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May 16,2007 

The Communicator 

■ Spiderman 3 ^HP 

^^^k The Spidey sense leaves a 2J't 

^^_ good feeling. PAGES 

^ B 

Volume 37, Issue 30 

■ Men's Voliptbau 

IPFW's Men's Volleyball 
earn fought hard to the end 

£ could not puii off a win. 



Where you 

place at IPrW 

Chancellor extends welcome 

IWarteCC urges new students to 
check out ITjWs unique services 


public as H H ad v i s ■ special-interesl groups, you're sure to 

experts. I ^M ers will find your niche on campus. 

It is my pleasure lo welcome you Whcth- H ^m cncour- For those who are titness minded. 

to Indiana University-Purdue Uni- er it's H H age you the Gales Sports Center has a full 

versity Fort Wayne! arc he- H H to excel complement of exercise equipment 

You're taking the first steps in ology, H ^^^ V H in your and an indoor running truck, 
what will be a wonderful journey of dance, H B ^^^1 *"- H studies You can also take advantage of Ac- 
discovery, learning and building, physics, H H and also ademic Counseling and Career Scr- 

You'll discover the adult you're sculpt- ^^^L H in your vices, right here on campus, to help 

becoming, you'll learn more than ing. or H H personal you make career and employment 

you ever thought possible and you'll biology, H H growth. decisions. 

build the framework for your future. IPFW's H I Among You have the opportunity of a life- 

As northeastern Indiana's premier faculty H ^^| H the dpZ- lime ahead of you as you begin this 

public university, IPFW offers you shines H ^^| H ens of new school year. The administration, 

outstanding opportunities in aca- among ■ H . ^H H student faculty and slaff of IPFW are here lo 

demic pursuits, visual and perform- the best H H m^^ ^^| I or E ani " help you in any way that we can. 

ing arts, student government, NCAA a n d H H zations, Again, welcome to IPFW! 
Division 1 and intramural sports and bright- H H includ- 

extra-curricular acdvifc. e» in the ■ ■ ing aca- ^^~J&ZlZ£&' 

Our faculty is well qualified in world. I H demic 

their respective fields, and many arc As a ■^■^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ sociei- Chancellor Michael A. Wartell 
recoiMii/L'd h; (heir peers and the student here, you will find that your ics, and religious, recreational and 


Let IPFW service* cmd/ staff 'help 

By Louisa Danielson , - „ . .... .. , , . ,. Af , 

said. Be professional and respectful, department, the dean and finally the process Melissa Melniusn. die Atlir 

"right back at em." Dmne this dif- dean of students. Ultimate mediation mative Action Officer at IPFW who 

fuses a situa- is provided deals with issues of harassment and 

tion because it — — — ~ in the form discrimination, says, "(My) purpose is 

is harder to re- of student to help students know what their op- 
Stress is brutal. And it comes in all [aJia(e against 'W&v&fyrt to-be/ reaUy, really complaint lions are in order to facilitate the best 
forms and shapes. professional carejulthatwesdtmJt Violate procedures, education for everyone (here)." 
What if your adviser is rude? behavior with Kighty .... W& don!t WOrtt to~ which if If a situation with an adviser be- 
According to Donna Bialik, Dean unprofession- rettruCttke'freedomi' that ar& not settled comes so difficult thai your education 
of Students. "The very best thing you a! behavior. part of usuveryXy Ufa.' informally, is hindered, n might be time to switch 
can do is to let the person (adviser) However, if - Donna Bialik *" mcd '- advisers. According to AhsonK. Hoff. 
know... You've got to do it in a very respect doesn't ated bv "^ academic adviser with the IPFW Aca- 

calm, professional way." She noted work ^d the — — "" chancellor. demic Counseling and Career Ser- 

thatifyou don't think you can reply adviser still re- However, vices, for most schools within IPFW 

in such a manner, it is belter to not ^^ to accommodate you. it may be if at any lime during the process you (like Arts and Sciences) there is a 

say anything at all. necessary to go up the chain of com- reach an amicable agreement, you professional adviser in addition to the 

"I call it taking the high road," she mand . i^ s would be tne cha ir of the need go no further in the complaint > STRESS : Page 2 

Indiana-Purdue Student Newspapers, Newsroom: (260) 481-6584 i^i^i^i^" W^^m INDEX: 
lnc.WalbUnion,Su'rte215 I Fax:(260)481-6045 

2101 Coliseum Blvd. East Advertising Dept: (260) 481-6583 Podium i 

Fort Wayne, IN 46805 E-mail Features s 

If you wish 10 sn 
suggests thai youci 
of ihe department I 
adviser is available 
to some ol ihe inn 
in ihe department li 

Try talking to fel 

Hoff Bialik. "We doi 
etury freedoms that !. 

life " 

: part of university 

According 10 Lauren Denhanog. 
chief ol campus police. IPFW has a 
Crisis Intervention Team, which has 
'tlM-sticjlly changed the response to health issues." 

If a fellow student comes to you 
emingly depressed or troubled, both 
off and Bialik suggest that you rcc- 
nmend campus counseling. 
The IPFW Dean of Students Office 
Ten. free sludent counseling for all 
5. COP- 

An officer Ii 
at all times, ready to respond lo era 
gency issues. "Safety on campus i 
team effort," he said. "We need s 
dents' help. This is where true int 
vention happens." 
When it « 


Denhartog said. Bialik also added thai port are going lo be respectful of lh« 
IPFW releases information on a need- individual's rights. 
to-know basis. "We operate out of tonceni for thi 

The faculty and police work to- reported and for all individuals 
gclher and release informal ion uiil\ if campus," Bialik noted. "If students 
required, \shich keeps ihe urmersity que st anonymity. «e respect that." 
respectful of students' rights without 
violating their privacy. 

For anyone who reports suspicious 
behavior, the report is kepi strictly 
'Those to whom you re- 

College ol Arts and unless a 

minor'.' You can switch niiijors. II you Howe 

decide lo switch majors, however, you student is 

must talk to the new department that himself c 

you wish to enter and fill oul 442 call the ci 

to screening po- 
Hilidcnlia), tcntially dangerous 
tentially students on cam- 
pus, the privacy is- 
d thai a sue is complicated 
to cither "^ flc privacy laws 
i should ^ good, but ihey 
are very lough," 

former r 

Single parent and a 

Would you ... 

• enjoy social activities 

designed for both you 

your child 

Campus Hope 

s Student Organization on the IPFW Campus 


Fri 10-6 

Sat 10-5 

Thank you IPFW 

students for your support! 

We greatly appreciate your business, 

3420 N. Anthony Blvd 
Fort Wayne, IN 46805 

Phone: 260-484-2665 
Fax: 260-484-2776 

Summer I & II Textbooks Available 



Lafayette Stree 

Health Clinic 


t Birth Control 

t Pap Smears/Cervical Cancer Screening 

▼ Pregnancy Testing 

t HIV Testing 

t Testing and Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections 

t Education on Reproductive Health 

t Breast Exams 

Open Monday. Wednesday, Thursday 8 a.m.-S p.m. 

Interested in 
writing for a 

Want to do something 

that you can put on 

your Resume? 

in the 
staff in the Fall 


W«dntiday, Miy t6. » 

You versus everybody 

Said Said Something 

By Said El-Dajani 

P^H ; 

i find- 


be adventures 
that allow you 
to step away 
from the usual 

[her an exhila- 
ratingly novel period (f understand 
that this makes that new sandwich 
sound like a big deal) or a burden 
from which you hope to learn some- 
thing (a stomach ache?). 

Whether we avoid it or not, 
chance happens. Here, ! examine an 
approach I used when facing sonic- 
fun choices during m> acclimation to 
group dynamics. 

Recently, I had the unfortu- 

[ opportunity to see some of my 
friends d.ibhlc with j certain illegal 
substance 1 wasn't too keen on be- 
ing around or trying. 1 abstained ami 
left feeling uncomfortable, not only 
about the situation at hand, but also 
about the fact ihat my friends were 
potentially jeopardizing their rela- 
tionship with me. 

The lifestyle and habit was unat- 
tractive and I was faced with a dilem- 
ma: find new friends or help ,id|usi 
old ones. While some choices seem 
obvious, it's always more of a chal- 
lenge ihau we think to remove our- 
selves from within our groove and 
lind something different. Yet, some- 
times change is necessary. 

Ultimately, 1 didn't want to throw 
away friendships that I had spent 
time developing- Anything you put 
lime into with limited expectations 
is a risky investment of time. And 
whose time is more important than 

A group of people will always 
direct you toward a certain path. The 
hard tiling is realizing when it's time 
for different people in your life and 
then acting upon it. Many times we 
allow our social situation to trump 

our own individual beliefs or bi 
aries because conformity is 

Thai's why 1 find it important I 

ing a chameleon personality. I lind it 
highly important to examine my so- 
cial situation before conforming. 
There is nothing wrong with 

be your own best friend first. You conformity when the group identity 

keep yourscll together because you 
yourself are a team. 

We can go so tar with 

is strong or appealing, and you are 
striving toward goals. If you 
are with friends to get drank, then 

i/ing, sacrificing and compromising n.iturilk the person not drinking will 
before we reach a point full of dis- be least likely to In in. If your group 

aid no 1flQ can on |„ go SQ f ar w j th melting re 

loiinuanes .. . ... . . Iigious ideas 

unifying rationalizing, sacrificing and y h au don , t 

vcrytbing compromising before we reach agree with 

i o e s n m a po j nt f u || f dissonance and y° u wi " more 

r mn f l no boundaries/ ^likely no. 

Open mind- ^^^^ — ^ = ^^_ = __ Most of 

e d n e s s all, you need 

doesn't mean we have to be light- to pick your battles. 
hearted. in the end. we are all looking to 

Some circumstances provide tit in. We strive for a niche or a pur- 
forks in the road where we need to be pose through collaboration or inde- 
vigilant enough to know which path pendence, then work hard to succeed 
is right and which is wrong. and specialize. 

I thought putting space between Croups 

gioup change, so does the cohesive- 
According to Kenneth Borden's 
book on social psychology, there 
are four qualities thai maintain the 
strength of the relationships that link 
and hold members of a group togcth- 

1. Group members' mutual at- 
traction: members lind one another 
attractive or friendly. 

2. Members' proximity: some- 
times simply being around people 
regularly is enough to make people 
feel like they belong. 

3. Adherence to group norms: 
one or two members deviate a lot or 
many members deviate a little. 

4. The group's success at moving 
toward Us goals: groups that succeed 
at reaching their goals are more sat- 
isfying for their members than those 
who fail. 

my old friends and I would be 
tial. The proximity was paramount. 
If 1 continued to spend time wi 
this certain group of friends. I w 
likely to start acting 

I lav 

important for many 
people to lind direction. Within 
liiendships fraternities or business 
partners, a group gives individuals 
(he opportunity to feel included and 
involved. When the norms of the 

How to spend summer time more like me 

Pardon the Pun 

By Michelle Yahne 

other time of year? One 
thi-- thought careful analysis before 
jumping to a conclusion. Not only 
are there natural factors that we must 
take into effect, but there are also 
man-made factors, and I'm not just 
talking cops and robbers here. While 
criminals love summer for their own 
reasons, it is mostly because of hu- 
man error that we must be careful. 

So here are my tips tor things to 
watch out for: 

1. Every summer we hear 
about tons of people who cither end 
up injuring themselves, burning 

down a house or accidentally calch- 
ing someone on lire because of fire- 
works. If I can offer you one piece 
of advicc--don't be that idiot. It isn't 
terribly iliflicuh lo use common sense 
and precaution is It? 

Now I know we all gel excited 
when we see sparkly things in the .or 
or on the ground, but come on, just let 
someone else make that mistake and 
spare yourself the embarrassment. 

2. My next qualm with summer- 
time is sunburns. Again, don't be that 
fool. I'm all about a nice tan, don't get 
me wronjj, but when you see the guy 
walking around like a lobster, don't 
you just want to go up and slap him 
on his burns? Jeez, if he just would 
have put on some sunscreen, he- 
would have been fine. Not only that, 
but it would cut down on the amount 
ol money he has to spend on aloe vera 

for the rest of the month And then we it's lots .it Inn. and soon they'll forget 
won't have to sec the disgusting stage all about the pool, 
of sunburn called moiling, or peeling. 4. I know all the little preteen 
So come on folks, wise up, and put on girls arc more concerned with smell- 
some sunscreen. ing good for the boys, but please, put 

3. Pools and other bodies of water, on your bug spray, people! 

Please don't pee in the pool. That's Let me fell you, you don't look 

just gross. I don't care how bad you any more attractive with mosquito 

have to go; bites all over 

get out and "You might as well quarantine your body; 

the yourself until you look normal y° u look llkc 

>om. anain' you ' ve go1 a 

vou again. . . . 

ridit n Ions everyone else looks. 

5. Along with the sunburn lip, 
wear some sunglasses, bul also be 

aware ol the oli-sowoiitlcrjiil loot, 


fo have to think about other people 
peeing where you are swimming, 
then you shouldn't do it yourself. 

And if you have small tluidien, 
make sure you leach them this And 
if you aren't sure if your kids under- 

, inline yourscll until vou look nor I 

again. So spray on the repellent, and 
save yourself from the little blood- 
sucking critters. You only have to put 
It on once or twice, and chances are. 









hcred your sunglasses but forgot youi 
sunscreen. Not only will you look 
like a lobster, you will look awesome 
with your sunglass lines around your 
eyes and across your temples. 

You can always go find the bug 
spray girl Chances are, she has sun- 
screen too. and all you have to do is 
flirt with her to gel some. 

6. If you're going lo have a camp- 
lire or bonfire, please watch out for 
those who will try lo light anything 
on lire. These are normally ihc people 
who also try and jump a 
just to see if they can do il 
for this? Instead of trying n 
these people, just don't invi 
Surely they'll understand. 

7. When cooking or 
grills, make sure you cook everything 
thoroughly. Food poisoning doesn't 
generally sii well with other summer- 
nine activities such as water spoils 
or volleyball, and no one wants to be 
that person on the sidelines with their 
head in a trashcan for hours on end. 
Not only do you noi get to participate 
in the fun, but you get to be called the 
vonuiing cliccrle.idcT lor some other 
lani.istic moniker) for the rest of the 

. My tip 



sense If not, you could always just 
stay cooped up inside all summer and 
merely live vicariously through your 
friends. Your choice, but have a great 
summer anyway! 

; rilori ■ 

piuii ■: ' he ■■■ ■' 

i im\ 

i:.- I oi inii ■■:■'. »in ■ r- ■■■■ i to tl : ■ i '■■ •■>-.<■ I in ■ — " : ■' 

i uei . i requirements ' ill ■■■ n id i : ■ ■ pul li iti m ..-.-:■ 

iabi ii ■ ■ ■ .' ,■,-■■■.... i !.. iditori ■'■■■.>::■■■■■■■ '■ ■■ ' '■' ' ■ 

led potentially lib- !••■. ■ >-iul will not be published under any ^. 




major I wanted In enroll in was mil .1 
diilicull 1 lioicc lor me. bin lor mam 

of my friends ii wos, 

Tit introduce myself 10 help you 

mpa, Fki. iind 

plan mi continuing ro\ sludics iifter 
scitling ilinin wherever I end up. 

But even with my absence 
from campus. I found it necessary 

10 keep track of school events such 
.is volleyball and basketball. 1 siill 
occasionally use their workout labili- 
ties ami 1 keep in touch with many 


oilier spurt. It's a great 
way to stay busy and meet some new 

The college life is a huge step, 
ami it is always a good idea to look 
at your options and make the best 
decision tor you It is not a terrible 
idea to lollow your friends to a col- 
ic Lie of their choice, hut you should 
make a decision based on your nccd> 

options of 
where to 


'It's not a terrible idea to .almost guaran- 

follow your friends to a college ,c ^ J° make 

of their choice, but you should ^"^tTher- 

make a decision based on your ever you go. 

needs and what you want.' Man * of m * 

friends and I 

= travel to 1U or 

Purdue lor a 
weekend about every month or so. 
hut we all admit wc probably would 
not succeed at the academic level 
required tor those colleges because 
.social activity we 


seemed lik< 
the logical 


people on social networks such as 
l-acchook or MySpace have asked 
me what exactly is IPFW. At first I 
would evplain what IPFW stood lor. 
and where it was located. But then I 
would include my opinion, which is 
neither good nor had but just based 
on my personality and needs, 

I would say IPFW is a subtle 
environment llial is cTowim;. The 

iiparable to the newly built 

fUCP in Orlando 

ems school pride is strong. 


classes here and iherc. uoi csp. cling 
a huge negative result, but by the 

It is crucial to keep yourself 

orgam/ed and apply youtscll in what 

! year, esen though I 

d during the spring 
nazing how many 

d before, you have to 
c management. Your 
K on how much you 


the c 



s also a 


id l.i. 


11 camp 


Valh Student 

l 111.111 wa- 


the m sp. 





ng poo) 

To be big, 

Start small 

Said Said Something 

By Said El-Dajani 

While trying to a build a business 
during one year of my life I was re- 
petitively lokl to think big and dream 
big. When I 

1 mug 

young. I had a very 
11, dreams and ambi- 
, slowly disintegrated as the 
ol responsibility that 

with age, gender 

Even though I may not have been 
ready to commit to a business at the 
time 1 pursued it, I realized that I 
wauled to learn as much as I could to 
be prepared tor whatever endeavors 
came my way. The biggest problem 1 
found with thinking big was starling 
big whereas building a foundation 
and. developing a process usually is 
more effective. 

After graduating high school. 
I took the initial route of' attending 
Purdue Universal) in West Lafayette. 
1 thought the transition to indepen- 
dence would be smooth, I was look- 
ing forward to being on my own, 
making my own decisions, and more 
importantly, building an academic fu- 
ture thai would carry me on to a lifc- 

inierestcd wilh my education. 1 was at the big colleges, that the piece of 

quickly lost trying lo find a major lhat paper I got alter the "four-year plan" 

complemented my lifestyle and no! would be the key to a wonderful job. 

the other way around, I left realizing By the time I left Purdue, I knew I 

that 1 was starting too big. didn't want a job. 

I decided IPFW would be a bet- A job to me means that you are 

ter school at which to start small. I doing something thai you have to do 

came back home and lived with my instead dome something you want to 

parents, which was not appealing do. If going to Purdue meant that I 

considering I had a taste of freedom was going to land a lot of money in a 

pie. In hindsighl, my intentions for position thai I didn't feel passionately 

going to Purdue were not to satisfy about, then I didn't want it. 

a need for knowledge, but 10 experi- 1 was taught to think big. I find it 

ence a lack of boundaries. Moving hard now lobe a part of a conforming 

home would mean having to readjust group that tells me I need to be a pan 

1 life- 


'I spent a year and a half and 
figured out that everything I 
needed was right at home.' 

So I got what I wanted! 

I spent a year and a half and fig- 
ured out that everything 1 needed was 
right at home The city thai I found 
disgusting a year and a halt" earlier 
was finally com fort able. The school 
I thought to be less superior was ex- 
actly what I was looking for. 

While in the past IPFW would not 
have been a first choice, the reality is 
that this university has a lot lo offer to 
people looking lo do something big 

Graduating high school I had the 
idea that my answers to success were 

of something be- 
cause that's what 
everyone else is 
doing. Going to a 
large is school is 
what the majority 
is striving for. 
are different than 

Advice for incomming freshman 

Welcome Freshmen! Some of 
you are on this campus by your own 
decisions, and the rest of you are not. 
But don't be discouraged just because 
you aren't on a big campus with the 
rest of your friends. IPFW is a great 
school and you will all enjoy your 
time here if you let your self. So, I 
am going to give you some advice so 
that you may enjoy your time here as 
much as 1 did. 

First of all, get -involved with 
something, anything, whether it 
is your major's club or intramural 
sports. Getting involved will link 
you to other people and eventually 
you will become acquainted with 
many other people who will become 
long lasting friends. When you have 
friends, anything is bearable. 

Secondly, get to know your pro- 
fessors! If you take the time to get 10 
know your professors they will gel to 
know you, making the trips to their 
office lo ask questions much easier. 
Also, I have always found that ihe 
more I talked lo m\ professor the bet- 
ter 1 wanted to do, I didn't want to let 
them down by failing. 

Third, take advantage of every- 
thing I PFW offers you, from the Writ- 
ing Center to CASA. These centers 
an: here to help you succeed, because 
lhat is what you deserve. If you feel 
like you arc struggling, stop by one 
of these places and the friendly stall 
would love to help you out. There 
is no reason to do poorly in a class 
with all the resources around to as- 

Also. use common sense when 
it conies to making decisions about 
class. Don't show up late to class 
everyday. Because, I, it is disre- 
spectful lo your instructor and your 
classmates, and 2, you often miss 
,.11) announcements or important in- 
formation regarding the class. It is 
understandable if you are late a few 
limes .1 semester but registering for a 
class that you just cannot make it to 
on time is not a wise decision. Fur- 
ther, don't be thai person who fails 
his class because you skipped too 
many days. This is avoidable as long 
as you slay in good communication 
with your instructor. These people 
are here 10 help you, so use them. 

Lastly, consult your advisor. I 
know this is probabl) really repetitive 

to you, because you've heard it so 
many times before. If you have any 
questions ask them. You don't want 
10 go through a whole semester of the 
wrong classes or just simply have a 
misunderstanding of something. 

ill likely be set up for success and 
ill more likely enjoy your time on 
e IPFW campus. Have a wonder- 

The Communicator 

Jenna Tompkins 

IPSN Inc. 

2101 Coliseum Blvd. East 

Said El-Dajani 

Fort Wayne, IN 46805 

Managing Editor 

Newsroom / Editor 


Mike Webb 

„nU=lOipt»comm U nlc.lo,.^ 

Features Editor 



Jessie Ruckman 


News Editor 



Kira Schowe 

a W ,ol*«p1wc.mmm,B.I«.o n! 

Sports Editor 

Official Web site 

Kelly Jones 


Design Editor 


Photo Editor 


Andy Boesch 

S3"nS2L*^S'"h.°™ < ™.'I 


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Hidl Moore 


Copy Editor 


Andrew McMillen 

m u IS bi s S£Z d .', C££ 

Web Manager 


Dorie Reynolds 

muffled ra^Ts «?« rtg°t ^^11 



Arts & Entertainment 

Static-X tour brings wrath of Otep 

Shamaya brings politics to Piere's main stage 

By Hidi Moore 
Copy Editor 

donned a simple while Oxford bi 
ion-down and black slacks. Wcbei 
looks, however, did not relied I 
versatility of 

Hundreds of diverse metal fan: 

looking for an experience that reflect- patibility of it with the 

cd how they feel, an experience that band throughout their short set. 

allowed them ilk- relic) of identifier- The Hour was absolutely packed 

lion. by the time Otep took the stage. Otep 

On May 12. Inviiro, Otep and Shamaya'svocalssangedfromauisty 

Siatic-X took over Piere's main stage, moan to a full-on growl. Her blond 

screaming lyrics that explored (he vi- hair contrasted with her tattooed bi- 

olent, dirty and sclf-deprecatmg im- cep* and headgear thai ranged from 

dcrbelly of the heavier side of rock, top hats to masks and bags to bomber 

The shame behind these themes was hats as she attempted to turn each 

shed from the start of the Staiic-X song into a performance. Asfhedra- 

Tour stop, and fans opetih expressed malic approach escalated, the audi- 

'President Bush, we the people wear- 

of the United States formally in s a bo ™ b 
request your resignation. ... 
You walk on a road of bones, 

-Otep Shamaya 


the guys took 
the stage 

dressed in tin- the victims 

foil masks resembling the ones ihey of the Virginia Tech tragedy. "Most 

wore on their soon-to-be released of us have a moment of silence." she 

-When I Was a Planet." This lack- spoke out. "Not us. We have a mo- 

lusier display made them look like meni of violence!" She also went on 

children dressing to play the part of to dedicate the cover to one of her 

real metal musicians, and lei's face personal heroes. Nirvana's Kurt Co- 

gnu ufe li i 

tlftct tli.ii song, their 

Jfjjjj n 

i phase Stoiic-X fans 

I'll'":!' 1 '', 

teat "i the crowdi the 


Igs before retiring to 
ils lour was headlined 

it. children are neither r 

hain.clexaune In- 1'1'M suicide to the 

had her fans cheered her on, the room 

and iiiiilanst Wayne Static referred Io 

level ol the tragedy in Virginia. 

tilled with deafening silence as she 

as '-old school evil disco'' 

Needless to say. her vocals did 

shouted, "President Bush, we the 

not pack the punch ihal her dedica- 

floor became packed wall-to-wall 

tion did. While the band. 

which consisted ol euitnr- 

on a road of bones, sir!" A moment 

isl Aaron, bassist "Evil" 

of intense silence ensued, broken 

I. McGuirc and drummer 

only by the band's most pas- 

f [lie stage, up llie stair-, 

Brian Wolff, did give fans 

sionate and heavy per- 

"Breed," Shamaya was 

nighl. ^^ 

Sialic blew 

ultimately responsible tor 

, ^ «v through songs 

the song's failure. 

g "%t W | | w '»h » wMe- 

Shamaya continued her 

eyed energy 

dramatic heal into "War- 

head." as well. Possibly 


1 1 endless He 

the most controversial mo- 

io jtdtB 1 * 

_s 4 

she held an American flae 

Slatie-X came ^ft 


upside down, then draped 

^ w .„„..„,,,. 

it over her shoulders in a 

W barked and 

gesture of disrespect to 

opening with the 'Ofc 

▼*" growled his way 

both President Bush and 

through songs. 

Vice President Cheney. 

latest release "Can- ■►•-'' 

Progressing further inlo the 

Tossing the then 

nibal." "Cannibal 

set. the band, consisting of Sialic. 

onto the mic stand. Shama- 

reflected a shift from 

Koichi Fukuda (guitar), Nick Oshiro 

va dediealed ■'Warhead" 

industrialized metal to a more 

(drums) and Tony Campos (bass), 

^^^ to those who serve in the 

traditional metal that was later inter- 

paused and grabbed (heir drink-.. 

armed forces. No sooner 

spersed with selections that singer 

Sialic looked oui inio (he audience. 

'... she marched her band 

from the mildly erotic to 

the downright dirty and 

on to a full-on battle.' 

ight dirty and nn Io n full-on 
by Mike Webb battle. 

Otep nave mini iiflbe bins wlial 

Spiderman 3 weaves an enjoyably tangled web 

By Mike Webb 

Arts & Entertainment Editor 

Spiderman. When I was younger 
I watched reruns of the old live-ac- 
tion television show. They were awe- 

e when I was 6. For that 
had no idea what to expect 
1 found i 

ijuiie the contrary. 

"Spiderman 3" begins with Peter 
Parker (Tobey Maguire) high on life 
He's m love with Marx lane Watson 
(Kirsien Duns!) ami their relationship 
is blossoming Mary Jane is Ihe only 
it Parker is Spider 
i. and she accepts him for who 
e is (both of him). 

Obviously the iran- 

such a way or there would 
) story to tell. It is 

greatest assets simply because e.icf 
of Ihe villains arc explored in detail 
For others, ihe movie's length anc: 
number of characters will make it 
feel drawn oni and disjointed. 

The baddies mentioned are num. 

\cv, I iubliii 

Stan Lee's crealion, bu 

the characlers to life 
believable likeable f; 
simply, the movie is darker overall, 
and some of ihe innocence is gone, 
winch makes the characlers less like- 
able. You will still 

"...the movie is darker root for them, but comic 
overall, and some of the lhe * may «*" fusing 

ought been so nerdy and yet so cool. 

ngcly As mentioned, the movie is long. 

Quite but ihe lenglh is necessary lo explore 
so many separate storylines which ul- 
timately weave in and oul of one an- 
otherculminaimg in an epic climax. 

"Spiderman 3" 
the latest i 

Raimi's blockbuster 
and I am sure many of you 
already ; 

general reaction was positive bul not 
as much as the superhero's last outing 
in "'Spiderman 2." Does that r 
third foray onto the big s 
worth Ihe time'.' In my opinion, it's 

less than 
villains overdid 
of 2 hours and 20 
some, this will be c 

ispiration from. angry phas 

Spiderman All I will say 

i accessible mix of hu- is Parker ( 

d darkness. They captured just p e r i m c n 


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Volleyball falls to UIC in Nationals 

Courtesy of the IPFW 
Athletics Department 

Columbus, OH - The IPFW Mast- 
odons 2(107 "Dream Season" came 
to an end on Saturday night in the 
NCAA Men's Volleyball Champion- 
ship Finals. The fourth seeded 'Dons 
fell to the second seeded UC-Irvine 
Anteatcrs, 3-1. 

captured iheir lirsi 
NCAA Championship by the 
of 30-20. 24-30. 30-23, and 30-28. 

IPFW came out slowly in the 
match and fell behind by seven points 
on a kill by senior outside hitter Jay- 
son Jahlonsky. making it 14-7 UC1. 

! killed everv thing 
in sight in the first set. suffering just 
.i single limine error, while slugging 
.724.. .they cruised to the 10 point 

began to find an open- 
ing in the middle with 
Josh Stewart, and 
"Big Red" responded 
Stewart put 
balls and junior i 
hitter C.J. Macias got 
loose for six kills as 
the Mastodons look the 
second set by six with a 
333 hitting game. 

In the third, nei- 
ther team hit particu- 
larly well, with In me 
out-hitting the 'Dons 

Anteater got it 
Opposite Matt Webber 
was the diftercnee with 
seven kills giving UIC 
a 2-1 set lead. 

The fourth set was 
a tight affair with nei- 

n holding 
than a two point advan- 
tage until late. On a kill by UIC mid- 
dle David Smith, the 'Caters had a 
four point, 26-22 cushion and looked 
poised to i, ike home the trophy. 

However. IPFW made them earn 

Softball splits with Grizzlies, 9-1, 5-0 

• lor h 

. IPI-W V 

ring i 

Fort Wayne. IN-IPFW won lh< 
first game in a tw nihil I again -i I man 
Mid-Con opponent Oakland Uimer 
sity, to snap a 12-game losing sirc.ik 

The "Dons defeated the Uri/zlie- 
9-1. run-ruling them in the sixth in 


After a quiet and quick firs 


a Kayla Powell single that 
brought in third baseman Michelle 
Meiglien. and put first baseman 
Brooke Waller in seonng position 
with no outs. Ceiilcrlicklcr Beatrice 
I'edra/a stepped up to ihe plate and 
doubled to the iettheld Icikc. bring- 
ing in Walter and Powell. Shortstop 
Ty Lambert followed sun. doubling 
to bring in Pedraza and give IPFW 

the 4-0 lead. 

In the fifth, Tara Mickelson hit 
a two-run homer to give the 'Dons 
some insurance, bringing pinch run- 
ner, Ashley Johnson, home. 

In the sixth inning. Oakland 
gave up u trio of walks and an er- 
ror to walk in Jil Price and load ihe 
bases for Meiglicn Meigllen came 
up and singled to lelt. batting in two 
runs and giving IPFW the 9-1 win; it 
was the largest margin of victory for 

The Oakland offense was held to 
just four hits by pitcher Ashley Tharp 
and some incredible grabs by the 
IPFW defense. Tharp improved to 2-2 
on the season with the victory. 

In game two, IPFW just couldn't 
hang onto the momentum, giving up 
all live Oakland runs in the first in- 
ning. Pitcher Katie Aspegren took the 

.VI n kelson. Powell, and Angela 
I'asqnali who were each 3 for 5 on 
the afternoon, while Lambert was 2 
for 4. 

Note: IPFW honored seniors An- 
gela Piixquali.'Ashley Johnson-I-Mes, 
and Kacie Stone after game one of 
the double header, as each played 
their final game at Ihe IPFW Softball 
field this afternoon. 

Wood Creek 


r ood Creek Apartme 

Ben Botts Named to the 
Indiana All-Star Team 

We have. a great deal for Full time students 

One month's rent free 

+ NO application fee 

Courtesy of the IPFW 
Athletic Department 

Fori Wayne. IN - IPFW early 
signee Ben Bolls has been selected 
by the Indiana Basketball Coaches 
Association to the 2007 Indiana 
Boy's Basketball All-Star Team. 

Botts, a 6-0 guard from Muncic 
Central, was selected to the team 
out of a group of 45 invited to a 
tryout camp at Ben Davis back on 
March 25. 

In all, 14 players were selected 
to the squad. 

Botts averaged 15 points, five 
assists and shot 42 percent from 
3-point range for Muncic Central, 
who reached the 4A state title game 
the past two seasons. 

The Indiana All-Star 
take on a group of All-Stars from 
Kentucky. June 16 a 
lucky University, v 

ic 23 at the Con 

taking pi 


of the Base- 
ball Squad 

IPFW senior cup- 
tain, and shortstop, 
Chris Venvertloh 
led IPFW with a 4.0 
grade point average 
Vcnvcnloh's senior 
campaign was cut 
short by a serious 
shoulder injury. In 

vertloh was named 
top-student by the 
IPFW Communica- 

Othcrs receiving 

Siacy Herrold 
cr/3.96 GPA/Major: 

Aaron Kerns / 
DH/3.66 GPA/Ma- 
jor: OLS 

Adam Miller / 
er/3.71 GPA/Maior: 


I Stlllill 

Cole Uebelhor 

In all, 34 Divi- 
sion I Independent 
Baseball Play- 



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