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Indiana University 

' Purdue University 

Fort Wayne 

if -. ^ Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

The Communicator 


i Filling In The Gap 

Controversial cartoons 
published in attempt 
to combat ignorance 
about violence PAGEA6 

Bruiser Wrestling excels 
despite low expectations 


i Searching Made Easier 

New search engine aims 
to help and expedite 


1 Pages, 1 Section, Free 

Complex Unveiled 

Proposed complex to 
include indoor track, 
International Student 
center, and new bookstore 

expanding in the future. 
Recently, Indiana-Purdue 
Fort Wayne unveiled the 
concept of a new series of 
expansions lo Gales Ath let it- 
Center and the Walb 
Student Union with small 
expansions to the Helmke 
Library and NW Parking 
Garage. These expansions 
are temporarily being 

Student Services 

( iiiiipk" 

Courtesy Art / contatt@ipfw 

having an 
estimated price tag of 
40 million dollars, and 
encompassing the entire 

Northwest side of campus. COMPLEX: The proposed Student Service Center would connect 
^^ Co / nplex ^l 1 c , onnec .! Helmke, Walb, Gates, and the northwest parking garage. 

Walb, Gates, Helmke and r 333 

the northwest garage with 
sleek, smooth edges and 

; elevated walkway 

Walb and Helmke along their west for the current Gates Center, but central 
sides. Not only is this a project that rather a much needed expansion, 
will add modern beauty to IPFW, 

all the cardio equipment 1 

Gates will 
the same. The idea with the 
new indoor track is to add more 
equipment, and to centralized 

and add 

it with something 
much different in Gates. 
There is no p 

1 for a pool 

The Student Services t omple: 

* type of equipment, such as 
adding more cardio-vascular 
equipment and rooms to Gates, 

v facility- that much is 

Branson c 


Fiiiaiui.i! All, til'- Wall Branson. 

The first of these three goals is 

to build a new indoor track and expansion will give Gates s 

excercise facility. The new track breathing room to either r 

making it larger 10 belter 

to be able to Include in 
the new Student Services 
Complex that might also 
include centralization of 
the academic advisors into 
one location, the ACCS, 
Alumni Association and 
various other student- 
related offices into one 
place for ease of making 
meetings and not having 
to run from one building 
or another to get set up for 

I'nllett's Bookstore giving 

build a new International 
Student Center that will 
function as a social and 
academic home for IPFW's 
international students. 

This International 
Student Center will feature 
expanded offices, areas to 
meet, and more as a way of 
welcoming international 
students to campus and giving 
ihcm ,1 place where they can truly 
feel comfortahle while allowing 
for better hosting and services 
them. Along 1 

Plans also Include expanded 
offices for all IPFW Student 
Organizations, replacing their 

► COMPLEX: Page A2 

Many Black History Month events at IPFW 

February is Utaik History Month, 
and IPFW has many programs 
and events planned to honor the 
rich history and legacy of African- 
While some of the 
dearly passed, not all 
■re is a recap of the rest 

Forum will host "African -American 
Inventors and Their Inventions" 
from noon until 1:15pm in the Walb 

public. Hannah 
for the African-American Historical 
Museum of Fort Wayne will be 
speaking. She will be discussing 
[lice significant African-American 
" ■ work. A light 

Feb 16: IPFW 
Services will host "Men of Color 

I hink Tank Forum" at Gpm in the 
Walb Student Union Room 1 14. The 
program is an engaging dialogue 

between a panel and the audience 
icc,,iiiline,i-sucnl men of color in the 
of societal views, education, 


iheii rule in the speaker on leb I 

■ free These 

TAVIS SMILEY 'oT'Ti' ui.'u 

for the youth. This event will he 
facilitated byQuintonDi\ie,thellTW 
assistant professor of philosophy 
and coordinator of religions studies 
For more information, contact (litis 
Douse at 481-6604 

IPFW will host Tavis Smiley as 

airwaves." He has both a television 
show on PBS and a radio show on 
NPR. Smiley has interviewed ihe 
President of the United Slates, Pope, 
John Paul II and even Fidel Castro. 



nii'iiH"tfiii ! iii"fiiim 

■ Anthropology Club 

New budget changes loans 

The proposed 2007 
Federal Budget cuts 
student loans, hikes 
interest rates 

By Jamen Ratcliff 

and for Plus Loans t) 

eliminate the Perkins Loan Program 
which is distributed by about 1800 

1 advocates have 
branded the plan as a symbol of the 
administration's skewed priorities. 

United States Student Association 
Legislative Director Jasmine Harris 
had this to say: "The president has 
been hypocridcal in his stance on 

I Oiveisequality Meeting 

Contact Us! 


The 2007 Federal Budget was ser 
to congress last week, and the 2.77 
trillion dollar budget holds sweeping 
cuts across the board. Some of the 
hardest hit areas of reform will be 
in Education and the pocketbooks 
of all students and school districts. students, the new budget 
could be a college-ending c" 

Making it t' 

By dropping this 

pay for their school. 
Along with this i 

economic competitiveness in his 
State of the Union address, then puts 
these college programs on the back 


eady approved to take effect 

& will not be a fixed r.ucnft.H 

Pell drains are distributed by about 
6,000 colleges. 

The big issue is thai currently, 
about 50% of the nation's college 
students use federal programs. By 
i, [he l.iMiut ol the federal aid. 
students who i, in inn .illunl Mhmil 

should be in education." 

Bush administration officials 
were quick to defend the budget, 
claiming: "Federal dollars must be 
spent wisely or not at all. Funding... 
must be redirected toward programs 
that either have been proven to 
work or hold promise of achieving 

Not every 

foreign lands, the National 
► BUDGET: Page A J 

Indiana-Purdue Student Newspapers, Inc. 
Walb Union, Suite 215 
2101 Coliseum Blvd. East 
Fort Wayne, IN 46805 

Newsroom: (260) 481-6584 
Advertising Dept: (260) 481-6583 

riots caused 
by cartoons, 
engulf world 

By Andrew C. Hoover 
and Chad R. Butterbaugh 

"Death to freedom of speech." 
T.uropc: lake a lesson from 9/11." 
"freedom ro to hell." 
Angry Muslim protestors marched through 


Janish newspaper, the lyllauds- 

To see all 12 cartoons that 
have sparked the riots 
around the world turn to 
page 4B. 

depict the prophet Muhammad, considered 
by Muslims to he Ihe loundcrol their faith. 

Muslims consider any depiction of 
Muhammad blasphemous. 

The controversy surrounding the Danish 
newspapers publishing ol the cartoon began 
to attract wnildwide .mention 111 the past 
several weeks, when outbreaks of violence 
swepi through Iran, Syria and Lebanon, and 

In Beirut, on Feb. 5, the Danish consulate 
was burned down. 
* Protests have swept through Pakistan and 

assaulted, and i 

In retaliation, the Iranian newspapi 
•Hamshari has announced a contest to prii 
cartoons about the Holocaust intended I 
offend lews. 

One such cartoon depicts Anne Frank i 
bed with Adolf 

Hitler reads, "Put t 

diary, Anne." 

s currently 

The death toll over the carte 

IPFW journalism program 
Ann Colbert sees in the explo; 
attention surrounding these ev< 
need and an opportunity ft 

Many of the reactions in the Muslim 
world, particularly in Iran, "show a lack 
of understanding of what free debate in a 
democracy is," Colbert said. "It shows its own 
lack of sensitivity and awareness." 

Colbert does not expect the decision by 
Hamshari to cause the same fundamental and 
violent outrage that the Danish cartoons did. 

The attempt "will miss its mark," Colbert 

i educate the Muslim world 
about the workings of a free society, it must 
not act as though it controls the media. 

But she sees, too, the need for non-Muslims 
in the west to understand the Muslim world. 
She says the Muslim reactions are evidence 

of deep, pervasne religui 

Khan jusl ihe cartoonsl," Colbert said. 

Colbert says she feels, too, 
media viewers often lack knowledge of 
historical facts that surround the events they 
see in the Muslim world. 

U.S. media outlets, she says, should 
maintain a "continual effort to show the 
context" of Muslim-world debates. 

But Colbert believes that the conversation 
stirred by the media coverage of the Danish 
cartoons and by the Muslim response can 
realistically fight what she calls "a lamentable 
lack of understanding." 

"I'm hopeful that this incident will result 

Join us tor Black History Month at IPFW, 
sponsored by tile Office of Diversity 

Dnd Multlcullur.ll Affairs. 

^■^fc Block History Awareness Forum 1 
„,^ "The Role of the Church 
^■^ in the Community" 

f^ ASAP! Retention Talk - 

^^ Student Discussion Series 
^■^ "African American 

^ vm Diversity Game 

T **% Noon- Hit p.m.. Willi) Siudcnll'nlon, 

„f ^^ Wen of Color Think Tank Forum 1 

■ ^^ Rooms 114-116 1 

_^ ^^ MCS Gospel Celebration, 

T ** featuring nilherlone.WIPCboIr 1 

■ ^"^ and local gospel artists 

^■^ ^^ "B/ffi-fc ;Mc«. tf/rtt-A Women. 

^^ ^^ Do trc haw anything in common/" 1 

^p^ ^m Xpresston Session 
^^ ^1 ■Spoken It or*/ Program " 

^^™ ^^^ " p.m., NVfl Hall, Room 101 

4P^h ^™ "6>c«/ >/<•«. (.><•/;/ ll«/w/(" 
^^■^ Diversity Breakfast 

^^™ ^"^ R:30-ll:.ULi.iii.,\V;ilhMiic(cMlliilon Ballroom 1 

The Communicator 


Brlanna Belford 


Jamie Miller 

Managing Editor 

j m lller@ipfwcom municator. org 

Lana Mabbitt 
Advertising Manager 

Chad Butterbaugh 

Copy Editor 

c b u H e rba ugh ©iptwcom m u n 1 c 

Amy Dunnuck 

Copy Editor 

Nick West 

Sports Editor 

n west©i pfwcom 

Dan Vance 

A&E Editor 

Andres Ponte 

Oesign Editor 


Andrew C. Hoover 

News Editor 

Walb Union Suite215 
2101 Coliseum Blvd. East 
Fort Wayne, IN 46805 

Doris Reynolds 



Filing taxes online grows 
in popularity, saves time 

Despite all the benefits, many people 
still have not rushed into preparing and 
filing their taxes online. Some, like Eric 
Vitz, file by hand using the paper version, 
and others go to have them prepared by a 

In 2005, 6H. r i million taxpayers filed their 
taxes online, according to the IRS. That 
number was 1 1 percent more than in 2004. 
The IRS expects a record number this year 

"We expect e-file will continue to grow 
this year," said IRS Commissioner Mark 
Everson on the department's website. 

"We remind taxpayers that e-filing is 
fast, secure, and reliable." 

)an-Marie Zimmerman seconds that 


Department of Communications, says that 
it usually takes a few hours for him to fill 
out the paper copy but it is not too difficult. 
He says the main reason he files by hand is 
because it is free. 

Although it can sometimescostahundred 
or two more than filing online or by hand, 
many people still enjoy the convenience of 
filing with a tax professional. 

Shannon, a representative for an H 

"The software 
from year to year and does the calculations 
for you." 

She actually purchased her tax software 
from a store and then used it along with the 
internet to submit here tax information. 
Similar software is also available on the 
web now and can be downloaded. Either 
way. she likes how fast it works. 

"Filing online is really slick because you 
don't have to deal with mailing anything," 
explained Zimmerman, "it submits it 

professionals to file. 

"Taxpreparers might be able to find more 
beneficial deductions," she explained. 

The IRS entered a partnership with a 
group of private commercial tax software 
companies known as the Free File Alliance, 
LLC in October of 2002. according to irs. 

The partnership was in response to an e- 
government initiative issued by the Office 
of Management and Budget's Quicksilver 
Task Force to improve, among other things, 
government to citizen electronic potential. 

The agreement was extended for 
four more years in 2005 with the goal of 
having 60 percent of all tax returns filed 

include providing more free online filing 
options, making filing and preparation 
easier, and providing greater access to 

The IRS and the government claim that 
private businesses are being used because 
they can "provide taxpayers with higher 
quality services by using the existing 
expertise of the private sector, maximize 
consumer choice, promote competition 
within the marketplace, and meet objectives 
in the least costly manner to taxpayers." 

Private firms had offered tax filing and 
preparation online even before the IRS 
became involved. The difference now after 
the agreement, according to the IRS website, 
is that Free File Alliance companies offer 
both free preparation and e-filing services 
to qualified taxpayers. Before, according 
to the IRS, some companies would charge 
for either the preparation or the filing, or 
both. Under the agreement, both are free 
to eligible citizens. 

To be eligible for the Free File program, 
your adjusted gross income must be 
$50,000 or less. Each participating 
software company sets its own eligibility 
requirements as well. 

For more information on the Free File 
program or the IRS, go to 

Online gambling pays 

By Molly McGarrett 


Although main college kids soil associate 
"poker" with plastic chips and pizza in the 

commons room, a growing number of students 
.in- dunking mme along the lines of computer 

d its place at Duke. 

Every day, students buy into games on sites 
like I'okerStars toin in hopes of hei oining poker 
stars ihemseKis In pulling in tens of thousands 
of dollars. 

"1 used to pla\ hi high school with my friends 
really casually, said lason Strasser. a junior and 
i hrorm le sports writer who was recently profiled 
in Sports Illustrated for his online poker skills. 
"Hallway through my freshman year, someone 

to Sports Illustrated. He has funded 

travels to Europe and other countries where he 

competes in high-stakes tournaments. 

"I like to travel. That's whai poker has done for 
me," Mrasser said. 

i big spending ends 

the ordinary for a college student. "I bought 

University to run Ins business, Smith, a would- 
be sophomore, got his introduction to poker 
during his freshman year. "I started playing in the 
upstairs commons room of Pegram," he said. 

Although Strasser and Smith said they spend a 
significant amount of time playing poker online. 
they pointed out that they do not follow any 
specific schedule. Lengths of playing time lend 
to vary widely. 

At the height of his interest, Smith said he 
put in a lot of playing time, but his schedule was 
mi (insistent. "It went in waves," he explained. 
"At the peak of it 1 was probably playing 15 to 20 
hours per week." 

A new group of lalented freshman poker 
players are also profiting from the online poker 

Old pros and new kids alike s.ud experience is 
their means of success. 

"I just started playing a lot," freshman Chris 

Aldiough reading a book on poker might seem 
like the logical place to start for many student^ 
Strasser insisted that the best players are more 
than well-read -- they are well-connected. 

"Everyone starts by reading a book. I don't 
ai tribute anything I've done to books," he said. "I 
basically luund players who were belter than me 
and kepi bugging them." 

Despite the huge pay-off online poker offers 
many college kids, even star players like Strasser 
see playing not as a career but rather as a very 
lucrative hobby. 

"I've kind of lost regard for money," Strasser 
said. "To play well you kind of have to disregard 
the money." 

While his parents support his bobby, Strasser 
said they agree that he should not look to poker 

Dylan Smith used a portion of (he estimated 
SAl.lioi! he made ibrougb online poker to hind 
the creation of In- online tile storage site, www. 

"About half of my money I used to start 
my business, the other half i invested," Smith 

Currently on a leave of absence from the 

cramped cubicles inside Walb 
now and an extensive cooking 
and kitchen area for hosting 
caterings, cooking international 
or specialized foods, and 
allowing for better hosting 
arrangements for all groups 
using the Ballrooms. 

Potential plans include 
an expansion to the Student 
Medical Center which would 
not only expand the options 
the Medical Center could offer 
students, but would be strongly 
focused on giving visitors to the 
center more privacy. 

IPFW is currently waiting to 
see the funding issues around 
the project resolved before ; 

date can be si 


i _'■! million dollar ir 

students who study Farsi and 
Arabic and seeks to help set up 

college programs to teach these 

College lobbyists see the 
overall picture for students as 
grim, despite the new programs 
in the budget. BeckTimmons, 
the director of government 

Council on Education sums 
it simply as "The president is 
calling for a net cut in need- 

Banks ordered to raise 
minimum credit card payments 

By Justin Thompson 

monthly payments, as banks 
comply with orders from the Department 
of the Treasury. These large banks, 

these changes because of a joint mandate 
from the Office of the Comptroller of the 
Currency, the Office of Thrift Supervision, 

.- lost gelling n 

i p.iunriil--, 

he said. "Some b 

This short-ter 
from roughly 2 percent on most cards 
4 percent, will actually help consumers 
in the long run, Mukri said. Before the 

change, consumers could consistently pay 

d be falling further and further 
mm debt," he said. 

American families with credit card 
balances are an average of $9,000 in debt, 

The order, published Jan. 8, 2003, i 
developed in response to inappropriate 

oihousoiulsol euradollariii 

s release. 

Banks were given time to initiate the 
changes, OCC spokesman Kevin Mukri 

bankruptcies," she said, adding many low- 
nilies use the credit card as an 

"They'll carry those credit card debts 
) their grave," she said. "The answer for 
lese people is not to go into debt on their 

For many Ohio University students, their 
credit cards are both the emergency funds 
and the quickest way to "borrow" money 
I mm their parents. 

Some students -- and many teenagers in 
general -- are cardholders on their parents' 
account, though their responsibility for the 
payments is somewhat negligent. 

"(My credit card has) got my name on 
it, but it's my dad's," said sophomore Paul 
Mc Kinney. 

Other students are responsible for their 
own debt, and with the rise in minimum 
payments, that debt can be harder to 
manage. To avoid the risk of compound 
interest, sophomore Amelia Maury tries to 
pay off her balance every month. 

"I don't like putting big purchases on 
there that I don't need," she said. 

The short-term inconvenience for all 
credit card holders is outweighed by the 
long-term benefits, Dunn said. 

"As painful as this is," she said, "it has to 

My Student Loan Makes Me Eat Dog Food. Com 

Past drug offenders 
may get fiancial aid 

By Kimberly Huebner 

allowing students with prior drug 
ns to receive financial aid has heen 
passed in Concuss and is awaiting President 
Bush's signature. 

The bill was changed from a resolution passed 
in 2000 that denied access to college financial 
aid opportunities to students with past drug 

The changes Congress is passing will give 
people with a history of drug convictions a 
chance to start over, said Joseph I'eltilion, interim 
assistant provost lor finant ial aid at lexas ASjM. 

"It's basically giving the students an option 
to rehabilitate iheir lives." i'eltilion said. "It's 
no longer penalizing them in the future for 
something lhe\ did in the past." 

Pettibon said the new hill may affect a handful 
of students at A&M. but that he has not seen a 
problem with drug convictions interfering with 
financial aid al ihe University. 

Some student v, however, may answer drug- 
related questions incorrectly on financial aid 
appln_aiionsor iii,i\ leave tin- questions blank for 

The policy should be in ellect hi 'ginning with 
the l-all JOOu semester, and students who were 
denied financial aid belore tlie bill was created 
will not be reimbursed. Pettibon said. 

Since the first provision was passed, more 
than 2"i0 organizations have joined under the 
Coalition for Higher education Act Ileform to 
urge Congress id repeal the restrictions, said 
lorn Angell, campaigns director fur Students for 
Sensible Drug Policy. 

Even with the changes. ( lll.Mi is concerned 
about the students being denied financial aid 
because of drug convictions received during 
college, \ngellsaid. 

"The fundamental problems of the law are 
still not being addressed." Angell said. "It still 
doesn't make sense to block access to financial 
aid to any students with drug convictions." 

About 175,tH>n students nationwide have been 
affected by the 111 \ provisions, Angell said. I lie 
number, however, is probably higher because 
many students wiih drug convictions will not 
apply for financial aid lor tear of rejection. 

Annie Davis, a Ireshmati biomedical science 
and entomology major, said she feels drug 
should only be a factor if the offenses 
pea ted. 

S influenced by a friend who 
for marijuana and needed 
o college, she said. 
iven a second chance and was 
id by a private university in 
drug-free, her grades have 

Her opinion v 
got into trouble 
financial aid tog< 

Her friend was 
offered financial 

iproved and she pi; 

tester, Davis said. 
"I think before I was much more 
of anyone who did drugs.' Davis 
all bad peopl 

i ollege i 

Circle K offers 
many opportunities 

This week we feature 
the Circle K student 
organization. Circle K of 
IPl-'VV is a community service 

According to pres 
Lira Spencer, "Our pri 
focus is working 

volunteer projects 

For example, Circle K of 
IPfW has helped with Big 
Brother/Big Sister events. 
Relay for Life and Making 
Strides Against Breast 
Cancer. Circle K. however, is 

far more than a simple student 
organization at IPFW. It is an 
internationally recognized 
group that is known for helping 
make a difference in the world. 
A Kiwanis club sponsors each 
Circle K group, but college and 
university students govern 
the organization on all levels. 

develop college and university 
students into responsible 
citizens and leaders with a 
lifelong commitment to serving 
the children of the world. 

Being a member of Circle K 
presents many opportunities. 

"It allows you to network 
with a variety of individuals 
who have a common goal of 
bettering the community 

by c-mailing the club a 
at circled 
expressing an interest l< 

I realiz 

people who made a 

Davis said she supports die bill to penalize 
inly those students convicted of drugs during 



"I don't think drug convictions should I 
overlooked altogether," she said. "That would I 
taking advantage ol the system." 

Library healdinea a 

The Walter I . Hefinke I ibrary has come out 
with a new way for IPFW students to search 
through multiple academic databases in the 
press ol an enter key. 

This new feature is called OneSearch, and 
it is conveniently placed on the bottom of the 
Helmke library's wehpage for quick and easy 

research, however, because OneSearch results 
include many scholarly arrii les and books, items 
that are just not available for free on the Web." 
said Pamela Sandstrotn, head of reference and 
instructional services at Helmke Library. 

Students who are new to OneSearch may 
take time to get acquainted with the new system 
before an actual class assignment. 

Assistant librarian Judith t.arrison suggests. 

>>*% Best location 
JK% Swimming Pool 
S&; Pet Friendly 
;V% Low Rent 
>>"% GPA Discount 

Come and apply at the best 
apartments in the Fort Wayne 
area. Recieve one free month 
rent and a discount with a 3.0 
or higher G.P.A. so™™«» 



sing t 

Location, Location, Location 

Since academic journals are expensive, 
Indiana University I ibraries sponsors OneSearch 
to keep it tree for ihe students. 


daunting for students, but OneSearch v 

to alleviate that problem. 

"OneSearch mimics an Internet search e. 
like Ooogle, since the results list can be spread 
over main formats and disciplin 

QUkktH»ll A1l 0n .»,.-<hi=ur<M MyOnr* 

!T— _ 


Courtesy Art / contacng'ipfwcommunicator.ori 

REASEARCH: A screen shot of the new search engine that Helmke Library offers. 

graduate tit I mil ana University on creating positive relationships between 
black men and women and explore issues that 
may hinder this goal. The program will be 
overseen b\ Deborah ( .odwin -Marks from the 
IPFW departm 

Feb 17: 1PI-W Services will be 
hosting a Gospel Celebration at 6pm in Neff 
Hall room 101 on this date. As a pan of the 
Black History Month events on Campus, this 

program will eelehrale (lie rich C 
of gospel music. Local gospel artists the 
Progressive Baptist Church I boir, A. Terence 
Brownlee and Approved. Ulna Edmonds, Dora 
Person, Konlrell Iyer and (he II'IAV Intervarsiiy 
Christian fellowship Voices ol Inspiration will 
join theWilherlntee New Voices in Praise f.Ospel 
Choir and the Blessed Bouncers dance team in 
celebration of gospel. For more information, 
contact Chris Douse at 481-6604. 

Feb 18: The IPFW Multicultural Services 
will be hosting another event, this one entitled 
"Black Men. Black Women. Do we have anything 

b.!5: In i\ell !()l In. in 7pm to lllpm a 

Friday, Feb. 17, 2006, 7:30 p.m. 
IPFW Walb Student Union Ballroom 

With his late night television talk show, Tctvis Smiley 
on PBS, and his radio show The Tavis Smiley 
Show on National Public Radio, Smiley is the first 
American to simultaneously host signature talk 
shows on both PBS and NPR, conducting exclusive 
interviews with former U.S. President Bill Clinton, 
Cuban President Fidel Castro, and Pope John Paul II. 
The mission of his nonprofit organization— Tavis 
Smiley Foundation— is to enlighten, encourage, and 
empower black youth. Newsweek profiled him as 
one of the "20 people changing how Americans get 
their news" and dubbed him one of the nation's 
"captains of the airwaves." Free tickets are required for 
Smile) ' s lecture. For more information, call 4814166. 

Free public lecture T Free parking 

Seating is limited. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. 

.\mcnaln \iy< I ({iiyiae.c uuai»rt,i jam i<h<l nfion request 

Lecture funded by a gram from the English, Burner. Mitchell Foundation. 

discussion I 
Not thf Man." This evi 

innMMiny i>l i,,i-mb,-i- 
Urlun 1 i.i^iic .inil the I 

if Ik- \'A.\( I! lilt- 

[ Union G2!a-WG2 

n until 3pm I n-i- fuoil will Li 


Wednesday, February 15 

Staff Editorial 

Mind the gap 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, 
?r prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom 
of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to 

assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances 

As a newspaper The Communicator has 
an obligation to report the whole story. The 
Communicator has decided to print the 12 cartoons 
based on the fact that they are newsworthy and the 
public deserves the entire story behind the world- 
wide violence. 

We have no malicious intent. 

Our intent is to inform the public. 

As journalists— aspiring college students or not — 
it is our duty to inform our readers. By showing 
the cartoons, we believe it will stir conversation on 
campus and in the community. 

Less than a handful of national newspapers have 
printed ope, a few. or all of the 1 2 cartoons that depict 
a satirical viewpoint of the prophet, the Islamic 
religion and even extremist terrorism. 

Their reasoning has ranged from not wanting to 
disrespect the religion to fear of reprisal from angry 

Leonard Downie lr, executive editor of The 
Washington Post, said, "They wouldn't meet our 
standards for what we publish in the paper. We have 
standards about language, religious sensitivity, racial 
sensitivity and general good taste." 

The Los Angeles Times said in a statement, "Our 
i and opinion page editors, independently 

of each other, determined that the caricatures could 
be deemed offensive to some readers and there 
were effective ways to cover the controversy without 
running the images themselves." 

The First Amendment to the Constitution 
of the United States guarantees us a right to free 
speech. Regardless whether that speech is deemed 
appropriate or offensive, we have a right to say it. 

The Communicator is baffled at the lack of national 
newspapers printing the cartoons and has elected to 

)t simply for the sake of doing it, 
ve the public interest by providing 
in a debate where they have been 
in this post-9/11 world in which 
curiosity about the Islamic religion has become 
understandably widespread, for national media not 
to pay closer attention to the crux of the issue? 

For them to run footage of angry Muslims 
protesting in the street, burning flags and holding up 
threatening signs, but not to show the cause of these 

Sadly, many citizens — in the United States and 
abroad — are misinformed or under-informed about 
debates within Islam. Stereotypes are rampant, and 

We do this r 
but rather to se 
primary source: 
conspicuously 1; 

How is it OK 

hate crimes have become more common since 9/11. 
The footage of the rioting Muslims only further 
confuse the public about religious ideology because 
the media have not fully reported this issue: they 
have not shown what caused it. 

It should be noted that Jyllands-Posten ran 
these cartoons as a satirical piece about staff writer 
Kare Bluitgen's plight in finding illustrators for his 
children's book about the Prophet Muhammad. 
Illustrators turned him down for fear of Muslim 
reprisal because depicting Muhammad — in any 
manner — is considered idolatrous and sacrilegious, 
according to Islam's holy book, the Quran. 

The Communicator reminds readers we are not 
taking a side on this issue, only that U.S. media 
should take a more comprehensive approach when 
reporting on it. 

These cartoons are being published with the same 
consideration that any controversial image would 
bring about in The Communicator. 

View the drawings of the 12 cartoons and inform 

We hope your interest will be piqued enough to 
come to a conclusion on your own and fill in the gaps 
between what mainstream media presents and what 
the whole story is. 

Cartoons courtesy of / http://www.brusselsjournal com/node/698 





: V - 


^— IMPpi 1 

Editorial Policy 

necessarily re 

en the views ol IPFW, its employees or its student body. A column Is 

solely the op, 


bllcafion, All submissions made via email will be verified by telephone 


ns must be typed, and no mote than 700 words The editorial board 

nicaior reserved the right to edit all submissions tor length, grammar. 

ty. Letters deemed potentially libelous by the editorial board will nol be 

published un 

e- any circumstances. 

True comedians show unique, original work 

Pasquali's Ponderings 

sang songs about awkward 

Night Live or stereotypical 
television shows such as 
"Freddie," "Courting Alex" or 
"Emily's Reasons Why Not," 
although it was neat how they 
all had similar slogans before 
airing their season premiers. 

Oh no, I am discussing true 
comedians, most especially 
those I find true to heart; some 
I mentioned briefly last week. 

I mentioned how today's 
comedians are not the crack- 
addicted hobos from the 70s 
and '80s, i.e. Robin Williams, 
but they have a new sense of 
comedy ensuring their success. 

First off, my personal 
: of 
J, is 

Dane Cook. Let us see, where 
should I start? 

I first found out about Dane 
Cook three to four years ago 

Dane Cook." Cook became 

i'\pl(iilr.i, (.■specially 

past year or two. Cook's first CD 

and DVD combo was released 

in 2000, titled "Harmful If 


The best part about this 
combination album is that 

My second favorite comedian 
is a man by the name of Stephen 
Lynch. What's that. ..never 
heard of him? 

popular as Dane Cook, but still 
holds a strong fan base for his 
unique talent. 

Now. whatmakes Lynch stand 

o them than what n 

released his second album, 
"Retaliation." In the Feb. 11 
of "Billboard Magazine," 

tn hold the mi ruber one spot for 
lop < omedy Album." 

If the statistics and personal 
acclaim are not convincing 
enough for you, then you have 
no idea what you are missing. 

Dane Cook's originality a 

genre of his comedy is called 
comedtc singer/songwriter. 

What I mean is, he sings 
all of his jokes and stories. 
Surprisingly, he has an amazing 
singing voice and plays the 
guitar really well for his songs. 

1 heard of Lynch the same 
way I did Cook, from his 

Lynch talked and played 

be called "The Gynecologi 
Song," Secondly, "Lullaby" i 
subtitled "The Divorce Song. 
Lynch likes to switch it up 

He sings about the 
in life most peopli 
and puts his spin on them while 
singing ,ind playing the guitar. 
I lie combination is incredible. 
Lynch has three albums and one 
DVD currently in circulation. 

Doth Lynch and Cook have 
that sense of humor I love: 
straight to the point with an 
individual touch of absurdity. 

I recommend you checking 

Cook is a little less offensive 
than Lynch, so listen to 

first be lii re deciding il ymi 

Whom, if anyone, is above the law 

Have a Beard 

n, illy ver 

What you see here i 
2.0 of this particular < 
1.0 consisted entirely of excerpts from 
Attorney General Gonzalez's testimony 
before the senate, with every occurrence of 
the word "Gonzalez" replaced with "Grand 

As funny as that would have been, 
editing of that transcript in such a way as to 
fit on this page would have heen so severe 
as to lay me open to (perhaps justified) 
accusations of deliberate misquotation. 

Still, for those of you who saw the 
hearing or portions thereof on the news, 
the mental image remains apt. 

Gonzalez treated those particular 
senators, and indeed the entire legislative 
branch, with a smiling contempt which 
was shacking even to one who was already 
extremely cynical regarding our current 

chard Nixon against several of the people 
i the "White House Enemies List." FISA 
ys out the criteria for obtaining a wiretap 
arrant and establishes a secret court to 

The act has been revised several times 
nee its initial passage; in fact, it has been 
vised five times since Sept. 1 1th. 

It would not have broken the continuity 
of the event in any way had Gonzalez 
gone on to say, "I have just received word 
that the Emperor has dissolved the Senate 
permanently. The last remnants of the Old 
Rvpuhln have been swept away.' 

The reality, of course, isn't as 
as all that. But Gonzalez has, 
served as a representative of a 
branch that is completely out of control. 

Let's omit the whole invasion-of-lraq 
thing for today, and focus on more recent 

The subject of the hearing, during which 
Alberto Gonzalez insulted a lot of our 
elected representatives, was the ongoing 
wiretap scandal, in which President Bush 
has admitted to repeatedly ordering the 
NSA to conduct domestic wiretapping 
operations which violate federal law. 

The fact that this activity was (and 
is) illegal is really not open to dispute 
- all federal wiretapping authority stems 
from FISA, the wording of which is 

secrecy raises an interesting question. 
From what we' have been told of the NSA 
program {which is, of course, not much) 
it seems highly likely that the FISA court 
would have issued the necessary warrants 

why didn't they? 

This question was asked, repeatedly, 
by several of the senators present at the 

It was not answered. 

Each time, Gonzalez gave vague 
speeches regarding the president's duty to 
protect Americans or how wonderful FISA 
is in lieu of an actual answer. 

I see two possibilities: either the 
administration thinks the secrecy of the 
FISA court is insufficient, or they think that 
they wouldn't get the warrants. 

The first possibility is contrary to the 
stated position of the administration. 

In a building so crawling with lawyers 
as the White House, the suggestion that 
the illegality nt the program never crossed 
anyone's mind is, frankly, ludicrous. 

I he mil) pussihilin we .ire left with, 
then, is that Bush didn't think the FISA court 
would give him the wiretaps he wanted. 

If the secret wiretap court wouldn't like 
i inclined to 
reason for it. 
so it follows that the more we, the public, 
knew about them the less we'd approve of 
the idea. 

This is just a guess, but given this 
administration's track record I think it 
likely that the wiretaps involved are fairly 
indiscriminate; that is, that they are being 
established with little i>r nothing in the way 
of probable cause. 

Further speculation is idle, though, as 
we do not know, and probably never will, 
the operational details of the program. 

The justification of all of this has been 

We're at war. 

There's a dangerous enemy out there. 
This notion doesn't disturb people 
anywhere near as much as it should. 

Congress has not declared war. We 
aren't engaged with a foreign military. 
We've suffered a mass murder perpetrated 
gang of criminal thugs and gone on 
irelated country where 
igged duwn in trying to 

the praises of FISA.. . and in fact, the luslice 
Department has been calling FISA "a highly 
flexible statute that's been proven effective" 

to invade an ui 
our forces are bi 
suppress guerilla* 

is worried about FISA proceedings being 
leaked in AIQaida. 

Of course, there's .ilwa\s the possibility justified because 
that H never occurred to anyone that these 
wiretaps were illegal. 

ir with, precisely? Al 

e things are whatever the president 
says they are. 

We're at war, in the end, because the 
president says w^'re at war. 

Given the nature of the nebulous and 
undefeatable "enemy" this state of war 
cannot be other than perpetual. 

saving that these wiretaps 

j of v 

excesses committed during the 1960s and 
70s -notably, the wiretapping of Dr. Martin 
Luther King, Jr. and wiretaps authorized by 

fact, the stated position of 
he Justice Department - and never mind 
.vhere the legal authority comes from; ask 
ind the best you'll get will be incoherent 
■amblings about the fourth 

well say these 
wiretaps are justified because he says so. 

The president and his assorted lackeys 
have been behaving as though they are 
above the law. 

What remains to be seen is whether or 
not they're right. 

Letters to the Editor 

Response unthoughtful; inappropriate language unnecessary 

face to IPFW. Shame on Justin 
Kenny. A sport writer????? 
What he may have perceived 

v IPFW' 
diversity: " 

Indiana University- 

LTniversity Fort Wayne is 
committed to creating an 
environment that enhances 
learning by recognizing the 
inherent worth of all individuals 
at the university. Diversity 
stimulates creativity, promotes 
the exchange of ideas, and 
enriches campus life. 

The term diversity 
encompasses differences 

of culture, background and 
experience among individuals 
and groups. Such differences 
include, but arc not necessarily 

that IPFW 
foster acceptance and create 
an environment that promotes 

The remarks by Justin 
negate the strides made by 
the university and show that 
we cannot stop our efforts 
to educate all regarding the 
rights of others, including not 

As a supporter of IPFW 
athletics, I've watched our 
women's basketball team work 
hard on and off the court. 

They, have represented our 
university as committed athletes 
even against powerhouse 
opponents. Certainly, as a 
sports writer, Justin could 

identified a MVP 

Carol Sternberger, PhD, RN 


Ft. Wayne drivers 
dangerous in snow 

Staff Column 

say everyone. I remember how 

don't have to drive 
anywhere. Then I can sit on 
the couch with my mug of hot 
cocoa, relax, and enjoy the 
beautiful snow falling. 

I never minded driving in it 
until the first snow fall of 2005. 
Now I'm not a paranoid selii/.o, 
if you could call me that. Yes, 
the bad roads tend to make 
me a little nervous. But, that's 
not quite it, either. It's also 
the other drivers who make me 

More specifically, the ones 
who aren't careful and drive. 
Why do I care so much? Because 
every time 1 see someone whiz 
by me in their nice, four wheel 
vehicle, I find myself 

Anyone who knows i 
enough ought to know by now 
that 1 love telling stories. 

As I was driving home one 
Saturday from work around 
9:30 at night, 1 realized how 
people forget how to drive in 
the snow. So, snow only comes 
four months out of the year. Big 
deal, right? Wrong. When 1 was 
driving home on Feb. 11, all I 
could do was shake my head 

Then there were at least 
another five who hit the guard 
rails or the middle wall along the 
highway. Do people not realize 
that during bad weather they 
need to slow down? ApparenUy 
not since they think as long 
as they have four wheel drive 
they'll be okay. Wrong again. 

People with four wheel 
drive, if they are not cautious 
during bad weather, are just as 
susceptible to getting into an 
accident as those people who 
don't have four wheel drive. 
It is like people forget how to 

on slick roads. The faster they 
go, the quicker they get to their 
destination right? Well, if they 
don't get into an accident first, 
So, people can't take tlieir time 
when i lie weather sucks. 

destination, it would probably 
be better then ending up either 
in an accident or the hospital. 
Avoiding those two key 
situations could probably save 
a person quite a bit of money. 
But, hey, I'm no expert nor do 1 
claim to be one. 

1 was driving down the 
highway and there were people 
just dying past me, probably 
doing about 50 or CO. Okay, so 
they were driving SUVs, vans 
and trucks. Still. 1 was freaking 

whined past me. 

I kept thinking that someone 
is going to slide into me sooner 
or later. What is the deal with 
people who ride your ass when 
the roads are crappy? What a 

I would give those 
drivers a piece of my 
mind if I could, but I'll 
just bite my tongue 
and deal with it. 

I have to slain on my brakes 
for some reason, they are going 
to be screwed if they can't stop 

It is kind of annoying when 
I'm trying to be careful and 
other people get pissed off 
about it. Well, excuse me for 
wanting to be careful and not 
get into an accident. I really 
think that I don't want to drive 
around a car that is all mangled 
because I decided to drive fast 
on crappy roads. 

If you don't like my driving, 
you better get over it because 
1 really don't care. I would give 
those drivers a piece of my 
mind if 1 could, but I'll just bite 
my tongue and deal with It. 

When I got home after my 
hour venture driving to get 
there, It almost made me wish 
I lived closer to school. But 
only just a tiny hint of that wish 
reached my mind. At least I 
wouldn't have to drive as far to 
get home. Then I wouldn't get 
all worked up and nervous. At 
least the drive home would be 
less stressful for me if I lived 
closer to school and work. 

Stuck in a world 
of unbalance 

Staff Column 

The other day at work I just 

finished listening to a book 

tape called "Peter and the 

Along with this I recently 
listened to the book "Wicked" 
which deals with the childhood 
of die Wicked Witch of the West 
from "The Wizard of Oz." There 
is also a great musical rendition 
of this on Broadway. 

that after listening 
the two books (I do this at work 
because 1 key mail all night long 
and it's either books or music 
as a choice for entertainment) 
I had answers to things I have 

after last semester I learned 
how important this unbalance 
really is. In my Principals of 
Persuasion class last semester 
we became familiar with a 
term referred to as cognitive 

Simply put it is an unbalance 
in one's mind that creates an 
action of some kind. A simple 
example is that you 

their side. This embarrassing 

product to solve this need. 

The advertisers have created 
an unbalance in your mind and 
given you a solution. Youraction 

adult, or at least for the most 
part an adult, I have questions 
pertaining to more complicated 

» I sat and thought 

childhood seem to get answered 
and a void seems to be tilled. 
It's a very weird feeling I must 

I could go on and on with 
examples, but I feel you can 
figure them out for yourself. 
The main point I want to make 
is that what seems to be a 
natural human characteristic 
of questioning and having an 
unbalance is used against us in 

Answers to questions that 
will fill a void, products that are 
needed to create that balance 
and most importantly our 
daily tasks we do in searching 

for i 

i life's many 

nd television. 

, this unbalance is all 

somewhere inside this head of 



UH2 uet 


Movie is essential 
part of growing up 

many careers tli;it Mill flminsli 

film industries. 

Sean Asiin (in his hrst fcMurc 
111 in I whu Miki'\ WaKh ,ii)i I 
Irish Unilin (lirsi movie period) 
who plays his older brother 
Hniiul. huih got their siurts wilh 
"The Goonies." Astin is now one 
ul tin- bluest n.iniL's in 

nelghboorhood kids who call others, roc 
iheniselves, of all things, The beheveuhle 
Goonies. this genre. 

child, and still 
adult, see that little bit 
of myself in a characters, making 

The fact of the n 
the story is highly i 
but it just doesn't 
when you find a film like that, you 

d the action (for being a 

novie, niied PGI does keep 
i theede.!' Now 

well-seasoned writers Steven 
Speilberg and Chris Colombus did 
an amazing job in bringing (his 
film to life with a brilliant script 

casting and well— direction. 

1( is odd at that time, or even 
now, to find such a talented writer/ 
direcior cmnbonation. 

for those old time fans, the DVD 
release just adds a new dimension 
to the findings of a childhood far 
~ xtras will make you 
e awsomeness of the 
idea of chasing pirate treasure 
with your childhood chums, just 

it has for the past 2 1 years. 

boy are you missing out. 
But don't worry, I .mi sun- thai this 
modern classic is unu will In* 
around for a few more generations 
lo enjoy and get a smile out of. 

And I hope those generations 
get the same thing out of "The 
Goonies" that my generation 

Scottish band 
takes new 
route with 
strong results 

Album Review 

his co-worker, Dick, while both at work a 
record store. When Jack Black's 

Barry, questions why iliey are listening to ihis 
"unfortunate" record. Rob replies that he just 
wants "something he c; 

oiieti sounded dreary 

and mellow, but comfortable, l-ach new album 
the band would put out sounded very similar 
to the last, and fans were getting tired with this 
lack ol change. In 211(1. i the band released what 
some fans would l .ill their best album yet, or at 
least one comparable to their most fatuous, "If 
You're feeling Sinister' i lie disc was their first 
hillleiigih album not being released In Matador 
records, and was also bai ked by a new producer. 
The sound of "fear Catastrophe Waitress" was 
new, fresh, and upbeat— something not often 
heard Ironi this Glasgow clan. 

This month marks the release ul their sixth 
full-length disc, "The Life Pursuit"— a set of 
joylul, funky and brighi new nines that ibe band 
sounds so proud of At first listen I thought I bad 
m. t> be picked up a new Shins record, or maybe 
. something out of the late '60s by mistake 

very excited. This is such a wonderful step i 
the band's music, and 1 hope that the album is 
hinting at some son of new direction die hand 
will take. 

Whether you are familiar with the Belles' 
music or not, "The Life Pursuit" is a fantastic 
album on many levels. However, be ready lo 
absorb yourself m some dangerously can by 

Turn the Winter Blues 

into Caribbean Blue. 

plore the Open Waters 
Ball Memorial Hospital! 

Vou'll have a lol ol fun discovering the many unique ways to develop your nursing skills ji Ball Memorial Hospital, the 
flagship of Cardinal Health System, In Muncie, Indiana. Sei sail lo a place where people are warm and friendly, 
technology is innovative, and your advancement potential is endless. Also, just for attending our Nursing Open House 
on Saturday, February 2Slh, you'll have a chance lo Win a Trip to the Caribbean!! 

d prepare to embark on the journey lo a sal 
over 75 years - at Ball Memorial Hospital 

r. Experience nursing as il 

Travel around and see the sights with u 
Tour destinations include: 

• Ortho/Rehab 

■ Critical Care Units 

• Dialysis - Inpatient & Outpatient 

• Surgical Services 

• Medical Specialty 

• Emergency Department 

To join us, your educational or career 
passport must identify you as: 

•Recent college grads and senior nursing 
students preparing to graduate this year 

* Expenenced RNs 

• Nursing students interested in 

Student Nurse Technician (SNT) opportunities 

it Open House, and you might be exploring the Caribbean as well. 

our lucky Nursing Open House visitors will recetve a Guise lor two lo paradise. You could be sunbalhing in tf 

Caribbean as you sail through ihe b 
first 40 qualified nursing profession; 

e Enchanlmenl ol the Sea. Free tr 
will be given throughout the day. 



Wish you were here? Why not experience the real thing? 
Visit: for more details! 

R.S.V.P. to: (765) 751-1483 or (800) 533-7359 


Health System, Inc. 
The System Works. For You. 

Best Nurses. Best Care. Every Day. 

loipiut • flUddord Community Hospital • Midwest HeaKhStrategies 
CMS HcaMicare Pharmacta ■ Phyiiaan Network 

Division of 
Continuing Studies 

Educational Travel 

Civil Rights and the South 

March 3-12 



Strasbourg, France 

July 1-30 



optional extension July 20-27 


July 10-20 

Dream it. 

Information meetings for all travel: 

Wednesdays. Feb. 15 or March 15 

5:30 p.m. 

Kettler Hall. Room G44, IPFW Campus 

www/, ipfw. ed< 


'■1-M-L* I' 

l.i Mi 3 

around iIr- ring, bickering with 
calls him a chicken. It is all part of 

It is a show sianed b\ a known in the industry simply as 
Dick the Brasier Jr. in (he middle parts of ihe century, Dick (he 
Bruiser was an intimidating force in professional wrestling. The 
second-coming of the name started bruiser Wrestling in order to 
help bring some hisiorkulness back to the sports, well before it 
was considered In most ,is hm entertainment. 

And this night, like most, Dick was there lor tlie ride along with 
his trust bulldog anil his right hand man (and company CEO) 
Mike Peden, also known as Mike the Machine. 

If Bruiser started the compam on the right four, it is Peden who 
keeps it going . handling a majority of the day-to-day work and 
hoping for a good turnout. 

But Peden couldn't he happier with the growth of the company 
and how things have been done (he right way. Near (he midpoint 
of Saturday's show, Peden stood up next to one of the company's 
workers and looked on into the arena with a wry grin and Five 
simple words. 

"It's a nice crowd tonight." 

He reveled in tin- atmosphere lor twelve matches, all taped for 
that weekly spot on the UPN affiliate It is a nice source of for 
The company is also aincntk working on a television syndication 
deal which would broaden their range. 

And so as it began, the nifjn also ended. 

Nick Cvjetkovich (Sinn) left with a swollen lip, remnints 
bloody taste in his mouth and with a freshly won lag-team 
hell. Bragg made his way out ol the arena, still reeling from 

Those stars, according to Johnson, don't seem so far anymore. 

"They are closer everyday. You gei to a show like this with (he 
people and the hacking and it's all good h helps youo 
I was just a fan and I got on the road..." he said, not knowing 
exactly how to finish or who lo thank. 

But one thing is for sure, he can thank Bruiser Wrestling. 
Afterall, it is this company that is taking the chances. 

by Eugene Harding / .■!■ ndnio inlwt ■ 

SLAM: Elvis Elliot of the 'Beasts of Burden' slams company namesake Dick the Bruiser Jr.'s head into the ring- 
post during a match to decide the top contenders for the WWA tag-team championship. 

Legal issues loom for 
online gaming providers 

By Jeremy Turnage 

- Millions of gamers around the 
world are working hard to keep 
the games of the past alive using 
current computing technology. 

The process is called 
"a program 
for a computer, or other 
computing device, that can 
emulate a video game console 
or handheld, so a computer 
can be used to play games that 
were created for that console 
or lo develop games for that 

An emulator simply works by 
having the emulator program 
running, and then having a file 
called a ROM image. A ROM 
image is a copy of i 

in the NES community was 
partly because of the NES' 
faulty hardware. Who doesn't 
■ having to blow the 

have been 
heated and lengthy. Many 
gamers believe (hat emulation 
helps to preserve the games of 

of asphyxiation was alleviated. 

SNES and Genesis emulators 
soon arrived as well. Today, 
this community of dedicated 
gamers has created emulators 
for video game consoles all the 

as gamers want to relive the 
fun of those games. The most 
popular arcade emulator is 
MAME, or Multiple Arcade 
Machine Emulator. MAME 
can currently emulate 1000+ 
arcade games spanning from 

images. Emulators i.ik 
ROM images and rut 
like the video game console 
would. For example, say we 
have a Nintendo Entertainmenl 
System emulator. We can find a 
copy of "Super Mario Bros." on 
the Interne! as a ROM image, 
load up the emulator and then 
open the ROM image of "Super 
Mario Bros."The game will work 
jusi like it did when the NES 
was hooked up to the television 
years ago. 

The emulation community 
has been around for a very long 
time. The first emulators were 
weak and often riddled with 
bugs and incompatibilities. 
The community got better at 
programming over time, and the 
ncomnumitv was 

> ROM the humble beginners such .-. 

late 90s games such as "Mortal 
Kombat" and "Teenage Mutant 
Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time." 
"cated g 

store dedicated computers that 
only emulate arcade games. 

the past as well; 
that are associated with those 
games. Other gamers point 
out the legal ramifications of 
emulation. Legally speaking, 
the problem with ROM images 
is that without the permission 
of the original copyright 
holder, a ROM image is illegal. 
Copyright holders have often 
gone to the length of getting 
several prominent ROM sites 
shut down.The legal difficulties 
of emulation are quite like the 
MP3 problem of today. 

Video game companies have 
found their own ways to combat 
the problem of emulation. 
While many companies use 
legal means to put an end to 
the problem, others use the 
businessend of things (o appeal 
(O gamers craving nostalgia. In 
the past few years, video game 
companies have begun to 
compile some of their classic 
games into compilations and 
releasing them at lower prices. 
Sega has brought together 
many of its "Sonic" games 


Emulation has also helped 
to bring several Japan-only 
releases to the United States. 
Such most wanted games as 
the original "Mother," known 
as "Earthbound" in America, 
and "Final Fantasy" III and V, 
have been dumped onto ROM 
images and distributed online. 
These ROM images were even 
translated by many fans and 

released the "Mega Man 
Anniversary Collection," as 
well as the just-released "Mega 
Man X Collection." SquareSoft 
has re-released many of their 
games from the popular "Final 
Fantasy" series on the Sony 
PlayStation and the Nintendo 
Game Boy Advance. Gaming 
companies are coming to 

Hollywood reps discuss 
technology at UCLA forum 

By Easter Khaw 

As audience members checked 
their handhelds, PDAs and 
cell phones, representatives 
from several major Hollywood 
organizations discussed how 
changes in technology would 
affect the entertainment 
industry paring the University 
of Uw's 30th Annual UCLA 
Entertainment Symposium, 
called "Hollywood: By the 

Several speakers discussed 
how technology has plowed 
forward at an unprecedented 
rate, and the enlertainment 
industry has found itself 
confronied with increasingly 
diverse new forms of media. 

The event, held Friday 
and Saturday at the Freud 
Playhouse at Macgowan Hall, 
attracted about 500 students, 
lawyers, legal scholars, 
members of the entertainment 
industry and others interested 


to them, said Grace Reiner, the 
executive assistant director of 
the Writers (.itild of America. 

Because the technology is 
so novel, industries have yet to 
establish a standard for pricing 
and how far licenses extend. 

"Change is a huge difficulty 
it industry." 

said Michael I 
vice president 

r.nniln itions and small of 
let linn alities, others are 
ready to embrace the future of 

to choose from. 

However, in regard to this 
expansion of media options 
of consumers, Lang said he 
was noi sure IPTV is different 
from traditional modes of 

"The most important 
(difference) is the price," Lang 

unlimited, the hours i 

expand their reaches beyond 
the traditional television and 
radio to newer media including 
the Internet, cell phones and 
iPods, such as Apple and 
Disney's decision to broadcast 
episodes of "Desperate 
Housewives" and "Lost" on 

The versatility of the means 

:omputers, il'ods and 
televisions. He said consumers 
will also be able to transfer 
content between them without 
any added cost. 

The trend of the market hints 
at declining media storage and 
transportation costs, improved 
compression, and multiple 
platforms playing the same 

anywhere," Wolzien said. 

Many panelists lauded 
the new technology and its 

questions about what existing offers 

Communications, expounded 
the meriis of Internet Protocol 
Television, which she said 
much greater 

In addition to discussing new 
developments in entertainment 
technology, some of the 
panelists urged caution when 
predicting often unpredictable 
market trends. 

"(In the past), the market 
changed drastically from what 
we expected." Reiner said. "It's 
dangerous for us lo set things 

Karen Stuart, the executive 
director of the Association of 
Talent Agents, emphasized the 
lack of economic models for the 

Companies have to be 

flexible because they cannot 
always predict what consumers 
will pay for, Caraeff said. 
Successful marketing also 
depends partly on chance; it 
has to be the right place, time 
and price to appeal with the 
buyers. The entertainment 
industry simply has to keep up 
with the changing times. 

"There'll always be a role for 
endeavor," lie said. 

After this, Wendy begins (o connect the dots. She realizes thai ihey are dung in the o 
sitting on the coaster and that she has the clues (pictures Irom a Panasonic digital c 
hardcore product placement there) as to how they're going to bite it. 


e gruesome as die movie progresses, when, liuallv i 

Sadly, they've figured o 
But, haha, little kiddies; n 
another dumb-a" movie. Don't you want to s 

Geez, I haven't enjoyed a movie this much it 


! Il w 

that I a 

exceptionally long 
;t have to give it props. Ihe acting was had; the writing was bad; the graph: 
the cinematography was had: everything ahum this movie was bad. It takes 
of luck, to make a movie this nauseating and still have it sell. 

I should say. though, thai showed promise Merriman 

isleml\ hail 

s were bad; 
a crap load 

■given decern material I guess I should suggest that 
novie. And if yon do decide to see this— this— well, 
but if you do see it, go prepared to laugh. Because il it's nothing else, it is 

general, let alone when discussing something very uncial to their lives. 

He also says that students should know what their major should he before going to college. 
this is good advice, it is not necessarily realistic Some students fresh 
clue what they want to do, or they thought they did but 

of high school r 
no college, they find out it is 

jompletely different than what die\ thought it would be This is in part due to the high schools lack 
of preparation lor their students, hveu though high schools oiler job shadowing it does not mean that 
students will he able to find their calling-especially since there is not a lot a variety in their options 

All in all, this book has very useful suggestions in approaching life to get what you waul 
While the book can be uselul to collegians, the author stresses that all the critical he has gathered 
should start at least in high school. Therefore il should he geared more inward high school students 
before their senior year. That way they can have plenty of nine to plan their lives around ways to 
impress potential employers. 

The newspaper of IPFW since 1 969 
is now available at the click of a mouse. 

Standards compliant 

programming - it works 

great in any browser, PC or Mac 

i today, and get your campus news and features from home 

i The Goonies 
Richard Donner flick is the next 
classic film review. PAGEA7 


i Strong on many levels 

Arts & Entertainment 


WetJnesday. February 15. ZOOS 

Third part of "Final Destination" series fails 

Movie Review 

I just saw (he best comedy 
of the year: "Final Destination 
3." What's thai you say? It's 
nol supposed to be a comedy? 

s involved with ihis 
stinker wanted it to be. Man, 
someone should 
the news easily t 
may be seriously disappointed 

to suck. Call me psychic, call 
me smart, call me whatever the 
heck you want, but know that 
I wasn't wrong! On the other 
hand, however, I knew I'd have 
a helluva good time writing a 
review for it. 

I magically convinced my 
roommate to go with me to the 
movie; telling her that it'd be a 
hoot to laugh at it, if nothing 
else. She reluctantly agreed. 
We trudged into the theater; 
totally certain that we'd be the 
only idiots that paid to watch 
this piece of trash. Much to our 
surprise, though, we weren't 
alone. Now, don't get me 
wrong: the theatre was, by no 
means, packed. People were 

We found our seats as the 

anything). They took forever! 
It was ridiculous. The only 
things more insane were the 
horrible, wannabe suspenseful 
music and the graphics that 
looked like a kindergartner had 
designed them. Right then, my 

So, here's the premise of the 
third installment of the "Final 
Destination" empire. (Nplice 

you know exacdy what's going 
to happen in this one! But. I'll 
give you a run down in case 
you haven't. A bunch of high 
schoolers are at a carnival and 
one chick, Wendy Christensen 
(played by Mary Elizabeth 

i horrific rollercoaster accident. 
(I'm hesitant to share this little 
tidbit, but I will. I completely 
lost it when she had her little 
show before the accident; it was 
the most hilarious thing I've 
seen in quite a long time!) In 
response, she freak: 

UVmk is utterly o 
grief (excuse me while I wipe 
away a tear). That's when Kevin 
(Ryan Merrimanl informs her 

the last six years (i.e. a hopeless 

attempt to lie in the previous 
flicks). Naturally, Wendy 

e kids die. 
They fry in tanning beds. (That, 
too.'was great!) Of course, they 
don't die until you've seen their 
boobs 900 billion times. 

Finding A True 


Superstars of WWA's 

Bruiser Wrestling take low 

budget to a higher level 

Commentary by Dan Vance • Photos by Eugene Harding 

t for so-called 

the night, stood mostly quiet watching the other 
performers. Almost like a scout, Johnson would 

lean into his partner and point out a certain move 
r positioning as if he were observing a piece of 

are run on low budgets 

The venue, which doubles as a training center 
for profession,!] jnd .imauier boxers and mixed 
barely holds the capacity crowd, 

show with link' l.iiil.irv. i 

But for Johnson, this is his art, i 

as been working on for a very lor 

v, knowing that he hash 


But that is 

Wrestling, takes a significant turn. 
i Saturday. Bruiser WresUing, 

nnot afford to keep 
So. they put on a Ant 

on and eventually of thebig-time, lohnson 
get to the top. 
the Indiana-based World twasinHWA HeartiandVftestUngAssociaUoiO 
during the developmental f.i/e," Johnson noted. 
In the early part of the decade, theWWE 

oriel Hashes opt to put 

show airing weekly in Ion Wayne 
affiliate, made a Stop in the Summit 
City for an event which they dubbed 
"Valentine Massacre" at the River 
City Fight Club just into downtown. 
Anditwasonthatnighi whk lithe 
true warriors of sponsentertainment 
came to shine among the flood lights 
feverish working 

i. And it 

all about. 

And that is dedication. 

Less than an hour before the 
event, as upwards of 200-plus people packed 
small venue, wrestlers began arriving with 
suitcases for yet another stop on the road. 

"fust like any aspiring pro wrestler who 
trying to make a name for themselves, you go 

lie. ' said Drew lohnson. < 
the Soul Shooters. 

lohnson, who wrestl 
partner Miquail Norton, \ 

! alongside longtime 
io wrestles as "Poison" 
n tag match early in 

feeder systerr 

in Linn inatti, Ohio. 

"You already had a 
legendary instructor like Les Thatcher and t 
you had all of this great talent walking aroum 
everyday and training with you." 

So all of that brought John; 

expect out of these performances and e 

of doing the same, the wrestlers 
on a show and give the viewers in 
their money's worth and a whole lot 

They fly through the air, risking their bodies 
;h crazy manuevers off the top rope. 
One wrestler known as Sinn busts his lip open 
badly and loses blood across the ring 

couple of matches before that. Billg 

takes a rather stiff shot from a 

folding chair, showing that yes this form 


like this will be 

Instead, they do it tor the love nf the 
the chance to take what 

(complete with punpkin mask 

Burden, who are almost salami 
in apperance, the night and the spotlight 

it from a free standing II light h.meing 

from the ii'ilingi are worth it all. 

And combined, they make WWA: Bruiser 
Wri'siling work hy simph not letting the lack of 
funding or thousands of dollar budgets get in 

Some strong 
mix with dry 

Book Review 

► BRUISER: Page A7 

"The 4 Realities of Success" is written by 
Bob Roth. The book is about how to become 
a successful person, and it begins talking to 
high-school students, then college students, 
then graduaies. The book has s 

good suggestions c 

> approach life 

start with the positive aspects of the book 
first. It has a lot of important and useful 
ideas about how to prepare for life before, 
during and after college. It also gives good 
ideas for planning out how people should 
spend their time as high school students and 
college students so that what they do then 
will help them land their job. It also talks 
about how participating in college events and 

that the author thinks it is the only n 
you need to become successful, and it seems 
that he stresses the fact that if you do not do 
as he says you will most likely not find a job 
and will not be successful, Unfortunately he 
does not give you his definition of success. 
For instance two people may look at success 
in two different ways. One person sees it as 
being a wealthy tycoon of a growing industry 
while the other person seeks to have a family, 
enjoy life, and find a less time-consuming 
job to support that type of lifestyle. 

The book itself is quite long and so dry 
that one can only read so much at a given 
time — which also makes it hard to retain all 
the information. It may appear depressing 
at times because it focuses on pleasing the 
employer and trying to build your life around 
them, which gives you no life of your own. 
This will definitely burn out a person if they 
are only doing their major or future job to 
make a lot of money. 

The author uses bullet points for nearly 
everything he writes about, which is nice 
since it is easy to read, but the topics he talks 
about are not in-depth enough to be very 
helpful, I have encountered at least two other 
sources that have been more helpful about 
resumes and interviews than this book has 
been about those same topics. 

Another problem with the book is thai 
when he advises students to start saving 
for college, he says they should start when 
they are born. Instead it should start with a 
more realistic age to be more helpful to the 

Another disadvantage of the book being 
brief about its topics is when it mentions to 
go to your parents for advice about plans for 
preparing to go to college as well to assist 
you when you are in college. While this can 
be true, it unfortunately does not go into 
detail if you do not have parents like that. 
For instance, they could be very busy and 
you might hardly see your parents or the 
parents could be abusive and withhold that 
money from you, or if the students are not 
comfortable being around their parents in 

The Communicator 


i Sports Wrap 

Ritchey, others contribute 
_ to seven new track and field 
<f^ school records. PAGE 83 





men's volleyball returns home for a 


IPFW Men - 49 

76 - Purdue 

Northwestern - 73 

Unfriendly confines 

■ Both basketball teams ready to get back in front of home crowds after tough Big Ten road losses 

Photo provided by AP / contnct&lpfwcommunicator.oi 
r guard Brad Pompey wrestles for the hall against two Northwestern players in a Feb. 1 1 game. 

Lengthy road trip ends with loss 

The road trip is over. 


It has been i? days and seven 
road games since the Il'i-U rm-n's 

basketball if, mi l.isi played .1 game 
in Fort Wayne. 

i him on and off the c 
"It's been a long road trip and 
between getting h.u kin dierlnthm 
of school, making up assignments 
along with ups and downs on ihe 
basketball < nun it can he stressful," 
he said. "Sleeping on planes and 
buses a lot is not good sleep ai 

: from a literal sense they 
are physically drained. It's tough 
from two aspects. One, you can fall 
" l the classroom and 
two you've got the element of not 
having the luxuries of sleeping in 
your own lied and playing in Iront 

He said he has only been able 
to attend four total classes in Ihe 
past two weeks, He is enrolled in 15 

i redii liunrs and II) class sessions 

per week. 

n Feb. 11. The Big 

an uncanny 57.4 

percent from the field, including 

nearly 74 percent in the first half. 

points but 
it was everyone else that put on a 
shiini.tiu, i link, life attributed the 
team's blowout loss to the wear 
and tear of the long road trip. 

"I hope llial they are able in gel 
their legs hack and minds back," 
Fife said. 

The team may be without junior 
forward Ivler Ik'sl. who sprained 
ins .inkle in ,1 loss at North Dakota 
State and sat the last two games 
of the trip. [Jest, ihe team's leader 
in assists and rebounds per 
game and third in scoring said 

llopelullv we can gel lyler back 
as sunn as possible. I'm confident 
in / i/elk|o) and Armend. Other 

lie is questionable lor ihe I 

a concussion. He could miss th 
remainder of the season. 

i trying to gel back t 

ligeric siarted in Host's place 
and scored si), points, grabbed II 
rebounds and had three blocks 
and live steals in ihe two games. 

Now that the road trip is over. 
the team has shifted its focused 
to the Islanders of Texas A&M 
Corpus ChrlBti (16-8). When IPFW 
hooked up with the Islanders early 
in the road trip. Ie\as AfcM Corpus 
(hristi gut 38 bench points from six 
players. Fife said the U 

► BACK HOME: Page 03 

Boilers shut down IPFW 
with late game strength 

SCORER: Johnna Lewis-Carlisle scored 
17 points against Purdue on Feb. 9. 

Look at the scoreboard after ihe game was 
wasn't easy on the eyes 76-52 
borderline ugly. 

ut you wouldn't know if you weren't 

e how well the IPFW women's team held 

up against the No. 9 Purdue Boilermakers 

•3) on Feb. 9 in West Lafayette. 

: or 30 minutes the Mastodons hung with 

Boilermakers and refused to be put away 

il the final stretch of the second half. 

1 nine point lead at ihe half and 

grew to 12 at the 17:25 mark before IPFW 

lly erased the deficit with a 12-0 run. 

"I think we just felt like we could play with 

hem." said junior Hilary O'Connell of the 

We started knocking down some big 

shots and that gave us the confidence that 

we needed to keep up the nin." 

At the 10:10 mark IPFW was still in the 
game, trailing 47-44 thanks to the solid guard 
play of Johnna Lewis-Carlisle and Ashley 

: Amy Gearlds, 
led Purdue 
with 20. Aya 

Mastodons in Action 
wraps up the next 
home games. Page B3. 

to end the 2005-06 season, including two 
games ai Memorial Coliseum. 

"Having the next six games home is a 
huge advantage for us. We have been on the 
road and have done a lot of traveling, so to be 
home for the rest of the season is really nice," 
O'Connell said. 

The first two games are against Texas Pan 

] p.m.] and Wayne Slate 

finding the 




l three games at Middle 
elurnsa nucleus of a squad that won 
the second consei uiive year. I bird, each posili 
tiileni and experience, ivilh the Mastodons starling 
with 10 seniors, easily the mosi in Cernon's seven-year history 
with the team. 

"This senior group has a tremendous amount of loyalty and 
resolve," Gcrtion said Aiooplenf ihem could Mart for any college 
team in the stale with perhaps I he evi ■ejiiiou ol .Notre Dame. They 
are without a doubt il 
direction il has. They a; 

This season will begin with t 
back of everyone's mind. A w 
tournament c hampionship and 

"We wanted to give our seniors a mutual goat 
Gernon said. "We have 10 improve on several things 
goals. I think we arc well on our way to doing thai." 

Gemon and the coaching si,m natinalh i.irgcied the pitching 
siafl as needing improvement I'm [his season While the Mastodons 
hilling and base running was toward ilie top ol the rankings in iht 
country, the pitching was towards 1 he bottom. 
[-' "Every off season we have put an onus on one part of our game 
"this year it was pitching." Gernon said. "As a coach you 
balance. We were glad in have Midi an offensl 1 
but wc want balance." 
'.' IPFW would gladly give up some of its offensive prowess for 
>. more consistency bum the pinhing si,,ii Hm ihe staff is a year 
1 older and a year more experienced, and with the 
to improving ihe arms, the future looks brighter for the men on 
'the mound. 

"The pitchers really aren't afraid ol hearing the aluminum 
'■bats ring from giving up cmnai 1." senior Itycin keena said. "It was 
■ '■a confidence thing last year, but they have a lot of ability. They 
1 'realize we are behind ihem reads 10 make a play.' 

(lemon has s 

i confidence in his pitchers so far 

THE HEAT: Adam Gibson, a former Mastodon 
catcher and starling pitcher will be a primary 
closer and bullpen player this year. 

SLIDE: First baseman Caleb Smith tries to beat 
a tag at second base last season against Wright 

Stale. Smith hatted .30B in 2005. 

"Naturally, I believe in these guys that they can get it done. 
' but last year I believe itiev started not believing in themselves," 
''■Gemon said. "We have lalked 10 ihem about w Milling to get hit off 
iliof, so you can come back and heal the next guy." 
;■ ' The pitching struggles ol ;_'()!);", wen- helped by the breakdown of 
good fielding in some games In games in which IPIW made errors 
> 'giving opponents extra mils in innings, ibe Mastodons dropped 

s dei ideil by o 

-.500 ii 

s rei orit.lhe 

things, and we 
being able to 
said. "We got s 

nning percentage 1 

e going to have to have i 
'one-run games; we have to get better in ihose situations," Gernon 
said. "And with 15 games at home, we have to take care of the 
home field." 

While the ilTU bitting was impressive and ihe pitching not last 
■ 'season, some of thai tan be atiriluiied 10 the held Ibe Mastodons' 
'-home field is small compared 10 most oilier . <>lli gc and pro fields. 
n the wind is blowing out lit is neaib ';ii percent ol the 

said. "When ihere is no wind or tile wind blowe.ig 10. 001 lie! 
be big. But most of the time the wind is blomm: •.,.\ 

IPFW has taken advantage of the mild winter to get oulsid 

hingisagood substit 

1 the field was so important.'' Gernon 
ield batting practice in. situational base- 
how people on the base-paths and in the 
ling off the bat. You cant replicate those 

retime, .1 

i few- 

Ties. IPFW will still be behind 
/hen it opens the season this 
1 college team in 

'lie :hern Gernon s 

■held practi 
weekend. Those are the breaks 
part of the country. 

h stinks 10 inn be able to pl.iv any home games for awhile, but 
that is why we have so many g. stlown Si mill early." Keena said. 

home held, but could 1 
Memorial Stadium. 
"They really want to 


1 Fort Wayne if the game is ; 

s to bring in marquee teams 
ark hard to get some games ovt 

. I loud,, 

. 1-13) is necessary for c 

1. We 

g about the weather.' 
ral times with Foil W.ivneWi/anK General 
nd Memorial Coliseum General Manager 
ling games .n Memorial stadium. The trio 

Currently, n 

Stadium. Bui the N 
minds. With the mass of seniors and the stead) improvement of 
the program under Gernon. this year could see the bar s 
higher for luiure IPFW baseball tt 

"Our 1 

1 has great 

: made a lot of 

way \ 

THE LlNEUP: Meet your 2006 IPFW Mastodon starters 

Left Field: Nick 


Class: Junior 

Hometown: Fort 

Wayne, IN 

2005: Transfer 

from Lincoln 

Trail Communi^ 

)1> 1 \ 


Hometown: fort Wayne, 

2005: Swiped 33 bases in 

38 attempts while posting 

a 465 on base percentage. 

Batted .339 with three home 

runs, three triples and 10 

doubles while driving in 35 

runs and scoring 45. 

Field: Sean Kirk 

Se nior 

Hometown: Elkhart, IN 

2005: Ranked in the top 10 in 

the nation in batting average 

for most of the year before 

finishing at ,368, Hit five home 

runs, a triple and 11 doubles . 

while driving in 44. Completed 

the season with a .563 slugging 



Shortstop: Tyler Fowler 
Class: Senior 
Hometown. Walton, IN 
d8-of-9 in stolen base 
ting .278 with a home 
ubles and 25 RBI. He also 
scored 34 runs. 

Third base: Zach Walton 
Class: Senior 
Hometown: Ossian, IN 
2005: Started 44 of 48 games 
while batting .275 with three 
home runs, two triples and six 
doubles. Finished with a .981 
fielding percentage in right field 

Second base: Brent Alwii 

Class: Senior 
Hometown: Mexico, IN 
2005: finished with 
high 43 hits, with si 
and 22 RBI while hi 

First base: Caleb Smith 

Class: Senior 

Hometown: Zanesville, IN 

2005: Hit .308 with 16 RBI and four 

doubles while posting a ,988 fielding 


Starting Pitchers 

Eric Lambert - Senior Closers 
Cole Uebelhor - Sophomore Adam Gibson - Senior 
Jake Hollander • Sophomore Travis Johnson - Senior 
Andrew Porter - Junior 

Catcher: Brent Doty 

Class: Senior 

Hometown: Milford, IN 

2005: Started 42 games for IPFW 

while batting .313. Drove in 31 runs 

with three home runs, one triple 

and seven doubles. 

Designated Hitter: Nick 
Class: Sophomore 
Hometown: Sweester, IN 
2005: Finished with a .394 
average despite just 33 at- 
bats. Drove in eight runs on 
four doubles with an on-base 
percentage of ,535 and a 
slugging percentage of .515. 

! ! :■■_'■-■.. 


Your thoughts... 

Last time you^/Vhat do you Favorite sport 'Cat or dog? Best 
Who are you? drank mUk? drive? other than . a 

what you play 7 

3B softbaU 

Dane Fife, 


I put milk in 
my mac and 
cheese the 
other day. 

Monday in 
my vanilla 

A Dodge 

Basketball. Cat. 


I'm not 

Red '98 
known as 

I enjoy 

dog. Nick or 


General, a 
military mag. 

Mastodons In Action <mm*m™* 

Men's basketball 

Opponent: Texas A&M Corpus 


When: Wednesday, Feb. 15, 7 p.m. 

Where: Memorial Coliseum 

Radio: ESPN 1380 AM 

The rundown: The last time the 

Mastodons and Islanders hooked 

up was on Jan. 18 in south Texas 

and A&M Corpus Christi pulled off 

Men's tennis 

Opponent: Cleveland Slate 

When: Friday, Feb. 17, 7 p.m. 

Where: Pine Ridge Racquet Club 

Women's basketball 

Opponent: Texas Pan-American 
When: Saturday, Feb. 18, 1 p.m. 
Where; Gates Center 
Radio: ESPN 1380 AM 
The rundown: IPFW kicks off 
the first of six home games to 
close the tumultuous 2005-06 
season. The Broncs-Mastodons 
game on Feb. 4 in south Texas 
went to overtime before Texas 
Pan-American took the 63-60 
victory. IPFW was 8-oM2 from 
the free throw line but made 
just one field goal in the e 
''--- MaHc 

the Broncs. 

Women's tennis 
Opponent: Southeast Missouri 
State, Cleveland State: Oakland 
When: Friday, Feb 17, 4 p.m., 7 
p.m.; Sunday, Feb. 19, 8 a.m. 
Where: Pine Ridge Racquet Club 

Ritchey wins 5,000 
meter run, adds to 
broken school records 

Sports Wrap 

loihei excellent meet for the IPFW 
ack team. This time, seven school 
i' broken ,iml Iwo first plate finishes 

and Crystina Marline/ sl on. bet I the Held with . 
12:34.67 time and took first place. 

They also established a new school record, 
lundly crushing the old school record by 25 

( iwm.i M.iriiin', .iIm) finished third in the 
uic Milt- Kim wirli ,i school record time of 

m.i|oniy of our [cam is from Indiana, ii will 
be a great opportunity for their families to see 
ihem race. In addition, we should have very 
competitive squads in the fall. I believe the 
lonmiunin will embrace great cross country 

Women's tennis 

The IPFW women's tennis team improved ro 
r i-7 ail era pair ol Pine ilidge Racquet 
Club Hie Mastodons dropped Sl. Francis (PA) 
7-0 and Lipscomb 4-3. 

Against Lipscomb. Heth Miller and Sachi 

Ashley ( oulson and lieih Miller won their 
singles matches Coiilson won 2-6, 6-4, 6-2 and 
Miller won 6-2 and 6-1. 

it of the d 

IPFW's final indoor meet of the season will 
take place at the Boilermaker Invitational on 

Cross country 

IPFW has been selected to host the 2006 
Division I Independent Cross Country 

Championships. The meet will take place on 
Oct. 2H and will tenure runners horn t .alilornia- 
Davis, North Dakota Slate, South Dakota Stale. 
Northern ( olorado. 1 Itah Valley State, I.ongwood, 
lexas Pan-American and IPFW. 

This will be the first meet hosted by IPFW 
since its inception into Division I in 2001. The 

I will leature a 

for women. 

IPFW's bid for the meet was selected over 
UtahValle\ States and lexas Pan-American's. 

"This is a great step lot ward for our program." 
IPFW coach Mike I ruehey said In a statement. 

"I have been asked many limes why we have 
no home college meets and it really has just 
been a mailer of limine, and facilities. I am really 
excited about hosting a lop quality meet and I 
know our kids ale very excited as well Since the 

All games are at Pine Ridge Racquet Club 
until the weather permits the Mastodons to 
play on their freshly restirfai cd outdoor court 
on campus. 

The IPFW men's tennis [cam finished with 
a 1-3 record over tour home matches in three 
days (Feb. 10, 11 and 12) but was competitive 

On Feb. 10 the Mastodons fell to Illinois- 

( lucago 4- :f. Carlos ( .on/ale/ and Atiuro Salgao 
wuiiihcir doubles mad h n--t. Hermann Kuschke 
and Nathan Jones won their singles matches. 

The following day. the Lipscomb Bison 
defeated the Masindons I- t.Cuu^.tlcA kuscllke 
and Salgado won their singles matches for 
for the men and 5K IPFW. 

Victory finally came IPFW's way t 

and [ones winning their single- 

said. "I lorgot what it leels like lo play al home, 
but I am looking forward to it. and hopclully a 
win over (Texas A&M Corpus ( luistil can boost 


DM© Tjfifl 


Qualify for the nationals 

(3pm 0© H®rjm 

$ 2 COVER 

with Student ID 
E. Washington Cfr. at Coldwater Rd. • Next to the Marriott 


(3 WELL 

Going full circle with athletics 

Witty Banter 

with Skip Hooligan & Trip McFeeley 

Skip: Well, alter taking a break hum the world 
of IPFW athletics we arc once again back to 
eiiligllleu miii mi dn world nl ll'l W sports And 

before Trip? 

TYlp: Never has. Skippy; and when we don't 
have anything lo talk about we just make it up. 
Well, we thought a few weeks ago the IPFW 

men's volleyball team played Hall Slate when 
m uuilly ii didn't go down until 1 eh I 7. Shows you 
people oui there our i redihility ub well. What we 

Trip: Are yon kidding, Skipster; Unless the 
solthall team plays r .ll more games than the 
baseball team, or departed pin hers come back 
to pitch, demon and the baseball men lop the 
women in wins And that's nothing against the 
women at all. Gernon is a helluva coach. 

Skip: Agreed. Our men's and women's 
basketball teams are Finally back on the home 
end after lengthy mad swings, and it's about 
damn time. Seems like ive finally will get back to 

-depth look at the Mark Pope i 

lYip: Let's focus on the baseball team first. 
Coach Hill Gernon and bis team is coming oil 
their second-consecutive season with _>() plus 
wins. An emerging program here at IPFW. 

Skip: Sure seems like i I, even an Ml. It prospect 
last year as well in Ryan Steinbach. If they can 
keep it up maybe we can make noise in (he 
Independent conference. 

lYlp: List year our hilling and base -running 
was phenomenal. We finished ')ih in the NCAA 

Skip: I would agiee. good pin hing can do 
wonders and you can never have enough We 
have some arms coming in next year, but how do 
we look this year? 

lYip: Well, we have a plethora ol pitching ibis 
year, but nothing spectacular siats wise. No clear 

verbally abusing jerks on the other team, right 

Trip: That's right, Skippy We know we have our 
detractors in terms ol us getting on guys hard, 
home and away. Hut bey, it's i ollege basketball, 
not middle school. Do you see the guys reaching 
double digits in wins i his season? 

Skip: I have no idea We should call Miss Cleo 
up Hut it depends on wbethet or not you count 
id-State and Marygrove also. 

Trip: This is true. I don'i really, but it would he 
s finished In double-digits 

ilid j mi think ol bis performance? 

Skip: Z-tastic. It's good to see him get some 
minutes, but we needed Best bad fin the game 
at Northwestern. Not saying he'd make a huge 
ciillerciice in terms ol a win or a loss, but maybe 
the score would have been closer. 

Trip: Yeah, it's tough to beat a team that is 
shooting 7\ percent horn the Field in the first 
half, let's hope Best is ready lo go for the final 
games of the si 

Skip: 1 ' 
" we ha 
up on the men's side with North Dakota St. and 
lexas A«AI - CC. It should bea| 

TYlp: I agree, Skippy. And I'n 

hats sl M he [in.'Ily good as well. 

lot of bitting. 

Trip: Our hitting is incredible. And every 
home game is so exciting (long, but excitingj. 
some games lasi season went three plus boms 
All because runs were being scored in bunches. 
Gernon's strategy has to be to cut down the 
scoring of die opponent's and keep his up. 

Skip: And thai all comes back to pitching as 
well; fielding can only do so much i 

BOOOO0O0OOOING of their lives. 

TYip: Many of them deserve it, don't they? 

l squeeze some good What about die gals skippy? Slaved close with 
Purdue for over a halF. 

Skip: Impressive indeed Just think, last year 
tliev were blown out by over 60 with a similar 

and has done wonders with the program so far 
TYip; I agree. Hopclully we keep him around 

here tor quite awhile \nd bis last recruiting class 

was all Indiana high schoolers. I Mum good job a I 

keeping area kids rinse to home. 

Skip: Seems like we've had a good disi iission 

about that before as well. Now on to the girls of 

softball. lasi year was pretty bad for them, can 

we expect things to turnaround? 

TYip: I don't know it we can expect much of 

anything as long as the anient regime remains 

in charge. Hie girls go into the season with two 

pitchers. TWO! 

identical fake V 
Softball game. 

TYip: Think of it: if a pitcher tears an ACL 
or seperates her shoulder or even falls down 
[he stairs at home, that would mean we art- 
down to a single pitcher to carry us through the 
season. I think the outfielders should practice 
i heir pitching while waiting to make plays. 

Skip: They should do something, get some 
walk-ons or something. This is irresponsible 
coaching at its best. I mean, the girls went 14-35 
last year Whv not replace him? 

TYlp: Good question, my witty banter partner 
Word is he HAS been bringing in walk cms Bui 
the\ don't pitch, further deepening a bench that 
doesn't need bats and fielders. Inn pitchers. We 
have some talent on ihe squad; it needs to be 
utiliized to its full potential. 

Skip: Unless we have some shout outs, were 
not going to win a whole lot. I've pitched before 
and your arm gels tired I cm only imagine whai 
the two young ladies are going logo through. 

Trip: They will ' 

coach Chris Paul and our hackcourt of Ashley 
Johnson and Johnna I-ewis-Carlisle. 

TYlp: Yeah, good |ob girls Bui 1-20 is Still 2-20. 
Bui I hey aren't gning up. dial's ,;ood to see. 

Skip: I agree, but we are very undersized as 
well. We've been i lose but can't get over that 
hump just yet time will tell iT Paul will get (lie 
job, but I think our next topic ol discussion will (bat, won't be Mr. Trip? 

Trip: Oh most likely. Skippy. And you have- 
some beef with the bead honi bo, don't you? 

Skip: Yeah. I do. And on a personal note, I 
think we can do better. Athletic Director Mark 
Pope is a hell of a nice guy, but really what 
aieoiiiplishincnls has he given us at IPFW so 

i soitb.dl held is slightly 

far with IPFW. 

Trip: So who finishes with nunc wins, baseball 
or softball? 

Skip: Hands down, baseball, look for them 
logo for the school record in wins ibis year And 

Trip: Well, nolthe big oi 

affiliation hill 1 like lo think we have made some 
strides Home games at Memorial Coliseum, the 
Soccer Showtase growing Do you 1 1 link we could 
get someone better? 

Skip: I think we • ould get someone with mure 
sporis experience Soccer Showcase is definiteh 
huge, but J think a lot ol that credit goes to Coach 
Siefankiewic/ I lie ( ulisetim is okay, but if there 
wasn't beer would yon go to any games there? 

Trip: I'd like to think so, but who knows. I 
guess we will agtee to disagree on this topic, 
Skippy, I'm a tan ol the Mr. I'ope. He is a sweet 
dresser and should do some marathons. Thai guy 
runs for hours at a lime. So didn't we have some 
huge news to drop on everyone this week? 

Skip: I 

ol' Gates Center, 

Trip: Oooooo. I'm sold. So everyone should 
slay luned to further episodes of Wilty Banter, 

Skip: Well yes tor that, and I swear we will get 
belter as time goes on. Like alter this week when 
we have some home games. And the huge rivalry 
in men's vollev ball we talked wrongly about a few 
weeks ago. 

Trip: Yes, you did. That conies up this Friday, 
so ail you IPFW Ireelo.idersget some school spirit 
and come out and root on the men's volleyball 
learn spank some Ball Stale keysier. 

Skip: hxaclly, so come out, drink a Keystone or 
six. root on IPFW athletics, not for the marketing 
department but to have Inn and take advantage 
ol ihe i rappv campus life Herneiiiher this slogan: 
alcohol makes anything better. 

Trip: I'll drink to that Skip. Well, we have 
reached the end of another fabulous journey. 
Any parting words for our adoring fans? 

Skip: Remember the legacv nl Richard Nixon, 
Diik Baxter and John Wilkes Booth, all great 


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