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Full text of "Complete city directory of Huntington, Indiana, 1897-98"

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IS T^I^E. I-3[E>.A-r^TrMCIE>S'r :BEJ-VE:;I^ A.C JLS. 

It cures heart disease and all stomach trouble. 

>*^ — ~— >kC3E:NT^ >A^ArMTeD. ^^%< 


G. H. McLIN, Prop., ^^^^'huntingwTndiana. 


97 Frederick Street, 
Huntington, Ind. 
Phone No. 10. 

Ffowers I Descriotions 

andforaff OCCA.SIONS. 

umnm flints i specialty. 

fiantington yv\.arfole Worlds 

-^H. * V. * PEDENK- 





Cor. Jefferson and Washington Sts. flUNTINGTON, INDIflNfl. 






Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 




3 1833 00026 1096 

|Gc 977.202 H92z 









W. A. ZELLER, Jr. 


Allen County Public ljl)r(3ry 
Ft. Wayne, Indiono 





County Officials. 

Court House, n Jefiferson, between Court and Franklin 

Hon. C W Watkins, Judge 56th Judicial Circuit 

John R Day, Prosecuting- Atty 

William P Moflfett, Clerk 

William F Swaim, Auditor 

Jacob W John, Treasurer 

Jefferson J Sprinkle, Recorder 

Thos J Ruggles, Surveyor 

J R King, Coroner 

Henry D Shideler, Supt of Schools 

Dr C ly Wright, Health Officer 

John M Smith, Commissioner 1st District 

Isaiah M Strouse, Commissioner 2d District 

Samuel H Eviston, Commissioner 3rd District 

Hart & Hart, County Attorneys 
Huntington Circuit Court. 

January term begins second Monday, 12 weeks 

April term begins second Monday, 12 weeks 

September term begins first Monday, 15 weeks 


Huntington City Government. 

City Building-, sw cor Cherry and Market 

Council meets second and fourth Tuesday nig-hts in each 

S T Cast, Mayor 
E Q Drunmiond, Clerk 
O S Bay, Treasurer 
A A Crandal, Marshal. 
J Fred France, City Attorney 
Frank Guthrie, City Civil Fng-ineer. 
Wn. Schwartz, Supt of Water Works 
Richard Gardner, Street Commissioner 
W T Whitelock, Commissioner 
Isaac E Fisher, Commissioner 
Louis G Trixler, Commissioner 
J M Wrig-ht, Commissioner 
Jacob Stulls, Commissioner 
William Dimond, Councilman 1st Ward 
Jacob Speaker, Councilman 1st Ward 
Chas S Gibson, Councilman 2d Ward 
Chas Mader, Councilman 2d Ward 
Marion G Wright, Councilman 3rd Ward 
Anthony A Weber, Councilman 3rd Ward 
Thos Buchanan, Supt of Electric Light 
W A Berry, Health Officer 
Dr Chas L Wrig-ht, Health Officer 
Mat Hig-hland, Chief of Fire Department 
Thos Brady, policeman. 
W H Ste-wart, policeman 
Wm Riley, policeman 
Sun Ross, policeman 
Wm Millen, deputy city marshal 
Edwin B Ayres, Metropolitan Commissioner 
John Q Cline, Metropolitan Commissioner 
H D McClelland, Metropolitan Commissioner 
Alonzo A Crandal,. Captain Metropolitan Police 
William Millen, Serg-eant Metropolitan Police 
J M Boyd, Metropolitan Police Officer 
Henry Kohlenberg-, Metropolitan Police Officer 
Clarence Bilger, Metropolitan Police Officer 


Post Office. 

Post Office I Q O F block, e Franklin st Office hours, 6 
a m to 7:30 p m; Sundays, 9 to 10 a ni 
• New Post Office building- 12 w Market. 

J F Fulton, Post Master. 

Scott Cole, Post Master elect 
Schools, Public and Parochial. 

Marion B Stults, member Board of Education 

John Minnich, member Board of Education 

John C Altman, member Board of Education 

Robert I Hamilton, Supt Public Schools (6 in number) 

John Renn, Supt Lutheran School 

Rev Dr J H Hueser, Supt SS Peter and Paul's Catholic 

Rev Father Quinlan, Supt St Mary's Catholic School 


Christian Church, se cor Guilford and Franklin. Rev. 

H C Kendrick, pastor 
Evang-elical Assc of N A Church, 86 Front street. Rev 

Howard Steining-er, pastor 
First Baptist Church, 35 e Market. Rev H F McDonald, 

First Presbyterian Church, nw cor Tipton and Warren. 

Rev H E Nave, pastor. 
German Reformed Church, nw cor Henry and Etna ave. 

Rev J F Winter, pastor 
Methodist Episcopal Church, nw cor Market and Guil- 
ford Rev F M Stone, pastor 
St John's Eng-lish Evangelical Lutheran Church, nw 

cor Foust and Second. Rev M H Hockman, pastor 
St Peter's Evangelical German Lutheran church, the 

Unaltered Angsburg Confession, 76 Lafontaine st 

Rev W J Kaiser, pastor 
SS Peter and Paul's Catholic Church, 97 Cherry Rev 

Dr J Hueser, pastor 
United Brethren in Christ Church, sw cor Matilda and 

Poplar Rev J W DeLong, pastor 
German Baptist Church, ne cor Guilford and Washing-- 

Episcopal Mission, 33 Poplar. 
Christian Chapel Church, cor Court and First Revs C 

V and Mary A Strickland, pastors 


Tabernacle Baptist Church, cor Condit and South. Rev 

C S Winans, pastor 
Etna Avenue U B Church, cor Etna ave and Oling-er. 
St Mary's Catholic Church, 174 n Jeflferson Rev Father 

Quinlan, pastor 


Catholic Benevolent Legion, meets second and fourth 
Tuesdays of each month in Roche block 

Knights of St John Com'd No 156, meets in Roche block 
first Monday of each month 

Ancient Order Hibernians, meets first and third Tues- 
days in each month in Roche block 

Knights of the Maccabees of the World, meets every 
Monday night over 62 n Jetferson 

Lime City Council No 267, National Union, meets first 
Wednesday night of each month over 83 n Jefi"'son 

James R Slack Post No 137, GAR, meet second and 
fourth Mondays in each month over 9 n Jetferson. 

James R Slack Corps, No 42, meets in G A R hall first 
and third Thursdays afternoons of each month 

Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, meets every Wed- 
nesday evening over 55 n Jetferson. 

Ladies' Society to the B of L F, meets every Wednesday 
afternoon at 2:30 in B of L F hall 

Order Railway Conductors, Division 120, meets every 
Sunday afternoon over 58 n Jefl'erson 

Ladies' Auxiliary to O R C, meets first and third Thurs- 
day afternoons in O R C hall 

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, meets every Sun- 
afternoon over 56 n Jefferson 

Good Will Lodge, Auxiliary to B of L E, meets first and 
third Wednesday afternoons in B of L E hall 

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, meet over First Na- 
tional Bank first and third Sunda3's of each month 

Ancient Order United Workmen, meets second and fourth 
Friday nights in each month over 62 n Jefferson 

Royal Arcanum, meet every Tuesday night over 83 n 

Knights of the Golden Eagle, meets every Thursday 
evening in G A R hall 

Improved Order of Red Men, Mishinewa Tribe No 81, 
meets each Tuesday evening in Griffith block 

Supreme Court of Honor. 


Modern Woodmen of America, No 3116, meets se'cond 

and fourth Fridays of each month in Griffith blk. 
Haymakers, meet first and third Friday nights in each 

month in Griffith block 
Mystic Lodge, No 110, F & A M, meets first and third 

Thursdays of each month in room opposite court 

Amity Lodge, No 483, F & A M, meets first and third 

Mondays in each month in Clayton block 
Huntington Chapter, No 27, R A M, meets in Clayton 

block on second Friday in each month 
Huntington Council No 51, R & S M, meets in Clayton 

block on fourth Monday in each month 
Huntington Commaudery, No 35, meets in Clayton block 

on second and fourth Thursdaj^s of each month 
Floral Chapter, No 75, Order Eastern Star, meets second 

and fourth Tuesdays of each month in Mystic hall 
Lafontaine Lodge, No 42, 1 O O F. meets in Odd Fellows' 

block ever)' Tuesday evening 
Silica Fons Encampment No 88, I O O F, meets in Odd 

Fellow block on second and fourth Thursday of 

each month 
Charity Lodge No 261, Daughters Rebekah, meets in I O 

6 F blk on first and third Thursday evenings of 

each month 
Huntington Lodge, No 93, K P, meets every Wednesday 

night in Castle Hall over .1 e Market 
Huntington Division No 16, U R K of P, meets second 

and fourth Tnesdays of each month in Castle hall 
Rathbone Sisters, K of P, meet in Castle hall 
Huntington County Medical Society, meets at Exchange 

Hotel second Tuesday in each month 
Walther League, meets every first Monday in each 

month at 4'8 Polk 
Dr Martin Luther Young Ladies' Society meets every 

second Sunday in each month, 
Frauen-Verein, of the St Peter's Lutheran church, U A 

C, meets every third Sunday in each month 
Huntington Humane Society, meets first Tuesday of eacji 

month at 'the law office of Spencer & Branyan 
^ C T U, meets every two weeks at the homes of mem-; 


Explanation: — This Directory includes the names of 
all citizens of Huntington as completely as the enumerators 
were able to secure the same. The name of the head of the 
family is given in full; the name of the wife will be found in 
brackets, thus [Elizabeth], and the names of children follow. 

The star (*) indicates names of persons residing outside 
the city limits. 

The dagger (( ) indicates names of persons residing in 
the disputed annexed additions. 

Names overlooked or omitted in the original canvass 
will be found in the supplemental list. 

John Kenower 
W. W. Kenower 
J. P. Kenower 

l ofin KenowerS Sons 

\J F<f^.-^F^ ^HHH '^f^^f' -^H/^H '^H/^^ ^^Hf' -^Hp-< 

Xumber Stealers. 




j^ajor Hnbev8on'8 place. 

<C:^^-3l North Jeffer6on Street. 

^J Finest Line of Meerschaum and Briar ^ 
^* Pipes to be found in tlie City at ^ 
^ Prices that Can't be Beat. 

Also, Fine Line of Cigars, (domestic and imported.) Up^ 
to-Date Line of Tobaccos, 


Full and Complete Line op 
Cleveland and Chicago 
3,^^ Chocolates, and Other 
5^ Qandies : 



"t't'llfAll Hrillnj-n nnH nnnlni-n In \rnn finrl llfnr^rl niimiin ♦♦ 

**ttm\\ uiiiiBisuiiy mm \\\ iiuii uim mm mmtt** 


We are fully equipped to 
drill a well in any kind of 
material, and go to the depth 
of SCO feet if necessarj^ Spe- 
cial attention given to com- 
bination work, such as casing 
through sand and gravel to 
the rock. 

All t Work i Guaranteed. 

40 \A/. Market St.. 


For the Best Goods, 
Finest Assortment, 
and Lowest Prices in 

Fancy and Staple Groceries, 




The Club House Brand is the Best on Earth. 



Abbott, A C, cond Erie, res 28 Fruit [Maude] May and 

Abendroth, David C, saloon, 92 N Jefferson, res 62 Oak [Han- 
nah] Tillie, Katie 
Albert, elk, res 62 Oak 
" Emma, bookkpr. Democrat, Marion, O, res 62 Oak 

Achey, Anna, (wid Wm A) res 69 Court 

Ackernian, Geo, emp Eang-'s brewery, res 34 Marshall [Flor- 
Ackerman, Chas, stone mason, res 115 Cherry [Mary] Frank 
Ackerman, Frank, saloon, Echang-e hotel, res 157 Guilford 
[Marg-aret] Frederick E, Eug-ene F, Maureen, 
Georg-e E, Lucile A 
" Chas, jr, emp Eang-'s brewery, bds 64 Marshall 

Ackley, David, carpenter, res 31 Bing-ham [Ida] Blanche 
Adams, A J, eng. Hunting-ton Mill Co, res 15 Front [Nancy 
A] Amos R, Josie, William, Boston G, Lulu E 
Benton, plasterer, res 7 Erie [Mattie] Carl, Harry 
" Harvey, tender lamp tower Erie, res 73 South [Emma 

F] Guv 
William, lab, res 77 S Jeflferson [Mary] 
" Elizabeth, (wid Cyrus) res 73 South 

H E, ag-ent, res 96 Whitelock [Mary E] Edith Blaine 
Henry C 
Ady, I J, student, bds 54 First 

Ag-an, Eaura E, teacher public schools, res 64 E Franklin 
Ager, Daniel F, carpenter, res 94 William [Eena] Frank B 
" Elmer B, painter, bds 60 Whitelock 
" Mary, res 69 W State 
Ahlschwede, Elizabeth (wid Fred) res 90 W Matilda 

William, barber, res 90 W Matilda 
■■^^ " Geo, lab, res W on Wab Ry [Alice] Eouisa 

Ainsworth, Clara (wid G W) res 29 Iowa 
" Chas, lab, res 29 Iowa 

^^>-r'" Abstract of Title To" BLACK'S ^^^^'^o'f^.ce 

STRODEL Weaves Carpets on Short Notice. 


Alberts, Chas (col'd) brk and stone mason, res over 26 Front 

Alexander, John T, attorney, over 6 W Market, res 226 N Jef- 
ferson [Mattie M] 
* ■ " Wni, sawyer, Withing-ton factory, res Stringtown, 

E Fair Ground [Nettie] Flora Chas Arthur 
" Jasper S, lab, res 32 Mayne [Susan] Eeota Harl 

Allen, E E, insurance, real estate and loans, over 46 N Jeffer- 
son, res 58 S Jefferson [Jennie E] Harry, Hazel 
Allenian, Chas E, elk Frash, res 44 S Jefferson [Anna B] 
Allerton, Asa, emp shoe factory, res 13 Simon [Sarah] Got- 
tie, Harry, Fay, Fern, John 
" Ezekial, teamster, J Kenower & Sons, res 4 Gay 

Alles, Jacob J, wagon-maker W Washington, res 103 W Tipton 
Cassie, Emma 
" Joseph W, lab, res 103 W Tipton 
" Jacob, jr, elk, res 103 W Tipton 

" Sisters (Cassie, Emma) dressmakers, 103 W Tipton 
Allison, W Fred, lab, bds 80 Whitelock 

" . James, emp lime kilns, res 91 Broadway [Rosanna] 

Bessie, Vernon, Virgil 
" Lawrence, emp Briant stave factory, res 91 Broadway 
" Henry, lab. res 91 Broadway 
" Arthur, emp lime kilns, res 91 Broadway 
Allman & Bash, (Ed O Allman, C E Bash) flour, feed and 

seeds, 11 E Washington 
Allman, Edward O, (Allman & Bash) res 3 Whitestine [Mag- 
gie] Agnes, Carl 
Jane S (wid Tipton) res 70 E State 
Geo J, lather, res 14 Railroad [Eillie] Geo J 
Allman Sc Boos, iChris Allman, Conrad Boos) saloon, 13 E 

Allman, Christian (Allman & Boos) res 80 First [Elizabeth] 
John. Lena, Bertha, Nicholas, Edwin 

Infants' Shoes Ztuullnll W. A. Zeller, /i-ffSn 

l<'it, Stvle and Workr 

u^shipOuaranteed Ivl.,^-V^L_.IlSr'J 


Allinan, D F, plasterer, res 8 Byron [Marg-aret] Laiira 
" Bessie, elk, Frash, res, 8 Byron 
" Enos, plasterer, res 68 Frederick [Rebecca J] Clara 

" Mary A (wife of Frank) enip. laundry, res 32 Williaui 
Harmon E, Malie B, Fred H, Florence, Chal- 
n:er E 
Alpaug-h, E K, res 116 Guilford [vSarah] 
Altenhotfer, Mary, domestic at 223 N Jefferson 

" Joseph, emp boiler shops Erie, res 113 Poplar 

Altenbach, Simon, carpenter, res 45 Sabine Anna, AVilliain, 

Henry, Emma, Eewis, Oscar, Eeo 
Altman, Reuben M, (Dickover & Altinan) res 45 Henry [Belle] 

John C, res 47 Henry [Buena V] Cora D 
Altom, Adaline (wid Hezekiah) res 2 Bechtol. Clarence, Del- 

cina, Ethel, Homer 
Altstadter, Albert, boots and shoes, 76 N Jefferson, bds Ex- 
changee hotel 
Amen, John, emp Western Eime Association, res 57 Grayston 

ave [Mary] Charles 
Anaway, S D, brakeman Erie, res 65 Webster [Ada] 
Anderson, D C, confectionery, cigars and tobaccos, 31 N Jef- 
ferson, res 5 Fredericka [Jennie E D] Ag-nes D 
" Peter, cond Erie, bds Star restaurant 

" Margaret (wid Jos L,) res 288 N Jefferson Sarah 

Jennie B Josie E 
" Sisters (Sarah. Josie L) dressmakers 288 N Jeffer- 

" O E, emp Erie sho>i3s, res 26 Madison [Jennie] 

Andrews, Chas, lab, res 60 Condit [Vera] Marie 

" Flora (wid Geo B) res 144 Condit Jesse, Samuel, 

" Daniel, emp Erie shops, res 144 Condit 

" George, lab, res 160 Byron 

" Jacob, lab, res 160 Byron 

Before niakiiifr PrnOlirO an Abstract of ^1 i\^\iy^3^ 
a purchase IIUl/UIC of Title, at DL-MV^IV O. 

IN ^ A p*pC?-|-0 ^ttjODKL qtVjeS 



Anglemyer, David D, elk, Bridge, res 1 Arthur. [Alinira] 
Don, Adatn 
" Thaddeus, teacher public schools, res 1 Arthur 

Ang-lemyre, Jacob (Thompson Ice Cream Co) res 77 E Market 
[Hattie] Ethel 
" Levi, (Thompson Ice Cream Co) bds 77 E Market 

" Samuel, carpenter, bds Windsor hotel 

" Wm F, car repairer Erie, res 51 Whitelock [Axie] 

Annan, Thos, machinist Erie, res 107 Lincoln ave [Francis] 

Thomas jr 
Anson, F C, stone dlr, res 35 Buchanan [Belle] Mar3', Bessie 
" John, bookkpr, res 35 Buchanan 
" Fred, elk, res 35 Buchanan 
" Bert, lab, res 35 Buchanan 
Applegate, Ralph, emp Erie shops, res 72 E Market 
Arick, Geo E, enip Erie shops, res 57 South [Ida A] Mar- 
shall N, Melvin R 
Armstrong-, Mary A, (wid George) res 76 Etna ave 

" West, eng Erie, res Hotel Eastern 

Arnold, H H 6c Son, (Mrs H H, Chas) dry goods, carpets, no- 
tions, etc, wholesale and retail, 48 N Jefferson 
Arnold, Anna (wid Henry H) res 223 N Jefferson 

Chas (H H Arnold & Son) res 223 N Jefferson 
Isaac N (Huntington Mill Co) re 193 N Jefferson [Su- 
san L] 
" Elizabeth, bookkpr Huntington Mill Co, res 193 N 

" Jacob, res 137 Poplar [Katherine] 

" Jacob jr, carpenter and contractor, res 76 Poplar 
[Catherine] Lizzie, Celia, Herman, Joseph 
" Geo W, carpenter, res 76 Poplar 
" Henry E, emp M B StuUs, res 76 Poplar 
* " Christian, emp Erie shops, res E end Tipton 
Ashley, Chas C, barber, emp Kintz, res 15 Milligan [Marv E] 
Ethel B, Harold J, Mark V, Neil C 


Larg-est and Best Assorted 

Prices Always Correct, at M ALINES 


Ashley, Carrie (wid Samuel J) res 37 W Market Bessie 
Ashbaug-h, John C, sawyer Briant, res 201 E State [Belle] 
Aner, Anna, servant, 36 W Tipton 

Auker. Daniel, postal elk Wabash Ry, res 64 Webster [Eure- 
ka] (child not named) 
Aumock, Susannah (wid Philip W) res 90 Etna ave 
Ayres, Edwin B (Hunting-ton Co Bank) res 46 W Matilda 
[Belle] Portef, Katherine 

TUr A I AY DIPVPI CC ^^^ Taking the LEAD in 
InL HJMA DIl/ll/LLO Huntington for a Good 

Wheel ^2=:^ ALBERT FRECH. 

Babb, Etta (widow) seamstress, res 87 Clark. Mabel, Samuel, 
Clark. William 
" Clarence, emp fair g-round, res 87 Clark 
" Bert, emp shoe factory, res 87 Clark 
Bach, Michael, emp Martin brick yard, res 9 Kocher [Mary] 

Frank, John E 
Bacher, Mary, res 96 Poplar 
Bahr, Julius, painter, res 31 S Briant 

" Laura, (wife of Julius) res 101 Guilford 
Bailey, J A, (Bailey & Ham) res 84 Etna ave [Ella] Charles, 

Frank, Minnie 
Bailey & Ham (J A Bailey, John Ham) meat merchants 21 s 
" W J, carpenter, res 39 Condit [C V] 
* " Perry, lab, res S Etna ave [May] Lucile 

" John B (Fisher, Keefer & Bailey) res 27 Millig-an 

[Mary C] Grace A 
" Maude M (Fisher & Bailey) res 27 Milligan 
" Frank H, emp A Q Kenower, res 27 Milligan 
" Geo, ret, res 162 E Franklin [Eeona B] 
T H, cond Erie, res 141 E Market [Viola] 

Abstracts ^'''^:^'''' BLACK'S ABSTRACT OFFICE. 

J Tr~^5^T "FPi 1 — ^'"'S'^ ^^ STRODEL'S STRONGHOLU. 

-^::> COME AND SEE. <;^ 


Bain, Eli, lab, res 119 Elm [Sarah] Ethel 
" Henry, res 30 dinger [S E] 
" James, lab, res 13 Green 
'" Elizabeth C (wid W J) res 13 Green 
Baines, John, car inspector Erie, res 20 Poplar [Minnie] 

Edwin A 
Bane, Wni, carpenter, res 21 Green [Hattie] Cora, Paul, 

*Bare, Edward, teamster, res W end William [Anna] Bert, 

Elnia, Elmer, Dessie, Inez, Ina 
Bare, Frank, emp Withinyton factory, res 55 S Briant [Em- 
ma] Eva 
*Bair, Aaron J, teamster, res 173 Front [Sarah] 
*Baker, J F, teamster, res S of Buck [E L] C H, M M, R 

D V 
Baker, W H, retired, res 260 E State [S E] A E 
Baker, A O. teamster, res 260 E State 

" Edward F, lab, res 20 Jackson [Mary] Irene C 

" A J, elk, res 1 Lee [Mary] Eota 

" E W, elk yard office Erie, res 1 Lee 

" Wm B, fireman Erie, res 58 Webster [Rella] Ziopha 

" J C F, brakeman Erie, res 128 First [Lida E] Geo H, 

" J W, emp car dpt Erie, bds 154 E Franklin 
" Mrs Mary C, (wid Samuel D) res over 123 N Jefferson 
" Roberta D, elk. Miles, res over 123 N Jefferson 

Ila H, elk P O news stand, res over 123 N Jefferson 
Balfour, John, cond Erie, res 47 Leopold [Anna] 
Balzer, Conrad, lab, res 70 Oling-er [Hannah] Anna, Mary, 
John, William 
*' Ed H, compositor Herald, res 70 Oling-er 
Banks, Lucetta (wid James) res 14 Salamonie ave 
Barber, Mary, (wnd) res 44 Cline (Nelson Mohn) 
Bare, Sadie, tailoress, res 78 Front 

Men's, Boy's, Youths', Laaies', Misses' aim CMlflreu's Slioes at ZELLER'S. 


IVX J^K. J_^± l^H w> ^w-w huntin(;ton. i^^Hi-' 


Barker, Roscoe, lab, res 127 Etna ave [Rose] Myrtle, Her- 
bert, Mabel, Herman, Marie, Harold 
J M (Fotterall, Barker & Brown Co) res 3 Salauionie 
ave, [Jane S] James M, Zua 
" Fred H, einp shoe factory, res 3 Salamonie ave 
James, elk, Hurd & Smith, bds 71 Elm 
*Barnes, Geo W, blacksmith Erie, res String-town, e fair 
g-round, [Eillie] Charles 
Benj, carpenter, res 38 Everett [EUza] 
Avery, carpenter, res 38 Everett 

Elmer, lab, res 35 Mayne [Melissa] Nelson, Ora 
Elzie, emp Perrine & Bartlett, bds 35 Mayne 
Amos M, boiler maker Erie, bds 15 Garfield 
John, lab, res String-town e fair g-rounds [Melinda 

E] Samuel J 
Thomas A, emp Briant, res Stringtown, e fair ground 
James, lab, res Stringtown, e fair g-round 
Barnhart, Mary (wid Georg-e) res 20 Buchanan 
Barrett, John B, stone mason, res 49 Elm [Mary] 
" Geo E, stone mason, res 49 Elm 
James R, stone mason, res 49 Elm 
Barrick, Ruth (wid Ed) res 195 N EaFontaine Jesse Loulie 

A, Howard L, Everett M 
Barrow, H P, carpenter Erie, res 43 Sabine [H A] Clayton, 

George D 
Barsh, Mrs John, res 32 W Market Mamie 
Bartchore, EUen (wid) dressmaker, res 16 Mayne George 
Barter, Geo, boiler maker Erie, res 27 E Sabine [Mary] Su- 
sie, Willie, Eeona 
Barton, Elizabeth, (wid W H) res 97 Poplar. Herbert 
Bartlett, B J, bookkpr Perrine ii Bartlett, res 92 Front [Fran- 
cis S] 
Mary (wid T P) res 179 N Jeflferson 
Wm P (Perrine & Bartlett) res 3 Allen [Euna] 
Charles, Grace 
Bartram, Mary (wid John) res 65 Hitzfield 

If 3'ou want 

LOAN ""^r'^tr" BLACKS Abstract Office 

^^^' Fine Display. 


Bash, Catharine (wid) res 112 Guilford 

C E F (Allman & Bash) res 38 E Washing-ton [Eliza- 
beth] Kenower, Henry 
" F S, city editor, Herald, res 41 Etna ave 
Bashong, Eafayette, porter Grand View, res same 
Bately, M J, (wid) res 68 Grayston ave 
*Batram, Andrew, res 26 Brawley. [Eonisa] 
* " Jacob, lab, res 26 Brawley [Anna] William 

Bauer, John, res 149 N EaFontaine [Elizabeth] 
f " Chas, lab, res Gephart add [Lena] 

" Cora, servant, 156 N Jefferson 
Bauer & McCarty, (P Bauer, J M McCarty) groceries, 129 N 

Bauer, Peter G (Bauer & McCarty) res 33 Oak [Francis] John 

E, Virg-ila, Cornelius, Julius P 
Baughman, Wm, gardener, res 269 W Matilda [Isabella] 

Ervin, Hulda, Charles. 
Baumgartner, John, bartender. Max Baumgartner, res 123 W 
Tipton [Emma H] Fred M, Rose V, Gertrude T 
" Roman, res 7 German [Mary] 

" Mary, domestic, 17 Bingham 

" John, elk, Eiiiinger & Mentzer, bds 26 William 

Max, saloon 63 N Jeiferson, res 107 Cherry 
[Rosa] Katie 
Bay, O S, city treasurer, res 70 Henry [Laura A] George H, 

Mabel A 
Beal, Carrie (wid) res 125 First 

Chas, baker, Lininger & Mentzer, res 33 Milligan [Led- 
die] Donald 
" W A, brakeman Erie, res 34 Front [Flora] 
" Frank, emp Nichols, res 78 Elm 
" David, emp Nichols, res 78 Elm [Martha] 
Beard, Isaac F, (Congress Bicycle Wrk) res 44 S Jefferson 
[Louisa] Ada, Carrie 
" Edwin, teamster, res 19 Milligan [Mary] May Eva 
*Beaver, Samuel, lab, res S end Etna ave [Mary] Clara 

W. A. Zeller '^^f!^^:r Gray Pros, ^hoes ,^l^s. 

■ ♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦ ^-♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■^ 

i John (5. Bit3ingei% I 

^ F=5 E E C3 E F=! CD R 


Partridge Coghins, Light and Dark Brah 
mas, W. F. B. Spanish.— No inbreeding-. Best of 
layers. Egg-s in season $1.25 per 13. Call or addres 
106 Oak St., Hunting-ton, Ind. Fowls from $1 to $3 each, 


♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦ 










































britig-s thiiig-s down. There's no need of any 
cut. tboug-h, in our furniture prices, because 
they're down enoug-h already to suit the most 
enthusiastic money saver. Don't forgret tlie 
difference between prices and values. Our fur- 
niture presents the same superior quality, the 
same brig-ht, pleasing-, and artistic patterns, 
the same durability, and the same extensive 
variety as heretofore. These are points we ad- 
here to without variableness or shadow of turn- 
I i'lg-- 


w rn 




S rn 

z > 


Pabst Gelelirated Milwailkee Beer. 

Cor. Third and Foust Streets, 




Comity Attorneys. over 57 n. jeffeson street 

#--J. D, CULP,~m 



For Building Purposes. 



Orders Promptly Filled. TELEPHONE No. 60. 


'^3H. L. WELLS, Manager. e^:»^ 
Over Cor. Market and Jefferson Streets, HUNTINGTON, INDIANA. 

Stocks and Botids, Grain and Provisiions Boug-ht 
and Sold for Cash or on Margins. Private Wire. 
Continuous Quotations. All Quotations come 
direct from Regular Board of Trade, Chicago. 


Cor. State and Jackson Streets. 

We cater to the wants of our patrons. Aim to have the 
Best Goods we can buy and are offering- them at 


Coilntrij Produce a Specialtij. ^ ^B^ii\?d°iSdT'GTve 

us a Ca,ll. Goods delivered to all parts of the city free. 

MALINS, leISFng merchant TAILOR, 


Beaver, Henry, blacksmith, res 77 E Franklin [Susanna] 
" Frank, elk Erie freight office, res 77 E Franklin 

D G, blacksmith, 30 E State, res 70 E Market [Mrs 
D G] Mayme 
" Albert A, eng- Erie, res 26 Byron [Emma K] 

Ed, (Beaver & McCarty) res 127 E Franklin [Bertha] 
Lewis, Ruth, Clarence 
Beaver & McCarty, (Ed Beaver, Pat McCarty) blacksmiths, 

14 Warren 
Beaver, Win J, eng Perrine & Bartlett, res 26 Garfield [Louisa] 
Bechtol, Chas, machinist Erie, res 60 E Franklin [Mary E] 
Chas O, student, res 60 E Franklin 
Mary, res 286 N Jefferson 
Beeching, Grant, emp Briant, res 98 Whitelock 

" Geo, stave jointer Briaut, res 17 Grayston ave 

[Fredericka] Mamie 
" J E, emp Briaut, res 27 Sabine [Cosie] 

C H, eng Erie, res 128 E State [Ida] Nina, Ella, 
Cossetta, Mildred 
" Eugene, eng Briant, res 14 Kocher [Louisa] 

" Andrew M, emp Briant, res 76 Lindley [Lillian] 

Aaron L, Archie W, Marion R, Jera B 
" Thos, eng Hawley lime kilns, res 61 Lindley [Sa- 

rah] Osa, Clarence, Mary 
*' . George, emp Briant, res 61 Lindley 
Beck, Adam L (Western Lime Assn) res 41 s Jefferson [Eliz- 
abeth] Marshall, Magdalena. 
f '• Lawrence, emp shoe factory, res 27 Catharine. 
f " Joseph, res 27 Catharine. Edward C, George, Agnes 
L, Alice W 
" Elizabeth (wife of Geo W) res 86 Henrv. Leonard E, 

" Mary, res 25 Faust. 

" John L, electrician Huntington Light & Fuel Co, res 106 
Poplar [Mary] Edith, Ethel 

ifyouwant Abstpact of Titlc 'Z' BLACK'S ^^'Tfrce 

UNDERWEAR ^"fTLfli^L^i^^c^i^^x^ ^ 


Beck, Chris, fireman Erie, res 137 First [Anna] 
Mary (wid Christian) res 137 First. Minnie 
John, eng- Erie, res 139 First [Matilda] Lizzie, Sophia, 
Clemens, Carl 
f " Albert, janitor William St School, res 112 Henry [Cora] 
Charles, Howard 
V H, emp Wabash Transfer, res 23 Grayston Avenue 

[Eliza A] 
W R, physician and stirg-eon over 80 n Jeflferson, res 78 e 

Market [Nanetta] Lucile. 
Cassie, canvasser, res 104 e State. 
Mary, canvasser, res 104 e State 
Daniel, fireman Erie, res 106 e State. [Ottie] 
f " Georg-e, teamster, res 5 Svvran [Celia] Anna, Nora, 
Charlie, Harry, Ernest 
Adam (Western Lime Assn) res 83 w State [Mary E] 
Harmon S 
Becker, Michael J. marble and stone dealer 29 w State, res 131 
Oak [Marg-aret] Ferdinand, Carl, Hilda, 
Marcellus, Leo, Bertha 
Becker, Peter, emp M J Becker, res 111 Oak 
Beckstein, Jacob J, lab, res 89 Lincoln Ave [Johannah] 
Minnie, Fredericka 
" John, machinist, res 89 Lincoln Ave 

" Adolph, elk Heaston & Dumbauld, res 89 Lincoln 

*' Paul, baker A Pastor, res 81 e Washington street 

Beeber, Alice J (wid W P) res 26 w Market 
Beehler, L E, machinist Erie, res 53 Kintz [Riuda A] Anna, 

Beekman, Carey, lab, res 70 Frederick [Minnie] Ora 
Beel, Carrie, res 150 Etna Ave 
" Thos, lab, res 24 Monroe. 
'• John, emp Perrine & Bartlett, bds 70 Frederick 

Infants' Shoes ^^!l>^^ W. A. Zener,j?Sn 

P^it, Style and Workmanship Guaranteed TV yr /\ 'T ,Ti\T*C!^ 

Beg-g-s, Robert, emp shoe factory, bds 61 e Market 
Beffhtel, Mary, res 190 Guilford 
Beiber, J C, fireman Erie, rms over 54 Guilford 
Beitenman, John, cashier C & E freight hs, res 32 w Market 
Beitler, Sophia, elk H H Arnold & Son, res 95 Oak 
Ennna, tailoress, res 95 Oak 
" Jacob, res 95 Oak 

Bell, W M, bookkpr C E Briant, res 119 Railroad [Eavinta J] 
" W S, mail carrier, res « Superior [Cornelia A] 
" Otto M, emp Briant, res 8 Superior 
" Harry B, eng Western Eime Assn, res 8 Superior 
" William H, student, res 8 Superior 

" Wm E, emp H V Peden, res 11 Warren [Mary E] Iva 
Belton, Catharine (wid James) res 26 Randolph 

" Robert, veterinary surgeon, res 26 Randolph 
Benn, Paul, fireman Erie, res 90 Wilkerson [Sarah] 
Bennett, Etta, domestic 122 Guilford 

'• Homer C, eng Erie, res 133 e Market [Francis E] 
Ethlyn Homer jr 
Bensing, Elizabeth (wid Nicholas) res 155 Poplar. Henry, 
Eulu, Ruth, Gertrude 
" Eva, servant, res 155 Poplar. 

" William, elk W A Zeller, res 155 Poplar 

" George, elk Pottlitzer, res 155 Poplar 

Benward, Joseph S, res 65 Grayston Ave [Mary A] 
Berg, Chas, emp Erie Section, res 51 Dimond [Sophia] 

Bertha, Minnie, Elma, Eola 
Berkfield, Jacob, tonsorial parlor 12 w Market, res 104 e Frank- 
lin [Maria] Eillie, Chas, Ada, Clarence, 
Elmer, Frank 
Berothe, Mary (wid Quint B) res 91 e Market 
Bernhart, Eliza (wid) res 23 Salamonie. Ave 
Berry, C (wid G E B) res 43 e State. Dot, Edwin E- 

" W V, emp J Kenower & Sous, res 51 Leopold [Mary I] 
Thos E, Francis M, Minnie. 

Before niaking^ Prnf>liro an Abstract of ^1 A ^V IX 5 g^ 
a purchase rrOl/UrB of Title, at Dl—MOlV O. 



Berry, W A, feed yard 60 Warren, res 74 w Market [Mary R] 

" Robert M, emp W A Berry, res 74 w Market 
Best, George W, attorney uver 72 n Jefferson, res 21 Olinjjer 
[Mina] Georg-ia M 
" Harley, printer, res 21 Oling-er 
" Harry, emp W D Brown, res 33 e Tipton 
Beuner, W A, student, res 34 Front 
Beverly, James, lab, res 74 Bingham. [Lavina] Merrill, 

Howard, Mary, Porter 
Beyer Bros, poultry dealers s bank L/ittle River near Charles 

street Joseph Lautzenhauser, mgr 
Bickel, John, lab, res 98 Buck [Lydia] Susie 
Wm, lab, res 98 Buck 
" Enimett, machinist Erie, res 98 Buck 
" Dora, emp shoe factory, res 98 Buck 
" Thos S, emp shoe factory, res 98 Buck 
Bicycle Club Rooms, 32-34 e Market 
Biglow, Jane, res 57 Frederick 

Elizabeth (wid A A) re- 123 Cherry 
Bilger, Clarence E, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res 207 e Market 

[Cora] Gladys, William 
Biliter, Ben F, publisher Farmers Guide and general printing- 

16 s Jefferson, res 59 William. [Elizabeth] 
Billiter, Chas F, res 120 Etna ave 

Mrs Catharine, res 120 Etna ave 
" Wm M, prop feed yard 5 Frederick, res 59 William 
Bippus, John, elk Huntington Light & Fuel Co, res 191 n Jeff- 
erson [Eunice] Theodore 
Geo J (Huntington Light & Fuel Co) res 166 n Jeffer- 
son [Anna] 
" J Fred (Huntington Light & Fuel Co) res 235 n Jeffer- 
son [Myrtle] Bertiice, Dorothy, Geo jr 
Bir, Xavier, blacksmith Erie, res 144 Oak [Theresa] Frank, 

Joseph, Herman, Paul, Henry 
Bir, Leo, boiler-maker Erie, res 126 e Sabine [Rosa] Jacob, 
Mary, Edward, Laura, Anna, Eveline 

1^, H IT ,T ,T .TZp.l^? I'OR BEST GOODS 


Prices Always Correct, at M ALINES 


Bischoff, William, lab, res 108 Walnut [Caroline] Rudolph, 
Luella, Christian 
" Christian, teamster, res 106 Walnut [Ida] Mollie, 
Hug-o, Mata, Adolph. 
Bishop, Hubbard, emp Griffith & Son, res near end w Matilda 

[Fannie] Hazel, Ag^nes 
Bitner, Sherman, fireman Erie, res 33 High [Capitolia] 
H L, carpentfer, res 228 e Market [H E] Levi 
Bitzinger, John, job compositor Herald, res 106 Oak. [Han- 
nah] Irma, Marguerite, Arnold, Carl 
Bixler, Wm, emp Erie round hs, res 59 Marshall [Ella] 
Black, Harriett, res 58 e Franklin 
Robert, res 100 Etna ave 
" Joseph M, with H C Black, res 77 Henry [Rachael M] 
Fay A, Pearl E, Starr E, Lulu I, Frank C 
Black, Harvey C, abstractor over 56 n Jefferson, res 50 Front 
" Morris W, res 50 Front 
Blackburn, Lalla (wid Will J) res 97 n Lafontaine. Katie, 
" Frankie, amanuensis, res 97 n Lafontaine 

Charles, apprentice Erie shop.-, res 97 n Lafontane 
" Matilda (wid Thos) (Pomeroy & Blackburn) res 67 

w Matilda. 

Robert F, baker Ed Willis, res 14 Canal [Mary] 
Bessie, Herbert, Frank, Francis. 
Blake, Elmer, res 20 Garfield 

Blaug-h, Elniira (wid) res 110 Etna ave — 

Blickenstaft", E A, insurance, etc, I O O F building, res 277 N 

Jefferson [A A] Eva, Ethel, Carl 
Blocker, E S, eng- Erie, res 36 Frederick [Addie M] Marcia, 
Lloyd S 
" Ray V, machinist Erie, res 36 Frederick 
Blockson, H H, res 198 Cherry [Cecelia] 

Blum, Harmon, elk McCaffrey & Co, res 83 Frederick [Eliz- 




Blum, Fred, emp F Blum, res 82 Oak [Carolina] Louisa 
Blum, F H, boots and shoes. 77 n Jefferson, res 82 Oak 
Blum, John, tinner Bridge, res 82 Oak 

" Albert R, emp F H Blum, res 82 Oak 
" Kate, dressmaker, res 82 Oak 
" Bena, compositor Democrat, res 82 Oak 
Blunt, Scott, blacksmith, res 85 Condit [Abbie] Ftta B 
Board of Trade, H L Wells, mgr over 72 n Jefferson 
Boehner, Chris, shoemaker, res 43 Buchanan [Charlotte] 
" Fred, barber, res 43 Buchanan 

" John, lab, res 43 Buchanan 

" Chris jr, emp Griffith & Son, res 43 Buchanan 

" Geo, car inspector Frie, res 43 Buchanan 

Bohanon, John, car repairer Erie, res 12 Mayne [Ollie] 

*Bolanz, Fred, lab, res String-town e fair ground [Mattie] 

Edgar, Magdalena, Glad3's, Mary 
Bolinger, Sarah E (wid Simon) res 3 Lee Melinda H, Edward 

Bond, , lab, bds 137 e Market 

Bone, H, brick-mason, res 144 Cherry [Kate] 

Bonebrake & Bonbrake, (Emsy S, Grant) barbers, 4 w Market 

Bonbrake, Grant (Bonebrake & Bonbrake) res 24 n Eafontaine 

Bonebrake, Enisy S (Bonebrake & Bonbrake) res 4 Whitelock 
[Minnie] Mildred 
" A S, student, res 54 First 

* " Milo, teamster, Perrine & Bartlett, res e Front 

[Etta] Flossie 

Simon H, res 19 Garfield [Matilda] 
" Mary (wid Eli) res 96 s Jefferson Harley 

Bonewitz, Orlando, elk Boston store, res 33 Elm [Lydia] 

Boone, Robt A, stationary eng- Erie, res 28 Etna ave [Eliz- 

[beth] Leslie 
*Boos, Conrad, (Allnian & Boos) res 181 e Tipton 
" Katie, res 19 Leopold 

Ladies' Shoes, Slippers, 
Men's Shoes. 


rvlJV L^ 1 iNi. 5r^ w^^^ huntin<;t on. ^^hh 


Boos, Jacob, (Huntington Co Bank) res 23 W Matilda [Caro-- 
line] Katherine. Clara, Francis, Agnes, Her- 
" John, prop Oak saloon, Oakland ave, res same 
" Jacob jr, elk Oak saloon, Oakland ave, res same 
Booth, Chas E, firemam Erie, res 61 s Jefferson [Hattie] 
*Bortz, Daiiiel, lab res N Jefferson 

Bowers, Amos, photographer, res 325 e State [Mary] Min- 
nie, May 
Orlando, carpenter, res 329 e State [Ella] Clarence 
Ira A, Chas B, Herbert 
" George, emp lime kilns, res 333 e State [Clara C] 
Harley F, Martin, Wm A 
Bowlar, Ed, switchman, Erie, bds Windsor 
Bowman, Samuel, carpenter, res 27 Bingham [Ella] 

Rev R S,evangelist. res 29 Bingham [Lillie] Myrtle 
Fred E, elk H L & F Co, res 84 e Market 
Henrietta (wid J R B) res ' 4 e Market 
J W, blacksmith, 131 e State, res same [Anna] 
Henry H, janitor e State st school, res 278 e State 
[Grace] Thurston 
" Ephraim, lab, res 52 Jackson 

" Carey, emp Briant, res 52 Jackson 

John W, car repairer Erie, res 20 Gay [Sarah] 

Eena, Mary 
Norval V, elk Postoffice, res 20 Gay 
" Harry O, emp Erie, res 20 Gay 

Thad, emp Briant, res 20 Gay. 
f " Ruth C, res s Salamonie ave 

Arthur W, emp Erie, res 20 Gav 
Bowser, E W, switchman Erie, bds Windsor House 

" E E, brakeman Erie, res 115 e Franklin 
Bowsher, Thos, lab, res 37 Mayne. [Eetta] Rosa 

Hiram, emp Perrine & Bartlett, bds 35 Mayne 
Boyd, Lena, res 28 Warren 

Chester, lab, res 68 Olinger. [Maggie] Cecil 

Jfyou^want I^Q^j^ on ^^oodjerms, BLAQK'S AbSlPaCt OtfiQe 

Lace Curtains and Window Shades STRODEL. 


Boyd, A, carpenter Erie, res 134 Etna ave 

J M, lab. res 134 Etna ave [J C] Nora, Norman 
" James A, teamster, res 167 Wilkerson [Emma] Theo, 
James, Charles 
Boylan, E S, carpenter Erie, res 46 Byron [Olive J] Clara, 

Boyle, Mag-g-ie, res 145 First 

Frank, switchman Erie, res 126 First. [Kate] Mil- 
dred,- Arthur 
George, lab, res 126 First 
Braden, V M, lab res 127 n Lafontaine [Rosanuah] Goldie 
Clarence Elmer 
" Walter, lab res 127 n Lafontaine 
" Maude, domestic, res 127 n Lafontaine 
" Delia May, domestic, res 127 n Lafontaine 
Bradford, Duzell R, lab, res over 32 Cherry 
Bradley, O E, druggist, cor Jefferson and Franklin 
Bradshaw, Samuel (col'd) porter Trixler's barber shop, rooms 

Brady, Johannah (wid M B) res 98 Cherry 

Thos, policeman, res 144 Guilford [Mary] Mary E 
" William, boiler-maker Erie, res 144 Guilford 
" John, painter, res 144 Guilford 
" Peter, carpenter, res 19 s Briant 
Brahs, Fred, lab res 71 German [Christiana] Edith, Clara 
" Chas, emp Griffith & Son, res 71 German 

John, emp Griffith & Son, res 55 German [Marie] 
Anna, Martin 
" John F, jr, elk Strodel, res 55 German 
" Fred, emp Griffith & Son, res 55 German 
Brandt, Chas F, plasterer, res 77 e State [Maria] 

" Ralph V, plasterer, res 77 e State 
Branyan, Branyan & Branyan, (J C, J S, E C) attorneys I O 

O F building 
Branyan, J C (Branyan, B & B) res 95 Etna ave [Emma R] 
Wilbur E 

RIIRRFRS All ICindB ^d styles /FT T FP. 

MALINS, leI^^kg merchant TAILOR. 


Braiiyan, John S (B. B. & B) res 124 Etna ave [Ella] Mary H 
EC (B. B. & B) res 97 Etna ave [Lulu J] Bessie A, 

Harold B 
W A (Spencer & Branyan) res 150 Guilford [Mar- 
garet M] Hug-o, Hazel 
Bratton. Fredericka (wid James M) res 48 s Jefferson 
" Mat, carpenter, res 48 s Jeflferson 

Mrs. Ida, dressmaker, res 96 s Jefferson. Ray, Edith 
Brawley, L J, res 143 Etna ave [Mary W] 

L C, res 143 Etna ave 
Brebach, Katharine (wid Justus) res 123 Dimond 

" John, tailor over 65 n Jeflferson, res 123 Dimond 

" Gus, tailor over 65 n Jeflferson, res 170 Georg^e street 

[Anna] Clarence, Ada, Herbert 
'* Henry, steam fitter Erie, res 61 Dimond [Elizabeth] 
Harmon, Eddie 
William, machinist Erie, res 70 Esther [Maggie] 
Harry, Eva 
Breeu, Mary, res 106 e Franklin 

Bresenhen, Benj, emp Huntington Light & Fuel Co, res 163 
Cherry [Johannah] William, John, Mary, 
Briant, Cyrus E, stave and bending works e of Webster st to 

Little River, res 89 Webster [Julia] 
Brianf, John M, elk C E Briant, res 89 Webster 

" Wm T, mgr Briant bending works, res 76 e Market st 

[Flo] Ben 
Chas O, emp C E Briant, res 39 Superior [Ida F] 

Arthur D 
Mrs Adelia A, res 98 Lincoln ave. Leland, Clarence. 
Bridge, Lewis, hardware, stoves, etc, 67 n Jeflferson, res 50 
William. [Lenora] Mary R, Wilbur 
Orlo, elk L Bridge, res 50 William. 
" Rev. Henry, res 133 Court [Maria] Herbert. Katie 
Delbert. Gertrude 

If you want Abstpact of Title -r BLACK'S *«^^«o*ffice 

I 1 M D I— R \A/ F- A R '^^ suit everybody, at 

.^1" I-e O ID EM^ ' s 


Bridge, Levi, emp Withington, res 24 Randolph [Liona] 
Vilas, Griffith 
Miss L C, res 33 e Matilda 
Briggs, W J, operator Erie, res 76 s Jefferson [Mamie] 
" Chas M, emp fire dept, bds 59 Mayne 
" J M, dry goods peddler, res 264 n Jefferson [Eliza A] 
Clinton, Arthur, Chas, Estella 
William R, elk M B Stults, res 80 Poplar [Cora] 
Brightmire, Lydia (wid Simon) res 20 Whitelock. Elizabeth, 

Brineman, M D, architect over 7 s Jefferson, res 81 Henry 
[Mary E] Clara E, Allen G, Jesse L 
" Harry F, res 81 Henry 

" Laura M, cashier Harris, res 81 Henry 

Brinneman, Dora, teamster Griffith & Son, res 126 Railroad 

[Anna] Virgie 
Britton, Dora, emp shoe factory, res 83 e Market 
Broaders, Ella, res 41 e Franklin 

" Wm; emp Erie shops, res over 112 n Jefferson 

" Mary (wid James) res over 112 n Jefferson 

Brobst, M N, brakeman Erie, bds 85 e Market 
Brock, Harry, boiler- maker Erie, res 46 High [Delia] Hazel, 
" Geo, boiler-veiper Erie, res 10 Mayne [Elizabeth] 
Broderick, Daniel, section foreman Wabash, res 114 e Frank- 
lin [Therise] Bonaventure 
Bronkar, J M, lumber, lath and shingles 67 e Washington, 
res 75 e Washington [Lydia A] Lucile, Francis 
Bronkar, Hannah, emp Hoosier laundry, res 75 e Washington. 
Brooking, James, carpenter, res 42 Fredericka [Ida] Willie. 
Brookover, Eliza (wid G W) res 17 Randolph. Mary A, Daisy 
Brooks, W H, elk engine dispatcher Erie, res 82 Wilkerson st 

Broomer, Hannah, res 76 William 

" Wm, machinist Erie, bds 119 Court 

Infants' Shoes Torm^n^l W. A. Zellerj/i-Sn 

Fit, Style and Workmanship Guaranteed TwT j^\.X .T"NsJ"'^-i 


Brown, W H, ag-t Siiig-er Sewing- Machine, res 27 n Lafontaine 
[Salome] Ethel 
John F (Lime City Cigar Co) res 92 w State [Alice] 

Cecil M 
Mabel, res 92 w State 
Elma M, res 56 Elm 
" Frank (Fotteral, Barker & Brown Co) res 35 Henry 
f " R Z, insurance, res s Salanionie ave [Orvilla] 

" Frank, carpenter, res 126 Front 
Brown, J L, agt Pabst Brewing- Co, res 132 e Market [Mary] 
" Mrs Mary, elk C Mader, res 17 e Market, child 
" W W, brakeman Erie, bds Windsor 

Alzina P (wid Wm B) res 69 e Franklin 
Ed T, nursery dlr, res 65 e Franklin [Sarah J] 
" Chester E, res 65 e Franklin 

" James H, cashier Wabash freig-ht hs, res 42 Whitelock 
[Mary] Otto 
Brown, Elmer E, livery, feed and sale stable 32 Cherry, res 
over same [Rosa] 
" George J, eng Erie, res 51 First [Jennie] 
" FA, foreman composing room Herald, res over 20 s 

Jefferson. Joseph, Paul 
" Mrs Amelia, res 49 Sabine 
'• Samuel, machinist Erie, res 49 Sabine 
" James F, painter Erie, res 51 Mayne [Hannah M] 

Minnie G, Ida M, Rosa B 
" C A, painter Erie, res 41 Whitelock [Delia] Mabel, 

Cleo, Donald 
" Wm R, res 209 Guilford [Sarah M] Emma M 
" Wm E, elk P O news stand, res 55 Wilkerson 
" John, elk, res 55 Wilkerson 

Nehemiah, res 209 Guilford [Sarah] Emma E, Mary 
" George, brakeman Erie, bds Hotel Eastern 
Browne, A O, ex-prop Osborne hotel, res same 

^'iT^rc^^s^' Procure ""if^lllV BLACK^S. 





Brubaker, Maude, domestic 87 Clark 

" Thornton, painter, res 44 Indiana st [Mary A) 

Bruce, W H, eng Water Works pumping- station, res same. 

[Orville A] Wm S 
Bruder, Wm, res 81 Esther [Mary] 

Brumbaugh, John, carpenter, res 4 Grayston ave [Susan B[ 
Noah, boiler shops Erie, res n end Harris [Re- 
becca] Lloyd S, Eavina M, Carl J 
J H, car shops Erie, res 22 Wesley [Ida] 
Wm, carpenter, res 9 Bingham [Anna] 
Clara, cashier Boston store, res 9 Bingham 
f " Isaac jr, carpenter, res Wright st [Ida B] Harry 

Fred, carpenter, res 17 Mayne [Amanda] 
Jas, carpenter, res 17 Mayne 
JeflFerson, carpenter Erie, res 17 Mayne 
Bertha, emp shoe factory, res 17 Mayne 
Wesley, cond Erie, bds 139 e Market 
Geo,- cond Erie, res 75 e Matilda [Mary] Katie, 
Chas, Agnes 

John jr, fireman Erie, res 136 e Market [Dixie] 
Agnes, Mabel, Hazel 
Isaac, carpenter and contractor, res 2 mile s city. 
Bruner, Elizabeth, domestic 207 n Jefferson 

Buchanan, Samuel, contractor and plumber 11 w Market, res 
132 Poplar [Catharine] Lillian, Johannah E, 
Charles L, Gertrude A, Paul M, Isabella, E 

Thos J, machinist, res 132 Poplar 
Bridget (wid) res 50 w State 
John J, lab, res 50 w State 
Joseph W, emp fire dept, res 50 w State 
Thos F, eng electric light works, res 157 Cherry 
Matthias, res 157 Cherry [Catharine] Elizabeth 
Wm J, machinist, res 157 Cherry 
Mrs B (wid Henry) res 161 Poplar. Mary 




Prices Always Correct, at MALIN'S 


Bucher, Chas, driver S P Stults, rnis 63 e Market 
Bucher & Weber (W A Bucher, A A Weber) feed barn s w cor- 
ner Matilda and Warren sts 
Bucher, W A (Bucher & Weber) res 7 Marshall [Mary! Earl, 
. Roy 
Samuel, res 20 Marshall [Eliza] 
Buchheit, Louis J, bkpr Western Lime Assu, bds 110 Cherry 
Budg^, John, lab, res 47 Walnut 
BuUerman, F W, emp Erie shops, res 56 n Lafontaine [Mary] 

Rebecca, William 
Bump, Silas, emp city, res 58 Superior [Nora] Chas, Ches- 
Burdg, F T, brakeman Erie, res 110 Lincoln ave [Laura] 

Burg-enbeuler, Gerhart, lab, res between river and Wab Ry, 

w end State [Minnie] Baby 
Burke, Edward, boiler-maker Erie, res 33 Marshall [Catha- 
rine] Chas, William, Nellie, Edward,. Catharine 
fBurket, Eli, res 40 Salamonie ave [Martha] 
Burket, Adna, elk Colter, res 33 Grayston ave 

Joseph, carpenter, res 33 Grayston ave [Eliza] Carl 
" Chas, carpenter, res 33 Grayston ave 
Burnison, Alex, eng Erie, res 95 e Market [Mary] 
Burman, Frank, emp Erie, res 103 Dimond [Minnie] Bertha 
Carl, emp Western Lime Asn, res 63 German [Sophia] 
'* Harmon, lab res 63 German 
" Wm, emp press room Herald, res 63 German 
" Paul, cigarmaker, res 63 German 
Burn, William, teamster, res 150 Etna ave [Kate] Harmon, 

Herbert, Minnie 
Burns, Thos, cashier Citizens Bank, res 117 Guilford [Emma 
B] Flora 
" A L, eng Erie, res 1 Harrison ave [Rachael] Carrie 
M, Alice O. Gertrude, Howard, Walter D, 
Thomas J 

Abstracts ^'^^^7;'^ ' BLACKS ABSTRACT OFFICE. 



Burris, Isaac, lab, res 16 Glenn [Nancy] 
" Harry L, lab res 16 Glenn 

" Aurelius, elk Fisher and Snider, res 16 Glenn 
Burt, John, einp Malins, rooms 46 E Market 
Burton, D S, miller Minnich, res 70 w Matilda [Jane] Jessie 
Bush, Harry, wagon maker, 7 Front, res 41 s Briant [Eliz- 
Lewis, res 70 W Market [Agnes,] Edward 
Geo, eng Erie, res 48 Oak [Mary] Erva, George jr, 
Lewis, Laura 
" Chas R, machinist, Erie, res 48 Oak 
Bussard, Thos, cond Erie, bds 28 Guilford 
Butcher, John, emp Griffith »& Son, res 77 Swan [Cloa] Grace 

Lena, Ervin 
Butler, Thad, managing editor Herald, res 10 Randolph 
[Kate S] Robt A Jean J 
" Chas A, sea post elk, res 10 Randolph 
" Mark, compositor Herald, res 73 Frederick [Vinnie] 

Mary L, John A, Glenn, Frank 
"■ Clinton, eng Erie, res 30 Henry [Etta] Kenneth D, 
Mildred G Benj E 
^Butt, A J, fireman Erie, res e Front [Henrietta] Everett, 

Mary, William, John 
*Buzzard, John, (Hedge Fence Co) res 315 Etna ave s [Re- 
becca] Ervin, Ora, Bert, Ethel 
John, emp Lushing, res 47 Walnut 
L S, elk P O, res 68 Elm [Lurana M] Bruce 
" Anna (wid) res 36 MiUigan. Grace, LilHe, Jeus 

" Chas H, timber buyer Withington, res 23 Lehmeyer 

[Jennie] Esther M, Bertha F, Inez 
Byler, Christian, elk Schaefer & Schaefer, res 77 Whitelock 

^M KLENZINO ^"fi„^e'^irS 

Laces, Ribbons, Ties, Etc. 

ALBERT FRECH, Druggist. 


IVX .<^V J— .< X 1^1 ^::!5 /-xx-' huntin(;ton. 


Cable, B F, carpenter, res 77 Frederick [Mary A] 
Cady, Edwin, nursery ag-t, res 47 Leopold 
Cahalane, Patrick, eng- Erie, res 165 e Franklin 
Cain, Win E. brakeman Erie, res 41 Kintz [Hattie] Blanche 
R, Gladys M, William E 
" Amanda (wid Freedom) res 10 Wesley 
" John, brick mason, rms Citizens Bank block 
Caldwell, Sophia, teacher Orphans Home, res 72 Poplar 

" Axie, res 72 Poplar 

Calhoun, Mary, domestic at 225 n Jefferson 

" D S, miller Huntington Mill Co, res 138 Cherry st 
[Addie] Carl, Gale 
Callahan, Jesse, shoemaker 7 Front, res 25 Mayne 

" Lyman, lab, res :25 Mayne 

Calonkey, Mary L (wid Constantine) res 16 Garfield 

" Leon R, emp Democrat, res 16 Garfield 

Calvert, O W (Kenner & Calvert) res 36 Webster [NtllieJ Ola 
" Will, elk Dickover t.'v Altman, res 36 Webster 
" Alvah, machinist Erie, res 36 Webster 
Cameron, Newton, res 18 Warren [Laura] 
Campbell, Anna, artist, res 87 e Market 

*' Sarah (wid Wm I) res 96 Etna ave 

" James, res 96 Etna ave 

" Magg-ie, teacher, res 96 Etna ave 

Dallas, lab res 188 Guilford 
" George, carpenter, res 188 Guilford [Mary] Des- 

sie V 
" Calinda (wid E) dressmaker, res 20 Whitelock 

Canfield, James, prop Eastern Hotel 122 e Market, res same 

[Lottie] Walter D 
Carey, Cyrus, carpenter, res 79 e Market [Mary] 

" Wm F, elk McCaffrey, res 104 e Washington [Jennie] 

ifyouwant LQAN °" ^°ome1o"" BLACK'S Abstfact OfficB 

Lace Curtains and Window Shades. STRODEL. 


Carey, James, enip Erie shops, res 97 e Franklin [Bridget] 

Fnyene, Agnes, Ralph, Paul 
" John, stationary eng, res 27 Gay [Mary C] 
" Joseph, porter Osborne, res same 
Carll, Jason, carpenter, res 221 e State [Margaret] Harry, 

Clarence, John J 
" Chas, teamster, res 221 e State 
Carney, Florence, res 125 First 
Carr, Jasper A, foreman Nichols mill, res Joe street [Anna] 

Laeuna, Chas, Geo, Cecil, Hazel, Ruth 
" Jasper A jr, brakeman Erie, res Joe st 
" Bert, lab, res 135 Etna ave [Nora] Harry 
Carroll, Joseph A, insurance, res 105 e Franklin [Grace] Jos 

Thomas A, boiler-maker Erie, res 105 e Franklin 
Carson, W F, physician and surgeon over 76 n Jefferson, res 

15 William_iMrs W F] Eena, Grace 
Cassaday, O ^A^emp Maliu, res 100 w Matilda [Rachael] 

Cast, Simeon T, mayor of Huntington, insurance and loans 

over First National Bank, res 3>3, Frederick. [Jen- 
nie] Fred, W B 
Cast, William H, elk Collins Ice Cream Co, res 134 Etna ave 

fCastledine, Eaura (wid) res s end Briant. Clarence 
Cawley, Elizabeth (wid Phineas) res 131 Court 
Central Union and Eong Distance Telephone Co (Heaston & 

Dumbauld mgrs) 47 n Jefferson 
Chafee, Wm C, physician and surg-eon over 78 n Jefferson, 

res 52 w Matilda [Anna S] 
Chamberland, Jacob E, carpenter Erie, res 88 Superior [Cora 

V] Mary 
Chamblin, Chas, res 40 Green [Clara] Earl 
Chambers, Mattie, elocutionist, res 93 Oak 

RIIBRFRS AVI ICir^as styles /FT T FR. 



Tobaccos. Pipes. Cigars. &c. 

19 E. Franklin St. HUNTINGTON, IND. 

Mtmuffrieturer of 

piantington^ White ^J^ime, 


Office: — Two and One-Half Miles E. of City. 

^II!^. CD. Mn^^^RN,!^ 

Contractor anb Builbcr, 

11 S Lafontaine Street. 

* W. * R. * MARDENI5 * 


cr^ >^»- FRESH AND SALTED MEATS- — ^^ 

Cor. State and Condit Streets. HUNTINGTON, INDIANA. 

— . -o 

^ash Paid for all Kinds of Country Produce, Full Line of 
Teas, Coffees, Cigars and Tobaccos. 



S>r^ (3oo66. IRotione 


Fresli and Salt fdeats, 

All Kinds Sausage. 

Cash Paid For Butchered Stock, Hides and Pelts. 


*tl DENTISTS, tu 

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 

ltii-tH4-l-nrt4Tk*^ 1-nri East Market Street, Over 

imtllinglOn, ina., van Antwerp-s Grocery. 

MALINS, leIdFng merchant TAILOR. 


Chapman, B H, einp Hoosier laundry, res 16 Allen [Rosella] 

f " Henry, employ shoe factory, res 7 Catharine 

" William, res 46 Mayne 

Cheesman, H C, barber Trixler, bds 6 e Market 
*Chenoweth, L, O, carpenter, res s Btna ave [Viola] Pearl, 

Harry, Mary 
* " Arthur, lab, res s Etna ave 

f " John A, plasterer, res s end Henry [Ida B] 

T E, res 29 Sabine st [Dora] Hope 
Edwin, machinist, res 23 Faust [Ethel M] 
" Cora, dressmaker, res 71 Henry 

Chesterman, Joseph, amp round house Erie, res 152 e Sabine 
[Ellen] John, Hayden 
" Chas, emp Erie, res 152 e Sabine 

Christian, Blanche, waitress Star restaurant, res same 
" Harvey H, machinist Erie, res 34 Marshall 

Ellen (wid) res 34 Marshall. Edith M, Harry G 
Chubb, Sarah E, (wid J J) res 63 Henry 
Churchill, Daniel, lab, res 57 Dimond [Hattie] Claude, Clyde 

" B F, shoemaker, bds Midway restaurant 

Citizens' Bank, (E T Taylor and F Dick props) 41 n Jefferson 
Clark, Wm F, lab, res 63 Mayne [Lucy] Mary, Emma, 
Sylvester, Cora, Irene 
Chas, lab, res 63 Mayne 
R E, fireman Erie, bds Hotel Eastern 
Dora, teamster Briant, res 15 e Sabine [Mary] Geo, 

Etta, Walter 
Chas S, lab, res s end Buck 
Michael, emp lime kilns, res 61 Division 
Marg-aret, (wid D P) res 38 Elm 

Albert, emp Erie round house, res 89 e State [Eliz- 
abeth] Elwood 
Mary E, teacher public schools, res 26 w Matilda 
Robert, eng- Erie, res 10 Wesley [Nellie] Blanche, 
Mabel, Calvin, Helen 

If you want Abstpact of Tlt|e Tr B.LACK'3 '^^'^%c^ 

%T^^S^ Fine Display. 


Clark, Myron, emp Griffith «& Son, res 2 Lee [Kate] 

" Emma, res 32 w Market 
Class, Elmer, emp Withington, res 64 Grayston ave 

" Chas, lab, res 64 Grayston ave [Mary E] Pearl, 

William, Eddie, Howard, Hazel 
" Daniel, emp Briant, res 36 Gra3'ston ave [Mary] 
Clause, Amelia, domestic 126 n Guilford 

" William, emp Withing-ton, res 14 Sherman [Mollie] 
Claybaugh, Thos, blacksmith Erie, res 111 Oak [Margaret] 
Emery, Vernon, Chas jr 
" James, coach builder Erie, res 115 e Franklin 

Clayton, E K, res 32 W Matilda. [Anna] Elizabeth 

" John, prop Clayton's Household Furnishing Store, 
res 33 w Tipton [Maggie] 
Will E, blacksmith Erie, res 97 First [Rosannah] 
Clayton Household Furnishing Store, (John Clayton prop) 

16-18 w Market 
Clem, Allie, teacher garment cutting, res 14 Henry 
Cleveland, Phoebe (wid Thos) res 219 n Jefferson 

" Henry, elk H H Arnold & Son, res 35 Frederick 

[Adda] Tom 
Cline, J Q, attorney, I O O F building, res 26 Fredericka [Ola 
A] Carl, Claude, Grace, Pearl, Clair 
" Wm W, lab, 94 Cline [Charity] 

Isaac H, emp Briant, res 239 Etna ave [Mary A] 
Click, Samuel F, butcher, res 105 e Washington [Flora I] 

Clow, Phoebe (wid Thus) res 13 Kocher 

" Wm D, emp stone quarry, res 13 Kocher 
Cobb, B M, attorney over 16 w Market, res cor Elizabeth and 
Kintz [Nancy C] Jessie M, Francis E, Oscar 

WX 7*ill*:»<- 56 North 
ovi... ". * -^» ^V**^» > Jefferson 

fit, Style and Workmanship Guaranteed Tv /T /\ T TT-^ T't "* 

Coblentz, Henry, etnp Erie, res 27 Canfield [Minerva] Bes- 
sie M 
Colclesser, David, fireman Erie, res 23 Gay [Cora] 
Cole, Scott, justice of peace over 9 n Jefferson, res 146 William 

[Lida] Grace, Abel, Paul, Burnham 
* " Chas, einp Western Eime Assn, res e fair ground 

W R, fireman Erie, res 12 Superior [Bertie] Goldie 
Coles, Chas K, fish dir, res 8 Mayne [Sarah J] 

" Arthur E, carpenter, res 8 Mayne 
Collins, Julia A (wid John) res 56 Frederick 
Collins, E A (Collins & Son) res 90 Etna ave [Matilda] 
Collins, Mrs Mollie, res 90 Etna ave 

W H (Collins & Son) res 117 Etna ave [Anna] Rus- 
Collins Ice Cream Co (E A Collins, W H Collins) 90 Etna ave 
Collins, W H, painter, res 229 William [Lydia A] Cordelia, 
Henry H, painter, res 229 William 
Collins, Timothy, dlr in hard and soft coal, sewer pipe, etc, 

near Wab freight hs, res 179 Cherry 
Collins, Ellen, res 179 Cherry 

" Eliza, teacher, res 179 Cherry 

William, emp Griffith & Son, res 89 Webster [Mary] 

Martin, Edon, Earl 
Ida (wid Patrick) res 162 Poplar. Elizabeth 
" Albert E, eng Erie, res 44 Sabine [Mary] Corning 
" Agnes, elk P Scheiber, res 162 Poplar 
" Mary, trimmer Mrs C H Immell, res 162 Poplar 
" Frank, emp Democrat, res 162 Poplar 
William M, painter, res 229 William 
Colter, Chas, groceries and provisions 241 e State, res same 

Coltrin, Mary, teacher public schools, res 47 e Tipton 
Comer, Hiram E, boiler-washer Erie, res 85 Sabine [Anna B] 
Albert, Charles, Mary, Harvey 
Murray, lab, res 60 Condit [PhcEbe] Alfred, Henry 

Before making Pp/lOllPO an Abstract of Ql A ^N IX 3 g^ 
a purchase' Fl Ul/UI C of Title, at Dl—MOIV O. 

X—Tf \ < ^ T-| — m ■>"^ ^?^ IS <^TRODEL"S STRONOHOtD. 

-E^L^^ JkZI^±J^^LjJ- \. X -^s^ COME AND SEE. <::^ 


Comer, John, enip Perrine & Bartlett, res 26 Nebraska [Irena 
M] Eva M, Mary A, Minnie, Willard, Bes- 
sie, Roy, Effie 
Commerding-er, Chas, carpenter, res 59 South 
Commons, Robert, laborer, res 270 e State [Nora] Sophia, 

Hazel, Ernst 
Comstock, B A, township trustee over 9 n Jefferson, res 68 

High [Celia] 
Conartjs Walter, brakeman Erie, res 20 Leopold 

" Edward, cond Erie, res 21 Leopold [Ella] Patrick, 

Helena, Edward jr, Walter jr 
Sarah (wid E C) res 20 Leopold 
fCongress Bicycle Works, s SalaMonie ave 
Conlej', John, boiler-maker Erie, bds Windsor hotel 
Coun, Wm, emp Briant, res 46 Buck [Sarah] 
Connelley, John J, lab, res 235 n Jefferson 
Connon, Fred, eng Erie, res 48 s Jefferson 

" Caroline (wid Lawrence) res 48 s Jefferson 
Conover, Henry, cond Erie, res 111 First [Annar] 
Cook, S H, lab, res 116 Railroad [Clara] 
f " Eugene F, telegraph operator, res s end Henry 

Samuel E (Milligan. Whitelock & Cook) bds 9 e Tipton 
Samuel, blacksmith J J Stoltz, res 116 Railroad 
Edward M, emp lime kilns, res 116 Railroad [Laura] 
C W, emp lime kilns, res 116 Railroad 
Cooley, Mrs Olive, res 93 w Tipton 
Coolman, W H, elk Whitelock & Son, res 20 Purviance [Ida 

E] Lulu, Russell 
Cooper, Geo, lab, res 22 Guilford 
John, lab, res 22 Guilford 
" John J, lab, res 117 George 

" Jonathan, lab, res 117 George [Mary] Ota, Vadie, 
Corell, Peter, shoemaker W A Zeller, res 86 Frederick [Kate] 
Lizzie, Lulu, Edward 
" Emma, elk Economy store, res 86 Frederick 


^\r~^ \A IJ l-tlLjJr^ FOR LEAST MONEY 

Prices Always Correct, at MALIN'S 


Corell, Jacob, enip shoe factory, res 86 Frederick 

Henry, emp Hunting-ton Mill Co, res 41 Millig-an 

[Cora] Marie, Baby 
Daniel, emp Briant, res 15 Walnut [Mollie| Hazel 
M, Donald 
Cornell, Clark, carpenter Erie, res 154 e Tipton [Delia] Geo 

Corlew, George, res 3 Oak [Anna] 
Cornelius, Clem W, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res 6 Mayne st 

Cory, H W, physician 4-5-6 I O O F building-, rms same 
Couch, Rev B E, pastor Wesleyan Methodists, res 71 Elm 

[Sarah E] Eillie J 
Couch, Hartwell, tailor, I O O F building, res 37 Sala'monie 

ave [Minnie] Grace, Carl, Earl 
Coughlin, Jos B. elk Coughlin, res 118 Cherry [Bessie] Alice, 

Jo&eph jr 
Coughlin, Sue A, boots and shoes, 62 n Jefferson, res 118 
Mary, res 118 Cherry 
Covey, Herbert, emp Briant, bds 1 Bechtol 
Cowgill, Rose (wid) res 59 Mayne. Cluster LeVon 
Cox, W G, eng Erie, res 77 First [Katharine] Florence N, 
Gilbert K 
" William, blacksmith, res 128 Byron [Mary] James C, 

Isaac, Luella, Buehlah, Dulah, Bertha 
" Marv B, teacher High school, res 88 n Lafontaine 
"• Josephine M, teacher High school, res 88 n Eafontaine 
" Cyrena (wid Wm G) res 88 n Eafontaine 
" Stephen C, carpenter, res 88 n Lafontaine 
" Winfield S, boiler-maker Erie, res 47 Elm [Clarissa] 
Ethel, Eldon, Floyd 
Coy, Reuben A, janitor court house, res 39 Franklin [Alice] 
Ray O, Shirley E 
" Abraham, res 77 Frederick 
" Harvey, car inspector, res 13 Third [Dessie] 

Abstracts ^'''^^T'' BLACK'S ABSTRACT OFFICE. 

^/\Dpcr"T"0 «ri^ooEL GIVES 



Craft, Elias, brick layer, res 66 Esther [Cora] Jessie 
Crandal, Samuel, res 51 e Sabine [Dorris] 
" Anna, res 51 e Sabine 
" A A, city marshal, res 19 n Eafontaine [Mary M] 

Viola M, Chas C 
" Mrs Belle (wid Samuel) res 53 Warren. Allen, Virden 
Crane, J E, fireman Erie, res 167 e Market [L E] 
Crane, J E, tobaccos and confectionery, 167 e Market 
Crawford, Noah, emp Briant, res 98 Grayston ave [Anna] 
Dallas, Chas 
Thomas, res 17 Cline [Elizabeth W] 
" Harry, lab, res 17 Cline 

" Nelson, emp Briant, res 151 Broadway [Lizzie] 

Joseph E, Laura, Emma 
Creider, David, machinist Erie, res 17 Salamonie ave [Rose] 
Creiger, Howard, emp round house Erie, res 156 e Franklin 
" Albert, emp shoe factory, bds 154 e Tipton 
Creamer, J N, cond Erie, res 193 e State [Lucretia] 
Creviston, Jacob L, section Erie, res 110 Grayston ave [Dena] 

Edna, Harry 
Cribb, Georg-e, cond Erie, res 132^^ e Market [Mattie B] 

" James, emp Erie, res 28 Gay [Hannah] Edith G. 
Irene G, Myrtle R, Inez B, Fred 
f Crill, Harvey C, blacksmith Erie, res Catharine st [Lizzie] 

fCrill, Chas, boiler-maker Erie, res Catharine st 
Cripe, James, lab, res 89 Lindley [Laura] ErueSt, Vergil, 

Cripe, David, carpenter, res 89 Lindley 

Crist, Geo W, fish dlr, res 4 Leopold [Nancy] Harry O, 
N H, cond Erie, res 74 e Matilda [N A] Walter, Her- 
bert, Raymond 
" Edward, lab, res 17 e Tipton 

LeRoy, machinist Erie, res 7 Kintz [Clara] Laura B 

W. A. Zeller '^u^-^cet^ated^ Gray Bros. Shoes je'ffJ?so.?st 

IVJ. .^^ JL-^1 1^1 v!^ /-W-'-' HUNTINCTON. ^i^H^ 


Crist, John J, fish dlr, res 15 Division [Mary] 

" James L, moulder, res 17 Division [Dora] Clifford, 
Crites, Alexander, bakery 106 n Jefferson, res 39 e Tipton st 

[Florence] Marion, Dora 
Croker, James W (col'd) stone mason, res 15 Cline [Carrie] 

Crosby, Michael, emp Erie round hs, res 24 Leopold [Susan] 

Henry, John 
Cross, Mace, emp Erie, res 80 First 

C A (wid) res 31 w Matilda. Grace A 
Crouch, Pathania (wid) res 16 Salamonie ave 
Crow, A D, eng- Erie, res 130 Condit 

" Linda J (wid Joseph) res 130 Condit. Minnie 

" Mrs Sophia M, dressmaker, res 104 Court. Anna F, 

Chas V, Lizzie R, James A 
" John C, plasterer, res 104 Court 
" Tliomas D, brick mason, res 104 Court 
Crull, A U, teacher high schools, res 70 e Market 

A B, carpenter Erie, res 26 Henry [Lizzie] Lawrence 
E, Fay N 
" Harley R, student, res 26 Henry 
" John L, butcher, res 114 First [Emma] Fern 
Cull, John J, eng- Erie, res 103 e State [Louisa] Mamie, 

Frank, Fred 
Cull, James, emp Erie shops, res 80 Wilkerson [Anna] 
Culler, Stephen, night watchman Briant, res 57 Webster 

[Nettie] ' 
Culp, Lavina, (wid Daniel) res 22Mayne 

Gulp, J D, stone dlr, res 24 Mayne [Jennie] Gertrude, Chas 
Harry, Ruth, Dean 
" Glenn, lab, bds 10 Mayne 
John T, lab, res 22 Mayne 
Culver, Ellis, tinner, Dickover & Altman, res 26 Mayne 
" Nelson N, tinner, res 48 Mayne [Sarah] 

ifyou^want LQy^^ '''' ^'^^^.X^'^ BLACK'S Abstpact Office 

STRODEL Weaves Carpets on Short Notice. 


Culver, Daisy, clerk, res 48 Mayne 

Cumming's, lyUther, res ^9 William 

Cunning;hain, Thomas, boiler-mkr Erie, res 78 e State [Alice] 
Otto, Fern 

Cunning-ham, Mrs C F (wid) literary writer, res 58 e Franklin 

Cunning-ham, James, lab, bds 40 Grayston ave 

Cupp, Uriah, carpenter, res 115 Railroad [Mattie] 

Curran, L, cond Erie, res 85 e Market 

Cushman, David, lab, res over 53 Guilford 

Cutshall, Mrs M J, res 63 Frederick 

" Florence M, music teacher, res 63 Frederick 

" Charles H, reporter Herald, res 63 Frederick 

" Foster E, compositor Herald, res 63 Frederick 

Buy a Pocket Knife or Razor of A. Freeh 

Dages, Will, electric light tender, res 82 Webster st [Agues] 

Dahne, Eda, domestic 15 e Market 

Dailey, Mag-gie, librarian city school, res 22 w Matilda 

Dailey, Anna A (wid D O) res 22 w Matilda 

Dairs, Richard, lab, res 14 Hasty [Mollie] 

Daltry, Thomas, foreman blacksmith shop Erie, res 45 e Sa- 
bine [Carolina] 

Daltry, John, blacksmith Erie, res 16 Iowa [Florence] Thos 

"Danhauer, Chas, emp Erie shops, res n canal e of city 

Daniels, T E (Kitch & Daniels) res 52 Oak [Naomi] 

Danielson, Rose C, teacher public schools 

Darr, J W, eng^ Erie, res 56 e Market [Mavine] Nellie 

Suppers ^^^iSintStirar' w. a. zeller 


L. MAkliS. 


Blacksmiths and Wagon-Makers. 


No. 5 East WasMngton Street. 

csivE ivi E >K c:;.Ai_i_. 


W. R. BECK. M. D. 

No. 80 N. Jefferson St. Phone:|SS'„,^e';n9. 
Rectal and Skin Diseases 
a Specialty 


Proprietor Etna Avenue Grocery, 

A Full Variety of Goods Usually Kept in a 
First-Class Store. 

Fresh Butter and Fggs a Specialty. 

^-W. H. STROVER,^> 
Hotise and Sign Painter. 

Graining, Paper Hanging, Interior 

Finishing and Decorating a Specialty. 
107 North LaFotitaine Street. 





Fancy Cakes and Home Made Candies a Specialty. 
Cor. Jefferson and Frederick Sts. HUtyiTINGTON, INDIANA. 

Collins Ice Cream Co., 

Main Office, 90 Etna ave. Hnntington, Ind. 

Braiicli House: 




Ffour, Feed and 5eed6, Bafed Hau and Straw, Lime, 

Cement, Pfa6ter Pari6, Land Pfa6ter, 

Hoo6ier Pli06phate, Hair. 

AQENTS rOK PRATT'S FOOD. 11 East Washington Street 




Darr, 1 W, fireniati Erie, res 105 Eincoln ave [Susan] Ber- 

Darrow, Ned, eiup E E Brown, rms over 32 Cherry 
Daug-hertv, Richard, brick mason, res 31 Iowa [Mary] Clara 

E, Mary J, Richard L, Clarence F 
Daugherty, John, contractor and stone mason, res 23 s Briant 

[Caroline] Cecelia, Lucy, John E 
Davidson, Duncan, merchant police, res 9 Allen st [Anna] 
Julia, Johnnie, Willie, Josephine, Mabel, Alice 
Davies, Joseph, tile merchant 43 e Market, res 111 Etna ave 

[Sarah] Lorene M, Winifred, Jesse, Leslie 
Davies, Harriet, res 36 w Tipton 

Davis, James L, blacksmith 7 Front, res 16 Whitelock [Jen- 
nie] Clyde, Floyd. Eva, Fred 
" Guy W, fireman Erie, res 44 Indiana [Chloa] 
" James F, emp Catholic church, res 101 Cherry [Chris- 
Chas, eng C Fulton, res 69 Cline [Ola] 
" H C, engine dispatcher Erie, res 70. First [Ida May] 

Hubert, res 100 Cherry 
" Caldwell, elk E Levy, res 58 e Franklin 
" C H, domestic 52 w Matilda 

Richard, emp W M Billiter, res 12 Hasty [Mary] 
Day, T M (Dad) cond Erie, res 28 Guilford 

" Everet M (E J Day & Son) res 53 Mayne [Olive V] Syl- 
vester F 
" John R, prosecuting attorney, res 94 s Jefferson [Matie] 
Irl M, Ocle 
Day, Samuel F, livery and feed stable 23 Cherry, res 32 w 

Day, Robt J sr, res 32 w Market 
" Chas, painter, res 16 Mayne 
" Edmund, res 16 Mayne [Sarah Ann] 
Day Sc Elser (R J Day jr, Geo Elser) hippodrome, headquarters 
fair ground 

If you want Abstpact of Tit|e --'^ BLACK'S '^'^'''o^ffice 

X DRESS GOODS ^T ^-^'S' Fine Display. 


Day, R J jr (Day & Elser) res 126 Guilford [Bertha] Donald 
" L J (Iv J Day & Son) res 102 s Jefferson [Adelia M] 
Pearl, Beatrice 
Day, L J & Son (L J, Everet M) jrroceries 23 s Jefferson 
Day, E E, elk E J Day & Son, res 102 s Jefferson 
*DeArmitt, Mrs Florence, servant Orphans Home, res same 
DeArmitt, J B, teacher, res 121 Byron [Anna] DeVoe 
Dearwester, George H, cond Erie, res cor Elizabeth and Mar- 
g-aret [Sarah] Blaine, Georg^e, Celia, Sadie. 
Dearworth, C W, operator Erie M M office, res 64 Frederick st 

Russell, enip Erie oil house, res 119 Court 
Decker, Henry, emp Hoosier laundry, res 4 Herman [Alice] 
Deeds, O O, plumber, res 29 South [Amanda] Glenn E, 

Ethel M 
Deemer, W H, emp Erie shops, res 8 Erie [Martha E] Harry 

O, (child unnamed) 
Deighton, Selina, prof nurse, res 7 Ehn. Arthur, Amy M, 

Hilda, Daisy 
Deig-hton, PeiX)', musician, res 7 Elm 

Dellinger, Jacob H, emp Erie round house, res 12 Nile [Cath- 
arine] Ernest 
DeLong-, Rev J W, pastor Matilda st U B church, res 23 Poplar 

[Emma] Fred W, Leo 
DeEong-, A W, res 57 s Jefferson [E C] 

Delorme, Bertha (wid Edward) res 66 w Matilda. Adela, Ed- 
Delvin, Delia, res 58 e Franklin 

" William, carpenter Erie, res 134 Elni st [Rachael] 
Chas W, street sprinkler, res 117 s Jefferson [Eliza- 
beth] Goldie, John H, Robert, Ethel, Eouis. 
DeMoss, John, machinist Erie, res 60 High. [Alice] Edna 
DeMuth, L E, eng Erie, res 109 Lincoln ave [Emma] Donald 
Denis, Frank, fireman Erie, res 11 Iva [Minnie] Mildred 

Infants' Shoes ^.r.^.l'.r.'fft- W. A. leller.r'lrll':. 

Fit, St.vle and Worlv-maiiship Guaranteed "N/r /\ T TT^ T'< "* 

Denius, Ed. emp Briant, res 73 e Seibine [Esther] Waveland 
'• Sophrona (wid) res 47 Elm 

William, bridg^e carpenter Erie, res 21 Harris street 
[Louisa] Edith, Maybelle 
" Clark, emp Erie shops, res 21 Harris 
Denton, John, einp Briaut, res 26 Wag-oner [Sarah Ann] 

Chas, lab. res 15 w Market 
Deville. Peter, carpenter, res 174 Cherrj- [Matilda] Mar5' 
t " Nicholas J, carpenter, res s Salamonie ave [Marj^ A] 

Eaura, John, Mary, Rose, Joseph 
DeVoe, Jennie, housekeeper 19 Salamonie ave 
DeWitt, Fremont, emp Erie, res 16 Harris [Mollie] Bud, 

Clinton, Ada 
Dial, John, lab, res 2 Bechtol 

" Jackson, carpenter Erie, res 104 Lincoln ave [Sarah] 

" W F, inspector Erie, res 146 Condit [Sarah] Jennie, 
Dicer, John, switchman Erie, res 10 Simon [Lena] Fred, 

Veroiika, Carl, Bernese 
Dick, Julius (F Dick & Sons) res 197 n Jefferson [Frank] 
" Jacob (F Dick & Sons) res 207 u Jefferson st [Susan B] 

" Fred (F Dick & Sons) res 29 Frederick- Amanda 
Dick, F & Sons (F Dick, Julius, Jacob) clothiers 49 n Jefferson 
Dickinson, J R, eng Erie, res 1 Jacob [E M] Darke D, 

Sarah E, Ralph, Marshall, Cortland 
Dickover & Altman (W H Dickover, R M Altman) hardware 5 

s Jefferson 
Dickover, W H (Dickover & Altman) res 47 High [Martha] 

Arthur L, Mabel L 
fDickover, Jacob, carpenter, res s Henry [Lydia] Jennie, 

Diefenbaugh, Margaret (wid Peter) les 153 Court 
William,' lab, res 38 Halstead 
" Ed, machinist Erie, res 38 Halstead 

''fpurcu^:^" Procure ^'"o^rat"' BLACK'S. 


-^i, COME AND SEE. -^^ 


Diefenbaugh, MoUie (wid Martin) res 38 Halstead. Flora, 
Clara, Lulu 
" Allen, emp Erie, res 63 High [Mag-gie] 

" John, cook AUnian & Boos, res 57 Warren 

" Lewis, butcher, res 57 Warren [Sarah] Lizzie, 

Chas, Georg-e, Lewis jr, Harry, Lulu, Nettie 
Dill, W W, pianos, organs etc, 30 s Jefferson, res 101 Etna ave 

[Etta] W Aubrey, Susan 
Dille, Icabod, res 45 Etna ave [Rebecca] 
Dinius, M F, res 96 Etna ave [Mertie E] Theresa W 

" E E, emp Briant, res 66 Grayston ave [Jennie F] 
Vergil E, Emma 
Dinius, Harvey, grocery 106 Etna ave, res 110 Etna ave 
[Jennett] Loyal L, Ethel E, Ruth R, Burnet B 
Dinius, A Link, caller Erie, res 106 Lincoln ave [Minnie] 
Bernice, Ruth 
" W F, attorney, res 11 Monroe [Clara] Vera, Marie, 
Rev W O, pastor Etna ave U B church, res 28 s Jeffer- 
son [S V] 
" John, cond Erie, res 121 e State [Anna] Essie, 

Nellie, Robert 
" Lillie M, teacher public schools 
Dillon, Martha (wid James) res 4 s Lafontaine 

" W K, emp Erie shops, res 76 Superior [Sarah] Hat- 
tie, Edgar, John . 
" Mahala (wid) res 77 e State 
Dimond, Joseph, carpenter, res 17 William [Flora] Joseph, 
William, Blanche, Arthur, Ruth 
" Frank, electrician, emp city, res 17 William 
" George, emp shoe factory, res 17 William 
Dimond, William, horse shoeing and repair shop 44 Cherry, 

res over same [Maggie] Harry, Hazel 
Dodson, Lola, domestic 26 n Lafontaine 

Dohle, John, hostler Dr F S C Grayston, res 74 Cherry street 

■^^TH^.T .T .T=n. T=? FOR BEST GOODS 


Prices Always Correct, at MALIN'S 


Doell, Will, lab res 61 Clark [Bertha] Frederick 
Dolan, Sej'inour J, elk Ackennan, res 102 E Franklin 
Lena, elk Arnold & Son, res 102 e Franklin 
" Edward', res 102 e Franklin 

Josephine, elk Arnold & Son, res 102 e Franklin 
Lewis A, emp Stults livery, res 102 e Franklin 
"' J R, asst yardmaster Erie, res 102 e Franklin [Eliza- 
beth] Henry, Bart, Leo 
J H, brakenian Erie, res 13 Third [Ida] 
Dolby, Grant, timber cutter, res 24 Monroe 
Dondna, B F, brakenian Erie, res 84 e Sabine [AlUe] 
Dondna, Mrs L (wid) res 84 e Sabine 
Donk, Geo, emp shoe factory, bds 60 Whitelock 
Donley, John, shoemaker, res 53 Warren. Jessie 
Doolittle, J A, eng Erie, res 9 Superior. John M, Geo A 
Dorn, Matthias, plumber W F Dorn, res 108 Hitzfield street 

Dorn, F William, foundry and machine works 44 e Matilda, 

res 104 n Lafontaine [Mary] Bertha, George 
*Dorsch, Fred (Stults & Dorsch)s Etna ave [Nora] John W, 

Doty, Clara, res 69 e Franklin 

Doub, G H, elk McCaffrey res 60 e Matilda street [Melvina] 
Mary M 
J W, baker 123 n Jefferson, res 34 Poplar street [Myra] 
Harold, Maida 
" John M, lab res 64 Zahn [Lizzie] Charles, Harry, 

" Henry, lab res 64 Zahn 
Douglas, Mrs Sophia, res 26 Garfield. Herman 
" Eva, res 41 Etna ave 

J J, eng Erie, bds and rms 11 e Market 
Dow, Chas, cond Erie, res 93 s Jefferson [TiUie] Stella, Jas 
Dowell, W M, black.smith, res 52 Mayne [Ada] Pearl, Ruby 
Drabenstot, Frank, emp Erie shops, res 108 Elm 
Dragoo, Margaret (wid) res 42 w Market 

Drake, W T, cond Erie, res 29 Superior st [Lizzie] Hazel, 
Mary, Nellie 

Abstracts ^'^^^T''' BLACK'S ABSTRACT OFFICE. 

•N AppCTO STE?bt)EL C^TVteS 



Draper & Worling (Henry Draper, Julius Worliiig-) contractors 

over 7 s Jefferson 
"Draper, Henry (Draper & Worling^) res near water wrks 
"Draper, Royal, lab res near water wrks station 
"Draper, Alvin, lab res near water works station 
"Draper, W A, lab res s Etna ave 

Clara, domestic 45 w Matilda 
Dress, Peter, res 47 w Tipton. 
Drover, Herman H, photoj,'^rapher over 17 s Jefferson, res 38 

Etna ave [HattieE] Walter H, Carl E 
Drover, Fredericka ^wid Henry) res 38 Etna ave 

" Herman W, amanuensis France & Dungan, res 8 Wil- 
Theresa (wid Henry F) res 8 William. Anna 
Wm H, res 64 William [Emma] Arthur, Evaline 
Eaura, cashier J Strodel, res 64 William 
Simon H, foreman carpenters Erie, res 14 William st 

[Mary]. Katie 
Minnie, emp Hoosier laundrj-, res 14 William 
Henry J, fireman Erie, res 14 William 
George, machinist Erie, res 14 William 
Eena, teacher music, res 14 William 
Drummond, P E (wid E M) res 166 Byron. Alice 
Q J, r, s 46 Whitelock [Mary B] 
E Q, city clerk, res 79 Marshall [Grace A] 
Dubbs, M, teamster, res 151 First [Delfina] 
Duley, Augustus, res 21 e Tipton 

Dumbauld, Wm H, lunch room 164 e Market, res 11 South 
'* James W, elk res 11 South 

R R (wid Uriah) res 11 South 
" Warren (Heaston & Dumbauld) res 66 Front street 

[Mary] Ida 
" John, elk Heaston & Dumbauld, res 66 Front 

* •' Melangtou, teamster, res Stringtown, e fair grnd 

[Tessie] Lyuden, Eldon, Ruth 

W. A. Zeller '^S::'!^^C^:a' Gray Bros. Shoes jlS^st 

iVl >-V JL^l rV w5 -W*w HUNTINC.TON. w^^^ 


Dunathan, E P. carpenter, res 146 Oak [Nancy J] Minnie 

E, Gaylard M, Robert B 
Dunfee & Goble (Louis Dunfee, Chas Gob^e) books, stationery, 

etc, 9 e Market 
Dunfee, Eouis (Dunfee & Goble) res 11 e Market 
Dungan. Zachariah T (France & Dungan) res 29 Milligan st 

[Llna C] Harry M 
Carl O, ag-ent "Up to Date" res 29 Milligan 
" Mag-gie M, res 117 Guilford 

Isaac E, enip Erie round house, res 62 Superior street 

[Mary A] Aurelius M, Dallas, Clyde. Elvin 
Dunn, Chas E, switchman Erie, res 146 e Franklin [Belle] 

Dunning. Charles, etnp Briant, res 84 Court [Ella A] Belle, 

Lillie E, William 
Dyer, W D, cond Erie, res 39 Can field [Eunna] Francis, 

Agnes, Oscar 

IfneT.^.'^ Top, Books and Holiday Goods ^T^Tur^r^te^' 


Eaken, J H, lab, res 24 Superior 
" Thos A, res 24 Superior 

Earhart, R M, fireman Erie, res 41 e Sabine [Alpha] Mar- 
tha, Archie 

Earlywine, James L, euip Griffith & Son, res over 152 e Market 
[Florence] Eddie 

Earlywine, Mary C (wid ''.V H) res 57 Superior. Maude, Eva, 
Ernest, Wm H jr 

Eberhart, Joseph, tailor over 63 n Jefl'erson, res 67 Oak ^t 
[Tillie] Lizzie, Herman 

STRODEL Weaves Carpets on Short Notice. 


Eberhart, John, stock dlr, res 14 Iva [Mary] Effie, Ervin B 
Ebersole, W H, carpenter, res 18 Grayston ave [Clara] Er- 
vin, Rosa, Joseph 
" J M, carpenter Erie, res 129 e Franklin st [Anna] 

" Jennie, housekeeper 17 Erie 
Eby, J S, photos"rapher, res 87 Poplar 
Eckenbarg-er, Conrad W, emp Erie shops, res 46 Leopold st 

[Alice J] Mabel, .ChasW 
Eckenbarger, Frank, emp lime kilns, res 13 Erie [Clara] 
*Eckenbarg-er, Eli, section hand Erie, res n Guilford [Mary] 
Eckenroad, Henry J, machinist, res 51 Hig-h 

" J A, eng- Erie, res 51 High [Julia] Paul J 

Edg-ington, W R, burber Trixler, res 17 Bingham. [Jennie] 

Carl, Buella, Fred 
Edging^ton, Jennie, modeste, 3d floor First National Bank blk 
*Edgington, James, emp Sutton brick yd, res e fair ground 

[Eillie] Chas 
Edlar, Gertrude, res 10 Bingham 
Edson, Thos, asst eng water works, res 27 South [Mary] 

Edwards, Sarah (wid John) res 147 e Market. Eda 

Frank, painter Erie, res 130 First [Ida M] 
Edwards, Chas A, prop Globe Clothing store 33 n Jefferson, 

res over same [Ella] Ruth 
Eger, William F, eng City Mills, res 199 Cherry [Ida] Ervin 
Eggleston, H H, carpenter Erie, res 105 First 

" W O, master carpenter Erie, res 105 First [Bar- 

Ehellers, Anna, domestic 110 Guilford 

Ehinger, Frank, section foreman Wabash Ry, res 123 e Sabine 
[Cecelia] Isabella, Leonard, Sylvester, Joseph 
" Conrad, lab res 4 Second [Mary] Nora 
" Alois, emp Briant, res 4 Second 
" Ollie, emp Briant, res 4 Second 
" Engleman, emp Erie shops, i^es 4 Second 

IPPERS ''n's;."\?,?rc'4'ar''w. a.zeller 


MALINS, leI^Fno mer chant TAILOR. 


Ehing-er, Julius, emp Briant, res 4 Second 

Eug-ene, emp Erie shops, res 4 Second 
Eisele, Franz, stone mason, res 113 Poplar st [Katharine] 
Mag-g-ie, Rose, George 
Frank, lab res 113 Poplar 
" John (Yerman & Eisele) res 113 Poplar 
Eisenhauer, Andrew J, jeweler 87 n Jefferson, res 110 Poplar 
Eisenhauer, Bals, banker, res 110 Poplar. (Daughter) 

" John M, bookpr First National Bank, res 40 w 

Tipton [Anna M] Mag-dalena, Theresa A, 
Eulalia H 
" Anna, res 10 Simon st 

Ellat, Simon, res 23 London [Elzina] 
Ellerman, C J, stone mason, res 9 Gay [Dessie] Fred 
Elliott, Frank, carpenter Erie, res 103 Lincoln ave [Sarah] 

" Earl, machinist Erie, res 21 Wilkerson 
Ellis, G, res 70 Marshall 
Ellis, Ed, drayman, res 67 Wilkerson [Uria] Flora, John, 

Elizabeth, Uria 
Elser, George (Day & Elser) bds 11 e Market 

Elvin, T L, foreman machine shops Erie, res 72 Guilford st 
[Alice] Gertrude, Eathel, Bessie 
" R F, boiler maker Erie, res 6 Third [Maude S] 
" Harry L, foreman boiler shops Erie, res 216 e Market 
[Jessie] Claude, Chas, Mary 
William, boiler maker Erie, res 232 e Market [Eliza- 
Eniberlin, George, hostler S P Stults, res over 65 e Market 

[Hattie] May, Dolphus, Dessie 
Emerick, Geo W, carpenter, res 14 Taylor [Mahala] 

" John W, emp Singer Sewing Machine Co, res 47 

" Ida L, emp Hoosier laundry, res 47 William 

Wm L, feather renovator, res 47 William [Mahala] 
Emery, James, res 36 Poplar [Susan W] 
" Will R, traveling agt, res 36 Poplar 

If you want Abstpact of Title 'Z' BLACK'S ^^'^'^^^ice 

J^^ DRESS GOODS %r ^^S' Fine Display. 


Emery, Sarah (wid John) res 53 w Matilda 

" H E, teacher, res 69 Elm [Mary] Marie 
" Mary (wid Peter) res over 127 n Jefferson 
Emley, J R, bookpr Hunting-ton Co Bank, res 9 Canal street 
[Lucie] Ruth 
" H E, cashier Huntington Co Bank, res 48 Whitelock 

[Cassie] Neil, Dow, Paul 
" D A, watchman Perrine & Bartlett, res 53 Superior 
[Nannie] Chas, Harry, Clarence 
f " Frank P, carpenter, res 32 Catharine [Kate] 
" A C, carpenter, res 9 William [Cora] 
" Julia A (wid Sexton) res 58 Wilkerson 
" Jesse A, carpenter, res 154 e Tipton 
" BjTon H, carpenter, res 154 e Tipton 
" James B, lab, res 90 e Washington [Sarah] Leon- 
ard, Flora, J D 
" Chas, carpenter, res 154 e Tipton [Delilah] Guy 
" Roscoe, emp Hoosier laundry, bds 287 n Jefferson 
Emmons, Joseph, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res 16 Edwin street 

Endres, Geo, car inspector Erie, res 20 Buchanan 

" Edelburg-h, res 20 Buchanan 
Engel, Andrew, saloon 94 n Jefferson, res 120 Poplar [Maria] 
Herman, John, Josephine, Andrew jr, Marie. 
Eng-leman, Geo, res 98 Poplar [Philipena] 
Engleman, Chris, saloon 85 n Jefferson, res 119 Cherry street 

* " /- Michael, lab res s Etna ave [Arabella] Pearl, 

Emma, Walter 
*Enoch, T R (Hedg-e Fence Co) res s Etna ave [Flora] 
*EnYard, Sherman, res Jos Davies farm 156 Broadway [Mary] 

Thos, Wm 
Erb, J L, meat market 94 First, res 12 Gay [Elizabeth] Ed- 
ward, Rosella, Joseph, Marie 

Infants' Shoes ^.^.''r^ll^li W. A. Zeller, A'S^ 

B*it, Style and WorkmaHsiiip Guaranteed TsVT >!!^\^T |7""fNj"' 5~-^ 

Erlenbach, Frank, emp C Lang-, res 64 Marshall [Kate] 
" Jacob, bartender A Wyss, res 158 Byron 

" Philip, lab res 158 Byron 

Will, enip C Lang, res 158 Byron 
" Julia, res 158 Byron 

" Arky, res 158 Byron 

Adam, emp J KindleF, res 158 Byron [Mary] 
John, machinist Erie, res 13 Wilkerson [Jeane] 
Philip sr, lab res 117 Esther [Sophia] 
" Philip jr, lab res 117 Esther 

" Ignatius, lab res 117 Esther 

" Lizzie, res 117 Esther 

Henry, fireman Erie, res 51 Oak st [Caroline] 
f Ernst, John, lab bds 7 Catharine 

Ernst, J M, carpenter Erie, res 7 Grayston ave [Ida S] Jen- 
nie, Merlin 
Erpelding, Geo, cooper Western Lime Assn, res 107 Oak st 
" Frank, bottling works 120 w Matilda, res same 

[Matilda] Lizzie, Ferdinand, Harmon, Law- 
rence, Joseph, Vincent 
Peter, cooper, res 116 w Matilda [Theresa] 
" Jacob, cooper, res 116 w Matilda 

" John V, cooper Western Lime Assn, res 62 Esther 

[Pauline] Gertrude, George, Bertha, Josephine 
Ertle, Martin M, carpenter, res 137 n Lafontaine st [Mary] 
William, Marcellus, Cecelia, Estella, Josephine 
Ertzinger, W L, fireman Erie, res 115 e Market [Alma] 
Ertzinger, Levi A, meat market 25 e Market, res over same 

Ervin, Wm, lab, res 35 Green [Jessie] 
Erwin, Wm, teamster, res 107 Elm [Millie] Grace 

^l^p^chaj:" Procure ""It^^X' BLACK'S. 

¥ 'r /'^-^ r-^ -r-r-r'T~"~>"^ ^^ i-^ stkodel's stroNgHoli). 

JriV ^KUD^-CZlJ-LrA. J- -<!:i, COME AND SEE. -n^. 


Eschbach, Israel M, confectionery 7 n Jefferson, res 39 Etna 
ave [Elizabeth] Elizabeth B, Earl E, Ray E 
Ola, elk I Eschbach, res 39 Etna ave 
Bina, elk J Frash, res 39 Etna ave 
Ella M, compositor Democrat, res 39 Etna ave 
Isadora, elk C R Smith & Co, res 67 Frederick 
Thos, carpenter, res 67 Frederick [Lavina] 
John, lab res 2 Hannah 
Mary, dressmaker, res 2 Hannah 
Esson, Richard, eng- Erie, res 77 Oak [Mary] Mamie, Lizzie 
Esson, Richard E, bookpr E Buffalo, res 77 Oak 
Etzold, Henry, emp G W Shearer, res 6 Arthur [DiUa] Hazel 
\V A, tender Mt Hope cemetery, res 64 Buck [Henri- 
etta] Mary, Emma 
" Chas F, emp A Altstadter, res 112 w Matilda [Pau- 
line] Hannah 
" John C, canvasser, res 112 w Matilda 
Evans, David, expressman, res 87 Frederick [Almira] Bet- 

tha, Elva, Ota 
Everding-, Geo, res 124 e Market 
" Mattie, res 27 "Walnut 

Philip, lab res 27 Walnut st [Mary] Jacob H, 
Ewing-, Thos, elk E Hewitt, res 177 n Jefferson st. [Pearl] 
" Ann (wid Thos) res 165 n Jefferson 
" Wm (Ewing- Bros) res 165 n Jefferson 
" Chas F, elk, res 165 n Jefferson 

" James H (Ewing Bros) res 167 n Jefferson [Margaret] 
J Fred 
Ewing Bros (William, James H) dry goods, 81 n Jefferson 
Exchange Hotel (J F J Siegmund. prop) adj Wabash depot 

\lfif»ft Fi'C'rli Sells Guns, Revolvers. Knives, 
Aiocri rreun p,^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ g^„ Goods 



WiU Get It ^ ^ I 

If we do not have on hand the kind 

of ink, paper stock, envelopes, ♦ 

cards, programs, invitations, or the ♦ 

kind and style of type you desire ^ 

used on j^our job, we will buy it. J| 

We do this .-. .-. .-. ♦ 

To Please Our Patrons 

* * 

t t 

^ We endeavor to keep up with the ♦ 

^ times in every department; we ^ 

♦ keep ahead of all Huntington com- 2 
petition, but we sometimes do not ♦ 
have what our patrons wish and ♦ 
we buy it for them. We are up- ^ 
to-date and do the right kind of * 

'{ ' ^ printing and at prices charged for ♦ 

♦ the slouchy, flimsy stuff. We ^^ 

♦ study to please our patrons .'. J 
t « 

I And Do the Best Work. I 

^ 4 

J The Guide Publishing Co., J 

* J 

♦ No. 14 South Jefferson Street, Huntington, Indiana. * 

Questi on of Yacilitics I 

When it comes to doing first-class * 

printing it is merely a question of ^ 

facilities. These are good presses, 2, 

latest type faces, good material ♦ 

and good printers. .'. .'. .". <^' 


\ m mi Cbem Jlll.^=^=^ I 

» 3 

5 We print catalogues, circulars, ^ 

♦ vTv letter and note heads, bill and ^ 

♦ vAv statement heads, cards, programs, ♦ 
^ /\ envelopes, or anything that any 4 
^ Huntington shop can print. '^ 

♦ f 

♦ ^ I 

J mc Do Better mork.^=^^ I 

♦ -_^_ z^ ^ • ♦ 

♦ « 

♦ t 

♦ Our office and shop is on Jefferson * 

♦ >iv street, on the south side of the ♦ 

♦ yAv creek. Call and see us or invite 4 

♦ / \ us to see you. This is a sample ^ 

♦ of our work. .". .'. .'. .'. ♦ 

♦ t 

t ,,Xbe Guide Publishing Co., | 

I ^..Rumington, Tnaiatta. J 

Prices Always Correct, at M ALINES 


Faber, Minnie, res 41 Mayne. Jenetta. Lenoe 

Faber, Louisa (wid Louis) res 110 Lincoln ave 

Fahrnow, Fred sr,.enip Griffith & Son, res 67 German [Marj-] 
Sophia, Eda, Carl 

Fahrnow, Fred jr, clk^D Ying-ling-, res 67 German 

Fahrnow, Harmon, hostler Griffith & Son, res 67 German 

Fair, John H. emp Huntington Lig"ht & Fuel Co, res 57 Fred- 
erick [Addie] Mj-rtle 
" Hezekiah, blacksmith, res 24 Hasty [Rosa] Paul 

fFalk, JE, res 26 Swan [Ruby M] Flossie T, Wm, Jacob 

Falck, John, elk H H Arnold & Son, res 38 Webster st [Etta] 
Marie A 
" Geo, carpenter Erie, res 93 Dimond [Mary] Georg-e, 
Otto, Louisa 

Fallon, T F, night 3-ardmaster Erie, res 109 e Franklin street 
[Katie] Eddie, May 

Fanning, George, carpenter, res 154 Court [Effie] Dwight 

Farling, John, timber buyer Griffith & Son, res 67 Briant st 
[Anna] Dora, Edith, Arthur 
" Louis, emp Griffith & Son, res 67 Briant 

A C, carpenter, res 288 e State st [Aldie] Myrle, 
Addie, Ada, Ray 

Farmers Guide (The Guide Pub Co, publishers) 14 s Jefferson 

Farrar, Charles, janitor Central school, res 32 Whitelock st 
[Lotta] Robert 

Fasnaugh, Noah, lab res 190 Byron [Adda] Wilson, Nan- 
nie, Nora, Buell, Helen 

Faurut, G W, brakeman Erie, res 24 Canfield st [Elizabeth] 
Nina, Urban, Ivan, Nerval 

Faust, Rev F P, asst pastor SS Peter and Paul Catholic 
church, res 93 Cherry 

Feighner, Win, emp lime kilns, res 321 e State [Clara] Lucy, 
Blanche, William 

Abstracts ^■^^Pa^e^r'^ BLACK'S ABSTRACT OFFICE. 




Feighner, Georg-e, barber, res 51 Webster [Maude] Edna, 

Winnie , 

Felter, Mary R (wid Jacob) res 58 William 

Frank, elk F Dick & Sons, res 58 William [Edna B] 
Ferg-uson, Geo W, laundryman Pearl Steam laundry, res 49 

Frederick [Marinda] Harvey E 
" Donald, physician, res 4 First [Anna] Elizabeth 

'• C W, emp Kolatona factory, res 25 Second [Ella] 

Nellie, Daisy 
Fernandez, Anna (wid Joachim F) res 48 William 
Ferner, Rose C, teacher city school, res 39 e Tipton 
Ferrill, Patrick, bag-gage master Wab, res 96 Court [Han- 
nah] James, Mary, Nellie 
Fetters, Sophronia (wid) res 244 e State 

" Elwood, painter Erie, res 50 Jackson. Robert, Cora 

" Samuel, painter Erie, res 50 Jackson 

" William, fireman Erie, res 74 Webster [Margaret] 

Harry, Edna, Willis, Ora, Roy 
Fields, Walter T, eng Erie, res 98 Byron [Etta E] Wallace 

W. Bessie M 
Filbert, A J, lab res 274 Etiia ave [Ida E] Eoran, Herbert 
Fink, Daniel, emp liuae kilns, res 130 e Sabine [Eliza] GeoW 
Finley, Harry, barber shop 9J4 n Jefferson, res 10 Elm street 

[Minnie] Harold 
Finlej', Nathan, teamster res 36 Mayne [Sarah] Newell W, 

J P 
" Ora, teamster res 37 Briant [Allie] Edward, Fay, 

Finn, Michael, saloon 162 e Market, bds 130 e Market 
Finney, W T, cond Erie, res 165 e Franklin 
Firman, C J, cond Erie, res 85 e Market 
First, Aaron, emp Briant bending fac, res 38 Indiana [Ida] 

Emery, Emma 
First, D E.meat market 106 Etna ave, res 120 Clark [Anna L] 

Fist, Chas E, carpenter Erie, res 30 Mayne [Delia] Frank 

W. A. Zeller ^:'!^s^:^' Gray Bros. Shoes je^frso^:,\t 


JVX .<fX. JL-^ 1 rx ^1!^ w^^^ huntin(;ton. -w^-w 


First National Bank (Wm McGrew, pres; B Eisenhauer, vice 
pres; Sarah F Dick, cashier) s w cor Jefferson and 
Market sts 
Fisher & Bailey (Leona Fisher, Maude Bailey) milliners 7 e 

Fisher, Keefer & Bailey (S C Fisher, Henry Keefcr, J B 

Bailey) contractors 
Fisher, Lemuel, brakenian Erie, res 87 e Market [Lizzie] 

A C, car repairer Erie, res 137 e Market [Sarah] 

Dessie, Mamie, Merrill 
Georg-e, blacksmith Erie, res 36 Harris st [Melvie] 

Willie, Elmer, Charles, Ray 
W M, lab Erie, res 43 e Sabine [Elizabeth] Lee 
Fisher, Lonnie, emp Perrine & Bartlet, res 43 e Sabine 
Noah, res 52 Guilford [Hannah] 
H O, janitor Allen st school, res 65 Henry st [V O] 

Harry, stone mason, res 133 n Lafontaine 
Samuel, teamster, res 143 Walnut [Laura] Isaac, 

Clarence, blacksmith Erie, res 9 Erie [Minnie] Wm 
S C (Fisher, Keefer & Bailey) res 28 Front [Rebecca 

Leona (Fisher & Bailey) res 28 Front 
Jane (wid Daniel) res 19 Division 
John, lab res 31 Green [Mary] 
Simon, res 36 Green 
Molliston, lab res 20 London. Anna 
Harvey, lab res 73 Elm [Susan] Clara A 
Fisher & Snider (I E Fisher, O N Snider) groceries 3 s Jeffer- 
Fisher, I E (Fisher & Snider) res 15 Olinger st [Elizabeth] 
Charles A 
" Maria (wid) res 15 Olinger 

Nicholas, res 123 Oak [Elizabeth] 
Fisher, N W, gunsmith 20 e Market, bds 22 e Market 

» you want LQAN "" ^^1' to"'' BlACK'S Absipaot Officg 

STRODEL Weaves Carpets on Short Notice. 


f Flannug-an, John, emp Briant, res 71 Lindley st [Charlotte] 

Everet G 
Flanuag-an, J D, brakeman Erie, res 43 Marshall [Sarah E] 

Libby B, John H 
Fleck, A, carpenter Erie, res 202 e Market [Mattie] Sarah, 

Thurman, Clarence 
Fleck, Charles, machinist Erie, res 202 e Market 
Flemming, J A, agt Metropolitan Life Insurance Co, room 5 

Citizens Bank block, res 71 w Matilda [Arminda] 

Hazel C, Mary E 
Flemming-, John, bill elk Erie frt office, res 110 e Market 
Flora, Frank (Flora & Griffith) res 208 Guilford [Delia] 
Edith, res 35 w Market 

Asa, elk Ewing- Bros, res 152 Guilford [Ida] 
Flora & Griffith (Frank Flora, Frank Griffith) druf^gists 88 n 

Flowers, Georj^e, res 85 Whitelock 

Flynn, Hannah (wid John) res 281 n JetfersoH. Marie, Ag- 
nes, Irene, John, David 
Folk, Howard, cond Erie, bds 11 e Market 

Eli, carpenter, res 120 Front [Emma] Cleo Clem 
" Jesse, res 126 Front [Eavina] 
Folk, W E, ag-t Standard Oil Co, res 102 First [Ella] Ber- 

Fooshee, J D, barber J Berkfield, res 90 w Matilda [Lena] 

Irene, Lulu 
Foote, Mrs Florence E, teacher public schools, res 39 e Tipton 

Helen, Athol 
Ford, Jeff, elk Erie M M office, res 62 e Market 

Anthony, elk Erie R M office, res 62 e Market 
Alice (wid) res 130 Guilford 
Ford, J W, pres Huntington Co Bank, res 225 n Jefferson st 

Fordyce, Alice, teacher public schools, res 68 e State 
Forest, I B, res 27 Kintz [Margaret] Anna, Carl, Earl 
" Emmet, stone mason, res 123 George [Lizzie] 

Slippers '^^^isr^tStirar'^ w. a. zeller 



Forest, Fmma, domestic 151 n Jefferson 

" Arietta, domestic 92 Frederick 
Foreman, Morris, junk dlr, res 75 w Tipton 

" Rose H, teacher public schools, res 39 e Tipton 

Forster, Nicholas, bartender P Forster, res 112 Oak [Mar- 
garet] Catharine, Herman 
" Peter, saloon 12 e Washington, res 86 Poplar [Eliz- 
Peter, stone mason, res 99 Poplar st [Katharine] 

Clarence, Frank, Peter, Mamie 
Peter, lab res 120 Oak 
John, elk P Scheiber, res 120 Oak 
" Jacob, stone mason, res 120 Oak [Catharine] Mag- 
gie, Katie, Mary, Lizzie 
" John jr, stone mason, res 99 Poplar 
" Jacob F, barber L, Trixler, res 99 Poplar 
" John, stone mason, res 92 Puplar [Joanah] Katie 
^ukr-^ Joseph, Edith 
Forsythe, 'Elias, res 146 Condit 

" James, carpenter, res 29 e Matilda 

Foster, Charles, painter res Grand View hotel 

" G W, prop Marchaniel Restaurant, res 28 Guilford st 

[Florence] lona, Howard 
" Deville, timber buyer, res 9 s Briant [Jennie] Ad- 
die B, Wilda 
" Michael, emp lime kilns, res 107 Grayston ave [Liz- 
zie] Eddie, Julia, Lulu 
" C Helene, stenographer Erie Supt office, res 66 Cherry 
" George F, contractor and brk mason, res 66 Cherry 
" Chas, contractor, res 66 Cherry [Margaret] Mary, 
Chas jr, Freddie 
fFotteral, Barker & Brown Co, mfgs of boots and shoes, fac- 
tory s Salamonie ave 
Foust, William G, res 74 w Matilda [Lydia] 
Fowerbaugh & Zahm (Lewis Fowerbaugh, L V Zahm) grocer- 
ies 148 e Market 

ifvouwant Abstpact of Titlc ^r^ BLACK'S *''^''o*ffice 

Lace Curtains and Window Shades STRODEL. 


Fowerbaug-h, William, res 13 Glenn [Barbara A] Albert 
Fowerbaiig-h, Lewis (Fowerbaugh cSr Zalini) res 41 South street 

[Mary] Grace 
Fox, Patrick, master car builder Erie, res 118 e Market [Mrs 

Frame, J H, foreman Withing-ton factory, res 24 Briant street 

[Delia] John, Harry, Edna, Roy 
France, William, res 115 e Market 
Charles, res 115 e Market 
France, O R, prop Star Restaurant, 11 e Market, res over same 

[Maranda J] 
France, J Fred (France & Dungan) res 83 e Market [Jackie E] 

France & Dungan (J Fred France, Z T Dung-an) attorneys 

and commercial lawyers over 35 n Jefferson 
France, Henry, truckman Erie, res 11 Edwin [Grace] 
" Pearl, domestic 11 Edwin 
" Hiram, teamster, res 15 s Eafontaine 
" Anna, teacher, res 15 s Eafontaine 
f " James A, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res 20 Swan [Ea- 
vina M] Bessie A, Goldie I 
" George, emp PerrinQ & Bartlett, res 93 e Sabine street 

[Nellie] Carl 
" John, lab res 3 Grayston ave [Sarah] Edward, 
Laura, Mabel 
*Francis, Wm, emp Erie round hs, res e fair ground [Kate] 

Viola M, Everet W 
Franklin, Mary (wid John) res 38 Milligan. Rosetta, James, 
Wiley, Arnold, Mollie 
" Samuel, traveling salesman, res 53 Buchanan street 

[Belle] Simon, Minnie, Mollie, Pearl 
*' Moses, junk dlr, res 128 George st [Sarah] Cecil, 

Mary, Anna, Mollie 
" Meyer, junk dlr, res 128 George 

Franks, Wm, emp Huntington Light & Fuel Co, res 19 Fruit 
[Eliza] Minnie 

Infants' Shoes ^^^^tl^!^ W. A. Zeller,/e^Sn 

f'it. Style and Workmanship (iuafaiiteed TV /T /\ T T'N^ T' r^*^ 

Frary, Henry, bookpr C E Briant bending works, res 42 Fred- 
erick [Malissa F] Edna, Ralph, Frank 
Frary, Addie, s-tenographer Erie M M office, res 42 Frederick 
Frash, John, prop Frash dry g-oods emporium 53 n Jefferson j 

res 110 Guilford [Esther] 
Frash, Georg-e A, treas Congress Bicycle Co, res 110 Guilford 
Frash, Eugene, mgr Frash dry goods emporium, res 110 Guil- 
ford street 
Frazee, Dock, brickmaker, res 1 s Eafontaine [Eaura] Maud, 

May, Chester, Ralph, Fred, Otis 
Frazee, Mrs Mary, res 134 Elm. Chas, Earl, Effie 
Frazier, Dr E, specialist over 52 n Jefferson, rms same 
Freeh, C Albert, drugs and sundries 16 e Market, res 65 Etna 
ave [Savilla] Mabel, Ernest, Eugene, Hor- 
tense, Charles 
Frederick, H B, prop Windsor Hotel 151 e Market, res same 
[Anna] May, Albert, Frank 
" A W, emp Erie car shops, res 25 Erie [Hannah E] 
Freed, George, brakeman Erie, res 85 e Market 
Freehafer, Elizabeth, res 24 Superior 
Freehafer, J J, castrator, res 95 Lindley [Sarah] Franklin 

E, Howard E 
Freel, John, emp fire dept, res same 

" Wm, machinist Erie, res 229 e State 

Edward, lab res 229 e State 
" Roscoe, butcher W H Tillman, res 44 Cline 
" David R, carpenter Erie, res 15 Garfield [Martha EJ 
Louis, lab res 40 Whitelock. Ella, Child 
Chas, elk Whitelock & Son, res 40 Whitelock 
Wes, lab res 40 Whitelock 
'*■' " Mrs Hugh (wid Hugh) res e Front 

* " Amanda (wid Patrick) res e Front 

* " R C, machinist Erie, res e Front 

* " Samuel, lab Erie, res e fair ground [Sarah] Bert 

* " C F, res e Front 

Before making^ PrnPllPO an Abstract of ^1 A ^^1^5^ 
a purchase rrOCUre of Title, at DLMOIV O. 



Freeman, William, brakeman Erie, res Windsor hotel 

Freinstein, Mrs Elizabeth, carpet weaver, res 129 Oak. Jos, 
John, Katie, Clara 
" Nicholas, elk S Ivippman, res 129 Oak 
" Jacob, cow herder, res 129 Oak 

French, Bessie (wid Presley B) res 69 Court. Child 

French, Geo, lab res 95 e Tipton [Mary E] Paul 

Prisner, Wm S, fireman Erie, res 65 Canfield [Belle] 

Friar, John, student, res 21 Front 

Friedman, Miss Thersa, res 98 Byron 

Fries, Frank, enip Briant saw mill, res 5 Harris st [Emma] 
Ceo, Enima 

Frost, R F, physician I O O F block, res 84 e State [Margar- 
et] Georg-e, Bertha, Fred 

Frost, Harry, inesseng-er Western Union Telegiaph Co, res 84 
e State 

Fruit, Miss Louisa, res 89 Guilford 

Frutig, Adele, teacher of French, res 113 Guilford 

Fry, J C, emp Briant, res 26 Kocher [Malinda M] Viola B, 

Fry, Jacob, res 109 s Jeflferson [Sarah] Ola 

Fryn, Mary, res 179 n Jefferson 

Fuller, Maurice, emp Erie, rcs 22 Iowa [Ellen] 
" Clara, domestic 50 Front 

FuUerton, Henry H, teamster, res 35 Briant [Macy] Harry 
O, Rosa M 

Fulton, Jennie (wid Wm) res 77 w State 

Chas R (Fulton & Fulton) res 77 w State 

Fulton & Fulton (John F, Chas R) well drillers 

Fulton, Sarah (wid James) res 22 Olinger. Mary, Harry, 

Fulton, Robert B, groceries 127 e State, res 125 e State [Mary 
E] Clara E, Tamson R, Mayme, Willis C 

Fulton, John F, postmaster, res 40 w Market [Esther] Her- 
man F 
" Mary (wid Geo) res 96 Webster. Tamson, Sarah 

Men's, Boy's, Youths', Ladies', Misses' and CMldreii's Slioes at ZELLER'S. 

Prices Always Correct, at M ALINES 


Fulton, Sarah, domestic, res bet Wab tracks and Webster 
Chas, euip lime kilns, res 129 e Sabine [Mar^-] 
Daniel, emp lime kilns, res 135 e Sabine [Sophrona] 

Georg-e, Jesse 
Arthur, emp Martin lime kilns, res 135 e Sabine 
Clarence, emp Martin lime kilns, res 135 e Sabine 
James, emp Martin lime kilns, res 135 e Sabine 
Miss Louisa, res 40 Frederick 
Miss Catharine S, res 40 Frederick 
Furstenberger, Wm, brakeman Erie, res 42 Hig-h [Kate] Ed- 
ward, Arthur, Barnard 
Furstenberg-er, J F, bds 164 e Market 
Fussleman, Mary (wid) res 5 Jacob. James, Charles, 

" Jerry, fruit tree ag-ent, res 10 Canal st [Jennie] 

B F, lab res 8 Church [Agnes] Don A, Hattie 

School Books, Tablets and Pencils at the Opera 
House Drug Store. A. Freeh. 

Gagen, John, porter Exchang-e hotel res same 

f " Michael, emp lime kilns, res 335 e State [Mary] Jiio 
E, Katie J 

f " Martha (wid John) res 24 Brawley. Patrick 

* •' Thomas, lab res 337 n Jefferson st [Lucy] Frank, 
Anna, Edward, Simon, Lizzie, Lewis 

Gaines, H F, postal elk Wab, res 55 s JeflFerson [L M] Wal- 
ter O 

Gallog-y, John, agent, res 103 s Jefferson [Mary] John G 

Gamble, Shedrick, emp lime kiln«, res 23 South. Emma 

" Enos, emp Erie coal dock, res 91 Superior st [Flor- 
ence] Enima 

f " Theodore, teamster, res 18 Swan [Maggie] Oliver 

Abstracts ^-^T/;/;;' ' BLACK'S ABSTRACT OFFICE. 

'"a'„S'a"' CLOAKS AND CAPES sTRo1?Et..s. 


Garden, Harry, inspector Erie, res 209 e Market [Jennie] 
Gardner, George, enip Griflfith & Sou, res 10 Everett 
Chas, emp Newcomb & Co, res 10 Everet 
" Hannah (wid John F) res 10 Everett. John, Clar- 

" Chas E, brakeman Erie, res 172 First [Jennie] Ed- 

ward, Oleva, Delia, Glenn 
Simon, teamster, res 61 Division [Flora] Mildred 
* •' O A, teamster, res s end Briant [Eva] Oliver C 

" Richard, city street commissioner, res 23 Purviance 

[Ida] Flora, Mary M, Walter H 
" M C, minister of the gospel, res 24 Purviance street 

[Mary R] John M, Jesse R 
Garner, Chas W, brakeman Erie, res 42 Kintz st [Cora B] 

Hattie, Cecil 
Garouthe, Sarah E, teacher public schools, res 44 s Jefferson 
Garr, Scott, cond Erie, res 195 e State [Sarah] 
Garrett, Marion, compositor Herald, res 165 Guilford 

Ida M (wid Chas) res 165 Guilford. Anthony, Flor- 
ence, Ruth, Ben 
Garretson, Harry, student, res 54 First 
Garretson, W F, traveling- salesman, res 18 Henry [Jennie] 

Earl F, Carl A, Adeline 
Gasper. Anthony, emp Erie shops, res 115 Broadway 
Gasper, Peter, emp stone quarry, res 115 Broadway [Catha- 
Gass, H A, elk Eipinski, res 62 Etna ave [Pearl] 
Gates, Henry, emp Erie, res 30 Canfield [Lillie] Zella 
Alta, res 23 Eondon 
" Wm, lab res 30 dinger [Ellen] 
Gawne, Willis, butcher, res 30 e Matilda 

Ambrose, butcher E C Strodel, res 30 e Matilda 
" George, butcher, res 30 e Matilda 
Mrs (wid Wm) res 30 e Matilda 
Gaynor, Margaret (wid Michael) res 154 n Eafontaine 

I^ITRRFPS All Kinds ^nd Style... ZELLER. 

J-VJ- .<f^V J_^J. 1^ >r!^ /-W-W HUNTINGTON. ^^,-W 


Geedy, Ora, elk Reiclienbach »!« Wickenhiser, res 109 Esther 

Geo, lab res 109 Esther [Caroline] 
•Geerdink, John, emp Erie shops, res 44 n Eafontaine [Lizzie] 
Geeting-, Oscar, lather res Joe st 

" Joseph M, lather res Joe street [Mary E] Flora B, 
Delia M, Susan E, Owen 
f " Oliver P M, lather res s end Henry [Rachael] 

" Austin, lather res 15 Everett [Abbie] 
Gehring-, Joseph, emp Erie round hs, res 15 Leopold [Sarah] 

Geisler, Chas, emp Perrine & Bartlett, bds 31 Mayne 
Geller, George, baker, res cor Third and e Market [Carrie] 

Gelzleichter, Peter, shoemaker, res 143 Poplar 

John, emp Griffith & Son, res 123 George 
Gemmer, Joseph, furniture and undertaking 90 n Jefferson, 

res 151 Dimond [Amelia] Amelia 
Gemmer, Fred G, emp J Gemmer, res 80 Oak [Carrie] Her- 
bert. Gertrude 
Wm C, eng Erie, res 87 First [Wilhelmina] 
" Henry, einp city, res 112 n Lafontaine st [Louisa] 

Hilda, Rudolph 
fGephart, Robert, emp lime kilns, res 339 e State [Mary] 

Lewis, Blanche, Myrtle, Dolly 
* " George, emp lime kilns, res e fair ground [Alice] 

Willie, George J, Earl 
f " Sarah (wid) res 10 Brawley 

" Wm, emp lime kilns, res 137 e State 

Chas, teamster, res 17 Nile [Mary] Edith B, Ar- 
thur, Chas jr, Emma, Clara 
f " Lewis, lab res 14 Brawley 

Gerard, Frank, boiler-mkr Erie, res 54 Whitelock st [Susan] 
Eliza, Gertrude, Grace, Anna, Herbert, Eldon 
" Samuel J, boiler-mkr Erie, res 98 Whitelock [Arloa] 
•' Richard F, boiler-mkr Erie, res 54 Whitelock 
Gerkin, Gesina (wid Harmon) res 35 Canal 

ifyou^want iQf^f^ °" ^^^e^"-^ BLACK'S Abstract OffJce 

I J l\l r^ F- R W F- A R ''''^ ^^'^'^ EVERYBODY, AT^ 



Gerlach, Gottleib, einp lime kilns, res 148 e Sabine [Catha- 
rine] Amelja, Peter, Barbara, Mary, Mag-gie 
Gerona, Peter, ernp S Buchanan, res 71 Division 

" Leonard, lab res 71 Division [Mary] Lizzie, Tena 

Gerstenschlag-er, John, machinist Erie, res 21 Wilkerson 
Gesaman, E Frank, fireman Erie, res 42 s Briant [Nora B] 

Howard F 
Gibbs, Mrs Mary, res 119 e Market 

Gibler, John [Huntington CoBnk) res 183 n Jefferson [Sarah] 
Roy, stenographer Erie M M office, res 183 n Jefferson 

Elias, res 248 e State [D A] 
Gibson, Chas S, emp Erie oil hs, res 92 Condit [Abbie] 
Gilbert, Jonas H, carpenter, res 39 Fredericka [Mary] Bessie 

" Joseph E, brakeman Erie, res 87 e State [Lillie] 
fGilchrist, C F, truckman Erie shops, res 7 Swan [Anna M] 

Helen B, Robert E 
fGilchrist, Fred, res 11 Swan [Christina] 
Gilkey, Minnie, res 121 e State 

Gilkey, H D, fireman Erie, res 27 High [Minnie] 
Gill, Howard S, etnp shoe factory, res 55 Henry 
Gill, John S, watchman bicycle factory, res 55 Henry st [Lu- 

cinda B] Cora B, Dolly, Laura, Clyde 
Gill, Almeda, emp Hoosier laundry, res 55 Henry 
Gillispie, Alletta L (wid Wm) res 165 e Market 

" Ernest A, brakeman Erie, res 165 e Market [Carrie] 

" William, brakeman Erie, res 165 e Market 

Gillis, Wm, emp Erie yds, res 94 Court [Hattie] Pearl, Lee 
Giltner, Mattie I, teacher public schools, res 8 Guilford 
*Givens, Erastus, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res e Front 
Glanton, Herbert O, bill poster, res 96 w Matilda [Laura] 
F M B, emp Griffith & Son, res 94 w Matilda [Mary] 
Harry, Eva 
" Linnie (wid Hartwell) res 43 e State. Earl, Carl 
Glass, Maggie (wid) res 55 Division. Willis, Ruth 

l,adies' Shoes, Slippers, ALT A 7 CI f Ih D Boots, Misses' Shoes- 
Men's Shoes, ™« -«■• iMlZLtLiCi'S. Childret 




(successor to radabaugh.) 
57 flortli Jefferson Street. 

The only Strictly First-Class Studio in 
Huntington County, Up-To-Date in Kvery 
Respect. We have all the Late Novelties, as 
vi^ell as every thing made and known to the 
picture business. Here is a list of a few kinds 
and styles we make. 

Corbonette Photos in all sizes, Crys- 
taltypes, Platinotypes, Carbon Pho- 
tos on Celluloid. Porcelain, Ivory or 
anything else that a Picture can be 
made on. Button Photos and Pins, 
Medalions, Combination Groups, 
Family Groups, Views, Photos on 
Silk or Linen, Flashlight Photos, En- 
larged Portraits in Crayon, Ink, Se- 
pia, Water Colors, Pastel, Aquarelles, 
Porcelain, etc. 

We have not room to name all, but come and 
see for yourself. 


TDip. Otto "LJ". I-Cing, 





35 MILLIGAN ytrooTv-. — -^-^ 


(^ eorge (3uetblei\ --^ 

Confcctiooery, Cigars aodToteccos; 


117 North Jefferson Street. ^^=^ 

Bakery and Groceries of all kinds. 



1 1 East Rreinklin Street. 



Gleich, Albert, res 75 Polk 
" Lorenna, res 75 Polk 
Carl, res 75 Polk 

Ernest, elk A Altstadter, res 73 Polk st [Delia] Ger- 
trude, Eva, Clarence, Etta, Henry 
Glenn, John S, secy-treas Herald & News-Express Co, res 122 

Guilford [Eaura] Robert R, Anna 
Glennon, Thos, mgr McCaflfrey & Co, res 105 e Franklin 
Glick, Edna, res 161 e State 
Glick, Alfred J, teamster, res 298 e State [Mary A] Edna E, 

Mary J, May, James 
Goble, Chas W, (successor Dunfee & Goble) books, stationery, 

etc 9 e Market, res 11 e Market [Ella] 
Goble, Kelso, artist, res 11 e Market 
Golden, T F, loans and insurance over 37 n Jefferson, res 50 

Canfield [Anna] Hug-h 
Goldsmith, Chas, lab res 46 n Eafontaine [Mary] Walter 
Goodboy, Mary, domestic 51 w Market 

Goodyear, Erastus, emp A Crites, res 59 Elm [Mary] Ber- 
tha, Lyman, Ora 
Gooley, Geo, emp O Hasty, res 73 Clark 
Henry, lab res 73 Clark 
Frank, lab res 73 Clark [Louisa W] 
John, lab res 73 Clark 
Wm, lab res 67 Elm [Florence] Chas 
Matt, lab res 117 William [Mary] Hazel, Howard, 
Goss, Edward, emp Democrat, res 56 Oak [Florence] 
Gordon, John E, teamster, res 13 Olinger [Caroline] 
Gordon, Geo, painter Erie, res 146 e Franklin [Anna] Carl 
Goring, John, Wab frt and ticket agt, res 82 w Matilda [Liz- 
zie] Gertrude, John jr 
Gorman, Patrick, res 182 n Jefferson 

Gould, Chas A, traveling salesman, res 37 superior [Rosa- 
mond E] 
Gourley, Troy, bridge inspector Erie, res 156 First [AUie] 

if,ouwa„t Abstract of Title --^ BLACKS '^^^^"o^frce 

Lace Curtains and Window Shades. STRODEL. 


Graele^', Carl, lab res 153 n Laforitaine 
" Magg-ie, res 51 Oak 
" Mary, housekeeper 124 Oak 
" Frank, emp F Ivashing^, res 124 Oak 
" Wm, musician, res 124 Oak 
" Frank jr, emp brick yard, res 124 Oak 
Peter, emp P Holtz, res 124 Oak 
John, lab res 124 Oak 
Louis, emp D S Leyman, res 124 Oak 
Grafton, Olney, jewelry 47 n Jefferson, res 54 e Washington 

[Cora L] Edna 
Graham, Simon, emp E A Collins, res 59 Henry [Clara M] 

Grappy, Fred, brakeman Erie, res 134 e Market 
Grass, Chas, machinist Erie, res 144 First 
Frank, yard elk Erie, res 144 First 
Joseph B, eng Erie, res 144 First [Susan] Mabel 
" Wm, machinist Erie, res 176 First [Margaret] Earl 
" Geo, fireman Erie, res 178 First [Grace] Arthur 
Gray, Harry, eng Erie, res 85 e Market [Sophia] Harvey 
Gray, Howard H (Stell & Gray) res 85 Henry [Clara B] 
Grayless, F W, fireman Erie, res 34 First [Rozella] Wm A 
Grayston, Chas E, eye and ear specialist over 8 e Market, res 
36 w Tipton [Jennie] Florence L, Jesse T, 
Anna L 
Grayston, B H B (Drs Grayston) res 139 n Jefferson [Mary] 
Wallace, Hayden, Mary, Isabella 
" Fred W (Drs Grayston) res 141 n Jefferson 

F S C (Drs Grayston) res 141 n Jefferson [Isabella] 
Grayston, Drs (F S C, B H B, Fred W) over 49 n Jefferson 
Greek, Wm, emp Erie shops, res nw cor Matilda and Guilford 
Griffith, D M, fireman Erie, res 90 e Market [F Edna] 

" John J, barber S V Kiutz, res 110 s Jefferson [Mag- 
gie] Ruth H 
" Elmer, emp Newcomb & Co, res 20 Everet [Nancy] 
Carrie, Carl 

as- W/' 4 TexMe^f 56 North 

It at ▼▼ • ^« ^CllCr, Jefferson 

Fit, Style and Workmanship Gutiratiteed "TV /r /\. X .TTVT'CZ^ 

Griffith, Chas, lab res 101 Court 

Ed L (G V Griffith & Son) res 198 n Jeflferson [Ella] 
Randolph, Lyle 

G V (G V Griffith & Son) res 161 n Jefferson [Evaliue] 
Griffith, G V & Son (G V, Ed L)plovv handle mfg-s, 79 Webster 

* " Joseph, baker, res 297 n Jefferson 

* . " Sarah A (wid John) res 297 n Jefferson. Lota 

* " Frank (Flora & Griffith) res 297 n Jefferson 

Chas, elk W H Griffith, res 28 Whitelock st [Raney] 
" Clark C, asst city civil eng", res 73 s Jefferson 
Griffith, Wm H, groceries 18 s Jefferson, res 73 s Jefferson st 

[Sarahfina M] 
Grig-g-s, Frank D, emp shoe factory, res 14 Salamonie [May 

E] Edna A, Helen 
Griin, Rose, domestic 83 Poplar 

" John, emp S Buchanan, res 132 Poplar 

" Wm E, elk L Eevy, res 84 s Jefferson [Grace] 

" J S, operator Erie, res 77 Etna ave 

" Roland, elk res 77 Etna ave 

Eli P, elk Allmau & Bash, res 77 Etna ave [Harriet] 
Griswold, Adeline, teacher public schools 
Gross, Myrtle, domestic 5 Oak 
Gross, W E, machinist Erie, res 31 Superior 
Grupe, John H, compositor Democrat, res 33 William [Jose- 
" Henry, res 57 Guilford [Mary] 
" William, printer, res 57 Guilford 
" Chris, boiler-mkr Erie, res 57 Guilford 
" Henry E, retail oil dlr 55 Guilford, res 42 w Matilda st 
Guenther, Fred, elk res 57 Buchanan [Louisa] Carl, Har- 
Guethler, Michael, emp city, res 112 n Lafontaine 

Before makingr Prnoiiro an Abstract of Ql A^^iy'J^i 
a purchase rlOUUie of Title, at DLMOIV O. 



Guethler, Geo, confectionery 117 n Jefferson, res 113 n Lafon- 

taine [Anna] 
Guhl, Julius sr, emp Griffith & Son, res 105 Bartlett [Freder- 
icka] Anna, Freda, Eva 
" Fred, lab res 105 Bartlett 

Helmuth, emp Griffith & Son, res 105 Bartlett 
" Chas, painter, res 105 Bartlett 
" Julius jr, emp Griffith & Son, res 105 Bartlett 
Guthier, Edward, fiieman Erie, res 145 Byron [Kate] Frank, 

Henry, Clarence, Carl, Walter 
Guthrie, Frank, city civil eng-, bds Exchang-e hotel 
Guest, Lyman, eng- Erie, res 76 Front [Emma] Lulu, Geo, 

Guest, Stanton, machinist Erie, res 76 Front 
Gusman, Joseph H, plumber and gas fitter 20 e Market, res 
72 s Jefferson [Dora] Gertrude, Maude, Clair 
Gusman, Ed, fireman Erie, res 106 First [Anna] 

None but Experienced and Reliable Men are Al- 
lowed to Put Up Prescriptions at Albert 
Freeh's Drug Store. 


f Haag, Henry, night operator Wab, res 15 Catharine st [Isa- 

dore] Harold E 
Haas, Anna, emp Exchange hotel, res same 
*Haas, Joseph, lab res 114 Thomas [Pauline] 
Hacker, Chas, emp Erie, res 86 n Lafontaine 
Hackett, J H, traveling freight agt Erie, res 160 Guilford st 

[Nellie] Helen M 
Hackney, Josephine (wid Lewis) res 240 n Jefferson 
Chas A, elk Frash, res 108 Guilford 

Men's, Bofs. Youtlis', Lames', Misses' m CMldren's Shoes at ZELLER'S. 

Prices Always Correct, at MALIN'S 


Hadley, Wm R, res 43 \v State St [Mary E] Ora P, EHhu, 
Chauncey, Cybell, Clarence 

Haerly, Henry M, traveling salesman, res 57 s Jefferson street 
[Ada M] 

Haerly, Elizabeth (wid Henry) res 96 Poplar 

Hage, Elizabeth (wid) res 94 Frederick 

Hagey, Elnora (wid) res 25 Buchanan 

Hagois, Edward, lab res 132 Condit [Mary] 

Hague, Thomas H, dentist over 95 n Jefferson, res 121 Guil- 
ford [Emma] Elizabeth 

Haines, L, J, eng, res 226 w Matilda st [Francis] Oscar W, 
Clara B, Chas W, Sadie E, Geo P, Effie D, 
Leander L 

Hale, Frank, machinist Erie, res 124 First [Nettie] Cora, 
Leona, Winnie, Ruth 
Mary E (wid S T) res 99 Lincoln ave 
James, eng Erie, res 124 George [Lizzie] 

Haley, Edward, blacksmith Erie, res 3 Simon [Sarah] Dor- 

Haley, James, "the fisherman" res 158 Guilford [Virginia] 

Hall, James, carriage mkr Sid Hall, res 109 Lincoln avenue 

*Hall, CUude, machinist Erie, res e of fair ground [Dora] 

Hall, Sid G, carriage mfg 38-40 Guilford, res 66 Henry [L B] 

Halsey, Warren E, carpenter, res 57 Buck [Rosa] Louisa 
Wm, emp Erie shops, res 10 Bechtol [Francis] 
Henry F, emp D First, res 24 Monroe * [Ella] 

Ham, Alonzo, lab res 30 Front [Francis] Nettie, Allie 

Ham, Joseph, lab res 84 Whitelock. Wilbur J 

Ham, John (Bailey & Ham) res 84 Whitelock [Belle] Ger- 
trude, Ilo, Gorman 

Hamer, W D (Hamer & Wasmuth) res 57 Poplar [Hannah] 
Mark E, Darwin, Dayton, Russel 

Hamer & Wasmuth (W D Hamer, A D Wasmuth) attorneys 
over 37 n Jefferson 

Abstracts '^^T';:!'.;"' BLACKS ABSTRACT OFFICE. 

''"ir^h^^r CLOAKS AND CAPES stro^d^el-s. 


Hamilton, Robert I, Supt public schools, res S3 Poplar street 

[Kathleen C] Claude McD, Mary E, Robert S, 

Ralph R 
Hamilton, James, cond Erie, res 149 e Market 
Hamin, Miss Mae, res 18 Guilford 
Hammel, Charles, teamster, res 173 n Jefferson 

" Edward, emp lime kilns, res 8 Grayston ave 

" Jacob, emp lime kilns, res 8 Grayston ave 

Hammond, Frank, brakeman Erie, res 149 e Market 

C W, eng- Erie, res 116 e Market [Ecu] Wilbur 
Hamrick, Davis, drayman, res 72 Frederick [Elvie] Pearl, 

Eva M 
Miss Callie (Hamrick & Briant) res 98 Lincoln ave 
Hamrick Sc Briant (Miss Callie Hamrick, Mrs Adelia Briant) 

dressmakers 98 Eincoln ave 
Handwork, Adam, fireman Erie, bds 186 e Market 
Harbert, Mrs. Alice S (Harbert & Smith) res 22 Warren 
Harbert Sc Smith (Alice S Harbert, Columbia Smith) dress- 
makers 22 Warren st 
Hardin, Martin, res 124 e State [Sarah] 
Hare, Thomas, butcher, res 105 Oak 
Hare, Matilda (wid Thos) res 105 Oak 
Hare, Frank, lab res 49 Briant [Belle] Chester, Kenneth, 

Marg-aret, Marshall 
*Harger, Henry H, lab res s end Buck st [Jennie] Katie M, 

Emmet W, Clarence D, Rudolph F 
Harg-rove, John, res 97 e Franklin 
Hargrove, Kittie, res 97 e Franklin 
Harlan, Miles, car repairer Erie, res 137 e Market 

" H S, carpenter, res 80 Grayston ave 
Harley, George, caller Erie, res 24 Nile [Mary W] Jennie M 
Harlow, Seth, cond Erie, res 34 Wilkerson [Agnes L] Seth- 

erea, Effie, Mary, Maude 
Harlow, Albert, plumber, res 34 Wilkerson 
Harn, A C, barber, res 89 n Lafontaine [Maggie] Paul, 

Harring, Ellen (wid Geo W) tailoress, res 210 e Market street. 

Robert, Ida 

l^ITRRFI^S All Kinds Styles 7FIJ.FR. 




Harrig-an, John, stone cutter, res 154 n I^afontaine [Ivydia] 

Mary, John, Willie 
Harris, Cyrus W, rms over 53 Guilford 
Harris, Samuel M (Harris Clothing- Co) res 97 e Market 
Harris Clothing Co (Samuel Harris, Albert Lowenberg) cloth- 
iers 80 n Jefferson 
f Harris, Jesse, emp Briant, res 268 e State [Florence] 
" MoUie, emp C & E Eating hs, res same 

" W G, carpenter, res 43 w State 

" Albert, empPerrine & Bartlett, res 19 Garfield 

Hart, Wealthy, res 18 Etna ave 
Hart, Wm H (Hart & Hart) res 69 Henry [Etta] 
Hart, Elizabeth, teacher, res 69 Henrj' 
Hart, John J (Hart & Hart) res 36 Front [Ted] 
Hart & Hart (Wm H, John J) attorneys over 57 n Jefferson 
Hart, Milton, carpenter, res 48 Hig-h [Maria] Frank, Sam, 

Aria, Paul 
Harter, Edwin, Exchange livery and feed stable 21 w State, 

res over 19 w State [Lucie M] Helen 
Harter, Heber, res over 19 w State 

" Jean, music teacher, res over 19 w State 

" Eyle, sub teacher public schools, res over 19 w State 

Mrs C W (wid) res over 19 w State 
" E G, insurance agent, res 116 Etna ave [Martha J] 
Augustus, Millie 
* " George, res n Guilford [Emma] 
Hartman, Kate (wid) res 11 Olinger 

'• Jacob E, lab res 11 Olinger [Mahala] John 

Belle (wid John) res 11 Gay 
" August, emp F W Dorn, res 10 London st [Rosa] 

(Dessie and Jean Helton) 
" J D, emp Wab section, res 57 Division st [Lizzie] 

Mary, Anna, Herman. Amelia, Amanda, 
" Henrietta, res 105 Poplar 

" Mary E, teacher public schools, res 27 Henry 

ifyou^want LQAN °" ^comeir'' BLACK'S Abstfact Office 

UNDERWEAR ^"flZZIi^I^^^cgi^^^i^ ^ 


Hartman, Jacob, merchant tailor over SO n Jefferson, res 27 
Henry [Ellen] Lee R, Ida L,, Hattie, Katie, 
Hartman, Charles, emp J Hartman, res 27 Henry 

" Nicholas, lab res 19 London [Matilda] Charles, 

Cora, Herbert 
" Elizabeth, res 101 Cherry 

Hartwick, Hattie, domestic 40 w Market 
Harvey, Mrs Matilda C, res 100 Etna ave ■ 
Haskins, John, emp shoe factory, bds 60 Whitelock 
Hasting-, Mrs Emma, res 41 Grayston ave. John, Jacob 
Hasty, Sarah J, dressmaker, res 223 William 
Delia W, teacher, res 223 William 
Willard, butcher O Hasty, res 223 William 
Hasty, Oliver C, meat market 3 Etna ave, res 223 William 

[Anna] Magg-ie V, Hazel E 
Hatfield, James M, attorney over 8 w Market, res 39 Henry st 

[Thursy J] 
Hatfield, H D, insurance agt over 8 w Market, res 57 Henry st 

[Effie B] 
Hatfield, Albert, caller Erie, res 55 Wilkerson [Magg-ie] 
Hauenstine, Gottleib, res 79 Oak 
Ha-wker, Thomas, machinist Erie, res 157 First st [Abbie] 

Hawkins, O E, Huntington Business University, res 46 w Ma- 
tilda St. Edwin 
Hawley, D M, (Lime Assn) res 73 e State [Louisa J] Edgar, 
Mary, Mabel 
" Miss Mary W, stenographer, res 74 e Market 
" Hannah (wid) res 50 Jackson 
" Meribah (wid Samuel) res 74 e Market 
" Anna, elk J Frash, res 41 s Jefi'erson 
" WW (Western Lime Assn) res 213 n Jefferson [An- 
na] Edith, Frank W 
Hawn, Nancy (wid Benj) res 108 Elm 

Ladies' Shoes, Slippers, \^ \ T P I I 13 D Boots, Misses' Shoes. 
Men's Shoes. »' • '**■• £^M^LjM^M^a\ Children Shoes. 




Publisher and Dealer in 

©05pel * §)Ong ^ Booi^s, 

Anthem Books, Sheet Music, etc. 

Over 59 N. Jefferson St. HuiltillgtOll, Itldiaiia. 


.♦Xivev^ anb jfeeb Stables.. 

Conveniently located 

near Osborne Hotel 
Special attention given to Boarders. 

Cor. Market and Cherry sts. HuntJngton, Indiana. 

e:. in:. nrt^OTvi^^iMJNi, 

All Kinds of Cabinet Work Made to Order. 

Repairing of all Kinds Neatly Done, 
Awnings for Business Fronts and Dwellings. 

42 Cherry Street HUNTINGTON, INDIANA. 


Cor. Briaiit and State Sts. 
Everything Neat and Clean. 


Xebme^er & flDac(5ban, 

Horse Shoeing Neatly Done, and Satis- 
faction Guaranteed. 

Groceries and Provisions, 

157 E. State Street. HUNTINGTON, IND. 


Amos & Sheridan, 


Loan and Real Estate Agents. 

Over 53 North Jefferson Street. 

MALINS, leI^Fng merch ant TAILOR. 


Hawthorne, John, master mechanic Erie, res 112 Guilford st 

[Francis E] 
Hayes, P, carpenter, res 7 Wilkerson [Mary] Flora 
" Geo, brakenian Erie, res 24 McFarland [Mag-gie] 
" Christian, res 265 n Jefferson [Katharine] C D 
" John, emp G W Shearer, res pSS n Jefferson 
Hayes & Helm (Mary E Hayes, Grace T Helm) milliners 13 e 

Haynes, Mrs Glenn, res 7 Erie 

Haynes, Mrs D D (wid Daniel H) res 139 e Market. Maria 
Hazzard, Mrs Mary E, res 66 e Washington. Oliver P 
" Wm C, emp C W Goble, res 66 e Washing-ton 
" Eee R, elk Erie Supt office, res 66 e Washington 
Heaston, I H, real estate agt, res 25 William street [Phoebe] 

Myrtle, Winifred 
Heaston, Jacob H (Heaston & Dumbauld) res 233 Etna ave 

[Emma] Ethel, Edna 
Heaston & Dumbauld (Jacob H Heaston, Warren Dumbauld) 

druggists and book dlrs 47 n Jefferson 
Heath, H H, engine inspector Erie, res 54 Briant [Sarah P] 

Allen F 
Heavey, J J, cond Erie, res 73 First [Rosetta] Earl, Ruth 
Heckman, Reuben, emp Perrine & Bartlett, bds 84 Sabine 
Heeter, Miss Viona, domestic 139 n Jefferson 

" Lizzie (wid John) res 78 Esther 
Hegner, Josepli H, confectionery and cigars 79 n Jefferson, 

res 19 Oak [Emma] 
Heiney, Enos B, principal central school, res 98 s Jefferson st 
[Delia] Hildreth, Ruth 
B F, res 69 First 
Heiss, Simon, carpenter, res 9 Nile [Eou] Wilson, Edna 
Helm, W W, stock dlr, res 23 Mayne [Eouise] 
" Harvey, carpenter, res 28 Warren 
" C E, brakeman Erie, res 5 Simon [Louise] Keith 
" Floyd, eng Erie, res 9 Wilkerson [Grace] Harry 

If 3 ou want Abstpact of Titlc "-^ BLACK'S *«^^%'f'ice 


Lace Curtains and Window Shades. STRODEL. 


Helm, Constantine, lab res 79 Elm [Sarah A] Etta G, So- 
phrona E, Clinton L, Charles M, Opal M 
Wm I, elk T VanAntwerp, res 79 Elm 
" John, lab res 17 e Tipton 
Helser, Mary, res 58 E Market 
Helser, D H, bicycle repair shop 15 e Washington, res 95 Oak 

[Caroline] Anna, Fred 
*Helton, Edith, res n Guilford 

Henderson, Howard, traveling- salesman shoe factory, res 72 
Henry [Clara E] Lottie M, LeRoy S, Don W, 
Guy C 
Hendricks, Augustus, traveling- salesman, res 93 n Lafontaine 
" Chas, printer, res 93 Lafontaine 

" George, cigar mkr, res 93 n Lafontaine 

" Christian, wagon-mkr w Washington, res 93 n La- 

fontaine [Anna M] Lizzie, Laura, Clara 
f " Levi, carpenter Erie, res e Catharine st [Rebecca] 

Henley, Almeda, res 46 e Washington 
*Henline, John, emp W A Berry, res n Guilford 
Henline, Geo, emp Hoag livery, res 95 Railroad st [Susan] 

Pearl, Zella 
Henline, Jacob, lab Erie, res 21 Edwin st [Sidney E] Delia, 

Henry, John, res 3 Foust [Elizabeth J] 

Mrs Ida M, res 3 Foust (Pearl Stults) 
" Frank, asst foreman car dept Erie, res 222 e Market st 

[Sallie] Raj', Clarence 
" Samuel, bds cor e Market and Byron 
" Daniel, fireman Erie, res 162 e Franklin 

John R (Turner & Henry) res 29 London [Elizabeth] 
Henshaw, Effie, res 14 w Matilda 

Hentzell, Wm, emp Erie, res 37 Poplar [Mary] James W, 
Mary E 

Infants' Shoes ^^!l^^!i W. A. Zeller,/e^S^ 


*}■ WUC ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ "^f M^ 



^vcnirtG 1Deral6, 

The Leading Paper of the City. 
Prints all the News. 

Free from Sensationalism. 

. . Circulation * 1300 

^- ♦ h 

^ Subscribers Commend It. 

Advertisers Prefer It. 
The Public Read It. 

-10 dents per llCleeft. 

A Thoroughly Equipped Job Department 




i'it, style and Workmanship Guaranteed TWr /S J i TTSJ' ^^ 

Herald & News-Express Co (C E Briant, pres; John S Glenn, 
secy-treas; Thad Butler, managing editor) pub- 
lishers Herald, daily, weekly and inid-weekly, 23 
w State street 
Herberg, Emily, res 93 Cherry' 

" Geo, prop Cit3' Bottling wrks, res 2 Harrison ave 
" Frank, emp City Bottling wrks, res 5 Marshall 
" Amelia, res 5 Marshall 

" Joseph, driver Citj' Bottling wrks, res 5 Marshall 
" Adam, emp Citj- Bottling wrks, res 5 Marshall st 
[Anna E] 
Herndon, Anthony, res 32 Wagoner. Selma, Curtis, Otis, 

Hazel, Beauna 
Herneise, James B (Koch & Herneise) res 74 Whitelock [Eliz- 
abeth] Bertha, William, Retta, Arthur, Hugh 
Herr, Patrick, cond Erie, res 50 Second [Addie] Mamie 
Herran, Eevi, carpenter Erie, res cor Erie and Sabine [Eliz- 
abeth] Earl, Kenneth 
" Chas A, emp Erie shops, res 16 Taylor [Elizabeth] 
Arthur. Darel 
Herzog, Andrew, well driller, res 49 Buck st [Tracey] Otto, 
Noah, Jacob, Anna, Christena, Tracey, 
Mary, Herman 
Wm, carpenter, res 128 Elm [E] Chas, Daniel 
" Mary, domestic 193 n Jefferson 
" John, lab res e Everett [Samantha] 
Hessin, J H, mgr United Telephone Co, res 65 Cherry [Agues] 
" Henrj', res 63 Poplar [Sarah] 
" Effie, music teacher, res 157 n Jefferson 
" Wm H, bookpr B F Nichols, res 157 n Jefferson street 
[Rebecca H] 
Hesting, Nicholas, lab res 31 w Matilda [Mary] Rosa 
Heubner, FrS-nk, lab res 59 German 

Fred, emp Griffith & Son, res 59 German [MoUie] 
Minnie, Clara 
" Wm, baker A Crites, res 59 German 

Before m akin ET Prni^llpa an Abstract of ^1 i\ ^\iy 9 ^^ 
a purchase^ rlUl/UltJ of Title, at DL.MVi/lV O. 

drilLDRENS CLOAKS a Specialty, at STRODEL'S 


Heubner, Fred jr, einp Griffith & Son, res 59 German 
Heuser, Rev J H, D D, pastor SS Peter and Paul Catholic 

church, res 93 Cherry 
Hewitt, E G, hardware 91 n Jefferson, res 93 Guilford [Jose- 
Hewitt, Grace G, teacher public schools 
Hiatt, Carrie, res 57 s Jefferson 
Hibbard, Flinor, res 11 e Market 
Hibbert, William, hostler S P Stults, res 65 e "Washington st 

[Ivccta] Fern, Vauyhn 
Hicks, J M, physician over 62 n Jefferson, res 54 Guilfurd st 

Hicks, Amelia (wid) res 56 Frederick 
Hier, Mat, emp C «& E Eating- house, res same 
Hier, Wm, emp Griffith & Son, res 11 Grayston ave [Olivia] 

Lester, Jessie 
Hier, Frank D, emp Briant, res 255 e State [Addie] Zelraa, 

Highland, Geo, res 19 s Briant. Hazel 
Highlands, Matthew, blacksmith 26 Cherry, res over same. 

Ida, Belle, Eva 
Highlands, Chas, blacksmith M Highland, res over 26 Cherry. 
Hildebrand, John, elk J Frash, res 19 Purviance st [Nancy] 

Dottie, Grace 
" I N, lab res 171 Etna ave [Eyndia] Leland, 

Algernon, Robert, Ruth 

* " Martin, emp Erie shops, res 2 mile n of city [E] 

* " G W. huckster, res s end Etna ave [Clara] Win- 

ifred, Mabel, Everet, Mildred, Howard 

* • " W W, mail carrier, res 2 mile n of city [Nannie] 

Helen, Clellah 
*Hildrath, Ed E, emp Withington fac, res e Front 
Hilgenberg, Henry, merchant tailor 19 w Market, res 81 w Tip- 
ton st [Anna] May 
Hilgenberg, Elizabeth, tailoress, res 81 Tipton 

" Mollie, stenographer City Clerk's office, res 81 w 


Meii's. Boy's, Youtlis', Ladles', Misses' and Children's Slioes at ZELLER'S. 

Prices Always Correct, at MALlN'S 


Hill, G Wesley, hostler Brown livery, res over 32 Cherry 

Hill, Edward, machinist Erie, res 118 e Market 

Hill, Maude, res 118 e Market 

Hilling-, Mrs Ada, music teacher, res 7 Elm. Hayden 

Hilyard, Frank, brakeman Erie, res 9 Mayne [Alice] 

Hine, Mary (wid Geo) res 13 Wilkerson st. Calla, Edward, 

Zetta, Marie 
Hines, James, ex-cond Erie, res 149 e Market 
Hippensteel, John, lab res 147 Byron [OUie] Ernest 
*Hire, L Frank, lab res s end Briant st [Mary J] Jacob E, 

Jonas O, Charles S 
Hitzfield, Mrs Cordelia, res 210 w Matilda 

Georg-e, farmer, res 210 w Matilda [Tillie] Bertha 
David, carpenter, res 19 Simon Rosa Tillie Geo 

Ivouis Etta 
Hively, Albert, lab Erie, res 53 e Sabine [Dora] John, 

Hoag, A L, livery barn 16 Warren, res 91 e State [Lochey] 

Hoban, A T, brakeman Erie, res 45 Grayston Ave [Louise 

P] Lena, Loella 
Hockensmith, Henry, lab, res 19 McFarland [Anna] (Percy 

Hockman, Rev M H, pastor English Lutheran Church, res 19 

Foust [Henrietta] 
Hofman, Henry, emp shoe factory, res 35 Elm [Edna] Geo 

Edward, Earl 
Hoffman, Anna M, (wid Charles,) res 86 e Franklin Minnie, 

Chas, fireman Erie, res 73 Webster [Mary] Albert, 

James, eng Erie, res 115 Lincoln Ave [Angeline] 

Hohe, Jacob, tailor, res 47 Oak 
" Rosena, res 47 Oak 

Lizzie, (wid John) res 35 German John Louise 





Hoke, Lincoln, carpenter, res 151 Byron [Harty L] Chloe 
G, Homer D, Carl, Burl 
Quinter, contractor, res 133 First [Mrs Q] 
Holbrook, Charles, pattern maker Erie shops, res 62 w Tipton 
[Elizabeth] Carl, Frank, Henrietta, Mag-dalena 
Holden, J G, cond Erie, res 165 E Franklin [Clara] Clair E 
Holland, Richard, foreman interlocking- switch, res Windsor 
" Georg-e H, fireman Erie, res 16 Salamonie Ave [Eil- 
lie] Arthur, Nettie 
'^Hollett, John A., fruit tree agent, res so end Etna [Elma] 
J Bert, Orpha D, Cora E, Opal H, Oliver P, 
Child not named 
" J H, fruit tree agent, res 92 Frederick [Celia A] 
Samuel, Rudolph Fay 
*Holley, Jacob, carpenter, res n Guilford [Mary] Mary 
* " Clifford, res n Guilford 

" Marion, emp Briant, res 17 Kocher [Emma] Ora, 

Goldie, Floyd 
" William, res 49 South 
Hollinger, B W, emp Erie, res 170 First [Ella] Rex 
Holm, D D, elk Kitch & Daniels, res 114 n Eafontaine [Sarah] 
" Otis, res 114 n Eafontaine 
" Frank, painter, res 114 n Eafontaine 
Holmes, F C, attorney, res 8 w Matilda [Eelia] 

" Mary, stenographer roadmaster's office, res 43 Leo- 
Mrs S, (vvid Robert,) res 132 e Market Cora 
" John C, eng Erie, res 43 Leopold [L R] Martha, 
Holloway, Viola B, clerk master mechanic's office Erie, res 117 

e Franklin 
Holloway, A R, time keeper Erie, res 117 e Franklin 
Holloway, Cephas, res 117 e Franklin [Ethelinda R] 

RUBBERS ^^^ < "d^ ^"^ ^ y^^- ZELLER. 




Holtz, Jacob R, teamster, res 14 Wilkerson [Catharine] 
Frederick. Anna, Clara, Edward 
Peter, teamster, res 88 Cherry [Mollie C] Carl J, 
Albert A 
Hook, Jennie, (wid Benj F,) res 37 Polk Everet E 
Hooker, Chas E, carpenter Erie, res 90 s Jefferson [Catha- 
rine] Maude, Edith, Eaura, Leslie 
Hoon, C A, fireman Erie, res 39 Superior 
* " M W, blacksmith, res east of fair g-round [Eou] Von 

E, Everet 
*Hoone, Ernest L, res n Guilford 

Hoover, A J, boiler helper Erie, res 13 e Sabine [Cora E] 
" Samuel, res 13 e Sabine [Emma] 
" Charles, carpenter, res 11 Allen 
" David, carpenter, res 11 AUen [Eydia] Bertha, 

" Hannah, (wid David) res 30 Whitelock Berta E, 

" Georg'e, house mover, res 26 Purviance [Alice] 
Frank, Mattie, Minnie, Lloyd, Edward, Georpfie 
" James, butcher, res 55 Elm [Sarah] Ora, Brotha 
" G W, brakeman, Erie, res 52 First 
John, res 99 Oak 
Eph, blacksmith, res 99 Oak 
" R L, elk John Clayton, res 125 Etna ave [Laura] 

" Mary A, (wid) res 44 Indiana Ora 
Hopwood, Thomas, machinist, Erie, res 5 Sabine [Anna] 
Horn, John, fireman, Erie, res 139 Court [Amanda] Law- 
rence, Jessie 
" Emma Miss, res 124 e Market 
". Georg-e, carpenter, res 124 e Market [Aiina] 
Horrel, Amanda, (wid John) res 24 Fruit Esther 
Horrell, J L, deputy co recorder, res 39 Marshall [Mary E] 

Chas H, Mamie G, Maude, John, Robert 
Horseman, Frank, lab, res 127 Elm [Lucinda] Blanche, 

ifyouwant LQAN ^"^ ^r^Vtr* BLACK'S Abstract Office 

UNDERWEAR ^^f^illfZi^I^^^cgT^^^x. ^ 


Hosier, James, barber, res 112 First [Daisy] Kenneth 
Hosier, Frank, enip Erie, res 39 Grayston ave [Ada] Eovetta 

" Aaron, carpenter Erie, res 49 Grayston ave [Ida] 
Mearl, Roy, Eldon 
t " J, emp Erie shops, res 35 Swan [Mary A] Emery, 

" Simon, blacksmith Erie, res 143 Court [Mary] Alfred 

" Miss Rella, res 46 e Market 
Houck, C F, fireman Erie, res 142 e Franklin [Emma] Helen 
Houg-h, Mary, res 43 Leopold 

Houghton, Anna Z, teacher public schools, res 36 Henry 
Householder, Geo, tower tender Erie, res 16 e Sabine [Agnes] 

* *' James E, lab res e of s Etna ave [Caroline] 

Bertha A 

* " John J, lab res e of s Etna ave 

" John W, fish dlr, res 182 Etna ave [Jennie] Iva, 

*Housinan, Cora E, dressmaker, res s Etna ave 

* " Minnie W, emp shoe factory, res s Etna ave 

* " Maggie F, res s Etna ave 

* " C Iv, gardener, res s Etna ave [Sarah J] 
Houser, Caroline D (wid) res cor First and Sabine. Mary, 

Celia, Anna, John 
" Mrs Adda, res 107 s Jefferson, Glenn 
" D S, plasterer, res 61 Division [Hattie] Merl, De- 
Loss, Marie 

Hover, B G, ticket and frt agt Erie, res 71 Poplar [Naomi] 

Howard, John, switchman Erie, res 86 Wilkerson [Ollie] 

Howell, Enos, emp Erie, res 187 William 

Howell, Sarah (wid Wm) res 187 William 

Howett, John, medicine merchant, res 39 Briant [Jane] 

Howett, Chas W, lab res 39 Briant 

Howrand, Wm, emp C Lang, res 174 Cherry 

Hubbell, Rosamond (wid A A) res 19 Frederick 

Hubbell, Alida, prop P O news stand, res 19 Frederick 

Ladies' Shoes, Slippers, \4r * V P I I ¥3 D Boots, Misses' Shoes. 
Men's Shoes. "' • -t*., £^M^M^M^g^M\ Children Shoes. 



Hoosier Steam Laundry (John Wisner, prop) 13 Frederick 
Hubric, John, emp lime kilns, res 143 e Sabine [Mary] 
Hudnall, W C, mg-r Board of Trade, res 61 Henry [Corrine] 

Huffman, Fred, shoemaker Neuer & Eisenhauer. res 61 e Mar- 
" Martha (wid John W) res 17 Fredericka 

Hug^hes, John, lab res 94 Byron st [Mary] Clara, Bessie, 
Bertha, Howard, Cyrus, Roy, Donald 
" Mrs Minnie, res 4 Whitestine 
" Ora, cooper, res 137 e Sabine 
Hull, Miss Martha, domestic 137 Guilford 

Hulliuger, J C, brakeman Erie, res 22 Canfield [Jennie] Wil- 
bur, Violet 
■Humbert, Geo W, res 62 e Market [Martha] 
Geo sr, res 62 e Market 
Geo jr, res 62 e Market 
Robert, res 62 e Market 

Edward, elk Erie M M office, res 235 e State 
Chas, car repairer Erie, res 50 Leopold st [Alice] 
Bertha, Lena, Emanuel, Paul 
Hummell, Chas, teamster, res 108 e Washington st [Anna] 

Ethel, Claude 
Humphrey, John, merchant police, res 64 w Matilda 
Hunt, Col Cornelius (col'd) res over 26 Front 
Huntington Business University (O E Hawkins, pres) Roche 

block, over 116-118-120 n Jefferson st 
Huntington County Bank (J W Ford, pres; E B Ayres, vice- 

pres; H L Emley, cashier) 61 n Jefferson 
Huntington Light and Fuel Co (Geo J Bippus, pres: Frank B 

Townsend, supt) 10-12 w Franklin 
Huntington iVIill Co (I N Arnold, pres) 2 s Jefferson 
Huntington Opera House (H E Rosebrough, mg-r) e Market st 
Hurd & Smith (Arthur Hurd, K Smith) clothiers 35 n Jefferson 
Hurd, Arthur (Hurd & Smith) res 61 e Franklin [Nettie] 
Hurdle, J W, lab res 164 n Lafontaine [Dora] 

ifyouwant Abstpact of Title 'Z' BLACK'S '^^'%%c^ 

Lace Curtains and Window Sliades. STRODEL. 


Hurley, R E, jeweler, res 148 Court 

Hurley, Mrs Anna, res 148 Court 

Huselman, Flora, domestic 140 Etna ave 

Hutchison, Jesse, brakeman Erie, res 37 Elizabeth [Cora] 

Harry, Lee, Mabel 
Hutsell, Francis E, teacher public schools, res 167 n Jefferson 
Huyette, Arthur R, teacher, res 121 Byron 
Huyette, Juniata, teacher public schools, res 121 Byron 
Hyde, A W, carpenter Erie, res 52 Harris st [Jennie] Eliza, 

Edna, Burl, Maude 

If your House or Barn needs Painting, see Albert 
Freeh about the Material for it. 


Iinniell, Chas H, bookpr Democrat, res 22 Salaiuouie avenue 

Imniell, Harmon P, pressman Democrat, res 22 Salamonie ave 
Immell, Mrs C H, millinery over 54 n Jefferson 
*Ing-ham, Inez, res s end Henry 
Inskip, Fred, brakeman Erie, bds 139 e Market 
Ireland, Thomas, carpenter Erie, res 101 e Franklin [Martha] 
Ireland, Almond D, driver Wells Farg-o Express Co, res 44 

Marshall [Ella] Ray, Stanley, Leslie 
.Ireland, Tessie, emp Hoosier laundry, res 16 Allen 
Isenberg-, W M, emp Briant, res 11 Kintz [Delia] 
fisenberg, Joshua, lab res 16 w Catharine [Mrs J] Harvey, 

Isenberg, Clifford, emp Briant, res cor Elm and London sts 

[Cora] Grace, Gladys, Carl 
Irick, Archie R, lab res 164 n Guilford 

Get a nice Tooth Brush, Comb and Hair Brush 
at Albert Freeh's Drug Store, 

Fit, i^tyle and Workmanship Guaranteed 



Jackman, Ivymati H(Jacknian & Son) res 7 w Market [Sarah] 
Jackinan, Clifford (Jackman & Son) res 7 w Market 
Jackman, L H & Son (L, H, Clifford) restaurant 7 w Market 
Jackson, S W, architect, res 34 B3-ron [Florence J] I^aw- 
rence M 
" W A, boiler-mkr Erie, res 90 e Washing-ton [Nina] 
" James, retired, res 207 William [Louisa] 
" Frank, fireman Erie, res 68 Superior st [Sarah E] 

Bertha, Anna, Ira, Eulu 
" C R, blacksmith Erie, res 61 Etna ave [Daisy] 

" Frank M, blacksmith Erie, res 61 Etna ave [Sarah] 

Bessie, Beatrice, Hazel 
" Anna, emp C & E eating- house, res same 
Jacobs, Miss Sarah, domestic county jail, res same 

* " M V B, drayman, res e Front [Charlotte] 

" John A, lab res 36 Halstead [Anna] Clarence, 

* " Mary, domestic, res w of Buck st 

* " Samuel, lab res w of Buck 

* " Charles, lab res w of Buck 

* " George, lab res w of Buck 

* " Peter, lab res w of Buck 

* " Henry, lab res w of Buck [Eouisa] Harmon 

" Amos, butcher N Windemuth, res 71 William [Ida] 
Albert, Wilbur, Eva 
Jacobs, W T, saloon 26 n Jefferson, res 78 Clark st [Matilda] 

Fay, Ora, Iva 
James, Chas, machinist Erie, res 3 Wilkerson [EilHe M] 
Walter S, Lucie 1 
" Georg-iana (wid Harry H) dressmaker, res 48 w Mar- 
ket. Claude M 
f " Daniel, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res 22 Swan [Kate] 

Before niakingr PrnniirD an Abstract of ^1 i\ ^\iy^ 3 ^^ 
a purchase' Tl UOUI C of Title, at Dl—MV^IV O. 



Jamison, Wm, brakeinan Erie, res 70 Superior [Ella] Le- 

Roy, Stella, Dean, Virgil 
Janesniith, Mrs A (wid A) les 251 e State 
Jarvis, John, lab res 26 Nebraska [Elsie] Mabel, Rose, 

Ethel, Earl 
" - Wm, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res 77 s Jefferson [Ruth] 


* " Welmuth, teamster, res s Jefferson 

* " Emery, teamster, res s Jefferson [Mary] Myrtle A, 

Hazel G, Mary A, Elsie 
Jeffrey, R O, lab res 69 Court [Amanda] 

" Mary, housekeeper over 20 s Jefferson. Lizzie 
John, Adna, elk co treasurer's office, res 60 Etna ave 
" Frank, dpty co treasurer, res 60 Etna ave 
" Jacob W, CO treasurer, res 60 Etna ave [Ruhannah] 

(Fay Richards) 
" J B (Wm John & Son) res 7 Monroe [Leona] Donald, 


" William (Wm John »& Son) justice of the peace, res 81 

William [Sally] 

John, Wm & Son (Wm, J B) pianos, org-ans, musical instru. 

ments, bicycles, sewiny machines, etc, 17 w State 

Johnson, W W, ex-cond Erie, res 161 First [Sadie] Vernie, 

Johnson, John F, insurance agent over 58 n Jefferson, res 54 

Marshall [Emily] LeRoy 
Johnson, James E, lab res 26 Randolph [Catharine] 

* " Wm, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res e Front [Rena] 

Meryl, Clara, Mamie 
" Margaret, res 123 Oak 
" Ervin, brakeman Erie, res 5 Grayston ave [Julia] 

Carrie, Virgie 
" J H, cond Erie, res 96 Eincoln ave [Desta] Ray 
" F C, emp Wab transfer hs, res 10 Wilkerson [Anna] 


Men's, Bors, Yofltlis', Ladles', Misses' and ClilKlreii's Shoes at ZELLER'S, 

Prices Always Correct, at MALIN^S 


Johnson, Gnstave F, emp Briant, res 102 Graj'ston ave [Eula- 
lie] Lemhurst W 
" John E, meat market 15 e Market, res Edna st [Car- 
rie] Eillian 
Elmer J, lab res Edna st [Christena] Ethel M, 
Frank, Ferd 
" A G, contractor, res 36 Bingham [Emma] Walter, 
S T, cond Erie, res 25 Faust [Rena] Earl, Dale 
Aug-ustus, elk O C Morgan, res 3 High [Minerva] 
J H, emp Standard Oil Co, res 39 Whitelock [S A] 
Chloa M, Amanda, Virgil F 
" Henry C, saloon 12 Front, res 3 Edna st [Sarah A] 
Emma J, Albert F, Mabel R 
Robert, .^aloon 12 Front, res 30 Milligan [Kate] 
" Mary A (wid Robt H) grocery 177 Etna ave, res 175 

Etna ave. Edward M, Francis 
" E M, lab res 5 n Briant [Sarah] 
Jones, G F, lab res 54 First 

J H, fireman Erie; res 60 Front [Barbara G] 
" Harry, lab, res 133 n Eafontaine 

" Caroline M (wid G W) res 133 n Eafontaine. Clyde 
" D I, train despatcher Erie, res 42 e Franklin [M] 

" W A, traveling salesman, res 44 Briant [Mary F] 
Fred E, Richard, Bessie L, Pearl H, Grover 
C, Isabella F, Paul E 
W R, elk C C Nave, res 37 Milligan [Margaret S] 
* " Robert, lab res s Etna ave [Nettie] Willie 

" S J, brakeman Erie, res 40 Webster [Ella] Harry, 

, Roy 
" Edith E, authoress, res over 5 Etna ave 
" Rev Allen A, res over 5 Etna ave [Eydia A] A Olive, 
Matthew M, Allen A jr, Paul F 

Abstracts ^'"'^^r''' BLACK'S ABSTRACT OFFICE. 




Jones, Wm A, emp Erie, res 12 Taylor 
Chas F, teamster, res 12 Taylor 
Samuel W, lab res 12 Taylor [Minerva] 

Jordan, Chas, brakeman Erie, res 116 e Franklin [Mary] 
Marie A 

Jordan, \V E, operator Erie, res 116 e Franklin 

Jordan, Mary (wid Martin) res 116 e Franklin 

Did you ever Try the nice Perfumes at Albert 
Freeh's Drug Store. 


Kacy, William, cond Erie, res 143 First [Aug-usta] Paul D, 

Roy J, Nellie, Kathleen 
Kaiser, Rev W J, pastor St Peter's German Evangelical Luth- 
eran Church, res 79 Lafontaine [Minerva E] 
Marichen S, William F, John C, Paul M, 
Mag-dalena, Hugo 
" Sebastian, carpenter Erie, res 14 Canal 
Kalb, Samuel, gas inspector H E & F Co, res 52 First [Laura] 
Pearl, Blanche, Grace, May, Jean 
" Miss Ida, waitress Star restaurant, res same 
Kalenbeck, Gertie, res 99 Dimond 

" John, lab, res 99 Dimond 

" Fred, farmer, res 99 Dimond 

■' Charles, res 99 Dimond 

Karns, James F, cond Erie, res 144 Court [Mary E] 
Kassinger, Charles, emp Erie shops, res 80 e Sabine [Rosa] 
Kase, Henry Sr, emp Erie shops, res 48 Buchanan [Minnie] 
Paul, Minnie, Sophia, Anna, Marie 
" Henry, stationary engineer, res 48 Buchanan 
" Charles, clerk Reichenbach & Wickenhiser, res 48 Bu- 

PIIRRF.RS All Kind.s ^.nd Styles. /FI.LFR. 

JVl .d-V 1_<± r>L w5 /->-W/-' HUNTINGTON. -W-W 


Kase, William J, painter Erie, res 48 Buchanan 
Georg-e H, student, res 48 Buchanan 

Peter, machinist Erie, res 63 Dimond [Myrtle] Herbert 
William, blacksmith Erie, res 43 Polk [Fredericka] 

Edward W, Martha Eydia A 
William Sr, carpenter, res 30 Buchanan 
John, barber, emp Bonebrake vS: Bonbrake, res 106 w 

Matilda [Mrs J] Bessie 
Wilhelmina (wid John) res 4 Church Mary, Anna 
Leonhart, clerk, res 4 Church 
Kastner, Joseph, galvanizer Erie, res 101 Broadway [Cath-] 

arine] Loretta 
Kaufman, R A, attorney over 24 e Market, res 239 n Jefferson 

[Anna] Marie (Mamie and Eldridge Kinkade) 
Kaylor, Milo, drugg-ist opera house drug store, res 52 Marshall 
" C P, switchman Erie, res 60 e State [Louise] 
" Israel, carpenter, res 106 Lincoln ave. [Margaret] 
Keating, Lydia M, (wid J B,) res 36 Henry 

*' Truman M, res 36 Henry 
Keefe, Daniel, brick and stone mason, res 80 Graj'ston ave, 
[Mary] Mamie, Otto, Iva, Maude, Henry 
William, emp Griffith & Son, res 80 Grayston ave 
Michael, line rep Erie, res 6 Leopold [Ellen] Mary 
E, Thos, Francis, Geo W 
Keefer, John H, eng- Griffith & Son, res 20 London Earl 
Hattie, (wid) res 19 Salamonie ave Louis 
Sarah, domestic 22 Salamonie ave 
Boyd, lab res 121 e Franklin 
Henry, (Fisher, Keefer & Bailey,) res 58 Whitelock 

Mary, Lizzie, Ida 
Frank, emp Fisher, Keefer & Bailey, res 58 Whitelock 
Andrew, emp Fisher, Keefer & Bailey, res 58 Whitelock 
W F, stationary eng-, res e Front 
J W, farmer, res e Front, [Lowina] 

If you want ^q;^,^ «" ^^i^^"-' BLACK'S Abstpact OffJce 

UNDERWEAR ^'^!!!Z:^i^I^^^cgi^^.^x^ ^ 


Keefer, Emma, (wid Perry) res 4 Whitestine 

" E E, insurance agent, res 37 Marshall [Martha E] 

Ilo B 
" Hannah, (wid George K) res 121 e Franklin 
" Charles F, teamster, res 121 e Franklin [Rosa] 
" Anna, domestic, 63 Cherry 
*Kessler, Harry, car repairer Erie, res e of fair ground [Sa- 
rah J] Meivm, Irene, Anna, Lucy R 
Kehler, Geo W, eng Erie, res 4 Jacob [Alferetta] Hadassa, 

Gary, Anna, Frank, Dow, Georgie 
Kehler, Guy, machinist Erie, res 4 Jacob 
Keiser, Chas, teamster, res 22 Randolph 

" John F, watchman Fist National Bank, res 22 Randolph 
[Mrs J F] Gertrude, Blanche, Fred, Bessie 
I " Oscar E, lab res Salamonie ave [Alfaretta] Earl E, 
Orvilla, Freda 
*' Ruth, student, res 65 Division 
Kelley, W S, eng Erie, res 35 Poplar [Mattie] (Inez Bodiker) 
Keller, Samuel, lab res 112 Grayston ave [Doroth}'] Pearl, 

Keller, Cash, eng Erie, res 111 Lincoln ave [Catharine] 

fKeller, Henry, stone mason, res Wright st [Rosa E] 
Kelsey, Edgar E, attorney and insurance agt over 33 n Jeffer- 
son, res 8 Salamonie ave [Francis] Alice B, 
Knowlton H 
Kelso, Noble, brick mason, res 119 e State [Lizzie] Glenn 
Kells, Ross, machinist Erie, res 58 e Franklin 
Kendrick, Rev H C, pastor First Christian church, res 137 e 

Franklin [Carrie] Harold H, Lewis E 
Kennedy, John A, carpenter, res 215 e Market [Maranda J] 
Dessie L 
" Benjamin, boiler-mkr Erie, res 215 e Market 

" James, watchman Briant, bds 136 Briant 

" Samuel, teamster Collins Ice Cream Co, res 118 

Clark [Ella] Mabel 

Ladies' Shoes, suppers, Vir \ 7 I^ I T 1? D Boots, Misses' Shoes 
Men's Shoes, "• -«■• M^ Ci Lt L^ M^, K\ Children Shoes. 



Kennedy, James, foreman round house, res 39 Leopold [Sarah 
A,] Guy R, Homer D 
" Charles, emp Briant, res 29 e Tipton 

Kenner, James B, (Kenner & Lesh,) res 29 Henry [Minerva 

C] Sumner, Bertha, Mabel 
Kenner & Lesh, (J B Kenner, U S L,esh,) attorney's over First 

National Bank 
Kenner, Prudence, stenog-rapher Kenner & Lesh, res 29 Henry 
" Georg-e W, res 83 Whitelock [Hattie] Gresham W, 

Edith M, Emerson 
" W H, stock buyer, res 9 Hig-h [Anna] 
Kenner & Calvert, (M A Kenner, O W Calvert,) feed store, 26 

Kenner, M A, (Kenner & Calvert,) res 9 Hig-h 
Kenower, A Q, undertaker and furniture dealer, 93 n Jeflferson, 

res 19 w Matilda [Anna] Sarah A 
Kenower, Willis E, bookpr A Q Kenower, res 75 w Matilda 
[Belle,] Jean 
" Sanford K, machinist Erie, res 19 w Matilda 

" Herbert, clerk A O Kenower, res 19 w Matilda 
" Charles Edg-ar, clerk A O Kenower, res 19 w Matilda 
" J W, clerk A O Kenower, res 29 n Lafontaine Nora, 
Kenower, John & Sons, (John, John P, Wm W,) planing mill 

and lumber yard, 41 Cherry 
Kenower, John, (Kenower & Sons,) res 26 w Matilda [Sarah 
E,] Clara I 
" William W, (Kenower «& Sons,) res 26 w Matilda 
" John P, (Kenower & Sons,) res 45 w Matilda [Leti- 
tia B] Mary L, Josephine 
Kenyon, M G, machinist Erie, res 53 Marshall [May] Fern, 

Kirchoflf, Anna, res 18 Bingham 

" Edward, lab res 18 Bingham 
Kern, Dora, res 66 w Tipton 

If you want Abstpact of Title 'T' BLACKS '^^'\'^lr. 

Lace Curtains and Window Shades. STRODEL. 


Kerns, Michael, lab res 47 Walnut 

Kessler, Herman, blacksmith Erie, res 24 Superior 

Kettering-, Wm, lab res 154 n Eafontaine [Clara] Frank 

" Adam, res 18 Bing-ham [Elizabeth] 

Keyes, J E, tonsorial parlor cor Market and Third, res 12 Rail- 
road [Celestia] 
Kilander, Eulu, elk Economy, res 63 William 

" Cora, elk Purviance & Provines, res 63 William 

" Hezekiah, res 63 William [Mary A] Dessie 

" George, mail carrier, res 87 Clark 

" Samuel, res 87 Clark 

Killerman, George, barber, res 37 Condit [Taney] 
Kindig, J H, bicycle repair shop 40 e Market, res 19 Charles st 

[EUaM] Laura F 
Kindler, Andrew, boots and shoes 57 n Jefferson, res 153 Cher- 
ry [Eou] Chas, Henry 
Kindler, Frank, elk A Kindler, res 123 Cherry [Mary] The- 

risa, P^rank. Jacob 
Kindler, John, harness and carriage dlr 89 n Jeflferson, res 
105 Poplar [Elizabeth] Herman, Lizzie, Chas 
Kindler, Geo, elk A Kindler, res 105 Poplar 

" Andrew, elk John Kindler, res 105 Poplar 
" Nicholas, elk, res 105 Poplar 

" Joseph, contractor, res 79 Poplar [Maggie] Cece- 
lia, Mary 
" Georg-e, barber, res 79 Poplar 

John W, lab res 79 Poplar 
" George, saddler J Kindler, res 86 Poplar [Barbara] 
Eddie, Kate, Julius, Albert, Leo 
King, E M, cond Erie, res 174 First [Martha L] Neil F, 

Arthur M, Theron G 
King, George W, cigars and confectionery 29 s Jefferson, res 
108 s Jefferson [Margaret M] Loretta J, Mary 
M, Frank L, Leo G, Lucy E 
King, Anna R, elk G W King, res 108 s Jefferson 

Infants' Shoes l!^;^^l^^ W, A. Zeller,/eVS5 

Fit, Style and Worknlaiisliip Guaranteed T\/f >i\_T |T"hs3r'^--^ 

King, Frank M, meat market 15 s Jefferson, res 54 Elm street 

King, Emmett, elk F M King-, res 54 Elm 

" Eoy, car inspector Erie, res 65 Mayne [Sarah] Orlan, 

King, Otto, dentist over 22 s Jefferson, res 54 Elm 
Kintz, Thos J, horse trainer, res 74 Frederick [Jane] 

" John A W, real estate, res 20 w Matilda [Margaret] 
" S V, barber shop 5 Frederick, res over 13 s Jefferson 

*Kiracofe, C H, prof U B college, res Stults Pike [Anvilla) 

Charles H, Alvin R 
Kirk, C C, prop C & E Eating House, res same [Phoebe] 

Calvert, Jean 
Kiser, Ira, emp Erie, res 249 e State [Minnie] Ray 

" James, janitor library building, res 128 n Eafontaine 

[Tillie] Earl, Hazel, Ralph, Arthur 
" Jacob, lab res 118 George [Eou] Eizzie 
Kissinger, Chas, emp Briatit, res 67 e Sabine 

" John, bridge gang Erie, res 67 e. Sabine [Malissa] 

Ola, Emma, Milton, Hattie, Iva, Gustie, 

Rolla, Ambrose, Netha 
*Kitch, Daniel, farmer, res n Guilford [Nancy] 
Kitch, John G (Kitch & Daniels) res 123 Guilford [Maggie] 

Jessie, Chester 
Kitch & Daniels (J G Kitch, T E Daniels) groceries 95 n Jef- 
fKitch, Anna, emp shoe factory, res s Salamonie ave 
*Kitt, J M, lab res s Etna ave 

Kitt, Sylvanus, drayman, res 60 Whitelock [Francis] 
Kitt, J Milton, mail carrier, res 30 Whitelock 
Kitt, Obediah," carpenter, res 50 Frederick [Saloma] Thur- 

low M, Homer E, Amy B 
Klein, James H, chief train despatcher Erie, res 134 Guilford 

[Francis] Bessie, Eucile 

Before makinfr PrnAliro an Abstract of ^1 A^VI^'J^^ 
apurchase TlUbUIC of Title, at DLA\OrV O. 



Klein, Lou, operator Erie, res 134 Guilford 

" Herman, train despatcher Erie, res 134 Guilford 
Klemm, Wendell, shoemaker 115 n Jefferson, res 153 n Lafon- 
" Eizzie (wid Wendell) res 153 n Lafontaine 
" Geo, lab res 81 Grayston ave [Susan E] Earl W 
jKline, Amos, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res s Salamonie ave 
[Mary A] Grace, Marie 
" Thomas, emp Erie round hs, res Canfield st [Melissa 

J] Edith, Chester, Edna 
" John, foreman Nichols fac, res 155 Guilford [Aman- 
da] Dora, Henry, Fred, Ethel 
" Wm, emp Griffith & Son, res 3 Eee Russell, Earl 
" Henry, res 3 Briant 

" Henry, lab res 47 Buchanan [Mary] Anna, Isa- 
bella, John, Estella M 
" Hattie, teacher public schools, res 225 n Jefferson 
Peter, res 28 Madison [Elizabeth] 
Kloth, Almira (wid C) res 46 Mayne 
Klumpp, John, lab res 100 Dimond [Emma] Viola 

" Chas, emp Erie shops, res 123 w Tipton [Anna] 

" Mary (wid Joseph) res 102 w Matilda 

" Albert, machinist Erie, res 102 w Matilda 

" Aug-ust, storekeeper Erie, res 54 German [Mary] 

Blanche, August, George 
" Joseph, painter, res 32 German [Carrie] Marie 

Knapp, Tv J, machinist Erie, res 163 Guilford [Edith A] 
Knight, Chas, tinner Erie, res 85 n Eafontaine [Cecelia] 
Anna E, Mary A, Gertrude, Wallace M, Gor- 
don Y 
" Chas E ir, tinner Erie, res 85 n Lafontaine 
" John, res 85 n Lafontaine 
Knipple, Henry, res 17 e Tipton 

Knoke, Hecry, emp lime kilns, res 26 McFarland [Catharine] 
Elizabeth, Mamie 

Men's, Boy's, Youtlis', Ladies', Misses' and Children's Slioes at ZELLER'S, 

Prices Always Correct, at MALlN'S 



Koch, W E, carpenter Erie, res 63 Elm [Maggie] William 

A, Sarah B, Celestia P 
Koch, Martin (Koch & Herneise) res 102 Cline [Martha] Carl, 

Henry, Arthur, Hilda, Meriam 
Koch & Herneise (Martin Koch, James B Herneise) stone dlrs 

and cutters e State st 
Kocher, Mary A (wid Wm C) res 60 s Jefferson Louisa M 
Kocher, Christian, carpenter Erie, res 25 Elm [Mary] Law- 
rence, Jesse, Iva, Vernice 
Kocher, Emma, res 146 William 
Kohl, Wm, jeweler, res 110 Cherry 
Kohl, John, harness maker cor Washington and Warren, res 

110 Cherry [Magdalena] Clara B 
Kohlenberg, Henry, lab Wabash Ry, res 37 Dimond [Mary] 

Henry jr, Anna 
Koontz, Leander, brakeman Erie, res 257 e State [Mary A] 

Dessie B, Ervin P 
fKoontz, Blanche, res s Henry 
Koontz, Lafayette, lab res 32 Salamonie ave 
Koontz, Mary (wid) res 32 Salamonie ave 
Kopp, Aurelius, elk M B Stults, res 48 e Market 
Krall, W M, emp Erie yards, res 53 South [Ellen] Lorel, 

Etna, Clara 
Kramer, Henry W, sawyer Briant, res 25 Kocher [Lenora] 
Mary M, Edward, Henry, Nina 
Samuel, emp Briant, res 13 Second [Catharine] Al- 
fred C, George 
" Frank, emp Erie yards, res 31 Briant 
Susan (wid Simon) res 31 Erie 
Al, spoke polisher Briant, res 40 Grayston ave 
Clarence, cigar mkr, res 225 n Lafontaine 
Ed, lab res 40 Grayston ave [Sarah] 
Ed jr, emp Bdant, res 40 Grayston ave [Mary] 
Mary J (wid Adam L) res 225 n Lafontaine. Chas, 
Almond, Dessie 
" Chester A, emp Briant, res 25 Kocher 

Abstracts ^^TJ/e^T''^ BLACK^sTaBSTRACT OFFICE^ 

'"i^r CLOAKS AND CAP ES stro^el-s. 


Kreamer, J W, postal elk Erie, res 48 Second [Belle] Ethel 
Kreig, Gus, emp H E & F Co, res 73 Guilford 

" Win, carpenter Erie, res 58 First [Emma] Eloyd 

" Pius, drayman, res 101 Court [Caroline] Marshall H, 

Ellat, Mary E, Paul V 
" Kate (wid) res 11 Oling-er 
Kreiger, Chas, lab res 21 Kocher [Bridget] Mary. Anna, 
William, Emma, George 
" Henry, emp Briant, res 21 Kocher 
" John, emp Briant, res 21 Kocher 
Krider, D E, machinist Erie, res 17 Salamonie ave [Rosa] 
Kriegbaum Bros (John, George) agricultural implements 50 

fKriegbaum, John (Kriegbaum Bros) res w Catharine [Anna] 
James, Albert, Baby 
" Mary (wid Philip) res 44 Eondon. Bertha 

" Albert, sub mail carrier, res 44 Eondon 

" Edward, emp Kriegbaum Bros, res 44 London 

" George (Kriegbaum Bros) res 44 London 

Kronck, August, eng Erie, res 17 Foust [Lizzie] 
Wm, lab, res 26 Garfield [Estella] 
" Harmon, bartender Newlove, res 24 Garfield [Amy] 
Kronmiller, Gottleib sr, lab res 43 Buchanan [Katharine] 
Katie, Henry, Clara 
" Louis, cigar mkr, i-es 43 Buchanan 

Kronmiller, Gottleib jr, emp Griffith & Son, res 43 Buchanan 
Kuhlnian, Elizabeth, dressmaker, res 27 Byron 

" Jesse, emp shoe factory, res 46 William 

" N H, drayman, res 46 William [Mattie] 

" Albert, mail carrier, res 28 Bingham [Lizzie] 

Matilda, elk J Frash, res 146 Guilford 
" Joseph, plasterer, res 146 Guilford 

Elizabeth, elk New York Cash Store, res 146 Guil- 

RIIRRFI^S AU Kinds e^nca Styles /Ff I FR. 

IVX J-\. A—^ J- i.^ C^ ^Hf^/^ HUNTINGTON. ,-;— W^ 


Kuhlnian, Fred, plasterer, res 146 Guilford [Varena] Anna, 

fKuester, Henry W, switchman Frie, res 337 e State [MoUie] 

Benjamin O 
Kunce, Thomas J, res 165 William [Eliza] 
Kunce, Oren, lab res 165 William [Mary] 
Kunce, A W, blacksmith Erie, res 44 Byron [Mary E] John, 

Kunce, Clara, res 154 e Tipton 

Kunce, T J, hack driver S P Stults, res 13 Fou-t [Julia] 
Kunkel, J A, eng- Erie, res 62 High [Marg-aret] Chas E. 

Earl E, Edna E, Louis E, Paul E 
Kunze, William, drayman, res 52 Webster [Amanda] 
Kussard, Alonzo, lab res 41Grayston ave [Mary] Sherman, 

Kussmaul, Godfried, res 16 Polk [Susanna] 
Kussmaul, J J, emp Briant, res 19 Gay [H A] Martha 
Kussmer, J R, fireman Briant fac, res 42 Superior [Libby] 


Guitars, Violins, Harps and Strings at the Opera 
House Drug- Store. Albert Freeh. 

LaBar, Elizabeth (wid Amos) res 153 e Franklin 

" W H C, fireman Erie, i^es 153 e Franklin [Jennie] 
Mary E, Everett H 
Eacey, Anna, bookpr shoe factory, res 22 Mayne 

" Sarah (wid Chas) dressmaker, res 22 Mayne 
Laflamb, W D, fireman Erie, res 52 Superior [Laura] Carl, 

ifvouwant LQAN ^"^ ^"meir'' BLACK'S Abstfact OffJce 

UNDERWEAR ^^i:iilf!i^I^i^"c^i^^x.^ 


Lahr, John, fireman Erie, res 40 Sabine [Emma] 

" Fred, shoemaker A Kindler, res 151 Guilford [Mary] 

" Frank, emp shoe factory, res 151 Guilford 

* " John, lab, res e fair ground [Sarah] 
" Albert, elk C Mader, res 48 Frederick 

Lamarble, Lewis, emp shoe factory, res SO n Lafontaine st 
[Minnie] Arcade, Adrian, Ellen 
" Ernest, emp shoe factory, res 50 n Lafontaine 

" Miss Georgia, res 9 Wilkerson 

Lambert, S, second hand dlr 108 n Jefferson, res 25 e Tipton st 

[Hattie E] 
Laniboley, J A, bill elk Wab frt office, res 5 Wilkerson [Dora] 
LaMont, Jacob, contractor, res 27 Madison [Jennie] Myrtle, 
Gertrude, Marmie, Edith 

* " John, res n Guilford 

* " A L, carpenter, res n Guilford [Ella] Vanemin, 

" Robt, carpenter, res 91 First 
" Miss Lionel, res 5 Sabine 
" Heber, res 5 Sabine 

" James A, carpenter, res 20 Madison [Nina B] 
" William J, carpenter, res 287 n Jefferson [Emma] 
Laura, Eva 
Landen, James, emp Briant, res 268 e State [Martha] 
Landgrave, Ida, domestic 166 e Franklin 

Landis, Manassah, traveling saw filer, res 29 South [Effie] 
Clyde, Gordon, Roy 
" Ephriam, foreman Briant, res' 88 Webster [Adaline] 

Marmie, Eva 
" Aaron, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res 161 e Franklin 

[Ida] Melvin, Bertha 
" Jessie, traveling saw hammerer, res 8 Grayston ave 
[Mrs J] Oscar, Goldie M 
Landis, Ira, meat market 154 e Market, res 64 Superior [Cy- 
rene] George, Boyd 

Ladies' Shoes, Slippers, 'Vi/' A 7Pf T T^D Boots, Misses' Shoes 
Men's Shoes. "• -™-» Zyl-<I-«-L«I-J*\ Children Shoes. 



Landis, A G, emp I Landis, res 38 Jackson [Julian] 

Lane, J L, cond Erie, res 86 e State [Eaura] Alvah W, J 
M, Lottie H 

Lane, Q X Z, optician over 50 n Jefferson, res over 11 w Mar- 
ket [Jennie] Robert 

Lang, Carl, prop Hunting-ton Brewery 147-157 e Tipton, res 
same [Catharine] Clara, Josephine 

Lang-ston, Ambrose, teamster, bds 15 Oling-er 

Lans, Mary E (wid H D) res 84 s Jefferson. Alice 

Lantis, Malinda, domestic 83 e State 

LaPointe, E, blacksmith Erie, res 1 Wilkerson [Lucie] Ger- 
" Will, boiler-mkr Erie, res 1 Wilkerson 

" Frank P, machinist Erie, res 2 Leopold [Laura] 


Larkins, Chas H, expressman, res 64 Guilford [Julia] 

Larkins, Silas, stone cutter, res 58 Superior 

Lashing-, Fred, ashery 2 Herman, res rear same 

*Laudig-, E W, machinist Erie, res e fair ground [Lydia] 
May, Edith, Lulu, Fred 

*Laudig-, Chas, carpenter Erie, res e fair ground [Maggie] 
Harmon, Emmett 

Laughlin, Michael, brakeman Erie, res Windsor Hotel 

Lautzenhiser, Jos, mgr Beyer Bros, res 100 Cherry [Ella] 
Blanche, Bernice, Edith 

Lavine, Louis, emp Briant, res 164 e Franklin [Ida] 
" Boston, machinist Erie, res 23 Iowa 
" Lewis blacksmith Erie, res 23 Iowa [Amelia] Win- 

Lawler, John, laborer, res w city near dock 
" James, laborer, res w city near dock 

Lawrence, Mary, emp Osborne Hotel, res same 

■''■ " Amos, tinner Erie, res 309 n Jefferson [Susannah] 
Alton, Enimett V, Nettie, James, Harold 
" W F, foreman Briant spoke factory, res 68 Grayston 
ave [Carrie] Briant 

If you want ^(j^tpact of Title '^Z" BLACK'S '^^'%%o^ 

Lace Curtains and Window Shades. STRODEL. 


Lawrence, Mary (wid Jno)res 8 North. Cora, Gertrude, Ethel 

Wm R. invalid, res 10 William 
Lawver, J W, {Smith c^ Eawver.) res 37 Scott [Emma] Wil- 
liam E, D^Yig■ht A, Eldon, Viri,nl 
lEeach, Mrs L, (wid S S,) res e State 
Ledger, Geo, cond Erie, res 37 Sabine [Mary] George, 

Robt, Earl, Donald 
Ledman, Abbie, elk Fisher & Bailey, res 91 Railroad 

" Daniel, brakeman Erie, res 91 Railroad [Alice M] 

" Edward, machinist Erie, res 91 Railroad 
Lee, Ezra T, res 96 e. State [Amanda A] 

" Elijah, carpenter, res 51 Wilkerson [Sarah E] Fairy, 

Herbert E 
Lee, H F, cond Erie, res 14 Jackson [Mary E] Llovd L, 

Gilbert D, Erie V 
Lee, Frank, eny Erie, res 89 s Jelferscni [Nannie] Herbert, 

Jesse, Nina 
Lee, Earl, machinist Erie, res 52 Whitelock 
Lee, M J, eng Erie, res 52 Whitelock [Mary A] 
Lehman, William, emp E W Stover, res 37 Poplar. Charles, 

Lehmever, Wm H (Lehmever »Sz; MacGhan) res 135 William 

[Caroline] Fred A, Amelia B, Fredia E, Netr 

tie W 
Lehmeyer 6c MacGhan (Wm Lehmeyer, J C MacGhan) black- 
smiths 44 Cherry 
Leiben, Harry, emp Singer Sewing Mac. Co., bds 11 e Market 
Leicht, Chas, lab res 54 Buchanan [Henrietta] 
Leon, Chas, emp lime kilns, res 111 Dimond [Francis] Julia 
Leonard, Michael, machinist Erie, res 220 e Market [Anna] 

Mary, Kathleen, Helen, Charles, Lenera 
M L, (wid S,) res 46 w Matilda 
" Edward, teamster, res 35 Kocher [lonis] Ella, 

Mar3', Myrtle, Merriam, Harry 
Lesh, Mrs Martha, trimmer H S Wells, res 286 n Jefferson 


Fit. i4tyic and Workrtiatishlpttuai'atiteoci 



Lesh, Frank, machinist Erie, res 286 n Jefferson 

" IT S, (Kenner & Lesh) res 6 Elm [Winnie] John W 
Leverton, James A. sheriff Hunting-ton county, res county 
jail, 28 w State [Eydia J] Iva M, Elinor R, 
J Eddie, Ralph O 
Leverton, Georg-e G, barber 243 e State, res 260 e State 

Edward S, dept co elk, res 107 Clark [Elnora B] 
Garrett H 
Levi, Henry (cord)cook Exchange hotel, res 38 First [Maria] 

Jeannette, Eldon D 
Lev\', Jesse, elk Leopold Levy, res 15 e Market 
Levy, Leopold, clothing-, etc, cor Jefferson and Franklin, res 

15 e Market [Theresa] Daisy 
Lew, Bert, tinner, res 11 Hig^h 
Lew, Chas E, car repairer Erie, res 11 High 
Lew, Jacob C, tinner Reichenbach & Wickenhiser, res 11 Hig-h 

[Henrietta] Will, Mamie, Ethel, Darniie 
Lewis, H M, fireman Erie, res cor First and Wilkerson [Lil- 
lie] Benj L, Fred 
Evangeline E, teacher public schools, res 168 n Jefferson 
Anna (wid W H D) res 33 e Tipton 
" Francis, domestic 7 s Lafontaine 

Hester, (wid) res 47 Frederick Effie A, Izetta, Mary 
L, Frank E, Bertha N, Gertrude 
Lewis, Chas H, prop Koh-I-Noor billiard hall, cigars, etc, cor 
Market and Jeff'erson, res 64 w Matilda 
" Bettie, (wid Oscar A,) res 64 w Matilda 
Ley man, Dr E H, physician, res Exchange Hotel 

Edward, dancing instructor, res 235 n Jefferson 
" Dr D S, physician Opera House blk, res 235 n Jeffer- 
son [Amanda] Lawrence 
Mordecai W, constable, res 37 Walnut Wilbur 
Lieber, Harry, cook Circle restaurant, res 39 w State st [Cor- 
delia] Geo A F 
Lindsey, W C, cook Marchaneil, res 55GraYston ave [Gertie] 
Mabel, Edith Raj^mond 

^1^;^^^ Procure '^f^fK-^^" BLACK'S. 



Ivinsey, A E, emp sectiou Erie, res 172 Byron [Mary E] 

James H, William O 
Line, W H, abstractor, res 116 Byron [Marg-aret A] Grace 

L, Paul L, Arthur M 
I " Clarence, lab res rear Brawley 
f " Gertrude, res rear Brawley 
f " Estella, res rear Brawley 
Einerode, Theo, einp Erie boiler shops, res 17 Iowa [Mary] 

William, Berne, Mary, Frank 
Eing-quvist, Andrew, g-ardener, res 41 Harttnan [Elizabeth] 
Lininger, Peter, res 132 Byron [Mary J] 

" Joseph, lab res 21 n Eafontaine [Marticia] Chloe 

f " Emily, res s Salamonie ave 

f " Ida, elk Willis bakery, res s Salamonie ave 

" Albert, confectioner cor Market and Jefferson, res 

20 Wesley [Catharine] 
" Jacob D (Eininger & Mentzer) res 23 Bingham 

[Sarah W] Ethel M, Ray T 
Lininger & Mentzer (J D Lining-er, Geo A Mentzer) bakerv 7 

s Jefferson 
Einn, Mary, domestic 2 Eeopold 
Einville, Harry, res 106 e State 
Lipinski, Simon H, cig-ars, tobaccos, whiskies, retail and 

wholesale cor Market and Jefferson, res 38 s Jeffer- 
son [Rebecca A] Eester H, Harold A 
Lippman, Stuart, groceries and bakery 11 e Franklin, res 81 e 

Franklin [Belle] J Beryle 
Eippnian, Orville S, student, res 81 e Franklin 
Eittle, Sampson, cond Erie, res 20 Arthur Eorena, Anna 
" Chas B, real estate and abstractor, res 75 William 

[Alice D] Russell 
Little, M W, insurance and real estate Citizens Bank block, res 

75 William [Lavina] Grace W 
Eoftin, Fred T, pub Trader's Journal over 11 w Washington, 

res 42 Byron -[Elizabeth K] Edith F 
Eogan, Trellah B, teacher public schools, res 111 Guilford 

Men's, Boy's, Youtlis', Ladies', Misses' aud CMlflren's Slioes at ZELLER'S. 

Prices Always Correct, at M ALINES 


lyong", Mary (wid Lewis) res 27 e Market 

" Emmett, machinist Eiie, res 74 w Matilda 

" Thos J, elk Adam Mader, res 16 Randolph [Alice] 

Ralph, Mamie 
" F M, lab res 83 Broadway [Sarah] Blanche. Floyd, 
Ethel, Iva, Stella 
Chas M, teamster, res 124 Elm [Phoebe] 
" Rev Ernest, res 8 Elm 

C M, emp Sid Hal!, res 8 Elm [Ida] Bessie M 
* " Edward, plasterer, res s Etna ave [Josephine E] M 
G, Theo M 
" R M, plasterer, res 4 Everett [Hannah] Myra, Grace 
Longdon, C W, photog-rapher over 57 n Jefferson, rms same 
Longfellow, Chas, brakeman Erie, res 81 Whitelock [Nora] 
Longwell, C L, cond Erie, res 103 First [Eliza] Robt S 
Loomis, Lj'dia W (wid) res 21 Oling-er 
Lowenberg-, Albert (Harris Clothing- Co) res 97 e Market 

[Minnie] Ruth 
Lowry, J W, carpenter Erie, res 123 Lincoln ave [Ida M] 
Lowry, Delia, emp C & E Eating hs, res same 
Lowman, P L, ice dlr, res 13 Bing-ham [Mary] Marvin A, 

Emery R, Clark L, Hazel R, Mabel C 
Lowmaster, W T, brakeman Erie, res 16 Grayston ave 

[Laura] Pearl, Archie, Frank 
Loville, G C, cond Erie, res 107 First [Jennie] Clarence 
Lovett, Justin R, pharmacist C R Smith, res 68 Henry [Daisy] 
Luber, Matthias, wholesale and retail dlr in tobaccos 19 e 
Franklin, res 17 e Market [Elizabeth] Minnie, 
Rose, Katie 
Lucas, Jesse, res 235 e Market 
Lucas, Chas K, attorney, res 235 e Market [Pearl] Edith, 

Luckey, C M, brakeman Erie, res 20 Superior 
fLuckey, Nathan, painter, res Wright st [Maria] Vernie, 

A norma 
Lukins, B C, elk Bradley Bros, res 42 w Market [Dell] Boyd 

Abstracts ^•^■^ca7;!ar'" BLACKS ABSTRACT OFFICE. 




Ivuntz, Harry, peddler, res 75 Tipton [Lena] Martha, Rose 
IvLisch, John, lab res 86 Superior [Belle] Ra3'mond 
Lusch, Barbara (wid Jacob) res 104 w Matilda 
IvUtz, Caroline (wid John) res 41 Byron. Ivawrence, Martha, 

Lyons, W B, physician, res 29 e Franklin [Isabella] 
Lyons, Ftta, res 10 William 
Lyons, Ira E, physician, res 73 e Market. Kate M, Ella 

mj^ KLENZINO '%^^'& 

Laces, Ribbons, Ties, Etc. 

ALBERT FRECH, Druggist. 


McAdam, Terry, lab res 82 Henry 

McArthur, D, lumber buyer, res 111 Guilford |C Maro^aret] 

Priscilla, John A 
McArthur, Fred, brakeman Erie, res 80 e Market [Alice] 

Mildred, Neil 
McCabe, John, elk Pacific and Wells Fargo Express Co, res 3 

n Lafontaine [Emma] Gordon, Donald 
McCaffrey & Co (H McCaffrey, Jas McGourty, John Sullivan) 

wholesale and retail grocers 84 n Jeft'erson 
McCahill, Chas, operator Erie, res 131 Guilford street [Edna] 

McCammack, Ola, res 70 w Matilda 
McCammack, Clona, res 70 w Matilda 
McCartney, George (McCartney I'v: Son) res 21 Garfield [Ada] 

McCartney & Son (P McCartney, Geo McCartney) stoves and 

tinware 96 n Jeflferson 

-l-^ J- -"^""^ J-^ J- -1-^ ^-> /-!-W-' HUNTINCTON. /-HW-' 


McCartney, Patrick (McCartney & Son)res 101 e State [Mrs P] 
" Mai;\i,'-ie, night operator United Telephone Co, res 

101 e State 
McCarty, Richard, enip Bauer & McCarty, res 257 n Jefferson 
J M (Bauer & McCarty) res 257 n Jefferson 
Mary (wid John) res 257 n Jeff'erson. Mary 
" Patrick (Beaver & McCarty) res 257 n Jefferson st 

[Marg-aret] Patsy 
" J A, chief detective Erie, res 68 w Market [Grace] 

McCauley, Frank (McCauley & Ryan) res 72 First 
McCauley & Ryan (Frank McCauley, Oscar Ryan) plumbers 

and gas fitters 3 e Washington 
McCauley, Casper, enip Erie, res 72 First 
William, plumber, res 72 First 
" James jr, fireman Erie, res 72 First 

" James, emp Erie yards, res 72 First [Anna] 

W E, fireman Erie, res 21 Whitestine st [Alhe] 
Alonzo V, Frank C 

Hugh, res 238 e Market [Rose] Mary, Maggie, 
Rose, Sarah, John 
McCaughey, Chas, lab res over 55 Guilford 
*McClanahan, Frank, res s Etna ave 

Enima (wid Geo) res 138 Byron 
Eva, emp Exchange hotel, res 138 Byron 
Daisy, emp Exchange hotel, res 138 Byron 
McClellan, Frank P, car repairer Erie, res 11 Harris [Matil- 
da] Eettie, May, Everett J 
" B, carpenter, res 14 Iva 

McClelland, H D, trainmaster Erie, res 240 n Jeft'erson [Liz- 
zie] Homer, Frank, Donald, Myra 
McClure, Wm, eng Erie, res 90 Front [Mary] Ethel, Clin- 
ton, Gladys, William, Lucile 
McCombs, Wni, student, res 33 e Tipton 

McConHey, W E, eng Erie, res 70 Wilkerson [Kate] Ethel, 
Edith, Josephine, Thomas, Dorothj' 

iTjo..wa,u Lo/\N ''"^rcT"' BLACK'S Abstract Offioe 

UNDERWEAR ^^^^ZiZl^L^^"c^i^^..x^ ^ 


McConnell, Willard, einp Withing-lon fac, res 25 Simon street 
[Sarah] Antia, Virgelia, Robert 

McCruni, Robt, teamster, res 2 Everett [Caroline] Jesse, 
Mary M, James 

* " Thos B, salesman, res s Jefferson st 

* " Chas A, salesman, res s Jefferson 

* " Robt C, traveling- salesman, res s Jefferson [Har- 

riett] Elma, Arthur, Eeedy, Lela 
McCutchen, Dora (wid Maywoodi res 38 Jackson 
McDevitt, John, emp Perrine &Bartlett, res 14 s Briant [Eu- 

cinda] Nora, Wm T, Jessie, Grace, Ruby. 
" Ben, emp Perrine & Bartlett,res 25 s Briant [Min- 

nie] Ruth 
McDonald, Rev H F, pastor First Baptist church, res 70 w 

Market [Hattie L] Owen, Royal, Herbert, 

McDow^ell, W H, brakeman Erie, res 31 Superior [Melissa] 

Arthur, Samuel 
McEnderfer, Alvin, marble cutter, res 67 Whitelock [Clara] 

Oscar, Lodema, Paitl M 
McEntire, Martha (wid James) res 257 e State 
McFerren, Geo, emp H E & P Co.reS 5 sLafontaine [MaryE] 
McFerren, Eevi, lab res 124 George [Mary] 
McFerren, Lou, elk, res 124 George 
McFerren, Harry, lab rms over Day's livery 
McGourty, James (McCaffrey & Co) res 195 n Jefferson [Kate] 
McGowen, Edward, insurance ?-gent, res 76 Etna ave [Sarah] 

Dollie, Mamie, Sadie, Wm, George 
Mcllvaine, Thos O, eng Erie, res over 14 w Market [H K] 

Mcllvaine, H K, physician over 14 w Market 
McKee, Ora, blacksmith res 131 e State [Minnie] Child 
McKee, Miss Minnie, res 131 e State 
*McKee, Serioma, cook Orphans Home res same 
McGhan, J C (Lehmeyer & McGhan) res over 44 Cherry 

Ladies' Shoes, Slippers, "lAT' * 7 P I T H D Boots, Misses' Shoes 
Men's Shoes. "? -^» A* li 1-/ 1-< C 1\ Children Shoes, ' 



McGlinn, John, res cor Frauklin and Guilford [Mrs J] 
McGrew, Win. pres First National Bank, res 151 n Jefferson 

Emma E, Mrs Anna E 
McGrew, Chas M, bkpr First Fational Bnk, res 151 n Jefferson 
McGuire, E C, machinist Erie, res 22 n Lafontaine [Ella] 
McLain, Chas M, eng- Erie, res 91 s Jefferson [Anna] Kirk, 

McLean, Neil, bridge inspector Erie, res 25 Wilkerson [Alice] 

Mary A Gladys W 
McLin, Dr G H, office over cor Jefferson and Market, res 119 e 

Market [Odassa] Ileene, DeForest 
McEin, Jacob, res 119 e Market [Adelia] 
McLin's Kolotono Factory (G H McLin, prop) 26 Second st 
McMahon, Mary, head waitress Star restaurant, res same 
McMahon, Catharine (wid Stephen, res 118 e Franklin 
McMahon, Edward, machinist Erie, res 118 e Franklin 
McMahon, J C, brakeman Erie, res 70 e Market 
McMarlan, J C, lab bds 11 e Market 
McMnllen, J A, contractor, res 144 Cherry [Mary] 
McMullen, Wni, stone cutter, bds 104 Court 
McMullen, Matthias H, res 75 Poplar 
McMullen, W B, contractor, res 75 Poplar [Mary B] Ida, 

F Donalas, Michael, Marie E, Anna G, R 

McNamee, Nellie, teacher public schools 
McNulty, Frank, plumber J Gusraan, res 45 e Matilda [Mary 

V] John, Edward, Mary, Francis, Joseph, 

Magdalena, Anna 

Stop that Headache and Neuralgia by going to 
Albert Freeh for a Sure Cure. 

Abstract of Title To'^ BLACK'S ^^^^^om. 

.)Z DRESS GOODS %T ^-^^' Fine Display. 



Mace, Geo A, cond Erie, res 72 w Market [Sarah M] Mary, 
Carrie, Etta, Georg^iaiia, Arinina 
" John, machinist Erie, res 72 w Market 
" Einnia, res 68 Marshall 
Mader, Adam, j^rocery 27 e Market, res over same. [Nora] 

Mader, Lewis, elk C Mader, res 48 Frederick [Maggie] Bertha 
" Jacob, res 19 e Market 

" Minnie, ca.shier C Mader, res 19 e Market 
Mader, Chas, grocery 14 e Market, res 19 e Market 
Mahoney, Jerry, operator Erie, res 58 e Franklin 

" Marion, lab res 31 Mayne [Anna] Ruth, Mitch- 

ell, Helen, Luther, Inez 
" George, deputy co sheriff, res 5 Olinger [Jennie] 

Eva S, Titiia F, Paul 
Malcolm, L J, machinist Erie, res 151 Court [Florence] 
Malins, A H, merchant tailor 14 w Market, res 32 w Market st 

Maloney, Ed, switchman Erie, res Windsor liotel 
*Mankin, B W, cond Erie, res e fair ground [Celia] Grace, 

*Mankin, Harrj', painter Erie, res e fair ground 
Mann, Harvey, boiler mkr Erie, res 79 Court 

John H, timber buyer, res 79 Court [Maggie] Lura B 
" Harry, barber E Nix, res 79 Court 
fManning, W J, lab res s Salamonie ave [Josie] Frank 
* " Mrs Lizzie, res s Etna ave 

Maplethorji, Joseph, emp Erie shops, res 43 Superior 

Walter, emp Erie shops, res 43 Superior 
Maranda, J B, foreman Griffith & Son, res 68s Briant [Mary 
F] Lucy L. Jorge M, Paul E. John W 
" Otis, emp shoe factory, res 85 Whitelock 

" Fred, barber J E Keyes, res 85 Whitelock 

Infatits' Shoes l^::^^^:::,^^^ W. A. Zeller, f ^^"'^ 


Fit, Style and ■Workmanship Guaranteed "K/T yA, T T'K T' ^*^ 

Maranda, Joseph, barber L, Trixler, res 85 Whitelock 

Peter, einp Griffith & Son, res 85 Whitelock [Eliza- 

March, Geo, emp Wab section, res 15 Harris [Metta] Earl 

Mardinis, W R, groceries and provisions cor State and Condit 
res rear same [Mary E] 

Marchaneil Restaurant (G W Foster, prop) 22 e Market 

Maring-, EUen (wid) res 28 Briant 

Mark, L, C, carriage mkr 58 Guilford, res 13 Canal [Mary] 
Lola C, Melvin 
" James, painter, res 13 Canal 

Marker, Winfield, res 116 Front [Flora] Eeonard, Hugh 

Marks, James, picture vender, res 146 Court [Eottie] Emma 

Marshall, S R, brakeman Erie, res 6 Iva [Gladys] Verna 
" John, brakeman Erie, res 13 Third [Rose] Wilbur 

Marstoii, Wm H, eng Erie, res 16 Briant [Jennie] 
" Geo H, eng Erie, res 16 Briant 

Martin, Peter (Western Lime Assn) res 110 Cherry [Eliza- 
beth] Lena, Adelena, Julia, Edward, Herman 

Martin, Eillie (col'd) cook Grand View, res 38 First 

" Jacob (Western Lime Co) res 131 Cherry [Amelia] 
Clara, Frank, Martin, Joseph, Mary, Tricy 

Marx, Adolph, elk D Marx, res 51 w Matilda 

Marx, Isadore, elk D Marx, res 51 w Matilda 

Marx, David, clothier 54 n Jefferson, res 51 w Matilda street 
[Amelia] Louie, Henrietta 

Mason, Ben, elk Grand View, res same 

" Michael, cond Erie, res Windsor hotel 

*Mast, Michael, traveling engineer Erie, res e end Tipton 

Mattern, Andrew, res 72 Poplar [Sophia] 

Matthews, Wm, emp shoe factory, res 60 Whitelock 

Matson, Inez, teacher public schools 

May, Wm F, teamster, res 99 Broadway [Mary A] Emma 

Mayne, Robert, res 56 s Jefferson. Anna, Dolly 

Mayne, John W, teamster, res 15 Mayne [Minnie] Lizzie, 
Claude, ' Cyril 

Before making- Ppn/«lirO an Abstract of ^1 AA^I^-S^^ 
a purchase rlUUHIC of Title, at DLMv^fX O. 

"tLJrr^CZ^T"pP"CO''%^ iS S'TRODEL^S STR'OtiGMOLt). 

'^i, COME AND SEE. ^::i. 


Mayne, Monroe, stationary eng-ineer, res 183 Etna ave [Cath- 
arine] Nellie, Maude, Guy, Howard 
Mayne, J C, lab res 30 Hasty [Clara] Lillian F, Esther M, 

Bessie A 
Meade, Chas, foreman shoe factory, res 54 Henry [Josephine] 

Ralph C 
Meadlowen, Mable, waitress Grand View, res same 
Mealey, Cyrus, hostler M Euber, res over 19 e Franklin 
Meech, Chas L, res 33 e Tipton 
Meeker, H N, lab res 93 Oak [Mary L] George 
Mehre, Henry F, eng- Erie, bds Star restaurant 
Meier, Veronika (wid Wm) res 30 Buchanan. Willie, Adolph, 

Fred, Anna 
Meisch, Geo, enip lime kilns, res 105 Broadway 
Menefee, A J, supt water works Erie, res 20 Garfield [Anna] 
*Menner, Mrs (wid) res 131 Thomas 

" Jacob, elk res 95 n Lafontaine 

Mentzer, G A (Lininger & Mentzer) res 41 High [Amelia] 

Una, Clarence, Mamie 
Merrill, Fred, machinist Erie, rms 115 e Franklin 
Merriman, Curtis, emp Erie shops, res 31 Harris [Anna] 

Etta, Ervin 
" Basil, compositor News-Democrat, res 21 Herman. 

" A B, emp Erie yards, res 11 Bechtol [Laura] 

Harley, Elvie 
Meriitt, Jas S, emp Erie car shops, res 111 Warrfen 
" Lou (wid Henr}^) dressmaker res 111 Warren 

" Jessie, elk Princess store, res 111 Warren 

L E, brakeman Erie, res 83 e Market [L E] 
Merl, Peter, emp Erie section, res 78 Esther [Caroline] 

(Lizzie and Jacob Heeter) 
Metsker, Robert, res 42 Front [Sarah] 

Geo D, photographer, res 42 Front 
Mettert, H C, hostler W C Chafee, res 98 Oak [Rebecca] 

Edith, Anna, Orval, Hazel 

Men's, Boy's, Youtlis', Lames', Misses' and CMIdren's snoes at ZELLER'S. 

Prices Always Correct, at M ALINES 


Metz, Estella, student, res 96 w State 

" Conrad, boiler mkr Erie, bds 41 Hartman 
Metzler, Max, brakeinan Erie, res 109 Railroad [Bice] Eva E 
Meyer, Adam, painter, res over 5 e Market 
" Chas, auctioneer, res 29 Eehnieyer 

J R, painter, res 67 Henry [Mary M] Lulu M, Clar- 
ence E, Florence's, Hazel L 
" Millie, housekeeper, res 38 Everet. Ollie, Ruth, Grace 

Cora, res 170 William. Goto, Eulu 
" John, painter, bds 113 Lincoln ave 
" Louis, res 14 William 
" Lewis, lab res 71 w Tipton [Christena] Rosa, Eliza. 

Lewis jr, Chas 
" Jacob, mg-r Pottlitzer Bros, bds Exchang:e hotel 
Michaels, Maggie, milliner, res 122 Lincoln ave 

Lewis H, plasterer, res 30 Elm [Mary E] Lulu B, 
Grace A 
Millenbaugh, Helen (wid John) res 172 e Franklin. Maggie 
Millen, Wm, dpty city marshal, res 147 Cherry [Amanda] 
Miller, Barbara (wid John) res 33 Green. Mary B 

" H H, tailor room 4 Citizens Bnk blk, res 43 w Tipton 

[Kate R] Jennie M, Eva B 
" Will, machinist Erie, res 80 Frederick 
" . Geo C, cig-ar mkr, res 67 Clark [Hattie] Cora P 
" Frank, emp Erie round hs, res 12 Nile [EUa] Russell, 

Marie, Ray 
" Rufus, lab, res 52 s Briant 
" Lewis, elk Wabash freig:ht office, res 60 Guilford 

[Stella] Delbert, Mona 
" Frederick, carpenter, res 52 s Briant ' [Caroline] Mil- 
ton I 
Clark, fireman Erie, res 17 Mayne [Florence] Earl, 
" C W, elk city treasurer's office, res 43 w Tipton 
" Charles, painter, res 39 Everet 

Abstracts '^ Tare^f^'^ BLACK'S ABSTRACT OFFICE. 




f Miller, Anna, domestic, res Catharine bet Briant and s Jeffs'n 
" Miner, bartender, res 10 William [Josie] Blanche, 

Adam, brakeman Erie, res e Front [Alice] Flossie 

Harry, emp Erie shops, res 49 e Sabine [Cora] Jesse 

Nicholas, section hand Erie, res 83 Grayston avenue 
[Rose] Bernard, Julius 

Joseph, lab i-es 25 First [Eucy] Jennie G, Cora 

John, teamster C Eang, res 92 Oak [Louisa] Agnes, 
Virg-elia, Harmon 

J M, carpenter, res 74 Oak [Flora E] Ethel, Coi^n 

John shoemaker, res 80 Frederick [Catharine] 
Loretta, Agnes, Celia 

John A, carpenter Erie, res 110 e Market [Amanda] 

E E, brakeman Erie, res 120 Byron [Delia] 

Geo F, fireman Erie, res 127 Byron [Tena] Paul, 

John, lab, res 154 Guilford 

Jacob, machinist Erie, res 154 Guilford 

Maria, (wid) res 154 Guilford. Elizabeth 

Cora, waitress Osborne, res same 

John, elk, res 53 e Washington 

Wm H, lab, res s Etna ave 

Eli, lab, s Etna ave [Nancy] Mary A, Emma M, 
Chas H, John F 

Franklin, lab, s Etna ave [Serepta] Willis A 

Roscoe E, lab, s Etna ave 

Christian, Hewitt hardware, res 71 Frederick [Matil- 
da E] Carl V, Waldo H. Cleo C 

William S, stationary eng, res 22 Hasty [Eva] 

Jane, (wid Andrew) res 35 Walnut. Ellen, Cleve- 
land, Charles 

Elmer, emp N Windemuth, I'es 35 Walnut 

RUBBERS All Kind. e.nd styles. ZELLER. 



IMiller, Charles, teamster, s Henry [Florence] Raymond, 
J C, emp Briant factory, res 77 Briant ]oliannahl 
Weenia M 

* " David B, brakeman Erie, e Front [Moni C] Inez M, 

Olive, Grace, Goldie, Floh 
Jacob, lab, res 33 Green 
Frank, lab, res 33 Greeu 

* " H J, stone mason, res 4 Swan [M E] 

James, lab, res 290 e State [Delia] Melvin. Searles 
Geo, car inspector Erie, res 290 e State 
Esther, domestic, 116 Guilford 
Miles, Benjamin, emp Briant factory, res 8 Everet [Emma] 
Juliii. Chas 
William, lab, res 8 Everet 
Miles Wall Paper Co, (Will C Miles) wall paper, decorations. 

etc, 90 n Jefferson 
Miles. Will C, (Miles Wall Paper Co) res 78 Oak [Anna) 
Wilbur, Lesh, Houston 
Spencer B, paper hang^er, res 66 w Market 
L C, postal clerk Erie, res 66 w Market [LeliaJ 

Darwin P, paper hang^er, res 66 w Market 
Milligan, Moses, prop Silver Moon saloon 27 n Jefferson, res 

, over same [Mary C] 
Milligan, Whitelock & Cook, (Col E P Milligan, O W White- 
lock, S E Cook) over 25 n Jefferson 
Milligan, Lew P, lab, res w city near dock 

Col L P, (Milligan, Whitelock & Cook) res over 23 n 

Jefferson, summer res 1 mile w city [Maria L] 
Chas M, emp Briant, res Hotel Eastern [Emma] 
Sarah, (wid James) res 60 Front James, Katherine, 

Marg^aret, Winifred 
Emma, (wid William S) res 18 Guilford 
Mills, Valentine, cooper, bds 137 e Sabine 
William, lab, res 8 Everet 

ifvou^want LQ^j^ «" ^^^^^^^^^^^ BLACK'S Abstpact OffJcc 

STRODEL Weaves Carpets on Short Notice. 


Miltenberger, W A, carpenter Erie, res 25 Everet [Susanna] 

Belle, Geo W 
Mindnich, Martin, lime and stone dlr, res 107 Poplar [Mary] 

Theresa, Amelia, Jacob 
Ming-US, Cyrus, lig-htning rod dlr, res 5 William [Olive] Maud 
Minnich, John, prop City Mills 15 w Washing-ton, res 89 Guil- 
ford [Elizabeth] Eillie 
Frank H, emp City Mills, res 58 Henry [Adorah J] 
Clara E, Harry G 
Mire, Mary, domestic 63 Etna ave 
Mishler, Jacob, res 83 Poplar 

Sarah (John H) res 47 e Tipton. James, Myrtle 
Mitchell, James C, res 21 Glenn [Matilda J] 

Robt G, elk J Frash, res 21 Glenn 
Mitchell Sisters (Marg-aret and Charlotte) dressmakers over 

16 s Jefferson 
Mitchell, Marg-aret E (Mitchell Sisters) res 21 Glenn 
Charlotte (Mitchell Sisters) res 21 Glenn 
Cassius, lab res 22 Elm [Amanda] Mark D 
" Bert, emp J Kindig-, res 40 e Market 
" W E, insurance agent, res 40 e Market [May] Ralph 
Walter, emp H V Peden, res 40 e Market 
Mitten, Daniel S, carpenter, res 75 Buck [Elizabeth] 

Eewis F, butcher D First, res 39 Walnut. Eaura, 
" E C, contractor, res 11 s Eafontaine [Sarah J] Carr 

A, Ethel L, Nina M, Ralph E 
" Bessie, res 235 n Jefferson 
" Sarah (wid James) res 29 e Tipton 
" Ladocia, res 29 e Tipton 

Flora, res 72 Polk. Fred S, Jas R 
" W H, elk res 72 Polk 
" Charles, elevator boy Arnold & Son, res 72 Polk 

D D, emp H Weis, res 121 Buck [Eouisa] Clara, 
Anna, Emma R, Lulu, Geo 
" Clarence, emp H Weis, res 121 Buck 

A. ZELLER I-'-t., Misses' Shoes 

Men's Shoes. "' • -^*-» m^M-m^*^'^'\ Children Shoes. 

Chas. R. Smith & Co., 


Dealers in Fine Watches, Clocks, 
Jewelry, Silverware, Fancy China. 
Agents for Prenio Cameras. 

Bring us your Watch Repairing. ■ - 60 North Jefferson Streets 

-^Ilboosier Steam Xaunbr^,!^ 


Finest Work in the State. Work called for 
and delivered. 

PRINCE ONWARD 9951. ^ Tp^IkT^*!!! ^^ 

By the Great Onward HU, 2:25^4. Dam, Lizzie K., in the g-reat Brood" 
Mare List, dam of Aparka, 2:22, and Frankfort, 2:2V'4 

When I first pixrchased this highly bred son of the mighty Onward, 1; 
told the public that he was a breeder of yood colts and Uiey had to take niy 
assertions for it, because there was none of his product in this community 
for them to judg-e from. After the first season, the mares bred to- 
him the spring- of 1893, began to drop foals. In the fall of 1894 1 s-howed 
some of his colts at the Huntington Count_v Fair in stx different classes. 
The horse and five colts took sweepstakes; brood mare and colt by her side 
in sweepstakes, took first; fillies in general purpose, took first and seconds 
I also took first with horse colt in general purpose. His horse colts in lig-ht 
harness took first and second, fillies in light harness took first. His colts, 
are all of good size, have plenty of bone, substance and finish. 

Visitors desiring to inspect these young horses are welcome at all 
times, at the owner's place of business at 44 Cherr.v street, Huntington, Ind.. 
All inquiries cheerfully and promptly answered. For terms, etc., address. 

WM. DIMOND, Huntington, Fnd. 


Einljossing, Etc..-^^ HUNTINGTON, IND.. 

W. T. Whitelock. Geo. Whitei^ock. 



17 S. Jefferson St. HUNTINGTON, INDIANA. 

C C. Nave. Ed. Nave. 

C. C. ATave & Son, 


Hardware, ^ Stoves ^ and ^ Tinware, 

New Drover Block, South Jefferson St., 



aid'uFE Ifneurance* 



Exchange Livery, Boarding 
tt and Sale Stal}les. 





Moak, Henry, brakeinan Erie, res 20 Superior [Carrie] Har- 
ry S, Pearl O 
Moffitt, W P, CO elk, res 99 s Jeiferson [Mary C] Dora, Goldie 
Harl, eiup Withing-ton fac, res 5 Kitt [Letitia] Ber- 
" J W, dpty CO elk, res 99 s Jefferson 
Mohler, A D, architect over Koh-I-Noor, i-es 141 Guilford 
[Sarah A] Ruth, Viola 
" Lizzie, teacher public schools, res 94 e State 
" Auios, carpenter, res 94 e State. Mary, Harold 
Mohn, Alice, res 95 Lindley 
Monroe, Ang-eline (wid John) res 79 Court 

Montz, A I, carpenter Erie, res 102 Poplar [Mary I] Cleo C, 
" Jesse, huckster, res 102 Poplar 

W Hurshel, huckster, res 102 Poplar 
Moon, Fred, res 138 Byron [Alice] 

" S S, machinist Erie, res 12 Leopold [Emma] Ervin, 
Moore, Eva, tailoress, res 289 n Jefferson 

Sarah (wid Geo W) res 289 n Jefferson. Albert G, 
Warren M 
" F F, cond Erie, res over 18 w Market 
" M W, ins agt over Citizen's Bank, res 108 Byron 
[Louisa F] Stacy, Ella J, William C, Ethel R 
" C W, emp car shops Erie, res 95 Lincoln ave [Mary A] 
" Charles, soliciting- ag-t, res 6 Simon [Mary A] 
" Edwin F, elk Clayton Household Furnishing Co, res 6 

" Miss Dessie, ortjanist M E church, res 19 Etna ave 
" L B, capt Soldiers' Home, Marion, Ind, city address 54 
Moore, Belle (wife of L B) res 54 First. Thos, Ed, Frank 
" Mary, res 53 e Washington 

" Lydia (wid Geo W) prop Princess store, res 72 w Matil- 
da. Lulu 

ifyouwant Abstract Of Title Tr BLACK'S '^^^^''o^ffice 


X DRESS GOODS ^^l^-' Fine Display. 


Moore, Claude, elk Princess, res 72 w Matilda 

Joseph E, farmer, res 62 w Matilda. Mary W, Lizzie 
Moran, Wm, einp Erie section, res 23 Simon [Mary] Jennie, 
Willie, Mary, Julia, Daniel, Paul 
J B, brakenian Erie, res 93 Franklin [Marg-aret] Alva 
Morford, Thursa, domestic 33 Frederick 

Ella, res 125 Guilford 
Morgan, O C, agricultural implements 19 s Jefferson, res 64 s 

Jefferson [Ella] Herbert 
Morgan, James, car repairer Erie, res 160 First [Anna] 
Mary, Grace, Stella, Harold, Catharine 
" Aldon R, machinist Erie, res 38 Marshall 

Wm R, boiler-maker Erie, res 38 Marshall [Alice C] 
Wm, Ethel, Imo 
" Frank, cook Osborne hotel, res same 

Edward, asst cook Osborne hotel, res same 
•' Frank, cook and baker, res 244 e State [Ida] 
" J Carl, conipositor Farmer's Guide, res 32 Etna ave 
" Fred, elk O C Morg-an, res 32 Etna ave 

Wm J, lab res 32 Etna ave 
" John, res 32 Etna ave. Daisy T 

" John V, bookpr Farmer's Guide, res 85 William st 
[Nellie] Mabel, Ralph, Bernice 
Morris, J W, roadmaster Erie, res 140 Guilford [J P] 
Clarence, emp Briant fac, res 26 Jackson 
" Clement, emp Briant fac, res 26 Jackson 
" Winfield, emp Briant, res 26 Jackson [Ida] 
Morrison, W S, traveling passenger agt Erie, bds Osborne 
Morse, W A, emp Briant, res 199 e State [Amanda] 

" C L, switchman Erie, res 247 e State [Linnie] Pearl, 
Lester, Arthur 
Morton-, J M, brakeman Erie, res 125 First [Jennie] Blanch 

M, Joseph A, Alma I 
Moses, W F, machinist Erie, res 208 e Market [Allie] Edna, 
Charles, Goldie 

Infants' Shoes 

Fit, Style and #orkmansfaip (iuai=anteed "KyP /\ T T'K T*<*^ 

Mosher, W H, painter and piiper hang-er, res 49 Division 
[Harriett D] Ralph L, Bessie P, Mamie B, 
Blanche J, Myron E 
Mosier, Val, niolder F W Dorn, res 41 B\-ron 

" Linda, stenographer, res 181 Grayston ave 
Meyer, Jesse, traveling- salesman, rms over 51 n Jefferson 
Mozier, M L, train despatcher Erie, res 7 Roche [Agnes] 
Muckley Bros (O P, O K) dentists over 8 e Market 
Muckley, O P (Muckle3' Bros) bds Star restaurant 
" OK (Muckley Bros) bds Star restaurant 

Munson, Rush, horse trainer, res 80 e Franklin [Minnie] 
Murra)', Elizabeth (wid John) res 82 Henry. James, Alice, 
Agnes, Chas, Clara, Herbert 
" Nora, waitress Star restaurant, res same 
MO (wid Byron) res 101 Guilford 
Murray, L E, physician Bippus blk, res 28 Frederick [Mary 

E] Ralph V, Dudley E 
Murph)', Artemus, emp A G Johnson, res 82 Elm [Martha J] 
f " Frances J, lab res 35 Swan 
" Elsie, emp Briant, res 82 Elm 
" Edward, eng inspector Erie, res 132 e Sabine [Julia] 

Bartholomew, Joseph 
" Richard, res 74 Frederick [Kate] 
" A C, fruit tree agent, res 6 Eehraeyer [Nettie] Ada 

M, Fay I, Ida F, Laura B 
" Michael, lab res 130 e Market [Catharine] Katie 
Myers. Frank P, train despatcher Erie, res 88 e Market [Ly- 
dia] Ruby, Irene 
" Angeline, res 91 First. Cora 

B P, machinist Erie, res 134 e Market [Jessie] Lura 
" Deitrich, res 129 w State [Fredericka] Fred, Mary 
" Henry, machinist Erie, res 129 e State 
Mygrants, S C (wid) res 54 Mayne. Lloyd 

" J F, painter, res 39 Everett [Anna] Flo^-d, Fred, 

" Allen, carpenter, res 78 Front [Mary] 

Before ni akin sr PrnmirA an Abstract of ^1 A/^IXJ^ 
a purchase rrOCUre of Title, at DI— MOIV O. 

T Tr^'^TTHr','P^''S^ ^® «TR00tiL*y Ji'TRONGllOtU. 

-f:> COME AND SEE. ■<:^ 


Mygrants, Elmer, saloon Grand View, res 30 Front 
" Jessie, waitress Osborne hotel, res same 

" D C, painter, res 30 Salamonie ave [Francis] 

Earl, Glenn, Virgil, Marie 
Myres, Bert, eng- Erie, res 121 First [Anna] 
Myres, N A, marb'e and stone dlr 14 n Jefferson, res 113 First 

Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Gasoline, Coal Oil, 
Lamp Chimneys and Tooth Picks. 



Nagel, Mary (wid Peter) res 118 Grayston ave 

fNave, F, fish dlr 16 n Jefferson, res 96 Henry [Elizabeth] 

Nave, Samuel F, prop Brunswick Billiard Hall 18 e Market, 

res 8 Bingham 
Nave, Edward (C C Nave & Son) res 8 Bingham 
Nave, C C & Son (Charlotte, Edward) hardware, stoves, etc, 9 

s Jefferson 
Nave, Charlotte (wid C C) res 8 Bingham. Cora, Eaura 
Nave, Rev H E, pastor First Presbyterian church, res 33 w 

Tipton [Florence] Mark D, Karl, Grace 
Neagle. James, flagman Erie, res 138 e Market [Mary A] 

Frank, lab res 138 e Market 
Neiswinter, Henry, lab res 48 Halstead 
Nethercutt, Hattie, res 25 Salamonie ave. Glo 
Neuer, Jacob, lab res 66 e Market [Catharine] 

Chas, lab res 61 e Market [Elizabeth] Elizabeth 
Alex, emp Erie round hs, res 21 Erie [Maggie] 
" Daniel, lab res 4 n Eafontaine [Eouise] 

Men's, Boy's, Youtlis', Ladies', Misses' and Children's Shoes at ZELLER'S, 

Prices Always Correct, at MALIN'S 


Neuer, John jr (Neuer & Eisenhauer) res 122 Poplar [Theresa 

M] Theresa E 
" Chas, coppersmith Erie, res 141 Oak 

Nicholas, machinist Erie, res 141 Oak 
" John sr, lab res 141 Oak [Mag-daleua] Ruth, Anna, 

Eddie, Katie 
Neuer & Eisenhauer (John Neuer, A J Eisenhauer) boots and 

shoes 87 n Jefferson 
Nevius, Bert B, timber cutter, res 26 Monroe [Dora] Andrew 
Newcomb, Frank, barber Trixler, res over 12 e Washing-ton 

[Elizabeth] Dessie, Blanche, Ethel 
Newcomb, G L, produce, flour and feed 7-11 w Franklin, res 27 

Fredericka [E R] Almeda, Wm D 
Newcomb, G Otis, elk G E Newcomb, res 40 Fredericka [An- 
na] Nellie 
Newcomb, C E, machine shop 16 e Washington, res 113 w State 

[Carrie M] Dean B 
Newell, Rose E, teacher public schools, res 152 Court 
*' Mary E, teacher public schools, res 152 Court 
" Chas, foreman painters Erie, res 152 Court [Eliza- 
beth] Clarence 
f " Henry, brick setter Martin, res Brawley st [Clara] 

Bertha, Maude, Irene, Einden 
Newhart, N L, truckman, res 79 w State [Mary] Effie, 

Newlove, Otto, saloon 25 s Jefferson, res 9 Etna ave [Anna] 

Newman, Catharine (wid Peter) res 37 Polk 
New York Cash Store (M G Norton, prop) notions 25 n Jeff'er- 

son street 
Nichols, Henry, foreman bridge gang Erie, res 187 e Market 

[Emma] Pearl 
Fred, res 187 e Market [Mary] Baby 
Nichols, B F, lumber, lath and shingles 50-58 e State, res 111 n 

Lafontaine [Lauretta H] Samuel 
Nichols, Eucy, teacher public schools, res 111 n Eafontaine 


11^ /*\/VOt>JP~rO Sln^ODKL OtVES 

-feL-0\a/ES-r PHICRS 


Nicholson, John, jjainter, res 105 Esther [Lena] Edward, 

Marie, Georg-e 
Nifer, Edward, lab res 71 Superior [Mary] Cora, Homer 
Nifer, Chas, apprentice Erie shops, res 71 Superior 
Niles, John, brakeman Erie, res 128 e Franklin [Gustie] 

Hattie, Harold, Adda 
Nille, Emma A, elk Western Eime Assn, res 83 w State 
Nix, John, carpenter, res 36 w Market [Katharine] 
Nix, Edward, barber 18 e Market, res 36 w Market. Georg-e 
Nix, Einma, elk J Strodel, res 36 w Market 
Nix, Nicholas, carpenter, res 101 w State [Eva] Cecelia, 

Eena, Joseph, Ada, Harmon, Fred, Agnes, 

Nogg-le, Martha E, teacher public schools, res 71 Elm 
Nolan, Enos, tireman Erie, res 10 Arthur [Cora] Esther 
Nook, Joseph, carpenter and contractor, res 45 e Tipton 

[Mary J] Lena, Edith, Cary, Chas, John, 

Eauretta, Joseph 
Norman, Chas, interlocker Erie, bds Windsor hotel 
Norris, Dora, tailoress J W Van Arsdol, res over 14 w Market 
Norton, Maxwell G, prop New York Cash store, res 97 Warren 
Norton, Claude, elk New York Cash store, res 97 Warren 
Null, Hug-h S, blacksmith Erie, res 99 Oak [Kate] 
Nunemaker, Isaac, car repairer Erie, res 165 e Tipton [Anna] 
Nunemaker, Joseph, emp lime kilns, res 15 Iowa [Sarah] 

Grace, Ethel B, Wm H, John F 

Albert Freeh Sells Hammocks, Croquet Setts, 
Base Ball Bats, Doll Cabs and Cand}^ 

RUBBERS i^ll IvlnclB Ptncl styles. SELLER. 


IVi. -<e-V J_^ J. 1^ N^!^ /-W-'/-' HUNTINCiTON. ,-W-W 


fOatis, John C, meat market, 32 e Market, res s Jefferson 

Oats, Wesley, einp lime kiln, res 57 e Sabine [SarahJ 

Chas, yard man Erie, res 159 First [EUa] Harry 
Joseph, lab, res s Etna ave [Marg-aret] Laura 
William, res 61 e Franklin [Adelaide] 
Ceph, emp Briant, res 91 Henry [Anna] Blanche, 

Maude, Beulah, Curtis 
Lillie, emp shoe factory, res 91 Henry 
Henry, emp Griffith & Son, res 56 Salamonie ave [Re- 
Harvey, hosier Briant, res 78 Webster [Mary A] 
Michael, butcher, res 78 Webster 
Obermeyer, John, emp lime kiln, res 51 McFarland [Nellie] 

Harvey, Emma, Carrie 
O'Brien, Luke, eng- Erie, res 145 First [Mary] Harry, Cleo 
" Wm, sv(^itchman Erie, res Windsor House 
" Pat, civil eng, res 138 Poplar 
" Mary, res 138 Poplar 
O'Connor, Bryan, eng Erie, res 9 Faust [Anna] May, Wil- 
lis, Blanche, Anna, Elendor, Hildegard 
" Miss Emma, emp Longdon, res 60 e Franklin 

" John, eng Erie, res 80 First 

Oglesbee, Esther, teacher public schools, res 47 Henry 
O'Hara, James, shoemaker, res 9 Kitt [Catharine] James, 
Emma, Florence, Elias, Esther 
" Anna, emp shoe factory, res 9 Kitt 
" Geo, emp shoe factory, res 9 Kitt 
O'Herron, Timothy, emp Erie, res 50 Wilkerson [Elizabeth] 
Olmstead, Elizabeth (wid G W) emp Pearl Steam laundry, bds 

96 w State 
O'Laughlin, John, roadmaster T A A & N M Ry, res 11 Mar- 
shall [Kate] Mamie, Paschaline, Bridget 

If vou want 

LOAN ''"^.r.elo"" BLACK'S Abstract Office 

STRODEL Weaves Carpets on Short Notice. 


O'Laughlin, Michael, yard foreman Erie, res 85 e Tipton 
[Francis] Mary 
" William, fireman Erie, res 11 Marshall 

O'Eeary, G M, veterinary surg-eon, res 119 e Market 
Orchard, Harry, machinist Erie, res 57 Court [Jessie] Paul 
Osborne Hotel ( J F J Siegmund, prop) 22-26 w Market 
Ostertag-, William, lab, res 64 Buck 
Oswalt, Francis, res 122 e Market 

C G, watchman Briant, res 109 e State [Ellen] Mary 
" Samuel, fireman Erie, res 109 e State 
" John, fireman Erie, res 109 e State 
" Edward, fireman Erie, res 109 e State . 
*Ott, Wm, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res Stringtown e fair 

ground [MoUie] Barbara 
*Overholt, Thomas, res n Guilford [Dessie] Stella 

" Philip, carpenter, res 190 Guilford [Rhodea] 

" Dessie V, domestic, 10 Randolph 

" Daniel J, agt sewing machines, res 24 Whitelock 

" Theresa, (wid John) res 24 Whitelock 

" Levi, lab, res 154 e Franklin [Abbie J] 

Overmyer, J R, carpenter Erie res 60 Whitelock [Mary] Roy, 
Clarence, Susie 
" S C, carpenter Erie, res 80 Whitelock [Flora] 

Fred, Dessie, Hobart 
Owen, C B, jeweler with Grafton, res 5 Elm 

You can get a good Pocket Book without money 
at Atbert Free lis drug store on Saturdays. 

I,adies' Shoes, Slippers, ViT \ TCX\ T PJ D Boots, Misses' Shoes 
Men's Shoes. "' • -™-» ^I-<1-«1-«I-H\ Children Shoes. 

A man may g'uy, 
And a man may lie, 

And a man may sweat and blow; 
But he can't get trade 
Setting- in the shade, 

Waiting- for business to g-row. 



A. Reichenbach. F. E. Wickenhiser. 

Reichenbach & Wickenhiser, 


GGUGreil @ MetrclweLrG 



Buchanan & IR^an, 

flambers and ©as fTitters, 

No. 11 West Market Street, 



\ Odd Fellows' Block. 
I Rooms 7 and 8. 





Staple and Fancy Groceries, 

No. 3 South Jefferson Street. 

Harvey Coy. John Dolan.. 

Coy & Dol^n, 

Confectionery and Billiard Hall 


^iWagon and Repair Shop,!^ 

Cor. Briant and State Sts. 

Huntington, Indiana.. 



Pabst Brewing Co, (J L Brown, ms^r) cor 3rd and Faust 

Pacific Express Co (Geo Reynolds, agt) 26 n Jefferson 

fPagls, Henrv, enip shoe factory, res Catharine st [Mar^'] 
Hattie, Clara 

Pahner, Henry, fireman Erie, res 68 Whitelock [Clara] 

f " Geo T, carpenter, bds 32 Catharine 

Parker, Eva, waitress Star restaurant, res same 

Thos J, lab, res 50 Buck [Caroline] William E, 
Florence M, Elvin H. Laura 

Parks, William, teacher, res 80 Elm [Edith] 
Sam, barber, res 28 Warren 

Parry, Carl, elk M M office Erie, res 110 e Market 

Parnin, L C, res 48 Maj'ne [Lucinda] 

Paschong", Frank, bartender Allman & Boos, res 106 e Frank- 
lin [Kate] 

Paschong, William, grocer 104 e Market, res 147 First [Min- 
nie] Nevada 

Passwater, Milo, boiler mkr Erie, res 136 Court [Delia] 
Floyd, Harry 

Pastor, Chas, gardener, res 72 Cline 

Pastor, Geo, prop City Green House 97 Frederick, res same 
[Barbara] Emma E, Carl, Gertrude 

Pastor, Ed, elk A Pastor, res 94 Frederick 

Pastor, Adam, g-rocerj' and bakery 18 n Jefferson, res 94 Fred- 
erick [Emma] 

Patterson, C W, fireman Erie, res 67 Cherry [Mary] Robert 
" Rachael, dressmaker, res 48 Henry 

" Ella, dressmaker, res 48 Henry 

Patten, Joseph, emp Foster brick yard, res 167 Byron [Anna] 
Gertrude, Myrtle, Sherman 
" H W, carpenter Erie, res 49 Marshall [Matilda] 
Bertha. Chas 

if3ou^.vant Abstpact of Title T>" BLACK'S '^^^^'^o^ffice 

X DRESS GOODS ^^-T^^S' Fine Display. 


Patten, John, emp Erie, res 167 Byron 

" William, teamster, res 10 Nile [Dora] Chester 
*Paul, Samuel, carpenter, res s Salamonie ave [Ida M] 

Paul, W S, dls in a^>-riciiltural implements, 48-50 Warren, res 
29 Lehmever [h V] Russell K, Grace M, 
Fordia M 
Payg-man, T M, emp Erie, res 35 w Market [Emma E] Geo, 

Payne, Miss Addie, res 32 w Market 

William, emp Briant, res 45 Briant [Belle] Philip 
" Washing-ton, emp Briant, res 32 Superior [Lydia] 

Guy, Bessie 
" Jesse, emp Briant, res 32 Superior 
" Anna, res 49 South 

" Lawrence, emp C & E eating- house, res same 
Payton, E C, brakeman Erie, 21 Jackson [Dessie I] Roy J 
" Chas, cond Erie, res 126 e Market [Clara] Hazel, 
Pearl Steam Laundry (H H Wagoner, H M Sprinkle, props) 

98 w State st 
Peavey, Fred E, fireman Eiie, res 142 Court [LilHe] Esther 

Peden, H V, stone and marble dlr 98 n Jefferson, res 48 e 
Washington [Mary] Mabel, Williard, Do-vv, 
Marie, Katharine 
Penfield, James G I, jeweler O Grafton, res 46 e Washington 
" A P, eng Erie, res 46 e Washington [Emma] 
Harry A, res 46 e Washing-ton 
Penfold, J A, traveling- salesman, res 24 Superior [Laura] 
Penn, E G, insurance agt, res 118 Etna ave [Ellen] Myrtle, 

Pens, H F, brakeman Erie, res 107 Lincoln ave [Alice] 
Perrine & Bartlett (Z D Perrine, W P Bartlett) lumber yard 

and saw mill 141 Front 
Peting-, Ered, wagon maker, res 108 Hitzfield [Anna] 

Itifnnts' 5hoes ^^^^^^H^t!^. W. A. Zeller, .f^Sjj 

Fit, Stvie and Work 

matishipCluafanteeci "K /f' /\ T iTTxT ''^ 


Peting-, Aug-ust, lab res 108 Hitzfield 
Peters, Earl, elk H H Arnold & Son, rius 32 w Market 
Peterson, Michael, lab res Windsor hotel 
Petrie, Nicholas, cig-ar maker, res 255 n Lafontaine 
" Peter, g-ardener, res 255 n Lafontaine 
" Matthias, bartender Eng-leinan, bds Star restaurant 
J, res 71 Oak 
Pfeifer, Philip, saloon, 166 e Market, res 66 e Market 
" Henry, res 149 Cherry [Mary] 

" Georg-e, euip Lang^'s brewery, res 33 e Sabine [Caro- 
lina] George J, Rosella 
Phillabauni, Lewis, teamster, res 59 Grayston ave [Mary E] 
Phillips, Myrtle, domestic, res 128 Byron 

Pierce, Frank, teamster, res 27 Eehmeyer [Sarah] Julia, 
William R, Maude L 
" Elizabeth, teacher public schools, res 47 Henry 
Pike, F H, brakeman Erie, res 141 e Market 
Pimlot, Harry, eng- Erie, res Grand View hotel 
Pinkerton, Thos, res 4 Simon 
"Pinkerton, Laura, res s Etna aye 

" W S, teacher high school, res 191 n Jefferson 

" Chas, plasterer, res 4 Simon [Mrs C] Jessie, 

Ruth, Ida 
Pipenbrink, Henry, emp shoe factor}', res 286 e State 
Andrew, emp Briant, res 286 e State 
" Ernest, shoemaker 166 e Market, res 286 e State 

[Lizzie] Chas 
Piper, Harry, eng- Erie, res 61 e Franklin 

Planck, Edward, car repairer Erie, res 45 Webster [Kittie] 
Domit, Mabel 
Geo B, brakeman Erie, res 1 Hig-h [Laura B] Hug-h 

A, Edna A 
F A, inspector Erie, res 72 Front [Clara] Bruce 
" John, tinner Erie, res 211 e Market [Matilda] Ola, 
Mattie, Grace, Fred, Bessie, John 
Plane, Herbert, res 59 Webster [Maude] Dorothy 

^1°;^r-?u^^e"^ Procure~^'"of^!![e%'^^ BLACK'S 

T Tr-^c-^rTT^T'^''^.^^ is STKODEL*S STRONGHOLD. 

-in.v ^kiz>-L- niLix^ x -^^^ come and see. -n^ 


Plasterer, F S, teller Citizens' Bank, res 81 William [Edna] 

Pleanitz, Lydia (wid Wm) res 2 Hannah. Win jr 

Pluin, C Edward, eng- Erie, res 57 High [Ivizzie] George, 

Pluinmer, James P, carpenter, res 130 w Matilda [Margaret 

A] Joseph E, Olive E, Florence M, Arthur J, 

Emily, Lewis W 
Pohler, John H, wagon uikr, res 26 Olinger [Mary C] Eliza- 
beth, George C, Wm H, Laura 
Fred, elk Whitelock & Son, res 26 Olinger 
Potneroy, Mrs E A (Poineroy & Blackburn) res 67 w Matilda 
Pomeroy & Blackburn (A E Pomeroy, M Blackburn) milliners 

83 n Jefferson 
Poorman, Frank, emp Collins Ice Cream Co, res 17 Everett 

[Ella] Everet, Carl 
Poorman, Theo, new and second hand goods 9 n Jefferson, 

res 276 Etna ave [Julia] Chas A, Aurelius, 

Etta, Clara 
Pope, F H, night engine despatcher Erie, res 64 e Market 

[Alice] Lena, Howard 
Porter, Blanche, res 54 Grayston ave 

" Helene, res 54 Grayston ave 
I " Calvin, book agt, res 23 Catharine 
f " Chas, salesman, res 23 Catharine 
f " Harriett, res 23 Catharine 
Pottlitzer Bros (Jacob Meyer, mgr) commission merchants 112 

n Jefferson 
Powers, Edward, hostler Harter livery, res 11 Canal [Kate] 

Nona, Robert, Jessie, Sadie 
Will, hostler, res 11 Canal 
Powell, W A, barber 29 n Jefferson, res 62 s Jefferson [Effie] 

Bertha, Philip, Muzetta 
Powell, A P, carpenter, res 97 Warren [Auginina] L G A 
" Nettie G, elk New York Cash store, res 97 Warren 
" W C, meat market cor Mayne and Indiana, res 42 

Indiana [Nina] Henry W, Frank A, Lucinda 

Men's, Boy's, Youtlis', Ladies', Misses' aiifl Cliilflreii's Slioes at ZELLER'S. 

Prices Always Correct, at M ALINES 


Prescott, Anna, emp shoe factory, res 36 Salamonie ave 
Pressell, Ervin, machinist Erie, res 29 e Tipton [Barbara] 
" Eltner, emp Erie shops, res 103 Railroad [Eva] 

Agnes, Herinie, Willie 
Pressler, Joseph, emp Briant, res 64 Mayne [Eillie] Myrtle, 

Edna, Winfield 
Price, Scott, switchman Erie, res 141 e Market [Maude] Thos 
" MoUie, seamstress, res 140 Court 

Bridget (wid Wm) res 140 Court 
" Wm, carpenter, res 50 Swan [Lydia] Lulu. Emma, 

Fa^-, Pearl, Imo, Donald 
J G (Price & Rosebrough) res 69 Poplar [Mary H] 

Boyd, Bert A, Harry C, Hattie C, Henry H 
Price & Rosebrough (J G Price, H E Rosebrough) insurance 

and loans over 74 n Jefferson 
Priddy, Will, emp Thompson & Co, res 28 Warren 
*Priddy, Phoebe (wid) res s Etna ave. Bertha, LeRoy 
Pride, Col Geo G, civil engineer, res 32 w Market 
Prill, Wm, sawyer Grififith & Son, res 44 Buchanan [Caroline] 

Edith, Elmer, Laura 
Prince, Chas M, teamster Perrine & Bartlett, res 86 Garfield 

[Lena] Ediih, Floyd, Dwight, Mildred, Hobart 
Princes, The (Lydia Moore, prop) department store 24 e Market 
Provines, John W (Purviance & Provines) res cor Elm and 

Sophia [Amelia] 
Pumphrey, F M, carpenter 'Erie, res 25 South [Alice M] Ray 
Purdue, Cora, res 14 William 
Purviance, Mary A, res cor Bj^ron and Franklin 

" W R, emp Singer Sewing Machine Co, res 235 

William [Mary L] 

James A, elk Dickover & Altman, res 60 Mavne 

[Ella] Maude, Madge, Geo, Helen, Paul 
Purviance & Provines (Marshall J Purviance, J W Provines) 

dry goods and notions 11 s Jefferson 
Purviance. Marshall J (Purviance & Provines) res 41 s Jeff's'n 


r^ARF*!— "T"^ STr?tJt3KL qtVES 



Purviance, Emma, stenographer Western Lime Assn, res 41 s 

Hen-rietta (widJos W) res 128 Etna ave. Lucv 
" Flora, student, res 156 n Jeffers(jn 

DA, loan agent, res 156 n Jefferson [Elizabeth] 
Mabel, Donald 

Mce. Photograph Albums and Fancy Goods at 
Albert Freeh 's drug store. Opera Block 


Quick, Edward, cond Erie, res 97 e State [AnnaJ Myrtle. 

Quigley, Rhoda (vvid John) milliner over 60 n Jefferson, res 

44 w Matilda 
Ouitfley, Ethel, elk R Quigley, res 44 w Matilda 
Ouinlan, Rev Father, pastor St Mary's Catholic church, res 

182 n Jefferson 

D/d ijou ever tiij Angellne for Rheumatism? 
Albert Freeh sells and recommends it. 

Rader, A W, traveling salesman, res 9 Charles [Jennie] 

Wilbur K, Eucile, Allen 
Rae, G W, brakeman Erie, res 129 Court [Jeff] 
Rahn, Edwin, foreman Farmer's Guide, res 147 William street 

[Mary] Emma, Elmer 
f Rains, R W, res Wright st, w of s Jefferson 

RITRRF.RS AH TCinds ^nd ^tvle.. /FI.I.F.R. 


JVX .t^ JL-^± r>l w^ /-^^z- huntin(;ton. ^f^f^h 


Rail, W C, cond Erie, res 23 Salainonie [Laura] Pearl F 

Randolph, Win, res 105 e State 

Raney, Chas, carpenter, res 55 Whitelock [Alice] D M 

Raper, Wni, enip lime kilns, res 110 Hitzfield [Dora] Min- 
nie, Sophia 
Wni jr, enip Erie, res 110 Hitztield 
Dora, enip Exchang-e hotel, res 110 Hitzfield 
Rathgaber, Jacob, plasterer, res 55 e Tipton 
Rausch, Catharine (wid Andrew) res 8S Cherry 
Frank, lab res 88 Cherry 

John, einp Erie shops, res 94 Cherry [Matilda] Lu- 
cas, Clara 
Henry, elk Erie M M office, res 94 Cherry 
" Peter, bookpr, res 94 Cherry 
Raver, Park, elk Reichenbach & Wickenhiser, res 5 High 

[Eva] Lura, Clydie 
Ra3% Pearl (wid Win) res 103 Lincoln ave 
Rayiner, Patrick, teamster, res 25 Canfield [Neva] Francis, 

Robert, Ralph 
Raymond, Charles, make-up Democrat, res 15 s Lafontaine st 
" John P, blacksmith C E Newcoinb, res 64 Frederick 

[Rose] John jr 
Reagan, Charles, brakemaii Erie, res 161 Court [Amelia] 

Ream, A J, emp city fire dept, res 7 Oak [Lizzie] Edith B, 
Cecil M, Geo W 
Al, einp Erie, res 38 Sabine [Minnie] Grace 
'* Henry, eng Erie, res 34 Canfield [Anna] Orin, Lulu, 
Clara, Nona 
Rease, Ella, domestic 29 Frederick 
Recklau, Henry, tailor, res over 94 n Jefferson 
Recklau, Chris, merchant tailor over 94 n Jefl'erson, res 98 n 
Lafontaine [Mary] Elizabeth, (Adolph Acker- 

jfyou^want LQ^j»| «" ^ood Ms. BLACK'S Abstfact Offjci 

STRODEL Weaves Carpets on Short Notice. 


Redding, John, emp Lang- brewery, res 55 e Tipton [Mary] 

Clarence, Harmon 
Redman, Joseph, flagman Wabash, res over 16 n Jefferson 

" Amos, boiler mkr Erie, res 27 South [Jennie] El- 
ma, Walter, Estella, Dale 
Reed, A, switchman Erie, res 122 e Market 
" John, lab, res 173 n Jefferson 

W E baker Star restaurant, res 119 e State [Hattie] 
Reed, Isaac D, real estate agt over 29 n Jefferson, res 34 

Bingham [Ida V] Jessie B, Edna, Fred 
Reed, Verda, elk sheriff's office, res 22 Monroe 

" Laura P (wid Levi) dressmaker, res 22 Monroe 
Rehling, Richard, emp Fred Lashing, res 29 e Matilda 
Rehm, Nora C, teacher public schools, res 8 Guilford 
Reichard, Henry, cigar mfg, res 36 William [Hallie] Kenneth 
Mary (wid John P) res 76 Cherry 
" G Fred, cigar mkr, res 76 Cherry 

" Ferdinand, cigar m'f g 78 Cherry, res 76 Cherry 

[Flora E] 
t " Ellsworth, lab, res e State near Brawley [Ella] 

Mary E, Hazel N 
Reichenbach, A (Reichenbach & Wickenhiser) res 113 Guilford 

[Ida] Lucie 
Reichenbach & Wickenhiser (A Reichenbach, F E Wicken- 
hiser) hardware 51 n Jefferson 
Reifert, Otto, blacksmith Wm Dimond, res 244 e State 
Reiley, W R, policeman, res 43 Matilda [Martha] Katie, 

Edson, Anna, Frank 
Reilley, Frank, eng Erie, res 30 Webster [Mar)'] 
Renbarger, John H, driver fire dept, res 100 w State [Sarah] 
Pearl, Etta 
" James, res 53 Etna ave 

" John M, res 53 Etna ave [Charity] Eliza 

Renn, John, principal L'ltheran school, res 42 Polk 
Repp, David, elk Wells Fargo express, res 202 Guilford 
" Leonard, emp Wm McGrew, res 202 Guilford 

Ladies' Shoes, Slippers, \Lr A V CI T tJ D Boots, Misses' Shoes 
Men's Shoes. "^ • -f^» ^C/LiM^lZtS. Children Shoes. 



Repp, J W, teamster, res 202 Guilford [Lucy] 

fRessler, Henry S, miller, res s Salamonie ave [Mattie E] 

Reub, John, lab res 75 Bartlett [Augusta] Flora, Dora, 

Reust, Anna (wid John) res 61 vv Matilda 
Reynolds, Geo, ag-t Pacific and Wells Fargo express, res 22 

William [Kate E] 
C C, supt Erie, res 130 Guilford [Agnes] Ray W, 

Marie M, Charles, Lewis, Louise 
Rinehart, Geo, carpenter Wabash, res 107 s Jefferson [Etta] 
Rhodes, Mary, housekeeper, res 25 Mayne. Chester 
Rice, George, lab bds 207 William 

Rice, Joseph L, teamster, res 105 Broadway [Mary C] 
*Richard, B W, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res s Etna ave [Ida] 

Richards, E T., carpenter Erie, res 9 Edwin [Emma J] 

Mable C 
'• B A, shoemaker 19 n Jefferson, res 28 William 

[Clara] Earl R. 
Richardson, J. L, prop garment cutting school 14 Henry, res 

same [Ella] Hazel. 

Aaron, emp H. L, & F. Co., res 73 Guilford 

[Sarah] Harrison, James, Reiley, John. 
Richwine, William E, emp Bucher & Weber, res 3 Hannah 

[Lucy] Leon, Edith, Cleo, Watson. 
•' Hannah (wid John) res 25 Elm. 
" George, barber, res 62 s Jefferson. 
" Walter, emp Withiugton factory, res 28 Briant 

[Jessie] Kenneth. 
Ricker, Jessie, plumber emp J H Gusman, res 58 Marshall 

" Eliza (wid David) res 58 Marshall. Iva, Sadie 
Ridgley,, Allie (wid) res 228 e State. Wando. - 
Rife, Alva, lab, res 35 Mayne. 
Rifenberick, Elizabeth (wid John M) res 40 Frederick 

ifyuuwant Abstpact of Title -:r BLACK'S '^^'^'^omcE 

Lace Curtains and Window Shades. STRODEL. 


Riggers, William, lab, res 7 Hitzfield. 

" Maggie (wid William) res 7 Hitzfield. Madie Anna 
Charles, lab, res 7 Hitzfield, 
fRinehart, J C, lab, res 18 Catharine [Jennie] Myrl Grace 
Ritter, Andrew, lab, res 60 Hitzfield [I^ena] Francis, 

Joseph, Mary, Lizzie, Edith, Pauline. 
Rittenhouse, E M, emp Briant's factory, res 59 Superior 

[Mary] Austin S, Realy R, Mable R 
fRobbius, L, S, emp shoe factory, res s Salamonie Ave 
f " Jennie (wid) res s Salamonie Ave. W W 
*' W A, brakeman Erie, res 27 Gay 
" Chas, res 73 e Sabine 
Robins, James, L, carpenter, res 27 Division [Sarah I] Gar- 
land A 
" Orange, carpenter Erie, res 188 E Market [Sarah] 
■ Fernie 
Robinson, Dottie. doniestic Osborne hotel, res same 

" John, machinist Erie, res 106 First [Belle] Grace 

Ed, tailor A H Malins, res 28 Warren 
" Michael, emp Erie, res 40 Fredericka [Ida] 

" Eee, eng Erie, res 83 First [Kate] Agnes, Alice, 

Mabel, Harry, Lillie 
" Emeline (wid Joseph R) res 83 First 

" John, fireman Erie, res 230 e State [Louisa] 

" Mina, domestic, res 141 n Jefferson 

* ** Richard, traveling salesman, res s Henry [Leona] 
E M, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res 29 Briant [Anna] 
Eva, Jennie, Ethel, Frank 
Robertson, Charles, lab, res 12 Allen [Jennie] Ethel 
Roche, Thomas, attorney, office over 81 n Jefferson, res 137 
Cherry [Hannah] 
David, res 27 Sabine 
" Bridget, res 182 n Jefferson 

Infants' Shoes 


ii^it, i>tyle and Workmatiship Gluai'anteed 7V/f >«^K„T iTTNT'^^ 

Rockafeller, W H, drug^g-ist, 31 n Jefferson, res 26 nivafontaine 

J F, machinist Erie, res 11 Arthur [Jennie] 
Ruby, Eyle, Edith 
Rodgers, Dr Leroy, physician, office and residence 60 Fred- 
erick [Eouisa] Tressie, Don, Jessie, Tennie 
" Edg-ar L, insurance ag-ent, res 60 Frederick 
Rog-ers, J Mat, barber, 29 n Jefferson, res 55 High [Vert] 
" Douglas, baker, res 8 Canal [Minnie] Charles E 
" James, lab, res 160 William 

* " Joseph, emp Withington factory, res e Front 

" George, boilermaker Erie, res 15 Faust [Nancy] 

* " James M, agent, res s Etna ave [Etnie] Cressie 
" Ray, emp Byer Bros, res 60 Frederick 

Roher, C, fireman Erie, res Windsor hotel 

Rohlman, George, brakeman Erie, res 7 Iowa [Minnie] 

Ralph, Bert, Raymond 
Roller, Miss Louisa, teacher Lutheran school, res 91 Buck 
" Herman, clerk Schaefer & Schaefer, res 91 Buck 
" Louise (wid Jacob) res 91 Buck. Rosa 
Roof, Jacob, junk dealer, res 92 Buck [Seth] Peter, 
Minnie, Sam, Nier 
" Myer, umbrella mender, res 165 Etna ave [Rosa] 
Rose, Jacob, timber dealer, res 49 Frederick [Lucy] 
Rosebrock, Henry, jeweler, 10 w Market, res 131 n Jefferson 
Rosebrock, H F, jeweler 10 w Market, res over 131 n Jefferson 

[Lena] Carl 
Rosebrough, A J, drayman, res 35 William [Sidney] Harry 
B, Mary C. 
" Frank L, lab, res 35 William 

J, A, lab, res 35 William 

E, M, clerk F Dick & Son, res 63 Henry [Etta] 
" HE (Price & Rosebrough) res 9 Roche [Mamie] 

^l^p^L-^htie"^ Procure ^It^^^l^"' BLACK^S 

T Tr~^ ^^ ^i TI — r*! — x^^TL^^ ^* STRODEL'S STRONGHOLD. 

-^^ COME AND SEE. '^^ 


Rosebrough, A B (wid Elisha) res 28 Warren 
" Adele, res 28 Warren 

" Henry, res 19 Buchanan [Hattie] Jessie 

Ross, L, B, traveling salesman, res 56 Elm 

" Frank, policeman, res 7 Whitelock [Fannie] Edward 
Rosswurm, Fred, emp lime kilns, res .52 Thomas [Eouisa] 
Fredericka, Amelia 
" Fred jr, student, res 52 Thomas 

" Conrad, emp lime kilns, res 52 Thomas 

I'Roth, Herman, foreman shoe fac, res s Salamonie ave [Em- 
ma] Ain^s Albert, Dale 
Rothermel, Owen, emp Stults livery, res 17 Iva 

S M, fruit tree agt, res 17 Iva [Emma] Harley 
M, Iva E, Alvah D, Floyd 
Rouch, Willard, elk Globe Clothing store, res over same 
Rourke, James, boiler mkr Erie, res ll.l Lincoln ave [Carrie] 

Blanche, Bertha, Raymond 
Royston, John W, brakeman Erie, res 145 e Market [Jennie] 

Lambert R, Olive M, Iva, Otho 
Rudig, James, res 29 Briant 

Ruggles, Thos J, county surveyor, res 86 n Eafontaine [La- 
vina] Dessie 
" Chas, cement walk builder, res 89 Whitelock 

f " Wm, fruit tree agt, res s Salamonie ave [Mahala] 

" Dora, cement walk builder, res 89 Whitelock 

Rupley, Daniel, res 92 Front. Miss Mary 
Ryan, John, plumber and contractor, i-es 132 Poplar 

" Harvey, emp Midway restaurant, res 114 e Franklin 
" Daniel, attorney, res 33 Roche [Louisa] Edith 
" Henry P, attornej', res 33 Roche 
" Jacob, medical student, res 33 Roche 

D Oscar (McCauley & Ryan) res 33 Roche 

Dr. Shoup's Cough Cure and J^'crvim are guar- 
anteed to eure. Your money hack if it 
does not. ylthert Free]} drug store. 

Prices Always Correct, at MALIN'S 


Saal, Andrew, elk McCaffrey ii Co, res 119 Court [Frona] 

Saal, O A, painter, res 92 William [Mary] 

Sammetiner, Martin, carpenter, res 170 William [Josephine] 

Henry, John, Fred 
*Saner, Perry, miller Stults & Dorsch, res s Etna ave 
Savage, R E, foreman Erie yards, res 180 First [Maygie] 

Carl H, Lulu C, Paul, Clyde 
Sayler, Sayler & Sayler (H B, S M, J M) attorneys 47 Warren 
Say ler, Henry B (Sayler, Sayler & Sayler) res 18 Etna ave 

S M (Sayler, Sayler & Sayler) res 18 Etna ave [Luel- 

la C] Oliver M, Isabella, Arthur 
" J M (Sayler, Sayler & Sayler) res 51 William [Jennie 

W] Agnes, Henry 
* " Levi, plasterer, res e Front [Ella] Hazel 
Satterthwaite, Wm, lab res 69 Etna ave [Jane] Martha, 

Chas, LeRoy, Roscoe, Harry 

Hiram W, res 56 Henry [Mrs H W] 
Saul, Chas C, emp Western Lime Assn, res 22 Grayston ave 

Schaef, Daniel, foreman tinner Erie, res nw cor Market and 

First [Mrs D] 
Schaefer & Schaefer (R O, M B) drugs se cor Jefferson and 

Market streets 
Schaefer, Martin B (Schaefer & Schaefer) res 76 William 

[Hannah] Lucien, Waldo, Lela, Wanda, Alma 
" Elizabeth (wid Carl) res 10 Bingham 

" Rudolph O (Schaefer & Schaefer) res 7 s Lafontaine 

[Catharine] Gertrude, Carl R, Irene M, Geo 

L, Ruth 
Schaeley, Albert, emp lime kilns, res 157 Broadway [Caro- 
line] Amy, Ricka, Albert 
Schaffer, Elizabeth (wid Lawrence) res 165 n Lafontaine 
Schagel, Belle (wid Nelson) res 88 Grayston ave 

Abstracts p-'i-^^r" BLACK'S ABSTRACT OFFICE. 

i^ /^ A ej Kb cf "T* c^ s'tRODfeL aives^ — — *-ii 


Schearer, Jacob, lab res 35 Erie [Mary] Chas, Carl, Ralph 

" Jacob, wagon-maker, res 99 William [Julia] 

Sclieer, Jos, emp lime kilns, res 26 McFarland 
" John, stone mason, res 26 McFarland 
" Catharine, res 26 McFarland 
" Nicholas sr, res 24 McFarland 
" Nicholas ]v, contractor, res 28 McFarland [Minnie] 

Paulus, Eeo, Baby 
" Jacob, fireman Erie, res 144 e Sabine [Elizabeth] 
Scheerer, Jacob, car repairer Erie, res 206 e Market [Susan] 

Albert, Georg-e 
Scheiber, Peter, grocer 119 n Jefferson, res 64 w Tipton [An- 
na M] Julia, Helen, Bertha, Lauretta, Paul, 
Scheiber, Eizzie, music teacher, res over 131 n Jefferson 

August, elk Arnold & Son, res 147 Cherry [Mary] 
Agnes, Edith, Geo, Stella, Alice, Fred 
" Henry, drayman E Shanks, res 49 e Matilda [Ey- 

dia] Mabel 
" Kinsgunda (wid John) res 112 Oak 

Scheiblin, Fred, brick mason, res 47 Wilkerson 

Geo (Scheiblin & Son) res 5 Eeopold [Elizabeth] 
" Jacob (Scheiblin & Son) res 11 Leopold. Amelia 

" Chris, emp Thoinpson & Co, res 11 Leopold 

" Wm, elk Scheiblin & Son, res 11 Leopold 

Scheiblin & Son (Jacob, George) saloon 6 w Market 
Schepper, Christian, res 113 Lincoln ave. Dora 

" Lizzie (wid Christian) res. 113 Lincoln ave. Edith, 

Rudolph, Amelia 
" Sophia, res 94 Buck 

" Lizzie, res 94 Buck 

Edward, fireman Erie, res 122 Lincoln ave. [Mary] 
Schinboom, Solomon C, junk dlr, res 92 Buck [Lillie] Alio, 

Schindler, John, eng Erie, res 65 e Market [Mary] 

l^ITRRPRS ^11 ICi, ds e.nd Styles /FT J.FR. 

JVl J^ -Lv 1 r>l w^ /-H-W HUNTINGTON. VX-W 


Schoenfeld, Chas, elk trainmaster's office, bds Star Restaurant 
Schoolcraft, Jessie, res 133 First 

Ezra E, res 37 Whitelock 
Mariah (wid John) res 37 Whitelock 
J O, res 70 Marshall. LB, HE, Jessie M 
Schoolev, Samuel, lab, res 34 Front [Katharine] Bedford, 

Schoonmaker, Josephine, res 90 Webster 

C V, brakeman Erie, 90 Webster [Lottie] Roy 
Schoenell, Clarence, lab res 78 e State 
Helena, res 78 e State 
" Henrietta, emp shoe factory, res 78 e State 

John, fireman Erie, res 66 Webster [Sadie] 
Schott, Mrs Elizabeth, res 123 Dimond. Magg-ie, John, Baby 
Schnieder, Wm, enip shoe factory, bds 60 Whitelock 
Schnurr, Wendall A, prop Clnb saloon, res 23 German. Cath- 
Schrage, William, tailor Malins' Tailor Shop, res 8 Warren 

[Rettie] Jessie, Ida, Harry, Alma 
Schreyer, P H, carpenter, res 9 e Tipton [Katie] 

" Allen C, car inspector Erie, res 9 e Tipton 

Schroeder, Richard, elk Strodel's dry good, res 113 Lincoln ave 
Schultz, William, elk G L Newcomb, res 99 Dimond 
" Harmon, lab, res 99 Dimond 

Fred, emp Griffith & Son, res 99 Dimond [Minnie] 
Eddie, Martha, Lena 
" Henry, lab W Lime Co., res 105 Dimond 
Schuyler, Mag-gie (wid William) res 69 w State 
Schwartz, John, lab res 74 n Lafontaine [Matilda] 

" Wm, supt water works, res 57 Oak [Beana] Carl, 

Anna, Lizzie, John, Hannah, Walter, Paul, 
Soott, J Z, res 232 n Jefferson [Nancy J] 

" Laura, res 168 n Jefferson 
Scott, N W, physician, office and res 91 e Market [Pearl] 
Frank T 

ifyou^want LQAN °" ^,° mel^'' BLACK'S AbstrECt Office 

STRODEL Weaves Carpets on Short Notice. 


ScuUey, John, lab res box car near Wab and Erie transfer 
Searles, Ellis, city editor Democrat, res 59 Etna ave [Nellie] 

Paul, Bessie 
Searles, J D, physician, office and res over 17 w Market st 

[Mrs J D] 
Seber, Jacob, lab res 14 Hannah [Barbara] Otto 
" OUie, enip Arnold & Son, res 14 Hannah 
" Edward, emp Harter livery, res 14 Hannah 
" Peter, lab res 171 William [Mary E] 
Sees, Patrick, carpenter, res 14 Wesley [Mary] 

" John V, teacher, res 14 Wesley 
Seeley, W D, machinist Erie, res 116 Lincoln ave [Vade] 
Sell, Carl, teamster, res 95 n Eafontaine [Mollie] John 
Sellers, C W, eng- Erie, res 30 w Matilda [Lizzie A] Chas, 

Burton, Benj, Howard 
Septer, John, emp Erie shops, res 29 Gra^^ston ave [Orpha A] 

Sessions (Norman, R N) dentists over 9 w Market 
Sessions, N (Sessions) res 187 n Jefferson [M] 

" R N (Sessions) res 187 n Jefferson 

Severence, S F, boarding house, 41 e Franklin, res same [C 
E] Emma 

Arthur L, elk H H Arnold & Son, res 21 Front 
Hattie, elk H H Arnold & Son, res 21 Front 
" H H(wid EaGrange) res 21 Front. Jessie, Henri- 

etta, Howard 
Sexton, Edwin, cond Erie, res 76 e Franklin [Sarah A] 
Shaffer, D A, foreman Briant bending works, res 93 First 
Jane (wid A W) res 93 First 
" Louisa (wid Edward A) res 23 Wilkerson. Anna, 
Laura, Henry V 
Shaffer, E W, physician over Herald office, res 115 e State 

[Ella] Herbert, Nellie, Mabel 
Shaffer, Edward, blacksmith, res 56 Grayston ave [Ida] 

Ladies' Shoes, Slippers, \LT \ 7 P f T ¥h O Boots, Misses' Shoes 
Meu's Shoes. ▼"• '**■• ^ X^ L^ l^ MJ, M\ Children Shoes. 

MALINS, leI^^ng merc hant TAILOR. 


Shaffer, Hattie (wid Theo) res 38 Kocher 

Ella, res 19 Foust 
Shaffer, Abner H, physician and surgeon over First National 

Bank, res 168 n Jefferson [Elizabeth] 
Shaffer, Emma J, res 74 e Market 

" Jas H, eng- Erie, res 122 e Franklin [C A] Augustus 
" Jacob, teamster Nichols, res 235 n Lafontaine [Mary] 
Anna, Joseph, Celia, Mary 
Shank, Martha J (wid Daniel) res 63 w Matilda 

" Etnniet, drayman and storage 53-55 Guilford, res 53 e 
Washington [Alice B] 
T M, res 178 Guilford [Elizabeth] 
" Eaura E, stenographer Farmer's Guide, res 178 Guilford 
Shank, W H, blacksmith 110 n Jefferson, res 21 e Tipton 

[Eucinda M] 
Shank, Z B, fireman Erie, res 7 Third [Olive] Walter 
Sharer, Wells, lab res 102 Cherry [Sarah E] Eorenzo D, 

Jessie C, Hayden R 
Shaw, Mrs Bertha, res 74 Oak 

" R M, eng Erie, res 133 e Franklin [Josephine] Earl, 

Prank, Genevieve, Agatha, Irene 
•' Chas, brakeman Erie, res 139 e Market 
Shearer, Frank, painter Erie, res 5 Foust [Lizzie] Helen 
" Tillie, dressmaker, res 5 Fredericka 
" F M, car repairer Erie, res 51 Whitelock 
" Belle, res cor Marshall and Tipton 
Shearer, G W, grain dlr 109 n Jefferson, res 71 e Tipton [Mary 

O] (Bessie Briant) 
Shearer, Sarah (wid Sexton H) res 15 Frederick 

Edward, elk D Marx, res 95 William [Hannah] 

Herman, Ernest, Arthur, Hayden, Evalyu 
Frank, amp Beyer Bros, res 2 Eehmeyer 
John, lab res 117 Elm. Gladys 
Jacob, lab res 114 Elm. . Icy D, Viola 
J W, eng Erie, res 51 Grayston ave [Lizzie] 
Lucetta, res 167 e Market 

jf.ouwant Abstract of Title '^r'^ BLACK'S '^^'%%cg 

Lace Curtains and Window Shades STRODEL. 


Sheets, John H, carpenter Erie, res 26 Elizabeth [Eliza] Vic- 
toria, Daisy, Marion 
* " Jacob, lab res e Front 

" John, res 33 Milligan [Lyclia] 
" Chas, teamster, res 68 Superior 

Geo W, teamster, res 33 Buck [Delitha] Alma, Theo, 
Otto, Arthur, Laura 
f " Samuel M, emp lime kilns, res 33 Swan [EnnnaJ 
Cleo M 
" Albert, emp Erie round hs, res 11 Gay [Augusta] 
Shelby, Myrtle, cook Hotel Eastern, res 122 e Market 

" James F, emp Erie, res 89 e Sabine [Rena] Frank, 
Geort^e, _ Chas, Alta, William 
Shellenbarger, John (Jack the Ripper) res any convenient spot 
Shepper, Daniel, res 95 vv State [Catharine] 
Sheridan, Elmer E (Amos & Sheridan) res 216 William street 

[Orany-e Grove] Harry A 
Shersvin, Sabie (wid Herman) res 57 Henry 

Shideler, H D, co supt, office Court House, res 25 Madison st 
[Lauia] Mark H 
W H, tireman Erie, res 109 First [Ennna] Opal 
f " J E, bag-g-age master Erie, res 16 Catharine [Chris- 

ta] Paul, Howard 
Shingle, Lewis, fruit tree agt, res 125 Byron [Sarah] Grace 
Shipley, O C, brakeman Erie, res 76 e State [Elizabeth] 
Shirk, W H, fireman Erie, res 12 Edwin [Louise] Mary J, 

Fred J 
Shisler, Chas, brakeman Erie, res 16 Third [Cora] Park 
Shoboy, W H, brakeman Erie, res 165 First [Cora] 

H L, elk res 165 First 
Shock, Philip A, tubular well man, res 89 w Tipton [Lydia 
A] Myrtle M, Edith P, Mary C, Raymond M, 
" Mary D (wid Adam S) res 121 e Franklin 

Infants' Shoes ::^:::^:.^!^ W. A. Zeller, /eS^Ji 

i'it, style and VVorkmatisliipGuai'aiiteed "K/f /\ "f .iT'lS^T'C^ 

Shock, Samuel jr, lab res 91 Broadway [Bessie] Mary 
Ed, elk C Wiilter, res 53 e Washing-ton 
" J W, cement walk builder, res 82 e Market [Bertie] 

" Frank, brakeman Erie, res 133 Court [Carrie] Harry 
Shoemaker, Anna, domestic 158 Guilford 

" Henrjs carpenter Erie, res 235 Etnaave [Jennie] 

Tessie, Eaudie, Eewis 
" G W, enip Ira Eandis, res 153 Court [Caroline] 

Glenn, Edna 
" Ora M, teacher public schools, res 8 William 

" John A, emp city, res 11 Etna ave [MarN- E] 

Ephriam A, Bernie, Eldon, Harry 
Shoflf, Harry S, fruit tree agt, res 14 w Matilda [Eaura] 

May me 
Shoffner, Harry, elk, res 23 Wilkerson 

Ruth, res 228 e Market 
Shonnessey, John, eng^ J Kenower & Sons, res 38 Byron 

[Clara] Florence 
Shores, E A (wid) res 87 w State. Lillie, Emma 
Shorker, Rosa, res 93 Cherry 

Show, E C, installment agt, res 115 e Market [Ollie] Ocia 
Shroyer, G W, brakeman Erie, res 34 Kintz [Adda] Pearl, 
Chas, Ora, Goldie 
" H V, blacksmith Erie, res 77 Superior [Lizzie] Dale 

. E, Elvin B 
" E W, sawyer Perrine & Bartlett, res 3 Gay [Mary] 
Meda, Marie 
Shultz, Wm,emp lime kilns, res 18 Kocher [Minnie] Minnie, 
Martha, William 
" Fred, emp lime kilns, res 22 Kocher [Fredericka] 
Edith, Harmon, Sophia 
Shurtleff, Chas, brakeman Erie, res 8 Iowa. Maude, Ada, 
Grace, Wayne, Vivian 
W C, eng Erie, res 72 Hig-h [Amelia] Eva, Clar- 
ence, Edwai'd 

Before making- Pnnpliro an Abstract of D| A A^ IX J O 
apurchase rlUOUIC of Title, at DI_/AV^r\. O 

-trxV ^kZIDX-LZLjX^ X -^^ COME AND SEE. -s^ 


Shutt, Emery, eiiip Bucher & Weber, rms cor Matilda and 

f " Lewis A, contractor, res s Salamonie ave [Lida] Car- 
rie, Effie, Ora, AUie 
f " John, carpenter, res Wrig-ht [Kate] Jessie, Winifred 

Sieg-niund, J F J, prop Exchang-e hotel, res same [Mrs J F J] 
Bertha, Lillian, Fred 
" Rudolph, elk Exchange hotel, res same 

" Oscar L, res Exchange hotel 

" Edward, student, res Exchang-e hotel 

Silver, Henry, grain elevator Wabash tracks, res 93 e State 

Simons, Gertrude, student, res 58 William 
" Harry, res 58 William 
" Robert, lab, res 58 William 

" Nicholas, drayman, res 156 n Lafontaine [Lizzie] 
" Oliver, stone mason, res 75 Elm [Ida] Emerson, 

Dessie, Lena 
" Mary A, dressmaker, res 53 Webster 
" Lizzie, dressmaker, res 53 Webster 
" Adrain, lab res 38 Superior [Hannah] 

W E, reporter Democrat, res 3 Kitt [Belle] 
" Nicholas sr, carpenter, res 97 Poplar [Katharine] 
Mary, Jo eph, Philip, Caroline. Celia, John, 
Charlie, Georg-e 
" Joseph, merchant tailor 10 w Market, res 20 Poplar 
Simonton, Robert, real estate ag^ent, res 44 Henry [Melissa J] 

H B, res 44 Henry 
Sing-, Joe, Chinese laundry 35 w State, res same 

" Chas, Chinese laundry 35 w State, res same 
Sing-er, V D, cond Erie, res 29 Hig-h [Rosa] Millie, Beatrice, 

Fred, Walter, Georg-e, Marie 
Sisson, D W, res 30 w Matilda 

" Chas, brakeman, res 30 w Matilda 

Men's, Boy's, Youtlis', Ladies', Misses' and CMldren's Sloes at ZELLER'S. 

Prices Always Correct, at MALIN^S 


Sister M Raineria Superior, SS Peter and Paul school, res same 
Sister M Josine, SS Peter and Paul school, res same 
Sister M Ouirine, SS Peter and Paul school,-res same 
Sister M Rhoda, SS Peter and Paul school, res same 
*Sitloh, Henry, emp Erie round hs, res e Front [Rosa] Chas, 

John, Henr3', Myrtle 
Skelle}', Thos, stone cutter, res 104 Court 

" J A, stone cutter, res 104 Court 
Skidmore, Henry, eng- Erie, res 130 e Franklin [Emma] Sam'l 
Skiles, John, elk Pottlitzer Bros, res 20 e Tipton [Sarah J] 
" Mary M, teacher, res 53 Frederick 

Harmon D. expressman, res 53 Frederick [C L] J D 
Skinner, Wm, switchman Erie, res 17 Edwin [Cora] Irene 
Slack, Sarah A (wid Theo) res 29 Superior 
A P (wid Gen J R^ res 94 Guilford 

J R, res 94 Guilford [Flora M] Belle, Lizzie, Mamie 
" Helene, teacher public schools, res 53 w Matilda 
Slagel, David S, carpenter, res 10 Grayston aye [Rebecca JJ 

Elmer E, Carrie B 
Slag^el, Wm, carpenter Erie, res cor Buck and Etna ave 

* " Thos, carpenter Erie, res s Etna ave [Celestia] Rose 
Slater, Joseph, truck foreman Erie, res 229 e State [Martha] 

" Dessie, res 26 Leopold 
" Arthur, res 26 Leopold 
Slattery, Daniel, boiler maker Erie, res 14 Third [Minnie] 
Slaudruf, Henry, lab res 56 Swan [Adda] Baby 
Slusser, Ira, lab res 70 South [Eldora] Harr}', Loretta, 
Cleo, Fred, Irene, Jacob M 
Wm T, eng- Erie, res 17 w Market [Mag-gfie] 
" F F, eng- Erie, res 59 Webster [Josephine] How- 
ard, Dessie 
" Claude, fireman Erie, res 59 Webster 
" Lemuel, plasterer, res 256 e State [Dora] 

* " Milton, traveling- salesman, res n Guilford 

* " Samuel, g^ardener, res n Guilford. Matilda, Bertha 

Abstracts p-p^-^r^^ BLACKS ABSTRACT OFFICE. 

IN ^ApDp3C'T*0 ^^'^^^t^t^i'^L qt\/fe&^ 



Slusser, J Q, student, res 54 First 

" Chas, elk Bradley Bros, bds Star restaurant 
Smetzer, Abraham, enip liuie kilns, res 61 Sabine [Fva] 

Snuna, Albert, Frank, Dora 
Smith, Will, machinist Erie, res 45 Byron [Agnes] Robert 
• " M J, eng- Erie, res 127 First [Carrie] Jewell 

" W H (White & Smith) res 84 Byron [Mary C] Guy R, 

May I, Hazel D 
" Arthur, res 55 Wilkerson 

Marg-aret (wid Wni G) res 93 w Tipton 
" Orlistis C, draj-man, res 93 w Tipton 

" F D, cutter shoe factory, res cor Kitt and Salamonie 
ave [Edna] 

* " Geo A, painter, res e fair ground [Hattie] Elizabeth 
" Peter, carpenter Erie, res 15 Oak [Mary] John J, 

Chas M, Maggie E, Bertha E 
" Mat, lab res 57 w Tipton [Theresa] Eizzie, Esther 
Michael, res 140 Oak [Ciitharine] Effelina, Leo, 
Herbert, Cornelius 

* " Benj R, emp Erie, res e fair ground 

J C (Smith & Bro) res 40 Grayston ave [Maggie] Otis, 
Orange E, Mabel F 
" Edward, lab res 173 n Jefferson 
" Frank C, fireman Erie, res 21 Whitestine 
" J R, res 48 w Market 

" James, eng Erie, res 109 w State [Alice] 
" Rosa (wid) res 169 Guilford. Wm, Anna, John, Chas 
" Joseph, machinist Erie, res 169 Guilford 

Mamie, res 178 Guilford 

* " M D, carpenter, res n Guilford [Anna] Glenn 
" Come, emp Exchange hotel, res same 

Smith, T G, attorney over 29 n Jefferson, res 63 Etna ave 

[Josephine A] 
Smith, Jos N, mail carrier, res 150 e Tipton [Jennie] Otha 
Smith, Mrs J N, grocery 150 e Tipton, res same 

I^IIRRFRS ^n Klnd7^nci Style. 7FT I FP. 

J-VX .<e-V JL^ ± l>i C^ /-W-';-' HUNTINC.TON. 


*Sniith, Win O, emp H L & F Co, res s Etna ave [Mary C] 
Louis, Gertrude 

* " Samuel, lab res s Etna ave [Mary] Roscoe, Colum- 


* •' James, lab res s Etna ave [Belle] Wilbur 

Melissa (wid Atchison) res 50 Frederick 
" Ora E, painter and paper hanger, res 50 Frederick 

Mahlon D, teacher, res 58 Frederick [Sarah] Waldo 
A, Emery, Cleo, Hazel 
" Chas A, emp Withing'ton, res 24 Briant 

S B, res 62 e State [Lydia] 
" Frank, brakeman Erie, res 110 e State [Dora] Fred, 

" A C, hand car builder Erie, res 210 e Market [Anna] 

" Paul, boiler mkr Erie, res 210 e Market 
" Luther, machinist Cycle Co, res 210 e Market 

* " Samuel W, emp brick yd, res n Guilford [Lizzie] Iva 

K (Hurd & Smith) res 58 e Franklin 
Columbia (Harbert & Smith) res 22 Warren 
" R D (Smith & Lawver) res cor Byron and e Franklin 
Smith & Lawver (R D Smith, J W Lawver) leal estate and in- 
surance agts over 4 e Market. 
Smith Bros (L A, J C) pump dlrs 54 Warren 
Smith, L A (Smith Bros) res 18 Guilford [Ida Mang-us] 
" Rob't, emp Kolotona fac, res 119 e Market 
" Ida, res Windsor hotel 

" Andrew, res 72 e Market [Sarah A M] Ralph A 
" Nancy (wid) res 72 e Market 
Smith, C R, drugs and jewelry 60 n JeffersoHj res 64 e Market 
" Wesley, lab res 101 Grayston ave [Nancy] 

Frank P, emp Erie shops, res 93 Railroad [Lenal 
" Fred, res 93 Railroad 

ifyouwa.,. LOAN °"»,rm,r" BLACK'S Abstract Office 

STRODEL Weaves Carpets on Short Notice. 


Smith, Otis, painter, res 93 Railroad 

" Win, emp Withington fac, res 84 German [Amanda] 

Maggie, Willie, Lonie, Maxmilian 
" Barbara (wid Henry) res 84 German 
" Jacob, cooper lime kilns, res 15 Oak 
" Lulu, res 116 Railroad. Baby 
Snape, Geo, emp shoe factory, res 88 Frederick [Amelia] 

Willie, Ray, Pearl 
Snapp, William, lab res 43 w Market [Adda] Flora, Di- 

Snider, Oliver N (Fisher & Snider) res 64 Etna ave [Lydia J] 

Wilbur R 
Snyder, John, emp Erie round house, res 115 George [Mag- 
" Fannie, res 11 William 
.. " Jos, eng Griffith & Son, res 100 Court [Margaret] 
Gertrude, Jessie 
" Frank E, elk Boston store, res 41 e Franklin 
Snyder, H C, boots and shoes 4 e Market, res 214 n Jefferson 
[IdaM] Eva, Alice 
Ella, res 78 Clark 

Ella (wid Lewis) res 127 n Jeft'erson 
Lizzie (wid F) res 131 Thomas. George 
Cora, res 183 n Jefferson 
f " Henry, teamster, res cor Wall and Lindley [Susan] 

John, Chas, Eva, Goldie 
Souers, Jacob, res 54 Elm 

Sowle, Jeremiah, lab res 56 High. Jennie, Chloa, Ophir 
Spach, Thos, swilchman Erie, res 138 e Franklin [Fannie] 
Spach, A B, cond Erie, res 27 Foust [Blanche] Leo L, Ma- 

bel, George, Grace, Marjory 
Spangler, Bert, emp Erie shops, res 13 Edwin 

K S, cond Erie, res 13 Edwin [Ella] Cora, Per-. 
ry, Franklin, Emma, Earl 
Spatt, Henry, res 125 Byron 

Iradies' Shoes, Slippers, V47- * ypl T PD Boots, Misses' Shoes" 
IVIen's Shoes. ' T' ? /»•• ^*^4-«l-'*^l\ Ctiildren Shoes. ' 

MALINS, leI^^ng mercha nt TAILOR. 


Speaker, Jacob, inachiuist Erie, res 87 Dimond [Minnie] 
Carl, Bertha, Eda 
" Adam, barber, res 87 Dimond 

" Erhart, lab res rear of 69 Dimond [Theresa] 

Clarence, Helen 
Spencer, Herbert, student, res 11 Randolph 

" M L (Spencer & Brany an) res 11 Randolph [Blanche] 
Edith, Paul 
Spencer 6c Branyan (M L Spencer, W A Branyan) attorneys 

over Citizens Bank 
Spencer, Lee, lab res 136 w Matilda 

" Lincoln, lab res 136 w Matilda 

" J E, carpenter, res 136 w Matilda [Olive] Mary, 
Frank, Edna, Clifford, Gertrude 
Spice, Geo, ji^ardener, res 160 William [Florence M] Geo A, 
Florence, Mary 
Arthur, lab res 160 William 
Spig-elmyre, Ford, emp Farmers Guide, res 7 Monroe 
Spitzenberg-, Nicholas, emp lime kilns, res 24 First [Bridget] 
Mary, A S, Willie 
" John, emp Briant, res 24 First 

" Joseph, emp Briant, res 24 First 

Sprinkle, Sherman, emp Pearl laundry, res 144 n Lafontaine 
[Mary] Clyde, Eva, Rilla 

* " Chester, lab res s Etna ave 

* " David, emp Pearl laundry, res s Etna ave 

* " Absolom, wagon mkr, res s Etna ave [Eliza J] 
" H M, fireman Erie, res 5 Water 

" Jonathan, emp Pearl laundry, res 5 Water [Catha- 

" J J, CO recorder, res 5 Monroe [Lucinda E] 

Sprowl, Jacob, emp Erie, res 37 Erie [Rebecca] Goldie E, 

Earl M, Mildred V 
Stacker, M E (wid Lawrence) res 86 Etna ave 
Stahl, G W, emp Griffith & Son, res 59 Polk [Katharine] 
Ernest G, Mabel L 

Tfyouwant Abstract of Title '']T BLACK'S '^^'%%c^ 


Lace Curtains and Window Shades. STRODEL, 


Stahl, Fred C, painter Erie, res 59 Polk 

" Henry A, amp Griffith & Son, res 59 Polk 

" Gottleib sr, res 42 Buchanan 

" Chris, enip city, res 42 Buchanan [Mary] Albert, 
Otto, Lucile, Henrietta, Baby 

" Fred, emp Griffith & Son, res 36 Buchanan [Mary] El- 
sie, Nora, Helen 

" Wui, cigar mfg- 73 Esther, res same [Grace] Percis 

* " J H, res 317 n Jefferson [Margaret O] 

* " EM, elk and school teacher, res 313 n Jefferson [Rosa] 

Staldter, John, brakeman Erie, res 226 e Market [Stella] 

" Fred, lab res 92 Grayston ave [Rose] Amelia, 

Martha, Jacob, Eizzie, Anna, Rudy 
" Henry, enip Erie, res 92 Grayston ave 

" William, enip Erie, res 92 Grayston ave 

Stalnaker, John R, bookkeeper, res 73 w State [Helen] Macy, 

Daniel, Kemp 
Stambaug-h, John, lab res 17 Broadway [Elizabeth] Frank, 

Stameth, Clara, res 143 e Franklin 

Standard Oil Co (W E Folk, mgr) cor Third and Foust 
Stanley, John, cond Erie, res 147 e Market 

'* Noah, emp Erie boiler shops, res 21 Iowa [Estella] 
Stanton, Chauncey, tirenian Erie, res 145 e Sabine [Vida] 
Star, Frank, emp shoe factory, i-es cor Byron and Market 
Star Restaurant (O R France, prop) 11 e Market 
Starbuck, James, res 239 Etna ave 
" Maggie, res 239 Etna ave 

"' Eona,res 239 Etna ave 

" James F, emiJ E A Collins, res 9 Olinger [Clara] 

Nora, Ora, Pearl 
Starke, Lizzie, servant, res 38 w Matilda 
Stauch, Albert, elk C Mader, res 6 Herman [Tena M] 
Steele, Daisv, res 77 e Market 

" Elizabeth, emp Grand View hotel, res same 

Infants' Shoes ^!;^.^.f|.\f^t W. A. Zener,/:Su 

i'it, .Styie and Workniatishiy tiuai'anteeci J\/f y!f\ f iTTsT* 


Steele, John, emp Theo Poorn'ian, res 36 Whitelock [Mary] 

" H Wirt, reporter, res 36 Whitelock 

" Carl P, elk P Dick & Sons, res 36 Whitelock 

" Nancy L, (wid Wm E) res 36 Whitelock 

" Emma (wid James) res 69 w State 
Steinbrenner, J H, tile cutter, res 75 Polk [Eouisa] 
Steining-er, Rev Howard, pastor Evangelical church, res 84 

Front [Eliza] Ervin, Forest, Gladys 
Stell, Harry (Stell & Gray) res 25 Buchanan [Laura] 
Stell & Gray (Harry Stell, Howard Gray) feed mill 37 e State 
Stephan, Adam J, lab res 16 Nile [Catharine] Christena, 

Stetler, Jack, brakeman Erie, res 110 e Washington [Emma] 
Stetzel, Samuel, teamster, res 59 Whitelock [Maude] Hazel 

" Chas, lab res 17 Briant [Tina] Nettie, Lona, Eillie 

* " Henry, res e Front [Eulu V] 

* " Daniel P, emp lime kilns, res e Front 

* " Jacob D, brakeman Erie, res e of fair ground [Mar- 

tha] Eeah 

* " D A, emp Withington, res e fair ground [Mary] 

Jessie, Twin Daughters 
■X- «' Perry, emp Erie shops, res e fair ground [Sarah] 

* " W E, emp Erie round hs, res e fair ground [Ida] 

Everet, Ethel 
Stevens, Milo, res 13 Green 

" Andrew, saddler John Kindler, res 99 Cherry [Bar- 
bara] Victor 

* " Conrad, lab res s Etna ave. Stella, James, Owen 
" Rebecca (wid Adam) res 122 Cherry 

" Daniel, slate roofer, res 122 Cherry 
Stevens, Emanuel M, slate roofer, res 132 Cherry [Eena] 

Stevens, Albert J, drugs and notions 158 e Market, res 137 
Guilford [Eenora] Gertrude, Genevieve 

""'^^^^^ Procure ^it^l^^l"' BLACK'S 

X-Jf r'^c::::iT'tn^'n:p''*=^x^ is strodel's stronghold. 

-ITT-V -^KZDXJIII-lJr^V. X -^i, COME AND SEE. ^3^ 


Stewart, Chas C, boiler washer Erie, res 67 Superior [Cora] 
" Mrs W H (wid) res cor Matilda and Guilford. Ira, 

Minnie, Vera 
" Elija, lab res 118 Railroad [Ida] Ida P, James B, 

Vernie A 
" W H, policeman, res 115 Court [Alice] May, John 
H, Howard C, Grace, Homer, Cecil 
Stewart, T, prop Boston Store, res 97 n Lafontaine [Mrs T] 

Stickel, Samuel, butcher F M King, res 45 Elm [Rosella] 

Stinson, J J, butcher, res 11 Edna [L V] Lillian B, Worth- 

ingtoti W, Harry H, Vivian 
Stopher, Frank, lab emp Perrine & Bartlett, res 165 Etna ave 

Stoffel, John P, meat market 104 n Jefferson, res 65 e Matilda 
[Maggie] Georgia, Emma, Mamie, Willie G, 
Charles, Leo. Herman 
Stofifel, Henry, driver Allman & Bash, res 65 e Matilda 
" John, butcher J P Stoffel, res 65 e Matilda 
Jacob, butcher J P Stoffel, res 65 e Matilda 
Stokesberry, Eva M, teacher public schools 

StoltZ, J J, blacksmith 59 Warren, res 141 ii Lafontaine [Kate] 
Katie, Joseph, Willie, Peter 
" John G, blacksmith J J Stoltz, res 141 n Lafontaine 
" Barney, blacksmith J J Stoltz, res 153 Poplar [Mary] 
Adam, blacksmith J J Stoltz, res 276 n Jefferson 
[Mary] Herman, Gertrude 
Stone, Edward, boilermaker Erie, res 64 Byron [Sarah] Ruth 
" F M, pastor M E church, cor Market and Guilford, res 
70 e Washington [Lillian] Ruth, Laura, Ray- 
Stork, Eniil, lab res 211 w Matilda [Mary] Anna, Amelia 
Stouffer, Harry, emp Erie round house, res 42 Grayston ave 
[Lizzie] Ethel, Alonzo 

Men's. Boy's, Youttis', Ladies'. Misses' and C'aildreii's Slioes at ZELLER'S. 

Prices Always Correct, at MALIN'S 


Stout, W E, principal William street school, rooms 29 Millig-an 
Stover, E W, Eagle bakery 17 w market, res 5 Oak [Melissa] 

Stover, G W, painter, res 173 n Jefferson [Mary E] 
" Harry, barber, res 173 n Jefferson 

Bert, barber Bonebrake & Bonbrake, res 173 n Jeff's'n 
Stratton, John, barber, res 63 w State [Ruth] 
Straug-hn, John M, elk C Mader, res 85 Railroad [Amanda] 

Strayer, James, emp J Kenower & Sons, res 64 Front [Clara] 

Cleo, Vivian 
Streng-, Henry, bartender Club saloon, res 66 w Tipton [Bar- 
bara] Elizabeth, Henry jr, Pauline 
Strickland, Rev C V, music publisher and pastor Christian 
Chapel, res 25 Salamonie ave [Rev Mary] Chas 
Strickler, C C, fireman Erie, res 45 e Washington st [Rosa] 

*Stickler, , shoemaker, res e Front [Cora] Roy, Inus, 

Ralph, Paul 
Strodel, J C (John Strodel) res 150 n Eafontaine [Edith] Em- 
ma, Carl 
John Strodel (Sophia, John C, Martin) dry goods and notions 

59 n Jefferson 
Strodel, Wm, elk John Strodel, res 79 Oak [Carrie] Hilda 
" Anna Barbara (wid John G) res 81 Oak. Anna B ' 
Strodel, L C, meat merchant 127 n Jefferson, res 66 Oak 

[Amelia] Amelia, Edward 
Strodel, Sophia (wid John) res 139 Poplar 

" Martin (John Strodel) res 139 Poplar 
Strother, Geo B, res 49 Eondon [Emma] 

Strouse, Adam, miller, res 87 Poplar [Sevilla] Myrtle, Liz- 
zie, Winnie 
" Milton, elk Harris Clothing Co, res 87 Poplar 
" Wade, elk Econoniy, res 87 Poplar 

Frank E, emp Huntington Mill Co, res 121 Etna ave 
[Emma] Donald G 

Abstracts '''^:^''' BLACK'S ABSTRACT OFFICE. 


Strover, Lena, nurse, res 29 Frederick 

Strover, Henry W, painter and decorator, res 107 n Lafontaine 

[Anna] Edith, Harry 
Strover, May, compositor Farmers Guide, res 107 nEafontaine 
Stults, Sherman P, livery and feed stable 65 e Market, res 99 

e Market [lone] Virginia 
Stults, William, real estate agt, res 15 Arthur [Rebecca F] 
" Ernest W, elk Erie frt office, res 15 Arthur 
" Emma J, music teacher, res 15 Arthur 
" Cora E, milliner, res 15 Arthur 
" Francis I, student, res 15 Arthur 
•' Austin W, res 15 Arthur 

•' Harmon W, res 48 Henry [Eucinda] Morton 
" Ida M, dressmaker, res 48 Henry 
" Dillie K, teacher public schools, res 48 Henry 
" Blanche B, teacher public schools, res 48 Henry 

Sarah (wid Harmon) res 164 Guilford. M C 
" Joseph, res 55 Marshall [Mrs Jos] 
Stults, Geo W, attorney, res 55 Marshall 

* " Cyrus D (Stults & Dorsch) res s Etna ave [Lizzie E] 
Mabel A, Ralph W 
" Jacob, real estate agt, res 125 Guilford [Hannah] 
Stults, M B, furniture and undertaking 86 n Jefferson, res 84 

Poplar [Lydia A] May F 
Stults & Dorsch (Cyrus D Stults, Fred Dorsch) millers s Etna 

ave on Wabash river 
Stuver, Wm, lab res lire engine house 

" Alfred, eng Nichol's mill, res 2 Lehmeyer [Martha] 

Chas, Anna 
" Wm, expressman, res 2 Lehmeyer 
" John, emp Beyer Bros, res 2 Lehmeyer 
" Ona, domestic 183 William 

Edward, emp H L & F Co, res 5 Cline [Ellen] Henry 
Sullivan, Hannah, res 32 Webster 

" T J, gen foreman Erie shops, res 32 Webster 

" Anna, res 182 n Jefferson 

TV/r /X T tix^tg;^ makes the nobbiest clothes in 

IVX .<fA. JL-^ J- l^M -T^ w-,;— w HUNTINCTON. -WK-' 


Sullivan, Frank, boilermaker Erie, res 17 w Tipton 

Phoebe (wid John) res 107 First 
Suit, Cora L, housekeeper, 36 Bingham 

" Howard, enip shoe fac, res 32 Salanionie ave 
" David D, carp res 32 Salainonie ave [Samantha] Buena 
V, Mary M, Frederick P 
Summers, Manda, emp shoe fac, res 39 Whitelock 
Laura, domestic, 94 s Jefferson 
" Mjrle, res 157 n Jefferson 

Sundernian, Dietrich, res 56 u Lafontaiue 
Suttles, Ernest, emp Erie round house, res 68 Marshall 

[Amanda] Cleo, Walter 
Sutton, Barney, plasterer, res 32 Cherry 
Sutton, S F, physician, office over 46 n Jefferson, res same 
* " Chas, lab res s Briant 

Swafford, N W, elk McCaffrey's g-roc res 27 William [Rebecca] 
" Samuel, lab res s bank Eittle river near Lafontaine 

" Frank, lab res 21 Everett [Anna] Jennie, Bessie, 

'* Wesley, lab res 70 Polk [Anna E] Sadie, Howard 

Swan, John, painter res 27 e Tipton [Ella] Carl 
Swaim, Florence, domestic 29 Superior 

J F, caller Erie, res 73 Superior [Nora] Earl D 
Ray E 
" Fred E, Deputy Co Auditor, res 19 Mayne [Amelia] 

Edith M 
" James, painter Erie, res 30 Nebraska [Lulu] 
William F, Co Auditor, res 40 Front [Mary] 
Swain, Bennet, res 3 s Lafontaine [Ellen] 
Bert, lab res 151 e Sabine [Bertha] 
Swart, Amos M, eng and machinist, res 66 High [Myrie E] 

Minnie I, Marie A 
Swartz, Wm, lab res 71 w Tipton 

" G W, machinist Erie res 66 High 

If you want LQAN °" ^rmelo"'' BLACK'S Abstfact Offjce 

STRODEL Weaves Carpets on Short Notice. 


*Swartz, Frank L, etnp Withington res e fair ground [Eliza- 
beth] Goldie M, Arthur, Edna, Freddie 
O E, res 14 Iva 

Sweetland, EeRoy, eng- Erie, res 63 s Jefferson [.Anna] Al- 
bert, Frederick 

Swihart, Isaac J, tonsorial parlors 156 e Market, res over same 
[Adelia] Blanche. Ethel. Floyd. 

Swinehart, H A, emp Erie round house, res 84 Grayston ave 
[Nancy] Ezra, Earl S, Lloyd 
" James B, emp Erie shops res 26 Canfield [Mary] 

Eulu, Ollie, Roscoe, Charles 

If you need a shoe brush or a tooth brush see the 
new styles at Albert Freeh's drug store. 

Taflinger, David, yard master Erie, res 99 First [Rachael] 

Harmon, Arthur, Eevetta 
Tanzier, Louis, lab res 27 w Washington 

Tarlton, J F, brick mason, res 102 Etna ave [Agnes] Walter 
Tate, Wm, brakeman Erie, res 158 e Market [Mary] Wm jr, 

John, Mary, Hazel 
Taylor, E M, res 92 e Market [Lizzie A] 
" Mary J (wid Wallace) res 1 Hannah 

" Jennie (wid Edward) res 119 over n Jefferson. Bessie 
" Enos T, pres Citizens Bank, res 19 Etna ave [Emma^j 

Paul, Miriam 
" J W, carpenter Erie, res 14 Allen [Lulu] 
* " Wm, res s Henry [Agnes] 

" Herbert, elk Wabash frt house, bds 41 e Fi-ankliti 
Teeple, Thos, towerman interlocker, res 49 South [Delana^ 
Hiley M 

I^adies' Shoes, Slippers, 'Vir \ 7C<I T I^D Boots, Misses' Shoe? 
Men's Shoes. " "• -^^ ^*-'*-'f-«l^*> Children Shoes, 

MALINS, leI^Lg merchant TAILOR. 


Teitsch, Johu, g-ardener, res 65 Hitzfield [Rachael] 
" Jacob, lab, res 65 Hitzfield 

John jr, lab, res 51 Bartlett [Katie] Edward, Al- 
bert, Cecelia, Lizzie, Anna, Katie 
The News Publishing Co (O W Whitelock, pres) pubs News- 
Democrat, daily, weekly and mid-weekly, .10 west 
Thieme, William, lab, res 108 Walnut 

Thomann, E N, cabinet maker, 42 Cherry, res 48 Marshall 
[Anna], Celia, Albert, Emma, Herbert 
William, emp E N Thomann, res 48 Marshall 
Estella, stenographer, res 48 Marshal 
Thomas, Johu, brick layer, res over 114 n Jefferson 

Wm, (Zahn & Thomas) res over 46 Cherry [Lucy] 
" Frank, elk, res 114 n Jefferson [Ada] 

Albert J, cond Erie, res 212 e Market [Estella] 

* " Joseph, lab, res e fair ground [Ella E] Hazel 

James, book agt, res 24 Sherman [Mattie] Nora 

* •' Anna, domestic, res s Etna ave. 
" John J, res 69 Henry. 

Thompson, , saw filer Griffith iS: Son, res 60 e Market 

Miss F S, res 101 Guilford 

Miss M J, res 101 Guilford 
" Bruce, student, res 33 e Tipton 

'• Chas, machinest Erie, res 13 Iowa. 

Anna (wid Adolphus), res 13 Iowa 
Thompson Ice Cream Co ( Wm L Thompson, Levi Anglemyre) 

18-22 Frederick 
Thomson, Mary, teacher public schools. 
Thorn, Elizabeth, (wid Warren), res 47 Wilkerson. Chas 
Thorne, Abraham, lab, res 43 Frederick [Sarah A] 
Thornton, Edward, eng Erie, res 3 Briaut [Ella] 
Thrasher, B G, res 292 e State [Lizzie] Mabel 
Thurman, Minnie, (wid) res 1 Hannah 
" Clara, res 1 Hannah 

U you want AbStPaCt Of Title 'Z' BLACK'S *''^''o*FFICE 


Lace Curtains and Window Shades. STRODEL. 


Ticer, Mrs Hattie, res 25 e Tipton Winifred F, Ivucile 
Tierney, Alex, emp Briants, res 164 e Franklin [Loviise] 
" J F, switchman Erie, res 84 Wilkerson [Rose] 

Tillman, Sanford, carpenter Erie, res 16 Leopold [Savilla] 
" Benj, btchr, res 8 Leopold [Elizabeth] Chester A 
" Jesse C, emp Wabash Ry, res 8 Leopold 

" William, butcher, res 9 w Sabine [Ella] Charlie 

Tisroe, Frank, barber, res 57 w Tipton Esther 

Esther, res 39 Everett 
Tobias, Oscar, carpenter, res 41 Mayne [Mattie] Leon, 

Tobias & Conkle (Ed Tobias, Norman Conkle) photographers 

over 58 n Jefiferson 
Tobias, Edward (Tobias & Conkle) bds Star restaurant 
Todd, Cyrus, harness maker, res 126 Condit [Belle] Ger- 
trude, Clodie 
Tompkins, Robt, cook Star restaurant, res 87 e State [May] 
Toohey, Delia, (wid John), boarding house, res 17 e Tipton 

Mary M, Kate 
Toopes, J E, brakeman Erie, res '67 High [Cora B] Marie 
Torborg, Theodore, teacher and organist Catholic church, res 

93 Cherry 
Townsend, Frank D, supt H L & F Co, res 38 w Matilda 

[Nettie] Georgiana 
Tracy, B L, res 30 Frederick [Maria] 

T D, lab, res 12 Glenn [Clara E] Loyd, Emma 
Trammel, W H, attorney, res 58 e Market [Laura F] Chas 

" Pat, res 47 e Washington 

Tremain, M A, (wid Levi T), matron Orphan's Home 
Trixler, Lewis G, tonsorial parlors, 58 n Jefferson, res 7 

Roach [Clara] Leo 
Trovinger, Bert, lab, res fire engine house 

" David, carpenter, res 20 Warren [Mary J] Laura 

Infants' Shoes ^;^!l,^!i W. A. Zener,S-^5 

Fit, Style and Workmatisliip Guafanteed 'K/T' /N. T yN T'^"^ 

Truax, Herbert, fireman Erie, res 39 High [Rebecca] Cora, 

Truman, Nelson, teamster Briant, res 45 South [Isa] 

" E F, eng Erie, res 35 High [Alice] Mary, FredE, 

Harold, Ralph 
f Trusler, T F, agt, res Catherine st [Susan] Dessie 

Frank, bartender S H Eipinsky, res 46 w Market 

[Belle] Garnet 
Meda, res 24 Cherry 
Trutt, Carrie, (wid) res 215 e State 
Tschechtelin, Alois, emp Erie, res 60 Zahn [Lizzie] 
Tucker, E, lab, res 43 Superior [Martha] 
Tumbleston, Nathaniel, res 58 Frederick 
Turner, EHhu, (Turner & Henry, res 57 Frederick 
Turner & Henry, (EHhu Turner, J R Henry), cabinet makers, 

7 Frederick 
Tuttle, Morton, bookkeeper Shoe Factor)-, res 35 Henry 

[Alice J] ' Melville W 
" Chauncey C, res 35 Henr^ 
Tyler, J J, lumber dealer, res 67 e State [Elizabeth] 

Fine Old Kentucky Whiskey, Old Port Wine, 
Holland Gin, Brandies, for medicinal 
use at Albert Freeh 's drug store. 


Uflieil, John sr, carpenter, res 165 n Eafontaine [Martha] 
" John jr, carpenter, res 165 n Eafontaine 
" Edward, lab, res 165 n Eafontaine 

" Henry, contractor, res 143 Poplar [Margaret] Mary, 
Cecelia, Edith, Clara, Agnes 

Before maki tiff Pn/iniino an Abstract of ^1 A AN ly 3 O 
a purchase rrOCUrC of Title, at Dl— MOIV O 

JrT-V — ^kZdXxzLijtx j: -^s, come and see. <^ 


Ufheil, Frank, carpenter, res 143 Poplar 

" Peter, barber, 92 n Jefferson, res 143 Poplar 

" Joseph, carpenter, res 123 Poplar [Louise] Nicholas, 

Lena, Johannah, Harmon, John, Herbert 
" Constantine, carpenter Erie, res 51 Buchanan [Mar^^] 
Joseph, Julius, Helen 
Ulrich, Laura, asst cook Star restaurant, res 11 e Market 
Underwood, Hcmer C, attorney, res 44 Elm [Annia] Leah 
United Telephone Co., (J H Hessin, mg-r), Bippus block 
United Brethren College, (C H Kiracofe, pres), n Byron st 
Unger, Chris, blacksmith Erie, res 33 Iowa [Fannie] Edw 
Urich, Mrs W F, ^wid Wm), res 149 e Market. Amy, Stella 
*Urschell, John, emp Erie round house, res Stults pike 
" Christena, (wid Chas), res 26 William. Louise 

Do you fear Consumption or Heart Disease? 
You can get a cure at Attjert Freclis 
drug store. 


Vampner, Wm E, lab, res 35 Nile 

" Frederick, wood peddler, res 35 Nile [Mar)' E] 

VanAntwerp, ThoS, elk Theo VanAntwerp, res 38 Elm [Ella] 

VanAntwerp, Theo, groceries, provisions, etc, 8 e Market, res 
73 Etna ave [May] Lewis G, Nellie 

VanAntwerp, Rebecca B (wid L W) res 73 Etna ave 

VanArsdol, J W, merchant tailor over 52 n Jefferson, res 85 
Frederick [Martha B] Ervin L, Mary E, Wil- 
bur G, Glenn W 
" Curtis M, tailor J W VanArsdol, res 85 Frederick 

Men's, Boy's, Youtlis', Laflles', MIssrs' ana CMMren's Slioes at ZELLER'S. 

Prices Always Correct, at M ALINES 


VaiiArsdol, Lois (wid) res 85 Frederick 

VanCanip, J L,, painter and paper hanger, res 92 s Jefiferson 

[Saraii C] Nellie M 
Vance, Nathaniel, lab, res 19 Salamonie ave 

" Mrs Caroline, res 19 Salamonie aye 
VanDevender, Ltilu, res 25 Buchanan 

" Guy C, elk, res 25 Buchanan 

Vandewater, Nicholas, brakeman Erie, res 32 Sabine [Alice] 

Bessie, Florence 
fVandyne, Chas, enip Perrine & Bartlett, res shoe fac addition 

[Ella] Cora, Eaura 
f " Pearl, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res shoe fac add. 

VanHolten, John, boiler maker Erie, res 122 Grayston avenue 
[Myrtle] Dorman 
" Anna, dressmaker, res 41 Hartman 

" Elizabeth, elk, res 41 Hartman 

" William, lab, res 41 Hartman 

*Vaug-hn, R W, supt Withington factory, res e Front [Eliza] 
Vawter, O D, blacksmith Erie, res 28 Nebraska [Eillie] 

Vendricks, James, blacksmith rear Whitelock & Son, res 183 

William [Anna] Vivian, Fred 
Venard, Mrs Belle M, dressmaker, res 71 Henry. E Dott 
*Vernerder, Chas, bill poster Wallace circus, res 351 e State 
* " S W, postal elk Wabash, res 351 e State [Eillie] 

Mary, Minnie, Earl, Carl 
Vernon, J B, civil eng", res 73 Henry [Josephine] Inez, 

Florence, Gladys, Aubrey W 
I " Elvira, domestic, s Salamonie ave 

" Isaac, fireman Erie, res 36 Superior [Lottie] 

Oliver. William 
" Amanda, res 28 Taylor 
" Lizzie, res 28 Taylor 
" Henry, emp Briant, res 34 Superior 
Vetters, Godfrey, teamster, res 50 Grayston ave [Mary] 
Edith, Mamie, Carrie 

Abstracts p-'i--\r''^ BLACKS ABSTRACT OFFICE. 

/S A D p p "j" O ST RO t3h: L (J t V iK^ 



* Vielhauer, Henry, hostlei% res 206 Guilford [Mary] Macy, 

Ernest, Clarence 
Vincent, Mrs Cora B, res 117 Elm. Grover C 
Vog-ht, Ed, paper hang-er, rms over 20 e Market 

* " Albert, emp brick yard, res n Guilford [Minnie] 

" Jacob, res 105 Warren [Eouise] Anna, Clara 
" Wm M, moulder, res 105 Warren 
Volz, Jacob jr, emp Western Eime Assn, res 111 Broadway 
" Eouisa, elk John Strodel, res 111 Broadway 
" Jacob sr, emp lime kilns, res 111 Broadway [Katharine] 
Katharine, Caroline, Valentine, Sophia 
Voris, J H, teacher public schools, res 191 n Jefferson 

Trij a bottJe of Sanford's Black Ink. It is the 
best. All sizes at Albert Freeh's drug 


Wag-mer, John, elk M Euber, res 169 William [Mary] Hazel, 
" Fred, emp lime kilns, res 169 William 

Wagner, A H, dentist over 59 n Jefferson, res 14 Randolph 

[Grace] Arthur 
Wagoner, Clyde, student, res 96 w State 

" Henry H (Pearl Steam Laundry Co) res 96 w State 

[Mary] Harry, Ruth, Harmon, Walter 
" Austin E, car repairer Erie, res 172 e Franklin st 

[Catharine] Florence 
Walburn, Robert, teamster, res 91 Grayston ave [Sarah] 
" Edward E, emp Erie section, res 91 Grayston ave 

" Samuel F, emp Briant fac, res 91 Grayston ave 

" Eee, emp Briant fac, res 91 Grayston ave 

RITRRF.RS ^n IClnds ^nd styles. 7V\\Vli, 




Waldron, Charles, emp Erie section, res cor Sabine near Erie 
shops [Martha] Eliza 
" Wni, lab, bds cor Sabine near Erie shops 

Walker, Albert, painter, res 170 Byron [Emma J] Charles 
" Jay, res 3 High 
" Mary (wid Milton) res 40 Canfield 

C W, emp Griffith & Son, res 248 e State [VJ Eucile 
" John, emp Perrine & Bartlett, res 85 Condit. Nettie, 

" Grace, res 30 Nile 
Lillie, res 30 Nile 
Walknetz, Ed, fireman Erie, res 48 Condit [Mary] Mildred 
Wall, Hallie, res 89 Whitelock. Tessie A, Drucy B 
Wall, Harry, barber, res 121 Byron [Bertha] Grace 
Wallace, John, emp Erie, res 52 Grayston ave [Arcaney] 
Walter, Chas A, drug-gist 74 n Jefferson, res 37 w Tipton st 

[Cecelia] Helen, Gertrude, Anna 
Walter, John, lab, res 76 Elm [Phoebe] Denis, Firman, 
Myrtle, Boyd, Agnes 
" Lizzie, res 115 Cherry 
" Gottleib, res 94 Buck. Maggie 
" Gottleib jr, teamster, res 94 Buck 
" Daniel, emp J M Bronkar, res over 32 Cherry 
Ward, Mary (wid Patrick) res 39 w Tipton. Emma 
" Pat, machinist Erie, res 39 w Tipton 

John W, pressman Herald, res 103 Court [Floyd] Paul 
William, elk McCaffrey, res 39 w Tipton 
" James, emp Erie car shops, res 17 Erie 

W, carpenter, res 327 e State [Eliza J] Ora 
Elizabeth (wid Geo) res 30 e Matilda 
" John, brakeman Erie, res 25 Second [Martha] Ger- 
trude, Mamie, Albert, Everet 
Ware, Harry F, res 47 s Jefferson 

" Ada, milliner, res 47 s Jefferson 

" Morgan, res 47 s Jefferson [Mary] Raymond C, El- 
don W, Albert D 

If you want ^QAN ''^.^comeir'^' ^LACK'S AbstrEct OffJce 

STRODEL Weaves Carpets on Short Notice. 


Warner, Frank, enip Withington fac, res 50 Superior 
" Wni, etnp Withington fac, res 50 Superior 
" Jacob, fireman Withington fac, res 50 Superior [Jen- 
nie] Bertha 
C C, res 119 Cherry [Nora] 
D R, res 138 First [Emma] Cleo 
fWarren, W T, elk Wm Mardenis, res 52 Swan [Elsie] El- 
vie, Jessie, Mary, Leota 
Wasson, Mrs A V (wid Francis) res 78 e State 

Chas, emp fire dept, res 78 e State 
Watkins, Hon C W, judge 56th judicial circuit, res 48 Etna ave 

[Irene] Cosie I, Grace A 
Watson, Samuel, teamster, res 47 Zahn [Clara] Alice 

Mabel (wid James) res 26 Grayston ave. William C, 
Clarence, Anna S 
" Orien, emp Midway restaurant, res 10 Frederick 
Watt, Sarah (wid Michael) res 12 Iowa. Clarence 
Watt, Ed, lab res 12 Iowa 
Watt, Emanuel, lab res 12 Iowa 
Watt, Harvey, lab res 12 Iowa 
Watt, Eee, lab res 12 Iowa 

Watters, Matthew, res 41 Everet [Nancy] Eydia 
" Ben j, lab res 41 Everet 
Joseph, lab res 41 Everet 

John, emp Briant, res 1 Bechtol [Jane] Jacob M, 
Nancy A 
Wasmuth, A D (Hamer & Wasmuth) rms over 37 n Jefferson 
Waymack, Fred, cond Erie, res 140 e Market [Lucie] Clara, 

Leota, Fred 
Weaver, Daisy, res 41 e Franklin 

Alice K, teacher public schools, res 60 e Franklin 
* " Amanda (wid Jacob) res n Jefferson. Emma, Mabel 
Weber, Peter, blacksmith Erie, res over 129 n Jefferson [Es' 
ther] Josephine, Estella, Eawrence 
" Julia, domestic 70 First 

H, lab res 46 Grayston ave 

I<adies' Shoes, Slippers, ALT \ Tpl I PD Boots, Misses' Shoes 
Men's Shoes. "' • -**■• ^M-iL4M^A^M\ Children Shoes. 

MALINS, .eISFn.; mer chant TAILOR. 


Weber, William, lab res 46 Grayston ave 

Anthony, lab res 46 Grayston ave [Rebecca] 
Anthony A (Bucher & Weber) res 53 s Jefferson [F C] 
Lillie, Wm M, Grace G, Mag-gie R, Piul G, 
Mary M ■ 
Julia Belle, domestic, 131 e Sabine 
" Daisy V, domestic, res 131 e Sabine 

John, lab res 131 e Sabine [Delilah B] Ray Robt. 

Farie Ferl, John Albert 
Fred, en^ lime kilns, res 131 Broadway [Catharine] 

Blanche, Katie. Carl, John, Rulh 
Frank, bartender Jacob Weber, res 60 w Matilda 
Weber, Jacob, saloon 50 Jefferson, res 60 w Matilda [Lena] 

Hattie, Julius, Harmon, Edith 
Webster, H A. teamster, res 65 Whitelock [Cora] Harry, 

Ruth, Maude, Mary 
Webster, Wm, emp Erie section, res 187 William [Eva F] 
Mony G 
'* E A, butcher, res 46 Buck [Sarah] Homer 

Weekley, Henry, lab res 34 Briant [Mary A] 
Weese, Mary E (wid John R] res 36 Green. Clarissa N, Don- 
ald E 
Peter, res 37 Superior [Auzaletta] 

H G, traveling salesman, res 15 Fredericka [H A] 
Lucy F, Joseph R, Rosanna E, Robert P, 
Mildred P 
Harry E, mail clerk Wabash R R, res 15 Fredericka 
Weis, Michael, groceries 125 n Jefferson, res 97 west Tipton 

Weis, Fred, emp M Becker, bds 173 n Jefferson 
Weis, Henry, saloon 82 n Jefferson, res 23 n Lafontaine 

[Julia] Albert, Anna, Bertha 
Weisman, B F, fruit tree agent, res 49 Kintz [Susan] Oma, 

Weist, John, crayon artist, res 99 e Tipton [Caroline] Geo B 
Weiford, H C, train despatcher Erie, res 5 Elm [Kitty] Ben- 
jamin O, Florence 

If vou want 

Abstract of Title ^\Z BLACKS ''''\%ce 

Lace Curtains and Window Shades. STRODEL. 


Welch, John, emp Collins Ice Cream Co, bds 22 Elm 
Welches, Jacob, lab rtes 44 Cline [Eliza] Herbert, Howard, 

Welker, Sarah, (wid) res 59 s Briaut Olive 
Waller, George, teamster, res 74 Henry [Emma] 
Wells, Herbert L, train despatcher Erie, res 83 Etna ave 

[Anna] Leota H, Weldon 

* " Chas S, ass't sujj't water works, res e fair ground 


* •' Anna (wid) res e fair gronnd 

" Homer, fireman Erie, res 56 Superior [Lillie] Roy, 
Clark, Mildred 
Wells, H S, millinery and notions 78 Jefferson 
Wells, H S, bkpr Griffith & Son, res 158 Guilford [Clara] 
Wells, Fargo Express, (Geo Reynolds agt) 26 n Jefferson 
Welsheimer, E I, brakeman Erie, res Windsor Hotel 
Wensley, Joseph, elk H H Arnold & Son, res 107 Etna ave 

[Addie] Earl, Hazel 
Werner, George, butcher, res 75 e Matilda [Lizzie] 
West, David, compositor Farmer's Guide, res cor Kintz and 
" Harlan, emp Erie, res cor Kintz and Byron 
" Anderson, painter, res 65 Division [Anna] Ezra, Mel- 

vin, Mary 
'' Allen M, lab res cor Kintz and Byron [Maggie M] 
Carrie, Ernest 
Western Union Telegraph Co (Mrs JED Anderson, mgr) 

office Wabash depot 
Western Lime Co (Peter Martin, pres and treas) office corner 

Court and Warren 
Westley, George, elk Star restaurant, res 66 e Market 
Weston, Boston, emp shoe factory, res cor Buck and Etna ave 
" Orvilla, emp G E Newcorab, cor Buck and Etna ave 
" John, teamster, res cor Buck and Etna ave [Aman- 
da] Bessie 

Infants' Shoes ^^H.^!; W. A. Zeller,^?^^ 

Fit, ytyie and Workmanship Guaranteed "K/T /S, T ,T"K,T'd^ 

Wetter, John, carpenter Erie, res 21 Wilkerson [Elizabeth! 
Rebecca, Ida 
" A W, carpenter, res 21 Wilkerson 
" Mary E, teacher, res 21 Wilkerson 
Wharton, John T, eng Erie, res 119 First [Elizabeth] Walter 

" E J, eng Erie, res 26 Leopold [Eou] 

Wheeler, Frank, cond Erie, res 149 e Franklin [Ida] Evola, 
" Boyd, enip Perrine & Bartlett, res 19 Briant 

" Harry, brakeman Erie, res 19 Briant 

G C, res 19 Briant [Henrietta] Bert, Jessie 
" J D, book agt, res 4 s Eafontaine [Ellen] 

Whitacre, Walter B, emp Allmati & Bash, res 68 Grayston ave 
Elmer, einp Erie, res 25 Nile [Bertha] Hazel 
" Conrad, emp Erie round house, res 9 Iowa [Mar3'] 

May, Ruth 
" Geo W, res 13 Etna ave [S Jennie] 

Whitaker, Minnie S, teacher public schools, res 95 e Market 
White & Smith (I W White, W H Smith) cabinet makers 27 

White, Isaac W (White & Smith) res 46 e Market [Eizzie] 
" R A, brakeman Erie, res 144 Byron [Ella] 
Whiteley, William, res 29 Buchanan [Eouisa] Eaura, Eil- 

lie, Frank 
Whitelock, O W (Milligan, Whitelock & Cook) res 68 s Jeffer- 
son [Jennie M] Wilfred J, Etta, Clarence J, 
Charles M 
Whitelock, W T (Whitelock & Son) res 80 s Jeff 'son [Artalisa]' 
f " D D, carpenter and contractor, res Wright street 

[Mrs D D] Frank 
" Geo G (Whitelock & Son) res 2 Salamonie avenue 

[Emma] Paul W, Gladys 
Whitelock & Son (W T, G G) groceries 17 s Jefferson 
*Whitelock, Jonathan, res s Jefferson [Elizabeth] 

Before making- Pnnmipn an Abstract of 1*^ I tK ^\l^ a f> 
apurchase rrOCUrC of Title, at DL.M\,xt\ O 

X^J-V ^kI:D±J_1J_L V X .-^:;^ COME AND SEE. '^^ 


Whiteside, Harry, tinner Erie, res 63 Briant 

" Jennie (vvid Geo) res 63 Briant. Emma 

Whitestine, Mattie, expert accountant, res 57 Court 

" Ora, veterinary surgeon Harter barn, res 80 e 

Franklin [Minnie] 
" John A, carpenter, res 50 Webster [Elizabeth] 

" Geo B, elk postoffice, res 50 Webster 

Whitmore, Frank, res 48 w Tipton [Lizzie] Roy, Wallace, 

Isabella, Sarah, Hester, Georg-e 
Whitney, J L, tirenian Erie, res 90 Superior [Etta] 
Wickenhiser, F E (Reichenbach & Wickinhiser) res 93 Guil- 
ford [Bessie] 
Widener, Wm, emp Griffith & Son, res 61 High [Lizzie] 
Wilbur, Marion, eng Erie, res 8 Guilford [Kate] 
Wilcox, Cora, res 32 Sabine 
Wilder, Newton, brakeinan Erie, res 156 e Tipton [Cora] 

Wiles, Wm F, emp H L & F Co, res 57 Frederick [Ella] 

" John, stone and brick mason, res 2 s Lafontaine [Dora] 

Luke, lab res 49 Briant [Margaret] 
" Jennie, domestic 26 w Matilda 
Wilhelm, Mary (wid James) res 64 e State. Jackson, Edith, 
Grace, Emma 
Lida, elk C W Goble, res 64 e State 
" Susannah (wid Michael) res 12 William. Flora, Kate 

" Mary, cashier John Frash, res 12 William 

Wilhelm, John F, g-rocer 69 e Sabine, res same [Caroline] 

Wilker, Sarah (wid) res 59 Briant. Olive 
Wilkerson Bros (A C, G N) lumber dealers 

Wilkerson, A C (Wilkerson Bros) res 42 s Jefferson [Amanda 
E] Effie, Bertha 

G N (Wilkerson Bros) res 22 Henry [Tennie] Eva, 
Frank B 
" Hazel, res 134 Etna ave 

Men's, Boy's, Youtlis'', Ladies', Misses' and CMlflren's Slioes a! ZELLER'S. 

Prices Always Correct, at MALIN'S 


Wilkins, Hattie, res 132,^ e Market 
J C, lab res 13 Marshall 
" W M, brakeman Erie, res 13 Marshall [BerthaJ HS 

A S, cond Erie, bds Marchaneil restaurant 
Will, Adam, lab res 91 Whitelock [Mary S] 
Willetts, Wm, eng- Erie, res 88 s Jefferson [Eorena] Harry 
Williams, Frank, teamster Griffith & Son, res 32 s Briant st 
[Elizabeth] Ernest, Howard, Everet 
Rhoda, res 156 First 
" James, contractor, res 91 e Tipton [Elizabeth] 

Chas, Iva M 
" N M, lab res 63 e Market [L/Ouisa] Samuel, Ed- 

die, Lizzie 
" Adam, emp Stults livery, res 63 e Market 

Willis, H F, res 12 Arthur [Mary J] Ella C 

L, C, transfer ag-ent Erie and Wabash, res 69 e Tipton 
[Sadie] Ray, Evle 
Willis, Ed, bakery 123 n Jefferson, res 44 w Matilda [Sydney] 

Wilson, Mat, janitor Erie depot, res Windsor hotel 
Mary (wid Chas W^) res 30 Nile. Virg-il 
James R, emp Erie, res 122 Condit [Sarah R] Mary 
C, Nettie V, Samuel E, Grover W, Ernest, 
John C, Frank 
" J R, eng- Erie, res 148 First [J A] Georg:e, Vera 
E C (wid) res 150 Guilford 

J T. carpenter, res 274 e State [Cora] Claude R 
" Ira, operator Erie, res 147 Etna ave [Agnes] Inez, 
May, Gladys 
*Wiltfong-, B Frank, hedge fence agt, res s Etna ave [Ella] 

Eillie A, Earl 
Wiley, J E (wid) res 108 Byron 
Winal, Mary C (wid Henry) res 96 Oak. Katie 
" Joseph H, emp Erie shops, res 96 Oak 

John J (Winal & Marks) res 200 e Market [Susan] 
Mary, Cecelia, Agnes 

Abstracts ^'""^^i'''' BLACKS ABSTRACT OFFICE. 

^ADpC'T'O ^Ti^oDKL Gives 



VVinal & Marks (John Winal, L, C Marks) blacksmith and 

wagon-maker 25 Guilford 
Windle, F M B, chief clerk Erie Supt, res 69 First [Jessie F] 
Woodward K, Camile 
" Wn,, chief clerk Erie Roadmaster, res 112 Guilford st 
W K, res 112 Guilford [Mary] 
Windetnuth, Wm, enip Hunting-ton Mill Co, res 86 Clark street 

[Amelia,] Mata, Rosa, Harmon, Paul 
Windemuth, N, meat market 114 n Jefferson, les 93 William st 

[Caroline] Julia, Henry, Hannah 
Windemuth, Henry, butcher, res 102 Cline 
*Winebrenner. David, teamster, res e fair ground [Belle] 

Ella M, Eaura A, William C, Jacob R 
Winkleman, Henry, emp Erie section, res 101 Dimond street 

[Sophia] Arthur 
Winkleman, Fred, section foreman Erie, res 157 Court street 

[Louisa] Minnie 
Winans, Rev C S, pastor Tabernacle Baptist church, res 261 e 

State [Margaret] Donald, Paul, Rosabella 
Winans, Miss Francis, res 261 e State 

Winter, Rev J F, pastor Reformed church, res 6 Henry [RA] 
J C, E M 
" Cyrus, canvasser, res 62 Webster [Rebecca A] 
" John, res 62 Webster 
" James, brakeman Erie, res 62 Webster 
" A J, emp Briant, res 4 Mayne [Dora F] John S, 
Princess E, Mabel I 
Wintrode, Jacob, res 83 e State 

Alfred H, traveling salesman, res 83 e State [May] 
" C E, traveling salesman, res 83 e State [Jessie A] 

Mary W 
" Wire, James P, teamster, res 134 Etna ave [Cath- 

arine] Dessie, Aldona, Blaine, Charles 

RITRRFRS ^n Kind, ^nd styles. /FJJ.F.R. 


-i-vx .<f-^\. j_^ J. X >t -c:^ w— 'WW huntin(;ton. h-W-' 


Wise, Adam, tailor, res 23 Harris [Elizabeth] Martha, John 
Wisner, John, prop Hoosier Steam laundry, res 13 Frederick 

[Mary J] 
Wiswell, Mrs Mamie, res 5+ First. Ernest 

*Withington Factory (W H Withington,pres; P H Withington 
vice-pres; T H Russell, secy-treas; R W Vaughn, 
mgr) handle manufacturers 150 Front 
Withrow, D L, carpenter Erie, res 147 First [Eva] Ralph, 

Witzerraan, Fred, brakeman Erie, res 17 Briant 
Woehnker, Barney, lab, res 79 e Market [Anna] Vannessa 
Wolf, Chas H, lab res 103 Walnut [Rena] 

" S C, brick mason, res 132 George [Clara] 

" Fred, watchman Griffith & Son, res 143 e Franklin st 

" Chas, paper hanger, res 143 e Franklin 
Mary, res 79 n Lafontaine 
Wolsoeffer, Jacob, emp shoe fac, res 28 Elm [Emma] Min- 
nie, Fred 
Wolter, Chas, elk Neuer & Eisenhauer, res 133 Oak 

Elizabeth (wid Jacob W) res 133 Oak. Katie, John 
Wonderly, John, eng Erie, res 140 Guilford [Kate] Georgie, 

Mabel, John, Paul, Joseph 
Woods, Patrick, fireman Erie, res 132 First [Minnie] 

" John A, justice of the peace over 58 n Jefferson, res 
90 Whitelock [Maria J] John C, Glenn D, F G 
James F, emp Briant fac, res 23 Harris [Dora] 
" Elsworth, lab res 173 n Jefferson 
" John, lab res 29 e Matilda [Bridget] 
" Ervin, cutter shoe fac, res 86 Henry [Lucy] 
Worcester, H S, despatcher Erie, res 23 Henry [Bessie] 
Worden, Harry, traveling salesman, res 123 Cherry 
Wright, Ervin, physician, office and residence 54 e Market st 

[Laura V] Rhodes 
Wright, W. H, elk J M Wright, res 49 e Market [Marie] Anna 
Wright, Rosetta, res 36 William 

jfyou^want ^Qf^^ ^ ^^l^"-- BLACK'S AbstrHct OffJcc 

STRODEL Weaves Carpets on Short Notice. 


Wright, Chas L, physician over 1 s Jefferson, res 11 William 
Wm T, dpty co elk, res 84 Frederick [Sadie M] Carl 
R, Clyde H 
" Harvey, tinner Erie, res 161 Byron 
" C W, carpenter, res 161 Byron 

" Wm I, bridge carpenter, res 161 Byron. Dora, Har- 
ry, Frank 
Wright, J M, grocery 63 e Market, res 107 w State [Maggie] 
Wright, Loranna (wid Geo W) res 61 e Washington. Edith B, 
Eliza A 
Albert G, elk Koh-I-Noor, res 61 e Washington 
" Marshall (Wright & Son) res over 27 s Jefferson street 
Wright & Son (Marshall, M G) druggists 27 s Jefferson 
Wright. Marion G (Wright & Son) res 12 Salamonie ave [Ag- 
nes J] Dudley R, Dessie, Clarence, Lucy 
" J J. plasterer, res 8 Canal 
Wynian, Chas E, eng Erie, res 19 High [Mary E] 
Wyman, A H, eng Erie, res 147 e Franklin [Mrs A H] 
Wysong, Wm, carp Erie, res 52 Grayston ave [Maggie] 
Wyss, Victor, emp Briant, res 117 w Tipton 
Wyss, Constantine, emp Erie shops, res 117 w Tipton [Anna 

R] Francis, Anna, Agnes, Julia A 
Wyss, Arnold, saloon 97 n Jefferson, res over same [Anna] 
Joseph, Louisa, Paul, Baby 

Get your Family Recipes, Horse and Hog Pow- 
ders, put up at Albert Freeh's drug store. 
None but the purest drugs used. 

Ladies' Shoes. Slippers, \LT A 7 P I ¥ P D Boots, Misses' Shoes 
Men's Shoes. "~ • ■"^* ^m^m^m^M-i'\ Children Shoes. 



Yager, Wm, lab res 42 Mayne [Emma] Eulu, Cora, Jesse, 

David, Sarah 
Yahtike, Wm, emp lime kilns, res 105 Dimond [Dora] Fred, 

Gtista, Willie, Carl, Harmon, Ferd 
Rudolph, painter, res 105 Dimond 
Yaney, John, lab, res 147 e Sabine [Kate] Florence, May 
Yaiit, Eli, ret, res 9 William 

" Howard, teacher, res 9 William 
Yates, Edward, painter, res 42 Mayne [Delia] Pearl 
Yeater, Wm, lab, res 10 Edwin [Sarah] (Chas A Slusserl 

(Goldie Slusser) 
Yerman & Eisele, (Frank Yerman, John Eisele) Bottling- 

Works, 83 Dimond 
Yerman, Frank (Yerman & Eisele) 69 Dimond [Rose] Frank 

John, cig-ar mfg over 97 n Jefferson, res 129 w Tipton 
[Dora] Delia, Edward, Fred, Cora, Albion 
Yetter, Albert, brakeman ■ Erie, res 14 Indiana [Carrie] 

Yingling, Daniel, physician over 2 w Market res 63 Cherry 

[Corrilla] Clara 
Yopst, S E, (wid John) res 33 e Matilda 
*Yopst, Geo A, attorney over Koh-I-Noor, res Stults pike 

[Minnie E] Mabel A, Willis J 
Young-, B F, carpenter, res 124 w Matilda [Emma] Francis, 
" Frankie, domestic, res 88 s Jefferson 
" Henry, fireman Erie, res 23 Dimond 

Dietrich, stone mason, res 23 Dimond [Minnie] 
Young, W W, prop Grand View Hotel, 10 e State res same 
[Anna] N Pearl 
Miss Emma, stenographer, res Grand View Hotel 
" John F, painter S Hall, res 35 Byron 

jfyouwanv Abstract of Title To" BLACK'S '^^^^'^o'f^ice 


Lace Curtains and Window Shades. STRODEL. 


Young, Geo, meat market cor Briant and State, res 161 e vState 

[Nettie] Paul, Susan 
Chas P pressman, res 35 Byron 
Harry A, shoemaker, 28 e Market, res 35 Byron 

[Esther] Anna, George, Gertrude, Francis, 

Delbert A 
Thee, carpenter Erie, res 251 e State [Clara B] 
Ina, dressmaker, res 239 e State 
William A, emp Withington res 239 e State [Mary E] 

Eldon, Ora, Verda, Blanche, Hazel 
Amos, res 10 Jackson [Anna] Howard, Boyd 
M F, (wid) res 10 Jackson 
Mary, domestic at 41 s Jefferson 
Harry I, emp Withington, res 78 Henry 
Jerry, timber buyer, res 78 Henry [Martha V] 
Harry J, caller Erie res 23 Faust 
John B, harnessmaker J Kindler, res 105 Cherry 

[Mary] Carrie, Hubert 
Edward, elk A Kindler, res 105 Cherry 
Philip, elk H C Snyder, res 111 Cherry [Catharine] 

Mary, Nicholas, Jacob, Harmon, Monic, Frank 
Geo, elk Boston store, res 111 Cherry 
Tillie, elk Boston store, res 111 Cherry 
N W, painter, res 37 Division [Rose E] Margaret, 

William, Bessie 
Chas, car inspector Erie, res 122 First [Leona] Earl 
Geo D, machinist Erie, res 23 Faust [Margaret] 
Youngblood, John, res 112 Byron [Catharine] Lena, Lulu, 

(Elmer Shaffer) 
Youngblood, William, fireman Erie, res 166 e Franklin street 


If you need a shoe brush or a tooth brush see the 

new styles at Albert Freeh's drug store. 

Infants' Shoes t'^^^fr.ll. W. A. Zeller,Srs^n 

E^it, Style and Workmanship Guaranteed "NyT* /\ "T T'N. "T'd^i 

Zahin. L V (Fowerbaug-h & Zahm) res 88 Oak [Mag-gie] Geo 

J. Eugene F, Wm M, Morris A 
Zahn, Jacob (Zahn & Thomas) res 47 w Tipton [Emma] 

Ruth, Joseph, Mary 
Zahn & Thomas (Jacob Zahn, Wm Thomas) fish dlrs 102 n 

Zahn. Geo. jeweler, res 47 w Tipton 

Peter, tailor over 5 e Market, res 47 w Tipton [Caroline] 
" Harriet, res 60 w Matilda 
" Elizabeth (wid Geo) res 41 B3'ron 
" Philip, cigar maker, res 41 Byron 
" Herbert J, cashier McCaflFrey, res 292 n Jefferson 

Peter H, elk McCaffrey, res 292 n Jefferson [Antonia 

M, Cecelia F 
Andrew, dlvry elk McCaffrey, res 128 Cherry [Emma[ 
Odelia, Marie, Arthur 
Zehringer, Rose (wid Martin) res 143 n Lafontaine 
Zell, Henry, blacksmith W H Shank, res 98 e Market [Emma] 
Zell, Tena, blacksmith, res 98 e Market 
Zell, Almond, emp Briant, res lOKocher [Eunice A] Wm F, 

Gertrude A, Minnie M 
*Zell, Isaiah, lab res fair ground. [Mary E] Allan, Chas 
*Zell, Jacob, lab res fair ground 
Zell, Page, lab rms over 92 n Jefferson 

Zelle, Pique, operator United Telephone Co, res 98 e Market 
Zeller, William A, boots and shoes 56 n Jefferson, res 38 Wil- 
liam street [Francis] Eena C 
Zeller, Anna B, bkpr W A Zeller, res 38 William 
'' Edwin S, barber, res 38 William 

Henry A, bookkeeper, res 38 William 
Zeller, W A jr, reporter and bookbinder, res 46 Elm [Eliza- 
beth M] Clair V A, Vera H 

^t;irc^^i:' Procure ^if^Tre^''' BLACK^S 

tl--Tf*^C::^T'tH^'p:::^'*%,-^^ is STKODEL'S STRONtiHOl^D. 

-^E> COMB AND SEE. "^fc. 


Zent & Son (Peter W, Howard) buggies, carriages, harness, 
etc, 45 Warren st 

Zent, P W (Zent & Son) res 89 e Franklin [Catharine H] 
" Howard F (Zent & Son) res 85 e Franklin [Lou] Wal- 
ter H, Herbert R 

Zigerli, Mary (wid Gabriel) res 66 w Matilda 
" Edward, elk E Hewitt, res 66 w Matilda 

Zimmerman, Henry, brakeman Erie, res Windsor hotel 

Zink, John, teamster, res 45 Kintz [Alma] Ray, Maude 

Zirik, Chas, lab res Grand View hotel 

Zitzer, Geo J, blacksmith M Highland, res 52 William [Eliz- 
abeth] John 

Zitzer, Maggie (wid John) res 11 Hannah 

fZoller, Geo, emp Withington fac, res e State near Broadway. 
[Hattie] Lulu, Otto 

Get your Family Recipes, Horse and Hog Pow- 
ders, put up at Albert Freeh's drug store. 
None but the purest drugs used. 

Meir.s, Boy's. Yootlis'. Ladies'. Misses' and Clilldreu's Slioes atZELLER'S 

Prices Al ways Correct, at MALIN'S 


Supplemental List. 

(Names omitted in orig^inal canvass) 

Adams, Melvin, res 31 Green 

Adams, John O, res 31 Green 

Amos & Sheridan (Chas A Amos. Elmer E Sheridan) abstrac- 
tors over 52 n Jefferson 

Amos, Chas A (Amos & Sheridan) res [Ag-nes] Harry 

Sensing-, Katie, res 155 Poplar 

Barnaby, A P, teacher U B colleg-e, res 43 Millig-an [Lillian] 
Paul, Ruth, Naonia 

Bradley, O E (Bradley Bros) res 117 Etna ave [Nellie] John 

Bruner, W M, prof bookkeeping- Business University, rms 85 
Railroad, bds Marchaneil restaurant 

Beebe, Laura, res 28 Tavlor 

Bash, Philip P, res 38 e Washington 

Boston Store (T Stewart, prop) dry goods 55 u Jefferson 

Brunswick Billiard Parlor (S F Nave, prop) 18 e Market 

Conkle, Norman (Tobias & Conkle) res 20 Madison 

Chicago & Erie Ry, yards, shops and office e Market, between 
Third and Condit sts 

Cook, C W, eng- Perrine & Bartlett, res 55 s Briant [Lizzie] 
Pearl, Ralph. 

Collins, Mamie, milliner over 55 n Jefferson 

Carll, Lizzie, res 221 e State 

Carll, Robt, lab res 221 e State 

C & E Eating House (C C Kirk, prop) end e Franklin st 

Collins, Chas, res 90 Etna ave 

Coy & Dolan (Harvey Coy, John Dolan) confectionery and bil- 
liard hall 13 s Jefferson 

Davidson, Sadie, milliner, res 9 Allen 

Deenier, Peter, lab res 2 Herman st 

*Ellett, Wm, enip Erie, res e fair g-round 


^^OARPF-"T^ sTRODi^L Gives 



Economy Store (Steinf eld & Van Baalen, props) department 
store 52 Jefferson 

Everding-, Mrs Ida, res 124 e Market. Minnie 

Eilerman, Chas jr, res 9 Gay 

Eagle Bakery (E W Stover, prop) 17 w Market 

Freel, Mary (wife of Eewis) res 40 Whitelock 

Freel, Wm, lab, res 40 Whitelock 

f Fauth, Richard, emp shoe fac, res 42 Salanionie ave [MrsR] 
Willie, Georg-e, John, L,ena 

Fahrnow, Fredericka (wid) res 105 Bartlett 

Gift, Daniel, lab bds 173 n Jefferson 

Gibson, Bonni^, res 92 Condit 

Globe Clothing House (Chas A Edwards, prop) 33 n Jefferson 

Hammond, F C, emp Erie, res 143 Byron [Ellen] Harry 

Highland, Jesse, res over 26 Cherry. 

Highland, Robert, res over 26 Cherry 

Hoover, Nellie (wife of Eph) res 99 Oak 

Kunce, Amnion R, res 165 William 

McClure, Elmer, res 90 Front 

Stanton, Mrs Lizzie, res 79 w State. 

Stults, Mary (wid John) res 5 Water 

Shiirtleff, Zua (wife of Chas) res 8 Iowa 

Shutt, L A ct Co (E A Shutt, J E Brown) sewer pipe and fit- 
tings, cor Third and Faust sts 

Steinfeld, Harry (Steinfeld & Van Baalen) bds Exchange 

Truman, Nelson jr, res 45 South 

Van Baalen, Phil (Steinfeld «& Van Baalen) bds Exchange 

Whitten, Ben F, blacksmith 7 Front, res 82 Henry 

RUBBERS An Kinds ..nd styles. ZELLER. 


Streets of Huntington. 

Albert, 6th s River, from Elm w to London. 

Allen, 5th e of JeflFerson, from Front s to Indiana. 

Arthur. 7th n of River, from Marshall to Freedom. 

Atlantic, 11th n of River, from Harris to McFarland 

Bingham, continuation of s Lafontaine. 

Brawley, 15th e of Jefferson, n from e State to Kocher. 

Broadway, 16th e of Jefferson, n to city limits. 

Bechtol, ist e of C & E shops, n to old canal. 

Bartlett, 9th w Jefferson, from Matilda n to city limits. 

Buchanan, 6th w Jefferson, from Matilda n to Zahn. 

Byron, 3rd e of Jefferson, from Court to city limits. 

Buck, 10th sw Etna ave to city limits. 

Briant, 7th e Jefferson, e and w of River. 

Center, intersects Superior n to C & E shops. 

Canfield, from Division n to cit^^ limits. 

Canal, 2d n of River, w from Poplar to Polk. 

Charles, from River s to Etna ave. 

Cherrv, 1st w Jefferson, n from State to city limits. 

Church, 12th n of River, from Poplar w to Esther. 

Collins, 12th n River from Jefferson \v to Poplar. 

Condit, 3rd e C &; E, north from State to Atlantic. 

Corlew, 4th e of Jefferson, from Front s to Hig-h. 

Corry, 2d e Jefferson, from Front s to High. 

Court, 2d n of River, intersecting State and Jefferson e to 3rd 

Clark, from William sw to Etna ave. 

Cline, from Olinger Sw to Etna ave 

Dimond, 8th w Jefferson, from Matilda to city limits. 

Division, 12th n River, from Guilford to First. 

Edgerton, 6th e Jefferson, from River n to Wabash Ry 

Edwin, from C & E shops to Condit. 

Elizabeth, from Division to cit3' limits. 

Elm, 3rd w of Jefferson, s from Etna ave, intersecting Sophia 

and w to city limits. 
Erie, 6th e Erie shops, from Sabine n to city limits. 
Esther, 7th w Jefferson, n from Matilda to city limits. 
Etna avenue, 2d s River, sw from Jefferson to city limits. 
Everett, from London to Green. 
Edna, from Purviance to London. 
Fiist, 4th e Jefferson, from State to city limits. 
Franklin, 3rd n of River, Jefferson w to State and Jefferson e 

to C & E 
Frederick, 1st s of River, w to Lafontaine. 
Fredericka. 2d w Jefferson, s from Etna ave to Taylor. 
Freedom, 6th e Jefferson, n from Tipton to Division. 
Fruit, 5th e Jefferson, n from Arthur to Division. 
Front, 1st s River, e from Jefferson to city limits. 
Gay, 2d n of River, from Grayston ave to Jackson. 
Garfield, 8th e Jefferson, s from river to city limits. 


George, 10th n River, w from Cherry to Diniond. 

German, 11th n of River, w from Poplar to Dimond. 

Grayston ave, 11 e of Jefferson, from State n to Sabine. 

Guilford, 2d e Jefferson, n from Court to city limits. 

Glenn, from London to Green, Englewood. 

Green, from Elm to Everett, Englewood. 

Halstead, 7tli e Erie shops, n from Sabine to city limits. 

Harrison ave, from Tipton to First. 

Hitzfield, 10th e Jefferson, n fi-om Matilda to city limits. 

Hannah, 3rd w Jefferson, from River s to William. 

Harris, 2d e Condit, n from Sabine to city limits. 

Henry, 1st w Jefferson, from Charles to city limits. 

Herman, 2d w Jefferson, from River s to William. 

High, 2d s River, from Whitelock e to Briant. 

Hasty, from William to Walnut. 

Indiana, 3rd s of River, e to city limits. 

Illinois, continuation of High to cit3' limits. 

Iowa, 2d e Erie shops, n from Sabine to city limits. 

Iva, from Marshall to Division. 

Jacob, from Freedom to Division. 

Jessie, 8th e Erie shops, n from Sabine to citv limits. 

Jackson, 12th e Jefferson, from Slate n to South. 

Jefferson, principal business street, n and s to city limits, and 

is the dividing- line between east and west streets. 
John, 7th n of River, from Jefferson w to Polk and Jefferson e 

to Byron. 
Kitt, from Whitelock to city limits. 
Kocher, from Lindley to Broadway. 
Kintz, 14th n River, from Byron to Canfield. 
Lafontaine, 4th w Jeff'erson, from William n to city limits. 
Lucre, intersects State at C & E, n to Wabash Ry. 
Lindley, 15th e Jefferson, n from State to Wabash Ky. 
Lawrence, from Yancey ave to Madison. 
Lehmeyer, s of William, from Milligan to Olinger. 
London, 7th w Jefferson, from Etna ave to Everett. 
Leopold, 7th n River, e from Tipton to Third. 
Lee, 5th e Jeft'erson, n from River to Wabash Ry. 
Market, 4th n of River, east and west from Jeft'erson. 
Marshall, 4th e Jefferson, n from Tipton to Division. 
Matilda, 5th n of River, from Jefferson w to city limits and 

from Jefferson e to Wilkerson. 
Milligan, continuation of Hannah to Olinger. 
Mayne, from High s to city limits. 

Madison, 11th n of River, from Jefferson e to Guilford. 
Monroe, 3rd w Jefferson, from William to Olinger. 
McFarland, from Lindley n to city limits. 

Nebraska, from Grayston ave e to Jackson along Wabash R3'. 
North, from West e to Condit. 
Nile. 4th e Erie shops, n from Sabine to city limits. 


Oak, 3rd w Jefferson, n from State to city limits. 

Olitig-er, 2d n Etna ave, running- nw to Clark. 

Polk, 5th w Jefferson, n from State to Cherry. 

Purviance, 5th \v Jeft'erson, from Etna ave s to city limits. 

Poplar, 2d \v Jefferson, n from State to city limits. 

Randolph, 8th n River, e from Jefferson to Guilford. 

Roche, 7th n River, e from Jefferson to Guilford. 

Richmond, 3rd e Jefferson, from Front s to High. 

Simon, from Sabine to Louis. 

Sabine, from Tipton e to city limits. 

Scott, 5th e Jefferson, from Division to city limits. 

Second, 5th e Jefferson, intersecting Superior n to Erie shops. 

Salamonie ave, 4th s River, from Jefferson w to city limits." 

State, first n of River, e from Jefferson to city limits, and 

from Jefferson w to Polk. 
Superior, lOth e Jefferson, intersects with Center and east to 

Grayston ave. 
Sophia, 3rd s of River, from Elm e to Whitelock. 
South, from West to Jackson. 

Strodel, 6tli w Jeft"erson, n from Zahn to Church. 
Steffen, 8th n River, from Poplar v? to Buchanan. 
Swan, 14th e Jefferson, n from State to Wabash Ry. 
Sherman, 9th e Jefferson, s from River to city limits. 
Taylor, 4th s River, w from Salamonie ave. 
Tipton, 6th n River, e and w from Jefferson. 
Thomas, n from Matilda near Mt Hope cemetery. 
Third, 6th e Jefferson, from Wilkerson to Court'. 
Wagoner, from Division to Kintz. 
Weursten, continuation of Randolph. 
Walnut, from Clark to city limits. 
Warren, 1st e Jefferson, from State n to John. 
Washing-ton, 4th n River, e from Jefferson to Third, and w of 

Jeff'erson to Poplar. 
Webster, 2d n River, intersects State, e to Briant. 
Wesley, 8th n River, from Marshall to Freedom. 
Wilkerson, 6th n River to Third. 
West, 1st e Erie track, from South to North. 
Whitelock, 1st e Jefferson, from Front s to city limits. 
Whitestine, fourth e Jefferson, from River to Wabash Ry. 
William, s of River, w from Charles to city limits. 
Yancy ave, eleventh n River, w to Cherry and e to Guilford 

from Jeff'erson 
Zahn, ninth n River, from Cherr)- w to Esther. 




-DE/M_EF=!^ IM- 

Champion Binders, Reapers and Mowers, Corn 
Huskers, Engines, Threshers, Agricul- 
tural ImplementSj Wagons. 
Star Wind Engines and Pumps of all Kinds. 
Also Pump Repairing. 

lExcbange Saloon. 


jFine Mines. Xiquors | dinars, 


1^. B. STUI<TS, 


.^ FINE . . . 







Medicines and Chemicals. 

Special Attention Given to t>ie Compounding of 



Wall Paper, 


Xlie Best 5 and lO Cent 

Ooocls in the Market. 

Paints and Oils, 





are secured ammally Iby youiig men 
and women who attend the Huntington 
Business University, Huntington, Ind. 

Call or write for information, 

0. E. HAWKINS, Pres. 



"ew Post Office. 

iEG. ^\/V". 

'0"\/ 'JzLiJr^, Prop. 


aid^FiRE ITneurance, 
















14 E. Market St., • HUNT iNGlON, IND.