, to understand. 
Fershtair, disturb. 
Fershtaira, disturbing. 
Fer.shtair'd, disturbed. 
Fershtar, bestir. 
Fershtara, bestirring. 
Fershtar'd, bestirred. 
Fershtarrick, strengthen. 
Fershtarricka, strengthening 
Fershtarrick 'd, strengthened 
Fershtecha, to pierce, to 
Fershteckel, hide, [sting. 
Fershteckla, hiding. 
Fershteckled, hid, concealed 


Fershtell. disguise 

J*'ershtella, disguising- 

Fershtendlich, I ^^,,^-j3l^ 

Persh ten inch, » 

r'ershtick, suffocate. 

P^ershticka, to suffocate. 

Fershtick'd, sufTocated. 

Fershtinipla. to spoil. 

Fershtimpled, spoiled. 

Ferslitond, sense, reason. 

Fershtonna, understood. 

Fershtorva deceased. 

Fershtose, reject, disown. 

Fershtosa, rejected, disowned 

Fershtowna,to be astonished, 
to be surprised 

P^ershtroovel'd, disheveled. 

Fershtucha, pierced, strung, 

Fershtup, stop, to choke. 

Fershtuppa. choking. 

Fershtupped, choked, stop- 

Fershtuping, con>tipation, 

Fershwara, to swear, conjur- 

Fershwecha, weakening. 

Fershwecht, weakened- 

Fershwop, trade, swap. 

Fershwoppa, trading, swap 

Fershwopped, traded. 

Fershwora, vowed, sworn. 

Fershwunda, disappeared. 


Fersicher, make secure, 

I'ersichera, guaranteeing, se- 

Fersicher'd, secured, guaran- 

Fersindicha, to sin. 

Fersindiched, .sinned. 

Fersinka, to sink. 

Fersommel, assemble. 

Fersomla, assembling. 

Fersooch, taste. 

Fsrsoocha, tasting. 

Fersoocht, tasted. 

Fersowa, to soil, to make 

Fersowf, drown. 

Fersowfa, drowning. 

FersufFa, drowned. 

Fersuffner, tippler, drunk- 
ard, sot. 

Fertzail, relate, tell. 

Fertzaila, relating, telling. 

Fertzail'd. related, told. 

Fertzaru, enrage, anger, 

Fertzarna, to enrage, to 
make cross. 

Fertzarn'd, enranged 

Fertzawk't, afraid, timid. 

Fertzeega, warping, linger- 

Fertzugga, crooked, warped. 

Feruhrsocha, causing. 

Feruhrsoch'd, caused 


Ferunglicka, to fail, to spoil 

l^'erunglick'd, failed, spoiled. 

I'erwaina, to spoil. 

Ferwaisa, to decompose to 

Ferwaislich, liable to decay. 

Ferware, prevent. 

Ferwara, to prevent. 

Ferwarfa, to reject, to throw- 

I'erwarra, to confuse, to de- 

Ferwart, confused, delirious. 

Ferwarrick choke 

Ferwarrickt, choked. 

Ferwarya, to choke. 

Ferweila. to linger, to stay 

Ferweil'd, lingered, stayed 

Ferwelka, to wither. 

Ferwelkt, withered. 

Ferwexle, exchange. 

Ferwexla, exchanging. 

Ferwexled, exchanged. 

Ferwexlung, alteration. 

Ferwickle. involve. entangle. 

Ferwickla, involving, en- 

Ferwickled, involved, en- 

Ferwillich, consent 

Ferwillicha, consenting. 

Ferwillicht, consented, 

Ferwish'd, caught in mis- 


Ferwohr, secure- 
Ferwohra, to make safe. 
Ferw-ohrd, secured, m a d e 

Ferwonda, relatives. 
Ferwoond, wounded. 
Ferwooner, astonish 
Ferwoonera, astonishing. 
Ferwooner'd, astonished. 
Ferwos, why, what for. 
Fer3'awg, chase away. 
Fer3'awga, chasing awaw 
Feryawkt, chased away 
Fesht, fesHval, fast, feast. 
Feshticha, fastening. 
Fessel, keg. 
Fesser, barrels, casks. 
Fesser-macher, cooj^er 
Fessly, keg. 
Fet, fat. 

Fet-ous-dricker, lard press. 
Fet-ous-broda. extract hird. 
Fettich. fat. 
Fever, fever. 
Ficks, foxes. 
Fiddle, fiddle violin. 
Fiddleboga, fiddle bow. 
Figer, figure. 
Figera, reckon. 
Figers, figures. 
Fil,colt. fill. 
File. file. 
Fila, filing. 
Filla, filli g. 


Filler,colts, inside of a cigar. 
Filsel, stuffiing. 
Fils-louse, crab-louse, 
Fin, find. 
Finna, finding, gargol. 

Fine, j ^'^^• 

Finf, 1 ^ 
T^. r t five. 

Finit, fifth 


Finf bicher-Moses, P e n t a - 

Finfeckich, pentagon 
Finf finge rgrout, cinquefoil 
Finger, finger. 
Fingera, to finger. 
Fingerhoot, thimble. 
Fingerling, fingerstall. 
Fingernogel, fingernail 
Finish, finish. 
Finisha, finishing. 
Finkle, to sparkle, to hurt. 
F^'inner, finder. 
Finshter, dark, window. 
Finshterniss, eclipse. 
Fip, sixpence, 6% cents 
Fira, firing, celebrating. 
Fire, fire. 

Fire aw macha, kindle a fire. 
Fire bell, fire bell. 
Fire boona, kidney beans 
Fire brond, brand, a burning 



Firedawg, holiday. 
F^irefogel firefly. 
Fire hard, hearth. 
Fire hole, trammel. 
Fierich, fiery. 
Fierlich, solemn. 
F^iermon, fireman. 
Fierovet, suadown, evening 

Fier rode, red hot, red as 

Fier ship, fire shovel. 
Fiershtae, fiint. 
F'iertzong, tongs. 
Fierwarrick, fireworks. 
Fish, fish. 

Fish bae, whale bone. 
Fish bloonger, plunger. 
Fish brood, spawn. 
Fisha, fishing. 
Fisher, fishing. 
Fisherrei, fishery. 
Fish gard, fishing rod. 
Fish gils, gils. 
Fish goru, fish net. 
Fish grawna, fish bones. 
Fish hommer, hand net 
Fish line, fish line. 
Fish ongel, fish hook. 
Fish royer, fish hawk, crane. 
Fish shippa, fish scales. 
Fish shloop, week 
Fish shtecher, fish gig. 
Fit, fit. 

FITS 52 

Fits, lash, whip. 

Fitsa, to lash, to whip. 

Fitta, fitting. 

Fix, fix. 

Fixa, fixing. 

Fixerrei, fixtures 

Fixyawga, foxchasing, 

Fla, flea 

Fla grout, smartweed. 

Flaish, meat. 

Flaish govel, meat fork, 

Flaish hoffa, meat pot. 

Flaish hoka, meat hook. 

Flaishich, fleshy. 

Flaish soup, broth, pottage. 

Flannel, flannel. 

Flatter, flatter. 

Flecht, plat. 

Flechta. platting. 

Fleck, stain. 

Flecka, stain, spots 

Fleckich, spotted, soiled. 

Fleeg, fly. 

Fleega, flying. 

Fleesa, floating. 

Fleesend wosser, running 

Flegel, flail. 

Fleis, industry, zeal. 

Fleisich, industrious, zeal- 

Flettermous. butterfly. 

Fletterwish, wing, eather 


Flexa, sinews. 
Flick, mend. 
Flicka, mending". 
Fligel, wing, wings. 
Flind gun. 

Flinda g'sheft, ) ^ . 

T^i- J 1 1 ^S^^u stock. 

Fhnda kulva, j * 

Flinda lawf, gun barrel. 

Flink, quick, smart 

Flo, flea 

Floch, flat. 

Flocker, flare 

Flockera flaring. 

Flockerich, flickering. 
j Flom, flame. 
I Flomma, flames, flaming. 
I Flongeera, to arrange, to 

Flo«h, flask, 

F^looch, swear 

Floocha. swearing 

Floocher, swearer 

Floocht, flight, escape. 

Floor, floor. 

Floos, flood, inflammalion. 

Fl 00s fedra. fins of fishes. 

Floos korrella. amber bev^ds. 

Flox, flax 

I'lox brech, flax break 

Flox hechel, flax hackle. 

Flox seida, dodder. 

Flox shtick, flax patch. 

F ox soonia, flax seed. 

Flucka. flakes. 

Fodder, father, 
l-'ockel, torch, 
i'ogel, bird. 

I'ogels karsha,\vihl cherries. 
Pogels uesht, bird's nest- 
Fol, fall, incident, trap, case 
Fol brick, draw bridge. 
Fold, fold. 

I'olda, folds, plaits, gathers. 
I'^oldeer, trap door. 
Folder, bars. 
Folderol, nonsense. 
Folia, falling, tumbling. 
Folia gronket, epilepsy, 
lH)lliwolder, pound apple. 
F dsh, false, cross, ccuccit. 
Folshershtuck, sham skirt. 
Folshhate, cross-tempered. 
Fomih'a, family 
Fong. catch. 
I'onga, catching, 
l-'onger, cstcher. 
Fongtzae, canine teeth 
Fonna, Front. 
Fonnadravv, foremost, in the 

Fonnanous. in advance. 
Fonnes. furnace- 
Founish, furnish. 
Fonnisha, furnishing. 
I'ooder, feed, fodder 
Foodergong. feed entry 
Fooder Schneider, feed cut 

ter, fodder cutter. 


r'ooder sock, feed sack. 

Fooftzaiu, fifteen, 15. 

Fooftzaint, fifteenth. 

Fooftzich, fifty, 50. 

Fooftzichsht, fiftieth. 

Fooi, nasty. 

Foouka, spark. 

Foor, team 

Foor gaishel, cart whip. 

Foormon, teamster. 

Foorwarrick, vehicle. 

Foos, foot. 

Foos bawd, foot bath 

Foosgenger, pedestrian. 

Foos sola, sole of a foot. 

Foox, fox. 

Fooxgowl, sorrel horse. 

Fooxyawga, foxchasing. 

For, for. 

Forb, paint, color. 

Forbeed, forbid. 

P'orbeeda, forbidding. 

Forbit. flume. 

Ford a while ago, a ford. 

Forderhond, beforehand. 

Fordrefflich, excellent. 

I'ore, ahead, before, appear 

I'^orebringa, bring forth. 

Fore-eltra, ancestors. 

Forefader, forefathers, an* 

Forefit, forfeit. 
Forefol, event. [termined. 
Foreganumma, resolved, de- 


I'oregrooncI, foreground 

Foreg'shmissa, accused 

Forehar, previously, before. 

F"oreholda, to upbraid. 

Forehong, curtain. 

Forelasich, negligent. 

Foremou, foreman. 

F^'orenaimslit, foremost, best, 

Forenawma, given name, 
initials, christened name. 

Forenemnia, to propose, to 

Foreous, advance. 

Fore-rode, hoard. 

Foresaina, to provide for. 

Foresawga, foretell. 

Foreshtair, deacon. 

Foreshtella, example, idea. 

Foreshtellung, imagination, 

Foreshus, overshoot. 

Foresicht, foresight. 

Foresichtich, discrete, pru- 
dent, cautious. 

Foreshmeisa. accuse, cast up. 

Foreshtoob, ante room. 

Foretrefflich, excellent, sur- 

Foretzeega, preferring. 

Foretzook, preference, ad 

F'orewitsich, rash, impru- 
pent, heedless. 

Forge, forge. 


Form, form. 
Forma, forming. 
Formiddawg, forenoon. 
For ich. furrow. 
Forrissair, Pharisee. 
Fortmacha, continue. 
Fortshritt, progress. 
FortshrittiT, progress. 
Fortune, fortune. 
For warts, forward. 
Fos, cask, barrel 
Fossa, to put up in bags, to 

put into hives (as bees). 
Fo thinner, cooper. 
Fosdawb, cask stave. 
Foshd, fast. 
Foshda, fasting. 
Fosht tzeit. Lent. 
Fosuocht, Shrove Tuesday. 
Fowl, decay, rot, lazy 
Fowla, decaying, rotting. 
Fowlatzse, decayed teeth. 
Fowlenser, drone, sluggard. 

Fowlhate, 1 .^^^^^_ 
Fowlheit, t 
Fowl hols, diphtheria. 
Fowl hüls, decayed or rotted 

Fawsht, fint, 
Fowsht henshing, mitten or 

Fracture, fracture. 
Fraida, joy. 
Frailich, joyful. 


I'lama, framin^y;. 

I"rame, frame. 

I 'raw, wife. 

I'raya, to be gh.d, rejoice. ' 

Free, early. 

Freearmor3'a, daybreak. 

I'reedas gre.k, war for inde- 

r'reedlich, peacable 

Freeling, spring. 

Free oppel, harvest apple. 

I'reer, freeze. 

Freera, freezing. 

Fieeyohr, spring. 

Frei, free. 

Freida fire, bonfire. 

Freidawg, Friday. 

Freigae, go free. 

Freigavish, hospitable, char- 

Freigevva, release, set free. 

Freihate, } r , i-i ^ 
Freiheit, I freedom, liberty. 

Freilich, certainly, to be 

I'reimocha, to -edeem, to 

Freimower, Free Mason- 

Freind, friend. 

F.eindlich, friendly. 

Freindshoft, relatives 

I'rei shool, free school, pub- 
lic school [tary. 

Freiwillich, willing, volun- 



Frem, strange. 
Fremmer, stranger. 
Fressa, to eat voraciously. 
i Fressdeer, glutton 
Frickshun, friction. 
Frish. fresh, new, cold. 
F'rish brode, fresh bread. 
Frisla, frizzles. 
Fri.ssel, rash, fringe. 
Fro, glad. 
Froga, asking. 
Frock, frock. 
Froke, question, ask. 
Frollick, frolic 
From, pious 
Fronsaish, French. 
Fronsel, fringe. 
Fronslich, fringed. 
I'ronsosa, Frenchmen, pox, 

Froocht. grain. 
Froochtbawr, fruitful 
Froochtblonsa, cereals. 
Froocht karn, grain, kernel. 
Froocht kommer, granery. 
TYotshons, a saucy fellow, a 

Frotsich, foppish. 
Frush, Irog. 
Frusht, frost. 
Fudder, demand, ask. 
Fuddera, demanding, asking 
Ful. full. 
Fulgenda, following. 


Fulk, people, nation. 

Ful licht, > . „ 
Fulmoond,)^^^^ "^«^"• 
Fulmocht, authority. 
Fulslitennich, complete. 
F u 1 y a , consequences, t o 

obey, to follow. 
Fum, off, from. 
Fun, if, from 


Fund fund. 

F u n d a ni e n d, foundation, 

Funka, spark or sparks 
Funka fire, sparks of fire. 
Funkle nei, brand new. 
Furcht, fear, fright. 
Fusser, fuzz. 
Fussreich, fuzz}'. 


Gabaid, toasted. 
Gabail'd, bailed, baled. 
Gabait, prayer. 
Gabait booch, prayer book. 
Gabarrick'd, trusted. 
Gabei, building-, edifice. 
Gabelk, beams, framework. 
Gabicked, stooped, bowed- 
Gabis, bit. teeth. 
Gabish, bushes. 
Gablaich'd, bleached. 
Gablaim'd, blamed. 
(Tableed, blossomed, bloomed 
Gablivva. loitered, lingered, 

remained, stayed. 
Gabloot, bled. 
Gaboga, bent, curved, 

Gabora. born. 
Gabord, bored, boarded. 
Gaboort, birth. 
Gabootst. cleaned, cleansed, 
GaboLinced, bounced. 

Gabowt, built. 
' Gaboxed, boxed. 

Gabreed, hatched. 

Gabreich, custom, 

Gabreich ich. customary. 

Gabribed, bribed 
I Gabroomel, grumbling. 
j Gabrouch, custom, habit 

Gabrucha, broken, checked- 

Gabrucht, brought. 

Gabunna. bound, tied 

Gabunt, bundle of straw 

Gaburt, birth. 

Gaburts-dawg, birthday. 

Gabut, command, bid, oiTer. 

Gabutta, offered, beaten. 

Gacharged, charged. 

Gachartered, chartered. 

Gaehoked, choked 

Gachoosed. chosen. 

Gacured, cured. 

Gaclaimed, claimed. 

Gacleared, cleared. 


Ga act. acted. 

Ga aigt, harrowed. 

Ga anserd, answered. 

Ga blawned, planned 

Ga blonked, planked. 

Ga blonsed, planted, 

Ga blookt, plowed. 

Ga bloomt, flowered. 

Ga blopper, chatter, idle talk 

Ga bloppered. chattered 

Ga blusht, blushed. 

Ga blutst, bruised. 

Ga bocka, baked. 

Ga bond, charmed 

Ga boompt, bumped. 

Ga boonna, tied, bound. 

Ga boont, bundle, bale. 

Ga bopt, pasted. 

Ga borricked, trusted, gave 

Ga bosht, husked. 
Ga bost, fitted, suited. 
Ga breddiched, preached. 
Ga breich, habit, custom. 
Ga breiched, needed 
Ga brouch, habit, custom. 
Ga brouse. a rustling noise. 
Ga bruffatzeit, predicted. 
Ga buUer, making a noise. 
Ga bullert, made a noise 
Ga bus, kissing. 
Ga bust, kissed, bursted. 
Ga coaxed, coaxed. 
Ga cowed, chewed. 

I Ga dampt, stewed 
I Ga dart, dried. 
' Ga dechtnis, memory. 

Ga decked, coverrd. 

Ga deened, served. 

Gh deera, animals 

Ga denka, to remember. 

Gad fish, catfish. 

Ga dicht, severe. 

Ga dichtich, severe. 

Ga dingt, hired. 

Ga dingta, hireling. 

Ga donka, thoughts. 

Ga donkalose, thoughtless. 

Ga doo, did, done. 

Ga doold, patience. 

Ga dooldich, patient. 

Ga draid, turned, twisted, 

Ga drawmed, dreamed. 

Ga drei, faithful, true. 

Ga drenk, drink, beverage, 

Ga drink, drinking. 

Ga droonka, drank. 

Ga druld, ran a slow trot. 

Gae, go. 

Ga eabt, tried to do, special 

Gaed, goes, going. 

Ga ehrt, honored. 

Gaegalust, let go, released. 

Gaelussa, let gQ, release. 

Ga ennert, changed. 

Ga gameld, gambled. 
Ga glaid, clothed. 
Cia glicha, liked, 
(xa glicked, successful. 
Ga gookt, looked. 
(Ta greider, herbs. 
Ga griffa, grasped. 
Ga grish, low cry. 
Ga grotst, scratched 
Ga gussa, cast, sprinkled. 
Ga gwulla, swelled 
Ga heil, crying, howl. 
Ga heim, secret 
Ga heimnis, secret. 
Ga horsom, obedient 
Ga horsomkeit, obedience. 
Gaiga, against, 
Gaigend, neighborhood. 
Gaigner, adversary. 
Gail, yellow 
Gailkup, copperhead. 
Gailreeb, carrot. 
Gailreeva, carrots. 
Gailsoocht, jaundice. 
Gail weshp, yellow jacket 
Gais, goat, goats. 
Gaisbuck, he goat. 
Gaishel, whip, lash. 
Gaisht, spirit, will you go? 
Gais ledder, kid leather. 
Ga kept, beheaded, 
Ga kicked, kicked. 
Ga kuched, cooked, boiled. 
Ga kusht, cost. 


Ga kutzed, vomited. 

Ga laigenheit, opportunity, 

Ga laind, borrowed, loaned. 

Ga lair'd, lenrned, educated. 

Ga laisa, read, picked. 

Ga larn'd, learned, studied.^ 

Ga lawned, leaned. 

Ga lechert, laughed. 

Ga leek, layer. 

Ga leed, leaded or lead. 

Ga leet, soldered. 

Ga leidered. rectified. 

Ga letterd, whipped 

Ga lind, mild. 

Ga liner, lungs and liver. 

Ga lobt, praised. 

Ga longt, reacheJ, in the 
nick of time. 

Ga lucked, enticed. 

Ga lufFa, walked, run as 

Ga mse, congregation, mow- 

Ga msesheftlich. in common 

Ga mailer, mailed. [ed. 

Ga maind, thought, imagin- 

Ga mawd, swath. 

Ga mawla, ground. 

Game, game. 

Ga mech, sexual organs. 

Ga mees, vegetables. 

Ga meet, met, to meet. 


Ga mein, in general. • 

Gameinshoft, in general, fel- 

Ga misht, manured. 

Ga mist, compelled. 

Gamla, gambling. 

Gamier, gambler. 

<Ta mocht, made. 

Ga moolt, moved. 

Ga mootmosed, had suspi- 

Ga naid, sewed 

Ga neet. clinched. 

Ga noomma, took, 

Ga noonk, enough. 

Ga now, exact. 

Gap, gap, a hollow between 

Ga paint, painted. 

Ga pardoned, pardoned. 

Ga peedled, peddled. 

Ga picked, picked. 

Ga piflFa, whistled. 

Ga pishpered, whispered. 

Ga pitched, pitched, lo have 

Ga pleased, pleased. 

Ga pledged, pledged 

Ga polished, polished 

Ga prooft, proven, proved. 

Ga published, published. 

Ga puzzled, puzzled, 

Ga raiched, reached. 

Ga raised, raised. 

59 GAS 

Ga rawbt, robbed. 

Gardeen. guardian. 

Gardla, gardening 

Ga recht, just, righteous. 

Ga rechtifchkate, righteous- 
nes-;, justice. 

Ga leggert, rained. 

Ga regulate, regulated. 

Ga reid, regretted. 

Ga rent, rented. 

Ga rieht, set. judged. 

Ga rick, move, replace. 

Ga ricked, moved. 

Ga ring, trifling. 

Ga risht, scaffold, prepared. 

Ga risht hüls, put log. 

Garn, willing, gladly, freely 

Ga roda, guessed, advised. 
j Ga rodewohl, haphazard. 
j Ga rooch, odor, smell. 

Ga roofa, called. 

Ga rossel, rattling. 

Ga roush, a rustling 

Garrick, cork- 

Garrick tzieger, corkscrew. 

Ga rucha, smelled. 

Ga runna, leaked, congeal- 
ed, clotted, coagulated. 

Garva, to tan to whip. 

Garver, tanner. 

Garver low, tan. 

Garverrei, tannery. 
i Garvers' groob, tanners' vat 

Gas, gas. 

Gasa, to b'ow or debate vio 

Ga shenk, present, gift. 
Gas licht, gas light, 
Ga tend, attended, 
Ga traveled, traveled. 
Ga trei, faithful. 
Ga tziffer, insects, vermin. 
Ga tzonkt, scolded. 
Ga tzoocht, made a noise. 
Ga tzugga, moved. 
Ga tzwillicht, twilled. 
Ga tzwoonga, compelled. 
Ga used, used. 
Ga wained, accustomed. 
Ga wainet, habit. 
Ga wainlich, commonly. 
Ga warb, joint. 
Ga ward, lasted. 
Ga wards, spices, 
Ga ware, defend gun. 
Ga wared, defended 
Ga warned, warned. 
Ga warricked, choked 
Ga warricks, hawking. 
Ga watched, watched. 
Gawb, talent, gift. 
Ga weckt, waked. 
Ga welb, vault, arch 
Ga welbt, arched 
Ga welk, clouds 
Ga weltich, powe.ful. 
Ga wesha, washed. 
Ga we»t, was, been. 


Ga wex, tumor. 

Ga wexeld, changed. 

Ga wicht, weight. 

Ga wicht shtae, weights. 

Ga win, win, thread of a 

Ga winna, winning. 

Ga winsht, wished- 

Ga wipt, whipped, flogged. 

Ga wis, indeed, certain. 

Ga wissa, shown, exhibited, 

Ga wisht. wiped 

Ga witter, thunder storm. 

Ga witter regga, thunder 

Ga witter root, lightning 

Ga wocht. waked 

Ga woga, weighed. 

Ga wold, power, force. 

Ga woldich, powerful, forci- 

Ga woonert, wondered 

Ga woonna, won. 

Ga woond, wounded. 

Ga woont, resided. 

Ga wora, wore, worn. 

Ga woxa, grown, growed, 

Ga woxner, adult. 

Ga wuld, wanted, intended 

Ga yora, fomented. 

G'certified, certified 


G'failed, failed. 

G'hasa, told, ordered, com 

G'fairlich. dangerous. 


G'farrebt, colored. 

G' hired, married. 

(Vfarricht, was afraid. 

G'hot. had. 

G' favored, favored. 

G'hulfa, helped, assisted. 

G'fecht, fight. 

G'looshtered, longed for. 

G'feel, feeling. 

G'loxeered, purged. 

G'felkt, fallowed. 

G'managed, managed. 

G fellichkate, favor. 

G' marched, marched. 

G'fenkuis, prison, jail. 

G'raffled, raffled. 

G'fetched, fetched, caught. 

G'safed, saved 

G'fired, celebrated. 

G 'satisfied, satisfied. 

G'fixed, fixed 

G'sawt, said. 

G'flaidster sond, quicksand. 

G'selshoft, society, com- 

Gflickt, mended. 

pany, association. 

G'fluchta, plaited. 

G'sentenced, sentenced. 

G" fluchtner hoarshwons. cue, 

G' settled settled. 


G'setz, statute, law. 

G'foch, fence panel, panel. 

G'setz'd, seated. 

G' folia, favor, pleased, fal- 

G'shada, divorced. 


G shafed, shaved 

G'fonga, caught. 

G'shaled, pared. 

G'fongner, prisoner. 

G'shared, shared. 

G'foonna, louud. 

G'sharr, tools, dishes, har- 

G'fore. danger, hauling 


G'fres, eating voraciously, 

G'shawbt, scraped. 


Gsheft, vocation, busnness 

G'fressa, eaten voraciously. 

G'sheid, shied. 

G'frogt, asked. 

G'sheit, wise, intelligent. 

G'frora, frozen. 

G'shenk present. 

G'fulkt, obeyed. 

G'shept, shoveled, dipped 

G hara, belong. 


CVhared, belonged. 

G'shicht, story, state of af- 

G'hart, hardened. 



( Vshickt, sent, ingenius. 
O'slilecht, generation, 
(r'shleckt, licked. , 
G'shliffa, ground, 
(r'shlip, slip 
G'slilipt, slipped. 
G'shlofa, slept. 
G'shlogga, struck. 
(T'slilookt, swallowed 
G'shlussa, locked. 
G'shmeered, greased, oiled. 
G'shmidner nogel, clinch 

G'shrjiock, taste 
. (;'sliniocked, tasted. 

(r'shmoked, smoked. 

('r'shmulsa, melted. 

(Vslinidner nogel, wrought 
nail, clinch nail. 

(Vshuitta, cut. casteated 

(V'shnitzed, snit/.ed, sliced. 

(V'shnitzled, whittled. 

(;'shnorrixed, snored. 

(Vshnowfed, breathed, 

(x'shoft. M'orked. 

G'shooldered, shouldered. 

G'showfled, shoveled. 

G'shpawred, saved. 

G'shpeeled. played. 

G'shpelled, spelled, pinne'l. 

G'shpend, spent. 

G'shpichta, tales, stories. 

G'shpiked, spiked 

G'shpised, spiced. 


G'shplised, spliced. 

G'shplit, split. 

G'shpos, pleasure, fun. 

G'shpraich, conversation, 

G'shpraid, spread, 

G'shribe, writing. 

G'shrivva, wrote, w-ritten. 

G'shroda, ground coarsely, 

G'shrowbt. screwed. 

G'shtae, acknowledge, con- 

G'shtell, frame 

G'shtenk, stench. 

G'shtimmed, voted. 

G'shtola, stolen. 

G'shtonna, stood, confessed. 

G'shtoombeered, abused, 

G'shtrained, strained-. 

G'shtrecked, stretched, ex- 

G'shtritta, quarreled. 

G'shtucha, stung, stabbed. 

G'shtudered, stammered. 

G'shtuddeert, studied. 

G'shtupt, stopped, darned. 

G'shunna, ran away, scud- 

G'shussa, shot. 

G'shwara, boil, boils. 

G'shwell, swell. 

G'shwella, swelling. 


(Vshwetst. talked 

G'shwint, quick. 

G'shwinter, quicker. 

G'shwinsht, quickest 

G'sliwindichkate, quickness. 

G'shwindled, swindled- 

G'sliwishter, brother or sis- 

G'shwishtera, brothers and 

G'sliwishter kinner, cousins 

G'shwora. swore. 

G'shw-ulla. swollen. 

G'sicht, face, countenance. 

G'sichts farb, complexion. 

G'signed, signed. 

G'soaked, soaked 

G'song, song, h3'mn. 

G'soocht, hunted 

G'sookled, sucked. 

G'soond, well, healthy. 

G'soondhate, health. 

G'soonga, sang, sung. 

G'suffa, drunk, intoxicated. 

G'suffered, suffered. 

Geb, give. 

Gebt, gives. 

Gees, cast, sprinkle. 

GvCsa, casting, sprinkling. 

Geeser, founder, sprinkler. 

Gees kon, watering can or 
sprinkling can. 

Geig, fiddle, violin. 

Geiga, fiddling. 

Geigamocher violinraaker. 
Geiga said, fiddle string 
Geiga soddle, violin bridge. 
Geiger, fiddler, violinist. 
Geil, horses. 
Geils duckten veterinary 

surgeon, farrier. 
Geils kesht, horse chestnut. 
Geils misht, horse dung. 
Geils shtol, horse stable. 
Geisht, spirit 
Geishtlich, spiritual. 
Geitz, avarice, covet. 
Geitzhols, miser. 
Geitzich, stingy. 
Geld, money. 
Geld sock, purse, portemon- 

Gelta. isn't it so ? 
Gens, geese. 
Gens bloom, daisy. 
Gens blooma, dasies. 
Gens fedder, quill. 
Gens wei, water 
Geography, geography. 
Geshter, yesterday. 
Gessa, guessing, ate. 
Gettlich, divine, godly. 
Gevva, give. 
Gibble, top, summit. 
j Gibs, gypsum. 
Gicht, gout. 

Gichtra, fits, convulsions. 
Gicht rose, peony. 


Gift, poison. 

Gift shwom; todstool. 

Gillerree, killdeer. 

Ginny hinkle, Guiuea fowl. 

Givvel, gable. 

Givvel end, gable end. 

Gla, clover, small, little. 

Gla blawd, clover leaf. 

Gla butzer, clover huUer. 

Gla feld, clover field, small 

Glaich, link. 

Glaid, garment. 

Glaida, clothing. 

Glaider, clothes, garments. 

Gl aid er barsht, clothes 
brush. [or hooks. 

Glaider hoka, clothes hook 

Glaider kommer, clothes 

Glaidermacher, tailor. 

Glaider shonk, wardrobe. 

Glai hinkle, pullet. 

Glaina tzwivla, seed onions. 

Glainer darm, small intes- 

Glainer deivel, imp 

Glainer hawna, small roos- 

Glainy shlonga wartzel, Sen- 
eca snake root. 

Glais, rut. 

Gla shprow, clover chaff. 

Gla wausum, clover sod. 


(ilawb, believe. 

Glawbs, believe it. 
I Glawg, complaint. 

Glawga, complaining. 

Glaws, glass. 

Glaws icorrella, glass beads. 

Glawva, believing, faith, 

Glead, limb, member. 

Gleadich. red hot. 

Gledda, burdock, 

Gledda wartzel, burdock 

Glei, soon, right away. 

Gleia, bran 

Gleich, equal, alike 

Gleicha, to like, to 'ove, 

Gleichgeltich, unconcerned. 

Gleichheit, equality. 

Gleichnis, paral)le. 

Glemma, to pinch. 

Glensht, smallest, least. 

Glensich, brilliant. 

Gles awg, wall eye. 

Glessoor, lacquer, glazing. 

Glick, luck. 

Glicka, having luck. 

Glickers, marbles, testicles. 

Glicklich, lucky. 

Glidsera, to glitter, to shine, 

Glidserich, glittering, shin- 

Glip, clip. 

Glippa, clipping. 

Glitchich. slippery. 
Gloa, cloven, claws. 
Gloafder, cord, 128 cubic 

Gloa fet, neat's foot oil. 
Olobboard pale, picket. 
Globboard fens, pale fence. 
Globe, chinine\\ 
Glof, key of an organ or 

Gloffeer, piano, melodeou. 
Glom, clamp 
Glomhoka, dog. 
Glons, splendor, shine. 
Gl 00k, cluck 
Gloompa, lump. 
Glot, smooth. 
Glova, staple. 
Gluck, a large bell 
Glucka bloom, columbine. 

blue bell 
Gnadich gracious, merciful 
Gnawda, grace, mercy 
Gnawda tzeit, time of grace 
Gnick, neck joint. 
Gnovera, to gnaw. 
Gnucha, bone, bones. 
Gnuchich, bony. 
Gnup, button, lump. 
Gnupluch, buttonhole 
Gnuvvelluch, garlic. 
Goat godmother. 
Goalleskarn, coculus. indi- 

Gofifa, to look idly, to stare. 
Goll, gall, gallon, bile. 
Golla blech, gallon measure, 
Gollerich, souse. 
Golya, gallows 
Gom, rubber, gum. 
Gomber, camphor. 
Gom bolla. gum ball. 
Gomhenshing, rubber gloves 
Gom hood, rubber hat. 
Gom hussa, rubber breeches 
Gom ruck, gum coat, 

Gom shoe, rubbers. 
Gom shtivel, gum boots. 
Gonga, went, gone. 
Gonk, corridor, entry, hall. 
Gons, entire, whole, goose. 
Gousert gander 
Gook, look, appearance 
Gooka, looking 
Gook-gook, cuckoo. 
Gook-gooks koshta, raree 

Gooma, gum. 
Gooma beera, gum berries. 
Gooma brecher, jawbreaker. 
Gooma hüls, gum wood. 
Goomer. cucumber. 
Goomera, cucumbers. 
Goomera ronka, cucumber 

Goomera shtick, cucumber 


( Toomeratzulawd, cucmiibe 

(yoona, to wish ill luck 
(ioot, good. 
(Toothartzicli, good hearted 

(TOot mocha, to prove, to 

Gorda, garden 
Gorda hock, garden hoe. 
Gore, done, entire 
( jore kenny, none at all. 
Goreuet, not at all. 
Gorn, yarn. 
<;ott, God. 
<jOttes dinslit. divine wor 

Gottes word, the Scriptures 
Gottheit, divinity 
Gottlose, depraved, wicked 
Govvel, fork. 
Govvela, forking 

65 GREKIv 

(riais, size 

Graiser, larger, greater, 

Graisht, largest, greatest, 

Grammer, grammar. 

Granbeera, cranberries. 

Grandaddy< grandfather. 

Grandle, plow beam. 
I Grape, crepe. 
j Grape hoot, crepe bonnet, 
I mourning hat. 
j Gravel, gravel, 
j Gravel sht^e, gravel stones- 
j Graver, digger. 
I Grawb. grave, tomb. 
j Grawbmacha, to dig a grave. 
j Grawbmocher, grave digger. 
I pall-bearer 
I Grawbshtce, tombstone. 
I Grawbshta:'hocker, sculptor. 

Grawd, straight, right away. 

(Tovveltzinka. prong or tine ! Grawna, faucet, spigot. 

of a fork. 
Gowl, horse. 
Gownd, dress, frock. 
Gownsh. swing. 
Gownsha, swinging. 
Gowtz, bark, 
Gowtza, barking. 
Gox, cackle. 
Goxa, cackling. 
Grab, grab. 
Grabba, grabbing. 

Graws, grass. 

Graws holm, grass blade 

Grawsich, grassy. 

Grawsom, cruel. 

Grawva, gutter, ditch, dii 

Gray awg, corn. 
Gree, green 
Greed}^ greedy. 
Greega, getting. 
Greek, war. 


Greelich, greenish. 

(Treener Dnunershdawg, 
Maundy Thursday [ber. 

Greesa, to greet, to remeui- 

Crreeva, cradkles, 

(rreish. hollo, cry. [cryiii.g. 

(xreisha, holloing, shuitiiig. 

Greislich, remarkable 

(ireit, chalk, cr.iyon. 

Greitz, spine, cross [bago 

Greitzvvae, backache, lum- 

Gretz, itch 

Grevver, coarser. 

Grex, grunt 

(rrexa, grunting, 

Grib, crib, a small bed. 

Gribba, cribbing. 

Gribble, cripple. 

Gribblebisser. cribber. 

Grick. crutcli, creek, get 

Gricksel, cricket 

Grick't, gotten., optained. 

Griff, grasp, clip of a horse- 

Grimdo.m, large intestine. 

(xrind, scab. 

Grindich. sc.ibby, positive. 

Cxrishdeera. to purge, to 
clean oiit 

Grisht wartztd. winter-a- 
conite oi black liellebore. 

Grishtdawg, Christmas. 

Grisht bawm, Chri.stmas tree 

Grishtdawg, Chiistmas. 


j (Trishtdawg's candy, clear- 

Grishtlich, pious 
I Grisht moonet, December. 
I Grishtus, Christ. 
! Grisla, distasteful. 

Grislich, horrible, terrible, 

Gro, gra3% grey, hoar\-. 

Groats, mould, 

Groatsich, mouldy. 

Grobsh. grab. 

Grobsha, grabbing, to gral>. 

Grockgaila, quarrelin . 

(irockgailer, blatherskite. . 

(rrode, stitch. 

Gro keppich, gray haired, 
hoary headed. 

Gromonsela, fringes, flum- 

Gromp, cramp 

Grons, wreath, border. 

Groog, jug, mug, pitcher. 

Groomla, grumbliug 

Groond, grouud. 

Groonduis, groundnuts, pea- 

(xroosel beera. goose berries 

(rrop, crow. 

Grose, large, big. tall. 

Grosehols, loudmouthed. 

Grosemowl, boa.ster. brag- 

GroLla, crawl, climb. 


Grotlich, straddling. 
Grots, scratch 
Grotsa, scratching. 
Grotsich, hard, rancid. 
Grounsich, ill-natured. 
Grout, cabbage, vegetables, 

Groomlich, fretful. 
Grout darsha, cabbage heart. 
Grout shtick, cabbage patch 
Grout sooma, cabbage seed. 
Groutzulawd, coleslaw. 
Growl, growl. 
Growla. growling. 
Grup, cruel, maw, coarse. 
Grup hate, cruelty. 


Grup heit, cruelt}^ 
Grusht, crust. 
Grushtich, vexed, cross. 
Gruslich, gristly, curly 
Grut, toad. 

Grutta bolseni, pennyroyal. 
Grutta gickser, toad-bleeder 
Guld. gold 
Gulda^ golden. 
Gulda gail, yellow as gold. 
Guldendure, golden tincture 
Guld mine, gold mine. 
Guld omsliel. oriole. 
Gwidda, quinces. 
Gwndda karn, quince seed. 
j Gwidda pie, quince pie. 


Hae, up in the air. 

Haib. hold. 

Haib blawt, windlass. 

Haib gorn, dip net 

Haibt, holds, holding. 

Haibter, bundles, stalks 

Haich, height. 

Haicher, higher. 

Haigsht, highest. 

Haiflich. courteous, hospit- 

Haikelcha, crochet needle. 

Haikla, crocheting, clawing 
as a cat. 

Haikle, crochet, claw as a 

Hail, secret. 

Hail holda, keeping a secret. 

Hailinger, secretl}', on a sly. 

Haincha, cockerel. 

Hair. hear. 

Haira, hearing. 

Hair'd, hears. 

Hais, hot, order, command. 

Haisa, foot, feet, to order, 

to command. 
Haiser, hotter. 
Haisht, hottest, name. 
Hale, heal. 
Hala, healing, 
Haling, secretly. 
Hailinger, secretly. 
Hall, hall. 
Hambeera, raspberries. 


Haine, home 

Hamebringa, bringing home. 

Hamedickish, selfish, de- 

Hameg'feel, homefeeling. 

Hamelich, secretly. 

Hamet, home 

HamewLe, homesick. 

Hametzus. homewards 

Handla. handling. 

Handle, handle. 

Har, here. 

Hara, come here, at this 

Harafogel, jay. 

Harbringa, bring here 

Harbsht, fall, autumn. 

Hard, hard 

Harda, hardening 

Hardatzeita, hard times or 

Hardgelt, coin. 

Hardhartzich, hard hearted, 

Hard harich, hard of hear- 

Hardich, quick. 

Hardlarnich, dull, stupid 

Hardleivich. costive. 

Hardmeilich, hardmouthed. 

Hardship, hardship. 

Harf, harp. 

Harfa, harps. 

Hargae, come here. 

Hargevva, give away. 


Harhola, fetch. 

Harkumma, come here. 

Harlich, happy, merry, 

Harlichkaie, happiness. 

Harlichkeit, happiness. 

Harmocha, come here. 

Harn, brain, master, horn. 

Harnaisel, hornet. 

Harning, February. 

Harnshawl, skull, cranium 

Harr. Lord, master, 

Harrich, listen, hear, 

Harrous, out of it, get out. 

Harrum, about, around- 

Harsfvwga, to say, relate, re- 

Harsh, deer. 

Harshagraws, millet. 

Harsharnsgeisht, hartshorn, 

Harshbuck, male, deer. 

Harsflaish, venison. 

Harshicka, send here, 

Harshkoo, doe, hind. 

Harshoft, lordship. [from. 

Harshtomma, to descend 

Hartz, heart, courage. 

Hartzfel, pericardium. 

Hartzkluppa, heart beating, 
palpitation of the heart. 

Hartzkommer, venticle. 

Hartzlich, heartily, wil- 


Hartzoftich. bold, courage- 

Hartzwartzel, tap root. 

Hat, hat. 

Hatchet, hatchet. 

Hat trimmer, milliner. 

Hawbt, principal. 

Hawbt karl, leader, princi- 
pal fellow. 

Hawbtmon. principal man. 

Hawbtsechlich, mainly. 

Hawbt sum, principal. 

Hawna, cock. 

Hawna kom. cock's-comb. 

Haws, rabbit 

Hawfca, rabbits. 

Hawsafet, hare oil. 

Hawsafol. rabbit trap 

Hawsagltie, French clover 

Hawsa yocht, rabbit chase 

Hecht, pike or pickerel. 

Hecht grout, pickerel weed. 

Hechtsa, to loll, to pant 

Hecka, brushes 

Hecksel, fine-cvit straw. 

Heeling, hollow, cavit}-, 

Heet, hats, nurse, watch 

Heeta. nursing, watching 

Heeter, heater 

Heet mocher, hatter. 

Heffa. crocks, pots. 

Heffa mocher, potter. 

Heffa mocherrei. pottery. 

■o HELM 

I Heffuer, potter. 

I Heft, hilt 

I Heftich, strong, violent. 

Heichla, to feign, to pre- 
j teud. 

Heichler, hypocrite, pre- 
' tender. 
I Heichlerrei, In-pocrisy 

Heid, heathen, to-day 

Heida, heathens, to-da}- 

Heidichdawgs, at the pres- 
ent time. 

Heidish, he.itljenish 

Heifich, abundantly, freely 

Heifla, heaping up 

Heifts, heaves. 

Heil, weep, cry. 

Heil I, weeping, crying. 

Heiiich, sacred, holy. 
! Heilond, Jesus, Messiah, the 
I Savior. 
' Heir, marry. 
! Heira, to marry, to wed. 

Heirawd, marriage. 

Heiser, houses 

He lenglich, enough, suffi- 

Helf. help. 

Helfa, helping 

He'.fcr, helper, assistant. 

Flelft. half 

Hell, hell, clear. 

Helling, light. 

Helm, helve. 

HEM, shirt. 

Hemmer, shirts. 

Hemmer boosom, shirt bo- 

Hemmer breis, wrist band. 

Hell, have, to possess. 

Hend, hands 

Hendich, handy, conveni- 

Hengel, bunch, train. 

Hengsht, stallion. 

Heiik, handle, hang. 

Henka, hanging. 

Henka glaws. tankard. 

Henk bouch, punch belly. 

Henkmon, hangman, rascal. 

Heushing. mittens, gloves. 

He richta, to spoil, to ruin 

Hesich, of this country, not 

Hesitata, hesitating. 

Heslich, ugly, dreadful 

Het, had, would. 

Heveisa, crowbar. 

Hevel, club. 

He W'Cisa, to show there. 

Hex, witch 

Hexa, witches • 

Hexa duckter.witch doctor. 

Hexa maishter, wi/^ard 

Hexerrei, witchcraft. 

Hibsh, handsome, pretty 

Hickernis, hickor3P.uts, 

Hickerv, hickorv. 


Hickery hüls, hickory woo*]. 

Hickery wid, hickory withe 

Hickle, limp 

Hickla, limping 

Hickler, one who limps. 

Hie, down, there. 

Hie gse, go there. 

Hift, hip 

Hifta, hips. 

Hilf, help, aid. 

Hilflose, helpless. 

Hilsa, wooden. 

Hiisa bit, wooden leg. 

Hilsner deller. pallet. 

Hilsner hommer, mallet. 
Himmel, Heaven, heavens, 

Himmel ferdawg, Ascension 

Hinmielisli, Heavenly, celes- 
H inkle, chicken, chickens. 

hen, hens 
Hinkle ben, chicken pen. 
Hinklebeuna, chicken pens. 
Hinkle darem, hen -bit 
Hinkle heiser, hen houses. 
Hinkle house, hen house. 
Hinkle kevich chicken coop 
Hinkle koshta, chicken 

Hinkle louse, chicken louse. 
Hinkle lice, chicken lice 
Hinkle nesht, lien's nest 


Hinkle neshter, hens' bests 

Hinkle shtol, heu house, 
chicken coop 

Hinkle shtel, heu bouses, 
chicken coops. 

Hinkle shtong, hen roost. 

Hinkle shtonga, hen roosts 

Hinkle soddle, hen roost. 

Hinna, back, behind. 

Hinna draw, late, behind. 

Hinna drin, in the hind 

Hinna droof, on the hind 

Hinna nei. into the hind 

Hinna no, in the rear, after 

Hinner, hinder, behind, 

Hinner, to prevent, to hin- 

Hinner deer, hind door 

Hinnergte, to cheat, to de- 

Hinnergonga, cheated, de 

Hinnerlich, backward. 

Hinnerlussa, to leave be- 

Hinnersht. last, hindmost. 

Hinner shoonka, ham. 

History, history. 

Hit, hut. 

Hits, heat 

Hitsich, fervent, heated. 
Hits pucka, prickly heat. 
Hivel, hill. 

Hivelich, hilly, undulating. 
Hob, have, did. 
Hoch, high. 

Hochbanich, elite, grand 
Hoch Deitsch, German. 
Hochmeedich, proud. 
Hochmood, pride. 
Hochmoods nar,dude, dandy 
Hochmoods tzipple, dude 
Hochochta, to respect, to 

esteem, to honor 
Hochshtendich. eminent. 
Hochshtond, eminence 
Hoch shook high school. 
Hoch shtool, high chair, 

Hock, hoe, chop. 

Hocka, hoeing, chopping. 

Hockglutz chopping block. 

Hock messer, cleaver. 

Hofe, yard, lawn. 

Hofe fens, yard fence. 

Hoffa, pot, crock. 

Hoffa deckle, pot cover. 

Hoffa' sharva, pot sherd. 

Hoft, h(^k 

Hofta, hooks 

Hoka blook, shovel plow. 

Hola, to fetch 

Holaboona, nothing in it. 

Holb, half. 

Holb leina, linsey woolsey.. 

Holl) uocht, midnij^lit 
1 lolb shtivel.half hoot,slioe. 
Holb shtreng. half traces. 
H')lb wake half way. 
Holb )'arich, semi annually, 

half yearh'. 
Hold, hold, halt stop. 
Holda, holding, halting, 

Hole, hollow, fetch, came. 
Hole wake, defile. 
Holfter, halter. 
Holfter, ket. halter chtiin. 
Holfter reema, halter strap 
Holm, haum, blade, stalk. 
Hols, neck, throat 
Holsbond, necklace, collar. 
Holsdooch. tippet, necktie, 

Holsgnick, neck joint. 
Holsgrawga, cravat. 
Hjlsoustzairung, bronchitis. 
Hols rosa, holly hock. 
Hols shtarricli, stubborn, 

Hols unkle.back of the neck 
Holswae. sore throat, quinsy. 
Holver, half 

Holver dawler, half dollar. 
Holver goul, dock. 
Hommel, wether. 
Hommer, hammer, fish net. 
Hommer shteel, hammer 



Hommer shlock, dross- 

Hond, hand 

Hond board, plasterer's 

Hond dooch, towel. 

Hondel, trade. 

Hondful, handful 

Houdla, trading, doing busi- 

Hondle, trade, business. 

Hondlonga,to assist masons. 

Hondlonger, hod carrier. 

Hondlung, trade, doings, 

Hond riegel, handrail, ban- 

Hond sake, hand .saw. 

Hondshrift, handwriting, 

Hondwarrick, trade, craft. 

Hondwarrick's g'.shar, tools. 

Hondwarricks mon, me- 

Honft, hemp 

Honk, slope, declivity, sus- 
pended shelf for putting 
on eatables 

Honswarsht, clown. 

Hoobsa, to hop, to jump, to 

Hoobera, to go roughly. 

Hood, hat. 

Hoodie, hurr}', [rags. 

Hoodla, hurrying, tatters, 


Hoodie loompa, oven rag, 
oven cloth. 

Hoodie shtro, tangled straw 

Hoodie wish, hasty person. 

Hoof, hoof. 

Hoofa, to back. 

Hoofeisa, horse shoe 

Hoofnegel, horse nails, 

Hoomel, bumble-bee. 

Hoond, dog. 

Hoondish, doggish. 

Hooudly, little dog 

Hoonger, hunger. 

Hoongerich, hungry. 

Hoongersnode, starvation, 

Hoonich, honey, sweetheart. 

Hoonich fogel, hvimming 

Hoonich grout, toad flax. 

Hoonich koocha, honey 

Hoonichsookle, honey- 

Hoonna, down, below. 

Hoonert, hundred. 

Hoounerdsht, hundredth. 

Hoonnertyahrich fesht, cen- 

Hoonert yohr, century. 

Hoons blooma, dog flowers. 

Hoons grout, toad flax. 

Hoonshuls, dogwood. 

Hoor, whore. 


Hoora bull, whoremonger. 

Hoora henghst, whoremon- 
ger, whoremaster. 

Hoora house, bawdy house 

Hoora kind, bastard. 

Hoosht, cough 

Hooshta, coughing. 

Hootch, colt 

Hootchel, colt 

Hootchley, colt 

Hoops, hop, jump, skip. 

Hoopsa, hopping, jumping, 

Hopper, hopper. 

Hore, hair. 

Hore barsht, hair brush. 

Hore bindle, hair bag. 

Hore bond, hair ribbon. 

Hore schmear, hair oil. 

Hore shpel, hair pin. 

Horich, hairy. 

Hortsich, resinous 

Hos, hateful, grudge. 

Hossa, hating, grudging. 

Hosier, hostler. 

Hospittle, hospital. 

Hossei hecka, hazle brushes. 

Hosselnis, hazlenuts, filbert. 

Hoshpel, reel, sill}^ bustling 

Hoshpla, reeling. 

Hospower, horse-power. 

Hoswip, cowhide. 

Houch, breath. 


Houcha, breathing. 

Houd, skin. 

Houfa, heap 

Houiis, hound. 

Hous, house, outside. 

Housa, keeping house, rag- 

Housarwed, kitchen work. 

Hous deer, outside door. 

Housholda, to be frugal, to 
keep house. 

Hous middle, house remedy, 
house cure. 

Houserote, furniture. 

Housrote mocher, cabinet- 

Hous rote shreiner, cabinet- 

Hous shreiner, carpenter. 

Hous shtire, wedding pres- 

Hous uhr, house clock. 

Hous wocks, house leek. 

Hova, have. 

Hover, oats 

Hover feld, oats field. 

Hover gase, katydid. 

Hover kam, oats seed. 

Hover kisht, oats bin. 

Hover male, oat meal 

Hover shprow, oat chaff. 

Hover shtick, oats patch. 

Hover shtro, oats straw- 

Hover sock, oats sack or bag 


Hovas wart, worth having. 

Howbt shtick, principal part- 

Howfa, heap. 

Hoxet, hogshead. 

Hoy, hay 

Hoy bora, hay mow. 

Hoyet, haymaking. 

Hoy govel, hay fork. 

Hoy howfa, hay cock 

Hoy messer, hay knife. 

Hoy mocha, making hay. 

Hoy recha, hay rake. 

Hoy ref, hay rack. 

Ho}^ shreck, grasshopper 

Hoy shrecker. grass hopper. 

Hoy shrecker, grasshoppers. 

Hoy shtuck, hay stack. 

Hubba, hops 

Hubba shtong, hop pole. 

Hubble, hobble, stackle. 

Huchtzich, wedding, mar- 

Huck, sit. 

Hucka, sitting. 

Huckle beera, huckleber- 
ries, whortleberries. 

Huckshter, huckster 

Huckshtera, huckstering. 

Huff, hope 

Huffa, hoping. 

Hufning, hope. 

HuUer, elder. 

Huller beera^ elder berries. 

Huller flint, pop-gun. 

Hüls, wood 

Hüls blots, wood place. 
Hüls buck, saw-horse. 
Hüls coala, charcoal. 
Hüls epel, crab apples. 
Hüls fawra, sweet fern, 
Hulsheisel, wood house, 

wood shed. 
Hüls hocker, wood choppei 
Hüls howfa, wood pile. 
Hulsich, wooden. 
Hüls kisht, wood chest. 
Hulskup. blockhead 
Hüls ox, wood axe 
Hüls sake, wood saw. 


Hüls shlegel. maul. 
Hurry, hurry. 
Hurrya, hurrying. 
Hussa, pants, trousers. 
Hussa bae, pants leg or legs. 
Hussa drayer, suspenders. 
Hussa lots, flap, pants fly. 
Husla, raffling. 
Hussel. raffle. 
Hussel metch. raffle match. 
Huvvel, plane. 
Huvvel bonk, carpenter's 

bench, joiner's work bench 
Huvveleisa, plane bit. 
Huvvel shpse, shavings. 

ice, ice 

Ich, I. 

Illegal, illegal. 

Ilond, island. 

Imber,. ginger. 

Imitata, imitate [tinually 

Immer, always, ever, cou- 

Immerfard, always, ever- 
lasting, perpetually, ever- 

Immermae, more and more 

Immer-un-avich, eternally, 

Impose, impose. 

Imposa. imposing. 

Impressa, impressing. 

Impression, impression. 


Improof. improve 
Improofa, improving 
Improofment, improvement. 
Import import 
Importa, importing. 
Ims, meal 

Imstzeit, meal time. 
In, in. 

Inactif, inactive. 
Innerlich, internalh-. 
Inaugurate, inaugurate. 
Inaururrta, to innigurate. 
Inaugurashun, inauguration 
Include, include. 
Includa, including, [tion. 
Incorporation, incorpora- 
Indecent, indecent. 


I lulependent, independent. 

Index, index. 

Indirect, indirect. 

Indressa, interest, 

Inflama, to inflame. 

Inflaniashun, inflammation. 

Inflata, to inflate. 

Influence, influence. 

Influensa, influencing. 

Influenshal, influential, 

Ingawei, intestines. 

Ingenuity, ingenuity. 

Inhold, contents. 

Initiata, to initiate. 

Initiation, initiation. 

Innerlich, inwardly, 

lush, Indian, 

Insha, Indians 

Insha dnwock, lobelia. 

Insha rubber, India rubber, 

Inshei, engine, 

Inshineer, engineer. 

Inshlich, tallow. 

Inshlich licht, tallow candle, 

Inshlich lichter, tallow can- 

Inshlich lichter mocher. 
tallow chandler. 

Tnshpect. inspect 

Inshpecta, to inspect. 

Inshpecter, inspector. 

Inshterment, instrument. 

Inshure, insure. 


Inshura, to insure. 

Inshurance, inshurance. 

In.sist, insist. 

Insista, to insist. 

Insinuate, insinuate 

Itisinuata, to insinuate. 

Institute, institute. 

Institushun, institution. 

Instruct, instruct 

Instructa, to instruct 

Instructer, irstructor. 

Instruction, instruction. 

Insult, insult. 

Insulta, to insult. 

Intend intend 

Intenda, intending. 

Intenshun, intention, 

Interfera, to interfere. 

Interfere, interfere. 

Introduce, introduce 

Introdusa, to introduce. 

Invent, invent. 

Inventa, to invent- 

Invention, invention. 
I Inventory, inventory. 
j Invest, invest. 

In vesta, to invest 
I Investigate, investigate 
i Investigata, investigating, to 

Investigashuu, investigation. 

Inwennich, inside, internal. 

Isa. iron. [cooking pot, 

Isa hoffa, iron kettle or 


Isa mind, iron ore 

Isa warrick, iron works, 

Ishue, issue. 

Itemiza, itemizing. 

Ivver, over, past, above. 

Ivver'nwile, after a while. 

Ivverbeeda, to outbid, to 

Ivverbinna, to bind over. 

Ivverboona, bound over. 

Ivverbudda. overbidden. 

Ivvercharga, to overcharge. 

Ivverdeck, bed quilt, cover- 

Iveerdoo, overdue. 

Ivverdreffa. to excel [tremes 

Ivver dreiva, to carry to ex- 

Ivverdrivva, exaggerated 
« IvverdrufFa, excelled, sur- 

Ivvereilt, hasty. [nant. 

Ivveresht, remainder, rem- 

Ivverflisich, superfluous, 

Ivverfloos, abundance, plenty. 

Ivverfolla, to surpass. 

Ivvergalarn'd, crack-brained 

Ivvergooka, to overlook. 

Ivvergookt, overlooked. 

Ivverg'sheit, conceited. 

Ivverhara, overhear. 

Ivverhaird, overheard. 

Ivverhawbt, in general. 

Ivver-hols-un-kup. over 
head and heels 


Ivverhond, to overcome. 

Ivverhussa, overalls. 

Ivverich, over, left over. 

Ivverlaiga, to consider, de- 

Ivverlaigt, considered. 

Ivverlaiva, to outlive. 

Ivverlawfa, to chill, to over- 

Ivverlivra, to deliver. 

Ivverlussa, to relinquish 

ivvermasich, extravagantly. 

Ivvermarya, day-after-to- 

Ivver mocha, to repeat, to do 

Ivvernemma. to overtake. 

Ivvernoomma, overtaken. 

Ivverall, everywhere. 

Ivverous, very, exceedingly. 

Ivverous-shse, exceedingly 
nice, exceedingly pretty, 
very nice, very pretty. 

Ivver roola, overruling. 

Ivversahna, oversee. 

Ivversahuer, overseers. 

Ivversetz, translate. 

Ivver setz, reset. 

Ivversetza, translating. 

Ivver setza, resetting, 

Ivversetzer, translator. 

Ivversetz'd, translated [set. 

Ivver setz'd, having been re- 
' Ivversetzung, translation. 


I wer shtoodeer'd, overstud- 

Ivvershrift, superscription. 

Ivverslioo, rubber, overshoe. 

Ivvershoos, overshoot. 

Ivvershwemung, inundation. 

Ivversichtich, crosseyed. 

Ivverstzeiga, to convince. 

Ivvertzeigt, convinced, 
subdue, vanquish, con- 

Jackline, checkrein. 
Jail. jail. 
Jealous, jealous 
Jelly, jelly. 

Jerry, Jerry, Jeremiah. 
Jigger, a drink of liquor. 
Jobba, jobbing. 
Jobber, jobber. 

Join, join. 
Joina, joining. 
Joiner, joiner. 

Kse, none. 

Kala, to choke. 

Kale, throat. 

Kale bond, throat band. 

Kan, can, jar. 

Kanna, canning. 

Kanich, king. 

Kanich reich, kingdom. 


{ Ivverweisa, convince, prove. 
Ivverweldicha, overpower, 
Ivverwelma, overwhelm. 
Ivverweisa, overturn. 
Ivverwinna, to conquer, to 

Ivvertzook, cover. 
Ivvertzwanich, contrary, 

Ivvel, nauseated, nauseous, 

bad, evil. 


Jointa, joining. 

Joka, joking. 

Joke, joke. [pansy 

Jonn}^ -jump-up, heart's-ease, 

Journal, journal. 

Judge, judge. 

Judgment, judgment. 

Jury, jury. 

Jury mon, juryman. 

Justis, justice 

Justify, justify. 


Kara, sweeping, ought to be, 

Karb, basket 
Kare, sweep, curve. 
Karbed, carpet. 
Karbed loompa, carpet rags, 
Karbet tzettle, carpet chain. 
Karl:)ed waver, carpet weaver. 


Karber, body. 

Ivarb macher, basket maker. 

Karbs, pumpkin. 

Karbsa custerd, pumpkin 

Karbsa karu, pumpkin seed 

Karbsa pie, pumpkin pie. 

Karbsa ronka, pumpkin vine 

Karbsa shawl, pumpkin peel 

Karbsa shtick, pumpkin 

Kard, hardened, tempered. 

Kardsagrawd, perpendicular, 

Kardslich, recently. 

Kards ochtemich, asthmatic. 

Kards sichiich, nearsighted. 

Kards sichticher, myope. 

Karl, fellow. 

Kam, kernel, rye. 

Karn air, r\'e ear or head. 

Karn brode, rye bread 

Karn feld, rye field. 

Karn male, rye flour. 

Karn shprow. rye chaff 

Karn shtro, rye straw. 

Karn shtuck, rye stack, rye 

Karrich, church, cart, carts. 

Karricha, churches. 

Karricha deer, church door, 

Karricha gie. church going. 

Karricha genger, church- 


Karricha gong, church aisle. 

Karricha g'shicht, ecclesias- 
tical history. 

Karrich gowl, cart horse 

Karrich hofe, churchyard, 

Karricha leid, church peo- 

Karricha rawd, consistory. 

Karricha shtool, pew. 

Karsh, cherry 

Karsha, cherries. 

Kasha bame, cherry trees, 

Karsha bawni. cherry tree. 

Karsha boy, cherr}- pie or 

Karha hard, cherry tray. 

Karsha hüls, cherry wood. 

Karsha koocha. cherry tart 
or tarts. 

Karsha lawb. cherr}- leaves 

Karsha pie. cherry pie or pies 

Karsha shtie, cherry stone or 

Kasha shtan er, cherry stoner- 

Kartz short 

Kartza, to shorten. 

Kartzer, shorter. 

Kartzlich, recently. 

Kartzsht, shortest. 

Kase, cheese. 

Kase bobla, marsh roots, 

Kase koocha, cheese cake or 

Kastereil, castor oil. 
Kawder, torn cat 
Kawf, buy, purchase. 
Kawfa, buyin». 
Kavvfer, buyer 
Kawf leit, buyers, shoppers, 
Kawfmon, merchant. 
Kawft, bought, purchased. 
Kechra, lintels. 
Kee, cows 
Kee bitters, tansy 
Kee bloom, dandelion. 
Keedreck, cow dung. 
Keedreck roller, tumble bug. 
Kee driver, drover or drovers 
Keefer. cooper 
Kee ket, cow chain. 
Keel, cool. 
Keela, cooling. 
Keeler, cooler. 
Kee misht, cow manure. 
Keen, chin, shrewd. 
Keen bocka, jaw. 
Keeper, keeper. 
Keepulfer, cattle powder. 
Kee pulver, cattle powder 
Kee roos, lamp black. 
Keffer, bug. 
Keicha, to pant., 
Keichich, panting 
Keim, germ, sprout. 
Keima, sprouting, sprouts 
Keimed, sprouts. 
Keiser, emiperor. 


I Keiser grone, imperial crown 

Keitle, wedge. 

Keitla, wedging. 

Kel, trowel. 

Kelch, cup chalice. 

Kelder, cider press 

Kelder house, press house. 

Keller, cellar. 

Keller aisel, cellar bug. 

Keller deer, cellar door. 

Keller grate, cellar grate 

Keller kich, basement 

Keller luch, cellar hole. 

Kellich. cup, chalice 

Ken, none, know. 

Ken mole, not once. 

Kenna, can, to know- 

Kenner, none. 

Kent, knows, could. 

Kentzaicha, mark of distinc- 

Kesht, chestnut. 

Keshta, chestnuts. 

Keshta bame, chestnut trees 

Keshta bawm, chestnut tree, 

Keshta farb, chestnut color. 

Keshta hüls, chestnut wood. 

Keshta pife, chestnut whistle. 

Kesht igle, chestnut bur. 

Kessel kettle. 

Kessel flicker, tinker. 

Ket, chain. 

Ketsel, kitten, young cat. 


Ketta, chains, to fasten with 

a chain or chains. 
Ketta boomp, chain pump 
Ketta shtreng, iron traces. 
Ketta shtrong, iron trace 
Ketta-koogel, chain-shot. 
Kevvich, cage or cages. 
Kich, kitchen. 
Kicha deer, kitchen door. 
Kicha dish, kitchen table. 
Kicha dripple, waiter. 
Kick, kick. 
Kicka, to kick. 
Kicker, kicker. 
Kimmel, chervil, caraway. 
Kimniera, grieving, 
Kimmerlich, needful, pitiful. 
Kin, chin 

Kin bocka, jaw bone. 
Kind, child 

Kmdhate, infancy, childhood. 
Kindish, childish, babyish. 
Kindle, pupil. 
Kindlich, filial. 
Kinner, children. 
Kinner deep, kidnapper or 

Kinner glaider, children's 

Kinner marder, infanticide. 
Kinner mord, infanticide. 
Kinnish, childish 
Kinner shoe, children shoes. 
Kinshtler, wizard, conjurer. 


Kinshtlich, ingenious, arti- 

Kinskind, grandchild 

Kinskinner, grandchildren. 

Kinsmawd, child nurse. 

Kip. grudge, envy, hatred. 

Kippich, jealous, envious 

Kis, gravel, kiss. 

Kisht, chest, intoxicated. 

Kissa, pillow, to ki,ss. 

Kissle, sleet. 

Kisslich, sleety. 

Kit, putty. 

Kitch. scraper. 

Kit henshing. kid glove or 

Kitsen, female cat. 

Kitsla, to tickle 

Kitslich, ticklish 

Kivvel, bucket 

Kobboot wornout. dead. 

Koddoo, calico, prints. 

Koddullish, Catholic. 

Kollenner. almanac. 

Kolbosht, calabash. 

Kold, cold. 

Kold feever, ague. 

Kold maisel, cold chisel. 

Kold stick, lunch. 

Kold wedder, cold weather. 

Kold wanser, cold water. 

Kole shwartz, black as coal. 

Kolledge. college. 

Kolk, lime. 

Kolk breuna, burning lime. 
Kolk brenner, lime burner. 
Kolk shtae, linie stone. 
Kolk shtce brooch, lime stone 

Kolk ufFa, lime kiln. 
Kolk wosser, lime water. 
Kolmus, sweet flag. 
Kolp, call. 
Kolpfel, calf hide 
Kolpflaish, veal. 
Kolpledder, calf skin. 
Kom, cog, cam. 
Komma, cogs, cams 
Kommail, camel. 
Komnier, bed chamber 
Kommilla, chamomile. 
Kom rawd, cog wheel. 
Kon, can. 
Kondel, spout. 
Kongress, congress. 
Kongressmon, congressman. 
Konnawl, canal. 
Konnoon, cannon. 
Konsdrawb, currant. 
Konsdrawva, currants. 
Kondsdrawva boi, currant 

Konsdrawva shtuck, currant 

Konsdrawva wei, currant 

Konsel, pulpit. 
Konsel raider, pulpit orator. 


Konsel tzooker, rock candy. 

Koo, cow. 

Koocha, cake, cakes. 

Koocha blot, griddle. 

Koocha reddle, jagging iron 

Kooddle, tangle, entangle. 

Kooddled, tangled, entan- 

Kooddle fleck, tripe. 

Koogle, bullet, ball. 

Koogla, bullets, balls. 

Koogla form, bullet mould. 

Koom, come. 

Koombos, compass. 

Koommet, horse collar. 

Koommet deck, housing. 

Koommet shpae, haraes.[ers. 

Koonna, customer, custom- 

Koonna meel, grist mill. 

Koonsht, art, science, skill. 

Koonshdawvler, constable 

Koonshoft, patronage 

Koopper, copper. [tie. 

Koopper kessel, copper, ket- 

Koopper mine, copper mine. 

Koopper roos, copperas. 

Koopper schmit, copper 

Koos, kiss. 

Kootch, coach, carriage. 

Kord, cord, card. 

Korda, cards, to cord. 

Kor Freidawg. Good Friday 

Kornish, cornice. 

Korraseera, to court. 
Korrawsha, courage. 
Korreb, basket. 
Korrebful, basketful. • [ei, 
Korreb mocher, basket luak- 
Korrella, beads. 
Korrella weida, osiers. 
Korrockter, character. 
Koryouner, coriander. 
Kos, money box, treasury. 
Koshta, cage. 
Kosset, corset. 
Kotz, cat. 
Kotza, cats. 
Katza grout, catn-ip. 
Kow, chew. 

Kowa, to chew, to masticate. 
Kowm, scarcely, hardly. 
Krutten ale, croton oil. 
Kuch, cook, boil. 
Kucha, cooking, boiling. 
KuchhofFa, pot, boiler. 



Kuch kessel, boiler, boiling 

Kuch leffle, laddie [pan. 

Kucli pon, sauce pan, stew 
Kuch uffa, cooking stove 
KuUick, colic. 
Kulrawva colerabi. 
Kulwa, ear. 
Kup. head. 

Kupakissa. pillow. [work. 
Kup arwed, head or brain 
Kupcha, cup. 
Kuppatzeech, pillow^ case. 
Kup wfe, headache. 
Kusht. cost, board. 
Kushta, costs, costing, [sive. 
Kushtbawr, costly, expen- 
Kushtgenger, boarders. 
Kusht shpeelich, expensive, 

Kuts, vomit 
Kutsa, vomiting. 

Lady, Lady. 

Laib'd, lives. 

Laib hoft, enlivening. 

Laib wohl, live well, fare- 
well, adieu. 

Laid, sorrow, grief, regret. 

Laider, ladder. 

Laider bawm, ladder beam. 

Laider sphrussa, ladder run- 

Laider wogga, ladder wagon 
Laidich, tired, fatigued. 
Laidmeedich, sorrowful, 

disheartened, solitar}'. 
Laifer, runners 
Laifer sei, shoats 
Laig, lay, place, deposit, 
Laiga, to lay, to put. 
Laigeisa, axle plate. 
Laighinkle, laying hen. 


Laigla, to deny. 

Laima, clay. 

I.aimich, clayey. 

Lain, loan, borrow, lend. 

Laina, to loan, to lend, to 

Lainer, lender 
Lainich, alone. 
Lains house, tenant house, 
Lains mon, tenant 
Lair, empty, learning edu- 
J^aira, to teach, to instruct. 
Lais, read, pick. 
Laisa, reading, picking. 
Lnish'd, do you read? 
Laisht, shoemaker's last. 
Laisht hooka, last hook. 
Lava, life, live, living. 
Laivalong, lifetime. 
Laivensbashreiver, biog- 

Laivensbashreivung, biog- 

Laivens grout, live forever. 
Laivenslawf, biography. 
Laivensmiltle, provisions. 
Laivens bolsem, restorative 

Laivens fersicherung, life 

Laivens g'for, in danger of 

Laivestzaicha, sign of life. 


Laivestzeil, goal, or end of 

Laivestzeit, lifetime. 

Laiveswondle, biography- 

Laivich, alive. 

Landing, landing, 

Laiie, lane. 
I Lappa, to lap. 

Larbsa, to drawl. 

Lare, learning, education. 

Larma, alarm, noise. 

Larmich, noisy. 

Larn, learn. 

Larna, to learn. 

Larniug, learning, education 

Larrich, lark. 

Lash, whip, ferrule, 

Lasha, lashing. 

Latch, latch. 

Law. law. 

Lawb, foliage, leaves. 

Lawb frush, tree frog. 

Lawd, load, casket, coffin. 

Lawda, loading, shutter. 

Lawdamocher, undertaker. 

Lawd mose, loading measure. 

Lawd shtecka. ramrod. 

Lawendich, alive. 

Lawendichy mous fol, cat. 

Lawf, walk, way, course, 
gun barrel. 

Lawfa, to walk, to be a can- 
didate for office, flowing. 

Lawfer, walker. 


Lawfich, rutty. 
Lawftzeit, rutting season. 
Lawful, lawful. 
Lawg, lye. 
Lawm, lame. 
Lawmasich, legal, lawful. 
Lawsuit, lawsuit. 
Lawyer, lawyer. 
Leabsta, dear, love, darling 

Lead, lead, solder. 
Leada, leading, to solder. 
Leader, leader. 
Lease, lease. 
Leasa, leasing. 
Leava, love, fondle, like, 

Leaver, rather, lever. 
Lebbish, tasteless, unsavory. 
Lebdawg, cuorse of life. 
Lebkoocha, honey cake. 
Lebra, to drink, to sip. 
Lechel, small hole. 
Lecherich, laughable, redic- 

ulous, full of holes. 
Lecherlich, laughable redic- 

ulous, full of holes. 
Lechla, to smile. 
Leek, lick 
Lecka, to lick. 
Leckshun, lection. 
Leckshuneera, electioneer, 

Lecture, lecture. 

86 LEID 

Lectura, lecturing. 

Ledda. clay. 

Ledder, leather, flog. 

Leddera, to flog, to lash. 

Ledder-fartich-mocher, cur- 

Leddern, leathern. 

Leddich. single, unmdrried 

Leeg. lie. 

Leega, lies, to lie. 

Leffel. spoon. 

Lefts, lip. 

Leftsa, lips. 

Legal, legal. 

Legislata, legislating. 

Legislater, legislator. 

Leia, lying. 

Leiar, old ways, old ruts. 

Leira, to work slowly. 

Leib, belly, abdomen. 

Leibcha, corset, bodice. 

Leibhofiich, identical. 

Leibshtick, favorite tune. 

Leibshmartza, belly-ache, 
pain in the stomach. 

Leibwae, diarrhae 

Leicht, funeral, easy, simple 

Leichta, illuminate, give 

Leichtfeesich, swift, light- 

Leichtsinnich, thoughtless, 
frivolous, careless. 

Leid, suffer, people. 

LEI DA 87 

Leida, to like, to suffer, to 
allow, to bear. 

Jveidhos, cavalry. 

Leidlich, agreeable. 

Leim, glue. 

Leinia, to glvie. 

Leitn ledder, glue scrap, 
scraps of leather. 

Leims, lemons. 

Le'mswosser, lemonade. 

Lein, line. 

Leina, lines, linen. 

Leindooch, bed sheet. 

Leiuich. linen. 

Leio ich, linseed oil. 

Leis, lice. 

Leisht, slat. 

Leishthuvvel, ogee, or head 

Leit, people, suffer. 

Lemon, lemon. 

Lemons, lemons. 

Lemonade, lemonade. 

Lendlich, rural, rustic. 

Leng, length. 

Lengsht longest, long ago. 

Lenner, garden beds, coun- 

Lesh. slake, quench, extin- 

Lesha, slaking, quenching, 

Leshdera, baspheming. 

Lesson, lesson. 


Letsht, last 

Letz, wrong. 

Level, level. 

Levela. ]eveling. 

Levergrout, liverwort. 

Liverwarslit, pudding, liver 

Liable, liable 

Liability, liability. 

Liberal, liberal. 

Library, library. 

Lice, lice. 

License, license 

Licht, light, candle, lamp. 

Lichtbootzshare. snuffers. 

Lichter, lights, candles, 

Lichter farrem, candle mould 

Lichterglobe, lamp chimney. 

Lichter mocher,tallow chand- 

Lichter shtuck. candlestick 

Lichter weecha. lamp wick. 

Lichtmess, Candlemas. 

Lickerish, licorice. 

Liddelhouse, water closet, 

Lidderlich, naughty. 

Lied, song, hymn. 

Lift, lift 

Lifta, lifting. 

Lifter, lifter. 

Liftich, airy. 

Ligner, liar. [graph 

Likeness, likeness, photo- 

Lilack. lilac. 
Lil)^a^ lily 
Lime. glue. 

Lime ledder. glue scrap. 
Limit, limit 
Limitation, limitation. 
Lina, lines, to line. 
Line, line. 
Lining, lining 
Links, left, left-handed. 
Linna, linden, linen, lime 

tree . 
Linna bawm, linden or lime 

Linna hüls, linden wood. 
Lip, lip. 
L'sht, list. 
Lishta, to enlist. 
Literature, literature. 
Lively, lively 
Livver, deliver. 
Livvera, delivering. 
Lo, tan. 
Load, load, 
Loaf, loaf. 
Loafa, loafing-. 
Loafer, loafer. 
Loan, loan. 
Lobba, rag, patch 
Lobbish, negligent. 
Lobe, praise, reputation 
Locate, locate. 
Locata, locating. 


Loch, laugh. 

Lockseera, physic 

Lockseering, physic. 

Locomotif. locomotive. 

Locus, locust. 

Lod. lath. 

Lodda, laths. 

Loddarn, lantern. 

Loddeinish, Latin, 

Lodge, lodge 

Lodga, to lodge. 

Lodger, lodger. 

Lodging, lodging. 

Lodle, drunkard, tippler, 

Lodla, to loaf around and 

Lodnogle, lath-nail. 

Lodwarrick, applebutter 

Logic, logic 

Lo gfroob, tan pit. 

Lorn, lamb. 

Lo meel, tanning mill 

Lomma, lambs. 

Lommadeera, lament, com- 

Lommel, boor. 

Lomp, lamp. 

Lompes, lampus. 

Lomtzeit, ewing season. 

Loud, land, soil, country. 

Londaigner. land owner. 

Londkord, chart, map. 

Lond laifer, tramp. 


IvOiid laiva, country life. 

Lond messer, surveyor. 

Lond regga, extended rain, 
incessant rain. 

Lond sbilgrut, tortoise. 

Ivondshoft, vicinity. 

Ivonely, lonely. 

Lonesome, lonesome. 

Long, long. 

Longa, reaching, handing. 

Long bainich, long-legged. 

Longmeedich, forbearing, 

Longniood, longsuffering. 

Long roond, oblong. 

Longsichtich far-sighted. 

Longsom, slow. 

Longweilich, tedious, lasting 
long, slowly. 

Longwid. coupling pole. 1 

Lonna, shafts, thill. 

Lonsmon, countryman. 

Loo wages. 

Looder, carrion, 

Looder fuggel, turkey buz- 

Loodser, lantern. 

Looft, air, atmosphere. 

Looft luch, air hole. 

Looft rore, wind pipe. 

Looft rora, wind pipes, 

Looftich, air}' 

Loomerich, limber. 

Loomp, vagabond. 

Loompa, rags, tatters. 


Loompa carpet, rag carpet. 

Loompa mon, rag man, 

Loompich, ragged. 

Loona, linch-pin. 

Loosht, humor. 

Looshta, desire, delight, 

Looshteera, enjoy. 

Looshtich, jolly, merry, de- 

Lootser, lantern. 

Loox, lynx. 

Lo rode, tan color. 

Los, careless, negligent. 

Lose, loose, sow. 

Losebrecha, break loose. 

Losegarissa, broke loose, tore 

Lose g'shussa, fi)-ed off. 

Losekawfa, to ransom, to re- 

Losekawft, ransomed, re- 

Losekoomma, become free, 

Loselussa, let loose, set free, 
dismiss, emancipate. 

Losemocha, untie, let loose. 

Losereisa, break loose, tear 

Losesheesa, fire oif, dis- 
charge a firearm, 

Loseshprecha, to acquit. 

Loseshrowva, unscrew. 

Losht, burden, load. 
Loshter, vice, crime, very 

Ivoshterhoft, vicious. 
Lossichkate, lassitude 
Ivouch, leek. 
Loud. loud. 

Louder, louder, nothing but 
Louse, louse. 
Lova, praise. 
Lover, listen, watch. 
Lovera, listening, watching 
Loxeer, purge. 
Loxeera, purging 
Loxeer'd purged. 
Lo warm, tepid, lukewarm. 
Luch, hole. 


Luch sake, compass saw. 

Luck, call, decoy. 
! L/Ucka, decoying, calling. 
j Luckich, having locks. 
i Ludderish, Lutheran. 

Luff, love. 

Luff-letters, love-letters. 

Lung, lung 

Lunga fligel, lung lobe 

Lunga grout, lung wort. 

Lus, let. 

Lusht? Will you let? 

Lussa, letting. 

Lust, lets 

Lut, lot. 

Lutta, lots 

Lutteiree, lottery. 


Mable, maple. 
Mabla, maple 
Mabla bawm, maple tree. 
Mabla hüls, maple wood. 
Mabla wosser, maple sap. 
Mabla tzooker, maple sugar. 
Magnetise, magnetize, mes- 
Magnetisa, to magnetize. 
Magnetised, magnetized. 
Magazine, magazine. 
Maid, maidens, girls, lasses. 
Maidel, girl, damsel, maiden 
Maid lice, tick seed. 
Maiglich, possible, probable. 

Mail, mail, letters. 
Main, mean. 
Maina, meaning. 
Mainer, more. 
Maintain, maintain. 
Maintaina, maintaining. 
Maining, meaning. 
Maishter, master. 
Maishter wartzel, master 

Majority, majority. 
Male, flour, meal. 
Malebry, meal pap. 
Male kisht, flour chest. 
Male koshta, flour chest. 


Male seek, flour sacks. 

Male shtawb, flour or meal 

Male soup, porridge, gruel, 

Mailich, floury, mealy. 

Maltz, malt. 

Mam, mother, ma. 

Ma mosheen, mowing ma- 

Manage, manage. 

Managa, managing. 

Manager, manager. 

Mane, mean. 

Manung, meaning, opinion, 
intention, definition. 

Map, map. 

Mar, mare. 

Marra, mares. 

March, march. 

Marcha, marching 

Mard, murder. 

Marddawd. murder case. 

Marder, murderer, assassin. 

Marderg'shicht, murder case 

Marehate, majority. 

Mareheit, majority. 

Marereddich, horse raddish. 

Mareshtens, mostly. 

Marreb, ripe, mellow. 

Marrick, mark, market. 

Marricka, marking, to mark. 

Marrickdawg, market day. 

Marricks, marrow, 

Marrickwardich, remarkable 

Marrosht, mud, slush, mire. 
Marshal, marshal. 
Mart, Martin 
Martz. March. 
Marvel, marble. 
Marya, to-morrow. 
Maryaessa, breakfast. 
Maryagabait, morning 

Maryarode, morning light, 

Maryashtun, morning hour, 
Maryeds, in the morning, 
Masel, chisel. 
Masla, chiseling. 
Masich, frugal, economical, 

temperate, saving. 
Match, match 
Matcha, to match. 
Matchbox, match safe. 
Matches, matches 
Mattress, mattress. 
Mawd, maid. 
Mawdar mortar. 
Mawdar fogel, hod. 
Mawg, may, poppy. 
Mawga, stomach. 
Mawgabolsem, mint. 
Mawgadricka, cardialgy. 
Mawgagromp. stomach 

Mawger, lean, sterile. 
Mawgsht, you may. 
Mawl, grind. 


Mawla. grinding. 

Mawna, mane. 

May, mow, more. 

Maya, mowing. 

Mayor, mayor. 

Mean, mean. 

Mechtich, mighty, powerful. 

Medadisht, Methodist. 

Iledal, medal, a prize. 

Meddla, to meddle. 

Medatzeen, medicine 

Medsla, massacre, butcher. 

Meel mill. 

Meel dom, mill dam 

Meel mocher, millwiight. 

Meel race, mill race. 

Meel shtse, mill stone 

Meesalich, wearisome, tire- 

Meesich, idle. 

Meet, tired, meet. 

Meeta, to meet. 

Meeting, meeting 

Mei, my, mind, mine 

Meida, to avoid, to shun. 

Meiler, mouths 

Meind, mine. 

Meinda, to notice, to mind, 
to heed. 

Meindwaga, on my account. 

Meis, mice. 

Meisel, mouse. 

Meiselshtill, very quiet, pro 
found silence. 

92 MER 

Meiselfol, mice trap. 

Meisora, saxifrage. 

Melda, to apply, to announce 

Melk, milk. 

Melka, milking 

Melkaimer, milk pail. 

Melk shtool milking stool. 

Melloon, melon. 

Melodee, melody. 

Mencha, small man, male 

Meng, multitude, herd. 

Menlich, manly. 

Menner, men, husbands. 

Mensh, human being. 

Mensha, people. 

Mensha deep, kidnapper. 

Mensha feind, misanthrope, 
man hater. 

Mensha fershtond, common 
sense, human understand- 

Mensha freind, philanthrope 

Mensha fresser, man eater, 

Mensha hilf, human aid. 

Mensha kind, human being. 

Mensha olter, generation. 

Menshhate, mankind. 

Menshlich, human. 

Mensht, most. 

Menshun, mention. 

Menshuna, mentioning. 

Mer, we. 

Mes, to measure, brass. 
Mesht, fatten. 
Meshta, fattening. 
Mesrawd, perambulator. 
Mesrawm, foot measure. 
Messa. to measure, brass. 
Messer, knife. 
Messer gliiig, knife blade 
Messier heft, knife handle. 
Messerly, small knife, pen- 
Messer rick, back of a knife. 
Messershpitza, point of a 

Messer shteel, knife handle. 
Mich, me. 

Mick, fly [paper. 

Micka bloshter, Spanish fly 
Micka grout, fly weed. 
Micka g'shar. fly-net 
Micka warer, fly brush. 
Micka weddle. fly brush. 
Mixle fooder, mixed proven- 
Midda, middle, centre, [der. 
Middanocht, midnight. 
Middawg, dinner, noon. 
Middawgessa, dinner, [care. 
Middle, sore hand, remedy, 
Middlemaisich, middling 
Middlemale, middlings. 
Middlemose, golden means. 
Middle punk, middle, centre. 
Middler, meditation. 
Mier, we. 
Mildaw, mildew. 


Mile, mile. 

Mileage, mileage. 

Mile shtae, mile stone. 

Miller, miller. 

Millich. milk 

Millich bry, pap. 

Millich grout, milk weed. 

Millich hoff"a, milk crock. 

Millich hore, down. 

Millich house, dairy. 

Millich sei, milk strainer, 
little pigs. 

Millich seicha, little pig. 

Millich soft, chyle. 

Milliner, milliner. 

Millitz, militia. 

Mils, spleen. 

Milsgronke", menancholy. 

Milywon, million 

Milyoona, millions. 

Mine, mine, my own. 

Mine, mine 

Miner, mine, miner. 

Mineral, mineral. 

Minnoot, .minute, [hand. 

Minnootatzoyer, minute 

Misbehafe, misbehave. 

Misbroucha, to misuse, to 

Mischief, mischief. 

Misdrow, mistrust, [trusting. 

Misdrowa, mistrusting, di,:.- 

Misdrowish, suspicious, jeal- 


Misfergun, euvy. 

Misfergund, envied. 

Misfergunna, to envy. 

Misfergunnish. euvious. 

Misfershtandnis, misunder- 

Misferstond, misunderstand- 

Misht, manure, dung 

Mishtben, barnyard. 

Mishtgovel, dung fork. 

Mislich, uncertain, critical. 

Miss, miss. 

Missa, to miss, must, com- 

Misserraw vel , miserable 

Mission, mission. 

Missionary, missionary. 

Missione, missionary. 

Missionesbreddich, mission- 
ary services. 

Missione breddicher, mis- 
sionary preacher. 

Mission es geld, money for 
foreign missions 

Mistake, mistake. 

Mistaka, mistaking. 

Mistaken, mistaken. 

Mit, with, along. 

Mitbringa, to bring along 

Mitbrooder, fellowman 

Mitdaila, participating. 

Mitgadailed, participated. 

Mitg'feel, sympathy, pity. 

94 MOLS 

Mitg£E, go along 
Micganooina, took along. 
Mitgevva, to give along. 
Mitgonga went along. 
Mitg'hulfa, helped along. 
Mitglieder, congn gation. 
Mithelfa, help along. 
Mitbola, fetch along 
Mitlawfa, walk along 
Mitleid, sympathy, pity 
Mitleida, to sympathise, 

Mitleidung sympathy. 
Mitlucka, to entice. 
Mitmocha, to participate. 
Mits, Mitts. 
Mittle, remedy, cure 
Mitwuch, Wednesday. 
Mix, mix 
Mixa, mixing 
Mixle, Mixture 
Mob, mob. 
Moch, make 
Mocha, making. 
Mocher, maker 
Mod, weary, faint 
Moda, fashions. 
Moddaring, pus. 
Mole, draw, one time. 
Mola, to draw, to paint. 
Moler, drawer, painter, scar, 

iVjolossich, molasses, syrup. 
Mols, malt. 

Mommy, mother. 
Mon, man. 

Moücher, many a one. 
Mon eher lei, various, or dif- 
Mondek rn. almond, 
Mondle, mantel, mantle, 

Mongle, wants, necessities, 

Monglehoft, destitution. 
Monichmohl, many a time, 

Monkey, monkey. 
Monneer, manners 
Monneerlich, polite, having 

Monneerlichkate, politeness. 
Mounisht, Mennonite. 
Monopoly, monopoly. 
Monshoft, crew, garrison. 
Moiiskarl, man, male. 
Mousleit. men. 
Mon's ruck, man's coat 
Montle, mantle, mantel, 

Monument, monument. 
Mood, humor. 
Mooder, mother. 
Moodder grout, mother wart 
Moodder karn, ergot of rye. 
Moodder shofe, ewe. 
Mooder shproach, mother 



Mooderwae, hysterics. 

Moodich, spirited, coura- 

Moodlose, dejected, disheart- 
ened, discouraged. 

Moodmosa, to have suspi- 

Moodwilla, mischief. 

Moodwillich, mischievous. 

Moof, move, remove, 

Moofa, moving. 

Moofment, movement. 

Mook, fly. 

Mooka, flies. 

Moolly kup, tadpole. ' 

Moomps, mumps. 

Moon, moon. 

Moond, moon. 

Moondawg, Monday. 

Moonder, action, lively. 

Moonet. month. 

Moonetlich, monthly. 

Mooushei, moonshine. 

Moonufgong, rising of the 

Moonunnergong, setting of 
the moon. 

Moonwexel, changes of the 

Moos, must. 

Mooshder, pattern. 

Mooshder booch, pattern or 
sample book. 

Mooshgrut, muskrat. 


Mooshgrut, musk rat. [fur 

Mooshgrutta liowd, muskrat 

Mooshkata muskets. 

Mooshkate, musket. 

Mooshkawdnus, nutmeg. 

Mooshkeeter. mosquito. 

Mooshle, mussel, shell. 

Mooshla, mussels, shells. 

Moosick, music. 

Moosickond, musician. 

Morawl, moral, morality. 

Morawlish, politeness, pos- 
sessing good habits. 

Mord, murder. 

Morda, murdering. 

Mordbrenna, arson, incen- 

Morddawd, assassination. 

Moroshd, mire, mud. 

Morrick, market. 

Morricks, marrow. [non. 

Morter, mortar, a short can- 

Morgage, mortgage. 

Morya, to-morrow. 

Morya-es^^a, breakfast. 

Mose, measure. 

Mosheen, machine. 

Mosheena, machines. 

Mosht, mast, fertile. 

Moshtfee, fattening cattle. 

Moshtsei, fattening hogs. 

Moshtdorm, rectum. 

Moshy, taffy. 

Mosserich, gnarly. 


Mot, faint, tired. 
Motif, motive 
Motion, motion. 
jMotto, motto. 
Mould, mould. 
Moulda, moulding 
Moulder, moulder. 
Moulding, mouldinef.' 
Mouse, mouH, mouse. 
Mousa, changing feathers as 

birds, moulting. 
Mower, wall. [son work 

Mowera. walling, to do ma- 
Mo were r, mason. 
Mower kel, trowel. 
Mowersankle, plummet, 

Mowershtse, building stone. 
Mowl, mouth 

Mowla, to scold, to grumble. 
Mowlaisel, one prone to 

Mowlargel, mouth organ. 
Mowlbeer. mulberry. 
Mowlbeera, mulberries. 
Mowlbeera bawm, mulberry 

Mowlful, mouthful. 
Mowlgrisht, hypocrite. 
Mowlkarreb, muzzle. 
Mowl-nei-henka,to interfere 
Mowl-uf-shparra, to yawn. 
Mowl warref, mole. 
Mowlish, saucy, insolent. 

MOWS 97 

Mows, mouse, moult. I 

Mowsa. to catch mice, to 

nioul t 
Mows dode, mouse dead- 
Mow-, fol. mouse trap. 
Mows kotz, mouser. 
Mows tzeit, moulting season 
Moy, May 
Moy bloom, lily of the val- 

Mo}^ oppel, mandrake. 
Mo}'^ oppel grout, mandrake. 
Muddle, mould, pattern. 


Nade. seams, sews, neces- 

Nadelich, touchy, cross, 

Nadich, necessary, invite. 

Nadicha, to invite. 

Nager, negro. 

Nahra. to support, to nourish 

Naicher, nearer. 

Naichera, approximate. 

Naigsht, next, near, nearest. 

Naikarvel, work box. 

Naitz, thread. 

Namelich, namely. 

Naxnesake, namesake. 

Nar, lunatic, fool. 

Nara, fools, lunatics. 

Nara house, lunatiq asylum. 

Narashtraich, tomfoolery. 

Mulka, whey. 
Mulka beera, cloudy berries, 

knot berries. 
Multiply, multiply. 
Multiplya. multiplying. 
Mush, mush. 

Mush kup. dunce,blockhead. 
Mush male, corn meal. 
Mush-uu-millich, mush and 

Musleen, muslin 
My, my. 
Myroon, sweet marjoram. 

Narda, north. 

Nardlich, northward, or 

Nardlich*^, aurora borealis, 
northern light. 

Narf, nerve. 

Narfa, nerves 

Narfa fever, nervous fever. 

Narhate, folly. 

Narheit, folly. 

Narriets, nowhere. 

Narrish, foolish, crazy, in- 

Narrish g'shwetz, foolish 

Nashun, nation. 

Natif, native. 

National, national. 

Naturalize, naturalize. 

Nava, aside. 
Navabei. besides. 



Nay, no, sew 
Nay a, sewing. 

Navadrons, aside, out of the 1 Nayern, dressmaker. 


Navagabeiar. outbuildings. 

Navahar, at the side. 

Nava kushta, extra expenses 

Navanonner, side by side. 

Navanous, aside. 

Nava shtrose, by-way, by- 

Nava socha, non-essentials. 

Navig'ite, navigate. 

Navigata, navigating. 

Navigation, navigation. 

Navigable, navigable. 

Navy, navy. 

Nawb, hub, nave. 

Nawga, to gnaw, to wear, to 

Nawma, name. 

Nawma grisht, pretended 

Nawmens, by name, 
awra, nouriseing. 

Nawrhoft, nutritious. 

Nawrung, nourishment. 

Nawrungs groft, chyle. 

Naws, nose. 

Nawsadruppa, snivel. 

Nawsaluch, nostril. 

Nawsalecher, nostrils. 

Nawsapetzer, goggles. 

Nawsharn, rhinoceros. 

Nay karrep, work basket, 

Nay mosheen, sewing ma- 

Nay mosheen agent, sewing 
machine agent. 

Neara, kidneys. 

Neara grout, sneeze vvort. 

Neara gronket, Bright's di- 

Neara vShtick, romp of meat. 

Neat, neat, clean, tidy, clinch. 

Neata, rivet, clinch. 

Neatichkate, tidiness. 

Neat nogel, clinch nail. 

Necksich, tantalizing. 

Neesa, sneeze. 

Negatif, negative. 

Negel. nails. 

Negelcher, cloves, small nails 

Negociate, negotiate. 

Negociata, negotiating. 

Nei, new. 

Neia, new. 

Neia moda, new ways 

Neiarwaild, recently elected. 

Neias, news, something new. 

Neibrecha, to break in. 

Neibringa, to bring in. 

Neid, spite 

Neidish, spiteful. 

Neigabruclia. broke in. 
Neigabrucht, brought in, 
Neigarich. inquisitive. 
Neig'slitimd, elected. chosen 
Neiichkata, news 
Neiichkeita, news. 
Neilich, lately, recently. 
Nei licht new moon. 
Nei mjoiid, new moon. 
Nein, nine, no. 
Neina, nine. 
Neint. ninth. 
NeintzLe, nineteen. 
Neintzaiu, nineteen. 
Neiutzaiut, nineteenth. 
Neintzich, ninety. 
Neiutzichsht, ninetieth. 
Neisahna, to comorehend, to 

Neishpara, to lock up, to lock 

Nei Yohr, New Year. 
Nem, take. 
Nemina, take. 
Nemols, never 
Nemond, nobody 
Nenn a, name. 
Nesht, nest, branches, limbs, 

Neshter, nests. 
Nesht oi, nest egg. 
Net, not, nor. 

Netz, net,midriflF,diaphragm 
Netzwarrick, network. 


j Nevel, fog, mibt, vapor. 

Nevelich, logg}-, misty, 

Nevla, drizzling. 

Nib snath handle. 

Nibba, snath handles. 

Nichter. temperate, sober. 

Nicknawma, nickname. 

Nidder, low. 

Nidderer, lower. 

Niddersht, lowest. 

Nidderdrechtich, vile, base, 

Niddershlogga, discouraged, 
dejected, to knock down. 

Niemohls, never. 

Niemond, no one. 

Nimmy, no more, never. 

Nimmermae, never more. 

Nits, nuts, nits 

Nissich, nitty. 

Nishtla, nestle. 

Nisshisser, gadfly. 

Nitslich, useful, profitable 

Nivver, across, over. 

Nix, nothing 

Nix noots, good for nothing, 

Nixuootsich, good for noth- 
ing, worthless. 

No, afterward. 

Nob, knob. 

Noble, noble. 

Noch, after. [bring after. 

Nochbringa, to bring up, to 


Nochdem, afterwards, after i Nochmohls, afterwards. 


Nochdenka, to meditate, to 
consider, to reflect. 

Nocheila, hnrry after, follow 

Nochenonuer, one after the 

NochfiUa. to fill up. 

Nochfroga, to inquire. 

Nochfulya, to succeed, con- 
sequences, to imitate, to 

Nochfulyer, follower, sue 

Nochgaburt, after birth, pla- 

Nochgamocht, imitated, 
forged, counterfeited. 

Nochgevva, to yield, to re- 
cede, to give up. 

Nochhar, afterwards. 

Nochhelfa. to assist, to im- 
prove, to help. ' 

Nochkemling, descendant, 

Nochkooma, to follow. 

Nochkoomer, descendant, 

Nochlessich, heedless, care- 
less, negligent. 

Nochlessichkate, negligence 

Nochlussa, to give away, to 
relax, to abate, to slack. 

Nochmocha, to imitate, to 

Nochorda, to take after. 

Nochricht, news, notice, in- 

Nochsawga, to repeat, to re- 

Nocht, night. 

Nochtarwed, night work. 

Nochtbloom, night bloom- 
ing cereus. 

Nochteil, owl, night owl. 

Nochtessa, supper, 

NochthofFa, chamber, pot. 

Nochtmohl, communion, 
Lord's Supper. 

Nochtshodda, night shade. 

Nochtwechter, night watch- 

Nochweis, proof, evidence. 

Nocker, knocker. 

Nockich, naked, nude. 

Noda, seams, bank-bills, 

Noddeerlich, natural. 

Noddeerlichkate, natural- 

Noddoor, nature 

Noddoorforsher, naturalist. 

Noddoorgawva, natural gifts. 

Node, need, distress, seam, 
bank-bill, note. 

Nodegalitta, suffered, dam- 


Nodeglaich, open link. 
Nod'ileek. white lie, a lie of 

Nodeoppel, pipin. 
Nodeslitol, trave, 
Nodewennich, necessary. 
Nodeweunichkate, necessity. 
Nodewenuichkeit. necessit}-. 
Nodrochta, to follow up, to 

aim at. 
Nofember, November. 
Nogevva, to yield, give way, 

gave way. 
Nogla, to nail. 
Nogle, nail. 
Noglebora, gimlet. 
Noglefesbt, immovable. 
Noglefloos. whitlow. 
Noglegrout, burnet. 
Nog'sawt, repeated. 
Nominate, -nominate. 
Norainata, nominating. 
Nomination, nomination. 
Nommidawg, afternoon. 
Nonner, one another. 
Nonsense, nonsense. 
Non-suit, non suit 
Noodla, noodles, vermicilli. 
Noodle, noodle. 
Noodle sup, noodle soup, 
Noof, up 
Nook, nod. 
Nooka, nodding. 
Nooma, just, only, well. 


Noomer, number. 
Noomera, numbering 
Noomer'd numbered. 
Nooner, down 
Noonertzoos, downward. 
Noos, nut. 

Nootsa, benefit, advantage. 
Norecha. to glean, to rake 

afier a ^ ad of hay or grain. 
Nos, wet. 

Nosawga, to repeat. 
Nosht, bough, limb, wetest. 
Noshun, notion. 
Notary, notary 
Note, note.^ bill, money. 
No'-ice. notice. 
Notify, notify. 
Notifya, notifying. 
Notified, notified. 
Nous, out. 
Nousdoo, eject. 
Novel, navel 
Novelbin navelband 
Novelbrooch, navel rupture. 
Novelshnoor, umbilical cord 

navel string. 
Now. now. 

Nuch, yet, still. [again. 
Nuchamohl, once more, 
Nuchbar, neighbor. 
Nuchberlich, neighborly. 
Nuchbershoft, neighborhood 

Nuchmohl. again, once more. 


Nuchnet not yet. 
Xuckle, knuckle, 
Nuffeniber, November. 
Nuisance . nuisance. . 


j Nul, zero, naught, cipher, 
j Nurse, nurse. 

Nursa, nursing 

Nursery, nursery. 


O. Oh. 

Oabsht, fruit. 

Oabsht bame, fruit trees. 

Oabsht bawm, fruit tree. 

Oasht, east. 

Oashter, Easter. 

Ob, off, from. [ecary. 

Obbarlaik, drug store, apoth- 

Obbadaiker, druggist. apoth- 

Obbadit. appetite*. [ecary. 

Obbaditlich, appetizing, de- 
licious, savory, dainty. 

Obbarsbta. brush off. 

Obbeisa, bite off. 

Obbinna, to hoop, to bind 
vidth hoops or tires. 

Obblaicha, to bleech, to 

Obblawda, to strip off leaves. 

Obbleddra, stripping off 

Obble, apple. [leaves. 

Obble bawm, apple tree. 

Obbootsa, wipe oiT. 

Obbrea, to seeth, to scald. 

Obbrecha, break off. 

Obbrenna, burn down. 

Obbril, April. 

Obbrooch, injury, damage. 

Obdahla, to separate, to 
share, to dissolve. 

Obdecka, unroof, uncover, 

Obdonka, discard, cast aside. 

Obdrawga, to clean off. 

Obdrawk, duty, excise, 
tax, impost. [twist. 

Obdraya, to turn off, to 

Obdrenna, to rip off. 

Oblussa, to leave off 

Obdrickla, to dry. 

Obdrickle loompa^ drying 
cloth or rag. 

ObfoU, offal. [tatize. 

Obfolla, to fall off, to apos- 

Obfuddra, to demand. 

Obfressa, to browse, to eat 
off, to nibble. 

Obg'folla, fallen off 

Obgakartzt, aVjbreviated, 

Obgaluffa, walked away, 
started, came to pass, re- 
sulted, [tographed. 

Obganumma, decreased, pho- 

Obgaritsht, slipped off. 

Obgarivva, polished. 


Obgarootsht, slipped oif 

obgarissa. tore off. 

Obgatzaird, emaciated, lean. 

Obgatzugga, skinned. 

Obgawaina. to wean- 

Obgawaind, weaned. 

Obgawicha. strayed, left the 
right way or path, 

Obgawoga, weighed off. 

Obgawora, worn off- 

Obgetterei, idolatry. 

Obglora, to clear off, to 

Obgong, egress. 

Obgrotsa, to scrape off 

Obg'sawt, denied, refused, 

Obü'setst, discharged. 

Obg'shmocht, tasteless, ab- 

Obg'shoft, abolished, work- 
ed off, polished. [ed. 

Obg'shoona, skinned, abrad- 

Obg'shtonna, stale, stood at 
a distance. 

Obg'shussa, fired off 

Obg'shwora, sworn off. 

Obgut, idol. 

Obhala, heal off. 

Obhara, to give a hearing, to 

Obharricha, to give ear, to 
listen. [is3g. 

Obhenka, haugiug off, slop- 

es O BN EMM A 

Obhenkish, sloping,inclined 

Obhocka, to chop or cut off. 

Obhola. to meet. 

Obhondla, to trade, to ex- 

Obhong, slope, declivity. 

OVjhuvla, to plane. 

Object, object. 

Objecta, objecting. 

Objection, objection. 

Obkara, to sweep. 

Obkartza, to shorten, to ab- 

Obkartzung. abbreviation. 

Obkeela, cool off. 

Obkeppa, to decapitate, to 

Oblaga, to lay off. 

Oblagla, to deny. 

Oblawda, unload. 

Oblawfa, to come to pass, to 
come off, to walk away, to 

Obi e via, to level, to grade 

Oblus, gutter, allowance. 

Obmaisla, to chip off, to 
chisel off. 

Obmavvgra, to emaciate, to 
become lean. [vev. 

Obmessa, measure off, sur- 

Obmola, to paint, to draw. 

Obnemma. to diminish, to 
decrease, to photograph, 
to amputate, to accept. 


Obshelda, to scold. 
Obslielding, a scolding. 
Obshicka, to discharge. 
Obshiijna, to skin, to flay, to 

Obshittla, shake off 
Obshleifa, to grind off. 
Obshlogga, to knock down, 
as an auctioneer, to brush 
off with the open hand. 
Obshneida, to cut off. 
Obshofifa, to work off, to 

polish, to rid. 
Obshrecka, to scare off. to 

Obshreiva, to copy. 
Obshrowva, to unscrew. 
Obsht, fruit. 

Obshlse, to become stale, in- 
sipid or tasteless. 
Obshtaila, to sneak off, to 

slip away. 
Obshtarma, to chase off. 
Obsht bawm, fruit tree. 
Obshteiga, to dismount, to 

get off, 
Obshtecka, to stake off. 
Obshtella, to stand oif, to 

Obshtimma, to vote, to veto. 
Obshtreicha, to stroke or 

scrape off. 
Obshtrigla, to curry, [mand. 
Obshtrofa, rebuke, to repri- 

Obocht, care, caution, heed 

Obrawma, to skim, to clear 
things away. 

Obrecha, to rake off. 

Obrechla, to deduct. 

Obreisa, to tear off, to make 
a diagram. 

Obreiv«; to polish. 

Obrigoash, apricot. 

Obrig asha, apricots 

Obris. diagram, plan. 

Obritsha, to slip, to slide off. 

Obroda, to dissuade. 

Obroofa, to call off. 

Obsaloot, absolutely, by all 

Ob.sarf, observe. 

Obsarfa, to observe. 

Obsahna, to learn by seeing. 

Obsawga, to reject, to re- 
fuse, to revoke. 

Obseina, sign off. 

Obsets, heel, heels. 

Obsetsa, to dismiss, dis- 
charge, expel, set off. 

Obshala, to peel, to sneak 
off from work. 

Obshawma, to skim, to scum. 
• Obsheed, departure, [tory. 

Obsheeds breddich, valedic- 

Obsheeva, to scud to leave 
hastily, to push off. 

Obshei, abhor, detest, hatred 

Obsheilich, detestable, abom- 


Obsliwara, abjure, swear off. 
Obsliwarung, abjuration. 
ObvShweuka, to rinse. 
Obshworda to cut off slabs, 
to o-ive a beating-, to skin 


Obsicht, object, intention, 

Obsots, ledge, heel, [i^g- 
Obsowfa, to weaken by suck- 
Obtzarrickla, to mark off 

with a comp.iss. 
Obtzawma, to unbridle. 
Obtzawna, to lose the teeth. 
Obtziega, skinning. 
Obtzook, discount, deduc- 
Obtzoppa. to tap, to bottle. 
Obtzuppa, to pull off by 

slight jerks. 
Obtzwinga, extorting 
Obvrada, to graze. 
Obwake, bywa}^ or road, 

wrong way or direction. 
Obwara, to oppose, to wear 

Obweicha, deviating. 
Obweiser, gutter 
Obwelka, to wither, to fall off 
Obwenda. averting. 
Obwexla, to change off. 
Obwisha, to wipe off, to 

clean, to dust. 
Obwisher, wiper, duster 

Obvvitsha, to slip away un- 

Obworda, to wait on, to 

Obworder, nurse, waiter. 
Obwordern, female nurse. 
Obwordung, attendant, at- 
Obyawga, to chase off. 
Och ! oh ! 
Ocht, eight, attention, care, 

Ocht-dawg uhr, eight-day 

Ochtem, breath. 
Ochtgevva, taking care. 
Ochtsom, careful, attentive. 
OchtzEe, eighteen. 
Ochtzich, eighty, [eight. 
Ocht-un-ochtzich, eighty- 
Ockadeera, to get along. 
Ocker, acre. 
Okerbow, agriculture. 
Ockshun, auction. 
Octafe, octave 
Octover, October. 
Odar, artery, vein. 
Odara, arteries, veins. 
Odarlosa, venesection, to 

Odarmancha, agrimony. 
Odarmanly, agrimony. 
Odder, order, condttion, 



Oddera, to order, 

Odders, orders, commatid. 

Odern, breath. 

Of, ape. 

Ofderg'shar, gear. 

Offa, apes- 

Uffag'sicht, mask, 

Offenda, to oßeucl. 

Offer, offer. 

Ofifera, to offer. 

Office, office. 

Officer, officer. 

Official official. 

Ohr, ear. 

Ohra, ears. 

Ohra ring, ear ring,* ear 

Old, old, stale 

Older, beau. age. 

Older-weiver glawva, old 
granny's belief. 

Older-weiver-soomer, Indian 

Old maid, old maid. 

Old}', old, girl, sweetheart, 

Ole, eel. 

Ola. eels. 

Olahowd. eel skin. 

Olgamse, common, com- 
monly, in general. 

Olgamein, common, com- 
monly, in general. 

Olich, linseed oil. 


on, all 

OUadawg. every day. 

Ollai, alone. 

Ollainich. alone. 

OUamohl, every time. 

Ollaweil, just now 

Ollemnoch, accordingly. 

Oiler, all. 

OUerairsht, first. 

Ollerdings, sure enough, to 
be sure. 

Ollerhond, various things, 
various kinds. 

Oilerhondle. monopoly. 

OUeriei, various. 

Olles, all. 

Oil nix, all nothing, in vain. 

01 low, alum. 

Olmechtich, almighty. 

Olminonner, altogether. 

Olmosa, alms. 

Olenswartzel, elecampane. 

Ols, always, still, than. 

Olsamohl, sometimes. 

Olsfort, always. 

Olwisent, all-knowing, om- 

Om, at, on. 

Ombose, anvil. 

Ombrel. umbrella. 

Ombrella, umbrellas. 

Om erella karsha, morella 

Omole, also, once 


Onishel. robin. 

Omt, office. 

On, on, at. 

Ondifty, ejdiv.i\ 

Oukel, uncle. 

Onker, anchor. 

Onkera, anchoring, to an 

Onna, there, down. 

Onuer, other 

Onuersht, otherwise. 

Oauershter, otherwise. 

Onshtot, instead 

Ontwart, answer. 

Oomet, rowen, eddish, after- 
math, second crop. 

Oor, clock. 

Oora, clocks. 

Oorag'vsicht, face of a clock, 

Oorakoshta. clock case. 

Oora shelf, clock shelf. 

Ooraslipring. clock spring. 

Oor -grose- fodder, great 

Oor haver, progenetor, ori- 

Oorsoch, cause. 

Operate, operate 

Operata, operating 

Operation, operation. 

Operator, operator. 

Opinion, opinion. 

Oppose, oppose. 


Opposa, opposing. 

Opposishun, opposition 

Oppushtle, apostle. 

Oppushtle gaschichta, Acts 
of the Apostles. 

Ore, ear. 

Ora, ears. 

Ora bloser, tell-tale, tale- 

Ora loppa, ear muff. 

Ora ring, ear ring. 

Ora slimols, ear wax. 

OrawcC, earache. 

Orawox, ear wax. 

Ord, place, sort, kind 

Ordlich, middling, queer, 
singular, strange. 

Ordning, order, discipline. 

Orensh, orange. 

Oreustzwivel, Indiah turnip, 

Orfeiga, boxing the ears. 

Organize, organize. 

Organiza, to organize. 

Organizashun, organization. 

Organized, organized. 

Origin, origin. 

Originata, to originate. 

Originashun, origination. 

Orm, arm, poor. 

Ormae, army. 

Ormer, pauper. 

Ormood, poverty. 

Ormsalich, needy, poor, 


Ornament, ornament. 

Ornamenta, ornamenting. 

Orndlich, decent. 

Orrich, ark. 

Orrick, very. 

Orrigle, organ. 

Orrigle shpeeler, organist. 

Orrigle shtool, organ stool, 

Orsh, breech, rump 

Orshbocka, buttocks. 

Os, as that. 

Oäe, carrion. 

Osha Mitwuch, Ash Wednes- 

Oshba, asp, aspen. 

Osht, east, orient. 

Oshler, Easter. 

Oshtera. Easter. 

Oshter Moondawg, Easter 

Oshter haws, Easter present, 
a mythical creature. 

Oshter Soondawg, Easter 

Ouf, up. 

Oufershtauug, resurrection. 
Ounce, ounce. 
Ous, out. 

Ousaweunich, by heart, out- 
Ousbacka, backing out. 
Ousbatzawla, paying out. 
Ousbatzawlt, paid out. [quit. 
Ousbeeta, to give notice to 





Ousbeettzettle, qui* notice. 
Ousbleiva, delay, stay out. 
C'u-bionsa, to transplant. 
Ou-^blooga, dig, fiiirow, 

plow out. 
Ousbootsa, to clean out, 

reprimand, to ridicule. 
Ousbrecha, to break out, 

Ousbrooch, outbreak. 
Ousdaila, to distribute, 

Ousdreiva, drive out 
Ousdenka, consider, plan, 

Ousdeena, to serve a full 

Ousdoo, to cancel. 
Ousdowra. to hold out, to 

Ousdraya, to wring as clothes* 

to turn out. 
Ousdrayer, wringer, clothes 

Ousdreiva, drive out, expel, 

exterminate. [press. 

Ousdricka. pre^^s out, ex 
Ousdrinka, drink out. 
Ousdrook, expression. 
Ouscva, to show distemper. 
Ouäfarrichta, to draw^ fur- 
Ousfawrung, eruption. 
Ousfechta to fight it out. 



Ousfeera, to cai r}' out. 

Ousferkawfa, sell out. 

Ou^ferk.twft. sold out. 

Ousfilla, fill out, iiil up. 

(^usfiiina, fiv;d out. ascert iin. 

Ousflevisa. to emit 

Ou.->floos. euiissiou 

Ousfol. fall out, disa,^'ree- 

Ousfolla, falling out, dis- 
agreeing, [out. 

Ousfressi, to gnaw or eat 

Ou.-fronsla. to fri:ige or wear 
to fringes. 

Ousgabrecd. hatched 

Ousgabissa, cut out, left be- 
hind. [loiTg 

Ousgablivva. delayed, stayed 

Ousgablonst, set out, plant- 
ed out, replanted. 

Ou.-^gablookt, plowed out. 

Ousgabootst, cleaned out. 

Ousgabrucha, broke out. 

Ouj-gabutta, given notice to 
c[uit, requested to leave. 

Ousgadailt, distributed. 

Ou-gadeent, served out. 

Ousgadeirt, besiege^l, tired 
out, exhausted. 

Ousgadowered, held out, 
outlasted. [out. 

Ousgadrayed. wrung, turned 

Ousgadrickt, expressed, 
pressed out. 

Ousgadrickled. drit-d out. 

Ousgadrivva, drove out. 

Ousgae, go out, leave out. 

Ousgagrawva dug out, ex- 

Ousgalaibt, outlived. 

Ousgakirnt, outleanied, fin- 
ished learning. 

Ousgamaiselt, mortised. 

Ousg miisht, cleaned a stable 
of manure, dunged. 

Ousgamocht, outened, quen- 
ched, decided upon 

Ouganiulka, milked out. 

Ousganoomma, drawn, un- 
less, [ed. 

Ousgaort, degenerated, mix- 

Ousgapickt, picked out. 

Ousgapockt, unpacked 

Ousgarechled, reckoned out. 

Ousgarissa, absconded, slip- 
ped away. [out. 

Ousgarivva, erased, rubbed 

Ousgaroofa, called out 

Ousgaroogt, rested. 

Ousgarulled, rolled out,thin- 
ued out by rolling. 

Ousgarut, exterminated, to* 
tally destroj-ed. 

Ousgawesha, washed out, 

Ousgawesserd, soaked, fresh- 
ened from salt b}' water, 
as meat. 


Ousgawicha, turned away, 

Ousgawisht, rubbed out, 
erased, effaced 

Ousgawitslit, slipped away. 

Ousgawoxa, sprouted. 

Oasgatzocked, scalloped. 

Ousg'farricht, furrowed. 

Ousg'feered, carried out. 

Ousg' filled, filled out, 

Oasg'folla, fallen out, dis 

Ousg'foonna, found out, dis- 

Ousg'fressa, eaten out, done 

O u sg' fron sei ed, fringed. 

Ousg'fuchta, fought out. 

Ousg'holta, reserved, exempt 

Ousg'hoongert, famished, 

Ousg'said, sown, seeded. 

Ousg'sawt, declared, an- 

Ousg'setst, set out, trans- 

Ousg'shawlt, shelled, peeled 

Ousg'shend, reprimanded. 

Ousg'shenkt, poured out. 

Ousg'shittled. shaken out- 

Ousg'shlussa, locked out. 

Ousg'shoft, carved out. 

Ousg'shpeeld, played out. 
worn out. 


Ousg'shpread, spre id out. 

Ou.^g'shprucha, pronounced. 

Ousg'shput. mocktd, lidi- 
culei, tMunted. 

Ousg'shteird. fitted out. 

Ousg'shtonna, endured, suf- 

Ousg'shtorva, died out 

Ousg'shwenkt, rinsed out. 

Ousti'suffa, drank out. 

Ousgevva, give out. 

Ousgevver, distributor, 

Ousgawb, expenditure. 

Ousgoug, exit. 

Ousgonga, went out, ad- 
journed, dismissed, left 

Ousgrawva, to excavate, to 
dig out. [efface. 

Ousgrotsa, scratch out. erase, 

Oushala. to heal perfectly. 

Ousheelicha, to hollow out. 

Oushenka, to unhook 

Oushensia, to ridicule. 

Ousholda, to endure, to bear, 
to stipulate. 

Ouskara to sweep. 

Ouskoomma, get along, to 
fare, to live within means. 

Ouskucha, extract, clean by 

Ouslaiga, explain, expound. 

Ouslaiger, interpreter, ex- 


Oiiylaira, to empty, to pour 

Ouslaisa, sort cut, pick out, 

Oublaiva. outlive 

Ouslawfa. to expire, to end, 
to run out. 

Ousleimer, foreigner, alien. 

Ouslennish, foreign 

Ouslifla, to ventilate. 

Ouslifling, ventilation. 

Ousmaisla, to mortise. 

Ousmelka, milk out 

Ousmishta, to clean a stable 
of manure 

Ousmocha, extinguish, de- 
cipher, to plan, to dig out. 

Ousmoverra, to wall out, to 

Ousna3'a, to emibroider, to 

Ousnemma, to exchai^ge, to 
empty, to draw 

Ouspicka, to pick out. 

Ouspocka, to unpack. 

Ousorda, degenerate. 

Ousrechla, to reckon out, to 

Ousret, excuse, pretext, 

Ousreisa, to abscond, to tear 
out. to slip away. [out. 

Oubreiva, to erase, to rub 

Ousroofa, to call out, to an- 


Ousrooga, to rest 

Ousrutt.i, to exterpate, to 
root out. to destroy tota'ly. 

Oussa3'a, to sow, to seed. 

Oussawga, to declare, to an- 

Oussetsa, transplant. 

Ousshawla, to shell, to peel. 

Onssheesa, shoot out 

Ousshenka, to pour out 

Ousßhenna, to reprimand. 

Ousshitla, to shake out. 

Ousshlake, young shoots or 

Ousshlecka. to lick out. 

Ousshleesa to lock out. to 

OusshofFa, to carve out. 

Ousshpreada, to spread out. 

Ousshprecha, pronounce. 

Ousshprooch, pronunciation, 

Ousshputta, to mock, to 
taunt, to ridicule. 

Ousshtae, to endure, to bear, 
to suffer. 

Ousshtarra, to stir out. 

Ousslitarva, die out 

Ousshteiga, to dismount. 

Ousshteir, outfit. 

Ousshteira, to fit out. 

Ousshwenka, to rinse out. 

Oussicht, prospect, expecta- 
tion, view. 


Oussichta, prospects, expe:- 
tcitions. [suck. 

Oussoufa, to drink all, to j 
Oustzaring, consumption. I 
Oustzocka. to scallop. 
Oustzurichta, to perform. 
Ouswarfiing, an imperfect 

specimen,, seconds. 
Ousweicha, to turn out, to 

Ouswennich, outside exter- 
nal, by heart, committed 
to memory 
Ouswennich larna, to com- 
mit to memory, to learn 
by heart. [scrub. 

Ouswesha, to wash out, to 
Ouswesra, to immerse, to 
soak, to freshen from salt 
Ouswitsha, to slip away. 
Ouswisha, to efface, to erase, 

to rub out. 
Ouswonderer^ emigrant. 
Ouswoxa, to sprout, to 
spring shoots. 

Ovet evening, west, eve. 
Ovet lied, evening hymn. 
Ovets, in the evening. 
Ovver, but, be carelul 
Ovverglawva, supe: stition . 
Ovet ode, evening sky. red 

eveni;ig sky. 
Ox. axe, axle. 
Oxa-air, axe-e3-e. . 
Oxa-helm. axe-htlve. 
Oxle, shoulder. 
Oxlegnucha, shoulder blade. 

Oy, ej.-g. 

Oyer, eggs. 

Oyer dutter, yolk of an egg. 

Oyer farreb, egg d3'e 

Oyer koocha, omelet. 

Oyer slitucli. ovary. 

Oyer shawl, egg shell 

Oyer wei, egg nog 

Oyshter, oyster 

Oyshter boi, oyster pie. 

Oyshter pie, oyster pie. 

Oyshter shawl, oyster shell. 

Oysher sovip, oyster soup. 

Paddle, paddle. 
Paddla, to paddle. 
Pafa, behave. 
Pafement, pavement. 
Page, page. 
Paga, paging. 
Paint, paint. 

Painla, to paint 

Painter, painter. 

Parade, parade. 

Parada. parading 

Parasawl, parasol. 

Pardon, pardon [don. 

Pardona. pardoning, to par- 


Pardone.l, pardoner). 
Pdrfect, perfect 
Parfecta, to perfect 
Parfectiou, perfection. 
Parform, perform. 
Parforma, to perform. 
Parforuier, performer. 
Parlor, parlor 
Parribes, purposely. 
Parsanelich, personal. 
Parsliing, peach. 
Parshiug bawm, peach tree 
Parshing boongard peach 

Parshing shtai, peach stone. 
Parsone, person. 
Partition, partition. 
Party, party. 
Passa, to pass. 
Passage, passage. 
Passenger, passenger. 
Paste, paste. 
Paterly, parsley. 
Patty pan. patty pan. 
Pawd, path. 
Pawr, pair. 
Pawra, to pair. 
Peckcha, pimple. 
Peddle, peddle. 
Peddla, to peddle. 
Peddler, peddler. 
Peepa, to peep, peeping. 
PefFer, pepper. 
PefFera, to pepper. 

13 PEIN 

Peffer box, pepper box. 

Pei, pie. 

Peif, whistle, fife, pipe. 

Peifa, to whistle, to pipe. 

Peil, arrow. 

Peilar, pier, pillar. 

Pein, pain, torment. 

Peinicha, to torment. 

Peinlich, painful, torment- 

Pensil, pencil. 

Pensilfaw^ner, Pennsylvaniaa 

Pensilfawnish, pertaining to 

Pensilfawny, Pennsylvania. 

Pensilfawnish Deitsch, Penn- 
sylvania Dutch. 

Pensilvanian, Pennsylvanian 

Pensilvany, Pennsylvania. 

Pensilvany Deitsch, Penn- 
sylvania Dutch. 

Pero, bureau 

Pesht, rest, pestilence. 

Peshter, pester. 

Peshtbloder, blister. 

Pet. pet 

Petishun. petition. 

Petishuna, to petition, peti- 

Petter, godfather. 

Petz, pinch. 

Petza, to pinch, pinching. 

Petzer, punch, pliers. 

Pein, torture. 


Peiniclia, to torture. 

Pflacha, to foster 

Pflicht, duty, obligation, 

Pflichtich, dutiful 

Pxk, pickaxe, pick, choice, 
select, choose 

Picka, to choose, to select, 
to pick. 

Pickle, pickle. 

Picter, picture. 

Picter frame, picture frame. 

Pif, whistle, shrill whistle. 

Pile, arrow, pile. 

Pila, arrows, to pile up. 

Pill, pill. 

Pilla, pills. 

Pinbora, pegging awl. 

Pingshta, Whitsuntide. 

Pingsht bloom, pink, lilac, 
swamp pink. 

Pingsht Moodawg, Whit- 

Pingsht Soondawg, Whit- 

Pink, pink. 

Pinkeye, pinkeye, a disease 
of horses 

Pinklich, exact, punctual. 

Pinnegel, shoe pegs. 

Pinnogel, shoe peg. 

Piss, piss, urinate. 

Pissa, pissing, to urinate. 

Pisspot, chamber 

Pint, bint. 

Pint-blech, pint measure, 

tin cup. 
Pishber, whisper- 
Pishbera, whispering. 
Pishtole, pistol 
Pitch, pitch. 
Pitcha. pitching. 
Platform, platform. 
Pleasa, to please. 
Pledge, plerige. 
Pledga, to pledge. 
Plenty, plenty. 
Pock, pack, bundle, wrestle, 

Pocka, packing, wrestling, 

Poetry, poetry. 
Pof, minister, preacher, 

Pohawna, peacock. 
Pohinkle, pea hen. 
Poke, poke, to work slowly 
Poka, to poke, to work 

Poke beera, poke berries 

poke weed. 
Poke wartzel, poke root 
Pokich, slow, poky. 
Policy, policy. 
Polish, polish. 
Polite, polite. 
Pollosht, mansion, palace. 
Palm, palm. [day. 

Palm Soondawg, Palm Sun- 


Pon, pau. 

Ponhaws, scrapple. 

Poniia, pans. 

Ponna deckel, pan cover. 

Ponnakoocha, pancake, frit- 

Ponnashteel, pan handle. 

Poodle hund, poodle dog. 

Poond, pound. 

Poonk, punk. 

Poonkt, period. 

Poont, pound. 

Popla, poplar. 

Popular, popular. 

Porbla, small-pox. 

Porbla blontza, vaccinate. 

Porra, preacher, minister. 

Porradies, Paradise. 

Porraleit, clergy. 

Porrashriftlich, clerical. 

Porraskinner, catechumens. 

Poshdore, pastor. 

Portrait, portrait. 

Postpone, postpone. 

Postpona, to postpone. 

Postpone, postpone. 

Potsient, patient. 

Potsienta, patients. 

Poul, Paul 

Powder, powder. 

Powdara, powdering. 

Practise, practice. 

Practisa, to practice, prac- 


Preis, price. 
Preisa, prices, to price. 
Prentis, apprentice. 
Prepare, prepare. 
Prepara, preparing 
Prepared, prepared. 
Present, present, gift 
Preserve, preserve 
Preserva, preserving. 
Preserved, preserved. 
Prisoner, prisoner. 
Principal, principal, chief. 
Principle, principle, char- 
Proclaima, proclaiming. 
Proclamation, proclamation. 
Proceed, proceed 
Proceeda, proceeding. 
Production, production. 
Producta, products. 
Produsa, producing. 
Professa, professing. 
Professor, professor 
Promota, lo promote. 
Promotion, promotion. 
Proof, proof. 
Proofa, to prove 
Propose, propose. 
Proposa, to propose. 
Proposition, proposition. 
Prosecuta, to prosecute. 
Prosecution, prosecution. 
Prosecutor, prosecutor. 
Protecta, to protect. 


Protection, protection. 

Protesht, protest. 

Proteshta, protesting. 

Proteshtond, Protestant. 

Protesta, to protest. 

Provid t, to provide. 

Providing, provided 

Prunelagrout, heal-all, self- 

P'setsa, to trim. 

P'setsung, trimmitigs. 

P'sheisa, to cheat 

P'shimpa, to disgrace, to 

P'shissa, cheated. 

P'shleesa, to concluded. 

P'shlogga, shod. 

P.shloos, conclusion 

P'shlussa, concluded. 

P'shtel, order 

P'shteVd ordered. 

P'shtella, to order. 

P'shtellung, appointment. 

P'sinna, considering. 

P'solter, Psalter. 

P'sonders. particularly. 

P'sooch, visitors, guests, 

P'soocha, to visit 

P'soouna, decided, consid- 

P sorrict, provided for, at- 
tended to. 

P'sorya, to provide for. 


Public, public 

Publish, publish. 

1 ublisha, publishing. 

Publisher, publisher. 

Puck, pimple. 

Pucka, pimples. 

Pud, bud 

Pudda, buds. 

Puff, puff. 

Puifa, puffing. 

Pulfer, powder. 

Pulferharn, powder horn or 

Pulfer meel, powder mill. 
Pulse, pulse. ■ 
Pulsoder, artery. 
Pulver, powder. 
Pulver harn, powder horn or 

Pulver meel, powder mill. 
Punch, punch. 
Puncha, punching. 
Punctuata, punctuating. 
Punk, punk. 
Push, push. 
Pusha, pushing. 
Pusher, pusher. 
Puslita, post. 

Pushta bora, boring po.sts. 
Pushta borer, post auger 
Puahta fens, wost fence. 
Pushta luch, post hole. 
Pushtmaishter, postmaster. 
Pusht ofifis, post office. 


Pushtoor, posture. 
Pushtreider, mail carrier. 

Quack, quack. 
Quality, quality. 

117 RANK 

I Puzzle, puzzle. 
I Puzzla, to puzzle. 


Quantity, quantit}'. 
Quart, quart. 


Rabe, vine. 

Race, race. 

R ce slipringa, running race. 

Race gowl, race horse, 

Race g'shproona, ran a 

Raffle, raffle. 
Raffla, to raffle. 
Raffle m-tch, raffle match. 
Raft, raft. 
Rafta, rafting. 
Rageera, to reign, to govern, 

to rule. 
Rageerung, government. 
Ragishter, register. 
Raich, reach, 
Raicha, reaching. 
Raid, talk, oration, speech. 
Raida, talking, to talk. 
Raidel, red chalk, boom 

Raider, speaker, orator, 

Raidla, measles, to fasten 

with a boom pole. 
Raidsel, riddle, conundrum. 

Raif, hoop. 

Raif shtecka, hoop pole 

Raiga, to stir, to move, to 

Raigle, rule. 
Reigla, rules. 
Raiglemaisich, regular, 

Raiglemaisichkate, regu- 

Raigt, moves, stirs, touches, 

Railing, railing, 
Railwake, railroad. 
Raimer, Romans. 
Rais, race, journey, raise. 
Raisa, to raise, to race, to 

Raisade, receipt. 
Raisht, roast. 
Raishta, to roast. 
Raitsel, riddle, conondrum. 
Rale, real. 
Rally, rally. 
Range, range, wrench. 
Rank, rank. 


Ranks, rank. 

Ranka, ranking. 

Rap, rap. 

Rappa, to rap. 

Rare, pipe stem. 

Rascal, rascal. 

Rate, rate. 

Ratify, ratify. 

Ratifya, ratifying. 

Ratification, ratification. 

Ravish, ravish, rape. 

Ravisha, to ravish, to com- 
mit rape. 

Ravisher, ravisher. 

Ravishment, ravishment. 

Rawb, rob. 

Rawb deer, beast of prey. 

Rawb fogel, bird of prey. 

Rawchgcerish, greedy, ava- 

Rawd, wheel. 

Rawda, cockle. 

Rowm, cream. 

Rawma, to draw cream. 

Rawm greegel, creamer. 

Rawm lefifle, skimmer. 

Rawna, stripes or marks 
from violent beating. 

Rawr, scarce, rare. 

Rawrichkate, scarcity. 

Rawsa, to rage, raging, 

Rawserrei, fury, frenzy, 

Rawva, to rob. 


Rawver, robber. 

Ratzept, recipe, prescrip- 

Ready, ready. 

Ream, ream. 

Recha, rake or rakes, to 

Rechla, to calculate, to cy- 

Rechle booch, arithmetic 

Rechler, mathematician. 

Rechling, problem, sum, ac- 

Recht, right. 

Rechta, rights. 

Rechter brooder, blood- 

Rechtfartich, to clear, to 

Rechtmaisich, legally, law- 
fully, justly. 

Rechtmaisichkate, legality. 

Rechts, right-handed, to the 

Rechtshoffa, virtuous, relia- 
ble, honest, just, uprignt. 

Rechshtella, vindicate. 

Recite, recite. 

Recita, to recite, reciting 

Recollecta, to recollect. 

Recommenda, to recom- 

Recommendation, recom- 


R.ecord, record. 

Recorda, to record. 

Recorder, recoider. 

Recovera, to recover. 

Redder wheels. 

Reddich, raddish. 

Reddich shtick, raddish 

Reddich so Jtna, raddish 

Redeema. to redeem. 

Redeemed, redeemed. 

Redoos, reduce. 

Redoosa, to reduce, reduc- 

Reeb, turnip. 

Reeb sooma, turnip seed. 

Reecha, to smell. 

Reecher, nose, smeller. 

Reema, strap, to praise, 

Reera, to stir, affect. 

Reerand, affecting, touch- 

Rees, giant. 

Reesel, snout, proboscis. 

Reeshter, a patch on a shoe. 

Reeva, turnips. 

Reeva shtick. turnip patch. 

Reeva tzulawd, turnip salad. 

Reff, rack, grain cradle. 

Refferree, arbitration. 

Refferreemon, arbitrator. 

Refifermeared, Reformed. 

Reflector, reflector. 
Reform, reform. 
Reforma, to reform. 
Reformer, reformer. 
Ref shprussa, rack rundle. 
Regga, rain. 
Regga booga, rainbow. 
Regga wosser, rain water. 
Regga wedder,rainy weather 
Regga fogel, plover. 
Regga worm, rain worm. 
Regiment, regiment. 
Register, register. 
Regular, regular. 
Regulata, to regulate. 
Regulashun, regulation. 
Regulater, regulator. 
Rei, in here, baste, stich. 
Reia, to stich, to baste, to 

regret, instep. 
Reib, rub, grate. 
Reibloom, everlasting. 
Reich, rich, wealthy 
Reichdoom, riches, wealth. 
Reichlich, richly, abundant, 

abundantly, bountifully, 

Reida, to ride, to go on 

Reider, one who rides, rider. 
Reif, ripe, mellow, 
Reifa, frost, hoar frost. 
Reifadem, basting thread. 
Reif drawva, chicken grapes. 

Reifle, rifle. 
Reiford, tansy. 
Reim, rhyme. 
Reima, to rhyme, to agree. 
Reimeedich. repentant. 
Rein, pure, clean, chaste. 
Reinicha, to cleanse, to 

purge, to purify. 
Reis, rice, tear. 
Reisa, griping, tearing, to 

Reisend, ferocious, wild, 

Reisheit, slider, sway bar. 
Reiva. to grate, to rub, to 

Reiveisa, grater. 
Reject, reject, discard. 
Rejecta, to reject, to throw 

Rejoisa, rejoicing. 
Releas, release. 
Released, released. 
Relyone, religion. 
Remoof, remove. 
Reinoofa, removing. 
Remoofed, removed. 
Renewa, to renew. 
Renna, to butt, to thrust, to 

ram, to run against. 
Rent, rent. 
Renta, to rent. 
Repeal, repeal. 


Repeala, repealed. 

Report, report. 

Reporta, reporting. 

Reporter, reporter. 

Republic, republic. 

Republican, Republican. 

Republicawnisher, Republi- 

Rashpect, respect. 

Rashpecta respecting. 

Reshpectable, respectable. 

Reshta, to arrest, to bring 

Resolf, resolve. 

Resolfa, to resolve. 

Resolushion, resolution. 

Resign, resign. 

Resigna, resigning 

Resigned, resigned 

Resignation, resignation. 

Ressaid, receipt. 

Retch, tattle, tell tale, tale- 

Retcha, to tattle, tell tales. 

Retcher, tell-tale, tale- 

Retail, retail. 

Retaila, retailing. 

Retailer, retailer. 

Retreat, retreat, fall back. 

Retreata, to retreat, to fall 

Retreated, fallen back, re- 


Retz, a tease. 
Retza. to tease. 
Revife, revive. 
Revifa, to revive. 
Revifal, revival. 
Revolfa, revolving. 
Revolfer, revolver. 
Revoliishion, revolution. 
Revver, river. 
Reward, reward. 
Rewarda, rewarding. 
Rib, rib. 
Ribba, ribs, 

Ribba fel, pleura. [ribs. 
Ribba shtosa, butt in the 
Rice, rice. 

Rice soop, rice soup. 
Richta, to direct, to judge. 
Richter, judge. [true. 

Richtich, correct, acurate, 
Richtichkate, settlement, 

Richtsheid, straight-edge. 
Richtshnoor, plubline. 
Rick, back, 
Ricka, to move a little 
Rick gronket, rickets. 
Rickniaisel, backbone. 
Ricksthennich, arrearages. 
Rickshtond, arrears. 
Rickshtrong, spine, [ache. 
Rickwae, lumbago, back- 
Ride, ride. 
Rida, riding. 


Ridla, to shake, to cast up, 

to accuse. 
Rig, rig. 
Rigga, rigging. 
Riggle, rail. 
Riggle reida, see-saw. 
Riggle shlus, stock lock. 
Rilps. rogue, rough fellow. 
Rilpsich, rough, unmannerly- 
Rime, rhyme. 
Rima, rhyming. 
Rin, leak, bark. 
Rind, heifer. 
Ring, ring. 

Ringa, ringing, to ring. 
Ringle blooma, marigold. 
Ring-ou.s-shlogga, to play 

Ring shlock shpeela, to play 

Rings-room, all around. 
Ringworrem, ringworm. 
Rins fee, cattle. 
Rinsflaish, beef. 
Rins ledder, kip leather, 

neat's leather. [tie. 

Rinsshtick fee, head of cat- 
Rins tzoong, beef tongue, 

neats tongue. 
Riot, riot. 

Ris, crack, fissure, rent. 
Rishpla, panicles. 
Risht, prepare. [prepare. 
Rishta, to make ready, to 
Rishterrei, preparation. 


Rishthouse, arsenal. 

Rishticli, healthy, vigorous:. 

Rishting, preparation. 

Risk, risk. 

Riska, to risk, 

Ro, raw. 

Roan, roan. 

Roasht, roast. 

Roashta, rosating, to roast. 

Roasht grade, grid iron. 

Roasht gravy, dressing. 

Roasht pon, roaster, roasting 

Rocha, mouth. [breaker. 

Rocha bootzer, napkin, jaw- 

Rochgeer, greed. [cious. 

Rochgeerish, greedy, avari- 

Rockgoon, raccoon, [guess. 

Rode, red, advice, counsel, 

Roda, to guess, to advise, to 
counsel. [selor. 

Rode gevver, adviser, coun- 

Rode gleedich, red hot. 

Rode hüls, log wood. 

Rodelawfa, inflammation. 

Rodelich, reddish. 

Rode Mon, Red Man. 

Rode Menner, Red Men. 

Roder aichhaws, red or fox 
squirrel. [precipited. 

Roder brinsabadawd red 

Rodereep, redbeet, beet 

Roder peffer, Cayenne pep- 

Rodereeva, redbeets, beets. 

22 ROOR 

Rodesome, safe, advisable. 

Rode wartzel, blood root, 

Rof. to grab or gather up 
hastil}'. [up quickly. 

Roffa, grabbing or gathering 

Rohr, pipe. 

Ronft, brim, rim. 

Ronk, vine, tendril 

Ronka, vines, tendrils. 

Roo, rest 

Rooder, rudder, oar. 

Roof, call. 

Ruf, up, upon, 

Roofa, calling. 

Roog, rest 

Rooga, resting. 

Room, around, about 

Roomlaifer, tramp. 

Roomlawfa, to walk around, 
to tramp. 

Roon, run, brook 

Roond, round. 

Roonding, roundness. 

Roondlich, roundish, cylin- 

Roond maisel, gouge. 

Roondtzarrickle, callipers. 

Roonga standard. 

Roonganeera, to ruin. 

Roonley, brooklet. 

Roonner, down. 

Roonsel, wrinkle. 

Roonsla, wrinkles. 
Roonslich, full of wrinkles 
Roor, dysentery. 


Roorgrout, cudweed. 

Roos, soot 

Roosich, soot}', [swallow. 

Roos-shwollem, chimiiey- 

Rootch, slide, slip. 

Rootsha, sliding, slipping. 

Ropple, rattle, clatter, rustle. 

Roppla, rattling, clattering. 

Roplich, rattly, dilapidated. 

Rose, rose. 

Rosa, roses. 

Rosa shtuck, rose bush. 

Rosh, hasty, quick. 

Roshpel, rasp. 

Roshpla, rasping. 

Rössel, rattle. 

Rossla, rattling. 

Rosselshloug, rattlesnake. 

Rosselshlong howd. rattle- 
snake skin. 

Rosem, rosin. 

Rouns, rounds, circuit. 

Rous, out 

Rousend, rousing. 

Rouser, rouser. 

Rousfudra, to challenge. 

Rousgevva, to publish, to 
give out, 

Roush, spree, rustle. 

Rousha, to rustle, to rush. 

Row, rough. 

Rowbels, a rough, unman- 
nerly fellow. [ish. 

Rowbelsich, rough, rowdy- 


Rowboshtich, rough, un- 

Rowda, rue 
Rowva, caterpillars. 
Roya, rows. 
Rubarb, rhubarb. 
Ruck, coat. 
Ruck fligel, coat flap. 
Ruff, rough. 
Ruffle, ruffle. 
Ruffla, to ruffle, ruffling. 
Ruffler, ruffler. 
Ruffles, ruffles. 
Ruich, quiet, still. 
Rule, rule. 
Ruler, ruler. 
Rula, ruling. 
Rull, roll. 

Rulla, rolling. [bacco. 

Rull doowock, twist of to- 
Rull hüls, rolling pin. 
Rull meel, rolling mill. 
Rum, around. 
Rup, pull. 

Rups, muss, trouble. 
Rush, rush. 
Rusha, rushing. 
Rusht, rust. 
Rushta, rusting. 
Rushtich, rusty. 
Russich, rutty. 
Russina, raisins. 
Rutz, snot. 
Rutzich, snotty. 
Rutz uaws, snot nose. 

Sse, see, sea, sons, ocean 

Sae rawver, pirate, sea rob- 

Safe, safe, soap. 

Safa, to soap, to save. 

Safa shawm, lather. 

Safa shissel, soap dish. 

Safa wosser, soap suds. 

Sagooud, second. [hand. 

Sagoonda tzoyer, second 

Saig, saw. 

Sahn, see, look. 

Sahna. seeing, observing. 

Saiga, sawing, benediction, 

Saiga richter, saw wrest. 

Saigbuck, sawhorse. 

Saiger, sawyer. 

Saigle, sail. 

Saigla, sailing. 

Saigmale, sav^dust. 

Saigmeel, sawmill. 

Saigna, to bless. 

Saigraws, seagrass, seaweed. 

Said, cord, string. 

Sail, soul, band. 

Sailich, blessed, blissful. 

Sailichkeit, salvation. 

Sailor, sailor. 

Sair, very. 

Salary, salary. 

Saloon, saloon. 

Saloot, salute. 

Saloota, saluting. 

124 SECHT 

Saminaur, seminar3^ 

Samly, assembly, Ivegislature. 

Samlymon, member of Con 
gress [Congress 

Samlymenner, members of 

Sankle, plummet. 

Sankleshnoor, plumbline 

Santannial, centennial, cen- 
tury, one hundred years. 

Sard, kind, sort. 

Sarda, assort, sorts, kinds. 

Sarrick, provide, care 

Sarrickfeldich, careful, cau- 

Sarricklose, careless [ous. 

Sarricksome, careful, dubi- 

'Sarsht, first. 

Sarya, provide, care. 

Saryafrei. free from care. 

Sash, sash 

Satisfaction, satisfaction. 

Satisfia, satisfying. 

Sawden, Satan. 

Sawdonish, satanical. 

Sawg, say. 

Sawm, hem, seam. 

Sawma, to seam, to hem. 

Sawmadros, marigold. 

Sawmasailich, tardy. 

Say, sow. 

Saya, sowing, seeding. 

Saymon, sower. 

Sech, colter. 

Secht, says. 


Sechtzain, sixteen. 

Seclitzaint, sixteenth. 

Seclitzich, sixty. 

Sechtzichslit, sixtieth 

Seek, pockets, sacks, bags. 

Secretary, secretary. 

Section, section. 

Seech, victory. 

Seecha, winning. 

Seechreich, victorious. 

Scenery, scenery. 

Sees, sweet. 

Seeser, sM'eeter. [bread. 

Seesflaish. pancreas, sweet 

Seeshuls, licorice root. [toes. 

Seesgrumbeera, sweet pota- 

Seesgrumbeera ronka, sweet 
potato vines, 

Seesgrumbeera shtick, sweet 
potato patch. 

Seeslich, sv>^eetish. 

Seftich, to have a bad repu- 
tation, bad. indecent. 

Sei, swine, his. 

Seia, straining. 

Seiaimer,swill bucket, strain- 
ing bucket. 

Seiarlich, tart, acrid, acid. 

Seiarrei, hoggishness, glut 

Seibarshta, pig's bristles. 

Seibartsel, purslaiu. [bean. 

Seiboon, horse bean, hog 

Seid, are. side, since. 

25 SEI. 

I Seida, silk. 

Seida bledder, side traces. 

Seida flaisch, flitch, 

Seidagraws, dodder. 

Seida warrem, silk worm. 

Seider, cider. 

Seider mocha, making cider. 

Seider press, cider press. 

Seidooch, straining cloth 

Seidroke, pig's trough. 

Seifenger, pig catcher. 

Seiflaish, pork, bacon. 

Seifos, swill barrel 

Seiftza, to sigh. 

Seif tzar, sigh. 

Seigrumbeera, chat potatoes. 
very small potatoes, gener- 
ally fed to swine 

Seiish, hoggish, dirty, glut- 
tonous. . 

fc'eikivel, swill bucket. 

Seil, awl. 

Seiledder, hog leather. 

Sein, sign. 

Seina, to sign. 

Seiner, his. 

Seiohra bletter, plantain 
leaves, hog weed. 

Seishneida, gelding. 

Seishneider, gelder. 

Seisowfa, swill, 

Seivera, to cleanse. 

Seiverlich, tidy, clean. 

Sei, that. 

Selbsht, self. 
Selbshtmord. suicide. 
Selda, seldom. 
Select, select. 
Selecta. selecting. 
Selection, selection. 
Sellamohls, that time. 
Seller, that one 
Selly, those, she. 
Selvan, selvedge. 
Sennit, Senate. 
Sen niter, 'Senator. 
Sens, scythe. 
Sensaworref, snath. 
Sentence, sentence. 
Sentiment, sentiment. 
Separata, separating. 
Separation, separation. 
Separator, separator. 
Sessa, assessing. » 
Sesser, assessor. 
Sessment, assessment. 
Set, should 
Sets, set, sit. 
Setsa, sitting. 
Setta, should. 
Settee, settee. 
Settle, settle. 
Settla, settling. 
Settlement, settlement. 
Sex, six. 
Sexa, six. 
Sext, sixth. 
Shse, nice, beautiful. 

126 SHARE 

Shsehate, beauty. 

Shaeheit. beauty 

Shade, sheath, scabbard. 

Shada, to shade, to divorce, 
to separate. [bone. 

Shadel, crease, skull, skull- 

Shadelhowd, pericraiiiun. 

Shadelich, injurious, nox- 

Shade wosser, aquafortis, mu 

Shafe, vShave. [rialic acid. 

Shafa, shaving. 

Shafer, shaver, pawnbroker. 

Shafing, shavings. 

Shaft, shaft. 

Shaifel, lamb. 

Shail, peel, pare, blind in 
one eye. 

Shaila, peeling, paring. 

Shailcha, saucer. 

Shailgrout, calandine. 

Shailmeelcha. apple paier. 

Shailshtse, hull- mill-stone. 

Shaimel, bolster. 

Shaimel bret. bolster bed. 

Shaimel nogel, bolster pin. 
coupling pin. 

Shain, nice, pretty. 

Shair, scissors, shears. 

Shaira, shearing, cutting 

Shaker, shaker 

Shape, shape, sheaf, sheaves. 

Share, share. 


Shara. sharing, dividinpc 
Sharf. sliarp, shrewd, keen. 
Sharfa, sharpening 
Shartz. apron, sweet-heart, 

treasure, treasury. 
Shartzfel, leathern apron. 
Shartz kommer, treasury. 
Shartz maishter, treasurer. 
Sharva, sherd. 
Shawb, scrape, moth. 
Shawd, a pity. [j^iry- 

Shawda, damage, harm, in- 
Shawdalose, free or exempt 

from danger. [bond. 

Shavv'dalosebond, indemnity 
Shawl, shawl, shell, [shell. 
Shawla, parings, shells, to 
Shawl woke. Balance scale. 
Shawm, shame, scum, foam, 

Shawmich, frothy, foamy. 
Shawm leffel, skim ladle 
Shawr, share, plow-share. 
Shawrbuck, scurvy. 
Shawva, moths, to scrape. 
." heckich, spotted, veriegat- 

ed, dappled, piebald. 
Shed, shed. 
Sheena, splints. 
Sheena basem, splint broom. 
Sheer, nearly, almost. 
Sheera, to urge, to stir. 
Shees, shoot, spring. 
Sheesa, to shoot, shooting 


Shees brigel, fowling-piece, 

Shees pulfer, gun powder 
Sheeva, to shove, to push. 
Sheever, drawer. 
vSheeverly, trundle-bed. 
Sheia, to frighten, to scare 
»Sheib, pane, target. 
Sheilich, hypocritical. 
Sheiheilicher, hypocrite. 
Slieiheilichkate, hypocricy. 
Sheiledra blinkers [seem. 
Sheiu, shine, appearance, 
Sheina, shining, seeming, 

appearing. [pears. 

Sheiut, seems, shines, ap- 
Shelf, shelf 
Slielm, knave, rogue. 
Shemdich, be ashamed. 
Shemma, to be ashamed. 
Shemt. ashamed. [able. 

Shendlich, disgraceful, piti- 
Shenk, grant, bestow, give, 

donate, present. 
Shenka, to grant, to bestow, 

to donate, to present 
Shenker, donor, presenter. 
Shenkel, thigh. 
Shenkiug, donation. [ful. 
Shenner, nicer, more beauti- 
Shep, dip, crooked, lopsided. 
Shepbowl, dipper. 
Sheppa, to dip, to shovel. 
Shepper, dipper. 


Shepbowl, dipper. 

Sliepfung, creation. 

Shep kivvel. dip keg. 

Shep leffel, ladle. 

Shetz, estimate. 

Shetza. estimating. 

Shetzel, sweet-heart, lover. 

Shetzung, estimation. 

Shick, send. 

Shicka, sending. [ent. 

Shicklich, suitable, conveni- 

Shicksawl, fate, doom. 

ShifF, ship, vessel. 

ShifFawrt, navigation. 

Shiif brooch, shipwreck 

Shifile, weaver's shuttle. 

Shiffleit, sailors. 

Shift, shift, temporary. shift as cars, to pro- 
vide for temporarily. 

Shild, sign. 

Shild grout, scull cabbage. 

Shilgrut, tortoise. 

Shilsheid, single-tree. 

Shimmel, a white horse. 

Shimmelich, mouldy. 

Shimmerich, to glimmer. 

Shimp, disgrace, dishonor. 

Shimpa, to disgrace, to dis- 

Shimpnawma, nickname. 

Shin, shin, flay, scud. 

Shinbae, shin 

Shindla, shingles. 


Shindla-mocher, shingle- 
Shindle, shingle [maker. 
Shinrl-mar, jade 
Shinka, shoulders. 
Shin-looder, scamp 
Ship, shovel, spade. 
Shippa, shovels, dandruff. 

Shipshoft, concern. 
Shissel. dish. 
Shisla. dishes. 
vShit, pour. 

Shitta, to pour, pouring. 
Shittle, shake. 
Shittla, shaking, to shake. 
Shittle-govel, v/ooden fork. 
Shittler, shaker. 
Shitz, marksman, hunter. 
Shitza, to protect 
Shivel, lump, chunk. 
Shivera, shivers, to shiver. 
Shiverich, speckeled, slaty, 

Shkate, skate. 
Shkata, skating. 
Shkater, skater. 
Shkates, skates. 
Shkeem, scheme. 
Shkip, skip. 
Shkippa, skipping. 
Shkramble, scramble. 
Shkrambla, scrambling. 
Shkrape, scrape, plight 
Shkrapa, scraping, to scrape 


Shkwarl squirrel. 

Slilack, si ;clc 

Slilaif, drag 

Shlaifa. to drag. 

Shlaiericli, sleep}-, drows}'. 

Shlafe gorii. sei^e 

Slilake, whipping, flogging, 

Shlap, slap 

Shlnppi, slapping. 

ablate, slate. 

Slilate decker, slater. 

Shlate doch, slate roof. 

Shi ate honimer, slate ham- 

Shlatich, slaty. 

Shlate negel. slaters' nails. 

Shlate pencil, slate pencil. 

Shlate shtae, slate stone. 

Shlecht, naughty, wicked, 
bad. [or boy. 

Shlechter, worse, a bad man 

Shlecatie, a bad woman or 

Shlechsht, worst. 

Shlechtichkate, wickedness. 

Shleck, lick. 

Shlecka, licking, lapping. 

Shleckerrei, dainties. 

Skleckerwaiser, sweet mieats 

Shlees, lock. 

Shleesa, locking. 

Shleeslich, in conclusion. 

Shleggle, sledge. 

Slileich, sneak. 


1 Shleicha, sneaking. 

j Shlcif, slide, grind. 

, vShleifa, grinding, sliding. 

Shleifshtse, grindstone, 

Shleim, slime 

Shleiniich, slimy. 

vShlenk, sling, latch. 

Shlicht hüls, sleeking stick. 

Shlicht huvvel, smoothing 

xShlick, slick, cunning, sly. 

Shlickser, hiccough. 

Shlide, slide. 

Shlida, sliding 

Shliffle, a big, stout fellow. 

Shlim, sad, slim, bad. 

Shling, hot punch, sling. 

Shlip, slip. 

Shlippa, to slip. 

Shlipper, slipper. 

Shlippich, slippery. [sills. 

Shlippers, slippers, sleepers, 

Shlissel, key. 

Shlissel bletcha, escuctheon. 

Shlissel bloom, primrose. 

Shlissel luch, key hole. 

Shlissel ring, key ring. 

Shlits, slit, hole, rent. 

Shlitta, sleigh, sled. 

Shlitta baw, sleighing. 

Shlitta fawra, sleigh riding. 

Shlitta laifer, sleigh runners. 

Shliver, splinter. [lings. 

Shlivera, splinters, kind- 


Shlocht, butcher, slaughter. 

Shlochta, butchering, 

Shlocht fee, fattened Cnttle. 

Shlock, strike, paralysis 

Shlofe, sleep, temple. 

Shlofa, sleeping. 

Shlofe konimer, bed room. 

Shlofe koomrawd, bed fel- 

Shlofe shtoob, bed room. 

Shlogga, to strike, to beat. 

Shlom, mire, slime, mud. 

Shlompich, slovenly. 

Shlong, snake, serpent. 

Shlonga, snakes. 

Shlonga heeter, dragon-fly, 

Shlook, swallow. 

Shlooka, swallowing. 

Shloommer, slumber. 

Shloommera, slumbering. 

Shloop, tie, bow, loop, to 
creep through a narrow 

Shloopa, creeping through a 
narrow passage 

Shlop, swill, slop. 

Shlop aimer, swill bucket. 

Shlope, slope. 

Shlopa, sloping. 

Shlop hoot, sun-bonnet. 

Shloppa, to slop, slopping 

Shloppich, sloppy, dirty. 


Shlosa, hail, hailing. 

Shlovver, slaver. [ben 

Shlovvera, slavering, to slab- 

Sh lower doocb, bib. 

Shlow, sly, shrewd, cunning 

Shluss, lock. 

Shly, sly, cunning. 

Shmaichle, flatter, cajole. 

Shmaichla, to flatter, to ca- 
jole, to entice. 

Shmaichlich, insinuating. 

Shmall, narrow. 

Shmaltz, lard. 

Shmart, smart, diligent. 

Shmartza, pain. 

Shmartzlich, painful. 

Shmase mick, blue bottle fly. 

Shmear, grease, oil. 

Shmeara, greasing 

Shmear kase, cottage cheese. 

Shmear kon, oiler, oil can. 

Shmear saif, soft soap. 

Shmeis, throw. 

Shmeisa, throwing. 

Shmeis gorn, cast net. 

Shmeis, melt, thaw. 

Shmeisa, to thaw, to melt, to 

Shmit, smith, blacksmith. 

Shmit shop, smithy, black- 
smith shop. [tongs. 

Shmit tzong, blacksmith 

Shmock, taste. 

Shmocka, to taste. 


Shmocksht? do you taste ? 
Shmodich, sultry. 
Shmoke, smoke. 
Shmoka, smoking. [nier. 
Shnioke dawga, Indian sum- 
Shmoke doowock, smoking 

Shmokich, smoky. 
Shmoke peif, smoke pipe. 
Shmoke peifa, smoke pipes. 
Shmoke peifa rare, pipe 

Shmols, lard. 
Shmols press, lard press 
Shmols shtenner, lard can. 
Shmootz. fat, grease, filth 
Shmootz blocka, grease spot. 
Shmootzich; greasy, oily. 
Shmoontzle, smile. 
Shmoontzla, to smile. 
Shmoontzlich, smiling. 
Shmots, smack. 
Shmotsa, to smack. 
Shnai, snow. 

Shnaia, to snow, snowing. 
Shnai bloom, snow drop. 
Shnai boUa, snow ball. 
Shnaid, snows, snowing. 
Shnai flucka, snow flake. 
Shnai g'shtivver, snow 

Shnai shtarrem, snow storm, 

Shnai weis, snow white. 


Shnai wosser, snow water. 

Shnapper, snapper, trigger. 

Shnar, jerk, twitch. 

Shnar fogel, humming bird. 

Shnarra, to jerk, to twitch. 

Shneck, snail. 

Shnecka, snails. 

Shnecka hous, snail shell. 

Shnecka shtaik, winding 

Sneek, sneak. 

Shneeka, sneaking. 

Sheekich, sneaky. 

Shneer, lines. 

Shneera, to lace, to cheat. 

Shneer leivel, corset. 

Shneer shtivel, lace shoes. 

Shneid, edge, keen edge, cut. 

Shneida. to cut. 

Shneid bonk, cooper's or 
drawing beench. 

Shneideisa, screw tap, die. 

Shneid messer, cooper's or 
drawing knife. 

Shneider, tailor, daddy-long- 
legs, crane fly, father-long- 

Shneidera, tailoring. 

Shneidern, tailoress. 

Shneidsa, to blow through 
the nose. 

Shnell, quick, swift, sudden. 

Shnella, to fillip, to let fly, 
to hurry, to fling. 


Shneller, spring, trigger, fil- 
lip, kicker. [swiftness. 

Shnellichkate, quickness, 

Shnell shreiver, short hand 
writer, stenographer. 

Shnellwoke,^ steelyard. 

Shnep, snipe, woodcock, pry 

Shneppa, snipes, to pry 

Shuipelcha, small piece, 

Shiiipla, to snip. 

Shnippler, snipper. 

Shnipsa, to sob. 

Shnit, cut. 

Shnitloch, cutleek, chives. 

Shnits, dried apples. 

Shnitsla, to carve, to cut, to 
whittle. [apple pie. 

Shnits pie, snitz pie, dried 

Shnockerich, tender,slender, 

Shnoddera, to shiver, 

Shnoke, gnat. 

Shnoka, gnats. 

Shnokafol, one who stands 
and stares with open 

Shuol, buckle. 

Shnolla, buckles, to buckle. 

Shnoofla, to sniffle, to pry. 

Shnoop, snuff. 

Shnoopa, to snuff, cold, hay 
fever, catarrh. 

Shnoopdooch, handkerchief. 


Shnoopdoowock, snuff. 

Shnoopdoowock box, snufF 

Shnooper, meddle. 

Shnoopera, to meddle. 

Shnoor, line, string, cord. 

Shnoor bord, mustache 

■Sbnoot, snout, wry or ugly 

Shnop, limp 

Shnoppa, to limp, to gasp. 

Shnops, a dram, a drink of 

Shnopsock, knapsack. 

Shnorrix, snore 

Shnorrixa, snoring 

Shuovel, beak, bill. 

Shnowf, breathe 

Shnowfa, to breathe. 

Shnowsa, to eat clandes- 
tinely, to sneak at eata- 

Shnowsich, taking eatables 
on the sly. 

Shnuck. snug, slim, slender. 

Shnuff, snuff. 

Shnuffa, to snufF. 

Shode, pod, husk. 

Shoda, pods, husks. 

Shoda booiia, pod beans, 

Sliodda, shade, shadow. 

Shodda bawra, shade tree 

Shoddich, shady. 

Shofe, sheep. 


Sliofe bels, sheep rol)e, sheep 

Shofe buck, ram. [skin. 

Shofe flaish. mutton. 

Shofe hommel, wether, 

Shofich, sheepy. 

iShofegnuttla, sheep berries, 
sheep excrement. [tick. 

Shoie louse, sheep louse, 

Shofe niilich, sheep's milk, 

Shofemisht, sheep's dung. 

Shofe ribba, yarrow, 

Shofe .»ihare, sheep shears. 

Shofe shtol, sheep fold. 

ShofF, work. 

Shoffa, working, to v^'ork. 

ShofF dawg, working day. 

Shoff leit, working people. 

ShofFman, working man. 

Sholk, rogue, wag. 

Sholkhate, cunning, igno- 
rance, roguery. 

Sholk yohr, leap year. 

ShoU, echo.' 

Sholla, echoing. 

Sholloch fever, scarlet fever. 

Sholloch frissel, scarlet rash 

Shoud, shame, disgrace, dis- 
repute, dishonor. 

Shondbawr, shameful, dis- 

Shondbawrlich, shamefully, 

Shondlich, shameful, dis- 
graceful, infamous. 


Shonk, cupboard. 

vShoo, shoe 

Shoo barsht, shoe brush. 

Shoe bech. shoe wax. 

Shoe bendel, shoe string. 

Shooblawd, drawer. 

Shoobkarrich, wheelbarrow. 

Shoo bootser, door mat. 

Shoo dinda, shoemaker's 

Shooflicka, to mend shoes. 

Shooflicker, cobbler. 

Shool, school. 

tihoola, schools. 

Shool boo, school boy. 

Shoold, debt, cause, crime, 

Shoolda, debts. 

Shoolder, shoulder. 

Shooldera, shoulders. 

Shooldich indebted, guilty, 

Shooldner, debtor. [dent. 

Shooler, scholar, pupil, stu- 

Shool house, school house. 

Shooling, schooling, learn- 
ing, [mate. 

Shool koommerrawd,school- 

Shool maidel, school maid. 

Shool maishter, school- 

Shool shtoob, school room. 

Shool superintend, school 


Shool tox, school tax. 

Slioomack, sumach. 

Shoomacher, shoemaker. 

Shoona, to favor, to aid. 

Shoo negel, shoe nails, pegs. 

Shoon, already. 

Shoonka, ham, gammon, 

Shoo rawma, welt, [string. 

Shoo reema, leather, shoe 

Shoos, shot, blast, hurry, 

Shoos blöder, stye. 

Shoos board, tail board. 

Shoo shnol. shoe buckle. 

Shoo shtore, shoe store 

Shoo sole, shoe sole. 

Shoo sola, shoe soles, to sole 

Shootz, shelter, protection. 

Shop, shop, work room. 

Shoushtse, chimney. 

Shonshtse bootzer, chimney 

Shose, lap. 

Show, show, 

Showder, shudder. 

Showdera, shuddering, [ful. 

Showderhoft, terrible, fright 

Showderlich, terrible, fright- 

Shower, shower. 

Showfel, scoop-shovel. 

Showfela, scooping, scoops, 
to cultivate. 


Showfelaik, cultivator. 
Showm, froth, scum, foam. 
Showmich, foamy, frothy. 
Showm lefflel, skimming 

Shpae, chips. 
Shpaich, spoke. 
Shpaicht, flicker. 
Shpair, spare, 
Shpaira. to spare. 
Shpaiter, later, afterwards. 
Shpaitsht, latest. 
Shpar, brake. 
Shpara to brake, braking. 
Shparagraws, asparagus. 
Shpar bolka, brake beam. 
Shparit, spirit. 
Shpar ket, log chain, brake 

chain. [rough block. 

Shpar glutz, brake block. 
Shparling. sparrow. 
Shparrick, court. 
Shparicka, cotirting. 
Shparvla, persimmons. 
Shpawd, spade, 
Shpawda, spades, spavin. 
Shpawr, save 
Shpawra, to save. 
Shpawrsom, saving, frugal. 
Shpawrsomkeit, frugality. 
Shpeck, flitch, bacon. 
Shpeckdawgel, spectacle, 

strange sight. [scope. 

Shpeck deef, spy- glass, tele- 


Shpeck drowva, fox grapes. 

Shpeck mouse, bat 

Slipecksliword, bacon rind. 

Shpecklate, speculate. 

Shpecklata. speculating. 

Specklater, speculator. 

Shpeel, play. 

Shpeela, playing. 

Shpeelcha, small spool. 

Shpeeler, gambler, [mate 

Shpeel kooomrawd, play- 

Shpeel loompa, dish rag, 

Shpeel shisel, dish pan. 

Shpeelsocha, playthings. 

Shpeel wosser, dish water, 

Shpees, spear, helbard, pike. 

Shpeesa, to spear,to harpoon 

Shpeicher, garret, loft. 

Shpell, pin, spell. 

Shpella, to pin, pins, to spell 

Shpella kissa, pin cushion. 

Shpelling booch, spelling 

Shpend, spend, squander. 

Shpenda, to spend, to squan- 

Shpending, spending money. 

Shpeugler, tinker, tin-smith. 

Shpengla, tinkering. 

Shpetla, to mock, to scoff. 

Shpetlich, mockingly, sar- 


Shpetsel, sparrow. 
Shpetter, mocker. 
Shpiggle, looking-glass, 

Shpike, spike. 

Shpika, to spike, spiking. 

Shpin, spin, spider, purr as a 

Shpinna, to spin, to purr. 

Shpindle, spindle, pivot. 

Shpindle pon, step box. 

Shpinna nesht, cob-web. 

Shpinna waib, cob-web. 

Shpin rawd, spinning wheel, 

Shpite, malice. 

Shpita, to spite. 

Shpiteful, spiteful, cross, en- 
vious, [dor. 

Shpit box, spittoon, cuspi- 

Shpits, penis. 

Shpitsa, to sharpen, to make 
pointed, point. 

Shpitsboo, villain, thief. 

Shpitsich, pointed. 

Shpiyoon, spy, scout. 

Shplisa, to splice. 

Shplit, split. 

Shplitta, to split. 

Shpolt, section. 

Shpolta, to split, to hew. 

Shpon, span. 

Shponk, spunk, temper, [ed. 

Shponkich, spunky, temper- 


Shpoiiiia, spanning, stretch- 

Shponnish, Spanish [iug. 

Shponpet crossbeam 

Shp:>iish, sponge, sponge 
cake. [dish. 

ShpoDbh shissel, sponge 

Shpoochla, capers, [ghost 

Shpook, spook, hobgoblin, 

Shpooka, to spook, [spool. 

Shpoola. spool, spools, to 

Shpooud, split, that part of 
wood nearest to the bark. 

Shpoonda, bung. 

Shpoonda bora, gouge. 

Shpoonda luch, bung-hole. 

Sphpoor, track, trace. 

Shpoora, to track, to trace. 

Shpora, spurs. 

Sbporra, rafter, rafters. 

Shport, sport, fun 

Shpuss, sport, fun. 

Shposäich, funny, sportive. 

Shpote yohr, fall, autumn 

Shpots, sparrow. 

Shpotsa, sparrows. 

Shpotseera, visiting, 

Shpout, spout. 

Shpow, spit. 

Shpowa, to spit, spitting, 

Shpow box, spittoon, cuspi- 

Shpowts, saliva, spittle. 

Shpray, spread. [iug» 

Shpraya, to spread, spread- 


Shprech, talk, speak. 
Shprecha, to talk, to speak. 

j Shprech er, orator, speaker. 

Shpree, spree, carousal. 

Shpreea, spreeing. carousing, 

Shprenga, to chase, to blast, 

Shpraich, verses, passages, 
j Shpaichward, ad;'ge, prov- 
j erb, maxim, 

Shpricks, sprigs, brads. 
] Shpring, spring, run. [ning. 
j Shpringa, springing, ruii- 
j Shprings, springs. 

Shpring shtuck, lancet 
j Shprings wogga, spring 
wagon. [sprinkle. 

Shpritz, splash, squirt, to 
! Shproach, language. 
1 Shprooch, verse, passage, 
saying. [leap. 

Shproong, leak, crack, jump, 

Shproong reema, martingale 

Shprout, sprout, shoot. 

Shprouts. sprouts, shoots. 

Shprow. chaff. 

Shprow kissa, bolster. 

Shprow sock, chaff-bag. 

Shprussa, rundle. 

Shput, mock, scorn, derision, 
I Shput-fuggel, mocking-bird. 
j Shput-nawma, nick-name. 

Shputta. to mock, to scorn. 

Shquare, square. 
Shquara, squaring. 
Shquarl, squirrel. 
Shquire, esquire. 
Shreck, fright. 
Shrecka, fear. [horrid. 

Shreck lieh, frightful, awful, 
Shraiks, slanting. 
Shreef, sheriff. 
Shreib. write. 
Shreib dish, writing desk. 
Shreiner, carpenter. 
Shreinera, carpentering. 
Shreiva, to write. 
Shreiver, writer. 
Shreives, writing, written 

Shrep kep, cupping heads. 
Shreppa, to cup. 
Shrift, handwriting, Bible. 
Shriftlich, in writing, pious. 
Shriftshteller, author. 
Shrit, step, steps, 
Shritta, to step. 
Shritweis, step by step. 
Shroat, shot, chop. 
Shroata, to grind coarsely, 
Shroat meel, chop mill. 
Shroat sock, shot pouch. 
Shronklich, unsteady. 
Shroonna, chaps, cracks. 
Shrowb, screw. 
Shrowb shtuck, vice. 
Shrowva, screws. 



I Shrowvatzieger.screw driver. 
Shtae, stone, .«-tones, stand. 
Shtae brecha, to quarry 

Shtte brooch, stone quarry. 
I Shtae buck, Capricornus. 
Shtae coala, anthracite coal. 
Shtae dreppa, stone steps. 
Shtae drook, lithograph. 
Shtae fens, stone wall 
Shtae grook, stone jug. 
Shtaidich, steady, always. 
Shtaig, stairs. [at a sale. 
Shtaiga, stairs, to purchase 
Shtaiga glender, banister. 
Shtaik, stairs, foot-bridge, 

Shtaiks, stakes, steaks. 
Shtail, steal. 

Shtaila to steal, stealing. 
Shtailer, stealer, thief. 
Shtaina, of stone. 
Shtainich, stony. 
Shtamp, stamp. 
Shtampa, to stamp. 
Shtamps, stamps, money. 
Shtand, stand. [to allow. 
Shtanda, to stand, to endure, 
Shtar, stir. 
Shtara, to stir. 
Shtarb, die, expire. 
Shtarblich, mortal [to chop. 
Shtarblichkate, mortality. 
Shtardsa, stump, to fall. 


vShtarkeppich, headstrong, 

Shtarkup, stubborn person. 

Shtarm, storm, tempest 

Shtarmich, stormy, tempest- 

Shtarn, star, forehead. 

Shtarna, stars. 

Shtarn ah el, starlight. 

Shtarna himmel, firmament. 

Shtarna kenner, astronomer. 

Shtarn bloom, aster, hya- 

Shtarnich, starry. 

Shtarns, confounded. 

Shtarrick, strong, starch. 

Shtarricka, to starch. 

Shtarricker, stronger. 

Shtart, start. 

Shtarta, starting. 

Shtartz, tumble, fall. 

Shtartza, tumbling, falling. 

Shtarva, to die, to expire. 

Shtarves gronk, dangerous 
ly ill. 

Shtate, state. 

Shtatement, statement. 

Shtawb, dust. 

Shtawd, State, Common- 
wealth, pride. 

Shtawka, stake. 

Shtawka fens, stake or 
worm fence. 

Shtawl, steel. 


Shtawla, to steel, to stall. 
Shtawr, blackbird, cataract. 
Shtawvich, dusty. 
Shteady, steady. 
Shteam, steam, 
Shteamboat, steamboat. 
Shtech, sting, pierce, stab. 
Shtech opple, thorn apple, 

Shteck, stick. 
Shtecka, sticks, to stick. 
Shtecka boona, pole beans. 
Shtecka gowl, hobby-horse. 
Shteckla, hide and seek. 
Shteckla shpeela, playing 

hide and seek. 
Shtedel, town, village. 
Shteef-brooder, step-brother. 
Shteef-dawdy, step-father. 
Shteef-fodder, step-father. 
Shteef-kind, step-child. 
Shteef-kinner, step-children. 
Shteef-mommy, step-mother. 
Shteef-shweshter, step-sister . 
Shteel, chairs, handle. 
Shteiber, prop. 
Shteibera, to prop. 
Shteibigle, stirrup. 
Shteif, stiff. 

Shteifing, canvas, buckram. 
Shteif ket, stay-chain. 
Shteif g'suffa, dead drunk. 
Shteiga, to rise, to ascend, 

to mount. 




Shteir, steer. 

Shteira, to steer, steering. 

Shteir rooder, helm, rudder 

Shtell, place, office, stables. 

Shtella, to place, to stand. 

Shtell ung, attitude. 

Shtelsa, stilts. 

Shteugel, stalk or stalks, 

stem or stems. 
Shtenner, vat, 
Shtich, stitch, sting, prick. 
Shtick, slice, piece, part. 
Shtickfloos, suffocation or 

Shtickla, patching. 
Shtickle, small piece, stake. 
Shtickle fens, stake fence. 
Shtickly, bit, little piece, 
Shtill, still, silent, yet. 
Shtillshtoud, unchanged, 

stagnation. [to mum. 

Shtill shweiga,to keep silent, 
Shtim, voice, vote. 
Shtim box, ballot box. 
Shtim govel, tuning fork. 
Shtimma, voices, to vote, to 

Shtimple, small remainder. 
Shtim recht, a right to vote. 
Shtiuk, bad odor, stink, 

stench. [bad odor. 

Shtinka, to stink, to emit a 
Shtink case, Dutch cheese, 

Ivinburger cheese. 

Shtink keffer, stinking-bug. 
Shtivel, boot, boots. 
Shtivel hüls, boot tree. 
Shtivel gnecht, boot-jack. 
Shtochle, prick, thorn. 
Shtochla, pricks, thorns. 
Shtochlich, pricky, thorny. 
Shtock, stock, share. 
Shtocks, stocks, shares. 
Shtod, city. 
Shtoll, stable, stall. 
Shtom, tribe, trunk, stem, 
Shtomp, stamp. 
Shtompa, stamping, to 

stamp. [tion. 

Shtand, stand, able situa- 
Shtondhoft, steadfast, sub- 

tautial, firm, resolute. 
Shtong, pole, rod, 
Shtonga glaws, goblet. 
Shtoodeera, to study. 
Shtoodent, student. 
Shtoodsa, to hesitate. 
Shtool, chair, stool 
Shtoolgonk, passage of the 

bowels. [dumb. 

Shtoom, mute, deaf and 
Shtoompa, stump, stumps. 
Shtoomp shwons, bob tail. 
Shtoon, hour. 
Shtoouna, hours. 
Shtoonna tzoyer, hour hand. 
Shtoop, room, stir. 
Shtooppa, to stir. 


Sbtore, store, blackbird. 
Sbtore keeper, merchant, 
Shtore soch, merchandise. 
Sbtore tse, China tea. 
Shtory, story. 
Sbtose, push, thrust, gore. 
Sbtosa, to push, to thrust, 
,to gore 
Sbtose woy, sparrow-havt'k, 
Sh touch, jar, jolt. 
Sbtouch, to jar, to jolt. 
Shtout, stout. 
Shtraich, stroke, blow,move, 

blunders, tricks, jokes. 
Shtraifa. stripes. 
Shtraifich, striped. 
Sbtraifich graws, puzzle 

grass. [snake. 

Sbtraifichy shlong, garter 
Shtrail, comb. 
Shtraila, to comb. 
Shtrail box, comb case. 
vShtraima, stripe, stripes. 
Shtraimich, striped. 
Sbtrain, strain. [i^ig 

Shtraina, to strain, strain- 
Shtrap, strop, strap, [rays. 
Sbtrawla, beams, streaks, 
Shtrawlich, rajdike, streaky. 
Sbtraya, to litter, to strew. 
Sbtreck, stretch. 
Sbtrecka, stretching. 
Shtreich, stroke, pat. 
Shtreicha, to stroke, to pat. 


Shtreich hüls, rule to strike 

off used in measuring 

Sbtreit, strife, quarrel. 
Shtieita, quarreling. 
Sbtreis, tassel, tassels. 
Sbtreisa, tassels 
Shtreisel, a small tassel. 
Shtrerig, skeins, traces, 

severe, strict. 
Sbtricha, stroke or strokes, 

line or lines, teat or teats. 
Shtrick, rope, knit. 
Shtricka, knitting. 
Shtrick holfter, rope halter, 

neck rope. [needle. 
Shtrick nodle, knitting 
Shtrict, strict 
Shtriggle, curry comb. 
Shtrimp, stockings. 
Sbtrimp shtuppa, darning 

Sbtrimpmocber, hosier. 
Shtrip, strip. 
Shtrippa, to strip. 
Shtritz, syringe, squirt. 
Shtro, straw. 
Shtro bonk, feed cutter. 
Sbtrock, straight, erect. 
Shtro doch, thatched roof. 
Sbtrofe, punishment, pen- 
alty, fine. 
Sbtrofa, to punish, to fine. 
Shtrofebawr, punishable. 


Shtro fockel, straw torch. 
Shtro holm, straw haulm. 
Shtro ho(jd, straw hat. 
Shtro kissa, bolster. 
Shtrorabia, to kick, to 

Shtrome, creek, stream. 
Shtroiig, trace, skein. 
Shtroomp, stocking, hose. 
Shtroomp bendel, garter. 
Shtroop, hames hook, loop. 
Shtroop-hoot, sun Bonnet. 
Shtroop-ijodle. bodkin. 
Shtroovelich, disheveled, 

Shtrose, street. 
Shtro sail, straw-band. 
Shtro sock, straw bag, straw 

mattress, chaif-bag. 
Shtro wish, straw wisp. 
Shtubble, stubble. 
Shtubbla, stubbles. 
Shtubbla feld, stubble field. 
ShtubDlich, stubbly. 
Shtuck, story, cane, stick, 

stack, staff stalk. 
Shtuck boona, bush beans. 
Shtuck dawb, stone deaf. 
Shtuddy, study. 
Shtnddia, studying, to plan, 

to deliberate 
Shtuddera, to stammer 
Shtudent, student. 
Shtuft, stuff, goods. 

Shtulber, stumble. 
Shtulbera, to stumble. 
Shtul foos, club foot. 
Shtulla, calkins. 
Shtuls, proud. 
Shtulser, prouder. 
Shtulsht, proudest. 
Shtup, stop. 


Shtuppa, darning, stopping. 

Shtupper, stopper, wad. 

Shtutter, stammer. 

Shtuttera, stammering. 

Shtuvverich, stubborn. 

Sht5de, style, mode. 

Shuckel, cradle, rock. 

Shuckla, rocking, to rock . 

Shuck el-shtool, rocking- 

Shun, already. 

Shup, shed. 

Shuppa, arm. 

Shuttle, shuttle. 

Shwagar, brothers in-law. 

Shwan, swan. 

Shwar, father-in-law. 

Shwara, to aflSrm, to swear, 
to curse, to take an oath. 

Shware, swear, heavy, curse, 
take an oath, [weight. 

Shware gawicht, gross 

Shwarelich, heavy, hardly, 
scarcely, burdensome. 

Shwaremeedich, melancholy 




Shwarm, swarm. 

Shwarma, to swarm. 

Shwartz, black, 

Shwartza parbla, small-pos. 

Shwartz brow, dark brow. 

Shwartz darn, black thorn. 

Shwartz rode, dark red. 

Shwartz wartzel, comfrey. 

Shwase, sweat, weld. 

Shwasa, to weld. 

Shwase druppa, sweat drops. 

Shwase lecher, pores, sweat 

Shwase Inch, pore. 

Shwechlich, weak. 

Shwengle, handle, swingle, 
swing bar. 

Shwenka, to rinse. 

Shwensel, wag the tail. 

Shwensela, wagging the tail. 

Shweshter, sister. 

Shweshter kind, niece or 

Shwetz, talk. 

Shwetza, to talk, talking. 

Shwetzer, talker, orator, 

Shwetzich, talkative. 

Shwetz-koonsht, elocution. 

Shwevel, sulphur, brimstone. 

Shwevel bleed, flower sul- 

Shwiegar-fodder, father-in- 

Shwiegar-moodder, mother- 

Shwift, swift, quick. 

Shwill, swill. 

Shwill aimer, swill bucket. 

Shwill fos, swill barrel. 

Shwim, swim. [ming. 

Shwimma, to swim, swim- 

Shwimmer, swimmer. 

Shwindle, swindle. 

Shwindla, to swindle. [er. 

Shwindler, swindler, default- 

Shwindlich, giddy. 

Shwing, swing. [to whip. 

Shwinga, to swing, to flog, 

Shwinna, sweeney. 

Shwitz, sw^eat, perspire. 

Shwoch, weak, feeble. 

Shwochheit, weakness. 

Shwoger, brother-in-law. 

Shwolm, martin, swallow. 

Shwom, meadow, sponge. 

Shwonger, pregnant, im- 

Shwonhoggle, buckshot. 

Shwons, tail. 

Shwons reema, crupper. 

Shwop, trade, swap, ex- 

Shwoppa, to trade, to swap. 

Shword, slab, the skin of 
swine, whip, flog. 

Shworda, slabs, to whip, to 
to flog. 


Shy, shy. 

Shya, shying, to shy. 

Sich, ones self, [protected, 

Sicher, certain, safe, secure 

Sicherhate, certainty. 

Sicher mocha, to make safe 
or secure 

Sicht, sees, observes. 

Sichtbore, visible, seen. 

Sichle, sickle. 

Sidder, since. 

Side, side. 

Seida flaish, flitch. 

Sidewards, sideways. 

Siffer, drunkard, tippler. 

Sigel, seal. 

Sigla, to seal, sealing. 

Sigle wox, sealing wax. 

Silver, silver. [coin. 

Silver gelt, silver money, 

Silver gled, litharge. 

Silver mine, silver mine. 

Silvershmit, silversmith. 

Silver sond, silver sand. 

Simetery, cemetery. 

Simbild, emblem. 

Simbilder, emblems 

Simid, cinnamon. 

Simid-box, cinnamon-box. 

Simid rinna, whole cinna- 
mon, [mind. 

Sin, are, sense, intention, 

Sind, sin. 

Sinda fol, fall of man. 


Sinder, sinner. 
Sindhoft, sinful. 
Sindicha, to sin. 
Sinflood, Deluge. 
Sing, sing. 

Singa, to sing, singing. 
Singern, songstress. 
Sing shool, singing-school. 
Sink, sink, sink. 
Siuka, to sink, sinking. 
Sinna, senses. 
Sip, sieve. 
Sirrup, syrup. 
Sistern, cistern. 
Sitz, seat. 

Sitza, sitting, to sit. 
Sivva, seven. 

Sivva oohr, seven o'clock. 
Sivva shlaifer, seven sleeper. 
Siwatzse, seventeen. 
Sivvatzaint, seventeenth. 
Sivvatzich, seventy. 
Sivvatzichsht, seventieth. 
Sivvet, seventh. 
So, so, such as. 
Soak, soak. 
Soaka, to soak. 
Sober, sober. 

So bol, as soon as. [fairs. 
Soch, things, matters, af- 
Society, society, [slowly. 
Sochta, gently, silently, 
Sock, bag, sack, pocket. 
Sock-deep, pickpocket. 

Sock inesser, pocket knife. 
Sockrament, sacrament. 
Soddle, saddle. 
Soddle-bag, saddle-bag. 
Soddle deck, saddle cloth. 
Soddle gard, girth. 
Soddle gnup, pommel 
Soddle gowl, saddle horse, 

wheel horse. 
Soddle kissa, pavilion pad, 

saddle pad. 
Saddler, saddler. 
Sofa, sofa. 
Soffron, saffron. 
Soft, juice, sap. 
Softich, juicy. 

So gawr, even, yet, so much. 
Sohn, son. 
Soldawd, soldier. 
Soldawda, soldiers. 
Sole, sole. 

Sole ledder, sole leather, 
Solicit, solicit. 
Solicita, to solicit. 
Solicitation, solicitation. 
Solid, solid. 
Solpater, saltpeter. 
Sols, salt. 

Sols bexel, salt cellar. 
Sols floos, saltrheum. 
Sols fos, salt barrel. 
Sols gloompa, lump of salt. 
Solsich, salty. 
Sals lock, brine. 
Sols wasser, salt ■water,brine. 


Solven, selvedge. 

Solvent, solvent. 

Solwei, sage 

Somla, gathering, to collect. 

Somling. assembly. 

Somshdawg, Saturday. 

Somt, together with. 

Sond, sand. 

Sond bank, sand back. 

Sonderbawr, strange, unex- 

Sondich, sandy. 

Sondshtse, sandstone. 

Sonft, gentle, mild, meek, 

Sonftmeedich,mild, meek, 

Sonftmood, meekness. 

Song, song. 

Soo, son. 

Sooch, seek, hunt. 

Soocha, seeking, hunting. 

Soockle, suck. 

Soockla, to suck. 

Sood, south, [weather. 

Sooddle wedder, rainy 

Sooddlich, wet, rainy. 

Soodra, to summer. 

Soom, sum 

Sooma, seed. 

Sooma shtawb, pollen. 

Sooma kup, seed pod, 

Soommer, summer, [pears. 

Soommer beera, summer 

Soommer fleck a freckles. 


Sootnmer fleckich, freckly. 

Soommer gronket, summer 
complaint. [weather. 

Soommer wedder, summer 

Soommensa, to summon, 

Soomp. marsh. 

Soompich, marshy. 

Soon, sun 

Soondawg, Sunday. 

Soondawg-shool, Sunday- 

Soonna, to sun. 

Soonna bloom, sunflower. 

Soonna finshternis, Solar 

Soonna shei, sunshine. 

Soonna shtich, sunstroke, 

Soonna shtrawla, sunbeams, 
sun rays. 

Soonich, sunny 

Soonsfraw, daughter-in-law. 

Soonsht, otherwise, other 
place, vain. 

Soon uf gong east, sunrise. 

Soon unner gong, west, sun- 

Soop, soup. 

Sooppa lefFel, table spoon. 

Sooppa shissel, soup dish. 

Sos, sat. 

Sossafril, sarsaparilla. 

Sossafros, sassafras. 


Sot, satisfied, enough, sati- 

Sote, seeding time. [ated. 

Sote brenna, heart burning 

Sote froocht, seed grain. 

Sots, yeast. 

Sots hofFa, yeast pot. 

Sound, sound. 

Sounda. sounding, to sound. 

Sover, sour. 

Sover dake, leaven. 

Sovergrout, souerkraut. 

Soveromble, sorrel. 

Sow, pig, hog, swine. 

Sowa, to smear, to daub. 

Sowerrei, hoggishness, filthi- 

Sowf, guzzle. 

Sowfa, to drink excessively, 
to spree, swilling,guzzling. 

Sowferrei, debauchery. 

Sowf gichtra. delerium tre- 

Sowf lodel, drunkard, sot, 
tippler, inebriate. 

Sowver, clean, tidy, nice. 

Subject, subject. 

Substitute, substitute. 

Substituta, to substitute. 

Subscribe, subscribe. 

Subscriba, to subscribe. 

Subscriber, subscriber. 

Subscription, subscription. 

Subtract, subtract. 

Subtracta, to subtract. 

Succeed, succeed. • 

Succeeda, to succeed. 
Sucka, stocking feet. 
SufFera, to suffer. 
Suit, suit. 
Suita. to suit. 
Sull, shall. 
Sullicli, such. 
Sull ich ? shall I ? 
Superintend, superintendent 
Superintenda, superintend- 
Superviser, supervisor. 
Supervisa, supervising. 


Support, support. 
Supporta, to support, sup- 
Suppose, suppose. [ing. 

Supposa, to suppose, suppos- 
Supposition, supposition. 
Suspect, suspect. 
Suspecta, to suspect. 
Suspenda, to suspend. 
Suspension, suspension. 
Suspicion, suspicion. 
'S-wosser-op-slogga, urinate. 
System, system. 
Systemiza, systemize. 

Tse, tea. 

Tae box, tea chest, caddy. 

Tse grout, golden rod. 

Tae kessel, tea kettle. 

Tae kon, tea pot. 

Tae lefFel, teaspoon, 

Tae put, tea pot. 

Tack, tack 

Tacks, tacks. 

Tamberine^ Tambourine. 

Tape, tape. 

Tarm, term, session. 

Tarn, turn, steeple, spire. 

Tattle, tattle. 

Tattla, tattling, to tattle. 

Taws, toss. 

Tawsa, to toss, tossing. 

Tawsel, tassel. 

Tawsla, tassels. 
Teach, teach, instruct, 
i Teacha, teaching, to teach 
Teacher, teacher, instructor. 
Temper, temper, 
Temperate, temperate, mild. 
Temperence, temperance. 
Tend, tend, attend. 
Tenda, tending, attending. 
Teshtament, testament. 
Ticket, ticket. 
Ticket agent, ticket agent. 
Ticket offis, ticket office. 
Tiddle eara, to coax. 
Tockt, bar in music, 
Tolleuda, talents 
Town, town. 
Township, township. 

Tox, tax. 

Tox batzawler, tax pa^^er. 
Toxbore. taxable. 
Tox co.lecler, tax collector. 
Trei, faithful, true. 
Trei lose, untrue, uufaithful. 
Trick, trick. [tricks. 

Tricksful, tricky, full of 
Trifle, trifle 
Trustee, trustee. 
Tuck, tuck. 

Tucka, to tuck, tuckiug. 
Tucker, tucker. 
Twine, twine. 
Type, type. 

Type setzer, type setter. 
Tzadra, cedar. 
Tzadra biwm, cedar tree. 
Tzadra hüls, cedar wood 
Tzas, teeth, tough. 
Tzail, count. 
Tzaila, counting. 
Tz.ailer, counter. 
Tzaicha, sign, the hand of a 

watch or clock. 
Tzain, ten. 
Tzait, tenth. 
Tzar, tease. 
Tzaru, wrath, anger. 
Tzarra, teasing, to tease. 
Tzawl, number. 
Tzawlreich, numerous. 
Tzawni, tame, bridle. 
Tzawma, taming, to tame. 

Tzawn, tooth, cog. 
Tzawrt, tender. 
Tzaya, toe, toes, ten. 
Tzeiga, witness. 
Tzeigniss, testimony. 
Tzeit, time 
Tzeita, times. 
Tzeitferdreib, pastime. 
Tzeitich, ripe, mature. 
Tzeiting, newspaper. 
Tzeitlong, awhile. 
Tzell, cell. 
Tzellerich, celery. 
Tzettle, chain, note. 
Tzieg, pull, move, draw. 
Tziega, pulling, moving, 

Tziel, aim, goal. 
Tziela, aiming, to aim. 
Tziffer, figure. 
TzifFera, figures. 
Tzin, solder. 
Tzink, zinc. 
Tzitter, tremble. 
Tzittera, trembling. 
Tzitterich, shaky, nervous. 
Tzitterly, souse. 
Tzivver, tubs. 

Tzomma, together. [er, 

Tzomma boppa, paste togeth 
Tzomma binna, tie together. 
Tzommabringa, bring togeth 

er. [er. 

Tzomma draya, twist togeth- 



Tzomma dricka. compress, 
squeeze together, [gether. 

Tzomma dripla, tramp to- 

Tzomma haila, heal together 

Tzomma hava, hold together 

Tzomma helfa, help together 

Tzomma koomma, to come 
together [ing 

Tzomma lawf, social gather- 

Tzommalawfa, run together 

Tzomma lucka, call together 

Tzomma reisa, tear down. 

Tzomma reiva, rub together. 

Tzomma shpringa, run to- 
gether, [convene. 

Tzomma roofa, call together, 

Tzommatziega, concentrate, 
to draw together. 

Tzong, tongs, pliers. 

Tzonk, scold. 

Tzonka, scolding, to scold. 

Tzoo, shut, too. 

Tzoocht. noise 

Tzoofellich, incidental. 

Tzoafloocht, refuge. 

Tzoofol, incident. 

TzoofoUa, devolve. 

Tzoofoos, afoot. 

Tzoofreeda, satisfied. 

Tzooganoomma, increased. 

Tzoogevva, forego, allow. 

Tzook, draft, twitch, pull. 

Tzooka, to twitch. 

Tzooker, sugar. 

Tzooker bole, sugar bowl. 

Tzookoomma, accrue. 

Tzookoonft, future. 

Tzoolawd, salad. 

Tzoom, to it, to him. 
Tzoonawm, increase. 
Tzoonawma, surname 
Tzoonemma, increasing. 
Tzoong, tongue. 
Tzoorecht, aright. 
Tzoorick, back. 
Tzoorick handa, to return. 
Tzoorick henka, hanging 

back [back. 

Tzoorick holda, retain, keep 
Tzoosetza, increase 
Tzooshreiva, ascribe, [tion. 
Tzoosotz, addition, annexa- 
Tzoover, tub. 
Tzoowidder, adverse. 
TzuU, inch. 
Tzullshtawb, foot rule. 
Tzup tziegle. check -rein. 
Tzup line, check-line. 
Tzwae, two. 
Tzweifel, doubt.. 
Tzweifelhoft, doubtful. 
Tzweifla, doubting. 
Tzwelf, twelve. 
Tzwelft, twelfth. 
Tzwet, second. 
Tzwettens, secondly. 
Tzwilling. twins. 
Tzwing, compell. 
Tzwinga, compelling. 
Tzwisha, between 
Tzwisha drin, in between. 
Tzwisha nei, in between. 
Tzwivvel, onion. 
Tzwivvela, onions. 
Tzwonsich. twenty. 
Tzwonsichsht, twentieth. 



üb, if, whether. 

üb shun, although. 

Udder, or except 

Uf, open, on, upon. 

Ufaigna, own up, confess. 

Uf barricks, on credit. 

Uf beisa, to bite open. 

Uf binna, to bind, to tie up. 

Uf blaya, to swell, to puff up 

Uf blosa, to explode, to 
blow up. 

Uf blucka, to pile up. 

Uf bootsa, to clean, to polish 
to winnow or fan grain 

Uf bossa, to watch, to pay 
attention, to be vigilant. 

Uf bowa, to build up. 

Uf brecha, to break open, 
to adjourn, to fail in busi- 

Uf brenua, to burn up. 

Uf coaxa, to coax, to per- 
suade, [tainly. 

Uf course, of course, cer- 

Ufdecka, to uncover. 

Uf draida, to step upon. 

Uf draya, to happen, to un 

Uf drenna, to rip open 

Uf dricka, to squeeze open. 

Uf ennera, to enter. 

Uffa, stove, oven. 

Uifa bae, stove leg. 

Uffa barsht, stove brush. 

Uffa black, stove polish. 

Uffa blacka, to polish a stove 

Uffa blot, stove plate. 

Uffa deckel, stove lid. 

Uffa deer, stove or oven door 

Uffa eisa. lifter. 

Uffa grate, stove grate. 

Uffa poker, poker. 

Uffa rohr, stove pipe, [ten.» 

Uf feedra, to feed well, to fat- 

Uf feera, to behave. 

Uffenbawr, clear, manifest. 

Uffenbawrung, revelation. 

Uf filla, fill up. 

Uf folia, to fall on. 

Uf fonga, to catch, to gather 

Uf fressa, devour, eat up 

Uf frisha, refresh. 

Uf frishung, refreshment. 

Uf gae, rise, sprout 

Ufgabissa, bit open. 

Ufgablosa, blown up, bloated 

Ufgaboonna, bound, tied up 

Ufgabootst, cleaned, dressed 
up. [mated. 

Ufgabrend, burned up, cre- 

Ufgabrucha, broke open, in- 
solvent, [veiled. 

Ufgadeckt, uncovered, un- 

Ufgadraid, turned up, turn- 
ed open. 

Ufgadraida, tramped upon 

Ufgadrend, ripped open. 

Ufgadrickt, squeezed open. 


Ufgadrickled, dried up. 
Ufgaglored, cleared off. 
Ufgaglupped, cracked open. 
Ufgagnipped, unbuttoned. 
Ufgagwulla, swelled by wet- 
Ufgakucht. enlarged by boil- 
tJfgalaigt, protested. 
Ufgalaisa, picked up. 
Ufgalawda, loaded up, 
Ufgalovered, waylayed 
Ufgaluffa, swollen or bloated 

walked up to. 
Ufgalust, left up, left open. 
Ufgamarricked, recorded, 

marked down. [opened. 
Ufgamocht, made up, raised 
Ufganoomma, taken up, ac- 
cepted, nominated. 
Ufgapetzed. pinched open, 
Ufgapickt, picked up, 
Ufgarawmed, put in order 
Ufgaricht, erected, built. 
Ufgaripped, ripped open or 
Ufgarissa, tore open, [apart. 
Ufgarivva. rubbed open, [up 
UfgaruUed, unrolled, rolled 
Ufgatzaird, dissolved, wasted 

away, used up. 
Ufgatzawuied. bridled. 
Ufgatzugga, raised, wound. 
Ufgatzwoonga, forced upon. 
Ufgawaiched, soaked. 


Ufgawarm'd, warmed up. 

Ufgawecked, awakened. 

Ufgawickled, wound up. 

Ufgawocht, waked up. 

Ufgayawkt, chased off 

Ufg'hard, quit, stopped. 

Ufg'held, cleared off. 

Uf g'hockt, cut open, hoed. 

Ufg'holda, delayed. 

Ufg'hova, lifted, reserved, 

Ufg'shlogga, posted, raised, 
advanced in price. 

Ufg shlussa, unlocked. 

Ufg'shnolled, buckled on. 

Ufg'shova, postponed. 

Ufg'shpeel'd, washed the 

Ufg'shrivva, written down. 

Ufg'shtecked, put up. wager- 

Ufg'shtelled, raised, put up. 

Ufg'shtigga, mounted. 

Ufg'shtonna, rose, risen. 

Ufg'shtosa, belched up. 

Ufg'shtucha, opened with a 
pointed instrument. 

Ufg'shwella, swelling, bloat- 

Ufg' shwuUa, bloated, swollen 

Ufgevva, to abandon, to give 
up, to cease, to discontinue 

Ufglora, clear off. 

Ufgluppa, crack open. 

Ufgnippa, unbutton. 

Ufhabe reema, back strap 
Uf haiva, to lift, to keep back 
Uf hara, to quit, to close, to 

cease, to end. 
Uf hella, to clear off. 
Uf hocka,to cut open, to hoe. 
Uf holda, to keep up, to keep 

open, to hinder. 
Uf holdung, detention. 
Ufkoomma, to prosper, to 

pick up. 
Uf laiga, to lay up. 
Uf laisa, to gather, to pick 

up, to absorb. 
Uf lawda, to load. 
Uf lawfa, to swell up. 
Uf lovera, to waylaid, to lurk 

to watch for. 
Uf loverer, lurker. 
Uf lussa. to leave open, to 

leave up. 
Ufmarricka, to note, to mark 

Ufmocha, open, make up. 
Ufnemma, to take up, to ar- 
rest, to entertain. 
Ufpetza, to pinch open. 
Ufpicka, to pick up, to gain, 

to increase. 
Ufrawma, to put in, order, to 

arrange, to cleanse, to fix. 
Ufreisa, to tear open. 
Ufreiva, rub open. 
Ufrichta, to erect, to build. 


! Ufrichtich, sincere, upright, 
I honest, true 
Ufrichtung, construction. 
Ufriddla, to share up. 
Ufrippa, rip open or apart. 
Ufroor, uproar, clamor, noise 
UfruUa, to roll up. 
Ufsawga, to recite. 
Ufsetsich, obstinate. 
Ufsheesa, to shoot up, to 

grow fast. 
Ufsheeva, to postpone. 
Ufshneppa, to pry up. 
Ufshleesa, to unlock. 
Ufshlogga, to raise, to shoe, 

to advance in price 
Ufshnolla, to unbuckle. 
Ufshpeela, to wash dishes. 
Ufshreiva, to write down, to 

Ufshtae, to rise, to get up. 
Ufshtecha, to open with a 

pointed instrument. 
Ufshtecka, to put up as mon- 
ey in a wager. 
Ufshteiga, ascend, mount. 
Ufshtella. to put up, to raise 
Ufshtosa. to belch up. 
Uft, often, frequently. 
Uftzaira, to consume, to use 

up, to waste away. 
Uftzawma, to bridle. 
Uftziega, to wind up, to raise 

as a family, &c. 




Uftzukoomma, to get along, 
to meet requirements, to 
prosper, to flourish. 

Uftzwinga, to force upon. 

Ufwaicha,to soak, to moisten 

Ufwarma, to warm up. 

Ufwecka, to awaken, to wake 
up [wind. 

Ufwickla, to wind up, to un- 

Ufwocha, to awaken. 

Ufyawga, to arouse, to start. 

Uhr, clock. 

Uhra, clocks. 

Uhrhaver, originator. 

Uhrshpringlich, original. 

Uhrshprooug, origin, 

Ulirsoch, cause. 

Uhrtile, judgment. 

Um, deprived of, cheated, 
defrauded, to lose as life 
or a limb 

Umbartzla, tumble over. 

Umbennich, uncontrolable. 

Umbringa, to kill. 

Umbrell, umbrella. 

UnifoUa, to fall over. 

Umfossa, to encircle. 

Umfossed, encircled. 

Umgabartzled, tumbled over 

Umgae to go about it, 

Umgagend, vicinity, neigh- 
borhood, surroundings 

Umgakared, turned about. 

Umgarissa, tore down. 

Umgawished, knocked down 
Umg'folla, fallen down. 
Umg'hocked, hewn or cut 

Ung'shlogga, knocked down 
Umg'shova, pushed down, 
Umg'shtartzt, fallen over, 

dropped down 
Umg'shussa, shot down. 
Unigenglich, sociable, 
Umgong, the way of going 

about it. 
Umgrase, circuitous route. 
Umhenka, to enclose with 

curtains- [curtains. 

Umhenkt enclosed with 
Umhocka, to cut down. 
Umhong, curtain. 
Umkara, to turn around or 

Umkoomma, to be killed. 
Ummechtich, unconscious. 
Ummiglich, iupossible. [ity. 
Ummiglichkeit, impossibil- 
Umneeda, to clinch. 
Umreisa, tear down. 
Umringa, surrounding. 
Umringed, surrounded. 
Umsahna, to look around. 
Umshlogga, to knock down. 
Umshmeisa, to throw down, 

to upset. 
Umshtartza, to fall over. 
Umshtenda, circumstances. 



Umsoonsht, in vain. , 

Umwake, detour. j 

Umwisha, to knock down. 

Un, and. 

Unainich, disagreed, 

Unainichkeit, disagreement. 

Unains. divided, disagreed. 

Unairlich, dishonest, 

Unaiva, uneav-en, undulating 

Unarfohra, inexperienced. 

Unawrtich, naughty. 

Unbadenkt, unexpected, iu- 
advertentl}". [hensible. 

Unbagreiflich, incompre- 

Unbakond, unfamiliar. 

Unbarmhartzich, unmerciful 

Unbarmhartzichkeit, unmer- 
ciful n ess, cruelty. [ful. 

Unbashtimt. dubious, doubt- 

Unbawakelich, immovable. 

Unblesseerlich, unpleasant. 

Unboddeiish impartial, neu- 

Unbroweed, untried. [tral 

Uncle, uncle 

Uncommon, uncommon. 

Undonkbawr, ungrateful. 

Undeitlich, indistinct. 

Unendeckt, undiscovered. 

Unendlich, endless. 

Unferdailt, undivided 

Unferdeent, unmerited. 

Unfergleichlich, incompar- 


Unferhuft, unexpected. 

Unferniixt, unmixed. 

Unferninftich, unreasonable 

Unfershamed, impudent. 

Unfershtennich, foolish, un- 
wise, [ignorance. 

Unfershtord, want of sense, 

Unfersichert, unguarded. 

Unfertzawkt, undismayed, 
undi^unted, courageous 

Unfreindlich, disagreeable, 
unpleasant, unfriendly. 

Ungabootst, unmannerly. 

Ungaboora, unborn. 

Ungadoold, impatience. 

Ungadooldich, impatient. 

Ungafair, about 

Ungahire, huge, immense. 

Ungahoresom, disobedient. 

Ungalarnd, untutored, igno- 

Ungarecht, unjust [rant. 

Ungarn, reludtantly. 

Ungatziffer, insedls, vermin. 

Ungatzugga, illbred [ful. 

Ungawis, uncertain, doul t- 

Ung'sheit, unwise, foolish. 

Ung'shickt, clumsy, awk- 

Ung'soond, unhealthy, foul, 
unwholesome, unwell 

Unglawva, unbelief. [ilar. 

Ungleich, not alike, dissim- 

Umgleibich, credulous. 

Unglick, misfortune, accident 


Unglicklich, unlucky, unfor- 

Ungrawt, crooked, [tunate. 

Ungrout, weed, weeds, t^res. 

Unhanielich, uneasy, haunt- 
ed, gloom3^ uncomfort ib'e 

Unhendich, unhandy, incon- 

Unite, unite, join. 

Unita. uniting, joining. 

Uniform, uniform, alike. 

Unkushta, costs - 

TTnleidlich, disagreeable. 

Unmasich, intemperate. 

Unmenshlich, inhuman, cru- 
el, brutal, [unmannerly. 

Unmonneerlich, immoral, 

Unna, under, below. 

Unnadrin, underneath. 

Unnanei, in below. 

Unnawma, nickname. 

Unner. under, below, down. 

Unner bleiva, to stay down, 
as staying under water. 

Unnerdricka, to oppress. 

Unnergse, tosink, to go down 

Uunerglaider, underwear. 

Unnergonga, set, sunk. 

Unner hem, undershirt. 

Unner hemmer, undershirts- 

Unnerhold, support 

Unnerholda, to keep under 

Unnerhussa, drawers- 

Unnernemma, to undertake. 


Unnernemsht? do you under 

Unnerhemung undertaking. 

Unnerruck, petticoat 

Unnersina. undersign. 

Unnershit, difference. 

Unnershitlich, various, dif- 
ferent [subscribe. 

Unnershreiva, undersign, to 

Unnershrift. signature, auto 
graph [end. 

Unnersht, lowest, at the tail 

Unner^htse, venture, try, 

Unnershtitza. to patronize. 

Unnershtitzung, patronage. 

Unnoddeerlich, unnatural. 

Unnersooch, investigate, ex- 
amine, search. 

Unnersoocha, to investigate, 
to examine, to search. 

Unnersoochung. investiga- 
tion, inquiry, search. 

Unochtsom. careless. 

Unochtsomkeit, carelessness 

Unordich, incorrigible. 

Unordnung, disorder. 

Unrecht, wrong, unjust. 

Unrode, dirt, rubbish, waste. 

Unroo, restlessness, uneasi- 

Unrooich, uneasy, restless. 

Uns, we, us. 

Unser, our, ours. 


Unshicklich, inconvenient, 

Unshoold, innocence. 

Unshooldieh guiltless, inno- 
cent, blameless. 

Unsichtbawr, invisible 

Unsin, nonsense. 

Unsmnich, nonsensical. 

Untzeitich, green, unripe, 

Uutzufreeda, dissatisfied. 

Unwedder, disagreeable or 
inclement weather. 


Unwillich, unwilling 
Unwissend, unknown. 
Unwohl, downhearty. dis- 
couraged unhealthy. 
Unwohr, untrue, false. 
Unwohrhate, untruth. 
Unwohrsheinlich, beyond a 
Uvva. upon, above, [doubt. 
Uvvadroof, on top, above. 
Uvva druvva, up above. 
Ux, ox, steer. 
Uxa, oxen, steers 

Vacancy, vacancy. 
Vacashun, vacation. 
Vale. veil. 
Valley, valley. 
Valleys, valleys. 
Valve, valve. 
Valves, valves 
Vannadisher darrabadeeu, 

Venice turpentine. 
Varnish, varnish. 

Velvert, velvet. 
Verdidl, verdicl;. 
Vessel, vessel 
Violate, violate. 
Violata, to violate. 
Vote, vote 

Vota, to vote, voting. 
Voter, voter. 
Volunteer, volunteer 
Volunteera, to volunteer. 


Wterd, word. 

Waerda, words. 

Waerda booch, vocabulary. 

Waerd-fer-waerd, verbatim. 

Wahl, choice, election, pick 

Wai, sore, hurt, smart. 

Waias, sore, wound. 

Waib, weave. 

Waib shtool. loom, [chain. 

Waib tzettel, warp, carpet 

Waich, soft. 

Waicha, to soak 

Waicher, softer. 

Waich mocha, to soften. 


Waichsht, softest. 
Waid, pasture. 
Waid a, grazing. 
Waidsa, wheat. [ear. 

Waidsa air, wheat head or 
Waidsa feld, wheat field 
Waidsa lice, Hessian flies. 
Waidsa shprow, wheat chaff. 
Waidsa shtro, wheat straw. 
Waigadoo, hurt, 
Waik, road, street, way 
Waik maishter, supervisor. 
Waik mocha, repairing road 
Waik mocher, road repairers 
Waik weiser, guide post. 
Wail, veil, choose, select 
Waila, to choose, to ele(5l. to 

Wair, defend. 

Waira, to defend, defending 
Wais, know. 
Waisa, fuss. 
Waisht? do you know? 
W^aiter, waiter. 
Waiver, weaver. 
War, who. 

Ward, worth, value, continue 
Wardich, worthy. 
Wardsel, root. [roots. 

Wardselcher, rootlets, small 
Wardsla, roots. 
Warehouse, warehouse. 
Warend, during. 
Warfel, dice, to dice. 


Warma. to warm, to heat. 

Warmer, warmer. 

Warmet, wormwood, [warm? 

Warmsht, warmest, do you 

Warmts? does it warm? 

Warn, warn. 

Warna, to warn, to notify 

Warud. wararnts, warrant 

Warning, warning. 

Warrem, worm 

Warremich, wormy. 

Warremshtich, worm eaten. 

Warremshtichich, worm eat- 

Warrick, tow, choke. [en. 

Warricka, made of tow, to 

Warrick govcl, distafi^, 

Warrick house, work house, 

Warrickhuls, rolling pin. 

Warricklehuls, rolling pin. 

Warricklich, really, in reality 

Warrick messer, butteris. 

Warsht, saus ge. [stuffer. 

Warsht drechter, sausage 

Warsht mosheen, meat chop- 

Wart, landlord, hotel keeper 

Wartshouse, hotel, tavern. 

Wartzel, root. 

Wartzla, rooots. 

Wartzlich, full of roots. 

Warvel swivel, to whirl. 

Warya, to choke. 




Wawda, calf of the leg. 

Wawrum, why, what for. 

Wawsom, sod. 

Wear, wear. 

Weara, to wear. 

Weasht, ugly, disagreeable. 

Weashterlich, very ill tern 

Weashtgoshtich, very ugly. 

Wechentlich, weekly. 

Wechlich, weekly [rusk. 

Week, away, wake, awake, 

Wecka, to awaken, to wake. 

Weckdoo, put away 

Weckdreiva, to drive away. 

Wecker, one who awakens, 
a rattler. [squander. 

Week to foola, fool away, to 

Weckgadoo, put away 

Weckgadrivva, drova away. 

Weckgae, go av\ ay, leave 

Weckgalaigt, laid away. 

Weckgalucked, enticed, de- 

Weckgarissa, snatched away 
tore away. [summoned. 

Weckgaroofa, called away, 

Weckgayawgt, chased away. 

Weckg'foold, fooled away, 

Weckg'shickt, sent away. 

Weckgevva, give away, gave 
away, present, presented. 

Weckgonga, gone away. 

Wecklaiga, lay away, store 
away. [decoy. 

Wecklucka to entice, to 

Weckoohr, alarm clock. 

Week reisa, to tear down. 

Week roofa, call away. 

Week shicka, to send away. 

Week shmeisa, throw away. 

Week springa, run away. 

Week yawga, chase away. 

Wed, would, to let, wager, 

Wedda, to wager, to bet. 

Wedder, weather, against. 

Wedder boarding, siding, 

Wedder glass, baromter. 

Wedder laicha, lightning. 

Wedder shamel, blind bol- 
ster, [oppose. 

Wedder shtae, to resist, to 

Weddle, paddle, besom. 

Weecha, wick. 

Weecha gorn, wick cord. 

Weedich, mad, rabid. 

W^eeg, weigh, cradle. 

Weega, to weigh cradles. 

Weel, root, as hogs. 

Weela, rooting as hogs. 

Wei wine. 

Weib, wife, woman. 

Weibsbild, woman. 

W^eibcha, female bird. 

Weibshem, chemise. 




Weibsleit, women folks. 

Weibsmensh, woman. 

Weicha, retreat, give way. 

Weida, far. wide. 

Weida, willow. 

Weida baum, willow tree. 

Weida, karreb, willow bas- 

Weida korreb^ willow basket 

Weider, further, farther. 

Weidleftich, far distant. 

Weid un breid. far and wide. 

Wei fos, wine keg or barrel. 

Wei gorda, vineyard. 

Wei glaws, wine glass. 

Weil, while, because. 

Weina, to weep. 

Weinochta, Christmas. 

Weis, show, white. 

Weisa, to show, to whitewash 

Weisa house, orphans' home 

Weisa kind, orphan. 

Weisa kinner, orphans 

Weisawga, prophesy, foretell 

Waisawgung, propecy. 

Weis darn, hawthorn. 

Weiser glaya, shamrock 

Weis grout, boiled cabbage 

Weishtae, cream of tartar. 

Weisheit, wisdom. 

Weisla, to whitewash. 

Weis pencil, white wash 
brush. [ter nuts. 

Weis wolnis, butter nut, but- 

I Wei, which, wave, well. 

Welbawm. a wooden shaft 

Welk, wilt, wither. 

Welka, withering, willing. 

Wella, waves, we will. 

Weiler which one. 

Weisa, to wallow, to roll. 

Welsh hawna, turkey gob- 
bler, [keys. 

Welsh hinkle, turkey or tur- 

Welshkarn, corn [crusher 

Welshkarn brecher, corn 

Welshkarn chopper, corn 

Welshkarn feld, corn field. 

Welshkarn-grootsa, corn cob 
or cobs. 

Welshkarn heisel, corn crib. 

Welshkarn hore, corn fibres. 

Welshkarnkoocha, corn frit- 

Welshkarn kulva, ear of corn 

Welshkarn lawb, corn fodder 

Welshkarn ous mocher, corn 

Welshkarn pie, corn pie. 

Welshkarn shtick, corn patch 

Wem, whom. 

Wen bred, mould board. 

W^enna, to turn, to ted. 

Wenner, tedder. 

Welt, world 

Weltlich, worldly. 

Wennich, few, little. 


Wennicher, less. 

Weiinichsht, least 

Wenriiig, cant hook. 

Wesh, wash. 

Wesha, washing 

Wesh biler, wash boiler. 

Weshblo, indigo. 

Wesh bole, wash .basin. 

Wesh bnck, bucking stool. 

Weshdawg, wash day. 

Wesh fraw, washer woman, 

Wesh house wash house. 

Wesh karb clothes basket. 

Wesh kich, wash house. 

Wesh line, clothes line. 

Weshloompa, wash rag. 

Weshraosheen, washing ma- 
chine, wash board, washer. 

Weshp, wasp. 

Weshpa wasps. 

Weshpanesht, wasp nest. 

W^esh ringer, clothes wringer 

Weshshissel, wash basin. 

Wesh shpell, clothes-pin. 

Wesh tzoover, wash tub- 

Wesser, water. 

Wessera, to water. 

Wesstrich, watery. 

Wetz, whet, rub. 

Wetza, to whet, to rub. 

Wetz koomp, whet horn. 

Wetzshtae, whetstone. 

Wetzshtawl, butchters' steel. 


I Wexle, change. 

Wexla, to change. 

Wexlefeever, intermittent 

W^exlich, changeable 

Wichtich, important. 

Wick, whig. Republican. 

Wickle, wind. 

Wickla, winding. 

Wid, withe, will you 

Widder, again. 

Widdergabora, regenerated. 

Widdergaboort, regenera- 

Widderhola, to repeat. 

Widderlich, disgusting, nau- 
seating, [repeal. 

Widder roofa, to revoke, to 

Widdershprecha, to contra 

Widderwardich, misfortune. 

Widdish, witty. 

Wide, far, wide. 

Widfraw, widow. 

Widmon, widower. 

Widra, to refuse, to resist. 

Wil, how. similar. 

Wilbert, venison. 

Wild, wild. 

Wilderbolsem, spearmint. 

Wildernis, wilderness. 

Wilderwarmed, wormwood. 

Wild fire, erysipelas. 

W^ild flaish, proud flesh. 

Wildy lady shlipper, touch 

me not. 
Wilkom, welcome. 
Will, will wish. 
Willa. to will, woolen. 
Willens, willing. 
Willich, willing 
Win, screw-jack, windlass. 
Wind, wind 
Windich, windy. 
Wine, wine 

Wine glaws, wine glass. 
Windgabrucha, heaves. 
Windle, diaper. 
Windla, diapers 
Windle shpeel, safety pin. 
Windmeel, fanning mill, fan. 
Windshtill, calm. 
Wind shtose, gust. 
Wind warvel, whirlwind. 
Winka, to beckon, to wink. 
Winkle, square. [bits. 

Winkle bora, brace for auger 
Winkle eisa, square rule. 
Winna, bind-weed. 
Winnish, crooked, warped. 
Wiush, wish. 

Winsha, to wish, to desire. 
Winsla, to whine. 
Winter, winter. 
Winter beera, winter pears. 
Winter eppel, winter apples^ 
Winter oppel, winter appel. 
Winter waitsa, winter wheat 


Wip, whip, lash, ferrule. 
Wiply, switch. 
Wippa, to whip, to flog. 
Wipperwill, whippoorwill. 
Wish, wipe- 

Wisha, to wipe, wiping. 
Wisher, wiper, mat. 
Wiskers, whiskers. 
Wiskey, whiskey. 
Wiss, meadow. 
Wissa, knowing, to known. 
Wissbawm, boom-pole. 
Wissel, weasel. 
Wissendlich, knowingly. 
Wissenshaft, knowledge, 

Witsel, little pig 
Witz, wit. 
Witzich, witty. 
Woch, wake. 
Wocha, waking. 
Woch hulder, juniper. 
Woch hulder beera, juniper 

Wochtsom, vigilant. 
Wdcka, quartz. 
Wocker, awake, alert. 
Woffle, waffle. 
Woffla, waffles. 
Woffle eisa, waffle iron. 
Woga, to venture, scales. 
Wogga, wagon. 
Wogga bocka, hounds. 
Wogga boddy, wagon bed. 


Wogga box, wagon box. 

Wogga boxa, wagon boxes. 

Wogga deiksel , wagon tongue 

Wogga felga, felloes. 

Wogga glase, wheel rut. 

Wogga lonna, shafts, thills. 

Wogga rafe, tire, [spokes. 

Wogga shpaich, spoke, 

Wogga shup, wagon shed. 

Wogner, wheel-wright. 

Wogner shop, wheel-wright 

Wohl, well, happy, healthy. 

Wohlgafolla, well plased. 

Woi, hawk. 

Woke, scales, double tree, 
whiffle tree, balance. 

Wolfish, whale. 

Wolnis, walnut. 

Wols, windlass, roller, waltz 

Wolsa, to roll, to waltz. 

Womba, maw. [bout 

Womtnes, jacket, round-a- 

Won, when, if. 

Wond, wall, [iög. 

Wond baglaidung, wainscot- 

Wond bobbeer, wall paper. 

Wondle, conduct, life, de- 
portment, behavior 

Wondla, to walk. [doubt. 

Wonklemeetich, fickle, in 

Wonsa, bed bugs. 

Woo, where. [from? 

Woo har, whence ? where- 


Woo he, where to ? 

Woollashtengel, mullein, 

Woon, reside. 

Woona, to dwell, to reside. 

Woonblotz, residence, abode 

Woond, wound, chafed, sore 

Woonhoft, residing, living., dwelling house 

Wooning, habitation, dwell- 
ing place 

Wonner, wonder. 

Woonera, wondering. 

Woonner bawr, wonderful. 

Woonnerfitsich, inquisitive. 

Woonnerlich, inquisitive. 

Woonnernaws, inquisitive 

Woonnerselda, rarely. 

Woonsh, wish. 

Woorum, where about ? 

Wooslich, active, lively. 

Woot, fury, rage. 

Woots, hog, swine. 

Wootsley, shoat. 

Word, word, wait, [stay, 

Worda, words, to wait, to 

Words, wart, nipple of a teat 

Wore, true, was, ware, goods 

Wora, have been, were. 

Woret, truth. 

Worehoftich, verily. 

Woret sawger, fortune teller, 


Wornung, warning 
Worrem, worm 
Worricksa, to vomit. 
Worsht, sausage. [stuffer. 
Worsht dreckter, sausage 
Wos, what. 
Wosser, water. 
Wosser aimer, water bucket 
Wosser blose, bubble. 
Wosserbobbla, button wood. 
Wosser droke, watering 

trough. [ter. 

Wosser druppa, drops of wa 
Wosserich, watery. 
Wossermaloon, watermelon. 
Wosser parbla, chicken pox. 
Wosser pitcha, water beech 
Wosser shlong, water snake. 
Wosser soocht, dropsy. 
Wotch, watch. 
Wotcha, watching. 
Wotcha glaws, watch crystal 
Wotcha ket, watch chain. 
Wotcha shlissel, watch key. 
Wotcha sock, watch pocket. 
Wotch case, watch case. 
Wox, wax, grow. 
Woxa, to wax, to grow. 
Woxich, waxen, thrifty. 
Wox gnep, swollen groin. 


Wrangle, wrangle. 

Wrangla, wrangling. 

Wrapper, wrapper. 

Wretch, busybody, tell tale. 

Wretcha, tattling. 

Writ, writ. 

Wuch, week. 

Wucha, weeks. 

Wulf, wolf. 

Wulfel, cheap. 

Wulfeller, cheaper. 

Wulf howd, wolf robe. 

Wulfiich, avaricious, greedy, 

Wulg, cloud. 

Wulga, clouds. [sage. 

Wulga moond, mountain 

Wulgich, cloudy. 

Wulgrout, mullen, mullein. 

Wulk, cloud. 

Wulka, clouds. 

Wulkich, cloudy 

Wulkshtraimich, brindled. 

Wulkshtraimichy koo, brin- 
dled cow. [died cat. 

Wulkshtraimichy kotz, brin- 

Wull, wool. 

Wulla, wish, intend, we will 

Wullich, woolen. 

Wullrawd, spinning wheel. 




Yadem, each one. 
Yaderer, every one, each. 
Yadermon, everyone, every 

Yaders, every one, each one 
Yadertzeit, every time, at all 

Yadoch, even. 
Yaiger, hunter. 
Yaira, to ferment. 
Yairich, yearling. 
Yairlich, yearly. 
Yamera, to moan. 
Yanky, Yankee. 
Yar, yes. 
Yard, yard. 
Yarrick, George. 
Yasus, Jesus. 

Yawcob, Jacob, [drive fast. 
Yawga, to chase, to hunt, to 
Yea mohls, evermore, [able. 
Yemmerlich, pitiful, deplor- 
Yenner, January. 
Yetzt, now, at present. 
Yinger, younger. 
Yingling, youth. 
Yingst, youngest. 
Yingsht dawg, doomsday, 

judgment day. 
Yo, yea, yes. [roar. 

Yocht, noise, tumult, up- 
Yohonnes, John. [wort. 

Yohonnes grout, St. John's 
Yohr, year. 

Yohra, years. 
Yohrstzeit, season. 
Yommer, to pity. 
Yooble fesht, jubilee. 
Yood, Jew. 

Yoodda, Jews. [cherries. 

Yoodda karsha, ground 
Yooly, July. 
Yoong, young. 
Yoouga bara, cubs. 
Yoonga dowva, squabs. 
Yoonga hawna, cocks, cock- 
erels [chickens. 
Yoonga hinkle, pullets, 
Yoonga hoond, pups. 
Yoonga laib, whelps. 
Yoonger bar, cub. [erel. 
Yoonger hawna, cock, cock- 
Yoonger hoond, pup. 
Yoonger laib, whelp. 
Yoong fraw. Virgin. 
Yoong hinkle, pullet. 
Yoongy dawb, squab. 
Yoony, June. 
Yoosht, just, only. 
Yooshtes, justice of the peace. 
Yoosht om end, exactly so. 
Yord, yard. 

Yord shtecka, yard stick. 
Yowdsa, to bark, to shout. 
Yuch, yoke. 
Yuch hüls, yoke. 
Yuckle, Jacob. 
Yuckly, Jacob. 


Awwenna, to apply, to use. 


Blawn, plan. [able. 

Blesseerlich, pleasant, agree- 

Bletch, spank. 

Blets, places. 

Blobbera, chattering. 

Blobbermowl, chatterbox. 

Blocka, patch, piece, spot. 

Bloga, to plague, to pester. 

Bloke, plague. 

Blondawsh, plantation. 

Blonnade, planet. 

Blooga, to plow. 

Blookshore, plow share. 

Blotsha, to tattle, to splash, 
to clap. 

Breddicha, preaching. 

Breddichompt, ministry. 

Bresent, prison. 

Brigel hüls, slick wood. 

Brocht, magnificence, splen- 
dor, [ficent. 

Brochtful, splendid, magni- 

Brol, brag. 

Brolla, bragging, to brag. 
Broiler, bragger. 
Broweer, try, attempt, [trial. 
Broweera, to try, to give a 
Broweerd, tried, endeavored. 
Bruifait, prophet. 
BrufFatzeiga, prophesy, to 

predict. [prediction. 

Bruflfatzeingung, prophesy, 


Chocklawd, chocolate. 
Choke gard, choke strap. 
Choomp, jump. 
Choompa, jumping. 
Coala breuner, char coal 

Coal aimer, coal scuttle. 
Coal box, coal bin. 
Coal fire, coal fire. 
Coal group, colliery. 
Coal house, coal bin. 
Coal kessel, coal scuttle. 
Coal mine, coal mine. 
Coal shwartz, black as a coal 
CoiFee grouns, coffee grounds 
Coffee kessel, coffee pot. 
Coller shloop, necktie. 



Gaglepper, rattling. 
Gaglepper'd rattled. 
Gagluppt, knocked. 
Gagrisha, cried out, haloed. 
Garoppled, rattled. 
Ga tzopped, tapped. 
Gatzovvel'd, kicked, sprawl- 
ed, struggled. 
Gawarb, joint. 
Gaweck'd, awakened. 
Glaider shtoob, clothes room 
Glaines, small one, little one 
Glainichkate, trifle. 
Glainichkeit, trifle. 
Glarnet, clarionet, [soms. 
Glay blooma, clover blos- 
Glay hoy, clover hay. 
Glay sooma, clover seed. 
Glenner, smaller. 
Glepra, rattling. 
Gletz, blocks. 
Glevis, clevis. 
Gliafos, bran barrel. 
Glimple, small lump. 
Gling, blade. 

Glingla, tinkling, jingling. 
Gliugle, tinke, ball. 
Glingle shtae, cling stone. 
Glitcha, slipping, sliding. 
Glitchich, slippery. 
Gloafter, cord. 

Gloafter-huls, cord-wood. 
Glup, knock, beat, strike. 
Gluppa, knocking, beating, 
striking. [lion. 

Gluphengst, castrated stal- 
Glupt, knocks, beats, strikes 
Glutz, log block. 
Gnechel, ankle. 
Gnee, knee. 
Gneekale, houck. 
Gnep, buttons. 
Gnoach, fondle. 
Gnoacha, fondling. 
Gnops, scant. 

Gnopser note, hardly, barely 
Gwail, torture. 
Gw^aila, torturing. 
Gwell, well, spring 
Gwella, to swell up by water 
Gwetch, crush, prune. 
Gwetcha, to crush. 


Insha fisick, Indian physic. 
Ivverdem, pretty soon, 

Ivver shtuck, skirt, drapery. 

Judge, judge. 


Mupsich, stupid, apish. 




Obg'shleckt, licked off. 
Obgapetzt, pinched off. 
Obpetza, pinch off. 
Oofer, beech, shore, bank. 

Richter, judge. 
Reisheit, fifth-wheel. 

Tzsebarsht, tooth brush. 

Tzsebootser, tooth pick. 

Tzaeduckter, dentist. 

Tzaegnarsha, gnashing of 

Tzse pulfer, tooth powder. 

Tzse ruppa, extracting teeth. 

Tzaerupper, teeth extractor. 

Tzaidadale, tenth part, tithe. 

Tzaia mohl, ten times 

Tzaingabutter, Ten Com- 

Tzaira, to consume, to waste 

Tzarrickle, compasses. 

Tzaw, tooth. 

Tzawflaish, gums. 

Tzawlawd, gums. 

Tzawmtzeigel, reins, [teeth. 

Tzawna, teething, shedding 

Tzawshlipper, wren. 

Tzawwse, toothache. 

Tzeech, tick, case. 

Tzeck, tick. 

Tzelt, tent. 

Tzepche, uvula. 

Tzieg gowl, draught house. 

Tzieg ox, draught ox. 

Tzeit beeta, to salute or 
recognize. [early. 

Tzeitlich, in time, punctual, 

Tziel, object, aim, goal. 

Tziela, to aim. [rily. 

Tzimlich, middling, ordina- 

Tzeera, embellish, deck, 

Tzeerawd, ornament. 

Tzichtich, chastice, punish. 

Tzichticha, chastising, pun- 

Tzie einer, gypsy. 

Tziggle, reins. 

Tzimberlich, weak, delicate. 

Tzimlich, nearly. 

Tzimmer, to work in wood. 

Tzimmera, working in wood 

Tzimmermon, carpenter. 

Tzind, ignite. 

Tzinda, to ignite. 

Tzindluch, touch hole. [der. 

Tzind poolfer, priming pow- 

Tzingla, to tingle, to wag 
the tongue like a snake. 

Tzingle, tinkle, wag the 
tongue like a snake. 

Tzinka, tine, tines, prong, 




Tzocka, teeth, notches. 

Tzocklich, toothed, notched. 

Tzomma bossa, to fit together. 

Tzomma doo, put together. 

Tzomma folia, to collapse. 

Tzomma gse, to go together, 
to congregate, to decrease 
or shrink. [gether. 

Tzomma drawga, to carry to- 

Tzoomma draya, to twist to- 
gether, [gether. 

Tzommagabost, fitted to- 

Tzommagadoo, put together 

Tzommagadrawga. carried 
together. [together. 

Tzommagadrayed, twisted 

Tzommagalaigt, folded. 

Tzommagalaisa, gathered, 
collected [hastily. 

•Tzommagaroft, gathered 

Tzommagarulled, rolled up. 

Tzommagatzugga, moved to- 
gether, drawn together. 

Tzommagawickled, wrapped 
together. [gether. 

Tzommagawoxa, grew to- 

Tzommag' folia, collapsed. 

Tzommag'freera, to freeze 
together, to congeal. 

Tzommag'frora, froze to- 
gether, congealed 

Tzommagonga, went togeth- 
er, shrunk. 

Tzommag'shickt, sent to- 

Tzommag'shtosa, collided, 
adjoined, joined together. 

Tzoramalaiga, to fold, to lay 

Tzommalaisa, to gather to- 
gether, to collect; [tily. 

Tzommaroffa, to gather has- 

Tzomma rulla, roll up. 

Tzomma shicka, to send to- 
gether, [to adjoin. 

Tzomma shtosa, to collide, 

Tzomma tzeiga, to draw to- 
gether, to move together. 

Tzomma woxa, to grow to- 
gether, [up. 

Tzoo binner, to tie or bind 

Tzoo bleiva, to remain shut. 

Tzoo bringa, to pass away 

Tzoocht hengsht, stallion. 

Tzoocht house, whore house- 

Tzoocht mar, brood mare. 

Tzoo decka, to cover up. 

Tzoodreffa, to coincide, to 
pass, to occur. 

Tzoodrit, admission. 

Tzooferdrowa, confidence, re 
liance, trust. 

Tzoofloocht, refuge, shelter 

Tzoofol, instance. 

Tzoofore, formerly. 


Tzoofreeda, content, satis- 

Tzoofreeda hate, content- 
ment, satisfaction, [occur. 

Tzoogse, to close, to shut, to 

Tzoogablosa, drifted shut. 

TzoogabriStht, whiled away. 

Tzoogahare, appurtenance. 

Tzoogaricht, spoiled. [ed. 

Tzoogariggled, barred, lock- 

Tzoogarisht, prepared. 

Tzoogenglich, approachable 

Tzoogevva, to make an al- 
lowance, to consent. 

Tzoogang, admission. 

Tzooganga, closed, shut up. 

Tzoog'sprucha, encouraged, 

Tzoohaila, to heal up. 

Tzoohara, to hear, to give 
ear, to listen. 

Tzooharricha, to listen, to 
hear, to give ear. 

Tzook, draught, move, pull, 
cover, twitch. 

Tzook bloshter, plaster. 

Tzooker arbsa, sweet peas. 

Tzooker fos, sugar barrel. 

Tzooker gloompa, sugar 

Tzooker mowl, dainty mouth 

Tzooker shtengel, stick of 

Tzooker sees, sweet as sugar 
Tzooker soch, candy, sweat 

Tzook wosser, maple sap. 
Tzook Inch, air hole, draft 

hole, flue 
Tzoo koomma, to appertain. 
Tzoo letsht, at last. 
Tzoo mocha, to close, to 

shut. [expect. 

Tzoomooda, to enjoin, to 
Tzoorichta, spoil. 
Tzoorishta, to prepare. 
Tzoorick bringa, to bring 

back, to return. 
Tzoorick gae, return, to go 

back. [to come back. 

Tzoorick koomma, to return, 
Tzoorick nemma, to take 

Tzoorick springa, to run 

back, to rebound. 
Tzoosahna, to look on. 
Tzooshprecha, to encourage, 

to urge. [destinely. 

Tzooshtecker, to give clan- 
Tzooshtond, condition. 
Tzooshtuppa, to cork or 

stop up. [hammer. 

Tzooshlock hommer, sledge 
Tzooshnolla, to buckle. 
Tzoowickla, to wrap up, to 




Tzopling, sapling. 
Tzoppa, stopper, peg, to tap 
Tzoppa luch, faucet hole. 
Tzovel, sprawl, kick, struggle 
Tzovel, to sprawl, to kick, 

to struggle. [clock. 

Tzoyer, hand of a watch or 
Tzu arsht, first. 
Tzup, twitch, pull, jerk. 
Tzuppa, to twitch, to pull, 

to jerk. [woman. 

Tzuttle, rag, tatter, a lewd 
Tzuttlich, ragged, tattered. 
Tzwae keppich, of different 

mind or opinion. 
Tzwae wucha, two weeks, 

fortnight. [biennial. 

Tzwae yarich, two-year-old, 
Tzwae yaricher evver,hogget 

Tzwae yarich fil, hogget. 

Tzwae yarich shofe, hogget. 

Tzwarna, to twist, to puv. 

Tzwarn rawd, twisting wheel 

Tzwarrich, dwarf. 

Tzwarrich pife, fife, picolo. 

Tzweck, aim, object, design. 

Tzwedda, to happen twice. 

Tzweig, twig, limb, scion. 

Tzweiga, to graft, grafts. 

Tzwelfa, twelve. 

Tzweuga, to force, 

Tzwitzer, twitter, glimmer, 

Tzwitzera, twitting, glim- 
mering, glittering. 

Tzwickel, clown, fool. 

Tzwillich, twilled. 

Tzwong, force. 

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